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File: 1603655944561.gif (527.33 KB, 415x326, tumblr_nv9pduM9ki1qhccldo1_500…)

No. 156622[Reply]

A thread for anons who do not want kids in any context, whether biological, adopted, or step. Discuss anything relevant to a childfree lifestyle here.

Some topics for discussion to get started:
>miserable parents we know and their nightmareish lives
>the wonderful world of having expendable income
>how much better women without children age
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No. 375905

Nah I’m nta but I thought it was an uncomfortable open secret that swollen pregnant stomachs look a little disturbing. I feel this way too (though it used to be worse), they look distended and uncomfortable. I even feel the same about seeing pregnant animals, they don’t look as distended but I also feel sad about the fact they didn’t get to choose to be pregnant.

No. 375912

this thread is not for you

No. 375926

You only exist because of a swollen stomach. Grow up, crybaby.(infighting)

No. 375928

Nta but I don't like seeing it either, it looks unnatural and uncomfortable.

No. 376403

Prengant woman creep me so much out.
It is insane how disproportionate it looks and uncomfortable.
Just plain weird.

File: 1701030715335.jpeg (341.38 KB, 1500x1207, IMG_0612.jpeg)

No. 361303[Reply]

Just like the Nigel brag thread, but for lesbians and other women dating women. Brag about your girlfriends/wives

I’ll start: my wife smells so good. She uses a new shampoo and body wash that smells like vanilla rose, I want to bury my face in her hair and just stay there
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No. 376172

I feel this. It's even harder now that every nerdy girl has pronouns now. Where the fuck do I find a weeby autist gf who likes to play games and sperg about shipping. Life is agony and suffering.

No. 376174

Surely there must be someone out there if we both exist and think like that.
I'll keep hoping!

No. 376175

has anyone had any luck with meeting someone through lolcow? or is that a bad idea?

No. 376177

bad idea

No. 376207

>Sweetest woman ever
>Has a big heart, loves a lot of things intensely and passionately
>Creative, determined, sees goals and endeavors all the way through
>Is a manhating lesbian
>Nerdy, enjoys gaming, makes OCs with me, shares my fandoms and we gush about our faves together
>Emotionally driven and sensitive which compliments my more logical/rational outlook
>Beautiful, adorable, and has a perfect body. Soft, curvy, and naturally warm. I'm always cold so we balance each other out when we hug/touch
>Woowoo spiritual believer which contrasts my skepticism; I genuinely love this about her, it makes for interesting conversations
>Basically my opposite in all the aspects that allow for perspective shifts and growth opportunity
>Shares my dream of being a lesbian power couple
>Calls me just her type, is always complimenting me
>Loves eating pussy, is great in bed
I love her. Can't wait to make her my wife.

File: 1649081054548.jpg (29.02 KB, 564x730, romansa.jpg)

No. 253921[Reply]

Like the title says.
Previous Thread: >>133562
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No. 374489

File: 1705700022113.jpg (105.59 KB, 826x1218, 41426322.jpg)

>The clitoris wraps around the vagina
It wraps around your vulva and vaginal opening, not the entire vaginal canal.
>its impossible to stimualte the vagina without stimulating the clitoris
In this study the participants had a spinal cord injury. It would be impossible to stimulate their clitoris because the nerves that connects our clitoris to the brain go through the spinal cord. They were able to orgasm through cervical stimulation (the cervix, as you probably know, is not part of the clitoral complex.) The reason why they could orgasm this way is because the cervix is connected to the brain through the uterus by the vagal nerve, which is not inside the spinal cord. Neurologists have also discovered different parts of the brain light up in MRI imaging depending on whether a woman stimulates her clitoris, g-spot (aka internal clitoris) or cervix, albeit with a large overlap.

