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No. 630960

21 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her 32 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig, and her creepy controlling mother.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/630917

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig is the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history:

New Milk:
> Has returned from over a month long hiatus (for now)
> Versatile Reptiles, Breezexotixs, and whatever (video anon) are verified with Tripcodes
> Still never made an apology video for slandering South Texas Dragons
> Admits to live feeding, and knocking rodents out with blunt force instead of a CO2 chamber (as recently as mid Nov, also leaving a live feeder alone with her snake for 20 mins, only checking on it once)
> Mushu has been shown without much gill feathering left recently shown much more clearly with facial scarring, even less feathering and stressed posturing
> Attempted to purchase two new crocodile skinks on the down low before a smaller pettuber ratted on the cover-up of the deaths
> Claiming that she's one of the few pettubers that is actually up front with the accident and the issues they have, despite trying to continuous hide the deaths of her mantis shrimp, lionfish, skinks, pacman frog etc for weeks-months after they happened
> More enclosures being shown with completely empty water dishes
> Cheese died suddenly, convenietly when she released new merch featuring him, has been pushing her merch harder than usual
> She has alluded to a ‘friend’ that has a cowfish twice the size of cheese that she may replace Cheese with (if she hasn’t already)
> Gave Cheese a “viking funeral” then sent him for autopsy (put him on a boat during a monetized video)
> Videos calling out her care have stated to take over searches for her
> In combination with the call-out videos on YT, after she posted the video of Cheese’s “funeral” TND began to hemmorage subscribers
> Other pettubers began making (monetized) videos to defend TND and claiming that they were worried that “the bullying against Taylor” might ‘make her’ self harm
> Other pettubers begin distancing themselves from TND
> TND shuts off comments on the videos and instagram posts around cheese amid mass criticism
> Has been bouncing deactivations on her twitter and instagram during the controversy around Cheese
> Admitted to heroin and coke use, admitted to not being clean for the last two months, confirmed Jonny isn’t clean either
> Accused Breezeotics of sexual misconduct
> Jonny was booted from Slaves
> TND claims that both her and Jonny are now in an out-patient rehab program
> Claims that all of the drama two months ago caused her relapse
> Recent Known Deaths: Orchid Mantis, Mantis Shrimp, Pacman Frog, Crocodile Skinks, Zazu, Cheese

Unconfirmed Milk:
> Ursula (Halloween Crab) died of a mismolt, was possibly replaced with another female crab.
> Electrical malfunction story was fabricated. Croc Skinks died of dehydration due to her not giving them enough water during a heatwave. Pacman frog died of malnutrition due to only being fed mice.
> Gucci escaped from their enclosure and was missing for 2 months. Taylor bought Parada as a replacement. Gucci was found in Gus’ enclosure after eating him. Taylor claimed Gus died of old age.
> Kronos speculated to have died, he was shown consistantly lethargic and dehydrated, made no appearance in the google ad for Betsy, despite being “partially her pet”

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 630964

The Rewired Soul and What Ever just put out videos on TND

No. 630966

File: 1548443133794.jpeg (70.65 KB, 750x466, D2947ABC-EA40-46AD-8AFE-D0C95F…)

Ohhhhh my god this girl just will not stop yacking up lie after lie

No. 630967



WTF, why is she trying to lie???

No. 630968

I just wanna repost this so hopefully her family can see it.

Right NOW would be the perfect time for her family to call and do a wellness check. They're both high and have paraphernalia around. Then the family could have caretakers come in for her animals until they get treatment. They could have the caretakers sign a legally binding nondisclosure agreement to keep her animal information private.
Also, I don't know about in texas, but in some states there are things called a "Section 35" where the family can get her taken to the court, who decides if she needs addiction help and forces her legally into treatment.

The sooner she gets help the better chance she has at salvaging her YT channel.

No. 630969

I don't understand why 'we' are apparently going to make everything worse when the people closest to Taylor aren't even doing ANYTHING.

From what I can tell, her parents are just pretending she's fine. Everything is fine. I know she's over 18 but surely they would want to do a real intervention?

No. 630971

Old thread anon here
Dunno who was making the new thread, I was waiting to see it come up but locking was imminent. Add all your new stuff to the next one.

No. 630973

I agree her family needs to step in.. opiate addiction is life and death, especially with all the fentanyl around.
They prob don't know much about addiction. I hope they section her if it's legal in texas.

No. 630975


I work for a domestic violence charity and frankly have found her spiral heartbreaking to witness. I think it's very easy to blame the woman in these situations until you see them lying in a hospital bed and still convinced he really loves them. By the time they finally realise they need to get out the relationship has caused so much damage they feel they have burned every bridge (and usually have). And he's the only person around that still believe's in her so of course she can't leave him. Same bloody script every damn time. But I've never worked with a girl this young. I really hope she gets help and her friends stick by her. Yes I think she absolutely deserves our sympathy.

No. 630977


addiction is a disease. shooting up for the first time is a fucking choice.

No. 630978


Until she can stop with the excuses, stop lying about animal deaths/replacements and endangering their lives, stop dragging people's names through the mud, and own up to the fact that she was WRONG and possibly even apologize (forgive me, I'm probably expecting too much from her. Taylor, APOLOGIZE? unheard of), I highly doubt she'll be receiving much sympathy from people here.

If she can't do that, she seems 100% like an actual narcissist and narcissists are not deserving sympathy, sorry.

No. 630980

I really love what The Rewired Soul said about the whole TND situation and her drug use. He really sheds light on how her mind works as a drug addict. He also does a good job on talking about how her animals are in danger and are in danger due to her substance abuse.

No. 630981

I agree she needs help. She may not be the perfect person, but that's beside the point. She is only, what, 22? She is injection heroin, probably fentanyl, into her body. The most dangerous time for an addict to use opiates is when they're on and off trying to get clean, as their tolerance goes down and the use too much not realizing it's went down. The manipulative behavior is seen in EVERY addict.. they are essentially blinded to their own behavior by their disease. Many people here clearly aren't familiar with addiction.
I agree it's awful to witness. I hope her family steps in.

Actually, by the time people shoot up, they're usually heavy into their disease. Hers probably started with either percocets or sniffing heroin. Or even a line of coke. Shit, maybe even with alcohol. Then, it takes over from there, and her choices are increasingly not hers. And I'm sure Jonny was NO HELP in getting her to stop. In fact, I'm sure he was active in getting her to use and to continue to use.

No. 630982

File: 1548444144186.png (236.32 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-01-25-14-15-52…)

No. 630983

She was a manipulative PoS before the drugs though.

She abused her animals before the drugs… before JC.

She's been on a downward spiral for a while.

No. 630984

are you rewired soul?

she honestly kind of has my sympathy at this point, but she's definitely not without fault here. she lies even when she is clean. or when she claims to have been clean. she might just have a personality disorder judging by the amount of lying and manipulation she engages in. she def needs help

No. 630985

File: 1548444262158.png (81.63 KB, 719x608, Screenshot_2019-01-25-14-23-27…)

No. 630986

She's obviously so high when she's writing this.

No. 630989

wow, taylor stans have flooded the thread, have fun y'all, most people here don't see things the way you do.

No. 630991

Let's stop this crap. Her choices are always hers. She chose to do what she did. Including shooting up.

No. 630992

A choice people never understand the consequences of until it's too late.

No. 630993

File: 1548444836884.png (930 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-01-25-14-31-51…)

No. 630994

Until Taylor’s young fans stop believing that her and Jonny are couple goals, I will NOT stop speaking against the toxicity of that relationship. Taylor is beyond my help, but those young women who haven’t found their own Jonnies are not.

No. 630996

Thank you. Sadly only people who have worked or lived with addicts and DV victims get it.

It's easy to judge before you understand.

No. 631000


from the thumbnail i thought those were prison stripes or something whoops

No. 631001

EXCEPT she's still an animal abuser. She abused animals way before she met JC. She's still a PoS.

No. 631002

I’m the old thread anon, and I made it. When milk is flowing you basically need to have the next thread ready well before the 1100 post message kicks in.

No. 631004

For anyone that’s watched it: Does the rewired soul discuss jc’s history of abuse toward women and his highly narcissistic displays? I don’t want to give anyone a cent that wants to be taken seriously as a mental health outlet unless they can do this.

Great job as usual what ever!

No. 631007

DV victim or not, I still don't have much sympathy for someone who abuses/neglects animals, sends stans to attack anyone who criticizes her and drags the names of other people through the mud. My empathy has limits and it doesn't extend to someone consistently hasn't shown others empathy, even before getting involved in a DV situation and spiraling down into drug use.

No. 631008

File: 1548445520602.png (25.86 KB, 973x144, 7d0d90d38fb287bf1af70d158a0177…)

This pettuber commented this on The Rewired Soul's video. IDK if she is friends with TND or not

No. 631009


Most DV victims also didn't have multiple people warning them about the person they're getting in a relationship with.

No. 631010

File: 1548445550866.jpeg (659.95 KB, 1242x2043, 5612BF72-5EB5-4B39-9C76-D564C8…)

No. 631011

he doesn't. he admitted he hadn't known about either of them before recently and hadn't done much research. he did raise a few good points about addiction but yeah definitely missing the bigger picture

No. 631012

Thanks for making this thread, sorry about that! I started working on it as soon as I saw the 1100 notification, but the milk kept flowing and I ran out of time. It was a pretty ambitious addition (for lolcow thread standards) so I really should have given myself more time. I guess it will work out pretty well anyway that thread 30 will be the big overhaul

No. 631014

he does touch on the fact that no junkie can care for animals because they can't care for themselves and he also says her hoarding is another expression of her being a junkie or something like that. tbh i had it on in the bg and a lot of the beginning is him shilling his book and calling her nicole taylor dean.

No. 631015

No I'm not a man. I just watched the Dory fish video when I was considering buying a Dory fish for my kids and realised it was a bad idea! So she isn't all bad. I had never heard of lolcow until I saw the twitter stuff today, and was so shocked to read this level of hatred.

I wanted to write so that if you do read this Taylor you realise not everyone hates you. This is a small and apparently very angry bit of the internet. You have no idea what's going on in these peoples home lives to make them this upset at a stranger. And they don't really know what's going on with yours. It is never too late. Help is there and the feeling of this small (and I imagine very young) minority don't reflect those of people you would be seeking help from.

Texas Domestic Violence hotline number is 18007873224

National Suicide Prevention 18002738255

Please get help or anyone else who is struggling please seek help experienced people will not judge you they will listen and try and help x

No. 631016

'me and you against the world, babe'

he is predictable dogshit and she's a dumbass.

No. 631017

he did say that in 6yrs of being sober he has rarely seen couples get sober together and that it usually doesn't work out

No. 631018

What's with this flood of white knights?

No. 631019


It’s hilarious that you think because we care about animal welfare as well as violence against women that we are perpetually angry people. You have no idea, a lot of us started out exactly like you thinking Taylor needed help and trying to do that for her. We realized quickly she’s just as bad as her abuser boyfriend. Don’t hurt yourself when you fall off that high horse of yours into reality.

No. 631020


If you are new here, you need to read up. She's no innocent angel being led astray by JC. She's an animal abuser. People dislike her for good reason.

She is no role model to the thousands of little kids that watch her.

She should be cancelled.

You clearly do not know the half of what she's done, so don't come here pretending you do.

No. 631021

it's the same whiteknight not a flood

No. 631022

how do we even know this is at a clinic? this could obviously be at a tattoo shop, the back of a restaurant, at the mall. or it's just me just believing her anymore about anything.

Taylor NEEDS to get off social media because everytime she types, it's all lies and hypocrisy.

Her parents need to step in instead of going on twitter and enabling her addiction. being 21 years old isn't an excuse about how a parent can't be there because you're an "adult". My mother would knock down my doors like an FBI agent and drag me home if ever she founds out i'm doing drugs with my boyfriend.. no matter what age i am. You would be the worse person ever if you wanted to take your own mother to court just because she's forcing you to be sober and fix your life right.

No. 631023

oh come on. you're obviously a newcomer into this drama. no need to insult our home lives or whatever. when people are really invested into good animal care and see the biggest animal related creator on yt pull shit like her, they get a bit riled up. for good reason.

No. 631024

Clearly some people feel the need to come and bait, I wouldn't be surprised if it's that fat incel loser, he's been hanging around for the past couple of days and appears to have trouble leaving.

No. 631025

Np, I’m glad someone else has the time for it now. I’m in a very demanding program and honestly didn’t have the time to keep rereading through the threads to ensure I didn’t miss any new milk and stuff. If you need help with any other stuff, I got almost all the screenshots from basically all the threads saved. My throw away twitter is @fmolasses

No. 631026

Actually, if you look at the statistics, they did. And this is often one of the biggest barriers to victims leaving the relationship. People blame the victim. 'She had it coming. We told her not to trust him.'

No. 631027

I think it's funny how a lot of the white knights on here think we're just a bunch of young kids who don't understand addiction or DV when a lot of the people posting on here have admitted to having at least one of those issues in their past. Hell, even Jayce and Bree have both come out about their addiction issues and they have their names on everything

No. 631028

File: 1548446224502.jpg (49.87 KB, 588x612, tinfoil.jpg)


I'm gonna tell myself that this is Papa Dean or the mastermind family member behind his twitter account

No. 631029

hey all can we please not take the bait? thanks. this person is obviously sad and bored and thinks taylor will bestow her favor upon them if they keep it up, just report and ignore.

No. 631030

What? Taylor, making a somewhat reasonable decision?

Is today opposite day, or has she finally gotten the fucking message that she has too many pets?

No. 631031

You know how drug addicts think they look normal when they don’t? If I didn’t know the situation and saw this picture, I’d automatically think she’s an addict… I know her face is covered but it doesn’t even look like her.

No. 631032

How dare you? Who are you?! Reality is the woman on my books who tried to leave her abusive partner 2 months ago and he strangled her to death. They had a 6 year old child. Amazingly all the people who blamed her had their tail between their legs at her funeral talking about how they had tried to help. The most dangerous place for a woman in the US is in her own home with her own partner. That's reality.

I absolutely don't believe I can help Taylor. But you can by stop writing horrible things on the internet about what a PoS she is and how saggy her breasts look!!

No. 631033


Seriously try harder. No one gives a flying fuck about her saggy tits.

No. 631034

FFS stop feeding the troll

No. 631035

The FBI wouldn't help. Addiction services in Texas are stretched to breaking point. Opiate abuse is a massive problem in the US.

No. 631036

Mods need to deal with them then. I've been reporting their posts since they first showed up.

No. 631037

A bit riled up? I've didn't know bullying on this level existed.

Why aren't you going after a chicken battery farm? Or a dog shelter that puts most of their dogs to sleep?

No. 631038

If you don't care about everything simultaneously, you can't care about anything.

0/10 trolling.

No. 631039

people are capable of being concerned about more than one thing….. you'd think a dv advocate/social worker would understand that…..

No. 631040

It was on the last thread just search it

No. 631041

It was Emzotic kek

No. 631042

Am I not allowed to have an opinion? Is this not an online discussion forum?

No. 631043

and they immediately got shut down by people telling them to stop nitpicking gross shit like that. you clearly only want to see us as bullies, so go ahead and fuck off

No. 631044

Respectfully, you need to relax. Most of us started as fans and slowly started questioning her animal care practices, as most of us have these anmials ourselves. Nobody jumped to thinking she isnt the best person for no reason. I am absolutely not an uneducated child nor am I just angry and bitter because of my home life. You however cant seem to get over the fact that we had issues with her before Jonny that are unrelated to her, yes, tragic and awful, current situation. Some people here may be a little blunt, but it comes from a place of real concern for living things, including her. Most of us would LOVE to see her get better, get clean, and succeed. Lets agree on that and stop arguing.

No. 631045

No. You are not lol. Not when it's so uninformed.

No. 631046

Lmao literally no one here has ever said that Taylor has saggy tits. You must have confused this thread with Momo's.

The only common remarks on her appearance are the ones about how the gallons of silicone she's injected into her lips make her mouth look like a baboon's ass.

No. 631047

Uniformed? I'm a qualified Mental Health Nurse with an MA in Understanding Domestic Violence & Sexual Abuse. And 10 years experience.

No. 631048

Naw man, her lips are just where she stores her heroin when it's not in her wig.

No. 631049

Sure you are. I'm a talking cat. Nice to meet you.

No. 631050

Yep lovely things to say I'm clearly BU

No. 631051

I have no way to prove it to you but I can assure you I'm telling the truth.

No. 631052

But you're uninformed on the actions and situations that led to this thread before she was ever dating jonny. Our problems have little to nothing to do with her relationship.

No. 631053

Post your certificates here with your name on them. thnx

No. 631055

The only remarks some weirdos have made about TND’s breasts have been that she always makes her chest look much bigger than it is. Which for one, many younger women do, And for two, many others on this thread have pointed out has no relavence as the thread is focused on her shitty animal care, her compulsive lying, constant hippocracy and self victimizing. The only comments about her appearance that are generally left alone are the ones that point out the differences between her photos that show evidence of substance abuse.

No. 631057

Don't respond seriously to the troll. They're probably that fat neckbeard who wants to sleep with Taylor from a thread back.

No. 631058

Addicts need a reality check or they will never change. To see her as only a victim instead of holding her accountable for her actions is enabling her. She isn't just a potential DV victim (there is no proof of this), she's also an addict and you have to deal with addicts in a specific way - showering them with kindness only adds to their unhealthy mentality and enables their addiction.

No. 631059

Welp the drama was fun while it lasted. Thanks for killing the thread everyone.

No. 631060

So you can look me up and call my centre making up some rubbish? As if.

No. 631061

Sooner farmhands come here and ban them, sooner we can get back on topic imho.

No. 631062

Coercive control is a form of domestic violence. It rarely takes the form of physical violence until the end of the relationship. Though he is clearly capable of violence especially when he is using, look at his ex gfs testimonies.

No. 631063

File: 1548447712644.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 22.46 KB, 750x188, 573237F8-7C34-4317-A91A-EC0B08…)

idk maybe cause she’s even said Atta is light sensitive, but Taylor put her under some bright lights with flowers for aesthetics

No. 631066

Genuinely why would I be banned? What are the rules. As I said before I only discovered this site today.

No. 631067

Honestly I'm just kind of glad she's still alive… although tbh I wouldn't put it past Taylor to have replaced her. It'd be easy to do.

No. 631068

I'm sorry for ruining your fun by reminding you you are talking about an actually person. And one in a very bad place at that.

No. 631069

The drama will continue long after this idiot is gone, anon, I promise.

This CleanSlate place sounds like a really quick fix. Also sounds like a chain for recovery, pretty ghoulish, but I guess everybody follows the money.

No. 631070

Yeah it honestly sounds like it's $$$ making from peoples desperation. Especially at $2k a shot. I highly doubt it'll do anything for Taylor and Jonny has no chance.

No. 631071

Jessica is definitely not friends with Pet fest group. She’s friends with Bree and was bullied by them as well when she brought to light some old milk. I forgot what it was

No. 631073

I mean, Jonny is dead as fuck. I sincerely hope that the wonderful, not-money-chasing counselors at CleanSlate told TND it's in her best interests to get tested for every std under the sun, and hep on top of that. His liver failure is because of hep, yes?

You know they shared needles, it's too romantic to Taylor's tard brain not to.

No. 631074

i’m pretty sure she was the one who brought up the skinks and frog dying from neglect because of a friend telling her that.

No. 631075

read the rules please. common courtesy when starting to post on a new site/community.

you on the other hand will have to understand that we're talking about a public figure who has willingly put details of her life out there for everyone to see. the moment she stops this is the moment we have literally nothing to talk about. these threads almost dying when she disappeared from twitter for 1.5 months is a testament to that. here's to hoping she disappears for a few months again and comes back with her life turned around for the better.

No. 631076

Jessica is the person who exposed that TND's skinks and pacman frog died, the day before TND made up the fake power outage story.

No. 631077

Whoever were all bitter and dont have empathy and that shes experiencing the worst time in her life…she is and its 100% her own doing. Dont try to shift blame to Jonny when she was warned REPEATEDLY that he was an abusive junkie. She chose to lie for months and get fucked up. She chose to attack and discredit people who were just trying to help her. Get the hell out of here with all that.

No. 631079

File: 1548448591178.jpeg (706.85 KB, 3024x4032, 2BFFC19B-32FE-4D2D-A5CD-3C1F18…)

Looks like they are or were at the CleanSlate in San Antonio, definitely. Same chairs and floor tile. Jonny is going to go on sub, watch. No way he's getting clean. Taylor will relapse every single time he gets high.

more pics at

No. 631081

File: 1548448743139.jpeg (861.07 KB, 3024x4032, 2FFAE8BB-23EC-4ED8-A2AB-246C8E…)

Another view, same chairs. So depressing, they have a kid corner.

No. 631082

please read it carefully. I said my mother would knock down my doors LIKE an FBI agent. not call the FBI to knock down her doors. lmao

No. 631083


It honestly looks cheap and depressing as fuck. There's no way this place is going to help them get sober.

No. 631084

File: 1548448900395.jpeg (440.46 KB, 1125x1065, EFB8A62B-7C98-40CA-9943-95424A…)

confirmation taylor has been reading lolcow, because there’s no other way she could know bree said she didn’t have the screencaps

No. 631085


I've read the rules and I'm not white knighting. I'm giving clear reasons for defending her.

Why should you be cruel to people simply because they're in the public eye? I refuse to believe if she came back in 3 months having dumped her bf and bought some bigger cages doing a full all my pets tour showing they're fine you would just be like OK it's all good?

You would just say she's lying and they're all replacement animals.

No. 631086

Unsurprising. She's lurked here since day one. She's a classic narc. anything about her, any attention is good. She lives for it.

No. 631088

Believe me as soon as I looked it up I knew this was destined to fail. They both need to be inpatient, frankly. I don't have much faith in a outpatient detox that's run like a dollar store franchise. It looks like another great place for Taylor to throw her money down the toilet, for sure.

No. 631089

Yeah but fam, we both know she never gonna be clean and is going to kill all her animals slowly.

Just saw the vid of Ghost, jesus that's an obese cat. Poor thing.

No. 631090

That was confirmed by Bree in the livestream yesterday, also. She said that Taylor spends all day every day here, if I'm recalling her corrrectly.

No. 631092

100% Although this is likely the first time she's contact them tbh. Lies on lies on lies… you know it was the first place that picked up the phone to her after this all came out.

No. 631093

I think this picture is actually meant to be some kind of "see, no track marks. checkmate, haters!" tier bs. Time will tell, I guess.

No. 631094

I dont believe for one second they're on their way to recovery. They're only doing this for show because everyone is counting on them and to show off to her stans. I'm pretty sure we'll never hear from this EVER again starting next week.

The way they're so "dedicated" to staying home aka doing drugs until they pass out, they would actually need sign up at a rehab facility, where they are separated from each other and the internet, and stay there until they don't even remember what drugs feels like. Pretty sure, Taylor doesn't want to do that when the internet is where she gets her money and "love" from her stans. and jonny… well he just wants money, shoes, sex, and drugs.

No. 631095

File: 1548449281775.png (1.95 MB, 1242x2208, 2982A52D-13B6-44F9-8837-43AA86…)

No. 631096

Given the different life spans I hope she'll outlive them. Look at her mouse, that thing definitely looked like it had done it's time but ppl are still sating it got eaten.

No. 631097

Yeah, agree… although tbh I kind of think she was shooting up somewhere away from her hands/arms and that the marks on her hands were rat / cat scratches. Taylor's dumb but I mean that dumb? idk… Other places to shoot up are easier to hide. It also makes this photo easier to take too because that's not where she was shooting.

No. 631098

File: 1548449371085.jpg (297.54 KB, 1078x944, IMG_20190125_124848.jpg)

Tyler tryna act like he's not complicit. Yeah ok

No. 631099

but didn't she actually wrote the worlds "sexually assaulted" or am i dreaming? can someone remind us of what she said about Bree

No. 631100

File: 1548449402912.jpg (158.41 KB, 1076x489, IMG_20190125_124820.jpg)

No. 631101

Just saying, I'm not 631085.. different person, though I don't disagree with some of what that person says. But I am one who is aware of the dangers of opiate use and think that she needs help.

I agree. She needs inpatient. And jonny needs long-term inpatient treatment. That'd be a great way for her to get rid of him for a while too so she can start to come to her senses. They need to get away from each other for a bit (hopefully for good). He acts like they're in it together, but that's so unhealthy. They both need their own treatment, separate from each other.

I agree they don't sound like they're ready for or committed to treatment. Jonny especially.. he's been at this a while and knows what he needs to do. Yet he's sitting there acting like it's him and Taylor against the world. Dude is so fucked in the head

No. 631102

Yeah, I'm sure that this place has a big fat google ad as soon as you search for outpatient detox in San Antonio. It's not like she actually did research, we all know from the press release that the band kicked him and this probably started after Colin called her out on twitter. If she had to rush home from DW to get a fix, there's no way she spent any time on this. Yesterday was probably the first time she ever heard of the place.

No. 631104

You know a lot of us are professionals working to dismantle those industries from the inside who spend maybe two minutes a day on the shitter at work on this site? I get that it's hard to tell because we're anonymous but there are a lot of individual users here and not every post reflects every users thoughts.

No. 631105

Gus was about 1.5 years old when he died. He was not an old mouse. I have a 3.1 year old mouse right now that's healthy and fighting fit.

Him being eaten is too bizarre to lie about tbh. I wasn't sure I believed at first but either way he died before his time.

Her other animals are sick… I'd be surprised if Mushu lasts much longer tbh.

No. 631107

Yeah but surely if you're on heroin you're not really thinking clearly enough to pick the best rehab. Hopefully her mum will do some research and try and help her.

No. 631109

This place isn't a detox.. it's a medication-assisted treatment (MAT) with subs and vivitrol. And the facility is typical of MAT centers country-wide.

No. 631110

You obviously dont know shit about the types of animals she has or how to take care of them. Seems like you dont know about all the ones that have died of neglect either. Her crocodile skinks dehydrated to death after being left with no water or humidity. Does that sound fun to you? Be open to real discussion or LEAVE

No. 631111

this is so fucking obnoxious of me but i love this dress, does anyone recognize? i can't make out the name.

No. 631112

Her mother is as stupid as she is, I wouldn't count on it.

No. 631113

It says "gutted" on it

No. 631114

The Ragged Priest it says 'gutted'

No. 631115

Taylor thinks she's cool and edgy like her teen stans so try Fashionnova or Forever21 and their sister sites.

No. 631119

found it, thanks anons!

No. 631120

I know how to look after snakes, and they look OK. The ball python is a bit overweight yes but she is dealing with it. Much better than burnt and skinny. They are clearly getting enough heat and food, and they must have clean enclosures or they wouldn't eat (the BP at least).

You are absolutely right it is awful if that happened to the skinks. IF it happened. Where is the evidence? Why would she tell anyone from the Pettube community if that happened for them to leak it? It doesn't make sense.

