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File: 1577459115721.jpeg (75.12 KB, 564x846, 9DAA2E5C-1DBF-4EDD-BC3B-096E7F…)

No. 132014[Reply]

Female Dating Strategy is a subreddit which was created in February 2019 as part of the larger arising of pp’d subreddits (such as r/vindicta, r/pinkpilledfeminism, r/trufemcels, etc.)

Female Dating Strategy is a female-only subreddit that was created in the interest of helping women to achieve their goals in dating, whether that be LTR, marriage or just FWB. It is centred entirely around maximising female benefit and minimising costs/risk. More saliently, due to its policy of being aggressively pro-female, FDS promotes a very unforgiving and cutthroat approach to interactions with males. In many respects, it is a response to the presence of the ‘manosphere’ and in particular TRP.

Important links:
https://www.reddit.com/r/FemaleDatingStrategy/wiki/ideology Ideology of FDS
https://www.reddit.com/r/FemaleDatingStrategy/comments/dugj5t/fds_guide_nonmainstream_opinions_and_strategies/ Non-mainstream opinions and strategies held by the sub
https://www.reddit.com/r/FemaleDatingStrategy/comments/deoi18/psa_femaledatingstrategy_doesnt_believe_in_asking/ PSA on asking men out
https://www.reddit.com/r/FemaleDatingStrategy/comments/d22vzv/given_that_the_risks_of_sex_are_way_higher_and/ why sex shoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 147360


tbh i think women who go into dating solely with the goal of marriage are pathetic. it's hard to explain because it's like why else do people date? but it's a very specific type i'm talking about. like, marriage is the only thing on the brain and they just want a husband and it doesn't really matter who is standing in for that role, they just need to get married.

No. 149452

This. FDS and Vindicta are just a bunch of insecure, bitter women who LARP as some succesful women. It kinda makes me sad that there are people who fuel their own BDD and want to become botched plastic surgery bimbos

No. 152135

So I've been having some dating woes, and my mom gave me this old book she bought when she was young called Mars and Venus on a Date. It's by a dude called John Gray, who is a famous author in the relationship category. The book itself is obviously a bit dated since it was published in 1997, but it's actually incredible how so much of the book preaches what FDS seems to. I mean, here are some snippets that stood out to me (these are specific to dating with the goal of a relationship of course, not causal sex):

>When a man comes on strong in stage one (attraction) and then pulls back in stage two (uncertainty), a woman sometimes feels pressure to give back sexually. She has received so much that she feels obligated to return the favor. She hopes that by responding in a sexual manner and fulfilling his desires, she will regain his interest. By giving more of herself than she is ready to give, however, she can actually sabotage a relationship. More is not always better.

>A woman needs to understand that by receiving and responding in a warm and friendly way to a man's romantic gestures she is already giving back to him. This basic understanding is crucial, and women today are missing it. Quite often a woman feels that she is not giving enough in return, and then she feels obligated to give more.

>If a woman's reaction to uncertainty is to pursue a man, it can actually prevent him from moving through his uncertainty to discover whether he wants to invest in a relationship or not. This is why, traditionally, woman don't call men. The wise woman waits for him to pursue her.

>Young women, particularly, feel a pressure not to let a man pay on a date so that they don't feel obligated to have sex. This is the woman's way of saying that he should not get his hopes up. The problem with this approach is that he will get the idea that she is not receptive at all and lose interest. Just because a woman enjoys a man's gifts does not in any way obligate her to give more than a smile or a thank you.

Now I haven't tried FDS (or any kind of dating strategy really), but I've heard of it and the premise, and it just really stood out to me that this book written over 20 years ago by an 'expert' in the dating field - and a man - also emphasises so much that woman should allow themselves to be pursued. That the role ofPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 152204

File: 1600726281155.png (Spoiler Image, 233.2 KB, 1344x984, Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 6.04…)

