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File: 1641212533569.jpg (115.48 KB, 1072x1200, iwy9z5od9gu71.jpg)

No. 1407651

MTF General #37: Trans Prisoners Edition Anonymous 10 days ago No. 1401162

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (MTF) snowflake behavior. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread; don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (not even ironically), etc. This is supposed to be a thread for MTF related milk, not a receptacle for autistic spergouts. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.

Do not respond to anything you suspect to be scrote bait or trannyposting. Report the post and move on.

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No. 1407655

is it true that the suicide rates among trans people went up? it went from 41% to what?

No. 1407657

File: 1641213685439.png (191.87 KB, 2173x1341, Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 7.40…)

No. 1407664

Ok come on now, how can you link a study and post a picture and not read what either of them say?

>The 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey (USTS), which is the largest survey of transgender people in the U.S. to date, found that 81.7 percent of respondents reported ever seriously thinking about suicide in their lifetimes, while 48.3 percent had done so in the past year. In regard to suicide attempts, 40.4 percent reported attempting suicide at some point in their lifetimes, and 7.3 percent reported attempting suicide in the past year.

No. 1407666

File: 1641215780198.jpg (185.22 KB, 839x662, iwy9z5od9gu71.jpg)


No. 1407667

i swear this is where we’re headed, we won’t even reach the cyborg-esque transhumanism era we’re gonna be wiped the fuck out by then

No. 1407680

This has happened throughout history, leftist revolutionary movements from the upper class often get taken over and supplemented by macho thugs

Saddam and Stalin for e.g were not Leftist activists, they were street thugs for their political parties, the Shining path(a Peruvian marxist group started by university students) ended up being completely taken over by mountain farmers who used the group as a drug trafficking operation

It appears that only a certain type of people can actually lead effective leftist movements i.e actual violent men who aren't just LARPers

No. 1407684

File: 1641217274125.webm (710.98 KB, 480x480, prayer.webm)

No. 1407686

now honestly this seems more plausible than the fantasy shit they spew, it’s only a matter of time before we’re lined up against the wall then, i genuinely believe this is where we’re headed
lmao thanks a lot dumbasses

No. 1407700

File: 1641220571798.png (502.95 KB, 640x514, EmM1fWIWEAU_LvO.png)

some more examples, Khrushchev was a factory worker for his entire youth and didn't possess literacy till he was an adult
Ceaușescu(dictator of Romania) had no formal education and was an apprentice shoemaker
Enver Hoxha had nothing more then a peasants education

these men got their positions cause they were good at war and ruthless and they could got the peasants on their side with populist rhetoric, that's the furthest thing you can get from modern commie troons

No. 1407709

you can always laugh at any communist tranny larper. it's clear that they've never even touched any book about communism/socialism theory or its history because either 1. gender doesn't exists, meaning no gender ideology bullshit 2. gender exists and gender ideology isn't tolerated, so trannys get shot.
transgenderism is against the core of communism, the collective mentality and the force of the majority. it's ridiculous to think they'll get free mutilations since they're, supposedly, less than 1% of global population.
troons can only in this era, were hyperconsumism and hyperindividualism are allowed.

No. 1407717

No. 1407722

Hypothesis: If you ask the same sample set of approx 27,000 non trans women if they thought about suicide at least once last year and if they attempted it, the numbers would be the same and not at all alarming.
Suicide ideation is freedom and not exclusive to the trans

No. 1407729

Ideation is higher in females than males, and IIRC qttempts are higher in females than males, but successful attempts are higher in males than females because men choose more immediate but messier methods than women (often gunshot). So female suicidal ideation, self-harm, and suicide attempts are honestly likely to be higher than TIM's.

No. 1407732

File: 1641225855239.jpg (57.37 KB, 1280x720, 951367c657bb3bbdd66f5c5b9a2526…)

Hearty kek, thank you nonna

No. 1407733

Absolute kek nonny

No. 1407764

Holy shit lmao

No. 1407771

No. 1407785

If a tranny really did attack JK Rowling, do you think the wokes would go full mask off "fucking terf had it coming"?

No. 1407831

Oh 100%. When Prince Philip died people got doxxed for telling Queen Elizabeth “sorry for your loss”

No. 1407854

right now they don't even hide their contempt for women who get attacked during protests, but they would celebrate more openly if it were jkr. checkmark liberal autists would love it.

No. 1407865

File: 1641239511603.png (541.68 KB, 649x1065, Screenshot 2022-01-03 at 19-49…)

Looking into that Guardian poll that was supposedly closed because JK Rowling was winning, it does appear to be a bullshit story. Unless you think pic related is a media cover-up over agoraphobia.

They regularly ask for people's opinions via online forms and sometimes close them. Makes sense to close the poll about 2021 once 2021 is over.

No. 1407866

Mao's "Great Leap Forward" caused the deadliest famine in recorded history. Trannies really do just appropriate the imagery of communist leaders without knowing the first thing about how their policies affected people. Communism is just ~le ebic lefty meme~ to them.

No. 1407881

Not funny, you are making us look bad.(learn2sage)

No. 1407883

yeah the many unterved normies who frequent this thread are going to be really upset when they see this. jfc do you know where you are? read the room anon

No. 1407902

Someone could screenshot and share it on Twitter/Reddit(learn2sage)

No. 1407910

Kek grow up, coward

No. 1407915

File: 1641243406011.jpg (98.75 KB, 570x421, tranini.jpg)

lol piss off, degrading troons is based. men understand only the language of pain anyway, so no use trying to politely negotiate with them

No. 1407916

It's just an edgy joke. The suicide rate increased to 50%. The unusual framing of the stat as "halfway there" is funny whether or not you actually believe the end goal is 100%, since it's unexpected and shocking.
Also, learn to sage, or just shut the fuck up.

No. 1407936

Are you new? There's been much worse posted in these threads.

No. 1407938

Good. Let them think "Omg! I have to see what those evil TERFs are saying!", then get their echo chamber bubble popped
I used to be a handmaiden who defended trannies. What peaked me was being exposed to incel-brained, racist and misogynistic trannies and seeing them face no punishment, or even seeing "the mob" gaslight anyone who took issue with it for being rightfully disgusted. I'll always be grateful for these threads, reading the opinions and experiences of farmers and seeing all the examples. All of it eventually made me realize these aren't just innocent women whose bodies deviate from the norm. They're self-victimizing, narcissistic males trying to exercise control of others, and many are literal predators lol

No. 1407941

File: 1641245609032.png (482.59 KB, 640x558, t3hia4tjad981.png)


No. 1407942

I identify as bad and deserve visibility, stop oppressing me

No. 1407944

i'm on the verge of tears, i hope creepy moids have a long life.

No. 1407946

File: 1641245929113.png (242.01 KB, 640x687, 7ymtm51jec981.png)

these fucking idiots
Also, I hated botw because I'm an N64 hipster, but at least I paid enough attention while playing the game to know that the part that apparently cracked this little chode's eggs was an explicitly "men in dresses funny" joke. Glad sneaking into viddy game women's spaces got u horny I guess


No. 1407947


> Link disguises as a woman with the sole purpose to enter women's-only spaces

> Troon fails to see irony in this

No. 1407949

File: 1641246189966.png (152.32 KB, 640x376, 8yo0nri6be981.png)

Posted on egg/irl as a ~squeeee he doesn't realize he's twans~ post. Gross.

No. 1407951

File: 1641246306808.png (667.91 KB, 640x721, ah8258oy24kz.png)

Maybe it was Vilia. The best trans representation I've seen in a video game honestly

No. 1407953


What a neckbeard. Lesbians aren't a monolith to be attracted to. Not a type, unless you're also a lesbian and your type is "any woman attracted to my gender"

No. 1407955

File: 1641246878069.png (4.31 KB, 622x626, 1497153043857.png)

No. 1407957

Is this why troons advocated against going through medical doctors for their gender dysphoria? Because if they said a video game made them want to be a girl theyd be laughed at

No. 1407958

Its quite obvious when its a male poster, im not agreeing >>1407881 But its obvious that whoever posted >>1407684 is probably a male.
The @ from that meme is also a crappy scrote meme account too.

No. 1407959

File: 1641247057209.jpeg (275.47 KB, 877x1440, FIKZr6TVEAAXi_1.jpeg)

Troons are mad

No. 1407963

Imagine being friends with someone for 34 years and still throwing them under the bus to appease the troons
What a worm

No. 1407964

Scrotes can be funny sometimes

No. 1407966

both trannies and males have similar statistics on that, go join them.
this is a female only imageboard, the males(you) can go to 4chan or wherever the fuck.

No. 1407973

this post is very LA-speak and i hope he's just doing it so he doesn't get in trouble for the joke on one of his albums about "you people keep making up new words! I'M TRYINGGG" directed at wokies/kids these days. patton was always fairly based and has become fairly not-sexist (all moids are sexist, some can get it down to a low level though). i wonder if some of these guys are just taking everything troons say at face value cause they are normies and just don't know the details about what's going on.

No. 1407976

File: 1641248948937.png (638.9 KB, 768x432, MAX-NEW-CARD-Dec-21-21.png)


Phallustube outed as government shill
also the leaked report misgenders him lmao

No. 1407977

Most transwomen are middle aged white men who are some contingent of privileged middle class nerd, the online harassment comes primarily from same, those TERF "orcs" he refers to are…women who want to be safe and not receive death threats, not be forced to stop using basic words like "female" to describe themselves, and not have to play competitive sport with hulking transwomen who may seriously injure them.

Surprise surprise, middle aged white man supports other middle aged white men over his lifelong black friend, and women who don't want to be raped by fetishists.

Also I like the fact that wokeness crowd has begun to eat itself, throw a black male under the bus after BLM and everything else because you don't agree on the topic of white male fetishists? Great look for him and everyone involved.

No. 1407984

>Also I like the fact that wokeness crowd has begun to eat itself, throw a black male under the bus after BLM and everything else because you don't agree on the topic of white male fetishists?
Won't stop the fetishists from insisting their struggle as mentally ill crossdressers is the same as being a racial minority though, kek

No. 1407985

>i wonder if some of these guys are just taking everything troons say at face value cause they are normies and just don't know the details about what's going on.

This, the fact he talks about the depth of the hurt he caused by uh, taking a photo with his friend suggests he's taking all their trolling at face value, modern lingo/discourse is extremely emotionally weighted and dramatic but it's all false.
As well as him saying he's been messaging back and forth e.g. taking their shit seriously, and the image is obviously him serious writing, taking notes, learning

I'm surprised a comedian of all people fell for this hook, line and sinker but he may just be not as online as the rest of us and some way from peak transing. Everyone has to deal with being attacked by an army of trolls about nothing at least once or twice in their lives, or daily if they are Rowling, but you gotta learn that it's just trolling, none of it is sincere and what they are pretending to feel is false just to get a rise out of you.

It's either a case of white man sides with white men, or he is somehow new to trolling despite being a comedian and has taken it seriously. His caption suggests the latter, but he still made a mistake in supporting trolls over a lifelong friend.

No. 1407993

the fuck is this shit? Are you seriously linking a genocide denial website that backs Assad and Putin to prove something? Fuck outta here retard

No. 1407997

Troons were the creepy boys boys who always wanted to sneak in to the girls' locker room back in middle/high school, but they were always too pussy to do so. Now as adult manchildren they've figured out a way to force their way in to the women's locker rooms - troonery - and woke women can't say "no" lest they be branded as the dreaded T-word.

No. 1407999

This fat loser was so checked out of his own marriage he didn't realize his wife was popping boatloads of xanny every night until she was dead, then he married again before her corpse was even cold. Of course he hates women

No. 1408000

this guy fucks trannies

No. 1408011

How is this funny? Most of the young trannies killing themselves are misguided gay and lesbian people failed by the system, not the wealthy, narcissistic AGPs. The ones with the highest suicide rate are actually lesbian FTMs with MTFs being the lowest. Those ones will never kill themselves, they'd survive a fucking nuclear blast being the cockroaches that they are. I swear the ban-evading polfaggots sperging about jews and making le epic 41% memes are chasers in denial.

No. 1408027

idk if youre new to lolcow but this misguided empathy women tend to have is one of the many reasons we are in this situation. It's not our problem is trannies are offing themselves. We don't have to be nice about it, especially given these are the same people that threaten/ridicule/assault and harass women daily. Trannies can't have a world where they threaten suicide over every slight and every denial of their wants and then be taken seriously when they release statistics like that. If trannies want suicide in their group to be taken seriously, they need to be the ones to start down that road. The 41% statistic isn't even real or close to true, since it was based on a tiny sample size and was self-reported, and we know trannies see this shit as validating. So unclutched your pearls, no one is mocking a specific sudoku'd tranny, just the whole concept relating to trannies and suicide.

No. 1408039

No, fuck this "misguided empathy of women caused this" bullshit. The only reason trannyism made it so far was because it was forced upon everyone, lesbian and gay organizations were made into trans organizations, lesbian bars were shut down or forced to include troons, rich degenerate men were working the cogs behind the curtain funneling money towards aggressive lobbying and before any woman even realized it companies were removing the female symbol from their sanitary pads, destroying female sports and feeding horse piss to their kids. It was not because of the stupid "women voted for liberals and asked for it" meme, even the rare women who were sympathetic towards the virtuous troons i.e. battered HSTSs were limited to the very liberal circles.

And I don't care about AGPs suicide baiting and self-reporting their papercuts as suicide attempts, the fact is that gay youth who identify as trans are way, way more likely to kill themselves than the straight troons who run this current movement. If anything, AGPs should be reminded of the male suicide statistics being so high instead instead of co-opting a very real issue of gay teenagers being driven to killing themselves.

No. 1408056

>It’s the womens fault
I get what you mean with misguided empathy being bad, it’s definitely sometimes the case but in general? No. Like the last anon said, it was forced by scrotes. Women being too nice to agressive men out of multiple reasons, the most common ones being socialization and fear of violence should be talked about, but the men grooming them to it since countless generations are the most responsible ones. No need to shift the blame here.

No. 1408062

wtf do you think handmaidens are, retards?

No. 1408063

what the hell is this schizo post? Who said anything about women voting for liberals? I was specifically talking about YOUR empathy for trannies killing themselves. That kind of empathy is what trannies played on to get some women to accept them into their spaces no questions asked. Chill the fuck out

No. 1408067

NTAs and I think they're phrasing it in a really retarded and defensive way, but they're right that women aren't the ones calling the shots WRT the progress of trannies, even though they are pretty massive enablers. Rich men are responsible for the majority of the big changes, handmaidens are just responsible for being stupid and babying full-grown men without knowing that it's all for a fetish. I'll admit this as an ex-libfem.
This is the main fair criticism I can think of for handmaidens. The "queerification" of gay spaces and "trans inclusivity" of female spaces is, at least partially, the fault of libfem handmaidens.

No. 1408068

he's 52 and while that may sound too young to be that easily confused by all the new words, heterosexual men his age tend to be pretty blinkered even if they're "progressive". he could just be so uninformed he believes he has caused that much hurt because he believes the way all the sad troons act? idk

No. 1408069

god what a cunt. he's calling us orcs? fucking troons are ogres hunting lesbians and he is calling innocent lesbians iteral monsters. wow so woke

No. 1408070

Afaik the 41 is about male trans teens having suicidal thoughts isn't it? Nothing infuriating tbh, just edgy teens having edgy thoughts

No. 1408071

he actually has an old joke making fun of an episode of cops where the guy finds out the hooker he got has a dick. he calls it the "transsexual hooker arrest reveal" and does an impression of a guy so ashamed he asks the cops to let him go because making out with a troon is a sentence equal to prison time in his opinion

No. 1408072

the suicide problem end when these morons stop killing themselves. fuck off moralfag

No. 1408073

also i am a lesbian and you all pearl clutchers can go to hell sometimes women are evil

No. 1408077


You want a cookie to go with that bait?

No. 1408078

File: 1641256994215.png (434.94 KB, 866x688, fgrhgfh.png)

growing myself a penis by posting tranny suicide memes transition has never been easier also

like seriously, seriously seriously you all retarded ~newly peaked~ mumsnet morons who have never spend any time with actual women but just have fantasies of agplevel pink pillow fighting sisterhood orgies are absotutely insufferable you know that(infighting)

No. 1408080

>like seriously, seriously seriously you all retarded ~newly peaked~ mumsnet morons who have never spend any time with actual women but just have fantasies of agplevel pink pillow fighting sisterhood orgies are absotutely insufferable you know that

No. 1408081


Wierd, my vagina thinks that's a bad idea. Do lesbians always dream of dick?

No. 1408082

oh whereäs you sisterhood now oh oh you implying lesbians secretly like dick oh youäre a homophobe that's actually impossible for women i think you're actually a man because women never say stupid as fuck things like that

No. 1408083

>comes into a tranny hate thread to complain about the tranny hate

No. 1408084

what the fuck is happening here

No. 1408085


Triggered lesbians apartenly.

No. 1408088

File: 1641257821936.png (58.55 KB, 1089x808, My trans kid says he's not tra…)

No. 1408089

File: 1641257852894.gif (4.68 MB, 360x640, flag-burn.gif)

sorry i thought i was a man because i manlily hated on trannies but i guess since your hi scrote doesn't stick you can start whining about triggered lesbians even though i supposedly laughed at our deaths or whatever

now let's go back into hating trannies and you pearl cluthing and acting middle aged on image boards

No. 1408091

So weird how trannies come here and spam pictures of dead women who did nothing wrong (solidifying their hatred and misogyny of ALL women), then get so upset that we laugh at ONE meme about them 41%ing

>Do lesbians always dream of dick?
You wish, dilator

No. 1408095

File: 1641258815369.jpg (273.93 KB, 1080x1692, Screenshot_20220104-020423_Tik…)

I'm convinced that BBL culture is one of the main reasons transwomen have an easier time "passing"nowadays.

Never before in history would anyone have considered picrel as a realistic female body but here we are. More and more women are getting surgeries similar to trans feminization surgeries so the lines are being blurred.

The exaggerated hip implants, bigg asses and bimbofication trend is such a win for TRAs because looking like a sexdoll seems to be the ultimate goal for both TiMs and regular insta baddies.

No. 1408100

File: 1641259161891.png (3.97 KB, 863x93, Screenshot 2022-01-03 at 20-19…)

No. 1408102

File: 1641259381349.gif (8.91 KB, 124x67, 1622059367885.gif)

Does this means I have to update my 41% pins to 51%?

No. 1408103

Only moids dream of dick. Hetero women just merely endure it.

No. 1408104

I think you have a point. That's why minimalist makeup, cottagecore, VSCO girls and other forms of non-bimbo fashion is so looked down upon by both men and handmaidens.

No. 1408106

File: 1641259535937.jpeg (442.72 KB, 1440x1444, DD06D463-59CF-4698-AB90-86FEDC…)

Vagina envy

No. 1408107

those hips look awful and unnatural though, kim kardashian has the slim thick body but it look much more natural even if she did have surgery

No. 1408115

People get numb to seeing this type of image and start thinking it's normal. We can only tell the difference because we've lived long enough in a world with less of them. It is already noticeable that many teens are genuinely worse at differentiating between sexes because they're actively being taught not to do so.

No. 1408119

are you 40 or something? what are you doing on lolcow

No. 1408122

It just hit me I don’t know a SINGLE agp online or irl who has gotten bolt on boobs or got the dick operation. It’s all the HSTS gay men. An agp even originated the mouthfeel term. This has to be something, right?

No. 1408123

File: 1641260611229.png (6.15 KB, 1073x104, mmaxi dress.png)

this guy is wearing a maxi dress in the winter thinking it'll keep him warm.

No. 1408124

You know troons love cottagecore trad shit right? Lol are you a conservative moid

No. 1408128

nta but I haven't really seen many cottagecore troons, but I'm not involved in that community. but I, like most anons, am mostly exposed to troons via gamer/nerd culture and via normie social media, and cottagecore troons are not a common trope.

I don't know shit about the cottagecore community, and I will take you at your word when you say it's infested by troons. however, it's really weird to accuse somebody of being a moid for not knowing that.

No. 1408130

It’s a right wing male fetish, it’s handmaiden’s tale shit when anyone but lesbians are doing it. There is a huge tradwife troon cottagecore community on Twitter.

No. 1408144

This is the second post I've seen where a troon can't find clothes for the winter because he thinks he needs to wear a skirt.

No. 1408147

If there's no skirt it can't go spinny nonny.

No. 1408155

its clear he just bought the dress for the coom, because even if you are retarded enough to try to wear a dress in winter, any woman would search one with thick and warm fabric

No. 1408213

File: 1641269666967.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.28 MB, 1998x3088, FCC41B5C-9761-479E-B696-E92670…)

Hmmm that's really weird how the entire left side of his body blurs into the background. Wonder why that is.

No. 1408216

Cottagecore is very popular among FtMs, who notoriously love "soft" aesthetics and hobbies like needlepoint and crochet. I can't speak to how involved MtFs are in the subculture, though.

No. 1408218

man when did it stop being ok to be a trap or a shemale? i'd be fine with them if they used words that made sense and stayed away from lesbians and sports.

No. 1408219

File: 1641270364586.jpg (235.83 KB, 1284x1000, FHKO3HjXMAIVbPC.jpg)

No. 1408228

sage for ot but I am now just realizing they ripped that screenshot from the Cromartie High op, lmao.

No. 1408239

Men are so fucking stupid. It's like they're entirely incapable of using their brains. Who the hell looks at summer apparel and thinks "Oh yeah, perfect winter outfit"? Jesus.

No. 1408242

if they don't wear a skirt how else are they going to hide their male hips?

No. 1408251

>girl clothes
So a big warm puffer coat would be a boy because it’s not as revealing or stereotypically feminine? Fuck, these people must be aware to some degree how retarded they are for thinking being a woman is defined by wearing dresses and makeup and shaving your legs or some other patriarchal standards.

No. 1408256

I'd be okay with it too if only then didn't insist on calling themselves women. Cut off every part of body, inject every single hormone known to man, I don't care. Just don't be fucking delusional

No. 1408267

I wouldn't be okay with them, they'd still be highly misogynistic coomers. But you might be right that it would arguably be better than what we have now, because at least they would be mostly avoidable. Having them be like that makes sexist voters/witnesses/jury members/etc, though, and they're extremely (if not unavoidably) likely to devolve back into this same chaos as long as they have that crazed and hateful mentality that they always do. It would be better if they just entirely went away. I don't care if they just all die, cease to exist, or are put on some sort of deserted island without technology, they just shouldn't be around women, children, or society at large.

No. 1408271

Lmao what did the original say?

No. 1408273

>When do we get the free healthcare?

No. 1408286

he's aroused. it's narcissists with an extreme fetish.

No. 1408290

Thanks anon!

No. 1408294

File: 1641280851193.png (38.31 KB, 638x212, -aaa.png)

Anons post shit from the dailymail all the time. I didn't realize we had to agree with the source to share the info. I'm not a retard conspiracy theorist (and I'm pro vax) I just find the report (by Valent) interesting because it shows that the gov is sponsoring him and he's not disclosing this.
"The thing about experts" that Valent is suggesting here turned into "Who's afraid of experts?" on his channel. That's wild to me. I saw a lot of breadtubers straight up denying that it was real at first. Now his bud BigJoel is doing damage control about it, rolling his eyes and saying "She’s doing public work with the Royal institute of technology, a very large charity." which is not what the leak suggests at all.

Whether it's true or not, it's causing a lot of drama, and I find said drama very funny. I myself don't have any political motives other than finding it funny when bad things happen to dumb troons on twitter.

No. 1408303

You'd really think, if they kept experiencing issues like this, they'd realise that yes, being socially pressured to wear revealing clothing that shows off your body, as opposed to keeping you warm and shave off hair that grows naturally on your body for the purpose of retaining body heat is a pointless and unpleasant experience that maybe we shouldn't be expecting women to put themselves through.

But no, the moid brain dictates that they go on Reddit to ask other moids for tips and tricks, like they need help with a fucking video game or something.

No. 1408304

wrong troon board. Also, I lold at that being clearly bait that thousands of troons willingly took.

