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No. 17415

Please post all general issues and complaints here. If you want mods to do something, or have some issue with or suggestion for site content, you should use this thread.
>>>/meta/6821 should only be used for technical issues and suggestions (can't load site, site slow, bugs, site feature requests). This thread is for non-technical issues.
If you use the thread to infight or instigate arguments you'll be banned from /meta/. If you come here to make a complaint that could have been handled with a report you will be ignored.

No. 17416

I hope all you bitches that are complaining about this place are applying to be Farmhands since you know so damn much.

No. 17418

>>17416 agree and to add pls only apply if you're white and acknowledge Admin-Sama deserves reparations for what lolcow's chardonnay-sipping TERFs have put her through!(meta doesnt exist for your autism)

No. 17419

If only i'd thought of the right words…
I would have held on to your heart…
if only i'd thought of the right words…
I wouldn't be breaking apart

All my pictures of you..

No. 17420

File: 1603390026543.jpg (1.89 KB, 85x71, 20201022_210638.jpg)

Farewell my friend

No. 17421

Stay strong, anon! It's coming back!!

No. 17422

File: 1603393605410.jpg (38.95 KB, 554x554, pls.jpg)

No. 17423

discordfags have been a nuisance for a very long time. i used to be in the lc one but it became clear very quickly that all the mods/posters were just twitterfags who call anything racebaiting. it was also very clear from the conversations they had that they did not care about culture of the website.

spoiler alert; calling someone a nigger online is not racebaiting, its the same as calling someone a faggot or a bitch. twitter/discordfags who can't tell the difference between actual racebaiting and using slurs to be mean need to get the fuck off here for good. that includes you admin-chan

also, discord does ruin the anonymous feel of everything because you learn who posts in what threads. learning that nearly every single /pt/ poster in the discord was some pathetic coke whore who cant stop fucking pathetic men for their lives was very sad. why does the official lc discord feel like a pathetic AA meeting?

i guess last thing; why are faux oldfag anons claiming tranny and man hate is what is ruining this website? it wasn't a problem in any thread until the jannies started to unironically ban opinions that were too brutal against trannies or men for "infight" reasons. I mean go look at the MTF threads on /snow/ and you'll find a lot of misused redtext. you can't just silence a very active part of the userbase and expect people to be okay with it lol
real oldfags would understand


i think null running things would be good. he cares about internet niche cultures and would try to preserve this place i feel in a very earnest manner. better then jannie trannies and admin-chan bitching about "whyte wymin!"
though, he'd have to actually prune it of any scrote posters and manage the autism which hes not really that great at

No. 17424

why are anons unironically caping for josh? is this josh posting?

No. 17425

because he offered to take over the site and its clear the current admin doesnt like the userbase or coding for it? who do you suggest instead anon?

No. 17426

>using slurs to be mean

but you know doing just this will cause some people to have an issue, which is the reason it's called "infighting" and not just "banned for using slurs". No one here has a problem being called a faggot or a bitch. Some people here have a problem being called the n word and that's why it's not good to use it. If you're seriously whining about not being able to call someone a nigger you need to fuck off back to wherever you came from. No one cares that you feel bad about not using it. But it's so immature to whine about not being able to use that one specific word I can't tell if you're scrote or a /pol/maiden, either one sucks.

No. 17427

idk how about an actual woman? Why the fuck does a man need to step in and handle this? I didn't go to college and get a degree in CompSci to sit around and listen to other women say "Hmm how about we get a man to help us save this website?"

No. 17428

anyone but josh? why complain about scrotes posting but then invite an incredibly autistic one to run the site

No. 17429

You want to hand over the site to a male?

No. 17431

this has got to be josh selfposting i refuse to believe anyone else could be this retarded and naive.
newsflash josh nobody wants your pathetic fat flabby ass to run this website. you'd manage to get us ddosd and put into some new zealand database in a week anyways because you're a fat alogging faggot

No. 17432

Where exactly did she say she hated the user base for being white? Where? Not trying to dissent but I need proof before I believe shit like this. It started out with her saying that she was hispanic or something and was receiving racism and now suddenly she said she hated the user base for being white?

I find that really hard to believe.

>I'd rather have a male admin who won't hate the userbase and just let us be without giving bans for stupid reasons.

Brain damage logic.

No. 17433

lol if you/whoever have a problem with being called a nigger on an anonymous image board, you're part of the problem. please just go back to twitter or wherever you came from. LEAVE.

No. 17434

If you have a problem because you can't call someone a nigger, then you leave. Go back to 4chan or wherever, I don't care. I had no problem being called a nigger on 4chan, it's 4chan board culture though. This isn't the same place, idk if you noticed.

No. 17435

one of the previous admins was male and he ran the site better, why the fuck does it matter if he isn't posting against women? lolcow is just a website that needs to be ran and moderated appropriately, if a man wants to that because a woman wont then nobody should care so long as it doesnt affect the userbase

oh no your feelings got hurt by the n word and now im a poltard
wahh wahh wahh
you're cancer


the joshes are multiplying oh noooooo!1!

go read the previous thread you fucking retard, why are you involving yourself in a conversation if you're just going to ask for spoonfeeding? it was discussed for hundreds of posts because in the discord caps admin-chan literally says something like "i hate the middle class white women posting on MY website"
posters like you should be banned instantly and define the current problem

No. 17436

kf has confirmed tranny mods anon…

No. 17437

You're seething and it's hilarious. Unclench.

>go read the previous thread you fucking retard

I did. Once again, saw nothing about her hating lolcow because we're white.

No. 17438

You admittedly don't even know who he is, yet you are daring to defend him. Very smart, not suspicious at all.

Agreed. People consistently show up to suck his dick when the site is struggling.

No. 17439

its so pathetic that you even care about this. if you /anyone else can't handle being called a nigger on an anonymous board that advocates itself as being free speech friendly, you need to go. idk how long you've been on the internet, but it's not just 4chan board culture, stop trying to compare the two img boards. its literally just internet culture and if you cant handle that, you belong on facebook or twitter with the rest of the normies.

No. 17440

God this is so embarrassing. Can we all agree to stop reading this flaming retard's posts? He literally only wants infighting. This is supposed to be about the site and he starts bringing up not being able to call people nigger and how a male should run this place.


No. 17441

A lot of the things you say are so embarrassing at this point, I have nothing else to respond with. Just that you should probs go do your homework, kiddo.

No. 17442

here you go then, and hopefully you get banned for needing to be spoonfed on a meta thread. id say kys in minecraft but apparently any mean/dry humor/sarcasm is in a gray area of a-logging now

>had to kinda treat me like some pajeet coon
>as a Hispanic woman thats constantly called a male and invalidated by a predominantly white userbase I'm proving a FREE service to
>bc being brown but like I know most of them are white and rich bc of the demographics from cloudfare sencha posted 2 years ago

"end the conversation because it wont go my way reeee" and now using "he" for my posts lmao. calling people scrotes when they disagree with you is yet again another glaring problem we're having with the current userbase

No. 17443

we know its you josh, you dont need to keep pretending. did you find your perfect chinese waifu yet?

No. 17444

definitely not on board with josh running the place. he's incredibly misogynistic and would not be a good fit. coding wise ONLY, yeah, but any sort of social/board culture input he has is absolute garbage and being in a position of power goes to his head (as clear with how he controls KF).

No. 17445

then whats a reasonable solution posters can start bringing up and trying to provide for admin? i know people were joking about white rich anons buying lolcow off of admin, but i personally and genuinely wouldnt mind throwing a few dollars in to get a better admin

No. 17446

that, im unsure of. i just wanted to comment on the josh thing.
i wouldnt mind helping out as well. current admin isnt OBLIGATED to run the place, and if she doesnt even like the userbase here it would be best for her to move on.

No. 17448

samefagging but i just also wanted to note that if anyone caught wind of josh running the place, it would immediately follow the same path 9chan did. people relentlessly spammed CP until he shut the place down.

No. 17449

I have no fucking idea why he's being shilled so hard

No. 17450

theyre him/his cronies or anons who are retarded and know nothing about him yet speak with their whole chest

No. 17451

me either, its incredibly retarded. idk if these people have never seen the way josh runs KF, but it would so not work out. he's a jackass with a massive ego and goes out of his way to bash women.

No. 17452

friendly reminder joshua conner moon is a pedo

No. 17453

Well thank you for giving me an actual answer instead of that shitflinging retard.

Regarding your comments on people getting banned for racebaiting, I thought admin wasn't around much so why would she have a say in what gets deleted/who gets banned? To my understanding she's barely around. I'd say it has to do with the actual farmhands over anything else.

i dont know admin or much about her so i'm not defending and have no reason to

Regardless of all of that… I just hope that any new mods can help admin make a better site. I'm trying to be the bigger person here though. I don't think dethroning forcefully will be good for anyone.

No. 17454

Ignore Josh shills
If it's not him (and afaik he has been advertising himself during every single admin controversy so far) then it's retards who have no idea who he is. If you think current admin is bad, I'm sure you'll just love having a pedo rapist trad male who has fled from his mom's basement to several shit-tier countries like the Philippines and some eastern european shithole in order to continue getting away with his online bullshittery, and all his internet projects have failed except for KF which is the most out-of-the-box thing he's tried to run and even there he's not respected. He's also conveniently looking for a wife to impregnate and is convinced she will only be found within his userbase, so have fun with your post history being combed for waifu material points. If you want him to be your dear leader so badly, go to him and beg him to finally go through with the idea of offering farmers a lolcow alternative. I'm sure it'll be a fantastic environment.

No. 17455

It's very clear some Kiwifags and pullfags have dipped into the mix and are gleefully wreaking havoc. So just be careful who you answer and which retards you decide to actually argue with, it's probs not worth it.

No. 17456

If we truly have a farmhand shortage, the most helpful thing anons can do is apply to help. Moderating an imageboard like this is draining, I don't think anyone likes doing it, but you'll see the difference in makes.


I know fuck-all about our current admin besides what anons say in meta. I don't have any reason to WK her. I'm not happy with the situation we have right now, either.

No. 17457

File: 1603397234592.png (480.66 KB, 831x468, eb77d16067bb22c952511798b8e578…)

hard agree with everything in this post.

No. 17458

then produce better solutions to the problem instead of brown nosing up admin-chans ass. its pathetic to read especially when she doesnt even like any of us. why the fuck are you guys even posting with no substance? its shit like this that should get banned

"shitflinging retard" provided you links to the previous thread you spoonfeeding moron, go read the fucking caps yourself and contribute more meaningfully
>I just hope that any new mods can help admin make a better site
stop brown nosing you pathetic faggot

report and move on instead of continuously posting "IGNORE JOSH SPERGS LEMAO", at least >>17454 had an actual post with substance in this matter. you are all seriously pathetic and need to lurk moar

No. 17460

the biggest cancer on this site are people like you who cling to the 4chan/pol culture from 100 years ago and act like lolcow is pol
how old are you? 40? people posting now aren't the same as the old ones

No. 17462

I mentioned just ignoring this shitflinging retard. All I can think of is that autistic tourettes guy from Youtube and I can't help but laugh when I read their posts which are so obviously them.

No. 17463

it's just a karen

No. 17464

Must be shills.

And even if we gave anons the benefit of the doubt, and that they genuinely thought Null would do this, men never do shit for free. There's always an underlying motive. Always.

No. 17466

speaking of underlying motives, i can only imagine what would become of the discord server. even if he didn't directly run it, it would still be used as a hub for his never ending quest to locate some poor girl naive enough to become his trad waifu whos only purpose in life is to mommy him and spawn children.

No. 17468

You forgot about the part of great leader Joshua Conner Moon stealing source code and money from a wheelchair bound severely disabled midget. Or, maybe the time he got doxxed and he hid in his basement and tried to get his mum to fist fight the cow who showed up to beat his ass.

Oh wait! Josh, tell us about the shell company you have in the USA and the ukrainian servers. How about your several failed companies you tried to set up and get cheap labor for from the third world! How about the "I will never give police user information" thing, how did that work out?

I am sure you all will love Joshua, he absolutely LOVES females posting on his little forum! To the point where he's known for stalking them and that was before he announced he was looking for a wife from his userbase! He has nothing but time on his hand to help you ladies out, afterall he is a neet. He won't even waste his godly time on such things as showering and cooking, as his diet consists of fast food and a gallon of soda daily. As an extra FREE bonus; If any of you have rape fetishes and a fantasy of getting raped, Joshua's farm is the perfect place for you, because he too has a kink for it!

>I remember after he found out my last name, he said that he'd show up to my house while I was at school, shoot my dad, and wait for me to get home. Then he'd subdue me, cut off each individual digit with a knife heated in hot grease so that it'd cauterize as it cut and I wouldn't bleed out. Then he'd cut off my clitoris and my labia, and then rape my ass until I shat myself. Then he'd just leave me to starve to death or something once all my appendages and my genitals were sliced off and he'd beaten me sufficiently.

Now if any of you wonderful ladies have recognised what a lovely man he is, I am sure he would be more than happy to help every single one of you out. God speed to every single one of you! You will need it!

No. 17469

Anyone caping for Josh moon is a fucking retard. No we don't want him running this site.

No. 17472

I am starting to realize just how not safe I feel going on here anymore. I feel like it's anonymous, but only on the mods' terms. And the mods have been consistently showing their unhinginess over the past year or so.

> I said "this is a scrote" once in the entirety of the years I've been on here when someone posted a random dude and started talking about how attractive he was and if we agreed.


> I corrected someone who kept using arab and muslim interchangeably when they're not


>Responded to what I guess mods thought was bait even though we were both civil and chill


Who are these people.

No. 17473

>Got banned for saying anal sex isn't empowering in /ot/
>got banned for explaining how jecfree star claimed and misused ppp loans in his thread (I still don't know why)
>saw someone get redtexted in a shoe thread for saying her new communism beliefs don't line up with her lifestyle
>saw someone get redtexted in the /ot/ reddit thread for replying to a post about the beauty community and saying men get more praise for basic makeup
>got banned for replying to racebait in ot (my bad fair enough) but the baiter was allowed to continue posting about how asians are all ungreatful etc
>got banned from /meta/ yesterday for posting a single meme here while people infight like crazy

Look at this thread, it's a shit show. Yet the only person redtexted is here >>17418

Admin just bans who upsets her and who she doesn't agree with. She then gets the discord server to defend her by letting them know how discriminated against she is here by using identity politics.

The result is she has absolutely no control of the userbase anymore. Admin wants to have total and complete control over an imageboard culture and it's just not going to fucking happen.

No. 17474

the jeffree star ban was because you kept infighting you sperg, holy shit

No. 17475

>I am starting to realize just how not safe I feel going on here anymore. I feel like it's anonymous, but only on the mods' terms.
You were never safe to begin with sis
If you keep pissing mods off, this can happen to you, too

No. 17476

Mystery was a bitch to everyone though and a known problemchild across multiple chans. It's not like any mods are after nobodies who are only occasionally autistic.

No. 17478

Problemchildren don’t exist, they’re children with problems.

No. 17479

Wtf happened to the ark discord

No. 17481

i've made one post in the jeffree star thread and it was that. Nice try though, retard.

No. 17482

>i've made one post in the jeffree star thread and it was that. Nice try though, retard.
i'm sure you meant 'it was not that', but kek

No. 17483

No. 17484

pretty sure they meant they've made one post and it was the ppp one so they weren't infighting

No. 17485

ye i think you're right, my bad.

No. 17488

No. 17489

ok? you contributed to infighting? how is that any better?

No. 17490

I think farmhands are much more responsible for the things anons are unhappy over than admin. Which is why ointing out staff shortages might not be a bad thing after all. If you're unhappy and haven't been perma'd for dumb shit yet, maybe it's a good idea to just try to apply.

>but apparently any mean/dry humor/sarcasm is in a gray area of a-logging now
Kiwifarms scrote raiding and trying to manipulate farmer's dissatisfaction into his agenda confirmed.

No. 17492

No. 17493

No. 17494

No. 17495

No. 17496

No. 17497


No. 17498

File: 1603427730397.jpg (10.68 KB, 300x300, Nigel_Thornberry.jpg)

No. 17499

File: 1603433586797.jpg (114.58 KB, 500x757, 1601344013846.jpg)

Dunno if it's crossboarding retards piping up and trying to get Josh to fuck up this board or kiwifags tired of only posting in BP but… Daily reminder: Josh is already tired of running his own site, which he let get runover by /pol/fags and redditors. Mods have been confirmed as trannies before and have autistic discord drama almost every. fucking. year. (that may or may not invovle Josh trying to fuck one of them)

The sperging that went off in the last thread just reminds me of when tempcow was around and why it was nuked. If mod shortage is that bad of a problem, I wouldn't be surprised if /g/ and /m/ get sniped in the coming months too. Unless /ot/ was that much of a problem board to keep open, or she just sees this as a gossip site and views the other boards as unnecessary.

No. 17500

It's so fucking obvious null/josh is trying to be slick posting here again. He's been trying to get a hold of lolcow for fucking years and now he's smoothly trying to gather up people to make a new girlchan he can rule over. After one of the previous admins told him to fuck off he got so assblasted that he started redirecting people banned from KF to here and made a spergy thread about the farms on his shitty forum. He's clinically insane and should be putting that KF money into therapy instead of running his autism central.

This. Never forget any of these things. Just fuck off josh, everyone here hates you.

No. 17501

File: 1603438679901.jpg (217.65 KB, 720x1130, 1603433168941.jpg)

No. 17502

The feels thread has been a crossboarding and completely off-topic magnet for how long now? 3 years? 4? I don't know why jannies just gave up on trying to enforce any rules there.

No. 17503

Good lord the terminal stage incel autism in this post.
>don't get us wrong we WANT women in our MALE SPACES to mommy over us and tell us how to behave like normal fucking human beings but we want to be able to bully you because we love ebig trolleying icky girls lolololo
>and because by entering male spaces you agree that we can bully you we are also entitled to raid female ones that's just how it goes roasties!!!
Male socialization on grand display everyone. You really want scrotes like this to be allowed to post here?

No. 17504

Have you considered hiring a tranny farmhand? It can't hurt to have a bit more diversity in the team.

No. 17505

About 3 I think. I wish they’d stop, the tik tok thread grossed me out with the underaged kids they post. Wish the gull mods would stop being retarded for once

No. 17506

Wow I didn't know I'd kick off a whole new spergfest by bringing up Josh. I never said he should run the site, I said he would host it for you cause he has a hosting service with plenty of sites on it that he has no other involvement in than creating the website for them and keeping it online.

Anyways I asked him about it and he said no, because the last imageboard he made got spammed with CP and it would happen again if it became known that he was the one hosting it. Also judging by this thread it would also make people whine about him every day, so discard the idea and move on.

No. 17507

>Anyways I asked him about it and he said no,
>I asked him about it
Why do KF users even come here? Do they really see this site as an extension of their own shit site?

No. 17508

I don't even have a KF account.

No. 17509

Fuck off Josh

No. 17510

Will you fucking stop? Literally no one wants him to even host the site and you do not own it so idk why you took it upon yourself to ask.

Josh is a giant baby and his mods have said for years he encourages infighting and drama between them with inaction and trying to fuck the female jannies. I would rather this place shut tomorrow than josh have any involvement.

No. 17511

>discard the idea and move on
So stop REEEEing at me.

The idea wasn't even to give the site to him, it was to ask him to make a new site that was like >>17016 and have him host it. No involvement other than that. You could have stayed in this shithole that's slowly overrun by trannies and the people who wanted a different site would have moved on. You guys don't like the idea so I said let's drop it. It's like mentioning Voldemort in here, jfc.

No. 17512

Josh has already sent his kiwis to offer me hosting on at least two occasions, just like he's made offers to previous administrators. He's halfway telling the truth about 9chan because epik hosting pulled the domain on the basis of hosting terrorist content and child abuse material. It must have pissed him off since he paid a good deal of money for the domain.
The closing of /ot/ isn't inherently related to anything to do with gender critical or pink-pill relate topics. I still don't understand why radical feminism keeps getting brought into the conversation; a dislike of trannies or men does not make one a radical feminist. It's obvious that multiple people have been continuously baiting and mentions of multiple women's boards have been posted on /r9k/ for several months now. Staff and I have lives and other obligations and we needed a break from the board until we can get some new volunteers hired over the weekend. This is even more critical now that the holidays are approaching. I also just read over complaints about the townhall being in November but that's because anons wanted more notice in advance last townhall. I'm trying to give everyone a chance to voice their schedules so I don't just announce a random date.
I get the frustration of scrotes and robots, I couldn't tell you how many times myself or mods stayed up for several hours constantly deleting child abuse material or even scat porn. This isn't even scratching below the surface level of the new spoony tier posters on /ot/ who crave attention and constantly ban evade while baiting all day. We have a duty to mitigate this behavior to the best of our ability, and if anyone thinks they could do a better job they are free to apply to whichever boards they want.
I have one last thing to say for the time being, it may be controversial but the idea of a female only imageboard is a paradox. I keep seeing the implication that we don't ban men enough, and I see other boards like crystal cafe constantly accused of the same thing. Nobody can ever promise an 100% male free imageboard. It is a cute fantasy but it goes against the nature of what an imageboard is. We all already know there are men who admit to rogueposting or purposely infiltrating women's spaces, but the nature of an imageboard can never ensure that no man ever posts or lurks for his own amusement. We do the best we can to weed them out and we even have a maleposting rule to deter behavior like that from all anons. What I don't understand is why a few women who post here, knowing imageboards attract contrarian opinions, immediately jump the gun to assume anons must be trannies or males on the basis of one post, or even a differing opinion. It's really an evolved form of cancerous mini-modding that has infested /ot/ more than any other board, making it prime fodder for scrotes or trolls to bait. No they are not always men either, there are plenty of self admitted women who do the same thing. The solution is a two way street.
1) Stop accusing everybody of being a male/cow because you do not know unless you are a mod, who is better to gauge the situation afterall? Is the hours of constant infighting really worth it? It really just satisfies the trolls or men who want to see us fall. And yet banning people who constantly infight and accuse others of being scrotes is somehow seen as unpopular and proof that we welcome men, despite all the evidence to the contrary. If you see a post you suspect as bait or a male, simply don't respond to it. Ignore and report.
2) If you desperately need your community to be a hivemind, find a forum. Nobody here is ever going to agree on everything and I honestly have no issue with that. This would literally defeat the purpose of an imageboard.
3) Stop pressuring staff to ban people who disagree with your views. This issue is board wide and a waste of the report system. We can look into the report, but if we have no reason to find a rule violation then we will leave it alone.
We already enforce most of these things but notice how some people constantly go out of their way to not adhere to this scheme? I hope my thought process gives some insight into the issue because this problem isn't exclusive to lolcow and I would be disappointed if I kept seeing the same things repeating on AG or CC.

No. 17513

How about you verify your staff to be actual women? That would be a good first step. I think most people aren't just sick of trannyposting, they are sick of trannymods banning people for saying anything critical of men/trannies or anything slightly TERFy, even if it's on topic (like in the tranny-thread) and banning without citing any rules. The more mods you get on board the more likely it is that not all of them are women, that's just fact. The paranoia is valid, cause trannies fucking love to invade women spaces.

The solution shouldn't be "just accept it and move on". I can deal with trannyposters now and again cause they are really bad at hiding who they are and as long as they don't overrun threads completely (which has happened several times in the last couple of days) I don't care. But if they are staff and given power, that's an issue.

No. 17514

>This is even more critical now that the holidays are approaching.
Not only that, quarantine is starting again in many places. I remember /ot/ in particular got much faster last time everybody was quarantined. The mod team needs to be ready for a busy fall/winter.

No. 17515

This is already done. I don't know why people would assume I would randomly give someone internal access to the board unless I found them trustworthy to a minimum degree. Being a woman isn't enough for me either, we've had cows apply before.
>banning people for saying anything critical of men/trannies or anything slightly TERFy, even if it's on topic (like in the tranny-thread) and banning without citing any rules.
If this has happened it's because off-topic threads were utilized to start the tranny debate continuously, gender critical anons are not the only ones guilty of this either. We ban both and we get scrutinized for moderating the repetitive infighting from this topic everyday. It isn't hard to tell who frequently derails threads. If you're referring to bans in /snow/ like this >>>/snow/1049127 then it's because this is an imageboard and you're supposed to post screencaps. There is also this disclaimer in the thread OP.
>his entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread, thus blogging about your hate of mtf with no context and autistic spergfests are banned. This means this is a thread for mtf related milk without the autistic ragefests and fights over disagreements over terms. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. Taking your autism to other threads is leaving the containment zone, do not do this.
I don't understand why people continue to break the rules and act surprised that they get a ban.
Note: If it eases your mind no new staff member instantly gets moderator privileges, it has to be earned and I've altered things so that janitors and moderators function differently. Janitors are massively nerfed and are given 3 starter boards to begin with.

