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No. 1390280

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (MTF) snowflake behavior. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread; don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (not even ironically), etc. This is supposed to be a thread for MTF related milk, not a receptacle for autistic spergouts. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.

Do not respond to anything you suspect to be scrote bait or trannyposting. Report the post and move on.

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No. 1390293

For those unaware about the title, the term "Gender Outlaw" which might seem a tumblr made up term is unironically used in queer academia and women's studies spaces, it was coined 30 years ago by an AGP professor and doughy university goers actually use the term
According to The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies:

>gender outlaws are the quintessential rule‐breakers when it comes to gender conformity. They break rules on how people are supposed to look, how people can act or participate in which spaces, and rules about who can be attracted to whom; all often simply by existing. The refusal to be labelled and identified in accordance with a highly policed, binary system of male and female, as well as refusing to moderate behavior to align with sex‐role stereotyping is common amongst gender outlaws. Historically, being differently gendered publicly or acting outside the dictates of behavior attributed to gender assignation potentially lead to life‐threatening situations; however, the increasingly visible political and social challenge of gender stereotypes and a naturalness gender status quo exemplifies the modern gender outlaw. These challenges rarely mean advocating for a genderless society however, most often encompassing and legitimizing an understanding that there are more than two sex‐aligned genders.

The Term gets applied towards historical figures( e.g Joan of Arc, Elizabeth the first), fictional characters (e.g Cerise Lannister, Jo and Laurie from Little women ) and a self descriptor for pretentious "queer" academics
In a way its responsible for the current "trans and enby" heacanons of many fictional and real figures

No. 1390557

File: 1639250766962.png (180.03 KB, 529x374, 6.PNG)

Was looking at some list of animes and this is the translator of a troon anime (Wandering Boy), fitting. Was he the same dude who forced himself into a lesbian in Japan bar or that was another one?

No. 1390589

god their faces can barely disguise their glee at getting away with their fetish in public

No. 1390595

File: 1639253185101.webm (11.77 MB, 576x1016, tumblr_r3xeb5ldm61zuy5ez.webm)

That poor nurse

No. 1390598

File: 1639253386635.jpeg (635.14 KB, 1536x2048, B4D55E4E-51D1-433D-9469-4F4DB7…)

No. 1390626


No. 1390627

what woman feels aroused or ecstatic about getting their clit touched by a medical professional

No. 1390630

This deserves a spoiler, nonny. I screamed. It's very scary.

No. 1390632

And to think there's women out there who feel too ugly or self conscious to post selfies without filters. This kind of confidence only comes along a life consuming fetish, huh.

No. 1390634

jesus fucking christ he looks like his life force has been drained through his nose

No. 1390636

File: 1639257047590.png (330.07 KB, 682x620, 1639053108164.png)

Shit like this just proves to me moids are obsessed with gender roles to an absurd degree.
I firmly believe males in general see the social constructs of masculinity and femininity as more real and salient than biological sex. This fixation on supernormal stimuli is what justifies trannyism.

I have thought a lot about male sexuality and how it relates to troonism, and one thing is abundantly clear; males are strict gender conformists. They have designated two classes of people (dominant/submissive, masculine/feminine) and created roles for them. Most of their sexualities are based around this dichotomy.

No. 1390639

Your doing the same shit anon, basically troon essentialism, do you think these degenerates existed even a 1000 years ago
the natural state of man and all other species is to survive, as a species we've had to work together to survive other wise we'd face extinction

No. 1390640

> This kind of confidence only comes along a life consuming fetish
and a penis

No. 1390641

On top of that men view women in porn categories.
>sexy mature MILF
>innocent virgin teen
>shy nerdy girl
>BDSM sloot to be degraded
>not-like-other-girls tomboy/alternative girl
That's pretty much it. You can see this in all media created by men, especially porn and Anime. There are very few deviations from these tropes in characters created by males. That is why all trannies try to embody their favorite porn/anime archetype. We are literally not even people to them.

No. 1390644

they did exist, look at Elagabalus.

No. 1390645

>Your doing the same shit anon
By studying male behavior and thought patterns? What I'm saying is applicable to all XYs, not the social construct of "masculinity". FTMs don't think like XYs.
> do you think these degenerates existed even a 1000 years ago
Certainly yes. Males have been hyperdegenerates and have used gender roles to oppress women and (to a lesser extent) GNC/homosexual men since forever.
>the natural state of man and all other species is to survive
Male sexuality being based around the objectification of their targets (women and "femininity") does not make them any less suitable to breed, in fact designating women as servile fuck-objects and taking away their freedoms is reproductively advantageous to the vast majority of males.
>as a species we've had to work together to survive other wise we'd face extinction
Males work together at the expense of women (patriarchy). From their perspective, we better serve as reproductive chattel than separate human beings to consider.

No. 1390647


No. 1390655

File: 1639259348330.jpg (24.16 KB, 261x390, 9780395877432.jpg)

Did you learn these obviously well researched theories of evolutionary psychology from the fat moron who thought Joan of arc personally was the sole reason for France's victory in 100 years war
cause that's now how any of this works you dumbass, even if your a manhater at least try to be accurate and not rely on the theories of pretentious women's studies majors

You want a book about that's a real pinkpill on violent male behavior, read Demonic Males, cause it has actual research put on it and not what amount to tumblr takes

No. 1390679


Anyone who defends these sex pests should be forced to watch this. That poor nurse.

No. 1390683

File: 1639262688985.jpg (66.47 KB, 543x468, Untitled.jpg)

why is it always death threats

No. 1390684

can we report this to something???? this is sexual harassment

only men. only men who have never been touched because they are repulsive

No. 1390685

Those points are basic feminist analysis. Dismissing feminist literature as "the theories of pretentious womens' studies majors" is retarded.

No. 1390691

They did exist, they just weren't pandered to because it wasn't advantageous to push back gay/womens rights, get shit men alone with women, and didn't make money.

No. 1390692

that's what they were, pretentious upper middle class university educated white and jewish women who sniffed their own farts
They had no understanding of history, religion or scientific evolution

the theories of subhumans will never bring us anywhere(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1390720

You come into a terf thread, clueless and retarded, and dismiss radfem theory as hysterical feminazi ramblings and suggest moid written evopsych books instead.
Just laugh at the tranny pictures and stop trying to fit in. Cringe.

No. 1390722

>Calls white and jewish women subhuman.
Spoken like a moid. You understand history is written by upper class white men? Surely there words of what totes happened will lead to womens liberation.

No. 1390728

File: 1639268778945.jpg (1.44 MB, 1885x1871, free-chara-cd-vol-02-mako.jpg)

Oh NVM you're a /pol/yp.
Moids are too narcissistic to assess their own thoughts and behaviors objectively.

It must be hard to come to terms with the fact that icky trannies share the same pattern of thought as you, a "normal" heterosexual male. Time to take the L and accept that the Y chromosome is defective.

No. 1390735

File: 1639269270315.png (952.28 KB, 800x790, Rei_Ryugazaki_Character_Song.p…)

Oh no, anything but the Jewish women!

No. 1390741

>They had no understanding of history, religion or scientific evolution
Are you implying you have any expansive knowledge of these subjects while saying all the midwit shit you have been

No. 1390747

File: 1639270465997.jpg (105.42 KB, 800x650, 1628717682468.jpg)

>phrase exclusively used by /trannypol/

No. 1390750

File: 1639270922643.gif (2.93 MB, 268x268, 1552514175452.gif)

I know moids are goddamn clueless when they go to a terf thread and call someone who disagrees with them a tranny for discussing radfem theory and not evopsych moid bullshit

If only you were smart enough to realize how fucking stupid you were.

No. 1390752

I'm not the anon that started the argument. I just find it extremely suspicious that there is someone using /leftypol/ terminology in the MTF thread when /letfypol/ is known for being 75% troons.

No. 1390753

File: 1639271246870.jpg (95.37 KB, 1024x682, 1c08bb0744f20ab3deb8e64e348052…)

kek no, that's elin mccready

No. 1390757

XYs can't even understand radfem theory let alone discuss it without massive amounts of butthurt
I don't know anything about leftypol other than they are political moids fighting some other group of political moids.

No. 1390778

that fucking laugh jesus

No. 1390780

Immaturity. They don’t know how to act like rational people and are used to screaming until they get what they want.

No. 1390785

File: 1639273102726.png (28.74 KB, 846x468, based family.png)

not even the terf threads are safe from that terrible character.

No. 1390789

feminine looking or pretty men only exist in fiction every guy irl looks like shit but are defined as "androgynous/pretty", it's proof enough that even when troons get on hrt for years, get plastic surgery done and they still look like faggots not pretty

No. 1390792

Not familiar with that character, anon. Who is he?

I feel like this person would have been a pleasant, eccentric if he wasn't mentally ill. But I'm so unnerved by this, anon. It's all sorts of warped.

No. 1390799

ty for posting this blessed gif nonette

i don't think a tranny scrote would post pics of the boys from free! as it's not male gazey or coomerish enough. it's also why you never see mtf troons being fujos despite how "female brained" they claim to be.

how do the tallest, manliest looking trannies delude themselves into thinking they'll look like delicate anime girls when they're already ogres to begin with? it takes a special kind of delusion to think they can inject horse piss to look like their waifus when not even feminine gay twink hsts can pass.

No. 1390803

>it takes a special kind of delusion
Not special when 49% of the population has the same level of self-delusion.

No. 1390806

He's a male. His hatred for trannies is fueled by his XY hatred for everything deemed to be "feminine". Femininity is the boogeyman of every fucking moid so they all think everyone who disagrees with them is a tranny or a femininist (or some grand conspiracy against them like jews or CIA like world revolves around them, because they have narcisistic delusions).
They don't realize the trannies they hate are just as malebrained and misogynistic as they are.

No. 1390810

File: 1639276416535.jpeg (Spoiler Image,252.33 KB, 1536x2048, 30B1D4E4-37CA-4125-A8E1-93725C…)

>y-you don’t want lesbian sex with me, anon?
Seriously though, one of the ugliest creatures I’ve ever seen

No. 1390823

>She won't let me be around my little sister alone because she's afraid of idek!
don't lie, you know exactly why lmao

No. 1390825

yeah i feel like most parents wouldn't really care about crossdressing/dressup/cosplay if that's really what this kid was doing. it's probably when he told the gf where he gets the women's clothing from that freaked out his mom.

No. 1390836

fucking trannies need to learn how to OWN girl clothes if they want to be girls so much. Classic AGP

No. 1390838

Kids should stay away, especially little girls no matter how old they are

No. 1390839

Why are femininity correlated with more feminine personalities? Most men are just as malebrained as the avergae moid no matter their appearance.

No. 1390841

You see, feminine fakebois and manly moid troons are most likely overcompensating therefore they troon because they have no other option.

No. 1390848

File: 1639285004628.jpg (35.97 KB, 617x347, aussieshitpiost.jpg)

Holy shit Bruce trooned out

No. 1390855

>evil book
>respects pronouns
this is like them inserting a line into the Chucky tv show where he says he's not transphobic and respects because he's "not a monster" and has a "non-binary child".

No. 1390899

File: 1639293713086.jpg (132.56 KB, 863x537, Untitled.jpg)

have another example of "cute twink turns himself into an ugly woman"

No. 1390901

TOPTIERKEK he's an ugly nerd to begin with, and tf as a woman he would slick back his sides wouldn't that expose his pre-HRT masculine hairline and he'd be clocked 1000%? Kek i wonder did he shave his hairline to show that shit off? Something trannies do i don't get

No. 1390921

Somehow he looks more girly pre-trooning

No. 1390923

Did that actually happen in the show? Good God I hate TV

No. 1390926

ironic. he looked like a butch lesbian pre transition

No. 1390952

Kek he kinda looks like an FTM in the before pic. This is some Kikomi shit.

No. 1390989

File: 1639307216111.png (321.32 KB, 735x571, Screenshot (337).png)

Notice this a lot with TIMs and femboys, even the one's with naturally feminine look garish and somehow clearly masculine when they try to "pass"

No. 1390990

Yes, it was so embarrassing kek. He said Glen/Glenda aka his kid with a split personality, one male one female, was fucking Genderfluid and his kid was queer, as the main kid was gay and said he wasn't a monster.

No. 1391005

Yeah passing trannies just have young boy faces that look like high school boys in make-up. It is enough to fool normies on the street in passing or autistic males. So long as they don't talk, since most of them have male voices. It only lasts until late 20s - early 30s tho. Even the most passing young trannies turn into hons after that.

No. 1391015

why doesn't this certified real woman get his teeth fixed before he takes an axe wound to the gooch?

No. 1391016

File: 1639313231688.png (37.78 KB, 847x258, hell.PNG)

From a thread on r/MTF titled "what's the least healthiest way you get euphoria" I'm gonna hurl

No. 1391021

This image keeps getting posted when this boy would be considered an average at best girl who needs to improve her makeup skills if he was born female, I'd post it in the "women shilled as attractive that you find ugly" but it'd need to be changed to "people shilled as attractive women that you find ugly". And why is that title in engrish?

No. 1391035

File: 1639318111875.jpeg (510.22 KB, 705x883, 6BCC40DA-0048-4392-932F-8E5BF6…)


No. 1391063

File: 1639322886206.png (453.91 KB, 530x642, 8q01a.png)

in my opinion i don't believe femininity or feminine behaviour exists in men, gay men/hsts trying to act out "sassy black girl" is still men putting on an act of what they think sassy females talk like, it's not feminine it looks horrendous, they think women go around calling each other bitchs and being aggressively mean, they will never experience or understand what femininity is.

No. 1391070

Holy shit this is horrendous, please tell me someone commented like "wtf"

No. 1391085

Who's gonna tell hin that rapists don't usually rape because they think you're a pretty lady or whatever..

No. 1391090

File: 1639326926046.png (118.53 KB, 256x256, moon troon.png)

Why Nik look like picrel.

No. 1391104

>gay men/HSTS act like sassy black girl

This is true I've noticed and I think it's because they watch too much trash reality TV and think that women really act like the women from shows like The Real Housewives or those old VH1 reality shows like those girls from Flavor of Love.

No. 1391114

lol at this website and the superficial reasons to become a girl

No. 1391121

lol at that dumb site featuring the worst twitter accounts possible. It has to be satire.

No. 1391130

No. 1391131

File: 1639331914664.png (476.75 KB, 1060x634, kek.png)

Men acting feminine look unnatural because femininity is a male creation.

No. 1391132

File: 1639331961326.png (13.89 KB, 363x213, AGP.PNG)


so…they agree it's a fetish lol

No. 1391134

Accidentally agreeing with us KEK

No. 1391136

Sage for nta but is this why some anons say anime and porn are inherently bad for autists? If porn and anime warps nuerotypical moids perception of gender, it must really fuck with autist’s perceptions too.(learn2sage)

No. 1391139

i'm not sure how femininity is a male creation, maybe im not understanding what you mean?

but no male told me to like cute things or behave in a soft manner, if anything men have always tried to strip femininity away from us it always felt like in order to be as good as a man you have to be rough like one, men can't create something that doesn't belong to them and they can never achieve, the shit troons and gay guys act out isn't male creation femininity it's mockery

No. 1391153

I'm always amazed at how such a franken surgery got normalized and even developed. That surgeons, doctors and nurses take genital butchering seriously. Part of it is of course white powerful TIMs with money, influence and MDs (Bowers) pushing the envelope. But the first SRS on a moid happened like 100 years ago, by a Nazi surgeon. I do think AGP is a male condition. Like you see these men who claim they are not trans support and coddle these obvious fetishists, for what reason though? They know what a clitoris is, they know what a vagina is yet they insist on calling this monstrosity just that. I'm specifically talking about penis inversion surgery, ftm surgery wasnt developed until recently and I find it interesting that SRS on TIMs developed so early and was accepted as a neccessary procedure even when society was conservative back then.

No. 1391157

nta but the concept of femininity and masculinity are stereotypes created and enforced by patriarchy

No. 1391166

File: 1639335816600.png (8.84 KB, 1068x137, excuses.png)

No. 1391169

File: 1639336272789.jpg (903.6 KB, 1080x5144, tF3rhDi.jpg)

no not the trans woomen

No. 1391214

File: 1639340049888.jpg (26.63 KB, 295x280, crabs-bucket-crab-mentality-26…)

i love watching these fucking idiots attack each other

No. 1391215

File: 1639340187478.png (319.02 KB, 606x888, DxqHEPZUUAEjr8e.png)

No. 1391219

File: 1639340240817.jpeg (431.87 KB, 713x1487, A3CBC6BB-FD8A-402F-A7AB-E55C57…)

Big kek at The Matrix. Who wants to bet there will be endless trans think pieces on the new movie and it’s meaning.

No. 1391220

File: 1639340463618.jpg (1.53 MB, 2277x4093, 1617089977335.jpg)

It reminded me of this flowchart, its bizarre really

No. 1391224

This is the kind of based trans representation

No. 1391226

"Because I are human flesh, society labeled me as a cannibal. It didn't matter if I disagreed. Society defined my identity for me. How dare they."

No. 1391232

I love how woke-artists always have to make every character black or brown, even tho most trannies are white dudes. I bet it makes black and brown people feel so represented to be seen like this. UwU

No. 1391243

I think the people responding are radfems anon not tras

No. 1391244

nonny fix the grammar so I can screenshoot it and use it for future attacks on the penised individuals pls

No. 1391246

File: 1639342203956.jpg (280.51 KB, 1080x1552, Screenshot_20211212-124826.jpg)

J.K. Rowling demonstrates once again that she no longer gives a fuck.

No. 1391247

As she shouldn't. Notice the amount of likes, people are fed up.

No. 1391249

Based Harry Potter lady strikes again, millions of mentally ill men in dresses genocided by wrongthink.

I fucking love her. Never gave a shit about Harry Potter or anything, only seen the movies, but am inching closer and closer to buying her shit to show this doesn't affect sales so retarded woke corporations stop deplatforming and selling wrongthink like "sex is real and women = adult human female".

No. 1391250

You could always buy her adult novels. They're good.

No. 1391261

It's so good to see an influential woman speaking up.

No. 1391264

"Femininity" as in makeup, dresses, high heels, shaving your legs, plucking your eyebrows, dying your hair, etc. is a male construction. The human female and male body in their natural state look pretty similar (except for, y'know, genitals, body hair, etc.) but we do all sorts of cultural crap to further differentiate males from females. Any many of the painful beauty rituals in western society (boob jobs, labiaplasty, botox, etc.) that are more heavily pushed on women were invented by male/Capitalist doctors for the sake of profits, with no regard for women's comfort or safety.

No. 1391271

Nope, like >>1390753 said the troon who tried to enter a lesbian bar in Tokyo was Elin McCready. Matt "Rachel" Thorn is another piece of work who iirc trapped a Japanese woman in a relationship with children before trooning out and his main profession is being a hurt victim on Twitter all day long and being totally not like other weebs but a true and honest boomer japanophile.

Queen shit. Love this woman.

No. 1391278

did you sage tho

No. 1391279

It's a really long, overly-complicated way of saying "It's not gay if you want to suck a dick! It's not gay as long as it's a woman's dick!"

No. 1391283

The official terf queen stopped giving a fuck, finally. So far which celebrities are seen as terfs, besides JKR and Azealia Banks?

No. 1391290

I’m genuinely fuckin ecstatic to see this

No. 1391296

File: 1639345338127.png (90.15 KB, 626x419, BASED.png)

Please don't disappoint us by groveling to them again, JKR.

No. 1391298

Queen behavior

No. 1391303

File: 1639345687400.png (67.42 KB, 712x358, image_2021-12-13_084815.png)

>seriously implying that male privilege doesn't exist

No. 1391309

Pretty much what >>1391264 said but also to comment on the point you made where it felt like men were/are trying to strip women away from femininity in order to be seen as acceptable, notice how much a lot of men hate butch appearing women. These women don't care to exude femininity in any way and they get shat on constantly by men because they are breaking the gender norm hoisted onto women to be interested in femininity one way or another. Why do you think men hate the pixie haircut so much? Women love it but men hate it because they think it's too masculine and make women look like they're to be boys when that isn't true, we just think it looks genuinely cute a lot of the time. See what we mean?

No. 1391310

Agreed. JK has done so much good as a public woman figure not cowtowing to the ridiculous TRAs and it would be horrible if she changes her mind to avoid the hate she's been getting. I'm hoping she knows that she is making a big difference to so many women and girls.

No. 1391312

Honestly those are it honestly. I mean Dave Chapelle? But he's not a woman and he doesn't even know much about the issues that gender critical tries to fight against.

No. 1391322

>>1391312 Richard Dawkins also recently spoke out, but as he's an old white man, the TRA's have been at worst "disappointed in him." No rape or death threats so far.

No. 1391337

based terf queen unironically

No. 1391352

i understand what you mean there's a thing amongst troons where they see if women "pass" so even an ogre in a wig has the nerve to dictate what a woman can and can't look like.

the way i was raised as a child is that no one is ever happy if youre tomboyish then youre trying to be a boy, you cant play with boys.

if you wear cute colors, raise your voice a little, scream because something scared you, chew gum, wear a skirt that isn't at your ankles, speak or behave softly then you're doing whoreish behaviour because god forbid some 30 year old pedophilie gets an erection because he heard a 7 year old girl laugh. i guess we all suffer nonnie.
sry if blog

No. 1391359

Nah it's cool. You're right though, growin up as a girl can be pretty rough and this is why it's always good to have women in your family who are open-minded in any kind of expression so long as it's based in reality. I remember having an cousin who was pretty masculine in comparison to my mom, aunt, and grandma and she was super chill. It was a nice reminder that you don't have to be one way or the other as a woman.

No. 1391369

>The penised individual
Lmao actually ridiculous that’s it’s came down to this

No. 1391378

File: 1639350987058.jpg (53.18 KB, 570x742, 217711024_10159238205060977_84…)

Sorry that your family tried to enforce unfair sexist double standards on you nonnie. Actual biological women don't have to "pass" as women no matter what we do or how we dress, because we just are women. And that makes troons seethe.

No. 1391380

File: 1639351117781.png (798.92 KB, 1029x660, Skærmbillede 2021-12-13 kl. 00…)

all the silicone and hrt finally went to Nikita Dragun's brain and he has been admitted to a psych ward.

No. 1391390

Is that red line across his stomach an injury or a shit tattoo?

