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File: 1514581777902.png (523.51 KB, 666x733, Outfitorwhateva.png)

No. 72269[Reply]

General discussion for everything fashion:Styles,Brands,favorite influences, favorite icons etc.

Post outfit coordination for critique and advice. :)

Posting one I came up with for starters, not sure what to call my personal style.
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No. 145967

No. 145968

Is there a way I can avoid having camel toes in dress pants?

No. 145983

What bras have cute straps that I can show under a tank top and where can I find them? Or soft comfortable bandeau style bras?

No. 146005

Lace bralettes for sure, I have a white one to wear under tank tops/see through white shirts that I have to wear a bra with. You can find them at pretty much any store, mine actually has underwire (got it at target) but I’ve seen similar ones without underwire at free people, francesca’s, aerie, etc.

No. 146009

Please take it to the new fashion thread anons >>124317

File: 1521655205118.jpg (1.55 MB, 3672x2568, redflag.jpg)

No. 76727[Reply]

We've had a lot of mentions of red flags in various threads, so here's a way of collecting them all.

Which friends do you forsake? Which dates do you dump? Which co-workers do you cut off?

Farmers, what are your red flags when it comes to people?
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No. 145641


I'm so sorry to hear this, what an absolute trashbag, reading this resonated with the abusive ex I'd been with and I really feel for you. I hope someday he gets absolutely exposed to shreds so he can't keep doing the magical damage control nice guy reset thing. It's horrible that you confide in someone and they could be so cold and sick about it.

I've posted here before but the ex I dumped who was like this, as always he does this thing where publicly he pretends he's a ~~changed man~~ while sweeping all his abuse under the rug. Every single time he gets outed for something he just remakes all his social media and simps into dms of girls he finds vulnerable, pretending to be generous and all caring. One day he'll be unable to do this anymore. Men who repeat these same patterns then pretend like nothing happened honest to god make me sick.

No. 145931

>cares about false rape accusations more than actual rape, likes to argue about rape and false accusations, has been accused of rape
>laugh at you or "jokingly" makes fun of you when you say something serious, express concern, say something affectionate, etc.
>always plays devil's advocate
>finds your interests stupid and openly ridicules them, or ignores your interests while expecting you to care about his
>acts like any accidents or missteps from you are unforgivable but treats you like you're irrational for being hurt about anything at all

No. 145969

> always playing the devil's advocate
so true, i understand that sometimes this is needed because you need to see the other point of view. but holy fuck some men really think they're "soooo intellectual" when they always defend the unpopular opinion.
this is especially a red flag when it's about social issues/ethics. some guys play devils advocate to try and justify abuse/violence etc. because they were not affected by it. guys who do this all the time lack basic empathy and it's impossible to argue with them.

No. 145971

Oh god, my boyfriend does this a lot. He does have empathy, but more so for the men in those scenarios apparently.

No. 145997

I would like to see guys like this get pinned down and penetrated by a guy twice their size

File: 1595873055070.jpg (54.12 KB, 450x583, decora.jpg)

No. 145271[Reply]

Did you use to wear Jfashion but don't do it anymore? Did you try to look like your favorite celeb/idol but then changed your style completely? Did you use to look like an alternative girl but now look like a normie? This is the thread for you!

Discuss how your style changed, how you dress nowadays, if you still like certain elements or incorporate some into your wardrove, what made you want to change, did you keep your friendships etc.
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No. 145608

>This service is not available
in your region.

aw man

No. 145821

When I entered high school, with the limited resources available to me, I was wearing tight black clothing, heavy winged eyeliner, and gave myself a choppy emo haircut. I transitioned into a normie phase shortly after largely because of the influence of school friends.

Towards the end of high school I regained an interest in weirding out, shaved off some of my hair, experimented with men's shirts and trousers paired with '80s punk style makeup and flamboyant piercing jewelry. I started going to a lot of punk shows at this time and incorporated some staples into my wardrobe like a studded collar, patchwork jacket and combat boots.

As I developed a more active lifestyle I became more comfortable with early '90s streetwear styles. A couple of years into the '90s revivalism I was getting quite bored with my wardrobe and leaning into normie trends until I started collecting vintage clothing. Its been a few years now and I dress almost exclusively in vintage clothing from the 1930s-70s. It makes me happy, I have never had a wardrobe so diverse in colours, prints, fabrics and silhouettes. I love feminine, flamboyant, one of a kind pieces and the quality of vintage clothing. Kind of annoying niche thing to be into, but whatever. It's what I feel confident wearing.