No. 631121

File: 1548450297787.jpg (652.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190125-153258_Ins…)

No. 631122

she's so tacky, can she just not help herself. funny because that was about cheese's size for his entire life

No. 631123

Is that where she put Cheeses ashes? She's never going to wear that wtf what a waste of money

No. 631124

Maui and Celia both appear overweight if you saw the pictures from last thread.

No. 631125

File: 1548450411983.jpg (493.66 KB, 1080x1920, 20190125_160552.jpg)

No. 631126

Mental health nurse, herpetologist. Check this guy out. kek

Her snakes are morbidly obese, if you knew anything about snakes you'd know how bad this is for them. They have had decades of their lives shaved off in the condition they're in.

Taylor also admitted in screenshots frying her animals to death. She tried to buy replacements.

You're too much anon. Stop shouting your mouth off and go back to Fortnite or wherever 12 year olds hang out these days.

No. 631127

File: 1548450474513.jpg (492.52 KB, 1080x1920, 20190125_160613.jpg)

No. 631128

That's so fucking tacky. Honestly it kind of looks like a little kid made it. I thought she was getting Cheese's ashes turned into a 'diamond'.

No. 631129

She's so full of shit and is so clearly still using.

No. 631130

Well they died one way or another and the story she gave isnt much better. She claims she had a power failure (due to have too many things plugged in. Thats a problem in itself.) and left her house for 10 hours afterword without checking that the tanks were functioning correctly at which point they cooked to death due to the heat heat overheating. Is that better for you? But that story couldnt have made sense because the pac man frog died too which you can tell was plugged into a different power strip. Also there are still plenty of animals who have died far before their lifespan and plenty of them don't look healthy i.e Mushu

No. 631131

Calling it now, Mushu is already dead.

No. 631132

She thinks everyone is stupid and don't know how hard drugs work

No. 631133

Didn't she say she'd receive the results late today for the necropsy?

No. 631134

The last time we saw her was over a month ago and she looked terrible then. In fact I was surprised she was still alive at that point. Considering Taylor has spent the last month or so on a drug binge, it would be a miracle if Mushu was still alive.

No. 631135

This is jmo but I have never once heard 'passion' in her voice regarding any of her pets. She sounds bored, she sounds fucking high, she sounds annoyed, my point is that I've never felt like she truly cared about her pets. They're just a way for her to make money, nothing more.

No. 631136

File: 1548450873965.png (1.18 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-01-25-16-13-54…)

I dont think so. Seems like a gift from someone

No. 631137

This is actual horseshit and I want her to stop talking to people as though addiction is yet ANOTHER thing she's an authority on. If we thought her advice regarding animal care was bad, just wait for Taylor the recovering addict. So much nonsense, my god.

No. 631138

File: 1548450995496.jpg (320.85 KB, 839x1152, 20190125_161511.jpg)

Fans think Taylor cares about them. Here's a past fan who has heard otherwise therefore confirming when I have said she speaks poorly of fans often.

No. 631139

Don't you have to be using consistently for a long time for it to stop being an enjoyable high and start just being the new normal, like, several months to a year at least? Not just two months. I don't buy it. Either she's lying about how long she was using or she's lying about her ability to care for her animals (or both.) Please correct me if I'm wrong, I've never been addicted to opiates, but I have had this experience with weed. Not sure if it's the same, I would think it would take even longer for heroin to stop getting you high (though you would still be addicted to the feeling of it) and start just being "normal".

No. 631140

yeah, heroin addicts who shoot up never go on the nod, what is she talking about, she just assumes everyone is stupid and then she starts running her mouth

No. 631141

It was September when she was “showing” Bree how to cut a line…big fat lie Pinocchio…

No. 631142

File: 1548451143029.jpg (216.73 KB, 946x999, 20190125_161850.jpg)


No. 631143

It doesn’t surprise me. She strikes me as the kind of person who pretends she’s so blessed and thankful for her fans but not really. Her whole clique is too preachy and sanctimonious, but they’re pretty quick to turn on each other.

No. 631144

That person was most likely not conventionally attractive so Taylor treated them like shit.

No. 631145

I've been keeping pet snakes for 25 years, I currently have four. That doesn't make me a herpetologist.

Are you a herpetologist? Where is the evidence that a young snake being obese at one point, before losing the weight, will knock decades off its lifespan?

Absolutely what she says happened to her skinks/frog is dreadful and must have been awful for the animals. But an electrical mistake. She didn't mean to cause them harm. I check on my snakes in the morning, go to work for 9/10 hours, then come home and spend time with them in the evening. Does that make me an abuser too? Are you with your snakes all day every day? Don't you go to work? Can only unemployed people have snakes? How do they afford the vet fees?

No. 631148

But it WASN'T an electrical mistake. It's been confirmed multiple times that the skinks died from dehydration and the frog died from malnutrition. Bree even confirmed it again during her stream yesterday.

No. 631149

Her snakes are /still/ obese and getting fatter.

She didn't check on her animals (if her story is to be believed which is it not after the other pettubers came forward), after an electrical fault for 10+ hours and allowed them to boil to death. Her frog was clearly deformed from MBD before he died.

Your trolling is boring, this is all evidenced in past threads, read up and wise up. You're clearly a bored 12 year old stan.

No. 631150

Taylor if you’re here, watch the rewired souls video. He made a good point about being a pet parent and feeling you can’t do true program because you have someone relying on you. The animals deserve a sober, attentive parent. You really can’t properly care for another life when you’re not in the right mind.

Side note, Jonny has a child??!?!!

No. 631151

And how do you know Bree's telling the truth? Those texts looked like she was lying.
She said she wanted to be a villian. Why would Taylor tell her about it in the first place?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 631152

Info didn't come from Bree. It came from Jayce and Emma too.

No. 631153

Will be posting the ss soon

No. 631154

Two different people confirmed the story. Go read old threads this shit has been discussed.

No. 631155

And how do you know Taylor is telling the truth? A manipulative addict with a history of lying. You're a joke.

No. 631156

Like I said the pac man frog was plugged into a different power strip, so they both failed at the exact same time? Or the story isnt true. And dont be an add, you can certainly work and have pets (how else would you pay for them?) But after a big power failure like that, wouldnt you wait around for an extra bit to make sure everything was running smoothly?? You wouldnt want to risk your animals lives would you? Plus this literally IS her ONLY job. Its not like she had to go to her shift at the diner to get enough money to scrape by. TAKING CARE OF HER ANIMALS IS HER JOB.

No. 631157


Yep, he has a child he doesn't see or even acknowledge. From memory I'm pretty sure the mother had a part to play in not wanting him anywhere near her or the kid. I believe they live in Canada.

No. 631158

Yeah tbh that kid probably don't know how lucky they are not to have JC in their life.

No. 631160

Yes. He has a daughter, but her mom took her as far away as possible from him. One of Liz’s friends has contact with her. The only thing she’s said is that Jonny is a piece of shit who doesn’t make an effort to see his child, but she’s not pressed about it either.

No. 631161

If Taylor is lurking here why isn’t she posting pics of mushu. Would be so easy to silence that part of the rumors.

No. 631162

I don’t believe a word Taylor says, but if this is true.. the rest of them are just as complicit in it. Remaining silent when your “friend” is being made to feel uncomfortable is not ok.
But I also don’t buy it. That story on behalf of Taylor has changed multiple times.

No. 631163


Cause Mushu is in horrendous conditions and no matter what photo she could post that axolotl is beyond damaged

No. 631164

She’s waiting to find an axolotl that looks enough like mushu cuz mushu dead :(

No. 631165

Yeah, or Kronos… or her Scorpion… or any other of her missing animals.

No. 631170

Because, based on her history, they would be. Now get the hell out of here. You wanna help her? Look her up yourself and leave us alone

No. 631172

Taking account the group’s interactions with Bree, Jayce, and even Emzotic, it’s pretty clear that whatever Taylor says goes, regardless of it being the truth or not.

And it’s also pretty clear none of them are friends. They just follow whatever narrative she’s presenting, and it’s for personal benefit. Look how quick they all were to jump to her defense, going as far as making a video about cyberbullying, only to conveniently distance themselves from the drama ~to focus on themselves~. They’re a joke. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

No. 631173

Only thing JenJen knows how to research is Disney and song lyrics…other than that…yikes!

No. 631176

>Where is the evidence that a young snake being obese at one point, before losing the weight, will knock decades off its lifespan?
because this is how ectothermic animals work. If you feed them to excess whilst keeping them at high temperatures they metabolise at an excess rate, which shortens their lifespan. Conversely an underfed, under-heated reptiles will live for longer. These are the basic facts of metabolism in ectotherms and how things like brumination and hibernation work.

> But an electrical mistake.

The electrical "mistake" she describes is not possible and she should have had both timer plugs and surge protectors as additional failsafes. Even if we believe her stupid story it still shows her care is unacceptable.

No. 631177

I can’t beleive how she is acting like everything is normal and she’s just to pretend she’s 100% ~positive vibes only~ lmao. She has damaged her career forever.

A part of me feels like Taylor purposely got hooked to drugs. She is constantly milking the shit out of “muh EDS”, so I wouldn’t put it past her to have gotten hooked to it just so she could use the “addiction is a disease” thing for sympathy. It clearly backfired on her, but sometimes I wonder if that was her train of thought.

No. 631179

File: 1548454025575.jpeg (44.2 KB, 743x370, 9A577D9A-A6C6-43C8-BDFD-9B27FE…)

sure Jan

No. 631180

Thank you for bringing up how her electrical cover story wasn’t even possible to begin with because that’s always pissed me off. She never gets called on that. Not only did her lie make her look bad for being inattentive for 10+ hours, it’s fully taking advantage of how brain dead her fan base is, knowing they wouldn’t realize the whole situation she described could never happen. Something shady definitely went down, way worse than some malfunction. She thinks she’s so slick but she can’t even lie right despite her not knowing how to do anything else.

No. 631181

"Kronos…. huh, the name sounds familiar.." looks at enclosure where a skeleton of a dead roughneck monitor is laying "Idk who that is but sure I'll make a video on him!"

No. 631183

I might go through with my bf and explain step by step how what she described is total bullshit, although I'm not American so it'll take a fair amount of research to be 100% accurate.

No. 631186

Because she is a chronic liar and trying to bring others down with her. No ones being mean to her just because she's in the public eye.

No. 631188

What do you mean high? Sub doesn't get you high? Or else I've been taking it wrong for 5 years lol. I HOPE they get on sub, it's the only way they'll cope, honestly. It's cheaper, and helps with the compulsion of "taking something."

No. 631189

nobody is in more in love than two addicts that just got into treatment

No. 631190

Lmao at people trying to pedal the entire 'she's in an abusive relationship hur dur' bs. She may be, but at this point (and all the points) she's been there willingly. It really does sound like a lot of the other people connected to her or Jonny are there when she decides to leave, and even her family seem to be doing that exact thing. I understand it's hard to leave but come on… she jumped into it all willingly.

As for the whole drug addiction thing - they won't recover. If they were serious about it, they'd both go missing on social media instead of spreading how much they love each other or how stressed they are.

As for any of the pettubers here - we all know you're waiting to jump into Taylor's spot but at least be fucking human and explain Bree's role in the accusations put out by Taylor rather than peddling around shrugging your shoulders. Absolute filth.

No. 631192

Is it true ghost was replaced?

No. 631196

Ghost was replaced? I never heard this before

No. 631197

Where did you hear that?

No. 631198

It was in past threads where people were speculating it wasn’t the same cat. So far there’s been nothing supporting this.

No. 631199

Ghost was definitely not adopted from petsmart but rather a Craigslist buy… but no he wasnt replaced

No. 631201

I heard he escaped recently and hasn't been found and she didn't want to put posters with her name on it so she just got a new one that also gets along with the other new one she 'rescued'

No. 631202

Did you just make that up to see how far it'd go

No. 631204

No, I saw it in a comment on a Reddit thread then came here to see if it was true or not

No. 631205

File: 1548457106955.png (3.2 MB, 1440x2928, Capture _2019-01-25-16-58-08.p…)

No. 631206

I dont think she replaced Ghost, that breed of cat changes appearance from a kitten stage to adulthood.

No. 631207

No lie I was about to post this same exact screen shot. I have no experience with opiates but that looks like an injection mark to me?

No. 631209

File: 1548457554402.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, 185C0DB7-A201-439C-A1FE-F9EB44…)

Necklace was a gift, not urn or ash jewelry

No. 631212

File: 1548457652538.png (2.3 MB, 750x1334, 3660ABC3-9C0F-41D8-B6EA-B25644…)

I’m not a bearded dragon expert but does twisty look skinny?

No. 631214

It’s literally been confirmed she’s been shooting heroin, can y’all stop analyzing every single pic for injection marks now? It’s getting old

No. 631215

hey Bree, any updates? if you’re looking for an image host site imgur is a pretty straightforward one if you have multiple photos.

No. 631216

I didn't post that, but to people who use consistently and in large amounts, subs won't even help enough to take sickness away, nevermind get them high.

No. 631218

Did anyone get Breez's livestream recorded? I missed it and would've liked to see it

No. 631219

No. 631220

Like I just said… if you're using consistently and in large amounts, it often doesn't even take away sickness and absolutely won't nearly get you high. IF. If you have no tolerance, yes, you can potentially get high from it. I was an addict and have known many addicts and still know people taking suboxone, so I don't really need your Google link

No. 631221

I'm confused about Taylor and Jonny saying they are getting clean with the help of CleanSlate but they stay home for it?? Isn't that the totally wrong approach? Junkies won't stay clean if they are at home where they can go out and buy drugs as they please, the urge to shoot up is way stronger than ones determination to get clean. That's why most junkies are put into and institution, basically locked in where they can't use. I doubt someone can get clean by staying home and dropping by a program once a day or howmany times.

No. 631223

lol i guess you should try chewing it

No. 631224

File: 1548458417786.png (556.2 KB, 800x764, Taylor N Dean.png)

Do you think she's going to continue to get sponsorship's now this is all out? I honestly don't think she's going to recover from this.

Pic related lol.

No. 631225

So Taylor will get high but Jonny won't, good of you to let her know

No. 631226

You're right that it won't be enough for them at this point. CleanSlate either prescribes subs (which are taken daily to take place of other opiates and then weaned off of long-term) or vivitrol(which is taken monthly and blocks cravings). Either way, subs or vivitrol, you have to withdraw/detow from heroin first. You have to be around 48 hrs off of heroin for subs and over a week off of heroin for vivitrol. They won't make it until then trying to detox at home.

No. 631227

I am well aware it's been confirmed but she's also all over insta now saying she's "working really hard to get clean" and taking pics at the CleanSlate clinic to "prove" that. Fresh injection marks (which again, idk if they're fresh, i have NO experience, that's why I was asking) would prove that she is still using TODAY and therefore lying

No. 631230

You were literally just saying they'll both get high off of it, and now you're saying "thank you for letting her know she will get high off of it".. not very sharp huh?

And I bet her tolerance is pretty high up there- she has the money to get a lot of it. So I really doubt subs would get her high.

No. 631231

It’s because they don’t really want to get sober. Jonny for sure knows what type of rehab program he has to follow, and Taylor is an enabler with her soft approach to recovery. It’s just a half-assed attempt at recovery to make it look like they’re getting better until people forget about it so they can go back to what they were doing before.

No. 631233

Actually no, trackmarks will last at least a couple of days. They don't just disappear when you wake up the next day. They're like any other wound…..

No. 631234

The problem with Taylor is she wants a quick fix.

one of the "solutions" below is bullshit.

If I told a Junkie getting sober was gonna be hard, take time in a facility, be extremely painful and involve changing your lifestyle, habits and friends she'd tell me to fuck off.

If I told that junkie this magic shot will fix everything in ten days and cost $2000.

Which one of them do you think she'd choose?

Some doctors don't want you to get better just paying for crap that doesnt work. I've experienced this first hand.

No. 631235

File: 1548458965981.jpg (316.45 KB, 1067x999, IMG_20190125_152853.jpg)


No. 631240


I hope she doesn’t get sponsorships but with her subscriber count still so high, she could. They only are about what brings money in. Hopefully places like BetterHelp would never sponsor her again.

No. 631247


It's weird how her stans don't see that a drug addict has been toying with their emotions for at least several months. All the times she's joked about drug addiction, denied it, RT'd people who were so sure she was clean. She manipulated people to be her soldiers against the "haters." I guess just too many of them are young to see it. Really sad.

No. 631248

No, I'm serious. I've been on buprenorphine for 5 years. I think it would be a better idea for them to get on sub strips, or AT LEAST the probuphine implant than these shots. The only reason they're taking the Vivitrol shot is because they don't trust themselves, obviously. I'm betting my left tit that Johnny is going to try to break through the threshold to get high, and OD. Or he's going to IV something when their next month comes up and OD that way, either way I don't see him not ODing. Sub/bupe seems a hell of a lot safer.

Huh. Why would chewing it get you high? I know shooting it up gets you high but that's because of the bioavailability, right?

No. 631249

Okay I am by no means a Taylor stan but heres my two cents

1. Maddie/Emma/Pickles/etc are doing the right thing to stay out of this. Their careers are on the line if they get any further involed in this as shitty as it is. If they speak for Taylor, Non Taylor stans are gonna get mad. If they speak for Bree them Taylors stans are gonna get mad. Its best they just stay out of it entirely.

2. Mama and Papa Dean. When your child/family/friend/etc is an addict and wont get better you sure as hell are going to do anything you can to stay close to them, if you make them feel isolated they will cut you out and you will likely never reconcile with them. The bedt thing you can do is support them without encountering the addiction until you have a chance to get them to get help. You can’t force someome to get better. We dont know what they are doing behind the scenes for Taylor. You may never get to see them recover or get them back but you do what you can to help and stay in their lives.

No. 631255

Valid point about the parents. Honestly it just makes me grateful that my parents aren't on twitter. What a nightmare

No. 631256


I don't think anyone is blaming them for keeping their revenue safe. They're calling them out for being hypocrites when theres reason to suspect they knew she had a drug problem. They're also cowards because they wouldnt call her out privately probably when she needed to hear it the most, at risk to their own channels.

Her parents are partly to blame for her shitty attitude. I don't think they're particularly good role models but I don't doubt they love Taylor and will help her if she asks.

No. 631260

File: 1548461366989.jpg (656.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190125-164055_Ins…)

No. 631261

File: 1548461416220.jpg (593.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190125-170626_Ins…)

No. 631262

File: 1548461438727.jpg (817.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190125-164046_Ins…)

No. 631263

File: 1548461478921.jpg (639.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190125-184140_Ins…)

Johnny posted this one

No. 631264

We dont know whats going on behind they scenes, they could have been trying to help her, they also may not have know how bad it got. If they spoke out about her their channels would be dead, and people would label them liars/snitchs and call them awful friends. They are in a shitty position and keep in mind hey are all in their 20s they are still really young and its an impossible situation. They would also risk losing Taylor as a friend, i think they are all genuinely friends.
I have no doubt her parents are shitty or that Tyalor didn’t get the support/attention she needed. I also have no doubt she has an untreated/diagnosed mental illness (not gonna get into that.) but in this situation i think they are doing what they can. Also i think they should lay off twitter but thats up to them.

No. 631266

You know what's really crazy? Any one of the pet tuber crew could make a video calling taylor out for her behavior and for being a drug addict and unable to take care of her animals. they would probably gain a ton of subs from Taylor… directly. they are really blindly loyal, I have no clue why.

If I was Tyler, I'd be editing the video (with receipts) right now.

No. 631269

What I don't understand is why she feels the need to lie about her lip injections. in the previous thread she claimed she didn't get her lips done anymore) It is so obvious she got new ones, her lips weren't THIS huge before. And it's such a stupid thing to lie about, no one judges anyone about lip injections anymore in this day and age so there is literally no need to deny it. Is she only lying now for the sake of lying?

No. 631270

Listen, I don’t like when things become repetitive either. But this is a BIG deal. This is a woman who has a massive platform that millions of children watch. She is currently using, with 50+ animals in her care. And fresh injection sights are a big indicator of whether or not she is sober or not.

No. 631272

So. Am I the only one genuinely concerned about the fact that Jonny has nothing else to do but sit on his ass at home and be with Taylor?

I seriously don't believe he has any will to get sober, especially if he's under the impression that he's going to die soon anyway. I don't know much about him or his personality, but worst case scenario is that he fucking drags Taylor down with him 6ft under. But you have got to be delusional to think they're going to suddenly sober up together.

No. 631274

I have thought about this. I also think that if Taylor genuinely got sober, kicked Jonny, and maybe rehomed some of the animals she has to GOOD homes she could make a great come back. Same with the rest of the crew. They have such a great incentive..

No. 631277

It’s generally accepted that he has no interest in getting clean. He has had so much opportunity to do so, and he just doesn’t want to.

No. 631278

A good plan for her would be to go to a detox and have jonny get into long-term treatment. I'm sure she could talk to some of his friends to help convince him to go. Then, she will have some time away from him and hopefully come to her senses.
She could have someone watch her animals- a legit caretaker- and she could make them sign a non-disclosure agreement so that they can't talk about any of her animals and it's legally binding. She could even rehome some of her animals after detox and tell people which she rehomed, etc. Literally nobody would be mad.. people would be relieved. And again, she'd get time away from jonny to clear her mind

No. 631279

Exactly. Jonny acts like he's new to this and it's thEm aGaiNsT tHe wOrLd… but really, he has been thru this a ton of times and understands what he needs to do to get clean, and it's more than a vivitrol shot and sitting at taylor's place doing nothing. He doesn't want to get clean for real. He's such a pos

No. 631280

Her friends are guilty AF. They wanted the fame that came with being associated with her. They kept quiet because she paid for their trips and hotels. She basically bought their silence.
It’s one thing to simply be friends with someone, but to go out of your way to defend them - you’re desperate and a clout chaser.
To me Tyler is the real snake of the group. He’s keeping quiet but you know he’s sneaky AF.
Emma, Emilee, Tyler, pickles, pugsomeone, the whole petfest group knew what was happening - disgusting. Hope the few extra views and subs were worth it.

No. 631281

I really want to reiterate the fact that two abusers trying to get clean, and outpatient is looking at a success rate of -2
In rehab they do not want you associated with ANYBODY you did drugs with. Especially not those you’re with romantically. You’re just far too likely to encourage the other to relapse. They’re fortunate enough that they are not married, and do not have children. No strings attached really.
They need to separate before they even attempt to get clean. It will not happen if they stay together, and try and do it without being fully committed.

No. 631282

Maddie just backtracks when she's gotten called out for her boohoo don't bully Taylor guiz video. The whole petfest crew is reprehensible. Sorry but you can't be on heroin and none of your friends suspect something. Esp since like Bree mentioned, they spent a lot of time together on Skype. How do you keep your mouth shut and support somebody like her killing all her pet?

No. 631283

That sounds great, I would love if she did even one of those things. All of the together would be amazing.
We can all dream I guess.

No. 631284

…Did I miss something? If you wouldn't mind clarifying, when is "soon"?

No. 631285

File: 1548463094268.png (235.35 KB, 1080x1348, Screenshot_20190125-173542~2.p…)

Sorry for samefagging, but I found this on her most recent post.
Hahahaha, yeah, we're all super jealous of her 100k debt to the tax man and her junkie boyfriend that got kicked from yet ANOTHER band and her opiate addiction. Riiiight.

Also, Taylor, it's not slander if it's true…

No. 631286

This. It's a joke that he is doing out patient. He almost died and he still didn't want to get clean. What is out patient going to do??
And if he's not getting clean, she isn't going to be either.
They're just fooling everyone again. It used to be believed that Jonny was the manipulator, because of the reasons we had to believe it. There wasn't as much on Taylor. Now its obvious that it's definitely both of them that manipulate and lie to everyone.
They deserve each other. They're both so shitty. They're the same kind of person.

No. 631287

The problem with that is jonny is the only one she talks to all day. All she does is stay at home all day everyday, she doesn't have friends She's probably in that young love mindset where she genuinely can't picture life without him. Shes gotta realize he's bad for her even tho hes just a broken individual. As soon as Taylor gains some independent thought he'll turn on her for abandoning him.

No. 631288

Is there proof she’s in debt? Just curious.

No. 631289

I guess she missed Whatever’s post when she was doing her regular lolcow check.

No. 631292

Jayce said she was, but it has never technically been confirmed, no. Her money managing skills are horrendous though, so it's pretty believable.

No. 631293


V/R posted that she told him she was in debt to the IRS.

No. 631294


Pickles at least has basically stayed out of it the whole time, I don't really blame her for continuing to do so. The thing that bugs me about Maddie and Emma are that they've been defending Taylor for at least a year until the most recent fiasco. Yet they won't defend Bree. So clearly their "defense" wasn't about "truth" or whatever it's just about the fact that Taylor stans like them when they defend their queen.

No. 631295

Remember when the group had the balls to call out other pet youtubers - sure they’re not the best, like Brian and HT, but they were there defending and hiding drug abuse and animal neglect the whole time. How could they get on their high horse about anyone else?

No. 631298

No-one can force her to split from Jonny and until they split or are forced apart by circumstances, none of this is changing. I'm sure many of us feel empathy for how addicted she is and she's also with this loser of a man, but the coddling she demands from the internet is not going to come from here. This is someone who's been living on internet attention since school days, and who has a pair of enabling parents who think it's more important to nitpick the extent of the addiction than to see it for what it is, a potential life or death situation for their daughter

No. 631300


She’s clearly codependent and that stems from childhood issues. Her parents are likely the source and it’s probably why they delete everything as well as ignore concerns. It would mean acknowledging the deeper psychological issues and their part in all this.

No. 631301

her mother and father seem like fat, evil idiots. maybe i'm being an asshole and it's just that all their care goes to tanner but that still fucking sucks. those tweets from her father were so awful and useless. iT'S ThE BaNd's fAuLt!!! whatever but they need to get off twitter and be parents.

No. 631302

Can we get an estimate on her finances? Been looking online says about 2mil. How much does she really have tho between rent, animals, taxes and reckless spending? probably at least 500k in the bank?

No. 631303

Like and sub to whatever's video if you haven't already, these events needs some exposure. Ideally it would be the first thing that pops up under TND drama.

No. 631308

Comments also help the engagement astronomically. It kicks the YT into the algorithms.
I hope she makes a new video about this situation.

No. 631309

Having a dope habit is expensive… I wouldn't be surprised if they've spent over 30k within the last 6 months.. that's about 2 grams of dope for each per day, and that's if they were getting a rly good price($35/gram).
Past 3 months I wouldn't be surprised if they spent $20k just on dope. Their habits could be a lot worse too. 2 grams a day isn't a huge habit- they could definitely afford more. And in some places, a gram is twice as much as I calculated.

No. 631310

Why aren’t Taylor’s subs down? I feel not enough people know what’s happening.

No. 631311

Some prob just want to see what she does next so stay subscribed. Youtube is for entertainment, after all.

No. 631313

LMAO. She commented this on twitter cant screen shot cause ima retard.

>I deleted my twitter because the drama is extremely triggering and makes me prone to relapse. I’d like to focus on my sobriety!