I think the fundamental ideology of FDS is (or started out) pretty damn good. Is there really anything better? Most of the [female] critics of FDS are libfem handmaidens that get played over and over again. FDS personally helped me to respect myself a lot as I used to be a woman who would date down severely. A lot of women like myself partook in FemaleLifeStrategy as opposed to dating, which I found to be more helpful. I think FDS is also inspiring in that it encourages women to create their own lives so that they are less dependent on men for sources of happiness. What you do with FDS's advice is your choice. While I was active in FDS I was immersing myself in hobbies, working out, getting my education, working with the goal of bettering myself for myself. I swore off of online dating and men because FDS had shown me how much better off I was improving myself instead of sitting around and swiping on dating apps, hoping to find a diamond in a mound of shit. On the other hand, there are women who are constantly on dating apps, talking about their revolving door of men, which isn't productive in my opinion but still isn't nearly as bad as TRP. TRP, MGTOW, MRAs, and incels are responsible for terror attacks, rapes, and murders so I have to lol when r/purplepilldebate tries to compare the two.
I can confirm as a former mod that some women on FDS are insane, a few are even cow tier. That much should be obvious–people who are among the more active accounts on Reddit, regardless of ideology, are insane. The woman here >>138795 who said that the women are ugly or below average is wrong. Yes there are a few that are not good looking and need a lot of help in the fashion/aesthetics department. But I've seen many women and I'd say that it falls all over the scale of attractiveness. We certainly had more than a few women who were really pretty. The distribution of attractiveness was far higher skewed than all of the men I've seen while lurking the manosphere.
I think FDS ideology is best off if it goes mainstream and reaches normie women and men to change the dating game for women. Men have said that they will only step it up if women require them to. Occasionally we had men (who lurked) that messaged the mods thanking the sub and saying that they want to become HVMs–that bit gave me some hope. One of my biggest issues as a former mod was that the suPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 152441

File: 1600919347520.jpeg (366 KB, 750x917, 158FE91A-DE65-4F88-9283-AAEB83…)

FDS post with advice to make a dummy and real account to weed out men.

File: 1461186818849.jpeg (499.78 KB, 1280x1714, image.jpeg)

No. 48662[Reply]

Hi! I don't know if this belongs in /g/ or here…but most of us will never have a sexual partner so here we can give masturbation tips to each other to improve our solo sex lives! DIY sex toys for those of us who still live with their parents, sex toys recommendation, rub techniques, tips and tricks for multiple orgasms, kawaii pastel sex toys, kawaii sex videos etc…
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No. 152339

i guess i'm totally basic, but i just bought my first wand type vibrator and i'm so hooked… i've never been super picky about what gets me off stimulation wise (manual, bullet, etc) but hot damn this thing works.

No. 152389

So I just got my first vibrator from funfactory, body safe silicone (wtv that means). Can i rub it with alcohol to disinfect, or can I bleach it?
Fuckers write fucking novels about pleasure and consent and kinks but the toy material and care are an afterthought in the fucking MANUAL.

Fucks sake, fucking dollar store earphones have more detailed info in the package.

No. 152399

Wiping it down with isopropyl alcohol should be fine. If it's waterproof then clean it with soap and water on top of that too.

No. 152431

Ty. Now I just have to figure out how to put more than the head inside. If I hadn't shoved tampons there before I would think I have a microvagina.

No. 152432

I bought one of those Bombex clit sucker things after reading a comment here about The Satisfyer.
I haven't used it outside of cleaning it and turning it on to see the patterns/if it would suck my hand. It's loud as fuck. Literally like someone dropped the bass and I'm gonna dub step my way to orgasm on some settings. It seems excessively strong, and I'm a little scared of it. Wanted it to use during PIV, but the loudness is offputting.

File: 1587643394867.gif (1.19 MB, 500x281, winkwink.gif)

No. 137333[Reply]

Post conventionally attractive males you want to have sex with and have no shame admitting.

Previous thread: >>112464
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No. 152417

File: 1600897037539.jpg (32.85 KB, 747x1120, 07008822-ae01-467a-a874-4ec3a6…)

No. 152418

im lazy whats his name anon? dont feel like doing reverse image search rn

No. 152421

This dude, he's a contestant in a top model reality show in Poland

No. 152434

i think you posted in the wrong thread, anon. this is the attractive men thread, not the unconventional men one kek

No. 152477


I wouldn't call him unconventional(or at least too unconventional),the styling is just weird

funny how the two last guys posted are from next top model in different countries kek

File: 1554258134113.jpg (192.93 KB, 1000x970, 249834753289.jpg)

No. 112369[Reply]

Didn't see a thread specifically for this kind of stuff so use this for discussion about things relating to bathroom stuff, advice, how to better your gut, how you personally maintain a healthy gut, general frustrations if you have an unhealthy gut (IBS, Crohns, etc) and/or how you manage it, asshole insecurities, etc.
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No. 152391

I was like this, I have IBS that was greatly helped by giving up gluten and taking a fiber supplement (psyllium husk).
May be worth systematically going through your diet and checking to see if you have a intolerance for anything (gluten/dairy/FODMAPs etc)

No. 152394

File: 1600881431984.jpeg (65.89 KB, 933x693, 1597559478880.jpeg)

I'm so sick of having IC and IBS. I feel like I'm literally spending just most of my life on the toliet. I can't go 40 minutes without needing to either piss or shit my guts out but mainly it's piss. I'm having a flare up as of late with both issues along with my GERD and I feel like I'm in hell. I just want a new body and I just want to be able to have a full night's rest without waking up to go to the potty every hour.

