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File: 1650920450670.png (1.12 MB, 909x895, dental.PNG)

No. 258919[Reply]

I didn't see one of these. For anything involving oral and dental care or cosmetic dentistry.
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No. 273318

I have a canker sore right by my unerupted wisdom tooth and it hurts like a bitch. I keep on applying benzocaine gel to it but it keeps on wearing off within half an hour. Should I try to seek medical assistance? The pain is unbearable without any numbing but I can't apply anymore gel without getting scared of methemoglobinemia kek

No. 273389

Yup. My dad wore his gums away from using a really hard toothbrush when he was a kid. Had to get corrective surgery for it.

No. 288833

Does anyone have experience with facings?

No. 290692

Yes! Soft bristle brushes are the way to go. Often times, we brush harder than we need to because we like the “clean” feeling it provides, I catch myself going too hard all the time. But a light exfoliation of the teeth twice daily is enough!

Keep the area clean nona! Maybe some salt water rinses to placate the canker, if you’re a chronic canker sore sufferer, a dentist could prescribe medicated “magic” mouthwash. The proximity of the sore to the wisdom tooth is worrisome though. If you’ve got the insurance for it or the extra cash, make a “limited exam” with your dentist. They can evaluate the area without the super high treatment costs.

I have plenty of experience gluing them back on when they inevitably fall off! I’m a little bias, but I really dislike facings/veneers. As a dental-fag, I think a comparable result can be accomplished with aesthetic composite work!

I’m so excited to find this thread! I’ll help as many people as I can!! Luv u nonas

No. 290700

Even professional whitening will cause a little sensitivity afterward, but it should be temporary. I know you did so as a child, but there’s really no good “DIY” whitening method, but what you used shouldn’t be permanently damaging. It’s difficult to say what the holes in your teeth are without a picture. As a starting point, I would invest in a nice sensitivity tooth paste like Sensodyne pronamel. I would also pick up ACT fluoride mouthwash, this will also help with sensitivity and protect that enamel!! I also recommend limiting your coffee/soda consumption. Easier said than done, but the acid in those beverages are exacerbating everything. Please don’t feel so self conscious about it. Teeth are never naturally white, and never naturally perfect.

As for the chip you noticed, if it’s straight across and lacking a jagged edge it could still be attrition. If you have the means, I implore you to see a dentist for a general cleaning/exam. If you have any anxiety about showing the dentists your teeth, please know they LIVE for cases like yours. There’s really nothing you can show us that would scare us away!! I hope this helps a little!

File: 1621772406846.png (965.89 KB, 1260x810, 1614251959033-vaginas.png)

No. 187179[Reply]

previous thread >>>/g/145472
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No. 288787

I'm glad to share! Feels good to learn more about female anatomy.

No. 289742

File: 1663918158857.jpg (36.83 KB, 540x430, 4f025a09f31a92d53c975d688c3828…)

I'm thinking about getting a copper IUD. I've been on the pill since I was about 16 to help manage my period, but I'm not sure that I like how I feel when I'm on it. The main thing that's stopping me from making the switch is that I'm really freaked out by gynecology and the actual insertion of the IUD itself. I enjoy sex and have no problems with penetration, but medical procedures involving my vagina really freak me out, to the point where I can feel nauseous or even faint just thinking about them. I think I had some traumatic childhood events involving the puberty talk/pregnancy at school that made me like this lol Can anyone offer some support or advice about going through with it?

No. 290078

im in my mid twenties and autistic. never masturbated, had sex or used tampons and i've always hated having to reach down there to wash myself but yesterday I grabbed a mirror and looked at myself for the first time. feel like a loser for feeling proud of something that seems like an adult woman has done many times already. i wish i could shave but im too scared of hurting myself there

No. 290216

Speaking of bartholin glands, I had a cyst on one of them back when I was a teen and when it went away, the gland turned into loose saggy skin and actually hangs out of my vag. I'm extremely insecure about how lopsided and ugly it all is. Is it over for me? Nothing I can do except surgery? Looked up surgery pics before and the surgery stitches looked awful too

No. 291177

Is it normal for your cervix to just open and close throughout the day? My period's due this week and I read that your cervix is supposed to be firm and closed, but mine has been alternating between soft and kinda open (almost like during ovulation) to closed up like it should be. I have my usual PMS symptoms and normal levels of discharge (really thick and white, not a lot of it) so idk if I'm just being paranoid over nothing or if I should get it checked out.

