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No. 418616

This thread is for the discussion of transgenderism / trans ideology from a gender critical and radical feminist perspective. It was originally created by Admin as an amalgamation of the TERF and Transgender threads.

Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men.

Trans ideology posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex.

Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Existing laws and legislation currently being passed around the world allowing for self-identification on legal documents do not differentiate between gender and sex.

The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone.

Posts of related news and web articles are welcome. Posts of photos, videos, and blogs of transactivists for the purposes of discussion and critique are welcome. Please refrain from derailing, infighting, and ad hominem attacks. This thread is not intended for the general discussion of feminism, sexuality, misogyny, or misandry.

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No. 418618

File: 1559790766012.jpeg (242.63 KB, 1200x1138, Dkg3BqvWwAk17jz.jpeg)

No. 418626

File: 1559791363817.jpg (65.72 KB, 502x472, tumblr_omj2ddVFQx1w6zi8io1_128…)

Are any anons going to Pride this year?

No. 418634

No, even as a female bifag I still feel like pride is disgusting. I live in what is essentially an obese mexican city so there will just be trannies

No. 418637

File: 1559796149254.png (425.74 KB, 858x754, 1559425981188.png)

No. 418638

>obese mexican city
troons are bad out there too?
i know mexico is more open about cross dressing, but they're falling for the transactivist agenda as well?

No. 418639

alot of people in latino american are

No. 418646

File: 1559799048357.png (870.96 KB, 1920x1080, jm5i1o74uwb21.png)

>he doesn't know

No. 418647

Can I just say that I hate the trend of people commenting “_____ says trans rights!!!!!”
Look at the comments on the fucking DK Rap, I won’t let them ruin it.
I’ve seen it with the new Pokémon too.

No. 418651

Well, I should specify it's an 80% hispanic town in Texas. But everyone, even if you're light-skinned, is somehow hispanic to a degree. Every troon I've met is heavily mexican or a nerdy white guy

No. 418652

File: 1559801960484.jpg (73.52 KB, 520x516, great-2.jpg)

Can we talk LGB issues in this thread as well?
Just heard a group is planning a Straight Pride Parade in Boston, and one way or another it's gonna be a hoot.

No. 418655

Looks like someone from 2009 /b/ made this lol
Wouldn't say it's meant to be taken seriously

No. 418656

I feel like such an autist for getting so irrationally angry over this but yeah, it peeves me too. Especially when they're forcing this bullshit unironically on character primarily made for kids and trying to politicize everything on the face of the earth with their compulsive mouth diarrhea.

My main gripe though is when twansbians are pushing the narrative how Hatsune Miku is a trans girl and it simply sickens me, such an iconic weeb idol liked by so many girls for well over a decade and men just have to take it away. Like you never see a tweet claiming a male character as a FTM trans getting 25k retweets, it just solidifies the fact how the trans activists are actively erasing women and their spaces.

No. 418658

I'm pretty sure this is meant to be a satire, anon. It's either parodying the LGBT movement for being too inclusive and intersectional or straight people for getting their panties in a bunch over not being included in LGBT issues. I have to admit it made me chuckle a bit though, the person who made this really put their best foot forward.

No. 418660

Satirical or not I still want it to happen. I want to see church choirs, ballroom dancing in rainbow dresses,and newlyweds pushing prams - and Antifa(Anti-fun) throwing sour grapes from the side. There's no way it won't be glorious.

No. 418665

No, anon. Almost everyone here is a lesbian or bisexual woman. This is not the place to air out your homophobic dirty laundry.

I hate this crap. I hate that people assume that GC people are homophobic. We're GC expressely because we're gay women whose spaces, privacy, and sexuality are being disrespected by horny straight men dressed as women. We are not conservitards.

Men are idiots, but I have to commend them, because this tranny shit is a pretty clever Trojan horse. They've always wanted to invade lesbian spaces, and now they've found a "woke" way to do it that as a bonus paints retaliating/disinterested lesbians as villians. Now, if you're a lesbian, you have to like cock or be "cancelled" and shunned. How is that any different from the lesbophobia of yesteryear?

No. 418667

Calm down anon, the original anon was most likely making fun of the "Straight Pride" event.

No. 418668

This is something that fucks me off about GC spaces, a lot of the posters act as though only lesbians are affected by trannies. Newsflash: ALL women are affected by these colonising larpers. Sure you might be bullied by them reeeing about how it’s transphobic you don’t want their cock but a lot of lesbians seem to dismiss all of the straight women whose husbands/boyfriends are now trooning out and emotionally abuse them.

No. 418671

Ah, good point anon, my bad.

In some capacity this does pretty much affect all women. I mean, TRAs are basically enabling people with NPD and BDD. I didn't mean to gloss of the S/Os of TiMs, especially ones with no options as a result of kids/finance/whatever.

Honestly, and this is going to sound silly, but maybe straight/bi women should just avoid nerdy white guys. A chad/normie won't troon out on you, and it seems like the majority of TiMs are white. Seems like black, Mexican, and Asian TiMs are less common, proportionally speaking (I could be wrong, though).

No. 418672

File: 1559806392187.jpeg (10.32 KB, 326x155, wow.jpeg)

All women are affected in that they're driven out of sports and feel far less safe in changing rooms, but only lesbians and bisexuals get the additional gaslighting of being called transphobic for refusing to suck dick.

No. 418674

In some capacity? My good anon, because of the men in dresses ALL women are losing their sports, spaces AND biology. Respectable news outlets have been spotted using terms like "menstruators" and "birthers" to address issues related to the female reproduction system. Female athletes are being cancelled for speaking up against a 6ft2 golem being allowed to race against them because he put some lipstick on. Non-genderconforming teenage girls, gay and straight alike, are being brainwashed and groomed into mutilating surgeries and hormones. Trannies are bragging about their "design pussy" axe wounds being superior to the natural vagina and overall taking the opportunity to shit on women in general. Predatory TiMs are using their self-id'd gender to enter bathrooms and female prisons to prey on women. The list could go on forever. It's not just a LGB issue, ALL women regardless of sexual orientation are being affected by this bullshit.

No. 418675

>implying a tranny is attractive enough to date in the first place
>implying lesbians need to "learn to like cock"
>implying that the act of having nasty-smelling dick and balls on your face is sexy and not repulsive

When are the normies going to put their foot down about this, jfc.

No. 418690

>Almost everyone here is a lesbian or bisexual woman.
No. Just stop.

The believe that only "non-straights" can think critically is so toxic and disgusting. Straight women are still the majority, you cannot be or go against them.
On the one hand lesbian gendercriticals/radfems love to say that ALL hetero women are little puppets, brainwashed by men - and on the other hand they claim that they themselves are the victims, the ones who are suffering the most. Which one is it?

No. 418693

I'm straight and you're reaching so hard to be offended. It's totally ridiculous.

No. 418695

Stop being so majestically offended over nothing. Your derailing is just as annoying as megalesbos screeching over straight women being gender traitors. Nobody here was being hostile enough to warrant such butthurt.

No. 418696

There are lesbians who unironically say that straights must stay single, because dating a man inherently means you're not a feminist and willingly put yourself into oppression.

No. 418698

AYRT, okay? And? They're right. It's not the smart choice to be with men. They're literal existential threats to us and are generally just bad people to get romantically, sexually, and especially financially entangled with. I've never heard them say it doesn't make you a feminist, but whatever. Even if your craaaazy lesbo strawman exists, I don't really care. They can have their opinions.

No. 418737

Lmao but it's true though. The man hate is majority straight women hating their lives because they can't help being sexually attracted to men or Nigelposting and this thread is majority lesbians/bi women.

No. 418739

And you pulled this conclusion just how far out your asshole? Straight women are by far the majority and yet you want us to believe that somehow this thread, one of the most popular on /ot that gets bumped constantly, is just filled to the brim with lesbians and bisexuals? Trannies aren’t exclusively an LGB issue, they’re a women’s issue - it goes without saying that straight women are also fed up with them and feel the need to vent ITT.

No. 418742

Different anon but how can you be sure if this? I’m a frequent poster in this thread moreso than any other on /ot/ and while I often post about lesbian erasure and cotton ceiling nonsense, I’m straight. I can empathise with the shit lesbians have to deal with from this movement without having to be a lesbian or bi myself. Many other posters ITT may be the same. What do we gain by dividing gc women by sexuality?

No. 418743

None of that is even remotely what I said. All I did was bring up the demographics of the thread as a way to discourage an anon I (erroneously) thought was being homophobic. How your brain interepreted that as
>hetero women are little puppets, brainwashed by men
is BEYOND me.

I think lesbians are more likely to be GC than straight women simply because being in LGBT social circles increases their exposure to troons. It has nothing to do with anyone being brainwashed.

No. 418744

I'm bi and my peak trans moment was feeling that lesbians were being walked over by troons. But then I came to realise it affects all women, no matter their sexuality. We should be protecting all women from troons.

Which leads me to this question that I've been thinking about for a few days, how do we stop troons getting into our spaces? How do we stop their movement? I want to protect all women but feel helpless cos I'm only newly GC. What have more experienced anons been doing?

No. 418745

Women need to learn to actually start standing up for ourselves and stop letting men walk all over us. Trannies don’t try to pull this shit with men because men will laugh in their face and tell them to fuck off, we should follow this example

No. 418750

Christ, that giant forehead. I'd love to see an update on what the date thought of this catfish.

No. 418771

I just read about John Wick 3 post shared by a troon about non-binary Asia Kate Dillon. Somehow it gave me so complicated feeling. I simply don't see how this will end, would it stop being a fad or will it be a new norm?

I'm a GNC boring lesbian and I wonder, if I should 'come out' as nb and force people to use pronoun they/them I'll be seen as so brave and progressive. At the same time I feel this is so petty and first world attention seeking. This nb thing gave me a conflicted feeling. You'll basically stop being basic simply by labelling yourself.

I don't know what I should feel because I'm losing hope, would these people drop the act if nb is a fad after all?

No. 418781

This isn't really as hard as y'all are pretending it is. Other women aren't speaking out for the same reasons. They afraid of being labelled as evil bigots for it. Step up to be a leader and scared followers will follow.

No. 418792

I had another troon sighting today, but this time it was a very young mtf. I work in a clothing shop which is for middle age men and women. Its very basic, not fashion oriented at all. Its in a very small conservative town. This mum and her around 14 year old troon came in. He was very tall, like reaching 6 foot. He was very skinny, but was obviously on hormones because of his typical troon breasts. You know the cone ones? He had a boys haircut, but was wearing an alice band. His mum was helping him shop for clothes. He was too tall for the womens section, as everything was very cropped. The changing rooms are at the back of the store, and they face into the shop floor. We're a tiny store so we only have two changing rooms that for men and women. This meant i could see his mum encouraging him saying he looked great. It was SO cringy. He was dressing like a middle aged women, which i guess it better than the normal cat girl stripper troon style. He ended up buying a few blouses, which only made his troon tits more obvious. I didn't even know kids that young could get hormones here?

No. 418796

Maybe it was just a boy with hormonal problems that likes gnc clothes?
Obviously I don't believe that for a second but aside from the underage hormone angle this doesn't sound bad. Like you, I'd rather they dressed in what their mums picked out instead of Amazon gifts from predatory chasers from 4chan.
It's hard to say, do you let your kid go on hormones and wreck his body for what could be a phase, or do you say no and risk him doing it anyway but also isolating himself in radical groups away from you?

No. 418878

hbomberguy caused this one specifically

I'm glad it's more the norm for women to start speaking up. I was on public transportation the other day and heard a retired woman, who worked with helping sexual assault victims, talk about how good it is women aren't afraid to speak up anymore. She even had an experience where she confronted a man her age trying to pull the "It's okay if I do this, I grew up in a different generation" and she gave him the backhand "Well guess what, I grew up in the same generation. It's still not right."
Of course, now we have troons trying to take back our ability to speak up and make everything about them. It's never about TIFs, always TIMs and being uncomfortable. I rarely ever hear about TIFs talk about feeling excluded when people talk about reproductive health. Interesting how the TIMs are the ones who've been able to speak up way faster than actual women. It took us decades, took them almost weeks.

It sounds more like the mom is encouraging it because she doesn't want her son to be gay or feminine. She would rather have him be a woman than a man dating a man. Anon pointed out they live in a conservative town, too. I have no doubts the son is probably being manipulated by his mom, Jazz Jennings style.

No. 418896

>I rarely ever hear about TIFs talk about feeling excluded when people talk about reproductive health.
TiFs are the TRA excuse for why women’s reproductive health isn’t actually a women’s issue, since “men” can totally get pregnant too. They’re pawns and don’t even realise it. What’s really apparent though is that nobody is trying to shut men up when they talk about their bodies, their rights and their place in society. Both TiMs and TiFs exclusively target women.

No. 418915


Julie Bindel has been attacked by a troon at Edinburgh university, called 'Cathy Brennan'. Apparently he changed his name to the same one as a online radical feminist just to piss her off? Seriously, the things narcissistic men will do just to hurt women who challenge their view that they're female never stops amazing me.

No. 418920

So over the last couple of weeks, I feel like the term "terf" is widely being used to identify transphobes in general? Maybe I'm totally off base, but I've always felt like "terf" was for the people who focus more heavily on how the trans rhetoric effects natural born women. Because that's… the "feminism" part of TERF, right? I won't disagree that there's a large overlap of terf and outright transphobia, but I don't think I'm alone in caring about gender critical issues BECAUSE of how it's effecting women. I guess calling anyone anti-trans a terf is just the next step in vilifying anyone who refuses to keep up with the status quo. It's wild to me! I don't outright hate specific trans PEOPLE but I do hate the ideology and agenda that's reducing my womanhood down to caricatures of what a man's idea of female-ness is. But I guess no one wants to listen to that when they can just scream TERF TERF TERF TERF at everything that hurts their feelings.

No. 418924

I see it as them trying to say "Well, we can't talk back to men because of the male privilege so let's do this to women instead."
Seriously, I hear men joke about their dicks all the time, but whenever a woman says something about pussy it's like walking on eggshells, either someone's okay with it or not.
yeah TERF seems to be used almost interchangeably with transphobe. I've had a literal troon get called a TERF for saying something twansphobic and he was like "I never said I was a feminist?" and when men say something anti-trans they resort to "He's CLEARLY a male feminist!"

No. 418931

File: 1559846356787.jpg (30.42 KB, 534x252, 114t46586r5432344.jpg)

A hilarious post from a 27 year old weeaboo funny man on tumblr.

No. 418933

how many notes does this have? this is such a strawman KEK i don't see anything funny in it at all. like i can make a better anti-terf joke if i wanted to.
>all TERFs are women
where's the lie though? men can't be feminists.

No. 418935

49,274 notes but it got deleted lmao

No. 418937

I love this. You gotta laugh at all the bisexuals and trannies upset about this as if they didn't already turn every pride parade into a straight pride parade by kicking out all the gay people.

No. 418938

File: 1559847434040.png (5.4 KB, 678x111, terf.PNG)

That's probably my favourite shit I've ever read. They were the ones who came up with this term, and now apparently it was bloodthirsty radfem all along.

No. 418939

File: 1559847628451.gif (389.97 KB, 500x206, giphy (1).gif)

I love you anon!

No. 418947

That’s been going on for a while now. TERF is used for both women who acknowledge sex-based oppression and for actual bigots who wish harm on trans people because it serves the TRA narrative to conflate the two. It’s mostly used to silence women but when it’s convenient for them they’ll call any unsympathetic person a TERF, including outspoken anti-feminists. They’ll even blame radfems for homophobic men who beat HSTS prostitutes because of course violent men are all fervent readers of Dworkin.

No. 418953

>All Terfs are women

They keep accidentally telling on themselves. Yes, TRAs, we already knew that.

No. 418958

>Stats prove transgenders have the lowest murder victim rate per capita of any group
>MTFs mirror male crime rates overall but commit double the sexual crimes compared to other male prisoners
>B-but le evil lesbian feminists are EXTERMINATING us

No. 418988

"The ooga boots mighty vulva" part funny in a stupid way.

No. 419004

Just further cements the fact TERF is a meaningless slur.

No. 419008

I honestly hear troons talk about vulvas more than we do- typically using vulva and vagina interchangably because they don't know dick about biology. Post SRS troons in particular are fond of calling their nightmare gashes "vulvas".

TERF discussion is more centered on uteruses.

No. 419010

Nightmare gash is a great term for neovags, they all look fucking hellish.

No. 419031

File: 1559861327713.jpg (329.65 KB, 1313x543, NatalieJaneEgan.jpg)

I'm so tired of seeing a commercial of a troon on Youtube, I finally googled.

>Natalie’s Journey: From Male
CEO To Female Trailblazer
>Just a few years ago Natalie Egan was living the American dream, as Nathan Egan, a father of three married to her college sweetheart. Chief Executive Officer of a growing tech company, Egan, as Nathan, had everything a successful business and family man could ask for, even a white picket fence.

No. 419035

Wow, yes, it really is. I move to adopt that as one of the main names for it on lc.

No. 419045

>Stats prove transgenders have the lowest murder victim rate per capita of any group
>MTFs mirror male crime rates overall but commit double the sexual crimes compared to other male prisoners
I agree with this, but can I have some hard figures or sources so I can easily shut down TRAs in arguments?

No. 419054

Has anybody else seen tims referring to their dicks as clits? Apparently, it's because in the womb the penis develops from the clitoris or something… hence why tifs clits grow on testosterone. Bizarre asf

No. 419056

Anyone watching Chilling Adventures of Sabrina? I just started season 2 and it seems like they're going for a trans storyline with Susie. The actress apparently identifies as non-binary.

No. 419064

They really try to simplify it. Male fetuses never have clitorises. It develops out of the genital tubercle. It never is a clitoris, then develops into a penis. It's either or, and they never reach the developmental stage of having a clitoris, only the precursor to both the phallus and clitoris, which is the genital tubercle. The clitoris is distinctly different from the genital tubercle. It's dumb. It's like us referring to our lips as balls. They were never balls, they just both (lips and balls) develop out of the genital swelling, from a completely neutral stage, mind you.

It's a lot like saying "I'm actually a cat! I have a tail!!" in speaking about your coccyx. It's really silly. The clitoris isn't developmentally neutral and they never had one.

No. 419067

This shit annoyed me. Least favourite character

No. 419091

It wouldn't be so annoying if the trans storyline was actually relevant to the greater plot (unless it does later and I haven't watched far enough). Ros' blindness actually advances the plot, while Suzie's ancestor is a cross-dresser that shows Suzie she's actually trans? Sort of a nonsequitur imo.

No. 419100

It has absolutely no impact on the plot, it’s just virtue signalling to all the teens that’ll lap it up

No. 419118

File: 1559872395702.jpg (32.84 KB, 275x238, 1559871511291.jpg)

fukin reposting this because the other annon used the wrong thread

No. 419120

File: 1559872515100.gif (2.88 MB, 498x351, tenor.gif)

No. 419174

File: 1559885736893.jpg (91.86 KB, 540x688, troons be wild.jpg)

I just…they can't even hide anymore how much they just hate women.

No. 419180

So what he's saying is the nazis were good in some ways, but women who want to keep their private spaces like toilets a penis-free area are without redemption.

No. 419184

Improve the lives of a subset of people by exterminating a large quantity of other people* Jesus, Nazis hate you just as much, you fucking morons.

No. 419190

File: 1559890879611.jpg (286.88 KB, 1080x1716, IMG_20190607_090048.jpg)

Reading this…
How do you think you can get away with calling every terf a nazi - when your top tweet says you like nazis more than them??
And then she argues that nazis are better because they're more organized. The whole reason they managed to kill so many is because they were so well organized, that's not a good thing!

No. 419195

File: 1559893358034.jpeg (30.86 KB, 640x362, CEAB9F5D-1EAF-4EC5-B56A-B5697D…)

No. 419243

File: 1559905314189.png (569.35 KB, 800x1179, Screenshot_2019-06-07-04-00-26…)

No. 419244

File: 1559905536327.png (189.51 KB, 797x1047, Screenshot_2019-06-07-04-04-43…)

Feminist speaker Julie Bindel 'attacked by transgender person' at Edinburgh University after talk


No. 419248

File: 1559906296364.png (539.01 KB, 800x1037, Screenshot_2019-06-07-04-16-28…)


The troon that attacked her has been using Cathy Brennan's name.


No. 419251

File: 1559906586304.jpeg (119.18 KB, 1174x624, D8XWK9mX4AAIgkB.jpeg)

No. 419254


Debate never works because they're wrong and lack any logic. They can't stand it. Who is surprised men are ready to use the only way they know how to "solve" things, violence.

No. 419255

>threatens violence against women
>this is fine
>someone uses a pedophile's "deadname"
>banned from Twitter

No. 419263

File: 1559909344362.png (230.76 KB, 506x620, 1559888489135.png)

There's not one fandom not infested by these retards anymore. Fucking hell.

No. 419265

I know it's horrible but I can't help but think that scenes like this are a good thing. These trans loonies are making an absolute fucking show of themselves and it's not going to work in their favour in the end. The average, straight, "cis" person will want nothing to do with this.

No. 419268

Nice cope. As long as the majority of notes say "slayyyyyy" then a normie will accept it as being on the right side of history.

No. 419272

There IS a canon trans woman in Pokemon X/Y which is probably why they cling on to Pokemon so hard. Also the fact Satoshi Tajiri has Asperger's.

No. 419293

ty anon, that was expertly explained and very interesting!

No. 419294

File: 1559916070577.jpg (143.42 KB, 2048x1157, 1552407645932.jpg)

Teratoma hole is also good

No. 419296

File: 1559916647526.jpg (504.82 KB, 784x1176, AMPLIFY-WEB-GOTTMIK2.jpg)

I know we talk quite frequently about TIMs in the GC threads, but I thought it'd be interesting to bring up a TIF that does high-femme drag and the piss-poor logic behind it.

Gay Times Interview:

I found a lot of the interview very telling. This is a woman who enjoys performing femininity, clearly, but doesn't want the label of "woman" thrust upon her because she (unconsciously, at least) understands the stigma it carries.

>I’ve known my whole life that something felt different. When I was a child, I only wanted the Happy Meal with the boy toy, and I only wanted to wear the boy uniform to school. Society told me I was just a tom-boy, but it wasn’t until I was 18 when I finally got the right group of friends around me that allowed me be myself and come to terms with the fact that I was transgender.

So, liking "masculine" things === boy.

>Me being so feminine held me back from acting on my transition for a long time. Even though I knew I identified as a male, I always thought that I could suppress it because I loved feminine things and had feminine articulations, but when I realise that men can be feminine, it all clicked.

But liking "feminine" things !== girl. It goes to show how liberal feminists will eat up the notion of feminine men existing, but balk at the concept of cis women enjoying masculine things, or –gasp– even both feminine and masculine things. The entire concept is stupid anyway, because nothing besides genitalia is inherently masculine or feminine. The whole quote reeks of "I'm not like other girls!" "Cis" today is what "Stupid prep!" was in 2003.

>I started expressing myself through drag when I was about 17-years-old because it was the only time people would think I was a man. People would just think I was a normal drag queen at the club and I… would… be… living!

I feel like this quote is the most indicative of her wanting to perform femininity but avoid the implications of doing so as a woman. This is a woman who is uncomfortable with the label of "woman," which most of us can relate to. I would argue most women have experienced "gender dysphoria" to some extent, at minimum, upon realizing that much of the world views them as slabs of meat meant for male consumption and nothing more. Performative femininity as a woman is expected. It plays into the violent male gaze, but if you slap the label of "trans man" on yourself while ignoring reality, you can hope to avoid it and feel comfort while still allowing yourself to be high femme; you'll even get fake woke points for being so ~brave~ and ~revolutionary~.

No. 419298

>a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman

I can’t. The level of retardation.

No. 419332

File: 1559922024891.jpg (37.5 KB, 640x630, wat.jpg)

it's like they are not even trying to hide their sissification fetish

No. 419334


But the general public don't know that these things happen because mainstream media never cover these stories.

No. 419338

File: 1559922580485.png (Spoiler Image, 614.58 KB, 793x496, Capture.PNG)


I know somebody like this in real life. Identifies male, got top surgery (and maybe bottom, not seen her in a few years) thinks she's a gay man, and does burlesque and drag. The internal misogyny is something else.

Always found it funny that people at gay clubs would think she was a TiM not a TiF, not sure why but she was always getting in a tiz over misgendering.

No. 419342

The Pokemon fandom is especially infested with autistic transbians. All the 20something pornsick guys who were roleplaying on Pokemon Forums 10 years ago trooned out and are obsessed with the female characters from Pokemon and especially claiming them all as trans.

It's truly disturbing how they can basically scream their degeneracy from the rooftops and everyone will applaud them for being so stunning and brave. Claiming transgenderism is the true golden ticket to them.

No. 419343

is it amy?

No. 419348

File: 1559924928961.jpg (54.99 KB, 679x480, 81nRkPHVjWL._SX679_.jpg)


I only know her by her "boy" name, Kendall.

Always makes me think of Kendal Mint Cake.

No. 419353

File: 1559925933808.png (87.71 KB, 474x277, pokefag.PNG)

>The Pokemon fandom is especially infested with autistic transbians
exactly, just look at this dude's profile name. He is literally a fat guy with man boobs and an earring, and apparently this makes him a "lesbian"

No. 419359

The Pokemon fandom is EXTREMELY autistic and needs to be shamed

No. 419363

that's pretty funny. but i only asked because i know one of these. what's with this trend?

No. 419370

Not exactly milk, but Ella Grant is prepping for the "Snip" aka self genital mutilation. I'm genuinely sad. Seems honestly confused and depressed.

No. 419383

looking forward to his sudoku in a couple of years/10

No. 419395

I don't, the kid seems like a nice person but just messed up by body/gender dysmorphia. Needs therapy, not surgery.

No. 419398

He's clearly having it done by a doctor, or did I miss a joke somewhere?

No. 419399

Does this person‘s name with an m? They look really familiar

No. 419400

As if they’ll look like what the filter depicts them as lmfaooooii

No. 419402

>I'm genuinely sad. Seems honestly confused and depressed.
Yeah it's pretty saddening. He does say he realizes it's a mutilation but just hates his dick that much. While he realizes from a rational perspective it's a mutilation, he doesn't seem to really grasps what it entails. At one point he says "do you know how painful a wedged tuck can be?" but it's probably nothing next to the pains of SRS even in "good" outcomes.

No. 419403

I meant "voluntary genital mutilation" not like DIY

No. 419404

Lmao I figured, but I genuinely wouldn't put it past them to actually use scissors and DIY it

No. 419406

thank fuck there are some real people ITT still. i don't know why it's so hard to just admit some trannies are victims themselves.

No. 419407

>that introduction
Only trannies can refer to themselves as "dumb and slutty" in a public video like that. Why are they like this?

No. 419410

>even if my surgery is botched, i still have another hole, terfs!!
wow, i'm sure all terfs are shaking with jealousy over you going through hell and back to get a cheapen impersonation of what they naturally have.

No. 419412

Sad part is: they desperately delude themselves into thinking that "hole" won't be just a wound trying to close itself for the rest of their lives. And if they forget to "dilate" even 2 or 4 times… it's hell!