No. 631315

File: 1548466241850.png (129.16 KB, 416x728, 6546646ba72ae22c957836d5bdae48…)

No. 631317

Cheers anon. lol

No. 631318

They should really be inpatient, they clearly aren’t taking a heroin recovery seriously.

I wonder if the dynamic is really what people like to think it is, sick TND who J preyed on. No doubt J is a creepy abusive narcissist, but I feel like a lot of anons are painting TND with this sense of innocence like people do with Taylor Swift. I’m sure they’re equally as fucked as the other but J is dumb as a rock, even if they’re stuck in an abuse cycle TND I’m sure they’re like those couples that relate themselves to Joker and Harley.

Anyways if TND was smart she’d get away with her money and use her recovery for views.

No. 631321


IMO her best course of action is to get a restraining order like his ex did and get him out. He is the instigator in the relationship. Sadly I don't think she's going to. She thinks shes "in love" with him. I dont even think she knows what sobriety means.

Sober = not habitually using

You arn't sober if you quit for a day Taylor.

No. 631324

The problem is that just like her parents, they couldn't keep things private and went after people with snarky comments to defend her. If they want to protect their revenue, they wouldn't have said anything since the beginning, but instead they went after people only because it was convenient for them to do so. While we don't know what's going on behind the scenes, it wasn't exactly difficult to see these people are social climbers who will only play when it's convenient to them.

No. 631325


Her family didn't know until now. Taylor said in >>>/pt/630908, "It sucks that my family had to find out via the internet".


>I did the hard part and got crucified for it so I hope this is all worth it

No, he is not committed to getting sober.

Vivitrol is contraindicated for people with liver and kidney damage.

No. 631326

according to his bandmate, Collin, he was apparently doing fine before TND came into the picture and they moved in together. They were only "dating" for 2 months before living together. So I kind of assumed that he might've even been a tiny bit sober before they got together and moved in with one another.

No. 631327

Well according to Jayce, she earns 40k monthly. Rent was on Jonny as a "gift" to her, but that's out of the window now. Rent is between $1200 and $2000. We know that she earns 15k per sponsored video, too, and a shiny debt to the IRS of 100k according to Jayce as well.

I don't think it's 2mil, considering she burns through cash fast, faster than the time she takes to earn it anyway. Otherwise she would've already moved into her "million dollar house" with Jonny to flex. She probably still has a cushion to get her through for another couple of months until she has to make another video.

No. 631328


He started using again at Taylors. It just gave him the opportunity to get away from his band mate. I imagine Taylor was curious about drugs and wanted to bond with jonny over something, so why not use.

No. 631329


How much does this program cost? Is she still on her parents' health insurance? Or is she footing the bill for both of them?

No. 631332

don't forget the cost of all their toys (a lego set can be $300-$400), $6000 bracelet she broke, $90-200 for a pair of shoes, all the designer clothes they buy that jonny always post about, her $10,000 snake we never heard from again (ALSO WHERE IS HE NOW???), animal food+items, rent, internet, i'm assuming macbook pros, expensive cameras (for her videos she never does), disneyland trips, airplane rides (im assuming business class) and hundreds of dollars worth of expensive drugs. I'm also assuming she has no idea how to file taxes especially when you're self-employed that requires me in depth work with filing and that includes keeping track of where you're spending your money.

lol with this rate, she'll end up at those trailer parks with jonny..crying about how they're getting clean

No. 631335

File: 1548469004489.png (854.05 KB, 1536x2048, 6803AE01-A5B2-40CC-9C01-F261F4…)

Looking at socialblade, she isn’t making those figures these days. She’s earning at best around 15k, compared to that 40k statistic from a few months ago. I know sb isn’t the most accurate, but it doesn’t surprise me at all that her income is plummeting. The YouTube algorithm is very unkind to people who stop making videos. I’m sure they’re being recommended less and less, and she’s probably only getting views and subs from people who search up specific animals and find her old care videos. She’s not going to be able to live off YouTube paychecks for much longer at this rate.

No. 631337

Someone above mentioned the price of the injection, but tbh I don't know. Maybe the prices are listed in CleanSlate's site?

It's really unwise for her to not have a consistent schedule, and it's even worse that she's pretty much stuck with one type of video (all my pets) if she wants to make cash. For someone who is all about herself, the videos who are actually about herself do not pull in many views.

Yeah but remember she also has merch and I think she had a paid sponsorship with Dolls Kill on instagram. Some kids probably got her merch for Christmas.

No. 631338

i'm betting the only people now are subbing are just randoms that fell upon her really old videos thinking it's a good channel (thats what got me subbing before) and the closer they get to the latest.. they're realize how awful she is and forget her.

No. 631340

File: 1548469567782.png (845.58 KB, 491x903, blahblahblah.png)

Seeking pity, I suppose

No. 631341

well, i guess he won't be getting the vivitrol then. odds that she even bothers to get the shot if jonny doesn't?

No. 631346

File: 1548470469059.jpeg (558.49 KB, 1152x2048, 7E598FC3-72A2-4DD6-BEA5-91AC61…)

From Kim (Chelsea’s friend)

No. 631347

File: 1548470500904.jpeg (565.09 KB, 1152x2048, C54DD6D0-B8FC-4712-AEAE-E6FBE0…)

PT. 2

No. 631348

File: 1548470738076.jpeg (568.07 KB, 1152x2048, AEB7F860-C47F-4B3F-B4F6-5C595F…)

PT. 3

No. 631351

File: 1548470844351.jpeg (571.01 KB, 1152x2048, E5841E90-D248-42CB-A1D5-D3D08C…)

PT. 4

No. 631352

Hey guys been trying to group the screenshots but I'm not sure how. Do you guys know what I could use to college them?

No. 631353

Underrated edit

No. 631354

File: 1548470975817.jpeg (380.82 KB, 896x1593, AC1F2935-DEC8-4A5B-BCCE-5F5923…)

PT. 5 (done)

No. 631355


You could create an album on imgur and then link it here?

No. 631356

paint.net is free and works well

No. 631357

File: 1548471057646.png (126.09 KB, 800x632, 1548388562886.png)


Do you think I would have asked instead of posting the cost if it were listed on their site?

The manufacturer has a savings program. This page also includes a list of side effects and contraindication warnings.


This article discusses problems with the treatment model and its cost in comparison to other medical treatments.


No. 631358

File: 1548471102298.jpg (628.79 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190125-215043_Ins…)

No. 631359


Collages can reduce resolution. Imgur is good; upload them in reverse order.

No. 631360


It's gonna get much worse. Theres no way they're gonna stay sober just sitting at home. Her inability to deal with criticism is going to cause her to use more. Jonny's just gonna keep hooking her up. She doesn't have the self control to stop.

No. 631362

>Do you think I would have asked instead of posting the cost if it were listed on their site?

No need to be a cunt, honeybuns.

No. 631363

I second this. She's just barely came forward with information, and not necessarily was it willingly done. It was because the information was put out to the public.
She will never get clean until she actually wants it.
And to the sounds of it, it doesn't seem like she does.

No. 631364

I’d bet all my aquariums that we’re not getting those autopsy results, mainly because they don’t exist.

No. 631365

File: 1548471400597.jpeg (878.76 KB, 1125x1947, 6064672B-5AF6-403D-9715-736A83…)

No. 631366

File: 1548471429767.png (100.13 KB, 421x743, 7b1eef69926bb3d5ab13a971817d8d…)

She can't even take her own sobriety seriously

No. 631368

Making an imgur album now

No. 631369

Wait who's this?

No. 631371

Im not see a happy ending for this farmers.

>Taylor continues to seek treatment

>Taylor relapses
>Taylor continues to seek treatment
>Taylor slowly becomes irrelvant and succumbs to an addicts life of mediocrity

scenario 2

>Taylor trys to get clean

>Jonny stops her from getting clean
>Taylor forced to leave to get clean
>Jonny kills animals for abandoning him

Best option would be to get him thrown out but hes made her his bitch. He owns her through her heroin dependence.

No. 631373

damn. worse worse scenario is tryna pimp her out cuz he doesn't mind posting semi naked photos of her online.

No. 631374

File: 1548472487492.png (121.78 KB, 343x733, 6d906211867a9e0a6e82b12bc63293…)

No. 631375

lol now your just fuckn with me anon. He is a right piece of shit tho.

No. 631377

who is this and why do we care?

No. 631379

Who is this girl? I mean this in the nicest way possible… is she relevant?

No. 631380

the simple answer is no

No. 631383

anon that posted that sc - i thought that i would post it because she mentioned Taylor freaking about her putting it publicly that JC basically controls her. sorry lol you don't have to be rude tho

No. 631384

File: 1548472908566.png (969.75 KB, 750x1334, 8DF59E02-6820-4D69-9144-B31CF7…)

here’s info on the Lindslay girl. I just looked her up

No. 631386

Chelsea is going live on Instagram soon

No. 631388

Taylor Dean Texts https://imgur.com/gallery/DHNVIDl

Here's the last form of contact I had with Taylor. I don't know if it's just my Instagram being glitchy or once someone else blocks you, you lose past convos. So when I rapidly ss it when I could I focused mainly on what Taylor said, I can't get the convo back to rescreenshot my parts.

As you can see there was not a single mention of sexual misconduct whatsoever. This was back in December before I ever posted on lolcow, 2 months after the trip has occurred and 1 text from November. She only decided to text me back after I made a tweet about exposing her. I tried to be a reasonable person and a good friend and solve things privately. All that happened was that I got manipulated into thinking it was all my fault once again.

I was never mad at Taylor cause she wouldn't be my friend, I was mad because she was a terrible friend despite my best efforts to care.

She twisted what occurred, telling me that they'd "message me when I got home" all the while she was talking about me and treating me like shit behind my back while I was still there, proven by her own screenshots. She's a master manipulator and I refused to fall for it a third time

No. 631389


I think she is as relevant as Kim? She is friends with Taylor, so it's the same as Kim, or Betsy. It's someone revoking their public support of JC and saying they only did it for Taylor. It further enforces Taylor pushing people to support JC to stay in her life. This makes it relevant, imo. It's also images on an image board. Not the poster of it, but it's better than a bunch of text posts

No. 631390

more people coming forth to blow her out. if she weren't such a holier than thou know it all i'd feel bad for taylor but fuuuuuck she makes it hard

No. 631391

Jonny will not get clean. He's almost died, been kicked out of various bands, lied, manipulated, and abused so many women.
He has no regard for human life, including his own.
And for as long as Taylor is with him, she will not get clean either.
It's like an alcoholic trying to get sober in a bar.
Wont. Happen.

No. 631392

what is her insta

No. 631394


is she the one who posted the five part piece as well?

she's chelsea's roommate?

No. 631395



No. 631396

CHELSEAIS GOING LIVE insta @_raiiiiine

No. 631397

The link doesn't work.

No. 631398

link isn't working for me

No. 631399

This seems to be a friend of Taylor's.

No. 631400

Am i the only one that cant see The screenshots on that link

No. 631401

The link doesn't work. Also, I'm not inclined to believe and side with you 100% if you're leaving out your side of the conversation, to me it seems like you would only do that to hide stuff you said to her to cover your own ass. If you want 100% credibility you gotta be 100% honest.

Also not sure why you keep going back and forth about not being able to view the messages, either they're there or they aren't, they're not gonna randomly disappear once you've found them. Screenshot the full conversation if you want us to fully support you, otherwise it looks like you're hiding stuff.

No. 631402

Is Chelsea live yet? Not showing for me.

No. 631403

should be any min. she said 15min ago she'd be live in 15

No. 631404


The link worked for me and I do see Bree's side of the conversation as well.

No. 631405

So I can't really upload pics right now because my connection is slow, but this thread on Twitter talks about Jonny. This woman worked as a photographer for him and the band:


No. 631406

she’s live!

No. 631408

keep us non instagramers posted!

No. 631410

It’s been working fine for me. It has a ton of images in it, so it may not be loading properly for some.

No. 631412

Try the link again I realized it got switched to private. I'm not hiding anything with the screenshots from Insta I just rapidly screenshot them and didn't realize I cut a few of my parts out. I can literally show you screenshots of my Insta dms and the convo is no longer there for me to go back. Don't ask me how that works cause I have no idea. Taylor must have reblocked me and made the conversation hidden.

No. 631413

link working for me now

No. 631415

Thanks for being so open Bree. I hope Taylor can get the major help she needs so she can finally apologize to you and every else

No. 631417


Archived at http://archive.is/PCvsJ



Not only because screenshots can be faked but because the timestamps on them often do not include the date and do not use UTC (screenshots taken in different timezones have different timestamps leading to confusion and difficulty assembling timelines later).

Archiving the page also preserves the context of replies.

Be aware that the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine will delist webpages upon request of the site owner.

No. 631419

>>631410 >>631388
yah its working now thank you Bree this whole situation really sucks

No. 631422

crazy how she even says in her first text to you "nothing worth sharing happened between us"

No. 631423

Interesting that there are parts cut out, you keep loosing access to pictures, and you conveniently deleted your Twitter right after you possibly did some gross and incriminating things. Though that doesn't detract from Taylor's fuckupery.

No. 631424

Brees link still errors out for me

No. 631425

I wonder what ever happened to her $10,000 snake? All she posts is her obese snakes so I'm wondering if the poor thing is sick or dead.

No. 631426

I agree, while there has been 0 evidence from Taylor before yesterday that Bree did anything to physically make her uncomfortable (apart from drugs but like, not gonna pin that on Bree, Taylor is the one who brought them) I still feel like we're not getting the full story.

No. 631427

Double post but if you're on mobile then try to open it on the desktop version of the site. It wasn't working o the mobile page but it worked fine on desktop version.

No. 631428

There’s nothing really interesting in Bree’s screenshots tbh. I thought she meant messages from October when they were going on the trip, but the messages are just from when she started posting here in dec.

No. 631429

Thanks for sharing Bree. I appreciate that you have shared what you have, even if it’s not everything that happened it’s still better to see what happened

No. 631430

Can't find whatever's video on youtube something fuckys going on.

No. 631432

it isn't showing up on youtube anymore for some reason. wondering if taylor flagged

No. 631434

I deleted twitter 3 days after the trip because it pained me to see everyone posting like nothing happened and I wasn't there. I was having a rough time so got rid of Twitter to help relieve the stress. A glitch in Twitter would not allow me to regain full access to my account and I tried for 2 months to get it back from Twitter support until I had to remake it. I would love to jump on and share the og dms of Taylor but I literally can't.

I'd also be more then happy to show the full Instagram conversation if Taylor was to unblock me cause it isn't there. If you'd like me to post screenshots of my dm history, I've never deleted a dm, I will. It was not my intention to hide anything just when the convo popped back up in my recents I tried to get as much as possible quickly before it disappeared again

No. 631436

I'm still able to find and view it from my watch history. I downloaded it just to be safe

No. 631437

No. 631439

You mean the chimera Ball Python? I think about that snake a lot, actually. It was sold to her because the owner thought she would use her platform to show it off. And what does she do? Show it off once or twice, then put it in a bin and never shows it again. That snake is an incredibly rare and gorgeous snake that would have been cherished by many snake keepers. What a waste. In fact, that could apply to all of her animals. They deserve better than a lazy junkie for an owner.

No. 631441

Taylor Nicole Deans Heroin Addiction Exposed

what ever

Published on Jan 25, 2019

This is concerning for obvious reasons.

my Twitter: smallbeansbigd1


No. 631442


IIRC she named it Gemini, for anons looking for it.

No. 631443

Okay, i think Taylor needs to fucking quit, she is obviously spiraling and needs help, not to get into internet beef. But Bree gives me a bad vibe. I watched her livestream, and she was smirking at the camera watching the viewers pour in. She said she was taking all of this very seriously, then giggled when saying whether or not she was inappropriate, which made it look completely like she was lying (in my oppinion) She said that everything was going fine, and that none mentioned that she needed to stop or that they were uncomfortable, and then outed that as a lie in her screenshots she just posted. She said the phrase "I'll make sure they get what's coming to them." regarding to people who decided not to be her friend after whatever happened on that trip. She tried to give Taylor tips on lying better in a real smug way on the livefeed. And she said that their friend group was trying to tall Taylor out of an episode and flushed the drugs while Bree told an addict "you can bring drugs if you want" while wanting to do them herself and expecting that that excuses her. And on a personal note, she just sounded like an asshole while telling everyone how great her care, just annoyed me, but still. She comes off just as bad as Taylor to me. Maybe not just as bad, but I think of that many people all ahut you off at the same time, you had to do something kinda fucked up.

No. 631445


Meaning everytime I tried to submit a ticket I'd get an error message saying it could not be submitted. I spent hours on the customer support chat which never got anywhere cause the page would reload and it would start the helpdesk from the beginning. I couldn't email them and called their head office but they don't do customer support

No. 631446


Bree isn't really relevant to the thread. The most milk came when Jonny was kicked out and his band mates exposed her as an enabler and an addict. Brees stuff took place months ago. The whole Bree thing just confuses the message, its more important that people see her personal SS from twitter. Her own words incriminate her the worst.

No. 631447

File: 1548475998385.png (351.04 KB, 518x914, Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 11.1…)


No. 631448

File: 1548476093054.png (362.23 KB, 664x914, Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 11.1…)


No. 631449

this actually illustrates the whole scene so vividly and proves there was no need for taylor to cause any drama or spread any lies about bree… They both had misunderstandings caused by anxiety and addiction and they both failed to communicate effectively due to it. I don't know how old you are Bree but that's reminiscent of my own time at Taylor's age so I understand this whole situation much better now.

it's sad it all came to this. a relapse is no one's fault but taylor's and half-blaming bree because "she should have known how badly I want to stay clean!" despite taylor allegedly skyping while drugged out… really, what was bree supposed to expect when taylor herself snuck coke through airport security?

No. 631453


Did you want me to cry? I spent the whole night crying before hand. I was exhausted and cried out. I laughed at the bloody ridiculousness of the whole thing. Though I don't recall "smirking at the viewers pouring in" it likely could have just been my face. The amount of viewers made me nervous, I'm still not comfortable in general showing my face. I never gave Taylor tips at lying I stated she was a shit liar who couldn't keep a straight story. When talking about my animals I was comparing what I did with nothing vs what Taylor could be doing.

I'm nothing like Taylor and I've been nothing but open and people who know me know that. I was removed from the group because of agreeing to the drugs and only the drugs. I've thrown myself under the bus time and time again and admitted it was a shit choice. By all means hate me but for God's sake don't compare me to that snake

No. 631455

did chelsea end up streaming? i couldnt see it

No. 631456

this feels like those ridiculous over the top analysis on youtube where they take a 40 second clip in 144p and insist that this pixels means the person is lying. nothing about the livestream felt smug to me, i think you're looking too deep anon.

No. 631457

I don't think that lets Bree off the hook, but you have a point. I just think that Bree should take responsibility for her actions a little more directly. She appearently knew about Taylor's drug problem and completely enabled her, that is messed up in it's own way. Taylor is an entire magnitude worse, and is notorious for avoiding taking responsibility, but I don't buy Bree's innocence.

No. 631458

>>631455 she is still streaming

No. 631459

This isn't your thread Bree, go to the general petuber thread if you want to give a person essay.

No. 631460

Why would she reply to a person…in a different thread?

No. 631461

I'm confused why you're blaming Bree for enabling Taylor. They're both addicts. Taylor brought the drugs, Bree didnt make her do that. In that case how is that not Taylor enabling Bree? No one has said shes innocent but theres no reason for all the blame to be on her when it's mostly Taylor's fault. Bree herself has admitted fault over and over.

No. 631462

When did I say I was innocent? I took full accountability for my actions the moment they approached me the Sunday they sent me home and again in a 2 page apology I sent out. I still take full accountability for agreeing to have them there and asking to do them. Never once said I didn't. I only ask that Taylor take some blame as well. She also knew I had drug issues and she approached me first to ask if she should bring them. She didn't ask anyone else in the group just me. She knew I'd agree because that's addict mentality. Had she not asked I never would have asked.

No. 631463

mkay but Bree admits she had a coke problem too? She didn't "enable her". They were two sick people, Taylor asked Bree if she wanted the drugs and Bree said yes. That's not enabling. If anything Taylor enabled Bree to relapse since Taylor is the one who asked if she would use with her and then provided. As for the whole "Bree kept begging for drugs even when Taylor said she didn't want to do them" idk about that part, but don't say "Bree forced Taylor to smuggle drugs in her wig on an airplane!!1!" it was a fuck up on both their parts but Taylor is the one who introduced the drugs to the situation.

No. 631464


Because this person is retarded, seriously the original poster should have taken it to the other thread.

No. 631465

He just tagged Colin in another tweet so this is going to get traction again lmao. She could just… shut up.

No. 631466


Yea we appreciate you coming forward but the whole LA trip is a dead horse.

No. 631467

Holy shit! If you want to discuss the credibility / qualms you have with Bree head on over to the General Pettuber thread. Stop shitting up the thread with your speculation on her.

No. 631468

File: 1548476953021.png (610.94 KB, 492x934, Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 11.2…)

No. 631469

this is about Taylor so it is relevant to this thread. Bree is allowed to post here about Taylor. Why you trying to banish her? it makes no sense

No. 631470

Scene: Skype

T: hey come with me to this LA thing
B: OK!
T: hey i'm thinking of bringing drugs, want in?
B: sure if you wanna do them
T: ok i'll smuggle them across airport security breaking federal law
B: ok but only if you're comfortable doing that

Scene: LA

B: wanna do those drugs?

No. 631471

Watched Chelseas stream. Some notable things
- Jonnys family "knows how fucked up he is" She still speaks with them but they don't speak to him
- Taylor offered to pay Chelsea to take down the text between them
- Jonnys daughter is 10/11 and hes never spoken to her
- He gets aggressive and throws things/punches holes in walls but she doesn't think he's physically abusing Taylor because "he's always 7 steps ahead" and she has too big of a fan base to take that risk
-Jonny has tried this type of treatment before and it's very hard on the body so if they really are going through with this there's no way the animals will get any attention during the treatment
- Chelsea still reads here to "see if they've died yet"
- Chelsea tried to kill herself due to his cheating and abuse etc. He called her when she was in the psych ward to call her a stupid bitch. When she got out he took her cats, psychically took when out of her arms.
- When Chelsea got the cats back her mom also took a dog of his he couldn't take care of
-Chelsea thinks that Jonny has Taylor "right where he wants her"
-Jonny constantly pressured Chelsea into trying heroin
-Jonny started Slaves so no one could kick him out lol

No. 631472

File: 1548476988377.png (200.65 KB, 496x936, Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 11.2…)

No. 631473

In her live stream she tried to shrug off telling Taylor it was a fine to bring drugs by her saying "You can bring it if you want." They enabled each other.

No. 631474

Yeah I don't understand why she keeps lying about things that are super easy to disprove? She is either super high or stupider than I ever imagined.

No. 631475

tbh even though her lips are still atrocious here, they're better than how they look now lol. Funny that she thinks she looks good though. She looks like Gigi Gorgeous. Completely plastic and dead.

No. 631476

Did she sell all her other clothing to afford drugs? She always wears this.

No. 631477

Its dumb af that Bree gets the blame for Taylors relasp. You cam but two addicts together with drugs and blame one. Why is Taylors addiction uwu poor Taylor when Bree’s is her fault. Bree is not at fault for Taylors relapse.
Taylor made the decision to buy the drugs, smuggle the drugs, and have them in the same room with another addict.
Bree is at fault for her doing drugs not Taylor.
They both are at fault for Bree begging Taylor for the drugs. Taylor brought them and leg bree know they were there.

No. 631478

I believe Bree said in her livestream that Taylor showed her a hole Jonny punched in the wall over Skype or smth.

No. 631479


Colin has the power to end the BS once and for all

No. 631480

Chelsea also said Taylor told her she had a coke addiction in the past before dating Jonny. I'm guessing that probably started as her Youtube was taking off and she was being invited to LA.

No. 631481


Honestly I don't think Taylor has looked "good" for like… a year now. She's just turned herself into this fake, dead-eyed junkie who looks waaaay older than she actually is. You'd never guess she was 21 looking at some of her recent selfies.

No. 631482

I agree, I'm tired of seeing this shit come up, luckily the stuff with the band and drugs is taking over the spotlight.

No. 631483

It's an old picture, she posted like 4 things on instagram whining about how she used to look

No. 631484

So ignore it?

No. 631485

Maddie on her involvement with Taylor rn

1. I didn't know
2. Maybe I did know but I couldn't do anything
3. Maybe I could have done something but it's not my fault


No. 631487

>They both are at fault for Bree begging Taylor for the drugs. Taylor brought them and leg bree know they were there.

This is so true and more people should be agreeing. Bree has admitted to having a problem with coke. Taylor provided and did coke with her, Bree relapsed, Bree wanted to do more coke because she knew it was readily available in the room with her. It's disgusting that they're villifying Bree for being addicted to coke and wanting to do more while it was easily accessible, while being completely silent when it comes out that Taylor has been doing heroin for a year and lying about it.

No. 631488

File: 1548477507660.png (323.46 KB, 1185x715, d6b83ff0ee9f37ce52970b8d4c9932…)

she seriously will never live up to her word

No. 631489


I don't understand how any of them can say they didn't know she was doing drugs. Taylor says right there in Bree's screenshots that she admitted it in group chat and talked about wanting to be clean.

No. 631491

I'm just as tired about the LA trip. I called out Taylor's animal care and meant to focus on that. At this point it's only by request and to prove that there was only a massive issue involving drugs on the trip and no sexual misconduct to hear of otherwise it would have been mentioned. The drugs have been discussed to death. We enabled each other and were both to blame, the end. The LA trip was used to point out Taylor's drug problem but now there's confirmation everywhere about it.

No. 631493


Taylor was hot 2017, shes still kinda hot but shes gaining weight and her lips, skin and all her tattoo aren't doing her any favors.

No. 631494

I’m gagging at her using her addiction and it being exposed as a crutch for more sympathy. “Ugh i hope I get pretty again” like sis this is serious. You have a problem and you need help.

No. 631496

I think my main complaint is that you can't dismiss Bree in this just because she isn't as bad a transgressor as Taylor. Bree made this bed when she made her nice expose starting it with "I cant believe I'm posting on this disgusting site." When at this point she won't stop posting and abusing her trip code when her milk dried up. She posted all she has as far as we know.

No. 631497


It's the cocaine wig and the tunic top she wore with no pants to the convention. How coincidental that she would post it right now!

No. 631498

>-Chelsea thinks that Jonny has Taylor "right where he wants her"

pretty obvious. She's dependent and have no idea how to be by herself. Taylor can "lmaooo" her way out of anything on the internet, but in reality, she's a fragile being and when she's starting to depend on drugs.. she's just going further downhill. I don't think she can recover no matter how hard she tries to take the fast route.

No. 631499

I will not post again unless confirmation is required about her animals because that was my point in all of this, not to argue about what I've already admitted.

No. 631502

>>631499 sorry they're doing this to you bree. appreciate everything you've done this far to get the ball rolling to officially expose her bullshit.

No. 631503

I will eat my shoe if she posts pictures of Kronos.

