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File: 1488046249900.jpg (80.05 KB, 605x586, IMG_5191.JPG)

No. 55776[Reply]

The only thing in life that makes me happy is buying stuff. Anyone here have a shopping addiction?has it effected your life?how do you get money to support your habits?
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No. 177258

gross, don't you ever get tired of the buy-get bored-throw in the garbage-buy more cycle? like maybe if you have entire bags' worth of stuff that fill up a room you need to reassess your spending habits since it's clearly more than just occasional, maybe save up and buy a house or travel more idk

No. 177264

This is a thread for shopping addiction, clearly I know it's an issue? But either way, I exaggerated. It's not literally a room full of bags, and it's mostly a result of Marie Kondo-ing things I've accumulated over many years. These days I'm being careful to buy fewer, better quality items that I will use for longer but also happen to be more expensive, hence my concerns about overspending.

I already own property which I rent out and I travel overseas every year. Shopping doesn't really impact my finances too much.

No. 177275

>you need to reassess your spending habits
>shopping addiction general

No. 177290

>any purchases on after hours or on weekends wouldn’t get processed until the day after or Monday. I don’t know if that’s normal actually
Banks will always post your weekend transactions on Monday's date, totally normal. And that bag is really cute

No. 178039

Thats a super cute bag. Is it heavy? My sis gave me a karl lager bag and its super heavy and kinda clunky. Oh so its a lost your card replace situation, I thought it was open a new credit card every couple months thing.
Do you guys have certain brands you only buy from or specific fast fashion companies? I think its nice that you both have stable jobs and can support the shopping, assuming it doesn't get out of hand. Honestly, I'm hoping I get a nice comfy job so I can shop all the things I've always wanted, but want to be able to curb myself so it doesn't spiral out of control.

File: 1501923422192.png (5.36 KB, 271x71, omegle.PNG)

No. 66124[Reply]

Put lolcow in interests so we can talk to each other and post omegle stories
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No. 142545

Last time I used omegle was when I was 16, I was gonna do the usual stripping because I was retarded but I came across actual cp so I had a panic attack and never came back there since. I would never be able to get those two seconds out of my mind. Horrible.

No. 144035

ERP on omegle with women is so much more enjoyable than with men, I might waste too much time doing this kek.

No. 145321

I put lolcow in the interests and I got someone from kiwifarms kek

No. 177827

As a young’un my friends and I would go on Omegle constantly. We would go to a friends house for a sleepover, designate someone to stand at the foot of the stairs to watch for parents, and chit chat for hours. It was the first place I ever saw a penis at the age of 11. Sometimes I laugh and sometimes I grieve the fact that my first peepee I saw was some 40 y/o man either thinking we were over 18 or not caring

No. 177853

I also saw a penis for the first time on Omegle as an adolescence kek

File: 1603655944561.gif (527.33 KB, 415x326, tumblr_nv9pduM9ki1qhccldo1_500…)

No. 156622[Reply]

A thread for anons who do not want kids in any context, whether biological, adopted, or step. Discuss anything relevant to a childfree lifestyle here.

Some topics for discussion to get started:
>miserable parents we know and their nightmareish lives
>the wonderful world of having expendable income
>how much better women without children age
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No. 177041

Generational trauma is an extremely valid reason not to have children. As is any other reason, of course.

I digress, it's so weird how people think it's okay to even ask people about their family planning unprompted imo. I don't wanna tell someone what my goals for my uterus are. What the fuck kinda archaic prying is this?! I also find it weird to hear that people are "trying for a baby" when I never asked. You're gonna tell me you're having unprotected sex? But why.

No. 177054

Hate to be that person but this degeneracy comes from Anglos, who preach progressiveness but are obsessed with patriarchal Christian views of the 50s nuclear family and barefoot stay at home mommy wives.
I grew up in a Muslim Slav third world country that I can't believe I'm defending, but here asking a person about their family plans and telling someone you're fucking without a condom now is extremely taboo. Nobody asked, and nobody cares. How many kids you want and when you're having them is likewise a conversation to be had between two married people. Keep it to yourself.