No. 419413


Not who you're replying to, but I bet I know who you're talking about. You a Boston anon? Because if you are……..yep

No. 419416


This makes me so sad. I feel like I know so many young women like this rn, I just have so many friends who grew up as little yaoi fangirls and internalized the worst shit, they want to be able to enjoy all these feminine things but doing it as a girl makes them stupid dumb attention whores so they want to be sweet fem fae space princes instead. And I get it, but sometimes I want to scream. You will never be seen the way you want and that's the world's problem, not yours. But we can't have that discussion.

No. 419423

it's a joke, don't worry about it

No. 419424

what up fam.

No. 419428

I’m sorry for the blogpost but that was literally my identical twin sister.

She ID’d as a man from ages 16-19 but I could honestly tell she was struggling with internalized misogyny from trauma/her bisexuality. She was also a rabid yaoi fan girl, as we both were when we were young teenagers. I was radpilled long before she was, and I was so frustrated with her that I would just tell her constantly that she wasn’t a boy. I feel bad for giving her such tough love, but she eventually came around crying to me and telling me that I was completely right, that she hated her body (we’d both struggled with eating disorders, although our dysmorphia manifested in different ways), and that she hated the way people treated her as a woman/girl.

I feel like this is how a lot of young TIFs start out: they see the way men are respected and loved in the media they consume (often yaoi), compared to how terribly women are treated in other forms of fiction. They often have body issues because beauty standards are absolutely ridiculous for women, or they’re sometimes lesbians or bisexual girls who feel ashamed of their attraction to women. Even if they’re fujos, it all ties back into the shitty way women and girls are treated in our society and it becomes a form of escapism. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way for them in most cases, because everyone knows they’re still women.

I’m sorry for my blogpost, but I’m just very proud of my sister for breaking out of that toxic mindset and accepting herself for who she is.

No. 419430

what is it with yaoi and hentai that causes many people to go completely insane? it's not a coincidence that so many of these ~~trans gals & trans boiz~~ want to be exactly like a loli catgirl or some squeaky bottom yaoi stereotype. don't they understand that just because they get off to characters like these doesn't mean they can be exactly like them? it's almost concerning

No. 419436

Victor Victoria is a fun movie though.

No. 419447

japanese revenge lel

No. 419449

A stupid /b/tard friend sent me this porno tweet with a neovagina and I've never seen anything like it before. It's worse than the flesh pocket method.
not safe for work, or life

No. 419459

Holy fuck that's horrific

No. 419463

Are you sure that's a neovag? It's horrifying but I've never seen such a realistic looking clit on one. Tbh it looks a bit like a prolapse being fucked but Idk

No. 419471

Guys it's just a vagina with very long labia. If you look for the person where it's originally from you can see that it's just a woman

No. 419472

I have to say that FTMs being obsessed with fujo stuff and MTFs being obsessed with loli catgirl hentai can't be compared as it's an apples and oranges issue. A lot of the FTMs who start living out their life as their fantasy soft yaoi boi absolutely hate their gender for growing up GNC and not having enough different female role models to validate their existence. Their hostility towards the whole female gender shows when they start attacking cis fujos for "fetishizing gay people" i.e. stacies entering their self-insert larping spaces reeee. And as for the MTFs, they rarely have resentment towards their birth gender. Instead of hating men they have a deeply rooted jealousy for women and seek to take over their spaces and lives. On a surface level it seems to be an identical issue but there's a whole plethora of complex socialization issues at play here.

No. 419475

Is this a bait reply? That's not a neovagina, it's prolapsed to hell but it's a genuine pussy.

No. 419478

Has anyone here seen the new Black Mirror Season 5 episode Striking Vipers? SPOILER ALERT!! I honestly felt sick after watching. I don't care about who you love or do behind closed doors, that's not the problem I had with it. I hated how Karl was obsessive with having sex with Danny and didn't give a fuck about his marriage/family/wife. I hated how Karl was always Roxi in the game, and how he loved being a woman because of the OrGaSmS. Holy shit I know women that have never experienced orgasms in their lives. This episode was beyond autogynephilic and fetishistic. I hated how it was presented as a love story because all we see Karl and Danny do is constantly fuck. I looked up some discussion of it after and the vast majority of people praised it on how progressive and happy it was. Oh, and I saw about a thousand comments from guys wishing they could have sex as a 'woman'. I wish Karl as Roxi experienced period cramps or pregnancy or some shit like that at least. But no, being a woman is all about orgasms and looking hot. If I was Danny's wife I'd be disgusted, but no, she still lets him have amazing virtual totally not gay sex with Karl and she goes out seeking validation from randos because she's lost intimacy from her husband. It felt like a very sad ending to me. I would preferred it if it ended it with him having sex with his wife in the game, because she did mention loving role play at the beginning. Did anyone else feel pissed off after seeing it?

No. 419479

I feel with Yaoi, it stems from deeper issues with gender. So much porn degrades women, or is even just unattractive to women, and I feel that's the reason some women turn to yaoi in the first place. But when they're consuming yaoi, they're consuming content that puts the males in the spotlight and as the proxy for the female reader's desires. If a female reader wants to indulge herself in a perfect romantic/sexual life through reading BL, she's going to do it through the lens that to get this ideal life, one must be a gay male. Basically I think that by avoiding media that degrades women and makes girls feel insecure in their gender, they turn to media that focuses on males, and then come to believe that they would be happier if they were male.
It's a little different from AGP troons, who look at too much futa/trap porn and decide they want to become the object of desire. I think most TiF fujos troon out because they want to avoid being merely an object of male desire, and instead want to have agency over themselves sexually by becoming the pretty yaoi boy of their dreams.

No. 419490

Sage for blog post, but when I was younger I read a lot of gay porn that was in the POV of a male. Looking back reading all that stuff made me slightly alientated/dsyphoric because of how it put so much emphasis on sex using a male body. Even if it was from the POV of a women you could still tell it was by a mans for the male body. The dysphoria started to spread to the rest of my life (what if I had a penis. What if I was one of the guys). I dabbled with being trans, but it wasn't as big back then so I didn't fall into the trap. Also if I remember correctly the guy who came up with the AGP label only said females could have AGP to be inclusive and he trully didn't believe female to male transexuales exist the same way as the male to female ones

No. 419496

No but I checked out 4chantv thread and they are arguing over it saying its pushing "the tranny agenda". I guess the only good thing is that its so obvious that even the idiots over there can see it for what it is.

No. 419511

Yeah it was gross.
There should have been a moment where his wife caught him cheating but he never faced any repercussions.
I hate it when men explain what a woman's orgasm feels like.

No. 419513

Jubilee released a video of troons sharing their opinions on various topics. Thoughts?

No. 419539

I find it fucking hilarious how when some one on 4chan claims they are a women they no longer use 'tits or GTFO', but respond with 'transwomen are not women'

No. 419544

KEK is /TTTT/ the only subreddit that tolerates troons? I haven't been on there in months

No. 419547

>the vast majority of people praised it on how progressive and happy it was.
What the fuck? I watched it with my boyfriend and we were both disgusted and uncomfortable. The ending was fucking depressing, their marriage was ruined all because the guy apparently couldn't control his dick and his friend was some gross AGPer. Nothing about that episode was happy or progressive.
What kind of hell-society are we in where that shit can be considered either of those things?

No. 419566

I just find it hilarious that the one in black with the see through shirt has visible nipples that aren’t censored, so by Jubilee’s editors pov they see a man, as an actual woman’s nipples being out like that would warrant a censor.

No. 419572

File: 1559966618722.jpg (646.7 KB, 1920x2560, 19-06-07-22-57-04-543_deco.jpg)

I'm in a Facebook group for daughters who have abusive parents and someone made a post about lesbians who were abused for their sexuality. It took them 4 hours to have to change it to include the rest of the GBTQIAOP+++. Why can't lesbians have anything talking about them without some genderspecial telling them it's not inclusive enough?

No. 419573

I like to joke about anime brainwashing people but I think the reality is it's a medium and fandom that attracts already mentally damaged people because it's almost all childish escapism, like how so many Bronies are also trans.

No. 419580

I tend to like the term rot pocket.

No. 419581

I wonder if the choice of putting white biomen and black biowomen together was deliberate.

The crazy thing is the obviously man looking old man troon seemed okay? He's dressed like a woman his age would too. Surprising since he revealed he was a former crossdresser.

No. 419596

File: 1559972829105.jpeg (324.02 KB, 1920x1080, FB408118-8491-4F54-8F81-242FDC…)

Imagine going on a date and some grandmother willow ass looking troon shows up

No. 419609

>That reply
??? They could've just made three seperate posts, why does any discussion of lesbians ALWAYS have to include transwomen lest it be "exclusionary uwu"?

No. 419615

>When transwomen who get their foot in the door as men, are called female trailblazers

No. 419618

She doesn't identify as cis, but she hasn't bothered to transition???

No. 419619

I thought from the nipples it was a man. That's really unfortunate for her.

No. 419640

I don't remember the last time I saw a black TiM, but black TiFs don't seem too uncommon, so probably not on purpose.

No. 419641

Not really, even in that board the only ones that tolerate troons are other troons, that's why it's full of them.

No. 419678

>>419296 god I wanted to post that pic last thread because I couldn't believe that level of retardation, insanity and delusion. When I've seen that shit on tumblr I though about that TiF subreddit filled with forced feminization fetishists trying to live delusion which is literally same
+trannies saying/being called male/female are getting more common and they are more sucessful at gluing sex into gender

No. 419693


Wow anon, I'm sorry your twin had to go through all that but it's great to hear how you were there for her and made it out the other side. Did you guys ever discuss like, brainsex type theories while she was deep in it? I can imagine being identical twins would maybe make some of those ideas ….. pretty weird.

No. 419696

just thought i’d post a funny story about a girl i used to be friends with who is now a tif. i was with my friend while he was on gay tinder yesterday and he actually saw this girl on there. her bio was a disaster. she ended with, “yeah i’m trans, deal with it.” lmao. because yeah, that’s what gay men want, a feminine girl with a vagina. it’s crazy that she expects gay men to want to date her. the entitlement of trannies is wack.

No. 419714

One of the clones in Orphan Black is a TiF while all the others are unapologetically female. I haven’t watched it in a while and have never been involved with the fandom but I wonder if this is considered progressive or if it’s ~terfy~ for insinuating that identifying as trans isn’t determined by genetics.

No. 419716

File: 1560017118158.jpg (976.91 KB, 809x2365, Screenshot_20190608-200152_Tum…)

No. 419717

File: 1560017151060.jpg (670.65 KB, 1080x1729, Screenshot_20190608-200209_Tum…)

This just proves they dont care about other trans people at all.

No. 419722

Oh well, it ain't news that they don't give a shit about women.

No. 419724

But say the exact same thing about “cis” women and you’re a literal nazi who needs to be beaten.

No. 419726

File: 1560018888427.png (507.65 KB, 1680x1038, ok den.png)

Some troon on dark souls subreddit

No. 419732

Small thing, but Tumblr changed the "t" you see on top left of the screen on your dashboard for Pride Month. If I hover on it, I can see every flag: gay, bisexual, trans, aro/ace… there's only one flag I can't see. Yeah, you know which one I'm talking about. I can't see the lesbian flag.

No. 419734

I noticed this too, wtf it's like people pretend we don't exist, it feels so shady and strange.

No. 419738

Why is that?
Is it because it's women?

No. 419739

They've even come up with a convenient excuse for leaving lesbians out now, by manufacturing fake controversy over which lesbian flag is "correct"

They just hate lesbians and want them to stop existing.

No. 419740

File: 1560023134272.jpg (61.5 KB, 1200x545, th.jpg)

Has anyone else noticed that lots of MtFs are into cyberpunk, programming and creating electronic music?
The Wachowski brothers, who worked on The Matrix and The Animatrix, are MtFs.
Lauren Bousfield/Brock Bousfield, aka the electronic musician Nero's Day At Disneyland, is an MtF.
The electronic musician SOPHIE is an MtF.
There are tons of indie game creators who are MtFs (like Brianna Wu, that Porpentine person, Moga from the Uboachan community, Noyemi K, Christine Love AKA the creator of Analogue: A Hate Story, etc - probably more I can't remember)
Shit like pic related is a common meme, as well. I also remember one image on /lgbt/ of a "repressor" that had the line "Imagines his reality is actually a virtual reality game and he's being played by a lesbian in a cyberpunk universe" and a bunch of anons replied "Oh shit that's me". Is there any particular reason MtFs are so drawn to that specific aesthetic and scene?

No. 419743

There are so many lesbian flags now that unless it's the Labrys one I'm totally fine with just the rainbow flag. Maybe that's just me though. I don't see the need for an all pink or pink/orange lesbian flag anyway…

No. 419746

I saw a post on FB earlier that said the lesbian flag isn't as established or clearly decided on as the troon/bi flags, but honestly all this flag bullshit is peak Tumblr to me anyway and all those who identify heavily with it seem like teenagers arguing over which of their favourite Teletubbies is the best colour. I'm a gay woman who doesn't even really care much for the rainbow flag anymore, it just doesn't feel relevant to me. These days it's just treated as decoration for coffee mugs and cheap tat, and before that gay men were always hogging the spotlight in Pride anyway. Well, up until all the trannies started hogging it so Vice documentary makers could score woke points. Call me old and out of touch, I guess.

No. 419747

Apparently, she did get a double mastectomy.
https://www.instagram.com/p/BwKrM52HGQ8/(read the rules)

No. 419751

Autism, most probably. There a big interesection with being on the spectrum/liking CS and transitioning. liking computers and liking cyberpunk tend to fall into each other.

BUT as a long time fan of cyberpunk, I think it's most probably the relationship between the genre and the concept of transhumanism. Being a tranny is totally a cyberpunk concept, for good or bad. There's also a HUGE aspect of sexualizing every single woman in the sphere. If a woman is in a cyberpunk story, she's that quintessential cool girl goth/punk gf who's not like the other girls and can totally do computer/mechanical/engineering shit and also martial arts. Unfortuntately (for me and my self esteem), cyberpunk is the ultimate loner nerd's power/AGP fantasy.

No. 419752

samefag, but to tl;dr

cyberpunk takes a glaringly narrow and fetishistic lens about the women who are supposed to be desirable in the genre (hyper gamine features, but basically stone butch lesbian personality); essentially the ultimate MPDG for the type of male who is most susceptible to sexual disorders and becoming an AGP troon.

No. 419756

It's not that, it's just that they included so many bullshit flags and went out of their way to exclude a crucial one, literally the first letter of LGBT. It feels very trasparent and wrong, it's like they don't even bother hiding it anymore.

No. 419760

I was referring to the Australian chick, but wow, that's commitment.

No. 419765

not to be all it's the ~le max autismo, but it's clearly an autistic thing.

i remember someone once pointed out that a huge amount of speed runners end up trooning out, and that it was clearly a result of them being on the spectrum. speedrunning– like programming and the like– is a detail oriented and repetitive task; it appeals to people on the spectrum, and when these autistic men who can't interact with women (or the general population at that) they end up drinking the "be the gf" juice.

it doesn't help that the misogynistic dudes in these fields flock to 4chan, subsequently whack it to futanari porn and then liberal-feminist society reacts by hand-holding, supporting and further perpetuating their public fetish and doublethink.

No. 419776

So a few days ago I stumbled upon a video of two tomboyish fashion models (Molly Bair and Natalie Westling) travelling Arizona and meeting various women there. The video was aesthetic and the two girls seemed pretty cool so I got a small girlcrush on them and watched other videos. Today I wanted to know what they're up to as the vids I watched were a couple years old and I found out one of them just trooned out.

This is upsetting.

No. 419777

File: 1560031025954.jpg (243.91 KB, 1080x1080, nat2.jpg)

She's been taking testosterone since November and plans to have top surgery.

No. 419779

Uh, unless they changed it within the past few hours, you're wrong. They put the pink flag right after the rainbow one. I'd prefer the labrys but the pink lesbian flag is there

No. 419790

That's sad, she's a cute butch.

No. 419799

Autism definitely. The standard profile of a MTF troon is a degenerate weeaboo that spent most of his teens on the computer watching hentai and playing League of Legends or Overwatch. There's a lot of anime overlap with those things too and I'm p sure it's the whole internet trap fetish thing as well as being "oppressed".

TLDR; Too much time on computer. Autistic manchildren gravitate towards anime/4chan and trap shit and want everything handed to them on a silver platter and to be the most oppressed.

No. 419812

>spent most of his teens playing LoL or Overwatch
anon please consider the older troons who were out here playing Everquest

No. 419831

File: 1560047331089.png (196.71 KB, 1233x760, Screen Shot 2019-06-08 at 3.40…)

People have been memeing on this troon's post on my feed today, but he means it with complete truth. His entire feed is defending his fetish and extreme desire to be a bimbo, along with complaining about Twitter's crackdown on the word because of AGPs like him.

Troons really are subhuman.

No. 419832

File: 1560047363205.jpg (165.98 KB, 901x1200, D8d_JZHXYAEcGeb.jpg)

Appearance seems to check out, too wew

No. 419834

File: 1560047540473.png (426.47 KB, 621x833, D8jO0TZXUAEmpYI.png)

Some of the content going off about the crackdown is hilarious, though. They have no shame.

No. 419838

Ew. If it was a Nazi saying 'breed the white race' to a feminist people would be all over him.

No. 419891

File: 1560065719065.jpg (40.43 KB, 592x343, wew my assumed dude.JPG)

They're not even trying to hide their misogyny anymore. They can just straight out say "fuck women, you don't need support" and people will nod in agreement, as a man in a dress will always be priority number one.

Being one of the resident Finnish terves I thought I'd update you on the some of the drama going down in here. One of the biggest music festivals of the summer (Ruisrock) humorously used the term "Oh assumed boys and girls what it'll be!" ("Poika- ja tyttöoletetut" in Finnish, can't come up with a better translation) in their social media post to refer to the wide food selection at their event. This was their boomer attempt to be inclusive. Naturally the trannysphere and their allies threw a hysterical reeing fit because it was seen as making a mockery of the term instead of using it unironically. To my great surprise a lot of vocal gay activists seemed to reach a tipping point (such as Tämän Kylän Homopoika, one of the most well known gay bloggers) telling people to calm down and how he's tired of the constant fighting and complaining. He got dogpiled on Twitter, troons screeching at him how "cis gays need to shut the fuck up for the length of the pride month, you already got your rights".

I'm wishing for more meltdowns like this because each stupid unnecessary farce like this pushes someone to reach peak trans. Especially because the people hijacking the Pride event and screeching at actual gay people are 90% of the time straight cis people or straight trannies.

No. 419892

File: 1560065947157.png (427.77 KB, 800x1088, Screenshot_2019-06-09-00-34-23…)

NHS safer sex guide for women who sleep with women issues mind boggling advice telling them to wear a CONDOM 'if you or your partner has a penis'

The mind-boggling advice comes in a booklet produced by LGBT Youth Scotland
The publication is endorsed by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
Feminist Linda Bellos, said it was ‘ludicrous’ to suggest ‘women’ have penises



No. 419893

had to read the first paragraph several times to understand they weren't saying if you have a penis you need to worry about sperm entering your vagina

No. 419894

File: 1560066692025.png (277.51 KB, 800x1089, Screenshot_2019-06-09-00-44-07…)

No. 419896

File: 1560066788527.png (440.04 KB, 800x1080, Screenshot_2019-06-09-00-48-04…)

No. 419897

File: 1560066885507.png (427.66 KB, 800x1078, Screenshot_2019-06-09-00-48-16…)

No. 419898

People are waking up to how insane this shit has gotten. Even on Tumblr, I'm seeing more mutuals reblogging from radfem blogs and showing a sort of quiet approval (though I still get the occasional "so-and-so is a TERF/radfem" ask).
The UK is still in its throes, but it's really just pissing everyone off even more with shit like >>419892. I hope that by around 2022 the whole fucking craze will die down. I know it's been building since ~2014 or earlier.

No. 419901

see this shit is the worst part. even if trans shit was real, even if you accept that they feel whatever gender, it doesn't mean anything about sexuality. sexuality is the attraction to primary sex characteristics aka genitals, and those are determined by sex, whether they like it or not. and you suss out what genitals someone has via their secondary sex characteristics.

No. 419904


Which the glossary carefully avoids.

No. 419906

I hate how they appearantly have a seperate "sex for trans people" booklet (they mention it on the first page) but still tried to force some trans stuff in this sex for women booklet…

No. 419912


I couldn't find the trans guide on their website.


And if they were to publish a guide for gay men would it also be inclusive?

No. 419932

>"men dating trans women is not gay and this whole debate is fueling the stigma against these relationships. if the man's friends find out about it and ridicules him, he takes it out on the transwoman"
how about working on the acceptance of homosexuality instead of trying to change definitions to validate trans gals' feelings?

No. 419933

I wish TRAs would stop trying to bring up intersex conditions when someone talks about male and female anatomy. Those are <1% of conditions and they are distinguishable. A male can be born with female chromosomes but still have a penis, he goes on living his life with zero intentions of wanting to change his sex.
Remember that John Money study? The one where he tried to raise a male as female because of a botched circumcision? The male knew something was wrong, legitimate gender dysphoria. Not what troons claim they have because they don't look like the sexy gamers girls they dream of.

No. 419934

Intersex is a biological fact and the only thing these freaks try to use to legitimise their bullshit claims. There's no fucking way this many people in the world have the fucked up chromosomes of XXY or variants or have the extremely rare condition of intersex.

Think it'll be interesting to see in the next few decades how this trend holds up

No. 419936

I saw that drama too. Ridiculous I hope this peaks many gays in Finland.

No. 419938

Honestly, one of the positive things about finnish trans scene is that it's majority tifs so they will get lot cockier easier with gay men too than just women, than majority tim scene who will only go after women.

No. 419940

On i-D there was a big feature on her trooning out recently and I've seen that shit everywhere. She looks just ugly now, testosterone will fuck her completly. Also this seems like she got ROGD, because I checked her ig and everything was OK. I don't know who will cast her for show now, except progressive mags, designers loving pandering. She gonna get a lot work only on NYFW, which is literal cancer and they fucking love fatties and trannies. Also I miss when girls were just tomboys, for troons being GNC is forbidden and you need to pump hormones, cut your healthy breasts and mutilate your healthy genitals because gender=sex now.

troons don't know how woman looks, porn brainwashed them to think a porn star is an totally average woman. I hate how porn infulenced that woman look like caricatures now

typical porn obsessed male who normalises lowering woman to their sex dolls

This design hurts my eyes, it's fucking hard to red and pandering and trying to convert lesbians for nasty dick is fucking awful

Me too. And trying to use this to justify "sex is spectrum" shit need to stop

No. 419941

And the thing is a male can't really have actual healthy female chromosomes, that syndrome presents the way it does because one of the X chromosomes is defective and functions as a Y chromosome. If it was working properly he'd be, well, a female.

No. 419942

Anime in general attracts mentally ill people. If someone is past High School age and they still like anime avoid them like the plague.

No. 419943

>her name is two extremely female names

Never fails to make me chuckle.

No. 419956

Wow small world. I used to live in Prescott Arizona and I am facebook friends with some of those rodeo girls. Didn't think I would see that checking the redfem thread on lolcow.

No. 419970


can you please send us Támáns tweets about it? Really curious if he actually did reached trans peak now ^^

No. 419984

I would say avoid anyone over 20 who is obsessed with anime. There are plenty of normal adults who like anime, but their interest is very casual/based on nostalgia.

Casual interest: fine
Obsession: probably a pornsick neckbeard

No. 419997

My city library is in the local news rn for being historical for being the first to have free menstrual products in the men's washrooms as well as the women's. It's there for TIFs of course, but I wonder how long it'll take for TIMs get triggered by it in some way.

No. 420018

File: 1560105959933.jpg (81.32 KB, 521x558, Untitled.jpg)

What is it about transwomen making everything about them and playing victim.
Heres the story the post is referring to

No. 420073

Is this chucklefuck strife-knot implying the men who assaulted those poor women are actually trans?

No. 420084

File: 1560121121908.jpg (117.68 KB, 802x1200, D8eXlftXoAE7gOG.jpg)

wew lad

No. 420100

File: 1560123583384.png (2.86 MB, 626x14978, screencapture-twitter-NSPCC-st…)

It seems TRAs are now going after childrens charity the NSPCC for those who dont know its stands for National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and its a well known charity in the UK.

The story is a little confusing-but what appears to have happened is monroe bergdorf, a MtF who has a reputation for being controversial in many ways apparently said they were the new ambassador for the NSPCC. The NSPCC released a statement saying monroe has never and will never be an ambassador. monroe is claiming that the nspcc has bowed to transphobic pressure and now people, rather than get angry at the supposed transphobes who forced the NSPCC's hand have gone after the charity themselves.

This seems strange because 1, why did monroe announce they were ambassador before the nspcc? if it were true then why not wait until NSPCC announced the position like they usually do? Second, it seems suspicious because this isnt the first time a company have gotten shit for some percieved injustice against monroe who seems to love shit stirring for attention. Something is off here but in any case people are demanding nspcc drop the rainbow flag because apparently its stands for transpeople only.

No. 420102

How can a bisexual reject trannies without getting tarred and feathered? Since we can’t use the “I’m only attracted to vagina/penis” line…

No. 420104

PLay them at their own game. Tell them you are bisexual not pansexual.

No. 420106

Good old capitalism. Lmao.

No. 420115


Sad to see that Gerard Way has caught the catgirl fever

No. 420116

You joke but Gerard Way is ~nonbinary~ now

No. 420124


So Bergdorf gave money, declared themselves a NSPCC ambassador, then the NSPCC said that donors aren't ever ambassadors? Am I getting this right? If so, than Y I K E S

No. 420129

isnt he like 44?? this is so sad. like literally middle aged men are pulling this faux progressive cringey bullshit.

literally these upper and upper middle class old woketards tend to have money, too. imagine having to be a grown ass "non binary" man's financial advisor or just deal with them in any professional capacity. how can you take them seriously?

No. 420133

File: 1560130895571.png (625.31 KB, 718x1559, screencapture-pinknews-co-uk-2…)

I dont even know if munroe gave money he just spoke about the charity and publicised them (as many celebs have its)but munroe just said he was the new ambassador before nspcc announced who it would be.

Being nspcc ambassador is a coveted position, and there are many reasons why munroe would be a poor choice, I doubt it was to do with the fact hes trans, it came to light hes said some very anti LGB stuff in the past and despite apologising is still a shit stirrer who says inflammatory things but when called out tries to say anyone who calls out his shit is transphobic. Hes gotten himself fired from so many public positions hes fucking lolcow material at this point.

No. 420149

File: 1560137249015.jpg (96.59 KB, 920x584, GerardWay2017GettyImages-66361…)

for real? we were joking about him looking like a speedrunning hon in an old thread. fuck. i was only memeing.

No. 420151

they do have the lesbian falg now anon! the old lipstick one not the new ugly organe one

No. 420159

File: 1560144038662.jpg (478.2 KB, 1352x2048, IMG_20190610_071827.jpg)

I saw this picture and the face caught my attention, went to the profile to see more nice cosplay and yup- it's a man. Makes me wonder, to which level are humans able to differentiate between the sexes?

