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File: 1603655944561.gif (527.33 KB, 415x326, tumblr_nv9pduM9ki1qhccldo1_500…)

No. 156622[Reply]

A thread for anons who do not want kids in any context, whether biological, adopted, or step. Discuss anything relevant to a childfree lifestyle here.

Some topics for discussion to get started:
>miserable parents we know and their nightmareish lives
>the wonderful world of having expendable income
>how much better women without children age
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No. 220552

Please help change him, how old is he? Young kids are impressionable and can change

No. 220553

I like children in small doses, am ironically pretty good with them, and they like me back. I just feel similarly to pets; cute and fun in small doses, but I really do not want more responsibility. My mom's side seems to have some problems giving birth and I don't want health complications. Also my body is pretty decent. My vanity triumphs.

No. 220556

He's 9, would not shut up about marrying his mom and sister, insists on calling all females of any age a good girl/nice girl, calls me out for not wearing dresses like a regular girl, malds when a girl wouldn't be his girlfriend on Roblox etc., even when corrected multiple times. Everyone thinks it's cute because he's a child, but I think he's a lost cause, even if he acts right later in life I wouldn't know if he's just disguising.

No. 220559

Maybe you gotta expose him to a male role model who treats women well, or at least better than this kek

Could be a tv character too.

No. 220580

I feel zero sympathy for retards like this, this never would've happened if he just accepted that she wanted an abortion (she should've just done it anyway tbh). but i'll admit stuff like this and >>220541 gives me major schadenfreude kekk

File: 1537855371827.jpg (109.51 KB, 568x824, b8bae5eb-1308-41ba-b4ed-26bbac…)

No. 96747[Reply]

Feeling nostalgic for a death aesthetic? Post here!
I miss the kinderwhore aesthetic and the grunge Revival of early 10s
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No. 220422

Doet me denken aan de Tina, heb ik weet niet hoe veel daar van weggelezen

No. 220443

Although I understand the resemblance, I'd say they're extremely different. Tina is extremely normie in comparison to HOI, I'd say

No. 220524

I mainly wear skirts like that. I also never cared about being out of style. My favorite one is a Mondi I thrifted years ago. They were also everywhere in the late 2000s.

No. 220572

Yes that's true, I meant more in terms of aesthetic. That corny teen girl magazine style brought me back lol

No. 220721

File: 1641075443547.jpeg (62.79 KB, 425x567, 3E9DF819-56A1-4794-9C43-05F05D…)

Mid 2010 cosplay pics are nostalgic
The scene is not the same at all

File: 1612499926562.png (20.25 KB, 601x512, 4-causes-of-porn-addiction.png)

No. 170405[Reply]

This thread is for everyone who is struggling with pornography, sexual frustration, and masturbation addiction. Post sources and information or your personal experience on how to quit or lower your usage.

Antiporn thread (por a more serious discussion about pornography): >>>/g/159633
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No. 219516

Not really about porn addiction but still related. I've been actively stopping myself from fantasizing about fucked up scenarios and my libido is gone. I got memed into the whole cope-with-trauma-through-bdsm and I really want to rewire my brain into being normal. It began when I was in middle school so I knew fixing it will be hard but I didn't expect to just never feel horny. Is this just a part of the process?

No. 219524

I have a deep set fetish that I'm forever half assedly trying to move away from. The moment I get horny that plan goes out the window. But lately I have both a new irl crush and a new celeb crush. I'm fickle so I'm aware my crushes have an expiry date. I'm trying to use my excitement over these guys to wean myself off the gross kink stuff. This is an opportunity to rewire my brain into recognizing sex.. as sex again lol

The hardest part is just not letting myself mix the kink in with the thoughts of either guy… trying to purely think of normal sex acts with them and nothing else. I might be getting somewhere. I've dreamt of bjs lately. I'm in my 30s and I've never had a normal sex dream about piv or just giving some head. Now I've had multiple in the last few weeks. Goes to show that what you 'let yourself' fantasize about does get deep rooted after just a short period of time.

I spent 3 years living with a guy, having sex, giving alot of oral, no dead bedroom or anything but I had a whole seperate time when I got myself off to my weird kink in private and that was my source of satisfaction. I satisfied him and the sex was ok but my orgasm was tied to porn and in no way tied to him. I never faked orgasms and my partner never found it odd that I just never had them with him? He never said anything in 3 years of no orgasms. It's weird to look back on. I was going through the motions with him in a way. I initiated sex all the fucking time but I knew I was moreso just performing a duty. I never dreamt about the oral I gave him right before bed. It never followed over like that. Now I fantasize about doing that with my crush and later that night it makes it into a dream too. So this is what it's like to actually engage with normal sex acts as if they're satisfying to me too… and not only a performance to look normal in front of a guy. hmm

My head is more fucked up than I ever realized, but I'm slowly getting somewhere.

