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File: 1700511828610.jpg (340.67 KB, 1280x1280, I actually think she's cute bu…)

No. 360179[Reply]

Post women you find overrated or ugly when they're shilled as beautiful. Is it her awful personality shining through? Is it her weak bone-structure or weird thumb? Is it her PR team brain-washing the whole planet into worshiping her?

Lesbians, bi and straight women are all welcome to contribute!

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No. 362109

No. 362110

File: 1701432706894.jpg (243.23 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_8b372926956ee95781fbfbf…)

She has always been very pretty to me. I do wish she didn't do whatever she did to her jaw and chin. Her chin was a little weak but it made her face look cute.

No. 362156

I've always thought that she looks something rodent-like after plastic surgery but she's still not ugly

No. 362239

i thought this was ldr with blonde hair for a second

No. 362260

She looks so unattractive in this photo though. Full on botched Catwoman, suits her character.

File: 1690553910382.jpeg (31.19 KB, 275x275, E28F0667-F88F-4BAC-B592-1B9BEA…)

No. 342326[Reply]

same rules as last time. you can say whatever you want as long as it pertains to romantic or sexual fantasies about other women and isn’t talking about dicks. if its not a fantasy go to the lesbian/bi thread.
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No. 361190

I think the absolute sexiest pose a woman can be in is lounging with her hips turned sideways and legs together with the knees tucked up a bit. The way this pose displays her pussy, like just peeking out from between her butt and thighs, is THE sexiest ever and it gets me wet just imagining this one simple pose, every time, like an instant horny switch. Especially if I imagine seeing her pubic hair curling onto her upper thigh…ugh. And I can't lie, the way her feet are cozy together in this pose is so cute that it's definitely part of it.
Is there any particular pose that really gets you guys going, or am I weird for having this specific thing? kek

No. 361192

I didnt realize that was about frenemies whoops

No. 361196

This is weird but I wish there was somehow a way I could eat a woman’s pussy while she’s standing up. Probably not logistical or comfortable, though, if its possible. It’s just the ultimate show of dominance when someone stands up during sex while the other person is literally kneeling on the ground. Like yes, please control me.

No. 361211

no this is normal dont worry

No. 362098

I just can’t stop thinking about clamping down on a woman like a fucking bear trap and having her pussy juice dripping down my chin. Sorry so basic but I’ve never wanted to go down on a woman so bad

File: 1627325893584.jpg (29.29 KB, 474x711, 36769c690cf289850c680229059c25…)

No. 199512[Reply]

Being a black girl is frustrating as fuck. Being a girl in general is infuriating at times. There's really nowhere to vent about it so I thought I'd make a thread for the black girls who wanna vent and the girls who wanna ask questions or are curious about the black community and all of the fantastic sexism within it! Lol.
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No. 362068

I can kind of see where that anon is coming from, especially the point about black men being more acceptable in society. Compared to black women, they get crazy amounts of "positive" representation. They have full control over what image they put out to society despite what the hoteps tell you because they have such high places of positions in the media industry. I also feel like just with any other ftm of any race, sexual exploitation probably plays a role in it. Sexual abuse against women is so high in the black community, i wouldn't be surprised if they turned to troonery to escape this. A lot of black ftms also started off as butch lesbians i knew one personally. Maybe because i personally cannot relate with wanting to escape the negative image of black women with the laid wigs and eyelash extensions because i never saw myself in that image at all and feel very disconnected, that's why i struggle to believe anyone can be so influenced by it. Then again, i did not grow up as a preteen on social media and ftms don't really operate on normal logic. It could be true since troonery is based on trying to escape yourself.

No. 362072

Not sure why the post you responded to got deleted for asking the ftm question, mod is so weirdly selective sometimes.

But yeah I always wondered why black women are expected to have either drag tier makeup and crazy hair/nail/body/outfit game, OR are expected to go down the all natural clean girl look with zero visible makeup and skinny gamine body.