No. 420161


Can we have a /snow/ thread on Monroe? He seems super milky. Any UK anons who follow him able to write a good intro?

No. 420162

the legs look like a man's legs full stop. but shoop. shoop is the level at which you stop knowing what's what.

No. 420169


His thread on KF is really slow.

No. 420172

I know you guys are gonna hate me for this, but his face isn't clockable to me. Legs are a bit of a red flag, but I wouldn't have guessed. It's an obscene amount of shoop though so maybe that's it.

No. 420175

File: 1560150631596.jpg (294.17 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20190610_091001.jpg)

Nah, I did a double take as well, that's exactly why it was so interesting to me. I'm an artfag though so I stare too much at people.

No. 420176

I could tell something was up just scrolling past on the front page. The full size pic looks more feminine, but I think that's only because I'm focusing on smaller photoshopped details and not the overall body structure which is obviously male.

No. 420177

They are wearing loose clothing to cover their torso, the calves are thin and muscular which is very unusual for women. They are also standing/shooped into appearing to have anterior tilt, that is a very curved back that a woman has. I'm suspicious about that just because if you look at the upper arm it indents in a very strange way that looks broken. So I think they shooped his back to give a more feminine appearance.

No. 420178

I think it's something to do with the skeletal structure. You don't even have to consciously notice wide shoulders, narrow hips, odd gait, big hands or weirdly proportioned skull but you just automatically feel like there's something off here from all these little hints.

No. 420180

Any without shoop? This is hardly a photo at this point

No. 420183

No. 420188

Jesus, the banner

No. 420210

He's got man-hands.

Anyway it looks like a mix of photoshop and plastic surgery.

No. 420218

File: 1560167211481.jpg (2.29 MB, 1180x752, EmjwRK4NSbyQNL.jpg)

Where did they say there were trans? I cant read japanese so i might have missed it but this person shoops alot. Pic related was the least edited pic i could find on their twitter account and this pic is from a photoshoot so its probaly still is edited.

No. 420238

why do they always shoop so much? he doesn't even look human at this point

No. 420239

No. 420249

This looks like his attempt to prove to people he doesn't photoshop which seems true with this picture apart from the very obvious airbrushing, I looked at his Twitter and all his photos were indeed photoshopped to the point he looks like a whole different person, I work with photoshop so I know what photoshop looks like, with this since he is trying to pull a natural "no photoshop" look, he placed his hand on his chin to hide the fact that he has a big chin and wide jaws and put his head forward to give his man body/wide shoulders a smaller appearance

No. 420288

File: 1560183702786.jpeg (208.3 KB, 1152x2048, 843CFACF-3549-4AC4-8A5B-86676D…)

Lol so looking like a man here

No. 420290

Still not really clockable IMO, looks like an ugly girl, but asian men have smaller frames to begin with.

No. 420295

it's only not clockable to someone who's never seen asian men.

No. 420312

The figure is definitely clockable masculine, sort of big and long arms. Weird shoulder abd neck. Defo a dude.

No. 420415

Thigh to calf ratio is what gives it away if you can't check for man-shoulders/hands. Even girls who are thin or fit don't have such muscular calves with thin, bony thighs.

I'm sick of trannies saying that they aren't clock-able, it's actually pretty easy to tell but the majority of ~allies~ don't want to hurt your feelings so they just play along.

No. 420431

It's amazing how easy it is to clock trannies online. You don't even have to see their faces to know that a person with a female name, anime avatar and sharing porn/hentai/kink shit is a troon. It's like they all have the same personality.

No. 420432

Absolutely. This TiF I used to be friends with was constantly told she passed because she'd been taking testosterone for years. She just looked like a fat chick with hirsutism

No. 420497

nta but I checked out his thread, they missed out the labour fiasco which I think was what made him more famous than the loreal issue-but I can see why they left it out if they are not brits. So far thats 3 counts I know of him getting himself fired from: l'oreal, labour party and now nspcc if we assume what he said was true.
This was posted elsewhere but thought some anons may appreciate so here ya go:

No. 420537

File: 1560216172325.png (826.65 KB, 1436x2707, Screenshot_20190610-192026~2.p…)

Ever heard of Leah Tverly.
She calls women bitches just for being feminine while claiming to be a Feminist. Here she is threatening a woman what are your thoughts?

No. 420538

Seems like Yahtzee is woke about trannies
>vid related: 4:50

Please don't use images of Japanese cartoons that promote transgenderism among kids.
The character lily from zombieland is a troon.

No. 420549

She's been posted several times and someone made a /snow thread about her, we know, we know

No. 420576

What do you think about her?

No. 420585

File: 1560225212639.jpg (89.67 KB, 426x640, miXiAex.jpg)

You dumbasses are getting embarrassing! >“Those are clearly man hands”

No, more like Ana-chan hands and photoshop. She probably had some work done on her face but she’s also nearly 30, trying to look like a young girl.
Where did you hear she was a man? Look, here she is as an average weight teen in a fashion snap. She used to be featured in fashion blogs. How difficult was it for you to Google 吉村まりえ/吉村マリエ?

Are you confused by all the female cosplayers now pretending to be traps or something?

No. 420588

You can't be that stupid, can you? Begone scrote.

No. 420618

Are you retarded? The anime doesn't promote transgenderism. At least the original doesn't. The English localization certainly does. Lily is just a crossdressing boy who freaked out at growing a beard because he didn't want to start shaving. Majority of Japan doesn't cape for troons, they know biological reality. Don't let the western TRAs win.

No. 420635

Nothing says unhinged like having an imaginary argument with a parent mid-rant. I saw similar in another thread where some fuckboy suddenly started insulting his parents in the middle of texting a girl sexually harassing shit.

No. 420637

Raising my second intersex child: Mother who has given birth to two kids with both male and female traits decides to forego 'confirmation' surgery this time - letting the child decide their own gender


>Intersex people are not to be confused with transgender.

MFW when the Fail has become a media bastion of GC.

No. 420641

File: 1560246575200.jpg (30.49 KB, 768x294, Facebook-768x294.jpg)

No. 420647

This belongs in a race thread, not here, they barely mention gender.
That person is handling themselves well as a young person of colour that has two chubby old gammon men telling them racism isn't a thing because poor white boys are also underperforming in schools. The person that dubbed in air horns when they uploaded this is an amoeba.

No. 420649

And none have a vagina

No. 420650

You provided absolutely no proof besides nitpicking a photoshopped cosplayer’s body and all you can do is accuse me of being a man? Look her up, you creepy bitch. marie_yoshimura is her regular fashion Instagram account and she is also a published illustrator. What the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 420653

And all have a penis, cause even a butchered inverted penis is still a penis.

No. 420661

File: 1560252644133.jpg (529.23 KB, 1300x2000, man-eaters-tweets.jpg)



But 9 issues into Man-Eaters, that binary view of gender is still present in the book and continues to be criticized. Cain has occasionally responded to that criticism, most relevantly for this story to one particular reader, who stated on Twitter back in May, “I want to like @ImageComics #ManEaters so bad, but it is SO HEAVILY founded in bio essentialism and TERFness that it’s impossible to not feel like it perpetuates the same misogyny/systemic violence that it’s attempting to tackle.”

TERF is an acronym that stands for Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist, in other words, someone who espouses feminist beliefs but does not believe that transgender women count as women, attempting to exclude them from women’s spaces.

“I appreciate any comic on menstruation and the literal violent eating of men—I super duper do—but #ManEaters further cements the toxicity of a gender binary in a heavy-handed, sad way,” another tweet from the same person said.

At the time, Cain responded to these tweets, saying, “Again, thanks for the feedback. Seems like you’re a regular reader. Which is…weird. Because you hate us. I’m so grateful for the work of our three 14-year-old contributors. And then I read comments like yours, and I think WHAT HAVE I DONE?” and “We will work on being more nuanced. And less specific. I guess I think of stories as points-of-view. As in, a person’s story in the world. I guess I thought that being specific was kind of the reason I was doing this.”

However, in the recently released Man-Eaters #9, both of the reader’s tweets were featured in the pages of the comic, plastered on billboards on the wall of the forced reeducation camps in the book. As the panels blew up on social media, the original reader noted that she was feeling overwhelmed and was turning off her notifications, which is why her tweets have been quoted, rather than embedded, above, in an attempt to respect anonymity as much as possible, even if that cat is already out of the bag, thanks to all of this.

No. 420663

the sinfest guy is also now an open terf with his comic. is the tide turning?

No. 420664

File: 1560253656169.gif (119.62 KB, 740x250, gendercrit.gif)

OH MY GOD he really isn't beating around the bush

No. 420667

File: 1560254562745.gif (514 KB, 740x1359, 2019-05-26.gif)

Shit man, he ain't taking any prisoners. I remember I used to be really pissed that sinfest became a preachfest but just recently I actually sawt down and read all the comics from the past 4 years and now that I have a more radfem outlook on life it really hit a nerve. I'm super fucking happy he's doing this.

That last panel fucking SPEAKS to me on a concrete level because I know of multiple companies who wanted to show solidarity during pride month… by making their FEMALE restrooms "gender-neutral". Male restrooms are left untouched. It's unbelievable.

No. 420684

Ugh this shit really annoys me. Most of the female bathrooms in my college were changed into "gender neutral" ones during my last year and I fucking refused to use them so I'd have to walk up two flights of stairs.

I was also in a trendy restaurant recently that had one male bathroom and two "gender neutral" ones. I asked one of the staff where the female bathroom is and he just pointed to the gender neutral one. Had to wait for a guy to finish taking a shit and was wondering wtf pregnant or elderly women are supposed to do in these situations. So in other words, men who need to pee have their own private urinals and women who need to pee have to do it in the same location men shit in. Lovely. How progressive. None of the interior had even been changed to make it "gender neutral" either, including a mirror that said "Yassssss King!" I fucking hate being a woman atm.

No. 420688

His comic is pretty great, and speaks truth. But I notice he isn't getting any backlash, the wrath of TRAs is completely reserved for women. Predictable.

No. 420705

File: 1560264326356.png (45.87 KB, 199x167, f6a7202a7c8521fd95e53461a9cec6…)

>doesn't sage
>tells another poster off for posting relevant content because it's "racebait" while calling a white man "chubby old gammon" which is actual racebait

No. 420710

No. 420726


This sounds pathetic, but seeing things like these just fill me with hope and keep me from getting overall pessimistic about the future for women. I stumbled upon an article on Bustle highlighting the potential presidential candidates and their LGBT views, and of course transgender was crammed into the spotlight on every concern like the Equality Act and the their ban in the military. So many of them want to give pornsick men easy access to our spaces and it makes me want to tear my hair out.

No. 420766

I went on to the actual lesbians subreddit to see if it's as bad as everyone says it is and oh god it is. Some troon was was going on how he discovered he was lesbian and came out. Dude how? You're a man, you can't discover you're lesbian

No. 420768

Ah, the poignant story of discovering that you're a heterosexual man. So brave. So revolutionary. Women, bow down to this lesbian icon.

No. 420776

File: 1560286275302.jpg (22.95 KB, 333x500, 418m4kVxPxL.jpg)

Everyone in this thread she read Christine Benvenuto's book Sex Changes.

It's a memoir this woman wrote about how her husband trooning out destroyed her marriage and upended her life. There are so many times in the story when her shitty accquiantiances trip over themselves to ask how her troon spouse is, but never give a single thought to her or the children. The husband is a profoundly narcissistic, deeply damaged individual who gets nothing but praise from the community while his family suffers.

It's a heartbreaking story, but it's told humorously. It's so refreshing to hear someone talk about how her community's virtue signaling actively harmed her family while enabling her abusive husband.

Luckily the woman moves on. She wins custody and finds new friends, while her husband just devolves further into a delusional loser.

No. 420780

I'll definitely be checking that out.

No. 420783


holy shit hes a retard

No. 420800

File: 1560291054570.png (245.1 KB, 540x648, creepy agp troon.png)

Sorry dont remember if this has been posted before but this just shows how self centered they are since when is young girls being exposed to boys "supporting human rights" unless they are trying to say they are men who want to perv on women (which is like a self own there)

No. 420804

>Japan doesn't promote troons but traps instead lmao my guys it's so totally different~

okay xD(xD)

No. 420806


nta but yes they are different

No. 420807

NTA but the term trap is clearly derogatory and there's a reason why western TRAs now 'cancel' anyone who uses the word.

No. 420812

God, how come Johnathan (((Yaniv))) still hasn't been arrested or investigated? Troons get so much fucking immunity, it's amazing.

No. 420815

File: 1560294180566.png (17.41 KB, 479x215, pol.PNG)

Back to /pol/ annon

No. 420817

I had to read that thread

And the article
This whole ordeal is horrific and a couple of notes
>Alonso noted the lengths to which the girls have allegedly gone to avoid sharing intimate facilities with boys, which count as “injuries in fact.”
>One “walks around all day in sweaty, dirty gym clothes” under her school clothes, some risk “urinary tract infections, dehydration and constipation” by using school restrooms as little as possible, and others “miss instructional time” by waiting to relieve themselves until class periods.
You have scares girls too afraid to make themselves vulnerable to boys. And the kicker

>Students are required to take physical education and swim classes, which require them to disrobe between classes, and the swim facilities in particular do not have “private changing stalls or private showers.”

>They also claimed the school district has “conveyed to students” they are “bigoted and intolerant” if they object to the school policy. Some have suffered “actual heckling” from other students, which dissuaded them from “asking to use a private locker room,” while the district has blocked some from using private facilities.
If you don't want to force yourself to change in front of guys, you're a bigot who deserves harassment. THIS IS THE TIMELINE WE'RE IN. If you have kids, homeschooling sounds ideal.

No. 420829

File: 1560297685996.png (Spoiler Image, 247.21 KB, 653x559, transwfw.PNG)

r/traaNSFW just straight up proves troons get their idea of women hood from porn.

No. 420839

Wtf is the anatomy in that drawing.

Anime is really frying troons' brains. No human being looks like this, let alone a woman.

Transbians never base their fashion on celebrities or models their own age like normal women. It's always underage anime characters. You have all these fat thirty-year-olds taking fashion advice from drawings- often ones drawn by other, equally damaged men.

No. 420845

I live in Vancouver and recently I keep seeing graffiti covering beautiful murals and buildings that reads "NO TERFS/SWERFS", "TRANS POWER!" and shit like that. I even saw it in the middle of Hastings St. which is full of poor homeless people in truly unfortunate circumstances, and it makes me laugh because 1. the homeless people don't give a fuck about trans power or whatever and 2. they always gotta make it about them and ignore the greater problems in the city like rampant homelessness, drug addiction, and poverty, especially among indigenous people. Y'know, true inequality. Plus they are shamelessly vandalizing public and private property, but painting over it would probably infuriate them more lmao. I wonder if the terrible graffiti is making people think twice about blindly accepting this (literally damaging) movement. It certainly disgusted me, and prompted me to post this here.

No. 420864

Jesus Christ, fuck off.

No. 420866

why else would they include the ((()))?

No. 420869

reading this thread makes me incredibly sad. your perception on trans people is very very skewed and i hope that one day you'll realize how harmful and ill informed your views are. i don't necessarily blame you for having these beliefs, since obviously the trans people you've had interactions with haven't been very positive, but it'd be nice if some of you could try and be more kind and understanding towards other human beings. (this is coming from a gay man who is in a very loving relationship with my trans boyfriend and had previously had poor opinions on trans people)(tumblr dot com)

No. 420870

File: 1560306916483.png (56.51 KB, 625x656, lyeV2cC.png)

No. 420871

>reading this thread makes me incredibly sad. your perception on gender critical women is very very skewed and i hope that one day you'll realize how harmful and ill informed your views are. i don't necessarily blame you for having these beliefs, since obviously the gender critical women you've had interactions with haven't been very positive, but it'd be nice if some of you could try and be more kind and understanding towards other women. (this is coming from a lesbian women who is in a very loving relationship with my lesbian girlfriend and had previously had high opinions on trans people)

Holly shit either you're a TiF larping or you really are a condescending prick. Can you be more understanding to us?

No. 420872

>this is coming from a gay man who is in a very loving relationship with my trans boyfriend
So you're a bi dude in a heterosexual relationship with a female. Cool. Knowing some nice trans people doesn't make gender ideology any less bullshit than it already is.

No. 420873

You're on an anonymous image board, don't take anything seriously.
I used ((())) because Yaniv is a predatory creep whose been shunned by the Internet, but has been able to get everything that even mentions him, shut down, deleted, or changed.
He's of Jewish background, that's it.
There are a lot of other things going on that some dimwit (myself) using a low tier meme.
Sorry if I'm sounding attacking you.

No. 420875

>taking off a school uniform
of course they're all pedophiles

No. 420881

File: 1560312258140.png (289.38 KB, 717x420, jy lgbt.png)


And because AGP, they objectify themselves as willing victims. Then it's just a short slippery slope to, "If trans children are of mature and sound mind to decide their gender, then they likewise can choose to engage in sex."


On Monday's Town of Langley, British Columbia, council meeting Jonathan "Jessica" Yaniv discussed cyberbullying. He's gone into Shut it down! mode.

"Recommendation: to work with provincial and the federal government to restrict web access to common bullying and harmful sites such as 8chan, 4chan, KF [and other Lolcow properties] and make it a crime to illegally access these sites via VPN, Proxy or other mechanisms."

Also on his agenda was conversion therapy.

No. 420882

File: 1560312467413.jpg (104.46 KB, 590x559, 20190611_aliciasback.jpg)

>I am a delicate flower uwu

No. 420887

File: 1560313484300.jpg (45.32 KB, 776x602, get a load of this guy.jpg)

Lol ok

>So you're a virtue-signaling straight guy in a heterosexual relationship with a female who you lied to about being gay so you could fuck her.


No. 420889

File: 1560313644326.png (1.97 MB, 1240x3857, screencapture-twitter-JackieMa…)

Nice hit on Twitter, too!

No. 420890

that character isn't a woman, it's a trap. take what you will from troons looking towards "men crossdressing" as examples of what to wear.

No. 420893

I don’t understand why these idiots keep claiming these crossdressing male characters, who explicitly identify as males and never women in their media, as “trans icons”. By claiming them, aren’t they admitting they are just boys in dresses too? Why do they obsess and “tran-wash” young male characters from a homosexual fetish category instead of actual futanari?

No. 420903

File: 1560318041325.jpg (183.97 KB, 1117x809, indya.jpg)

It's clear by the video, and reflected in the comments that "feminine penis" Indya Moore started this altercation yet claims they were the victim.

HE stomped on the bike and took the Trump sign first.

Here's a link to the story but the headline was written backwards by yahoo.


No. 420907

Why are these people brown-nosing him so hard?

He's a fucking child predator who tried to extort people for not waxing his balls. What the fuck is wrong with these people.

No. 420909

Ok idgi because of the incriminating photo that was posted makes the whole post seem sarcastic

No. 420910

My theory is that they identify with the misogynistic trap culture of ~men are better at being women uwu~ Men's idea of what women are is based entirely in misogyny.

No. 420913



It's a thorough trolling. Quite a few people are taking this tack since Twitter quashes any attempt at earnest engagement supported by biological facts.

No. 420914

File: 1560323808877.png (1.31 MB, 640x9756, jyj2.png)

I know they're just brainwashed, but I can't help reading handmaidens praise trannies and think "Lmao wait until this backfires on you, dummy".
This "Be nice to your local hons, they are struggling women who may KILL THEMSELVES!" thing so many of them do is born out of pure ignorance and naivete. It's gone too far, and can only go downhill.
Pic related, Jonathan Yaniv's makeup getting praised by some random women. For those who don't know him, this is the same freak who was disappointed he didn't get to see women with their tits out in female gyms, asked if it was okay to "look for the string" when he saw naked women in locker rooms to ask if anyone needed a pad or tampon, talked about wanting to "teach" a 10 year old girl how to insert a tampon in a public bathroom, tried to sue female cosmeticians for refusing to wax his balls, etc.
Like, imagine telling that "Keep slaying those looks, girl!". Tragic.

No. 420927

Does anyone have the collage posted in her tweet? It looks nice and succinct. Good for this type of shit: >>420914.

No. 420928

Reading this masterpiece of plausible deniability and double meaning >>420889 made me think about gender socialisation and how as women we're trained to resolve or avoid conflicts at all costs. Historically women who directly oppose men suffer for it, but cunning women that pull strings from the shadows or use their husbands as intermediaries have persisted in history or fiction. I thought that we lived in a mequal, feminist time where where women can be as unapologetically direct as men, not softening their language or playing social games, but I guess not.
Not transwomen though. They can enjoy being strong brave queens that have freedom of speech.

No. 420936

It’s definitely sarcasm, because calling him out directly gets you (perma)banned from Twitter.

I feel the same way, especially with the “don’t listen to the haters you do what you want” type of overzealous cheerleaders who outright encourage these men to trample all over other women’s boundaries. Even if they genuinely believe that they personally would not feel threatened by some doughy-looking guy touching up his shitty eyeshadow in the women’s bathroom, it pisses me off how eager they are to throw other women and our legitimate concerns under the bus. By all means let him fondle your tampon string if it makes you feel nice and woke but don’t speak for the rest of us.

No. 420983

File: 1560353188483.jpg (803.03 KB, 540x722, IMG_20190612_081526.jpg)

Anyone else's eyes rolling into the back of their skulls over the latest Cyberpunk 2077 ~twansphobic~ drama? Pic related was pointed out on twitter and lots of people are losing their shit, but I don't see it. Nothing on this in-game poster actually points to the presented person as being trans (even if that's the easy assumption to make), but everyone is freaking out about trans representation being a joke for the studio. What gets me is that, by troon logic, how do they know that this isn't a feminine presenting man? This is a cyberpunk future game, after all, and I can see where the studio is coming from in that they're probably trying to show how the lines of masculine/feminine presentation has been blurred for the sexes.

Shout out to the dude I saw commenting that "'chromanticore' is a play 'manticore,' a creature made up of nightmarish beasts."

CDprojekt Red already came under fire for a flippant "did you assume their gender???" joke someone made on their Twitter, but jeez, troons really are trying to find anything to lose their minds over aren't they?

No. 420989

Can anyone explain where the word troon comes from?

No. 420997

File: 1560354425683.png (1 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20190522-144208.png)

She's also extremely homophobic

No. 421001

If I recall correctly it originates from Something Awful Forums where the users are called "goons", and they started calling the tranny goons "troons". It just became a mainstream slur at some point.

I wish I remembered where I saw it but I recently came across a tweet that said something along the lines of "Transphobes keep repeating talking points against abolishing the juridical sex by bringing up female sports being ruined, being creeped on in the female spaces, etc. Just say you don't trust cis men!" And I just thought to myself "That's what I'm doing yet you won't fucking listen".

No. 421034

Assuming this is a TiM and not a crossdressing man: why are troons so mad about this? They parrot day in day out about how trans women HAVE penises and you have to SHUT UP and DEAL WITH IT, but then somebody draws a random tranny with a dick and they get mad. I for one am still going to buy this game.

No. 421040

You'd think they'd appreciate the inclusion. Far more favorable than what actual troons look like. And it's a cyberpunk setting so of course there's going to be themes of over the top consumerism, the game isn't saying it's an appropriate thing.

No. 421041

Cheers anon. Was just thinking it was because they so often look like cartoons.

No. 421046

>I don't get it, she just looks like a cool chick with a hella trendy hairstyle
>Me a moment later
>Oh god, that bulge, my eyes are burning.
Yeah it's a total nontroversy. Between gene splicing and cybernetic implants they're they're massively underselling how completely degenerate our cyberpunk future could be.

No. 421055

File: 1560360853386.gif (287.5 KB, 500x264, gtfo.gif)

I read that article too. That shit's so horrendous. And it's called progressive…

In my local newspaper there was an opinion piece where the writers wanted that puberty blockers were accessible to trans kids and how it would be beneficial to their mental state etc. I was just like "no no no no!" It's just sickening how kids are affected by all this crap.

No. 421059

No. 421066

Ah kek, I thought it was a wordplay on the word "loons"

No. 421113

The easiest way to upset any handmaiden libfem is to say "Are you a trans woman?"

Don't put any judgement into your voice or imply you find it gross. Just ask neutrally. They ALWAYS get so offended and upset, like you just insulted them. It's so funny.

I did it to one today and as usual she got very offended and I said "Why are you angry? Do you think being trans is bad or something?"

Watching her trying to come to terms with wanting to think all trans women are brave and stunning but being horribly offended by anyone think she's one was so funny.

No. 421129

That's brilliant anon. I love fucking with people anyways.

Just lower your voice a level, lean in, and say, "are YOU trans?" Before they can answer, loudly declare, "I'm totally cool with you being trans!"

No. 421135

of course they are upset, even they see that tran*whamen don't look like women at all. i just don't understand why they still play pretend.

No. 421160

Oh man that's a great idea, I'm gonna do that when I have the opportunity.

No. 421182

In the beginning of the video she states that this is not like the excuses a cis-person would make so I thought oh maybe it has to do with knowing how much a trans person goes through and not wanting that in a relationship? But no. I am two reasons in and they're like the exact same reason a ""cis""" person could have…….. smh. Don't they get it

No. 421187

Trans people are so narcissistic, if you won't date another trans person why should anyone date you???

No. 421192

Hopefully red doesn't cave into pressure and remove it. Troons don't buy games, they're poor

No. 421197

They won't even date between themselves but they demand we date them. lol

No. 421210

the reasons for all the anons that don't want to watch:
>she wants biological kids
>sex is important to her, and she's not interested in preop or post op trans people - doesn't want strap ons, only wants real dick.
>doesn't want to date someone with dysphoria because she doesn't want to deal with her partner acting the same way.

These are the same reasons lots of straight and gay people don't want to date trans people lol

It's okay for her to say it though

No. 421330

The artist explained her intent:
>“In [the year] 2077, especially with how much body modifications are available, I think people just mix and match however they want, however they feel,” Redesiuk said. “And even society is more open to different kinds of relationships.”

>This is not to say that the player should see this kind of advertising as good. Redesiuk said that it was designed to feel jarring and overly aggressive, like all the other ads in the game, but not because of the femme-presenting trans model.

>“Cyberpunk 2077 is a dystopian future where megacorporations dictate everything,” Redesiuk said. “They try to, and successfully, influence people’s lives. They shove products down their throats. They create those very aggressive advertisements that use, and abuse, a lot of people’s needs and instincts. So, hypersexualization is apparent everywhere, and in our ads there are many examples of hypersexualized women, hypersexualized men, and hypersexualized people in between.

>“This is all to show that [much like in our modern world], hypersexualization in advertisements is just terrible,” Redesiuk continued. “It was a conscious choice on our end to show that in this world — a world where you are a cyberpunk, a person fighting against corporations. That [advertisement] is what you’re fighting against.”

