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File: 1630159202812.jpg (143.05 KB, 640x780, skinnoshame on instagram.jpg)

No. 203417[Reply]

thread for talking about and celebrating (or simply being willing to accept, if that's where you are) our bodies in their natural form. completely unedited and unflitered. all bodies welcome - skin conditions such as acne, body hair, stretch marks, fat, lumps and bumps. you name it! all is welcome here.

picture and video editing is becoming more advanced and detecting what is real from what is fake is getting harder. posting of truly unedited pics is highly encouraged. if you know of any online accounts focused around the idea of embracing of the natural self, please share!
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No. 213665

File: 1637191041103.jpg (224.86 KB, 1068x1600, Sita Abellan.jpg)

okay I found it who this is, Sita Abellan. posting this other shot from the shoot. there were other pics but they all feature nudity

I noticed the redness too, it does look kind of sore

No. 213718

It was actually her arms I noticed first, I think she has keratosis pilaris like I do. Would be nice to see more positivity around that too

No. 213733

lot of redheads in particular seem to have keratosis pilaris. I know I certainly do. I use a body scrub just to get rid of dead skin cells and improve blood flow but it's never going to completely disappear and I'm much more accepting of it now. a lot of other people around me have it too which helps.

No. 213772

when i cut my dairy/meat intake by about 75% (other reasons) my lifelong kp went away completely and hasnt come back. it can be a result of too much protein in your diet. something to try

No. 213788

thanks for the tip nonna!

File: 1533773595078.jpg (355.83 KB, 900x900, lion-head-marian-voicu.jpg)

No. 91535[Reply]

I can't seem to find the astrology thread, so let's make a new one! I hope everyone is having a lovely Leo season. Post PDFs and book recommendations, your favorite sites, youtubers, and advice etc.
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No. 213311

Even with an aries lilith?

No. 213602

I'm not very familiar with lilith, but I'm guessing he wants to be spoiled and would spoil you back if he loves you. He might struggle with asserting himself to get what he wants and would rather try to go along with other people instead. If you need more details related to romance and sex, you can look into his 5th and 7th house if you know his rising sign.

No. 213631

What does it mean if a woman has these placements? A girl I'm chatting with has all three

No. 213699

any experiences with taurus men?

No. 214411

Gtfo of here you copying ass bitch.

File: 1635755873386.jpeg (40.96 KB, 678x452, F4193549-CF35-4183-8479-85A46B…)

No. 211746[Reply]

Discussion/support thread for farmers making the choice to abstain from sex
>how long have you been abstinent for?
>what has your motivation been for abstaining? Religion? Trauma? Waiting for your husbando to come to life?
>are you working by a timeframe or are you indefinite?
>are you only abstaining from certain practices or are you fully nunning out?
>what’s been your closest call to breaking your streak so far?
>whats something you’ve learned about yourself since practicing abstinence?
>do you think your abstinence is achieving what you wanted it to do
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No. 213723

extremely based schizonun-chan

No. 213834

>age 6
oh my god this internet shit needs to end

No. 213894

Late but reading things like that makes me feel better about myself, before coming here I thought I was some kind of last virgin on earth with zero interest in mutual sex, seeing that some other nonnas are like me is reassuring.

No. 213911

ayrt, yeah i dont doubt even more children that age ( maybe evn younger ? ) are being exposed to this sick shit. i hope every porn creator dies and their work with them, expunged never to be seen again.

No. 213930

ayrt, i'm starting to think there are more of us than we think. i wouldn't call myself asexual or aromantic because it's cringe and not real (and i like romance shit plus i masturbate kek) but somehow living vicariously through fictional characters' love lives is enough for me. also the freedom of not having to pay attention to anyone's needs is great. i'm a very independent person and i like doing stuff alone and being alone, while also hanging out with friends regularly. but i wanna be left alone at home and not have another person in my fucking apartment. i guess it's less no sex and more like no relationship. i'm scared of dying alone (as in, nobody will inherit my stuff or visit me at the hospital or something) and i can just see myself as the old lady neighbor who gets found a week later because there's rank smell coming from my apartment, but aside from that the freedom is everything.

File: 1514409630488.jpg (55.87 KB, 500x352, 87jo.jpg)

No. 72084[Reply]

What are your favorite perfumes/body mists?