I always felt like TLC kind of represented this; t boz in the no scrubs video with insane makeup and hair game, chilli with the clean girl, seems effortless, no makeup look, then left eye kind of in the middle. I remember always wanting to be like t boz but realizing how insane the effort to look like that would be, and related more to left eye in her soft glam kind of way. yet i remember chilli always getting praised the most for being ‘natural’ even though t boz was way more creative and colorful. and then i realized there’s insane pressure on black women to be naturally beautiful and pure seeming.

I feel like nowadays it’s way more binary and you have to be the clean black girl with the perfect natural hair OR drag queen tier ott with massive long wigs dyed bright colors and extremely heavy makeup and garish outfits. Weirdly I used to like but don’t really like either of those aesthetics anymore because I feel like the first one is trying too hard to other oneself from the garish jezebel black stereotype and I feel like it’s almost pandering to racist white people who hate jezebel or mamie types, or pandering to those kind of black men who REALLY hate gaudy black women (like eddie murphy always using beautiful but clearly whitewashed and watered down, extremely skinny mixed lightskinned black women like thandie newton as the love interest in his movies like norbit, which is basically just him being a misogynist ass and bashing loud large black women and pitting them against the innocent pure lily white black woman for 103 minutes, gross) and the second gaudy aesthetic just seems to attract the worst kind of men and is also so much pressure and effort for black women to maintain and will drain all your money too.

idk it feels like black women just aren’t allowed to exist and be cool with themselves, they’ve got to fit into some near little box so as not to offend men or white people, it’s just so tiresome. i have a black girlfriend with dreads who is a goth and i love the wayPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 362073

Also I don’t mean to bash black women like thandie because they already get enough bullshit for not being perfect. But I do remember her backhanded half assed apology to dark skinned black women and how she came across like not wanting to be associated with other black women. And just agreeing to be cast in a role like norbit in the first place…idk it just rubbed me and other black women the wrong way I guess. She’s also struggled in her marriage a lot and previous relationships with white men and admitted to having depression alcohol issues and anorexia/bulimia. Idk it just seems her whole life has been a struggle to be accepted by white people. There’s other self hating black women like stacey dash who also have a bunch of failed tumultuous relationships with skeezy white moids and seem to really hate being associated with other black people. It’s just sad. I think other black women can sense the hatred they have for darkskinned black women which is why there is an aversion to these types of famous black women in the black female communities, they are basically the worst kind of pickmes who throw other bw under the bus all the time.

No. 362082

I can sympathize, like I've tried my whole life to be palatable to either black men or white people and I've always failed at that. I constantly wish it was the 90s the best decade for black women, if only because of all the healthier representation and economic freedom.

No. 362113

>It's like men make it know there's only one way to have anything resembling respect in modern society
It's so women can't win either way. Skinny? Get the humiliation of being cucked and/or body-shamed and possibly pressured into surgery because the moid really feels lust for bob and vagene. Also, after getting you pregnant, he will blame you for not being sexually appealing. Curvy? Get the humiliation of being sexualized at every turn, blamed for "tempting" men with your body and have people assume you have "loose" morals. Both kinds of women will, in turn, resent and feel envy toward each other because they think misogynistic men's laws are natural.

File: 1674521987193.jpg (2.49 MB, 3923x5884, Baby Q&A.jpg)

No. 310088[Reply]

Discuss family planning, birth, pregnancy, conception, fertility, and any other baby-related topic in this thread.
Refrain from posting if you dislike children or are childfree.
Old threads
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No. 361735

Same. Also even with my wedding band dudes keep hitting on me when they see me with my babies. They obviously don't believe me that I'm not available and not interested, and then get shocked when my husband turns up.

There's always this air of "you should be honoured that I'm considering a used person like you"

No. 361866

I’m really stressed and worried. Two weeks ago I found out I’m pregnant, I’m waiting for my dr to call me to make my first appointment.

Today I started spotting, it was bright pink now brown. Is this even normal? I’ll tell my dr, but I just got a referral yesterday and don’t even know my gyno yet. She is supposed to call this wk

No. 362004

It sounds like implantation bleeding. It'd be more worrying if it was going from brown to bright red

No. 362022

Labor is so slow… im 40+4 and have started cramping and having contractions occasionally, mucus plug came out. Everytime I stand up I either have to poop or pee, can't leave the house cause it's that bad. The cramps make it constant. I also feel weird mentally, kind of out of it. It's been like this for two days with gradual progression, I feel like it's gonna take two days longer. I hope it's soon this SUCKS

No. 362064

I'm in my second trimester now and I know I'm supposed to build a registry but I just can't find the energy or care to do research on so many baby products.