Sorry in advance for a weird thing to say, but I've seen so many middle aged moms who don't give a shit how they look hanging out at the pool who have these proportions. I never thought they were bad looking, but I don't associate that with a sexy young woman. Just thought it looked like someone who had made a lot of kids, had a lot of torso muscle from lifting them, and post-menopause, had lost fat in their hips and legs because of natural aging. I used to affectionately think of them as looking a bit like chickens lollll It's so odd to get surgery in an attempt to look desirable that ends up looking like the kind of women who get treated as "past their expiration date".

No. 1408305

Go to the breadtube thread, we don't care. Sharing that website is vile.

No. 1408308

hes like 57 so i assumed “orc” was him trying to say “troll”

No. 1408323

Wrong thread but kek both parents suck. Just let your kid be GNC and leave it alone

No. 1408327

>>1408304 i get hat you mean with the moms but this person's hip shape isn't natural at all. It's like a weird circle, where you just can't tell where ass end and hip starts. In natural body you always can tell. It's uncanny.

No. 1408328

Oh yeah absolutely. Like, it's a parody of that shape. The skinny legs and wide hips but drawn by a mean cartoonist or something

No. 1408334

File: 1641289512284.jpeg (82.98 KB, 439x342, 2FE5679B-B655-4DF7-8EE4-D24263…)

>covered “breasts”
>fully exposed erect penis
Who is the intended audience exactly?

No. 1408336

other troons traps and chasers. aka other moids. like a beautiful soul once said… >>1408103

No. 1408341

"Let kid be gnc!"
also femboy lolcow threads exist

No. 1408346

File: 1641292659431.jpg (37.49 KB, 400x400, oAF90KRU_400x400.jpg)

god sophie has such a repugnant vibe

tf are you talking about. Femboys are pornsick dildos. What they're doing might be an act of GNC but they're not being made fun of for that. There's a laundry list of things to make fun of.

Here's a challenge for men:
1. Express yourself in ways that challenge the gender roles imposed on you
2. Don't insult or assault women while you do it. Neither should you claim to be "better" at performing the role that women are forced to comply with. Since your act of defiance is rooted in dissatisfaction with your own cage, don't mock other people for being stuck in one that's even more oppressive to be stuck in.
3. Stop masturbating. No–wait. Stop masturbating! Chris! Stop it!

No. 1408349

You are an idiot if you think femboy = gnc moid

No. 1408350

Yeah they do, maybe you should go there to bitch about muh globohomo ruining straight men shit instead.

No. 1408369

Femboys are fetishists just like trannies (and most of them become trannies). They don't wear skirts because they are gnc. They wear skirts because it makes their pp hard and they watch trap-hentai every day.

No. 1408412

File: 1641301756425.png (2.89 MB, 1920x1006, idadnm.png)

No. 1408442

The incredible thing about this is that he's playing a crass character, but still saying something the troons would agree with if they heard anything other than buzzwords and reasons to be mad. He's advocating for self ID, something "TERFs" don't do. Mind you, he also advocated for marriage using slurs for gay people; Something I find funny, as a lesbian. Or maybe it was him advocating for gay marriage specifically that offends TRAs kek. Either way, he's spouting only marginally more based but still libfem shit here, and they're still mad because he used the no-no word and admitted SRS isn't like the real deal. I honestly don't think they'd care about this if he wasn't friends with a more obviously "transphobic" person who happens to be a minority.

No. 1408454

imo just like any other coomer fetish like bdsm, shitplay, choke&punch sex, whatever internet women are pretending to like these days, they need to keep it to 4chan and their own bedrooms.
just from a realistic/what can we do about it in practice perspective, gross deviants exist in every population and thankfully most of them skate jury duty and never vote.
remember, funeral directors gotta eat too! think of these sick fucks as their body supply.

No. 1408455

oh i like the chicken part…that's kind of cute? like i will be a lovely caring fat chicken after i have my 4 baby girls. and my husband can be a nice fat christmas pig. ugh i can't wait til i'm a grandma, can we hurry up and genocide the troons already. i got stuff to do

No. 1408459

kek while i agree with the sentiment, this is from the joke mentioned earlier where he says "I'M TRYING!". he plays two characters: one, a buzzword spouting male feminist, and the other a woke redneck who uses "bad words" in an attempt to illustrate the trojan horse danger of male "feminists".

No. 1408481

retard didn't even spell gerudo village right kek.
anyways the women of gerudo are based for having female separatism, I love them

No. 1408500

File: 1641314061075.png (35.01 KB, 599x355, cido.png)

This is not a troon, but it is still annoying. idk if everyone's just lost their minds, but no, cis has not been around for decades. Most people still don't know what the fuck it means.

No. 1408505

“It’s old therefore it’s correct”

No. 1408507

I've gotta agree anon. I used to think that the femboy wearing skirt thing was cute and a way for men to expand their wardrobe and break boundaries but then I discovered femboy twitter and I can't un-see that shit with how they talk about how walking out in a skirt made them pretty much horny . Also the thigh high socks and the obsession with "Trap"/"femboy" porn. It's fetishy… But sorry, didn't mean to derail the thread.

No. 1408509

File: 1641314469972.png (71.82 KB, 1660x1314, vct.png)

Here's ngrams for 1970-2019 and then a closer look from 2000-2019. Cisgender appears exactly when you'd expect it to.

No. 1408515

I'm never trusting men ever again about how this new thing they're doing is breaking the gender binary. The my little pony thing was a fucking nightmare and you couldn't look up a single cartoon horse without porn showing up, the femboy schtick is just slightly watered down AGP, men cannot do anything without turning it into a masturbation game and I can't believe people still fall for that shit.

No. 1408529

File: 1641315579352.png (61.68 KB, 1634x616, flt.png)

sorry for more graph sperging, but I thought this was poignant. This shows that in the 90s, feminist writing was becoming mainstream and legitimized, which is when transgender ideas began riding on those publications and then leeching off women's (especially lesbians') labor. On this graph it looks like trans is draining lesbian+feminism of strength the more frequent it gets. No kidding lol

(Sorry lesbians. I know it doesn't mean much, but I'll always support you.)

No. 1408534

fakebois don't even know how to act this way no matter how much they claim to kek

No. 1408577

They conveniently decided feminism and lesbianism was a hate crime towards penised individuals so this graph is unsurprising. Men centering their own sexuality at our expense as always.

No. 1408638

File: 1641325227957.jpeg (460.71 KB, 750x954, 877C44FC-94A1-4694-987C-CF934E…)

This uggo fat freak always posts his photos to the vintage Facebook groups and uses the hashtag #transwoman as if there’s no way anyone could tell he was an ugly tranny
It’s funny how his photos don’t get many likes as when he first posted I think ppl are tired of seeing his fatass play dress up in a dark room and taking photos with the highest angle possible

No. 1408643

prolly thinks it makes him look petite instead of just Danny Devito sized

No. 1408645

File: 1641325821988.jpg (149.83 KB, 741x426, 20220104_194845.jpg)

I swear to fucking God, YouTube seems hellbent on inflicting this gigantic fucking troon-ogre's videos on me via the algorithm.

I first encountered him when I made the unfortunate decision to click on a video he made about Candyman - the 1992 original being one of my favourite movies. I heard the nasal, grating voice, but didn't think anything sinister of it, it sounded like the sort of voice you'd expect a nerdy male making YouTube videos to have.

Then all of a sudden, it cut to actual footage of him and I was so fucking appalled, I genuinely shouted, "WHOA!!" in stunned horror. This massive, 6'8" moon-faced, shovel-handed moid with shoulders the width of two Mini Coopers that've had a head-on collision, who literally looks like some mischievous time traveller took an enormous Irish navvy dockworker from the slums of Victorian London to the present day and dressed him up as an e-thot for a joke. I had to close the video. I was so viscerally disgusted.

I see him all the time in my recommended now, picrel being just the latest example. I really wanted to play Resident Evil Village, as well, but between him and that other hamplanet troon, Jim Sterling skinwalking Lady Dimitrescu, I feel like these fucking trannies have ruined any enjoyment I might have had playing it.

No. 1408661

File: 1641326995649.png (101.95 KB, 611x504, io.png)

I'm gonna cry. you just put it so perfectly lmaooo We're in good company tho. He's just so repulsive. I hate his little comb-over and his narc selflove he thinks is girl power. I don't understand how he has an audience at all.

I first discovered him when he was fighting with Lindsay Ellis because during a discussion about John Mulaney (I believe) Ellis said something like "(rolleyes emoticon)thanks, John." and Sophie decided she was misgendering him. I had to know who could possibly be that retarded. I got my answer, but at what cost? (having to look at pictures of a balding, weird little narc)

No. 1408667

File: 1641327275016.jpg (342.43 KB, 2048x1536, E2BKxjQWUAAvwU_.jpg)

also I feel nervous for his girlfriend every time I see them together. idk why, he just seems weirdly aggressive

No. 1408674

It's mental to me that trannies demand to be taken seriously on anything, looking the way that they do.

Like, sir, you are an enormous, obviously mentally ill man in ill-fitting women's clothing that was never designed to cope with your massive, burly rugby player's physique. Why should I take anything you say seriously ever? You look ridiculous and you will never be a woman.

No. 1408677

I thought this was contrapoints for a second.

No. 1408678

Sophie from Mars is such a hulking hon he makes Contra look like fucking Edie Sedgwick by comparison.

No. 1408682

I say play it. It's another good addition to the series with a lot more going for it than Dimitrescu. If you don't mind early (I'd say chapter 2 out of 6-7, mild to medium level) spoilers: Dimi's not in the game for very long and has T.ERF (intentional to avoid redtext through spoilers) caricature energy that I kind of live for. She'd hate trannies. It's a shame she kills women, too, I wish she respected all women.

No. 1408690

The hairline…

All male troons are aggressive by default.

No. 1408707

File: 1641329432643.jpg (17 KB, 226x346, 51evEGvOpRL._SY346_.jpg)

Of course Sophie's from Mars.
That's the planet men come from.

No. 1408721

The earliest paper on Google Scholar that actually uses the word cisgender is from 2009. But sure, academics have been using it for decades.

No. 1408723

File: 1641330431568.jpeg (612.88 KB, 1125x1566, 0DE56F6C-8394-4268-A8BE-A15760…)

52% of British women agree trans women are women. Just 33% disagree.
Do you guys believe these polls? I find this very hard to believe


No. 1408732

Kek were these polls created by PinkNews or the NHS? There's no way, it has to be intentionally skewed to favor troids. And if this were true, that would mean that it isn't "TERF island", and that they aren't all that oppressed. Pick one.

No. 1408740

The polls are by YouGov which is probably the most known/respected surveyor in the UK, although who/how they ask exactly I don’t know

No. 1408745

This survey assumes people actually understand the question being asked. Most normies don't actually know the terminology. Anecdotal, I know, but on more than one occasion, when this topic has come up in conversation, I've had people ask things like, "Is a trans woman a man who becomes a woman or a woman who becomes a man?"

People don't know, because trans terminology is, I suspect deliberately, confusing for people not steeped in pomo Twitter identity bullshit.

No. 1408748

If more than half of British women think trans women are women, then why the fuck are these freaks always freaking out about TERFs?

No. 1408749

Most people still think a transwoman is someone who gets genital surgery and is sexually attracted to men. They don't realise the term is mostly appropriated by straight dudes who are obsessed with porn, don't intend to cut off their dicks and demand to be allowed into intimate spaces with little girls.

No. 1408756

Nonna just clear his video from your watch history

No. 1408758

>A trans woman is a woman
>40% yes
>36% no
The other 24% are people that are undecided or have no idea what the heck this is about. I'll leave it to you to decide if that's a relevant group or not.

Here's the link to the report, in case anyone is wondering about the whole survey:

I also suspected that, I myself was confused with that when I first started hearing about it as a young teen. If you have never heard of it before the only thing you know is that "trans woman" has woman in the name.

No. 1408765

File: 1641334236094.png (20.5 KB, 265x259, 2022_01_04-23_09_27_chrome.png)

oops didn't sage

No. 1408774

I think its a matter of how they word the question. People are generally polite enough to refer to tranny as "she" but I wonder how many believe the other bullshit.

Here's a poll where the majority of US voters believe there are only two genders:

No. 1408778

Also it's worth remembering the words used back in the day were transsexual and sex change operation. The term gender has really fucked us all.

No. 1408782

File: 1641336500673.png (65.36 KB, 297x112, 2022-01-04_23-48-20.png)

No. 1408790

My dad still can't get his head around the terminology to the point where he often gets the two mixed up (He thinks a transwoman is a woman who thinks she's a man) I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the answers were skewed by that misunderstanding if the questions weren't very explicit.

No. 1408795

man if this dude was just dressed like this for halloween or a comedy sketch it could be so funny. look at him! he's wagging his finger and probably doing a julia child voice. fucking agps have completely ruined the "laughing at men in dresses" industry.

No. 1408796

> took an enormous Irish navvy dockworker from the slums of Victorian London to the present day and dressed him up as an e-thot for a joke
SEE i would watch that! imagine how funny that would be!

No. 1408797

exactly.I didn't know anything about AGP and transbians until like 2 years ago. In my mind all transgenders were "straight" transsexuals that were born in the wrong body.

Now these HSTS are alienated by others in their community for promoting transmedicalism, erasing enbies and giving stunning and brave hons dysphoria. But even HSTS have shown their true colors and overt misogyny a lot more lately,e.g. nikita dragun

No. 1408798

File: 1641337996569.jpg (153.92 KB, 900x900, ito-chan.jpg)

that riley j dennis fuck is literally miss fuchi. he's a gigantic violent predator trying to devour lesbians.

No. 1408799

>Is a trans woman a man who becomes a woman or a woman who becomes a man?
this is true. half of all normies have it backwards, so if you ask them if trans women are women, they think you're asking if ftms are women

No. 1408805

Dennis is a next level incel. I always feel like the next time I hear about him, it will be a headline about him raping someone or committing a mass shooting. He has fully white Elliot Rodgers energy, equal parts threatening and a total embarrassment.

No. 1408824

File: 1641340687662.jpeg (177.29 KB, 750x1038, 1E39F0AA-75E1-4E8C-AA3B-B96599…)

The one thing they’re honest about.

No. 1408830

So hating commercialized femininity and girlboss content = hating women? I hate all the other superhero movies, too, to be fair. They're all the same, and hypercapitalistic.

No. 1408832

File: 1641340973284.png (631.26 KB, 2000x1150, B8B3DB2F-47EC-4CDC-ACF7-E8AE72…)

aight then

No. 1408839

Almost 40 percent is still pretty high no?

No. 1408858

I don’t care about superhero movies, I just hate how troons hate women over literally just writing a tweet.

No. 1408889

>disgustingly transphobic

Can’t you just imagine the big, meaty hands that typed this sentence out.

No. 1408904

>believing CIA propaganda about a country they didn’t like from six decades ago that has no citations backing it up that it was worse than the Holocaust

No. 1408908

>Assad bad Putin bad
You know Western liberalism birthed trannyism right? Stop watching American television

No. 1408915

>works on camera, in a visual medium
>does this to his eyebrows on purpose

No. 1408917

is their whole thing that “TRANS MEN CAN GET CERVICAL CANCER SO MEN CAN GET CERVICAL CANCER TOO” bc this makes no sense otherwise

No. 1408926

>hand on her head like she's a fucking dog
idk why but this fills me with actual anger wtf lmao

No. 1408960

Even if their methodology is sound, the majority of people believing in nonsense doesn't make it true. Trannies stay using logical fallacies because those are all they have.

I think they're referring to males who get those un-vaginas made. Sometimes the surgeon constructs something at the end that's supposed to resemble a cervix. They're called neo-cervixes, and can develop cancer.

If that's what Pink News is saying, then they're saying that something that isn't a cervix, but is just called a cervix, is a cervix. Incredibly intellectually dishonest, incredibly delusional, or both?

No. 1408968

>They're called neo-cervixes, and can develop cancer.

Literally why
Surgeons are going full Frankenstein

No. 1408969

I had the same thought process and instant rage at seeing that, nonnie. Imagine how he must treat her outside of this

No. 1408970

real fuchi literally ate pedos and handmaidens alive, she's a based monster bff

No. 1408972

ohhhkay so they are just fully done with "sex and gender are different things" now? they were doing great with that point, people could accept "male women" who go to the urologist and "female men" who get cervical cancer. it was retarded but at least admitted gender roles/behaviour/what toys you like come from society

No. 1408974

hi yes i had cancer and these people can actually fuck off and die. an amhole stopper getting a tumour is to real cervical cancer, what a guy with a benign mole is to a leukemia patient.

No. 1408979

File: 1641351357508.png (5.34 MB, 2440x3280, 63A33F23-C1A7-4F1B-8984-C601F5…)

>it's like one of my Japanese animes!

No. 1408988

File: 1641351849583.png (7.64 KB, 1076x125, Does anyone else find it hilar…)

this isn't the win troons think it is

No. 1408997

File: 1641352769442.jpg (Spoiler Image,99.5 KB, 1080x1750, Wat.jpg)

Can someone explain what he's talking about?

No. 1409019

He deserves to freeze to death for this stupidity.

No. 1409021

Mte, so disrespectful

No. 1409030

our skeletal structure is different, we (women) have naturally bigger cavity or "gap" down there (to accommodate having an actual vagina, fallopian tubes, cervix, womb, etc). Men don't and so their bones are positioned much more forwards/lower than ours and this dumbfuck hit a "shelf" of this bone (a bone that wouldn't be there if you did the same thing, is my point) because he's just poking a large object into a large wound and there's never going to be a "vaginal wall" to stop it from just going as far as he pushes into the wound, hitting all sorts of internal organs and bones. I want to spoiler this whole post, but this is accepted reality now. Kek what a timeline

No. 1409037

You know Putin hires people to kill his critics, right?

No. 1409039

Why can’t he hire them to kill trans

No. 1409041

Assange is in political prison in which country again?

No. 1409042

Because trannies do it themselves already.

No. 1409044

In prison, not dead. If someone pulled that shit on the Russian government, they'd be dead.

No. 1409047

Day old post but I find it hilarious how eden the troon thinks he's superior for being "prettier than real women" while being built like an actual mutilated fridge kek. You can't change that male waist size to frame ratio even after removing ribs and doing daily waist training and it shows. Testosterone is like a poison that burns everything its its genetic path. Trannies live in a world of cope because they think being the object of male fetish is peak womanhood. Even the ugliest, dykiest butch is more female and beautiful than that thing and any male whose brain is soaked in less than an inch of cum can see it

No. 1409054

God i love you nonnas the entire time i thought i was a fucking crazy person for questioning all this shit and walking myself in metal circles but no, troons and sources that sponsor troons are GROSSLY dishonest and i’m pretty sure their goal is to skew reality or the truth

No. 1409060

Trans surgery + hormones make them cashcows. When I looked at the numbers of how much one trans person will spend on that shit in a lifetime (plus merch, plus streaming media that suits the agenda) it finally made sense how hard the push toward this is. Gay people were never so profitable, even with rainbow capitalism.
Going on r/detrans, it seems like there's a big push from surgeons to have women get hysterectomies and men to get orchiectomies. If I were feeling very cynical, I would say that would be the perfect way to keep people on hormones forever even if the people desist transition (and a huge percentage eventually will) because they can no longer produce their own.

It also makes sense that there's a lot of weird politics behind the scenes because we're making a kind of noble savage out of the more photogenic (less terrifying looking) transwomen. When I saw Hontrapoints' 'just vote!' video, I had a real nasty feeling he was being paid-off massively to post it.
Honestly, realizing that there's so much money in this made me feel a little better. Greed's a lot easier to understand than mass-delusion on that scale. If the money dried up, I think most of this bullshit would disappear overnight.



No. 1409061

This is why it will only end when the lawsuits start rolling in one after another. You can make money, but you're going to lose it in court. I hate the paid off/corporate owned MSM now for hiding all the evil bullshit done behind the scenes now and can't watch the news anymore. Reminds me when someone said the real news is never on the news.

No. 1409064

File: 1641364541430.jpg (744.33 KB, 1500x1000, Who-is-Kim-Petras-how-old-is-s…)

Its interesting that there isn't more discussion about this beast lately as they have that fucking song going viral online about their "tits" that fags seem to love. I've seen so many posts like "I never knew they were trans" when the creature looks like a skinwalker. It's so obviously a male. Apparently Kim Petras is the youngest person to ever transition or something and they still turned out this way

No. 1409065

File: 1641364545184.jpg (203.6 KB, 739x2048, FILfV1LXwAQ4yXp.jpg)

>you're opinion
men are so fucking stupid lmao

No. 1409069

wtf did he do to himself

No. 1409070

LOL I realized I recognized this dude and it's the guy who plays that annoying neurotic guy on Gilmore girls.

Literally a neverwas. Why does his rich person opinion matter more then ? LMFAO literally shut up all these Hollywood shills are so out of touch and annoying

No. 1409071

Sean maybe you need to say that to yourself pal lol literally projecting

No. 1409073

File: 1641365794440.jpg (117.87 KB, 828x1147, FIDSrS0XIAIpXjD.jpg)

this fucking face is killing meeeeee

No. 1409074

A male being a witch is what seems less likely

No. 1409078

Irish politicians were lobbied by whoever does that shit to secretly hijack our gay marriage act when we voted that in a few years ago, to allow all sorts of wild troon shit like changing from male to female on your birth cert with no background checks. No one knew that's what they were voting for. I would have flipped my shit at the time, it was all marketed/packaged as being about gay marriage and gay rights. Not teens mutilating themselves. This fella (picrel) is just a random moid from an Irish Trans Facebook, his caption was asking to be accepted as a person. Wild times, I thought it was bait

No. 1409079

Anon I guffawed

No. 1409084

I didn't post the image but forgot to delete the last bit of my post too,(because the scrote admits in his bio that he is a crossdressing male so it wouldnt be on topic to post him.) Sorry anon(eens), you missed out on an eyesore. Just a run of the mill fetishist that doesn't compare to the full on cabal shit I mentioned in my original post. (No tinfoil, unbelievably somehow reality)

No. 1409085

don’t you dare talk science to me 5 o clock shadow snow moid

No. 1409086

File: 1641367726188.jpg (959.4 KB, 2000x1270, Kim-Petras.-Credit-Astrida-Val…)

Took puberty blockers and transitioned at age 11 or some shit like that. People keep talking about they can't even tell he's trans, its hilarious

No. 1409087

People don't seem to realize puberty blockers don't 'block' puberty, just slows it down, so instead of going through puberty as a powerless teen, you do it as an adult (usually 20's-30's) so you can really fuck up your life lmao. Look at Jaron/Jazz Jennings now, he's going through it with the castrato shit, and Petras as well.

No. 1409095

>blames women

moobs, fridge waist, and bad hairline. still looks male.

No. 1409101

I can't believe John Hathorne reincarnated as a tranny and is now utilizing psyops.

No. 1409104

Jk did her research though and came to the conclusion trannies suck unlike you who takes whatever trannies say at face value instead of listening to actual women.

No. 1409108

consider this: russia is an imperialist shithole country too

russia is just eastern europe's usa

stop retweeting commie aesthetic tweets

No. 1409112

File: 1641371699173.jpg (179.37 KB, 827x1214, FIDAFMmXsAEUfrd.jpg)

I'd hide in my basement if I had whatever chromosomal abnormality made my head look like Mandark's

No. 1409116

Noticed how troons can only think polarities. It's like they're in this endless state of overcompensation for anything. They feel inadequate about their "femininity" so they hardline into stereotypes. They play so hard into performative activism that they go from simple anti-US imperialism to just rooting for other superpowers. There is no middle ground with them. Sage for autistic rant

No. 1409124

Maybe you should try being in a film that isn't directed by your pedo brother for a change, m8.

No. 1409125

All or nothing thinking is common in sufferers of BPD.

No. 1409128

>"I have a little series called Monster Men"
Oh great, another fucking troon talking about trans issues.

No. 1409143

And this is after ffs.

No. 1409145

I hate the "assigned female/male at birth" phrase. Assigned, like the doctor just fucking decided to call you male or female on a whim. Fucking disgusting

No. 1409151

File: 1641378170361.jpeg (465.24 KB, 828x1021, 13645C6F-78EA-4174-9CCC-23C50D…)

I miss when the black and death metal scene were inhabited by people who would laugh at this shit

No. 1409158

they can never take care of their hair properly

No. 1409160

No offense to the autists itt, but it's an autistic trait too, and the majority of troons of all stripes are autistic. The worst kind have personality disorders as well (men are more often narcs and women are more often BPD because BPD is often caused by childhood sexual abuse and NPD is more often caused by being extremely spoiled and neglected simultaneously).