My go-to is Coco Mademoiselle. I've also harbored a longtime attachment to Love's Baby Soft as it was my first fragrance I was bought as a child. My mom got me Wind Song when I was little and I couldn't stand the smell. I've wanted to experiment with making my own perfume. The scent that I hate the most is freesia and I can't believe how much its used in fragrances.

Has anyone tried the Sailor Moon perfumes? Much of their anniversary merch seems to be all hype.
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No. 212163

I use soft and choco musk. What does mira smell like?

No. 212165

Mira is like a more 'mature' version of Soft, if that makes any sense.


I've tried their Red Rose kind and it truly does smell like actual rose, not that cheap rose scent that is akin to low quality hand soaps. What's the longevity of the Choco one? I've wondered about ordering it for some time, but the reviews were so mixed. I only tried a chocolate "fragrance" once many years ago when the body shop had their chocomania line and it was terrible.

No. 213614

Update, I found Molecule 01 and laughed out loud in the fancy perfume store lmao. Definitely agree it's a bizarre one. My impressions:
>Top: copier machine at a public library
>Middle: absolutely nothing! Like I sprayed myself with tap water
>Base: burnt dust when you turn on a heater at the start of winter, dad's rusty metal toolbox
I know this sounds awful but I can see how some people are obsessed with it. The base is like nothing I've smelled before, it has huge staying power, it's a strange moreish mechanical vibe, not ugly but so unnatural I couldn't enjoy it. Obviously my body chemistry doesn't play particularly well with it, it felt like it got stronger over a few hours and I took a mid afternoon shower to get rid of it.
Final impression: this is what the AI in Her probably smells like.

No. 213616

has anybody tried any of the Gucci Bloom fragrances? I was thinking of buying the original Bloom (with the pink bottle and red flower packaging) as a gift for Christmas since I think the person I'm buying for likes powdery, flowery scents, but I'm not sure if she would prefer the classic Bloom or the Nettare Di Fiori Bloom instead.

No. 213618

Thank you for the review, this is why I love lurking this thread. Idk anything about perfume but it's so interesting to me.

File: 1603655944561.gif (527.33 KB, 415x326, tumblr_nv9pduM9ki1qhccldo1_500…)

No. 156622[Reply]

A thread for anons who do not want kids in any context, whether biological, adopted, or step. Discuss anything relevant to a childfree lifestyle here.

Some topics for discussion to get started:
>miserable parents we know and their nightmareish lives
>the wonderful world of having expendable income
>how much better women without children age
458 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 213429

I was raised in a similar environment. One of my brothers is an incel, and the other it's too young to tell. Same deal, disconnected dad and an overbearing anxious mom. I don't think my dad has ever called me since I moved out. He is like a guy that just lives with my mom. Another layer, was that my mom treated my brothers and dad like royalty while I was on her "team" and treated harsher. I have so much resentment, scrubbing my brother's caked on piss from the bathroom floors and heat registers. I would rather die than have a son

No. 213454

Nonnie I don't want to scare you but tube ligation isn't 100% safe. Just google and you'll see, I was thinking of doing the same procedure but now I'm having second thoughs about it. Honestly vasectomy is the best, but obviously your partner has to be in the same page as you.

No. 213471

I don’t have any siblings and just one cousin (all other uncles don’t have children), so my family is definitely on the brink of extinction. Perhaps my partner’s sister will become a mother one day so that at least his family will live on, but she recently mentioned that she is not that interested in children, either. I don’t care about passing on our family genes and name, but it is a bit weird that the family perhaps is done. Just yesterday, I was looking at pictures of my grandma and great grandma, some of them dating back to the 1930s, and I wondered what would happen to all these memories when I, the current keeper of them, am gone. I really want to find a solution for that.

To add another perspective to your question about parents, the personal upbringing and being childfree: I have a very close relationship with my parents and often feel anxious about them being old now. I value our time together so much and try to make great memories with them. The close bond we have made me consider children, but I realized that I really enjoy being the daughter in this relationship and the exact bond and dynamic we have, not being a mother myself.

