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File: 1679247223210.jpg (47.43 KB, 569x411, mysterium.jpg)

No. 317613[Reply]

Welcome to to the Fortune Telling thread. Please reed carefully.

>I/ Info for people seeking a reading


There are not many readers and I won't be able to do all query so be sure you can check this thread often and give a feedback.
Lurking here is a good way to start, readers can ask you info about your query.

If you are lost need some guidance and advice, Tarot works best this way:
For example, instead of asking:
>Will this happen?
>Ask: what can I do to make this happening/increase chances to make this happening?
(if you want the situation to happen, of course)

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No. 317822

No. 317843

File: 1679353595547.jpeg (100.21 KB, 780x900, 58F3CA76-7D6F-4033-9389-27EA51…)

25, F, Leo sun Gemini rising Virgo moon.
Am I finally taking the right path to improve my life for good?
>I feel like I am, but I am struggling a lot, picrel. General life and mental health, attempting to undo years of emotional abuse in a properly healthy way for quite possibly the first time in my life. Thank you in advance.

No. 317852

File: 1679358987379.png (53.56 KB, 1060x640, dzqds2t9bfla1.png)

Taurus 24F
Am I doing the right thing by trying to accept my situation or should I be making some kind of change?
I've been pretty depressed for a few years. I felt stuck because my job is really stressful and I'm really lonely where I live. Recently I've been trying not to stress too much about making some kind of drastic change and have been trying to focus on being happy with what I have. I just wonder if being patient about change is the right move or if I'm forcing myself to be content when maybe I could be happier.

No. 317873

it’s someone mini-modding. you’re fine.

No. 317931

File: 1679438590557.jpeg (158.93 KB, 749x911, FBC56E80-94F0-4C6F-AC55-97AF8A…)

Sagittarius Sun/Moon, Scorpio Rising

Where do I go from here after this chapter has closed?

>Just finally got through a hellish time in my life and have some peace and routine again. I feel like the picture though, sitting around an empty room and looking pretty. Waiting? Resting? Don’t know. Feels stagnant.

File: 1659101913602.gif (647.26 KB, 682x510, er.gif)

No. 278561[Reply]

Previous thread: >>>/g/211074

This is for diet and fitness related things only.

-Post your goals, your current state, like your weight or measurements;
-What you're going to do to change it and your methods (Weight training? Intermittent Fasting? Running? Raw eating? MyFitnessPal logs?);
-And how to be held accountable for it, like biweekly weigh-ins or measurings.

Feel free to post charts of your progress! If you're doing daily reports, remember to sage.

Reminder that we're all human and we all have our ups and downs. Don't blame yourself for failing and don't get fixated on small missteps. This is a marathon, not a race. Self-sabotage will only make things worse. Try to stay positive and think of the positive steps you've made to get here and keep moving forward!

Don't get fixated on numbers and give yourself adequate rest days and rewards to keep yourself motivated.

No ana, please.
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No. 317257

Not really a thing. You can lose weight in general and they’ll shrink to some degree. Some hormonal birth control decreases estrogen and shrinks breasts quite a bit but it depends on the person more than the pill to be honest.

No. 317262

anything hypertrophic that activates your pectorals tbh. bench presses etc.

No. 317919

How the fuck do you get back to tracking food?

I used to track daily for 2-3 years and thanks to the new job I have I'm not allowed to use the phone for 8 hours so I stopped logging as usual. I can guess the calories and macros of food in general now but I'm trying to pull my shit together again because this job is destroying me in all sorts of ways.

Notifications aren't really working, any other ideas?

No. 317926

How about using a little memo pad and a pen? Works for me. If you ever can’t guess the calories just write it down and look it up after work.

No. 318027

Can't you just pre-plan and pre-log your meals? I bring my own food when I can't log, so I know exactly what calories are in it.

