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File: 1630434150526.jpeg (140.33 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpeg)

No. 203731[Reply]

Post your experiences and future plans – have you had plastic surgery? Would you like to get anything done? Tell us about it.

Old thread: >>>/g/139461
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No. 210519

Happened to Yolanda too. (Gigi Hadid’s mom on an episode of The Real housewives of Beverly Hills)

No. 210529

They don't feel as natural as silicone, but they can look natural when placed under the muscle and if you don't go crazy big. I have an in-law with saline implants and I didn't know she had them until she told me. They look really natural on her. She went pretty large (but not crazy bimbo size) and I still never suspected they were fake. I didn't squeeze them or anything to compare the feel but they look great and she's had them for several years. She got them done after she finished breastfeeding and she chose saline because of her safety concerns. Over the muscle they will look super obvious but unless you're a body builder it's unlikely that your surgeon would recommend that.
>I feel like an imposter of a woman
Sweet nona please get this sorted before you get implants should you ever decide to. You are no less a woman because of the shape of your natural breasts. No one gets cosmetic surgery if they're totally happy with themselves but breasts do not a woman make, your chromosomes do!

No. 210556

That’s something to think about ig, thank you. And also, thank you so much for your kind words. I know my breasts (or lack thereof lol) don’t define my sex but it’s really hard out here when woman=feminine=nice round breasts. I’ve been dealing with this since I was a teenager and I’m otherwise a very non-shallow person who’s generally against plastic surgery but this has been affecting me and my mental health too much. But I will probably never actually go through with it due to my health anxiety issues…

No. 210568

I understand how you feel! I have really small breasts and it took a lot of work to not hate myself and accept that I was just as worthy a woman as any other. Your value as a woman is your birthright, regardless of breasts, butt, face, clothing hair, etc. and you deserve to love yourself and be loved for your natural state. And that said, I'm still considering getting implants because I still want them after sorting out my mental problems kek. But I don't hate my body anymore, and if I never go through with it I know I will still love myself and treat myself as valuable and worthy. I think it's really important to not consider PS as a means to fix low self esteem, because if you don't address your feelings first then it may end up worsening your mental health rather than making you feel better. That's sort of the slippery slope that a lot of people take when they go too far and get botched. You have to love yourself enough not to do anything crazy in hopes that it'll fix something. But it sounds like whatever you choose in the end you'll be okay, because you seem care about yourself enough to be really cautious about potential health risks.

No. 210672

Thank you so much for those words. I really needed to hear that. I’m glad you’re learning to accept yourself as you are. I wish you the best lovely nonita.

File: 1601393622746.gif (1.64 MB, 500x270, but-im-a-cheerleader-gif-7.gif)

No. 153246[Reply]

Unsure if you're actually straight? Actually gay? Anything in between? Ask for advice here.

Also welcome are "late bloomers" who realized their true selves long after their teen years who'd like to share their experience and tell others what signs to look out for.

Please be kind to questioning anons, no matter how "obvious" it might seem to you what they are.
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No. 209552

Sorry to bump the thread but nonna's I'm so confused I can only see myself in a long term relationship with a man but when I think about sex it's only ever with other women. I can't imagine having sex with a man and enjoying it. I do get crushes on both men and women though, what the hell does this mean?

No. 209568

You're straight but the male gaze/objectification in porn has made it hard for you to imagine sex with a male

No. 209576

No. 210482

i’m kind of confused. i’ve always thought i was a lesbian since i was 14 (before that i thought i was bisexual). i’ve only had sex with women and aside from a very short non-sexual relationship with a guy when i was 13, i’ve only dated women. i would be content with calling myself a lesbian but i am also a shameless fujoshi. i know that plenty of lesbians are fujoshis but i’m not sure if that’s the case or if i am genuinely attracted to men in some way. i don’t tend to read mangas, just read fanfictions and i never watch gay porn. i try not to watch porn in general but the times i have i’ve watched lesbian porn.

part of me thinks this because my first exposure to sexual content was drarry fanfictions when i was like 13 and i continued to read m/m fanfiction since then. so nearly a decade. so it feels like that type of sexual dynamic is hard wired into my brain. it doesn’t help that good f/f fanfiction is hard to come by (not for lack of trying).

also i’m quite obsessed with kpop. i listen to both male and female artists but because all of my friends are into boy groups i tend to be more involved in the fandoms for male groups. and that includes reading m/m fanfiction about them.

i couldn’t imagine being in a relationship with a man or having sex with a man though

being a fujoshi i think has destroyed my brain but there’s something so addictive about it.