File: 1692078257143.gif (1.94 MB, 500x256, D21492CC-F7A4-4260-822A-541373…)

No. 344673[Reply]

Unsure if you're actually straight? Actually gay? Anything in between? Ask for advice here.
Previous: >>153246

Also welcome are "late bloomers" who realized their true selves long after their teen years who'd like to share their experience and tell others what signs to look out for.

Please be kind to questioning anons, no matter how "obvious" it might seem to you what they are.
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No. 361995

samefag but also "regular women" doesn't refer to a specific look, and certainly not "plastic dolls"—it was (admittedly) poor wording to refer to the average woman you'd see walking down the street (she probably has boobs and hips). Even the masculine ones will have boobs and hips. Most women do.

No. 362013

I’m the anon you’ve been talking to, and I just want to say >>361961 is not me, so great job continuing to confidently assume shit about me. Like I already said, you are continuing to not read my original posts, since, just for example, you say
>regular women have hips you know!
When I EXPLICITLY said I LIKED female hips in >>361652. do you have reading comprehension issues, genuinely? Or are just incapable of absorbing information that runs contrary to your theory?
You coming at me like I’m some straight weasel trying to infiltrate bi and lesbian communities or something is bizarre and speaks to your own personal hang ups since I never claimed to belong to those groups. Like wtf?
>If you're trying to imply that you're a wlw, then you haven't done a good job, given these contradictions.
FUCKING DUH. Oh my god. I never was, and the contradictions were the point, all I was ever saying from the start is what you say here
>a strict attraction to androgynes is very unusual.
Yes, it is, and I know it! Hence my posts! Holy crap. Talk about missing the point.
And calling me juvenile for having an uncommon sexuality and speaking about it casually on a Mongolian basket weaving form… ok. Wow. I’m gonna have to say right back at you, frankly.

Anyway, above all I wanted to defend my honor against samefagging accusations, the most important thing, kek.(calm down)

No. 362044

I quoted the wrong post in >>361992, I originally meant >>361951 (the second quote was intentional tho)
In any case, I'm not reading everything you've written. If you're going to start typing in all caps that's a sign that you need to take a breather (and, I'm gonna say it again, it seems pretty juvenile).
>And calling me juvenile for having an uncommon sexuality
No, juvenile because you obviously have no clue how sexuality works, assuming that women are only wlw because they like boobs, or they are straight because they like "male stomachs" and facial hair or whatever. For all the rabbling that you've done about my reading comprehension, yours seems to be lacking quite a bit. In any case, you've already stated that you're not gay so you're not a wlw. I'm not going to validate you on something you've already denied, if that's what is making you so upset. You don't get some grand trophy for being a wlw in real life, outside of lc. At the end of the day no one on here can diagnose whatever weird attractions you have going on, so go experiment with other people (like I've said several times), if you are really so interested in knowing your sexuality.

No. 362052

I am at a loss for words. You truly are something. Still didn’t address anything I said, still making things up about me, but I guess that’s to be expected from your very strange responses every time previously— I’m the fool for expecting the third time to be the charm. Clearly you’re blindly determined about whatever it is you’re theorizing. Just odd all around.

Thanks to all the other anons who were normal in their responses, kek. I appreciate you, I just got too distracted by this weirdo to say it before.

No. 362069

I think you got it spot on. Thank you nona.

File: 1700296371418.png (1.32 MB, 683x1024, 00030fullscreen.png)

No. 359606[Reply]

post here if you have a passion for fashion

Previous Thread:

Newest to Oldest Threads:

Pic: John Galliano Fall Winter 2009.
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No. 361976

that cardigan makes me think of labias

No. 361979

Other inditex brands like bershka, stradivarius, pull and bear maybe? Hm sucks fabric wise and zara is too expensive for the pieces when there isn't a sale although i like their style. You could also buy workout stuff from oysho, I heard good things about them and I like their underwear line.
Idk other euro brands.