The whole transphobia complaint pisses me off because this is literally what actual women have to deal with every fucking day in advertising.
These people wouldn't be pearl-clutching if it was some alt girl without a penis in the ad, because our hypersexualization is normal to them. Hell, when it's us, it's even supported as "progressive" because it fits the cumbrained porn addict worldview.
But when it's a "trap" as the subject, it's all shock and horror at the transphobia. Why do TiMs and their TRA henchmen constantly complain when they're treated like actual women, down to the bad stuff (and this isn't even the tip of the iceberg of what we go through)? If they really cared, they'd also be complaining about ads that do this to us, but they don't, because they know they're not really women and they don't give a single shit. In fact, they love it, because it gives them something easy to emulate.

No. 421332

How bizarre a relationship would be between two troons. Fighting over hrt. Competing to be dressed the most like an 8 year old girl. If post op, imagine the mess. I wish they would date each other though instead of preying on lesbians

No. 421334

They should date each other and leave us alone. It's not even for us to judge whatever weird shit goes on between them. I just want them to stop trying to force their "girldick" on everyone lol

No. 421342

Agreed. If you're going to live out your fetish, date people who share it with you and leave everyone else the fuck out of it.

No. 421352

I know two troons who date and live together (one was already a friend of mine before trooning out and we just kind of keep a vague acquaintanceship on social media) and they always have pictures of their super dirty place and post weirdly inappropriate things about "arguing" over who has the biggest "tits." So it comes across basically how you'd imagine.

No. 421358

File: 1560432736719.png (198.25 KB, 640x760, nspcc.png)

No. 421367

No. 421396

Phenomenal point. Male troons are completely silent as women face objectification and degrading oversexualization (sometimes at the hand of TIMs) every day of our lives. But when they get a taste of what it actually feels like to be us then they flip out—not in solidarity with what we face every day, but just for the one little instance that applies to them.

No. 421398

File: 1560441988462.jpg (42.21 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1560441904501.jpg)

This was posted by a toon i know jfc.

No. 421401

the second is actually worse

No. 421424

Unsolicited dick pics from any gender is hated by everyone.
Penises are funny looking though.

No. 421433

File: 1560448792682.gif (3.71 MB, 320x320, tenor.gif)

>dick pics
>from any gender

No. 421442

I know, right? Clown world has ruined me.

No. 421449

No. 421457

File: 1560451984665.jpeg (302.95 KB, 2048x2048, 4567FE15-3235-4650-A1AD-0FCF2C…)

> TiM posts picture on r/transpassing “How do I look?” with the OBVIOUS snapchat female filter
> other trans loons comment how beautiful and cis he looks, and some even analyze how cis his chin and other facial features look



No. 421461

Why…why would you do this? Why seek validation for something so obviously fake?

No. 421474

File: 1560454316684.jpg (652.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190613-123210_Chr…)

Hahhaha wow. Another photo of his found through his profile

No. 421476

That same AGP smirk once again.

No. 421482

File: 1560456061171.png (702.15 KB, 795x937, 05b4890fddefa13d9e987dee26cb7d…)

An American troon was denied entry to a lesbian bar in Japan. The tranny complained to the state. Now the lesbian bar has to allow men too.


No. 421486


I hate this, and also how in the most alty spaces, there are a lot of trans women who push this horrifically pomo "actually being honest about my ~~~transgressive~~~ sexuality is daring" and it amounts to making this kind of objectification and hypersexualization not just accepted, but celebrated as the MOST daring, boundary-pushing, complex work out there. Trans women in indie games making endless "brave" work like Christine Love's uwu lesbians <3 games and Anna Anthropy's fucking "Lesbian Spider Queens From Mars" or w/e it was was the final straw for me. They're all just boring horny dudes who get credit for being boring horny dudes because the world will cape for men until it dies.

No. 421488

A minor correction, the state wasn't involved. It was all resolved through Twitter. Sorry, I had a shitty source. It was retarded on my part to rely on it.

No. 421491


As someone who doesn't use Snapchat, I can't actually spot the filter but uh……I thought these were before pictures anyway, so

No. 421494

>A white male foreigner demanded his own cultural ideas and desires to take precedence over that of Japanese lesbians in their own fucking country
Wow, revolutionary!

No. 421495

They really started allowing troons? Damn I thought they wouldn't budge given it being japan

No. 421510

Hopefully they toss up a "Japanese only" sign to help curb the inevitable wave of white men in ill-fitting dresses and terrible wings.

No. 421525

japan barely wants gay/les bars to exist at all. remember there's still no same-sex marriage there.

No. 421538

he literally just looks like a mouth breathing incel

No. 421555

I wish the world would end soon. When is the next asteroid passing by?

No. 421576

Slightly ot, but reports say that there's no asteroid hitting us at least on 800 years, and the ones that could lack the power to cause a cataclysm, maybe destroy a city, but not the entire planet. Maybe Global warming could kill us but that would take a while, it wouldn't be as fast and painless as an asteroid (sadly).

No. 421588

Samefag, but if a slightly medium-sized asteroid landed in the US and damaged enough cities to cause national chaos, people would quickly forget about troons and their bullshit as there would be something actually important to worry about other than their stupid whims about women bathrooms and lesbians rejecting them.

No. 421595

Adam Driver is a tranny now?

No. 421599

This isn't technically true. There are a couple prefectures that allow gay marriage.

No. 421600

Thank you for recommending this. The whole thing is so infuriating I can't stop reading. I think the most upsetting part is the way his therapist kept harassing this poor woman. It's literally her job to understand people's feelings, I hope she loses her license.

No. 421601

A bit of a tinfoil but sometimes I feel like tranny issues are pushed so hard to distract the mass public from more important issues such as climate change.

That and transgenderism is such a first world problem.

No. 421607

>A bit of a tinfoil but sometimes I feel like tranny issues are pushed so hard to distract the mass public from more important issues

This is not even a tinfoil anymore, im pretty sure that's what's they're trying to do, nobody cared about troons that much until serious media and politicians started to talk about them.

>transgenderism is such a first world problem.

This, even in Latin America, richer countries like Argentina or Chile are drinking the kool aid while poorer countries are too busy trying to survive.

No. 421613

top kek

No. 421657

I thought this was just some Meitu basic filter. This shit is girl filtered and he looks like this? The reality must be so bleak, because this person looks 100% like a Jeremy even with that filter. Why do this? How are men so dumb that they think this is passing? Are they so stupid that they think a recessed chin = small, and small = woman? How are they so visually retarded?

No. 421670

File: 1560489065718.jpg (205.18 KB, 838x863, we see u.jpg)

well i guess with all the tax avoidance they do they can certainly afford it.

No. 421673

way to alienate your other employees why don't they go ahead and pay their rent and tuition and other expenses while they're at it

No. 421674

Gender Dysphoria - Pay for me to get big porn star tits, 3 nose jobs, fillers, a butt lift and bottom surgery
The world - okay, we support it

Body Dysphoria - Can I get a dermatologist and possibly a fat transfer
The world - no lol fake bitch learn to love yourself

No. 421680

…Not to be that guy, but I think this money would be better spent on daycare for single parents employees.

Also doing this is going to cause a huge influx of tranny employees, and I don't know if I want someone who sticks dilators in his infected axe wound every few hours to be handling my food.

No. 421702

>So this company won't help me with daycare so i can actually work better, but they will pay a porn addict his surgeries? fuck this shit
I can see some people hitting peak trans for this.

>someone who sticks dilators in his infected axe wound
>handling food
I didn't consider this, holy shit that's gross. Who the fuck thought this was a good idea?

No. 421710

Nowhere in japan allows same sex marriage. Some offer “partnerships” but that’s not the same thing.

No. 421771

I usually try not to be one of those people, but this really makes me feel like I need to put my money where my mouth is and not buy any more Starbucks. Also because of the point anon made in >>421680 about sanitation.

No. 421809

people should laugh and make more fun of tras. they like to be intimidating. people should humiliate them and laugh, and not give the the fear they want.

No. 421871

Wasn't Hitler the one who wanted to sterilize all sexual deviants? Or was it Stalin? Wow! We have circled back to sterilizing the mentally ill, but with quite an unexpected twist. It's voluntary and brave and bold!
Not tinfoil anymore. At this point it's evident!

No. 421888

i mean hitler got most of his eugenics ideas from the US, so it's actually full circle.

No. 421894

File: 1560522202141.gif (3.03 MB, 474x260, giphy.gif)

Tinfoil, but this trans surgery thing is cheap PR in the grand scheme.

Trans people are .6% of the american population an extremely small number in comparison to, going by what you want, single moms are 23% of the american population. Even if trans surgery is expensive there is a lower chance of running into an employee who needs it. Even if day care is cheaper there is a higher chance of a single mom needing it. Would a company rather pay a lot for a few people and get woke points or a little for a lot of people and get backlash from MRAs?

No. 421902

she wants to get pregnant by a male's dick?? isn't that the most female thing that she can go through?? these fucking people

No. 421919

I'm kind of curious as to the logic behind it. I've heard about TIFs who want to get pregnant but it doesn't make any sense to me.

No. 421925

A male speedrunner furry "friend" of mine who draws inflation, obesity, farting and giant lips fetish art has put "female" in their profile's description and is saying he's experimenting with gender… Just no…

No. 421968

It's literally just "I want biological kids, and the only way is getting pregnant, so I'll do it". If they used any logic they'd realize they're just female and that's why they want to be pregnant.

No. 421972

what are surrogates?

No. 422022

No, she froze her eggs

No. 422115

Sorry 4 blog but there's a 40 year old man who's a customer at my work that goes by a female name but is literally just a greasy old skinnyfat guy with long hair and stubble. Have to call him 'Mx' every fucking time I interact with him, this whole era is such a joke.

No. 422156

I agree whole heartedly

No. 422164

Remember those two women in the UK who were beaten bloody by a group of men after refusing to kiss for them a week ago?

One of the women beaten in that attack has posted an article…about how Awesome Trans Gals are the real victims.


No. 422165

This article explains why the trans movement gets the MOST funding out of any civil rights movement.

Highly recommend it. It's long but incredibly well put together. Trannies, esp the ones who are "socialists," really have no idea of the corruption that they're supporting.
But trannies are also the ones who say that gender norms/roles shouldn't exist while also believing that not fitting into your sex's gender norms/roles means that you should do everything to try to become the opposite sex.

Starbucks sucks. Switch to Dunkin, Peets, Coffee Bean, Philz, Dutch Bros, or whatever else you have available. Not trying to derail but I think I need to stop supporting these "girl-dick"-loving branches like Starbucks and Target.

No. 422167

Oh my god this actually makes me want to kill myself. I'm a woman but why is it that women ALWAYS the ones defending these lunatics?

I posted a comment in opposition to a troon a while back on facebook, didn't get any notifications for weeks until I saw that a woman had to respond in defense of the tranny a week later before the tranny could respond. So fucking pathetic.

No. 422170

File: 1560549240166.jpg (41.99 KB, 750x500, martina-big.jpg)

I seriously don't understand why this is the biggest taboo no-no "laugh at the crazy woman" shit compared to transgenderism. "You can't feel what it's like to be another race!!!" Uh actually I would like to argue it's way easier than "feeling like a woman". You can be adopted or grow up in another country, fully submerged in the culture, language, customs and traditions of people of a different skin tone than yourself. You can dedicate your entire life to understanding or documenting a different culture. Not saying the woman pictured has done any of that other than "simply wanting to be black", but it's just so ludicrous to me how that's any different to simply wanting to be a woman. One argument I hear is that white people will never understand the racism and stigma attached to black people from birth, but men can't fucking understand the misogyny and sexism women experience from birth. Women are judged and treated differently from men the second we're born, it's fucking insulting that a man can chop off his dick and get implants and pretend like he knows what it's like. If that's socially acceptable, then so should changing your race be as well.

Or people could just accept what they're born as and work through any issues through therapy and medication but of course that's not something you're allowed to say either.

No. 422175

I honestly don't know how this doesn't shut their arguments down immediately. I live in some fucking bizarro world I think.

No. 422179

Tbh I think the difference is that women are too scared to fight back in the same way black people are. If transgenderism actually affected men in the same way it affected women, there would be much more opposition to it. Yeah of course gay men are fed up with fakebois in their spaces, but it's nowhere near the same violent and toxic behaviour of tims.

No. 422205

lol more proof the US is cancer

No. 422212

more than half of black people are women tf

No. 422215

>You can dedicate your entire life to understanding or documenting a different culture. Not saying the woman pictured has done any of that other than "simply wanting to be black",

As wacky as she is, she actually has done her research and spent time in Africa trying to learn directly from them and be accepted. You can go to her YouTube and see just how dedicated she is. Martina NEVER speaks over black people or demands authority over them. There’s nothing malicious or spiteful about her intentions. This is the complete opposite of narcissistic, violent TIMs demanding we submit to them and erasing our lived experiences.

No. 422222

Great comment section here…

No. 422226

Well yeah, obviously, but they also have the support of black men whereas GC women have very little male support (I don't count men simply hating on trannies as actual support of GC ideas and why TRAs are harmful to women.) Actually they have the support of everyone since everyone condones "race changing". I really didn't mean to tread on anyone's toes with any of this race stuff, and sorry if it's irrelevant, I was just using it as an example why I find the TRA agenda absurd.

Oh wow I didn't know that, I've only seen her portrayed as a vapid bimbo.

No. 422229

Ehh, not really. She started out as a weird bimbo fetishist/plastic surgery addict, and now she's using this "trans-black" thing to further her weird fetish.
It's AGP-tier of her to do this, and narcissistic that she'd even think it's a good idea.
She may be less unpleasant than most TiMs, but that doesn't make her actions defensible.

No. 422232

File: 1560571305205.jpeg (113.33 KB, 750x720, F9A78EC3-725D-4ADC-B71E-D01719…)

I have two exceptionally bad r/transpassing troons to share. The comments are always so creepy. “You’ll make a beautiful woman!” “You look cis!” “You go girl” etc. like applauding the fetishists/hobbyists’ abilities to trick people into thinking they’re women.

No. 422234

File: 1560571578011.png (3.66 MB, 750x1334, 6866103B-D8AA-4D6C-953C-E3A68E…)

Yup, women DO look mindless greased up sex dolls/corpses. You go girl.

No. 422238

File: 1560572151475.jpg (5.42 KB, 212x300, A-1754615-1285820544.jpeg.jpg)

KEK that malien head

No. 422242


Is that an… adult?

He looks like someone's 11 year kid brother who's been picked on and had his 17 year old sister's makeup forcibly applied to humiliate him. I've seen some adult men in the 20-30 age range who look like teenagers, but he looks like a prepubescent boy.

No. 422244

File: 1560574035860.jpg (25.55 KB, 591x519, JoNXtse.jpg)

Oh, no! They got Russel too.

No. 422245

Oh no I didn’t even consider that. I’d feel sorry for him if he was an actual teenager or under. That’s a victim of nurture I think.

No. 422263

I fucking lost it.

No. 422317

How do even pronounce that? "Mix"? As in Old Greg's downstairs mix-up?

No. 422325

File: 1560599580603.jpg (600.74 KB, 1079x1345, Screenshot_20190615-145114_Tum…)

wtf does this even mean, is it to trick people into donating so they wouldn't feel like they're donating to an ebil cis man, it's just a effeminate guy in a choker ffs

No. 422347

That big ass male head and male ribs. They can't hide it no matter how much they try.

No. 422433

I've been saying it with a schwa but I don't know if that's 'correct', just guessed honestly.

No. 422476

File: 1560624419839.png (542.75 KB, 578x528, vancouverrally.PNG)

Anyone been following this? As far as I understand so far, a TIF daughter is possibly being taken from her father by the province, because he wouldn't consent to is daughter taking hormone blockers and testosterone.

No. 422478

Samefag but all the tweets I can find mostly refer to it as an "anti-trans" and "right wing" rally when it's mostly just normal parents and some radfems shocked at this precedent.

No. 422517

You're right, but women of color are disregarded compared to men of color. If you look at past civil rights movements dedicated to fighting against racism, there's always been women of color at the front of these movements. They just aren't acknowledged at all in the same way famous male civil rights activists are.

Examples of black female activists that most likely haven't heard about:
The shit that feminism gets shows that civil rights movements only matter when the activism includes males.

I love it when normies comment about the freaks that they are but it's guaranteed that these comments will become more "proof" of transphobia against ~amazing, brave transwomen~ and thus the T will be pushed even as the "most oppressed" of LGBT.

That body looks really male even with all of the back arching.

How the fuck do these people not see it as child abuse? How does the belief that a "child cannot consent" and that "a child does not have a fully developed brain" not apply to plastic surgery, puberty blockers and hormones? Next they'll be advocating for pedophilia and including them in the "LGBTQ+"

No. 422534

my conspiracy theory is that there are serious pedophilia interests behind stuff like mermaids. if kids can consent to hormones and surgery like the troon bridgade says they can, then the next logical step is to say they can consent to sex.

No. 422546

The pride festival in my city happened a couple of weeks ago. Even my pretty liberal friend was sick of the weird fetishists walking around and asked what "normal gays and lesbians think of pride when they see those people."

When she did that, I started pointing out the gross troons in ugly dresses or anime gear and explaining some GC stuff to her, and basically said "normal gays and lesbians hate this shit, dude". She actually seemed to be listening, so I think I'm pulling her to the GC side.

No. 422556

That doesn't even seem like much of a conspiracy when you think about the registered sex offenders doing those drag storytimes, it's mostly pro-TRA groups that organize that shit.

No. 422558


Wtf? Source?

No. 422559

Two threads back, search Drag Queen Read To Kids. Another anon not on mobile can link

No. 422573

File: 1560650611953.jpg (606.18 KB, 1079x1210, Screenshot_20190615-210344_Chr…)

No. 422586

On dealing with troons:

Why not just treat them to some mean girl passive aggressiveness? Sure, win the war of ideas with facts and logic. But doesn't part of you just want to ruin their day sometimes?

Just a snide, "Oh, wow. Did you leave the house looking like that? I'm sorry no one told you before you went out." "I think one of your balls is showing through that skirt. Maybe you need spanx?" "You look so great! Just like Camilla Parker-Bowles!" Shit like that.

No. 422588

c'mon man, don't trash camilla like that

No. 422589

It's not her. It's that they would hate being compared to her. She's ooooooooooold. And definitely not a dainty anime girl.

No. 422592

this tbh. if they want to be women should be treated like one.

No. 422594

Giving bisexual women everywhere a bad name. "Lesbian couple" can refer to the relationship and not the people, you mong. God she's beyond pompous.

No. 422596

File: 1560660502168.jpg (169.99 KB, 874x319, IKnewIt.jpg)

Why are TiMs so distinctive? I was reading this post on Reddit's BDSM community and as soon as I read this I thought: Troon. Even though the post makes no mention of trans stuff or gender at all.

So I checked the post history. And I was right, it's a TiM. This always happens, they're so distinctive and easy to identify just by how they talk and write but I'm not sure why. Any ideas?

No. 422597

the > < is what sealed it for me.

No. 422611

If you hear a distinctly male voice in the women's room, ask someone with you or even him if you're accidentally in the men's room

No. 422613

It was first posted in >>387656

No. 422627


This is a missed opportunity. This is the internet. Troll the fuck out of these losers. Make you sock TIM accounts and infiltrate their comms. Use their creepy fetishes against them. Talk about how validating it is to put on your highest heels and clean your whole house. Talk about how perfect (insert anime girl here) is when she's cooking and cleaning, and how sexy you feel doing all the housework and inviting your lady friends to tea. Turn them all into sissy maids.

When they post pictures enthusiastically ask when they're going to post the after pictures.

When they say anything less than perfectly kind, ask them why they're being so mean. Do they want people to think they're one of those ugly old feminists?!

Use every shitty comment anyone ever said to you that made you feel insecure. Talk about how important it is to always be dieting. Fat girls aren't pretty, you know.

They want to know if they pass? Find something bizarre that gives them away that there's no reasonable way to fix. "Are you going to do anything about your hands? They're just so. Mannish. They really give you away."

They count on people being nice to them. Crush them "helpful" criticism. If anyone says anything, reference some movie filled with bitch girls - you're trying to help them experience that important girlhood they missed out on. Be vicious.

No. 422628

Love all of this.

Extra tips for radfems who want to keep things subtle:

Compliment them, but on things TiMs would hate to be. They always think women should be cute submissive little waifus, so say stuff like "I love how assertive and dominant you are!" and "You're so strong, do you work out?"

You're being kind, so no stupid handmaiden can get mad. But it will make the TiM seethe.

No. 422630

>Use their creepy fetishes against them. Talk about how validating it is to put on your highest heels and clean your whole house. Talk about how perfect (insert anime girl here) is when she's cooking and cleaning, and how sexy you feel doing all the housework and inviting your lady friends to tea.
I used to do this sort of shit even before I became GC. I'd basically LARP about how great it is to be a girl/woman.
The difference is, I was kind of serious, and thought I was doing my part to discredit Blanchard's AGP stuff and smash TERF theory, therefore helping TiMs. After realizing that I was wrong, I don't necessarily have to enjoy all of that shit just because I'm female, and that these are actually, literally just a bunch of mentally ill and/or misogynistic men with retarded fantasies, not "Sisters on the inside waiting to be recognized for who they are!!! uwu", I just like making them seethe.

No. 422631

Keep them our if your women's groups. It's not because they're trans. These are groups for "feminine" women, and they're "too loud", "take up too much space", "they're too self centered", "not supportive enough", "aren't good at emotional labor". Oh don't say it right away. Start with "You just aren't a good fit." When they leap to transphobia, then you break out the critiques of how they aren't feminine. "We didn't want to be mean, but we don't want you to think it's because you're trans! We love feminine trans women!"

No. 422632


Use their AFAB/AMAB shit against them. Create women's groups but call them AFAB groups. Say they're for AFAB-specific experiences like childbirth, menstruation and PCOS. Come up with cute slogans like AFABulous. Don't mention the words women or female even once, and when troons throw a fit about being left out say "But it's not a women's group? I don't get why you're upset?"

No. 422634

>Come up with cute slogans like AFABulous.

fuck off with this shit please. barf. you don't need cutesy acronyms and stuff it's cringy.

No. 422636

If you want to attract libfems and handmaidens, this is the way to do it. The more women we can seduce to our side, the better.

No. 422638


Who cares if it's cringe if it works?

No. 422639

Speaking of getting libfems to listen to us, we need to work on creating articles and blog posts that aren't obviously GC. There's a place for GC discussion, but libfems have blinders on and will close the tab the moment they realize they're reading a GC blogpost. They're too deep into the cult mindset.

Instead, we need to be more subtle. Write helpful articles examining the facts without talking about GC beliefs. Like articles pointing out that there actually is no trans murder epidemic and the statistics show that trans people are LESS at risk of being murdered than any other demographic. Just leave the facts there in a neutral space like Medium, and let libfems read it. It will get them thinking. And then when they're ready, they'll start asking us for the GC content.

No. 422641

Not to armchair but everything I've read about the daughter (her social issues, her obsession with her teacher and other intense interests) makes it seem like she has undiagnosed autism, or at least some undiagnosed mental illness that would explain her various issues better than gender dysphoria does.

There's a real issue with mentally ill kids (autistic children are specifically targeted) being convinced by their family or teachers that they have gender dysphoria rather than whatever they do have. It's very manipulative to promise unstable, vulnerable children that all of their mental issues can be magically fixed with hormones.

No. 422642

I seem to remember there's some sort of term for making sure people with mental disorders can't procreate, whether it's by putting them on cross-sex hormones to sterilize them or otherwise. What was it, what was it…..

Oh that's right. Eugenics.

No. 422646

Yes! Chances are some "NB" kids will join but at least it will keep the TIMs out.

No. 422658

Pointing out things they can’t change to them is best imo

No. 422660

Particularly if you do the humblebrag method. Stuff like [Ugh I hate how tiny my hands are! I wish I had nice strong hands like yours.'

No. 422663

>Like articles pointing out that there actually is no trans murder epidemic and the statistics show that trans people are LESS at risk of being murdered than any other demographic.
There’s actually a blogpost out there dissecting this myth that was written by a TiM, so it would take a lot of reaching for anyone to denounce it as terven lies. I’ll dig it up later when I’m not half asleep and on my phone or maybe another anon knows what I’m talking about.

No. 422673

You guys are idiots, humblebrags don't work on people with narcissistic personalities, they will just use it as a reason why they're better than a natal woman like they do with every other 'manly' attribute they have.
All of this talk like >>422627 is only going to negatively affect gnc women that see or hear it, it will bounce straight off of your targets.

No. 422688

Not necessarily. I've seen a lot of TiMs get buttblasted when women complain about having periods or menstrual cramps, and say "You're so lucky you don't have to deal with that".

No. 422698

Yeah. Things here don't work as they do with a "traditional" narc. TIMs will pretend they like their features but will cry about their man hands being complimented on Reddit.

No. 422742

File: 1560719680225.png (115.91 KB, 540x420, psychos.png)

They aint even hiding it anymore, can you imagine if any other group did this?

No. 422748

>A pride flag for nazis who love to punch jews

No. 422755

File: 1560722630166.png (114.89 KB, 533x734, Untitled.png)

and yet they make shit like this too-funny because they call lesbians terfs too.

No. 422756

they even used the ugly "butch" flag - instead of the mixed orange/pink one (that looks better because it gets rid of that god awful dark yellow)

No. 422760

I've read in a previous thread that now on twitter you can report people who post insults and threats about TERFs and these people can get banned. Did anyone here try doing that? I'm going to do this as often as I can because almost everytime someone I don't know rt or likes my tweets it's a TIF who say TERFs should die, are degenerates or TIFs in denial if they're butch.

No. 422764

And of course no mention of trans men. They absolutely hate women and don't even try to hide it.

This. It doesn't do any good to straight out grab them by the shoulders and scream in their faces. During my TRA days the thing that made me turn GC was the subtle jabs of absolute reality by something like denying women their right to their biology.

No. 422778

You can certainly report threats of violence, but I’m not sure if Twitter would remove nonviolent insults.

No. 422783

I just realised that even the transflag is a fucking cliche. Pink for girls, blue for boys???? So progressive

No. 422785

I reported only 'stfu terf' pic with zombie-crossdresser and they banned these accounts.

No. 422787

I'll try reporting people who do that anyway and I'll tell you how it goes.

I've seen some people talking about it and posting different pictures with the caption "stfu terf" to avoid being banned for that. But the fact that this picture is ban-worthy is already an improvement imo.

No. 422814

I just feel sorry for society as a whole…the only way to avoid hate is by not voicing your opinion, the more "inclusive and woke" people want to seem, the more intolerant and violent they really are.

No. 422823

I searched "punch terfs" in twitter and there are a lot of people complaining that saying that got them banned. We should report all the TRAs saying this kind of shit.

No. 422831

And the "NB kids" will ruin the group from the inside with non-stop tran pandering. Normie women, lesbians, and radfems will avoid a "AFABulous" group like the plague.

No. 422837

Radfems would avoid it because we have sense, but the group wouldn't be for us. The aim would be to create a space where normie women, libfems and TiFs would hang out, that was completely and totally closed to TiMs. And TiMs wouldn't be able to argue their way into it without peak transing a bunch of libfems. It's a useful peak transing device, not a cool new site for radfems to hang out.