No. 374592

Sorry if this has been asked here before

Sex with my boyfriend is pretty good. He can usually easily make me cum once or twice every time we get together so I’d say he’s doing pretty much everything right on his side. But, sometimes we’ve had sex have felt a lot better than other times. Sometimes it’ll also feel really great, amazing really but I won’t be able to orgasm, the feeling it’s coming will come and go but it’ll never actually happen, sometimes I’ve gotten so frustrated I’ve tried to help myself out by taking over for his hands but still can’t do it. I’m sure getting annoyed about it isn’t helping because then I’m too focused on it. I find it a bit frustrating because I’m always chasing the high of the better times, and feel a little disappointed whenever it’s a “good” night instead of a “great” night. I’m sure it has a lot to do with things like stress levels, what part of my cycle I’m in, ect but I’m wondering if anyone might have any tips or solutions they found if they had the same issue. I haven’t really noticed any difference in the sex itself, like any difference in what we do or anything that could be the cause of the problem. I find it definitely feels a lot better if I’m about mid way through my cycle, but still.

Am I doomed to just “good” orgasms all times of the month except for a single week each month?

No. 374606

I relate to having better orgasms around the time of month leading up to ovulation. I am also hornier during that period of time. I haven't discovered a solution, but on the flip side I'm glad I'm not as obsessively horny every single day of the month, it would be a cursed existence. Your frustrations are valid though. I let my bf know what's going on and make him focus more on giving me foreplay, other types of stimulation like oral/hands, slow love-making etc. when I'm outside of this phase. I focus more on the emotional connection vs raw desire. About the orgasm intensity idk how much you can do.

No. 375443

What's the best way to eat out a woman? I have tried it 2 times before but I think I must have done a really bad job since one of them ghosted me and the other started dating men.
I tried doing it at a similar pressure/tempo/location as i would use with my hand when Im masturbating, but its hard to know if that feels good to her since ive never had anybody give me oral so i don't know what its supposed to feel like.
Sorry if this is a bit weird but i just wanted to ask in case anyone had any tips.

No. 375454

Question regarding oral: Does anyone else experience oral feeling kind of weird or annoying for at least 5-10 minutes before it suddenly switches to feeling incredibly good? It's not due to a change in how the person is licking or anything either. Sometimes the feeling is so strong to the point where I think I should ask them to stop because "it's just not happening tonight". Then, that switch in feeling suddenly happens and I'm happy that I didn't and waited it out. This happens even when I'm already feeling very horny and worked up before oral begins.
>I find it definitely feels a lot better if I’m about mid way through my cycle, but still.
That's how it is for me too. I share your frustration. Those peak week orgasms are so great, but I think it just has to be accepted that that's how our hormonal cycles are that we won't have "the best" always.

File: 1673000905064.gif (1003.4 KB, 500x373, FACEB84D-E9C7-45EA-A28F-0A165C…)

No. 306574[Reply]

I keep encountering this problem in my dating life, Im becoming hopeless.
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No. 374706

File: 1705783933929.png (78.8 KB, 1503x1164, heightcomparisoncom.png)

i'm very boyish, and i usually like average height males, who are always more insecure… it's okay since i'm too retarded for a relationship for it to matter

No. 374789

File: 1705818356738.jpg (90.29 KB, 771x733, 1573762079793.jpg)

>my type- shy tall twinks, nerds, stoners, blondes, women
>what I attract- normie black men, white /pol/manosphere moids
I'm white but built like a plank, and not feminine at all so I truly do not understand kek. Also I feel like the type of guy I like is mostly out of reach, lost to either trooning out or terminal Asian/egirl fetish

No. 374813

I'm 5'7" not boyish but that's also the average height for moid in my area as well and tbh I've such pushback from moids at the same height when they meet me off the app, like they're shocked even though it's listed on my Hinge kek. I've dated moids shorter than me, I've dated moids taller and honestly don't care. But these 5'7" - 5'9" moids are hopeless in thinking they can grab a 5'2" girl when everyone knows the short girls are looking for a 6'0"+ plank

No. 374825

My nigel is a shortie but I don't think he's insecure because he's got that big dick energy. Manlets who are packing heath is where it's at

No. 375550

I don't mind shorter guys, taller is just a preference Jerma is cute so it's okay if he's short, u know?

