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No. 388926

No. 388939

I dont get why cam girls/guys or porn stars are in such high regard sometimes when they literally have no life skills and act like children. It's no skill whatsoever to do what they do since like literally everything living in the world procreates.

No. 388941


What do you mean? I assumed they would mostly be looked down on, except by their fans who ofc don’t care about skill or personality

Related: I really can’t stand cam workers talking for prostituted women

No. 388944

I dont know I hope I'm wrong in that idea.
I always had this feeling maybe it's from stupid tumblr that they were put on a pedestal for being "feminine" or "free" so people idolized them. Like Vice and Buzzfeed tout them as "inspirational" and shit.

No. 388947

I think this only happens in sexpositive libfem circles, and that when people aren't virtue signalling to an audience they do look down on them. For women it's a way to show the world how progressive and open-minded you are, and for men it's a strategy to get even easier access to women's bodies. All the cool girls are showing their tits on the internet, so why aren't you?

No. 389010

"Ageing up" cartoon or anime characters for rule34 purposes is perfectly fine.
I've known two people personally who liked to point moralfag fingers about it and it turned out both of them were just insecure because they fapped to actual children.

No. 389013

I don't like it when women get into prostitution or pornography, but I absolutely hate men who are obsessed with porn and patronizing prostitutes but deride women who get into it at the same time.
You are the cause of this. The reason they are trafficked, mislead, plied with drugs and put into holes they can't get out of is because you feed the industry with your cuck coins. Don't play moral police now, shitstain. This would not be happening if you were even 1% above this shit.
>"M-Muh libido made me do it"
Then cut your dick off, you worthless animal. Clearly it controls you more than you can ever possibly control it.

No. 389019

It's like obese people who blame fast food joints for their problems.

No. 389070

This. Especially when those same men freak out when women mention how abusive the industry is, or if their girlfriend doesn't want them watching it. So… women are immoral trash for putting themselves in fappable situations, but the men consuming and creating the material are totally blameless and even somehow victims. Cool.

No. 389073

I think ~civil discourse~ is overrated and ultimately forces us to tolerate absolutely reprehensible viewpoints, while also normalizing them. Like, no you dumb bitch, there shouldn't be ~civil discourse~ in a conversation with neo-nazis.

No. 389078

Except obesity doesn't cause human trafficking, getting fast food workers addicted to drugs, and if anything makes men more docile and pushable instead of aggressive.
Axe to grind much.

No. 389079

File: 1553187363133.jpg (225.41 KB, 800x1091, 815d8814b0b9037d823be599c6d25d…)

it's true. you can't tolerate extremist viewpoints as if they're capable of being reasoned with in the public without shifting the overton window further and further to the extremist side, which is dangerous in the case of neo-nazis, unlike silly dumblr girls or whatever is supposed to be equally as threatening for the left. also your post reminds me of this comic

No. 389086

I think the widespread calls for censorship of the NZ shooter video aren't to protect the people or "avoid giving the shooter what he wants", but to hide the incompetence of the New Zealand police force. In any other developed country, this man would not have been able to simply walk into a building with a gun, kill swathes of people, calmly walk out, get to his car, pick up another gun, go back in to do some more shooting, shoot a woman yelling "Help!" on the sidewalk, drive erratically, do some drive-bys, and only get caught after it's over and done with.
People are not as safe as they think they are, but the authorities are determined to maintain a false sense of security. That's why this shit can keep happening. "That doesn't ever happen here", "That can't happen to me".
I think the sooner first worlders can harden themselves to violence in their own homes, and understand how egregious it is, the sooner they can form an organized unit to hit back at terrorism and force the government to be more proactive in prevention. No more "leaving it all to the professionals", because evidently, they're faltering. When you first see and hear these things, you are afraid, but then, you get angry, and that's how change comes along.

No. 389092

the opposite of neonazis are tankies who deny the crimes of communist dictators (who are often religious minorities or lgbt btw) and advocate violence, but okay.

