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File: 1677904493632.png (1.36 MB, 1200x772, 714D167B-4AFB-48DD-995C-AAEA10…)

No. 315174[Reply]

To the lesbian anon with a 2D crush, here is something to consider:
>think of your husbando
>really visualise him
>remember all the things you like about him
>now… ask yourself
>what if there were boobies under there?

Welcome to the Lesbian Hornyposting Yumejo Thread, the illegitimate daughter of the Retarded Husbando Hornyposting Shitposting Thread and the Female Fantasies Thread. Here you are free to imagine your favourite fictional woman in any scenario, sexual or otherwise, and post about her to your heart's content. Even better if, in her source material, that woman is a guy.

Example posts
>I just know Komaeda's pussy tastes like battery acid
>I want to fuck Goro Akechi until she is too overstimulated to monologue
>(3 paragraph description of a romantic date with Neku TWEWY which ends in passionate tribbing)

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No. 317737

File: 1679306290174.png (32.41 KB, 386x356, 4.png)

No. 317800

Gotta be a shaved head

No. 317849

Yeah, it definitely would be nice, although I wonder what platform something like that would garner the most attention. I wouldn't mind starting a server or webring or what have you, I just have no idea where I'd even find lesbian yumejos to begin with. What series were you talking about if you don't mind sharing, anon?

No. 317854

File: 1679359771559.jpeg (900.41 KB, 1920x2400, C8B877B6-501D-4649-84F1-5D1FD1…)

I realised I may have a thing for mad scientist women
Everything about Moira is just perfect and that skin is the best.

No. 317855

File: 1679360501762.jpeg (62.28 KB, 549x932, DB0F9928-0EFE-47BE-96EB-BB49F8…)

It’s unfortunate her fans are pretty stupid.

File: 1672820909426.jpg (19.53 KB, 500x359, s-l500.jpg)

No. 306284[Reply]

Previous thread: >>>/g/257551
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No. 317600

What was the joke?

No. 317609

My dad abandoned me when I was a child. He did some fucked up things like going to a lawyer so he doesn’t need to support me financially. And of course the zero contact thing. Then one year ago he reached out to me and we met. We share an interest we can always talk about. Emotional stuff didn’t came up and he never apologized. We met like every week and was kinda nice. Then he sent me something and I just didn’t answer. And since then he doesn’t contact me anymore. It’s almost two months now. And I’m thinking fuck him. Fuck him that he never apologized fuck him that he chooses to be with his chosen family and kids he gave 20 years of attention and support and I’m so non important. I wanted to ask what you would do in that situation. I’m thinking of just blocks him but I want to think a little about it.

No. 317736

File: 1679306261205.jpg (26.98 KB, 304x432, a-very-special-dinner.jpg)

How can I improve my self-image and my confidence?

I grew up with a narcissistic mother and the narrative at home was always that I'm not good enough and I need help with everything because I can't do anything right. As a consequence I still have problems with self presentation (I come off as uncertain and give off vibes that I need guidance all the time which is a big disadvantage at work) and doubt myself constantly. I don't know how I could ever believe of myself that I'm good enough and that I matter. I might have depression too, not sure. I just want to stop feeling helpless and be confident

No. 317766

Make a list every day of the things you did correctly that day, including the most mundane shit you can think of like 'I turned the washing machine on' or 'I went to work at the correct time and in the correct place'. Read the previous entries every few days and whenever you feel worthless. You probably have a tendency to overthink everything and rely on other people for assurance that you're not a total fuckup, so this is a good way to remind yourself that you can do things and give you a better idea of how capable you actually are. CBT is good, there are workbooks and worksheets online that you can use if therapy isn't available to you right now.
And remember that other people are not your mother. They won't be obsessing over your actions like she did. If you say something stupid to the barista when you're ordering your coffee, they won't give a single shit, they see worse things every day. If you forget to attach files to an email, you won't be the laughing stock of the office, everyone does that sometimes and you just send another email with the files attached and an apology for forgetting to attach them the first time round. People truly don't care about your shortcomings. Change your language to be more positive, there are a lot of resources online about this, it's things like saying 'Thank you for being patient with me' instead of 'Sorry I need your help' and it really does make a difference.
Be careful not to latch onto anyone who gives you positive attention. Remember to never, ever base your self worth on anyone other than yourself.