No. 213697

My sister tested dirty so me and my mom are stuck mothering her child again(this is the third one) and i can barely cope. I really don't want to go off the rails again like I did with the second one but I feel like I've finally achieved an extremely delicate stability after this same exact situation sent me off the deep end.

Ive been celibate most of my life and I've had to take care of 3 newborns at this point. It's fucked up like i feel like im barely hanging on myself and finally advancing my life but here comes this extremely stressful situation. My mom can't even lift a newborn so I have no choice but to be involved.

The first kid has really bad behavioral issues and complexes I feel like the way things were when he was a baby has a lot to do with it and it makes me so sad. I thought I might want babies in the future but theses experiences have completely killed my desire to. Having motherhood forced on you as a young person who isn't ready is honestly awful. I must of did something extremely bad in a past life. Like the extremely ironic circumstances of me never getting laid but having to be responsible for 3 newborns is too much. I really hate this and again I hope i don't fall off and start being an extreme drunk again. It's gonna be at least 90 of this. Pray for me.


No. 214161

Honestly, anon, as someone who watched my cousin have to go through the same shit with her sister, your only real option is to tell her next time she gets knocked up, it's abortion or adoption. Or you'll be stuck taking care of her kids forever. If she's this irresponsible, I can almost guarantee this won't be the last kid.

You're a much better woman than me, I wouldn't be helping out in the slightest. Maybe for the first, but no chance after that. Shit like this is why I'm so thankful I don't have siblings to make their awful choices my problem. I feel for you, nonnie.

File: 1630046613822.png (55.56 KB, 936x589, wKLCIhV.png)

No. 203317[Reply]

Share any experiences or thoughts on current day sex work.

Have you ever cammed, sugared or escorted? How did it impact you psychologically?

Can sex work be something empowering and fulfilling, as Twitter prostitutes claim it to be?

Should sex work be legal and regulated? What do you think about Onlyfans and the recent ban reversal on it, etc.

Previous thread >>90992
71 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 213067

>I don't see how regulation is le bad compared to just bare bones decriminalization either
Full legalization like they have in Germany leads to mega-brothels and an increase in prostitution on a large scale. Growth is unchecked and sex trafficking from poor countries goes up.

With decrim (or the nordic model) then there's still disincentive, but it's minor enough to be only a mild nuisance. Obviously it's not perfect, but nothing is

No. 213259

File: 1636907092806.png (827.84 KB, 794x924, Untitled.png)


>Durham University has defended its decision to offer training sessions to help students involved in sex work

>Further Education Minister Michelle Donelan had accused it of "legitimising a dangerous industry which thrives on the exploitation of women"
>But the university said it was acting responsibly by offering students advice on how to stay safe
>Last week its students' union offered staff and students guidance for people involved in the sex industry
>Durham University said the courses were launched following requests "from a small number of concerned students"
>"We are emphatically not seeking to encourage sex work but we are seeking to provide support to our students," a spokesman said
>He added the university's intention was to ensure "social stigma" did not stop vulnerable students accessing support and the training session had been "misinterpreted"

Thoughts? I'm supportive of these sessions and feel that they've been massively misrepresented by the media. Nordic Model proponents once again prove themselves to be actively destructive towards prostitutes and victims of the sex trade by trying to shut down every single outreach or initiative which seeks to help prostitutes that isn't 'zomg get out the industry rn!!! (whether you're able to or ready to or not).

No. 213346

New video

No. 213357

Stop shilling your shitty book, please

No. 213385

Back in 2015 a month or two before I turned 18, I joined a sugar daddy site as a catfish. Stayed on there pretty consistently as different girls (and yes I feel guilty about that) until 2018. You always see that it isn’t possible to get money from the men on these sites without meeting or doing anything sexual but I did. At least I did for about the first year. Being on there for those few years I saw the shifts when coomer culture grew, sites like OnlyFans rose, and e-girls like Belle Delphine became a thing. I went from being able to get hundreds a week passively being on the site presenting as a naive “new to this!” girl to having to sext (never sent out pics or vids though) to get around the same amount to eventually giving up. The biggest shift was at the end; men were always shit obviously but receiving a rude message during a conversation didn’t happen often and receiving a rude first out of the blue message was rare. Suddenly at the beginning of 2018 the amount of men on the site seemed to double but so did the graphic and rude first messages. I had learned during the previous years what really worked in terms of pictures, descriptions, and persona personalities. None of that worked anymore. The men were more aggressive and demanding. It was obvious that getting money sexting, let alone noting, was not going to happen. During lockdown last year I joined again out of curiosity. Was able to get $800 for doing nothing again but once things started opening back up it changed back. The men are still incredibly rude and a lot are very clearly inexperienced 30 years who want to “hang out” and “grab some coffee”…. On a sugar daddy site kek Finding a whale was going to be rare at any time but that shit really isn’t going to happen now. The female profiles aren’t any better as it’s mostly girls just wanting free meals or OF girl’s advertising. I wish I took better advantage of being able to do nothing and get money but seeing these shifts and the true nature of men was valuable.

