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File: 1534145672717.jpg (95.78 KB, 1300x866, 1534104432530.jpg)

No. 663457

Summary of Shoe’s past:
>In her pre-internet days used to be a typical guido looking trash, was a bully in high school
>Discovered internet and got addicted to male attention so hard she dropped her education (film school) and became a Boxxy skinwalker
>Spent her days constantly attention whoring on Unichan, trying to be "the better Boxxy", pretended she's a "shy nerdy gurl uwu"
>Went on a vacation to Mexico with few unichan neckbeards. Obese one named Kenny stole her phone and posted her nudes on the net because she rejected his advances. (Note: The sword and door pics are not her.)
>Befriended a unichan guy (Ian) who would later become first lolcow.farm admin; possibly gains a mod status, uses it to know who is shit-talking about her on lolcow.farm (2014)
>Dated a seemingly normal guy, dumped him because her fanbase didn't approve she is dating a black guy and because he told her that she should get off the internet. Also cheated on this guy with Skeptic.
>Starts a youtube channel "shoe0nhead" supposedly for criticizing feminism - though she doesn't present any valid arguments instead uses her internet "fame" to shit-talk women and present herself as "not like the other girls".

Summary of Skeptic’s past:
>Blamed (still blames) his parents for his intellectual failures and his general stupidity because, in his words, “they weren’t smart enough to raise a genius.”
>Goes to a community college and majors in art. Shortly after he fails out.
>Made a shitty web comic for three years that was on the same level as Sonichu from ages 19-21. (he was willing to make more of these comics in 2015 when he was 31)
>Becomes a Messianic Jew, first cult he joined, and goes into debt from doomsday prepping. Believes in crazy conspiracy theories, like “The Simpsons” can predict the future.
>Becomes an atheist because of Amazing Atheist videos. Joins Atheism+, his second cult. Atheism+ guys can’t stand him and eventually dox him to make him go away.
>Spent loads of money on man-child toys and would hide them from his wife.
>Cheats on his wife with various women (Shoe0nhead, Jenny McDermott, and a catfish who went by River, including a few other unknown women). His wife found out and sent messages to these women telling them to not contact him anymore. Shortly after, he gets a divorce and immediately starts publically dating Shoe.

>Shoe: 27- Still addicted to internet (male) attention- no education other than high school, no career prospects, no skills.
>No real personality either, changes her opinions constantly based on what will make her gain fans.
>Dates an obese guy with intellectual disabilities who treats her like shit and spends all her money on bing bing wahoo toys - Desperately wants to be seen as a young girl.
>Acts like a teenager online even though she's almost 30, can't form an argument worth shit
>Lies about her past, pretends she was a "friendless wallflower shy gothic nerd girl uwu" even though she was a popular guidette with tons of friends who bullied nerds.
>Still obsessed with shitting on women while she coddles men like babies, huge double standards
>Still a bully, now online, sends her fans to attack smaller channels and random people she doesn't agree with (never goes after big channels).
>Huge coward, will block you if you point out her hypocrisy. (She will block your followers too)
>Googles her name all day - finds comments about her that don't even mention her directly. (this includes looking through posts and tweets with the word “shoe” in them)
>Makes everything about her, can't talk about a topic without inserting herself in it.
>Has nothing to put on her resume except "dunking on terfs xd"
>Got dragged by Brittany Venti and some of her former alt-right chan buddies for throwing Lauren Southern under the bus for trans and leftist brownie points. Venti later went and made Shuwu Saga vids, one of which was taken down twice.
>Still never made that video with Lauren Southern because her fans have the memory of a goldfish and she didn’t need to appease them anymore.
>Tries to make an LGBT artist’s suicide attempt about her. Acted like he already died for pity points.
>Goes on to say she was friends with him when she barely ever talked to him and was planning to make a video about him, but never does.
>Goes to Vidcon wearing obvious butt pads and was laughed at online for it.
>Brought up in a ‘would you rather’ video that people believe her bf has Jacob’s Syndrome (aka a retard). However it doesn’t seem like she realizes it says more about her MENSA IQ dom daddy than it does about those who believe that.
>Even though she said she would only make LGBT videos for pride month, she goes and makes an extremely low effort (even lower than usual) video on Gorillaz. In it she “””debunks””” a religious zealot who thinks rock-and-roll is the devil with an argument that boils down to just “yeah.”
>After Vidcon, her bf released a 40-minute long vlog packed to the brim with cringe and disgusting close-ups of his face.
>Soon after, Shoe released a video where she goes to a gun range with Blaire White, and lies nonstop. Claims to have only gone to a gun range once and being afraid of guns in the video despite the fact her gun nut ex took her to gun ranges all the time and owning a gun.
>Threw a few temper tantrums on twitter because people gave her the slightest criticism.
>Deleted her ask.fm, as well as unlisted videos on both her main and side channel. Wouldn’t want anyone seeing she’s not a ~thicc smol pwecious uwu~

Previously on the uwu smol bun and shitty daddy dom trainwreck show:
>>>/snow/ 646625

Related Threads:
Shuwu fans: >>>/snow/634342
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Shoe links:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0aanx5rpr7D1M7KCFYzrLQ (shoe0nhead channel)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOrpD6svgE3L3CCnWk52JSg (shoe0ffhead/shoe & skeptic channel)
https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Shoe0nHead#External_Links (collection of old links and accounts)

Skeptic links:
https://www.youtube.com/user/armouredskeptic (armoured skeptic channel)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf1iroepad-o5w2il-06Gjg (armoured media channel)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtb3OOZwXGjwYMIXTu5zMKw (armoured gregory channel)
https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Armoured_Skeptic#External_links (collection of old links and accounts)

Info links:
Shuwu Saga Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpNB9_GDpuo
Shuwu Saga Part 2: Electric Boogaluwu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWnk4gkMuzw
Skeptic’s Autistic Origin Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWuWRsayzCY&feature=youtu.be
Shoe’s ED Article: https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Shoe0nhead
Skeptic’s ED Article: https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Armored_skeptic

No. 663459

Last thread: >>>/snow/646625

No. 663461

I'm trying to compile tweets and old clips to make a convincing argument that she's histrionic. I legitimately think she has some kind of personality disorder that we would even attribute her ADHD to.

>sexual/provocative behavior that is out of context

>rapidly shifting and shallow emotions cause them to seem inauthentic
>gaining attention through physical appearance, typically through clothing
>speech that is "impressionistic" but they are unable to back it up with detail
>self-dramatizing and theatrical
>adopts strong convictions of others about an issue quickly without thinking it through
>believes relationships are more intimate than they really are, moves relationships quickly believing they are closer than they really are
>does better with activities that don't require a lot of logical thinking and analysis
>highly co-morbid with/share symptom criteria with: borderline, dependent, anti-social and narcissistic personality disorders
>also co-morbid with: depressive disorders, somatic symptom disorder and conversion disorder.

No. 663464

why? why that wuld be useful/relevant? who the hell is diagnosing anyone over tweets? she is attention whore and liar, and that makes her funny. to cite shuwu 'it's not that deep'

No. 663465

You can pretty safely diagnose someone over the Internet when their life is the Internet anon. Plus she's always talking about her mental illnesses herself. How is that not relevant?

It completely takes away whatever legitimacy people see in the things she says if she's only saying what she thinks people want to hear.

No. 663466

Don't forget seeing women as inferiour to men and seeking men's attention because of assuming they withhold some kind of special power.

No. 663470

Girls, I still can't believe this joke of a human actually said that. I'm socially awkward, shy, quiet, introverted and all but saying that there are mythical ''good men'' who went for ''good women'' or ''sex bots'' out there.. It has nothing to do with not going to parties and being more introverted/shy/socially awkward. I actually don't think being this way makes me superiour or something. And look at her she's whoring for male attention 24/7. It's just on the internet and that's everything she ever does in her life. These are only things that make her different from that ''partying whore'' stereotype they created. And saying ''they're down with sex bots''… I just… She's so clinically misogynistic.

No. 663475

You're not her therapist anon, this shit is pointless and kinda cringeworthy.

>You can pretty safely diagnose someone over the Internet
No, you can't.

No. 663478

i think we can all agree that the bitch is crazy and has issues, but there's no need to diagnose her with anything.

No. 663485

Agreed with this anon. It is pointless and cringe. Armchairing is also not allowed, it derails hard (so thanks for starting thread with that), and you didn't even sage (the armchair anon, that is).

Also this shit was posted last thread. Nobody gives a fuck. She's shitty and laughable and that's what matters.

No. 663486

yeah, i mean we've ALL agreed by this point that she has severe developmental issues in her brain, plus she's just a stuck up narcissist with delusions and insecurities, i wouldn't say it's any deeper than that.

No. 663494

Our culture encourages narcissism and this site demonstrates it really well.
We shouldn't mock her for the fact that she's got mental issues. She's not to blame for her mental issues. What she publically does as an anti-feminist and women hater deserves mocking though.

No. 663498

File: 1534154350566.jpg (109.34 KB, 493x947, 898.JPG)

Why is June suddenly so into Twitch drama?

She doesn't play video games nor she watches streamers, but she is super into discussing why some streamer is doing something.

And of course, it must be his wife's fault! She must be a controlling bitch, right guys?

No. 663500

usually we can get through a few posts before the fucking autism overload. what is it with June threads? Why are they always brimming with retardation? I admit 'clinical misogyny' made me laugh, though.

assuming it has to do with preg's interests, and by the sound of her last reply there, she seems a bit triggered.

No. 663502

It's better to be an 'autist' than Regina George type and a nitpicker

No. 663503

she sounds so upset. honestly i don't understand why it's such a massive deal. she does not care about games or twitch for that matter so why does she get so bothered by his choice? also, isn't twitch the place for ''titty streamers'' whose fanboys are known to be crazy?

I hate whenever june pretends to care about shit only to have an opportunity to shit on women.

>no girl friends allowed

this might be news to june and her little anime-avatar teen fans but heaps of men, whether married or just in a relationship with a woman, don't like them to have male friends either. you don't hear them talk about that, though. their narrative is limited to ''REEEE WOMEN ARE CONTROLLING BITCHES UNLIKE ME I AM THE COOL GF™''

No. 663506

shoe's whole career is based on nit-picking others, you think people aren't going to do the same to her?
stop trying to excuse her bullshit by armchairing whether she has ''mental issues'' or not. her being an overall shitty person doesn't mean that she has some kind of disorder.

No. 663568

File: 1534170008981.png (67.25 KB, 391x217, 20180813_101930.png)

Does he have an entire knight suit?

No. 663593

File: 1534173585102.webm (2.04 MB, 640x360, 1532701871503.webm)

He has matching knight gloves and knives (seen in this vid), so probably. He's a dweeby neckbeard after all.

No. 663609

Agreed. Really hope whoever that is who keeps popping in with the repetitive wall-of-texts stays out of this thread lol, it makes us all look pretty retarded.

No. 663622

If you're on this site regularly and it's some kind of joy to you to shit on people you don't know in real life for shallow reasons then that alone makes you look pretty 'retarded'. Well, at least to me.

No. 663625

and to most people who don't visit this site, outside of your circlejerk

No. 663635

Ninja is a piece of shit and his 'reasoning' for not streaming with women is sexist tripe. I'm surprised June isn't defending him more

No. 663636

She's probably seething that someone as successful and popular as ninja has that much respect for his relationship and keeping his private life, well private as well as just keeping a good image to the public in terms of relationship shit.

Versus her pear shaped overweight bf with an undeserved grotesque ego who treats her like shit who is only popular in his own little bubble.

No. 663641

You do know Shoe used to be apart of this site, right? Plus /cow/. She's no better than this circlejerk.

No. 663644

Yeah, I do. I don't defend her at all. That's why I'm here ironically

No. 663665

Not to derail, but what's so sexist about not wanting to deal with drama of any sort and putting his relationship first. Are his standards are a bit up strict, sure? But is it tied to sexism, I doubt it honestly. It reminds me more of work colleagues who refuse to be with someone alone and always in 3 party group at work as a safety measure.

No. 663677

If a man who sees a girlfriend or wife as interchangeable with a sexbot is a "good man" according to wig, I can't imagine what a bad man is.

No. 663683

>i laugh at others ((ironically))
>i'm better than you tho
uh ok fam

No. 663685

I don't laugh at others. I'm here because of her specifically. I don't laugh at her. It's just sort of interesting to me. I also hope she gets caught on her hypocrisies one day.

I didn't say I think I'm better than you. It's actually you who comes across as someone who thinks they're better than others and who's in love with this idea. Although I don't know who I'm talking about since everybody is anonymous here.

No. 663704

nice projection, further up you said "if youre on this site regularly…etc youre retarded"
you think youre not retarded for joining in because its ironic, just "interested".
the majority here are also just interested and want her hypocrisies displayed, any shallow comments are done directly because she's lies about them regularly (i.e. big almond eyes, disney princess waistline, etc).

also i'm >>663683 not the other anon you were replying to. you just sound holier than though for no reason, no one here thinks they're superior to everyone, but yes probably superior to JUST june, because june has rekt her life.

No. 663710

Calm down. I was already called 'retarded autist' on here. I just said that you may come across as 'retarded' to someone too but for other reasons.

Yeah, I get it. June is a scapegoat or a punchbag. If someone doesn't completely dehumanize her and make her their personal punchbag too then they're derailing the thread. Only judgemental and 100% negative comments are allowed.

No. 663718

Wow, all of a sudden some nerd doesn't sage their blowhard opinions and thinks they aren't derailing.

No. 663721


>If someone doesn't completely dehumanize her and make her their personal punchbag too then they're derailing the thread. Only judgemental and 100% negative comments are allowed.

Like she's not allowed to have a mentall illness or certain problems outside of her own control because it doesn't help villifying her and making her an absolute scapegoat or monster.


Ok, whatever. Keep doing what you do. I don't really care to defend her. It's just frustraiting sometimes that everyone who doesn't go with the line is being told to get out of here or shut up. Pretty authoritarian.

No. 663722

wow you're just a sneaky lowkey whiteknight. i know you'll say "NO I'M NOT LKJHKJHKHJ" but you are. or maybe you're upset that nobody wanted to fucking diagnose her through reading her tweets lol? anyway i'm reporting your posts because they are derailing, cancerous, and you refuse to sage.

No. 663725

Learn to sage your shit. You're making it painfully obvious that you're new and haven't read through any of her threads.
If you have such a big problem with this site, leave. It's unnecessary to complain on threads.

>Like she's not allowed to have a mentall illness or certain problems outside of her own control because it doesn't help villifying her and making her an absolute scapegoat or monster.

You don't know whether she has a mental illness or not. Stop it already.

No. 663726

People weren't this harsh towards her during the first few threads. People are only this nasty now because it's come out that she's a sour brat. And even so, there are still a few anons here and there who have been nice to her recently without any backlash.

Besides, most of the internet treats her with kids gloves (or as June would say, like a "retarded child"). It's not that big of a deal if a handful of women want to tear her apart on some niche corner of the internet, eh.

No. 663727

I find it interesting how many white knights Shoe's threads attract. No other cow on here gets the same treatment.

Some cows are treated way, way worse by farmers than her yet I never see a defense army on their threads.

No. 663729

I'm not even a person who wanted to diagnose her. ALthough I think there's nothing super wrong with guessing. People say things they don't have proofs for here.

Calling me a whiteknight kind kind of proofs what I said before. You know, it's not black and white. People are ambiguous. Sadly, your judgements aren't.

I agree

No. 663734

>If someone doesn't completely dehumanize her and make her their personal punchbag too then they're derailing the thread.
You do realize that there are multiple people discussing her, right? Many anons have actually called others out for being too harsh on her.

You're derailing because you keep criticizing others for using the same gossip forum you're using.

No. 663739

yeah sure you agree lol you're full of shit with your holier than thou derailing spammer bullshit. also i've said nice things about june in these threads but i guess you know all of my post history somehow?

anyway i'm not gonna get sucked into your drama so just give up

No. 663761

My whole point was that if I believe there are some influences we can't conrtol but they are part of what makes us who we are then I'm supposed to never ever mention it. I should shut up about it because it interfieres with her being an absolute scapegoat. Then someone called me and another person autistic retards because of that. Then I said some people can also come across as 'retards' to people outside of this circlejerk and you got offended so you started attacking me. You as plural cause sure I don't know who I'm talking about as I said.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 663768

look, you refused to sage the entire time which is kind of important + the personal arguing isn't what these threads are for. and i can tell you haven't read the last threads because it's really not a circlejerk, it's proof + opinions + lots of us have actually said nice things about june but you're acting like we all murder anyone who says one kind thing and you're derailing and spamming which is why i'm telling you to stop lol

No. 663771

I think they mean that it’s irrelevant in this thread because this isn’t the “Diagnose June thread.” It’s a lolcow thread… you know, to laugh at lolcows on. If it bothers you this much just go to PULL or Kiwi and talk shit about us there. I mean I get what you’re trying to do but I always assumed this was the definitive “June is a lolcow” thread where there were no hang ups about the hows and whys.

Anyways, I will absolutely continue criticizing June for everything big and small bc she doesn’t know all women but then proceeds to say that’s she’s not anything like one. :)

No. 663772

File: 1534188997119.png (577.46 KB, 591x595, Untitled.png)

>June: lol fuck those tumblr sjw normies who romanticize mental illness
>Also June: reposts stuff like this
Pick one

No. 663774

All I can say is that that’s what she gets for not hoen

No. 663805

There are no bad men as long as they pay attention to her.

Also men are all innocent victims of those evil feminazi sluts, etc etc.

No. 663815

If his wife really is controlling, how is that any different from how Preg throws a fit whenever she talks to another guy???

No. 663820

Hey there, this is >>663609

All I was doing was referencing the posts from the last thread - pointed out by >>651234 - das it.

No. 663837

File: 1534194546531.png (7.85 MB, 9048x4533, sperg part 1.png)

some cringe to lighten the mood

she sure seems to love it when people catfish as her

No. 663840

File: 1534194709506.png (3.84 MB, 6786x4794, sperg part 2.png)


sorry for the formatting btw I can organize it differently if you guys want

No. 663842

That drawing is really mediocre but okay

No. 663847

I swear Idiotocin stans Shuwu's ass DOGGEDLY.
>went to see her twice at vidcon
>is a patreon of hers
>paid for the discord server
>made a debunking video defending her from Brittany
>made a video to prove he wasn't the russian spy anon from the discord server to be all like "See Shoe!It wasn't me!
>drew this fanart
Tbh, he does a lot more for June than Mayu. Mayu just wants consume Shoe's flesh and rape Sceptic. Idiotocin is an actual white knight.

No. 663852

lol june and her brainless little army of ass-kissers. these people are so pathetic i'm getting second hand embarrassment.

No. 663854

File: 1534195806710.png (100.58 KB, 500x571, XsryyYf.png)

Thanks, anon. Your formatting is fine imo.

I wonder if Skebtic was possessive at Vidcon with all of June's wks around. Or does he not care because Idiotocin's monthly payments help pay for the camgirls and SW toys?

No. 663874

>get free fanart of yourself
>"i might use it with some changes, lets see what skeptic thinks.."

I'd be offended if O was Idiotocin

No. 663880

Idiotocin's drawing is gonna get the early 2000's webtoon treatment

No. 663904

You guys look retarded getting upset over someone calling her histrionic as if it's a personal call out to shit talking her hth

June's histrionic af but it doesn't really excuse her from being shitty or people talking shit on her

Get a grip girls…

No. 663907

um did you not see the newfag spamming the thread earlier who was mad about us shit talking shuwu? that was the person people got irritated with, not the poster who wanted to prove she is histrionic at the top of the thread. or maybe that retard was you, who knows.

No. 663912

Nothing very interesting happening in these chats tbh. I guess thanks for sharing tho anon. Probably the best part of the chat is where she talks about how she can't wait to go home to mommy and daddy lol

No. 663929

It's funny. June was sperging over that Twitch dude who doesn't stream with women, but she has to check in with her boyfriend to even use free fanart. How is that any better?

No. 664063

Of course Shuwu is going to ask for Greggy's opinion. After all, he is the art major.

No. 664077

File: 1534219530107.png (16.9 KB, 594x184, J776rNg.png)

No. 664090

Is she bringing this up again?

No. 664104

new metokur vid tangentially related to her

No. 664107

June is still sperging on about the pink tax and trying to 'debunk it' it seems. Just because some women can choose to be non pink razors, doesnt mean the pink tax doesnt exist and isn't bullshit.

No. 664109

Post it anon!

No. 664111

he's mainly shitting on mundanematt, not sure if it's
relevant to post here

No. 664229

File: 1534240025054.png (347.22 KB, 750x1334, E1A94C55-FBE9-41DE-873A-9CFCC0…)

No. 664282

>>664229 Jim goes so easy on Shoe and it's frustrating. If someone he was friends with was as much of a lolcow as shoe he'd go in, and he's not even friends with her

No. 664289

She sucked up to him big time whole he was still Internet Aristocrat so I guess that could be why.

They also both pandered to /pol/ at the beginning of their careers.

No. 664291

Uh, Jim still not only panders to them heavily, but is a /pol/tard. Wtf are you talking about?

No. 664308

File: 1534254943289.png (251.48 KB, 819x745, 1343772313720.png)

he panders to /pol/ but, at least he acknowledges how bad and hypocritical mras are unlike shuwu and attacks the skeptic community for being just as fragile and against free speech as the feminists and sjws they do vids on.

Regarding his new vid, he went into Candid again. I wish he would just do a complete separate video on it instead of sneaking it in when it becomes useful. He says the 'skeptic community' a lot but, as far as shuwu goes he just makes jokes regarding matt's "he looks like he'd cry if he saw a vagina" on grocery.

What was interesting though was I noticed when mundanematt was doing the candid shit like shuwu and preg, screenshots show even his fucking fans disliked and criticized him for doing an obvious scam. Look at shuw's unlisted vids on it, yes it's more dislikes she normally gets but it's still received positively.

So shuwu's fans are officially more clueless then people who watch fucking mundanematt. Let that sink it. Maybe shuwu should do a video on herself being the perfect example of vagina pass because i'm pretty sure everyone got at least some backlash for doing candid except her. Neckbeard lust reaches no bounds, you can literally scam them into giving away their information they so desperately want to keep safe just by being a girl and knowing what imageboards are and being antifem!Wow I feel really empowered.

No. 664316

He also calls women worthless holes unironically as seen in one of his IBS spergouts from earlier this year, so that doesn't mean much. Jim and co. aren't just pandering, they genuinely are cunts.