File: 1685701747174.jpeg (131.1 KB, 800x1200, IMG_8216.jpeg)

No. 332611[Reply]

I’ve been here for quite some years and I know a lot of you have been, too. Surely a percentage of posters here are around 30, or over 30. For those of you that are - how are you handling it?

Share your successes, insecurities, and life wisdom. Share fashion and beauty advice.

How do you feel about nearing 30/being over 30? Have you found the incel cope about 30+ women to be true in any way? What were your biggest fears, and what are your biggest triumphs at your current age?

Absolutely no Zoomers allowed in this thread, unless you’re an elder Zoomer. Zoomer ageism is peak stupidity and we won’t have it here.
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No. 374523

I'm about to turn 30 in a few months and my mother will not shut the fuck up about me not being married with kids yet even though it's somewhat her and my father's fault to begin with. They don't get that I'm too busy to meet anyone because of work, the only men I attract are way too young or they're my age and think I'm way younger, and I still live with them so I have no private life to begin with. And they're weirdos who think sex before marriage is a great sin and women who do it deserve death but we're in a country where not having sex before marriage is rightfully seen as completely insane so there're a cultural gap between me, my parents and normal no muslim men. I also have to deal with all the issues that come from being a grown woman who doesn't look grown because of rare health issues so nobody takes me seriously at all in a very general sense.

Now my 31yo big sister is annoying me all the time and asking me if she looks old because she can't cope with being over 30yo. I think that and my mother also harassing her with the exact same questions must bother he a lot. I legit don't care about turning 30 soon and I even want to celebrate that so I can't fully relate to her worrying about her own age and it's not even like she's worrying about not achieving anything because she's back to college and working in a really good company to do a piss easy job. I think she legit wants to get married and have kids, unlike me. It's so weird, I don't know what to think about it.

No. 374525

>the only men I attract are way too young
What's wrong with dateing younger?

No. 374526

Moids claim the wall as 14 kek they’re hilarious. As a 30+ woman I will keep dating handsome 18-20 year old boys with big hard dicks full of functioning blood vessels and make those flaccid impotent boomer moids seethe as a side effect.

No. 374532

My youngest sister is 10 years younger than me, I had to be her second mom, I changed her diapers and fed her on a regular basis when she was a baby, I brought her home from school and took her to her sports lessons after that, made her do her homework, met some of her teachers when my parents couldn't, would monitor her internet usage because of my clueless boomer/gen X parents giving her an ipad when she wasn't even 10yo yet, etc. so she's a little baby to me. Seeing guys her age hitting on me makes me want to puke, I just can't unsee it, they're all the same little babies to me. It disturbs me and I feel insulted that they think I'm their age.

The few guys my age who interact with me outside of contexts where they're forced to are hideous beyond belief, Muslim trash or hope I'm still in high school. Or some combination of these things at the same time. I'd like to believe I could potentially find and date a good looking man my age who respects me and doesn't have the thought process of a dangerous criminal but given that I'm a clueless virgin it's extremely unlikely.

No. 374922

Now, I'm not 30 yet so sorry if I shouldn't post, but I'm mid 20's on the side approaching 30's, so an elder zoomer. I think a lot of women could benefit from befriending "older" people. Now, I've never, not even as a child, viewed 30 as old, in my mind 20 year olds are basically teens 2.0 while at 30 you are an adult, but still very young. But after befriending a lot of 30-35 year old though my bf, who also is an elder zoomer, it has just solidified my belief that nothing really differs that much post 30. Especially for women, looks wise, pretty much no difference in 20's and 30's. Men however age like shit kek. I think a lot of women with fear of aging would chill out if they actually got to know post 30 women, and maybe even look forward to being 30.