No. 17516

>hating on trannies in the tranny thread is not allowed
Retarded. That OP reads like it was written by a "good tranny" please gossip about bad trannies, but if you dare say all trannies are mentally ill you get BANNED REEEEEE
>This is already done.

No. 17517

>This is already done.
Apply to be a farmhand and you'll find out how.
>hating on trannies in the tranny thread is not allowed
There's a reason the majority of the people who post there or the fakeboi thread don't get banned. It's your own choice to misconstrue things.

No. 17518

Thanks for the clarifications. Male-free imageboard is indeed an oxymoron and I think the general consensus is that what you're doing right now i.e. weeding out the obvious cases is enough.

However regarding the tranny/scrote accusations looking at the autistic raid discord leaks we seem to have a small group of people who have thick skulls and can't stop the shitposting due to whatever mental illness they let fester inside their heads. I hate men and trannies myself as much as any other farmer but I hate barely underage spergy infighting as well. For example the people who fucked up the artist salt thread with the racebaiting shit and carried on the infighting for two days straight should be permabanned from the internet altogether. People should just be encouraged to stop replying to their shit baits and the baits need to be redtexted more, that at least sends a signal even if the baiters themselves ban evade. I'll admit there's no silver bullet for this though, it's a slow process to change the culture.

No. 17519

I don't think that's the general consensus at all.

>I hate men and trannies myself as much as any other farmer

>what you're doing right now i.e. weeding out the obvious cases is enough

>HOWEVER RACISTS should be permabanned from the internet altogether

>the baits need to be redtexted more

You're a clown.

No. 17520

>I think the general consensus is that what you're doing right now i.e. weeding out the obvious cases is enough.
Yes. I personally just report and move on. I don't even care if the poster has a phallus if they dont wave it around. But there is a group of paranoid bitches that are treating this as a game of Among Us, susing any poster they don't agree with, calling out imposter scrotes everywhere, raid or no raid. This paranoid atmosphere does not bring good vibes. Maybe stop posting publically private things that only your psychiatrist should hear and you won't be that afraid of men reading them.

No. 17521

NTA but how. All you seem to be good for is being mad and offering no solution/real input. Like do you have anything of actual value to add outside of something useless and bitchy

No. 17522

Just wanted to say thanks for the decent response. I think most anons only ever want a bit of insight as to what's going on and the transparency certainly helps.

No. 17523

What do you want farmhands to do then? Backtrace the IPs and report them to the cyberpolice for scroting up the place? They ban evade already so why derail all the discussion to infighting about undercover scrotes? They'll keep at it as long as you're willing to fight them so be a fucking adult and ignore&report them for baiting instead of biting. Nobody here likes men or trannies or wants them around but do you think infighting and grabbing the bait will get rid of them instead of just attracting more? Some of them are also desperate female not my nigel farmers so learn to pick your battles.

No. 17524

Thanks for clarifying things admin! I think you could had said this from the start though, it could had prevented so much of the shitshow. Good luck next time

No. 17525

>Stop accusing everybody of being a male/cow because you do not know unless you are a mod, who is better to gauge the situation afterall? Is the hours of constant infighting really worth it?
They are not accusation, they are insults. Which are normal on imageboards. If you ban "hi cow/tranny/male", ban all insults, or allow both. That's how it should work IMO.

No. 17526

Meant for >>17512

No. 17527

I don't care about Null, but if he wants to make an imageboard for women, he should, the end
Just leave lolcow alone

No. 17529

Nah, contrary to popular/staffs beliefs, not everyone who is pointing out what sounds like maleposting is looking for infights or does so because it's a disagreeing opinion or different beliefs or whatever. But it feels like there is no point anymore indeed. If it gets worse and we become CC 2.0 or like any other chanboard, just let it get worse.

No. 17530

maybe he can become an admin of anastasiadate.com

No. 17531

Josh we told you to fuck off

No. 17532

I actually feel better about things board-wise after getting such a clear answer, too. It shows staff's perspective more

No. 17533

Good to see you admin, we need clear communication about what is happening on LC.
Disagree, sometimes male posting is very obvious and it's weird if no one can point that out.

No. 17534

>stop saying that everyone who disagrees with you and says stuff you don't like is a scrote or tranny
>also everyone who says something I don't like is Null


No. 17535

>it's weird if no one can point that out.
Report it and then ignore it. If you falsely accuse another anon of being a scrote all you're going to do is derail the thread. It's sad that it's been banned but there is a group of posters who can't handle anonymous discussion and it's not worth the infighting.

No. 17536

I know admin is busy and can't respond to every question, but I was hoping to have something cleared up before I put in an application to be a farmhand/janitor. First off, are you strictly hiring for /ot/ right now, or are you accepting volunteers for /pt/, /snow/, and /w/ as well? The reason why I ask this, which kind of leads into another question, is because of the potential of accidentally seeing child abuse robot spam which is, from what I gather, mostly something that happens in /ot/. I could handle seeing and getting rid of scat porn and gore, but I luckily have never seen cp at all on any lolcow board and hope to never. Is it mainly just an issue on /ot/, because if so I'd avoid applying for that position.

Sorry if this sounds uppity in any way, I've been hesitant to put in an application because of it but just figured I'd ask in case anyone else has a similar question. Although if /ot/ is being spammed that frequently with child abuse content I would vote to nuke that board entirely but that's a majorly unpopular opinion with a lot of people right now, understandably

No. 17537

Anyone know why they're spamming /ot/ and not for example /pt/?

No. 17538

I'm thinking it's because it breaks less of the rules because the board is more loosely themed?
That's all I can think of.

No. 17539

Just click the "Farmhand Application" link right here at the top and find out. When I tried to apply a month or so ago, they were only specifically looking for help on /snow/, /w/ and /pt/, so I didn't apply because I wanted to help on /ot/g/m/. But after this latest debacle, they changed /pt/ to /ot/.

So currently you can help on /snow/, /w/ or /ot/ but I'm sure if you expressed interest, you can help on other places as well. Give it a shot. You may get an interview invite.

On that note, I have the interview today and I wanna puke, I'm so nervous. Waiting for Admin-sama to grill me.

No. 17540

Is it over text or voice? I want to know why her "process to weed out trannies" has to be kept a secret and she can't be transparent about it on here.

No. 17541

Why on earth would it be over text? Silly. It's a voice call. I have no idea what else goes down but honestly, if you think about it, detailing all the steps of the interview would probably make it so that people could get around it. Imagine if she told us everything that gets done and some male finds a way in using those methods. Coaching a female friend who always wants to fuck with the site. I totally understand why she wouldn't want to tell what exactly happens.

I just hope it isn't a video call because I look like hot ass garbage today and don't feel like getting made up for an imageboard interview.

No. 17542

samefag, I also don't have an ultra high pitched feminine voice, it's rather sultry, so I'd understand if admin asked for a pic of my driver's license or something and a childhood photo.

No. 17543


They've done a great job because I've never seen any cp spam, and I forgot it was even a risk. Now admin has reminded me I'm noping the fuck out because I don't want to see anything if it slips through.

No. 17544

Mixture of factors I can think of:
/ot/ is structured so that the spam and bait posts are more likely to be responded to and reported less frequently.
On boards like /pt/, anons are incentivized to just report and not reply (bc replying will be construed as derailing and they will receive a ban as well). Additionally, on /pt/ there is no question about what constitutes a ban-worthy off topic post. Cause whatever post isn't talking about the lolcow at hand is inherently against the rules. Whereas on /ot/ it's harder to discern because literally everything is off the rails. It's easier for someone wanting to cause a problem to infiltrate that space.

No. 17545

>robots raiding
Call me pessimistic but, I haven't seen any evidence robots raiding /ot/ recently, though they do spam maybe like 1-3 threads, and I seriously doubt it's because mods have been doing a super duper amazing job especially if we've been having a staff shortage. To me, raiding would be like what the autists on /cow/ occassionally do where the whole board is spammed with entire threads/pics of a dumb saying like "dilate" or something. Not the occassional scrote poster who maybe spams like 1 thread with gore pics or infights with retarded anons who can't take bait. I feel like admin's been wanting to take out /ot/ for a while now and this is just an excuse to do so.

No. 17546

All the spam and ugly shit I've seen from raiders is on /pt/, never on /ot/
I've seen the worst shit just randomly visiting the board and I always report it as fast as I can
This has never been an issue on /ot/

Also just here to remind you there's cool milk on /w/, there's a troon weeb that does cocaine, pls pay attention to the /w/orst board sometimes

No. 17549

I will say, though, sometimes I get the shit scared out of me if I go on one of the non-gossip boards and see scat or gore, because I think that someone could be spamming cp at the same time. I consider myself super lucky that I've never had the misfortune of stumbling across child abuse in all of my years on lc and back when I used to go on kiwi farms and 4chan. That's one of my biggest internet fears and the reason I don't go on 4chan anymore.

No. 17550

The Vicky thread needs urgent moderation. Kayla is desperately trying to make it about herself and random hillbilly friends of her have flooded it to gossip about Kayla. The last thing lolcow needs is to ruin the one good thread left (Vicky) by letting boring schizo fatty mcgoo Kayla use it to feed her own efame delusions. Please ban kaylaposters.

No. 17551

i was active on /ot/ the day before it was closed and I didn't see raiding. Of course, it's possible I missed it, but what I did see was a discussion about how /meta/ is being used as a base for complaints by bad actors that have no right to complain anyway.

There were complaints here in meta about being called a bpdfag, being called a scrote, someone was shitting the bed over a new cow being tinfoiled possibly being trans (no gc sperg, just the real possibility), right alongside with begging for the k-pop thread back.

There are defintely people here for the wrong reason, and some of them are definitely male and kf/r9k users, but I think a majority are these new users that came in for the k-pop threads who want this a twitter-lite environment, and pulltards. Theese are the exact type of people who run to mommy and daddy and complan when their hair gets pulled.

No. 17552

File: 1603500446011.png (151.54 KB, 1096x558, raider.png)

Not all the posts on /ot/ are locked and someone is still bumping them.

No. 17554

Why are you so salty? This is the meta thread and its been discussed here.

No. 17555

can you please ban the (actual) scrote complaining about women in the kiwifarms thread? thanks

No. 17556

File: 1603505005795.jpg (255.62 KB, 1388x2048, 5f79621e3b7cee124ae4ccf8fb430a…)

No. 17557

Tbh, I wouldn’t mind if /ot/ got locked for longer if it means a longer rest for the jannies and admin, it’s not like a few weeks of purging old threads and whatnot would kill anyone.

No. 17558

Feeling this.

No. 17559

When are our Admin and Josh going to mate and give us little adminlets uwu?
If it's a girl call her Sarah, and if it's a boy call him Chris, in honour of legendary lolcows.
We can have a gender reveal party, the text on the baloons will say "congratulations, it's not a troon!".

No. 17561

Unironically this. But admin-san wouldn't be willing to serve "muh white devil" so Josh doesn't want to die alone, he better shell out for a 23andme to prove he's at least a quarter cherokee.

No. 17562

Josh has a dating profile on a white supremacist website so I don't think it's meant to be. Neither of them can see the love possible through the dense fogs of hate.

No. 17563

i love the borzoi

No. 17565

>it’s not like a few weeks of purging old threads and whatnot would kill anyone
I don't see the point in purging old threads. Why do some anons think of this so much? It's actually destructive.
It's good to have our old threads. They're records of this place's history and what it was once like. Online communities can't really exist without some sort of board culture and retrospect.
If them getting necro'd is a problem, they can just be locked or sent to one of the trash boards.

No. 17566

yesterday one anon had a good idea of making threads that have been inactive for X amount of time unable to be bumped. If a thread is active again people could just request it be bumpable again in /meta/

No. 17567

>discord server
Which one? The one linked here doesn't have site mods

No. 17568

Hard agree. I hope it stays closed for a while longer.

No. 17569

Because they clog /ot/ and nobody needs old threads being bumped, plus it's just stupid how the same thread gets made all the time or how you're meant to necro a thread that has so little replies and then get yelled at for necroing it, instead of making a new relevant one

No. 17570

Wouldn't be the solution to archive them? That way they'd remain available to read but won't clog the catalog. If a function like that is feasible anyway.

No. 17571

Why do you want to read old threads?

No. 17575

/ot/ serves as a journal entry for some sad sad anons. I used to browse the unpopular opinion threads for the infights, but every other thread is some outlet for anons to complain about their miserable lives. Couple of days ago, some thread called "Traumatic Childhoods" was made, and anons just wrote pages about themselves. Other anons mentioned that some sick people could get off on reading that shit, and I think it got nuked.

No. 17576

NTA, but are you new or something? Do you understand what board culture is?
The only reasons to want them outright deleted are either because you really, really want your old cringe posts to be forgotten, or because you want to lie about what this board was like in the early days, kek.

No. 17577

Thank you

No. 17578

>/ot/ serves as a journal entry for some sad sad anons
and what's wrong with that? scrotes can get off on literally anything. you could give up your voice in order not to let them get off on it and they would fap to you being a cute mute. This argument is retarded.

No. 17579

It wasn't an argument at all, it was an observation. Calm down anon. Half of the time people don't even respond to the paragraphs anons write up. Seems pointless.

No. 17580

>clog /ot/

no offense but are you legitimately retarded? In what instance would an imageboard ever be "clogged" unless it was spam? If it's locked, no one can bump it so therefore it stays archived. If it's been bumped, then either a retard has necroed or someone has something to add to it. Even if something has been necroed, some people add to the thread because it may be an interesting idea.

After that all the newish threads get bumped again and the old thread goes right back to page 4 or 5 or wherever.

No. 17583

It makes the catalog take forever to load. I wouldn't mind if they were moved somewhere else.
I'm getting sick of those threads tbh. It feels like I'm on crystal cafe. I wish /ot/ (or any female IB) had a more lax/fun vibe.

No. 17584

>I wish /ot/ (or any female IB) had a more lax/fun vibe.
There are plenty of those threads, you and other anons would just have to contribute to them.

No. 17585


>It makes the catalog take forever to load.

That 100% sounds like a "you and your internet" problem.

No. 17586

Use /g/ and /m/ for good vibes, anon. They already exist.

No. 17587

File: 1603558782107.png (Spoiler Image,133.22 KB, 559x426, download (1).png)

Are you the one who posted this?

No. 17589

File: 1603558947797.jpg (163.14 KB, 1000x714, Borzoi.jpg)

EW. No. Here's another borzoi

No. 17590

How dare you insult the borzoi anon like that?

No. 17591

Glad to hear it!

It was just a question, calm down.

No. 17592

File: 1603559598968.jpeg (38.29 KB, 650x425, 5BC7B197-2E68-43F2-9DD1-915FD2…)

No. 17593

He did one and talked about it on an episode of Mad At The Internet last month. IIRC he's like 5% black and 5% jewish.

No. 17594

yeah I've browsed some other threads that could have been fun, but they just get infested with "I hate myself" or "I just want to die" posts.

No. 17595

File: 1603560662035.png (278.66 KB, 914x901, mutt.png)

I don't think he'd date a brown woman tho, since he's a white supremacist currently looking for a slav waifu in easter europe. Sorry admin, big loss.

No. 17596

I agree

No. 17597


Either he's ok with The Man having his DNA or they already had it. Both are kinda interesting revelations.

No. 17598

File: 1603563969792.png (33.56 KB, 666x445, mutt2.png)

I assume this is because he has been swatted before, but I don't wanna derail the thread further so.

No. 17599

>NTA, but are you new or something? Do you understand what board culture is?
Most imageboards don't get to have an archive, and 4chan didn't get an archive later in life, unless you screencaped it or someone archived it manually.

4plebs was started on 2013 as an example.

Lolcow keeping an archive on repeated threads and having to bump them instead of just making a new one seems like a hassle, plus there's so many stupid threads nobody needs anymore. It's not about "cringy posts"

No. 17600

fuck ot i just want totem thread back

No. 17601

Your dna being held by the cops is totally different to it being held by a private company. Josh remains retarded.

No. 17602

That's not true, the earlier archives just all died.

No. 17603

Mostly a lurker but wanted to tell admin and co that I think they're doing a good job. I was an admin/mod for various anonymous message boards years ago and it never seemed like I could do anything right. Thanks for volunteering to take care of this whole site and handle shit that no one should have to. (Sorry if this is the wrong thread)

No. 17604

you kissing ass in this thread is just as cringey as the sperging. admin isn't going to fuck you.

No. 17605

Every time someone posts something positive or even neutral about the administration your mind drifts towards lesbian sex. It's really fucking creepy and extremely male like.

No. 17606

I hate that shit
>Anon calling someone an ebul cracker honky white woman colonizer yt
>anon responds and calls other anon negress
Guess which one got banned.

No. 17607

I think considering the state that the world is in right now, everyone (and I'm not just saying admins) gets triggered at white people so nobody bats an eye when they call white women "white bitches" or "crackers" or whatever other insult they can think off, but whenever someone offends a person of color based on their skin, everyone gets mad.
I'm hispanic myself and I find this very dumb. I don't think insulting someone based on their skin, be it white, brown, black, yellow etc is something to be proud of. Just ban everyone who insults a skin color, cause even if you argue that "reverse" racism is real or not, it doesn't matter, it's something out of respect and being equal in your rules.

No. 17608

To be perfectly honest the people igniting wypipo racebait are 99% likely to be white (or white-passing) wokefucks themselves larping as non-whites in order to be ~not like other honkeys~. The modus operandi fits the generic western twitterfag like a shoe.

No. 17609


In 10-15 years people will probably be cancelled for all the anti-white hate in their twitter history. If only because by then they'd have run out of other shit to whine about.

No. 17610

I wish I was this blind.

No. 17611

Completely agree

No. 17613

You're super over exaggerating. It's more like
>anon says a passing comment about being annoyed by white people
>another anon responds to that one and calls them a negress

The one that gets banned is the one that responded to retarded race-baiting with more race-baiting instead of just reporting and ignoring. Stop getting so pissy over being called white and just report the shit and say, maybe something like "fuck off with your race baiting". Maybe other anons will join in and maybe you won't look like a thin skinned crybaby.

No. 17614

>your mind drifts towards lesbian sex
anon, that's because we're all women…
how would they insert straight sex into that insult?

No. 17615

This is super retarded nitpicking. You're taking one small detail and blowing that up. 1. Not everyone here is a woman. 2. You're ignoring the part where they're calling out that person's male thought behavior.

If they had said "sex" instead of lesbian sex would you have nitpicked their statement, anon? anyways I agree. Statements like "she's not going to fuck you" are male centric because why would sex even be on the table???(if you have once upon a time possessed a phallus or currently have one; you absolutely do not belong here.)

No. 17616

If nuking /ot/ is what it took for celebricows and PULL threads to finally move to /snow/ then I think admin is moving in right direction.

No. 17617

I think you're both taking her post too literally.

No. 17618

that was the original joke, prude anon is just scared of the word s e x

No. 17619

Shut the fuck up, nobody is nuking /ot/. Why do retards keep coming and repeating the same "IF OT GETS NUKED" no one (important or that runs this website) has said anything about nuking any board.

No. 17620

because of /ot/ gets nuked we leave. cope and seethe

No. 17621

>Not everyone here is a woman
Ah, yes. I forgot this was actually 4chan where trannies and men larp as women, and the mods are practically non-existant.

No. 17622

File: 1603651146110.jpg (18.05 KB, 195x217, 1596586228838.jpg)

It's 25th in burgerland now too. Release the threads.

No. 17623

File: 1603653138673.jpg (22.9 KB, 680x472, 15f.jpg)

i hope they never do. this has been great

No. 17624

When it gets posted once, it's a joke
When it gets posted twice, it's getting stale
When it gets posted three times, it's getting weird

No. 17625

>1. Not everyone here is a woman
And why should that be acknowledged or respected? There's a rule against phallus-announcing for a reason.

No. 17626

It isn't. My point was that she was implying the person she was responding to was a male and that men are obsessed with lesbian sex because they are turd brains and "ooga booga girl on girl". That's probs the only reason she specified "lesbian" sex instead of sex in general.

But idk why don't you ask her

also kek at mods banning me for acknowledging that men post here (despite admin literally saying this) but not the other potential scrotes in this thread.

No. 17627

lol, are describing yourself coping and seething?

No. 17628

File: 1603656659437.jpg (10.41 KB, 244x199, give.jpg)

>potential scrotes

No. 17629

You might wanna delete this while you still can considering you left your IP in

No. 17630

Well someone missed the point. It's impossible to verify every posters gender on an anonymous imageboard. Men post here, but they should not.

But then again, you have to be a bit of a smoothbrain anyway since you left your IP in.

No. 17631

I think it’s THROUGH the 25th

No. 17632

or it’s a vpn.

No. 17634

Pretty sure I got the point. She was responding to someone she thought was a male and used "lesbian sex". End of story. As for getting banned, there was not actually a reason for it since all I did was essentially say "some men post here". It's not like I'm the male here so I don't get the point of the ban.

Anyways, I'm on a mobile network so i didn't see a reason to hide my IP address but whatever. I deleted it.

No. 17635

But it's the 26th in Asia already. MODS HURRY UP

No. 17636

NTA but are you a literal autist?

No. 17637

Your newfag is showing. Its common for staff to give 1 second bans to communicate with posters. Ive gotten plenty of 1s "bans" over the year, that were just heads up like "please dont encourage derailing" or "this spamming scrote has already been banned, please dont report more of their posts ". You didnt get an actual ban, you autismo.

>"b-but its just a vpn"
COPE FOR BEING A RETARD. It's not a VPN address, its owned by Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless since its Cellco partnership, to boot it all its probably a dynamic mobile IP tied to contract. Anyone can check this and verify this.

Since when did lolcow become this smoothbrained?

No. 17638

I'm not any of these anons, and I don't necessarily disagree with you… I just think you like the smell of your own farts.

No. 17639

you'll cope and seethe when everyone moves to a different imageboard.

No. 17641


Unclench. Maybe go take a bath and relax. You're doing too much.

No. 17642

The new k-pop imageboard has an OT board, how about that?

No. 17643

File: 1603668482878.jpeg (20.73 KB, 408x348, EkRG4vDVkAAIqsE.jpeg)

oh f;fuck i'?m doing it, i'm coping and seething!!!!!!!!!

No. 17644

Is lolcow generally super slow for anyone else right now or is it just my shite internet?

No. 17645

Yeah, I think there's something happening.

No. 17646

it was for me but it just now resolved

No. 17647

kill yourself no one gives a shit stop being retarded all over this thread
It's slow for me too. A few months back this used to happen a lot but admin never gave us any answers about why.

No. 17648


lmao love it. get em girl

No. 17649

>The new k-pop imageboard
when did this happen? link?

No. 17650

>people want to move in with k-poopies
We wanted you gone in the first place.

No. 17652

Missed the opportunity to make a 'How you like that' joke.

No. 17655

so…why was the site down for so long?

No. 17656

Yeah, what the fuck happened?

No. 17657

i though i had lost you, bitches! kek
>cries in retarded

No. 17658

I don't understand why admin never answers our questions about the site outages. Everyone's always like "was the site down for all of you too? It was? What's been going on?" and admin never says shit about it. If she's planning to go PULL and shut this shit down she should at least give us some heads up. And if that's not the case, then say so. It's weird.

No. 17659

Sites go down sometimes. Why's that so fucking hard for you nerds to understand. Do you need to know every single reason why an outtage occurs? Maybe do some logical deduction. If it was a host error… and now it's back up, no problems…. then maybe just maybe admin either doesn't know or it was a small enough issue to not comment on.

No. 17660

yes, but it's still annoying. and with recent events im sure i wasn't the only one worried if the site would even come back kek

No. 17662

based on the error message and many internet hosts having large scale issues today (imgur was down for multiple hours in some regions), it is most certainly a host side issue.

No. 17666

No. 17667

whocurr kpopfag

No. 17668

I put the site down for a couple hours while I resolved some issues with the host so that nobody had to deal with errors. It was definitely related to the slow speeds everyone has been referencing. If anything else is weird you can post about it in technical questions.
>inb4 server bill

No. 17672

ayrt, thanks for the info, that makes sense.

No. 17674

The vtuber thread on /w/ is full of trannies, scrotes, simps and 4chan tourists, no I'm not kidding please admin take a look, they can't sage or integrate for shit and call posting selfies a doxx

No. 17675

Vtubers are absolute cancer. I don't understand why they get a thread at all. It's like giving pedos or trannies their own thread. (ironically a lot of them are pedos and trannies)

Weebs ruin everything.

No. 17676

It's actually repulsive. Try calling them degenerate for liking this shit and watch them get assblasted about it lmao.