No. 389095

>the sooner they can form an organized unit to hit back at terrorism and force the government to be more proactive in prevention. No more "leaving it all to the professionals", because evidently, they're faltering. When you first see and hear these things, you are afraid, but then, you get angry, and that's how change comes along.
how though, when the majority of the people that are worried about violence and have a general interest in fighting are the ones so involved in militias like what you're advocating for? the ones that are most likely to take an interest or work towards this are the literal ones most likely to commit the crime. i think this 'we basically need a militia because the experts are incompetent' opinion just ends up creating more psychos seeing imaginary threats all around them, while trying to lobby for the right to carry an AK at Applebees or advocating for everyone having a handgun on their person at all times

vid related

No. 389098

It's not militias I advocate for, but awareness of one's surroundings in general. To see the signs, and demand better protection wherever possible. Personal intervention should only be an option when there is no other choice, and even that should be seen as a last resort, and blamed on the authority's failure to effectively protect its own populace.
I don't think it's at the point where everyone should have a gun, but people are too blind to this shit until it happens to them.

No. 389099

if you really think tumblr tankies are an actual threat because they LARP about beating up nazis on twitter but actually only bust up car windows or throw one girly punch at a manchild in sperrys in comparison to nazis who are out here murdering swathes of innocent people with assault rifles, you're delusional. that's not to say like, antifa aren't embarrassing retards in their own right, because they definitely are, but they're not at all comparable

No. 389100

firm agree.

No. 389107

agreed. the only thing more disgusting is people who think that prostitution should be legal because those ~poor widdle men who cant get their dick wet need a way to get sex~ whilst blissfully ignoring that legalizing prostitution leads to higher rates of human trafficking.

its so disturbing how so many men will gladly prioritize their dicks over the wellbeing of other people.

No. 389108

yeah islam radicalists would be a better comparision. They have so much in common with neonazis too, ironically.

No. 389111

i mean, that's completely true, but islamic radicalists don't fall on the left, realistically. while they may vote for left wing candidates because their policies benefit them, they don't tend to actually be left leaning…

No. 389112

islam radicalists are not leftists though??

No. 389113

>while they may vote for left wing candidates because their policies benefit them, they don't tend to actually be left leaning…
I feel like this is unironically true for all demographic minorities, except maybe those who fall under the LGBT umbrella.

No. 389127

tbh nothing wrong with middle eastern people but when middle easterners on the internet come out to defend muslims and say that they're also muslim, i automatically feel they're just… not that bright, and i think a lot of people feel that way. like, i understand that one muslim nutjob has nothing to do with normal muslims, but it is a similarly cringy religion as the rest of them, and irrespective of violent interpretations, the entire religion is such in-your-face silliness, much like, say, orthodox Judaism, that i think to be an atheist or agnostic while defending muslims makes them sound a lot more credible and just, less gullible to the majority of people they're trying to appeal to, tbh.

No. 389141


Wtf? I think it’s creepy and I definitely am not attracted to kids or watch child porn.

There’s a cute Disney junior show for girls called Sofia the first. It has an adult fandom and a lot of people age her up (others just don’t bother) to put her with a character who must be at least 30. This girl is like 6 at the oldest in show.

How is that NOT creepy??

No. 389145

It's very creepy. That anon is retarded. These people are thinking, then, "this child is going to be hot" or "is hot", but let's add boobs. It's creepy.

No. 389147

Communism will never work on a large scale. People are too greedy and power hungry to make it work, and there's always some asshole who will take advantage to gain all the power and turn it into a dictatorship. Fuck "but that was not real communism" people. They still live in their pink bubble.

No. 389149

that's fine, but it is a fact that there has never been a communist state. socialist, at best. no socialist state has ever progressed to communism.

No. 389150

Except most of the discourse in fandom around "aging up characters" has to do with shit like fanfiction and stuff. sakimi-chan isn't a pedo for drawing art of sora and riku from KH as buff older guys. no one is a pedo for reading fanfic about deku from BNHA as a college student. save that energy for the real pedos and approach each instance on a case by case basis. aging up sofia the first is weird bc its a show for literal toddlers.

No. 389157

Yeah tell that to all the East European countries. My "Socialist Republic" country was run by the Communist Party. And it became a total wreck anyways.
I don't care if you call shit poop, it will still be shit.

No. 389163

communist party =/= reaching communism. there is a clearly defined goal and definition for what communism is and it hasn't and hadn't been reached in those countries. it doesn't matter whether politicians believe in communism or call themselves communists, it still doesn't cause the country to reach a clearly defined goal it hasn't reached. socialist countries run by communist parties were/are allegedly in the transitory stage of socialism. no country has progressed past socialism.

No. 389166


It’s still creepy because someone is looking at a kid going “mmm damn would be a fine head on an older body” or they’re just aging them up to look less like a pedo. Either way they’re looking at a child and going “hmmm how can I make this sexual” and that’s fucked to hell

Also their character and worldview is influenced by their age. People are fetishizing childlike personality characteristics

If someone looked at your kid and told you that they’re imagining them as an adult fucking them would you not kill that person?

