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File: 1581002180158.jpeg (574.45 KB, 1784x1576, 1_2sn8nYhJaqFSYH9BxPMdVQ@2x.jp…)

No. 132467[Reply]

A thread to outline and share how you're going to glow up this year. Accountability encouraged! Common areas of improvement include:

>Looks (above the neck

>Body (below the neck)
>Expression (clothes, home decor)
>Work/study (delete as applicable)
>Personal achievements (ie. leave destructive relationship, pick up new hobby, get drivers licence, etc)

How are you going to be at the end of 2020, anon?
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No. 139497

>Looks (above the neck)
- Maintain a consistent skincare routine that includes actives like Vitamin C, AHA/BHA and Retinol
- Experiment with new makeup looks that would better compliment my features
- Make a consultation appointment for PDL or IPL treatments. I might also try Thermage or Ultherapy in the far future
- Whiten my teeth

>Body (below the neck)

- Follow a simple, clean diet primarily made up of home-cooked meals paired with intermittent fasting
- Maintain a consistent workout routine with cardio, Pilates and barre
- Start dry brushing

>Expression (clothes, home decor)

- I prefer fall and winter fashion. As a consequence, I have no clothes for this brutal summer heat. I need to find lightweight pieces that still fit my aesthetic

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No. 139563

File: 1590020133964.jpg (38.08 KB, 608x608, ea5855b5b6c2590fb1a41826721b33…)

>Looks (above the neck
Keeping up with skincare and invest in good products. I want to get tan without the dangerous UV so I want a good self tanning face serum
Keeping up with my eyebrows more regurarly
Learn how to style my hair in different ways with my hair iron and also keeping up the optimal health of my hair
>Body (below the neck)
Keep on going to the gym at least three times every week
I want to see a clear different in the summer in my bikini, building up my lower body and general strenght

>Expression (clothes, home decor)

Shop mindfully and make the best of my already big wardrobe
Have my living area tidier
Start fucking cleaning more often

>Work/study (delete as applicable)

Currently I need to step it up and do like 12 school assignments and such, in the two remaining weeks of my course
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No. 139664

I ended up making a list of all my faults. I thought this would be demotivating but now I know exactly what to work on!
I'm going to kick my already dwindling small porn addiction, stop devoting any time to KPop or lolcows, work on my anger issues, kick my sugar addiction, shower more often and get my driver's licence (have a test scheduled for July).
I also want to become a better, more reliable friend and widen/strengthen my social circle in quarantine.

No. 139688

>Looks (above the neck
I started doing facial yoga and I'm already seeing results, I'm also practicing good facial posture and I'm looking to change up my skincare with products that are better suited for my skintype. I've also quit using shampoo on my hair and I wash with conditioner which is better for my hair(and cheaper tbh).
>Body (below the neck)
Currently restricting my intake and upping my cardio to get back to my 17 bmi. Also gonna try to do some home workouts to tone up.
>Expression (clothes, home decor)
I can't really afford a lot of new stuff, but I'm getting better at keeping my place clean and tidy rather than a filthy depression-nest.
>Work/study (delete as applicable)
I'm planning to take up more shifts at my workplace so that I can have more money to spend on myself.
The above.
>Personal achievements (ie. leave destructive relationship, pick up new hobby, get drivers licence, etc)
I intend to get proper treatment for my raging BPD which I hear is hard and time-consuming so I won't have much time for hobbies.

No. 142896


>Looks (above the neck)

Keep up with cgm and skincare routine. Drinking plenty of water is helpful.

>Body (below the neck)

I'd like to build up some muscle tone.

>Expression (clothes, home decor)

Right now, I'm cutting out buying new clothes and looking into making my own clothes. I've managed to redecorate my room into this calm space with nice plants. Just need to replace the carpet and buy some wall shelves and it's done.


I can't wait to go back to work. It's my plan to save some money before I start studying a Masters. Also want to do a music theory exam so I can progress to higher grades on my instrument.