No. 17677

It's really bad, a bunch of idiots who keep reposting the same shit and treating it like /jp/ or r/Hololive when it's a drama thread, not a ritualposting or fan thread. You're there to shit talk. Also they keep fucking bumping the thread like retards.
I think discussion about whether you actually like them or not in the sense of as a medium should be kept in /m/ or /ot/ because then it'll end up like the first thread and take up the entire conversation.

No. 17678

I'm pretty sure that's what it originally was supposed to be. It started off as a general thread about how fucking weird it is, but morphed into a weaboo thread with people sperging about random vtubers, while gushing over others in the same breath.

The infighting was the most interesting part.

No. 17679

Thanks for the response Admin, closing /ot/ at least temp was a good choice

No. 17680

have we just given up on sage in /snow/?

No. 17681

vtuber thread is terrible. i understand threads like the lolita thread being full of lolitas shitting on cringy ones, but the entire vtuber thread is full of wking when vtubers themselves are all cursed.

No. 17682

I wasnt gonna post here and will probably get shit for this but fuck it.
I was the janny that got banned last year and i just want to say i dont think you guys realise some of the shit that gets posted in /ot/, mostly because the people on that board delete it very quickly (at least me and another janny were deleting images and posts 4-5 minutes after they were being posted) now im not complaining about being banned-it came after 2 hours of dealing with someone posting gore of girls hacked up with posts about how trans women are superior and this is the future for us etc. Everytime we banned them they were back minutes later somehow managing to get round it. This wasnt the first time I had to deal with deleting gore on this site but it just wore me down, i remember one post, vividly, of a young girl face down cut open from the back, her spine had been pulled out, the troll had posted pro-trans anti women shit again. I had been fighting with them, I got banned, it was the right decision. The thing I was actually disappointed about was seeing how terribly admin spoke of me on /meta/ after this to anons after my months here.
>inb4 you're looking for sympathy wah wah
Nope, my point here is that after being a janny on /ot/ i totally get why its been locked because some real nasty shit got posted there, and for a long time it was blamed on the MH/GC threads but recent events have proved this isnt the case. This is a mostly female site, its going to attact trolls no matter how much you try to appese or deter them. I did laugh after when the owner went on about how they didnt want to ban other topics being discussed because this site is about free speech. Just be warned if you are going to apply to be a farmhand this is the shit you are going to have to deal with and if you act up you'll get tossed out on your ear. Saying that much kudos to those who apply, sincerely hope it works out for you, I know you guys will last longer than I did. On a positive note there are some really nice jannies/mods here who I still speak to so you wont be alone.

No. 17683

This might seem dumb but is there a standard for reports? Like I try to use "blogging" "alog" "newfag" etc and think I am very accurate in what I report but I don't always know how to label it for the Jannies/Mods to understand if post is there without thread context.
Like I have seen redtext for blogging but I report obvious instances and it's not redtexted.
If there were standard "responses" (like a drop down choice) for reports it might make it easier to key in on problematic posts and help users know how/what to report.

No. 17684

Samefag but I'm mostly talking about /pt/ and /snow/. I'm glad /ot/ is getting attention but I want OG boards to have more moderation than the rest. They're the only boards that have some credibility in the "lolcow sphere" when it comes to outsiders, brigades and kiwi.

No. 17685

I can see why you got banned, but I also can't blame you. Hope everything's going well for you anon. I don't imagine you took much of what admin said to heart, she gets shit talked here in meta more than anyone.

No. 17686

I sometimes use the format
>board rule 3.2
>global rule 6
Etc. I believe the mods prefer we list the number like that so it's clear what rule is broken. The two things I most often see and report are "spam" (sus links, usually CP, never click), and "malepostong", and I don't bother citing the rule for those.

No. 17687

I'm sorry you had to see that kind of stuff. The reality is as you've said, that an all women site just cannot exist. It'll always attract both men and men that wish they were women and feel a strong resentment from women for not being as accepted and praised as they feel they should be.

Angry trannies will always run rampant around spaces like this because they see the 'for women' sign and go, "oh right thats me!!(scratches his balls)" and then they start posting, get clocked immediately, and sperg out telling women they should all just die lol. Going as far as posting deeply traumatizing things like that I didnt expect, but at the same time doesnt surprise me. What a shame. What a damn fucking shame.

No. 17688

File: 1603907669127.jpg (818.07 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-10-28-18-52-48…)

why did you guys not delete this? don't force our eyes to read retarded scrote takes. it's exactly what they want. just clean up the mess.

No. 17689

I'm back again to be the annoying anon to constantly tell the admin/janitors to take down the outdated red text on the pages or else it'll be up for like 3 months again.

No. 17690

agreed. was a townhall date decided?

No. 17691

Thank you both for your kind words! Its really appreciated.
And yeah sadly as you say sites deemed female majority will always have to deal with this shit, /ot/ really got it bad.

No. 17692

yeah what the heck

No. 17693

i remember you. you shouldn't have been banned. i've seen farmhands make way worse mistakes here. You fucked up but it was understandable. I didn't see the images (thanks for that) but I saw the textposts.

i agree anon, removing their essays and banning them is best. They want us to see their ramblings. Leaving it up is just asking for people to respond.

I know several males who post here use the same vpn as me because i'm always seeing their ban pages and the dumb shit they write. Banning them is no big deal to them, removing the things they spend time typing will bother them.

No. 17694

sorry jannies, I don't like spamming reports, but that vtuber thread seems to be full of underage newfags who don't like saging. The thread is absolute shit.

No. 17695

why was the detransition thread locked on ot? i understand it's a hot button topic and will draw potential TRA raids, but i think it's important for potential aidens/fujo's to see users talk about their experiences.

No. 17696

everytime i check in here it's been fighting about trans issues, might as well ban it altogether if it's causing this much grief

No. 17698

Nitpick but you guys should remove the
>/ot/ is closed 10/20 - 10/25 due to raids and moderation shortages.

as it is past October 25th.

No. 17701

>removing the things they spend time typing will bother them
Removing the more malicious rambling with little to no comedic value sounds like a good idea from my perspective.

No. 17702

> i understand it's a hot button topic and will draw potential TRA raids,

So you get it then?

No. 17703

The ProJared/Holly thread is too much of a hugbox. It really looks like Heidi simps took it over. I'm mostly on Heidi's side on the matter but It's a far cry from the old Grump threads where shitting on any member was fair game 90% of the time. I get why the Holly WKs get banned but I think people that wanna rag on Heidi or Ross should be given some allowance.

No. 17705

You've just noticed? It's been like that from the start. The thread is full of women who got cheated on by their partners and because of that identify heavily with Heidi. It's always been impossible to post anything negative about her and not have them jump on you. Learned not to post there ages ago.

No. 17706

Yeah they simp for Heidi way too much. She makes a tweet, and they act like she slayed 1000 men. Anyone who mentions something bad against Ross gets crucified. The thread is pretty boring.

No. 17707

File: 1603981130150.png (27.25 KB, 882x422, ban.png)

I have received several bans for no reason given lately just for criticizing sexworkers, what's up with that?

Context for this was that anon was dating several men and sending lewds in exchange for gifts and I got called "jealous cause you can't make easy money like that".

No. 17708

You should take this down and blur your IP address.

No. 17709

It was probably for infighting and derailing. I got banned in that argument too for that reason

No. 17710

It's a vpn I don't give a shit

No. 17711

Instead of appealing this ban, you straight ban evaded it.

>I have received several bans for no reason given lately just for criticizing sexworkers, what's up with that?

On this instance you went on the confession thread to fight multiple anons over sexwork. Your whole post history is finding threads to derail and fight people over sexwork, tranners and rape statistics. Even on threads that have absolutely nothing to do with these topics, you somehow manage to bring these topics up.

Indeed, you have gotten three bans about it in the past 4 days for the above reasons and you will continue to receive more bans if you keep this up.

No. 17712

As you can see in the notice it has expired, so I am not evading shit.

Curious how the people derailing by defending sexwork and calling me jealous that I don't "take free money from scrotes" didn't get banned. Maybe you should 1. cite a reason for bans and 2. don't be biased.

No. 17713

I mean, it looks to me like anons on both sides of the argument got their posts redtexted. Are you not seeing that?

No. 17714

to weed out idiots who reply.

No. 17715

you sound like a cunt and deserve to be banned lmao

No. 17716

Nta but might as well ban the whole site then

No. 17717

no because she's retarded and didn't take the time to notice. Also more don't redtext everything

No. 17718

Can we please lock or add /g/ related infighting and discussion as a ban for the I Hate Things thread in /ot/? It just keeps coming back to anons fighting about their dick preference, vaginal depth, and if they do anal. Shit should stay in /g/ if that's all they want to discuss.

No. 17719

yeah that shit leaks into every fucking thread.

No. 17720

i know it’s been said several times now but please remove the /ot/ redtext banner

No. 17721

well now that you've said it for the 5th time i'm sure it will be removed instantly

No. 17722

I like this idea.

No. 17723

Please ban all the people cowtipping on the LJ thread by constantly editing her everpedia and then running to lolcow with the screenshots to brag about how funny they are. It's clogging the thread and isn't contributing to milk.

No. 17724

File: 1604112105497.png (39.21 KB, 803x646, townhall_nov.png)

The townhall has been set for November 8th 8pm Greenwich Mean Time. I'll post a link to the public chatroom an hour prior to the townhall in meta and announcements.

No. 17725

How do townhalls usually go?

No. 17726

>people who complain about the site don't attend
>other groups of fairly sane people attend
>everyone is chill
>admin gets things done
>this thread explodes with complaints by people who missed the townhall

No. 17727

Is TikTok big enough to have it's own Cringe and Cows Of TikTok thread? I think there's enough drama that happens on there.

No. 17728

The constant minimodding in the shay thread is getting more annoying than whatever they’re calling out. Starting to wonder if it’s the same few people being cunts over every perceived nitpick instead of reporting that shit and moving on

No. 17729


No. 17730

there already is one it just sucks >>>/snow/984132

No. 17731

Can I ask for that jumpscare banner to be changed? It keeps scaring me in the middle of the night lol

No. 17732

Keep up the good fight, anon.
They can screech as much as they like, in the end they're still whores.

No. 17733

so is the new rule that we are only supposed to link the most recent 10 past threads in new op's for cows with a lot of threads? i never got any kind of answer from anyone about my callout ban for shayna's previous thread in the last complaints/suggestions thread and i noticed all of her recent thread links were removed besides the last 10.
can we get some clarification?

No. 17734

When will new banners be added? There's very cool ones already

No. 17736

File: 1604249522278.png (6.45 KB, 350x134, vtubers.png)

I think the Vtubers thread should be nuked. It's super autistic and full of coombrained weeb scrotes like pic related.

No. 17738

Can we have the retard shitpost thread back?

No. 17739

File: 1604263076041.png (426.06 KB, 1118x744, pedoscrotes.png)

The thread is invested with literal pedo scrotes.

No. 17740

Nuke it.

No. 17741

I wouldn't say delete the threads because as many useless or downright nasty shitposts are in there, there is some important information I feel like should be archived. But the thread either needs to be more tightly moderated or, if the mods aren't willing to do that, just plain locked. If it's not male posters from /jp/ trying to defend their waifus, it's jealous smaller Vtubers that are either mad they're getting posted or not getting enough attention so they shit on larger Vtubers instead. It's a mess.

No. 17742

Christ, it's just coombrains. I guess this is the source of the invasion recently. Anything related to 2d loli waifus will just attract a horde of retarded scrotes

No. 17743

That's why threads like that shouldn't be allowed to begin with. It's pure scrotebait and adds absolutely nothing of value to this site.

No. 17745

I enjoy the discussion of Vtuber drama since it's pretty much banned on most other sites (Some corporations go after people who talk shit) but there probably should be more eyes on it since a lot of people admit to being from /jp/ and shit up the thread with their memespeak and "___ hates da joos"posting you get the idea
The tubers that come to defend themselves can stay because it's funny as fuck though

No. 17746

I check the vtuber thread maybe once a week and I feel like farmhands are doing a pretty decent job monitoring it at the moment. The drama is funny as fuck because most of these vtubers are mentally unwell e-celebs so I wouldn't want it nuked but the moderation needs to be kept tight.

No. 17747

Is ♥ considered emoji usage? I just got a quick ban for using emojis, but looking at the post itself >>>/ot/664703 , the only thing I can imagine would be considered emoji usage is the heart that's literally written into the code of the board.

No. 17748

Yep. Nuke it. The thread is a fucking mess.

No. 17749

File: 1604276081086.png (451.17 KB, 1180x662, devfwfv.png)

This so much. The first thread was alright because it was clearly just us farmers discussing vtubers and their stupidity, but suddenly after Artemis' debut there has been an increased ammount of /jp/ users and random scrotes. You can tell by how they write and because they do not sage

No. 17750

no surprise that the admin who claims to be extremely selective keeps hiring newfags

No. 17752

Please add these!! We need these banners

No. 17753

File: 1604288783215.jpg (233.27 KB, 1080x1330, 20201102_104402.jpg)

Not sure why this should belongs to /g/ because it mostly contains sperging about 3 mens.

No. 17754

File: 1604294246152.jpg (314.64 KB, 1080x1674, Screenshot_20201102-161502__01…)

Whoever banned you is an unsalvageable retard. I can't imagine how someone would get through the hiring process without seeing the thread you're referring to on /meta/. Lord have mercy on us.

No. 17755

Yeah I agree the vtuber thread in /w/ has been invaded by vendetta weeb femcels and /jp/ coomers. I don't think anything good can come from it anymore.

No. 17756

Seconding this

No. 17757

Hi, sorry about this ban. It was clearly a mistake from our part. It was a case of a new jannie making an honest mistake.

We are being extra vigilant for ban appeals due to moderation errors. We are also trying to go through ban logs to manually catch mistakes.

Please from now on appeal bans like this, so we can see them and correct the situation asap. Thank you for informing us though!

No one in the team is a newfag. However, we have some new staff who are still learning the moderating process. Everyone makes mistakes, especially in the beginning. It is absolutely normal that even oldfag posters don't remember all board specific rules by heart and we don't expect that.

No. 17758

That's ok! I would have appealed it but the ban expired before I even noticed I had one. I was just pretty surprised. I understand we all make mistakes. Love you, jannies ♥ kek

No. 17759

Can driverposting/spamming please be a bannable offense

No. 17760

Unlock the thread

No. 17761


There should not be a thread. LC should no have to accommodate to one or two new stans who think they are being quirky by shitposting about him. The k pop tards aren’t allowed to do it, and the same should apply for this.

No. 17762

It doesn't need its own thread, that's what dumbass shit thread is for.

No. 17763

don't forget borzoiposting as well then

No. 17764

Borzoi posting works on the Things we hate thread, I see no problem with it, but that one scrote actor called Adam is pissing me off so much
I bet it's the same anons who posted pitbull all over here

No. 17765

I think the vtuber thread should be locked for like 3 days so all the dumb scrotes and pedos leave, and then we can discuss things in a civil way all over again

No. 17766

File: 1604331445462.gif (810.88 KB, 300x100, 1563140235888.gif)

>I bet it's the same anons who posted pitbull all over here

No. 17767

Probably not, but they’re just as annoying and persistent so who knows.

Another request to ban Driverposting, though.

No. 17769

Aww thank you! But no, I think the ban was warranted, it wasnt a fuck up, I was just enraged by all for gore posted and should have acted better. Much kudo's to the jannies and mods dealing with it recently.

Lol one of my banners, I hope the others I made get added soon.

No. 17770

File: 1604350746827.png (5.57 KB, 858x97, nuke.png)

just nuke this scrote shitfest already

No. 17771

My urge to mini-mod is off the charts. When will these scrotes ever learn? Rule 1 of Fight Club: Never announce your phallus!

No. 17772

lc is not a fan site and it never has been. the only time people do this is to be irritating. it’s literally just shitposting. i would argue that dumbass shit thread isn’t appropriate either, it’s just spam.

No. 17773

What happened to the "lolcows of lolcow" thread? It just disappeared completely and I can't find any word on what happened to it.

No. 17774

File: 1604359540931.png (186.64 KB, 983x497, rtgbtggte.png)

God… the vtuber thread
>says he's been here for 3 years
>can't learn to sage
Pleaseeeee just NUKE IT

its on /snow/ I think

No. 17775

seriously, please. get rid of it. This thread attracts degenerates.

I'm all for a thread that makes fun of vtuber simps, but it'll inevitably get invaded by fans.

No. 17776

Looks like it was deleted

No. 17777

since when are threads deleted?
in all my years i never saw that happen.
even vendetta slander is merely locked.
nothing was out of line.
except that admin is having stress churros rn.
she was the main discussion.
very stupid to delete it. now it will continue where she can't control it.

No. 17778

Really curious why it was deleted, but I have to assume it had to do with some people talking about admin, which is dumb to be honest.

No. 17779

>since when are threads deleted?
>in all my years i never saw that happen.
>even vendetta slander is merely locked.
>nothing was out of line.
Wondering this too. Went back in my browser history and it gives me a page error indicating deletion.
Last I checked, no one was doxxed or anything, and there were plenty of posts not related to admin at all.

I could understand if there was some logic like some potential for infighting but it was civil last I checked, and that would still seem like just a thread locking situation. This is of course last I checked the thread, but other anons who are asking likely saw it much more recently.

I thought maybe it could have gotten moved to /ot/ but it would still leave a redirection. It actually served some purpose to (ideally?) curb as much infighting within actual known cows' threads.

Unfortunately I guess it must have been the admin discussion (which honestly could have simply been cleaned up) and/or some new janitor going way overboard. Pretty disappointing to see this happen.

No. 17780

File: 1604365104119.png (18.1 KB, 1689x273, we said the exact same thing i…)

hi, why was I banned for this? I was not admitting to being a scrote, I was saying that all of those people come and talk shit about women's weight and why does it never expire? The person below me said the exact same fucking thing.

No. 17781

It was moved to /manure/ because it didn't meet snow criteria and it was a topic duplicate of a couple active /ot/ threads.

No. 17782

Well here's a direct link for interested anons.

No. 17784

No. 17785

this is a cover up and admin thinks we're fucking retarded.
where did the locked redirect thread go that normally stays behind?
why was this thread treated harsher than any of the worse threads?
why do all bad and duplicated threads stay as a locked corpse except this one?
why is the manure thread locked too?

No. 17786

go drink your own piss this is gay

No. 17788

I kind of agree with some of this. It didn't get the same treatment that other locked threads have gotten, it just completely disappeared and was put into /manure/. I'm sure staff has their reasons but it's weird.

Speaking of, I'd really love for admin to bring back /cream/. It serves as a lovely hall of fame for some of the dumbest shit in lolcow history, and I hate that it was removed. It has so much potential if Admin and Farmhands are willing to utilize it for their favorite posts.

No. 17789

You should still be able to view cream right?

No. 17790

yeah you can

No. 17791

>I'm sure staff has their reasons

their reason is the talk about admins old discord nick.
read the thread. i think she wanted to hide it. there's no other explanation.

No. 17792

Then it could have been deleted, the last shane dawson thread is also there without a snow redirect. You can always just use the personal cows thread that already exists or the thread in ot anyways

No. 17793

"ban all the things I dont like!"

My god some of you whine so much about people just fucking around on here. It's not that serious.

No. 17794

I mean it was said above those specific posts could have been deleted instead of nuking the entire thread. I didn't even realize the manure thread is actually locked until I read >>17785 who asks all good questions.

Then ignore it but these are pretty valid questions and there are clearly several anons who care about knowing.
What's "gay" is how this was handled.

No. 17795

I still can't get over the "emoji" anon's ban (harmless, but indicative of newfaggotry regardless of what farmhand said), and now this coupled with the discord sperg. We're in a downward spiral ladies, it just took me a long time to realise it.

No. 17796

Lolcow is not your personal fansite. Join a forum for spamming your special interests.

No. 17797

It's /ot/ you giant knob who cares if people are posting pics of ugly celebs

No. 17798

It's just a forced meme. All the fun people get from posting forced memes comes from seeing butthurt reactions like yours. How does it feel to be the butt of a joke?

No. 17802

it's not necessarily a forced meme, just a shared interest of a few anons that triggered spergs badly.
Anyway if some anons would let people enjoy things, the topic would go away on it's own. Instead it turned into some retarded fight and scrote-tier condenscending snark.

No. 17803

anon sorry, I realized I misread you. Deleted and reposted but sadly you were first >>17802

No. 17804

Kek, I deleted after you.
Anyway, it bears saying again:
I'll take driverposting over the millionth men bad tranny dick gross I have bpdahdhetc pls listen to muh childhood trauma. It's a welcome refreshment.

No. 17805

What is the pre-existing thread in /ot/? I looked through the latest 300 posts and ctrl+f4'ed the catalog and couldn't find anything. Please don't say that you're referring to the lolcow's own caps thread, which is supposed to be for humorous posts. You could have locked the thread and redirected to the correct thread to use, as is typically done. You can't expect use to know every thread that's posted, especially if it hasn't been posted on in months.

No. 17806

just hope farmers and farmhands are having a good day.

No. 17807

This is absolutely minor and I’m not going to act like it isn’t, but shouldn’t the anon(s?) that keeps continually spacing all of their posts like



be considered refusal to integrate? It sets their posts apart from everyone elses. You might as well tripfag. It doesn’t help that their posts tend to be stupid and they’ve shared enough personal info for me to know that they’re (allegedly) yuro and smoke a lot.

No. 17808

It’s literally just the white trash version of k pop fancamming. I can’t think of a single example in lolcow history where that’s been considered a cute or funny thing to do here? It’s done all over twitter, tumblr, and just about every other website, and the point of lolcow is that it’s not these sites. Someone calls your scrote obsession ugly, you move on. You don’t cross-post him on multiple threads and use him as faggoty reaction images to be quirky. If that were considered quality-tier humor, wouldn’t we also have pics of that Jimin faggot and the likes here? What the hell is going on.

No. 17809

Why this is scream I'm not like another site energy?

No. 17810

Girl shut up

No. 17811

What did borzois ever do to you, nonnie?

No. 17813

If admin threw the thread in /manure/ just because some of the people itt were discussing her that's honestly dumb. The least that could have happened was admin/a farmhand stepping in and saying not to talk about staff. I also can't find any such thread in off-topic, unless admin's talking about the funny posts thread, which isn't the same thing.

No. 17814

Eh, we're farmers, not cows. Anonymous, etc. That thread seemed like a honeypot for attention seekers.

No. 17815

I completely agree but just report and ignore it. It's not worth it, let them have their shit taste in men and humor kek.

Anyways, why the redtext bans in /ot/ dumbass shit?

No. 17816

pinkpill maybe?

No. 17817

I would like to know as well. There was no infighting, a-logging, or ranting and everything that was said is true, it wasn’t misleading or trolling and there were only like, 3 posts? The wahmenz can’t mention shit like that?

No. 17818

Just wait it out by reporting and not engaging. It happened because after Artemis debuted, mods on /jp/ got strict and banned western indie talk (idk if it was ever allowed) and some retards suggested they come here but they're mostly fucking off back to 4chan. Farmhands are keeping up with the bans and across the 2 threads there's been some good posts. feels like 50% of the people asking for the thread to be axed are genuine and 50% are people mentioned in the thread thinking it'll get permadeleted

No. 17819

Would it be ok to start an election thread in /ot/?

No. 17821

Can somebody takedown the porn post in Artist salt thread. Thanks

No. 17822

This. Please. I've reported it already more than once

No. 17823

The recent bans have been extremely erratic. You can have someone saying "yeah kill all men/troons" but actual sensible commentary is randomly banned as pink pill sperging. All the while the artist salt thread (among with many other /ot/ threads) periodically keeps going up in flames with the racebait and no mod interference is to be seen. Should we all just be dropping libz owning yass queen twitter posts instead of commentary to avoid bans?

No. 17824

>artist salt thread
Trashfire I completly avoid for stated reason. It's like we need a mod for just that thread alone.

No. 17825

>mfw autistic infighting and /pol/ sperg election posts I report are left alone and at the same time mods are suddenly making weird bans on random PP/GC-slanted posts while others can stay
What the hell? Do you have new trigger-happy jannies or something?

No. 17826

Why are you saying this? It's starting to get weird. If you go on the vent thread right now, you'll see multiple anons' posts have been redtexted for political derailing. The bans in the MtF and fakeboi threads are justified because they were walls of text/blogs about absolutely nothing substantive. Even anons within the threads commented about no one caring. There's no conspiracy here. Have you ever stopped to consider that maybe different jannies are in charge of different parts of the board? Just keep reporting or apply to be a farmhand.

No. 17827

Didn't a "new janny" just recently confess here that they were worried about their interview cause their voice was so "deep and not girly"? And suddenly we have people getting banned for the pettiest anti-tranny shit ever.

Admin needs to start requiring to see birth certificate.

