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File: 1538420181614.png (175.25 KB, 590x297, 1538206495612.png)

No. 701865

Previous thread: >>>/snow/692588

>Fupa slaps Shay in the face publically and runs off laughing like a 12 year old boy, posts it on snapchat >>694426

>twitter suspended again
>shay is totally not adjusting to Oklahoma, surprising nobody
>apparently just had Mcdonald's and Chik-fil-a for the first time
>drunk/drinking daily
>same exact shitty cam setup she had in Seattle
>"3 hour shower naps"
>beat her ass with a meat tenderizer in her newest video
>still begging on tumblr because fupa has no money to buy furniture
>more depressed, anxious and attention-starved than ever since moving in with fupa
>fupa posts a video on his free snapchat of shay sucking his unimpressive dick (great for business) >>701509

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No. 701873

File: 1538420898618.png (74.96 KB, 200x275, 1537664166509.png)

for quick reference:

"the slap" https://anony.link/https://www.dropbox.com/s/etqw685kbc2vh2r/Untitled2.mov?dl=0

the, honestly pretty embarrassing, dick sucking video https://anony.link/https://www.dropbox.com/s/dgghotlpfpfnkkt/tulsa.mp4?dl=0

added bonus: shay's story about fupa making her suck his dick and fuck her in the ass whilst crying that may or may not have happened

No. 701879


god imagine being his kid and finding out that your dad filmed his young ass crackhead gf giving him a blowjob on snapchat that is most likely his one he shares with everyone LMFAOOOOO also aren't him and shay super into the whole ~uwu pay for ur pr0n~ shit and against others posting her content for free on pornhub yet fupapa out here giving it to her underage age ass stans for free…sad!

also the thread pic kEK

No. 701904

haha damn, i'm glad y'all liked my shitty shop enough for thread pic. i'm honoured. she just gets more horrendous as she goes lmfao.

No. 701907


anon, it still makes me chuckle, well done. Fupa Snatcher lmao

No. 701910

File: 1538424600119.png (213.24 KB, 1000x616, 22.png)

No. 701919

File: 1538425346122.png (47.71 KB, 469x644, 1537664166509.png)

No. 701925

File: 1538426271794.jpeg (Spoiler Image,240.85 KB, 675x1151, 818E73FD-B4B4-4BF7-8BD2-25631A…)

You can really tell how excited she is to be sucking his chode.

No. 701935

haha my bad, no idea why the thumbnail saved

No. 701938

It's probs one of the best thread images on this site, nice work anon.

No. 701943

we love the oc

No. 701954

yeah she looks pissed and annoyed the whole time, but she said she doesn't like giving head iirc? so maybe she was really forcing herself and that's way the long face lol

No. 701956

Can someone post some more caps of the Snapchat bj? Idk why Dropbox never works for me. I guess I'm more of a masochist than shay because I want to see fupas chode

No. 701957

i mean it's really horrible quality. >>701925 really is the essence of the entire vid.

No. 701958

File: 1538429312595.png (5.25 KB, 451x165, 2018-10-01 17_25_43-Tumblr.png)

hoping snap anon comes through on this lmao. naked painting??? does she mean like painting the walls or painting a picture?

No. 701959

and yeah shay, it's a /really/ hot vid lol

No. 701973

Yeah when she was with Connor she said she doesn’t do blowjobs. It must really suck to be forced to do something you hate (especially while anxious)

No. 701981

So anon was right on the money about her being drunk kek.

How miserable, and honestly gross of Fupa to make her suck his dick while she's fucked up.

No. 701984

File: 1538431881399.png (8.44 MB, 1125x2436, E293FCF4-D1AD-45F7-AA61-EF6192…)

Girl, ew
You have NO ass plz stop

No. 701990

i hope those are different panties but knowing shay probably not
also if you're going to look like a crackhead in a faux candid you should probably not have the filter?

No. 701995

She moved to OK with one pair of drawers and one hoodie, oh and her designated camming Walmart shorts

No. 702003

according to her tumblr post she was "desperate 2 get fucked" so doesn't sound like it was forcible, just cringy.

No. 702005

you guys are weird assuming it was forced lol they're in a relationship

No. 702008

I was talking about when he made her suck him when she was “an anxious pup” in that cringey blog post.

No. 702010

Honestly if she was trying to fuck, he probably just got her to suck him to completion and left her high and dry. Especially because there’s no snaps of them doing it, no cringey post about how good he fucked her. And she’s still “completely dressed” (she literally never has pants on)
Sage for tinfoiling

No. 702016

Weird how they acted like they were going to be making porn 24/7 and now he barely gives her the time of day lol

No. 702026

As a professional house/building painter I am cringing at the thought of these two numbskulls painting their house…. It's gonna be baaad.

No. 702027

Why is there a can of beige paint? I thought Fupa didn't like beige; unless the people they're renting from are making them paint the wall that colour.

No. 702033

I'm curious why she doesn't just pump out videos, or at least photosets more through the week. She only cams at night for about 3 hours and has all the time in the world to fix her camming setup (I don't care what she thinks, a setup can't be "iconic" if it's shit), get props for videos and photos, auction off customs, or even figure out the best times for her to can and the best sites to do it on seeing how timezones are a thing. She could be advertising herself more through promos, set up a professional account that doesn't have all the relationship bullshit her clients don't give two shits about at best, and get turned off by her lack of fantasy at worst, go see a doctor, get a therapist or work on her issues, figure out her actual turn ons, learn proper Photoshop or video effects to make better movies and photos, etc
But she does none of that, she's the least serious person I've ever seen in a career and I know students working at convenience stores. Her and Kyle wouldn't know "power" if it took its first steps on their asses on its way to the top

No. 702046


considering the ugly faces she makes during porn she probably thinks this is a sexy face too lol

No. 702047

really? just because you're in a relationship, doesn't mean you can't say no, or not want to do something. spousal/partner rape is a thing. shut the fuck up.

not saying that's the case here, but we all know fatty's a creepy rape fetishist.

No. 702051

For newfags:

Not bathing/showering

Lying about abuse/trauma

Childhood, rape, shaving head, ED, weed allergy

Genital Sores

Begged for customers and followers for money and giftcards to get a new camera for work. Then posts this
but didn't use it for that reason either.

Begs for money incessantly, but criticizes people for creating internet fundraisers like gofundme.


… then sets up a fundraiser for hair a month later… for hair after doing it herself and having chunks fall out!


Giveaway scam
(1/4) >>>/snow/482675
(2/4) >>>/snow/482676
(3/4) >>>/snow/482677
(4/4) >>>/snow/482678
(giveaway) >>>/snow/482690

No. 702055

Honestly I've noticed a couple of times where she wears the same underwear for like 2-3 days at a time. The photos she posted when she first moved to OK, she had the same grey panties on for way over 24hours

No. 702057

Wasn't she also charging people to buy panties she'd worn for days at a time?

No. 702060

I mean, he's already fucked her in her sleep and I doubt they established boundaries and permissions first. He himself has even said shay has a history of not being confident to say no to him when she doesn't want something or if she's past her limits during sex so if she didn't want it she wouldn't have stopped him when she woke up. God, he's actually the most incompetent Dom ever, goes well with her sexual incompetence but it can be worse if the Dom can't be trusted to get anything right. I mean, if he's playing the "daddy Dom" persona, can't be at least coach his girl on how to give a blow job? Like he can't even receive a blow job properly, how can shay expect him to understand bdsm dynamics?

No. 702061

she tried to sell panties from one of her videos, i think ones she pissed in, but i don't think she tried to make much of a business out of it beyond that.

No. 702066

Yes, one of the add-ons you can get for buying her panties is a few dollars more per extra day worn. Honestly you'd be better off not paying that because Lord knows she'd accidentally wear those ones for about a week anyways. I'm actually curious how many panties she's actually sold, and how many actually went to people who'd get off on it and how many were just her dumb fans

No. 702078

The dumbest thing is she does the deed first then offers to sell. Like the piss panties and poop eggs. Like you can't just keep em around ages as they go rancid waiting for a seller.

No. 702098

Lmao don't get so triggered. How often do spousal rape victims brag on Tumblr about how badly they wanted to be fucked? Please. You guys act like you're flies on the wall when it's all speculation. The more incorrect assumptions we make, the more Fupa and Shay think they're right.

No. 702118

chill, it's not a big deal

No. 702120


No. 702159

i know people keep saying this, but holy fuck there is no aspect of their lives that isn't tumblr whore porn fodder. she thinks this shit is so ~goals~ and ~aesthetics~ but i wouldn't wish her bleak depressing life on my worst enemy. no friends, no family, kept woman to a starfucker boyfriend. she gives me the creeps.

No. 702164

She says that she just hit 150k recently though she was revolting and charging people saying that it was to her 150k didn’t she, so she was lying ??

No. 702169

tumblr has been empty for so long too

No. 702177

imagine your life being so barren that you get your boyfriend of five months to take pictures of you with a snapchat filter painting the walls of your cheaply assembled tornado fodder an ugly fucking brown color solely to post on social media, all the while wearing crusty drawers and a musty bandana. god, it's a fucking nightmare.

No. 702202

this should be added to the next OP

No. 702270

is she ever not wearing that nasty hoodie

No. 702282

this bitch was really just picking at her boob on cam, hopefully someone got a screengrab because im mad i didnt

No. 702286


pretty sure she said she had a scab on her boob? im sure everyone wants to hear about that while they're supposed to being paying her to be "sexy"

No. 702287

that ball sack labia…. damn shay

No. 702299

How is this girl so incompetent? This isn't chat time, this isn't about her, it's about her clients
If a cam girl or porn star "makes it about her" it's to serve the audience that wants that. If shay is going to be a super sub or baby girl she's got to make it about the audience and give them her full attention acting like she cares about what they think and say because that's what she's trying to be paid to do. Dumbass is so stupid, and not in the "baby" way she claims she is. She just has no future and was lucky to get a shitty bf in Kyle Perkins willing to pay her rent and let her be pathetic deadweight in their life

No. 702300

someone said "can i pay u to stop" and then she got off kek

No. 702302

I'm crying, she's already gone. Bitch can't do shit, she can't do her job, she can't take care of her house, she can't get a good bf, she leaves at the first negative comment. Just give up shay, you're hopeless (or don't cause we're the closest thing you have to fans, we just don't pay)

No. 702304



do they… just, like, not see how pedophilic that sort of thing is. does it not register? do they not see how fucking disgusting that is?

No. 702306


Is she actually literally popping a pussy zit live, for anyone in the world to see? The scope of her oblivion is astounding.

No. 702309

Did anyone see how much she made tonight? I'd love to see how much she is ~thriving~ with her rage quitting her damn job for tonight haha

No. 702312



No. 702324

My god the absolute state of her wrinkly ballsack.

No. 702333

File: 1538462261639.gif (2.51 MB, 350x200, giphy (1).gif)

imagine living with a haggard dad of 3 that "calms you down" by coaxing you into sex, having no job or life experience whatsoever, with a busted non-existent ass and wrinkly, zit-covered pussy, where your only "work" is getting naked infront of strangers that couldn't care less enough to even pay you more than $30, and rage-quitting the minute someone says one even VAGUELY mean thing to you.

T H R I V I N G.

(forgot to sage the first time rip)

No. 702374

bless you anon. going back through all the threads must have been a pain in the ass.

No. 702378

She claims to love sex work but if she did, she wouldn't need to get shit faced every night that she's on cam. It's sad. It's also aging her rapidly.

No. 702412

so she didn't even shower after painting? and still wearing the same damn underwear for the past full 2-3 days?

No. 702416

File: 1538479316879.jpg (Spoiler Image,157.52 KB, 1280x706, tumblr_pfyooyzx7m1rmiw96o1_128…)

She changed her schedule times, again. She's never going to make any regulars.

It also says that her schedule photos is from her new unreleased video called “Find Me Finger Fucking”

That thought is so disgusting, she doesn't even wash her hands or sanitizes her toys.. EVER
(watch her start making posts about cleaning them just to prove us wrong, hi shayna!)

No. 702428

Working so hard with those three days a week and 4 hours a day!

No. 702438

I see that belly pudge starting to come through already

No. 702464

Honestly I'm not sure I buy that, Fupa looks fucked up but not old enough to have a daughter in her early 20s. Shay doesn't look like a teenager.

So she's back to two hours?

No. 702467

Yeah I'm with you, pretty it's bullshit. Would explain why she didn't want to say his age on cam, since there's only a little over 10 years between them

No. 702472

shay would be bragging about that even if it was said by one of the clearly special needs/sperg cashiers that walmart always hires (which if it actually happened is probably the case)

No. 702478

She looks old as fuck but it's also a testament to the fact that Fupa looks like he's pushing 55.

No. 702480

Looks like some sort of odd coping mechanism for anxiety or just a nervous tick?
When does she do this, is it in correlation to any sort of happening such as people leaving or joining or asking her stuff?
Total armchair/tinfoil but that shit aint normal.

No. 702481

It's probably just because she still doesn't know what to do with herself when she's on cam

No. 702483

Is she fucking serious? Shes PICKING HER FUCKING MEGAGROSS PUSSY LIVE ON CAM, and has the AUDACITY to get mad when people want it to stop?
It's fucking supremely disgusting and fully understandable that theyd pay her to stop that.

No. 702485

nah. you should watch one of her cam shows sometime honestly. she's incredibly lazy and rude and i think it's just the equivalent at this point of a guy constantly having his hand down his pants.

No. 702488

I've watched maybe 2 or 3, but I've never seen her do that actually.
I'm on a different continent and unlike Shay I have an actual job so catching her streams is difficult sometimes. I rely on you brave and wonderous anons to supply the milk.

No. 702517

Took her to wal-mart to get wine in good ol' Tulsa, Oklahoma. Wow Shay your daddy sure does spoil you. jfc it can't get anymore white trash than this.

No. 702528

Shay, don't reduce your damn night hours because you added a measly 2 extra hours during the day we know you're not going to do. It looks bad. Also the total laziness to not fully cam on Thursday because you think you need literally the whole day to last minute film Friday's video is laughable. Not to mention the stupidity to not cam on Friday of all days when even you might make money with all the extra people who can stay up late cause they don't work at their actual jobs the next day. Then Saturday is blank, Sunday isn't even mentioned, and you've dropped doing a photoset
Well done Shay at starting to take our advice but your laziness preventing you from actually being good. Btw, your hours also don't mean shit when you run away from them

No. 702530

File: 1538493043934.png (119.48 KB, 640x1136, EDC6536E-2D7C-4926-B70F-359F4C…)

Lmao such a hard worker. Sigh.

No. 702531

Also pretty sure she is lying. It should be 2 almost 3 years???

No. 702532

She started while underage.

No. 702537

lol she thinks she has a job

No. 702542


How long until they get featured on "People of WalMart"?

No. 702583

kek that is just shay’s “baby speak”
>”for” almost 3 years

No. 702590

No she didn’t. She was lying. You can’t start camming on any site without age verification.

No. 702593


A lot of sites do let you cam without age verification you just cant cash out

No. 702597


plus shit like skype and "private camming"

No. 702602

Does she actually make money on her shows? She always seems like she strips down so quick so no one pays for it.

No. 702629

The first thing she started offering was a private blog, when she was about to turn 18. She had underage naked pictures on that private blog. She didn’t start camming on MFC until late 2015, early 2016.

No. 702633

She’s on cam now, anons. I’m not able to screenshot so have a blast.


someone just tipped her and she was like “oh…thanksssss” and didn’t do anything, kek.

No. 702636

"walking is overrated i should totally be carried everywhere" no you shouldnt shay, you're already packing on the pounds

No. 702637

shes forever getting tipped to do something, then totally just ignores it….

No. 702639

File: 1538502881133.jpg (263.86 KB, 970x739, Screenshot_20181002-125255_Chr…)

"It's not even 1 p.m. and I'm already tipsy. Tipsy Mattel."

t h r i v i n g

No. 702644

She’s been drinking every day for the past week, wth is going on?

No. 702646

shes "thriving" duh

No. 702648

I wish she would stop playing that horrible fucking music. The only thing less sexier than her is that music

No. 702650

Seriously! If you want a barbie bimbo vibe, okay music that reflects that like bubblegum pop and shit like that. If you want a hipster stoner vibe, play 60s and 70s rock and that kind of shit. She doesn’t understand aesthetics at all yet constantly posts about how ~*aesthetic*~ all her videos and basic bitch outfits are.

No. 702655

all i can see is that giant zit on her ass staring me right in the face

No. 702658

File: 1538504143016.png (Spoiler Image,335.6 KB, 779x467, jesusfuckingchrist.png)

she just gave us the perfect view of it too

No. 702660

She just looks so covered in filth and grime

No. 702661

Wait… I might just be late to notice but does she have 2 phones?

No. 702662

She really said “don’t mind my cute little pimple” is this real life?

No. 702664

She actually thinks her bad hygiene in cute?

No. 702666

Does she actually have any other sex toys? Why does she only ever use the damn wand. We've seen it a 100 times over.

No. 702667

there's a dude asking if she's wet in chat and she got mad at him… does she know where she is?

No. 702668

Nope, even though she constantly begs her followers for spare change to buy “a new toy”, we have yet to see any new dildos from amazon.

No. 702669

EXACTLY! Why wouldn't she say yes and talk dirty to get him to tip her? And she wonders why nobody ever tips her….

No. 702670

Apparently you're not allowed to sexualize sex workers during their sex work

No. 702672

Someone asked how she like OK compared to WA and all she did was talk about her stupid cardboard house and nothing else, and did not seem happy about it at all.

No. 702674

that's too obvious

No. 702678

lol she changed music just because we talked about it, but she's still too pathetic to choose something that matches her supposed aesthetic

No. 702680

I feel like she has this thread pulled up while she cams and that's what she does when shes scrolling on her phone.

No. 702685

She sounds like she's either drunk or on something and doesn't even make eye contact with the camera, no smiling, you'd think she was doing a mind-numbing office job in her underwear and accidentally left her webcam on.

No. 702687

50 guests, 1 premium. How sad.

No. 702689

I think she’s on something too but it looked like she was texting and then started blotting around her eye like she was starting to cry

No. 702690


at least she finally decided to change her underwear after a week. probably only because she got called out on it yesterday.

No. 702691

she looks and sounds like this every time i've ever seen her on cam lol she was actually a little nicer today than usual

No. 702693

She looks so miserable, and was she crying towards the end?

No. 702695

idk i think some of you are looking for something that's not there
she was def hungover at least, she was drinking ginger ale. i didn't notice anything out of the ordinary from any of the other times i've seen her cam during the day tho.

No. 702697

this is just getting sad honestly. i don't even laugh at her antics anymore. please get therapy shay. go back to your parents house, get well and get a regular job. it's really okay to abandon something if it isn't working out.
you've tried the sex work thing, it ain't working, no shame in moving on to something else.

No. 702699

samefag but like, it was funny when she was gleefully being a fuck up. now she's obviously miserable and it's just depressing.

No. 702700

honestly she got herself into this situation. "lay down with dogs, get fleas" and all that.
she probably thought that moving in with fupa meant that she had a full time caregiver and now she's just a full time sex toy.
i have no sympathy for the girl, regardless of how ~uwu depressed~ she is/acts.
besides, it cant look good for their relationship or for Fupa himself that she posts about constantly being unhappy, so that probably causes more issues with him.
i'd say that they need to stop posting their entire lives on tumblr for the sake of their relationship, but this dumpster fire is a great form of entertainment.

No. 702701

someone asked about her pro porn before she got off. She said “I think everything I’ve done is out already” which means she only shot with ATK if that’s the case, and didn’t get the bookings she claimed. Remember when she was going there and she claimed she got multiple bookings and was going to be super busy? Guess all of those bookings were with ATK, kek.

No. 702705

If Shay reads here, she could say or write something about Ribmeat. How is the cat? Is it still alive?

No. 702714

hasn't she mentioned the cat a few times since moving?

No. 702724

I can’t wait for the inevitable day when Kyle Perkins is out in public with her, and someone he knows sees them.
How long does he plan on hiding her in that empty house, from everyone he knows? He already acts ashamed with her in public.
Can’t hide her forever, Kyle.

No. 702740

i hope it's the ex wife, kek

No. 702745

hopefully the ex wife without the kids along.

No. 702751

File: 1538511480490.png (6.5 KB, 464x174, 2018-10-02 16_15_58-cam was li…)

lmao you guys in her cam room have been called out

No. 702757

Imagine being camming for "nearly 3 years" and never done a fingering video.

Wot r u doin Shay?

No. 702759

usually she has those horrendous, bacteria-filled acrylics is probably why

No. 702770

Does it never click in her head if tips aren't coming in and no one is talking then maybe you're doing something wrong?

No. 702794

Does fupa even talk to her anymore??? Its like their relationship totally stopped after they moved in together..

No. 702801

Didn't she say a while back that ~dada~ is the only one that gets to see her get fingered when she sent him a video? And didn't she hate fingering before that?

No. 702812

can u blame her? who would wana stick anything inside her nasty pussy. seriously?

No. 702854

I keep thinking about how she could make more money than camming solely by doing doordash or Uber eats…but her bum ass doesn’t have a car. Even tho she makes “”$55k”” a year.

No. 702880

She could make more at McDonald's. The bitch works 10 hrs a week lol.