No. 422852

They want so badly to frighten us into silence but it won't work when all we have to say to get any group of random normies to agree with us is "What IS a woman, then? What would it mean to FEEL like a woman?" or "Long hair, dresses, makeup, and breast implants aren't what make someone a woman, right?"
I've done this IRL countless times and any normies waffling around the subject of trans activism suddenly show enormous relief that they're allowed to voice those opinions, agree with me outright and even get heated saying how ridiculous it is that we're supposed to buy into males being women just because they put on an outfit or fuck themselves up with surgeries designed to emulate an actual female body, which theirs will never be. The trans cult relies on fearmongering, callout culture and denying people the opportunity to ask basic questions about the logic behind defining words like male and female.

No. 422856

File: 1560783921239.jpeg (137.6 KB, 749x1231, D9EBKDkUIAAeklG.jpeg)

Posted by some dyke with a buzzcut going by they/them pronouns
this is absolutely regressive

No. 422857

This has been my experience too. I’ve been more vocal about these thoughts and feelings lately, fully expecting to get into debates, but instead I get relieved exhales and genuine philosophical discussion about gender roles from people I don’t expect it from. The logic is sound. People agree with it, they just need a space to feel free to share their voice without fear of social suicide.

No. 422868


same here. i "came out" as gc a few months ago and i did it expecting to be ostracized by most of my friends, since i know a lot of libfems. instead i got countless private messages and texts from women saying they feel the same way and they're so relieved to be able to finally talk about it. what's sad is they all think they're the only one who's contacted me saying that stuff.

No. 422937

This hinges on the assumption that libs/TIWs believe women are a marginalized class of people with unique experiences who deserve our own space. they don't. they will do anything to ruin it as they believe it's the equivalent of a "whites only" space.

No. 422938

Can't say I've ever noticed what a pad wrapper looks like in my whole life.

No. 422978

Be clever about it and you could make it happen. Say it's a discussion group for AFAB people to discuss AFAB-specific issues like PCOS in a "non-gendered space, as women's groups can be triggering for non-binary, questioning and trans AFAB people." Some shit like that. Libfems will eat that up.

Then you add an off-topic section for general talk, so the forum is nominally about stuff like PCOS but is really just a women's group with clever branding.

You guys just need to think strategically. Libfems are all about wordplay and mind games, they don't think too hard about anything beyond the clever phrasing.

No. 422979

That's great for you anon! Some of my friends (my closest lesbian/bi women friends) know I'm GC and a couple are full on GC too and the rest just don't want to deal with narcissistic dicks, but I've been really scared telling the rest of my friends since most of them are straight libfems. I do know some would definitely disown me but I'd like to think some of them at least wouldn't. A lot of women are absolutely terrified by tims/TRAs and tbh so am I to an extent, as in I don't engage in debates IRL. You never know what those fucks are capable of and should always expect the worst.

No. 422992

fucking lol. I have this same type of Always pads with the "female symbols" on them and every time I reach for a pad I wondered if it would trigger anyone. Guess so lmao

No. 422993

File: 1560809880869.jpg (122.27 KB, 1280x613, stfu.jpg)

No. 422995

File: 1560809993897.png (61.65 KB, 500x327, narcissist.png)

oh fuck it gets even worse can you believe

No. 422997

I haven't witnessed this level of delusion yet. Fascinating.

No. 423009

File: 1560811572810.png (1.21 MB, 997x2500, screencapture-twitter-vozbosqu…)

So I checked out his twitter and, I think we need a bingo card for this shit. Apart from confirming hes AGP and retweeting shit that says transowmen are better than real women and get killed for being themselves (aka being men) hes blames white women for everything including being the majority of human traffickers (yes there are female traffickers but the majority are still men) lik the victim narrative is strong with this one. Also he has dozens of tweets comparing transwomen being forced to use male showers to concentration camps-would not be surprised if he becomes a future lolcow.

No. 423012

Why are they capitalizing "white"?

Fucking what? Those teenagers were asking the women to kiss because they get off on lesbians. How is that in any way like anything lesbians ask of troons?

Lesbians ask that troons leave them the fuck alone and stop trying to force their "feminine" penises on them. We don't ask them to perform PDA for our amusement, the fuck?

Those women were assaulted because of their identities. They deserve to make the news. If violence against troons isn't being covered, that's their own damn problem. It doesn't mean these lesbians shouldn't be heard. Also, how does these women being white factor into this at all? They were victims of a fucking hate crime no matter how you slice it.

Trannies say this shit and wonder why we don't like them.

No. 423017

>and are no less violent

what… universe are we in again?

No. 423020

Lmao he surely is milky.
>1500-2500 cc breast implants
Breasts are clearly a joke to him.

No. 423029

File: 1560816493415.jpg (149.61 KB, 1038x401, Screenshot_20190618-030705.jpg)

Uh… what the actual fuck???

No. 423032

As usual the troon hates real women, and especially white women, although I suspect he may be saying white women so he doesnt get shit for his misogyny.

No. 423035

Ah, of course, he's basically an MRA. They're all MRAs.

No. 423039

No. 423080

File: 1560830900466.jpg (312.61 KB, 1087x1280, 1560829168679.jpg)

>There are girls with dicks and boys with vulvas, simple as. Most suffer daily, because society doesn't know this. Let's talk about it: their happiness also depends on you. Suicide rates amongst transexual adults whose identity was denied at childhood hover at 41%. Recent studies with transexual minors whose identity is respected and accompanied show similar indices of happiness and quality of life as the rest of the population of the same age

Mumma mia jaja

No. 423081

File: 1560831093472.jpeg (752.43 KB, 1242x1486, A55556DE-535D-400C-864E-F138CD…)


No. 423085

I wish they'd reclassify them as men with a kink, that's what they are.

No. 423087

Finally somebody talks about this shit! I remember when i was a handmaiden and when i saw this i just lost it and hitted peak trans. I can't believe this was pushed as something "progressive", i'm forever disappointed in Spain's "feminist". movement.
>Excluding kink from queer spaces makes them inhospitable to us
Imagine thinking that a community is "inhospitable" just because it doesn't pander to your fetishes, how can you be this self-absorbed?

No. 423089

I feel like the only mexican girl who doesnt fall for this trans bullshit
there's always faggots using latinx instead of latina or latino (atleast in english)
have fun changing all the gendered nouns in spanish lol

No. 423091

Hey i'm latina too! i feel you so much.

>there's always faggots using latinx instead of latina or latino (atleast in english)

At first those were just Americans doing it and latin people would immediately told them to fuck off, but now there's a lot of latin/spanish people saying "hermanxs" and "todes". I thought this trans/nonbinary movement wouldn't work here but it's starting to become more and more mainstream, i really want normies to get a grip fast until it grows out of control with pornsick men harassing lesbians and girls cutting their tits off out of internalized misogyny.

No. 423092

What the fuck is this shit?! I found it in the Queer Kid Stuff thread on KF.

No. 423093

I wish I worked for Always so I could write "Ophelia" back and send back information describing the FEMALE process of menstruation and explain that anything flowing from their axe wound or butthole is not the same.

No. 423094

File: 1560834394817.jpg (25.39 KB, 532x502, 1531703382104.jpg)

No. 423095

How are we even supposed to pronounce it? I'm not a native speaker but know enough for it to make me go wtf. I'm noticing latinas getting overshadowed in issues in favor of just saying "latinx" too…there are probably better ways of trying to make it a neutral word than a fucking x.

No. 423097

Aren't most pimps male? Sure, women can be complicit and back up fucked up shit, but men are massively the major consumers and proprietors of sex trafficking. We all know who is "buying" these girls…it's not ebil cis women.

No. 423099

You know, as usual, they have to shit on women for some reason, even if they have to reach like this.

No. 423103

File: 1560836790407.png (227.78 KB, 728x725, dsbvkjh.png)

Pardon me since I'm not too educated in gender politics but I've always been confused about how someone can identify as both trans and non-binary. Wouldn't believing in being non-binary conflict with believing in transgenderism (since troons means transitioning to male or female and not anything else)?

Thanks for introducing me to this subreddit. Had a look at some of the top-rated posts and
a good number of these folks aren't even trying to hide that being trans is fetish-y for them.

No. 423106

Ugh the thought of that is disgusting!!!!!

No. 423107

Why they always sexualize women's childhood like this? Their obsession is so fucking gross

No. 423110

Because they're pedophiles.

No. 423117

I just met an old acquaintance who I've known for 10+ years but haven't seen in a long while. She started out as a pretty lesbian girl, but trooned out a few years ago. The T absolutely ruined her.
>Outrageous testosterone acne appearing on her formerly very clear skin
>A flimsy beard
>Escaping hairline
>Delicate facial features are gone and she looks like a butterfaced druggie now
>Only around 5ft6
>Still sounds and looks like a girl, didn't even realize she's on T before I noticed the patched beard
Fuck it's so sad. It's been so long since I've met a lesbian who wasn't a genderfuck or a tranny. I feel really bad for her but I'm also glad we're not on close terms so I don't have to pretend like I recognize her as a man.

I really hate how they say "I always felt like I was supposed to be a man, I just realized it now". No, that nagging feeling was just the homophobia being rammed into your head and telling you it's a no-no for a girl to fall in love with another girl.

No. 423130

>have fun changing all the gendered nouns in spanish lol
It applies to all the languages derived from Latin actually. I always see French troons on twitter who post their neo-pronouns but they never tell you how you're supposed to write adjectives describing them. They've been pushing for inclusive writing a lot where instead of "il ou elle (he or she)"
to make a generalized statement they'll type new pronouns like "iel" by fusing ones that already exist and they use fucked up ponctuations instead of writing they way they would talk out loud like everyone else. I wonder how it is for Italian now that I think about it.

No. 423136

File: 1560846004954.png (634.75 KB, 720x1229, 20190618_041822.png)

No. 423142

Are you dense Anon? Ophelia is not a TIM, she's a female who identifies as a gender-special non-binary.

No. 423144

>"we're acepting all trans related films"
>You're discriminating against trans women

lmao what? How did they reach this conclusion?

But post the real trans statistics and you're a transphobe, right?

No. 423145

i personally have nothing against normal drag queens, theyve just found a fun way to express their sexuality imo, good for them. but is anyone really surprised that a bunch of men who decide to take their sexual expression around small children turn out to be predators. people have been saying this from the second this whole drag queen story hour bullshit started.

No. 423146

I've never heard of lesbians (or actual women in general) demanding TiMs kiss each other and attacking them if they don't. Have they confused their bizarre pornography with real life?

No. 423147

It's shit like this that makes me wish you could block people IRL. How can someone this putrid even exist?

No. 423149

1) Kids of both genders have sleepovers. If you never went to one, it's not because you're trans, it's because you have no friends.
2) Way to self-sabotage your argument that trannies aren't perverts, guys lol
3) Unironic use of "uwu" in 2019

No. 423150

>Way to self-sabotage your argument that trannies aren't perverts, guys lol
I have a feeling they've completely abandoned that. They've already gotten in, so now all their admissions to AGP can be passed off as "Transwomen have sexual feelings and agency, too! Stop demanding that we be chaste virgins and then revoking our womanhood whenever we admit to enjoying our bodies. Stop telling us we're freaks for being sexual beings! Stop rejecting us!".

No. 423151

But they want a female party, not a male one!

No. 423168

File: 1560857257686.jpg (72.14 KB, 1000x1000, Always-Ultra-2017.jpg)

Hi, could someone please point out the "female symbols" to me? Is it the keyhole?

No. 423173

File: 1560858703995.jpg (125.29 KB, 852x1200, D9TthBZW4AA9LoM.jpg)

I don't recall this being posted here but lol @ M$ marketing emails.

No. 423175

Maybe I should have spoilered it. Sorry.

No. 423185

At least with that "todes todxs" bullshit, I know which people to block from my life, the brainwashing is concerning, especially with kids, but from where I'm from, people who talk like that are often ridiculized (as it should be)

No. 423186

What kind of dollar store "queens"… lmao

No. 423188

>Kids of both genders have sleepovers
And they're not even that different. Me and my brothers had very similar sleepovers. Gaming, movies, eating snacks, staying up late while telling creepy stories. I never had any of that generic "giggling, braiding each others hair and tickle fights" shit happen at my sleepovers.

This one TiM I follow on Tumblr wrote a lengthy rant/vaguepost about someone calling him a perv (he frequently posts NSFW furry shit and has that whole girl bulge obsession going on), and he justified it by saying how his identity has been "stomped on" his whole life and now he's finally comfortable enough to "express" himself.

No. 423191

File: 1560862910205.jpg (348.39 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190618-055932_Twi…)

And they wonder why women find bleeder or menstrater offensive lmao

No. 423193

I can't take a photo of it cause it's too identifying, but at my work there's a pride poster that literally just has a pic with giant trans flag in the background with only a little sliver of the rainbow flag in the top right corner if you squint. I saw it and immediately felt like it was this entire TRA thing in a nutshell.

No. 423195

don't forget "womb havers". And they themselves love referring to people as "bodies" and "voices", which is much more reifying than any of the terms they've listed.

No. 423197

This reminds me though, why does left media and a lot of the left in general tbh STILL say ‘the gays’
Why is a group that’s supposed to be an ally to this day dehumanise LGB people

No. 423203

this is weeby but you know how they pitch down songs of female singers and upload it as "male version" and vice versa? these male versions work but female versions never do. they sound like screeching chipmunks. it reminded me of how tims voices always sound male no matter how hard they try to fake it.

No. 423224

these are the same people that say things like "black bodies," as if that's not more dehumanizing

No. 423232

File: 1560871672071.jpeg (1.96 MB, 1242x1414, A370C648-69D8-48ED-9637-B1608B…)

A lovely sign from Portland Pride…

No. 423233

File: 1560871716941.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1242x1416, E8AB3F07-EDC5-4826-8E56-3874C9…)

And the creator.

No. 423237

Involuntarily said "aha oh no nononono" out loud.

No. 423246

File: 1560873887233.jpg (1.5 MB, 3702x3111, 20190618_090147~2.jpg)

I'm pretty sure Ophelia means like in pic. I use this brand and they litter the little Venus symbol (or whatever it's called) on the wrapper.

No. 423249

I'm triggered by the molar coming out of the socket of the second incisor

No. 423251

>kill those who disagree

troons are the same dumb men that respond "eQuAl RiGhtS mEaNs i CaN PuNcH YoU" when you tell them you're a feminist.

clearly the superior brand of feminism is the one that advocates for actual physical violence against women.

No. 423253

Are you french ? The french trans community is very annoying.

No. 423254

I don’t understand why on earth they’d think women would be fine with men wanting to join the girls’ club after men have violently abused, raped, and killed us for thousands of years. They push back way too hard and far often with too much implication of using violence.

There’s a reason normies are usually chill with trans people as long as they act like normal people instead of wanting to mass murder everyone around them. There will always be those who are outspoken, but advocating for violence usually doesn’t go over too well.

No. 423261

File: 1560877659149.jpg (40.49 KB, 450x340, opinion.jpg)

At first stuff like this made me angry, now it just makes me sad. I hope that trannies continue doing things like this and normies will finally see the wolf in sheep's clothing.

No. 423262

>Brutal middle age style violence against women is so progressive! uwu

No. 423270

>REAL feminism is men in drag threatening to use their male strength to physically attack women who speak up about women's rights

No. 423271

That’s actually a girl who goes by NB

No. 423273

>feminism is cutting off the heads of the wrong kind of women to protect men who think they're women inside
Lmao, so backward

No. 423276

Generally, how to TRAs feel about detransitioners and former trans people talking out against the trans movement? I haven't really seen it so I was wondering if they ignore their existence or try to silence them or call them fake or something.

No. 423278

Every reaction I've seen is "well they weren't ever really trans so it doesn't count" since they need to keep saying it's something intrinsic you can't turn into or turn away from.

No. 423281


The comments under this photo are so annoying like

Omg girl you’re so toned look at those arms!! Since when have you been so muscular?!

Uhhh… since she was born a man…

No. 423282

File: 1560883093853.jpeg (203.67 KB, 750x1142, 4C391044-0565-494D-A2DF-9128F1…)

So disturbing

No. 423284

isn't this a youtuber that used to be gay and now trans? , also what is up wint his face?

No. 423289

yep, stef sanjati. he's got waardenburg syndrome and has had a crap ton of plastic surgery, his face looked weird before now it's just alien-like..

No. 423292

Brutally unappealing artwork.

No. 423294

I fucking hate this guy and and his plastic surgery addiciton. A long time ago I started watching his videos because I was fascinated but it started getting ugly really fast. Afrer every surgery he demanded more. I remember when he just got lip fillers and literally said "I wanna get more, I want them to look swollen" same with the boobs. Well that certainly doesn't sound like a fetish at all!! It just makes me feel so gross when trannies need to have swollen lips and doulbe D boobs to feel like a woman, it's insulting. And they always use "muh dysphoria" as their pathetic excuse

No. 423296

Yeah I'm French. I avoid the trans community online but the few French mutuals I have online are gay or bi and they post about how evil TERFs are so I don't talk about it at all. I had a previous online friend who at some point started posting way too much about how the fact that transitioning can only be reimbursed by social security if they're diagnosed with gender dysphoria and they get counseling and therapy for it is literal violence and about how it's unfair that synthetic testosterone doses are hard to get by and transmen should have priority over real men with real physical illnesses and symptoms for these doses (kind of how some fakeboi complained about women with breast cancer are prioritized in the UK to have a mastectomy over transmen, it was in a previous thread). She was trying to act too much like a "queer" fakeboi who wouldn't shut up about gender but I blocked her as soon as she started writing in incomprehensible inclusive writing. If you're French and you have milk to spill then tell me more, I'm morbidly curious these days.

No. 423307

Another suffering latina. This only started out with spoiled idiots trying to make latinx a thing (even though latino is gender neutral already lol) but now it's spreading to our countries. People picking up problems that don't even have anything to do with our countries. People are trying to add elu to ele (m) and ela (f) and menine to menino and menina. This isn't Canada yet so if some tranny asks me to call them elu and menine i'm just gonna tell them to fuck off. Good luck trying to untangle an entire gendered language. The one that makes the most sense to be is latine, but again, latino is already gender neutral.
Just pretend the problem doesn't exist instead of tackling it! Brilliant! I can't wait until prominent trans figures detrans because then we're going to see some real changes.

No. 423314

File: 1560888252435.jpg (59.88 KB, 504x378, fantasticwoman0218.jpg)

Chilean here
the media litterally bombards us with trans shit
a few years ago this movie was pushed so hard on every news channel and site, and it got even worse when it got nominated for an oscar.
luckly people are divided about this and sort of see through it as some leftist proggy agenda
the most common complain about said movie was that the "fantastic" woman is indeed a man and considering the local film industry is very sexist and had it's own weinstein like scandal, the first time we a female protagonist on a positive light of course it's not a real woman.

No. 423327

Wouldn't the neutral word for latino/latina be "latin" in the first place? Since that's already a real word, unlike latinx.

No. 423337

Yeah but they need to virtue signal and show the world that they're extra woke by using special words.

No. 423341

I'm Brazilian and they're pushing hard for this "elu" pronouns bullshit here. It looks and sounds terrible.

No. 423345

I get sad bc I used to think that not following gender roles would continue to be a big thing, but not in the sense of how it’s currently going. Like I thought guys wearing eyeliner and nail polish back when emo/scene were popular would become more common and eventually fashion would be all over the place with people just wearing what they wanted/acting how they wanted, but still being inherently male and female.

It makes me kind of depressed bc I think many men and women can pull off clothing and styles that are typically for the opposite sex but as soon as someone slaps an uwu genderqueer label on themselves while they’re doing it, it makes me want to get away from them instantly. It’s not enough anymore to be a woman in a men’s suit or a masculine guy rocking lingerie. You have to also give up an entire part of yourself and become either the other gender or somewhere in between.

Sorry, just needed to spew words for a sec.

No. 423347

And to add, there’s something very appealing and inspiring about people who can confidently rock being feminine or masculine while still being comfortable with the sex they are.

No. 423352

This looks like what happens when you make the eye slider goes as far as possible away from the nose in character creation.

No. 423372


You’re right it does hahaha her face really bothers me and it’s not because of her condition, it’s iust so obviously a man and I can’t stand he fillers. Horrendous looking “woman” she is

No. 423374


I’m so tired of this shit wow
How hard is it to create films about fantastic biological women? Why is it always about trannys? They’re not women idc idc people can hate me all they want but I’m never going along with their bs

No. 423379

this is clearly an attempt to show first world countries how progressive we are
yeah right
we still stuggle with homophobic violence
men killing their wives, girlfriends and men sexually abusing the young girls in their families
but oh look
we support trans stuff
we are so developed
just on par with europe

No. 423388

I have never been less surprised by anything than when I saw what the person who drew that looks like.

Also I thought pride was supposed to be about positivity. There are children at pride. Having a sign with graphic violence and "fuck" on it is not okay.

No. 423389

Another example of transwomen stepping over bio women

this guy was expelled from various schools because of his poor performance, is 18 y/o and still has 2 years left of high school and yet decides he wants to apply to a prestigious -girls only- public school
it's very hard to get in, the requirements are high and there are waiting lists for the small chance someone changes her mind about entering
of course he gets in, citing "special" terms of admision,
leaving out other much more capable bio girls who applied by regular means

No. 423390

My heart goes out to all the latina women having to deal with this bullshit. A lot of SA countries don't even allow abortion, but they'll give special rights to crossdressing men. Cancer.

No. 423396

My thoughts exactly. But hey, at least if you're a troon the state will go out of their way to defend you, because there's money and good publicity there. People will go "Brazil is so progressive! Look at them! They're so thoughtful!" and virtue signal for us on twitter about issues that are non-existent to 99.9% of the population. How about tackling women's rights issues, favelas, or the rampant violence problem? These are the most apparent and yet our priorities are still out of order.
Impressive. Put on a skirt and grow out your hair and you're on your way to enter a prestigious girls only school in Chile no less.

No. 423409

File: 1560909582365.png (111.1 KB, 500x500, tumblr_pqwnrojVvn1x35gg8o3_500…)

No. 423411

He looks like Richard Ramirez lmaoo uglass

No. 423412


whoops fucked up, this was meant to be a reply to >>423233

No. 423416

Why do people even take this stuff seriously. Transracial shit and otherkin get descrited and laughed at by virtually everyone, but a notable amount of people still coddle trannies even though it's essentially the same thing. A male claims his feelings are pink and glittery so he is actually a woman inside uwuwu and people bend over backwards to validate this delusion because sexism. It's so stupid.

No. 423425

Liberal feminism. That's basically it.

No. 423430

LOOL which one of y'all made this? (its great btw) https://jonathanyaniv.org/

No. 423435

Null made it, it says. I’m legitimately surprised there’s not a legal battle between JY and KF yet.

No. 423469

File: 1560923685220.png (1.1 MB, 1154x972, hmmm.png)

Found this on r/badwomensanatomy. They're all making fun of it.
So close, yet so far.

No. 423472

Yes of course, how could I forget that the letter x makes everything gender neutral, right folx?

No. 423473

His face looks so fucked up, does he suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome?

No. 423487

File: 1560927560717.jpg (78.21 KB, 835x258, sick fuck.jpg)

>Man pats himself on back for being a shitty human being and gloats about it because the internet has decided terfs are the worst thing ever.

No. 423491

What the fuck kind of mental gymnastics is this?
>Those fucking terven assholes reading gender theory JUST to prove trans people wrong ugghhh they're such NERDS!!! how dare they actually educate themselves on facts instead of submitting to pseudoscience like the rest of us, literally human garbage!
Men are just looking for opportunities to hate on women, what else is new?

No. 423502

File: 1560929844020.jpg (367.27 KB, 1200x3179, away.jpg)

I know that topic comes up often, but they are never happy with anything. In Cyberpunk Transsexuals would actual make sense because the body doesn't mean anything anymore and people do modification just for the lols.

I still can't get behind company who tries to please these narcissist. It is clear as daylight that they don't spent a cent on those games.

No. 423511

Why they all look like a weird cringy blend of punk fashion from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s in that order?

No. 423516

Eh, it's just bonus pr for CDPR.

They probably don't give a shit about them but they did it since, well, they can and as you said, it makes sense for them to add the option.

I just wish that, since they don't plan on playing or buying the game, they'd piss off.

No. 423517

And this is why I will never express my viewpoints in this city. Made the mistake of suggesting that gender may not, in fact, be an entire galaxy in one of my classes at the university here (Same uni, by the way, has a women's resource center consisting mostly of "nonbinary" women)… you can imagine how that went down. It's still better than living in a conservative area, but you will for sure be ostracized and risk your career/education by expressing radfem or gender critical views. Something like this? Never a problem, 100% empowering and beautiful

No. 423518

Hold on…im confused. This games lets you create a trans character but apparently thats transphobic? How?

No. 423534

They're still nitpicking because of the "transphobic"poster. They're not people video game studios should pander to because the way I see it they weren't going to be customers anyway and whenever a studio or localisation company try to make products more appealing to them the quality just goes down and down, almost no troon buy the games because "ha it's too late, you already offended me so I won't buy this game I never wanted in the first place" and actual customers dislike this sort of practices. This reminds me a lot of FE Fates and the changed or removed dialogues because some troons and people who aren't even part of the customer base complained about homophobia and sexism. Three Houses made the bi characters even more stereotypical and removed what made them popular in the first place and never released some of the DLCs. Since then Nintendo of Japan is way more careful when it comes to localisation in the West and give less of a fuck about SJWs but Western studios seem to have the opposite reaction.

No. 423538

File: 1560941932217.jpg (63.04 KB, 374x810, tumblr_ps6zbpjqXl1qkcpqe_540.j…)

They always, always tell on themselves.

No. 423540

File: 1560941981948.jpg (52.18 KB, 374x810, tumblr_ps6zbqSB4q1qkcpqe_540.j…)

No. 423541

File: 1560942078805.jpg (62.52 KB, 540x738, tumblr_ps6zbqixYl1qkcpqe_540.j…)

>Kink is important for us to discover ourselves
>But we're not men with fetishes, swear! We're real women on the inside! Just believe us, you transmisogynist!

No. 423543

File: 1560942206739.jpg (54.59 KB, 540x462, tumblr_ps6zbpooHe1qkcpqe_540.j…)

>What do you mean I can't walk my wives on leashes in public?! Why do you hate trans families??

No. 423548

File: 1560942879184.jpg (103.17 KB, 620x643, tumblr_pstl05tIKI1sou15jo1_640…)

I just found out that the male feminist who got outed and arrested for trying to have sex with a 7 year old was also a TRA.
All these things really do connect.

No. 423550

File: 1560943649588.png (93.08 KB, 540x356, tumblr_inline_pt7qthtl5r1sfg3b…)

>orgasmic birth
Totally not a fetish guys

No. 423554

>Even though that's what a lot of trans families look like
And… This is not a problem for people? They don't think this is indicative of an underlying problem?

No. 423558

Ah yes, every woman’s end goal in childbirth


No. 423559

File: 1560946436160.jpeg (49.03 KB, 540x540, C574C84F-FD2C-482F-9D04-69608E…)

>Getting a functioning vagina as a man without any complications.
>Make a spawn with Frankenstein’s pussy.
>Orgasm while giving birth.