File: 1667396287877.jpg (96.08 KB, 735x735, 50c3ed187326c7274baff568b8522d…)

No. 297242[Reply]

Previous Thread: >>215102

>Don't forget to stay anonymous. Don't give key details about you like your real name or address. Have basic cyber security common sense.
>Don't organize any type of discord/telegram/etc group in this thread or anywhere else on lolcow. Organize it elsewhere.
>Don't get discouraged if you get ghosted or don't immediately click with someone, shit happens. Keep trying.
>This website is 18+ only, don't post here if you are a minor.

Guidelines to consider:
>How long this contact will remain active?
>What age range are you most comfortable with for new potential friendships?
>How would you describe yourself?
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No. 317110

File: 1678960019410.jpeg (101.87 KB, 750x970, 2E1C1BC1-317A-4753-B795-1225E3…)

& I am much more active on Guilded or Discord so I would be happy to give you either of those upon request.

>How long this contact will remain active?

Forever. If I ever somehow forget about this throwaway email, feel free to reply to this post and I can give you a new one or check the one provided.



>What age range are you most comfortable with for new potential friendships?


>How would you describe yourself?

My personality is a bit all over the place. I tend to be pretty quiet/introverted in some social settings, other times I can be very goofy. It really depends on who I’m with.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 317195

hi, is there a new contactable @ for this? i'd love this server theoretically (:((:)

No. 317211

Hi, please refer to >>307940

No. 317913

File: 1679420899699.png (20.47 KB, 619x550, Mokda kek.png)

>What age range are you most comfortable with for new potential friendships?
>How would you describe yourself?
I'm a very driven/motivated person while also being a complete sperg at times. I'm pretty introverted irl but online I can be very outgoing.
>Hobbies and pastimes
JFashion is my biggest passion, but I also really enjoy metal (fav genres are doom, death, and black). I love fandom history fandom culture in general. I also work out very regularly, enjoy fitness/wellness and self improvement. I do cosplay as well. I'm also a bit of a stoner, but I very rarely drink.
>Favorite movies/shows/music/books/etc
Books: Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings
Music: Death, Candlemass, DIO, Vehemence, Aqours, Liella, Mu's, Daughter, Claris, Bathory, Venom
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No. 317914

nice tag, boi I miss the old meduka meguca fandom

File: 1630046613822.png (55.56 KB, 936x589, wKLCIhV.png)

No. 203317[Reply]

Share any experiences or thoughts on current day sex work.

Have you ever cammed, sugared or escorted? How did it impact you psychologically?

Can sex work be something empowering and fulfilling, as Twitter prostitutes claim it to be?

Should sex work be legal and regulated? What do you think about Onlyfans and the recent ban reversal on it, etc.

Previous thread >>90992
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No. 317875

File: 1679376786040.jpg (Spoiler Image, 329.36 KB, 1080x1850, IMG_20230321_082344.jpg)

No. 317876

File: 1679376816181.jpg (155.33 KB, 1080x1440, Screenshot_2023-03-21-08-20-33…)

The absolute hypocrisy of the scrotes

No. 317877

File: 1679376844131.jpg (139.59 KB, 1080x1686, IMG_20230321_082410.jpg)

No. 317884

Anyone could work at a grocery store, does it mean that it's not real work? That logic isn't working at all, especially from scrotes using those services. I'm not pro-sex work myself but obviously it is work, even if it is dangerous and I would not advise anyone does it.

No. 317897

Men get really mad at the idea of a woman randomly being able to sell her body and make a ton of money while having sex, they dont understand most SW don't enjoy themselves and don't get to keep most of the money. So men see sexwork as some fun little scheme for women to fuck successful men and get free money while the reality is much different.

File: 1671481634706.jpg (69.67 KB, 1078x560, 2awn8inciba41.jpg)

No. 304845[Reply]


previous thread >>>/g/269475
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No. 317882

based picrel. one of my favourite albums of all time

No. 317909

Similarly, I like the idea of my husbando having clones and all having their way with me, especially if they're different versions of him throughout the series.

