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No. 408612

This thread is for the discussion of transgenderism / trans ideology from a gender critical and radical feminist perspective. It was originally created by Admin as an amalgamation of the TERF and Transgender threads.

Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men.

Trans ideology posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex.

Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Existing laws and legislation currently being passed around the world allowing for self-identification on legal documents do not differentiate between gender and sex.

The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone.

Posts of related news and web articles are welcome. Posts of photos, videos, and blogs of transactivists for the purposes of discussion and critique are welcome. Please refrain from derailing, infighting, and ad hominem attacks. This thread is not intended for the general discussion of feminism, sexuality, misogyny, or misandry.

Radical Feminism thread >>>/ot/373459

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Documenting violent crimes committed by transgender individuals
This Never Happens

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No. 408613

File: 1557482558172.jpeg (242.63 KB, 1200x1138, Dkg3BqvWwAk17jz.jpeg)

No. 408615

File: 1557483415031.png (85.8 KB, 800x356, Screenshot_2019-05-10-03-12-34…)

No. 408616

File: 1557483447687.png (189.92 KB, 800x801, Screenshot_2019-05-10-03-14-35…)

No. 408618

File: 1557483967799.png (381.77 KB, 800x844, Screenshot_2019-05-10-03-22-11…)

No. 408636

i know this will never happen but i wish dating apps had a "no trans" option. ofc these guys would continue to mark themselves as female instead of trans but i'm sick of looking for women, seeing so many ugly agps, and trying to weed out which of the slightly more passing ones might be actual women.

i refuse to date anyone with a penis due to trauma. i shouldn't be forced to look through this mess.

No. 408673

I am pretty sure I peak trans'ed last night. A guy with obvious mental issues on a Discord server I'm on recently declared himself female–and this was after an ftm and mtf talked to her during one of her bouts of depression. Now she keeps posting r/egg_irl memes and its so annoying. It's just a constant stream of "i want to be a cute uwu girl" and stuff. She's whining that her parents are making her wait for hormones and I couldn't be happier. I feel like she just wants to escape that boring male life to become something from an anime. Including bullshit stuff about swishing skirts and dressing up in a way that's definitely not fetishistic.

There arent a lot of openly cis women on this server and ~transphobia~ is an issue so I've only been able to voice and crystallize my concerns to another online friend who helped me understand what I've been thinking.

No. 408675

File: 1557506735873.jpg (73.55 KB, 1024x576, 1557458195120.jpg)

This is Kendrick Castillo hr died in a brave, selfless act, to spare the lives of his classmates.
He should be remembered rather then those 2 retards


No. 408679

File: 1557507076109.png (91.9 KB, 1046x336, Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 12.5…)

i hate this shit so much. let us females be angry about something without bringing your fakeboy bullshit into it. no one is fucking talking about you, we're talking about ACTUAL MEN WHO HAVE BEEN MEN SINCE BIRTH WITH MALE REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS.

No. 408689

non amerifags, what is the gender critical movement like in your country? especially curious about western europe & scandinavia.

is there a decent amount of gender critical resources online in your language?

No. 408691

File: 1557510288064.jpeg (656.37 KB, 1125x1126, 9B5EFB80-7686-407A-A2F7-606F64…)

Meanwhile the person who wrote that isn’t even a TIF. The name “May” and username tipped me off so I checked. It’s a man, a “non-binary trans femme.” Another male silencing women speaking on male oppression of females. Oh, and he loves anime lesbians. His other tweets include saying that trans women are the first to be disproportionately harmed by lack of bodily autonomy—yeah, not females denied abortions.

No. 408698

Super talented transgurls, hormones change biology uwu
Idek how this is really happening

No. 408699

Latina here, as a radfem itself we are pretty small but most of the population is uuh "transphobic"? i mean idk how to put it but you do get beaten up and even killed for being trans, kinda wish they could exist in peace but not get to american-ish about it, like cool your mentally ill, now dont police women and we're ok

No. 408706

I feel especially bad for high school athletes because of how important sports can be for college. Good performances in your sport can be the difference between getting a full ride to a good school or being shit out of luck and having to pay thousands of dollars for college. But the feelings of men are always the most important thing! These troons are sooo brave for doing the bare minimum to get cheap easy wins over girls who don't stand a chance against male biology.

I'm really concerned about TiMs in contact sports. Sorry to blogpost but I play beer league ice hockey, there's no hitting/checking since it's coed and just casual games for fun, and it's fucking insane seeing the huge difference between men and women. Even short, schlubby guys who aren't super fit have an obvious advantage and could easily destroy me if they wanted to. The biggest thing isn't just the strength difference, but also the fact that men are naturally more aggressive and risk seeking. Whereas the female players tend to be more cautious and nimble, the men will crash through like a bull in a china shop without any spatial awareness. Any big spills or accidental contact that I've seen during a game has always been caused by a male player being too reckless.
Checking actually isn't allowed at any level in competitive women's hockey, but do you really think an aggressive, competitive male would play nice and not cause any trouble? Stupid athletes in almost every sport will always take cheap shots at each other in the heat of the game, no matter how strict the rules are. But normally those players are roughly equal size and strength. What happens when it's a male vs a female?

This shit really pisses me off. But I hope it helps more people hit peak trans.

No. 408715

File: 1557513630044.jpg (47.47 KB, 347x529, sub-buzz-20104-1486777357-1-1.…)

Is there a snarky term for lesbians like the author of this article who betray what it means to be a lesbian and participate in their own erasure?

I was looking into the history of the slogan "The Future is Female" when this article popped up.

Can Lesbian Identity Survive the Gender Revolution?

My expectations of a gender critical affirmative read, based on the title, were thrown into doubt when I saw that it was posted on Buzzfeed. Sure enough, after presenting some worthwhile historical info it devolved into twisted logic rationalizing trans inclusion, screeching about TERFs, and insulting Alix Dobkin and the original message [pic related].

Hell, maybe even the tides will turn and lesbians could start seeming cool. But the word “lesbian” has carried such a deeply uncool connotation for so long — sometimes for terrible reasons (ugly, old-fashioned, essentialist stereotypes) and sometimes for extremely legitimate ones (a history of transmisogyny) — that’s it’s worth considering if making the term cool is something we should really want at all.

Could the "cis privilege" guilt be any thicker?

Of course, there’s nothing more inherently radical about lesbianism than any other queer identity, especially since it has some deeply oppressive roots.

An historically marginalized sexual orientation? Oppressive? Do you hear yourself?

Maybe the future really can be female. It all depends on how we choose to define it.

What a traitorous trash fire of an article.



>bring back lesbian dating apps

Bring back lesbian spaces, period. The article cited the loss of lesbian spaces as a threat to lesbian cultural identity. But instead of recreating these spaces, becoming more inclusive is what the lesbian community needs!

No. 408721

Gender critical movement in Spain is non existing, suddenly all people are now pro-queer gender theory and can't tolerate feminist spaces that talks about women issues related to our genitals because it's "transphobia"!! And if you say terms like FtM/MtF or TiM/TiF you aren't a feminist according to them. They will attack you in social media if you don't agree their queer theory to the 100% instead of trying to understand what are "terfs" claiming for us women, so that's basically why there's no gender critical movement here

Their whiny actitude is what's sickening me, I don't care that much for other people identities if they're happy that way and respect other people's spaces

No. 408733

it's a shame poland is a shithole country

No. 408734

Someone told this person that if you can get pregnant and have a child you're biologically a woman and the very intelligent response was
>shut up

In theast thread plenty of anons expressed how the loudest pro tras are often quietly radical and gc but fear being harassed. I see that so much it hurts. Online everyone has to be extreme sjw pro trans everything but irl, people are quite gc and don't subscribe to most of the talking points tras bring up

No. 408737

(deleted my reply but i'm the same anon who posted about poland and i was kinda scared because i'm first time poster but long time lurker)
it's shame that our hospitals are underfunded, most people have lower living standard and i don't have equal rights both as woman an a lesbian but i don't have to worry about TRAs calling me a terf because i won't suck a totally femine dick

also i did some quick research on polish feminist sites and some of them endorse troons but not as in the west, they still put females over that bullshit. but i'm glad that catholic right and church bash that shit and troons are only sought after by tranny chasers

No. 408738


Episode of forensic files where a troon and a chaser kill his ex wife.

No. 408747

This is random maybe but yesterday I suddenly realized that I've never seen Drag Kings be (overtly) sexual (not that you see a lot about them in popculture anyway). But Drag Queens and their culture is really sexualized…
So weird! /s

No. 408750

I kind of hate that there banner is Revolutionary Girl Utena….

No. 408753

It’s because of the way men view women vs women view men

women view men as humans and channel masculinity in a way that is appealing but powerful without revealing too much and maintaining the idea that they are real people

men (especially gay men) view women as hysterical catty sex objects that have no purpose but to be sexy and churn out babies

it’s literally women embodying masculine humanity vs men reducing women to objects

No. 408776

I'm from Ireland. The only other gc feminists I know are people who post on social media anonymously from burner accounts. There's no organised movement here.
I posted about this in the last thread but the feminist movement here is extremely libfem. there is a lot of overcompensation in an effort to be the wokest of them all, because we were rather conservative by anglosphere and western european standards until recently.

No. 408784

from r/GC by John Mulaney
>“I have lots of drag queens around and I like to study them—and I mean, more of your high-end type of drag queens, not like your tenderloin drag queens. Who, I'm sorry, aren't even fucking trying. Like a lot of them just have a mop on their head and a skirt and are like, "I'm a gal!" You're not a gal. You're not a gal.
>Really fancy drag queens are funny though, 'cause like a lot of drag queens, it's like they're under the impression that they're like, a celebrity. It's like they all have this attitude of like, "Don't you know who I am? I'm Strawberry Alarm Clock." It's like, "No, I'm sorry. I didn't recognize you. It's just I don't hang out in the one bar where you get free drinks."
>I wanna say this though, I think it's fine if someone wants to be a drag queen, that's great, if you wanna like, express your inner woman. But why, with so many drag queens, is it always the same type of woman? Like, why is it always like, a big and brassy woman? With like, a beehive hairdo and alligator skin shoes? It's like, what is your notion of a woman based on? A housewife in a Far Side cartoon? Why is that what you think femininity is?
>And then, some of these drag queens, they'll go out on the street, and they'll bully me. They will. They'll be like, "Oh-hoh, look at him and his little shirt." It's like, why are you mean? Why is that part of it for you? And it's not little, it's a medium. Small is little. You went through all the trouble to put on a nice dress, and now you're gonna be rude and bossy to people? It's like, do you know what your version of a lady is a lot like? A guy. You could've stayed a guy if you were gonna be an asshole about it.”

No. 408788

I just saw a troon I know using the male filter on Snapchat being in extreme denial of himself still being male. He was going off about men's rights and gamer's rights in 40 seconds of Snapchat footage. He looked no different with the filter on.

No. 408794

I have yet to see someone trans speak about or even mention Kendrick and not focus on the how the shooter is trans themselves. Can't they just get their head out of their butts for one second and recognize that he lost his life through a selfless act.

My condolences for the Castillo family as they are going through their loss…

No. 408795

How would you feel If someone you loved died in a brave act protecting innocent people
yes you would obviously be devastated but also proud in some way

No. 408817

Recently was thinking that abolishing the gender binary destroys a lot of ambiguity inherent in the sexes and gives people harmful labels that stereotypes themselves and makes people see others as stereotypes.By making every deviation its own gender, plain old male and female is left with nothing but complete heteronormativity. You're an androgynous, feminine man? Well maybe you're a demigirl instead of a real male man, because some aspects of your personality don't fit the male stereotype. Only full male stereotypes are male. Oh, you're a girl who prefers to dress masculine? Well, then you're not a "full girl", you must be queer in some way.

Instead of all flavours of men and women collectively creating an idea of what men and women is, and by that allowing ambiguity because so many different people and personalities fall under the same term, you destroy it through the nonsense differentiation and create a wrong way for people to look at the world, ie people will ask themselves, "what kind of gender are you?" and try to put you into a certain category, rather than not sorry about the differences and accepting them as they are simple as male and female, regardless of what doesn't fit the norm.

No. 408832

File: 1557567724996.gif (111.2 KB, 740x250, 2019-04-29.gif)

So It seems like Tatsuya Ishida os finally tackling Trans Stuff in Sinfest

No. 408833

File: 1557567767562.gif (148.69 KB, 740x250, 1557555276278.gif)

No. 408834

File: 1557567866116.gif (511.64 KB, 740x1359, 2019-04-28.gif)

No. 408835

File: 1557568002798.gif (510.73 KB, 740x1359, 1557554862508.gif)

No. 408836

File: 1557568152137.gif (132.58 KB, 740x250, 2019-05-02.gif)

No. 408856

File: 1557581474686.png (320.51 KB, 620x843, D0AD325D-9ECD-4595-9312-3A90B0…)


No. 408871


Wow. I kinda wondered if he ever would but wouldn't have blamed him if he didn't. I'm fascinated by Tatsuya Ishida – Sinfest was one of the best of those early webcomics, so totally at home in that gamer dude lols world and….who could have guessed it'd become this? I'd love to know more about him and why he made such a sharp change when he decided to take Sinfest political.

Tbh when he started to talk a lot about feminism I kinda expected him to come out as a trans woman at some point. I can't remember another time I've seen a dude care THIS much about feminism without making it about him.

No. 408876

File: 1557588942734.png (586.53 KB, 1387x2168, Screenshot_20190511-103247(1).…)

Kek, these people actually think sane men will troon out because of a simple Snapchat filter

No. 408881

Also worth nothing is that he's in his early to mid 50's

No. 408884

>I can't remember another time I've seen a dude care THIS much about feminism without making it about him.
The Only other male I can think of is Derrick Jensen

No. 408887

Really? I always thought he'd be in his 30s or something

No. 408897

he started sinfest in jan 17 2000

No. 408901

Jesus christ I'm left speechless. I've spent so many years thinking that he went full pandering but I'm amazed he actually made this.

To be honest I've been suspecting for a while that Tatsuya is actually a woman. Has anyone ever met him or seen him irl? Nobody knows anything about him and he surfaced around the time when women weren't that many in numbers in the online web comic artist scene and a lot of women took male pencil names in the 90's. It might be a reach but would explain a ton.

No. 408938

Why should they even transition because they look like a stereotypical female? These people always go against their ideals. Male person into long haired person = automatically female and now they’re trans!!

No. 409001

File: 1557617785822.png (20.81 KB, 514x346, delelte later.png)

Holy denial Batman

No. 409017


This isn't a crazy idea, but I do think he did some work in the comics industry back in the day so unfortunately I think he's probably just a dude. But that honestly still fascinates me – I thought he was pandering, maybe for pussy even, at first, but like……..dude has done this for years now, and has to know he'd be making more money if he'd stayed doing Ha Ha Slick is Horny comics. And he's still so private. I can't think of a single other male artist who's done something comparable.

No. 409033

I vaugely remember some drama last year about him banning libfems and TRAs from his message boards for hating on him for being a "swerf".

No. 409054

are the top ones supposed to be trannies because no trannies have these figures. very generous portrayal of mtts

No. 409055

"Don't speak out of hand about my experiences!!"

Proceeds to speak out of hand out of others' experiences.

Love it.

No. 409058

Think the artistic point the author was getting across is that people are treating gender and gendered behaviors like something you can get out of a bottle, when all you can really get is the fantasy of it.

No. 409075

Those aren't mtfs they're females. I think the whole point is to hammer in the fact that TRAs actually support strict gender roles. Females must take lady pills to remain feminine and dainty. Males must take man pills to remain masculine and aggressive. If you don't fit those to categories you're obviously in the wrong, but at the end of the day it's pharmaceuticals who win.

No. 409082

File: 1557636549813.gif (141.53 KB, 740x250, 2019-03-13.gif)

Anyone starting to suspect Ishida's a farmer?

No. 409085

File: 1557636865636.gif (111.09 KB, 740x250, 2019-03-27.gif)

Like…how does a man get this way, and why are so many other men just trash? He actually seems to have some degree of hope. I don't know how to feel about this.

No. 409086

I heard on /co/ that he has a radfem girlfriend or wife

No. 409087

That just makes me wonder. How do you get a guy you're dating to understand and accept radical feminist/GC talking points? Can they be trained or something?

No. 409090

so jealous i dont have a based af husband or bf like this. i hope he's legit in his personal life as well.

No. 409092

The thing is we have absolutely no Idea what Tats personal life is like hell we don't even know when he was born
All we know is that he's a Japanese American man in his early to mid 50's and he might have a son

No. 409120

Absolute preach. I can't understand why people can't just act and live as they want, allowing ambiguity and differences, without having to completely deny their original gender. Now you cant be a feminine boy or a masc girl, apparently for these idiots the only way to even possess those "gendered" qualities is that deep down you actually aren't a woman or a man. It's the most retarded and harmful shit i have ever heard yet they sell it as something "feminist" and "totally not sexist" thing to say to people, especially children, which are the most damaged in this situation.

This happened because they started to confuse gender with personality, instead of seeing gender as a simple and basic part of your identity.

No. 409149

File: 1557655820329.jpg (92.68 KB, 683x854, 1557655418369.jpg)

No. 409160

This must be a lie.. they just want to pee in peace!!! That little girl probably harassed that poor trans in the stall and ~she~ had no other choice /s

No. 409169

GC isn't difficult. A lot of men are already GC, they just don't know there's an actual term for it. Radfem is a much harder sell because most men don't fully understand what radical feminism means. Some of them aren't even aware that there are different types of feminism and they dismiss it all as unjustified man hate.

No. 409175

Just throw them in prison and never let them out. Absolute garbage. Fuck I'm so mad, that girl will be affected for life and yet there will undoubtly be people who try to discredit her. Fuck these sick bastards and the people defending this.

No. 409176

What does eggs mean exactly?

No. 409178

someone who is deemed to be a transsexual in denial - they just need convincing that they are the wrong gender so they can "hatch" into the "right" body, as they don't know that they are trans yet. notable examples include narcissa/cosmo who trooned out after being cucked by his ex. the egg_irl subreddit is a good lurk for the thought patterns of people who use this terminology.

No. 409180

File: 1557665785236.jpg (47.5 KB, 720x745, 59968251_2459817137610205_3558…)


No. 409186

Apparently it's just what you call a guy with feminine interests (or girl with masc) before they are convinced by the community to troon out. Because clearly, if a man likes feminine things, has depression and struggles with his body HE MUST BE A TRANNY AND DOESN'T KNOW IT YET!

No. 409190

File: 1557668447152.jpeg (498.38 KB, 1125x936, 5F81CA28-596A-424D-99A0-538241…)

>top post of all time on egg_irl
I guess I’m a big buff black man in my heart then because of the time I customized my Fallout character that way.
I’ve noticed tons of troons saying their evidence for “always being a girl inside” is playing as female characters in games sometimes or thinking some female character was cool. But every girl I know grew up mostly playing as male characters, loving lots of male characters and imagining being them because they’re cool, and thinking nothing more of it.

No. 409191

sad to see the cancer of american liberalism spreading globally, especially 'woke' feminism

No. 409193

File: 1557669147635.jpg (128.33 KB, 1024x576, cth.jpg)

Behold the chapocel

No. 409194

File: 1557669947730.png (126.65 KB, 1128x514, 0.png)

wow that reddit is so fucking creepy

No. 409197

I've always found John Mulaney funny but man, I'm glad to know he's actually got some form of a brain in his head.

No. 409200

No. 409202

File: 1557672600391.png (341.3 KB, 750x1334, 51B0E82E-BDC6-4319-A4B3-4030C0…)

I get that the current threat to women’s reproductive rights in the US is a major existential threat to women, but has anyone considered the REAL issue at play here? That abortion rhetoric invalidates trans guys’ feefees?

No. 409204

>"Queer" in username
>Diverting attention away from extremely serious threats to millions of women's lives to make it about genderspecial terminology
Of course.

No. 409219

File: 1557678587964.png (79.71 KB, 609x628, D6YMFQrWkAERP21.png)

No. 409220

How does this, in any way, promote violence, threaten, or harass. Twitter has a huge problem and I wish there was something better to replace it.

No. 409232

File: 1557681222928.jpg (48.41 KB, 720x924, FB_IMG_1557675756632.jpg)

No. 409242

i'm wondering why troons love communism so much when they fuel capitalism with buying their "titty skittles" and throwing money at big pharma

No. 409245

File: 1557683593692.jpg (61.1 KB, 426x610, OESB2j6.jpg)

Because they think one day they'll get titty skittles for free thanks to glorious communism.
Oh and they totally won't be working at a factory getting peanuts for it like the rest of the working class. Oh no, they'll be privileged party officials, sitting in their cushy offices and making others search for wrongthink.

No. 409258

ugly incel lol

the shooter probably did him a favor ngl

No. 409263

File: 1557686476449.png (231.49 KB, 489x495, jalaepedophile.png)

A trans nobody named "UguuGames" or "Jalae Lain Casaus" advocates for the production and consumption of child porn, and released a rant on twitter discussing it and defending it and believing that it is "preventive."


No. 409269

these men deserve chemical castration at best and a firing squad at worst. there's no redeeming or rehabilitating sex based offenders and their existence infringes upon and violates the rights of others, especially children, and has the potential to create more abusers. the left really needs to abandon male deviants

No. 409273

Wtf, if you are from the US you should report him to the police or something anon.

No. 409275


His account was suspended.

No. 409282

What a fucking idiot, he literally admits in writing to watching child porn. Disgusting. Luckily someone made a thread about it on Twitter encouraging people to report him, and it's gained quite a bit of attention.


I know of someone who got caught with CP and this guy is going to have the Secret Service bust into his house any day now. It's no joke for a good reason.

No. 409284

File: 1557689740747.png (131.45 KB, 1198x558, Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 12.3…)

> "I don't condone the touching of minors by adults"
Yep, because CP is made by children themselves with no adult interference whatsoever.

>no "desire"

That's BS, he literally said that he watched CP and the only ones that he "liked" were "1 or 2 girls doing it for fun."

He violated TOS on twitter and made a new account @JaeleNistra.

No. 409291

File: 1557691109408.png (1.12 MB, 1068x1242, pp.png)

Here's another source detailing his BS, with archive link in case it gets ethered to protect this "awesome trans gal" from abuse and harassment:
Part of me is pleasantly surprised his account was suspended, considering the internet has shown where they stand with shit like >>409219 and Jonathan Yaniv.
>maybe a puppy rape video spares another puppy
I want to fucking vomit. This "person" and others like him deserve the rope.

No. 409294

Fuck this stupid "No contact" pedophile trend going on. It's come out time and time again that these "no contact" MAP groups are full of perverts fantasizing about a child. Delusional trannies and pedophilia go hand in hand.

No. 409309

File: 1557696290505.jpg (119.64 KB, 702x953, 1557268194017.jpg)

No. 409310

c'mon dude, plenty of parents kiss their kids on the lips.

No. 409314


>>409310 Yeah, this is reaching.

No. 409321

nta but that's gross tho

No. 409324

sure it's gross but it's not sexual, lol

No. 409326

Look at their skin tones. Clearly not his parent.

No. 409327

They're gay. I imagine they adopted. I don't want to argue about this but adoption is a very real thing that happens

No. 409333

This honestly reads like a right-wing attempt to fear-monger. A little questionable but still a reach.

Holy fuck. I recognize of the the people in those photos. They're an online acquaintance from Discord. Used to talk to them when they solely identified as a depressed cis dude. After a few months of not being in-contact, I come back to see that they now identify as trans with a female variation of their originally male name. Kinda freaky to stumble across them here.

No. 409343

Frame fatale is on, farmers. Make sure to absolutely not notice the obvious tranny voices. And no cam, to boot! Easy to hide your adam's apple and stubble.

No. 409346


Glad to see chapo dudes continue to not actually know jack shit about leftist thought because understanding something so fundamental to marxist thought as "women as a class" would interfere with their basement dwelling failson boners

No. 409349

Adopting kids to kiss them on the lips still sounds suspicious.

No. 409354

Go clutch your pearls else where anon.

No. 409356


here is a fascinating reddit thread about a guy deeply regretting getting SRS. it is heartbreaking to hear, but i wish voices like these were actually heard in the trans community.

No. 409357

File: 1557708199143.jpg (363.7 KB, 1461x881, O1CN011HZcEHi571ybn6s_!!333938…)

No. 409358


No. 409374

File: 1557712004174.jpg (444.39 KB, 810x1682, Screenshot_20190512-204506_Red…)

He still uses female pronouns and follows tranny logic, so fuck him. I'm glad he got butchered. Hopefully he suicides in the near future.

No. 409382

File: 1557713474203.jpg (17.91 KB, 861x102, vomit.jpg)

>content of the video is different from the acts themselves

Rope would be too kind.

No. 409394

I'm confused, did he really expect women on GC to refer to him as a woman? …does he even know what GC is?

No. 409402

These replies were actually under his AMA post, but still, this is how he really feels.

No. 409416

Right???? How can they be so dumb? And it's so weird because otherwise intelligent people fall for this and it's actually the biggest tell for them being a secret dumbass not worth speaking to. I'm almost glad they fall for it.

No. 409420

>ChapoTrapHouse users

No. 409422

Not literally that subreddit, but there are some Chapo aligned people and sources who are otherwise intelligent seeming, yes

No. 409425

intelligent seeming not actually intelligent

No. 409442

File: 1557724800759.png (117.01 KB, 680x528, iOJVt4r.png)

Kids can be born gay. It happens? I think it's common for people to realize that they're gay around puberty (10-13). Obviously coming out is another situation.

There are cultures where kisses on the lips (typically with moms?) are normal. It's kind of weird with dads though ngl? But again. Cultural differences. The people in the picture might not be American, so who knows. The kid in particular might have been adopted from somewhere else.

Anon, we trash trannies here, not gay people. Gay people aren't barging into women's locker rooms with their dicks out- that would be trannies (aka dress-wearing incels who creep on lesbians). In fact, trannies who used to be gay men are usually the LEAST obnoxious of the lot (though they're still toxic in their own way).

Most of us here are trying to DEFEND gay people and lesbians FROM trannies, in fact, since gay kids are the ones getting transed and lesbian women are the ones being creeped on.

No. 409457

I have zero sympathy for these nutjobs. If you're crazy enough to believe you can mutilate your dick into a fully functioning vagina in a world where we can't even grow replacement internal organs deserves to be miserable. Even this douchebag is just posting to look for a mommy to pat his head and kiss his owies instead of actually coming to face the fact that he's a man with an obsession and owning up for his mistakes.

No. 409464

File: 1557733560653.png (45.68 KB, 720x243, IMG_20190513_094507.png)

shapiro is dumb but when he gets it he Gets it

No. 409476

any society with a hierarchy will always place troons on the bottom because they are born losers, so their only hope is to establish a classless society

too bad they'll literally all probably die in any sort of revolution, fuck they off themselves at 40% during peace time and have mental breakdowns over wrong pronouns but they think they'll be able to fight the entire global order and win

No. 409479

Thats the thing chapocels and anarchists always fail to understand "If" society breaks down it will be the people with military experience and training that will end up taking power not the sheltered city communists and according to a statistic the vast majority of US service men are politically center right

No. 409491

NTA but I think the issue is that the banner only mentions trans kids and not gay/bi kids.

