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No. 632726

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21 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her 32 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig, and her creepy controlling mother.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/630960

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history:

New Milk:
> Jonny was kicked from the Slaves for incessant drug use http://archive.is/JO9vO
> Taylor admitted to using heroin, this was corroborated by texts from Jonny http://archive.is/4GnJG http://archive.is/6sYGI
> Claims they will be attending rehab
> Accused former friend Breezexotics of sexual harassment http://archive.is/HiCCr
> Has deleted Twitter once again and disabled comments on Instagram
> Friends have gone on damage control, trying to save their own reputations
> Several YouTubers have made videos on the situation

Videos which sum up the situation:

Old Milk:
> Snakes are morbidly obese
> Has returned from over a month long hiatus (for now)
> Versatile Reptiles, Breezexotixs, and whatever (video anon) are verified with Tripcodes
> Still never made an apology video for slandering South Texas Dragons
> Admits to live feeding, and knocking rodents out with blunt force instead of a CO2 chamber (as recently as mid Nov, also leaving a live feeder alone with her snake for 20 mins, only checking on it once)
> Mushu has been shown without much gill feathering left recently shown much more clearly with facial scarring, even less feathering and stressed posturing
> Attempted to purchase two new crocodile skinks on the down low before a smaller pettuber ratted on the cover-up of the deaths
> Claiming that she's one of the few pettubers that is actually up front with the accident and the issues they have, despite trying to continuous hide the deaths of her mantis shrimp, lionfish, skinks, pacman frog etc for weeks-months after they happened
> More enclosures being shown with completely empty water dishes
> Cheese died suddenly, convenietly when she released new merch featuring him, has been pushing her merch harder than usual
> She has alluded to a ‘friend’ that has a cowfish twice the size of cheese that she may replace Cheese with (if she hasn’t already)
> Gave Cheese a “viking funeral” then sent him for autopsy (put him on a boat during a monetized video)
> Videos calling out her care have stated to take over searches for her
> In combination with the call-out videos on YT, after she posted the video of Cheese’s “funeral” TND began to hemmorage subscribers
> Other pettubers began making (monetized) videos to defend TND and claiming that they were worried that “the bullying against Taylor” might ‘make her’ self harm
> Other pettubers begin distancing themselves from TND
> TND shuts off comments on the videos and instagram posts around cheese amid mass criticism
> Has been bouncing deactivations on her twitter and instagram during the controversy around Cheese
> Recent Known Deaths: Orchid Mantis, Mantis Shrimp, Pacman Frog, Crocodile Skinks, Zazu, Cheese

Unconfirmed Milk:
> Ursula (Halloween Crab) died of a mismolt, was possibly replaced with another female crab.
> Electrical malfunction story was fabricated. Croc Skinks died of dehydration due to her not giving them enough water during a heatwave. Pacman frog died of malnutrition due to only being fed mice.
> Gucci escaped from their enclosure and was missing for 2 months. Taylor bought Parada as a replacement. Gucci was found in Gus’ enclosure after eating him. Taylor claimed Gus died of old age.
> Had a mite infestation, Bindi (Blue Tongue Skink) had it extremely badly
> Mantis Shrimp died after only a few days instead of a few months as claimed
> Leopard Gecko is kept in a dark tub
> Kronos (Wild caught Roughneck Monitor) is likely dead from wild parasites and poor care, has not appeared in several months including a video about Taylor’s friend Betsy, who allegedly picked out Kronos for Taylor

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 632734

one of the best thread pics of all time.

No. 632735

I’ve been following Jonny Craigs relationship drama for years, so I thought I’d answer some of the questions via Amanda/Chelsea that I saw brought up in the last thread. This is all off of memory, so please correct me if I’m wrong on any of this timeline.

Jonny and Amanda dated for at least 4 or 5 years, after he and his baby mama (I think her name was Lark??) broke up. They were engaged for at least a year, and during the last year or so of their relationship Jonny relapsed and Amanda had videos of him high on heroin that she released after they broke up. Jonny cheated on Amanda with Chelsea and another girl, and photos of him with those two girls surfaced which caused him and Amanda to breauk up. He started dating Chelsea pretty quickly after that. He was quick to call Amanda crazy, and him and Chelsea were pretty relentless in cyber bullying Amanda to discredit her. Chelsea was also getting cyber bullied by Amanda, and I’m 90% sure Amanda was making lots of fake twitter accounts and Instagram accounts to bully both of them.

So Amanda fundamentally hates Chelsea because Chelsea fucked Jonny while he was dating Amanda and then was super rude to her on Twitter & Instagram, backing up all of Jonny’s badmouthing of her, and Chelsea fundamentally hates Amanda because while Chelsea was dating him Amanda was badmouthing her and creating fake accounts to cyber bully her.

Really they should just team up to destroy him, but I think their own pride gets in the way.

Liz and Chelsea have hung out since they both left him, so that’s cool.

No. 632736

Repzilla video already has almost 16k views

No. 632745

File: 1548645707248.png (121.2 KB, 822x372, Screen Shot 2019-01-27 at 10.2…)

No. 632746

Yea I think they were just trying to support their friend and thought the rumors were exagerrated. Taylor probably abused their friendship and told them lies to cover for herself, knowing they would defend her without question. They seemed sincere In the livestream. No doubt she manipulated them as well.

No. 632747



No. 632748

replace "drinking" with "shooting up heroin" and he could be talking about his sister. why even joke about something like that right now Jennifer?

No. 632749

I'm pretty sure that Jonny will force her to stop talking to everyone in that group now. I understand they thought they were doing the right thing back then, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I can see Taylor freaking out on them, probably will or is sending them frantic texts about the YouNow stream.

No. 632750


I've been following that long too. He's so fucking awful and I don't know how more people who follow him don't see his abuse pattern.

He starts out with posts about his "best friend" (the new girl he's fucking), then the "look at my crazy ex!" posts, and then he posts how "she's the only one that ever cared for him so now they're dating"
TONS of "We're so happy, look at us! Look how cute my new girl is! Here's a picture of her in my bed! Look at my ex get jealous" posts. And all the stans love it because #goals.

Amanda had a whole army who was #teamamanda to help in the attacks so I don't know if all the fake accounts were her. It's part of that whole triangulation thing. He pit Amanda against Chelsea and was still telling Amanda he loved her behind Chelsea's back, and telling Chelsea that Amanda is crazy and won't back off. That's what they do.

Amanda and Chelsea would definitely be more powerful combined but even when you realize that you've been projecting hate on to someone all these years who is just another victim, it's hard to let go of the emotion.

No. 632751

I do tend to agree, but Tyler messaged her about it.. and she chose to not respond.
She hasn't been active on instagram today, nor responded to Emma.
She might/probably is high out of her mind.

No. 632752

If she stops talking to them, then so be it. This is the bed she’s choosing to lay in, and sometimes you have to really hit rock bottom alone before you realize how far you’ve fallen.

People have wanted others to come forward and now they are. I understand being worried for her in regard to Jonny but if we want them to speak out and stop enabling her relationship, that’s the way it goes.

I think this is going to get A LOT uglier for Taylor before it gets better. I cry when i think about her animals living in filth with blood spattered on walls from the heroin use.

No. 632753

The fact that Emma said she's been in contact with Taylor daily for the last month, and Taylor hasn't responded to anyone since early yesterday, is actually a little concerning. I don't know if Jonny would do something, but definitely a little "worried". Unlike what some people like to think about us, I definitely don't want her being beat by Jonny or high out of her mind, or in an unsafe situation.

No. 632755

I agree about the rock bottom.

I also think that them doing the livestream was good.. she needs to hear this stuff and snap back to reality. The more it's exposed, the less she can make excuses and hide from it… the more she is forced to think about it and confront her issues.

No. 632756

I am just completely mystified by the behavior of Taylor's parents in light of all this.

No. 632757

Yeah, I'm a bit worried as well.

On top of jonny prob having a hissyfit, the most dangerous time to be using heroin is when you are trying to quit or haven't been using for a couple of days b/c your tolerance goes down and you still use the same amount without realizing your tolerance is down. A very common time for an overdose. I could imagine she is resorting to coping with all this being exposed by using "just one more day" or whatever.

I def agree that her mom's behavior is weird.

No. 632758

Because of their blind optimism and support, just like what they're doing with Taylor. Jonny is seen as a tortured soul who only happens to be misunderstood. And also because the industry has been covering for him as well. His bandmates and the press. Alt Press interviewed Chelsea about the abuse and never released that interview. And his band mates always excused and covered for his abuse. Giving sympathy is ok, but you also need to hold people accountable, especially because these people have a platform and hold a certain amount of influence over others.

No. 632759

People who dislike Taylor are more concerned about her safety than her parents

No. 632760

I agree. I kept hoping she would get into how she would take action if she didn’t message her by tomorrow but she didn’t. Honestly I’m scared Taylor could be dead or in danger and even though that sounds a extreme .. we are talking about a girl who has admitted to using hard drugs that could kill her and even worse she with Jonny Craig who I doubt would put her safety first

No. 632761

The rock bottom thing is especially true for addicts.

No. 632762


Dude unpopular thought. I think someone could make a fortune of writing or filming Jonny’s doc now..

He has like 12 years worth of some insane fandom and a story. His generation just isn’t as documented in social media.(newfaggotry)

No. 632763


As awful as it may sound, surviving an OD might just be the thing Taylor needs to finally realize how badly she's in need of help. I definitely don't wish any kind of harm on her, but sometimes people need to see for themselves what it really means to hit rock bottom.

No. 632764

Ah yes, the documentary of “why isn’t this asshole in jail?”

No. 632766


I'd even go as far as to say that if she OD'd he'd probably try to cover it up.

No. 632767

I wonder if theyve seen what shes like on it. Like has she ever video chatted with them while messed up. Just tuning in or i woulda asked

No. 632768

i was thinkin the EXACT same thing

No. 632769

File: 1548647770971.png (974.8 KB, 1692x1542, Screen Shot 2019-01-27 at 10.2…)

clicked on the "pretty ugly little liar" link on rep's video and this was the first thing on there.

What happened to this Jen?

No. 632770

Let's just hope he wouldn't be nodded off if she were to OD and that he would actually get her help.
I don't doubt he would cover it up too. I was thinking before that it's entirely possible that she could have ODed before and been Narcan-ed or brought back and that it was kept quiet

No. 632771

Me too. I remember reading the earlier threads and seeing her mom freaking out about Taylor and Jonny’s relationship. I wonder what changed? Taylor convinced her that it’s just the haters fighting against her?

No. 632772

Any of the ones who've stayed in regular contact with her will have seen it, so for example Maddie and Emma. Obviously they all saw her on coke on the LA trip, for one.

No. 632773

Jonny just worked out how to charm Jen and now she's sold.

No. 632775

What the fuck??? Why would she throw shade publicly to her own daughter like this? This creeps me out

No. 632777

It’s simple, Jen is jealous of Taylor. She’s jealous of her own daughter and the fame and attention Taylor gets. It’s why she said all the interest in Taylor was “bizarre” and why she tried to make her own twitter and YouTube channel. She wishes she had the spotlight herself. So instead of caring that Taylor is on drugs she competes with her and makes snide comments about her. She pretended to care for a while but Jonny won her over with lies.

No. 632779

File: 1548649348590.jpeg (208.94 KB, 1242x1010, 0606B7D3-B099-49FE-89B2-6C56A3…)

No. 632780

Her mother seems kinda touched in the head tbh. Raising Taylor's brother really must've fucked with her.

No. 632782

Looks like a cat scratch to me Anon. Too thin and at a weird angle.

No. 632783

Yeah this looks like a scratch. I also doubt she'd be cutting in such an obvious place, especially if she knows she'll be shooting a video.

No. 632784


There are some raised scars lower down that look like they could be old self-harm scars. I'd estimate a couple of years old at least, definitely not recent.

No. 632785

Her reply to that twitter makes no sense at all. Honestly, half the time I can't even understand what this woman is trying to say, she types to weirdly.

No. 632786

oh I see em. I think she said some were pizza burn marks but self harm does seem likely.

No. 632787

The lower marks just look inflamed to me.. Like inflammation when a cat or reptile scratches you that goes away in an hour or so.

No. 632788


That's definitely a possibility as well. Self-harm is just so common that I wouldn't really be surprised either way.

No. 632790

You guys don't have cats, right? Because all of those are obviously cat scratchs. Sometimes they scratch you in a way that it's not enough to tear the skin but it's enough to leave marks like that.

No. 632791


seriously what does that even mean? what is this woman ever trying to say? shes always subtweeting about her own daughter like what is that?

No. 632792

Pizza burn 1:27

No. 632794


I have a cat and have been scratched a few times. Hence why I said "could be old self-harm scars", not that they definitely are.

No. 632795

File: 1548650036087.jpeg (387.26 KB, 942x566, 6758B4BA-7C69-49DB-B872-C8FABD…)

Pardon. Better photo.
She does have a lot of markings on her arm that suggest to me that she might have an issue with it. Correct me if I am wrong, but I feel like she mentioned having a problem with it early on.
I might be tinfoiling too hard.

No. 632796


In this one there's some redness in the scar-looking marks, so they're most likely cat-scratches. Scars do stay red for quite a while, but they're red all over - those ones have a small stripe of red in the middle.

No. 632797

Honestly why does this matter? This has nothing to do with her now and isn't the issue at all. Taylor has been open about suffering from depression and anxiety, I don't think it's kosher to speculate about random scars on her wrists. Especially when she had kittens at this time period.

No. 632799

File: 1548650389793.png (6.44 KB, 382x60, bizarre.png)

I was planning to make screenshots but anons were doing a great job writing the synopsis of what happened.
Did manage to get this one however.

Why wouldn't people be insanely worried about Taylor being trapped in an horrific relationship and using heroine?

She has a large amount of subscribers and people are worried, you brush it off as bizarre and fill your twitter with bad poetry and cut and paste lyrics.

THAT is bizarre.

No. 632801


We've been discussing her addiction for a long time, I don't know why speculating about self-harm would be out of line either. It, too, is often an addiction.

No. 632802

I don't understand what she said. It's like she's trying to insult her but it just… doesn't make sense.

No. 632803

Not just that, but it could easily signify a much bigger problem.
Something very traumatic could've taken place.

No. 632805

Not that anon but I think the problem is just that that sounds way too much into the tinfoilling hole. We've seen her arms and wrists before and there were no self harm scars there, those are just scratches.

No. 632806


Well, the drug stuff was also once a bit more in the realm of tinfoiling, and considering how badly she's been spiraling for a while now I don't think it's surprising that these kinds of things begin to catch the eye.

No. 632809

Finally caught up on the milk. I honestly can’t believe Emma because she clearly knew she was an addict and still was on twitter lying and had no issues doing it when she was getting flown out and shit. In case she forgot she’s like 20 years old so how is she and Taylor “privately working on it” she’s not a professional. And plus she was blaming Bree for her relapse and shit and now all of a sudden she doesn’t know anything

No. 632810

File: 1548651284649.jpeg (267.99 KB, 1024x1820, 087A3C13-F236-4BE2-B864-59D42B…)

I’m just saying. These all could be something irrelevant, but they also could be something bigger.

No. 632813


>disabled comments on Instagram

Her comments have been open the entire time. She said that she is not manually deleting comment but is using a filter based on words used in negative comments.

No. 632814


if i remember correctly she had said she burned herself pretty badly on the arm getting something out the oven at one point, i think on her arm with the snake tattoo

No. 632823

The three new pics are oven burns. I also agree with others that it's most likely cat scratches.

No. 632824

6 inches is half a foot. No way in hell he was that big in her funeral video. 5-6 cm is more believable

No. 632826

Burns are also considered self harm if they're deliberate.
So she's either very clumsy/careless.. or… not. I think it's something worth keeping an eye on, considering she has issues with depression, anxiety, drugs, her parents obviously suck, and an abusive boyfriend.

No. 632829

This particular cut was speculated on back in thread #20 (originally post towards the bottom)

Most anons agreed that it looked more like an animal scratch (cats or kronos)

No. 632830

I swear she’s doing drugs herself with shit comments like this!

No. 632831


OP anon, if you used archive.is because of my suggestion in the last thread, I was referring to archiving the source of the screenshots, not the screenshots themselves.

No. 632832

From all the cringey, nonsense tweets that mama dean does.. i won't be surprised she's doing drugs herself to cope with all the stress. No wonder she doesn't care about her daughter being an addict. actually feel bad for Taylor on that one, sucks to have parents that doesn't actually care for you.

No. 632833

I have no clue how heroine works, could she be smoking it from a pipe? Could a hot spoon or pipe have burned her rather than the oven? I don’t really the oven story fully.

No. 632834


I could see Mama Dean being one of those suburban moms all hyped up on Adderall to try and keep her shit together

No. 632835

Am I just ignorant or did she go and delete a lot of her old videos off YouTube? She may have done it a while back but I was just going through and one of the first uploads is the dory video and I know I was watching a lot more of her videos when that one was uploaded, just wondering why

No. 632836

this is such nonsense tinfoiling. come back when you have actual evidence. we speculated about drugs because of her own comments and actions and the fact she was dating an addict, not because of something as simple as a cat scratch or an oven burn.

No. 632837


I wouldn't be surprised at all if her mother is more concerned about Taylor's fame and all the attention that she gets as a result of it being in jeopardy.

No. 632838

In her texts with Chealsea a year ago she admitted to smoking it, and in the recent dump of screenshots it’s been verified that she’s shooting up now.

No. 632839

Found an interesting comment on YT regarding cleanslate clinic.

>Em22: Clean Slate is an outpatient type clinic and people, when they first start on clean slate need to be there once a week I believe (it could be every 3 days even, its been a while since my ex had signed up there), for MONTHS before they get to drop down to every 2 weeks, then every 3, then once a month…but that takes a good year, and you have to give weekly drug tests (urine), and every 3 months blood work. You have to apss all tests before you can drop to less apmnts, and if you don't you have to go in more!

They are not a recovery center either. They are strictly a maintenance clinic that ONLY provides suboxone monitoring and prescriptions. They DO NOT provide counseling. They do suggest you get counseling, and attend NA/AA meetings also, but it is NOT a recovery center, only a maintenance clinic. He'd have known that when he/they signed up.
A couple that uses drugs together, very rarely stays together, esp once the drugs are removed, and both staying clean are also highly unlikely. I hope they do, but more likely, one will, and the other wont. They both should cut their losses and just focus on fixing themselves. She should def find a good home for the pets until she can maintain her own sobriety, whether that be on a maintenance program or not, for at least a year before she tries to take care of anything else. Very sad situation on all fronts. But, I wish them both luck, and the maturity to make the right choice for themselves and her, those animals she has already.

No. 632841

Emma says Taylor was going to a therapist, lets hope one of them isn't lying in this case

No. 632842

This is in regards to their suboxone program. They also have a Vivitrol program, which is what Taylor and jonny were considering or claiming to do

No. 632844

Just gotta get clean for ten days first!

No. 632845

With Vivitrol, it's just a once monthly shot. They don't need to be there that often. Suboxone is taken once daily at least, so that's why they would have to be there more frequently if they were doing suboxone. But they're not.. they're claiming to be starting Vivitrol… which you have to be clean from drugs for around a week at least. So, they should be detoxing at a detox, not at home.. they won't be able to detox at home.

No. 632846

I thought the Vivitrol wasn't recommended with people with liver problems? there's no way Jonny can do that if that's the case.

No. 632847

I'm not sure, and I'm not sure the extent of his liver problems. But I honestly don't think they're going to do it. All they did was make the initial appointment. They would have to fully detox before getting it, and they legit just won't be able to do it at home.

No. 632848

From the Vivitrol page:

Who should not receive VIVITROL?

Do not receive VIVITROL if you:

are using or have a physical dependence on opioid-containing medicines or opioid street drugs, such as heroin. To test for a physical dependence on opioid-containing medicines or street drugs, your healthcare provider may give you a small injection of a medicine called naloxone. This is called a naloxone challenge test. If you get symptoms of opioid withdrawal after the naloxone challenge test, do not start treatment with VIVITROL at that time. Your healthcare provider may repeat the test after you have stopped using opioids to see whether it is safe to start VIVITROL.
are having opioid withdrawal symptoms. Opioid withdrawal symptoms may happen when you have been taking opioid-containing medicines or opioid street drugs regularly and then stop. Symptoms of opioid withdrawal may include: anxiety, sleeplessness, yawning, fever, sweating, teary eyes, runny nose, goose bumps, shakiness, hot or cold flushes, muscle aches, muscle twitches, restlessness, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, or stomach cramps.
are allergic to naltrexone or any of the ingredients in VIVITROL or the liquid used to mix VIVITROL (diluent). See the medication guide for the full list of ingredients.

What should I tell my healthcare provider before receiving VIVITROL?

Before you receive VIVITROL, tell your healthcare provider if you:

have liver problems, use or abuse street (illegal) drugs, have hemophilia or other bleeding problems, have kidney problems, or have any other medical conditions.
are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. It is not known if VIVITROL will harm your unborn baby.
are breastfeeding. It is not known if VIVITROL passes into your milk, and if it can harm your baby. Naltrexone, the active ingredient in VIVITROL, is the same active ingredient in tablets taken by mouth that contain naltrexone. Naltrexone from tablets passes into breast milk. Talk to your healthcare provider about whether you will breastfeed or take VIVITROL. You should not do both.

Tell your healthcare provider about all the medicines you take, including prescription and non-prescription medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements. Especially tell your healthcare provider if you take any opioid-containing medicines for pain, cough or colds, or diarrhea.

If you are being treated for alcohol dependence but also use or are addicted to opioid-containing medicines or opioid street drugs, it is important that you tell your healthcare provider before starting VIVITROL to avoid having sudden opioid withdrawal symptoms when you start VIVITROL treatment.


According to them, neither should be receiving Vivitrol to begin with.

No. 632849

Both Emma and Tyler were clearly hiding things during the stream. Avoiding questions until the chat became flooded and dancing around the issue. When asked if Gucci ate Gus for the hundredth time Emma says that she didn't know Taylor when Gus died, however that doesn't mean anything. It neither confirmed not denied that Taylor told her. Wether or not she was friends with Taylor at the time doesn't mean Taylor couldn't have told her about the mouse, especially since they talk all the time

No. 632850

I think they or either one have tried it at home before after seeing those huge bags of kratom. People use that to get off of opiates.

No. 632851

You're misreading about the street drugs/heroin part. Vivitrol is most commonly used for heroin. This information you quoted is just saying that they need to first be /detoxed/ off of heroin before taking the Vivitrol. If you aren't done detoxing from heroin first, you will go into severe precipitated withdrawal from taking Vivitrol.

No. 632852

Yeah this doesn't look to good.

also from vivitrol page:

Is there a risk of sudden opioid withdrawal when starting VIVITROL?
Yes. One serious side effect of VIVITROL is sudden opioid withdrawal. You must stop taking any opioids or opioid-containing medications, including buprenorphine or methadone, for at least 7 to 14 days before starting VIVITROL. If your healthcare provider decides that you don’t need to complete detox first, he or she may give you VIVITROL in a medical facility that can treat sudden opioid withdrawal. Sudden opioid withdrawal can be severe and may require hospitalization.
Can VIVITROL cause liver damage or hepatitis?
Yes. One serious side effect of VIVITROL is liver damage or hepatitis. Naltrexone, the active ingredient in VIVITROL, can cause liver damage or hepatitis. Tell your healthcare provider if you have any of the following symptoms of liver problems during VIVITROL treatment:
Stomach area pain lasting more than a few days
Yellowing of the whites of your eyes
Dark urine
Your healthcare provider may need to stop treating you with VIVITROL if you get signs or symptoms of a serious liver problem.

No. 632853

>This information you quoted is just saying that they need to first be /detoxed/ off of heroin before taking the Vivitrol.

Which is exactly my point. If Jonny went home to get high with Taylor, neither should be starting any treatment any soon, paired with him having severe liver damage.

No. 632854

Tay's thread is going by so quickly and I can't keep up with all these milk. I'm currently watching Repzilla's video and I didn't even notice her using the gmail form to make it seem it was a legit email. lmao. I hope this video starts to spread because 20+ animals dead and being an addict with a rapist boyfriend is not alright and she needs reality to slap her on the face.

No. 632855

… right.

No. 632856

20k in 6hrs? it'll spread.

Emma needs to put her foot down, shes likely the only one who can possible influence Taylor at this point. Emma if ur lurking send her this stuff about vivtrol. Hopefully she's consulted with her personal doctor because this doesn't seem like a realistic option.

No. 632857


Our Care Model

Substance use disorder is a disease which affects people across all socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, geographic and gender boundaries. We view addiction as a chronic disease and believe that long-term remission is achievable through evidence-based medical management, individualized to suit each patient’s unique needs, with coordination and monitoring of behavioral therapy.


No. 632858

I don't get just giving people Vivitrol or other detox medicines then sending them home without any supervision. It seems rather dangerous, really. How do you know they've detoxed like they're supposed to? What if they stuff themselves full of kratom? Or stupidly decide to shoot up again because the medication causes them withdraw symptoms. I can just see 101 scenarios where everything goes sideways because there's nobody watching these addicts who are handed powerful medications.

No. 632859

File: 1548655367940.jpg (62.39 KB, 840x440, 1512523173888.jpg)


From the first thread.