(Disclaimer: Footwear will not actually be consumed in the astronomically small event that photographs of Kronos are posted)

No. 631504

Thank you, you were a big help

No. 631505


It's really sad and pathetic. If she wants to be "pretty" again she needs to work on it. The drugs have ruined her. The lip injections have ruined her - her lips do not look plump and luscious, they look swollen and uncomfortably large.

Reality hasn't truly hit her yet. Taylor needs to check into rehab and get clean, but not before rehoming a majority of her animals so she can focus on her own well being like her mental and physical health.

No. 631506

File: 1548477912299.png (283.77 KB, 605x537, tudy.png)

tudy (former dope dealer) just posted this on twitter

No. 631507

wait what sorry can you quote it? I read through the screenshos but did not see anything like this.

No. 631509

You really think she is leaving, I guarantee that one of the people saying bye and thank you is her not using a trip code.

No. 631510

Bree before you leave can you confirm who was in the group texts when Taylor admitted to using?

No. 631511


Oh for fucks sake, knock it off with your Bree sperging.

No. 631512

My grandpa told me if you wanna know what a woman will look like when shes older look at her mother.(no1curr)

No. 631513

thank you Bree. I agree you've said all that needs to be said at this point.

No. 631514

Now that the other Slaves' members feel the need to speak out, funny how they only feel like talking about drug use. If they've got receipts on that, I'm sure there's stuff on his shitty behavior.

Correct me if I'm wrong though.

Thanks for hanging around and dealing with some bitter motherfuckers.

No. 631515


Definitly has some body image issues with her lips. Shes always overlined her lips in previous videos. I think its because she has a large philtrum (part under nose between lip).

No. 631516

right? We have no reason to believe Bree will go straight to posting without her tripcode. If she does, I hope farmhands reveal that, because it would be hella shady and further discredit her.

your grandpa was wrong and also sexist, all women are not clones of their mothers ya know. there's a whole other set of DNA mixed in there. this comment is so weird and unwarranted

No. 631517


Don't hold your breath. In previous threads there were texts between him and Chelsea. Colin 100% knew what Jonny was like to his girlfriends and how abusive he was. To be honest he's a piece of shit for supporting him.

No. 631518


It's very obvious she has body issues, even though there was nothing wrong with her. No issue with overlining her lips or even having lip injections, the problem is she has them done waaay too big. Maybe she likes it that way, but they just seem to get bigger and bigger to the point it's comical.

No. 631519

I think the large philtrum is a direct result of the excessive and botched injections she's been getting. unless there are screens of what her lips looked like before injections and it was wide then too, but from what I remember, she looked totally normal before.

No. 631521


You're right but generally the apple doesn't fall to far from the tree. GENERALLY.

No. 631522

is what ever's latest video gone for anyone else? i can still access all of the others.

No. 631525


Yup was mentioned earlier

No. 631527


See >>631441


Would anons please post URLs?

No. 631528

i feel the whole reason the LA situation was even brought up again is that Taylor is trying to blame Bree for the entire thing but the blame is shared in it Bree has owned up to that and Taylor has not or she says "yeah i brought he drugs, but…!"

also people keep throwing around the word relapse, but you can't relapse if you are actively using which Bree and Taylor were at the time of the trip (correct me if im wrong)

its hard to believe that taylor was completely clean at the time because the risk of getting caught with cocaine in an airport would not be worth it imo

not even really trying to take Bree's side in all this but her story is more consistent while taylor just keeps lying and trying to make herself the victim.

No. 631529

No. 631530

what ever’s video is there you just have to search ‘Taylor Nicole deans heroin addiction exposed’

No. 631531

Multiple people have asked Bree for screenshots since she went live last night. It's not a dead horse and Bree has said a ton of times that she wanted to clear her name about the sexual assault and these screenshots prove that Taylor n e v e r mentioned it before. Not a single time. So clearly she just made that up to make herself seem like more of a victim

No. 631532

This whole situation is wild. All these people who have been too scared to speak up in the past are coming out in droves to expose this piece of shit human being. FINALLY. There is strength in numbers

No. 631534

File: 1548479782213.jpg (667 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190126-000117_Ins…)

No. 631535

File: 1548479807896.jpg (531.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190126-000133_Ins…)

No. 631536

No. He's pancaking because he's cold. Please don't fill the thread with needless speculation.

No. 631537

If its your ~natural hair~ why is it so hard to upkeep?

No. 631539

I don't think that proves anything yet. There are multiple witnesses to the entire thing, some of which appearently weren't even Taylor's friends. I don't buy that Taylor made everyone post to confirm. Plus if you look at the timeline, the petfest people have been getting some distance from Taylor. Ever since she "accidently" inferred Emma and one of the other ones were killing fish." She didn't go to their Michigan trip, and I haven't seen her posting much about petfest, while the others won't shut up about it. Even Emma's most recent "defense" of Taylor was vague. Looks like Taylor might have fucked up the only friendships she seemed to have left. If I were them, I'd run away from that sinking ship as fast as possible, no one can help Taylor but herself, and as long as Jonny is around, that ain't gonna happen.

No. 631540

smacks lips

No. 631541

she’s so high right now(emoji)

No. 631542


I was about to say… it's short and supposed to be her natural hair, that's like ZERO upkeep. Yet wigs, extensions and going to the hair salon is easier? She's such a liar lol.

No. 631543

She was saying the color was hard to upkeep (unnatural) but that the texture of her hair in these pics is her natural hair texture.

No. 631544


its an old picture, or well old boomerang she posted in her story not her currently

No. 631546

She likes to play dress up a lot doesn't she? If she really wanted to look good she'd TAKE OUT THOSE DAMMN LIP FILLERS!

No. 631549

Did anyone get Chelsea or Bree's livestreams?

No. 631551

Her natural hair is absolutely not that curly. Especially with how damaged it was.

No. 631553

He, Chelsea's was interesting but Bree just said what she has been saying, no new milk. Her screenshots are out, but they are pretty dry too.

No. 631554

look at her lying in bed, high af, looking through all her photos thinking about the days where drugs weren't 100% of her life.

No. 631555


dont know if anyone recorded it but check this post out for a recap of chelseas not sure about brees livestream

No. 631556

I tried three times to get Bree's but couldn't because of some technical issue. What's been summarised here is accurate though.

No. 631558


Emma made a tweet clearly about Taylor and it seems like she's expressing she thinks Taylor should rehome her animals. Emilee, Pickles, and Lori Hart all liked it.

No. 631559

I didn't say it was… I said that's what she was claiming in this pic

No. 631561

Yeah I know, I meant that towards her claim of it being natural. Sorry!

No. 631563

Pickles and emilie also posted statements

No. 631564

They're all so transparent. They went from addressing things directly and acting like Taylor's little whiteknight squad, to vaguing and "addressing things for the last time".

No. 631565

"a lot has changed in the past month"
Oh. So everything was cool before this month?

This reads like PR bullshit. Felt like she had to put out a statement, but still insisted on being as vague as possible. Taylor isn't Voldemort, just say her damn name, geez.

No. 631566

I dig it, the worst part of the petfest crew is Taylor, getting anyone away from her is a win.

No. 631567

Lmfao voldemort

No. 631568

awww sheeett, looks like petube is gonna eat its own

No. 631569

She also said that people should read these threads and not think it's all about bullying because all the things Taylor has done and said are archived and discussed over.

No. 631570

Emilee just made a tweet as well about the situation. Hers is a little bit less cookie cutter than Emma's, where she says that things have been changing a lot behind the scenes in the past month and that she couldn't help Taylor. She also agrees that she doesn't support drug use and that any animal not being properly cared for should be rehomed.

The tweets are pretty vague and don't directly call out or criticize Taylor the way they need to but just thought I'd update

No. 631573

>Taylor offered to pay Chelsea to take down the text between them
My fucking sides. She seriously thinks money can solve everything, even heroin addiction.

No. 631574

I dont know, having a parent that's an addict fucked me up, you want to help but they just keep using and telling you everything is fine. Plus how much help could they be living in fuckin Canada and shit. If I could live without a addict in my life I would, Taylor is a hell of a mess.(no1curr)

No. 631575

LOL the pet fest group chat is totally talking all about Taylor, and deciding how they can cover their own asses without getting involved and dragging their own channels down. That's why they're all coming out with these statements at the same time. They must have a group chat without Taylor, probably for pet fest organizers, since we know that Taylor is the only one not involved in organizing the event

No. 631577

They said Emma, Emily and that dyed hair girl were there. And I guess pickles was there, but not for all of it.

No. 631578

That's rough man hugs anon

No. 631579

If you think about it, it kinda makes sense things got worse or "noticeable" if we're playing their game. That's when Taylor took a "break/was binging hardcore on drugs. I don't doubt they knew she was an addict, but I believe that things did indeed get worse this past month.

No. 631580

I would, they tried to stand by Voldemort for a while, but ever since cheese died voldey has gone straight up mental.

No. 631581

Bree, forget the "skeptic" who said you were smirking. you got accused of assault and nothing Taylor said to you included that. IF someone assaulted me THAT and not drugs would have been what I yelled at them about. So when they sent you home in the middle of the night what were the other girls like? Did they even say they were sorry?

No. 631582

Post screenshots of the tweets instead of links for those of us who don't have twitter

No. 631583


Anon, people who aren't the victim(s) of assault will very rarely ever do anything when they see it. Our society shits on the victims of sexual assault, you think the pet-tubers will say shit? These are the supposed animal lovers that abuse their pets and do jack-all when shitstains like TND and JC abuse their animals.

I'm pretty sure the "assault" thing is completely fabricated. Not ONCE prior to this recent blow-up have ANY of them ever so much as hinted about it, TND and JC mock rape victims, and now Taylor is claiming "OH I NEVER SAID IT WAS SEXUAL ASSAULT" after ad verbatim saying it was sexual assault. Her story is changing with every post. It definitely did not happen, or her story of it is beyond distorted. Sexual assault leaves a very vivid imprint of trauma, you don't just magically change your story daily. She's a lying cunt.

No. 631585


Their accounts are public and viewable on a browser.

No. 631586

deleted because of a few words that could have come across as a hypothetical desire to cowtip

No. 631587

this is an imageboard, people should be posting images regardless

No. 631588

File: 1548482646870.png (1.15 MB, 1429x846, twitter1.png)

No. 631589

File: 1548482700014.png (1.11 MB, 1374x844, twitter2.png)


You're welcome

No. 631590

Please go to the general thread, this is not the place for this discussion.

No. 631591

They want to catch the fans that fall out due to Taylor's drug use. Sitting on the fence and acting sweetness and light is the way to do that in their book.

No. 631593

They're literally talking about Taylor and the LA trip and the shit Taylor and her cronies did during the trip. It is not relevant to general pettubers thread as it is part of this ongoing discussion about Taylor's lies. Stop tryig to silence this shit

No. 631594


I'll take "she wont rehome her animals" for 200

No. 631597

File: 1548484039692.jpg (569.47 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190126-002951_Twi…)

No. 631598

Of course she isn't. That's her source of drug money.

No. 631599

Yeah the original tweets called it sexual harassment if I remember right. And if Taylor and Bree were on coke, and getting drunk, it could happen. Doubt if Bree would remember it that way. But in her screenshots she did show that people were telling her to stop.

No. 631600

Taylor has been leading up to this for a while and molding the public’s opinion of addiction in order to save her ass for when shit inevitably hit the fan. She’s playing the social justice angle. “Addiction is a disease, you cannot judge addicts based on their addiction, you wouldnt blame someone for having cancer, etc.” “Ableist.” She tried to discredit Colin completely because he called her retarded (hint: you are, Taylor,) dismissing the fact that she’s been enabling Jonny for a year now. I think the reason her Petfest crew is choosing to stay silent because they’re stuck in this snafu where they can’t say anything bad about Taylor because right now Taylor has convinced her fans it’s okay that she’s a junkie and also is claiming online drama is directly responsible for making her “relapse” (can’t relapse if you never stopped using toots.)

The top spot is open. If the animal deaths don’t scare her rabid fans away, her failure make any content whatsoever will. The other Pettubers are keeping their feet out of their mouths for now so Taylor can’t pull them down with her like she did Bree.

No. 631601

The first time Taylor mentioned it it was worded "She made advances toward me when I was drunk. She rubbed my body and kept bringing up how she liked to be with females. I vocalized I was uncomfortable and she continued."

I thought people were only telling her to stop talking about drugs. That's what I gathered from the screenshots anyway.

No. 631602

I only saw snippets about Tay when the animal abuse allegations first came out, besides that I never (even now) have never seen one of her videos or Instagram posts.
Is there some kind of documentation of what animals she owns with names/species so I can catch up on her as a person without giving her views?

Anyway thanks, I am hopelessly addicted to this story now. I didn't even know Pettubers where a thing, but I truly wish in the end, everyone (people and animals) come our of this safely no matter the hell that occurs to get through it.

No. 631603

That's fair, I don't think Taylor has been part of the petfest crew for a while, especially after that "Emma kills fish worse than me" thing. I doubt its easy to detach from that sinking ship though. Bree did, kinda, and now she is in a shit throwing match with Taylor and her stans.

No. 631604

Taylor was a shitty person before drugs just like Jonny. It doesn't matter if she gets clean, she will still be a shit person.

She's so fucking stupid for publicly admitting she is in possession of illegal drugs. Arrest her and rehome all her animals. She'll never do the right thing because she never has.

No. 631607

No. 631608

She's only shaping the opinion of people who are naive and inexperienced, and I think that's what she was banking on all this time, and why she could get away with it for so long. It's easy to shape the narrative when no one is willing to say anything against you, and for the longest time her stans and even JC's fans kept saying "well you don't know her so you can't criticize her".

But now that she has not only Jonny's band turning on them, but her little clique, and even friends who personally know them, the whole thing backfired on her. And it's really stupid of her to keep saying the band didn't know how to handle Jonny when Colin has known him for years. In Chelsea's livestream she mentioned Colin has known Jonny for forever, and that although it was hurtful he realized things until now, that the band did indeed take care of Jonny and actively tried to prevent him from doing drugs. She mentioned that the band would not let him have his cellphone and would not let him go to the bathroom alone. They would also visit him at the hospital.

So for Taylor to say Colin and the band didn't know how to work with Jonny must have really hit a nerve.

It really sucks because even though it's been only a year, so many things have happened that have involved animals' innocent lives. Having an addiction and being in an abusive relationship does not mean you get to be an asshole to people who are trying to help you. Mental illness is not an excuse to justify your manipulation and your behavior. This is what people who are trying so hard to be all about giving her sympathy have to understand.

No. 631609

I went back to the original post and Taylor said bree “Made physical advances towards her” and was “rubbing her body with a cloth” so even though she didn’t directly call it sexual assault she was skirting around it and basically leaving giant bread crumbs insinuating that that it what she did to her without saying it so she couldn’t technically be called out for saying she sexually assaulted her

No. 631610

Oh gosh, I skimmed right past that. Thank you!

No. 631612

im honestly a little surprised that no one has sent the police to her apartment after the drug use was confirmed under the guise of a wellness check or something since people have sent animal control to her apartment and tried to get her evicted

No. 631613

Well, tbh.. mental illness and disease like addiction do bring about certain characteristic behaviors.

I think she has a lot of work to do as a person in general, but I DO believe a lot of the lieing, desperation, and manipulation is her addiction at this point, and also her age and naivete. Her addiction relies on her income, so she will do whatever it takes to try and maintain that and get people off of her back. At this point, she is lieing to HERSELF because she is in denial of a lot of things surrounding her addiction.
She is naive as shit though. I guarantee you when she eventually gets clean, most likely a couple of years down the line, she will look back at these posts of hers and cringe

No. 631614

it was a really dumb move for her to go after the band members cause if there was a group of people who werent gonna take her shit it was them

No. 631615

I've been saying that someone should, that her parents should. Legal involvement is a really efficient way to help get someone serious about getting clean

No. 631617

>Well, tbh.. mental illness and disease like addiction do bring about certain characteristic behaviors.

Absolutely. I suffer from mental illness and when I have breakdowns I can really say hurtful things out of anxiety. But my point is that at some point you have to own it. Like, yes, it can be considered a symptom, but it doesn't make you any less of an asshole. Jonny is an addict, but he's also an abuser. Taylor is an addict and suffers from mental illness, probably BPD, but she's been an asshole.

Ultimately I really do hope she gets out from this, but she has to own it first.

No. 631618

colin is seriously the bomb for not giving any fucks when taylor came at him yesterday. ngl, it felt great to see his tweets and then to get confirmation about what a dumb toxic shithead she is for posting those dm's which just made her look like trash.

i'm glad he didn't take any shit from her.

No. 631619


Her mental illness and addictions can't be used as excuses. Yes, I agree they bring out certain behaviors… but she has to own up to her words and actions. Taylor LOVES to deflect blame so she'll do it for as long as possible.

That being said, she had issues before Jonny regarding her pet care and taking criticism. Her care was bad from the beginning and is going to get worse by the day at this rate. Her attitude as well, sounds like she's always been this way but with parents like the ones she has, I'm not surprised. I've said it before but she's a spoiled little shit.

No. 631620

Taylor is a basic bitch tier mean girl and that's been kind of obvious all along, I think.

No. 631621

The way her parents have been acting in all of this. The way Matt replied to people by deflecting all the blame to the band. It was so disappointing. Her parents have enabled this behavior and I absolutely believe they are the reason she turned out like this.

No. 631622


Yeah her parents have coddled her, to the point where she probably truly believes nothing is her fault. It's everyone elses. It's the breeders fault, it's Bree's fault, it's the drama online, it's this it's that… it's never her or her decisions and choices. Always someone else.

No. 631624

I agree that she has to take some accountability. Part of the problem is that shes in at least partial denial, which is what addiction does to most, if not all people at first. Her mind is far from clear from using as well. Usually it takes addicts a while, some exposure to real treatment, and clean time (forced or otherwise) for their minds to clear up enough to realize their behavior or to actually want treatment. I see it taking a while for Taylor- she is new to addiction and she is being led deeper into it by jonny. The deeper into their addiction they are and the more they're using, the more erratic their behavior and the further detached from reality they are.

I'm not making excuses for her. I'm just stating some facts. It's very hard to articulate this stuff to anyone who hasn't had addiction problems or witnessed it in anyone close. But it is in fact a mind-altering substance and disease.

No. 631625

I'll say it again: Tanner needs to be removed from their care. Look at what they've done with Taylor. They're absolutely batshit. Look at the shit Mama Dean says about her own DISABLED child. And they have been using him for views and money.

No. 631626

I think at that point, had she not gotten with jonny or into addiction, she would have definitely begun to handle things in a very different manner and would have changed up her pet care. She isn't an unintelligent girl… she would have done it for her channel if not for her animals if she was in a clear mind. Once she met jonny it went downhill fast.

They were absolutely using more than just these 2 months. They may have taken small breaks from using, but even in the beginning they were using opiates. There are pics where if you zoom in, their pupils are 100% clearly edited (and very badly) to look bigger. (The old ones where she has brown hair.. it's a pic of the 2 of them with their hands on their cheeks and I think jonny's tongue sticking out). Then, she brought coke with her to petfest. This has been going on a while, and I honestly think she would have handled the criticism and her pet care better had she not gotten into addiction with jonny.

No. 631629

Let's not forget all the dozens of times she claimed she would be posting a new video tomorrow/in 2/3/4/5 days and then did not post anything and did not say anything about why the video wasn't up. How many of those were delayed because she was too high to film and edit?

No. 631630

Probably the majority. Too high or too sick.. probably both at different times. Dope sickness isn't easy… it leaves you physically ill, weak, anxious, depressed, mentally off, not able to socialize well… sickness will often make you in a less clear frame of mind than the actual high. I don't see her being able to get in front of a camera and put on her persona when she's sick, at all.

No. 631631

So… Every time Taylor was "sick" it was a drug binge / withdrawal? Do you think she even actually has EDS or any other chronic illness?

The whole playlist live thing makes so much sense now… Her disappearing "sick", her mom not wanting to call the police even though she was missing and potentially in danger. Wow

No. 631633


I disagree. Taylor's animal care has always been dodgy. She can't handle any kind of criticism. Maybe she changes her pet care, but I've never been impressed by it from the beginning once I knew better. This is someone who makes videos on how to care for animals and gives the BARE MINIMUM or worse from the beginning. That's not how it works. I think her early aquatic care was pretty good, but her mammal care is absolutely atrocious. I remember seeing the shitty cage she kept poor Gus in and being appalled.

If she changes her pet care, I will applaud her because she has an audience. However she cannot look after the sheer number of animals she has, especially now that she has mammals that require daily care and attention such as her cats and rats mainly, but her hedgies would appreciate it too.

Her care started bad and it's only gotten shittier, especially since she started hoarding snakes and other reptiles.

No. 631634

I don't know enough about her life or EDS to tell.. I have no reason to doubt that she has EDS. But, I absolutely think a lot of her disappearances including the playlist live thing and not being able to put out videos was from either being high or being sick/not in a good frame of mind due to her addiction.

No. 631636

her telling her fans to meet her "outside her hotel" for the make-up meet&greet, but then she posted about taking an Uber from Jonny's "friend's" house to get back to the hotel to meet her fans. If she had been sick all day, you would think she would have been resting & stayed in her hotel room, not gone out of town to go to the house of a "friend" of her boyfriend? if she was too sick to meet her fans why was she well enough to go out with her boyfriend at the same time? sounds like she was dope sick during the event, and finally found a hookup and went out to score & get high before she could face her fans later that night.

No. 631637

She could have been high too and got anxious that people would notice. Or she could have been sick and had to meet up with jonny or his friends to get more before going in public.

No. 631638

File: 1548489141748.jpg (581.8 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190126-015356_Twi…)

No. 631639

Just read the end of your reply. That was exactly what I figured when I was reading the playlist live story with her.

No. 631640


"I don't want to go into details, because I'm not sure what story Taylor wants to tell."

No. 631641

Has anyone tried asking any of her friends/ old friends now I guess?? if her animals are ok? I would think if any one knows its them??

No. 631642

so convenient, can't go into details even though you could go into detail about Emma "enabling" Taylor's drug use (which is comical at this point. Taylor doesn't need anyone to enable her, she's ready to go by erself.). You said yourself it wasn't assault, so what's the big deal? not like you'd be revealing anything overly personal, just confirming what has already been said from your perspective. Sounds like a "idk what Taylor would want me to say so I'm just not gonna say anything" to me

No. 631643

They prob all talked to taylor before tweeting.. they all tweeted at the same time, all had cookie cutter responses (not saying taylor's name, not going into details, saying it got worse the past month but that they dont support negative behaviors)

No. 631644

>Bree was saying and doing things that made Taylor uncomfortable and she was asked to stop.

this is exactly what they were saying was going on with Bree asking for drugs. I have a feeling Emma worded it this way (vaguely) so that she's not straight-out lying, but at the same time, it has nothing to do with the "sexual advances" accusation. She's not lying, but she's not addressing the claims directly. she worded it perfectly to deflect. She's talking about Bree saying/doing things in regards to the coke and not the touching/flirting. Until someone says anything more clearly I'm becoming hella doubtful about these claims.

No. 631647


them being so vague about it is giving off "i dont know if taylor still wants to lie about this" vibes" if someone actually did that shit to your friend (and you were in the room as it was happening) and they (taylor) already posted about it why would you just suddenly be super vague and not support your friend outright? its so weird

I know it may be kind of fucked up to say because it can be difficult to talk about sexual assault but with the audience taylor has she would easily come out on top and just garner sympathy from her stans if it was true

No. 631649

you're right, it is SO weird that they're being so vague and unresponsive. this person also asked Emily to address the accusations of unwanted sexual advances, and she ignored them while responding to other people who replied to her statement after they asked for her perspective. So Taylor's cronies are ignoring questions about the accusations. That either makes them shitty people who don't care to support the stories of victims of sexual harassment, or makes the case that they didn't actually see anything seriously inappropriate going on even stronger

No. 631650

*Emilee sorry speech to text and forgot to go back to correct spelling

No. 631651

There was another girl there who tweeted what her perspective was and it validated that Bree was being nasty while the other girls were flushing the drugs.

No. 631653

who was this other girl? everyone just keeps referring to "the rainbow haired girl" and idk who that is so I don't know where to find this statement

No. 631654

I dont know, I think its somewhere in the middle. Taylor trying to deflect, and Bree covering her own ass. Both of them were on coke at the time. Funny how Bree admits to doing drugs and getting drunk on the trip, yet has a photographic memory about the whole thing.

No. 631655

Her Twitter is @ArsenicAndAshes

No. 631656

File: 1548493076222.png (385.93 KB, 810x856, rainbow haired girl tweets tnd…)


rainbow haired girl tweets about the LA trip

No. 631657

>Bree asked Taylor to bring drugs on the trip in a private message after we had all talked Taylor out of bringing them
>Bree enabled Taylor to bring drugs on the trip
>Had she not asked and encouraged it Taylor would not have brought them and none of this would have happened
>Blaming Bree (a coke addict) for asking for drugs that she knew were in the room that Taylor brought so Bree could use them with her, while absolving Taylor of any guilt in the matter
>The truth happens to be Taylor's side of the story

Bree said in her DMs with Taylor that Taylor approached her about bringing the drugs. Taylor did not deny it. So right off the bat this girl's account is inaccurate. Taylor's side of the story (especially the story she told to Jayce, about Bree bringing the drugs in the first place) is not the truth. Taylor has already lied about this story. The bit about her advances towards Taylor is tacked on at the end after everything, including when she talks about bringing Bree to the airport. Forgive me for not believing everything this girl said is 100% true.

No. 631658

File: 1548493140499.png (400.9 KB, 1144x853, rainbow haired girl tweets tnd…)


also this in response to someone one on twitter

No. 631660

It also doesnt help that this all happened months ago and the only evidence to prove it seems to have been deleted with Bree's old Twitter which she conveniently ditched right after the trip only to make a new one not too soon after. All the while blaming a "glitch" with Twitter for loosing the data.

No. 631661

As someone who has actually done coke, it’s really not that much of a high and very short lived. Plus if you’re with people who don’t want to do the drug usually you would talk about it separately, but since it is a short high, I could see them leaving the room a few times in a night to do their blow. No one wants you to clog the gc with logistics of doing drugs. I do think it’s very strange someone would reference wanting pussy in a room for a straight girls…idk this Arsenic chick seems pretty weird by her tweets, too. It’s not like they kept her around long either.

No. 631662


If there's evidence then Taylor can post it. But Taylor already knows it's incriminating not against Bree, but herself so I doubt we're going to see anything.

Hard to believe people who kiss Taylor's arse though - the fact they stand by her based off her awful pet care alone makes them not good people.

The only people who know the truth are Taylor and Bree and based on track record, I'm leaning towards Bree's version of events because she has kept her story straight and provided proof she has access to. I dunno, it's hard to fault her for deleting Twitter and not having DMs when this happened months ago, she wasn't involved with lolcow then so it's stupid to assume she deleted to get rid of evidence or whatever (especially when she's the only one who access to it).