No. 664366

File: 1534263830763.png (261.34 KB, 613x623, trans pandering.png)

No. 664368

File: 1534263911598.png (154.91 KB, 610x429, oLT43lM.png)

Reminds me of Shay and Fupa

No. 664370

File: 1534263987247.png (364.02 KB, 534x826, gWYZ6hp.png)

No. 664388

Jim was in a stream laughing at her buttpads. He's a snake that's probably trying to make nice with her to protect his own ass. Shuwu is a big channel for their community.

About MundaneMatt tho he, Shuwu and sceptic were playing games together like CAH in 2015 and were pretty friendly in the beginning. Video related CAH stream hosted by Sargon.

No. 664393

Oh my god out of all of Shuwu's autism this shit is the worst. She does realize that actual bi/lesbian woman don't just comment/implicate sexual things to scantily clad women all the time right?

No. 664413

Found this

>June saying she's never seen Star Wars before (lying to Skeptic)

>June pretending to be ignorant about immensely popular popculture icons from a movie SHE'S SEEN BEFORE for uwu points
>Skeptic drawing animuesque facial expressions on June (little fang in big mouth/ big eyes)
>Skeptic drawing on a real picture of June which is creepy tbh lots of uncanny valley vibes
>Early flirtation about 4 months after breaking up with her ex of 3 years
>Skeptic might have still been in contact/ living with his ex wife at this time

No. 664416

Samefag but also
>cat mouth))

No. 664425

Anyone got the date of when they went to live in a tent together for a while? I think its been confirmed they did that because he was living with his wife

No. 664427

I wonder how far low her esteem is to be pandering to guys like Jim and co. If she ever stood up for herself as a woman (unlikely but) is she seriously THAT afraid of being called 'a worthless hole'?

No. 664435

Apparently Jenny said they went on a camping trip they didnt live in a tent

Peep that "and we'll be drunk" bit at the end at this time June was slightly normal? She was still a huge attention whore, but it wasnt until Skeptic that she did the whole tradwaifu rope bunny thing

No. 664475

They were already together by that date: http://archive.is/DMqQ8

No. 664482

File: 1534273878367.png (945.09 KB, 580x1476, 7biyYWY.png)

what an alpha dom daddy :3

No. 664511

Aurini and Co. roasting shoe
>June:[OLD blog talking about her trich] WHO WOULD MAKE FUN OF SOMEONE WITH CANCER?
>Also June:[in the Star Wars video] Lol that guy is an old man dying of cancer lol

No. 664549

Don't forget Mags!

No. 664561

It annoys me to no end how Jim lets june and preg off the hook with their autistic shit, every time other people on the Killstream make fun of them he shuts up and doesn't participate in the banter. In some of the previous threads there was a theory that because "le skeptic" squad has connections to youtube Jim has to stay in their favor in order to protect his ass but I don't know, he went all out on Mundane Matt despite him apparently knowing someone from YT as well. It's just weird and completely out of character for him, he's roasted people for less what the Shrek and Donkey duo have done. I'd imagine Jade (Jim's girlfriend) at least would be aware of June and shit all over her Jim-stanning ass but since she's kyssed herself from the internet forever it won't happen.

>Maybe shuwu should do a video on herself being the perfect example of vagina pass because i'm pretty sure everyone got at least some backlash for doing candid except her.
This. It's so ironic how she herself benefits from her gender so much despite her bitching vagina privileges a lot.

No. 664616

Do you think the skeptics might have some shit on Jim to keep from talking? Maybe some DMs that he doesn’t want people to see?

No. 664620

That is my guess. I mean June either knows who he really is or sent him a long-ass love letter that was so cringey and embarrassing that he’s trying to avoid it being mentioned. Or he wrote her a long love letter. Lol, my money would be on a potential doxxing scare.

No. 664676

Considering june chases any ugly skeptic she sees, it was probably june who did it

No. 664678

I thought Jim was already doxxed for real?

No. 664681

File: 1534292139023.png (25.52 KB, 487x303, aVHNgCF.png)

No. 664689

>imagine dating a fat troll with a stormtrooper collection

No. 664691

File: 1534292907863.png (160.69 KB, 612x1300, 0ZEskLs.png)

No. 664693

File: 1534292974946.png (67.46 KB, 584x455, 19tNNBv.png)

>speaking from a bi perspective
shut up.

how long is she gonna drag this lie out

No. 664700

I've really wanted to make a video on her political bisexuality but I haven't had time. I think it's the most aggravating thing she's done to date. I wouldn't care if she called herself bi-curious, but she's acting like she comes from a place of romantic experience with another woman.

And yeah June. You've never even interacted with another person's vagina in your life, so obviously it's easy for you to ignore genitals. Because vaginas are totally irrelevant to your life.

No. 664702

If you’re bi, you wouldn’t ignore the genitals June, bc part of the deal with being bi is that you’d enjoy either set.

June’s speaking from the perspective of someone who is being disingenuous about her sexuality in order to appeal to men or whatever hangers-on her brand of stupidity attracts.

No. 664731

Watching Fupa fug another woman doesn't make you gay wtf.

No. 664732

>i dont disagree
then why bother picking this fight at all? does she really need to respond to every single tweet about troons whether she actually has something to add or not?

No. 664822

File: 1534302601465.png (185.17 KB, 584x532, Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 11.0…)

No. 664859

File: 1534305162135.png (252.32 KB, 598x708, cool girl.png)

No. 664862

>science backs me up

No one believes this sexist dreck except other sexist idiots

No. 664864


No. 664888

does anyone remember what video was this? was it unlisted? https://twitter.com/blunty_king/status/1018196452101820416

No. 664896

It starts at 14:35. There's more to that where she says it's okay she called Leslie a gorilla because she looks like a horse and shows a picture of a MLP character. I think there was something else in the video, I know she brought up the tweet leslie made to her, but I can't be assed to watch it again.

No. 664902

im a fucking retard i didnt realize it was the ghostbusters one. derp. thanks a lot anon.

No. 664923

Can someone explain why Shoe has feminist friends? Her channel is just making fun of feminists and has a history of racism.

No. 664943

She's just one of the boys, anon

No. 664947

because her libfem friends have literally no real politics and hate women almost as much as wig does. obviously libfems hate women, but what i don't get is how they're able to excuse her racism. rejecting and condemning racism is such a huge part of their platform, and rantingf is supposed to be a socialist (iirc? not even just a liberal?) so why she isn't getting straight up roasted for caping for this stupid cow whenever she puts her foot in her mouth, i really have no idea

No. 664965

i know he's trying to be funny but no matter what, her fiance just said that he ignores her personality for the sex they have and him publicly saying that just isn't good. i know shuwu would scream "WOW LIGHTEN UP HES OBVIOUSLY JOKING YOU UPTIGHT HAG" at me but i would not want my future husband saying these things about me constantly, especially not on a fairly popular twitter account.. preg always says similar things about shuwu + he constantly flirts with other girls. nothing about it is just a joke really

No. 664983

File: 1534320016603.jpg (252.24 KB, 790x1177, IMG_20180815_100009.jpg)

When did she ever do that?

No. 664986

File: 1534320147733.jpg (218.16 KB, 781x1147, IMG_20180815_100203.jpg)

No. 664988

because shoe has the reputation of being ~the nicest anti-sjw youtuber~ for some reason.
What >>664947 said as well.

What I don't get is how they ignore her blatant racism? Why is it okay for her to use slurs and call a black woman a gorilla but every other person would be burned at the stake?

No. 664997

File: 1534321213522.png (292.44 KB, 560x1088, oh no no.png)

June just got blown the fuck out

No. 664998

>i never once gave people shit for blocking outside of political disagreement or using blockbots
(x) doubt

No. 665004

>i have never mocked 'safe spaces' outside of things like this
i'm 100% positive she made a video where she laughs about safe spaces and them having playdoh and coloring books.

No. 665006

File: 1534321798924.jpg (95.1 KB, 1024x752, DknZtTsUYAIehvN.jpg)


uwu whats this

No. 665013

>You guys literally become the stereotype of anti-sjws

Shoe has literally become the stereotype of an SJW herself
>blocks people for being ''annoying'' (aka criticizing her)
>blatantly hypocritical opinions
>goes NUTS when someone dares to point out when she's wrong, feels personally attacked by criticism
>refuses to engage in actual dialogue with people she disagrees with, shuts them down with ''bye''/''you're mom gay''/''sit the fuck down''
>does not go out of her way to research anything
>puts tiny accounts on blast for being ''so stupid xD'' to her 200k+ followers

No. 665022

He wasn't. People mistook some German/Austrian/whatever dude from Jade's halo clan as him because they found his image from her photobucket album and started spreading rumors on /cow/. He kind of looked like the only known (albeit heavily filtered) picture of Jim around but still they obviously were two different people.

The logic behind the theory that Shoe and her clan has something on him is pretty plausible because he normally makes fun of everyone except them. During one of the Killstreams Ralph, Mumkey and some other people were laughing at shoe's buttpads and making jokes about her wearing diapers because gregory has an ageplay fetish but Jim stayed silent. Afterwards they discussed Brittany's shuwu video being taken down again even after being successfully appealed once, and Jim spoke up vaguely saying that the skeptic group has connections to youtube and it could've played a part in it. The way he kind of kept it low and mentioned it in a "nudge nudge" sort of way would implicate that he's trying to preserve his doxx and/or channel from them. But who knows, however it's just really strange that he acts like he doesn't know who shoe is by being innocuous and neutral about her ("Isn't she just a youtuber?" "Doesn't she do pretty well?") etc while there's no fucking way he's not aware of her stupidity.

No. 665034

…because a mentally ill person doesn't know what healthy relationships are like and can be engaged into something fucked up that those men saw in porn and decided to recreate.

No. 665094

I hope jim is smart enough not to send her a cringy love letter, he i well versed in internet culture to know it will come and bite him

jim being doxxed would be such a shit show, he better hope jade never breaks up with him

No. 665095

LMAO this is amazing. You hardly ever see people calling her out for inserting herself into other people's conversations.

No. 665106

Ok, throwing this theory out there… do you think June catfished metokur at some point in time and she has that over him? I get that he’s a little more savvy when it comes to social media online shit but I mean the man clearly isn’t perfect. I want to believe he’d go after June and skeptic but if something like this might come from it, I think he values his reputation too much to touch them.

No. 665109

File: 1534336998405.jpg (47.29 KB, 689x651, DkpDfiyXoAA0eBH.jpg)

No. 665118

For someone who has “big almond eyes” she really abuses the white eyeliner on waterline trick.

This picture was a fatal mistake on her part.

No. 665135

how does shoe have the audacity to zoom in on a woman’s eyeliner and laugh about her “sad ass wing” when her eye make up looks like t h i s

No. 665156

You can clearly see the foundation on her face. Lol, why the fuck does she even attempt to go “uwu i only use eyeliner!!!!!”

No. 665161

Is that some of the foundation on Armoured Fupa's nose? I want to believe.

No. 665162

Her eyebrows are super drawn on.

No. 665171

No maybe he just goes easier on girls, besides he's had that azn gf Jade for years.

No. 665175

that "trick" makes everyone who does it look fucking stupid.

No. 665179

How should Metokur be approached about the topic of avoiding Shuwu? Asking for a friend :^ )

Everyone knows that trick is outdated

No. 665197

I’d ask if he has a policy against calling out women. Then if he confirms, I’d ask he called out the other women on various videos. And when the inevitable “bc they’re lolcows” answer would come, if then say “what if I told you there’s a girl that was so desperate for validation, she compelled her friend who was admin of a site to compile a list of IP addresses (from an anonymous image board) so she could block all people that criticized her? Etc”

Believe me, I’ve been wanting to ask some of these people why they haven’t publicly called shoe out.

No. 665216

File: 1534348056635.png (40.98 KB, 594x320, 3KgONtN.png)

for one, she blocks people for political disagreements all the time. there's plenty of caps here to prove that. there's also a million caps of her mocking people for blocking. we know she lurks here, so she's knowingly lying about all of this.

but she's just such a sensitive bully bun who cares about people's feeling uwu ;w;

lmao finally

No. 665217

File: 1534348202871.jpg (45.47 KB, 640x758, DkpDfizXgAEsDfD.jpg)

No. 665222

there's no evidence of the ip compilation though?

No. 665223

File: 1534348356935.jpg (62.05 KB, 693x767, DkpDfi-W4AA6g47.jpg)

No. 665227

True. It’s all heresay… but the boxxxy skinwalking, the recovered love letter addressed to Ian, the candid shilling…all that is true. i recall that the mundanematt stuff was only an accusation before but metokur sure did hammer into that before the confession.

But I digress, there’s plenty of shit to talk about in regards to her lolcowdom, there’s no reason she can’t be considered one and critiqued as such.

No. 665257

Why do eyeshadow AND thick-ass winged liner?

What a clown.

No. 665267

A lot of Metokur's videos create instant autistic sperg outs from the people he does vids on. Just imagine the thirsty neckbeard and 15 year old boy rage from shuwu's fanbase if he covered her. If metokur truly does vids for the laughs, this would be a goldmine.

No. 665276


Her skin tone and/or foundation are so disgustingly sallow

No. 665288

There is a discord cap where she admits her friend being admin and that he made her a mod.

No. 665321

Has june ever thought about the fact that maybe people think shes a teen becuase of her god awful makeup and clothing and annoying attitude and NOT becuase of her aging face?

No. 665328

June’s joked about that before

No. 665331

i don't even think her fans are retarded enough to actually believe that she looks like a teen, they're most likely just gassing her up because they're that desperate.

you can tell that shoe doesn't have female friends because she has a really weird perception of the way women age and thinks she looks so young and youthful uwu, when in fact she absolutely looks her age…

No. 665345

"Good sex is more important than the well being of my fiancee ;)"

Kek I thought that was a pic of Momokun in the wrong thread. I'm amazed that she hasn't ripped all her lower lashes out yet, after the butt pad thing and Preg being so nasty and all

No. 665370

has it been proved that she really has trich? maybe it's not that bad and she just has very thin hair, so she covers it with wigs?

No. 665374

love how she has to pack on makeup like crazy just to claim she has "big almond eyes" and "perfect skin"

No. 665381

Ntayrt but I believe she mentioned somewhere that she has trich, most likely on her (now deleted) askfm. If you're wanting actual proof/evidence, then no, there isn't any. She's not exactly going to post a doctor's note.

No. 665382

she has talked about having trich multiple times so she claims she has it, and likely does unless she's lying

No. 665406

she's never shown her bald head if that's what you're asking. she lies about nearly everything, but there's no reason for her to lie about this. her baldness doesn't turn on her male followers. it's not common enough to be a #relatable quirk like depression, anxiety or introversion.

plus she blocks people if they mention her bald head or wigs.

No. 665422

thanks for clarifying

>She's not exactly going to post a doctor's note.

yeah i know, i meant more like, is it at least believable or not because i personally haven't seen any contradictions with her claim about trich but maybe some anons have

No. 665428

Does Shoe draw on her bottom eyelashes?

No. 665436

File: 1534361525672.jpg (93.36 KB, 689x651, junesthoughts.jpg)

No. 665442

Does anyone else ever feel better about themselves after reading these threads? How depressing is her life…

Especially when you see someone like Lauren Southern is moving on to direct documentaries because she’s tired of repeating herself on YouTube. Or how Blaire’s starring in one and rubbing elbows with Hollywood celebrities… not to mention she also has a way more supportive and nicer partner.

Not that I like Blair’s or Lauren but those are supposedly her peers. And here June is making the same 5 YouTube videos in her room over and over. The only other thing she participated in is pulling her hair out in her room while her “fiancé” very publicly humiliates her online from another country.

No. 665450

June used to claim she got acne on her body but not her face.

No. 665455

100 bucks says she's gonna abuse the fuck out if this.

No. 665457

Lauren's life is gross as she constantly panders to the sort of men who hate women though

No. 665469

Lauren obviously sucks but look how much more success she has relative to June. Is anyone in that group of skeptics a bigger loser?

No. 665475

People HAVE told him about all this shit. Multiple people have replied to his tweets relaying all the shoe milk. He watched Brittany's videos about shoe and even commented on them saying "Brittany really went all out on her", nothing else. He's aware of the shit shoe's done. But for some reason he just keeps his mouth shut. I guess shoe is too big of a figure to call out even for him as he's been beating dead horses lately a lot, Wings of Redemption and Mundane Matt for example.

No. 665484

I’m inclined to believe she’s got something on him for this reason.

Honestly I’m happy if he doesn’t do it bc I was on a stream (not saying whose bc I don’t want to tip off June) and they were talking mad shit about her like they were ready to call her out. She’ll be caught with her wig off if she decides to start false flagging.

No. 665489

File: 1534365020903.jpg (107.24 KB, 591x711, fakery 1.jpg)

(part 1) i know this isn't new or anything but i just saw this post and read the top comments so let's just admire how this pic was posted in november 2017 yet it is SO GRAINY and low quality that her redness and dark under eye circles are masked heavily. my old iphone 5s takes way higher quality selfies than this. nice try shuwu

No. 665491

File: 1534365188832.jpg (86.71 KB, 594x537, fakery 2.jpg)

(part 2) cringy ass comments now. first off, it's pathetic how she thinks all men are cute and innocent about makeup. does she not see all the males online who insult makeup, saying "take her swimming on the first date bro, makeup is for sluts ha" etc.

secondly, "i was blessed by the skin gods XDD" no. just no shuwu. your skin is not nearly that good, you wear yellow foundation all over your face in public, you post purposely grainy low quality no makeup pics to try to look better yet you're a narcissist about it too? so embarrassing.

No. 665507

yeah, i said online because june never stops living on the internet with her persona and her orbiters so i doubt she would ever get the chance to even see a guy irl saying anything

No. 665511

>i have been blessed by the gods with nice skin
her skin looks fine to me but then again why only upload such grainy ass/edited pictures and film on a 480p cam? her shit is always so blurry

No. 665517

i'm not saying her skin is bad, but it is definitely not nice enough for her to literally say she was blessed by "skin gods" lol. in every higher quality pic, she has foundation all over and concealer.

No. 665556

File: 1534370228103.png (69.8 KB, 595x441, 5Glb7RN.png)

>my skin is literally the only thing i ever liked about myself everything else can fuck off
b-but muh big almond eyes

if she hates her features so much then why has she spent the last decade posting her mug all over the internet

No. 665559

her skincare routine is so incomplete and is not very healthy or beneficial for your skin at all.

No. 665582

>What's your skin care? How do you get your lashes so glorious???

>answers but ignores lash question for some reason

Doesn't want ANY mention of fake hair huh?

No. 665586

I wonder if she ripped out all of her top lashes?

No. 665593

hey yeah i just realized she never has any natural lashes visible.. she always wears falsies or you can't see any eyelashes like in >>665489

No. 665607

It looks like she has thin short lashes in the “naked” face… or maybe she just wore light brown liner to make it look like something is there

No. 665625

File: 1534374257356.png (27.5 KB, 428x234, JZ24WoC.png)

No. 665631

The thing that annoys me is that she never cuts them down to size. She really doesn’t know about make up, does she?

No. 665687

uhh but how will she display her huge loli eyes with cut down eyelashes????

No. 665743

File: 1534378251594.jpg (304.76 KB, 1080x859, Screenshot_20180815-180314.jpg)

Watch this be her doing the same shit as mundane matt. Reporting people, then playing dumb and pretending to be on their side to avoid looking guilty.

No. 665759

File: 1534379021311.png (348.56 KB, 1440x1326, Screenshot_2018-08-15-19-22-01…)

It was confirmed to be one of her followers but Jesus Christ she's acting like she's not the one to complain about him in the first place. The fact she blocked him in the middle of debate just makes it worse.

No. 665771

File: 1534379472014.png (482.73 KB, 1080x1226, Screenshot_20180815-203333~2.p…)

No. 665801

bitch probably reported him.
i wouldnt be surprised if she's a female mundanematt and reports "bullies", they were friends afterall. probably reports everyone talking shit and hides with "my fans trolling, not me u guys uwu"

No. 665806

File: 1534380819048.png (21.44 KB, 548x226, hN8gk3c.png)

she's trying too hard.

No. 665820

I mean, does Twitter really suspend someone because a random person reported a tweet that wasn't even about them?
Even if that person did report him, I feel like they'd ignore it until the actual person it was about said something. Idk, maybe I'm giving Twitter too much credit.

No. 665823

File: 1534381946981.png (54.75 KB, 770x493, beta.png)

apparently some other beta reported too. this one seems to be a skeptic community orbiter.

either way she probably asked him to do it, and/or take the fall. we know she has regular contact with a select few betas on discord, and we know her beta whiteknights are ready and willing to die for their anti-fem guido princess's honoru, so i wouldnt put it past her.

No. 665836

File: 1534382787187.png (237.79 KB, 1080x1411, Screenshot_20180815-222533~2.p…)

No. 665840

File: 1534382990270.png (231.46 KB, 1080x1226, Screenshot_20180815-221925~2.p…)

Bringing this again as per the tweet above. It's common knowledge she blocks people she's never interacted with. She's really trying too hard

No. 665843

Kek she probably reported him herself or her fans did it, and now she's trying trying to cover her ass so it doesn't seem like she can't take criticism. Not like she actually gives a shit if Dusty got banned.

No. 665844

File: 1534383179892.png (329.16 KB, 1200x480, DLcw7ax.png)

No. 665874

File: 1534384939555.png (109.37 KB, 576x608, 2pJDxDn.png)

>sad. bye.
she can't even defend herself. to no one's surprise she deleted the tweets and proved that person's point. most likely because they to came through with proof.

No. 665962

Wow June way to quote one of your very own fans with their handle completely visible and throw them under the bus. So nice and chill of you.

No. 665969

not just visible, but clickable. they can just click on that tweet and respond right to them. she literally could not have put her own fan on blast more easily. she's such a shitty public figure. she's not even remotely loyal to the faggots that support her

No. 665973

File: 1534392982042.png (455.26 KB, 862x739, LrkApm6.png)

No. 665977

Shuwu doesn't drink and hates alcohol but spent 14 bucks on a beer?

No. 666004

She really fed his ass to the lions to deflect criticism.
>uwu if I give this sacrificial lamb no one can accuse me of being thin-skinned~

No. 666024

lmao someone please tweet that at the girl. shoe is such a fake cunt.

No. 666027

File: 1534399311056.png (315.34 KB, 845x431, "omg blue hair what cringe XD"…)

It should also be noted she took a pic of some random person and put it in that video.

No. 666040

doesn't her bestie, claudia brown, have blue hair? literally blue hair?

No. 666041

Lol June was probably jealous that the girl had her own hair when she's literally balding. I'm not usually a fan of unique hair colours but that looks pretty imo.

No. 666043

Wait so she doesn't put anything on her face in the morning, just wipes it with scented wipes?


