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File: 1468071842734.jpg (189.81 KB, 594x640, Totoro_Blue_01_medium2.jpg)

No. 107505[Reply]

This is a thread for crochet and knitting, and other yarn-related crafts.

Anyone starting any new projects or completing old ones? Share some patterns!
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No. 314072

Anybody have a knitting or crocheting business? I got pretty far into a scarf I was planning to sell until I noticed that I made a mistake I couldn't fix so I unraveled the whole thing. It's not something that the average person who doesn't knit would be able to notice without looking closely so I'm wondering if I should have just finished the scarf anyway. What are your thoughts on this? Would you sell an item that had a mistake in it?

No. 314318

Yeah. You're a person doing handmade items, not a machine. Imperfections will happen. If the mistake isn't really noticeable, I doubt anybody would mind.

No. 314409

Yez ♥

No. 315024

Update : I have made way too many and given them all to my perplexed coworkers

No. 317045

i've bought from lion brand's website, premier, bamboomn, joann's and amazon. what did you have questions about nonna?

File: 1536798739257.jpg (643.82 KB, 1728x2187, size.jpg)

No. 95052[Reply]

What do you think is the ideal penis size? Personally i think its between 6-7 inches as it usually gets me to cum. But i do think their are other factors that can help climax like foreplay or atmosphere/ the sexual tension.

Also, what do you tell guys when asked this? I'm usually honest and tell them around 6 inches. Does this make me look shallow and would it turn a guy off?
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No. 305307

>áll these trannies ITT lmao

No. 315148

Finally got a BF with a 8+ inch dick. Its such a wake up call idk how to describe it because its just so easier to have sex with them than a "average" sized dick which I feel like takes so much more build up than just enjoying the moment

No. 315162

>I never had coke nor pepsi but i assume pepsi is better
Why even give your opinion then lol.

No. 315648

Ideal penis size is my husbando's cock size, so 10 inches. Also tip should be pink.

No. 316968

isn't this thread 99% men posting? all of this race realism and attacking each other over penis size just screams moid insecurity/agenda.

File: 1670520606142.png (360.84 KB, 500x391, 1628493229956.png)

No. 303045[Reply]

Previous thread: >>170544

Post anything and everything makeup here: product reviews, product questions, cool looks, etc. Thinking of compiling a document with products that get mentioned a lot for future OP posts so feel free to suggest your faves!
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No. 316897

Have you tried the Catrice foundation that comes in a dropper bottle? It's liquidy, medium coverage and a natural matte finish. Doesn't oxidize on me. On the expensive side I really loved MAC Studio Waterweight foundation (it's not dewy, works fine on my oily skin) and Nars All Day Luminous Weightless. CoverFX Powerplay is also similar but I'm not sure if it's available in Europe. Estee Lauder Doublewear Nude is another one I enjoyed (extremely runny, lightweight, matte) but the coverage is medium at best and even that takes layering. Lovely formula though.

No. 316920

anon this post made me realize I may have olive skin too! I've always struggled to find my color match, I'd go to Sephora and test a million products but everything was way too pink or orange. I tried a bunch of Asian products because I heard those undertones are less common in makeup there but it was all yellow or even grey on me. I gave up on using foundation and just use glossier concealer (it's orange on me but it's incredibly sheer so it's not super obvious kek). Definitely going to get some blue mixer now

No. 316925

KVD foundation oxidized a lot on me and I looked like a simpson toon for the entire day (tested friend's with same skin color basically)

No. 316932

Yeah it took me a while to figure it out, the closest I could get was neutral foundations, but it wasn’t perfect, and I also tried Asian makeup but it was gray. Definitely try it, when you mix blue with orange foundations you get more of an olive tone. I use LA girl which is cheap. Apparently some people add green concealer to neutral foundations as well, but I’ve never tried that before.
When I was testing in the store, even the supposed cool-toned foundation looked orange on me. It must be the KVD formula. I like the coverage and how the texture looks though, so that’s why I tried to make it work with other pigments.