I remember almost a decade ago when I was in tumblr radfem circles, there was a troon who was pro-radfem named especialsnowflake or something. He pointed out how many people who were being considered leaders and spokespeople in the gender community had "psychotic" listed in their bios and how absolutely bonkers it was to have someone who straight up tells you they're insane to be speaking for a movement or given power. I thought that was cruel at the time, but I've become so bitter about everything that I think back on it and despair. It's not ableist to say that someone who has limited capacity for reasoning shouldn't be given limitless power and influence.

No. 1409167

It's projection. He's clearly unhappy, his post about "enjoying himself and touching grass" is more about how much he hates someone else than his own fulfillment. He's smiling for the photo, but he is full of misogynistic rage as a result of terminal mental illness.

No. 1409168

To be fair, it was a phrase they coopted from intersex people (who want nothing to do with them). It originally referred to doctors incorrectly assigning people as male/female if it looked like they had a penis/vagina, but then it turned out that they were only superficially like their "assigned sex" (ie they looked like they had a penis, but they couldn't produce sperm and had female organs, or they looked like they had a vagina but they had male organs). It's just another thing that has the right to be talked about that trannies have stolen from less privileged people, and then corrupted so that it no longer even resembles its initial use.

No. 1409178

All this, plus literally "assigning" a sex in the case that somebody was born with ambiguous genitals. A dick AND a vagoo? Better chop one off arbitrarily at the ripe old age of 0.
This happened at least through the 90's. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_intersex_surgery
Intersex people have reason to be upset that this terminology has been appropriated like this. Surgically assigning a sex to a baby that cannot consent is incomparable to merely observing a newborn's sex.

No. 1409180

File: 1641383772659.png (472.08 KB, 591x622, fcpd.png)

please delete

No. 1409181

how does he manage to look both young and ancient at the same time… like a creepy doll

No. 1409182

I mean yeah. the term was used to describe what doctors had INCORRECTLY assigned them as because it wasn't immediately obvious. Often they assigned boys as girls because a penis was easier to remove. It was (and unfortunately is) a barbaric and medically unsound practice based on a flawed understanding of sex.

I can see how the thought process went when troons were arguing "the doctor was wrong because I'm a girl inside, they just couldn't see it, hashtag born this way" but gender shit has evolved into some weird abstract "I'm whatever I feel like at any given time" so appropriating the term now seems even more disgusting. The doctor wasn't wrong/confused. You ARE that sex. You're just fucking around with gender roles. jfc

No. 1409185

Idk all I know is dear fucking god he has potato face and a pug nose! if your a scrote who thinks your a wahmain atleast learn how to fucking highlight and contor and fucking moustrize your skin!

No. 1409187

Is metal even especially popular with women? I mean, I know there ARE female metal fans, but as a genre it seems really scrotey. If trannies really were true and honest women on the inside, wouldn't they be more likely to enjoy musical genres more popular with women, like pop and R&B? Boybands and shit?

I know several troons who are into metal and it's always extremely cringe. They're just skinny dudes with weak chins and long greasy hair, and they were, to a man, always into it before trooning out.

In truth, that's true, I find, of a lot of MTFs, they claim that they've always felt like a woman on the inside, but their hobbies and interests almost always coincide with things popular with males - particularly nerdy, socially outcast males, like metal music, video games and Warhammer. You'd think we'd see an exploration, post-trooning of more stereotypically feminine hobbies like embroidery or yoga or whateverthefuck, but no, they just carry on doing whatever nerdy shit they've always done, but this time wearing a dress. And with an erection.

No. 1409188

Video games as a genre is quite a 50-50

No. 1409189

Depends on the games, really.

No. 1409190

It's normally only HSTs with genuine feminine hobbies, but even then it's just superficial things like makeup. AGPs try to be interested in makeup but fail horribly.

No. 1409191

For casual games you play on your phone, I think the numbers are actually higher for women, but 'serious' pc/console games are still predominately men, probably 70-80% I would guess

No. 1409194

If any actual woman went on stage looking like that she'd be dragged to hell and back meanwhile mr.mashed potatoes here can wiggle like a geriatric on stage and get applause because the standards are always low for men. I take that back any woman that looked like this would never had made it in the industry at all

No. 1409196

It's because people pity these freaks anon and they like to use them to virtue signal

No. 1409207

imagine being 43 and acting like this. are these young gen Xer parents or geriatric millennials doing this shit?

No. 1409209

it's so warped and ugly

No. 1409213

I thought it's the same retard that made a 'dunking on terfs' video where he is dancing in lingerie in front of a radfem saying that transwomen will never be women. They all look the same
Anyway what does BBL mean? Big Butt…something?

No. 1409217

>>1409213 brazilian butt lift

No. 1409233

Kek, anon. It's also the lifeless eyes.

No. 1409235

This makes my skin crawl, they always remind me of wendigos.

No. 1409245

kek ty for laugh nona

No. 1409248

Jokes on him, I don’t live in a basement. I troll from the kitchen while Nigel cooks me dinner. These boys and their cope and their huge foreheads.

No. 1409250

File: 1641395391667.jpg (Spoiler Image,57.81 KB, 1000x750, 60d0a8933093db001970236f.jpg)

>look at Jazz
Speaking of which…

No. 1409257

File: 1641396578621.jpg (25.27 KB, 540x220, tumblr_6df68d390cd57ae98cd6d7e…)

this one's getting his ass handed to him on tumblr but not for this post. What a sick fucking idiot.

No. 1409258

We've talked about this for the last couple of threads. Not saying you should have known, just getting kind of sick of talking about fat Jazz lmao

No. 1409260

Yet somehow as a tranny it's totally cool to want a vagina and fantasize about pregnancy, even abortion for some reason and breastfeed babies when you produce no milk at all. The breastfeeding if anything just screams pedophilia.

No. 1409263

File: 1641397304357.jpg (111.09 KB, 540x540, mgg.jpg)

>things that make gender great
this is so fucken stupid. It's fun for you because it's about cooming and not about being denied promotions, being paid less, employers buying info from period tracker apps to tell if you're pregnant so they can fire you, getting worse medical care, or being harassed if you don't perform beauty correctly (and if you do). That might be because even if women say they're not women, we still get treated like women. It's almost as if gender is about how people perceive us rather than what we identify with. Hmm. I wonder if that's why men have more fun 'being women' that we do.

No. 1409267

Back when I was one of those "HSTS are the REAL troons and aren't perverts, they're ok!!" copers, I used to watch Robbie Whites videos and he would often mention that disordered eating is heavily connected with being trans because both things were rooted in body dismorphia. And yet he somehow didn't bring the thought to its natural conclusion that both eating disorders and transexualism are mental illness and should never be pursued

No. 1409269

I know he's being inflammatory on purpose but his very post screams pedophilia. Sexualizing breastfeeding and likening a child's birth to a woman having sex is plain nonce behavior. That post reads like his fantasy with the word necrotic thrown in because some tumblr girl called his frankenhole one

No. 1409270

it's true. don't ban me but i myselfused to ALWAYS push the bosses to hire troon actors at my job (small production company) because all i could see was the good publicity, advertising, and new fans it would get our films+company.
i usually think money is the best argument to get your way in the entertainment business, but troons have stepped outside the "good source of revenue" sphere and into "agressive rapists and science deniers". good thing i'm not actually important or influential at work kek.

No. 1409271


>is that normal?

in what universe would it ever be NORMAL to first amputate healthy body parts and then keep pushing foreign objects into the wounds. they're so detached from reality it's insane

No. 1409272

motherFUCK when you expand that pic he looks like fucking Death Becomes Her crossed with Elena Milagro

No. 1409274

>wrinkly 50 year old in a HOODIE which is also pink and says unicorn army
iTs NoT a FeTiSh

No. 1409277

That's really interesting. Were you pro-trans at the time, or was it purely because it would be financially beneficial for the company?

No. 1409278

File: 1641398317508.png (81.13 KB, 540x271, tumblr_1977b5131dd0aa865bfe589…)

K so I thought this was a troll post because "Museum of Transology" but I looked it up and it fucking is a real thing. I think these threads deserve that title tbh. Our research has to be far more comprehensive.

No. 1409283

>employers buying info from period tracker apps to tell if you're pregnant so they can fire you

No. 1409285

File: 1641398866748.png (27.86 KB, 632x234, ttc.png)


I know it sounds like a conspiracy but there's a load of articles about it. It's very unfortunate and creepy.

No. 1409287

The seething hatred of women and their ability to reproduce is so apparent in the trans community. At this point it’s just becoming a tired cope and the hate feels like a projection of how much they actually hate themselves.

No. 1409296

I'd like to know what kind of mother relationships troons usually have. Would the female hatred come from being treated poorly by their mother? Or do they as a man feel that the mother gets all the love of the children because she carries them and they're jealous?

No. 1409310

maybe some sort of convoluted madonna whore complex? I'm thinking an absent or distant father and a mother as the main care-taker. They want to evade adult responsibility by turning themselves into little girls that have to be taken care of forever.

They want to be the whores/little slutty girls not mothers or regular adult women. It's similar to some anachans wanting to be childlike to avoid growing up.

But with troons there seems to be a mixture between a) wanting to be cared for by a mother figure/skinwalking their own daughters if they're married b) lack of male rolemodels, feelings of inadequacy in their male role, skinwalking their ideal waifu

No. 1409313

i thought anons were being OTT about /pol/tards being in here, but this level of retardation can only be from there. Embarrassed for you.
female popstars have to starve themselves but he can look like that kek. tranny privilege is real.
i believe people think he's real from his super photoshopped music covers, but as soon as he's irl it's so obvious he's a chubby little blonde boy lol

No. 1409318

> evade adult responsibility by turning themselves into little girls that have to be taken care of forever
they just literally think it's easier being a woman because their entire lives revolve around sex and most women can access it on tap. they're rats hitting a button for a dopamine hit. It's literally just the end result of being a coomer. Brain full of holes and dick dont work no more.

No. 1409333

You couldn't tell from the liberal usage of "fag" that this thread was crawling with /pol/tards?

No. 1409338

got that man beer gut

No. 1409341

okay, but also fuck you and thanks a lot.

No. 1409356

File: 1641405339982.jpg (57.37 KB, 990x825, man.jpg)

That's the best puberty blockers can do?


No. 1409361

this troon's blog is just screeds about filthy tme roastie terfs sandwiched in between photos of actual biological "cis" women. nuclear levels of cope and seethe.

No. 1409365

I honestly thought I was being trolled when someone told me Kim Petras is a man (this was years ago before the Y chromosome caught up with him) but then I saw him next to actual women outside of a filtered photoshoot picture and it was so obvious. They can work the angles, poses and photoshop but never cheat real life.

No. 1409371

File: 1641406294033.jpg (236.97 KB, 810x1998, 20220105_120923.jpg)

this is the shit that makes me want to a-log
>"we are superior to those cis harpies!!"

No. 1409373

File: 1641406490149.png (582.36 KB, 631x698, Screenshot 2022-01-05 at 15-04…)

>"I'm so grateful for achieving all of my wishes, slowly and at my own pace. Look at this before and after. I'm so happy and confident, now going after my next wishes (emojis). Tell me: what do you wish for next year?"

His twitter is a shitfest and if anyone wants translations I'm sure me and other anons can provide them, but I'd say the pics are enough. https://twitter.com/anacarolinaapoc

No. 1409377

>Oddly euphoric though
Every time

No. 1409385

Period cramps are caused by the cervix contracting. If you don't have a cervix, your cramps aren't period cramps. Duh. What the hell is cramping for trannies? Their intestines? Do they just eat a bunch of Indian food and call the result a period?

No. 1409387

His hairline gave it away for me. His forehead looks like a helicopter windshield. Males have absolutely cursed hairlines.

No. 1409389

>their necrotic pussies
The only one with a necrotic "pussy" are you with your stinking rotting axe wound where your cock used to be, troon. Reaching levels of cope that shouldn't be possible.

They unironically believe that their shit cramps from being constipated are signs of their "period". Delusional as always.

No. 1409391

I mean, go the hospital if you're bloating so much you're in agony. Sounds like a lot of troons have intestinal issues. What the hell do they think is even cramping?
I've had libfem friends tell me to go along with this bullshit "to help with their dysphoria." It's a lot closer to religion than it is to an identity or sexuality. My mother in law cornered me at her mother's funeral and asked me if I believed in heaven. Didn't really have a choice but to go along with it. Whereas I never had to pretend I believed my gay friends were gay. That was evident.

No. 1409399

Men are a disgusting disease

No. 1409402

When I have cramps I cry on the bed until my painkillers kick in if they ever do and drinking is the last thing on my mind. It's so far away from euphoria of any kind. I wish to alog.

No. 1409409

>Gay male in a long blonde wig
>It's a woman!

Men really just see tits and hair and nothing else, they don't really understand wigs, extensions, makeup and surgery so they are easily bamboozled, kinda like showing a realistic doll to a caveman

No. 1409412

File: 1641409341974.png (39.27 KB, 595x419, atttn.png)

Ah. Now I know why so many troons push T on girls. They're so jealous of women's bodies they want them to lose them.

No. 1409415

the word would be “transmisandry”

trooning out little girls because they like sports and trucks is misogynistic as fuck but we know you don’t care about actual women

No. 1409418

Of course he has to dress like a 20 year-old

No. 1409425

i was very pro trans because i'd only ever known ladyboy types back where I come from, but was peaked after reading the KF tranny sideshow thread at lunch sometimes. i remember the first time i cicked it, i was expecting a sort of gossipy datalounge kind of thing, but instead saw the absolute madlad westerner agps and after a few weeks fully accepted that these cannot possibly women.
and every "ftm" i saw after moving here was some kind of quiet labourer type, like mechanics or steelworkers or something. they came across as just really committed butches and i never heard of anyone trying to be a "gay man" like the crazt tumblr ftms.

No. 1409426

i hate men so much it is unREAL

No. 1409433

Yeah that seems to be a lot of people's experience. We start out assuming it's an offshoot of gay rights, and so of course we're onboard and supportive. I hope more info about all of this gets out there to the normies. Not even stuff with a particularly GC angle, just the naked truth. I swear, if people knew what all of this was about, they'd peak immediately.

No. 1409453

This. I am so tired of the insufferable moralfagging in gendercrit threads.

No. 1409460

To be honest I had only heard Kim Petra’s name, never seen him or heard his music so I didn’t know it was a trans singer people were talking about. I heard his voice on the song he did with Madison Beer (not being familiar with Madison’s either except what she looks like) and I can’t tell whose voice is which. I think it’s easier for men to approximate a female voice in the studio because they can sing high and use autotune.

No. 1409471

Tinfoil time so excuse me. What if all the beauty trends nowadays are troon pushed? The ridiculous BBLs, drag makeup, plastic surgery for everything. They wanna blend in better and when everyone's a botched bimbo freak it's easier for them.

No. 1409475

Petras' voice is the only thing about him that actually passes imo. I've heard his speaking voice as well and it sounds female but this is a known thing that happens when males are castrated before puberty. They used to do it to little chior boys on purpose so their voices would stay high and female sounding forever. Petras only sounds like a woman because he got the chemical version of being a castrato. It's certainly not making him any more of a female

No. 1409482

>What if all the beauty trends nowadays are troon pushed? The ridiculous BBLs, drag makeup, plastic surgery for everything.

Nikkietutorials was one of the major makeup Youtubers around 2015 and inspired the makeup style and presentation of many of the ciswomen ones of the time who in turn influenced teenage girls/online trends in general, and of course Jeffree Star has always been very camp in presentation and similarly successful, so there was a definite drag male influence in the beauty community which went on to affect trends nowadays.

No. 1409484

Samefag, as for the BBL and thot face/body, that all started with the Kardashians who are tied to (married to) black male rappers who according to gossip I've read #onhere are notoriously secret bisexuals and sex addicts, so I can see that thotty draggy look being encouraged by their husbands, and then that going on to influence other women, those are the two main early contributors to current trends from my observation, Kardashians and the beauty community on Youtube. These had a huge early effect on how women wanted to look from 2014-onward as Instagram became popular and people started binging Youtube more than ever and plastering their faces with dozens of beauty products.
I don't think it's a troon conspiracy, more just convenient, and in line with men always being in control of female fashion trends.

No. 1409491

Witch larpers are retarded in the first place but troon witch larpers take it up a notch.

No. 1409492

File: 1641416534403.png (81.68 KB, 2066x830, yike.png)

No. 1409509

something i keep wondering about:
if trannies decide they're gonna be girls and if they have supportive family, why do they chose their new names themselves instead of having their parents name them again?
would make a lot of sense to me, yet i never saw it

No. 1409515

Maybe their parents have awful taste or hate them. I get not wanting your parents to choose your names. However, TiM AGPs seem to gravitate towards picking from the same set of names and I don’t know why. So many of them seem to be named some variation of Lily/Lilith, Alice, Sophie, Zoey, and Kate/Caitlyn.

No. 1409516

Not a /pol/tard at all but if you don't see how fags don't mock and exploit women on a similar level to trannies you're delusional.

No. 1409524

>together for 12 years, have a toddler
>"Yesterday my spouse tells me during couples therapy that they no longer want to be monogamous and want me to be open to polyamory. And I just cant do it. Spouse basically said they was going to start being nonmonogamous anyways."
first comment
>"I'm so sorry your partner isn't practicing ethical non-monogamy. That's not fair to you."
>ethical non-monogamy
wtf is wrong with this world

it's always the same: woman has a baby -> he troons out

No. 1409537

I knew one IRL that picked "Beatrice" because "there's no male equivalent of that name", kinda like Maria has Mario. Maybe that's one of their reasonings

No. 1409542

Do you think the reason so many men morph into trannies after women give birth is because the men are jealous at the attention women get when they're going through pregnancy and have a new baby? Most men get jealous anyway, maybe this is a form of it

No. 1409548

of course. do you even have to ask?

No. 1409556

the wife looks traumatized

No. 1409578

Wasn't metal guys supposed to be manly men Nazis?
But then again most troons were Nazis at some point

No. 1409608

There's something seriously wrong with these people like they need to be locked up. How can you shove something up your wound through the wrong place (????) and not instantly become horrified and question life

No. 1409630

File: 1641426387720.jpeg (404.45 KB, 684x1301, 959E699F-BC41-4810-BE9C-8AEAB7…)

I’m sorry, the first thing I thought was “Is this another fake hate crime like Jussie Smollet?”

No. 1409632

God I hope so, but more likely it's because Oakland california is a shithole

No. 1409648

Yeah, it's really rare that MtFs work with their parents to find a new name. Instead they just choose cutesy girly names, medieval fantasy names, or pornstar names, even if the female version of their male name is perfectly normal.
I know a lot of fakebois that choose their own super special names (ash!!1!), but I also know a lot of more serious FtMs that did work with their parents to choose a relatively normal name for themselves.

That being said…

My parents didn't know my sex until I was born, so they prepped a male and a female name for me. Thank god I was born female, because "Juan" is one of the worst normal names out there. If I wanted to troon out, I would sure as hell renegotiate that one.


No. 1409654

Crime had nothing to do with being a troon. And it’s so weird we’re hearing so much about this person. How many people even watch Jeopardy?

No. 1409665

More likely just a random crime bc Oakland

No. 1409681

This isn’t the case for HSTS who aren’t white. That demographic tends to be the more uber-progressive types even though they’re still misogynistic. It’s typically the white TiM AGPs that that Nazis/ex-Nazis. I think it’s because they’re also more likely to be raised in wealthy households that coddle them from marginalizations before “discovering” their transness or whatever.

No. 1409710

I hate AGPs so much, particularly the ones who think that their fetish actually makes them a woman. My opinion may be unpopular here but I don't care if men have autogynephilia and want to cross dress if they just accept the fact that they are men with a fetish and that their fetish doesn't reflect the genuine female experience. I don't personally care about HSTS, I don't even give them much thought.

My existence is not a fetish. I'm not perpetually turned on by myself and my body and experiences I have that are generally unique to women. It disgusts me that these deluded males think that their erection from putting on a dress or sitting in a knitting circle is a universal female experience.

There is a natural level of caution that all women instinctively have when it comes to heterosexual males. Women's spaces exist and we recognize the differences between men and women to keep women safe. The majority of men respect these boundaries. Perverts in the present day in first world countries can bypass these boundaries by trooning out. Suddenly they are a woman just like any other woman and rape culture is just fine again. If you name the AGP you are a TERF which is the worst thing you can be these days, apparently.

I will never accept these paraphilic males as women. Persecute me and hate me until the end of the earth and I will still refuse.

No. 1409721

I actually agree that I don't really care about crossdressing men. I do think they're essentially self-harming and doing self-deprecation with the bimboplay too, but it's not my place to stop them as I'm no therapist. I draw the line where they're deprecating me and other women by claiming womanhood.

No. 1409734

I love watching Jeopardy and it's really upsetting that the "highest scoring female champion of all time" is a fucking man with a fetish. It's gross and offensive.

No. 1409748

His forehead wrinkles are so deep you could grow potatoes in them. And yet, every time I see a wrinkled troon looking old like that, he's always in his 20s or 30s.

No. 1409754

File: 1641436425570.jpg (356.43 KB, 600x718, lol.jpg)

i was bored so i made a bingo card

No. 1409760

File: 1641437280103.png (15.48 KB, 1076x279, my mum has been tracking my cy…)

Hates jk rowling for making sense or any other women that is a "terf" to them

No. 1409761

File: 1641437328842.png (5.35 KB, 1080x115, Why are we so sexualized.png)

this made me kek

No. 1409764

File: 1641437576652.jpg (21.77 KB, 400x224, 188589.jpg)

No. 1409769

>plenty of chocolate hhuuurrrr

They all use the same dumbass script.

No. 1409770

its like we cannot win, theres other men who'll want to fuck them but to them is fetishization but women who don't THEY'RE EVIL MEANIE TERFS WHO NEED TO BE RAPED/ASSAULTED/SOLDINTOSEXUALSLAVERY/SUCKTHEGIRLYDICK!

No. 1409774

File: 1641438681684.jpeg (1.58 MB, 3024x4032, B07117BA-3E80-4938-8FED-56C5AF…)


Literally this. "Amelia" here has often complained about being fetishized and just thought of as a fucktoy. It's a real problem. So sad.

No. 1409776

One is the cope of opposite sex attraction, and the other the cope of same sex attraction. Gay moids who troon seek non-down low relationships with men and think pretending to be a woman will increase their chances since majority of men are straight, while straight men who troon just seek sex with the object of their fetish (lesbian porn, incels seeing lesbians as pure since no real dick penetration, retard men who think sex is always better with a dick so they should be proffered by gay women over real women - think moids who think they can turn a lesbian). Both however get the ego boost of achieving what the real sex they're larping as does.

No. 1409777

* preferred kek.

No. 1409778

if this thing was dressed as a man then there would be no alcohol enough in the world for anyone to fuck that disgusting troon

No. 1409779

It's part of the fetish.

No. 1409792

File: 1641439812037.png (1005.63 KB, 1192x908, Screenshot 2021-09-05 at 18.25…)

Clearly. Another thing that's part of it is his constant claims that he has a period. He develops a superhuman sense of smell when he's oN HiS PeRiOd btw.
The funniest thing about male troons who claim to have periods isn't just that they claim to have them with no female organs, it's that they have ALL the symptoms at once. ALL the cravings at once. They're all cramping in the same way, they're "moody", they're all craving chocolate and just ate a whole tub of ice cream by themselves. Basically anything they've seen about periods in pop culture, they have it all at once.

This is "Amelia" as a teenager, already looking old but not gross. And today, aged 4x as fast as a normal person.

No. 1409794

decent looking guy into an ugly troon isn't estrogen supposed to help with the balding too?

No. 1409801

he looks like 30 there

No. 1409805

clearly this man's hairline never stood a chance lmao if at 16 he already had a 30 yo's hairline, not even a cocktail bomb of hormones would save it… you can't fight genetics lol

No. 1409815

>user is literally 'autogynamelia'
Why is this troon complaining about being fetishized? He sexualizes women and fetishizes the idea of being a woman

No. 1409820

Because he wants to be fetishized and wishes he was attractive. It's just to signal to the troons and handmaidens who follow him that he's in high demand. His whole life is a larp of things he wishes were true.