No. 666061

File: 1534404204997.jpg (574.42 KB, 1391x3567, xhzcJrg.jpg)

booly hunter, sensitive nice girl™ and defender of girls of all sizes is coming to ur defense~ :3

No. 666066

June getting fat is the icing on the cake for all the years she mocked fat women for no reason. They were usually strangers and unaware of her mocking too.

No. 666092

File: 1534408767010.jpg (314.86 KB, 808x910, gothic.jpg)

She's gonna remove all of her reuploaded videos on youtube. Fingers crossed she's not able to remove Brittany's

No. 666098

>that stuffed bra
Shes been attention whoring for a while now

No. 666100


she sure loves showing her underage goff pics to her lolicon goth gf stan audience doesn't she

No. 666101


Someone better archive BoopyJuneVlogs

No. 666114

File: 1534411731483.png (396.76 KB, 540x960, 2018-08-16 11.26.24.png)

Blocked within 2 minutes and she deleted the tweet. Why am I not surprised.

No. 666117

File: 1534411831907.png (180.91 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-08-16-11-25-10…)

No. 666119


Does she monitor her twitter 24 hours a day?

She should use that energy to try to develop actual integrity.

No. 666120

lel, did you tweet in the girl she was responding to?

No. 666154

She's said a few times that she'll have full conversations with AS via twitter while sitting next to him. If she's not on twitter then she's probably asleep

I want to see what would happen if she got banned so badly, hoping these new banwaves nab her

No. 666163

She'd just make a new account and made sure to insert herself to every Twitter thread ever so everyone knows she has a new account.

No. 666165

File: 1534420237765.png (51.88 KB, 595x439, go away sargon.png)


fortunately it wouldn't last.

No. 666178

She has monetary success sure, and she's popular. But is it really fulfilling seeing as who she's popular with and how she has to constantly shove her head into everything and pander to nasty men for money?
She's a college dropout just like shoe so she's stuck in this career forever. She will always have personal information/embarrassing pictures leaked online and deleted tweets archived. She will never be able to escape this temporary and strange alt right trend since her name is forever tied to it.
The only good thing she's done is the south Africa work tbh.
All of these girls like shoe and lauren are stuck sexualizing themselves to immoral people and repeating talking points to pay the bills.

No. 666186

File: 1534423259430.jpeg (230.03 KB, 737x918, 1352987E-A0A0-4D30-8653-BCDB0F…)

Saw this on Facebook, made me think of her. The “no wig” rule may be too challenging for her lol. I think it perfectly illustrates her mindset regarding other girls

No. 666191

If she got a boob job maybe it was to balance out her back. It looks disproportionately large

No. 666193

File: 1534423989519.png (5.69 KB, 191x264, posture.png)

I think it's poor posture (kyphosis).

No. 666255

Im glad other people have noticed this. Ol' hunchback looking ass.

No. 666257

Can we stop calling June a no-chin? She has a rather long chin.

No. 666259

her chin is normal imo, not particularly big or small. it's just that her face is rather long and her mouth is kind of placed low on her face which makes it look like she has a weak chin.

No. 666263

Looks like she even deleted the tweets you responded to.
But she loves banter! She loves self-deprication, she can make fun of herself just like one of the boys~

Mayu got banned again RIP

No. 666315

File: 1534437913575.png (42.04 KB, 615x304, Screenshot_2018-08-16 Lisa on …)

No. 666317

She mentions this line every chance she gets, doesn't she?
I don't understand why she thinks this is so cute and quirky, I'd be a bit embarrassed to plaster it all over my social media tbh

No. 666355

Holy fuck she is toxic.

No. 666377

Her relationship with Skeptic is one of the most depressing things I’ve ever seen. He reminds me of guys in high school that have stupid notions about women like tampons being used over pads bc sexual gratification.

No. 666399

I can't believe there are people who would watch this video. So useless. It's 34 minutes of uselessness.

No. 666408

File: 1534446868918.png (242.79 KB, 593x349, g6HrJR2.png)

No. 666431

Did he put his face on June’s body? Lol

No. 666464

the scary tranny stalker is back

No. 666488

Didn't skeptic block Maya? Why is he so excited to meet someone who finds him creepy enough to block him?

No. 666509

>"skeptics videos suck", "he's a manbaby", "he has no friends"
>hahahahaha i-if we laugh about it then it's not true right?!?!

literally this entire video summed up.
they sound way more offended over this conspiratard than they'd like to admit.
also conspiracyfag has good bants, you can tell he hit a nerve when he said septic has no friends lel

No. 666531

This low hanging fruit shit is hilarious. I thought it was a video about trans people and bathrooms, or trans people whatever- actual like issues- but no it's a conspiracy theory.

No. 666540

There's nothing special about armouredfupa's voice it sounds like a normal white guy voice to me.

No. 666547

File: 1534454212849.jpg (12.67 KB, 509x274, image (1).jpg)

I think when anons say she has no chin, they're referring to her profile. It's the same reason people called leafy no chin.

No. 666550

File: 1534454544550.png (144.32 KB, 483x372, Jsekq3R.png)

No. 666562

can you please spoiler this picture god damn

No. 666565

I wonder if they are using those chibi versions because people were using screenshots of his other videos to make fun of him and June.

No. 666574

please spoiler this, i was eating my potato wedges and this image really ruined the experience for me.

No. 666609

Giving me chinchan vibes (but at least chinchan was nice)

No. 666619

She actually looks like a who here jesus

No. 666621


Why does it look like a chunk of the right side of her face is missing, near her lip??

No. 666625

File: 1534463954387.png (11.42 MB, 4800x9268, pedopanderinguwu.png)

she knew what she was doing when she tweeted this

No. 666639

wtf is this fanbase. She looks barely fourteen here.

No. 666658

She looks like a muppet.

No. 666723

This makes me cringe so bad, how can she look at this and think it looks good? I literally get nauseous looking at it
Dont know if its the nappy wig, exaggerated nose, horrible pink undertones, insane chin angles, she really sucks at taking photos of herself

No. 666728

I'm waiting for the day Destiny comments on sh0e and skeptic or invites them for a debate. I know he can be a bit of a cow himself, but I feel like it'd be an interesting encounter

No. 666753

boi have you seen the atrocious eyeliner? she broke every eyeliner donts rule there. it's a goddamn disaster.

No. 666809

File: 1534479896272.png (325.15 KB, 2120x1174, gdtgfXG.png)

She was promoting his shirts earlier today.

No. 666811

File: 1534479985199.png (191.23 KB, 1038x294, 9f4BEXP.png)

No. 666815


literally using the papyrus font lel, the only thing more pathetic than this design is that idiotocin and his clones will probably buy this sad shit

No. 666839

File: 1534483283265.jpg (72.62 KB, 1135x552, radical uwus.jpg)


are the fan artists getting a cut here? (doubtful)

No. 666856

Those designs are so fucking ugly. I'd be embarrassed to wear them outside. The far left one looks like clipart from an Indian meme page or something.

No. 666877

File: 1534488880948.png (365.96 KB, 1129x514, wat.PNG)

what i love about her fans is that they make up their own idea of her in their own heads. she provides a very basic template of "cute uwu, smol, will love your ass-pimples as long as you have a penis", and they supply the rest

literally how is this anything like june? this is more like… i don't know, tryhard jaclyn glenn, if anything, but shoe is such a poor writer and speaker that all she does is yell through half her vids

No. 666880

isn't this just going to be awkward as fuck if they break up lmao

No. 666882

The fact that the smoke in the first design isn't stylized like the rest of it is triggering the absolute fuck out of me

No. 666894

Who is going to read that paragraph-for-ants handwriting on someone else's t-shirt? This is so bad.

Saaame I am glad I'm not the only one.

No. 666992

Next level nitpick, but it's called the Waist-to-Hip-Ratio, not Hip to Waist Ratio. This is the most basic shit and it's not even correct.

No. 667007

this looks like a drawing of boxxy/caty not june

No. 667039


Wow, if I caught anyone with a sh0eonhead fanart shirt irl I'd feel so much secondhand embarrassment for them. I'd almost be tempted to offer them psychiatric help or something because what would have gone through their head to purchase the shirt and wear it in public?

No. 667095


even if I had never heard of shoe0nhead I would judge someone wearing this shirt with extreme prejudice

No. 667145

File: 1534530876723.png (767.54 KB, 1496x804, 6yBsEce.png)

No. 667168

"Hello my name is Shoe0nhead and I'n very bi because I leave creepy comments on girls pictures for all my fans to see because this is totally what bi girls do xd"

No. 667195

Not sure if she's being creepy or trying to shade this girl for posting her tits, either way she needs to stop.

No. 667206

She mad Skeptic liked the pic imho

No. 667227

Looks like she’s been out-shoe’d!

How long until she fulfills her destiny of becoming a bitter ex-gf?

No. 667237

“how do you do, fellow lgbt?”

June is too old for this shit. 14 year old girls on tumblr go through a “I’m bisexual and totally like girls xD” phase, not 27 year old grown women. Do her fans just forget that she’s admitted many times that she’s het and would never be in a relationship or have sex with another woman?

Findig women and their bodies attractive does not make you bi, june. Just like a man saying that another man is handsome/has a nice body doesn’t make him gay. Dear god I can’t believe she’s almost 30.

No. 667247

File: 1534541682579.png (740.22 KB, 584x2184, FEXf65D.png)

>"SJWs don't own hair colors!!!!"
>Films a blue haired chick to mock for her audience of 1 million ( >>666027 )

>"uwu here's this anime lesbian porn reaction image, silly boys~"

>Previously bullied a weeb for liking anime in highschool

This reeks of desperation. It's honestly kind of sad lol. Does she get tired of pandering 24/7?

>Do her fans just forget that she’s admitted many times that she’s het and would never be in a relationship or have sex with another woman?
She deleted her ask.fm where she admitted to being straight, so they probably never knew in the first place.

No. 667248

File: 1534541789239.png (193.51 KB, 610x448, hYXb8sR.png)

No. 667263

File: 1534543712214.png (247.92 KB, 372x438, The_Once-ler.png)

Can someone send shuwu this beautiful fan art I made for her? :3

No. 667315

File: 1534549646051.png (181.54 KB, 604x902, m4F8Dqi.png)

No. 667316

File: 1534549703346.png (63.76 KB, 563x526, av3nXik.png)

No. 667317

shuwu is the biggest drama starter i swear.

No. 667333

File: 1534551301926.jpg (38.1 KB, 620x461, biiiitch what the fuuuuck lmao…)

>"i go out of my way to misgender people who clearly pass"
>"cleary pass"

No. 667365

I've seen all of Contra's vids and tbh thought this one was very weak. Listened to it at work today and yeah.. he spent like 80% of the video just blabbing about himself.

Exactly, what? How did she get so tightly wound up in this little trannosphere bubble?

No. 667507

And of course all those tweets she made are deleted now.

No. 667517

>if u DARE to misgender a tranny ur going straight to the block list

This. In what universe exactly does contrapoints pass?

No. 667581

He must identify with incels.

No. 667584


> 'clearly pass'

Good lord June get his girldick out of your mouth

No. 667621

The blocking thing is pretty sad, but also
>She doesn't really mock incels like I expected!!
As if Incels don't FULLY deserve to be mocked.

No. 667622

Shuwu complimenting a vid criticising incels? Aren't they like the bulk of her audience? Along with these 'edgebois' she's now complaining about?

p.s. Contra doesn't pass for shit, like your buddy Blaire so shut up shoe

No. 667646

so she deleted all of these comments…wonder why?

No. 667679

If there was a community of femcels you bet your ass june and her asslickers would go on a rampage helplessly mocking them or using them as an excuse as to why all womyn are evil, even if the femcels didnt make as disgusting and sick posts like incels do

No. 667691

Probably bc it's evidence of her being a thin skinned coward. Also she changes her opinions so often that something like this could easily be used against her in the future.

No. 667700

This is the best evidence for shoe having no personality of her own imo. It doesnt matter whether it's a rightwing video or a leftwing vid or a boring centrist thing, if she gets significant pushback she'll delete it

In fact my theory for the real reason she's drifted towards this trans stuff is so many anti-trans folks have been banned that thats what doesnt get pushback

No. 667704

Oh I wish brittany was still dragging this bitch shes doubling down on the cringy shit brit called her out for.

No. 667709

Its funny she defends contra like this when its been evidenced here that contra ignores her and tries to avoid questions about their friendship

Oh shoe shives, you are the biggest cuck going, kek.

No. 667817

So much this, you know shuwu would constantly post shit like "femcels fucking sicken me, they think they have the right to male bodies and it is fucking disgusting, we need to protect all men in 2018 this is like the start of the holocaust, feminazis are the absolute state of wammin uwu"

No. 667845


she deletes any semblance of personality once she guido spergs after it's not taken well by her manbaby audience

then it's back to a blank slate

No. 667860

Why must shoe protect trannies at all costs? Also, contra doesnt pass for shit. rofl

No. 667899

File: 1534637345902.png (62.94 KB, 585x430, jKqSRBm.png)

No. 667994

File: 1534645442602.png (318.51 KB, 540x660, Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 10.1…)

>they are mostly women haha look how stupid and nutty women are!

maybe she is trying to group radfems in with these wack transvestigation people to make them look worse, I dunno but she is queen of attacking the lowest hanging fruit

No. 668044

I wouldn't be surprised if she tries to make a connection between TERFs and transvestigation shit either.
>uwu look at this hot take! I told you le terves are crazy!

No. 668088

File: 1534656370875.png (18 KB, 577x145, ULnVOrb.png)

June follows RedPillChick and yet can't get her hands on some conservative cringe? Sure, Jan.

You know she deleted this tweet.

No. 668092

File: 1534656490439.png (79.89 KB, 611x437, 0Agoke7.png)

>"don't know our opinions"
>implying she has opinions other than "feminism is doodoo"

No. 668096

Is she saying she won't release the vids mocking the right because they don't watch her?

No. 668098

this is just completely false lmao. i can't even think of what she could be thinking of. the two most popular transvestigation channels are both narrated and compiled by men and as for
>it's pretty rare that there are women in truth communities

fucking what? more than half the people i know irl into that stuff are female, any truther fb group i've seen has female admins and tons of female posters, a huge portion of new age type women are into that stuff, you get the idea. i wouldn't even say it's male-dominated, let alone that women are rare. is she just making stuff up from scratch at this point?
usually she just find some one off idiot and pretends like it's ~the state of women~ or she finds real statistics but has a retarded interpretation of what they mean. our rational skeptic is now just making up fake statistics that are the opposite of the truth, just like those silly muh wage gap feminists!

No. 668246

lel yes. i'd say like 90% of her fans are right leaning, at the least.

No. 668256

>they don't watch our videos

don't you mean you won't release the videos BECAUSE most of your audience is right leaning june? we can see though your bullshit. this is the same shit she pulled with the planned mgtow video (she was gonna make one on sandman right?) she knows she'd lose all her beta bucks if she didn't suck mra alt right scrote

No. 668293

File: 1534697075845.png (290.73 KB, 588x888, anisa.png)

No. 668300

>Those leftists are just so wacky, you guys! It's definitely not that my audience is overwhelmingly right-leaning dudes that I don't want to alienate because they pay my bills!
You know EXACTLY who watches your videos, shoe. You cater to them. Fuck outta here.

No. 668306

File: 1534698140002.jpg (164.25 KB, 1200x1028, Dk8thK4XgAAmXaR.jpg)

No. 668307


Matching guts like instincts or his huge literal gut?

No. 668309

awww he looks so much like his mother, just as feminine.

>my success

bitch where?

No. 668314

Did he somehow make his dads birthday post about him?

No. 668320

kek, he did. no wonder him and shuwu are together. tbh i think this is their only real bonding point.

No. 668339

I don't think I'll ever get over how unattractive preg is. The huge belly, the smirk, his gross tiny hands… He's honestly so repulsive, and that's not even mentioning his awful personality.

No. 668345

>Matching guts

I'd be pretty fucking offended at that if I were his father, his dad actually looks like he has a better body than Shreg

And is he seriously doing that stupid fucking Dreamworks shit-eating grin in a picture with his father? Come on

No. 668347

I'd like to say that I was surprised that June would speak highly of a video that tries to make excuses and get pity for incels, but I just can't. I don't know if it's because she's that far into babying men and making them the victim no matter how badly they treat women or just sucking up to ContraPoints for whatever reason.

No. 668355

I'm pretty sure he doesn't mean guts as in beer belly, but in the "gutsy" sense.

His Dad's laughing face is a lot more normal and non-punchable, wonder where he gets it from.

No. 668377

Skeptic can't read or write properly then, I guess. I would write 'matching gutsy nature' or something. So much for Mensa level genius.

Skeptic is the ugly child, not like his dad and brothers are gorgeous, but that picture with all of them lined up it's crazy how nice and fairly good-looking they are compared to that fat slob with his shitty haircut and jutting out gut.

No. 668383

Amazing how he manages to be self-aggrandizing and insulting towards others in even a birthday post for his own father. What a jerk.

No. 668434

>matching laughs
Sounds like something a 10 year old would write
>matching guts
>matching luck
Why does he write like a grade schooler?! Could he not have tried to be clever and say something like “We have an identical laugh, the very same gut/courage [depending on what his pea brain intended], equally granted luck, and sometimes we wear matching shirts.”

Why am I giving him any credit though, he did “get” a learning disability.

No. 668564

This is an insult to the onceler

No. 668585

File: 1534727381815.png (961.54 KB, 962x1102, shoe.png)

I'm making Shoe and Skeptic on the Sims. Will someone tweet them the end results?

No. 668601

File: 1534729861856.jpg (42.59 KB, 719x409, C264XiqVEAA58Ue.jpg)

wow, that legitimately looks like her, especially compared to the one she made herself

No. 668611


Good job, anon

No. 668621

File: 1534731485769.png (991.88 KB, 982x1238, groceries.png)

Thanks anon. Greg is a lot more difficult since his body is way more exaggerated than his face.

I might just make a shoe/grocery twitter acct to see how long it takes for her to get triggered.

No. 668638

anon do you draw? you're very observant about facial features and proportion. you made it juuuust exaggerated enough to be a roast but where it still looks legitimately like her. you could be good at caricatures lol

No. 668641

samefag but this one looks like the version of himself he sees in his mind kek. you made him too commercial. irl his head is wide but quite short for a man and his eyes are further apart. idk if you can add eye bags on the sims but that's like the signature grocery family look.
if you shorten his head in the middle, make his jaw rounder and less sharp, make his eyes further apart, and try to add eye bags, you'll have something

No. 668647


But I make a living as a photographer and I started out doing portraits. Super OT. Also it's really difficult to find pictures of Greg where he's not making that stupid face. The picture that was best as reference was the one June really like of him in the bathroom mirror. Which I'd have to say is not super accurate to how he looks normally. His face is def longer in that photo. I agree with his head being wider and jaw rounder for tho.

No. 668650

Make an account for the adventures of sim june and preg. Make the sims do all sorts of crazy repulsive shit and tweet about it. See how long it takes them to find it.

No. 668651

File: 1534734587965.jpeg (94.23 KB, 761x1024, COewaTDWcAAHPCh.jpg-large.jpeg)

In this picture you can really see how he shaves a sharp line ABOVE his actual jaw to make it look like his face is chiseled.

No. 668656

God, Groceries really let himself go. He looks like a dad who goes on fishing trips 3 hours away from home by himself.

No. 668658

her hands are noticeably huge here

No. 668707

when you try to hide the fact that your waist is nonexistent and end up bringing out another unfortunate body part instead :^)

right, his wide-set eyes are part of what makes his face so feminine. it's even richer when you think about how close-set june's beady eyes are, while his are bugged-out and far apart.

literally standing next to his own elderly father but needs to out-macho him by having a cigar and doing that stupid dreamworks face kek

No. 668711

File: 1534745657819.png (458.13 KB, 628x798, G39SUJL.png)

>"incredibly racist"
>said leslie jones looks like a gorilla
hmm okay.

ranting f was also clocking "cis" women for looking ~nonpassing~ but okay.

No. 668950

For real. Has she ever actually formally apologized for this statement? Last I read her defense was basically "what? but she does look like a gorilla!!" and subsequently blocking/deleted any mention of it on Twitter.

No. 668976

I guess it was my fault for ever looking to a random 20-something guidette for wisdom or logical consistency, but I still feel really let down at what she's become :(

No. 668979

Sage for off topic.

I just like how a video preaching portion control has a reference of June and her wage gap button. It's funny because June 1) eats like crap and 2) coddles her obese – I mean, husky, beefy, and ~gutsy~ alpha male – fiance. Only feminists promote unhealthy eating though uwuwuwuwuwu

No. 668981


My bad for not including the time of the reference. It's around 8:20

No. 669047

Making videos about Shoe0nhead is really hard. There needs to be a non-hammerhead shark looking troll like Venti to call her out on making fun of women and feminists' appearances. Because Venti can't really say shit about that. "swim" tried. Even though Shoe supplies an arsenal of things to make fun of her about, you will look like an asshole because she makes sure to point out her flaws are medical, which gives her carte blanche to say whatever without retaliation. It's in the same realm of retarded kids. You can't make fun of them back even if they are assholes to you.

It's like she says 'TERFS' are:


>40 year old aunts who smell like cigarettes

But when you want to insult her back, "swim" looks bad. For instance, if you throw insults back at her for:

>being bald but oh you're a bitch cuz "muh trich"

>being ugly = "muh FAS"
>being stupid = "muh ADHD"
>smelling like bunny shit = "muh smol bunz anxiety"

She needs to be made fun of the same way she makes fun of women. It's just impossible though because of her victim complex. Either way, "swim" has more time and is gonna make a last attempt using things from this thread. Hopefully she disappears forever and leaves women + feminism alone.

No. 669052

I used to look up to her too anon. But I think she probably sucked all along.

No. 669055

File: 1534798331994.png (138.37 KB, 592x924, r3eJgue.png)

>40 year old aunts who smell like cigarettes
Is this what you're talking about? "Lily" deleted the tweet Shoe was responding to so I dunno.

Now that I'm looking. Shoe unsuccessfully tried to get his attention on a number of occasions. Reeks of desperation and bunny piss.

No. 669060

samefag but hasn't June said her rabbit pisses and shits everywhere all the time? But that's okay since she's a thirty year old woman uwu teen girl uwu and not a 40 year old woman.

No. 669072

Yes she has. I remember it was on an earlier thread.

She makes me think she smells like cheap perfume with tendies undertones.

No. 669073

There's a way to find this out for sure and all it takes is going one of her meetups, obvious bonus points if you snatch her wig

No. 669111

I hate that fucking button. June you need research and facts. Memes are not facts.

