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File: 1532491721179.png (463.52 KB, 1239x557, bingo.png)

No. 646625

Summary of Shoe’s past:
>In her pre-internet days used to be a typical guido looking trash, was a bully in high school
>Discovered internet and got addicted to male attention so hard she dropped her education (film school) and became a Boxxy skinwalker
>Spent her days constantly attention whoring on Unichan, trying to be "the better Boxxy", pretended she's a "shy nerdy gurl uwu"
>Went on a vacation to Mexico with few unichan neckbeards. Obese one named Kenny stole her phone and posted her nudes on the net because she rejected his advances.
>Befriended a unichan guy (Ian) who would later become first lolcow.farm admin; possibly gains a mod status, uses it to know who is shit-talking about her on lolcow.farm (2014)
>Dated a seemingly normal guy, dumped him because her fanbase didn't approve she is dating a black guy and because he told her that she should get off the internet.
>Starts a youtube channel "shoe0nhead" supposedly for criticizing feminism - though she doesn't present any valid arguments instead uses her internet "fame" to shit-talk women and present herself as "not like the other girls".

Summary of Skeptic’s past:
>Blamed (still blames) his parents for his intellectual failures and his general stupidity because, in his words, “they didn’t know how to raise a genius.”
>Goes to a community college and majors in art. Shortly after he fails out.
>Made a shitty web comic for three years that was on the same level as Sonichu from ages 19-21. (he was willing to make more of these comics in 2015 when he was 31)
>Becomes a Messianic Jew, first cult he joined, and goes into debt from doomsday prepping. Believes in crazy conspiracy theories, like “The Simpsons” can predict the future.
>Becomes an atheist because of Amazing Atheist videos. Joins Atheism+, his second cult. Atheism+ guys can’t stand him and eventually dox him to make him go away.
>Spent loads of money on man-child toys and would hide them from his wife.
>Cheats on his wife with various women (Shoe0nhead, Jenny McDermott, and a catfish who went by River, including a few other unknown women). His wife found out and sent messages to these women telling them to not contact him anymore. Shortly after, he gets a divorce and immediately starts publically dating Shoe.

>Shoe: 27- Still addicted to internet (male) attention- no education other than high school, no career prospects, no skills.
>No real personality either, changes her opinions constantly based on what will make her gain fans.
>Dates an obese guy with intellectual disabilities who treats her like shit and spends all her money on bing bing wahoo toys - Desperately wants to be seen as a young girl.
>Acts like a teenager online even though she's almost 30, can't form an argument worth shit
>Lies about her past, pretends she was a "friendless wallflower shy gothic nerd girl uwu" even though she was a popular guidette with tons of friends who bullied nerds.
>Still obsessed with shitting on women while she coddles men like babies, huge double standards
>Still a bully, now online, sends her fans to attack smaller channels and random people she doesn't agree with (never goes after big channels).
>Huge coward, will block you if you point out her hypocrisy. (She will block your followers too)
>Googles her name all day - finds comments about her that don't even mention her directly. (this includes looking through posts and tweets with the word “shoe” in them)
>Makes everything about her, can't talk about a topic without inserting herself in it.
>Has nothing to put on her resume except "dunking on terfs xd"
>Got dragged by Brittany Venti and some of her former alt-right chan buddies for throwing Lauren Southern under the bus for trans and leftist brownie points
>It failed horribly, and after June trying pathetically to backtrack, it resulted in Shuwu Saga vids and people on both ends of the political spectrum are sick of her shit now
>Still pulling her hair out while her bf flirts with other girls on twitter, the only defenders who seem to care about her getting roasted are her troon skinwalker fan Mayu and a few of her lolicon beta orbiters
>'Debunks' Brittany's video by lying again and trying desperately to cover up. Still no shame in sight.
>Tries to embrace memes making fun of her and her bf; fails miserably.
>Her and her fanboys falseflagged the original Shoe vid in an attempt to cover for her. (Video was taken down twice for the same reason)
>Still never made that video with Lauren Southern because her fans have the memory of a goldfish and she didn’t need to appease them anymore.
>Tries to make an LGBT artist from the Middle East’s suicide attempt about her.
>Goes on to say she was friends with him when she barely ever talked to him and was planning to make a video about him, but never does.
>Goes to Vidcon wearing obvious butt pads and was laughed at online for it.
>Brought up in a ‘would you rather’ video that people believe her bf has Jacob’s Syndrome (aka a retard). However it doesn’t seem like she realizes it says more about her MENSA IQ dom daddy than it does about those who believe that.
>Even though she said she would only make LGBT videos for pride month, she goes and makes an extremely low effort (even lower than usual) video on Gorillaz. In it she “””debunks””” a religious zealot who thinks rock-and-roll is the devil with an argument that boils down to just “yeah.”
>After Vidcon, her bf released a 40-minute long vlog packed to the brim with cringe and disgusting close-ups of his face.
>Soon after, Shoe released a video where she goes to a gun range with Blaire White, and lies nonstop. Claims to have only gone to a gun range once and being afraid of guns in the video despite the fact her gun nut ex took her to gun ranges all the time and owning a gun.
>Threw a few temper tantrums on twitter because people gave her the slightest criticism.
>Deleted her ask.fm.

Previously on the uwu smol bun and shitty daddy dom trainwreck show:

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Shoe links:
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0aanx5rpr7D1M7KCFYzrLQ (shoe0nhead channel)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOrpD6svgE3L3CCnWk52JSg (shoe0ffhead/shoe & skeptic channel)
https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Shoe0nHead#External_Links (collection of old links and accounts)

Skeptic links:
https://www.youtube.com/user/armouredskeptic (armoured skeptic channel)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf1iroepad-o5w2il-06Gjg (armoured media channel)
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtb3OOZwXGjwYMIXTu5zMKw (armoured gregory channel)
https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Armoured_Skeptic#External_links (collection of old links and accounts)

Info links:
Shuwu Saga Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpNB9_GDpuo
Shuwu Saga Part 2: Electric Boogaluwu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWnk4gkMuzw
Skeptic’s Autistic Origin Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWuWRsayzCY&feature=youtu.be
Shoe’s ED Article: https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Shoe0nhead
Skeptic’s ED Article: https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Armored_skeptic

No. 646628

for some reason none of the thread links worked
here should be the working ones

Previously on the uwu smol bun and shitty daddy dom trainwreck show:

Related Threads:
Their fans: >>634342
Contrapoints: >>537938
Blaire White: >>192045
Skeptic Community General: >>518260
Anti-SJW General: >>519691
Alt-Right Snowflakes: >>303084
Youtube Reviewer General: >>642331

No. 646683

is it just me, or does shuwu have one of the longest summaries on here? it seems like there is just so much milk. and i mean, there clearly is.. she hasn't told the truth since like 2005

No. 646697

I do lowkey think she needs to be in /pt/, she's more milky than luna and kiki anyway

No. 646699

Pls start including the fact shuwu cheated as well

No. 646701

seriously. she's pretty much almost the most discussed person on this board, and there's new milk on her nearly every single day.

No. 646702

File: 1532506627362.png (18.2 KB, 582x248, ughhhhhhhhhhh.png)

of course she'd post this, she has to show off how cool and laid back she is! not like those meanie feminazis who get mad at teh mens for having fun <3

tehe misogyny is a joak :3 but don't call me hot mumkey that's just…creepy..

No. 646719

File: 1532512579635.gif (338.33 KB, 601x753, JuneBecomeSmol.gif)

"REEEE! Another stupid bitch smoler than me? M-maybe they won't notice if I bend my knees a little… I-I hope they take this photo waist up."

No. 646720

File: 1532512809695.jpg (278.32 KB, 643x1510, 9fqv3Vh.jpg)

How do you do, fellow gays?

No. 646723

File: 1532512907103.png (66.08 KB, 552x834, AhjigQh.png)

Still no mention of the Lauren Southern collab video she promised.

A bit early for this, but next thread pic please

No. 646725

File: 1532512983466.png (515.1 KB, 363x533, june.PNG)

Doing the crouch bend thing again

No. 646726

File: 1532513014758.jpg (174.27 KB, 714x1024, FKXnPJZ.jpg)

No. 646728

File: 1532513096217.png (475.54 KB, 592x829, 1532482944067 (1).png)

Same height as 5'5 Blaire

No. 646734

Supposedly the height requirement for Mulan actresses is between 5’2 and 5’6

No. 646736

pic wasn't really related to the height discussion, rather to her ''i have big baby making wide hips and a disney princess waistline'' bullshit

No. 646744

File: 1532515338772.png (1.02 MB, 1175x751, umadfatties.png)

its so dumb and pathetic how shuwu can't just be honest about her body. it makes me really think she's way more insecure about her body then she leads on. who inconsistently lies about their height, weight, measurements, body type, etc so much.
lol remember how june said in a video or on twitter once something like "i can literally eat whatever i want and not gain weight!!!"
she's probably so bitter she's gained a ton of weight. it's hilarious. she was so skinny before she and greg started dating.
related to the pic: "stay 96lbs" since she's about 5'5 at 27, in her early 20's i'd assume she was already 5'5 or at the most, an inch shorter. 96 is pretty underweight according to bmi calculators. with all the comments about "fat gurlzzz ewieee" she's obviously insecure as fuck and probably was anachan back in the day. in some of her instagram pics she doesn't look exactly sickly, but she looks like she definitely tried her hardest to stay thin idk

what a weird complex she has. wonder why she needs to be seen as a tiny girl all the time. she's also a chubby chaser (and probably embarrassed by it) because dating big guys makes her look "so smol" in comparison. it even bleeds into her sex life. like wtf. odd.

No. 646789

I’m sure these threads about her don’t help her poor self-image and insecurity but… she helped create this forum. She really has no one to blame but herself. lol, she’s so pathetic and yet I don’t really have any sympathy for her.

No. 646794

>I’m sure these threads about her don’t help her poor self-image and insecurity but… she helped create this forum.
Not to mention she makes money off of ridiculing and mocking other people, she shouldn't be surprised that people talk shit about her.

No. 646798

>she helped create this forum.

Anon being friends with an Admin and "helping create" a chan site are two different things. You are giving her way too much credit.

No. 646801

To me, she always looked way to skinny for 5'2 95-100lbs. I'm that weight and height range and I get most of her pics were shooped because she's an insecure attention whore but, there is no way she's shorter than 5'4. If anything, maybe it's also because she's so skinnyfat and has zero muscle definition her bone legs gave the illusion she's more ana than 'smol'.

Not that it matters anymore since she's become chubby she wants to be a 'thicc' girl now lol. It's just sad how desperate she was and still is at fucking 27. Def has body problems and probably fucked up her metabolism through shitty dieting. Girls who claim they can "eat whatever they want and stay skinny" are always 100% hiding something.

No. 646802

>what a weird complex she has. wonder why she needs to be seen as a tiny girl all the time.

I think it has something to do with her younger sister. Remember when she did a ''draw my life'' video where she emphasized on how big her sister was when she was born while she was so small in comparison to her. I think maybe she was jealous of the attention her parents were giving to her sister and it has something to do with her childhood trauma cause kids really need attention and care from their parents, it's vital for them.

No. 646861

She looks about a half inch/inch taller than Blair in flats tbh
So 5'5"1/2, 5'6"

No. 646870

Excellent gif

No. 646876

I don’t understand her body. Her legs look skinnier than her arms in this pic. It’s a gorilla-tier body.

No. 646882

protip: Don't post any joke about her ripping her hair out under her genetics tweet or she will instablock you. FeelsBadMan

No. 646884

File: 1532533220480.png (96.96 KB, 301x300, 20180724_143707.png)

Pe a. r sh a p e d

No. 646886

Told you she always looked too /lanky/ to be 5'2"

No. 646891

She was anachan af back in the day i remember her posting her weight on an electronic scale and it said 92 pounds shudders

No. 646901

File: 1532534336464.jpeg (42.79 KB, 720x682, received_2094925867438183.jpeg)

Even when she was smol she was smol! Uwu

No. 646908

File: 1532535116017.png (78.81 KB, 195x187, 20180725_120249.png)

Looks like greg's not the tol to her smol anymore .n.
this is so sad, alexa, play Despacito

No. 646910

She definitely has a complex about seeming “tiny,” like it accounts for a large portion of her self worth. Juxtapose that with Preg’s preference for “thicc” women…she must be having an identity crisis. Being the smollest probably got her a lot of points from beta /b/tards but now that the trend is big butts and thighs, she has to somehow compensate by appeasing her audience with lies, photoshop, and butt pads. Simultaneously trying to retain her image of being small, by insisting she is short and has an itty bitty waist.

I remember an old June vlog where she talks about gaining weight in college due to depression. She would scarf down donuts and skip class every day. To me this indicates that despite her insisting she’s so happy with Pregory, she actually feels more insecure than ever due to his unattainable standards that don’t even align with her idea of what makes a female attractive. She is probably eating her feelings again.

No. 646911

File: 1532535796341.png (20.05 KB, 556x475, squatting wig.png)

No. 646912

File: 1532535859028.png (416.93 KB, 600x1044, uno.png)

>Gerg making a transvestigators video as an excuse to ogle at other women

What an intellectual. Anyway, this shit isn't cute since he's actually a serial cheater.

No. 646914

File: 1532535872648.png (26.99 KB, 439x257, dos.png)

No. 646915

File: 1532536101472.png (254.1 KB, 618x646, tres.png)

Would be genuinely surprised if they managed to get married by 2020. It took them forever to throw an engagement party.

No. 646929

kek, she's claiming to be a democratic socialist now? iirc, a few months ago she was a social democrat

they're two very different things, june. god, she's so dumb.

No. 646938

wait but gal gadot is tall, as opposed to smol, isn't skepdic into smol women…

No. 646941

I think septic is into anything that's different from the current woman he's dating.

No. 646942

I can’t wait for the eventual coming out as polyamorous lol

No. 646947

>the smoll bean polka
why is shuwu OC so good?

No. 647001

June reminds me of those emo kids who constantly have to push their bangs out of their face. It's really annoying. Just use a bobby pin ffs. Video related in the first 12 seconds she already did it twice. If I was her I would just be bald. Her wigs are shiny/fake looking as fuck too.

Also, has she ever addressed the ralph retort using her lolcow pics for his donation widget on his stream?

No. 647008

File: 1532542772365.png (112.08 KB, 707x656, squatting wig 2.png)

same anon here, i just realized how smoll my fan art turned out to be so i made a bigger resolution

No. 647027

File: 1532543787065.jpeg (87.23 KB, 800x1200, CfcPtp3WQAEfZQo.jpeg)

No. 647081

File: 1532545954322.jpg (55.93 KB, 750x739, DiWhQ0WX4AA6N7i.jpg)


No. 647138

Why do they think this embarrassing shit is funny? The punchline is literally “my boyfriend is misogynistic and unfaithful and I’m so desperate to be liked that I let everyone know how much of a doormat I am about it.”
They seriously do this all the time:
>Greg says something gross about a woman he doesn’t even know
>June plays the “Oh, gee, I’m too naive and stupid to understand what’s going on here”
>Greg acknowledges that he is taking advantage of her [albeit feigned] ignorance in order to [albeit completely impossible that any other woman would succumb to his wiles] hook up with/hit on the innocent bystander
>cue laughter(?)/mad fapping by her neckbeard followers

June, everyone knows you know what’s going on. “I’m too childish and clueless to care if my boyfriend is cheating” is not a funny joke. It’s playing out a scene publicly for your audience to get off to. Why not save that shit for your Patreons and keep the Public Display of Sexuality to an absolute minimum.

No. 647170


She's definitely 5'5". Not to sound like her by making everything about myself but I'm 5'5" and my friend is 6'4" and we have the exact same height difference Shuwu and Greg (who is apparently also 6'4") have so I always thought it was weird when she claimed to be 5'1" because she'd look much shorter in comparison if she was. She's still shorter than Greg regardless, what's the point of lying about her height especially when it's so easy to get exposed when she meets fans? She's exactly like those girls who try to out smol-bean each other when a height thread is posted. Yeah everyone's insecure about something but straight up lying about it is weird, like imagine being 27 and lying about how ~smol uwu~ you are.

No. 647171


Yeah, if the pear was upside down

No. 647174


Wait how does everyone know he's a serial cheater did one of them admit it

No. 647183

File: 1532551353313.jpg (43.7 KB, 224x762, Shoe0nhead-Feet-3370892.jpg)


This ain't it June

No. 647185

they have threesomes, he drools over other girls on twitter, trannies included. And that's what they're open about, they might still have some "secrets"

No. 647199

also he interacts with cam girls (publicly) and even tips them lmaoo

No. 647202

Damn. I'd feel sorry for her is she weren't such a bitch. She's hopelessly addicted to a man that doesn't respect her at all. But she deserves it, because she is a narc bitch indeed.

No. 647211

the thing is, is that she is definitely at the bare minimum 5'4 but likely 5'5, but she looks shorter because she has short twig legs and a big upper body with big shoulders aka inverted triangle body shape plus she has now gained weight all on her stomach and back and arms, so she's good at looking both creepy and slightly shorter than let's say, a 5'5 healthy slim person with very long legs.

No. 647215


Oh shit haha. I don't follow him on twitter but even just from their videos he always seemed so uninterested in her and he gives off the vibe that he thinks he's too good for her so I was genuinely shocked when he proposed. Or maybe he's just glad he found someone he can use as a cum dumpster that's also too retarded to call him out or even realize when he mistreats her.

No. 647216

js, she said she's a 7.5 in shoes, but her feet look crazy long. in heels, 7.5s look a lot smaller, imo

No. 647218

Are those even heels?

No. 647219

holy fuck. i just noticed this. i'm a size 7-7.5 and my feet are MUCH shorter. she is no doubt lying about her shoe size, she looks like a solid 9.

No. 647220

ooo where did you find that i am curious

No. 647223

like everybody else i'm sure some retarded "we r poly now :3" shit is gonna go down and ruin their already shit tier relationship, a la onion and lamey

No. 647229

i would hate june less if she was just honest about her height, weight, and measurements. if she was just fucking honest and didn't think we were stupid enough to buy any of it i wouldnt find her so unbearable. i'm 5'5 and a half, and my weight has fluctuated between 90-140 over the years (yes, i know. anachan. whatever.) and i am also a skinnyfat inverted triangle that has no ass whatsoever. i don't have an amazing body, it's average, but the difference is that i don't act like it's this hot uwu tiny perfect little body. june looks like me at my heaviest.
sage for blogposting who fucking cares idk june when i have her body type its cringey to see her acting like its hot and perfect like its a post-ana body at best which means you're fucking skinnyfat

No. 647230

File: 1532553813936.jpg (225.09 KB, 1080x1350, 37362e67acc853ff25cc30fbc4355f…)


at the very, very least 8-8.5s

No. 647231

i honestly think they've only had one threesome and also it's gross how open she is about being into kinky stuff, she's been with greg for over 3 years now and she has that bi flag in her room, which her parents can easily see. so wtf. on top of the collar story, her parents know. that's fucking nasty. keep that shit a secret.

No. 647233

>>647001 why in videos is she always slouching next to skeptic and she's sitting several feet shifted back? They're really obsessed with this smol/big thing

No. 647235

lmao its like that picture june took in the mirrors in some bathroom with greg and she's standing a foot or two behind him to look smaller in comparision idgi june your fatass boyfriend is already bigger than her he looks obese for fucks sake why do you need to lie so obviously just to make it seem more pronounced to your retarded fans

No. 647237

My feet are a 7.5 too and they are TINY. As someone who is her real height and actually has the shoe size she claims to have I can confirm she's lying. She's so weird.

No. 647238

samefag but i doubt june is even into ddlg at all it's all just part of the "I AM SMOOOOOOOL" schtick
she seems like the type of little that bothers fucking everyone and thinks it's okay because "im a bratty little girl!!!!!1 its part of my brattness and my personality1!!1"

No. 647240

i wear like an 8, 8.5, of a 9 depending on the shoe and i have long skinnyass feet. her feet look pretty similar to mine, maybe an 8 at LEAST. saged.

No. 647242

Have you ever seen all the DDLG cringe on tumblr? Because that's pretty much her.

No. 647256

I just compared how my feet look in that pose in a mirror and I swear mine look a third of her size. Why does she lie about these things? Does she not realize how easy it is for people to catch her? It makes her look ridiculous, insecure, and desperate. There's no shame in saying "Yeah I'm 5'5 but tbh I wish I was shorter" or "yeah I got my boobs/nose done because I didn't like it."

No. 647278

i refuse to look at that shit but i have before and i'm glad i avoid it. blogpost but im honestly into ddlg and the community is fucking gross. i also think it's immoral to have kids if you're into that. who the fuck wants an actual child calling a guy daddy who is sexually into that. not to mention that these online communities are rife with minors. its predatory and nasty. june is a basic ass disney-loving ddlg girl who can't be private about it nor can she dress well for that role at all. she might as well be wearing that nasty pacifier or "baby" jewelry from hot topic.
saged because who cares

No. 647372

just shuwu things XD: taking 4 inches off your height along with bending your knees in photos around other girls, 2 inches off your waist then brag about it everywhere, going at least 2 shoe sizes smoler so you can be a desirable smol little 14 year old girl who all the men worship and who all over 30 year old women are jealous of :333

oh, and if you pack on pounds from being lazy and lying instead of actually working out, just wear giant butt pads and become one of the "thicc" girls. totally not chubby like the numerous girls she made fun of for years though, nope, just nice and thicc and sexy :33 despite all that stomach and back/arm fat.

No. 647392

File: 1532563692437.jpg (98.64 KB, 640x1009, IMG_0209.jpg)

lol saw this on r/hittable faces. The comments are a bit lackluster though people calling him "intelligent"
sorry if double post

No. 647395

you know, he looks like a retarded fatter wannabe version of 2005 bam margera.

No. 647405

File: 1532564334223.png (7.31 KB, 478x74, irl anime.png)

No. 647410

it's funny and sad how retard beta males who have only seen her shit-quality 480p videos of her face and nothing else find her hot as all hell. as if she doesn't purposefully avoid getting a better camera because she looks awful in greg's videos

No. 647415

> there's new milk on her nearly every single day.
You mean every month, right?

She's no Onion or Moomookun tier yet.
Besides… /snow/ is less strict, so newfriends (and there are a lot lately given how many times some topics resurface) can post anything without the fear of retaliation. Plus only scenesters go to /pt/.

No. 647432

File: 1532565453302.png (Spoiler Image, 795.17 KB, 719x826, 20180725_203412.png)

Never forget

[Context: this is the girl they allegedly had a threesome with]

No. 647435

Welcome to the club sis.
Maybe next time you should also attach a bunny picture to the tweet so she won't be triggered much.
Also: type "sage" into the e-mail field if you don't bring milk.

No. 647436

At least the replies to that have some sense

No. 647439

File: 1532565651332.png (44.21 KB, 720x409, 20180715_183753.png)

It was on Askfm. but it WAS posted in earlier threads :3

Here's this milk tho admitting to throwing a tantrum at 25 basically

No. 647446

I know giving compliments to people of dubious cow-status is frowned upon, but damn, that girl has a nice body. Not to whiteknight, but she's pretty to boot. Must hurt.

No. 647459

File: 1532566591271.png (56.1 KB, 592x512, 15goCaM.png)

Threesome confirmed.

She deleted this btw.

No. 647467

In her original post [on 8chan? iirc] she says June approached her like to lead her to Skepthicc cause they had been watching her

No. 647494

What a cute little girl thing to do uwu

No. 647505

I've noticed that shuwu is toning down the ~tee hee im a smol bbygirl~ shtick. But only bc Brittany was brutal about that with june acting that way, lol

No. 647519

Men are more likely to ghost but evil woman right shoe?

No. 647524

There are so many popular women who are a million times more animu than she'll ever be but magically she has people bombard her with "oo so curvy and smalll mom youre such a loli anime girl'?

No. 647527

"the absolute state of wamen" god this deluded suck up. yes, plenty of women ghost and are flaky, this is true, but guys ghost equally as often if not more, and the "absolute state of wamen" thing is something a cringy, deluded, clueless angry neckbeard incel would say. it's beyond generalizing, it's like she just hates all women. like, ALL FEMALES EVER. not even just feminists.

No. 647531

she hateeezzz!!! anime~ but constantly wears trashy wannabe jpop clothes and calls herself a loli, tries to do creepy loli talk, loves anime-styled fanart, even uses anime/manga terms for things. its fucking weird. she also has that sailor moon blanket and that trashy "anime in the streets hentai in the sheets" pillow like wtf june

No. 647541

Lel, my first bf was flakey and ghosted me. I'm 99% sure that if Juwune ever saw a woman use an anecdote like that to shit on the ~absolute state of menz~ like she just did with women, it would trigger her into cool girl hysterics.