No. 1409824

>it's an alternate timeline seinfeld episode where George becomes a tranny

No. 1409827

Yes, people have already suggested that he starts using costanza/costanzaself as pronouns. And I think he should take them up on the idea.

No. 1409831

File: 1641443410833.png (824.84 KB, 1500x1526, FAT_BALD_INCEL_PWNEDBYSNEAKERH…)

Lmao checked his twitter account and it seems a tranny can only be defeated by a slightly more oppressed fakeboi who likes calling people faggots and trannies

No. 1409846

File: 1641445274917.jpg (47.27 KB, 742x394, K1240K5.jpg)

This is disgusting.

No. 1409849

Where did you hear that? It absolutely does not. Taking testosterone or estrogen will make biological men lose their hair especially if they are already balding like that guy.

No. 1409851

Sorry anon but this one is kind of dumb to me. A lot of people change their names for a variety of reasons and it’s stupid to expect people to check with their parents or ask them for a new name first.

No. 1409859

VERY strong doubt whatever jessica got resembles anything similar to a woman’s and doesn’t function like one either
how the fuck do they keep this shit up while also keeping their hatchet wound open

No. 1409871

crazy how the most testosterone addled male brained hulks troon out. Like how delusional do you have to be to be balding with a beard at 16 and think “yep I can totally pass as a woman!” Typical male over-confidence and lack of social awareness and shame.

No. 1409872

bc its not cis lesbians doing the fetishizing

No. 1409874

context plz

No. 1409878

Based fakeboi.

No. 1409881

>dating another tranny
But wouldn't this be the safer option just like enzyme inhibition? Rather than them chasing us

No. 1409891

File: 1641450451983.png (4.63 MB, 1700x4110, JESSEWHATTHEFUCKAREYOUTALKIMGA…)

Ok, from what I could find, 'autogynemalia' posted about stealing fakeboi blood to become a woman and also said black fakebois inherrently opppress him somehow (??) Also being a member of some sexpest misogynic suicidal white tw thing called 'baeddels' and got cancelled over this.

please excuse that I couldn't explain this coherently because honestly looking at this makes me feel like I'm catching psychoticism

No. 1409892

Tranners only date other tranners out of pure desperation. The screeching about how beautiful and sexy trans ppl are is pure cope. No one wants them.

No. 1409896


How do you look like 60 year old Vince Neil at 16? Absolutely no hope from the beginning

No. 1409902

>Giving me some genius ideas
Are you a man or just retarded?

The two TIMs I know used variations of the names of girls they wanted to bone. If you follow AGP logic you'll get there. That's why they choose names that aren't common in their generation. You've got middle-aged men with names that are popular with teen girls now. Don't see many Ruths or Janes amongst troons. Of girls who are 16 now, the most common names are Emily, Madison, Ava, Abigail, Olivia, Hannah, and Sophie.

No. 1409904

>Are you a man or just retarded?
You only need to say retarded once kek.

No. 1409907

File: 1641452760211.png (81.08 KB, 651x562, wtfit.png)

No. 1409909

i knew AGP trannies hated GNC people. they act tolerant but you know they hate that some men are comfortable enough with themselves to dress however they want and not chop their dicks off.

No. 1409910

If jobs are "human constructs" and "reproduction" is our real job, then shouldn't troons be fired for castrating themselves? lmao

No. 1409914

I think they transform themselves into the girl of their coomer fantasies. A woman that is super sexual in a degenerate way, loves to be degraded and dominated almost as much as anime, hentai, video games,programming, metal, and any other male dominated activity you can think of, because women that like those things are scarce generally speaking (I know video games are like 50/50 but you know what I mean)…
Tl;dr they are basically creating a fictional character but they ugly af and will never be a woman

No. 1409923

This was supposed to be the Summer of George. :((:()

No. 1409924

No. 1409925

TERF gang stay winning.

No. 1409927

there's a pay block can't read it

No. 1409928

I was reading the Hacker News discussion over this article and

>According to my child's world view, I need to ask them every day what their pronouns are today. And any accidental slip-ups on any adult's part are a demonstration of transphobia, which justifies a raised voice and lecture.

I'm never having children

No. 1409930

No. 1409931


No. 1409934

Its the same thing. They both troon out to try and get with people who reject them because of their gender. HSTS want straight men and AGP want lesbians. It's both gross and predatory. Especially since HSTS go for kids and teenagers on discord. Just look at predators like James Charles (troon out imminent).

No. 1409935

Do you think this culture of troonery is ever going to die down or go away? Is this just a very long trend? Because it's just getting worse.

No. 1409939

the BBL/bimbofication movement has been ending lately as the Kardashians and others are downsizing their plastic surgery and going back to more subtle looks. I think 90s thin grungey chic is going to come back in a big way and I do wonder how troons will cope because without their bolt ons and bimbo makeup, they'll pass even less.

No. 1409947

you know 76% of American women over the age of 18 are overweight or obese now right

No. 1409948

NTA and OT but is this a true statistic?

No. 1409949

obese women still don't look male anon

No. 1409950

unless I'm misreading this that statistic seems fairly high

No. 1409966

I'm equally terrified by crossdressers or outwardly transgender. I have met guys who I suspect were crossdressers when I was working retail and they kept hovering around the women's underwear and bra section. They kept touching the clothing. We had multiple creeps do this and usually they aren't bold enough to try them on but with the whole tranny shit and female spaces being open for perverts I'm sure they aren't afraid of backlash anymore. Protip: if youre going to buy lingire or bikinis, do not pick them out of the sale section. Most likely its been used, returned or tried on in some way. I would only buy underwear that come in sealed packs.

No. 1409968

Kek never knew white TIMs had a group.

No. 1409970

Cant come soon enough

No. 1409971

File: 1641464322317.jpg (7.44 KB, 259x194, ExuZSmtXIAIwlUY.jpg)

>“The emphasis that so-called gender-critical women place on what they describe as threats to women ignores the fact that trans women are overwhelmingly those who are threatened in single-sex spaces.”

Can't deal with this fucking shit I swear to God. OVERWHELMINGLY those who were threatened. They're the demographic LEAST likely to be victims of murder.

No. 1409976

They're unbelievably retarded but in the end I can't blame them too much because everyone keeps only talking about how HRT magically shrinks your bones, fixes your hairline and turns you into a period-having cute little girl/sexy model with F cup tits and they post their obviously photoshopped "transition timelines" that resemble more feminization fetish graphs than realistic results.

The way they weaponize the murder rates of black trans prostitutes getting killed by their Johns is amazing. How did they ever manage to take those statistics and claim that yes, it's actually the terfs killing and raping all the 6ft linebackers in dresses and make it a legitimate thing, I have no idea. I guess people are just actively looking for reasons to hate women.

No. 1409981

Trannies claim it as a cope.
The issue isn't that changing your name to something you personally like is inherently weird/bad, it's that they're changing their names for coom purposes but then lying and saying it's to live as their "true and authentic self". If they really wanted to retcon their existence to be themselves but the opposite sex, they would be more likely to consult their parents on what their name would have been, or at least choose names that fit them WRT age, nationality, ethnicity, and how common their original name is, instead of just skinwalking their high school crush, female family members, celebrity crush, or straight up porn stars.

No. 1409982

Crossdressers are incredibly creepy. I could never believe the harmless fetish line.
And the experience you describe from working in retail is so obviously complete creepers doing their very male thing yet you would STILL get handmaidens defending them saying who knows what happened. The poor guys must be embarrassed to buy, it's not weird. They're either trans or it's a harmless fetish and this is difficult for them uwu.
There is NO excuse to hover around there touching the underwear and clothes when we can buy ANYTING online. They're doing it because it's thrilling to them and because women are uncomfortable seeing them there.

No. 1409984

Literally what troons are doing to women right now

No. 1409989

File: 1641466614442.png (37.08 KB, 530x313, tumblr_pmj8ndyNOl1xgcrmvo1_540…)

This made me so mad, but I lold at the list. That's what neckbeards do in class before saying, "Soooo do you like stuff?"
He should have added "quoting adult cartoons" and "halitosis"

No. 1410016

too bad for them is that by making women's bodies into trends it also will go out of style some day. like now it seems like the super skinny look of 00s is coming back, good luck for trannies to figure that out

No. 1410020

Did anyone notice she was trans before she came out lol?

No. 1410021

the "more feminine before transition"-phenomenon strikes again. when he had a beard even that somehow made his face appear girlier than without a beard holy shit lmao

No. 1410028


I might be a handmaiden for this one but online I’m a lot more peaked than offline because it’s more terminally online TiMs that go off the rails, and honestly NikkieTutorials is pretty harmless for an FtM. Didn’t make their channel about being trans, didn’t come out about it until forever to, doesn’t identify as a transbian and seems to not make being trans an entire personality. 99% of online troons I can’t stand but NT is one of the few I really don’t mind tbh

No. 1410030

Sage for samefag but meant to say forced to* come out

No. 1410039

All male fetishes are inherently dangerous to women, because male sexuality is inherently dangerous to women and fetishes are mental illness combined with that. Men are the rat slamming the dopamine button for the next big high and women are just collateral damage to that.
This isn't really directed towards you, nonnie, I'm just tired of people acting like we should treat men's degeneracy as a legitimate sexuality and not the disgusting sexual deviancy it is. There is no "harmless" fetish, a man with a fetish, any fetish, has other mental problems 100% of the time.

No. 1410040

*TIMs/"MTFs" are the ones with a Y chromosome, TIFs/"FTMs" have the second X.

No. 1410042

You annoying pedantry aside anon, it’s obvious this was a typo

No. 1410044

It's not pedantry, and I wasn't smugly correcting you nona, it's just that this whole this is nonsense and some people are behind on the constantly changing "acceptable" vernacular and what it means. I didn't realize it was a typo because I can't really fault people for making real mistakes with the acronym soup.

No. 1410046

File: 1641474615649.jpg (383.2 KB, 810x1617, GETOUT.jpg)

I hate men so much.

No. 1410048

File: 1641474654853.jpg (173.38 KB, 1080x1511, moidroast.jpg)

No. 1410050

I told all of you that TIMs would claim Uranus, and you were too scared of the truth to face it with me. I don't like Sailor Moon, but your only option now is to make her more butch in retaliation.

No. 1410051

That choker is fighting for its goddamn life lmao
Sailor Uranus was my childhood lesbian crush fuck TIMs for thinking she'd be a disgusting male

No. 1410053

File: 1641475035777.png (218.7 KB, 294x442, 1602694919302.png)

No. 1410054

In all honesty, I didn't

No. 1410071

i fucking love watching them and nb people duke it out. they can't directly shit on the nb people without being called horrible evil oppressors. it's exactly the same as trannies taking advantage of the fact they'll be supported over women

No. 1410073

Not me thinking he's just a gay guy doing cosplay. He actually thinks he looks female here lmfao

No. 1410074

the retarded photo composition too

yeah let's take a cosplay pic of me as a magical girl standing in a poorly-managed field behind some warehouses on a rainy day. bet he's 2 feet away from a pile of dried dog shit.

No. 1410075

why can't we just have like… trans-dedicated things?

why not trans specific sports? why not trans specific shelters? why not trans specific prison areas?

No. 1410076

I think he's trying for an easy pass because Sailor Uranus is supposed to be androgynous, but everyone knows sailor senshi can only be women and he didn't even try to hide that nasty bulge. Shame!

No. 1410078

because they will experience dysphoria if they can't bully women

No. 1410079

File: 1641478465483.jpg (209.26 KB, 1282x691, lol.jpg)

>article posted on twitter
>the usual suspects come to denounce it
>ugly agp, a furry, an anime pfp, and moids


No. 1410086

File: 1641479204085.jpg (47.32 KB, 510x680, EklMGDBVoAEb2XU.jpg)

I will be laughing at neck extensions for the rest of my life

No. 1410100

why did he call his tights thighs, kek?

No. 1410102

It's because we live in a society where men are perpetually shamed for sharing things with and being close to their mothers. Any man who calls his mother for a chat or asks for her input into his life is branded a 'mommas boy'. I agree that this is very toxic.

Now suddenly because he's a troon and he's impersonating the female experience he's suddenly allowed to have a close friendship with his mother without being told to 'cut off the apron strings'.

It's unfortunate that we live in a society where this is the case.

No. 1410104

File: 1641482825674.jpg (210.35 KB, 682x1024, fefwgwwvgwrhb.jpg)

>lives in oakland, cali
>goes on jeopardy
>makes a big deal about being "highest woman winner" because he has to take the opportunity to shit on women
>makes sure everyone knows he has money, gives interviews, maintains public twitter
>"omg how could i be robbed who could have seen this coming"

No. 1410110

I hope it's actual dyslexia and not just degeneracy. That's the level of typo I would've made in my early teens.

No. 1410122

It was probably just a Freudian slip, but it reminds me of how none of my male friends know the difference between mascara/eyeliner, skirts/dresses, or tights/stockings/leggings. One of those friends trooned out and he talks online about how good his 'mascara' looks while wearing myspace eyeliner and nothing on his stubby eyelashes.

You'd think you'd learn about the thing you dedicate so much time to. How come women get called 'fake fans' of shit that's considered part of male culture but we're transphobic if we point out men don't have a clue about what's considered part of female culture? Fake gamer boys lmao.

No. 1410123

File: 1641486603970.jpeg (305.3 KB, 750x836, 5785F6FE-D3C1-467B-BAEA-962BC6…)

Singing anime intros horribly gave me tranny vibes so I looked into the username and found definite proof kek

No. 1410124

File: 1641486676339.jpeg (243.35 KB, 750x1143, 007EFDA8-6FB5-44C9-BA06-00F518…)

No. 1410125

File: 1641486865922.jpeg (344.11 KB, 750x1021, 0F180B7E-0A6D-4DAC-B38A-9469AF…)

No. 1410132

Gays aren't the ones destroying female-only spaces and raping women and little girls. Not even HSTS are the ones pushing most of this nonsense, it's 99% AGPs. Get a grip.

No. 1410138

so obvious this is a FtM they all speak the same way

No. 1410139


They're saying porn featuring trans people can be toxic, they can emphatize and understand that the trannies in porn are being abused and yet can't do the same with biological women.
Proof all trannies are truly scrotes at heart.

No. 1410149

>she's sung me to sleep before
>it took a while but I eventually fell asleep
sounds like an allegory for their gay loveless sex life lmao

No. 1410152

nah he sounds like a self hating manlet that turned prison gay because no woman wants an oompah loompa

No. 1410156

grow up. bad words =/= being a /pol/tard.

No. 1410159

File: 1641489084982.png (206.71 KB, 1468x726, manwrinkles.png)

i see a lot of males in their 20s and 30s already having deep set wrinkles on their foreheads. i wasn't sure if it was mostly their shitty diets, lack of skincare routines, or male anatomy, but it actually happens due to the fact that they are overall more muscular, even down to their hulking man skulls. sexual dimorphism wins again!

picrel i got from this 2015 article that would likely be considered "bioessentialist and transphobic" today: https://www.allure.com/story/men-aging-wrinkles

No. 1410163

this man has had a hairline on the top of his head for so long he has no idea where the wig is supposed to go

No. 1410166

File: 1641489878994.png (134.2 KB, 1703x659, td.png)

I'm too old to have seen 13 Reasons Why, but I got whiplash reading the word "actress" with that picture. What is going on


No. 1410167

File: 1641489962817.jpg (81.44 KB, 540x606, tumblr_8d3ad34676f234dbf7c969c…)

Samefag, but Jesus Christ. Dude looks like a caricature. The CHIN.

No. 1410172

File: 1641490282890.jpg (120.67 KB, 900x1459, e592d8db0083fc23cc9712f34e0ec8…)

This is sort of off topic, but since I was a kid, I've always HATED the way caricaturists drew women. It only just occurred to me for the first time how much they're drawing male features. Jennifer Aniston has an oval shaped face with dainty facial features, but I guess because her nose isn't three millimeters wide and her chin is sort of angular, she looks like this. No, men, YOU look like that lmao

No. 1410173

Well sue me for caring about HSTS fags raping little boys. I know it's an unpopular opinion around here but I don't think making more trannies by grooming teenage boys into wearing cat-ears and shoving shit up their ass on discord/4chan is fine just because it's done to boys instead of girls. Gay trannies are just as bad and hate women even more than AGPs. They prey on children.

No. 1410174

is that lipstick on her teeth? jesus christ

No. 1410178

AGPs groom more than HSTS,it's why most stories of detrans men include a groomer on Discord showing them sissy hypno and transformation porn. Once again, homophobechan, no one is saying HSTS moids are "perfect victims uwu", they're still sexist, homophobic, retarded scrotes, but the hetero ones are the bigger degenerates and monsters.

No. 1410181

Look, ntayrt, but I'm just here to post and read shit about funny troons. If you've got actual milk, like you've got screenshots of an HSTS being a predator, by all means, post it and I will grimace in disgust as I do with all these posts. If you don't have anything funny to share, these arguments just seem unhinged. I like commentary analyzing the milk, but you're not talking about the posts. As far as I can see, you're just ranting about your personal feelings, which honestly makes you a cow yourself. I'm not trying to be a bitch, but these arguments are getting really exhausting.

No. 1410182

Look tranny, you are not better than the AGP hons you like to make fun of because you like dick. And you're not welcome here. This is a place for women and we will call you out on the shit you do just as much as the transbians. It's not alright to groom kids, boys or girls. It doesn't matter if "THEY DO IT MORE THOOO!" Fuck off.

No. 1410183

File: 1641491225953.png (446.97 KB, 627x908, 1625012156065.png)

Kek, fags called out and seething.

No. 1410189

Your not allowed to hate gay moids anon, the fag hags don't want to hear about gay moids raping men and little boys, stealing scholarships and opportunities from women, setting all the ugly trends encouraging us to look like drag queens, and just overall being useless allies to women while their straight and bisexual brothers abuse us. If gay moids never transitioned then there wouldn't be a way for bi/straight men to call themselves lesbians. Also I find it pretty fucking demented to tell a gay dude he's an abomination and needs to fuck up his mental and physical health to forever impersonate a woman. Tbr I don't feel bad for most HSTS getting murdered they probably SA somebody or doing typical moid shit that would get any man in a life or death situation (selling drugs, robbing people, etc). Also some of HSTS seem to have their own version of AGP like Nikita Dragon, Eden,Sidney Starr, Hunter (I think he might be bi tho). Nikita had a damn pussy palace for his birthday but faghags will tell you HSTS don't fetishize us like AGPs but they kinda seem the same to me

No. 1410192

Who is this tranny and why is he creeping around one of the little girls from Stranger Things

No. 1410194

Tommy Dorfman apparently. The guy in the wikipedia article above.

No. 1410197

If your biggest concern about trannies is them being gay and how that *~totally~* means that they're child rapists (which excuse me for thinking this is your view if I'm wrong, but you post this exact sentiment constantly), you are blind and retarded. Trannies don't rape because they're gay, they rape because they're coomers with no respect for other people. That's a defect of all males, and your Nigel isn't immune to it.

No. 1410201

Why do you give a fuck about moids raping other moids anyway? If you need really hated fags just for being scrotes and not for being gay, you wouldn't be so morally outraged over the idea of a man raping another man. I say let men be violent to each other as long as they leave us out of it.

No. 1410202


>[M]ost men who molest little boys are not gay. Only 21 percent of the child molesters we studied who assault little boys were exclusively homosexual. Nearly 80 percent of the men who molested little boys were heterosexual or bisexual and most of these men were married and had children of their own."

>Dr. A. Nicholas Grot

20% of child molesters are gay! Except they're about 1% of the population. So they're much more likely to diddle kids than the average straight man.

No. 1410209

The troons grooming boys on discord are the HSTS anon was referring to lol. Check out the femboy thread. Pretty much all of those fools are gay. Also go on 4chan it's plenty of HSTS on there too. I know Bi AGP are grooming boys and don't doubt some straight ones are but the majority of transbian focus on women and even groom TIFs. Im sorry to burst your bubble the majority of men grooming boys are Gay or bisexual. Youre doing a fuck ton of mental gymnastics right now and it's sad. Men and boys who are attracted to other moids (even moids in makeup and wigs) are gay or bisexual at the very least. I'm not sure if you're a gay male or a pathetic handmaiden but let me tell you something: the majority of gay men would never defend you like you do for them. You might have a gay Nigel in your life who is only slightly misogynistic but my point still stands: they do not give a fuck about you and probably look down on you/hate you as much as other moids. Hell some gay men are even friends with straight and bi men it's not far fetched to assume they care about enabling their fellow man more than standing up for women (their biggest allies). They do not give a shit about the abuse their male peers put us through. Some of them even fetishize our abuse and other things (go on datalounge, or just talk to your average gay moids, they think we are liars about the shit we go thru and think straight men should just try boy pussy since we're so gross and blablabla) Idk why you faghags believe gay men are these magical beings who can do no wrong like??? They're still men. I bet if you weirdos could put gay men in those little purses for toy poodles and carry them around you would. A gay man could call his shitty manhole a pussy and you'd probably yasss sis his perverted weird ass. And I kinda get it, I was abused by bi/straight moids as a child so I viewed gay men as "safe". For a while pretty much all my friends (minus a few straight women) were LGBTQ. Then I kept dealing with alot of gross sexist bullshit from both gay and bi males. Gay men taking up for their bi/straight friends who got outed as abusers/rapists. One fool told me "you know how those bitches lie" and this fucker was GAY. This was a common sentiment among the gay men I was around, ya know the whole Bros before Hoes thing.

Sage for typing a bible

No. 1410210

1. Prove all those men are homosexual and not bi or hetero, 2. all grooming and sexual assault is bad regardless of the perpetrator.
>Implying gay trannies specifically steal scholarships more than straight trannies
There are less gay people than straight people, qnd there are more heterosexual trannies than gay trannies. Also idk about you, but all of the notable tranny athletes I've seen have been transbians.
>fag hags
I literally don't respect any moids, but hating on them for being gay instead of being moids is suspicious, and you're a clown.
>B-but gay trannies are the ones trying to make being female about being a bimbo!
And straight trannies are trying to make it being little anime girls. All troonery is about trashy stereotypes.
What percentage of total child molesters are heterosexual, nona? How many little girls are you disregarding here? Isn't it embarrassing that there's proof that heterosexual men will rape boys and men, too, if they don't have female victims at the time, or if they just feel like it?(infighting)

No. 1410213

The faghags in full effect today lol did you just say who gives a fuck if little boys are raped? Yikes dude. I personally don't care if gay men wanna rape other men and get killed for it. But children? Really? I hate all pedos you sick weird bitch. Whether it's a gay moids, straight moid, bi moid, straight woman, bi woman, lesbian. I know too many people who were abused as children whos lives were destroyed by it. The fact that you faghags can't handle the slightest criticism towards gay men is very telling. It seems if you hadn't been a faghags you'd be a tradthot defending straight/bi men raping little girls and women bc at least it's not gay lol. Just like you don't give a fuck little boys are raped by gay men since it's not happening to females. Absolutely disgusting. How can you seriously white knight pedophiles and rapists just because they're gay???

No. 1410214

Recently watched vid rel by Tom Scott. I was surprised to see that there was a troon, which I was able to immediately clock when I saw his full face. I haven’t watched his videos, but they mostly seem to be about trans stuff and regular breadtube stuff. He has thumbnails where he tries to lay down in a way that references the Lolita film and has a thumbnail where he wears cat ears, so it’s pretty obvious that it’s a fetish. I also found it funny that:

>troon initially tried to convince people he’s trustworthy

>immediately uses this to abuse their trust for his own advantage
Like clockwork

No. 1410217

Assuming that the people calling you out aren't skeeved out lesbians is a pretty huge cope. It must be nice to be able to point at one specific group of men and say "that's them, those are the evil ones", instead of recognizing that one full half of the population is evil, and that there's no further justification beyond them being male.

No. 1410218

File: 1641494406217.jpeg (71.88 KB, 503x570, DD5A8E34-5A24-4FEC-AB5E-54F3BB…)

Did you even read your own stats, baiter?
>[M]ost men who molest little boys are not gay. Only 21 percent of the child molesters we studied who assault little boys were exclusively homosexual.
>who assault little boys
Not to undermine male CSA victims, but male CSA victims are a minority when considering overall CSA stats, since they make up roughly 1/3 of CSA victims, so that’s not very representative of CSA victims as a whole

No. 1410219

Lol awe aren't you such a brave ally getting in your feelings sticking up for gay moids because I said the word fag. It's literally what you bitches are called, even the gays call you guys faghags because even they find you to be fucking annoying. I hope you have the same.energy for gay men who say "bitch" and "cunt" though I highly fucking doubt you hold them accountable for anything. I seriously think I'm talking to a gay man. All these mental gymnastics.