No. 177057

Dreamed last night that I was pregnant, even though I got a bisalp a year and a half ago. In the dream I was unaware of my pregnancy until the moment my water broke and I was instantly terrified of what was about to happen to my body (tearing, etc). I was lying down and gushing blood in giant fire-hydrant torrents out of my crotch, hard enough to spray the walls with it. Fucking nasty. Woke up grateful once again that I made the choice to get sterilized. Sometimes I think about how if some kind of apocalypse happens, no moid could ever use me to repopulate against my will, and I feel contented and reassured in a way I never could before the bisalp.

No. 177059

I think it's simply because in most people's minds it goes without saying that a couple is going to have kids.

To be honest, as much as I wish to remain childfree myself, I don't think it's that weird when people tell others they're trying for a baby. Like reproducing is a pretty normal, natural and common part of a human life and having kids is a big change in one's life. Is it that weird to tell people around you that that big change in your life is most likely coming soon? I personally don't think so.

On one hand you say you find it weird that people ask about someone else's family planning unprompted but at the same time you also say you find it weird that people ask about trying for a baby unprompted. If you can't ask about it unprompted and you can't talk about it unprompted, that would make talking about family planning and kids impossible.

I realize this is going to be an unpopular opinion in this thread, but yeah I don't think it's that weird to talk about something so completely normal in a human life.

No. 177070

I agree. I have no interest in kids myself, but I don’t know why “trying for a baby” is somehow immediately translated to “we’re having unprotected sex” to some people. Like yeah, they probably are, but why are you thinking about that? I don’t imagine someone shitting every time someone says they need to use the washroom. No reason to make it vulgar.

File: 1616892612050.jpg (38.73 KB, 704x900, anorexic-girl-isolated-white-w…)

No. 176869[Reply]

Use this thread to discuss, vent, dump your diet goals, workout regimens, etc…
If you're offended hide this thread and go post on the piccrew thread or something, imbecile.


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>what's your ED
>when did you develop your ed?
>what's your hw, lw, cw, & gw?
>how did you get to your lw?
>your thoughts on recovery
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No. 176887

Ikr, it’s basically telling people how to kill themselves but slowly.
Great thread OP, loving your encouragement to make mentally unstable people harm themselves even more.

No. 176895

I have severe OCD and self harming behaviours that have resulted in being underweight and this is a bad thread. Don't act like people are being whiny triggered tumblr types over it, OP. This is like making a how to self harm or how to suicide thread.

No. 176903

This fucking thread is making me relapse you fucking cunt. I hope you choke on diet tea because this shit isn't funny. You're actively harming others.

No. 176904

File: 1616918680983.png (124.21 KB, 977x483, ana.PNG)

You should be ashamed of yourself, op.

No. 176908

Read the title and thought this would be a thread for recovering from an ed…. let's highjack it and make it one, nonnies. Let's all hide the thread image and discuss recovery.

>what's your ED

Binge eating disorder
>when did you develop your ed?
I'd say during my 20's but I've had shit eating habits since childhood. Mom used food to reward and to comfort me and my sister.

>what's your hw, lw, cw, & gw?

Fuck you. Also I don't weigh myself or even own a scale because it's incredibly triggering. I advice everyone to do the same.

>how did you get to your lw?

Fuck you

>your thoughts on recovery

I'm trying really hard to recover. I'm wrecking my health and bank account by binging. I recently started treating it like an addiction, because it is. It's not emotional eating anymore, it's just an addiction. I'm already using an app called daylio to track my moods so I made it my daily goal to eat healthier and not binge. The app reminds me to eat healthy by having a little carrot icon on my notif bar during the evenings when I'm most likely to binge. It also tracks how many days I've gone without binging. I'm currently on day 5 which seems like nothing but I had gotten to the point of binging every day/every other day so 5 days is already an achievement for me.

