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File: 1700296371418.png (1.32 MB, 683x1024, 00030fullscreen.png)

No. 359606[Reply]

post here if you have a passion for fashion

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Pic: John Galliano Fall Winter 2009.
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No. 399079

Yes, I think about this all the time. I hate how US stores are all the same style. Went to the mall yesterday, every clothing store is just the same exact style in a different store, they want you to go to them instead of their competitors I guess. I want to see different aesthetics! Not just the same thing in 10 different stores.. Sadly though Japan is turning that way. Not fully, but a lot of the stores are turning into what >>397314 said. I would like to buy vintage Japanese clothes but sadly I'm too tall/ have too wide chest and hips for it. I've never found pants/shorts that fit my hips. And the tops/dresses that can fit my breasts are too short. Bought a dress once and it ended above my butt kek. Skirts also always show my entire butt.

No. 399151

Late but cream colored socks with a decorative knit pattern preferably with openings so it's more spring-like, brown leather shoes and bag, and a crochet accessory somewhere to match the socks, maybe a bandana/headband.

I'm an eurofag but I like that the variety of jeans available in chain stores has increased compared to what we had in the 2010s when if you wanted anything other than skinny jeans you had to drag your ass to levi's and drop hundreds. And if you wanted an edgy wash you'd have to go to more expensive brands. Now I've got a bunch of different cuts with different waistlines for all kind of outfits. Lack of variety was the reason I got into alt fashion in the early 2010s, but putting together normie outfits became just as interesting now that not everything is the same exact shape. I own so many variations of jeans + black tee now and they all look vastly different, it's pretty cool.

No. 399165

Any nonas have recommendations for cute wedge heels that aren't too expensive? Wedges are the only heel I can actually walk in, but browsing Nordstrom it seems like the vast majority of wedges are espadrille styled or have that sort of cork board style to the wedge. I find it a bit boring and would like something more fun, like colors besides black/neutrals, yet the more colorful wedges on there are all seem to be designer label priced.

No. 399228

Sorry for cringe meltdown but I was outbid on 3 SEPERATE eBay auctions for this dress by people who are using bots, how is that not unfair/against eBays rules?! I am the rightful winner…

No. 399311

i have a window shopping addiction. i waste SO much time browsing shopping websites and i can't convince myself to quit because it's not like i'm breaking my bank. i rarely buy anything since i have enormous expectations for everything (especially clothing) after this much research. it's taking over my life.

my condolences

File: 1714173017486.jpg (119.07 KB, 736x920, cow.jpg)

No. 393926[Reply]

Previous Thread: >>347288
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No. 399020

I want to start a youtube channel where I post videos of me just chilling somewhere and talking about my own problems and whatever I'm thinking about.

I won't be showing my face and there's a very low chance anyone I know IRL would find it. I'm not looking to grow it alot either but I'd love to have a few people interact with in the comments or so.

I guess I just want to somewhere to vent to strangers. Is that weird? Should I do it or should I not?

No. 399022

Having pores full of shea butter isn’t really a bad thing unless there’s dirt in there too. Shea butter is awesome.

No. 399023

I see this pretty often on Instagram, not weird at all imo… as long as it doesn't get too tmi or depressing

No. 399031

I’m in the US and when I worked at a hotel we hired a lot of foreigners for housekeeping and a couple for front desk. There were not a lot of foreign applicants for front desk, most of the foreigners applying did not speak English so they went to housekeeping (I know this because I was involved in management for a while). However as long as your English skills are strong and you have the legal paperwork to be employed, your odds of getting a front desk position should be just as good as a native born applicant with similar work experience. If you speak multiple languages that the guests there use that will also increase your odds of getting a job. Hotels have high turnover and the hours/pay can fluctuate but you probably know that… in housekeeping especially they need you every day in the busy season and overwork you and then they call you off or barely schedule you in the slow season which really affects your pay. If you have strong labor laws in your country please be aware they probably don’t exist here. The hours you work are whatever the business says. California is one of the nicer states for labor laws but that doesn’t mean a lot.