No. 669120

Well how do you do, fellow psychonaut? (seriously the only context I've ever seen this used lol)

No. 669161

I can't believe this is really how she believes she looks lol. She must have the reverse of body dysmorphia.

No. 669175

File: 1534810356972.png (15.71 KB, 428x74, metokur.png)

This is from kiwi, Harmful is apparently coming back and going to do another vid on candid.

Possible milk but, don't expect shuwu's delusional fans to care.

No. 669179

Sorry I didn't know it was already out.

No. 669183

File: 1534810800107.png (139.66 KB, 1180x640, Sgx1DFp.png)

Going with the 'ol ~you took it out of context~ excuse. She conveniently didn't address the point about her fiance following Shadman.

She also never addressed that her fiance has liked this artist's porn of underage characters before. Very interesting choice there, Shoe.


No. 669194

File: 1534811210486.png (60.66 KB, 1224x648, 1.png)

some comments regarding preg and shuwu

No. 669195

File: 1534811271145.png (35.09 KB, 964x317, 2.png)

No. 669200

File: 1534811448744.jpg (277.75 KB, 1832x1624, UdFTpPI.jpg)

>"let me live with you shadman owo"
>i-it's out of context
She needs a backbone

No. 669229

File: 1534814592557.jpg (115.13 KB, 587x569, idiot is still talking.jpg)

She's really trying to link terfs to flat earthers and crazy conspiracy theorists which is ironic as terfs are pro science and flat earthers etc are not. Also the "female celebs are really trans/lizard people and this is a hollywood brainwashing thing" doesnt come from terfs but a subset of apocolyptic christian conspiracy theorist youtube channels. They tend to be anti-feminist and believe its part of the agenda too. As usual shuwu is being a lying manipulative asshole for headpats, shes nothing more than an oxygen thief.

No. 669245

File: 1534815960368.jpg (79.19 KB, 589x451, nice try wiggy .jpg)

Lol what was it that farmers pointed out about her hiding the chin? (even when you click the pics they do not expand they look the same as they do here)

No. 669288

File: 1534819402349.jpg (170.14 KB, 582x878, damage control.jpg)

No. 669304

File: 1534821628514.png (401.12 KB, 1166x628, pfaa4AP.png)

No. 669344


oh I get it, the point went over June's head because she's so smol uwu.

No. 669345

File: 1534825717039.png (34.5 KB, 208x156, Bindu Reddy.png)

Speaking of Shoe memory holing things, one of the many involving Candid is her video with Bindu Reddy. I can't find a copy of it anywhere and I don't think anyone even remembers it existed. The only proof of it ever even existing are archives of her side channel.

No. 669348

i remember watching the interview, i don't understand why it even happened. it was just shoe talking about herself and going "I'm so glad to have found another GIRL who has similar views as me!"

No. 669354

File: 1534826711089.png (43.25 KB, 1024x224, UAhPs5Z.png)

Googled "FAQ with Bindu Reddy" with quotes and surprisingly found a reupload.


No. 669397

I’m just laughing at reading her referring to Contra as “she”, I really can’t make myself see it kek

No. 669440

File: 1534836252671.png (47.8 KB, 580x340, C8BfZhA.png)

No. 669442

File: 1534836297835.png (34.11 KB, 580x222, txWR3uP.png)

No. 669454

holy shit this is why she deserves balding and getting cheated on. just because you love neckbeards giving you unwarranted cum tributes and attention 24/7 doesn't mean every other woman does june


No. 669457

>I know ONE Hooters waitress and therefore what she said represents all Hooters women

No. 669458

File: 1534838594546.png (787.11 KB, 1822x654, KnOkwg0.png)

No. 669466

She went from "you just ruined my day with your awful opinion" to "y-yeah I guess you're right" pretty quickly.

No. 669477

>benevolent brand sexism
Does she even know what this term means? What the fuck does that have to do with anything?

No. 669479

She didn't even know her, she said talked to her online. Which I'm assuming means they maybe exchanged tweets once, and June saw Hootersgirl post about how much she loves her job. Therefore, tons of Hooters girls love it.

No. 669486


she mentioned her in that video with Brittany Simon, and how she was commenting on Evie's videos and other people were recognizing her and """wondering""" what she was doing there.

No. 669493

>A man: I'd feel bad if I went to hooters because I know waitresses there aren't having a good time, are being underpaid and I don't enjoy places that rely on objectifying others.

>Wig: I just can't with this take omg wtf!?! You SHOULD enjoy objectifying women. I enjoy being objectified and so does my imaginary hooters friend. This feels so SWERFY ummm???

What a insufferable bitch.

No. 669494

So she just proved the point of original illustrator.

No. 669522

Congrats, this is exactly what the intent of the artist was and they literally just proved his/her point. The idea that men are so much better at everything than women that they're even better at being women.
Fucking incredible. Just when you thought these ''skeptics'' couldn't get any more retarded and less self-aware.

Also, it's not very ~skeptic and rational~ to dismiss a political cartoon/critique as ''le epic terf meme xD'' because you don't like that specific group, is it?

No. 669542

>comparing radfems to flat earthers
>when it's actually transactivists the ones screaming "WITCH!" when put in front of scientific facts
She really is that dumb…

No. 669544

i thought this was a "terf" meme at first lel. tranny delusion truly has no bounds

No. 669563

This reminds me how women like shuwu claim to be for men's rights but, despise any men who aren't trying to play up the 'all men all perverts' stereotype or even just those who have any "feminist" leaning opinions. Like congrats wig not every guy is a creep like your boyfriend who thinks being a cringy flirt to rando camgrils makes him masculine.

Let's just shame a guy, saying he's being "m'lady" for admitting places like hooters isn't actually that appealing to most modern men today because they see it for what it really is. How awful.

No. 669595

What I don’t understand is how she is able to insult “white knights” while that’s her bread and butter when it comes to twitter followers. She’s really good at abusing people’s good will it seems. I think I’d be insulted if I was her fan.

But her (male) fans are stupid pigs. Her female fans tend to be blissfully unaware about the fact that June would sell every single one of them down the river (and has).

No. 669596

File: 1534864063277.jpeg (317.13 KB, 750x798, 92DA25F4-0198-4C87-9E45-4035CD…)

>men’s rights activist
dude fucking pick one

No. 669597

File: 1534864242165.jpeg (152.2 KB, 1200x450, 3CBA58CE-B52C-4311-9121-963C20…)

here is another of his wonderful creations

No. 669602


Also, never forget when shoe blamed women for ''men not being allowed to cry/show emotion''?
I remember it was in one of her older videos where she said ''even when feminists care about men, it's men's fault''.
Like who's fault is it supposed to be? Who created the rules in society for thousands of years? Probably the evil feminazis kek

No. 669636


And ironically enough shuwu faults and uses degrading language on men from her past /pol/ pandering. Calling guys cucks, betas, manlets etc if they dare side against her. Calls fit men ugly because she's insecure about her own boyfriend but, also uses terms like alpha, buff and husky to describe him. She's forcing a standard/image on what 'girls like her' find attractive in men, with her fake persona and her male fans believe it and relate to it.

Thus why she has such a disturbing(cult) following of creepy neckbeards who will wk here despite how ironic it is. And she likes playing oblivious to it despite everyone on the outside knows her as a typical woman on the internet that you can't be critical of without getting bandwagon full of desperate lonely men coming to her defense.

She's gotten away with so many shitty things that would have ended other male youtubers 'careers'. I'd argue even what Mundane Matt did doesn't compare to everything she's done if you go from unichan to today, and yet, she still gets a free pass. Why hasn't she use herself as a topic of female privilege? She's probably the best example out there.

No. 669659

That comic belongs in that gender critical thread. Their delusions are ridiculous
>cute feminine penis
>ugly roast pussy
>men are better at everything even being women uwu

I bet june is believing that she wouldnt be lumped in their "cis women are weaker and lesser" group because she sucks their trans agenda dick so much

No. 669666

Can't wait for her new cringy video. I need some fresh milk

No. 669669

How can this bitch make herself a ''name'' and focus her life on shitting and picking on other people while telling how sensitive she is and making countless excuses when she's subjected to the same treatment/even slightest criticism?

No. 669676

File: 1534870970502.png (424.93 KB, 750x1334, C4AE16A8-FF5C-49DE-9435-71CF8C…)

No. 669682

AHAHAHAHAHA I hope she gets shit from the incels she desperately panders to for this one!

No. 669683

File: 1534872036685.png (15.58 KB, 565x116, H2rLk4e.png)

>when I was younger
foojdkfsf she was like twenty fucking six when she called Leslie a gorilla. She was a grown woman.

She really thinks she's still a kid, huh.

No. 669684

File: 1534872204692.png (330.17 KB, 592x560, hJuuLvh.png)

No. 669688

>when I was younger
girl you called people ''NIGGER'' on twitter like a year ago…stop.

she couldn't make it more obvious that she lurks here

No. 669697


What's her point with that image? That woman who is protesting objectification is not sexy and "hawt"?

No. 669699

I don’t get this, like the Shaun guy was saying the waitresses probably aren’t paid enough and don’t like their jobs. It says nothing about sex or objectification. I got the impression he was being high-minded and looking at it as if they’re just part of the underpaid working class like most Americans. That’s why he says it goes against the intention of the establishment—they want you to objectify and sexualize the girls working there but he’s just seeing them as if they’re the same as everyone else. Just humans working in the service industry like everyone else.
June was the one objectifying them…

No. 669703

I almost want to make a YT video myself about her, there's so much material here that it's a crime Venti is the only one who has

No. 669719

Leslie doesn't count to shuwu cause she was obviously just "an ugly looking woman that a lot of people find unfunny", so it doesn't matter to her and her fans that it was definitely raciest. She's literally that shallow despite the fact she wears three layers of make up, wears wig, alters photos, does angle shots etc. I don't particularly like Leslie Jones and she's definitely not pretty but, at least she's natural unlike shuwu who can't show herself without alternating shit, likes lying about her measurements and wears buttpads in public to look 'thicc'.

No. 669723

No. 669737

Killstream with Metokur and Harmful, talk more about candid. I haven't watched all of it but, they've mentioned shuwu.

My hopes is with Metokur showing so much interest in candid lately, he might end up doing a video on it

No. 669743

File: 1534878781756.jpg (73.07 KB, 555x725, ffh.JPG)

Does anyone know which tweet did she delete?

She got triggered again…

No. 669753

File: 1534879171512.png (250.31 KB, 583x449, QgnCirS.png)

Then just stay with him longer, my god it's not that hard.

I remember her tweeting a "didn't read lol" gif to that account earlier but it's gone from her feed now. So maybe that?

No. 669774

>>669743 She goes from posting that fucking image to deleting her tweet in 4 hours, she goes from calling black people gorillas to being woke in a year

I dont want off ms.shoe's wild ride, I cant wait to see what crazy backflips she does on her opinions in the next year+

No. 669799

Why can't she stay longer? I'm sure her parents wouldn't care? Skeptic is probs the one making her fuck off

No. 669808

Maybe they start fighting and she leaves to ensure they merely get “a little sad” about any given issue that may arise rather than work through their many issues. At this point I think it’s safe to assume that they have several issues.

No. 669970

Omg thank you for saying this, anon. Imagine having your day ruined because a guy was empathetic towards your gender. How much does she hate herself.

No. 669987

the irony is he's taking a step in the right direction, but it's shoe who wants all men to WANT to objectify women and be okay with strip bars and bachelor parties there. how dare that dude want to see women are human beings. damn, her and greg deserve each other.

No. 669998

File: 1534896526980.jpg (24.72 KB, 749x420, funfem liberal joon uwu.jpg)

No. 670082

Just like RPCs millions of foreign friends and slutty roommate porn stars
Next second these women claim how they don't get along with women and want female friends

Its so fucking obvious june and nada always lie about how they have friends who are x y and z but magically show no proof of them hanging out, no communication via twitter, no stories,no nothing just claims, do they even have friends other than their boyfriends and other handmaidens? Hell even handmaidens can't stand other handmaidens

No. 670091

Time to drive my 27 year old self back to my childhood bedroom at my parents house so I can shitpost on twitter all day.

(I'd be sad too.)

No. 670136

I actually kind of agreed with her initial take. Not a Hooters fan, but who needs men trying to score points over it.

But then going back after the softest of pushbacks… I'm starting to think she hates SJWs because they can take a position regardless of how unpopular it is.

No. 670220

Well it's either being a 27 year old shitposting in your childhood bedroom or being a 27 year laying on a dirty floor while being held on a leash, inhaling your obese's bf cheeto farts and shitposting through your phone.

No. 670223

Her initidl point wasn't really about a man trying to score points over it, it was about her day being ruined because someone doesn't believe hooters women are constantly happy and love their underpaid job that is based on sexual objectification.

No. 670259

Am I the only one who doubts junes tales about all her supposed female friends she has no proof of ever even talking to?

Its like one second she complains about not having female friends and being lonely and now she magically popped in claiming she has all these Hooters friends who love their job…

No. 670272

Did troons forget "droopy" boobs serve other purposes than to just look pretty (or in troons case pieces of silicon"

Literally biting the hand that feeds, or boob that feeds, for people who want to be women so badly you sure do hate cis women, so why tf do they wanna become people they hate

No. 670274

File: 1534929170444.png (74.81 KB, 600x786, woof.png)


(.gif of a dog dropping a mic goes here)

No. 670282

i can already see the guidette spergfest coming

No. 670346

this was an excellent burn, but it sucks that he's getting bombarded with her faggot fanbase telling him to "take the L" and calling him/them racists because he said he has a problem w black conservatives having a large platform. both owners are black tho and everyone keeps assuming they're white.

No. 670384

Something I've been thinking is? How the fuck can June say she's bi when she says she can't even hold platonic relationships with women?

No. 670404

The terrible thing about shoe being around for a few years and having such a young fanbase is sometimes YOU were part of the young fanbase, and pick up her mannerisms

I used to do that 'take the L' thing because I saw her do it
fuck me

No. 670414

Well, she admitted multiple times to ''never seeing herself dating/being romantic with a woman'', so there's that. She pretty much admitted that her ''bisexuality'' does not go beyond fulfilling sexual fantasies for male attention/preg.

Shoe obviously has very little interaction with women, and thinks that finding a woman's body attractive or making out with another girl for her bf to enjoy makes her bisexual. topkek. She is so detached from reality it hurts.

She's like guys who think admitting that another man is good-looking is ''gay''.

No. 670426

Shoe pisses me off more than most cows for this reason. Her fanbase is full of impressionable young girls who want to follow her example, but she constantly glorifies Greg treating her like shit. Was a fan of her and other antifeminist women online, but after getting out of an abusive relationship I can't stand to watch people like June anymore. It sucks that there aren't more women online who don't agree with feminism but also don't hate themselves and act as though your bf cheating on you and degrading you like a child is so ~masculine and hawt uwu~

No. 670501

I think it should make you wonder why all the women that are invested in anti-feminism like them are self-hating and why anti-feminist men fawn over them for those reasons. I think there's a certain pattern…

It's never too late to read some legit feminist books and join our side ;);)

No. 670502

File: 1534966055330.png (266.69 KB, 583x477, 70tJksP.png)

No. 670503

File: 1534966089359.jpg (154.86 KB, 1200x900, DlOSoE2VAAA3KyR.jpg)

No. 670504

exactly, and i hate how she thinks it's cool or cute how her bio says "@armouredskeptic's footstool", it's not submissive it's just gross and shows how much she thinks the man in the relationship is more important. plus the whole "never let your boyfriend go to bed horny" thing, that's pathetic and depressing. it's all about how the man feels uwu

No. 670510

File: 1534966824296.png (458.58 KB, 731x541, lol.PNG)

she liked this tweet.

2 years ago this 'stephanie' wouldve been fatbutt mcgee and chubby with 'no waistline' should she lay down, but now that june's gaining, it's time to appreciate the thiccness

No. 670511

Secret Gorillaz fan fiction confirmed.

Lol jk, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

No. 670512

How much do you wanna bet June will skinwalk this girl and steal her story for pity points

No. 670518

File: 1534967501335.png (25.33 KB, 722x292, lel.PNG)

a gem from her likes.

because no one has ever been abused by a family member or family friend, teacher, etc? imagine being this callous just so you can get a few drops of precum from literally the ugliest, most losery bunch of men alive


No. 670525

File: 1534968207343.png (74.88 KB, 740x549, mom girlfriend.PNG)

june in 2015 calling herself a 'mom girlfriend' to pregs, lmao

No. 670527

File: 1534968481429.png (66.21 KB, 756x485, hardcore.PNG)

june letting her tiny dicked fans know she goes to the sex store like a good gf to buy super hardxcore bdsm paraphernalia

No. 670531

File: 1534968924643.jpg (26.87 KB, 588x213, 1531646758857.jpg)

there's so much going on with this tweet:

>expiredcandi looks like brittany venti

>"shitty taste in men" as if special ed greg with his serial cheating and pedo preferences is some catch
>"don't make mean tweets about men uwu :(" but spends all day shitposting about how evil wammen are

No. 670546

Just coz you had a shitty taste in classmates doesnt mean everyone had, June uwu get fucken muted

No. 670570

File: 1534971021320.png (70.67 KB, 783x467, cumbuck.PNG)

it's fucken hot to be a cumbucket but

uwu i never sexualize myself, shoot me in the head if i ever show cleav on shoe0nhead

No. 670608

File: 1534973341272.jpeg (504.37 KB, 2048x1536, FAD1C25F-628D-42AD-9641-21E246…)

She’s toxic

No. 670617

is that nose unshooped??? holy shit, she wishes she was as cute as venti. her bf is leagues better than preg though. that's sad. june settled so fucking hard.

No. 670705

Right, it's not like she has any responsibilities back home. She doesn't have a job and she dropped out of college. All she does is shitpost on twitter and make one video a month.

She thinks watching porn with women makes her bi. I wouldn't even call her bicurious since she admitted she has no interest in ever dating a girl. Bisexuals can prefer one gender over the other but she's just not into girls at all, and thinking "boobs are nice" doesn't count sorry.

"GUYS LOOK HOW KINKY I AM. I HAVE SEX. Whoops did I say that teehee I'm so naughty uwu"

No. 670820

imagine being this defensive over where you buy your bdsm shit, even as a ~joke.

No. 670848

is there something wrong with her face? something looks so off, not just the nose either

No. 670861

File: 1534989441439.jpg (115.06 KB, 1012x1152, WhNDu1m.jpg)

No. 670863

File: 1534989481994.png (447.73 KB, 596x764, 3tPOvEp.png)

how do they get away with calling other people cringe while posting shit like this

No. 670865

File: 1534989659187.webm (1.51 MB, 640x360, D9zpHxl1Oer43dK1.webm)

No. 670872

ugh slight ot for a feminist rant but like yeah girls can be cruel to other girls but for june to say that the media has no damage on young girls just goes to show how brainwashed she is by "teh evil mean womenz :("

No. 670922

Right, just can't wait for "body positive" June to make her debut so she can be reminded of >>666061

No. 671002


it wasnt some “female friend” of hers, it probably was some trancel in her discord larping his bimbofication fetish

No. 671004

greg probably got jealous of this lul

june "twitterfingers" laporta pottymouth

No. 671027

The self-esteem of nerdy girls and fat girls June bullied was probably indeed destroyed.

No. 671042

File: 1535014441043.jpg (131.47 KB, 1200x488, 568.jpg)

Saw this in the tradthot thread, June is pretty much an evolved Becky.

No. 671068

File: 1535020485639.png (95.81 KB, 785x520, sae.PNG)

dr. valerie has 4 degrees. a bachelors, two masters, and a phd. she has apparently owned 3 successful businesses.

this is who june is shaming. a woman burnt out by male driven society's expectations of her to be a mother, a sex object, a caretaker, and a moneymaker. a highly educated, ambitious woman. these are the women june takes her time to shame.

"sad" she calls highly educated women sharing their experiences with each other about the pressures and stresses they face in life. i cannot stand this lazy-ass hoe.

nothing wrong with being lazy necessarily, even, but don't blast competent, educated, highly successful women bc you're a chronic dumbass that's too unintelligent to have that lifestyle, or you don't want it/think women are capable of it

No. 671071

At this point I just hope Preggory can publicly cheat 4 real through his dad handling of twitter just so June can publicly be cucked in a grand finale whilst drama channels pick up all her old & new receipts just to make sure she can never get up again.
Its exhausting just knowing shes out there directly bringing her hoards of men to come fuck with innocent people (innocent fucking women at that absolute tard) trying to moral fag when anyone says anything like how she swore up & down on hiding names when she got called out yet there is NO change, if anything she keeps kicking up dust more frequently just to stay relevant which is old news considering her whole legacy is reciting 3-5yr old 4chunk pol memes

Your mom is more proud of your cousins than you Jewn uwu

No. 671078

Also I love how she excludes men from this, as if young boys don't bully young girls to hell and back.
This is such a classic June tweet.

She shits on feminists because ''even when they pretend to care about men, it's still men's fault''…
well, in her own words, when June pretends to care about women, it's still women's fault. :^)
I wish I could find the clip of her saying it but unfortunately I don't remember which video it was from.

No. 671081


I'm happy that these threads are active on archiving all the shit she posts because she was able to get away from criticism for so long just by constantly deleting her shit and rampant fence-sitting.

Once shit truly hits the fan, anyone who is interested in exposing will be able to easily access information through here (like Brittany Venti)

No. 671084

You do know this her wanted end game, right? Surrounds herself with beta neck beards. Hand picks one with a following (must be smaller than her own). Lets him treat her like shit publically because she really doesn't care, gets her needed attention from neck beards that praise her for being "woke about the glories of a dad bod". Eventually will get either legit cheated on, or is saving receipts from all this cam girl tipping and e-flirting to come forward with a sob story about how she "just cannot take it anymore, she is a good faithful girl that gave him what he wanted, only to be used". She gets MORE attention for this and more paypigs. It is so fucking obvious that the only person that cannot see this is her extra chromosome Dunning-Kruger fianceé.

There can be no other option, it fits her personality and she is getting near 30, way long in the tooth for her followers to continue worshiping their UwU trad waifu without wondering why she isn't married and popping out those babies she pretends to want. (A covenant broken engagement and broken heart sure does buy some time)
My opinion though, take from it what you will.

No. 671264

Because they aren't actually transgender. They are gynophiles. They are sexually aroused by the idea of women so much that they want to be them, yet they hate actual women because they don't live up to their idea of an always-perfect always-beautiful always-horny sex doll.

Which most of these fake trannies can't even begin to look like, but it's all delusion and lack of sex.

No. 671274

I thought there were 2 categories of trans people.

1. People with a mental disorder- schizophrenics and people with gender dysphoria both fall in this category
2. Gay people who want to be desired by straight people

No. 671292

Lol this is actually a solid theory.