No. 647565

Exactly, there are so many cosplayers and other women with actual "loli" bodies and faces who actually enjoy anime too but her followers think she's the only one. I swear they're just like her in wanting to be anime but "ironically" so they don't actually watch it or anything.

No. 647586


Is there any evidence she had her tits done? Like before or afters?

No. 647608

File: 1532574803473.png (840.52 KB, 1440x2015, Screenshot_2018-07-25-20-03-59…)

Her old "kawaii" makeup is literally Abby Brown tier awful

No. 647617

That caption tho

No. 647627

File: 1532576204813.png (80.88 KB, 472x394, loljune..PNG)

I know I'm just making assumptions, but why do I feel like these comments were written by June herself? 5'1 lol what a joke

No. 647654

Is being thought of as a "cool girl" by internet betas really worth being this much of a cuckquean?

No. 647672

Why was a 20-something year old asking for permission from her parents to travel… An adult responds to their parents with, "I understand your point of view, but this is my decision." Lmao @ raging and throwing a pillow.

No. 647683

If she had abusive parents it'd be one thing but these are the parents who let her go to Mexico with a bunch of neckbeards she met on an image board and have seen her shitty kink leashes and don't care.

No. 647685

they're more neglectful than abusive in the sense where they neglect giving her real consequences or responsibilities. june to me seems like a person who just has been babied her entire life.

No. 647688

She is so cringey. wtf

No. 647694

I mean at this point it doesn't matter. She's responsible for herself.

But yeah her parents messed up.

No. 647742


Yes, that doesn't really add up. Why did they let her go to Mexico with a bunch of random guys but didn't want her to visit Canada to see her boyfriend? She was already in a long distance relationship with Gmasterred before, as well. Seems strange.

No. 647752

Greg's just that creepy.

No. 647754

Maybe she asked them after that embarrassing first meeting where Preg tried to act like an "alpha" and just barged in their hoise, sit in the backyard and went full wine snob on June's mom.

I really hope that wedding happens and they move in together soon. Imagine the cringe…

No. 647760


This is June we’re talking about, you really think she told her parents the whole truth?

Her parents probably thought she was going to Mexico with female friends and not to meet fat neckbeards from an image board. She most likely told her parents about skeptic and took one look at him and thought he was going to sell their daughter into slave trade.

It’s embrassing enough she even had to ask because that means they basically were funding her trip. One thing to live at home in your 20s everyone can’t leave the nest quickly and that’s fair but asking permission?????? Why unless you don’t have your own damn money

No. 647767

Yeah, I was wondering if they were funding the trip too..
Maybe June wastes her beta bux on yesstyle and loccitane meme creams so her parents still have to fund her.

No. 647775



>it’s been proven bitch can’t budget for shit. Would complain about spending thousands on the rat hairs she calls wigs , but then in the same breathe making reaching goals for pateron money.

Either way she’s a compulsive liar, so I usually take whatever she as utter nonsense but i can buy her parents being uncomfortable with meeting preg. I mean look at him, and he’s in another country where if something happened to her they couldn’t do anything. I don’t even think her parents said no to be honest I mean look at the younger sister traveling, knowing June’s spoiled self they probably said they didn’t trust him. And wouldn’t financially help her because of it. As an anon said before if she was a true adult she would of just gone

No. 647784

Yes, there's tons of photos of her having no tits then magically getting bigger overnight, lurk more,they're bolt ons anyway, you'd have to be a complete idiot to think they're real, I legit hope you aren't that white knight from the other threads who jumps through hoops to convince themselves they're real and how "it's just a few pixels and anyone who says otherwise has big saggy boobs"

No. 647785

File: 1532594174887.jpg (828.63 KB, 1308x2500, WEz3g78.jpg)

Shoe (and skeptic's legendary retweet) talking about trans women and men:
>all the problems in the world are blamed on the poor menz :( men r scared to approach women bc women have become such cold, screeching feminazi bitches :( unlike me tho ofc~
>trans women are just as feminine and hot as bio women, uwu
>look at this sad comment aww :( i feel pity for mgtow bc women r so mean to them :(

Shoe talking about women:
>LMAOO look at these fat saggy-titted ugly landwhales!!
>women r the reason why women have shit self esteem
>/posts unflattering screenshot/ HAHA LOOK AT THIS UGLY MESS
>look how much better I am tho!!! :3 i lov sexuality and hot grills and i'm totally one of the guys :3 i'm so special and unique and feminine bc other women aren't like that, only trannies!….r-right?

No. 647789

did this stupid cunt seriously just say that women wearing high waisted pants is them trying to "pretend" they have """""her""" waistline…

this deluded brainless bitch i swear to god.. if she knew anything, high waisted pants are actually best suited to women with longer legs and hour glass figures, two body shape related features that she STEAMS ABOUT and INSISTS VIOLENTLY every day that she has since it's so obvious she has short legs and a fucking upside down triangle body lmao. i cannot handle this much delusion.

No. 647792

her ''muh waistline'' obsession makes me laugh every time. she's an inverted triangle shape with no hips and very little waist definition and has the nerve to shit on other women for liking a certain cut of pants because ''they want to look like her''. topkek.

No. 647794

i'm honestly shocked. i have the long legs, slightly bigger thighs and naturally smaller than usual waistline body shape aka a slender hourglass type of figure(only mentioning since shuwu forces this bullshit on everyone on planet earth it seems) and i love wearing only high waisted pants because 1. it's extremely popular lol and 2. it suits my body type and enhances what i naturally have..

but you know. i'm totally copying shuwu, yep, my genetics and the fabric that suits them best are fucking imitating shuwu somehow. i have no words anymore, she amazes me sometimes how deluded she is

No. 647797

File: 1532595591390.jpg (386.54 KB, 1455x2735, DgZRPJz.jpg)

by far my favorite though:
>fat women are ugly, congrats, you're fat. do you want a medal for being fat/liking fat women???REEEE
>fat men are hot as fuck uwu greg is so alpha i love his massive gut~

No. 647798

Shes bitter there are women out there who have more flattering figures than she can only hope and pretend to have, when these women wear high waisted pants it either really emphasises a good hip to waist ratio or makes it look even worse if the woman doesn't have a good hip/waist ratio, hence why she's so bitter about other women wearing it

I also think that's why, when she's not wearing butt pads, she wears lots of skater skirts and dresses, it gives the false illusion that even the least curvy girl in the world can look curvy, but she can also pass off the reason shes wearing it is to be "smol modest trad girl uwu"

No. 647799

Every time i see them i imagine they both must smell like shit

No. 647802

She prob never washes her wigs

No. 647803

>I also think that's why, when she's not wearing butt pads, she wears lots of skater skirts and dresses, it gives the false illusion that even the least curvy girl in the world can look curvy
Exactly. But even then it's still very obvious that she has no hips because her legs are not far apart enough when she stands straight, like in >>646726.

No. 647812

File: 1532596998857.jpg (66.7 KB, 657x777, Y9N5MNY.jpg)

when ur hard work of year-long internet attantion whoring finally pays off :3

No. 647813

File: 1532597003330.jpg (1.22 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20180726_111307694.j…)

The smol agenda

No. 647814

File: 1532597019050.png (739.36 KB, 453x597, sasd.PNG)

>tfw youve spent every day of the past 6 years shitting on women with better bodies and thiccer hips and smaller waists than you to an audience of misogynistic manchildren that are straight up abusive to women

she literally has no hips. mind you, this was during her 'disney princess waistline' time period. i can see, you know, if she actually had the figure she shat on other women about, but she literally did not even have it herself. i don't even think she's that self-hating, i think she's just that delusional

No. 647818

but anon, don't you think having the one millionth discussion about whether or not her (shoe size / height / waist / whatever) is actually as she describes it is milky af?

No. 647822

seeing as how it triggers her into wearing dragqueen tier buttpads at a public event attended by thousands of people, and all of her youtube peers, yes

No. 647829

nta but i think it's somewhat milky but i also think she should stay in /snow/ because old stuff/things from older threads are often brought up again. it would just be a mess in /pt/ and as dumb and milky as she is, she really isn't on the same level as someone like onision.

No. 647847

I think those are song lyrics.

No. 647864

File: 1532603381399.jpg (49.63 KB, 511x701, 24.JPG)

Video ideas of hers that got the most votes.

1. For June, final boss of feminism is Meghan Murphy, a radical feminist, who writes well-researched social commentary and presents sources for her claims.

I have no idea how dumbfuck June is planning to go after her. Most likely she will show a title of some random article and strawman the hell out of it while being painfully unfunny. Or maybe she will ask her libfem friend RantingF to write counter arguments so June can use them in order to pretend she can form an argument worth shit.

2. Living as a man challenge - LMAO, is June gonna try to prove how many have it hard by masking herself into one? Or maybe she'll ask her obese daddy to show her the difficulties he faces in daily life for being a man. I'm sure she'll show those feminists!

Her fans choosing these two options makes me feel like they want her to embarrass herself lmao. I hope she doesn't chicken out like she did with that Lauren Southern video.

No. 647865

>bragging to rando on twitter youre going to the gym
Kind of hypocritical coming from her who has also tweeted about going to the gym several times. Why is it only wrong and "bragging" when fit guys do it? She always sounds so bitter towards them specifically just to totally prove she only finds shreg's prego belly attractive but, then goes around and uses terms that describe muscular guys on him.
>I-I don't like your gross muscles or anything.
It's so forced.

No. 647878

I bet 50$ that Juwune will find some way to make a jab at Murphy's appearance.

No. 647909

And let me guess non her mr fans asked about the Lauren vid she promised. How the fuck can one's fanbase be so easy to manipulate? I guess that's the result when it's made up of 15 year olds, thirsty lonely neckbeards and crazy trannies. Also, fuck Lauren for letting herself be used like that just to stop the shitstorm. More people would be mad if they didn't pull that fake vid promise to appear like they are still friends.

What I don't get is they did meet based on that instagram pic of them together, how is it they couldn't film themselves doing anything?

No. 647916

No. 647918

File: 1532610889756.jpg (79.93 KB, 793x597, wigging.JPG)

i come from the future

No. 647922

>What I don't get is they did meet based on that instagram pic of them together, how is it they couldn't film themselves doing anything?
If they did meet up, shoe would have it plastered everywhere and virtue signaled as much as she could about ~engaging in rational, open discussion~. they obviously didn’t meet and I think as long as no one will bother her about her promise, they won’t do it.

I agree with you anon, it’s almost comical how easily manipulated her audience is.

No. 647926

Another low-hanging fruit video to make himself sound smart.

No. 647927

Her parents loved Kenny, supposedly. Lol. Probably not so much after he leaked her nudes, but their judgement is as bad as hers.

No. 647929

File: 1532611578811.png (1.12 MB, 717x746, 1.png)

Call me crazy but do you think this pic of them could've been taken separately and shooped together? With the completely white background it makes me suspicious. Was there any other pics proving they actually met?

No. 647933

I wouldn’t be surprised if she edited lauren into the picture. The completely white background definitely looks weird.
It looks shooped as fuck anyway (shoe’s eyes, kek).

Even if it’s not edited, the posing looks so…off? Where is June’s left shoulder? Why is Lauren taking up so much space despite her shoulder not being visible? Why is Lauren’s hair a and cheek a literal straight line on the right side of her face? I’m so confused.

No. 647934

File: 1532612242437.gif (97.65 KB, 375x375, 485508-1505429155.gif)


Lauren's always talking about how she has big hands and masculine features, and her hand is smaller than June's here. Her fingers are shorter at least

No. 647935

File: 1532612253093.jpg (48.37 KB, 750x422, DhcD8Z1XUAEKtPd.jpg)

They've met before.

No. 647936

Can't believe she tried to say she was a poor bullied goffic wallflower in school. It's obvious to anyone who spends more than .2 seconds on her Twitter that she's a natural bully.

Then again, her MGTOW/incel fans are dumb enough to actually believe her so maybe she's not so dumb for pushing that lie.

No. 647940

this is from 2016 for those who don't know

No. 647941

File: 1532612766355.jpg (929.96 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180726_154521.jpg)

They did but your picture was like 2-3 years ago. We are talking about the recent drama where June was claiming she was going to film a video with Lauren (after publicly disavowing their friendship and then getting backlash for it) and only posted picture >>647929 which looks really weird.

One thing is for sure, Shuwu definitely shooped herself, made her eyes 3x bigger for that anime effect.

No. 647942

Yes but, this is in a different context where shuwu was trying to prove to everyone they are totally still friends. If it turned out she lied about meeting her that be pretty damaging.
That's where it's difficult because naturally all these attention whores shoop/filter the shit out of their photos so the unrealistically clean lines is typical but, you can separate both of them easily. The only thing that might prove the theory wrong is Lauren's hair stands look like they are touching the hat. Idk enough about editing to make a clear assumption but, something looks off to me.

No. 647946

>thighs honey
June no.

No. 647951

Still incredibly pretentious

No. 647954

>If they did meet up, shoe would have it plastered everywhere and virtue signaled as much as she could about ~engaging in rational, open discussion~
But she desperately wants liberal and lefty cred, which she won't get if she releases the video with Lauren. She seems more interested in impressing people like her waifu Contrapoints nowadays instead of people like Lauren Southern.

No. 647955

Slightly OT but my grandpa was a war medic and a trick to find matching fingers that have been blown off is to put your thumb against the next finger (pointer finger) it will line up perfectly with the brisge of your nose if you place your thumb at the tip of your nose. Now either shoe has magic yaoi hands, shes had a nose job, or there's some photoshopping done. Not sure if should sage…

No. 647956

No. 647959

Citation needed

No. 647963


she admits to wearing powder foundation in this btw

No. 647967

File: 1532614018593.jpg (674.86 KB, 717x746, H5zBz6Z.jpg)

Something looks out of place.

>Lauren's hair is just a straight cut line - no strands surrounding it. It literally looks cropped out. Hair doesn't do that.

>Cheek and mentioned hair align completely even though she seems to be leaning forward? Normally her hair should have some movement to it when posing
>What's with Lauren's arm? Is it just the pattern of the sweater or why does her shoulder and arm look so tiny?
>What is shoe looking at? Her facial expression looks very stiff it looks like she's looking upwards
>Shoe's blurry lash line and eyeball, fucking lol. You can literally see how she forgot to edit the other eye's lash line.
>It looks like June is leaning forward, hence the bit of shoulder in the back. Yet how does her hair overlay Lauren's arm like this? Lauren's shoulder should be bumping June's wig a bit more if it's in the back

The only thing that makes me skeptical about this being fake is the little bit of Lauren's hair overlapping on June's hat on the top. However everything else looks very strange and stiff. I might be reaching but it just looks so weird.

No. 647968

She always does in "no make up" shit, she'd die before showing actual makeupless skin on an HD camera, so much for uwu perfect skin

No. 647978

Do we have the receipts where June shits on girls who wear foundation to cover acne and says it looks like chalk on a side walk? Also, the receipts for her saying she wears nothing but eye make up?

No. 647989

Bonus: humble brag about staying 99 pounds and eating whatever she wants uwu!

No. 647993

I'm sorry guys but sometimes it gets out of hand and you're reading into things too much which is kinda embarassing to be honest. Lauren and her another conservative female friend went to Russia recently. They were making videos about Russia cause Russian authorities sponsored it but that's not the point. The point is Lauren got this hat for her ''Russian'' videos.

No. 648102


Ever since new fags discovered lolcow/summer fags the threads have been getting out of hand a bit. Just ignore it. fam

No. 648123

not that anyone cares, but it's from Primadonna Girl by Marina and the Diamonds

a reoccurring line in the song is "I know I've got a big ego"

No. 648124

File: 1532623696021.png (506.75 KB, 1108x753, cosmocringe.png)

that's a paddle in greg's hand btw

No. 648134

it's quite the coincedence she's a big fan of marina's music, she probably relates a lot unironically to her "primadonna" character. how un-self aware can she possibly be.

No. 648140

In the video where she takes a privilege quiz she admits her parents pay part of her bills.

No. 648144

Almost 30 yr old woman, despite making almost 3k a video, she blows her money on buying a fat guy toys, makeup, and weeb shit
Her parents fund her shit, planned an engagement party half a year after the engagement, will most likely be planning the wedding as well

No wonder shes so bitter towards hard working career women

No. 648145

this, it's really not us repeating it often times, it's her constantly bringing it up, being even more cringy/lying and wearing giant fake fucking buttpads a few weeks ago lmao

No. 648147

File: 1532625833015.png (299.26 KB, 868x538, m7Rp3Ir.png)

>i have never lied about my sexuality
that aged poorly

>i've been called barbie doll, bratz doll, stick figure

by imaginary middle aged women no less

No. 648151

>I am heterosexual

No. 648153

>a stranger never asked if my hair was real

No. 648158


20/10 A++++++
a masterpiece

No. 648270

that song is basically a parody of self-obsessed girls but who wants to bet shoe identifies with it unironically?

No. 648273

ifkr june's lack of self-awareness is insane

No. 648276

This is hilarious. The whole video will be strawman arguments, writing taken out of context and mean jabs at Meghan's looks while shuwu laments for all the pooor menz & trannies that Meghan's viciously targeted. I'm not a radical feminist but Meghan's writing is pretty professional and good. It's so funny that shuwu would think Meghan would even cough in her direction.

No. 648284

File: 1532639710899.png (302.72 KB, 596x1324, QcPhSqj.png)

>blocks out his username
>still @'s him
Not trying to nitpick but what exactly was the point of blurring out his name?

No. 648287

OT but all girls who use "my dude" make me cringe like her and anisa they're always the "not like other girls" type

No. 648292

>It's so funny that shuwu would think Meghan would even cough in her direction.
That's the thing tho, shuwu specifically goes after people who she thinks wont ever respond to her because she's terrible at debating.

Anytime someone stands up for themselves or stated she had her fanbase attack them for simply having different opinions, she:
1. Plays victim
2. Pretends to care but makes it about herself(she did this with milo and some other girl she did a vid on who had a HUGE amount of hate thrown towards her. I think it was the skin/pimple femi ist vid?)
3."lol no ur mom cease"
4."its the internet get over it!!" Despite the fact she whines and cries when being "attacked" herself and her fans literally said she was being CYBER BULLIED by Brittany lol
5. Block
Yeah seriously. Momo says it a lot as well.

No. 648293

She doesn't think so. She just knows she'll get a lot of likes and approval for that video. Her fanboys and even most men in general tend to get highly ''triggered'' by Meghan's articles and she knows it. She also feels good about not being confronted/responded by feminists. Cause she can stick to her thing and keep getting all the benefits from it.

No. 648294

taylor (lainey) says it constantly, too. she acts so much like her, though, to taylor's credit, she isn't willing to throw herself under the bus for ANY male like june is, just greg

No. 648324

Something about June always rubbed me the wrong way. She has tons of views and possitive comments on YouTube praising her fr being funny, but I find she repeats stale memes or stares at the camera for dramatic effect when something stupid was said by the person she's commenting on. She aims for low hanging fruit, anyone can make the same "jokes" as her, it sucks that so much original content is being ignored just because she kisses beta ass.

No. 648327

she uses the same gags over and over again. her content has been stale af for years. idk why she's about to hit a million.

No. 648335

She already has it

No. 648344

even worse

No. 648351


i think she's an autism magnet

autistic fanbase is a loyal fanbase

No. 648360

>love yourself my dude
if this was a woman shuwu would be insulting her appearance and calling her a retarded bitch but because he's a man he gets 'love yourself uwu'

No. 648364

she would also likely accuse the woman of trying to dress like her by wearing common fashion trends lol but men? all men are beautiful gods to her. except the rare incel who she deems unworthy of her devotion, likely because he doesn't think she's a irl loli princess or something.

No. 648398

Or the muscular adonis who's actually a twink who wishes he could be as hunky and strong as Greggory poo uwu :3c

No. 648400

Or Mayu the skinwalker because she would just ignore the stalker like how Shrekory ignores Juwune.

No. 648545


lmao I'm female no wning here. Just have skinny friends with gigantic tits and I've never seen her in a bikini so I have no idea if they're bolt ons. I'm 28E and they look dope as long as im wearing a bra+shirt(no1 curr)

No. 648551

It just hit me that when she calls herself a "nostalgia gamer" it's supposed to be some ageplay thing.

No. 648556

wait what? what does it mean like she plays little girls' games or what

No. 648561

Not defending her but she's been saying that before she got into ageplay. It's just a way of pretending to be a Cool Girl Gamer without having played any video games since she was 12

No. 648563

Did you even read the post at all?

No. 648566


Obviously? Say something you autist

No. 648577

Well for starts you didn't even read the first sentence, and you clearly dont lurk since there's been pics of her nude, hence the entire reason everyone's been calling them bolt ons, then you start sperging about how you and all your friends are skinny with big tits, the point literally flew over your head, you shouldn't talk about things you dont know about

No. 648596


Lurked the entire last thread and it was literally 50/50 people saying those are her nudes.

Which isn't even the point, that you missed, which was that I asked about before and afters. Even if the nudes are legit they'd still just be afters.

Trust me I want to be petty uust like the rest of you bitches but I can't get into it unless I actually see proof(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 648636

yeah see, she constantly says one minute how "i never really played vidya, never was into that stuff, i love skin care and girly stuff haha im traditional :3" then next week we get a whole brag about how she was sooooo cool that she skipped prom to play halo 2 aka a very popular game among the "nerdy" guys back in the day along with those cringy fucking gamer gurl pics she unironically took where she has her retarded looking face pressed against an older game console like nintendo 64 or whatever it was. just little shuwu lies

No. 648743

Lauren's hair is often stiff and lacks normal movement though, it's obviously a different color at the ends than the roots because it's bleached to shit

No. 648751

File: 1532699020800.png (533.41 KB, 720x1037, 20180725_153314.png)

June trying to one-up someone in again


No. 648756

So June just blocked me because I commented on how she called Leslie Jones a gorilla.

Funny how she is trying to desperately hide it now.

No. 648768

File: 1532701871503.webm (2.04 MB, 640x360, not racist.webm)

She's a huge wimp. Good thing this clip has been gaining a little traction lately though. She can't stop that from happening.

No. 648811

Aaaaaaand it’s gone. Lol

No. 648813


Is there any evidence she had her tits done? Like before or afters?

No. 648819

She confirmed the nudes, so you clearly lied about how much you lurked
2, the only time there will ever be legit proof is if she admits them herself, her surgery records are exposed or the clinic posts of a picture of her with her face, which are all unlikely and by that logic, literally no woman ever has had surgery even when its extremely obvious, and still doesn't explain the very first sentence, which you completely ignored, that she was flat and got boobs overnight

Again. There will never be legit evidence unless she admits it or she was posted to a plastic surgery clinic, which would both be merely impossible, but that doesn't mean you can call bolt ons, bolt ons. Just like you dont need 3 pages of legit evidence to prove a blue car is blue, most women who have had surgery don't have any 'legit evidence" but its super obvious, are you gonna tell me they didnt get surgery either?

No. 648821


why is preg playing with his sword in the background?

No. 648844

Oh I love it how she alternates ''sweet nice shy sensitive girl uwu'' with ''sassy coolgirl'' insulting other women's appereance/ being a woman with a ''dude's mind'' in general

No. 648851

because he's an autist and likely cares more about his toys than his fiancee

No. 648856

the fake tits thing is annoying ngl like i don't even care but why would a girl who wants to appear tiny and "uwu smol" get fake tits idk i also don't agree with the nose job thing
not defending the bitch but she just doesn't really look like she's gotten plastic surgery to me, if she did it was botched af cause she looks like ass irl

No. 648861

she wasn't always obsessed with being uwu smol. she bragged about her tit size being big to her discord like a year ago, but now that the loli smol pear gf has come into fashion, she told her discord she has smol boobs

No. 648865

This, anons really need to lurk more, its like they completely forgot she flip flops who she is completely to whatever men like, men back then liked big tit grrrll gamer meme girls, so she was that, now men want animu loli trad sub wives, so shes that too, evidence is compelling and anons still deny bolt ons are bolt ons

No. 648869

yeah that's true
i just dont really think its that plausible she probably just has an average tit size, plus they've probably gotten bigger because of her weight gain. the whole "omg her boobs look DIFFERENT sometimes" is dumb. i have average sized tits and they look bigger or smaller depending on the bra and shirt i'm wearing.
just because she flip flops between men's prefs doesn't mean she got them done. it makes more sense that june would just start wearing push up bras if she wanted them to look bigger. she's the type of girl who would just wear two push-ups instead of getting them done. plastic surgery isn't easy to recover from and i guarantee june wouldn't have the willpower to deal with all the shit you have to do after getting a boob job.