No. 399292

File: 1716144218995.jpg (226.64 KB, 984x1200, ba98f000df23b303435d79e1135191…)

I've realized that most times I'm a very warm, caring, friendly person and like very surface level socializing but I hate rejection, specially considering I'm off putting irl and have autistic interests. What now? I think I'm avoidant or disorganized. When I mean I hate rejection, it's very, very deep wounds. I can't open myself tbh.

File: 1625505366111.png (198.61 KB, 500x406, imagen_2021-07-05_121617.png)

No. 196243[Reply]

This thread is for girls who thought were fully homosexual growing up. Most of us actually dated girls, were in the lesbian scene, and had homophobic remarks made to us, so to not derail the lesbian and bisexual thread here's a place where we can discuss our past experiences. This thread is does NOT approve of conversion therapy. Try to not be judgamental of the posters here.

>When did you realize you weren't a lesbian, as you thought?

Discuss anything pertaining to it.

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No. 390170

i wish it was bait. its completely ridiculous

No. 390173

How did you unironically think that a twink was a girl? They have different voices, different bodies, etc. you're such a liar. Probably a troon.

No. 390177

NTA but every story I've heard about people "turning" straight irl were obvious closet cases in denial who thought jesus cured them lol.

No. 390178

I saw him for a few weeks in my class and he was 5'1" he wore makeup and feminine clothes like long skirts or baggy dresses and coats that covered his body. i never heard him talk until i asked him out. Then i noticed the voice and realized he was male. He wasn't trans, just a crossdresser. I had recently gotten cheated on by a bi girl so i was having a bit of a "ill date a male and show them all" moment.

No. 399266

File: 1716139385878.jpg (50.98 KB, 657x527, 8nLFCVP.jpg)

genunely considering becoming an ex-lesbain due to my semi-traditional homophobic muslim family and not by my own want. Thinking about a future with a girl feels so fufilling, but my family will never understand that. They view homosexuality as nothing more than a dirty sin or political propaganda that is corrupting young people. I feel super upset to my stomach when they bash us. What if I gave up and became a celibate. There's still time to "be saved" I guess (I never came out). Maybe being single is better than being disowned by a family who loves me or wondering if I'll burn in hell for being happy. Why is something so normal viewed as so shameful?

I don't even know where this idea of homosexuality being a sin came from in middle-eastern culture. population control maybe? the only reasoning i can think of is moids wanting women to be birthing machines.

File: 1685282405590.jpg (85.17 KB, 735x854, 00000008877641.jpg)

No. 331392[Reply]

Last Thread: >>252508

Thread for:
>femdom images and media
>femdom fantasies
>female subs interested in women
>advice and stories

Some things to get us started:
>What are your main kinks?
>What is your ideal sub like?
>What experiences have you had?
>What advice do you have for new dommes?
>Where to find subs? How to avoid unhealthy ones?
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 399132

Cute where idc about moids dying in war

No. 399173

Russian in captivity, snatched the video from Reddit. I'm joining telegram groups because they're the source.

No. 399211

They're all hideous though

No. 399213

Well if you have better examples of young war prisoner videos I'd like to see them.

No. 399244

We need more blond, slim Russian twinks being maimed on camera

File: 1685880135702.jpeg (67.44 KB, 750x776, IMG_7531.jpeg)

No. 333126[Reply]

second thread is finally due to be locked, so here's the new one to discuss bisexuality.
thread #1 >>56468
thread #2 >>199767

if you're still extremely unsure if you're bisexual, the questioning thread is likely a better fit. talk about your gender preferences, how you discovered you were bi, what's your type in men and women, how you feel in the community, any struggles you've had with bisexuality, etc.
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No. 398164

anon this is the bisexual thread. masc WOMEN (not tifs) make my pussy throb. i just like fictional dude vagina in fantasy porn settings.

No. 398446

Well it only sounds weird to me, seems like a coomer thing like wanting an actual woman with a dick. But I love masc women.