File: 1513612762443.png (12.69 KB, 350x250, youtube-logo.png)

No. 71716[Reply]

Hey Anons, we talk alot of mess here–but are there any youtubers/content creators you generally like?

For personality or because they have useful content?

tldr; what youtubers/content creators do you like? and why?
32 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 132645

Oh geez, looks like noone´s posted here in ages…
But nontheless, I like Talking Kitty Cat, Kitten Lady, Explore With Us, Nerdecrafter, The Dodo and a bunch of art channels that are fairly small and to which I cannot even recall the proper names. If anyone should be interested, I`ll look them up and post them here. I have them all subscribed and just watch them when I get notified, and they are all a million times better than the big, popular "artists" with a million followers or something.

No. 213343

Bumping thread because I need some new channel inspo

No. 213344

Observe, Annalise Wood, Mista GG, Snake Discovery, Stitched Together Pictures, Justine Leconte, Ryan Hollinger. Few different genres in there, anything you’re looking for specifically? I also need new people to watch

No. 213351

Eugenio Monesma Moliner, Technology Connections, Engineering World

basically I just like looking at how things work & how they're made

No. 213361

There's another more recent thread for this. But you should probably say what you're looking for specifically because there's an infinite amount of different types of channels.

File: 1617833357042.png (1.3 MB, 803x1429, 1617833858261.png)

No. 178343[Reply]

New thread by popular demand:

For attractive guys but, like, British
642 posts and 345 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 212567

File: 1636319668611.jpg (49.68 KB, 640x320, thefacekek.jpg)

mmm, tilbrook.
literally all his songs are about what a shit boyfriend he is tho

No. 212725

>what's there to hate
some things he did really annoyed me, in particular
>being sarcastic every other sentence
>being condescending/overly critical to phil for no reason
>his quirky emo "black…like my soul" shtick was cringe
Though at the same time I was a huge fan, I only picked up on these things because I watched every single one his videos at least twice lol

No. 212944

What are your favorite Dan videos? I need more of him being adorable and annoying.

No. 213127

sorry for the late reply! I just skimmed through dans channel to refresh my memory a bit and now I'm nostalgic lol. Some videos I remember enjoying a lot are:
>12 year old Dan's website
>his collabs with Tyler Oakley and Connor franta
i liked storytime type videos a lot so those ones, especially
>our awkward fancy meal
>the time I got sunstroke
as far as videos with phil:
>sexy internet dating 1 and 2
>photo booth challenge
>dan and phil Vs tumblr 1 and 2
>all the baking ones
and obv all the gaming channel videos (though I stopped watching in like 2017 so I'm not caught up with those esp all the sims ones, rip). tbh if you like him I recommend you binge all his videos, they're super comfy and mostly pretty short especially the vlog style ones. Same goes for the gaming channel if you like that sort of content. I remember loving their undertale playthrough

also he used to stream every week on younow so theres a lot of highlights from that on youtube (see the channel in vid rel. just a random one of him being cute)

No. 213224

Kek was not expecting to see him posted here. I was briefly obsessed with him for a few months.

File: 1500857002384.jpg (195.36 KB, 800x1068, Funny-Hairy-Minka-Kelly.jpg)

No. 65399[Reply]

Can we talk about body hair?

Here are some questions to get the thread started

>How often do you remove (shave/wax/epilate) your body hair?

>What's your favorite and least favorite method? Do you have a routine?
>How do you deal with hair on sensitive areas?