No. 210486

>i couldn’t imagine being in a relationship with a man or having sex with a man though

You answered yourself. If you're not sexually and emotionally attracted to irl men you're fine

File: 1565828649419.jpeg (1.07 MB, 2448x3264, FCF3EDF3-DB90-470D-991C-61FCC5…)

No. 121566[Reply]

r/womensstreetwear, r/WDYWT, and r/femalefashionadvice collide and we get to laugh at the quilted silver pants and pink bdsm cowboys.
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No. 198295

this is one of the least bad outfits ive seen on reddit… her hair is a little flat/dead though, wish it was more naturally slightly wild/frizzed, would be better with the natural palette imo

No. 198306

The belt is ugly and the cut of the shorts could be more flattering, rest looks fine

No. 210459

File: 1634864862305.jpg (184.78 KB, 600x800, Q2exe2j.jpg)

Is it just me or is this disgusting

No. 210460

Kill those shoes already. All white shoes with no black at the sole or anywhere to be seen are disgusting. Specially tennis shoes or some white shoe like air forces.

No. 210466

What? Sitting on a window sill?

File: 1624831627069.jpg (309.03 KB, 849x1280, IMG_1206.JPG)

No. 194587[Reply]

A thread for discussing hair care, hair problems, hair styles, and hair product recommendations

Previous thread: >>142100
407 posts and 76 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 210438

if you're anal enough to do a "pre shampoo mask" i'm gonna go out on a short limb and assume you also use numerous other skincare products that claim to "treat" acne. All I can say is, don't, and stop.

A lot of people get on board the skincare/hairproducts train as teens because of natural teenage acne. And once you're on that train, if you ever stop using the acne-suppressing products, the acne comes back. But only at first! This is natural - when you're constantly de-oiling your skin, your body produces more oils to compensate. Then if you stop de-oiling, you of course get really oily - for a little while, a month or two. But in a pretty short time, your skin realizes it doesn't need to make so much oil, and slows down to a normal adult level.

I have the best skin & hair I've ever had since I stopped using anything but basic suave conditioner, and gentle soap only if I literally get dirty.

If you have never in your adult life held off from using products for at least two months, you actually don't even know what your natural adult skin & hair look like. There is an adjustment period but you have to resist the urge to treat issues with products.

Also if you eat more than 1-2 ounces per day of meat or cheese/butter you will get pimples and greasy skin because of it.

No. 210439

like all dollar store products, the vo5 is technically cheaper by the bottle but that stuff is legit like… half water. Suave is $2 and lasts way longer because it's so much thicker & creamier. But they're both pretty cheap so you can just pick whichever scent you like more really, i do like the vo5 strawberry and kind of want some now that youve got me thinking about it.

No. 210440

>you actually don't even know what your natural adult skin & hair look like

Or you're an adult who has an oily scalp and skin and its never changed even into your 30s and its genetics. Adults can have acne on par with teens and many do struggle with it, which is why Cerave shit can be such a godsend. Sorry, but this shit is like r/skincareaddiction tier advice and years ago when I paid mind to it, my skin became so oily that I looked as if I had aged 5-10 years. I'll never understand where the consensus that oily skin makes someone look younger came from either. I legitimately looked worse.

I feel like this method only works for certain skin and hair types, same with that no poo or being able to get away with doing a diluted acv rinse (which I did do and saw hair loss, so never again).

No bullshit and I might get clowned, but I used the vo5 strawberry to shave and I've noticed that my legs are way softer and moisturized. I was using that skintimate shea butter shaving cream prior and all it did was dry out my legs and felt like it was stripping a layer of skin or something, like I saw discoloration.

No. 210463

What the fuck lol I use a cleanser and a moisturizer for my skin and that's it. I've never used anything other than that. I use a pre-shampoo mask because I'm mixed and have very dry hair. It's not me being "anal", it's the fact that a deep conditioner helps with retaining moisture. I'd appreciate if you stopped projecting weird shit onto me and lecturing me about the stuff you just made up.

No. 210561

Ty anon! I love her style and that works perfectly for me because I have hair that curls a bit like hers. I will try to emulate some of her style as it grows out.

File: 1510265641728.jpeg (203.96 KB, 1500x1500, 3A3E732C-8FB3-443F-9754-9EDB16…)

No. 70049[Reply]

Post ringspo

What gems do you think are worthy of an engagement ring besides diamond?
252 posts and 83 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 210406

File: 1634831789872.jpg (255.1 KB, 1588x1747, il_1588xN.3353093871_iqqx.jpg)

my dream set. moonstone is my birth stone and i had a moonstone ring from my dad that i lost at a bar 2 weeks before his death. i love nature so the twigs and leaves on the bands are just so very beautiful to me. i'm also partial to alexandrite, but moonstone's also the stone of fertility and i need all the help i can get with getting pregnant since i was anachan when i was younger.

No. 210408

I love you.

