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File: 1649510145392.jpg (82.34 KB, 728x750, 1649230292327.jpg)

No. 255346[Reply]

thread for harm reduction, support and venting
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No. 286901

yeah i’m going to see if i can have a chat with her so i can understand a bit better. she goes to an all girls school and i guess they have to deal with this quite a bit because apparently they have a section of the school yard specifically for girls who have trouble eating, so the teachers keep an eye on them. it’s not ideal but i know my parents would feel better if they knew she was at least eating her school lunches. they’re also not letting my sister take food into her room anymore. it’s tough but i can see it being for the best because this apparently isn’t the first time they’ve discovered rotting food in her room. anyway hopefully this can become manageable and she can get the help she needs.

No. 287167

So I can say from experience that being herded into the troubled eating group/being observed by faculty does not help and is as the other anon stated, humiliating and isolating. I hated every moment of high school after faculty found out but I’m also now 33 and still disordered but now with no impulse/reason/desire to recover. I definitely suggest you talking to your sister and listening to her but also actual therapy without the drama and scrutiny. But you being by her side in this will end up being crucial. At least if you understand her or try to understand her, she’ll know she has someone and be more encouraged so things don’t get worse and she doesn’t spiral.

No. 287284

Your health and respecting your body is enough of a reason to recover. You don't need much more.

No. 287820

i gained about almost 6 kg since july and ive been finding out more about why i binge and my sister doesnt. im the smallest ive ever been in my adult life and yet im still malformed. i wake up and i think “ok! gonna stay hungrier now i need it!”, i get hit with an overwhelming sense of numbness or sadness at some point and i feel the need to throw myself into alcohol and/or food. i wish i wasnt like this because i feel so pathetic. i wish my arms didnt look deflated balloons theyre the worst part of my body. i basically look like i gave birth and got a tummy tuck at 23 which isnt to shame those who did but i still feel horrible, meanwhile my sister has been effortlessly skinny our whole lives. im sick and tired of this shit i cant wait to be in control of my environment and sleep until i hit my gw i literally cannot stand being alive in this body j cannot fucking bear having people see my hog waistless body and not even being able to tell what i fucking look like since my brain is too retarded to compute it in the first place

No. 287919

I used to do this thing if I had an event coming up where I was seeing people I hadn't seen in a while, like back to school, or a summer extracurricular, I'd get really fixated on losing a bunch of weight before the deadline. I usually felt very anxious about seeing those people again for the first time, and wanted to be… idk, I can't describe it without sounding stupid and airheaded. Being thin made me feel safer.
I had to see some of my gf's friends that I don't like on a trip with her recently and I was having a hard time in the weeks leading up to it. I was really struggling. So imagine my reaction when I saw that friend who I hate and she's fatter than me now? I wish I could feel nothing but I'm not even satisfied or excited, I'm just thinking about how I can be even thinner this winter when we go again for the holidays. I hate this stupid way of thinking, it makes me feel like a nasty cold blooded worm. I'm going to try to stay very self aware in the next few months.

File: 1527655031196.jpg (88.8 KB, 736x1103, 1505778082638.jpg)

No. 83805[Reply]

How strongly do you feel about cheating? Would you dump a partner immediately if they did it once, regardless of how in love you were with them? Would you forgive it to a point? Would you sweep it under the rug even if it was a regular occurrence? How much blame do you place on the person they cheated with (assuming they knew they were taken)?

Have you ever cheated or been cheated on? Have you ever been with a taken person? Share your experience.
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No. 287332

This is so messy anon, glad it's all behind you now. This kind of experience is hard to recover from. The nerve of him cheating on you and still coming back to sleep at your place every now and then, and expecting you to be happy for him??? I feel bad for the other girl too, in a way of course she should have known what she's getting, staying with a cheater; but then it kinda seems for me as an outsider reading your story that he's chosen someone who will have much harder time saying no and leaving him (because of her baggage) than an independent person like you; and such person would be most likely to accept "solutions" like open marriage or swinging (as she did).

No. 287726

My bf told me, basically, that he'd cheat on me without hesitation of he met a girl who has his ideal body (basically covered in tattoos). I was hurt, then I realised how pathetic it was, and that he wouldn't have a chance with a girl like that anyway kek.
I'm considering leaving, and if I do I'm totally gonna go for a hot girl with tattoos if i meet one who I click with. I actually have charisma unlike him.

No. 287733

Is he heavily tattooed himself?