No. 702881


tbh it doesnt matter how much "more" she could make, the girl has zero work ethic. she's made enough to skim by (probably with her Dads help, plus all of the e-begging) this long, she's not going to want to get up and work.
she cant sit on her phone, pick her sores, and get cross faded at work.

No. 702928


the reality is she's a lazy cunt and wouldn't last with a job. yeah, she could have a steady income and a real job, but why bother when she can get high, drunk and pink her pussy, ass and tit sores at home and on camera for people who tip her pennies. she's absolutely thriving!

No. 702940

At least the carpet in that room isn't as grimy as in her apt in Seattle (yet)

No. 702942


except she's still on that fucking pink rug

No. 702947

She put a box in front of her camera, is that what makes it “voyeur”? Because that’s not the right angle or voyeur.

No. 702951

you're crawling along the ground and find some girl masturbating uh also on the ground its every guys fantasy!

No. 702973

Why not do the alien video? She has the prop for it and it's laughable to think she'd actually create a set for it so she has all she needs
Oh wait, she's just going to continue her scam by not making this video. There are probably two fans left that actually remember it being a thing

No. 702974

File: 1538535127511.png (586.14 KB, 1125x2436, BDD418D2-1F3E-444D-B17D-2B5C66…)

pt 1

No. 702975

File: 1538535160539.jpeg (731.5 KB, 1125x2068, F1482526-C36D-46D5-9F85-4DF910…)

pt 2
I’m howling y’all

No. 702998

lol so much her dada taking care of her wants/needs

lmaoooo she stays makes fucking pennies trying to pass it off as making good money. It's amazing and kind of depressing how many people eat this shit up.

No. 703004

you break a bill a night like twice a month Shay
she really flexing as if her parents didn’t pay her rent the whole time in Seattle

No. 703010

She’s online talking about ideas and getting advice for videos she’ll never make.
She’s so fucking boring.

No. 703013

she wants to order something so she can stick candy corn up her ass.
still slapping her thighs out of boredom and wearing one of two hoodies.

No. 703014

do u think she has vodka in her gatorade? >>703013

No. 703015

is she listening to fupa's music becasue i don't recall her listening to this type of music.
oh an she's finally getting naked after an hour of being on cam.

No. 703016

someone tipped her the whole amount, $35

No. 703018

and what a shock it’s another fangirl that tipped her. Someone record the sad strip show

No. 703019

isn't fupa supposed to be keeping her on a cleaning schedule because she's flaring up again.

No. 703029

File: 1538543710185.jpg (Spoiler Image,202.85 KB, 492x526, wtf.jpg)

Even from far away you already see the breakouts.

No. 703030

File: 1538543769008.jpg (Spoiler Image,928.39 KB, 1539x1217, gross.jpg)

She does her uber cringe dance and shows off her asscne and boils.

No. 703033

File: 1538543866289.jpg (Spoiler Image,240.77 KB, 1557x1226, gross1.jpg)

Yikes, She got really close to the cam, her breakouts have been getting ridiculously bad, which is odd since she's been posting a lot about her "bath time" lately.

No. 703034

She seriously looks like a twink with butt acne here.


I know some discoloration around genitals is pretty normal, but her shit looks inflamed? Everything looks so angry, sore, and red.

No. 703036

Bath time doesn't do much if you're letting a greasy, unwashed fupapa rub up all over you. Also, let's be real, their sheets are probably filthy.

No. 703038

She says she totally would do a lesbian custom and has "been meaning to do one lately"

No. 703040

And she walked in mud with her bare feet for a video. She's so inconsistent and fucking dumb.

Also her asscne looks 10x worse than when she called her pimple "cute"
These inflammations seem to look like an STD/STI breakout.

Shayna Clifford, please go see a gyno lmao. It's very common these days to contract an STI and I'm sure you and Kyle Perkins have something.

No. 703041

Bitch with what lesbian kek

No. 703042

Very Pumpy-esque looking.
Tinfoiling but maybe she's seen pumps threads and is trying to emulate.

Would have to lose all that extra chub though

No. 703045

File: 1538544590929.jpg (Spoiler Image,184.93 KB, 495x436, 6tt.jpg)

All she does is drink, she's already ballooned up so much. give it a couple more weeks

No. 703046

she keeps picking at her tit because her cat scratched it and someone asked if she had a splinter in her boob


No. 703050

File: 1538544926199.jpg (Spoiler Image,184.51 KB, 518x423, zit.jpg)

Picking at her pubic zits per usual

No. 703051

Team Skeet

No. 703057

File: 1538545264094.jpg (33.33 KB, 264x194, drg.jpg)

Doesn't she already have one a dragon dick that she still hasn't made any content with yet? Why is she asking for another?

No. 703058


lol Bad Dragon literally gives dildos away for free to sex workers if she just asks them

No. 703059

lol yeah she even showed it off on cam earlier

No. 703061

I hate her scammy ass so much

No. 703068

She's talking about how she has a demanding shrill voice, and how people do what she wants so they don't have to hear her voice anymore. She says she's insecure about how she sounds.

At least she knows about it. She right, she doesn't have the most pleasant sounding voice. Whether it's her natural lowpitched man voice, or with her fake baby voice. Shrill is actually a perfect word to describe it.

No. 703071

well… unless you take a quick shower before or after a bath, you're literally stewing in your own filth. i doubt she's aware of that, let alone would she care enough to put forth that much effort.

that could actually explain how bad her butt acne is lately… especially since they probably didn't do a deep clean on the bathroom, if any clean at all.


No. 703072

She totally bought weed from her friend’s friend in Seattle who 1) lived in a mansion and 2) its also an Elvis memorabilia museum and ALSO 3) they have parties there all the time and she got invited. Totally guys!!

No. 703078

another shitty wannabe camgirl desperate for attention

No. 703083

She’s about to get offline when her room is the fullest it’s been lol, if she’d just put in 3-5 hours like…she could probably make more than $50 kek

No. 703084

probably some ugly land whale looking for her attention so she can be popular on tumblr, kek. Those are the only type of women that pay Shayna.

No. 703086

>”sometimes I make hundreds of dollars an hour.”

With this kind of excitement? Sure Jan.

No. 703087


They don’t do it anymore because people were using sex workers links to get free doldos.

No. 703090

She always talks about stealing people's college funds and shit, but yet her dad's the one putting someone else thru university. While she's stuck in white trash hickville Oklahoma, with a loser beta neckbeard from tumblr. Who leaves her in some shitty outdated filthy ass empty house to wallow in her shitty life decisions.


As her caregiver, he confirms just how pathetic their life is by leaking vids her looking half dead as she attempts to suck his dick while he keeps his shirt or body shaper on bc of his excess skin and man tits from when he was obese. She's broke as fuck and already has to beg for essensials, yet he still posts the shit for free bc he knows nobody wants to pay for her content anyways but still wants the validation from people seeing, and to prove that he doesn't touch her pussy, and that she actually sucks his chode.

He makes her bathe more in a week than she ever has in a 2 yrs b4 bc even he knows how disgusting her pussy is. Yet all those baths and times falling alseep in the shower still wont wash away all those pussy and ass boils or the fact that this is now her reality. Kek.

No. 703093

Tbh she looks so sad on cam, she's in bumblefuck with no friends, and with fupa working full time then the gym. Does he have custody at all? Visitation? His time is all spent up. No wonder she was actually super happy when he got exposed months ago, instead of supporting him, she manipulated him into making content with her, since people already saw his face on twitter. Bc before, he def wanted to stay out of it. Once he fixes his relationship with his fam, and he will… She's going to go crazy.

No. 703098


Yeah it's doubtful he's going to patch shit up with his family. He's a loser, deadbeat Dad and his ex-wife has already moved on. He sounds like a scumbag anyway, those kids are prob better off without him. Now that the ex knows about Shay, like hell she's going to let her kids be involved with fupapa when he's fucking around with Shay lol

No. 703100

As much as fupa is hate-able. it's seriously about the kids, he can have his own relationship with them, away from his relationship with their mom or with shay. The kids shouldn't have to suffer, if he's ever willing, and if they want a relationship with their dad.

No. 703101

File: 1538548927869.jpeg (Spoiler Image,59.88 KB, 400x400, 39FAAB78-3007-4FBD-9A2E-6A2C4F…)

Shay with darker hair. Posted to tumblr with captions “plain Jane to Bimbo barbie”
In her new video you can see where her cat supposedly scratched her, she’s gotta pick either bruises or scabs because both makes her look like a straight crackhead…

No. 703103

Jesus, if I were her parents I'd be weeping. Also, seems like she's always had the dark circles.

No. 703105

90% of the time they're genetic

No. 703107


Sorry, but his kids aren't "suffering" in a stable household where they are currently. If Kyle wanted to be present in their life, he would be, but it's apparent he's not. What exactly would make him want to patch things up now, even if the kids want to? They would definitely suffer if they ever have the misfortune of being around Kyle and/or Shay. Without her? So what, they never come to his house, because Shay never leaves that cardboard box.

No. 703116

How has she been buying all her cheap Amazon shit up to now if she doesn't have a debit/credit card? Gift cards? PayPal? If so why can't she just use those? Or Fupapa's card? They're already living together surely he can't be so stingy that he wouldn't let her use his card to buy shit…right?

No. 703118

She constantly begs for amazon giftcards, doesn't she?

No. 703171

She is delusional.

No. 703177

Top fucking kek anon, that's a sweet sentiment but I can almost guarantee that the kids aren't suffering, and will probably better off not seeing their absolute degenerate of a father.

No. 703189

agreed. often a deadbeat dad/negative influence is worse than no dad at all.

No. 703192

I wouldn't want my kids seeing their father if he was so happy and willing to humiliate and abuse young women.

No. 703201

>>702951 could be a version of the alien video since human manlets tend to be taller than 1ft

No. 703211

>bc of his excess skin and man tits from when he was obese.
>when he was obese.

Uhm, what? He still is.
Without that man-corset, sucking it in like a champ for photos, and angles, he is still chub chub.

No. 703229

Plus they have their step-dad right? They're wayyy better off never seeing Kyle. He probably barely pays any child support or alimony.

No. 703244

That's eerily spot on.

No. 703249


Even though they don't do it anymore, BD always had the stipulation that the Demon Dick was the one you couldn't get for free; not like they dont have tons of demonic looking dildos to choose from though

Sage 4 dildo sperg

No. 703263

i think that may actually suit her

No. 703267

She's too gross and too far gone to change anything at this point honestly

No. 703270

It would suit her but she'll never change. I don't know why she clings to the bimbo sugarbaby fuckpig mess she's got going now but she'll be clinging to it until she's 40 and barely bringing in guests.

No. 703302

File: 1538585388526.gif (Spoiler Image,2.13 MB, 540x304, tumblr_pg01w5XZwV1rmiw96o1_540…)

god she is so crusty

No. 703303

File: 1538585440883.gif (Spoiler Image,2.09 MB, 540x304, tumblr_pg01w5XZwV1rmiw96o5_540…)

included in the "find me fingering" gifset on tumblr
that scratch on her boob is not doing her any favors

No. 703304

this angle does her no favors jfc

No. 703305

her posture is giving me scoliosis

No. 703307

File: 1538585563178.png (10.88 KB, 239x370, 2018-10-03 12_50_28-Mozilla Fi…)

for the farmers obsessed with the alien dildo still
shay – stop acting like you don't just shit out these video concepts and film them in a day

No. 703313

all these weird facial expressions that she makes lately have me wondering if early adulthood mental illness is setting in. the stress of being in a new place with some fat loser who likes to slap you around could be adding to it, idg why she keeps on gurning like a freak. stop making these creepy faces shay, you look unhinged.

No. 703320

If you were turkey detail oriented you’d already have an idea for the fucking background Shay. Nothing about your videos is detail oriented, as it’s clear you shoot and edit everything in one day with no retakes. Plus you do the same shit every video, real detail oriented.

No. 703322

sorry for the typo. REALLY* detail oriented, not turkey.

No. 703336

Next video idea for shay: dresses up as a cowmaid from the 1700s and shows off the cowpox on her ass and rolls in her filth

No. 703337

I will die of laughter if she steals this idea.

No. 703339

lol why on earth would she do this??

No. 703341

She is dumb and lazy

No. 703342


didnt she post pictures once, forever ago, in a milkmaid costume?

No. 703350

nah it was a beermaid/beer wench thing

No. 703356

just seems like an obscure concept for her

No. 703376

File: 1538591097476.jpg (621.46 KB, 4000x2249, typhoid-mary-villain-or-victim…)

What is with her facial expressions in this gif alone? She really is teetering between drunk mom and special needs child lately.

Typhoid Mary themed video as she goes around rubbing her bits on everything and making 'sexy' faces while doing it.

No. 703377

every time she curls her lips up she looks like an old woman with no teeth

No. 703402

So detail-oriented clearly you can see all the aesthetic and artistic intent >>703303. That terrible camera angle, the total lack of making fingering interesting, the fact that this is no different than her cam shows demonstrates a meta quality of realness…
Ok I'll stop with the Patrick Bateman shit but seriously, the fact that you wouldn't know she changed houses between porn videos isn't a good thing for someone claiming her past place was too small and her new stuff would look nice at the bigger house. Or for her ever making well selling videos

No. 703406


lmao is her wall dirty? like next to the string light behind the L in mattel

No. 703414

I don’t think she’s aware she can shoot in other rooms of the house besides the bathroom and the dirty room where she drinks and cams and fucks herself on the floor with dirty toys.


No. 703418

Yep it is.

Fupa probably banished her to that one room but even then she could at least get a damn inflatable mattress to use.

No. 703422

so detail oriented and aesthetic

No. 703426

How could you ever let your kids around, let alone associate with in general, a ddlg practicer? AKA Pedophilia lite

No. 703456

I have a feeling fupa was already banned from seeing his kids for whatever reason. He just looks like the type that didn’t get or even fought for visititation or custody rights after the divorce

No. 703478

I think she's dumb enough to think because she does that setup enough, it's "iconic" or TMDollyMattel. Or at least she's convinced herself this so she doesn't have to come up with anything good

No. 703491

File: 1538600130653.jpeg (204.51 KB, 650x1280, 43DD3BAA-9529-4A9D-97A4-903EA7…)

Why…. would you go into the bathroom to take this photo?

No. 703494

It doesn't normally bother me as much as some farmers seem to hate it but the pinks in this really clash…

No. 703498

That's such a frumpy outfit and makes her look 5 times heavier than she is.

No. 703500

Grandma Mattel make another appearance

No. 703502

Also what made her think this is even vaguely secretary like? She should have worn a sheer button up top and a long pencil skirt with stiletto heels and maybe glasses like those but certainly not ones that look like she bought them at Claire’s.

No. 703511

Her sweater looks like it’s on backwards

No. 703512

So is granny Mattel the next Shay reincarnation? Wtf!?

No. 703532

Why would you even take this photo?

No. 703536

At this point I'm convinced she and fupa just moved into a large bathroom – no house

No. 703539

Thats because it definitely is.
t. draft apparel patterns for a living

No. 703545

But how is she supposed to show her "cleavage" if she wears it the right way?

No. 703550

For real. We’ve seen: the kitchen (appliances came with house), empty “dining room area”, the living room in infamous bj video (couch and tv, maybe tv stand), the bathroom, and the “cam room”. So basically. They have a couch and a tv. And probably a bed with no bedframe. She has stated she takes pics in the bathroom because it’s good light. Does this house also have no windows?

No. 703568


Pixielocks? Is that you?(hi cow)

No. 703593

She's as embarrassed by herself and Fupa is and didn't want him to walk in on her posing and taking a trillion pictures in hopes that one looks acceptable.

No. 703594

Who the hell is that??

No. 703595

She's really talking about the video now, recently reblogged the picture of it with her plus is answering asks about it. I wonder how long this lie is going to last again. And if she does actually do it, how little effort she'll actually put in when it comes to filming compared to what she's claiming she'll do in asks

No. 703616

just realized she made that voyeurism video with the teddy bear but the camera is on the ground… doesn’t she have a boyfriend she lives with now who is sooo supportive of her sex work who could really help her out by idk… holding the camera?

No. 703617

He was probably asleep anon. Like he was while she was camming last night.

No. 703627

Micky has this exact skirt lol it's the ugliest effing skirt I've ever seen (happy oct 3) it looks like a parachute with pattern from a 80's diner tablecloth. pick pleated skirts that only flare at the bottom so you don't look like you're 3 months pregnant Shay MATCH UR FUCKING SHADES

No. 703629

Right, because the none of the 3 kids will ever think about their biological dad at all at any point, right? Not like it's ever been proven that an absent parent is detrimental to a childs growth, development or psyche. Not like there are a million published research of this. Especially an absent father.

Stop. No one's defending Fupa here, don't get it twisted.
Not defending past actions, not saying at the current state either, but as a potetial for the future if things are ever right. If the father can ever be in a child's life, granted he's in a good place and the mother or primary caregiver agrees.

There a ton of people who are shitty wives/husbands, ex's, employers/employees, with all sorts of vices, or indulgences in their personal lives, but are amazing parents to their children.

Kids always suffer without their father in their lives, especially during the formative years, it's tied to self-esteem, depression, aggression, more likely do poorly in school, more likely to use drugs, be incarcerated, commit suicide, the list goes on and on.

People can change, and if Fupa somehow proves himself and the mother trusts him, why not?

No. 703633


>if he's in a good place

bitch where

No. 703634

This is seriously ridiculous in my opinion, they have a father figure in their lives and nothing can redeem a man who likes girls to act like children while he beats them, sorry.

No. 703640

>letting a man that reblogs literal snuff fantasies around your children
yeah no

No. 703642

I think being around a man that fucks girls who act like babies and has rape fantasies and claims that he's naturally an asshole while liking extremely violent snuff, is a hell of a lot more detrimental to a child than an absent father.

No. 703650

Lol yeah no. No father is always better than a horrible one, I'm speaking from experience too. I'm sure many many others like me would agree. Obviously having no father has some potential negatives but you're deluded and misinformed if you think it's BETTER than being psychologically tortured and abused your whole life by a shitty psychotic father who will terrify you your whole life, and we have tons of evidence suggesting that fupa would be and was a very toxic and mentally harmful parent plus he's uhh literally a creepy pedophile wannabe who helps sexualize toys his DAUGHTER played/plays with..

No. 703653

Thank god for the sane farmers who don't buy into this >>703629 complete and utter bullshittery.

No. 703657

Why hasn't she learned to match shades of pink yet?? She colorblind?

No. 703687

Right because we all know what kind of a father Fupa is bc we've seen him with his children first hand, and we are all qualified to dictate family and custodial rights in Oklahoma?

Jokes aside, The post said, "potential for the future" and it also included a caveat of their mom agreeing. Obviously if the mom were to ever agree, the scenario and factors have to be exponentially different than how things are. The post was talking in the scenario that he'd be already completely reformed. Obviously if Fupa wasn't a fit parent, then it would never happen.

It's already been posted that the mom is going thru attorneys, so if there will ever be any approved future interaction, it will go thru phases where it will be limited and supervised. That's a long road away, that he may never reach.

All the post was stating was if Fupa were to ever change, and into standards deemed suitable, and ones his ex wife trusts and feels comfortable (which is highly unlikely he ever will) then he should be able to have some sort of relationship with his kids. Because if a parent is evaluated, proven fit, approved by the primary caregiver, and has a desire to enrich and be involved in his kids life they should have a chance, because the statistics for children with absent parents are staggering. And if it's an instances to where the children can benefit, without risk of harm, then why not.

But am I holding my breath, obviously not. Also adding, not like Fupa wants to be with his kids anyways.

No. 703692

Too many hypotheticals for that much of a scumbag

No. 703694

Yeah, it just so fucked up that he could be a better caregiver for his boil infested girlfriend, than for his kids. It's fucking unfortunate. If he ever did want to start the journey of ever being back in their lives, Shay would never have it.

No. 703695

Fupa's blog flags a malicious on my browser. Is anyone getting that warning too?

No. 703698

Someone in the last thread said it's because he uses a tracker
I personally am able to delete the https://www. from the URL and it stops that (Firefox) but someone else said they tried that and it was still doing it so who knows

No. 703701

He uses a tracker. You can usually get rid of it by taking away the http://www portion or by clicking him from a tagged post on tumblr.

No. 703719

What information does a tracker show him?

No. 703722

Usually the ISP and where they came from/if they followed a link to that blog.

No. 703732

Looool like, for what?
He thinks he's so smart and famous.

Idk about you guys, but I'm getting a feeling that fupa is already over Shay. He doesn't really seem to care any more.

Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma

No. 703737


I regret this as I ask it, what is a poop egg? how does it relate to this thread?

No. 703738


last spring shay dressed up like the easter bunny and shoved plastic easter egg hunt eggs up her ass. I wish I were joking.

No. 703740

couple threads back, she shoved some cheap plastic dollar store easter eggs up her ass and shat them back out.

No. 703741

>if Fupa somehow proves himself and the mother trusts him, why not?

1. He lied about Shay to the mother of his kids. He reblogs violent porn and dubiously consensual/legal sexual content.

2. He was a deadbeat dad and a shitty husband to the point that his OWN MOMMA picked the daughter-in-law over him.

3. The kids have a new dad that's miles better than Fupa. I doubt they're going to be too upset about not seeing deadbeat and his special needs girlfriend.

No. 703742

I don't understand why people like this are so obsessed with the natural father being an absolute necessity to a child's life.

a good step father is leagues better than a shitty or indifferent sperm donor.