And again- by definition male on male attraction is GAY. But u think straight men are grooming all these boys? Lmfao. Do you know how retarded you sound? By your logic there are gay men out here raping and grooming women and girls because they don't like us

Since straight men are grooming and raping boys does that mean gay men are raping us and grooming us?
No they're not. They're not even attracted to us. So why the fuck would the reverse be true? Why would straight men (not bi) groom boys they are not attracted to??? So if a man is a pedo or rapist to other moids he is considered straight because only straight men can rape right? Fr what kind of drugs are you on. Most men are rapists. Accept it. Yes I say faghags in reference to annoying pickmes like you but I'm not going around calling gay moids f bombs. I've had gay men grope me and say disgusting things to me but even then I just kept my mouth shut and moved on from people like that. I avoid men in general so luckily I don't gotta deal with any of em. You probably believe gay tranwammin are the most fragile oppressed creatures on the planet(infighting)

No. 1410220

I wonder what the miscarriage rates in troon transplant uteruses would be.. If it's high we could get rid of some sick people fast

No. 1410221

>Prison gay is real gay, my Nigel would never!
All men are deranged coomers who exist only to cum and fight, cope harder.

No. 1410224

stop derailing, i want to shit on trannies idc about this weird gay hill ur all choosing to die on

No. 1410226

Btw I just wanted to clarify that I’m not that anon who got angry at you for saying the word fag. Idgaf about gay men and think that all men are evil, and that men ,whether their straight or gay, have a propensity to go after kids. Also, you’re completely ignoring child rapists who aren’t attracted to kids, but target kids because children are a vulnerable group and want to profit off of them or because they want to abuse their power, and use children as their victims

No. 1410229

Lol you think every single man on there is prison gay?

I swear these threads are fucking ridiculous. You can't criticize a moid if he is strictly sickly lmfaooo somehow EVERYTHING is because of "straight" men. Like in your world not only are straight men raping and oppressing women but they rape and oppress other men too while bi and gay men don't do none of that? Really? And I'm only focusing on gay moids because Everytime somebody criticizes them on here y'all come in to deflect and go "ya but straight men are raping women so who cares what gay men do" like??? And now straight men are the ones raping females and males? How does that make sense? I genuinely feel like I've been arguing with gay men who rather uphold this image that they are harmless allies to us. They literally tried to add NAMBLA to the LGB in like the 70s but in your mind gay men are somehow not capable of that. Was it really the straight men who tried to include NAMBLA? Also if you really were around gays you'd know how common it is for them to be preyed upon by older men (some openly gay, some closeted). My gay friends got creeped in HS by older men just as much as I did. But all those men were straight right? Lmao.

No. 1410231

Someone needs to report this shit to the police. Someone has admitted to dealing life altering drugs on the black market to high school kids. I don't know where this screenshot comes from but if any anon does they have a duty to inform law enforcement. This is beyond the scope of our entertainment.

No. 1410233

I say pedo to mean anybody who diddles or wants to diddle kids. Idgaf if you molest a child because it was all that was available (barf). It's all disgusting and again, by that logic they're def gay men out here raping little girls then, lesbians raping boys, straight women raping girls, since it's about opportunity and not an orientation for some. Y'all are really desperate to prove that gay men are incapable of evil and only straight men are when it's ALL of them. Idk why you want to separate gay men from other men so bad it's kinda fucking weird.

No. 1410234

Troons have been selling hormones and shit on Reddit for awhile

No. 1410235

Surely that has to be illegal, particularly if they are selling these drugs to minors.

No. 1410236

File: 1641496260011.png (26.56 KB, 629x118, analprolapse-from-the-neostoma…)

lmao the build of that lad

>a womans' uterus/cervic and eggs removed and attached to a pelvic floor with no broad ligaments so that shits just floating around with a fetus to be gestated under hard anti-rejection drugs/hormones, purely for the trans coom potential which after needs to be cut out of narrow hips because the neovagina will burst open like a fruit gusher under any birthing pressure

thrilling imagery nonna thankyou

No. 1410239

I'm entirely convinced they do this because they realise they've ruined their own healthy bodies so now they want everyone else to also suffer and become infertile.

No. 1410241

The Discord grooming stick-things-up-your-ass-while-wearing-cat-ears stuff is just bog standard AGP 4chan/anime-induced pornsickness. Do you even frequent these threads?

Wait… are you that one schizo who's convinced an HSTS tranny is going to swoop in and steal your precious Nigel? That would certainly explain the disproportionate hatred for gays, kek

No. 1410242

I feel like there's a very consistent troll here who posts the same bait repeatedly in every thread, or there's just a couple schizos on here who are really hard pressed to bring up this exact fight over and over again instead of staying on topic.

No. 1410245

Probably cause HSTS trannies posting here can't help themselves but constantly talk about how they are "not like those gross AGPs" and think they deserve an award for not raping women. And faghags and fujoshis cheer them on. Gay scrotes are still scrotes.

No. 1410249

I'm pretty sure there are just a few anons here who settled for being some bisexual moid's second choice and live in constant fear of getting cucked by some bimboesque HSTS troon. I really wish they'd learn some self respect and stop shitting up the threads.

No. 1410251

Why are you on an anonymous forum if you're so schizophrenic that you think everyone using it is part of some big evil gay conspiracy?

No. 1410253

Kek you just can never stop with the whole "YOU ARE JUST JEALOUS WE ARE STEALING YOUR BOYFRIENDS!" outing yourself every. single. time. Not a single woman is threatened by men who look like blow-up dolls and you will only ever be a man's dirty secret. Never a girlfriend or a wife. Nobody envies that.

No. 1410260

I'm not a man or a tranny, retard. I'm making fun of you for being so clearly threatened by HSTS troons precisely because no reasonable woman actually is. Can you even read?

No. 1410262

Good edit, and kek at the file name

No. 1410277

You came up with that out of nowhere because of my comments on how they molest kids on discord? Am I married to a 12 year old discord kid or what is your connection there? No it's because that is literally the only insult that HSTS can think of when they want to insult women. "We steal your boyfriends heehee" Literally every time without fail. I know you're lurking here to shit on hons and make yourselves feel better, but then you get triggered when HSTS are also made fun of and called out because you think you are "one of the girls" and suddenly get your feelings hurt by realizing you're hated just as much for being a tranny.

No. 1410278

File: 1641498149512.jpg (Spoiler Image,3.26 MB, 3000x3000, trans knockoff troye sivan.jpg)

will someone please tell this man to stop wearing thin/sheer dresses and to cover his man boobs

>"[Tommy] decided to keep her name because she was named after her uncle who passed away after she was born.
>“I feel very connected to that name, to an uncle who held me as he was dying,” she said.
>“This is an evolution of Tommy. I’m becoming more Tommy.”

No. 1410281

This agp hsts infighting is fucking retarded stop taking the bait, same with this “hi tranny” tinfoil shit

No. 1410285

this man looks like a fucking spitting image puppet. i cannot imagine how petrifying he must've been to taylor and that little ginger to the point where they caved and took a fan shot with it.

No. 1410286

File: 1641498557873.png (1.46 MB, 2066x5280, yike.png)

No. 1410291

"lesbian culture seems soo tied up in commitment" yeah usually because women are actually attracted to each other and not fetishizing the idea of being inside the body of the person sitting in front of them. this troon is absolutely insane posting about being a "lesbian slut" and with the reddit username "fifteen inches"? just a sex offender trying to find more women to traumatize.

No. 1410294

File: 1641498890237.jpg (51.04 KB, 1000x537, FB_IMG_1641498716586.jpg)

So you agree? You agree even you, as a tranny,view transwomen as nothing more than men dressing up as women?
This moid never fails to be retarded in his comics but this has to be the dumbest one so far. Only point I shall agree on is that this is an overused, uncomfortable and unfunny trope

No. 1410301

So funny that he’s a literal nobody but since coming out there’s pap pics of him every day

No. 1410303

troons try so hard to self-victimize when all they end up doing is admitting that they quite literally take womanhood at FACE value and that they realized they were a troon through he-she forces feminization hypno sissy porn they saw in middle school because their parents didn't care enough to watch what they were doing.

No. 1410308

Anon, stop. You're embarrassing yourself here. I was half-jokingly making fun of you for even possibly being threatened by a troon, but given the sheer level of seething in your posts I think I might've accidentally struck a cord, kek.

No. 1410312

File: 1641499783554.jpg (63.84 KB, 476x751, 89b5e40873b8a5bb7087ed5a576b27…)

Pics of this guy always remind me of the time Matt Stone and Trey Parker at the 2000 Oscars

No. 1410313

File: 1641499784415.gif (4.39 MB, 728x408, 559.gif)

To the nonnie that linked me the article about the sick fuck Larry Watchowski after I asked:
Ty a lot. The article you linked was extremely based.
OT but this extract is really so fucking far-sighted, it's from before 2006 and it already makes the correlation beetween computer science and autogynephiles:
>Psychiatrists disagree about what forces are at work in men who cross-dress and take the ultimate step of having gender-reassignment surgery. One camp considers men of this type to have a "gender-identity disorder," to be "women trapped in men's bodies." In recent years, another group of doctors labeled some men who demonstrate these tendencies to be autogynephiles – straight men who are essentially sexual fetishists, aroused by the thought or image of themselves as women.

J. Michael Bailey, a professor of psychology at Northwestern University and the author of The Man Who Would Be Queen: The Science of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism, is a vocal proponent of the science behind autogynephilia, and although he declined to comment about Larry Wachowski, he did describe typical autogynephilic behaviors. "Autogynephiles frequently mention having a longing to be a girl that begins in childhood," says Bailey. "But the first outward manifestation of it usually crops up in early adolescence, when they discover that it turns them on to wear women's clothing. What you do not see, despite frequent claims to the contrary, is evidence that these folks were notably feminine in childhood."

And some experts believe that men who want to be women also tend to be what Larry Wachowski appears to be: a guy with a jones for technology. In 1974, Donald Laub, a plastic surgeon, and Norman Fisk, a psychiatrist, conducted a study at the Stanford University School of Medicine of 769 patients considering sex reassignment. Of the male patients, Laub and Fisk discovered an interesting predisposition: "Observation of the male-to-female group showed them . . . to be interested in mathematics and computer sciences

No. 1410323

Apparently, there’s a rise of gnc amab enbys feeling left out of trans spaces, because they still reek of male privilege. Male enbys = AGP lite to me. Let the gnc male enbys fight it out with the AGPs kek. I just imagine them seething over harry styles in a dress while dilating. If kikomi is the afab trans girl what would a amab trans man be?

No. 1410326

I hate men for being men, but I will never hate anyone for being gay. Seethe about it all you like, I'm not changing my mind.

No. 1410335

Nobody asked you to hate them, but we can still acknowledge how hateful towards women gay men can be. Watch a recent episode of the new queer eye, so cruel to their clients. lesbians have also been left out in the cold when it comes to the media machine. In the media gay men are cast as elite, urban, and chic while lesbian women are lumpen prole criminals languishing in jail. Even in homosexual culture, it's still the same men good women bad.

No. 1410338

this cured my body dysphoria. My rib cage is perfectly normal. Thanks lmao

Since I found out this creep was a diaper furry I can't stop looking at the weird chubby baby proportions of his self-insert characters. Makes me so uncomfortable.
Also, what funny man-in-a-dress scene in what movie is so outrageously funny it's bringing Mom to tears? Wish he mentioned it. I could use a good lol

No. 1410358

Old AGPs emulate the bimbo porn they look at, young AGPs emulate the hentai they look at. They always fit male loser stereotypes and never act even remotely like any actual woman their age. It also shows another degree of the misogyny and narcissism involved: any man with even an iota of sense or empathy towards women would notice immediately that all that shit troons do is just stereotypical male behavior and doesn’t reflect women’s behavior at all. But they fail to notice that irony because the only time they ever pay any attention to women is in porn.

No. 1410364

File: 1641503303183.jpg (47.91 KB, 474x405, tinfoill.jpg)

what if the whole "tRanSHavePerioDsToo" is a radfem psyop to make them not worried about excruciating pains so they actually don't check it out with the doctor and die of wathever they have?

No. 1410366

good lord that imagery, that poor thing would die the egg wouldn’t even take with all the immunosuppressive drugs (which don’t impact fetuses well) and hormones and lack of a proper endocrine system, on top of no room and nothing to hold the uterus up? jfc disgusting

No. 1410369

0 because they wouldn’t even get that far, the egg would not take or grow due to the hell hole of a dead womb they ripped out of an actual woman to play pretend with

No. 1410371

If so, that’s amazing.

No. 1410375

>Colon vaginoplasty

what the FUCK is that

No. 1410382

It’s when the subject doesn’t have enough wiener meat to turn inside out so they have to use a section of colon to create the fake “vagina”. It often leaks fluid and smells like shit, because it’s made of shit tube. You’re welcome!

No. 1410384

File: 1641504391780.jpeg (607.35 KB, 1125x739, E9582D28-9131-48CF-B2E6-662191…)

looks like Hunter got new bolt ons

No. 1410387

nice pecs lol

No. 1410388

this answers the question that i never should have asked and i thank you (angrily)
but how the fuck do people see this and think it’s perfectly normal and sane? it’s beyond evil

No. 1410389

Everything about that structure screams MAN.

No. 1410395

ayrt, thank you sincerely for the breakdown! baeddels are fucking insane. they are unironically MRAs

No. 1410396

It's weird how mutilation like that is just…allowed. They also tell them that the advantage…omg, "advantage" is that the colon hole is self lubricating. It's colon mucus…bowel fluid or however the fuck to call it for god's sake. Obviously since it's not vaginal tissue it can't protect itself from infections or clean itself. The environment inside is not the same, the colon will colonize with fecal bacteria instead of healthy bacteria that should be in the vagina to protect it. The leakage, the smell. It's evil to do that to a mentally troubled man who is also stupid on top of the mental illness.

No. 1410400

Looks pushed up beyond belief

No. 1410418

File: 1641506334208.png (719.37 KB, 528x680, FIa4DDtXEAAMNdK.png)

nah he already had these 100% naturlally looking boobs that he likes to show off all the time, thats just ridiculous pushup

kek he looks male even with the mask on

No. 1410423

Have paparazzi and tabloids shamed him for having his nipples out in this pic like they have with women? I remember seeing some videos and pics of TiMs labeled as women just having their nipples show without them being censored. I find it hypocritical when real women are held to a different standard.

No. 1410425

no, its based. they should be hold to male standards so they don't have to censor obviously male nipples lmao.
>next week trans cult crying on twitter about how not cansoring their nipples is transphobic

No. 1410426

File: 1641507210822.png (69.59 KB, 1088x545, Screenshot_112.png)

lololol these moids even came up with the term "euphoria erections" to avoid the obvious fact they're just pornsick crossdressers

No. 1410427

I was looking for info in the colon vaginoplasty and found this horrible story.
Anyway a troon i know recently went to Thailand for a bottom sugery. I don't particularly like that person because he was always saying some nasty shit in chat and my mind just automatically imagined whatever he said so it sucked. His surgery went well, he said, some other people he was there with had complications. Still i think from what i've seen here that his sexual life is over and it makes be feel a little good because he deserves it for all the creepy shit he was saying.
I don't really know how to feel about the surgeries overall though. Like it's good that the creeps get sterilized, but it's wrong that such Mengele like experiments are allowed.

No. 1410435

File: 1641507868284.png (988.83 KB, 719x962, Shaggy_Chick_Main.png)

Reminded me of this.

No. 1410439

same picture kek

No. 1410453

File: 1641509417512.png (65.32 KB, 940x925, transytalk story.png)

What in the shitty poetry is this?

No. 1410459

>womanhood is customer service

No. 1410465

That hand on her neck looks creepy, like his grabbing and digging his fingers in not just resting it

No. 1410468

Ok this makes me angry, the top one should be in prison and the bottom one should be on a public list or something, vile.

No. 1410471

Gay people can't have kids so they recruit in other ways!

No. 1410472

I hate this shit so much because it plays into the idea they always try to push that women get turned on just by existing as themselves. Fuck

No. 1410474

i'd fuck a midget if he was based. look at all the peter dinklage fans. be funny or smart. you don't even need money to get laid if you're a manlet, just don't be a fucking whiner.

No. 1410482

what is it about computer science that draws MTFs to it?

(sage just in case)

No. 1410485

Tmw you're a female programmer with a maths degree. I hope I don't get harassed by a troon anytime soon. The scrotes are patronizing but I'm not in the position to leave right now. Sorry for the blog.

No. 1410492

anon you dont understand basic statistics. Yes they are only 21% of child rapists but gay men only make up 1.4% of US adults. That's a HUGE overrepresentation. Some of you need to stop capping for gay men. Yes they are discriminated against for being gay, but they're still men. They don't give a single shit about you.

No. 1410494


No. 1410495

literally that shit is more dangerous than cocaine. i have a plastic plate in my nose but i'm a normal height and don't have any permanently destroyed bones and my liver isn't even as fucked as the hormone kids' are.

No. 1410497

it fills the room with the smell of poop

No. 1410498

looks like chevy chase in an snl sketch that goes on for too long

No. 1410499

also homophobia is literally just misogyny. They hate gay men for fucking other men and being "feminine" because the worst thing you could be is a woman. That's why "girly" and "pussy" are go-to insults for moids. Even gay culture uses "fishy" as an insult when a drag queen looks too much like a real woman.

No. 1410500

Ngl as a lesbian these comments make me fully uncomfortable

No. 1410501

File: 1641512601833.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1125x2040, 715BF807-59D8-4017-B274-EBDBAD…)


No. 1410502

>She asks to play games on my phone
I've only ever heard children do this. Sounds like this is some fantasy of his.

No. 1410505

Are there a buncha new ppl here, sage your shit if you don't have milk

No. 1410506

imagine the pain while shitting after the operation… and theyre basically just getting themselves another asshole. why not just do anal?

No. 1410509

wth is wrong with his eyes

No. 1410512


when your user name is pico, totallynotafetish.com

No. 1410516


No. 1410517

Kek at him thinking being into shitty mobas and RPGs makes him a macho chad in a kawiwi stacy's body. I'd put money on him being an ugly gangly hunchback that blends in seamlessly with other autistic gamer brahs bar the fact that he's wearing a dress.

No. 1410518

what your missing here is the corporate push to make money off of purposefully disembodying the average person by psychotic rich men who want to tailor the world to their own perversions while enriching themselves. check out the jennifer bilek episodes of "who's body is it" podcast it's called autogynophilia and transhumanism. it's free on spotify. (for now)

No. 1410520

i think agp is one area where we should listen to moids:
>J. Michael Bailey…is a vocal proponent of the science behind autogynephilia
this man is literally saying "THIS IS SOMETHING WE DO" and everyone who doesn't believe them is, imo, a nata woman who just cannot mentally conceive of the depravity men are conditioned from childhood to have.

No. 1410522

lobotomy 2.0

No. 1410524

no way! if he's a "woman" he should be torn apart for his looks like one. then see how much fun he thinks it is

No. 1410525

yeah kek don't know about the rest of you anons but i don't get horny when i buy a nice jacket. lmk if i'm wOmAnInG wrong.

No. 1410527


No. 1410529

it's sad that trannies are untouchable and above criticism.

No. 1410532

doctors seriously just make shit up and these narcissistic tards eat it up. "Uh yeah, your dilation hurts because i uhhh installed a turbo gorilla grip hymen in your new perfect neo pussy."

No. 1410533

I got into an argument with a tranny about this. His answer? "Then people won't see us as real women!" They hate being differentiated as trans. Even if you call them "trans women", that word trans is still in there, and they hate that. Troons insist that they are biological women and that's why they are pushing so hard to change all definitions of woman or female. Nothing will ever be enough for men though because every year, the goalpost moves.

That's not "fold of the fabric". It's the fabric clinging on to a bulge. Leave Sailor Uranus alone.

No. 1410534

i think trannies caused the shift, no one wants to wear anything or have a style close to them and their garish mockery.

No. 1410540


No. 1410542

it's just some butthurt agp tranny trying to sow division between women and gays

No. 1410544

internet addiction + autism combo(sage)

No. 1410547

>"Autogynephiles frequently mention having a longing to be a girl that begins in childhood," says Bailey. "But the first outward manifestation of it usually crops up in early adolescence, when they discover that it turns them on to wear women's clothing. What you do not see, despite frequent claims to the contrary, is evidence that these folks were notably feminine in childhood."

No. 1410548

but nonnie if they keep not censoring their male nipples is like admitting they are MALES, like a big fucking YWNBAW. I think this is a case of based normies? Idk

No. 1410551

most troon twitter stuff makes me snort with laughter at how absurd it is, but the only one that i admit really gets me heated is how troons and eNbIeS are not co-opting the word lesbian to mean "non-men attracted to non-men". be a fucking weirdo on the internet for all I care, but can't you creeps at least come up with some super special word to describe non-binaries/trans/whatever the fuck attracted to each other? lesbians are women attracted to women and that's it. someone i know IRL at my university once said that to me and when I (a lesbian) told her that was idiotic she called me a transphobe kek

No. 1410556

No. 1410558

ok so if they hate being differentiated as trans, why do they keep yelling at any women's services, movies starring women, woman-owned businesses, for "ignoring trans women"
like jayden smith stealing a woman's modelling job, they're the ones who brought up trans stuff. if they don't want to be "othered" they could have just said it's bullshit cause he's taking work that anok yai would do better.

No. 1410561

pic without bangs looks totally mannish, his nose got HUGE. must be why he felt like he had to compensate.

No. 1410563

ugh why did you remind me. that motherfucker is CREEPY

No. 1410564

those are def fake. troids don't have coopers ligaments and can only achieve moobs or tubular breasts. anything even remotely resembling a tear drop are fake.

No. 1410566

It's funny how they can't ditch their boomer dad lingo, who tf says "Good lord." Fuckin' nerd.

No. 1410567

Rothblatt believes that human sexual dimorphism is tantamount to South African apartheid and that transgenderism is an onramp to transhumanism – which is for him an exercise in overcoming “fleshism.”

>this nigga LARPed too much on twitter and now this shit had to leak irl. fantastic. really the worst timeline nonnies

No. 1410568

File: 1641517233870.png (33.82 KB, 898x508, RothblattNetWorth.png)

probably the most evil and dangerous man alive right now.

No. 1410569

Because trannies are retards and contradict themselves all the time. They claim lesbians "reduce people to gentials" for not wanting to have sex with a transbian, but go off and try to define people as "uterus-havers" or "penis-havers".
They pretend to be proud of being trans when it's convenient for them, like calling people transphobes or trying to claim they're "oppressed for being trans". Like you said, using their trans label as leverage to join women's things. But then some trannies hate being separated as trans because "we're biological women too and always have been! we just have a penis!" It's all ridiculous. You can't reason with them.

No. 1410570

what has he done?

No. 1410571

Who wrote this? Anyone want to get HIM fired for transphobia? The article seemed a little insensitive, I didn’t read anything about biotrans or circ trans in there.

No. 1410573

my bf said good lord during a handjob once kek(no1currs)

No. 1410593

File: 1641519122420.jpg (628.13 KB, 1080x1838, Screenshot_20220106-202533_rif…)

As I predicted, the Pringles man opened the door for men to post themselves dressing up like their ex girlfriends. Popped into his post history for the delusion-posting.

No. 1410595

File: 1641519258478.jpg (504.53 KB, 1080x1394, Screenshot_20220106-203330_rif…)

"Do I pass" he bellows from his bearded, prominent jaw.

No. 1410618

File: 1641521234637.jpeg (787.93 KB, 828x1441, 18B9238D-1867-4E10-973E-CE4D94…)

These adult baby looking hoodies confirm it kek. Everyone he draws looks like a chubby troon baby with a full diaper.

