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File: 1619207261193.jpg (192.64 KB, 1200x630, veg.jpg)

No. 181093[Reply]

A thread for those who are interested in either adopting a vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian lifestyle or just less meat in general.

Please feel free to discuss
>challenges you've faced
>brands you recommend
>alternatives you recommend

Please refrain from turning infighting about ethics
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No. 185039

Talking bullshit about "oxidants" in food = kook = please leave, we're talking seriously about nutrition. There's a reason the "antioxidant" fad is dead, which is that we don't really know that well how the body deals with oxidative stress - some level of oxidative stress is probably good for you. As just one example, the cells of your body are more able to handle oxidative stress than bacteria or cancer cells. If you see anyone talking like this about "oxidants" you should instantly know theyre a full on gooptritionist and disregard.

Yes vegans need iron supplements, and those don't work well for a lot of people, so a lot of people can't even be vegan healthily.

No. 185161

Hey anon, can I get sources for any of this?

No. 185168

I’ve never heard this before. I thought oxidative stress = inflammation = disease

No. 188449

Anyone else enjoy watching food travel documentary shows but hate seeing how most of the dishes revolve around meat? I wish there was a vegetarian or vegan food show, I bet there's enough dishes from around the world to showcase for at least 1 series.

No. 192471

digits declare this as based

File: 1601611114084.jpeg (107.22 KB, 1024x683, Healthy-eating-What-makes-a-he…)

No. 153564[Reply]

First Thread : >>112815

This is for diet and fitness related things only.

-Post your goals, your current state, like yout weight or measurements;
-What you're going to do to change it and your methods (Weight training? Intermittent Fasting? Running? Raw eating? MyFitnessPal logs?);
-And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measurings.

Feel free to post charts of your progress! If you're doing daily reports, remember to sage.

Also, a reminder that we all have our ups and downs. You're human, allow yourself to fail. Just pick yourself up again and don't give up.

No ana, please.
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No. 191919

File: 1623607651884.jpeg (19.71 KB, 425x268, 9816300C-0368-484C-9011-F0F36D…)

you can buy a step/aerobic platform and do steps while watching tv, and they’re not too expensive

No. 191945

Should not have weighed myself on my period but it's been a week and I had to know because I'm weird with my routines. Gained one pound which is probably water weight but seeing the number messes with me. Maybe I should cut my calories down a little more. I'm at 1800 on days I work out and 1600 on my off days but I'm only down 3 pounds from a month of that, none if I count today's weight. Maybe 1400 on workout days and 1200 on off days will for a while will get me where I want to be.

No. 192097

File: 1623682781124.jpeg (323.22 KB, 1076x1148, 1613845717125.jpeg)

>current state
I'm 55 kg at 152 cm with no muscle so overweight. I've been very inactive the past few months and eating a lot of breads, cakes, etc.
I want to go back to intermittent fasting, eat less carbs and more protein, and lose about 5 kg.
About a year ago I started doing IF after someone here recommended it and my arthritis pain almost went away completely.
Also I want to go on walks and do yoga at home.
I need to buy earphones so I can listen to podcasts or books while I'm walking because I have a lot of social anxiety when I'm outside by myself.
Eventually I will sign up to a gym and start weightlifting. I used to lift weights a few years ago but had a retarded diet with no protein so eventually I wore myself out and became depressed. Now I understand diet a lot more.
weigh myself every week or so.

No. 192792

I intentionally didn't bring my full body mirror when moving to another state to not trigger my body dysphoria. Fast forward to last week I clocked in at 30 BMI after eating everything I like during quarantine and not moving at all. I basically went from 21 to 30 since March last year. I was very active and ate clean before that but lived in a constant state of stress and awareness of my own body.

I don't really have a plan yet and I'm still shocked to how I allowed myself to get to that state. I just wanted to vent.