No. 152402

I rarely see IC brought up on here, feel free to ignore me if this is too personal but you find any relation between being sexually active and your IC flaring up?

I used to think any sort of penetrative play was leading to me getting UTIs but after a while my doc actually started testing me (he used to just give out antibiotics based on symptoms before that) turned out I would have UTI symptoms but no actual infection so IC I guess. Doc was never very helpful or concerned after that. I've learned that any type of penetrative play is a massive trigger for it and that by avoiding that for prolonged periods of time my symptoms almost go away completely. Although sometimes just using tampons will give me a slight overactive bladder again (ffs lol) It's so long since I've had bad symptoms that I basically forgot about it being so bad..I got a toy lately and omg I'm suffering for it. One use and I want to throw out again, it's not worth this.

No. 152406

I wish my symptoms would go away but they're constantly present. I dont notice sex making it worse. I think it's flaring up even worse lately because I have a lot of stress happening and I've not been keeping myself as hydrated lately due to having a lot of stuff going on.

No. 152409

YES. Although it's not nearly as bad as it used to be, I just have to be dehydrated and it will come back. It also seems linked to my vulvodynia when it flares up.
Maybe it's a physical thing and penetration irritates your bladder/urethra. I think recurrent infections can give you scar tissue and hypersensitive nerves.
I also get thrush/ BV really regularly even when I'm single but it gets worse if I don't use a condom/ have bad dry sex.
Why are my genitals broken??

File: 1537855371827.jpg (109.51 KB, 568x824, b8bae5eb-1308-41ba-b4ed-26bbac…)

No. 96747[Reply]

Feeling nostalgic for a death aesthetic? Post here!
I miss the kinderwhore aesthetic and the grunge Revival of early 10s
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No. 152368

File: 1600865242479.jpg (279.06 KB, 1080x1790, 62be851dc214e108ece131d94b6b4b…)

I was a lost weeaboo lamb in a small, shitty Eastern European town. I knew no other weebs but the local metalhead girls took me in and we became friends.
I still miss this aesthetic a lot (and the girls who are into it are usually really cool too).

No. 152383

This looks like one of those european 'having outdoor sex with my driving instructor' pornos..

She is pretty cute though

No. 152397

File: 1600881724066.png (300.93 KB, 400x440, tumblr_0faeec4f9f53287b9a3c9d8…)

I looove late 90's/early 2000's edgelord styles. I think mall goth clothes from that time are really fun (tripp, platform shoes, spikes, long baggy clothes, too many accessories, vampirefreaks ect.) and I have been collecting clothing and accessories for years. It's just really fun to look like a wacky edgy freak. It doesn't really bother me when people stare or talk shit because dressing like this makes me feel cool on the inside lol.

It's odd to me that teens are trying to turn "mall goth" into a palatable hyperfeminine thing. The e-girl stuff is repetitive, they all wear the same outfit and copy each other because they don't want to go out of their comfort zone.(E-girl outfits consist of some mainstream band shirt with a striped long-sleeve underneath, a plaid skirt, fishnets, killstar boots, and a studded belt. Or a checkered/flame bandeau instead of the shirt.) I think they'll get bored of it when the next popular aesthetic comes around.

Honestly, I think that when it comes to this fashion, the dorkier the clothes are, the better. The baggy pants and oversized shirts are so fun to wear and if you don't look a bit ridiculous you're doing it wrong.

No. 152411

'aesthetics' has largely ruined any creativity in (mainstream) fashion (and interior styling and such)

No. 152425

this dumbass style is the one I wish I had but am too lazy/poor to deal with. I just wanna wear a goddamn faux leather skirt and a full body fishnet, but I don't go out enough to make that kind of wardrobe worth while, so its ultra fem cheap basic becky shit for me

File: 1501191725259.jpg (44.93 KB, 500x333, hair-loss-in-women-female-patt…)

No. 65645[Reply]

Are any other women here balding? I'm only in my mid-twenties, but lately whenever I brush or so much as run my fingers through my hair, massive amounts of strands come off. I don't really have any massive bald spots, but I feel like you can still tell that my hair is thinning, especially right above my temples. I've been taking Biotin supplements and using an anti-hair-loss shampoo for maybe two months now and haven't really noticed a difference. Can anyone offer advice or similar experiences?
41 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 152282

By genetics and hormonal profile, I think unhealthy lifestyle baldness is mostly reversible.