No. 632860

File: 1548655408896.jpeg (277 KB, 1242x1170, 1513980437259.jpeg)


From the first thread >>>/snow/450187

No. 632861

Not sure if I agree addiction is a disease. Addiction is a choice. Just seems like we're infantilizing addicts.

No. 632862

No. 632865

These centers must have wonderful lawyers and malpractice insurance, too.

No. 632866

The program they signed up for is definitely intended for people who are already clean and need help maintaining their sobriety. There is way less draw to relapse if you know it will be a waste of money because you won't get high. That's the point of the opioid receptor inhibitors.

As Taylor mentioned you have to be sober AT LEAST 10 days before you can get this treatment.

I don't think they're serious about their recovery. Taylor's comments have made that pretty obvious. They signed up for this program knowing they will be ineligible. They get to show up to their appointments and pretend they are doing something, when in reality they are still using and getting turned down for treatment at every appointment.

But you don't see that in the selfies they show in the doctors office and they get to truthfully say they are "in a treatment program". It's all bullshit to cover themselves now that it went public against their will.

No. 632867

probably have you sign various waivers and consent forms that boil down to nothing is really our fault

No. 632868

i feel like taylor is probably serious but probably thinks it something she can just kind of throw money at and itll go away after a while, shes almost treating it like a cold

she seems to have some more issues that she would benefit from being inpatient to deal with though

jc probably has no intentions of getting better and will drag her down again if she does get clean

No. 632870


People who become addicted usually make the choice to use the first time, but prolonged use rewires the brains circuitry of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin.

I specify "usually" to exclude addiction resulting from medical treatment. Some people become addicted after being administered IV opioids and benzos for acute trauma; they literally never made the choice.

No. 632871

She's only attempting this method of sobriety because it's one that 1. allows her to stay with Jonny and 2. has no real accountability if she doesn't follow through and relapses.

If she was admitted to an inpatient facility, she would have to split up and leave him, which it has been established she won't. Two drug addicts living together is never going to work because the minute one crumbles and uses, the other is going to as well.

No. 632872

From what I understand, CleanSlate is for people who are already recovered or in the final stages of recovery.

It honestly looks like a last minute appointment once Jonny's bandmates started talking about why Jonny got kicked out. They went to get an evaluation fully knowing they wouldn't get admitted because they're not sober and he has severe liver damage. Jonny has been in and out of rehab programs for over a decade, there's no way he doesn't know about Vivitrol and who can and can't use it.

No. 632873

>>As Taylor mentioned you have to be sober AT LEAST 10 days before you can get this treatment.

Easy enough to lie about. There's no drug test out there that's going to be able to tell you how many days sober someone's been. Nor are they going to strip search addicts looking for signs of track marks in places covered by clothing. Or maybe I'm just a cynic and have no faith in human behavior anymore.

No. 632874

That's why I was saying that they need to be on suboxone. Taylor can get the probuphine implant AND supplemental strips or bupe pills on top of that until she's sure she doesn't feel the craving to "take something," anymore. Then she can coast till the implant needs to be replaced. Reduce implant mg, go 6 months, replace & reduce mg, etc. until she's tapered off.

Johnny needs to get out. He moved in there and never left ~coincidentally~ and he needs to get the fuck out so she can get clean.

Dating addicts romanticize their use, they will. not. get. clean. together.

No. 632875

There's actually a urine test where they can test the levels of the drug in your system. I'm not sure if it goes beyond a couple of days though

No. 632876

Well if they lie and get the injection anyway they could literally die so….

No. 632877


there is no such thing as "borderline" complex regional pain syndrome. you either have it or you don't. sounds like a typical munchie exaggerated diagnosis

No. 632878

Kind of? There are borderline cases. I'm sitting here reading up on it because I had no idea what it was. I doubt she has it. It affects one of your limbs and you get pain serious enough it can hurt to just touch the affected area. She sure doesn't act like she has a limb that's in constant, severe pain.

No. 632881

Newfags, please read before posting:


No. 632882

I have severe crps. Taylor displays no such thing

No. 632883

File: 1548657836860.png (854.61 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190127-233918.png)

Wonder if this is why the what ever video isn't showing up in searches? Never seen this before, and had to get to the video thru related videos.

No. 632884


The same thing happened to me when I clicked on Repzilla's video earlier. I refreshed a few times and it went away.

No. 632885

Was going to post it in the old thread, but saw we have a new one, so…here goes.

Jenn is fairly easy to read and interpret if you think of her not as Taylor's mom, but a delusional narcissist who denies reality when it threatens her delusions. The first thing with this was Taylor moving out, dating Jonny. She and "Papa Dean" (blurgghhh) tried to get rid of him, called the cops, etc. It didn't work. She tried guilt manipulation on social media in public, it blew up in her face, didn't work. Her strategies ran out, so she had to realise that her perfect daughter Taylor (because narcissists can only produce perfection!)'s nasty boyfriend was not hitting the curb anytime soon. So when something drastically ruins a delusion, what do do? You change the narrative to make sure it feeds into it. "Oh it's so beautiful" "we love them both" "true love, amazing couple" etc. She just reinforces her delusions with the very thing that was beginning to crack them.

Nothing Taylor can do will break Jenn's delusions and narcissism. She could quite literally probably kill every animal she has and Jenn wouldn't bat an eye for more than a second to change her narrative to something that portrays Taylor positively YET AGAIN. Look at how she treats Tanner; she can't accept that her kid has PWS and came from HER, she is PERFECT and could NEVER give birth to a child with a disease.
Her husband is just an enabler (co-abuser). He won't do anything to piss off Jenn. He'll just keep feeding it until something directly, and greatly, affects him. And him specifically, not his kids. He's likely to have used them as meatshields, considering that Taylor's narcissistic behaviour is a mirror image of her mother's, so Taylor inherited it through constant exposure and being unable to cope with it by any other means than becoming a narcissist herself.

Doesn't excuse TND ofc, she's still a bitch (so is her mother). Just an explanation based on readings regarding NPD and other cluster Bs, and an unfortunate amount of experience around narcissistic mothers.

No. 632886


Blood serum tests detect the presence and concentration of a given medication or drug. A window for ingestion can be calculated using its half life.

No. 632887

The American Medical Association and the vast majority of other reputable medical organizations and associations classify addiction as a disease. Pretty sure they know more about it than you do.

Addiction does in fact change the brain chemistry, and some of the changes definitely are not fully reversible. There are a combination of biological, environmental, and behavioral factors that lead to it. It isn't as simple as making a choice to do it. The first time may be a choice, but it is not a fully informed choice. There are differences in the chemistry of addicts even prior to addiction, and there are even genetic factors involved. The majority of the time, there are mental health issues involved.

Addicts are not blameless and they are not exempt from having accountability, nor are their bad behaviors justified. Addiction is a disease though.(medfag)

No. 632888

The cited info from the cleanslate website also says they use naloxone (or naltrexone, can't remember) to test if a person has used recently enough to get precipitated withdrawals from vivitrol too. And, as others have said, there are tests to detect the presence of opiates in their system.

No. 632889

Isn't there a genetic predisposition to addictions as well?

No. 632890

Medfags and armchair psychologists, tone it down a bit lol. this is getting out of hand.

No. 632892


Thank you, anon.

>The majority of the time, there are mental health issues involved.

Hence self-medicating. Someone who suffers from depression and anxiety like Taylor will feel instant relief when using drugs that release dopamine and seratonin.(medfag)

No. 632893


Jonny is using common tactics relied on manipulators. He finds his prey, gets his physical fun and some money from them, finds new prey. Dumps the old one, gaslights them and sends his new prey after them. Repeat the cycle.

He'll probably have a new girl within the year (if not already one lined up), and he'll be calling Taylor a batshit animal hoarder, lying bitch, etc. It's what he does to ALL the women he's been with that we KNOW OF. He's probably done shit like this long before he made Slaves.
Just look what he did to Lark, Amanda, Chelsea. He controls, abuses, and even rapes women, and then pits them against each other for his own satisfaction.

No. 632894

Weird, no amount of refreshing is fixing it for me, and I've definitely used HTML5 players before. Mostly just tinfoiling tho, so unless other people chime in I'll chalk it up to something on my end

No. 632895

working fine for me

No. 632896

Yeah. There is at least one (obviously heritable) gene that they've found that's linked to it.

No. 632898


What Ever's new video showed up in searches but not in her video list or playlist. It appears there now.

No. 632900

And unfortunately, people like him stack potential revenge against their significant others to use against them for manipulation and/or when they break up. So I really think that's a factor in why she's staying with him… She prob feels like she can't afford anymore controversy, and everyone knows that's what jonny will try to do if she leaves him.

I wish she could come up with a way to outsmart him and get out. To end it and make it seem like he was the one that wanted out or make it seem like it's amicable. Maybe let the relationship sort of fade. Maybe put someone more attractive to him in front of him to try and get him to take the bait and leave taylor for her.

If she made him go to longterm (or any) inpatient treatment, that'd be a good start, imo.

No. 632901


Just keep in mind that possessing the gene does not mean you ever will be an addict or have to be one. It just means that given the chance that you start behaviours that encourage addiction (like addictive drugs), you are far more susceptible and harder to get off the addiction. It's a very recent thing in human genetics, so you won't find a fair bit of conclusive data.(medfag)

No. 632902

Unless Taylor treats the underlying reasons why she got addicted. Mental health issues, insecurities, physical pain she's not gonna stop. She's got underlying issues she medicating with heroin.(medfag)

No. 632903

Yeah, that's a good clarification.

No. 632916

File: 1548668009318.jpeg (798 KB, 1242x1917, A33337CB-CBED-45FA-890A-E47415…)

The pictures are all ones that have been posted of Nemo.

No. 632917

File: 1548668045288.jpeg (472 KB, 1242x920, C72FB3DB-1A0A-494A-93BB-31DD4E…)

No. 632918

File: 1548668560085.jpeg (373.11 KB, 1232x1250, 08A287F6-279D-4564-87FE-9F7095…)

No. 632923

File: 1548670022868.png (97.44 KB, 672x796, crazy jen.PNG)

posted this in the old thread cause im fucking dumb. jen is going full crazy right now

No. 632924

don't they need a heating pad and not just some warm water bottles?

No. 632926

I'm so virtuous guys! I spent the whole day at a shelter!

>best trip I've ever had
With her daughter having heroin withdrawals, amazing. She's manic.

No. 632930


Ah, yes, Jen is so Christian, and by that I mean she's a total fucking hypocrite.

Anyone else able to easily imagine her roped up in a pyramid scheme? Like, surely she's tried essential oils on Tanner.

No. 632937


Went looking at shelter cats all day, decided to take some free starving kittens off some random lady instead with zero idea of how to care for cats.

Yeah, real impressive. It makes my eyes roll so much because she has NEVER adopted a rescue animal from a shelter or volunteered. I think I remember one video where she went to a shelter and just played with the dogs or something? Yeah, that's a whole lot of fucking help. Shelters need help mostly with cleaning and restocking, but hey if it's actual work then Taytay isn't interested.

No. 632949

Jen are you fucking serious right now? What lies? Your daughter admitted herself she's addicted to heroin. Take a tip from your own book, stop focusing on social media and negative posts about your daughter and go fucking knock on her door and actually help her!

And bullfuckingshit to it being the "best trip of your life" - we all know that it's obvious that Taylor is in trouble based on her looks alone. Did it feel good to go on a trip with your daughter showing signs of heroin abuse/withdrawal? Did it feel good that she needed to go home early because she needed to go shoot up with her boyfriend? Stop lying to yourself Jen, you look like a total fool and it is not a good look

No. 632962

this definitely sounds like high rambling. There’s so much unneccessary shit she always has to include:

Nemo had SO many fleas and was SO anemia and weak and cold and dehydrated

blog but my junkie mom always used to type crazy long rambling paragraphs just like this, really reminds me of that.

No. 632963

Jen's rambling reminds me of that show Intervention where the counselors talked about loving people to death, i.e. making excuses and enabling them to the point that they kill themselves with drugs/alcohol.

No. 632965

I know what you mean, lately her captions and comments have been like explanations of explanations

She really needs another break from social media you can tell how much of an anxious wreck she is from that kind of crap

No. 632967

I'm iffy about the entire stream thing, especially Emma but I do think they have a lot given us true info.

I also think they know that Taylor has fallen and they could use the subscribers but are also using Jonny as a scapegoat so Taylor doesn't get mad about the shit they just did (which is essentially just endanger her more with Jonny).

Right now would be the perfect time to call for a wellness check, hell it was the right time when she was on her hiatus. Her mother needs to wake the fuck up or Emma/Tyler need to call it in themselves.

No. 632972


>he follows me into the bathroom and sits on the edge of the tub coincidentally every time I take a bath due to severe joint pain or severe stress.

Lurk much?

No. 632974

10 photos of nemo but still no Kronos

No. 632975

File: 1548685244110.jpeg (180.19 KB, 1125x810, C80F0E2F-9397-4AA2-A2C5-CBC628…)


More from Taylor on this mysterious “treatment plan” she is undergoing. You would think that if she were so determined to prove the “haters” wrong, she would be much more transparent about whatever this so called treatment is. But we all know that it’s non-existent, and comments such as this are designed to placate her teenage stans who have absolutely no knowledge or experience of addiction or it’s treatment so that they can praise her for being so brave and strong. Also, she has “worked so hard” since when exactly?! The Disney trip and the screenshots of Jonny looking for heroin for himself and Taylor all took place within the last couple of weeks and Jonny got kicked out of Slaves for disappearing to go shoot up with Taylor four days ago - so how exactly has she been working so hard? I have a horrible feeling things are going to get much worse before they get better if Taylor refuses to seek help but continues to try to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes by referring to this vague “treatment plan” and how she’s “working hard to get better”.

No. 632977


I don't really believe or care what Tyler and Emma said about Kronos. Taylor has been promising to post a picture of him and hasn't done so, even though it would be pretty easy to just walk into the animal room and snap a quick picture, especially since he'd probably be desperately trying to bask. Either he's in really bad shape, or already dead.

No. 632978

Emma was very vague in her response on Kronos. Something like "I can tell you he's still alive?"

No. 632979

I imagine he’s in really bad shape, most reptiles are super resilient and are honestly pretty hard to kill. Which makes the amount of animals she’s killed kind of astounding.

No. 632982

Her and Jonny are always "working so hard to get better" which always translates into staying at home playing video games rather than checking into a rehab.

No. 632983

Exactly, I mean she's at home all day how hard could it possibly be to go in a room probably 15 feet away and snap a picture? If anything she should be able to take pictures all the time

Yeah her response was very vague it gave off the impression of trying to cover for Taylor

No. 632984


I wonder how the other reptiles are. Sabor was having a lot of issues long before Taylor went on her drug binge, and quite a few snakes had bone dry water dishes. Haven't heard a peep about the cresties or satanics either.

Not reptiles, but the hedgehogs haven't been posted about either.

No. 632985

I really think Kronos got taken. Taylor seemed spooked by the authorities specifically mentioning him and she'd NEVER publicly admit one of her animals got taken. Emma being shady and going "Well he's still alive.." could easily mean he's alive, just not with Taylor.

No. 632986


Oh yeah, I completely forgot about that. Though I wonder on what grounds animal services would have taken him? He must have been pretty severely mistreated since they generally don't care as long as the animal has water, shelter, isn't covered in shit and isn't in any other obvious danger. Unless they thought his presence was a serious threat to the other animals?

No. 632987

The note specifically mentioned he was aggressive, so that would probably do it

No. 632988

Maybe they opened the cage to test his temperament and he bit them since on that form they described him as aggressive. He bit Taylor in that interview she did with the NY magazine.

No. 632989


If that's the case, I am glad they took him, though it does make me wonder how they'd be so quick to remove him but regularly leave dangerous dogs with their owners. And by dangerous I mean 'has-already-mauled-something/someone' dangerous. Kronos must've displayed some pretty extreme aggression since he wasn't exactly threateningly big.

No. 632991

File: 1548687018967.jpeg (223.85 KB, 768x1024, 1545538390449.jpeg)

No. 632992

Yeah they were both doing the
>Well all I know is…
both giving themselves a plausible way to say they weren't explicitly lying for Taylor.

I did believe Tyler thought he was doing the right thing keeping things private, and it was clear he really cares about Taylor. Nevertheless, they have to realise that by supporting her in the way they were they were effectively enabling her behaviour and allowing her to continue being an addict. It is 100% true that no one can make an addict recover, but enabling them is not conducive to the addict making that choice. If you keep lying for your junkie friend so they can keep their job, you're just delaying the inevitable wakeup call they would get from losing that job. That doesn't mean he had to go and out her in a dramatic fashion, it means not lying about it when directly asked and not covering for her. Taylor's ability to do her job was compromised by her addiction, and it is absolutely unfair for them to deny her fans the ability to make an informed decision about supporting her.

No. 632993


Well, Taylor's ability to do her job was compromised from day 1, the drugs just made it worse.

No. 632995

Nothing in the statutes pertaining to monitor lizards that I can see. This page lists all of the animal related laws in Texas.


No. 632996

I forgot she even had hedgehogs still, it’s easy to speculate something happened but with her history with them and the so many times she’s gone “I love hedgehogs” it’s kind of shocking to just see them fall off the face of the earth.
To be honest I don’t I’ve seen toast in a while either.

No. 632997

Because he's a (to people not familiar with the species) giant lizard? They're more likely to take an exotic pet that bites than a normal pet that bites.

No. 632998


I just think its ironic that both Emma and Tyler especially were so quick to jump on others they don't even follow and who didn't even mention Taylors name (Like Leopard gecko) for tweeting concerns about her animal care, yet here they are airing out her personal live to thousands by talking about her relationship and drug use, bit hypocritical much?

No. 632999

Cause apparently outing poor animal care is millions time worse than drug addiction and abuse.

No. 633000


Which, while probably true, is kind of hypocritical of animal services. Aggressive animal is an aggressive animal regardless of species, and dogs maim and kill a lot of people every year. Just last year there were over 30 dog attack fatalities in the US. But I digress.(off-topic/derailing about dogs)

No. 633003


And here are San Antonio's.


In digging for this info I came across this story from September about ACS action against a hoarder: more than 130 snakes and 400 rodents.


No. 633005

The reality is, animal control would be reasonable to remove an aggressive, wild caught monitor lizard from a tiny 2 bedroom apartment. This would be possible regardless of improper care but would be especially possible if coupled with improper care. I think it would be somewhat reasonable to speculate he has been removed from her as people claim he is still alive & okay (as he would be if he was removed from her). But she would be unable to get photos of him this way, hence he hasn't been shown for months.

For all we know, more animals may have been removed too. We can only speculate until we find out the truth.

No. 633007

I think it's way more likely that Taylor has been hiding from ACS because she knows they will take a bunch of her animals.

Taylor is obviously still high based on her ramblings. Those pictures at the doctor's office were all for show, she isn't being treated she got turned away because she was probably high then too

No. 633011


If this is the case watch her try and spin it to say that she finally found a suitable rehabilitation center for him like she claimed she was planning on the beginning to make herself look good.

No. 633013

It's crazy how far she's fallen. When I first started disliking her and reading gossip forums about her, it was because I hated how many snakes she was buying. And that was before she even moved out of her moms house. I knew she had issues then but I don't think I'd have believed all of this if you'd have told me then. I can't even quite put into words how crazy it all is.

It just shows what kind of person she is. A trashy junkie. Not the squeaky clean insta thot she wanted to be.

No. 633014

I'd imagine it's very hard if she is spending her days nodding off with Jonny and the needle in their arms

No. 633015


On what grounds? Monitor lizards are not on the list of "wild animals" in >>632995, and he has not bitten anyone.

Please review the statutes before speculating.

No. 633020

No. 633026

Thats an interesting article I was doubtful that acs would really know what to do with reptiles but reading that they had help from the zoo now makes me believe even more that they indefinitely found huge mistakes she was making and likely DID take Kronos away

No. 633027


Taylor herself confirmed Knoros is wild caught and he has bitten her before, her bit her during the NY Times interview. So there is evidence to support a claim of him being an aggressive, wild animal.

No. 633029

He has not bitten anyone except Taylor, that we know of. If ACS went to check out her apartment and he bit them, then yes,he would have bitten someone.

No. 633030

I assume she never posted the insta story with him?

No. 633032


Do the Texas statutes or the San Antonio regs prohibit "wild caught" animals?

No. 633034

don't give her any ideas for new cover up stories, anon! we know she reads here religiously. that would be too convenient for her to decide to "rehome" him to focus on her treatment when in reality he's been seized months ago and given to someone who could actually take care of him.

nope. She's promised to post an update more than once and has not delivered.

No. 633035

God she’s really trying so hard to pretend everything is normal and perfect. While I don’t believe she’s going to make a full, long lasting recovery with Jonny around, I do think she’ll probably get clean for a little while at least. Maybe at this point she’s hell bent on proving the “haters” wrong. What will never cease to amaze me is how she spreads that fake, bullshit mentality to her fans that makes them think anything ever so slightly bad to say about Taylor makes you a hater. Criticism = hate in her eyes and I almost feel bad for her tween fans that don’t know any better.
She makes it sound like she’s going to reactivate Twitter and come back to YouTube in a month, expecting everything to be normal. She’s always saying she won’t let the “darkness/drama consume” her. If she doesn’t get rid of Jonny and get clean for good, this cycle is just going to repeat itself. Drama will never stop around her because she willingly invites it by neglecting/killing her animals, lying about just about everything, and just treating people poorly in general. Unless she really changes, this drama revolving around her will never end. I can’t take her promises seriously, because they’ve always been so empty.

No. 633037

Nearly all of her friends, if not all of them, have now expressed that she is in an unhealthy and toxic relationship. Elijah said that she’s not even acting like herself and has known her since pre-Johnny. Until they break up, there is always going to be drama surrounding him manipulating her.

No. 633040

>God she’s really trying so hard to pretend everything is normal and perfect.
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Her always citing "the drama" as what's bringing her down is a way to get people to give her attention and make her seem the victim.
She created this mess. She needs to take some accountability. People are not upset for no reason. And people talking about her and gossiping will always be part of being in the public light.

No. 633042

I give her being "clean" maybe a month tops. Johnny is never going to last and she's not going to dump him so she can get serious about recovery. I have a feeling if he gets the vivitrol shot, he will relapse once he knows it has worn off in a month. I'm sure she'll go right with him. that is, if they can both stop using long enough to get it in the first place. detoxing alone together in their apartment is going to be nearly impossible

No. 633043

I don't think she's going to be able to pretend like things are fine for much longer. The Repzilla video is nearly at 40K views in less than 24 hours. The story is spreading. I wonder if any other drama channels plan on covering the story? I think the main thing stopping more people from covering it is the sheer amount of information that has to be reviewed before a person can even begin to understand the whole story. The heroin addiction is just the frosting on the cake of drama that Taylor has baked.

No. 633044

Especially now that Jonny is unemployed.. He'll be around always now.

No. 633047

And recovery/rehab/whatever won't work for that exact reason. He will be using, she won't be able to stop him and will probably end up using herself.

No. 633049

And let's not forget Jonny is also an alcoholic. To be clean he has to stop drinking too. Every heroin addict I've known has also been an alcoholic and ultimately they struggled more with the alcoholism long term. I see no hope for Jonny tbh but Taylor I think could recover if she got away from him.

No. 633050

It might be worth compiling a timeline of when Jonny was on tour or not, and how fucked up Taylor is/when her "relapses were" if there was a correlation between that and her controversies and animal deaths. I don't have the time for something like that, but I know some people here have some canny information gathering skills.

No. 633051

Post Malone and Taylor don’t follow each other on Instagram anymore..But he still follows Jonny. I wonder what happened

No. 633053


Maybe she was acting thirsty in his DMs again?

No. 633054

This sounds so removed. The wording is so strange for someone who is talking about their cats… "the sweetheart Ghost and our amazing new addition Star". Like, its hecking weird to talk like that

No. 633055

File: 1548698937727.png (2.6 MB, 2224x1668, DCA0FD47-761F-4DD1-95CC-B72C02…)

The top results for taylor nicole dean rn

No. 633058

if anything, I think she or they will go on methadone just to shut everyone up for a period of time. if i'm not mistaken, methadone doesn't require an extensive clean time, I think you just have to show up sick and be observed/evaluated for a few hours before they administer a dose. methadone still allows you to catch a nod, as I've witnessed way too frequently. "I never got as high in my life as I did while on methadone" is a real quote I heard from at least one person. They can request to increase their dose at any times, simply citing "cravings" or whatever, again, as I've witnessed. And they can just skip out for the day when they feel like getting high and go back when they're ready. I truly believe it is quite literally impossible for them to stay sober for 10 days, together, in that apartment, with access to any kind of money, let alone that kind. that shot is NOT happening. and because she so clearly isn't ready and this is just damage control as a response to the band, I think suboxone and similar will be too boring and inconvenient for her. I think methadone if anything, possibly another reason for her vague statements about it - that she caved/plans to cave and went for the easiest fix.

No. 633060

As an ex-heroin addict and alcoholic, ODing and withdrawals are rarely wake up calls. It's sad to say, but she needs to wake up and go to rehab and even then she'll relapse as long as she's with Jonny. It took my straight edge boyfriend to really pull me out of the lifestyle.
Im on vivitrol. You can't have hepatitis and recieve it. However taylor should get it. It saved my life. But you can't do kratom on it either.
It only causes withdrawals having done heroin 3 days prior to the shot. If you use on it you'll feel nothing.(blog)

No. 633063

Definitely agree with everyone saying her post about Nemo was a high rambling. Not to blog post but whenever I was using I would call my grandma and just talk to her about nonsense for a good thirty minutes just because being high makes you a social butterfly. The moment I read that post I knew that girl was high as shit.