No. 1391392

File: 1639351971839.png (271.2 KB, 1546x498, Screen Shot 2021-12-12 at 6.30…)

No. 1391395

fuck it, I'll buy all ten of her baby books, save them for a niece later or something

No. 1391399

File: 1639352606859.png (62.65 KB, 745x603, misogynisticmales.PNG)

sorry, i'm giving this troon what he wants by sharing it with other terfs but this whole "hehe i'm a misogynist" thing is so fucked up. DV is on the rise, especially in 2020 with the pandemic, and these men have the nerve to trivialize woman hating like it isn't a worldwide war against women. and of course the audacity to act like we're ridiculous for not finding misogyny jokes made by men funny.

i'm sure that these left wing dudes wouldn't dare to joke around and call themselves a racist because they're scared about a group of racial minorities being upset. why is the same thought process NOT applied to women?

No. 1391401

Ntayrt but maybe it's from a discord server? I cannot believe a man this ugly would post this here himself.

No. 1391415

File: 1639353614329.jpg (94.25 KB, 1080x623, Screenshot_20211212-155530_Twi…)

Massive cope in picrel. It's so male that they pretend that we secretly want to fuck them

No. 1391419

How they can hate us for being sex negative anti porn prudes and then claim we’re actually addicted to degen tranny porn is beyond me. Those accusations working with religious conservative males doesn’t mean you can use them on radical feminist women.

No. 1391422

males of all political backgrounds blame women for everything under the sun and will perform insane mental gymnastics to justify their shitty strawmen

No. 1391424

They assume everything terfs and women say is a cover for the opposite truth, like their untrustworthy selves (see: the feminist male who is also a rapist)
Clearly terfs truly think they are attractive worthwhile humans, and this is all a cover.

No. 1391426

File: 1639355389003.jpeg (997.84 KB, 1393x2220, 33FFA00B-9F46-4387-ABC8-18FF6C…)

@penelopew_ on Twitter, only found him because he was commenting under something tranny related

No. 1391431


Tfw the crimson chin transitioned, butch Hartman must be weeping.

No. 1391432

More like I easily clocked you as a result of have knowing what men look like for 25+ years

No. 1391437

i'd love to know what this scroid looks like irl. i bet all of the interactions from "women" this sad fuck gets are all online and from other troons.

No. 1391442

File: 1639356714271.jpeg (80.84 KB, 960x538, 7474F24D-5D93-4680-97C3-12C4DF…)

I’m in a liminal spaces themed group on fb that’s currently all up in flames because one of the mods is based and said terf is a slur and all the tra-tards are pissing themselves with rage

No. 1391447

File: 1639357293684.jpeg (136.35 KB, 828x849, ACD8737D-F116-46F6-98E5-0698A9…)

men are the worst

No. 1391448

File: 1639357437099.png (13.66 KB, 468x349, 85AAF959-1F6F-4F14-8EE6-683752…)

They’re soooo sexually obsessed with terf. Which is literally so rapey. Some of them unironically fantasize about picrel.
Cry more lol let the mod know they’re right

No. 1391450

When did Jay Leno get into drag. Jesus that chin. Ain't no way anyone thinking this guy is a lady with a living caricature face like that

No. 1391451

Sorry for pointing out the obvious, but why tf is she drawn with the lesbian flag dress when the strawman is a conservative straight woman? Literally no critical thinking skills.

No. 1391455

Exactly. They just throw together vague broken pieces of anecdotes they’ve heard other trannies sperg about online about women who hate them and bam the boogey terf is born. Can’t decide if we’re pearl clutchinng fundie or hairy dykes.

No. 1391460

Tineye and similar services don't always catch everything. I'd take them with a grain of salt.

No. 1391464

what did Azealia do to become hated by troons?

No. 1391468

Troons love making up dumb arguments like this.

No. 1391470

Proof that men think the only way to learn things is through watching porn. Fucking idiots.

No. 1391471

File: 1639359887802.png (23.17 KB, 763x408, Erin, Trail Mom on Twitter.png)

How did this guy get this out of JK rowling tweet? A guy in a dress rapes you he is a rapist right?

No. 1391473

No. 1391478

I don’t know, Jason almost has a point. I consider TERF to be a compliment.

Gonna start thanking God every day that I’m not this ugly

This is accurate because I’ve never seen a cis man in my life. The only way I know how to identify a man is through all the tranny porn I watch. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to tell that TIMs have a harsh jawline, unkempt hair, “30+ year old trying to dress like a 16 year old e girl” fashion style, or a deep voice.

No. 1391479

File: 1639360725097.png (26.85 KB, 1102x393, How can I support my preschool…)

>4 years old
>father thinks he's a troon
some people don't deserve kids

No. 1391483

she never gave a fuck. she literally has trannies who support her lol.

No. 1391484

Literally the same shit that happened back then but accepted by everyone and lauded as a good thing
>my son likes girly things and -ew- the color pink, is he gay?

No. 1391486

File: 1639361723461.jpg (127.74 KB, 2220x1248, loloblanca.jpg)

Kek I didn't know Mac Tonight trooned out.

No. 1391491

She’s pointing out that those rapists are trans not the other way around. Paging Dr. Freud. She’s simply saying that tranny rapists should be recorded as tranny rapists.

No. 1391494

File: 1639363028393.jpg (297.06 KB, 1080x1656, Screenshot_20211212-183633.jpg)

Holy fucking shit, what's wrong with this guy's nose?

No. 1391511

Where did you find this fucking caricature of a man?

No. 1391520


>>1391426 posted his Twitter username but here's the link https://mobile.twitter.com/penelopew_
Easily one of the ugliest troons I've ever seen.

No. 1391550

This is like, the most random mix of contradicting ideas for a make believe boogeyman that I’ve ever seen. It’s insulting they can’t even get it right.

No. 1391556

File: 1639367804745.jpg (23.25 KB, 300x270, iuVF6VF92E.jpg)

idk how you could spend life looking like that chan caricature and also believe you are a woman. I'd surgery and fill that face up if I were him, but as a man.

No. 1391557

Nobody is believing this guy has ovaries, the cope is unreal. Maybe some terrified gay dude doesn't want to be clobbered to death so humors him, that's as far as "passing" as he would ever get.

No. 1391560

This sounds like the father is grooming the four year old, very specific things here like painting nails that toddlers barely have comprehension of. Someone needs to confiscate this guy's laptop stat.

No. 1391568

OT but this picture is really cute and "everyone can like…babies!" made me go awww. babies are very sweet, thanks for reminding us nonnie. i hope we all have nice little families one day

No. 1391569

this is gross. even his stupid hospital sob story is a fetishistic larp. hope he dies in there

No. 1391570

i saw that dude on kiwi farms. someone there dumps pics from the HER app like every day

No. 1391573

but retarded moon worship and magic stuff/astrology is a troon thing? why is it in this meme

No. 1391600

No Timmy, we clocked you because you're a six-foot-tall baritone with shovels for hands.

I think I've mentioned this before, but normie women can sense that something is "off" about a tranny before eventually clocking them. One of my brother's groomsmen was an MtF and my aunts thought there was something wrong with "her" because of the male voice and fridge body. When they asked about it on the car ride home, my mom told them he was an MtF and they were like "okay that makes sense." She also told them his "deadname" lmao. Gossipy boomers are sometimes unintentionally based kek.

No. 1391607

File: 1639371552284.webm (Spoiler Image,3.86 MB, 720x1280, 1614503414244.webm)

Reminds me of the time some TRA sent me this(WARNING PORN) as an example of troons passing but I could tell from the thumbnail that it was clearly a TIM who looked like a boy and still undeniably male, its as anon stated >>1391005 so called "passing trannies" just have young boy faces that look like high school boys in make-up.

No. 1391617

>Moonma'am, Moonma'am can't you see? Cis and TERFs need to hang from tree's, And I just love your misogynist ways I guess that's why their mom is victim and your so great.

No. 1391618

Where are his tits? Whats that red line on his stomach? Also, why do I feel like this is all a lie because he hasn't been getting much attenton lately?

No. 1391621

File: 1639372807006.png (Spoiler Image,822.51 KB, 749x673, cryptid.png)

He is fucking horrifying, legit one of the ugliest people I've ever seen in my life and he's supposedly 33?? What the actual fuck. He repulses me on a visceral level, he makes my skin crawl. I feel physically sick looking at him.

No. 1391628

This whole mtf thread has never given me nightmares or fear but holy shit!! If those two images to send off warning signals that this guy is a killer, I don’t know what does

No. 1391631

File: 1639373084759.jpg (Spoiler Image,103.9 KB, 1112x614, OFHj36G.jpg)

While looking through this ugly tim's twitter, I found another degenerate. This seems really creepy and incest-y to me. Why compare the size to kids? Pedophilic and gross. Tims shouldn't be around elderly women.
No nudity but spoilered

No. 1391633

I'm going to archive his twitter

No. 1391661

New TT Exulansic video on Jazz.


No. 1391664

File: 1639378039254.jpeg (341.36 KB, 1538x2048, 70C762C0-8EEB-4FE7-A24B-EE0379…)


No. 1391665

He's definitely one of the people who write insane screeds about how they are psychologically injured every time they see an attractive woman on the street and we have such easy lives because we are born cis etc. But really he was just cursed in the womb to look like that and it's none of our business. Save up for surgery and dental and suck it up.

No. 1391666

Penelope Violet, perfectly normal female name nothing to see here. I wonder if employers have started to screen women with stupid names to try and avoid awkward interviews with loons, I would probably do so even if it meant cutting out a few cis women with unusual names.
I know they do that shit to try and screen the ""wrong"" race/class so I can see it happening.

No. 1391674

File: 1639379145152.png (72.43 KB, 416x206, Screenshot 2021-12-13 010533.p…)

No. 1391679

ok now he passes

No. 1391680

Yassified Jay Leno

No. 1391707

I used to be in the same online spaces as the commenter lol he's literally just a fag. I hate men.

No. 1391710

bc a tranny moid made it

No. 1391719

File: 1639385682568.jpg (123.18 KB, 1195x809, httpsCOLONSSstin.toSLASHtx4oh.…)

I joined the chatroom linked by Exulansic and they were having a weird abortion debate, mostly by this ICXC NIKA guy

No. 1391726

Gosh I wish I was the gender who thought misogyny and joking about how integrated it is on our culture is funny! Too bad I'm a woman and I don't!

>why is the same thought process NOT applied to women?

Because they can't claim a race, but they can claim a gender. The anon who mentioned that "male feminist" leftbros can't act as allies to women without eventually demanding their piece of the pie was correct and when they finally troon out it's like they finally let the misogyny monster loose after suppressing it for such a long time.

They really think that these "middle-aged, frigid white Karens" they claim all terfs to be are actually watching trans porn and both lusting tranny dick and also being jealous of all the hot 18-year old virginal lesbian femmes troons are apparently scoring left and right. If that isn't projection, I don't know what is.

No. 1391738

Can we spoiler this creature from now on? Shit it's fucked up. This scrote is cursed

No. 1391781

This is so disgusting that I have no clue how to respond to it. I'm going to schedule an appointment with my GP to make sure that seeing this didn't give me a disease.

No. 1391783

File: 1639396830540.jpeg (85.54 KB, 960x824, 8yxnfmfaa9581.jpeg)

Someone redesigned the Teddy Fresh hoodie with the trans flag colors and added top surgery scars to the bear


No. 1391784

It's too late, the eyes will have to go

No. 1391791

File: 1639397945417.jpg (69.44 KB, 1080x590, Screenshot_20211213-121754_Chr…)

Kek, the only comment on that post.

No. 1391796

The pride TRAs have in surgery scars is so strange to me. You literally cut off healthy body parts because you're delusional.

No. 1391811

File: 1639400196906.jpg (249.64 KB, 1080x805, IMG_20211213_135423.jpg)

My absolute fucking sides.

No. 1391815

Anne Rice, the adult woman who unironically wrote the "300 year old vampire in a little girl's body" trope into her sexy vampire books? The same Anne Rice who Google identifies primarily as a Christian and erotic writer? The Anne Rice whose mother named her "Howard", and told a nun her name was "Anne" (probably making her falsely believe she has kinship with MTFs, who are actually just coomers)? Kek.

No. 1391821

Also the Anne Rice, a grown woman who threw a huge tantrum over a restaurant being Lestat inspired like a 13 year old being mad her mom doesn't respect her classy goffic aesthetic.

No. 1391823

which group anon i wanna join
ewwwwww are dicks normally like… stained? discoloured? like this? diseased

No. 1391834

Ah yes, the based Anne Rice who also was so neurotic over the control of her characters that she hunted down fan fiction writers and threatened them with law suits and doxed them mercilessly if they ever dared to write any kind of fan fiction pieces using Vampire Lestat characters. But she thought troons are fabulous so take that stupidhead terf rowling!!!!

No. 1391848

okay as someone who has read her works and used to be a huge fan of Interview with a Vampire, I have to agree with some of what's been said but a lot of this is exaggeration
Claudia(the vampire girl) was portrayed as a tragic figure and there was nothing ever remotely sexual about her, it was more about frustration of always being a child for eternity cause of the petty needs of a bored immortal

I can't disagree with her dumb and pointless hatred against fan-fiction but her characters meant a lot too her, especially Lestat who was based on her dead husband and a lot her craziness came after he had died

No. 1391855

Where do men hate pixie haircuts? I've never seen that opinion before.

No. 1391856

I agree, anon. I've read almost all of her books, people do exaggerate. The Claudia thing was tragic and sad, not sexual. The only slightly sexual thing with her was the fact that she wanted an adult woman's body, not her child's body. Anyway, I didn't know that Rice felt this way about troons. Not surprising, but isn't it funny how after someone prominent dies, TRAs will make shit up about how they were such an ~uwu~ woke ally?

No. 1391859

this poor lady probably doesn't know why this picture was taken or what the intention behind it is, no one is safe around troons, someone should send this degenerate shit to his family members so they can maybe keep him away from her

No. 1391862

Oh, I didn't even know she died, that makes it worse.

No. 1391864

nta but she died yesterday. she might have had her cringe moments but i nevertheless loved her books, lets not shit on somebody just deceased

No. 1391868

I remember this story! Women can always tell but troons are legit male supremacists who can’t listen to female opinions like radfems who candidly tell them that EVERYONE is lying to them. None of them pass. Absolutely none of them. Even the best ones like that Thai tranny pageant winner are clickable by mannerisms because like another anon said, gay men are over the top with catty mean girl “femininity” to a comedic level.
Troons are so dumb to not even consider how much of an L someone’s job or life takes after you say anything. Why wouldn’t we lie to you when our reputations, jobs, and personal lives are at stake and you are obviously a man? I’ve never seen a woman as hideous as troons. They are all absolutely grotesque and ginormous irl. I previously worked behind the scenes with women in women’s basketball and was constantly around extremely tall women—there is such a difference between women who are tall and men. It’s such a joke that they even compare themselves when the tallest woman I’ve met was in no way “clockable” unless you’re absolutely blind. Trannies irl are literal circus freaks and you will just know when you meet them kek.

No. 1391871

Do I have to?

No. 1391886

This. We can always tell. Troons, you are always 100% clockable, it's just that we can't say that openly so we have to just play along for as long as it takes to get away from you.
I know they don't consider this because they're men and incapable of true self reflection but there are SO many different ways to clock even the most "passable" male tranny: height, the size of their head, shoulders, hips or feet. Their voice. Their mannerisms, how they walk, how they talk and gesticulate and express themselves. Their posture. There are just sooo many ways they can be clockable as male and we notice every single one. You will never pass.

No. 1391896

The last 20 years of her life were definitely cringe, but that shouldn't erase all the great work she's done

No. 1391917

Exactly. Because it was written by a woman. Vampires were asexual in her series, so Claudia could hated her weakness and need for protection more than anything. She was spiteful about it. Claudia was a feminist symbol of our helplessness. I doubt many trans coomers even read Anne Rice.

No. 1391919

File: 1639412042179.png (13.57 KB, 562x157, DxqHEPZUUAEjr8e.png)



why do they always have those kinds of usernames

No. 1391922

two options
>bait lesbians or straight men of younger ages
>total cope to make up for being a balding 20-30 something male sex offender
it may be both

No. 1391926

third option: to signal demographics that they prey upon

No. 1391946

File: 1639413844683.png (1.45 MB, 720x1276, Screenshot_20211213-182616~2.p…)

I was scrolling through r/outfits on reddit and it's really telling about how men and women perceive themselves.

90% of the actual women on the sub are conventionally attractive. The rest are usually really apologetic about not having the perfect body and they'll mutter something about 'trying to love themselves' or whatever. They'll be fully aware of when they are not exactly dressing how they would be expected to for their body type and they'll make some apologetic feel good statement about body positivity.

Troons on the other hand don't care how revolting or ridiculous they look. They seem to have this inflated sense of confidence.

They also seem to get more upvotes than less attractive or fat women who still look much more feminine and attractive than any troon.

No. 1391955

The revision of history here is crazy. The 'trans gave you your rights' is a modern invention. Look the at photos of stonewall, barely a troon in sight - if any at all. Malcolm Johnson was a gay man, Stormé DeLarverie was a butch lesbian. Fred Sargeant a man who actually organised the first pride was banned from twitter.

The sources that claim troons were pivotal in the gay rights movement all reference themselves (if they have any references at all).

No. 1391977

I don't think she will at this point. Last time was to try and stay away from the TERF label but they gave it to her anyways despite her not being a radfem (and prob still isn't, this should all just be apolitical common sense).

She knows better at this point, they treated her worse than they treat any scrote who actually does worse actions so why not go all out? TRAs support pedos FFS and she's seen first hand knowledge of this and their support of its use, why bother catering to their feelings? They've doxed and threatened her for less. I just think she's too smart to fall for it now that she knows what the whole group is really like vs before when she thought it was a few bad apples

No. 1392001

agree with you on claudia, i always thought she was a commentary on how parents bring children into this world to be a literal doll or plaything to fill their own voids.

No. 1392009

>Men hating pixie cuts

I mostly saw this through comments on things like YouTube and various forums. It was back in the early-mid 2010s when the pixie cut was gaining lots of popularity. I remember when I would watch videos of women getting pixie cuts and looking at the comments, a lot of guys would complain about it. I also had some conversations with my male coworkers and out 5, only one didn't mind the pixie cut but the rest said women look better with long hair and don't like it. I will note though that the one who was okay with it was also younger. I'm a millennial and he is a zoomer so I feel like maybe the younger generation are more okay with it?

Either way yeah, that's what I observed in my experience.

No. 1392016

Its pretty clear that Lestat essentially used her and manipulated the situation so that Louis and him could stay together, 70 years being stuck in the body of a Child while maturing into an adult woman mentally made her cruel

No. 1392032

Also completely americentric, they did nothing in Europe or Asia, infact they benefit in Middle Eastern/Muslim countries because trannies can still conform to gender roles

No. 1392034

if having breasts makes them dysphoric enough they have to remove them, why do the scars not act as a reminder?

No. 1392037


You're right about trans people having more acceptance than gays in the middle east, just to elaborate though, people can only accept you if A - You "pass" at first glance. B - If you're rich or from an influential family. Otherwise, you're capital F fucked with the rest of the LGBT.

No. 1392049

Imo the scars do act as reminders, but their mental gymnastics is so critical to their "logic" regarding this. At this point these people are basically just back flipping their way through life.

No. 1392055

File: 1639421507041.jpeg (183.38 KB, 828x1237, A1725A19-83C3-4EDD-9152-2FBBB6…)

That liminal fb group I mentioned is dying and being taken over by tra-tards. I hate that they have to jump behind homophobia to try to push their “rights” when really they are the ones opposed to the idea of “same sex attraction” and this whole thing is a weird first world country take on medically invasive conversion therapy

No. 1392060

File: 1639422685796.jpeg (437.58 KB, 1024x2048, 961952B2-67B9-4772-8A42-067C56…)

Yep sure, Connor, “not a boy not a girl”. You look 100% moid to me. I’m sure he’s fine coasting by with his male privilege irl and his enby woketard commie privilege url

No. 1392065

File: 1639423603803.png (2.2 MB, 1516x1378, Screen Shot 2021-12-13 at 11.2…)

bro you transitioned into ghislaine maxwell, congrats I guess

No. 1392073

pure comedy whenever they look more feminine before they troon out

No. 1392077

its a fucking trend among trannies to raid random and apolitical fb groups i see. just some days ago, agps and fakebois went to raid an schizo group and fortunately they got bullied and harassed fast. but that was because schizo memes are made by literal psychos and other right wing moids. otherwise the group, as many others, would've died

No. 1392079

Guys with hooded eyes doing winged liner always looks retarded, they don’t even know how to do makeup for their own features

No. 1392083

I hate that they all get stupid nose jobs as if women all have the exact same little white lady nose. The only up side to it is that half of them don't suit such a small nose and it ends up making their face look off-balance and makes us focus more on their actual male features. This guy isn't as bad but the space between their nose and lips always weirds me out. Blaire and Nikita probably have the worst case of bad nose jobs for their face

No. 1392104

Didn't gay people not get the right to marry the first time around in the 90s because trannies wouldn't allow it if they didn't get rights too?

No. 1392105

Holy shit that nose job is fucking tragic, he looks 45 now

No. 1392120

the ironic thing is that his nosejob ended up lengthening his midface and aged him and actually made him look more masculine kek

No. 1392132

I'm glad these males are showing their true tranny nature before trapping some sorry woman with marriage or children. Like he might have looked cute before but you saved yourself the pain of being deceived by looks and ending up with a mentally ill AGP narc.

No. 1392134

Samefag, I think it was the right to not be discriminated against, actually, i.e. protected class

No. 1392152

An interesting example of 90s female author terfery is Francesca Lia Block. Back in the 90s she wrote a short story (from collection Girl Goddess #9) where a lesbian falls for a transwoman because of his lady soul, but in the 2010s she wrote Love in the Time of Global warming, which involves a relationship between the lesbian protagonist and a transman (to be clear I'm not cosigning every plot development in that book and its sequel). IDK what happened with her personal politics between those two books, she's very hippy-dippy and her writing changed a lot very abruptly around 9/11.

No. 1392153

I've observed this too. When I had a pixie, it wasn't like, constant comments, but yeah, certain guys definitely made it clear that it was suuuuch a shaaaame that I cut my hair. Definitely also seen sneering online, especially when it was really catching on – lots of guys complaining and often turning it into a "girls who do this think they're so ~quirky~ and shit" kind of thing.

No. 1392160

Holy shit anon, I was JUST thinking about that story from GG #9. I had a big FLB phase back in the day, and revisiting that story in particular is just so….sad, now. It's so "wheeee we're all free to be ourselves in our magical city where we make our own families," but now all I can see is either a secretly tragic story about a lesbian manipulated into marriage with a man, or a really insulting tale of ~validation~ that's all about some fucking guy's feelings.