No. 317944

File: 1679445465435.jpg (314.43 KB, 1200x1200, 1555785759823.jpg)

AYRT, are you a DMCfag? Because I am, and I love this shit

No. 317959

I am but I actually prefer DMC1 Dante the most, though I'd be willing to have fun with all forms of him kek

No. 318073

I think some people get a rush out of being restrained (NOT being abused or hurt) because it's like a game, like they get excited about what the next move will be. Of course they probably are turned off immediately if they realize the other person is not playing, is not trying to excite you, and actually intends to break consent.

File: 1664650184726.jpg (178.19 KB, 692x886, Storm Thorgerson.jpg)

No. 291804[Reply]

previous thread >>187179
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No. 314885

thank you for the answer nonna this really eased my mind and was very helpful! i’ll see what i can do

No. 314972

just want to vent and warn nonnas about Jesse liners. I wear a liner when I know I'll be out the whole day. I've always had healthy discharge and I hate the feeling of damp underwear. So today I wore underwear that are kind of like a thong/tanga, but comfortable and seamless. I used a Jesse brand string liner. I go to remove it this evening, see a small amount of discharge, nbd. Remove it, and the fabric underneath is wet. Nonnies, it wasn't even that much! And what if i had been worried about starting my menses? Fuck Jesse string liners.

No. 315165

I have a weird bump on my labia minora, I don't know what it is. It's probably just a cyst (though it doesn't look like it) but I'm a bit paranoid about it being a tumor or something. I kind of want to go to the doctor but I feel embarrassed for having my doctor look at my vagina when it's probably nothing serious.

No. 317863

File: 1679364111862.jpeg (608.71 KB, 1256x1920, 1654198020005.jpeg)

help me nonas I have an ingrown hair/zit on my outer labia and it hurts like a bitch. 99% sure it's related to shaving because I just trimmed a couple days ago and then this happens. What can I do to make it go away faster/be less irritated? (I work a job walking around all day so unfortunately my legs keep rubbing on it and irritating it)

No. 317864

if you have a bath tub take a hot bath for ~30 minutes and then try to pop it. Alternatively use a hot compress on it. if it doesnt pop easily, leave it alone and just wear loose undies for a few days

File: 1613654404854.jpg (219.56 KB, 3840x3840, square-eyeglasses-tortoise-ace…)

No. 172132[Reply]

ITT:Discuss unconventional and conversational turn ons that aren't related to kink or bdsm and are mostly Benine

I'll start, having sex with a guy while he's wearing glasses
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No. 317860

Yess I'm the same way. I don't mean to brag or blogpost but my nigel is exactly like this, was friends with him for years during which he never expressed any sexual feelings openly, not during banter with other dudes either, just very private regarding sex and seemingly uninterested. Only when I started dating him did I discover this repressed/hidden sexual side to him, which is still very wholesome and loving. Feels like such a rare find.

No. 317861

i have a thing for the inverse of this when the eyes are looking in slightly different directions outwards. realised after noticing that like half of my celeb crushes have it going on, which is weird considering it's pretty rare.

No. 317862

We call this şehla in Turkish, it's considered to be a cute and serene expression

No. 317889

i know this is unpopular but thick stubby fingers. longer 'elegant' ones just sort of creep me out. i also like thick hands in general, and slightly injured ones. i kind of like the idea of a strong franken-hand.

No. 317935

I think she's really cute!

I get it nonna, that also look beautiful, unconventional eyes are the best

File: 1642723012372.jpg (120.65 KB, 2000x1270, charli-xcx-2021.jpg)

No. 225178[Reply]

post conventionally attractive women you'd want to fuck and have no shame admitting

previous thread >>>/g/127692
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No. 317675

File: 1679269677045.jpg (30.73 KB, 675x332, k8p5ipjmiz7qtirutie1hizhuqjmwj…)

I am obsessed with Becky's lips. I want to look at them all day.

No. 317808

File: 1679340758396.jpg (267.56 KB, 1080x1350, Salma-Hayek-Celebrates-Reachin…)


No. 317816

Ugh ik…but the way Sam kissed Mon's hand whilst giving her eyes I SWEAR Sam will always be my number one. She just has that elegant and mysterious charm

No. 317845

File: 1679355668658.jpeg (982.03 KB, 2204x3217, 355FBC7B-4087-4242-A9AE-975385…)

I want her to do my hair

No. 317856

Aww, I love Maria.