I have some and the only time I don't run away from men who want to approach me using muh tatts as a conversation starter.. is when they have plenty of them too. If its a shared interest thats fine and you can compare artists and experiences. Its not so cool when untatted men just want to get a one sided tour of your work because they think its hot.

Hes a shithead either way and should be dumped, without hesitation.

No. 287743

As a women with tattoos, moids that try to talk ink are red flags. You should leave and find you a better women anon than that shit head dude. Kek

No. 289431

Got cheated on recently by my 'gf', she told me she needed space to heal…from what?! She made out drunkenly with her friend and told me shit happens then told me she loved me and not her in the same breath. She still talks to this girl even though this girl has a boyfriend. I hope I can heal and get over her ass quickly.

File: 1533385564260.png (117.52 KB, 500x397, you-cum-yet-7374789.png)

No. 90960[Reply]

I can't be the only one who constantly has to deal with selfish and clueless guys who've obviously got their idea of sex from watching too much porn.

So let's share our worst and cringeworthies sexual experiences in this thread!
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No. 287545

I'm pretty sure I blogged about this in the past, but it fits here.
>be in early 20's, kind of in a really weird period of my life
>start dating a guy off an old school (non-app) dating site
>he's kinda chubby, Jonah Hill-type of looks, but I saw something in him
>meet up
>he's all amazed I'm like an actual woman
>be dating for a while
>he's very boring but I just didn't want to be alone with my thought at that time
>he's also slightly older than me and a virgin
>finally decide to take his virginity
>he lives with his parents in a tiny apartment
>have to awkwardly chat with his mom even though we only went on like 5 dates at this point and I didn't even really like her son
>retreat to his room finally
>start making out
>he's a terrible kisser, mouth tastes weird and his nose is full of blackheads and dry-feeling
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No. 287566

not necessarily bad sex but frustrating
>bf and i both like edging eachother till one of us breaks
>was riding him sitting up yesterday, finally about to let myself cum after like 20 min
>he couldn't hold out any longer and came
>instantly lose the urge to cum
>take a breather to clean up then he uses my vibrator on me until i cum
i don't know why for the life of me i can't cum after he does. him actually cumming turns me on but i feel like an idiot as soon as its over for not just getting to mine sooner rather than just edging. he usually gets me off beforehand and if he doesn't he finishes me off with a toy or his hands/mouth afterwards so its a net positive and i still came, i just wish i couldve done it in that position because it was really intimate.

No. 287573

File: 1663017206722.jpg (49.33 KB, 664x569, Tumblr_l_28987244658683.jpg)

Why does this sound like my ex ugh. He acted very similar except he literally physically could not ejaculate and for some reason started gagging and running to spit in the sink the two times I managed to convince him to eat me out. I'm hygienic and other people have eaten me out since with no problem so idk what was up with that. He nitpicked the shit out of my body too

No. 287677

>for some reason started gagging and running to spit in the sink
This happened to me too and I'm SO cautious about my hygiene. None of my other partners have ever done that to me, in fact they were eager to go down on me and initiated constantly. Some men are in the closet and hate vaginas, has nothing to do with the woman they're with.

No. 287727

Reading this thread makes me sad. It is so common to please men and let others cross your boundaries as a woman. I have had too many situations like this myself… Basically all of my sexual experiences until now have been like this. Having no parents or friends, having extremely low self esteem, being young and a girl are the perfect combination for unwanted sexual interactions. I hate to think about how nearly all of my experiences were unwanted. Crying and saying I want to stop whilst being in a car with a guy I just met who was fingering and touching me, telling me I didn't want to do these things and just wanted someone to love/care about me, that I didn't want it, that I just wanted parental affection… "I see… So, should I stop..?" I shrug… in those moments I was so lost. he keeps going, I cry. so many things like this. it hurts to think about. i let myself be mistreated so much. i still have nightmares about these situations sometimes. i feel lonely too since i can't talk to anybody about what happened.

File: 1655835081373.jpg (50.41 KB, 500x500, a7d46fd15d3632f4bf98aeb20ee1ea…)

No. 271357[Reply]

A thread where you can discuss women you love and admire. Whether she is your mother, sister, childhood friend, or a female celebrity!

A positive place to sperg to your heart's content!
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No. 281611

He literally used her and pushed her to her limit. He knew she was unstable and just thought that was a good opportunity to get sex.

No. 281614

If only all men like him shared the same fate!

