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File: 1577459115721.jpeg (75.12 KB, 564x846, 9DAA2E5C-1DBF-4EDD-BC3B-096E7F…)

No. 132014[Reply]

Female Dating Strategy is a subreddit which was created in February 2019 as part of the larger arising of pp’d subreddits (such as r/vindicta, r/pinkpilledfeminism, r/trufemcels, etc.)

Female Dating Strategy is a female-only subreddit that was created in the interest of helping women to achieve their goals in dating, whether that be LTR, marriage or just FWB. It is centred entirely around maximising female benefit and minimising costs/risk. More saliently, due to its policy of being aggressively pro-female, FDS promotes a very unforgiving and cutthroat approach to interactions with males. In many respects, it is a response to the presence of the ‘manosphere’ and in particular TRP.

Important links:
https://www.reddit.com/r/FemaleDatingStrategy/wiki/ideology Ideology of FDS
https://www.reddit.com/r/FemaleDatingStrategy/comments/dugj5t/fds_guide_nonmainstream_opinions_and_strategies/ Non-mainstream opinions and strategies held by the sub
https://www.reddit.com/r/FemaleDatingStrategy/comments/deoi18/psa_femaledatingstrategy_doesnt_believe_in_asking/ PSA on asking men out
https://www.reddit.com/r/FemaleDatingStrategy/comments/d22vzv/given_that_the_risks_of_sex_are_way_higher_and/ why sex shoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 280811

honestly hard agree. I'm still waiting for the hosts to get doxxed by some kiwifag to see what they even look like.
When she talks about her sales career she sounds like a literal sociopath.

newsflash, you can't get revenge on men just by being loud and obnoxious

No. 280812

when they did the podcast episode with the OKCupid exec I could hardly listen to it due to that woman's vocal fry
Shameful that FDS would shill for them

No. 280836

Do you have a link to the threads? I can't find them by googling and am not subscribed to the newsletter.

No. 280838

>Discussed what expenses a woman should cover if a man invites you on a trip (Our advice: Not a GD thang, but always carry enough cash to escape early if you need to)

>Remembered that your attention is the PRIZE


>Guffawed at men name dropping their “hot female best friends” on a date


>And learned some creative new military vocabulary

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 280861


File: 1619207261193.jpg (192.64 KB, 1200x630, veg.jpg)

No. 181093[Reply]

A thread for those who are interested in either adopting a vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian lifestyle or just less meat in general.

Please feel free to discuss
>challenges you've faced
>brands you recommend
>alternatives you recommend

Please refrain from turning infighting about ethics
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No. 279909

Oops meant to quote >>279906

No. 279917

Just hope they can stay afloat, those fucking sausages are too good

No. 280768

I'm trying this out tonight, I'll let you all know how it goes

No. 280770

recommending sauce Stache on YT's recipes, they are very good and he aims at making everything high quality and extremely affordable (takes some prep to order or find certain ingredients if you're attempting more complicated meat analogues)

No. 280870

Update: It was fine. More prep than I'd like to do tbh. Maybe next time I'll freeze a lot of tofu at once to cut down on prep time.
I also need to find a better context for it than the awful stir fry I made

File: 1585763562768.jpg (84.41 KB, 1000x666, Self Breast Exam - Your How to…)

No. 135394[Reply]

Didn't see any threads regarding about the breasts. Ask questions about your breasts, any health concerns, implants etc.

I'll start with mine : I have some small eczema going around my areola on my left breast and it sometimes itches
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No. 280584

No, you are missing the point. The anon specifically wrote in detail about how she damaged her breasts horribly just to get the whole fake "love yourself uwu" spam when she has a perfectly reasonable explanation to want to get a breast lift (not even bolt ons like you're trying to make it seem, just a lift). Excess tissue can be uncomfortable and make it impossible to find flattering clothes, sometimes the simplest and best answer to feel confident is plastic surgery and if the anon isn't delusional and not getting anything dangerous I don't see the issue. You only live once so it's better to get the surgery and feel happy about yourself for the rest of your life than to never get the surgery and spend years maybe even decades trying to love yourself and only get a couple of years of confidence before you die

No. 280692

I hate admitting it but I'm heartbroken over my little tits. I can't even wear cute bras anymore but I used to have BAHONKERS before I had a full spinal fusion for scoliosis in 2014. It's been years and I've just never gained that weight back. Any advice on how to gain? I just want my titties back nonitas

No. 280697

blah blah, can't spot reduce, so you can't spot gain either. Just eat calories though, it's not that hard. Also, who gives a shit about cute bras, most guys don't even care and nobody's gonna see it, do you just go around the house only wearing underwear?

No. 280699

Nah I'm talking gaining in general lol. Is it that crazy to want to wear cute clothes for yourself??

No. 280730

>Any advice on how to gain?
Eat more food, it's not rocket science.