File: 1528990566869.jpg (34.86 KB, 562x374, meirl.jpg)

No. 85316[Reply]

Do any of you guys have any tips for how to deal with insecurity?

Share ways to cope with body dysmorphia, general insecurities about appearance, or about anything.
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No. 373261

martial arts

No. 373372

File: 1705225548391.jpg (71.83 KB, 676x1000, 61aB Wqm5-L._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

I've read this book. It's not a magic cure but it helps understanding why you lack self confidence/esteem (it's not for the reasons you think) and gives tools to improve your self esteem. It's not specifically about your physical appearance though, but it's a good read.

No. 374295

File: 1705596847232.jpg (126.54 KB, 1080x1078, 1668211181973989.jpg)

literally me

No. 374297

doesnt work btw

id add a picture of i am a girlboss i am a war criminal anime character but idk if i have that image

No. 374342

File: 1705617410607.png (27.7 KB, 680x372, ss.png)

here you go nona

File: 1613654404854.jpg (219.56 KB, 3840x3840, square-eyeglasses-tortoise-ace…)

No. 172132[Reply]

ITT:Discuss unconventional and conversational turn ons that aren't related to kink or bdsm and are mostly Benine

I'll start, having sex with a guy while he's wearing glasses
577 posts and 146 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 360308

Agree with this. More generally, it's a bit of a turn on when a guy uses your name casually in conversation with a group. I love it when a hot guy in my class says something like "adding on to what [this nona] said…" It feels just slightly personal and warm, especially when we never talk outside of class so I'm slightly pleased and surprised he knows my name.

No. 369886

I don't know how common this is for others but i had so many people ask me if they could rest their head on my lap and i love it so much… sometimes they'd ask me to play with their hair or run my fingers along their back and that's nice too, but even just having them there makes me feel like i want to smooch them so much, it really turns me on but it also calms me down at the same time.
The only negative thing is that i'm too embarassed to "ask" them to do it randomly since i think it's an odd thing to ask and i've never really said how much i like it.

No. 369889

File: 1703905630440.jpg (69.22 KB, 853x600, 20231217_221235.jpg)

Rubbing a mans temples and over his eyebrows when his head is on your lap >>

No. 374336

men in high socks. mid-calf, under the knee, that sort of thing.
i love that shit.

No. 375393

File: 1706071030885.mp4 (141.58 KB, 500x342, c9LvKZV.mp4)

I have a myopia fetish (aka I find thick glasses attractive). I blame this on my exposure to Western media

File: 1510525415766.jpg (98.34 KB, 700x466, IMG_4582.JPG)

No. 70148[Reply]

Is anyone a gold digger? Not a sugar baby. The type of gold diggers I talk about are basically scammers because they never give up sex.
How did you get started and what was the biggest gift/request you received?
I've started reading the book Ho Tactics and it's pretty good.
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No. 372679

This insta reel feels like its own scam. The replies are not all real people, the account itself has 3 posts but 25k followers, I smell bot activity and a scammer fishing for something. Probably trying to get you to join the telegram for another reason.
The way it's like "rich by the time I finished highschool" or the comments saying they've been doing it since middle school are also suspicious. Why make a point to say it's easy for kids that age? I'm curious if it's a reverse scam to get underage marks to send selfmade cp (saw some comments saying pedos can't call the cops if you scam them but it's just as easy to scare kids into staying quiet by saying they'll get in trouble for making cp). I don't believe the ones saying they use doctored random OF photos.

No. 372726

I also think the reel/acc is fishing for money for sure, apparently you join the telegram and then buy his guide to learn how to scam. I noticed these kinds of things are happening more and more on ig/tiktok, people selling "guides" to get rich quick, not even just scamming but normal "financial advice."

So in a way that's another way to 'scam' people out of money.

But I also know there's no shortage of pedophiles and creeps online who will send over money to someone who is allegedly a minor.