File: 1633556790870.png (403.49 KB, 472x499, imagen_2021-10-06_164238.png)

No. 208345[Reply]

Since /cgl/ has been invaded by scrotes and trannies, let's discuss general things about the fashion here, from new releases to your dream dress. Share makeup looks and diy's, or your favorite coords. Talk about the comm you are in and your lolita friendships. Ex lolitas and newbies are welcomed too. Etc.
For drama, check out the tread on /w/: >>>/w/143376
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No. 286044

File: 1662562509144.jpg (37.01 KB, 402x536, 6d8aad56a917e34330be2a6d2bb2c7…)

Where can I find old 2ch lolita thread translations? I read some ages ago and can't find them again

No. 288536

File: 1663323247350.jpg (75.12 KB, 570x564, mn.jpg)

Nonas, how do you dress when you're not in lolita? Are any of you lifestylers? I wear gothic and old school and my regular clothes were always pretty similar in style, I used to dress like a tradgoth when I was a teen and really into darkwave. I went through some realizations and reflected on a lot of things and now more often than not dress in baggy, masculine clothes and tbh I really like the contrast and how surprised people are when they see me wearing lolita/fred durst looking shit for the first time

No. 288584

When I am not dressed up in a Lolita coordinate I am wearing some sort of mall goth/cute punk style. Hysteric Glamour, ETC, Milk, and Putumayo are all cycling my daily wear… but Metamorphose and Moitie are the brands I am more delicate with.

No. 288613

You’re transgender

No. 288646

Funny because my reflection was that I should embrace dressing gnc more often and not focus on performing feminity so much, keep dilating though

File: 1648287040067.jpg (66.78 KB, 563x867, 1997christiandior.jpg)

No. 251942[Reply]

Previous thread >>205330
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No. 288496

File: 1663309906046.jpeg (147 KB, 700x857, B5D73802-23B1-4934-AF8C-55D22C…)

Kind of an odd question but what semi-current clothing style does this type of room fit with. I ask because I don’t have a certain clothing style that I prefer but I’m absolutely in love with interiors like these and think they capture my personality well.

No. 288497


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 288514

File: 1663315490069.png (2.53 MB, 1984x1456, Aje clothing.png)

So do you mean the sculptural style, texture or colours?

I feel like clothing from Aje might appeal to you if you like the sculptural side. Pic is some of their pieces so if the shapes appeal to you then check out the website.

They are a little expensive but good quality and maintain a classic 'art - gallery' semi-stylish curator look.

No. 288516

>>288515 new thread

No. 288517

I think anything classic and natural would fit well. Slick feminine black suit, a soft flowing white dress etc

File: 1596773779217.jpg (396.8 KB, 2000x3000, hbz-70s-fashion-1970-gettyimag…)

No. 146601[Reply]

A thread for everything vintage fashion related

>What decades and subcultures of the past are you interested in?

>How did you get into collecting vintage?
>Do you go for authentic vintage or vintage inspired clothing?
>Who are the style icons you like to refer to when putting together a look?

And of course, questions from novices are welcome as well
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No. 222644

>What decades and subcultures of the past are you interested in?
Late 60s and 70s

>How did you get into collecting vintage?

My mum was a teen/early 20s adult in the 1970s and still has a lot of clothes from that era. Our country was very prosperous back then and is a turbo shithole now so it's also a bit of a nostalgia factor for both of us, we started bonding over it and it's been my obsession ever since. I like it because it doesn't look too young or too matronly for a person my age.

>Do you go for authentic vintage or vintage inspired clothing?

Vintage inspired mostly, where I live now you can't wear full on 70s clothing without looking like a clown, but I incorporate actual vintage (my mum's hand me downs) into my outfits sometimes. It's difficult though, the cuts were very different then so it can look weird if not styled well.

>Who are the style icons you like to refer to when putting together a look?

My mum and Biba catalogues.

No. 222722

ot but where are you from?

No. 288255

File: 1663215141336.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1242x2148, 1E196088-E17A-4602-8F30-7F7436…)

So recently on my ig recs I keep seeing pages with girls who dress in Victorian style clothing and devote their lifestyle to that aesthetic. It’s kind of nice. However it’s not my fave era aesthetically.