No. 317755

Can anyone recommend an eyebrow gel type of product that doesn't come out too harsh? I need one in black but I've had too many products looking way too clumpy/dark/mascara-like. Looking for something lightweight to tint the hairs but not be too obvious/visible basically. (EU-available products preferred)
I also considered trying to take any old black eyebrow gel and thin it out, just unsure what I can add to it that won't ruin the product.

File: 1565921815789.png (49.68 KB, 1024x500, MovingOnAfterABreakUp-1024x500…)

No. 121656[Reply]

Hey ladies, can we get a breakup support thread for anons who don't want to clog up the relationship advice thread? We can share stories and advice for moving on after a breakup.
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No. 316844

Apologies if you've heard this advice before, but schedule your snooping time. Whenever you feel tempted to snoop you can remind yourself "I can't do that now because I'm supposed to do it at 3 pm after I get home from work" or whatever. After a while it feels like a chore and you stop doing it or stop enjoying it. I still check up sometimes on my ex but I don't feel much afterwards and I go days/weeks without doing it.

No. 316850

I've never heard that advice before, I really should try this out as at the moment its a random habit where one day I check a lot and another I check a little bit. I will set up a routine, thanks for the advice anon.

No. 316853

him being a disgusting incel should have killed all you desire for him

No. 316857

how can he be an incel if he had a girlfriend?

No. 316911

He had a job I suppose but that was it, the rest of his life was awful.
I was in a really bad place when I met him, I had (still have) very low esteem and just went for the first person who gave me attention.
I regret it now of course but I can't take back the past now.

File: 1623719272636.jpg (202.92 KB, 1500x1500, mommyissues.jpg)

No. 192203[Reply]

The mother wound, or "mommy issues" as it's more commonly referred to, is something that's frequently attributed to men in popular culture, but it can also deeply affect women. I think it would be interesting to have a thread for women who have experienced abuse or neglect by our mothers to vent about how it affected us and share information on how to work through this trauma as an adult. Not intended to be a mommy hate thread, just a space to support each other and discuss this phenomenon.

>What was your relationship with your mom like as a child?

>What's your relationship with your mom like now?
>Have you noticed how her abuse or neglect has affected your relationships with yourself or others? If so, how?
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No. 314625

Mine had a seizure that gave her brain damage shortly before I became a teen, as well as other medical problems, plus she and my father were divorcing. She was already abusive, but brain damage made her a thousand times worse. I feel bad and sometimes wonder what it would be like if she didn't have that seizure

No. 314966

I don't know at what age it began but whenever my mom talks to me she just talks about herself and dumps all of her relationship problems with my dad and all of her other troubles on me. She has apologised about it a lot of times but she still does it to this day. After she calls me I feel so drained and depressed, and still guilty because she's been through so much.
Ironically she always mentions how she wishes she could help me but barely listens to more than a sentence or two i say about myself before continuing on about her life. Even my dad who's a piece of shit understands me better and has given me more useful advice and I hate that.
As for how it's affected me, I think people are often drawn to me as an emotional sponge to dump their negative feelings on to this day (even managers at work and people I've barely talked to online, even random people at the store). I hate it so much. I wish I had more confidence to say no and to just be less acommodating in general. I wish other people's moods didnt affect me so much.

No. 315083

Get her arrested for identity theft and save your siblings.

No. 316017

I've already got two of my sisters to safety but my dickhead stepdad reported us for kidnapping the younger ones.. ugh CPS is no help they just told my sisters to go to therapy after they said our mom beats them and is on drugs, oh well they're fed and have clothes. Don't even get me started on the cops. Idk what I was expecting from racist domestic abusing pigs. I don't legally have my sisters my mom just doesn't care they're even gone. And I'm waiting for the IRS to respond. But I will. It will take years but I hope I can vanquish this beast. I want to try to get custody of the two smaller ones but their dad is such an asshole, and the cops like him.