No. 409500

File: 1557741711067.jpg (32.83 KB, 578x438, tranny.jpg)

Women can't even have motherhood anymore.

Everything is about men playing dressup.

I'm just so tired.

No. 409501

Don't cut yourself on that edge

No. 409502

Cause everyone knows the true deserving mothers are men. Fucking gross

No. 409504

That post set my scrote detector off since only men are so concerned with unattractive men having it hard and project that onto women as a sad way to express self-hatred.

No. 409516

UK anon here. GC movement is gathering momentum now because the police keep doing ridiculous things to law-abiding members of the public. A woman with a Fair Play For Women poster in her window was visited by police and forced to take it down, a man was warned by police for liking a "twansphobic" limerick on Twitter… More and more famous people are coming out as GC, too. I have hope that it will make a difference on the ground, though, as I'm currently scared to send my daughter to school in case she's indoctrinated into the gender cult.

No. 409523

What other minority has had this kind of protection from the police? I mean I think it's stupid to say that trannies aren't oppressed at all that's just not true, but them acting like they're the most oppressed minority out there is just insane when you think about how they're coddled and protected compared to other minorities

No. 409524

By they aren’t oppressed, being bullied for acting like a fool is not at all the same as systematic oppression.

No. 409525

This is some dystopian shit right here. Are trans activists relatives of some high ranking government officials or something? How do they manage to even pull this shit off when the police barely look into marital battery or child grooming cases?

No. 409526

I'm also pretty sure it's a scrote.

No. 409529

A audio interview (This American Life) with Griffin Hansbury, who started life as a butch lesbian woman, but began taking massive testosterone and now lives as a "man". It’s just 17 minutes long, and quite "interesting" in a way. You won’t find any real science here but it remains an interesting glimpse on the mindset of TIFs
The most striking change was she described having this incredible boost in her sexual desire. Where as before she would fantasise and embark on constructing a long inner verbal narrative around the women she would find attractive, she now simply objectifies, and lusts after their beauty. Everything she now touches turns to sex. She describes how she can now see that even cars can be sexy - their artful forms. She described herself as previously being very much a butch feminist but has now even been called a misogynist because of her newly found desires, and behaviours. She now identifies as a “post-feminist”, and describes her inner battle between what she was told to think as a feminist, and her now newly found powerful lust.
She claims that she even found a new interest in science after taking testosterone - that she finally understands it for the first time.
She now finds she cannot have a good cry anymore, that she can’t befriend women with the same closeness as her prior self.


This American Life: Testosterone - scroll right down the page to find “ACT 2”, and play it from there.

No. 409536

This guy is dumb as fuck. How does he think CP is made in the first place? Children have to be harmed for it to be produced. It's like saying you love to eat steak but don't want cows to die for it.

No. 409543

Yes. It's so hard for them to understand this. A bunch of college kids (and some middle aged fetishists) who think they're tough and revolutionary forgetting about how society works… Can't participate in a revolution if you're posting on Reddit about how much it hurts your feefees when your mommy calls you a "he"

No. 409544

File: 1557754442579.jpg (41.6 KB, 720x686, FB_IMG_1557754375560.jpg)

Oh fuck off

No. 409545

I really can't even understand this mindset they have,like they do really believe they can survive in anyway society collapses

No. 409546

There are a few young TRAs in UK politics like child rape enabler 'Aimee' Challenor (Greens/Liberal Democrats) and overall class act Liam 'Lily' Madigan (Labour) but I don't think any of them are really in influential positions. Personally I think the push comes from influential lgbT organisations like Stonewall and Mermaids which have a lot of money to spend on propaganda. Stonewall in particular provides "training" to teachers and police officers on how to best coddle trans-identifying people and use their authority to harass anyone who doesn't agree with the latest trans narrative.

No. 409581

Trans people are not oppressed. They are protected unlike any other group, and it happened extremely fast. No other movement or group ever achieved this much protection so quickly. Women and black people have fought for hundreds of years against oppression and still are treated like shit personally and systemically. This is due mainly to the fact most trannies are MALE and the healthcare industry/Big Pharma supports it. Notice how trannies in media are always TIMs. Where are all the TIFs in movies, TV, interviews, etc etc etc. They aren't there. There's a few but nobody gives a shit. TIMs are mostly straight males and they have the most power in society, and the greedy American healthcare industry backed their insanity and brainwashed the public in order to line their pockets with more money.

The combination of power, perceived injustice, and big money should never be underestimated.


No. 409584

File: 1557761328887.jpeg (306.62 KB, 1125x1702, 6A1B58F9-544E-421F-BCAD-AEA96C…)

Ugh I saw that tweet yesterday but didn’t check the comments to see if anyone else was annoyed. Most of the comments are negative besides the rabid RPDR stans. It’s funny though, if a company were to hire a woman to be in an advertisement celebrating drag queens the RPDR stans would suddenly become triggered. Although there is something especially tone deaf about hiring a man pretending to be a misogynist caricature of a woman for a Mother’s Day ad.

No. 409585


Chapo has really helped me discover the default benefit of the doubt I still tend to extend to men – especially in politics. When men get really into something like Chapo or twitter lefty stuff in general, I'd assume they, yknow, knew anything and weren't just treating it like a new fandom and way to excuse their own bs. But y'know what? It's never that. Men benefit so much from us doing that, from us assuming they're smarter than they are. A year ago I'd look at this and think "but haven't they read Engel's Origin of the Family in which he asserts that basis of understanding Marxism is understanding women's biological realities?" But now I know they haven't, they will use anything to prop their own egos and boners up. Then they tell us WE'RE the ones who are stupid, attention-seeking, emotional, whatever. We teach women to scrutinize themselves relentlessly and men that they're already perfect 100% of the time and that their desires and wants are paramount, always. Trans activism is such a weird Frankenchild of that.

No. 409587

Trans people aren't oppressed. The law allowing them to legally "change sex" was introduced in 2004, the law to protect gender reassignment in 2010 (within the Equality Act). Hate crime laws seem to protect them more than anyone else, and that's saying a lot considering how sensitive the UK police are to racism/Islamophobia. Society being like wtf?? isn't oppression - that has to be systemic in some way.

Because more often than not marital battery and child grooming means prosecuting men for their shitty behaviour. Prosecuting twansphobia usually means silencing and threatening women. (And before anyone starts with the misandry bullshit, why don't the police chase up complaints against stalkers the way they chase up complaints against GC people? What's the common factor here?)

No. 409588

So it‘s okay to joke having sex with you as a clear joke cause it’d be gross? Okay Good, we’re on the same page then. On a serious note, obviously trannies don’t look as airbrushed and flawless as the filters make them believe.

No. 409596

Transgender man(TIF) Identifies As A Dog

No. 409597

No. 409600

Yeah but the rabbit hole has to go deeper. I doubt Mermaids just called the Police department and joined forces, someone has to have connections that go into places here because literally no other movement has ever achieved such an aggressive takeover in a very short time period. I hope someone from the UK would investigate this mess.

No. 409618

Ugly ginger trancels: kill cops uwu dae all law enforcement bad because state violence???? Praise kropotkin

Also ugly ginger trancels: literally assimilating into state violence to persecute people for mistriggerment

No. 409642

Haven't been around here for a while, so I've been reading up on threads. In the last one, someone brought up why it seems like a lot of troons end up being exposed as pedophiles or broadcast it themselves. I have a personal experience with someone like this (saged btw, just in case).

I used to have a friend; he was a guy in his mid-20s that I met somewhere online. We talked for a while, and at some point he told me he had a really "dark secret" he's never told anyone. Turns out he was blackmailing young girls (some as young as 10) for their nude photographs. He was doing this whilst pretending to be a young girl himself. He said that at one point, he had thousands of CP images and was really interested in very young girls, and was absolutely addicted to doing this (to the point where he said he believed some of the young girls might have even killed themselves because of his blackmail). I got him to talk about this more (so I could report it), and he also eventually ended up telling me he was thinking about going to a doctor and getting hormones and coming out as trans. He said he thought he liked looking at young girls probably because he was a girl himself, and it helped him, in some sick way? And that "women aren't looked down for these kinds of things like men are". Anyways, I did report him to the police and last I heard, they did find CP and he has felony charges now.

But my point is, maybe some of these guys want to transition because they also have sick beliefs like these, or think there will be more leniency towards them if they're found out, because they think "women get off easy" or their troon status will save them.

No. 409680

File: 1557790879385.jpeg (49.76 KB, 1080x415, E61C50AC-CC25-4174-AB81-AA5BE0…)

Anime-identifying males just can’t quell their sex’s natural resort to violence, can they?

No. 409689

I think many of them try to justify it by transitioning. "I was only looking at naked little girls because I never got to be one, officer!"

No. 409758

What a truly brave and stunning soul

No. 409761

I think that would make some sense, lot of troons are incels who think women live the "easy mode" life and want to become girls themselves because of that.

Sadly everyone coddles trannies and their "women have it easier" delusions get validated because they think they're treated like women

No. 409802

File: 1557815416335.jpg (70.39 KB, 624x702, joey.jpg)

The more comments you read in that post the more gold you discover lol.

No. 409805

You know, I find it interesting how drag queens are more of a thing than drag kings in that they're more notable/have a mainstream presence. Drag queens can get on all of these shows now, get involved with big name brands, and so on but no one really hears about drag kings. Feel like it might have to do with the sexist notions that bio women (even when dressed up as men) can't be funny, creative, and or innovative as bio men (dressed up as women) but think there could be more to it.

No. 409808

It's easier to sell and mock women than men.
Women's appearances, iconography and (male writings about our) personalities have been commodified all over worldwide media for a long time, while the same is not true of men.

No. 409817

File: 1557818802938.png (76.05 KB, 692x413, tif.PNG)

Taken from a thread on GC, and generally people can see this retarded-ass mindset for what it is, but occasionally I'll read from rfs or GC people pointing to pic related type stuff as to why test and men are truly terrible and it's crazy. It's obvious that using any TIF to gauge the negative effects of test are so ridiculous considering how they tend to be the most misogynistic type of woman. Also obv just crazy that, damn, TIFs are truly so deluded by obviously fake bullshit.

No. 409844

just taking testosterone won't turn you into a sociopath

that TiF obviously always wanted to be like that

No. 409849

Well to be fair he is thanking his own mother for supporting him in the video, not pretending he IS a mother.

No. 409854

She mentions that before she was a butch dyke feminist and butch feminist have very stereotypical view on men so once she became a man she became a caricature of what she thought men were like

No. 409860

Sorry for the blogposting but I had a TIF phase when I was younger and was on HRT for 6 months. Some of the things she mentioned happened to me and are pretty universal for TIFs based on what I saw in the communities, like fucked up high sex drive and loss of hability to cry. Now for "now I'm good at science and maths!!!" is pure sexism. I'm an IT student and my performance didn't get any better, in fact, it was harder to do anything because my stress levels were pretty high. I had to exercise to alleviate it or I'd be punching walls.

It makes my blood boil to see TIFs saying testosterone made them more "logical and rational", occasionally there were MRAs looking to talk to TIFs in the forums because it was a proof that LE TESTOSTERONE FUELLED BRAIN was superior.

No. 409864

I don't understand why their isn't a trend of men wanting to fuck TIFs
>they have high sex drives
>unlike TIMs they actually have vaginas

No. 409871

Samefag with the TIF past here, actually it's not that uncommon specially in conventions and similar contexts. Just pretend you buy into the TIF's fantasy that it's gay sex and it's the easiest sex ever. I was going celibate so I didn't run into any of this in my time but I saw it everywhere in communities. Posts about "oh my god bois this cis "gay" guy wants to have sex with me it's so validating we're so gay!!".

I feel sorry for the young ones, though. So many predators taking advantage of young females dying for some ~validating gay sex~.

No. 409875

I think the main reason is that TIFs really want to be seen as male, and most "bi" men aren't actually comfortable with a relationship where they actually have to identify as gay. The strap-ons, pack-in wieners, and more common desire to be on top (compared to TIMs) also makes it a lot harder to see the actual real vagina as "worth it" (not to mention the side effects of HRT on that area if they're actually taking hormones).

The cognitive dissonance with TIMs is just easier for most "bi" or "straight" dudes.

No. 409878

Probably because body hair is the absolute ~worst~ thing that could be on a woman and a TIF would be extra hairy

No. 409882

Which is why most of those men prey on the Pre-T young girls. Once they start getting hairier and manlier the appeal wears off and they go on Reddit to complain about their gay fling not wanting them anymore for some mysterious reason.

No. 409900

or they end up getting married and the Transman starts Identifying as a dog like >>409596

No. 409903

It's either hated because the cis men are having fun using it while troons feel dysphoric over the fact that they can't be cute girls irl. Or troons love it because they can finally be a "cute girl other women are jealous of"!

I bet troons will start using it to try to catfish lesbians. But it's easy to spot since no one looks that airbrushed irl unless they are using a sc filter.

No. 409907

it's not even their own facial features… they're using face swapping like the one girl who skinwalks the arya and rey actresses in /snow/, albeit a bit more toned down.

No. 410000

Someone I know brought up the whole James Charles losing subs thing, and she goes
"no one likes him because he was rude when his friend came out as trans."

and then she proceeded to go "And because he said something racist, or something."

No. 410003

Anyone knows what happened to larpsandtherealgirl? Is it true that she's a janitor here now?

No. 410009

File: 1557864926391.png (145.92 KB, 720x881, 20190514_171442.png)

Totally not a fetish though!

No. 410016

Devil's advocate here, but

>Yep, because CP is made by children themselves with no adult interference whatsoever.

True, unless you loosen adult interference up to things like internet connection. When I was younger I made CP of myself because I found porn online when I was like 11. I wasn't abused. Actually my upbringing was strict catholic
(maybe this led to it) but from seeing Webcam girls I kinda thought "that's looks kinda fun" in some very bad way. In retrospect I was a stupid kid, but once I started camming on places like omegle on my own (unsurprisingly only a small handful of people tried to stop me) that's when adult involvement happened. I did this until I was like 15 before I realized what I was doing. I never got money from it, and thankfully wasn't stupid enough to give my address out. I almost did when someone told me they'd get me a 3DS though…

Just saying. It was still wrong and I still regretted it but I was initially doing it out of my own preteen vouyerism and there was no adult contact.

No. 410020

I have a really out there theory that Larps is strange aeons on youtube, but probably not.

No. 410021

Strange Aeons decries terfs so no

No. 410022

Is she that trans guy who made the ginger male market failure song

No. 410023

NTA but Kids do stupid things to explore their sexuality. That's something that's pretty usual, especially with, as you said, strict upbringings.

However, the issue here is CP being "made with no adult interference" won't stay that way for long. Kids (pre-teens and teens) will, on the internet, start interacting with adults who encourage it - as you said - and therefore it will have adult interference.

Not to mention no kid is going to end up on CP sites posting their own videos.

No. 410025

She posted a pic of herself she's not lol

No. 410031

A lot of closet radfems do, particularly lesbians since lesbians will get accused of being TERFs if they so much as breathe wrong.

No. 410033

I used to know a guy who boasted about doing this. He'd look in troon dating forums, pick up a TIF, claim he was gay (he was straight) and then use them for sex. He used to laugh about how easy it was and how willing they were to do degrading shit that other women wouldn't do since they were so grateful a "gay" man was with them.

He was a piece of shit to be honest.

No. 410114

Any guy willing to take advantage of mentally ill women is a piece of shit, so duh

No. 410140

Curious for those anons in relationships how do you think your partner would react If you came out as Trans ?

No. 410141

lol why tf are you asking in here? scoot on out.

No. 410157

The thing I’m wondering about these women is why they’re willing to have shit sex for the rest of their lives if they go through with SRS - women don’t have prostates and their clit will be munt beyond repair. What exactly do they have to gain even if they do have totes gay smex?

No. 410164

They’ll have ~validation~

No. 410171

Don't be tired. Chips Ahoy did us all a huge favor. This is a victory. The backlash is huge. Clown World emojis everywhere. I searched youtube for "Chips Ahoy" in the past week and most vids are like the one below (Chips Ahoy part in the middle).

This is when all those who want to laugh at troons, those that want to speak out against trasngenderism and don't want this pushed onto kids, tired of the normalization, tired of trans women are women, this was an opportunity to be heard and not attacked and called a transphobe…etc. 9.3K comments and counting, very few positives. The word degenerate comes up more than stunning and brave.

I know there's a difference between drag queens and troons but judging by the comments on twitter people mostly equate it as the same.

Thank you Chips Ahoy. Thank you for fucking up so bad. As you can clearly see, we don't accept this. It's not right. Stop pushing it.

As for you anon, rejoice. Women are mothers and it's not about them.

No. 410256

Even if trannies weren’t unstable and a risk in women’s toilets I still wouldn’t want them there because they’d piss standing up and inevitably miss

No. 410258

I don’t disregard that a kid will probably masturbate at some point and explore their sexuality. There’s an average age of 11 for when boys start watching porn. I first saw it at 7 and it raised so many questions for me as a girl.

However, I still don’t think a child would do much beyond touching themselves (i.e, touch an ADULT) without some sort of adult coercion. I’m not disregarding kissing friends your own age and whatnot but children are not inclined to touch adults. Children are often not likely to film something to be distributed (key-word here). Chances are, if it’s on the internet, it was probably circulated at one point by an adult. It was also probably like you said, coerced out of a child by some creep either threatening or promising something, taking advantage of a child’s lack of brain development.

Point is, kids cannot consent and anyone who doesn't understand that is absolutely devoid of empathy, which is why it makes sense that it’s so often that these child abusers turn out to be NPD cross dressing fetishists.

No. 410266

File: 1557906278866.png (441.93 KB, 600x800, 4EF4D94F-C090-49BB-8C51-38D2E3…)

So did anyone else see the story about the 55-year-old police gender advisor who violently assaulted a (female) teenage passenger with a hammer in a parking lot and caused her to be hospitalised with a head injury because the (male) driver parked in a space for disabled people? Thank goodness UK police have people like this to educate them on gender equality.

No. 410270

> What other minority has had this kind of protection from the police?

Muslims. It is illegal to post anti-muslim comments in UK.

No. 410271

I would normally think nothing of a parent kissing their own kid on the mouth,
but with this context and that kid looking like an adopted Brazilian orphan makes me nervous

No. 410277


>pride is for kids too

>pic of adult dramatically kissing child on the lips at Pride march
Uuuhhhhhhh this is not helping homophobes with their pedophilia accusations.

No. 410295

File: 1557917532204.jpg (23.66 KB, 640x330, pyfvmr0vgsx21.jpg)

He's right you know

No. 410305

File: 1557919365695.png (210.91 KB, 720x1235, 20190515_082211.png)

Finally found the worst one

No. 410307

File: 1557919418811.png (210.84 KB, 720x1222, 20190515_082225.png)

*I stand corrected, as she seems to be female she's just the worst handmaiden

No. 410323

Oh for fuck’s sake. I could understand if she were talking about TIFs (as disingenuous as it is to say "ackchully men can get pregnant too! UwU") but TIMs can never get pregnant and will never need an abortion. Pregnancy means uterus. No uterus, no pregnancy. Pregnancy and any legislation related to it by definition excludes people who cannot get pregnant. That’s nobody’s fault, not even the Romans’.
>trans women are also subject to coercive reproductive laws under the patriarchy
…How? Afaik TIMs aren’t even required to jerk off in a cup before being prescribed hormones or elective genital surgery. Anything they do that affects their reproductive ability is 100% their own choice. The patriarchy isn’t coercing them to do diddly squat, much less forcing them to reproduce against their will.

I posted this video last thread but I’m going to post it again because it’s so fucking prophetic. The only thing they missed is the men turning on Judith for daring to oppress “Loretta” with her very existence.

No. 410327

The amount of trans pandering related to the abortion laws recently is driving me crazy, eg: talking about 'birthers' instead of WOMEN.

No. 410329

>TRAs: "Terves are so horrible for reducing womanhood to biology!"
>Also TRAs: Call women bleeders, birthers, uterus-havers

No. 410332

When is the left and liberal feminism going to stop eating itself.

No. 410343

unironically based

No. 410363

You know these companies are doing this because of what you're doing, right? Like they realized people don't like ads, they tune out to ads, they block ads, they ignore ads, and the only way to be relevant is to adapt. The new strategy is to take political stances and make outlandish ads like this that scratch into the surface of Poe's Law. Whenever you see a company tweet something like this or make an ad like this, just ignore it. The people behind these companies don't even share the values that they're promoting in their ads most likely. They just have marketing research teams they pay to tell them that it's the best stance to take for maximum exposure and they run with it. All this PC climate is doing is empowering corporations to step into our lives when we've fought so hard to deny them entry. Advertisements have and always be about mass social manipulation to get your product into the heads of the consumers. This is new wave advertising and it's working. They want to become part of the discussion, because it means you're giving them attention. It's risky because it can (and has in many cases) backfire and give your brand a bad name. That's why these companies are picking the safer approach of picking a side that's easier to defend if criticized.

No. 410366

File: 1557930251801.png (97.2 KB, 996x458, 9PefHsv.png)

another one

No. 410381

Definitely agree when I look at it like that. I'm sure my videos are floating around the dark web, and I never uploaded those. I did distribute the same videos/pics into chat rooms I was in for multiple (sick) people to download but by that point they were already usind and manipulating me. I wonder how many of them have come out as "trans" since then.

Semi related but there was one person at that period who befriended me pretending to be a girl my age. I was sent various pictures like "does my vagina look weird??? Can you do this and show me if it stretches like this?" turns out it was a guy using pics of someone else… But I can imagine troons doing something similar. "Im another girl, I just wanna see how your vagina looks like because I'm self conscious a out mine!!"

No. 410488

why are they all ginger

No. 410498

File: 1557944597983.jpeg (920.69 KB, 1125x1535, 4D4D08F1-55D2-44BA-8EF2-1513C1…)

>large tits
>breasts looking like one of pubescent girl

their obsession with wearing bdsm gear and collar in public is so fucking nasty

(found on kiwifarms)

No. 410499

Jeez, you'd figure as an alt guy he'd just dress however and not give a fuck about gender. He'd be fairly attractive in alt fashion, actually. Sad.

No. 410502

I don't this so. His face is really odd-looking.

No. 410508

It’s great that tranny tits just make them loook like they have bad gyno

No. 410557

come on anon, don't do teen girls dirty like that. those look more like flubby man titties than budding breasts!

No. 410577

File: 1557955757621.jpg (134.25 KB, 737x643, ginger hair.jpg)

Ginger hair is more common in Ireland and the UK.

No. 410578

Ok so it wasn't just me. I think he's a handsome dude and the style suits him. A shame he's mucking it up with hormones.

No. 410593

they look like the moobs you see on fat men. it's funny.

No. 410595

That's because they are those moobs. Men don't have real breast tissue - they just get fat.

No. 410601

heh they really can't escape being men no matter how many drugs they take can they. I wonder how triggered he'd be if someone said that his boobs were actually moobs.

No. 410603

>stop centering conversations about reprouctive rights around genitalia

Fuck right off.

The law affects people with vaginas. People with wombs. People who have the ability to get pregnant. I'm not pandering to people who will literally never be physically affected by the law just because they have feeeeeeelings about it.

No. 410604

File: 1557961400545.jpeg (77.94 KB, 640x556, C0000973-B598-4C5E-81B9-58360F…)

TRAs never make any good criticisms against terves, it's always "terfs are stupid and smelly and should die"

No. 410611

ahahaha where's the pic of that guy that looks like Benjamin Franklin. I guess he's a terf because the troon description definitely doesn't describe him.

No. 410614

doublepost but a compilation of radfems and ugly trannies along with this tweet would be chef's kiss

No. 410617

Why are they always so obsessed with TERFs? I always thought TERFs were terrible based on the rep trannies give them, but once I looked it up, most of the mainstream TERF shit isn't even offensive.

No. 410622

File: 1557963954918.png (222.9 KB, 924x774, lesbiansdontexist.PNG)

No. 410667

No. 410797

File: 1557982524900.jpg (1007.09 KB, 1144x2720, ra0ssvhfcgy21.jpg)

Any man that respects women is actually a Trans woman in denial

No. 410800

lmao the second leftmost man on the top isn't a tranny, he's just a guy who has mommy issues and vocally hates women. his current account is IDFshill iirc
It's probably sunk cost fallacy at this point. Imagine having to spend the rest of your life in a butchered body that you have to constantly maintain; you're probably going to try and hold onto whatever you have left.

No. 410803

Aren't something like 70% of TiMs narcissists?
It makes sense that a narcissist would only "respect" a group if they think they deserve to be a part of it, or that they "belong there (on the inside)".

No. 410844

They hate that there’s a group with a valid reason to exclude them, and that women fundamentally do believe that a “transwoman” will never be a woman in the same way that we are. Feminism will never include men for good reason, so they have to invade our movement and create a bs term like “TERF” when feminism should pertain to women who are oppressed for their biology.

They seriously hate and know that they are not actual women. Hence why they’re constantly brainwashing libfems, and harassing people with “TRANSWOMEN ARE WOMEN.” Newsflash, saying something over and over doesn’t make it any more valid.

This is also why they’re so obsessed with dictating conversations about our reproductive rights, our periods, birth control, etc, because they will never truly have any valid connection to what makes a woman a woman.

No. 410896

I was just reading up a discussion on a big, national normie forum about a transgender male having children and it's like a breath of fresh air seeing people treating it as it is, a mental illness. Even the normies don't get why transgenderism needs to support gender roles and why a feminine man needs to become a woman and vice versa, and it really emphasizes how crazy the whole movement is when the lone TRAs come in to "educate" poor ignorant bigots about muh gender identity. What makes me especially happy is that almost all of them say they think homosexuality is fine and makes sense, but transgenderism is a big load of baloney. It's a shame such a small powerful minority dominates the discourse in the media but also comforting that a big majority considers them insane.

This. They literally don't have the empathetic capacity to care about a demographic they don't belong to. And like any other male feminist their "respect women" bit is essentially "respect women who worship the ground I walk on and accept me as their superior". All others are swerfterfs and deserve to be beaten up, raped and burned on a cross.

No. 410904

No. 410906

>Maju had been suffering a rare congenital vaginal condition called Rokitansky syndrome.

So is Maju actually trans or not?

No. 410913

>if you fight your enemies they win

No. 410922

Really, put Meghan Murphy next to your average Benjamin Franklin tranny. Not even a competition. Trannies are just seething.

Simple, because "terfs" are women. They'll spend their whole days ranting about a group of women for not admitting them to their private party while men are the ones actually murdering them.

No. 410957

So there was a trany in my local swimming pool locker room, he had tiny tubular breast and a very obvious penis, he was wearing a bikini top with a speedo, which I find hilarious because over here we call them "dick hugger". I'm not gonna pretend I was traumatised by the encounter but it was a really weird unpleasant experience.