No. 631663

if Bree had it on her old Twitter, what does that mean? that other people had access to it from their side too? I assume you're referring to DMs or something, because I don't think Bree would tweet about her making moves on Taylor. So if any of them want to come forward with those DMs, they are very welcome to, and it would put a stop to all this doubt. (I don't have a Twitter, so I don't know if someone deletes their account if other people can still view the DMs that they shared with the deleted account)

No. 631664

i wouldn’t put it past taylor to lie about something like that and i believed bree at first but now her “i got some screenshots but instagram kept glitching so i couldn’t get them all” story sounds so suspicious.

No. 631665

File: 1548493886737.png (630.46 KB, 1080x1920, 1538119683384.png)

If anons want to revisit what was posted here during the CA trip, it starts with >>>/snow/696507 in thread #19.

[pic related] is from the night in question.

No. 631668

She might never get sober if she switches over to a prescription dependancy.

No. 631669

That paired with Bree conveniently cutting things out of her screenshots because she was in a rush. It looks like she has a very particular story she wants to tell. And claiming that Twitter just happened to glitch is ridiculous.

No. 631670

god that whole trip was her “friends” emilee and Emma posting unflattering pictures of her. I mean geez I don’t care if I don’t look the BEST but it’s like they tried for bad angles.

No. 631673

i just realized she says 4 witnesses? maybe this a nitpick but wouldnt it be 3? Emma Emilee and rainbow girl unless shes counting taylor as a witness for whatever reason?

No. 631674

Technically/legally speaking, the victim of a crime is also a witness. Not saying that's what she was going for though.

No. 631675

oh i see that would make sense then maybe thats what she meant

No. 631677

Pickles was also there

No. 631679

Anyone else think Taylor is faking her 'addiction'for pity and attention?

No. 631681

No. 631683

oh wow
what are you drinking

No. 631684

If she sounded anything like those two slurred speach videos i wouldn't want to talk to anyone either. Dead giveaway.

No. 631688

Is there any signs of her actually using? track marks, acting high? Have been watching her channel and not seen any

No. 631690

You mean aside from her admitting she was using on her own twitter? kek You're as high as she is anon.

No. 631692

Exactly. She may just be saying that for attention. There's been no physical evidence I've seen

No. 631693

And the other pet tubers, they're saying it for attention too?

She'd ruin her career for attention? She was getting plenty of attention when she was making videos, this is going to get her less attention lol people are going to stop watching her.

No. 631696

There have been multiple caps of her track marks posted here, anon

No. 631697

right?! taylor's whole story is "i didn't wanna relapse and you talking about drugs made me uncomfortable :(" but she had already taken coke during the trip lmao. it's not a relapse if you have been "sober" for a few hours. i bet taylor was just annoyed about bree (maybe she wasn't cool enough for her bc she didn't know how to cut a line) and thought it would be a great moment to make the whole trip about her "mental health" and "safety". maybe the others had too much fun on the trip and taylor had a bad comedown or sth and was like "um excuse me why is nobody focusing on me". it's a great example for her entire demeanour, if sth isn't going the way she likes she turns it into a big big victim moment where she can "prioritise" her "healing" over the wellbeing of everybody else bc fuck them

No. 631699

Honestly there are so many signs:

Pinned eyes
Sunglasses indoors
Marks on hands, elbow etc.
Getting a shit tattoo in the crook of her arm
Slurred speech on videos
Passing out for long periods of time
Flaking on events
Her deteriorating appearance

etc. etc. There are probably more physical things I've missed.

Then there's the evidence:

From herself
From her friends
From Petfest crew
From Bree and Jayce
From Jonny's band mates

There's images of her in a drug help centre for fucks sake.

No. 631700

honestly I think it's deliberate derailing.

No. 631701

Honestly I think it was probably the other more naive petfest members that were uncomfortable. They likely expressed this and then Taylor threw Bree under the bus because she didn't want their disapproval.

No. 631702

That clip is from the my cats grew up and I'm not okay video. I'd suggest watching the whole clip, she sounds really fucked up during all of it and it happened right after all the Playlist Live crap and during their trip to Disney.

No. 631705

Thanks anon, I deleted that comment but was trying to remember which vid she slotted that clip into.

No. 631706

I'm an experienced addict, and anyone who shoots will be rolling their eyeballs trying not to pass out. You might pass for normal when you've been snorting or popping pills for a while but dope hits your blood fast when you shoot it.

No. 631708

Maybe this is a tinfoil hat moment, but did anyone else wonder if Taylor knew the news about Jonny getting kicked out of the band was about to break so she quickly started this whole assault debate to get out in front of the news with a "Taylor as victim" story?

Also wanted to add that while I applaud Colin for exposing the truth, where was he when Jonny was assaulting and abusing women all these years? He only mentions the drug use, but I doubt that photographer's experience (which made me feel sick to my stomach reading) was in a bubble. I certainly don't want to see Taylor get hurt, but that doesn't negate the fact that pretty much every one in this whole story is awful.

No. 631709

I think she's just been on a long bender and it was a coincidence. It doesn't seem like she has a lot of forethought.

No. 631710

I don't know if it was calculated so much as she wanted to lash out and to deflect. Getting mad at Bree and then the band filled that need for her although it backlashed terribly.

No. 631712

Honestly, I think she just snapped from the stress of Jonny getting kicked out and needed asspats from her stans. She knows that all of Jonnys friends hate her, Jonny is trash and now her Petfest friends also won't associate with her anymore like they did before.

She can tell that her life is spiralling and by making herself look like the victim to anyone that is dumb enough to believe her she feels like she's in the right and truly a victim.

No. 631713

File: 1548508180256.jpeg (318.93 KB, 750x985, 1F2D1EEB-8EB8-45E7-864E-FA8B07…)

No. 631714

Why doesn’t he go and help her then.

It’s so easy for all these yourubers to shove all the blame onto us, instead of helping her.

No. 631715


Poor grammar notwithstanding, AYRT was clearly being sarcastic.


Well, he did post about having "sad news" before the drama with Bree broke out.

>Colin and the rest of the band

Bros before hos! Jonny abusing women didn't directly affect the band or threaten their livelihood.

No. 631716

Obvious man poster, fuck off

No. 631718

I think petty Paige just tweeted about making a Taylor video?

No. 631720

I’m the owner of TNDTea and Petty Paige just followed my account so maybe she really is making a video.

No. 631721

welp i agree coke doesn't make you super high so that you forget stuff. you remain pretty clear-headed. it does make you super confident though, so hitting on ppl gets easy. the part that i doubt mostly is that bree insisted on "rubbing" taylor after she said it makes her uncomfortable. taylor would have brought that up in her texts. maybe bree did say she likes women and touched taylor's hand or sth. who cares.

No. 631722

Sorry but Petty Paige is bias as fuck. I used to like her content but she's likely not even going to touch on the issue of Taylor's animal care in any meaningful way.

No. 631723

Petty Paige wanted to make a video many many months ago but then said she won't because she doesn't know about animals and doesn't want to talk about abuse/drugs.

No. 631724


They were drunk enough to be amused by lampshade-on-head antics >>631665.

No. 631725

Agreed, she started off pretty well but turned to shit. Surface-level reporting.

No. 631732

Elijah, if you love her so much why haven’t you tried to help? He made the effort to call Chicago PD when cupcakke tweeted she was gonna kill her self so what is he doing for Taylor

No. 631734

oh! bad humour! amazing evidence

No. 631737

See now, she doesn't need anyones pitty or good vibes. She's a fucking manipulative addict. Be it drugs, attention, love, pets, etc. She is an addict. She has 0 willpower and could become addicted to just about anything. She needs to admit she fucked up and is wrong. She should be contacting everyone she treated poorly and apologizing. That's part of a 12 step program. You're enabling her.

Tl;Dr you're not famous enough for her to want to fuck you, best hop on the other side of the issue.

No. 631739

I get where he’s coming from, if you’re not invested in her animal care and only passively following/missing deleted tweets this can look like a nice sweet young girl meets a bad influence and gets sucked into addiction.

That being said, Elijah is also a druggie who has smoked and left drugs out in front of his dogs so fuck his opinion

No. 631741

something tells me lil phag doesn’t want to fuck TND, but idk.

No. 631742

i don't think anyone's denying she needs fucking help. she needs it bad. but wtf is a random person supposed to do, fly over to the other side of the world and get her help? or write "so proud of you queen uwu" while she fucks off to shoot up with her bf while her animals suffer?

No. 631743

File: 1548514135378.png (3.72 MB, 1125x2436, A517D5E9-E74D-49C6-BC4A-07E556…)

No. 631745

After Emma and Emilees posts, do we really think she’ll rehome any animals? Obviously it would be the best situation, but I can’t see her doing it

No. 631747

I honestly don’t think any of the petTubers (excluding ones that haven’t directly spoken up) care about TND or her animals. They knew she was an addict & what went on behind the scenes and still lied and covered for her for clout. Animals have died because they wanted to be friends with her so bad. Even now they’re still covering her story and can’t even keep a straight narrative. TND has kind of spun this to be about her addiction and blaming Bree instead of what we have been trying to tell her. She’s a shitty pet owner and that’s what they need to acknowledge. Her being an addict isn’t an excuse to cover all of it now that she was called out for it.

No. 631748


I agree. I'm tinfoiling but I'm wondering if instead of announcing the pets that died while she was on a bender, she'll say she rehomed them to be "responsible" and no one will know the difference. Emma and Emmilee might be already covering for her future story.

No. 631750

I think she’s just going to say “oh my assistant has been/will be taking care of them for me so I can keep my animals bc I could never get rid of them” or some other bullshit

No. 631752

>instead of announcing the pets that died while she was on a bender, she'll say she rehomed them to be "responsible"
I feel like this is exactly what will happen. if she's ever going to do another animal room tour again, that is. I just hope she doesn't go on to buy more pets after that.

No. 631756

I still don't buy that she rehomed the female bettas either. She set up a shitty sorority with like no coverage and expected everything to go fine, even after she was warned repeatedly about the dangers.

No. 631758

If she's only used a couple months and has been clean for at least a year her withdrawals shouldn't be too too bad as long as she has the willpower. If she's been using for years I expect her to go the methadone/suboxone route and don't blame her one bit, once the symptoms of withdrawal are bad enough you can die (dehydration or heart problems) or go crazy from loss of sleep.

No. 631765


Did you miss the litre of vodka?

No. 631766


I really am starting to believe Bree did do something and instead of coming clean about it, just lied to save face. Maybe she’s embarrassed. I really don’t see why people are still insisting this happened, if it didn’t. There’s nothing for them to gain or help Taylor with. She’s already been outted as a drug user. And it’s not like Bree gave us such juicy milk that they are trying to do damage control. The biggest thing she said was about Gus, and she claims that came from Emma.

It’s hypocritical they are all blacklisting Bree for making unwanted passes at Taylor but somehow think it’s ok to publicly support her dating an actual abuser.

No. 631768

File: 1548518665282.png (234.94 KB, 750x1334, 70D105DC-B706-4FE0-B874-576695…)

This made me giggle

No. 631769

idk, taylor's story changing and emma using such vague language (like she's not sure which of taylor's lie she needs to back up) makes their side of the story shady as well. not saying bree is without fault but I don't think she came out just to save face. why would she bring it up if she's embarrassed?

No. 631770

It’s sad that we had to wait for people like Elijah Daniels to say something about Taylor Nicole dean for people like tea spill and petty Paige to finally say something about her. So many people have been advocating for those poor animals for so long and now they are finally getting the chance to be heard. I hope the “drama” channels don’t take this situation lightly and use it to spread awareness about this situation and the horrible things that have happened due to her drug habit. The time has finally come for Taylor to hopefully get clean, rehome some animals, and rid herself of Jonny Craig. It’s really in everyone’s best interest, not even hers.

No. 631771

*not even just hers

No. 631772

In a conversation with the two people this allegedly went down with not a single mention. As someone sexually assaulted I can vouch for the fact that it would be the FIRST thing before the drugs, esp if you do them enough to know how to move them across states. She wasn't that offended. I think something went down to make Taylor think Bree would talk about the drugs, instead. Like maybe they all did them when Bree left and this was their poorly executed plan.

No. 631773

Clearly they’ve all known about the drug abuse at least since the petfest trip. It’s only now that it’s all come out that they’re trying to disassociate themselves.
It’s so obvious, hope their fans see through the BS

No. 631775

100% those bettas are dead.

No. 631776

I don’t think she did, st least nothing serious. I feel rather inclined to believe she more or less made a few sex jokes. I don’t think she came on to Taylor at all just because 1) no one actually backed up what she said they just said Taylor was uncomfortable and 2) her friends that tweeted had different versions even though they were trying to stick to the same story. This drug thing came out weeks ago and she knew about it but now that it’s confirmed she’s trying to deflect blame. She changed her story too many times about it. The truth will come out though and I think her friends are for sure lying because it’s serious accusations…they have no problem calling the forum out but when it comes to what matters it’s suddenly “not their business”

No. 631777

Can't rehome dead animals.

100% agree with others who think Taylor will says they've been rehomed though. She's done it so many times already.

No. 631778

File: 1548520399033.jpeg (416.16 KB, 1242x805, 4EA61477-5065-446A-96AD-1F6580…)

No. 631780

this guy has done nothing but tease this "present." can he just drop it already?

No. 631781

I wonder if Repzilla will cover this.

No. 631782

the more channels that cover it the more coverage and awareness that gets spread about TND hoarding animals and neglecting them for drug binges. I hope some of these channels start following in the rewired soul and whatever's footsteps and talk about the matter at hand

No. 631784

so from a lampshade on a girl's head and an almost full vodka bottle i'm supposed to infer that someone got drunk enough to sexually harass and forget about it? ok lol

No. 631785

so from a lampshade on a girl's head and an almost full vodka bottle i'm supposed to infer that someone got drunk enough to sexually harass and forget about it? ok lol

No. 631786

These dudes are not fucking around lmao.

No. 631789

Megan Thompson dragged Jonny to hell on Twitter about threatening to rape her @meganthompson Too lazy to save the tweets but if someone wants to…

No. 631791

but they are fucking around, why won’t they drop the info? are they waiting on something?

No. 631792

>>anyone who shoots will be rolling their eyeballs trying not to pass out
That's just not true. If you have a tolerance, you use to get /normal/ a lot of the time, and it takes larger and larger amounts to get a high. However, she does have money, so I'm sure she /was/ nodding often. But it's definitely not true that "anyone who shoots will always be nodding out with their eyes rolling back"

No. 631793

Taylor mentioned in the messages with Bree that she got uncomfortable when she started talking about the drugs in front of everyone else. So I bet she wanted to do them in secret but when it was talked about in front of everyone she had to get everyone to be on her side and not hate her for doing them, and that is why she shifted blame onto Bree. She would have been completely fine if it was kept a secret from the others.

No. 631795


My point was that they were drinking liquor, not just partaking in the nose candy, and the effect of alcohol is the antithesis of "clear headed". And this applies to to recall of everyone who was there and drinking, not just Bree.

That said, some people like to use coke to counter the effects of alcohol so that they can "get drunk" all over again (in parentheses because the feeling of sobriety provided by stimulants is an illusion).

>full bottle

We don't know how much they drank.

No. 631796

No. 631797

"We don't know how much they drank."
nope but since the bottle is almost full on the photo with the lampshade, it doesn't seem that the lampshade humour correlated with the vodka. so "they were drunk enough to find the lampshade funny, see the vodka bottle" doesn't make much sense

No. 631799


The Rewired Soul called her Nicole almost the entire time.
hard to take in someone's 2 cents when they can't get her name right. it definitely seemed more like he was pandering for views/content than gives a shit.

No. 631800

Who is this Wayne fau guy

No. 631803

He should have definitely did more research on the whole situation… a LOT of it was documented, there's a ton even just here on lolcow. He could have made a much better video on the topic in my opinion. Calling her the wrong name just demonstrates how little he was familiar with the whole situation and that he didn't do much research at all

No. 631805

his point of addict couples generally not being successful at recovering together stands even if he calls them jimmy crack and thelma dim

No. 631808


He commented that his sister's name is Nicole which may have been why he put that name first.

He doesn't need to know the details in order to speak to addicts and their behavior.

No. 631811

File: 1548524901841.png (809.53 KB, 1125x2436, 200815DF-7809-47FA-ACBD-77E33D…)

Looks like your wish came true anon! (P.S. sorry for deleting and reposting so many times I kept fucking up the screen crop my bad)

No. 631812

So he should have scrubbed through 29 threads? Nah.

His channel isn't necessarily about the nuances of people's situation, but pulling out larger themes for the viewers. In this case, all his content needed to focus on was the aspect of addiction, more specifically addict couples. If you want someone to go through the nit and grit, the drama channels are who you're going to have to wait on.

No. 631813

Lol.. he is still doing a video about someone and said their name wrong most of the video. It doesnt matter if his sister's name is nicole.. he should have been familiar enough with the situation to know her name in the video.

You're right that he did speak to addicts behavior well enough, but I'm saying he could have spoken a lot more specifically to taylor and jonnys situation if he did more research.

No. 631814

Wow.. never said he had to scroll through every thread. I simply said there was a lot of info out there that he could've used to get more familiar with the situation and to speak to it more specifically.

I'm not disagreeing with what he said in his vid, but I definitely think he could have done a better video.

No. 631816

Last night in Chelsea’s livestream, someone referred to Taylor as Nicole. Maybe they came from Rewired Soul. Wrong name or not, more exposure is good.

No. 631817

His channel is about mental health. There is a LOT to say on taylor and jonny just as a couple, nevermind even the addiction. I like the premise of his channel. But I stand by that if he did more research he would have had more content and a better video… it's common sense.

No. 631818

i feel like u guys are never happy! come on we are finally getting people to speak up on this. his video brought more attention to the situation. he talked about drug addiction which he is familiar with. i mean…. what else do you want? Rep is posting a video today sometime so maybe that will fit ur standards a little better other than that why cant u be happy we are finally getting the publics attention

No. 631819

What exactly are you guys wanting? In a perfect world, what topics would you like the YouTubers to hit on?

No. 631820



I haven't read all of the comments or picked through the images to see if there is anything there that hasn't been posted here.

No. 631821

look like Taylor's plan worked when she tried to tell everyone about Bree's assault. It gets everyone talking about Bree more than Taylor's knowledge about cutting coke and her addiction and gives Taylor more sympathy.

Tbh. I think Bree hanged out with the mean girls and they obviously didn't like her in the beginning so Bree probably rubbed on Taylor too closely and the mean girls go, "OMG PLEASE DONT DO THIS." I've been with girls who cry wolf. Bree also dumb if she thought these girls were honest and sweet lol

No. 631822

File: 1548525757728.png (20.72 KB, 534x124, e2bbbfc7c737ee91371d2780557aa8…)

talking about the TND video.

No. 631823

I'm not sure if this was mentioned before, but in breez live stream she said that taylor was the one who bought the alcohol for everyone because several of the others were under the age of 21

No. 631824

Did anyone ask Emma to confirm/deny the whole Gus thing? (I believe she's the one who told Bree)

No. 631826

Bree confirmed that she and Taylor did the drugs, and the others flushed it when they found out. Plus Bree let slip that their friend group was trying to stop taylor from doing it while Bree was telling her it was a good idea to bring drugs on the trip. I dont buy the "you can bring them if you want" excuse. Especially If she was an addict as well.

No. 631827

Exactly, with the flood of videos about to hit the floor maybe something will change for the better instead of the death spiral it's been so far.

No. 631828


Yes, it's good that people are speaking out, but
If it was my channel and I got the name wrong through the entire video, I'd re-record it. He's using her name and situation for views so he should at least get her name right.

Yes, his couples in recovery point still stands, but cmon. You have to admit that's pretty taylor nicole dean animal enclosure level of bare minimum to get a name right in a video.

No. 631829

For one, I think speaking more on abusive relationships and their toxicity would be great for younger viewers who see them as "couples goals", would help taylor to see more clearly, would expose jonny more, and would be interesting to hear.

Taylor was young and sheltered (she has old vids talking about being homeschooled bc of her illness, missing out on things, not having many friends, etc). Abusive people look for vulnerable people to manipulate. I think she fit that bill for him.

No. 631830

She is definitely not innocent, but given his past, it's hard not to assume Jonny is abusing the shit out of her, atleast mentally.

No. 631831

Thank you.
Nobody is saying they weren't happy he made a video. Just that it could have been better and he could have spent more time on it. There's a LOT of mental health content with their relationship and addiction

No. 631832

How long have they been together? Did that 30 year old scoop her up at 18?

No. 631833

nah. they've been together since november 2017 iirc

No. 631835

I think she was 20 when they started hanging out and she's 22 now.. I think. There is a lot on here about when they started getting together. Her IG should show pics around the time they got together too.

No. 631836

They've been dating just over a year, I'm pretty sure she was 20 when they met, or the tail end of 19

No. 631837

Yeah her birthday is 3/25/97 I guess ( i just checked).. so she is 21 right now

No. 631838

For newer people;

They met via twitter at the end of 2017.
They started dating before meeting.
Taylor still lived at home. Suddenly, shortly after starting to date JC, decides to rent the house they live in now.
Jonny is supposed to visit for a week and then go work with the band making music videos.
He moves in with her instead and has been there since.

No. 631840

Did rewired soul delete his video? I can’t find it.

No. 631841

no, you just have to search for it for some reason.

No. 631843

*apartment, not house

No. 631847

File: 1548528928123.png (141.3 KB, 648x783, Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 1.49…)

Honest question - I know WAY more about Jonny than I do Taylor. I didn't know who she was until she started dating Jonny. I've been following Jonny since he was dating Amanda (2012ish?) and I've seen him turn plenty of good women into terrible people. Obviously Taylor is being horrible now, but what was she like BEFORE she met Jonny? Was she more consistent with videos? Was she a better pet mom? Was she a liar and a manipulator and a martyr? I'm inclined to blame her current behavior almost 100% on Jonny because this is his pattern, and that's kind of what Elijah is saying too. What are y'alls thoughts?

No. 631851

File: 1548529210504.png (866.81 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-01-26-13-59-41…)

Havent seen these posted already, sorry if they were

No. 631852

File: 1548529233439.png (872.08 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-01-26-13-59-44…)

No. 631853

File: 1548529255889.png (756.2 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-01-26-13-59-47…)

No. 631858

please give us more context on where the images are coming from and possibly with links.

No. 631859

is this happening right now? Where did the links come from

No. 631860

No. 631861

She posted this at 8 am

No. 631862

If Taylor can change so drastically in just one year. I wonder what she'll be like next year. Will her addiction bring her so low that she's almost bald with scars all over her face while Jonny beats her MENTALLY to the point where if she doesn't make this amount of money, he'll leave her with a pile of dead animals?

They're a mess and it's only up to Taylor to change things.. but the way I see it, she's never going to change because of her ego. She probably thinks atm that everyone is wrong but her

No. 631863

File: 1548529789328.png (135.23 KB, 720x1094, Screenshot_2019-01-26-13-36-34…)

Sorry for the semi blog post but I just tweeted this and got blocked my rainbow hair girl immediately…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 631864

Hilarious to see everyone from the Petfest is doing damage control on THEMSELVES. They obviously don't want to be in Taylor's drama and would push her out in the curb if it means to save their channel.

No. 631865

im waiting for either tyler or maddie to post something about what is going on. At the least someone needs to take her animals if she is "actually" attempting to recover

No. 631867

They probably think, "welp. it's not my business or my channel so let her sink"

I like your tweet anon. If she blocked you for that, it just means that Bree's advances were probably made up so their Stans stay loyal. They're just exaggerating because they want our eyes on this instead of Taylor bringing in hard drugs and alcohol to her underage "friends." EVERYTHING they did is wrong not just the sexual assault that was mixed in. Even Bree was wrong. EVERYONE in that hotel room was wrong. It pisses me off that some people are more focused on this assault.. like dude, there was cocaine and liqueur involved! and not only that, they're all under 21 of age. If a cop had busted in there, they would all be in jail.. including Bree.

No. 631870

No, she was an awful animal hoarder before, she just lived with her parents so it was somewhat kept in check. She still bought a dog from a BYB and then abandoned it; bought multiple hedgehogs that died and blamed it on a breeder. Her fishkeeping is poor and she killed her seahorses. etc etc. there's honestly so much shit she's done.

No. 631877

Yep, that's what I figured. She entertained other conversations about this but once a clear and concise argument comes up shes running away.

No. 631878

taylor is the tana of the pet world. There is an issue she blames others, hides it and try's to run from it or victimize herself.

No. 631879

File: 1548530772462.jpeg (111.72 KB, 750x579, 1513535693527.jpeg)

[pic related] I just scrolled through the first thread, and wow. Hindsight and all that. Chelsea foresaw everything.


Wasn't he her second choice in rock star?

No. 631880

The other pettubers are being very careful not to mention Jonny. Even Bree. At least they say she should rehome some of her animals but maybe stop enabling her by supporting her crappy choice in men ?

No. 631883

Thank you for your response! One of the comments above said she was coddled by her parents and they've raised her to believe that nothing is ever her fault. Makes a lot of sense that she's been like this a long time. I'm willing to believe she used to be a nicer friend since someone like Elijah wouldn't know much about how she treated her animals. Jonny seeks out weak, impressionable, and vulnerable women so he can break them down and shape them who he wants to be. She was prone to addiction and he got her hooked on heroin so all of her bad traits are WAY more pronounced and he's probably taught her a lot of his manipulation tactics. I'm not saying he's completely to blame but I think there is hope for her if she gets out of that relationship. There is no hope for Jonny.

No. 631884


Also in the first thread is discussion of Taylor taking opioids for her pain from EDS and the dubiousness of her diagnosis

No. 631885

Yeah, there's no denying she's gotten worse (much worse), but she wasn't great to begin with. She was likely spoiled because Tanner has such profound disabilities.

No. 631886

And maybe even a little bit ignored? If someone has a sibling with disabilities, they are obviously going to get more attention because they NEED more attention. So Taylor may have been kinda left on her own. Makes sense that she would desire attention from the public and owning animals gave her a sense of "purpose"

No. 631887


This background is often the case with munchies.

No. 631888

Kinda funny how the only petuber to directly adress it was Emma, and her response, while validating that Bree was beingharrassy, was pretty standoffish. I think Taylor is probably exaggerating the sexual aspects while the other petubers abandoned ship back when cheese died.

No. 631890

File: 1548532501703.jpeg (258.41 KB, 1125x2337, 6BAC26D5-D106-4B48-B964-2AA12C…)

surely spending all day in bed is where some of these problems started?

No. 631891

File: 1548532580457.jpeg (633.26 KB, 1125x2062, 5B516D26-4973-4F1D-A7A1-EB971D…)

2nd update today. she really appears to be trying to turn the narrative back to poor taylor, grieving her dead fish. i think this is old news to most people and definitely a distraction tactic.

No. 631893

I thought cheese was dead? What news is she looking for?

No. 631894


I don't know which is heavier: her eyelids or her upper lip.


The necropsy results.