No. 192985

File: 1624034518041.jpeg (134.09 KB, 1080x1623, 3bf7c85ff1d44739b9b62678a77677…)

>Post your goals, your current weight or measurements;
Goal is 115lb, current weight is 141 lb and I'm 5'5, so yeah, it's bad.
>What you're going to do to change it and your methods;
I'm using mfp to log cals and macros, I'm a vegan so I try to keep my 20% protein intake and I aim for 1000-1200 cals a day. Honestly I'm not working out atm, but I might start using a low chair I have to do step while I watch a series/movie or something. I'm naturally kinda ripped for some reason and I don't like working out so that's good I guess.
>And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measurings.
I'll be weighing myself once a week and honestly I think I'll just feel the weight loss when I put clothes on.

Also I'll probably be updating here to keep myself accountable and also checking for new posts bc I like the ~vibe~ in these threads.

File: 1601330663055.jpg (327.47 KB, 756x1200, fmdmgen2.jpg)

No. 153162[Reply]

Last thread: >>>/g/98824

Thread for:
>femdom images and media
>femdom fantasies
>female subs interested in women
>advice and stories

Some things to get us started:
>What are your main kinks?
>What is your ideal sub like?
>What experiences have you had?
>What advice do you have for new dommes?
>Where to find subs? How to avoid unhealthy ones?
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No. 191922

Too early newfag

No. 191951

how is it too early? this way there's 100 posts left to get existing convos in this thread wrapped up, but no new shit. makes sense to me and I'm not even the other anon.

No. 192033

that's not how it works

No. 192065

There is another thread alert when it reaches 1200 posts the new thread should be posted then, not now

No. 192990

this thread was slow to begin with, it's not gonna "wrap up" in 100 posts

File: 1526175210308.jpg (178.58 KB, 1242x2208, af2e142.jpg)

No. 82463[Reply]

Share your experiences, advice, tips.
What was your cringiest story? Have you had a successful interaction? Do you think dating apps are worth the effort?
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No. 191345

You weren't his type for whatever reason, no big deal. Don't waste time on anyone who isn't super into you and don't get overly attached to any one man. If someone gives you a bad feeling or says something that seems weird/gross/offensive, don't waste time explaining or giving second chances and just move on. 99.9% of the time you won't have misinterpreted anything and men will just try to backtrack and explain away their shitty behavior in the off chance that they might still get to fuck you.

No. 191349

At most your lipstick might smear. But I don't think you're gonna actively slobbery make out on your first date, it's most likely gonna be a peck on lips or something. And honestly I've never smeared makeup on anyone even during more intense kissing so don't worry.
Makeup doesn't smear like that if you wear it normal and natutal and not caked on full face.

No. 191473

Thanks nonny I appreciate that. I’m pleased to report that I’m over myself now and ready to move on to the next one, I think it was a combo of so long out of the game, plus I don’t think I’ve ever been on a first date where it wasn’t me to say “no thanks” to meeting again? So, it temporarily activated a fear that I’ve suddenly become truly hideous and boring in the time that I’ve been off dating but then I had a nice little sleep and remembered that I’m great. Have a great day anon!

No. 191478

You too anon. Sadly I know of quite a few guys who would say they they “weren’t interested” in a woman if they weren’t giving out very flirtatious, easily manipulated, will give a dude sex within 3 dates kinda vibes, so I doubt it has anything to do with your looks or personality. Or if it does it’s probably the fact that you seem to have standards, so good for you. Best of luck out there, stay safe.

No. 191859

do you have suggestions for a good primer?

File: 1496410643937.jpg (84.85 KB, 600x400, loser ex stories.jpg)

No. 62165[Reply]

Post loser ex-boyfriend (or ex-gf for gayfags) stories here.