File: 1616687757044.png (165.46 KB, 480x434, pcos.png)

No. 176536[Reply]

if you have pcos how do you deal with the pain?my pcos is bad I am stuck in bed today with a fucking heating pad and a cat snoring on my head as I am typing this. The pain is bad enough that I have to take a pain pill and even then it only just dulls it.
Do any of you anons have pcos that makes your periods so bad you have to literally take presciption grade pain killers to not feel pain? I mean my doctors are only throwing pain medications at it instead of removing the cyst off my ovary and my insurance doesn't cover birth control, so pretty much fucked.
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No. 176850

I am sorry for samefagging but I forgot with thinning hair and skin issues I take straight up collagen and it helps strengthen my hair and my skin. Like I take shisiedo The collagen powder every day and mix it with every matcha latte I have 3 times a day and it helps my skin stay strong and keeps my hair from thinning.

No. 176861

I thought ingesting collagen was just a meme? Does it really works? My hair Started thinning since I turned 25 (so 4 years ago) and it makes me depresso.

No. 176862

yeah it works but you have to be consistent, like it took me half a year of ingesting it 3 times a day before I got results, buying it in powder form is cheaper than buying collagen drinks.

No. 176864

also recommend depending on the brand mixing it into strong flavor drinks, or putting it into soups if you occasionally have soup for lunch or dinner, as depending on the cheaper brands of powdered collagen it can taste some what strong, although shisiedos the collagen has literally no taste, I still out of habit put 2 table spoons of the powder in my drink cup before brewing my latte in the kuerig. theres also pill form and I also occasionally when I have a bonus buy birds nest to make birds nest soup, although not recommended for long term use as it's pricey and counterfeiting is a coming thing if you look for what they call bloodsnest. The ancient chinese ate that shit for beauty and swallow spit is rich in collagen. I normally have it once a month, or if I feel like my intake is lacking, but collagen is what helps your skin stay strong and your hair nice as that what your skin needs. Theres also pill form too.

No. 176866

basically its nourishing your body because part of the hair thinning comes with age, so if you take steps to nourish your body you'll see improvement. but thats just me, I also take pearl powder and ginseng to offset my fatigue. depending on the state of your hormones phyto estrogen can work as for some with pcos have higher levels of testorone, if you cant have birth control for reasons such as bad reactions to being flooded with hormones, then by taking phytoestrogens it sort of helps your body produce its on supply in some women, trannies take it to help resettle fat distrubtion to hips and thighs, and women in menopause take it to help offset some symptoms because they're not producing as much estrogen, but its recommended to do so with caution as some women with pcos end up having it due to having estrogen on overdrive.if your t outweighs your e supply, and your body has little of e then taking phyto estrogen can help boost your own supply, but thats only for that case, so use with caution, it can also help with fat distrubtion by forcing your body to have more a butt and hips, and less on your stomach.

File: 1616865421599.jpg (89.62 KB, 800x1200, 1616712933347.jpg)

No. 176815[Reply]

is she unmoggable?

File: 1597249047687.jpg (163.41 KB, 768x1024, 95fb2d133542ac0939a5813f160a58…)

No. 147310[Reply]

Want some advice? Get some advice!

Previous thread: >>>/g/115426
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No. 176447

I'm currently living in a really abusive household to the point where everyone knows I might harm myself yet everyone ignores me. I'm a sheltered 22yo with no real world experience. I was raised being highly dependent on my parents and belittled by them and my brother, to the point I now feel uncapable of achieving things on my own with how insecure I am. In contrast, my brother who is 3 years older than me had his college and driver license all paid by my parents, he also just married this girl within less than a year of knowing each other and people close to him told me she only rushed him because she wants to live abroad with him (all paid and supported by my parents and he is currently receiving a big allowance while having no job and doing absolutely nothing with his degree or helping out my parents). My parents are super religious and maybe thats another reason they got married so fast. I can't stand the fact that my brother is everything my parents say they'd hate in a child and still give him better opportunities and protect him. In moments of a lot of resentment I was bitter enough to even snitch about him and his wife smoking pot in our house (which idgaf really), but i knew they'd absolutely freak out and yet they refuse to believe me and they just say I'm just envious of them (how would I not be). Since I got out of high school the only thing I've done is study for this hard af exam to get in the university of my dreams (because my parents made it clear they'd not pay for my college/uni and free uni is really hard to be accepted in my country). Fast forward 4 years, I have no mental stability to do it anymore. I've failed the 4 times even though it does take a lot to pass, I simply gave up now. I'm scared of the years passing and I'm stuck at my parents house forever. I know a lot of people dont grow up with their parents guiding them through life and I should just do whatever it takes, but I just simply dont know where to start. I'd appreciate it so much if anyone has any advice on how I can better my situation. I have no work experience or degree and I feel so stupid. What would you do in my shoes? Where can I begin? I want a job and to move out… If anyone knows how I can make money online (I'd literally do anything) until I can get a job when the pandemic is over, please.