No. 317841

Thank you anon for the tips, they are really useful

File: 1663315543355.jpg (245.75 KB, 1538x1075, 122bc7f1507c522a265e76a379d5ee…)

No. 288515[Reply]

previous threads, from newest to oldest
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No. 317621

No. 317646

File: 1679260467529.png (340.05 KB, 1637x2048, Screenshot_20230319-161030.png)

ye i love cargo pants. they are so useful. it's easier to find them now than ten years ago which is nice.
i also have pic related from outdoor voices but have complaints, i would not buy them again. too much money for just meh pants

No. 317735

File: 1679305485194.jpg (72.27 KB, 799x1000, Sophia-Loren-scarf.jpg)

Is it possible to wear silk/satin scarves without giving off retro or vintage vibes?

No. 317738

Entirely possible with a timeless pattern. Opt for more unconventional designs, something angular perhaps.

No. 317742

I've seen women wear them on their bags which I think is really cute, but I suppose that's not what you meant

File: 1643050343231.jpg (61.81 KB, 426x640, 7efd805ca517c1e171e9d1e991e676…)

No. 225928[Reply]

For anything skincare related!
Previous thread: >>>/g/178060
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No. 317579

Haha look at that naïve bitch that is me kek.

Anyone tried the glow recipe and cosrx stuff? I started to use the cosrx overnight rice spa mask and like it so far. I really want to try more of their products but I don’t know where to start.

And I heard rooibos is good for your fat cells so they get healthy and plump. I cannot tell if true but I‘m drowning my face with it.

No. 317602

can someone rec me a very lightweight body lotion that also smells good and can be purchased in the EU?

No. 317622

I'm curious to try slugging but I don't know how much more moisturized my skin can get. I already use toners and 2 layers of moisturizer before bed and I still have thin af skin around my eyes with dark circles and veins showing, so frustrating.

No. 317662

My face gets red really fast. Whenever I just rub my face or it's just slightly warmer/cold my cheeks gets red.
Is there a way to fix that?

No. 317751

File: 1679313663772.jpg (18.85 KB, 600x600, zoom-front-754950-600x600.jpg)

people love to hate on neutrogena but picrel is the best body moisturiser I've ever used. makes my skin very noticeably soft. it's a gel too so I'd say it's as lightweight as it gets

File: 1641677810811.jpg (296.81 KB, 500x334, 9163041689428305129.jpg)

No. 222273[Reply]

Anything you want or desire, the Universe will provide you with it.

Post about your manifestation journey, goals and successes.

Tips and advice are welcome!
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No. 317536

I will make my comic, learn German, and get a boyfriend with a pleasant smell to him

No. 317627

I will get a new fully remote job by April. I will glow up and start taking vitamins.

No. 317628

File: 1679254221785.png (130.23 KB, 664x680, .png)

Let's talk about success stories.
I feel like a lot of my manifestations were accidental, this is a recent one:
>really into those small 90s shades but don't want to get the plastic crap that will ruin my eyesight and can't afford actual good stuff
>keep thinking about it for like two or three months then forget about it
>noot soon after my dad tells me he found his old Polaroid shades he used to wear in the 90s and that I can have them if I want to
>they look exactly like the one's I've been eyeing online
>mfw I manifested without intent
Probably the most specific thing I manifested. Other things that I can recall from last year up to now are (all accidental too):
>an ex friend reaching out to me
>meeting specific people when volunteering
>getting offered acid
>getting invited to a rave

No. 317638

I will find peace in any waking moment,I will be disciplined in any waking moment,I will be cute-looking in any waking moment.

No. 318050

Not sure if this counts since they tend to go down that route anyway, but I manifested the ultimate euphoria surgery for a tranny I know and two weeks later he announced he was going for the chop. He's since been MIA because of 'personal health reasons'. Personally I count this as a success and I'm manifesting this for many other brave and stunning specimens.

File: 1649510145392.jpg (82.34 KB, 728x750, 1649230292327.jpg)

No. 255346[Reply]

thread for harm reduction, support and venting
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No. 317105

it was always like that. the sites of the past from tumblr to live journal were not much different.

No. 317597

File: 1679235764654.jpeg (24.43 KB, 426x426, 49BD5EBB-0297-4F1C-8DC7-047F8F…)

Before/after thinspo is so depressing. In the before picture she's usually outside somewhere with friends or family, and in the emaciated After she's alone in her bedroom or bathroom. I've never had a life to begin with so I haven't lost anything like that, but it does make me sad. My heart goes out to everyone in this thread. Please do something nice for yourself today.