No. 17828

File: 1604497797483.png (199.96 KB, 680x513, b3f.png)

No. 17829

File: 1604497965036.png (308.04 KB, 2359x1071, dumbbitch.png)

i don't post in the mtf thread, I like to save it to read all at once when I need a good top kek. Just coming out of reading the latest one, there's a lot of bans in there that make no sense.

Even the OP of the thread is salty as fuck. How you gonna ban a poster for including too many past threads in their new OP but make anons post that janny sperg every time.

Seeing the discord chats it's obvious that one janny (megan markle or w/e) has a huge issue with pp/gc. I hope they get picked so they fuck off and dedicate all their time to their scrote

we're in meta you tard.

No. 17830

from the horse's mouth: >>>17513
>>How about you verify your staff to be actual women? That would be a good first step. I think most people aren't just sick of trannyposting, they are sick of trannymods banning people for saying anything critical of men/trannies or anything slightly TERFy, even if it's on topic (like in the tranny-thread) and banning without citing any rules. The more mods you get on board the more likely it is that not all of them are women, that's just fact. The paranoia is valid, cause trannies fucking love to invade women spaces.
>This is already done. I don't know why people would assume I would randomly give someone internal access to the board unless I found them trustworthy to a minimum degree. Being a woman isn't enough for me either, we've had cows apply before.
>>banning people for saying anything critical of men/trannies or anything slightly TERFy, even if it's on topic (like in the tranny-thread) and banning without citing any rules.
>If this has happened it's because off-topic threads were utilized to start the tranny debate continuously, gender critical anons are not the only ones guilty of this either.

No. 17831

I'm crying at these screens, sorry admin but your discord shit is milky as hell. (All puns intended)

How did any of us rich white bitches find out admin was brown to be racist against her? I thought she was caucasian from the hand proving female post or whatever it is, which is the only identity revealing thing I've kept up with? Or was admin saying that she feels worse about racial slurs/prejudice because she's actually hispanic, despite that the rich white bitches would not know this? This is some like, weird self inflicted victimization if so.

I actually think admins done better than all of her predecessors by leaps and bounds so far, though. Plus from the sounds of past and current farmhands/admins experiences this site is stressful in a thousand ways, so I can't witch hunt for admin needing to vent some stress. Still fucking hilarious though, I'm dying

No. 17832

how do you get "deep and not girly" from:
>I also don't have an ultra high pitched feminine voice, it's rather sultry, so I'd understand if admin asked for a pic of my driver's license or something and a childhood photo.

No. 17833

I don't understand why this matters because we used to have a male (oh no) admin and everything was fine

No. 17834

the guy that was buddies with shoeonhead?? pretty sure that was kind of a disaster

No. 17835

NTA but as another old ass anon, I always felt he did fine for the standards at the time (wouldn't hold up now, but let's not pretend the site hasn't evolved). Obviously in retrospect all the stupid shit with shoe-drama wasn't acceptable (a shit show), but I was a hard lurker back then and hadn't noticed it at all (I never followed shoe, though, so take that as you will; I'm sure it was much more apparent to those who did).

I like LC being a female place, but honestly I'm with the anons on the whole 'guys can be here as long as they don't wave their dick around'. I never saw this place as being a lesbian utopia or some shit personally; I came here from /CGL/ when moot killed it and the fact that it had a primarily female userbase was never more than 'just a perk'.
(for the record though I agree with those saying that 'old LC used to be better' have rosetinted glasses. Lmao, in /PT/ a thread on 'Amor Hilton' from 5 years ago got necro'd and it's 231 replies of /JUST/ infighting over sex work and anons talking about being diddled as kids. 0 talk of the thread subject. Lots of older threads were like that kek, it was a lawless land).

– This is also why I'm chill with current Admin despite the hilarious woke twitter discord take, this really is the best the site has been run so far in my personal opinion. The FEMALE Admin before her did to this site what mootles bringing back /r9k/ was to 4chan, having to clean up that mess and still having the will to stay onboard for no real personal gain is something special.

No. 17836

Can someone explain why >>118978 got me banned? Ban said it was for "derailing" and "cat sperg is not milk"

Firstly I didn't derail anything because there was no active convo on the thread at all. Secondly the milk was that this vlogger couple adopted a special needs animal when they can't give it a good home, and oh how convenient, the animal would be great for views. That's milk, like the whole reason Taylor Nicole Dean has a thread here.

I get why PULLfags got their panties in a twist about it but I didn't break any rules.

I feel like I got banned for having an unpopular opinion, is that not the whole point of lolcow.farm? Or is /w/ an independent republic of whiteknight faggotry?

No. 17837

As an oldfag I can say that the male admin didn't really give a shit about the site's state that much and it was basically free for all, he banned men because it was requested and that's about it. He was busier running other things in his life and hitting on the farmhands of that time before he finally left. One of the previous admins, can't remember which (Regina?), was the one who started implementing stricter moderation which got to the point that people were getting banned left and right for the smallest reasons and during the current admin's reign GC and PP was suddenly thrown out because of admin's "white karens making me work for free" vendetta. So the male admin did literally nothing else but ran the site's technological side, the female mods were the ones who actually decided on everything. So practically it was female ran even then.

Seriously I understand banning GC sperg in offtopic threads but going to the MTF/Fakeboi threads to ban them? That's fucking stupid.

No. 17838

Mods, stop banning posts with the reason for it being bait. Bait means you are just butthurt and it’s not ok.


An autist who got banned by an even bigger autist for making one unpopular opinions post.

No. 17839

You’re being autistic lmao

No. 17840

I don't buy it because I'm in the verified channels in the discord server and I'm pretty sure she's japanese or white koreaboo weeb and it would explain the koreapoo irl friends

No. 17841

>An independant republic of white-knight faggotry
I like to consider it a containment zone for /cgl/fags until twitter got it's hands on it.

No. 17842

The best thing about this is that some newfag reported it, and the newfag Jannie read the report, agreed and then banned it. It isn't just one retard anon.

Speaking of Jannies, the new /pt/ janny is obviously very active. Some redtexts seem retarded/petty, but I'm glad for it. We've needed a petty Jannie that pays attention in /pt/. As a side note, is not embedding YT links now ban/redtext worthy? If yes, thank goodness, but just gotta keep that moderation constant instead of picking & choosing based on thread preferences.

No. 17843

The admin/janny drama unfolding these past couple weeks is honestly more milky than the cows we post here

No. 17844

Has there ever been any confirmation these are real? Or are these by the same tranny pickme whos Twitter got posted here?

The filename activated my upset vendetta pp sperge troll radar. Go back to asherahs garden, legbeard.

No. 17845

>new jannys learning how to jan and making mistakes along the way

That's milk to you?? kek ok

No. 17846

Calling other people pick mes on here while you sperg about pp is hilarious. Is twitter down or something?

No. 17847

File: 1604570595721.png (328.67 KB, 427x431, 0b6f233d5fb855e6812b09ec72acd1…)

> Using the scrote term legbeard while accusing other posters of being pick mes and trannys

No. 17848


That "screenshots" post time timestamps are out of order. They're random posts arranged in order to make it seem like one convo. To me this seems like the chat wasn't actually milky and those might be random shit posts or even html edited. Someone calling this out immediately summoning the femcel Pitbull force is even more alarming to my legbeard radar.

And yes any tranny here is a pickme hoping women pick them as true woman and not like the other tranners.

No. 17849

Are you new here or something? These screenshots aren't new. You just seem like you're throwing random terms you heard on here at the wall to see what sticks. That's not even what pick me means you dumbdumb. How could you "HTML edit" discord anyway, retard? It's not browser based.

2 posts isn't a "femcal force". There's no way you're not a scrote with your terminology and complete lack of logical thought process.

No. 17850

do you think youre not a pickme using terms like legbeard and femcel to talk about the women here?

No. 17851

File: 1604571614417.png (66.77 KB, 1383x204, adminoflolcowrealscreenshot.pn…)

You absolutely can use discord in browser and html edit it. Im still waiting on the source for those "screenshots" to prove therye real.

Meanwhile, I got you screenshots too, I hope you believe them. I'm sorry I don't have source and you're newfag if you dont know them!

No. 17852

File: 1604572059618.jpg (242.03 KB, 1059x889, SmartSelect_20201105-052709_Ch…)

>How could you "HTML edit" discord anyway, retard? It's not browser based.

NTA but holy shit you're retarded. All you had to do was fact check yourself and you failed completely. Pot calling the kettle black I guess…

No. 17853

File: 1604572108153.png (65.84 KB, 1493x155, adminoflolcowrealscreenshot2.p…)

I hope you guys actually have some proof where those screenshots are from and why who posted them can be trusted. Because I have so many screenshots as well.

No. 17855

PP/GC are gone forever. It's been 2 complaint threads. Just deal with it.

No. 17856

why the fuck would anyone post edited discord screenshots kek
get over yourself(ban evasion)

No. 17857


Oh anon, all screenshots are 100 percent cash in the bank on this site along with the psychic ability to unmask any anon you don't like as a scrote or a cow posting in their own thread.

No. 17858

It's not supposed to be edited to look like a conversation. It's a fucking collage (that I made because this site for some dumb reason doesn't let you post more than one image per post). They are several screenshots that were posted compiled together for your convenience.

(the dumbbitch.jpg name was not given by me)

Also admin is not gonna fuck you for whiteknighting in the dumbest way. Unless you are a "chad" like her current boyfriend. kek

No. 17859

Nta but they do bring up a good question: where are they from if not the official discord? I've never bothered with any LC related discords so I'm sincerely curious/have no idea.

I don't really have a horse in this race cause I'm for current admin even if I'm a gringo puta slaving el burrito, but it's still potentially hilarious milk and I'm not lactose intolerant.

No. 17860

After the Null dickriding and copious tirades that have happened on meta, I do have to agree with Anons point as well. Where are those screenshots from and why should we trust them? They're not from the official discord that is for sure. Who was even the source for them? Can we trust this is not another round of Null, like when he was trying to convince everyone one of the previous admins was a furry footfag after said admin rejected his advances?

No. 17861

They were leaked by our very own mods from the lolcow.farm mod discord. Tbh I don't really give a shit if people think they are real or not. It's not a big deal, it's just funny.

No. 17862

File: 1604604986376.png (37.45 KB, 653x120, cumfunnelass.png)

Is there any proof that this person was actually a mod and if so where is it available for vieweing?

Because if there is no proof and I'm supposed to just take your word for it, what a coincidence; I too happen to be a mod on lolcow and I have so many super seekrut screenshots of proof!

No. 17863

bro tone down the autism, we get it, you're mad

No. 17864

File: 1604605443527.png (46.49 KB, 1123x130, fatmaninanovercoat.png)

>But I have screenshots anon and I need to share them! Don't you get there is a grand conspiracy and the mod team is full of twitter transracists who are just looking for the chance to ban all of us white hardworking women.

Still waiting for REAL and ACTUAL proof of those "screenshots" being real, instead of someone trolling and you retards falling for it.(low effort baiting)

No. 17865

File: 1604605924810.jpg (314.29 KB, 960x960, cringe.jpg)

Nobody told you you have to believe the screenshots are real. Do or don't, but stop being so buttblasted and cringe.

No. 17866

Mods might be chickens.

No. 17868

File: 1604611324737.jpg (53.18 KB, 900x506, farmhands.jpg)

word on the schoolyard farmhands are lizard people pass it on

No. 17869

>this level of autism
Who the hell would be this mad over screenshots we all saw like months ago? The fakes you made to prove they’re not real don’t even look similar to the “real” ones. How are you spending this much time arguing this?
I swear, these new farmhands need to stop playing with the anon function just to whiteknight the admin. This level of simping is cringy.
She ignored them to save her skin instead of dragging things out. You would be wise to do the same, it just looks more suspicious to be this insistent about it.(dont reply to obvious bait)

No. 17870

>beliebing admin being a weeb living in japan with the other jannies is ttly not disinfo

this desu, it reaks of damage control. like that post in the manure thread that said the admin cant be the same ingenue from the ss because they're not from the same year. >>>/manure/5810
i'm very interested to hear from the anon who said they remember her. i'm sure i'll get banned for a bullshit reason too, so i'll continue on KF. link so we can continue without offending admin and her white knights https://kiwifarms.net/threads/lolcow-farm.11942/page-25

No. 17871

The fuck are you talking about retard that post is about random bannings

No. 17872

These posts are so spergy there's no way it's not the Megan Markle person in the screenshots. Guess they're just handing out bans now kek(STOP REPLYING TO OBVIOUS BAIT)

No. 17873

File: 1604651309459.png (482.35 KB, 1847x808, bro.png)

Scrote-central is still thriving. Isn't it nice how weeb scrotes get to create their own little corner on this site to discuss their waifus? Soon hopefully they can create other threads as well and stretch their scrotums over all boards.(for the 5th time, stop complaining on meta samefagging about threads you dont like needing to be nuked.)

No. 17874

>thinking bro isn't unisex in 2020

No. 17875

>Evewyone I downt like is wa twanny janny in pawt of a cwonspiwavy!

I have more screenshots if you want, I also have a bridge for sale(continuing baiting)

No. 17876

Yes please, nuke that shit already, some threads on /w were put on autosage mode for way less than that. I know, /w is a dumpster fire alas for my nostalgic old weeb ass but at least it was free from scrotes until recently.

No. 17877

oh fuck off null no one wants to use your absolute garbage website. If these screens are real I no longer believe it purely due to your spazzy sperging, misdirection and inability to provide any other information or evidence

No. 17878

>stop complaining about scrotefag threads full of creepy lolicons jerking their dicks to little asian girls while posting cunnymemes

No. 17880

It can literally be from anywhere or anyone but what we do know is that kiwifarms doxxed the alleged source and it was most likely the source of the supposed leaks because they deactivated the twitter account immediately and had a post saying saying niggers were jealous of his bone structure. Anyways this happened months ago.

No. 17884

Whoopsies! Wrong thread!

No. 17885

Hi can i ask why >>>/snow/1072499#1076443 got a ban?

No. 17886

Can a mod kick the obvious cowtipper from the Momokun thread? It's fueling political infighting and it's annoying.

No. 17887


there's at least one tipper in here, they've already reached out to a cow and now the cow is suicide baiting. Its getting out of hand. Pls ban.

No. 17888

Any chance the Dan Schneider thread in /ot/ could be moved to /snow/?
It seems to get lost in /ot/ and there’s some interest in the celebricow thread.

No. 17889

I can't emphasize how many posts I've reported today that haven't been redtexted. Unless the farmhands are banning people on the low, can you guys please look into them? Emoji use across threads and the ex-4channer thread on /pt/?

No. 17890

There’s a lot of infighting and derailing about radical feminism and communism in the leftthots thread which has been going on for hours

No. 17891

File: 1604796364027.jpeg (317.57 KB, 1242x2134, 0EAA2D2B-6293-420A-9BBF-BF5AB9…)

can mods please mark dead9irls posts? she outed herself for self posting in this first thread here >>946789 and now she’s sperging out about how she’s going to sue and shut down lolcow. i think she definitely deserves her posts outed at this point.

No. 17892


A lot of infighting here even though the thread says not to vent there

No. 17894

Nuke the things we hate thread in ot, that shit is just a massive spergfest now infested with the borzoi and ana idiots. Maybe it should get the "don't comment on the posts" like some other thread got, idk but i ain't gonna report all that infighting. I have shit to do, places to be.

No. 17900

lolol ILY anon

No. 17903

I second this, hoping farmers get to this eventually

No. 17906

this was bound to happen tbh. the premise of that thread (and most /ot/ threads) is just vent-lite

No. 17907

Fingers crossed for a new shoe thread, the current one is at it's limit. Bless the anon.

No. 17909

No. 17910

Can we move the glamfur thread from /ot/ to /m/ since it's primarily an art/media type thread.

No. 17911

No. 17912

There's the newfag in townhall saying "We need more mods!" then apply, you egghead. Don't complain about there not being mods for the time zone you're in and then not apply.

Hope you're reading this too.

No. 17913

Literally what was the point of town hall? 17 anons showed up and only 2-3 actually interacted, no new information except for Admin definitely wanting to quit because of her health/life stuff. The rest was her being defensive about everything that's already been brought up on this thread.

No clarity about OT shutdown or the future of the site. Simultaneously said she is GC and welcomes GC discussion, but just not on OT where GC/PP anons are all spergs who don't deserve their own thread because they derail the whole board.

So no, PP thread's not coming back in case anyone cares.

No. 17914

Not them, but to be honest the application was teetering on confusing with some aspects and that's possibly just a me problem, but if it isn't that might be why.

No. 17915

NTA but what's really confusing? You fill out the Google form and admin contacts you. Maybe if you go into detail on those aspects, admin will read and make it better

No. 17916

Damn, I missed the townhall. Will there be a summary posted soon? Hopefully you all got a lot of stuff done.

No. 17917

>Admin definitely wanting to quit because of her health/life stuff.
>No clarity about OT shutdown or the future of the site

First of all, I'm retarded and this timezone shit throws me off >>17724 lol, that's why I missed it. 90 people responded and only 17 showed, so I don't know if they had the same issue I did being retarded.

I think most people have said what they needed to say already in this thread? I hard agree with this >>17835. I appreciate transparency >>17682, >>17515 and some background concerning how staff run the site.

I'm sure there are probably a few oldfag mods that Admin can trust to take the reigns should she need a temporary break, or perhaps if she wants to hand the site over to one of them idk. It looks like a lot of things are up in the air right now.

Maybe there should be a dedicated thread for Townhall so people can leave input for the community without everyone having to meet at the same time.

No. 17918

FUG I thought it was 8pm central american time and I MISSED IT

The only thing I really wanted to say is PLEEEAASEEEE add more banners, there's very very good ones there, and perhaps others need to be retired too

No. 17920

When it asks to post and link good and bad examples. Is she wanting the applicant to make a thread and post personally?

No. 17921

I'll just repeat here that I'm satisfied with this webisite enough to keep coming every day.
I think most of my concerns can be fixed with better moderation, so I'm glad we've got new mods. I haven't complained about anything since they were hired, I'm waiting to see how things change before I give any further fedback.

No. 17922

no she wants you to show her examples of current good and bad threads, just paste the link.

Seems pointless when some of the bad threads were written by sperging jannys and people are being banned for posting "too many links to old threads" in their OPs and getting no clarification on the rules.

No. 17923

I'm not sure about all of that but all I did was paste links, I never created any posts, I guess I was just retarded or something and linked to shitty OPs and good posts.

No. 17929

Please check out this thread, it has too many WKs

No. 17930

Ah, shit. I wanted to ask about the banners update too but I forgot to. Also she said that server migration was halted because of rona and life. And also that she is working on making the themes apply on the catalogue too. For anyone wanting to know.

No. 17931

Please put the Kiwitards thread in /snow/ on autosage mode. It attracts Kiwitards who don't know how to sage and literally every time it is bumped there is no milk, just another Kiwifag whining about being banned and looking for a support group.

No. 17932

seconding this. idk why mods are ignoring it.

No. 17933

there has been shit tons of unsaged retardation in /snow/ lately that i’ve been reporting (over the last two weeks at least) that seem to have gone completely ignored so i doubt they’ll do anything about it

No. 17934

Yep. It’s been so bad since Summer. I report as much infighting and non-integration as I can but it doesn’t seem like anything is getting done about it.

No. 17935

Why so many redtext bans so freely given out in MtF, especially since most actual users of that board don’t seem to have a problem with the posts the jannies do kek

No. 17937

There is endless blogposting, infighting and derailing in the leftthots thread which has been going on for days. I have reported the posts but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

No. 17938

If /w/ is an experimental board with 1 year of age and it has proven to be ineffective, inefficient, with lack of milk and not the same quantity of anons as /pt/ or /snow/ so less replying, discussion and fun, why is it still a thing?

No. 17939

seconded, can the jannies please redirect their energy to the endless unsaged autism in the kf thread

No. 17940

Sage should be the default tbqh, this shit is retarded, especially for newfags. I don't understand the point. It should be the opposite, where you have to go out of your way for your post not to be saged to bump a thread cause something happened. Current system sucks.

also clean up the fucking Kiwifarms thread

No. 17941

Please put the Taylor R thread on autosage. The level of nuclear autism coming out of that thread could power a country. Refusal to integrate. Sperging over stuff from like 4-5 years ago. Weird moralizing and blogging, tinfoiling, armchair psychiatry, WebMD-ing, and obsessive rants. And random unsaged fuckery. Just kill the thread already.

No. 17942

i agree with this at this point. sucks it has to come to the point to go against culture but if it’s not being enforced then it should just default to sage unless you purposefully want to post something unsaged.

No. 17943

Just came here to complain the egirl thread and ridiculous photoshoppers is infested with retards, but what's new?

No. 17945

pls delete raidposting in /snow/

No. 17946

it's making me lol irl that everyone is begging for farmhands to intervene in various threads and then you got the mtf posters begging for the farmhands to leave them alone. what the fuck admin haha

No. 17947

Should be the other way around since most posts should be saged. Why tick a box for 90% of the posts? Make people tick a box to remove the sage 10% of the time when they got something new and interesting to post that deserves to bump the thread. The current system is so unintuitive. Farmhands would also have a lot less to do if unsaged shitposts weren't constantly being reported.

No. 17948

I actually really like this idea. Most people come here to shit post and give their one or two-offs and it always bumps a thread for no reason. I would love this feature. It would make it obvious who actually lurks and doesn't too, I think, because the posters ticking off the sage I would hope know what qualifies as an unsaged post.

No. 17949

This would also make the "hide saged posts for this thread" feature work as intended and show you only important updates.

No. 17950

The twitch thread on /snow/ is 90% anisa. Would love to read about milk concerning other twitch streamers, but anons keep injecting her into every other post, disrupting the flow of the thread and posting her pasty ass and bolt ons, like it's some new thing that hasn't been seen before.

No. 17951

>or perhaps if she wants to hand the site over to one of them idk.
Should this thing called admin change continue forever?

No. 17952

/w/ just feels like a containment zone for /cgl/fags and I feel like it was just made to cut down the weeb content in /snow/, ffs just merge the two already.
I feel like admin hasn't been completely honest with us regarding the shortage of mods and how many are actually active in certain threads/parts of the board. Some threads (like the ftm) feel like there's a mod always on standby, others feel like a mod won't check on it for days or just don't have one at all.

No. 17953

so have the farmhands abandoned /snow/? There's so much autistic sperging in several threads I visit and nothing is getting done about it

No. 17954

>I'm sure there are probably a few oldfag mods that Admin can trust to take the reigns

She purged the entire staff when she took over and so none of the farmhands have been here any longer than she has

No. 17955

>/w/ just feels like a containment zone for /cgl/fags and I feel like it was just made to cut down the weeb content in /snow/
This is EXACTLY why it was created so why are you guys talking about merging again when the biggest factor as to why /w/ may be slow is due to covid and the fact that weebs can't congregate in large numbers and stir up shit right now?

No. 17956

Seconding that I really like this idea. It would probably make it easier for new users to integrate too.

No. 17957

the egirl thread is a mess, the mods need to expose these ethots posts so they fuck off. dead9irl and sug4rfairy are the most egregious examples of this, they lurk more than actual users of lolcow.

No. 17958

dead9irl also keeps cowtipping on instagram and twitter as well as very obviously vendetta posting through every egirl thread

No. 17959

>the biggest factor as to why /w/ may be slow is due to covid and the fact that weebs can't congregate in large numbers and stir up shit right now?
As an /cgl/fag I can confirm, this is the exact reason why drama is almost nonexistent now. Nobody is making cosplays or attending cons or meetups because everything has been cancelled due to the pandemic so everything is extremely slow. Vtubers is the only thread properly alive solely because it's online only. I don't understand why people are so salty over /w/, just leave it be.

No. 17960

i like the separation of church and state with /snow/ and /w/ but i lowkey wish stefany’s thread was in /snow/ for my own personal convenience because it’s the only one i check in /w/

No. 17961

yes, this. the tipping is insane. d9, erin and sugarf4iry were tipped and like anon said, d9 is probably running/posting most.

No. 17963

Even before 'rona /w/ was known for being the one of the slower boards.

No. 17964

>Stoopid weebs ruining mah board

It's not like Lolcow was made as a ~containment zone~ for cgl-fags with a board named after the OG weeb queen, PT ♥

No. 17965

Most Valuable Post

No. 17966

the doll sperging in lj thread is getting ridiculous now.

No. 17967

And facebook was made to rate womens appearance in Harvard, what's your point?