No. 633064

Petty Paige has brought up the idea of being interested in making a video about her a few days ago, but I don't know if that still stands. A few people reached out to Tea Spill to talk about the drama, and she has made a tweet about it, but still no confirmed video. I'm not really sure who else has a big audience on youtube that would be willing to broadcast this story. Sorry if OT.

No. 633065

I did an animal care/vet course and the first and main thing the teacher told us is that we should never/very rarely use a water bottle. You cannot control the heat so if some young/dumb/weak animal lays on it or near it (assuming contact) they can easily get burned or generally too hot.

The entire post sounds like bs anyway, toys with purring noises? Something I'd make up in a creative task rather than have on hand/within a short period of time

No. 633066

Petty paige wants in on the drama now that shit has been confirmed, when before she took Taylors side when it was all "speculation". Funny.

No. 633067

Everyone here is out to gain something really.

Emma sounds like a genuinely great friend but this is business.

No. 633068

This is the excerpt where Taylor is mentioned

"The dark side of that success is already creeping in, though. Brennan once crossed paths with a woman who had bought a dog specifically because it had the same medical conditions and permanently lolling tongue as Marnie, an elderly shih tzu who's wildly famous on Instagram. “There’s an influx of people starting accounts for animals who look at them like a prop,” she says. “We’ve also seen influencers go get pets because they need a new story or a new angle.”

It’s bad enough when someone adopts a pet for the wrong reasons, but it is considerably worse when the animal in question isn’t even domesticated. Similar stories of exploiting wild animals for the likes and views are starting to emerge. Instagram in 2017 began auto-populating wildlife photos with warnings about animal abuse; YouTube star Taylor Nicole Dean faced backlash and accusations of animal hoarding when a number of her exotic pets died last year; and ur-bro Logan Paul got in trouble for being complicit in tiger cub exploitation just last month."

No. 633070

She was a bitch to everyone who told her Taylor lies. Fuck her and fuck her drama video.

No. 633071


When the news first dropped I thought a timeline would be interesting and serve as evidence, too. But what would be the purpose now since she has admitted to using? If it's something anons want to see I am obsessive enough in researching to put it together. Or maybe another anon who knows her timeline by memory more than I could work on hers, and I could work on Jonny's.


The money is the biggest enabler of all and prevents them from hitting rock bottom.

No. 633072

I agree. People have been telling her to make a video on Taylor forever, but more recently in Novemeber of 2018. When Taylor heard she was going to make a video on her she tweeted Paige and then Paige totally kissed her ass.

No. 633073

she could’ve covered this so much sooner and now Taylor is on fucking deaths door because she wrote us all off. but at least she can get views now!! holy shit.

No. 633076


Yeah, Petty Paige doesn't have what it takes to be a credible drama channel. She's just not capable of objectivity and was immediately convinced by Taylor's lies and excuses. Repzilla is a prime example of what a good 'drama channel' looks like; not taking sides either way, doing research and reporting based on that.(derail)

No. 633080


What timing. The article was published yesterday.

Waiting for the latest news and ensuing flame war to appear in the comments on the article.

Speaking of, has anyone else noted the overwhelming number of dislikes and negative comments on the "Queen of Petube" video, even before this past weekend? Wow.

No. 633081

File: 1548702461880.png (41.27 KB, 964x234, c8a8ba079f125021900dee60d00fbb…)

A comment on Rep's video from an highschool acquaintance of Taylor's. Pretty obvious that Taylor had issues with pet care from the very start.

No. 633082

I might be way behind on this, but I thought Taylor claimed she was homeschooled?

No. 633083


I believe she went to a public school for a while and then moved to homeschooling due to 'health problems'.

No. 633084

Pretty sure she started homeschooling in her second year of Highschool, but I could be wrong.

No. 633085

File: 1548702960339.png (158.05 KB, 506x719, 17736197bfa0c033af8a6cce20ce6c…)

she is full of SHIT!

No. 633086

File: 1548703026373.png (423.29 KB, 800x1176, Screenshot_2019-01-28-11-14-18…)

Has her Amazon.com channel been mentioned here yet?


No. 633088

Shoutouts to whoever left that one review.

No. 633089


Then show us all of your animals in a video, in their enclosures. Oh wait, you can't, because most likely at least one of them is dead (or possibly seized by animal control), several are visibly unwell and the rest are in unsuitable enclosures without water.

No. 633091

File: 1548703800517.png (326.16 KB, 712x707, f921dda57dabab449646191be67d30…)

I thought she wasn't responding to comments that criticize her anymore or was that just some bullshit she pulled out of her ass too

No. 633092


Why is she so hung up on how many _reptiles_ she's lost? So many other animals have died in her 'care' and she just keeps going on about the reptiles.

No. 633093

She actually lost 5 reptiles if you count the first pac man frog and the first GTP

No. 633094


Frogs are amphibians, not reptiles.

No. 633095

Didnt she say she was quarantining Gemini + another snake in the bathroom?

No. 633096

I think she's just counting the skinks and the GTP that she had for like a day. She's lost a lot more than just reptiles though.

No. 633097

She said she would be and then people told her she's a fucking idiot. So her solution was to… Not quarantine them at all.

No. 633098


The irony of trying to make yourself not look like a fucking idiot by being a fucking idiot.

No. 633099

If they are all fine she could show them. But she won't, she's most likely in the process of replacing, which Tyler confirmed she does yesterday. It's so fucking obvious Taylor, just admit it and stop killing animals for your amusement

No. 633100

She claimed duck was quarantined in the bathroom

No. 633102

Wait wait wait he confirmed that?

No. 633104

File: 1548704691389.jpeg (59.88 KB, 613x420, 6921B8B0-D01B-4A78-ABC3-985BF4…)

Back to gatekeeping drugs

No. 633105


Concentrating on the important things in life.

No. 633106

File: 1548704996818.jpg (87.89 KB, 840x642, eqHE5Jya.jpg_medium.jpg)

No. 633107

def next thread pic holy fucking shit lmfao im wheezing

No. 633108

Love how quiet dusty has been, he’s such a cuck. He says he has an animal education channel but it’s a drama channel, and when there’s actual tea, actual evidence, he doesn’t speak.

No. 633113


What are the three reptiles she lost? I know there was the two crocodile skinks is but what other reptile did she lose?

No. 633114

green tree python that she got when it was already almost dead (but still handled for pics)

No. 633116


Didn't she claim on Twitter once that she didn't count the first GTP as losing an animal because she bought it when it was sick or some bull shit like that?

No. 633118

File: 1548706038775.jpg (442.4 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190128-120344_Twi…)

No. 633119

If she has an assistant how is it that the assistant didn't know about the heroin use? If they have such an issue that they are in recovery then IF the assistant exists he/she would have seen evidence of it. If true, they have no problem with involving someone with their felony behavior and/or the person has such a high tolerance for bullshit they are willing to step over needles when cleaning out pet cages and handling her emails.

No. 633120

I'm not a violent person at all but I want to slap her. Her daughter is fucking killing herself and she's upset over a livestream that some 20 year old kids made??? Really?

No. 633121

It's very weird that she's angrier at Repzilla than the dude who got her daughter hooked on smack. Priorities, priorities…

No. 633130

File: 1548707353997.png (119.02 KB, 1080x685, Screenshot_20190128-152713~2.p…)

No. 633131

Ugggh this is infuriating. If she is stoned or pass out or dopesick she won’t NOTICE if her animals are struggling! I can speak from experience and any addict can confirm- when you are dopesick you feel like you’re dying, you’d do nearly anything to stop feeling that way and your ONLY care or focus is getting your fix and getting well. This is textbook addict denial thinking. She continues to show how not serious and not ready she truly is for any meaningful recovery. The first step is getting real with yourself. She can’t just continue on like normal, she is not superwoman, it is impossible those animals are getting the care they need if she is nodding off or in withdrawal, and that is ok! Just admit you can’t handle it temporarily and get help, actual help that will make a difference. People can be so forgiving if she just shows a real, prolonged effort to do this right, gets real with herself and everyone and sticks with it.

No. 633133

File: 1548707739990.jpg (749.78 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190128-143426_You…)

No. 633134

File: 1548707899374.png (841.01 KB, 500x932, Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 3.37…)

wah feel bad for me

No. 633135

If she’s truly already on medicine to curb withdrawal then she definitely caved and went for something like methadone or suboxone. That shot was never happening. And curbing withdrawal is such a small part of the battle, she’s lying to herself and everyone by saying everything is fine - she needs serious therapy too. The mental battle is real and something else entirely, some addicts finding it much harder than the initial physical discomfort. She’s making this sound too easy, probably because she’s not actually doing anything and doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

No. 633136


Yeah, he’s just further isolating her and filling her head with crap. He said he was clean before and he threw it away because he doesn’t want to be clean. He wanted a girlfriend that would be a junkie with him.

No. 633137

Sounds like he’s trying to guilt trip Taylor into staying together for his own selfish reasons. Newsflash, junkies that stay together die together. Maybe quit bitching about your feefees and do the right thing for once in your life. If he gave even the slightest shit about tnd he’d leave her so she could recover. He’s a lost cause tho, so he’ll undoubtedly just drag her even further down.

No. 633138

File: 1548708322142.jpg (427.9 KB, 1080x1714, 20190128_144418.jpg)

No. 633139


I like this guy.

No. 633140

They built a “love and friendship” based solely on drugs, which is guaranteed to not last when one or both of them finally clean up. They don’t even know who the other person truly is sober. That’s so common with relationships that start this way and are spent entirely under the influence. They sober up and end up realizing “who the hell are you and why did I fall for this person? I don’t like them at all”. At least I see Taylor maybe coming to that realization one day. Jonny will continue to like her as long as the money is coming in and she isn’t giving him too hard a time.

No. 633142

If you really loved someone you would let them go so that both of you could be healthy and happy but of course Jonny doesn’t know anything about love and only cares about manipulating Taylor

No. 633143

Man that guy has been advertising his channel 24/7 on all high traffic Taylor vids for months now lol

No. 633144

Any necropsy results yet?

No. 633145

Common example of misery loving company. He’s not going to leave her to take care of herself, he’d be giving up his home and source of cash, he actively wants to bring her down with him.

No. 633146

I know nothing of heroine, but I have seen many articles with pictures of people before and after using that specific drug and it’s so sad and crazy how drastically aged and ugly the after pictures are. The person looks decades older than they used to and most of them have red scabby faces. Taylor already looks like she is aging way faster, but how long until she looks like one of those pictures? It’s sad. Seeing those pictures is enough for me to never ever want to try drugs. Has she never seen what heroine will do to her physical appearance? Or does she think she’s some special case where it won’t happen to her??

And although Jonny is naturally ugly (IMO with his beady eyes, ginger hair, shortness and bad face tats) why is he not drastically changed or scabby all over his face like the photos? Maybe it’s just because I’ve never seen younger pics of him that I can’t see the difference whereas with Taylor she has already begun changing quickly from the drugs.

No. 633147

I literally lost(too lazy to look for lol) an insta comment where taylor says her assistant goes every morning to pour water in the animal's water containers. Didn't she say she only goes 3 times a week?

No. 633148

Jonny def looks scabby in real life just saying..

No. 633150

Not all drugs have the same effects, those before and after pictures are usually of meth addicts, which makes you pick at your skin. People on heroin usually only pick due to withdrawals causing itchy skin, so if they have a constant supply they wont necessarily get scabby.

No. 633151

File: 1548709892392.jpg (81.34 KB, 317x792, jrsdbN9s.jpg_medium.jpg)

dont think this has been posted yet

No. 633153


1. If you have to state that you've been honest, you most likely haven't been honest.

2. Why are you so mad/surprised that people are worried about your animals? You are a literal heroin addict with ~50 animals to care for, it's not exactly a stretch to assume that things may not be quite the way they should.

No. 633154

She actually did promise to livestream all the animals immediately so i dont want to hear it. Nobody wants a photoshoot. A live or recent video, perhaps put it on her story, of Kronos and his enclosure.

No. 633155

goddamn shes rambling, its a bit unsettling

No. 633156

Yeah but, you could just post an insta story of them in their cages and not mess up your feed? and if you're so stressed about drama, how do you not know which of is being speculated to be dead or in poor conditions? Surprise surprise Taylor posts a rambling explanation full of inconsistencies and excuses.

People want to see how the enclosures are kept on a normal day to day basis and that the animal isn't dead. Insta stories of her doing maintenance that she should be doing anyway would suffice and shut everyone up. How hard is it to film yourself doing your normal routine? Unless doing so would reveal that their cages weren't acceptable… Oh wait.

No. 633157

Jesus fucking Christ. All you have to say is you forgot or you’ll do it later. This is why people think she lies. You don’t need a long winded answer like this.

No. 633159


people want to see your animals because you're a pettuber? the shock!

if I had 50 pets, i'd be posting 50 pics a day to insta stories because who doesn't love posting their animals?? oh right, heroin addicts who couldn't care less about their animals.

No. 633160

Couldnt have said it better myself

No. 633161

File: 1548710497663.jpeg (88.08 KB, 639x434, BDD9C561-C229-44E5-B59B-8BD04E…)

No. 633162

File: 1548710538026.jpeg (159.77 KB, 640x1136, ABDA5BE1-7B62-4937-8BE9-7C5077…)

No. 633163

File: 1548710568318.jpeg (140.47 KB, 640x1136, EA49B92F-7459-444F-84A4-F0C53B…)

No. 633164

File: 1548710590624.jpeg (149.47 KB, 640x925, E2EE430F-607F-443A-A5B2-5D5740…)

No. 633165

File: 1548710640618.jpeg (180.75 KB, 640x922, 4C57A4BB-7DA6-4156-94C2-79C5D8…)

Posting these before she deletes her reply

No. 633168

sorry if I missed it but has anyone recorded or made a list of the important info from Tyler’s stream?

No. 633169

It was YOU jonny that put her in this "time of need". Why tf would anyone think you could have any positive impact on her or be of any help to get her out of it?

Dude is dumb as fucking rocks. I can't. Piece of straight trash

No. 633170

People haven't been asking to see Kronos for 2 days. We have been asking to see him for well over a month

No. 633171

why did she bring up the part about bree?

Even for the simplest shit she needs to find a way to make herself a victim; that had absolutely nothing to do with kronos and happened days ago…

literally just looking for any excuse as to why she hasn’t posted him

No. 633175

File: 1548711839695.jpg (829.67 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20190128-144351.jpg)

Kronos update has been posted

No. 633176

Honestly I won't believe it's a current picture of Kronos without a dated newspaper lol… she's a liar, probably digging through her old camera photos rn.

No. 633177

why is she acting like she has the busiest schedule in the world? all she does is lay in bed at home and take drugs. surely she can get up and take 5 minutes to post Kronos on her instastories.

No. 633178

If she still has Kronos it's because she has been avoiding ACS

No. 633179

Is it me or is he tiny? Surely she shouldn't still be able to pick him up one handed at this point

No. 633180

why the fuck is she holding him like that. sideways from the waist so he has nothing to support him. wtf. every time she shows him she's holding him like a fucking stuffed animal

No. 633181

He looks awfully small… are we sure this isn't an old picture? He looked far bigger than this in her magazine interview.

No. 633182

The caption is so weirdly written it doesn’t read like it’s in her “voice” for some reason. I don’t feel like she wrote that, just a feeling.

No. 633183

Um the most interesting take away from this is the idea that Jonny was once the regional manager of a blockbuster

No. 633184

Why is she outside with him?

No. 633185

can someone post the other 2 pics too pls

No. 633186

File: 1548712308284.jpg (487.08 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190128-165122_Ins…)

No. 633187

File: 1548712329576.jpg (611.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190128-165130_Ins…)

No. 633188

I think she's just high af and trying to sound normal

No. 633189

yes on the previous thread

No. 633190

File: 1548712530389.png (129.14 KB, 1080x824, Screenshot_20190128-165341~2.p…)

I'm gonna barf

No. 633191

I can just imagine her twisting him in all sorts of angles just for a picture. Jesus, is it really that hard to take a pic in his enclosure

No. 633192

Matt Dean should be so proud of his little girl. Hooking up with a drug addict who loves calling himself daddy.
Gosh Taylor is going to feel so sick when she’s older and not as blind to how gross and ugly Jonny is.

No. 633194

that was from a halloween costume last year (look at his tagged insta). I doubt he's actually held a 9-5 ever in his life.

No. 633195

>You also taught her how to inject heroin into her veins and helped her as she did it.

No. 633196

it felt weird to me as well. she's either high af or her assistant (betsy ofc) made that post.

No. 633197

>Gets fired and becomes unemployed and broke while living in her house for free as she pays for everything.. Makes it a point to tell her what stupid small shit he has paid for in the past.

No. 633198

ugh its so unsettling the way shes been rambling on lately

why does she end it like a school presentation lol "and that's my kronos update…so yeah!"

No. 633200

File: 1548713562325.jpeg (142.34 KB, 1242x492, 16292E4B-57B8-4972-80F3-3BF121…)

It’s like he’s letting her and everyone know that he owns her and no matter how many people try to help her get away from him, she’s his property.

No. 633201

Because animal care isn't fun for her anymore. It's become drudgery.

No. 633203

File: 1548713710839.jpg (85.04 KB, 1024x812, POWS9MBY.jpg_medium.jpg)

No. 633204

THIS. Everyone who associates with Taylor has now officially outed Jonny as the bad influence over her, and that he’s toxic for her to be with. Even if she manages to get somewhat better herself, there will ALWAYS be drama surrounding her because of Jonny. It’s hard to root for Taylor’s success when she chooses to be with a rapist junkie for a boyfriend. She needs to fucking boot him to the curb.
What Jonny posted is such a textbook manipulative tactic. The “it’s us against the world babe” mentality he’s so bent on showing the world is disgusting. He’s been outed as the toxic POS he is and all he can say is that is “sucks” that people are talking about him, but that they love each other so much. Lmao, keep trying to use the love bombing and manipulation Jonny. The more this spreads, the more people won’t see you as the “goals couple” you wanted to appear to be.

No. 633205

Maybe next he could buy something for his actual 11 year old daughter who he has never met…?

No. 633206

If she doesn’t get away from him quick she’ll never even have the chance to get older

No. 633208

Repzillas video was very impressive and well researched. Petty Paige use to do her research and tried to be unbiased. But people have been criticizing her lately of not doing her research and projecting her personal opinions and feelings on general topics to the specific scandals and invalidating criticism of cows.

She’s all about that feminism, females are always victims, tumblrina bullshit now, and will surely apply it to a TND vid and b’awww about how Taylor’s a HUGE victim and will excuse all her bullshit on other people, further enabling Taylor, ruining all our work, spreading misinformation, and falsely make viewers sympathize with TND. Probably will blame every shitty thing Taylor’s done on jonny, even before they got together. And go on and on about ~not shaming addicts~ TW bullshit.

Not to mention mocking concerned people on Twitter with Taylor last year, calling people who had concerns “bitches”, and saying that all the criticism is “speculation” with ~no proof~ and kissing Taylor’s ass while whiteknighting her publicly.

If PP does come out with a video, and it will be excusing Taylor’s actions, trust and believe, I’m fucking unliking that shit to hell. With PP’s subscribers she’ll get to the top of the search results and fuck up the milk and info.

$10 she’ll not even mention how she shat on others concerns for animals on twitter and blocked those who spoke badly of Taylor, just 2-3 months ago. Just wants the views.

At least repzilla owns an animal, PP has fucked up other expose vids on people with animals and has fully admitted she knows nothing about animals. Really really hope she doesn’t fuck this up for everyone.

Ironic, since PP’s posted plenty of times on here herself, but won’t be assed to even read the threads.(derailing)

No. 633209

Agree. Its always the "uS aGaiNst tHe wOrLd" type shit with him. So pathetic and transparent. Hard to believe anyone could fall for his bs

No. 633210

I get not wanting to shame addicts because addiction is truly a terrible thing but it’s so hard for me to feel bad for Taylor.
She had a million red flags. Like 2 or 3 of Jonny’s exes contacted her and tried to get through to her, people who have followed Jonnys bullshit through the years tried to tell her, her parents desperately tried to get her out. She had sooo many warnings and she just wouldn’t listen

No. 633212

File: 1548714320230.gif (1.79 MB, 245x250, 5F2C7842-D882-4BD9-8C3A-3A6257…)

>because I hurt her when I told her we couldn’t be friends

She literally tried to blame Bree for her smuggling cocaine across state lines, lied about her drug use to make her friends think Bree was pushing coke on her, and then accused her of sexual assault publicly.

No. 633216

Not to mention she was addicted to coke BEFORE she even met jonny. She’s been doing drugs since before she even moved to LA, and was doing coke all the time when she was on Post Malone’s dick. I worry petty Paige will shlep it all on jonny, which of course he’s a pos and pushed H on her. But she was an addict, a shitty person, and an animal abuser way before him.

And what you said with red flags, yes some women ignore them, which would be fine. But she went out of her way to mock the red flags and publicly shit on the previous victims. I have no sympathy.

No. 633219

I’m glad Kronos is alive! I feel like she’s entirely avoiding showing any enclosures and that’s why she waited so long to post him.

No. 633221

Isn’t it risky to hold an animal like that without a harness outside. What if he got loose?

No. 633222

It depends, if she were right next to a main road maybe, but in an enclosed space like a garden or yard it's not that big a deal; even if he runs off where would he go? If he were small enough to hide it could be an issue, but he's pretty big.

No. 633224

Yeah but she doesn't have a garden. I think she's on the first floor right next to a pool lol

No. 633225

I guess this is cynical, but what evidence is there that this pic of Kronos is a current pic?

No. 633226

Maybe she put off showing him for so long because she's scared to handle him?

No. 633227


Maybe she’s holding him outside his enclosure so that people can’t get a real scale idea of how big he is, i.e. whether it’s an old photo or his growth has been stunted?

Even behind held like that, he does look really small. It would be great to see a comparison of all the photos of Kronos since she got him, including those not taken by her (e.g. Petfest visitors’ photos / videos and shots from the magazine interview). Also to compare those photos to stock photos of monitors maybe.

No. 633228

That's what I was thinking. If he twisted out of her grip he could disappear for a while in no time. There's all that shrubbery out there. Imagine if a neighbour were to find him.

No. 633229

Aka “Fuck all these haters surrounding me and Taylor. Taylor is mine and always will be. You can’t stop me because i’m right and i’mma show you this in the coming months”

Jonny, you’re an idiot.

No. 633231

Well to be fair she did make a video about how much hedgehogs hate swimming and that it’s animal cruelty or something, naturally her stans flicked to his channel to harass him about it.

No. 633233

Yes he is small for his age. He could be malnourished. She doesn't appear to have proper UVB lighting either, so it's possible he has mbd, which can cause small size among other things. He doesn't look horrible, but he doesn't look great.

No. 633236

Isn't it like a courtyard exclusively for her apartment residents surrounded by her apartment buildings on all sides though? That's basically a garden. Idk. On the one hand this seems pretty nitpicky, it's really, really hard to lose your lizard if you're paying attention, it's something a kid could responsibly do. I take my beardie in the garden all the time in the summer, the exercise and sunlight is good for them. On the other hand, this is Taylor we're talking about.

On the pool front, they can swim it's not as if he'd drown instantly if he fell in. We don't know whether it's a chlorinated pool or not though, which could be really dangerous.

No. 633237

File: 1548717414909.png (451.15 KB, 1440x2175, Screenshot_2019-01-28-15-15-29…)

In response to someone asking her to make a video showing how an addict takes care of all her animals in a surprisingly nice way lol

No. 633238

File: 1548717677141.jpg (393.56 KB, 1080x1427, Screenshot_20190128-151925__01…)

Idk about the courtyard, but her balcony has big openings, so she should still be careful with him out there

No. 633240

If that’s you’re aim you might want to work on your choice in clothing. Don’t think parents would enjoy their young children looking at a woman in lingerie.

No. 633242

Both good points! I almost feel like this was the only animal we speculated about that she’s come out and proven is alive. I see people asking for pictures of mushu constantly. This was also the only animal Emma confirmed is alive. And since Taylor definitely knows what Bree came forward saying, i’m really surprised she wouldn’t post a picture of mushu if she looks okay/is even alive.

No. 633243

Her talking about her joints reminds me of they video where she sounded totally trashed saying my body is just fucked baby

No. 633244

Its crazy that she thinks addiction won't be "her thing" or whatever. That is going to follow her for the rest of her life.

No. 633247

Yeah being a drug addict is not what you want to be known for? Good luck with that. Especially when she continues to associate with a notorious junkie rapist like Jonny. This girl is so delusional it's almost sad. The drug addiction is only a small part of what is going to follow her. She needs to be more worried about being busted as a hoarder and a pathological liar who neglects animals and just so happens to be a junkie.

No. 633251


If her claims of near lifelong chronic pain caused by EDS, migraine, and CRPS are genuine, then she was no stranger to opioids prior to being with Jonny.


>I will say when it comes to the drugs I used mixed with the physical medical problems I have…being under the influence felt like I was just "normal" for once. Like I had to ability to do things without my joints aching, popping, clicking, and throbbing.