Also, please let me know if my resentment towards my family is immature. I really can't tell if I'm beinPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 176448


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 176454

anon it depends on what you want to go to college for and what other options you have. is it a career that will pay off? is a major necessary? are there jobs available for fresh graduates? do you only want this one major? do other colleges not offer loans? can you learn anything online to help you get started?

you also have to think about what jobs you could get once the pandemic is over and about your cost of living in this area. do some calculations to know how much you would need per month if you were to move out and see if minimum wage or whatever wage is the average for your job field would be enough or if you might need to save first and have roommates.

my advice would be to focus on your career so you can leave their house and start to live for yourself without all this added pressure and drama. just like you said: you ARE capable of it, even if it seems kinda impossible right now, you need to leave these past failures behind and keep trying! 24 is very young and you could have an entirely different life, your own place and better mental health in a few years. i know it seems like you wasted too much time but there is still a lot of it anon, you just stagnated a bit, it happens to a lot of people.

also can you get into therapy at all? by the way you're describing things it seems like it would help a lot.

No. 176518

Hey anon, I'm from a pretty similar family background. It really sucks to be the forgotten child, regardless of how well-off your family is its all relative. Your resentment is completely founded, they seem like they aren't good parents to you especially if they've affected your mental health. My older sister got all the exact privileges you listed in your post completely free. They harassed me so much and made me feel so worthless I dropped out of high school 4 months before graduating, didn't have a job and had no future at university in sight. They harassed me for another few months and I couldn't take it so moved out, got a job and worked full-time for 2 years and used the money to go to a cheap-ish university in my country through an alternate entry program whilst working on the side. Just know it is still possible to go to uni and have a future if that is your dream, not all hope is lost. I know you said you're sheltered, but there isn't really many good ways to comfortably "make money online" online unless you're a skilled professional/consultant or are willing to become an OnlyFans shill (absolutely don't do this especially if you've got unresolved mental health issues, trust me when I say you will regret it down the road). If you've never had a job before you'll absolutely need some sort of face-to-face job on your resume if you want to get anywhere. I know it sucks and is daunting but that's the reality for the rest of us and a lot of sheltered kids do struggle to cope at first but it gets better, trust me. Best of luck dealing with your situation.

No. 176527

File: 1514409630488.jpg (55.87 KB, 500x352, 87jo.jpg)

No. 72084[Reply]

What are your favorite perfumes/body mists?

My go-to is Coco Mademoiselle. I've also harbored a longtime attachment to Love's Baby Soft as it was my first fragrance I was bought as a child. My mom got me Wind Song when I was little and I couldn't stand the smell. I've wanted to experiment with making my own perfume. The scent that I hate the most is freesia and I can't believe how much its used in fragrances.

Has anyone tried the Sailor Moon perfumes? Much of their anniversary merch seems to be all hype.
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No. 173405

I'm with you anon, I cannot stand flowerbomb!

I love floral perfumes but flowerbomb is one of those scents that stay in my nose and make me feel a little nauseous.

I've found Estee Lauder modern muse to be my go to floral/woody perfume

No. 176338

I have a perfume that's supposedly a dupe for This is Her called Dalal by al Rehab. It's not really my taste, but I'd still recommend it to others.

Plus, even if you don't like it, it's $5 for a thing of the oil perfume.

No. 176356

File: 1616545539417.png (153.3 KB, 195x380, Screenshot_88.png)

This or a close second would be Britney Spears's Fantasy.