Fupa will never be anything but a sperm donor.

No. 703743

Samefag but I forgot he also lied to Shay and told her that his family were all/mostly dead and he was an orphan or some shit.

So he's lying to his ex-wife/baby's momma about the new girl and lying to the new girl about his ex-wife and family.

Fupa wouldn't give a shit about messing up his kids if he's already fucked over his family, his wife and her family, and now Shay as well.

Fupa's #1 priority is himself.

No. 703760

Seriously, if Kyle gave a shit about his kids then he would make the effort to be in their lives. This isn't a situation where a bitter ex is keeping a well meaning father away from her kids out of spite, his ex wife TRIED to encourage a relationship between the kids and Fupa even after they split. He squandered that, the kids have a mother and stepfather that love them and I'm sure that they've made it clear that Fupa's lack of involvement in their life has nothing to do with them. Anons need to keep their daddy issues out of the thread

No. 703777

Yeah, he not only lied about Shay being a "graphic designer", he also lied about his parents being dead and going through foster care. Wonder what else he has lied about?

Not only does he reblog violent porn and talk about his murder/kidnapping/rape fantasies, he also partakes in ddlg kink. He refers to Shay as a little girl, has had sex with her while she sucks on a pacifier, etc. Then there's the whole Shay calling him daddy/dada, wearing diapers, peeing in a training potty, wearing little kids clothes, and shit like that.

I'm on board with the other anons saying the kids are better off. They have a stepfather, they'll be fine. They don't need some creepy, gross, degenerate deadbeat in their lives.

No. 703791


She just said her card still hasn't come in. What the fuck.

No. 703793

shay can you please play some abba

No. 703796

LOL she said she doesnt want to order from amazon twice. She just wants it all at once.

No. 703800


she is so desperate for money while on cam

that's not a good look

No. 703802

"over 850 ft, thats way more than i need. i'm getting it anyway"

Is she a hoarder?

No. 703804


she's too poor to be hoarder lol. she can barely afford basic essentials.

No. 703805

She's mouthing off this dude who told her "im about to cum baby"

"TO WHAT? Me sitting here grinding weed and drinking wine in a hoodie? you people can sexualise anything. you people can sexualise a chicken wing. You can get off to anything"

No. 703811

Has anyone found her spotify yet? I am really enjoying this music.

No. 703817

her "job" is being sexualized. stop smoking so much fucking crack, shayna.

No. 703818

Jesus Shay you fucking moron. You're playing a submissive baby not a bitchy bimbo for humiliation, play the part, ask him if he'd like you to do anything to help him get there faster so he pays you. Also be happy they're getting off to you cause you're doing jack shit and trying to make money off of it/get them horny so they pay you to do more with nothing. You're a cam girl, if you don't like that then don't do it. Yes you can have limits, being sexualized isn't one of them because YOU HAVE CONSENTED TO THIS. Obviously all you're going to get a these chicken wing fetishists cause you're not doing anything to get paying and happy horny people

No. 703819


she's in the wrong job if this is how she talks to clients. jesus. like i don't understand how anyone can get off to this girl, but lord she has to milk those dumbasses of their money.

No. 703820

Her clients keep trying to make the tone sexier and she keeps shutting them down. This is so painful to watch

No. 703821

Tinfoil but at this point I think she is so tired of fupa constantly sexualizing her that she gets pissy when anybody does it. Like maybe if she interacted with even a single other human that wasn’t just constantly trying to get off on her she might be able to do her job without feeling so used. Because she’s gotten even worse at it since moving to butt fuck Oklahoma. Tbh if she was “thriving” at her job and making “55k” a year why didn’t fupa move out to Seattle or take her to LA?

No. 703822

lmao she's having a breakdown talking about Washington

No. 703823

She's blandly answering a question here and there but mostly just sitting there doing nothing and occasionally whining for people to pay her to strip while not giving any indication she'll do anything when she's naked cause she ain't doing anything now. It's just like having Spotify in the background for study music

No. 703827

why doesnt she have like games or stuff? why doesnt she care? how can someone be so bad at their job?

No. 703829

File: 1538629402549.png (145.29 KB, 327x242, ratnest.png)


No. 703834

omg i took the exact same screenshots, and why the fuck is she shitting her pants over someone buying 10 of her videos if she makes SOOO much money all the time?

No. 703836

As a guy in the audience said, "girls shouldn't be on their phones while we're talking to them"
Also she's spewing some bullshit about how camming warps people's idea of camgirls or something. This statement does not apply to her, she's doing nothing and expecting money. An artist gives their portfolio or drafts before someone choses their service. These people aren't asking for free porn videos, just engagement to decide if you're worth the money (your cam record shows only Harley is willing to give you free money). If they wanted some girl randomly spanking herself they'd watch porn, not look for an engaging camgirl. It's free on pornhub anyways

No. 703840

File: 1538629869417.jpeg (53.59 KB, 640x554, E8C98E28-C5B1-4049-8733-41842D…)

Shay you will never have an ass, just stop.

No. 703841

seriously, she keeps showing off that fucking zit on that one cheek. it's really gross.

she can't dance and she has no ass, what the fuck is she jiggling? the booze weight she's put on recently? yuck.

No. 703845

No. 703846


I kinda wonder if its body language saying she doesnt actually like her job (trying to cover up)

No. 703848

this harley kissass is clearly trying to get her wasted lmao

No. 703849

She's sniffling. I wonder if shes about to cry

No. 703853

She keeps staring off, she’s probably dying of boredom lmao

No. 703854

So she just blocked a guy who she could have convinced to pay her money instead of bitching at him then blocking him when he asked if she was able to put things in her ass. At least block him if he's refusing to pay after trying to get him to pay a decent amount for what he wants. Sure he seemed to expect free things but she could have tried to swing it and maybe gotten someone else enticed to pay for it instead of Harley's pity likes

No. 703856

File: 1538630488493.png (Spoiler Image,578.36 KB, 640x1136, 4C932970-2BAB-428F-8DF5-A092C1…)

Dropped pic and sage, apologies

No. 703861

She should go get a job at a Tulsa whack shack, I think she would do well at it and she could get out of the house and meet creepy pervs irl.

No. 703862

If she allowed guests to talk she'd probably make more money
Side note, she's getting off and saying she'll get the videos to Harley in "a timely manner this time". Such professional

No. 703866

wow only an hour tonight. what great work ethic she has.

No. 703869


I'm convinced she doesn't like it. Seeing her more and more, I think she just wants to sit there and have people talk to her while giving her money. Then once a goal is reached, she'll begrudgingly fulfill it like stripping, cum show, etc.

Like she legit just wants to sit there and have people pay to talk to her. Shay, sweetie, honey… you ain't that interesting.

No. 703871

https://www.dropbox.com/s/qgf1jb6xl7rv4qy/2018-10-03%2022-25-06.mp4?dl=0 man, the ending was bleak. the "i appreciate you all" seemed so forced and it looked like she even rolled her fucking eyes?

No. 703876

someone who isnt blocked on tumblr should ask her why she is a cam girl if she clearly hates it and dealing with people

No. 703884

I wonder if she's actually losing money through that. I think it costs her money to take drinks for pennies cause she chugs it sometimes

No. 703887

slight tinfoil but i bet she's saying she wants to do a lesbian custom not because she's sooo into girls but because she's probably really lonely and wants to hang out with a girl her age instead of being trapped alone or with fupa 24/7.

No. 703889

Don't encourage cowtipping.

No. 703892

As of she'd even answer them lol. Anything even mildly true or rude towards her and her "work" she never responds to.

No. 703918


i can never see any camgirl with some sense of decency ever wanting to work with her on a g/g video, or even openly being friends with her. it would be career suicide, she's hated or not taken seriously on most platforms, she panders to pedophiles, and has a diseased pussy from bad hygiene. if someone does bite they'll probably just be using her as a prop so they can be the hotter one in their videos/camshows

No. 703922

Idk seems like she's just trying to be edgy at this point
The vagueposting makes me feel less bad for her each time it happens

No. 703923

You guys are autistic

No. 703926

Nobody is forcing her to log on and cam every day. Half the farmers her have already said she'd be better off quitting.

No. 703932

File: 1538642292664.png (Spoiler Image,781.87 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181004-113500.png)

Snapchat anon here, Fupa posted 1 hour ago some stories about his fav place (aka fast food) and he said "i know you're like it's fast food, it's fat but the muscles are there" or something along these lines and showed his "muscles". And he said that he eats there twice a week and that he doesn't eat cheeseburgers bc those aren't healthy.

No. 703933

Also said that he likes to go there after the gym.

No. 703941


No wonder he's still fat if he goes to pig out at a fast food joint after the gym lol

No. 703943

really? his gains are so weak.

No. 703958

She clearly hates it, body language aside.


But anon, she's T H R I V I N G

No. 703971

I'm pretty sure this Braums is in Broken Arrow, looks like a QuikTrip across the street (red neon in the background)and I'll bet my hat the bowling alley they went to is behind it.

No. 703998

In reality it's probably twice a day

No. 704010

1- how embarrassing to be a grown ass man recording yourself flexing your “muscles” in a fast food place.
2-it doesn’t matter if it’s cheeseburgers or not (which it probably is) if it’s comes out of a wrapper. It’s generally not good for you.

God is he fucking stupid. And he can’t even be bothered to take shay with him. She’s literally just his fuck doll. What a sad existence. Go home shay.

No. 704014

is this the only shirt this fucker has to "work out" in or does he just wear it all the time because farmers called him out by tinfoiling that he was using old gym pics??

No. 704026

Lol no she wouldn’t, because guests can’t tip. You have to make an account to tip.

No. 704044

Damn bitch just join the local housewife clubs or something. Book club, jogging, etc. Do something. Not that they'd tolerate her for long but maybe she'd find some wine moms/girlfriend to bond with over being miserable and bitter.

She wonders why no one tips her or talks to her.

Same damn shirt again. Does he own less clothes than Shay?

No. 704045

I agree with the previous anon who said the movements aren't bad, they're not. Her fucking ass is what's bad. If it was a nice ass that would be hella sexy but her indented ass, with pimples and shit is just really off-putting. Play up the boobs and shoulders and less ass and it might be a better striptease.
This here is just awful.

No. 704046

The way she sits is horrific, it makes her vagina look awful, makes her stomach look bad, her posture looks like she's about to have a nervous breakdown. At least try to look good, it's not that hard.

No. 704062

Right. She could get a cheap rolling laptop cart and an ottoman. Her lighting also drives me nuts. You can get a passable umbrella kit for less than $50 on Amazon. She doesn't do any color tweaking on her webcam. The whole thing is just so lazy.

No. 704078

nah she'd rather buy random shitty outfits she'll never use and wine and fast food

No. 704087

Speaking of.. does she actually buy anything useful? I've only been following her a few months now but all I ever see is her begging or buying sex related stuff or food/alcohol. She bought a gigantic teddy bear that she ended up throwing away while begging for a bed.

Her priorities really make no sense to me. She'd sooner cam on the floor than get a futon or something.

No. 704088

JFC i mean even Ikea ships/delivers. Why cant she just actually save and buy a day bed/futon from there??

No. 704089

>save money

No. 704091

I'm honestly surprise Fupapa doesn't control her finances being the big bad dom that he is.

No. 704093

cuz dude doesn't have any money himself lmao

No. 704094

He clearly thought Shay would be a cash cow. Who knows what she told him about how much money she makes.

No. 704097

Then he's even more retarded then we previously thought. He went to her barren house, saw the clothes she wears, how could he think she was making any money?

No. 704099

oh yeah she'd fit right in with the local housewives….

No. 704103

He believed her enough to link himself to her, do porn with her, and capitalize off her reputation/porn identity.

He saw how she lived and instead of bailing he bought a house and moved her in. No way it's just for the subpar sex. He's hoping he can make money off her while he gets reputation from it and all the girls he thought were going to hit up his DM's.

No. 704106

I can confirm the bowling alley they went to was broken arrow lanes. You could see the words on the wall.

He needs to stop doxxing himself. I recognized that fast food joint as braums too.

No. 704111

i'm so ready for an OK anon to see these two out in the wild

No. 704115


like half of his name+Oklahoma searches come up with broken arrow anyway though.

No. 704117

No. 704120

picks at his armpit for half the snaps

No. 704124


why am i not shocked that she doesnt even clean up her camming area afterward.

No. 704125

she is such a messy pig

No. 704126


like who in their right mind, leaves a dildo that would end up inside of them, just laying on their carpet. you know she doesnt clean that shit beforehand, just leans over and grabs it.

No. 704128

samefag, but who RECORDS their gfs nasty cam room, and pans to floor dildos and dirty panties.

No. 704129

a man who doesnt give a fuck.

No. 704130

File: 1538669123036.png (155.07 KB, 284x413, Screenshot 2018-10-04 at 11.04…)

isnt this the skirt and body suit thing that she got for the alien vid?

No. 704136

I think so?

No. 704140

>i don't get cheeseburgers because they have too much fat
>instead gets eggs, sausage, biscuit, an extra sausage biscuit on the side and a diet coke

& ew wtf was that weird little music.aly thing he tried to pull at the end?

No. 704141

File: 1538669834817.jpg (71.74 KB, 421x750, tumblr_p624xjjeMT1rmiw96o1_500…)

this outfit

No. 704143


you know she's gonna record that vid just like all of the others only to shut everyone up about it and then boast about how she tried to make it ~~so aesthetic and detail oriented~~

No. 704145

lmao god i can never get over how haggard her face is in this

No. 704146


Maybe he thought he could some how change her and make her profitable by forcing her to work and bathe? Like a twisted captain save-a-hoe. Instead, she gets drunk and lays on the floor all day posting to tumblr about how isolated she is from the world. They still live in a barren house. The only rooms they show are her cam room, the bathroom and the kitchen. You know if they had a nice living room or bedroom they'd be flexing that shit all over snapchat.

No. 704150

i wonder how long it will take them after this post to scrape together some semblance of a presentable bedroom or living room

No. 704152

File: 1538670549057.png (8.7 KB, 240x307, 2018-10-04 12_26_51-Mozilla Fi…)

at least she's not pretending to charge $100 for "advice" anymore

No. 704154

Knew it. Fupapa goes to 10 Gym

No. 704160

lol this is ban-baiting for sure

No. 704162

I just watched the video and even though that looks like a braums, the video shows it's clearly Whataburger.

I'm not surprised he goes to 10 gym though. The only other tulsa gyms are either expensive or purple (planet fitness).

No. 704168

he also says whataburger like 5 times

No. 704216

Seriously. I know someone who would work out and then go eat fast food. Guess what. He didn’t loose any weight.
He doesn’t get a cheeseburger but he eats two sausages so basically a regular hamburger and coke, and not even a small coke. He gets 32 oz of soda. When he could just have water. Which judging my his haggard face he fucking needs.
And he’s showing off his strained muscles in fucking public. I cannot deal with how embarrassing he is. Like shay is embarrassing but she’s young. He’s an old man. Please stop.

No. 704219

At least she admits in a weird way that she's not popular anymore and doesn't know how to get it back. She can brag all she wants about her follower count but she has to beg and bribe to get donations, followers off site, or purchases.

No. 704231

This guy is too much. I felt like I just watched somekind of redneck Ted talk

No. 704238

Nah, he thought she was a straight up PORN STAR and wanted to be her suitcase pimp. Leave his own damn job for all that $$$ she makes, right? Gain entry into the real porn world, with hundreds of willing and beautiful chicks right at his fingertips. Daddy Mattel knows how to run game, get pussy, and make bank off hoes!

He's such a fucking obvious retard. You picked him, Shayna.

No. 704246

Just saw his video, he is so boring

No. 704248

This video made me dumber watching it

No. 704250

File: 1538678192855.gif (Spoiler Image,1.63 MB, 540x304, 71BFEC09-3435-4BDC-91EA-F1E9C2…)

This is her dog cage with a sheet over it

No. 704251

half a point for effort. I guess.

No. 704252


Wasn't there a picture of this giant bear in the dumpster? Also, glad to see she's still doing the ol' sheet over the dog cage trick.

No. 704258

doee she wash the image out so that the wildly varying shades of pink seem to match?

No. 704260

more likely she does it so that her ass pimples and vagina dont look so bad.

No. 704269

That's an old picture

No. 704273

Her skirt looks almost yellow in this. Yikes. She's really trying to cover how badly her zits stand out.

No. 704280

The lighting is so weird. This outfit doesn’t translate as sexy secretary either but okay I guess?

No. 704281

I live in oklahoma as well and based off where his gym is the chances of running into them in public are very high. Gross

No. 704289

Her shoes make her feet look like hooves

No. 704290


Maybe you are the next farmer who witnesses those cows while shopping at WalMart.

No. 704292

But guys. That attention to detail.

No. 704299

You mean running into HIM in public, Shayna doesn’t leave the house, kek

No. 704300

That’s got to be a different skirt, there’s no way that’s the same pink one

No. 704302

Those are clunky black heels, of course they look like hooves from the back? If you wanna relate her to a horse talk about her fucking face.

No. 704305

File: 1538683753802.gif (1.95 MB, 540x304, tumblr_pg36efA50O1rmiw96o2_540…)

lmao i'm seriously dying that she's trying to pass this as a desk

No. 704306

File: 1538683761102.jpeg (353.3 KB, 1242x727, 8B4CC4A6-1EF4-4597-A33F-DB7490…)

She said she based this on the movie Secretary? Mega kek, it’s about a girl released from a mental hospital who gets into an abusive sexual relationship with her boss. I’m dead.

No. 704308

Why does she always do these boring ass panning shots? Does she think it’s artistic? It’s only artistic when it’s done well and for some sort of visual purpose. No one wants to see your unwashed toys on your dirty ass carpet with some Christmas lights next to it. Just like no one wants to see some random papers on a bedsheet for no fucking reason other then what she claims to be “aesthetics

No. 704310

Good job to her glorifying abuse and manipulation…

No. 704311

Yes I’m sure many office desks have crayola washable markers on them. Super believable!

No. 704312

I’ll bet anything she just saw the description and not the actual movie.

No. 704314

I’m sorry but that relationship is all but abusive? They get married and are very happy in their properly practiced bdsm relationship
Did she wear that ugly sweater for this? I swear. In the movie the main girl wears a button up in almost every scene. How hard is it to get things right. So much detail.

No. 704315

He coerced her into it at first. Forced consent isn’t consent.

No. 704324

File: 1538685222504.png (11.1 KB, 239x324, shaynawhat.PNG)

>"I do my own pro work"

wtf does that even mean? you work for someone you don't make and put out your own professional stuff so wtf is she talking about?

No. 704328

does she mean her insex stuff has been separate from her agency? if so, that basically means she hasn't been signed to do anything other than that nasty casting couch stuff she did for ATKingdom. maybe she means something else though, she can barely form a coherent sentence.

No. 704329


You know what sounds like more of a pain? Trying to socialize a puppy with a cat that hasn't been around dogs. Think of your cat first before yourself when getting another animal, you cunt.

No. 704330


she hardly even takes care of ribmeat and cant handle her meowing or comfort her when she's obviously under distress, the last thing this bitch needs is another animal.

>flying with a puppy sounds like a pain

yeah, you couldnt even fly with your cat, you put her in cargo and claimed some rando flew with her on your exact flight to cover your ass.

No. 704332

she is pry thinking about getting some tiny rat dog that she thinks she could put in a purse and call it good.

No. 704365

Idk where you guys are getting that she’s thinking of getting a dog. An anon asked her about it and she specifically said no because she didn’t have time for it and travels too much, someone posted the screenshot already?? Not defending her but y’all are literally making things up now

No. 704371

Lol I had this same thought like she said she didn’t want to get one because she couldn’t take care of it so what’s the issue???

No. 704372

Her insex stuff was from before she signed with an agency, yes. The only thing she’s done with the agency is that half assed ATK crap. I have no idea what she means by “doing her own pro work”?

No. 704373

Maybe she got dropped and is trying to find pro work on her own?

No. 704380

You know she's not making that Amazon Prime money on her "shows"

No. 704382

omg the cringe of that room and the way she lives. she should be really embarrassed that he posted that. i also agree with other anons that he spends nearly all of his time out of the house away from her lol they probably spend like an hour or two together a day outside of sleeping

No. 704385

I meant the stuff she did recently too (realtimebondage, etc)

No. 704386

That has been rampant in these threads lately honestly

No. 704387

That’s still all through insex…

No. 704390

Yes, but unless it was booked however many months in advance, would it not fall under the umbrella of her agency? I think you need to go back and re-read the post you originally responded to

No. 704396

She hadn’t signed with the agency yet, so no. This is not difficult.

No. 704400

You don't get what I was trying to say but it's all good. I just assumed she wasn't high profile enough to sign a long term contract and that they were hiring her for individual jobs on a case by case basis. If that is the case and her more recent jobs were not filtered through her agency in any way, then she is /technically/ doing her own "pro porn" jobs as she mentioned in her original Tumblr post which sparked this whole conversation. An anon wondered what "pro porn" that didn't have to do with her agency would entail and my only explanation was that her newer insex jobs were arranged by her recently.

No. 704414

Dude looks like a candle that started to melt in a hot attic but solidified midway.
I’ll bet that emperor shirt has a permanent armpit smell to it. Ugh he’s just as crusty as shay.