No. 17968

if you think lc has changed that drastically from it's conception, you have brain damage.
>be an imageboard
>be focused around drama
>have non-drama related boards to keep drama boards/threads free of off topic shit and derailing
>ban vocal men to keep threads from being derailed

No. 17969

Can you mods do something about the Depp/Heard sperging in Celebricows? It's been going for days and they won't stop

No. 17970

i think the farmhands all died at this point

No. 17971

File: 1605237577195.jpg (147.15 KB, 720x960, 1794826_10152110112691144_1481…)

I wrote a really long autistic emotional post full of heart about Pixyteri and how I wish we could have one final townhall dedicated the good ol' days and favorite milk moments overall that have taken place on the site and I started tearing up writing up like a cringelord but then my laptop crashed and started force updating before I could hit send, go figure.

but TLDR;
it was kind of just

>more egirl thread is shit selfposts sperging

>would have less raids if the egirl thread was nuked because incels on discord see the site as "wow 4chan but for neet egirls" already without that
>why are no mods being accepted
>/w/ was a mistake
>cringe culture may be dying but what matters is the friends we made along the way
>hope we don't have to watch the site die on life support
>idc if it isn't revived as it's sadly obsolete
>will we get a proper warning so we can archive everything unlike PULL?
>escapism about how I wish lolcow would go out with a bang and have art or video submissions for a farewell townhall party to appeal to the old regulars
>we could get our final salt before we move on
>as much resentment as I feel about the site
>I don't want to forget the golden days

On a lighter note I have a lot of old archives I personally backed up in the early 2010s of lolcow lost media. Most of it is really wholesome because I'm a cringey artfag so I've always had a love for our queen's art so I saved it for unironic inspiration.

Personally I think her art aged really well, I don't wanna hear anons call Belle Delphine a weeb performance artist if they won't acknowledge PT being the OG


No. 17972

I love your passion, anon. PT forever!

No. 17973

Really frustrated by the lack of rule enforcement right now, there are bitches gleefully closing out threads after the 1200 post warning who don’t sage and won’t integrate. The newfags are out of control because there is no moderation happening. Especially in Snow. See the JC/Syd thread.

No. 17974


i've been reporting posts in there for days and getting nothing. Yet I caught a ban for posting in MtF and told to take it to /ot/? I might have been off-topic slightly so maybe it was warranted, but then I go into other snow threads and you have men calling the users here manhaters and cunts and they get no ban? It seems like people are only getting bans right now for petty shit. idk what the farmhands and admins problem is

No. 17975

i mean not all bans get redtexted… we have no idea if people are getting banned or not

No. 17977

It's not a board about anime-shit anymore tho, as your greentext clearly indicates. Keep that stuff in /w/ which I assume stands for weebtards and is mostly infested with scrotes because muh waifu.

No. 17978

I feel like some threads need to be autosagged until actual milk comes thru or the infighting/cow-tipping settles. The Taylor R thread reeks of PULLtards with all the whining about her wealth and outfits. The E-girl thread needs to be weeded out of all the cow tippers and self posters. I feel like nuking any thread would just cause an uproar, but autosagging them will start to push out self posters/cow tippers and slow infighting. Might make it easier for the mods to moderate them while finding new staff.

I like this idea, but you know there's still going to be those few anons who think their shitpost is milk.

I feel like it's also been slow because it hosts a lot of dying trends. I find since 2014 there are fewer and fewer people into living doll, lolita, anime and overall obsessing over Japan/Korea. Cosplay seems to be the only truly thriving one. Plus with the normalization of photoshop and the same cookie-cutter fake personality it kinda just blends every weeb into one. I miss it when cows weren't afraid of being rude and cunty.

No. 17979

>I miss it when cows weren't afraid of being rude and cunty.
why in the world would you miss that lmao

No. 17980


No. 17981

Why did the fakeboi thread have normal on-topic posts removed? Like not even banned, the posts were just wiped out.

No. 17982

I’ve been reporting the posts derailing about another SWer in the Shayna thread, but they keep posting. Please do something, the spergs won’t stop and it’s clogging the thread.

No. 17983

I would like to humbly ask that the Taylor R thread not be autosaged. There is some very weird stuff going on in that thread, and I'd like to be able to bump it when the time is right.

It just never seems to be right. Everything gets buried with some stans yelling nitpick about literally everything, and people sperging about her wealth or weight. I don't know. But usually people do sage in that thread, so what's the big deal?

I think that autosaging it is going to hand a win to a person or group of people who have dedicated themselves to shutting down that thread. They really want it locked, which is remarkable given some of the very real stuff that was revealed here last year.

What I don't understand are the anons (if plural) who are so rabid about locking the thread. Why does it bother people, really, as long as people sage? Ban the people who don't sage their sperging and much of the issue is solved.

No. 17984

The VTuber thread is literally just scrotes fangirling about the Vtubers, trying to find out their identity and posting their nudes so they can all jerk their dicks. I don't understand what place that thread has on this site at all.

No. 17985

Agreed. Please ban the derailers. There's zero proof that this girl is self posting.

No. 17986

File: 1605299343771.png (25.09 KB, 323x113, Screen Shot 2020-11-13 at 3.21…)

Anytime I've checked the thread there hasn't been any discussion of actual milk. Like you said yourself there is a lot of sperging on her wealth and weight and not a damn thing said about their sketchy businesses. The last thread bump was over a fucking cake being wasted kek. The thread is 95% nitpicking and snarky comments about her looks.

No. 17987

Could the word milk be white texted, just like triggered and others are redtexted?

No. 17988

I mean, there are a lot of threads that are nothing but repetitive comments/nitpicks/milkless social media posts etc. We've been long overdue for a sitewide cleanup…

No. 17990

this has been prominent in the Onision threads as well regarding one of his former patrons and people calling her a "dog-fucker"? I've been in both the Shane Dawson and Onision fandoms and never seen anything but tinfoil regarding both of them regarding animals it's pretty stomach churning, shits up the thread and stirs away from any actual milk
ive seen no farm hands stepping into help keep any flow going steadily of derailing its all nit-picking and spamming including edited images instead farmhands will actually out people they believe are "self-posting" and not enforce these rules
theyve also been posting socials without any info and none of them seem to have any interesting milk and or are protected

No. 17991

Splitting the thread obviously did jack shit. There's another one in /m/ that's literally the same fucking thing. The thread in /w/ doesn't have any drama at all.

No. 17992

Wow this got tampered with a lot

No. 17993

looks fine considering there are only 32 votes. maybe the results just arent to your liking trump-chan

No. 17994


Seconding, what a good idea anon

No complaints from me but I was wondering why emojis are banned(?) If they are(?) I see people do " :) " and then the mods red text under usually with a " :) " aswell. I read the rules but couldn't find anything. Can anyone lmk?

No. 17995

Emoji/emoticon use isn't specifically mentioned in the rules but could probably fall under global rule 4. However, it is made clear in the posting guide (lolcow.farm/info) which a lot of people don't read.

No. 17996


Awesome!! Thank you so much. I'll check put /info, I don't think I have(¿)

No. 17997

File: 1605372120332.jpg (27.45 KB, 625x164, egirlsthread.jpg)

How is this derailing? Erin's thread is locked. Can discussion of Erin Painter stay in the egirls thread for now? She doesn't do anything milky enough for a new thread yet.

No. 17998

why was it spoilered? it's just a dog. There's so much else that isn't spoilered on here, yet a dog is?

No. 17999

Looks like you're right since it hit the reply limit but it's better to make a new thread rather than using the e-girl thread to discuss her. Otherwise any relevant milk will be drowned out by the selfposters.

No. 18001

inb4 whiteknight but I don't see why we need to make an entire new thread for her when she hasn't had any "relevant milk" after her hiatus. That practice seems to encourage vendetta

No. 18005

I second this anon >>18001 although you make a good point. We've already got people tipping and sperging about her old content on unrelated photos. I can foresee the quality of milk being affected because we've jumped the gun so to speak.

No. 18006

What the hell is happening in the Anti-O Flakes thread right now? Can someone please shut down the slap fight going on in there? They're derailing with friend/Discord (drama?)

No. 18007

We have a bunch of spergery, namefagging, and infighting going on in the current Anti-O thread.

No. 18008

The thread is full of namefagging newfaggotry and selfposting, it’s completely unreadable with overrun with autistic infighting and derailment that isn’t milky in the slightest, please just permaban all these retards

No. 18010

File: 1605422486595.png (228.05 KB, 1302x358, Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 13.2…)

petition to rename posters in meta from anonymous to karen

No. 18011


No. 18012

No. 18013

why was the parasocial thread closed instead of being moved to /g? It had a potential.

No. 18014

stupid and not even funny.
It's a shitty traumacore thread and we already have many of those.

No. 18015

File: 1605464112082.jpg (141.45 KB, 1771x405, scrotes.jpg)

Can the vtuber thread be put on autosage? it's filled with scrotes sharing their fantasies or complaining that the girls aren't virgins.

No. 18016

I don't even know why it's in the weeb area anyway. vtubers aren't only a weeb thing even though it is commonly associated with anime and hentai fandoms, but it's as bad as the kpop threads. It brings in scrotes and the bumping in /w/ is just irritating. I get we can hide threads, but this thread just doesn't make sense to even be here.

No. 18017

no they're absolutely only a weeb thing but keep telling yourself that they're not, i guess

No. 18018

how is it a traumacore thread?

No. 18020

>give me details on when you were at your lowest low as a parasocial freak who was obsessed with someone in an unhealthy way.

all of these threads asking for details of unhealthy behavior are just fucking dumb.

Potential for what anon? for more anons to come here and either lie or confess to really fucked up shit for the whole world to see? Anyways, there's already an unhealthy obsession thread already. and it was just unlocked a few days ago. >>>/ot/204455

No. 18022

I never fell into the parasocial relationship bs so personally I was curious about anon's experiences with it (I am not an OP of the thread, though).
>Potential for what anon? for more anons to come here and either lie or confess to really fucked up shit for the whole world to see?
I really don't get this argument. It's an anonymous board for female weirdos and autists, we don't exactly have a stellar reputation to uphold.

No. 18024

one of the farmhands you hired is an actual Onision stan and losing her mind trying to sabotage one of the former patrons due to personal bias(Tamara)

No. 18025

If that were the case, there wouldn't be so many rules, anon. Mods wouldn't keep things so tight. It's really not about who sees what it's about content control and it makes sense. Do you really want a bunch of Youtubers finding this website and recording stories about it, attracting more unwanted attention? It's not even about having a reputation to uphold, we don't need one.

No. 18026

Stop being a fucking retard.

No. 18027


Please Farmhand consider locking up this thread. Micky has been an amusing attention whore in the past, but this thread is not milky, full of vendetta posting, full of whiteknigts and mickey's friends, derailing about corpse husband, etc. I think it should be locked and someone should make the thread again when there's new relevant milk in the future, this is very annoying and it keeps going on and on and on. This thread has like 800+ posts worth of nothing, and if it reaches the 1200 limit soon another new thread full of nothing will be made. Like, Mickey is my favorite cow, but there's really nothing going on. It should be locked.

No. 18029

But that's the thing, the thread wasn't against any rules (as far as I'm aware).
I don't see the parasocial thread as worse than the already existing linked obsession thread (which I agree may render it unnecessary). Some heavy stuff is being posted in confession threads,
the shameful fetish ones etc. Why draw a line at this one?

No. 18030

There's already a thread about unhealthy obsessions (parasocial is included in that). You shouldn't make a new thread just to talk about the same retarded topic.

Right at the top of /ot/:
>3. Don’t make duplicate threads unless the most recent thread has been dead for more than 6 months. Always search the catalog.

No. 18031

…yes, which I have already agreed with in the post that you are quoting.
I was arguing against this topic being too much for lolcow by making a spectacle out of the website by that one anon.

No. 18032

o i c. Well, yeah idk. Sorry, my wires got crossed.

No. 18033

this post could be a banner.

ngl a lot of stupid issues on this site could be summed up by this. gen z trying to fit shittalking and casual doxing into their repertoire has been the cow the whole time

No. 18035

Admin get control of your farmhands. The fact you guys won't deal with derailing in any thread but keep redtexting people in the mtf thread and ProJared thread that aren't even derailing is getting old.

This shit right here is why your userbase hates you.

No. 18036

File: 1605621958125.jpg (21.14 KB, 1045x997, gburujs7vgi21.jpg)

Admin: "I don't have any tranny mods"
>mtf and ftm threads are the only ones who are constantly moderated and even the most innocent posts get redtexted
>meanwhile other threads get constantly raided by scrotes and Kiwifarmers and nothing is done


No. 18037

You sound like Tamara with her "Greg sympathizer farmhand" theory right now. This isn't some Occam's razor situation. It would make no sense to have a trans mod on the team, deny it, and still allow to them issue extra bans in the MtF and FtM threads.

No. 18039

Admin wants to redtext all the white rich gc bitches

No. 18040

Maybe the interview process just simply isn't good enough to filter them out. They are absolutely desperate to get into poisitions where they can have power over women. How else do you explain what is happening on this site? It's a total shitshow.

No. 18041

Most redtexted thread I've ever seen. Come to think of it, they're the only redtexts I've seen in a while.

No. 18042

There's a lot of necroing of old threads going on in both /pt/ and /snow/ the past few days, what's going on?

No. 18043

maybe you should check out other threads then anon because I've seen plenty in the Shayna thread, alt girls, anti-Os

No. 18044

Is that the only thread you look at then? maybe check out the shitshow on anti-o thread, kek

No. 18045

The administrator thinks we're complete idiots

No. 18052

probably why she’s been totally MIA since the townhall over a week ago

No. 18053

She provided milk in the Anti-O Flakes thread like two days ago. She's lurking/looming around here just like the rest of us.

No. 18054

I'm honestly beyond sick of following the rules and still getting banned. I've tried to be active in here to get to the source of the issue and figure out what I'm doing wrong but I'm honestly over it now. All my comments in here where I've linked to posts and asked for the ban reason so I can not do it again have been ignored. All my appeals are ignored. Then admin rolls into the anti-o thread to post dumb shit? But she can't reply to the fucking questions here?

Then I go into the KF thread and it's full of scrotes calling us cunts and having their KF drama out here and that's fine. I go into the celeb thread and the sperg that's been in there over a week screaming about Johnny Depp is still in there. Then I go to the ProJared thread and someone is redtexted for derailing for pointing out Jared was reblogging a tranny with a history of weird shit against children? How the fuck is that derailing if calling all the users here fat legbeards isn't?

Welp, I tried admin.

No. 18055

>thinking you matter this much

No. 18056

What are you referring to?

No. 18057

idk if maybe you can't read anon but nothing the other anon posted says that it's personal, just that the jannies have been wildly inconsistent lately and the owner has been radio silent since the townhall.

No. 18058

Have you considered that they don't always redtext? So maybe people ARE getting banned, but other retards keep posting or they get new IP addresses and continue the arguments?

Why do people still not listen when farmhands say that they don't redtext everything holy hell

No. 18059

This tbh. The farmhands seem to have their favorite threads that they over-moderate while ignoring the ones that they don't care about.

No. 18060

most bans don't use redtext

No. 18061

You're retarded tbh.

Yeah, but the idiots in this thread ignore every time someone says that because they HAVE to be right and the farmhands HAVE to be evil and vindictive and only care about one or two threads. Makes sense

No. 18062

it was even stated in the town hall that they give bans out without redtext because of how minor they are. and if a flurry of infighting happens theyll ban basically the last posts of the offenders which to us seem like it may be multiple anons screaming into the void when its only like 2 or 3.

whats stupid about that post in particular is how that anon is bitching about allegedly making attempts at integrating but ending her post with well i tried!!
of course the celeb thread will be filled with amber and johnny talk, its in right now kiwifarms and girlfarm will always have a contentious relationship. dont be frightened to know that people can post here and there in tandem. some of you ladies act like its twitch and yt only one or the other. as far as jared and trannies go, they bring a whole herd of spergs that have intersected apparently. trannies and trenders are always a malignant cancer but poly and mental health anons flock to holly/heidi/jared.

newfriends get bolder and more outspoken as time goes on. its really not that bad here but expecting twitter or facebook level of hushery is retarded.

No. 18063

The newfaggotry in the TND thread is insane. I keep reporting them but they keep blog posting, not integrating, making no contribution, not saying etc.
Mod(s) can we please get a reminder?

No. 18064


so they get banned (no redtext), come back to continue their shit with a new ip, get banned again without redtext, and this cycle continues for days? Because this is what people are complaining about. People are sperging for DAYS about the same shit and don't even get a redtext so the people reporting know they're aware of the issue. You guys are full on retarded.

have you looked at these threads at all? Making posts doing nothing but attacking other users isn't about celebs. Posting screenshots from KF asking why someone is impersonating you after you got banned isn't milk or interesting. Calling that out isn't "newfaggotry". The newfaggotry is people like you defending it. Admin isn't going to eat your asshole.

No. 18065

File: 1605775646355.png (637.24 KB, 809x1326, af.png)

This is the dumbest post I've seen in meta since /ot/ was shut down. Congrats.


>dont be frightened to know that people can post here and there in tandem
>some of you ladies

Totally not the scrote sperging all over the kiwifarms thread about how mean we are for not letting him post here and how mad he is for getting banned.

No. 18066

I think they just ignore you. Your posting style is annoying.

No. 18067

Canyon is having a manlet meltdown in Tessahs thread. I've marked some posts but don't want to mark them all and clutter the queue.

No. 18068

>so they get banned (no redtext), come back to continue their shit with a new ip, get banned again without redtext, and this cycle continues for days? Because this is what people are complaining about. People are sperging for DAYS about the same shit and don't even get a redtext so the people reporting know they're aware of the issue.

yes. believe it or not, people come here and complain about being redtexted while "it's not fair, the other person wasn't redtexted!!!!!" when that might not be the case at all. farmhands don't redtext everything because if they did, some faggot would eventually complain about "WHY DIDNT THE OTHER PERSON GET REDTEXTED" as they always do. Then farmhands take the shit for "being selective" which leads to people calling for favored farmhands. etc etc. You get the gist. If you don't understand that, go back to college or something and take a class in communications or sociology. It makes sense that people would be more angry about being selectively redtexted (I mean seriously, scroll up and look at the folks asking why THEY were banned when other people weren't which isn't the case). Then tinfoiling cry babies whine about mods being unfair. Also maybe go to townhall when it's available to you.

cool ad-hom attack which makes no sense because I'm not the only one saying this. it was said during townhall and said here so many times, and said in the last thread so many times. People are just fucking retarded and want to be right where they're right. They don't care about the truth because it doesn't fit their narrative. Which is fine. Just shut the fuck up about it if you're going to blindly ignore when people tell you the truth.

No. 18069

If it bothers you so much, why don't you become a farmhand then? The application is right up there. If you think you can do a better job, step the fuck up and apply. Then you can redtext all you'd like or tell admin how to do things differently.

No. 18070

I think "y'all" should be added to the list of dangerwords that turn red like "victim" and "triggered"
Sorry if this is the wrong thread, it seemed most applicable

No. 18071

imo gimpgirl should be moved to /pt/

No. 18072

Dumb question, but how is it decided on the length of the ban? Does it depend on what rule was broken or if that anon was a repeat offender? What determines the length of the ban? Years ago, I broke a smaller rule ( nitpicking ) and recall getting like a 72hr ban, while more recently got like a 30min ban for basically calling another anon stupid and getting into an argument. Is rule-based, location-based or repeat offender based?

No. 18073

I honestly think it depends on which farmhand bans you lmao.

No. 18074

No. 18075


No. 18076

Going through and deleting the Canyon spergs literally ruined the send off. Especially the "I am very famous" ones.

No. 18077

wait til you get a 7 day one

No. 18078

7 days? Try 2 weeks

No. 18079

What the hell do y'all be sayin'/doin' on here? omfg

No. 18080

Yeah I'm really disappointed in that one, shit was hilarious and should have been immortalized.

No. 18081

None of those anons but I once got a 2 week ban for "baiting" even though I wasn't

No. 18082

No. 18083

yes please

No. 18084

this is the problem retard, only the butthurt anons that want to wield a bit of power apply to be farmhands. You sound like you'd be good at it.

No. 18087

File: 1605911302301.jpeg (216.28 KB, 750x1027, 7DFF7C6D-C827-4BDF-AA02-3403E7…)

art salt is truly full of retards. why respond to known bait?

No. 18088

You seem to know so much about what it takes to mod here, I'm just saying, why don't you see how it works yourself. It's not about wielding power. Be the change you want to see. otherwise stop being a whiney bitch

No. 18089

Ntayrt but the irony of saying
>otherwise stop being a whiney bitch
In the literal complaints thread is hilarious.

No. 18090

should seem that way right? but the complaints being made are made constantly and at so regular of an interval that its pointlessl. years of the same bs and seeing the same results should make this a joke but some of you ladies make it all too apparent that it bothers you to a real level

No. 18091

Can we start reporting and banning suicide posters like this:
That's practically calling for people to break Global Rule 1. Assisting in suicide is illegal. Trying to rope people into it should be grounds for an immediate ban.

No. 18092

True but idk it might have something to do with anons not being all the same people.

No. 18093

>but the complaints being made are made constantly and at so regular of an interval that its pointlessl. years of the same bs and seeing the same results should make this a joke but some of you ladies make it all too apparent that it bothers you to a real level
Why not just stop checking the thread? damn.

No. 18094

this thread moves faster than the rest of the site tho :(

No. 18095

No one is forcing you to be here and clog up the thread with your mini blogs.

No. 18096

why the fuck is there a new canyon/tesah thread? thought everyone agreed on not doing that that

No. 18097

No farmers wanted it wtf. Lock it. He's over, obsessed with this site, and height challenged. They're both boring as hell.

No. 18100

Can we get a farmhand over >>120215 , apparently we're being raided.

No. 18101

My complaint is about the threads that receive resounding disapproval from anons who actually frequent this site but continue to remain open. It was basically agreed upon that Tesah and Canyon aren't milky at this point and making a new thread only attracts Canyon to come and shit up the place. Idk if the solution is to lock the thread we currently have and just wait until they become milky again to make another one or what (which is doubtful bc the only "milk" they produce these days is the vicious cycle of their breakups). Then you have the vtube drama thread which constantly attracts scrotes who like to raid and argue with their unsaged posts.

No. 18102

Yes, some neanderthals over there.

No. 18103

Yeah. Please don't ban me for saying this, but I think it's time to lock up the Vtuber thread for awhile. You don't have to get rid of it entirely or lock it forever especially since that's what they want, but long enough that they'll get bored and stop checking every day. Especially since the Vtuber thread isn't the only place that's been affected by this. There's been upticks of blatant scrote posting on /ot/ and /g/ ever since Vtuber fans found out about the thread on /w/, and I don't think it's a coincidence.

No. 18104

Yeah dont lock it forever because then they will think they somehow "won". If the thread wont be banned maybe just keeping a close eye on it and just deleting the obvi scrote posts?

No. 18105

Honestly yeah, the threads been garbage to read since they found it with no one using sage and them not integrating into board culture.

No. 18106

What if they keep posting in /ot/ and /g/ after the vtuber thread gets locked?

No. 18107

They'll be easy to spot and ban at least.

No. 18108

>dont lock it forever because then they will think they somehow "won"

I literally could not care less about their imageboard faggot games. Let them think they've won, idgac. Vtuber shit is boring anyway so it's not like it'd be a huge loss.

No. 18109

Users will just have to report them as they out themselves and farmhands will have to ban them manually. Once people find out about this site, you can't take that knowledge away from them. But if they break the rules (which they inevitably will because they're retarded scrotes), they'll be banned. Even if they switch IPs, they'll just be banned again, as many times as needed.

No. 18110

I was one of the people originally saying just ignore the jp scrotes in the previous vtube thread but I agree it’s out of hand. Jp truly believes everyone here wants to engage in waifu war shit meme slinging or that we care about “raiding” them. I think the thread needs to be temp locked until they move on but not deleted, there’s some good archived info.

No. 18111

YES the fact the anons are basically begging to lock the thread

Crayon is begging for the thread to stay

Farmhands ignoring all anons and makes a new thread and does exactly what the retard wants

No. 18112

He’s literally on the thread shit postings daily

No. 18114


Can we please CLOSE the Crayon thread. The farmhand told us to take it over to Meta, and it's 100% just Crayon fucking coming in and being obnoxious. Obviously he gets off on the attention. Like, I'm mindblown that the farmhands had to delete his own posts and yet, he still got a new thread. He does nothing but post about it. It's the only validation he has and it's annoying for everyone. Also, he doesn't sage his posts so it bumps it every single time.

No. 18115

I love how when anons said they want the thread to close crayon says “wait I got milky screen shots pls stay” the thread is the only ounce of popularity this boy has, and he is begging for us to keep it and continue posting

No. 18120

Looks like doxxing in the Onision pt thread
this comment >>805875.


No. 18121

A name isn't dox, newfag

No. 18122

A name that was never made public on sm isn't a dox?

No. 18123

This was reported over an hour ago, mods asleep?