Notice that she said "drugs" plural.

Heroin will not alleviate the joint popping and clicking of EDS that causes pain.

Has she ever mentioned receiving treatments for any of her chronic pain conditions?

No. 633252


>> And although Jonny is naturally ugly (IMO with his beady eyes, ginger hair, shortness and bad face tats) why is he not drastically changed or scabby all over his face like the photos? Maybe it’s just because I’ve never seen younger pics of him that I can’t see the difference whereas with Taylor she has already begun changing quickly from the drugs.

I think he looked more like an average guy when he was younger – I wouldn't have called him handsome, but I wouldn't have called him hideous, either. Just kind of meh. But he looks like hell now. His years of being in a hard-living lifestyle has sucked what little pretty he had right out of him.

Taylor's rough looks I think are more due to her dying her hair to the point it breaks off leaving bald spots and getting fillers that make her lips look comically large more than the drugs. She hasn't been using that long compared with Jonny. But I could be wrong. I've been lucky enough in my life that the only addicts I've dealt with were alcoholics, not hard drug users.

No. 633255

I really doubt these are new photos. Can someone get the EXIF data on them and check the date?

No. 633257

File: 1548718730464.png (Spoiler Image, 2.97 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-01-28-15-37-50…)

His new teeth help him.

No. 633260

She paid 15 thousand fucking dollars for that? Wow…

No. 633261

I know this is an old picture but it still triggers me so hard that she is SO bad at handling all of her animals. like I can't think of any exceptions where she holds them appropriately, maybe the rats. but Jonny manhandles the shit out of them
lol no she paid 53,000 to replace that

No. 633263

I'm pretty sure Instagram deletes the EXIF data when you upload a picture.

No. 633265

File: 1548719786028.png (1.19 MB, 696x1042, b95.png)

No. 633266

She holds him like he's a toy or something. FFS, Taylor, you're not a 3 year old playing with a plastic dinosaur. You're a grown ass woman who should know how to handle the animals you have as pets.

No. 633268

Her bf is there unemployed and there 24/7, cant he at least make himself useful and take the pics so she can hold them properly

No. 633269

yet another variation on the endless assistant stories. I thought the experts came every single day no matter what, cause she's sick and all.

No. 633272

and bringing her baby into that situation…

No. 633274

Is Betsy originally a friend of Jonny’s or Taylor’s? She just seemed to have popped up around the same time Jonny did (at least as far as I can tell)

No. 633277

"my health and family over everything" yeah but never mind your actual biological child huh

No. 633278

Did she use before she met JC?

No. 633281

Betsy is a friend of Taylor's she was the pregnant friend who wanted the monitor (which later turned out to be a lie)

The whole assistant thing started when she moved out and would post about how she would spend all day in bed, travel with jc, etc. leading people to question how she was managing to take care of all her pets

No. 633282

Apparently, she was doing cocaine for a few years before she met Jonny.
How the hell she found cocaine while being homeschooled by her batshit mother is beyond me, but that's from her own mouth

No. 633284

He will not get another chance with a label or a band. And when that doesn't happen he'll have to self-finance or ask Taylor to do it and she's not going to have that YouTube cash anymore. It will get ugly because it ALWAYS does with junkies.

No. 633288

File: 1548721721440.jpeg (450.33 KB, 823x2129, B0147E75-1540-4F22-AC15-288A17…)

Old milk on the kronos ig post: Admitting to impulse buying the monitor without knowing what it was and keeping it in the wrong conditions for months.
At least she admits she doesn’t know anything about monitors and shouldn’t do a care video on them. At least she started to admit it and then backtracked about understanding what kronos needs.

No. 633289

Ya. Last time someone asked for a dated newspaper they got seriously harassed and made fun of for asking. I personally think it’s a valid request when dealing with Taylor!

No. 633290

Jennifer mentioned one time Taylor snuck out of their house in the middle of the night to meet Jonny at a hotel, plus Taylor is a chronic liar.

And let's be real, Matt is most likely all day out working and Jennifer is looking after Tanner 24/7. I don't think it was so difficult for her to get access to drugs.

No. 633292

She’s visited LA, she has never moved there. She does and always has lived in Texas

No. 633293

File: 1548722674707.png (649.88 KB, 1989x2048, 1402966243.png)

Yeah, it's sooooo crazy that people think this, considering you:
-post a photo of a note ACS leaves for you talking about an aggressive monitor
-make all these grandiose claims about the videos you're going to take of them visiting you and of livestreaming your animal enclosures, and then never producing those videos
-Kronos hasn't been seen in ages

No. 633295

File: 1548722794558.png (222.37 KB, 800x1133, Screenshot_2019-01-28-16-41-25…)

Any theories on who this is who defended Taylor and Jonny in the KF thread? In particular they spoke in detail against Chelsea.

Read all three of their posts. There may be "info" therein that has not been posted here.


No. 633296

This honestly reads like Jennifer.

No. 633297


No. 633298

They sound like Papa Dean lol, I'd say Mama Dean but she couldn't write a coherent paragraph to save her life.

No. 633299

Taylor is soooo in denial. Your YouTube career is over lmao

No. 633300

I think this is either Taylor, or her dad. Could also be one of her friends, but most of them have acknowledged the situation by now, so it wouldn't make sense for them to accuse everyone of lying.
I considered Mama Dean, but I don't see enough incoherent manic rambling for this to be her.

No. 633301

FTR I never thought he was taken by ACS. I felt she was dodging their visit due to the heroin in the house. =

No. 633302

i put a vote towards mama dean she always feels the need to put her two cents on any kind of public medium talking about taylor

No. 633303

doesn't want to influence the kids, but then launches into . sales pitch fo how good they make her feel. right.

this isn't nitpicking, it's a common space for residents and her aggressive monitor would not be cool just roaming around.

No. 633304

The avatar, name and use of inverted commas says forty+ year old to me.
>Messed up needy gf
it's someone who has swallowed the crazy ex gf tactic hook line and sinker, I suspect Taylors parents have been preemptively told that Chelsea lied about these things in the past and primed to believe any future allegations made by her or anyone else are false, that she is crazy and obsessed.

No. 633306


Lurking About's vocabulary, organization of ideas, and command of grammar is beyond those of any of them.

Did you read their first post at the link? They know details about Chelsea that Taylor and her parents would not know.

No. 633308

I wanna guess that this was posted by Amanda

No. 633309

First post is no longer there anon

No. 633310

I've been following this train wreck since Jonny and Amanda first started dating. That post is def inaccurate. Chelsea did love Jonny- probably would've done anything for him- but her tone has changed totally. Shes over it and not as obsessed as that post implies.

My bet is on Daddy Dean. Don't forget he was spiraling alongside Jen for a while.

No. 633312

Jennifer and Matt have said plenty of times that Chelsea "manipulated them". They have a thing specifically against Chelsea, so it's not so far fetched either one of them posted that.

No. 633314

Such as? All this is stuff Jonny probably fed Taylor and Taylor fed her parents. I knew all this stuff about Chelsea and I'm not even remotely involved.

The real story about the Jonny door is that Jonny busted down her door and sexually assulted Chelsea. I think she ended up sleeping in one of his bandmates rooms and he got pissed. Details are a bit blurry.

No. 633315

Ah, I just read it. It's papa dean for sure; he calls tanner special needs.

No. 633316

I very much doubt this is one of Taylor's parents. While I believe they both would go to extreme lenghts to defend their daughter that post just seems way too acclimated into the forum culture to be made by a 40+ year old who has children and a serious job, and we already know how Jen types like a maniac.
It's probably someone close to them (rather, close to Jonny) but not their parents.

No. 633317

Did he say Chelsea had his name tattooed on her before they met or did he mean Liz? I know Liz was a fan but Chelsea said in her livestream yesterday that she didn't know who he was when she met him.

No. 633318

The timeline of the Amanda, Chelsea, Liz gets blurry but here goes:

>Jonny starts dating Amanda

>Jonny cheats on Amanda with Chelsea
>Jonny cheats on Chelsea with Liz
>Jonny goes back to Chelsea
>3 weeks after Chelsea kicking him out, he moves in with Taylor

No. 633321

>>633316 why do you think only old people use forums? my dad frequently posts on a bird watching forum. if anything, it reeks of verbiage used on a forum with older people.

Technically Liz is #3, Chelsea #2. Liz I think has a song lyric.

No. 633322

I think it's papa Dean. Check his twitter. He talks like this type of pseudo-intellectual

No. 633323

Liz is the choke me stripper chick right?

No. 633324

I know the timeline, I have been following the drama for years. Im more curious about the tattoo. I know Amanda has a matching thumb tattoo with Jonny thats like a key to a heart lock he has on his thumb and chelsea has "JC" on her thumb which she is getting removed - but I was under the impression they both got them WHILE in relationships with Jonny - not before. I think it would discredit a lot of what Chelsea is saying if she got the tattoo pre-Jonny since she claimed to not know who he was before she met him - and I am 100% for Chelsea

No. 633325

Yeah. This information comes off as something Jonny would tell her parents to gain their trust. "I mean sure I was violent but it was for HER safety, SHE made me do it".

No. 633326

Chelsea if you're here, can you confirm your JC tattoo timeline?

No. 633327

No. 633328

>>633318 if youve been following for year you would know is not true because you would have heard it or seen it by now. Jonny would have used it as ammo or posted it to piss of amanda.

No. 633330

File: 1548725816869.jpg (1.29 MB, 1620x1620, InShot_20190128_203116784_mh15…)

This was a comment on Repzilla's video. Anyone know anything about before she was on YouTube?

No. 633333

I'm not that familiar with the timeline but he got with Taylor 3 WEEKS after Chelsea kicked him out!!? I don't know why I was thinking they had been broken up longer…holy shit. Now that I think about it I swear I remember Chelsea saying in one of her videos that Jonny had been contacting her behind Taylor's back

No. 633334

can someone post screenshots of all of the posts they're referring to? this is an imageboard. they should all be pictured here rather than just being linked in case they get deleted.

No. 633337

Yes. Funny thing is, Taylor wasn't even his first option. He was trying to get back with Liz after Chelsea dumped him. Taylor was in the backburner all this time.

No. 633338

File: 1548726554329.jpeg (848.58 KB, 1948x1668, 9A3BD2D1-5CFD-4BFA-AED8-CFD9DD…)

This is all the confirmed deaths for the last year shown together. It’s astounding how people still see nothing wrong with this.

No. 633343

I wouldn't be surprised at this point if he hasn't cheated on her too then. Does anyone know if he has?

No. 633345

chelsea here

me and jonny both got matching thumb tattoos of each other’s initials after getting engaged. he was high on heroin and told me if i didn’t “prove” my love, he would leave me in florida (we were on tour)

also it says that i “stalk” jonny when he’s in town- i have screen shots that i will try to find from jennifer where she asks me if i was harassing them at a bar and that taylor and jonny both told them i was there and stalking them. trust me, anyone in the band and literally anybody who knows me personally knows this is far from true. i have not seen jonny in person since the day he left for tour in september 2017. this is the only person who has asked me about that so it makes me assume one of her parents are writing this because it sounds exactly like the lies jonny tells people to make all his exes crazy

let me know if i can clear up anything else

No. 633347

it's so papa dean. Compare writing style to the twitter folks!! pseudo-smart guy that sniffs his own farts too much

No. 633348

In earlier threads, I'm taling before the threads were moved to /pt/, there was a video of him at a party acting cozy with a girl. Nothing ever came out of that afaik, but I'm pretty sure Jonny has cheated on Taylor while on tour.

No. 633349

File: 1548728201914.png (Spoiler Image, 153.57 KB, 750x1334, 95BB0A85-C703-4ED4-B81F-3D04E3…)

No. 633350

File: 1548728301028.png (228.81 KB, 750x1334, C26D5986-84F4-42AC-86FD-45FDD6…)

No. 633351

What do you think the turning point will be when she finally leaves him? what was the turning point for you?

No. 633353

she’s waiting for him to die. she will not ever escape him. she is too deep and jonny is too strong.

No. 633355

File: 1548728598539.jpg (1.33 MB, 1839x2783, Lurking About 1.jpg)

1 of 3

2 is >>633295

No. 633356

my turning point was him overdosing on tylenol codeine he snuck back from australia while in new york city. i wasn’t even there for 24 hours before having to call an ambulance to our hotel on times square and he spent a week in the hospital and missed his two sold out brooklyn shows (which was our income). after hospital, rehab and another overdose, i refused to ever believe his “i’ll change, this is the last time i promise chelsea” bullshit

No. 633357

I think eventually Animal Control would lose patience waiting for her to get back to them and take action. A complaint was made that they felt seemed legitimate. They started an investigation, it seems logical that they would be required to follow through with it, especially since the note left on her door was about a supposedly dangerous animal.

The next step might very well be for them to get a warrant and return if they have enough information to get a judge to issue one. Speculation since I don't live in Texas, but that's what they do here. So much for hiding the heroin then when AC with a police officer are knocking at your door.

Also, around here if they can't get a warrant, they make take action in other ways, like talk to your landlord about the number of pets you're suspected of having. Again, I don't if they do the same thing in Texas, but it's a possibility.

Personally, I think Kronos is gone. Either taken by AC or dead. Hopefully confiscated rather than being yet another casualty.

No. 633358

File: 1548728764491.jpg (814.99 KB, 1828x1841, Lurking About 3.jpg)

3 of 3

No. 633359

>Master Trolls
Yep, dad confirmed.

No. 633360


"victims of her master trolling" cut me a fucking break. this person obviously has something personally invested in this to write so much complete head-in-their-ass apologist bullshit

No. 633363

Whomever wrote this trash sounds like a stalker and psychopath themselves. Who has this much "inside information" on someone elses relationship like chelseas? Ew that whole thing gave me chills. Whomever that is either a stupid creepy liar who believes two junkie pathological liars.…or just a creepy liar with too much time on their hands

No. 633365


I cannot comprehend how Jennifer thinks you manipulated them into thinking Jonny was a piece of trash. Just seeing their daughter's boyfriend have so many "crazy exes" should've been enough of a red flag.

And to keep doubling down on their denial, Jesus.

No. 633366

Been following her since waaay before her YT like this girl. She got her popularity initially from being in a long distance relationship (Will, you all are probably familiar). She publicized a lot of it so she gained a lot of fans that way, peek 'goals' culture on the internet. She posted about how Will was there for her as she got out of a previously abusive relationship but ultimately dumped him around a year in because she felt she was 'young' and needed to discover herself more. She was never great with animals. Way better than she is now, but not great. A few examples being that two seahorses died in her care (once when she was out of town at Disney) and treated it like a joke as she still does today, even taking a picture of it's body in her hand, and another time attempting to bring two of her hedgehogs onto a photoshoot with her but realizing Piper escaped and was found later overheating behind a TV. Of course when criticized on anything she'd pull the 'clearly i love hurting animals' sarcasm etc. That hasn't changed.

No. 633367

Thats really sad about piper. She was probably so terrified. Also i can confirm she used to bring her crested gecko to work with her?? Because that’s appropriate

No. 633370

I don't remember her bringing anything to work but i wouldn't doubt it either. She was constantly handling animals, taking them out to post pics of her holding them, putting them on her chest, etc.

No. 633371

File: 1548730502043.png (1.85 MB, 750x1334, 108DFCD7-BDD1-4EF8-AA9B-EF4E9A…)

No. 633372

File: 1548730552684.png (1.71 MB, 750x1334, DBFEC2F4-E1C4-4749-952D-82D563…)

While i was scrolling back i found some examples of how not to handle hamsters

No. 633373

File: 1548730585893.png (2.1 MB, 750x1334, A627F183-9302-4A73-B374-FB5473…)

No. 633374

File: 1548730632250.png (2.09 MB, 750x1334, 97399E80-2F9C-45A7-866A-150D47…)

No. 633378

Jesus it's so hard to read her rambling

No. 633379

And then ACS told her she's the best aggressive monitor lizard mom ever!

No. 633380

this is actually an ok way of holding hamsters. a lot of breeders do it for pictures. you can "scruff" them if you need them to stay still for anything - doesn't hurt them at all. The picture of the handful of hams is concerning though. Why did she even have baby hamsters??

No. 633383

Suprised she play that like she plays her vet visits “they were actually so suprised how GOOD he looks” “they reassured me im doing everything right” fake praise.. fake praise…

No. 633384

God I was so mad seeing her hold that poor monitor like a toy, giving it no support and holding it sideways.. But who the actual fuck manhandles hamsters like this? And why would you post it thinking it's cute? God, she has no respect for these animals. They really are just props to her.

No. 633385

Ur icon

No. 633387

So now seeing all this I feel like Kronos was always there, they weren't all lying about it. But the evasiveness had to do with wanting to improve his condition (or fatten him up) compared to how he was last seen, and also not wanting to show either his enclosure or the pet room for some reason.

No. 633388

She is likely on some kibd of upper right now. Probably coke hence why she is being so active and responsive and why shes rambling

No. 633389


I dont know. I don't think it's either of the Deans. It's too well written. What about some of the bandmates? Colin was always making jokes about Chelsea on Jonny's fb statuses. I went back to try and screen cap some stuff but Jonny deleted all the guys from the band.

No. 633391

There's no way Colin had that level of loyalty to Taylor and to declare Jonny is sober and trying. No young person would use the term "Master Troll". It's definitely not Jen but has to be her dad, remember this is all the spin she gave him last year - these posts start and stop in July 2018.

No. 633392

I agree he probably hasnt been taken unfortunately. But there are definitely some major flaws to his care and setup that she is hiding there is no other reason

No. 633393

this is picture in particular is really disturbing. it reminds me of the video of her handling one of her snakes. It really just shows how she's always been shit and treating animals like props for photos.

No. 633396

File: 1548732332487.jpeg (977.15 KB, 1242x1394, 6EB7BFE6-47BB-486B-B6E9-2BEDD1…)

there is also blood smeared up her arm in this photo

No. 633397


I think they're fresh scratches, probably from Kronos.

No. 633398

Looks like scratches anon.

No. 633399


The post on KF said that GF #3 got the tattoo before they had even met.

No. 633401

File: 1548732685353.jpeg (334.69 KB, 750x1334, 69469C92-3BF4-4095-96ED-12D4E0…)


No. 633402

No. 633403

Not to defend taylor but scratches are honestly normal. Even tame pets leave scratches if they have claws Just from climbing on you or gripping onto you. Which they grip onto her for dear life the way she holds them

No. 633404

File: 1548732883300.png (208.28 KB, 1080x1259, Screenshot_20190128-203307~2.p…)

1/2 on picture of Kronos on 01/28/2019

No. 633407

File: 1548733159182.png (148.44 KB, 1080x943, Screenshot_20190128-203315~2.p…)

2/2 on picture of Kronos on 01/28/2019

No. 633408

She's such a fucking liar. She has been avoiding them.

No. 633409

Remember when she said she'll film ACS looking at all of her animals lol

No. 633410


sounds like she's just trying to scare people off from reporting her to ACS

No. 633413

Duh..of course people don't leave names or numbers. They don't want to fucking get harassed. Way to spin it to make it look to her stans like people are just out to get her.

No. 633418


At a minimum, an owner, keeper or temporary owner of an animal is required to provide their animals with humane care and treatment as follows:

Access to an adequate supply of fresh air;
Species-specific food;
Fresh water;
Shelter, as defined by this Code;
Shade* (natural or artificial) and
Veterinary care when needed to prevent suffering.



State law mandates all animal bites or scratches that break skin must be reported to the local rabies control authority. Animal Care Services is the local rabies control authority for the City of San Antonio and all rabies exposures must be reported immediately.


ACS does not have any guidelines specific to hoarding. There is no legal limit for animals other than dogs, cats, fowl, and livestock.

For some perspective on how bad conditions must be before ACS confiscates animals, here is a more detailed article about the case posted in >>633003. Granted, this was an extreme case of hoarding and neglect, hence the story made the media. But short of their finding corpses and numerous deathly ill animals, ACS works with the owner to improve conditions before stepping in and confiscating.


Animal Care Services has seized 136 pythons, some as long as 15 feet, from a Southeast Side home in the 500 block of Kayton.

Lisa Norwood, ACS spokeswoman, said they were smaller ball pythons, two reticulated pythons that are considered the world’s longest snakes. She said 29 snakes were inside the house with no utilities and in glass cages, and 107 others were in a padlocked metal shed in the backyard and were kept in plastic storage bins.

The snakes' food supply, mice and rats, were in other containers stacked on top of each other in the garage.

ACS releases photos of seized snakes; longest snake measures 18 feet

The warrant alleging animal cruelty obtained by ACS claims the snakes and rodents had no water and their enclosures were filthy.

No. 633421

Honestly, I believe that Kronos being possibly stunted might have saved her buttt. ACS was probably expecting a larger lizard, but decided Kronos wasn’t much of a threat because of how small he is. I can imagine the officer making an off hand remark like, “I was expecting him to be big enough to eat a dog, but this little guy can’t hurt anyone!” And then she reworded that as part of her Instagram post. I sincerely doubt someone really reported that she has a dog eating lizard. Come the fuck on.

No. 633422

I think people tend to exaggerated her level of neglect. Its definitely mediocre but it isn't chinese-puppy-mill level bad. Many thousands of pets are probably neglected worse daily. ACS isn't going to do anything until it get's to puppy mill level.

That said a heroin addict shouldn't be looking after 30+ pets. I don't doubt her laziness makes her not refill and clean their water bowls, the biggest immediate thing.

No. 633429

Danny from Asking Alexandria has a gf.. But this forum isnt about Liz i guess. Ha

No. 633430

File: 1548735251100.png (3.29 MB, 750x1334, 7A692BD7-FD21-4B5C-A14E-731238…)

No. 633431

ugghhh yeaah how dare people question your ability to care for 50+ pets now that you've admitted you're a heroin addict.

No. 633432


>work on myself

ie. Sit around the house doing nothing

No. 633433

Technically speaking, Liz would be gf #3, but the post is clearly aimed at Chelsea. Whoever posted that looks like a fucking idiot.

No. 633437

I can't what hard shit this person is on to be in such high stages of denial. """"APPARENTLY""" she has a restraining order on him but noOoO JOnY Is ThE VICTIm YOU GUIESss
It's absolutely infuriating, I'm so glad karma is a bitch and now precious little Jonny doesn't even have a job anymore.

No. 633439

File: 1548736792920.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190128-232919.png)

Hand in her latest story. Those are track marks as evidenced by the bruising (from missed shots) and how they follow along the veins in the hands. They show the ugly reality of the situation.. Nothing to be made light of or romanticized by her. I hope she's taking recovery seriously.

No. 633440


So many on there too. The veins in her arms must be completely fucked if she's consistently shooting up in her hands.

No. 633441

By how much she spurts about healthy and how Jonny looks soooooo much healthier now, and just how much healthier she feels.. healthy must mean high in her books. Taylor's the only money maker now of course they haven't stopped, and now she has to make all the drug money so denial denial denial.

No. 633442

As someone who does heroin, I’m surprised that she has track marks this early in her use. She should be using the crock of her elbow, but her hands? It’s not the place for new users. Either she used longer than what she said she did or she decided to do whatever Jonny does.(blog)

No. 633444

To see it in a picture and not just words really puts it into perspective. You can't even pass that off as scratches or bites from animals because even that looks nothing like those marks

No. 633447


They look yellow so they may be old. I'm trying to give her the benefit of the doubt.

No. 633448

I thought the same, but when you've been on a month or two binge and have money at your disposal, you're prob using a lot and often. And even if you're fairly accurate in hitting the vein, it's easy to render your arm veins unusable temporarily by just using very often and missing now and then.

No. 633449

Yeah they very well could be a couple days old. Just wanted to show the reality of the situation

No. 633450

Hasn't she been using since dec 2017, sober by june, then relapsed in september? Although i remember there being marks pointed out on her arm in august. Correct me if I'm wrong

No. 633451

Honestly to me it looks like this is a habit she’s had for a long time. A lot of people claim Jonny ruined her, but I’m willing to bet this was a dirty little secret of hers for years.

No. 633453

I know nothing about drugs so maybe you guys can enlighten me but I remember some anons being suspicious about the places she chose to start her tattoo sleeve at the start of last year, something about being a common place to get tattoos to cover up track marks? If so, couldn't it mean that she's using heroin for at least a year?

No. 633455

File: 1548738126859.png (693.63 KB, 496x926, Screen Shot 2019-01-28 at 11.5…)

No. 633456

this is really gross and reminds me of a generic high school relationship gone bad, clinging to the "WAH WE LOVE EACH OTHER OUR LOVE WILL PREVAIL"

literal 32 year old male acting like a 17 year old who doesnt know how to prioritize his own health or goals in life

No. 633457

I can’t even believe she’s posting these videos. It’s so evident. Not new milk, but it doesn’t look to be getting any better or going away at all. Whatever. Some people just like heroin. Maybe they found each other. Gag. Nothing less attractive than drilling and ducking out.

I’d like to add this point that has bothered me for a while. Boi is a street name for heroin. I hate it when she uses that word. Makes my heart flutter. She’s so nonchalant. Her jokes about drugs are in such bad taste. Gag me again.

No. 633458

She probably uses her hands to try nd pass them off as scratches from her pets or bites would be harder to explain marks in her arm

No. 633459

File: 1548738344970.jpeg (142.27 KB, 750x695, 3996A961-52D9-4D0C-A8CD-E52CA8…)

Can someone verify?