No. 145829

I had a brief emo phase when I was 13-14, emo was already on its death bed back then but it was still fairly present. My fashion sense was horrible though and I hated makeup so it probably didn't read much like emo to others.
When I was 14-15 I had a phase where I all I would wear was cargo pants that I got from the army surplus shop with tank tops (I wanted to be a video game action girl I guess, despite being as unathletic as they come).
After that came the ultra feminine vintage flowy dress phase where I'd look for purples and pastels and lots of lace detailing. This phase kind of transitioned into an interest in classic lolita.

Fast forward to now and I 90% of what I wear is black, be it gothic lolita or other styles of goth.

No. 145872

I worked in the restaurant industry for a decade wearing whatever I wanted, and often would dye my hair a crazy color, shave off half either undershaving or on the side. I have recently gotten into a conservative career field, where during the interview process I had to quickly do my natural hair color and start accumulating 'normal' clothes. I basically tried to dress like Olivia Benson from Law and Order SVU.
My boyfriend is trying to get me to 'mature' my look on my off days too. I tend to dress in t-shirts and jeans on my days off, and at work I have to wear a polo and office pants. I don't really care about maturing my outside of work look though, I'm pretty out of shape and my off days are the only days I feel like myself. So I guess I'm not really NOT alternative anymore…just part time, I guess.

No. 145907

Ot but you sound fucking delightful anon

File: 1596116210122.jpg (99.23 KB, 800x533, The_bisexual_pride_flag_(36737…)

No. 145654[Reply]

Gonna share personal feelings I've been going through to start this off
I'm what I would call an 80% bisexual leaning gay woman
I kinda have regrets about marrying at such a young age but my husband is the only man I have ever had sexual relations with
I grew up in a conservative country so I was never free to explore my homosexual side
I dont know why but I still feel supremely drawn to the idea of dating a woman and getting to know her
Feeling comfortable with each other to take things further sexually
Thing is I absolutely love my husband and feel like we are supremely compatible personality wise
It just always feels like something is missing in the romantic/sexual department which I am attributing to my gayness
Every few months/years of me denying my homolust makes me seek out lesbians to talk to hoping someone can understand and give me answers
I feel like I should be 100% happy with what I have but I'm not…
Not knowing yourself fully and exploring it is true suffering(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)
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No. 145744

op is either a larping scrote or a tranny (aka an even crazier larping scrote)

No. 145745

lolcow isn't 4chan. integrate or go away.

No. 145747

> Thing is I absolutely love my husband and feel like we are supremely compatible
You said you were 'indifferent' to him in a post like 5 mins later.

No. 145749

admin please lock this autistic thread

No. 145757

Locked due to autism. Any anons feel free to make a better bisexual general thread if you please.

File: 1502398936773.png (180.11 KB, 500x293, me (2).png)

No. 66358[Reply]

Can we have a thread for lesbian and bi women to discuss their fantasies and desires towards other women? No rules except for no talk about dicks
I never find women my age (20) attractive. It's always older women, usually 30+, especially older butch lesbians. I want an older woman to boss me around
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No. 145466

Can’t we just make it by lolcow/Discord invite only?

No. 145478

Do you have a writer/fic in mind? As long as it's AU and I can read their work without knowing anything, sure, lay it on me.

No. 145531

Im a tall boyish woman and would like a butch to be "bros" with and have a lot of sex. She could be shorter than me and I could bully her of it and she could bully me of my big tits I try to hide and grope them.

Also more feminine girl who is confident and a bit demanding. More submissive in bed but does me in the butt with a strap on (i know this sounds like a male im not ;_;)

No. 145627

No. 145699

>mfw no cute FWB girl to have on booty call and have sex with whenever I'm horny
I'm really just not down for a relationship right now but I want to have sex. If you go on a dating site with "women looking for women" as your option it's just gross couples looking for a woman to fulfill their threesome MFF fantasies, not that I'm really interested in having one night stands with strangers to begin with. I just want a friend I can also fuck with no strings attached.