No. 410973

File: 1558017389150.png (1021.92 KB, 948x619, Untitled.png)

pictured: EVIL, UGLY, GROSS, SMELLY, VILE, NASTY TERF vs beautiful, flawless, stunning, brave, gorgeous, peak of femininity trans woman uwu

No. 411015

File: 1558023479467.png (20.86 KB, 582x207, gender.PNG)

seriously…? they only care about gender neutral terms, not the actual issues

No. 411059

So many of their Facebook bios say “cute trans girl” it’s insane

No. 411061

File: 1558029983763.jpeg (168.52 KB, 744x971, 77ECEE20-7A85-49CB-83C9-B9FBA4…)

Holy shit amazing snapshot of AGP lmao

No. 411066

File: 1558030398445.jpg (231.54 KB, 1242x2208, a2d5799.jpg)

Saw this on reddit, it's the casting list for some Stonewall documentary/movie

No. 411069

Mayer–Rokitansky–Küster–Hauser syndrome (MRKH)/Müllerian agenesis affects women, so yes, if someone has that they're a biological woman.

No. 411083

Storme was a black female so of course they want to cast a white male. Trans is racist.

No. 411087

Her dad was white and her mom was black, but yeah, are they seriously thinking of casting a white transwoman and paint her black to look like a biracial lesbian??

No. 411095

>>411066 i'm suprised they even mentioned her and didn't transed her into a tranny man, but whitewashing is fucking awful

No. 411112

File: 1558037573976.jpg (397.41 KB, 1058x951, Untitled.jpg)

>Hollywood’s big players stay quiet on Georgia abortion law
>The muted reaction is in striking contrast to what happened just three years ago when Netflix and Disney threatened to pull productions if a law allowing faith-based refusal of services to LGBTQ persons was passed. Other companies also publicly denounced that proposed law, including AMC, Time Warner, Lionsgate, Sony, NBC Universal and CBS.

These are the same people who immediately flipped out about North Carolina's trans bathroom law. Nice to see, once again, that men in dresses matter more than the lives of women.

Here's the article if you're curious. https://www.apnews.com/06069b29c73248fb88f9edd6752ec1e4

No. 411150

It's not nearly as powerful. Abortion access, to pro-lifers, would not "save lives."

We need to say abortion access saves women because that's really what the argument is about. We're talking about saving women - not just "lives" (a weak word) but women.

No. 411153

Okay, so you can't cast women as men-in-a-dress, but you can cast men-in-a-dress as women. What a great world we live in that isn't biased against women in any way.

No. 411158

That's because trans issues are a perfect virtue signaling device. They're obscure and vague enough to not affect most people. You get to create a pretense of wokeness by challenging nothing. A perfect Hollywood tier non-issue to get behind.

No. 411161

File: 1558047812372.jpg (22.16 KB, 500x303, tumblr_inline_p301e9Mn0h1vo02i…)

The Law of Larps proven true yet again.

No. 411185

fuckin wild how the only attributes they ever cite are about looks
almost like it's the only thing they think matters about a woman

No. 411209

While I genuinely believe in GC stuff and it all just makes logical sense, it's so goddamn hard to be GC in the modern era. It's isolating as hell, especially in lib online communities where everyone is all "trans rights!" and disagreeing in the slightest will make you a target. Several of my friend circles even have trannies. I can't even follow who I want to on Twitter because someone will inevitably go "Huurr, anon, did you know that person you followed is a stinky TERF?"

No. 411245

fucking wild how all of them look like a hybrid between ann coulter and a horse

No. 411253

I can't wait until this tr00n kissing ride is over. TERFs are the only logical people making sense anymore.

No. 411291

Same situation, anon. Keeping it stealth is what I've been doing for years. Best advice i can give is to not praise them and just give lip service, not encouraging their delusions and not denying them either doesn't leave much reason for them to call you out.
Hopefully it will end soon… As more detransitioners come forward and the primary audience of children/teens/young adults move onto another alt fashion (trans stuff will get dropped akin to a huge me-too like movement methinks) Because let's face it, the 14 year olds on hormone blockers will eventually grow up and mature. The side effects of hormone blockers and hormones in general, SRS defects, and general emotional impact on this generation is only mounting up. I wonder when's the turning point.

No. 411296

File: 1558072908093.jpg (65.38 KB, 540x512, pq0gbxnSiM1qkcpqe.jpg)

This just….speaks for itself. They literally admit it when they're in "safe spaces".
But I guess we're just a bunch crazy TERFs, lmao.

No. 411302

>mfw I see people going more "UM EXCUSE ME NOT ALL WOMEN GET PREGNANT PLEASE REFER TO THEM AS ABORTION HAVERS OR BIRTHERS" than being horrified that women's bodily autonomy is in jeopardy and feminism is being taken back for decades
I want to get off this ride.

This. It's still relatively niche enough not to affect a lot of people so it's easy for men especially to campaign for it, because they're essentially protecting their own kind. Defending, say, homosexuality, is a lot more difficult for Straight White Cis Men(tm) because even the biggest heterosexual male feminist is still subconsciously threatened by the thought of being the submissive party to a male. There's a reason why almost every tranny in the spotlight is a straight white male transbian - they pose no threat to men and act at the expense of female rights. It's a win-win deal to them.

No. 411304

>This. It's still relatively niche enough not to affect a lot of people so it's easy for men especially to campaign for it, because they're essentially protecting their own kind. Defending, say, homosexuality, is a lot more difficult for Straight White Cis Men(tm) because even the biggest heterosexual male feminist is still subconsciously threatened by the thought of being the submissive party to a male. There's a reason why almost every tranny in the spotlight is a straight white male transbian - they pose no threat to men and act at the expense of female rights. It's a win-win deal to them.
ok this is getting a bit conspiracy tier in my opinion

No. 411338

It's so frustrating getting police on language as a women fighting for women reproductive rights because I'm not being fucking trans inclusive. I'm sick of everyone having to be explained concepts like they're fucking autistic when they know rightly it means the average women. As a women I'm aware not all women have healthy wombs and not all women get pregnant. Yes of course I'm aware of fucking transgenderism I haven't been living under a rock. How about being an ally for reproductive rights instead of bitching over pedantic rights. No matter what point in history women are treated like second class citizens I'm fucking tired of it. Even sexual pleasure ranks higher than a woman's life. A lot of people really want us to be seen and not heard. Love bring born for the soul purpose of only being useful enough to carry a baby to term. Yet female infanticide what's that! Heaven forbid there is no way people would favour male babies and choose to kill female ones, why they're simply too fucking precious to society!!!

No. 411341

Same here. The cheerleading doesn’t necessarily bother me because I know many of them are just trying to be kind to a group of people they genuinely believe to be vulnerable and oppressed, but what really makes me feel isolated is the extreme hostility to ‘TERF’s. Every time an acquaintance posts about how terves are vile and disgusting and the world would be better off if they all died horribly I have to bite my tongue to keep myself from asking what they think these evil terves actually believe, because many libfems are completely in the dark about this and just parrot what TRAs tell them. But there’s no way to do this (at least, more than once) without outing myself as a ‘TERF-sympathiser’ and being blocked, discredited and ousted from that social circle. In these people’s minds, trying to discuss the gender critical argument in any nuanced way is akin to defending the holocaust. You can’t even say you only read some gc posts to better understand ~the enemy~ because it’s treated like a contagion where any exposure may lead to infection and those who've been infected must be purged. It’s so disheartening to know that many people I get along well with on a surface level would not hesitate to burn me at the stake for my opinions without even taking the time to understand what those opinions are.

Secretly I hope that they themselves unwittingly step out of line sooner or later and get the “burn in hell turf!” treatment from the people they’re caping for, so that maybe they’ll take off their blinders long enough to realise that the women being denounced as evil terves are not, in fact, all horrible puppy-murdering villains. Most of us just think it’s wrong to force dick on lesbians or question if it’s a good idea to expose children to experimental hormone treatments.

No. 411346

You can tell me if this isn't meant to be here but I was sexually assaulted by my 'best friend' who was FtM trans as well as being in a controlling friendship (they wouldn't let me make new friends and talk to me 24/7).
My therapist told me I shouldn't blame them or think they're bad because they were dealing with so much stuff and they were obviously struggling with their identity.
okay? so cause they're confused I have to be their disgusting experiment??? needless to say I dropped that therapist immediately. But yeah, i guess being trans lets them off a lot of shit.

No. 411358

I'm sorry you went through that, I'm glad you dropped your therapist. I hope you're healing well and you have the help you need. It's disgusting that being trans is a get out of jail free card, sure it's a mental illness, but that doesn't remove the harm they've caused others.

No. 411363

>not encouraging their delusions and not denying them either doesn't leave much reason for them to call you out
Sometimes it does. When I used Tumblr sometimes I used to get some anonymous questions asking me why I shared pro-lesbian stuff but never shared anything pro-trans or even just mentioning trans people.

Lmao, that tripfag troon. He most likely looks like the Benjamin Franklin tranny himself.

No. 411383

No. 411413

File: 1558110511961.png (993.41 KB, 1560x1026, Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 12.2…)

>Thirty-one-year-old Bailey Coffman is a transgender woman from New York. She says that "my gender is not a costume."

zero self-awareness…o i am laffin


No. 411416

Lmao how rich of them to cry ~transface~ over a snapchat filter when they're AGP womanface larpers themselves

No. 411418

Jason Bateman is speaking out and refusing to work in Georgia if the heartbeat law doesn't get thrown out. Some new show he's doing for HBO and Ozark (which is on Netflix) are filming in Georgia and he is refusing to film due to the law. At least someone is saying something.


No. 411456

Eagerly awaiting the wokeness reaching the level that drag queens are considered transphobic.

No. 411475

Literally this abortion debate is what made me fully become gender critical. I grew up on tumblr during what was kind of the peak of protecting trans people, and while I’ve got a FTM friend irl I literally want to bash my head against the wall seeing people on the internet screech about how TRANS MEN EXIST when someone says “men shouldn’t make abortion laws”, or “you’re a terf if you think this is just a problem for women” like this petty fucking infighting is more of any issue than actual life threatening thing for women in this political administration? I feel like it’s always the non-binary kids on the internet too who just want attention on twitter, the one trans guy I know never tries to stick his neck in issues he knows aren’t his own cause he’s got his own life to worry about. Tldr: the twitter queers are literally ruining leftist politics for me

No. 411478

In some circles they already are, exactly because of the reason listed in that article and because drag queens supposedly make a mockery of TiMs by being satirical and over the top.

Back in 2016 there was an article about how problematic it was to have “cis” men like Jaden Smith as the face of women’s fashion because
>The danger for trans women is that if wearing what are traditionally women’s clothes becomes the norm for men too, then trans women will no longer be able to rely on these props to help them display a female gender identity - and for many, that could be a serious problem.

No. 411480

> trans women will no longer be able to rely on these props to help them display a female gender identity

How can anyone write this sentence without realizing how fucking sexist it is?

No. 411486

lmfao horse faced shims admitting that they are indistinguishable from cis men in women's clothing


No. 411520

I expected this article to be about how trans people are being empowered with apps that help ~present themselves as their true gender~ (AKA catfishing is fine so long as ur twans). But this article is gross too. Last thing i want to happen to me is getting catfished by a TiM or TiF and seeing in person that they look nothing like their facetuned fantasy. It's already bad enough with non troons already.

No. 411576

File: 1558135345652.jpeg (242.19 KB, 1080x1654, BE5AC016-C556-498A-8547-542925…)

Based grandma, by the way he is 20 and she has to drive him to work because he doesn’t have a license

No. 411579

File: 1558135404056.jpeg (184.33 KB, 1079x1172, 87CD01DD-CF94-4F74-961D-B1AF07…)

Very violent always. Not a single birth name with human profile picture combo among them, ever.

No. 411583

File: 1558135833100.jpeg (271.5 KB, 750x1161, EDE5F1C9-D863-4234-B95B-3DB58A…)

Would you let a man fit you for bras at Victoria’s Secret? Fuck, can women’s intimates stores NOT hire men please?

No. 411586

If only more troons would be open to hear how they have nothing in common with a woman. You'd expect of someone who was always a woman in their soul to know what rules women live by socially. What kind of pressures we succumb to, how we are expect to behave, how we communicate. No amount of repressing can erase this kind of socialization. If you were always a woman trapped in a man's body since birth you'd have picked those things up even if your shell is that of a man.

No. 411592

So, this is a hypothetical: What do you say/do if you have a son who claims he's transgender and that he's "actually a girl", or a daughter who claims vice-versa?
How do you explain to them that they can't be the opposite sex, and that they most likely have the wrong idea about what "a boy or girl" even is?
Because when I read about TiMs' parents, it seems like a lot of them straight-up ignore or shut them down (like >>411576), but they don't drop the bullshit. They grow into adults who attack their families, calling them "abusive" for not putting them on HRT in their childhood. How can that be prevented?

No. 411602

I honestly don’t know. I will always remember my mom saying when I was a kid, “you like me now, then you won’t like me for a while, then you’ll like me again” and she was so right. But I’m mentally sound and not an aggressive male. Is it really that all parents can do is just “wait it out” and hope their TiM kids grow out of the phase?
I feel so sorry for their parents. What a nightmare of a parenting situation.

No. 411604

I'm an ex-TIF. Trust me, there's not much you can do in this case. Let them be if they're adults. Convince them to get into therapy. Not a "gender therapist", real therapy to tackle traumas and uncomfortable stuff from their past. It all depends on how much they buy TRA ideology and their degree of self awareness about themselves.

No. 411605


I don't know if it can be prevented. Either they come out of it and realize their parents were right, or they realize their parents were right and dig their heels in deeper, calling them abusive as you said.

No. 411607

I'm honestly curious as to how you can raise your child to not be like this. I would guess that never bringing transgenderism up around them and telling them that it's fine for girls to like boy stuff / vice verse and it doesn't make them a boy. I feel like in most cases it's either the ultra liberal parent trying to force it on the child or an attempt at rebelling from ultra conservative parents. IMO the best way to try and prevent it would be to keep your kids involved with as much IRL stuff as possible and limit internet use (not by restricting it, but encouraging other activities). Get them interested in some sport and make sure they have a solid group of friends that they can rely on.

It's definitely important to not restrict your kid and say "this is not allowed" but also not to encourage it. Allow them to be who they want to be but instill in them that they should love the skin they're in. I feel like a lot of transgenderism comes from severe insecurity and lack of confidence. This is coming from the perspective of raising a young child, though. Not sure what to do if they suddenly start on it later in life… sorry for the long and convoluted rant!

No. 411612

To be honest most of this shit is cult behavior. Modern trans people act and think in the ways presented in these threads because they're apart of a toxic online community that serves as a surrogate family that, well, "eggs" each other on.

The goal is to raise your child to be happy with themselves and be able to form healthy friendships and relationships so they're not susceptible to falling into dysfunctional groups of insecure people who enable and take advantage of each other. Of course life gets in the way of having a perfect happy family so just not letting them spend all day on the internet unmonitored is probably the safest bet. Stops them getting their minds fried by porn too.

No. 411630

ik this is an old video but at least this troon is self-aware enough to have an honest interview with his daughter and let her talk about how his trooning out fucked her life up. it's so crazy to me that men are selfish enough to choose a goddamn fetish over their families.

No. 411704

Has anyone here organized a GC/Radfem discord?

If not and someone is part of another discord, is it any good? I'm trying to join some and curious as to what they're like

No. 411715

File: 1558166816355.jpg (176.13 KB, 1080x730, cries in transexual.jpg)

so, have we studied the affects on newborn children who have been born to a FtM?

No. 411717

I would tell them no. My country thankfully doesn't have any laws about how "not supporting a child's identity is abusive" so I could just cut them off from the internet and take them to the therapist. I had a lot of crazy ventures as a teen and my mom was always stern about not playing into my delusions, the kid will eventually get tired of pushing it despite kicking and screaming at first. For most trans teens it's that their parents gave an inch and they took a mile, just humoring their LARPing identity by switching to gender neutral pronouns or using their new name is enough to have the rock rolling. If you treat it as a stupid idea and don't give them an ounce of validation, they will grow out of it at some point.

Parents are often so terrified of the "trans suicide rate" spooks that they tend to forget about how teens have always experimented with their identity with extreme measures. If your kid was dressing up as a hardcore goth and wanted you to call them Raven you would just roll your eyes and not think much of it, but for some reasons parents are indoctrinated to crawl on their knees when their Jessica gets a haircut and becomes Ayden.

No. 411718

>I’m actually being treated like the sex that I keep reeing that I am, is there anything I can do about this??? uwu

No. 411728

No. 411733

On one hand this is hilariously ironic and on the other it shows you the problem with TRAs wanting to ignore sex and medical facts for their comfort and expecting everyone else to do the same.

No. 411734

Cue the Gofundme where he whines that he has to get out of this ~~abusive home~~ that made him so ~suicidal~

No. 411735

I would be very disgusted if I see a man working in a women's intimate store, especially if he's in the fitting room

No. 411749

why you want to troon out when you want children? this should trigger her "dysphoria"

in kiwifarms tranny news thread is an article about a TiF who didn't knew about being pregnant and kid was a stillbirth, without prenatal , because physician treated her as male instead of female. Hormones could play role in it too, the generation of children born to trannies probably will have health problems. We don't have studies about effects of HRT on pregnancy (or using TiMs sperm), because there is almost non-existing study population. But in 10 years or more maybe someone will finally do a proper, unbiased and not funded by big pharma study and people will look back at troon craze with a big, big shame

No. 411753

I doubt TIM's sperm has any substantial difference then any other human male
children born from TIFs will turn out similar to children born Eastern bloc female athletes

No. 411763

If something like obesity can significantly impact sperm quality I don’t see why hormonal imbalances wouldn’t

No. 411766


Blurred lines: A pregnant man’s tragedy tests gender notions

May 15, 2019

When the man arrived at the hospital with severe abdominal pains, a nurse didn’t consider it an emergency, noting that he was obese and had stopped taking blood pressure medicines. In reality, he was pregnant — a transgender man in labor that was about to end in a stillbirth.

The tragic case, described in Wednesday’s New England Journal of Medicine, points to larger issues about assigning labels or making assumptions in a society increasingly confronting gender variations in sports , entertainment and government . In medicine, there’s a similar danger of missing diseases such as sickle cell and cystic fibrosis that largely affect specific racial groups, the authors write.

“The point is not what’s happened to this particular individual but this is an example of what happens to transgender people interacting with the health care system,” said the lead author, Dr. Daphna Stroumsa of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

“He was rightly classified as a man” in the medical records and appears masculine, Stroumsa said. “But that classification threw us off from considering his actual medical needs.”

Stroumsa would not say where or when the case occurred, and the patient was not identified.

Transgender men, who are considered female at birth but who identify as male, may or may not be using masculinizing hormones or have had surgical alterations, such as womb removal.

The 32-year-old patient told the nurse he was transgender when he arrived at the emergency room and his electronic medical record listed him as male. He hadn’t had a period in several years and had been taking testosterone, a hormone that has masculinizing effects and can decrease ovulation and menstruation. But he quit taking the hormone and blood pressure medication after he lost insurance.

A home pregnancy test was positive and he said he had “peed himself” — a possible sign of ruptured membranes and labor. A nurse ordered a pregnancy test but considered him stable and his problems non-urgent.

Several hours later, a doctor evaluated him and the hospital test confirmed pregnancy. An ultrasound showed unclear signs of fetal heart activity, and an exam revealed that part of the umbilical cord had slipped into the birth canal. Doctors prepared to do an emergency cesarean delivery, but in the operating room no fetal heartbeat was heard. Moments later, the man delivered a stillborn baby.

A woman showing up with similar symptoms “would almost surely have been triaged and evaluated more urgently for pregnancy-related problems,” the authors wrote.

“It’s a very upsetting incident, it’s a tragic outcome,” said Dr. Tamara Wexler, a hormone specialist at NYU Langone Medical Center.

“Medical training should include exposure to transgender patients” so health workers are better able to meet their needs, Wexler said. “A lot of doctors who are practicing didn’t have that in their training” but can still learn from such patients now.

Nic Rider, a transgender health specialist and psychologist at the University of Minnesota, said training isn’t enough.

“There are implicit biases that need to be addressed,” Rider said.

Health records may use male/female templates for gender but “it doesn’t mean that we just throw out critical thinking or think about how humans are diverse,” Rider said.

The case is horrifying but “not terribly surprising,” said Gillian Branstetter, a spokeswoman for an advocacy group, the National Center for Transgender Equality in Washington.

Transgender people often run into problems getting gender-specific health care such as cervical cancer screening, birth control and prostate cancer screenings.

More needs to be done to improve medical awareness and recognition of diversity because “the consequences can be so dire, as this case shows,” Branstetter said.


No. 411767

This story is a big example of why people shouldn't be classified male or female based on feelings on official documents. No one's gonna see this shit, just put "transgender man" or "transgender woman". ffs

No. 411773


>“He was rightly classified as a man” in the medical records and appears masculine, Stroumsa said. “But that classification threw us off from considering his actual medical needs.”

How can somebody possibly have been "rightly classified" if that classification led to a serious medical issue and a lack of appropriate treatment?

The whole point of distinguishing between male and female in a hospital environment is so that their specific biological needs can be considered.

If people accepted that sex is biological and that men and women don't have to conform to traditional gender roles to "belong" to that sex, stuff like this wouldn't happen.

Changing your listed sex isn't helpful. It's the same as telling doctors you don't have a pre-existing medical condition even though you do. It just makes things harder.

This isn't wokeness, it's the same pink-for-girls-blue-for-boys bullshit that society has always spewed.

No. 411783

Epigenetics causes certain genes to be expressed more then others but the genes still remain the same
a estrogen taking TIMs sperm may have certain genes that would be expressed more then others the genes would still be male

No. 411788

That girl seemed on the edge of tears the whole video. That’s so sad.

No. 411794

File: 1558194836324.png (1.27 MB, 1197x1309, smh.png)

I know it's not a big deal but it's really annoying when artists/designers etc are clearly pandering to these people.
What was wrong with the original (bottom) design? I've been seeing a lot lately even in what I thought were not on the overtly-sjw train.

(side note: tbh it's already the most unnecessary t-shirt design by being so specific. And it would make me think the person wearing it really has no depth to virtue-signal so hard.)

No. 411800

samefag never-mind the brackets since the proceeds go to a charity
Didn't read the full caption

No. 411801

Making a classic stupid NPC slogan even stupider.

No. 411802

Wow you can really tell how horrible and painful this has been for her. Even now you can see it breaks her heart and SHE had to make the "adult" decision and choose to start covering up her feelings for the sake of peace in the family despite being a child who is still negatively affected by her dad's choices. She admits all her anger over it is still there. At least he still is involved in the lives of his seven children though, unlike tons of these guys who troon out and then abandon their families, but it's also then terrible for the women who married them having to lose the person they fell in love with either way but in this case while still living with them.

No. 411808

what a stupid bitch. ' I DIDNT REALIZE MEN ONLY GET 2 WEEKS. WHAAA' shut the fuck up.

No. 411809

How do FTM even get pregnant? i thought T would fuck them up…? doesnt that affect the baby? also, who is having vaginal sex if they're supposedly men?

No. 411812

>pregnancy shouldnt be gendered

>well it's gendered because ONLY WOMEN get pregnant


Wow, this is …sad

No. 411813

trans people infect the medical system and i always, always feel bad for the nurses and doctors dealing with their bullshit. You are either male or female biological. Men and women face different health issues (ovarian cancer vs prostate cancer) fucking idiots

No. 411814

FTM can get pregnant only if their ovaries haven't atrophied enough AKA she still has her period. If she doesn't still have her period, it's more of a fluke pregnancy and it's probably because she was having unprotected sex under the assumption she couldn't get pregnant.

Either way, I think they're recommended that you stop taking T while pregnant.

No. 411815

Wouldnt that go against their 'dysphoria' ? If they are supposedly men, they shouldnt want vaginal sex and only anal sex.

No. 411816

excuse me sweety but its "front hole" sex not vaginal sex

No. 411818

There’s always a chance from getting pregnant from anal if they cum inside, if you’re wet and a little spills out then there’s nothing stopping them from travelling

No. 411842

File: 1558207587617.jpeg (80.36 KB, 750x356, E2D561FD-9A31-47BD-9AB0-91496E…)

I felt pretty sad reading this, too. These people don’t understand that they can’t identify out of their biology, and that they’re already part of the conversation. It’s so sad and backwards. Splitting hairs over the use of the word “women” is the DUMBEST waste of energy while we are faced with crises like this.

No. 411848

They’re the ones who decided to opt out of womanhood in the first place, though. I hope that, as awful as this situation is, it will at least peak trans a lot of people and TiFs most of all. Turns out the terves were right and you can’t identify out of sex-based oppression!

No. 411851

File: 1558210717198.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.56 MB, 1408x5896, 1529111261546.jpeg)

Still can't believe someone would do this to themselves.

No. 411863

This bullshit right here. If these idiots willingly chose to 'become men' and abandon their womanhood, they dont deserve anything. Real women need help right now with these awful anti abortion laws. and wtf does non binary have anything to do with anything?

If you are a woman and able to get pregnant, and cannot legally get an abortion, that is all the matters. Why are these people making this harder?

No. 411865

oh please, they chose their stance

No. 411869

that is just fucking heart breaking.

No. 411875

I glanced at the thumbnail… Are those neo vaginas or worse? Feeling sick just looking at it

No. 411881

yes, and the person is saying that the have become depress after the surgery

No. 411883

>it's always dirty, smells like shit
>it smells like normal female genitalia
If you think vagina smells like shit compared to dick, why would you want one?

No. 411895

This is why despite all the BS I can't get that angry at the trans community. It's like that story from ancient Rome where a captured solider destroyed his own hand in a fire to show an enemy king how dedicated he was and the king let him go since "you do more harm to yourself than me". Can't even be mad at someone who fucks themselves up on their own accord far worse than whatever you want.

No. 411928

File: 1558231961619.jpg (674.03 KB, 1080x1233, 20190518_211146.jpg)

I think he might need more than that. Fuck.

No. 411929

File: 1558232867633.png (311.44 KB, 960x451, 9lMliYA.png)

which one of you sent him this kek

No. 411939

It really does make me feel better to think about the fact that they're all killing themselves that much quicker with hormones and surgeries, tbqh.

No. 411954

It just baffles me how TRAs have managed to thought police such a huge number of people. Take the abortion debate for example, so many women will bend over backwards to include gender special men in their protest of their reproductive rights being fucked with, meanwhile if anyone cries "all lives matter!" or "where is my straight pride parade??" they're laughed at and ridiculed. It's obvious even the most libfem handmaiden is able to see the ridiculousness men spew sometimes, but when will they see the trans shit is just more pointless man vomit?

No. 411963

The way some women are willing to bend over backwards for these assholes honestly makes me hate them more than the trannies themselves ; women’s reproductive rights and bodily autonomy are being taken away but all they care about is whether or not some men are upset

No. 411992

4thwavenow posted link to album with collected over 700 tweets from TRAs with threats.



In my country they could face from 3 to 5 years of jail, just for saying they "will kill a terf"

No. 412010

Jesus christ, the absolute maleness of it all. What could be more stereotypical than violent hatred of feminists?

No. 412011

I’ve seen so many of these and tweets like them before, but every time I scroll through them I’m just fucking abhorred. Wanting to maim and kill women = feminism, according to these males? And other women support it. It’s bananas.

No. 412043

I used to work at a similar store and we would get actual men applying all the time.
(Not troons, probably just due to how few of them there were in our area, but we did have them as customers occasionally.)
These men would not only just apply, but come in store or call us as a follow-up. My manager would have to word her rejection in a million different ways without outright saying it (legally we can't discriminate based on gender) and they would never get it. How delusional do you have to be?