I'm glad to hear that about LITTOGW, but I wonder if you've read Necklace of Kisses? It's a Weetzie Bat book that came out 10+ years ago, with a trans woman character that's like….fine, but very FLB hippy-dippy. Although at the same time, that book is also super "Weetzie is middle-aged and reflecting on the very physical realities of adult womanhood," so…I'd honestly fucking love to hear FLB candidly discuss this whole debate. She's so…who she is, but also has such a long history of being very into woo-woo moon-goddess mother-maiden-crone stuff.

No. 1392179

Filters working over time

No. 1392182

I totally forgot Necklace of Kisses. I didn't really care for it so I sold my copy- I wished she'd done more with the anima/ animus stuff (Weetzie was always sort of tomboyish: I think there's a line in the first book about her often being mistaken for a gay man, so it felt like she should have some issues wrt gender roles that were never explored). Anima and animus is basically about coming to terms with the fact that you weren't born the opposite sex, and letting go of the idea of who you would have been had you been born the opposite sex. FLB's interpretation of trans people in that book was something like them being in harmony with their anima or animus, iirc.

The LITTOGW books aren't perfect, the love potion rape plot point that sometimes appears in FLB's books once again rears its ugly head, but it feels a lot more 'classic FLB' than anything she's written in years.

I think the fact that clear-sightedness about the realities of being female coexists with all her woo stuff is what makes her books what they are.

No. 1392198

Fred Sargeant should sue Pink News for libel, the sheer volume of inflammatory lies they've shat out about him. Very scary that someone who was actually at Stonewall and organized the first pride parade is being written out of history in favor of Sylvia Rivera, who wasn't even at Stonewall and was in a drug-induced stupor on a nearby park bench.

This is why we need to care at least a little about how trannies are affecting gay men. Usually they're mostly misogynistic and homophobic towards women, but if they're taking on gay men, that means that their hatred of gayness goes beyond women that won't fuck them– they just hate gay people in general unless they can use them for credibility. It also says a lot about trannies' hubris, that they've moved on from "punching down" on women to picking on someone their own size– other scrotes. Unfortunately, change often doesn't happen unless scrotes start experiencing a problem personally, so hopefully this means we're close to a turning point.

No. 1392200

It feels like 'trans did stonewall' was invented spontaneously in 2015 when that Stonewall movie came out and loads of people started randomly slamming it because it didn't centre troons.

No. 1392205

Good points, anon. I think I'll check out LITTOGW now. I agree wrt to her clear-sightedness – I'm actually cleaning out old books rn so I have FLB on the brain, lol, but I was really struck by that in another GG9 story, I think it was called Rave? Maybe Raven? It's about a groupie girl told from the perspective of her guy friend who's in love with her, and on the one hand, there's all those old FLB tropes (not a bad thing) – she's so gorgeous, she's so sad, etc. But it's really not all gauzy tragedy – the core of it is how nightmarish the experience of being a groupie really is. Or the titular story – it's so clear these are goofball teen girls who are really going through it.

Aww, you've reminded me how much I love her books. I'm gonna go find Weetzie Bat now, lol.

No. 1392224

That titular story is great. She really nails how girls that age write. Happy reading anon!

No. 1392231

File: 1639437343170.jpeg (170.81 KB, 828x1339, 1E87DE5E-0BC5-470D-93C8-7169D3…)

this group is poison now f why do they have to use every chance they get to post ugly af pics of themselves

No. 1392242

File: 1639437899187.png (22.09 KB, 749x281, Screenshot 20219.png)

It's a very easy reason, troon. If you were an actual women you'd realize it.

No. 1392249

this hsts is such a gay pickme. hate him so much.

No. 1392251

File: 1639438464865.png (25.49 KB, 760x640, Screenshot 20211.png)

>trans women victims

No. 1392260

I have no idea what's even the point they're trying to make

No. 1392263

Nonny, I'm an ESL, that grammar is about as good as I can make it

No. 1392265

No. 1392283

File: 1639441903088.jpg (17.01 KB, 512x317, rifraff.jpg)

>it's astounding…
>time is… fleeting…
>madness… takes it's toll…

No. 1392296

lmao at libfems acting like they're the true and good feminists when they'd defend a man raping their mothers if he was wearing a dress.

No. 1392298

File: 1639443190222.png (8.37 KB, 1405x111, if i write in caps that means …)

its a troon so of course they'll defend their own kind.

No. 1392302

File: 1639443526739.png (40.08 KB, 1939x523, Screenshot 2021-12.png)

hey troons, I just ruined my wife's life by coming out to her, ugh she's just going on and on rolls eyes.

No. 1392304

>figure out what makes you so hateful

KEK. fucking idiot, pricks like him are exactly what make me so hateful. RIP to that woman, he's gonna make her and her son's life hell for a good while, as he manifests his fetish and mental illness all around them

No. 1392307

I really hope the wife has supportive parents and friends. Being a divorced single mother isn't easy, but it's less soul destroying than staying in a relationship with an AGP. I have seen the light disappear from the eyes of many transwidows.
Ultimately men never leave a marriage. That's why something like 70% of divorces are initiated by women. I only bring this up because as ungrateful as this man acts, as inconvenienced as he acts, he will be nothing without her and he knows it. That's why he's playing along with getting help beyond titty skittles and knee highs.
I only hope the wife realizes her mistake and doesn't get trapped in the sunk cost fallacy. He will keep trying to live out his coomer fantasy with little regard for anything else. To be honest I don't think these AGPs are capable of love.

No. 1392308

Don't forget, now he can't take care of his child because sad.

No. 1392309

File: 1639444418687.png (7.81 KB, 1050x93, Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 20-11…)

what a big fat lie

No. 1392311

This is some hard deflection from the fact that the criticism that people with penises (men) are statistically inclined to rape and murder, whereas people with vaginas (women) aren't, and that troon statistics are proving to fit alongside those of their birth sex (real) rather than their "gender identity" (bullshit).
>she had calmed down and started to be a bit more rational
What sickening emotional abuser rhetoric. Just admit that you crushed her spirit and she tried to compromise in desperation, but it wasn't good enough for your narcissistic man ass. She should divorce him and make sure he doesn't get any custody, since he's too "depressed" to parent for the kids he thoughtlessly helped to create.

No. 1392313

File: 1639444571793.png (955.72 KB, 597x879, him.png)

No. 1392316

I would just reply to this with "*you're" and then block him kek.
And every day, I assume.

No. 1392317

sad to see Nigel Thornburry trooning out.

I feel bad for his family.

No. 1392318

File: 1639444863416.png (1.54 MB, 1200x800, lolll.png)

No. 1392325

Why does this image singlehandedly make me feel like the "you can only clock us with genital inspections" narrative is "oh no don't do that silly boys/terves uwu" fetish thing?

No. 1392334

he looks like troon Alice Llani Bender

No. 1392336

No clue who that is, but I Googled her, and he really doesn't look anything like her.

No. 1392353

File: 1639449329105.png (71.78 KB, 592x663, ew.png)


No. 1392354

OT but who buys teddy fresh clothes? i still don't even understand what h3h3 is supposed to be.

No. 1392356

Lmfao when have they ever advocated for that. The strawman arguments they come up with are insane

No. 1392358

Bold of a troon to be accusing anyone, let alone "TERFs", of being rapey, predatory towards children, and having a complex around childhood/not wanting to grow up.

No. 1392361

Pure fantasy. Can’t help but laugh at the unadulterated autism behind this string of words.

No. 1392364

I used to enjoy his videos but he’s just gotten more and more annoying over time.

No. 1392372

I think it may have been a factor or her not fully understanding the reality of TIMs, I assume at the time she viewed TIMs like most well meaning liberals do
More or less like gay men who are permanently in their "Drag persona"

No. 1392374

File: 1639451559628.png (25.34 KB, 748x505, Screenshot (8).png)

Remember when talking about rape you can't talk about only women you must include troons as well.

No. 1392377

File: 1639452438720.jpeg (774.75 KB, 1170x1588, DA999759-BBE1-4D14-85FD-EF0D4D…)


No. 1392384

>I always knew this was a possibility but never thought it would be so bad.
?? Kek how could you assume your spouse would be okay with something like this? This just proves troons are so mentally delusional, and if you don't constantly validate them or force them to face reality they seppuku.

No. 1392385

It's funny you post Richard O'Brien because he trooned out too lol

No. 1392388

oh no, he had to take care of his son? after his wife was such a meanie to him? that poor poor man for having to parent while he’s sad.

No. 1392394

File: 1639455034046.png (329.31 KB, 819x649, 41 per cent.png)

Only 30% of him trooned out, technically

No. 1392405

what is 'tg'?

No. 1392406

Fetish pornography about a man being transformed into a woman through magic or science fiction or whatever

No. 1392407

I think it means trans girls

No. 1392410

Shit like this solidifies that they don't understand the way women think at all. They literally just project all of their male feelings onto us and think it means something.

No. 1392413

Read the thread next time.

No. 1392415

File: 1639457007281.png (1.17 MB, 1432x654, Screenshot (348).png)

Remember that comic that went viral a couple years back, you know the one about the bimbo girl who picks up a book and becomes homely, well that's part of it
"TG" or "TGTF" stands for Turn Me Into A Girl, its a whole fetish about men wanting to be transformed into women or girls

I first discovered this shit on Deviantart in 2011

No. 1392424

File: 1639458080043.png (78.98 KB, 629x585, kqu6g7v6lc581.png)

No. 1392425

wait he's still alive?

No. 1392429

Maybe, it's because Ellen Degeneres

No. 1392435

File: 1639460550372.jpg (274.61 KB, 1816x846, Screen Capture 001 - I’ve a Pe…)

Photo of him in the next post

No. 1392437

File: 1639460584255.jpeg (191.89 KB, 1060x2048, pic2.jpeg)

No. 1392455

it's the same "but women rape too!!" bullshit men talk about when people talk about them raping women.

No. 1392459

I was so confused by the retard takes like >>1392353 until I realized the whole outrage is because of the disingenuous title of the article

And of course most people– especially users of Reddit and Twitter– who see the screen cap >>1391246 will merely glance at the title before posting their hot takes

No. 1392482

this has to be a troll post right


fucking WHERE

No. 1392485


And he posted that in a sub for fashion advice for petite women. I was floored.

No. 1392489

>they create conflict bc they are unwilling to share a society with people whose bodies they are not allowed to control without permission
Holy christ the projection levels are through the roof. I still can't believe that these people successfully lobbied the idea that cis women are particularly "rapey" towards troons because back when they were still pre-transition a woman came onto them once.

No. 1392498

>to be fair I do have a history of making rash decisions
misogyny rights movement

No. 1392500

I think the novel Belinda and a teenage seductress from The Mayfair Witches were worse
>The novel explores the relationship between a 44-year-old divorced children's book author and artist, Jeremy Walker, and a 16-year-old runaway who attaches herself to him. Unaware of who Belinda really is, Jeremy falls in love with her and paints her portraits nude. When he discovers Belinda's true identity, things unravel quickly as his career and freedom are threatened, as well as the love he feels for Belinda. The novel narrates the sexual union between Jeremy and Belinda, managing to convey their love for one another through physical action, but without spending pages and pages describing each individual sexual encounter.
Mayfair Witches character:
>The Mayfairs are incestuous as a general rule, but Mona is exceptional. Mona's goal is to sleep with every male member of her own family no matter how old or young they are, and she starts successfully pursuing this agenda at 12 or 13. And even when she is older (though she only makes it to 20 before, spoiler, Lestat makes her a vampire) she, according to a blog on her, "To add to her peculiarity, or rather, her desire to appear innocent, for the purpose of disguising her extra-curricular activities, Mona dressed as a young child, with sweet dresses, baby doll shoes, and ribbons in her hair." which just makes things creepier in a DD/lg fetish way.

No. 1392501

I don't think this troon understands what the asterisk is for
Wtf is "AGAB"? Assigned Grandpa at Birth?

No. 1392502

File: 1639471107853.jpg (Spoiler Image,52.27 KB, 150x211, ccid-167942_F001_thumb.jpg)

I know this sounds like an insane tinfoil, but i legit think this dude might have a mild form of progeria (or something similar, like werner syndrome). The strangely aged face, large top of head, extremely hook nose, poor teeth, weak jaw, and thin arms with hugely prominent, blue veins. for example, look how similar his weird facial features looks to this 30 year old woman with the syndrome (picrel) NOT saying he looks like a woman lol this was just the best reference pic of someone with the syndrome i found

No. 1392504

lmfao that should be what it stands for
guy looks like he came out the womb with a monocle on

No. 1392513

>And he posted that in a sub for fashion advice for petite women.

Let me guess, a bunch of handmaidens kissing his ass in the comments? I know reddit is pick me central.

He should just get down voted to shit and no comments lol.

No. 1392520

lemme live in my fantasy world where he did it to make fun of them plz. Like a 567qi psyop. Please.

No. 1392522

File: 1639475222432.png (228.18 KB, 600x561, eeeeeeeeeeeeeew.png)

Why do the ALWAYS feel the need to put their ugly fucking mug everywhere? Browsing random etsy has become something that needs an eyebleach session immediatly after.

No. 1392524

kek the poster child of r/WitchesVsPatriarchy

No. 1392525

lmao nonnie. I almost choked on my coffee.
I think I notice now the lips are shooped too. How ugly is this troon if this shit is even shooped???

No. 1392527

If I looked like this, I’d just pack it up and die. Not post my face on the internet and become the world’s problem.

No. 1392529

can they even hide/delete review pics as a seller or are they doomed to keep this shit up?

No. 1392547

link to necklace tho

No. 1392556

No. 1392558

I'm sure he troon bought all the stock for when his huge neck will inevitably snap the necklace.

No. 1392561

it's a literal ginger male market failure, kek

No. 1392569

File: 1639483110904.jpg (80.71 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1639482768966.jpg)

This troon keeps being recommended to me on Facebook. Can clock him from a mile away holy shit they all have that same crazed look

No. 1392577

Well he did say that transwomen weren't real women and got blow back from that lol. Unfortunately think he's serious tho

No. 1392578

I read only the first half of your post. Great news nona!

No. 1392580

>U scared yet?
Not as scared as you are of a brush I'm afraid.

No. 1392582

File: 1639484698735.png (99.16 KB, 760x365, Screenshot_20211214-042420.png)

Honestly based for this even tho the other shit he said is retarded

No. 1392596

Holy shit that loboflaco person is someone I used to follow (literally don’t know how) and she’s a transman that does nothing but whine, aggressively e-beg, and start fights that no one agrees with for no reason. Weird to see her here kek. Anyways the comments are correct and the girl in the tiktok is a cutie.

No. 1392597

kek I think you're right.
Imagine getting diagnosed on lolcow

No. 1392609

File: 1639487352848.png (50.52 KB, 538x733, torow.png)

followed this dick-cheesed narc because he is ostensibly running an occult blog, but it's turned into a hate follow because of what a fucking genius he is. He's currently 'nonbinary' but he's going to troon out, I just know it. Then he'll be another man pretending to have a woman's body while thinking a hysterectomy removes the vagina lmfao

No. 1392612

Sage for blogpost but I found out about this fetish half a decade ago when my brother let me use his laptop because mine had shit the bed and I peeped the history and it was full of this shit.

No. 1392613

transmen end up needing hysterectomies does that mean that transmen are women? Seems pretty transphobic yikes

No. 1392615

File: 1639487828695.png (102.58 KB, 530x765, too.png)

this is what the idiot was replying to. He completely misunderstood what that woman was saying because men like him think that 'ackchually, women are for being sexy and anyone can be sexy!!!'

No. 1392616

Why did he capitalize "ontological"?
Katy vibes here kek

No. 1392618

>Compares being Irish to having a chromosomal disorder
Kek. Cope harder, tranny. You will never be a woman.

No. 1392620

I guess he still has 30% of my respect

No. 1392621

aren't the workers of the future robots?

No. 1392624

And yet people in this thread want to defend her because she wrote their favorite gay vampire books. Embarrassing.
>comparing the concept of sex to the concept of ethnicity
Frankly, the concept of "being Irish" (or any ethnicity/nationality) is an ill-defined social construct, and being a man or a woman is not. Every human being understands that there is a meaningful difference between sexes, because their bodies are quite literally built to serve different functions. How about this definition for the autists here:
>A female is XX and has a body that is (or has been/implies it could) capable of menstruation, pregnancy, and/or birth, with some variation in cases of (extremely rare) physical mutations of the second chromosome.
>A male is XY and has a body that is (or has been/inplies it could) produce semen, with some variation in cases of (still extremely rare) physical mutations of the second chromosome.
>The distinction is incredibly important for several reasons, including but not limited to sexual capability, understanding of risk of diseases, understanding of bodily limitations (can one give birth, what donor organs can one recieve, peak physical strength, expected range of body shapes/sizes), understanding of symptoms of diseases in one's body, ability to recieve proper medical care, and understanding of social dynamics (vaginas cannot penetrate or impregnate, penises can penetrate and impregnate, higher T results in more aggression and libido, men's physical dominance over women and ability to penetrate/impregnate often results in a very fast system of oppression and abuse of women).

No. 1392625

the capitalization thing is a tumblr/twitter meme. The idea is that you're mocking it as if it's A Really Big Deal by turning it into a title or something. He fucked it up because he is semi-retarded, so it doesn't really read

My guess is the radfem was a commie and using the terms in that respect. Idk much about communist terminology, but she's basically saying that because women can give birth, women make the people who will work, so it's in the interest of capitalism to control women's bodies, and that=misogyny, which a man can't opt into

No. 1392626

I think he sorta passes as a discheveled woman until you look at the body. Those moobs

No. 1392628

But anon… those moobs are in a flower print dress. It has to be a woman. Only women wear flower print dresses that go spinny.

No. 1392629

I sperged about this in the last thread, but the intersex exception is maddening to me. I have an inherited condition that involves narcolepsy and is about as common as intersex conditions. I cannot imagine claiming that people like me prove that it's normal to fall unconscious out of nowhere and that, in fact, there's no normal way for a human to sleep because sleep patterns are a ~spectrum~
They wouldn't be considered conditions/disorders if they weren't abnormal.

No. 1392636

AYRT and it bothers me that I need to put a qualifier to include that stuff to even start the discussion, too. As I understand, intersex people are extremely rare and still just either male or female, but with different levels of hormone imbalance, sickness, or deformity, and they generally do not want to be included in this debate to begin with. Personally, I have a rare neurological disorder, and I would hate it with a blinding rage if a group of people tried to use me to justify making everyone else responsible for their own personal hangups.

No. 1392638

File: 1639490363073.jpg (152.11 KB, 720x817, blue-floral-high-frill-neck-mi…)

big hair is visually shrinking his massive head, the overexposure is hiding many sins, and he's expertly shrugging and cutting off half of his shoulders.
It would be clever if he were trying to look like a woman who lives in a parking lot and carries plastic bags full of roadkill to throw at the shadow people, but he's trying to look like picrel lol

No. 1392639

do we really need /s here? is this reddit?

No. 1392644

I didn't sarcasm tag. Is that what you're saying, or am I missing something?

No. 1392648

File: 1639491601975.png (383.55 KB, 588x356, yucklol.png)

my god, that weird little moob he's showing off lmaooo

No. 1392664


No. 1392669

With that fucking huge ass head? Come on now, anon.

No. 1392670

Thanks I hate it.

No. 1392712

File: 1639497621102.jpg (23.4 KB, 400x400, 6XvWrD0Y_400x400.jpg)

No. 1392720

Of course these middle aged coomers wait until they're a few kids and years into their marriage before they realize they actually have a fEmALe sOuL. These men deserve to be shamed, isolated and abandoned. Nothing less, no "let's try to understand this and go through it together". The sooner you leave, the higher the chance these moids will 41%. If you coddle them, try make up on with them and buy female clothing, help him with his first tranny estrogen shot he will be emboldened enough to abandon his family after a few months. Fucking leave immediately. Tell him he is a degenerate coomer AGP and hope he will hang himself, then leave.

No. 1392723

Looks like a bad Jodie Foster face swap.

No. 1392729

His dick looks infected. Gross.

No. 1392731

Based O'brien

No. 1392732

Stephen King wrote an excruciatingly detailed scene about children having an orgy but people are way more amicable towards him than Anne Rice. The bar is at the Earth's core when it comes to Horror writers.

No. 1392733

File: 1639499005801.jpg (339.49 KB, 1273x1279, 1637311317996.jpg)

Its astonishing isn't it
even the most youthful and "cute" looking males will appear as neanderthals when they try to attempt womanhood

No. 1392735

Nice try, but I think Steven King is a crackhead pedo and not even that good of a writer. Rice is less retarded and degenerate than him, but that's not a very high standard to set.

No. 1392740

This is so edited, lol.

No. 1392741

Just as a general reminder, being mean isn't illegal yet. I know due to female socialization it feels like it is but you really should verbally kick these fetishists in the nuts.

No. 1392742

File: 1639500425215.png (215.67 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20211214-104608.png)

Men can only be effeminate since feminine is an adjective to describe the female sex. Men invented their own retarded rules/concepts for masculinity and femininity and somewhere along they way we all took their made up definitions of what is masculine and what is feminine when masculine=male feminine=female. That's why troons will always look like the ogre huns they are or at best a pretty gay boy in makeup. They will always be masculine because that is their natural state of being. Even when they are all done up they are masculine. That's why it's called effeminacy, because men can't be feminine but they can perform their own version of it. Sage for OT but it makes me cringe when trannies talk about how feminine they are and how they have their own trAnSfEmIniNitY when theyre simply just effeminate males

No. 1392748

File: 1639500850911.png (333.81 KB, 600x430, 5diSdGxCNY7bHplgmaU58eqkGn-ep3…)

I love how these guys are just neckbeards with long hair, and now feminists have to kiss their asses. Libfems are so fucking deluded. I know from listening to some braindead friends of mine that most of those girls think that "no one would just pretend to be trans because imagine fucking up your body on a whim." I tried to remind them that incels have absolutely no foresight and live for WoW-style instant gratification, and that trooning out is not going to ruin their bodies more than cheetos and the dew would, but that's not gonna fly. No one wants to think about it.

No. 1392778

"Member of the female sex. Person whose body developed in the way associated with egg production and birth. Person with at least two out of XX chromosomes, breasts, period, uterus, vagina (no Patrick, an inside-out wiener isn't a vagina) and et cetera."