No. 361980

Oh i forgot mango, similar to zara but more workplace oriented, I like their stuff a lot but some of their pieces don't last for longer than 1-2 years in my experience.

Inditex brands also do exchanges if you have issues with their products so if you're broke and can't buy better stuff, you can stick to inditex and get exchanges whenever your stuff gets deformed. I changed 2 different bags for totally new ones after they got worn out from me wearing them too much, I feel they're a trustworthy brand although they're obviously fast fashion.

No. 361999

You probably know this but this is a Sinéquanone cardigan. You can find a lot of grey ones from second hand. I've had my eye on it for a while and seeing it on a woman instead of a wire hanger is tempting me to buy one right now.

No. 362001

I like wearing neutrals but somehow the only neutrals most brands are capable of producing are black and shades of hot diarrhea beige and I don't look particularly good in either.

File: 1685880135702.jpeg (67.44 KB, 750x776, IMG_7531.jpeg)

No. 333126[Reply]

second thread is finally due to be locked, so here's the new one to discuss bisexuality.
thread #1 >>56468
thread #2 >>199767

if you're still extremely unsure if you're bisexual, the questioning thread is likely a better fit. talk about your gender preferences, how you discovered you were bi, what's your type in men and women, how you feel in the community, any struggles you've had with bisexuality, etc.
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No. 361346

Wait shes beautiful

No. 361787

File: 1701274689434.jpeg (620.79 KB, 1869x2190, AA641DF6-5F79-4A89-B2E3-B32458…)

My bi “cycles” last a really really long time, and when they finally switch it’s so upsetting to me. It finally happened again after over a year of cycling hard, 100%, to one side, and just as I was getting used to that, the rug gets pulled out from under me again. I hate this so much, it makes me insanely depressed. Because when I switch, I tend to lose attraction to the crushes I had up until that point and I start from square one on the opposite side again. I am never going to date because of this, and I feel so lonely at that prospect that I can hardly get out of bed. I wish there was a cure for this. I wouldn’t care which side I ended up on if I could make it stop. I just want off this terrible ride. I really can’t express how life-destroying it is for me. It trashes my mental stability and stomps on my hope for a future where I can love someone. I’m so jealous of normal people I could cry.

No. 361821

Nothing hurts more than that one straight woman who could never and will never love you back.
Men are fun. Men are easy.

But none of them are her.

No. 361890

samefag, because I’m still thinking about this… it really makes me feel like a shallow, terrible person. Even though I know I don’t have any control over it. And every time I enter another cycle I think, naively,
>maybe this is really it!
>maybe this is the real me and I’ll stay like this forever!
And because the cycles last for so long, I always really start to believe it as the months (or sometimes years) go by. I’ll let myself be convinced. Which just makes the eventual let down hurt more.
I’ve started to get really bitter about hearing about other people’s dating and married lives. I wish I could just be happy for other people or even just neutral but instead I am filled with burning jealously. It’s actually keeping me from making and keeping friends. Because when they bring their partners around and be loving with each other I just can’t keep it together inside. I just start thinking about how much I want to die and I mentally zone out through the rest of the time and can’t enjoy myself. Which I know makes me kind of selfish.
Shallow and selfish.

No. 361956

nta but how?

File: 1638146785641.jpg (70.13 KB, 630x1200, timothee chandelier.jpg)

No. 215207[Reply]

Post men who are shilled as attractive but you think are ugly/overrated. Timmy was posted frequently last thread.
851 posts and 213 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 361914

He's not a prettyboy, he's what hollywood men in power push to be prettyboys because they don't want actual young attractive men in the industry. Look how every time a young attractive man gets into the industry he just kinda loses momentum and people forget about him.

No. 361983

i've always wondered why moids are so asymmetrical too. is it the testosterone? is it the faulty y-gene? we'll probably never know.

No. 361984

and yet here i am

No. 362037

Facial symmetry indicates genetic quality. The Y also does decay with age, in addition to being innately more fragile. There's a myriad of reasons why males tend to be more genetically defective.