This is what ((men)) think being a woman is and I’m disappointed but not surprised.

No. 423569

File: 1560949923999.png (648.03 KB, 811x594, jj2.png)

Jazz update. He organized a drag night fundraiser for his friend Noelle's bottom surgery.

Jazz wrote and performed a song.

Oh, the song. Yikes.


No. 423570

File: 1560949956618.png (40.54 KB, 267x216, jj4.png)

No. 423571

Holy shit he really moves like a drag queen like a man pretending to be a woman. Like no matter how early they start they look weird

No. 423572

File: 1560950074808.png (37.91 KB, 281x215, jj5.png)

No. 423573

File: 1560950545413.png (560.64 KB, 812x594, jj1.png)

Noelle was always envious of Jazz' lack of male puberty and ability to pass (well, in comparison yes). He had a freak out at prom, collapsing crying in a corner to get all the sweet attenshun from the girls.

No. 423577

Either all body dysmorphia is valid and requires covered surgery, including the procedures that biological women feel they need to get. Or none of it is.
This truly disgusts me.

Notice how nobody gave a fuck about cosmetic procedures being covered until men wanting to be women started to whine about it.

No. 423580

lmao at the troons in the comments saying that being a tranny is a life threatening illness and they should get surgery for free because "muh suicide rates"

people with body dismorphia commit suicide too, but they dont get free surgery either. if you suggested that body dismorphic women should get free boob jobs you would get a wildly different reaction than if a troon wanted a boob job.

also, he cant sing, he was off tune for like half of it.

No. 423584


She looks really bad lol

No. 423591

who tf wears braids in the hospital. maybe if you were terminal and live there, but fuck off if you think i'm waking up from surgery and asking the nurse to braid my damn hair.

No. 423596


It’s true, they can only try their best but in reality, their bones don’t lie. Their DNA will still have their bones growing a certain way, their bodies and fat storage just becomes feminized but they’re still men, always will be

No. 423599

File: 1560954256397.jpeg (98.52 KB, 750x510, 007B6362-880B-4451-865A-8CDCC8…)

Has anyone here watched the pilot of that HBO show Euphoria with Zendaya and this trans girl?

No. 423601

File: 1560954356904.jpeg (177.4 KB, 750x1192, 22CCB736-3C52-4355-868C-2C6B00…)

The actresses name is Hunter Schafer and she creeps me the hell out. Not because she’s trans but her face is genuinely creepy. She still looks like a little boy. (SPOILER)Her character in the show goes on Grindr to find some dude and she gets all dolled up and goes to a cheap motel to see him…

No. 423602

File: 1560954379763.jpeg (224.53 KB, 748x1201, C71BE34A-9BB6-4633-B52F-3D0E35…)


No. 423603

imagine doing your eyeliner like an edgy teen.

No. 423607


I thought we've covered in this thread many times that using a troon's "preferred pronouns" is unnecessary.

No. 423611

File: 1560955500938.jpg (401.76 KB, 3072x2304, 1559617239582.jpg)

>that dick bulge

With the face by itself it's pretty obvious he's a teenage boy or a young man.

No. 423613

Damn that’s the nitpick of the century tbh

No. 423618

This. I suffer from body dysmorphia and some years ago I talked about it in a group with some troons. Obviously, the troons got triggered when I "dared" to compare our conditions, because how dare you implying that they're not suffering more than you, "cis" woman. Things got even more heated when they demanded free surgery and I asked what they'd think of giving free surgery to people with BDD too.

No. 423619

He could have braided it beforehand or even done it himself afterwards? You sound very pressed over a non-issue

No. 423624

I've heard there are some countries where it's possible for plastic surgery, including SRS, to be reimbursed (or free as it's called sometimes but taxpayers pay for it) if you get a diagnosis. In France I've had relatives telling me to bullshit my way through a diagnosis to get a free boobjob to look more "normal" despite the fact that I was ok with how I looked. But at least in my case it would have been justified because it's due to a medical condition that couldn't be prevented. Even random people wanting a nosejob or some other common procedure is more justified than anyone trans because unless something goes wrong you just get the surgery and it's over. It's not some expensive and dangerous treatment that will last for a life-time and will lead to more expensive procedures once there are unavoidable complications.

I mentioned it earlier in the thread but instead of being grateful that they can get free plastic surgery and hormone injections, troons are complaining because of the mandatory diagnosis and therapy sessions with a psychiatrist before being eligible for hormones and SRS. I've been told about an organisation called the SOFECT being "discriminatory" for not allowing random people to have very dangerous and life altering procedures done to them after one consultation. I'm curious about other countries in Europe tbh, except the UK since there are already a lot of news articles about Mermaid and minors getting hormone injections.

No. 423625

Is this a TIM or a TIF?

No. 423626

I can't believe there are this many troons running around Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. A majority of people in South Florida are lower middle class and struggling to survive yet here we have the ever so privileged(and Jewish) Jazz begging for money for his friend to get his dick chopped off. The difference in what they consider real life threatening issues shows they've never lived outside their gated community privileged lives.

No. 423627

That's a guy, so a TIM. You can see in the photo from the show >>423599 that he has fake breasts and an intact penis.

No. 423638


My bad, I’m new here

No. 423648

File: 1560960782377.png (176.05 KB, 740x958, Screenshot_2019-06-19-09-06-24…)

No. 423651

Video in question, btw, for anyone who’s interested.


No. 423652

Glad the student had the good idea to film it. The more this crap affects men, the stronger and faster the pushback will be. Particularly when it starts fucking things up for straight men.

No. 423659

Has anyone managed to explain why this is empowering and progressive but the bulge in that cyberpunk game is transphobic fetishisation?

I worry that the pushback from straight men will hurt gnc and LGB people, particularly women, even more. Most straight guys I know who are outspoken against trans ideology are homophobic Jordan Peterson types who are in favour of strict sex-based gender roles. It wouldn’t surprise me if the backlash against TRA nonsense will end up undoing decades of feminist and LGB activism.

No. 423661

File: 1560963410553.png (359.57 KB, 495x629, welp.png)

No. 423662

>follow a pro-abortion Twitter that links to other resources
>they retweet one of those "If I repeat it ten times, it'll become true" memes that says something like none of us are free until trans black women are free

I just want to follow and support pro-choice groups, since that's you know, under fucking attack in the US. I hate that this stupid shit comes along with it.

No. 423663


As cringey as this seems, this may not be a bad idea at all. Normies and radfems probably won't care too much about it, but it could possibly lasso in some libfems and peak them when TRAs get assmad over not being included.

No. 423680

If you have long hair it's grosser if it's near your face, the braids keep it neat.

No. 423681

She has a chubby face so passes pretty well I think

No. 423682

File: 1560968269110.webm (1.33 MB, 958x398, she.webm)

No. 423685

but isn't that the whole reason there are issues in the first place? tims are trying to get themselves included in "AFAB" related issues and want to use "AFAB" terms. that's why the make such a stink about stuff like menstrual pad language. ffs, tims should be gloating about not having to bleed every 3 weeks rather than being salty about it.

No. 423686

male friend of mine I've known for years has gotten a sissy fetish and is considering transitioning because he think the idea of being a woman is hot. I did not expect it from him but he's a pretty lonely guy. I don't now what to do?? Should I cut ties completely or try to make him rethink about it?

No. 423692

I wish them luck!

No. 423695

I know it's an old post but I had to answer, I'm chilean too and this fucking movie was shoveled into every media constantly like you HAD to like it in order to be an inclusive and "good person" and it made me sick, a man stealing the spotlight from women again, and yet they think is the best thing ever, and don't you dare say he's a biologic male bc leftists will not hesitate to throw insults at you (since they're the better people, you know..)
being politically correct here is disgusting and seems like brain washing to me, try to defy them with respect and people will literally mob you on the streets crying about hate speech while kicking you. Damn I hate this country sometimes…

No. 423696

Nothing you'll say will change his mind. He's already neck deep in his online echo chambers, anything you say would probably just make him disown you, so do it before he does.

No. 423699

exactly, anon. that's the purpose of an afab forum, to peak trans a bunch of libfems when tims inevitably try to force their way into it. you KNOW it's only a matter of time before tims start bending the english language to try and argue that they're afab too, just like they did with woman and with female.

No. 423700

Didn't this dude start HRT like really young, yet he still looks like a dude? It's almost like.. .wow.. biology is undeniable

No. 423703


I meant bad in that photo. Jazz passes sometimes from certain angles but generally I think Jazz still looks masculine.

No. 423707

File: 1560973002153.png (45.47 KB, 876x431, 1557959177378.png)

He'll get a nasty shock when reality hits after surgery (warning, do not read if you are eating or easily made queasy)

No. 423708


I feel sick that was very graphic and disturbing wow

No. 423715

The next time I see a TiM insist he's "better at being a woman" or "more woman" than actual women, I'm going to find it very hard not to just reply with that image and the word "Dilate".
Just imagine the smell.

No. 423717

File: 1560974232592.png (73.14 KB, 968x466, 20190516_064617.png)

Here are some women describing the smell, I feel bad these women having to deal with these idiots.

No. 423729

Fuck. Wouldn't it be terrifying to wake up with a neo-vagina and not a biological vagina?

No. 423733

I don't get how they say its a real vagina. Its not. Really pisses me off. Yellow stuff in your vagina normally? My real vagina not once was there any hair or yellow or orange shit in it.

No. 423734

Dont know which is more gross, the hairy schmeg infested axe wound, or the fact someone was willing to tango with said axe wound. This reminds me of that reddit post about the guy who inserted a jolly rancher into his gf's vag only to realize when he dug it back out and bit on it, he had actually bit on a gonorrhea nodule. Except that story was fake where as this actually happened. Vile.

No. 423740

File: 1560976795324.jpg (80.78 KB, 687x425, 23134314.JPG)

Anon misses his dick cause his dick didn't need this much maintenance.

No. 423749

i'm 100% serious, what does jazz being a jew have to do with anything? are you the same anon who was posting nazi symbols ITT

No. 423750

it has nothing to do with anything. that anon is probably a nazi who believes in the jewish conspiracy.

No. 423752

Great job of neutering yourself Anon! The gene pool sends it's regards!
Honestly! Do these people even know how vaginas work? Have they ever spoken to a woman let alone have sex with one? They are apsolutly delusional!

No. 423757

I have a feeling it's the same annon who's spamming (((this)))

No. 423760


What the actual fuck? Why do they need pads and bandages and stuff? Is it for blood?

No. 423764

I'm Jewish and I grew up dirt poor, you're a stupid nazi cunt and have no idea what you're talking about.(autism)

No. 423770

I watched the premier. There is a scene where the TIM pictured here looks at the camera and says "GET SOME DICK" with an angry expression. I am too lazy to clip and upload it but when he does this he enters this crazy uncanny valley and my brain was like WTF

No. 423771

No, it's not for blood, Anon.

No. 423775

I'm scared to ask, but what is it for?

No. 423778

anal secretions from the intestine used to make the neovag walls

No. 423779

File: 1560982425035.jpg (20.93 KB, 224x219, ae6.jpg)

No. 423785

Its self lubricating!
Just like a "real" vagina!

No. 423787

ntayrt but grow up retard

No. 423798


What does it say under the black? It’s not revealing for me

No. 423803

File: 1560990573975.jpg (717.72 KB, 1810x1061, BhpIINr.jpg)

No. 423805

No. 423811

A part of me died reading this.

No. 423812

Holy shit does this dude have a lot of posts. I hope he's lying in his comment where he says he had 6 messages on Reddit alone.

No. 423814

ass juice

No. 423816

Just found out this existed.
Welcome to the future, ladies.

They have a website too. Check out the horror show that is the "Gallery".

No. 423819

File: 1560993500762.png (774.21 KB, 940x466, NO.PNG)

This is something out of a horror movie jfc

No. 423821

literal womansuit. skinwalkers.

No. 423822

File: 1560994052862.jpg (328.33 KB, 1152x2048, 1560962721663.jpg)

I can fucking hear the poor bastard who bought this screaming "It won't come off, it wON'T COME OFF" as they claw at their face. They'd probally become a super villian, kek.

Reminds me of those anime masks, but I don't think those are used as much by the trannys.

No. 423823


Holy shit this is bad. What's his username? Why censor it?

No. 423825


Tell them they can't erase that Y chromosome no matter how hard they try. :D

It makes them seethe.

No. 423828

cut ties before he starts skinwalking you.

most troons keep their dicks and I've heard some say that they're better than women because their penises don't smell like fish (they think vaginas do), because men are grossed out by vaginas, and because don't have periods.

And tbh when they say this it makes me feel like shit so does anyone know what I can say in response/how I can not be bothered by it?

I'm the anon you replied to, I didn't want to double-post so I deleted my comment but I literally told one that he would always be male and he said it didn't matter, he was still superior because he didn't have periods or a fishy cunt. This happened a few days ago and it's been on my mind since.

No. 423832


Honestly, I don't even engage TiMs, anon. They are almost always narcissistic across the board. They sincerely believe their own tripe and dribble about being a better woman because they had to "fight to be female" (LMAO) or whatever, yet at the same time… They are very sensitive and know that even if they trot around with their bravado and "muh male superiority", it absolutely wounds them the know they can never be female like us. :D They can slather on their drag makeup, use the gender swap filter all day, wear ridiculous outfits and prance around professing their "woman feelings", but nothing erases that Y chromosome and male socialization.

Take comfort in the fact that the GC viewpoint is the silent majority. Almost every (non-brainwashed) woman I've ever spoken to, and a good majority of men, think the whole trans thing is ridiculous. Most people just play along to placate the troon's feelings because they whine and cry and threaten suicide if they don't get their way- like the narcs they are.

I've become more open about my displeasure with the movement. If I lose friends, fuck it. I haven't yet, though, but the response I get is always the same- people wanting to say what I've said, but they're afraid of backlash.

No. 423835

Nta, it's that he's a sheltered rich kid who had everything he could want EXCEPT an axe wound, yet has to bitch about Trump not paying for his friend's dick snip. Why the fuck couldn't he help pay for it if it's so important to him? Greedy shit.

I have no idea about being Jewish and poor despite having lived it myself. I'm a nazi for noticing the majority of people who can afford all this time and money into their sick fantasies are either well off or white. Go off anon.

No. 423838

Imagine posting pedo shit and then censoring the pedo who posted it, I almost wanna flame you.

No. 423839

>it absolutely wounds them the know they can never be female like us.
> nothing erases that Y chromosome and male socialization.

The one I encountered didn't seem to care, though. He basically said he was superior FOR being male, and for having a penis, while saying he was more of a woman than me. I know when he said 'women's periods and vaginas are gross' is was really run-of-the-mill male misogyny, only the guy saying it this time calls himself a woman and tries to look like a woman.

But what he said still makes me feel insecure because the truth is that periods are inconvenient and I'm insecure about how my genitals look in the first place so tbh he did hit a weak spot by insulting me like that.

But on the bright side, he started insulting me like that after he described a TIM as female and I asked how they could be female if they were biologically male. He didn't have an answer so he broke out the old 'your pussy stank and men would rather have sex with me'. So I think it goes to show how troons think males wanting to fuck them makes them a woman or something even though very few men would want a troon.

No. 423840


Even though I find it all really disgusting, I struggle to hate Jazz when the whole reason he's like this is because of his parents choosing to sexually abuse and mutilate him. He was brainwashed from the time he was born into thinking he was "really a girl". They doped him up on lupron, then HRT from a very early age- he is stuck in a sort of arrested development because he didn't go through puberty- so to me it's obvious he is self-centered and childish, despite being technically an adult. Who knows how far he is behind developmentally- that plus being coddled and spoiled and thrown in the limelight from day one has probably really warped his perception of everything.

I find him annoying and obnoxious and spoiled, but at the end of the day, I just feel really bad for him. He was a little kid whose family televised his sexual mutliation for the entertainment of millions of people. He never asked for this- no little boy or girl can, this was all 100% pushed on him by his parents. I'm not saying he does not have autonomy, but I believe he is very firmly under his mom and dad's thumb a la Gypsy Rose, and him getting out is pretty unlikely.

He never got to grow up and have a normal life. As someone with nieces and nephews who are entering school in these times of this fucking cukoo-world looney troon shit being pushed in schools, my heart breaks knowing that this shit is going to happen to more and more little kids- and it's being applauded.

No. 423842


The only men who would want to fuck a gross troon are chasers / closeted gay/bi men in denial. Most well-adjusted individuals want nothing to do with trans"women"- they are dumpster fires and they know it.

It says so much when the only thing an individual can say for themselves is that men like to fuck them. …And? Who cares? Maybe I'm a bit too conservative to understand hookup culture or w/e, but that would feel pretty degrading and depressing to know the only thing I could trot out in an argument is that I'm popular with a subset of depraved, fetishistic losers.

It's a common thing with these types, anon. I've known several men who've trooned out and the same thing happens to every one of them- gone are tangible, real goals like having a nice job, raising a family (one troon I know divorced his wife and walked out on his daughter-typical lol), having normal dreams and ambitions and hobbies.

Trans BECOMES their life. Their existence. They become neurotic about 'passing', about being a woman, about revising their history so they can seem legitimate and get that sweet troon cred. Their mind is instead filled with these pretend transgressions against them, the constant need for coddling and attention, the obsession with dropping $$$ on their new lifestyle.

But the jokes on them, because the more and more of these clowns "transition", they lose what makes them special. Right now there are few enough troons that I'm willing to bet that people who foam at the mouth to defend them haven't met one in person. Meeting a trans'woman' is what peaked me, and made me do a complete 180 on all things trans. Before, I was a libfem, fuck-the-TERFs type who would've come here and tried to eviscerate everyone on this thread for daring to question stunning, brave, oppressed transwomen. All it took was for me to meet and become friends with ONE- and he was relatively-normal and well-adjusted by trans-standards, before I noped out and realized how fucked up the whole thing is.

Realize that they're just sad, pathetic men who failed so hard at life, that they thought they could hit the reset button and live life on easy mode as a "woman". Too bad for them it doesn't work that way.

No. 423844

So many of the men in these comments pinkpilled me. hard One even said radfems did this, as if we haven't been the ones warning women about this.

No. 423852

woman, female, menstruation, vagina, motherhood, and lesbian used to be female-only words too until trannies took them. no one cares and they aren't going to care. your idea is autistic. give it up.

No. 423855

I usually just go with a shrug "Well, it's easy to find creepy guys with a fetish." The "I'm sure you know" can remain unsaid. Or just say it. Drive the point home. Or remind them that a fleshlight is cheaper and less drama. The only reason they think they're superior women is because they think being fuckable is the most important thing.

No. 423856

I found the image somewhere else, already edited.

No. 423862

Thank you. I needed to hear this.

>It's a common thing with these types, anon. I've known several men who've trooned out and the same thing happens to every one of them- gone are tangible, real goals…

I didn't see this side of him so I just assumed that he had his shit together. But the fact that he got angry when I questioned him saying a male was female means that he's probably as much of a mess as most troons are. A normal person wouldn't get that triggered over their identity implicitly being questioned and start throwing out insults.

It's becoming obvious that it's a cope for him to insult female biology, because he acts like most men would rather have sex with him, but the truth is he has made himself into a niche fetish so even his own argument of 'I'm better than you partially because men find me more desirable' isn't true. He is really delusional about how many men would have sex with him.

The troon was just very certain in what he was saying so I bought into some of it. But narcs really do believe they are better than others so it's no wonder when they speak with conviction about their superiority.

sage for blogpost.

This helped, thank you. What he said made me feel insecure before, but now I realize what he said only made him look bad, because he was demonstrating his delusion about how attractive he is to men and acting like women's periods made them disgusting.

No. 423863


That's one of the problems with tying one's identity up in whether men will fuck you. It doesn't imply any sort of worth or value. Troons know as well as anyone that men will fuck anything.

No. 423903

Strike where it hurts, into their fetishes: You still have the magical ~female orgasms~ and they don't but just a floppy hrt castrated dicks.

No. 423904

reminder: trannies are always more insecure they want to show. i have known so many and they are all about keeping appearances but behind closed doors they're insecure and annoying whiners. back in when the rachel dolezal drama happened so many troons i knew where dead on about trans racial being different from transgender but in private chats those same people would say that because of rachel they feel like fakes and they actually don't know how they're supposed to be different from her.

No. 423916

>And tbh when they say this it makes me feel like shit so does anyone know what I can say in response/how I can not be bothered by it?
Just point out that no actual straight man wants to have sex with a shemale over an actual woman, and that unlike him, you have no interest in shit-covered HIV dick because you have better options. Also, you don't need to rely on pills, surgery and clothes to hide linebacker shoulders and adam's apples just to look somewhat like a woman instead of a weird, deformed caveman who gave himself mantits or a dumpy, awkward teen boy who never got out of the ugly phase of puberty. You literally wake up feminine, and that's always been your life. You also don't need makeup, because an actual woman, even on a "meh" day, will automatically be more desirable than a man slathered in all the makeup on earth.

Or, if you want to be passive-aggressive, make lots of digs with things you know trigger them. Having the ability to make children and start a happy, loving family "forced on you". The fact that one of the first things straight men think of when they see a woman is how their pussy feels, what it looks like, etc and how awful that is (this actually is pretty shitty, but to TiMs, it's what they desire most), and how sad it must be for all the trannies in the world who hide the fact that they have gross dicks because they know it's undesirable, only to be met with disgust and rage from men when the truth comes out. And like the other anon stated, the fact that our orgasms are better and we can go for multiple rounds without pausing, but frame it like it's an inconvenience because your boyfriend or whatever guy(s) you're with often feels "generous", loves the taste of your pussy because you eat fruit, and wants to make you cum several times.
This is guaranteed to make them throw tantrums and threaten suicide in a matter of hours to days, every time.

No. 423921

How did I hit peak trans again? Jesus christ. I hope whoever posted that shit is killed in a horrible accident, or just straight-up murdered.

No. 423922

What's his username? Where did he post it?

No. 423923


Same anon. That guy sounds legitimately dangerous. Like this is just fucking scary and that's why I tripped out earlier over the censor of his name.

He admits to being a pedophile, not even under the guise of ageplay or whatever- he straight-up admits to liking kids under 5. He also actually namedrops specific porn sites (????) and porn actors and specific scenarios he's got in his head.

If this guy is near kids, I'd be sending an anonymous tip to the cops. That shit is scary to the max- it is especially unsettling with how detailed and explicit this guy gets in what he'd like to do, and being real, I would not be shocked if he actually moved on to real little kids.

No. 423924

don't look up "female masking" on instagram/youtube…. shit's been around for decades, it's really disturbing

No. 423926


I may have found it, but it doesn't quite match up with the un in the pic originially posted. It looks like the username there has an E at the end, the the user I found doesn't. It's possible perhaps they changed their username, but I want to comb through this guy's history a bit more before putting him on blast. TBH though he's a cringy BDSM-obsessed troon so he's a hoot either way.

No. 423928


I just Googled the first line of the post…

No. 423929

No. 423933


I may have found his main account, then. This guy has a very similar writing style, extremely aggressive, rough, talks about being mistaken for a cis female, roughly the same age. (I'm guessing he's lying about his age on his pedo account)

He also mentions in that pedo account (the APP one) that he's been a user for 4 years on reddit under other accounts (The post was made in 2018) This other account is from 2014, placing it at about the right time.

In both accounts he talks about being a 'domme' and his 'cock', and in both accoutns he makes it very explicit that he is never clocked, so I have very good reason to believe this is his main account.


He has a tumblr:


I do not have a tumblr so I can't see what he posts, but other anons who do might be able to dig something up.

No. 423934

I used to be as much of a libfem as possible basically, but now that I have lurked this thread and r/GenderCritical for a good two weeks, I find myself pretty intolerant of trans men.
I still appreciate Drag Queens though and I’m in the fence about FtM because tbh I’m attracted to them smh

No. 423935

File: 1561028767136.png (44.5 KB, 1490x224, -dn.png)

Samefagging to add he's posted about this several times. He clearly thinks about this shit a lot, and titled his posts with "toddler/nepi interests". From what I've seen, "nepiophile" is typically a dogwhistle for pedos, as in actual "There is literally nothing wrong with child molestation!" types. Normal human beings just use "infantophile".
Also, pic related. I found the original post this is in response to using Removeddit, and it's as gross as you'd expect.

I can't find the comment where he mentions using Reddit for 4 years under different account, but considering the matched BDSM interests, the typing style and his thing with insisting that he passes, I can definitely believe they're the same person.
Looks like he lies about his age to cover his tracks on the APP account, too. It says he's 26 as of 3 days ago on the APP, but according to the BurberryCoatofArms one, he's like 28 now.
One person even commented on the discrepancy (even on the pedo account) in one of his threads:
>You've posted variations of this nasty shit every few days for months. There are versions of this that list your age as 25, and 24. That's over a year of showcasing your mental illness on reddit and you still apparently haven't gotten the response you want. Go away.
His only defense for the age thing was "Surprise, people age, lol".

No. 423936

File: 1561028795178.png (106.99 KB, 1520x440, x58.png)

Here's the post where he gets called out, for future reference.

No. 423937

No. 423938

File: 1561029180432.jpg (149.46 KB, 1213x760, thisfucker.jpg)


Here's a screenshot of said post in case it disappears.

No. 423939

i used to be a libfem and at first i was skeptical of gender critical feminism but after looking into it, i was agreeing with most of their arguments. i found myself more intolerant of tims though. out of curiosity, what do you appreciate about drag queens? as performers?

No. 423940

File: 1561029552847.gif (1.69 MB, 295x295, tumblr_p9mndqGVUl1wljd0uo1_400…)

This is from his Tumblr, closest to a face pic there. Fucking gross.
He's also posted images of a plane to Miami, and a used tissue with his lipstick on it. There might be some EXIF data on the pictures, but I don't know how to access that.

No. 423942

File: 1561029986416.png (69.55 KB, 1124x468, h-.png)

>(surprise– I’m also a person with a life in addition to being a domme, haha).

>And surprise! People age, lol

All this combined with
(thanks anon)
Definitely the same troon.

No. 423943

File: 1561030580554.gif (1.16 MB, 171x171, app02.gif)


1/2 other gifs from his tumblr

No. 423944

File: 1561030627813.gif (991.21 KB, 218x218, app03.gif)


2/2 other gif from his tumblr.
If anyone can find his fetlife or anything else, these might be helpful in sussing out what he looks like.

No. 423948

I find a bunch of them aesthetically pleasing as hell Cherry Kills, Naomi Smalls, Farrah Moan, Violet Chachki or bioqueens like Creme Fatale etc..
As Entertainers I don’t really care for them? I just like their aesthetic, I would never pay for an underground drag show probably. Drag Race for example has been cringing me out the last few seasons (I think because I’ve gotten older, it was always pretty cringe tbh). And local Queens Here are just ugly and as far as I know unfunny and dance like sticks.

No. 423950


Just reading old post about how many troons are into computer science/cyberpunk combined with cyberpunk 2077 drama. I realised how real life transgenderism is not too far off from cyberpunk-tone of depravity, but TRA acted like it should only be presented as rainbow and sunshine.