Trans people can deconstruct all they like, but no one, throughout history, has ever been confused about what the different between men and women was. Even animals can tell between males and females of their species. The vast majority of females have every trait associated with being of the female sex. If a few women are missing some of those traits, does that make it meaningless to talk about? Are we not allowed to talk about rape until every woman alive has been raped? If it's meaningless to talk about being a member of the female sex, how would it possibly be meaningful to talk about being transgender? They'd probably say they're united by the intangible trait of 'identifying as a woman' but there are a number of terf-orbiting trannies who (claim they) don't believe they're actually the sex they identify as, and just view it as a cope.

Ultimately, intersex people's bodies attempt to develop either in the male way or the female way, but they end up developing differently. I don't think it's always useful to lump every intersex person into 'differently developed male' and 'differently developed female' because they all have their own problems and sometimes their sex can be ambiguous, but it's a fact that no one's body was going for hermaphrodite, and hermaphrodites don't exist outside of transgender perverts' wank-fantasies.

Sorry for all the spergy a-logging, but they're so stupid. How are they so stupid. Why do they refuse to engage with what other people say. The commie terf in question wasn't saying it's a good thing that women are treated as a means of production, she was stating a pretty simple idea that's at the root (ha) of most radical feminism. What even is his argument? That if something is too much of a downer you should ignore it? Why do they all go on about how trannies are constantly committing suicide and getting murdered then?

He's acting like sex is the sole thing people are defined by, like it's their only trait, and race, sexuality, disabilities, hobbies, loves, etc. don't exist. So if you take away everything about the definition of female that isn't essential then there'll be nothing left of women but those essentials, instead of all the wonderful and horrible things that make each person an individual.

No. 1392806

god i feel fucking unsafe living in the same country as this thing

No. 1392814

>dad? dad! wtf are you doing

No. 1392822

i dont even understand what they're trying to say, are they saying that rape culture only exist in Western societies ? lmao

No. 1392831

File: 1639507641979.jpeg (612.09 KB, 1018x1721, 34848FE3-A5AF-4886-A676-D42B42…)

>Let me guess, a bunch of handmaidens kissing his ass in the comments? I know reddit is pick me central.
155 upvotes, 3 rewards and 42 comments praising him, here’s one comparing him to a catholic school girl

No. 1392852

Assigned gringo at birth.

No. 1392904

No. 1392907

God, that's pathetic.

No. 1392942

Was less retarded, anon. She died the other day.

There are a lot of gross things in her books, but newsflash: books aren't real life. I dislike her more for her support of trannies and fanfic copyright nonsense than I do for whatever edgy shit she wrote in her spookybooks.

No. 1392951

if books aren't real life then back off stephen king for writing child sex scenes

No. 1392962

Being way less of a retard still doesn't mean she's not a retard at all. Also "it's just books" is a hypocritical take, coming from someone criticizing Stephen King for writing CP in It. Her having died recently doesn't mean I can't criticize her for being a sperg, I'm not at her fucking wake, I'm on an anonymous gossip website.

No. 1392988

File: 1639524133708.jpeg (373.2 KB, 750x838, 5F6B70D6-D63C-4A41-A4D4-32538D…)

tragic. his @ translates to ava the whore by the way

No. 1392993

That faded green dyed hair is always a warning sign

No. 1392998

translation: "wanted to use this chance to show again how far I've come since I'm a little proud lmao"

No. 1393013

File: 1639527829520.png (182.36 KB, 784x427, 61D165A3-B941-4749-95F2-05BC61…)

No. 1393017

Also, she wrote a full series about a 15 year old girl being whisked away to BDSM land, as a retelling of sleeping beauty. I can't believe a publisher is actually putting that out there but you can read it here (if you're not already sickened). It specifically states she is 15 years old. https://www.penguinrandomhouse.ca/books/295262/the-claiming-of-sleeping-beauty-by-anne-rice-writing-as-a-n-roquelaure/9780452281424/excerpt

No. 1393029

I just knew that the "Claudia is tragic and not sexualized uwu" shit was just a cope. I've never read the books, they always seemed cringy to me, but I had a friend who read them, and I could have sworn Claudia wanted to fuck one of the grown men. I don't care if it's a "metaphor" for something else, no one who's not sexually degenerate and willing to objectify young girls would write a character so easily exploitable for use by pedophiles. The nonnies ITT just need to accept that the novels they liked when they were sheltered high school kids weren't perfect, and the author was deranged.

No. 1393031

i bet you never read of watch anything else than childrens cartoons and unironically need to have "disclaimer: murder is wrong" in your books you braindead moral outrager

No. 1393034

File: 1639530598643.png (27.84 KB, 1107x397, Am I accidentally fetishizing …)

why does this sound like a man wrote this.

No. 1393037

Nice assumptions, but the only limitations I have are CP and non-consensual sharing of other's information. Also, if you think reading shitty fictional literature makes you any better than the people you're criticizing, you are well and truly beyond retarded.

No. 1393039

we were all forced to watch the same misogynistic garbage growing up and become desensitized from it. what's wrong with adults choosing not to consume bullshit when they have the option? and why does criticizing it mean you're literally crying and shaking like trannies do? you sound like a dumbass trump humping contrarian

No. 1393040

either a man or an nlog straight/"bi" girl who likes men but wants to be kWeEr

the only people attracted to trannies are people attracted to men. cope.

No. 1393046

>accepted my identity as a trans woman just over a week ago
>I do have a history of sudden rash decisions


No. 1393051

File: 1639532407914.png (2.59 MB, 1800x2201, reddit.png)

sorry for bad editing but god reddit is so pathetic

No. 1393059

subtly covers chad chin in every selfie

No. 1393062

Women should start pre-empting these "confessions" and get in first by coming out as lesbian with a new ciswoman lesbian lover, would be hilarious to dump the scrote first instead of letting him have all the power

No. 1393070

>whose bodies they are not allowed to control without permission

Weird how much troons project about imaginary terfs wanting to imaginary control these men's imaginary female bodies when controlling female bodies has been a main focus of penis-havers since the dawn of civilization.

No. 1393073

File: 1639534661370.jpeg (241.03 KB, 825x1264, BD5B90DF-F62B-4ACA-AE6B-84326B…)

Fucking disgusting. Twitter is a cesspool.

No. 1393077

just sounds like a typical scrote lmao why do trannies tell on themselves like this

No. 1393078

>only one sane comment out of hundreds
Do you really want to be taking fashion advice from people who let men like this in?

No. 1393087

A weird thing I noticed which is the difference between men and women liking girly stuff, as if women who claim they like it genuinely likes it as an interest without the pornsickness of AGP while straight genderconforming men who do it sees girly things as a reminder of a female relative/girlfriend/wife, either that or AGP. Now this is just speculation but anyone sees the pattern?

No. 1393092

Yes, troons use it for validation purposes only. Outside of that, they care very little. You never see troons get invested in feminine hobbies, like sewing, knitting, flower arranging, dollmaking, gardening, etc. They almost always have very stereotypically male hobbies like gaming, programming, and porn collecting.

Their "femininity" is entirely consumptive. They buy aliexpress anime clothes and pink computer parts, that's about the extent of it.

No. 1393104

File: 1639537327245.jpg (497.11 KB, 1905x2048, FGmCBRBWUAIUQxN.jpg)

No. 1393108

I can't speak to Anne's non-vampire books because I never read them. I believe the other anons and I'm sure they've got their share of cringe, though. However, Claudia seriously isn't sexualized– the tragedy of her character is specifically that she can't be viewed as an adult or have adult relationships because she has the body of a child. Other characters actually get weirded out when she tries to dress like an adult, for instance.

If you want to talk about sexualization of minors, Armand is probably a better example. Before he was turned, he was a teenage apprentice to Marius, an adult vampire who was an artist in the Italian Renaissance. Marius "rescued" Armand from prostitution at twelve years old. They had this weird, one-sided sexual relationship when Armand was like fifteen, which culminated in Marius turning him at seventeen. After Marius disappeared, Armand realized that he would be stuck as a scrawny teenager forever and swore vengeance on anybody who turned a child into a vampire. Thing is, Armand doesn't have any negative feelings towards Marius, and sadly enough he blames himself for "pressuring" Marius into turning him.

Well, I can't argue with that. So if all of it's okay or none of it is, then my stance is going to be in favor of creative liberty. Also I think it matters that Rice is a woman and King is a man– at least with female writers, there's some chance they aren't just getting off on it.

Is it also hypocritical of me to be more offended by the subject matter when it's drawn rather than written? Maybe it's because artists have to practice drawing something by looking at photos of it, thereby strengthening the connection between drawn and actual CP. However, a writer isn't as reliant on visual references.

Personally it's hard for me to balance my visceral disgust with the subject matter and my deeply held beliefs on freedom of artistic expression. Like if the creation of a piece of media doesn't involving harming or exploiting a real person, I feel like it's fair game. I also don't think media directed exclusively towards adults has an obligation to clearly delineate between right and wrong. Like at that point a person shouldn't need a book to tell them that diddling kids is wrong.(vampire-themed derail)

No. 1393112

Hilariously enough you do see trannies in needlefelting, crochet, and needlepoint spaces online, but they're always FtMs or female "enbies." I've seen so many needlepoint projects with tranny affirmations, and they're consistently the work of Aidens kek.

No. 1393119

Wasn't there a weird romantic scene between Louise and Claudia before they decide to kill Lestat? Like a kiss or something(stop)

No. 1393121

File: 1639539100902.jpg (115.86 KB, 1080x965, uxx2wa15vk581.jpg)

No. 1393123

File: 1639539243563.gif (2.67 MB, 540x303, tumblr_5b905fab4b22e556393f0f1…)


No. 1393125

>men have a much harder time existing in the world than women so women need to welcome men into the fold


No. 1393134

above comment is obviously satirical

No. 1393136

doesn't matter if it was posted as satire if 124 people agree with it anyway.

No. 1393137

File: 1639542609569.jpg (17.83 KB, 214x232, 1629233701004.jpg)

>he is approximately 500 years of age. His outward appearance is that of a beautiful adolescent boy, 5’6, with curly auburn hair, large brown eyes and slender fingers

Oh my fucking God he's literally the 500 loli vampire trope

No. 1393141

That second comment is from a handmaiden it looks like. Embarrassing. Most troons benefit from the patriarchy because they're still men. Get your head out your ass and look around. Also, tims are able to get more surgeries and medical care for free under "gender affirmation", when real women have to pay for those same operations.

No. 1393143

Did she actually say that? Based queen

No. 1393144

File: 1639544455826.jpg (103.75 KB, 1200x690, D3BC9aHX0AAaU--.jpg)

trannies love anime because it gives them false hope

No. 1393147

File: 1639544711714.jpg (75.18 KB, 680x340, e18ojc5rr9451.jpg)

hmm. never heard of a woman raping a tranny but there are endless cases of trannies raping women. weird!

No. 1393152

mtfs show up in knitting. all they do is follow a pattern but make it in trans colours. i think i've only even seen one that did it with a sweater. mostly they make crappy hats or scarves and never actually get good at anything.

No. 1393175

Yep. She was trending on twitter yesterday because of it. Everyone I follow is rambling about how evil she is again.
All the article is saying is that some people think it's important to be able to record crime statistics by sex. Even when I was an ignorant libfem, I still would have argued that was important. Accurate data is important. If we're going to record it when a VICTIM is trans, we have to do the same thing for the perpetrators.
(Though if they stopped recording victims separately, troons could finally claim to be victim to an actual epidemic of violence since women get raped and killed constantly.)

No. 1393176

I hadn't heard of that Dakota freak before. Jesus Christ.

No. 1393181

File: 1639549699534.jpg (80.14 KB, 750x1000, Deanna-Letray.jpg)

this troon's suing police, and he told the only police assault story I've ever doubted. It sounds like a shitty porno script

>He and White then placed LeTray in a “hog-tie” restraint and carried her to Cummings’ patrol car. “We are going to show you that you are a man,” Cummings said, according to the lawsuit.

>“You are going to go to the jail and get strip searched,” the officers allegedly added. “You’re going to love that.”

>“I was thrown in jail simply because of who I am,” LeTray added. “The Watertown Police Department made fun of my gender identity and misgendered me every step of the way. The police forced me to remove my hair, which I consider a part of myself."

No. 1393182

Why is there so much sperging about vampires in the tranny thread

No. 1393202

Darling, you really must sage your posts. It's embarrassing not to. Click on the "Rules" tab if you're not sure how.
And please don't let the opinions of strangers get you so angry. If you strip the insults from what those anons said, all they're saying is where they draw the line on what is acceptable to them personally in fiction. If you find the idea of people with high disgust-sensitivity disturbing, that's fine, but it's not the end of the world, and it's not worth derailing an unrelated thread for.
I'm not trying to sound condescending, I just want to warn you.

No. 1393209

A lot of trannies are gay men, so the topic eventually comes up.

No. 1393214

File: 1639556373314.jpg (17.71 KB, 480x360, battle girl.jpg)

Leave it to coomers to cling to poorly translated phrases with no context.

Hurr durr
>Black Belts can only be male! therefore they're trans!
meanwhile, they forget to apply reality
>It's a Battle Girl who grew up and became a Beauty.

No. 1393215

Sadly the character talked about medicine progress in the (censored?) japanese version so it might be a tranny after all

No. 1393222

>The police forced me to remove my hair, which I consider a part of myself
fucking LOL
i and many other lazy women shave our heads bald, that doesn't suddenly stop us from being female
jean seberg, mia farrow, and audrey hepburn didn't turn into men

No. 1393242

>>1393147 KAREN WHITE?!

No. 1393246

do you know him?

No. 1393248

nta, but i think she's commenting on the irony of combining those two words for a name. Karens being entitled white middle-aged women. Also, he's got a wig that's sort of typical of the look.

No. 1393260

File: 1639565085674.png (351.23 KB, 750x1151, Untitled.png)

Moids live 90% of their life in pre-nut fog and can only see clearly for a few minutes a day.

No. 1393261

Found this on the other farms, pretty good.

No. 1393277

File: 1639569027847.png (80.65 KB, 360x450, Vivian_PM.png)

Now that I think about it, even back in 2004 Nintendo was pushing TRAism. In the original Japanese version of paper Mario Vivian was a boy who wanted to be seen as a girl. In the USA version she was just a girl.

No. 1393281

>cooms multiple times a day
I’d say it’s a fetish, freak.

No. 1393288

That's right, curiously Birdo was/is only seen as an okama (there were several jokes about that) in the japanese version, but outside it's either a girl or transgender.

No. 1393306


The character was also partly based on her own daughter I believe, who died very young of leukemia. Which makes the "eternal child" aspect far more depressing.

No. 1393310


Modern TRAism (ie, men that feel like women ARE women and are owed surgeries and validation until they feel womanly enough) is a Western invention that only exists outside of the West insofar as it has been exported there; you can't really compare it to anything that comes out of Japan.

Crossdressing or pretending/wanting to be the opposite sex has been a thing in Japanese fiction for eons.

No. 1393311

File: 1639572063756.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1524, Screenshot_20211215-044027-768…)

No. 1393316

File: 1639573131740.jpg (139.73 KB, 1314x1208, FGmHAg2XIAUUoUD.jpg)

No. 1393317

Gracie's just a queen. Let him be.

please sage. (Especially if you're going off-topic.)

No. 1393321

That's some schizo shit.

No. 1393326

imagine being this retarded, sounds exhausting

No. 1393338

File: 1639575020343.png (18.05 KB, 700x120, Screenshot 2021-12-16 002936.p…)

retard moment

No. 1393341

Lol even when they're "women" these scrotes have the guilty conscience that knows they're rapists who could be "falsely accused"

No. 1393342

File: 1639575498406.png (375.95 KB, 587x489, hahahaha.png)

Whenever I see these tweets from a cartoon avatar and start to get mad at their bad faith arguments I just imagine the balding 35 year old man in a mini skirt, cat ears and knee highs that wrote it.
>picrel lmao

No. 1393344

Edit the image and tweet it right back.

No. 1393347

File: 1639576055871.jpg (690.37 KB, 1080x1382, Screenshot_20211203-103150_Ins…)

same dude

No. 1393350

File: 1639576261393.jpg (758.07 KB, 1080x1727, Screenshot_20211203-102628_Ins…)

he calls himself a leatherdyke ugh

No. 1393353

>that profile pic
how can such a tiny picture still portray so much unironic retardation? this guy needs to stop pretending to be a woman and find out how many extra chromosomes he has

No. 1393354

Imagine being so narcissistic you claim jk rowling said the OPPOSITE of what she said because then it makes you the victim

No. 1393360

kek a local media outlet published this story about a supposed DID poly troon and I think all of you would have a good laugh. He has one alter that talks like a southern caricature and it's fucking hilarious


No. 1393388

File: 1639578895893.png (576.89 KB, 1900x1800, gnc x6.png)

GNC male mentality in 6 ways yet only 1 of which is most likely to troon out. "you can just be gnc!" wouldn't work anymore,

plus AGPs aren't naturally gnc, the irony. Unlike fakebois who troon because lezzing out would fail them

No. 1393400

>Then again, from having Asperger’s syndrome to being transgender, nothing about Alice’s life is neurotypical, let alone typical.
this is awful. author straight up calls him a freak from the get go lmao

No. 1393426

yeah you can't go on ravelry anymore without seeing tranny shit. they're even mods there.

No. 1393432

Lmao, it's the XX sweetie. Troons love using intersex people in their dumb ass strawman arguments even more than they love using black women. And the whole existence of "intersex" implies the existence of two sexes, so congratulations you played yourself.

No. 1393435

File: 1639583256861.png (121.52 KB, 692x480, andtheneveryoneclapped.png)

this is so funny

No. 1393443

File: 1639583791566.jpg (183.28 KB, 750x1001, 1639577594161.jpg)

They are really trying their hardest to censor her

No. 1393447

>they were both TIMs
This makes the whole story a little believable, since they were both acting retarded and degenerate. If it's true, I wonder how many women at that bar peaked that night.

No. 1393448

I wonder if Mads Mikkelsen is based or not, now that I see him in an article about JK

No. 1393449

100% if she was a man they wouldn't do this shit. Male creators get away with everything.

No. 1393450

At least they can’t erase the fat checks from her pockets.

No. 1393451

It's literally her franchise though. People are such retards.

No. 1393464

the only types of people ive ever seen doing shit like this are high school boys, how is it so hard for troons to pretend not to be degens

No. 1393474

Highly doubt he has a strong opinion either way, he doesn't sit in the internet much. I imagine he can have a well-intentioned, but confused view on the topic. Maybe a bit like Rowling before she went full terf ("I believe everyone has the right to be happy, I support everyone's rights"). He wasn't subjected to troon degeneracy like farmers ITT and I doubt sjw internet slapfights are his thing. Also most kind people don't want to discriminate against whole groups. At the best I could see him supporting women having their own spaces, language etc. while supporting transsexual individuals in transitioning and living in peace.

No. 1393477

>I imagine he can have a well-intentioned, but confused view on the topic
Honestly I feel that's the opinion most well meaning liberals have regarding troons, including the harry potter cast
Its why I don't hate them that much, they likely have never seen troon degeneracy or actual so called "terf" talking points, most just know that "trans" are a group that get discriminated against and probably view them something like gay drag queens

No. 1393479

Twansphobiaaa Jesus fucking Christ. This is considered a hate crime?? Mark Wahlberg threw rocks at a black child when he was 18, that is an actual hate crime, he still has a career though, but no we should cancel JK because saying women deserve their own spaces is literally the most bigoted thing you can do. These people are so fucking fragile we need another world war to happen so all these pussies can get drafted

No. 1393492

File: 1639588491995.jpg (110.04 KB, 462x897, Capture.JPG)

>You can reclaim the setting for nostalgia when that hateful woman is dead and gone.
Funny how troons and troon sympathisers are always wishing women death. You know they literally cannot wait for Rowling to drop dead, just because she wasn't FULLY on board with their agenda when it was harmful to women
Feel like there probably is some choice content in the linked jEsSiE gEnDeR yt channel, but I'm not ready for more bs today
Sorry for deleting nona, I fully expect most people to think about trans as you say. Honestly, I used to think like that. I would be okay with them if they minded their business and accepted that they are larping. Someone mentioned in the past how racial skinwalkers in the past genuinely supported the issues of people they tried to pass as and it really makes you think that MTF are incapable of doing even that. They should worship women since they have years of experience in being what troons wanna be. But nah, that's male socialization for you and female one in case of FTMs caping for men — trans and otherwise

No. 1393498

Once you realize troons have mommy issues it's impossible to unsee where the vitriol towards JKR and women who resist TRAS in general comes from. These people have never had a woman tell them "no."
Men say no all the time. That's why Dawkins is just getting gently "oh honey"d. Because men are expected to be territorial and cruel. But if mommy- I mean JKR doesn't affirm my identity? She's a whore, not a madonna! It's all misogyny, obviously. It's just funny how so many troons I've met have been spoiled senselessly by their mothers while their fathers have been absent or distant.

No. 1393501

>blaming troon's behavior on their mothers, aka women are at fault when men decide to be degenerate coomers for a living
hmmmm… stinky

No. 1393503

This is true. Most normies don't peak because they don't have access to troon degeneracy. Their only exposure is through "uwu brave oppressed heroes being murdered by evil terfs" media propaganda, and maybe knowing one or two trans people irl who are relatively normal. You have to spend time on trans Twitter and in other online spaces to notice how misogynistic & hateful a lot of them are.

No. 1393504

File: 1639589384110.jpeg (103.99 KB, 1184x413, A0BECB5A-1EBB-4453-AE22-509F34…)

I said this before but it gives me whiplash to see the way they’ve retconned this “rowling owns all the rights” thing. Now it’s a bad thing, a symptom of her ego and narcissism. She is a controlling evil witch, overseeing her terf empire like the eye of sauron. Where before it was seen as a GOOD thing that an author, a female one at that, was finally not totally fucked over her own intellectual property. They actually would be delighted for WB to step in and steal her property and cheer all the ways she is being divorced from her creation.

No. 1393512

Seriously lol a woman says one uwu hurtful thing that's absolutely TRUE and purposely misconstrued by these libtards while men who do horrible things to women/marginalized people like Chris Brown beating the shit out of several women and they still have very successful careers and no one says shit to them.

No. 1393515

And don't forget male authors like Stephen King who is a drug addicted, racist misogynistic pedo, but he's totally fine bc he's down with the troon cause.

No. 1393517

And that's why I don't blame normie liberals who support TRAs, In fact you'd seem like a crazy person trying to explain the "programmer sock memes" or "their hentai trap addictions" to most normie people

No. 1393522

>>1393504 i doub't they would win. Only a tiny minority of people has problem with her opinion. They are not losing any money or reputation from her having an opinion.