No. 372739

>join the telegram and then buy his guide to learn how to scam
lmao sounds legit I simply must give him my money

No. 372746

Even if this was real, the second a woman or (God forbid) a teenage girl does it, even if it's fake, it's sex work. We actually know what it's like to be girl children preyed upon by internet sickos. I don't think it can ever be "just a scam" for us. Men and boys doing it are fine with it because they're pedos themselves, brainrotted by porn.

No. 374249

File: 1705563000116.jpg (104.95 KB, 922x367, zoomere.jpg)

File: 1647311387457.jpeg (173.45 KB, 600x1305, 6F2D2F04-731B-4963-B7CB-E39EC5…)

No. 249630[Reply]

Find your body type and what suits you best!
>it is not based on weight or height and curves so much as height and bone structure and your limb length and proportions
>Aly Art has some good videos on all the body types
>r/kibbe is a good place to reference and find your body
> if you do post your body, make sure you do not include your face and not include background.
>kibbe body type applies to men as well as women.

please do not accuse anons ITT of being troons or insult their bodies

448 posts and 100 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 373940

Feeling uncomfortable with unspoilered naked pics it's normal, dumbass. Not everyone here is gay

No. 373942

NTA But what was the point of even posting that

No. 373949

>naked pics
>wearing bikini

some girls are as bad as the moids, their mind goes straight to porn when they see skin.

No. 373992

that's not what i asked, i asked why you consider undressed women porn you misogynist

No. 374013

Yeah I thought it was a 3D render of a video game model at first. Anons here are so easy to fool

File: 1536705525129.png (54.33 KB, 648x1122, 2018names.png)

No. 94920[Reply]

Let's talk about names!

>Names you love

>Names you hate
>"Guilty pleasure" names (names that you like, but wouldn't name your child)
435 posts and 40 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 373163

Thanks nonas ily

No. 373532

>Names you love
Lita, Annette/Anna/Annika, Zhena, Masha, Natalia
>Names you hate
Angela, Miranda, Kimberly, McKenzie (or any name starting with 'Mc')
>"Guilty pleasure" names (names that you like, but wouldn't name your child)
Marilyn is such a pretty name but I don't live in an English speaking country so it would be really weird to name a child that lol. Also love Betsie, Penny, Jane and Summer but again in my native language they sound odd.

No. 373542

>"Guilty pleasure" names (names that you like, but wouldn't name your child)
Mitzi…I've always been fond of Karen too but that name was ruined. I've like these names since I was a child and I played Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon.

No. 373629

>Names you love
Girls: Marisa, Aurélie, Bláithín, Caitríona, Laoise, Yasmine, Lina
Boys: Morgan, Devon, Naoise, Conchobar, Caoimhín
>Names you hate
Any surname used as a first name, like Jackson or Mackenzie. Names that are spelled oddly in an attempt to make a basic name unique like Lauryn instead of Lauren.
>Guilty pleasure names
Aurora, Hermione, Lavender, Juliette, Cosette, Amira, Fia(dh) Nóinín, Gabriel, Elijah, Alivia, Mina, Sayuri, Jidji
Some of these names are names in my country/my mother's country so don't come for me about some of them being weird by English language standards

No. 373637

>Names you love
Girls: Maple, Olivia, Sylvia, Ivy, Arabella, Mia, Mai, Bea, Dawn, Adeline
Boys: Sage, August, Oliver, Everett, Leif, Silas, Theodore, Bowen
>Names you hate:
I just don't like really standard, generic names. Sarah, Emily, Hannah, Michael, Alex, etc. Anything ending in "lynn".
>Guilty pleasure names
Gemstones, opal, emerald, ruby, too close to stripper names but still beautiful. Greek mythology names. The name "Shen". I don't know why I like that one so much but my nigel is Asian and giving a child a Chinese name would only hinder them I think, so we've agreed to stick to Chinese names as middle names only.

Roast my names if you please, if I need to be kept in check I would rather it happen now than before I've stuck my child with a terrible name.

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