No. 362070

i like his acting, but he is definitely average looking

File: 1663780115770.jpeg (91.84 KB, 626x478, 15864B5E-C6DA-45A7-A3CE-D8AF63…)

No. 289276[Reply]

previous thread >>>/g/193846

the anticipated second containment thread for the irl husbandofags is here! sperg freely about your trash men here and don't forget to have fun
666 posts and 310 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 361873

File: 1701307296644.jpg (50.03 KB, 509x509, 6892539b3d9ad6dc3709f794849734…)

How do you cope about an IRL husbando being dead?

No. 361877

I wish I knew. It's something I've been thinking about quite a lot lately now that I realize how old he's getting. But I'm lucky to have gotten the chance to meet him before he does. So if anyone has ways to cope do share lol!

No. 361883

Every celebrity crush/husbando I’ve had was either a dead guy or a living guy who ended up dying/committing suicide a few years later. No joke. It’s happened like 3 times already.

No. 361886

File: 1701313429378.jpg (62.83 KB, 564x905, tumblr_6af9ba90bcc5e3692d3d55e…)

Enjoy the content you have from when he was alive and keep it in perspective by acknowledging you don't actually know him and it shouldn't impact your life too much

It'll always be sad to think about though

No. 361900

File: 1701325414234.jpeg (119.32 KB, 893x586, IMG_4073.jpeg)

I’ve never really been attracted to a male celebrity but I was watching the Danganronpa stage play and I’m so obsessed with the MC actors. Im so embarrassed. Ryūsei Yokohama and Hiroki Suzuki if any other Danganronpafag is interested lol

File: 1685404509507.gif (588.09 KB, 498x278, exercise.gif)

No. 331898[Reply]

Previous thread: >>>/g/278561

This is for diet and fitness related things only.

-Post your goals, your current state, like your weight or measurements;
-What you're going to do to change it and your methods (Weight training? Intermittent Fasting? Running? Raw eating? MyFitnessPal logs?);
-And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measurings.

Feel free to post charts of your progress! If you're doing daily reports, remember to sage.

Reminder that we're all human and we all have our ups and downs. Don't blame yourself for failing and don't get fixated on small missteps. This is a marathon, not a race. Self-sabotage will only make things worse. Try to stay positive and think of the positive steps you've made to get here and keep moving forward!

Don't get fixated on numbers and give yourself adequate rest days and rewards to keep yourself motivated.

No ana, please.
884 posts and 92 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 361937

Any tips for internalizing that gaining weight can be a good thing?

I've always been skinny but really unfit and I've finally started making an effort to start working out and building any amount of strength and stamina.
On an intellectual level I know it makes sense that I'm gaining weight as I slowly build muscle, and I'm eating more because I'm expending way more energy than usual, but I can't shut up this voice in my head insisting that number on scale goes up = I'm a fatty mcfat fat and need to get rid of this weight asap.

No. 361969

I'm super happy, I don't have a scale to measure how much weight I've lost but a skirt and a pair of jeans that used to be too tight on me are looser and more comfortable now. Yay!

No. 361991

First of all stop weighing yourself. Get rid of your scale, youre not trying to gain/lose a certain amount right? So the number is irrelevant. Secondly shift your attention to enjoying exercises, enjoying healthy meals, your improved sleep/stamina/strength/overall health. Notice these nice things in the moment and redirect weight-insecure thoughts to the positive memories.

No. 362076

$90 a month? The gym I'm going to is about $25 a month, it's woman-only, and also has optional classes that you can take for free with a membership. I've never heard of this gym being annoying about getting people to join their gym as well. The gym you went to sounds suspicious. I think it's worth going to the cheaper gym instead. You can also work out from home if you're gonna be doing more cardio over weightlifting.

No. 362102

I think remembering you’re feed your functions might help. Focus on your macros just think about how they apply. Fats for vitamin absorption and cellular health , carbs for energy and protein for gains and recovery.

Reducing your intake becuase you’re getting hung up on being fat will only limit your potential or worse not support the impact working out has on your body. Working out without adequate nutrition will either exhaust you at best or at worst cause irreversible damage. All that being said it’s a learning is a process about care, so be sure to take care of yourself. You got this noona and keep strong!

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