No. 1393538

I didn't take it that way. I've known two guys irl who trooned out, and both of them happened to have deadbeat dads and mothers that spoiled the hell out of them. I think the link might actually be NPD since they both totally had that (one was diagnosed). NPD causes people to feel as if they are both inherently bad and the only thing that matters. It can be brought on by one absent or neglectful parent and one overcompensating one, and historically, fathers don't play good cop as often as mothers.
That family dynamic would also explain the leniency on male celebrities. They expect Daddy to be cruel and disinterested, but Mommy better behave.

No. 1393539

What's cute about this is that people are so fucking consumerism brained that they're trying to depict Warner Bros a victim (and a person).
Pweese WB! We know it's not your fault! Kill da meanie witch!

No. 1393540

Most troons I know have doting/overbearing mothers and cold/absent dads. One was raised by his dad and he (the troon) ended up being a pedo but he's kind of protected in the punk scene because he is oppwessed

Sage for OT

No. 1393543

This. Was at Universal earlier in the year and Harry Potter World is as popular as ever. Normies don't give a shit - they were decked out in the Hogwarts house gear and drinking butterbeer by the barrels.

No. 1393544

File: 1639593211070.jpeg (474.43 KB, 713x1334, 3EE7C6BC-F5F7-4F5E-B799-064B33…)

No. 1393547

>“my disgusting smegma crusted girl panties give me ~euphoria~“

motherfuckers, kys

No. 1393548

Oh, fucking atrocious. They're really talking and bragging about the way their smegma smells. Men are disgusting.

No. 1393552

I think it might be incontinence. One of their HRT medications is a diuretic that can have that side effect. I was wondering about whether they just lie when they say their dick is wet, but I think it's likely they dribble urine all the time.

No. 1393556

File: 1639594281592.jpg (15.01 KB, 271x275, 1552992661116.jpg)

No. 1393558

>NPD causes people to feel as if they are both inherently bad and the only thing that matters.

Jesus fuck nonnie you just explained all of my shitty male friendships.

No. 1393561

Can we make a collection of all the dumb things troons have said about this and just show everyone how retarded these people are?

No. 1393563

quit minimodding, girl

No. 1393565

>troons think women do this
For how hard they try to skinwalk us they sure aren't doing a good job.

No. 1393569

>when troons get diarrhea and try to call it something womanly~

No. 1393584

What does turtled mean
I'm afraid to google

No. 1393589

Probably he is tucking his dick against his gooch and enjoying the friction sweat smell that creates, or he is talking about delicious accumulated miscliquid™ in his foreskin

No. 1393596

how does he know the rapists aren't transwomen? they probably haven't cracked yet

No. 1393598

Lol yeah and they just opened the shanghai park which is massive, they are planning the expand the area in universal and build one more park in Asia. But we are supposed to believe her legacy is in the dumps.

No. 1393602

>she's also trans
Lmfao there it is

No. 1393622

I assume "turtled" means when the foreskin is closed over the head of the penis.

No. 1393629

No. 1393650

Trannies really claim to be indistinguishable from women, but I can click into a video by someone I've never heard of with a nondistinct name (bizabizaw this time, but now I'm pretty sure that's uwu speak in retrospect) and be able to clock them as a TIM putting on a voice and using a voice changer within literally 2 seconds of audio.

No. 1393683

These people are so fucking gross.

No. 1393689

They're delusional and entitled men who first made it illegal or risky to point out that we know they're men, and then say because no ones points out that they're a man means no one can tell they're actually a man. They literally threaten people physically or financially (job loss) when we say that we know they're men, of course no ones said it, but we all know.

No. 1393712


No. 1393733

>Is this a gay moment
Yes, with two degenerate gross men.
Like every event that allows troons, it was probably overrun by them.
Nasty. The agp is really showing there. This would probably peak most normies.

No. 1393752

Male creators can sexually assault women in the industry and nothing happens to them. They can do anything

No. 1393760

Hope more TWs fuck each other and leave women alone. But the post is disgusting and insane, whatever satire last time could be possibly real now since troons are coombrained
>is this a gay moment
Gay with lesbian steps kek, but at least deep down the bloke got it right
>dick tucking
Ick what? How do these AGPs think they can compress their dick like that? Wait it's good if it causes infertility kek.

>poorly drawn wojak
>bootleg FNF
kek we need no male insights on GNC

No. 1393810

File: 1639614174365.png (302.59 KB, 764x558, Screenshot (9).png)

>I chose to be trans my mom didn't force me
Sounds like the poor kid was coached into saying that

No. 1393814

>Overthinking gender to the point of anxiety
>I keep my mind busy so I don't think of anything that scares me or makes me uncomfortable
This sounds…really unhealthy. There's probably more trouble going on with the kid's family along with the forced transgenderism going on. Kid needs therapy, not troon ideology.

No. 1393817

It's not girly, at all. I just understand human anatomy. It's still gross.

No. 1393820

File: 1639615305002.png (342.48 KB, 894x628, never trust a penis owner to d…)

the webcomic troon from the previous thread is now writing wish-fulfilment straight male characters who want to date his self-insert, and having that 13 YEAR OLD self insert act out his pony-fucking fantasies.
it's fucking disgusting

No. 1393821

File: 1639615354797.png (30.29 KB, 604x240, fuk u.png)

No. 1393824

File: 1639615480108.jpg (169.89 KB, 1109x1478, p9oz36qi7k581.jpg)

No. 1393827

Nonna it was sarcasm
Damn maybe we do need the /s thing

No. 1393867

If they look like this with 14 filters on, I wonder what they look like irl.

No. 1393871

File: 1639619327538.png (912.61 KB, 933x672, Screenshot 2021-12-15 at 20-48…)

Imagine this troon in your locker room

No. 1393875

is that ProJared in a wig

No. 1393878

File: 1639620065637.png (2 MB, 817x2485, Screenshot 2021-12-15 at 20-57…)


So in this article the troon admits he didn't work as "hard" so that is why he didn't do as well. So what he faked his "loss" for brownie points or the next time he competes he'll win because ""he worked for it""

No. 1393880

Wtf? And some of the nonas here liked this dude's comics before he trooned out? He seems like a complete pile of trash.

No. 1393898

that bitch clearly doesn't shower so i doubt it's going in any locker rooms
definitely the type to scream at&punch you after talking to himself outside the dive bar though

No. 1393901

it used to be really innocent almost kids-targeted content. like a more educational disney's hercules
guess we know that was just a fetish now

No. 1393903

samefag; the main character did literally date a talking pony character named "princess starbutt" just before the whole project went on hiatus for like 5 years, and that's when i started to be like ??? until the troon news came out

No. 1393908

File: 1639622053316.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1445x1858, 5C11BBC5-0062-4DCD-899B-BB1C8C…)

Kek he feels like a bisexual male chaser stand in.

No. 1393919

File: 1639623037886.jpeg (671.22 KB, 750x1007, ABA724CE-1691-4645-BA4C-0B057D…)

lord have mercy

No. 1393925

Looks more like a sex doll then a human man or woman

No. 1393934

men may be hopeless but even they know the difference between a vagina and a surgical wound

No. 1393936

This shit and the backlash against JK is peaking alot of normies that are casually online. The only ones against JK and are for that tranny swimmer are terminally online troons and pathetic lib fems. HP is still beloved by millions and since it's near Christmas, will be streamed constantly. And nobody is happy with a troon winning. No media outlet with an open comment section has positive reactions from that meet.

No. 1393940

I swear a newfag uploads this goddamn video like every other thread. I'm sick of seeing this guy's weird hairline and botched moon face. "Seggs" sounds like the kind of thing a scene kid from 2008 would write on Myspace, vomit.

No. 1393945

trying to get around filters because they know it’s an app for children. fucking pedos

No. 1393949

File: 1639625194627.png (13.6 KB, 1091x271, Screenshot 20210.png)

these troons think they can breastfeed jesus h christ

No. 1393951

iiiiiit's aaaaaa FFFETIIIIIISH
how many time do we have to say jfc

No. 1393963

men can actually lactate if the right hormones are strong enough (some bodybuilders lactate), but it sickens me to imagine a troon lactating a baby while their cock throbs euphorically.

No. 1393991

The milk they make isn't the same one that pregnant women make tho.

No. 1394002

The baby that drinks that milk will have some sort of mutation, I swear.

No. 1394011

>wants to feel his little one

not happening buddy, your body doesn’t have the fucking space and a donated organ won’t help you
and even if it did an implanted egg wouldn’t grow because your endocrine system isn’t female

No. 1394015

if only they cared this much about the kids they had with the woman they drove away

No. 1394019

ikr they’re retarded as hell
‘’i don’t wanna be with my pregnant wife and the kids we have i wanna BE the pregnant wife’’
delusional fuckwad

No. 1394027

>Goes for the first fat retard who gives false praise and tells him his surface level political takes that make him feel like a cool revolutionary when he's actually just a failson rioting without a cause
I can't wait for the tragic breakup of these two characters when the "artist" realizes that he isn't into dick even if he thinks that it would make him more feminine if he was, and "comes out" as a transbian. How long do you think it will take? Two months?

No. 1394029

Worse yet is they troon out right after the kids are born as if women are just womb bearers for them.

No. 1394040

How many women from Niagara University competed against this man at the Zippy Invitational? If there were a lot of women from that school competing, I have no problem with this article, but if not, this author just outed this woman for speaking her mind and I have a huge problem with that.

No. 1394050

Drag queen Marilyn monroe

No. 1394055

File: 1639632359567.png (1.98 MB, 1965x1233, 1620861873447.png)

sage for blogpost, but I gotta get this off my chest.
I recently found out that a "friend" of mine trooned out. He was a whiny selfish autistic incel retard who was ugly as sin to boot. He was sure being a girl would solve all his problems in life and would constantly bitch and whine. I tried to explain to him that it wouldn't solve anything and that being a woman is not like his fucking anime, but he never cared. I stayed with him for a year until I got tired of his bullshit and cut off the relationship.
Finding out he trooned out fills me with anger, because I know what a despicable waste of space he is and now he's getting asspats for being such a ~brave and stunning twanswoman uwu~
He is nothing but a shitty pornsick scrote and now he's supposed to be a woman?? It makes me sick. I hope he joins the 49% soon lol
just to illustrate at what point his brain was fried with hentai, he would often wish to become like the girl from that Emergence doujin. He also had severe mommy issues.

No. 1394065

File: 1639633057919.png (365.23 KB, 961x622, Screenshot (354).png)

I wish more people would realize that, while most left leaning online users might despise her, 90% of normies don't even know about the situation and don't give a single shit

No. 1394164

They really tell on themselves when they claim that JKR's books were always antisemitic and racist, but they still loved them as kids.

"You see, it was only when she was transphobic, which affects ME, I realised what a hateful, evil person JKR was and always has been, for realsies."

No. 1394165

>I chose to be transgender
What happened to sexuality and gender not being a choice? When did that stop being the party line?

No. 1394171

I love the mental image of two obese neckbeards moaning at each other in a women's bar until the staff get mad and force them to leave. So girly uwu.

No. 1394262

Why do anons keep posting this dumb screenshot? He is ugly, but this is obviously not a real face.

No. 1394271

they get older, like everyone else

No. 1394282

I saw some TRA or trans person under JKs comments claim there was a fucking gangbang scene in HP (when Umbridge is attacked by the centuars or whatever) which isn't at all what was supposed to be happening there. Her books are very unsexual throughout (literally written for 8-12 year olds) and there is no implied sexual abuse either. Constantly telling on themselves.

No. 1394284

They age like men. Old women are still women.
Plus they are misogynists and think women only have value when they are at their youngest and "hottest". If they're roleplaying their favorite misogynistic stereotypes of women, of course they lose all value once they no longer look like highschool boys.

No. 1394334

I've seen that theory a long ago. It's based on centaurs being rapey in mythology (even though they aren't in HP), something about Dolores being a nod to Lolita aka a sexual abuse victim and Umbridge having PTSD from the occurance (having an immediate negative reaction to tongue clicking). It never happened in the story, it's nothing more than an edgy/dark interpretation. Which is fine if that's what you want, but keep your fucked up headcanons to yourself and don't blame the author for your imagination.
If you really want to go there, Riddle's relationship with Ginny is clearly an allegory of an online predator grooming his victim by letting her vent in a ~safe space~ while telling very little about himself, lavishing with attention, eventually making her do evil shit she's not comfortable with etc. But that's shown in a negative light (except for the Weasley's moronic but realistic reaction) plus requires actually being a girl/woman to recognize, so they will never talk about it. Oh and let's not forget troons being actual groomers pushing questioning teens into their gender cult.

No. 1394341

mfw troon groomers are actually Tom Riddle/voldemort in the story, no wonder they have beef with JKR.

I feel sorry for the groomed younger troons, like another guy I saw in the comments who said him liking dolls, pink and Hermione is why he knew he was a girl?!
Kinda shows how sexist our society is right now that "I admire a female character" is apparently an impossible statement for a male to make (and male action figures, and dolls, exist so I never got the dolls = girls thing)

No. 1394364


I'd be afraid to send a kid to therapy these days, schools and therapists aren't allowed to perform any kind of "trans conversion", which can include such hateful and harmful acts as asking a kid if they're sure about being trans or suggesting they look into other, more reasonable and fixable issues that might be causing them to cling to a trans identity. Shit's fucked. They're having teacher-led secret tranny meetings during lunch at my local MIDDLE SCHOOL. Speak out and your kid can go into foster care for living in a transphobic home. It sounds like a badly-written Christian persecution jerk off book but it's here, nonnies. Idekwtf to do… homeschool your kids and warp them or send them to school so other people can warp their minds.

No. 1394368

Didn't they do pretty much the same thing to Orson Scott Card because of his homophobia?

No. 1394369

I thought the same thing but it's possible that the woman didn't mind being identified but just didn't want her name searchable

No. 1394389

A group of women I went to school with have organized a sort of homeschool group for local kids because of this shit. It's a pretty good idea, the kids are homeschooled together and separate so they're normally socialized and kept away from the fucked up shit the public school system is doing in the US right now.

No. 1394392

As long as you have your kid socializing with other kids while they're being homeschooled, they won't be too weird. Most parents that homeschool just do it to brainwash their kids with their own religious pyschobable or to hide abuse. Normal parents who homeschool their kids will have them join a community sports team or help them develop social hobbies. Or what the other anon said about group homeschooling kids.

I personally don't think I could manage homeschooling a kid because I hate being home unless I'm being a pot smoking degenerate, and I'm not patient enough to be home with the same faces 24/7.

No. 1394397

Have you shown him pictures of troon crotch after SRS?

No. 1394409

TGTF stands for transgender transformation.

No. 1394419

Does anyone have links about intersex individuals speaking about being compared with trans people? I feel like their biggest hurdle is trying to not be comparable to trans people, so it really bothers me to see them casually brought up like props. Would love to read some interviews from some intersex people if you have some links ty

No. 1394445

Not really. I've seen a few call-outs before, but they never had the same severity. At most, people would say "lol he's homophobic, but you can separate the art from the artist", even though iirc we had evidence he put money into homophobic businesses or programs (I can't fully remember, it has been awhile). No one sent him rape or death threats, they never stalked him, never obsessed over him like they did JKR, and never doxed him. All judgement of him was quiet and petty, as if they thought of their dislike of him as a matter of personal taste. It's clear he never got as much vitriol, even though he's been known to put money and votes into his homophobic takes, which isn't something we have on JKR (she probably "votes TERFy" now, but I doubt she did when she made her initial post on the matter).

No. 1394511

File: 1639676386059.jpg (426.12 KB, 1804x1313, 1618187081448.jpg)

>Bounty hunter Jinx Ballou is hot on the trail of Blair Marshall, a fugitive who brutally murdered a transgender woman in a public restroom. As a trans woman herself, Jinx is more determined than ever to bring this bigoted killer to justice.

>But at every turn, Jinx's attempts to apprehend Marshall are thwarted by the ruthless transphobic hate group her fugitive controls. A series of high-speed car chases, brutal fights, and unsuccessful takedowns leave Jinx and her team frustrated and empty-handed.

>When an undaunted Jinx presses on, she finds herself in a war of media manipulation, disinformation, and deep-faked videos that paints a target on her back and puts loved ones in grave danger. Will Jinx bring Marshall to justice before more innocent people are killed?

>TERF Wars takes readers on an action-packed thrill ride that dives deep into the issues of identity and intersectionality, oppression and accountability. As one of the only openly transgender authors in crime fiction, Dharma Kelleher delivers a heartfelt tale that will leave readers cheering for more.


This is one of the funniest things I've read in a long time, I seriously can't stop grinning

No. 1394529

Damn this is crazy. Me and other kids I know who were in foster care can tell you its horrible but some of our situations were really that bad that being the system was preferable to being raped or beat or neglected by your caretakers (even though alot of foster families are shitty but my cousin stayed in a group home and liked it there so idk). It's crazy they're a gonna be kids in there like my mom deadnamed me it's totally just as bad as your parents ditching you in a sketchy neighborhood to go do drugs. Wtf these people are really insane. The school staff especially what the fuck brainwashing these children to the max so they can convince them they're somehow being abused and need to be taken away so many wtfs man wtf

Sage for ot

No. 1394537

Samefag tbh some of these families should be investigated anyways though. Alot of trans and NB kids have issues and I wouldn't be surprised if something is going on at home. But taking a kid away because people don't want to play pretend with them is retarded as fuck

No. 1394543

This is true. I know a troon irl who’s mom would prostitute herself and would neglect her kids.

No. 1394544

Kek this is hilarious. And he used an actual woman for the cover lol

No. 1394553

I want to read this so bad but I'm not giving a Troon even a penny.

No. 1394566

Some are free. Download. Only asskissers in the reviews. I'd love to hear a real take on it.

No. 1394590

File: 1639680714135.png (139.22 KB, 313x320, hindugoddess.png)

>gives himself the name dharma
>is as white as a wall

No. 1394602

this isn't just an AGP smirk
this is AGP smirk evolved

No. 1394621

File: 1639682973095.jpg (293.42 KB, 1080x1738, Screenshot_20211216-142155_Ins…)

in which a somewhat popular philosophy account run by middle class, white, autogynephilic male academics defends a fellow male who also happens to be a serial rapist. Eli Erlick's victims–of which there are many (one killed herself)–were almost exclusively WOC trans identifying females.

the full post https://www.instagram.com/p/CXgvVCOFhd4/

No. 1394622

File: 1639683089429.jpg (192.55 KB, 992x1155, Screenshot_20211216-130712_Ins…)

they ended up deleting comments from people calling attention to the serial rapist (and their reply to these comments).

more info on Eli Erlick, the male serial rapist of vulnerable women https://grahamlinehan.substack.com/p/eli-erlick-another-central-outlier

No. 1394626

>To be a good person I must forgive the men who raped me

These people aren't far removed from those conservative values they despise.

No. 1394649

thinking you can forgive on the behalf of others is male behavior

No. 1394661

It's on zlibrary nonna

No. 1394741

File: 1639689718415.png (91.17 KB, 400x452, 145763-BF-81-BE-45-D6-A1-C5-BC…)

Late but she complained several times because of trannies being, well, trannies. She sees them as gay guys and the ultimate time she got banned from twitter was when she posted a huge rant about how trannies getting their "ballsack pussy lips" surgery paid by tax payers during the pandemic is shocking and that money should go to poor Latino farmers instead or something. She never apologizes for being transphobic either and keeps calling mtf guys "gay boys". One of her big sisters is a ftm by the way, and Azealia herself is a bi woman and seems to have several close gay friends so she's most likely complaining about troons because of her personal experience with them irl.

No. 1394749

File: 1639690253207.png (24.6 KB, 750x365, I'm a Pirate (yeah yeah) on Tw…)

and you only cared about womens rights when you became a tranny, see how this can work two ways troon?

No. 1394758

File: 1639690626050.jpeg (225.68 KB, 828x854, 2B3348FE-82E8-489C-87F2-7047F8…)

Handmaiden supreme. I used to think like this too, when I didn’t know how much MTF behaviors over lap with serial killers. Trans wonder woman is coming soon I bet. They’re already talking about a non binary 007.

No. 1394759

What the fuck is he on about? People have always talked about sexual violence in men’s prisons.

No. 1394766

File: 1639690831807.png (13.49 KB, 1096x258, Screenshot 2021-12-16 at 16-39…)

based wife

No. 1394768

damn zlibrary has this but not ray kurzweil's book that i need for my homework
what a tragic age we live in

No. 1394769

>Trans wonder woman is coming soon I bet
Wasn't there a ww comic about a troon character? I think someone posted this in a previous thread.
Oh and speaking of, apparently troons want to change wonder woman into a troon icon

No. 1394776

Have you tried library genesis?

No. 1394778

Not based
How can she still want to reconcile? She has a chance to run away and chooses not to

No. 1394779

I haven't talked to him in years, he's an insufferable piece of shit and I don't think showing him would make a difference. He was really into traps, so I think he'll keep his to become a ~real trap uwu~

No. 1394796

Anyone on here follow fatcows and know Chantal/Foodiebeauty and her hanger-on Peetz? This moid is sooooo close to trooning out.

>has "female alter ego" Ramona he dresses up as

>lonely, balding, incel
>depressed and suicidal
>spends all day on twitter yelling about transphobia
>calls himself a SJW/feminist
>fetishizes lesbians

In his most recent videos he lists all of his famous comic book characters that he wishes would be confirmed as lesbians so he can jerk off to them harder.

No. 1394797

Remember, TIMs are liars. Subtract that line that makes the wife look desperate and you get the real story. It's a cope.

No. 1394806

File: 1639693200954.webm (Spoiler Image,1.86 MB, 576x1024, c7838c28b0b8213433e34997bdaf8f…)

Spoilered for gross moobs

No. 1394814

Incoming sperg. This tweet is so dumb. I wish more people could get it in their thick skulls that "getting your identity affirmed" is not a fucking right. Literally everyone wants to be perceived and treated as their own ideal self but rarely (if ever) do. When are these people going to realize that real life is not some fantasy game world where you can live your life as a cool customized avatar and curate how people will see you? And how deranged do you have to be to believe this is a deserved right?

No. 1394815

File: 1639693841392.jpeg (646.26 KB, 2048x2048, A2D5CE27-25AC-41A0-9E24-FB1468…)

Yeah there is a trans Amazon in the comics now. Bia is the name of the Greek goddess of force, so I guess it makes sense for such a forced character. Vita Ayala is know for making her new x-men characters into cosplayers, activists, and social media influencers in their spare time kek. Another example of an artist who lets id politics take over their work. I still don’t understand how you can be trans and nonbinary?