No. 18124

btw I'm no fan of the person in question but I do remember she's been harassed before, or at least claimed to have her twitter hacked and had to leave sm for a while.

No. 18125

Just lock the Vtuber thread I swear to fuck. Unhinged.

No. 18126

i enjoyed it honestly but now it just unhinged people posting gore

No. 18127

I still feel like it's just 2 morons at most.

No. 18128

Thank you mods for removing the gore.

No. 18130

What's up with the porn and furry poster in artist salt thread

No. 18131

Update: is gone

No. 18132

Why send us complainers from the Canyon/Tessah thread here when it hasn't been addressed in the weeks we've been complaining about it here. Not a single anon has said they want to keep that thread open.

No. 18133

The Vtuber thread is the most cancerous scrote-infested thread on this site. Dox isn't milk, it's autistic. Please nuke it.

No. 18134

I concur with the other anons about nuking the vtuber thread. Not enough women here seem to care for it and it attracts the dregs of society to come shit up the place. I have never seen so many anons begging for the removal of a particular thread. Sus

No. 18136

Someone is spamming horrible gore on the /w/ board, I have reported it but just a warning because I imagine they will do this on other boards too. Will obv report if i see it there.

No. 18138

Once again coming back to annoy the mods and ask why the red text on every page hasn't been removed yet. The meeting happened on 11/8. I don't get what it is about townhall chat notifs but it's been over 2 weeks since the meeting has happened and almost 4(?) since the text was added up.

No. 18139

There’s someone LARPing in the Jonny and Sid thread.

No. 18140


Please reopen this thread, theres nothing wrong with it

No. 18141

seconding this, asking for suicide assistance is illegal and should be banned, but random things like "I wanna kill myself" shouldnt

No. 18142

Wasn't the first one locked because mods said we already had dumbass shit thread?

No. 18143

Yes, but the OP states this is clearly different, and I think so too

No. 18144

Turtlemom is in the Jonny Craig forums posting a ton of bullshit milk, that was clearly faked

No. 18148

can't believe the retarded sister of the dumbass shit thread was allowed to live. bring back eugenics

No. 18150

Calm down.

No. 18151

Can we have a sewing thread? Which board would be most appropriate for it? I want to talk about my projects and help others with theirs but cgl is filled with stupid newfags and Facebook groups are filled with Karens who have shit taste and sewing skills.

No. 18152

Perhaps OT? I’m interested in learning during lockdown

No. 18153

Can we have an international cow board? Us Euros have plenty and plenty of shit and us latin languages speakers can somehow understand each other easily.
We only have threads on /ot/ and they get lost easily and one thread usually has more cows and it's a big giant mess.
Maybe the threads would start as the threads on pt or snow followed by "FR cow" "IT cow" "SPN cow" and so on…

No. 18154

This was already a thing,albeit experimental. It didn't really work out. You may see why in the announcements, can't find the right thread though

No. 18155

Can the Dan Schneider thread be moved out of /ot/ to /snow/? He's a cow in his own right and it's a pain having to go to /ot/ for the occasional update. Slow thread though so maybe not a good idea.

No. 18156

File: 1606354885224.png (181.14 KB, 750x1334, 17B64E68-37BE-4B8E-9CE4-21BBA5…)

Canyons in his thread again. Can you block him so he doesn’t bump the thread again

No. 18157

i think it makes sense since celebricows was moved to /snow/

No. 18158

He is back again

No. 18159

I thought lolcow was partially for archiving cow behavior but as I’m going through old Shaytard threads I found that the first ever pic of Fupa’s fupa is greentexted when it’s being replied to, ie the op is gone. Why are random posts like this deleted throughout the threads? There are quite a few I’ve seen that are random replies or etc whose replies have become greentext and it makes the overall thread patchy. Is this on purpose or a glitch or what?

No. 18160

File: 1606377684177.jpeg (214.47 KB, 750x1299, E54169F4-5507-4E58-A1EA-211014…)

dead9irl self posting in the egirl thread again, mark her posts i beg

No. 18161

Some people delete their posts, others are farmhands cleaning up doxxes or egregious rule breaking.

No. 18162


Awww nooo

No. 18163

I second this

No. 18164

File: 1606427101026.jpeg (266.43 KB, 1079x1232, 340FB639-7A10-4898-BE24-54699D…)

These are dead9irl selfposts in the egirl thread. Can we please reveal her post history so we can finally out her. She has been suspected of selfposting for months.

No. 18165

About this thread: >>>/snow/1079162
Posting about people under 16 is not allowed - does it apply if someone is +16 now, but photos in which they were <16 are posted?

No. 18166

Tag specific posts kek

No. 18167

I wouldn't mind something like this for /ot or /g except knitting instead of sewing.

No. 18168

This dox was reported yesterday >>806262, >>>/pt/799829 and it's still up. Are jannies on vacation or am I missing something?

No. 18169

You coulda just moved the 90 day fiance thread instead of locking it. You guys are getting lazy as shit.

No. 18170

File: 1606461797312.jpeg (233.11 KB, 750x1264, 48D330A2-8EC9-43DF-8D0C-6E781F…)

He’s back to selfposting today too, can you guys like lock the thread or something, because everyday he’s banned and just comes back

No. 18171

>>>/ot/247652 could you please open this thread? this is actually an interesting topic

I think there should be a 90 day fiance thread on /m/, is there one?

No. 18172

Since there are requests for both knitting and sewing, you can use the hobby general in /ot/ for discussion of those hobbies.
Seems better than creating 2 similar new threads. Just a suggestion.

No. 18173

No, but I'd be down for a TLC general on /m/. Smothered, 90df and 600 are my shit.

No. 18174

Can the 90 day fiance thread that was moved to /m/ be opened please?

No. 18175

It has a really high effort OP too, anon did a good job only for the thread to get shit on lol

No. 18176

This is not a complaint but rather a suggestion. Wouldn't it be a good idea to move the Lilly Jean thread to kiwi farms? It's really cringe to lurk her thread because it's just retarded mentally ill anons mocking a retarded mentally ill girl.

No. 18177

This might be the most retarded post ever made on all of LCF. You didn't spell her name right so I doubt you lurk, and LCF & KF are not affiliated you dumbass. You think Admin & Josh are having Zoom calls and making choices about who gets what thread? Kek.
She has a thread there too because she is a disgusting gremlin and an awful person through-and-through. Plus, Laur. If they stopped acting like cows there would be nothing to post.

No. 18178

Might I suggest we gender-segregate things a tiny bit less on /g/? Just saw a "loser ex gf" thread pop up and I feel like a combined "loser ex" thread wouldn't be a bad idea. We have 4 threads for attraction that are totally valid
>hot woman
>hot man
>ugly/cringe woman
>ugly/cringe man
which at least makes sense since orientations are clear cut there and straight/gay anons might not want the content. However loser ex stories aren't really about orientation, it's more about getting a milky horror story. The amount of gender-separated threads on /g/ is bloating the catalog a little imo (also reducing participation in each individual thread) so maybe trying to cut down a little bit where we can, might be good.

No. 18179

I have nothing to add but I hard agree.

No. 18180

I see.

No. 18181

if no one's interested in the thread, it will get pushed away into oblivion in one day so why bother. I don't support this much of interference to what can or can't be posted as a thread. Either it sticks or it doesn't, "bloating the catalog" affects nothing

No. 18182

Can we please ban the newfag in the egirl thread posting 20+ screenshots with no milk. I reported most of them, but theres a lot.

No. 18183

Maybe more moderation in celebricows since it’s moved to snow? There’s been a complete tone shift and it’s like nothing is actually being added to it even though it now gets more traffic

No. 18184

If you want a thread opened from when things were locked, you have to report it to ask mods to unlock

No. 18185

Celbricow thread was one of my favorite and now I don't even check it because of how sharp the tone shift has been. It's full of crazy stans that derail everytime you mention their fav and mods don't step in until its too late. The grimes and Depp stans are the worst.

No. 18186

Perhaps it should go back in ot? It was only moved because ot was locked. Might be best to put it back before we have to please even more retarded stans the same way we now have three or four absolutely shit Manson threads full of oddball boomer transplants.

No. 18187

I understand if it's not a high priority to reveal his posts since there are more obvious selfposters on the site, but the person shitting up the PJ thread for months is really appearing to be SOM at this point. Will outing him ever be explored?

No. 18188

There's a sad scrote posting shit about raping femoids in /ot/.

No. 18189

nobody even stans grimes in that thread kek it's mostly people shitting on her and the depp stans have been gone for a while. the worst people are the off-topic derailers like the anon obsessed with anime. all things considered, the thread is pretty slow.

No. 18190

can mods auto-sage the anti-onision cow thread? they’re currently ranting about how one of onision’s exes looks like a prepubescent child while simultaneously posting pics of her tits and infighting about nothing (as per usual).

that thread in general has an insane amount of sheer, unfiltered retardation that i’ve seen like twice on this entire website, and it’s been especially bad lately.

No. 18191

Except it’s completely clogged. People aren’t posing anything cowish, just using it as some random current events thread. There’s nothing wrong with threads being slow if they’ve actually got content, putting in snow was a mistake.

No. 18192

leftcows got posted on twitter and the thread is being spammed by people self posting

No. 18193

This isn't even true. idk if you're one of the ones shitting up the thread but I've got to assume you are if you're gonna pretend things are normal. Last time I checked there anons were fighting for 2 days about if Megan thee stallion is hot. It took up the entire fucking thread. That's not milk and no one cares about your insecurities.

No. 18195

this is still happening

No. 18196

"Veronica" is having a field day in the /ot/ vent thread. Someone stop her before she goes into a drug-induced doxxing spree.

No. 18197

Can someone please moderate the /ot/ Vent thread?
An anon posting 'her' pictures is shitting the thread.

No. 18198

Can these pics just be deleted? There's a bunch of them. Someone said it's her ex-bf trolling her, but it's obvious vendetta posting either way.


No. 18199

The Belle Delphine thread is obviously autosaged but it's not deterring the newfags/samefags from spamming irrelevant images of her without context. It seems whoever it is they're desperate for a new thread.

No. 18200

Out of curiously I checked it out and it is kiki levels unhinged. I don’t understand why they keep reposting the same image thinking it’s going to persuade anyone

No. 18201

Those images of a doxxed woman are still up in the vent thread. Just fucking delete them mods. It’s embarrassing at this point.

No. 18202

Mods will ask you to report things and then never do anything when you report those things.

But you’ll get banned for minimodding

Lol I don’t know if there’s a new mod roaming right now but holy fuck they suck ass.

No. 18203

Lol tell me about it. A year ago they’d of deleted those pictures right away. Complete fucking retards to leave them up for this long.

No. 18204

Looks like the janny banned but didn't delete. I really hope it wasn't vendetta.

No. 18205

The Venus thread seems to have subsided, but the aids has definitely spread. It's interesting finally seeing her real face (post op), but nothing is so interesting it warrants this many reposts and alogs. Majority of the anons can't even work out how to tag replies kek.

No. 18206

Complete fucking retard
It is a dox the person literally said it’s their insane ex posting it, he even posted her name. What the fuck is wrong with janny? Why did they ban and not delete the images?

No. 18207

Admin you’re a fucking retard I hope you’re proud of yourself for being the most useless janny we have ever had. Kys.

No. 18208

They hate us. I'm pretty sure admin finds us and this site to be a burden. That's the impression I've gotten the last couple years at least.

No. 18209

Thumbs right up her ass apparently

No. 18210

vent veronica here. please delete my face from the thread, thanks.

No. 18211

You need to email the admin to get your images taken down

No. 18212

wow, a basic ass first name and an entire country, not even a full face pic.
That's not really a doxx imo. It's not illegal, because it's not revenge porn and it's not anything revealing besides some goddamn pupils. Is that what you call a doxx?? I smell musty newfags.

No. 18214

Can I make a thread on a specific italian cow on /ot/ ?

No. 18215

What's going on in the belle thread? It's autosaged but there is some autist sperging about how we are fat jealous PULLfags raiding us because anons were talking about her appearance on the first in- person podcast she did a few days ago. Mods won't ban this newfag but is banning other anons for dumb shit and deleting comments that had no warrant to be deleted. But, alas they let the pull obsessed retard shit up the thread.

No. 18216

>8.Do not attempt to use lolcow.farm for attention or profit.
>9.Do not deceptively post about yourself in the third person for any reason.
Due to the violation of global rules 8 and 9 none of the photos will be removed.
Yes to all three. The unlocked thread has been moved to /m/.

No. 18217

>I don't agree with you, you must be a scrote

No. 18219

No. 18220

Big bruh moment

No. 18221

Idk who this is but reading that was like a constant drip feed of her thoughts sprinkled with multiple self doxxes. Weird.

No. 18222

Seems a bit much.

No. 18224

No. 18225

Just scroll up. Anons were fucking crying because mods didn't remove pictures of the anon who DOXXED HERSELF. I hope those anons are fucking seething right now.

No. 18226

They have time for this, but not anything that actually matters I guess

No. 18227

Agreed, all the posts besides the selfposts she made while high are very normal. She's pretty too. I don't get what the point was here.

No. 18228

This seems kind of petty, her post history isn't really bad.

No. 18229

It’s not supposed to be bad, it’s supposed to show that she self posted. She then regretted it and begged mods to take it down under the guise “my Crazy ex doxed me”

No. 18230

It is the best kind of petty which is funny to laugh at her AND might teach her a lesson. Thanks Farmhand! Seethe Veronica and bleeding heart anons.

No. 18231

What is there to actually laugh at, though? Just seems like a reach. Wonder what made them even think about any of this beyond the "Not removing shit, you selfposted and posted in third person".
I'd rather see dead9irl's posts tbh, she's been proudly selfposting and vendettaposting all over.

No. 18232

I want dead9irl's posts too, anon

No. 18233

Lol agreed, although I don’t regret believing her when she initially said it was her ex or whatever. I know a scrote or two that would do that if they got the chance.

No. 18234

There is nothing to laugh at unless you're a simpleton. It's very petty.

No. 18235

how's it petty? it's literally against the rules to do shit like that and anons who already have a chip on their shoulder about moderation and think everything's being mishandled on here would've just kept whining otherwise. take the L for once

No. 18236

The anons clutching their pearls over this are obviously the same /ot/ fags that Admin hates because they don't know shit about the lolcows or culture as proven by her last survey. The entire point if this site is to be petty and document cows, imagine coming into /meta/ to call people petty on LCF.
Maybe this embarrassment for Veronica will be enough "petty bullying" to keep her from becoming a full fledged lolcow herself. Farmhand did her a favor by ridiculing her behavior here. She might stop being a retarded attention-seeking bint who tries to cover her tracks with lies after she regrets mooing, or she won't and we will see her in a calves thread somewhere.

No. 18237

Non-contribution but based

No. 18238

/ot/ posters in general seem like huge softies and cows tbh, like even outside the vent thread.

No. 18239

Suure, if you go through something unusual it makes you a cow.

No. 18240

The survey she insisted was fake anyway because she didn’t like the results? No one’s pearl clutching, it’s just that this was a waste of bandwidth. It was actually pointless because they already called out the girl for self posting and no one seemed to even care beyond that. Are we just going to have a library of random post histories of anons that break rules, no matter how boring they are or how rarely they even post? Will that be standard issue? Come the fuck on.
I just don’t get how everyone wants the post histories of actual cows who’ve been openly selfposting on /snow/ to start drama, but mods only care about “punishing” some random, irrelevant anon who goofed and tried to hide it.
I might defend this if there was milk here, but shit is drier than the Sahara desert. Seriously, find one post in there that’s actually interesting or funny. If someone found this anon’s social media and made a thread on her, it would get locked in under two hours and called worthless vendetta. I don’t get why the same doesn’t apply here.

No. 18241

ngl I do love "the art kid is coming chile" post tho

No. 18243

>attention whore gets banned
>resident pp idiots believe all women are at all times victims of scrotes so Veronica must be too
>start calling admin all sorts of names for keeping the poor "victim's" pics up
>admin hates us a-bloo-bloo
>mod posts proof that it's just an attention whore

Take the L and shut up already.

No. 18244

What does PP have to do with this, or like half the other shit you greentexted? You sound fucking unhinged.
This shit just isn’t milky. No one cares about a bland attention whore’s posts when we have actual cows here. Cry about it forever. Maybe one day your sperg posts can be revealed, I’m sure that’d be more entertaining.

No. 18245

>This shit just isn’t milky.
It's not supposed to be, it's a ban. It was posted to inform users.

Nothing more pathetic than someone incapable of taking the L.

No. 18246

Do you know what a ban is?
>"take the L"
Nevermind, you're probably here from Twitter. Don't know how you navigated to /meta/.

No. 18247

I'm NTA and you're sounding a little retarded right about now. Just shut the fuck up. It's fucking lolcow. If you don't like it, leave. Mods literally do not give a fuck about your whining about a random poster, you pissant newfag.

Stop derailing and come with some real complaints besides the same thing you've been crying about. "Mods only care about punishin–" what? Punishing retards that waste everyone's time by faking shit and getting the user base riled up and insulting the mods despite anon being a fucking fake? It was a rightful punishment, there wasn't even anything too revealing in the post history and she got what she wanted – attention.

No. 18248


Here's the link again in case anyone missed it.

Seethe, anons.

No. 18249

What exactly are you so angry about? You say "It's lolcow", but then type all this seethe telling people to leave because you disagree with them.
People are allowed to say "This shit was boring and unnecessary". If you can't handle it, close the thread.

No. 18250

A link to nothing? Thanks. I miss the Erin posts, but we'll probably never have that again as long as you autists are licking scraps off the floor.

No. 18251

They should’ve never allowed the retarded shitposting thread back, full of cringe and a necessity only to bitches with cow tendencies

No. 18252

/ot/ honestly should just be nuked or at least not carried over to the new server. It attracts the most undesirable posters who are completely at odds with the entire point of the site. It’s also consistently very slow and doesn’t get much traffic, I don’t get what the point of keeping it is.

No. 18253

False on every level, it's one of the fastest boards on the site. You want slow, go to /w/ or /m/.

No. 18254

The belle-thread is a garbagefire, please put it out.

No. 18255

Ok farmhand.

No. 18257

kek, if I were a farmhand I would've already banned you for derailing

No. 18258

Then don't go on it?

No. 18259

Nta but she’s right, ot is becoming more of dumpster fire. The problem isn’t solved by just not going there. The cancer just trickles into other boards.

No. 18262

I don't identify with terfs or trannies but even I can admit this redtext was pretty spastic. The over-modderation of the MTF threads probably contribute to a large portion of the "terfs vs tranny jannies" sperging that happens in /meta/. >>>/snow/1098031

>Blogposting means sharing your personal experience, perspective, or anecdote in a way that’s not directly relevant to the discussion.

I avoid that board in general because it's where the twitterfags dwell. They've infested the entire site but in no greater numbers than /ot/.

No. 18263


^sorry for shitty formatting, but now may be a good time to get all farm hands on deck so we won't be overfilled with trolls and scrotes. Looks like KF may finally close down.

No. 18264

pls stop with all the bans/warnings in the trans threads. If it's not milk but it's saged, relevant to the thread, and well received by other anons, it belongs there

No. 18265

Something being well received by the other spergs in that thread doesn’t mean anything, the trans thread shouldn’t get any special treatment and be exempt from the rules all other threads are subjected to. It’s a /snow/ thread, not on /ot/, they’re always stricter with moderation in cow threads.

This is a completely reasonable ban that would be red texted in any thread and the definition of blogposting. It’s similar to how someone being like ‘sex worker here’ in a sex worker cow thread would still be blogposting and receive a ban even though it has some vague relevance. The mods shouldn’t have to tip toe around the gc-spergs and avoid implementing site rules so they don’t restart the ‘terfs vs tranny jannies sperging’.

No. 18266

What a melodramatic self-aggrandizing twat

No. 18267

For all the complaining about ot, I don't see why it isn't just nuked if the admin, farmhands and rest of the core site finds it to be a nuisance to deal with.
I don't imagine the admin or farmhands get paid to upkeep the website, there's no ads or paid content to indicate money flow. You sink money into a place you hate so why not just prune shit? It just seems there's an obvious solution and the blow back can't be that bad when this is an anonymous website.

No. 18268

Agreed. The MTF thread on /snow/ is not a replacement for gc threads on /ot/.

Anyone calling for the closure of /ot/ is probably a seething tranny who can't handle women having one online space where men in dresses aren't welcome.

No. 18269

>immediately turns closing /ot/ into a PP talking point
Lolcow is female-only DRAMA board. Then again this is probably shitty bait.

If /ot/ did close down, they'd just migrate to other parts of the board or come shit up meta… again. /ot/ should've never re-opened in the first place, it's a fun cute idea but, considering how unhinged and pathetic the userbase is/can be… Of course it'd be a dumpster fire.

No. 18270

That's far from an issue though, just ban them and be done with it. If they ban evade or whatever then they'll get bored eventually. It's not like other parts of the board aren't shit up consistently.

This website is essentially a public discord server at this point. Either nip it in the butt or live with the shit fest that is it and don't visit the board.

No. 18271

Samefag but snow and pt get spammed with gore and cp by scrotes monthly? I can't imagine that's fun for the farmhands, ot spergs are the least of their problems lmao.

No. 18272

The “core site” doesn’t find it to be a nuisance. I’ve literally been here since the start, when /ot/ wasn’t even called that. I’m willing to bet 50% of productive posters on /snow/ and /pt/ also use /ot/ for general discussion, that’s how it’s pretty much always been. It serves its purpose. Threads like the celebricows thread and artist salt are what brought over Twitterfags, and the first one literally got even worse after getting moved to /snow/. Nuking those two would be enough.
The people calling for its deletion just seem like a handful of LARPing newfags who are especially fond of bringing GC/PP into everything. The survey coming up out of nowhere (and that one person who insisted that it's PP anons who thought the post history thing was banal) almost makes it seem like that’s their strongest memory of this place.

No. 18273

File: 1607046248791.png (14.53 KB, 1290x118, Screenshot.png)

I'm not sure why this was redtexted, it didn't seem bloggy to me at all. It isn't milk, but to me it added context and clarification to a cow's possible lies. This was on the Erin Painter thread on /snow/ btw.

No. 18274

>I’m willing to bet 50% of productive posters on /snow/ and /pt/ also use /ot/ for general discussion, that’s how it’s pretty much always been.
But /ot/ posters always complain about the drama boards and how everyone there is too mean.

No. 18275

Most likely, they're just saying that because they relate to one specific cow, and know their asses will get banned if they blog or try to whiteknight in their thread. I usually see those people get told to shut up because being mean is literally LC culture, too.

No. 18276

Please put the Taylor R thread on autosage. It keeps getting bumped and there is zero milk.

No. 18277

I don't think I've seen that in /ot/, feels like people normally go to the cow threads to whine about bullying and shit, but maybe I just don't look at the threads where it happens?
Seconding this, feels like we've been getting an influx of twitards drawn to celebricows, artist salt, and the twitch thread and it's bleeding out into the rest of lc. I don't think it's a reason to close /ot/, hoping that they go away or integrate soon enough.

No. 18278

What rules did >>>/ot/687052 break? I don’t mind it being locked, but I’m surprised because I thought it was a useful thread.

No. 18280

/b/ back when the site first started was absolutely nothing like /ot/ is now and isn’t remotely comparable. /ot/ brings nothing but spergs now that leak onto other boards and all attempts at moderating it over the past year or so haven’t resulted in any meaningful improvement. I just don’t get what the point of keeping it is when it seemingly only serves to harm the overall quality of the site, and the overwhelming sentiment there has grown to be generally at odds with the entire point of lolcow. I just don’t see how the two can co-exist without impeding on the quality of the other boards and because lolcow is a drama site I think that aspect should be prioritised.

No. 18282

/b/ was literally worse, unchecked with failed attempts at robot containment threads because they'd constantly spam the place until a zero tolerance policy was agreed upon, racism, gore spam, etc. It's kind of a miracle it survived. As I said, the low quality posters are coming from two specific threads, and the rest are more likely to come from /snow/ threads like Nika's threads, IG cow threads, the anti-O community thread, Soundclout threads, etc.
There's nothing special about a vent or unpopular opinion thread that would attract a bad audience from offsite. It follows that people who frequent certain cowish communities would have cowlike personalities themselves. The rest are mostly normal, as "normal" as anyone can be while using an imageboard like this.

No. 18283

I just feel like the response moderation took to the raids has in the long run ended up ultimately being much more damaging to the site than the problem it was trying to fix. The majority of /ot/ posters are not coming from /snow/, considering the survey showed most of them know nothing about the cows or anything about the rest of the site.

No. 18285

Didn't the survey only get 788 responses? The site gets more traffic than that in a day, and the survey itself was sitewide, not just /ot/, I remember it being the header.
Plus, the actual validity results of the survey were disputed by the admin. If a small amount of people were indeed pumping in fake votes, I don't really think the results can be used to reflect anything substantial about the audience at this point.