No. 412055

File: 1558276113219.png (396.91 KB, 1440x1249, Screenshot_20190519-092341(1).…)

Make it even more inclusive and say cis men and trans women shouldn't be making laws about cis women and trans men's bodies, but they don't wanna hear that part

No. 412068

Yes, wonderful, "pregnant bodies" doesn't objectify and demean women at all, just like the crazy side of the abortion-ban supporters…wonderful, great

We are just bodies who are pregnant! Truly inspirational.

No. 412070

When whoever was unfortunate enough to birth this person was pregnant she was a pregnant body

>Hey mom, remember when you were a pregnant body? What was that like?

Literally makes women sound like dead meat on a slab. Horrible language. Shoot whoever wrote that into the sun.

No. 412097

Pregnant body doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well as incubator does, don’t know why they even bother pretending at this point to see us as anything but

No. 412110

I sure love how third wave liberal feminism has completely thrown women's rights out the window in favor of objectification, sexism, and regressive ladybrain stereotyping. God forbid we speak about sex-based oppression–it might upset the males in dresses who will kill themselves if we don't say their penises are girldicks.

No. 412178

The comments.
>mtfs are entitled to what females get, right? just like how FtMs are entitled to get what men get.
>Wanna know why? Because mtfs (such as myself) are women, and FtMs are men. Women get what women get. Men get what men get ;D
Women get maternity leave for having a child. In their wombs. Which you don't have.

No. 412262

File: 1558312628576.jpg (67.86 KB, 640x960, f9m7k2uulkp21.jpg)

And apparently he's two years HRT

I'll be having nigtmares tonight

No. 412270

File: 1558313419858.png (29.16 KB, 609x415, Untitled.png)

oh, they already are. hell, rupaul himself went under fire for saying that trans women aren't really "drag queens" because by their own definition, they are women, yet… somehow they should still be allowed to compete in drag competitions because they aren't men in dresses? troons can't make up their fucking minds.

anyway have some vomit.

No. 412271

*are men in dresses meaning any bio woman can just compete in a drag show, too, right? but no, she'd get hatred for STEPPING INTO THE SACRED SPACE OF TRANS WOMEN

No. 412286

I don't know what to say other than… Wtf

No. 412316

Mountain Trans sounds like an off brand Mountain Dew soda

No. 412320

I love Ru Paul and hated how much hate he got for saying transwomen shouldnt be on his show. It's true. If they are already 'women' why are they allowed in a drag competition? they already have surgery and fake tits (not that it helps)

No. 412351

File: 1558329817319.png (53.85 KB, 1194x214, Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 10.1…)

Decided to check out the comment history of one particular troon. Found this comment in a thread regarding Elon Musk and that time he joked about being a catgirl. This sounds like too retarded to be taken seriously but I have a feeling they weren't joking.

Seriously what is it with TiFs and their obsession with anime girl archetypes?

No. 412357

they cry about hijacking part of troonery "culture" but still steal lesbian terms. i just hate how trannies and kweers took this word

No. 412365

KEK, like, we all knew anime GIRLS were part of their "culture" but that they aren't embarrassed that it is is just so fucking ace. It's beautiful. Like, what an embarrassing-as-fuck cultural hallmark even if it wasn't gross and an obvious indication that they're greasy weeb pedo failmen, and yet, they're proud and think it's not at all embarrassing or pathetic.

No. 412376

If this is real I'm seriously wtf. You cant co-opt something and claim its yours all of a sudden?

No. 412411

File: 1558344194005.jpg (210.68 KB, 1080x903, IMG_20190520_111616.jpg)

Me being white inevitably means I'm a privileged bitch, but a man growing up male, getting socialized as male, taking all the opportunities being male offers him for a good portion of his life and then transitioning is just as much of a victim as women 200 years ago dressing up as men so that they could get a job instead of being married off and living as a baby machine. Okay.
Lol at all the people commenting, b-but maybe those women who wore male clotges were actually trans too??? Assuming they're cis is transphobic!…

No. 412423

tranny has few times bigger chance to be hired by tech company than a actual woman nowdays. they hire troons for diversity, but troons are still complaining. You can't satisfy them

No. 412425

One group is taking full advantage of a system rigged in their favour. The other group is trying to survive in a system rigged against them, risking violent reprisals, criminal prosecution or lifelong institutionalisation as in many cultures it was (or still is) illegal or taken as a sign of serious mental illness for women to dress and act outside of strictly prescribed gender roles. But of course the latter are only deserving of sympathy if they were secretly men on the inside…

No. 412428


they have a higher chance because mostly men decide to study sterm careers and women refuse to enroll, or if they do end up quitting and complaining that math is sexist.

There´s more and more initiatives to get women into those fields and women don´t take the bait. If you have the choice and still opt out is not society´s fault.(Derail)

No. 412434

holy fucking shit imagine being so high on your own excellency that you draw fake parallels like this. Men choose to troon out and live their waifu fantasies, women dressed up as men to hide what they were born as, constantly living under the fear of being found out. Women had literally no choice but be a housekeeper back then, dressing up as a male was the ONLY way to get out of it. These fuckers are in the process of rewriting history to suit their agenda.

Working in tech I've seen multiple trannies who complain about not being hired being just insufferable people with below mediocre skills and a cocktail of mental issues. They should work on at least one of those things first before complaining about muh oppression.

Yeah exactly this.

No. 412440

Women don’t refuse to enroll, more and more women enroll in STEM courses and are succeeding over their male peers - the issue is that they’re not taken seriously because it’s a male dominated industry, and any field that women become even close to 50% of starts be seen as lesser (see biology). And the women that make leaps and bounds are dismissed for their male colleagues, having both awards and research grants snuffed away from them. And of course don’t forget the hostile environments that are extremely male centric - women in China with masters degrees are hired to comfort and cater to their male colleagues.

STEM is a boys club and they don’t like it when women show that they have any worth within it

No. 412491

This. I have a master's degree in biomed and while ~70% of my graduating class was female, women still made up less than half of the groups I've worked in and only a small fraction of group leaders are female. My last job was a very hostile work environment where female grad students and techs were expected to clean up the messes left by male grad students and techs, male colleagues would make derogatory comments about women in general on a daily basis, new female hires were rated on the attractiveness of their LinkedIn profile picture and any woman who objected to any of this was mocked as a "triggered feminazi". The worst part was that almost all the other women in the group went along with this shit in an attempt to be the Cool Girl, and the hospital's HR policy was to just let employees fight shit out amongst themselves and not get involved unless someone could prove they actually feared for their safety. I'm not proud of myself but I ended up just keeping my head down for the duration of my contract rather than starting a fight and making things even more miserable for myself.

Also is it just me or does that poster's typing style remind anyone else of the PedoJared whiteknight from the GG thread?

No. 412496

File: 1558359893716.gif (2.28 MB, 275x225, 1556583353747.gif)

>being an animu moe catgirl is officially "trans girl culture"
This has to be autism, there's no other way. Imagine if gay men's culture consisted in yaoi mangas.

No. 412511

Yep, this kinda shit proves that trans people will cause their own downfall.

No. 412547

might be OT but the only trans person that is unclockable to me is Patti Harisonn

No. 412582

some tranny got shot today, the 4th trans person to be shot in America this year and it’s making headlines. I wonder how many women have been shot this year.

No. 412625

This screenshot makes me really sad

No. 412626

No. 412627

Wow shocking men are more involved in gang culture than women wbk

No. 412630

That’s awful, but wow only 4 in the entirety of the US, and it’s almost June? That’s impressively few. I thought terves murdered hundreds of trans women every day.

Men seek out violence in the streets while women are killed in their homes.

No. 412636

File: 1558380211650.jpg (265.13 KB, 716x965, Screenshot_20190520-142026_Red…)

Reading this shit blows my mind. Women who are having unprotected sex who apparently don't even have pregnancy cross their minds because "I'm male!!" Who wants to bet she probably blamed the doctors, too.

No. 412656

File: 1558385871498.jpeg (104.01 KB, 720x900, 35B16E50-DCB9-498F-8FCF-75AB7B…)

According to r/transpassing’s top posts, this user is supposedly what “passing” looks like.

No. 412658

Nothing's getting past that forehead

No. 412659

So this post on GC wad clearly a joke but morons on trans Reddit and Tumblr are responding to it as if this person was serious.

When are they going to have anything to say to/about us beyond schoolyard insults? It seems to me like they have nothing to say aboit the increasing rate of detransitioning, the health hazards of HRT, and the way HRT manufacturers have hijacled their movement and are taking advantage them for profit. They have no rebuttal, so they just dig up and stupidest joke on GC and claim it's representative of our values so they can have a strawman to "school".

No. 412660

did u mean top post in r/uncannyvalley ?

No. 412661

File: 1558386528121.jpg (268.33 KB, 768x1002, 20190520_150805.jpg)

dropped image, sorry

No. 412666

Or hands or underbite.

No. 412669

he doesn't even pass as a normal human

No. 412670

Those man hands
They really rarely pass

No. 412671

I was on reddit, one unrelated to TRA shit, and some TiF started talking about how her "drag queen" friend only gets verbally assaulted by women in the women's bathroom because he "passes too well"

My eyes rolled out of my head and they're now down the street.

No. 412674

Why does he get verbally assaulted if he passes so well wouldn't the women think that he's cis just like them and not have any reason to insult him

No. 412679

TiFanny claimed that the women were threatened and uncomfortable by the fact that he looked ~so much like a woman~ but that they noticed only when he told them.

No. 412682

A drag queen in womens bathroom?

No. 412683

Isn't this just misogynist shit that women are catty bitches who are jealous of other/prettier women

No. 412686

File: 1558390388578.jpg (39.89 KB, 581x193, cap.jpg)

I assumed it was a drag bar/gay bar so it was somewhat "acceptable," at least to TRAs

Here's a cap cause I realized I sound like a crazy bitch

No. 412688

File: 1558391122178.png (66.31 KB, 706x483, husband.PNG)

That reminds me of the "I like my introverted boyfriend" post on /r/GC. A bunch of ChapoChuds took it out of context and said 'look how weird GC women are'. I just find that funny because Chapochuds say the dumbest shit. Spiderverse wasn't good because Miles dad was a cop (cop=bad≠black), someone said shutting down the sub for a subscriber joke (420,69) was bad because people depended on CTH for 'emotional support', and the fact the sub is currently going through upheaval because all those nazi/terf/etc they made caught attention of admen.

Trans people are also trying to flip the AGP rhetoric by saying 'GC like effeminate boys and hate that we're taking them' or 'HA HA SLUT! YOU'RE SCARED YOU'RE BEING REPLACED'.

No. 412691

Why would random strangers in the public restroom have any opportunity to figure out he's male if he looks like a "well-groomed, normal woman"? The delusion.

No. 412705

Holy shit I just saw a living charicature of the common anime tranny in its natural habitat, MicroCenter. Unkept hair, plush cat ears with ribbons on them, an Overwatch graphic t shirt, and a frilly denim skirt. Everything a woman over 15 wears for sure.

No. 412747

Rolling on the actual fucking ground right now.

No. 412760

Since when did Blaire White start using liberal lingo???

No. 412784

He's bitter and jealous of women, and also wants approval from right-leaning men. Attacking women regardless seems natural to me.

No. 412789

pretty sure drag is supposed to be over the top. that guy's just crossdressing.

No. 412812

How much time does he spend hanging around in women's bathrooms for all these women to figure out that he's a man (despite him passing perfectly) and then get infuriated about it? Does he announce his penis when he meets someone's eye at the sink?

If this isn't entirely made up to push some "catty jealous wimmens are threatened when men are better at womaning than them UwU" narrative, they're most likely annoyed at him for swanning around a bathroom he doesn't belong in while they're just trying to pee.

No. 412814

Maybe this is a better question for the dumbass questions thread, but why is CTH full of weeaboo trannies? It looks like it's just a fandom sub for a political podcast.

I've seen subs for other liberal podcasts that aren't rife with transbians like CTH is, so what gives? Is it because "trap" is in the name?

No. 412825

kind of a long answer and I have already posted this on reddit a couple times
there's a tension between the kind of leftism that emphasizes class struggle, and the kind that emphasizes SJW issues, like trans rights,Anti-Islamophobia,immigration e.t.c. and both are often time at odds with each other (Muslims aren't the biggest supporters of gays and Troons), but I noticed that often people emphasize one side much more than the other. As we know, the people who care about issues like slut shaming or gender pronouns are not the working class people, they're the well-off academics and hipsters. Therefore, it's easy to see if someone is committed to supporting the working class, they might ignore issues that those people don't care about. And conversely, if someone really cares about non-class social justice issues, they might look at low class people with condescension as unsophisticated, since they are usually the biggest opponents of social liberalism.
now the leftism that Chapo preaches goes back all the way to the birth of the Soviet Union
Western leftists mainly in France and Germany were applaud by the actions the Soviets did from Stalin and even Lenin they couldn't face the fact the only way for a revolution to happen involved lots of violence and death and needed violent and vile people so they tried to form of a new school of Marxism one that focused on cultural aspects and less of class one they presented themselves as the alternative to the violent and cold style of communism that the Soviets and later Chinese practiced the US actually supported this style of non-violent Marxism and as the cold war raged on the wall fell down and the soviet style of communism just died all that was left was the non-violent kinda non masculine communism and it was the only viable option for people

No. 412828

Oh Jesus ofc it's leah

No. 412834

I never got what people meant by "autism stare" but holy shit I do now

No. 412862

she routinely mocks and insults other women,dates and has sex weird dudes but judges women for their choice in men

No. 412877

>Trans people are also trying to flip the AGP rhetoric by saying 'GC like effeminate boys and hate that we're taking them' or 'HA HA SLUT! YOU'RE SCARED YOU'RE BEING REPLACED'.

Sounds like incels when they claim women are quaking in our boots over sexbots replacing us.

Troons and incels continue to be the same people.

No. 412878

Why would some random drag queen who passes infuriate us?

No matter what, he still has a dick and balls. That alone makes every single woman on earth better at being a woman than him.

No. 412883

>telling random people in the bathroom you're a drag queen instead of just doing your business, washing your hands and leaving
Weird flex but ok
What do these people think even goes on in public bathrooms? I swear they're not living in reality.

No. 412884

what do you all think of gay trans men who used to be lesbians ?
I meant their is surprising amount of the

No. 412885

straight women who felt uncomfortable with how straight women get treated by men. they almost always have a history of sexual abuse in their past.

No. 412889

>how do you feel about women who used to be lesbians?

>straight women


No. 412891

then they are bisexual but i haven't really seen many people like that. most tifs i see are either butch lesbians or straight fujos who think they can become twinks.

No. 412893

are you okay, anon?

if a tif is a lesbian it means she becomes a tif to be "straight", not that she becomes a tif and decides to be "gay".

No. 412895

i know? i said that i haven't seen tifs who used to be lesbians but started to only date men after transitioning. i've seen straight tims starting to fuck men after transitioning like contrapoints tho

No. 412898

they're not bisexual if they're a woman pretending to be a man but continuing to just like women.

No. 412899

They wouldn’t have been straight either, just closeted bisexuals - these men seem to find homosexuality humiliating but somehow larping as a mysoginistic ideal of femininity makes taking a dick up their ass while being told they’re a good little slut totes not gay

But I agree, I’ve never heard of a lesbian turning into a gay fakeboi so I’m not sure what that anon is on about

No. 412900

I know I'm retarded but I couldn't help cracking up at these exchanges.
This is like a small-world demonstration of the wider confusion and obfuscation this trans shit and its changes in accordance to language brings into people's lives.

No. 412901

NTA but they’re bisexual because they’re women that like women but then once they start pretending to be men they like men

Didn’t think I’d ever need to vocalise something so fucking retarded in my life but here we are.

No. 412916

victims of conversion therapy and self-hating lesbians for me

i remember when i used follow one TiF on tumblr who said that won't have sex with males, only with other TiFs. Totally not a lesbian

No. 412931

This is why words having actual definitions is important and saying "___ is whatever anyone feels like it is in that moment, like, personally!" is a ridiculous idea to put into action as a mass political movement with the goal of implementing it both in legal policy and destruction of all opposing thoughtcrimes which are mostly just normal, average people going "But how is being a woman supposed to just mean whatever anyone wants it to now? What's the point of using that word then? Can we just go back to using female then–wait, we're not allowed to do that either? What?"

No. 412950

The only passing TiMs I’ve come across is are Janet Mock and Bailey Jay. Both manage to not have unclockable voices but also don’t have the man hands that give away other troons. Unfortunately they both are enablers to the sex industry that hurt bio women/girls because sex work’s how both of them managed to be relevant in the first place.

Anyway I’ve noticed that TiMs are more liekly to identify as lesbians than TiFs are to identify as gay men. Like so many TiMs seem to be sexually attracted to women and femininity exclusively. Could this be further indication of it being a fetish for many of them?

No. 413063

I saw the trailer for the new show Euphoria when I was watching HBO

A TIM is a main character. Passes pretty well especially the voice.


Looked him up on instagram and it goes far enough back to where he was in like elementary school creepy to see.

No. 413067

I saw this and clocked him immediately. I was interested before he showed up and might still watch to see what it's all about.

No. 413068


Supposedly the main character is a lesbian but falls in love with the TIM, all rumor and speculation till the show drops

No. 413076

I appreciate your response and it was definitely informative, but it didn't answer my question.

Why is the CTH subreddit specifically so full of weeaboo transbians. It's basically a trans sub now. Like I said, there are other far-left subs on Reddit that aren't like this.

No. 413077

HBO is so fucked now that GoT is over. Expect pander-y tryhard trash like this to become the norm.

No. 413079

Who are you talking about?

No. 413080

Yes, see Blanchard's study of types of transgenderism in males (homosexual and straight autogynephile).

No. 413103

>'GC like effeminate boys and hate that we're taking them' or 'HA HA SLUT! YOU'RE SCARED YOU'RE BEING REPLACED'.
Really,I like some what effeminate guys and want them to be happy and comfortable in their own skin thats souln't be a controversial opinion

No. 413104


I think a lot of it is that Chapo treats leftism like a fandom, honestly. Like a lot of men do, but them especially – the way they talk about politicians honestly mostly reminds me of fans sniping over their faves or hateships, but with the venom of male-dominated fandoms like ASOIAF. Also they really put it well themselves when they talked about how much of their audience is "failsons," because, well, what is a reddit weeaboo transbian if not a failson. Men who realize they are shitty, boring, lazy people will look for anything as an out and "leftism as posturing fandom that never asks you to appear earnest and stick your neck out for anything" and "maybe you're really a sexy little loli sapphic catgirl" are both solid crutches for a weak identity.

No. 413109

File: 1558492632928.jpeg (353.23 KB, 750x744, 0307A51A-C4B5-4D56-A0F4-61B80A…)

i’d slap the first weirdo cis girl who comes and mouthbreathes in my ear about ~muh friends proNounz~. maybe convince your friend to pass a little better or stop being a fakeboi/girl.

No. 413116

I would seriously love to see a study about sexuality identity demographics of TIMs around the world because where I live, trans people here tend to be heteronormative (trans women attracted to men, trans men attracted to women). It seriously seems like Western trans activism is overwhelmingly dominated by white male non-op late-transitioning “transbians” while the reverse is true in most of the world.

No. 413119

Same anon but related to this: on r/GenderCritcal, they mentioned a woman who turned off the “white” preference on their dating app and all transbian suggestions disappeared. There were no POC transbians. Two great points also made in that thread were that white TIMs activism is completely framed around the discrimination and victimization statistics of POC trans women and their aggressive support of medicalization of “trans kids” centers around children that would overwhelmingly be categorized as HSTSs. Just like what they did to women, they belong to neither of these groups but claim each history as their own.

No. 413129

>Just like what they did to women, they belong to neither of these groups but claim each history as their own.

That’s an interesting tidbit that you shared. Reminds me of how Caitlyn Jenner—an old white Republican who has a history of being a shitty person overall—basically was hailed by the media as some progressive figure for trans rights and women (gross) after “coming out.” He even talked about being against same sex marriage and loving conservative figures—but then spoke against Trump after realizing that most conservatives hate on tHe PoOr TrAnZ like him. After that he flipped the switch.

No. 413132

File: 1558501765571.jpeg (190.65 KB, 1298x748, 3D9AC976-AD3F-4E7D-B169-17A5C3…)

From what I’ve seen, TiFs pass better than TiMs most of the time. >pic related is from a convention of TiFs by the way. The people in here seriously don’t look like the skinwalkers that are common among pre-everything TiMs.

I kinda wonder now if that could be partly why TiMs are so much more vocal about being oppressed or whatever compared to TiMs. Many of them will never pass regardless of how much money and time they’ve invested in hormone therapy, new clothing, surgeries and the like. They’ll usually appear as Buffalo Bill clones and never fit the fantasy of looking like some underage anime girl—which leads to TiMs being the faces of these movements as TiFs are put in the backdrop.

No. 413142

another thing i realized was that tifs tend to look younger than their male peers while tims look older. it's kinda funny because incels always sperg about how ~~men age like fine wine but women don't~~

No. 413148

there's a meme amongst trannies that because men have more collagen in their skin/have thicker skin and they take estrogen that they end up having better skin than us.

No. 413149

A few of them are clockable like the blonde on the far left and the one in the black shirt, but most of them actually pass. Probably the real equivalent to fugly TiM troons would be teen/young adult transtrenders, the kind who go on T for just long enough to ruin their voice and maybe get a bit of facial hair, but roll back and declare themselves nonbinary or something once they start getting actual dysphoria from the changes.

No. 413152

How funny. Females without a penis make better men than those trancels could ever be! They always like to say that trans women are “more women than bio women”, but that is only after countless dangerous surgeries, injections and makeup that never changes their overall male frame. TIFs really only need a year of T, top surgery and a good workout routine to reasonably pass. It really shows how powerful testosterone is. Maybe next time I engage with a hostile TIM online, I’ll just post pictures of attractive TIFs.

No. 413153

File: 1558507417591.jpeg (45.16 KB, 332x302, 1558501765571.jpeg)

these two look the most male in my opinion

No. 413155

The stretched earlobes and unfortunate piercings/tattoos make them so easily clockable imo

No. 413156

File: 1558508746932.png (508.44 KB, 1120x1037, 1558476613846.png)

>If you act like a boy or vice versa you must be a closeted tranny
I hate these people

No. 413157

looks fake

No. 413158

I guess it's because all fetuses start out female so it's easier to activate the effects of testosterone instead of reversing them. I don't know, it's just my best guess. TiFs are more clockable by voice, behavior and height.

It's fake, checked and the article doesn't exist. There isn't even any text under the header image.

No. 413159

I used to live in an apartment with 5 FTMs and I didn't know 3 of them were FTM until one of them complained about their binder. Obviously didn't look like a body builder, but two honestly looked like the average nerdy husky guy and the other looked like an otter.

No. 413160

Oh, the voice is usually a give away but multiple TiFs I’ve come across gain significantly deeper voices after undergoing T. TiF post transition voices can sound prettty masculine whereas most TiM still sound like muppets or bitchy gay men impersonating women after fully transitioning. Came across a video of guy on the far right of that pic and they’re one of the most passable people I’ve ever seen—from the voice to the build and pretty much everything else wouldn’t make you think twice.

As for height, it’s definitely more common for shorter men to exist than it is for women over six feet tall. TiFs have an advantage in that regard.

No. 413162

It sounds weird, but to me the eyes give it away. They’re very soft and feminine, even the really burly tifs in that photo linked before

No. 413163

All fetuses don't start female. They start with neutral genitals that can evolve into either female or male ones. Take a biology class and spreading myths.

No. 413164

This is fucking miserable, that poor kid

No. 413166

>Raised religious
>Hated the word "lesbian" preferred gay
>Family had image of perfect family
A lot of these TIFs have super similar stories. I know it's been said a few times before, but they really don't realize how common this is.
Yes, their eyes are way doe-y and bright compared to how men's eyes are. Even the TiF on the left in the back with the gold chain. Those eyes.

No. 413183

What did trannies do back in the day before magic surgery? I hear a lot of trannies talk about suicide if they can't transition, but I heavily doubt that trannies of ye olde just went and killed themselves out of "dysphoria".

No. 413185

there was no such thing as trannydom. it's like MPD, the shit doesn't exist outside of rich western and western influenced bullshit

No. 413203

File: 1558520961786.jpg (202.08 KB, 1200x1695, gettyimages-542906307.jpg)


>trannies of ye olde

Did anyone else hit peak trans watching The Danish Girl? What a disgusting display of whiny male entitlement and autogynephilia.

No. 413207

He's ugly as sin and doesn't pass

No. 413208

I know some tifs who look really unclockable in pictures but in real life they look weird little men who move funny.

No. 413220

God I'm really glad I didn't have an environment that allowed me to start T during my trans phase. There is no going back from that shit.

No. 413232

No. 413243

Effeminate men and masculine women are cool as hell because they're comfortable in their own skin and don't support the erroneous idea that gender stereotypes=gender. They also aren't narcissists who were driven to self-mutilation by a combination of fetishism and mental illness. These trannies actually think that our support of gnc people comes from a fetishistic place? Oh, the irony.

I honestly think transgenderism should be classified as a form of BDD. Think about it- both chase unreachable aesthetic goals, both have a high incidence of cluster b personality disorders, and both aggressively seek the attention and approval of others.

No. 413247

God this is just sad, idiot thinks they're "spreading love and positivity uwu" when all it is is obnoxious, repetitive nonsensical vandalism

No. 413248

Imagine being so autistic you have a sticker war with a stranger for this long. Also, they're just making the phone booth look progressively worse.

No. 413249

Both sides are pretty retarded

No. 413251

Agree. The trans stickers with the doodles are infinitely more obnoxious though.

No. 413255

The one with the hourglass shape on the far left fucking kek no amount of HRT will change your bones.

No. 413268

Laci's gender-critical now?

No. 413274

Why do TIFs always end up looking like gay pornstars?

No. 413275

This girl needs to get a hobby

No. 413285

To be fair, I suppose it's easier to pass when you're fit as fuck. I imagine a lot of them would look a lot more like women without the muscles.

No. 413287

Yes, this is true. The reason people see TIFs as being more commonly passing is because they get seriously into lifting, but that’s ones who are more popular and comfortable showing themselves online oftentimes. I know several TIFs IRL who are just run of the mill, unathletic people and they look like girls with beards and sound like girls doing impressions of men. It’s actually unsettling how female their features are combined with how hard they’re trying to sell themselves as male.

No. 413288

File: 1558539444542.jpeg (16.01 KB, 200x200, rinsenpai.jpeg)

Thoughts on crossdressers who still identify as cis? I've always found Rin-senpai and other crossplayers interesting for not subscribing to the trans movement bullshit. He doesn't put on a performance like drag queens do either.

No. 413294

Don't really mind but tbh they'll usually get gaslit by their online buds to ID as trans eventually like contra.

No. 413295

>Also, I haven't had any emails. And who could resist an offer like that for a totally safe chat with a stranger they've been interacting with via stickers?

This is so creepy. If you have to repeatedly emphasize something is safe, it isn't and you have predatory intentions.