No. 219526

I stopped watching porn 2 years ago and my libido never recovered. I am finally starting to address it by trying to reconnect with my body with meditation and yoga, and I am starting to get horny again, little by little. I expected that stopping porn was enough but the issue is much more deeply rooted for me, it really conditionned me to dissociate sex with physical sensations.

No. 219975

one of my new year's resolutions is to stop all porn consumption. I hardly watch any, it's a couple of times a month kind of thing but I always feel bad after, sometimes even during. I got into using so called 'female friendly' sites with specially curated videos that involved no abusive looking material or anything too 'heavy' like bdsm or whatever. I'd watch arty massage videos and lesbian only to help ease my conscious. I would think 'well at least this porn isn't likely to involve abuse' but in reality I had no way of knowing that. I would also feel dreadful about myself after watching, comparing my body to the women in the videos. I started watching the kind with more normal/average girls with body hair and the like, who looked more like me, but again, it made me feel guilty since it's still porn. I've read enough criticisms of the porn industry and agree in its inherent exploitive nature and damage it has on society, I feel like a hypocrite every time I watch.

I'm going to install an addon to block the sites and keep reminding myself to stop being such a hypocrite.

No. 220610

sage for what's probably shit advice but this is why i exclusively turned to "fictional" (drawn/written/etc) porn for a long time. it's still unhealthy on an individual level (in my opinion) but after being educated about and more critical of porn, i felt 90% less guilty and almost thankful that the worst i ever watched was hentai and therefore doesn't involve real people being hurt. i have issues involving sexual anhedonia so porn isn't something i seek out for libido/pleasure reasons (it's just a very bad behavioral habit) but i've considered learning human anatomy better and drawing my own in private as some kind of outlet

File: 1632145292776.png (483.96 KB, 640x694, imagen_2021-09-20_083626.png)

No. 206344[Reply]

Arthur Morgan Mantiddies Edition

>What is this thread

By popular demand, we have created the retarded shitpost thread /g/ edition, which of course, talks about husbandos and horny shit
>Why was this made / what is the difference
The difference is that here you can be retarded about your 3D and 2D crushes so you don't clog the other retarded thread. Post memes, be frisky, whatever.
>But why
Farmers are some horny b*tches
>Examples of posts that go here
-I want the Jojos to ganbang me raw
-I love me some man tiddies

Update: The retarded hornyposting thread now includes pairings, and remember you can thirstpost about 3D men as well. For other /g/ related shitposts just use the current /ot/ thread. Thank you!
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No. 219788

husbandos forever

No. 219793

husbandos are life

No. 219794


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 219891

No. 222181

File: 1603758487057.png (502.38 KB, 1000x375, y2K banner.png)

No. 156715[Reply]

What are some trends, fashion choices, and outfits you hate, and why?
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No. 219819


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 219823

I know exactly what you mean. when i was like 14 i used birthday money to buy a pair of classic baggy strappy tripp pants and hid them in the back of my closet for years because i wasnt allowed to dress that way at the time. now im an adult and I've moved past it all. I think there's always going to be a point in time when embarrassing youth trends become popular again. actual boomer punks still reee about it and i guess now i understand it.

I try to be nice to young people because it's annoying when older people act all uppity when kids start getting interested in these bygone subcultures but i wish zoomers could come up with some new stupid trends of their own.

No. 219884

>its like theyre afraid of not looking cute
you hit the nail on the head anon.

No. 220258

i hate how dated everything looks. i live here and no one except nonbinary foreigners dress like this. they definitely cater to a particular twitter crowd that think japan is weird and quirky.

No. 221670

File: 1641436837859.jpeg (33.37 KB, 485x364, EB032686-D5F6-4B5A-9574-99B80E…)

Does anyone remember the horrors of Wet Seal?

File: 1617833357042.png (1.3 MB, 803x1429, 1617833858261.png)

No. 178343[Reply]

New thread by popular demand:

For attractive guys but, like, British
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No. 219611

File: 1640618587841.gif (2.14 MB, 498x195, tenor.gif)

insert smiling emoji

No. 219638

My bf

No. 219656

go away

No. 219997

he goes fast
excellent gif btw

No. 220974

File: 1641221837605.jpg (42.54 KB, 615x606, skank.jpg)

james hunt back in the day gives me some pants feelings

File: 1468071842734.jpg (189.81 KB, 594x640, Totoro_Blue_01_medium2.jpg)

No. 107505[Reply]

This is a thread for crochet and knitting, and other yarn-related crafts.

Anyone starting any new projects or completing old ones? Share some patterns!
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No. 219570

File: 1640594682473.jpg (71.74 KB, 366x512, unnamed.jpg)

Dear anons, my bf wants me to knit him a sweater, he just wants a plain cabled one really, I have a female sweater pattern that should fit the bill and I have knit up before for myself but it's female. Not to be retarded, but could I get away with it? It's just a straight up and down one, only decreases are around arm cuffs and bottom ribbing.
pic unrelated

No. 219573

You could do that, but have you tried on Ravelry? Hundreds of free patterns on there!