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File: 1592646016401.jpeg (212.06 KB, 1228x1280, 107EB7E4-5292-47A1-964D-A0BE63…)

No. 142344[Reply]

Why is it that every not so pretty girl at uni with rich parents has a really hot bf? Are men just massive golddiggers? Is there a boyfriend store that I’m not aware of? It feels fucking impossible to get a bf these days if you’re not really pretty or rich.
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No. 142741

I think she looks cute, especially in the first pic, but Caroline is the definition of Rich-girl-buys-friends

No. 142744

the delusional reddit scale seeped into lolcow. she's nothing extraordinary but she is quite pretty, wtf. she does look a bit pudgy in the cheeks, that's her flaw, but she has harmonious, soft features and nice teeth and skin.

No. 142774


Why does everyone in lolcow think that men are super picky? Only ones who believe in that rating bullshit are incels. There is small group of handsome males who mate with beautiful women. But the average men are very happy with well kept average looking girls with nice personality.

I can’t stretch this enough: confidence is everything. If you didn’t win the gene lottery: take care of your hygiene, maintain normal weight, practice your social skills and don’t be a fucking doormat.

No. 142787

File: 1593123899239.png (825.62 KB, 622x731, Screenshot_2020-06-25 caroline…)

She's average-cute and seems to be blessed with good skin, but there's a marked difference between her selfies and 3rd party pics of her. Girl knows her angles and is also very obviously someone who makes certain expressions to make her selfies look better. Regardless of how attractive you think she is her OnlyFans content is tragic and imo is Momokun levels of lack of sensuality/knowledge of how to look sexy. And her sense of style is terrible for how much money she seems to spend on clothes.

No. 143347

Yup, below average. Pudgy face and nothing special.

File: 1496410643937.jpg (84.85 KB, 600x400, loser ex stories.jpg)

No. 62165[Reply]

Post loser ex-boyfriend (or ex-gf for gayfags) stories here.

>Online neckbeards you met in chatrooms at 15, that one autist you depression-dated when you had no self esteem and then couldn't shake off, the lanklet dude who played xbox all day and couldn't hold down a job and forgot your birthday. Vent or share funny stories ITT!
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No. 142593

holy fucking shit anon, i'm so, so sorry you went through that. i'm thankful you have a supportive family helping you deal with the trauma he put you through. i'm ecstatic that he's hopefully getting the shit beat out of him in prison.

No. 142595

thank you anon. I'm very very lucky to have a supportive family and partner. I still struggle with things like flashbacks or bad dreams, but knowing he met quite literally the ultimate consequence is what keeps me from dwelling on it. I can rest assured nobody else will ever go through what he did to me and that has lifted a huge weight off my shoulders

No. 142612

This gave me chills. I'm so sorry anon you had to go through rape for so long, I can't even imagine how scarring that was. You're so strong, women are incredible. I guess sometimes karma really does come back to you, huh? I'm so glad you've found a loving bf after all of this and your piece of shit ex has his life ruined. Damn.

No. 142675

>be 16yo mentally ill friendless shut-in fakeboi
>22yo guy messages me online
>think he's cool because he's older and is miserable like me, get attached
>he tells me he's asexual, makes me feel safe because I expect no sex so we start dating when I'm 17
>tells me he jerked off to a picture of my face, I'm weirded out but too scared to say anything
>I would do anything to leave my dysfunctional family so plan to visit him
>my mom lets me stay at his country for a few months even though our relationship is illegal there because of my age
>he's ugly and fat, his place is disgusting
>visit him more times
>start having sex when I'm 18
>find out he jerks off to trannies and traps
>pressures me to do anal "as a joke", knows it makes me angry
>tells me he jerked off to videos of 16 year olds, "jokes" about kids being sexy
>call him a pedo and he gets mad at me
>have a breakdown because I realize how fucked up he is
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No. 142685


oh my god anon, fuck, I really hope counselling is helping now and reading how karma fucked over scrote and his mom was so satisfying, and that you're in a loving and wonderful relationship and that you're succeeding because you deserve all of the good things. I'm so happy they locked the fucker up, he is damn right he's evil.

I'm >>141918 btw and the way he would threaten suicide to keep you….he really, really deserves all hell. Sending love to you.