No. 413297

you're a bad person, says the troon in response to a pic of their sticker scrubbed off the surface.

right under a photo of the radfem's sticker having been scrubbed off a surface by themselves.

troons love hypocrisy.

No. 413298

This is actually a cis-woman not a troon

No. 413302

I'm all for anyone wearing any type of clothing they want and think males should be able to wear makeup and dresses if they want. I agree though people pressure crossdressers and effeminate men to transition and encourage the idea that their interest in stereotypically feminine dress makes them "girls on the inside." Removing clothing and makeup from how we define male and female would result in a lot less people feeling like they're supposed to transition.

No. 413308

the community they pander to are still gross tranny chasers

No. 413310

God the nipples…

No. 413311

>the one with the sleeve and dark beard in front
How does any female body get to looking like that? I have never seen a woman that big. I guess I’m impressed.

No. 413312

Their testosterone levels are twice the level of normal men because of the hormones their taking

No. 413313

I see this kind of cross dressing, especially creating a gap of masculine character vs feminine presentation, a lot in East Asia. Even though Rin Senpai is Canadian, I really think that cultural backgrounds and religious demographics have a big effect on such GNC men. It’s like Western straight guys always have a conflict between worrying if they will be seen as gay or being forced to identify as trans and grow some moobs. Countries like Japan and South Korea have long idealized effeminate boys and have a big market for men’s beauty products, but you would never see such a thing in the West without someone attaching a unnecessary trans or non-binary label to it. What happened in between the time of glam rock and now?

No. 413316

My god, the pure cringe. Those old 4chan memes taken over by other corners of the internet, tumblr memes, tiny violin, “———.gif” in the middle of the text….sad to see a friendless person who hasn’t mentally aged beyond 15 being taken over as a handmaiden for the trans cult on tumblr.

No. 413317

File: 1558546456569.jpeg (Spoiler Image,86.22 KB, 750x391, EFA298DF-7FB0-4CC5-958D-D68F01…)

literally never seen or heard of a girl doing this but ok, also you act like women don’t live a dangerous existence and literally get murdered for rejecting men and raped on a daily basis by creeps.

No. 413320


Why the spoiler?

No. 413321

How does a "cis" girl saying "I have a dick" make life dangerous for troons?

They just love blaming male violence on women, don't they?

No. 413324

TIMs love to claim they age better than real women too. The "logic" is that real women lose estrogen after going through menopause, while TIMs pop an estrogen pill every day so they have a steady supply.

The thing is they still age much worse than real women though.

No. 413327

>it's shame that our hospitals are underfunded, most people have lower living standard and i don't have equal rights both as woman an a lesbian but i don't have to worry about TRAs calling me a terf because i won't suck a totally femine dick
You may be poor in infrastructure but you have a bit if freedom to speak against these tims. I hope Poland gets better for women and lesbians some day.

No. 413330

No. 413331

Easiest way I've gotten men to be GC is to bring up the men in women's sports issue, and to point out that women who we're assaulted by penis may not want to see penis in the locker room etc. I try to keep it simple for them.

This is accurate. Men will take to GC easier than Radfem.

No. 413333

They're fine, so long as they don't try to intrude into women's spaces. A guy wants to be cute and wear women's clothing, but still be a guy? All the more power to you, dude.
I feel sorry for some of them, because apparently a lot get pressured into transitioning.

No. 413339

it's weird that cis girls would even dare to use that kind of tactic, considering poor trans wimmin are always in danger of being killed by every man if they reveal they're trans, which is the excuse they give when they don't mention it on dating sites, before hooking up with someone, etc.

No. 413341

they're probably trying to copy the argument lesbians make that it's weird when straight women tell men that they're gay to make them go away when it makes men harass them more or something

No. 413351

File: 1558555775020.png (50.31 KB, 500x234, mental illness.png)

I only ever see this kind of dishonest truth bending and insane mind game "logic" from troons. What kind of mental illness is this?

No. 413361

I can travel to Andromeda galaxy. Just not right now, but I can.

No. 413364

KEK the labour party is a fucking joooooke

No. 413401

Damn. That looked really interesting aside from the obvious fucking man that they're going to play as a woman. I really like slice of life/sad TV shows just to watch in the background. What a shame.

No. 413404

I think you are unintentionally being poorphobic. I can get a 8 million dollar mansion. Not right now, which is true of many rich people. Please don't single me out.

No. 413406

Tinfoil but I think this is staged. The TERF stickers are the same shape and size as OP's stickers, and they're always gone really cleanly in pictures (indicating that OP put them there for the picture and peeled them off right away). The TERFs only have two stickers (one of which is in mspaint and isn't a well known TERF phrase), indicating that OP didn't want to spend more than five minutes on the strawman stickers.

Interesting that the TERF never hand-writes anything, whereas OP hand-writes everything. If both were hand-written or neither were, it would be obvious that this is also the same person.

I would never waste my time with stupid bullshit like stickers on phone booths, but I think the stickers should say, "71% of transgender women have narcissistic personality disorder", "Estrogen manufacturers fund transgender rights groups because they personally profit off of trans people", "transgender women have sexually assaulted women when placed in womens' prisons", or stickers that are literally just screencaps of crazy shit trannies have said online.

No. 413416

I like how this person never stops to consider that the stickers that are peeled off instead of covered could have been removed by the council. They look like shit, make the area look tacky and will be removed if they're reported.

You're not actually allowed to post stickers on without permission. If she hated the "terf" stickers so much, she could have just reported the flyposting, but I guess that wouldn't get her the internet saint points she desperately needed.

No. 413417

The level of idiocy on both sides is astounding, if this whole thing isn't fake (it reads very fishy to me)

No. 413418

Interesting take. Wouldn’t be surprised. In fact I’m surprised nobody emailed this girl, event to just tell her to stop vandalizing public property.

No. 413420

Never seen the movie, but I know his story since I'm a fan of Gerda (his ex-wife's) work.

In classic troon form, Einar died because, surprise, uterus implants are a bad idea.

No. 413421

why is it that no troon can just talk like a normal ass woman? the amount of surgery and bs yet people like contra points and gigi still sound like flaming gay guys?

No. 413422

Can't get pregnant until scientists improve artificial wombs to the point of being possible to implant in living bodies. And then all you have to do is scream TWANSPHOBIA!! at the evil scientists not wanting to implant wombs in mentally ill people that simply don't have the body structure to maintain a fetus.
Is this what trannies believe? Do they really think that smart people are developing artificial wombs for their mentally ill fantasies? There are billions of things more important than some tranny's feelings.

No. 413438

That reminds me of this video I watched a while back, where this guy talks about how he's been called an "egg" and a closeted transgirl on multiple occasions just because he's feminine. He also talks about other feminine guys being pressured into transitioning.

No. 413441

File: 1558574490259.png (897.88 KB, 879x463, wtf.PNG)

Contra got his facial surgery… This shit is buuuuusted

No. 413442

File: 1558574614268.png (797.96 KB, 751x517, ggg.PNG)

No. 413445

Lmao he doesn’t look any different besides his face looking thinner (?) and more aged. He probably paid so much for the procedure too, sad.

No. 413467

The doctors who do ffs are all trolls. He still looks like a dude.

No. 413472

File: 1558584287004.png (36.34 KB, 945x361, s.PNG)

libfems and wokebros try to assure a male that it's okay to keep watching horribly misogynistic sissy porn and he shoulnd't at all try to fix himself


No. 413475

File: 1558585129106.png (250.81 KB, 1106x534, ns.png)

What was this?

No. 413476

File: 1558585188199.jpeg (725.27 KB, 2048x2048, 046CE31A-7493-4C69-B6A6-5B46AD…)

Small collection of hilariously unaware admittance of AGP I found on a TiM Facebook meme page. Those pages always have a bunch of sub/dom stuff and girls in fetishy weeby outfits shared on them too. They are always such public perverts.

No. 413479

I hate this so much. All the visible online ones all talk like vapid valley girls with that voca fry. I hate when women talk like morons, I hate it even more when men emulate that.

No. 413497

Ngl I think it might make him look even more mannish. Something about him in this shot really brings out those broad shoulders.

No. 413502

Haven’t watched the video but Contra seriously doesn’t look noticeably different from before. His long face is the biggest giveaway from the shoulders up and that might be a challenge to re-construct. Will give him credit for having make up skills better than mine but it can only do so much to feminize his features.

No. 413540

Thank you for introducing me to this guy! It’s refreshing to see a feminine man in the otaku community talk about this so bluntly, yet eloquently, and without censoring himself. Even better is his comment section is full of young men and even trans people saying they wholeheartedly agree with his sentiments. His commentary is very important for vulnerable GNC men to hear. It’s just so unfortunate that they all feel like they need hide because of the ramifications of speaking out against “their” community.

No. 413557

File: 1558608647250.gif (391.44 KB, 320x218, ejhlbx.gif)

Why didn't his surgeon do anything about his cheekbones or nose. He doesn't look more like a woman now, he just looks like a mix of Buffalo Bill and Benedict Cumberbatch.

>Hontra's makeup skills are better than mine

How? Do you apply makeup with a dustmop? Love yourself, anon, ffs.

His makeup is gaudy and tasteless. Men have no grasp of color theory or subtlety smh

No. 413563

Some wild troon verbally attacked Rose McGowan at a Barnes and Noble. Not sure what he was going on about. She calls him "sis" and tries to validate his delusions, but overall just screams at him which is good lol.

No. 413571

this is definitely fake, a sad attempt for this person to get some online attention.

No. 413577

Did he actually get FFS? Or is this like the time Transscribe said he got FFS and it turned out he meant hair plugs?

The FFS results I see are usually much better than this. I hate Riley Dennis but his FFS turned out very nice.

No. 413583

No. 413590

What's the point of this surgery if he still looks like a man and talks like a man? What a waste of money. This dude is just some vain narc.

No. 413596

>I hate Riley Dennis but his FFS turned out very nice.
Really? He looks the same as before, manly as fuck but with an even longer, alienish face.

No. 413598

He looks like someone who feasibly could have been born female now. Only facially, his wide shoulders, voice and manhands still give him away.

I think troons forget that the goal of FFS is not to look like a hot pornstar but to look like a woman, and women aren't always hot models. At least Riley's FFS surgeon seems to understand that much.

No. 413608

I constantly hear troons talk about how trans identity is "scientifically proven" or whatever. What evidence exactly are they pulling from? Does anyone know? I'd love to see the sources but I don't want to bother actually trying to engage these lunatics in conversation.

No. 413611

Not quite. All foetuses start ambiguous with the physical potential to go either way, but if the SRY gene (on the Y chromosome) isn't activated then the foetus will develop female, due to lack of androgenic hormones. However this potential remains in women, which means that when females take testosterone it just begins androgenic development, and so TIFs pass better than TIMs (who are trying to override a completed process).

No. 413624

There’s that one study where they “prove” that a handful of gay men who’ve been on HRT for years have one particular brain structure that looks slightly more similar to that of straight women than that of straight men who haven’t been messing with their hormones. Voilá, brain sex!

There’s also the fact that many doctors are happy to prescribe HRT and surgery and obviously when doctors do a thing it must be 100% scientifically valid and safe. Lobotomies? Thalidomide? Never heard of those.

No. 413637

I hate how much wokebros buy into Contrapoints. Ezra Klein has jumped on the Contra train recently and I've always considered him to be one of the most reasonable and nuanced of the white dude neolib crowd. Radfems or even libfems don't get this much enthusiastic, unasked-for support.

Just goes to show how much men will go out of their way to support other men unquestioningly. Nick "I want to feel ornamental ergo I am a woman" Wynn's downfall can't come soon enough.

No. 413639

I hate that people praise him for turning alt-right bois to the left, and then everything's considered fine. Meanwhile radfems/terfs are seen as "incurable" (not that we want to) and should just get "punched".
Nazis are met with more sympathy than normal women.

Sage for blog, but I literally had one friend of mine say "I hate radfems, nazis and pedos"…
It's 2019 and women who get an abortion commit a crime, women who say chopping off or adding body parts is an illness, but men no matter what they do deserve second chances.

No. 413663

File: 1558635603969.jpg (71.81 KB, 903x593, D7QYBO2WsAAl2qq.jpg large.jpg)

i hate how these freaks are obsessed with their chidren's genitals and sexuality. poor child, if they are on puberty blocker their fate is fucked up so much

No. 413669

So the kid is "trans" before even knowing anything about their biological sex and therefore only understanding gender roles. Yeah, great time to lock them into a decision that will alter the entire rest of their life.
I'm sure she'll put her kid on hormone blockers in the next couple of years "so they have time to decide what they really want" that have already been proven to have permanent health effects, some of them devastating as with Lupron having caused chronic pain, severe osteoporosis and complications like cracked spines and hips, seizures, mental illness and suicidal thoughts, and all kinds of other horrible things.

No. 413674

>>413669 in UK/Europe they use different GNRH type medication, probably the same like in the dutch protocol, which was around already in late 90s/early 00s if i'm correct. when i first read about it it got me shocked that already around 20 years ago they did same shit but on lesser scale

sage for sperging

No. 413690

"We get raped more often than women" - are there any actual statistics on this? Because I'm willing to bet the reason that TiMs are attacked is because it's visibly apparent that they're men cosplaying women–not because they actually look like women. Men will attack women but they will also pick on gay men and anything that doesn't look like their masc norms.

In fact, I think the reason that men attack troons is because they are defying gender stereotypes, not because they successfully 'present' as the other gender. Why does the trans community not address this? These people are delusional, listen to that man voice, kek.

Also I'm sick of trans idiots saying that we shouldn't be worried about kids getting surgery because they won't even get HRT until like 16 or 17. My sister's friend got top surgery at 14 years old; there's Facebook groups where parents are sharing surgeons that have operated on their 13-15 year old kids.

No. 413691

File: 1558643570073.png (1.56 MB, 805x2219, 20190517_072005.png)

No contribs this just made me laugh.

No. 413699

lmao i was watching some video about the james charles drama, there was a clip where james was with nikita dragun and they said something like "there is a type of straight guys who have only been into biological women but also shows an interest in girls like us. would you consider a guy like that gay if he was into us? no, i wouldn't either". like i get it that a straight man could be into a passing mtf unknowingly but if he still wants to bang him knowing it is a male with a dick that's pretty gay. especially if he's into james who presents completely as a man but just in makeup. troons can't seem to wrap their heads around the fact that a dick is a deal breaker for a straight man or a lesbian. if they are okay with it then they are bisexual. they just like to manipulate people's sexualities to validate themselves.

No. 413708

Looking at this, he actually has always had a really small lower jaw for his cheekbones/entire upper face. The surgeon that hacked at the sides of his jaw made him look so much worse. Women have wide and round and square faces, but his face was not even square before surgery. His jaw was always too thin for his upper face. It was the length of his face that was the problem, not the width. Now his face just looks too long to be be so short at the same time. Surgeon shortened his face while also slimming it by removing side of jaw bone. These FFS surgeons are like not even evaluating their patients facially, they're just following assumed MTT protocol by attacking the entire jaw like idiots. He looks like a Kpop boy after horrific dorito surgery.

No. 413720

File: 1558647552231.png (399.5 KB, 482x469, niki.thumb.PNG.c8a3aebf9d5f442…)

Nikita Dragun is one of the most vapid and narcissistic troons to ever become popular. Straight-up looks like a blow-up doll and goes around with his tits and ass out acting like a dumb bimbo to further perpetuate the sexist archetype women have been fighting against for decades. Can't recall all of the details but I remember when he wore one of those slutty porni-fied school girl outfits out in the streets of Harajuku during a trip to Japan. People called him out for attention whoring and he rrrreeeeeee'd in response claiming that since he's 1/8th Japanese or whatever that he was just trying to embrace his culture. kek

Dunno if this is one of Hontra's other personas or how he dresses typically but that is some tacky fashion sense.

No. 413722

>Dunno if this is one of Hontra's other personas or how he dresses typically but that is some tacky fashion sense.
People were telling him he looks like Keira Knightley. I think the stupid 'classy' hat and Amazon wrap dress makes them think he's tasteful.

No. 413725

any real woman would get bashed for getting the amount of plastic surgery nikita got, but he gets praised for it. he looks fucking uncanny valley with that face and these botched body proportions.

No. 413729

Okay, why in the world is it making her uncomfortable? Does she want a fucking sex ed book that doesn't talk about genitalia??

No. 413730

Okay, why in the world is it making her uncomfortable? Does she want a fucking sex ed book that doesn't talk about genitalia??

No. 413731

Esp due to the fact that she used to tweet multiple times about how she hates/shitting all over female sex workers/women/hookers/strippers calling them whores and sluts. But then goes and clickbaits her new video “getting ready at my nyc sugar daddies apartment”.

No. 413738

File: 1558650010157.png (1.87 MB, 962x1485, hontrawtfery.png)

Same anon here. Didn't realize that was a wrap dress since it looks more like an old grandpa Hawaiian shirt (with a deeper cut) to me. Dunno what's more laughable–that fact that he thinks the outfit looks classy or that people unironically can compare his looks to that of Keira Knightley's.

Anyway got midway through the most recent video and had to process this moment for a bit. Hontra spent most of his life identifying as a man so he'd be flipping off himself. As for achieving this particular goal of his, well, good luck,

No. 413744

god, how insulting to Keira Knightley that people think this guy looks comparable

No. 413747

File: 1558650999654.png (310.17 KB, 581x910, disgustingdotjpeg.PNG)

Saw Kathleen Stock sharing this one on twitter today. No words tbh.

No. 413765

He still has a Dan Aykroyd penis tip nose kek

No. 413766

Dear god, why would anyone but a sick freak watch porn on their way to fucking presentation? In public, no less!

I'm not trying to sound like a prude, but why the hell did he think this was a good idea to tweet about?

No. 413775

I feel bad for young trans people like this. Still so unhappy even after hormones.


No. 413777

This TIF won a contest for this song. By the lyrics she talks about how now she isn't talked over now.

Transitioning because of hating gender rolls much?

No. 413813


I love when they think this is a good rebuttal to gender critical ideas. It's like responding to "the sky is blue" with "WELL THE GRASS IS GREEN!!!!!"

No. 413817

this is really sad. I dont blame TiFs for trying to opt out of being seen as female because of how toxic our society has become for women, but it seems like she is still suffering as a woman even though people see her as male.

No. 413847

I love the thread pic but can someone explain what's going on in it because it also confuses me

No. 413850

>undeniable visual archetype of a woman
First off, he's delusional if he thinks he actually looks like a "normal" woman. I only see women with that much glitch and makeup on TV, no fucking woman in real life dresses like that.
Second of all, he's saying essentially that being the "undeniable visual archetype of a woman" is equivalent to being a woman. Being female just boils down to fulfilling societal expectations of what a girl is supposed to look like. Sorry, women with short hair, girls in T shirts and jeans, and ladies without make-up. You'll never be half the woman of this 6'1" man in drag because he's dressed more like a stereotypical woman than you.

No. 413858

there's this weird trend on social media where very apparent trans guys are putting 'cis male/boy/guy' in their bios???

No. 413859

Sounds like something kalvin garrah would do wouldn't be surprised if thats where it's from

No. 413898

File: 1558680001667.jpg (171.93 KB, 1500x1500, riley.jpg)


You must be joking. FFS was not nice to Riley. He looks like a straight alien now, total uncanny valley. As a dude, at least he looked human.

No. 413905

File: 1558681380775.jpg (444.41 KB, 1280x1327, przw0q7Z4i1x35gg8o1_1280.jpg)

Choose your fighter.

No. 413919

Jax, Dana and Deku are the only ones that could maybe spare the firing squad for me

No. 413986

I've seen every single one of these types in the wild, amazing.

Dana and all the other so-called "lesbians" who just happen to have coincidentally discovered the one man on earth who they're attracted to and insist on telling us all about how they just needed to find the right dick are the worst though.

No. 413993

Fake lesbians can all go choke on a dick.

No. 414009

Saging for semi-blogpost, I'm just amazed that I ran into the path of one of these people irl
>forced to associate with a slightly odd, awkward and off-centre lady for several months
>she gives me strange vibes so I google her name
>sure enough she's an amateur slam poet
>the first video I click on begins "Hiya, I'm a tomato"
>the entire (6 minute long) poem is about how she FEELS like a vegetable, but (gasp! woman in audience recoils) is really a fruit!
>she doesn't identify as a fruit, doesn't dress like a fruit etc etc
>the apples (at this point she does vocal impressions of different breeds of apple, somehow) at their fruit conventions (?) hate her for not feeling like a fruit, even though she is developed like one
>she does not stop rambling, saying "umm" and making jokes that the audience do not laugh at
>at the end, the supreme court decides that tomatoes ARE vegetables
>she concludes that you shouldn't box people into categories
>most poorly masked analogy I've ever seen

how do these people actually exist? I had to be in the same room as her for months in full knowledge that she had made this, been proud of it and performed it to an audience

No. 414021

I have a friend who has decided to transition (TiF). I tolerated her NB phase but I am not looking forward to her male phase. At least I don't have to be around her a lot and I can just avoid her easily but fuck me I can't stand this shit.

Anyone have any advice about not revealing you're a 'evil terf >:('

No. 414037

they all have such tiny heads.
she has a destiel tattoo. immediate clock.
also interesting that the adult human female stickers all look fresh. none of them have any rain damage.
he looks the same.
he manages to slap on a full face but his application and blending is really poor. that ~first time playing with color~ eyeshadow look is laughable. You need to keep it simple if you don't have the skill to do it well. He looks ridiculous.

No. 414044

Had a TiF friend transition after her husband left her and her daughter after the daughter's birth. All around sad and I knew it was a factor as to why she made the decision.
I remember trying to tell her "I don't feel like I need to label myself. I'm just me, however I present is my personal style," I was mostly just worried about her spending money on hormones while only having a single income & taking care of a newborn. She had a lot on her plate. And she just straight up tried labeling me saying I might be non-binary or genderfluid. They really think we just have to conform to a label. Then she just started showing me her folder of body goal TiFs.
I don't know if your TiF friend will listen, but it doesn't really hurt to try, just don't get your hopes up if they don't. Maybe if you have another friend who has similar views as you to discuss things with her.

No. 414063

this is actually quite impressive. the only one i'd be able to immediately clock is the blonde one on the far left, and maybe the one just to the right of her is slightly clockable too. the others just look like regular, some of them even above average attractiveness men.

meanwhile tims usually either look like an elderly woman taking testosterone or a rotting blow up doll kek.

No. 414069

Reminds me of that one woman on /GC/ who lost her shit when everyone tried to tell her being sexually attracted to a man (whom she'd married) meant she couldn't call herself a lesbian. She insisted and called everyone unsupportive.

No. 414070

This is fuckin amazing and worthy of being the next thread pic. 10/10 to whoever made this

Anyway I have a younger acquaintance who really wants to transition. Kinda fits the stereotype of being a weeb obsessed with anime girls and hentai and actually decided to become the anime gf instead of wanting one. I’m concerned about him passing because he’s 6’0 and has a pretty deep voice and he even acknowledges that he might never pass. Still he seems set on transitioning and I’m worried about the consequences.

No. 414073

>Reminds me of that one woman on /GC/ who lost her shit when everyone tried to tell her being sexually attracted to a man (whom she'd married) meant she couldn't call herself a lesbian. She insisted and called everyone unsupportive.
please link I wanna see it for my self

No. 414076

File: 1558722948824.png (130.83 KB, 800x900, tumblr_proy0bzR8A1x35gg8o3_128…)


It's by violetdioxazine on tumblr, check out her comic tag

No. 414078

File: 1558723467225.jpg (196.1 KB, 1200x1200, DcStfPwVMAAtqz-.jpg)

Lake kinda reminds of Raye Rodriguez
the creator of Guardian Spice that crunchyroll "anime" and also a gay transman(TIF) who posts mainly posts about hot guys on her twitter

No. 414080

Finally a good tumblr call-out post.

No. 414083

File: 1558724706969.jpg (147.66 KB, 1035x510, fyial.jpg)

Saged for slight OT

My bad; my memory remembered it wrong. But the truth is even funnier. What remains of the thread is a ride. "I was lesbian, but I'll never be with another woman again. I'm straight now because I'm monogamous!"

Imagine struggling that hard not to call yourself bisexual because MUH LABELS and you think being bi = poly.

No. 414085

Sage because OT but does anyone remmeber that radfem on Tumblr who used to shit on staright and bI sexual woman claiming they could never be real femenists and used to brag about how gay she was but then it was revalaved she was married to a man and also a stay at home army wife

No. 414097

At least she doesn't still claim to be a lesbian, I guess. Not that "I used to be a lesbian but the right penis made me straight" is much better though.

I always wonder about the boyfriends/husbands of these women. Do they truly believe they managed to convert a lesbian with their magic dick?

No. 414103

File: 1558728721725.jpg (46.67 KB, 395x594, Omahyra Mota Creatures Wind Ru…)

I wonder why most of troons (even HSTS) in media and entertainment are male fantasy ugly bimbos. Sometimes I wish troons could at least try to look androgynous or like a normal woman. Dara, Teddy Quinlivan, Hari Nef or Omahyra Mota (pic related) are all troons, but don't look as terrible and they got good modeling jobs. Still clockable, but at least they aren't horryfiyng.

No. 414105

She looks more like a butch lesbian than a trans man. I’ve noticed the tumblrina anime-loving TiFs tend to look more effeminate and also more likely to identify as gay men than straight men post transition. Is it because of yaoi and the stereotypes the genre portrays?

No. 414109

Omahyra Mota pulls off the androgyny great. Teddy and Dara look alright, still pretty uncanny.
Hari looks terrible I don't get how he can land a job.

No. 414118

omg radfem tumblr drama is sometimes so delicious. i know who you're talking about, but don't remember her tumblr name.

other hilarious incidents were the kelly "i guess i'm not as gay as i thought i as/homewrecker"-shitstorm, and the old goldtar fights between that one ugly girl who was in online relationship with skarver(? who found out she's a lesbian after she fucked a tranny lmao) and some fast food junkie lesbians.

No. 414119

They act exactly like this. They love to infantilize themselves, it's creepy as fuck.

No. 414127

this reminded me of the girl who made a tumblr post about stabbing terfs in the vagina and pulled an unironic "why are you talking to me about genitals?! I'm a MINOR!!" when radfems got mad with her. it was hilarious.

she doesn't even look butch, she just looks like a woman with short hair.

No. 414134

Anime is cancer. Seriously. Why is every anime fan on the planet a mentally ill freak?

No. 414136

A bunch of the political lesbians got called out on Twitter in GC/radfem circles. I'm not gonna lie it was funny to watch

No. 414139

…I have a weird feeling that you are the one anon that keeps bringing her up in various threads.

No. 414146

There have been so many troons around my city lately, but one came into work today and went full ma'am on us. He looked ridiculous with makeup so shitty I couldn't believe anyone would go outside looking like that. I had to play into his troonery even though he was being aggressive as fuck. I'm sad.

No. 414147

Also there's another troon who harassed me in McDonald's one morning cause he wanted to know where I buy my clothes and I wouldn't respond, and I had to serve him recently at my work too. I want to move.

No. 414153

>Thanks to the massive amounts of money I've spent, I now look like a woman!
>Still looks like a gangly twink with a huge Adam's apple, only now with eyeliner, metalhead hair and a thin sports bra on

No. 414158

That's 100% a NecessarySpeed4 post.