No. 389171

My hypothetical kid would be a real person. Anime/video game teenage characters aren't. That's dumb, it's like saying the passage of time makes you a pedo.

This is a case by case basis. If you're aging up literal grade schoolers, thats weird. It's also a lot weirder coming from men than women. If you're writing fanfic of the characters from riverdale who are all played by legal adults, then who cares. or the new spiderman actor who is also a literal adult who is playing a fictional teenager, who cares. there are so many canons where theres a timeskip involved, is JKR a pedo for aging up harry potter in the epilogue?

what is freaky and pedo are loli bait characters who look like children but the canon excuses it by having them be actually a hundred years old.

No. 389178


No because Harry Potter evolves as a character as he ages. People who age up are taking a snapshot character and turning them, otherwise unchanged, into sexual adults. It’s pedo-y for similar reasons that age play is.

In fact, you just made me realize that loli —where the character looks like a kid but is really a thousand —is just the end point of aging up. they produce the same thing

No. 389179

I agree that it's something people should be able to do legally, every character is eventually going to grow into an adult and eventually die whether or not a show/comic/game plays out their whole life, so it makes sense to me that people might create their own idea of how a character will grow up to be. Especially if you kind of grew up with that character but then out-aged them or if there is a character that acts pretty much like an adult anyway.
However if people want to publicly share their rule34 then they should be ready to hear when someone calls them creepy for it. Freedom of speech works both ways.

I would personally call someone creepy for aging up characters that completely look and act like children because it's a red flag for any adult to be interested in those characters to begin with like >>389150 says but I don't think creating an actual aged up version should be illegal or make them a paedophile. People that just write than an obviously child-like character is now 18+ without changing their attributes and behavior are the true creepiest fucks, as are people that try and insert any kind of r34 into non-porn spaces.

My related unpopular opinion is that even though I think people that fap to loli/shota are disgusting and that it should be taken seriously as an indicator of paedophilic tendencies (whether by cause or effect I don't care), I can't support making any kind of 2D drawing illegal. I think it's correct to keep 3d computer graphics or anything that an average jury might think is 'real' illegal, but I just can't get behind putting people in prison for fictional characters.

No. 389180

I'm from an ex soviet country and my mom always gets so peeved with outsiders insisting communism has ever been achieved in praxis (she's not a tankie or anything, just likes politics), your comment reminded me of that in a cute way.

as to the whole "but it was called communist party!" yeah, and north Korea is called democratic people's republic of Korea, don't think anyone thinks it's democratic though, you can name things other things, often something that lines up with your ideas (such as attaining communism or being real democratic)

No. 389181

Adults almost never write child characters accurately, anyway. So many of them are basically like mini-adults or teenagers. Even when I was a little kid, I always felt like characters that were meant to be my age seemed so much older, cooler and more mature. If an anime/cartoon/whatever has an appealing design and a likable personality, someone will get a crush on them. Shit happens. In the event where the child character is actually very childish, though, and the "aged up" version acts the exact same way, that's definitely suspicious.

I'm personally more concerned with people who don't bother aging up underage characters, and relentlessly sexualize them as-is. The fact that they can get it up to a child's body is concerning on all levels.

No. 389182

>they produce the same thing

Except one is a fictional character who looks and acts like a child, and one is a character who is a fictional character who likes and acts like an adult. how do you not see the difference between "this flat chested supper innocent looking loli who goes to grade school and pouts is actually a thousand year old demon" and "what happens when this teenaged character graduates highschool and goes to college"

No. 389184


Ok yeah, their body is the thing that makes them different. But they both have childlike characteristics and are both creepy to me

No. 389185

this is the commie version of "I'm only attracted to 14 yrs old girls it's technically not pedophilia"

No. 389186

they are the opposite thing, anon.

what is the point of a loli who looks 12 and acts 12 but is technically 5000 years old? the fact that she looks and acts 12. if it wasn't, she would look and act older, because when you're dealing with a 5000 year old dragon or whatever you can just as easily bring home the disconnect between their real age and their visual age with a 19 year old or a 25 year old.

what is the point of a character who is 12 or 15 or whatever in their own story but has been aged up to an adult by a fanfic writer? the fact that they have been aged up to an adult. if it wasn't, the writer wouldn't bother to age them up at all.