No. 648875

Having your boobs change in size =/= completely going from flat to bolt ons

Also your "I dont think she would!!!" Is just a dumb defense, especially since before June got lazy and she actually worked out and whatnot, shes a complusive liar, so its just dumb as fuck to act like you know who she is, and her push ups dont explain why her tits look like rock hard bolt ons in her nudes, I keep repeating this but you completely ignore it and just keep insisting they're real

No. 648882

I think the anon you're talking to is the same sperg in the plastic surgery thread bragging about her perfect boobs, basically trying to insert her own boobs into every conversation. Probably a newfag who is just bored during summer vacation and hasn't bothered to lurk.

No. 648888

Probably, looks like they changed it from 28D to 28E though since anons were calling them small kek

No. 648919

Someone needs to find the whole video and clip

No. 648934

Found more June being creepy with her male cousin Blake

No. 648942

is that actually her cousin? wasn't she bouncing on his dick??

No. 648958

Yes it's her cousin Blake (iirc)

No. 648965

She seems like the kind of chick who’d fuck her cousin tbh

No. 648979

File: 1532719585991.png (265.24 KB, 588x592, 7HP2N2N.png)

No. 648980

In this video at about 1:53-1:57 it's blink-if-you-miss-it but June accidentally takes off her wig.
This is a compliation of her videos from 9th-12th grade.

No. 648992

File: 1532720767935.png (449.13 KB, 764x622, 20180727_153825.png)

Yeah she had smaller boobs in her teens
She's in about 11th-12th grade here

No. 648993

Even though it's kinda weird, she seemed to have fun hanging out and filming movies with these people.

Why did she trade it for pandering to creepy imageboards and being friendless is beyond me.

Also none of these supposed cousins and relatives were at her engagement party.

No. 649011

That's true lol

No. 649017

very accurate. probably used her parent's money for bolt ons.

No. 649018

slightly off topic but i just need to vent here: 28E tits would look absolutely horrid. 28 is tiny for a bust measurement and E cups would look ridiculous and awful on that but anyway

No. 649024

honestly, maybe they realize how fake she was years ago and now avoid her, she probably stabbed at least one in the back at some point, or maybe they're just embarrassed by the shit she lives for now.

i agree though, she traded in having people who seemed fun enough to hang out with for being this pathetic preggory worshipper who has nothing going for them whatsoever.

No. 649062

my theory is that june was anachan and her boobs probably just got bigger with all the weight gain
i think her obsession with male preferences probably has a lot to do with it, hence what appears to be weight fluctuations and the "lol smol boobz!" to "THICC JUNE" bs

No. 649078

They are implants, anon. She was ana-esque in her twenties too, so no "weight gain" gave her giant rock hard tits.

No. 649080

her boobs dont even look that big they look average at best

No. 649083

28 is the underbust the boobs would be 33-34in.

No. 649086

whatever bigger than than her old breast tissue which was non existant till she turned 18 SOMEHOW…

No. 649089

oh dang this is down. does anyone else have this clip?

No. 649090

i had really small boobs until i turned 18… all i'm saying is i'm skeptical of her getting plastic surgery until i see real proof. all of the other shitty stuff about june is easily proven except this. idk i just don't believe it

No. 649098

File: 1532731736775.jpg (Spoiler Image, 79.32 KB, 823x410, June (187).jpg)

This is bringing back memories of when June got Ian to track the ips of complete strangers who DARED think her boobs were fake. So stupid and weirdly obsessive/touchy about fake boobs. I guess since she has fake hair, she thought fake boobs was too much for her innocent uwu image?

No. 649114

ugh both those images are so nasty she looks like a tranny

No. 649132

If Septic really is such a big alpha daddy dom, why doesn’t he order June to stop pulling her damn hair out? I thought she was a perfect sub 24/7 who always obeys orders?
Of course, someone like Preg who has no self discipline of his own would never be able to keep his sub in line either. Which is why the two of them have been putting on so much weight despite insisting they are both Disney royalty tier.

No. 649139

>track the ips

what does that even mean lol

No. 649144

Someone was actually going on about the hidden Hollywood trannies at length in the gc thread here on /ot, doing a lot of derailing and talking stupid shit. Just feels weird since this used to be Shuwu’s old stomping grounds.

No. 649212

No. 649224

File: 1532744690218.png (185.41 KB, 1058x720, 20180727_222001.png)

ACTUALLY She was fucking around with a shirt on top of her head, sans wig for a skit, and when she yanked the shirt off she exposed her un-wigged head which explains why she ducks out of view so quickly

No. 649225

Sounds more like she's using a sister size to make them sound bigger, probably a 36B or 34C.

No. 649229

Also consider that her old friends probably now have actual careers, spouses, mortgages, families, etc. and can no longer relate to a 27y/o woman who still lives in her childhood bedroom with her parents and does absolutely nothing but post on twitter all day.

Are you serious? lol

No. 649230

She kept track of people talking shit about her and gave them nicknames like "Arizona says I have fake boobs". Then she would compare the ips to her skype friends ips and see if it was them and if she got a match she would slowly stop talking to them. A pretty low and unethical thing to do on these types of boards. One of our other admins got kicked off for sharing IPs with crystal cafe.

No. 649243

this actually makes me a little sad, she seems like a pretty normal teen girl here. Now she's just pathetic, endlessly trying to relive these years. It's tragic.

No. 649256

Meant to respond to >>649139

No. 649294

Her nose looks bulbous here

No. 649296

File: 1532751755349.png (9.35 KB, 95x102, 20180727_154006.png)

There's also this cancerous edit
I would be pissed if someone did this to my gift art

No. 649317

That or all girls on the internet are magically 28D/28Es or whatever

No. 649318

File: 1532754928190.png (344.53 KB, 720x965, 20180728_011402.png)

>obiviously went up a few cup sizes too quickly for it to be attributed to puberty [pic related]

In confirmed nudes:
>tits way too close together
>look like hard plastic
>dont fall naturally/ are adverse to gravity [that one picture of her laying on her back and her tits just stick right up in the air]
>very round
>Breast-weight ratio is not in her favor genetically (skinny girls typhically dont have that big of tits naturally)
>pics of her mother around her age show that her mother was nearly flat (breast size is inherited from your mother)
>her sister has a smaller bust than her

No. 649328


Lmao I'm the 28E in this thread, didn't post anywhere else tho. 28D must be a dif anon. Also not the same anon who talked bout pushups. Yall too deep into your conspiracies. Also you can keep on repeating they're bolt ons but there's 0 proof thats her. I expect better from autists

Thanks for the ban <3

No. 649334

>trusting dr google
I actually do think june has fake boobs just because of the shape, but can we not quote random healthline posts as definitive proof that boobs don't get bigger after a certain age. Mine were a 32C at 18 and a 32DD by 21 without major weight change, some people develop differently to others.

No. 649335

Yeah, 0 proof despite the fact kenny stole her phone, posted them, and she confirmed them

L u r k. M o r e.

No. 649337


If you can show me where she confirmed them I'll obey my ban and fuck off forever lmao

No. 649338

File: 1532757409354.jpg (Spoiler Image, 341.22 KB, 858x823, 1509065419343.jpg)

>0 proof thats her.

Just leave these threads if you're not going to bother fact checking the shit you spew.

No. 649339

are you genuinely retarded? okay we get it, u have ~big boobs~ now fuck off. we are here to talk about june’s bolt ons, not yours.

No. 649340

File: 1532757511202.jpg (Spoiler Image, 249.53 KB, 1533x541, 1471897652034.jpg)

You're an idiot.

No. 649342

Step one: go to snow catalog
Step two: ctrl + F "shoe0nhead"
Step three: use the threads and find it yourself, its on her ask fm which there are screencaps of her confirming
If you still insist they aren't hers just because you're too lazy and want strangers to spoon fed you things, thats on you, but at least don't deny it, its like if someone told you "2+2=4" and you deny deny deny, they tell you to open the textbook and see it for yourself, and you insist it isnt true because you're too lazy to do it yourself, and even if we did show you, considering these hoops you jump through in order to convince yourself her boobs are real,you'd probably find another excuse to if we showed you

No. 649344

Can we talk about how june spergs over gregs "golden" voice? She's deluded herself into thinking it's deep and sultry. Tbh he sounds like a generic white boy. He actually has a more youthful voice than June.

No. 649345


Ok so how do I go about getting my own thread then? I want to be a bolt on lolcow too

No. 649347


A cock, an ass, same ass

Whew I sure got shown

No. 649348


Wasn't even denying it. But since it triggers yall, I'm taking a STANCE

I for one stand by shuwus titties

No. 649349

the worst thing tbh. saged.

No. 649350

Would still be saging like a good girl if yall hadn't banned me

It really hurt my feewings(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 649352

You're the only one who looks triggered here, tbh lol

No. 649353

This was the proof that it was junes, followed by her boobs. nice bait, if you wanna keep believing june is a perfect angel with no implants or nudes go ahead. The proof was literally in your face and you still ignore and deny it, you're having a mental breakdown over this, pls, check yourself into a mental hospital

Its the only thing decent about him so june desperately holds on to his 3 decent features to make him seem like a god, like lmao i can go to walmart and find more god like men than him

No. 649361

Mods pls

No. 649363

No match for my incognito tab

No. 649364

This clip is from this video where she further goes on to say she looks like a pony and uses a picture of a mlp character. If anyone wants to make a full clip it starts at around 14:30.

I bet this isn't the only piece of fan art he's "improved."

No. 649365

>the black
>she looks like a gorilla
Careful June your LI racism is showing

No. 649367

>this [ her channel ] is more about the politics and stuff behind politics

No. 649370

I was skipping through the review they did on the Ghostbusters remake to see if they bring up any of the controversy surrounding the movie. I get to the outtakes section after the video with bloopers, and at 58:25 Shoe goes over and sits on Preg's lap and then starts nuzzling his face. There's a couple other gross things in there, like the baby voice she does, that also happened.
hooktube: https://hooktube.com/watch?v=iG1pwamdAnc

No. 649380

File: 1532764102110.jpg (38.23 KB, 600x339, preg's new youtube series.jpg)


fixed that for him.

No. 649382

kek, anon, please, as if he's tasteful enough to include a drop shadow

No. 649418

File: 1532775789898.jpg (90.9 KB, 568x512, sf.jpg)

No. 649423

File: 1532776108259.jpg (62.03 KB, 579x617, 54.JPG)

No. 649424

File: 1532776113752.png (320.97 KB, 1144x614, 1ZKlWya.png)

June pretending to care about racism and autism so she can dunk all over women like she hasn't spent the majority of her life making fun of black people and autists.

He always sounds so whiny. Even if he did have a golden voice (he doesn't) it'd be ruined by the drivel coming out of his mouth.

No. 649425

File: 1532776220060.png (136.36 KB, 680x654, flesh vase.png)

>serial cheater
>respects you
>loves you for who you are

sure, june

No. 649428

Demonizing Andrea Dworkin.
Of course, he had to marry a woman like you who's the exact opposite of the carricature you're making out of Andrea Dworkin and panders to men 24/7 and loves to suck all of their dicks 24/7 (excuse me, but this is the most suitable metaphor for what she does) and that's what constitutes her entire personality and life. Except that in your case it's real, not carricaturistic or false at all.

I think she grew up in family with conservative believes about gender roles.

No. 649431


"do not click" would be a better tagline for her youtube than "very ok person".

No. 649432

>racist ass 1st wave
Says the woman who called a black actress a gorilla and throws racial slurs around. This hypocritical moron is absolutely embarrassing herself, Jesus. I wish more people would see those screencaps of her racist antics.

No. 649434

>respects you
>treats you like a flesh vase.
Pick one.

No. 649436

Shoe only pretends to care about racism, autistic people etc when it benefits her motivation: demonising women in any way possible to make herself look superior. She never gives a fuck about any issue UNTIL something about women is involved. June never cared about video games in the slightest until gamer gate started to blow up and she saw it as her big chance to stick her nose into things she knows nothing about and benefit from it.

She’s so transparent it’s almost painful.

No. 649437

>dates a guy who openly cheats on her and calls her a cum dumpster any chance he can get
i think she already has.

No. 649440

File: 1532778807608.jpg (126.31 KB, 723x352, Stoltenberg.jpg)

She always ''hits the bull's eye'', doesn't she? So much for a ''rational sceptic'' or whatever. Her motivations are clear. I don't get why many of her subs would still deny she's an epitome for male attention whore/cool girl type

No. 649443

Lol she opened the article to find what to highlight and deliberately ignored this

But then again, that would take being able to actually discuss certain points - shoe can't have that.

She can only point finger and scream.

No. 649499

>I think she grew up in family with conservative believes about gender roles
If that was the case mommy and daddy wouldn't be paying her bills and wouldve kicked her out for whoring herself to a fat divorcee, and she wouldn't have been such a guido thot throughout high school

Ot my parents are conservative and tradtional, they'd kill me if I was anything like june at all, whether it be coolgirl june or juneuwu or any of her million personalities, they seem like liberals

No. 649501

To june its only sexist if its sexist against men, and only racist if its racist against whites, such logic june

No. 649506

No. 649522

i hope the ghost of andrea dworkin haunts shuwu and preg for the rest of eternity. better yet, i hope she kills both of them with her supernatural powers

No. 649539

File: 1532793491624.png (692.19 KB, 1462x586, 3k2qiFc.png)

Let's say an internet famous woman bullied a schizophrenic man for shits and giggles. Would that activate her almonds?

Just wondering because she's obviously so passionate about disabled men being taken advantage by women.

No. 649540


ot but ironically Dworkin has a softer and more pleasant voice compared to June's manly guidette yelling, even though Dworkin never aimed to appeal to men at all. tragic

No. 649549

>that really activates my almonds
how does she do this, how does she always manage to find the most annoying turn of phrase

Unrelated but you guys feel like her UWU little phase is much more annoying than her old school le edgy one of the guys internet emo eyeliner bit. I mean, at least her old personality fit her boisterous sensibilities better. Hell, it was just a less cringey trend overall. Dated, but less cringe.

No. 649556

Lol conspiracy theories truly aiming for the spoiled squishy fruit that's has a giant footprint on it now

No. 649563

File: 1532795512680.png (565.76 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180728-023146.png)

This is old but gold

No. 649566


LMFAO when did this happen?


No. 649578

It's fairly old like 2016ish? I just thought it was funny regarding the current circumstances.

No. 649580

Only the tastiest of fruit for this mensa man.

No. 649586

I found the original, Lauren was replying to something June tweeted, but June deleted the tweet..

No. 649627

>Unrelated but you guys feel like her UWU little phase is much more annoying than her old school le edgy one of the guys internet emo eyeliner bit. I mean, at least her old personality fit her boisterous sensibilities better. Hell, it was just a less cringey trend overall. Dated, but less cringe.

I agree, she's so fake now.

No. 649662

Yeah, and there’s no way conservative parents would let their daughter get breast implants at 18-19. Or let her drop out of school. Or support her “YouTube career”.

No. 649694

File: 1532807284140.png (676.81 KB, 715x1155, 20180728_154513.png)

June's mom bought one of her shirts once

No. 649696

Is it just me or is her mom gorgeous…? Does June look more like her dad? not even trying to be a dick here, I've never seen a pic of him.

No. 649697

File: 1532807490727.jpg (157.32 KB, 1200x771, CwJ5ecEUsAActRB.jpg)


No. 649699

Yeah her dad is the one who fucked up the genetics

No. 649701

her mom is much prettier than her, and not just in a like "when she was younger she mustve been prettier". she's prettier as she is now, than june, imo

No. 649705

File: 1532807786837.png (435.38 KB, 684x717, 20180728_155521.png)

Both her parents

No. 649710


egg shaped head, close set beady eyes and nose are definitely from her dad's side.

fetal alcohol syndrome is from mom kek

No. 649718

KEK you can literally see her radiating joy from being the only girl in a picture surrounded by multiple guys

No. 649733

i honestly think both of her parents, especially in their younger days, were much better looking than shuwu, even her father. i can tell that their features did not mix well at all.

No. 649745

Lol i actually see it. She looks extremely happy here.

No. 649747

File: 1532812156265.png (465.12 KB, 720x709, 20180728_170851.png)

Her dad in his younger days

No. 649750

File: 1532812312830.jpg (126.61 KB, 1003x899, DXwbtHvXcAA8AOY.jpg)

This one of the worst pictures of shuwu

No. 649752

Her lips look like an unwashed butthole christ.

No. 649756

Does June have a feeder fetish? It wouldn't surprise me seeing how much weight preggory has gained with her and how she's always so eager to call women 'fat', almost as if she gets a kick out of it that she's ashamed of.

No. 649759

imagine seeing this pic in 1080p.. our eyes would melt out of our skulls. imagine the foundation and disgusting eyeliner and the oddly short stubby weird eyelashes. shudders

No. 649786

Well I meant parents with conservative views regarding gender roles, not strictly conservative religious parents or your parents. They can have conservative views regarding some aspects while not other ones. That's what I meant

No. 649790

This needs to be part of a banner.

No. 649799

Is that a shitty lolita dress she's wearing!? Oh please no, we have enough drama, we don't need her too

No. 649801

She and her fans think of her everyday fashion as lolita lmao

No. 649806

I think this was just for halloween… hopefully.

No. 649808

Unpopular opinion I guess but I think she actually looks good here bc she doesn't look like herself. White trash styling and guidette posing aside, I'd say this is one of her best pics

No. 649816

i agree but i think the makeup is absolutely awful, like look at the eyeliner and lashes especially. but besides that, her actual face looks less like shuwu

No. 649818

she was dressed up as a "marrionette doll", hence the puppet string stuff on top. very uwu im a cute little dolly surrounded by the big boys :3 costume.

No. 649863

where does this dumbass bitch get away with thinking that she can shit on andrea dworkin like this. my god someone needs to beat her ass big time

No. 649869

After seeing the pictures of her next to women who are actually 5'2, it would be really funny and interesting to see her react to a 5'2 fan meeting her for the first time and saying "oh wow, you're tall!"

All hope and optimism would just instantly drain from her face.

No. 649885

i wouldn't give her that much cred tbh she looks as bad as usual and the wet butthole lips dont do her any favors

No. 649911

File: 1532828868637.jpeg (77.03 KB, 749x953, C4cdt_OUcAAqPKt.jpeg)

Do you think June actually uses this Lmao

No. 649913

Why does preggory have a stripper pole in his apartment

No. 649920


for the star wars dolls?

No. 649921

File: 1532829531285.jpg (85.63 KB, 621x621, IMG_2737.JPG)

From slutty pics on 4chan, to having 1mill dead subs/sperging professionally on twitter and you still gotta post shit like this to keep it relevant.
Junes camming carreer saga just to impress Fupa Ryder when?

No. 649928

you know he watches his own videos and just thinks to himself how amazing they are/he is

No. 649946

Anon that's his login screen the youtube TV app. Notice the little thumbnail screens.
The more important question is that who the fuck will use it? Juwune? Doubt. A thicc secret? More likely. But if the secret will use it… why does she has to dance in the middle of so many cables and lighting equipment (btw the softbox locations trigger me)? Does he have no more space? And what money will he throw at the sad girl? One dollar bills? Otherwise he would spend most of his own money in like 20 seconds.

No. 649949

oh i just thought that his tv was fucked up or something lol

No. 649957

Don't worry fam, it's cringey from him no matter what. After hitting puberty most guys tend to lose the "my desktop wallpaper is my 100 sub youtube channel banner" phase. At least that's what i saw on Pimp My Setup. Unless the kids are autistic, that is.

No. 649972

File: 1532832951359.jpg (254.89 KB, 872x559, 20180728_155039.jpg)

Found this! Kek, what a time that was. To add insult to injury, this wasn't that old (2017). June has fucking ballooned. This is from their Candid comments vid too, and to add fuel to the ana-chan accusations, Preg says in the vid that he can feel her ribs when he hugs her.

No. 649990

>preg spergs about June's fat ass
>preg gets a crazy love letter that is most likely made up by shuwu
>comments from retarded fanbase
about how june is forever 14™
>smol uwu~
>June is fat
>shuwu and preg damage control their weird dynamic by saying it's just acting for bideos not real :3c
>then a little while later they say that they act like themselves in videos and don't become anything
>we stay up until 5 am. And wake up at 6 pm.
>"you'd give me cute daughters"

No. 650016

>shuwu feeling up preg's thin arm as if it were bulging muscle

No. 650019

her guidette phase was gross but when she had that short, straight-haired wig and wore t shirts and was anachan, it suit her a lot more than this weird "THICC" uwu bdsm so submissive~ style. god especially when she puts her dumb wig up in a bun, she looks like shit. she looked better when she dressed like a "not like other grills~" wannabe tomboy

No. 650023

ew the whole "waking up at 6pm and going to bed at 5am" is gross. They're so proud they have no real responsibilities. Just wait until the youtube revenue dries up. Then they'll wish they got real jobs or at least finished college.

No. 650030

But… they already did bitch about how "youtube hates" them and gives less and less through adsence. So Shoe Shives' Shatreon Shillings (deliberate alliteration) must dry up to make them think about getting a real job. But as we know Preg will just try to find yet another poor soul.

No. 650031

"oh wow june, you're so much taller than i thought! you're an amazon, you could even model i think!"

imagine the seething rage that would radiate from her. she would probably be so upset she would refuse to speak to the fan afterward.

No. 650041

Drives me crazy every time she pretends like her waist is sooooo tiny uwu when like it's kinda small sure but not that small and it's definitely not small compared to her twiggy weird legs and big ass arms and hands. plus she's clearly sucking in for dear life in that video. Like why pretend your waist is unusually small when your body just.. isn't that?

Guess it doesn't matter now since she gained 25 pounds and wears butt pads and has big stomach rolls

No. 650119

File: 1532853099500.jpg (15.76 KB, 237x232, Capture.JPG)


If you crop out his head, it June masked as a man, partially showing her bald head.

No. 650120


Her enlarging her eyes in meitu to look more anime creeps me out

No. 650121

File: 1532853421408.jpg (18.09 KB, 484x199, 1512805748554.jpg)


She shops at bodyline lmfao

No. 650125

File: 1532854863447.png (632.62 KB, 566x468, hoodedeyes.png)


that little black fleck above her eyelid is probably eyeliner, she def has hooded eyes.

that leftover fleck usually happens when you open your eyes too wide right after applying liquid eyeliner, and she looks like she's about to pop from straining those beady little things in this photo

No. 650129

just want to also point out how obviously filtered this pic is, like her face just looks clearly filtered to make it shorter and to make her eyes bigger. it's also so low quality, not even an old iphone 4 camera is that bad.

No. 650140

File: 1532857171152.png (565.28 KB, 559x489, taller.PNG)

>tfw all of your coolgirl female fans are shorter than you so you keep your head cocked and your knees bent so often that your cervical vertebrae fuse together in a janky ass position and your legs lose the ability to straighten

No. 650141

File: 1532857488539.png (499.46 KB, 521x422, tallerrr.PNG)

only just found these but damn for real she has like 3 inches on this girl. that head cocking + knees really is effective

No. 650147

File: 1532858412887.jpg (35.72 KB, 289x410, adad.jpg)

kek i love the obvious discomfort and annoyance in her facial expression whenever she takes a picture with a (female) fan that's smaller then her.

if i was rich, i'd pay a bunch of petite cute girls to take pictures with her during vidcon just so i can see june fume

No. 650148

>4'11 girl goes to pose beside shuwu
>shuwu bends down so far her knees are 3 inches from the ground

would be gold

No. 650150

File: 1532858899006.jpg (380.3 KB, 1080x1616, Screenshot_20180729-120651__01…)


Here too

No. 650151

File: 1532859019354.png (490.14 KB, 519x361, fe,,a.PNG)

its like literally every female fan its crazy

No. 650153

File: 1532859094513.png (9.66 KB, 397x175, lmao.png)

No. 650155

File: 1532859181457.png (552.22 KB, 459x508, maoe.PNG)

are ALL of her male fans manlets?? without the head cocking she'd be taller than almost all of them too

No. 650157

File: 1532859342508.png (519.08 KB, 462x467, taa.PNG)

her styling is just so awful. it makes her look so much older

No. 650158

File: 1532859449639.png (242.04 KB, 819x493, fan.PNG)

i kek'd. at least he got the uneven eyes right. i love how all of her fans consistently bad artistic abilities unintentionally roast the shit out of her

No. 650159

File: 1532859467270.jpg (449.18 KB, 1080x1457, Screenshot_20180729-121646__01…)


Almost full body pic reveals bendy knees technique

No. 650163

not to be nitpicky but she looks quite old next to these actual teens. not that she ever looks like a teen in the first place, but it's especially apparent here.

she'd look tons better if she embraced her mature features instead of LARPing as a kawaii ugu loli waifu. but i guess her ogre wouldn't be too pleased with that change.

No. 650165

Wow, is this legit? Jeez the thread on Lauren-I hate brown people southern has been dry as fuck but this is some good milk.