No. 18286

Exactly. I’ve been here since 2014 and I just avoid ot most of the time because I have no idea what the hell its turned into, there’s also a lot of zoomer-oriented complaints and calling anons boomers when the “core base” are not and never have been zoomers. Smells like shit in there.

No. 18287

Maybe the solution for /ot/ would be to make it a hidden board. It would keep out twatterfags who don't know how to use image boards and it would cut down on scrotes raiding because it's existence wouldn't be immediately obvious.

No. 18288

Suggestion: move celebricows back to /ot/. It has a better vibe when it's treated like a discussion thread vs. "thread for milk and nitpicking".

No. 18289

people who raid /ot/ do it habitually. they will find it easily regardless.

i am sick of having to report manhate in every fucking thread. dumbass shit thread and shitpost thread shouldn't have those kinds of serious hot takes in them and it always causes infighting. the fucking news stories thread is already just a PP thread in disguise and it honestly disgusts me so many anons like to collect all this shit to gawk at how terrible it is and ree about men constantly.

No. 18290

can a farmhand please clean up the pnp thread in /snow/? there’s been major sperging and gc baiting going on for like 6 hours now.

No. 18292

>reporting manhate
At this point, you're better off on another site, I think. You must be working all day. Farmers just don't love men, even the ones that aren't pinkpill posters. It's just not a male-friendly website, even though most of our cows are other women and we gawk at how terrible their shit is.
Even on /snow/, scrotes are told to fuck off. This is a fruitless battle. Kiwifarms is probably the place to be if you really don't want to see people shit-talk men.

No. 18293

> the fucking news stories thread is already just a PP thread in disguise
But men commit most of the crimes? What are we supposed to censor crimes now if they're commited by men so it doesn't get mistaken for pinkpill now?
This is one of the dumbest things I've read in a while. Of course some anons are going to get carried away and get emotional over innocent lives that were taken in gruesome ways and it's no secret that a common pattern in such crimes is that they're perpetrated by men. It's the sad reality we live in and it's good to be aware of it. I think you've got your priorities mixed if that's what your complaint is about.

No. 18294

>Bitches about having to report manhate around the clock
>Bitches about the news stories thread being "manhate in disguise" because it's gruesome stories that are unsurprisingly committed by male perpetrators even when that thread has plenty of female killers and torturers condemned just the same
>Reddit spacing
Anon, I'm not going to say anything and risk being banned but just follow the advice other anons gave you and return back to Kiwifarms.

No. 18295

Dumbass scrotes keep bragging about their site bans on the kiwifarms thread.

No. 18296

Can someone take a look into vtubers thread on /w/? They're posting Gawr Gura's family members

No. 18297

i really don't get why there has been barely any moderation for the vtuber thread. i've seen other threads get red text all over them for not saging or just being a horny weirdo. there's people referring to real actual children as "loli". disgusting. and people asking for said "loli" photos.

No. 18298

I ask once again to put the stupid Kiwifarms thread on /snow/ in autosage mode. Every time it is bumped it is just because a user got banned and needs a place to bitch about it. They also bring over their autistic friends from their chat who also don't know how to sage. Like, are you even reading any of our complaints at all?

No. 18299

Please delete the Kiwi Farms thread before it is too late

I'm begging you. I will put my money where my mouth is and make a large donation if needed.

No. 18300

Poor thing. Maybe you should try 4chan, manhate is not tolerated there!

No. 18301

File: 1607194598487.jpg (174.98 KB, 1080x894, IMG_20201205_185451.jpg)

I got a week ban for not even baiting Tamara she was already shitting up the thread and using the term dogfucker is hardly bait. That's like banning any fucking nickname of some cow because they could be offended. Yea it's annoying Tamara shits up the thread with some other anon from her discord.

No. 18302

Just want to make another point she's currently itt or some other troll and it's not me involved. At least ban me from snow or something, I don't know why I get an all board ban for coming in hours after her initial sperging and asking who her supposed whiteknights are. She's definitely a cow by how she acts. She's mid 30s and keep samefagging, accusing anons of being Greg and then calling us all highschoolers. Mental.

No. 18303

I wish the thread could be locked up since there's no moderation. There is a reason why vtuber threads on 4chan are so heavily moderated. The thread here got cleaned up recently but it doesn't stop the incels, they are already trying to dox the girls again despite the warnings.

I feel like this thread has no place on this website, the majority of posters just try to dox the person behind the avatar, how is that milk?

No. 18304

File: 1607206599901.jpeg (80.92 KB, 1810x905, cc2a5bbb74aacf11.jpeg)

Angela Pharris is a super fan of cuck boy Josh she owns him and Google's everything about him

No. 18305

i feel the onision flakes have run their course the recent thread has gone to total shit and its all just people with autism shitting it up but im pretty sure im not the only person who feels this way farmhands are doing their best but people aren't listening to them

No. 18306

deal with your ban nerd
people are tired of you shitting it up
using the term dog-fucker is seen as bait by farmhands now
its also not a Tamara thread and people are tired of it being one

No. 18307

bro nice ban evasion
it's very easy to see what anons are Greg by how he types

also deal with your ban so you cant call her a dog-fucker for a week big whoop go outside or something it's not the end of of the world. Maybe the time away will make you realize your vendetta game is retarded

No. 18309

Aww you got banned for baiting? Can't call Tamara a dogfucker anymore so you come here to complain? Suck it up crybaby. Take your ban like a good bitch and go watch Netflix or something.

No. 18310

yer acting like a bit of a cow right now yourself kek

No. 18311

Like this wasn't bait and she still showed up I shouldn't be punished for this lol

No. 18315

learn to be a better human being and not a total trash mammal and you wont get a ban in the future k? what are you whining about here for anyway you can still sadly post also she wasnt the one doing it a lot of us are tired of it now way to go clap your grievances with tam are not important to us

No. 18316

sure and im the pope

No. 18317

Tamara's learning difficulties are extremely tiresome. She somehow lives unassisted and spends her time sperging online across multiple platforms without realising that is why people are choosing to laugh at her. They're laughing because of the sheer retardation of Tamara defending herself online trying to disprove dog fucking rumours. The autism levels are off the scale.

No. 18319

also say what you want about tam but at least she didnt come tot own hall and whine about being banned makes her more adult than you tbh

No. 18320

File: 1607216228811.gif (334.28 KB, 220x217, tenor.gif)


No. 18321

Sorry Josh.

No. 18323

know any other words there big boy? my 2 year old nephew is smarter than you
he wouldnt come whine about being banned either
wait it out ffs shut up

No. 18325

tam is vpn banned across the boards your paranoia is showing its bait bruh calling someone a name you know upsets them or will get them to come running to defend themselves is obvious bait and those were your intentions with doing that like another anon said, you dont see her whining about her bans

No. 18326

People are responding to you trying to say this doesn't happen but I've seen it a lot of times. Some users genuinely seem to think that the drama boards are our additional entertainment and ot and g are the core of the board.

No. 18328

just because someone has an occasional outburst online of the emotional sort doesnt mean they cant live unassisted ive seen you use that word many times and find you to be an ignorant piece of shit it's no different than greg making 10000000 videos whining about how he didnt fuck sarah when she was under age (but we know he couldnt live unassisted hence why he always has to have someone to wipe his ass for him)

No. 18329

then stop trying to get her to engage with you in the thread if you find her so tiresome.
You know who else cant take their bans gracefully off sites? you give yourself away every. Single. Time. Also the retard insults. You can't really use anything else you toerag

No. 18330

agreeing with this anon. It's going nowhere

No. 18331

Hard seconding.

No. 18332

File: 1607231958985.png (15.76 KB, 655x107, 1607192424516.png)

Is there an official decision on this because we are getting mixed messages from farmhands:

No. 18333

File: 1607232128421.png (104.28 KB, 1440x528, 478321.png)

>post in celebricows
>don't post in celebricows

Elaine is the thread op image of celebricows so it kinda makes sense to keep him in there.

No. 18334

Again, the Townhall text needs to be removed, it's been almost a month since it happened.

No. 18335

Literally who? And why is this in this thread?

No. 18336

File: 1607251429281.png (289.3 KB, 629x540, Screenshot_20190913-084432.png)

The over-moderation of anything ftm is hilarious. Don't get your sock bulge in a bunch.

No. 18337

Seriously what's up with these weird ass bans in the MTF and FTM threads anyway? Anons get banned for blogposting when they tell about their disturbing troon encounter despite it being a general thread, then they get banned for medfagging when explaining a procedure a tranny cow has gone under. And now anons are getting told to go to the celebricows thread and in the celebricows thread they're told to go to the fakeboi thread. Mods I get you hate gc talk but come the fuck on now, if you only were this efficient at banning racebait.

No. 18338

There are just certain threads that have jannies on a power trip. In belle's thread, the Janny keeps banning everyone but has let this wk shit up the thread for a week, then had the audacity to come back and tell us not to even bother posting if we're going to talk about her looks LOL anons were calling them out because that's the whole point of this website. Farmhands dont need to moderate a thread if they have a soft spot for the thread topics

No. 18339

Maybe there could there be a rule against seeking out personal info or some other special rules? i really think it can be a good thread as more indie western vtubers appear and create drama but right now you're right that it's… not good

No. 18340

I think the leftcow thread is being brigaded by samememe orbiters.

No. 18341

why are you spergs so paranoid? general just means it's not centred around a specific individual but a wider subculture, you still have to talk about cows within that subculture and it doesn't mean the rules for blogging and medfagging don't apply

No. 18342

at least while this current drama is happening leftcows probably should have heightened moderation for a few days if there are mods available to do it, it's being posted and referenced all over twitter and is obviously attracting a lot of newfags

No. 18343

please just go back to PULL already

No. 18344

File: 1607288138725.png (8.31 KB, 1302x99, scrote.png)

lol idk why the jannies refuse to moderated the kiwifarms thread. It's full of the most autistic shit I've seen that never gets redtexted

No. 18345

File: 1607288180968.png (79.44 KB, 683x610, ok.png)

samefagging because huge lol that the first vpn server I tried to post this from was on a permaban for this post in /ot/. Grow the fuck up.

No. 18346

Wow, notice how there was no redtext on a scrote's post about rape, but you're complaining about scrotes not being redtexted in the kiwifarms thread.

No. 18348

omg I remember reporting this post, so glad at least the disgusting scrote got permabanned. though i guess it didn't do shit since he was on a vpn.

No. 18349

A scote post about rape should be redtexted so we can all feel good at know that he got banned. It would boost the morale. Any scrote post should include redtext to deter any others from posting.

No. 18350

Can we get a rule about keeping trans/other gender sperg to the mtf,ftm and gender critical thread,

there’s literally multiple threads where people are posting back and forth about it for 20+ posts and most of the time the thread is completely unrelated to that topic for example someone will post “she looks like a man” and anons will start sperging and infighting about trans shit for multiple posts

It’s getting really fucking annoying when you’re trying to read a thread and you have to wade through the shit of 2-3 people infighting for two real-time days

No. 18351

There is a GC thread?

No. 18352

Oh wow, got some links?

No. 18353

>the thread is completely unrelated to that topic
Derailing of any kind is already a bannable offence. Global Rule 6 states:
>Do not derail or disrupt discussion.
You can report those posts for breaking GR 6, then it's up to the mods to decide whether to act on your report.

No. 18354

No. 18355

Wow what a super intense and devastating argument. I can see why this would bother you so much. Poor thing.

No. 18356

File: 1607350721475.jpg (12.1 KB, 478x361, kek.jpg)

No. 18357

this is never going to happen. all /ot/ threads are just going to continue to be used as thinly veiled gendercrit/pink pill/man hate threads. these people then leak into the other boards and alienate oldfags or potential new normal users from coming to the site. I really think admin should consider doing a vote on whether people want to keep /ot/.

No. 18358

Oh, I thought she was referring to threads in /snow/ being derailed (I've seen both, it's happening all across the site).
If she's referring to posts in /ot/, that board has a special rule about infighting. /ot/ board rule 2 states:
>Infighting is highly penalized, it’s not contributive to the overall health of the board.
So the posts can be reported for breaking 2 rules at once: gr6 & otr2. Rules are there for a reason. If mods want to make an exception for gc derail/insight (I hope not), it's time to update the rules accordingly.

No. 18359

Are you trying to give us a fetish for throwing pies in men's faces anon?

No. 18360

One of the problems with moderating /ot/ is that if there's a pp or gc derail and posters get banned they then whine in meta and call admin a tranny because they think they've been banned for their opinions and not because they were part of inane derail. They think they haven't done anything wrong so they keep doing it. I understand why admin's tired of this bullshit.

And before someone says tranny or scrote, I'm not and actually agree with gc and most pink pill, I just have the self awareness to know when posting about isn't appropriate.

No. 18361

How many times have you posted this on /meta/ already? Be honest.

No. 18362

Petty anon and pettier farmhand, not funny at all.

No. 18363

everyone who says anything negative about pp derailing is all one person etc etc

No. 18364

idk, was it supposed to be funny anon?

No. 18365

That's not what I said. I was asking how often the quoted anom made that post and variations of it. A rough number is enough

No. 18366

new normal users is an oxymoron

No. 18367

I was responding to the anons who replied to the post first of all but besides that, does anyone understand what the purpose was?…Seems like a waste of a useless call out that has no purpose at all, tbh.

No. 18368

I like /ot/ but I’m starting to see how the retardation overflows into other threads and boards. Would condensing/locking threads that are redundant or enforcing thread rules help, or is it a lost cause? It’s nearly impossible to read anymore.

No. 18369

There's a retarded esl scrote in the Belle thread that managed to get banned from pull for WKing/after their coomer Belle obsession was exposed through their Reddit history. They're still here failing to integrate despite getting banned last thread, might want to keep an eye on the degenerate.

No. 18370

Some newfag made a whole thread for a personal topic in /ot/, please lock/nuke.

No. 18371

Well, yeah. It’s just the inverse of 4chan. A board of congregated women is going to have manhate, duh. It’s preferable to any male imageboard you go to where you’re wading through incel manifestos… that is, if you’re actually a woman.

No. 18372

mods please mark d9's posts in /snow/ its all i want for christmas

No. 18375

Why is Jess/Binkie Princess’s thread even up? It seems like only one person that never sages uses it kek

No. 18378

File: 1607685993511.png (415.14 KB, 1870x712, dumbassthread.png)

Can we at least get a reason why you refuse our requests to but this dumb thread in autosage mode? Every time I see it it's some kiwifarms tard bringing over their own drama and not knowing how to sage. Do you actually read this thread or do you just not care?

No. 18379

I actually came here to complain about it too. It's cluttered with dumb unsaged posts and it seems almost no one in the thread knows how to reply, much less post images.

I thought there was milk because it kept showing at the top of the catalog but instead it was just that shit. Honestly a good candidate for auto sage imo after seeing that. Clearly it's full of people who aren't integrating at all (also tends of same fag).

No. 18380

Looks like the profound silence gave you your answer

No. 18381

File: 1607838033719.jpeg (72.08 KB, 750x219, 6819CEA9-A38E-450F-A107-830363…)

why still

No. 18382

I think admin just treats it as a containment zone since kiwi's ban page redirects here.

No. 18383

It's still up in case time travelling farmers want to attend it.

No. 18387

I think at this point farmers just keep it up to piss off anyone who mentions it but doesn't realize it makes them look super fuckin stupid that something as simple as removing text from their website is too much for them unless anons remind them time and time again

No. 18388

The Manson thread is calling for help. Dawn is back.

No. 18392

Yeah, spiting the userbase is such a le epic pwn. Nevermind the incompetence it shows.

No. 18399

Pull faggots are forgetting to sage, and a mod autosage the venus thread?

No. 18400

There are several single post threads in the recentl catalog of /ot/ that newfags and trolls made before farmhands locked. Can we have those removed? It clogs up the catalog which will in turn lead to new duplicate threads being made because /ot/ posters are so scared of using older threads

No. 18402

Why was the site down?

No. 18403


Syncing up the new fbi server.

No. 18404

Site had boo-boo. Admin put Band-Aid on it.

No. 18405

Was it a massive mistake to put in an app with a fresh email address that doesn't have my name on it? I did it for the sake of anonymity in case I got further contact back, but now I feel like a dumbass

No. 18406

>>>/ot/692468 kill the overly defensive fujoshi

No. 18407

Please mods stop the infighting

No. 18408

We had some host issues earlier today that should be resolved now.

No. 18409

is sage no longer reprimanded in /snow/?

No. 18410

Idea for a board; A board to discuss games that have been created by lolcows.

No. 18411


Fujoshi anon who was defending herself on /ot/ is still trying to infight on this thread.

No. 18412

Just lock that retarded thread already. If people want to post their uwu loli waifus in maid outfits, they should go back to 4chan.

No. 18413

Farmhand is wanted in the manson thread.

Dawn is back, her posts used to get deleted quite fast. She is a serial liar and a troll, she's currently turning the thread into trash and there aren't any mods to stop her.

No. 18414

I agree. What a cesspool of tranny coomers.

No. 18415

yeah I never got why anons come here to make threads like that when /c/ exists. what makes LC's /m/ special?

No. 18416

I don't see anything wrong in theory with having a maid thread. It's a cute aesthetic. People make maids in the doll/dress-up thread. There are some nice ones in there beyond the scrote stuff and I also like the dudes in dresses.

No. 18417

again reporting anons from here

No. 18418

for what?

No. 18419

Came to make this joke. LC thee psyop.

No. 18420

This continues to be an issue, nothing is done. Why the fuck do you not even reply to tell us why you will not auto-sage or lock this thread? At least say "no, because [insert dumbass reason]."

I am starting to believe that admin actually welcomes scrotes to this website now. The v-tuber thread is scrote-city and the kiwifarms thread is also just scrotes coming over after being banned from kiwifarms. Farmhands seem cool with it. Nice to know.

No. 18421

they were always welcomed on the condition of not being too obvious (sadly)

No. 18422

Hide threads you don't like.

No. 18423

Y'all are some of nastiest people I've ever had the displeasure of reading comments and conversations from. Vtubers are entertainers, they do this for a living full time and you don't expect them to get payment for it? This is how they support themselves. No one in Hololive asks for money. Hey fuck it, let's stop supporting comedians and people who make podcasts while we're at it. Nasty fucking trolls.

No. 18425

Hard agree. It's incel bait at this point. It doesn't seem to fit lolcow at all, it's literally just little anime girls in maid outfits. Can pedos stick to 4chan where they belong?

No. 18426

lol no

No. 18427

We’ve all dealt with it when getting indicted on the site. You be annoying, you get chided, you learn. Get over it.

No. 18428

Lmfao, some of you are so dramatic. It's a fucking chan, not a damn sorority. Get over yourselves.

No. 18430

Considering a sorority means sisterhood, it kind of is. First is female-focused. There are expectations of behavior to lurk first, learn to integrate into site culture AND secret passwords like "sage". There is "newfag" hazing if you step out of line, so don't bitch if you act like a retard while voluntarily posting here.
Plenty of other chans for you to visit if you don't like the vibe from oldfags/legacy sisters.
Kek I wasn't planning on writing my Lambda Omega Lambda manifesto but here's the start. (Greek anons ik should be omicron but omega sounds better.)

No. 18431

>Lambda Omega Lambda

No. 18432

Sounds more dramatic to cry about being called a newfag instead of just moving on

No. 18437

I don’t post a whole lot but I would rather read a handful of newfaggy questions than any of the cunty minimods calling them out. It’s a fucking drag to slog through a bunch of people policing threads like they’re something special. Mostly it comes off less like rule enforcement and more like, a couple people think they get to shout down anyone who isn’t talking about what they personally want to discuss. It’s annoying and I’m not surprised other people are complaining about it.

No. 18439

The minimoding you're describing is against the rules, and you should report those posts for violating rule 1.5 of /pt/ and /snow/ which states:
>1.5 Do not derail in an attempt to moderate other users (minimodding). Report and move on.

No. 18440

Oh, and it's bannable offence in /w/ too, I just like to forget /w/ exists.

No. 18443

can you actually autosage the Venus thread instead of telling us to just "his the thread", these weebs don't fucking learn.

No. 18444


No. 18450

Considering that the Taylor thread is still going strong, highly doubt they’ll consider

No. 18460

I’ve grown tired of reporting unintegrated newfags in that thread because it seems like even if they do get banned, they immediately come back after it expires and simply continue as before. Also I’m pretty sure this poster >>>/snow/1110073 wants to fuck the subject’s husband. Or it is the husband. I don’t know what’s worse.

It shouldn’t be this hard to have a proper thread on someone who makes porn of herself pissing in diapers. I strongly suspect most of the posters are diaperfags themselves who won’t touch the actual milk because it hits too close to home, and instead would rather nitpick stupid shit.

No. 18491

Is the Julia Zelg thread on autosage? She recently went back to Brazil without Eileen and while they say their relationship is okay I have this nagging feeling that there's something milky on the horizon.

No. 18518

Does anyone know what the 1111111th post was on snow?

No. 18523

No. 18539

the celebricows thread is unreadable because of all the whiteknights and people who say that celebrities can't be cows. it started when the thread was moved to /snow/.

No. 18545

belle is getting milkier every day, and she isn't even a weeaboo, is it possible at all to move her to /snow/? i think she would fit right in. it's fine if you guys disagree but i thought it was worth asking. she doesn't even really cosplay anymore lol. and more people would be able to see the milk, her whole schtick is getting really interesting.

No. 18552

I'd be for this if they have enough mods to keep the blatant copeposting and the fanfics about her boyfriend under control, but the thread is a hellhole right now and as long as it has this quality it deserves to waste away on autosage on /w/, the most undignified state for a thread to be in

No. 18553

It's without a doubt one of the worst threads right now. It's full of unintegrated PULL immigrants high on anonymity. Everything is spun into wild speculation (right now they've convinced themselves that Belle is actually a true asexual because she's bad at being a camwhore and her boyfriend who we've seen or heard nothing of except for his dick being visible in her videos clearly doesn't even like her because we can tell from his dick somehow) and if you post anything that isn't scathing you get spammed with "Hi Belle!!!111"

Reading the thread feels like finally knowing what PULL is really like when they're not beholden to "don't bodyshame uwu" and "sex work is work uwu", that thread is pretty much the PULL version of a-logging.

No. 18555

Fuck off with the snowflakes, at least let me turn them off somehow

No. 18557

you guys really thought you did sumin with these snowflakes huh

No. 18561

The snowflakes look like my eye floaters and it’s disorienting.

No. 18564

I really like the snowflakes, they're cute and festive and make me happy.

No. 18565

File: 1608621946639.png (346.53 KB, 594x563, mrmiyagi.png)

It is zen lesson! Metaphor for real life. You cannot make snowflakes go away. You must either ignore them, or derive humor from their presence, much as we do here.

No. 18567

No. 18568

not 100% sure whats going on with the snowflakes, kinda have mixed feeling abt it but i wish there was a button to turn them off. its nice to look at for a bit, but after lurking for a while it strains my eyes

No. 18569

Agree. They’re cute, but a toggle or no loop would be great.

No. 18571

Admin don't turn off snowflakes. These white bitches gotta be punished

No. 18574

>how do you do fellow anons

No. 18575

I spent like 5 minutes trying to disable them with my adblocker. Turn them off, they're fucking annoying.

No. 18576

File: 1608654402298.jpg (671.8 KB, 5124x2882, female-snowboarder-jumping-thr…)

Get in the mood u loosers

No. 18577

i look at the thread every day and havent seen anyone say she's asexual lol someone on a 4chan thread said she fucks like one. some agreed with it in the thread here which i took as thinking she has little sexual experience for a girl who is "uwu such a sexy porn star"

but yea it is full of pulltards. if people dont respond they go away.

what else can happen to make the thread better? some of shay's threads were horrible too and also full of double posters and people who dont sage. i would really like belles thread to improve too, some of the tinfoils are REALLY reaching/annoying/downright stupid.

No. 18579

Her newest thread in /w/ (of all places which tells you everything you need to know) immediately got put on autosage just like the last one. Let it go hon

No. 18582

Spergs in the hate thread are at it again

No. 18584

File: 1608665973164.jpg (205.5 KB, 1053x933, IMG_20201222_185746.jpg)

so did you ban pic related for dRiVeRpOsTinG or you only do it if someone posts something positive/neutral about him?
And how the fuck can you even ban for something that isn't against the rules at all (meaning the Mr Galaxy Wide poster, which was on topic, not infighting, definitely not gore/porn… etc)

No. 18585

File: 1608666027546.png (88.85 KB, 714x637, 1608658404492.png)

No. 18590

They’re rapidly draining my battery and making my old ass phone stutter. Cute and festive gesture but I’d like the ability to disable them.