File: 1502398936773.png (180.11 KB, 500x293, me (2).png)

No. 66358[Reply]

Can we have a thread for lesbian and bi women to discuss their fantasies and desires towards other women? No rules except for no talk about dicks
I never find women my age (20) attractive. It's always older women, usually 30+, especially older butch lesbians. I want an older woman to boss me around
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No. 316710

I was judging people who are into the guy from You but I just realized that if that character was a bookish, sociopathic, delusional woman with a rare book cage in her basement and she was obsessed with me and put me on a pedestal and killed anyone who gave me trouble, I'd be done for. Locking me up so I can finally finish writing my book? Aww, so romantic. The character Peach from s1 is kind of like a less-violent female equivalent and I'm so into her but I really wanted her to take it to a deeper level of crazy. Creep shots and manipulation are one thing but I wanted there to be a kidnapping or a blood oath or something lol. The idea of being wanted on such an obsessive level is so attractive. It makes me want to write my own version of this concept but I'd just be ripping off the show, either that or it'd be fanfic lol.
Yesss this is my favorite part of eating out.

No. 317051

I just had a dream where I had sex with a girl in my parent's house and had to stop and hide her away in my bedroom before we could get caught and ran away with her somewhere afterward, the details of the aftermath are fuzzy but not the sex itself kek we scissored (after much struggling and adjustment) but had to cut it short, I'm a kissless virgin in real life though so dream me after we had to cut it short and I had to drag her away and stash her in my room I somehow immediately thought it pertinent to think to myself that holy fuck technically I'm not a virgin anymore. KEK

No. 317708

File: 1679291685756.jpg (25.34 KB, 538x360, 360_F_28857695_KaUT9zugJVoYszS…)

autism incoming: i have this idea for a fantasy sex toy. In concept it's similar to a double ended dildo but it's not shaped like a dick it's probably just tube shaped. But anyway the concept is when your partner's vagina contracts, it makes your side expand, and then when you contract back, it expands her side, etc. When you get it going I bet it would be super stimulating, plus it would be hot to know it's fluctuating based on your partner's contractions I can't think of any way something like this would work in real life but i need a mad scientist to design it pls.

No. 317746

You should pitch that idea to Lovense

No. 317801

Maybe if the tube was filled with a liquid, and had two connected compartments. So if one person contracts, the liquid is squeezed out one compartment and into the other, making it expand

File: 1656261772128.jpg (130.67 KB, 720x1280, 5cad2ea422c333b4ac89530faa21d7…)

No. 272194[Reply]

A thread for discussing hair care, hair problems, hair styles, and hair product recommendations.

Previous thread: >>>/g/194587
559 posts and 94 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 317727

For the sake of this thread I won't mention the ridiculousness of buying some other woman's hair just because you fucked up your own.

But what do you need a full head of kurokami for, really ? If you need presentable hair for work just get an inconspicuous style of wig in a color that looks good on you.

Most of us who have to cut off our hair after fucking around and finding out just cope and let it grow back though, it's not the end of the world.

No. 317747

Honestly, sleeping in any kind of protective style (bun, braid, etc) will leave some sort of kink in your hair, it’s not gonna stay perfectly straight. You could try leaving your hair down and using a silk/satin bonnet to minimize any waves, but I don’t think it’ll be perfect.

No. 317748

Stretching out days in between washing only works for people with normal scalps who have been overwashing. If you have an oily scalp, there's no espace from frequent washing. I shampoo+condition my hair daily, otherwise all the hair around my face and back of my head is stuck together. I used to wash every other day with a lot of dry shampoo on day 2, but it gave me a horribly itchy scalp.

No. 317749

>For the sake of this thread I won't mention the ridiculousness of buying some other woman's hair just because you fucked up your own.
but you did anyway

No. 317872

what's the difference between buying a wig because you have short hair after messing with it vs buying a wig because you want a wig, or because culturally it's encouraged

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