No. 389190

I hate actual irl pedos just as much as any other person but I just don't give a shit about people liking loli/shota. It's gross and disgusting and I hate it, but I can't bring myself to the point of hysterical pearl-clutching a lot of people do. They're not real, they're drawings.

But calling someone shipping two fucking 15 year old fictional characters a pedophile is outright retarded. Most 15 year olds look and act the same they will at 18. Because 18 year olds are still dumb fucking kids too, but they're still legal adults. And again, they're not real.

No. 389191

Cosplayers are immature shit people.

No. 389192


What? In the Sofia example one thing I noticed was that the character calls the older guy “Mr. See-dric”. It’s a personality trait she has because of her age. When they age her up they still have her saying that and being childish. Most other age-ups are the same.

And 90% of age-ups are for the purpose of putting them into sexual contexts. It’s not creepy to wonder what a character would be like as an adult, but what most fanfic and fan art does is to put them into sexual contexts.

No. 389196

Well, yeah, dressing up in costume is pretty childish.

No. 389197

Your concept is the extreme age up of a six year old into an adult. Most age ups in a fandom context are taking teenaged anime characters and making them college students.

If a weirdo really wants to kink on pedoshit, they're not going to bother aging up a character. It's only became a big "thing" because of antis and fandom social justice being the wave. High school AU's became a hot button issue, so people aged up characters more to write their fic/do their fanart and then that became an issue too.

No. 389200


I just don’t think that’s true. Pretty much every western cartoon has the same kind of fandom. And a lot of anime too. And a lot of them are the same people who are watching Loli and moe

No. 389201

Including when they're out of costume as well.

No. 389203

You must not spend a lot of time in fandom circles because there is a huge divide. Most people writing fic and fanart are women, who aren't watching moe/loli anime. And most western cartoon fandoms now are sjw infested like the Steven Universe or Voltron fandoms.

No. 389204

>And 90% of age-ups are for the purpose of putting them into sexual contexts. It’s not creepy to wonder what a character would be like as an adult, but what most fanfic and fan art does is to put them into sexual contexts.
exactly. it's one thing to create a storyline where they're adults doing adult things and imagining how they're going to be as adults and their romantic life being a natural part of that, but just aging up for a drawing for the sake of getting off to it is totally different and way more creepy. and as far as the HP thing that anon mentioned goes, like, JK Rowling didn't make Harry mature and grow up specifically to imagine what his sex life is going to be like, wtf.

No. 389206


Ok slightly going off now but the Steven Universe fandom is full of some creepy as hell shit, wether they identify as non-pedo SJW or not. The show itself is questionable, even.

No. 389238

tbh ill never understand why childrens shows today like su always have to have multiple romance plots, i dont remember there being any serious romance in the cartoons from about 10-15 years ago and before, but maybe i just dont remember well. children dont give a shit about romance plot lines, i remember i was always bored of the shows with all these lovey dovey shit in them. i feel like they mainly put this in for the adult fans, which is weird as hell when you consider that about 90% of childrens shows are about children.

No. 389246


Wasn’t the original creator found out to have drawn porn of Ed Edd n Eddy amongst others or something like that? And the fusions are sometimes sexual

No. 389248

>draws porn of Ed Edd Eddy

He would never .. I never head of this wtf

No. 389252


It was Rebecca Sugar who did

No. 389259

Invader Zim, too.

No. 389262

rebecca sugar seems like a fucking weirdo tbh. ik this probably sounds like extreme pearl cluching, but most of the fusions definitely seem at least a little sexual from what ive seen in the show, and its completely inappropriate for a show airing on a childrens cartoon channel.

also, i might be wrong, but i swear that there are no children who actually like steven universe. its always adults and teenagers.

No. 389269

I wont be surprised if the new generation gets a load of weird fetishes from this show. Just like certain cartoons of the past have done.

I always hear Totally Spys gave a ton of kids weird fetishes lmao

No. 389276

You can't tell me this particular song wasn't some fetish shit she slipped in.
>All I wanna do is see you turn into a giant woman

No. 389277

Maybe you don’t remember well? Stuff like Justice League, the original Teen Titans, X-Men Evolution and Batman the animated series featured romance plots

No. 389279

Catch a whole generation being into giantess and body horror.

No. 389282

I chuckle internally when I see them whinging on cgl about people not be accurate to the character or what not. I don't see why it matters, your not shooting a movie who cares.
I just see the whole hobby as a huge waste of money.