Also I’m not a germaphobe, but did he just walk across shay’s rug while still wearing his shoes? I find that to be disgusting. Yea that will really help her pussy and ass boils.

No. 704417

His forehead looks like tree bark

No. 704467

The thing is that most people in that type of situation would live in a small apartment, not "buy" some kind of big shitty mcmansion to "flex" on tumblr over. They played themselves (esp Fupa) and it's hilarious to watch this situation continue to deteriorate lol

No. 704469


It's still funny to me how they got this "mansion" and it's empty. Like that just shows you're broke and dumb, not rich and successful.

No. 704490

His arms are still so scrawny when flexing. I have to sya though, his traps look way too big compared to the rest of his muscle mass, I think that's what is giving him the appearance of having no neck? Fupapa clearly has no idea what he's doing at the gym if these are his results.

The fast food trips right after the gym clearly aren't helping the issue either. Both he and shay have such unfortunate body types.

Could she seriously not invest $30 for a cheap ass desk for a prop?

No. 704495

his gross saggy cheeks make him look like a fucking basset hound, jesus christ fupa lay off the god damn whataburger.

No. 704519

Another question I have is couldn't she position this all somewhere that looks more like an office space? Also a chair or something to sit on. I know she also has better props to put on that "desk"
Btw Shay, Ikea has 25$ desks and do delivery. From experience they'd hold a couple of people and don't have a grate on top so they won't be painful to sit on pretending you're enjoying your vibrator/dildo while taking to your "boss" giving orders of screen. It's going to be so funny if she has to sit on top of the crate and gets indents from it

No. 704529

also worth noting: on her MFC profile she filled in that from Tuesday through Saturday she's always online from 11p to 2a

No. 704532

File: 1538710366229.png (528.58 KB, 579x601, Screenshot 2018-10-04 at 10.32…)

what makes her think that these dumbass faces are anywhere near cute?

No. 704550

good lord he must have low T, his gains are weak.

No. 704551

I totally agree. I think she wants people like Harley - girls with lower self esteem than her to worship her financially. It’s like similar to validation from getting likes and follows but monetarily

No. 704555


who is this comfortable wandering around a fast food joint taking videos of himself?? is he not embarrassed? those employees must mock him so much

No. 704561

Oh the dirty socks top off this set for sure

No. 704562

She looks uncomfortable to say the least

No. 704563

Lmao she had to unbutton the onesie to make her ass look bigger

No. 704564

wasn’t this a custom set for someone??

No. 704569

Does everything she do revolve around spanking and rubbing her cunt with a hitachi wand? It’s been getting really old for a while now. Either make it your brand/trademark and drop the barbie bimbo baby nonsense or actually be creative and do something with the brand you’ve boxed yourself into

No. 704572

She's playing "its my party and I'll cry if I want too"

What erotic music.

No. 704573

her only tipper aka Harley just said she doesn't want to get her naked, just wants to talk to her

No. 704574

Shay, turn the music down and interact with your viewers.

No. 704581

File: 1538714066352.png (488.17 KB, 1006x413, XAN.png)

I'm laughing so hard at this xan boy

No. 704585

Why is her skin dark right around her underwear line at the crotch? It's like she got her period and never washed herself before getting on can. Maybe that's why fupa is is avoiding her, he's too scared to fuck her on her period. although I swear she has that bc implant in her arm, I also have it and it stops your period for 2+ years soooo why is she so dirty

No. 704589


yeah i think she's lying

No. 704590

The only people in the chat are tumblrfags talking to her.

No. 704591


how many do you think are underage?

No. 704592


as if anyone would believe that she did, without posting it ALLLLL over the internet. if she even goes to the grocery store she has to post about it.

No. 704593

she just said "there's still a tag on these panties"

the same black panties she ALWAYS wears

No. 704595

She doesn't know movies can be musicals.

She thought a musical was on stage, and the Chigago movie wasn't a musical. Same with Sweeney Todd

No. 704596


pretty sure they were the dirty pair in the floor in fupas snap video too.

No. 704597

File: 1538714787497.png (31.62 KB, 534x455, y87b768b68778787688768.png)

yeah she's lying

No. 704604

Someone asked her how her new house is coming along and she sounds so miserable every time she talks about it. She does not sound like someone who just excitedly moved somewhere new with someone they love.

No. 704610

Who gives a fuck?

No. 704611


i dont think it's about anyone caring if she did or didnt see it, it's more about catching her in lies, but who knows.

No. 704612


she constantly lies to make herself look more important and wealthy than she is

No. 704614


lol So a video where she sits there doing nothing?

No. 704618

He’s talking about his Whataburger breakfast platter + sausage biscuit “on the side” like it’s “healthy” and he doesn’t get a burger because it’s not healthy but like… a burger would be fewer calories/fat/carbs and more protein, pretty sure.


No wonder he’s still a fatass.

No. 704621

it's so unpleasant to watch her sit there and slap her legs. the sound is so jarring.

No. 704626

She just asked "33 people with no accounts. Where do you people come from?"

bitch you know exactly who we are

No. 704630


because he's never there

No. 704631

Oh boy, she just said she's going to LA this month for more shoots.

No. 704634


lol i was just about to comment this

you didn't move to Antarctica in December, how the hell do you not have lighting in that house??

No. 704639

"you guys like know about all my shit"

probably because you've been talking about this alien video for MONTHS

No. 704641

File: 1538717507832.png (147.28 KB, 489x278, 7278275825978.png)

straight savage

No. 704643


imagine how the people who helped her pay for that shit would feel knowing she's pretending she doesnt have anything to wear for the vid

No. 704644

File: 1538717595923.png (16.23 KB, 348x33, 798782972879.png)

lmao Shay was like "they know about all my outfits" and jumpkitty gives no fucks

No. 704645

im one of the two people demanding(cowtipping)

No. 704648

"it's been a long time since I've had water"

yes, Shay, we know

No. 704649


you're scaring her, anon
stop being so hostile
she just scammed people out of their money, why are you being so hostile?

No. 704650

Well you definitely don’t have any subtly about it

No. 704651

some one tipped her to try on the skirt, she refused. My best guess is she can't fit into it anymore. She'll slap herself in the face for nickles so

No. 704657

kek the same person tipped her another 15 tokens to drink water instead of wine because she wouldn't put it on

No. 704658

"i hate drinking water because it makes me hungry"

bitch what?

No. 704660

Is she offline? I can't see her

No. 704664

Damn, that's actually pretty sad, I don't think she even stripped did she?

No. 704675


dehydration pangs can feel like hunger sometimes too so like…bitch keep drinking past the feeling.

is that Beringer white zinfandel or is it rose? cause if it's white zin that REALLY explains the recent flab. white zin is sweet af

No. 704676

I know her caming shows are usually pretty lackluster but have they always been this slow and sad? I wonder how fupa feels about her making $10 today. He seemed pretty annoyed on Snapchat that she left her LED garland lights on.
Like he can’t afford the $0.05 a day it costs to keep them on.

No. 704728

Up thread someone was confused about the dumpster teddy bear and didn't realize that the pic in the alien outfit is old. Shay's cam room nice new home is nearly visually identical to her shitbox one room apartment. Moving in with Fupa has brought her nothing good. No standard of living boost, no joy of decorating the new house, no fun cooking meals in the new kitchen, no cuddling on the couch watching Netflix.

Going back to the spit-on-anus video, I thought about Fupa today (also FML) and realized that I have never known or heard of anyone outside of porn spitting on their partner's genitals in place of lube. Spitting during sex is definitely a porn trope and most sensible people realize that. The only people who do it outside of porn are people who fetishize spitting or inexperienced people whose body of knowledge about sex comes from porn, not actual experience. I think the latter describes Fupa.

That may be why he's such a shitty dom. He's probably watched too much gonzo porn and thinks it's a perfect representation of dom-sub, BDSM relationships. He doesn't seem to have any clue about the ethics of dom-sub dynamics like not forcing people into your sex life by acting it out in public or making sure the sub is taken care of during a scene. Fupa likes has no idea that a good dom doesn't slap his sub's face in public or continue the scene even when the sub is experiencing pain that was not negotiated beforehand.

No. 704729

Oops! The butt spit thing was something Shay wrote, not part of any video.

No. 704733

He 100% knows of bdsm through porn then found the tumblr community filled with children with no sexual experience and it got even more reinforced. I mean, look what happened when he interacted with older tumblr bdsm people, they pointed out the issues with his posts and he got super salty and backtracked that "of course he ends scenes when his sub is having issues and of course he talked with Shay and established that she had a safe word and he is happy if she uses it and of course he isn't actually proud his sub doesn't use her safe word even when she should". He's such an idiot it's hilarious, being a Dom requires a level of maturity that despite being almost 40, he does not have. Much less the affection required to have a stable and effective bdsm relationship. Not that he's actually doing anything particularly non-vanilla in sex, but he thinks he is (and that slap was played off as it)

No. 704762

Maybe she doesn't eat properly?

No. 704768


Is this in a walk-in closet?

Are those the designer heels anons speculated are knock-offs?

No. 704777

Ahh so it seems I was right and fupa is forcing her to work out of a closet or something lmao

No. 704778

Why is nobody embarrassed that these are clearly farmers?
You guys are trying to drum up powdered milk, just let it happen on it's own.

No. 704799

it's because we have to just report and move on. other anons can see though this kind of posting too.

No. 704809

the few sane anons remaining that don't get off on face to face taunting of cows i suppose

No. 704857

Jumpykitty is, because they were bragging about it. But I don’t think that love4blonde person is, but maybe?

No. 704896

File: 1538761707605.jpeg (180.39 KB, 750x1056, 8A128643-C8A2-4051-8E0F-521CEB…)

No. 704900

If she has 150,000 Twitter followers alone, why would she care about 33 people? That's not even 1% of her followers.

How many people are usually watching her when she's one cam? It would be interesting to see…

No. 704907

Lol this girl will never be able to work a real 8h job

No. 704911

“Tell me how I should feed myself because I’m incapable of eating anything besides shit”

No. 704912

She averages at around 25-35 people in a show. usually the majority is guests and basics. The most premiums I’ve ever seen in her room at one time is about 10. (premium users are the only ones that can tip)

No. 704913

You’d think her “dada” would be the one to help her out with eating healthy snacks and making sure she’s eaten and stuff. Guess not.

No. 704914

how dumb can you be? just eat a light snack like a granola bar or a yogurt before cam

No. 704916

But anon she’ll be bloated from even a tiny snack!

I don’t think she understands the difference between bloating and just having regular flab on your stomach. She has no core strength so it’s all just flab and she probably thinks it’s bloat.

No. 704925

>doesn’t want to get bloated
>drinks an entire bottle of wine

No. 704926

People's on-line personas are different from irl.

Fupa lies a lot about everything online. He's a revisionist. And wants to look cool for his online friends.

Shows with all the contradicting hypocritical posts. Says he's drug free, Drugs, xanax, sisters death, yet still glorifies that particular drug and it's use. Fake celebrity relatives, yet being orphaned. Yet baby mama, exposes him that his mom is well alive and hates him. Kek. Says he's been a home owner for yrs, all previous dwellings were Apts…
Mexico vacation… Shyana stuck in a hotel for thru worktrip and snacks and water with stipends

Woah… can we get a Fupa "lie list" going.. or expectations/reality kek

No. 704931

LOL! exactly! Does she not realize alcohol and its empty calories will bloat you like crazy compared to food and real nourishment.

She's been noticing her tummy rolls grow bc her body bloated and has started storing everything as fat bc she eats so shitty and has been drinking almost daily.

No. 704933


yeah, especially since he's sooo healthy, but didnt fupa say that they eat separately anyway since he "meal prepped all of his meals for the week"

No. 704934

when I started gaining alot of weight a couple years I just thought I was bloated all the time. I've lost it since. But I gained because I moved to a new environment. Shay is definitely on her way to a good amount of chub

No. 704935

why doesn’t he do meal prep with her than? It could be a fun couple thing to do, and it would keep BOTH of them on track. He’s such a fucking lazy ass dom and a deadbeat loser wow.

No. 704936

Watch Shayna devolve, and it well has started with the weight gain/bloating, and Fupa work out and get his self esteem up from dumblr then leave her ass.

No. 704937

At this point they act like roommates, not a couple. They keep their fucking food separated? Are you just living together or in a relationship?

No. 704939


just wait till he starts ragging on her looks like he did his ex wife.

No. 704940

I doubt Shayna would do that, Connor was vegan, and she ate meat, and Connor prepared most her food too

No. 704941

I’m sure a guy like Fupa has soo00oOo many women to choose from too, kek

No. 704942

can’t be a suburban housewife if you can’t cook anything besides boxed Mac and cheese, Shayna

No. 704943

Also adding, Connor was also some food coach with holistic nutrition from plants

No. 704945

It still blows my mind that he would say that shit. How disgusting can you be when you’re a fucking fatass obese deadbeat from Oklahoma with a fat pouch over your mini chode to call your wife’s body gross after she carried and gave birth to YOUR children?

No. 704946

he's formerly obese compulsive lying beta. he'll go for anyone that will give him attention

No. 704947

Yeah he was studying to be a vegan/holistic nutritionist I believe

No. 704948

She really fucked shit up with Conner. She could have had a good stable relationship but she chose….whatever this life is

No. 704949

"Any other mentally ill girls pressured into the sex industry have eating disorders fueled by their desire to be accepted by and appealing to men? no its just silly dolly thing lol im a lil baby"

No. 704951

Good riddance! He was way too good for her, she's leached off him and his fam . She's manipulative and completely took advantage. Glad Connor kicked her out

No. 704953

she actually fucking did this guys. she thinks this is decorating.


No. 704956

File: 1538766963430.jpg (555.08 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181005-121520_Tum…)

No. 704957

File: 1538767003509.jpg (609.45 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181005-121512_Tum…)


The water is so low…

No. 704958

“Remember everyone, I BATHE!”

No. 704959

File: 1538767035318.jpg (496.84 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181005-121539_Tum…)

No. 704960

File: 1538767073981.jpeg (753.25 KB, 1242x2072, 1D59B5EC-4781-4414-BE48-CEC055…)

Fupa posted this song on his tumblr. Trying the say something maybe? It’s called “all girls are the same”

No. 704961

BAHAHAHAHAH, she legit put her cheapp ass amazon canopy and some ugly af curtains in the bathroom. WOW. Fupa… wow… I bet you even he didn't know how cheap, trashy and void of class she was.. oh wait

No. 704962


that random dildo

No. 704963

How is she supposed to use that toy in the position that it’s in? And why would you bring stuffed animals into the bath with you?

Oh wait, I just don’t understand “aesthetics

No. 704964

“I don’t get natural light anymore”


No. 704965

this hoe is going to set her cardboard house on fire lol. its also only a matter of time for her to go crying on tumblr about how her 'favorite stuffy' or whatever fell in the bathtub with her

No. 704968

And she’ll need at least $100 to get a new one and cure her sadness about it I’m sure

No. 704969

Fupa was attracted to the prospect of a dominant, aggressive, "alpha" role, but he's realizing Shay is just a needy, obnoxious, shrill, leach that he's gonna have a hard time getting rid of.

No. 704970

this is why you dont move in with someone aftr meeting them only twice.

"power couple"

No. 704971


the curtain doesnt even have a rod, it's just pinned up, kek. nothing is the same shade of pink, and she's using an ugly ass cheap bed canopy over the back of her tub?

that shit looks like someone puked all over it. i cant believe that in her mind she thinks this is aesthetic.

No. 704973

same fag, but whats the deal with her only putting like 2 inches of water into her bathtub?

No. 704974

Or the cheap ass 10 cent tea light candles, like wtf? When they were 'house hunting' Shay mentioned that fupa was "picky" about the houses not being "modern enough". hahaha. WTF is this shit?

No. 704977

We still haven't figured it out. My personal opinion is that Fupapa said something about not wanting her to waste water by filling it all up, others say she literally does not know how to take a bath.

No. 704978

But that would mean they believe in furniture. You're talking about Shayna here, who only begged for the entirety of her leases for money for furnishings but only bought a cheap ass futon bc Fupa was coming.

No. 704979

Either she hates bathing (which is pretty obvious) or Fupa has a rule about "wasting" water and makes her only fill it that far to save money. My cheap family was the same way.

No. 704980

Didn't she say she has a habit of falling asleep in tubs? Maybe so she doesn't drown. kek

No. 704981

shay's ddlg aesthetic is so disturbing lmfao like why do you need a random dildo in your tub…for the sake of sexualizing basic hygiene?? making the dildo look like a kids bath toy or some shit next to the stuffed animal?? yucccck

No. 704983


i wonder if she doesnt have the patience to just wait to fill it up. like if she doesnt have the best water pressure and a giant tub it could take a while to fill up. mixed with not being allowed to waste the money on filling the tub to sit in it for 10 minutes to take pictures.

(i have a roman tub that takes like 30 minutes to fill all the way, so i rarely use it)

No. 704984

Ugh what the FUCK is wrong with him? Sorry, THEM?

He acts like such a fucking teenager. Well he dresses like one, too. Whenever I see his posts here I can feel my brain cells dying.

And Shayna is just so sick. Why does she feel the need to sexualize EVERYTHING? Also she appears so lonely. Does this ~power couple~ do anything together at all any more?
ALL the ridiculous lovey-dovey Tumblr posts have stopped since they moved in together. This whole mess is just so tragic and sad.

No. 704992

That stuffed animal is going to get so nasty exposed to constant damp and humidity.

Does fupa have his own separate bathroom or something? I'm starting to wonder if they just split the house up into her area and his area and just come together for sex.

No. 704997

Enjoy the mold that's inevitably going to grow there Shay, jfc.

No. 704998

lmao a "good, stable relationship" requires both parties to be stable

No. 704999

who pressured her into the industry??? if anything, people have been begging for her to get out of it.

No. 705000

Why does this smelly retard refuse to engage with her customers? She blocks all the people who could be giving her uhhhhh you know, money?

No. 705008

She needs to cut hair her and get a wig for camming. That is a crunchy, dry mess

No. 705012

>Smelly retard

LOL that's the perfect name for shayna. And also I have no fucking clue but I love it because she makes no money and it pisses her off too which is lovely.

No. 705013

>perfect name

??? i guess

No. 705020

ikr like her panning the camera around the bath I just knew there would be a dildo lol It's weird how she has no other side to her other than like smoking weed, it makes her life seem so sad and greasy

No. 705035

Fupa blew all his money on the house and they can barely afford the bills maybe. Would explain why he was pissed off with her leaving her dumb fairy lights on in that snap story

No. 705062

I bet she didn't change the address and it's in Seattle. And that she hasn't even thought to check that yet.

No. 705067

I'm not going to derail with discourse so I hope your question is in good faith, but the culture on tumblr at the time was basically turning camwhoring into a hot new fad for all the barely 18 year olds to get into. Teaching them that its "soo easy & fun" cause you're going to get treated like shit as a woman anyway so you might as well get paid to be, or whatever. Easy oppression points too. Shay still made decisions but her and others were still clearly influenced by this subculture.
Shay is dumb as hell yeah but she's female and the pressure and subtle grooming from society still exists and effects people like her.

No. 705072

Is she on cam today? I've yet to see one and I'm morbidly curious.

No. 705073

You're right. I doubt Shay knows how to register for a change of address and get her mail forwarded.

No. 705097

I think she saw it as "easy money" more than anything else

No. 705107

She can, she should, and hopefully soon she will.
Her "sex work" is so obviously unsustainable, at some point it's inevitable that she'll have to do something else for money. Or maybe Fupa will realize she's not bringing in the big bucks like he probably thought, and will force her to get a job.

No. 705113

it's not listed on her schedule this week, but if she's smart, she will cam on friday nights. good money on fridays

No. 705131

File: 1538787978263.jpg (258.96 KB, 1125x1118, 45b8ae37-b6e0-4d5c-b724-f73c81…)

As silly as the recent setups have been, she made a new video today and has been kinda productive lately (for her)

No. 705135

proud of her for that level of water. she’s starting to truly thrive

No. 705136

The issue is that even when she is “productive” and makes a video it is literally the same thing every time. It is not that hard to churn out a video twice a week if you only change the setting and theme.

No. 705157

On Instagram she said there was behind the scenes stuff on Snapchat. Maybe snap anon will come through with something different this time. Probably not though. Also I can't imagine a bath bomb + Shay's usual routine not ending in a major UTI but that's dumpy mattel for you.

No. 705161

Who the fuck puts a bed Canopie in their bath tub that shits gonna smell musty soon

No. 705163

I could definitely see this whole thing playing out like it did with that one stoner tumblr girl, Speck. Shay puts on weight during the toxic deadend relationship, Fupa uses his new found tumblr "fame" to move onto some new trashy, desperate piece of ass.

How old is he again? How embarrassing.

No. 705164

She does know that are cutesy pink decorations that are actually made for bathrooms right? Most of this is meant for a bedroom and won't withstand the humidity of the bathroom, especially with her constant baths. This whole thing is going to be absolutely riddled with mold growth in a few months, and I doubt she'll know how to properly clean it once it does.

No. 705166

Its sad tho that she can’t cam and make a video in the same day. her work ethic is 0

No. 705167

she doesn't go on until 11cst though so the night is still young

No. 705168

Her hair looks fucking wrecked

No. 705183

File: 1538793372335.jpeg (Spoiler Image,595.82 KB, 1242x678, 0D328C24-DB89-41D7-941F-9A9EEE…)

Wait idk if we already said this but did we realize she filmed this fucking video in a closet???