No. 152284

I’m so relieved that someone can relate (though, at the same time, I do hope that you’re able to find answers). It would indeed be wonderful to come across a large sum of cash and be able to speak to knowledgeable doctors.

I actually started breaking out all over my face (especially under my chin) around the same time. Curology has been working wonders so far, though I’d much rather get to the root of the problem, rather than “mask it” with products. I also have temperature control issues (my hands and feet are always ice cold, regardless of the weather), but I’ve struggled with that for years.

Is there anything else that we can do, or do we just wait around until we go bald? Some of my fallen hairs have bulbs on the end; does this mean that they’ll never grow back?

No. 152390

does anyone know if miniaturization means your doomed to have androgenic alopecia?

No. 152448

How are you able to tell that you’re experiencing minimization (shrinking follicles that produce thinner and thinner strands until the hair eventually stops growing) and not just telogen effluvium (normal strands that are falling out rapidly)? Both cause your hair to appear thinner. Hopefully I’m understanding these terms correctly.

No. 152532

Been suffering from AGA for years. Around my temples, the miniaturisation is quite visible. I first thought that meant I was getting my hair back but I realised it was just how this type of hair loss works cause the strands are way shorter, lighter and thinner than my actual hair. And they fall out easily too. I don’t experience miniaturisation in every hair loss area though. It’s so bad that I can’t put my hair up anymore, as all you’d see is my scalp with some areas covered with thin, short hair. Usually, miniaturisation does indicate AGA but idk about other hair loss types.

File: 1522455929121.jpeg (129.78 KB, 636x894, fat.jpeg)

No. 77493[Reply]

Post them.
836 posts and 269 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 152381

DiCaprio was always disgusting, plus he looked like a girl when he was young
Benedict Cabbagepatch or whatever his name is, one of the most repulsive men ever
Timothee Chalamet, Ezra Miller, Tom Holland (ratface, tranny alien and a child with no lips)
Henry Cavill (looks like a Ken doll and gives me the creeps)
All Marvel actors and all younger guys from GoT
BTS fag
I mean, basically all men shilled as attractive nowadays either do nothing for me or are straight up repulsive. I can admit a man is beautiful without feeling attraction to him (like Alain Delon for example), I don't have to feel like I want to fuck someone to admit that person is beautiful. But generations of mainstream actors born in mid 70s and later don't have those men either

No. 152385

please expand your horizons to beyond what instagram serves to you born-in-the-wrong-era-chan

No. 152386

I don't sit on instagram and I mentioned m a i n s t r e a m actors specifically
Btw, there was a study showing that attractive men are gradually dying out while the number of attractive women stays somewhat the same. Also countless studies show every new generation of men has lower testosterone levels than the previous one. Sure, there are exceptions, but I'm talking about tendency here. Connect the dots.

No. 152387

>every new generation of men has lower testosterone levels than the previous one
Damn I feel sorry for the women of the future.

No. 152396

it's a rough trade off for straight women, but the y chromosome dying out is ultimately for the better.

File: 1596005575787.jpg (77.95 KB, 504x540, yon (2).jpg)

No. 145472[Reply]

Pretty self explanatory. Continued from >>113718
289 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 152357

Is there such thing as having too small of clit? I always thought my clit was normal but I had sex for the first time with my boyfriend and he was trying to find my clit and help get me off and he told me it was really small and he never had any issues with his exes and that theirs were bigger and he was unsure he could get me off with it being so small. Ive been with a couple other men before and they never made any comments about my clit but I do remember both of them kind of having an issue with touching it properly in a way that felt pleasurable with me but they both did eventually figure it out and get me to orgasm. It feels dumb but I'm starting to feel a bit insecure lol.

No. 152363


Don't let stupid boys make you feel insecure, I'm sure if you told him his dick was smaller than all your exes he wouldn't like that either, but it's not like you would say something negative about something someone is born with and can't change because… Why would anyone do that?
It's not your fault, he's just trying to blame you because he's bad at what he's doing without trying to learn how to do it right. You deserve kindness sensitivity and respect in intimate situations, not someone who makes you dread it.