No. 633460

I definitely thought that when I first saw that tattoo in her inner elbow. I dont blame her for wanting to cover up trackmark scars, but that was my assumption as to why she got it there.
As an addict in recovery, it's my opinion that she was using soon after she met jonny for months(I think she was smoking it then), then took a real break around this past summer, and has been using very very often these past couple months or so.
There is plenty of evidence that I could easily see as someone who has used that pointed to her using soon after she met him.

Another commenter above said they think she used before meeting him, but I highly, highly doubt that. There is legit nothing that points to her using before she met him that I see.

No. 633461

Didnt she say she had over 50 pets in the NY mag interview?

No. 633462


Good god someone buy this bitch a diary. Nobody being truthful would have to go through that much effort and mental gymnastics to plead their case.


I have a hard time not believing that heroin is probably how they came into initial contact.

No. 633463

Weird that she would give an estimate instead of an exact number? Or am I just overthinking it?

No. 633464

If you don't know how many animals you have, you arn't looking after them properly.

No. 633465

File: 1548738896137.png (721.08 KB, 800x1001, 1548395083453.png)


And those are all only a few days old. The dark marks are good hits and are very recent. The yellow marks are probably 3 to 5 days old. If she does have EDS, it would explain why the bruises have spread so much.

And there are so many of them.

She is also injecting into both hands. If she is right handed, this could explain all of the missed shots.

I was hopeful that she really had stopped when I saw that the marks on her hand in [pic related from 4 days ago] were nearly healed.



She must be aware of the fact that the marks are visible. Posting them for the world to see might be a subconscious mechanism for working through her denial.


This early? Colin says that she has been using heroin for a full year. Her EDS could be a factor in having to move to less optimal spots.


I don't think she used heroin before she was with Jonny, but she no doubt was already familiar with pharmaceutical opioids.


The large heart inside her elbow is an obvious cover. My initial response was that the choice of design is dark junkie humor. But perhaps she got the tattoo when she was clean as a reminder to stay clean for the sake of her animals.

The tattoos on her wrists and forearms could also be cover. There are several easily accessible large veins in those spots. I used those after my inner elbows and before my hands.

No. 633466

She has
- 15 (maybe 16) snakes
- 1 bearded dragon
- 1 blue-tongued skink
- 2 crocodile skinks
- 1 roughneck monitor
- 1 tarantula (not sure on sp.)
- 1 emperor (?) scorpion
- 2 crested geckos
- 1 leopard gecko
- 3 satanic leaf geckos
- 3 rats
- 3 cats
- 1 or 2 hedgehogs
- 1 axolotl

That's 36 - 38 animals,not including fish, and not including that mantis she had that probably is dead.

Idk how she doesn't know how many animals she has??

No. 633467

No. 633468


so either she 1. is downplaying the amount of animals she has so people don't think she's as much of a hoarder as she actually is, 2. is telling the truth and a bunch of her animals died that we don't know about, or 3. legitimately doesn't know how many animals she has. My money is clearly on 1 or 2. Or both honestly

No. 633469

Remember when Taylor was messaging with Chelsea that Jonny had fallen over in her bathroom while high, and that a big part of her was like "oh well, lol"? And she kinda hoped he'd just make it easier on her, and die?

With the way Taylor's parents are both acting and responding to their daughter shooting up with this abusive rapist, I'm starting to think that they feel the same way about her

No. 633470


The google doc shows 2 hedgies and 16 snakes. I also think you forgot the moon crabs, so at least 40, plus at least 3 fish tanks?

No. 633472

Same anon who posted >>633466, for sure has two hedgehogs and forgot about her moon crabs. So 41, not counting the aquatics apart from Mushy.

No. 633473

We have never seen that one Sinaloan milkshake she called Valentino, apart from one Instagram/Twitter post at an expo. He's not in her All My Snakes story on Instagram

No. 633474

Does she really think that she has half the amount of animals she does…? How can you be off by that many

No. 633475

I honestly don't believe there's any way Taylor and Jonny met through heroin. Not only did they meet through twitter but Taylor had been fawning over him/his bands and the idea of dating that type of guy for years. Jen said herself if Post Malone, Taylor's initial target, had come into the picture at the beginning Jonny would be out of the picture. Who knows how different this all would be if Taylor was never sheltered/got an appropriate amount of attention from her parents.

No. 633476

I cant find it rn but I think she or a friend somewhere mentioned her having used drugs prior to JC. If she has a painful disorder, I'd believe it. That's how a lot of people get hooked. He definitely didnt help though and enabled.

No. 633480

sounds like the dad to me

No. 633481

And she wonders why people think her animals are dead lol.

If she did her job and showed her animals in her social media/filmed videos of them, people wouldn't have to speculate.

No. 633482

Jonnys not even in a fuckin band now. I don't even see the appeal at this point.

No. 633483

Chelsea said Taylor had a coke addiction in the past but claimed she was sober before Jonny moved in. For now, i don't see anything that points to Taylor using heroin before that time period

No. 633487

If you are wondering, if she is such a bad shot why doesn't she have Jonny inject her since he has more experience?

Even within the closest druggie relationship using becomes, perhaps inevitably, a solitary endeavor. You end up using alone because you crave sooner or more intensely than your partner. Or your tolerance is higher. Or when you sober up you realize you are no longer so in love with your partner so you use alone in order to to escape them and your true feelings.

No. 633489

File: 1548740348001.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1242x2208, 63175B64-E9EF-4A33-8B9B-F6C952…)

Hmm what’s the orange tipped item on their nightstand?

No. 633490

Wow.. def a fucking syringe.. I've seen plenty of em.

No. 633495

Holy fuck. ‍♀️‍♀️ She did it. She posted a picture of a syringe cap.(emoji)

No. 633496

Lovenox Syringe perhaps? looks pretty close…

No. 633497

Unreal. This pisses me off so bad. They're legit just fucking lieing to people.

Taylor said in a recent IG comment she goes to cleanslate twice a week and is on a medication that blocks withdrawals. That is suboxone, not vivitrol. Suboxone doesn't make u feel great right away. People still use on it. It's clear that's what they're doing.
Fucking right on the nightstand next to jonny. There's a second one above the one with the orange tip too.

No. 633498

If she was snorting coke who's to say she wasn't snorting other things really.

No. 633499

Her pin point pupils show she has definitely been into opioids for a few years now. I understand lighting can make pupils smaller but those opioid pupils are something else. Just look back at her older pictures. There’s a few pictures she looks like she’s even catching a nod.

No. 633500

let's see how long it takes for her to lurk over here and realize and delete the evidence!

No. 633501

she sounds a little strange on the last clip of her instagram story but i could be tinfoiling n shes just tired or smth

No. 633503

Looks like two syringes tbh

No. 633504

But how can we get her fans to see this and realize the fact that they are still blindly supporting her with all their hearts thinking she’s getting clean it’s just insane, all her posts on ig have just been off and weird and now a syringe clear as day

No. 633506

Yes there are. Definitely 2 syringes.

No. 633507

I’m impressed. Own it bitch.

No. 633510

Set the relapse counter back boys…

No. 633511

I mean,,, at least (at LEAST) they're not sharing needles? still not clean though! good luck getting that vivitrol shot girl! Gonna go in for it on Valentine's day with your ~~daddy~~? or not gonna get clean at all before then?

No. 633512

File: 1548741223761.jpg (81.67 KB, 1000x1000, insulin-syringe.jpg)

In case people aren't sure

No. 633513

Damn, completely missed that when I was looking at her stories earlier.

No. 633514

I really hope someone calls her out on it in her insta comments bc that’s where she has the most support. I also can’t wait to see her explanation for what she will claim it is bc man it’s obvious they’re both using.

No. 633516


If they're reusing needles there's still a chance they'll end up accidentally sharing by forgetting who shot up with what.

No. 633517

Thank you, I was actually googling images of syringes because I wanted to compare.

No. 633518

There's ways to expose it, but me talking about it here would be cowtipping.

I really think exposing this shit ultimately helps get her out of denial and forces her to address it. But there isn't much anyone can do unfortunately.

The truth is that if she doesn't stop using, her career is over anyways. So she will be the one to do it to herself.

No. 633519

Which would be horrid for Taylor because he has Hep C.

No. 633520

Maybe I’m ignorant but where do you even get syringes from and how often can you use the same one? Cause they’ve had to have shared at some point by now even out of pure laziness. Plus if Taylor can catch hep c or whatever it is Jonny has you know he’ll try to infect her on purpose so that she won’t leave.

No. 633522

cant think of a single reason why she’d need hat medication but now that you’ve mentioned it here, i bet $10 she claims that’s what it is.

No. 633524

inb4 "it's just an orange marker guise!!! Jonny likes to color before bed uwu"

No. 633525

Some have a slightly different shaped tip too. They are definitely syringes in the image posted

No. 633526


As far as I know, you can just buy them from pharmacies. There are also places that hand out syringes for free to IV drug users to prevent the spread of hepatitis and HIV.

No. 633527

Is that another one on the dresser behind Ghost?

No. 633528

Walgreens lol

No. 633529

There's 2 syringes in the photo and it's dead obvious

No. 633531


Jonny would probably purposely give her Hep C. It's another way to ensure she stays with him

You can get them easily at CVS and other pharmacies

No. 633532

they look different. that's clearly a cylindrical cap, whereas lovenox has a colored plunger that's narrower for most of the length with a circular tip

No. 633533

I second this. Behind Ghost it looks like a Gatorade cap

No. 633534

File: 1548741845941.jpg (9.35 KB, 504x504, 2474058_l.jpg)


Lovenox syringe

No. 633535

File: 1548741901615.jpeg (420.11 KB, 1948x1668, 1ECB4B0D-6BE3-4BAA-9808-0E514D…)

Those are two Luer-Lock syringes. A luer lock allows a needle to be screwed in. The syringe on the right, INB4 she claims this is it, is commonly used to orally administer liquid medications to small animals, and should be kept on hand if you have small pets. Notice the difference in the scale of the opening the scale of the plunger.

No. 633536

Luer lock syringes are easily purchased from pharmacies or online, as they’re commonly used for insulin injections.

No. 633537

File: 1548742043748.webm (2.68 MB, 480x852, syringe-cam.webm)

version in motion

No. 633539

there's also a blue/green shoelace-type-string that they probably use to tourniquet right on the table with the syringes. that's about all I could make out, besides the candle that anons sperged about being irritating to pets' lungs, but that's super beside the point that they're SHOOTING UP in bed with their cats

No. 633540

They don't look like what Taylor has

No. 633541


also, sharps have orange caps. syringes without needles don't have a orange cap. orange is also the color of the bins used to dispose sharps. orange cap = needle

No. 633542

I’ve never been given an orange tipped flusher when I’ve had to admin meds to my cats/dogs. Anyone who has used or knows someone who has used can tell you that those are party syringes.

No. 633543


Damn, the video makes them even more obvious.

No. 633544

Holy shit, Taylor proves once again she's dumb af by exposing herself!

No. 633546

To SMALL animals. As in hedgehogs, rabbits etc. I’ve used the syringe on the right to give those. The ones tay has are definitely smack.

No. 633547

the other orange cap is also visible on the table if you look right above/behind the right joystick on the controller.

No. 633551

File: 1548742757374.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.72 MB, 4032x3024, 0ABE22B9-7FD8-4CDE-AFEB-B3490B…)

chelsea here

can confirm. this is what i dealt with living with him

No. 633552

What are those pills?

No. 633553


my guess is klonopin or dilaudid

No. 633555

I didn’t post the pic, but they look like oxy’s.

No. 633556

So he never cleaned the toilet? I feel for you. Jk

Was this photo a real flushing he did? because it looks like everything's ready to be pulled back out after the pic is taken.

No. 633558

I went to middle and high school w taylor (not ellie from yt comment), she was the subject of gossip even back then because she was in and out of school for health problems- which students loved to speculate about

No. 633559

I think this is Chelsea flushing them. Can't imagine what he did to her when he found out

No. 633561

File: 1548743569099.jpg (348.8 KB, 750x750, 1ml-plastic-disposable-heparin…)


Those and this 1ml 29ga syringe are the two distributed by the majority of needle exchange programs and sold in pharmacies. 28 and 29ga are 1/2" long. 30ga is 5/16". People who inject intramuscularly (substances other than heroin) use the longer.


The same syringes are used to administer insulin go dogs and cats.



Those are the cottons used to filter. Needle exchanges distribute them in a baggie along with small aluminum cookers.

No. 633562

Irrelevant, but those are def pills in the toilet, not cottons(enough derailing about drugs )

No. 633563

File: 1548743862485.jpg (61.34 KB, 500x702, 5b50b37528b58.image.jpg)

No. 633566

God she’s an asshole. Aside from another caption reading like obvious drug rambling - It doesn’t have to be a perfect matching picture with the rest of your perfect matching feed, since that’s all these animals are good for. A temporary story post would be sufficient for many, she posts crappy low quality stories often, but suddenly she acts like that is impossible. And her attitude at the end about how she can’t be fucked to keep track of who she’s posting and who has seemingly disappeared for months, and her annoyance at people wanting to see her animals or feeling attached to certain ones - bitch most of your subscribers never subscribed for you- you are a pet channel, you’ve branded yourself a “pet mom”, act like “all I wanna do is show my cute little animals uwu “ and then gets fucking annoyed and defensive when people want to see an animal. It should be as simple as “sure I’ll go snap a picture and post it to Twitter/my story/wherever since I’m home all day just caring for these things, thanks for your interest, he is a great animal!” but she doesn’t give a fuck about her fans or anything but her aesthetic. “I will only show who I want when it matches my feed (wow)- you all just need to calm down and care as little as I do, and still, after everything, JUST TRUST ME” Fuck her man. You should be happy to post those animals, it is endless content and you supposedly love them so much. And she’s still mocking people’s speculations even though so much has been proven right. This freaking bitch.

No. 633567

Not to mention she clearly doesn’t have “themes” to her pics. If you scroll her pics on IG, there is no color scheme, pattern, or display she is using to stage her photos. I don’t know why she is acting like she doesn’t take them out and plop them on her comforter or on the carpet.

No. 633569

i dont think she realizes she lost all creditably so when shes sitting here like guys "im being honest im not a liar", its like…..yes you are? she acts like people are crazy to be doubtful and question her

unlike her rabid stans most people can use critical thinking skills

No. 633571

File: 1548744911639.jpeg (187.25 KB, 750x1334, 0F27A7D9-483A-440D-B121-2093EF…)

So I don’t know if this fits in, but I’m just curious why he has a barbecue lighter on the floor.

No. 633572

File: 1548744950831.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, 71131F2B-6C98-4498-8CDA-1B3A6C…)

No. 633573


Sorry, I'm on a mobile for mice so they look like cottons from here since they are floating.


Dilaudid (hydromorphone) is tinted or three-sided if it is white, depending on the dose and manufacturer.

Dilaudid can be injected intramuscularly as well as IV. When injected it's bioavailability is over 3x that of oral. It has a stronger rush than heroin but with a much shorter duration.

White round pills that size could also be 10mg oxycodone. Are they scored? Can you make out the marking?

No. 633575

File: 1548745701608.jpg (826.59 KB, 980x2939, muh-theme.jpg)

yeah I don't see it

No. 633576

chelsea should know what they are and might comment again.

No. 633577

Brooooo that “can’t keep up with all my lies” aesthetic haha(no contribution )

No. 633579

File: 1548746044878.jpeg (124.87 KB, 731x755, A68B54DF-2C8C-4927-95DF-3B9B44…)

Another video and return time

No. 633580


The syringe on the left is an insulin syringe, not a Leuer lock. Good point (no pun intended) to compare needle syringes with irrigation syringes in case she tries to say that's what it is. The latter never come with orange caps.


Needle syringes can come with a variety of color caps including colorless. Sharps containers are universally red.

No. 633581

File: 1548746911098.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.37 KB, 242x246, quality-roxies30mg-fpr-oral-us…)


those look like the white roxies to me (30mg oxycodone)

No. 633583

guys I'll be done with heroin and healthy as a clam in two weeks!

No. 633594

The fact that she hasn’t taken them down yet concerns me. I feel as if she were coherent or conacious they’d surely be down by now.

No. 633595

I wonder if her mom will still be in denial now?

No. 633596


There could be video footage of Taylor shooting up heroin and Jen would still be in denial.

No. 633598


Yeah, the scabby faces with heroin is caused by the intense itching. You can see her scratching her nose a lot and that's one of the most obvious signs of active opiate use.

I have eds type 4, and that causes any bump or small abrasion to turn into a scar. Any little thing. That's why her face looks so bad now.

No. 633601

Taylor straight up said “Yeah I do drugs and am an addict”, Jonny posted pictures of them at CleanSlate explicitly stating they were there to fight their addiction, Tyler and Emma confirmed Taylor is in an abusive relationship and also incapable of taking care of her animals, and Jennifer is still in a mindset where everyone is just out to get Taylor and lying about her.

There is a really infuriating and even scary level of denial that Jennifer will take a while to get out of. I bet that Taylor could be saying “I OD’ed” and Jennifer will be still tweeting cryptic lyrics and acting snarky when people call her daughter out.

No. 633602

Betsy is originally a friend of taylor's who I hypothesize is allowed to be around because she is cool with jonny

No. 633603

People on Instagram are less likely to point these things out for her. She doesn’t give a shit because she’ll get asspats no matter what.

No. 633604


And if the worst was to happen and Taylor died from an OD or some other addiction-related complication, Jen would act like nobody but her saw it coming, milk that tragedy as much as she possibly could and make herself the victim.

No. 633605

Or farm supply stores. I believe that's where she said she got the syringes she used to inject lemon juice into pest anemones to get ride of them in one video. I could be wrong, but I don't want to go give her stupid ass another view.

No. 633606

Because he's a pig who just throws his shit everywhere. It's hard to be tidy when you're busy buying shoes, Funko Pops and shooting up with your girlfriend.

No. 633611

Ok, anon, this is straight up creepy. I don't like either of them but let's try to not expeculate over what would happen if Taylor OD'd.

No. 633613

Did she remove the video showing the needles or is it just me ?

No. 633614


Looks like she removed it. I wonder if she came here to lurk or if someone messaged her about it.

No. 633615

Yeah she did. Not there for me either

No. 633616

Lmao she did

No. 633618

The fact that she just quietly deleted the post says a lot. There's no way she's sober, how do you not realize you posted a video with needles in the background. What a trainwreck, she's literally incapable of being honest.

No. 633620

I wish Taylor would realise that the only way to restore her career is to start being honest. It is very difficult to lie to the internet.

No. 633621


And leaving used needles with drug residue uncapped on a table the cats can easily access. Those thin gauges go straight in so easily. You can accidentally stick yourself without feeling it.

No. 633622

Lol she blocked me on Instagram for liking a comment. She's only having some sort of auto-messages deleting and when did Instagram have a auto-blocking system.(newfag)

No. 633623

Why is this bitch planning on coming back to YouTube at all?! If she and JC are supposedly on “the road to recovery”, shouldn’t she be taking a break on everything and focusing on that? She thinks she’s gonna be completely ok enough to do videos soon?! What an idiot. Her fans are idiots too for believing her bullshit even after she’s admitted to doing drugs.

No. 633624

what do you guys think her financial situation is like right now? i don't imagine jonny's paying for their dope and that shit adds up over time. she doesn't seem to be all that financially responsible either.

No. 633638

her social blade says her subs were -52 ish yesterday. doesnt sound a lot, but considering her daily average is around 800+, to get -52, you would have to assume she lost that 800 plus 52. maybe people are finally realising.

No. 633639

she's an addict so she's not thinking about money at all, just the next high. I'm sure they've spent at least 10k on drugs.

Maybe she just stopped buying subs, or forgot to re-up. I'm convinced she's always buying subs since her channel has been continuously growing even though she's been MIA for months.

No. 633640

I agree. A growth of 800 subs a day even when she hasn't uploaded in 2 months is very high, I don't believe that she gets this many just from her old videos.

Also let's not forget that one time where she got exactly 2000 subs in 3 hours.

No. 633647

Its all talk. We all know she never follows through…

No. 633648

It could easily be just for lighting the candles. I get what you're saying but it's pretty nitpicky.

No. 633649

Long lighters like that don't burn your fingers when you're cooking, that's why it's significant. Stoners use them for bongs for the same reason.

You also can't use candles in a house with reptiles, and it's heavily advised against if you have rats and cats; they're too sensitive. We already know they're addicts, it's drug paraphernalia.

No. 633650

the candle debate was held a few threads back. We know they have candles in the house that they do burn. We know it's bad for reptiles and small mammals. Just another shitty care practice from Taylor. what I'm saying is the existence of a single lighter could easily be written off for lighting candles. we know they do drugs, we know they have smoked weed. I don't see why it was sooooo important to point out that they own a lighter. Most households do.

No. 633651

please lets not start candlegate 2: lighter edition

No. 633652

agreed. It's such inconsequential milk, especially when Tylor just posted a video with actual syringes on the table next to her bed (with a candle right beside, coincidentally.) pointing to a lighter and saying "omg! drug use!!1!" is a pretty moot point now.

No. 633653

I think the point was more the fact it was just chucked on the floor a few pics after them leaving needles laying around. I didn't post it though so idk.

No. 633657

File: 1548772933240.png (2.94 MB, 1536x1040, D19B0D36-A2F8-4EAF-BFB9-98FDBA…)

Nice fuckin catch anon
Based on her hand track marks, and the fact she’s been shooting up for 1 year + I wouldn’t be surprised she’s gone for her hand, she’s definately still shooting as of 1-2 days ago.

The needles are 1.0mL 31-28 g 8mm (5/16”) syringes. Used for users who’ve only been shooting for a few years, you move to longer needles to inject in muscle and/or when your veins get shitty from overuse and you need a longer needle to reach the vein. Every addict uses the (5/16”) needle.

In Texas you do NOT need a prescription for needles to buy them and I highly doubt Taylor is shleeping to the needle exchange. She probably buys them at Walgreens, rite aid, Walmart, etc. CVS in Texas now asks you for an existing insulin script on the system due to new company policy. But every other pharmacy it takes 2 min top to purchase them, though they require you to sign your name and address in a booklet (log book) at EVERY pharmacy when you purchase needles without script. ESP when you look like Taylor and not some hobo, no ones giving you shit.

Also, this prescription bottle was in an earlier vid (where she sounds trashed) the cat growing up update video. Now it’s all faded and the label is ripped up. Who wants to bet that she stores her dope in there?

No. 633658

*sorry for shitty edit, the black squiggle is a mistake. But you can see where the blood stops and plunger starts in the needle.

No. 633662

You can buy boxes of 100 syringes on Amazon for like 40 bucks, I used to get them for my dog's allergy shots. Removes the addict having to face anyone at the store to get them, so I wouldn't be surprised if that's what they do.

No. 633666

It really speaks to the content of her character when she's doing this stuff. I thinks she's just been able to float by in life by good looks alone and victimizing herself. I don't think she's ever had to develop beyond that to get what she wants.

Unfortunately for her that's biting her in ass right now. The denial she's in right now is mind-bogglingly bad. She strikes me as being the manipulative and flakey sort even Before she met JC.

Withdraws are gonna be a bitch. I don't think she's gonna improve for awhile, its gonna take multiple failures for her to see the light. Her ego is preventing her from recovering and until she's honest with herself she wont improve. I'm rooting for her but I have my doubts.

No. 633668

File: 1548779689471.jpeg (517.45 KB, 1125x1689, 25E4C196-1B6C-45EB-BCD2-F199AD…)

i was having a look through some of taylor’s tagged pictures and came across this stan instagram. this is taylor “announcing” that the person who made “all those awful videos” about her was banned from youtube. it looks like a group chat with what seem to be some of her young fans? the

pretty irrelevant considering the serious conversations taking place right now, needles on the bedside table etc. but hilarious considering that’s what ever’s channel was reinstated and all of the “awful” things mentioned in her videos turned out to be true.

No. 633670

Love how she deleted both her story showing the trackmarks on her hand and the one showing the rigs(syringes). So she clearly lurks here, sees people know, and would rather just sweep it under the rug vs address it.

No. 633672

I don't have Instagram so I dont know too much how it works but can someone comment on the syringe picture? And maybe someone called it to her attention or called her out even though I totally believe she looks on here a lot

No. 633673

no, you can't comment on a story. bree already said that taylor lurks here 24/7 so i think that's how she knows

No. 633674

You can swipe up and send a message, and it will send the video/picture to the person you’re writing to. It’s possible someone brought up to her, but most likely just her browsing here lol

No. 633675

As someone who has went to treatment more than once… I hope they clean themselves up. Been to far too many funerals for IV users, especially fetanyl…. Common age for deaths between 20s-30s.
I agree, being honest is the only way. When I was in an abusive relationship (I was 17) I had to later face the fact I wasn't a victim and me choosing to stay in a toxic relationship was still on me!(no one cares)

No. 633678

Someone commented on her most recent pic that "you can see needles in your story :(" and it had like 5 likes or something as of a couple hrs ago. Guess she missed it in her last round of deleting comments.

No. 633679

File: 1548783381421.jpeg (294.02 KB, 750x998, AEF35649-A623-4C04-B2D5-DE236C…)

A lot of people (looks like a mixture of critics and stans) are pointing out that she has more than 25 pets and wonder how she managed to get that number.
Surprise this was her last response on this comment thread.