File: 1649081054548.jpg (29.02 KB, 564x730, romansa.jpg)

No. 253921[Reply]

Like the title says.
Previous Thread: >>133562
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No. 280558

Cause it's weird.. seriously I would not be ok with my husband just jerking off while I am right there and available or jerking off next to me in bed while I am sleeping like that other anon said. Just have sex with your partner if you are horny and they are right there.

No. 280570

I'd get it if maybe it was during the day or anon spent more time masturbating than she did being intimate with her girlfriend, but anon specified it happens when she's awake in the middle of the night and can't sleep. Personally I'd be annoyed if I was asleep and my partner woke me up and said they wanted to have sex lol, especially if I had shit to do the next day. Just goes to show that people have different drives and boundaries when it comes to that kind of stuff.

No. 280587

Yeah, I really try to avoid waking her up in the middle of the night. We've talked and she's comfortable with me masturbating I just personally feel too weird to actually do it. My options are either to do it while she's asleep next to me or go into another room I guess and I don't like either.

No. 280652

I could see how it could be an uncomfortable situation. I think your only options (unless I'm overlooking something) are to not do it and wait it out, wake her up for sex, masturbate next to her, or do it in another room. I think it really depends on what you're most comfortable with. I definitely wouldn't feel comfortable masturbating next to someone, but I'm sure I'd be able to find an area in my apartment (hypothetically if I didn't live in a studio kek) that I could make into a comfy space where I'd feel comfortable enough to do it. Again, it's up to what's most comfortable for you though! There are also people who just stop masturbating once they live with their partners because it's hard to feel comfortable with that.

No. 280735

Personally I'd go in the shower then and maybe masturbate with the shower head or something but that might wake her up depending on how loud it is.

File: 1617833357042.png (1.3 MB, 803x1429, 1617833858261.png)

No. 178343[Reply]

New thread by popular demand:

For attractive guys but, like, British
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No. 279409

It's really telling that the only examples of Ricky Gervaise being hot are the two exact same pictured every single time kek

No. 279435

Knew it was Ricky Gervais before I even read the caption lol

No. 279986

Not true, he was very hot in vidrel

No. 279994

He looked like a very gay twink when he was young. Now he just looks like a creepy pedophile.

No. 279998

I think your being too hard on him. He just looks like every rat faced middle manager in a British manufacturing plant. There's a reason why his portrayal of David Brent resonated with audiences.

File: 1500857002384.jpg (195.36 KB, 800x1068, Funny-Hairy-Minka-Kelly.jpg)

No. 65399[Reply]

Can we talk about body hair?

Here are some questions to get the thread started

>How often do you remove (shave/wax/epilate) your body hair?

>What's your favorite and least favorite method? Do you have a routine?
>How do you deal with hair on sensitive areas?

Post opinions, problems, horrors stories, anything
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No. 278937

hair removal cream, waxing or epilating, all remove the hair underneath the skin so it shouldn't leave anything behind. The cream is the pain free option but doesn't last as long as waxing or epilating.

No. 278975

I get a few under chin/ neck hairs that bug me. I tweeze (more often) and one a week I dermaplane my face entirely. How do nonnas handle their under chin hairs?
Also, Ive been tested hormonally, but nothing has indicated its more than genetics. Am white with middle eastern and Italian grandparents, so it makes sense i suppose

No. 279036

I just let mine grow but back in the day. I used wax. Last for two weeks after a while. Starts to thin out the hair so it grows back not as thick with consistency. Hurts like shit the first time though anon.

No. 279158

The only thing that helps me there personally is tweezing. i dunno why. Sometimes i sugar but it doesnt seem to get all the hair.

No. 279932

I want to shave my asshole because I just don’t like having a hairy ass crack, I don’t like wiping my butt and pulling on the hairs

File: 1648899969289.jpg (6.31 KB, 300x168, 656536.jpg)

No. 253415[Reply]

This is a thread for any anons who want to discuss their smoking habits. Whether or not you still are a smoker, wishing to quit or have quit and have succeeded in not picking it up again, this is a thread to discuss it all.
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No. 279780

how did you switch from juul to other? I need something to switch to that isn't chunky as most vapes. Yeah, I have really really bad acne right now and figured it's nic related not just juul related. If anyone has any recommendations that are relatively cheap that I can grab at the gas stations please drop it.

No. 279783

not same as first nonnie I tried to quit cold turkey but it was really hard and I only got about 1 week during lent. I'm autistic and I feel nic is the only thing that stims me enough during the work day that I can function. Anyone replace vaping with another "healthy" addiction (games, anything else really)

also, I've been hiding my addiction from my parents for 10 years since I started smoking when I was 15. Would telling them add some sense of accountability? Really lost on how to quit would rather just quit all together tbh

No. 279784

I feel like shame never worked for me. It just made me better at hiding. Also autistic. Have you thought about switch to just mint and rolling papers. Maybe with a little cedar, when I need more of a sensory thing I put a drop of peppermint oil on the filter.
You probably have an oral fixation and the act of smoking is the stim. The breathing, break from everything and motion. It’s soothing to non autistic people too, but I think it can be more so for us. Since I’m not addicted to anything I just find the action soothing I smoke the herbs way less when I’m stressed. I also focused on finding other things that helped and tried to lower the things working against me overall. Basically didn’t look at just the smoking but at the entire routine that led up to it and why I was getting overstimulated or burnt out or stressed.