No. 631897

Emma deleted her replies to that tweet asking her to talk about the sexual advances allegation. So now it looks like they're ignoring the questions and refusing to say anything to back Taylor up. Not sure what the fuck is going on in their heads/group chats, but they're looking hella shady and the claims are only becoming more dubious

No. 631898

This. Cocaine culture is like that. If you have it, you’re going to do it. It’s not weird for Bree to want to do it when she knows it’s there. It’s not weird for Bree to be annoying about it and not realize it if she was drinking. Taylor was pretending to be sober to her friends and painted Bree as a drug fiend, even though cocaine just makes people Like That and I know Taylor knows that since she’s a fucking junkie now lmao.

How embarrassing for everyone in that hotel room to find out Taylor was literally shooting heroin while pretending to be a ~smol victim going to rewapse uwu~

No. 631899

Scrolling thru taylors insta and not only is there no negative comments like, at all, but also shes been replying to almost every single comment, interacting with her "true fans" to keep them on her side. She never used to be this active in replying to anyone. Shes really playing her cards right now.

No. 631900

Sorry, just to be more clear, she deleted everything under this except for the original reply asking for her perspective. >>631638

No. 631902

she blamed someones comment being deleted due to Instagram policy

No. 631903

YES! Cocaine gives you the worst urges for more

No. 631904


I got blocked for telling confused fans she was on heroin.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 631905

Amen!! It's extremely frustrating to me that people are calling BREE the enabler. TAYLOR BROUGHT THE COKE. Of course Bree is going to ask to do it when she knows it's there. Why in the world would Taylor smuggle cocaine through freaking airport security if she didn't intend on doing it. You can't relapse if you're not sober smfh. I don't believe for a second that she felt "uncomfortable" that Bree was asking for it. She felt uncomfortable that Bree was asking for it AROUND HER FRIENDS because they had asked Taylor not to bring the coke and then she did anyway.

No. 631906

>>631847 your icon is showing

No. 631907

I commented and am waiting to see if it is removed, because I highly doubt that instagram is just "deleting posts"(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 631908

Also ive used cocaine before while drunk and its very "sobering". Obviously youre not sober at all but its definitely not like being black out drunk, so bree and taylor are probably really the only ones who truly remember what happened if everyone else was drunk as well.

No. 631909

Plus they flushed it when they found out, I doubt Taylor was forthcoming with how bad she was.

No. 631910

Yeah, wasn't she trying to get with Post Malone but he had a girlfriend so she settled for Jonny instead. God, imagine that alternate universe.

No. 631911

Yeah, that's probably why Emma was the only one to comment. She and rainbow hair were the only ones not out drinking, though they had some drinks at the hotel, but gaylor was drunk enough to dump boiling water all over herself. Atleast the other people didn't comment. Dont know why Taylor has such a great memory of the night though.

No. 631912


Taylor was the drunkest person in the room by a long shot after she got back from the club with emilee and her friend.

No. 631915

That didn't add to the discussion, stop using your trip code when it's not needed. We have the screenshots.

No. 631918

For fuck’s sake dude, stop sperging over Bree.

No. 631919

They most likely know that if they mention anything about Jonny, they’ll get blocked by her and probably thrown under the bus.

Just look at how hard she tried to go for Colin. The moment they speak about something she doesn’t like, she’ll run her mouth about them.

No. 631922


Im simply stating the fact Taylor wasn't the slightest bit sober during the occurance. I can post anonymously with the info if you prefer

No. 631923

Why is this person aloud to post with there name when I always got in trouble for it in the past?(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 631924

Don't listen to them. I'm pretty sure there are a few select people in here trying to silence you and make you feel like your opinion isn't worthwhile but the majority of us want to hear it.

No. 631925

And who are you?

No. 631926

Keith, I usually report on Onision drama but I'm trying to learn about this too.(Keith pls go)

No. 631928

Keith who? Breez has a verified tripcode so that we know it's her posting. Maybe try to get one?

No. 631929

Well if you don't even know who Bree is, you have a LOT to learn before you can report on this.

No. 631930

Jonny Craig I so emo phase 2009 jfc

No. 631932

The reason Bree has a trip code and posts with her name is bc she was able to provide "inside" info since she knew Taylor irl and was part of the group chats, etc.

No. 631933

LOL I'm pretty sure Keith gets banned by the farmhands ever time he shows up in an Onision thread. He's an old weirdo.

No. 631934

File: 1548536635718.jpeg (342.64 KB, 1242x1303, 26C13AB3-D617-4B70-B550-E296E7…)

Will she listen when even her ‘friends’ think she needs someone else to care for her animals? Also, she never did post Kronos yesterday like she said she would.

No. 631935

That would probably be best Bree. We're not saying your points arent valid, but if your trip code doesnt add to the validity of the post, it would probably be better to have it anonymous. I believe Jace started using his trip code to defend himself off topic of the thread, and I think most of it would appreciate if you did not follow suit. This is an anonymous forum for a reason, and while trip codes are necessarily sometimes, but most of us (I cant speak for everyone) would appreciate if you respected that.

No. 631936

she has mentioned that she definitely called with proof so many times that it makes me think it was faked somehow.

but it did add to the conversation

No. 631938

It was old milk, bree mentioned this in her livestream and screenshots. She could have posted that shit as an anon and it would have been just as valid.

No. 631939

Rules are rules, if bree and Jace get to go around with a badge on, why shouldn't everyone else?

No. 631940

It makes me think emma emilee and rainbow girl thought taylor was sober and bree didn't know the other girls did not know taylor brought coke especially since she had dm'd bree about it outside the group then freaked out when bree asked about it in front of them and tried to blame bree for it and they just took taylors side

if anything bree being messaged outside the group about the coke being brought could be interpreted as taylor trying to see if bree was okay with it to be friends with them like it was something they all did and bree wouldnt rat on them

No. 631941

No, Bree already disproved that, they were the ones who flushed it, and Bree admitted to hiding it while the rest of the group tried to stop Taylor from using.

No. 631942

Bree, ignore every anon that tries to shut you up. It’s relevant info that Taylor was the person most heavily affected by alcohol. I say keep posting when you feel you have something to add. There’s a few anons here that seem to have it out for you and want you to just be quiet and get lost.
I’d rather have too much info from Bree and if you have a problem with her just keep scrolling and ignore her posts if you don’t appreciate the info like some anons do.
(Not saying Bree is perfect or completely innocent in all that went down, but it’s very fishy that so many anons jump on her with every post)

No. 631943

The info she posted seemed more relevant than everything Jayce posted on the pettubers thread tbh.

I'm still a bit eh about the entire situation and think there's more we're not hearing from both sides and if some small info could be vital so.

No. 631944

File: 1548537756111.jpeg (147.75 KB, 1242x525, 36572732-1989-4DF6-B6DE-731AF9…)

No. 631945

tbh Jayce had little relevant info after his first initial posts. He was mainly here for the attention like the first time he showed up.

No. 631946

Makes a post to the ppl he unfriended who wouldnt even be able to see it bc.. he unfriended them
What a fucking idiot

No. 631947

RuLeS aRe RuLeS
Shut the fuck up, farmhands are the ones who gave them the trip codes.

No. 631948


Bit OT but don't engage with Keith.

tldr; he's the self reclaimed king of all that pertains to onision and in his own words, gregs arch nemesis. He's an old dude who is a bit too involved in onision related things. He has no self awareness and is a cow on his own right.

No. 631949

File: 1548538344583.png (30.72 KB, 864x161, d98f863ff42574d5f842bdc35c824d…)

Update on the Rep video. Looks like he might be going through all 29 threads.

No. 631953

All hair has upkeep, even natural hair. Even short hair can require a lot of maintenance. Cuts every 6-8 weeks. People with straight hair need to curl it if they want that look. People with curly hair need to flat iron it if they want it straight. If you have darker hair and have gone light like she has, you have to do your roots more often since they're very noticeable, especially on shorter cuts. But if you want it, you'll do it. She's just too lazy to put the work into it. She wants it to be perfect without any effort and the only way you're going to get that is to cut it really short and not dye it anymore.

No. 631964

tbh there has been so much drama in the number of threads we have that we are about ready for an archive summary thread like the onision one.

No. 631965

Jesus fuck, yes please.
I've been thinking this for a while now, especially after the last thread that lasted what, 2 days?

No. 631968

He is kind of a meme but what he says in his videos definitely comes from the right place imo.

No. 631970

if she would provide info without her trip code ppl would say stuff like "where did you get this from, who are you!??!" so what's the point?

No. 631976

This is probably a sign of her withdrawing anon.

They really want her fans so she's probably gauging reception and seeing how that statement didn't land. They're running this line about animal care to appeal to the fans, plus it's a potential opportunity for them if they get to "help" with Taylor's animals, since they'll get a part of her fanbase and a good storyline for their channel. They're parasites.

This. It was about the night that everyone's dissecting, it was fine. There is an anon (or several) trying to drive Bree off from this thread.

Keith's obsessed with young women having sexual relationships so I'm gonna guess the thought of Bree and Taylor snuggling has brought him here.

No. 631978

Who writes like this? "I posted about it the other day so you guys better KNOW I really totally 100% cared about my fish that I turned into a chewtoy in a shitty pond for views!"

She is insane.

No. 631979

I was thinking this too. Sounds like she is checking off her mental check list in this post. "Posted a video of me calling them two days ago so everyone knows I really am waiting for the results"

No. 631980

Agree. Where anons are suspicious, there usually is something going on. Look at all of things anons have called that have turned out to be true. Nobody would be surprised if someone were trying to whiteknight Taylor and get Bree of the threads (even if it was Taylor herself). It's extremely suspicious that the pettubers aren't saying much about the matter or refuse to, or play with their words to make their response fit the narrative Taylor gives.

I also don't understand why they're all saying that Taylor didn't SAY it was sexual harassment, but she for sure drove it in that direction. In what world are unwanted advances not sexual harassment? Because they're both girls? Please. Taylor knew what she was doing, it's obvious she's a professional manipulator and liar. She words things so that she can cover her ass later.

No. 631983

File: 1548545993988.jpeg (466.16 KB, 1242x1605, 11DCE0C0-F51F-4DA6-B23B-F0F486…)

No. 631984

File: 1548546087995.jpeg (342.99 KB, 1242x1286, 0E2769AB-98B3-4548-B056-04B5C2…)

No. 631985

Didn’t want to do anything publically but shamed other YouTuber for their care?
Bunch of clout chasing scumbags.

No. 631986

File: 1548546785791.jpeg (923.76 KB, 1217x1568, 28E5CB78-6FE0-44AF-AE57-963731…)

No. 631988

It's still so strange to me that anons here have been pointing out Taylor's obvious drug problems for months now.. People who have never spoken to her, but can still obviously put the pieces together and tell what's going on. But her supposed close friends in the petfest crew all act as if this was a sudden surprise. Did they really not suspect anything after Jonny, a known addict and abuser moved in? And the texts with his ex admitting to using.

I have such a hard time believing they didn't know. At the very least, even if they thought she was clean, they knew what was happening to those animals. Pets shouldn't be dying off like that.

No. 631989


Props to Maddie for admitting she was wrong. Hopefully her and the other petubers have learned something from this whole experience. It's good that Taylor's peers are speaking out, hopefully they'll keep the pressure on to rehome some of her animals.

I can't believe Taylors just sitting around watching TV. She's taking absolutely no steps to get better. She's tons of animals just languishing, Why isn't she taming her monitor, why isn't she socializing her rats, why isn't she researching her animals more, why isn't she cleaning their enclosures, why isn't she at a rehab center, why isn't cleaning her apartment, why why why?!?

No. 631992

Yeah they definitely knew. I can't imagine all of them were that dumb or naive. Now that it's public their true character is really showing though. Like sure guys, you and Taylor were close "friends". So that means you cover for her drug use when it's private and distance yourself and play dumb when it's public? I'd bet the thing they're most upset about right now is that they can't keep letting her pay for their vacations. Letting an addict buy your friendship to increase your youtube views is appalling. I really hope they all go down with her.

No. 631997

Most of them are admitting they know Taylor had a problem, but that they though she was clean except the Bree stuff and the recent stuff. Doubt Taylor lets anyone in her life besides Jonny, her enabler, know the extent of what's going on. I've known plenty of addicts who claim they are doing better and will get help for months while using behind your back. Her parents, who live near her, and saw that their daughter moved in with a grown ass man she was dating for no time at all, should probably have been a bit more observant about all this.

No. 631998

Even if they had no idea she was shooting heroin, they have talked to her when she's been intoxicated many times. Remember that, by their own words, Taylor told them she wanted to bring coke to Petfest before she even talked to Bree about it, and they had talked her out of it. When you take drugs you generally know who does and doesn't and don't just go offering them to people who have zero interest. You talk to the people who do. They have totally known she's a drug addict of some kind, just maybe not what kind.

In her response video (now deleted) Maddie specifically defended the clip from the Best Fiends sponsorship. Taylor is clearly intoxicated in that clip - it takes some real cognitive dissonance or just being a liar to say that clip is of a sober person; she's trashed. Attached here for anyone new or a trip down memory lane. Starts 0:53.

No. 631999

Anyone else notice how Jonny is ALWAYS next to her? I can't imagine he lets her out of his sight.

In the Reply All podcast Taylor said Jonny never gives her anytime to herself, except when she's in the bathroom. Most abusers are often very possessive of their victims. I really don't there's any way they're gone separate, she's just gonna stay in her apartment and get worse. We all know this cleanslate facility is just gonna curb her addiction at best. She's not gonna fix herself on the path she's on, She needs help. REAL help.

No. 632001

The cheese funeral was strange as fuck, there is no was she was okay when she made that video, I get being sad your animal died, but that was strange.

No. 632003

He is a known abuser and completely manipulating her, it's disgusting and obvious, she is never going to get better while being dominated by that monster.

No. 632004

i can imagine they didn't know she did heroin. even though this forum is making a big deal out of it, an internet famous 21 year old doing coke is like the least shocking thing i've ever heard. h is sth else entirely

No. 632005

Fuck the other pettubers. I don't care if they knew about Taylor's drug use or not. They still were aware of her shit animal care and did nothing to try to get her to change. I don't believe one of them even approached her in private about it. The most that was done was by that one chick who redecorated Violet's enclosure and while it's great Violet has enrichment now, it doesn't solve the problem. Taylor's pets are still neglected.

No. 632006

I just went back to the first thread on Taylor and it’s insane to see how her parents went from doing everything they can to keep her from Jonny to the dick sucking they do for him lately. That whole thread is wild, tbh

No. 632007


It's just depressing. I'm sure most of us here are ex fans of hers and genuinely want to see her improve. I'm not saying she's blameless but the whole situation isn't entirely her fault. I wouldn't wish heroin addiction on someone.

No. 632009

At this point she has to know that she's coming off a bit creepy? That post is so weirdly written.

Someone should stage another intervention, to get her off the internet. There's something about her behavior rn that's unsettling to watch.

No. 632010

I'm willing to bet if drastic steps arn't taken in the next week she'll never improve. The longer she waits the more normalized her behavior becomes. People gotta know not to support her when shes like this. Like whatevers video and comment to get more exposure, on YT. hopefully we can at least turn some of her stans.

No. 632012

Never saw this before today but she is ridiculously fucking trashed here. How could these idiots say they had no clue? Bitch, I can tell she's off her face and I don't even know her. This whole pettube group is a joke, they're all losers.

No. 632013

d that's the hard part, cocaine is one thing, but heroin is deadly. I don't see what some online friends are supposed to do to fix that. Her parents are the most likely candidates to do any real, impactful help. But she is in a mutually enabling relationship with a known abuser. I doubt she can even see how fucked up things are getting. Jonny is going to drag her to the ground and then some. Its horrific to watch knowing there is Jack shit anyone can do from this side of the computer screen.

No. 632017

Not to say cocaine cant be deadly or is any less dangerous, just that heroin withdraws are intense and she needs to go to a rehab center and stay there for a while.

No. 632020

It will likely take legal intervention by her parents, at least with jonny around. Maybe they could do a wellness check when there's paraphernalia around, which would make them catch possession and "being in the presence of a substance knowingly" charges (yes the second one is a charge). The ideal situation is she is ordered into inpatient and goes on probation with drug testing for some time with a plea deal.

I think Taylor would go willingly if someone could fucking get rid of the parasite that is jonny

No. 632022

I just can’t wrap my head around the fact she acknowledged right at the beginning he was an abuser but it’s like a switch got flipped overnight. It’s like her pride and stubborness to prove people were wrong won over.

No. 632023

Are there any photos of a burn on taylor's hand from the events? I feel like a burn from boiling hot water would be bad enough to show up in a picture, yea?

No. 632024

I'm pretty sure both sides verified the spill.

No. 632025


"I can change him"!!1!11

She made a very naïve mistake. Love conquers all right? Too many unrealistic expectation from all those Disney movies. Real life ain't a movie.

No. 632026

He probably got her hooked on hard drugs not too soon after. She let him move in and leach off of her a very short time into the relationship. He is pretty manipulative, and she was and still basically is a kid. Not saying she is innocent, just that he I probably to blame for most of the initiators in her downward spiral.

No. 632027

He changed her worse than any impact she had on him.

No. 632029

Her parents are just as delusional as her fans are, though. Nothing boiled my blood more than seeing her dad tweet about how the band enabled Jonny to “relapse,” not Taylor. Like are you fucking kidding me? The man is homeless, unemployed besides his shitty band, up to his eyes in medical debt, and already Taylor has spent around $60k publicly on him. Taylor’s bankrolling everything. Let’s pretend Jonny isn’t a piece of shit person who deserves to die for a moment - Taylor is literally buying and supplying him with dope and letting him live expense-free strung out playing Call of Duty all day every day in their disgusting apartment. #couplegoals though, right? The audacity of Taylor and her family to say the band were the enablers.

No. 632030


Agreed. Has he even changed at all?

>still an addict

>still an abuser
>still dying of liver failure
>still living off other people

The only change she had on him was getting him kicked out of his band.

No. 632033

Because he's a master manipulator and her parents aren't the sharpest tools in the shed. They had been warned their daughters boyfriend was a rapist junkie and while they tried to intervene in the beginning, they all but gave up. Now their kid is a heroin addict in an emotionally abusive relationship. Her parents obviously failed for her to be like this in the first place.

No. 632035

If I remember correctly, Chelsea said the thing that helped her get away from Jonny and have him stay away was the restraining order (protective order).

Filing for it while after being ordered to rehab would be ideal so that she doesn't fall into his arms again. Texas even has some allowances for pets to be included in the protective order (though I'm unsure of the specifics)

No. 632036

File: 1548552365412.jpeg (204.5 KB, 1113x1357, 105706E0-A720-4097-9556-CE2DB8…)

Rep video should be out sometime soon

No. 632037


Deep down I think they know. The lie is just easier to accept than the truth. Truth is the daughter THEY raised has become addicted to heroin. Its not their fault she got with Jonny. But if they want to save their daughter they gotta act.

No. 632042

>Its not their fault she got with Jonny.

I mean, it's true, but most parents teach their kids not to engage with sexual predators or drug addicts let alone DATE them. The fact she did hints they didn't do a great job teaching her common sense and reasoning and she craves attention. Looking at her mothers past tweets and her dads absolute silent cuckery shows me they are just incompetent parents who'd rather shift blame than accept any wrongdoing - just like their daughter.

No. 632043

Wow. I totally forgot about this video. What I didn’t notice before until now is she used to get her nails done all the time. But then all of a sudden stopped getting them done, kind of around the same time her house started getting really trashed and filthy and she began to behave so strangely in her videos. Not that it’s wrong to have your nails bare, but getting them done was something she regularly showed on insta stories. Then her self care and home upkeep really started to go downhill. And she started seeming under the influence a lot. Just a connection.

No. 632044

No. 632046

File: 1548553079900.jpg (492.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190126-173731.jpg)


No. 632048

File: 1548553180147.jpg (554.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190126-173736.jpg)


No. 632052


Good on her, people need to see how disgusting Jonny is so he can stop getting away with abusing and manipulating everyone he comes into contact with. He abused every woman he has ever been with and got a girl with a possibly bright future addicted to narcotics. Why he is allowed to interact with the rest of society is beyond me.

No. 632057

File: 1548554188726.jpeg (90.17 KB, 750x696, 8ED6FF0C-C3F1-4CA9-B0DA-A997AE…)

What is she talking about?

No. 632058

she could possibly mean the very last sentence of Amanda's thing, the "I don't need praise from strangers" but I could be wrong

No. 632060

i made the tnd being a hypocrite to wii music video, was gonna make a part 2 to that but never found the time, but i’ve felt so bad about her animals in all of this I just threw this one together

No. 632061

I don’t need social media praise or apologies from strangers to validate my story because I know I lived it

No. 632063

She mentioned something on the stream. Apparently she and Amanda have history where things got ugly. Didn’t say what, but that they’re civil to each other, but that she still holds a grudge. I guess that’s out of the window now.

No. 632065


I didn’t see anything that Chelsea could take as an insult but they have history between them that we will never know about. I do know Amanda was called crazy for years as well, including by Chelsea at one point. I hope they can both leave each other alone and just let the other heal the way they find most helpful. No reason to let Jonny’s damage cause even more fallout.

No. 632069

I dont think Maddie needs to be questioned I don’t think she was really that close with taylor.. emma and emilee seemed to be the closest to her since they were the ones she flew out on trips and made a bunch of videos with and they were the ones IN her apartment in person and saw the abuse first hand. Emma and emilee should be the ones that are questioned and provoked to spill tea.

No. 632072

not trying to provoke anyone, that would be interfering with the cow, right?

No. 632074


They have to live guilt with the guilt if something goes wrong. If that doesn't appeal to them they were never really her friend.

No. 632075

Not provoke.. idk what i meant to say. They should have been speakig up on their own if they cared about animals the way they claim!

No. 632076


don't harass guys them just tell them to do everything they can to help their friend

No. 632077

I don't understand what sort of witch voodoo asmr spell is cast on these women by Jonny to make them all forget what his exes say or the fact that he looks like a deranged munchkin. enlighten me on that magic because he didn't even have teeth when he hooked up with Taylor at first.

No. 632078


he's a hideous gremlin, i don't get the appeal either. homeless, no teeth, haggard face, bloated body… barf. his exes are all so attractive too, what they ever saw in him we'll never know, amanda's statement reads pretty clear though. he's a manipulating sociopath so he knows how to get through.

No. 632079


Some girls like the bad boy I suppose. They get a high thinking they can change him. He was a talented and succesful singer at one time too, if they were fans theres appeal.

No. 632080

100% the bad boy rockstar (hardly) glamor. And very very low self esteem. Thats how they end up with him

No. 632082

Emily atleast tried to upgrade an enclosure. I doubt two people could make a complete fix on Taylor's care, plus in their videos Taylor's care didn't look that bad. I'm sure if Taylor knew people with cameras were coming she would hide away the worst of it. Taylor is all about hiding her ass.

No. 632083

Abusers are really good at manipulation. Abusers are also pretty good at spotting women with very low self-esteem, who are often easy to woo because their sense of self-worth is non-existent. His selling point is that he's a singer from a band, so he is selling "the experience", quite literally. Age also has a lot to do with it. A 32 year old woman is less likely to put up with his shit than a 21 year old. So if you're a sheltered kid with no self-esteem who suddenly gets a rockstart love-bombing the shit out of you, of course you'll fall for it.

No. 632086

Anyone else get a bad vibe when she put the "Animals can help with mental health" video?

The Low self esteem lead to some really bad coping habits. 100% believe she's trying to buy peace of mind with her animals.

No. 632087


That's the funny thing. I was subscribed to Taylor and thought she was okay, though I had some concerns about her rapidly growing animal collection. But what got me here was seeing pics of her with Jonny and going, "Wtf, he looks like an insane drug addict."

Many stereotypes exist for a reason. There's nothing about Jonny that looks or sounds remotely put together. I don't really blame his exes or girlfriends for falling into the manipulation trap; love and youthful insecurity do funny things to people. But how do any FAMILY members, like Taylor's, buy into it? One look at him, and you should go, "Holy shit, how's he not in jail yet?" He's like a walking, talking Florida Man article.

No. 632089

The 'assistant story constantly changing' album is amazing https://m.imgur.com/a/luLGDEx, don't know how I missed it. Seems worthy of a permanent place in the OP.

No. 632091


Yea im not really one to judge but face tattoos and lots of tattoos in general send alot of redflags for me.

No. 632094

You're not very well integrated here if you think this kind of posting won't raise people's antennae.

Maddie made video defending Taylor so she's involved. The others are involved too, especially with the cover up of the condition of Taylor's animals when they visited but Maddie doesn't get a pass. She would have know all about the deaths and mites and whatever else.

No. 632096

One of the very few things she's actually admitted without getting defensive is that she does buy animals to cope with her lack of friends and low self-esteem.

I think it's in this video where she talks about it:

No. 632098

BetterHelp is a sham anyway, she just made something to go with her channel/animals that would be approved by them. Don't forget she got paid $$$$$ for that video.

No. 632099

sorry I was thinking it was the betterhelp video

No. 632107

True, but it's hard to hide somethings that even people on here notice – like the fact Cheese never really grew and Mushu looks like she's not just on Death's door, but is in the foyer admiring the curtains.

No. 632108


Nah, she admitted she fucked up anon. I don't doubt she tried to cover up some of Taylors care but I don't think she realized how bad of an addict she was. She deleted it to save face and show she's not defending her anymore. She doesn't get a free pass but at least she's taking some accountability unlike Taylor.

No. 632109

She is an amazing writer. Really lays out what a fucked up person Jonny is

No. 632111

agreed. i have to say i do think megan thompson gave a more detailed perspective though.

No. 632113


Bexar County has a pre-trial diversion program.


>"being in the presence of a substance knowingly"

Not a thing in Texas.



An EPO based on what? He hasn't physically abused, threatened, or stalked Taylor.

No. 632114

he threatened to flush Nemo down the toilet when he was a kitten. I believe this was in the text that Taylor sent to Chelsea when she confirmed that she was "smoking" heroin with him, soon after he moved in with her. Who knows what else he has threatened to do to her or her animals behind closed doors

No. 632115


She seems like she's a lazy person in general. Saltwater tanks are not for the lazy, they require consistent maintenance for the inhabitants. The whole bryopsis problem happen because she was inconsistent on her maintenance and let it get out of control. I imagine she rarely does water changes and I imagine it probably grew due to nutrient imbalance/waste.

Cheese was probably stunted due to poor diet and stress. His death was probably caused by overdosing fluconazole.

No. 632118

It's been mentioned before but if the're any lurkers, friends or exfans that ACTUALLY want to help, Go to YT find whatever's video like and comment.

We can't fix Taylor's addiction but by getting some exposure we can hopefully get enough people concerned.

Until she get the ass-clown Jonny Craig kicked out of HER apartment the Taylor YOU were inspired on YT by will never come back.

No. 632120

Repzilla should be posting a vid here in about 2hrs which should bring in some attention. I agree tho we need to signal boost these videos or something

No. 632135

Watch the whole thing start to end, click like, sub to that person if you haven't already, and share the video to a social platform if you can. These all help push a video on YT. In addition, some have made playlists that with a good title and selection of the right vids can get the word out. The more the merrier with these, they link the videos together. The playlist I made has nearly 8k views so they do work. I'll be adding rep's video to that too.