No. 1394823

File: 1639694053856.jpg (368.18 KB, 1080x1083, Screenshot_20211216-141556_Twi…)

No. 1394829

i tried EVERYWHERE. ended up getting a professor from a different school to email a copy to me

No. 1394831

south park says all the same things as JKR does about troons and i have never seen anyone complain. JK is one of the few people as rich as those two guys too, so it's literally just because she's female that she gets attacked.
south park even had a whole "terf" episode where men and troons are mocked for trying to enter women's spaces (board girls)

No. 1394879

I don't follow chantal but I've read peetz's kf thread. He is very fascinating in how stereotypical he is, truly there is nothing in that man's brain but coom and twitter politics. inshallah 2022 is the year he troons out and finally contributes to society (by entertaining us)

No. 1394883

Not true. Troons are turning on South Park retrospectively now too. Even if the creators are left leaning they hate the content

No. 1394911

lmao left leaning. they have some opinions that seem left but both creators are definitely in the middle, if not libertarians.

No. 1394928

they're avowed libertarians with a couple traditionally socialist beliefs (like healthcare and taxes type stuff). stone's an atheist and parker sounds like some kind of shinto? so they're firmly in the edgy libertarian category to me

No. 1394930

File: 1639708194810.png (4.14 KB, 1050x45, If you start HRT, do you have …)

When are troons going to use proper definitions for things, do they even know what menopause is?

No. 1394941

>implying the bone density issues come from stopping medically unnecessary HRT, rather than starting it
They're so full of shit.

No. 1394944

this is literally josh kiszka from greta van fleet

No. 1394956

I hate how you just KNOW he was not raped based on this comment but ofc no one can call it out. I don't doubt that troons are rapey but he speaks about it so flippantly that if I had to guess, he was probably kissed against his will and now uses that as a token to defend rapists. This is exactly why men accuse women of lying about rape–they have no problem doing it themselves. Men are absolutely sickening and oh so predictable. KAM.
As fucking crazy as AB is, she didn't lie here at all. Can't believe that trannies being the most oppressed class is somehow today's "progressive" agenda. If people actually wanted to be progressives and actually contribute to society then they'd care about actual poor people and not upper-middle-class white tech bro coomers who are either spamming extreme political ideologies (bc porn brainrot), jerking off to CP, or both.
What was the point in all that when he makes no effort to change his voice at all? That's ignoring how hideous he is as a male trying to look 'female' kek

No. 1394965

File: 1639710377788.png (718.52 KB, 1128x588, nasty.png)

tried to find receipts for trooncartoon's earlier horse-fucking storyline but it seems all the archives were reshuffled with the trans retconning. (old stories are missing or redrawn and rewritten)

No. 1394968

File: 1639710436984.png (289.72 KB, 590x300, no1currr about your fetish.png)

spergalicious detail-adding about his mlp OC
also in a recent post says mc and the pony "aren't dating, but have a will-neigh won't-neigh thing going on"
i prescribe fire.

No. 1394969

fascinating how obsessed they are with the idea of women killing them (i would bet money on a woman having never, ever killed a tranny in the history of the world) despite men being the ones who kill and rape them

No. 1394976

i hope this isn't too obnoxious of a blog but i found it relevant. so back before i peaked and i was hella tumblry, i was hellbent on defending the twans and i started working with a ftm. they did absolutely nothing to present as male except for wearing a binder sometimes. other times they just didn't wear it. oh and they had short hair. looked like a girl, sounded like a girl, acted like a girl in every way. and even my tumblrina ass would MiSgEnDeR them and call them "she" all the time. even right to their face. even when i was trying really hard not to MiSgEnDeR them.

my point is, unless someone goes out of their way to present as a gender they aren't, then yeah… it's fucking difficult and no one should be expected to just know, or like, ask? it's not natural to ask a stranger their preferred pronouns in the same way you wouldn't just ask everyone you meet their name. it's not logical for conversation or interaction.

and hell, i've had people call me "sir" or think i was a dude by mistake. men get mistaken for women sometimes. it's a thing that happens.

No. 1395004

File: 1639713062873.jpeg (228.63 KB, 1100x1623, https___bucketeer-e05bbc84-baa…)

Clown world, clown makeup.
Peep the username too

No. 1395058

really hope this is posted to some trans sub and not makeupaddiction so he’s not forcing women to validate his blow up doll inspired beat

No. 1395063

File: 1639717324958.png (229.86 KB, 1784x487, 89efe4d6-b38c-59a5-994e-7757ec…)

They're narcs who hate most women who disagree with them, which are the sane ones. Doesn't matter if they see themselves as women or not kek. (to be fair some are self-hating but generally mtfs are narcs who throw weigh around)

No. 1395064

File: 1639717340089.png (1.18 MB, 798x799, brave_Mlv9Rf5ug6.png)

you can really see that this technique works /so/ well for him here. He has the same handle on IG, you can check it if you want to see his disgusting acne, filters working overtime and makeup applied repeatedly but never removed properly. like >>1394956 Said though, what's the point of all this to still have a manly voice, hands like a brick layer and still have a male name (double male first name lmfao) on your bio??

No. 1395065

most have manly voices but they force it to be "normalized" as girl voice uwu kek

picrel this one passes but have a long face, broad shoulders and weird posture

No. 1395067

That's actually cute anon. Hope it catches on with more parents but knowing troons, they'll whine about not feeling included once all the girls leave public school to join private homeschool groups. They're trying already to push all girls schools to include them

>women please be openly perverted to validate my fetish in public uwu
Reopen the asylums for just tims and coomers

Imagine scrolling through some makeup sub and you see your middle aged dad with a username of slutstevanie like this

No. 1395068

Apparently this is a series

other titles include
>Chaser: A Gritty Action Crime Thriller (Jinx Ballou Bounty Hunter Series Book 1)

>A Broken Woman: A Gritty Action Crime Thriller (Jinx Ballou Bounty Hunter Series Book 3

>Months have past since a bomb robbed bounty hunter Jinx Ballou of the man she loved. Strung out in a drunken haze and alienated from work and loved ones alike, Jinx has lost hope in everything she once held dear.

>When an associate recommends her to catch a bail-jumping murder suspect, Jinx pulls herself together to take the job. But this unusual case leaves her conflicted and questioning her values as a bail enforcement agent.
>Jinx's fugitive is a fellow transgender woman who was brutally assaulted while still in custody. She's also a member of a women's biker gang that swears she's innocent and will do whatever it takes to keep their fellow biker safe and out of jail.
>Vastly outnumbered and outgunned, Jinx's daring attempt to return her fugitive to custody is quickly and brutally thwarted. While she's licking her wounds and rallying for a second attempt, the biker gang makes her a tempting offer: join them in proving her fugitive's innocence and they will pay the bounty themselves.
>Will Jinx defy the system to save a wrongly accused murder suspect or compromise her values to salvage what's left of her career?
>A Broken Woman is the third thriller in the highly acclaimed and unique Jinx Ballou Bounty Hunter crime fiction series, although each book in the series can be enjoyed as a standalone.

No. 1395071

>women please be openly perverted to validate my fetish in public uwu
Dream on bro, who would want a lumpy disfigured moob body? And if u really wanna be a woman and act on ur perversions by being openly perverted to other women then get off the internet and hide in a closet

No. 1395072

not to OP but to post-related tweeter

No. 1395078

File: 1639718067202.jpg (485.04 KB, 1866x2800, iuYQ9S2ZBP.jpg)

That male mouth and jaw shape is unmistakeable.

No. 1395080

Looks like a puckered asshole

No. 1395083

You dropped your pic, and it made it seem like you were saying the ogre you responded to passed. Not that "passing" matters.

No. 1395084

>Idekwtf to do… homeschool your kids and warp them or send them to school so other people can warp their minds.

Either find a good private school which makes it clear they aren't swayed by current trends (pathetic that any school is) or homeschool.
Teaching kids actual biology and facts in an educational setting is not warping their minds, letting weird strangers groom them is. The kids who went to more normal schools will end up having a much better future once this fad is over since there's less bullshit they'll need to scrub from their brain.

No. 1395103

File: 1639720500735.jpg (76.72 KB, 908x223, 20211217_010137.jpg)

hey ladies! you know what do.
this isnt the official title since that one was won by elon crust, but still.

No. 1395106

Related but I'm looking for this rafdem/TERF YouTuber I stumbled across last night , I can't remember her name.
She's older and wears wigs I think, had a slight stutter in the video of hers I watched.
Can a nonna help me out

No. 1395132


No. 1395133

*Exulansic kek

No. 1395134


No. 1395141

File: 1639725906283.png (466.98 KB, 900x2000, kikomisurgry.png)

No. 1395144

queen thank you

No. 1395160

as much as I loved this comic, this also made me wanna puke

No. 1395163

i'm glad your surgery went well kikomi-chan

No. 1395170

Lmfaoooooo anon you have really outdone yourself this time

No. 1395182

the fucking paper mache i'm goddamn dying why does kikomianon never miss
as the person who started the /m/ mspaint thread, what i would give to hang and draw dumb shit together… kikomianon i'm telepathically sending your my contact info so please get back to me in a dream at your earliest convenience

No. 1395205

nta but a lolcow aggie.io night would be fun

No. 1395218

File: 1639737804468.jpg (242.18 KB, 678x372, Screenshot_20211217-104045.jpg)

>the virgin dc amazons: of course twans wimmin can be amazons! in fact, they actually make BETTER amazons and solve riddles and mazes and shit that actual woman are far too stupid to do!
>the chad marvel amazons

No. 1395229

File: 1639741130392.jpg (227.28 KB, 1000x813, Sons_of_Themyscira.jpg)

As a comicfag I take offense to that, there have been many iterations of Themyscira and Amazons in the DC mythos over the past 80 years
sometimes they kill men on sight, sometimes they just let them be and erase their memories, the New 52 version had them abduct sailors, have sex with them and then kill them so they can get pregnant and keep the Amazon race alive, the girls were raised to be Amazons and the boys were sent to another Island to be raised by Hephaestus(God of the forge) to make enchanted weapons and armor for the Amazons, yeah comics are weird

The whole trans reincarnation thing is just part of the new DC reboot that does every couple decades

No. 1395233

File: 1639741314051.jpg (7.63 KB, 262x192, index.jpg)

No. 1395235

the issue is men raping women. That wasn't happening before men started being let in women's prisons. The fuck is he on about?

No. 1395238

Amazing, brave and stunning.

No. 1395240

File: 1639742468234.jpeg (264.38 KB, 992x1500, D8560153-BB34-4D2C-99B1-2CCE24…)

>the nose curling over the lip
in 35 years you won't be able to see his mouth

No. 1395267


peetz gives major troon vibes but idk if he is motivated to troon out when he can't even clean his poor cat's (RIP timbit) litterbox.

he would be supremely ugly as a tranny though, lol

No. 1395280

File: 1639749294767.jpg (Spoiler Image,402.78 KB, 711x720, Screenshot_20211217-135059.jpg)

>Mild comic book sperging
The Marvel Amazons are OK, but clearly written by a moid who thinks misandry is a very real and very unwarranted prejudice.

The Amazon society depicted in Marvel comics is a very surface level 'villainous matriarchy' written by a man who thinks if women were had the power men do, they'd behave in the same way - keeping men as chattel and such - which makes no sense given how sexual dimorphism and biology works if you think about it for like ten seconds. Also, them being sold out by that gorgon pickme, Delphine, was lame as fuck.

I do like, however, that in their society, it's the legend of Pandoro, not Pandora - the man who opened the box of all the world's evils after Athena told him not to. That seems a lot more realistic, given the entitled nature of your average moid.

No. 1395281

I almost suggested the same creator, I watch her too and she fits the description.

No. 1395298

That sounds stupid and unrealistic as well, matriarchal societies that are just extreme cases of ours but where men are still clearly bigger and stronger, always make me cringe

No. 1395304

really opening a debate there with limiting the replies. the same with screenshotting Rowlings tweet but removing all context.

they really do live in an echo chamber. I think they’re realising that screaming TERF won’t silence women like it used to. sooner or later someone pushes back.

No. 1395308

>“I think women should lust after me in their thoughts even though I would have no way of knowing what they’re thinking about.”

No. 1395347

Why is this thread full of Harry Potter, vampire literature and comic sperging? Can’t you go to /m/ or something to talk about books instead

No. 1395356

if it increases his coom potential he will find the will to do it

autogynephilia is an addiction

No. 1395377

It's funny when they keep calling terfs genital obsessed for several reasons

>homophobic, they imply genital preferences are "wrong" somehow and usually level this accusation specifically at lesbians ((for obvious reasons, since they think calling themselves lesbian is a cheat code to gain access to lesbians and are dismayed when it doesn't work))

>The implication that men and women are identical except for genitals actually paints them as the genital fetishists (that's the only difference you can see? Really?) since anyone with a working brain can see there are many more physical differences/sexual dimorphism, especially among the majority of vocal troons, who are caucasian

In summary, men continue to be obsessed with their own dicks above all else

No. 1395379

it's honestly way more interesting than the usual infighting

No. 1395402

Media is inextricably tied to the troon movement because it is hypercapitalistic and spreads its ideology though pop culture and pornography. Also if you want unfiltered on-topic, hide saged posts.

No. 1395403

a lot of us are into these fandoms and are sperging out cause trannies are entering our spaces and destroying them

No. 1395458

I would say the anne rice shit got a little too drawn out here, but the harry potter shit directly relates to JKR so I’m not really sure how that’s an issue.

No. 1395462

yass get well soon our iconic AFAB transgirl queen!!!

No. 1395483

kikomi sis are you wearing clown shoes

No. 1395498

Those are her stuffed socks, they're necessary for her to avoid dysphoria, please don't be transphobic.

No. 1395504

this one is going to make them hysterical. incredible work

No. 1395511

File: 1639771428112.jpg (320.6 KB, 1280x720, gakuen handsome anime.jpg)

kek, between this and the guy from the previous with a similar chin we'll soon be able to have a gakuen handsome live-action series.

No. 1395584

File: 1639775021198.png (1.05 MB, 864x852, Screen Shot 2021-12-17 at 4.02…)

call me vendetta-chan but this dude is fucking gross. is any children's entertainment safe

No. 1395588

File: 1639775118111.png (3.45 MB, 1692x1322, Screen Shot 2021-12-17 at 4.02…)

No. 1395590

File: 1639775277007.png (708.48 KB, 1126x1336, Screen Shot 2021-12-17 at 4.02…)

No. 1395591

File: 1639775300863.png (899.32 KB, 972x964, Screen Shot 2021-12-17 at 4.02…)

he's a furry pedo

No. 1395593

kek he's even drawn the 2006-through-an-autistic-funhouse-mirror fashion on the troon pony

No. 1395603

File: 1639776432806.jpeg (22.64 KB, 300x461, troon fantasy.jpeg)

wtf how many tranny sf books are there?

>Manhunt is both a post-apocalyptic horror story and a fantasy—specifically a trans fantasy, because whomst among us hasn’t dreamed of physically fighting the TERFs?

>Gretchen Felker-Martin introduces us to Fran and Beth, two trans women who hunt men like they’re wild animals, because they pretty much are as they’ve been taken over by a virus that targets testosterone-havers and turns them rabid.

>The TERFs—trans exclusionary radical feminists, for those who are unfamiliar with the term—feel superior because of their biology, sporting XX tattoos and all. Later, Fran and Beth meet Robbie, a transman, all of them dealing with the effects of t-rex (the virus).

>It’s an apocalypse unlike anything you’ve seen before, and Felker-Martin absolutely tears into gender-essentialist thinking with humor and heart. It is at times gruesome, sometimes very sexy, and always focused on the lives of trans and nonbinary people, who are so often left out of narratives like this. To say Manhunt was refreshing would be an understatement.


No. 1395605

File: 1639776513763.png (145.32 KB, 626x499, HELL WORLD.png)

this is the author btw

No. 1395607

File: 1639776695233.jpeg (509.7 KB, 782x1136, B8F10DC9-F4C2-4647-A549-8D7335…)

Ew I really hope no actual children read his comic anymore or are groomed by it. Now I get why mtf love animal crossing so much kek.

No. 1395608

File: 1639776732952.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1125x1895, CEFEA343-0014-4001-916A-DA1C25…)

Has this been posted yet? This schizotranny who named himself after Charles Manson was being racist in a Starbucks.


No. 1395609

File: 1639776797526.jpg (374.33 KB, 1182x2048, chris chan looking mf.jpg)

>I'm a woman and I love rape scenes

No. 1395613

There was a part 2, what the fuck

No. 1395616

File: 1639777669720.png (407.02 KB, 792x578, ahehehehe.png)

>antelope with makeup gives him a boner

No. 1395619

Dang that tiddy is crazy

No. 1395620

ew wtf nearly threw up at this one. nasty unbrushed tongue. all tims seem to have it.
also someone please save that dog, you could just see the fear in the eyes.

No. 1395622

this was posted a couple threads ago but it is still so enraging to see this troon talk about how MORE RAPE is needed. fucking sickening.

No. 1395637

It's such a clear shitty justification for writing rape porn. I'm not against writing or producing art that deals with rape, but actively portraying it is something only predatory coomers do. We talked about how American McGee wrote a plot that had to do with sexual abuse very respectfully in the TIF thread– He never showed the rape itself, only mentioned it and its ramifications, ficused on the victim's experiences with their trauma, never sexualized the female characters (and was actively disgusted by people on his dev team suggesting he do so), and portrayed the rapist as an absolutely irredeemable monster. I myself have stories that I want to write that involve female characters with sexual trauma (1 in 5 women, and all that), but it's all about how it affects them after the fact and how they can recover, rather than showing the act itself. Anyone with any amount of empathy or wit could see how to address this in art without showing the act itself, but it's so obvious that he doesn't actually care and just wants to utilize female trauma for his own coomer fantasies.

No. 1395683

Is the dog's name Precious, perchance?

No. 1395688

Same nonnie. My stomach turned. Nightmare fuel

No. 1395697

i can't handle the cringe of any internet/tiktok videos from anyone, what does he do? whiteknight for black women who don't need tards like him around?

No. 1395729

Anytime rape is explicitly shown, thrusting and all, it makes me physically ill. I automatically feel like it isn’t created by a true empathetic person, but a degenerate.

No. 1395740

I couldn't hear all of it but he aggresses at a black woman (holding the camera) pantomiming his neck snapping (?) and the cutting of his throat, saying something like "this is what you want right? You hate all white people and this is what you want to see happen to us" meanwhile she is like wtf dude who are you talking to
Ot but this is why it took me so long to be able to watch Game of Thrones, I tried a few times but every time there was a new rape scene had to dip out

No. 1395744

Game of Thrones was disgusting. Benioff & Weiss are sick even by Hollywood moid standards. The books were misogynistic enough, and then the show had to throw in EXTRA rape scenes just for funsies. Nearly every major female character got raped and of course it was presented as a ChArAcTeR BuILdInG experience. I still question what possessed me to watch that vile crap.

No. 1395752

Sorry for deleting nonnie wanted to respond to the other post too, but yeah so much gratuitous sex and violence. I don't know how I feel about it overall but I wish I hated it the way I did the first few times I tried to watch it

No. 1395753

Ahaha that’s ok nonnie I double posted and had to delete mine too. HBO shows in general have a lot of sleazy sexual violence, I remember watching Oz as a kid and being utterly shook lol

No. 1395757

HBO shows = bare tits as they say, moid paradise
Anyway hope you are having a good day nonnie <3

No. 1395766

>Anytime rape is explicitly shown, thrusting and all, it makes me physically ill.

This is exactly how I feel.Implying it happens or even having someone saying something is enough, I don't NEED to see/read about a woman being raped and suffer even if it's fake.I don't even have traumatic sexual experiences but it makes me feel super bad, if this troon got how it's like to be a woman he wouldn't be advocating for this shit.

No. 1395775

i hope that lady had someone to walk her home. this dude sounds like a murderrapist

No. 1395777

also all the sex scenes were for men. south park had it wrong, all the dicks were limp because then they're non-threatening to MEN. it's all about men. the entire series of "books" is just a fat autist's personal porn.

No. 1395778

samefag; even the violence (battles/murders) are clearly a sex thing for george rr martin. lady stabbed in uterus, men skinned alive, faces eaten, he's jacking it to that stuff too. can't believe people took his shit seriously at all. i guarantee bad things will come out about him (he looks like a fucking pedo and writes tons of pedo sex) and the showrunners (reminder, they wanted to do game of thrones BUT WITH AMERICAN SLAVERY and almost made it to principal photography on that)

No. 1395862

Can you imagine if they actually got to make the slavery show? It would’ve been a MESS, thank god the studio pulled the plug on that one.

No. 1395889

Antebellum is a 2020 slavery movie with a disgustingly long rape scene of a female slave. I get it was trying to show the horrors of slavery but I couldn’t help wondering if the liberal white male writers were just playing out their race play fetish.

No. 1395904

personal opinion, there's nothing wrong with violence and rape in media if it serves a point and isn't gratuitous, It could be a plot point or something symbolizing or anything but if you like death and or rape scenes just for the gore or sexual thrill then you need fucking help, media that highlight the rape and violence over any actual character development is just irredeemable trash

No. 1395907

Fuck my sides

No. 1395908

hbo stuck several sex scenes into the pacific, a fucking ww2 miniseries of all things. the scenes were literally based on nothing, their source material is the last place you would find even a passing mention of sex

No. 1395910

File: 1639798048793.png (26.08 KB, 1068x333, Screenshot 2021-12-17 at 22-26…)

mrs doubtfire is transphobic now

No. 1395915

File: 1639798564470.jpg (1.73 MB, 3024x4032, spr91s4oa1681.jpg)

from a subreddit called malepolish

No. 1395919

yeah rape and violence can occur as part of a plot but in game of thrones it's constant and unbroken throughout the books and show. they become the topic of the show, and in such a blatantly pornographic way. it's for the dudes who made it to jack off to.

No. 1395927

At least he knows where he belongs

No. 1395932

Scrotes say bullshit like this and then act shocked when women don't give a fuck about male-on-male prison rape.

Rape is not sexy to anyone for whom it is a real threat or traumatic experience. This sack of repulsive lard is never going to be raped, that's why he thinks it's so trivial, that it's just a fear women need exposure to in order to "overcome." I'd say that I hope he gets raped, but it's more likely that he'll die alone and his corpse will be found a year later half-eaten by his cat.