I like clean and almost detergent like smells, its not overwhelming.

No. 176358

File: 1616547609068.jpg (61.26 KB, 800x800, maison-francis-kurkdjian-bacca…)

probably the best smelling perfume ever, but it's way too expensive, I only had a sample lol

No. 176463

have not smelt this but burberry her is said to be a good dupe (same designer too), that or ariana's cloud. everyone's skin chemistry is different etc etc

File: 1508473987972.jpg (43.08 KB, 400x300, b.jpg)

No. 69322[Reply]

Just a thread to freely brag about anything just because why not. No consequences here, this thread is purely just for fun. Can be anything like possessions, body, things that happened to you, or just something you're proud about and want to boast.

I guess I'll start. Today I studied last minute for an exam but managed to ace it!
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No. 175954

Congrats you brilliant bitch!!!

No. 176002

File: 1616254022263.jpg (3.97 KB, 229x220, images.jpg)

thanks anon im so fucking excited!

No. 176268

After an aweful last two years with a failed postgraduate experience, shit job, sacking/no contract extension and relationship difficulties things are picking up.

>Got into a masters program in a really interesting novel science field

>Bf and I have built an amazing relationship, are celebrating 6 years together and got engaged recently
>Got out of a toxic work environment
>Favourite guinea pig's mammary tumours were successfully removed and she's still healthy 8 months after surgery when we thought we'd have to put her down
>Got a rescue rabbit this week. He's super intelligent and loving, shits in his litter box only, isn't destructive and sleeps in our bed like a cat

No. 176272

I read an anon's vent about their gym going issues due to corona and got a strong desire to gloat so here I am.
My neigborhood used the time since the pandemic started to build outdoor gyms in parks. We now have awesome big gyms free of charge in every block, they're being well kept, and it's so much more enjoyable than working out in an indoor gym.
I really chose well when I chose this part of city to live in, other municipalities don't give half a shit for improving their citizens' quality of life, they just pocket the money.

No. 176306

Outdoor gyms are a fun warmup but they're not a real gym substitute because without any weights it's not an exercise that would help with anything past certain level, unfortunately. And they cant put weights there because people would injure themselves.

File: 1595847849966.png (140.18 KB, 492x470, 12345lickity.png)

No. 145234[Reply]

Trouble in paradise? We've got your back.

Old threads:
1202 posts and 55 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 176276

Nta but partaking in online gossip and cheating when there's a baby on the way.. Don't exactly compare. I mean anon even referred to it as 'homewrecking' herself. Ruining a family. Directly hurting a woman and child. That's a whole other league of shittiness if she pursues that.

I responded to 'should I be a homewrecker' anon but with a non emotional explaination of the knock on effects of cheating when there's kids involved.. Thought that'd be better than getting her back up and making her defensive. But yeah god forbid someone just get candid in saying it's a thing that warrents shame. It's an incredibly shameful thing to even consider doing.

No. 176326

thanks. it's been done!

No. 176369

Lmao yeah right. Quit it with the selective morafaggotry and the pretense that it's about anything other than yourselves being upset at the notion of getting cheated on.

No. 176513

My boyfriend knows I have severe trust issues and that lying is the biggest thing to me. He's lied to me about petty things in the past, and I warned him that it may seem like white lies but they really get to me and I feel like I can't trust him.

At the beginning of our relationship, he said he stopped looking at any porn because he didn't need it since he has me. We have a very active sex life. I dont care if he watches porn, I was just curious, and he adamantly denied it. Yesterday, we were both relaxing in the living room. I went to sit next to him and he immediately hid his phone. I kept pushing him to show me what he was hiding and he kept swearing he wasn't hiding anything. He finally opened his phone and it was a bunch of naked girls on reddit. I'm both upset he lied, and upset he was looking at that when he would always insist "I have you so I don't need it. You're the only girl I want to look at" and then get upset if I was wary about him saying that.

I'm seriously so hurt. Is this a valid reason to break up with him or am I overreacting?

No. 176522

new thread


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