No. 632136

Pretrial diversion would be great. Wow.. well actually I'm not surprised it's not a thing in texas. In my state we have something called a Section 35 where family or significant others can get an unwilling addict into a lockdown detox for around a month via the courts. People have been known to even section themselves when they keep leaving detoxes.

Idk much about texas. But nmw, possession charges would suffice, and I've heard of her parents doing a wellness check before. If there were substances present they'd catch a charge, or at least one of them would.. Most likely jonny.

No. 632153

File: 1548563153746.png (101.74 KB, 720x651, Screenshot_2019-01-26-23-24-15…)

No. 632154


Pont taken that we don't know what has or has not taken place. But in Texas, threatening to harm, or even actually harming her pets, is not grounds for a Protective Order.

A PO is issued in cases of "family violence" which is defined as "an act by a member of a family or household against another member of the family or household that is intended to result in physical harm, bodily injury, assault, or sexual assault or that is a threat that reasonably places the member in fear of imminent physical harm, bodily injury, assault, or sexual assault".

Regarding pets, "in a protective order, the court may prohibit a party from removing a pet … from the possession or actual or constructive care of a person named in the order".



Here you go! I'll let you pick apart this statute since you seem to be as interested in applicable laws as I.

"… emergency detention, protective custody, or commitment of a person with a chemical dependency"


No. 632156

this should prove to be interesting

No. 632157

File: 1548563449820.jpg (10.06 KB, 275x190, 1512520773675.jpg)

I backread to the first thread over in /snow/ and… wow.

It's so sad that her mom tried to call her out immediately and was very quickly upset about her choice in boyfriend. Wonder where Taylor would be if her mom had gotten through to her.

No. 632158

Interesting. Hopefully Tyler wont sugar coat the truth. 100% both he and TND share some subs. I hope he can stress the fact that she needs help and will say don't support her channel until she gets some help.

No. 632160

She's started using Dec 2017 according to Chelsea. That's just sad. It's hard to fight it when they have their mindset on it. She wanted the experience and she got it. I hope she realizes it was a mistake.

No. 632172

Something I haven't seen discussed much are the dynamics of being in a relationship that revolves around substance use. The emotional and physiological feeling and experiences of love and of the drugs become so intertwined as to be indistinguishable. In many ways on a chemical level they are not. Love becomes a drug, and the drugs become love. This chemical reinforcement makes quitting either more difficult than quitting one or the other separately. If this is Taylor's first serious relationship she is likely even more entrenched.

No. 632174


He should do this, but I highly doubt he will, mostly because he’s been complicit with Taylor’s bullshit in the past. Her stans are rabid. I think he’d be too afraid of losing subs to actually tell the full truth.

No. 632180

Quitting's hard even without a substance abuse derived relationship. We just don't know that much about addiction and how to break it from a scientific standpoint. And the gold standard for rehab is 12 steps that are based in religion, not science. It's no wonder people try to get clean but fail over and over. This is not going to be easy for her if she's even interested in getting sober.

No. 632181

TND has alot of power over the smaller petubers. Their revenue is tied to how well they got along with Taylor, collabs, meetups, ect. I doubt they knew the extent of her addiction, privately we really don't know what went on. Still, Tyler has a big audience, even if he mentions her addiction it gets people aware.

No. 632183

Some stupid law/circumstantial questions here:

-Do we actually know whether or not Jonny has made any threats towards Taylor? (I feel like that isn't something they'd make known online)
-In a household where both parties are using (and therefore, technically shouldn't be able to consent), how do sexual assault laws apply?
-If a person (Jonny) already has restraining order(s) held against him, wouldn't a judge feel compelled to err on the side of caution?

No. 632184

I'd almost put money on them being a little bit afraid to come out against her, too. They see how she goes after people. How she's more than willing to engage in character assassination. To use her stans to harass and bully people who criticize her. They probably kiss her ass in part because they get stans from her and because it would be suicide to go against her.

No. 632190

TND needs to ask herself
"Is the satisfaction of drugs worth all the hate, lost friendships, money, social standing, career, pets lives"?

She wants to get clean thats obvious. I feel like her going to these clincs is done from a place of legitamite concern for herself. Shes gonna try her way first, cleanslate, shots and whatever. I don't think it will work tho. It's going to be geting clean vs cutting jonny out. She's not gonna get clean if Jonny is still there. Jonny's just gonna keep using.

No. 632191

I used to think they were afraid of her because she's the one with the money, but given the recent drama, I'm more inclined to believe they'll take the chance to throw her under the bus and spill the beans the moment they see a chance, because they're social climbers.

But they're not going to be that obvious. They'll isolate her and make their own clique, which seems to be already happening.

No. 632194


>> Do we actually know whether or not Jonny has made any threats towards Taylor?

Other than threatening to flush Nemo down the toilet? I don't remember any others off the top of my head, but there's been a lot of drama, so . . .

>> In a household where both parties are using (and therefore, technically shouldn't be able to consent), how do sexual assault laws apply?

That's a very grey area. If both parties are intoxicated when they have sex and accusations of rape come up, most of the time courts look at the circumstances of the case. Was the accused sober enough to be aware that the alleged victim was too intoxicated to consent?

>> If a person (Jonny) already has restraining order(s) held against him, wouldn't a judge feel compelled to err on the side of caution?

It might be looked at, but it's not going to be a compelling reason to give Taylor a restraining order. That's going to be based on what he's done to make her feel unsafe, not that he simply made other people feel unsafe.

No. 632196

IF they were truly friends they'd tell her the hard truth. Friends should tell you the truth regardless of whether or not she wants to hear it. They don't have to be an asshole about it like we are. They just need to be real with her and demonstrate their concern.

If they don't do it publicly they should at least privately. Maby public is too much to ask.

No. 632201

I don't think Taylors even in a place where she wants to get a restraining order. She thinks her relationship is just fine from how I understand it.

If she reaaaally wanted him gone all she would have to do is call the cops and have them take Jonny out of her apartment. She could say she feels like "he's gonna hurt her and he has abused others in the past". Cops pull up records. Show up at Apt. Hes taken away.

No. 632207

We know that Jonny is at the very least, emotionally abusive. Taylor said something about it on her texts to Chelsea. In regards to physical abuse, it's hard to know.

He's pretty much isolated her from everybody, not to mention that his bandmates have been complicit in his abuse and treatment to women in general, not only his exes.

There's plenty of accounts of people who worked with the band and who witnessed his abusive behavior being shrugged off as a "boys will be boys" type of thing. There's even accounts of fans who were treated like shit by Jonny, yet nobody did shit.

This is why, as much as Colin and the others are showing receipts contradicting Taylor, they're still pieces of shit who kept silent about everything Jonny has done. This attitude is exactly why Jonny keeps getting platforms with no repercussions whatsoever.

For Taylor to get any sort of legal action, she has to actually take steps to remove him from her life. But considering she's right in the midst of an abusive relationship, with addiction on top of it, it might take a while for her to break up with him. It might take several attempts before she leaves him for good.

No. 632209

I'm starting to think the reason she was sick so much last year was because of the heroin.

No. 632214


Taylor told me that Jonny once told to go sleep in a lake after a fight. I don't remember the extensive story but I can never forget such a threat. He has definitely been verbally abusive, punched a hole in the wall at a time.

Sorry if this is not worthy of a post but just thought it contributed

No. 632216

If she told you this while claiming she didn't know you that well, there's no doubt she's told the others about the extent of her addiction and relationship with him. It just doesn't add up that they didn't know until last month.

No. 632217

So she IS still afraid of him? I always felt that she was afraid of something but chalked it up to dirt her had on her and her animal care.

No. 632223

Petfest was in August. Drugs/alcohol were involved at a separate meet up in September I velieve

No. 632224

Either they were friends with her and tried to handle it privately, or they weren't friends with her a d afraid of her going crazy on them, either way they waited for Taylor to expose herself, so now there is no big worry about backlash from her. She is clearly volatile. But if they were friends with her, I dont think they would be doing her any favors exposing her and making her feel like Jonny is the only person on her side. I'm inclined to think they are friends, but have no idea how to handle a heroin addict with a million zealot fans.

No. 632227

Oh, you're right, I got confused by the timeline, but all the bree stuff did happen in september.

No. 632232

I’ve never been so disgusted by and/or felt so bad for someone at the same time in my entire life. I hope the end of all of this isn’t a documentary about the “queen of pettubers” or whatever the fuck and her tragic and premature death. She’s only 21. She’s an “adult” but her frontal lobe hasn’t finished forming yet.

Taylor, send your parents to deal with the pets, kick out Jonny, and clean up the drugs and paraphernalia so if he comes back cops are an option. And CHECK. IN. TO. REHAB. Make an all my chips video as glue first one back in 6 months. Don’t die. You were cute and quirky. You can’t do this drug occasionally. You can’t control it and you’ll spend every penny or die before you realize that if you don’t do a full stop girl. There is better out there despite what he says. Truly and without doubt and you’re still hott. Gahhh… get out girl.

No. 632237

Wtf are we still talking about Bree. She's irrelevent at this point. Tired of reading about LA trip over and over.

No. 632241

Lmao at everyone here claiming to be posting in order to help her or with good intentions. Dont fool yourself, you just like the gossip as much as the rest of us. As that rewired soul dude pointed out in his video about TnD, overly shaming isn't constructive to helping an addict either. I just don't understand why she keeps trying to damage control. It never works. She should just take a social media hiatus and stfu if she wants things to settle down. She probably has a social media addiction too…

No. 632243


Even more so now. Her fans on Instagram are validating her decisions in how she is handling this crisis. She runs away from platforms where people disagree.

No. 632244

I can see the documentary on Netflix in my minds eye and that truly does scare me. I’ve been EXACTLY where Taylor is but I was older with less money (still enough to hurt myself). Also my boyfriend who introduced me would never dream of letting me try iv (not that I wanted to). This drama is certainly interesting but I’m a human who has been alone and a little bit feigning and for sure scared cuz I didn’t want to get more but I did want to get more and I knew when my BF woke up regardless of what I said he was gonna demand I get him 80 dollars and get more… it’s a shitty spot. And once you try it with them (your introducer lets call it) you know that if you give in to their begging and demanding and screaming and punching you’ll get to get high and feel better. It’s so fucked. She needs to follow those instructions. Drive to mom and dads. Send them to her apartment let them handle that fuck it all. Go to rehab. Done die. In that order. I enjoy the drama but I’d actually love to see an all my chips video followed by some quirky shitty animal videos. She’s fun to watch even if she’s dumb and not an animal educator. And hopefully she’ll do better with her animals when she gets back if she doesn’t die. End scene.

No. 632246

Your not wrong, but its also a perfect lesson of Don't do heroin kids.

No. 632247

She's a very damaged person with a multitude of mental issues and problems. She also happens to have an audience of potentially 1mil+ people. Don't you think people need to know the truth?

No. 632253

To be fair most of us call her out on bee bullshit because we want her to get better for the ANIMALS sake. I don’t give a fuck about Jonny, he’s a rapist POS. I don’t really care about Taylor because of the lying and manipulation she has caused to so many people. I care about those poor animals that have DIED over these past few months due to pure neglect. The ones that are still suffering now. That’s what pisses me off. While she gets help she really needs to rehome her animals. She can’t even take care of herself, why does she deserve to have 50+ animals??

No. 632254


Yeah, dunno who the fuck are the weirdos who keep trying to get rid of our milk sources.


She's still on Twitter attacking anyone who doesn't stan and worship Taylor. She just took it down so it doesn't absolutely blow up in her face.

It's a form of physical intimidation used to control the victim. "You can't do anything without my permission and knowledge!" It's typical possession and absolute control.

I'm wondering if the Rapist is on any medications for his liver and kidneys. How the fuck is he not dead yet? Like I get some people are resilient, but he's REALLY living up to the phrase "evil never dies."

It's hard for people who are not victims to understand, but looks are super easy to ignore when you're being manipulated and the abuser is relatively financially and socially successful (in a band, friends, connections, etc.). The amount of care and subtle manipulation eventually just warps your thinking, and you overlook all their flaws. That's the simple TL;DR of it.Take into account that he gives Taylor attention, which all narcissists like her live off of, and her Messiah complex, she won't willingly leave him until he does something to shatter the delusions and manipulation.

No. 632255

Of course she has a social media addiction. She can’t live without an audience. It is literally her life. She’s an uneducated spoilt brat with a codependent abusive boyfriend who is basically the only person she has regular irl interaction with. She’s dumb and isolated, social media and the internet in general are her lifeline.

No. 632256


Her parents are shitty and Jenn is 100% a narc like her daughter, and both parents overlook anything that paints Taylor as bad in any way. They'll ignore anything bad about Jonny so long as it supports their narrative of Taylor (and by proxy, Jonny) being perfect in every way.

Still in a shitty spot. Maybe not a drug abuser, but Taylor and her mom are both narcissists incapable of normalcy.

Considering the hold Jonny has on her, I have to wonder if he's used physical/sexual violence against her as a form of control. Considering his past with women, I reeeeally don't think Taylor would be some special case that he would just never physically abuse. I hope she never has to experience that. I really hope she escapes/dumps him soon.

No. 632264


Keep in mind that laws vary by state. Even the definition of consent varies. In Texas, explicit consent is not required. A person who gets intoxicated of their own volition is considered able to consent unless he/she is unconscious or physically unable to resist. A person cannot ordinarily claim, "The drugs made me do it!" as a defense.

>In a household where both parties are using (and therefore, technically shouldn't be able to consent), how do sexual assault laws apply?

"Consent means assent in fact, whether express or apparent."


A sexual assault is considered to occur without the consent of the other person if "the actor has intentionally impaired the other person’s power to appraise or control the other person’s conduct by administering any substance without the other person’s knowledge" or "the other person has not consented and the actor knows the other person is unconscious or physically unable to resist".


"Voluntary intoxication does not constitute a defense to the commission of crime."


>If a person (Jonny) already has restraining order(s) held against him, wouldn't a judge feel compelled to err on the side of caution?

Only if those prior Protective Orders were granted to Taylor.

No. 632267

Bree, ignore the idiots telling you to stop posting. If you where overusing your trip code the mods would step in. The people saying you are overusing it need to stop mini-modding and stfu.

No. 632272

File: 1548579660161.jpeg (111.91 KB, 750x291, 18A5A8BF-B886-415D-B59C-3D42A1…)

The asslicking comments on this post are fucking disgusting. There are so many it’s ridiculous. Her fans are fucking retarded.

No. 632273

I hate that she encouraged other people to own reptiles, I doubt their care is any better than hers.

No. 632274

To be fair a lot of us started as fans. I became much more interested in pet care after finding a lot of information (including her videos) on youtube, and I haves reptiles now that are well cared for because I did further research like anyone should.

No. 632276


>> A sexual assault is considered to occur without the consent of the other person if "the actor has intentionally impaired the other person’s power to appraise or control the other person’s conduct by administering any substance without the other person’s knowledge" or "the other person has not consented and the actor knows the other person is unconscious or physically unable to resist".

That applies if one party gets the other party intoxicated then sexually assaults them.

>> "Voluntary intoxication does not constitute a defense to the commission of crime."

Obviously. But the legal question anon was talking about two intoxicated people. Can either consent? Like I said, it's very much a grey area. If both are intoxicated beyond the ability to consent, then who sexually assaulted whom? Charges may be brought against the person who initiated sex, but the court will spend time determining if the accused was intoxicated enough to not be able to consent themselves. Some states' courts have started ruling the inability to perceive capacity does not excuse the behavior of the person who begins the sexual interaction, but I'm not about to comb through Texas court opinions to see for sure. My best guess is that being a more conservative state, it's very likely that hasn't happened yet and it's still on a case by case basis – determining if the initiator was sober enough to know the other person was too intoxicated to actually consent.

No. 632279

You don't need to post everytime they make a tweet. Unless they post a legit video to post or new info on the subject、chill man.

No. 632293

File: 1548590131839.jpg (810.98 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190127-124002_Ins…)

From Happy Tails IG pt1

No. 632294

File: 1548590155715.jpg (454.84 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190127-124012_Ins…)

Pt 2

No. 632300


>That applies if one party gets the other party intoxicated then sexually assaults them.

No. I included two provisos in that sentence; I apologize if my wording was confusing.

(b) A sexual assault under Subsection (a)(1) is without the consent of the other person if:

(3) the other person has not consented and the actor knows the other person is unconscious or physically unable to resist;

(4) the actor knows that as a result of mental disease or defect the other person is at the time of the sexual assault incapable either of appraising the nature of the act or of resisting it;

(5) the other person has not consented and the actor knows the other person is unaware that the sexual assault is occurring;

(6) the actor has intentionally impaired the other person's power to appraise or control the other person's conduct by administering any substance without the other person's knowledge;

The statute makes no provision for a person being too intoxicated to consent, and consent is broadly defined ("assent in fact, whether express or apparent").

No. 632303

Remember the time she wanted to name a snake "Morphine" because it was just "so pretty". I knew back then, that is something only a drug user would do, thinking they're so quirky and edgy. lulz.

No. 632304

Everyone already shot down megan as an attention whore on the general thread. Careful not to over post on that topic or you will look like said attention whore self posting. I think it's hilarious though.

No. 632305

I haven't posted everytime he made a tweet, lol. Just posted that as I thought he was saying the video will be up at 1am. Just tryin to fill in the people of the imageboard on when the video should be out sorry nonny didn't mean to piss ya off

No. 632310

And we’re tired of you. She is still contributing relevant info. Stfu or get lost

No. 632311

Stop trying to get rid of Bree. Her last post wasn't even about the LA trip smfh

No. 632316

File: 1548603667897.png (195.89 KB, 582x710, c6c483914203e7c55911d12f090be1…)

No. 632318


A lot of abusers actually go for women who they see as above them and try to knock them down. Especially if the woman has things they can use like money or social value. They'll take advantage of a weak spot (like Chelsea's job not working out and having no where to go) in life, not always just weak people. They woo the shit out of their victim for a few weeks and then slowly start the mental games until the person is a shell, like we've seen with Taylor's dead eyes.

Narcissism and addiction (esp alcoholism) also often go hand in hand so you blame the addiction for the terrible person that they are. You think it's the addictions fault that they're terrible, not that they're a terrible person who happens to be an addict, so of course you can help them!


Narcissists are experts at "triangulation" which pits their victim against someone else. If he was using Amanda and Chelsea against each other to make them mad/jealous for years, there's probably a million scars.

No. 632320

That's the problem, she said her piece but is sticking around. The LA trip is her main point of contention. And the screenshots she posted were cut up and missing things. That paired with her glitching story with Twitter makes her a little questionable atleast. Until further info comes out she hasn't really vindicated herself, people are just talking about Jonny and the heroin instead.(stop derailing)

No. 632321

Why do women keep going for him? He is a homeless drug addict with a history of abuse, and he looks a mess.

No. 632324


Because she’s idolised him since she was 12 and has an addictive personality. She’s addicted to his attention.

No. 632325


Some people are into that look, I guess.

I saw him play a couple of times and he would make these grand speeches about being sober and grateful on stage. And honestly, the shows were more bros than women.

No. 632328

Shut up. Youre not a farmhand and certainly not in control of what's worthy of discussion

No. 632336


Historically why have women thrown themselves in droves at unattractive abusive musicians? Could it possibly be the music?

Prior to the current drama I had never listened to him nor read his lyrics outside of what has been posted here. A couple of nights ago I checked out a half dozen or so songs. His lyrics make loving a "recovering" addict goals for women with personalities like Taylor's. And women absolutely swoon over his voice in the comments of his videos.

No. 632339

If I’m being honest, he doesn’t have a horrible face, features wise. The tattoos and his bad teeth are off putting, but I wouldn’t call him butt ugly. Someone as pretty as Taylor was could do way better, but he does have the appeal of being a musician on his side as well. Knowing his history, I would especially wonder what she saw in him. Maybe being rejected by Post Malone knocked her confidence down a peg or two. Wasn’t there some rumor that he basically treated her like a side bitch?

No. 632340


Thanks for the reminder! She was already taking opioids for her EDS pain and migraines, but she never mentioned engaging with standard treatments for either which made her use of opioids all the more questionable.

No. 632343

Very very old anon here so sorry if I’m not doing this right, I’m not even caught up to this thread yet. But from experience if JC/TND really ARE going to any form of rehab the first thing the rehab would make them do is separate. I personally waited years for my partner to get clean enough for us to get back together. And even after ~6 years of being clean it’s still hard to not have tendencies just because that’s what two addicts do when they’re put in a room together. You get high with someone long enough that’s all you associate them with.
Just based on my own experience and knowing how rehabs work, they are not getting clean. At most they are at one of those “get your piss clean in 24 hours” quick detox clinic

No. 632346

She was definitely using in the beginning, around that time. Her texts and vids/pics confirm it.

I do think that they— or at least /she/— stopped using opiates for a bit. There was a point, maybe around last summer, where she gained some weight, which many do when they get clean before they typically lose it again.

No. 632347

Chelsea or any other anon who has actually had a conversation with Taylor’s parents, are they actually as delusional as they seem?

No. 632348

I agree that it does seem like she is still siding with jonny and prob just thinks people "don't understand them". She seems to be buying into his "us against the world" shit, even tho he has been on the addiction ride for 10 years and knows exactly what he needs to do and knows that the people pushing inpatient are right.

How absolutely naive for a reasonably intelligent girl.

No. 632349


I'm neither Chelsea or an anon that's spoken to their parents, but my theory is that they aren't delusional, they're afraid for their daughter's safety? So the act they put on in public is to protect her from Johnny's rage/violence when she's alone with him so that they don't expose her as revealing too much about their relationship.

No. 632350

This is ridiculous though. If anything, they should just not say anything publicly. The fact that they go on social media accounts to fight their daughters battles is part of her problem. She’s used to having a personal army behind her, so when critical voices seem louder than her supporters, she just falls the fuck apart. This girl is not used to people telling her she done fucked up, and that’s been evident since back when she was flooding the floors.

No. 632351

No, Jens tantrum on the first exposing video showed that she is actually nuts. I don't doubt that she loves Taylor and truly does dislike Jonny but both her parents are pretty insane

No. 632353

Totally agree. Her parents in the comments of what ever's videos looked nuts to me. maybe they were trying to protect her but it really looked like they were just in their heads.

No. 632356

Anyone can contribute to the thread. Even if they know TND. Bree even agreed to do it anonso you could stop bitching. If people are going to mention her name she has every right to use her trip code to add to the conversation. Stop chasing her away just because you don’t like her.

Bree post whatever the fuck you want until a farmhand says other wise.

I also questioned how they were going to get sober if you are recommended to not be in a relationship (for at least a year right?) and in that case Jonny and her were fucked from the start because he wasn’t clean that long if at all. I personally don’t think they can do it as long as they’re together esp. Taylor.

No. 632357

I feel like Taylor's family is just all 'holiar than thou' Jen thinks she's some kind of genius who knows how the world works 100%, her father writes like he's so smart and calculated, and Taylor thinks she's always right. Always the victims in their own eyes. All the Deans don't know the first things about taking responsibility for their own actions..

No. 632358


I don't personally know them, but I know 100% that Jen is a classic narc mom. Narcissism is malignant in families, it's often passed down to family members from them being exposed to their parent's unhealthy reactions and coping skills. Taylor's definitely inherited her narcissistic qualities from Mama Dean, no question about it

No. 632359

Lol wat. You cannot be serious. His eyes are so fucking ugly. Plus he’s a manlet who’s always sticking his gross tongue out

No. 632361

I think it’s funny that the band seems to genuinely dislike Taylor. While they didn’t stand by his previous exes, they were all friends when Jonny did date them. Says a lot about Taylor.

No. 632362

He has an awful face, he looks like Rick Astley in perpetual squint. His eyes are beady as fuck, his face is covered in tats, and he was basic toothless when he met her. Top that off on an eleven year old's body who in their right mind would want to wake up to that? Oh and that small body, leggings and moon boots thing…No, no, and no.

No. 632363

File: 1548612685747.png (392.77 KB, 334x601, 573114c7a87e1edc57d7e036e4da17…)

their house is always messy or cluttered

No. 632364

Anyway talk with Repzilla about when he's dropping the video?

No. 632365

File: 1548612994137.png (56.01 KB, 329x346, 00087c336d0337bbb8e6088d71667f…)

This is the current update on the Rep video. Next update should be the link to video.

No. 632366

I've never really watched any Repzilla videos other than an Onision one but had to stop after a few minutes cause he sounded pretty uninformed. How is he usually with research?

No. 632367

where is Star though? Still hiding? I assume she would want to look outside the most, being a "former stray" and all

No. 632368

I've watched a few videos here and there from him. Mostly on Onision situations too. I'd imagine his video will be more informed than The Rewired Soul's video was. He was talking on twitter about how the situation is bad and how she has more drama than Onision.

No. 632369


Yeah, children of narcs either learn to cope by becoming codependents or narcs themselves.

No. 632371

I don't know that he's uninformed as much as he tries to see all sides, which is something people who claim to be some sort of journalist (albeit only covering Youtube news) should do.

No. 632372

I think he posted in here earlier. It seems like he realized he needed to do more research than usual, so I'm assuming he did.

I think his video will touch more on the dynamics or history of their relationship than RewiredSoul's did.

No. 632373

Agree. The vids I've seen of his regarding Onision were around the topic of allegations of him and his g/f grooming teens and having relationships with underage people.. which is pretty serious as far as allegations go. So I think he was just understandably hesitant and was trying to cover all sides in those vids. Plus, Onision had said that Shane was a pedo without proof and Onision got a lot of backlash for it, so I think Repzilla was trying not to do what Onision did as well by not taking a side fully until the evidence was really there.

No. 632374

Wow it only took this long to give them some window access

No. 632375

this little gay boy has such a punchable face.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 632376

idk if that was really needed

No. 632377

it is concerning that the third cat seems to have disappeared.

from what i've seen of repzilla, he does seem to do research and tries to be fair/unbiased.

No. 632378

The saddest part about all of this outside of those poor animals is that this will ALWAYS follow her. I don’t mean on social media but in life. She’s now on some level a junkie, and it will chase her. She will have to work hard not to relapse for the rest of her life, and will always be in danger of doing so. Instead of understanding the weight of that, she’s more worried about the guy who not only brute forced his way into moving into her apartment but used her addictive personality against her and turned her into a junkie.

No. 632379

I’d bet they got tired of her not using the litter box, and other stress related behaviors, and ended up either putting her back outside or surrendering her to a shelter.

No. 632381

This girl posted a video talking about the drama going on in the PetTube community, but it kind of sounds like it was aimed towards Taylor.

Her keypoints in the video are
1. PetTube shouldn't be your only source for research
2. PetTubers aren't always credible
3. Quality over Quantity
4. Chose your role models wisely
5. Follower/subscriber count doesn't give credibility
6. Price doesn't determine the price of an animal
7. Animals>Fame (PetTube should just be about the animals.)