File: 1556101173104.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 100.34 KB, 733x550, 9B9BABCF-8FDA-4314-919B-368119…)

No. 113718[Reply]

Continued from >>71573
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No. 145224

are you a virgin or have you had sex a long time ago? You may be just not stretched enough. Even if you had penetration sex before, after a long time the opening may be "tense" again and you need to work it out slowly, one finger at a time

No. 145227

Eh, just try something new, anon. Like the corner of a chair or table. I definitely have better orgasms after abstaining for a bit, so sure, you could try taking a break, but a few months is a bit over the top. Try a week, you should see a difference just from that.

No. 145260

It took me like 3 whole years to finally get penetrated with the same partner. A dildo girth might be too big for you right now. Use your fingers and if not fingers, purchase a skinnier toy. Learn where your vagina hole ACTUALLY is and if your hymen is still there. If the hymen entrance is small, you have to stretch it through, which will take a lot of time and practice. Go slow and dont give yourself high standards and expect to take the whole thing at once. Use a lot of lube (like a lot) and make sure the head of the toy is coated in lube as you press it in. It should be slow and hard to penetrate but after you get past the entrance it slides in smoothly and painless. If you feel a burning sensation pushing in, theres not enough lube. I thought I had vaginismus but it was really just my hymen being hard to push through as cause I was scared of pain (and it was very painful at the time). Just take it very slow and dont get impatient or it will hurt.

No. 145261


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 145473

File: 1585046050157.gif (2.52 MB, 500x269, _c45d382957358f0b44741ab80bbcc…)

No. 134794[Reply]

No, he's not stupid, he just doesn't give a fuck.

Old thread:
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No. 145199

>used to receive a lot of nudes
>would pick up girls at clubs solely for sex
these two - I would say acceptable depending on your personal world view. Sleeping around is not a crime when under control.
But these two:
>"well I wouldn't say no if a pretty girl wanted to kiss"
>would sleep around often after getting drunk
Clearly imply there's no actual control. I would absolutely not get into something like this if I were you anon. At least he admitted these things so you know what to expect.

I'm dating a guy that slept around for some time in his life, but he has always been honest, told me about his past in a non-braggy way, almost never drinks - never to the point of not being accountable for his actions, and never did anything behind a back of a person he'd be involved in longer term. So on these circumstances it's easy to be cool with a partner who did plenty of hook ups in the past. Your case seems a bit more risky.

No. 145203

he's not like that, but if he was, yeah, I'd leave without doubt

Thanks anons.
I understood quickly that he's this kind of person who "goes with the flow". That's why I didn't do anything first and waited for him to pursue, which was new to him as girls would always take the lead. He was actually very shy with me. I find it a bit funny that he couldn't touch me for so long but would pick up random girls in clubs before.
It is indeed risky, now that I read your thoughts. I'm not sure yet if he has poor impulse control (in which case I should be worried and reconsider) or that was just a phase.
I wanted to avoid this topic but now I think maybe I should ask about it somehow. I don't want to hurt him by saying I'm suspicious he could cheat on a whim, but I guess I need it explained to be calmer. Any idea how to word it nicely?

No. 145205

fucking kek, genuinely sorry you never experienced a good man. No hate. Any time a new guy insisted on paying for me every time, he turns out to be misogynistic garbage who thinks he can pay his way to my puss. Now I just stick to halfsies or we switch every date (it's nice bc it's implying we have a future date).

No. 145211

Men who split the bill are still misogynists, they're just happy to waste your time and not pay for it. 95% of men are trash, might as well get a meal out of the vetting process

No. 145218

damn are you a consultant? i don't need to be paid for my time. if the date was a failure then we both wasted our time.

File: 1493076164230.jpg (56.12 KB, 500x500, IMG_0866.JPG)

No. 58871[Reply]

Here we can discuss black hair issues etc

>be black

>2 years ago I would have been shamed for wearing my natural hair
>the "natural hair" meme started around 2015ish
>now in 2017 you're considered a slut/hood rat if you straighten your hair and or wear weave
>the only acceptable "natural hair" is the mixed girl kind, when people mean go natural that is what they expect your hair to be like.
153 posts and 14 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 144910

You'll need to fully remove them and learn to draw them on, anon.

No. 144913

Have you tried eyebrow lamination

No. 144915

use got2be ultimate hair gel in them. It works amazing. if you want something semi-permanent, try eyebrow lamination. Amazon sells at home kits and they are safe and work great.