No. 671358

Honestly if this is her plan then I have slightly more respect for her. Mostly because Preg is gross and deserves to be dragged through the dirt when it’s all said and done.

No. 671374


I'm not a feminist either but I can't stand anti-feminist YT thots and how they throw other women under the bus to pander to males that don't even like them lol.

No. 671393

yeah, an accomplished woman trying to help other women. sad. lol. cringe xDDDDddD

she's done this before and mocked a woman for getting her master's in gender studies.

her upcoming video on women and college debt is going to be a mess. she sure has a lot to say about educated women despite not going to college herself.

No. 671400

File: 1535046492723.png (140.27 KB, 720x817, 20180823_134703.png)

This was in Brit's comments section on her 2nd shuwu vid

No. 671402

Samefag. Any guesses on who it could be?

No. 671403

File: 1535046711961.jpg (363.66 KB, 963x709, cpJycpX.jpg)

this is pretty nitpicky but it made me laugh. she did this buzzfeed quiz a while back and i just noticed that she glossed over the catcalling question and didn't tick it either kek

taking into context how she's a massive attention whore and catcalls women herself i really wasn't surprised tbh

No. 671404

>Not wanting to go to hooters is SWERF
Does she seriously consider working at Hooters sex work? That's hilarious.

No. 671407

If she considers using being female, your sex appeal, and your "personality" as sex work then what does jewn do for a living? uwu

No. 671408

kek at question 28. it's not like nightclub personell are like "here's a free round of drinks for my amazon queens. does anyone need a more comfortable chair? a shoulder massage? about time the ladies got the upper hand in this patriarchal society. woman up!" they just want hot babes to stay so men will want to come to the club and pay more. i'm sure jersey shoe knows this but she's probably pissed that she was never the bait.

june and shreg probably saw "it's not your fault" and lost their shit, but this is the opposite of what most victim complex people do. instead of immediately blaming external forces on everything and giving up before you even start, dr.valerie is talking to women who haven't given up, have as much control over their lives as they can, have been responsible for themselves and their success, so it's actually reasonable to consider that maybe external forces like misogyny are wearing them down.

No. 671411

>"Little girl"

Disgusting pig has pedo tendencies barf.

Wig probably tells him it's okay since it's a "side-kink" anyways.

No. 671416


jesus, he's revolting.

No. 671454

File: 1535051261491.png (115.23 KB, 441x621, riley.png)

She's defending Riley Dennis…

No. 671476

this is actually a genius theory, i don't even doubt it.

No. 671506

i don't think she thinks ahead that much tbqh. she blows every cent she has, apparently. this is too much of a long con for her. she's just addicted to male attention and is willing to settle, probably because she thought he wouldve been more grateful than he actually is, and now she has stuck around so long that she can't letgo of the prospect of being potentially supported by him if he blows up and/or goes back to his sweet little family city gig with a pension, etc. she did say it was high paying.

No. 671515

File: 1535055549632.png (25.11 KB, 602x200, mike.png)

No. 671518

why is she blind

her torso is longer and her arms are not that long at all… seriously.

No. 671520

File: 1535055960872.jpg (9.89 KB, 328x364, 139232.jpg)

pic related is june every day of her life and with literally every interaction with any human or animal

no she's actually right here. she does have a short torso, and her arms are very long

No. 671526

if she has long arms and legs.. then i have no idea what i have.. to me her arms look very very average and her torso is also very average. and her legs being long is just false.

No. 671534

File: 1535056654485.png (118.92 KB, 177x283, ar.PNG)

nah, just arms. she likes to say her legs are long bc obv that sounds hotter, and sometimes her legs give the appearance of being longer than they are when she's thinner bc they dont hold any fat at all, but if u imagine her arms straightened here, you can see the ratio of arms to legs is pretty weird. her arms are too long for how short her legs are

No. 671536

true, honestly i feel like it's her big ass shoulders and upper arms that makes them look shorter in all her photos besides candids. she really does have an inverted triangle shape

No. 671549

>I have never said that a woman "asked for it."
Wait a fucking minute, isn't that exactly what Shoe said in her video about that one woman she called "Tits Magee" or whatever? And hasn't she victim-blamed other women on social media before too? She's so full of shit.

No. 671559

File: 1535058111334.jpg (51.69 KB, 328x380, disney princess hourglass.jpg)


june sure is from monster's inc but she certainly isn't mike…

No. 671573

No. 671579

File: 1535059722178.png (344.61 KB, 602x1040, riley.png)

This is probs why she deleted.

No. 671589

She'd built like a chimpanzee

No. 671618

I'm not that versed in Twitter but it seems like shoe is constantly deleting her shit. Is it commonplace to do so? To me it comes off extremely cowardly, but nobody really calls her out for it?

Like is that why she keeps doing it? Idk I just feel like with that number of followers I'd be super embarrassed.

No. 671797

File: 1535073628286.png (281.78 KB, 576x622, 54BOHAJ.png)

not milky, but greg liked this tweet lol

No. 671799

File: 1535073647547.webm (2.12 MB, 480x480, Trlxtk8eVijN-l13.webm)

No. 671823

Lol says a lot about what he thinks of June.. sad.

She deserves it though, contrary to her little uwu waifu act we all know she'll be an insufferable nag when she's living with greg.

No. 671866

He hates her omg. What is she doing ugh. I honestly want them to hurry up and get married so we can see how it unfolds but I feel like they’ll put it off for another year.

No. 671867

NTA. Blanchardianism lists the two types of male to feminine trannies as autogynephiles and homosexuals. Both can experience some kind of dysphoria, but for notably different reasons.

No. 671881

I can't believe Shoe would get roasted by none other than the Racism Watchdog owners KEK
That account has a lot of bad rap itself, but seeing how these people are also aware of how hypocritical Shoe is being is the icing on the cake.
No one likes Shoe on any spectrum except for true idiots.

Marriage saga when? It's going to be the milkiest moments in her life.

No. 671986

Has anyone ever seen a 5'2 girl with long arms and legs?

No. 672001

Yes? June just isn't it.

I'd be pretty mad if I just got sent home by my fiancé and he was liking shit like that.

No. 672041

Are her arms longer than her legs? Nice mom bod in the making

No. 672050

File: 1535110881648.png (41.1 KB, 726x393, wt.PNG)

from her likes

No. 672071

those big husky beefy arms from lifting baby boy- I mean daddy's fupa

No. 672095

Why is she liking this? She was also one of the "nope, we can't help you buddy." Did she forget that?

No. 672100

Kek, cause she loves to rewrite history and try to claim she helped him by telling him she won't do anything for him, then shitting out a "OMG THE ONE HOUR I WASN'T ON THE INTERNET, WE TRIED SO HARD TO SAVE U" after his suicide attempt. She desperately wants to present herself as if shes the demonized anti-feminist "nazi" that's actually the TRUE do-gooder to her fans.

she didn't do Jackshit and in the midst of his suicide attempt she was claiming she did so much to try and save him. absolutely unbridled narcissism.

No. 672103

sage for dumb question, but I thought he committed suicide how is he tweeting?

No. 672105

He's alive and he's a male tranny so he probably never even tried to commit suicide, honestly

No. 672195

As fare as I know, he is not a tranny, just homosexual.

No. 672196

He's talking a lot about being a trap femboy for someone that's just a homo. He's bi, anyways, apparently.

No. 672198

Good point. Isn't he the guy that got Juwune to sob and have a Twitter meltdown because "we couldn't save him waaaah"?

No. 672324

File: 1535135647282.png (167.85 KB, 1158x646, nS9cpFl.png)

No. 672328

I don't see the connection between being a ''tranny'' and ''probably not even trying to commit a suicide'' and lying about that. You probably project a lot of things onto this group of people so it completely clouds your ability to percieve them without bias. And I'm telling you that as a ''terf''.

No. 672330

no guys, june really was 5'1 in 2013 at age 23, she just grew 3 inches in the last few months at age 27!!!1111!!!1

seriously though, love how after all these years she admitted how "i'm actually normal sized not very smol at all, b-but haha everyone makes me look smoler ya know guys" and she thinks all these years of her obsessing over how "short and smol uwu" she claimed she was have just magically disappeared.

No. 672388

File: 1535139778137.png (780.99 KB, 1440x1205, Screenshot_2018-08-24-14-41-20…)

June's poorly editing tweets again, you can see the person's username in the replies lmfao


No. 672390

File: 1535139965682.jpg (264.13 KB, 1080x1689, Screenshot_20180824-134246__01…)


Yep, didn't push the smol narrative at all, it was everybody else

No. 672392

Male trannies, esp online, are emotionally manipulative attention seekers. Get over it. If he did do it, that's sad, but as someone that has dealt with suicidal people many times before, the news never spread all over their twitters within hours of the incident, but w/e. Regardless, June is a douchebag that shouldn't have made it all about her, again.

She does it 100% on purpose so she can say "I tried!! You can't win with the SJWs1!!", but still get the satisfaction of her fanboys attacking the nobodies in her tweets.

No. 672393

File: 1535140093128.png (858.6 KB, 840x1644, 1533338942290[1].png)

kek didnt june pretty much say "sorry lol cant help uwu" like those corporations when he told her about homophobia in his country? how hard is it to make a video calling out the middle east for real homophobia
pic related

No. 672397

Why is she so obsessed with black people? You never hear her talking this way about Asians

No. 672434

File: 1535143454959.jpg (88.6 KB, 587x649, virtue signaling.jpg)

No. 672445

Lmfao wow. 4 years of "calling out" feminists and SJWs, and she still unashamedly only goes for the lowest hanging fruit possible. How anyone can convince themselves by now that she's doing this to argue any semblance of a point rather than get attention for herself is beyond me.

And no, June. You're not beyond criticism just because you also make fun of yourself for going for low hanging fruit. These are means for self-improvement, not an excuse to sperg out at strangers on the internet screaming HURR DURR LEAVE ME ALONE I'M JUST A COMEDIAN.

Like, really, there's nothing wrong with entertaining for the sake of entertainment, but when you can't admit to yourself that maybe you chose the wrong genre, that's just being arrogant and lazy.

No. 672454

She called her daughter "son". Brave, June, brave. Everyone clap.

No. 672530

I want to say it's because they're an easy target, but in hindsight, it's probably a little deeper than that. She hasn't been able to keep black people out of her mouth since she catfished as a black guy all those years ago, and even talked poorly about them in her (old, non-political) videos and on Twitter for no discernible reason. She even shits on black conservatives like Candace Owens, kek (though with Candace, it's probably out of jealousy).
Also, it's part of her brand. A large chunk of her orbiters are the same autistic white guys who spammed insults at Leslie Jones. She can't go full alt-right and mindlessly attack black people without alienating her more left-leaning audience, so she just does these sly digs instead.

No. 672588

Is the only black person she's treated nicely that one Misa girl Preg faps to?
Maybe she's trying to erase her history with her ex.

No. 672596

File: 1535156498244.jpg (55.22 KB, 561x436, memememe.jpg)

No. 672634

You're giving her too much credit. She's not smart enough to plan that far ahead. She's just addicted to male attention and got herself a neckbeard of her own so her dumbass followers see her as more approachable and "not like other girls". She's putting up with Greg's flirting and spending money on camwhores just to look like a cool girl. She also might be desperate to hook up with someone before she turns 30.

No. 672657

I know people give her shit for not blocking out usernames because she herself said she would, but honestly doing so on Twitter is totally pointless. You can search for posts word for word so unless multiple people have made the exact same post it's very easy to narrow down, and most people who use Twitter know this. It really doesn't protect them in the long run because it's just so easy to find their accounts anyway and all it takes is one person with enough time on their hands to look it up.

No. 672705

I meant to reply to >>672434

No. 672769

File: 1535176015226.jpeg (43.67 KB, 737x458, 880B2C14-7B46-4B31-8CEE-CFBB9D…)

Jesus fucking Christ June you gotta stop it

No. 672798

>a mother being concerned over her daughter mutilating her body to fit into a gender stereotype box because she hates being born a female in this society

I bet June gets off whenever she hears about another girl fucking up her body because that means less competition.

No. 672815

No, she just panders to neckbeards and anti-feminists claiming that if you don't conform to gender roles then something's ''biologically'' wrong with you and you should fix your sex. They claim gender is biological and innate. They seriously believe that if you don't behave in a way you should behave according to your sex then your brain has the opposite sex to your genitals.

No. 672816

And she sees it as something repressive because her parents and herself had no problem with her laying under knife for that boob job. She's got different priorities and she thinks it's normal and the opposite is abnormal lol So do her one million of subscribers

No. 672830

That's not even a hot take. It's normal for a parent to be worried that their kid is making a permanent decision that they can potentially end up regretting. Eh, I shouldn't even bother. I remember seeing a screenshot of her on here insinuating that detransitioners are TERF propaganda. She is irredeemanly stupid.

No. 672835

>there's no set in stone way to act like a woman or act like a man, these are just gender stereotypes
then why do you make fun of terfs for saying the same thing idiot

also those jabs at her appearance weren't even tactful or funny in any way, she just listed everything we make fun of her for

No. 672839

File: 1535198591331.png (2.2 MB, 1439x1512, Screenshot_2018-08-25-07-01-12…)

No. 672843

No. 672845

where's that thicc behind, June? How are men so dumb to not notice her entire ass is gone? Also kek @ her obv reading the threads with "huge shoulders, huge hands and feet"

No. 672850

Thanks for delivering fresh milk to us
It was the cringiest video of hers so far

No. 672851

To me this video seems pretty much like she's making fun out of transgender ideology, as in - like she's trying to prove a point it's stupid to act on stereotypes based around male or female sex - as those are just that - stereotypes. So acting like a stereotypical male won't make you into one etc…
In that case, what's the point into trying to transition? Just be yourself regardless of stereotypes pertaining to your sex.

Basically points what TERFs are trying to say.

I am not sure how this is supposed to be an anti TERF message/ pro trans ideology video.

No. 672852

She didn't forget to pretify her face with makeup though

No. 672855

You're wrong. She was trying to show how girly, cute and uwu she was despite her ''man'' costume. But not like ''stacies'' because she's one of the guys and brave. She doesn't think about trans, gender stereotypes or whatever. It was supposed to be a ''funny'' ''cute'' ''entertaining'' video but it turned out to be total cringe instead. She still thinks her love of pink and girly uwu stuff is innate and that's why she's not trans.

No. 672856

Holy shit, cameo from June's sister. This is the milkiest video so far

No. 672857

June unironically looks waya better in the masculine clothing, it makes her look a lot younger and thinner. Also with the goatee she looks like her dad.

No. 672859


Yes, she is trying to make it look like that.

But what she managed to do is prove how stupid the whole thing is, even if she's unaware.

>there's no set in stone way to act like a woman or act like a man, these are just gender stereotypes

>does all the cringy "manly" stereotypes, which transmen usually do to prove themselves.

>this binder hurts so much

Literally proving TERF points, hurting your body is unnecessary because gender stereotypes themselves are just that - stereotypes.

No. 672860

She was also ''inspired'' by ''She's the man'' movie with Amanda Bynes. And she referenced Disney's ''Mulan''. All of it to show how feminine, funny, uwu and one of the guys in one package she is.

No. 672861

I'm bothered by the fact she kept her eyebrows done

No. 672864

File: 1535201514085.jpg (119.1 KB, 960x720, 1411487570461.jpg)

>walks into home depot looking like that
>acting extreme obnoxious and cringy for the camera

also preg is fucking fat holy shitttt.

Her pointing out she has linebacker shoulders in the beginning, it's obvious she got that from here and is trying act self aware.

No. 672865

I don't think she proved it cause these people believe in variations because they live in 21st century, the West. They still believe there are biological differences in people's brains and that's what constitutes gender.

Also she said kudos to transmen because they go through all of this for ''transition'' but she would never do that in real life because she likes girly things and she likes pretifying herself. Hence no gender disphoria and no ''man brain''.

No. 672872

Oh so this but no video on bringing awareness to being a muslim in a third world country? Kay.

No. 672876


I feel like she's still wearing the butt pads but the difference is these jeans are loose. In some frames she has big curves. Kek.

No. 672878

Also still no Lauren Southern vid, still no making fun of mgtow vid, still no anti-fem cringe vid. She promised all these on twitter at one point.
I noticed that too. Can anyone cap it?

No. 672881

She makes one ugly man

No. 672882

Is it only me or she edited this post several times? http://shoe0nhead.blogspot.com/

No. 672886

A genuine chincel. Ew.

No. 672892

Omg she actually looks better in just normal baggy clothes I'm dying

No. 672900

From looking at the archives, she's edited it. Those old photos of her were added within the last few days. Funny how she edits her response but not the outdated age in her bio.

No. 672906

Dang she passed better as a man than Blaire did lol

No. 672917

File: 1535208736735.jpg (84.72 KB, 575x1024, shoe.jpg)

No. 672950

File: 1535211955329.png (436.26 KB, 578x806, G9JERb2.png)

>tranny porn
I thought she liked yelling at TERFs for using that word?

No. 672951

File: 1535211956179.png (793.29 KB, 1047x720, 20180825_114448.png)

Nope! She's still pulling this shit. We caught you, henny. UwU

No. 672954

File: 1535212075603.png (341.63 KB, 589x641, bVfdmHS.png)

June, you look your age, if not older. Give it a rest.

No. 672958

She actually looks a lot better with natural makeup like this that her overdone mascara and eyeliner (minus the fake beard ofc)

No. 672963

The sister was the best part of the video, and she only had like 3 lines

No. 672965

File: 1535213735426.png (67.76 KB, 563x649, GeLI2Ef.png)

yes, i don't remember those pictures being there when that was first put up. i also don't remember the fonts of "changing to cater to boyfriend" and "lies" being bigger than the other paragraphs either, but idk

No. 672970

I stopped watching when Greg starts his “man lessons”. Did he teach her how to tip camwhores or how to leech off of your more successful girlfriend? Also, I really hate his voice bc it sounds like he really tries to sound like it’s deep and not nasally like it’s supposed to be.
Also June and skeptic talking in mock Mexican accent = racist, or at the very least ignorant. People getting deported by trump is a cute joke for your stupid video June.

There may be some that disagree about my last point but I think if she thinks that’s acceptable on camera, I’d hate to know what she says in private.

No. 672989

im sorry but the "my theory is that… june WAS molested" had me rolling on the fucking floor in tears.

No. 673006

File: 1535218085946.jpg (52.78 KB, 542x449, DlcY7UPXsAAjJsb.jpg)

No. 673010

hey this is actually kind of funny-
>pop-metal cover of make a man out of you starts playing
>shreg being a mentor on "manliness"
>buttpads out in full force
oh god no

that said this is some pretty good TERF propaganda, gender stereotypes =/= biological sex, well done shoe ;^)

No. 673015

No. 673025

I literally just came here to post this lel
The youtube algorithm strikes again.

No. 673030

File: 1535219457388.gif (148.33 KB, 458x392, giphy.gif)

she looks like beans

No. 673089

Yeah I hated the accents too. Made me cringe. Also June is so ugly ffs

No. 673146

File: 1535227456114.png (217.58 KB, 581x359, NqAoucs.png)

No. 673158

The parallels between June and Lainey have continued. I’m predicting she’ll come out as trans in the future when she can no longer stand pretending to find Greg and his pregnant lesbian body attractive.

No. 673202

File: 1535230669802.jpg (130.29 KB, 1019x684, DleSJvkXoAAL0KL.jpg)

No. 673203

File: 1535230679407.jpg (112.2 KB, 670x720, DleSKayX4AASajR.jpg)

No. 673205

File: 1535230688245.jpg (73.95 KB, 750x720, DleSKHQW4AARKtA.jpg)

No. 673212

she has dad bod.

No. 673224

And incel face.

No. 673256

No. 673302

I love jenny. She called out shoe for having a weak chin lol

No. 673332

Oh my god Greg looks so fucking fat in this screenshot is he still trying to lose weight? Maybe it’s the shirt or something.

No. 673382

File: 1535244297454.jpg (282.99 KB, 1208x1268, 2eJrXTt.jpg)

No. 673418

"transemen are braver than the troops" june please shut the fuck up. this is pathetic.

No. 673419

oops i wrote tran semen. i meant transmen kek

No. 673488

She looks cuter as a dude, maybe we can meme her into going full tranny lol

No. 673490

She looks like a beta male. She's cute as a female with her wig.

No. 673493

Was looking through the comments on the vid and saw something like "Leafy in the flesh!" (or female leafy idk) and someone replied "Leafy aged 30" KEK I'm guessing probably some posters from here.

Blaire didn't bind which was part of the problem. Blaire also deliberately was trying to appear weaker and more of an effeminate stereotype than seemingly usual.

Also I'm disappointed June still wore a wig.

No. 673498

File: 1535266080292.jpg (15.76 KB, 237x232, 1532853099500.jpg)

>when you end up looking exactly like your dad except he still has nicer lips than you do

No. 673525

I can't believe you guys haven't mentioned how dumb, try hard, pandering to her audience as usual and unoriginal this video was. It's so cringy

No. 673526

It was basically a tutorial for how to be shoe0nhead or any other anti-feminist male pandering hoe on youtube. This is a recipe for their every video. Although it was shot long ago so it's a little outdated. But we don't have to worry cause June hasn't ''improved'' (if that's the word) her video format since 2014/2015/2016

No. 673527

I don't know anything about implants, but I wonder if it's possible to bind them like that. I know something may happen to them and then you have to do another surgery. But I don't know what happens if you bind them. Blair didn't bind his

No. 673529

Lmao, she slayed them.
So many butthurt dislikes on that video too…did Shuwu sent her fanbase to massively downvote?

No. 673530

Btw I think Blair is raging shoe stole his video and didn't come up with something original. Although perhaps every other video with this ''challenge'' is exactly the same. Sorry for multiposting guys

No. 673531

it's okay but remember to sage friend

No. 673538

>I’m disappointed June still wore a wig

i thought about this too. if she wanted to appear male, why didn’t she just show her bald ass to the public? it would fit her dad look much more than that emo shota wig

No. 673542

Because she wanted to try and be a "uwu cute male" but instead looks like darksydephil's stumpty chubby 40yr old hillbilly cousin

No. 673545

lel she looked like bean's inbred hillbilly cousin

No. 673554

File: 1535277352413.jpg (16.35 KB, 198x191, Premiere Rogue Pictures Balls …)

Fuck now you mention it yeah, it was bugging me who she reminded me of and its not dsp it WAS bean kek

Also she looks like shes be named "chuck"

No. 673555

File: 1535277574495.png (239.24 KB, 685x1051, purepng.com-shrek-smileshrekco…)

he looks so much like shrek here wtf it's not even funny, the pose, head tilt, dreamworks face and everything

No. 673564

File: 1535279379670.png (1.14 MB, 927x1545, Untitled.png)

shoe is as brave and on-point as ever

She's fighting a rando with 100 subs who said her friend is a coattail rider (her friend is) harder than she fights literal white nationalists or communists who might giver her some backlash

No. 673581

Anyone annoyed on how everytime June gets called out on her fence-sitting and obvious alt-right leaning while claiming to be a liberal, her fans attack and start whining shit like "You can be friends with people who have different opinion mmmkay?? Stop bullying shuwu!!"