No. 633681

topkek at this. she really hasn't caught a single break since november

No. 633682

damn. she even has a case for her syringes. this girl just doesn't give a shit anymore or she's just that dumb

No. 633683

You know, as if having twenty animals as opposed to in the thirties is NBD, esp in a 2 bedroom apartment. FFS, Taylor.

No. 633684

she's starting to sound more and more like Jonny. I think they're starting to merge together

No. 633685

when you don't give a shit about your animals that you don't know exactly how much animals you have in your tiny apartment. sad

No. 633686

File: 1548784710394.png (237.51 KB, 806x558, Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 12.5…)

Obviously a Taylor indirect…except you can't help someone who's in an enabling relationship and Taylor has rejected everyone but Jonny.

No. 633688

I just dont see how her animals havent been taken away when there are literally needles present laying around. I also dont buy that “it takes 5 months for that kind of abuse to take effect so we are gonna wait 5 months to check again” horsecrap.

No. 633689

yeah that sounds like the dumbest shit ever. taylor needs to step up her lying game, she has become so lazy

No. 633690

Some twitter user admitted to messaging her on TNDs comments. So dumb bc my main hope is that Jen and especially Matt Dean would see that their daughter is still shooting up via photo evidence.

No. 633691

File: 1548786228463.jpg (586.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190129-121138_Ins…)

Wanted to ask is this a swastika tattoo on johnny that he got poorly covered up?

No. 633692

I used to watch animal cops houston all the time so i dont see San Antonio being much different when it comes to responsiveness to animals in danger

No. 633694

I dont think so. It could be its really hard to tell what it is supposed to be now let alone what it was. Jc tattoos are shitty in general he looks like a desk in the detention room

No. 633696


Is it possible that so many of her animals died that she genuinely does only have 20/25 pets now and she forgot to lie about how many she has?

No. 633698

>a desk in the detention room
fucking kek

No. 633699


Everything's possible until we see all of her animals in pictures/videos that can be confirmed to be recent. Personally I think she's just trying to make it seem like she's not as bad of a hoarder as she is, but I wouldn't put it past her to have neglected a lot of animals to death while she wasn't making videos or active in social media.

No. 633700

File: 1548786963746.jpeg (85.26 KB, 750x509, 6075E8E0-9EDD-4164-9989-2F9E6E…)

why is she making it sound like she’s already been doing this for weeks?

No. 633701

didn't anons post that cleanslate doesn't offer any counseling after the initial appointment?

No. 633703

Interesting how she came back and said she’s not addressing anything but this is the most I’ve seen her replying to people and she keeps giving long winded responses. I know she’s on drugs but still… also her tactic of picking the craziest rumor to adresss to make the “haters” look dumb is painfully obvious

No. 633705


Based on her past, “amazingly” doesn’t mean shit. Her vets always say her pets are doing “amazingly” she herself says her pets are always doing “amazingly” when they clearly aren’t. It’s all a lie

No. 633706

"Well, the clinic said I was doing amazingly, in fact, I'm the best heroin addict they've seen!"

No. 633708

File: 1548788269453.jpg (284.39 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190129-135219_Ins…)

I thought she was just going to get the shot? Now shes working up to it? Seriously!? What a freaking liar! Why does anyone believe a word this monster says

No. 633709

She is an absolute sanctimonious bitch. It's obvious she still has a high opinion of herself even though shes been ousted as a pathological liar, hoarder, and a junkie.

No. 633710

so rather than just spending 20k… she would rather throw away money on random shots that cost 2k that won't help at all?

No. 633711

You dropped half that much on a ball python that you never show to the internet Taylor. Jonny's teeth were almost three times that much. Nothing has ever publically been too expensive for you.

Guess your irresponsible spending caught up with you huh?

No. 633712

“I won’t let the darkness consume me, I’m going back to ignoring the drama bc I don’t need to prove myself to random strangers, I just care about my ~animals~!! uwu”
Already back on her bullshit and going on constant, rambling posts to people, lying about everything as usual. And she does this ALL DAY EVERY DAY. How tf does she think people believe she is getting “better” and taking care of her animals while she’s doing this shit?
She’ll never be able to leave behind the “drama” it will follow her forever the more she keeps lying and associating with Jonny. She’s ruining her own life. She thinks in 2 weeks she will suddenly stop acknowledging the criticism and “hate” and just do YouTube again like everything is normal. Lmao girl you need serious help, you’re delusional. She’s def not off the drugs.

No. 633713

She can spend 10k on a snake but wont invest 20k for her health and future? Lol

No. 633717

Outpatient treatment probably wouldn’t work for her anyway, but it’s even more unlikely to work with Jonny still around. If she really wants to get better, she has to kick Jonny’s ass to the curb and admit herself to inpatient detox, and then follow up with an intensive addiction treatment program. Jonny has been on drugs for like a decade, and he always shows he isn’t serious about getting better.

She has so much potential in life, and she wastes it on some abusive piece of trash who does nothing except bring her down with him.

No. 633718

How dare she use money as an excuse. She spent 5k on a bracelet. $10k on a snake. $15k on Jonny’s teeth. And so much more total for all the stupid shit she buys. But $20k is just too much to spend on your future and getting off fucking drugs? What a lying manipulative bitch

No. 633719

File: 1548788880099.jpg (134.33 KB, 1080x562, Screenshot_20190129-200731_Ins…)

No. 633720

Here shes goes joking about animal deaths again. Any preventable death is unacceptable, Taylor, you dumb bitch. Do those poor animals a huge favor and find them responsible homes. You can't fucking take proper care of a pet rock.

No. 633721

Being a drug addict isn't illegal, and being an addict who owns pets isn't illegal. If they don't see them in bad condition there's nothing animal control can do.

No. 633724


if you're talking about the SD, that's the San Diego Padres logo

No. 633725

lol, not even a week. She's what maby been to the clinic twice? The fact that she's considering inpatient tells me she knows its not gonna work. It's a step in the right direction is suppose.

No. 633726

So she’s admitted currently, she physically cannot be sober for at least 28 days, but yet she’s been going into the clinic for weeks? Since she is “working up to” actually taking the shot.

No. 633727

How, do you not count, how many animals you have?! Especially when you make (or did make) videos labelled "All my pets"?

She claims they're like her children, can you imagine someone telling you they don't know how many kids they have and had to guess?

No. 633728

I don't think she bothers with the animals at this point. She just lets her "assistant" do all the work.

Working up to it is just an excuse to use. She's gotta be on top of her shit if she really wants to be clean.

No. 633730

Does anyone remember when exactly Taylor got Valentino? And have the announcement on it?

No. 633732


I'm not the kind of person who hates on Taylor for every little thing, but it pisses me off that she couldn't take 30 seconds to count her animals. If she doesn't care about how many she has, fine whatever, but then when someone asks, she gives a range (that's at least 10 off)

No. 633733

Hey, they’ll take her money for useless pep talks!

No. 633734

File: 1548789839372.jpg (579.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190129-202344_Gal…)

No. 633735

File: 1548789863483.jpg (430.37 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190129-202349_Gal…)

No. 633736

File: 1548789888801.jpg (518.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190129-202354_Gal…)

No. 633737

Jonny's teeth were $50k, not $15k

She's not paying for treatment because she has no intention to be clean. Not because it's expensive.

No. 633739

Seriously? Sounds like shes addicted to social media too and the attention. A normal person wouldn't think twice…they would go to inpatient and forget freaking social media

No. 633740

She is definitely addicted to social media because she relies on her stans to not only defend her, but give her endless asspats and validation. She literally relies on social media to have any sense of self worth, and that’s sad. If she was serious about getting better she would be able to handle the drama because the drama exists due to criticism, not hate. It’s honestlt pathetic that she needs people to constantly validate her bad animal care and life choices. I mean really, she’s in a group chat with a bunch of fans? And announces that a person who made videos criticizing her is awful and got banned, and that’s the kind of thing that makes her happy? Yikes. She needs to get a life. She doesn’t have one because she just sits with Jonny high all day

No. 633741

It would have been when she posted the ghost mantis at the convention, so late October 2018. I'm pretty sure someone posted the screenshot of her tweet or Instagram post of him to the thread at the time.
It's not on her Instagram anymore, of course.

No. 633743

She'd be less moody if she didn't eat so much crap. Soda cans lyin around, pizza all the time, Whataburger on her Instagram story. That shit is proven to cause mood swings, it even stupider with her gluten sensitivity (I don't buy intolerance she gets it far too much). Comfort eating is likely the reason her looks are going to shit, that and lack of exercise.

No. 633744

If she becomes an inpatient who looks after her animals? Never known such an irresponsible person in all my life.
Earlier I saw people saying about her buying subs, I don’t know if it can be proven, but there’s this tool that can tell you how many fake profiles/bots/bought followers someone has https://influencermarketinghub.com/instagram-fake-follower-bot-checker-free/

No. 633745

I wonder if this is because she realizes she makes mistakes like posting needles and in a moment of clarity, she’s worried about posting something even her most loyal fans can’t ignore. Also, I’m sure this is partly Jonny’s idea. He doesn’t want her anywhere near social media.

No. 633747

I feel like her looks have gone to shit because of heroin more than not exercising lol

No. 633748

File: 1548790860948.png (186.88 KB, 500x938, Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 2.40…)

No. 633749

Yeah but that's for instagram, it was more about her Youtube subs

No. 633750

Yea but she's at the age where she thinks she can eat like a pig and still feel good. Fast food 'n crap makes you depressed and ruins your body. Then she's depressed then she uses. Then the heroin makes her look even more shit. It's a vicious cycle.

No. 633752

She may very well die thanks to Jonny. You can't both be addicts. You get better, your tolerance changes, and then use at an old level and OD. Jonny knows this but this is her first run at it. I hope she does keep Instagram and at least some of her animals because to be isolated with Jonny means death. He will talk her into doing them again because he is nothing but a junkie. He literally threw away everything else in his life.

No. 633753

Omg I absolutely agree! When I was her age it was just junk food and opiates. Something about opiates just makes you crave that shit. At least it did for me anyway. I looked on her Instagram to find an old picture to compare and I swear shes aged 5 to 10 years. And the sad thing is is she may have ruined her looks which is obviously something she depends highly on because I still have some scars from mine 6 years later(blog)

No. 633756

She won’t get rid of it. She is obsessed with the attention. She barely lasts a week even then she’s still posting on her story. She’s not even committed to her treatment especially based on those needles in the background. All of this is some plot she believes. She really believes if she continues this ruse eventually we will all be convinced and she can go back to doing what she wants. She doesn’t even know how many animals she owns. I think she said in that denial stage that shit really isn’t fucked at all

No. 633758

File: 1548793782465.jpg (399.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190129-135324_Ins…)

No. 633759

File: 1548793827880.jpg (471.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190128-205256_Ins…)

No. 633760

File: 1548793849427.jpg (594.06 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190128-205304_Ins…)

No. 633761

File: 1548793880539.jpg (624.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190129-121130_Ins…)

No. 633762

This just shows that she never ever leaves her apartment. It’s really sad honestly bc Jonny is all she has now and Betsy should be ashamed for enabling Taylor’s addiction by catering to her. Sure she’s getting paid, but it’s the same with people who are 600 lbs and can’t get the food for themselves. Their feeders are literally helping to kill them just like Betsy is helping Taylor avoid the shame and wake up call that a public outing might be. She can now just stay high 27/7 eat fast food that’s brought to her and never have to do adult things like drive or grocery shop or see her family.

No. 633765

Lol the needles are still in the background

No. 633766

Yeah but just like people who are 600lbs, addicts are really manipulative to get what they want.

No. 633767

Is this her asking betsy to pick her up food??

I seriously hope betsy gets paid for dealing with this retard

No. 633768

Definitely some enabling going on. Like seriously, go get yourself some food, she's not your fucking mom. Your animals aren't her responsibly either, act like a woman not a spoiled brat.

Does she wipe her ass? or does she have to pay for that too?

No. 633769

Betsy's got an easy gig, I'd be milking that shit if I was her. 20k for rehab is too much but $600 + a week for a personal babysitter is ok?

No. 633770

as if betsy gets that much lol

No. 633771

Betsy has turned off commenting on her instagram lol

No. 633772

honestly the most depressing thing in this whole situation imo is that betsy has to deliver fucking fast food to two junkies on top of caring for all their animals instead of staying home and caringfor her under one year old baby.

No. 633773

I hope she's not taking her kid with her when she does this shit. inb4 2 years down the line when this kid starts running around and gets stabbed with hepatitis.

No. 633774

her child definitely was with her in taylor's apartnent at least on one occasion, pic was posted in the threads

No. 633778

Fairly new here, just wondering if these medical conditions taylor is alleged to suffer, have been proven accurate information?

No. 633779

No proof, except possibly EDS. I don't think she has most of what she thinks she has. Just likes to be a special snowflake.

No. 633780

I'm pretty sure Taylor got her EDS diagnosed at Mayo Clinic which is apparently not reliable at all with that diagnosis

No. 633781

eds i think was comfirmed by her mom, but as we know she's also batshit so who knows

No. 633782

Mayo clinic is shit. Diagnosis are not always accurate as many disorders share similar symptoms. Look up how often people are misdiagnosed you'd be surprised.

No. 633785

Okay I asked because I couldnt find anything confirming these illnesses,theres a lot to catch up on and also because addicts (narcassists, patterned liars) often lie about illnesses to cover symptoms of addiction.I imagine if she was in hospital a lot as a teen like she says, that wouldn't suddenly stop now she's an adult and so far I've seen nothing of her being in hospital in recent years. Thanks though! Gonna go catch up on the rest now.

No. 633787

IDK where this $15k number keeps coming from. Jonny said they costed $53k.

>But if I cannot follow the plan to get on it (vivitrol) then we move towards more aggressive plans
i.e. if I can't get sober for just 10 days despite claiming I'm already detoxing, then I will be forced to go inpatient. but I shot up last night, if not today, so my "detox" has yet to begin and the 10-day counter keeps getting reset.

I wonder if her doctor can force her to stay inpatient. I'm not sure about the laws regarding involuntary admission.

this is the saddest shit. he has willingly trashed every opportunity and relationship he has ever had so he could keep using. now he's trying to get her to do the same thing, so she will only have him, and keep paying for his drugs. I would think he would encourage her to at least put out some shitty bare-minimum videos so he could keep his cash cow's income flowing. I know he doesn't really care about her, just what she does for him, but without the YouTube money the drug money will dry up soon.

No. 633792

Cant the authorities come to their house since there is now photo evidence of drugs in the apartment and step in? Must be nice to be a rich white girl and be immune to possession chargeres

No. 633793

I think even if Jonny encouraged her to put out a video (let’s be real he wouldn’t bc he doesn’t want her to succeed if he’s got no career now) I don’t think Taylor would do it bc her comments on her latest video are already all about the heroin use. I think she knows this isn’t going to go away and she’s panicking about it. But what she doesn’t get is that the longer she lets it fester the worse her reception is going to be when she does come back

No. 633795

It’s really weird how she makes it sound like it’s a very, veery slow process. She initially made it sound like they were more than ready to get the Vivitrol shot on the first appointment because both of them were sober enough to get it, but it doesn’t make sense. I swear I saw her posting about how CleanSlate was for already recovered addicts and that’s why they chose that place.

It’s also really laughable money is an issue now. We’re talking about two people who love boasting about money. Either paying 20k each would put a dent on her finances now that she’s not really working, or it’s because she doesn’t really intend to get clean to begin with. This honestly sounds like her half assing it in hopes people forget about it soon enough.

No. 633796

She’s pissing me off so damn much. Clearly taking advantage of the fact that most of her fanbase isn’t familiar with this and will take her word for it as always. Suddenly she’s concerned about the price of something, what a crock of shit. Jonny’s teeth cost more - getting your own damn life back isn’t worth that to you, Taylor? She’s just trying to do the easiest possible shit because she’s a lazy junkie and it makes me so mad because so few addicts have the resources and unique opportunity that she does - your average addict could never afford whatever kushy place she’d even consider, so it wouldn’t even be on the table for most people, your average “functioning addict” can’t just take a month or longer off work to go to rehab without losing their jobs and not being able to survive. It is so fucking hard for an addict with a job who wants to get clean but they don’t have sick or vacation leave or anything and the best you can do is suffer through a weekend and get through that first week of work feeling like shit, or quit or get fired to just take the time you need. This bitch doesn’t understand how lucky she is, even still in her predicament. She can take all the time she needs to get well in a nice place but of course that’s not the easiest way out so it’s not for her. I wish I had her resources when I was struggling like that.

No. 633799

File: 1548801147691.jpg (235.52 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190129-173039_Ins…)

Apparently she would rather use that money for animals and she has taxes. Excuses excuses. And how could that doctor shes seeing possibly know how bad the situation is if it's just maintenance with no kind of counseling?

No. 633800

And I have to wonder if shes even totally honest with that doctor or just saying what she needs to to stay in outpatient

No. 633802

Just imagining asking one of my friends with a child to deliver food to me, for any reason really, but especially because I was too fucking high or dopesick- they would laugh and there is no way in hell they would comply because they’re too busy with their own kids. Side eyeing Betsy now. You don’t just drop everything for your druggie friends when you have a baby, you should have other priorities. Especially some petty lazy shit like this. Like use Uber Eats or something??? Why even burden your friend with a baby? She has NO shame.

No. 633803

By towards animals, does she mean towards caring for the current ones or buying new ones? She shouldn’t even get a house plant at this point.

No. 633804

As if inpatient wouldn’t be a doctors first recommendation if they knew the situation. Shooting heroin is automatic inpatient for most people. Lol at her trying to act like her doctor isn’t sure if inpatient is the best option. The only reason they’re even discussing this other shit is because Taylor is trying to avoid inpatient.

No. 633807

She just posted a video talking to the place with cheese. She’s even rude to them. She still has to wait tho.

No. 633808

I agree it's fucking weird for Betsy to be at her every beck and call, delivering fast food to her door, etc. But if she's getting paid for it, I'm kind of glad at least one person is still in regular contact with Taylor and seeing her in person. Otherwise she'd be completely isolated with Jonny. You KNOW her parents aren't visiting her apartment, evidenced by how excited Momma Dean was to see her daughter when Jonny "left to go on tour" (lol). So even if it's a fucking weird and pathetic situation, I'm glad Betsy is sticking around for that one reason.

No. 633809

That's what I'm confused about. What doctor wouldnt immediately encourage a patient to first try an inpatient program, especially if they could afford it…

No. 633811

One that isn’t really a doctor or a really shitty one. Or one that isn’t getting the full story. I wouldn’t put it past her to lie about the extent of her addiction. Isn’t CleanSlate’s staff just counselors?

No. 633813

I'm British and here there is free healthcare (it's slow and waiting lists are long for what she needs but there is help available) is there nothing like that in the states? Here we just pay if it's private healthcare

Also I saw a comment of hers saying new video today, was that ever posted or spoken of again?

No. 633816

I don't know the status of her insurance, but Taylor makes enough money that she would not have any problem paying for a proper program, of any type. She is just being cheap for some reason.

No. 633817

no, in the US you pay or you die.

No. 633818

Lot of shitty doctors out there unfortunately. Probably the same one who said it was ok to keep getting lip injections.

No. 633819

or just say you cant pay and just leave

No. 633821

I'd imagine shes still on her parents insurance

No. 633822

Could be, but my point was that finances are not the reason she is not seeking proper help. In my opinion, she is not doing so because she thinks she is SMRT and will get "clean" by merely wishing it to be so. E.g., she doesn't want to put in the work, because that is hard.

No. 633826

She didn't used to bother me much but gosh these excuses! She sounds so much like my ex 'oh I'll get clean tomorrow it just makes more sense to wait for this and that' no get your act together and do something now you're privileged enough to have more than enough options it's really not as hard as she's making
It out to be.

No. 633827

File: 1548805293377.jpg (739.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190129-121052_Ins…)

No. 633828

File: 1548805320513.jpg (795.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190129-121055_Ins…)

No. 633829

File: 1548805348000.jpg (644.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190129-121101_Ins…)

No. 633830

EDS isn't diagnosed by symptoms only, also with dna testing. It's possible she could still be lying, I haven't seen her test results. What does strike me as weird is she's never mentioned what type of eds she was diagnosed with. If she truly was diagnosed by a geneticist she would've been told that.

I have the type where chances are, I'll have a major vein or organ tear by 40 and be dead. So her shit def rubs me the wrong way. Always crying about nothing.(more medfaggotry)

No. 633832

File: 1548805388119.jpg (497.79 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190129-171252_Ins…)

No. 633834


Well that's disturbing.

No. 633837

She did say in a video type 3. I’m not familiar with what that means but it’s the “why I’m always sick video like 8 minutes in or so

No. 633838

I remember her saying she had type 3 hypermobile.

And DNA results aren’t always reliable with EDS you can be negative and still have EDS.

No. 633840

She just uploaded a video on Instagram of her on the phone with a person askin about the necropsy results for cheese and it wouldn’t let me look at the comments only to realize she already deleted it was only up for a few minutes for me

No. 633844

File: 1548807164155.jpeg (323.88 KB, 1125x1079, 2BC1FDB8-32F4-435C-96F3-FFF87E…)


Caught a couple of her comments before the post was deleted. She only had it up for about 15 minutes.

No. 633846

File: 1548807247277.jpeg (304.57 KB, 1125x1534, 9926B711-C452-42BC-B890-150082…)

No. 633848

This is idiotic. People don't believe her because she is acting super sketchy, not for any other reason.

No. 633850

Was anyone able to record this video? It's gone now, probably because she realized it looked bad

No. 633852


What did the video say?

No. 633853

How does a necropsy prove he is the same fish?

And if she proves he is the same fish that means he was stunted af.

No. 633856


She was calling to ask if the results were in, yet. Someone named Stephanie answered and Taylor said she had spoken to Maddy last week but hadn’t heard back. Stephanie put Taylor on hold, and then came back to say Maddy was in a meeting. That Taylor would be contacted. They did seem to be blowing her off a bit, IMO.

No. 633858


> I really wanted to do a lil funeral and let my emotions overtake logic.

Am I misreading this? Didn't she, though?

No. 633860

Betsy might really need the money and Taylor is probably throwing it at her. I'm no saying that justifies running around for a pair of junkies but it hasn't always been this way. She might feel like she's Taylor's only lifeline and believe Taylor when she says she'll sort it out. But now she's dragged into this publicly by Taylor's past posts about her.

No. 633862

Pretty sure she's saying that she knew she'd screw up the results by doing the funeral, but she let her emotions overtake her and did it anyway.

No. 633863

you're misreading it yes. the person she is replying to is saying she messed up his corpse by defrosting him and putting him outdoors on a pond. she's making yet another excuse.

No. 633864

No wonder she’s in trouble with owing back taxes, she needs to be taking 22-30% out of every paycheck WHEN THEY COME IN to cover herself but no. She’s an idiot and fucked herself.

No. 633865

Assuming she needs to take 30% out of her paychecks, that leaves her with 28k to spend every month. If she owes 100k to the IRS already, she might not have a lot of money right now.

No. 633867

The IRS will adjust your payment plan if you have medical expenses. She should know this if she actually had a CPA or attorney who is an IRS Enrolled Agent set up her payment plan in the first place.

It’s all bullshit she’s spouting because Jonny won’t go to rehab.

No. 633870

If I remember correctly, her dad was the one helping her fill her taxes.

No. 633872

Jesus, her parents are her second and third worst enemies after Jonny.

No. 633879

File: 1548812648420.jpg (439.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190129-203546_Ins…)

No. 633880

File: 1548812671820.jpg (793.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190129-203558_Ins…)

No. 633881

File: 1548812713159.jpg (369.65 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190129-121107_Ins…)

(No contribution or context)

No. 633882

File: 1548812737076.jpg (453.77 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190129-121115_Ins…)

No. 633888

She will go all these lengths to prove he’s alive but won’t do this to prove any others are alive…..

No. 633889

Lol, she’s gonna sit here and say she hasn’t read this “horrible site in months” and then make a snide comment about Kronos, whom we’ve all been speculating about quite recently. Please

Taylor has dug herself into suuuuch a hole, there’s no regaining her reputation at this point unless she truly goes, gets clean, and comes back when she is 100% clean and ready to own her mistakes—which will never happen.

No. 633890

I feel like at this point we should draw pet names out of a hat to speculate about so we can get her to confirm if any of them are still living.

No. 633891

ok now can she confirm all three milk snakes are living. Gucci Valentino and Prada

No. 633892

She deleted the comment thread asking how many pets she has lmaoooo

No. 633894

How long before she’s completely broke and pawning off her possessions to support their habit?

No. 633896

File: 1548814435165.jpg (591.9 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190129-181223_Ins…)

Jonny grooming his next target perhaps?

No. 633897

She finally realized how bad it looks that she doesn't know howany animals she owns? Lmao

No. 633898

But she doesn't lurk here at all! Hasn't been to this hate site for months!!

No. 633900

File: 1548815048106.jpeg (223.06 KB, 749x932, 55A5E97E-583E-4461-8043-8A1684…)

Apparently rehomed her angelfish

No. 633908

This actually makes sense, if true, and is a good sign of her recognizing when she can't both take care of her own needs and an animal's needs at the same time.

Not that a reef aquarium is a need, per say… but neither is heroin, Taylor!