No. 219574

Women's clothing tends to look off around the shoulders when worn by men because our shoulders tend to be smaller and more rounded and our clothing reflects that. It'd be safer to keep looking for a men's pattern.

No. 219575

There are a few things you'd need to consider:
If the sleeves are meant to be quite fitted they might end up quite tight on a man, I'd do fewer decreases than the pattern suggests.
Are the sleeves set in or more of a raglan or dropped sleeve? If they're set in I wouldn't recommend knitting that pattern for a man because it'll be very tight at the shoulders. You might also need to make the sweater a little longer than the pattern suggests.
It's such a pain in the arse to knit an entire sweater that the other anons are probably right that you should just look for a free pattern online.
Good luck anon!

No. 219880

Ty nonnies for all the advice! I tried scouring raverly for patterns but they'd either be a clusterfuck of different cables and stitches or paywalled. Or you work panels in flat and sew them together, which I'd like to avoid. The pattern that I want to use has dropped, loose sleeves which made me think it could be feasible. Might come back here in a month crying aha.

File: 1500319401531.png (681.92 KB, 449x750, RPi2njq.png)

No. 65010[Reply]

Does anyone else go crazy over 'em?

For me there's just something so fucking hot about it, especially if it looks very round and perky.

I think the key is where the lower back meats the bottom; if it sticks outward there it just looks super cute to me.
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No. 216510

I grab onto it all the time dude, perfect opportunity for it

No. 217064

>The reason why it's pressured on women more because females tend to have wider hips then men (generally). It’s scientifically proven that girls with big derrieres have wider hips.

wide hips =/= big butt. There are so many women out there with wide hips and a flat butt (and the opposite, narrow hips and a big butt)

the reason why it's pressured on women more is because scrotes just like it more than we do. You can even see a bunch of people in this thread saying that these butts are just way too big for them

No. 217066

he gets bigger if I do this, lol

No. 219471

File: 1640542143422.jpg (22.66 KB, 416x313, Sometimes your ass helps you t…)

I might call my cousin's Christmas party the Cheesecake Factory. Damn the nearly all guests (mainly guys) got big plump asses

No. 219472

File: 1640542299451.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.47 MB, 245x200, decfd0_8923077.gif)

File: 1607944363854.png (290.03 KB, 449x490, ERQdWN6WAAIdq19.png)

No. 163246[Reply]

We have threads about people you wanna fuck but what about the people you wanna befriend? Male or female, shamefully or not, it all goes here
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No. 219250

i think about how his shits would be so often. disgusting. especially after he smokes those old ass cigarettes. he must shit himself. i bet he shits the bed. i think there would probably be a lot of floaty poops with bright colors, orange, and red, in his toilet. god i can't imagine how his stomach feels after he eats that slop and takes a drag of that old tobacco. the nic sick head rush must be awful. makes me feel so nauseous typing this.(stop it scat-chan)

No. 219275

File: 1640427915334.png (932.9 KB, 720x891, Screenshot_20211225-012339.png)

I wanna be friends with Emmie

No. 219354

he has mentioned multiple times he has no insurance, so he was probably dropping these catastrophic, brightly hued loads regularly, without insurance. it's absolute insanity. maybe he does have it now though.

No. 219358

File: 1640472199605.jpg (59.2 KB, 1280x720, the bonzer.jpg)

same for me, hes so funny and cool and we have some of the same interests too. i would love to be his friend. he kind of reminds me of my older brother which is around his age which only makes me like him more

No. 219408

hell yes, whang seems like a really cool guy to befriend. i feel like we both grew up on the same side of the weird internet, which pretty much settles our sense of humor.
she reminds me so much of my aunt, she's seems so calming to be around. i'd go bowling with her….

File: 1639196986268.png (363.97 KB, 902x620, ouguouggo.png)

No. 216852[Reply]

This thread is for all kinds of wild, crazy, weird, funny, hilarious, gross etc encounters we find on shein or other similar cheapo online clothing store brands. For some reason, the cheaper it is the cringe it gets. Shein in particular has a lot of weird reviewers with no shame and lack of self awareness. Post away.
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No. 219136


No. 219160

This skirt has no shape, it looks horrible. But you look cute nonny.

No. 219161

I hate pleated skirts with exposed elastic waistbands, so cheap and ugly.

No. 219164

File: 1640353681721.gif (2.42 MB, 755x443, 1639849847835.gif)

rattle rattle rattle rattle gurgle gurgle blergh blergh

No. 219225

you don't look like a fridge at all, probably because you aren't fat. this literally proves that it is the body, not the clothes.

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