No. 398925

sorry 4 the blogpost but i’ve got some really weird shit going on. lately, my bisexuality has swung back around to being 99% woman-focused, but i’ve got this sudden shame about it. i’ve never been ashamed of being bi before, i even thought i was a lesbian for a few years before realizing i was bi, but now i get this internal i’m-going-to-hell feeling whenever i catch myself fantasizing about a woman even non-sexually. (and if anyone’s wondering, i’ve been an atheist for about 10 years, so there shouldn’t be any major religious hangups). has anyone else experienced this before?? like, rapid-onset internalized biphobia?? or is my retardation entirely unique.

No. 399189

There’s this super beautiful girl that goes to my uni, her personality is annoying and pretentious but it’s my type more or less. She’s unfortunately dating this annoying and disgusting moid that’s halfway on the path to trooning out, she’s a gendie too, but I feel like I could turn her into dedicated TERF. Life is hard nonnas.

No. 399290

Do it anon, befriend her and see what happens

File: 1698347793746.jpeg (3.33 MB, 275x275, image0.jpg)

No. 355199[Reply]

A home to post your nerdy crushes here. Whether he just wears nerdy glasses, or if has nerdy hobbies, or is just, a plain nerd.

Previous Thread: >>287864
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No. 399111

Nonnie I would not call this hair part pristine…also where does his real hair end in this photo and where does the wig begin? I guess I’m not wigpilled enough to notice

No. 399183

File: 1716117399698.png (712.04 KB, 704x988, tumblr_p6y4vfdHt61x6asclo3_500…)

The fact that it's so straight and dense gives away the fact that it's a wig topper, especially when you can easily find pictures of him as a teenager with this actual hair (you can see scalp). This is not minoxidil use because hair growth with minoxidil is thick and scraggly (users typically complain of "witch hair").
Compare his fake-ass hair part in that picture to this picture of him in 2009. In this picture you can see his natural hair before it started thinning, and as you can see, his hair isn't naturally so thick that you can't see his scalp. It never has been. You can see parts of his scalp (which is normal) and you can see the sort of jagged natural parting of his hair.

Vinny Vinesauce is a fucking wig wearing bitch.

No. 399184

File: 1716117645090.jpg (399.56 KB, 1352x1728, Vinesauce-Banned-Twitch-1024x6…)

The wig topper ends at the highlighted area. You can tell because it literally looks like a whole new hairline starts at the back. The wig topper's hair part is a bit too big and bulky to blend seamlessly.

No. 399233

Do you think he wears the wig during streams too? No wonder he doesn't do webcam.

No. 399260

Kek it's probably the reason why he's so depressed and constantly sounds like two lost follicles away from killing himself.

File: 1641048060087.jpeg (216.9 KB, 853x480, iu-64.jpeg)

No. 220643[Reply]

A thread for the loners here (all of us). Venting, how you deal with it, how you spend your time etc.
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No. 399097

Struggling with the fact my friends and even the guy I'm dating live with someone and I'm all alone, my family is all the way on the other side of the country. My friends have their boyfriends and husbands. My guy has his family. I know there's a reason why I'm so clingy.

I also went to a concert by myself recently. I had some fun, but I did preoccupy myself with the fact wishing I had someone to come with me.

No. 399158

File: 1716112176221.jpg (117.91 KB, 828x625, GCr077haMAMIUk4.jpg)

i feel like i missed out on developing social skills in my adolescence and me being so comfortable isolating myself from the world after school/work has made it difficult to feel or be 'normal' around other people. even though i am only 24, which i know is still young, it feels like i am too far gone and will never be able to break the cycle. whenever i try to reach out to someone or make an attempt to meet new people (online), i realize it usually doesn't make me feel better at all - just exhausted. it has gotten to the point that even when i go visit my brother, all i can think about is how much worse i've gotten at having generic conversations and it genuinely makes me want to die because it's so terribly pathetic that i can't even talk to my family and not feel like i'm doing a bad job at it. i don't know who i am and nothing brings me joy, so i don't have anything to talk about with anyone. i'm currently unemployed which is not helping, but even when i did have a job i still felt like this. it truly feels hopeless. maybe i'm just having a quarter life crisis after realizing i wasted the first 5 years of my 20s doing nothing besides working and sitting in my room kek.