File: 1525338311625.jpg (202.01 KB, 483x725, 07-tall-and-short.jpg)

No. 81513[Reply]

What are the pros and cons of being short/tall?
Are you happy with your height or do you wish you could change it?
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No. 141992

I agree with this anon

Being tall is awesome. Who cares about being uwu smol and cute? If you're tall you can look like a goddess. Just don't get fat because that looks unfortunate and clunky. Thankfully it's easier to be slim when you're tall.

Models are 5'10+ and they're the most beautiful people in the world. I don't think anyone would go "ew no but she's too tall" unless they're an insecure man.

No. 142253

Im a 5'2 girl and i would kill to be a tall girl.
Tall women are so beautiful and stand out. Y'all are so lucky. Please never feel down.

No. 142614

File: 1592906744736.jpg (99.55 KB, 800x621, 1580327850960.jpg)

5'3 womanlette here
Tall women, I love you so fucking much. What I'd give to be one of you. Tall, powerful, strong. I like myself and the way I am too but damnit!!!!! I'd love to be tall. I'd love to intimidate loser short men like that. Your height alone filters the weaklings. You ladies are gorgeous and I love you, have a great fucking night. AND day. Have a great existence.

Fellow womanlettes, reflect. Do better. Buy the boots with the heels-stop letting men look down on you. Throw away the kitten heels, get at least the 3inchers and look him in his eyes. If you see fear, stop wasting your time and leave him already.

No. 142620

5 ft even here. I just wish I could shop in the womens section instead of jrs.
I tried to justify a trade off in fooling myself to believe that atleast I never have trouble getting a man since they are drawn to smaller women. But, fuck that I don't need a man to make me happy. I just want to wear stylish adult clothes and not look like an out of place child.

No. 142645

I'm tall and I'm sad that my dating pool is limited by this fact. I tried dating shorter guys but taller guys are just sexier. When fucking with a shorter guy I can never get over the idea that he's climbing around on me instead of holding me. When I held my shorter ex during sex something odd happened in my head and I was suddenly imagining that I was the guy and he was the girl. It was a bit unsettling. Oh to be a smol bean. But it will never be.

File: 1592782517430.jpg (817.68 KB, 1598x1500, John_Bauer_1915.jpg)

No. 142497[Reply]

post anything neo-folk related, inspiration, discussion, music, questions…etc.

No. 142501

No. 142529

Wrong board, this should go to /m/

No. 142546

Moved to >>>/m/96783.

File: 1592502780969.jpg (52.84 KB, 564x752, fe70d3a7507daf2df81d8e1c38c743…)

No. 142198[Reply]

tfw (in regards to beauty) i was born with good genes considering that i was a cute kid and everyone else in my family is pretty as hell but years of crippling depression, anxiety and unhealthy lifestyles have made me look dead. i would describe my face as droopy. im only 18 so i have still time to stacymaxx if i change my ways… right???
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No. 142274

There are several threads about being/feeling ugly, self-improvement and even a stacy-maxing thread. lurk moar.

No. 142280

How narcissistic do you have to be to say the general population is ugly.
It's not the first time I see this kind of post and it still amazes me.

No. 142281

Get real. We all can't be supermodels, bitch.

No. 142283

Except for you, narc.

No. 142285

I never said the general population was ugly. Go get some reading comprehension, you misrepresentative narc.

File: 1529390003559.jpg (42.01 KB, 552x423, IMG_20180612_194327.jpg)

No. 85681[Reply]

Do any anons here have an autism spectrum disorder? The symptoms present differently In women, and it's heavily misdiagnosed. Share your experiences/feelings. <3 [pic unrelated]
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No. 142132

To get welfare is usually the main reason, although there is "treatment" in the sense of therapy to manage certain stressors or basically just teach you how to socialize better.

No. 142139

peace of mind, basically. also it's in the nature of autism itself to want to know this stuff

No. 142143

When I was googling info on getting the assessment for ASD as an adult I kept seeing articles about how valid self-diagnosis is when it comes to autism.