No. 633909

I wouldnt be surprised. Too bad her profile is private

No. 633910

Don’t forget that $10k snake that she renamed after some astrological sign or whatever. Gemini?

No. 633912

Since she rehomed to a “friend” (wink wink) she should still be able to share photos…

No. 633919

When she says she rehome a fish i always assume either it died or she gave it away to a petstore. Its really hard to believed she has multiple friends who own aquariums and still have space to fit her rehomes after so many fishes she has give them.

No. 633920


How nice of him to call fan mail "Creepy"

No. 633923

Maybe it’s his excuse he tells Taylor. “Babe i dont know this girl! Its so creepy!!” But probably talks to her behind her back. Wouldnt be surprised tbh. Didnt he cheat on his exs before too.

Also, how hard is it to do an ig story of walking to your reptile room and show off all your animals? Unless it looks like petco in there where theyre either dead or sick

No. 633926

He's cheated on Taylor before. In her texts to Chelsea she talked about how he was texting a 17 year old.

No. 633927

File: 1548818307574.jpeg (220.59 KB, 750x989, 1548390231888.jpeg)


The Care and Feeding of the Domestic Junkie


"… emergency detention, protective custody, or commitment of a person with a chemical dependency"



5 days ago she declared [pic related]

>I went through hell to recover and I'm so fucking proud of myself. And I'm so proud of my boyfriend too because he recovered too. Now we are about to qualify for a treatment…


>with the new year coming around

We're nearly one month into the new year. I hope she misspoke and isn't that out of touch.


They will test her to see if she has fully detoxed before administering the shot.


The doctor is employed by the outpatient clinic. They wouldn't get her money if they deny her.


Look up Medicaid and Medicare, the only government funded insurance programs. The clinic accepts Medicaid but she and Jonny do not qualify.


What is her explanation for why she deleted today's video? It got cut off at the bottom.

And is the inside of her wrist yellow with an old bruise, or is it the lighting?

We need to record her stories.

No. 633930

File: 1548818548278.jpeg (236.4 KB, 750x923, 1548390332426.jpeg)


>opium receptors

That should be opiate. She has used the wrong term at least twice when describing the treatment.

No. 633931

I mean, they've never publicized their address (we know the complex name, but not the apartment number) so to receive mail from a stranger who follows you on the internet is a bit of an overstep. Not like he's got a P.O. box, it just randomly shows up at their (Taylor's) house. I'd be slightly creeped out too. (Not tryna whiteknight! I just think this one specific thing is a privacy issue that many fans ignore and overstep and can definitely make people uncomfortable)

he's still a piece of trash and could have worded it less douche-y.

No. 633932

>he recovered too
>about to qualify for treatment
>turned my life back around
>path to being healthy again
>in awe of my fucking strength

those syringes from the past 24 hours say otherwise, that you're weak and can't stop using even though you claim you already have

No. 633933


I knew it! It's so hard to keep up with her story bouncing back and forth it sometimes feels like a fever dream. She's such a goddamn liar. She had been following treatment for 3 weeks but relapsed but is ready to start Vivitrol anyway but has to build up to it first.

No. 633934

i wonder how in the world they got their address?

No. 633937


i believe that is a screenshot from when she first got kronos and deleted the video about his care since he was the wrong species.

No. 633939

“With the disease I have”
Holy fuck she really has to be specific with her wording to make it sound like she’s battling cancer. Shameful that she acts like she has some kind of debilitating problem when she’s just lazy. There are people with actual horrible diseases and terminal illnesses that put in more work and effort into their lives than she ever will.

No. 633940

Which angel though, I think she had one in the past while still at home she got rid off because it bit cheese and the video Jonny took of Taylor in shirt merch she looked like she had gotten a black angel fish.

No. 633942

didnt she say earlier you had to be clean for 10 days? and that they just started going like not even a few days a go they both posted to their story about it. and she was sitting there saying she made "extra" doctors appointments whatever that means

god this girl lies so damn much she cant even keep up

No. 633944

As much as i hate jonny, getting mail from a fan to ones home address is pretty creepy.

No. 633946

Taylor & Jonny have both accidentally doxxed themselves at least once. NY mag also doxxed Taylor in their video, lol

So yeah their address wouldn't be hard to find if you were determined.

No. 633949

File: 1548820494607.jpeg (35.55 KB, 181x331, 22531FF6-F2D6-4444-8607-67E978…)

Jonny before the drugs
Look at his fucking t-shirt

>women take back the night march

>march for women to be safe at night from rapists

The irony of this 13 years later…..

No. 633951

File: 1548820641514.png (99.89 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_2019-01-29-21-47-32…)

According to Taylor, these are all the fish in her 150 tank. The post got cut off but it's just her talking about catching that one squirrel fish.

No. 633952


Classic "nice guy feminist."

No. 633953

File: 1548820697119.png (54.98 KB, 678x157, 1548383572341.png)

She posted this 5 days ago, too. She was letting her young fans think that the health issue she is dealing with is EDS and not drug addiction.

No. 633957

That literally looks nothing like him today. Heroin, not even once. Honestly he used to be reasonably attractive, if he still looked like that I’d understand more why literally anyone could be attracted to him. Now he’s so repulsive.

No. 633959

Sooo ironic that she acts like everybody is crazy if they include her fish in her pet count (even tho she "loves" fishkeeping so much so it's not like her fish don't matter?) But her fish are the only pets she can accurately quantify lmfao

No. 633960

File: 1548821587173.png (472.47 KB, 506x854, Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 11.1…)

That'll be about as effective as her 'by myself' tattoo

No. 633963

must be hard to be surrounded by hate because you don't know how to take care of your 50+ animals

No. 633965

You have money for a tattoo but not for rehab? What the fuck.

No. 633967

File: 1548821980561.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1242x2208, 6A548B09-1B28-4F3D-8E34-2CAC3D…)

not sure if anyone cares, but the fact that there’s a profile icon here instead of a gray person means that she has another Instagram account logged in on her phone. Probably has to keep johnny’s instagram open to see if he’s cheating

No. 633971

I noticed that too. I wonder if she's running any "fan accounts" for herself, or if she really just has Jonny's logged in on her phone

No. 633972

She might have a hidden account from Jonny. Where she can message people in peace. I’m sure he goes through her main account.

No. 633975

I'm more inclined to believe she might be logged into Jonny's ig. They strike me as the kind of couple who snoops into each other's social media all the time.

No. 633977

Not to mention some of the shit jonny was posting about the drugs and rehab definitely werent him

No. 633980

It'll be crappily done by some idiot who shouldn't be tattooing people and in two years' time be so blurred you can't read it.

No. 633985

File: 1548825189086.png (1.59 MB, 1125x2436, 240F9DA0-EEF2-4FAB-8912-B09A26…)

No. 633986

File: 1548825221689.jpeg (701.29 KB, 1125x2433, A5B541D2-A712-48A7-B543-6B73B7…)

No. 633988

File: 1548825257126.png (1.75 MB, 1125x2436, C1CB3453-96CB-4A12-83F2-31E06D…)

No. 633989

File: 1548825290525.png (1.76 MB, 1125x2436, CACBB94E-F6B2-42B9-81A3-EAB599…)

No. 633990

File: 1548825322477.png (1.91 MB, 1125x2436, 47D4FBE9-0855-4D5F-8045-BAD6C6…)

No. 633995

I hope she really is in therapy, most of the time therapy really helps in realizing you have a support system and can leave an abusive partner.

No. 634000

high again already? because who knew detoxing felt this inspiring.

No. 634002

Or he gave her the address and wrote that to keep Taylor from being pissed.

No. 634003

Literally all of 2018 consisted of her releasing content, getting absorbed by negativity then having to run and hide from the hAtErZ? I'd say that's her entire freaking career, not just last year.

No. 634005

She could say all these things, but at the end of the day what matters is that she actually does them. She kept taking breaks to "work on herself", but the first thing she has to do is to actually own up to all the shit she's done. You can go around saying how you want to change, but it doesn't mean shit when you post videos with fresh track marks and syringes on sight, or when your first reaction is to throw anybody that wrongs you under the bus to make yourself look like a victim.

She keeps making it look like the criticism was unfounded when basically everyone except for her enablers has distanced themselves from her.

No. 634009

But that's the pattern with her. Shows herself to be incompetent, gets criticized, flakes out and makes herself the victim, leaves social media promising to come back better than ever, comes back doing the same old shit she always does. Lather, rinse, repeat.

No. 634011

Taylor follows her on IG, not sure if anyone remembers this but during the summer last year someone commented saying it was weird Jonny commented/liked (don't remember which) on one of those girls revealing pics and Taylor got defensive saying he can have female friends and that she knows the girl too. It's possible i could have her mixed up with someone else's pics he was on but then again Taylor follows her so

No. 634017

Lets say they used heroin last night considering theres a needle on the nightstand. There's no way shes going to make it back in just 2 weeks from now or whatever is she literally just shot up last night.

No. 634019

easy. he can easily just tell her what his address was if it means getting free stuff (especially from a so-called ig model).

No. 634020

everytime she says EDS now, I automatically replace it with drugs. If she really cared about herself and her illnesses then she wouldn't be into hard drugs and heavy junk food in the first place.

Taylor, It's not a disease if you said YES to your first hit and the next.. that's called making a stupid choice. It become a disease once your body begins to depend on it which can likely kill you if you stop cold turkey. You should at least make legit efforts NOW to actually stop before you end up on a hospital bed begging for the pain to stop and quit trying to cover it up on social media for all your 13 year old fans because we all know you're in bed, getting high, and reading here.

No. 634031


She's pretty naive, but I don't think she really thinks she'll be a recovered addict in 2 weeks. She just thinks if she rambles about treatment for 2 weeks maybe we'll all forget she's confirmed drug use and she can go back to getting high while denying she does drugs, like she has for the entire past year.

Taylor, since we know you read here, that's not going to work. You're a shit liar, and you can't take care of your animals and make videos while on drugs, you just can't. Rehome your animals, maybe you can even get friends to take care of a few so you can have them back when you're clean, kick Jonny out and tell him if he really loves you he can get clean on his own dime not yours, and check yourself into a real rehab clinic.

No. 634034

Remember when she told emzotic she had never ever posted here, but tells people she visits her thread every single day, multiple times a day, and is a bit obsessed with reading about herself here.

I bet she got scared when she found out emzotic got busted for trying to use VPNs to cover her post history and circumvent band. Bet she uses the other phone to post here.

No. 634036

What quack doctor wouldn’t recommend in patient treatment to a person with severe drug abuse like Jonny and I’m assuming Taylor as well? If she really wanted to get better wouldn’t she go all in? I call Bullshit on everything and it’ll take an OD or something close to bring her brain back into the right path

Keep on pretending you’re not in the shit, Taylor. You’re the one who’ll suffer for it the most.

No. 634037

this is one of the few threads where we just have an influx of newfags instead of whiteknights, so i highly doubt she posts here tbh

not only that after the emzotic stuff and general pettubers thread drama i dont think she'd risk posting

No. 634038

Jen deleted her Twitter

No. 634040

Shall we take bets on when she'll be back?

No. 634048

LMAO what else is new? She probably came through here as she does every few days, read that anons think she's totally incoherent online, got butthurt and decided to delete to "prove those haters wrong"

No. 634068


These doctors are employed by a private outpatient clinic. The patient is more of a customer, and as long as they meet the criteria (detoxed and clean for 10 days) they can buy the treatment.

No. 634094


You don’t need another phone to have another ig account

No. 634096

File: 1548846730951.jpeg (203.34 KB, 747x740, EAC10BD7-0035-4747-A965-382DA3…)

Their whole post was about lolcow.

Taylor is so skinny :/(:/)

No. 634097

Is Gemini also obese like the other snakes?

Yeah, I'm actually getting really concerned. I dislike her as much as everyone else here but ever since it's been confirmed that she shoots up I've just been worried.

No. 634098

Has anyone taken note of which hand has the marks on it? Because if it's her right hand, it's Jonny shooting her up…..assuming she is right handed?

No. 634099

Jonny's calling that fanmail random and creepy, but it's from a model/cosplayer with over 20k followers that he and his former bandmates follow, so she's not particularly "random".

No. 634100

File: 1548849936270.jpg (560.22 KB, 1080x1754, 20190130_055809.jpg)

Yep. She's right handed. But whether she's shooting up or letting JC do it, she's still making the choice to do drugs. I doubt he's forcing her.

No. 634106

But it would make the "she can't even cut a line of coke" thing even more just… questionable? What even is the word? She's trying to sound so knowledgeable about drugs with that, but having someone else inject for her?

No. 634109

Tbh they probably think it's romantic to shoot each other up.

No. 634112

No. 634114

File: 1548855734277.jpg (167.77 KB, 1295x1510, IMG_20190130_144103.jpg)

for the anon that asked when she got valentino

No. 634116

wait she actually bought this? I thought she was just faking the flex

No. 634118

It's Taylor. If the snake looks unique in any way, it's safe to assume she'll add it to the hoard.

No. 634121

funny she was posing basically naked and saying that she's proud of her progress in terms of her body - bitch was shooting up, people get skinny AF on heroin, that aint progress, you're poisoning your body.
anyone else think she'll end up as an instagram or twitch thot?

No. 634123

I'm right handed and I used to shoot with my left hand into the crook of my right arm - just had a better vein there. She's probably learned to shoot herself up by now as most addicts get sick of having to wait for someone else to give them their fix and figure it out.

No. 634130

Big tinfoil but what if Jonny’s been bringing girls to Taylor’s apartment and that’s why she has his address?

No. 634132

Then that’s on her dumbass for allowing that and pretending like it’s nothing. Like everyone else has said, she knows who Jonny is. Everyone has foretold her and she chose to mock and ridicule. Anything going in her relationship I whole heartedly believe is her own fault

No. 634136

I think Jonny has met his match. Everyone’s telling Taylor to leave him, but what if she’s the female version of him? She’s admitted to having addiction issues for years and she’s even said that she’s hid things about herself. Maybe Jonny is the reason we all now can see her true colors but she doesn’t need saving because this is really her.

No. 634144

Another tinfoil: Taylor use to always get her nails stop. You think she stopped because she didn’t want the nail technicians to see the track marks?

No. 634148

She got them done at least once during her recent hiatus

No. 634150

Highly doubt nail techs would notice that's what they are. Not everyone knows the signs of drug use. Plus she takes pics where the track marks show and posts them for her followers, you think she cares if a random nail tech sees?

No. 634152

I think it's more just that addicts kind of stop taking care of themselves.

No. 634154

File: 1548863164378.jpeg (200.97 KB, 1242x2125, 460B6998-C949-48D7-A4BA-161B4C…)

I might’ve missed a convo about this but this is probably what Taylor was talking about when she was mentioning some moderation of her comments.

No. 634158

File: 1548863781243.jpg (488.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190130-094128_Ins…)

No. 634159

File: 1548863830894.jpg (593.12 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190130-094137_Ins…)

No. 634160

File: 1548863882187.jpg (465.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190130-094259_Ins…)

No. 634161

File: 1548863926264.jpg (290.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190130-094324_Ins…)

No. 634162

File: 1548864211338.jpg (561.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190130-110038_Ins…)

No. 634163

File: 1548864285682.jpg (660.45 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190130-110045_Ins…)

No. 634164

File: 1548864325920.jpg (408.39 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190130-105935_Ins…)

No. 634172

Shes saying she paid 7500 for that one snake, but in her video didnt she say she paid 10k? She also put limited commenting on her insta now.

No. 634173

She either gave the guy extra money (he seemed reluctant to sell the snake for a hot second, after learning who Taylor is) or she rounded to 10k to look "fancier".

No. 634174

What's up with her and all this absolutely awful poetry lately? Drug indulced pity party?

No. 634184


I'm thinking she never actually bought that snake and was just trying to be quirky by naming it. Especially because she used "was" describe him, like it's in that past.

No. 634192

Who was the breeder of the paradox again?

No. 634193

Her nails are very badly damaged she’s probably just taking a break for them to grow out healthy again. Or too lazy to go get em done. Doubt its because of track marks

No. 634195

Polyamorous pythons

No. 634196

I feel like all of her snakes are overweight. Said this before but how do you manage to overfeed one group of pets and neglect the rest to death?

How long would you need to underfeed a snake so that it's at a healthy weight? Is that possible?

No. 634198

She has been so rambly these past few days… she can’t stop gushing about all the “supportive comments uwu”. The syringes she showed in her story are telling enough. She’s still high as fuck.
Her claiming how inspired she is to get better is nice and all, and I do want her to get help and get better so she can leave Jonny. But words mean nothing when there is no action. I won’t ever believe she’s serious until she leaves Jonny. I think she can fake that she’s “better” with him around but I don’t believe for a second she will truly get better with him there. He needs to go. All her “friends” have outed him as bad and their relationship as toxic. Hopefully this therapy makes her realize she can have a support system get her away from him.
If none of that happens, well then you’ll never change Taylor.

No. 634201

That pierced the veil girl posted on her story about wanting to go down to SA. Think she'll meet Jonny?

No. 634210

You need to get them exercising too, so swimming in the bath or going up/down stairs

No. 634215

File: 1548872026776.jpg (715.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190130-111414_Ins…)

No. 634216

File: 1548872115461.jpg (630.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190130-111421_Ins…)

No. 634217

File: 1548872151260.jpg (733.97 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190130-111426_Ins…)

No. 634218

File: 1548872188135.jpg (699.93 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190130-111430_Ins…)

No. 634220

File: 1548872217977.jpg (656.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190130-111434_Ins…)

No. 634222

It's kind of sad how she doesn't show herself in pictures anymore, she used to shove her face into every single pic of her pets. She also complained about wanting to go back to being pretty. She must really feel ugly at the moment.

No. 634223

'previous owner of three years'

Is this new? I don't recall her saying that Gemini ever had a previous owner, just that he was purchased from a breeder.

No. 634226

Well Gemini is obviously an adult BP so obviously someone had him before her. I think she's just trying to make it sound like she adopted him

No. 634228

IIR, the breeder kept him because he was a very unique snake, but sold him to Taylor when he stopped breeding and downsized his collection.

No. 634230

Can u read? Their post was in response to someone saying she has multiple ig accts logged in, so they assumed she has multiple phones, which has nothing to do w the number of ig accts u have

No. 634231


She looks rough right now and she knows it. Even the body pictures she took when she pretends that Gemini is the reason for the pics, she lacks any appeal at all. You can tell drugs have and are wrecking her physically.

No. 634233

File: 1548873237584.png (613.83 KB, 1001x963, howcanitbethree.png)

If the snake was born in 2017 the previous owner could not have had him for three years. Why does she have to lie about everything?

No. 634234

She doesn't keep track of her snakes feeding schedules, which is evident because she has feeding videos where she feeds them all on one day. I have many snakes and their feeding days rarely fall all within the same 1-2 days, never all on the same day. Maui (who may be female) should be fed every 3-4 weeks. She was feeding him a large rat every two weeks I believe. This is extremely overfeeding a ball python. My males get small rats, my females get mediums. I think it's just easier for her to not pay attention to feeding sizes and feeding schedules. She's being lazy and oddly enough it's causing her animals to become obese rather than skinny and neglected.

No. 634235

Do you mean how long would you need to underfeed an obese snake to get it back to a healthy weight? I'm not sure I understand your last sentence there

No. 634236

Glad the breeder decided to sell him to a heroin addict and not me. He cared more about his snake getting "exposure" than going to a good owner. Fuck that breeder.

No. 634237

I laugh every time she acts like taking photos of her pets is so difficult so it takes a week for a better shot. Makes me wonder if these are old photos because apparently it's hard for her to currently take a million photos of her pets… Or maybe the drugs are making her skin so shitty that she has to pick days where she looks decent on camera and also sober for awhile.

She's totally reading here because wasn't it just lately we were wondering where Gemini is

No. 634238

>be the person his previous owner trusted me with
His owner trusted her with… herself? This girl is giving me a headache.

No. 634239

She was probably just the first person to fork up the cash for him.

No. 634240

I offered him the exact amount he wanted and he ignored me to sell to Taylor. Now this snake will die.

No. 634241

Yeah, wonder how the person feels selling it to a drug addict.
Taylor probably paid more than what he was offering, that's probably why he ignored you. Did he say that someone was offering more? He should have told you so you could have the option to outbid or something, I don't know.

No. 634244

For someone who's in it to make money it makes a lot more sense to sell a snake to a popular person that makes people want to emulate them, counting on selling more snakes to her fans.

No. 634245

I was also willing to buy the snake. Offered him half immediately and the other half within 30 days. He declined and sold to Taylor. Apparently she offered him publicity. I hope the video she made about the snake where she barely even name dropped him wasn't the publicity he agreed to…

No. 634246

The breeder was probably gona sell to you and told Taylr so she was probably giving him a pity party and giving him a higher bid. Wouldn't be surprised if she said she'll buy him 10k or more for him

No. 634247

Hindsight is 20/20 unfortunately.

When she inevitably runs out of money, I get the feeling she’ll try to sell him since she spent so much on him. Maybe then someone who actually knows about snakes will get him.

No. 634248

There is no fucking way Taylor is getting clean. No. Way. All of these empty promises, all of this “I am seeing a therapist hehe.” It’s empty. Even with her having visited clean slate, it very well could’ve just been an introduction visit. Rather than an admission to become an out-patient. She keeps rambling on, and even her typed out thoughts aren’t even coherent. She’s still high. She’s not going to get clean until Jonny is out.

No. 634249

Eh, he was pretty skeptical of her once people showed him the whole bearded dragon breeder slander and the pet store slander. He seemed like he was going to say no, and then suddenly she had the snake. It was a weird situation.

No. 634253

Well maybe you'll get lucky and she'll choose to rehome Gemini. Then you can swoop in and give it a good life

No. 634254

No way. She's not trying to do the right thing in any capacity. That snake is going to die.

No. 634272

File: 1548876105067.png (5.71 MB, 1125x2436, DC087FAD-1748-4B4C-8285-036723…)

More vague reference to “doctors appointments” on Jonny’s story, before they can get back to rotting away playing video games in bed again.

I wonder whether Taylor asks him to post things like this? I can’t believe that anyone’s convinced that these two are getting help. Doctors appointments is just not how that works.

No. 634278

She'll never rehome Gemini because he's too special. She can parade him around claiming he's a chimera but he isn't. 100% isn't. She knows nothing about snake genetics yet claims him to be something so rare.

No. 634286

idk if it's too off topic or not but could you explain what a chimera boa would be? i can't really find anything online googling it except for pictures of pied snakes and gemini.

No. 634287

why isn't he one? I don't know anything about snake morphs and professor Google doesn't have much.

No. 634289

Lmao bullshit. She mentioned Vivitrol before and not sure if anyone explained what exactly that is. She claimed you need to be sober for 10 days….no. Most doctors will require you're 100% clean for at least 14 days, and before they give you the shot, they have you take Naltrexone tablets for at least a week. This is because Vivitrol is a shot that lasts 28 days and they need to know if your body can handle it, some people get bad side effects.

No doctor is going to let you walk in and claim you have 10 days sober and shoot you in the asscheek with Vivitrol. A person needs extensive therapy along with it. It does nothing to help with most cravings, especially in a person who's been sober for less than a month. Many people on Vivitrol who aren't serious about their recovery end up trying to get high on heroin/opioids but it doesn't work. So they start doing other drugs instead in a desperate attempt to get high. Vivitrol is just a tool that adds to the benefit of extensive therapy. By itself (like all other addiction treatments) it will fail to help an extremely large portion of addicts.

Plus Jonny won't get Vivitrol because then he won't be able to drink. He's gotta have those Twisted Tea tall boys or he might go berserk.

No. 634290

They're really trying to get us to believe that any self respecting addiction counselor or doctor of any kind would be okay with them "getting clean together".

No. 634295

Meh that's a little more believable. Doctors or counselors may strongly suggest they split up but they don't require it for treatment lol. But also they are surely lying a shitload like they always do and making themselves appear better than they are. And more supportive of each other than they are. And more serious about recovery than they are. Most good doctors/counselors can see through it but most addiction treatment centers aren't that good and they aren't going to kick you out or refuse treatment for lying. They would be out of business if they did that.

No. 634304

She’s pointing out ages again, poor snake must be the next on the death toll list.

No. 634306

File: 1548878314977.jpeg (110.49 KB, 750x867, 76B7B358-23D1-412E-82B7-454673…)

Am I crazy for thinking this was directed at Taylor for her overstocked tanks, chubby cats, and tiny rack systems?

No. 634310

Exactly…how stupid do they think people are? They're saying cause they have sooooo many appointments at the doctors that they're getting extra clean and they're extra serious

That's not how the doctors work? They must be really high

No. 634314

People on Twitter would probably rip them to shreds so that's why they're sticking to Instagram, where unsurprisingly, stans do believe them.

No. 634318

File: 1548878748835.png (731.56 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-01-30-15-05-35…)

No. 634319

File: 1548878790457.png (605.19 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-01-30-15-05-44…)

No. 634320

File: 1548878791268.png (3.89 MB, 1242x2208, BDA63CB4-AF3E-47AA-B6C6-FBE47F…)

Nit picking but she legit looks like a recovering druggy here

No. 634321

Bitch cant commit to anything lmfao

No. 634322

extensions, hmmm. looks like the same wig i have, tbh. she should spray some dry shampoo on there, looks a little too much like barbie hair rn. taylor, please watch some wig tuts on yt.