The obsession over transhumanism/body modification and how people thought their life would be perfect after transitioning or plastic surgery. The corporations and medical complex tapping into insecurity of people about themselves and exploit them from it. CDPR wanted to make a game that is, 'trans-inclusive' because it makes sense for the setting, but they also said that they're not necessarily supporting it. With this drama of the poster being sexualising,TRA completely didn't get the point they're trying to say. It's dystopia that's just what we're heading to turned up to eleven. It's sexualising because that's what corporation want in-story, it creates consumers.

What many people don't realise is human body is complex thing and it's built to be redundant/self repairing. It became a thing act like things can be easily replaced, chopped off and grafted in like lego parts and it made tons of money. You don't see a lot of people with botched surgeries or detransitioners regretting about past mistakes. Media is purposefully hiding us from that.

In a lot of cyberpunk stories, we've always got this guy who's left disabled from malfunctioning cyborg augmentations in rundown apartment as a counterpoint to cool and cutting edge technology people are sporting. TRA claim to love cyberpunk so much when it's about body modification, then a dark side of it (Note:based on reality in dome extent) them and can't deal with it.

No. 423953

It's because they don't actually understand it. They want to be a gang of cool cyborg hacker lesbians who shoot lasers out of their tits, take down The Man and go to neon raves to get served drinks by robo waifu maids.
They don't want the actual social commentary, because that makes them uncomfortable about the world they live in. They don't want our norms to be criticized, they just want fantasy. Fantasy is all they want in this world, really.

No. 423955

File: 1561033012027.png (86.76 KB, 964x348, 1561016978059.png)

>I wanna have that fertility/menstruation smell as well.
The identity theft quote in his signature is painfully ironic.

No. 423958

I have tons of milk to spill on the french trans community. Feel free to contact me on my throwaway email !

No. 423963


That fucking signature- kek.

No. 423965

File: 1561034732932.jpg (56.08 KB, 500x472, IMG_0109.JPG)

~uwu I love getting catcalled~
Cause real women love that, right?
Why do they all sound so fucking creepy…no sane person ever says shit like that…

No. 423967

What a fucking moron. Shows how male minded they really are when they think cat calling is a good thing. I bet they’re the types who actually want to be sexually assaulted because someone thought they were a girl.

No. 423994

File: 1561040330066.gif (901.98 KB, 244x160, computerrrrr.gif)

Thanks, I just sent you an email.

No. 424000


I can’t stand drag

No. 424003

He said in his first deranged post nobody has clocked him in years, and yet he's clockable from just the smallest shit quality picture of his jaw. Hopefully everything else he says is pure delusion too, and nobody is actually giving him potential access to victims.

No. 424008

File: 1561041908010.jpg (64.69 KB, 541x960, sick.jpg)

Found online and I didnt censor the name, would like to know who this asshole is.

No. 424014

What the fuck? Who makes this and thinks this is okay?

No. 424016

Entitled men aka troons

No. 424018

>then I'd pass even more for a cis girl
>even more
Why are men like this? How are their egos this big?

No. 424019

If that were true, it's most likely because people assume he's just a pudgy, ugly woman. Imagine away the the lipstick and accessories and that's a very obviously masculine facial structure. This is probably a reach, but even the texture of his skin looks rough to me.

No. 424039

File: 1561045791492.png (307.76 KB, 1079x1261, Screenshot_20190620-104840(1).…)

Fucking Christ… Nothing pleases them.

No. 424044

where does it end with these people? sure categorizing leads to stereotypes sometimes, but it's kind of necessary to categorize people in certain ways especially sex based, for you know, medical reasons. also i'm 1000% sure if you said anything like this about race (which is actually a negative form of categorization) you'd get fucking destroyed.

No. 424047

They won't be happy until we stop acknowledging sex outside of the most necessary, clinical context at all.
Just watch, their final solution (I mean suggestion) for women's sexual oppression will be to take hormones, transition to male and maybe try to donate our uteri to some awesome trans gals who dream of having orgasmic births.

No. 424049

We really should make that 'Afabulous' group to get liberals to peak trans.

No. 424052

Acknowledging reality in any form is just straight up off limits for these loons, isn't it?

No. 424061


Yup, denying reality at its finest.
Cripes, the fact that people go along with these loons is just nuts to me.

No. 424062

Years ago someone on tumblr had shirt that said "afabulous" and soe tim compared it to nazism, because afabs being proud of being afab is a opressor being proud of their privilege or soething.

No. 424063

Should've mailed him a shirt that read "amabitch".

No. 424066


What’s your throwaway? I want some tea too haha

No. 424069

Captain Amab and the white whale of autogynephilia.

No. 424070

They won't be happy until there is no word or any form of language you can use to describe the reality of female human beings. That's the end goal here. The nature of their illness means they can't bear for the difference to be recognized, let alone spoken about.

No. 424071


That is fucking great.

No. 424080

It's in the email field

No. 424081

It's amazing how concerned they are about being categorised despite being unable to shut the fuck up about "as a transwoman" for one nanosecond. Like his username is literally "prince bitch" and I'm gonna guess there's pronouns in his bio.

No. 424092

It's a woman

No. 424098

File: 1561057042848.jpg (104.52 KB, 732x569, 1560835071551.jpg)

I was just lurking /tv/, and I saw a thread where someone linked to an archive of a /pol/ thread. Yet another pedophilic drag queen who does "story times" has been exposed, this time with what appears to be photographic evidence. It's a picture of him spreading open a child's asshole. I wanted to believe it was an adult, but the legs looked way too small for that. I felt sick and closed the thread.
I don't want to post the image here or even look too closely at it, but looking up "Blackberri" on 4pleb's /pol/ archive and viewing the thread for all of the results besides the very first one goes into it. I despise /pol/, but I don't know where else this shit has been posted or discussed, and I don't want to search. Apparently, the image came from some sort of private FB group.
This has to be the third time at least. How is this happening? Why do TRAs think it's okay to expose children to multiple sex offenders? The fact that this quote came from him sets off so many fucking warning alarms. I hate this planet so much.

No. 424105

File: 1561058353337.png (1.35 MB, 1390x1028, lol.png)

It's not even that hard to run a background check on these people smh

No. 424108

File: 1561058681456.png (99.87 KB, 1425x475, stonetoss.png)

No. 424111

Someone needs to report him to the FBI in case the only people who know are /pol/tards who don't actually care about protecting kids.

No. 424121

not stonetoss plz, not that incel…

No. 424124

Yeah please no actual Nazis, he might do anti trans stuff but his political views are not CG.

No. 424128

TRAs are the ones who took those terms from the intersex community in the first place. They were never used to refer to non-intersex people before trans people started pushing for it.

No. 424147

I guess that picture is from his ig, Sept 28, 2017. A video. Not saying it's NOT a young boy, but not likely. Good vigilance though.

No. 424174

The irony of this group hijacking terms which refer to INTERSEX PEOPLE (amad/afab) and now bitching about them? Fucking unreal.

No. 424182

Yeah those terms are meant to apply to people born with ambiguous genitalia, not to people with mangled neovags, pump up bologna skin sausages or any other fucked up genderspecials. I feel really bad for the intersex community, they're constantly done dirty by TRAs and I'm sure they absolutely love this new development…

No. 424183

Tra's have a history of stealing things from other groups and revisionist history, hopefully one day society as a whole will call them out on their shit. Most of them do come off as wanting to be special snowflakes as opposed to actually caring about a group of people.

No. 424190

Yeah they already completely hijacked pride history. Honestly I can't wait for this shit to die down, I absolutely believe a lot of this is a passing fad. When I got involved with the gay community as a young teen in the late 90s there were no genderspecials, sure the odd tranny here or there but they were nowhere near this level of psychotic. Or, well, they probably were but just kept it in check IRL. On the internet they're allowed to be as unhinged and disgusting as possible, and now have a giant hugbox that supports them no matter what. In a way it's good because it shows their true colours and peak transes a lot of people.

No. 424208

Looks like a interesting read.

No. 424218

File: 1561079095117.png (97.56 KB, 333x236, 2.png)

Kill me now.

No. 424259

Did everyone hear the drama about Mermaids?


Whew, here's hoping something is done to these sick child abusing fucks. I can dream.

No. 424261

File: 1561088592290.jpg (4.33 KB, 506x50, 7pTXKt1.jpg)

typed with zero irony

No. 424262

File: 1561088668288.jpg (4.83 KB, 513x47, 3H4fpUN.jpg)

no they'd call him a beautiful brave transwoman who deserves a uterus more than a dirty TERF

No. 424263


lol what the christ.
libfems are fucking delusional.

No. 424266

>sex is a biological reality and the bulk of women's oppression is based on sex
>OmG SeRiaL KilLeR wAnTs To CuT oUt mY UtErUs!!1!
More projections from TRAs and libfems. Terves aren't the ones trying to legitimize womb transplants for biological males- I mean stunning transwomen.

No. 424271

>They were some of the most private emails any mother of a nine-year-old could write. Her son, she said, had fully transitioned from girl to boy but was not coping — fighting fellow pupils, stealing from his parents and in emotional turmoil.

By "fully transition" does she mean her daughter underwent GRS at 9 years old? Is that legal in the UK?

No. 424277


I'm going to assume that they meant birth certificate change, social transition- anything short of medical intervention. But I'm also being optimistic.

No. 424313

That was briefly mentioned to me over dinner and I felt like asking what the name of the charity was but I just instinctively knew it would be Mermaids from what an obvious shitshow they are so didn't even bother.
>Green, who took her own son, aged 16, for a sex-change operation in Thailand, believes medical intervention is “absolutely vital” for children unhappy with their biological sex.
Explains a lot, can't face that you may have been wrong castrating your underage son for no reason so have to insist this trans child shit is great as hard as you can to cope.

No. 424354

Susie Green is as homophobic as you can get. She couldn’t deal with the possibility of her son being gay or even just effeminate so she took him to have his genitals mutilated in a foreign country at age 16, and is now actively working to castrate as many other gnc children as possible. She should be in prison for child abuse on a massive scale.

The name Mermaids was very well chosen. Andersen’s little mermaid was a 15-year-old girl who paid a witch to irreversibly alter her perfectly healthy body in an attempt to become something she was not, suffered permanent excruciating pain in the process, then died alone after the man whose love she was so desperate for married someone else. The biggest difference between this ‘charity’ and the sea witch in the story is that the witch was upfront about the conditions and the downsides of the transformation whereas Mermaids is knowingly deceiving the children, their parents, and the public at large about the reality of childhood transition. They’re not just a villain, but a villain masquerading as a fairy godmother.

No. 424373

Oh wow. That's quite revealing.

>Green was series consultant on Butterfly, the recent ITV drama about a transgender child that gave a flattering portrait of Mermaids, with its logo visible in some scenes and a script reflecting the group’s talking points.

The absolute state of television.

No. 424378

File: 1561121051836.jpg (67.61 KB, 1133x401, tif_1.jpg)

No. 424380

File: 1561121322693.jpg (200.41 KB, 926x1280, tif_2.jpg)

No. 424381

File: 1561121418324.jpg (187.79 KB, 862x1280, tif_3.jpg)

No. 424386

I understand the point but "personal safety" needs to be covered by the collectors who should be thoroughly testing every batch of blood no matter what the donors claim and no matter how credible they are.
This is why blood donations are typically not paid to the donor and plasma donations are grossly underpaid. The idea is that these facilities make a killing in profit from the blood transactions and I find it hard to believe they would ever trust what donors self report regardless.

That said, I don't understand this issue. Nor do I this person making a stink about the facility acknowledging their special new gender when donating blood is what should be priority.

No. 424387

No idea how strict criteria for blood donation are in the US but just objectively, this woman looks like she takes testosterone injections on a regular basis and just that would mean that her blood would be useless to others, male or female patients. She isn't someone who's trying to help others, she just wants validation and to be able to go to people bragging about how she was stealthy and shit.

No. 424389

It's possible to donate blood while taking testosterone as long as the hemoglobin falls within certain measures.
Women are not banned from donating while on hormonal birth control like estrogen.

Hormone therapies do not disqualify people from donating.
This individual was banned because they were caught lying about their information. Totally agree that they're an attention whore though.

No. 424430

it's so annoying when people think radical feminists are the same as "extreme feminists" (third wave sjw's)

No. 424459

File: 1561139515168.png (76.11 KB, 863x197, nastytroon.png)

I've decided to checkout lesbian boards from my country. I thought maybe they won't allow troons, but they fucking shame other users for not dating and accepting troons. God, I thought I'll have a safe space in Polish internet, but troons are fucking everywhere.

This roughly translates to "lesbians are troonphobic and terfs aren't really getting death threats from public and they should"

Also, if there are any Polish tervens who have milk about troons? I only know that few forums are infested with AGPs and they were crying after some troon killed himself bc "Poland is evil!! NFZ doesn't give us surgeries and hormones and we're dying!! Fags and dykes doesn't support us! And theraphists and psychiatrists are evil." I'm not really in LGB spaces here too, because that shit gave me cancer.

No. 424462

i love how these fuckers have to hide behind transphobia. it's like they don't consider that even if lesbians would date a man in a dress, maybe they don't like them specifically. if anyone ever threw the transphobia card at me on a dating site, i'd just tell them i don't date their race and see how they'd respond.

No. 424504

they think they are doing something progressive and pro-troon but seeing this "lesbians who don't date transwomen are evil" shit was the beginning of me hitting peak trans and it still infuriates me. it's so homophobic and sexist i don't know how these fuckers are able to go around saying these things.

No. 424517

>>424504 OP here, they can get around very easily - Polish LGBT is neck deep in troonery and QT. They hate lesbians too, in FB groups they shame lesbians that would prefer to not really engage with bi girls and troons. Also they love praising bisexuality and everything is penis oriented. I thought in Poland troons are in underground, because lesbians and gays don't have rights like in rest of EU and we're in top of most homophobic countries in Europe. Recently catholics were butthurt bc Virgin Mary with rainbow and now they are selling merch with it but all proceeds go for troons. Instead of giving that to KPH or Lambda Foundation in Poland.

sage for blogpost

No. 424680

these moronic narcissists can end up killing someone because of their selfish obsession with being validated. they're so fucking deluded

No. 424715

I've been trying to find any radfem circles in Polish internt, but to no avail. People I've been sort of friends with on leftist forums all drink TRA kool-aid and I was left hanging when I tried to engage any discussion on radfem vs. libfem politics. I've been told that Dziewuchy Dziewuchom is terfy, swerfy and whatever, but I skimmed through their talks and found nothing of sort. #neuropa on Wykop is also infested with LGBTQ activists and handmaidens who defend anything troons do, and avoid any critical talk.

This is actually infuriating, because I'm pretty left-leaning, but it seems like there's no middle ground between TRA brainwashed lefties and actually retarded alt-right in my country.

No. 424718

This is why an increasing number of facilities and institutions are changing their forms to say "gender identity" along with "gender assigned at birth" simply as a way to try to get these maniacs to be honest enough to not kill anyone as a result of their delusions since if you just write "sex" they will put the incorrect one.

No. 424730

File: 1561171245271.jpeg (478.47 KB, 2048x2048, B9467B7B-214E-4564-9D1B-44C66F…)

This troon posted himself tainting 13(!!) poor wedding dresses just to “express his feminity”.

No. 424733

Ew what the fuck. I hope the people who ended up buying those dresses got them dry-cleaned, because there's basically no way he didn't sweat and/or jizz in them.

Also, that's a huge, inconsiderate waste of the store's time. It's also taking up the time of brides trying to make appointments with the intent to actually buy stuff. Imagine being so much of a narcissistic asshole that you waste literal hours of a sales rep's time with NO intentions of buying anything.

No. 424754

For the love of god stop bringing bi girls into this. We don’t want troons either. Handmaidens exist but they don’t represent the majority. Why do lesbians always have such a stick up their ass about this shit

No. 424762

I wanted to mention something about wasting the sales girl’s time (because I’m sure she looooooved the two hours she had to fruitlessly try to sell)…Do wedding dress sales associates get paid for those appointments? Or is it purely a commission type deal?

No. 424763

File: 1561182220885.png (512.33 KB, 800x1085, Screenshot_2019-06-21-22-39-24…)

No. 424767

>The other suspect claimed he then started shooting his own two handguns and was also tackled by students and a teacher, but got away and grabbed a third handgun from his backpack and fled with the intention of killing himself but couldn’t work the gun's safety, according to the documents. That suspect was confronted by an armed security guard and was ordered to the ground and taken into custody.

Wow, what an idiot.

No. 424770

File: 1561183211416.jpg (44.62 KB, 560x374, 190510-devon-erickson-al-0926_…)

The photo is misleading. There are two suspects, but the one pictured isn't the fakeboi. Pic related is the FtM suspect- jence the dangerhair.

No. 424772

Article says it's Alec McKinney that's the genderspecial one. That one looks like an MtF himself though.

No. 424776

nah anon you’re wrong that’s devon erickson he’s not trans. there’s no pictures of the ftm ”alec” in court or anything yet because they’re a minor

No. 424777

nice to see fellow Polish terven, god I finally I don't feel alone. Dziewuchy Dziewuchom recently became acceptting of troon kool-aid from that I've seen shared around. I'm worried that most of feminists are very libfem, instead of being more radfem when in our contry VAWG and domestic abuse is so high, many girls are sold into brothels in Germany and Western Europe and we don't have right to abortion. But libfems gotta asslick troons and are very deep into QT.

You can't troon kids here, tranny has to fill fuckton of questionaries and sue their parents, SRS is quite expensive. Leftist spaces are full of them though, most of leftist/liberal outlets will shove shit about troons in our throats, like recently OKO.PRESS made an arcticle about suicide of troon, that I've mentioned before. Ovbiously he had most stupid name ever like his friends, probably had support but was butthurt about gatekeeping and not getting free hormones or legal Rx (i don't really remember). Also threw a tantrum that in psychiatric hospital he would be placed in male ward and be MISGENDERED! It would literally kill him.

Also recently found a troon kid, his mother was making a shitstorm with anyone GC (in real sense, bc church thinks "gender" is gender abolitionism). Kids from his class defended him, because little troon would be kicked out the school. And mother should be accused of child abuse, but pedagogists and psychologists support her lunacy.

I'll post links when I'll have more time, I need to dig a bit.

I won't post screenshots but I've decided to chech how troons in biggest Polish LGBT group are - shame lesbians and gays as always, handmaidens get asspats for supporting troons. Also all of them are butthurt over their parents. I don't have access to tranny group, but I guess it is more milky.

No. 424780

how to explain to my family members I won't use my friends pronouns around them? they know my friend is nb and use 'masculine' pronouns. they won't understand that I'm not being intentionally bitter, and that I simply don't want to confuse my reality for the sake of someone else because I already have trouble with it

No. 424797

I know most of bi girls are annoyed with troons too and forced into snowflake bisexuality called pansexuality. Troons want to go after bis using mental gynastics and discourse about that "bi people are exclusianory and don't want to date trans people!!!111!!" which is new level of delusion. You give them a finger, but they want entire hand.

No. 424802

Man I thought the eastern countries were safe from this bullshit but apparently not, fuck. This makes me a little bit glad that Finland has a majority of ~nonbinary transmasculine~ TiFs who are as toothless as they can get (though very loud and annoying) and TiMs are quite rare at this point. The only ones I've seen are those perverted sissy fetishists on Tinder who don't give a crap about activism. Maybe one angry "anarcho-communist" TiM too but even still it's a majority of girls with an undercut and dark lipstick.

As a side note I have so many old friends I haven't had contact with in years and then stumbled across them on social media only to witness that they trooned out. And they're all girls who drank the kool-aid HARD. The worst part is that they're often straight girls who now have become "gay men" and can't shut up about how "gay" they are. Very frequently they have fallen in love with another "transmale" and apparently can't deal with being bi, so they start their transition process as some sort of a coping mechanism.

>Wasting two hours of a salesperson's time by lying because you wanted to ~explore your feminity uwu~
This is your brain on NPD.

No. 424817

File: 1561197932752.jpg (118.7 KB, 675x939, ptd0o9jszX1vfiynp_1280.jpg)

Patiently, patiently waiting for TRAs and drag hags to try and explain why this is okay, because I'm very sure there's no way out of it.
Fucking sick.

No. 424820

Is this real life? This dude is an actual pedophile, but is that quote real?

No. 424824

File: 1561199282463.png (668.21 KB, 628x666, nemis.png)

Doesn't look like it, but he seems to be making a strong case for what this is. This stood out to me:
>Thanks to the strength of gay community support, and sympathy from feminists (always keen to promote challenges to gender stereotypes), it may be that even quite risqué expressions of kids’ drag are now able to pass under the radar. Notably, an outfit called “Trump Army” demanded to know “Why no arrests?” after “10-year-old drag queen photographed with naked adult male”, as their headline put it. This was a reference to “Queen Lactacia”, who has already been mentioned above. Huck magazine ran a photo shoot featuring young Nemis. In a shot that didn’t make the magazine, Nemis is seen posing in drag with adult drag queen Violet Chachki. In “the shocking photo”, as Trump Army calls it, Violet is naked but for the flimsiest of genital coverings. While nakedness is no big deal to anyone with a body-positive attitude, it is interesting that the boy’s mother, Jessica Melancon, is said to have “conceded that drag has a sexual component and is unapologetic about her young son wearing sexually suggestive clothing if it ‘makes him feel beautiful’.”
And pic related, from the same page.

No. 424869

Has your family drank the kool-aid or what? If not it should be simple to tell them you just don't believe in gender identity and feel that it's unnecessary and/or reinforces sexist stereotypes, for instance having a "masculine" personality meaning you're not a woman anymore and shouldn't use women's "feminine" pronouns because women are innately "feminine"

No. 424937

File: 1561227309524.png (52.95 KB, 820x644, 008053b5-df8c-4cad-8e40-0d5377…)

TIFs complain about the rampant misgendering in FTM breeding erotica

No. 424952

Ftm breeding erotica? What?

I just don't understand … it seems like the very concept would cause dysphoria. I can't even laugh I am just confused.

No. 424957

It's 2019 annon don't you know men can get pregnant?

But to be serous it's a mix of 'trans in the sheets, normal in the streets' and the fact TRA cross over a lot with the kink community

No. 424962

>gay men aren't into trans men but straight men are
hm, i wonder why. no straight or bi man is going to play along with your breeding fetish and not see and treat you as a female. no gay man is going to be attracted to you. suck it up.

No. 424973

think of it as the ftm opposite of autogynephilia: a subset of females who transition just for a male preg fetish.

No. 424990

File: 1561236334178.jpg (34.11 KB, 457x511, the mental gymnastics.jpg)

I found this I didnt censor it-for those who dont know its talking about the labour spokeperson who pushed a woman out of her role to steal it and before he became spokesperson had a twitter where he joked and threatened rape.

No. 425046

>All transwomen are women but not all women are trans so transwomen are best eqipped to talk on women's issues

All AFAB women are women but not all women are AFAB so AFAB women are best equpped to speak on women's issues and trannies should fuck off. The logic can go both ways.

No. 425063

Oof mom is totally grooming and/or living vicariously though him. Imagine how fucked up it would be if a little girl was getting her pictures taken with a naked man.

No. 425108

File: 1561250365630.png (224.13 KB, 640x365, 3b7QreVdg70zMj1_vD1iSFhbfeGJ7L…)

Men as old as 61 years old identifying as little girls on the inside.
I've seen some shit. I didn't cover the names, I found this screencap elsewhere.

No. 425117

>Gravity hasn't touched my new body yet, and the E, and P, are rolling the clock back…

Sure they are, buddy. This is such a male mindset, that a) girls are "mean" and b) a girl is mean because she's jealous of another "woman" and c) older women are jealous of younger women.

Any woman who has reached 61 years of age is not mean to you because of your "perky tits" ffs. God I hate men.

No. 425161

>implying women's issues directly pertaining to having a vagina and uterus aren't a central part of the female experience
Handmaids are fucking revolting.

No. 425177

>bar the very few issues that pertain directly to having a vagina, womb, and ovaries

You mean some of the largest issues women face and some of the largest issues in feminism? Womens reproductive health, whether we choose to have children or not, has always been an essential part of our experience. Whether it's women suffering from PCOS and getting inadiquate health care, to girls getting their periods and being told they're "unclean", to women wanting hysterectomies, to child birth, to choosing not to have children, to abortion, those "few issues" make up a big chunk of womens discussion, and rightfully so. Shit, it's easier for a dude to take horsepills and cut his dick off than is is for women with PCOS to get the help they need.

No. 425198

the ~~not like other trannies~~ duo reacting to a terf. ngl this girl is fucking insane but blaire saying that he would punch her and them saying terfs look like men? lmao they have no self awareness.

No. 425214

>be over 60
>hate on "older" women (so, your age?) because they're supposedly jealous of the silicone bolt-ons you call your "boobs"

No. 425218

File: 1561278585468.jpeg (269.11 KB, 1038x2048, E755A1AA-19A6-4D74-975B-373C7F…)

This is truly depressing

No. 425222

a moment of silence for everyone who has to interact with this 61 year old autogynophile with bolt on tits who acts like a preteen and also dresses like a stripper

No. 425223

File: 1561279965969.png (253.47 KB, 828x952, 1559070362141.png)

to be fair leah harassed Kalvin first and with messages like this

No. 425225

File: 1561279991417.png (197.62 KB, 828x800, 1559070362142.png)

No. 425227

File: 1561280100600.png (269.84 KB, 687x1200, 1559070362143.png)

No. 425229

File: 1561280281896.png (253.23 KB, 747x1200, 1559070362144.png)

No. 425232

Holy shit that leah girl is mental

No. 425233

GC women like this make me so embarrassed to be GC.

No. 425238

she's crazy but where exactly is the lie in anything she said except saying kalvin's parents are abusive

No. 425248

Because, the psycho bitch makes alot of assumptions. You can be GC all you want, but don't push your narrative on others. Or your own notions. People have to make their own realities and you can't do it for them.

No. 425251

kalvin is also pushing on her narrative on others. she promotes going on hormones with irreversible effects and getting surgery to her teen gender nonconforming viewers instead of telling them there is nothing wrong with being who they are, a masculine girl or a feminine guy. i think that's a little worse than telling delusional people that they are delusional.

No. 425261

The ftm I know hate Calvin and the likes even more than they hate terfs, because he/she/it says that no, you can't call yourself a boy if you still wear Ddresses and makeup - and this (of course) literally kills them lol

No. 425263

Maybe this is a bit off topic but I recently joined a ~girls only~ Lolita fashion discord and I thought finally I could talk about something I enjoy with other girls but I check the selfies tag and it's literally all trans/traps. I feel like it's so hard to find a legit girl friendly place! Even with other "girl discords" that I've joined it's usually all trans/traps that will dm me and be all creepy

No. 425266

Such spaces unfortunately do not exist. The only all-female Discord I knew (it verified IDs and everything) started allowing in trannies due to political reeing. Now it's gone to shit. You have to allow in MTF in any community or people think you are bigoted and transphobic.

No. 425277

I was in a 4chan based one that didn't allow trannies. It was quite nice.