No. 650166

File: 1532859916145.png (890.23 KB, 960x453, sdf.PNG)

so desperate to look tiny that she puts her head on a random creepy neckbeard's shoulder. that is some serious desperation. that shirt is probably crusted in cum considering her fans

No. 650167

File: 1532859994694.png (899.02 KB, 615x542, tallerr.PNG)

No. 650169

File: 1532860415612.png (153.07 KB, 535x427, meghan.PNG)

if this is her burn (that makes her look incredibly stupid btw), i can't wait for her terrible vid on meghan

No. 650172

she's projecting again, shoe has narc meltdowns and hair-pulling sessions whenever she doesn't meet her quota of mra cum tributes to keep her sane

No. 650173

File: 1532861202148.png (89.17 KB, 475x284, gross.PNG)

No. 650174

File: 1532861480041.jpg (11.53 KB, 435x84, cleav.JPG)


>Uguuu I love to be facefucked roughly :33 Are you getting fantasies about me my fellow neckbeard ~uwu~

Also shoe:
>But showing cleavage is so improper! What a male-gaze pandering whore, she's doing it for the views, ugh

No. 650176

Her eyes look especially uneven here.

Btw June if you're lurking you might want to get your pale, scalloped tongue checked out.
Not only is it gross and unbefitting of supah smol gurl but it can indicate a variety of health issues.

No. 650177

File: 1532861884943.png (509.68 KB, 758x535, roasted.PNG)

No. 650178

File: 1532861937320.png (92.23 KB, 615x481, ick.png)

I don't get why her fans say she doesn't sexualize herself for views and attention when she does shit like this constantly.

No. 650180


skeptic used to be so enthusiastic around her before, even with the creepy neckbeard- style comments

now he mostly ignores whatever she posts

No. 650181

File: 1532862216165.png (42.01 KB, 457x401, wow.PNG)

she does it all of the time. like…

No. 650183

File: 1532862286608.png (26.93 KB, 448x254, ere.PNG)

more pedobait bullshit under the guise of "just talking about teeth!"

No. 650184

File: 1532862410720.png (227.86 KB, 411x398, blow.PNG)

which is why all of the losers responded to that comment like this or posting pictures of hamsters trying to shove bananas in their mouths, basically all blowjob/being hard jokes

No. 650185

surely the orbiters who criticized brittany for being obsessed with june will criticize june for being obsessed with megamurph. it's only fair. :^)

another thing: shuwu claims that feminists aren't needed because both sexes are treated equally nowadays. if that's the case, then why does she coddle the male rights movement?


No. 650186

Is her idea of not letting her man go to sleep horny is letting him tip camgirls? Because they see each other like what, twice a year? Her answer still doesn't make sense because who cooks for him then?

No. 650190

File: 1532863020717.png (131.44 KB, 433x474, no one says this.PNG)

can almost guarantee no one has ever said any of these things to her

No. 650196

I don't believe 99% of what she claims people tell her, especially when it's so obvious she's bullshitting

I know women with waists smaller and hips bigger shuwu can only wish to have, and more of a baby face and bigger eyes than her and even they don't get the "omg your eyes are huge your waist is so smol" shitick shoe claims always happens to her

So glad Brittany called her out though, before she went around claiming the second she walks outside the junior high school bus stopped at her house after mistaking her for a middle schooler and every time she goes out groups of middle aged women all gather around and grab her arms and waist to talk about how smol they are and how short and curvy she is

No. 650197

File: 1532864656481.jpg (890.01 KB, 3000x3577, WS6DfI6.jpg)

June ''I don't sexualize myself for views'' LaPorta.

>pretends to be bisexual

>constantly talks about bdsm and sex
>''i worship his peen 24/7''
>''hehe gregs dicc is so huge :3''
>''teehee i'm a jailbait loli''
>''i wear collars in public, anon''
>publicly talks about threesomes on twitter/ask
>shows cleavage yet acts like she's above girls who make a living off of their tits

Shoe's fans are the type retards who believe that sexualizing yourself is limited to showing tits (which she does anyway so w/e). You can sexualize yourself for attention in multiple ways. Shoe knows exactly what she's doing, home girl has been whoring for male internet attention for almost 10 years now.

There's nothing wrong with being sexual and stuff but it's just really disrespectful and cunty of her to pretend that she's any better than titty streamers like brittany. (''shoot me in the face if i ever show cleav on shoe0nhead'')

No. 650198

Why can't she ever use actual insults thrown at her, like "You look like you're from Whoville", "Nice $10 wig, you freak", "I bet you eat your boyfriend's shit, dd/lg girl"?

No. 650199

File: 1532865201009.jpg (47.12 KB, 600x450, DPD64z9UEAAlqYC.jpg)

smol mouf uwu

No. 650200

Her face is so punchable and annoying in this, I can almost smell her shit-smelling breath, its so unflattering and pretentious

No. 650201

File: 1532865477996.jpg (24.76 KB, 500x500, CKJ5m04UcAAO9-F.jpg)

this one is almost worse

>shoot me in the face if i ever show cleav

No. 650202

File: 1532865614598.png (54.47 KB, 481x591, UoEvMXl.png)

>hey silly boys, i have a smol teen mouf ;3
>my mouth is huge
pick one

No. 650205

File: 1532866022448.jpg (197.32 KB, 579x992, uW4CtoT.jpg)

Honestly I think she has some kind of complex.
Maybe she's insecure about having a long, narrow face (since these face shapes tend to age you quite a bit) and her small eyes?

the tweets in pic related are from 2015 and to be fair to her i picked a photo of her from the same year since she obviously looks older now. WHERE is she getting the ''young'' schtick from? Who convinced her?
Her features are not youthful or soft in the slightest, in fact her face is pretty mature in terms of features. She'd have a point if her face was round and short with big round eyes and a small philtrum, but her phase is basically the opposite of someone who looks young.

I think she's projecting by claiming she looks young to manipulate her orbiters into showering her with compliments. It has worked. A lot of men can't see through stuff like this.

>people try to insult me by calling me cute and young looking

fucking kek, sure jan. That probably happens as often as those fat women grabbing your wittwe arms and telling you to eat a cheeseburger :(
Or the ''and the whole train applauded'' tumblr stories you love to make fun of.

No. 650209

File: 1532866809193.jpg (34.54 KB, 640x480, 7dufMCa.jpg)


smol loli sex doll? more like cheap, ugly mannequin

No. 650233

when are cows gonna learn that just because you say something over and over doesn't mean it's true? June, anyone with eyes can see you look like someone's 35 year old stepmom, insisting you are smol and youthful won't change it.

No. 650237


No. 650241

What are her "wings" in this pic? It just looks like she drew massive dots next to her eyes.

No. 650253

File: 1532871184005.jpg (51.39 KB, 1440x1080, Patamon.jpg)

She looks like a Digimon

No. 650254

File: 1532871209614.jpg (27.94 KB, 749x342, chickem.jpg)

so quirky!

No. 650263

sage for no new info but anyone else watch ralphthemoviemaker? I like his videos but when he gave that fat manchild and Sheen from Jimmy Neutron a shout out in his fifty shades of grey video for being a better representation of a bdsm couple I felt compelled to click on a different video.

No. 650271

At least her dad has a top lip.

No. 650278

this was discussed in the last thread, ralph and the other ''movie critics'' have their own thread here now >>642331
but yeah it was so embarrassing and cringe worthy.

>Sheen from Jimmy Neutron

holy shit lmfaooo

No. 650292

File: 1532876140917.png (49.26 KB, 584x580, QxOLzYs.png)

She had a temper tantrum because somebody disagreed with her definition of clickbait. Nothing super interesting but her inner guidette coming out is always funny.


No. 650294

File: 1532876177870.png (386.53 KB, 586x930, rCnQXWD.png)


No. 650295

File: 1532876216643.png (57.38 KB, 582x588, vkDzgGf.png)

>you are literally the most dense human being holy shit


No. 650296

File: 1532876267452.png (11.23 KB, 580x74, zZE8s3z.png)


No. 650298

So Shoe is PMSing every 3 days?

No. 650299


Imagine being in your late twenties and going ballistic over something like this.

No. 650311

File: 1532877262262.jpg (128.36 KB, 720x783, uwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu.jpg)

>Sheen from Jimmy Neutron

No. 650344

it's probably from chugging all that gross starbucks coffee
"muh adhd" girls like that always chug coffee all day, dumbasses

No. 650349

i just love the fucking humblebrag she always has to throw in, "oops teehee sorri i do not know those icky nasty drugstor brandz~! :3c i only know high end ones!!"

No. 650350

File: 1532881379989.png (106.96 KB, 500x281, tumblr_nhsmw1FRSf1s02ajbo1_500…)

Greg has more curves than june

No. 650353

Yes it is. Saged.

No. 650355

wtf is her outfit here
she's wearing a hoodie ON TOP of some sort of shirt she has tied around her non-existent waist
b-but joon-chan :3c i thought u didnt have to accentuate your disney princess waistline!!
her face is disgusting too, she looks 35 here, you can tell she's pissed that her more petite teen fans take pictures with her because it shows how fucking old she looks

No. 650356

they along with their autistic fans look so fucking awkward in every picture

No. 650360

This is something I don't get about her-if she really has ADHD, then why the fuck isn't she getting actual treatment? Either she really has it and wants to use it as a crutch instead of working on it, or she doesn't and thinks it makes her more quirky.

No. 650361

Ironic how she tries hard to present herself as a small teenage girl… and then actual small teenage girls ask her to take a picture with them which makes look like an old horse in comparison.

No. 650362

jesus christ does she have anger issues or something? imagine getting this mad over some irrelevant shit

No. 650365

File: 1532883408563.png (173.62 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180728-155236.png)

Just gonna leave this here god i hope her father hasn't seen this or any of the other little space sperg

No. 650366

b-but anon, they keep it private!!!!1

No. 650370

She’s said something about how it’s part of her personality and she doesn’t want to change that.

No. 650372

out here defending her king alpha daddy uwu meanwhile he tips camgirls and ignores her

No. 650374

she's such a doormat, forget "muh bdsm dynamic", no good relationship involves only one person defending the other, while the other just completely ignores them

No. 650376

File: 1532885058379.png (371.49 KB, 579x488, sugar daddy.png)

No. 650380

june stfu you make more money than him, stop acting like you have this perfect bdsm fantasy jesus fucking christ

No. 650382

June wrote in a tweet he had “status”.

No. 650388

File: 1532885619154.jpg (14.48 KB, 306x408, 1526589965278.jpg)

June still says she never went anywhere with gmastered and never saw him barely uwu

No. 650392

File: 1532885934249.png (26.59 KB, 738x266, rich autistic daddy dom.png)

His family has clout in Kingston. Would perfectly explain the abuse she puts up with from this queero. Just look at that face >>650376

No. 650393

probably because his parents are rich

No. 650395

File: 1532886111072.png (212.14 KB, 1391x476, 1526589331342.png)

>this was me today looking like im going to a funeral as usual
How goffic owo

No. 650402

She'll be taken care of forever now that she convinced him to marry her with her "uwu mras r not so bad" act. Everything is planned with this attention whore, from the time she wore his merch for attention while still having a bf.

No. 650404

at least i think she still had a bf when she was whoring for king gregs affection.

No. 650412

File: 1532887219153.jpg (25.21 KB, 584x329, 1531875372468.jpg)


No. 650430

Shuwu looks like a 40+ mom here, clearly lying about "everyone thinks I look like jailbait!"

No. 650431

File: 1532888960161.jpg (222.46 KB, 942x600, 1532887126538.jpg)

No. 650434

File: 1532889119112.gif (5.19 MB, 314x200, tfw you look 35.gif)


I just noticed her fan even has a bunny hoodie on, she must've broken internally looking like a haggard horse woman next to an actual cute teenager wearing her beloved buns uwu

No. 650436

>jealousy is a masculine trait
Lolno what a bunch of gaslighting. They also claimed masochism is a feminine trait as well, do they even know what masculinity and femininity means?

No. 650437

june's weird cheekbone placement, along with her whovian upper lip, big mouth, and her horseface ages her so bad. why do her fans tell her she looks 16. she looks older than 27 jfc

No. 650439

File: 1532889474444.png (719.87 KB, 915x631, hag.png)

yeah she definitely looks 16 here guys

No. 650445

File: 1532890130065.png (263.01 KB, 586x978, splenda daddy.png)

No. 650447

lol i'd bet 1 million dollars that no feminist ever said to her as an insult "you look young and have big eyes!! fuck you!"

No. 650452

please let this be a part of the next thread picture

No. 650457

Seconded, its fucking amazing.

No. 650463

File: 1532891754875.jpg (265.4 KB, 1080x1832, Screenshot_20180729-211332__01…)

Name a cringier fanbase

No. 650473

i just looked through that r9k thread, and it's funny how even the often times deluded clueless guys on there still mainly seem to agree with the stuff we're all saying here.. like about a solid 60% of posts in that thread were more similar to our comments on june than the whole "shoe0nhead is hot and looks like a loli" bullshit. which says a lot.

No. 650487

Didn't she just say she cringes at herself for having used "autistic" as an insult?
And yet she still uses "retarded" as an insult to this day… okay…

No. 650489

confirms she doesn't have it then lol
>I hate transtrenders, they aren't really trans!
>I can totally fake a developmental disorder though, it's so quirky and fun!

No. 650501


Tfw no more thigh gap so you have to cross your legs lmao

Although i think this does show she's shorter than 5'6, if that other chick is 5'1.

No. 650509

she's definitely not 5'6 or over, her body is too stubby, but definitely she is 5'4-5'5. so very far off from the 5'1 she claimed multiple times lel

No. 650532

89% ageplayer

No. 650542

File: 1532900862896.jpg (5.33 KB, 182x277, cute.jpg)

Omg how can she think her bf is a mix of Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson? Because they're both pretentious arsehole doucheheads, and one is a keyboard warrior and the other is an old guy who thinks he's smarter than he is trying to be hip and cool with the kids. Oh I guess she's right? But physically he is actually a mix of Shrek and wreck it Ralph. And there are so many better examples of a baby faced woman out there, like how about 50 percent of models? Oh and they're tall too, so tiny little uwu crouching average stumpy June can't have her superiority complex because they still have tiny delicate faces despite they're height, while she is barrel chested and average and stocky but at least she is small compared to her 300 lb boyfriend! Like seriously if any bitch below 180 lbs stands next to any big and broad and chubby guy who is over 6'1, yeah she will look smol af. June is so full of herself being a cute loli that she acts like a child and calls her bf daddy "for the lulz" and as an actual fetish, when she just looks like a cheap old hooker wearing a tacky halloween schoolgirl costume

No. 650546

I know it's kind of lulzy to be all "NASOLABIAL FOLDS AF SHE IS BUUUSTED LOOKING" because if we came across her on the streets, and if June were an actual wallflower or just some shy non-threatening girl, we would never bring up her looks or even notice her or make fun of her to the extent we do. Like if she were a normal human being or like a hipster edgy girl like she tries to be without the obnoxious personality, she could actually be kinda cute but plain looking. I think her big mouth and teeth are kinda endearing and big noses don't turn me off. But she does have a leafy chin lol. I just think it's really tacky how she tries to paint herself as the ultimate goddess and this super hot amazing vixen and the top woman. I think the first few compliments from her neckbeard hoard got to her head fast and she built herself an empire. They only think she's kawaii uwu because she is short-ish and plays up her young factor, but she's already looking super haggard and sad. And other girls her age don't even look this busted unless they do drugs or something. I know it's just a suggestion and it's kinda rude but she should get fillers and a philtrum reduction if she's trying to play off this "kawaii uguu goddess" thing that absolutely doesn't work for her. And a chin implant or filler would balance out her face even though it wouldn't be as "uwu short" anymore. And over all, she needs a new wig, an updated wardrobe from looking like a tacky 13 year old mall goth with too much money (and I use the term goth lightly, like look at Safiya Nygaard, she doesn't even call herself goth but she keeps up with the black theme at least. And her style is way more sophisticated and less try hard) I feel like June just jumped on the "uwu goth" thing because it was cool to do so. I feel like June is the type of girl who does things only when they become cool, like being alternative or being a nerd or being cutesy and assertive and strong. Like I know those things are actually cool but she tries so hard to convince people she is those things and wearing the uniform but she doesn't do any research or have any redeeming quality and she still wears trends and chokers and eye makeup from 2009. Like she wouldn't be so "alternative" if it weren't her nerdy fanboy's hyping up the "___tiddy goth gf" thing, and if she weren't a social reject of the cool kid's club and had to jump to any clique as a last resort. Like am I wrong here? She is such a phoney baloney poser un-intellectual. Any punk or goth who actually meets her would scoff and disregard her, or be polite to her but then realise right away she's an idiot attention seeking brat.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 650559

File: 1532903103971.jpg (90.48 KB, 1066x661, 5'1 vs 5'4.jpg)

if you compare her body type to women who are actually 5'1, she just does not look it. She wouldn't need to crouch in photos because that is quite a short height. Like, their calves are shorter and smaller, they have smaller arms and less wide shoulders and rib cages, jeans usually never fit them properly, they're shorter than the majority of people. June just looks like a small boned woman of average height who is full of herself, and put on weight over the years but is still delusional they look like a petite loli fairy

No. 650562

Also what I wanted to say was no self respecting 5'1 woman is gonna be crouching in photos with other short people, why would they want to draw attention to their height or need to compete with height if they are already short. If anything all of these woman are putting in the works to dress mature and use visual lines of their clothes to appear taller, and they wear heels all the time. JUNE IS ALWAYS IN FLATS.

No. 650564

or those god awful sandals.

No. 650567

that last pic is so cringey she's such a tryhard jfc she's doing the crouching thing again but to make her butt look bigger
june just accept your body the way it is and stop trying jfc

No. 650575

true, her way of carrying herself actually makes her way uglier. when she manages to make herself look a little decent with the angles, shoop, and low camera quality, it all goes away as soon as she barks "HELLO YA FILTHY FUCKING ANIMALS" in that godawful mobster voice. keeping her ugly maw shut actually makes her cuter lol (and would probably get rid of those jelly rolls too)

No. 650578

>superior human beings
that sure is a nice way of saying their kids will be retarded

No. 650601

Why does she act like her sex life is so ~freaky and kinky tee hee~ and teases about it but then pretends to be embarrassed about it as if BDSM and DDLG aren't super common and no one knows what they are. Either talk about it or shut up and stop trying to brag.

I don't think she's bad looking at all. Being insecure is understandable, everyone is. But to lie about her height and say she has a tiny waistline when everyone can clearly see she doesn't, and act like people call her young as an insult is so cringy.

The only reason she looks young is because she is, her features aren't youthful and she definitely doesn't look 16; if I didn't know how old she was I would've guessed she was around 25 at least, depending on the picture. She just comes off as attention seeking and delusional. She tries too hard to convince everyone she's cute.

The picture with the sword just proves she doesn't have that hourglass body she acts like she has. Her shoulders are so much wider than her hips

No. 650645

These are literally juxtaposed to shooped to hell and back pics of her with an hourglass figure
Name a more clueless fanbase

No. 650694

I don't really think she's ugly the way people act in these threads. If I were just to see a pic of her without any context I would prob think she either looked normal or think, "Cute" (in some of her more flattering pics.)

She is shallow and deceptive about her appearance, though, and that's where I get annoyed. It goes beyond trying to look her best. Instead she uses deception to fit an "idea" of what she wants people to believe about her.

e.g. Being tiny, looking young, being irl "anime", having a perfect body, etc.

If she were to work on her flaws while embracing what she couldn't change, I would probably think she looks cool. I mean… I can't imagine what that would look like for her. But hypothetically.

No. 650696

File: 1532917379064.jpg (94.82 KB, 685x1023, No this guy is goofy _a2746bc9…)

"People constantly mistake me for a teenager." uwu

No. 650699

i slightly agree that she's not straight up ugly but.. she literally looks like this nightmare fuel picture of a goofy cosplayer >>650696
ps: i'm very upset that i had to see this image again however i also am stunned at the resemblance it has towards shuwu

No. 650716

that shit is so fucking funny. it's just too accurate

No. 650757

Her comeback is so pathetic. If you can't come up with a good response just don't say anything at all you idiot. She cannot keep her big mouth shut.

No. 650829

Does Skeptic remind anyone else of a poor man's Seth MacFarlane?

No. 650830

yeah, if you add like 50 pounds lel

No. 650836

i'm pretty sure they meant that pic of her where she's standing up holding a long sword, not the nude sword girl pic.

No. 650839

File: 1532932708778.jpg (Spoiler Image, 98.55 KB, 885x1280, 1493911562244.jpg)

this one looks like shuwu when she either filters her face or just gets her angles going to make her face look shorter

No. 650880

File: 1532936318602.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.3 KB, 718x1024, Wake me up inside _b233a9641d3…)

eww shuwu just got preg's cum all over her face why the fuck would she post this guys??

No. 650885

He reminds me of an inbred Kevin Smith, actually.

No. 650911

File: 1532942737453.png (905.67 KB, 600x1180, sCCaURv.png)

>june insulting her own fans
>june acting like this isn't the exact pathetic demographic she panders to on a daily basis


No. 650913

File: 1532942845125.png (150.51 KB, 900x355, 900px-Armored_skeptic_14.png)

let's not forget that her MENSA daddy created this.

but she's totally above cringe fanmade graphics like >>650911

No. 650915

Christ. Why do her fans always looks Tumblr-tier when they’re so anti-SJW?

No. 650918

I can't see two pictures of june, just the top image of her and the bottom image of Boxxy.
Is she really claiming that the picture of Boxxy is her too?? (Even if its just her spergy "humor")

No. 650919

No that's June pretending to be boxxy. Catie is much prettier. You can tell it's too downsy to be catie, plus, I've seen that picture of her before

No. 650924

File: 1532944045557.png (249.07 KB, 562x982, ti4b2DX.png)


No. 650940

lol it's because neither of them wants to date their other person's cringey beta neckbeard cuck bf, June is way too comfortable with her dynamic of being greg's daughter and him validating her ego that she is indeed, a smol uwu bean, and not actually a haggard aging penguin of d00m edgy whiney bitch, and Anisa is too comfortable giving off the image that she is actually le hot nerd girl and is humble by doing the charity of sucking Ian's peen, while simultaneously getting notoriety and a submissive cuck bf who has never touched boobs before who will think she must be the best hottest person ever and want to throw his youtube cheque at her because of that. So June, being le funny totally-not-fake bi pandering girl, has to respond of course and make it an opportunity to show off how much of a cool and edgy bro girl she is. And Anisa is just stupid so she joins in. I feel like shoe is the kind of bi girl with a low sex drive and weak pussy, dating an old man who has trouble getting up for her anymore so she has succumbed to letting him have side pieces because she is "le accepting edgy uwu submissive trad wife" and she thinks she thinks it's hot to think of a girl banging her man, so that must make her bi right? But she actually gets off on the thought of knowing she's a weak basic beta thot with mental illness who isn't as woke or great as she thinks she is. She get's off on knowing Shrek's penis only work's when he can put it into perky 18 year olds because she is inferior in every way and and she's in fact just subhuman out of shape sedentary 28 year old with a sagging monkey lip and eyebags as big as her ego. Somehow deep down she doesn't want to change her living condition or state of mind because she's exactly how and where she wants to be. She doesn't want to get a job or experience life or make friends and network, she wants to impress neckbeards online and wear cheap loli bondage fetish gear from Spencer's and pull her hair out and serve daddy's cottage cheese dick and stare at picture of girl's hotter than her all day wondering, "why can't I be her?" but she's too delusional to admit that's why she does it so she's like "I'm so bi teehee". And then she cries herself to sleep under greg's 50 lb cheeto scented hot sweaty hairy daddy beefcake arm and convinces herself she's living the best life. Because at least she's 5'2 when she crouches and her smelly rapist fanbase tells her she's hot, and random internet strangers think she's cool and funny and stupid socially retarded people who don't have lives and have to seek validation from people "above" them, people who need their beliefs they already know they have to be repeated back to them to feel like they're acocmplishing something will unwillingly give her their time and thoughts, so that means she must be some sort of great kawaii uguu leader.As long as people point out how tiny and uguu she is next to her 600 lb manbaby and how they're "the real life whatever" and not a name for themselves, and tell Greg how lucky he is because her fanbase has never seen a living naked woman among them. Time to by more pink leashes and floral babydoll dresses and cutesy teenager accessories so she can feel like a real person and not the empty headed fraud she is!

No. 650943

Every time I see this image, a part of my soul dies. Every time.