No. 399162

I don't drink when I'm going somewhere alone, people at shows tend to stay within their own groups and most concerts I go to are moid dominated anyway.
I've had fun but not having anybody to talk about it is kinda sad. I have a pal who I sometimes used to go to shows with but he has a crush on me so I prefer to keep him at arm's length.

No. 399166

File: 1716114344778.png (217.52 KB, 435x326, full (1).png)

My last friend turned out to be a full blown socipath whom shelved me for a month. (discovered she was a sociopath through her ex she had introduced me a month prior, who was just a date at this point) I give up

No. 399310

I go to concerts alone and at the beginning it really depressed me because I was sort of expecting to meet people, even if it was just a small friendly exchange. and the fact it never happened made me feel lonely. but now I only go if i'm planning on just enjoying the night alone, no expectations. i actually love my own company, and the only times I don't, are when I have expectations socially, so I just… try not to have those anymore. but at the same time, i know the only way to meet people is to get out and join groups, go to events etc. so I keep doing it, I just make sure I enjoy it for myself first and foremost, otherwise it's heartbreaking.

File: 1703141572495.jpg (47.41 KB, 600x900, smiling-japanese-women-1012757…)

No. 366897[Reply]

A place for Asian women to chat, vent, offer advice, discuss Asian culture.
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No. 398826

Where's the thread? I can't find it in the catalog.

No. 398845

It's the mixed race thread. Though since hapas itt are talking about specifically Asian issues I don't see what the problem is.

No. 398846

No. 398865

The problem is that it's not Asian issues but hapa issues.

No. 399152

Some of them are fine and some of them I don't want to see. Like >>398383 . I don't want to see complaints about how badly she, as a mixed race woman, wants to be fetishized as Asian no matter now self aware of it she is.

File: 1686651934163.jpg (31.88 KB, 640x640, 1617277485193.jpg)

No. 335170[Reply]

for anyone dealing with sexual problems that may or may not stem from sexual trauma. no active thread specifically for this topic. a place to vent and/or discuss, to feel less alone in these struggles.
354 posts and 49 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 399108

When I was 5 or 6, a girl a few years older than me threatened to tell on me for cursing and said the only way she wouldn't was if I went with her to the bathroom and let her have sex with me. I complied and tried to forget it ever happened. I kind of leaned on that event as I got older as an explanation and excuse for why I was so sexually fucked up (masochistic tendencies, attraction to older women, crying after sex, etc.), but if I'm honest, I could never really draw a direct emotional line from the event to my actions. When I look back on it now, it almost feels like a dream. I know it happened even though I never told a soul, but I can't summon any actual emotional reaction to it. It doesn't feel like something that happened to me. I couldn't even tell my therapists about it, and I don't know why, because it's just a list of facts in my head that feel pretty disconnected from me. The only emotion I can connect with anymore is how afraid I was of getting in trouble with my dad (he hit me a lot as a child over very minor offenses) and a lingering resentment that my fear of him put me in that situation to begin with. But even then, I feel more indignant on behalf of a child that I can't integrate with my current self. Even recalling the events factually now, I just feel nothing about it. I can't tell if I'm seriously over it or if I'm really fucked up about it deep down and can't tell. I replicated sexually inappropriate behavior with female friends when I was young, like kissing and touching, and I do feel some guilt about that even though it was never forceful. I don't know what the point of this is, I just wonder what it all means. Maybe it doesn't mean anything. I can't even remember that little girl's face anymore. Sometimes I wonder what became of her.

No. 399126

I went through something similar too, don’t hate yourself for this- you should be more forgiving on your child self. You didn’t know any better. It’s normal to feel so conflicted about the amount of mess that came after it too. I think you should not feel shame in telling a therapist unless your therapist already sucks (maybe gage her reaction to other similar topics). Maybe even tell someone else.

