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File: 1617692830543.jpg (237.59 KB, 736x1113, Vintage-Advertising-Elizabeth-…)

No. 178060[Reply]

Discuss anything skincare related!
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No. 192498

Would you say that Volufiline could be a substitute for tret when it comes to its anti aging properties? Does it do anything about fine lines? And does it cause breakouts?

No. 192508

Are you allergic to sodium lauryl sulfate? Its in most soaps and caused me to rash up. Otherwise anti-histamines usually help, but make sure you get the ones behind the counter with pseudoephedrine

No. 192514

Any good quality retinol brands that won't break your bank? I was thinking of the Inlet List's, but an anon already posted and and others said it was alright.

No. 192515

From my understanding, volufiline has a different purpose than tret. Volufiline should probably not be applied to the whole face, only areas where more fat would result in a more youthful appearance (for instance, if you have a hollow undereye area). I gain weight in my face so I am very careful where I apply it.

No. 192603

Thank you anon, so so much, wish I could hug you. I actually had seen bleach baths being mentioned on some sites but brushed it off because I thought it was crazy. I’m definitely going to give it a try. It makes sense because now looking at some of my skin, I can see traces of staph infections, and I had no idea.

I also never considered wet dressing because water can be quite painful, so I thought water and eczema didn’t mix. I have the oat based cream covered though!

Maybe, but I have always avoided soaps with this ingredient, and my current soap is free of it (l use a cetaphil bar soap). I might look into trying a cream with pseudoephedrine, I haven’t heard of it before. I have tried cortisone cream and it seems to work fine, I use it really sparingly.

File: 1617833357042.png (1.3 MB, 803x1429, 1617833858261.png)

No. 178343[Reply]

New thread by popular demand:

For attractive guys but, like, British
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No. 191486

I only know who he is because of his wife

No. 191506

File: 1623414652477.jpg (69.98 KB, 731x950, 23f6e34702fba9c4095c5ef4098bdc…)

he has an annoying face.

No. 191566

Yeah, looks very punchable. Luckily the rest of him is distracting

No. 192509

File: 1623863371886.jpg (72.69 KB, 493x600, 749684b96e1ca160176b20b50fdad5…)

The Kinks were such a great group of good looking lads. Very fashionable too which is always a bonus

No. 192555

File: 1623876690395.jpg (56.72 KB, 395x675, tumblr_0eb02ee765aa61206fc8998…)

i'm still thirsting so hard for this bastard

File: 1618768633236.jpeg (26.25 KB, 236x296, dolph senpai.jpeg)

No. 180161[Reply]

Post conventionally attractive males you want to have sex with and have no shame admitting.

Previous thread: >>137333
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No. 192503

File: 1623861142884.jpg (234.35 KB, 1124x1686, bc220d48b515afd5b8e7bab14efff3…)

tom hughes but only as prince albert

No. 192507

File: 1623862187461.png (1.19 MB, 606x1078, e733c791d21913154dd8e2b9a01b02…)

Understandable. Prince Albert is my historical husbando, so fine.

No. 192511

hmmm idk nonita, I think predator works too

No. 192546

File: 1623874172729.png (348.79 KB, 450x623, kurtc.png)

>you will never fuck kurt cobain
WHY even live????

No. 192568

File: 1623884197051.gif (2.16 MB, 500x330, CCF10720-1E63-4D1F-AB6D-48FC72…)

Angry Bill Skarsgard

File: 1610799109192.jpg (255.4 KB, 1360x962, 2020_09_03_103594_1599102089._…)

No. 167304[Reply]

Post women you find overrated or ugly when they're shilled as beautiful. Lesbians, bi and straight women are all welcome to contribute!

In my bisexual opinion Cate Blanchett is not that hot.
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No. 192455

He claims to have slept with her, she denied it; but go ahead and believe a disgusting predatory scrote

No. 192456

lol calm down. Of course she would, they all do. Actresses and actors fuck to land roles. There are thousands of Weinsteins. Most actresses in hw have needed to fuck Weinstein at some point in their career. The occasional one gets favoured, pushed to the front, might "win" an oscar (Paltrow) etc. The plucked from obscurity/local model gig to Hollywood starlet story has always been bullshit. It's just not how the industry works.