No. 650949

I wonder if shoe has to hold is stomach roll flab up when they bang. I bet she squeezes his 20 inch soft doughy arms and is all, "TEEHEE TAKE ME DADDY I'M SUCH A TINY LOLI PRINCESS" or some shit then sucks on a pacifier and cums to the thought of being his daughter. I think June has intense mental issues and maybe even got sexually abused. Most girls aren't this caught up in the persona of a cool edgy 13 year old at 30, or trying to impress faceless people for a buck or convincing people their obese manchild old man boyfriend makes them happy when she's actually only with him because she has low standards and they have the same obnoxious personality and he will put up with her shit and also the added bonus of he's sorta tall and fat so he can make her feel small and innocent. Idk but most short girls I know date guys that are like 5'6 Or 5'8 and are happy to, but not june! She shames so called Manlets and make a them feel inferior just because they don't make her look like an uguu baby in comparison. She really is mean. Like I bet 50 percent of her fan base are Manlets. But she doesn't want to bang them because she is such a non-sexually self exploitative person while also somehow being under the impression that every last detail or thought of her sex life is interesting and public knowledge. She's so dedicated to her sweaty disgusting ogre bf that she would Neber even think of weaving daddy fow any othew SICK SILLY DISGUSTING BOI stomps foot and pouts and thinks she's the cutest shit ever

No. 650970


And it probably helps that she doesn't have school, work, aspirations or anything that would actually require focus and effort in her life.

No. 650972


yeah, she can't make her manchild audience feel emasculated!!! EGAD! she has to be a silly babbygirl who doesn't know how to do anyfing :3 alpha daddies don't like those evil career cat ladies >.<

No. 650977

File: 1532953002944.png (595.36 KB, 1188x1156, E6j0oku.png)

No. 650986

She used to be proud on being the part of anti-gamergate /pol/ side but when public started pointing how cringy the whole group is, she suddenly became a "centrist" to save face.

No. 650989

>making fun of women who got a master degree
>film school drop out who still lives in her parents' house, begging attention on internet
>whose career consists of being a "smoll bully bean uwu"
>career that will most likely end in her early 30s.

At least she made mommy and daddy pay the student debt for the college she didn't even finish.

No. 650994

Oh my god she’s exactly like Lauren southern. Both of them dropped out of college because they lack any interests or passion and resorted to pandering and attention whoring on YouTube. And these women have the audacity to ridicule and attack women who have actually achieved something in life even if it’s just “gender studies” - june didn’t even finish fucking liberal arts. And never forget when Lauren got all triggered because of a girl on twitter dared to express her dream of becoming a doctor.

They both are so beyond pathetic. It’s really obvious that June is super bitter about this whole “women in college” shit because she is such a failure.

No. 650997


She could still find a passion and go to college, but we all know her passion is internet attention from men and there is no college for that.

No. 651009

File: 1532956590930.jpg (695.86 KB, 1920x2560, IMG_2760.JPG)

Jewu once again retweeting with twit handle included and everything. Even if its a retweet of a repost from a "dunking on terfs" twitter I still can't believe how dead set this woman is on making sure she can shit down the throat of any woman and to the lesser extent some males over shit that she even has no involvement in.
Im deadset that one of the main fucking reasons Jewu claims being bi is just to shit talk any LGBT theme.
so that when shes toncils deep on Shrekorys cock, its all good because she thinks boobs are toootes hawt zomg.

No. 651011

I forgot to mention the thjng that reallt rubs me the wrong way too,
Its a post about lesbians, with NO mention of trans individuals besides the mention of men. Yet its being reposted by an anti terf twitter and Jewu being the smorty pants she is thinks 'yes thats how it works!!!' and blindly retweets.
She can't see the fallacy in her actions no matter how grand.

No. 651021

I know this is off topic, but the lauren southerns thread is dead and I just wanted to let people know that Im from vancouver and know people that know lauren.
Apparently before she started whoring herself out for attention on youtube, she used to work at EB games and slept with her boss for like, a $0.10 raise. Doesn't seem very TRAD to me, but she still thinks she can shit on women somehow

No. 651023

wat. Do you have any proof of this/that you know her that you could bump the alt-right thread with? thats funny as fuck

No. 651027

She could enroll in a male-dominated subject like maths or comp sci, but she has no work ethic and isn't smart enough.

No. 651033

How fucking dare you insult digimons like that

No. 651045

shuwuwuwu really cannot comprehend that there are women out there whose lives don’t revolve around begging for attention of some chode. i hope she’s miserable for the rest of her life while her fat lard disney prince/lumberjack/whatever the fuck she thinks he is this week, fucks 19 year old traps and makes her pay for his star wars toys

No. 651049

File: 1532960766198.png (387.83 KB, 673x1452, XazuWzO.png)

>i have posted on /cow/
>ive never shown my body to stangers

No. 651053

this is gonna be june in five years. by manosphere standards she's already hit the wall but I guess the thirst for manchild cum and attention never ends for self-hating women

No. 651054

all of the femra sacred cows are ‘post wall’, cassie jaye, shuwu, karen straughan, this one, etc. but i guess the asspatting is just too sweet for the incels to pass up

No. 651057

diana davison is so pathetic that june makes fun of her and calls her a ‘lolcow’. you know you’ve fucked up when even the lowest of the low want nothing to do with you

No. 651083


Oh come on, she was making threads about herself on /pol/ when she started her "career".

If /b/ had an archive from 2010/2011, you could probably find her whoring out somewhere

No. 651091

June and her troon fans are really cannibalizing their own kind, pretty sure those screened tweets are from a FtM (yknow, like her friend Derrick she must protecc uwu)

No. 651092

File: 1532964645326.jpg (90.14 KB, 1250x702, ss.jpg)

Also samefagging but here is June most likely posting herself on /pol/


She uploaded her "oppression olympics" video on Jun 21st and the thread was posted on Jun 22nd. Her channel was tiny back then and the video wouldn't have been recognized so fast if it wasn't for her self-advertising.

Jwagzz is her beta orbiter from Unichan. He helped advertising her but you know she was all about appealing to /pol/ and 4chan.

Pic related- you can see June and jwagzz being in the same chatroom (when Catie Wayne came to talk with unichan and June got jealous lol)

No. 651097


Also found this cringy video, LMAO at terrible autotune

No. 651108

Provide the milk

No. 651112

Wheres that one video where shes like "ENOUGH ABOUT BOXXY"

No. 651118

Are you okay anon

No. 651122

eww dont give the pear attention you nasty creature

No. 651126

>smelly rapist fanbase

No. 651129

i don't think june was sexually abused, she's just as self-entitled as greg and i think they both just don't wanna grow up
chill out anon geez

No. 651134

off topic but i think they're both unattractive as hell just in different ways

No. 651142

imagine june in an all male class lel
"hey bob? could you pass me that calculator, i'm just too smol and petite to reach it, being 5'1 and looking like a 12 year old is so hard haha struggles xdd"

No. 651143

No. 651222

"You're probably all wondering how a 14-year-old got into uni, but believe it or not I'm actually twenty nin– in my twenties, teeheehee uwu! Please don't bully me for being so smol and not really understanding all these math thingies cause I'm too shy and small to fight back teehee! You could pin me to the wall and there's nothing I could do about it! Can I use pictures of buns and hearts instead of x and y in these calculations because x and y makes my little ADHD head hurt uwu? Hey guys check out the boobies on that girl! Too bad she's so fat and ugly that they don't really count, right guys? She wishes she could eat as much food as I can and still stay skinny with a butt like mine! I hate looking like a perfect little loli tho because nobody takes me seriously and even the teachers are hitting on me all the time uwu"

Teacher: Atoms are really small
June whispers, loudly: I wonder if they're as smol as me teehee
Teacher: Actually, Ms.Laporta, they are many times smaller
June: reeeeeeeeeeeeees internally, start's typing on twitter how atoms are fat SJW feminists while holding back tears

"Accidentally" call's her teacher daddy and tries to make it the inside joke of the entire class.

No. 651232

Lol this was good. 10/10

One of the best AU fanfics I have ever read.

It makes me think how badly she dealt with college for the few months she actually went. Was she really that starved for attention that she had to resort to an online audience? I know I’m tinfoiling here but my theory is she thought her high school friends were gonna follow her to college so when they didn’t, she couldn’t hack it and dropped out. I mean in addition to being too stupid.

No. 651233

this made me lol

No. 651234

No. 651235

i know their last post was kinda long like the others, but i found it funny lol

No. 651240

meh, their posts have some funny things in them, but they're too spergy imo

No. 651260

That dumb face Greg makes is so laughable. He even does that shit when taking pictures with fans. You can tell he thinks he looks cool but it's so cringy coming from someone who's 34. No wonder June likes him, they both act like they stopped maturing after 16.
Holy shit

No. 651261

I don't think the last post is the same person, they put breaks in their post while the others were walls of text, and the overall writing style seems different.

No. 651262

>One of the best AU fanfics I have ever read.

Anon…..you made me google shoe0nhead fanfiction….


No. 651267

>"Im horny can you be my knight in shining armor?"
i hate everything about this

No. 651270

File: 1532978111838.jpg (74.66 KB, 552x642, Capture.JPG)

June trying to suck-up to her dumb libfem friend and vice-versa

No. 651273

File: 1532978311421.png (70.13 KB, 527x693, 2.png)


>just from a brief research

yup, every statement that june shits out can be easily debunked by a brief research

No. 651277

File: 1532978798511.png (181.33 KB, 544x1936, adda.png)

This whole convo is one big cringe and then cherry on top is June barging in and talking about herself even though nobody asked her.

No. 651280

"Redpillchick" confirmed male larping as a girl lmfao.

No. 651287

erin pizzey is an absolute dipshit who lied about feminists killing her dog lmao

No. 651292

File: 1532979827193.jpg (102.36 KB, 810x995, IMG_20180730_214231.jpg)

>follows red pill
>theory that basically says how women are dumb and should submit completely to men

so leftist and liberal!

No. 651294

>I think it was definitely feminists. They are well known for driving around in rural areas with shotguns and shooting shit up.
fucking kek, I'm from hicktown nowhere with less than 800 people, hours away from anything, no feminist in sight except maybe me, my mom, sisters, friends and family, and I know for sure they don't "Drive around and shoot things", but you know who does? the poor oppressed men
I swear next thing you know these people will unironically claim feminists raid their houses and rape them or whatever

No. 651296

June is pretty much alt-right tho, like she loves trannies, hates all things feminist, and worships men, just like alt-right fagbois

No. 651308

File: 1532980629639.png (420.33 KB, 1366x686, jObqCQV.png)

>supporting women and minorities
fucking kek. sure, jan.

No. 651310

she constantly takes these political alignment tests and posts her result on twitter…it's like she has to remind everyone that she's totally a liberal.

No. 651316

File: 1532981038310.png (21.44 KB, 989x288, Screenshot_2018-07-30.png)

Anon…"I think it was definitely feminists. They are well known for driving around in rural areas with shotguns and shooting shit up" was from a sarcastic post.
>reading skills, what are they?

No. 651317

the dog didn’t even fucking die? lmaoooooo i’ve also seen mras accuse women that they don’t like of being ‘abusers’ of their husbands and children. i guess false accusations are only bad when they’re against men…

No. 651319

mras are notorious for their tall tales. i remember when cassie jaye got all pissed because it was revealed that her award from ‘cannes’ was a sham

No. 651321

Eh, with the amount of things MRAs make up about feminists, it's kinda hard to tell

No. 651324

i wish shoe would just stop being a pussy and just own up to being a huge fucking misogynist. like no more of this ‘uwu big bad terfs’ shit, just go balls to the fucking wall and start talking about how you think women aren’t as smart as men, abortion should be illegal, women who don’t want to submit to men are ‘degenerates’, etc. you know you fucking want to, june

No. 651366

She's not alt-right but she definitely is not the ~librul ~ she wants everyone to believe either.

She uses ''liberalism'' as an excuse to get away with being a complete piece of shit.

>''Leslie Jones totally looks like a gorilla amirite guys xD''

>''other women don't want to focus and depend on men 24/7? THIS IS AN ISSUE!''
>''The first and second wave were trash''
>''Fat bitches are disgusting and shouldn't be proud of the fact that they're fat….but obese men with huge guts are hot and manly <3''
>''teehee, silly terfs and lesbians….let me, the pretend-bisexual educate you on lgbt topics!''
>''I'M A LIBERAL THO, I love cringing at right-wing lolcows like ben shapiro (only when it concerns trans issues though :3). I'm a liberal so you can't call me out!!''

It's actually really hypocritical of her cling onto her ''liberal'' persona, when she claimed that she doesn't understand politics and has no interest in them. Which is retarded anyways since her entire ''career'' revolves around politics.

No. 651381

You forgot her trying japanese snacks and sjoking about it being dog and then saying all you gooks are the same

No. 651394

But she was only 25 when she said these edgy jokes!! She totally changed since then…

(but only in personality though, she still looks like she's 16 tee hee)

No. 651456

dont forget that she said black lives matter was a racist hate group. she denies systemic racism exists, she denies environmental racism exists, etc.

No. 651492

Anyone have that vid of shoe saying nigger?
i swear she said it as one of her characters in an old vid, it was posted in one of the past threads but i cant find it.

No. 651533

It was literally her and her cousins screaming it while musing about getting gangraped by black guys cause
theyre pretty white girls in revealing dresses
Their behavior isn't really surprising considering Long Island is one of the most racist parts of NY and is extremely self-segregated and has just had another racial incident where a man blatantly shouted racist remarks at a black woman on the train iirc

No. 651550

>pair of tennis shoes on power lines
>feminist activity
this has to be satire. it's drug related.

No. 651581


>this has to be satire.

it is. /againstmensrights/ is an anti-MRA board, chewingchawinggum is a gamerghazi mod, I hate myself for knowing this, et c.

No. 651602

Christ. Is this down to her shitty life style?

No. 651604

Who is this? Totally out of the loop.

No. 651615

no thats not the one im talking about. i saw a vid with her as "nikki narcotic" or something, but just her and she says the hard-r version.
hmmm maybe im just mixing shit up.

No. 651732

File: 1533018728372.png (1 MB, 1782x1608, Untitled.png)

She straight up doesnt seem to know what her opinion on feminism is. She said a while back she's learned about the moderate ones that want equality and the female supremacists, then says lol none believe in equality

No. 651783

Sage because this video had been posted before, but here's a little montage of June's racism.

Remember, this is the same person that mocked Tana Mongeau for using slurs and criticized pewdiepie for using the ''hard r''.

No. 651871

No. 651912


just a pathetic mra youtuber that tries to butt herself into the mgtow movement and impress men that already hate her with lame rape jokes. she hasn't had any direct involvement with june, she's just a good example of what she'll be like in a couple of years :^)

No. 651924

File: 1533036779623.png (80.34 KB, 599x520, jesus christ.png)

>it was revealed that her award from ‘cannes’ was a sham
lmfao not surprised. no wonder why june's such a fan - liars gotta stick together

No. 651934

Idk why June forcefully inserted herself as the advocate of the beta male. How sad.

No. 651957

Holy shit, how pathetic can you get?
Um, wow.

No. 651984

File: 1533041596840.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.23 KB, 1280x799, 99020365-Allison-Janney.jpg)

lol i thought this was actress Allison Janney for a sec, they look identical (sorry for ot)

No. 652055

cassie jaye, ‘i’m totes a feminist’ turned mra fangirl and cannes winning filmmaker vs shuwu, smol virgin bean wallflower goff gurl who never even looked at a guy until septic. a duel for the throne of lies

No. 652057

this film is about as ‘revolutionary’ and ‘brave’ as going diarrhea in a mcdonald’s bathroom

No. 652316

i would genuinely say having diarrhea in public is much more brave.. it's embarrassing as hell in a busy bathroom lol

No. 652355

true lol. it’s not hard to scam mras out of their money because they’re so fucking stupid

No. 652448

>And never forget when Lauren got all triggered because of a girl on twitter dared to express her dream of becoming a doctor.

I'd like to learn more about this, have any sources? Apologies, I tried Google but my limited keywords didn't get me anything.

No. 652487

File: 1533074542586.jpg (406.42 KB, 750x750, tumblr_p1dkdzaefO1srlxolo1_128…)

i saw this meme and it reminded me of shuwu so did a quit edit

No. 652506

so june hates waman and everything they do unless it's supporting misogynists and being misogynistic themselves, then she's all over them!
june, did you know, that even though you desperately suck up to men, they still hate you? these beta males and incels and mgtow and red pill-ers that june caters to see women as 2nd class citizens. they hate women & think women should be subservient & only good for fucking/cooking/cleaning & attending to their every whim. no june, you aren't special because you suck up to them and demonise women. you're still a woman, and they still hate you. they don't think 'all women should be sex slaves for men…apart from june! she's intelligent and cool', nope! they would never think that! the only reason they like her is because of her looks. but that's fading fast, she's aging quickly. they'll throw her in the trash soon and she'll desperately cling to being a 'cool girl' but there are no 'cool girls' to these men. tbh i normally feel for girls with internalised misogyny, but june's gone beyond that because she's outwardly misogynistic and also a liar and just a mean person. so i'm really looking forward to the day when all her male followers abandon her. i'm gonna be sitting here with popcorn absolutely delighted! karma will get her.

No. 652522

>think women should be subservient & only good for fucking/cooking/cleaning & attending to their every whim
That is exactly what she wants though. She can never shut up about how much of a submissive tradwaifu she is.

No. 652530

File: 1533076377415.png (394.86 KB, 720x837, 20180731_183118.png)

June liked this tweet lol

No. 652535

i always got the impression she went on and on about being a 'tradwaifu' because she knows that's what her fanbase (made up of beta males & incels etc) wants in a woman. and everything about shuwu's personality is influenced by her thinking 'what do men want me to be like?' she doesn't rly like anything for herself. that's why she constantly lies & contradicts herself because all these men like different things and she's desperate to please them all.
i just think one day she'll realise that the last 10+ years of her life have been a huge waste bc she won't be waifu material forever even if she's desperate to be that way. 'waifus' are hot.

No. 652548

File: 1533077717693.gif (443.48 KB, 400x296, 1398762279125.gif)

>small and chubby
Just as we all thought, she's trying to embrace her weight gain now because she can't be motivated to workout or eat well.

June, you can't be smol and chubby. You're chubby, and probably going to become just like the "landwhales" you use to make fun of.

No. 652554

>use to make fun of
I mean still do. She really lacks self awareness.

No. 652558

anon back up, she's 5'1, there is no question that june is a very tiny petite special 13 year old girl. how many times must she yell it at you and scream it in others faces before you learn?? june = 5'1 and she has a baby face too, deal with it.

No. 652571

you're right anon, it doesn't matter how fat you get uwu eat all the chicken nuggies you want, as long as you are 5'4 i-i mean 5'1 and dating a manwhale you are totally still the smollest.

No. 652796

File: 1533082760708.png (91 KB, 557x247, 20180731_201902.png)

*chickem nuggs uwu

No. 652801

She deliberately spells it this way for uwu points

No. 652803

Lol where's that one video where she screams she doesn't eat chicken nuggets

No. 652806


so the fat saga truly begins

No. 652839

Don't have the link but I remember that. Did she seriously just get into "chickem nuggs" for uwu points since littles love nuggs? How hilarious and pathetic. She seriously has no personality or likes of her own.

No. 652841

What's the last pic we have of her full body? Someone's going to need to start archiving every pic we have of her so we can document this her whaledom

No. 652895

File: 1533086955194.gif (393.37 KB, 250x150, i'm ready.gif)

i'm cackling
i'm so ready for june to just pack on those pounds until she looks like a mini-greg and still tries to play it off as cute

No. 652929


maybe she realizes her real personality that showed in her old vlogs and insta (wearing channel and mk, listening to kesha/krayshawn, screaming more than she does now, calling random guys hawt 0_o) is the most basic you can get, and she hates herself for it.

she hates herself for being one of those basic stacies deep down on the inside and wants to do everything in her power to be the opposite of that. being a twitch girl would be less embarrassing than the tryhard fake shit she does now. it's surprising that she even drinks starbucks instead of gamer cum in her videos

saged for armchair

No. 652947

I wonder what June tells herself to feel better about her lolcow threads because we all know they bother the fuck out of her and that she's scared that her stans will find them. Does she tell herself we're all fat and jealous feminists? Must anger her to no end that Brittany called her out like we did and that she can clearly see that Brittany is hot and she also knows that Greg has fapped to Brit lol.

No. 652956

File: 1533089602836.png (35.29 KB, 435x347, creepy.PNG)

possibly one of the most pandering-ass tweets she has ever shit out. she's so disgusting.

No. 652958

File: 1533089692213.jpg (38.92 KB, 600x374, equality_handshake.jpg)

pic related tbh

When's the last time she showed her midriff or revealed her weight?

No. 652960


Lmao. This bitch was probably stuffing her face as she stumbled upon on this tweet and sperged the fuck out because she wishes she had a body like that.

No. 652963

File: 1533089951232.jpg (28.42 KB, 400x400, thinkingpepe.jpg)

We need to see if we can get her to embrace fat acceptance or feederism. Anyone got any ideas as to how we can do this?

No. 652970

she's not sperging tho, she's objectifying her in such a fucking creepy, male way to pander to her mouthbreathing male fans. how sad and pathetic do you need to be to see any value at all in trying as hard as you can to be as gross as the grossest men?

make a bunch of male twitter accounts that mention chubby 'hot' anime girls and spam her pics with chubby 'hot' anime girls eating. make it seem like a good proportion of her fans want big titted chubby goth loli gfs

No. 652973


she basically admitted to being an "ironic" paypig on askfm, feederism and diapers are next. let's see how pathetic she can get.

No. 652977

She's probably a feeder already, how do we make her a feedee?

No. 653000

countdown until i get blocked for calling her out. that's pretty gross. and ofc she quoted the tweet so the girl couldn't actually see.

No. 653019

She probably thinks we're all evil TERFs, which is why the frequent GC derailing here is a bad idea. Not everyone here agrees with that or even identifies as a feminist and that's important to make clear, even if it offends some anons. She needs to understand that she's hated even by her "side" (as if she even has any consistent views, but you get the point). Otherwise she and her fans have an easy excuse to dismiss any criticism here.

She's so fucking desperate for attention. Disgusting.

No. 653025

yeah like i don't label myself as a feminist for example but the fact that i disagree with the sexist pandering shit that shuwuwuwu yells 24/7 is plenty for her to scream "BIG MEANIE FEMINAZI WHO CANT STAND MY SMOL SIZE AND MY INVENTION OF HIGH WAISTED PANTS! JEALOUS!"

No. 653068

She deleted the tweet lol.

No. 653085

99% of the people on her "side" are just as cringy as she is though. Misogynistic, liberal-leaning centrist faggots are inherent cows.

No. 653111

File: 1533100140502.png (488.8 KB, 1196x868, Untitled.png)

june's second try at owning her went better, there's 0 wit to it but at least it doesnt make her sound like a sex pest

No. 653124


The way she comments about women isnt even genuine it's always sexually charged objectification reminiscent of a horny 15 year old boy who has just discovered the comment section on pornhub

No. 653129

File: 1533102458471.png (341.06 KB, 720x1100, 20180801_010306.png)

June hearted this tweet talking about getting out of bad relationships? Tinfoil it up, ladies.

No. 653132

File: 1533102605773.png (261.82 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180731-181645.png)

June's big ass feet lol

No. 653140

File: 1533103004535.jpg (33.07 KB, 501x501, porn0nhub.jpg)


speaking of pornhub

No. 653219

can you please elaborate on that pic? i can't tell what is happening

No. 653287

ntayrt but it's porn for sh0eonhead fans. not her but you can pretend otherwise

No. 653288

someone edited a clip of this cam girl with a face swap or something to look like it's shoe. the lengths that these thirsty motherfuckers go to is hilarious and pathetic at the same time.

No. 653289

ew.. from that pic, it just looks like shuwu with an even huger forehead and a very poorly made wig. very gross and creepy.

No. 653333

File: 1533116046887.png (210.72 KB, 580x414, fake bi.png)

She brought it back. Peep Shreg's reply… can she make it any more obvious that she's pandering?

No. 653343

File: 1533116839481.png (107.32 KB, 566x922, WAzSyPP.png)

No. 653345

File: 1533117078397.png (98.39 KB, 596x738, CPE4cwf.png)

No. 653346

File: 1533117104321.png (254.56 KB, 580x722, qMbXFcg.png)

No. 653350

Yeah june cause the only option is to immigrate, fuck a work visa or anything that lets you establish a life together before literally jumping boarders and never looking back ya dumbt bitch.
I bet Fupa Ryder only talks about the complicated shit like immigrating and the whole process since he doesn't want Jewu to get any womanly ideas that she can come sooner rather than later (never)

No. 653352

KEK backtracking on the smolness now, june after beating the (fake) dead horse for the past 4 years??

No. 653362

>A border services officer at the port of entry in Canada will determine how long you can stay in Canada. Most visitors are allowed a six-month stay from the day they entered Canada.