No. 399142

File: 1716102302164.png (1.79 MB, 828x1792, IMG_1458.png)

I was raped at 3 multiple times and they are unfortunately my 1st memories. Even though what happened to me is severely traumatic I think watching the same man rape babies in actual diapers fucked me up more. Because of this I have always had a fear of older men. So many men tried grooming me when I was younger but none of it worked because deep down I have always been disgusted with men. Now as an adult, I only go for younger men but I’ve still been extremely conservative when it came to dating. I started seeing a guy 4 months ago and we recently had sex. This was the 1st time I was willingly having sex. Of course after we fuck he says he wasn’t sure he could do a relationship but still desperately wants me in his life. I’m retarded and fucked him 4 more times because despite my trauma, it felt really good. I ended up having my 1st panic attack in years after the 4th time. I never told him about my trauma because I’ve learned to keep that shit to yourself. Why did it turn out this way? I want to kms so bad.

No. 399177

It's much, much worse ofc. The very nature of the act is also relevant. I was going to point out how 11 years old is already different from being 8 or 9, but this also happens with smaller children sadly. Happened in my country recently, a bunch of 8yo boys did what you described to a girl in their school.

No. 399230

Nona, you do not need to feel ashamed, regretful, or dirty that you had sex a few times without a relationship on the horizon just because it felt good. As much as anyone else out there, you deserve to have consensual sex that feels good. (I am guessing that what you're thinking is: 'it's manipulative libfem talk to say it's empowering to have sex that goes nowhere.' But the flipside of that is that it truly is hateful, incorrect, and regressive to think that having consensual sex degrades you in some way, and you don't deserve to carry that shame.) You deserve to explore and be curious and do selfish, silly, care-free things like that. One thing any scientist can tell you is that experiments fail and end poorly or inconclusively all the time, but you need to take risks in order to learn and collect more information and experience. I also think that when all of your experiences are bad and traumatic, it really helps to satisfy that curiosity and put less-traumatic experiences between you and the past, even if you don't swing immediately into a perfect relationship (in this way, you are simply like all of the millions of women who did not end up marrying their first high school sweetheart). I hope you can try to look at yourself with the same empathy that you would look at any friend of yours who tried dating around, slept with someone, and found out it didn't work before moving on to the next guy.
It sounds to me like you are a smart, thoughtful, and cautious woman, and I completely believe in your ability to balance protecting yourself and yet exploring the world and taking the risks necessary to find fulfilling romantic and sexual experiences. I'm proud of you for being so careful in the dating world as an adult, and I'm proud of you for taking a risk now, even though it didn't work out. Also fwiw I don't think it's always productive to tell people about the trauma too early on (and he wasn't the one, so does he even deserve to know you that deeply? no).

File: 1630159202812.jpg (143.05 KB, 640x780, skinnoshame on instagram.jpg)

No. 203417[Reply]

thread for talking about and celebrating (or simply being willing to accept, if that's where you are) our bodies in their natural form. completely unedited and unflitered. all bodies welcome - skin conditions such as acne, body hair, stretch marks, fat, lumps and bumps. you name it! all is welcome here.

picture and video editing is becoming more advanced and detecting what is real from what is fake is getting harder. posting of truly unedited pics is highly encouraged. if you know of any online accounts focused around the idea of embracing of the natural self, please share!
312 posts and 68 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 378637

That style looks a bit frumpy on any shape unless you're very thin or very tall, and you're underestimating how thin she is on that picture. You wouldn't look pear shaped at her weight. I most definitely start losing the pear shape once I get to like bmi 17.
Not saying you should do that, just that you're basing your expectations on a person who put a lot of effort onto having that body because that was literally her job. You can't expect to just happen to look like that naturally.

No. 380886

File: 1708546696729.png (Spoiler Image,3.08 MB, 1424x1088, 1.png)

How would you define this? She's Andressa Soares btw

No. 380898

Dr Miami body

No. 399141

I don't shave, but usually I still keep my pits covered up for the most part in the summer. Tomorrow I'm going to hang out in the LGBT district with them out in a cute outfit and not care. Baby steps IG

No. 399159

2 months late to the party but this isn't pear shaped. Pear shaped is when your shoulders look smaller than your hips, being bottom heavy basically. She is more like a V shape or top heavy hourglass, her shoulders are the widest point.

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