No. 281622

There's murders happening every day where the victim is entirely innocent or is a stranger who did nothing to get entangled with a crazy person or to piss them off or play with their feelings. There's men who go out and kill women for nothing or just because they're horny and want to get away with rape. So I never understood how people acted so ott shocked that a woman who had been used for sex and thrown away again would snap and be capable of murder too. She at least had a reason. She wasn't just dumped like a normal gf, from the start he was living in heavy denial of the fact that he's a freak and a degenerate in private. Living a double life and putting on a front for everyone else in his life all while making use of her. That's a user. He thought he could keep it a secret and just walk away like he hadn't played her. Men who use and abuse women love to keep their dating lives seperated into these lil private compartments, that's how they get away with it. Everyone else in his life thought he was just swell! But there was proof of him clearly toying with her. His own family were defending his sick sex tapes where he wants her to roleplay being a child. If she had just outed him and somehow humiliated him I would've been all for that. It was overkill but at the same time its hardly shocking that he played with fire and didn't win in the end.

Plenty of men live on after doing the same thing. They love to rant about their crazy exes and if you ask why they ever dated a crazy woman in the first place.. they're quick to say the sex was amazing and to brag about that. They're using them, playing with their feelings purely to get some things from their sexual bucket list ticked off and then they think they can exit the relationship and pretend like the woman just drove herself mad. It's a game to them. One man paying a high price out of all the men out there doing the same thing.. it's hard to feel bad for him.

No. 281623

File: 1660398712546.jpg (659.5 KB, 1280x1608, by Isabel Snyder (1999).jpg)

She's cool.
Good choice.
Sounds like something one of you anons would do kek
I want to send her stuff. Have you sent her mail before, anon?
Sounds sick as hell.
Ayrt. I agree with >>281596 I also suggest Uptown Girls as it's a pretty comfy film. Also, if you'd like to hear her beautiful singing as a penguin that goes by the name, Gloria, then I'd recommend Happy Feet.

No. 287458

File: 1662978453491.jpeg (44.5 KB, 980x551, sjokz-kommt-als-moderatorin-in…)

>supports other women
>is open about her insecurities without being an attention seeker
>calls out about online harassment towards women
>makes fun of moids who try judging her looks online
>doesn't wear sexualized outfits
>is open about having a partner instead of being a 'simp' magnet
I admit i havent watched LoL Esports in a long time but she used to be my inspiration back in the days, glad I realized that being an esports player in a male-dominated community is just too much for me and I would rather focus on better skills than spending years being a high-elo player with no recognition other than being known for eloboosting others.

File: 1661694468150.jpg (103.82 KB, 976x549, original.jpg)

No. 284035[Reply]

I'm a working woma. in her late 20's. Finding friends IRL has always been a huge struggle and nearly impossible, especially when you have mental health issues. I either only find alt right people or SJWs and no one in between.
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No. 284101

hobby groups are a great idea nonnie :D(:D)

No. 284109

integrate newfag

No. 284177

I have cow print platforms if you see me in the wild hmu

No. 287127


I wore two pigtail braids as a dog whistle for other farmers the other day.

No. 287806

Hmm.. I have been thinking about this and I came to the conclusion that the best way to find the type of person you desire is to partake in very specific interests or groups catering to your specific interests and be not afraid to show your true ideas. The more you talk to other women the more you may realize they have the same opinions but not 100% just like with nonas. I think checking which boards are more popular, picking your favorite hobby or topic of the board and then following further into clubs and such IRL could lead to you finding someone with a similar mindset. Weirdly I found an ex-farmer and she's my hairstylist now and whenever I get my hair done we talk about the usual topics I'd browse lc for

File: 1638146785641.jpg (70.13 KB, 630x1200, timothee chandelier.jpg)

No. 215207[Reply]

Post men who are shilled as attractive but you think are ugly/overrated. Timmy was posted frequently last thread.
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No. 286929

nta but funnily enough it's actually his eyes that are the worst feature to me tbh, they're too beady

No. 286939

File: 1662798091325.jpg (185.22 KB, 1125x1500, ddf24702f92ce0f3d606428037354d…)

he was conventionally attractive when he was younger for sure.
idk what it is but for some reason if a man was attractive in their prime, there are a lot of people that hold onto that and convince themselves they're still hot now (ex: johnny depp supporters)

keanu didnt age that badly but obviously he doesnt have the boyishly handsome thing that made him famous anymore

No. 286949

Not those anons but they were talking about Stranger Things

No. 286979

I will forever wonder how men get away with that. Getting old and losing their looks.