She could litteraly stay at Greg's for 6 months, go back to her parents for a few days, and hop again to Canada for several months. Her only "job" is youtube and you don't need a working visa for that.

No. 653371


Yeah this is what I don't get either. Yes immigration takes time but why can't they try living together for 6 months?
Job wouldn't be a problem since all June has to do is bring her laptop and her 360p camera along.

Plus during that time they could do paperwork.

What's stopping them? If they can't stand being around each other for 6 months, then why are they getting married?
I'm starting to believe that the whole proposal thing was just Preggory's way to get exposure on social media.

No. 653375

What this Barabara woman is talking about is being percieved as someone who marries strictly for US visa since she is from a small slavic country (even though her country is doing fine), even if it could be a marriage out of love.
That's why she talks about how marrying to someone from US is harder than people think it is.
You need to go through a strict screening to prove your marriage is valid and that means revealing a lot of private information, questioning plus tons of other shit. You don't instantly get a visa.

But Juwune can't help it but to focibly insert her story on how meanies are giving her shit for spending 3 weeks with Preggy at most and obviously doing nothing about paperwork and actual plans on living together. It's sooo hard you guys ;_; uwu.

No. 653392

Oh my god this is so fucking embarrassing…If you have to pander to men and pretend to be into women because you’re that vapid and starved for male attention, at least don’t make it this obvious.

Everything about this post screams “hello fellow men, aren’t I just like you because i‘m ~bisexual~?“

No. 653394

File: 1533124226327.png (99.83 KB, 271x344, karma.png)

sorry if this has been brought up in previous threads, but i recognised the girl shuwu is talking to from years back (when she would post her underage nudes all over her weird antifeminist tumblr whilst constantly bringing up the fact that she was molested to anyone who ever disagreed with her) and while i tried to find her old url i found articles about her claiming she attempted to "infiltrate" the alt-right by dating its members, running her own alt-right twitter acc, and sending tons of nudes to various neo-nazis, so it's interesting to see her interacting with shuwu when they're both equally massive attention whores.

No. 653398

File: 1533124994966.png (123.26 KB, 603x264, um.png)


Imagine hating other women so you try your best to seem better than them, only to end up with a fiancee who publicly flirts with whores so now you have to pretend that you are into women too to save face even though you can't stand them due to your huge issues with insecurity.

No. 653404

A bit ot, but Barbara is seriously trying to skinwalk June and Jaclyn Glenn and she is selfinserting HARD. She used to go to my school and I remember her suddenly changing her whole Slovenian girl shtick to this antifeminist, sceptic, altgirl qtp2t wannabe

No. 653406

Wew lad it's so funny to me she's actually planning on marrying this moron.

It amazes me they are getting married when what's the longest period they've actually cohabitated? A couple weeks? Why would they not try a few months at least? Officials don't even look at you until you've stayed 6 months.

June being friendly with a person like this should surprise absolutely no one.

No. 653415

omg no way i remember her from tumblr, i think she was misogyny-mermaid (or without the hyphen), and yea she was so much of an attention seeker but i had no idea about her alt-right autism.

No. 653419

that was her! thank you, this has been bugging me all night

No. 653429

File: 1533127934140.jpg (234.26 KB, 1285x1092, caption.jpg)

I didn't know about her before but if you look at her twitter (https://twitter.com/aterfoddbitch) she's making fun of the alt-right/conservatives including Lauren, retweets feminist stuff and seems very different from June.
So either she changed a lot from her antifem days or her ancient accounts were a persona. Either way, nothing like June who hasn't matured since her teens.

No. 653433

June holds absolutely no beliefs, she just parrots what she thinks will win her the most fans on the internet

No. 653435

File: 1533129388340.jpg (116.47 KB, 830x720, misogyny-mermaid.jpg)

the old tumblr accounts def weren't a persona. i think she just thrives on whatever attention she can get, and changes her beliefs accordingly (like someone else we know).

No. 653442

File: 1533129950092.png (417.87 KB, 616x1352, 1eikcaL.png)

>i blocked him 3 years ago and he still looks at my tweets lolololo
>now let me go screencap this guy's vanilla takes even though i blocked him 3 years ago

June's truly above it all, isn't she?

No. 653443

>i think she just thrives on whatever attention she can get, and changes her beliefs accordingly (like someone else we know).
I hope it's not the case, because she seems pretty cool based on her actual twitter account.

No. 653444

File: 1533129983148.jpg (25.6 KB, 1156x77, DjgpQGEV4AAdM4q.jpg)

This goes with her first tweet.

No. 653447

Karma hasn't changed, she's still an attention whore. She stopped her alt-right persona when she got exposed for sending nudes to random alt-right dudes from what I remember

No. 653452

File: 1533131042659.png (459.34 KB, 1015x677, karmap.png)

a local anarchist group called her out and she claimed it was a "honeypot" and doxxed richard spencer's bodyguard, then moved on and acted like she hadn't made almost 25k tweets in less than two years on an account dedicated to only ~pretending~ she was alt-right.


No. 653453


Anyone noticed how since mocking SJWs became old in 2016, Shuwu has been desperately trying to find a new target to be outraged at so she can keep her career afloat?

She's trying real hard to rile up people against radical feminists the way general public got riled up at SJWs. Constantly tells people to look into it how "oh so crazy" it is.
Scum Manifesto was written in 60s and June acts like it's some secret radfem guide on how to genocide all men and how people should be aware or some shit.

Not to mention constant shitting on 2nd wave of feminism, as if it was a nazi movement, trying to play into her liberal persona and calling it toxic and problematic like a tumblrina.

Nobody except few trannies and kids care about her sperging against "le terfz" though.
But it's annoying when you realize how her whole internet presence is based upon riling people up against something, while she's pretending to be a ~perfect dream girl :3~

No. 653468

When the deepfakes phenomenon begun, Shoe was there defending the creeps who did it. Now she got a taste of her own medicine, it seems.
But knowing how little self respect she has, she might even feel flattered by that.

No. 653471

she's definitely 100% flattered by it. she made multiple tweets talking about how she was rated 'hot' on 9gag

No. 653476

File: 1533134331560.jpg (43.04 KB, 887x528, DYdDRIbW0AAb2g6.jpg)

>she made multiple tweets talking about how she was rated 'hot' on 9gag

No. 653569

She'll defend it and bash any woman who isn't comfortable with their faces being used on porn regardless of how bad it is because, to her, thats what women should do and be uwu

>infiltrate the altright
>date them
>send nudes to random neonazis

Girl needs to love herself

No. 653578

File: 1533143949653.png (240.75 KB, 604x1160, Untitled.png)

So June can film random women at vidcon or at the park or at a concert without their consent and upload it to the internet; that's perfectly fine. But if a woman does it to a man that's completely outrageous?

I looked over this woman's profile and she appears to be older too.

No. 653601

File: 1533144852125.png (395.32 KB, 576x1020, ride or die bitch.png)

No. 653603

File: 1533144924969.png (421.52 KB, 599x643, ride or die bitch 2.png)

No. 653605

File: 1533145077074.jpg (101.72 KB, 300x256, BgUQu4J.jpg)

>taking photos of strangers and uploading them to the internet without their consent is wrong
This ho gives me a fucking headache. I wish idubbbz wasn't such a cuck because she should absolutely be the next person to get content copped.

No. 653611

She needs to stop acting as if anyone but her is attracted to her man child boyfriend

No. 653612

>National Girlfriend day
>''Thank you for being my ride or die bitch''
I know that it's just an expression but he couldn't even use a more respectful term on a day dedicated to his partner. Yeah that's adorable, June…I wish my life was a ''sitcom'' just like yours.

No. 653621

Um, aren't ya'll engaged? Don't you mean fiance? I swear they're going to be like Pam and Roy from the Office, engaged for 2 years with no wedding, one of them will give up (preg) and go find some new booty. Relationship goals am I right?

No. 653660

the thing is about her going after the 'big bad terfs' is that, with the exception of a reeeally tiny number of individuals, she's fighting against a purely strawman group. transactivism on tumblr is basically a massive circlejerk echo chamber. one (troll, most likely) makes up a rumor about terfs and then it travels like wildfire. and because the movement on tumblr (not necessarily real life transactivism) discourages critical thinking or associating outside of the group, you've got a bunch of people believing in all these wild rumors because they've never interacted with a real radfem in their lives.
that's why they think scum manifesto is some sort of radfem doctrine. and they believe that terfs are attacking and killing trans people, and that terfs are evil women who dedicate their lives to making trans people cry and bathing in their tears, or whatever.

these people don't actually exist and that makes it so much funnier that shuwu is sperging about terfs all the time. she's wasting her time completely because no one but that tumblr transactivist group actually believes in all those crazy rumors. it's hilarious that shuwu thinks she's so super intelligent as well, her narcissism knows no bounds.

(i'm also not a radfem or feminist at all. i'm actually a liberal left-centrist. which is part of the reason i find shuwu so funny, because this is what she claims to be)

No. 653689


I normally would not condone this but can someone deepfake her onto lots of chubby pornstars and spam her with it please.

No. 653697

omg that crusty ass wig is so gross
wonder if greg is just trying to look nice on social media now because june's so insecure about how obvious it is to everyone here that greg is a douche who doesn't care about her

No. 653723

Her real hair is poking through the wig lol, is she really too lazy put a wig on properly?

No. 653732

June looks like a fucking child in that picture. Not in the "uwu so smol and young" way that she'd love to think; with the face she is making, the way her eyes look, she looks like she has the personality and mentality of a child. At her age, that is downright embarrassing.

No. 653735

She reminds me of those men in their mid 30s who still wear Nintendo shirts

Oh wait, that's Greg

No. 653736

I like how all the pictures have juwune looking obsessed and deranged and sceptic looking like he wishes for death but it hasn't graced him yet

No. 653768

File: 1533155556264.jpg (106.62 KB, 720x942, IMG_5772.JPG)

Saw this thing on a thrift page and it just looked so much like June I had to do this

No. 653826

She really does this ALL the time. She butts in to the conversation uninvited to make it about herself. It's cringy as shit.

That "documentary" was fucking awful and full of fallacies and contradictions. Not gonna derail but it basically said that men are oppressed because they work dangerous jobs and because a woman can get an abortion without the consent of the father. While playing sad piano music and being overly dramatic and obviously planned. Figures that June would be into that.

No. 653835

That’s funny, considering she’s the middle girl in this pic >>646719
I wonder what she’d have to say about meeting June and Preg, or if she’d just lie and suck up to Senpai.

No. 653874

It almost saddens me to see how happy she looks with him but he's more concerned about looking "cool" and acts so uninterested in her. Seems like he only keeps her around because she doesn't respect herself enough to leave.

And I get the vibe that she'll end up being one of those mothers who gets jealous when Greg gives their child more attention

No. 653917


I really hope they never have a girl. They shouldn't have kids at all, but especially not a girl. At least with boys, the worst that'll happen is that they'll become misogynistic pricks.
I shudder at Pedo Greg having a daughter. And you know Shoe would either ignore it or be an enabler should anything happen.

No. 653963

It literally is that easy. I know someone who came out as gay and married a woman in Vancouver. She immigrated to Canada. The most difficult part was getting her ex-husband to give up custody of her kid but after that they were up there in a month with her son enrolled in a Canadian school.

June and Greg are just stupid and lazy lol.

No. 654373

>"got sad at him for hiding his phone"
>has an emotionally turbulent moment
>sees he tweeted about her
>"my life is a sitcom"

My god. Whatever happens when these two move in together…. It's not going to be good. I think Greg knows that. Also publishing your communication with one another for the Internet to see instead of saying it directly to the person you're next to.

This is so weird.

Also, if your SO does something sketchy, you don't "get sad at them." You speak to them like an adult about it. This is so cringe.

No. 654374

>A readhead


No. 654445

The cheating accusations must be really getting to her despite pretending otherwise, kek

No. 654497

>Also, if your SO does something sketchy, you don't "get sad at them." You speak to them like an adult about it.
I remember when someone asked them if they ever argue she said ''no we just get sad at each other for a moment when we have a disagreement'' (something along the lines). So…do they not talk out their differences like normal people do?
It's just weird and to me it sounds like she's trying to desperately convince everyone that their relationship is like a ~perfect dreamy disney romance uwu~.

I guarantee you that the cheating stuff and him talking to other girls is getting to her despite her pretending to be the ''cool gf'', anyone would be uncomfortable with that to be honest. No wonder he walks all over her if she never speaks up about the things that bother her and ignores the sketchy shit he does.
However she's doing this to herself by letting him treat her like this plus she's such a hateful, nasty person that I absolutely don't feel bad for her at all.

No. 654556

File: 1533210096495.png (56.03 KB, 569x253, hbZ7YMN.png)

But it's okay to exploit a person's sexual orientation for male attention?

He's such a slobbering idiot lol. It's obvious June doesn't love herself because no other woman would tolerate being called stupid by their retarded fiance all the time. It makes me wonder if he pulled that shit with his exwife.

No. 654561

Lol how is that not clickbait?

No. 654579

>So…do they not talk out their differences like normal people do?

I guess not. I wonder how much shit June’s penting up to be the perfect gf. It won’t be as easy when Greg becomes a real part of her life and other things start to stress her out because she’s not living in her childhood bedroom with a mom who cooks and cleans for her and pays for all her shit.

No. 654583

> It makes me wonder if he pulled that shit with his exwife

Wasn't he semi normal before he joined cults and shit?
I hate him, but I also hate june in having a big part in enabling his behavior, despite even saying herself she hated big egos

No. 654588


she'd be like the mom in the movie Precious, she'd hate her daughter for "taking away her man"


No. 654591

Lol no silly anon uwu he's not arrogant, he's cocky

No. 654593

The fact June publicly decries his ex is so telling.

>Be married to bus driver

>Small income but you’re making it work because you love him
>Similar Christian values even though you don’t go to church
>Brought up in a similar environment
>Shared passion for horses
>Plus the bills are getting paid
>Married life is good
>Notice he’s spending his extra income on toys
>Get a little bothered but say nothing because it’s his “thing”
>Notice he’s spending his extra time on an online personality as a YouTube character
>Worry a little because you know it won’t take him anywhere
>It’s just a hobby though… maybe it will be fine
>He joins a cult
>Starts funneling money into it
>You snap and start drawing lines because you don’t want to see you partner dig themselves in a hole they can’t get out of
>Start fighting more
>You pick at little things like the toys because money is getting tighter
>Breathe a sigh of relief as he starts to snap out of it
>His YouTube videos are taking off
>It’s clearly becoming more of an obsession than a hobby
>All he does is talk about Atheism all day
>He unexpectedly quits his bus driver job to do YouTube full time
>You lose benefits and long term stability
>You’re stressing out
>You pick more and more at the little things and instead of listening to you or trying to make it work, he shuts himself in his “office” all day with his toys and swords that he can’t stop buying
>The burden is on you to keep the relationship stable for two people
>He seems more distant
>You get on his computer to see what he’s spending all his time on
>See multiple messages ongoing with other women
>Feel like you’re punched in the gut
>You do what you can to try to make it stop and send them all messages goodbye while pretending to be him
>You’re just trying to make the relationship work
>He won’t stop
>He’s gets a new gf online
>She’s younger and more popular and absolutely worships him
>So you agree to a divorce
>All she has to say about you publicly “She’s awful!! She wouldn’t let him buy his toys :(“

No. 654597

Fuck. This hurts

No. 654607

Props to his ex-wife from getting away from that burning trashcan of a husband.
I hope she is on a path to a good life and I wish for her to have a hearty laugh when she hears about Juwune and Septic's marriage inevitably falling apart.

No. 654609

File: 1533217638842.png (356.82 KB, 586x992, Untitled.png)

No. 654610

she deleted the reply kek

No. 654612



how fast will June hit that block button??

No. 654613

File: 1533218007092.gif (496.09 KB, 500x363, gottem.gif)


that's what she gets for being rude and thinking she's cute for it. I hope it made her heart jump in her throat lmfao

No. 654620

File: 1533218688487.png (10.23 KB, 440x281, shoe0ngoogle.png)

checked in incognito mode, this is pretty great.

No. 654655

File: 1533223951938.jpg (33.59 KB, 566x275, m.JPG)

this one is old but oh boy

No. 654660

fucking kek. well he's definitely blocked now.

No. 654668

This is perfect. I use to feel uncomfortable about pointing out her disorder/baldness(the 'wig' nickname on here is hit or miss) but, with how she is with everyone else, it really adds up. Like how she can't be bothered to respect the fact that Mag's has brain cancer, that interaction she had with her on twitter completely has her open to be ridiculed on all ends, plus she judges people's appearances all the time without knowing wtf they might have themselves.
she can't wrap her head around women not being walking sex objects. Ironic, considering how ugly and chubby she's gotten, no one (except her lonely neckbeard fanabse) would want to see her topless anytime soon, this old pandering really looks bad on her now.

No. 654669

>why is the goal to de-sexualize women
Why is your goal to sexualize women in every way possible? You're the one that drove around town catcalling joggers for christ's sake…

Does she not understand that it's uncomfortable to be seen as a piece of meat by complete strangers?
If she's so fuckig passionate about ''feminism de-sexualizing women'' (who have been regarded as walking flesh lights for thousands of years, mind you) why can't she own the fact that she sexualizes herself for views/attention? She pretends that she doesn't and has this obnoxious holier than thou attitude towards women who use their tits for clicks.
If she loves ~hot grills and sexuality~ so much why is it such a problem for her to admit that she's no better than titty streamers?

No. 654702

She's too stupid to see her hypocrisy, as always. How anyone can see her as "intelligent" I will never know.

No. 654748

File: 1533234101053.jpg (52.72 KB, 525x544, Capture.JPG)

>If she's so fuckig passionate about ''feminism de-sexualizing women'' (who have been regarded as walking flesh lights for thousands of years, mind you) why can't she own the fact that she sexualizes herself for views/attention? She pretends that she doesn't and has this obnoxious holier than thou attitude towards women who use their tits for clicks.

It's weird really. She is not below tweeting shit like pic related about herself and yet says stuff like "kill me if I ever show cleavage".

c o m e o n

No. 654758

jfc the way she spergs about their bdsm dynamic, etc. makes me think they have the most boring sex life everjfc th

No. 654771


>ass as a controller holder

there she goes lying again. what ass june, you mean your butt pads? unless she meant to say her ass is a table :^)

No. 654779

File: 1533236171950.png (408.02 KB, 604x1244, ErshSD8.png)

No. 654785


Why is she such a try-hard in all the wrong things? Why doesn’t she just go into camwhoring already? Just the most disgusting creature I have ever seen.

The support she gets from her fans for this shit… if I were her, I would be so depressed after meeting them at vidcon. She’s like someone that shows off all her frankenmetal jewelry to a person that owns the real deal but doesn’t show it off like an idiot

No. 654806

File: 1533238093251.png (138.77 KB, 582x590, 90R93m2.png)

>shut the fuck up SJW
btw she's the nicest youtuber around uwu

No. 654810

lol wtf..
Not everyones fiances treat their SO's like sex objects, June

No. 654811

June can call herself a centrist all she wants but its only the utmost 8chan tier koolnaid drinking r/iamverysmart MAGA tards who equate words like "Racist" to BIG BAD SJW BUZZWORD NONSENSE, bitch no.
You dumb dumb duuuumb cunt no.

No. 654814

File: 1533238410673.jpg (33.92 KB, 437x342, lel.jpg)


>go looking for a picture of the neckbeard she's white-knighting today

>GIS shows me preg instead

No. 654820

Uh… I’m pretty sure contrapoints made a video about holding the same opinion as the person June is reacting to. Also
>ree look at you, throwing labels and buzzwords around, pathetic
>imma call you an sjw now without a shred of self awareness

No. 654823

File: 1533239103508.png (29.75 KB, 582x355, poor wittle jeremy.png)

No. 654825

Yeah but contrapoints is a cute tranny twink uwu~

No. 654832

File: 1533239790939.png (94.29 KB, 580x850, hBIn9Nt.png)

What a hypocritical mess. Using retard as an insult is fine. Using autistic as an insult isn't fine because…? Why? What difference is there?

No. 654834


funny she should be calling someone a fucking coward on the SAME DAY she deletes her reply to someone as soon as they ask her about being bald. not to mention her notorious blocking. jesus she has no self-awareness

No. 654860

What dumbasses like her don't understand is that
>being a sexual human being =/= being a sex object
They have no way of attributing sexuality to women without negating their humanity as well. Like why would a mom who's breastfeeding her kid want to be sexualized in that moment? Does this dumb bitch never stop to think of this?

No. 654964

>in 2015 i use to say autistic
One twitter search shows she's lying. In fact i remember making a collage of her uses of it after 2015 in an old thread.

No. 655107

I’m dying laughing

No. 655109


No. 655133

I like how she uses vanilla as an insult even in this context lmao

No. 655139

lmao yes, beating someone up is a "vanilla-ass" thing now??

No. 655141

She gets so heated when it comes to defending her alt-right "friendos" who spew racist shit constantly.

But when there was a video of a homosexual person being thrown off a building in middle east, she reblogged it and commented "Oh."

No. 655180

File: 1533258849413.png (14.76 KB, 577x131, pandering.png)

how do you do fellow gays

No. 655200

She's trying to pretend she's bisexual by disrespecting and sexualizing women
Ew, and June's proud to be a homewrecker? Didn't she cheat on her ex too? But I guess cheating is okay when it benefits her
So true. I found that anyone who brags about their sex life do it because of insecurity and jealousy and it's really nowhere near as ~freaky~ as they hype it up to be.

No. 655205

how does rantingf feel about this disgusting display of unbridled misogyny? (no feelings on it at all i guess seeing as how her brand of feminism is fake as fuck, but at least for the sake of performance, she should see something highly problematic with this disgusting shit)

No. 655209

Did she delete this?

No. 655218

a recent thought i had is that june is the kind of woman who will never ever admit when her boyfriend is being a piece of trash. i'm sure lots of us have been in love with a guy and after some things happen we have the realization of something like "you know, he's really being a horrendous boyfriend.. he has said/done some inexcusable things and he's definitely not treating me as well as i treat him", however june will NEVER let these thoughts arise in her brain, the second she thinks or knows preg has done something very selfish or just fucked up, she gives herself a million excuses and keeps the facade up that she has a great amazing genius hunk man with her. she will never accept reality into her life, especially not about preggo. in fact, i'd say she would be quicker to admit that she's 5'5 than she would admit that preggy is a shitty flabby aging boy.

No. 655236

kek, i think you're right, seeing as how she recently said this:>>653343
>>653343 and is now trying to shill herself as "TOTALLY AVERAGE B-BUT EVERYONE ELSE ALWAYS SAYS HOW TEENY I AM, IT'S JUST THAT SKEPTIC IS SO BIG", despite her having said "ollie is actually smol it's just that im soooo smol that i make ollie look microscopic", "i'm so tiny" ad nauseum, for the past 5 years.

semi ot but i once had a fucking loonybin 'hot' crazy neighbor who objectified herself constantly and had nothing in her life but to self-objectify herself that once banged on our door to yell at my mom, accusing me of seducing and stealing her 36 yo husband in like, four years, all because i played in the pool with her daughter and the husband

june is 100% going to be that 33 yo nutjob, trying to see threats from literally any female where none exist and blaming children for these imaginary threats instead of considering the possibility that you're with an absolute garbage man if you're hyper vigilant about him being 'stolen' by a child

No. 655256

File: 1533266810368.png (180.32 KB, 607x602, wtf.PNG)

i find it incredibly pathetic that she needs to cap and tweet her own tweets for extra validation

No. 655266

June badly wants to believe Greg is her hero and soul mate. And Greg is a narcissist who is all too ready to believe he's all the perfect things she calls him.

No. 655280


LOL this is so June based on her videos

No. 655290

The tl;dr

>sexual/provocative behavior that is out of context

>rapidly shifting and shallow emotions cause them to seem inauthentic
>gaining attention through physical appearance, typically through clothing
>speech that is "impressionistic" but they are unable to back it up with detail
>self-dramatizing and theatrical
>adopts strong convictions of others about an issue quickly without thinking it through
>believes relationships are more intimate than they really are, moves relationships quickly believing they are closer than they really are
>does better with activities that don't require a lot of logical thinking and analysis
>highly co-morbid with/share symptom criteria with: borderline, dependent, anti-social and narcissistic personality disorders
>also co-morbid with: depressive disorders, somatic symptom disorder and conversion disorder.

Not to armchair, but we could find multiple examples of this on every single point.

No. 655304

File: 1533270368059.png (134.7 KB, 1378x582, WBjH3wp.png)

She's an extroverted spergy guido. No one in their right mind can watch her videos and come back believing that she's actually a ~smol gentle introverted quiet wallflower~

>Sensitive to Others

No. Just no. You can't bully people everyday for money/attention and say that you're sensitive to other people's feelings.