>Online neckbeards you met in chatrooms at 15, that one autist you depression-dated when you had no self esteem and then couldn't shake off, the lanklet dude who played xbox all day and couldn't hold down a job and forgot your birthday. Vent or share funny stories ITT!
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No. 190918

>always been a tomboy
>start dating my college bf, his family has random outbursts and says I'm a secret lesbian in a fake relationship with him, corrupting him with all of my lesbian/gay friends, screams in both our faces about it multiple times
>he was one of those creepy empty little chameleons who would be fake in different ways around different groups, praying people would like him
>most of his pop culture interests at the time were things he ripped off from me
>his friends would post sexual fantasies/sexual jokes about me online publicly and he wouldn't do anything, he accused me of trying to isolate him when I tried to confront those people myself
>cheated on me 5+ times, I didn't find out about any of them until he cheated with one of my friends
>talked me into adopting rescue pets and then left me stuck with them when he moved out
>to make people "take his side" in the breakup he lied and told everyone i locked him out of the apartment in winter and threatened to kill myself all the time
>now he trooned out, moved to the west coast to "work with children," and looks like Zach Braff in a TJ Maxx dress. fucking delicious karma for his family.

No. 190941

This sick fuck should be in jail, although with the way things are going now they'd probably put him in a women's prison and subject others to his abuse. I'm sorry you went through all this anon and glad you're safe now

No. 191052

me and one of my best friends got together when we were both about 18, and stayed together for about 6 years. he basically moved in with me and my parents as soon as we got together, and stayed until we both moved out in 2019. we both became really attached to each other and he proposed to me almost immediately. obviously it was immature in hindsight but it really meant a lot to me.
he's just an extremely aggressive pretentious edgelord. we'd fight like crazy because we were both really angry people. we'd even fight just for fun and the hell of it, but he would always take it way too far, and would snap at me over the dumbest shit on the daily. our friends and my family would get concerned because he would be so aggressive with me over such useless shit. we never fought physically, though.
i also had a long period where i struggled with bad health issues, and he would help take care of me during hospital visits. it kind of messed both of us up. as a result, whenever i would start to feel sick he would start panicking and getting angry at me, which would make me feel even worse. it made it hard for me to share when i was in pain.
he also would count how often we fucked per week and kept it in the notes on his phone, and would get angry at me if i didnt feel up for it.
he also accused me of cheating on him with his two best friends, only for me to find out that he'd already cheated on me with them when he was drunk.
so in 2019, when we'd finally moved out, i was in pretty bad shape and he kept threatening to break up with me if i didnt get it together. then i basically found out from my other roommate that he didnt even think of me as his girlfriend anymore. we still had to share a bed for the rest of the year. obviously much more shit happened but this post is already too long and full of self pity.
we never stopped being friends after that? and we never really stopped being affectionate with each other or being intimate. so i was never really able to move on. i still love him so much. he's my closest friend. but he's been blowing me off recently and has a bunch of different new friends and has basically completely moved on.
i honestly don't know what to do at this point. i know he's shitty and that our relationship was horrible, but i love him so much and seeing him care less and less about me is killing me. should i just have more self respect and cut him off completely?

No. 191751

I'm not sure if this belongs to this thread bc I don't want to diss him. But he's my ex and a loser ,though mentally ill and I kinda feel sorry for him
(and now when I wrote it out I'm loser too)

>we dated briefly 7 years ago in High school

>no hard feelings or anything, we were both stupid teens
>I have met him ONCE after that via mutual friends
>he has maybe once contacted me in FB to ask me how I'm doing

>my long term relationship ended

>me horny as fuck bc I'm used to having sex regularly
>ex messages "hi what are you doing :)"
>okay he's still good looking
>I assume that he wants sex bc who does message to their ex unless they are desperate?
>we go to walk, I desperately try to flirt
>we go to his apartment
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 191835