No. 1395933

I've stated that I don't hate majority of libfem TRA supporters cause they are mostly unaware of how awful TIMs can be, but this is a peak pick-me TRA

No. 1395941

ew she touched it

No. 1395988

does anyone else get genuinely upset seeing hrt bodies with gyno. There’s something so off putting and scary about them idk how people laugh it off

No. 1396002

Have you ever seen The Accused with Jodie Foster? I'd be interested to hear you guys' take on that rape scene. I thought the movie as a whole was pretty effective since for almost the entirety of the movie you only see how her trauma manifested in her life, and all the bullshit she had to deal with in the aftermath. They don't show the actual rape until the very end. When they show it, what was clear to me is that it was much much worse than what I had imagined actually happened and that the accused men really deserved going to prison for a long time.

Also all the GoT rapes were fucking disgusting and served no purpose.

No. 1396010

File: 1639817458872.jpg (8.24 KB, 256x256, 15402430.jpg)

>April Daniels is an American author of the Nemesis superhero trilogy.

>Daniels lived in Ashland, Oregon until she was ten years old, where she was exposed to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, before her family moved to Los Angeles, California. She was homeless in San Francisco for a time and currently lives in Portland, Oregon. She graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in literature. Daniels is a trans woman. Daniels is also a contributor to The Mary Sue.

>Daniels' first book, Dreadnought, introduces a girl named Danny Tozer who inherits the mantle of her world's foremost superhero — the eponymous Dreadnought — which gives her powers like flight and the feminine body she has wanted ever since she realized she was transgender, and thrusts her into confrontation with a TERF witch and other supervillains. It was a Lambda Literary Award finalist.

No. 1396012

File: 1639817749496.jpg (45.09 KB, 277x238, 20211218_085341.jpg)

>thrusts her into confrontation with a TERF witch and other supervillains

No. 1396015

Not any of the anons who have replied so far and haven't seen The Accused, (so sorry for useless comment) but I read the wiki for the accused after reading your post and then this article, very interesting interview with the actors.


Interesting how it says how upset the men were shooting that scene. So much porn is rapey/gang rapey now I think it would have gone differently if this movie was made today. I can't imagine the men would be upset, for example…

No. 1396022

File: 1639819282754.jpg (205.95 KB, 640x1416, 1629595786133.jpg)

Blocks your path

No. 1396023

>this is what antifa looks like
I bet the fash are shitting themselves.

No. 1396024

if they are women why do they get offended by men in dresses jokes. they are supposedly always been female so why do they feel like jokes about men are directed at them

No. 1396027

jfc I'm cancelling my antifa membership

No. 1396031

File: 1639820574462.jpg (37.99 KB, 620x330, image.jpg)

How do anti-fascists go from picrel to this >>1396022

No. 1396035

Literal clown shoes.

No. 1396041

Whos that?

No. 1396047

File: 1639822801483.jpg (141.91 KB, 720x1289, 20211218_111136.jpg)

No. 1396048

No. 1396056

The casual brutality of 'haha no worries brother' is making me laugh

No. 1396064

>everyone always told me I pass
lmfao. They really are all autistics who don't understand when someone is just being nice out of pity or social pressure to tell trannies they are totally stunning and valid.

It's mostly other trannies lying to them too, they all lie to each other about how great they pass because it enforces their own delusion. Like a group of fat women telling each other they can totally rock a crop-top and bikini. Then the reality hits really hard when confronted with someone who won't indulge their delusions and is just being honest.

No. 1396069

File: 1639826124433.jpeg (29.89 KB, 403x569, 04A00399-8153-4997-ABA7-0A782A…)

No. 1396072

A Terf would probably wear trousers and no makeup all the time if she wanted to spite a troon because she knows that, if she were to go outside looking like that, everyone would still know that she’s a woman, unlike a troon who wear a face-full of makeup and still gets called ‘Sir’

No. 1396084

File: 1639828900719.png (1.62 MB, 602x1186, Screen Shot 2021-12-18 at 7.01…)

No. 1396091

he even looked like a man over the phone

No. 1396095

what is this face tho? is he trying to make his jaw look smaller by pulling his lower teeth back in a grimace? it looks so stiff but that’s probably because he’s very very very self aware of the fact that despite everything he’s done to doll himself up, the face is clockable from a thousand yards.

No. 1396096

smh… as usual, you roasties don't have the intellectual or aesthetic faculties to appreciate the beauty of a heavily painted shein-sponsored cromagnon man

No. 1396098

It's so amusing how they have no idea what women actually look like. They merely see the stupid sterotypes and then they dress hyperfeminine as if that is going to compensate for looking like a cave man.

No. 1396104

Mtf is all about stereotypes, no, more like they just can't adopt the stereotypes of women even if they tried. They really are the cavemen.

No. 1396105

I feel like trannies genuinely hate themselves for having born into the most sex-stereotyped body than normies therefore overcompensate. No wonder normies don't troon amd know they won't.

No. 1396116

Kek, it looks like he's wearing padded hips.

No. 1396131

lol based moid, the "no worries, brother" was great

No. 1396154

People should stop deluding and enabling transgenderism. No wonder they kill themselves, they're chasing the impossible.

No. 1396155

God even his hair is manly

No. 1396158


I'm a mental health case manager who is occasionally assigned TiM clients and this tracks. Other weird commonalities I've noticed are homeschooling and fathers with extensive military careers. Oh, and the literal autism goes without saying, it's every single one of them.

No. 1396166

i always say this, there are so many autistic traits that make troons male and female so susceptible to trans ideology

No. 1396171


Spot on. The concrete all-or- nothing thinking is probably the biggest contributor. Very little ability to process or perceive nuance.

No. 1396184

That line made me laugh IRL.

No. 1396186

>2021, the year in which tall moids have to use the bathroom as a safe space to flee from creepy dates
bet he never ever thought that could happen to him

No. 1396228

Philosophy tube?

No. 1396230

File: 1639848481742.webm (2.4 MB, 352x640, 1639780336068.webm)

No. 1396232

I didn’t even bother watching Antebellum, 12 Years a Slave etc. I liked Roots but I find a lot of slavery movies just gratuitous, it’s like they want a historical excuse to depict torture, rape and degradation fantasies and feel “woke” while doing so.

No. 1396233

Swindling money out of dumb troons is a plus in my book.

No. 1396235

This looks like a horror movie sequence.

No. 1396238

Real life shrek

No. 1396258

This looks Brazilian

No. 1396287

File: 1639852679950.jpeg (489.47 KB, 597x734, 1639612621330.jpeg)

I hate trannies so much its unreal

No. 1396297

there's nothing more coomer incel moid than actually believing in the "dogpill"

No. 1396313

what a waste of a gorgeous dress.

No. 1396316

wow I hate this joke even more when trannies use it, didn't know that was possible

No. 1396322

moids: roasties kill my spermies

No. 1396326

File: 1639854924082.jpg (806.61 KB, 3300x3000, eqrzcumhm1681.jpg)

lmao at how they perceive themselves
who could that thing possibly be getting married to?? is there more??

No. 1396337

>traps are gay
Kek, is this satire?

No. 1396339

File: 1639855775066.jpg (59.59 KB, 512x382, unnamed.jpg)

They're more like picrel, THAT'S how we see them kek

No. 1396345

They rely think we think they look cool? Oh, darling, oh no

No. 1396379

File: 1639858394510.jpeg (346.72 KB, 1242x1230, A2EADBA3-5A0F-453E-B1B1-BF2ADD…)

Woe is me! i have to be a straight white man… unless…

No. 1396387

>Clear, needless hyperfixation on his gender and sexuality
>"I wanna be a lesbian"
>"As it turns out, SHE is a lesbian!"
Men are insufferable.

No. 1396428

Gonna do a little sperging:
When gay dudes were losing their shit about guys putting "no fatties no asians no fems" in their grindrs, my thoughts were that it's at least saving them some time not having to message someone who isn't interested, not realizing that it's the sexual entitlement of SPECIFICALLY wanting to sleep with someone who isn't interested. This goes hand in hand with the whole "fetishization" thing, anyone who is actually into your characteristics (fat, trans etc) is a gross chaser and should be avoided.

No. 1396490

Interesting read, thanks for sharing anon!

No. 1396515

way to prove the "trap" meme correct, tranny

No. 1396538

Another dead eyed autistic moid. He's photoshopped his ass to look bigger and he's either tucked his hand to look smaller, photoshopped it, or both because he's painfully aware of his gorilla mitts.

No. 1396550

>d&d pin
why are so many trannies into d&d? is it the roleplaying aspect?
Any moid that plays video games where they can play as a woman character, always troon out eventually. They really think irl is a game where you can "customize" yourself into another sex and expect people to play along

No. 1396554

Can someone explain this to me it's my first time
Literally someone's sleep paralysis demon

No. 1396560

"white women fuck dogs" is an incel meme

No. 1396576


Tagged as art on tumblr.
Obvious sex obsessed troon before I even clicked their profile, they are so sick in the head.

No. 1396577

File: 1639872462575.jpg (330.15 KB, 1280x960, 03c7e20abfabcd4711c9ed041077fd…)

dropped my image whoops

No. 1396582

Lord I'm about to A-log.

No. 1396612

At least they’re that brain dead they keep saying “girls”. Good. Women are born, not made

No. 1396649

This reads exactly like something a mass shooter would write in his shitty, poorly written manifesto.

No. 1396656

Wtf are you talking about, girls are born, not made, and grow up to be women. You could even argue women are more "made" than "born" than girls, though boys/men can't become either, and it's not really a choice. Semantics aside, it isn't a good thing that these degenerates use a pedophilic lexicon when writing about how they think that the only thing that defines a female is being an attractive, weak, and subservient fuckdoll for male observation and use. There is nothing good about what he wrote.

No. 1396675

real girls don't have surgery? then are they not real girls? idek why i'm trying to apply logic to their bullshit.

No. 1396679

This means absolutely nothing and I love it. I could easily type out why this is actually perfect TERF rhetoric, but I'll just rest and keep scrolling instead

No. 1396686

File: 1639880745973.png (168.08 KB, 1462x822, trfygh.png)

No. 1396753

File: 1639886551134.jpg (48.45 KB, 501x705, just_no.jpg)

Yeah I've seen similar rhetoric on twitter, they want a terf mommy dom(barf) who will sexually bully them or some shit
If you've looked at some of their erotica you'll know that for some reason its a common fantasy for them, to be "forced feminized" by radical feminists


No. 1396756

Men are so retarded.

No. 1396773

just further proof that they have no idea what 'term' even means

No. 1396784

File: 1639889464358.png (3.54 KB, 1168x66, dumb question.png)

No. 1396787

why can't males develop a fetish for being put out of their misery

No. 1396795

File: 1639890644310.png (45.45 KB, 1941x631, I’m done.png)

41 percent of them are already there.

No. 1396806

kek I bet the wife is "1 million percent" aware and is dropping these because she is just waiting for him to admit it so she can serve the divorce papers and be done with this pathetic scrote

No. 1396808

any nerdy male dominated hobby is going to be chock full of troons bc of autism. thats why theyre all video game “programmers”

No. 1396810

File: 1639891584010.jpg (827.83 KB, 1920x2714, Polish_20211219_022149561.jpg)

Thank you for sharing the link. Some comments are funny to read

No. 1396816

>thinking sex-work and surrogacy are just parts of bodily autonomy
Both of these things take advantage of women, particularly marginalized women. Turning your body into a product (usually for male consumption) is the peak of absence of bodily autonomy.

No. 1396818

sounds like both of these dumbasses are eye deep in gender roles, the wife is a gender role believer in a trad way, and the father is a gender role believer in a "queer" way. Their poor daughters.

No. 1396833

File: 1639894576188.jpg (257.36 KB, 648x2057, Screenshot_2070659_Twitter.jpg)

Its a fake pic btw

No. 1396834

File: 1639894617066.jpg (32.03 KB, 434x434, 20211219_070736.jpg)

No. 1396836

this coomer scrote fantasy is always funny to me, like the "i want my gf to make me a sissy slut and force me to suck cocks" or "i want a cute girl to make me her footslave and force me to clean her feet with my tongue". like, literally no woman in the entire world WANTS to do that, literally fucking none, but i see that type of thing so often, just wtf lol

No. 1396842

File: 1639895242657.png (146.7 KB, 500x500, tumblr_784abd25af158ecb78b5f96…)

It really shows a person's depravity if they would think of a woman fucking a dog in the first place, but to project that depravity onto women is a whole new level of fucked up

No. 1396844

File: 1639895329005.png (159.26 KB, 1436x597, Screenshot (374).png)

They even make a matriarchy a coomer fantasy

No. 1396849

That first reply makes my brain hurt

No. 1396872

Holy fucking shit. As if this guy couldn’t get creepier. This catfisher is based beyond belief, getting these scrotes to show their whole ass in public. What did the replies to his creepy comment say?

No. 1396903

File: 1639902854146.jpg (90.09 KB, 828x1076, FG6__HwXEAgkLU0.jpg)

This is so funny.

all my gay friends are always talking about the dearth of tops in their dating pool. 'No fems' is just to avoid 'bumping pussies' as they put it lmao. No asians is the same issue. They want masculine tops with big dicks. You can be upset about the fact that many people aren't into you for any reason, but demanding that people stop announcing it on their profiles is just going to lead to incompatible hookups.
For ppl looking for straight relationships, if you're a gender-conforming woman and you say you're straight, it's obvious because of how society works the kind of relationship that is. It's not as straightforward with gay relationships because if you're a femme woman who likes femmes, just saying "I'm a lesbian" isn't going to explain that. The freak-out over gay dating preferences must have been started by some real weirdos, because that's how gay dating has worked all throughout history.

No. 1396906

File: 1639904102270.jpg (58.53 KB, 381x512, unnamed.jpg)

>“The real thing that makes me joyously happy is that the word is out there now that you can’t pull this with the transgender community,” the 65-year-old East County resident said in a phone interview Wednesday. “Whether you are uncomfortable or not is irrelevant,” she said. “People were uncomfortable with integration back in the 50s and 60s.”

Stop fucking comparing this to segregation. Ugh.


No. 1396910

File: 1639904473146.jpg (59.68 KB, 749x764, FGqV8OMXMAg0S3o.jpg)

fucking die

No. 1396914

File: 1639904899296.jpg (79.4 KB, 730x1024, FGaJjTtXEAMsi-t.jpg)

No. 1396927

>upset a family member by posting a pic of me cross dressing with my gross dick sticking out on fb
>what a bad ally!!!!!

No. 1396928

File: 1639906741205.jpg (134.88 KB, 773x1024, FGMZK0VWQAYUTyf.jpg)

No. 1396929

File: 1639906797965.jpg (79.74 KB, 856x1024, FGVF2XpWYAc37jg.jpg)

how bout you make your kid shit in a box

No. 1396939

File: 1639909327843.png (184.09 KB, 584x564, 150.png)

Jesus is it really 1 in 50 male prisoners in the UK? I wish people would actually answer the question this dude is asking tbh

No. 1396955

I like that they call him gender non conforming in the middle of the list, which is what it is.
He's not trans nor non binary, even if you subscribe to all the trans bullshit he has no dysphoria (visible facial hair, very typical male name) therefore he isn't trans by their own definition. It is indeed a man in a dress.

No. 1396960

Yet some troids insist that circumcision is FGM, so would that not make this poster a bigot too according to tranny dumbass logic?

This is just ridiculous. How old is the daughter? Kids pretend to be animals all the time, doesn't mean they want to literally be one. Trannies shouldn't be around children and pushing them into it, especially this furry freak.

No. 1396962

I mean it'll keep going up. What moid would choose male prison?

No. 1396981

Calling it now, they will explain it away with poor transwymmyn suffering of minority stress and thus being jailed for absolutely no reason other than a twansphobic society.

No. 1396994


This is the most popular MTF internet vocal coach demonstrating his techniques. The whole thing made me feel so uncomfortable

No. 1396995

The hitch in that plan is freaks like Princess Zoee Marie Andromeda Love who untroon as soon as they're out of prison, which is why no one wants to talk about his case. It's very inconvenient.

No. 1397009

If the girl he raped in prison has family I hope they sued both the convicted rapist and the department of corrections depraved enough to place a convicted rapist with an uninverted penis in the same cell as a developmentally disabled girl. Horrifying read. The US Justice system is an absolute nightmare

No. 1397020

They really believe that someone being "transphobic" to them is the absolute worst thing that could ever happen. They truly are the most mentally ill people being coddled and having their delusions accepted by the main stream is making them turn their back on their own families because "uWu I'm a GIRL". The poor children.

No. 1397027

Sounds like a gay moid highschooler.

No. 1397037

comparing segregation to choosing to go in the wrong bathroom is just about the worst take. black people had no choice. trannies are outraged that their choices aren’t unconditionally supported.

No. 1397091

He just sounds like gay man struggling to sound feminine.

No. 1397106

>cuter and younger

No. 1397114

Make it 1 million percent and then maybe we'll talk
So what are the reasons
I hate this white man's smug fucking face
What do they mean by "travellers"? Gypsies?
This is so horrifying, I shudder to think what this led to

No. 1397115

sounds like a skinwalker

No. 1397147

>forced feminized" by radical feminists
This is the opposite of what radfems want, or what anyone wants.
Everyone just want troons to get mental help, stop being retarded coomers and act like normal productive members of society.

No. 1397148

sage for no milk but I just suddenly remembered this vintage sketch that sounds like every moid posted in this thread

No. 1397155

Womb envy is eternal.

No. 1397187

This is genuinely the worst social media account I’ve ever seen. This should be circulated

No. 1397188

he keeps saying things sound "brighter" when they sound more like typical gay man voice kek

No. 1397197

File: 1639938601220.png (17.52 KB, 637x327, 5555555555.png)

Of course the trannies that found it don't realize they're being made fun of

No. 1397275

File: 1639946499173.jpeg (598.28 KB, 750x1203, 6D17ECBA-C6AB-4872-958F-32D6A0…)

No. 1397279

why would you do that to perfectly good pants

No. 1397283

Nooooooo WTF is this

No. 1397284

Someone who’s watched so much anime and been outside so little that he thinks woman dress like that

No. 1397285

Male autism.

No. 1397320


No. 1397361

>Real girls deserve and are grateful for the violence they get.
What the hell?

No. 1397362

i dressed like that in high school but it was 2005 and also i don't have a man's chest and shoulders

No. 1397364

Further evidence that they skinwalk the alt girls they had a crush on in high school.

No. 1397380

File: 1639955181101.png (96.81 KB, 1121x1123, Am I a chaser This question ha…)

No. 1397393

>Denying me my personhood
Yes, male.

No. 1397414

>"I always plunge into happiness when I embrace my beloved and feel her soft skin, how much her breasts have grown, and even the sweet, slightly floral scent that enshrouds her as a result of estrogen."
Ah, yes. The natural female odor: Flowers. This is totally a scrote.
>"(…)as if I didn't have to endure homophobic abuse from them" (supposedly coming from a woman in a relationship with a man, who only wants relationships with men)
Kek. Either part of this is real and it's a TIM dating another TIM, or he's trying really hard to tie homophobia to "transphobia".
>trans women seem gorgeous and attractive, whereas cis women to me often seem plain and boring
1. An ugly woman is still a woman, whereas the mythical attractive troon is still a man. 2. Cope.
>That whole description of "her girlfriend"
Actual John Green tier writing. This whole post belongs on one of those "men writing women" pages.

No. 1397417

They will never understand that 99% of straight women want a man who isn't pathetic. That is the bare minimum for any sane woman. Women don't want a pathetic man child that can't cook or clean or hold a steady job. Women don't like pathetic coomers with dead pornsick eyes. Men might have been misogynistic as fuck 30 years ago but at least they could fix a car or build a table or do SOMETHING besides jerk off and play video games. We need to start shaming men for not being masculine again.

No. 1397430

As opposed to a troons natural scent is rotting flesh

No. 1397431

further proof that “terf” just means roastie femoid bitch to them and they dont give two fucks about muh transmisogyny. Like why would a terf be into force feminization? Wouldn’t it be force masculinization if they are anti trans?

No. 1397446

No. 1397447

File: 1639961447842.jpg (123.1 KB, 491x1063, FFqNkxZXoAI2KV7.jpg)

Not a fetish ect

No. 1397464

"traveller" is a euphemistic way of referring to irish gypsies in the UK

No. 1397487

that's true, probably everything smells like flowers to him

No. 1397488

congratulations troons, you played yourselves

No. 1397515

File: 1639970979748.jpg (86.34 KB, 943x1024, 1618049744033.jpg)

Such divine and feminine grace

No. 1397517

I wish people had the nerve to tell these sick fucks that shit like that is not normal and absolutely a fetish. Imagine walking into the bathroom at work to see this freak fondling himself.

No. 1397524

It’s fucked that he’s aiming this at teen girls. How is this allowed?

No. 1397526


Time to hunt some trannies

No. 1397529

No. 1397532

2 HOURS playing with moobs
The fact they’re becoming increasingly comfortable saying these things… Another fucking Jonathan Yaniv

No. 1397536

You can tell this is a man writing within the first line.
(clue: women are less predisposed to life-consuming fetishes so even the most coomery pornaddicted girl tends to not be consumed by it to the level they would need to write a 2,000 word reddit post questioning if they're a pervert or not, also women don't favour reddit)
They will never pass, not even in text format. Male brain wins out every time.

No. 1397538

I only read the first half of it, definite school shooter manifesto mentioning violence and cum within the first paragraphs. Real girls put people like him in prison.

No. 1397549

Disgusting for him to even think about these things and really going to need these pedos to stop calling it "second puberty".

No. 1397559

File: 1639979256167.png (361.06 KB, 1461x1164, zero self awareness.png)

Tranny complains about how genderspecials trivialize trans struggles, treat transness as a fashion accessory, and intrude on trans spaces while completely failing to see the irony of the situation. Yes, it fucking sucks to have a bunch of posers act like they understand your problems and try speak on your behalf! Maybe you retards should follow your own advice and stop doing this exact shit to women.

Hilariously, a rare troon with self awareness actually notices this (and predictably gets downvoted to hell.) Pretty much all the responses are variations "ackshually, womens' experiences are too varied for them to have any shared struggles," basically implying (as usual) that non-white women have more in common with trannies than they do with white women. As if countries that outlaw abortion, permit spousal rape, or practice FGM give a fuck what race the effected women are.

Women are a marginalized class, and if you were born with a vagina, you experience misogyny no matter what race, sexuality, religion, or nationality you are. To deny otherwise is just male gaslighting at this point.