Is dunkin on terfs xd a passion now?

No. 655306

File: 1533270543199.png (103.19 KB, 464x588, stramwna.PNG)

wow i guess reading the 1 paragraph back cover of scum manifesto hasn't told you anything about the actual tenets of radical feminism?

fuck, like, even transactivists know radfems don't believe in 'gender equality' because they believe gender is some evil shit and want it abolished.

she just loves strawmanning 47 year old mothers from michigan to her tranny chaser uggo fanbase

No. 655319

I know she's stupid and misogynistic but this shit takes the fucking cake. Nobody is trying to "desexualize women" they want to desexualize bare breasts/breastfeeding in a casual environment. It has nothing to do with sex and everything to do with acknowledging women's autonomy and their right to exist in public spaces without being harassed or assaulted regardless of whether their breasts are visible. Nobody is saying that dudes have to stop being attracted to boobs, they're just saying they need to keep it in their fucking pants and leave women alone.

No. 655326

File: 1533272177334.png (55.37 KB, 587x387, 9pYcnXG.png)

No. 655327


The tweet has cognate words and a literal "translate tweet" link ffs june

No. 655333

I want to see more of this happening, kek

No. 655343

"Especially for a woman"
Well, she chose her audience. Can't fake every aspect of being an uwu smowl girl to them

No. 655353

File: 1533274196998.png (122.04 KB, 584x924, Z8ZBc6T.png)

>literally retarded
>you absolute spoon
>edgy dick
said the sensitive smol bun

No. 655398

File: 1533280967978.jpg (121.45 KB, 715x953, 20180803_001818.jpg)

That account has been restricted and that was the only tweet on the profile + the tweet isn't visible under June's anymore. Maybe she reported the tweet?

No. 655405

fucking pathetic if that's true

>uguuu i'm being bullied by people questioning my past behavior and lies, better report this to the twitter police

No. 655411

File: 1533283447379.png (342.32 KB, 449x454, d.PNG)

her twitter likes are such a painfully obvious collection of chan pandering. she has multiple tweets by people saying "hentai > normie porn". she's just so gross and can't go a minute without objectifying other women for cool girl points. would it kill her to like a tweet about women that had to do with achievements or intelligence or accomplishments? every fucking thing hyperfocuses on appearance and sexuality.

second time since i made the account that it was locked. i'm guessing her faggot fanboys reported it, or she did. she still hasn't blocked me. i'm guessing it's because i did it as a mildly chauvinistic guy. she has blocked me under female accounts super fast, kek.

No. 655414

File: 1533283937686.png (31.18 KB, 451x296, what.PNG)

also, she spent literally weeks sucking dankula's dick and trying to get his attention, now she's converted and his jokes were bad and he's wrong!! incredible how she doesn't even need to learn more information or anything to be converted, she just decides she wants to curry the left's favor and it's a complete 180 a week later as if nothing was ever said to the contrary. amazing.

No. 655428

I thought “jokes are just jokes” and it’s okay to joke about everything, according to her? But 9/11 and holocaust jokes are suddenly not? Didn’t she just say a few weeks ago that there’s nothing wrong with “gas the Jews jokes?

>you don’t repeatedly “joke” about something if you find it wrong

Also if you go by that logic, maybe you should stop “joking” about “hippity hoppity women are property/women are dumb” and stop constantly using racial slurs, June.

No. 655433

I wish Preggory would pull an Onision and use her fake bisexuality as a way to bring third person into their relationship.

June would suddenly identify as straight again lmao.

No. 655434


Someone should actually spam June's DMs with a bunch of pictures of actually petite and cute women with nice tits.

She won't enjoy it, she will seethe with jealousy lmao.

No. 655437

And then Preggory would ditch her for the new younger girl lol

No. 655447

Shuwu would say she's an isfp cause it's the most "sensitive, shy" ie the most uwu and smol.

She's definitely an extrovert

No. 655483

File: 1533298946747.png (377.96 KB, 573x950, hashtag PunchSkeptics.png)

No. 655490

File: 1533300288014.jpg (123.98 KB, 1200x800, 909.jpg)


In 2017 was invited to speak as a socio-politic commentator…

Was she not invited to speak this time since last time she pulled her smol bean uwu shit on stage?

No. 655492


she's listed as a "special guest" on their website:
>Engage with our special guest attendees throughout the conference and at our after party. These powerhouse individuals are sure to bring their own unique perspectives to the conversations being held on-stage and off. We encourage you to seek them out and get to know them!

"powerhouse individual"

No. 655494

>In 2017 was invited to speak as a socio-politic commentator
I thought she doesn’t talk about politics uwu

No. 655517

thanks for the milk, whoa i had i had no idea !! wish i hadn't stopped following her after her tumblr days and missed all that.

No. 655534

File: 1533305259218.png (90.1 KB, 400x434, 1529950500676.png)

>our speakers and attendees celebrate a wide diversity of opinions
>however, those who violate out code of conduct or engage in 'harassment'
>make things peaceful
>respectful environment
>disruptive individuals
does that include people asking question that might trigger shuwu because I remember seeing on twitter a while back that there is going to be few people going there to ask her about controversial stuff she's done directly

Hoping this event brings milk. Shuwu talks so much shit on social media but, I doubt she's capable of being confronted with shit in public. Ready for the "woe is me" pity party im a smol bun uwu no bully plz bullshit.

No. 655545

I wonder if we’ll get more distressed pictures. Or if Mayu will in fact show up.

No. 655547

In an old vid she said she would never go to vidcon cause it looked lame lol

No. 655549

File: 1533307374976.jpg (167.39 KB, 1200x1140, uwu couture.jpg)


too bad she's not on a panel. ;^)

No. 655551

File: 1533307533634.png (45.88 KB, 576x325, WtfkuGF.png)

if somebody even dares to question her she'll 100% play the victim. she's a sensitive introverted smwol bully bean after all.

she'll probably take another depression "break" from twitter. pwease send buns uwu. this is the last thing she needs right now.

>or if mayu will in fact show up
see pic attached.

No. 655552

Anon pls make more hate merch im living

No. 655565

My sides

No. 655568

I thought she worked at Benefit?

No. 655581


negging works on her, I mean just look at how head over heels she is for fupa ryder. all he does is treat her like shit but she can't be one of those uncool feminists that cares about her own mental health (a waman's well-being before a man's??!?!? ewww~), so she stays with him to try to prove her ~coolness~ to him


No. 655584

File: 1533310093291.png (395.16 KB, 720x1136, 20180803_112257.png)

How long did she actually know this Rizzy person? She says 3 weeks but i dont remember her talking to him until she butted into one of his convos? All like some "lolsorrycanthelpya" i think this is a huge gotcha tbh

No. 655594

It wouldn’t be that hard to prove your ~coolness~ to a legitimate drooling retard.

No. 655605

>not on a panel
how strong and brave. is preg going to be on a panel? If he is, then she's an extra coward cause she knows people will be asking him things regarding her.

At the very least, someone should bring up Candid hopefully. That's not even a drama thing, they seriously scammed/lied to everyone regarding that and they still haven't give any explanations beside "we didn't knoww!!" despite that proven to be bs. If these faggots seriously care about "diverse opinions", that right there is a fucking discussion.

Also, that 24/7 bdsm cringe tweet never gets old. I wish the meme lasted longer but shuwu ruined it for everyone like she does with everything else.

No. 655611


>How has the political climate divided the atheist community?

>Featuring: Armoured Skeptic, Allie Jackson, Vadim Newquist (aka, Creationist Cat) David Smalley
>Moderated by: Stephen Knight

also Brittany, from the BDSM video, is moderating "What impact does social justice activism have on the African American community?" and "How can we navigate the issues impacting transgender people today?" (Theryn Miller, Blaire White and Angel Bonilla)

No. 655647

june: nobody should be punched for criticizing media! this poor man!!
also june: continues to draw attention to women's smaller account to dunk on da terfs :3 even after women like magdalen berns and maria maclachlan have been physically assaulted thanks to hysteria shuwu and the uwus help spread

No. 655667

File: 1533316192849.png (135.12 KB, 583x589, Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 12.3…)

As far as I've been able to find, they didn't start tweeting at each other until June 7th during the drama surrounding rizzy's comic. That's only a 10 day difference between the first interaction and that tweet.
She did something similar to this when she took her twitter break claiming she was gone longer than she really was.

Don't forget when she got angry Dave Chappelle joked about trannies. I guess "jokes are just jokes" until she doesn't find it funny.

No. 655690

A lot of her fanbase is probably diagnosed on the autism spectrum, and she must protect their feelings. However I’m sure none of them think the word retard applies to themselves so that one’s fair game.

No. 655698

File: 1533318606433.jpg (60.42 KB, 640x640, b3becb2d6770d4500f989d06962b5f…)

Can someone explain why she stopped wearing this wig?

It actually looks good and not a shitty aliexpress cosplay wig.

No. 655700

oh god I hate shuwu but she better bring pepper spray or something, mayu is so fucking creepy.

Have they interacted on twitter after preg blocked her?

No. 655708

File: 1533319605845.gif (994.86 KB, 350x191, lolmayu.gif)

No. 655719

it's not uwu kaweewee loli smol enough.

Fr though I think prolly because it's a nice normal natural look and she wouldn't be able to make kawaii puffy loli twin tails with it

No. 655727

he blocked mayu? I thought he just unfollowed him

No. 655736

sorry. I meant unfollowed. I don't use twitter.
Either way, from caps it seems Mayu was very upset over it. How uncomfortable would it be if she confronted him on it?

No. 655754

File: 1533322339944.png (721.46 KB, 576x1756, tMksv5B.png)

>Have they interacted on twitter after preg blocked her?
June answered one of Mayu's tweets by making everything about herself and complimenting herself. So business as usual.

No. 655879

I cringe so hard every time shoe talks about beauty related things because she’s so uninformed and lazy that it pains me. Her eyeliner and lashes are fucking t r a g i c, even in the picture on the right. I don’t get how she STILL hasn’t learned that she shouldn’t wear eyeliner on her inner eye corners since she has such close set eyes. It’s like one of the most basic things you learn about make up.

How the hell she worked at a makeup counter for multiple years is beyond me.
And don’t get me started on her skin care and fashion, it’s even worse. Sage for nitpick-y but seriously she essentially makes a living off of her looks, can’t she just not be lazy about one thing for once?

No. 655880

mayu is really trying to single white female shuwu, huh

No. 655884

yet she seems so proud when she gives him advice and praises her own look kek

No. 655891

Accentuating either your eyes or your lips is another basic makeup rule. It's not about ''the less the more''

No. 655909

her face looks more puffy deformed on the right tho.

No. 655930

like why highlight you cheeks if they're prominent already? lmao why is she even running her mouth? is it because mayus an ignorant man who wont call her out?

No. 655933

exactly, isn't it funny how she makes her close set squidward eyes look even more close together with the thick ugly black inner-corner liner, and her already eerily puffy huge jigsaw cheeks bigger with highlighter on them? yet she'll always spew off how "obsessed" with makeup + skincare she is and how she loves to make her "big eyes look huge!!11". how was she ever working at a makeup place like sephora or whatever it was, if that even happened.

No. 655940

has shuwu ever posted her skincare routine, just curious

No. 655955

yes. on her askfm. it was capped in an old thread.

No. 655958

Yeah, it was on her (now deleted) ask.fm

Basically it's sephora face wipes and some loccitane $100 meme cream.
Again, she pretended to be a skincare expert.

No. 655960

Does anyone have the screenies of her snubbing this poor kid?

No. 655964

File: 1533335955811.png (132.37 KB, 580x581, Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 6.37…)

Is this what you meant?

No. 655965

Thats not even the half of it she worked at a spa for like less than a year and only did appointment work on the computer then had the balls to lecture people on what to do with their skin

No. 655967

She is such a bitch "we can't do anything lol"

No. 655969

Tbh i saw that she said she had made a rant video about his situation but where is it tho? Haven't heard of it since this one time.

No. 655971

Yes anon thank you but i also need the screenshots of her having a narc panic attack over him attempting suicide


No you didn't at all and you still haven't

No. 655974

She never made it despite telling Rizzy she would.

No. 655977

More milk for the cookies

No. 655981

It's in >>655667 which is a thread under >>655964

No. 655999

this is the dumbest shit she's sprouted in a while. I wonder how it's possible she can't see that women want to be left the fuck alone when they are breastfeeding or just in general. Breasts have been so massively hyper sexualized by men and society that it's gotten really bad. Women can't even wear tank tops in most places without being harassed or deemed 'inappropriate.'

June has been hanging around stupid men way too long.

No. 656007

Why is she defending riley all of a sudden?? did i miss something?

She legit retweets like a straight man who likes fake lesbian porn but doesnt care about real gay women/lesbians. She only cares about men's rights and gay men's rights it seems… oh, and MTF trannies.

No. 656009

File: 1533338942290.png (858.6 KB, 840x1644, gutted.png)

Here's some compiled screen grabs from an old thread. She's deleted the "i'm gutted" and "greg broke the news to me" tweets.

No. 656011

>that dark pink shirt

i fucking love you, anon

No. 656015

still not over the "the one day i'm not on the internet" comment. shuwu thinks her being on the internet would've saved some guy she barely pretended to know from him killing himself lol what a deluded cunt

No. 656030

Lol never forget the

>"i never said i'd protest i said i'd fight along side you" line

No. 656131

Youre a saint anon

No. 656160

it's because she's such a cool girl, she's not like the other girls! She has to go out of her way to prove that she is such a open minded and chill person, she's totally okay with when her sexually starved and entitled perverted neckbeard fanbase think of women as objects or say pedophilic and misogynistic remarks! Boys will be boys teehee ^-^~ she's the only girl in existence who likes girly things, like dresses and chokers, but also is a down to earth tomboy!! She not only lets her boyfriend play video games, but lets him use her butt as a controller holder! What woman wouldn't want to be sexualised 24/7? It's just being a good girlfriend anon. Sorry your boyfriend doesn't sit on his computer all day fapping and replying to random porn stars all day, doesn't dress like a cringey le fedora man with a sexy dreamworks smirk, or treat you like an infant because you're 5'2 so therefore that means you're uwu smol. Why wouldn't June want to be a doormat submissive piece of meat to thousands of aggressive virgins with rapist tendencies? All it means is she is the hottest top girl. And she has to play up her sexuality because it's all she has, they will get bored and move onto some other thot! And she doesn't want that, other girls getting attention. That's why she brags about how other girls show cleavage makes them sluts, but when she does it she's just a sexy goth anime gf. You should go buy a value village halloween maid costume and get a fat ogre boyfriend with cheese dick who disrespects you, maybe then you will be enlightened too.

No. 656165

i've just been ass blasted by these three sagas anon

No. 656191

> "leading him to take his own life"
>"I hope he's okay"

No. 656196

Are you okay?

No. 656203

She right tho

No. 656204

He only attempted suicide he didnt succeed thankfully but was this a case of juwune using impressionist language?

No. 656213

No she literally thought he was dead even though people were saying he was hospitalized and to pray for him. She can't even do minimal searching without creating the drama about her.

No. 656232

Saged for somewhat OT but I wonder if this is what Shuwu looks like without her wig

No. 656293

File: 1533367201982.jpg (127.91 KB, 782x761, IMG_20180804_091852.jpg)

No. 656321

Can someone explain shuwus reply? Is she indicating that women are the one in power (as riley is saying that being white=in power=impossible to be racist) and therefore you can be dick to terfs/radical feminists for not accepting nonsense like biology is a 'social contruct' and you should date/comfort trans people to not be a bigot?

No. 656323


>TERFs are women

>transwomen are born male, therefore are male
>men oppress women
>women shitting on transwomen is the oppressed punching up

I think.

No. 656324

>>656323 this.
Also TERFs arguing that trans people just want to rape women, therefore TERFs dehumanizing them is just a defense against the aggressors.

No. 656325

thank you! I don't buy that explanation about power+priviledge so I get confused a little. So in that way of thinking shitting of terfs - oppressing the opressed therefore low hanging fruit that shuwu is doing?
oh god, I should stop overthinking it - because she probably don't put much thoughts into it and have simple goal to bash evil feminism to gain brownie points.
I just watched latest magdalen video and it made me think (lol june wishes her bideos were so thought-provoking) that june is actually thinking that refusing to be nice or to have sex with men/trans people is a form of oppresion. And at the same time she is exclusionary when it comes to her preferences (I mean duh, everyone is) and is very open about her love for certain body types and types of relationships. Oh I wish she would debate someone with more knowledge about this stuff, but that would not happen.

No. 656330

File: 1533379610744.png (256.36 KB, 1383x701, mstinput.png)

another smoll bean who uses babyspeak
another one of shuwu's lolcalves

No. 656331

she's clearly esfp
the worst kind of esfp

No. 656366

June's obsession with TERFs is getting beyond creepy. TERFs are not out there beating up trannies, they're getting beaten by MEN. Yet June acts if TERFs are the biggest threat to trannies ever. Why not address the guys who actually harm trannies instead if you love trannies so much June? oh noez can't speak bad of the poor menz, they're victims that I have to handle with kid gloves u_u

No. 656372

File: 1533389402722.png (70.65 KB, 500x485, imjustabean.png)

how does shuwu feel about bringing literal dumblr over to twitter? Is she proud of her achievement? Do her fans enjoy being cardboard cutouts of her being a cardboard cutout of dumblrs uwu ddlg accounts?

No. 656378

File: 1533390519199.jpg (170.69 KB, 1156x588, 897.jpg)

>I just watched latest magdalen video and it made me think (lol june wishes her bideos were so thought-provoking) that june is actually thinking that refusing to be nice or to have sex with men/trans people is a form of oppresion. And at the same time she is exclusionary when it comes to her preferences (I mean duh, everyone is) and is very open about her love for certain body types and types of relationships. Oh I wish she would debate someone with more knowledge about this stuff, but that would not happen.

I'd actually respect her more if she debated someone no matter how dumb and uninformed her arguments sounded.

Constantly throwing shit at people through her social media and then running away like a coward when confronted and pulling up the "uwu smol me is being bullied , im just a comedian okay?? :((" shtick.

That kind of behavior obviously proves she doesn't even believe what she spouts because otherwise she'd be able to actually defend it.

Honestly she's lower than trash in my eyes.

No. 656384

She probably doesn't realize that if she put more effort into the whole thing then she would get more male attention and approval than she does. That's her only motivation but she fails even at that. Although maybe she's afraid of feminists and that she'll lose that delusion about evil women. She's definitely got psychological problem that has something to do with womenhood

No. 656403

Wow she actually looks VERY attractive in this photo.
I wonder why she stopped wearing this wig, also.

No. 656426

File: 1533396706267.png (53.92 KB, 596x498, FLa7KNf.png)

She ended up deleting this.

No. 656436

Don’t be fooled by the angle and potato quality, anon.

No. 656455

>June: <makes statement>
>other person: “no ur wrong”
>June: “elaborate?”


>other person: <makes statement>

>June: “no ur wrong”
>other person: “elaborate?”
>June: “stop bullying me! blocks

No. 656491

File: 1533404619627.png (13.63 KB, 583x143, VFzIf6E.png)

June liked this tweet even though she's called herself antisocial on a number of occasions to seem relatable.

She also berated this teen girl ( >>645624 ) for calling herself socially awkward because she posted a selfie once on Reddit. This is the same woman who has spent her entire adulthood promoting herself on neckbeard forums and even used 4chan as a dating service. But people aren't allowed to call her an extrovert even if she's no different than that teen girl she made fun of kek.

No. 656508

File: 1533407843998.jpg (69.68 KB, 595x571, WDuIi8U.jpg)

okay so for the past weeks june has hammered it home that she's introverted, but not shy and that people need to understand that it's not the same thing - and we're just supposed to forget how often she referred to herself as shy? (There was more on her ask but it's ofc gone now) She lies about everything. It's insane.

One of these tweets is from one fucking year ago. Your personality and especially an attribute like shyness isn't going to change in one year.
Shoe's personality (and her online persona) is completely artificial and just rolls with whatever is popular at a time. There's a reason why she admits that she gets ''so nervous'' whenever peoeple ask her what her hobbies/interests are.

No. 656542

File: 1533409501523.png (33.27 KB, 576x300, aIeL1bG.png)

June has said before that racism against black people doesn't exist, but she agrees with this? Not trying to racebait or anything, just pointing out her hypocrisy.

Does she hope that people see her as a staunch segregationist in 30-40 years? Because saying "only ghetto black men catcall" is still bad. Or how about Greg? He's said similar stuff.

No. 656549

>believes relationships are more intimate than they really are

It’s classic Histrionic behavior

No. 656551

when i looked at that picture i admitted to myself that it was a really good photo but alas, it's literally all angles, a better wig and low quality as hell. it's also a fairly old one as well, i think.

No. 656666

File: 1533418998020.jpg (70.25 KB, 551x841, asdr.JPG)

No. 656672

at least she's honest about herself

No. 656680

nah, she's fishing for compliments.

she'll go to bat for altrighters who get beat up, but she won't do the same for terfs. she'll get bent out of shape when conservatives get called nazis but she has no problem equating radfems with crazy evangelicals.

No. 656746

File: 1533425830259.png (45.69 KB, 576x379, h8ghHg6.png)

No. 656791

June put your dick away we get it youre bi

No. 656792

She's probably upset that they used a pic that shows how flat her ass is

No. 656803


even in what looks like a skater skirt, her back sticks out more than her butt. sad

No. 656812

She probably created that video herself. Pathetic.
Oh and look at that http://www.mythicistmilwaukee.com/mythcon/ It's full of dumb youtubers and neckbeards presented as ''critical thinkers''

No. 656822

File: 1533435270294.jpg (64.49 KB, 750x1334, insta.jpg)

I wonder if she's backtracking on her boxxy skinwalk- I mean signature eyeliner look since we talk so much shit about it here.

No. 656845

Those glasses. Oof.

No. 656849

>gets her trad granny panties in a twist over SJWs
>posts this picture in which she looks like she's about to tell people that "stupid" is a slur


No. 656854

File: 1533438745390.png (572.23 KB, 719x1125, 20180526_030015.png)

Found this lol
Muh disney princess waistline in action

No. 656855

File: 1533438843601.jpg (20.1 KB, 367x400, june.jpg)

i think it's hilarious that her racist-ass accused leslie jones of looking like a gorilla when she straight up looks exactly like a more hideous hosung monkey uwu

No. 656857

muh big almond eyes

No. 656863

That phone really accentuates how big her hands are.

No. 656873

Her eyes are obviously not almond shaped. They're upturned which almond eyes are not.

No. 656992

Her hands are gigantic. I can’t tell if she used some kind of face altering filter (she probably did since all of her pictures are super edited) because her face looks so tiny next to her hands.

No. 656994


when trying to do a cute animu girl uwu pose backfires kek

No. 657005

Honestly this look suits her way better than her weird ddlg bullshit.

No. 657059

Agreed. But I'm partial to glasses.
What about them specifically? I'm not seeing anything wrong myself but idk a lot of beauty rules or whatever. I do think they look weird with her nose though, but I guess most glasses likely would.

No. 657066

File: 1533460827174.jpg (54.83 KB, 500x403, Shoe0nHead-Being-A-Woman-On-Yo…)


She has hundreds of unused scripts that are all basically the same shit.

>feminist claim porn industry is abusive?? WHAAAAAT [make a funny shocked face] wow i just…can't…i have no words for this DUMBFUCKERY okay so my argument is [go to /pol/ and parrot arguments against this] [insert 4chan memes throughout the video]

She pretends she is working sooo hard whrn you could shit this type of low effort video daily.

No. 657086

She lately looks like a bad copy of Laci Green - maybe she wants to take her route of 'dialog with both sides' or something.

No. 657108

File: 1533468302785.png (362.78 KB, 592x605, old.png)

No. 657112

File: 1533468789018.png (730.57 KB, 1164x538, 8SBIJMZ.png)

No. 657119

the only thing sh0e knows how to act funny is to yell and bulge her eyes and flail around

No. 657120

She fights with her fiance in public the fuck

No. 657171

File: 1533474344386.jpg (53.81 KB, 934x520, 0yY9oR3.jpg)

shuwu has been pretty notorious for shooping her waist. it's really obvious on it's own but even more laughable when you compare these pictures to candids/shots in videos. she wishes her waist was that small.

No. 657175

That hip and waist shoop is so unbelievably bad

No. 657183

File: 1533475862156.jpg (173.95 KB, 1937x1471, hrEfRTe.jpg)

Shoe making fun of other people's relationships is the ultimate irony.

No. 657190

if she were smart she'd produce more videos since she gets $2,000 for each one. just about anyone could shit out one of her "SJWs get RekkKKt XD"/"dumb harpy feminist gets DUNKED on 0___o" videos per week. they're painfully unfunny and don't require any research. there's no reason they should take a whole month to produce.