I have mixed feelings because in one way I understand that for me all the pieces came together when I learnt about autism, every quirk or sensory issue suddenly made alot of sense and it explained a whole range of things I'd struggled with since childhood. Now I haven't been assessed but like I said here >>142117 my mental health team did confirm to me that they highly suspect it. If I do persue assessment it will take 3 years to be seen. I feel relatively confident that I do have it but how do you guys feel about full on self diagnosis without any professional opinion?

No. 142225

Every time, I read up on autism, I barely understand the difference between it, being socially awkward, or being socially surrounded by autists.

No. 142343

My parents always knew in bad autism but refused to take me to a doctor. Do I get gibs for getting officially diagnosed? I'm retarded and can't work.

File: 1535256863386.jpg (412.09 KB, 701x775, 1458089511020.jpg)

No. 93278[Reply]

Whats it like having an older/ younger brother?

I wish I had a brother
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No. 142190

op pic makes me uncomfortable and unhappy all the time

No. 142197

My brother is alright. He's six years younger than me and I have no complaints. I wish he would stop screeching at 3am over video games though. My favourite sibling tbh. My sister is a fucking bitch and I hope she dies and we both share a collective hatred towards her.

No. 142202

I have four older brothers but the age gap between them and I is pretty big. I'm not really close to any of them and one of them I haven't even seen or spoken to since the age of seven. When I was a young child up until the age of like eight I was really close to the youngest brother. We used to watch and play pokemon together and I would follow him around, I really admired him. He even punched a kid in the stomach for picking on me lol. Unfortunately once he hit puberty we grew apart and he started to hang around the bad crowd. I do still look back on the short period we were close fondly.

No. 142215

Got a brother and a sister, both older than me. Brother was the spoiled golden child and literally got everything handed to him, my dad in particular loved him and never gave two shits about us daughters. Brother got to do basically anything he wanted and he was never disciplined which lead to him becoming a smug fucking cunt who loved to fuck me over and beat me up just for the fun of it despite being much older and stronger than I was. Even as an adult he's still a judgemental, nasty cunt and never lost his golden child status. I'm in my early 30's and I don't even consider him a brother, he's just someone I had to grow up with. I barely have any contact with him.

Having a protective or even a normal older brother sounds like something that only happens in movies, the whole concept is so alien to me.

No. 142383

Dude, are you me? My family dynamic is the exact same right down to the age gap
But yes, having a brother is pretty cool as you can be more goofy with them and go full retard. Sisters are always pretty bitchy so I definitely like having my little brother to keep me sane

File: 1445077805481.jpg (17 KB, 460x288, babyBlues_1661772c.jpg)

No. 49996[Reply]

This is probably an odd talk, but can we talk about pregnancies, babies and all that kinda shit? I'm sure some of you farmers have kids here, while some of you are feeling the pressure to have kids and whatnot.
1165 posts and 66 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 141661

You could always adopt. If you go ahead and become a parent just make sure you have a support system because having a child can trigger wicked postnatal depression etc even in someone without a background like yours. You don't need to wall yourself off from ever having children but you do need to make sure, for yourself and your child, that you have the support you need if you feel your mental health hits a bumpy road.

It's so unpredictable whether or not generations of mental health issues are genetic or just passed on from seeing that behaviour constantly from a young age. If you want to have your own biological baby honestly I wouldn't worry about that as much as healing from any issues you think you might have and making sure to give them a stable and loving upbringing. Trauma raises trauma, if you don't seek help for anything you're struggling with, having a child will absolutely dig it all up and amplify it whether you're ready or not. You need to tough love yourself, hardcore, and get your shit together to have a baby.