No. 1397564

File: 1639979626863.png (141.71 KB, 689x666, ackshually women are worse tha…)

Samefag, here's an example of the sort of retarded responses that last guy got. This one takes the cake for implying that women are actually the source of the world's problems because… some white women voted for Trump. That's it– apparently women don't have any unifying experiences of misogyny because a handful of us happen to be retards who got indoctrinated into voting for another retard. Nevermind how many white MTFs either voted for Trump or were some shade of alt-right before trooning out! Republican women exist, therefor women must have nothing in common with each other. Fucking brainrot.

You know what this tactic is? It's divide and conquer. Men know they can't take all women on at once, so they try to turn us against each other. Don't fall for it.

No. 1397568

Men that trooned out after voting for trump are probably a majority, one example is this troon. https://twitter.com/ErinInTheMorn

No. 1397572

leave me spirit, haunt me no longer

No. 1397585

File: 1639982611112.jpg (147 KB, 1080x764, Screenshot_20211216-132331_Ins…)

autogyniphiles_amonymous deleted two comments calling out the rapist (also b& the users) and deleted their reply acknowledging they know Eli Erlick is a rapist

No. 1397593

File: 1639983672756.jpeg (109.01 KB, 1100x367, kids.jpeg)

>A Trans Youth Organization

I feel bad for all these kids, probably gaslight by either their own parents or tranny goomers, lost and sad
I wanna protect and help them with their issues

No. 1397596

File: 1639984420891.jpg (364.38 KB, 913x825, Screenshot_20211220-021324_Red…)

ew this dude says he's a social worker

No. 1397602

A psycho misogynist moid working in a field that gives him easy access to vulnerable women and children? Say it ain’t so kek

No. 1397621

They all have the same sad grimacing smile of someone who's been told by the media, their parents, schools, doctors, whoever that mutilating their bodies will solve their emotional, health, or social issues.
Can't wait til the tide turns on this and it's considered the abuse that it is. Whoever is funding this shit must run out of money eventually, there's some rich trannies out there simply buying favour, the same way celebrities have always bought stories and praise about themselves.

No. 1397629

it's 90% girls trying to escape the disgusting bullying you get for not having a "pretty" feminine actress face

No. 1397634

Anyone else find it a bit strange how the left hates white women for all being evil racist TERF conservative lapdogs for white men, but the right hates white women for all supposedly being BBC loving liberal race traitors. Men will always find a socially acceptable way to scapegoat women for every single thing wrong with the world, and it always works. It doesn't matter how incredibly outlandish, specific, or blatantly wrong their reasoning is, it will always be accepted. Because society in general will always prioritize completely fabricated grand conspiracies of an evil council of women somehow tanking entire countries before they place even a grain of accountability on men for how shitty a country or society is, disregarding the fact that pretty much every single country, government, law, and societal prejudice is created and largely perpetuated by men.

Right now, literally all you have to do to blame women for every single negative thing in society is to put "white" and/or "cis" in front of it. Don't get me wrong, I think there are a few valid criticisms to be made of white women, just like any other gender or race of people, such as the fact they have largely thrown black women under the bus when it comes to feminism since pretty much day one. But I don't think men(regardless of race or sexuality) are really in any place to be making those criticisms.

And "wHiTe WoMeN aRe HiStOrIcAlLy ThE BiGgEsT bLoCkAdE bEtWeEn MiNoRiTiEs AnD ThEiR rIgHtS"? Are you ACTUALLY fucking joking me. Who was kidnapping Africans and forcing them on cramped boats in disgusting conditions during the triangle trade? Who were the ones that sailed to America and slaughtered, raped, and tortured the natives? Who were the landowners buying the slaves? Who were the ones in power legalizing slaves in the first place? Who were the ones who legally mandated segregation? Who were the ones beating, raping, killing, and torturing the slaves? Ah yes, it was the group of people that societally had zero power, could not even vote or own land, and were forced to be nothing more than baby makers and maids. I know white women did have a part in fueling slavery/racism, and I know they weren't innocent in any way, I'm just trying to show how much of an ignorant moid you'd have to be to genuinely think this. To this day it is still white male cops you see wrongfully killing black men. It is white men in power you see doing everything to keep black communities/neighborhoods down. It's mostly white men you see turning racism into a meme, thinking they're Gods at comedy by saying the n word and smearing black paint on their faces. And the amount of times I've seen people use the Emmett Till case to try and prove that "all white women are evvbiilll" is hilarious to me considering the amount of black men that have done equally as horrible things (if not worse) to white women. There's literally hundreds of stories of black men brutally raping, beating, torturing, and murdering white women ( ofc, this is something all races of men do to all races of women, but due to the context of this convo I'm specifying race), simply because they were women, which makes the other examples proving "white woman more evil than white man" even sillier. I'm not trying to minimize those acts of racism, but that retard acts like men don't do that exact same shit to women literally all of the fucking time, including black men. Catcalling, stalking, following, groping, etc.

I'd also like to add that the Emmett Till case is absolutely disgusting and disturbing and I was not trying to turn it into an oppression olympics, I'm just sick and tired of retards pretending to care about his awful death just so they can weaponize it.

No. 1397635

File: 1639988026943.jpeg (154.78 KB, 1100x367, 1639983672756.jpeg)

clocking the males was easy

No. 1397640

Both the right and left are lead by men and want male entitlement pandered to in different forms. Right wants to own women, left wants women as a purchasable object (pretend false identity is real, prostitution). It's just different methods for the same outcome, men, who are largely in control of all government bodies and corporations, aka the establishment, making their lives better via hedonism, or making the non-contributing violent men's lives easier and selling out women as a distraction so they don't use their equal size and strength to try and take power from the establishment men.

No. 1397644

I thought i was the only one who noticed this. It's always been an incredibly tell tale sign to me that a man watches porn when i pay attention to how they describe women. Sometimes when I'm listening to a dude describe a woman he's attracted to it sounds like he's literally reading off a porn title. Why can't men just be normal.

No. 1397655

i just looked up that account and four people i know follow it. what the fuck.

No. 1397660

Those big stompy goth boots just make his gigantic Krusty the Klown moid feet look even bigger.

No. 1397669

Imagine being so coombrained you bring your fetish to work. Fucking disgusting.

No. 1397683

good post
>Because society in general will always prioritize completely fabricated grand conspiracies of an evil council of women somehow tanking entire countries before they place even a grain of accountability on men for how shitty a country or society is.
This. If I hear another conservative American moid say that women shouldn't vote because they vote mostly liberal in America I'm gonna lose my mind

No. 1397686

lmao samefag but I just noticed that the post you were replying to says that "white women are the problem" because they voted for trump in 2020. We really can't fucking win kek. It's funny how white women are stereotyped by the left as being racist and oppressive, and by the right as self hating and too empathetic. why can't they of women as individuals instead of generalizing us, since clearly we all behave differently?

No. 1397687

You mean you didn't start making a habit of jerking off for days on end the second your sad little pee-pee woke up? Yeah, right

No. 1397705

dude looks really familiar to a tranny moid I knew like 5 years ago, what's his name?

No. 1397706

is that Eli Erlick (male rapist of ftm aka female people) on the far left? crazy how an admitted rapist has access to so many young trans identified females

No. 1397708

I don't think it's cow tipping to suggest you tell them this account defends rapists. not only that, but they purposely try to hide the fact that harboring rapists in their space is okay with them.

No. 1397748

i want to spam them with pictures of FGM

No. 1397749

the irony being that radfems dont want these freaks anywhere near them and would surely rather stab themselves in the leg than have sex with a tranny.

No. 1397755

'submissive' type men have always had these fantasies that the feminists will take over and either treat them the way they treat women or treat them like BDSM slaves depending on what they're into. Shit never changes.

No. 1397790

I just did the same and am disgusted that fourteen people I know both irl and url follow this fetishistic filth

No. 1397793

>squeee do cis teenage girls strut around wearing lingerie and getting turned on by their hot bodies too????
When I was a teenage girl buying a bra was embarrassing and done in secrecy and I absolutely hated my body and looking at it due to the society around me shaming me for every small flaw that I might have. So no, I don't think so.

No. 1397796

I feel like growing up there were a few times I was actually excited to have my body be changing but I think I was entitled to that because I was a teen girl starting to figure out how to be comfortable with myself. An ancient moid scrote has no business thinking about this shit or imagining himself inhabiting the body of a minor.

No. 1397798

File: 1640018768059.jpg (195.02 KB, 1400x1400, 1075635378.jpg)

That's Gabi Garcia, an actual female.

No. 1397826

Of course that comment gets down voted lol suggesting a smidge of sympathy towards cis women? Perish the thought

No. 1397833

This is one of the most interesting women I've seen. Extended ped use and plastic surgery have created THE afab transwoman.

No. 1397834

File: 1640024325522.jpg (35.93 KB, 510x346, 1637434121049.jpg)

Days later, but this is absolutely true. As someone who thought that I was a boy growing up and a man later, I spent a lot of time around boys and men, you girls have no idea just how true this is.

I however disagree with the anons thinking it's a social thing, at some point in the development and certainly by the time they are men, males are just extremely aware of their biological role, which is to fight and die to protect women and children. I think in general a massive amount of issues men have today (and historically to a degree) is due to them not having an outlet to live these natural lives as Mother Nature intended. And they envy us, you can't even imagine how much, not just trannies, regular men too. They understand that the lifegiver is more important than the drone and they either accept being the disposable drone or fantasize constantly about being the treasured lifegiver (that's how we get trannies). It's something that imo should be talked about more, it's at the essence of the whole gender debate, outside of the sex freaks obv. Masculinity is literally their inferiority complex against us and their essentially disposable nature.

No. 1397836

the kid in the red v-neck is so obviously a gay guy whose mom HATES gays.

No. 1397848

damn they really just let a man beat up a woman in the fight for equality.

No. 1397851

All 5 of the people I follow who follow that account are handmaiden women. What the fuck lol

No. 1397852

File: 1640026551283.jpeg (316.93 KB, 2048x2048, 12FBB958-EC59-48B6-A76B-B3D9D1…)

Everything you said reminds me of this scene.

No. 1397861

Do you think if we put her and other female bodybuilders besides each other we could still them apart? I'm guessing yes

No. 1397883

File: 1640029629981.jpeg (69.09 KB, 600x760, 27DFD84E-884D-49FA-9F95-965DA6…)

if somebody saw me following that account, they'd call me a handmaiden, too. Little do they know…

that being said, the one other person I know IRL who's following that account is 100% a massive handmaiden and fakeboi

No. 1397889

sorry in advance for blog, but I just remembered when I first went full GC years ago (back when I gave a shit) and my internet friend trooned out straight after. He was reblogging all this anti-terf stuff, and I messaged him, expecting him to disown me a friend and scream about how I was killing him. I told him my views and how sexist all the ~girl feels~ stuff is, and he agreed with everything I was saying. I thought maybe I'd got through to him or something, but the next day he was reblogging anti-terf 'they're killing us with words!' stuff again, dragging women for saying things a tiny fraction as harsh as I'd said to him. It's all fucking fake. That's the part I hate the most.

The libfems actually DO get triggered by seeing GC women be mean. Women get stressed out seeing other women do 'bad things' so we feverishly try to keep each other in line. Meanwhile, a bunch of hairy troons are sitting around saying 'omg i'm gonna kill muhself', absolutely unaffected by the fights they're starting, just jacking off and pretending to have dysphoria. I can't know this for sure, but my friend's performance was so perfect that I can never trust that any of these losers are actually suffering anymore. Male over-confidence is ridiculous.

No. 1397913

>he agreed with everything I was saying. I thought maybe I'd got through to him or something, but the next day he was reblogging anti-terf 'they're killing us with words!' stuff again
Because most of them know women are right, they just want to broadcast the opposite to others in hopes that someone else will believe it and give them sex/money/whatever they want

No. 1397923

There's a reason most transgender people, and those who are extremely sympathetic, used to be drama kids. It makes complete sense.

Anyone have any readings on this? You are all so much more knowledgeable than me. And I know this is undoubtedly a controversial area to research…

No. 1397988


In this cases I used to think they were a bit retarded and gave them the ol' benefit of the doubt but each day I trust less & less when a moid publicly says he is suffering. They keep proving each day that they are some narcissistic idiots and can't keep female friends unless it's for their own egocentric benefit or "romantic"/coomer interest.

No. 1398026

File: 1640043103251.png (366.57 KB, 633x871, okb2Q1p.png)

Why do they like to post dumb random coomer 'compliments' they get? You know it feeds their ego even when they pretend they don't like it.

No. 1398028

Because it's validating. Troons think women = sexy/fuckable to men, so if a moid would fuck a troon, they see it as proof they are a women.

No. 1398036

That legit looks like a cute girl though. Not trolling, just seriously what it looks like to me.

No. 1398041

>Unkempt high hairlined autistic man with obvious adams apple and dead eyed stair is a cute girl.
I recommend laser eye surgery. Bar is on the floor for men.

No. 1398045

He's got a nice face (at least from that picture), but there's that unmistakable dead eyed troon stare. Also, Adam's apple.

No. 1398049

he could've been a qt andro dude but instead he's a mentally ill coomer. sad

No. 1398057

>grew up on Yuri manga with all girls school settings
he literally can't stop outing himself

No. 1398061

File: 1640048855695.jpg (222.01 KB, 1080x1457, Screenshot_20211220-165041~2.j…)

repost to hide the commenters identity but they were the only one to call him out smh. and i looked thru every comment

No. 1398086

We've reached levels of autism unknown to science, who the fuck would ever believe this is an actual real woman kek

No. 1398094

File: 1640053295039.png (255.96 KB, 766x1051, pot meet kettle.png)

No. 1398101

File: 1640053699281.png (15.87 KB, 758x188, making shit up to own the terf…)

No. 1398107

File: 1640054289241.jpg (126.46 KB, 483x535, Untitled.jpg)

troons with anime icons and disgusting coomer bios try not to go on psychotic internet rants challenge (impossible)

No. 1398114

File: 1640054855732.png (36.78 KB, 1144x544, A common fallacy against trans…)

they're comparing troons to fake meat…

No. 1398116

fucking what

No. 1398117

>And then with an extra-feminized loli voice and an ultra-masculine voice at the end. ;)
Wow, that's such an interesting description. But not all troons are pedophiles, clearly.

No. 1398120

File: 1640055524816.png (21.43 KB, 1103x423, lol.png)

This lesbian is a terf because after I, a complete stranger, educated her about the terf pin she didn't want to stop wearing it hmph

No. 1398123

And guys act like they don't mansplain.

No. 1398125

Imagine sitting there minding your business and some rando gets in your face and tries to start an argument about a pin you're wearing. She was more polite than I would've been.

No. 1398139

File: 1640058544107.png (16.25 KB, 849x562, c.png)

I know we're not supposed to mourn the loss of male TIMs but seriously what a waste
he could have been a cute guy and would have had not problem finding female or male partners, but now what's the point
the only men who like him will be chasers who like Vaush and or other "femboys" and he's headed for a miserable and physically painful life when age catches up with him, cause he can't look like a cute underage boy forever

No. 1398141

They dont wanna look like cute boys they wanna skinwalk girls. Looking at HSTS

No. 1398144

Kek how do they know one is a lipstick lez?
Also if gender is a construct why are lesbians using pink (feminine color)? lol these girls can choose a better color

No. 1398145

still a wasteful and futile attempt

No. 1398147

"TERF" lesbians (aka based lesbians) use the labrys, which is purple. I like it a lot, myself.

No. 1398148

Saying "cis men can get endometriosis" is like saying you can get killed on a ride at Disneyland. Yes, it's technically possible, but there have been fewer than ten cases of it recorded in the entirety of medical history. Basically, it's an extremely rare side effect of cirrhosis associated with hepatitis-C where endometrium-like tissue develops on the bladder. I'm not entirely convinced it's even endometriosis, just that it's some other type of tissue disorder for which no better descriptor exists.


A single-digit number of men experiencing an endometriosis-like symptom of cirrhosis should not be a justification for claiming that endometriosis isn't a women's issue. It's a horrifically under diagnosed, under treated condition that occurs in women 99.9999% of the time, and that lack of medical attention is clearly the result of systemic misogyny in medicine.

Saying endometriosis isn't a women's issue is like saying it's ableist to tell people to "raise their hands" because "not everybody has hands, you Nazi!11!"

No. 1398150

neck of the Age 25 troon kek

No. 1398151

They should just admit trans women are men at this rate, they're comparing BIOLOGY of the counterparts they want to escape from KEK

No. 1398152

Too proud to admit the YNBAW

No. 1398157

As an artist, I honestly think the labrys is the best pride flag. I love the nods it gives to history (lesbians were branded with the black triangle during the Holocaust, and the labrys had been used by feminists and lesbians as a symbol since the seventies because of its association with the Amazons.) I think it's fucking retarded that people write it off because a gay man designed it– the guy was drawing on imagery established by women, so it's not like all of it was his idea anyway.

This is an autistic aside, but I like that the lesbian character in Deltarune is purple and axe-wielding. Even if it's unintentional, it's a cool touch. As a nice bonus, I feel like most of the game's fans would be assblasted if they knew their precious lesbian monster girl was a walking TERF flag kek.

No. 1398159

undertale and deltarune suck ass but based lesbian radfem imagery

No. 1398166

Susie being a based radfem is something I now deeply desire.

No. 1398190

I really to hate side with the TRA's here but the dissociation with the Labyrs flag started in the 90's and it was Lesbian activists themselves who wanted to sever association with with black triangle
See the black triangle was used more as general symbol of "undesirable" people who didn't contribute to the Reich

These included homeless people, mental patients, beggars and a lot of Gypsies(In fact it was primarily Gypsies who had this badge put upon them)
the association with Lesbian started out as unique case of things being lost in translation and a long game of telephone, when more details about the Reich's were available, a lot of lesbian activists were horrified of the implications and gradually stopped using with the symbol


No. 1398227

File: 1640062439588.png (80.16 KB, 908x806, Untitled.png)

No. 1398260

and just like getting killed on a ride at disneyland, pretty much ony applies to hardcore alcoholics

No. 1398263

this poor girl has great english and has stayed strong and understood herself while part of what sounds like a pretty harsh smalltown catholic family and serial killer weeb manlet is what she has to deal with. i'm sad now. she deserves better. i hope some sort of based berlin lesbian whisks her away at the TGV terminal someday so she can be happy

No. 1398281

File: 1640064787725.jpeg (64.01 KB, 750x634, FHFe8y5XsAAtUGv.jpeg)


No. 1398364

The worst part is that guy is probably so proud of himself for being on a real lesbian date!!!

He sounds like a channer with the bragging about watching gore videos and loli anime obsession. How unfortunate to meet someone like that irl.
Public gay spaces (e.g. gay clubs and dating apps/sites) have always been filled with men, straight people and couples looking for unicorns aka hoping for a free threesome experience for themselves (just pay a sexworker ffs), I wonder where actual lesbians can meet now?
I think maybe hobby groups or work? It seems like the dating pool is infested and having a gross channer scrote turn up when you expected another woman seems like a nightmare.

No. 1398452

>just pay a sexworker
So, take advantage of a different woman? Gotcha.

No. 1398459

Full retard

No. 1398467

Why are you blogging about yourself?

No. 1398477

Tricking someone into performing a sexual service for free by using dating apps, and misleading them into thinking you are seeking a relationship when what you want (and will attempt to coerce them into) is a professional sexual service worth hundreds: taking advantage of them

Paying someone to do a pre-agreed sexual service with no deception: morally shitty, but at least she gets money from it

Same result except in the second scenario nobody is tricked and the woman gets money, clearly the better way to do things if you insist on living out your porn fantasies at the expense of women.

No. 1398479

that does also sounds fake tho…

No. 1398486

Is a berlin lesbian those german girls with the super weird short bangs

No. 1398494

I know this is mtf thread but if you look at the tranny thread in another farm, we see insane ftms time to time.

Wondering if anyone here is going to do a bio transman comic? What would he do? cut his beard in the way that it looks like patchy pubes? Put silicone just to bind It until It explodes? taping water wiggler to his dick?

No. 1398512

File: 1640096116768.jpg (51.83 KB, 675x1200, ECgZh2zWwAUFHVl.jpg)

Rational Wiki's admin ROFLMAO

No. 1398515

sounds like a lot of shitty dates I went on with boys when I was a teen. Unfortunately, it sounds pretty believable to me.

christ. I was wondering why it seemed very ~irrational~ on some issues lmao

No. 1398517

File: 1640096435574.png (136.81 KB, 453x600, Screenshot (190).png)

TIM "humor"

No. 1398524

it’s… not even a trans joke. it’s just another boring cop joke.

No. 1398525

look at this hunched over goblin lurking in the shadows lmao

No. 1398530

File: 1640098328369.png (238.2 KB, 548x943, aideeaine.png)

I'm no kikomi but something like this?

No. 1398532

File: 1640098569843.png (391.45 KB, 728x610, 1625662472386.png)

that's actually better then kikomi-chan but its also some of the most horrifying artwork I've seen, this could give me nightmares
I guess good job

No. 1398544

If you have to offer money to a hungry, vulnerable woman to have sexual access to her, you’re still a rapist.

Coerced sexual relationships are still abusive. You sound like those dudebros who insist on having their dicks sucked over and over and when she finally gives up and does it so she’ll be left alone, theyll call that consent. “She did it on her own free will!” My ass.

No. 1398545

Nonnie, EVERYONE of these people are clocked easily. Absolute sped convention in this group

No. 1398552

twitter have cucked DJ Khalid's wife into never getting head now because it would be coercive.

No. 1398554

File: 1640100210420.png (Spoiler Image,1.22 MB, 1827x1364, it's current year when this is…)

Some mutated strain of retardation i possess compels me to indulge in the kikomimeme more than a human should

No. 1398556

as long as it remains ironic

No. 1398561

File: 1640100469678.png (377.95 KB, 849x562, 1640058544107.png)

What a pointless waste, he could have been a beautiful man and yet he choose to do this to himself

No. 1398569

File: 1640100993288.jpg (52.84 KB, 906x300, Screenshot_20211221_162024.jpg)

I checked the rationalwiki entry for "terf" out of curiosity and look, kikomi made it!

No. 1398577

Criminally underappreciated post. Thank you for it anon, I think you are on point for most of it.

No. 1398581

File: 1640102039626.jpeg (249.49 KB, 1170x1077, D36A6B61-D441-4F2B-8F95-D7C76A…)

I don’t even have words for how laughable this is. It’s a Saw trap suggestions blog basically. I’m literally laughing as I post this, why are they using shinigami eyes??

No. 1398584

File: 1640102402473.jpg (38.95 KB, 637x365, men.jpg)

Why are you making it so complicated? Men hate us because we can create new humans. They are parasites and they know it. Men being fighters is a lie, physical strength is useless against weapons.