> be 19
> dated a 21 yr old I met at my internship
> he was cute (to me), had a job
> skinnier than I was, just about a skeleton looking back
> hated my hobbies but would go on and on about his stupid nerd shit that I didn't care about and I had to pretend to listen
> we were both virgins (plus) but because of that we had painful sex and he didn't seem to learn where my fucking clit was despite me literally pointing it out to him every time. i had to masturbate after sex just to cum and he could only go for 1 round. his dick was also tiny and condoms literally didnt fit on him so it would painfully rub inside me lmfaooo. disappointed and day ruined
> didn't get me gifts unless it was an occasion
> didn't like the fact I got along with his friends that he didn't like (why did he still hang out with them?? idk but even they called him a loser lmao)
> didn't like the fact that I didn't get along with his other friends
> broke up after 1.5 years after I got too fed up with him and started being nasty
> even now his friends still message me to chat

I should've left earlier. He wasn't a terrible guy, but I was his first everything and that inexperience was…exhausting and left me pretty bitter.

File: 1622790621720.jpg (116.74 KB, 870x546, 2021-4-trends-heaader-870x546.…)

No. 189747[Reply]

This thread is to talk about the latest trends in fashion, makeup, skin care, accesories, or random things seen in social media. Anything that becomes relatively popular can be discussed here, like the latest outfits seen on tiktok & instagram, fashion shows, seasonal trend predictions by magazines, or the color of the year.
If you want to talk about other decor or design-related trends, that can also be discussed here.
Be sure to also update us whenever a trend goes out of date.
85 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 191806

It’s like the decorating equivalent of the avant basic trend. I do think it’s cute but it will die fast I’m sure

No. 191830

Oh, woke Twitter has already tried to cancel cottagecore for being a "colonial white supremacist fantasy". Because apparently homesteading on stolen land is problematic but…living in a house in the city isn't?? Their logic is truly exceptional.

No. 191853

File: 1623572508727.jpg (42.3 KB, 303x640, large.jpg)

I hate the Memphis Milano esque interior, especially the mirrors.
I can see how it overlaps with the tradwife general look, but it's a weird thing to say about a subfashion that got popularized by lesbians kek

No. 191854

it already is butt ugly, don't worry for in 2 years.

No. 191977

>don't follow trends blindly
That's largely the message here though. I don't necessarily think anons itt are fashion victims or that they're trying to encourage people to disconnect from their personal tastes. It's mostly a discussion about trends as a cultural phenomenon imo.

File: 1618939381421.gif (2.05 MB, 500x278, tumblr_p205498WeM1vkg43bo1_500…)

No. 180491[Reply]

A thread for anons who sew. Feel free to discuss anything related to sewing, ask for help and advice or show off your projects!
58 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 191065

super late response but thank you for the links and doing the math!

No. 191171

Is it difficult to size down/alter bathing suits/bikinis? Like does it require special tools/material or special skills because it's made from swimmaterial?

No. 191175

Use a ton of pins, I find swim material to be very slippery due to its stretch, Sarah Tyau has a tutorial for simple resizing and
Remy To has one for a bikini style although it is not in english and has no subtitles its easy enough to follow.

No. 191190

thank you!

No. 191678

File: 1623484491935.png (1.08 MB, 892x648, mossstitch.png)

any nonas here into crocheting? i've been learning it recently as a relaxing hobby as well as to get some hand exercise (recovering from an rsi) and i'm loving it so so much. i've been working on a simple wrap in moss stitch (picrel) and it's so relaxing to get in a couple lines before bed each night!
(using a variegated white, baby blue and sage thread for it. i'm looking forward to wearing it so much)

File: 1615294114303.jpeg (82.53 KB, 720x484, 50F67D27-09F4-4467-844E-929F2B…)

No. 174637[Reply]

Talk about bits, toys, techniques, etc.

Previous thread: >>>/g/48662
275 posts and 21 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 191458

I need clitoral stimulation but it has to be very “padded.” Over the hood or just in the general proximity, and even better if over my underwear. Never directly on it. I have no idea how some women directly rub their clit super fast, jam their fingers inside or use a magnitude 8 vibrator to orgasm. I would feel like dying (not in a fun way) if I touched myself like that. Pressure near the vaginal opening can feel nice as well but haven’t managed to orgasm from it.