How do you claim to be a liberal, yet are completely fine hanging out with people claiming women should be back in kitchen or how white race must be protected from the blacks or jews…

They treat this shit as if you stop associating with a friend because they listen to pop and you listen to metal..

One is simply accepting differences in likes and preferences.

Other is being fine with a person who thinks human rights should be abolished for certain groups. And if you are totally fine with that kind of person, what does it make you?

Oh and the other annoying argument is "But she's a joke channel, she doesn't care about politics!!"
Then why does she constantly butt her face into politics? Why is her channel centered around ranting about certain politics?

With her leaning on to being defended by kiddies, her internet fame is gonna burn out the same way Onision's did.

No. 673596

All this girl does is try too hard to shit on other people. Does truly believe her videos are good? She has a man voice and lives her life on twitter for any chance to be relevant with her ~oh so special and different opinion~. I find it hard to believe anyone takes her seriously with how desperate she is.

No. 673624

What a shithead, maybe there are people that make videos as a hobby rather than as their fucking day job.
It also looks like its a story thing not necessarily a videogame review channel. But wow, way to discourage someone just starting to your thousands of white knights because he said some mean things online, truly shoe is the good guy here for vanquishing such a meanie uwu

No. 673625

that's so gross. Why are these incels so obsessed with june being underaged? that says a lot about her and her fanbase since she encourages it.

No. 673627

His guts is almost as huge as Shrek's too.

No. 673630

Seriously. She probably thinks anyone who makes youtube videos only does it as their main job like her. She's a twat.

No. 673645

It's always a pissing competition with her

No. 673707

>tldr - get good

I don't get how she is such a blatant cunt to anyone she's not trying to suck up to yet barely anyone is willing to call her out because she's too 'nice' and there's supposedly nothing to talk about.

Reading some of the comments on Venti's last video, it was crazy how many people were like 'wow you really opened my eyes I can't believe this' she's never hidden what a bitch she is, why did Venti have to show it to you? And all the comments in the vein of 'wow ur so obsessed and jealous' because Venti shows that this is what June really is, a bitch, a bully, everything she says is solely to get more male attention and money, she's a liar, an attention whore, can't stand by any of her opinions, and it's all just a bullshit act to get money out of men she supposedly cares so much about, and Venti provides all the proof of this, and the responses are 'you are really obsessed lol get help and you're ugly'

What magic spell did this bitch cast to make her fans so delusional and not see her for what she really is when there's tons of evidence that's really easy to find? And from guys that are supposedly 'woke' on feminism and 'don't fall for women's bullshit?'

She really is the embodiment of 'go ahead, shit on me, I'm the cool girl.'

No. 673747

General reminder Shoe got her headstart on youtube by literally advertising herself as an alternate boxxy on fucking unichan.

She got her break by pandering to a bunch of boxxy stalkers, and tried stealing boxxy orbiters by looking like and talking about boxxy.
This is the same girl telling others to "get gud" when she never put any effort into her videos outside of a wig + makeup to look even more like boxxy at the peak of boxxy's fame.

No. 673771

Yeah we know
Boxxy/Catie was genuinely cute and had a personality so it worked for her
She got her neckbeard fans effortlessly and doesn’t pander to them anymore, and does real things with her life besides looking at Twitter all day and reeing about evil feminists (even funnier because Catie is a feminist)
>virgin June chad boxxy when
Also has June mentioned boxxy at all in the past few years? I’d like to know about what she thinks about her now seeing as she was ~totes obsessed with her like the fellow boxxyfags~ and now pretends that era never existed

No. 673891

File: 1535317402151.png (120.98 KB, 586x610, Untitled.png)

No. 674109

>i've criticized islam at the same level any fedora lad
Rizzy's still waiting on that bideo you promised lol

No. 674129

>Boxxy/Catie was genuinely cute and had a personality so it worked for her
thats subjective

No. 674138

A few threads back anon posted a pic of either shoe or one of her followers insulting a more recent picture of boxxy compared to now shoe. I'm pretty sure some insult against either sjws or feminists was in there leading many to believe this was show pandering again. I can't remember how recent the tweet was however.

No. 674152


has this link ever been shared on june threads? i skipped over the infancy/childhood sections because who knows, but otherwise it's practically written about june. damn.

No. 674167

It was on that "fan" account which anons suspect is her, lewd0nhead I believe.

No. 674174

It doesn’t at all sorry anon lol

No. 674256

that wig actually looks decent. she should stick to that length.
anyway, this was such an unnecessary video. that bit in the beginning of her saying she has ''huge shoulders and hands'' made me cringe so hard, lmao. nice try.

No. 674262

File: 1535360300716.jpg (41.85 KB, 639x673, DajDLd9VMAAKDnz.jpg)

God her level of pandering (especially to troons) makes it so obvious how desperate she is, I can't even hate her, she's the definition of pathetic. You can almost hear her crying 'please like me' in the background of her manic guido sperging kek. I honestly hope she stops this shit soon and grows a spine for her own sake

No. 674319

Oh, the irony

No. 674326

Did she get indebted due to all Star Wars toys Preggy made her buy for him? So she is shitting out bad videos to quickly collect betabux?

No. 674333

This video is even more lackluster than usual. Is she running out of ideas? She didn't debunk anything, all she did was scream and spout le epic maymays xD for 5 minutes straight.

I'd be less annoyed with her if she'd admit that she has the following she does because she's the token anti-fem female. She's not very clever, she's uneducated, brings nothing new to the table and has no life experience. She's not an ~entertainer~ either (bc we all know she likes to use that excuse).
How people enjoy her shit is beyond me.

You better believe the same guys that follow her would SLAM her for being obnoxious and unfunny if she wasn't anti-feminist/shitting on other women constantly.

No. 674336

“All around the same time actually tinfoil hat

God how retarded is she lol. It’s the beginning of the new school year for college students and that aside, and these sites try to talk about relevant issues…

No. 674337

This. I predicted she was going to bring up the "Asians make more!!" stance. These videos are seriously meant for teens who didn't experience 2014-2016 internet phase of feminist debunking or neckbeards who like hearing the exact same fucking statements over and over again in a huge skeptic™ circle jerk. It's no better than buzzfeed vids she makes fun of. BUT IT'S ALL SATIRE GUYS!! You can't hold her accountable to anything!

No. 674341

File: 1535377683144.jpeg (179.8 KB, 750x591, 40AC94E1-624D-4711-9CD9-0B77ED…)

Have you ever looked at the comments on her Patreon page.

No. 674343

Imagine not discouraging someone with no income to support your yesstyle addiction and tendie diet. Half of her supporters could drop out and she would still make content. If anything she would probably make more. She’s completely relying on the support of her parents.

No. 674344

Goddamn this is pathetic.

No. 674348

I was wondering the same thing. This might be part of the reason she never made that video about Rizzy. There's no way she would have been able to monetize it, especially after his suicide attempt.

No. 674358

Get your life together, Anthony.

No. 674360

File: 1535379936188.jpg (21 KB, 400x300, prueman.jpg)

No. 674362

I guess ~soo randum XD~ was considered a personality in 2006.

>There is no set in stone way to act like x
>But I will do the most stereotypical bs because it's "funny"
Ngl though "You look like the average member of your audience was pretty good.

No. 674367

shoe said two weeks ago about black people that average differences in outcome for different races are because of systemic racism. So does she think the system is racist against white people and racist in favour of Asians?

Or it's more likely she's such a pandering fake that she's become incoherent

No. 674374

this is honestly disgusting. Shuwu's fans are basically paypigs considering what little effort she puts into her content. I'm sure she thinks "running her social media" takes work and comments like this fuels her belief.
>i'm being paid to shitpost!!
she honestly takes pride in this even after screwing of a big percentage of her fans and youtubers thanks to her candid shit.

It's just so messed up, I actually feel really bad for people who don't know anything about who she really is because while we think her content is garbage, there are probably some 'decent' people who are just going through the anti-feminist ride and watching her content for easy entertainment. And they are widely teens and young adults who just haven't experienced much of the world and take everything they hear and read from money leeches like shuwu.

most gender war shit is just two hugboxes fighting back and forth while everyone with actual lives are out enjoying themselves not giving a shit. and people like shuwu are just encouraging these young gullible loners to believe in this boogie man, just like corrupt rad fems do with their side. all of it's driven by money and i just hate watching it happen knowing none of them will ever be held accountable for basically being scammers.

No. 674407

Girls, I think this song can be an official hymn of lolcow. That's also why I'm kinda scared of the idea of sisterhood by feminists cause even they can act this way due to internalized misogyny and female socialization.


But this bitch is really annoying the hell out of me. I think I can get a pardon for this one cause she embodies internalized misogyny and she's built her fame and money out of it only.
She's got no self-awareness despite desperately admitting everything girls on here judge her for in her most recent videos. Shoe, get a clue: stop making these junk videos altogether. You're not just ''a content creator''. You talk about serious political issues and it doesn't matter that you talk about it in an ''entertaining'' way because your shit influences misinformed people. That's why many of us think you deserve all this shit talk.
They talk about student debt and wage gap combined. It's not a rocket science. She lives in her lala land and she hasn't researched anything. Still she boldly and obnoxiously repeats the crap she came up with without any research.

No. 674412

What the fuck is he ''supporting''? It's not like she's short on money? She still lives at home with her parents who pay for most of her shit, doesn't have any children/responsibilities, has no hobbies, her mom cooks her food and cleans her room for christ's sake. And on top of that she's making a couple thousand dollars off of patreon ALONE + Youtube revenue.

No. 674414


Not only did she miss the point of those videos by a large margin, but it gets even more pathetic when you realize her parents paid off her student debt and she didn't even finish her college (and supposedly she was close to finishing, but dropped out to pander to unichan instead).

No. 674422

And then she's like ''Yeah I dropped out and my parents paid for it. I make youtube videos in my parents' basement till I get married to Preg. Yaaay!'' in the video about f*cking student debt where she claims it's not a problem. How can her subscribers not see through that? Oh wait, they're anti-feminist incels. Everything's ok.

No. 674451


As if she and her antifem friends dont all post videos on similar topics at the same time.

No. 674454

Kek yeah it was back then, but I was more so referring to her anewhopeee channel and not the boxxy character

No. 674477

exactly. she's just so unfunny. if she were a dude she wouldn't have the following she has today, but she'll never talk about the ~female privilege~ she has.

she rants and raves about how all female comedians are unfunny and how they're only popular because of muh vagina jokes, but she's not any different. she's not funny at all and her audience is only around because she screeches about muh wage gap. look at how small her audience was when she first started out. and even then, she only had views because she was a pandering boxxy clone.

she has said dozens of times that systematic racism doesn't exist.

No. 674485

File: 1535394264433.jpg (77.1 KB, 1200x675, DlmWq2fWwAAM40o.jpg)

No. 674489

Cursed image.

I love when she tries to look so cute and quirky in her thumbnails like >>674319 ! See how she's puffing out her lips and cheeks and smooshing them with her wittle finger! She's just like a baby, gais! So adorable!

No. 674500

damn them fake eyelashes, she probably reuses the same pair over and over

No. 674502

File: 1535396585699.png (17.79 KB, 560x138, RXGhJp6.png)

No. 674516

"get good." WOW JUNE, SO POWERFUL! so intelligent!

No. 674521

has she ever been good at anything? at all?

No. 674524

File: 1535398373210.jpg (8.31 KB, 495x76, BSwWjpl.jpg)

>there is a market for tiddies/e-thots! i lov tiddies and hot women bc i'm totes bisexual guise :3
>shoot me in the face if i ever show cleav on shoe0nhead

pick one.
she's really two-faced, lol. she says this shit on her discord (where she thinks no one outside her members will see it) and say something completely different on her public twitter. I wonder what else she's said in there.

No. 674558

Only the russian spy anon knows for certain

No. 674579

File: 1535405032878.png (93.02 KB, 594x748, big ol queers.png)

No. 674580

also you just know that if all her neckbeard worshippers were saying how twitch streamers who show their tits for attention and money were taking away from high quality streamers, that she would go "you guys are so right!! it's total bullshit, which is why i never show my boobs in my videos. the absolute state of wammin lul. i feel so bad for the twitch streamers who can't make a living from playing video games because wammin display their tits for money, those poor boys."

No. 674583

>get good

Im guessing she means "get good at pandering (like me!)

No. 674587

But it's been 3 months since she said that! That's such a long time, don't you guys realize she was still a child back then?
People change as time passes mmkay?

No. 674606

holyshit, i remember that episode of Charmed. It's uncanny. rofl

No. 674663

wittle joon bug making everything about herself once again
the funniest part is that june and greg probably do the former considering greg's flirtations with camgirls randomly disappearing sometimes and june so desperately wants the latter, which is lame and not even cute anyway

No. 674701

File: 1535419524040.png (55.39 KB, 600x490, HRuMvdv.png)

"Notice me, Contra" part 343829432

No. 674706

what's great about f00tinmouth repeatedly defending nick and trying so desperately to get his attn is that the more she does it and tries to solidify a public bond between them, the more the left hates him, and the more (i'm sure) he resents her as a result, lel.

No. 674743

File: 1535423288805.png (54.41 KB, 583x457, gJHtrEm.png)

Sperging over the haters

No. 674744

File: 1535423320380.png (70.41 KB, 867x601, mvuPSke.png)

No. 674746

No. 674748

She is so obsessed with pretending her and Skeptic are 'queer' and 'the gayest straight couple ever'. She must really see being same sex attracted as cool and quirky and wants to get in on it despite not having a gay bone in her body. I don't believe for a second she is bisexual.

No. 674759

Comments section is a hot mess

No. 674804

File: 1535428723605.png (29.85 KB, 590x192, guidette spergout.png)

No. 674835

File: 1535433915259.png (25.58 KB, 525x183, 54651568751354.PNG)

No. 674848

I don't know why that RantingFeminist woman even bothers with Wig?
Isn't she aware she's being used as a tool to make Wig look like she's open to debate/discussion with both sides, even though those "debates" are taking place in private messages and nobody can see them.

Knowing Wig, they aren't happening at all because she can't defend points she spouts at all.

I don't know why would a "feminist" woman would bother with a spazzing cunt?

No. 674850

>stop crying to me about my personal army who i send to attack every video that criticizes me!! uwu

Nobody is crying to you, just pointing out the obvious.

She's going through guido spergs again I see.

No. 674851

Since June markets herself as "totes left" and is generally pretty easily swayed, she's the weakest link in her circle.

Not sure why she shared this though, is that supposed to be a funny exchange?

No. 674856

File: 1535436435072.jpg (125.38 KB, 810x529, IMG_20180828_080041.jpg)

No. 674860

shoe was prolly misgendering people in HS lol.

No. 674868

There she goes again, ignoring the discussion in favor accusing anyone who disagrees with her being a jealous butthurt feminist.
She's gotten so lazy, couldn't even be bothered to toss out a half baked argument in favor of women self-objectifying or something.

No. 674871

lmfao, what? Why is she digging her own grave like this? Why does she keep tagging Hontra? It's so cringe at this point, shit..


More lulz

No. 674872

"riley's just not as attractive" i like how her obnoxious guido appearance insults never hold themselves back lel. obviously riley dennis isn't hot but june is trying to be this angelic tranny lover but she can't refrain from calling them ugly.

No. 674876

right? i don't like riley or any of these people for that matter but that was kind of rude and unnecessary.

the reason why people ''don't respect'' riley is because his stupid video about dating preferences blew up and a lot of people haven't been very nice to him ever since. plus most people are more likely to agree with blaire than with riley so of course they'll treat blaire better.
not just because ''riley's just not as attractive''. jesus christ she is so incredibly shallow and superficial it blows my mind.

>she's not as attractive so she gets less respect, a mindset i contributed to

topkek. as if she doesn't contribute to that mindset with bio women all the time, especially her beloved terfs. and never forget the fat chicks she's been obsessed with for YEARS.

No. 674881

Guessing she deleted this? What's wrong June? You don't want Nick to see your (drunk?) narc sperg?

No. 674901

How many goddamn times is she going to do this same dumb pose holding up a drink and making that face?
She really has run out of "ideas".

Based on this and her other recent interaction where she said this, it's as if she just learned of the phrase "get good" and should be mocked accordingly as she mocks everyone who spouts less-than-fresh memes etc.

Among the reasons anons already stated, this is particularly funny because Contra/Nick is fairly ugly himself and doesn't pass whatsoever.

Also she's essentially saying that some trans are more "valid" than others simply for the amount of surgeries they've had done. But I thought she said she wasn't gatekeeping trans anymore! She really can't help showing her true colors.

I hope Contra/Nick saw it.

No. 674907

I dont get why 'misgendering' is this out of bounds in all circumstances thing to do. People called Riley a man because he said lots of bad/cringy stuff about white people, men, straight people etc. It's an insult and it's not about levels of plastic surgery done

If I said bad stuff about trannies and I had something I was self-conscious about then you can bet shoe would insult me over it

No. 674912

Is she retarded?
>riley just not as attractive so she gets less respect, a mindset i contributed to
>a mindset i contributed to
You still do this all the fucken time shuwu but, you now only acknowledge it with transgender individuals? There are so many examples of you being a shallow bitch and using a person's appearance to make "points". And your 15 year old fanbase eats it up.

No. 674918

>"I'm sorry people misgender you because you're ugly, I didn't mean to contribute to that!!"
Kek, was that really necessary? A lot of people misgender out of spite, not sure why this is news to her.

No. 674923

10 bucks this tweet will be deleted in the next couple of hours.

No. 674938

riley looks and acts like a man. same with blaire. the only difference is blaire tries harder to larp as a woman. they're both sexist trash though. I can't wait until shoe turns 30 and thinks life is over.

No. 674939

Man, shoe's got some super chipmunk cheeks in that student debt video

No. 674941

In the GC thread a lot of anons note a difference in gay men who transition vs straight men. It has a lot to do with straight men's autogynophilia (sorry if I misspelled that due to lack of sleep). Isn't Riley disliked as well due to his belief in the "cotton ceiling" type shit?
Anyway I don't want to get too offtopic regarding gender critical talk but there are plenty of reasons Riley wasn't and isn't taken seriously, including also his association with Milo Stewart, which I think is where most people first heard of him. It's always seemed to me that people see him as rather …lecherous is the only word that comes to mind atm.

Shoe needs to stop trying to talk about stuff she isn't involved in because she keeps ending up sticking her foot in her mouth. If she dropped all of her acts and was actually open/genuine about her trich (the only interesting thing I can think of), I'd unironically check that content out.

But that'll never happen.

No. 675012

June’s such a shallow cunt goddamn. And tbh Blaire DOESNT look more attractive than Riley. Given Shoe’s gaudy style though it makes sense she would think that.

No. 675021


Lol but Asian women make 5% more than white women which mysteriously is about the same percentage that men outearn women when controls of job title, hours, experience, etc come into play. So if asians "blow everyone out of the water" so do men in relation to women.

She also misconstrued his point that she was moving goalposts in her video by shifting the focus away from sex/gender (and race in relation to sex/gender) to race in general.

Why doesnt she shove that in her button?

No. 675042

She and farmers probably mean Blaire passes more. Hence he looks more attractive as a ''woman''.

Her tweet makes me think she's extremely obsessed with looks and what her juicy neckbeards and incels think of looks and fuckability lol

No. 675044

File: 1535474790489.jpg (110.29 KB, 526x756, saf.jpg)

Even when she censors the name, her kiddie fanbase has a need to do an "epic raid xD" on someone.

No. 675054

rapey j. penis is a man. no one is misgendering him except the people refering to him as a "she"

No. 675057

>Join the debate
None of these idiots know what a debate is.

No. 675070

Maybe or maybe not, but even if they try and fail to debate that's better than snarking at people behind a block with anonymized screenshots imo

No. 675076

Is shoe still trying to pretend she and her ilk are not directly involved in how Riley and other trans have been treated by anti-sjws? Remember that vid of her and Shreg laughing at Riley and Milo? And that queer kids brainwashing vid?

No. 675102

They don’t and Shoe is what happens when you give an uneducated person a platform. She should really read her picture book on fallacies so she can learn to stop making them herself.

No. 675111

Both are bad, June is just worse because her stupidity has a much larger reach.

Also, they're hardly ever trying to actually debate, so there's that.

No. 675271

File: 1535500267744.png (72.44 KB, 598x702, EoU6U7o.png)


No. 675282

okay shuwu is making herself look horrible here. she needs to shut up lol

No. 675349

No. 675350

File: 1535509369937.png (69.08 KB, 600x560, RPC.png)

No. 675363

No. 675364

I went to this kenzie girls profile and she acts like june 2.0 except she looks even older/worse.. gross

No. 675369

She hasn't evolved intellectually at all since then LOL

No. 675373

i find june to actually be tolerable when she was 18, like although she's yelling here and whatever, i find it so much more natural and less annoying, not to mention she looks way prettier here with better makeup and hair. it's so weird, it's seriously like she believes she's 15 because she acts 100x more immature now at age 27 than here at 18. we all know she's a giant lying fake etc etc etc, but it's just.. strange how she's trying to be like fucking benjamin button.

No. 675393

File: 1535515607396.png (35.43 KB, 535x329, imtkECH.png)

No. 675413

while ysr718 is right, this is a case of the pot calling the kettle black

No. 675449

File: 1535523698242.png (105.43 KB, 598x1090, issa joke.png)

is she okay?

No. 675450

File: 1535523739837.jpg (66.05 KB, 700x752, C5ZprHgVAAAmGg4.jpg)

what she's sperging about

No. 675471


I don't know why these people ("""skeptics""") are trying to pretend saying shit like this one or two years ago makes it redundant.

First of all - 2016 isn't a long time ago, it's quite recently. Your argument would hold if you said that shit once, or very rarely in a joking matter.
But the truth is, these people were spouting it constantly and non-stop. Just because you lowered it down few months ago because you got called out on being a clown, doesn't suddenly mean you changed and that you are totally clean now.

Also even though she's defending Blaire, what she's actually doing is defending herself, aka "I said this year or two ago, but back then it was normal to say it so it's okay/ it's a joke!!"
Bitch please, that just shows how easily your opinions sway based on what will make give you more postivie exposure and attention. You have no integrity, you literally sold out your fanbase to Candid and never truly addressed it or apologized for it.