No. 192465

I feel bad for her. It is hard to wear makeup with hooded eyes. You have to overdo it for it to show up on camera.

No. 192467

Dark hair and no diva makeup really does wonders for her, I wish she stuck to that more

No. 192493

File: 1623856215934.jpg (80.03 KB, 615x875, 1_Chrissy-Teigen.jpg)

Chrissy Teigen.
I've always fucking hated her. She's an annoying tryhard has-been. She's so ugly to me that when I was trying to think of why she's famous, modeling didn't occur to me at ALL.
I'm literally so happy people are dunking on her for being a cunt now. Troll doll face. Fridge body. Looks like she ran into a brick wall going 40kph.

File: 1623605351144.png (243.33 KB, 664x390, ill be the one in charge.png)

No. 191915[Reply]

Last thread: >>>/g/161431

Thread for:
>femdom images and media
>femdom fantasies
>female subs interested in women
>advice and stories

Some things to get us started:
>What are your main kinks?
>What is your ideal sub like?
>What experiences have you had?
>What advice do you have for new dommes?
>Where to find subs? How to avoid unhealthy ones?
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No. 192337

Nta but 99% of attractive men in compromising positions are found under the gay category. Actually search for femdom online and you’ll get a chick wearing uncomfortable, Chinese import lingerie while she half-heartedly whips a fat balding scrote in a gimp suit straining to contain its fleshy prisoner. I would much rather encounter occasional anorectal violence between hot men than deal with yet more misogynistic trash filed under “female empowerment.” If you don’t know that the vast majority of material marketed as femdom is still catered to men, then you haven’t had an interest for long.

No. 192345

What does the Venn diagram of FtM's, fujoshis and femdoms look like?

No. 192473

I'm not really one that watches porn, I like reading kink stories instead but say you had 'fuck it' money and you could finance some femdom content catered towards you.

>What would you want to see ?

I usually like slow burns in my stories so maybe in a silly way I'd like a better focus on characters and depth and have a slow attraction blossom and grow.

I think a lot of mistakes people make when looking at femdom is that it's mostly focused on men and their enjoyment along with that the femdom is more violent or extreme. I think the kind I like is more gentle femdom or a role reversal focus but not just the man and woman reversing roles but more dynamics being switched.

Like women being in charge doesn't mean women behaving like men but how women would be in their own right.

>tfw no executive woman and assistant/secretary man romance

>tfw no tough biker chick and gentle florist boy

No. 192481

Tbh you're probably a lesbian, Google the lesbian master pdf doc if you haven't already seen it.


I'm not saying it's impossible for men to be submissive but…

I was a sex worker for awhile, and although I only did wank off massages, many of my colleagues did 'full service' including BDSM work.

The truth about men interested in femdoms is they are not actually interested in submission. They are interested in violating boundaries.. Sure a few just want to be pegged and get off on feeling like "a very naughty boy", the vast majority choose to be a sub as a sort of pseudo sexual assault rush. They want to be in a situation in which they can violate the rules.

Being paid as a sub sex worker, isn't something many women choose to do.. The idea of giving a client that much power is scary and most women in the industry have been violated by men before becoming sex workers. I entered the industry after becoming disillusioned with regular work; working at cafes I was being paid 10X less, and getting sexually assulted by my bosses regardless.

My friends who have been paid as both femdoms-&-subs, say subbing can be sooo much easier. While most male doms are control freaks at best, and yes still rapists at worst; Soooo many more people are sexually assaulted by their "submissive" male clients…

What you're watching is fetish content, it's not real. Do not try and find a male submissive exclusively, 9/10 they will be lying to you just to fuck you or worse rape you. Get a regular boyfriend and manipulate him into letting him peg you is the best bet.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.(namefag)

No. 192484

Uhh who is a lesbian, Jumbofrog@protonmail.com?