No. 425280

the lesbian server where they checked if you have a male or female voice?

No. 425285

they do exist but they're all underground and kept secret, so it's hard to find them unless you know a woman who's already in one. unfortunately that's how it is now, if you openly advertise then troons will infest the place.

No. 425291

I don't have friends so I guess I'll never find one. Gives me hope knowing that there are female servers without trannies though. Thanks, anon.

No. 425311

No it wasn't based on sexuality. A friend of mine started the server and invited friends and then invited randoms who had to go through verification, but nobody wanted trannies so we didn't let them in.
Pretty much.

No. 425339

Kalvin is a famewhore.

No. 425345

no anon, females are the ones that love attention!! kalvin is a real man, he 100% has a male brain, he'd never be an attention whore!!

No. 425347

OMG that's LITERALLY the highest degree of TWANSPHOBIA!! UwU

No. 425384

File: 1561308920796.jpg (Spoiler Image, 76.58 KB, 960x955, 50846582_142407363434466_37623…)

this guy seriously thinks he can pass looking like this

No. 425386

File: 1561308968056.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 1543x690, 64860044_2815810808460627_4011…)

double posting but here are his attempts at "cosplay"

No. 425400

I legit like this show just because its so over the top and ridiculous lol

No. 425419

I'm in one of those servers and the owner doesn't allow trannies, and no one ever kicked up much of a fuss. I don't check the server anymore though. I remember a dude came in and claimed he was nonbinary but she just told him to piss off because he's male. It just depends on the preferences and beliefs of the owner. She isn't a radfem either I'm pretty sure, just wanted a female server to chat girl stuff.

I was in another one before that allowed trannies and one of the mods was a self-admitted autogynephile with a bimbofication fetish (I know because I saw his tumblr blog.) He ended up creating huge drama and claimed the owner was twansphobic for some reason or other. She ended up having to delete the server while he was trashing her on reddit.

No. 425456

File: 1561328066729.jpg (97.01 KB, 1200x1855, rip.jpg)

RIP to gender so much they literally conform to it

No. 425457

I've been surprised by how many people couldn't even notice Jules is trans because not only does he have a little boy's face, he sounds like a man when he's yelling. And I'm saying that as someone who only watched a few scenes because of the try hard trailers. I want to hatewatch it someday though, it looks like everything wrong in teen movies and teen series in one show, but multiplied by 1000.

No. 425467

Every time I run into another "woman" in my interest, they're almost always transwomen. It wouldn't be too upsetting except for that it makes me feel kind of sad knowing I'm a rare person. I very rarely run into transmen. It's biologically divided. The worst thing is some of them are the most annoying and inept people and I feel like they make natal women like me look bad if people don't figure out they're trans. The transwomen who are open about it and not the tumblr/twitter kind are fine, some of them I couldn't even tell were trans, it's just saddening being in such a tiny minority. I think people often erase that this is a problem unless they're not PC, but there are so few biological females involved and people point to transwomen instead of actually questioning seriously why people like me are so few and slipping under the radar. Again, I rarely even see transmen so it's not a "gender" problem.
Why can there not be a middle ground for people like me to be able to ask difficult questions and have hard discussions so we can actually face inequality and find truth? A lot of people here would consider me too soft and nice towards trans people, but I'm still someone who could get ripped to shreds for speaking up in the wrong place.

No. 425473

Honestly all NB people dress like hipsters or very well off. And they always where enamel pins to let people know they are a they like some mental case.

No. 425485


Same here, especially since he still has a little boy face and they show his dickprint in his panties so much. And he was on Grindr, like cmon


Non binary ppl are the new hipsters

No. 425486


In your interest?

No. 425488

i have a troon friend who was pretty tolerable until lately when he started hanging out with other troons. all he does now is just party and he seems fucking depressed. i missed the old troon who wouldn't complain about gender as much and wasn't trying to pass by wearing copious amounts of makeup. it's not the same.

i think anon means the troons market themselves as a cool girl who likes the same thing anon does. especially online you're going to run into a lot of troons because the 'tism makes them seem super duper friendly when they go off on their hobbies.

No. 425493

It's not worth a hatewatch, it's so fucking boring and out of touch. Hearing about how edgy it is beforehand makes it even worse, like you're always waiting to see something shocking then it happens and it's lame. Also zendaya is hot but she can't act for shit tbh. The disney child star jumped out. Go hatewatch riverdale instead.

pls no bannu for derailing

No. 425494


Thanks for clarifying!

No. 425496


This has been my experience with a TiM I used to be friends with, too. He is insufferable nowadays and goes on about his difficult trans life (lol), and talks about his 'motherhood' (he divorced his wife and walked out on his 8 year old daughter to troon out). Surprisingly at first he was kind of normal, but as he got deeper into the fetish, he's now completely insufferable.

No. 425497

I can't stand Leah but it's pretty disrespectful to talk about detransitioners like that.

No. 425525

>divorced his wife and walked out on his 8 year old daughter to troon out

Fuck. That.

That's so heartbreaking and such a selfish act.

No. 425527

I recently went to check up on a guy I used to talk to years ago only to find her trooned out
Back in the day he was just a huge beta soy as fuck dude, but still a dude, just not traditionally masculine
Why can't he just say fuck gender roles and be a man who isn't stereotypically manly instead of larping as a woman idgi

No. 425528

Because all of these soyboys are degenerates that are seriously pornsick and it doesn't make his dick hard to not Troon out and be a normal person

No. 425529

>she promotes going on hormones with irreversible effects and getting surgery to her teen gender nonconforming viewers instead of telling them there is nothing wrong with being who they are, a masculine girl or a feminine guy.

As obnoxious as Kalvin can be, this isn’t fair to claim, especially in more recent videos. Kalvin has repeatedly supported more acceptance of gender non-conforming men and women, discourages transitioning of anyone who simply doesn’t conform to sex stereotypes and has warned that a huge wave detransitioners is coming. Even if you think the “true trans” narrative is complete BS, I still think it’s extremely important that such a influential and popular trans Youtuber is actually telling their audience about the danger and hypocrisy of the TRA movement and showing sympathy towards the victims. I’ve seen so many girls in the comments thank Kalvin for helping them realize that they were not trans and stopped them from irreversibly harming themselves. I don’t know. That just makes me happy that those girls were saved and they learned to love themselves.

I try to be as tolerant as possible since I know so many trans people with legitimate trauma that makes me understand why they chose to cope that way but shit like this is completely unforgivable and evil. If society doesn’t care about women(as usual), why can’t they at least care about the little kids who didn’t ask to be there? Late transitioners abandon so many children. Why do TRAs obsess over transing kids immediately as a matter of child welfare yet never talk about the kids left behind like trash by the men chasing a fetish?

No. 425540

File: 1561355383405.jpg (205.52 KB, 1024x1024, Gaye-20180610-LAPride-parade-1…)

Pride month is almost over and I haven't been able to find any images from this year like [pic related]. It appears the TRA's have even more support this year.


The 2019 Pride season is on, and it seems the climate gets stormier with every passing year. Last month at Swansea Pride, Angela C. Wild, a member of Get The L Out, was dragged out from the front of the parade by four police officers. In March, London LGBT+ Community Pride (the community interest company in charge of organizing this year’s Pride in London Parade) released a statement (which has since been removed) reiterating their apology for the “transphobia” at last year’s event, saying:

“We will not let Pride be used as a platform to spread transphobic hate again. We have learned from last year, we have listened, and we are doing everything we can to avoid anything like this happening again.”

As such, London LGBT+ Community Pride says they will be partnering with the Metropolitan Police, Westminster City Council, and the Greater London Authority to increase “security.”

No. 425550

The same thing happened to Christina Benvenuto, except she had three children, ranging from three to twelve.

Honestly? I think it's better for the troons to leave the picture than it is for them to stick around the kids. Benvenuto's troon husband literally started grooming her oldest daughter by playing "dress up", which caused her to develop an eating disorder. Troons are especially damaging to little girls, because they live vicariously through them and try to force them to act like little hyper-femme tarts.

Being raised by a single mom is not the end of the world. My dad is a deadbeat who moved out when I was seven, but I still had an okay childhood and I'm a relatively normal, stable adult. I guarantee you, kids are 1000% healthier with a single mom than they are with a narcissistic troon in the picture.

No. 425553

File: 1561360095639.png (277.04 KB, 1080x1433, Screenshot_20190624-080253~2.p…)

Bizarre looking MtF butthurt about a more successful woman (JK Rowling) following radfem accounts on Twitter. Must this much drama follow them everywhere? Imagine being this preoccupied with supposed hate groups instead of just living your own life

No. 425554

"Hobby" might be a better word. I'm in very male-dominated sets of interests/hobbies.

No. 425556

Yeah that's basically it. They tend to also signal that they are women or feminine much more strongly than any of the bio women in the hobby, even the ones who are pretty openly female. We're used to hiding out a bit so people take us seriously and we don't get a ton of weirdos hitting on us. They market the "girl" angle really hard and it usually becomes apparent after a while why they're doing it, but sometimes I get taken by surprise, not sure if that's a testament to them passing really well online or not. You are not experiencing what I do because unless you pass, you don't go out and face the world as a girl, and a lot of them either don't go out or present femininely, you did not get socialized how I did, the barriers to entry for you were much lower and you did not "fight" your way in as a female, at best you fought your way in as a transwoman if you came in after transition. If not, yeah you can face issues, but they're not the same as female issues unless you pass perfectly because it's almost all sex-based discrimination. It's not the same and most people won't say it.
It's probably obvious by now but I'm a tech worker so I'm mostly speaking about that. I want to see more common sense but compassionate discussions that don't throw natal women in front of the bus just to make transwomen feel better but I think silicon valley types are too busy virtue signalling.

No. 425567

>Big national message board
>Pride month
>People keep opening up threads to shit on gay people and complain about how they shouldn't ~be so loud~ about their sexuality
>Thread gets to stay up for hours
>Criticize trannies once
>Thread is deleted in 5 minutes
Rinse and fucking repeat.

No. 425579

File: 1561370219233.png (387.76 KB, 750x1334, 686768.png)

JK Rowling liked magdalen berns tweets thats it and I don't even think magdalen identifies as a radical feminist

No. 425591

No. 425598

Lol, why do you think she's not a radfem just because she said some guy who potentially saved her life wasn't shitty? She goes against liberal feminism a lot on her channel and identifies more with the second wave. I don't like men much either but that's such a black and white way to see the world.

No. 425606

has she ever called her self a radfem

No. 425608

I don't remember her saying so overtly but her beliefs match up a lot. I was more saying that it's pretty stupid to claim that she's not and post that screenshot as proof.

No. 425614

File: 1561378882847.png (110.06 KB, 1106x612, 9883e825-7d3e-4099-be31-aeb06e…)

I hate that in Polish media now you'll see a troon more often than a gay dude, lesbians doesn't exist. Even in uber-liberal media outlets. This super clockable troon won Big Brother recently (if he didn't troon out people would eat him alive for being gay), even women's sites which i frequent only for hair mask recipes make articles about how is hard to be a troon (this shit was shared on biggest polish LGBT group too, also it was posted by biggest lesbian handmaid from this group which literally behaves as live shield for troonbians). This starts to eat liberal/feminist spaces in my country and I'm scared that TRAs will build that cult on TiFs first and if people will vote for more liberal parties it's possible they will lobby for self-ID change of sex in documents. That troon who commited suicide recently (I've mentioned before) wanted to push that shit which would damage women's rights.

No. 425615


Don't know if this has been linked here before but an interview with Susie Green's transdaughter.

>Some might query whether Susie, who was always a very open-minded mother, did enough to discourage Jack from playing with girls’ toys and wearing feminine clothes – both signs displayed from the age of three. Did she really try to intervene enough?

>“Oh good God yes,” she says. “I’ll be quite honest, if I could have had a choice I would have liked to have had a son who was completely heterosexual. Because I feared for her future. I wasn’t horrified by the prospect of her being a girl – although I did find it extremely difficult to come to terms with - I just knew how hard things life be for her.

>“When she was such a girly boy from such an early age I even started hoping she might grow out of it and it might turn out that I had a gay son. I think I must have been one of the few parents who was actually praying I had a gay son. But you could see from about the age of three it wasn’t just the toys she played with it was as much as the way she played with them.

>“She didn’t really have many dolls, but what cuddly toys she had she would nurture and treat like babies, not at all like a boy. And she just said to me: ‘Mummy, God made a mistake, I have a girl’s brain in a boy’s body.’

>“But initially her dad just said: ‘I’m not having this’ and when she was aged about four he insisted we have a go at trying to stop her having anything girly. She had a few dolls which were put away. That lasted for about six weeks because she just disappeared into herself – she couldn’t even play with her cousins’ girl toys when she went round there.

What the fuck kind of crap is this? First of all the article ponders if she had put enough effort into stopping him from playing with girls' toys instead of wondering if she was telling him that boys can play with them too. Then she outright says that she was wishing for a straight son and was shocked that he was so effeminate and hoping that he grew out of it. Praying for a gay son? Yeah right. This bitch and her husband took the extra step and started telling their son that he's being too girly and he must stop it. That's how the boy learns that he must become a girl to be able to preserve his identity. Seriously what sort of homophobic backwater ass parents start making an actual effort at stopping their son from playing with girl toys? You're fucking up his psyche for life over something so harmless! And this woman is the head of Mermaids, a group lobbying for similar cases. She has no training in the medical field, makes retarded statements like this and essentially rallies for conversion therapy. And she's being celebrated for it.

No. 425618

The way she conflates being girly and being gay at the start and then probably realizes how that sounds and starts backpeddling to say she would have been fine with a gay son is telling.

No. 425624

File: 1561379928995.jpg (84.77 KB, 717x463, white_chicks_2.jpg)

Which Wayans brother is this

No. 425626

I hate this bitch, I hope she'll end in jail someday for child abuse on great scale. Mermaids are ultra homophobic and forcing her son into conversion theraphy and making him lifetime patient (I've heard she pumped him Lupron too) shows that. She's same like homophobic evangelicals but hides under "progressive" bullshit very well

No. 425650


Or they’re troon chasers, i’ve seen it soooo much with these effeminate soy boys that are probably closested so they go for trannies and say it’s progressive lmao

No. 425655

I find this JK Rowling drama hilarious. She's so rich that she doesn't have to give a fuck.

In general I have just started to find this whole trans craze more funny. I still get angry but nowadays I spend more time laughing at these losers.

No. 425661

No. 425663

rowling is a woman who created a multimillionaire out of literally nothing. she was a domestic violence victim and had to work really hard to get where she is. i find her sjw pandering ingenuine at times but she is obviously supportive of women's rights and gay rights. heaven forbid a successful woman doesn't pander to oh so oppressed tims' feelings.

you see these people talking about terfs spreading hate when they are the ones promoting punching terfs. where have you seen a terf going around physically harming a tim? oh, i'm sorry, i forgot that lesbians rejecting oh so oppressed trans gals' feelings is oppressive.

No. 425666

Ok y’all, I have to vent. Does anyone here feel pressured or obligated to accept and go along with all this trans bullshit because that’s what’s popular? I live in a really liberal city and it’s everywhere and all the people my age are stupid virtue signallers who go to pride to “support” lgbt and preach “trans women are women”. I even had an ex who I think is closeted, all the signs were there, who cheated with a tranny and I found his tumblr full of trans porn. It’s like it’s everywhere and my feelings about it make me feel isolated. Idk what to do. Where do you all find other people who feel the same way? Do you just pretend when you’re out and about? Sorry for the rant guys thank you

No. 425680

no matter what your other stances are, if you are against tranny ideologies the lgbt community and libtards will turn against you. they are so fucking coddled and people who dare to say anything against them are silenced in lefty circles.

No. 425686

My town is VERY liberal and I avoid genderspecials or slowly ghost them if they drink the trans kool-aid especially since every TIM I've known has been nuts and only gotten more and more crazy, perverted, and miserable over time (becoming dropouts, unemployed, drug addicts, beggars, sexual deviants and/or predators, skinwalking female friends, etc).
If the topic comes up around blatant SJWs I'll stay quiet, and if they seem more chill I'll say some lowkey GC things that even a casual TRA could agree with to test the waters.

No. 425691

I feel you on this 100%. I'm in the art scene and you can't escape this perverted shit. I have to lay low to not have my career completely destroyed

No. 425693

Reminds me, I saw a positive letter from the HRC to bisexuals and one of the first comments was asking why it wasn’t for trans instead.

No. 425708

File: 1561391867537.jpg (218.68 KB, 720x622, Screenshot_20190623-081841_Twi…)


No. 425715

they should also make some points about cis guys saying "suck my dick" and cis guys actually ~~celebrating and uplifting women with penises~~. i have a feeling that cis men might have something to do with trannies' oppression than these evil girls.

No. 425718

>trying to dismantle social norms perpetuated by shitty men

>giving into insane social norms perpetuated by shitty men, i mean womenz

one of these things is not like the other~

No. 425724

>one of these things is not like the other

tbf thats a good summary of this thread in general lol

No. 425731

The fact that ppl out there can say women with penises unironically is truly incredible lmao

No. 425732

Why do we "cis" women even owe them anything? Why do we need to uplift and celebrate them? Uplift yourselves you parasites.

No. 425739

File: 1561395175257.jpg (81.37 KB, 768x1024, IMG_20171023_201615.jpg)

>“She didn’t really have many dolls, but what cuddly toys she had she would nurture and treat like babies, not at all like a boy. And she just said to me: ‘Mummy, God made a mistake, I have a girl’s brain in a boy’s body.’
And they keep insisting that it's not about gender stereotypes at all, that's plain bullshit. I have a nephew who likes nurturing his stuffed animals and calling himself a dad. No one ever thought it was weird, they even bought him a baby doll and he loved it.
>mfw this completely normal boy is actually a girl on the inside uwu~ according to these weirdos

Her son probably only started claiming that he was actually a girl after she started forcing her baggage onto him and making him think there was something wrong with doing the things he liked because "only girls can play that way."

No. 425767

jk rowling is a huge cunt tho.(Do not derail)

No. 425826

Yeah she's insufferable in a lot of ways, but I absolutely love the way she triggers these people and I hope she never stops.

No. 425831

Someone just started hosting a "girls only tournament" for a rhythm game I play, and despite me not being good at the said game, I was a bit interested.

….until I just realized the person hosting the tournament is a TiM and that most people in that rhythm game's community are TiMs. Why the hell is it always like this? I'm sorry if it sounds a bit childish, but why is it hard to find actual girls who like the stuff I do, and not these creepy guys with wigs on?

No. 425835

literally my exact thought, anon.

No. 425840

File: 1561412843994.png (37.9 KB, 540x97, 541254125.png)

No. 425842

>literal conversion therapy rhetoric

No. 425845

It's attention seeking and fetish fodder at the same time. I also think it has something to do with being assaulted being a "womanly thing" to them, just like being catcalled.

No. 425846

What is it with troons and their desperation to be sexual assault victims? One of the cows I follow on here has a roommate that is being outed for "sexual assault" by two troons (the "victim" and his friend) because she was dating him and kept asking to have sex one day while they were making out one day. He had to turn her down too many times, but she never actually tried to make him do anything, just asked more times than she should have, but did give up. She even texted him apologizing and said she was just confused because they had agreed upon a certain code system with their own safe words or some shit. Now he's literally comparing it to Brock Turner and priests raping children because their LARP group won't kick her out over it. He's saying how he has nightmares and cries all the time because of it. He clearly just wants victim asspats. It's so fucking gross.

I've seen this quite a few times online and IRL. Troons acting like they're on par with rape victims and "exposing" people over uncomfortable situations that aren't anywhere near sexual assault. I think it was in one of these threads that I saw caps of one posting photos of a McDonalds worker cleaning a bathroom, making it out like their presence was somehow a form of sexual violence against the troon. Why is this a thing?

No. 425848

How fucking sick.

No. 425852

My city has the biggest “trans march” in the world. I really hate Toronto and all this trans nonsense. They’re fighting for rights? What rights do y’all have that everyone else doesn’t? So stupid

No. 425858

I don't even get it, how do boys supposedly play with stuffed toys differently? What's the point of a stuffed toy if not to cuddle it and pretend it's your pet? Is he meant to be beating them up to prove he's not a girl?

No. 425859

I hope actual women stay away from their events and they're left to play with each other and then they get frustrated when there's no real women around, it would be so hilarious

No. 425870

That's so disappointing… I would love to be able to bond with other girls over things like that, I feel your pain

No. 425892


How Mags identifies is immaterial. JK simply liking a GC post means she's a TERF.

No. 425905

Most online fandoms are full of TiM because
-most people online are male (Think of how reddit has more TiM than TiF), so it's not hard to assume 1% of the male population beats the small fraction of the female population online.
-A lot of women hid their sex online, unlike TiM who flaunt it around 24/7
-Finally a big chunk TiM are mostly well off white guys. If you join a hobby that only well off people can join, PC gaming is a good example, it's doomed to be filled with TiM type.

A good tip I learned is join places that show the 'less attractive' side of womenhood, according to TiM. Menopause places seem to scare off the troons

No. 425974

Am I wrong to be concerned that my roommate during my upcoming work placement might end up being a troon? I'm studying in a STEM field and my peers told me that usually you'll get paired up with the same sex for housing. Because my field specifically has very few women, I'm worried that "same sex" will include troons. I know of a troon already in my program, and he's the most obnoxious and unlikeable twat who constantly tries to make you feel bad for having opinions about things he doesn't like. Somehow he managed to score a work placement, and now I'm worried he'll be going to the same place as me.

This is something that's been on my mind for a while. I'm fine with rooming with anyone, so long as they respect my privacy and personal space (and aren't absolute vile pigs). But troons have a less than stellar track record with those things.

No. 425977

File: 1561433010266.png (7.69 KB, 891x87, thinking emoji.png)

is it true

No. 425996

What a fucking retard, it pisses me off. They're still male, they will be forever less opressed than a women, also, they willingly did this to themselves and chossed to face opression over a gross fetish, women didn't choose to be opressed. If their "sexy, nerdy ""lesbian"'" stihck fails they can always go back to being a man, women can't escape misoginy or violence no matter what they do or go, just look at that tim that got raped even when she was passing, those rapist didn't give a fuck about her gender, they just saw her as what she always will be: a women. They really don't respect us.

No. 426031

What to do when you literally can't keep up with your acquaintances' preferred pronouns? I'm from a country with gendered language and it's such a pain in the ass to try to accommodate everyone. I literally can't remember what gender that person has at the moment.

It seems every girl wants to be called "he" or something gender neutral (pretty much impossible with our current grammar) with not even trying to be passable ("im a soft boi uwu"). And every gay man is dabbing on being a tranny.

It's like I'm stuck on irl tumblr.

No. 426036

You tell them exactly this.
They're demanding too much unneccessary mental work from people.

No. 426038

>vile pigs
Can anyone else attest to trannies and their faghag handmaidens who live with them always destroying properties with their hoarding and cats? How is it that every one I knew in college was a disgusting slob?
>first place: beautiful old house. One troon and three(?) girls of varying lgb identities. Literally no surface area. Pots and pans on the floor in the kitchen. Basement floor absolutely covered in clothes and cosplay material. Upstairs unbreathable due to litter boxes. All rooms hoarder-tier. Everyone sleeps on mattresses on the floor. Multiple pet rats/guinea pigs/cats. They all got evicted.
>second place: house I never saw irl but got description from close friends who did. Eight people, half of the troons, the other half their gfs and whatnot. Eight people…ONE BATHROOM house. What the fuck. I think two bedrooms. Obviously the condition of the place was just as abysmal as the last.

No. 426042

I have similar problem. The thing I'm into used to be extremely female-dominated, skype groups and discord servers were full of only women. Nowadays more and more trannies join our communities, and their input is mostly really gross. Even handmaidens noticed it. Those trannies not only sexualize grade school characters, they also get really mad whenever their lesbian grade school "couple" doesn't kiss, literally typing paragraphs after paragraphs about how much they despise the director.
It's insane how similar all those troons are. They all care only about sexual/romantic aspect of show for little girls.

No. 426049

I work in tech as a programmer and like 80% of the time when I hear of a "female" programmer it's a tranny with purple or pink hair. And he's being celebrated as a "talented female programmer showing that gurrls can code!!!!". Fucking sickening. And he always flaunts his kinks and mental breakdowns out in the open too.

No. 426052

god i'm fucking tired of people posting hate posts news posts and bullshit about jk rowling. i've had to unfollow/unfriend 4 people in the past hour alone. jesus fucking christ

No. 426053

if only i was a beautiful stunning trans woman so i could be allowed to live instead of scum of the earth terf uwu

No. 426054

>complaining about social media

just fucking delete it already. don’t make excuses about needing it to contact people, get their phone number instead and just delete your damn profiles. it’s never going to be 100% satisfactory and the entire game of all of them is to sell your data while trying to advertise pointless shit you don’t need plus outrage marketing. stop playing the game and you won’t be mad about it

No. 426056

why should i let myself be chased off social media just because of troons lol

No. 426064

honestly >>426054 is 500% right considering all the novelty that was social media got killed off with Myspace or Gaia, or the weird in-between MMO platforms. It's just built to shovel shit into your face and has lost all original purpose beyond that of an ad delivery system. Why in the fuck would I be concerned with celebrity news on Snapchat like I'm there to look at stupid pictures my friends post throughout their day, and even then I barely have fun doing that.

No. 426067

But anon! That would be disrespecting their entire existence and by proxy you are saying all trans people should be gassed.

No. 426069

Does Susie's son have much of a presence online? I feel like he must be profoundly fucked up from all the things his horrid mother has done to him.

He literally had his perfectly healthy penis chopped off and mutilated when he was only sixteen years old. I'll be very surprised if he makes it to thirty without killing himself.

No. 426075

File: 1561461371345.png (138.9 KB, 720x760, 20190625_070751.png)

Every time I post a TRA tweet here I call it the worst one, but none have made my blood boil this much. The most vulnerable women aren't sex trafficked women and girls, or women and girls who are survivors of violent sex (not gender) based crimes and assault. No, the most vulnerable women are (of course) men! Just think of the poor men, the humanity!

No. 426095

I'm surprised I don't see as many trannies in my field. I'm in networking and as I was going through school I saw fewer and fewer women, but no trannies. I'm pretty sure I was one of maybe 5 women in my last year. Although I did know of a closeted tranny (I found his Reddit account) who was extremely hairy who pretended to be a kawaii catgirl online. Thank fuck he wasn't in my year.

No. 426098

File: 1561466252409.png (97.2 KB, 996x458, Ann.png)

How can one man be so right

No. 426101

Yeah this is exactly like the troon apartments I’ve unfortunately had the displeasure to see back when I was trying my best to be a good woke libfem ally. TIMs especially the AGP “lesbian” type are generally failures at life.
Along with the fetishizing of women, these days probably catalyzed by internet addiction, I see what they’re doing as an attempt to do-over their pathetic lives as an imagined totally different, ideal self. The thing is they always fail because they don’t address their gambit of underlying mental illnesses and other shitty behaviors that have caused them to be such absolute losers as men in the first place so they continue wallowing in neckbeard nest filth.