No. 675472

File: 1535527596211.jpg (72.84 KB, 535x767, dgdg634.JPG)


No. 675473

File: 1535527672247.jpg (30.6 KB, 554x288, gh.JPG)

No. 675475

jesus christ june, chill out lmao

No. 675479

I'm mad at myself for finding this content amusing. However you can really tell how much weight June's gained in her "man" outfit.

No. 675481

File: 1535529438186.png (17.81 KB, 571x142, yaTxD54.png)

she must have already deleted this

No. 675485

No. 675487

At first I read this as
>incredibly expensive giant racks

Which is fitting too since June is made of lies and hypocrisy. And silicone.

No. 675498

No wig here? Her forehead looks gigantic

No. 675540

Every twitter sperg I swear Shoe gets closer to going full onion. Half of this is practically incoherent.

No. 675551

A smol ring for smol June, uwu

No. 675562

Again with the "not like the other girls" shtick.

You are not special for not wanting a big huge rock on your ring, I'm pretty sure most women don't want it either.

>I hinted to Greg

and he bought you crap lmao

No. 675575

File: 1535554535164.png (44.12 KB, 607x340, mgx8tCs.png)

No. 675580

Is this the Bill Clinton definition of dating?

No. 675612

>I did not have sexual relations with all those dicks
I still love she never acknowledged her old friend who was wking her hard on Brittany's stream, straight up admits she lies about her relationship history. I bet she's still telling dough boy that it totes was just gmaster and him, no one else!! Gotta protect that smol pure uwu image even at fucking 27

No. 675646

Doesn't she also use this excuse to explain being bi? Lol

No. 675697

>Hurr, Blaire is just JOKING about gassing brown people, errmagerrd, it's SARCASM!
>Don't be mean to Incels :(
Imagine being this messy and not knowing what sarcasm means.

No. 675966

File: 1535585524039.png (51.37 KB, 577x244, BsMGkx0.png)

No. 675971

Does anyone else think she shouldn't cover up her forehead? The rest of her face looks less… puffy or something when her forehead is exposed.

No. 675978

she has a 5 head so imo it does look better with bangs, its hard to tell in this vid as the top of it is cut off. actually the more i look a this vid her hair goes really flat and thin on top so wondering if its even a wig

No. 675980

yeah i think she looks prettier in the video than nowadays in terms of hair and makeup.

No. 675985

Didn't she have to do some hardcore back-pedalling a while ago for making fun of an obviously mentally ill guy on Twitter? She's quite happy to play the victim when she gets called out for this stuff but she never actually learns from her mistakes.

No. 675991

Yah anon. June is incredibly dense. I used to think she might be smarter than her learning-disabled bf, but she isn't lol

No. 676130

File: 1535601261668.png (27.6 KB, 595x261, EjPQUei.png)

she liked this. you know she was thinking about herself when she saw this tweet and not the moo girl.

i'm sure you could find examples of june doing the same exact thing in these threads

No. 676309

File: 1535640525409.png (59.5 KB, 608x422, you need to calm down.png)

Bringing up a bit older drama, but if anyone wants to see June and Preg lying and getting BTFO's in picture form, check out this imgur album.


No. 676316

No. 676335

gerg hasn't (publicly) flirted with camgirls in awhile. what's going on?

No. 676347

I'm calling it now, even if candid thing finally gets the attention it should've had those years ago, shuwu will barely get any fall back because her fans are that pathetic and will find a way to justify or once again do the "everyone makes mistakess!!" shit for her, despite this being a very big deal.

Idk how it is, I've seen youtubers lose subs and basically their "careers" over something much less then this and yet, here we are neckbeards who claim to care about privacy and 'muh free speech' will wk someone who sponsored an app by claiming it's "basically 4channn but more shitposting LOL!!1!!!" when it turned out it was just a giant scam, a cheaper way for a company to data mine those specific types of individuals that ended up helping the adpocalypse. Is there anything more ironic? The fact these guys can live with themselves and still pretend like they actually care about the things they spout. Why should anyone ever take their word on anything after that? next time anyone gets shuwu sperging at them about having a different opinion, they should just respond bring this up and call her a fraud.

No. 676382

File: 1535650039715.png (63.8 KB, 597x268, Kjd4J7M.png)

No. 676383

No. 676387

File: 1535650590800.jpg (7.1 KB, 272x252, 1411320793023.jpg)

>sponsors vpn
>literally about protecting your information
>is candid shill

No. 676397

File: 1535650977971.png (36.19 KB, 1303x338, 1.png)

yeah what's patreon, he totally gave up his real job to just create free content guys.

No. 676404

>shuwu will barely get any fall back because her fans are that pathetic and will find a way to justify or once again do the "everyone makes mistakess!

Yes exactly. Her fan base is worse than she is.

I especially feel bad for young girls who look up to her. I’m sure they feel like they’ve discovered some enlightened role model and identify with her high-school style.

No. 676408

>Sargon first comment
Is it confirmed these septics are frauds at this point?

Also I never understood septics audience. How can you trust anything this guy says when he has unironically been duped by a cult before, unironically was a devout christian, unironically was a conspiracy theorist, unironically turned atheist just to spite these former groups, and unironically has a learning disability.
Even the most basic of perceptive people can tell this "skeptic" "high iq" persona he larps as is a defense mechanism for being an actual idiot irl.

No. 676413

File: 1535652967829.png (437.88 KB, 602x1483, holy shit.png)

No. 676414

File: 1535653159164.png (57.09 KB, 593x342, terfs.png)

No. 676415

No. 676440

Any news on her weight? Is it still looking like she's gonna embrace the thicc meme to cope with how fat she's getting?

No. 676476

If this is cyberbullying then Shuwu is a cyberbully too. I hate how no one will recognize her hypocrisy.

No. 676494

I think she might be preparing for ass implants.

No. 676497

File: 1535660160219.png (12.3 KB, 574x114, qM2JDBg.png)

No. 676503

She looks cute at with the short hair wig ngl

No. 676528

Notice how she deleted videos of what her ass looked previously?

No. 676534

File: 1535663511779.jpg (21.61 KB, 480x274, 38542142_574989629570250_71687…)

>this person just told DeluMayo he doesn't pass right in his face
Feels so good, bless whoever they are

No. 676579

Seconded. That mayu freak must really think everyone is too stupid to conclude that he’s a guy just by looking at him. Yes, even his “passing” Twitter pic

No. 676619

File: 1535671396897.jpg (99.29 KB, 1200x600, image.jpg)

I cant believe Shoe would lie to this poor young man. Wow. So disrespectful.

No. 676642

in what fucking universe do women peak at 18?? That's insane

No. 676645

File: 1535672786298.png (213.84 KB, 444x449, 1457997163200.png)

>the man screaming about having boobs

truly pathetic

No. 676771

More like, in what universe do men peak at 50? They are usually all bald, ruddy skinned and flabby by then lmao

No. 676785

>i've seen you in person and you completely pass
Why is she lying? She's constantly virtue signalling with trans people.

No. 676887

File: 1535683903165.jpg (1022.11 KB, 1280x1882, MV5BMjdkMDNkYjMtNTU0YS00YzVjLT…)

Sage for weird shit but am I the only one who gets reminded of Beavis and Butthead every time I see these two?

-They're obsessed with sex
-They're retarded as fuck
-They think they're cool as shit when they are the opposite of what you should strive to be.

We need some drawfag to draw Shuwu and Preg as them.

No. 676954

No. 676965

Why can't he say June's name wtf she and Armoured fupa were like the biggest shills for Candid lol

No. 676988

File: 1535698260890.jpg (264.54 KB, 499x374, ZjhIzHE.jpg)

you take that back! beavis and butthead
-have good taste in music
-aren't fooled by trannies
-have vanilla taste (just happy to see boobs or score, don't need a collection of fetishes and kinks)
-don't give a fuck about any form of politics on either side
-genuinely not fat despite sitting on the couch all day eating junk

shreg could never

No. 677076

File: 1535716252167.jpg (82.2 KB, 534x792, 99.JPG)

>Oppression is sex based as women have been suffering for thousands of years because of their biology.

>Wig: Thousands of years?? ARE YOU A VAMPIRE??

Why is she so desperate?

No. 677079

This is so pathetic. Shoe and other ''skeptics'' are exactly like the people they claim to be ~so different~ from.

Nitpicking and ridiculing poor wording instead of focusing on what someone was trying to say is what they constantly criticize SJWs for.

No. 677093


You can't make this shit up even if you tried.

No. 677116

are you the anon from the shay-gnar thread that made that post comparing her and her bf to spongebob and patrick

No. 677135

Hating terfs is like her whole personality at this point. /yawn please debate our goddess Magdalen, June
Does she want the love of trannies more than anyone else? It’s so fucking weird lmao

No. 677199


It's like she never took a single history class.

No. 677223

Pft yeah, I'm sure that'll happen. Just one response video by mags was enough to make her friend Derrick delete their entire channel. They are both chicken shits. June much prefers to talk shit on people behind blocks and on her private discord echo chamber like the coward she is.. has she ever "debated" anyone seriously?

No. 677227

File: 1535739294944.jpg (54.72 KB, 750x722, Dl61FldX0AA3qIU.jpg)

No. 677332

I wouldn't be surprised if she has a secret anger problem in real life.

No. 677362

She doesn't believe in therapy and probably has never once taken any time to be introspective and reflect on her feelings/behavior, and how they affect herself/others. She's past 25, so mentally she's fully matured. I'd say there's not much hope for her, but who knows.

No. 677368

Ime therapy doesn’t work if you have trouble being honest

No. 677394

File: 1535751984494.gif (6 MB, 600x371, contra before going full troon…)

>Does she want the love of trannies more than anyone else? It’s so fucking weird lmao

She wants the love of Hontra more than anyone else, at least that's my tinfoil lol.

She didn't care for trannies at first, she mocked them the same way she mocks SJWs, feminism and left. Then Contra-senpai made a video where he criticized Skeptic community and she didn't attack him (even though she attacked numerous others for voicing the same concern) - instead she started to change her tune.

To me it seems that all this "I was lefty liberal all along, protect trans rights" translates to "notice me hontra-senpai!".

Also before dating Preggory, she claimed that she's into twinks/ottermode guys with long hair. I don't think her taste suddenly changed into liking ugly fat fucks, she just pretends to be totally into fat neckbeards for internet brownie points.

Hontra has her hot and bothered.

No. 677402

File: 1535752654391.png (302.7 KB, 1525x629, hontraing.png)

No. 677408

fucking spoiler this gross crap.

No. 677411

Do you think Armored Fupa gets angry at June's thirst? Or does he not mind because he's a trap chaser himself?

No. 677412

>a trap
anon… do you even know what this version of the term "trap" means?

No. 677422

anon, don't be mean. Contra and Mayu totally pass as qt anime girls. Just ask June: >>667316 >>676413

No. 677438

to be fair, stupid desperate neckbeards who are secretly gay might see them as solid traps..

No. 677528

June, you dumb cunt. All you have to do is open up ANY history book from the last 10 years to the last 1,000 years and you will see how women have always been used, mistreated and physically/sexually abused by men.

She is really the most pathetic person out there. I can't wait until she hits 30 and realizes no one cares about her because she's past her 'prime.' (according to the neckbeards she panders to.)

No. 677548

File: 1535764261647.png (537.38 KB, 460x631, 2018-08-31.png)

I thought they stuffed a pillow under June's shirt in the man for a day video, she actually has a gut

No. 677553

To be fair, I think that's just a bad pic

No. 677562

it looked like that in each frame, that's def the worst but she def had noticeable tiny gut. Smolbean

No. 677564

she's following in greg's footsteps

No. 677565

whens the last time she showed her midriff w/ a crop top or something?

No. 677572

only in this sense is it accurate for her to be referred to as a "smol bean"

No. 677584

File: 1535766534904.png (233.79 KB, 588x415, OOG1Tod.png)

No. 677585

File: 1535766557921.jpg (158.72 KB, 1200x900, 843aaab971f20a7059bb91df7e4732…)

>fighting with strangers on the internet is how i stay youthful
>stay youthful

No. 677608

LOL i thought her shirt was photoshopped. she's unironically wearing a heart choker, thick 13 year old emo eyeliner and a shirt that says princess and she's at least 26 in this photo i'm pretty sure. so cringy. she's becoming a desperate sad middle aged woman who wishes so bad that she was some 16 year old pedo baiter online. give her another 10 years and she'll be a literal middle aged lady who still wears outfits like this.

No. 677647


Omfg lmao, this theory is really good. Maybe she thinks of Contra while she has sex with Gregory? She has to think of something to get off while an obese manchild is humping her.

No. 677648

File: 1535773655735.png (75.71 KB, 611x540, makeup.png)

No. 677651

Says the bitch with the most ridiculous and over the top eyeliner out there. No self-awareness whatsoever as usual when it comes to our little bean.

No. 677654

wow. Shoe needs to grow the hell up.

No. 677664

i like how she does the classic shuwu "i know i'm bad BUT all these other people are much worse in my opinion so let's just talk shit about them despite how my eyeliner is also thick and cakey 24/7"

No. 677767

I never understood what this shitty "don't" design means or its reason for existing? Can someone explain it's been bothering me

No. 677774

She really should just not smile. Every picture of it is so bad. Mister Ed tier.

>my makeup is shit
Stop trying to be self aware and fix it then wtf, only she won’t because she thinks her boxxy liner (that makes her already super close inbred eyes even more exaggerated) looks good, or else she wouldn’t have been doing it all these years

No. 677784

It's "le funny ebin meme" version of Gadsden flag. You know, that flag with rattlesnake, yellow background and "Don't thread on me" in capital letters?
Sh0e apparently thinks that making it into a shitty design made in paint on 3 minutes tops is hilarious.

No. 677787

Pregory, Shoe, and Bunty all look no younger than 40 in this pic

No. 677809

File: 1535805553013.jpg (309.62 KB, 633x747, shrek.jpg)

No. 677810

File: 1535805939967.jpg (29.75 KB, 645x632, fdd.JPG)

Imagine paying $20 for something that June typed up in 10 seconds.

No. 677814

Holy fuck it's almost eerie how much they resemble those characters. Especially Shoe is the true donkey incarnate.

No. 677818

File: 1535808444518.jpeg (302.11 KB, 542x517, 7B39442A-004C-441D-8E7C-02AD37…)

literally what? she cakes her face, wears giant false lashes and a fucking wig EVERY DAY. she’s such a smol youthful bean tho

No. 677964

it's terrifying how accurate this is, i've never seen a human who resembles donkey more than shuwu.

No. 677978

File: 1535829384581.jpg (21.3 KB, 480x360, aYloqGw.jpg)

How is what she is doing not drag queen inspired make up though?
Her brows are drawn on and she wears humongous lashes with a lot of white eyeliner on her lower waterline and lashline, even. I guess she thinks doing that shit ''boxxy cat wing'' makes her special and different from instathots.

>my make up is shit
This is not how ''self-awareness'' works btw. If she thinks it's bad she wouldn't have been wearing the same eye make up style for the past decade.
Sage for make up sperg.

No. 677981

can we also appreciate how bad her fucking wig looks here lmao

No. 677982

i love how shoe makes fun of ''basic bitches'' and acts like she's so unique and different when this picture SCREAMS basic IG thot
>Ombre/gradient pastel colored aliexpress-tier wig ✔
>Fake septum ring ✔
>Snapchat filter ✔
>Heavy make up ✔
>Starbucks cup ✔

No. 677984

is there a link to said response video/does it still exist?

No. 678053

File: 1535839959253.png (278.92 KB, 606x749, kDwKtn3.png)

nitpick, but it's incredible how she makes everything about herself

No. 678056

KEK, that comment. it really bothers the shit out of me seeing her comment on average/'chubby' girls pictures as if she isn't secretly thinking they're all landwales and taking solace in the fact that while she's gaining, she's still not that big

No. 678185

File: 1535854292968.png (251.49 KB, 596x718, oxusFJo.png)

some opinion tag thread. filled with june's typical fencesitting le epic maymay xD humor


No. 678187

File: 1535854388986.png (38.13 KB, 576x236, iym6zlq.png)

No. 678188

File: 1535854407077.png (38.39 KB, 551x241, sfejlwk.png)

No. 678189

File: 1535854417910.jpg (21.19 KB, 490x415, DmDcS9MU0AIRClG.jpg)

No. 678212

I thought she hated guns uwu

No. 678330

If anyone wants to see her fiance's learning disability manifesting, just watch this.

No. 678371

My jimmies are rustled.

No. 678405

>40 min
hard pass

No. 678423


Just skipping to any point in the video and watch it for one minute is enough to see.

No. 678425

>my tranny friend Blaire loves his guns so they’re okay but I’m also scared of big bad loud guns cause I’m a smol bean loli :3

No. 678486

>I'm moving to Canada so this must be a great thing for US immigration, right guys?

No. 678613

I don't understand why if she has all these different wigs, some multicolored, different styles, different lengths, why does she ever wear them in her videos? Besides the purple one to make fun of people?

Like she has all these wigs just sitting around to show up on Instagram every now and then? Seems like such a waste. She's looked pretty much the same her whole YT career, why not mix up your appearance a bit?

Stupid I know but it's just weird to me.

No. 678712

if she changed it up, people might start to suspect that they are wigs. she doesn't want her youtube fanbase to suspect that shes anything but a Naturally Beautiful Nymphet

No. 678724

Oh, I figured they knew that she wore wigs. I know men are stupid when it comes to beauty stuff so I guess they just don't notice that her hair length and color varies from video to video. She's pretty open on every other platform about wearing wigs, and they suck her off non-stop anyway. I guess she figures if she wears colorful wigs and changes her appearance up at all they'll whine that she looks like an SJW.

No. 678748

When she first announced she wears wigs all the guy fans were surprised. She even said something about, "I know my audience is mostly men becuase my hair went from shoulder length to long in a month and no one said anything" so I feel like she is still trying to hide it there. Her audience really is just that retarded

No. 678786


Usually when she wants to not bring attention onto something but at the same time pretend she's transparent, she makes a post on her blog.

That way majority of her fanbase won't be aware of it, but if someone calls her out, she can point to her blog and say "I already admitted it okay???"

That's why she mentioned being bald and wearing wigs only on her blog. She still wears the same type of wig to delude her youtube audience who isn't aware she even has a blogging platform.

Same with response to Brittany. She didn't want to bring too much attention to it, so she replied to her through her blog.

No. 678846

File: 1535925920468.png (48.92 KB, 584x524, D2dX19W.png)

>get out boomer
>you're old enough to be his mom
she's nearing 30 and her only comeback is "lol ur old xDDD"


No. 678847

File: 1535926004419.png (247.33 KB, 1400x1400, Screen_Shot_2017_07_13_at_1.09…)

No. 679378


Sry for newfagging but why is she bald? Also if it was a while ago why hasn't it grown back?

No. 679380

she pulls out her own hair so it never grows back really

No. 679383


That's actually kind of sad. idk anything about psychology but that seems really extreme

No. 679385

the disorder is formally called trichotilomania (that spelling is totally wrong sorry)

No. 679467

I low-key feel like junes trich isn't even that bad if she has it at all and she just uses it as an excuse to wear wigs and eyelashes without being labeled as fake

No. 679478

Don't feel too bad for her. She refuses to seek therapy or any form of psychiatric help. Like I'm pretty sure an anon can pull up receipts of her essentially shit talking therapy/psych meds.

No. 679526

is it definite that its trich, maybe she just has a hereditary bald spot?
women can go bald and lose hair like men, its rare but still happens, her dad is balding.
maybe june is a natural baldy but rather than admit it she lies about having trich as a ~le so deep and special~ excuse

No. 679561

It would make since because she clearly had very thin and natural hair throughout the time she claimed to have had it, she didn't start wearing wigs until she made videos bitching about 13 yr olds on Tumblr

Does anyone know when she started claiming she had trich? Maybe its around the time she started wearing wigs as well?

No. 679592

this is a reach. She has posted a photo without her wig on, didn't show the top of her head but you can tell her hair is thin and barely hanging on. Whatever the case, she definitely needs the wigs.

No. 679632

One weird thing I noticed though is that trich is a mental disorder but in that one ask fm post when she's question if she has anything like that, she just mentioned adhd. I wonder why she never mentions her trich when topics like that come up.

No. 679637


>Does anyone know when she started claiming she had trich? Maybe its around the time she started wearing wigs as well?

On her blog (and I think she only admitted it there) she said that she started wearing wigs in middle school because her trich got that bad.

No. 679664

File: 1535961614607.jpg (26.76 KB, 580x292, mKm7Li0.jpg)

No. 679665

File: 1535961637339.jpg (47.97 KB, 608x384, KJIwGId.jpg)

No. 679666

File: 1535961655189.jpg (81.66 KB, 618x489, nYPEhcR.jpg)

No. 679667

File: 1535961683492.jpg (70.75 KB, 601x479, ZUtKZr0.jpg)

No. 679680

I think I've found the real reason that she's been farting out videos recently, she's lost over 100 patrons since May but she gets paid for every video

No. 679681

File: 1535964006167.png (134.31 KB, 996x776, Untitled.png)

whoops forgot image

No. 679725

I don't think she literally gets paid per video, it's just her patreon "goal"

She gets the neckbeard money either way

No. 679736

No. 679743

Didn't Preg and her already make video about this?

Why again?

No. 679746

She is responding/reacting to a video where they 'transinvestigate' her

No. 679774

Any part in the video where they say she's being controlled by Skeptic she's like "Where's the lie?!" And you can tell she's trying hard to come up with something clever and totes BDSM.

She also brings up the Jenny McDermott thing and just calls her a random crazy feminist kek

No. 679776

Bit of a nitpick, but don't most trans people find the term "tranny" really offensive regardless of context? Seems weird to me that she'd be comfortable using it in her thumbnail like that considering how much she claims to care about the troons and their feelings.

No. 679778

>my shoulders are wider than my hips
did she finally acknowledge her lack of ass?

No. 679779

Third video in a week, lmao. What is going on

No. 679814

Trying to pay off her moving to Canada with those sweet Patreonbux probably. She gets paid every new video.

No. 679825

Lol she's trying to take back the insults. We can't let this slide. Henny, we have all the receipts of you claiming to have wide hips and all the pictures of you flaunting that pearshaped loli aesthetic. UwU

No. 679842

File: 1535986470578.jpeg (59.64 KB, 872x246, 656AC36C-25CC-4FBE-BFE3-99E368…)

sure june

No. 679844

Kek i love this, wonder if ventis vid had anything to do with this hmmmmm….