I was wondering if anyone here knows any igs with girls who dress mostly in 60s/70s type outfits and whose pages generally revolve around that aesthetic? I know that the toned down 60s aesthetic is very popular among influencers like Alexa Chung, but I’d really love to find more pages with women who try to make it look more authentic. I just love it.

No. 288259

I hope these accounts fit what you were asking for!!

No. 288357

Aw thank you so much!

File: 1591474790275.png (126.14 KB, 347x380, puddin.png)

No. 141299[Reply]

previous thread: >>>/g/49363

Discuss your shitty brain here.
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No. 287652

I have misophonia and the biggest thing that worked for me are loop earplugs. Granted you’ll likely have to give some sort of an explanation to family members about why you’re wearing them but they’re designed to muffle background noises without totally blocking out sound. In my case I find that they dull a lot of “gross” noises.

No. 288180

Finally blocked the bpd soapbox guy on TikTok who preaches that bpd people only get upset in direct proportion to abuse… Bro, then it wouldn't be a disorder??? But sure, I guess the bpd "friend" who threatened to kill himself and stalked me for a year because I didn't want to date him after he SA'd me when I was blacked out because I already rejected him, was actually the real victim all along! Jesus. I showed signs of bpd (undiagnosed) before dealing with my childhood trauma and I fully admit being an irrational psycho. Bpd people who lack self awareness scare the shit out of me, but men especially.

No. 288277

I have what seems to be severe PMDD and every month it feels like I'm turning into a fucking depressed werewolf and holyfuckingshit i am annoying the fuck out of myself and my husband because i have literally been crying for a week this time and it's making everything worse. Trying to stay consistent with exercise but fuck. I can't eat. I can't sleep. I wanna rip everyone's face off and I work sales. This shit sucks

No. 288278

Anyone have absolutely no sense of self or know what they look like? I feel like I have no real identity, hobbies nothing. Until other people comment on my body I genuinely don't perceive it. Last year I became really thin and while I realized my clothes didn't fit anymore I didn't see how emaciated I've gotten until other people started asking if I'm sick.

No. 288300

yes. no idea what it stems from or what's wrong with me other than what is probably very low self esteem though

File: 1662311599959.jpg (42.41 KB, 500x667, b88063f525ab6aa493c4d56e3e1057…)

No. 285348[Reply]

There seems to be a few j-fashion centric threads in the catalog, but they’re all about 3+ years old. Let’s draw up a fresh one. Share inspiring coords, fun, weird, or interesting stories, talk about your favorite people/brands/items, etc.! Here are some topic ideas to start us off, but you don’t need to respond to every single one:

>What are your favorite styles/trends/fads?

>Styles and trends you wish would come back? (or die off?)
>What do you think about what’s currently trending in alternative j-fashion communities?
>Do you wear j-fashion on a regular basis? would you like to?
>Do you have conflicting interests/styles?
>Do you take part of any communities/have friends who also wear the styles you like?

My favorite casual style is himekaji. It makes me kind of sad that himekaji isn’t exactly as popular as it once was. I want to see my soft pink girly floral patterns and princessy outfits! A current trend that I’m just kind of meh about is the kind of dark girly/edgy cutesy girl styles with the dull color palettes and clunky platform shoes, it kind of bores me, but I understand the appeal. I was really into mori girl when I was a young teen, and I still have a soft spot for it.
picrel, one of my favorite LL shop staff coords!
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No. 287786

WHAT!? The only hair color, in my opinion, that can't pull off that look is algae green. I bet you'd look bad ass as Hell! Especially with glitter, it'd be a blend of cute and rock. Oh, and if you'd curl your hair it'd be CHEF'S KISS

No. 288169

File: 1663185569256.jpg (88.22 KB, 424x640, o0424064013136755041 (1).jpg)

i got this milk hoodie secondhand and im trying to find the matching hat bc its just too cute

No. 288187

sorry but I have to say it.. the fabric is awfully cut, the mish mash of pieces of cats isn't cute. That hoodie has literally only 1 full cat and it's towards the side (sleeves excluded). I hope the one you got has better pattern placement.

No. 288197

But the one on the right looks like it's peeking out of anons pocket, anon.