No. 657229


she looks extra simian here

No. 657273

I dont think it's shooped tbh she was anachan af back then and that's an a line skirt

No. 657275

File: 1533489333903.png (196.93 KB, 592x686, 4jwkkIb.png)

>the n word
june pls. she uses that word all the time. since when is she suddenly above saying it

No. 657284

File: 1533490342967.jpg (200.68 KB, 492x399, BbjhRal.jpg)

Being super skinny doesn't magically change your body type though. Her bone structure/body type has never been that of a person with a really small waist and wide hips, she's more of an inverted triangle or a rectangle.

Right side of pic related is from an older video around the same time were she was still quite thin and it looks absolutely nothing like the IG picture.
The lines around the waist and skirt/hip area are wobbly too.
Also it's been proven multiple times that she heavily photoshops her body in pictures plus she's massively insecure and a compulsive liar so it's really no surprise that she edits her shit.

No. 657285

It is, and Shuwu followed her for whatever reason.

No. 657295

How many times is she going to say something that makes barely any sense and finish it with 'that's exactly my point'

For me, barely any of her tweets make sense, because she's so inconsistent in her opinions and will go back and forth even in the same tweet, I don't know if that makes her feel smart but being confusing and ending it with 'that's my point' like what?

No. 657300

>she is one of those "uwu uh sweetie smol bean bun lmao" girls
i'd unironically rather be with a girl who is more like "rawr glomp squee x3". at least they're actually nice fucking people(no one cares)

No. 657306

File: 1533492592933.png (94.56 KB, 1218x516, 1506662974220.png)

Pretty funny take

No. 657313

File: 1533493290306.jpeg (38.64 KB, 320x427, B9652D01-FBE5-466B-8B7A-146EB2…)

No. 657318

Why does she always look off to the side whenever she poses for her dumb selfies? It's really annoying to me for some reason.

No. 657323

>skeptic and i
fucking learn english

it makes your eyes look bigger

No. 657334

File: 1533495663191.gif (78.44 KB, 253x230, 1460076413721.gif)

>you're so dumb, I love you

I hate everything about this, but that line…

No. 657353

i would bet you 50$ that those extreme looking tiny uwu waist pics are edited. they look ridiculously fake.

No. 657368

File: 1533502127016.png (84.66 KB, 209x837, shoetweet.PNG)

does shoe usually retweet her own shit? i understand the mythcon one but the other two are just "HMM PEOPLE DON'T CARE ABOUT MEN? WELL, I DO."

No. 657372

File: 1533502962425.jpg (112.61 KB, 1200x486, DXBC1bfXkAIGXtf.jpg)

all of the tweets in that thread are immature. you can tell just how obsessed she gets when people don't worship her and her fellow anti sjws.

pic attached was in the thread. the delusion.

No. 657384

>never takes off his dusty old hat, probably bald
>blocks everyone on twitter
oof…careful there, June.

No. 657386

Because no one else cares enough to bother. Like no one but us cares about anything she says, and not in a good way. She's lonely and desperate for attention and embarrassing herself by retweeting herself makes her feel like anyone is paying attention.

No. 657391

Is there one with June? I need a virgin [slut] June meme

No. 657410

>canadian snow giant
>would piss on anyone
>loves his dick thinks it is a gift to mankind
>just doesn’t like women
>barely understands politics
>believes he is god
and these are things to brag about? and i’m 99.9% sure that shuwu made this, which makes it all the more pathetic

No. 657427

new video where Shoe Shives makes fun of Steve Shives

No. 657441


>shoe0nhead and armoured skeptic, two people I wouldn't piss on even if they were on fire

>two cockroaches

>they should be shut out of every legitimate venue

Steve Shives isn't wrong tbh.

No. 657482

can someone explain this steve shives hateboner? why is she so obsessed with him? it's pretty difficult for anyone to have less integrity than her, so i'm sure that's not the reason why. is he a liberal or a centrist or what? all she does is fucking harass the shit out of him

No. 657489

Yeah taking parts of his video out of context and making an ad for skeptic con (why did she make an ad)?

No. 657491

File: 1533513132438.png (210.45 KB, 604x1296, hvjb.png)

he's a self-hating male feminist who's known for blocking people for no reason.

june's a self-hating female anti-feminist who's known for blocking people for no reason.

anon, surely you can see now why june's so much better than him.

No. 657493

File: 1533513210544.png (534.88 KB, 1813x1536, im not bully uwu.png)

So she's still using retarded as an insult even though she claims she stopped using autistic because "it was hurtful"? Logic.

No. 657503

Was this seen yet?
You can pin point the moment she realizes she's camera and changes her voice.

No. 657506

Idiotocin went to see her ass twice. He must really be hard up for chicks.

No. 657512

Oh god, that was a disgusting display. Sounded like a fake-ass, dollar store Betty Boop.

No. 657530

It's so weird. You think super high cheekbones always are supposed to look nice, but they really do make her look so fucking weird. Also she was still thin here, but her waistline is completely average, though she claims this was her ideal body ("my goal body was me last summer")

No. 657552

Her arms are so big and flabby

No. 657565

You can really see her throat strain when she gets the squeaky laughs out. It's so sad.

No. 657567

Was she gloating about blocking people to her fans? Lmao june.

No. 657570

Toward the end she took an opportunity to kiss Skeptic on camera. Why tho??? Just so it could be on some rando's channel? Why does she want everyone to care so much?

No. 657576

File: 1533519837776.png (39.67 KB, 111x226, 20180805_214335.png)

Btw if anyone had any doubts about Preg's noodle arms
He really is a daddydom

No. 657584

Lol Groceries monitoring June’s interactions with other men from afar. He’s allowed to flirt with other women and she has to be guarded like property. Just a cute BDSM dynamic.

If I was Shoe I’d probably be hiding behind my bf knowing every “fan” was probably there hoping to jack off to more than just a video for once.

No. 657590

File: 1533521048961.png (374.33 KB, 2358x1048, 1523345193439.png)

there's this classic

No. 657597

I thought it'd be reaching, but no, she really does drastically change her voice when she sees she's being filmed. She also keeps going "Hehehe! So cute, shy, and smol! ^///^" So cringey.

No. 657799


top kek

I remember when someone posted this on their shoe0nhead parody account and June blocked not only them, but also all of their followers

No. 657837

>June blocked not only them, but also all of their followers
lmao, typical. And this bitch has the audacity to make fun of Steve shives and tumblr tier feminists for using block bots and “prematurely blocking people they disagree with”.

There need to be more exposed videos of her, she’s been getting away with shit for way too long.

No. 658012

File: 1533579180954.jpg (11.12 KB, 170x191, Capture.JPG)

One thing that kind of boggles my mind is that there are a lot of pandering /pol/ thots on Youtube like shoe0nhead Roaming Millenial, Barbara4u2c, Lauren Southern) and even though I think their content and opinions are pure shit and their motivation stems from huge need for male attention..I still don't get how shoe0nhead is the most popular thot??

She has FAS and looks like shit, uses a 360p camera to hide her flaws, makes same type of video over and over again.

All others at least try to get a proper filming equipment, look better than her and do more varied shit. But June has most subscribers and most views. Hell, they even hide their boyfriends so neckbeards don't get mad…

What's the secret? Looking like a cartoon character who exaggerates everything so autists can easily understand?

No. 658026


probably because shoe fulfills their pedo fantasies with all her ddlg spouting. they hope that one day, they'll too be able to land an irl anime gf like shuwu by just being themselves (fat, entitled neckbeards like greg). she knows what she's doing. with a lip lift and counseling she could've landed a normal guy but she picked an uggo to give her fanbase hope:3 teehee. one day I'll be able to get an antifeminist loli too!!

looking like boxxy according to stupid men who can't see through angles, lighting, and filters also helps


No. 658054

I think timing has a lot to do with it. She started her channel in 2014 where anti-feminist opinion was big on the internet since, frankly, there was a lot of terrible big named feminists to make fun off(Big Red, Anita, themarysue, etc). Combined with her imageboard pandering, nu-/pol/ spamming her(not to mention her spamming herself on there) and of course shuwu being a mildly decent looking girl when caked makeup and filter up with 'edgy' opinions…or at least to neckbeards who haven't walked outside.

What's confusing is why she's still popular, since most of the internet is past memeing and making fun of the trigglypuffs and bringing up gamergate, it can be still funny but, it's past seeking videos like hers who rehash the same shit over and over and over.

The only conclusion I have come to is a majority of her fans are young, like 15-20 year old boys who didn't experience the antifem train from 2014-2016. I noticed that at least on twitter a lot of her fans are those ages and it really saddens me because they take so seriously. It's kinda similar how /pol/ is today, I'm not defending that it was every a 'good' board obviously but, it use to be a lot more sarcastic/funny and taking aim at actually bad liberals and feminist through being 'edgy' but, by the time the election was going down it was completely taken over by people who took it all seriously, especially people in the skeptic youtube community which is why it's so hilarious after the internet shifted sides, you have shuwu claiming she's a 100% lbtq libtard. not subtle at all.

No. 658105

File: 1533586451701.jpg (94.33 KB, 810x794, IMG_20180806_221206.jpg)

>going to medieval times for your 34th birthday


No. 658112

because lots of males really like ugly chicks, it's just how they are

No. 658125

Probably because she's the most desperate and misoginystic of them all and she embodies 'cool girl' and one of the guys tropes. Plus >>658054 except that feminists aren't terrible and Anita was awesome and daring.

No. 658131

Because she constantly thots around on twitter while still acting like she's ~one of the good pure girls and totally not like those other whores~ by continuously trashing women for the most minuscule and irrelevant reasons.

She heavily sexualizes herself for e-fame and portrays herself as the ~kinky kawaii nympho trad waifu~ (her ask.fm was proof of that, never forget those hilarious golden asks about her nonexistent ''wide baby-making hips'' and her fake bisexuality, topkek)
The type of men that follow her would rip any other woman to shreds for showing cleavage, engaging in threesomes and constantly talking about sex and would call her all kinds of names in the book but shoe gets away with it because she coddles men 24/7, and she's making money off of it in the process.

I'm pretty sure /pol/ hates her though because she dated a black guy. Her audience mostly consists of people that claim to be as '''liberal''' as her, for the most part they're just incels, neckbeards and teenage boys who think they're super edgy for being misogynistic and love having their opinions validated by a woman.

No. 658134

so skebtic
>is obsessed with a children's franchise
>has his gf buy him toys that he can't afford
>has his gf read to him because he can't understand big words :(
>has his gf protect him from mean internet boolies
>is being brought to a family restaurant for his 34th birthday

why don't they just call themselves dom mommy and little boy and get it over it. it's not like greg looks any older than june anyway

No. 658140

i actually find that greg looks slightly younger than shuwu in the face, i don't care that he's tall, he honestly doesn't look older than her at all

No. 658148


she never lets him go to bed "horny, angry, or hungry" or something like iirc that so they really are a mommy dom/little boy relationship :^)

No. 658175

File: 1533590747910.png (50.63 KB, 608x463, HSP18nu.png)

>i can control almost every aspect of my dreams ever since i was a child

No. 658181

Play pretend, roleplay, and lucid dream. So uncommon and quirky, not.

No. 658183


she's trying to act REALLY unbothered by the fact that we know about her catfishing. she's trying to own it like how she tried owning "cuck" when brittany called her out. cringe

No. 658186

i catfished on myspace when i was 10 yet shuwuwuwuwuwuuuu thinks she's the most bizarre quirky person in history for it lol yeah sure. does she not understand that kids may do weird stupid things online if they have uncaring parents, or at her age when she did it (i recall her mentioning before that she was about 14 or so when she catfished apparently)

No. 658193

File: 1533591343713.png (33.85 KB, 599x244, hTKyxub.png)

No. 658197


How does this dumb hoe keep fucking up so damn much?

No. 658217

File: 1533593134539.png (509.34 KB, 701x859, real one.png)

June is so pathetically jealose of Candace Owen's popularity hahahah

No. 658228

I will never get over her trying to call Candace ugly. I don't like her but, fuck shuwu trying to play the innocent 'no bully plz' uwu and then hit low. Candace is at least natural and doesn't rely on filters, edits and caked make up to look good.

No. 658244

File: 1533594476407.png (675.54 KB, 598x920, imnqowt.png)

I dislike Candace as much as the next person, but she looks younger than 4ever yung loli Shuwu despite being older.

No. 658278

We know June is a secret racist. She likely assumed she was automatically better looking than Candace for virtue of being white while Candace is black. Too bad, unlike Leslie Jones she is actually good-looking and dissing her looks just makes shoe seems extra-shallow.

No. 658307

queen britler needs to make more shuwu vids, and include a compilation of her man voice vs tryhard loli voice

No. 658308

File: 1533597241628.png (57.97 KB, 599x517, 4wj778s.png)

No. 658322

Plz don't say im the only anon who thinks Shuwu is wk'ing Taylor cause she has a thread here and its Jewus weird twitter tactics to be the #goodgirl tm thinking she slick.

No. 658325

I think she's absolutely defending taylor cause she has a thread here. Ironic considering she amd Ian made lolcow lol.

No. 658364


Shoe doesn't have a job and shitposts on twitter all day to keep up her fanbase. As much as I dislike Lauren Southern, she seems to be actually trying to do something else with her life (she also has more twitter followers compared to Shoe).

As the other anon pointed out, Shoe's fanbase also seems to skew pretty young, and young people are the ones who seem to spend all their time on youtube driving up views and whatnot. And again, while I dislike all the other pandering /pol/ thoughts, a lot of the other ones actually try to be a "serious" part of the discourse/act like adults, whereas Shoe sort of talks about politics but then backs away and says she doesn't really want to talk about politics and doesn't actually have an opinion, so her videos are more designed for young people who don't really want to seriously think about things like that. In contrast, I unironically know multiple adult male Roaming Millenial fans. Hell, even Jordan Peterson gave Roaming Mil a shoutout on his twitter recently (lmao). I've actually noticed Shoe seemingly trying to get Peterson's attention lately, but IMO it's completely unlikely to work because she acts like a complete child 4chan autist still. She really wants to have it both ways.

No. 658365

lol I think thots autocorrected to thoughts my b

No. 658495

This makes me happy. June probably has her thread here bookmarked!

No. 658566

Black don't crack, even when it's evil.

No. 658581

Take it to your therapist, sweetheart.

That's what she actually needs but she seeks therapy from other people. But actually only therapists can legitimately treat you like a child and give you all the attention you crave and interpret everything and help you with your problems. It's a deal breaker.

No. 658592

hey june! how are you doing? are you sucking on fupa preggy's fat asscheeks tonight or just his cheddar chode?

it's so fucking obvious that she looks through her threads, i'd bet money on her fucking reading this lel

No. 658600

I suppose Peterson will give her a shoutout when she tweets a video of taking his personality test. It costs money and Peterson tries to make as much money as he can out of his current fame. That's why he creates and shills his stupid pop psychology mixed with his gibberish schizo ideology stuff. He knows his cultists would like another edgy girl spouting what they want to hear. Most of his fans are as immature as she is if not worse.
Also he's too preoccupied with his paranoia about the left and gulags and promoting
and justifying hierarchies to care about not being disingenuous.

Seriously, maybe we should consider creating Peterson's lolcow page cause he clearly is one. Although no, we shouldn't. He's already being lolcowed on a wider scale suitable for his hype.

No. 658613

Looking at this and then at the date is disheartening

No. 658659

There was a time when Preggory defended Wig… and I can see why he will never do it again. He knows he's going to look like a bigger idiot by standing up for her. It's super long, but the highlight is in Karen's response:

"The entire reason Shoe is part of this is because she's WAY more popular among MRAs than you are. More popular among everyone, it seems. She has 4 times as many subscribers as you do. She's more important than you. Sorry to have to tell you this, but she does, and she is.

This video wasn't attacking you and dragging in June. It was calling out June and dragging in YOU. And it wasn't even MEAN. No one was laughing about how fucked up you guys are. No one was yelling. No one called either of you any names. All Nick and I did was say you were wrong about some things you said, and were probably speaking out of careless ignorance.

Welcome to a world wherein women enjoy power and accountability. You're not doing her any favors by portraying her as an innocent victim in this. Do you think she's so frail that she's unable to weather a little criticism?"

No. 658663

File: 1533651341328.png (800.92 KB, 800x3351, Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 9.19…)

No. 658811

I actually like JP, and I would be a little surprised if he told anyone to watch her videos or showed support for her. Unless he truly knew very little of her. I could see him using it as an opportunity to market his online services to her fan base, but nothing beyond that.

Has he ever interacted with the YouTube skeptic community outside of the Rubin report?

No. 658830

File: 1533667099061.png (72.71 KB, 600x498, E0w82pU.png)

I'm surprised Shoe would even suck up to Kermit the frog since Contra hates him. Or maybe she's finally given up on kissing Contra's ass now that she's been shot down so many times.

He did actually give her a shout out a few years ago. Funny seeing how transtrender friendly Shoe has been in the past year. She even defends Riley Dennis nowadays.

top kek @ "transexual takes on trans-trenders"

No. 658838

File: 1533667810095.png (17.35 KB, 484x189, Tyq0GhA.png)

samefag but JP sent a book to Groceries. As if he actually reads books.

No. 658849

Pretty sure he's aware of her, considering the above pics. She's too stupid and illogical to shout out though, so he's probably ignoring her existence.

She later said she read the book aloud to little boy Pweggy uwu

No. 658850

>I actually like JP, and I would be a little surprised if he told anyone to watch her videos or showed support for her

I didn't say he would do that. Did he promote 'Roaming Millenial' like that on his twitter? Btw she is another male attention seeker, just without any major mental illness problems so she can present herself as a 'reasonable', 'thinking' lady and she can read.

>Unless he truly knew very little of her. I could see him using it as an opportunity to market his online services to her fan base, but nothing beyond that

That's exactly what I meant.
She once said she didn't watch his lectures but then started to because of all the hype and cause he's a star of this anti-sjw community she's pandering to the most. Then she mentioned him a few times more. Of course, she would show how she likes him and all because she needs to do that to pander. She does pander to everybody but let's not overestimate her pandering to liberals/contrapoints. Her whole youtube channel is based on criticizing them and she ''made her name'' on youtube out of that.

No. 658853

File: 1533669423536.jpg (312.31 KB, 1080x1262, Screenshot_20180807-141524_You…)

>me me me me me me me me

No. 658858

File: 1533670002708.jpg (13.82 KB, 275x206, 1526155276159.jpg)

>He called her a tranny

No. 658868


Didn't she say to someone that contouring is bad because it made her look like a tranny?

Now she's suddenly "I wanna learn how to do makeup, teach me senpai~ uwu"

No. 658876

she's sucking up to big youtubers/beauty gurus now? l o l

No. 658879

She looks like miss cracker here lo l

No. 658891

uh she was wearing highlighter on her cheeks like 4 videos ago.. it was very obvious.

No. 658892

Sorry isnt it common knowledge here that she wears shit tons of foundation and wore enough powder to make her ass glow in that pic next to her sister?

No. 658898

she is 100% lying about the highlighter and she definitely wears concealer i think too, along with dry powdery ass foundation layered on. she's lyin for the 46664454th time

No. 658918

File: 1533674486064.jpg (9.46 KB, 123x159, accurate 1.jpg)

does this face not look like a fucking tranny

No. 658920

She's been wearing highlighter since she worked at benefit, it's in this video. What is she talking about. In some recent videos it's pretty obvious that she was wearing some type of high light on her cheekbones as well. This is such an unnecessary lie.

I'm confused whether she actually wears foundation though - I hope she does. Especially in candids, her skin looks cakey as shit. Otherwise it could be just her horrible skincare without any exfoliation that makes it look like she's got a full face on. Either way, not a cute look. Idk why she still tries to act like she has perfect flawless skin uwu

On a side note, I'm kind of amazed how her make up skills actually regressed throughout the years. This video is from 2011 and her eye make up looked so much better. Still not that good but way better than that sad excuse for a cat eye she wore in 2014 and the failed attempt at the insta look she does nowadays.
Sage for somewhat nitpicky.

No. 658922

File: 1533674808917.jpg (10.64 KB, 146x180, liar 1.jpg)

oh she wears foundation constantly, i can see it clear as day in like 90% of her photos. i think she wears concealer as well honestly but that's not quite as obvious so i can't assume she does.

it might be hard to see but you can tell she has foundation covering up her under eye darkness, or maybe concealer as well.

No. 658929

She's probably trying to get points for being natural~ and not using tons of makeup unlike those try-hard stacies out there. Also kissing trannies' asses is not enough now, it's time to cozy up to gay MUAs I guess.

No. 658934

Not to mention the fact that I’m almost certain her eyebrows are probably not as full as she’d lead you to believe. I could have sworn someone pointed out the fact that she’s plucked out most of her eyelashes and eyebrows…

No. 658938

i thought it was obvious that she has her brows filled in 24/7 lol. even in her "no makeup" picture, she has them filled in intensely so they look painted on.

No. 658939

another case of june humblebragging and lying. what else is new.

No. 658941


why does everything she say have to be funny or quirky in some way? why can't she just say makeup? or is that too basic for her?

also her lawng island accent is terrible in this lol
"sow yah put it awll ova yah face just loike dis" she sounds like someone's trashy aunt

No. 658945

File: 1533676518249.jpg (176.52 KB, 937x465, LOOOOOOOOOL.jpg)

i just saw this gem and it actually made me laugh lol

look at all her deluded, overly defensive orbiters, even back in 2014 they were pathetic.

No. 658947

oh, and the "STOP STALKING ME YOU HAG UWUU" made me die inside. one honest comment = stalking and an ugly jealous old hag :333

No. 658964

Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t she say she only used powder in one of her videos? I think she said that foundation makes her skin feel suffocated and that’s why she uses powder instead.

No. 658969

File: 1533678227393.png (64.81 KB, 1076x370, uCpKk5v.png)

Anyone else notice how she loves calling people who disagree with her "stalkers"?

She's admitted to reading Encyclopediadramatica and posting on /cow/. Combine that with the way she acts towards people like Steve Shives, Anita and Megan Murphy, etc. then she's hardly in the position to call Jenny a stalker. If anything, June should be considered the stalker if we're going by her own definition.

No. 659000

File: 1533680067559.jpg (59.11 KB, 878x646, james charles tutorial.jpg)

June is a great natural beauty! UwU so bazix at mackups im just that pretty! ><

No. 659001

How many times did she edit this post?

No. 659002

File: 1533680145265.jpg (31.97 KB, 561x438, whiteface.jpg)

No. 659014

And she got them really thinly tweezed cause that was the style back then lol

No. 659047

File: 1533682975075.jpeg (22.39 KB, 512x512, jeff the killer.jpeg)

No. 659054

I stand corrected about him not being likely to mention her, but lmao @ him thinking she was trans

No. 659114

No. 659123

File: 1533690005979.png (27.89 KB, 440x225, ughhh.png)


sounds real funny to me

No. 659130

She's so fucking intolerably lame.

No. 659159

I'm starting to believe people like her and Blaire White don't form their own opinions, instead their mechanism is to just pick the opposite of what the "left" likes. No thought is put into it. They want to be different and it makes them the real snowflakes.

No. 659165

File: 1533693968399.png (57.01 KB, 602x493, petty.png)

He has no twitter activity? Wow nice burn. Got'em.

No. 659266

Shoe lost about 500k views on socialblade, anyone know which video she deleted?

No. 659267

It was powder foundation

No. 659271

those fucken eye bags

No. 659276

Dumb question, but would unlisting a video cause that? Cause if so you can check her unlisted vids:


No. 659364

Oh god, her wig and makeup in this video are atrocious.

No. 659386

So do I understand this correctly she mostly picked moments where they insult women's looks? Although maybe their videos are mostly about insuting women's looks. Not that I would ever watch those vomit-inducing videos to find out if I'm right. Oh and the poking holes in condoms she did to demonstrate how fun, coolgirlTM and one of the guysTM she is. It's not that she's also a woman who can get knocked up and then either have to go through abortion or ruin another human's entire life from the moment they're born. She's so painfully shallow. This bitch and the level of her desperation are so irritating! And I don't care whatever her deep psychological issues that caused that are. If she only was like that in her personal life and didn't post youtube videos then that would be another story but she's fucking public and has a huge audience.

No. 659389

skeptic's videos fucking suck lol his animations annoy me. why does shuwuwuwuwu want to have his child

No. 659477

I saw a tweet where she was talking with him about having a surrogate, probably because she doesn't want to ruin her uwu body further by carrying autist sperm to term.

No. 659495


So much for submissive bi cool gf trademarked uwu

No. 659517

>she doesn't want to ruin her body
Shuwu would think this. Too bad she's becoming fat on her own without getting pregnant lol.

No. 659533