No. 632382

And she's only 21 years old. She's ruined her life for someone like Jonny and the horrible lifestyle that she's been chasing. I just hope she rehomes her animals like she should insteqad of allowing more of them do die, removes Jonny from her life, and gets herself help.

No. 632383

You know I'm not 100% sure on this. We're not supposed to armchair diagnose cows or their families for the record, but she reminds me far more of what happens to parents with severely disabled children. Before anyone comes at me I know it's not Tanners fault, but nonetheless he will be an absolute nightmare to live with and suck any joy from her life.

Taylor more likely behaves the way she does because of lack of attention from her parents growing up, and a resignation to the fact that once they're dead she will have to become Tanner's primary caregiver. One day she will be 100% responsible for him, and all of her freedom will be taken away, hence
>I want the experience
one day she will have no freedom and no choice.

source: my brother was for a time speculated to have PWS. Her family dynamic is something I have personally experienced and seen a dozens of times in other families.

No. 632384

I don't think she's going to do that when her pets are the ones that gives her views. her pets are basically their money bag to get more drugs. Only reason for her to give them away not is to make more ALL MY PETS videos and get more money. If she wasnt so self centered, she probably gave them all up by now.

No. 632385

she cant even take care of herself and her animals, she's not able to take care of her own child or Tanner. With her money, she'll probably just send him to a care center or something. pretty sad to think about it.

No. 632387

File: 1548615890970.png (191.24 KB, 334x598, aa5c81c6867a4dabb725df0e4a2dbc…)

Anyone post this yet? If so, I didn't see it.

No. 632388

It's more than just this addiction she'll carry forever, it's the label and the stigma that comes with it. Even a recovered addict is seen as a junkie by many. Once a junkie, always a junkie. People will use her addiction against her and potentially loose trust and respect for her over this period, even a decade from now. There is no fully coming back.

No. 632389

it's from tori's twitter, btw

No. 632390


An old 2013 intvw with jonny. At around 6:15 he says:
>>"I know girls like the back of my hand man. Crazy girls, straight girls, gay girls, I know them all dude, I know everything about girls… I feel like I've always had the connection with girls— It's just something I was born with."

..Says a lot to his mindset towards women.

No. 632391

>With her money, she'll probably just send him to a care center or something.

If she could afford to I speculate she probably already would have for her parents' sake. PWS people often need to live in assisted living facilities with a high level of supervision and "guards" (like mental hospital guards, can't think of the proper term) because they frequently assault their caregivers. And trust me, you can't just ship disabled people off to care centres and effectively disown them, it's a very involved and stressful process. It would alleviate the burden of actually physically caring for him but it still severely impacts and limits your life and freedom.

No. 632392

So many people in the US are addicts now.. there's much less of a stigma with it, especially if she puts it behind her now and this turns out to be just something that happened while she was in her early 20s.
But yeah, I don't doubt people will lose trust for a while.

No. 632393


Not one word on the animals, at all. What about the animals struggling? what about them getting the help they need?

No. 632395

Just because more people are addicts doesn't mean they receive sympathy. It's the inverse. There are more addicts, this more examples of what not to do. And she still did it anyway, and the majority of people who learn of her addiction will consider her scum.

No. 632396

“Addiction isn’t a game or something to joke about”

Maybe should’ve told that to Taylor when she was joking about it on Twitter. I’m tired of these holier than thou responses on twitter that leave out the fact that her addiction led to the premature deaths of several animals. If she took care of her animals well and was on drugs, no one would give a shit. It’s the fact that her addiction fits into the pattern of neglect and careless mistakes that people are angry about.

No. 632397

I respect that. Addiction is hard as hell. Anyone can speculate on what them or Taylor should have done, but anyone who has had an addict in their family or as a lost friend knows how hard that shit is. I hope Taylor takes this as a wake up call and ditch Jonny, until she gets away from him she will never get better.

No. 632401

Never said anything about sympathy, whatsoever, so I don't really know how you got that from the post you cited. And someone receiving sympathy vs someone being an example of what not to do are not "inverse".. they're totally different things.
The person I was responding to was talking about the stigma associated with addiction, which was what I was speaking to.

No. 632402

Ah Tori, one of Taylor's personal 'defense squad'. I remember her being so rude & sarcastic towards Jessica during the frog & skinks' death debacle, then being rude towards LeopardGecko when she voiced how uncomfortable Cheese's funeral video made her.
She also bitched at Emi @Emi_ology) for voicing her opinion on the frog+skinks' deaths. imo, she was worse than the other Pettubers b/c she would outright ridicule people for voicing their concerns.

No. 632403

If you think the majority of people, including her followers who have previously supported her, will consider her "scum" when they hear she's started struggling with addiction, you're pretty out of touch with reality and inexperienced with addiction in general. It's not really necessary for you to speak on things you don't know about. Addiction is an epidemic in the US, and I guarantee someone in your life struggles with it, whether you know it or not. And I doubt you would know, since you seem young and clearly don't know much about it.

No. 632404

Another thing I don’t think Taylor has realized yet is just how deeply she fucked up her own life. In a few years when YouTube money is gone, what kind of animal-related job is she expecting to get with no degree and having your heroin addiction pop up whenever your name is googled? Or any job, really. This is going to stick with her for life. It’s sad.

No. 632405

People struggle with addiction because they made an incredibly bad choice. Taylor didn't tiptoe into this. She chose someone who is a rapist and known heroin user. She shoots up. When we do shitty things, we're shitting people. When we do scummy things, we're scummy people. When we stop doing them, we become better people. This idea that something widespread is excusable is bullshit. When I do wrong I do wrong and all the people doing wrong with me don't excuse it.

No. 632408

It seems like Tori gives 0 fucks about the animals and only about her friendship with Taylor and Taylor's (currently plummeting) reputation. I think if anything she seems the most like the one who wants Taylor's viewers

No. 632410

seems like Taylor’s fans are more interested in stanning a pretty face than the animals, just like tori. which, unfortunately, doesn’t translate into viewership for tori.

No. 632414

All these people giving her "love" discounting her actions are only enabling her. Too bad for Taylor. Stuck in a box with her junky bf. He's not even touring anymore and they're just sitting at home together enabling each other as well.
This is not going to end well.

No. 632420

File: 1548621824543.jpg (78.72 KB, 720x1280, 50625322_2183518838394798_7130…)

Anyone see this yet? A lot of people from the original DGD Swanposting group are asking to be added and then trolling until they get booted(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 632421



>5 people


No. 632422

Have we seen the group you created with five members? No.

No. 632424

Senor Ria posted a new video, they did a really good job imo. The whole situation is very politely explained.

No. 632428

That’s actually a screenshot from yesterday. As of right now there’s 98 members

No. 632430

Now Taylor's gone quiet on her instagram since posting she was "really trying to get cheeses necropsy results"

Never even posted a picture of Kronos like she said she would, but that's not surprising

No. 632433

He dead

No. 632435

I wonder how she's gonna get any money now. Old videos can only bring so much and she's not active anywhere or even considering to film it seems.

Her child of a boyfriend who probably didn't provide much financially also has no job.

They're both practically unemployed with 50+ pets and a luxury apartment.

No. 632436


>> The statute makes no provision for a person being too intoxicated to consent, and consent is broadly defined

Yes it's broadly enough defined that a prosecutor can argue that a person was too drunk to knowingly give consent to sex. You don't just look at statutes when it comes to defining what is allowed under the law or not. You must also look at a case law and see what is precedent. The U.S. is a country of common law and common law is made in the courts, not the legislature.

But for the sake of an debate on lolcow, I'm not going to comb through Texas rape case opinions to find out what the district courts' stances are on it. Taylor is not going to have Jonny charged with rape because she, him or both of them were having sex while intoxicated. She still believes she loves him.

No. 632437

File: 1548624131909.png (40.92 KB, 927x316, 54c57945bebd2693c0c0c0f7a22a99…)

Final update until video

No. 632439

Unfortunately if she is currently using (and she definitely is) she won’t care until an eviction notice comes. She has fucked her potentially great life up big time and she hasn’t even seen the worst of it yet. This internet drama is just a small piece of what she has coming.

No. 632440

“rick astley in perpetual squint” fucking sent me anon, thank you for making my week

No. 632441

Do you think she'd be willing to sell some of her pets (especially snakes) for money?

No. 632443

I’m seeing a lot of sympathy for addicts in the thread. I also see anons getting touchy because it’s clear they themselves or a loved one is an addict. I think it’s really important to separate your own personal feelings from Taylor’s situation. Addiction is common and most of us here will be able to say we have a loved one who has suffered from it. But there’s a difference in Taylor’s situation— she actively sought. it. out.
I’m tired of people playing right into her hand and saying she has this disease and that she deserves sympathy. It’s exactly what she wants. She did such a good job for months on Twitter painting addicts as poor little victims of a disease. She wants to be viewed as a tortured soul with a dark past. She thought she could step into Jonny’s world and take on this addiction as a temporary “experience” (her own mom confirmed it) and I fully believe that she thought she would just dabble in it for a while and then have something interesting to talk about/victimize herself with for years to come. I don’t think she counted on it being so hard to break free of Jonny or the drugs. I think she really just wanted something to perpetually be an excuse for why she’s such a victim. Of course you can still feel sorry for her, but at the same time realize she did this to herself and she wanted it. She knew exactly what she was getting into. Last thing, she doesn’t drive. Imagine how dependent she must feel on Jonny now bc in her mind it’s stay with Jonny or go back to her parents. She’s incapable of being independent bc she doesn’t drive and lacks life experience. Her parents failed her.

No. 632445

I agree. I think it's also important for people to realize that most addicts don't have so many lives dependent on them at once. Like we have to remember this girl has close to, if not fifty animals under her care. I see a lot of people who say people are attacking and hating on TND, but I have only seen people concerned for her animals wellbeing.. if not her own. I wish they would just understand that this is more than an addiction. It's those animals that are going to literally die from neglect.

No. 632446

I have sympathy for addicts that are struggling to get their life together. But that's not what Taylor is doing.

People on Twitter keep saying she needs support. What are we supposed to be supportive of? Her still using? Her not being admitted to a program because she's still using? Her choice to remain with her abusive junkie boyfriend that encourages her to relapse? Her decision to keep her animals despite them all slowly dying?

People are enabling her and buying into her manipulative bullshit. If you want her to keep using and killing animals then go for it.

No. 632447

Addicts make a choice to take heroin. That is a choice that comes with knowledge all over the fucking place. As someone who dated an addict who was abusive I had constantly hear from people how he has a disease and blah blah when he's threatening me to keep me with him. I don't think we need to throw addicts in jail–I'm not without compassion but neither do we need to make every excuse because the things they do are abusive. I had someone rip my hair from my head because I didn't want to give him my phone after I told him I didn't know anyone who sold the shit. He started off super friendly, sweet, love bombing. A year later he confesses he's an oxycontin addict and I never knew it because we didn't live together. He just got more and more evil. This blog post exists just to clarify that Taylor KNEW about Jonny and opiates before she chose to screw around with either. I sincerely hope she gets help but I know the people who actually deserve the sympathy are the pets and her family.

No. 632450

This showed up randomly in my recommendations today

No. 632451


Agreed, that first time? That's a choice. Always. I have zero sympathy for Taylor because of this, as well as knowing from the beginning that Jonny is an addict. She doesn't deserve sympathy, her animals do. They deserve better and she won't give them it, her pride doesn't allow her to. All these people showing her "support" are just enabling her toxic behavior.

No. 632452

People also need to remember she was still hoarding animals with no experience while still living at home, before Jonny entered the picture. All the dead seahorses, dead hedgehogs, overstocked tanks, ect.

Just like Jonny is a shitty person who happens to be an addict, Taylor was still a shitty pet hoarder at her core, without drugs.

No. 632456

File: 1548626186082.jpeg (319.05 KB, 750x936, 10091A46-E97B-4039-8868-1FC89C…)

Why is Amanda throwing shade at how Chelsea is choosing to handle things? That’s super annoying to me bc Chelsea feels understandably vindicated and Amanda just comes off petty. Sad bc I liked the three exes being united against Jonny in spreading awareness of his past.

No. 632457


People seem to be forgetting this. Her care was bad from the beginning, she wasn't great before Jonny either and had problems with her animal care. Yes, it's become worse since Jonny but I think it would have gotten worse regardless if she moved out of home and had her own place. No parents to judge her, more room, etc.

No. 632459

she really didn't say anything directly against chelsea so how is that petty? that text doesn't sound like it was targeting any person in particular.

No. 632460


Amanda has stated that is not about Chelsea. As much as I like Chelsea, this is kind of bs.

Chelsea says 50,000 things and is an icon
Amanda says 1 single thing and Chelsea makes it about her

Liz and Amanda are both victims of JC as well.

On Topic: For those who are more familiar with animal care, can you 'rank' her animals from easiest to take care of to hardest? I would like to know which of her animals are in the most critical shape and which woulds should be rehomed immediately.

No. 632461

i would say kronos should probably be rehomed ASAP but it looks the chances of him alive still are slim

No. 632462

Can't contribute much but I know the last time we saw Mushu, she was in terrible condition. I think Bree also said that she was pretty much beyond damaged. I'm sure another anon can be more specific, but honestly if she isn't dead already she needs to be rehomed.
A part of me hopes the world took pity on her and let her pass away in the most peaceful manner possible. But from the looks of it, she's certainly in terrible shape.

No. 632463

If she killed a damn mini dinosaur people literally cannot deny her shit is trash. He needed a bigger enclosure & she kept treating him like a dog.

I won’t surprised if Mushu is dead because countless things were pointed out and she just did not give a fuck. Even kept her on top of the dishwasher like the steam doesn’t come out and rise upwards in from of the tank.

No. 632464

It's difficult to even remember all of them. As far as rehoming:

Mushu, Kronos aside. The rats are another time intensive pets that would probably be a good candidate. Her Satanics, maybe? All the pets that don't seem to make an appearance on her instagram.

Though I'm curious what the situation/protocol would be with her roaches and other bug creatures…if they're hanging in there.

No. 632465

Do you want actual difficulty or amount of time needed to care for, because they're not the same. For example rats are not a difficult pet to care for - their food isn't difficult to get, nor are appropriate cages or enrichment, they don't need specialist equipment like lamps or heating. A smart child could take really good care of rats. They are however extremely time consuming, and probably at the top of her need-to-be-rehomed list. Mushu is another one, axolotls are easy, but she has fucked up badly with him.

No. 632466


I always hated the way she justified keeping Kronos that because she had the money and really wanted to keep him that she should keep him even though it went against her philosophy

I hope by some miracle he is still alive

No. 632468

Repzilla is such a tease. It's 5:38.

No. 632470

I was thinking the same. Granted, he said "around" 5-5:30 and he could've ran into issues.

No. 632471

Tbh, if it was me and I needed drug money, yes. It’s the hard truth but it’s probably best for the animals in the long run. I actually hope that happens. That’s a better outcome than the worst that has apparently already happened. Rehome, sell, whatever as long as a sober, responsible person is able to take care of and help thrive, any animal that can be saved.

No. 632472

And, if memory serves correct, her initial lease ended September 30, extended 4 months…means January 31…she’s not going anywhere, not even close to buying a home. Stupid lazy beotch

No. 632473

Almost forgot about that! She:s probably very far away from that million-dollar home she wanted

No. 632474

Probably best she doesn't buy a house rn tbh. She doesn't seem ready for the whole homeownership thing. Too many resposibilities.

No. 632475

She never posted Kronos like she said. He would have been such a good animal for views if she had remained active on YT. I really think hes either been taken or died.

No. 632476

Did Kronos even have a linear uvb bulb?? I dont remember. His nutrition was undeniably shit. Very possible he died from one of those two issues

No. 632477

Did Kronos even have a linear uvb bulb?? I dont remember. His nutrition was undeniably shit. Very possible he died from one of those two issues

No. 632478

OPERATION DUN NO STREAM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mFE7HBHsAU HANGOUT: https://hangouts.google.com/?action=group&key=tVlHgQT8ym5ysSgx2 godspeed.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 632479

what is this

No. 632481

What makes you think guys think hes dead? Not hatin just curious

No. 632482

he had like a big hooded light shining in the center of the enclosure. hero anons said it was much too far away to be warm enough and that he was staying so still because he was probably very cold and conserving energy. I'll try to find a screenshot of the setup

No. 632483


Body condition the last time he was seen. He was sluggish, aggressive, wrinkled, underweight and undersized.

No. 632484

Video is up now, cheers!

No. 632488

File: 1548631053761.png (1.65 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190127-181236.png)

she didn't show a shot of just the enclosure without her being in front of it for the ENTIRE video, so this is he best i could do. I remember anons saying it was too dark and cold and there should be way more substrate, since they do like to dig

No. 632489

File: 1548631085295.jpg (244.85 KB, 1078x839, IMG_20190127_151732.jpg)


No. 632493

Funny people finally (just looking at the comments) think about her as being a hoarder now that they find out she's been on drugs. Drugs or not, she wasn't taking care of them and it was obvious. Nobody gave a shit. We only know now for sure that the reason wasn't her invisible illnesses but her drug use.

I don't think the enclosure is even relevant anymore now that he would probably be bigger and need a bigger enclosure like she promised she was doing once she got a house. And the time she said she was getting one had passed. It will never happen.
It's a joke to get a big lizard like that when you have such a small living space, no backyard, and three cats.

No. 632494

This is honestly why my sympathy for her went down the more I saw her doing shit. A lot of people who are talking abouf supporting her and giving her sympathy are fairly new to what’s been going on. It makes sense that if you’ve just been exposed to all the drama in the past few days, your initial reaction will be that of “she needs support and sympathy”.

But the thing is that if you’ve been aware of what’s been going on for the past year, your perspective will change. It’s not like she started a relationship without knowing about him as well as his past. She got to see how abusive he was even BEFORE they lived together. She thought she was the exception to a rule that has been happening for over a decade.

No. 632496

Just finished the video–great work, Repzilla, and thank you for doing this. Very well researched and presented.

No. 632497

Also, Roughnecks are almost always wild caught. Wild caught animals usually have a host of problems such as parasites, as well as often becoming sick from the stress of being caught and transported. Combine that with her improper care and lack of knowledge on reptiles, it's a recipe for disaster.

No. 632498

Rep did a 10/10 job on the video.

No. 632499


Wow, this is sad. She actually looks pretty cute in the before picture.

No. 632500

Wait… Taylor bought replacement Crocodile Skinks didn't she? Are those still alive? We've heard nothing of them either.

No. 632501

The comments on the video so far are great- except one that's like 'disappointed in the title, her career isn't ended, addiction is serious!'

Yeah and it also has consequences?? Especially when you're found lying about it for like, a year and there's lives on the line? I'm scared what the rabid fans will say next when they see this video.

No. 632502

I'm really impressed with his video. I'm glad the word is getting spread about Taylors incapability to look after her animals, so hopefully something is eventually done about it.

No. 632503

They are coming for him already.

No. 632505

She looks so washed up. baring the lack of makeup on no.2

>Skin looks pale and acne flaring up

>Puffy features, lips, cheecks, eyes
>Eye bags
>thin hair
>watery eyes

No. 632509

Spreadsheet anon #2 here, glad to see it's been useful to others in bringing the situation to light

No. 632510

File: 1548634821991.gif (1017.4 KB, 495x296, giphy (1).gif)

holy smokes, thanks for the spectacular milk

No. 632511

His voice is too annoying for me can someone give us the highlights of the video or is if just facts and info that's already been shared on here?

No. 632513

Everybody get watching. We need this to blow up! Thanks Rep

No. 632514

No. Watch it or don't.

No. 632515

why do you have to insult him to ask for a recap on the video?

No. 632516

Almost forgot the livestream is in 30 for Tyler on younow

No. 632517

I hope someone will get it recorded. I'll be at work all night but I really want to see what he has to say about this. Anyone know if Maddie will be joining? I still think it was low of her to make a monetized video defending TND, then step down as soon as it was all proven true.

No. 632520

Nta but it's called an opinion. He does have a fucking annoying voice. So what?

I agree with you. She knew what she was getting into right from the start. The only ones who need sympathy in this situation are the animals.

No. 632526


he picks apart her apology video and uses all the info we've compiled here to debunk each of her statements in the video.

1. killing and replacing animals- goes through the spreadsheet and the "power outage claims"
2. talks about the weird/unemotional way she talks about her animals
3. goes through the story of nemo and his sister and the vet paperwork
4. shows the craigslist postings of ghost
5. the south texas dragons controversy and no apology video
6. he shows that it's quite possible she faked the "apology email" she says she sent to them with a google contact form. (i don't think we ever picked that one up on here?)
7. the monitor
8. her being against "wild caught" animals
9. smoking in the apartment
10. her saying she doesnt impulse buy and then admitting to impulse buying in the same video
11. her admitting to bringing in animals too quickly because it was the only thing that made her happy
12. Jonny's getting kicked out for drug use, taylor trying to blame Colin and the leaked DMs

He linked lolcow in the description as a source, so be prepared…

No. 632527

Is he live now? I’ve never used younow and don’t know how to get to the stream

No. 632530

No. 632532

When I started watching the RepZilla video, it had about 4900 views and it's almost doubled in those 32 mins! Maybe the animals will finally get some help.

No. 632538

call me pessimistic, but how will views on a drama channel garner help for her animals?

No. 632539

Christ, Jen is there too.

No. 632540

File: 1548637738279.png (19.53 KB, 430x80, Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 01.0…)

Mama Dean is watching Tyler…

No. 632541

Jen is here lmao

No. 632542

jenjen gonna get pissed

No. 632543


I think he was smart to pick apart her "explanation" video and to avoid a lot of the other craziness, like her family, but I wish he'd included Cheese's fucked up funeral and all her callous "jokes."

To me, the jokes have been one of the most alarming aspects of Taylor's care and personality, especially since she's had shocking deaths in her care. Oh, haha, I'm killing animals. Haha, I'm on drugs. Haha, I'm abusing/neglecting my animals.

Considering she makes all those thoughtless jokes, Cheese's "funeral" looks less like a strange but acceptable form of grieving than a crass stunt for views made by a drug addict.

No. 632544

Drama channels often help change the narrative of a situation and spread information to people who didn't know the extent of an issue.

By making videos with proof about Taylor, Repzilla is helping people become more aware about what's been going on, and that might help the animals. Taylor might be forced to rehome her pets if people push for it enough.

No. 632545

she's literally attacking anyone who says a word of taylor doing wrong

No. 632546


gosh nobody cares jen….

No. 632547

There's no way that she can just bury her head in the sand and hope everything goes away after this. She still thinks that it's just a few radical haters going after her, because she's been able to move past and bury all of her past mistakes. But now she's fucked up so badly that it's starting to go mainstream.

No. 632548

lol jen in the chat

No. 632549

Narc confirmed. Jen why don't you actually get your daughter into rehab rather than shitpost on Younow?

No. 632550

Same. I can't get YouNow to load for some reason. I only get to see the chat and whew lads Jen is off the hook.

No. 632552

Why was Jen so quick to call the cops on Taylor before and badmouth Jonny but now when he’s used her daughter to be his junkie sidekick instead of his promises recovery, she’s more concerned with moderating a chat online than helping her kid.

Lord, if u exist, pls make a “how to parent for dummies” book land on this woman’s head. Amen.

No. 632554

Jesus Christ Jen is literally fucking around and shitposting on a live stream instead of trying to get her daughter the help she so desperately needs.

How fucking retarded is this woman?

No. 632555

lol he just said "yes taylor lies about her animal deaths" then tried to backtrack super fast like he doesn't really know what she said vs. what actually happened. K

No. 632557

Jen goes what the heck tyler wow after he says taylor lied about pet deaths hahaha

No. 632559

Is anyone recording it?

No. 632560

No wonder he defends Taylor so much. They’re pretty much the same when it comes to being honest.

No. 632561

I think Jen deleted her Twitter

No. 632562

Can some beautiful anon record and post it for us people busy at work?

No. 632564

pretty sure younow records itself and posts a video to his younow dashboard after

No. 632565

It seems like Tyler is putting the blame on Jonny.

No. 632567

Jen still has her Twitter. She blocks people for liking tweets so that might have happened.

No. 632568

tyler is crying now shit hit the fan

No. 632569

oh wow lads its getting wild up in here

No. 632570

Sadly it doesn’t only highlights

No. 632571


jen got real quiet after tyler said she lied. haha

ohhhhh now he's crying. he's at least pretty real about it in comparison to all the other youtubers

No. 632572

Tyler stream so far

>care good when she met 2 years ago

wasn't present at LA trip he heard knew about PAST Drug prob.
>taylor is a different person than she was a year or so ago.
> Taylor doesn't talk to anyone else

>Talked privately

Knew drug problem in recent months, reached out pivatly but no response.
>Pettubers reached out about jonny but she ignored. Thinks jonny is responsible for drug use and taylors change of personality. Told her multiple time to leave him privately.
>Tyler out of loop, not sure if she lied about animals dying, doesn't keep up with all her pets.
>Suspicious of taylor lying about animal deaths, was only told what she told the public. hasn't been talking to taylor much at all.
> She hasn't talked to fellow youtubers at all, ignores texts. jonny's influence maby?
>says wants the best for taylor.
> Doesn't think she can handle her animals rn but wasn't sure.
>Tyler scared for her and cried on stream. All pettubers scared for her because nothing they can do.

No. 632573

LOL this was such a bad idea honestly. I imagine Taylor's gonna be PISSED. Also slightly worried how Jonny will take this outright finger pointing at him

No. 632574

he said he tried texting her but why wouldn't he call if they're friends?? I don't get it!!

No. 632575

sorry for shit editing

No. 632577

>admin tools

No. 632578

Some people don't want to call, and besides, people can ignore calls about as easily as texts.

No. 632579


Maddie said her phone is usually off or she doesn't answer.

Tyler also says he wasn't very active in the chat and neither was she for the last few months.

No. 632580

yeah he seems genuine and idk what people here expect from these kids to do for their kinda-friend who started dating a rapist and doing heroin…were they supposed to march into her house and take her animals away…were they supposed to expose her on twitter? doesn't really seem productive, people in abusive relationships and/or addicts will just cut you out of their lives if you confront them.

No. 632581

I might be the odd one out but I'm genuinely worried for Taylor's safety with Tyler talking about how she should leave Jonny on the livestream considering I know how abusive people can be and how much of a POS he's been in the past.

No. 632582

100% agree with you here.

No. 632583

I'm so glad he is addressing jonny. She needs to hear it.

No. 632584


I agree he's being incredibly careless right now

No. 632585

Tbh I feel for tyler. Hes not always in the right but I believe she lied to and manipulated all of them as addicts will and addiction is always a scary situation. Hopefully this situation has made those of them with actually good hearts and intentions wake up a little.

No. 632586

yeah honestly it seems like he wasn't as involved as like emiliee, emma etc. they should be the ones streaming since it seems like they commuicated and hung out more

No. 632587

He says he's tried to jump on people for saying things when he doesn't know the absolute truth.
He wanted to protect her.

No. 632588

Emma’s trying to guest on his younow lol

No. 632589

i think emma might come in