No. 210414

This. I'm just getting rings from aliexpress from now on tbh

No. 210417

File: 1634840027770.png (122.71 KB, 500x600, imagen_2021-10-21_131331.png)

To contribute to the thread, I think my younger self would had loved this one. Not so much now.

No. 210583

That's so cute, but yeah that will definitely catch on everything.

My workplace also sells nice quality jewelry so I think I might get a $50 ring when the time comes and be done with it.

File: 1634005238002.png (290.8 KB, 600x738, touko.png)

No. 209130[Reply]

Let's talk weddings.

>What does your ideal wedding look like?

>Share ideas here: Colors, themes, dresses, rings, venues and general inspiration.
>If you're getting married, what are you planning and how is it going?
>Any stories of weddings gone wrong (or right)?
>This is not a thread for hating on weddings/marriage.
29 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 209602

File: 1634335148181.png (1.1 MB, 742x1036, Screen Shot 2021-10-15 at 5.54…)

This is the wedding dress I want, I love the champagne.

No. 209626

wow that's pretty and very unique!

No. 210357

Recently I got engaged and my fiance was surprised that I was clueless about what I wanted for a wedding. The reason is, my mother is extremely painful to deal with, and she'd overtake everything if we let her pay for it. Unfortunately, we don't have the money for a big event we'd want, and we're not interested in having a long engagement to save up.

We've decided a middle ground that makes me happy. We'll do a micro-ceremony with only our closest, and a fancy restaurant dinner instead of a traditional reception. I'm letting mother pay for this, because in such a downsized wedding, there will be less things we would butt heads on. (I'd still pay for dress though, because there's no way our tastes are going to align)

Post-marriage, we'd save up for some kind of badass vow renewal where we do whatever the hell WE want without family pressure.

No. 210405

Tbh him proposing and then your mother footing the bill for a day that's not even what you want… it sounds like you're needlessly rushing into something when all the signs are telling you to slow down and let this guy prove himself and provide your actual preferred wedding day where you are in charge and your mom isn't out of pocket. I've alway found that when friends had small, rushed weddings and the brides side was even paying for the small event… I've just never seen it amount to anything good. It's a bad sign when you can't wait.. and he can't provide.

No. 210581

File: 1634939605449.jpg (271.86 KB, 750x1000, J0uWbLGoKGoc13u57Hp2uTsIkNYSQB…)

I've already decided on my venue lol. it's this local alleyway-turned-park that's cute as heck. Not sure if the reception will be there, but I definitely want to get married there

But we're also going to Vegas in January and we've talked about how it's possible we'd get hitched while on our trip, since it would be cute, funny and would bypass all the wedding fuss. Playing it by ear!

File: 1612573916956.jpg (469.56 KB, 2500x1667, all products.jpg)

No. 170544[Reply]

New makeup thread as >>72061 is being locked at last. Great job throughout the last one, anons! So many posts were informative and helpful.

Feel free to share reviews, videos, infographics, questions, etc as long as they remain on topic about cosmetics.

Are there any new products you've purchased recently? How do you feel about them?
566 posts and 115 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 210073

Personally, I have very pale lips (on top of being pale in general) and light peach toned pinks give me an appearance of slightly enhanced natural lip. Maybe your vermillion border is naturally darker and that's why it washed you out?

No. 210104

File: 1634662320307.jpg (86.27 KB, 1200x675, DnymcDKXsAMeXbx.jpg)

I have like 4 boxes of fake eyelashes, including singles and half ones, but I swear my hands I retarded. I can't fucking put them on reeeeeee
Is it just training? Does your natural lashes also bother you when trying to put the fake eyelashes on?

No. 210108

it definitely gets easier with practice, it also helps to trim a few chunks of eyelash off the inner corner parts of the lash strips.
some people curl their lashes first to blend them with the false ones better, but i’m too lazy for that personally. i honestly just slap my lashes on, i really do not give a fuck

No. 210109

It gets much easier with practice, but you can try half lashes if a full strip is too finnicky for you. Try applying them with hands or tweezers, and maybe draw thicker liner to cover up mistakes. Also like the other anon said trim the band but on the OUTER corner. You want take a chunk off from the part that's longer.

No. 210313

File: 1634756327872.jpg (84.57 KB, 976x517, foto_no_exif.jpg)

Not sure if anyone was looking for something like this, but my campus still requires masks indoors and I had been getting frustrated that so much of my bb cream would smear off onto my mask. I went looking for solutions, found this from an article, and its been working great for me for two weeks. The only minimal transfer I see is some blush, but it isn't much and I give myself an extra spray after foundation and powder are applied. I hope this helps!