No. 18591

The thread is already full of retards and should remain in the depths of /w/ on autosage forever so it doesn’t attract any more retards.

Can farmhand please do something about the crazy power obsessed n00b OP who keeps threatening to make all future OPs and practically namefagging “howdy it’s OP here”. Also paranoia-chan in the thread who keeps accusing everyone of being samefags - would be helpful if farmhand please clarify in thread if there is or is not samefagging as it’s been going on days and in to almost “hi cow” paranoia territory. Both are causing a infighting all the time and makes me want to get rowdy but I don’t want any redtext. that is all kek thank you and goodnight

No. 18594

who cares, it's a 5 hour ban

No. 18602

Can MODS fucking put the VTubers thread on /w/ in auto-sage mode and ban the scrotes that keep outing themselves and not integrating there?
It's a garbage fire and WILL cause a lot of /jp faggots to invade lolcow if it keeps going like this.
Lolcow is more and more often being mentioned on /jp.

Please, that's a gateway to more scrotes in the site, just close the thread, wasn't that why gender critical and pinkpill were forbiden?

No. 18603

This is both fucking hilarious and based by the farmhand

No. 18604

yeah even tho i like the vtuber discussion, it attracts too many insane idol scrotes.

No. 18606

ok than wait till you get a random ban for a post that mod (and some farmers) didn't like for no reason.

No. 18607

for 5 hours? kek. maybe stop the autism and it won't happen. I've been banned for 3 days for retarded shit and I just moved on. 5 hours is a slap on the wrist. Have you considered you were derailing or something?

No. 18610

Okay I never use meta but I feel like I have to since the mods are all of a sudden ridiculously ban heavy. Did you get a new mod or something? I've talked to other anons to see if I'm not just crazy but multiple anons on /ot/ have noticed/experienced the same thing. It's really frustrating to be nitpicked as a legitimate anon of LC when there's obvious trolls that go unchecked and post like crazy everywhere. I want to use this image board but it's becoming basically unusable because of whoever is modding now compared to whoever was modding in early 2020.

No. 18613

What did you and those other anons get banned for?

No. 18614

probably the constant infighting in the reddit thread
>>>/ot/609757, considering one of them even mention the mods being ban heavy lately. (it's probably even that same anon)

No. 18615

Lmao yeah I asked because I figured they got banned for the infighting and just came here to complain about it.

No. 18618

Don’t listen to this anon, the modding is appreciated. If you could extend this courtesy to the Manson thread that would be lovely as well.

No. 18624

Anons are really acting like this website wasn't designed to make fun of other women on the internet lately.

Insincerity is revolting.

No. 18625

Yes. Got banned for a "scrote-like comment" on a website that literally exists for the sole purpose of making fun of other women acting retarded on the internet.

No. 18626

Butthole licker lmao.

No. 18627

What was the comment anon? Were you infighting or calling another anon a cunt or something?

No. 18628

samefag but I have noticed an influx of anons instantly screaming "scrote" when another anon uses the word cunt. It's probably because of the gcpp but in general that word is demeaning towards women aka what a scrote would use

No. 18630

Tbh, it's better than before admin shutdown /ot/ because I'm pretty sure there's more mods, but for some reason mods are still bad at stopping infights. I've gotten banned for calling someone stupid, meanwhile 100 post derails thrive.

No. 18631

>for some reason mods are still bad at stopping infights.
Honestly, it's hard to even report them. Infights often get heated and many replies get posted in a short time and plenty of people hop on the bandwagon, so by the time I see and want to report, I'd be reporting half the thread, at which point I give up on reporting. Maybe I should report just the first few posts or last few, but that just seems unfair.
This happens all. The. Time. The result is that I never report the biggest flamewars, only smaller infighting instances.

No. 18632

What if they're just Australian

No. 18633

I think the word scrote should be red, like nonnie is

No. 18634

Maybe the mods want more /jp/edofiles to populate lolcow

No. 18635

Please make the word scrote red

No. 18636

Please also make the word yikes red

No. 18637

That really doesn't make it less misogynistic

No. 18638

Scrote is not a misogynistic word you retard.
It's a misandrist word.

No. 18639

Ah fuck me. I replied to the wrong post. (Meant to reply to this one >>18632)
Calm the fuck down anyway, you fucking troglodyte.

No. 18656

File: 1608891544196.png (89.84 KB, 480x960, Screenshot_20201225-012346.png)


No. 18657

File: 1608891853656.png (100.86 KB, 480x960, Screenshot_20201225-012443.png)

Why is my critizism of watching precure, an anime show for kids, a banneable offense? or why would it
be marked as a blog, while the anons who say they personally love it and watch it didn't get banned? I don't even watch that crap.

Why was I banned for this random thing yet all of the /jp/edofiles on the vtuber thread can roam free?

No. 18660

Tranny jannies love shitty anime shows for kids, nobody is surprised.

Vtuber thread is allowed for that same reason. Wanking material for the farmhands.

No. 18661

Did you get a redtext? No? Then how the fuck do you know they didn't get banned to? Man, I hate retards.

Also crying at a 3 hour blogging ban. I've been banned for 2 days for blogposting. 3 hours is nothing.

No. 18665

File: 1608926657364.jpg (403.88 KB, 1242x1991, 1601164181071.jpg)

Can't believe some bitches spend their entire life on lc that they can't go a few hours without it

No. 18666

Sorry this is going to sound ultra retarded but I was actually banned for 10 hours, not 3. I speed slept through it all. Sorry not sorry.

No. 18667

Oh wow a whole 10 hours oh my God, how did you live without it

No. 18670

Can the word nigel get redtexted? Pls.

No. 18671

Oh, come on anon. I've been banned for a month before, I don't care about the lenght, but the reason of why I was banned. Other times when I get banned I don't complain, because I feel like I deserve it. This time didn't feel well deserved to me.

No. 18674

cis and cisgender too

No. 18676

I feel like people asking for this >>18674
and when terf was redtexted, does kind of go against the premise of lolcow not pandering to your ideology. I don't really care about them being redtexted, but it does seems out of step with the rest of the redtexted words and the reasons why they were added.

No. 18677

There is a lot of political derailing in the leftcows thread and it's been a reoccurring problem throughout the threads in general. Please could there maybe be harsher bans for derailing in that thread so these people learn to integrate.

No. 18678

Came here to post about this.
The leftcows thread should be put on autosage.

No. 18679

>banned for a month
kek autist

No. 18680

that wasn't me and op wasn't derailing at all. the conversation was literally about kylo ren cosplay fetish. Retarded mod shouldn't powertrip by banning for no reason whatsoever

No. 18682

Can the tinfoil about trying to discover what anon is who be a banneable offence? Lolcow doesn't encourage namefagging and that's one step too close to it. It also feels like a "hi cow!" to me. There's too much tinfoil on /ot/ recently of anons trying to decipher if one anon is the same crazy anon as the other. Either you make this banneable or uncover everyone's IP or post history or give them a flag. I think the first option is better. Please mods step up.

No. 18683

I think tinfoiling is a bannable offense, just not in /ot/

No. 18684

Or add temporary IDs, but then anons will get accused of proxy hopping.

No. 18685

Or ban tinfoilers. Honestly, if we had IDs, half of the userbase would leave.

No. 18689

Can farmhands lock the more retarded of the two Belle threads made by obvious newfags? Please and thank you.

No. 18696

Seconded. It didn't need to be made in the first place yet there's two.

No. 18697

Um can something please be done about the unsaged nuclear autism in the Venus thread. It's.. a lot

No. 18703

File: 1609154377073.jpg (212.55 KB, 1080x1227, IMG_20201228_005738.jpg)

Explain to me how talking about Adam Driver is a bannable offense if it's on OFF TOPIC board and you didn't even make a change to rules/make an announcement (not that it would make sense, will you ban for talking about another scrote just cause some farmers don't like him? kek).
What else are you gonna ban, borzois or the next topic of the week that will be claimed to be a forced meme because some anons don't like it?
I probably don't like some stuff anons post about (like the time when anon was constantly sperging about that one artist drawing femdom slob men), but I don't think those topics should be banned.
Contrary to something like k-pop or gender critical anons, we didn't even have a thread (and frankly, it was not needed). Just some posts here and there.
I know some anons will disagree, but for me dealing with perfectly harmless interests like this is a bad policy that will lead to this imageboard being even more dead than it is. And I get it that some anons will be happy if I fuck off forever and they don't have to see those few AD posts, but honestly I think lolcow will suffer from moderation that is playing favorites and lacking transparency to boot.
So anyway if you wanna be retarded about this, at least make an anouncement that Adm Drver is a banned topic or permitted only in the unconventional attraction thread (and have fun deciding if talking about his movies or characters is a bannable offence or not lol)
Note to anons: I wasn't even consciously evading with vpn, it's a function of an ad blocker that I use. Wasn't even sure it's working at all since I'm not paying for it. And no, I don't care that the ban was for 11 hours that I slept through because I do not agree that I deserved it

No. 18704

>I don't care that the ban was for 11 hours that I slept through because I do not agree that I deserved it
Not to tinfoil but are you also the anon who "slept through" a 3 hour ban? If yes log off jfc

No. 18705

To me Driver looks like a foot, but I support your right to sperg! You do you Driver-chan.

No. 18707

Nope! I just mentioned it because I did not mind not being able to post, just the bizzare reasoning behind the ban
Much love to you anon and I hope you can always sperg about whatever brings you joy to your heart's content! ♥

No. 18709

I agree it would be better on autosage. People who should sage don't but a lot of people sage even when they're posting milk.

No. 18710

Kiwifarms thread on /snow/ continues to be as awful as ever. I am gonna keep complaining about it until you chose to do something about it.

No. 18711

As someone who's been watching from the sidelines, I think the driversperging is pretty funny. I don't know how other anons who haven't been involved feel about it but it's offtopic and it's not going overboard so banning it seems overcurating to me.

No. 18712

File: 1609164843327.png (177.47 KB, 700x505, 1609150229244.png)

Please don't ban driverspergs posting their adam driver on the retarded shitpost thread, because the thread is for retarded shitposts and adamposting is indeed, retarded shitpost

No. 18713

nah lolcow is just a big hivemind, I'm the idiot who slept off her ban too

No. 18714

The majority of bannable posts in that thread are minimodding offences tho

No. 18715

I've been banned for NOT posting borzoi in the shitpost thread so I'm assuming he's ok to be posted there.

No. 18717

truly wonderful to find out what is a bannable offense and what is not from fellow banned anons, truly a 10/10 moderation

No. 18718

It comes across as avatarfagging to me. Also /ot/ was never truly for offtopic, tons of other off topic subjects/posts are banned there constantly.

No. 18719

I feel this same way. Like it's just another form of tripfagging to me, adding adam driver to all of your posts whether relevant or not. feels cowish almost. that's my opiniiiiion

No. 18720

How is it avatarfagging when multiple people are posting about the topic and are actually interested in it and may not even actually be posting pictures of Driver? I think I got banned for asking a question related to AD.
In the past I've been posting from time to time about my niche interests. Was I avatarfagging then as well? Or the previously mentioned Kaneoya Sachiko anon that was dropping new art almost every day or posting updates about merch?
The only difference was that nobody got triggered when I was posting about those niche interests because nobody gave a fuck about ie Twin Peaks.
If Adam Driver is meant to be banned, then ok. Admin can make whatever bullshit rules since it's her site ATM. But at least make a proper announcements and define what is okay and what is not. Every anon can then decide if they want to continue posting or not.
>Also /ot/ was never truly for offtopic, tons of other off topic subjects/posts are banned there constantly.
Okay, but why the fuck is such harmless topic banned? I want an explanation. I disagreed with gender crit being banned as well. IDK what went wrong with K-Pop as I don't give a fuck about it. Those are the only banned topics that I am aware off except for gore, porn which is a different case
> adding adam driver to all of your posts whether relevant or not
and how can you even know that AD is being added to all posts? You cannot even tell if it's one AD sperg or another, not to mention you do not see all the posts that a particular anon makes. I honestly do not get it, though I haven't seen posts where AD was irrelevant to the post itself. And it especially wasn't the case in >>18585 which is the best example of a retarded ban

No. 18721

By that logic people who use Anime or Manga screenshoots/memes are considered avatarfagging

No. 18722

Adam Driver, borzoi and other forced memes deserve to be banned at this point. It was mildly amusing at first but the same joke months later is just reddit tier cancer.

No. 18723

If they use the exact same single character every time, yes.

No. 18724

How can I explain to you that Adam Driver is not a joke or a meme, but an interest that some anons like to discuss? At least that is how I see it. I would be very happy if antidriver anons just ignored the posts instead of going reeeee. This is where the 'aDaM dRiVeR iS a FoRcEd MeMe' thing came from imho.

No. 18725

File: 1609173488272.jpg (53.68 KB, 448x473, 19271715.jpg)

Anon who triggered with the "Forced Memes" doesn't understand the nature of internet Image board.

No. 18726

Yes. If they use the same avatar, that's what avatarfagging means. Komaeda anon was an avatarfag but they don't post anymore because they can read the room and understand when their joke isn't funny anymore.

It's kind of difficult to ignore when he comes up in almost every thread and it derails the conversation. it's like 2 autists shouting at each other over everyone else's conversations. it breaks up the flow of a thread and then it only becomes about him. at least with borzoi, they got the fucking message and are modest about posting that dog. (then again, it's probably the same poster so what am I even saying).

I'm sure they all come from the same retarded discord anyway.

>How can I explain to you that Adam Driver is not a joke or a meme, but an interest that some anons like to discuss?

You know what happens when anons have an interest they want to discuss? They make a thread for it. The fact that driverposters haven't made a singular thread to discuss him just proves a point that you want to be special, different and you want to spam him across multiple threads because you KNOW it derails. If he had his own thread (and anyone can make a thread on /ot/) you know this would not be an issue. But of course, driverposters actively want to fuck with other threads because when the conversation doesn't involve what they want to talk about, they have to be loud. It's such a cow thing.

No. 18727

I really don't give a fuck about Adam Driver either way. I'm just tired of seeing the same stale shit on /ot/.

Imagine someone telling you a funny joke, then they tell you the same joke every day for months. It stops being funny.

No. 18728

oh my God and maybe there is no AD thread because the last time an anon made one for him, Chalamet and some other scrote it got locked???

No. 18729

But nobody even making joke about him. This is my point, anon doesn't even understand the imageboard culture in general.

No. 18730

Nta but why can't you discuss him on /g/ with all the other male celebrities?

No. 18731

samefag, in case someone is replying to the post:
I do not agree with the title and would prefer a solo AD thread… which I will happily make for myself and other AD/Kylo spergs if the thread will not be instalocked by a triggered mod Would be nice if uninterested anons just hid it instead of coming to shit on AD
I don't mind but is it a topic for actual discussion? Because I thought it was about spaming pictures with minimum thought exchange about how hot a scrote is. Is it fine to discuss nonsexual matters, like the spergery that is r/adamdriverfans or his movies in a different light than '10/10, he was very fuckable in it'?

No. 18732

It was probably locked because there's already a male celebrity thread on /g/ as >>18730 pointed out.

Anyways, that was a month ago and now users are just shitposting about AD instead of only posting images of him saying he's cute. (Not saying they don't do that too, but it's moved beyond that). Don't call it "Ugly guy containment thread" because the "men you're ashamed to fuck" is already a thread for that. I'm sure if it's an AD shitpost thread no one will give a dang.

No. 18733

Is it possible to add RSS to an imageboard? If not, maybe a thread watcher?

No. 18734

File: 1609178760356.jpg (112.52 KB, 800x600, Borzoi dog wallpapers 3.jpg)

No. 18735

This is such a side splittingly hilarious response that's totally original and not predictable or anything. I laughed so hard I spat coffee over my keyboard and pissed myself while sat in my desk chair.

No. 18736

there are some bitter bitches in this thread and it’s honestly hilarious to read the sperging as an outside observer

No. 18738

File: 1609190703902.png (43.85 KB, 906x727, fuckyou.png)

Fuck you. You have been asked to moderate the Kiwifarms thread better SEVERAL times, yet unsaging scrotes still run wild in it being absolutely obnoxious. If you refuse to properly moderate you can't blame people for trying to pick up your slack.

I don't want to hide the thread cause in case any actual drama happens I want to see it. But sadly it only gets bumped by Kiwifarms rejects who don't know how to sage and whine about their bans. It's not my fault you have been informed about this several times and refused to do anything about it.

No. 18739

File: 1609190967926.png (405.57 KB, 1852x876, kiwi.png)

notice how none of these obnoxious unsaged scroteposte got redtexted?

>pls don't mini-mod

>also we won't be modding this thread, can't upset the scrotes or they won't pick us UwU

No. 18740

How very special of you

No. 18741

Kinda agree that the thread is trash and needs to be moderated properly. Your post was definitely mini-modding but you did nothing wrong.

No. 18742

they are now redtexted funny enough

No. 18744

seethe harder

No. 18745


No. 18746

Notice how no one made an Adam Driver thread yet. That's because they truly only want to detail other threads instead of containing it.

No. 18747


No. 18749

Anything to be so le quirky*~*~*~! If we allowed that kind of garbage we’d get the cringe twitter stans that would attach their k poop faves to their posts.

No. 18751

I've gotten bans for going along with the flow of conversation and people agreed with me, and I've had my self admitted nitpicking go completely unnoticed. There's zero consistency, lovely work farmhands, A+

No. 18752

Please unlock and autosage the other Belle thread >>>/w/128870 and lock the Ethan one. Looking at Ethan's face >>>/w/128835 for the next few weeks is too much punishment to bear.

ignore the crazy sperg in the thread from the op of the previous thread, she's on a rubberlips-sperg tier with her lowercase rambles "I want the thread to be successful" "I want it to go somewhere" it's a thread on a gossip board, fam

No. 18753

kek. Once again, there's still no Driver thread.

Anyone can make a thread, you know that right anon? Bans for shit threads last… what… 10 minutes? You're really going to tell me you aren't going to make one because you're scared of a little short ban?

ok. anyways, like I was saying. It's all for attention and it's just plain avatarfagging at its finest.

No. 18754

Not to mention VPNs as well! I'd do it but I don't care enough about having the liberty of posting some retarded actor like AD anons

No. 18755

Jesus, you do realize I'm not the anon from before, this was my first comment on the thread. I'm more speaking on the consistency of bans and moderation on this site, I don't have a horse in the Driverposting race.

No. 18756

How in the fuck would I not know that you're the anon from before, dumbass?

Regardless, you mentioned being banned for going with the flow and having ppl agree with you, I thought you were piggybacking off of something similar that was said wrt AD. That's my mistake

No. 18757

No worries.

Just real tired of the rules only applying in some threads selectively and mods pulling ban reasons out of their ass. Maybe admins and mods should focus less on someone following the rules but they personally don't agree with and making up bans on random actors on the fly, and more on fixing these fucking 502 Gateway errors and sorting out their Cloudflare problems. I swear a day doesn't go by on here without a Cloudflare error, hell I got one while trying to come back to this thread. It's ridiculous.

No. 18761

Can you please moderate horsefags in the Eloise Frazer thread in /W/? The thread is meant to be about a woman's strange cosplay attempts. Horsefags have completely changed the thread culture the past year by going on about levels of horse detail the average person has no literacy about. It's basically a horse maintenance callout thread now.

No. 18763

Jeez, I haven't been around for a day. I was thinking of gaging interest in the thread first.
Please get help for your quirky complex. I promise you that nobody is trying to pull Zooey Deschanel by posting Adam Driver on an anon imageboard.
No reason for you to sperg about mUh dErAilInG and other retarded conspiracy theories.
If for some reasons any driverspergs are reading /meta and not /pt, you can reply to the post here >>>/pt/811481

No. 18766

Just make the thread, retard. You don't need validation from anyone to do it. This isn't tumblr, idk if you know this. Make your sperg thread and find out if anons like it. Stop wasting time.

No. 18767

>This isn't tumblr, idk if you know this
This is not about me needing validation. I just don't like wasting time and contributing to a cluttered catalogue if I am the only one interested. I can talk to myself in a diary kek

No. 18768

I think all bans should be redtexted because then at least we know better what to do
If I see an anon with a redtext I know I am not supposed to do the same shit cause it's not okay
And also so people can voice their complaints better if they think the ban is unfair

No. 18769

haha no

No. 18770

no, I agree with them. If every ban got redtexted it would show how dumb and arbitrary the modding has gotten

No. 18772

This is a good idea.
You should try to convince us otherwise.

No. 18773

can someone please get over to >>>/pt/806820 before it's derailed all to hell again.

No. 18774

I agree so much, got a warning ban for some dumb shit but how was I supposed to know not to do that when it's not in the rules and anons who did the same were not redtexted? WTF

No. 18775

I rarely have this kind of stuff happen and when I do, the ban is short and I don’t need to be on here 24 hours a day. Are you people really that cancerous?

No. 18778

it's just severe autism i think. if you're getting banned on a regular basis and have no idea what the cause was then there's definitely something else at play as far as your posting patterns are concerned. this is coming from someone who's had short bans for all kinds of different shit over the years that hasn't caught one in a while.

No. 18779

Tbh, what even was the reason for not red texting all bans to begin with?
Also, we all know for a fact that some farmhands have just handed out retarded bans because of their own vendettas. Redtexting everything would at least hold them accountable and show people what not to do or say.

No. 18780

most users who get banned do not get banned because they don't know the rules, but because they don't care and try to bait

No. 18781

And they'll get banned regardless, except since most posts don't get redtexted unless a farmhand is feeling particularly salty, some anons will mistakenly think their behaviour is allowed. See the problem?

No. 18782

then those anons get banned for an hour or whatever and learn. i don't see your point.

No. 18783

So it's better to hand out a bunch of pointless bans than just make rules clear with like one line of text? Okay

No. 18784

But what difference does it make to your experience having it all redtexted, though? Such a weird thing to be against.

No. 18785

learn what? If you use first person you’re blogging, if you respond to someone you’re infighting. I don’t care about bans per se but it feels like you can’t even have a discussion without everyone getting slapped with one.

No. 18786

if you have to be spoonfed by redtexted posts, maybe you shouldn't be here

No. 18787

I feel like the rules are largely up to the interpretation of whatever farmhands are online at that moment, so it's a cluster-fuck.

No. 18788

See >>18784 honestly. I don't get why you're getting so pissy about this. Who is harmed by accountability in bans? The "but it's spoonfeeding" is really weak.
Even 4chan has a public ban list, and it's a huge site that's much harder to manage than this place, lmao.

No. 18789

that's a different anon than you were originally responding to. there's more than one person that doesn't feel strongly about redtexting every ban.

No. 18790

The point still applies even if you're a different person, though. What's the problem with it? If you don't feel strongly about it, why oppose it?

No. 18791

because people are allowed to express their opinions either way kek

No. 18792

What's your point?

No. 18793

This is just every image board ever. Image boards always have shit moderation compared to forums because of how they work. There's no accounts so all farmhands have to go off is there own intuition and IP addresses. The moderation on LC really isn't bad by general image board standards.

No. 18794

You're right but I can't think of a single forum with better moderation.

No. 18795

Can this >>>/w/128835 belle thread be autosaged or locked? So much nitpicking/infighting/pullfaggotry and barely any milk.

No. 18796

The worst part is the totally-not-suspicious anon who zealously wk and samefags their own posts

No. 18799

Just delete it honestly, /w/ has become absolutely infested with scrotes and the only "milk" they post is nudes of the cows they obsess over. See the VTuber thread.

"Whore does porn" is not worth a thread.

No. 18801

Is this the same anon sperging about scrotes in her thread because we're talking about her content? Guess what? Happens in every other sex worker thread. Stay pressed anon

No. 18802

>Whore does porn
…isn’t that the majority of the threads on lolcow, Belle should not be immune. Post your own milk if it’s not up to your standards. Otherwise press the – in the top corner newfag and problem solved the thread is magically gone.
The reason there is so much infighting is because autismos like yourself keep wk/moaning instead of going elsewhere if you don’t like it.

No. 18803


like >>18802 said:

>vivadrag/maddie thread - porn leaks
>nika/jaelle - porn leaks
>pnp - porn leaks
>amanda bret - nudes leak
>shatna - constant porn leaks
>pretty much every other fucking thread in there - porn/nude leaks of some idiot

>moomoo - constant nudes and porn leaks
>tuna - porn leaks that make you want to die
>onision - same as tuna

their nsfw shit provides laughs and milk. laughing at shitty people doing terrible porn is entertaining and has been. these threads are all full of the "scrote" shit you detest. sometimes these leaks expose people further. most stuff is spoilered anyways. just close your eyes, friend. walk away.
if you don't want to see porn, don't look at threads about sex workers. if you want that board deleted you may as well call for nuking the whole site.

you should utilize the site's features more,