No. 316826

>What was your relationship with your mom like as a child?
Growing up, my mom made herself seem like she was the nicest person in the world. She gave me permission to do things behind my dad's back, like eat extra candy and watch TV shows and listen to music with bad words in them. She also let me hang out with kids in the neighborhood and friends from school were able to come over at anytime, as long as before my dad got home they were supposed to go home so I wouldn't get yelled at. Dad was the enemy. I remember writing a blog post back on MySpace about how I was so afraid of my dad because of the memories of him spanking me and our family would be better off without him, they always talked about how they were going to divorce and I got happier each time they said it would happen. There was a time we left him to go live with my aunt for about half a year, but he came back. I also remember the time she told me how my dad was playing favorites between me and my sister and how my dad's side of the family bought my sister so many presents for Christmas and not me. I also felt closer to her because my grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins I spent the most time with growing up were on my mom's side. The biggest struggle our family had were financial issues and from my young childhood until I was in high school, I always heard from my mom about how poor we were. How we always didn't have money and how my dad would spend so much money and leave us with nothing.
>What's your relationship with your mom like now?
I've gone no contact with her. I haven't directly spoken to her for almost 8 years now.
After I got my first job, my friends started pointing out to me how my mom wasn't innocent either for demanding money from me and demanding I get a higher paying job when my paycheck wasn't enough for what she wanted money for. She tried making me pay for car insurance for a new car, which was about $400 a month. Eventually I moved out. Even after moving out, she tried to get money out of me through phone bills, because the phone I used was on my family's line, I calculated it was going to be $30 a month, but she said it'd be $175, and I remember going to my dad saying that wasn't right because then it's like I'm paying for my grandpa and sister's line. There was a point I didn't have a job and stayed with my aunt and she realized I didn't know how to properly take care of my hygiene, shePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1599727925603.jpg (559.82 KB, 2498x4000, vETB7QueAips8dFz5EcySH94tjJT_o…)

No. 150869[Reply]

We have an ideal boyfriend thread, but not an ideal girlfriend thread. So why not?
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No. 229161

If she looks at PNGs of her husbando she's OUT

No. 229184

Scrote hands typed this.

No. 229187

I love day dreaming about my imaginary athletic, soft butch punky gf
>slim, small chest, but muscular and soft
>an edgy haircut, with shaved parts
>has a casual, boyish style and feminine face
>lots of ear piercings, maybe gauges, and a single lip and tongue piercing (it’s fine if she’s taken most of them out, the holes are cute too)
>loves being active; surfing/skating, crossfit, running, lifting, etc
>chill, seems aloof but will open up around friends
>acts cocky when she flirts
>gets super gooey and lovey-dovey when we smoke
>is dominant, but turns to mush when the roles are reversed
>will sing punk and classic rock with me on long road trips
>is good with kids
>is a terf kek

I have a whole fantasy about how we meet and flirt with each other and how she teases me for being a good vibes only yoga bitch, but I was so embarrassed after writing it out that I had to delete

No. 229206

Either this thread is full of men or maybe trannies aren't as bad at pretending to be lesbians as I thought.

No. 229254

We could have had a romance nonny, except:
>I'm 165cm
>Hates classic rock
everything else checks out

File: 1608673843623.jpeg (178.07 KB, 1241x1236, 1591924468382.jpeg)

No. 164082[Reply]

What's a weird thing about someone that turns you off.

Unusual and nit-picky things.
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No. 313203

What the fuck is that pic, spoiler next time

No. 313264

Dw anon, I know what you mean, I feel the exact same way lmao

No. 313605

also also limp handshakes is THE WORST

No. 315797

Not tipping after good service when dining in. It goes to show that you're a cheap stingy jerk.

No. 316729

Men who can't cook, figure out the washing machine, just men who don't know how to do anything. Also if they make fun of your interests but that speaks for itself.

This, just pay 5 euros extra for the waiters. If you have the money to eat at a restaurant you can live without that few euros.

File: 1610799109192.jpg (255.4 KB, 1360x962, 2020_09_03_103594_1599102089._…)

No. 167304[Reply]

Post women you find overrated or ugly when they're shilled as beautiful. Lesbians, bi and straight women are all welcome to contribute!