No. 705193

Yes, that is a walkin closet. Obviously.

No. 705194

lmao “I have no natural lighting and I don’t know why”

Oh idk maybe because you film your shitty videos in a fucking closet?

She is legitimately retarded.

No. 705195


yeah a very sad and empty closet lol

No. 705196

Sorry I just didn’t catch it the first time or see someone specifically note it. My bad.

No. 705202

imagining her going into a closet with her pretend briefcase, some random papers and then whatever sex toys and throwing a blanket over her cage is the saddest thing ever

No. 705212

I really don’t get why fupa couldn’t of assisted in this video. Not even full body. Just his arms and his preteen voice being commanding like a dom.
This is not like the movie at all.

No. 705228

I think I remember an anon or two saying that males aren't allowed on cam; but does that extend to voices and/or hands and feet, etc. too, or no?

No. 705235

Any snap anons see them posting stuff of their date night to the fair?

No. 705240

Videos safe different than cam.
Pumpy fucked her ex and sold it on MV.
Besides that, he would literally just be a prop to make the video more authentic to the movie.

No. 705246


"no cuddling on the couch watching Netflix" not to be a sadfag but this line depressed me so much. their relationship is so unhealthy and out of the realm of a normal, stable couple that its just so fucking sad. they dont do anything together typical of a happy couple. i cant imagine the depression weighing on shay's dumbass shoulders.

No. 705263

I can't screen shot but she looks like a cheap hooker at the fAir. SOMEONE SCREENSHOT

No. 705269

Snapchat anon deliver us!

No. 705270

My tinfoil is that they have a shitty old water heater that can only put out so much hot water. I lived in a place like that, couldn't get a full tub of hot water. It was a shitty place, with a piece of shit water heater.

No. 705273

This is something I don't understand in general about her videos. Is there really a market for solo BDSM content? I feel like she's super limited in what she can do on her own, and the whole thing about BDSM is the dynamic. On cam it would make sense because there's audience interaction, but there's really fuck all you can do in a solo BDSM vid.

No. 705282

She said she got them at a thrift store. The one designer item she owns and it's from a few seasons ago and possibly a knockoff. She's so cheap. She use to wear knockoff Calvin Klein underwear sets and such shitty cheap clothing, words were misspelled on them. "Califoinia Barbie" and "Resecting Women"

Shitty amazon clothing, cheap forever 21 and thrift stores are where she gets her clothes.

No. 705283

From fupa's snapchat https://streamable.com/obepn

No. 705285

It worked for the hippy stoner thing she had going. But now that she’s going for this “you can’t afford me” LA bimbo barbie, And she thinks she can still get her clothes from the same places and no one will ever know.

Guess what Shayna? Everyone notices that your clothes are cheap and dirty, as are you.

No. 705289

File: 1538807206099.jpg (136.41 KB, 851x714, 948.jpg)

She looks straight white trash. She def belongs in Oklahoma.

No. 705297

she looks like one of those heroin junkies that hang around outside gas stations and ask you for "gas money."

No. 705305

http://dollymattel.tumblr.com/post/178759608229/dollymattel-they-wanna-see-a-cute-girl-smokin sage for old post but she reblogged it last night, and god she just looks like a giant sperg. the stupid baby voice and her god awful faces…

No. 705306

Lmao they're trying to look all happy together all of a sudden

No. 705307

This bitch really didn't shower after shooting her video, did she? Looks like she's not showered in a week.

No. 705310

Fupa probably thinks giving his girlfriend a hug without degrading her in any way is too vanilla for their ~healthy 24/7 BDSM~ relationship

She couldn't even get a chair, or a fake typed letter? "Attention to detail", sure.

No. 705325

>”stealing yer college fund”
>”ur dad’s fave”
>”baby bimbo barbie”

this is fucking hilarious, she looks so wrecked. he did her dirty taking these pics and letting her go out looking like that. Seriously who the fuck lets their girl go out dressed looking like a white trash heroin addict?

No. 705326

Lmao I thought the same thing. Like okay sure that’s a desk Shayna, that’s why there’s some random papers, and no chair. OoOoOoOkay.

No. 705328

File: 1538813982897.jpeg (205.81 KB, 379x690, 76C97E75-004D-4B08-8C81-80604C…)

~**power couple**~

rat face & Fupa. what a power team.

No. 705329

they really are so fucking ugly. that's so sad.

No. 705332


chick behind them captures our reaction perfectly lol. the look of disgust and confusion.

No. 705346

File: 1538820753163.jpg (31.57 KB, 484x189, 1538090056655.jpg)

You know this is probably one of the funniest and saddest realizations I've had.

She didn't just drag her cage in there to film, that's where her cage is. She asked Kyle Nathan Perkins where to put it and he told her what's in the cap.

She also posted about "having a sad girl nap on the floor in my closet" …where her cage is.

I thought it might be because Kyle doesn't want someone who comes over to ask why there's a dog cage randomly in a room but now I realize he's just ashamed of her. For all their talk about their super kinky BDSM lifestyle, we've never once seen Kyle use anything Shayna owns that's for BDSM.

Here big bad Shay thought she'd spend sexy time in a pink dungeon looking closet in her dog cage sucking cock through the bars when in reality Kyle just makes her go into this big empty closet by herself just to get rid of her.

No. 705350

So if she moves it out of the closet to make a vid, what happens? Does she Get beaten by his soyboy ass or something?

No. 705405

They have nobody to invite over and he's a fake dom

No. 705406

Well, yes, obviously. That's why I amended my first impression. At the time I didn't know if his ex-wife brought their kids over or not but now I highly doubt he'll see them again and Shay has said she doesn't socialize with anyone there.

Who knows. From what she's shown us she has her own designated areas and she doesn't film/photo outside of that.

No. 705458

File: 1538844029292.jpg (69.69 KB, 1079x685, Screenshot_20181006-123930-1.j…)

Don't cut yourself on that edge

No. 705476

weed triggers psychosis, Shay. fix your life and get help

No. 705479

omg lmao she’s so pathetic looking for people to feel sorry for her. she might as well just play “how could this happen to me” with all her emo bitch posts.

No. 705492

File: 1538848991926.jpeg (158.53 KB, 640x711, 0956D4EA-16AE-4E4E-88B7-A757DB…)

Jesus she sounds so unhappy. I thought this was supposed to be her ~suburban housewife dream~
But all she talks about is how miserable she is. And Kyle Perkins has barely interacted with her since moving in.

No. 705499

Seems like she's trying to do some kind of uwu sad girl lil peep routine for attention

No. 705500

There’s probably a side of her that is enjoying the “suburban” life but deep down inside she is screaming/going thru her own personal hell.

No. 705507

Maybe her next shoot can be her going to a fucking therapist.

No. 705520

>moves in with bf
>can't stop crying

Going well I see

No. 705521

That's actually an accurate description of Kyle. Since he's her only company other than people on Tumblr she's probably started to mirror his personality

No. 705523


this is why you dont move in with someone that you've only met irl 2 times, seen them 2 weeks in all, and dated them online for 5 months.
idk i dont have sympathy for her continuously making impulsive decisions and then regretting them.

No. 705528

File: 1538853201474.jpeg (340.14 KB, 1242x970, 11AAAADC-85A5-4036-A687-96857A…)

Please Shay get help

No. 705530

Jesus. Shay probably thought by moving in with fupa would solve all her problems. In the same way that a lot of people think that money or weight loss will make their life perfect. She's learning that this isn't the case and even though she's in a "nice" house her, all her issues remain. Her mentally unstable posts have increased along with her drinking and she's clearly not making any money. It's only going to get worse from here. Probably should call your real dad soon Shay.

lol this made me realize how far behind she is in being an actual adult. probably doesn't have insurance, can't pay out of pocket costs or a copay if she did happen to have insurance, no transportation and no ambition to address any of these barriers.

No. 705531


>i dont like feeling small and weak its a gross feeling

> im a baby, Dada, make me feel smol and weak

No. 705532

isn’t being small and weak her whole shtick

No. 705536

Having trouble keeping up with whatever image she's trying to project this week I see

No. 705540

>they make me feel small and weak it's gross

Well there you go, now you're with a man whose whole thing is making you feel small and weak and who put a cage in the closet you sleep in.

Also a good therapist won't make you feel like that, she's just refusing to deal with the problem and deluding herself forever.

No. 705543

Therapy only works if you can be honest with the therapist and part of me thinks she would have a hard time not lying even in that situation

No. 705547

Jesus Christ this is exactly why the tumblr bdsm bullshit is damaging. It’s instead of dealing with their issues with professionals, hers being feelings of powerlessness/no control over own life, they choose to sexualize them and endlessly secondhandedly abuse themselves.

No. 705548

What kind of good therapist/psychiatrist make their patients feel small and weak? That’s literally just how you feel about yourself Shay.

No. 705549

If fupapa were a real, responsible, careful Dom he would be helping her straighten out her mental health, helping her set goals to feeling better and encouraging her to seek therapy. but we all know he's already playing the absentee daddy role with her now too,and she's getting nothing from him. or what she is getting is worsening her mental health. really just a shit show to behold.

I pray he didn't / doesn't also abuse his kids emotionally and mentally. I just get the vibe that there's so much toxicity between him and Shay behind the scenes, but she's too sick and isolated to recognize it, or worse thinks she deserves it. I never thought I would see her as the victim except he is seriously just so trash. get out Shay and get help

No. 705550

All she knows about therapy is what she's seen in cartoons and movies lol

No. 705555

for some reason i feel emphathetic to shay cause no one deserves to not have anyone to turn to for emotional support but at the same time she really dug her own grave here when she chose a partner who openly brags about being a naturally cold person lmfaoooooo that isnt a positive trait but i guess in her eyes a neglectful and unsympathetic boyfriend fits her uwuwuw strong tough daddy dom role she was looking for

No. 705557

mte anon like she claims fupa is her caretaker and is “uwuwuw best daddy ever” but its like he ignores her declining mental health and never spends time with her its so gross. especially someone whos entire aesthetic is “gimMe uR aTtentiOn daDA” its sad that she felt her best chance at having a daddy is one who cant provide any support for her. even aside from the ddlg bullshit as a boyfriend thats fucked shes basically just a walking fleshlight for him at this point

No. 705581

File: 1538860225583.jpeg (Spoiler Image,627.13 KB, 1242x699, 28A2060F-0BC4-46AF-89C7-F7F83C…)

Well then.

No. 705583

her hair is fucking matting. is this a video she expects people to pay for? she looks like a crackhead oh my god. shayna GO HOME

No. 705584


>regretting your life choices

No. 705585

Videography wise this is way better than anything she’s done. Multiple camera angles and cuts. But…. then there’s her general appearance… and it is bleak.

No. 705596

Well duh… Dolly MATTel

No. 705607

fupa's pupils are huge in that video. wonder if hes on something

No. 705619

An obese, 30 something, white trash, beta cuck who gets all their self esteem from tumblr.

No. 705624

File: 1538868074763.jpeg (296.19 KB, 1242x528, 9A60A058-C2DC-45FE-950B-4136B8…)

Well she just ruined it with this comment.

No. 705625

File: 1538868113550.jpeg (229.91 KB, 1242x459, A303AF0C-F703-42C6-BF12-863A76…)

She really doesn’t understand aesthetics…


No. 705626

File: 1538868154117.jpeg (579.92 KB, 1242x1123, 6BDC48D7-63E7-4314-ABF7-724570…)

this is what she considers aesthetically pleasing. A dark room with no natural light and pink everywhere. That’s not aesthetic, that’s lazy.

No. 705628

lmao “what a genius you are”

you edited a video shayna, what do you want? More asspats for doing something that’s a basic part of your JOB?

No. 705629

>im a pathetic 5 y/o

At least she admits it. Personally I'm glad she's miserable for once and her Barbie Dream Life is crashing down. Maybe she'll grow up now instead of thinking she can be a pretty pink princess forever.

If she wants to do adult work forever then have at it but at least act like an adult. She could be saving this money instead of wasting it all on kids clothes and stuffed animals.

>i don't like tht they make me feel small & weak

So like the image you keep pushing that makes everyone treat you like shit? Ironic.

No. 705630

can't wait until she tries to recreate this exact video again and drops her "equipment" into the bath

No. 705653

She needs therapy, all the projecting she does is sad. It's all how she feels about herself, not any therapist. Your boyfriend is a POS shay, youre never going to be happy if you dont leave him. Girl needs therapy to love herself enough to know even she deserves better than that psychopath, otherwise she'll never leave him. He'll have to dump her, she seriously has an incredibly dependent personality and needs help.

No. 705656

Her (porn sale specifically) posts are getting like… 1/10th of the notes she usually does on tumblr. Her viewership has gone way down since she moved.

No. 705657

the floor is fucking filthy

No. 705660

Don’t ever compare yourself with true masters of stylization and aesthetics, Shayna. And don’t ever make fun of the beautiful cinnamon roll Guillermo Del Toro. At least she didn’t make a Kubrick reference.

She makes me so pissed off thinking she knows what she’s talking about.

No. 705661

I assume her parents already disowned her at this point? I would have.

No. 705665


I just noticed that whoever tiled this bathroom didn't tile the entire fucking wall? It looks so cheap like they got some trial tiles because that's all they could afford lol

She's proud of this? Sad.

No. 705666

Nope. She’s posted recently about her father sending her spongebob memes or something.

No. 705678

I think they're squatting lol

No. 705684

Went to target tonight saw that Whitney Houston shirt fupa chalupa always wears and some of his other shirts .. thought he was mister cash money he should dress the part

No. 705715

Quit nitpicking, 1 you can hardly see the floor and 2 thats the door causing a shadow. Fuckwits.

No. 705716

Sage this type of autism

No. 705717


I agree. People keep trying to make milk where it doesn't exist and it's fucking annoying. I had to look back at the picture to see how they could even tell if the floors are dirty and there's no way in hell.

No. 705725

File: 1538882435232.png (Spoiler Image,1.34 MB, 1334x750, IMG_4275.PNG)

When you realize your life is falling apart

No. 705739

File: 1538883298896.jpeg (35.19 KB, 480x478, BCD56747-4AD2-4017-A0B5-D8C3C9…)

No. 705747

File: 1538884301481.jpeg (Spoiler Image,712.1 KB, 1242x1252, 2B900531-8F2F-48DC-B998-7C7E5C…)

Lookin like a frog face.

No. 705748


even her stomach is frowning at the state of her life. rock bottom?

No. 705749

That giant ass boil is the star of the show, tbh. It's the only thing I can keep my attention on.

No. 705765

File: 1538887488081.jpeg (79.56 KB, 381x750, D7908B3A-7C59-4332-9151-23D41C…)

That septum whatever is SO extra but legit she looks so much better just because she isn’t wearing pink with ridiculous makeup on. Crusty hair and all.

No. 705768


Yeah it's funny how wearing pink makes her look cheap and old. Agreed that she looks better here, though she really needs to take better care of her hair? It looks terribly matted.

No. 705776


>using dildos in a bubble bath

Enjoy your massive yeast infection, Shay!

No. 705781

Especially with bath bomb water. This girl doesnt know a single thing about vaginal health.
(or any health for that matter)

No. 705786

Omg someone make a comparison pic for next thread

No. 705787

Quoted wrong post, mb

No. 705796

Pink is such a bad color on her. Not sure why fucking everything has to be pink. Compared to her recent photos, she looks better.

Just stop with the pink, shay. It’s tacky.

No. 705798


Cuz she's a stupid wittle baby!

No. 705827

File: 1538901255097.png (68.42 KB, 750x580, IMG_0194.PNG)

oh the irony

No. 705830


the banner of her pimpled cunt and ass are different, though! /s

No. 705831

Cos that’s not hypocritical at all… she’s had what 2/3 twitters deleted for that reason.

No. 705837

She doesn't have the face for the pink baby uwu look she's trying to pull off. She could probably do the alt girl or ""hot stoner gf"" pretty well, but she won't.

No. 705886

She'd definitely make more money that way but we know Shay isn't about the money despite claiming to be a businesswoman.

No. 705893

Ig you could say Dolly…. Matted

No. 705908

no she wouldn't lol changing her look might help slightly but she has no work ethic

No. 705939

Lmao edit this and make it the new thread pic omg

No. 705940

Pepe 2.0

No. 705952

She's under 26, in the US you can be covered by your parents' insurance until you're 26 so she could probably see a therapist under her parents' coverage. Don't think this law applies with shitty "Daddy" doms though.

No. 705974

File: 1538928088654.jpeg (466.1 KB, 1242x1173, 9B3BF7E7-EAE8-4DFB-9B2E-F01663…)

She’s blowing up Twitter rn about cyber bullying and about how sex workers on twitter are “so much nicer”.

Plus this bullshit. “Just a couple props”

No. 705975

She’s claiming she’s “barely going to use tumblr anymore” and instead switch over to twitter and insta, even though Instagram is known for hating sex workers and it’s an unsafe platform.

Keep being stupid Shayna.

No. 705976

Bitch get your Fupa daddy to buy that cheap shit

No. 705981

everything on this list except the dildo can be bought at target or walmart, even the cloak since it's spooky season, move your ass bitch

No. 705982

That would involve leaving the house though, which Shayna only does when Fupa says its okay (aka only late at night)

No. 706012


>she’s “barely going to use tumblr anymore”

maybe I'm reaching here but that makes me wonder if she wants to switch over to Insta and Twitter because of Fupa? I couldn't imagine any other reason why she would move away from her "most active" fan base? This makes no sense and makes it sound like she wants to have a fupa free place?

No. 706015

she actually looks decent here because she isn’t wearing her haggard ass winged eyeliner she could be pretty buf ick i guess uwu bimbo grandma is better (also is that fupapa’s septum ring kek how more fake edgy can u get)

No. 706019

posting porn is literally against their TOS and with their algorithm changes it's pretty rough getting your stuff out there unless you have an established following. Doubt she'll last long.

No. 706054

She’s on like her 3rd Instagram and her 4th twitter because she can’t follow the rules or thinks she’s above them or some shit. On twitter she could have gotten at least 2 of her profiles unsuspended if she just changed the pic and reported to twitter but noOOOooo we have to get sad girl victim points by claiming the platforms are against her and everyone needs to regollow her and buy her content to make her feel better.

God I hate you so fucking much Shayna. You are a stain on the world of sex work.

No. 706135


there is no difference.
genitals are genitals regardless of gender.
most blogs block /anyone/ who has genitalia as an avatar or banner tbh

No. 706136

Ahahaha she is so fucking stupid and such a narcissist. Your pimply vag is not a gift from the gods. Ugh

No. 706137

File: 1538941851058.jpg (Spoiler Image,46.49 KB, 354x818, 3602.jpg)

Such a hypocrite.

No. 706142


Sry, for a sec I thought I forgot to spoiler, so I deleted, didn't realize but i had it clicked.

Absolutely anon! She thinks just bc she's wearing pink, it somehow elevates her ballsack, boil infected vagina. But aesthetics… kek

No. 706145

File: 1538942380786.png (78.16 KB, 266x535, Screenshot 2018-10-07 at 2.58.…)

i wonder if this is about Fupa's wife knowing about his blog?

No. 706149

huh? yeah they're pretty similar

No. 706150

How does that make any sense in regards to Fupa’s wife? This is some heavy autistic tinfoiling rn.

No. 706152

File: 1538942920365.png (94.05 KB, 262x617, Screenshot 2018-10-07 at 3.02.…)


i was only asking because she's talking about leaked information and "people meddling in their real lives". kinda like the person did when they messaged fupas ex wife. it was a genuine question, kek.

No. 706165

I'd rather look at the penis at this point tbh

No. 706172

lmao she's so fucking dumb they're pretty much the same.

No. 706183

tbh for me her swallen ballsack is more disgusting to look at than just a penis

No. 706193

File: 1538947173709.jpeg (285.6 KB, 1242x1230, BC606228-8312-4096-A7D0-56ACB4…)

she has some fucking nerve. i laughed so hard at this

No. 706195

File: 1538947212542.jpeg (126.26 KB, 1216x734, B6BCAF76-FB4E-4DEF-9386-8D865F…)

self awareness is a beautiful thing

No. 706217

just an update for whoever makes future threads, she deleted pinkpussypopped.tumblr.com. probably because we ruined it for her with pinkpussypimplepopped

No. 706237

File: 1538951095872.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1242x1862, 7D65A6FE-6079-4BA2-BB8C-4DF985…)

Why is she begging for money for combat boots if she already has a perfectly good pair of Docs? I’m awarebthis i

No. 706238

I’m aware this is an old pic*

No. 706241

she could literally just wear this outfit. and I'm sure she still has a beanie kicking around from her stoner days if she's really requiring that for the video. but this is shay. she wants MOAR

No. 706268

Tbh it feels like an excuse for her NOT to make the video.

“Oops, you guys didn’t pay for the props I claimed I needed! Guess I can’t make any of those videos now! What a bummer!”

No. 706289

She does this every time she has a stupid idea for a video. Is it normal for cam girls to constantly ask for others to pay for their props/video shit? I genuinely have no idea.

No. 706294

no! you should budget money to spend /before/ you film videos and then whatever you earn on the video itself pays for the props you used. you set the cost of the video at a level that's reasonable to cover your expenses when filming it. you don't go begging your followers for money just to be able to DO YOUR JOB.