No. 1410650


Best I can tell, trans ideology is like a combination of McCarthyism and Lysenkoism (minus the execution of political enemies, but TRAs would if they had the power). It took the Supreme Court to end the blacklist and nationally televised hearings with the Army to end McCarthy's popularity. Lysenkoism outlasted Stalin, slowly fell out of style after his death, had a second wind under Khrushchev, before it finally ended. All in all, it lasted from the 30s-60s.

So, if it ends like McCarthyism, it will end due to a turn in public opinion, which will have to be sparked by someone very well known, very well respected, and as uncancellable as JKR, coming out hard against troons, and the Supreme Court coming down on the side of sex based rights. Like if Mr Rogers was still alive and came out against troons, no one could say a word against him. Alas, there are no modern day Mr. Rogers.

If it ends like Lysenkoism, it might take a generation or three, or five, for this to fall out of favor. TRAs are very good at buddying up with media, academia, politicians and the education system, the media is so very consolidated so viewpoints that can be expressed nationally are very limited, and there is so much money for corporations to make off troons, that it could take decades for the truth about them to come out and public opinion to turn, if ever does, and for people who support women to take over media, academia and the govt. And it could take even more time to undo the laws that have been passed that allow troons to destroy women's spaces.

On the third hand, some troon could do something so reprehensible that it leads to public outrage and a drastic shift in public opinion. Not sure what that would be though, since no one cares about all the horrible crimes troons have committed so far.

No. 1410656

Nonny u mean he's a "stacy" in a chad body but yeah

No. 1410658

File: 1641524527016.png (42.81 KB, 1143x554, I didn't understand privilege …)

No. 1410662

>some troon could do something so reprehensible that it leads to public outrage
Issue with that is that the media, which they have in their pocket, need to report on it so people know. The information has to be widely distributed on normie platforms. Maybe a viral post? But then tech giants would just censor it.

No. 1410664

Kek, straight white man larps fear of assault. At best he would be assaulted for being seen as gay. Fucking sick of these fucks pretending that people see them as anything other than hulking men and they're under actual physical threat beyond perceived homosexuality.

No. 1410668

File: 1641525371723.png (11.5 KB, 1050x138, retard can't name its organ co…)

the prostate disappears once you start taking estrogen

No. 1410670

File: 1641525583704.png (6.75 KB, 1075x95, retard (2).png)

the feminine urge to get ovarian cancer

No. 1410675

i’m feeling McCarthyism ngl this shit is already toppling on itself and no matter how some media outlets paint it the public opinion really says otherwise, especially with normies waking the fuck up and peaking
it’s wonderful but needs to happen faster

No. 1410678

File: 1641526112723.png (206.72 KB, 1023x917, Screenshot 5.png)

Men don't know their own bodies huh

No. 1410684

keking at that terrible combover. the receding hairline. the sides look weird too.

really, this is ridiculous. sounds more like this moid is just paranoid.

look i get that moids seem heartless kek, but seriously, this guy is an idiot for thinking only women have to watch for heart disease. and wanting to have ovarian cancer? this is a retard.

No. 1410692

>I get some therapy from my friends
god, nothing means anything anymore.

No. 1410729

Finance the trans agenda to where it is now

No. 1410753

It's just pixels on a screen, the website can't hurt you

No. 1410757

People who spit on the floor are all animals

No. 1410768

File: 1641535347291.jpg (218.4 KB, 1080x912, Sr4.jpg)

>my partner is selfish because she wants financial security first before anything
>troon its all about me me me

No. 1410781

well fuck dude, I like videogames and don't prance around twirling my hair and going TEEHEE at all the boys. Guess I've been a dude in a dress this whole time.

Jokes aside though, this screams cope. You just know he's trying to rationalize how someone so pretty and so totally passing as a woman still gets clocked as a dude. Plenty of cute girls act like tomboys and like e-sports and even, REAL sports? Imagine that. It's the fact you are a big, hulking, ugly ass dude in a dress getting you clocked buffalo bill.

No. 1410782

File: 1641537956662.jpeg (532.87 KB, 2448x3264, CDEDAEA7-8E1A-4903-B09B-83B041…)

r/makeupaddiction is a fucking joke at this point lmao

No. 1410783

he looks like a mannequin fucking creepy

No. 1410784

he looks like a character from a bad mobile game that doesn't know how to make women, so they just use a generic male body and try to make it appear female with some minor edits.
Or when you put female clothes on male sims in sims 4.

No. 1410785

Of course it would

No. 1410786

spoiler this shit

No. 1410787

Lmao, I just saw this. Is it me or has there been a huge influx recently of trans women posting their shit ass make up on r/makeupaddiction? They never get any serious concrit either, only ass pats.

No. 1410789

Gaston trooned out

No. 1410791

File: 1641539090315.jpg (283.9 KB, 1080x1423, D.jpg)

3 tims discussing topics centered on women will still be 3 men discussingthe topic but only now they'll be dressed much uglier. And if there were women on this panel they'd all have even bigger backlash than what men and tims had.

No. 1410792

Fucking hell, I knew it looked familiar.

No. 1410809

and I always find it hilarious when they get all these awards on their posts

No. 1410852

>On the third hand, some troon could do something so reprehensible that it leads to public outrage and a drastic shift in public opinion.

They would just use the "iTsNoTaReaLTraNs" excuse as they always do. They did the same thing even when CWC raped his dementia ridden mom

No. 1410854

but normies are based sometimes. 'Member superstraight? It got viral in normie spaces and did a lot of good, peaked a lot of people, made known the situation of the lesbian community harrassed by trannies etc

No. 1410878

bruh could at least give himself some lips…

No. 1410879

Wow, antiemetic much?

No. 1410882

I just noticed that we almost never see AGP with lip filler

No. 1410905

men are the best authority on tims in girls' schools because they know exactly what they'll do in there. they're like the hanniba lecters to troons' buffalo bill.

No. 1410907

god burger-jewish are almost as bad as troons with crying muh discrimination. do your two years in the idf if you want to talk like that.

No. 1410911

Please anon, explain to the rest of us why it’s anti-Semitic to criticise an ultra-wealthy individual and their consequent power/influence over society. We’ll wait.

No. 1410913

ntayrt but she wrote "antiemetic" not "antisemitic" kek

No. 1410914

>still laughing my ass off about this.

Imagine being butthurt and not even reading a 3 words phrase correctly.

No. 1410916

that's why i assumed she was a burger!

No. 1410917

im laughing about you not reading the word. You are just assuming she wanted to write antisemitic to not admit you did not even read the post and got butthurt

No. 1410918

i don't think anon was accusing us of being against anti-barfing medication

No. 1410919

Maybe she wanted to write emetic. Why antisemitic?

No. 1410920

love you, anon. 10/10 bait. i was seriously falling for it kek

No. 1410921

nonnie I can very well be retarded but I believe what i wrote. Its not even bait, I swear I think she wanted to write emetic.

No. 1410926

I read the post, but ‘antiemetic’ doesn’t make any sense in regards to what she was replying to…

No. 1410927

>use my trust fund.
of course

No. 1410928

niether does antisemitic. Thats why I proposed "emetic"

No. 1410929

it was discriminatory against a person of means (PoM) /s

No. 1410930

so what you're saying, is that you're a burger too?

No. 1410931

All this to not admit you did not even read the word and just assumed. And no, there are less of us retards in Europe, it's true, but we exist!
>ib4 european-retard-washing.

No. 1410933

ok so i'm guessing you are esl. the word "antiemetic" means something that stops you from barfing. anon was saying that insulting martine rothblatt is "antiemetic". when you read or hear a new word, you use something called "context clues" to glean the meaning of it. referring to people who hate martine rothblatt as "antiemetic" means anon would be calling us "pills that stop you from throwing up". in this context, it is more likely to be a typo of the word "antisemitic".

No. 1410937

Ok, I'm dropping this. You all think it was a typo for antisemitic so it probably was. Thing is I don't understand what could be antisemitic about that? That's why I thought at max she intended "emetic" and not "antiemetic", beacuse antisemitic made no sense in the context too?
Btw if you are right we can at least all agree it's a funny typo.

No. 1410943

>what could be antisemitic about that
anon…martine rothblatt is jewish.

No. 1410944

it's like saying criticizing Bill Cosby is racist.

No. 1410946

File: 1641565241908.jpeg (105.31 KB, 750x1000, F2998AF6-6CCF-4ED1-8E53-0FCE36…)


It’s okay to be wrong sometimes anon

No. 1410952

It does make sense. Rothblatt is a Jewish name. That anon was saying that it was anti-Semitic to call a Jewish person ‘evil and powerful’. It was a reach and that’s why they got called out.

No. 1410954

No. 1410963

kek thank you. i was the anon arguing with stupid-euro-chan and you explained much better than i did.

No. 1410964

you laugh but this is gonna be real in a couple years when insta trustfundfluencers feel attacked by everyone pointing out their unfeasible/unsustainable without inheritance lifestyles.

No. 1410977

kek nonnie I'm euro-retard-chan tho

No. 1411004

Males are pedophiles before they are heterosexual. They are primarily attracted to neoteny and femininity. Little boys aren't spared from their rape impulses.

No. 1411010

Nayrt, but I’m pretty sure there was a study done on convicted child abusers that strongly suggested that, the younger their age of attraction was, the less their victim’s sex mattered (ie functionally bisexual). So men who exclusively pursue boys to abuse are notable for more than one reason.

No. 1411021

if they asked that in any kind of public setting it could be dangerous to say no, so…

No. 1411027

Probably has several pairs of thighs in his basement. And torsos. And heads. Etc etc.

No. 1411041

he looks like troon version of timmy from passions

No. 1411049

File: 1641576952803.png (141.61 KB, 360x346, tenor.png)

Fucking kek anon

No. 1411058

He types like a motherfucking retard, it’s unnerving, maybe he should use that money to get an education instead of horse piss pills.

No. 1411059

But can’t they just get it removed before they get the rot pocket? It’s literally useless as far as I know.

No. 1411064

It reads like a woman larp type style. These degenerates think to type like a woman means to type like a retard, but they can never quite pull off the way an actual braindead teenage girl types.

No. 1411067

>I’ll have a job and pay bills later! She needs to pay for me to be confident NOW!
The entitlement is through the roof. Any actual woman demanding she be given access to all the cosmetic procedures she wants for the sake of confidence would get laughed at or shunned by her family and called a shallow gold digger.

No. 1411069

File: 1641578615677.jpg (142.3 KB, 1080x1080, 1613670879904.jpg)

No fucking way, I thought I was the only one who got this guy in my feed out of nowhere. Granted I watch a lot of Resident Evil content so I suppose it was only a matter of time before this guy got into my orbit. I totally feel you anon, I felt the same way. I was listening to the voice and was like "Hm… Sounds kinda weird but could be a nerdy guy" and then he shows himself and I was mortified.

I'm convinced now that if I watch a gaming video from a creator I've never heard of and they have "THAT" kinda voice, I'm gonna automatically assume it's a troon because lately that's been the trend and they seem to be multiplying.

But with this, it's Sue Lightning (SphereHunter) all over again only at the very least, Sphere Hunter's voice isn't as grating as the usual forced troon voice like this Sophie guy, Hazel, or Contrapoints.

No. 1411077

But doesn't Dennis have a girlfriend? Some annoying Australian chick who plays along with his delusion by calling their relationship "lesbian"?

No. 1411091

like a transbian would ever be "monogamous" (aka fucking normal)

No. 1411102

I always wanted to know how Ben Shapiro would look like as a trans identified man.

Same on spotify. I'm probably registered as "queer" by the algorithm and so websites push trans shit on me.

No. 1411108

Just shouting into the void here but do you guys feel like we're reaching a turning point with this troon shit? The foundations of reddit (straight men) are starting to rumble with discontentment because of being censored (since that's all men care about). I feel like troons really fucked their perverted cause over by trying to tell straight men what to think, since the pettiness a man has over being told what to do is a universal constant. I'm seeing more and more troon mockery, and comments are getting downright mean and fedup when they come from straight guys on reddit, where as before they didn't seem to care much at all.

No. 1411131

I thought the trannies didn't claim he wasnt a legit tranny. They defended his pronouns on twitter.

No. 1411133

It's hard to say, I keep thinking this thing (whatever that is) will surely be it, but it never is. You'd think men saying they get periods would be laughably fake but apparently we're wrong, and also my favorite 'nobody does that' despite plenty of proof.
Who knows what it'll take before the average person realizes how stupid this all is.

No. 1411137

I had an idea for an artistic photoshoot that'd make trannies mad. Close up shots of women's body parts. Features men don't have that you can tell from a close up that it is a woman. No breasts or genitals though.

No. 1411140

Nta but all I’m waiting for is the mayor copium that will be released by all the companies who sucked tranny dick, maybe they will all just pretend this never happened, but what about the shows, movies, plays and publicity that was made about trannies to show how uwu valid they are? Will everyone just forget about them? I want to see the universal cringe that everyone who still supports them to this day will experience once they stop pretending that this whole tranny shit isn’t fucked up.

No. 1411145

File: 1641583690133.jpeg (731.23 KB, 828x1665, 42917BEA-CD31-4204-8FE6-F91BD3…)

Goth charlottes husband is trooning out. Surprise surprise. /s


No. 1411148

The prostate is basically an essential organ for moids in that its wrapped around the urethra and helps them not piss themselves, when you're already inverting the cock and playing loose sphagetti with an extra long pisstube that you're cutting down to 1/5 length (destroying the retaining sphincter) so it doesn't stick out you want every god-given chance in hell that there's some sort of glands supporting the urethra spared from your butchering so you don't get a constantly piss-soaked wound.

No. 1411151

I had to google him, he's a prolific porn star? I hope he cuts his balls off and regrets it immediately.

No. 1411154

What tipped me off immediately about this guy (spherehunter) was that his anime youtube-sona had giant tits. Like before I even clicked on a video I was getting strange vibes. I remember when I found out he was a man I was crushed (and this is before I peaked kek) because it felt like such a loss. I really wanted to watch a real woman talk about the video games I love. Fuck moids. Sage for blogpost.

No. 1411175

File: 1641585970505.png (20.39 KB, 638x124, unknown - 2022-01-07T210527.15…)

totally normal behaviour

No. 1411177

i think they broke up

No. 1411183

What do you nonnies think is the specific item/type of clothing most likely to have troon pic reviews on aliexpress? I'm bored.

No. 1411188

This is actually a really cool concept.

No. 1411191

Wigs and skirts

No. 1411194

Catgirl headbands, maid outfits/other fetishy clothes, stockings

No. 1411212

File: 1641589049960.jpeg (183.69 KB, 888x885, FFCFB3C8-59AC-40E7-AA90-764268…)

I was thinking about female masking stuff, but nobody seems to leave any picture reviews.
I think you'd have more fun looking at trans groups on fetlife or Reddit. The density of funny pics is just way too low.

No. 1411213

File: 1641589121528.jpeg (130.02 KB, 828x1152, F29FB592-F79B-4F7E-9C52-40292A…)

Is this the Australian girlfriend?

No. 1411214

File: 1641589330755.jpg (181.73 KB, 750x1624, lMF5oEzh.jpg)

got this creature delivered onto my Tiktok feed

Obese bald "baby girl" ageplaying tranny who has a wife (also a tranny) and a girlfriend (who is also a tranny.) Has a video where they talk about meeting their "mommy dommy" online and flying across states to move in with them right away, then proceeds to beg on Tiktok for grocery money as neither can afford it. Posts video upon video of themselves being called a "good girl" by their dommy mommy. Absolute nightmare fuel

Age playing with a teddy:

"Mommy am I a good girl?"

"Look who's in their first bathing suit"

"To all the mommy doms out there"

Just have a look through the videos. It's vile. Pedophile tranny who looks like a fucking goblin

No. 1411219

Oh and forgot to mention. Their "job" is a camgirl cus ofc it is. At least whenever they have enough money to pay their internet bill it is

No. 1411222

File: 1641589758458.jpeg (124.61 KB, 750x1004, 264B9579-3795-4EB5-9625-F42CF1…)

Samefag here
I had OK luck with breastplates, but there's still a bunch of

Also, most people with leave photo reviews barley leave anything written, so you can't tell if they're just fetishists, drag queens, cosplayers, or actual trannies.

No. 1411223

File: 1641589943624.jpeg (421.6 KB, 1292x2159, 245427CD-4934-4703-8CCB-C5AD1E…)

There's lots of European transvestites, but the Russians are the only ones that seem to ever leave pictures.

Thanks, Grandpa Ivan.

No. 1411228

lmao, good finds! Ivan here demonstrating its not a fetish at all indeed pinky promise

No. 1411235

That creepy agp look is omnipresent. Give a good look at it, enough to be able recognize it in a wild scrote

No. 1411236

>>1411137 i wouldn't shy away from breasts and genitals if i were you, artistic nudity is ok and i think it would be more bold statement, but anyway good idea.

No. 1411250

I don't get these chads trooning out? AGP is a helluva drug

No. 1411261

File: 1641592310896.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x1840, 41C4AA23-7BF4-4835-9121-10D676…)

Remember to toss a cig or two to your local tranny x

No. 1411262

I would love to see something like this.

No. 1411273

I did a social experiment where I have pretended to be ugly troons on tinder using some of the photos here. You would be fascinated with how many men want to fuck them, and I live in a conservative country where being an open AGP is not a thing. I was actually surprised. I knew that scrotes standards were low but not that low. They think they are hot because of this.

No. 1411277

File: 1641593581505.jpg (62.12 KB, 856x846, tumblr_p2pm20LfFr1wduhvdo1_128…)

>Anime YouTube-Sona had giant tits

In hindsight that should've been the dead give away to me because I admit, I didn't think much of it back when I first discovered his channel a couple years ago. I wasn't peaked neither and I wasn't aware of the tall-tale signs of troonery. Like you, I was crushed when I learned the truth as well though the way I found out that he's a man was when I came across a Resident Evil subreddt and someone mentioned that he was a man who used to do tranny porn and it was all over from there, not to mention that the artist who did his main sona art is a porn artist who specializes in troon pron.. lol

Sometimes I wish I never learned the truth and just went on naively thinking he was a woman because I do think his content is decent but sadly, what's been seen cannot be unseen. I would have more respect for Sphere Hunter if he actually dropped his larping and owned to being a feminine man.

I'm with you though, it'd be nice if there were women video game analysis channels out there, I really can't think of any.

No. 1411280

Sounds like there are a lot of closet homos and bis where you live anon.

No. 1411282

Not surprised at all. Most males live by “a hole is a hole” in private and will have sex with quite literally anyone who is willing. They don’t even have to feel sexual attraction. If the other person disgusts them they’ll still do it because “at least it’s better than jerking off”. You’d think this troons would realize as much considering they’re always the same but they’d rather feed their ego kek the Tranny narcissism is real

No. 1411285

And they're convinced they're gonna look like girls one day. Not women, girls. They won't look like either. Less angular, less prehistoric looking males don't succeed…why would Chinjaw? I'm like the bigger the chin the less you win. It's such a big chin, Schwarzenegger's your twin. If you got this chin, you'll never be Lynn.

No. 1411292

File: 1641595096974.png (608.75 KB, 1826x1178, Screen Shot 2022-01-07 at 5.37…)

No. 1411297

>the bigger the chin the less you win
next thread title

No. 1411298

I think that troon on the penn womens swim team peaked a lot of people, plus the reddit pedo admin. I think once the pandemic is over and the troons come out of hiding into irl spaces normies will realize how pervasive its getting and push back

No. 1411313

It all comes form them thinking that if they take HRT, they'll grow woman hips and that it will change their face shape when in reality, all it does is weaken your body and make you experience hair loss.

No. 1411317

File: 1641596626242.jpg (85.95 KB, 1080x1080, 1567792885979.jpg)


I don't known anon, I feel like he probably does "pass" better than most. Every photo I've seen of him, he actually looks pretty feminine in the face.

No. 1411319

File: 1641596673209.jpg (126.01 KB, 749x740, 1567793132325.jpg)

Just being honest.

No. 1411322

Heck I’m a woman and his tits and everything looks better than mine. He does the charade even better than real women. We should take notes at the hairdresser and shit.

No. 1411324

neither of you will ever be women

No. 1411327

No. 1411328

the pudgy jawed franklin really comes out in the 2nd pic

No. 1411330

this is a mole (ywnbaw)
this is a normal person. guys, some troons "pass". you gotta stare a bit before you catch the hands and ribcage, but that's what normies mean by "pass". you can't pretend this boy is the same looking as all the fucking bullet-tooth tony's in wigs.

No. 1411332

File: 1641597234248.jpeg (56.46 KB, 500x500, 26F56CED-8FE8-429A-BE77-5EBB7C…)

This is what my tits look like but saggier. I admit I’d mog him if I would have plastic surgery.

No. 1411333

no that's Charlotte Sartre she's a biowoman pornstar married to the troon here >>1411145 iirc she and that sphere hunter guy are in a poly thing with the husband

No. 1411334

You're really fooling nobody, troon

No. 1411335

Are you just samefagging to save your ass? I don’t even know who he is so how can i be a male or troon, idgaf about that tranny shit I just noticed this photo on the front page.

No. 1411337

File: 1641597412747.jpg (54.05 KB, 640x606, f01079bfc6c7bc9c987414d1bea36c…)

No. 1411338

At least his aesthetic is consistent, vaguely emo girl hair and overexposed potato-webcam selfies.

No. 1411339

i think the lawsuits will make it high energy, and so will all the sexual assaults

No. 1411342

But I don’t have a dick, I have a humongous ass, ugly tits and an ugly ass big nosed face. Nothing feminine about me but nothing male either. I guess I should do the 40% shit as well since some autistic farmers decided my gender. Continue with ur fun thread, I’ll go to the vent thread.

No. 1411347

they only "pass" even slightly in highly edited and posed pictures. this chinlet looks like michael cera trying to become ramona flowers.

No. 1411349

Must be pathetic being such a handmaiden for trannies, and there she goes, to cry about how meanies are the nonnies of this thread because nobody sucks girldick.

No. 1411366

I am a bit too old to know what a handmaiden is and I won’t google it. No it’s nothing to do with you or meanies because it’s all about my ugliness and how I’m fed up that even men can be more fuckable than me. Sigh. I don’t know why you are all posting reasonably attractive flesh sex dolls instead of the usual hags if you wanna prove a point tbh.(unsaged dumbassery )

No. 1411369

no one cares about your ugliness also sage

No. 1411374

I think the IRL interaction thing is going to be a big one. The #1 thing that's peaked my more normal friends is having to interact with them.

People really do value their personal experiences over data and things they see online, for better or for worse.

You can dismiss the "it's MA'AM" video as a single, rare freakout.
You can ignore stats about transwomen being sex offenders by convincing yourself that they're biased and inaccurate.
But you can't suspend your disbelief and continue supporting trans people when you suddenly have just as many MtF coworkers as you do female coworkers. Or when you notice that femininity doesn't come naturally to most transwomen, and that most of them are very consciously trying to modify their mannerisms to appear more feminine. Or when you notice that trans"lesbians" stare at you with the same leering gaze as the most predatory of men.

On top of normies and straights peaking, I think we're going to see a lot more pushback from the trans old guard as well. Granted, they're a pretty small group, but it's going to deepen the truscum vs tucute division within the trans community.

No. 1411375

You sound like a tranny, cope

No. 1411378

Go back to Facebook, no one here wants to hear you cry about how trannies are better than women because you're insecure and old

No. 1411380

You can tell that the behaviors listed are a part of how they think real women act like anime cartoon lolis.

No. 1411382

shit larp, go back

No. 1411386

So many reactions so much cope I’m guessing the hate blinds the fact, I was just reading the shooped thread where mad radfems were accusing a cute brown girl of being a troon with a manly face lmfao. Kiss my fat ass bitches.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1411389

i don't know where else to ask this so forgive me for the stupid question but does anyone have or can make a thread on men who pretend to be alpha on the internet like Jack Murphy

No. 1411395

File: 1641600675367.jpg (33.7 KB, 960x737, 8e0.jpg)

A /pol/tard LARPing to be a twitter migrant. Now we've gone full circle. Sage and report. Keep posting ugly troons.

No. 1411396

if someone made that the thread would never end kek

No. 1411397

i hate these types of pictures so much. it's so disgusting and creepy. i don't see normie men do them, it's always trannies and women..

No. 1411400

i only posted >>1411330

No. 1411402

it's gross because it's porn-y. i've seen this in fanart of ships too, of course with trannies self-inserting as the taller girl.