File: 1623837057142.png (62.04 KB, 576x576, 1620944904301.png)

No. 192459[Reply]


No. 192468

>in 2021
jfc get a life

No. 192469

Hey anon, please don’t listen to >>192468
Just kill yourself already.

File: 1577459115721.jpeg (75.12 KB, 564x846, 9DAA2E5C-1DBF-4EDD-BC3B-096E7F…)

No. 132014[Reply]

Female Dating Strategy is a subreddit which was created in February 2019 as part of the larger arising of pp’d subreddits (such as r/vindicta, r/pinkpilledfeminism, r/trufemcels, etc.)

Female Dating Strategy is a female-only subreddit that was created in the interest of helping women to achieve their goals in dating, whether that be LTR, marriage or just FWB. It is centred entirely around maximising female benefit and minimising costs/risk. More saliently, due to its policy of being aggressively pro-female, FDS promotes a very unforgiving and cutthroat approach to interactions with males. In many respects, it is a response to the presence of the ‘manosphere’ and in particular TRP.

Important links:
https://www.reddit.com/r/FemaleDatingStrategy/wiki/ideology Ideology of FDS
https://www.reddit.com/r/FemaleDatingStrategy/comments/dugj5t/fds_guide_nonmainstream_opinions_and_strategies/ Non-mainstream opinions and strategies held by the sub
https://www.reddit.com/r/FemaleDatingStrategy/comments/deoi18/psa_femaledatingstrategy_doesnt_believe_in_asking/ PSA on asking men out
https://www.reddit.com/r/FemaleDatingStrategy/comments/d22vzv/given_that_the_risks_of_sex_are_way_higher_and/ why sex shoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 192291

What's wrong with Derrida and Foucalt? All I know about him is bit on deconstructionism and for Foucalt I don't know anything.

No. 192464

File: 1623842556007.jpg (669.99 KB, 1080x1959, IMG_20210616_131918.jpg)

FDS mods don't like people trying to turn FDS into a radfem space after users criticize their recent incentives such as a day dedicated to posting hot men

No. 192605

This might not be the place to discuss this and excuse the incel-speak but do you think Chad and Brad type guys are usually more often than not vanilla and not into any weird degrading kink shit during sex? Like clearly most men watch porn and in recent years sex in mainstream porn has gotten quite a bit rougher than it was before but do you think if a guy is sort of a high tier normie he’s less likely to make a girl call him daddy and want to choke her and slap her and shit? The guys I see being open about that kind of thing seem like they never got over how bad they had it in high school and needs to compensate sexually by physically abusing his partner so he can feel like more of a man just based on their looks and vibes. I’m sure you know what I mean, like it’s just fucking wafting off them. But if a guy already feels good about himself to begin with is he significantly less likely to want to do those things?

No. 192614

I'm not sure if the sub is run by the same mods but they do have r/FemaleLevelUpStrategy for general advice on being self sufficient, getting into a good career, learning skills, building confidence, etc. It's obviously not as busy as the main sub but it's quietly active and I've found some good info and resources on there.

No. 192617

I wouldn't say you can really base this on a guy's looks. Yes, there are bitter ugly/average dudes out there but there are also plenty of attractive predators who think because they're hot they deserve every woman they desire on a platter. I would say if a guy has generally "normie" interests i.e. hobbies like going to the gym, playing an instrument, cooking and so on instead of playing video games, spending hours on imageboards and the like he's probably more likely to be vanilla in bed. Unfortunately there's really no catch-all way to avoid freaks aside from carefully paying attention to their behavior and attitudes.

File: 1601287016397.png (120.57 KB, 259x194, 6230400B-85BE-4561-8B77-2DC54A…)

No. 152993[Reply]

Post your favorite examples of men who have aged like milk. Discuss the “men age like wine, women age like milk” cope meme, common amongst undesired men
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No. 192458

File: 1623835984964.png (799.76 KB, 732x696, Screenshot 2021-06-16 at 10.29…)

He looks older than 48 but doesn't look hideous or anything. I've always liked the way he dresses. My pic is from 2021, too.

wth? I didn't know that. Just looked her up, she's stunning.