No. 414172

Why does Riley always have a hat on? How fucked up is his hair?

No. 414190


I have to say, the face feminizing surgeries make a hell of a difference in terms of passing. It’s amazing what the minor details do in terms of secondary sex characteristics. It’s sucks that those extras centimeters of jaw, hairline, brow position etc is what makes people hate their male bodies.

There was an earlier comment that men can figure out which sex they’re talking to, and men are actually pretty slow at it compared to women, but even at their slow attention to details, they can eventually notice the measurements.

I think that if people were more accepting of simple shit like a man wearing a dress, this trans thing wouldn’t be an issue. And the men that see this as a way to become their own fantasy woman can not feel the need to completely commit to their cosplay.

No. 414197

I'm also now a moderator for r/antipornography

No. 414207

Good for you???

No. 414236

Why are you so ugly Blaire? Oh right because you're a guy…

No. 414241

where can I find more info on leah? She intrigues me to no end honestly.

No. 414243

She has a YouTube. I tried to watch some of her videos but she comes across as unhinged

No. 414248

>I tried to watch some of her videos but she comes across as unhinged
like this

No. 414252

She also free bleed in response to a contrapoints video

No. 414261

hari got all of his jobs few years ago when his clothing choices and hairstyle were way better. he used to have darker and curly haircut which made him look androgynous, but now i can't understand how they still try to give him any jobs when he looks so shitty

No. 414262

At some point contrapoints plays the soundtrack of the remake of Maniac in the background. A movie about a young man with mommy issues who stalks, kills and scalps his victims and turns them into dolls. Just wtf contra

No. 414280

When will he go full Buffalo Bill?

No. 414283

I think he's trying to become Gigi gorgeous lol

No. 414387

File: 1558800303152.jpg (42.63 KB, 660x371, _107077918_d792735f-2fc5-400e-…)


Trannies won battle to have right to entry single-sex pool which was safe space for woman since 1926. This complex has 3 ponds - male, female and mixed sex one. But why use mixed one? Troon feelings can be only validated when he will get easy access to female spaces to harass and assasult woman.

I feel sorry for woman in UK and any western shithole. I wonder if they will repeal that shit when troons will assasult woman en masse.

No. 414424

File: 1558805141590.jpg (163.36 KB, 1000x1080, 3c629596bb388d98115781a2fc6bff…)

speaking of Gigi gorgeous what are your thoughts on lesbians who get in to relationships with transbians like Nats Getty

No. 414428

File: 1558805389306.jpeg (98.07 KB, 1280x718, jay-and-silent-bob-1160988-128…)

He looks like if Jay from Jay and Silent bob tried to cross dress.

No. 414429

this is golden. Lily and Jax have me rolling

No. 414430

I'd rather lose that 'friend' then have to walk on eggshells, anon. there are actually normal fish in the sea you can befriend (by fish, i meant people.)

No. 414434

Ugh ever since 3 of those black transwomen been killed, everyone on my fb timelime won't stfu about it. It's pretty funny that they care about mens death but not the death of missing black women all over Mississippi..

No. 414435

Probably closet bi tbqh.

No. 414436

File: 1558806692303.jpg (56.86 KB, 850x400, State of fj right now i cant b…)

Yep, this. No issue with cross dressers because they're aware of their birth sex.
Any time some retard tries to bring up the fact some troons were once cross dressers / drag queens, I always think of the quote in pic attached.

No. 414437

from all the videos I have seen of gigi and nats its pretty clear that nats loves Gigi much more than Gigi loves nats and I'm wondering why ?
why does lesbian (or closet bi) woman find attractive about this man with a destroyed body

No. 414440

She's from the wealthy Getty family which had a series about the grandson on FX last year. The whole family was portrayed as degenerate drug addicted losers with too much money, I'm assuming she's no different.

No. 414441

but why is she head over heels for gigi ?
thats all I wanna know

No. 414442

Probably a "safe" man to date in the sense that he has feminine mannerisms and lowered his T levels with HRT which I can imagine being appealing to a bi woman uncomfortable with men. Like how (closeted bi) men who are scared of rejection from women find it "safe" to date transwomen.

No. 414444

It always comes back to men being men tbh. Women have been through much worse (PROVEN THROUGHOUT HISTORY AND RECENTLY) than men, but men still cry the most. they are the emotional unstable ones, not women.

No. 414447

She's also likely just attracted to femininity rather than femaleness in the way men who like "traps" while calling themselves straight also only care about or notice the feminine costume and falsely equate that with attraction to females. Gigi is usually done up like a Barbie doll so that's probably the appeal.
Also, when it comes to women dedicating themselves to broken men who don't love them back proportionally, it happens a lot because we are empathetic and self-sacrificing. Look at all the wives bending over backwards to try to help their poor trooned-out husbands and other women desperately trying to help unsalveagable, selfish men.

No. 414448

Do you think she's overcompensating for his approval? She sounds like she's being abused tbh. The fact that Gigi is shirt with his words, but definitely sounds like he makes most of the decisions in the relationship.

No. 414451

Yeah but she met and "fell in love" Gigi when Gigi had already was a troon

No. 414460

>being a lesbian
>dating a MtF troon
Pick one.

No. 414461

File: 1558810880604.jpg (13.07 KB, 480x360, checkem.jpg)

Quads don't lie.

I've read many times on gossip sites that Gigi only uses her as a human wallet. I think it's true

No. 414484

her "don't give birth in a hospital" video is a special kind of crazy. most of the video is her shitting on women who give birth in hospitals or birthing centers over having a homebirth when the actual problem is the medical industrial complex. she is every negative stereotype about radfems made flesh. and she seems to be friends with teri strange who also gives me massive cow vibes.

No. 414492

Even though the left hates the right wings 'bad faith' arguments they are a-ok with trans activism 'what about intersex' bad faith arguments

No. 414493

The rambling, frantic, smug way she talks with word salads of odd turns of phrase reminds me of Sam Hyde's persona lul.

No. 414509


Oh god, I didn't expect to see Nikita Dragun mentioned here. Welp.
Only a few weeks ago, I was in one of my classes, and these girls were looking at pictures of him and saying how much he "looks like a girl" and how "pretty" he is. They wanted me to comment on how Nikita Dragun looked, and I just stood there silently because I was really disgusted on how those girls praised him.

No. 414513

Yeah Terri belives in fairies and black magic

No. 414547

See even as soon as 2011 trans were using the word tranny and calling SRS a "fake vagina" if this TIM made this video in 2019 they would get shouted off of youtube

No. 414550

He almost passes. And seems to be at least aware of what he is. I don't really have a problem with this tranny. I think I even felt sympathy for a minute there.

No. 414562

>Yeah Terri belives in fairies and black magic
Is it Ironic ? like how some women pretend to witches but actually aren't witches

No. 414565

>she is every negative stereotype about radfems made flesh
she's a middle class white woman who calls trans identified people tannies and insults other women as men
claims to hate men but her self dates weirdos

No. 414585

no unfortunately it's not. she called the belief that sexuality is innate and unchangeable "black magic" in one of her streams.

She's definitely a caricature of what people think "terfs" are

No. 414590

>no unfortunately it's not. she called the belief that sexuality is innate and unchangeable "black magic" in one of her streams.
this is why people won't take us seriously

No. 414632

File: 1558862638208.png (375.03 KB, 720x1126, 20190526_062159.png)

Anime twitter have been shitting themselves over this, but I'm proud of this group of women for putting their foot down and keeping their space by women for women in spite of what must have been a lot of pressure. Good for them.

No. 414634

File: 1558862716236.jpg (87.43 KB, 747x940, IMG_20190526_062132.jpg)

The full sign. Typically, the replies are getting aggressive already.

No. 414650

I love it

No. 414653

me too. they're still full of testosterone and have the anatomy, get the fuck out.
like seeing straight dudes at the gay bar being like IM GONNA TURN ONE OF THEM, too much experience with that shit to not see this as a good idea

No. 414658

File: 1558867563725.jpeg (224.47 KB, 750x1113, CA649BA6-0A0B-4D27-82D1-54C68C…)

Also of course he‘s American. This link was on his Twitter.

No. 414659

File: 1558867838106.png (15.87 KB, 981x182, bYPzjob.png)

seems like a great dad

No. 414665

File: 1558868775908.gif (270.41 KB, 500x333, ree.gif)

Women only is fine as long as it includes men.

No. 414681

File: 1558873348097.jpg (280.15 KB, 1200x844, D54p40HV4AYca8r.jpg)

this guy got turned away by them and made a scene, prompting them to add the part about "cis" women to the poster. this is an email he sent the organizer from his twitter. typical entitled white man in japan shit.


No. 414682

File: 1558873447777.jpg (282.32 KB, 1200x849, D54p6NdUUAA7mkj.jpg)

No. 414685

Why tf would a white, liberal tranny choose to move to a socially conservative country like Japan? Especially when he's a "lesbian" and his marriage is no longer legal?

I'm glad Japan doesn't put up with this shit. Their treatment of women sucks as it is- they don't need troons making it worse.

No. 414687

Wait so… He asked the club owner to be honest about only admitting cis women and she did this with a sign and now he's outraged? Am I getting this right

No. 414688

One good thing about this guy posting this to twitter is how much it'll sting for Western troons to be reminded Japanese people largely don't see them as the cute lil uwu anime girls they pretend they look like

No. 414691

You know he was psyched when they didn't let him in. Another reason to bitch and moan and get attention.

Yes lol

No. 414692

>You know he was psyched when they didn't let him in. Another reason to bitch and moan and get attention.
Oh absolutely. Troons constantly talk about "just wanting to be treated like a normal woman!" but that's not true at all, they have huge victim complexes and feed off of being so oppressed and brave uwu. If people actually treated them like real women they'd get bored of the shtick and go back to being men. It's all one big performance for attention.

No. 414695

This guy can go fuck himself. For all Tumblr loves to sperg about how different cultures have different views of gender, this white male imperialist fuck sure loves imposing HIS view on the community of a homogeneous conservative country that wants nothing to do with him or his dumbass white savior opinions.

No. 414696

There's no pressure. Asia doesn't care about trannies.

No. 414700

>This fight is for you too and for everyone else at Goldfinger
>Maybe there will be consequences if you write openly that you exclude trans women; maybe you will lose business, maybe you will be criticized. But if you don't want that, you should change your policy.
Trannies have people so brainwashed it's insane. People do come in droves to defend trannies like their lives depended on it.
>Why do you exclude us? Why this policy? What do you think is going to happen if you let us in?
I can't tell if troons are diluded or if they blatantly choose to ignore the elephant in the room. You know, not born female? Male anatomy and socialization no matter how many hormones? Can't get pregnant? Isn't oppressed for simply being female? Literally no one at goldfinger is going to be able to relate to this idiot. It's a place where women get together and bond over BEING FEMALE.

This idea that Japan is a nice little anime paradise; that japanese people are always curteous even if you're stepping over them. Japan has its ups and downs like any other country (not to mention a rich history involving women too), not to mention a culture completely different from ours. There's going to be a bunch of twitter retards that are going to be screaming at asia 24/7 but they don't care, thank god. Asian women know enough of their shit to know not to put up with trannies that don't share the same experiences.

No. 414711

I already wanted to visit that bar, now I'm 100% going to do it. Based Japanese lesbians.

No. 414713

The type of people who actively seek out muh oppression to get triggered. I'm unsurprised.
>I asked them to tell the truth and now I'm mad my penis is not allowed uwu don't feel woman enough

No. 414716

and of course he writes in english like a fucking colonizer.

No. 414718

More women should just learn to not to give a shit what these morons say. In my country troons got angry at lesbian party having a name that was a pun about pussy, and told them they should change it. They just didn't give a fuck and nothing has happened to them, the party still goes on. I'm glad asians don't give a shit.

No. 414734

This guy has THREE SONS. Imagine how the older two must feel, being half Japanese teenagers and needing a strong father figure so they don’t go full r/hapas , but daddy decides to be both a whiny American liberal AND a troon just last year.

>You told her she didn’t care about other people and she didn’t have any respect. I had to laugh. Did you even see me standing there?

Why do these dudes stay here for decades and still not understand the basic group dynamics of Japanese culture? It’s not about YOU, bro. It’s about everyone else that wants a woman-only space.

These weirdos always come to Japan, enjoying a status they could never achieve in their home country and staying for so many years, yet it is never enough for them. And the only social issues they care about are the ones that directly affect them, not those that affect the 99% of Japanese. DV? Child abuse? Elderly abandonment? Nope. Only white men and their fetishes.

No. 414775

This girl I hate who is one of the most pretentious fake woke people ever is now identifying as a lesbian because she's with a TIM. She's identified as straight her whole life, then bi, then pansexual, but only ever dated men. Now she's with a TIM and calling herself a lesbian.

I can't even.

No. 414780

>WOMEN (cisgender)

In parenthesis treated as second after 'woman', as it fucking should be. 'Woman' and 'Man' should imply cisgender as it is.

No. 414812

Standing next to an Asian woman really brings out his feminine features.
The dude looks manly even amongst white women, he's huge and looks like a middle aged dad with long hair like a hippie. I feel terrible for the wife and kids, having a weeaboo dad who decides moving to Japan and getting a Japanese wife isn't enough for him, and he has to BE the animu wife too. The man's even fucking dying his hair blue, he needs to grow the fuck up.

No. 414813

File: 1558898391853.jpg (62.94 KB, 800x532, 1c08bb0744f20ab3deb8e64e348052…)

Forgot image

No. 414815

lmfao his hands are about 3x larger than hers and hes a solid foot taller than her as well. why do men like this think they should be allowed in female spaces.

is that supposed to be his wife? why does she look so much older than him.

No. 414816

Is that a trans? Looks like an old man dressed in grunge but couldn't find trousers so borrowed his sister's skirt. I have to believe if that's his Asian wife she is under the same impression he is a dude into rock music lol

No. 414821

File: 1558899823245.jpg (195.24 KB, 901x1200, Dx_YUC2UYAU063X.jpg)

I think that photo just happens to be a particularly good angle, he looks older in other photos

No. 414827

He looks hilariously bad. I bet he thinks he’s some cute animu grill uwu

No. 414838

why is he making a retarded child face and staring into the distance?

No. 414908

Why is the women's march trying to play moral purity by condemning "terfs". didn't they invite a rapist to speak at one of their events?

No. 414914

File: 1558920752265.jpg (529.34 KB, 1429x1960, PTbLpzg.jpg)

What kind of event actually triggers these AGP dudes and why do they always choose an image that so greatly contrasts their former selves? Gangly, huge nerdy men that want to become small alternative/punk chicks. Fat, pot-bellied and hairy men decide to become 10 year old princesses. At least with HSTSs, there tends to be a natural progression of feminization where family members could they always noticed the HSTS was different as a kid or they were not surprised. AGPs always do a 180.

No. 414920

File: 1558924267317.jpg (1.02 MB, 1701x6253, lTh5W6NnzWdnhscUlhCHZs-NGnbecx…)

This shit is horrifying and exactly why informed consent clinics are a terrible idea.

No. 414923

Seems like an escapist fantasy at the end of the day. They don't like their current self so want to become their dream gf who's everything they're not.

No. 414927

I am not saying this general should stop existing and that people aren't allowed to criticise it but are you all aware that
1. Calling the men not passing insults real women who are just ugly and/of tall really bad?
2. Nothing will change?
>We live in a society…
where we leave people be more and more when it fits in the mainstream values. And mainstream values will "update" (in reference to the thread's theme: trannies, only in relative sense though) and never revert back, ever. I am not surprised if nucleosynthesis is gonna advance so tr*nnies can get pregnant.

My question is: what do you even want what happens to them? Like should they be lynched, put in prison, paid a fine?(Derail)

No. 414930

Damn, this sounds like an abusive relationship. That poor person.

No. 414931

>1. Calling the men not passing insults real women who are just ugly and/of tall really bad?
Women who don't look conventionally attractive still look like women, anon. Tall women look like women, ugly women look like women, flat and muscular women look like women. But 99% of the time, men don't look like women.

No. 414933

1. How does it in any way insult real women? They NEVER look like women because they don’t have our secondary sex characteristics, even the ugliest woman will be undeniably female.

2. Values change constantly, as do ideologies - you’re retarded for suggesting otherwise.
>nucleosynthesis is gonna advance so tr*nnies can get pregnant.
Medical science barely understands female reproductive systems, let alone pregnancy, and yet you think that somehow they’re going to get to the point where they can play god and completely alter men’s genetic makeup? Not in our lifetimes. We probably won’t even see self-driving cars rolled out to the masses for ages yet, something significantly more researched and funded.

As for your last point.. I’m not even going to entertain it.

No. 414935

This entire post is hard to read and unintelligible.

No most of us just want them to stop infringing on women's rights. Maybe actually research what you're trying to critique

No. 414941

>dream gfs

What makes this extra disturbing is that so many of these AGPs already have wives and children. They want the wives to stick around and be their mother-housemaid but they still fantasize about the girl they liked back in high school or anime girls.

Make transbians illegal. 90% of these problems will be solved. Lol

No. 414944

I am gonna be honest, I am pretty entertained by their existence, trannies for me are modern day literal circus freaks so I'll gladly continue observing from afar. Drag queens are entertainers too but in general they don't cut their dicks off or get implants (?) and that's the most entertaining part LMFAO.

What is /gender critical/'s opinion on drag queens btw?
>Der Trannische Frage

No. 414946

I know I'm somewhat of an outlier but I have no problem with drag queens that being said they can be misogynistic. I just try to not take it that seriously though.

No. 414954

I think that the young trannies need to receive psychiatric help. There's no arguing around how eager people are to give literal children life altering hormones when their brains aren't fully developed. It's only a matter of time before this generation grows up and realizes the agenda that was pushed onto them; people can't hide the dangerous side effects of hormone blockers forever. The adults however… they'll deal with the consequences once this fad dies out. Trannies are at their core mentally ill. After that happens we can work on banning mass marketing of life-altering substances to children and the mentally ill as a fashion statement.

No. 414955

I never used to care about adults over 18 doing whatever the fuck they wanted to their own body. Even if it was a fetish, it didn’t matter. It was no different than extreme mods to me and it was their business. It was only when the misogynistic, porn-obsessed men began forcing themselves into Feminist politics, made themselves front and center, bullied lesbians for being lesbians, disparaged female-centric factual terms and began targeting children. I can’t just sit back and enjoy the freak show when they are actively doing harm to others.

Drag queens are just entertainers and artists to me. Many are actually very talented makeup artists and costume designers, they have jobs and like to work, so they have value beyond the crude jokes.

No. 414980

If what trannies were doing solely effected themselves, I wouldn't mind. Like if a guy wants to dress like a chick just for the hell of it or even in the bedroom, good for him. But the issue is trannies aren't solely effecting themselves, they drag everyone around them into the issue like a black hole. Sorry, now anyone who assumes people who look like male is now a bigot. Anyone who doesn't want to suck a "girlpenis" is a bigot. Anyone who doesn't want to be around the opposite sex in the shower room is a bigot.

No. 414997

Same, I really do still support trans adults who just want to get on with their lives.
I wish we lived in a timeline where transwomen and women could support each other under an alliance, rather than transwoman demanding that they are in fact women whilst trying to push women out with their woke brand of misogyny like womb havers or the cotton celing. The absolute state of identity politics.

No. 415004

I honestly don’t see it having gone any other way, because at the end of the day they’re still and were raised as men / ideally they would have their dysphoria treated like any other mental illness, but calling them transwomen implies that they can actually transition into womanhood. That’s just not possible.

No. 415024

I wish we lived in a timeline where people could be gay and/or super gender nonconforming without anyone thinking that makes them the opposite sex. That way of thinking is repressive as hell and nothing good will come from it.

No. 415095

that's where it all comes from. i've watched some "nonbinary genderfluid polysexual" girl's video where she was talking about gender dysphoria and it was mostly "i always liked toys and games that were stereotypically for boys, i had more male friends than girlfriends, i hated dresses and barbies, sometimes i feel like my body doesn't belong to me". okay? why can't you be a girl and still do these? same thing for mtfs, if you genuinely like to present feminine so be it, why do you have to be a woman? especially tifs and tims identifying as gay or lesbian is almost insulting. as people who were raised and still living as heterosexuals, they'll never know what it's like.

No. 415097

This imo is why the trans movement went to shit. Transitioning because of gender dysphoria is one thing(though highly questionable and often confused with body dysmorphia), transitioning because you don't like pink and dollhouses is another. By saying you can't be a woman because you don't like traditionally girly things is saying that all women who are GNC are essentially men. It's regressive and harmful.

No. 415112

As it becomes easier and more legal for men to check the female box, I imagine crime statistics regarding woman offenders will increase.
I think the increase will be noticiable given the types of men that transition.

When do you think we will start to really see the uptick recorded, and do you think the public will put 2 and 2 together or blame something else?

No. 415119

No, women will be blamed and the media will casually ignore that the perp is trans like they already do. Men will milk the opportunity to say "See, women are bad too!" and direct all attention away from the fact that these people are biologically male.

No. 415125

File: 1558965601140.png (202.03 KB, 1080x840, Screenshot_20190527-095409~2.p…)

I'm sure you're right. It's bullshit.

I like that subreddit someone started documenting all the crimes that these men commit as "women."

Here's an old US crime statistic regarding homicides committed by women from 80-08. I can't find anything updated but am still looking.

>Source: https://www.bjs.gov/index.cfm?ty=pbdetail&iid=2221

No. 415131

their rethoric feels regressive af, change a few words here and there and their trans speech sounds like any bigoted old coot's.
"women who don't like feminine things are actually men" is the type of thing i expect to hear from a racist southern grandpa, not from so-called "feminists" and trans activists. their logic is so radical and extremist it becomes backwards, now any man who isn't a full on Chad is secretly a trans gurl waiting to jump out of the closet. how is that supposed to help cis men destroy toxic masculinity if every time a man shows interest in something remotely feminine he's told he's a woman?

No. 415134

I really feel so much empathy for GNC men who are pushed to transition. Toxic masculinity is really awful and more men, especially GNC men need to speak out about it.

No. 415155

Even if he's GNC, a man that identifies as such is going to need to be the most persecuted minority in the world to be able to speak out in any way that could get him labeled transphobic and immediately deplatformed for hatespeech.
This game is rigged. Someone finally gets to speak louder than men but it's just more men in dresses.

No. 415183

Isn't that what happened to Marilyn (the singer) on twitter

No. 415239

>Whenever you visit a social network or a comments section, this extension will color known trans-friendly (green) and anti-trans (red) users/pages differently.
>As a transgender person, I got used to be distrustful towards people. While guessing the attitudes of an openly conservative person or group towards transgender people is easy, this is much more difficult when you deal with communities that tend to be moderately progressive or with intersectional interests, such as the feminist community, the lesbian community, women's associations and the atheist community.
Yup, the ebul lesbian and feminist communities

No. 415241

File: 1558990270765.jpg (234.75 KB, 1080x1161, IMG_20190527_225003.jpg)

And example for forbidden hate speech

No. 415242

Wow, this is great! If only everyone on the entire internet could have their political affiliations found out and displayed so people know whether to support them or to doxx them and get them fired from their jobs. Maybe we could do this in real life too, perhaps having everyone wear colorful arm bands with symbols on them to designate their political affiliations. After all, like they said, moderately progressive communities in particular like lesbians and atheists pose a lot of… difficulties. /s

No. 415246

downloading this so i can fuck up the algorithm and list a bunch of right wing people as pro trans kek

No. 415247

That's the best part. When you open your witch hunt to the public, the witches are going to make sure it doesn't work out.

No. 415248

I feel like this system will become a false flag extravangza because quoting terfs will end with a ban. This reminds me of the bully making a kid say 'punch me' and punching them

No. 415250

"Women's spaces" and "lesbian erasure" are… dog whistles? Please remove these people from the fucking internet

No. 415254

I like that this is something for only the most deluded of TiMs/TiFs

Transmedicalism and "enby-phobia" are the least crazy parts of the trans community

No. 415260

I came across this because a "friend" reblogged this on tumblr and it had over 16.000 notes already

No. 415263

Meagan Murphy has been giving talks all over the UK haven't seen anyone mention it here. Been good so far.


No. 415272

File: 1558996271977.png (102.06 KB, 1343x337, Screenshot (217).png)

No. 415273

File: 1558996359834.png (296.19 KB, 1431x846, Screenshot (218).png)

No. 415275

Jesus christ, it's disturbing how many of them are adult men trying to emulate the brain of a 12 year old girl. It's even worse to think about how many of these men actually THINK they're young girls and will try to reach out to underaged girls to harm them.

Post any worthy comments, there will definitely be some responses like, "Remove the 'MtF' in your post, the fact that she's trans is irrelevant! You're coming off TERFy!"

No. 415278


Jesus christ, what a nightmare asshole. And adjacent to this all, actual little girl slumber parties are so much weirder and more fun than these boring fucking men ever realize. I never had a single uwu catgirl sexy ticklefight but I did have a ton where we'd compete to see who could do the best impressions of our least favorite teacher and make the grossest possible things to drink and dare each other to try them. We're kids! Little girls are fucking kids, not weird mewling loli fuckmachines

No. 415280

The only uwu sexy tickle fight I had during a slumber party is when my sister farted on me and I wanted to get back at her by making her smell my arse, because we were 14 and children don't have "sexy tickle fights". How can these gobshites not comprehend the fact that being sexualised is disturbing and weird to a child.

No. 415289

"sexy tween slumber parties" is a male porno concept. any woman who was ever 12 years old and held a slumber party knows those things are the furthest you can get from sexy as it gets, 12 year old girls AREN'T SEXY!!! i fucking hate it when tumblr troons want to emulate a pornified Hollywood version of girlhood and growing up as a girl, it only exacerbates how little you know about being a woman

No. 415291

amime and teen movies make being a young girl sexier than what it really is

No. 415294


At all my slumber parties we ate junk food and played super smash bros on our n64.

The "sexy pillowfight" meme might be my least favorite of all the sexist generalizations about women

No. 415297

Off topic, but I remember having a pillow fight once. I think it started because we thought we were "supposed" to do one according to shitty kid tv shows. It ended with one of our friends going home early with a bloody eye because we beat the living shit out of each other with our pillows. 0/10 did not try again.

No. 415298

When troons fantasize about sexy lesbian 13 year old slumber parties you know they didn't live very close with women. It's pretty telling they're transing because of a fetish and not because of some identification with womanhood and a genuine desire to live this identity socially.
At least some HSTS got along better with girls since they were children and understand SOMETHING about women's world, more than those creeps. It doesn't make them women of course but at least there's some identification with the feminine that isn't based on anime and porn.

No. 415304

File: 1559002539674.png (13.08 KB, 516x211, FUKCHCHC.PNG)

These are github issues for that Shinigami Eyes extension

No. 415356

File: 1559016467927.jpg (8.98 KB, 250x250, 1557918726578.jpg)

TiM in my college discord server sees me playing Sims 4 (the game was free for a few days) and decides to do the same. Then decides to inform us how he "made [his] first one a (female)teen" while also using WickedWhims, a sex and nudity mod.

No. 415366

File: 1559020388137.jpg (142.04 KB, 586x934, whut.jpg)

I jus…are they trying to say being trans is a choice?!