No. 279910

I quit vaping 18mg Juul2 pods (went through about one a day which is apparently the equivalent of 20-30 fags) cold turkey three weeks ago and while the first few days of withdrawal are long gone I still crave nicotine literally every day. I’ve been contemplating buying cigarettes because I find them generally a bit disgusting so the habit has never stuck; non-tobacco nicotine products are what make me nervous. What would you guys do in this situation? Just tough it out?

No. 279911

I couldn’t do juuls or disposables, they never stuck for me. Combination of bupropion 75mg and an actual vape (right now I use a couple different dotmods and an aegis legend/z-max tank)with 6mg synthetic nicotine was been the only thing to work, especially after having to take fucking Adderall. Coilturd has great juices, too, if you’re picky like myself.

File: 1651189126313.jpg (1.51 MB, 2000x3000, hbz-worst-trends-80s-gettyimag…)

No. 259692[Reply]

previous thread: >>156715

talk about current or old fashion trends that trigger your gag reflex
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No. 279802

File: 1659737228769.png (685.2 KB, 1300x685, but why.png)

slightly unrelated but here's some other ones I found.. do people actually wear this shit

No. 279803

the jhong lmao

No. 279805

Tbh I still don't get the appeal of jeans looking lightly distressed.

No. 279946

God I'm sick of not being able to buy demin shorts that aren't distressed. The only ones I've found this year are longer and clearly meant for middle-aged women

No. 279948

the first page alone has more normal shorts than distressed ones. and longer shorts are the trend right now nonna, they're meant for everyone.

File: 1598469633656.jpg (97.86 KB, 640x892, 8ea143fed01034699cf3838fb57125…)

No. 149079[Reply]

I've wanted to add more piercings to my ears for a long time but can never decide which type. I think it can look very pretty when done right but I'm wary of looking trashy and overdone. Perhaps just a second lobe piercing and a helix. Post about earrings and piercings here I guess!
152 posts and 32 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 260721

Something about this style is super sexy and glamorous to me, reminds me of 70s Pam Grier. I don’t think it would look trashy unless you’re wearing juicy sweatpants or something (kek). Wearing it with a more formal outfit would look beautiful imo.

No. 279478

File: 1659558891858.jpg (114.39 KB, 1080x1080, 2ba1d5c7483a5eb1c9870fa28e0d81…)

I don't see a thread specifically for piercings so I'll post here. I'm considering getting my philtrum done but I'm worried about the possible gum damage down the line. My other option is a vertical labret but I don't have full lips and I feel like it would be annoying to wipe lipstick off of it all the time. Could any nonnas share some insight, advice, anything?

No. 279491

I don't think hoops will ever go out of style. Imo, they're not trashy at all. Ot, but are her lips filler? They look normal to me

No. 279522

no, hoops are always a classic. big hoops are in for sure but hoops in general are always in

No. 279524

I loved my philtrum piercing! It heals easily and looks cute. I haven't had any gum damage and I had a piercing there for years, I had flexible bioplast jewelry in it. I had some gum damage from a tongue piercing and I always wore metal there, so I definitely recommend bioplast if you're concerned!

File: 1630418340359.jpg (200.39 KB, 2000x1052, binge.jpg)

No. 203705[Reply]

I believe we should have a thread about binge eating. A lot of women suffer from this issue and it is very embarrassing to discuss. The rona virus hasn't helped a lot of us binge eaters, and in my case personally, it's only increased my eating.
Feel free to discuss whatever you want, what you binge eat, how long you've been doing it, how does it affect your day to day life, how long have you gone without having a binge etc.
83 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 278016

Hi, nonnies. Just wanted to say that, starting from tomorrow, I’m going to attempt recovery from binge eating. Posting this so I can feel accountable. Good luck to me and everyone else who’s trying to stop binging!

No. 278036

Yes, good for you anon!!! Proud of you. Be sure to treat yourself with the patience and kindness you deserve.

No. 278044

Thanks!! This motivated be to not binge just now.

No. 279222

Hey, I suffer from bulimia, recently my binge eatings gotten really bad and im really struggling to stop. My entire face is in pain, i binge 3 times a night up to 12k calories daily. I crave food so strongly and i cant control my cravings and i generally get an urge to binge thats hard to ignore

today i really want to try and go atleast one day without binging and purging, my face is in so much fucking pain. Wish me luck.

No. 279373

I hope you were successful, nonnie. Wishing you strength!

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