No. 706295

Lol no it’s not. Most use what they have or repurpose what they already have. She’s just too uncreative and lazy to do those things.

No. 706297


The Docs were conspicuously absent in the photo of her shoe closet posted in the last thread.


She used to wear septum rings when she was stoner Shay.

No. 706299

I think she owns more shoes than were in that picture of the closet, just not all her pink "aesthetic"/more than could fit in the shelves.

No. 706301

double post but I don't remember seeing her out of date black prada pumps in that photo either, but she just wore them in the sad closet secretary video

No. 706317

File: 1538958406788.jpg (124.73 KB, 1149x781, 5645634135325.JPG)

Just had a snoop on her MV page wall for comments or whatnot.

And I happened upon this, make of it what you will.

/s in case it's old milk

No. 706318


That's not really her fault. Manyvids doesn't notify you when people post on your wall.

No. 706322

Well, that is true.
But if you're running a business it might behoove you to actually check those once a month or so?

No. 706323

Its in the settings as an option to turn on email notifications when people write on your wall…

No. 706325

Mostnof those people are bluffing anyway and won’t pay for shit. They just want you to DM them so they can spurge their weird fantasies on you and then ghost you.

No. 706329

Well I don't know fuckall about this website so either one of you might be right.
To clarify: I meant that is true as in "oh if she doesn't get notified then it could be excused".
But if this is correct >>706323 then she should turn them on and reply to them regardless of this >>706325
Even if 3 out of 5 are bluffing, with how little she makes the remaining 2 would be a payday for her.
And yeah I know shes super lazy and stupid, but one can always hope I guess, -shrug.

No. 706333

File: 1538959709451.png (19.28 KB, 676x299, 1234.png)

No. 706334

has she posted her weekly schedule, is she going to be on cam tonight?

also how come I can see her tumblr on desktop but not on mobile app? I knew I was blocked by her and fupapa a while ago, but rarely go on desktop tumblr. I can see her whole blog, but his is still gone. can't load either of their posts from the mobile app

No. 706335

tips hat Allright, you are correct.

No. 706343

Tumblr is just broken as fuck; so that sounds about right.

No. 706345

File: 1538961678378.jpeg (Spoiler Image,561.35 KB, 1242x690, 3BBA042F-2405-4470-BF58-FA77C4…)

She looks legitimately mentally retarded. Why do all her “sexy” faces turn into tard faces?

No. 706346

ugh why is literally everything in this so pink. she looks sickly.

No. 706408

Damn girl at least scrub the shit stains off the wall first.

No. 706415

File: 1538968551087.jpg (51.37 KB, 234x622, Capture1.JPG)

No. 706416

File: 1538968559454.jpg (30.55 KB, 252x395, Capture.JPG)

No. 706417

File: 1538968644621.jpg (43.91 KB, 500x280, tumblr_pg9fpp4HrE1rmiw96o2_500…)

She cut back her hours again.

No. 706418


haha wait, so this dumb bitch took underage nudes and put her info on the internet, and then goes to the police because 'oh no my nudes and info are out there'?

are you retarded, shay? you put that shit out there and attached your real name to stuff. if you weren't so dumb, then you would lock your personal info down but you're an attention whore so you revealed and posted too much. that's how people can doxx you lol

No. 706419

If the cops read here they probably thought Shay's threads were hilarious lmao

No. 706420

OP here. I misread the response as it being back when she was with her parents but then I found >>706415 so I deleted the original post and reuploaded without the incorrect commentary.

No. 706428

Why would she cam from 10 AM to 1 PM on a Friday? That’s one of the best nights to be on late.

No. 706432

File: 1538970333755.png (4.54 MB, 1374x1500, hatersarejealous.png)

bored and felt like making something special. saged for shitpost

No. 706433

File: 1538970415146.png (84.51 KB, 750x767, IMG_4285.PNG)

A comment on her newest ig post. It's the pic of her with the pentagram septum

No. 706437

next thread pic please

No. 706452

way to leave her gross nipple in the second picture down on right, why do you want us to look at her tits

No. 706489

Because Fupa's no doubt home from work and he/they probably want date night. Fuck Shayna's earnings right.

No. 706500

Any content of her ever posted here are from her. She's the one who uploads all these photos, videos, and content online to several platforms, as well as release all information about herself. She used her real name as a handle "shay-gnar", and didn't change it when she started sex work because she said "it's already my brand". Not only that she used the same account/blog she's been using for 7 years, and didn't start over all because she didn't want to start over with the follower count. How dumb can you get.

All people are doing is discussing and commenting on the content she releases on her public social media platforms. Platforms she uploads to, that are meant to showcase and promote as well as feature comments. No one here is threatening her, they're just simply commenting also

What was she expecting? For the police NOT to print out the evidence? She's the one who tried to make a police report, all they were doing was routine. Sorry she felt like an idiot because they were doing their job by documenting/printing the forum of content she released, promoted, and perpetuated herself, with people exercising their first amendment rights?

Must have been embarrassing having pages of your sore- covered pussy and people discussing whether or not they're pimples, boils, warts, herpes, or what.

No. 706502

quit being a whiny bitch and accept this wonderful OC

No. 706534

File: 1538985068802.jpg (28.93 KB, 257x237, 5y45j.jpg)

She says this, yet she's the "porn creator" with boils, pimples, and whiteheads all over her pussy, who catfishes customers by hiding her pussy in previews, and them not seeing how disgusting it is until after they buy it.

She's had several customers come forward and complain.

No. 706536

Also adding, she cat fishes studios/production also. They wont know how bad her pussy looks until she's there in person. Possibly why they didn't airbrush out her boils in her agency pics, and just made her pose from the side or keep her panties on. Kinda like full discretion but not, like 'hey you booked her, you can clearly see the brown and red dots all over her cooch'. Can you imagine what nightmare you have to face from studios if you were her agency. She basically catfished her agency too tho. They didn't meet her in person until after she signed. kek.

No. 706539

Just saw her newest snap with fupa. Their interaction is so forced it’s painful to watch.

No. 706542

File: 1538986114222.jpg (Spoiler Image,71.41 KB, 269x943, Untitled01.jpg)

she considers that tasteful? i mean, at least she had the decency to hide the boils

No. 706543

How can you "tastefully" have your pussy out? If a dude had a profile picture with just a hint of scrotum, it would still be gross.

No. 706544

All their interaction is cringe. It's not cute or sweet or sexy. It's just weird. They're not a very attractive couple. I'm sure to each other they're the best thing, like with everyone. But it def doesn't translate to the rest of us.

No. 706549

Ya I dunno if they are even the best thing to each other though. In my opinion they won’t last.

No. 706560

Lol it's not even that good, just a shitty collage

No. 706622

Ok but post caps duh

No. 706752

File: 1539020073556.png (70.24 KB, 720x855, 2018-10-08 13_04_23-Mozilla Fi…)


No. 706753

File: 1539020151438.png (1.9 KB, 236x110, 2018-10-08 13_33_38-Mozilla Fi…)

lmao okay shayna

No. 706756


ah yes, promoting eating disorder blogs. exactly what a big blog should be doing, right? because she doesnt have anyone young and/or impressionable following her, right?

No. 706763

Also implying vaccines are scary and bad, even though she said herself the doctors had never seen anything like it, and never confirmed it was indeed the flu shot which caused it.

Ugh. Fuck her.

No. 706766

Happy and thriving!!
We been knew Shayna b/p whenever she gets stoned in Seattle and only has booze for meals before her shoots though
Goes to show how neglectful fupa is. He’s a self proclaimed gym rat but lets his gf eat like shit, drink every night, look at thinspo without ever working out

No. 706772

people in middle school teased her relentlessly about tit veins? well okay then.

No. 706779

I’ve always questioned this like was she flashing her tits at school? How would they even know she had a veiny tit?

No. 706786

Lmao is this bitch really trying to get spoonie points rn?

No. 706791

If a flu shot actually were to cause muscle deterioration (it doesn’t) and the doctors had “never seen anything like it”, she would have no doubt at least been in the local news. Thousands of people get flu shots every year, if she had such severe side effects as she claims, it would have been in newspapers. It also wouldn’t cause veins to show or any distending of the veins because it’s an intramuscular shot, not intravenous.

No. 706798

she claimed it was all over the right side of her chest and back. So yeah, unless her mother was allowing her to wear really low cut tops to grade school or something, I’m not sure how or why other kids would even notice.

No. 706805

File: 1539023780238.jpg (19.42 KB, 226x340, 122.JPG)

No. 706806

Changing for gym class or something? Truth is probably ONE classmate/friend saw it and teased her and she's rewritten the narrative to being relentlessly bullied over it.

No. 706807

File: 1539023850863.jpg (15.38 KB, 246x177, 123.JPG)

Shay stop talking about yourself.

No. 706808

this was literally just how her boobs developed like is she gonna say the bcg caused her clam neck

No. 706820

Seriously though…spider veins are normal. It’s also super normal if you’re pale, lots of people who are pale have noticeable veins on their chest and collarbone areas. She’s just trying to get victim points like usual.

No. 706836

maybe she should do a mutated tit porn for halloween

No. 706837

She should do situps, she has an out of shape twink body and a broken pussy. I don't know why she thinks being a little girl is the way to be, when she clearly looks like a crack smoking 34 year old mother of 5.

No. 706904

File: 1539032551572.jpeg (54 KB, 736x427, B3B41A08-AAE0-4AF5-AD43-E40564…)

Really trying to convince us she actually bathes. Someone totally called this in the last thread lmao.

No. 706906


this is doing nothing but convincing me she just stands or sits in her filth for hours on end lmao

No. 706911

Beer in the shower.. it would go all warm and get water in it. Why?

No. 706912


I used to drink in the shower, but I was an alcoholic. Which Shay definitely isn't. Right?

No. 706922

Shower beer is a meme of sorts. She's trying to be quirky but it just comes across as stupid because it's her.

No. 706926

i get drinking in the tub because they're typically longer and not so much for actual cleaning but for relaxing. But in the shower?? We all know Shay barely even washes herself, can she really not wait 5 seconds to have a drink

No. 706937

You can tell she's been super anxious, bored, and lonely with the influx of her begging for asks. She must really be loving her new life in bumfuck Oklahoma, where everyone else dreams of getting the fuck out of. kek. Talk about crazy buyers remorse. Fupa's prob feeling the same. Sad when you gotta rely on your followers for attention you should be getting from your so.

No. 706945

File: 1539035945768.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1200x2092, 735AF6DE-9F5D-4710-8710-7E11A1…)

lmao, she even needs to post a pic every time she bathes to prove it.

No. 706951

What is the point of showering with your hair in braids?

No. 706957

KEK that facial expression and hair really aren’t helping the fact that she looks like a rat.

No. 706960

i love the juxtaposition of her tired, baggy, dead-looking eyes against the sparkle of the sc filter. art

No. 706963

Fupa def has made it a rule for her to wash her body. Like everyone knows how gross her pussy is, it's as if he really enforced it to help his image.

No. 706970

So you don’t have to wash it, duh. Tbh she seems almost scared to wash her hair more than once every 10 days.

No. 706972

File: 1539037746573.jpeg (243.15 KB, 1242x449, D51C8A36-F822-4CD5-9852-EE9765…)

She reads this thread too much, kek.

She doesn’t need the props anymore, she just wants them. Stop showing how much you read this thread, cow.

No. 706974

Why is she always begging for items? A percentage of the money she makes from her videos should be invested back in to make more content, such as props, costume, camera equipment, backdrops. Your "business" should be a priority. What exactly is she buying with the money she says she's been making?

No. 706975

Washing your hair with braids in leads to tangles, knots, and dreading.
Sooo confirmed doesn’t wash her hair and just washes her icky vago for fupa.

No. 706979

I follow some sex workers on tumblr and they rarely ask for prop money, if ever. Even Camdamage who does some pretty intricate shoots never asks for anything for them. Then there's Shay who cant do anything without begging for money to do it. She claims she makes so much but doesn't put any back into her business??

No. 706986

it's good that she's not washing her hair every time she showers, otherwise she wouldn't have any. I'm still triggered by how matted her hair is in that last video. never washed matted hair or it will just solidify into dreads and be impossible to brush, you have to cut them out. although I doubt she even brushes her hair anymore lol it would all just break off.

No. 706993

Yeah I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that she randomly blocks her fans just for liking her posts.

No. 707005

File: 1539041284763.jpg (19.91 KB, 279x258, icon.jpg)

(talking about which photo to use as her new icon)
She has such a weird looking face. I've never thought she was pretty. Who lied to her and ever told her she was hot? She has such a blown up ego from far too many yrs of tumblr use. Super ironic since her beloved platform and the "communities" she sought attention and praise from all can't stand her, and she's become the meme of 'that girl with disgusting pussy boils who insists on making porn'.

No. 707043

Why did she mention such a specific amount of time?? Lmao I'm so puzzled by her rn and also all the time

How long do you think it will take for her non shower curtain and stuffed animals to get moldy from being around the tub? I say a couple weeks.

No. 707044

Cause shower caps aren’t uwu cute and baby bimbo.

No. 707105

As a fellow alcoholic, I notice shit like the fact she's drinking IPAs which are on the somewhat higher end of typical beer ABV. So she's quicker to get a buzz going. She literally day drinks and gets drunk every day. Thriving though right?

No. 707107

Probably because Fupa's rules.. if he hadn't gotten bored of them. He had her waking up at set times and routinely bathing.

No. 707110

File: 1539051530794.jpg (55.03 KB, 600x800, atrophy.jpg)

I know we're all on board here that this is bullshit, but I can't believe she's still at it with this made up "flu shot" story. Tit veins aren't really that unusual and are usually genetic or hormonal. Her's are just a lot more apparent because she's very fair skinned. I don't buy the flu shot story or the muscle deterioration nonsense either. I've seen people with actual muscle deterioration and she obviously does not have any in her chest or arm or there would be a noticeable difference between her right and left side and has nothing to do with her wonky nipples. She's a really terrible liar, but I guess she is that desperate for the attention.

Also, how/why would she be getting teased for tit veins in middle school? How would anyone even know she has them?

Given her body type, I have a difficult time believing she hit puberty hard enough in middle school to cause her tit veins then? Who knows though, the whole thing sounds made up. I could see her being made fun of in high school for it though maybe? I guess?

Her hair is straight up disgusting. Shay needs to hydrate that rats nest desperately.

No. 707161

IPA's also really tend to fatten you up. SAD

No. 707170

Exactly. In the U.S. what she describes occurring probably would've been grounds for legal action… to me it sounds like she's always had them and made up some story to make her seem ~special~

No. 707294

Beer in general does..?

No. 707298

File: 1539075279274.png (264.02 KB, 640x1136, 116E5246-B32B-4E54-8A61-D54B6F…)

No. 707310

Damn. That didn't take long. Sounds like she's desperately looking to bail already.

No. 707319


Is it possible she's knocked up? Birth control isn't necessarily 100% effective and fupa seems to historically have working sperm.

Mood swings/podge/tiredness etc..

Horrifying thought.

No. 707360

Do anons theorize Shayna would get an abortion or keep the baby if this is true? Imagine her having to care for another human being when she can't even take care of herself.

No. 707372

Lmao how has there not been a statement from fupa yet with her posting all this shit lately?

No. 707374

>>707360 i think shed keep it for that sweet government cash. and child support. all the support. people like her that shouldnt be having kids often do JUST for the money

No. 707379

fupa would probably try to convince her to get rid of it, i doubt he wants to be paying support for another child

No. 707382

its funny that you imply he actually pays support…

No. 707383

I shudder to think that she'd legitimately try to make pregnancy porn just to make a quick buck as well. She seems that depraved

No. 707385

File: 1539088718983.jpg (913.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181009-075500.jpg)

She was live on Instagram last night (while camming??) but didn't really say/do anything interesting other than being manic and obnoxious as fuck. She was giving me serious momokun vibes lol


No. 707387

File: 1539089645547.jpg (522.3 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181009-135346_Chr…)

Man she looks like an actual goblin and that hairs about to snap off.

No. 707390

File: 1539090548011.jpg (486.57 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181009-060849_Chr…)

What a sad room

No. 707396

Her thigh looks like she’s been self harming unless it’s from rib or her claws idk

No. 707399

File: 1539090910627.png (5.97 MB, 1125x2436, 94CB3453-DD0E-491C-AF31-C9DF1D…)

No. 707409

Just watched her live Instagram and that shit was appalling. She's hardcore spiralling.

No. 707417

Looks like self harm to me. They look too far apart to be cat claws.

No. 707419

Tbh it made me really uncomfortable watching this. It's like watching someone a second away from breaking down completely. She seemed better when she was living in Seattle by herself

No. 707420

http://daddys-pain-princess.tumblr.com/tagged/me this is shaynas orbiter harley btw, as people were wondering a couple days ago

No. 707421


What the fuck was that sudden manic laughter lmao jesus. I swear you could think that she lives alone. It's not even a month and you can tell that both of them already hate the entire situation they choose to be in lol.

No. 707423

All these obsessed fans are always overweight and disgusting

No. 707432

oh wow we talking OVERWEIGHT overweight

No. 707433

File: 1539095548019.png (2.84 MB, 750x1334, AEE9E102-B65E-4BF1-9CA3-39EB31…)

sorry if nitpicking but wow, this is sad. she literally looks like she’s living in a crack den. they definitely didn’t get new carpets when they bought the house, or even clean them. I’m sure once upon a time those carpets were white or cream. and that washed out crusty old faded pink towel/blanket never fails to disgust me.

No. 707461

You'd think this is some poor girl being held captive in an abandoned house, what is that setup? It looks even worse from other angles.

No. 707466

File: 1539098634723.gif (4.96 MB, 396x704, Daddyslilcutter.gif)

100% self harm marks and they don't look like scars yet to me either.

No. 707467

"this is more attention than i EVER get on cam!" kek

No. 707469


absolutely thriving with Dada

No. 707484

Honestly they look like swollen fresh scratches from her nasty press on nails

No. 707486

I feel really bad for her but also at the same time am not surprised it ended up this way for her.

No. 707487

would she really be showing it off like this though????

No. 707488

anyone watch her on cam last night? she could've been tipped to leave marks on herself in some way

No. 707490

damn shay

No. 707493

File: 1539100898442.png (416.32 KB, 528x806, Screenshot_2018-10-09-08-43-17…)

No. 707496

File: 1539100942668.png (546.78 KB, 587x1051, Screenshot_2018-10-09-08-40-24…)

No. 707497

It’s hard to tell if it’s self harm or just nail marks tbh, we all know shaynasty can’t help picking and scratching at herself so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just claw marks from her dirty nails from scratching at her legs on cam, if it is self harm that’s really sad though. Thought she was ‘thriving’

No. 707498

File: 1539100991121.png (425.91 KB, 554x914, Screenshot_2018-10-09-08-44-28…)

No. 707499

File: 1539101025266.png (446.78 KB, 527x970, Screenshot_2018-10-09-08-47-54…)

No. 707501

File: 1539101140062.png (414.77 KB, 533x840, Screenshot_2018-10-09-08-50-24…)

"I'm like a giraffe in every aspect."

A video edit anon should loop her giraffe poses.

No. 707502

Omg why are all her fangirls these heinous looking creatures? She’s fucking huge.

No. 707505

The face she makes when she touches soap

No. 707506

Her bio is vomit-inducing, jfc. Why won't these girls just go to therapy?

No. 707511

File: 1539101774621.gif (8.09 MB, 473x840, 2934E445-440E-4B43-9537-F276B0…)

this is frightening

No. 707512

Why does this bitch burp so much? You would think that she would find a way to cater specifically to men and women who get off on shit like that because of how often she does it. But nope, instead she’s trying to go for a pretty princess vibe. I truly do not get this girl, how is she so unaware of herself and her personality! It just does not match the vibe she wants to send out and it’s so frustrating.

No. 707513

i like how the two shower beers are there. why'd you open 2 cans of beer at the same time if you can't even finish them?

No. 707514

I think drugged out auntie is having a mental breakdown/stroke

No. 707515

Because sex work will solve all their problems,anon! Duh! That’s what tumblr says!

No. 707518

File: 1539101919361.jpg (464.23 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20181009-120958_Tum…)

her tumblr is chock full of shit like this right now, mental breakdown in progress

No. 707525

File: 1539102242027.jpeg (142.9 KB, 1242x544, EAD27476-21D7-4301-8EBF-85C022…)

Don’t worry Shay, just get your Dada to make you suck his cock, that makes everything all better like you said right?!

No. 707527

Yeah. Her whole deal is “give me attention dada” and she has never been a cutter before. Not to minimize the fact she’s actually suffering if she’s self harming, but it’s just another cry for help. She wants validation and people to exclaim over it and pity her. Or, gross mental image, Fupa was eating her out and left scratches when he was holding her thighs. We’ll just need to see how it progresses to find out.

No. 707540

File: 1539102761452.png (506.36 KB, 553x967, Screenshot_2018-10-09-09-13-50…)

No. 707542

take a shot everytime she says "um" if you wana get shay-level drunk

No. 707543

File: 1539102948723.png (518.51 KB, 550x989, Screenshot_2018-10-09-09-16-17…)

"I'm not drunk. I've only had a beer and a half. I haven't got any weed on me, so I'm gonna drink the fuck out of the rest of this beer."

Binge drinking explained.

She then brazenly burped several times.