No. 679847

she's trying to checkmate the people in her threads pointing out how she used to lie about her appearance, like being hourglass shaped, having wide hips, being ''smol'' etc.
it's why she also ''acknowledged'' that her make up is shit a few days ago and admitted to being taller than 5'1/5'2, which she also lied about.

No. 679918

Tbf you can still be a pear with wider shoulders than hips, but she definitely is still trying to reclaim any insults

No. 679935

File: 1535997596884.jpg (73.78 KB, 800x1035, AXQuozB.jpg)

eh i disagree. the point of the pear-shaped body is literally having wider hips than shoulders. wide hips and big thighs are the key element of that body type.

No. 679965

Thats a pear bone structure, you can be pear shaped in different ways, like someone might have wide shoulders then distribute weight like a pear or someone might have wide hips and narrow shoulders and distribute their weight like an inverted triangle

No. 679977

No. 679987

>Ticket prices start at 75$

No. 680015

File: 1536004581140.jpg (183.88 KB, 1366x760, dadbod squad.jpg)

No. 680016

File: 1536004591568.jpg (148.53 KB, 1357x699, daddy.jpg)

No. 680024

File: 1536005519959.png (1.37 MB, 841x743, maria menounos.png)

kim is only a 'pear' because they've injected so much fat into her ass. her shoulders are not narrower than her hip bones naturally. you can be a pear because of your fat and muscle distribution, and/or a pear because of your bone structure. take natural pear maria menounos. when she loses weight/muscle, she starts to look like a banana or inverted triangle, but when she gains, she becomes a pear, even with shoulders that are the same size as her hips/slightly larger.

ding ding ding! this is correct. there are different ways of being a pear. plus, muscle and fat loss can turn you into a 'banana' if you're a pear due to body fat distribution, etc.

how high do they go up to?

No. 680126

File: 1536013205441.jpg (62.65 KB, 1091x628, SK4bfb0.jpg)

No. 680128

File: 1536013356286.jpeg (146.22 KB, 566x340, 31262B6F-6CD0-44DA-8BD4-44E730…)

This woman doesn’t look pear shaped tho she looks like a rectangle

Literally the defining feature of a pear shape is hips and thighs that are wider than any of your other features.

No. 680130

He’s so fat

No. 680133

File: 1536013744180.jpeg (219.29 KB, 1506x1130, FA86890B-C055-47B1-885B-A1C864…)

I want to die.

No. 680134

she definitely looks like a pear on the right side picture to me

No. 680138

your eyes are broken. she looks nothing like a rectangle on the right, and you can have big hips and wide/thick thighs that are still bigger/more prominent than your other features, but still be slightly smaller than your shoulders. a rectangle would have thighs that were in proportion to the rest of her body, her upper thighs are rather large compared to the rest of her features when she gains weight

No. 680144

her videos are so repetitive and boring. identical stuff only even more bland and unfunny since 2015

No. 680227

They're probably one of those people who think women need to have baby shoulders and 3 feet wide hips before they can even be considered a pear

No. 680286

File: 1536025365331.jpg (83.54 KB, 549x539, uwu.jpg)

No. 680289

Does she think this is endearing self deprecation? This is disgusting. Like, I live in relative filth and I am disgusted by this.

No. 680291

"teehee I'm so clean and ocd I take 5 showers a day"

No. 680297

This (brag? achievement?) might be considered noteworthy if it weren't for the fact she's a shut-in with no real life friends and no reason to leave her room.

No. 680343

If her car is so old and dirty that she is embarrassed by it, then why doesn't she buy a new one with the money she makes from YT and Patreon? A nice, used car in good condition from 2008 is like $5,000 at the bare minimum. I'm sure she could get that money in no time. She makes it sound like instead of saving money, she pisses it all away on overpriced things she doesn't need (based on older tweets screencapped on previous threads).

No. 680366

didnt she literally do this though

No. 680405

Im wondering how tf she pisses it all away too, its not like she spends on it tech or expensive hobbies

Ot but I did a side job and got 1k to spare and spend on whatever, it took me 4-5 months to spend it all despite constantly buying tons skincare, furniture, hobby things, etc, what I'm wondering is how the fuck does she manage to blow all her almost 3k from month to month

No. 680407

She doesn't have expensive hobbies, but Skeptic does. Those stupid Star Wars toys can go for insane prices, especially if they're vintage/ collectible. I could see how she could easily be blowing all her money if she's bankrolling his hobbies on top of buying all her wigs, cheap clothes and luxury skincare products.

No. 680408

Does she buy new wigs and toys every month or something? Maybe bbl rumors are true and shes saving up for a fat transfer, it explains a lot too

No. 680551

File: 1536057900658.png (30.21 KB, 180x157, qdqf45.png)

It's even more puzzling because she lives at her parents and I doubt they're making her pay rent. If they are, how much rent can it be per month?

No. 680588

>it pisses my bf off

They don’t even live in the same country and the way she lives pisses him off. Imagine what it will be like when he is forced to see it day-to-day. Especially when neither of them has to leave the house for a job during the day and he’s just stuck in the same little apartment with it the entire day.

No. 680614

You'd be surprised. I know a girl who works at Walmart with a learning disability who still lives with her parents, and they make her pay $600 per month. Kind of crazy, imo

No. 680620

June has said her parents help her pay her bills before though so I doubt she’s paying rent.

It’s crazy to me that I’m younger than her and I’m about to make a down payment on a house in a metro area. Yet she is supposedly so successful and she can’t even afford a new car? Or for someone to clean her car out at least… It’s like those actors who end up being broke even though they made a ton of money at once because they didn’t think to invest it or turn it into liquid assets.

No. 680732

Congrats! That’s definitely something noteworthy given the housing market these days.

Also, very OT but stuff like this is the reason why I get annoyed when stans come in and say “You are all pathetic for coming here and obsessing over June! She’s obviously made you jealous!” Etc. Is it so hard to believe that some of us DO have more fulfilling lives than June/other lolcows?

No. 680879

Kek, if that's the state of her car imagine what her room would be like if her mom didn't clean it for her. For all her wanting to be Septic's tradwaifu she doesn't have any housekeeping skills uwu. I can't wait for her to move in with him and claim to be his housewife yet fail completely. The filth will be so bad he'll absolutely hate her.

No. 680882

File: 1536091816189.jpg (31.84 KB, 518x481, 787.JPG)

Since we are talking about wasting money…

No. 680903

File: 1536093656438.jpg (40.15 KB, 581x411, Y3yV6ie.jpg)

Gerg reminds me of Riley Dennis' girlfriend

No. 680909

doesnt he have brown eyes? why would it just give him those color eyes. that one really doesnt even look like him. the june one does, and she isn't too cute either way

No. 680910

His face is unnervingly asymmetrical.

No. 680912

File: 1536094006965.jpg (22.31 KB, 600x338, IMG_6633.JPG)

Looks sort of like Adam Lanza with fatter cheeks

No. 680920

File: 1536094537288.jpg (35.42 KB, 591x295, prince charming.jpg)

No. 680921

File: 1536094602267.jpg (61.24 KB, 598x650, 2S9zWf5.jpg)

No. 681079

I'd feel bad for june if it wasn't for shit like coddling men
her own bf compliments other women more than he does with her…sad!

No. 681119

File: 1536111867376.png (43.36 KB, 611x341, 3jlxOyI.png)

No. 681150

when you get therapy, manage your internet addiction, actually research and think before you sperg online, stop being an incompetent subhuman?????

No. 681196

For you, June? It'll never end.

No. 681206

Lol is he saying r63 him is hotter than r63 her?

No. 681254

File: 1536121727263.jpg (92.9 KB, 855x475, nice new font, preg.jpg)


>Shoe0nhead will not be on stage this year but she will be attending and she and I at some point will be hanging out in the front room and you guys can come and talk to us take selfies or whatever you want and depending on which ticket package you got

>depending on which ticket package you got

>Conference and After Party tickets are $125 and includes:

>Admission to all speaker presentations at the Pabst Theatre on Saturday and the speaker's exhibit area where guests can mingle with speakers between presentations
>Admission to the evening Aloft Hotel After Party on Saturday, Sept. 22, where guests can mingle and meet the day's speakers and special guests
>1 (one) free drink and pizza at the Aloft Hotel After Party on Saturday, Sept. 22

RC Cola or Mr Pibb for Mayu?

No. 681263

it's bullshit tho. she doesn't ever feel this way, she just pretends like she does. she still does and thinks the same shit, she just lies about it.

No. 681347

Imagine paying $80 - $125 just to see this sad shitshow of a convention.

No. 681359

She’s using it as a cop-out so no one can ever hold her accountable for anything she says.
>Stop pointing out how I constantly lie and contradict myself! I said those things like a month ago! People change!

No. 681363

File: 1536140899341.jpg (227.27 KB, 616x1644, hey guys i'm not a bully anymo…)

she's trying too hard

No. 681381

This is exactly why I don't go braless no matter how tempted I may be
Just the thought of this man baby ogling my nips makes me gag

No. 681406

She's more like a real life blow-up doll.

No. 681409

There’s really nothing to be jealous of with June unless getting attention online is something to be jealous of…

No. 681414

Good choice if you want people to actually hear what you’re saying, anonette. When you do that, even straight girls are thinking about trying not to look. Imagine what would happen if someone like June and Greg were around. They would probably put on sunglasses and openly stare while talking about you across the room.

No. 681641

why is she trying to copy greg so hard. probably also explains why she's getting fat now

No. 681660

Ghosts Mumkey Jones for saying a hot girl liked his video, calls a woman a human Barbie doll


No. 681674

File: 1536176076518.jpg (142.73 KB, 1200x1200, DldCD_ZXoAALMb8.jpg)

No. 681695

Back to pig tails huh

No. 681700

File: 1536177287327.jpg (57.79 KB, 593x533, uFMP9oE.jpg)

No. 681722

File: 1536178584386.jpg (107.91 KB, 608x724, spergout.jpg)

she's been overdue for a guidette spergout

No. 681723

File: 1536178593379.jpg (46.02 KB, 628x332, spergout 2.jpg)

No. 681724

File: 1536178638478.jpg (202.75 KB, 1179x757, spergout 3.jpg)

No. 681734

File: 1536179015866.jpg (36.03 KB, 546x531, 909.JPG)

misses the point again

and she is probably the type that tweet is describing too

No. 681737

File: 1536179130112.jpg (34.8 KB, 564x368, 78.JPG)

oh no june, that sound pretty ""terfy""

No. 681747


lol, she got caught red-handed and all she can reply with is "issa joke go away"

>literally an entire year has passed, how can you imply i'm two-faced? don't you know i change my opinion every two weeks?? DUH!

No. 681760

It's kinda sad that she recognises this about herself but hasnt realised it's not a normal or okay thing

Youre very publicly acting very retarded shoe, figure out what your real opinion is and THEN broadcast it

No. 681776

So he's putting down women again?

No. 681808

I hope she never has children. No child deserves to deal with a mother that tries to change her personality every few weeks and freaks out at anyone who points out she's changed

No. 681818

File: 1536183507898.jpg (56.6 KB, 789x143, X3B81X2.jpg)

yeah, who would do something like that? certainly not saint june!

No. 681887

whats a woman with a beard

No. 681967

It's very transparent what she's trying to pull off here. Her constant "but it's the past!" coupled with her regular deletion of her own content should trigger a warning signal in her, or at least her audience.

Like if you can't even stand by your own statements for more than a few months, why should anyone ever listen or pay any attention to you? She acts like she's not a fully developed adult.

No. 682070

File: 1536202233096.gif (615.36 KB, 402x251, 92928272829.gif)

She gets disproportionately triggered over anything that even remotely critcizes men. June, when you were getting your wig snatched by Venti, your obese bf was nowhere to be found despite the multitude of times that you have publically defended him. There is no reciprocity in your relationship. She's exactly the type of woman this tweet was targetting.

No. 682138

kek, how does he help you, june? by sending your square ass back to new yawk on a train alone when he can't stand you anymore? by completely disappearing from the internet except to like other peoples tweets while you're getting absolutely reamed by your peers? by publicly embarrassing you by telling people on the internet that the only reason why you're actually getting married is to be able to immigrate? by telling you that other women would make strong sons for him?

No. 682175

She said she relates to Tangled so I bet she considers her parents abusive and daddy Preg her savior uwu

No. 682212

File: 1536223179230.png (43.84 KB, 532x441, 0sb0KZW.png)

No. 682231

File: 1536226927912.jpg (249.86 KB, 761x1145, IMG_20180906_114000.jpg)


But that's their own thing.

What are they supposed to talk about? Wage gap for the 1000th time or maybe epic Gamergate Anita Sakreesian references?

She feels the need to police others over their content when her own channel is filled with bottom of the barrel shit.

No. 682249


>What are they supposed to talk about?

That's the kicker. They'll continue to beat a dead horse because it prolongs the discussion and the animosity. And that's how people like this maintain longevity, which sucks.

No. 682324

Is this a not so subtle way of preventing more vids getting made on her/keeping those small youtubers in her circle from digging into her bullshit?

No. 682355

Lol you might be onto something. Recently Mister Metokur did a stream collab with smaller channels to discuss Candid drama.

26:25 they discuss shoe and skeptic and their involvement with candid.

No. 682735

File: 1536284356768.jpg (87.39 KB, 640x640, greg_in_2_years.jpg)

No. 682770

I honestly think she would've gone the tradthot route if it hadn't been for that black dude she was dating. These videos are so boring, most of the people who've done them are now either nationalists or some form of right-wing and think anti-feminist videos are retarded. I guess she still does them because they get a lot of views bc "wow 'qt' gurl h8s feminazis!!!!" We've seen her fans and they're mostly beginner incels, neckbeards, and some (sadly) young girls who're probably going to follow in her footsteps.

No. 682905

she literally tried. she STILL panders to pol and has unironically said they're delightful. she can pretend she's a libtard all day long, but if pol would drop their grudge against her, she'd be all over their crusty little chodes spouting white-nationalist anti feminist rhetoric all over the place peppered with retarded memes popular only among 17 yos and developmentally delayed kids in their 20s

No. 683153


No. 683595

File: 1536376995495.png (262.15 KB, 590x532, tj93mws.png)

No. 683623

kinda late but I'm deceased, next thread pic please

No. 683761

No. 683772

It's interesting she doesn't cover any of the vlogs where she talks about having boyfriends, sex, checking out random guys an calling them hot etc. Instead she just goes "80% of my stories were lies!!" which of course is her only excuse for those videos but, she's still to afraid to actually show her fans those specific ones. Or the ones she calls women fat. Only the videos where she can say shit like "I WAS SOO CLOSETED GUYSS!!" (which yeah right shuwu, you hating cleavage was totally that uhuh).

Also, 2010 isn't OLD YOUTUBE shuwu stfu, you're vlogs weren't crazy or original for the time
slowclap wow looks like we got ourselves an tots oldfag
>hello my fello kids i was hating feminazis before it was cool! as far back as 2010! Isn't that OLD!1!!

No. 683775

Lmfao this video is such sneaky damage control.

No. 683802

what the fuck was june trying to say when she talks about being closeted and feminism?

No. 683809

Re-writing her history. I don’t think telling people not to show off their cleavage is a closeted thing how is she trying to make that point lol.

Lots of lesbians would agree it’s stupid to commodity your body that way. I date women and I personally find it unattractive.

No. 683847

Why would she cover those other topics and older vlogs when she "doesn't remember anything before 2012 uwu"?

No. 683849

Remember when she fucked with that vet who had PTSD and schizophrenia, who thought she was out to get him?

No. 683851

pisses me off that brittany didn't cover this. this was one of shoe's weakest and most pathetic moments, imo, and being that he was a homeless vet, i'm sure a lot of conservatards and centrists would've been triggered if they knew about it.

she really dropped the ball leaving that one out

No. 683874

No her most pathetic moment was creating this place to spy on her haters

No. 684001

I think Brittany did mention it in Shuwu part two…or maybe I'm remembering things wrong.

No. 684015

this is just cringy unironically, she just seems very uncomfortable through out.
"roasting yourself" doesnt work if you're not confident and dont have any jokes, shoe. you just look like you were forced to address shit. which your audience didnt even know about so congrats on playing yourself again, maybe now theyll get curious and find venti's vid~

No. 684024

i dont understand how anyone can watch her full videos. i cannot even stand 1 minute of her screeching.

No. 684026

Same, I can only stand reading comments. Her persona is too grating and ugly.

No. 684033

>''look, i'm self-aware! i laugh at my old videos! you can't criticize me bc i'm self-aware and all the stories i told were fake! (^: ''
not how it works. i like how she conveniently skipped the videos were she was ranting about ''fat disgusting chicks''.

>''did i think the category of ugly chicks excluded me?''

Oh fuck off. What a sad attempt at ~self deprecation~ knowing your audience only tolerates your retarded bullshit because they think you're good looking. If she thinks she was ugly in those old videos she wouldn't have included them. Come on.

No. 684044

File: 1536439385343.jpg (17.42 KB, 355x236, Cma0l7Q.jpg)

>''Wow! Not closeted at all! I hate tits! I'm very straight, haha!''
Oh my god…June, straight women aren't repulsed by tits. Does she really have that little social interaction with other women to think like this? lmao

The fact that she called herself a hetero romantic bisexual (something along those lines) is already proof enough that she's only doing it for ~one of the guys/threesome/lesbians are hawt amirite xD~ brownie points, but that's not where it ends. You're not bisexual if you admit you would never be sexually/romantically involved with a woman and your attraction to women is limited to aesthetics.
This trend of straight women pretending to be bisexual is so fucking irritating and I can't wait for it to die out.

No. 684088

File: 1536442063773.jpg (73.97 KB, 1200x675, DmkvDYcX4AAO8Y-.jpg)

I think she did cover that. I wish someone would cover June's ever changing politics and sexual identity.

It's pathetic that she's almost thirty and makes a living off of mocking tumblr teens when she's somehow worse. June and her followers would mock a "bisexual heteromantic spapiosexual asexual" but she gets away with it because…?

forgot to sage

No. 684100

Shoe's self-proclaimed bisexuality literally makes no sense too.

She says that she's demisexual, which means she doesn't feel sexual attraction unless romantic feelings are involved. And she's also said that she doesn't ever get romantic feelings for women, so therefore she can't really ever actually be sexually attracted to any women as this contradicts her identity as a demisexual.

No. 684110

preg hasn't even congratulated her on twitter or anything.

she's always promoting his videos on twitter. you know if he reached 1 mil subscribers she wouldn't stop blowing smoke up his ass. sad.

No. 684114

>mocking Starbucks obsessed girls when she's one of them

No. 684214

File: 1536454141352.png (1020.69 KB, 1085x604, why.png)

why does all the momentos with greg face the camera? like that bedside table photo looks personal but doesn't face forward, it is facing sideways just for the camera. Like why? seems insecure about her relationship.

No. 684217

She did mention it in the second video, but she spent less than a minute going over it and some of the screenshots were only on screen for like a second. I wish she spent more time expanding on certain points, but she probably tried to cram in as much shit on June as she could.

No. 684220

I think ""manly"" Greg feels threatened by other people's sucesss/"dominance", it's just something I noticed. Sage.

No. 684247

AHAHA i didn't even notice. the best part about that picture is that greg looks like he wants to be as far away from her as possible. he's not even touching her. what a great boyfwen uwu~

No. 684248

everything she says and does makes me think she's 100% reading the threads here. notice the past few videos she's changed what she's wearing. it's pathetically obvious

No. 684255

She should thank us then because she looks better

No. 684257

Omg wow lol

Probably because 50% of her identity is her relationship and the other 50% is being not like other girls

No. 684286

File: 1536464454181.png (418.29 KB, 929x405, n5PHo9T.png)

No. 684297

the edit on this. wew, lads.

No. 684300

samefag, but ~lurking and searching through your life history~ is june's entire career. but instead of looking for anything problematic, she looks for anything cringe.

she can pretend to be self-deprecating all she wants but she gets uncontrollably angry when people criticize her past behavior. if she gets this bent out of shape when people criticize her past, then why is she running a channel that only exists to mock other people? why does she call her self a connoisseur of lolcows? why did she admit to posting on /cow/? most of her time spent online is making fun of people for their cringy past.

is she too dim to realize her hypocrisy or what lmao

No. 684346

She's really never going to stop the dumb looking off to the side face, is she?

No. 684351

I-Is this June?? She looks old as fuck here.

No. 684371

No, she doesn't. She just looks like a basic instathot and literally nothing like herself on account of gratuitous facetuning

No. 684386

Looks like a 30 year old wearing a Halloween costume of a 2018 typical teen.

No. 684397


lmao if she stared directly at the camera she'd have that desperate "pick me"/crazy look in her eyes that all other coolgirls and tradthots do

No. 684401

Her hand looks gigantic

No. 684409

File: 1536486122887.png (Spoiler Image, 731.44 KB, 1388x1368, 878c1efa5fe193c31b2481bda48626…)

Fucking kek according to 8chan this is what everyone posting in this thread is and what they want to do to us
never thought shoe would have a load of white knights over there, what a bunch of button dicked cucks kek

No. 684414

>When the girl in the pic resembles Shoe
Do they not realize this or what?

No. 684418

10 bucks says mayu is behind this

No. 684423

kek post screenshots anon

No. 684425


imagine being this butthurt

i'm sorry your internet waifu is a loudmouth guido and a liar lol

No. 684428

File: 1536488795163.png (Spoiler Image, 402.58 KB, 1883x1324, INTERNET BLOODSPORTS - THE ULT…)

see attached
funny thing is they were dragging her and shreg far harder a few threads ago. This was from the bloodsports thread, I go there because its not posted about here and right now there is a lot of bitching and infighting on youtube and twitter with these skeptics/leftist and alt right. For all the bitching about women being lolcows these manchildren are sure giving them a run for their money kek

No. 684430

im lurking as hard as i can over here and i do not at all understand her stance on anything. she hates some(?) femenists, is anti-terf, uses racist slurs, thinks there are only two genders(?), yet she considers herself on the left? is she anti-sjw or anti-anti-sjw now? I'm honestly lost. My best guess is she is trying to be both at the same time.

No. 684432

If you are coming from the angle of her having some sort of moral stance as opposed to the fact shes nothing more than an attention seeking whore who will pander to the flavour of the week in order to get attention, views, money and her neckbeard orbiters white knighing her existence you will always be lost anon.

No. 684435

I don't think she has any political views, tbh. It's like >>684432 says, anyone who pays attention to her she'll pander to. I'm sure if the Hebrew Isrealites paid attention to her, she'd become one of them and would suddenly find out she is 1/16th black somewhere, kek.

No. 684436

I’m amazed she uploaded this pic even with it being a parody because she looks so gross