In my bisexual opinion Cate Blanchett is not that hot.
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No. 313115

File: 1676625276867.jpg (Spoiler Image, 26 KB, 280x364, Depend_Active_Fit_Ad.jpeg.jpg)

It looks like she is wearing a discreet adult diaper

No. 315491

This is it, I can't stand her… pitiful actress, only saw her in scream and she's god awful.. Her face looks so greasy and grosses me out.. Plus she's a little crybaby bitch who whines about how hard she has it acting, when she's TERRIBLE.

No. 315593

File: 1678123115648.jpg (240.64 KB, 776x1254, rs_634x1024-230110191630-634-a…)

Sorry I know this is kinda old at this point but i had to agree. Her smile looks almost painful to me.

No. 316478

File: 1678568781076.jpeg (745.06 KB, 2880x1905, CBECAF51-6234-4877-82A1-FADB6A…)

annoying plastic negative iq retard

No. 316705

File: 1678658677228.jpg (115.15 KB, 640x936, Untitled.jpg)

neither of them are interesting or stunning enough to be supermodels

File: 1531776177010.png (83.3 KB, 320x127, eyes.png)

No. 88603[Reply]

anyone else wish they had a different eye colour, light eyes are just so delicate and pretty
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No. 316496

File: 1678574590469.jpg (62.32 KB, 600x810, 2980904f45f9e85bf988dd0dbb76f5…)

I was so obseesed with Paul Mccartney’s eyes when i was a teen it’s shameful! Every day for like 2 years i did my makeup and tried to make my eyes look like that. I do have that asymetry but not the tilt. I lookd hilarious and sometimes people were like: Are you sure you’re doing your eyeliner right? You should make it point upwards not downwords." KEKITTY KEK

No. 316497

Low youth + prey eyes. Major L

No. 316500

File: 1678575109623.jpg (18.31 KB, 600x278, puppyeyes-4botheyes_0.jpg.opti…)

you were just doing the puppy eyeliner, which is the opposite of cat eyeliner, you weren't doing it "wrong", god people can be annoying about makeup. also top kek for me thinking these were sylvester stalone eyes in the first pic

No. 316525

kek nta but do you genuinely buy into the hunter/prey eyes thing or is this a joke. 'hunter' eyes always look creepy and like someone is squinting all the time

No. 317590

File: 1679228397807.jpg (23.26 KB, 526x455, myeye.jpg)

no my eyes are brown and i think they're pretty ideal, only thing i would change is make my bottom eyelashes a bit darker

File: 1596773779217.jpg (396.8 KB, 2000x3000, hbz-70s-fashion-1970-gettyimag…)

No. 146601[Reply]

A thread for everything vintage fashion related

>What decades and subcultures of the past are you interested in?

>How did you get into collecting vintage?
>Do you go for authentic vintage or vintage inspired clothing?
>Who are the style icons you like to refer to when putting together a look?

And of course, questions from novices are welcome as well
43 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 316256

I'm interested in buying a pair of boots from them, they're gorgeous. Are they comfortable for walking longer distances and how slippery is the sole?

No. 316331

File: 1678494353949.png (227.37 KB, 720x688, IMG_20230311_012427.png)

Does anyone know if there are backpacks similar to pic? I really love the clutch part, but can't find anything similar.

No. 316403

File: 1678540394570.jpeg (127.89 KB, 733x1000, sears 43 7.jpeg)

Based ! 40's fashion will forever be peak for me, I love how it is a direct reflection of women's place changing in society because of the war. The strong shoulders, the military inspired cut, the shortening lengh of the skirts because of the rationing of fabric. It's simple, flattering and confortable!

I like 20's and 60's fashion exactly for the same reason. 50's fashion feels so sad and reductive next to it. I hate how people only think of the 50's when they think of vintage fashion.

No. 316443

File: 1678554870085.jpg (1.63 MB, 3024x4032, FG96m5_XMAIfSVf.jpg)

I wish I could dress like I was living in the late 60's. I don't wear dresses but I'd love a blouse or shirt in the same vein. With a high collar, sharp cuffs, nice angular lines, but really trippy patterns.

No. 316607

There are a lot of vintage patterns online for free if you sew. I've seen people use vintage scarves with crazy patterns and make clothes out of them. You can quite easily find clothes from the 60s/70s in wearable condition, but be prepared to spend some time washing and reinforcing it.

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