No. 707545

File: 1539103036575.png (71.66 KB, 257x411, DrunkardMattel.png)

She's really not talking about fupa anymore, huh? It's just this now?

It also looks like she's aggressively reblogging her porn, tinfoil but what if she's trying to save money to move out?

No. 707547


Bless you, anon. The tongue flicking would be a treat, too >>707496.

No. 707549

File: 1539103146039.png (424.55 KB, 552x994, Screenshot_2018-10-09-09-21-03…)

Miming to Billie Holiday.

No. 707550

File: 1539103179262.png (457.9 KB, 562x960, Screenshot_2018-10-09-09-21-07…)

No. 707551

File: 1539103209347.png (443.71 KB, 546x1004, Screenshot_2018-10-09-09-21-44…)

No. 707554

Is she having a legit mental breakdown right now?

No. 707556

File: 1539103710544.gif (8.11 MB, 473x840, 5BBBFB2B-B04C-4E0D-9425-4DE237…)

No. 707558

File: 1539103740312.gif (14.04 MB, 473x840, 5B14195F-1DBA-408E-B529-2C538F…)

That self realization moment at the end…

No. 707560

it was supposedly her first time trying these filters and she started doing dramatic lip syncing for some reason

No. 707561

Oh lord, grandma got into the pain pills again

No. 707563

lmao god this could be a thread pic on it's own

No. 707569

This actually makes me feel bad for her and I kinda wish she would try to do better by herself. Throwing yourself into kids shows and a bottle of wine are not the right steps though.

Even if she does leave fupa, he has basically commandeered her brand and remaining tumblr following with this 'daddy mattel' bs.

No. 707575


Whatever Happened to Baby Shay?

No. 707578

Dont think she cammed last night? Her schedule only said photo-set.

No. 707593

As a psychiatric nurse for 5 years, I can confirm this is a serious episode right here. She has some issues and she needs to seek help. She is resorting to substance abuse and a form of codepence to make herself feel somewhat “okay.” She is going no where in life. Sorry, not sorry. I am in full support of legitamite sex workers who are in a good frame of mind, but Shay is not. She has said in the past that a therapist and medication is not “for her,” but that is a huge red flag that she has some real problems. She needs a therapist and some meds and a wake up call. She needs helps.

No. 707596

what is a serious episode? Which breakdown are you referring to?

No. 707603

Dude have you read this thread? Like even the last 20 posts? She’s gone from “yikes” to “YIKES” in a matter of weeks aka since moving to bumfuck. She consistently posts manic depressive things about wanting to die, not being good enough, etc. Her drinking has gone WAY up to the point where it’s literally a part of every cam session and even some videos. She is broadcasting herself falling apart on every medium possible.

No. 707608

Honestly I think she should take a break from camming completely and focus on her mental health because not only is it not good for business for her existing customers to see her acting like a wreck, she’d feel a whole lot better for it. Sort your life out and go home to your parents shay

No. 707612

I’m just asking which breakdown they were referring to…take your autistic rage elsewhere.

No. 707624

Fupa has probably gone ghost and will never log into his blog again and just pretend all of this never happened lol. Jesus. I wonder if he is looking into flights to send her to her parents ASAP so he can be done. She really is spiraling rn

No. 707639

they also barely spend time together as their schedules don’t line up. By the time she wakes up at 12 Pm he’s at work. and when she’s “working” he’s off at the “gym” (aka stuffing his face with whataburger and claiming it’s for gains) and when he gets home (at 2 am for whatever reason? What gym is open that late?) she’s already in bed. It’s kind of sad, but I can’t feel bad for someone who made her life out to be absolute perfection and moving in with him to be absolute luxury living.

No. 707646

it's definitely from her scratching her leg. literally minutes before, the first time she filmed her setup in the video, there were no marks

No. 707649

did he mention he's home that late somewhere, if this is true thats kind of sad… they used to talk more when their relationship was just online

No. 707673

Shay, honey, at this point don't worry about the "haters". Even we want to see you get out of there. It's not about "I told you so", it's about not wanting to watch you spiral out of control and get irreparably damaged by this dangerous situation. Reach out. Get help. Ask your dad to fly you home for a few weeks, take a break from work, and work on yourself. Stop making excuses and get a therapist because you KNOW you need one. Don't let it get too late. help yourself. Reach out to anyone at this point. Get out. Even the "haters" think you don't deserve this shit ass predator. he is dangerous. Don't wait for the bomb to go off. Get out now.

No. 707676

File: 1539109442385.jpg (178.31 KB, 598x672, Screenshot_2018-10-09-19-03-13…)

Sad shay's souless shack. Haus of Mattel just isn't working for you, there no shame in saying sorry.
Go home, find your family, find your friends, but most of all, find your fucking dignity girl. You don't need a twatty used up selfish old man, you're better than this. Despite what you may think about this place nobodies relishing in your sadness, we may be bitches but we're not entirely without heart.

No. 707683

my tinfoil is that Fupa now hates Shat because he feels like being with her is actually ruining his entire irl life, and now Shay's fucked because she moved out there and probably has no money and is now living with a man who doesnt love her as much as he used to claim.

(info out there, ex wife knowing dirty secrets, boss could find out, apparently lost friends over her)

No. 707686


Has he been posting at all?

No. 707696

He hasn’t posted in a few days. I hate to say I told you so but….girl…you are 21 did you really expect moving in with a man much older that you barely knew would be the solution to all your problems and guarantee lifelong happiness?

No. 707704

Her voice is the absolute WORST! And her face, I can't even. She's insufferable, I can't even tolerate a minute of this.

No. 707705

Seriously he’s over 10 years older than her, they have nothing in common besides the fact that he likes to do flaky bdsm practices and she’ll sit there and take it.

No. 707706

Didn’t he post something the other day while lurking at whataburger and being one of them after midnight gym guys

No. 707708

File: 1539110544639.jpg (27.8 KB, 500x281, bette-baby-jane.jpg)


All I can see.

No. 707709

yeah what gym is open after midnight though?? I’m almost certain he’s just using old pics while he stuffs his face at whataburger late at night to get more time away from Shayna.

No. 707710


some gyms are open 24 hrs

No. 707712

Nothing to add to this but I'm losing my fucking mind at "Shat"

No. 707713

I’m going to be sick, this woman is glamorizing rape and shit? Not to self blog but as a survivor that kinda shit makes me so angry and boils my piss ffs. I’m all for exploring and enjoying kinks hell I do BDSM myself but straight up rape and rape torture is just a smack in the face to real victims like wtf is wrong with some people

No. 707714


Fupa 100% embarrassed that this entire thing didn't worked out as he hoped. No fancy 25/7 tumblr bdsm shit to broadcast online, no nice house to flex, NOTHING. Now he has a depressed girl sitting in his house that does nothing but drinking beer and being sad. Also, the house still looks like on day one when they moved in: No furniture or cute spooky decoration uwu but filthy af.

Makes me really wonder how the snap >>706539 looked like with the current awkward situation between them.

No. 707715

"does this have filters?" oh Shayna.

No. 707717

Shayna And Fupa do it all the time, she’s just another fat cow looking for their validation.

No. 707727

File: 1539111171704.jpg (50.79 KB, 522x816, 4f7j.jpg)


Those def look like cuts on her thigh, go to 10:54 sec of the video.

No. 707738

File: 1539111457911.jpg (45.09 KB, 240x347, gok.jpg)

So she's on cam, and she had a song on, Beach Boys' God Only Knows. When it was playing she got really irritated, and jumped to turn it off, and says "I just wanted to put some songs on to cheer me up, but listening to people be happy is pissing me off more than anything"

No. 707740

Pet Sounds seems like a happy album but it's pretty fucking depressing

No. 707745

File: 1539111786432.jpg (55.85 KB, 504x433, regress.jpg)

She regressed hard for a little, then snapped out of it and said she had no weed after getting off cam last night. Then she broke her bong, that she spent 200 couple weeks ago, that she's devastated about. And also after broke her chillum. Then she let out this painful shrill scream. "And that's not even the tip of all my problems" "For once I'm drinking red wine, that's how you know Im sad"

No. 707747

Now she's talking about how she has perfect nipples and how everyone likes them, and how they're the nipples from god or some shit.

Now she's put on some Christmas music.

Tinfoiling, maybe she's holding on to Fupa just for the time she can bring him back to MA for the holidays.

Eh, maybe not, she just turned the Xmas music off after 10 secs.

No. 707751

-Talking about how she has the worst dark cirles, and how only zombies and methheads have it worse than her.

"Life is bullshit"

Talking to Harley now… (her orbiter, see >>707420 )

No. 707762

File: 1539112408081.jpg (136.08 KB, 1020x500, cry.jpg)

.. and she's cracked.

She was in the middle about talking about peanut butter, and outta nowhere says, "i'm crying" and just broke down. I didn't get the best caps of it, sry

No. 707763

she seems really tweaked out and manic. she was talking about peanut butter and then started crying..? what the fuck is going on

No. 707768

Alright, thats enough narrating from me, I can't handle anymore, she's a mess. Cuts visible last night, while throwing the phone into several angles, she wanted someone to see. Also, camming like that, someone would see.

Then all the breaking down today. Shit with Fupa is def not going good guys.

No. 707772

File: 1539112634148.png (8.53 KB, 499x89, 787d4aba19f82b94ae980f7f6744a6…)

she didn't respond to this and not long later said "i'm not here to talk about things that are making me sad". oof.

No. 707783


she just said Fupa broke her bong and he broke his piece, kek.

No. 707791

someone said he should get no sex for breaking her bong and she got all upset over it?

No. 707795


probably because she knows that wouldnt end well. i can see her jokingly saying that him going full rage.
also i meant to say She* broke his piece.

No. 707805

File: 1539113552811.jpg (13.66 KB, 258x187, cam.jpg)

This on her tumblr

No. 707809

She;s talking about how she can't watch netflix, about to loose her amazon prime, and her spotify bc they still haven't sent her her card.They said 7-10… It's been 9 days.

She says it feels like life's taking her by her balls and ??m squeezing it? ripping it apart?

No. 707812

It’s funny she posted this because then when she’s online she’s getting mad at people for asking why she’s so upset. THEN DONT ASK PEOPLE TO COME COMFORT YOU ON CAM BECAUSE YOURE “SO SAD”, SHAYNA.

I’m 150% sure she’s just using this as a ploy to make people feel bad so they’ll tip her. They won’t tip her for being herself so she has to play sad girl victim.

No. 707814

life is grabbing her by her pussy scrotum

No. 707816

"this is my life, I can have 50 people here, and noone wants to do anything…

don't know what more i can do for people to tip me"

I don't know.. maybe WORK.

No. 707822

LMAO at least she is self aware about her life and how her vag looks like a ballsack.

No. 707832

lmao, right?

No. 707840


She keeps talking about no one talking to her but she doesn’t engage anyone first. She doesn’t try randomly talking about her interests, or try asking specific premiums how they’re doing. She never has any games going. She isn’t even trying, she just expects money to flow in.

No. 707841

Why is she on a camsite for this? She should do an instagram live or something, how can you expect people to do anything for you who are only there to see your tits?

No. 707844

Major tinfoil but, could fupa be hiding her card?

It’s probably not at that level of abuse (yet?) but I’m genuinely worried for her. Her poor decisions don’t justify any form of abuse.

No. 707872

File: 1539116449028.jpg (34.47 KB, 272x468, alone.jpg)

lol, posting these while knowing fupa will see it on tumblr, that's just PAST pathetic.

No. 707875

This reminds me of the "laugh now, cry later" theater masks.

Next thread pic please.

No. 707877

File: 1539116640164.jpeg (190.75 KB, 750x657, B9E2304F-BA62-4F49-8E7A-B25A5E…)

She posted this on twitter

No. 707880

How come the thought of Fupa finding a hott girl at work or the gym or in the line of whataburger and leaving shay to wallow in her sorrows, starting to sound more and more like a possibility.

No. 707887

File: 1539117113301.jpg (123 KB, 594x870, fupa.jpg)

fupas blog, tinfoil away

No. 707890

File: 1539117137273.jpg (60.79 KB, 436x464, l.jpg)

lyrics to fupa's song

No. 707892

He also keeps playing “all girls are the same” look up the lyrics cos it’s pretty telling.

No. 707901

Incoming tinfoil. Is he thinking about his ex wife? Knowing how his ex wife is with a better man now, is much happier with herself, and has custody of this kids, maybe he's realized how fucking stupid he was for going with a 21 year old cam thot. I know in some previous threads anons posted how he dated another girl through tumblr before shay, maybe it could be her too?

No. 707902

I’m gonna laugh my ass off if he considers this bullshit to be rap.

No. 707905

I doubt it. He’s probably just found out that being with Shayna is ruining his life because shayna is a disgusting dumpster whore who lies about her life on the internet and puts all her info out there. He probably expected a 24/7 submissive slut who would do whatever he wants, whenever he asks. But that’s not how BDSM works, Fupa.

No. 707906

Even if she did completely changed her life around and started to improve herself by quitting camming and going back to MA, could she even really have a normal life? Her name is tied to all the gross porn she's done. If she was going to find a regular job, wouldn't employers see it by searching her name? I feel like she's dug herself too deep into this hole, but I could be wrong too.

No. 707907

This dumbass ADULT posting songs like a preteen on myspace I swear… Every time I almost start feeling sympathy for Shay one of them does something that makes me realize they did this to themselves and they’re the only ones who can undo it, but they need to actually communicate instead of vagueblog on social media. What a dumpster fire.

No. 707910

I think the worst of it is she is on fucking IMDB for those awful insex videos.

No. 707911


Not to blogpost but I’m a sex worker whose employers have found out at every job I’ve been at and that’s no reason for her not to get a regular job.

No. 707912

the main reason would be because she’s lazy AF and has no real work ethic.

No. 707913

I think we overestimate how deeply employers look into a candidate’s history. She has no education and couldn’t possibly get an office job at a reputable place, but I believe she has a chance in a local restaurant/shop/even a factory. Her chances of having a ‘normal’ life haven’t been harmed. However her chances for a traditionally ‘successful’ life are ruined only because she’s incapable of putting any of her skills to use. Let’s not even get into her mental issues, though…

No. 707920

Part of the problem is the type of porn she does, I think. Maybe employers don't mind sex workers in general but she's a relatively big name on tumblr so how hard would it be for someone at work to recognize her, and then I'm not sure employers would be down with one of their workers pandering to pedophiles while wearing diapers.

No. 707923

That’s the truth… With some degree of charm and class she could own her sex work even at another job, but we all know she has neither of those things

No. 707926

Is she /really/ a big name on tumblr? I know the notes and interactions aren’t necessarily a good indicator of popularity on a porn blog, but is it possible to guesstimate what her reach really is?

No. 707931

Been on tumblr for 11 years and seen her on my dash once. She really doesn't have the reach she believes she does.

No. 707932

She’s been on tumblr now for almost 7 years, and she’s blacklisted in most SW circles and stoner circles. Her name is very well known on tumblr for how controversial she’s always been.

No. 707934

You know, I’m actually more worried about one of her fans recognizing her at work, now that I think of it. What if some sicko takes what she posts about liking what she claims to like at face value and actually hurts her?

No. 707937

Most people have heard of her, she had more reach before the shit with littlesativabug where she started getting put on blocklists and whatever. She used to interact with a lot more blogs than she did before. She used to be pretty liked and was in with a bigger name. I'm kinda in the 'sex worker community' and I still see her on my blog sometimes even with the blacklists. Not as often as before though. Not a far stretch to believe that someone who followed sex workers would know her name.

No. 707944

Musing on Shay's situation and it occurs to me that "haters" are the only ones who have been giving her decent and caring advice. Shower daily. Take it down a notch with all the intoxicants. DO NOT MOVE IN WITH FUPA BECAUSE EVEN HIS MOM THINKS HE IS A TURD. Get that crotch rash looked at by a professional. Stop engaging in sexual activity minutes after getting waxed. Get some exercise. Eat some fruit and vegetables. If you're gonna be a cam girl, at least do it well and make it pay off.

The fans have been cheering her into misery and will keep doing it.

No. 707955

Back when she was stoner Shayna you could not got on tumblr without seeing her face but that was years ago

No. 707957

I think that’s the key, actually- I definitely trust that she has a big reach with sex workers and people who follow sex workers especially because of the controversy, but that doesn’t translate to average-workingclass-person reach (if that makes sense.)

Part of me is really rooting for her to get help, get a job and get better, and the other part has no patience for her dumbass obstinately bad decisions. She probably needs this horrible experience with fupa in order to learn, and that’s really sad.

No. 707959

just an fyi as a past hiring manager and current recruiter for a large company supporting multiple positions – you can and will be googled and hiring managers will draw whatever conclusions they want from what they find lol
just because they aren't "allowed" to discriminate because of something or other doesn't mean they won't do it quietly and just say you're unqualified or whatever
anyone that is a semi-competent job seeker in 2018 needs to scrub as much questionable stuff off the internet as possible tbh, it can only work against you in the future

No. 707962

Huh, this must be how her parents feel. They try to steer her right and she calls them abusers. (To be fair there’s no way to know what her childhood was like, but the general consensus is that calling them abusive is a stretch, isn’t it?)

No. 707964

I am an average-workingclass-person. You don't have to be a sex worker to follow them or know of the names on tumblr (this thread in point). It would only take one person at her job to be on that side of tumblr and bring up her gross porn to the boss. If she did "classier" porn or just some tasteful nudes she could be fine but bitch has videos in diapers, pissing everywhere, and shitting out eggs.

No. 707966

I mean his ex wife did say that he was miserable to live with, doesn’t do anything around he house and expects things done for him. It’s become clear that shaynas fantasy of moving to a castle with daddy to take care of her is not happening. The reality is a weird cheap box house in Oklahoma with a man-child that doesn’t really know or care for you at all beyond using her for sex. I genuinely feel bad.

No. 707971

The fact that her father apparently found her porn equipment (i think the dog cage) and still sends her spongebob memes pretty much points to him not being abusive lol

No. 707975

You’ve got a point. There’s always that one (or multiple) gossipy person who’s chummy with the boss. If she keeps her past hidden somehow it’s probably only a matter of time before she’s found out. I wonder if she’d be humiliated.

No. 707978


Like I said, I’ve been found out at every regular job I’ve had. Every time has been because someone gossiped to my boss about it. Nothing ever happened, they never cared. That isn’t an excuse for her to not get a regular job.

No. 707981

Okay, but do you pander to pedos in diapers and lay in your own piss?

No. 707983


Ok that’s a fair point cus no lmao

No. 707984

File: 1539120848478.png (1.75 MB, 1091x1091, thedownwardspiral.png)

No. 707986

At the company I work at, all applicants are searched on every form of social media and anything remotely off will land an applicant in the no pile.
Realistically, there is nothing she offers in terms of skill that would make her more hirable than any other person, but many many things that would make an employer want to run away.

No. 707991

Not trying to say she shouldn't Try to have a normal life but I can't see an employer being okay with what she's posted online if they were to find out. Getting so far into her "super hardcore kinky baby slut" act could potentially come back to bite her if she decided to give it up

No. 707992

anon i love you for this

No. 707994

I wonder if this means she will be moving out soon. It’s embarrassing for both of them to have made such a big deal about their perfect new life together and he bought a fucking house, but this is clearly her saying that shit isn’t good with him. I mean how else could this be interpreted

No. 707997

In that video where he was at whataburger and then went home, as he’s going through the kitchen he’s like “and This is what I come home to” while pointing st the fast food trash on the counter. He obviously expects her to clean and do chores while he’s gone, she does only work a few hours at night and has the whole day to do it.

No. 708002

It's really telling that we haven't really seen fupa replying to Shay about anything she's been posting? Even if he's talking to her irl it's still odd.. I've seen some couples on tumblr (Not porn blogs but still) and whenever one would post half as much as Shay does about being sad the other says something online.

No. 708004

I mean also, is it possible that you’re an emotionally capable and competent sex worker who isn’t sent into a literal manic panic at the slightest hint of an issue? Not to be confrontational, I believe you that sex work is not an obstacle to a regular job. It’s just that Shay’s historically incapable of facing minor inconveniences with dignity.

No. 708016

I know you’re right, but I guess I’m just harboring this fantasy that she can change her name and hide out as a waitress at a sleepy diner in a small town, riding her bike to work and just you know, NOT getting used and abused. Pretty sure that’s a movie plot, though.

No. 708017

This specific reason is why I’m really concerned about this situation. What is the likelihood of her realizing “hey I made a mistake moving in with this person I literally don’t know in the middle of nowhere” and taking mature steps to leave the situation? I’m worried how the situation will pan out. I don’t think it will be pretty

No. 708019

If she could just stay off the god damn internet and change her hair and go by a different name for a while, this would actually be totally possible. Sadly I just don’t think she would take the necessary steps to live a quiet peaceful life

No. 708021

>Why does this bitch burp so much?
Probs because she drinks way too much and is on the path to becoming a serious alcoholic.
Yeah, this stopped being funny a while back. She may be crusty and self-absorbed, but she isn't remotely a bad enough person to deserve being in a situation like this.

No. 708022

lmao you guys are legitimately on crack for this one
first off this outcome is not indicative of her personality whatsoever
second, when you're applying for a job you don't just "go by a new name" this isn't a 1950's mystery novel

No. 708023

She's "in a situation like this" due to her own decisions. Zero sympathy.