No. 191474


No. 191475

this went unnoticed? we're slacking nonnies. good luck op!!!!

No. 191485

>paying close attention to what I'm feeling

Same, I didn't start consistently orgasming until I started doing this. I need to really focus on the sensation of the build up otherwise it just disappears. I can't do that if I'm consuming any kind of erotic media so imagination it is.

No. 191652

File: 1623472325711.png (114.6 KB, 275x272, E9A94D05-1618-47DF-A532-8604C9…)

Does anyone else get so horny you get super nauseous sometimes

File: 1603655944561.gif (527.33 KB, 415x326, tumblr_nv9pduM9ki1qhccldo1_500…)

No. 156622[Reply]

A thread for anons who do not want kids in any context, whether biological, adopted, or step. Discuss anything relevant to a childfree lifestyle here.

Some topics for discussion to get started:
>miserable parents we know and their nightmareish lives
>the wonderful world of having expendable income
>how much better women without children age
318 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 191643

Put a kid in a household where there are no rules, the parents don't take charge, and there is no schedule. See how well the kid grows up.

No. 191651

i don't get how it's fucked up, it's no different from saying "teaching" or something like that, plus the term "potty training" is used by actual parents a lot. are kids not supposed to be taught things?

No. 191704

my 26 year old brother remembers watching a movie with my mom and grandma (long story but she is abusive to my mom, not a good woman) and being quiet and our grandma saying "he is well trained." people remember these things. it's dehumanizing to be referred to that way. potty training is one term, calling teaching or disciplining a kid "training" is like referring them to an animal. jeez people, i thought i hated kids. at least i dont treat them like they arent stupid fucking little humans.

No. 192398

My younger brother is around 30 and has 2 kids. Over the past several years it has become painfully obvious to me that my parents favor him. Like big time.

I'm successful, independent, thoughtful, and loving but I'm pretty sure that doesn't mean shit to them anymore.

They do pretty much nothing but talk about how great my bro and his family are non stop. My mom tries to be nice but has lots of random passive insults for me that are extremely confusing.

Anyone else? Honestly I just want to cut them off sometimes.

No. 193309

my parents dont care if i breed but im terrified my bfs parents will start to nag me when we get married. its dumb as fuck too because his brother has a kid with this absolute witch, and i can tell they think she is a bitch but are enamored with this kid. i think because they have a dysfunctional relationship too, they think it’s more normal/acceptable to hate your partner as long as you have kids with them!!!1 i fucking hate breeders. not people who have kids in general, but these people with a pathological problem of “YOU NEED TO HAVE KIDS. YOU NEED TO. otherwise you arent a respectable or functional adult.” you know, the kind of people who yell and fight in front of their kids but i guess we dont need standards and anything goes as long as you pop out children. i dont fuckin get it.

File: 1556975796138.png (507.36 KB, 658x966, Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 9.14…)

No. 114320[Reply]

In this looks obsessed world. Especially as a woman, honest people will admit our entire worth is based on our looks by society.
958 posts and 79 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 191231

I had a different experience, as soon as i got to be 12ish and hit puberty i got a big butt/big thighs and got a ton of attention from middle aged men and chunby chasers. Always wanted to starve myself into a skeleton to evade them but i never had the self control (i love food to much kek).

No. 191232

Can I groom you child? oh, wait, I retract what I said, I didn't mean that, I wasn't pretending to groom you. I just recalled what's going on with Creepshow Art, that lolcow expose and gave her IP and information to the FBI or something like that and I don't want that to happen to me too. so I'm not gonna groom you child, I refuse, don't insist, go to play or something, get out of my sight now(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 191233

nta but wat

No. 191239

File: 1623296920353.jpg (67.68 KB, 1280x720, que.jpg)

No. 191247

god that thread really bought out the worst posters here

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