No. 287006

worst take in this entire thread

File: 1608673843623.jpeg (178.07 KB, 1241x1236, 1591924468382.jpeg)

No. 164082[Reply]

What's a weird thing about someone that turns you off.

Unusual and nit-picky things.
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No. 283640

Real. An artist I follow would normally be cute to me, but she posts so much about being "so gay!" while dating some white dude and posting some pick me shit a couple of times. Even the characters she draws are clearly she and her boyfriend. You'd never know that she's allegedly also into women by her work at all.

I like her drawings but the bullshitting is so cringe. Just be straight, it's okay.

No. 285964

damn it, this is crap. they pull "bisexuality" out of their sleeves only when they need to, realizing that they never risk anything in their socially approved heterosexual lives. but ok, it wouldn't bother me but these "bisexuals" use programs to help the lgb community, such as evacuation programs or financial support, although they shouldn't have that right. I hate this shit. the only place they experience any kind of oppression because of their sexuality is in their head.

No. 286940

Moids who prioritize their pleasure. Either put all your energy on getting me off or get the fuck out of my bedroom.

No. 286945

That's not a weird turnoff at all. It's just normal.

No. 286946

Unironically calling himself an "alpha" and other guys he hates as "betas". Reeks of insecurity and the alpha/beta wolf dynamic has literally been debunked since eons lmao.

Even normie dudes latch onto to this terminology sometimes, not the just the red pillerino ones.

File: 1654204774564.jpeg (40.11 KB, 350x350, 4EB1E346-40BA-466B-8E4C-F133D1…)

No. 267754[Reply]

Post conventionally attractive males you want to have sex with and have no shame admitting.

Previous Thread: >>226291
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No. 286943

File: 1662799189209.gif (5.52 MB, 200x150, AACB97C9-72C2-448C-94D6-09C6EB…)

I want him to eat my pussy, too bad he’s old now

No. 286957

New thread, don't post uggos plz

No. 286984

>tallest midget right now

No. 286985

This is the conventional thread, your ugly child rapist chimp-faced faggot died when taking a hot diarrhoea shit half a century ago, get over it.

No. 286986

Something funny about this thread is how the men here are frequently uglier than the unconventional attractions thread because anons are pathologically cocky and think they have the best taste when they’re no different than driverfags.

File: 1658455529441.jpg (88.48 KB, 1200x800, bw-j.jpg)

No. 276988[Reply]

Post men who are unconventionally attractive, gross, unattractive, average, ugly, creepy/weird, or shameful for their reputation.

This thread's cover star is cartoon voiced Twitter outlaw Jordan B Peterson.
Previous thread >>260491
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No. 286705

he was american nonna… if you want hot chess matsers that are slavic, try alekhine, karpov, kasparov or dubov

No. 286831

File: 1662758979258.jpg (322.71 KB, 2500x2151, miss-him.jpg)

make a new thread nonnas
will we ever get a chess legend as atractive and autistic as him? i hope so.

come back, bobby-san…

No. 288307

I adore men with corpse paint in general

No. 288623

File: 1663355400676.jpeg (99.03 KB, 736x731, DCB3C850-95A6-4011-86C8-EA7F9C…)

Sorry nons, but I think he’s cute. His videos are pretty basic, but they’re comforting to watch. I’m weak for that haircut

No. 289357

File: 1663793480289.jpeg (292.94 KB, 2048x1536, 4AB3C484-1D7D-4143-B835-122A38…)

juicer nonnas… I know you're here

File: 1657125702053.png (449.77 KB, 874x496, 1651336273516.png)

No. 273807[Reply]

>What is this thread
By popular demand, we have created the retarded shitpost thread /g/ edition, which of course, talks about husbandos and horny shit
>Why was this made / what is the difference
The difference is that here you can be retarded about your fictional 3D and 2D crushes so you don't clog the other retarded thread. Post memes, be frisky, whatever.
>But why
Farmers are some horny bitches
>Examples of posts that go here
-I want the Jojos to gangbang me raw
-I love me some man tiddies

The retarded hornyposting thread now includes pairings.
For real 3D men hornyposting, refer to: >>>/g/193846
For other /g/ related shitposts just use the current /ot/ thread. Thank you!

Previous horny: >>>/g/259991
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No. 285989

Komaeda-chan has already voted, only one Leon (sadly) and no Snapes yet

No. 285994

One Snapewife joined!

No. 286014

but where's the peepee

No. 286015

Nta but I've seen it and it's magical.

No. 286018

NEW THREAD >>286016

NEW THREAD >>286016

NEW THREAD >>286016

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