No. 192463

File: 1623840141011.png (795.65 KB, 789x555, 5465.PNG)

dane cook before and after (now 49 y/o with his 19 y/o gf lmao)

No. 192586

File: 1623888440247.jpeg (318.1 KB, 660x1024, 08B2F8C9-199B-4A50-95FB-740DAD…)

I started watching his farming show on Amazon and got confused when he referred to the woman helping him as him girlfriend because she looks far too pretty for him.

No. 192610

Even in his prime I didn't find him that hot, probably because his hairline was always messed up

No. 192611

I'm surprised he lived until 80

File: 1502398936773.png (180.11 KB, 500x293, me (2).png)

No. 66358[Reply]

Can we have a thread for lesbian and bi women to discuss their fantasies and desires towards other women? No rules except for no talk about dicks
I never find women my age (20) attractive. It's always older women, usually 30+, especially older butch lesbians. I want an older woman to boss me around
427 posts and 85 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 191283

Thicc women that dance are heaven sent. My fiancée is fit but naturally thick on her thighs, hips and ass and good lord above does that do it for me. I've never enjoyed lapdances in the past but I think because we have a deep bond I'm actually able to enjoy the intimacy instead of being terrified like I have been in the past when getting a lapdance. I even learned to like, slow dance with her too and it's great. Only problem is I immediately start thinking degenerate coomer thoughts when we dance which is not preferable when slow dancing at a fancy club when meeting with her father and stepmother kek.

No. 192460

I’ve always had this specific fantasy of dominating an incel who is both sexist and homophobic and making him get brutally fucked by dudes 10x bigger than him while I sit and watch.

No. 192462

I don't usually have "fantasies" about other women per se i think i have a weird madonna-whore syndrome going on in my head (the madonna is women, the whore are males). But lately i fucking love the idea of being spoiled and comforted by an older woman… like a financially stable and nice woman who would just love me and hold me softly. I'm so lonely anons.

No. 192474

I have something like this too, I don't know if it means that I'm not as attracted to the idea of sex with women as I think I am or just that I don't have any irl experience with women to fill in the blanks
My fantasies about women always start flirtatious but fade to black like a daytime movie kek

No. 192475

did you even read the thread description retard

File: 1605269471961.jpg (202.34 KB, 1880x1409, b882044400z1_20190717155247_00…)

No. 159633[Reply]

For anyone who is anti-porn, a recovering porn addict, or wants to lower their usage.

>Why are you anti-porn?

>When did you decide to quit?
>Did porn make you depressed?
>Are people around you supportive of this choice?
>and whatever else you want to say
82 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 190407

always been disgusted by porn. why would i want to watch other people fuck? i am anti masturbation too but if i'm sitting there fantasizing i just think about myself and a guy i find attractive. been that way forever. touching yourself to random people fucking = cucking yourself.

No. 190463

>empowered making porn for men's money
its funny when they say that when the men who pay them are making so much more than them. i read somewhere a lot of cons00mers of OF are engineers. girl you arent making shit off these guys, my dad and bf are engineers and make bank. so these coomers arent losing jack shit, but you are losing dignity just for pennies. sex work isnt "winning" like stealing money from coomers. most of these guys are giving you crumbs of their income. how many men go broke from paying girls they simp for? only the really dumb ones who dont make much either way.

No. 192387

is it hypocritical to be against live-action porn but not give a shit about drawings and stories etc.? i know it can be unhealthy to consume in excess (i've known hentai/furry porn addicts that act just as bad as onlyfans/pornhub coomers and there is a huge overlap) but if it doesn't involve real people getting trafficked and coerced idgaf

No. 192399

Drawings are only bad because they still make men degenerate and pressure their gf/wife to do degrading shit.

No. 192434

yeah, and some would argue it's not the artist's responsibility if people "use" their art wrong

men will be degenerates anyway, i'd rather some scrote wank off to shit like mlp futa inflation to the point he loses interest in having real sex (one less person out of the gene pool and dating scene is a win) than exploiting freshly 18 year old highschoolers with an onlyfans

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