No. 415395

Oh my fucking god, she's pregnant and they want to name their kids Raven and some other sperg shit

No. 415402

If being trans were a legitimate condition everyone would be happy to have a reliable test for it, even if it’s just to prove the haters wrong. But no, they know they’re full of shit.

No. 415417

Transmedicalists are really into the “brain sex” theory and are almost always on board with more studies to figure out how their brain works and how to treat their dysphoria. I’m not saying extensive brain studies would actually find something but there are actually a good amount of transsexuals that want to see serious, long term data about this. Also, almost all of this group of trans people are in the HSTS category or have had gender issues and body dysmorphia since childhood so they could have a lot of normies sympathetic towards them if they could show they evidence that their brains have a different structure rather than just feelings. Trenders and gender specials are obviously enraged that they will be eliminated as “real trans” if there is validity to these tests. Their automatic protest proves that they are worried that they will be the first to be found out.

No. 415433

To hide the massive man forehead and runaway hairline?

No. 415447

I'm on board with there being more studies too, as long as they make sure to account for sexuality and HRT in their analyses and don't jump to conclusions about the validity of HRT and surgery. Mostly I'm worried they'll find superficial similarities between gay people and straight people of the opposite sex and take that as evidence in favour of transing gay people to make their bodies "align" with their sexuality. The thing with brain scans, especially fMRI, is that there is always a LOT of noise in the data and it's quite easy to find whatever it is you're looking for if you just look hard enough. It's not unlike reading tea leaves sometimes and scientists are as human and subject to bias and tunnel vision as anyone else. Peer reviews are supposed to nip that sort of thing in the bud but when a subject is as highly politicised as trans ideology, there's the potential of reviewers skewing perceptions even harder in one direction or another according to the current dogma.

Maybe it's petty of me but I secretly hope that discussions like this one will unmask AGPs as the deceitful parasites they are. They’ve made themselves the face of the trans movement but don’t actually care about anyone but themselves. Many L’s have caught on already (and are demonised for it) but the rest of the LGBT community needs to wake up to the fact that these men are not their allies. If steamrolling the rights of women and gnc children wasn’t bad enough to make them realise this, maybe their vocal opposition to these tests will. After all, the middle-upper class straight white techbros are the ones with the political influence and funding to make or break this kind of research.

No. 415454

heres the accurate german version of that:
>Die Transenfrage

No. 415472

Are there any detransitioners here? Sorry in advance if there's a more suitable thread for this, but I don't know where else to go.
As of recently I'm a former FTM and now a lesbian. I can't say I'm surprised at how I turned out as I was constantly questioning whether or not I really wanted to "be male." Even when I identified as FTM, I lurked here often and found myself agreeing with a lot of GC stuff. It made me realize my desire to transition came mostly from being uncomfortable with performative femininity, and the emotional distress that came with being on the receiving end of sexism almost daily. These are obviously not things that can be fixed if I just "go to the other side" so to speak (especially for those who don't pass at all), and until reading these threads I never realized how weird it is that it's so encouraged nowadays. I'm only 18 and grew up on tumblr and websites with similar userbases. Transgenderism(?) was normalized to me at a young age, and every time I saw somebody question it, they were always shunned and chased off so I never did it myself.
I haven't had any procedures, taken testosterone, anything. However, virtually everyone who knows me knows me as "male" and are all trans ally types. Is there a way to "come out" without it being awkward? As a lesbian, I mean. Not GC. I feel like detransitioning is kind of a shameful thing in that community, and I both emotionally and physically can't simply ditch and ghost everyone and start my life anew. I really just wish I had never been involved with any trans related stuff. I wish I could have experienced my late school years as a simple lesbian instead of a confused one. I also feel like if/when I come out, since I dress in a masculine fashion, everyone will still look at me as if I'm trying to be a man. Is it even realistically possible to no longer be associated with all that shit in peoples' minds if I've been living like that for over a quarter of my life?
I'm also curious if there's any kind of community for detransitioners or people who previously identified as trans, specifically lesbians (I don't know if detransitioning refers only to people who have had physical procedures or not). Discord, reddit, a thread I missed on here, anything.
I'm sorry if this is too much of a blogpost. I don't have anywhere else that I could post something like this.

No. 415476

Look for Pique Resilience Project, it's a group of young detransitioned lesbians

No. 415479

No. 415480

I'm a detransitioner too, and I was really serious about my transition. I got therapy for years (with a normal, non-gender therapist) and even took testosterone for 6 months. To be honest, your family will be relieved if you jump out of this. At least mine was happy that I was embracing my true self as a woman. Almost every other detransitioner I know received very positive feedback from detransitioning. Be wary of friends who try to push you into other label like non-binary or genderfluid, this has happened to me. Don't give in to their craziness.
Talk casually about it. You don't owe anybody a great explanation. Just say you realized this identity doesn't fit you anymore, it doesn't make you happy, doesn't make your life easier, etc.

No. 415503

No. 415520

That one is a troll tho.

No. 415523

Anyone here ever feel jealous of trans people sometimes and hope you didn't peaked? Just saw a video from my university TIF activist who's hugely involved in Student Union and liberation groups. Typical tumblr and everything… You just see them all get the attention, tight knit community and get to feel special.

I'm a GNC desister who's fine with my body now seeing how bullshit everything seem and this is making me bitter

No. 415526

>Anyone here ever feel jealous of trans people sometimes
no. ew.

No. 415538

I've never heard of this before now. I've watched a couple videos now and I don't know how to describe how happy I am that I found this. Thank you so much.
Thank you, this is really reassuring. I'm glad your and most others detransition was well received.
I've always felt like my feelings about my identity needed to be straightforward and easily digestible for others. Part of my complex with pleasing everyone, I suppose. I should grow out of that habit and this would be a great place to start haha. I'll keep your advice in mind. Again, thank you.
The desire to feel included is what makes many people fall for the trans meme, I think. Especially since they paint themselves as an uplifting and accepting community.

No. 415555

I really wish I didn't peak. I feel like living in ignorance and not being seen as a crazy feminist anywhere else but GC communities would have made me happier, but I can't unsee or forget about the rampant autogynephilia, the justification of predatory behavior by trans individuals, the advocated child abuse on individuals with undeveloped brains, and the amount of trans 'women' who actually are MGTOWs masquerading as 'beautiful transwomen' while screaming over the feminist movement.

I feel like I'd not have such a problem if it wasn't for the trans community like r/GenderCynical using the "dysphoria" excuse to justify trans people being horrible and violent towards others, let alone them saying that the victim deserved it if they're a TERF. Just yesterday I realized that to r/GenderCynical and now mainstream 'woke' society, that any trans person who writes hateful shit online must be a fake account from a TERF.

So tl;dr: for as long as the trans community continues to ignore and even sympathize with the people that are rapists and creeps within it, I can't take them seriously.

No. 415558

I think this is a common thought here, anon. Fundamentally I don't have any problem with "legitimate" transpeople who suffer from confirmed gender dysphoria under its original medical definition. The problem is all of the pervs, misogynists, and "not like other girls" who have latched onto the trans community and have turned it into a festering cesspit. Pointing this out is transphobia though and you're definitely a TERF and/or truscum for criticizing anyone who's "trans". The more inclusive the trans community tries to get by ignoring medical definitions, infiltrating female spaces, and putting toddlers on T-blockers, the worse.

No. 415564

sorry for blog posting but this sounds so much like my own experience with my ex who told me he wanted to be a girl when we were already months into the relationship, he added me into a discord server with his friends, they talked very sexual stuff, then his best friend added me to a private server between the 3 of us, they were always talking about what they wanted to do to each other, i could only read the sick shit and see the gross pictures they exchanged, and when i told him i didnt like that, and asked if he could stop because i felt worthless he made it all about himself and started crying told me he had a lot of love to give and wanted a poli relationship, i told him i wasn't into that kinda stuff, i dumped him a couple months after that…

again, sorry for the blog posting l but i thought it was weird to find someone with a story similar to mine

No. 415571

I used to be part of ~tight knit queer community and it was full of drama and borderline stalking. One TIM used to screenshot absolutely everything in case he needed receipts on people, people were really ready to cannibalize each other over minor things and people were expected to follow some sort of hivemind. Like yeah it was kind of addictive to be part of it, we had group chats and would meet in real life and everyone were sooooooo great friends uwu but then there was always huge fights and drama. Some of the people were really nice and I keep in touch with them but I distanced myself with some of them and damn good riddance.

No. 415575

God, the fact that you're so young makes me feel bad. I wish you the best in your new research. I know I'm gonna come off as boomer as fuck but i really do worry about how we're raising kids on the internet and there's information about how to permanently alter their relationships, and worst case scenario, their bodies at their very fingertips. I just know in a few years a bunch of detrans people will have to pick up the slack in place of others.

Also can somebody please fill me in on what TRAs think of detrans? The little I've heard from my diverse friend group is that detransitioners "never really had dysphoria in the first place" even though some of them believed that you could just choose to be trans, so I'm not sure…

No. 415578

Trans people seem extremely miserable tbqh. Completely fry their minds with self-deception and spend all day echochambering themselves with other people doing the same thing. You shouldn't feel jealous of people who have a coin toss chance of trying to neck themselves.

No. 415579

>Believe you don't have to have dysphoria to be trans
>Detransers never had dysphoria to begin with!!!

What kind of mental gymnastics goes on in the trans community.

No. 415585

File: 1559069455668.png (51.68 KB, 593x697, mlpec6n0zl031.png)

Oh buck :(

No. 415587

Unfortunately for him, there is no navigating Twitter as someone who is openly GC right now. You'll either get deplatformed or 'boycotted' and endlessly harassed.

No. 415591

>Fundamentally I don't have any problem with "legitimate" transpeople who suffer from confirmed gender dysphoria under its original medical definition.
I used to rationalize similarly to myself so I wouldn't have to think I'm bigoted, but I'm disillusioned with how anti-truth the entire concept of transgenderism is at its core. If adults with dysphoria choose to transition and live peacefully that's on them, but I resent it if there's any expectation that other people alter our language and beliefs to validate their identities. The fact is that I don't believe in gender ideology or that humans can change their biological sex, and no one is under any obligation to cater to their dysphoria. I know of some who can accept their biological sex aand they're fine, but others will often times still carry this expectation that we see them as the men or women they desire to be, which they are not.

No. 415593

I completely agree that TIMs could never be biological women and that biological sex is not something you can change. I just find it hard to not have empathy after watching a few TIF friends with gender dysphoria. Maybe one day I'll get to true peak trans.

No. 415595

Buck isn't even really GC

No. 415601

File: 1559072379244.jpg (151.87 KB, 616x799, welp.jpg)

So I saw this on a blog and decided to look up their account to find I was blocked. Plot twist, I don't use the twitter account, its empty. Im assuming this was done on the fact that I liked a tweet saying referring to women as menstrators is dehumanising. I only recently hit peak trans, so this is fine kek.

No. 415603

oh jesus christ. i see why the anons on this website hate kink shit so much now. i think i just reached peak kink too.

No. 415604

File: 1559072846198.jpg (166 KB, 632x942, welp2.jpg)

Look at this assholes reply to this concerned woman too. Apparently being gay is a kink. Its funny never heard of him until today, so glad I stopped being a libfem and an apologist to these wankers.

No. 415605

File: 1559072993405.jpg (79.95 KB, 622x315, 521615451215451.jpg)

No. 415607

File: 1559073309540.png (90.7 KB, 605x936, absolute degenerate.png)

>that is how many trans families look like
I think i'm going to vomit.
Funny, i saw this line of tweets recently. I'm not anti-kink or anti-porn myself but if you expose things of a sexual nature to kids fuck you.

No. 415608

there seems to be a successor to terf blocker doing the rounds. My twitter account is also rarely used and a lot of prominent tras have me blocked.
this is almost some alok-esque "little girls are kinky" shit. What a revolting human.

No. 415609

And these people wonder why everyone just thinks they're freaks who only care about sex. It would make sense for them to make these events more family friendly to help their image and normalize them more but their logic is too clouded by being horny.

No. 415610


God, they're just proving the homophobes with the slippery slope fallacy right…
The LGB community is going to need to distance itself from the T eventually. Make it stop.

No. 415611

A TiM walking two women on a leash like they're dogs is "what a lot of trans families look like"?

Well, you said it, not us….

No. 415613

File: 1559073609083.png (3.23 MB, 750x1334, C27FB593-1EF6-473F-AC6D-FC0A6F…)

Why is it only the manliest of troons who immediately go for violence against women and children… reminds me of that troon who talked about ~painting their nails before punching their grandma in the face~

No. 415614

99.99% of the time, i just want agps to stop existing but reading that made me want to watch this man die.

No. 415615

I feel jealous that troons can be ugly as hell and still act like they're the baddest bitch to ever live meanwhile even very cute women are so insecure a out themselves. I wish I had the confidence of a troon.

No. 415628

The woman they’re fighting with is trans too… even in their own community nobody can speak up

No. 415629

>Anyone here ever feel jealous of trans people
Nah man, when I get out of the shower I look the same way I did before I got in. I don't have to spend 2 hours getting dressed doing hair and makeup in order to get hit on by a guy who looks like a big toe.


>You just see them all get the attention, tight knit community and get to feel special.

You also get to watch them get stared/snickered at IRL. The internet hug boxes and Kampus Klubz are meaningless vacuums, the "community" equivalent of walmart clothing

No. 415644

File: 1559081439566.jpg (79.39 KB, 632x455, agp.jpg)

I would like to say, as someone who has been involved in the bdsm community for a long time, i would like to apologise to all the LGB people suffering with this shit. There (used) to be an ethos that you do not expose unwilling participants to your kinks and certainly not the general public. What this narcissist is proposing really goes against what some of us stand for and I now see why people are becoming more annoyed with our community.

No. 415645

>even took testosterone for 6 months

Do you have to shave your face for the rest of your life now?

No. 415653

Anyone keeping up w Jonathan Yaniv still? Been following his KF thread and he’s been going absolutely batshit on Twitter the past few days.

No. 415662

jonathan yaniv's existence is a mental load i don't have the strength to carry. i'm glad kf are keeping tabs on him.

No. 415663

File: 1559084818136.png (4.33 KB, 287x116, uv8HRhj.png)

related, i went to google his kf thread and he seems to have scrubbed his real name from the suggested searches.

No. 415664

I do remember there being actual standards of decency back when I was into kink. The kink community has way too many mentally ill trannies in it now, though, and they are ruining that community just like they ruined LGB. Someone needs to call all these degenerate AGPs out but everyone's too scared, kek.

No. 415666

Yep pretty much. The community im in are very small, tbh we dont like how this has gone and yes, its full of raging trannies that ruin everything for everyone.

No. 415670

hello, i am also an 18 year old detransitioner. i was just in the same exact situation you were a few months ago, however I am not a lesbian. Everyone also knew me as male as I was a TiF for about 5-6 years. I ended up "coming out" as female again with a post on my social media and everyone was very kind, receptive and supporting. (many of them were the TRA types too.) i'd say dont sweat it, I dont think anyone will shame you and if they do, they're definitely not ballsy enough to say it to your face (so they're not worth your thoughts). I still dress very gnc and as far as I know, no one cares. The relief and support you will have afterwards will make you question why you felt so nervous in the first place! good luck

No. 415675

No. 415676

This man has been on HRT for like 2 years…

No. 415678

in the video he describes himself and ~presents as a gay man.

No. 415679

He says in his bio that he's a 'cis man' though.

No. 415686

File: 1559087873285.jpg (62.25 KB, 508x476, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

He looks like a literal caricature but I get the feeling thats intentional.

No. 415694

File: 1559088724308.jpg (172.01 KB, 1080x672, punching yourself in the face …)

>Complains that being anti-kink is being anti-trans
>Also complains people will treat transwomen as men with a kink
>But is also arguing were it not for kink he wouldnt be trans as would a lot of men.
I guess this is what they mean about talking in circles, talk about fucking dumb. T

No. 415707

>never queer, that’s a slur!!
>proceeds to say queer spaces within the same thread

Okay retard.

No. 415708

I feel sorry for lesbians and gay men having to deal with this. Back in my home city the annual pride parade used to be good fun. Everyone was invited to take part and see that gay people are no different to anyone else. It had a positive message of community. Forcing kink and sexual content into pride is going to undo all of that and play into the hands of the extreme right who will use it to push an agenda against all gay people.

I'm honestly starting to think that trannies are being used to destroy feminism and the LGB community because they are so effective at it.

No. 415710

File: 1559092331531.jpeg (604.41 KB, 1125x1394, 822609BC-AE76-4E09-A46D-E0BA70…)

“The Department of Health and Human Services’s proposed regulation would replace a 2016 rule from the Obama administration that defined discrimination “on the basis of sex” to include gender identity. The Trump administration rule would no longer recognize gender identity as an avenue for sex discrimination.

Without the Obama-era language, health care workers would be free to object to performing procedures like gender reassignment surgery, and insurers would not be bound to cover all services for transgender customers.“

Not forcing insurance to cover AGP boob implants is LITERALLY GOING TO KILL awesome trans gals!

No. 415711

That’s something that turns me off from all pride events, gay men’s apparent need to celebrate in fetish gear like leather suits and whatnot - it turns something that should be accessible and a family friendly even into a sexually charged adult party instead. I don’t understand the thought process behind it ‘this’ll prove that I’m not a sexual deviant, a skintight latex suit that hugs my balls so tight you can tell whether or not I’ve shaved!’

No. 415713

There are a lot of trans people in my friend circle and once one of the girls asked a TiM why transgirls tend to have really weird kinks and he replied some bullshit about transgirls being more ~open to experimentation~ than cis people and literally nobody questioned the notion of why sexual fetishes and their totally not a fetish gender identity go hand in hand. Yikes.

No. 415714


Consider starting a detrans/gendercrit/radfem/whatever tumblr, anon. The community can be dramatic like any other tumblr scene, but there's a lot of great detrans women writing there and you can make friends. Reach out to detrans women on private messaging, even if you're shy–there are some people I came to with really naked honesty and I was able to make friends and help form a loose local group that way. Our world is small, but it's growing. You are very much not alone.

No. 415715


"A lot of love to give" ughhjhhhh I've heard that one before. No, you just found a woke version of "I like to get my dick wet a lot." I'm glad you're free of him, anon, and you are FAR from the only gf who's had this experience in radiqueer spaces. Seems like we're still the little ladies who have to deal with our dear husband's ~manly needs~ by swallowing our own pain because nothing changes!

No. 415717

No. 415721

jesus freaking christ, the entitlement is astronomical. first of all, big oof at "i get traumitized by straight people in public every day". secondly, gay people having been policed or censored for centuries isn't a get-out-of-jail-free card for you to act like an objective pervert in public. i've seen the lgbt community whine endlessly about how they're always labeled sex-crazed perverted monsters by homophobes, but they're also the first ones to stomp and whine and throw a bitch fit anytime someone merely suggests that they dress and behave appropiately and make their spaces family-friendly. maybe the reason people think you're all a bunch of insane perverts is because you act like insane perverts when you're asked not to. just a simple thought.

i hate that this is what feminist and lgtbq spaces have come to now, because i know this isn't the entirety of the community, i know some people are just normal, well-adjusted lgbt people that just want to go to Pride with their kids without seeing a troon on a leash.

No. 415739

Hey sis, I'm also a detransitioned lesbian. You are not alone! Someone had sent me this discord and I've been really grateful for it. Maybe it'll be useful for you, too


No. 415763

The link doesn't work, I've always wanting to get in detrans discord for a while

No. 415839

Does anyone know a long term risk of extragenous hormones and the effect to body (and when it's stopped?) I noticed one thing that detransitioners, both male and female at older age seem to look kind of ill, ageing badly, tired, bad skin and such.

Transgender people who don't stop also seem to look like that when they get old too, and compared to both sex.

No. 415843

he also heavily supports ~twans community~, and dates a trannie (i think?)

No. 415846

This YouTuber I've been watching lately is pro-trans, and calls himself a gender abolitionist.
I just want to ask, what can gender abolitionism do to eliminate sex-based oppression? Doesn't it just obfuscate discussion of it?

No. 415848


In a past thread I posted articles about the effects of hormones on female athletes who were forced to take them.

No. 415852

File: 1559133256534.jpg (13.16 KB, 295x300, image_widget_2f5ux2uii3i01.jpg)

I don't know if there are long term studies on the effects of estrogen on TiMs, but for TiFs you can look into the East German female athletes who were doped with anabolic steroids to increase their performance. The main side effects seem to be degenerative bone disease, heart disease, a whole host of problems with the reproductive system, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, a decreased lifespan, depression and gender dysphoria. Several of them are TiFs now and openly question whether this would have been the case if they had not been given anabolic steroids without their consent.

If he’s pro-trans he’s not an actual gender abolitionist. Trans ideology relies on the concept of gender being an innate quality separate from the body’s biological sex. Gender abolitionists believe that gender is an oppressive social construct imposed on us by society, not something innate. Gender abolitionists focus on the reality of biological sex in sex-based oppression (of which gender is a major component) whereas trans ideology obfuscates sex-based oppression by claiming that the real reason we’re oppressed is because we exude some mystical feminine gender aura. They like to claim that TiMs experience misogyny and even reproductive oppression (see upthread) while TiFs experience male privilege, because according to them those things are based on gender rather than sex.

No. 415867

He wants to be one of those animu "traps" that look feminine but be like "I'm a boy! uwu", he basically went on HRT and now he is fat and has boobs

Yeah he is dating a tranny like himself and he cheated on the tranny he's dating with another man then the tranny he's dating slept with the same man he got cheated on with, but I think they are still together

No. 415909

>gender abolitionist

No. 415916

Yeah, I don't get it either. Doesn't being a TRA imply that you believe in gender and gender roles? How can you identify as a different gender if gender doesn't exist?

No. 415948

Sage-worthy comment but there was a tranny recently trending on Twitter for making videos of him singing in the most annoying, shrill way as possible. I immediately clocked him as TiM because of the absolute shamelessness and not giving a fuck about appearing as embarrassing and retarded as possible despite your absolute mediocrity is an extremely male trait. And of course, the dead flat eyes and the forcefulness in presentation.

No. 415956

I just wanted to say what the fuck is Arthur Chu's problem and his weird obsession with GC/radfems on Twitter

No. 415958

I would like to share this video of a Lebanese tranny getting upset because the host is telling him it's wrong to lie to men about being a female

I would like to translate some of what's happening so people will have an understanding of what trannys are like in the middle east, most of them are sex workers and they do not use protection or anything so stds all the way, since most people in the middle east aren't educated enough about these people, men often believe these are women and can not tell by the "vagina" that it is not a woman.

In the interview the host is telling him "dating men and not telling them what you were in the past is wrong, what if you trick one of them into marrying you and he wants children in the future, will you tell them then?
The tranny replys "my past isnt anyones business, if I feel like he won't leave me then I might tell him"

Later on in the show the host starts to explain to people how to identify these trannys, cuz of trannys like this guy men in the middle east claim women are dirty and they are the ones behind the increase of stds, but really it's just men fucking eachother and blaming women.

No. 415964

theyre essentially all rapists by deception. none of those men would sleep with them if they knew they were trannies.

how do men not notice that something is off though. the one in the video is immediately clockable.

No. 415976

He says he went on HRT from pressure from trans people to troon out, but then decided he didn't want it.

No. 415983

>my past isnt anyones business
That is his answer on the desire a man might have to have progeny? How selfish and narcissistic!!! Infuriating! How are his rights to keep his past private more important then someones entire future? Something as important as family and children?? I despise people who are so selfish.
Some men are kinda too nice about it. They think its just a very ugly woman.

No. 415984

hahaha oh god, ive spoke to this person before, they’re fucking craaaaaazy and im not surprised to see them here, i saw them get mad at someone for saying “vegetable” like a week ago

No. 415992

It is 100% rape by deception to not disclose your biological sex.

Blogposting. I'm straight and a few years ago I had a thing with a guy I was interested in dating seriously (but ended up not going anywhere). I heard a dumb rumor that he was actually a TiF, which I'm pretty certain now isn't true. At the time though it really fucked me up to think that I was flirting and saying intimate things to a person who was female and never bothered to tell me. It's a shitty thing to do and while it doesn't justify violence, I understand why men get angry when they get "tricked" by a tranny.

No. 415994

File: 1559161183501.png (312.1 KB, 1396x1010, Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 4.03…)

So womb transplants to MEN are now a subject of conversation. The only benefit of this procedure would be mandatorily giving all of our uteruses to alt-right straight men and making them suffer through the abortion legislation. Luckily this isn't going to happen for some time if it ever does BUT read the comments from the delusional scrotes below:


If this actually happens in my lifetime, I'm going to remove myself as an organ donor. Luckily it's in the UK for now but the US Democratic Party if in power would probably endorse this as well.

No. 415995

File: 1559161621490.png (215.1 KB, 1340x838, Screen Shot 2019-05-29 at 4.22…)

I have no words, these scrotes get news that they might be able to get a WOMB which should be like the ~best news ever for an awesome trans gal~ and they still have TERFs at the front and center of their mind. Shoudn't they be more concerned how a uterus/ability to carry a baby could affect their dating?

Also, how the fuck would a 'vagina transplant' work? Any farmers with a medical background care to explain? These circus freaks are truly so obsessed and jealous.

No. 415999

So nasty considering over-population, actual women who can’t give birth, and the complications the child would likely suffer from this reckless, insane procedure. Absolutely asinine and astonishing.

No. 416000

I don't keep up with him but this post triggered an old memory so i just skimed an old salon article of his from the gamergate era that amounts to "I was nearly one of these guys harassing women on the internet because I felt so anxious and alienated." I think he probably still feels like that, but "terfs" are a safe target as far as his social group is concerned.

No. 416001

File: 1559162455790.jpeg (701.7 KB, 1242x1330, C7672197-DA43-4ABB-8C8B-083E70…)

I don’t believe it can happen, but if it does, this doesn’t at all sound like a safe time to be alive as a woman

No. 416004

If they were able to get womb transplants (and I fucking hope not) they still have a male pelvic bone which is too small for a baby to pass through right? So what's next? Bone transplants? This is just… so gross.

No. 416006

File: 1559162734674.jpeg (96.75 KB, 1242x357, 8305B2B5-B08D-43CF-979F-BDEB1F…)

Worst timeline.

No. 416009

imagine being enough of a ghoul to want to butcher yourself like this. or have a dead womens genitals grafted into your body. it's some ed gein shit. and they're talking about it like it's some ~validating break frew for twans gals.

No. 416013

File: 1559163617488.gif (488.1 KB, 500x268, giphy.gif)

That sounds so terrifying. Organ theft is already a huge problem in e.g. India, just imagine what will happen if there's a demand for the whole lower torso of women…

>imagine being enough of a ghoul to want to butcher yourself like this. or have a dead womens genitals grafted into your body.
This, they're absolutely sick, they'd plant their brain and heart into a women's body if they could.