No. 317610

I hate how my ED changes my school/work performance - even when i just gain 1-2 kg. I did underperform as skelly but now that im less of a skelly but still in a comfortable range (bmi 15-16.5 is my comfy range), i actually am overachieving at work. But then i binge for a few days and gain literally 1 kg and i start to cry at work about every single thing, underperforming. i hate constantly being reminded that my body is visible to others, and feeling like they can notice i gained even through my loose clothing. i hate how my mind becomes so occupied with how much flesh i feel on my body, to the point that i cry at every single inconvenience becuz im so on edge all the time.

No. 317625

But isn't it usually because people like that struggle with self image, which leads to them never have a courage to take a photo of themselves and only have photos other have taken to choose from; and then after achieving a desired weight they have more pride in themselves to actually willingly just take selfies? It doesn't have to mean people lose friends along with kilograms

No. 318053

NAYRT but not always, EDs often happen because it's something the individual has control over. It could stem from serious issues like SA or DV, or it could be a situation like being overwhelmed with stress and expectations and not knowing how to cope. Of course it includes body image issues, but it doesn't always start out that way. That's also why telling anachans they're prettier when they're a normal weight doesn't work. There's a lot more than looks involved.

File: 1679100561813.jpg (74.7 KB, 800x525, Narnia Edmund Pevensie & cocoa…)

No. 317362[Reply]

True equality would be if women talked about Edmund from Narnia the way men talk about Lolita
>If generation after generation of perverted women glorified Edmund's relationship with the White Witch
>If they called real boys "Edmund" to paint them as alluring forbidden fruit
>If any reference to Turkish Delight was taken as a pedophilic innuendo
The most fucked up part is that I think men and boys would actually ENJOY living in a world like that(shit thread, samefagging and talking to themselves basically entire thread.)
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No. 317556

This is a strange angle to approach equality from.

No. 317559

I feel like this post was made by a gay pedo man who wonders if women think of children the way he does.

No. 317560

Why isn't this locked?

No. 317561

stop replying to this

No. 317588

Why is this scrote trying to sexualize Narnia of all things?

File: 1673814840673.gif (1.93 MB, 268x402, 9885572D-5963-4488-8095-58E833…)

No. 308124[Reply]

A thread for the discussion of robots and robot husbandos.

Will realistic robot husbandos ever become available in our lifetimes? Would you marry one?
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No. 310084

File: 1674517160532.png (2.27 MB, 1148x1470, toji.png)

oops dropped the pic. sage for newfag

No. 312292

I want a robot husbando

No. 312377

i cant believe they made clears ass that flat.

No. 312938

Has anyone found any robot husbando media recently?

No. 317541

File: 1679196096319.jpg (42.3 KB, 576x768, tumblr_8ad8e41ae56034efc472a31…)

Just posting R. Daneel, the original pure and wholesome robobando. Strongly recommend reading Asimov's Robot series, it's basically what the Connor/Hank story in DBH was based on.

File: 1639196986268.png (363.97 KB, 902x620, ouguouggo.png)

No. 216852[Reply]

This thread is for all kinds of wild, crazy, weird, funny, hilarious, gross etc encounters we find on shein or other similar cheapo online clothing store brands. For some reason, the cheaper it is the cringe it gets. Shein in particular has a lot of weird reviewers with no shame and lack of self awareness. Post away.
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No. 317527

By god that is cute…

No. 317532

I don't get the reeing about vanity sizing. Most fast fashion stores don't give a fuck about making sizing consistent in the first place.

No. 317543

File: 1679197123031.png (421.75 KB, 1440x865, Screenshot_20230318-113117~2.p…)

by chance found that review on AliExpress, another pic

No. 317544

that is the problem. rationally there should be standardization with minimal deviation. but there isn't, which makes purchasing anything without trying on a disaster. but if it helps make more money for the company who cares

No. 317598

That's because you're fat and vanity sizing careers to you. It's miserable being average size these days because the smallest size in most stores is a circus tent.

File: 1679169899286.jpg (28.8 KB, 800x450, rsz_sapphicins.jpg)

No. 317506[Reply]

>Partner or yourself are going through a non-moid asisted pregnancy
>Fantasies of having a penis or impregnating your partner during sex (no troonery or moid behavior)
>Development of straps, transplants or medical (if you're crazy)
>Envy, frustrations

Keep them here for containment purposes.(shit schizo thread. Locked due to obvious bait.)

No. 317508

Most pointless and useless thread on this site.

No. 317510

i think you should kys im not kidding

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