No. 144987

finally a thread i mostly relate to!
I have really kinky hair, the most my mom could do when i was a little girl was plaits so i never really styled my hair in my high school years. I got teased a lot by students and one of my upperclassmen even tried to straighten my hair, she ended up burning it a bit and it became short.

at first i decided to have extensions to help grow my hair but then when i started attending university I started wearing wigs. people kept on thinking it was my real hair and I have been wearing wigs a lot since then (while keeping my hair in plaits underneath). I am honestly so envious of the black women who can do stuff with their natural hair and wish I could do the same too but my hair is too rough.

No. 145004

I’m so happy that this thread got bumped back up. I’m mixed with 3c hair and recently changed my routine for the better. I had so many questions I wanted to ask, but I figured that if this thread was dead there wasn’t a big enough demand for it on this board for me to be able to relate to anyone. (also was annoyed by all the previous race baiting.) Hopefully we can stay on topic & help each other out.

>curly eyebrows exist
I learned something new today.

File: 1595185634694.jpg (46.92 KB, 564x877, 417b987c8fa349272e049856cd604c…)

No. 144581[Reply]

is it possible to be attracted to girls?
I've been interested in compulsory heterosexuality lately because I was hoping that I might be bi or lesbian but I can't feel any attraction to females, I can't imagine what type of woman I would be into but I'm very open to dating women and I want to brainwash myself into being attracted to them or I will be single forever
4 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 144588

>is it possible to be attracted to girls?
Yes if you're ACTUALLY les or bi.
Don't date one if you're not really into her, you'd be wasting her time.

No. 144596

Anon, it’s not okay to date anyone just because you’re lonely, also, if you can’t even think of yourself kissing a woman, I’m pretty sure a relationship won’t end up like how you expect it could go.

Think about this, just because you want to be Bi, doesn’t mean women won’t also reject you, sometimes having lots of options means receiving more rejections.

Plus, there’s the whole issue with the discrimination towards well, the whole LGBT community? So, just because you feel lonely, you might end up going through lots of hardships that can be avoided if you focus on yourself and think properly about what you need to do on your own to better your self-esteem.

Get some internet friends as a beginning if you feel like in real life friends are a chore or impossible. Get a hobby and a nice dildo if you’re feeling lonely. Maybe try one night stands?

Don’t try to “turn” yourself into a lesbian or a bisexual person just because you’re lonely, that will make you feel even more sad and it will make the person next to you also feel like they’re not enough when they’re just dealing with someone who is just lonely.

No. 144602

I mean you could get into an asexual relationship with a woman. Just be biromantic instead of bisexual. Of course you need to specify this before dating said woman.

No. 144607

go visit r/latebloomerlesbians

No. 144608

I tried to convince myself I was bi for a long time for similar reasons, OP. Finally accepted that thinking anime girls are hot does not necessarily transfer to irl women. I'm still coming to terms with the fact that I'll never have a significant other (do not want to date men), it's hard. But I could never waste another woman's time with my bullshit, it would be cruel. This is something us intentionally celibate straight women have to figure out how to cope with alone, unfortunately.

File: 1592659188216.jpeg (401.08 KB, 1024x683, 3CC77F34-B21F-4D38-AC94-291ACA…)

No. 142356[Reply]

My boyfriend’s (female) boss keeps sending him stupid tiktok videos with messages like “reminded me of you ;)”. Keep in mind that she’s in her 30s (and uses tiktok…) and my boyfriend is in his early 20s (and DOESN’T use tiktok, she sends links and rips mp4s for him). He’ll open his work computer on monday and he’ll have received a bunch of clips over the weekend. They’re all “funny” (wildly unfunny) videos, but they seem EXTREMELY flirty to me. My bf says it means nothing and they just like to laugh together, but I’m not sure. Should I be worried? Could it be flirting?
64 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 144308

minor flirting is enough

No. 144319

File: 1594940674559.jpg (47.37 KB, 640x560, xf2k6m63orx41.jpg)

OP stop stressing over this and find someone else. He clearly doesn't care about your feelings, otherwise he'd ignore his bosses advancements rather than "laugh together." A man who respects you and treats you as the first priority wouldn't have you feeling this worried in the first place.

No. 144336

Faggot robot desirability fantasy; dr

No. 144338

If there's a chance that you're an actual Becky: the only reason why he's doing this is because you're too available/secured. When your game is on point, a man is too busy worrying about whether you're cucking him to entertain other women.

No. 144576

They want to fuck him in order to prove they are better than the official gf

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