I don't think anyone ever feels fully ready or feels definite confirmation that it's the right time, once you get over that initial weird panic about doing it, a few years in you just end up at that place. There's always going to be some nerves and fear.
I knew I wanted a child,but had no idea when. My husband and I planned to start trying when we got married but I actually got pregnant unexpectedly the year before that, aged 21 and my child is the centre. Of. My. Fucking. Universe. She changed me entirely, I would and will do anything for her, she will always be the love of my life. It was unexpected and a difficult pregnancy and there's always more to learn but you learn as you go.
Even though I had my child young, I don't bat an eyelid when I see women having their first child in their late thirties. It's all cool as long as you work hard and do your best. (Your actual best, not just "love is enough!" Best)
You don't need to be prepared for everything and know everything, at all, you need to be stable and secure and strong enough to work hard enough to prepare for what you can and adapt as you go and put your child first

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 141676

Anon, you are so cute and I am so happy for you!!! Wishing you and your family all the best.
I think you need to be prepared at least income-wise, right…? All the baby stuff seems to be way too expensive… I want to have a child but I am worried about money, even though we are pretty stable.

No. 141686

Thank you angel! One thing that made a massive difference for us was that we pretty much got everything secondhand, I love having something that's already been loved anyway and it's cool to know some other kids have had the things you had. For example, co sleeper, body pillow, breast pumps, high chair, 3 years worth of clothes, crib, toys, band t shirts, baby monitor, blankets and countless other things were kindly passed on to us by friends and people we knew, which makes such a crazy dent in costs. As a mom myself now, I've even passed all of the stuff I'm finished with on to other moms and will continue to do that. There's basically a ton of moms everywhere who have loads of stuff their kid is finished with who do the same, you can find so many Facebook groups that offer it too. You definitely need a stable source of income and savings helps for any unexpected things but you don't need to be super loaded or have a fuck ton of savings. You'd also be surprised the amount of stuff that's marketed to you that you don't need at all. We've also always bought all the nappies and supplies at Aldi, so they're literally a quarter of the price of insanely expensive shit everywhere else and the exact same quality. Ngl we had no savings when I got knocked up but it was doable. However idk where you're from and if the hospital and process of giving birth is expensive for you, that wasn't an issue for us. For real if you want a kid there's bound to be so many women around who would gladly pass stuff on, its the number 1 thing I recommend (if I knew you irl I would gladly contribute too lmao it's just so much easier!)

No. 142113

How do you stop thinking about babies.
I literally burst into tears because I can't have one yet. It's like my bodies screaming for one every single day and my mind is suffering for it.

No. 142133

Has the baby fever cloud hit you recently or been there a while? You really just need to work hard at focusing on everything else in your life until it dissipates. It's difficult when you don't have one to imagine the 24hrs a day of yelling and shitting, and never feeling truly alone with your thoughts or being able to have a write-off day in bed. Theres lots of little self indulgent things you can do to focus on yourself. You say you can't have one yet so I assume you plan to some day, if it doesn't make your baby fever 10x worse you can find solace in maybe making a Pinterest board of ideas and cute pics when you're daydreaming about your future family. Like, you will have your baby, just not yet, but you can look forward to it

File: 1586401549613.jpg (64.74 KB, 671x671, female diversity.jpg)

No. 136157[Reply]

Apologies if this topic was already posted.

I was watching one of the Chinese produce shows (Youth with you) and I noticed how there were some girls in the show that didn't look like your conventional girl (long hair, makeup, dress, girly-girly). In the show they said there are many different kinds of girls and there shouldn't be a mold to fit to be a girl and the diversity should be embraced and celebrated.

Can we post pics of different looking girls? I think Amber inspired a lot of girls with her tomboy style.
149 posts and 98 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 141579

an absolute queen

No. 141962

File: 1592170127164.jpg (86.6 KB, 796x793, 79478890_2799884796722070_8434…)

Ngl I always thought creepy-chan's huge eyes were cute.

No. 141963

File: 1592170190907.jpg (143.96 KB, 1080x1127, 88261052_1114102555590671_8593…)

No. 141977

File: 1592201815667.jpeg (543.16 KB, 1790x2700, BAD02C75-A5C5-4774-BA1C-A2242C…)

Kris grikiate, she has a amazing combo of the facial proportions of a really attractive man with super feminine features, I wish I looked like this

No. 142070

That’s a weird complaint, I would understand if it was girls crying about unrealistic standards but most editorial models in the west look kinda weird. She’s really pretty anyways,

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