No. 1411406

File: 1641601169763.png (43.88 KB, 625x626, 1497726625666.png)

No. 1411412

lmfao troons are so delusional and full of shit

No. 1411437

He almost passes in incredibly low fidelity pictures taken from careful angles that are edited so heavily they may as well be created from nothing.

I mean look at the body shots they look like they were taken with a phone from the 2000s that had grease on the lens.

No. 1411451

Does anyone else cringe or avoid any groups that say LGBTQ+ friendly? Or just avoid it in general? I feel like those communities are more so made for trannies, "kweers", and virtue signalers now. I don't want to be a pessimist and having an LGB community to be apart of would be nice, but it seems like it's all infested with tranny brain worms. Was there a time where this wasn't the case? There's so many groups where if you slip up once or say the wrong thing, you're lynched and shunned.

No. 1411457

Yeah anyone who identifies as "LGBTQ" and "Queer" are the same straight people who would've called me a dyke in high school.

No. 1411462

and if this is who im thinking of his tits are extremely botched. Bangs, Low Quality pictures and being a slender man who knows his angles helps him out a lot IMO. A lot of smaller males who go for the bangs and have younger looking faces usually "Pass" in a picture or at a glance.

No. 1411463

I’m not part of the rainbow group, but I was once looking for a group of only women, I wanted real friends, not guys hoping to get nudes. And at first it was okay, everyone was normal, but then the tranny shit started gaining traction.
What to do? Virtue signal harder than everyone else, you may find good friends after all, but the LGBTQQIP2SAA is a hellhole club for everyone to feel uwu valid.

No. 1411469

He looks like the yandere dev if he cross dressed when he was a teenager. The lack of a chin makes him look both very young but also like a 40 year old woman with a face full of make up but her neck gives it away. The more you look at the picture the odder it looks. Almost like he has one of those fake breast plates drag queens wear. I know he doesn't but it looks like that.

No. 1411472


There's def HSTS and gay men in these threads because everytime they're criticized they start freaking out and always say how they can steal our man. In the last thread a gay scrote even said it to an anon who was lesbian KEK. They need to stick to datalounge or reddit they keep bitching and derailing the threads everytime a gay troon is brought up. The fujos and handmaidens need to stick to Twitter or some shit but tbh I think it's mostly gay guys because irl whenever Id call gay men out for sexist or racist bs they hide behind their sexuality so I think anons calling everybody homophobes and saying how HSTS can take anybody's man are gay men lol

No. 1411473

its so telling how many of them are just repeating "teehee i prefer left!". also love how theyre all ignoring the few people commenting on how gross the art is.

No. 1411476

Samefag but to all the gay troons: maybe don't post how you don't mind when gay men dress up as caricatures of women, it makes it obvious you're a gay man posting on these threads just to shit on AGPs and feel better about yourself like you're really one of the girls KEK what a pathetic existence constantly larping and pretending you're better because your larp is a little better than when straight men do it

No. 1411477

Someone put together a bunch of pics of troons jacking off in women's bathrooms. Anybody have a link to that?

No. 1411478

Oh so it is that troon who got his boob job paid for by that old abusive Chaser from that podcast? Yeah, from what I remember SH was basically groomed into doing porn by that older pornstar trans pornstar with the bangs. The one contrapoints likes. I think they were in a relationship or something. SH had a bad shoot and he quit porn. I got all this info from Kiwifarms a long time ago.

No. 1411479

How would somebody even have that? Like solo porn troons made in the ladies room??

No. 1411481


samefag. Yes. Some of it was caps from troons onlyfans. Some of it was pics the degenerates posted to twitter. I want to show it to someone to prove troon degeneracy but I didn't save it and can't find it.

No. 1411482

Tranny spotted

No. 1411483

That makes me livid. "We just wanna pee!" Makes a whole subgenre of troon solo porn in ladies rooms

I hope somebody comes up with screen caps because I don't have the stomach to watch tranny porn

No. 1411485

Kek they really think our problem with trannies is that some worthless scrotes with unwashed balls would have sex with them with the lights off. Being somebody’s dirty secret fetish isn’t a flex. Women hate trannies because they threaten our safety. Those anons have to be scrotes to think that we care more about being desirable than we do about men in dresses raping and brutalizing us.

No. 1411489


Exactly that's how you know they're moids. Only a moid could listen to a woman explain how men not doing anything when their peers abuse us and being offensive caricatures of us is problematic and go "oh you're just mad gay men can replace you" like a good amount of us aren't even fucking attracted to men but being sexually threatened by men is their go-to. No matter how effeminate or gay they are men still always end up outing themselves with their moid way of thinking

No. 1411494

Any time I see an LGBT group it's always about gender anyway.

No. 1411495

he passes bc of photoshop. i see his attempts to make the photo blurry after he's edited it, but i can still see warped shit in the bg. also lmao anime figures.

No. 1411496

File: 1641606734646.jpeg (478.22 KB, 828x809, D73BFC67-9261-4503-B708-8A3387…)

Randomly found the childhood picture of hunter where he looks just like his younger brother. Just a Swedish looking softboi with moobs.

No. 1411497

I feel you anon I was super involved in the LGBT+ community since highschool I was even VP of the fuckin gay straight alliance KEK and started to feel like we had become just as fucked up and retarded as alot of straight people we hated on (obsession with gender roles, hypersexual af, misogynists galore). About 4 years ago was the first time I saw a mutual post something about the cotton ceiling and then I was pretty much over being associated with the alphabet gang. Not that I think straight people are any better because they're not but the obsession with identity is nauseating and the fact that the LGBT is filled with straight people with shitty fashion sense is mindnumbing to me idk. I just want a little L club or something fuck the other letters at this point (no offense to bi women I actually love them but a good amount of them enable troon shit so I'm wary). When I was a kid I felt proud seeing rainbow shit because of the lesbophobia I overcame growing up now when I see rainbow shit I feel fucking anxious lol

No. 1411499

that square jaw. those massive shoulders.

No. 1411506

File: 1641607520954.jpg (941.18 KB, 1500x1838, Hunter-Schafer-covers-Harpers-…)

His voice passes better than his face/body. His ribcage looks big when he stands next to Zendaya even though he's a skinny guy. Also his giant man knees and stick like legs with no curve. It's why some troons get bbl and gain weight so you don't see the male bone structure.

I know anons hate when we say it's a shame handsome men troon out but honestly hunter looks like a handsome young man he has a legolas look to him. I'm sorry but when I watched euphoria all I was thinking was this dude looks like a malnourished elf with bitch tits what a damn shame

No. 1411508

File: 1641607596563.png (Spoiler Image,344.99 KB, 587x388, 1641607533046.png)

psychotic terf-actually-wants-to-rape-trannies fetish art that looks like it was made by a 5 year old, by porpentine charity heartscape

now spoilered like i meant it to be

No. 1411511

File: 1641607726553.png (1.2 MB, 1416x774, troon.png)

Comparing troons drawings of themselves compared to how they actually look will never not be funny.

No. 1411512

I wish he'd accept that he'll always be male. With his androgynous edge, he'd rock the flam look.

No. 1411515

Agreed anon, he has leading man looks honestly. And his pornsick art makes me think he was just an effeminate boy or gay, and is deeply tangled in his false trans identity. I just feel like he and army hammer would have some creepy ass fetish chat logs. All that talk about consumption gave me cannibal vibes.

No. 1411516

i get what this user is saying but given how fast this movement has fallen on its head and how many normies are peaking daily i’d doubt it takes an extended period of time. i think a lot of people forget that people may be nice or tolerant to you in your face but their disgust and or growing dislike for you, or troons in this case, will always come out eventually. looking at some of the older threads and seeing how some young women are already having enough of this, plus the growing awareness of how fucked up the trans community is outside of their spaces due to the shit they spew and how detached with reality they are, i think it’s safe to say it’ll come to a close sooner than we think. maybe not in the next year or two, but sooner than a decade.

No. 1411519

If you look for LGBT groups/communities that call themselves exclusionist (or exclu) you’ll have better luck. There’s still some tranny pandering but it’s a good place to meet other women with similar views. Honestly I say transphobic shit in exclu groups all the time and nobody’s ever tried to check me for it.

No. 1411520

Same he looks like he could be one of those pretty boy types that's popular with girls (like chalamet or whatever his name is lol). I think he's gay but he seems so pornsick I don't think women are probably safe around him. He has very disturbing ideas about us and misogyny and just his outlook on the world is so fucked. I wish his parents monitored his computer more so he wouldn't have become obsessed with futanari or whatever brain rotting shit it was that made him wanna turn himself into a science project. Smh

No. 1411543

@heke_nig on Twitter had a thread of this but the account has been banned. Maybe that might be what you’re thinking of.

No. 1411544

Samefag but if you search “trans bathroom onlyfans”, “trans bathroom nsfw” and similar etc on Twitter you can see dozens of trannies posting that content. It’s vile and not exactly what you’re looking for but it’s there.

No. 1411550

bandit was trolling it was just normal xanax he hates trannies lol

No. 1411552

Don’t care about your scrote friend

No. 1411558

Exactly, any group nowadays (or people) advertising themselves at LGBTQEBGJD+-+ is full of trannies, straight people dressed horribly claiming to be kweer, made-up sexualities, or genderspecials. It's always about label and gender. I don't think I've ever seen a lesbian in those groups, that's not a transbian kek. It's a strange hivemind. The rainbow stuff and anything pride makes me anxious too nowadays, whereas before I didn't mind it. I think it's because I equate it to trannies, libfems, and other perverts and fetishists.

I wonder if the alphabet club will ever change once the troon trend dies and more people peak? I can sort of see it remaining in tact but being pushed underground, while groups that are more exclusionary form.

I'll look into this, thanks. The last group I saw was full of poly shit and swingers.

No. 1411566

i wonder what will happen with academia, with all the historical figures they claimed were trans, revisionist history such as stonewall, etc

No. 1411570

Panties. Also swimsuits seem to be popular among troon reviewers (on Amazon at least)

No. 1411574

I actually took your suggestion and really focused on the image and I totally see what you mean now. When I look intensely at the sides of his head, I see some blurriness going on. One would think it's just a camera zoom-in problem but you don't see the blurring going on anywhere else so it does ook like he probably was blurring areas on his face but it was affecting the background a bit as well.
I could especially see the blurring going on in this >>1411319 notably in the second pic on the right side, his hair looks blurred AF.

>Michael Cera trying to become Ramona flowers

Kek okay you got me there, I can see it lol. But now this makes me wonder what he looks like in person. It seems clear he does shoops his photos and usually with TIMs, real life can be their downside when you see them in motion and I have a feeling it applies to this guy as well but I can't find any videos of him out and about.

No. 1411595

Horrifying. Like a demon wearing a skin suit of people he murdered. I pray this thing never has access to children

No. 1411607

Look at pictures where we see his profile or unedited ones, he looks like a man with a stupid anime wig.

No. 1411617

extremely typical scrote thinking that women are actively out to get them and hurt them. no, terfs dont want to forcibly detransition trannies, we want you to GO AWAY. just fucking leave us alone, you can do whatever deranged shit you want to do to each other, just dont force us into it, dont invade our spaces, dont try to groom children/lesbians into letting you rape them. but of course, that will never happen, just like it wont for cis men, because their scrote mind is overwhelmingly obsessed with real womens bodies, controlling them, possessing them, fucking them. and they project that obsession onto women when the vast majority of women would be way happier never interacting with them.

No. 1411619

File: 1641615759899.png (13.58 KB, 1067x177, Screenshot (11).png)

Imagine calling your child a they them instead of just normal he/she, when they aren't old enough or woke enough to even know the reason why.

No. 1411658

>playing electra heart

No. 1411667

those arent actual tits bc he is not a woman

No. 1411672

>leading man looks
>that fucking nose

No. 1411676

those tits are fkn useless, they are just an accesorie for them fulfill their deranged fantasy.

No. 1411687

I find it specially sad when Chads and Stacies succumb to mental illness

No. 1411693

a charity that could have helped hundred of womans now it has shuted down bc the troons were ofended, they need to leave us the fuck alone and stop invading our spaces

No. 1411694

It's a waste of good genes
You sound like a whiny scrote go away

No. 1411697

>she thinks le wigger genocide is real

No. 1411699

They're gonna explain it away as being the way people thought at the time kinda like how people say "that's just how it was back then!" When you talk about Jim crow laws and people being racist even though there was always people who knew that shit wasn't ok.

Kinda like how in modern times when they'd teach us about ancient Greece or feudal Japan and how women were basically property and not even considered human. They told us the mentality back then was that we were incomplete men and incredibly inferior so we weren't allowed to do shit because it would shatter man's ego for us to be able to do shit they do.

I think they're gonna compare what's happening to how the female pharaoh Hatshepsut's accomplishments were almost erased because one of the pharaohs after her had all her buildings and shit in his name. He tried to take credit for all her achievements because he was an insecure sexist loser. But luckily another pharaoh after him had it all restored in her name. So I think it'll be like that like a "oops a group of sexists decided Joan of arc was actually a man because back then people who wore makeup and painted their nails were considered women so they thought Joan must've been a closeted trans man. It's just how people thought back then. They didn't have the same concepts of man and woman that we have today, they believed in many genders"

Sage for severe autism

No. 1411703

wait really? fuck troons. and not in the way they want, i’m sick of them. so sick of them bitching about how they feel, when reality doesn’t give two shits about their feelings to begin with. you can’t FEEL like a woman and the fact that you’re offended over something that has nothing to do with your OR your sex speaks volumes. shut the fuck up already and go back into hiding where you belong, giving them a single inch was a mistake.

No. 1411704

File: 1641627416091.jpg (207.65 KB, 758x1200, D86XOcIUcAA-o3k.jpg)

His YouTube videos use snow/meitu and his selfies are shopped. Picrel is a candid where you can see that he's like half a foot taller than another guy. He's also got a big honkin' Jew nose, something he tries desperately to hide in his Asia-fishing selfies.

No. 1411706

eww he looks greasy. also wtf are those eyebrows kek

No. 1411707

File: 1641627906501.png (761.33 KB, 1376x746, etsy troon.PNG)

Troon fashion has always been horrible but, have they finally become self aware?

No. 1411708

i swear, half of these troons just don’t do shit with their caterpillar eyebrows and the other half make them into sharpie smears. there’s no in between for these morons

No. 1411710

File: 1641628303177.jpeg (155.38 KB, 639x639, zoomzoom.jpeg)

This is becoming a thing. Ever heard of "Zoomer Coyote"?

His mom raised him as a theyby, basically asking him what his pronouns are daily, and asking the school and anywhere he goes to call him "they".


The kid is basically an experiment and the mom posts total bullshit on her instagram, for example how Zoomer called the moon intersex.

No. 1411716

So kids can literally get taken away and put into adoption if their parents don't go along with the genderspecial bullshit or are even concerned about it, but this shit gets a pass? This seems like it would be a lot more damaging?

No. 1411720

If I have a kid I’m raising it in Poland or somewhere if even those countries are safe from this mental illness by then.

No. 1411723

Ah yes a country known for women's rights…. Anon pls

No. 1411725

I lived there for a bit and it was fine, not any worse than the UK where I currently live.

No. 1411727

Anon means abortion rights, not safety.

No. 1411732

oh yeah
can just hop to another country for that

No. 1411736

Poles are obsessed with Anime and Warsaw has as many dangerhairs running around as San Francisco. A small russian village might be safe.

No. 1411755

File: 1641634440434.jpg (37.82 KB, 800x399, 33-1.jpg)


Makes sense, both Kim Petras and Jazz Jennings looked sort of "teenage girl" passing in the early years of being on puberty blockers but now in their 20s their bodies blew up (probably can't control weight due to fucked up hormones), got big male heads and fat fridge bodies. It's just castratos who are even more fucked up due to the wonders of "modern medicine".

Pic related, one of the last castratos of 19th and early 20th century. He got his balls cut but didn't go through puberty blockers, hormone replacement therapy and SRS.

No. 1411756

Not to mention mtfs aren't even trying to hide being into it as a kink anymore. The last conversation I had with one in a friend group I tried to have an open mind and once drunk they just talked about how much they wanted to look like an egirl and feel small and fragile.

However, I feel like every time they do something slightly more wild, more people will defend them. I've been watching this happen for years waiting for the phase to end, and it still hasn't.

No. 1411769

Fucking christ anon stop this schizo tier sperging about gay men, you derail every fucking thread from troons to this delusional shit about muh datalouge faggots and faghags. The thread is unreadable nowadays because of your psycho rants and blogposting.

No. 1411774

>small russian village
Maybe, I feel like that would have even less women's rights though, but I do speak Russian so…

No. 1411776

I think she was joking anon…lol

No. 1411777

The people who used to support women's rights not support trans rights (cause trans women are women according to libtard agenda), so you can't really have one without the other.

No. 1411778

now* instead of not

No. 1411781

Funny you say that when there is a literal HSTS faggot ITT currently selfposting about how much hotter he thinks he is than cis-women. Kek.

No. 1411782

kek, my autism strikes again

yeah exactly the problem.

No. 1411784

This is literally fetish art, you can tell this is their sexual "I want a dommy terf gf kicking my ass uwu" fantasy. They even sexualize their "oppressors" kek.

What are you even talking about? Take your meds if you think some obvious /pol/faggot chaser baiting is a tranny selfposting.

No. 1411787

File: 1641637775597.png (102.11 KB, 750x880, ew.png)

No. 1411790

Except this dude has been here before doing the same shit several times (I think even with the same pics). Fags constantly selfpost in the femboy thread to advertise their OnlyFans as well. They read here and they post here trying to blend in. If you don't realize this you are extremely stupid and/or naive. You think trannies only invade women's spaces on reddit? Get real.

No. 1411792

>take more Adderall
kekkled my neckkle at this, trannies are so insecure they even QuEsTiOn whether or not the drugs they abuse are working against their intuitive femininity

No. 1411799

File: 1641639220675.png (36.8 KB, 734x193, 73829919474829910.png)

Projecting and coping. Heres what an actual honest troon feels about women. Ot but back in 2020 i made a fake fetlife account just for fun and the first user to send me a friend request was a tranny.

No. 1411803

"Good Lord!" "Heck!" Totally female vernacular, definitely not some 50 year old man.

No. 1411807

he really does look like a member of deathklok

No. 1411808

he's too narcissistic to realize that his career and life are all a sacrifice to realize big pharma's goals, to be the best that TIMs could hope for yet still not achieving the impossible, i'd pity him if he wasn't so sexual deviant and self-obsessed. at least it happened to someone terrible.

No. 1411818

Lactation = bimbo to them? The fuck? It's a part of motherhood, how does it connect to their bimbofication shit

No. 1411819

File: 1641642264881.jpeg (104.51 KB, 827x855, 6041D243-9F42-42CA-A39F-549193…)

Everyone praising this mediocre ugly looking scrote. The standards are so low for men.

No. 1411820

eh he passes pretty well in pictures tbh, especially for a degenerate agp >>1402796

No. 1411821

I dont think thats what that anon was getting at.

No. 1411824

kiwifarms might have it, nig_heke was a user there

No. 1411825

Stuff like this just proves how much beauty standards have shifted towards some androgynous amalgamation of male bone structure + feminine presentation, largely thanks to gay men in corporate creative industries like fashion and now the tranny influx. Look at how many women are fillering their faces into 50p pieces, topped with a pair of porn lips, then finished off with a layer of ‘pretty’ makeup. Bizarre.

No. 1411830

her kid was really just a way for her to make content and money, like a circus animal. disgusting.

No. 1411832

they turn into andy milanokis.

No. 1411834

they're talking about sphere hunter or w/e self-posting upthread

No. 1411835

he looks like a feminine man in women's clothes. being attractive as his birth sex isn't passing.

No. 1411856

No surprise here that trannies mainly hate terfs because they cant fuck them

No. 1411859

>I thought I was the only one who got this guy in my feed out of nowhere.
I did too but this was on twitter not youtube, and tbh a lot of their tweets, for lack of a better term, came off as very "pickme", so finding out sphere is a man it kinda all makes sense now.

No. 1411861

Mass shooter phenotypes

No. 1411863

File: 1641648746362.png (98.39 KB, 740x725, asktransgender.png)

they went from "gender identity is NEVER a fetish!!!" to "if gender turns you on, that's valid" REAL fast

No. 1411878

hope this is a psyop to get more trannies to catch covid and die. Their immune systems are probably already compromised from all the horsepiss and their horrible lifestyles.

No. 1411881

A poltard? U wot? Maybe lurk the shooped thread and you’ll see for yourself?

No. 1411886

Genitals and breasts are too obvious, and trannies can always get surgeries to try and mimic those (badly). The point is to make them seethe by showing them that boobs and pussy don't magically make them a woman and that their biology is not that of a female's no matter how many surgeries they get. Surely they could be incorporated in later though, start mild with hands for example and the grand finale will be the vagina. Call it "Female Biology" or something like that.

No. 1411889

This is why I use handicap bathrooms if there are multiple available so that it leaves 1 free.

No. 1411894

So being called z is better than he? The baby told you he wants to be called z?

No. 1411901

It's because a LOT of hentai includes lactation as something sexual for no reason and they're all pathetic coomers

No. 1411908

I'm sure they think lactation is the same as precum. Sigh.. I hate men.

No. 1411912

it's so bullshit. understanding and acceptance of lesbians, especially butch women, has decreased in the past 10 years. if you go to lgbtqasdfghkl; groups as a butch, it feels the same as when you work in an office full of straight women and one straight man. and i live in my country's capital city. it's fucked

No. 1411913

how do they get away with those gross fucking legs

No. 1411914

cervical cancer can kill you in two weeks, too.

No. 1411915

try a small finnish village near the border. finns dont' give a fuck about anything other than if they have enough hand sanitizer to stay drunk all winter

No. 1411916

they never know how to dress for their bodies. that type of dress is for slope-shouldered, curvy women with body fat. ren faire lookin' shit makes angular natal women look like men. the left photo is actually making me mad because his body is ruining a cute dress.

No. 1411918

i'd say it's more like male facial bone structure + a caricature of an ultra-feminine body
like laura dern's face on kim kardashian's fakeass body, plus a kabuki-load of drag makeup, which is pushed on women so that troons will have a better chance at passing.
men, as always, have zero beauty standard on them, which is making women and girls worn down by the pressure, hate, and nitpicking of their appearance to identify out of their sex into the one that takes zero work.

No. 1411919

Sad that these troons won’t be the ones that end up killing themselves

No. 1411921

Trannies always accidentally reveal themselves, unlike women who catfish as men. Just look at the woman behind u/terfsbeware who successfully larped as a degen tranny for over a year before deciding to reveal being a troll. Plenty of moids claim that the troll behind u/terfsbeware was a man because she was “too accurate as a man” when it was obvious based on the last post that it was a woman as no man gives as much of a shit about women’s rights. Men are shocked that women can actually emulate men’s extreme fetishes on a surface level by sperging a bit about mommy milkers and unnecessarily inserting sex into everything as men do.
Women can pretend to be men, but men never can pass as women—even online where men hide their bridge troll appearances with Picrew avatars and small anime girl children. Trannies, regardless of HSTS/AGP, are 100% male-brained and they hate us for pointing out that truth.

No. 1411922

File: 1641655936554.jpeg (344.66 KB, 2000x2400, 43AB0A58-9ADC-4812-A7BC-00189C…)

I think he’s trying to LARP as Saorise Ronan but he looks more like Brad Pitt kek.

No. 1411923

It's a breath of fresh air after spending too much time on twitter

No. 1411924

Is there a country that doesn't hate women? I'm not even exactly asking for a country where there's no gender ID bullshit but also countries that give a fuck about femicide and abortion among other things? Probably not though considering all countries are run by men. I really wish there was an all female city with an all female government and military anons. Men cannot protect or provide for shit the majority are utterly useless

No. 1411930

Waaahh don't call out HSTS who randomly derail the threads and randomly talk about stealing people bf (whether they're straight or not) everytime theyre criticized

Go the fuck back to Twitter tranny you're never gonna be a woman even if your cosplay is slightly better than AGP.