No. 708024

she was actually bragging about this same situation not too long ago kek

No. 708025

Surely if she changed her name by deed poll she’d be able to find a ‘vanilla’ job in a shop/diner/warehouse etc?? She has options she’s just too stupid and stubborn to bother, not to mention playing the poor little me I’m sad card gives her the attention she craves. I think she’ll stay in this situation purely for the sympathy vote until something genuinely nightmareish happens. Take our advice and leave fatso ASAP shayna

No. 708033

>deed poll
this isn't the uk
>she has options
she's had options this whole time, she just purposefully chooses the most absolutely shitty ones

No. 708036

She can get a regular job in the service industry or some other lower-level career path, but if she does somehow get her shit together, go to school, and try to enter corporate life (which tbf isn't going to happen), she's absolutely screwed. Public sex work can and will fuck you over if you're on a more lucrative career path.

No. 708037

shayna doesn't deserve to be abused but she dug her own grave on this one. i don't feel sympathy when she had plenty of opportunities to fix shit before and went with all of the wrong choices. lie down with dogs and you get fleas!

No. 708045

i agree with the zero sympathy anons. i feel bad for shay yeah but i can't understand anons saying "she isn't remotely a bad enough person to deserve being in a situation like this" because she kind of… is. she has been a total lying narcissistic bitch about this whole thing for the last year and she's a manipulator. she gave up having her working father and mother pay for her college and she refuses to be a decent human. it is sad what her life is, yeah fupa is a piece of shit, but shay isn't an innocent victim at all. she turned down having a perfectly good life that so many people would kill for to try to flex online and to be cocky and gross and now she's finally realizing how bad her choice was, she realizes that fupa isn't being her dada slave and pampering her lazy selfish ass like she thought and now she's pushing the pity card lol

No. 708049


Agree completely. You can feel sorry for her, but don't think she's innocent, she made her own bed and now has to deal with the repercussions. She did this entirely to herself and now she's wanting pity for her own stupid fuck ups. All of this is self inflicted pain that she's putting herself through to keep up her sex worker bimbo image. Is it sad to see someone suffer like this? Yea. But is does she deserve better? Nah, not really. She brought this on herself.

No. 708063

also worth noting that they used to talk on Tumblr all the time, to the point where we were joking that they didn't even speak in person because of how much they interacted online. Amazing to see a complete 180 where they don't acknowledge each other's existence online. I wonder what that means for real life. Remember when they were in Mexico, and just kept reblogging each other's posts 24/7? Like they were just sitting in their room silently communicating over the phone? And now we see none of that. No interaction on Tumblr at all. They are over each other. I wonder if fupapa is already messaging a new girl.

No. 708067

Nah I'm sticking with didn't change the address and it's in Seattle.

No. 708078

is it tho? her real name isn't dolly mattel

No. 708080

Under her real name you find these threads and can easily discover everything about her.

No. 708081

this got my vote for next thread pic bless you anon

No. 708082

True, but her real name is tied to these threads though. Even if he real name wasn't, she's still shown her face on camera. It's not impossible for someone she's working for to recognize her or stumble upon her.

No. 708083

Kek. Just Google "Shayna Clifford" and see what the first page gets you.

No. 708087

Agreeing with this. I doubt she ever filed for a change of address.

She needs love and attention.. so she got a sex site where her whole job there is to give other people attention and turn them on. Genius, Shay.

No. 708127

How much has she been making on her cam shows lately?
Tinfoil, she's trying to force herself to work a lot so that she can make money to move out.

No. 708133

Couldn't she go to a woman's resource shelter? Surely there has to be one near her. I admit I don't know enough about what it takes to get it to one or how long you can stay there, because I've never had to flee a situation like her's so correct me if I'm wrong. If she really is trying to leave, it's at least a step in the right direction.

No. 708182

im expecting suicide threats from her soon tbh. she really needs to gtfo of fupas house

No. 708191

tinfoiling - what if her woe-is-me drama is because fupa's ex told him about what she now knows about shay and he's taking out his frustration on her?
i'm pretty 100% on that he'd become abusive eventually, but this may have triggered it to come on full-force much quicker

No. 708195

Maybe she's doing all this to get fupa's attention because he's absolutely sick of her already lol kind of makes sense considering she's blasting how sad she is all over tumblr

No. 708211

Can't be much since she's just on cam drinking and crying. Her cam score has gone down as well to 2334.

No. 708225

she's live on insta

No. 708229

Live on insta and freaking out over spongebob

No. 708231

This is her second time live on IG today. She seems to really enjoy it and everyone's blowing up her stream with comments. Putting on my tinfoil, but this seems to be the kind've interaction she's been trying to achieve with her camming. I wonder if we're going to see her cam differently now that she has a social outlet?

No. 708235

File: 1539131179492.jpg (71.02 KB, 921x1253, mattedmattel.jpg)

She looks so rough and her hair is a matted mess

No. 708237

Right after this she held up a thing a boxed wine and said it would all be inside her later on cam

No. 708239

So she's going to cam on MFC while intoxicated as well after this? That's three streams in one day.

No. 708241

Yup, said she'd be on later tonight and she'd go live on insta while she cammed which just seems stupid

No. 708242

going live on insta then switching to mfc isnt that bad of an idea.

No. 708243

I'm sure that won't get her IG banned or anything..

No. 708259


She's been around on tumblr for almost a decade. Incessantly reblogging/promoting her own posts. Using the same account for the entirety, only changing usernames when she realized she burned and doxxed herself, but only after she released porn and cammed under her real name and already subjected her follower list full of children and minors to her nasty pedo bait porn. No, she isn't that well known in Tumblr in general. But you might have seen one of her posts if you were in the stoner community during a particular time on tumblr, or part of the kink(dd/lg community) when she started. Her post engagements have dwindled throughout the years, her follower count is mostly inactives, bots, etc. and engagements are at an all time low with Tumblr changing nsfw settings.

She started started out as a stoner blog for several years when they were very popular, that's how she got the majority of her followers. She had other friends/aquaintances from school/same area who had very active stoner blogs as well. The main ones were Jess, Colleen, and Marissa. So you would see them talk to one another on each of their blogs and reblog each other's content, take photos together, etc. Jess, an artist, is the one who got her into taking and posting more smoking pics and videos. The friendships ended, Shayna kept up with tumblr.

She's always reblogged her own posts, 1000x a day to the point she had sideblogs when she'd hit her post limit. As a stoner blog, she promoted her blog to minors and encouraged them to follow her and ask her for advice where she would tag it in her "advice column" (also got in a fight with her mom about how her advice could be harmful to those kids- links on old thread descriptions or >>494432 ), as well as established herself as a scammer and liar by not shipping out prizes from her giveaways ( >>702051 ). She's always tried several ways of making money like making poorly made festival bras and attempting to sell them on etsy. Or just flat out beg her followers for wishlist items or for other stuff. The whole time, she'd also drum up a shit ton of drama with her illogical contradictory, hypocritical, and ill-informed rants on topics she has no idea about, and always airing her unwarranted opinions on other people's posts or drama. She got so problematic, she was alienated within the community… (of a bunch of stoners, so you know its bad)

No. 708268

I want to see some of the posts that blacklist her or the blogs that discuss it

No. 708270

Same thing happened when she switched to the kink community. *Important note: she switched to sex work using the same account, while still having under-aged followers, and while using the same username, (shay-gnar, which is her real name). She didn't want to start her follower count over or go through all the work of establishing a new blog/username, so she decided to subject a bunch of children to her nudes and porn. The same children she promoted her blog to so she could give them "advice". And at the same time, made posts about "keeping kids out of kink", when she was the one endangering them.

While in the kink community, she basically did the same thing that made her a pariah in the stoner community, making ill informed, hypocritical, uneducated, posts and rants, scamming, lying, spitting out her unwarranted illogical opinion to the point any community she wanted to be a part of so bad, don't accept her.
She also made a post claiming that she didn't want to be nor was she part of the "dd/lg" community, etc.. but while at the same time still tagging her photos and content as dd/lg .

She's become a meme. It's kinda like a freak show and a really bad train wreck. Mostly because of the state of her breakouts on her vagina, yet she churns out so much content and still insists on making porn.

No. 708273

this is the saddest and loneliest I think I've ever seen her look. Shay change your life

wh did her friendship end with Jess? She's still friends with Colleen, but I never heard if something happened between Jess and her

No. 708283

She started changing her handles when her name were solified to the fact that she was a scammer, liar, bad customer reviews, boils on her pussy, giveaway scam, lying for money, not using the money she got for the reason said, etc..the list goes on and on… dumdolly, stupidbaby, dumbkitten, bambiedoll, now dollymattel.

No. 708293

It was in the old threads, not sure if they were in the ones that got deleted though. But yeah, they got into a fight, Shayna made remarks about Jess being broke and stuck at home and still smoking weed, and references to her as (judge) "judy", being judgmental about Shayna selling porn, and jabs at Jess's being empathetic (because of her tattoo)

No. 708297

Unfortunately for her you search one you'll probably find the others. "Dolly mattel" was dumb cos when Searching you mostly get things about Trixie Mattel.

No. 708312

try looking here:

No. 708316

Then jess herself started trying to sell porn and I don’t think it went very well at all.

No. 708320

checking Jess's tumblr, jesus she looks even rougher than Shayna and is somehow even worse at makeup, her eyebrows are atrocious.

No. 708327

File: 1539134697001.jpg (71.61 KB, 1075x1444, Jess.jpg)

In case anyone was curious

No. 708334

her eyebrows are worse than Shays but the eyeliner doesnt touch them, her hair isn't crusty, and her skin is decent. Not the best looking but definitely better than Shay

No. 708340

Hair is infinitely better than Shay's matted mess

No. 708360

I’ve always wondered why she doesn’t use an eyelash curler. That always bugged me

No. 708361

she doesnt look that bad just shitty eyeliner and eyebrows anon

No. 708366

Tattoos not so hot either, but lets be real, Shay makes anyone look good in comparison.

No. 708378

Are you blind?

Jess looks 100x better than Shay, and she never took selling her Snap seriously, I think she only opened it for he followers that kept asking.

No. 708382

File: 1539136171557.jpg (34.87 KB, 260x273, tip.jpg)

No. 708385

At least she knows.

No. 708399

I don't get how she's managed to break all of these things in a day's time. Is she running around in such a manic drunken stupor that she's dropping things? Did she throw them while fighting with fupapa? Like what is going on here.

No. 708400

which anon called the suicide baiting, I'm starting to think it might happen. Shay there's an easy solution. GET OUT OF OKLAHOMA

No. 708402

She needs to LEAVE as soon as possible. SHAY CALL YOUR FATHER.

No. 708403

major tinfoil but it could be possible that fupas ex told him that she knows everything and hes been pissed and breaking Shays shit out of anger

No. 708405

At least she’s a somewhat attractive girl with a nice body

No. 708406

On cam she said that when she accidentally broke his chillum, he considered that “being even” since he broke her bong.

Sorry Fupa, you can get a chillum anywhere for under $10, you definitely can’t do that with a bong. So that’s an asshole move on his part, breaking something of hers and not even offering to get a new one.

No. 708407

in the stream she didn't say that he threw it, just that he broke it (along with her chillum i think)
i'm really worried for her but there are so many things she can do to get out of this

No. 708412

>bong breaking
>bowl breaking
>phone breaking

So basically the three most important things to her? Time to get the hell out of dodge.

No. 708413

Yeah its obviously a shitty situation but she literally has asked for it so it's hard to feel too bad. Im sure her parents would let her move back in at least temporarily, especially if she explained the situation.

No. 708416

>butcha are, Shay, ya are! Ya are stuck in that house!

No. 708418

When did she say Fupa broke it? Lon cam she said she broke it?

No. 708420

Yeah, I'm pretty sure someone even posted here it while she was live

No. 708427

Didn't she say that she's been out of weed?

I kind of wonder if maybe she got in a fight with fupa about getting more since he's basically her ride anywhere and in return he broke both out of anger? He definitely seems like a dude with some repressed anger issues.

No. 708438

I also wondered f they are breaking each other’s shit in horrible stupid childish fights that I believe they’re probably having right now. Is anyone watching her on cam? I have no doubt she will be spilling details sometime soon

No. 708439

Recreational weed use also isn't legal in Oklahoma, so Fupa has to go through a drug dealer. Shay just had to go to a dispensary, and back in MA, she just fucked people for it

No. 708444

She's not on yet but this'll be my first one. I'm morbidly curious after the IG debacle.

No. 708460

do you think she'll even bother to get on cam since she came on this morning?

No. 708466

File: 1539140371990.png (15.12 KB, 275x500, CqIt36n.png)

she posted this 3 hours ago so i'm assuming she'll be on tonight

No. 708467

>skyping with a real sweetheart

Bet Fupa will be happy about that.

No. 708472

pry just a kiss ass female fan

No. 708474


Her and Harley were talking about Skyping a few nights ago so it's definitely her.

No. 708478

but guise remember shay is ~~~soooo gay~~~ /s

No. 708487

She's nearly 20 minutes overdue on her schedule so who knows. I don't know if that's normal or not.

No. 708494

No. 708497

I do kinda feel bad for her because she’s so stupid and I honestly think that her IQ isn’t the highest and maybe I’m just being overly sympathetic, but also simultaneously I think that even if Fupa was a ~normal boyfriend, Shay would also be spiraling right now.
Shay literally lives life by holding on hope from one high to the next. Whether it’s drugs or exciting things like traveling for porn, going to Mexico, or going to LA, it’s always her making it to the next BIG thing. But there are noooo prospects now. No exciting pro shoots. No potential next big things, which is why she’s losing her mind. She has no motivation to be herself and exist in her own company or enjoy anything around her. Her entire world revolves around sex work because she’s entirely dull and untalented and now she HAS to think about it.

No. 708498

File: 1539142297011.png (3.55 MB, 1242x2208, 1AF185BE-0147-4A0D-B69B-C8F29D…)

It’s coming to get us all

No. 708517

over an hour late. idk if she'll actually show up

No. 708521

She didn't pop on IG live again did she?

No. 708532

online with webcam off. possibly broadcasting soon

No. 708533


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 708540

File: 1539147594045.jpg (28.79 KB, 511x226, 8839.JPG)

No. 708544

Can we get a better tread description for the new thread plz?

No. 708545

do you think fupapa sits in another room and lurks on here to see what we say while she's camming? so he can say he doesn't watch the stream, but still watches everything that happens. he's cooking her dinner and she's logging onto MFC

No. 708547

If anything he lurks here to see what we say about him. He couldn't care less about what we say about Shay now that he's seen how she is. He'd literally kick her into the gutter the moment she threatened his job or anything serious.

No. 708550

At risk of sounding like a WK, it may also be good for the person who creates the next thread to include the number to the local women's shelter and/or crisis line in case she reads it. She's seriously spiraling out of control; the constant drinking is more than enough cause for concern.

No. 708551

I seriously don't think Fupa gives a fuck about her content or cam streams. The only thing he prob thinks about is his image.

Must suck having to work all day bc you just got a house and then hit the gym bc you used to be obese, but then have to make her food and listen to her breakdown when he finally gets home. I get the whole dd/lg dynamic but Shayna's just plain lazy, selfish, and needy. He's gonna get so sick of her shit real soon, if he hasn't already.

No. 708553

WTF? What exactly would warrant that

No. 708559

File: 1539149203398.jpg (19.38 KB, 343x260, 3433.JPG)

She's live.

No. 708561

The fact that she's drinking constantly, cutting herself, and talking about how horrible her life is…

No. 708562

how do you view how many tokens she's gotten in the show?

No. 708564

She's just started and already pulled a wedgie out twice and sneezed like five times.

>Whoever has a sneeze fetish has to pay me now.

No. 708565

and ran off camera

No. 708566

Ok nothing indicates that it’s gotten that bad you guys are trippin

No. 708568

Aww, poor wittle Fupa. All he wanted was a mentally stable, 100% submissive live-in maid / sex toy that he could smack around with impunity and act out his child molestation fantasies with. Is that so much to ask for??

Fupa's a retard for believing Shay wouldn't be a wreck whose mental health issues would soon overwhelm her codependency-induced desperation to be his perfect little pet.

No. 708569

File: 1539149659807.jpg (20.77 KB, 405x302, food.JPG)

"Dada" brought her dinner.

No. 708572

"This is the first time he's cooked breakfast for me so I'm super happy."

She's so hyper and bubbly. Definitely confirmed for faking all this for Fupa's attention.

No. 708573

But that’s just how Shayna is no matter who she’s with or where she goes

No. 708575

would be funny if she got busted for pot in the bible belt, not gonna lie.

No. 708576

File: 1539150110475.jpg (22.91 KB, 405x305, 90.JPG)

Shay slapping along to a song like a drunk white trash aunt.

No. 708579

I didn’t get a screen cap but she pulled hair out of her mouth when she took a bite of eggs

No. 708580

I wonder if he used the pan she shoved up hr ass for her rapunzel vid. First time cooking breakfast? Lol, what no whataburger tonight?

No. 708581

File: 1539150478947.jpg (392.45 KB, 1080x775, 20181009_224722.jpg)

Harley the orbiter in chat again

No. 708587

File: 1539150874100.jpg (21.25 KB, 399x296, 899.JPG)

Getting some transcription practice with this one and I'll keep track of tips for my own curiosity.

Current Tips: 10 / $0.50

>It's nice to be able to leave work. In Seattle I hung out in the same area that I did my work in so I felt like I never really left work and couldn't decompress. And like I have a laundry machine now. I had to pay and it was expensive! It was like $2.75 to run each one! Paying to do my laundry. Something about it was so degrading! I just couldn't do it.. it was too much.

>At my old place there were cop cars going by and people yelling at all hours and then my neighbor went all neighbor from hell on me before I moved. Like I was smoking outside and I coughed and she yelled at me to shut the fuck up and started banging on the walls.

>Why am I eating dinner so late? …no reason. Long day. My phone broke and I need it for work… and then we went to the store … well, what I'm trying to say is.. Well, I skyped with Harley and then.. what did I do after that? Took a shower.. then uh, man I'm blanking, I watched TV for a bit? I felt sick for a bit so I hung out in the shower for a half hour, 45 minutes. And then.. yeah I'm not doing a good job at remembering right now.

(forgetting your emo Tumblr posting, Shay? That's too much weed for you.)

No. 708595

File: 1539151589463.jpg (21.69 KB, 401x307, 900.JPG)


Current Tips: 44 / $2.22

(and she's already left the stream again as soon as someone tipped)

>Fun fact about me, one time I had surgery and the only thing I remember hours after that was asking my mom if I could eat a saltine and then waking up with the saltine still in my mouth.

>My life is fun! I'm eating breakfast for dinner. My boyfriend made me breakfast.

>I had to run down the stairs to get my Gatorade and I'm out of breath and I have a cramp. I just finished my Gatorade though so if I want to drink anything other than wine I have to go back down the stairs again.

(and she's still slapping her thighs and belly to the music. She's like a damned seal or one of those old toothless men banging spoons.)

(She rubbed her hands all over her bare feet and then grabbed a piece of bacon and pulled it apart to eat then went right back to rubbing her bacon grease hands on her feet before going back downstairs for a drink)

No. 708598

we just heard fupa's voice on stream. which is a super not okay from MFC. there should never be a man in the room during a stream. cmon shay hearing that man's voice is an automatic turn off for everyone in your room

No. 708599

Geez is she really in such a good mood now that fupa showed up and gave her some food? That’s some seriously disturbing codependency.

Also I’m wondering why she needed her phone for work, she accesses MFC on her laptop right?

No. 708603

File: 1539152162490.jpg (22.23 KB, 407x306, daaaad.JPG)


Current Tips: 74 / $3.70 (75% of her tips are from the same person, JustaSinger. She's yet to go past 10 users in her room.)

(she's off camera yelling "I love you!" to Fupa increasingly louder. Comes back on camera and can't open her drink)

>Daaaaaad! Come open this please!

(Fupa comes up the stairs to open her drink. They banter about "Dad being the best" and him saying he's not coming back upstairs a third time if someone tips for water)

(Someone tips for wine so Shay drinks MORE wine after already being tipsy and high.)

(She burps loudly and then apologizes while Googling what Tim Tams are)

>How was my day? It was a day.. it was great. Now that I've had my breakfast.. and wine.

(wipes her nose on her shoulder)

>Well no one's tipping me to get naked.. (puts on blanket, reads ask about her card) I didn't even check the mail!

No. 708606

File: 1539152476740.jpg (22.1 KB, 396x299, dazedandconfused.JPG)

It's really shocking to see how she is now compared to the caps from earlier. Fupa takes her to the store and fixes her some eggs and bacon and suddenly it's all roses and sunshine in the Barbie Dream House again.

Also she just scratched her ass cheeks under the cover of the blanket thinking no one would notice.

>My next video is going to be a Harley Quinn video. I just need to order a few things.. and I also have a custom I need to do.

(Someone asks about a custom with her riding a dildo)

>I uh.. don't know what that means. Like fucking myself with a dildo? …you could always order a custom. Like.. how would I do that? Trying to think..

No. 708609

Seriously, every time I watch her on cam she makes me wanna itch! She never stops scratching!

No. 708610

Why is she acting like she doesn’t know what dildo riding is? I don’t understand why she has an attitude about this.. you are on damn MFC not Sunday school

Also pretty sure she just offended a previous customer by not remembering what she custom she did for him

No. 708612