Post opinions, problems, horrors stories, anything
188 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 198587

I hate having to deal with pubic hair but I grow so much fucking hair that I always go between going full jungle and completely bald.

No. 198671

So I used my epilator instead of shaving for the first time in ages and for some reason it fucking burned by skin around my bikini line and armpits. Shortly after epilating the skin turned red and burned in the shower, this morning I woke up with bright red and scabbed scratches/lines, wtf? I've never had this happen before, what did I do wrong to cause this?

No. 198685

I usually grow mine out for a few weeks before re-shaving, so I spend more time being hairy than being smooth. Regular shaving (for me at least) leads to all sorts of irritation. Not just skin bumps or ingrowns but a general irritation down there around my urethra and opening, I can get away with say a monthly shave and feel no ill effects but I can't do it often and still keep a happy downstairs.

Partners have been fine with that. Ime I don't even think they intiated sex any more frequently on my rare shaved days.

No. 200934

So I straight up have a beard (fuzzy black hair), I don't want to remove it because of the stubble. What can I do to make it less obvious?

No. 212762

When my pubes start growing out, the hair feels stiff and it's painful. Shaving is torture with the itchiness and I can't trim cause it's too close to the skin. What else can I do to stop the pain from the hairs?

File: 1496410643937.jpg (84.85 KB, 600x400, loser ex stories.jpg)

No. 62165[Reply]

Post loser ex-boyfriend (or ex-gf for gayfags) stories here.

>Online neckbeards you met in chatrooms at 15, that one autist you depression-dated when you had no self esteem and then couldn't shake off, the lanklet dude who played xbox all day and couldn't hold down a job and forgot your birthday. Vent or share funny stories ITT!
898 posts and 136 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 209303

>bring it up later and he acts like I accused him of rape
He has a guilty conscience. I am sorry he did that to you anon. Good thing you dumped the pig.

No. 209309

Super into anal but I didn’t want to do anything anal related and told him that. He stuck his finger in my asshole during sex. This fuck is a nurse! I felt so violated and scared. He was like 6’5. He also talked about wanting to jump off a building because of his divorce. Made me listen to depressing sad songs on the car rides. He said if I didn’t cry to them I was heartless. WTF was I thinking anons? It was more of casual dating not bf but still

No. 209372

yeah he got super offended and started saying shit like "you could have said something at any time" and just tried to make me feel bad for bringing it up at all. he's a loser and i'm glad to be rid of him.

No. 211656

>getting with any guy who's into anal
That was your first mistake. They always have to take shit to the extremes but I assume any guy into anal is deeply pornsick. All my bfs were grossed out by it.

No. 212760

File: 1636442110692.jpeg (43.37 KB, 486x631, 89BC25B7-F8E5-45EF-ACBA-71D517…)

This is less a loser ex story and more a loser me story, from the deepest darkest depths of my pick-me days and the turning point that made me decide men weren’t worth it.
In college, a foreign student I was having a fling with was about to move back to his home country, and I started freaking out about soon not having any source of male attention, when I was stopped by an MSF donations collector on the way to work. I’d seen him and spoken to him before and mentioned this, and as soon as I said it he started flirting with me and asked to take me out. He was so straight up that it kind of caught me off guard, but I was so thrilled that I was desirable enough for a man to want to have sex with lil’ ol’ me (eyeroll) that I accepted and took his number.
As I mentioned he was a street appealer/donation coordinator for Medicines Sans Frontiers, and surprise surprise, the holier-than-thou “community organiser” was a piece of shit romantic partner. Literally ignored everything I said unless it was organising a day I could come to his place to fuck, tried using my words against me, tried pressuring me into anal, kept trying to choke me after I told him I hated it. He was a 30 year old Soundcloud rapper who was still waiting for his “big break”. He was living in the penthouse of a backpackers with a communal kitchen he shared with 30 other people. He was also a drinker and a chain smoker and every time I visited him the floor was covered in cigarette butts with beer cans scattered across the room. Sometimes when we hooked up I would be so turned off that he himself would notice how dry I was and ask me to my face if I was into him. But that still didn’t stop him from fucking me almost completely dry.
The time I slept over and walked home at 6am in the middle of winter was my rock bottom, and the moment I realised that male attention was worthless compared to the time and energy it took to gain.

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