No. 152371

I'm sorry but who in their right mind thinks it's ok after you've just had sex with your partner for the first time to then compare their genitals to the genitals of all your exes!!?… what the hell is wrong with this man?

Clits are small, even as a lesbian I need to get to know what works for each new partner that I have, it's not an anatomy issue, different strokes work for different women and it can just take a bit of communication to learn what works. You don't give up on the idea of them ever coming after one or two sessions. I'm way more concerned about the way he's talking to you (when you've only just started being intimate) and I'm less inclined to think you have some anomaly going on with your genitals. He sounds like a selfish lover if he's so quick to say this
> he was unsure he could get me off with it being so small
I'm going to say this is a red flag for him being a selfish lover and someone who is quick to misplace blame onto you, it reads as
>I'm probably not going to get you off, I've given up already, but that's your fault
Isn't that just too convenient.

No. 152382

Late reply but, I used a dildo before ever having sex. The first 5 or 6 times using the toy I still bled. It wasn't alot and it wasn't bright red either. It was pink (blood mixed with my own natural lube I guess) I wasn't expecting to bleed beyond the first time but everyones hymen stretches a little differently and mine was a tough one. I had pain for the first few sessions too but I liked that I had both control over it and privacy in that moment? It's not something I would've wanted to share with a partner.

Totally up to you whether you want to stretch it by yourself or wait.

No. 152408

Follow the advice other girls gave you, but also let me tell you from personal experience there was no blood for me when I broke my hymen, all me and my bf at the time noticed were tiny bits of skin. You know that type of skin where you bite the inside of your mouth and a piece of skin falls out? If you ever took it out of your mouth to see what it looks like - that's what a broken hymen looked like for me kek
So once you break your hymen yourself it might not be that big of a deal after all.

File: 1534795651462.jpg (108.51 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 92682[Reply]

Ever wondered why certain clothes don't look as good on you as on another girl with similar stats?

How to find your type:

Aly Art has many videos with very good tips on how each type can dress and style themself to look their best.
928 posts and 183 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 152354

SD for sure. length+narrowness+curves

No. 152362

Thanks anon! I'll do some more reading but I'm 90% set on SD now

No. 152367

File: 1600863772088.jpg (816.31 KB, 1925x3622, Snapchat-1335030459.jpg)

Trying to figure out my type but I'm just getting more confused, would be really grateful for another opinion?

No. 152370

i'd say soft classic, just because you don't look short enough to be a romantic
t. don't know shit about kibbe

No. 152398

The height thing is mostly irrelevant imo. It's more about your proportions, how tall you look out of context, when nobody is standing near you and no object that indicates relative scale is around you. I do think you look tall but soft so SD does make sense. At first the contrast between the dark tights nude upper body and the lighting threw me off.

File: 1565921815789.png (49.68 KB, 1024x500, MovingOnAfterABreakUp-1024x500…)

No. 121656[Reply]

Hey ladies, can we get a breakup support thread for anons who don't want to clog up the relationship advice thread? We can share stories and advice for moving on after a breakup.
203 posts and 22 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 152247

I've been in a similar situation so I can totally relate. If you feel secure enough that reconnecting with her will not undo all the work you did moving on after the breakup, you can reach out to her, just to say you thought of her and hope she's doing fine. It definitely could help with getting closure and allowing yourself to finally really move on.

No. 152300

Thanks for the response, I think the idea of reaching out was in the back of my mind so this is probably wanted I wanted to hear, haha. I don't think we could be friends again but I do want to I guess leave things on a better note, so I'll try it.

No. 152328

Just curious but does your current partner know about your feelings? I only ask because in the beginning of my relationship my partner had some similar feelings with their ex and it caused some problems, it's totally resolved now but there's still a part of me that sometimes wonders if they still have these types of feelings (not to make your post about me, just really curious to hear from your perspective)

No. 152337

Kind of. He knows the whole story of the break-up and that I still feel guilt about it, I'm not sure how he would feel about me contacting my ex though. That is kinda what has been stopping me from reaching out already– while I am confident there's no romantic feelings left on my end and I just want closure, I know that if I was in my partner's situation I would probably get a little worried about it like you said you felt.

No. 152358

There's an easy solution to that though, just talk to your partner, assure them that they can look at your conversation with your ex anytime they want because you have nothing to hide, and say you'll respect their decision if they say they're uncomfortable with you doing it.

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