No. 634327

Yes, that was what I was asking, sorry. I don't know anything about snakes, I don't know how you'd safely get them to a healthier weight.

No. 634330

She couldn't get at least a decent wig?

No. 634332

Jesus I'd be embarrassed to look like she does at a rehab clinic. She looks like such a stereo typical junkie right now.

No. 634334

Tbh I actually love this outfit(no one cares)

No. 634335

Lmao I was just going to say that. She looks like the usual homeless crackwhore

No. 634336

It's pathetic that she lays around high all day and only gets dressed up to go to her junkie program…

No. 634338

you have a really bad taste anon

No. 634340

Actual chimerism is incredibly rare and an unusual looking animal should not be considered a chimera unless the animal has had two genetic tests on both affected parts of its body. A chimera snake is made of two zygotes that form in to one snake, so one snake has two totally different sets of genetics. Their colour, and markings will differ on the affected areas since a chimera is essentially two separate snakes in one body and two separate snakes can not have identical markings, even if they're twins. If you look at Gemini's pattern where he "whites out", the pattern still runs the same over both sides. I suspect he is actually somatic which would make a lot more sense. His "normal" colour gene has "turned off" in areas on his body causing those areas to lose pigmentation, but the pattern stays the same which you can see in photos of him. And colour splits like Gemini has is extremely common in somatic animals.

No. 634341

God, why am I getting Tuna vibes from this?

No. 634346

File: 1548879868551.jpg (405.17 KB, 1080x1920, 20190130_113514.jpg)

No. 634347

File: 1548879908651.jpg (439.07 KB, 1080x1920, 20190130_113527.jpg)

No. 634349

Excellent point about the snake. It's birth date is given in 2017 so how can the previous guy have had it 3 years. She's probably just getting in early for when it dies. She always adds on a couple of years. God she's infuriating. Her lies are just so obvious now. She can't even be bothered to try.

No. 634350

File: 1548879944900.jpg (440.09 KB, 1080x1920, 20190130_113544.jpg)

No. 634354

Didnt she admit somewhere she bought it for 10k?

No. 634356

There's a very slim chance that a snake like a champagne would have a wobble. I've never seen one with a woble in person and I've seen plenty. If she starts getting into the ethical side of things, most of her morphs are the result of inbreeding. She should just stick to normals if she wants to pick and choose.

No. 634360

I’m really thinking methadone. That would require daily clinic visits and people can still get high on methadone. Posing like a thot in the junkie bathroom next to the slot in the wall where you put your urine sample - yeah you’re real hot Taylor.

No. 634364

I’m surprised that she doesn’t have any of these morphs, considering that she also owns a plethora of wild caught animals but preaches about not buying wild caught animals, and also claims to promote rescue while buying the majority of her animals from breeders. It would be just like her to tell people not to get specific morphs yet own them herself.

Not trying to make any statements of the morality of these practices, just pointing out how much of a hypocrite she is. She’s just about the last person who should be trying to tell people what’s right and wrong.

No. 634368

Wow, way to glamorize addiction Tay. Going to the methadone clinic is obviously selfie time. It's so funny how she thinks it's all okay because she's pretty and has money. Literally the only things that separates her from every other junkie ever. I bet mama Dean would care more of Taylor were robbing her blind like most peoples addict children do.

No. 634372

I was just wondering why someone would try to look "cute" and pose in a drug treatment office like it's some kind of joke. Probably her and junkie jonnys idea of a date

No. 634375

Luna Slater did this same shit at her clinic visits. If you've got time to take selfies in the bathroom and your only concern is how sexy you look at the clinic then you're not getting clean and have no plans to.

No. 634376

Lying about mundane things is typical sign of pathological liar(armchair)

No. 634377

In Taylors recent picture of Celia she says she's never bitten anyone…hasn't she attempted to bite Taylor on video?

No. 634380

"Track marks" are so called because they look like train tracks. They appear when you hit a good vein so frequently that you end up using multiple sites up and down the same vein until it collapses causing a dark line scar with little dots along it. A single injection site is called an "injection site" and it doesn't scar any more than when you get blood drawn at the doctor's office. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

No. 634381

Yeah she made a whole video on it it's literally called $10,000 snake vs. $200 snake

No. 634383

They don't offer methadone at that facility. Only suboxone and/or subutex and vivitrol.
Someone said suboxone requires a few weekly visits at first.. so itd make sense she's doing suboxone. Plus, you can still use with suboxone, and they're clearly still using.

No. 634384

yeah but in the video she says she didn't really pay 10k for it, iirc

No. 634385

And for whatever reason even in the video about him she says he's 3 years old

No. 634386

When you're trying way too hard to look edgy and cool at a fucking suboxone clinic. Speaks greatly to her mindset atm.

No. 634389

Oh guess it was just click bait lmao I didn't really feel like watching through the whole video

No. 634390

Glad to see she is totally taking her recovery to hear with this bathroom selfies. Sure Luna.

No. 634392

I don't know why this feels so off to me, maybe it's because she's indeed not taking it seriously. I'm not necessarily against taking a selfie if you're feeling your outfit that day but why does it have to be at the clinic? It's just trashy to do that.

No. 634397

Simple. To prove she's going to a clinic.

No. 634399

It's something a few of my old friends who turned into heroin addicts would do. Part "I still look hot!", part "I need attention" - either for looking "good," being cool because they do drugs, or "getting help." None of the ones who did that are clean now.

No. 634406

It just annoys me that she's treating it so lightly. She acts like she can go in, get some pills and everything will be fine in a couple of weeks. It's a fucking heroin addiction, not a case of strep throat.

No. 634411

File: 1548884823911.jpeg (64.78 KB, 543x640, 87154AA8-EA06-43E3-BAA6-AC0310…)

kek her tattoo

No. 634414

Omg how does it look so bad already! It's only been a few months

No. 634416

The face was always terrible

No. 634417

newfag here but while watching repzilla's video about her apology, she states that she didn't know how second hand smoke works but yet she mocked bree for not knowing how to cut a line of coke

No. 634419

Well the tattoo looked like shit when it was fresh, but it's also because a lot of her tattoos were from quick google search places. This is what you get for getting tattooed on impulse.

No. 634420

Yeah she's really drilling the 'hey look I'm at the clinic!!!11' home when she posted multiple pics there on her story, instagram, made it her profile picture and put it in her highlights lol

No. 634422

File: 1548886859658.jpg (217.12 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190130-171941_Ins…)

Wow…she just said that going to the clinic is the only outing she gets. So…she doesn't do anything but stay at home and go to a clinc?

No. 634423

But she totally needs an assistant to bring get food and clean her place and answer emails…

No. 634424

“Only outing I get” makes it sounds like someones controlling when and where she goes

No. 634425

The only outing she gets? Didn't an anon say that CleanSlate doesn't offer counseling/therapy, it's only for the medical stuff? If so, so much for the "therapy" she claims she's been getting.
Agreed, that makes her look so bad. "my daddy isn't okay with me going out with friends and being my own person without him so i going to rehab is my only outing~"
I mean that or she (obviously) doesn't have any real friends that want to be out with her anyways. So she has nothing to do other than be at home all day playing games and doing drugs. What an awful life, it's sad watching Jonny try so hard to flex the oh so amazing life they have just because they don't have to work a 9-5 job. He's so controlling and it's honestly gross, I don't understand how she puts up with it.
I'm guessing she's just waiting for him to die at this point so he can't spill dirt on her. I wonder if they will actually get this shot and she's hoping he will OD since you can't feel the drugs once the shot is in your system.

No. 634426

welcome to the world of Taylor's double standards.

and getting Jonny to post it. I thought she wasn't going to make her insta about drugs and treatment because of the kids following?

probably more the drugs, they are cocooned at home all the time.

No. 634428

File: 1548888614642.jpg (858.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190130-113902_Ins…)

No. 634429

File: 1548888657431.jpg (844.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190130-113907_Ins…)

No. 634430

File: 1548888727464.jpg (1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190130-113911_Ins…)

No. 634432

File: 1548888757466.jpg (744.65 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190130-113915_Ins…)

No. 634433

File: 1548888790236.jpg (547.73 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190130-113924_Ins…)

No. 634434

File: 1548888820281.jpg (506.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190130-113929_Ins…)

No. 634436

I feel like she's just really bad at math, assumes if the snake will be 3 by the end of 2019 now that it's 2019 he's automatically 3 years old. Except that's not how time works.

IIRC the snake was listed for $6000 or something, she offered $7500 to get it, and then made a video about her $10000 snake saying she "rounded up" like that's how literally anyone would round up $7500 lol.

No. 634437

File: 1548889022623.jpg (532.81 KB, 1080x1920, 20190130_174740.jpg)

No. 634438

File: 1548889054433.jpg (492.23 KB, 1080x1920, 20190130_174757.jpg)

No. 634439

File: 1548889082754.jpg (535.51 KB, 1080x1920, 20190130_174820.jpg)

No. 634440

File: 1548889105818.jpg (534.63 KB, 1080x1920, 20190130_174840.jpg)

No. 634441

File: 1548889130468.jpg (493.13 KB, 1080x1920, 20190130_174853.jpg)

No. 634442

File: 1548889157646.jpg (453.61 KB, 1080x1920, 20190130_174908.jpg)

No. 634443

Such a shame that she has the potential to become a marine biologist and explore the sea. But nope, being with Jonny, staying home 24/7 and being a heroin addict is LiFE GoALz i guess. [sarcasm]i’m totally jealous of her[/sarcasm]

Also, change the font of your phone anon.

No. 634444

File: 1548889180037.jpg (437.58 KB, 1080x1920, 20190130_175525.jpg)

No. 634445

she looks like a prostitute(no contribution)

No. 634447

File: 1548889348736.jpg (503.14 KB, 1080x1920, 20190130_175541.jpg)

Is it difficult to read? All the ss i have now are in that font

No. 634449

File: 1548889460513.jpg (527.48 KB, 1080x1920, 20190130_175557.jpg)

No. 634450

File: 1548889484921.jpg (499.95 KB, 1080x1920, 20190130_175612.jpg)

No. 634456

File: 1548889924566.jpeg (274 KB, 1242x563, 674120A6-C281-414D-B2A9-75308E…)

Ready to Glare is making a video on Taylor.

No. 634457

monthly appointments is flat out ridiculous there's no way a cat needs to go in that often unless there's something seriously, seriously wrong with Star. I took in an overweight stray, who is also FIV+, around the same time as Taylor and the most the vet recommends is bringing him in every 6 months unless something comes up. Even my 18 year old cat only has appointments every 6 months, though he does get labwork every 4. Every month would be ridiculous. Too much stress on the cat with not enough benefit for regular health maintenance.

No. 634459

It doesn't require to have monthly appointments to work on a cat's eating habits. You can get one of those bowls specifically designed to help cats not gobble their food.

No. 634460

File: 1548890363433.jpeg (1 MB, 4196x1104, animalcontrol.jpeg)

This is from the City of San Antonio's open database under service calls related to animals. Blacked out parts are her location. These are the three records they have related to the complex she lives at.

No. 634461

What exactly do these mean?

No. 634462

There's a such thing as taking animals to the vet too much. Hasn't she also said she takes her snakes to the vet monthly and the vet always says they're in perfect condition? Why does she lie about how often she takes her animals to the vet? It makes her look kind of bad. Vets are stressful for animals, and unless there's something wrong, they shouldn't be to the vet monthly.

No. 634464

Maybe she takes them to the vet monthly because she doesn't know what the fuck she's doing and doesn't know her animals either so she needs to go to the vet to get taught about them.

No. 634467

The woman barely gets out of bed. There's no way she takes any of them to the vet monthly.
And if she did, she would post the shit out of it on instagram stories to show up the haturz

No. 634468

long time lurker, first time commenter, i hope i am doing this right.
if vet was really seeing her snakes they would tell her snakes are overweight.
she's lying again.

No. 634469

She does the classic lying thing of adding far too much detail into everything she says. It's such a giveaway. As much as I can't stand her I can't help but think God wha a crappy life she must have. Jonny aeems to dictate everything she does even if he does it passively. She's literally stuck in the house all day with mountains of animals to look after which I bet is the last thing she feels like doing with or without the drugs.

No. 634471

But we're envious of her couple goals life and just jealous because we don't have the pleasure of getting outings to the clinic.

No. 634472


you did it right, and you're correct about the snakes. hell if she had a scale she'd probably realize they're overweight, but i guess it's just too much easier for her to feed them all at once than to work out a feeding schedule.

No. 634473

>Ready to cash in

I think it's four-monthly. These claims have to do with her materialism, if she's spending the money (even just in her mind) the care must be good, right?
We're not sure she sees an exotic animal vet either?

No. 634474

According to San Antonio records, there have been three cases open involving Taylor. The case open dates and times. Pretty sure Late, means getting back to animal control. The reasons for the visits. The report starting and ending dates I'm little unsure of.

No. 634476

I think Taylor is accountable for herself. But that being said, Jonny is a POS and is making himself the sole center of Taylor’s life. I’m glad Taylor lost a lot of public support but I also hate that Jonny probably loves that. He has effectively isolated her from her family and any friends but Betsy. Her puttuber friends who (I believe) actually cared about Taylor (and views but still) are being shut out. And as much as I don’t feel sorry for Taylor because she chose this, my heart aches a little bit when I picture her running outside crying and yelling for her mom to go away bc Jonny was flipping out and going to do something bad if she didn’t leave. That’s not a normal boyfriends reaction to the person he supposedly loves parent. I can’t wait for Taylor to wisen up one day and realize if someone genuinely loves you, they would care if you had a relationship with your mom.
Also he seems controlling af and it’s scary that he reads all her DMs (how he found out about Chelsea messaging her)
I just really wish she could get away from him. But when would she be able to express that desire if he’s reading all her stuff and she’s not allowed to see her mom alone?

No. 634478

If she wasn't feeding too much food in the first place, Star wouldn't be able to over eat. Eating an appropriate amount of calories quickly doesn't = excess calories. If she stopped being lazy and monitoring her cats individual food intake, this wouldn't be an issue. A diet isn't neccessary, proper portion control and monitoring food intake is.

No. 634479

^ monitored*

No. 634481

> But when would she be able to express that desire if he’s reading all her stuff and she’s not allowed to see her mom alone?

She could easily rely on Betsy to help her out. Every single time Jonny was out on tour she could've made arrangements to kick him out of the apartment. Him being 24/7 indefinitely is a new thing. She just doesn't want to end the relationship because they enable each other.

No. 634484


She did just see her mom alone in Disney though, right? She could have asked for help getting out then. I think she just truly is taken in by Jonny's lies. She really thinks he loves her and will change for her or whatever, and that he deserves her support and loyalty.

That's why I have a little bit of sympathy for her in all this. Yes, she was warned, yes, she was an idiot to go into this at all. We know what the exes, her friends, her family said. But we also know Jonny is a pro manipulator, and we don't know how convincing he was to her behind the scenes. I imagine he was pretty charming on the surface at first.

It doesn't excuse her actions at all or what she's put those animals true, and she's still an awful person, but I feel like we shouldn't underestimate the control Jonny probably has over her because that's what abusers do, and we know he's done it in the past to girls smarter than Taylor.

No. 634485

I'm not a hooker I swear!(no contribution)

No. 634486

File: 1548892002269.jpg (473.75 KB, 1080x1920, 20190130_184010.jpg)

No. 634487

File: 1548892046861.jpg (463.94 KB, 1080x1920, 20190130_184029.jpg)

No. 634488

she absolutely lives in la la land YOU ARE A HEROIN ADDICT ! obviously somebody else (i hope not just betsy) is taking care of all the animals. there is NO way in hell she is during that amazing wondrous inspiring recovery journey of hers. and it would suit her better to admit it instead of acting as if she was having a lil cold instead of h e r o i n a d d i c t i o n jfc

No. 634490

also "working on a diet plan" are u fucking kidding me. how many months does that take

No. 634491

File: 1548892197918.jpg (483.68 KB, 1080x1920, 20190130_184156.jpg)

No. 634492

File: 1548892254119.jpg (509.35 KB, 1080x1920, 20190130_184128.jpg)

No. 634493

I don't feel like we need a screenshot of every reply from Taylor.

No. 634495

File: 1548892312675.jpg (457.06 KB, 1080x1920, 20190130_184054.jpg)

No. 634496


I second this

No. 634497


Ss her saying what new pets she wants and whats happened to old pets

Theres another anon here asking about cecelia biting. Its actually one of the lolcow banners

No. 634502

Yes agree, can we stick to pertinent things and not capture everything. For example the jellyfish musings don't need to be posted or what tanks she dreams of making. Whereas her kind of admitting she poisoned cheese is relevant. Be selective.

No. 634503

Yeah it's funny, I got that banner the next time I opened my browser after asking that. But "Celia would never bite anyone!!!"

No. 634507

WOuld love to see someone ask Tay if the drugs are gluten free.

No. 634509

Another video on Taylor. The girl did some research on Taylor's animals but doesn't know that Taylor has taken drugs before Johnny. She thinks that Taylor is a young, naïve girl that Johnny introduced drugs to and got her addicted. She also doesn't know that Johnny's exes have reached out to Taylor but she refused their help.

No. 634510

>>634509 Her thumbnail alone really seems almost as immature as Taylor acts when she mocks animal deaths.

No. 634511

She seems to think the more something or someone goes to the doctors or the vet the healthier it is, hence the we have sooo many doctors appointments.

No. 634513

She has mentioned the name of the vet she goes to multiple times, she goes to the same one for all of her animals (cats and all of the exotics). Their website mentions nothing about exotic vets let alone specialists.

No. 634517

She had exotics well before the cats so I find this very surprising. Or maybe not surprising at all.

No. 634518

iirc that vet doesn't have good reviews either, so I'd take her saying her animals are doing great with a grain of salt.

No. 634525

I get the feeling that when she claims the vet said x animal is doing amazing it’s more like “Well it’s not dead so I guess it’s fine. I treat cats and dogs, not snakes and hedgehogs, lady. I don’t know why you keep coming here.”

No. 634533

Wow.. jonny has been doing heroin since Taylor was 10 years old.

No. 634536

In some places, people sniff coke as casually as drinking or smoking weed. Sniffing some coke doesn't prepare you for shooting heroin.

She made a dumb choice to try it, definitely. Either way, it doesn't negate the fact that only a true piece of shit would get a girl 10 yrs younger than them to try heroin when they themselves havent been able to fully quit using it for a decade.

No. 634540

I love her, I’m so excited

No. 634547

I saw the video and thought it was kind of bullshit. Couldn’t take it seriously if she didn’t even know that Taylor is 21 damn near 22 years old. Felt like she basically was saying she can’t be cancelled because it’s all her boyfriends fault and she needs help.

No. 634549


here you go!

No. 634551

File: 1548900070789.jpeg (351.77 KB, 1242x1222, C4940DC8-8E14-4683-B274-2C06C0…)

I see we are this stage of his bs

No. 634552

He's letting the cat out of the bag that they've only just just started what, detoxing? subuxone (does that make you feel bad at first?) since their clinic visit.

No. 634564

I think they give you Suboxone to see if you're not using before they give you Vivitrol. If you're actively using you might experience withdrawal symptoms. But regardless, he shouldn't be seeking Vivitrol treatment because of his liver damage. Which, if they are, really says a lot about the clinic they're going to.

No. 634569

I’m willing to bet they aren’t even going to a clinic. How many times has Jonny Craig swore he was clean this time and blah blah? I do not believe they’re clean, nor are they getting treatment. She is more than likely posting old photos of herself in a public bathroom that could be anywhere. They are two junkies that are IV users, their professions of truth MUST be taken with a grain of salt.

No. 634573

They've shown photos from inside the Clean Slate clinic.

No. 634578

My bad, I must have missed those. Who posted them, where did they post them, and when?

No. 634580

there are literal photos of taylor from today of her standing next to a urine box. she's going to a shit clinic, but it's still a clinic to her. stop tinfoiling.

No. 634581

Oh they are going to the clinic, this is Jonny's pattern. He starts off by showing off how clean he's getting and how much progress he's making and then he just… goes silent because he relapsed. He's never completed any treatment because he just doesn't want to get better, and Taylor is pretty much the same at this point.

No. 634587

here's Taylor in the clinic toilet from today >>634318
here they are in the waiting room the other day >>631010 and some reference images >>631079

No. 634588

Yeah, it's cute for clubbing, going to work out maybe, vacations, poolside, or going out to a restaurant. Definitely not for rehab though.

No. 634591

8 hours in and he's already close to throwing in the towel. There is no way he's going to make it even a week clean, let alone the foreseeable future

No. 634592

ngl, I like how goth Taylor looks. Her outfit is coordinated this time and she looks better with darker hair.(derail)

No. 634593

So suboxone (buprenorphine) has naloxone (narcan)in it, granted at a small amount. Its fast acting. Vivitrol is naltrexone without the bupe and it’s similar to naloxone but slower and longer acting. If they are taking suboxone they cannot get high. As long as they are taking it that is. If your dose is right you will feel normal and able to function like the rest of the human population. However, with his history I think he is manipulating the Dr and his “fans” and scamming around the piss tests. Which is very easy to do with frozen urine that has correct levels. Every addict and recovering addict knows the way around it. Recovery is not an Instagram show.

No. 634594


Wasn't the Animal Control note about her "aggressive monitor lizard" dated November 2018? Nothing from this year is listed.

Taking Star for monthly weigh ins at the vet? Is that like a Weight Watchers meeting for cats? Come the fuck on, Taylor.

No. 634597

And it's not like they're being supervised either, so I can see how they'd be able to get around the program.

No. 634599

It’s a disaster for two people currently using with nothing else to do and nobody to keep them accountable. It can work well for people who have busy lives who can’t take the time for inpatient detox and/or rehab, and who have strong motivation to get off the drugs.

Jonny and Taylor have no idea how to live like sober adults, and they’re not going to get the idea by getting subs or Vivitrol and then going back to their pointless, isolated junkie life holed up in the apartment.

No. 634600

It’s very easy to do. It’s not probation so they cannot watch you piss. So they typically go off your word and most hope you are straight. Suboxone has some street value too. But if they watched you, drilled you and cut you off they would have empty clinics. It’s a game and if you want to win you get yourself clean. I just don’t see any real evidence of that in this situation.

No. 634604


Dark hair doesn't equal goth lmfao

She does look better with darker hair, but the fact that she dressed up like this to go to rehab screams attention.

No. 634606

you're supposed to be in wd before you go on bupe. If you take it too soon you go into precipitated withdrawal, which is fucking awful and makes you feel like you're going to actually die any moment.

Knowing Johnny, if he went to a bupe doc, he couldn't wait that long. That's what I think this is about.

Sub/bupe never makes you feel bad or gross, unless you take too much or something, then you get really nauseous.

No. 634608

Can someone please send her the videos of Taylor slurring her words on Jonnys instastories?(cowtipping)

No. 634613

this has already been posted. and it's poorly researched.

No. 634615

Yea it just shows a level of immaturity most people grow out of in their teenage years.

Hopefully she gets all that teenage angst out and realizes what a dumbass she's been when gets clean.

No. 634618

I haven't watched this vid but I feel like I know too much about this situation to be happy with any video that's posted on youtube. I'm glad more people are talking about it, but I don't think anyone is going to take the time to research as much as is required to make a thorough video.

No. 634627

Repzilla was researching her for a while, his video is accurate.

I kinda feel like those are in the threads already and it's not our job to find and send them to a lazy youtuber.

No. 634642

At least she's not lying about this. All last year there was at least one big ass bag of kratom lying around.

No. 634660


She is such a liar…..how can she take them all to the vet monthly when she says her only outting is to the clinic?

No. 634664

Is she admitting to having a heroin problem for a year here? I didn't think she said it was for that long.

No. 634670

she posted a pic of tate with another long ass rambling caption. she should just make a video if she has this much to say

No. 634672

File: 1548917851857.jpg (128.36 KB, 1080x533, Screenshot_20190131-075712_Ins…)

since anon deleted their post for some reason

No. 634677


So this confirms that she's not taking the Vivitrol shot, because she hasn't been clean for longer than 10 days to get it. Also she probably has been using opiates for longer than a year because people use this to detox from opiates. So it doesn't make sense if she was using kratom before even starting to abuse opiates.

No. 634685

People also use kratom for chronic pain.

No. 634697

anyone else getting amanda bynes vibes?

No. 634698

the animals are literally just photo props for her..

No. 634700

If she has a real disease with real chronic pain, it doesn't seem to be very severe chronic pain in need of management. She seems perfectly capable of doing whatever she wants whenever she feels like it without experiencing any symptoms. Those only happen when she has to work.

No. 634705

I have a question. Would an addict truly "feel more like themselves" after a few days? Or is it just bullshit to appeal to her fans. I would assume she's hardly tip-toed into withdrawals.

No. 634715


>Sunday was snake feeding day and every single snake I own ate

She feeds all of her snakes once a week?


I disagree. You never know if something that appears to be irrelevant now won't be milk in the future.

No. 634720

her opinions on fishtanks or sea creatures she doesn't own don't really matter. I don't know how you can say they matter now or in the future. if she shows a pic of something or an animal and says she's interested in it, that's a little different. if someone wants to personally collect a cap of every reply she makes on insta, sure, but if they're spammed here we won't be able to tell the wheat from the chaff when it actually matters.