No. 1411936

A mother producing nourishment for her child = bimbo

No. 1411938


It's obvious gay men post here because they say the same shit everytime a gay troon is made fun of or criticized on here. You could be talking about an HSTS who won a scholarship or position meant for women and they'll go "why does it matter, gay men aren't raping you so who cares" "you're just jealous HSTS get more attention from men" "I don't mind gay men transitioning, at least they try to pass" "clearly you're a homophobe thats insecure because HSTS are replacing you" like you guys literally cannot help yourselves. Every. Single. Time. Again some of here are lesbian so the whole we can take your man thing is retarded and sorry to burst your bubble but most straight women and even some bi women are not attracted to bi/gay men. I'm sorry but that's just how it is. Most of the male attracted women I know do not find trans attracted men to be attractive. Even if said man also likes females most women are turned off at the idea of their man liking other men. So no, nobody here envies you. Only TIFs do. We just want to laugh at retarded scrotes in wigs larping as porn actresses. Some of them are gay. Get the fuck over it. Stop deflecting and saying how we're all just jealous of you (major cope lol)

No. 1411939

Those are still distinctly female breasts. Saggy yes, but the shape is very much that of a woman's breast. Saggy moobs look nothing like them. They still look more womanly than any tranny's chem HRT moobs

No. 1411941

They’re like weirdly obsessed with Marina, I’ve found.

No. 1411957

File: 1641659899594.png (551.98 KB, 720x549, Screenshot_20220108-103358~2.p…)

Hunters "gf" is a troon idk if they're still together but his name is massi desire lol

No. 1411958

Amen. All of those lurking on here who are born with a penis need to be quiet. You will never fit in.

For some reason gay men think that being called a faggot and being friends with girls in high school means they "know what it's like to be a woman" and think they can sneak into our conversations unnoticed. Well, you don't. You have been socialized male and it shows in how important you think it is to be thought of as "fuckable" by men. Most women do not base their entire self-worth on weather or not some disgusting ejaculators want to stick their dicks in us, and you know why? Because they all do and we know it. In fact part of being a woman means that men continually sexually harass you and we don't find that "validating". It is dangerous and disgusting. But you have to work so hard to get any attention at all that you think being deemed fuckable by a man is some great accomplishment. I would say I pity you but I feel nothing for you other than the same disgust I feel for all tranners.

No. 1411962

File: 1641660234984.jpg (37.99 KB, 540x720, qdtjkp0yhvtgwhtk20sm.jpg)

So are hunter and this dude prison gay you think? Bisexual weirdos larping as their fav Yuri? Or just 2 Twinks who ID as a lesbian couple because they find gay men gross or something?

No. 1411966

what did these kids' parents do that makes them scared to be gay guys playing dressup?
anyway, hunter and "massi desire" (jfc) are just gay guys playing dressup.

No. 1411968

File: 1641660961756.jpg (90.59 KB, 640x2052, 270223333_132133055925886_1338…)

TERFs will never hate trannies as much as they hate themselves lmao

No. 1411969

>someone tells you to stop this retarded blogposting and stay in topic and post milk
>decides to write tl;dr manifestos about what scrotes find fuckable
What the fuck is wrong with you

No. 1411970

men, gay or straight, are so fucking disgusting. women as people are worthless in their eyes. they literally think sitting on a dick is an acceptable price to pay for a fLaT sToMaCh. that's what this increase in troonery is, in my tinfoil opinion. pornsick moids with brains melted by faceapp and photoshop and instagram expecting teen boy levels of low body fat in women's stomachs and arms, but balloon sized tits and ass and a 15" difference between waist and hips.

No. 1411971

I agree with everything you said. It's sad HSTS (and gay men who are pick mes for straight/closeted scrotes) biggest issue is getting men to fuck them and getting the men who do fuck them to publicly claim them. It's why they sound so tone deaf saying they're more sexually desirable when women have been speaking up about sexual abuse men put us through. It's like my dude men will fuck animals, children, inanimate objects, a damn McChicken (men stick their dicks in anything) it's sad as hell you think it's an accomplishment that the half of the human species that has no standards whatsoever wants to fuck you. like you think we should be jealous that the same men who abuse us fuck you? KEK male socialization is a funny ass thing. Even if a moid is effeminate or only has female friends he is still coddled like any other moid and completely oblivious to the shit we go through

No. 1411973

Offended troon spotted

No. 1411974

We are talking about HSTS trannies. In the tranny thread, tell me again how it's off-topic? Touch a nerve maybe?

No. 1411978

Tranny suicide rate is bullshit because not a single tranny I know of has sudoku'ed. At least half of these fools should've died do they not realize how fucking retarded their 41% shit looks

No. 1411979

Oh sorry faggot, what should the posts in the tranny thread be about if trannies are off-limits? Homosexual male trannies are still men. Die mad.

No. 1411980


the truth hurts, they will never be women no matter how much effort they put in.

No. 1411982

The statistic is that 41% of the trannies questioned for a study had self-reported that they had attempted suicide before in their lives. Surely such a narcissistic and attention seeking group of people would never lie or exaggerate in a self-report.

No. 1411984

File: 1641662694786.png (331.99 KB, 487x697, Screenshot_20220108-112220~2.p…)

pornsick moids with brains melted by faceapp and photoshop and instagram expecting teen boy levels of low body fat in women's stomachs and arms, but balloon sized tits and ass and a 15" difference between waist and hips

I think you're onto something.

No. 1411988

Ntayrt but i remember someone "theorizing" that they larp as lesbians because it turns men on more, thinking that they're "out of their league". There was a video of hunter kissing a scrote as a "joke" and his male chasers loved it. Sincerely i think he's a HSTS who fetishizes women's stuff for men's enjoyment. So a mix between agp/hsts.

No. 1411990

So him getting fucked by random men from Grindr then him becoming a "lesbian" on euphoria is just him catering to chaser scrotes. Makes sense honestly alot of that shit felt gratuitous and unnecessary but now it's clear he just wanted to show off how desirable he is to straight men and lesbians lol basically living out his weird little attention seeking fantasies

No. 1411994

sorry for being retarded, but he didn't have a part in writing it, did he? I haven't seen it, but I thought from what I had heard that it was a drama series and he was just an actor.

No. 1411995

nah i think he identifies as a lesbian off the show as well, or at least doesn't call himself a straight woman

No. 1411997

He Wrote his episode special that came out last year. The one where he's in therapy and talks about detransitioning and how he no longer based his womanhood off of what men want since he doesn't know if he likes men anymore lol (he got with a "lesbian" at the end)

No. 1412006

I'm >>1411997 and forgot to mention asides from that episode idk how much influence he had on other ones. I know the director or writer (euphoria is based off his life when he was an addict) found hunter and personally picked him to play Julez. I don't doubt he gives his input on how he wants his character to be portrayed if he got to cowrite a whole episode but idk though I'll have to look it up

No. 1412009

File: 1641664984908.png (14.65 KB, 1840x102, Untitled.png)

HSTS troon got so triggered he started complaining in /meta/. Even there he can not stop bringing up his fantasy of stealing our "Nigels". Kek.

No. 1412018

kek, random sperging about gay men is annoying in a troon thread i agree, but what do they expect coming into an mtf thread? hsts's are so deluded into thinking they're the good trans.

No. 1412021

Does this person not know what HSTS means????? HSTS trannies are literally mtf trannies.

No. 1412027

God those hip implants look ridiculous. They always put them way too high.

No. 1412029

waaaaaaaaaaa i went to the male tranny thread and they were shitting on male trannies!!!

No. 1412039

They need our acceptance and validation like everyone else, when we don’t give it they fetishize our hate for them. Mean terf mommy dom wants to detrans me uwu. How do you manage to turn every single concept into a fetish.

No. 1412043

Fat is feminine. Fat stores estrogen. Women have higher body fat % than men to keep our bodies healthy and sustain us to literally create new life inside. Current year moids are OBSESSED with the low body fat to the point that trannies and porn stars/instathots have become indistinguishable from one another. Sexual attraction exists to want to breed and create life. The majority of "straight" modern men's attraction now points towards female bodies that struggle with pregnancy. It's so perverted and trannies are the ones getting the best of it

No. 1412044

that’s because structurally speaking the hip bones of men are narrower and sit up higher than women, so they always end up looking like ass when they slap those implants in there lmfao

No. 1412061

Greenland? Iceland? I remember I read a story about Iceland having all women stop working in protest that worked because everything was at a standstill. Idk about their troon issue or if they even have one. Maybe some small islands too might be a good choice

No. 1412065

i was >>1411970 and what's sad is i'm a skinny person, but that means i don't have boobs or curves. i look the way most women who like to run half marathons look. which to moids = ugly because all men born after 1989 were raised by porn, photoshop, and surgery. and since mtfs are MEN, they are only reinforcing this when they "transition" aka dress up as their fake porn fantasies.

No. 1412071

The fact that trannies have this kind of violent fantasies is very very alarming. I can't understand why we have let trannies take over like they have.

No. 1412079

Femininity was created by men in their image. Short and fat women with soft features are hated because they look female. Anything female (natural breasts, cellulite) and human (hairs, belly fat) is hated in women. Butts, hips and breasts loved by men look nothing like the real ones. Men love women with large breasts but hate the natural ones. Women are expected to look like prepubescent humans with what ever lump of fat is tolerated at the time on them. It has nothing to do with gay men and everything to do with male supremacy.

No. 1412089

not you again

No. 1412097

Oh fuck off. I don't mean being obese. I literally mean the substance of fat. It literally stores estrogen. Fat men often stop producing sperm because their estrogen level is so high from the fat. Look at all artwork devoted to the ideal female form in history and you'll see soft feminine bodies, no muscle or bone. Your gay little comment is exactly part of the problem

No. 1412104

>Short and fat women with soft features are hated because they look female
This right here makes no sense, at all. Statistically, men prefer smaller women, they're not hated at all. And for fat women…well, fatness is not really appreciated by most humans in general i think you should clarify you're talking about gay males, that would make sense, even tho you're talking about men in general creating femininity

No. 1412114

File: 1641672639256.jpg (Spoiler Image,37.72 KB, 385x600, bartholom-us-spranger-kunsthis…)

Are you retarded? Are you even reading what I'm writing? I'm talking about pic related. By modern post-porn post-tranny standards she would be seen as obese when for most of human history this was the ideal female form. I'm not talking about landwhales and I've not even mentioned height either. Idk why you're denying this

No. 1412119

I like this one

No. 1412120

They’re retarded and delusional. It’s undeniable that fat is feminine. Women have always had softer bodies and higher body fat. They’re probably bone-rattlers or men if they deny it kek

No. 1412121

i don’t know if i necessarily agree that short women are hated by men. i think a lot of men prefer a height difference, if only to seem more dominant.

No. 1412122

Yeah its definitely someone in denial. The modern beauty standard would look like a man with breast tumours to someone from even just 100 years ago. There's just no way this doesn't have something to do with the sheer number of trannies we have now

No. 1412123

File: 1641673294896.jpg (Spoiler Image,351.17 KB, 2048x2409, Gisele-Bundchen-Black-Bikini-H…)

Most men would still be happy to have a woman who looks like this. It's really only incels who have super high standards because they know they can't get a woman either way. Scrotes can easily be memed into being attracted to anything, the porn industry is just run by pedophiles so they create what they want to see, skinny childlike women and teens. Men think they want this because they watch porn every day and it gives them dopamine. You could easily make "busty curvy MILF" the most produced porn and then they would want that instead. As long as they can stick their dick in anything vaguely woman-shaped (not my 600lb life lardbeasts) they are happy.

The standards for women to be skinny are mostly set by the fashion industry tho and most runway models are NOT what a normal scrote would be interested in. They are bony, boxy and not feminine. That's because gay men run the fashion industry and they want the models to look like men, plus they get jollies out of controlling women and giving them eating disorders.

Picrel is Giselle Bündchen and her sister. Most moids definitely would prefer the sister, yet fashion models are supposed to look like Giselle.

No. 1412126

I'm thin yet still naturally have fat and curves just like you've said. Unless a woman is literally skeletal she will have fat and a womanly(curvy and soft) body more often than not.
And honestly the whole skinny agenda was pushed by fashion industry as gay men have majorly overtaken that female-space.
Most clothes look better on thin bodies which makes women think being underweight will make them look prettier.

No. 1412127

>scrotes can be easily memed into liking anything
>essay about how society is memeing everyone to be into masculine boney women
>straight men totally don't want boney women

Re-read what you wrote. The girl on the right in your pic almost has abs when a small pouch of belly fat is distinctly feminine and an indicator of fertility (its literally hormones that supply the womb, its why even ana-chans have the tiniest little pouch possible there when a thin man does not) The girl on the right in this pic looks nothing like the girl in the painting I posted and is still far more muscular, she's just thicker because of her muscle. You're just backing up my point in that society has been trained to worship muscular aka manly women

No. 1412128

In what world is that seen as obese? You need to touch grass and stop browsing pro ana and incel forums

No. 1412130

I'm jealous that you don't have to interact with men often enough to hear what they say about bodies that look like that

No. 1412132

Nta but as disgusting as it is, milf is a common porn category and a lot of guys are attracted to those kinds of women(only disgusting because they objectify them like they do to teens)
A lot of my male friends were attracted to chubbier and even overweight women but whenever they voiced their attraction, the other men mocked them. Men think of their gfs as thropies and try to aim for the new popular type(curvy while still thin waist atm) because of that.

No. 1412134

Where do you live? Are they your irl friends or random scrotes who neg every woman? I think that body is at worst average.

No. 1412136

Asia probably. That would be considered fat in any Asian country. Also probably eastern Europe.

No. 1412137

Personally I love Rubenesque forms like this, I have one myself, but I'm not in denial. It's definitely not considered "ideal" by today's standards. I think women have an appreciation for it but men have been conditioned not to by patriarchy and shit.

No. 1412141

I read a more recent tweet of his saying he is "bisexual or something" so I guess he likes everyone now kek

No. 1412143

Yes, and men hate most women. That's exactly my point

Idk if the other anons are just coping or they've been lucky enough not to had to spend time around men but if you held a picture of a "passing" in the face thin boney tranny up against the Rubenesque bio woman most men will pick the tranny (even if they aren't into it its what society now wants and they'll say its what they're into just to save face.) There is no way a man could ever have any body like a Rubenesque one no matter how young they go on puberty blockers or whatever so its not possible for a tranny to ever have it. But the current beauty standard? Totally gets around that problem and makes it nice and easy for male bodies to become the new female beauty standard! It's insanity

No. 1412148

Delusional tranny cope tbh. Men will never be attracted to masculinity and boney box shapes. Most men don't pop a boner for runway models and trannies, unless of course they are gay. Already talked about this in my post here >>1412123

Biology > fashion trends

No. 1412158

It’s missing a panel where he jacks off before crying

No. 1412159

>I've not even mentioned height either
>Short and fat women
why the fuck you lying now?, even this >>1412121 anon mentioned it too

No. 1412160

Holy mother… Wow, it's like looking at two different people but no mistake that is him with that recognizable hairstyle. I guess reality stands corrected that even the "passable" troons only pass in pictures with editing and angling.


Honestly I didn't know you could record videos with that app, I though it was only for photos.

No. 1412161

this. i can get laid by men, but very few would date or be seen in public with me. moids care more about how their partner makes them look to other people, than about whether or not they actually like someone.

No. 1412164

File: 1641676004818.png (234.41 KB, 858x787, manhunt.png)

Found this on Goodreads. MTF author writes about le scary terves during an apocalypse where only people with high testosterone levels are infected. Recently got 1 star review bombed so the reviews are full of seething MTFs.

No. 1412167

File: 1641676462900.jpg (173.82 KB, 520x779, stereotyping.jpg)

Some of the comments in one of the posts linked here we so good I had to save a few. The normies are really waking up about how toxic, misogynistic, and fucked up trannies mindsets really are

No. 1412168

File: 1641676522309.jpg (499.29 KB, 565x1521, cliches.jpg)

No. 1412169

File: 1641676633699.jpg (251.04 KB, 550x732, stereotyping2.jpg)

No. 1412170

File: 1641676654640.png (1008.89 KB, 2355x1468, Untitled.png)

Any of you other ladies seethingly jealous that you don't splatter diarrhea on your Nigels on the reg?

No. 1412171

File: 1641676712748.jpg (275.6 KB, 550x921, malebehavior.jpg)

MtF's predictably treating FtM's like garbage is also finally making people wake up

No. 1412178

File: 1641676920310.jpg (332.9 KB, 808x758, cisl.jpg)

Of course this with the entire subreddit were banned

No. 1412179

File: 1641676993524.png (395.57 KB, 716x720, protest1.png)

Engloid trannies are protesting BBC today.

No. 1412180

File: 1641677062772.png (4.64 MB, 2040x1536, protest2.png)

Picture of the crowd

No. 1412183

What has the BBC done?

No. 1412184

They published an article about lesbians being forced to date trannies and suck girldick and trannies have been upset ever since.


No. 1412189

Oh yes, I remember that. Well done BBC. But is that the only thing they've done, to get protests like that?

No. 1412191

They also refused to take it down after much REEEEEEEEEEing. That's all it takes.

No. 1412193

This is why no one peaks gently. You either side with the troonery or you peak hard and fast and go full "transphobe." Because these fetishistic bullies don't want to compromise- unlike women, who are naturally driven to compromise and find a middle ground. This is what makes women good at keeping the peace, but also makes women vulnerable to being taken advantage of by narcs, who will always ask for more.
Troons are making enemies from every facet of life. The rightoids hate them. The mild conservatives hate them. The centrists hate them. The old school left is starting to turn on them. The apolitical are really starting to hate them. Only the ultra progressives with cum for brains still support them (because they're all trannies themselves). It's actually fascinating how a group of people has become so prominent, influential and hated in such a short period of time.

No. 1412194

File: 1641678052897.jpeg (178.9 KB, 552x300, 837CEFA1-3C2C-4EA4-9CBA-CAFD18…)

No. 1412195

You know anonymous isn’t a username? You’re assuming I was just arguing with myself? That person mentioned height first (the “short and fat” one) Is a different poster to me

No. 1412197

Go on pornhub and look at the bodies of the women on the front pages. Lean pre-pubescent bodies sometimes with massive plastic bolt ons.

No. 1412200


No. 1412202

>Go on pornhub
No thank you. No one should give rapehub hits.

No. 1412212

Ffs, not this retarded discussion again, who the fuck cares what scrotes find attractive or not? If they are into female bodies they surely aren't gay and if they into male bodies they surely aren't straight regardless of what those people might look like. What even is the point here.

No. 1412216

Sure but it really does lay bare the inner world of males. In it you will see by far and away the tranny body with a real vagina is the most popular

No. 1412218

File: 1641679652213.jpeg (1.93 MB, 4000x4000, 26117E5F-F7FC-4FF6-A1E8-0D27FE…)

Please look at these three cuties that I found on the facebook cover page of a lolita association in my region. Feels sick.

No. 1412226

File: 1641680194997.gif (1013.22 KB, 199x222, 1616076888829.gif)

God I want to kms. They ruin everything they touch, what makes them think they look remotely normal?, male narcissism knows no bounds.

No. 1412233

>if you held a picture of a "passing" in the face thin boney tranny up against the Rubenesque bio woman most men will pick the tranny
>actual men polled for this retarded bullshit: 0
Please go outside, nona. You really think men prefer anachan dick & balls to an actual woman with a doughy figure? Put your phone away. I don't know what you're coping for, but you're either better than this or physically unqualified to post here.

No. 1412234

File: 1641680570748.png (190.95 KB, 1868x340, reveal yourself.PNG)

No. 1412240

nta but maybe it's a cultural thing? in my country the woman in that painting would 100% be considered fat and unattractive by most people

No. 1412252

Having muscles doesn't make a woman manly… What an insane take

No. 1412255

File: 1641681828644.jpeg (31.37 KB, 1257x835, Spanish-Slug-153816411_1257x83…)

Is this bait? Am I responding to bait?
First one has the proportions of a slug.

No. 1412261

File: 1641682162900.png (14.56 KB, 684x175, rubens.png)

And samefagging but in regards to Rubens.

No. 1412269

Trannies can’t even see Ruben women without saying it’s actually men

No. 1412273

it's funny how contrapoints and hunter schafer are both paraphilia riddled transbians who'd rather write and act in fake therapy scenes than actually go to therapy

No. 1412283

Hey. Don't make fun of Alice.

No. 1412286

Gretchen is a disgusting narc and looking at his face (and his repulsive nudes) makes me sick. I am glad he's being discussed. He writes like an edgy teen boy and gets into fights on twitter over upsetting the histrionic they/them-squad for being a misogynist (that's what the last paragraph of the book's description is about), but they can't call it misogyny without misgendering themselves. It'd be funny if it wasn't so depressing.

No. 1412295

File: 1641684809223.png (49.88 KB, 1114x800, When is it the right time to c…)

No. 1412303


It was posted to KF a couple of weeks ago so that's probably what lead to the, well deserved, review bombs.

Felker is a fucking rape fetishist and all round piece of shit.

No. 1412307

File: 1641685316299.jpeg (879.72 KB, 1463x1600, 9338869C-EED9-4400-A4C3-58E925…)

I know this is shitty of me, but at least she doesn’t have a kid with that guy, I hope she runs away as quick as possible.

No. 1412309

Shit, someone tell Ovarit so they can save this poor woman before treddit gaslights her into staying

No. 1412312

Women are fatter than men, even female athletes. It shouldn't be insulting to say. Restrictive dieting and over-exercising is causing women to lose their periods. The thin ideal is unrealistic and unhealthy.

Obviously men want to fuck and are attracted to women. The problem is what's promoted as the feminine ideal and how men openly hate women for being women even if they are attracted to us. Who do you think define this ideal? Men. Stop acting as if it was only gay men. It's all men. Transgenderism is another way for them to define us and rob us of your personhood.

No. 1412314

Porn is predominantely created by a small group of people. They all have something in common, but it's against the rules to point it out. Men just consume whatever is advertised to them on the frontpage, just like the youtube frontpage is manipulated by youtube.

No. 1412315

This is exactly the point I was making. Straight men would prefer the sister, but gay men prefer Gisele precisely because they’re not interested in soft ‘fatty’ fertile women. They like male/masculine bone structure with feminine levels of decorative presentation, which produced drag queens and culminated in TIMs.

No. 1412316

As if therapy wouldn't just be a hugbox about how valid they are.

Any minimally sane therapist won't touch gender therapy for fear of being accused of anti-trans conversion therapy.

Many therapists that believe trans people exist, that being trans is legitimate, and that you don't even need dysphoria to be trans often still believe that not all people who question their gender are trans. However, they would be sued for malpractice if they dared suggest that a sexually-traumatized self-harming female should work through her trauma before she considers taking testosterone.

The only ones left are sycophants that do nothing but affirm at all costs. Therapy would only encourage these people to lie to themselves even more.

No. 1412318

File: 1641686300638.jpeg (2.58 MB, 3894x3877, F459DEEF-2086-4002-826B-D48C64…)

More shit from the same group. Hentai ugly bastard want help to makeup him before the next teaparty

No. 1412319


I read an article once that said the men who actually buy porn are way more misogynistic and depraved then the dudes that watch free porn and the people who make porn cater to that audience.

That's part of why porn has gotten more and more depraved over the last 50 or so years, because these dudes get bored with current depravity so porn makers have to go more depraved to get their interest back and get them buying again.

No. 1412320

Gay men don't prefer any cause they are gay and not wanting women is part of being a gay man.

No. 1412324

Ezra miller

No. 1412325

I didn’t say that preference equalled sexual desire for both straight and gay men. My original comment was about gay men promoting very ‘masculine’ women in fashion.

No. 1412326


> Any minimally sane therapist won't touch gender therapy for fear of > being accused of anti-trans conversion therapy.

It's pretty bad, but not that bad. There are some therapists who do what they call "gender exploratory" (aka lets find out why you have gender dysphoria) therapy.

There is a couple of them that run a podcast called Gender: A Wider Lens.

No. 1412328

ask this on pt in the thread suggestions

No. 1412329

>trooned out immediately after his wife's miscarriage and is out celebrating while she's drowning in booze to cope
These fuckers are evil. I really hope she does remove this tumor from her life, but given how she's obviously a handmaiden she might just double down and try to gt knocked up before he gets the chop.

No. 1412330

I'm still skeptical that a significant number of therapists are willing to engage with clients about this stuff, but thanks for the rec, nona.
Sasha's mic quality makes me wanna kms but I'm listening anyways.