File: 1493241724518.png (121.35 KB, 1000x628, Veq9fCr.png)

No. 59063[Reply]

Would anyone be interested in a girl-oriented anonymous imageboard? Including boards like


Would you be a user?
Which boards should be considered?
How friendly would you want the board tone to be (strict moderation)?
411 posts and 37 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 158655

It's up for me anon

No. 160248

File: 1605650422404.png (142.75 KB, 881x610, 160493777895328305265132364541…)


No. 160549

It looks like a half finished collab Deviantart base. It's a bold choice for the topic lol, maybe OP misclicked in their folders or something

No. 210190

Go back to tumbler, or whatever it's spell(necro)

No. 210308

Super late, but its still up if anons are looking for a more docile atmosphere than lc.

File: 1615294114303.jpeg (82.53 KB, 720x484, 50F67D27-09F4-4467-844E-929F2B…)

No. 174637[Reply]

Talk about bits, toys, techniques, etc.

Previous thread: >>>/g/48662
407 posts and 38 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 209467

If you dont feel comfortable with your own body, you shouldn't be having others touch you

No. 210272

Nonitas, no judgment here, please. I'm turning 20 soon and I still haven't had an orgasm.
Overall, I have pretty low libido due to depression and stress, and was on the pill for over 3 years (I stopped recently due to health issues and actually did notice an improvement with wetness). I get overwhelmed and push my partner away or stop masturbating.
I guess I rationally think about sex multiple times per day. I don't really get horny, it's more of "me want. fuck." -> masturbate -> feel some dull pleasure -> stop
My fingers get tired pretty fast because I do a lot of work with fine motor skills, so I even bought a clit stimulator. It's really good for the price (Plus One, got it at Target) but I still end up turning it off when I'm getting close. Another major turn off is having to be silent, as I don't live alone. When I'm able to have loud sex it's waaaaay better (not often, unfortunately).
The intensity of an orgasm per se isn't what irks me, idek why I do this. I get kind of nervous and tense, not sure what I even feel. If I think too much about this shit it ruins my day i feel tears welling up in my eyes as i type. So…

1. Anyone else took long to have an orgasm?
2. Has anyone else dealt with stopping midway? How did you muster up the courage to stop pulling away?

this means the world to me

No. 210275

sorry for responding to an old post but i'm the same anon from above but one of the main reasons that made me buy a vibrator was nausea
for some reason when i used to stimulate my clit with my fingers i'd always get super nauseous, it'd send me FLYING to the bathroom and made me shit everytime. wonderful when i was stress-constipated i think i threw up once even (wtf)

stopped completely once i switched the methods

No. 210276

When I was 18 and living at home I bought an electric facial massager and I remember I mostly used it when my mom was out doing the weekly shop on Saturdays. It was my only chance to get away with the noise.

It took alot of time because I remmber giving up because the intensity felt too overwhelming or I'd go numb, my muscles would cramp, I'd tire out, all that and I almost had a fear of what was going to happen. When I got there for the first time it was like I just unlocked the ability and I never quite struggled from that point on. The first just took some perseverance.

No. 210278

tbh ive always struggled with orgasming so i feel for you anon, there is never a moment where im like 'okay i definitely just came' - - it's more like i have to guess, usually i just reach a point where i stop feeling good and it starts getting over stimulated instead.
my main advice is honestly not to worry about it too much. i used to get frustrated that i wasn't experiencing these amazing orgasms like most other women seem to talk about, but when i thought about it a bit i realised that i don't really care? like i know for a fact that there are times when i can still feel great and have so much fun during sex, it still feels good so who cares if i don't rreach definitive orgasm. at least to me it seems like you are so fixated on this problem that you aren't able to enjoy the rest of the experience, so iguess my advice is to just try relaxing and being more in the moment.
trying new things also helps! and if you are by yourself, just give yourself some time to relax and enjoy yourself because there really is no rush. sorry this ended up long winded and a bit generic, im wishing you good luck anon i hope it gets easier for you

File: 1582955241257.jpg (28.98 KB, 640x480, Cookie_Monster_Amor.jpg)

No. 133562[Reply]

Like the title says.
Previous Thread: >>102887
1201 posts and 46 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 210266


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 210273

Some of the best sexual poistions happen to also be ones that cause the most queefing. Never met a man who reacted badly to the fact that HE put air in me while showing me a good time. What a miserable fuck he must be.

No. 210281

Thank you anon. I wanted to buy a pregnancy test but have been too busy. In the meantime, I suddenly had blood in my underwear this morning, one day after. I thought I had my period as it looked just like it, so I was relieved. But now my pee is clear and so is my toilet paper when I wipe. I'm extremely confused and don't know what this means.

No. 210397

Could it be implantation bleeding? How long ago was the sex?

No. 210435

The "sex" was Monday evening, the bleeding was Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, so about a day. I don't have any of the other symptoms associated with implantation bleeding, but I am going to the doctor's tomorrow to check. I'm scared…

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