No. 288285

File: 1663230135924.png (617.46 KB, 1170x474, swankiss.png)

any recommendations where i can get some pants like picrel? these are from swankiss but I’d love to have more options. cute, girly, and casual. i hate jeans and plain pants, but i don’t just want skirts and shorts in my wardrobe either.

File: 1619207261193.jpg (192.64 KB, 1200x630, veg.jpg)

No. 181093[Reply]

A thread for those who are interested in either adopting a vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian lifestyle or just less meat in general.

Please feel free to discuss
>challenges you've faced
>brands you recommend
>alternatives you recommend

Please refrain from turning infighting about ethics
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No. 279917

Just hope they can stay afloat, those fucking sausages are too good

No. 280768

I'm trying this out tonight, I'll let you all know how it goes

No. 280770

recommending sauce Stache on YT's recipes, they are very good and he aims at making everything high quality and extremely affordable (takes some prep to order or find certain ingredients if you're attempting more complicated meat analogues)

No. 280870

Update: It was fine. More prep than I'd like to do tbh. Maybe next time I'll freeze a lot of tofu at once to cut down on prep time.
I also need to find a better context for it than the awful stir fry I made

No. 288273

I'm trying to go vegetarian while also losing weight and restricting calories to between 1,000-1,500 a day, is there any low calorie vegetarian or vegan recipes that have a lot of vitamins and nutrients in them? or does any nona have some healthy stuff I can add to other meals to get more nutritional value from them - such as adding spirulina powder to smoothies or something similar?

File: 1613654404854.jpg (219.56 KB, 3840x3840, square-eyeglasses-tortoise-ace…)

No. 172132[Reply]

ITT:Discuss unconventional and conversational turn ons that aren't related to kink or bdsm and are mostly Benine

I'll start, having sex with a guy while he's wearing glasses
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No. 286255

About unashamedly liking "femboys" and """queer""" moids. Since it was deleted it was probably a troon.

No. 287091

Men with a mature and slightly sarcastic voice, with perfect pronunciation. Not too deep, not too high pitched, just a voice with a nice inflexion. Extra points if he has a good laugh. I've noticed only smart men have these voices, it's all about the tone. A big flaw in their character is easily spotted through someone's voice and verbal expression. I love some voice actors work for this reason.

No. 287193

do you have examples of this? all the men with sarcastic voices I can think of just sound arrogant and annoying kek

No. 288189

File: 1663189142198.jpg (42.49 KB, 564x564, f588a64b0170c41bf2d1a2ae86450d…)

I have a thing for nerdy and preppy guys, preferably on the submissive side. By "nerdy" I don't mean the autistic vidya gamer type, but rather someone who's book smart and well put together. Huge bonus points if they're chivalrous, makes me want to rip their clothes right off mhhhhm.

No. 288194

Anxious introspective guys. I feel like this is pretty weird but I just fucking love hearing them talk out their thought process wrt social situations and interaction. I think it's because I'm also quite anxious and introspective and I relate a lot to them. When I hear them go like
>I just didn't know what to do in [mundane/awkward situation] because I didn't want so-and-so to think I was an asshole but I also didn't want them to think I was agreeing with everything they said to get them to like me but I wasn't sure if they liked me already so I didn't know if I could joke around with them or…
So on and so forth. I love hearing them say shit like that. In my brain it's like… oh they're capable of thought! And minding other people's moods and opinions of them is important to them! I kind of fall in love on the spot.

File: 1595486797088.png (1.75 MB, 1552x873, gfdshgfd.png)

No. 144816[Reply]

Here we discuss our experiences with tarot or any other form of divination, be on the giving or recieving end.

If you are a divination reader or learning how to do divination, you can also offer some readings here, just mention what your requirements are and how many spots you offer.
1199 posts and 344 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 288125

File: 1663173482347.jpg (56.61 KB, 680x545, tied-boat.jpg)

Pls nona, what will it be for me career&education-wise in half a year?

No. 288136

NAYRT, I don't know about your finances anon, but no job is worth be miserable at work.
I feel that you need a lot of time for yourself and to reconnect with the people you love, which is what matters more than everything.

I think it's a great time to start new things and you may have thinked a lot about some projects/travel/meeting someone. You have the strenght to fight on.
Wish you luck whatever you decide to do.

No. 288137


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 288263

will reply to you all in the new thread!

No. 288269

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