No. 416014

they are absolutely delusional, this will never ever happen lmao

first of all, im pretty sure that a male recieving an organ transplant from a woman has a higher chance of rejection, and rejection rates for uteruses are pretty high even in women.

second of all, this is already a procedure done in women, although very rarely. iirc they usually take the donated uterus out after the woman has had children, because its a health risk otherwise. so its not like theyd be able to keep it forever lol. transplanting a uterus into a tranny would be a complete waste of resources, as well as dangerous and pointless to the tranny.

third of all, they have a male pelvis so its not like they would be able to give birth vaginally, they would have to have c sections, and even then who knows if they would even be able to carry a child to term. and if they could they would have a significantly higher mortality rate than women. knowing trannies, they would start screeching about their ~womanhood~ being invalidated because they cant have a natural birth kek.

and finally, imagine the poor child, having to develop inside a delusional tranny pumped full of a cocktail of artificial hormones, this would most likely have a negative effect on the fetuses development. but ofc troons dont give a shit any of this as long as they can become the ghoulish skinwalkers they have always wanted to be.

No. 416016

Jesus, I read the comments and "oh, I'm a transwoman, but only 13.5"… ?!
And all those dumb cunts who claim to wish to "donate that useless thing that i don't need, teehee". Bitch, they'd remove so much that you wouldn't survive.

No. 416017

File: 1559164173783.jpg (20.53 KB, 284x284, 1531586208189.jpg)

Fuck, I would rather take my organs to the grave than risk them being wasted on a TiM.

No. 416037

Because men are dumb. I remember reading comments about how most guys who watched blaire whites video were shocked to discover hes male, and its like the voice alone is a dead fucking giveaway.

No. 416038

Plot twist he is now one of the guys harassing women on the internet lol. Everytime I lurk gc Twitter I find him shitting up the thread with his self important bs

No. 416039

File: 1559169300698.jpg (50.89 KB, 426x257, hqdefault.jpg)

He always pushs his shoulders back to make his body appear smaller

No. 416044

Even if trump gets impeached, pence would be actively against the tras too. Dems will definitely fight for tras but they aren't looking good to anyone anymore

>cuz of trannys like this guy men in the middle east claim women are dirty and they are the ones behind the increase of stds, but really it's just men fucking eachother and blaming women.
A man is a man is a man at the end. Still blaming and hating women for his bullshit

OK but from other sites talking about womb transplants for mtf, all the reactions were negative and against it for men. Some women will benefit but something as delicate and complicated like this for men? nobody thinks it's ok. It seems like the general consensus is that this is unnecessary for men so the joy really only comes from online. And with conservative parties rising everywhere that aren't pro tranny, this will just be ignored apart from women who need it.

No. 416046

I watched some episodes of Vanderpump rules to see the tim I read about on reddit. He hit a woman on the show.
They mostly give him nice edits and angles, but in the episode I watched, there was a shot where he was in the background and could be seen in his true form. He was far more broad shoulder (obv) than when he was the focal point. I feel like they had to go out of their way to make him seem smaller.
Also that show was absolutely horrible. Apologies to fans.

No. 416047

File: 1559170596677.jpg (513.71 KB, 1080x2147, 20190530_015430.jpg)

Saw this on twitter. Why the fuck are they always e-begging?

No. 416048

File: 1559170670032.jpg (655.87 KB, 1080x2150, 20190530_015419.jpg)

No. 416050

I'm betting that they'll figure out transferring consciousness Ghost In The Shell style or similar to Get Out before ever having any kind of male to female pregnancy success.

No. 416052

Honestly, is he touched?
How do people end up in foreign countries and not have job/shelter/food/money already figured out with a backup plan.

No. 416089

Men will use any reason to feel like the best smartest wokest person of all, and hating evil terves combines garden variety shitting on women as crazy/stupid/unruly bitches PLUS ultimate twitter lefty points

No. 416092

he honestly just looks like a regular black guy around here. they all have long dreads lol. especially the ones in their 30s-40s.
i just want to know why he moved out to osaka? he's obviously not native given he can write english. also majority of japan is considered transphobic because they define things by sex.

No. 416093

western trannies getting btfo by japanese society is my favorite trope of these threads.

No. 416094

File: 1559190061288.png (452.85 KB, 1402x1100, Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 12.2…)

Another GEM from r/MtF where SRS horrors were actually taken seriously.

No. 416095

File: 1559190249875.png (66.86 KB, 1372x220, Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 12.2…)

Now this comment (from a trans person(or detrans?) on r/detrans) actually pisses me the fuck off because this is the same shit that I've been saying–treat the mental issues instead of encouraging plastic surgery or else these people will end up dying anyways.

But since I'm a GCer on reddit it's perceived on condescension and an attack on trans people though I truly do not wish death on anyone and think that it's probably for worse that these people with obvious mental issues are being exploited for money.

OP is here:

No. 416096

My mistake, the post is not from r/MtF but r/detrans.

I should have known immediately by the upvotes that clearly this type of post would not be welcomed on a pro-trans-gals sub.

No. 416098

File: 1559190794872.png (261.23 KB, 1398x950, Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 12.2…)

Going to spam a bunch of 'milk' but here's a post from an entitled piece of shit TiM that whines how guys immediately back off when they find out that this person isn't actually a woman and has a neovagina.

> Cis guys are so insecure in their own identity that they no longer want anything to do with me as soon as I come out about my medical history.

"So insecure in their own identity," as if people cannot have preferences at all. This person is literally acting as if people should be forced into dating them.

> Guys who are truly okay with dating a trans woman without being ashamed about it are fucking unicorns. I wish I could turn myself into a lesbian. Women are more open minded about this stuff than guys who are conditioned to be as aggressive as possible. To show no mercy, no empathy and no emotions.

Proof that TiMs are exploiting women's conditioned 'niceness' to guilt them into dating them. Maybe this is why there's so many 'lesbians' now accepting of transbians?

OP here:

No. 416100

File: 1559191068236.png (49.2 KB, 1298x186, Screen Shot 2019-05-30 at 12.2…)

Lastly, someone posted this bullshit list:


> I want to be a girl [title]

>I want to giggle at shit.

> I want to get dressed up and go out and have people check me out.

> I want to drink wine, watch movies, and cuddle up with a stuffed animal.

> I want to do my hair, put some makeup on, and have the confidence that comes with it.

> I want someone to think I'm adorable, pinch my cheeks, and cuddle up behind me and pet my hair while we eat chips and watch Brooklyn Nine Nine.

> I want to be cute.

> Not like physically, necessarily. Realistically, I'm a decently-looking guy.

> But I want to act cutesy. I want to skip. I want to blush. I want to show up to a coffeeshop in my sweats with a book looking like a hot mess that just rolled outta bed to start her morning.

As for the critical part, there's a comment (attached picture) that speaks specifically about the harms of gender roles from a TiM–oh you know, the forbidden word because gender roles are totes okay as a tool to use for transwomen and transmen. It's funny seeing the self-awareness and then in other instances how they lash out when GC makes the exact same point, and then cry transphobia afterward.

No. 416102

First world spoiled little shit. Just go back home! Nobody forced him to move to Japan of all places. And he not only didn’t save up appropriate funds to survive more than a few months, he decided to start transitioning right before he arrived in a socially conservative country where he hadn’t even shown himself worthy of employment. All these trans GoFundMes are almost always set up after the person did something incredibly stupid and irresponsible or they just refuse to find work because of “mental health”. It’s never due to something unforeseen tragedy/accident or trying to start up a legitimate business and make something of themselves.

Yeah, I noticed how Japanese generally only makes exceptions for passing, gender-conforming trans and glamorous Thai beauty queens. The only trans they seem to tolerate are those who go through full transition while anything else is a cross-dressing pervert. If you look like a busted giant man, they treat you like a busted giant man. They don’t care if you say you have a “woman’s soul” if you are ugly.

I guess they consume so much trap and futa porn that they think Japanese will welcome them. But traps are actually supposed to be cute, not balding orcs.

It makes you wonder where all those “Trans women are women! Kill TERFs!” woke bros are when trans women are looking for relationships with men. There are so many of them, yet post-SRS trans women always talk about how nobody wants them even when they pass. Surely, those noble men would be the first to date these special ladies, right? It’s also telling how chasers really only support trans women pre-SRS. This also why trans women in porn are only popular if they have a dick.

No. 416103

This sounds so creepy and pedo like to me or am I over reacting

No. 416104

lol. reminds me of a guy I know who vocally defends awesome trans gals on twitter but generally prefers to date blonde women half his size.

No. 416107

no its definitely pedotier

No. 416109

File: 1559194761386.png (35.64 KB, 944x255, Untitled.png)

Maybe im overreacting but reading about this guy thinking that at his daughters recital made me feel gross.

No. 416110

I hate that these creeps walk among us and we don't necessarily know. Parents! Frightening.

Also, how many fucking girls develop eating disorders from being shit on by ballet teachers? How many of them are told no matter how skinny they get their bone structure means they can't be ballerinas?

No. 416114

I wonder if she's in ballet because her father wants to live through her vicariously. And boys and men do ballet? At least he's admitting to male socialization.

No. 416115

Sorry i deleted to clarify why it was so creepy. and yeah i agree it just comes across as grass is greener and completely unsympathetic.

Thats also what struck me, van damme was very open about doing ballet along with other men. Maybe its because he wants to wear the pink tutu? idk.

No. 416124

File: 1559198581821.png (582.76 KB, 1428x1380, blanl.png)

you beat me to it. their twitter is full of complaining about their job too.
these western trannies really out here thinking japan is gonna let them be ugly "women" in their work place. they seem to be a english teacher at a school too. with this behavior i dont think they gonna last long.
the gofundme has over 1.2 now..

No. 416128

>wants to be a girl (a CHILD) and cuddle up with a stuffed animal
>wants to have people check him out and drink wine

The sexualization of girls by TiMs is repulsive.

No. 416132

Jesus, timothy. What did you expect?

No. 416135

Even after experiencing how shitty countries outside of the anglosphere treat him he still can't stop with his digs against whities - meanwhile most of the donations he gets are probably from them. Why so stupid? Go back to the UK or the US or wherever you came from and it will be a billion times easier. But no, princess needs to live in nipponland.
All of these men would be deserving of their own thread.

No. 416144

File: 1559207092644.jpg (797.42 KB, 2048x2048, zJxnAAS.jpg)

What’s with all these ugly old white techies and nerds moving to Japan, marrying a Japanese woman, having kids and trooning out? This is former Apple designer George Arriola, who now goes by Ana. He’s buddies with that other giant mess over here >>414813 and he wants to help ruin the reputation of Gold Finger bar because they don’t allow their entitled penises for one single night.

No. 416158


It's the ultimate conclusion of Blanchard's theory of anime spawning troonery.

No. 416162

File: 1559210494694.png (359.12 KB, 800x1080, Screenshot_2019-05-30-02-59-01…)

No. 416179

File: 1559216286253.jpg (103.93 KB, 595x841, O16wQuR.jpg)

I just noticed that Bar Gold Finger has a FTM bar every Monday and one Sunday a month. No wonder those old men were bitter! Females supporting females. The owner is clearly not “transphobic” and there are so many MTF places already.

No. 416181

men are allowed in the bar 6 days a week as well

No. 416185

I feel like this is almost a self-fulfilling prophecy

No. 416187

I can understand being catfished (especially online when there's shoop involved) or not immediately clocking someone, but how do you get to the point where you see a tranny's mutilated genitalia and not know? Men continue to shock me. Beyond sight, I have to assume the feel and smell are completely wrong. Not excusing the creepy predators though; trans people definitely do need disclose ASAP and especially before anything sexual occurs.
This will literally never happen, or if it does it will go terribly wrong and the test subjects will die awful deaths. TRAs should be more concerned that they're being used as guinea pigs, and less concerned about uwu validating their brave and stunning womanhood uwu.
I love when they go to Japan.
I can't help feeling a little bad for HSTs at first, but they always ruin it with their misogyny. There's plenty of chasers, hon.
>my daugher
Save her.

No. 416190

these men have likely never seen, felt or smelt a vagina before. definitely not counting on proper female anatomy being taught at all, so it makes sense. it's probably a lovecraftian feeling getting close to discovering a "woman's" mysterious bits after fantasizing for so long, to be met with….a neovag. shudder

No. 416211

File: 1559224871611.png (3.6 MB, 1242x2208, image0.png)

No. 416219

Spoiler that nightmare fuel the future!

No. 416225

Honestly, yes in maybe a selfish way? I am an artist and I am GNC female and I feel like if I were a visibly trans person on social media my work would get way more attention.. Because I feel like cool-looking NBs or transpeople get more attention easily. Especially compared to ""regular"" GNC females. But maybe I'm just pessimistic :\

No. 416233

Nah not really, don’t have a cock so nobody would give two shits about me, regardless of if I say I’m a tranny or not

No. 416238

Not a direct answer to your question but some related feels:
The feeling of community that comes with being in as large a social movement as normie pop feminism was comforting. I never felt like I had to hide my opinions because there would usually be someone who had my back. Since getting into gc/radical feminism, I feel far more isolated. There are some great people in the radfem community, but the difference in numbers and popular support has taken some getting used to. It isn't a nice feeling.

No. 416253

>bug posting

Yeah, I agree

No. 416254

>bug posting

Yeah, I agree

No. 416269

File: 1559236703900.jpg (203.77 KB, 830x1024, Gender2-830x1024.jpg)

Never mind homophobia being a driving force behind transactivism.

No. 416284

File: 1559239005310.png (576.74 KB, 856x679, JY-1.png)


And now Yaniv has accused Oger of defamation and cyber bowling. He likened himself to Amanda Todd. He attempts suicide daily!

He graced the town council with his presence again on Monday to present his proposal for a trans youth outreach program [pic related].

Also, he has filed complaints against two beauty pageants.

He's been quiet today, tho…

No. 416286

the look on the man's face lmao
(the one on the left I mean)

No. 416288

I forget if it was here but there was screenshot of a reddit post from an ~awesome trans gal~ who bought a tutu for his first day of ballet class; cue the massive upvotes and comments saying "you go girl!" I CACKLED because as a former ballet dancer you wear leotards for nearly all classes except for trying on costumes for rehearsals.
He looked fucking ridiculous, I can't imagine what the instructor thought when he arrived to the class.

Why is he posting all of this shit on twitter with a picture of his face? Even the dumbest person knows to not air your dirty laundry out where anyone, especially including your workplace, can see it.

No. 416294

It's hilarious that he thought he needed to be a woman to take ballet. Male ballet dancers are in short supply, and he would've been so much more appreciated if he got into this hobby without transitioning, but I guess it's too ~gay~ to be male and practice ballet, and he has to impose his fetish on the predominately female class.. you can bet he masturbated while wearing that tutu.

No. 416310


It's even funnier on video.


No. 416320

File: 1559244151351.png (514.1 KB, 800x1120, Screenshot_2019-05-30-12-20-51…)

No. 416336

I hope she doubles down on her initial assessment.

No. 416343

File: 1559248399000.jpg (72.07 KB, 521x537, 1559235566803.jpg)

so many of them look like klingons when they grow their hair out.

No. 416354

He looks even sloppier on video. Any woman who walked around like this would be ridiculed. Like what is that fucking tiara and the bra sticking out? He looks deranged.

How do they make such ugly women? Way too little hair, eyebrows are a fucking mess, and what are those panda eyes?

No. 416363

File: 1559254288562.jpeg (159.39 KB, 750x649, BAB4DF70-0240-46A4-9752-F26508…)

They are so, so desperate.

No. 416364

Can someone ELI5 how TIMs can have periods now?

No. 416365

They’re idiots. They probably think blood from their gaping wound or shit from their ass is a period.

No. 416367

Grasping at pink, feminine straws aside, why would you tweet this? Why does the entire world need to know about the condition of your genitals?

No. 416368

"chromosomes aside" no dude. you are not a woman.
we can give birth, you can't. get fucked.

No. 416369

Idk. They think it’ll prove something I guess. Kind of on that topic, does anyone else wonder if men who got SRS and it went badly still encourage others to do the same out of spite? Every time you see someone telling how their surgery went bad they get shut down and often when they get SRS that’s all they’ll talk about like it made them a perfect, true woman. The whole process is so nightmarish, I wonder if they get some kind of schadenfreude from seeing others go thru it when it inevitably ends up being nothing like they expected.

No. 416370

He wishes he could ever get fucked again

No. 416377

I don't know whether to be disgusted or laugh at this fetishist asshole. They have such deep ingrained stereotypical gender roles in their mind and learned everything they know about being a girl from TV and movies, it's pathetic. "I want to drink wine and cuddle up with a stuffed animal" what the fuck? It's like they have this strange hybrid of an adult and a 12 year old girl in their minds.

I legitimately winced at this while browsing the thread. This sick asshole is jealous of his daughter because she's skinny and gets to do girly things.

I doubt it's about ballet in itself, he just wants to be the ~fragile little girly flower~ a ballerina represents in people's minds.

No. 416388

It absolutely does. A few studies have shown that when a person has failed at a difficult task, they often sabotage others attempting the same task under the mask of 'helping'
It boils down to self-worth and making sure no-one is better than you.
This also highlights the issues with lack of sympathy and empathy towards others that many trans display towards those around them. I liked how one study described schadenfreude as "A vengefulness of the impotent"

Study below deals with the in-group inferiority and schadenfreude toward successful out-groups.

No. 416389

File: 1559259640843.jpg (437.01 KB, 1242x1419, 14OoKwL.jpg)

He alludes to having SRS, so he believes a wound bleeding after being gutted is the same as the natural, healthy process of shedding uterine lining post-ovulation.

This isn’t just a regular crazy troon but a “plural system”! This is the kind of person being approved for hormones and surgeries. Hmm… If this person is multiple entities, which they say can increase “occupants” over time, how can they get consent for all of “them” for transition?

No. 416391

I'm so sorry if this doesn't belong here but it actually kinda is insulting how mtf's talk about vaginas. Like…you have none of the same parts as I do? Don't fucking claim it's the same thing or give hygiene tips on twitte, as if they know shit about actual female hygiene. Every damn summer I see these "how to keep your coochie fresh!! THREAD" and i am floored when they tell girls to fucking douche or use scented shit. Vaginas do have a fucking scent, it's not a fucking perfume, out of here with your gaping smelly wound.

No. 416399

Interesting. Thanks anon.

No. 416400

Yeah. Honestly, every time I see them talk about vaginas like they know what it’s like to have one, I feel better knowing they’ll never get it. They’ll never be part of this club they so desperately want to be part of. It’s actually made me appreciate the things my female body can do more than I used to.

No. 416409

They're retarded with the mentality about women as a 12 year old boy. When i was a teen, i used to see those scented douche commercials and i learned not too long after about how the vagina is self cleaning we dont need FLOWER FRESH scented products there. It's bad for our PH. Men will always be men. And always envious of our vaginas.

No. 416434

God this is so fucking disgusting. As someone who had vaginismus I’m extra triggered lol, if they had perfectly functioning sex organs (a penis) they have no clue what it’s like to be constantly humiliated in front of sexual partners, having what they could wear/do on their periods limited by not being able to use pads/cups, and basically being stuck in a several year cycle of self loathing for not having functioning sex genitals. This is literally proof that they just get off on female suffering, as if vaginismus is some quirky personality trait that vagina owners have. So funny that literally any time they try to relate to women by getting into the girls club, MtF’s just further alienate women.

No. 416452

File: 1559294704402.jpg (78.24 KB, 680x327, DIesk-NUIAYzFUf.jpg)

Good morning, TIL troons have always been disgusting

No. 416454

This was posted last thread anon. I forget this lady's name but she's actually lauded as a historical figure by the gay community. Fucking infuriating. A fucking proto-fujoshi wearing gay identity like a costume and knowingly spreading HIV to other people because she thinks having AIDS made her "more gay".

She died of AIDS. Imagine being so much of a fucking fujoshi that you die trying to skinwalk gay men.

No. 416456

Ah sorry I didn't know. I've only just been following from this thread. But I'm still disgusted.

No. 416460

If only South Park could do a "THIS IS WHAT SCIENTOLOGISTS ACTUALLY BELIEVE" bit again but change Scientologists to trannys.

Like they actually believe in the feminine penis, that men can have periods,that two men having sex is heterosexual because one of them is wearing a skirt, that you can biologically change your gender..I don't know.. I could go on forever.

Most people, unless they really look into this stuff don't know. I told a couple male coworkers about how a lot of men that have sex with transwomen consider themselves straight, even if they still have their dick and they thought I was kidding. I was like, "No, this is what they ACTUALLY BELIEVE"

If only….

No. 416461

Her name was Lou Sullivan. She was nasty and just can't stand that current LGBT movement celebrates this nasty autoarphile who tricked so many gay man.

I'm worried how tranny cult finds channels to very conservative countries outisde of the anglosphere. I've recently talked to one woman who works in school as counsellor and she tried to help mother of TiF. She was worried how this batshit insane cult will prey on young girls to slowly build tranny lobby and TRAs start to become prominent. I think this can jeopardize gay rights activists and current movement who tries to have trannies only on side. I hurts me because I almost fallen for troon cult and i don't want to be harassed by TRAs and handmaidens because i'm a lesbian.

sage for blogpost

No. 416467

They pretty much already did. I think the episode was called "Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina" or something. Kyle gets a bunch of surgeries to be black and then his dad gets a bunch of surgeries to be a dolphin. Then he complains when there aren't any dolphin bathtooms lol.

It really underlines how stupid feelings-based gender identity is and how trannyism is basically just a form of BDD.

No. 416469

Why is he dressed like a teenage girl going to a prom? Is this some weird fantasy of him being a teen girl?

No. 416470


they are fucking delusional. according to their logic i should be a closeted TiFfany when i've become gc when i left that nasty cult, which almost pushed me to buy illegal hormones and seek double mastectomy instead of understanding my sexuality and that i can be gnc and still a woman.

No. 416474

The whole character of Garrison is a critic of the trans bullshit. He looks absolutely horrible (like all trannies) and is a degenerate who can't keep his bdsm fetish private (just like irl too >>415601).
I think it's shocking that they predicted how severe this agenda will turn out, seeing as the character was created long before social justice even was a thing.

No. 416477

File: 1559300568251.jpg (161.45 KB, 1080x1419, 1.jpg)

They should let kids grow up instead medicalizing kids from 5 year of life and paying AbbVie sweet Lupron dollars. But never. Tranny agenda and child abuse with homophobia included under veil of progressivism are best for confused kids i guess

No. 416478

>He is also credited for being the first to discuss the eroticism of men's clothing.[1]
Definite autoandrophilia.

No. 416483

Wow one of the comments is
>TERFs are fundamentally unhappy with their own lives, and insecure, whatever the explanation.
How can someone lack so much self-awareness

No. 416485

The show predicted a lot of things to an almost scary accuracy. Like the whole ManBearPig arc (MBP being a metaphor for climate change), Cherokee Hair Tampons etc

No. 416487

File: 1559304677732.png (471.71 KB, 475x681, blkytfdsw.png)

Uhm are her and her tranny husband planning to adopt some poor kid that will totes turn out to be gay and trans?…

No. 416491

Yes, it's disgusting and sad, a tranny in this post >>411851 says how his open wound smells bad "like a normal vagina".

No. 416496

They talk about female sexuality in general like they think porn is reality.

They're always talking about how estrogen made them want to have sex with men, or made their orgasms last for hours, or how they can't help but make noise during masturbation now they're on HRT. It's like they don't even realize that those screaming women in porn are acting.

No. 416501

>Estrogen made them want to have sex with men
This seems lowkey homophobic. The interest must have always been there but only now is it okay and acceptable because you're a 'girl~'. Only hetero sex is acceptable, am I right?

No. 416514

Nothing screams estrogen like gay bum sex

No. 416525


>LGBT Activist Married to Trans Partner Lectures Followers: My ‘Husband’ Was Always My Wife

>An LGBT activist and writer, whose daughter and spouse both came out as transgender within a few months of each other

No. 416526

Have there been any studies or research on kids who want to transition? I know that with adults a lot of it comes down to fetish shit, but what about kids?

No. 416536

Idk about studies but it’s probably bc they parrot what their parents and peers think.

No. 416545

kalvin garrah's constant sperging about how "all transtrenders are female because females love attention" is misogynistic as fuck. i don't know why she feels the need to repeat this shit. she never comes at mtfs and their fucked up bullshit, it's always the "crazy sjw girls ruining muh pure transsexualism and our oppression!!". tells a lot about her.

No. 416546

jesus christ, this woman is brainwashed by her nasty AGP husband and he uses her to manipulate more kids to troon out

ROGD paper by Lisa Littman. Check also 4thwavenow blog, they cite some studies done recently for sure but you have to dig through archives

No. 416547

Kalvin is also female lmao what's she trying to prove anyway? She's getting the attention she wants as well lol

No. 416551

farmers what would u do this in this situation??

i recently was talking to my mom about a family friend's niece who apparently has been saying she wants to be a boy and "is gonna get surgery to get a penis when she's older". how do u even react to actual people close to you trans-ing their child?? the whole situation was awkward as I tried to explain why shoveling hormones down a prepubescent child is gonna ruin her life but lul

No. 416552

Show them some post-surgery pictures and the typical "My nu-genitalia isn't working right, I regret this so, so much :(" posts and ask if that's what they really want.

No. 416553

Well they all claim they've felt like a girl since they were a child but that isn't true, being attracted to girly stuff is one thing and wanting to be a girl is another, When I was a kid like 8 or 9 there were times where I liked being girly and other times where I didn't, where I come from guys had more freedom so that's where wanting to be a boy like ONCE came because I wanted to do things guys were allowed to do, it's a phase, right now I love girly things I like to look pretty and I hate boyish stuff.

Kids don't want to transition they are just attracted to different things

No. 416554

>>416551 Showing her botched double mastectomies and phalloplasties which were always fucking dangerous for tiffanies and show also pictures of butchered arms and hips of TiFs which were taken to make an frankenpenis. Show studies about how toxic is use of Lupron and xhormones since childhood. Expose to gender crit stuff, even with force.

No. 416555

please talk to them about the complications of getting phalloplasty. once you get it there is no going back. it's essentially mutiliating your perfectly healthy body parts. it's not even worth it, most people will clock it instantly, it won't function like a real dick, it has a high possibility of causing problems in your urinary system.
the thing these people don't understand is that science isn't at the point where they can imitate a body part and implant it to a human's body perfectly. prosthetic legs exist, but implanted artificial legs that you have feeling of and function naturally won't ever be a thing in the near future. you can implant a uterus to a man but men will never be able to give birth because it's not just about having a uterus, it's a whole process that involves your entire body.

No. 416558

If the sex or whatever a guy is doing to me feels good I can get very loud no faking but the porn girls do sound fake.

No. 416563

TRAs project like nobody's business. Whenever they say something about another group that seems to make no sense, assume they're actually talking about themselves.

No. 416575

smh the second girl is a terf

No. 416578



Cat Graffam, an artist, adjunct art professor and trans woman, tells TIME that she was impressed by how well the feature worked.

“My first initial thought was, ‘Oh my gosh, this is going to make so many people realize they’re trans!’” Graffam says. “I actually had someone reach out to me… and tell me it was like a catalyst for realizing they needed to transition, because you’re able to see yourself in a way you didn’t think was possible.”

No. 416589

TIF’s are huge perpetrators of misogyny, they just continue the cycle of abuse similarly to how cool girls do. Although I’d say it’s significantly worse because they straight up are delulu enough to actually think they’re above other women because they’re ~men~

No. 416595

File: 1559337706609.png (838.06