No. 389283

yea i probably dont remember too well lol. those are the shows i meant when i said i was bored by them. my dumb ass preferred things like tom and jerry, scooby doo, basically anything without an actual connecting plotline. id probably like the shows you mentioned more now. i think those were designed for a more mature audience too tbh.

at least they didnt have ridiculous fetishy shit in them lmao.

No. 389285

Oldfag cosplayer of over 10 years telling you that yeah, most cosplayers are unbelievably autistic and ridden with a ton of insecurities. Watching today's cosplayers chase social media fame is sad to say the least and the root cause of most of their issues.

The hobby can be very fruitful when it's done right. Crafting is extremely fun and rewarding, photoshooting the costume with effort put into the setting can create straight out art, I've also met great friends that have stood with me for years and years. But I simply can't deny the fact that most cosplayers (including myself when I was younger) are awful fucking people that deserve a big old slap in the face.

No. 389289

>at least they didnt have ridiculous fetishy shit in them lmao.

The character of Harley Quinn was literally invented just for the cartoon and that was the early 90s. Cartoons have always been weird.

No. 389291

>Totally Spys is fetish show meme
You'd think a girl board would know better than this

No. 389314

This comic is amazing and sums up ~both sides~ types so beautifully.

No. 389330

In the US Asians are the least oppressed racial group and they need to stop talking on behalf of black people.

Browner Asians like Filipinos get the worst of it because people see them as sea Mexicans

No. 389351

I feel like this is racebait, but I still want to say: I've literally never seen Asians talk on behalf of black people. The closest I've seen is some on Twitter saying we need to support Crazy Rich Asians because it's their version of Black Panther (and they didn't even support Black Panther themselves, at that, lol).

No. 389352

>Asians are the least oppressed racial group
How so? Especially moreso than whites?

No. 389353


I’m mixed Chicana and I hang out in poc spaces and all the time Asians talk about black issues saying “as a poc” and then go on to invalidate or downplay black issues. They like to be vague instead of specifying that they’re Asian because they know they have no authority to be talking about it.


I wasn’t including whites they aren’t oppressed at all. Asians make the most money and are most accepted, Maybe their biggest problem is how easy Asian women are fetishized.

No. 389363

File: 1553219567267.gif (544.88 KB, 320x180, 9Gy6.gif)

More on Steven Universe, I don't get why the show seemed to go out of its way to sexualize Stevonnie (a fusion between Steven and Connie, two children) with male gaze-y pans, give them a markedly "grown-up", curvy body, long legs, and make them into a "hot babe" who makes all the female-attracted characters' jaws drop, only to acknowledge how uncomfortable the whole thing is by having one character who was flirting with them outright say "Two kids?! I'm out" when he finds out they were two kids fused, but then not…actually stop. They toned it down later on, but I fail to understand why they did it in the first place.

What exactly were the creators trying to say with that? What was the point of sexualizing this character on their own when they know it's creepy?
Gif related is from the character's first introduction, for those who have no idea what I'm talking about.

No. 389369

>Asians make the most money and are most accepted
Because they study their ass off, not because of privledges.

No. 389371


The only time Asians talk about and non-white minorities is when they see them in the way of achieving wealth and status (ie. the Affrimative Action Law suit happening) or they try to use them as a way to get more money (ie. selling low tier cancer ridden stuff in low-income communities).

Asians cry about no one taking racism against them seriously but don't hesitate to be buddy buddy with who they perceive as white.

It's disgusting and weird when I get them complimenting me on my skin tone and then try and talk shit about the Hispanic and black students in our class with me as if I'm giving them a cookie for doing so.

They want to be seen as a valid victim yet the perfect non-white model citizen that "doesn't start trouble" and successful and fuck that noise.

Sorry, but they can't have their cake and eat it too.

No. 389373


Yeah, black people are so lazy and that’s why they face environmental racism and are killed and imprisoned for no reason and can’t make it in college /s

No. 389374


I go to a university that's largely Asian. They do study hard but have parents rich as fuck and that money has been in their family for a long time. Being born into a rich family is sort of a privilege. Also, they tend to stick together and have a fuck load of connections. They all seem pretty well off…

No. 389378

Oh fuck off. Nobody was talking about incarceration rates until you.

How do you think their family got rich in the first place? And what about all the asians born in medium/low income families that still did well in school and get high paying jobs? Until very recently 1st gen asian migrants have not been rich at all.

No. 389379

File: 1553221166790.jpeg (205.3 KB, 750x1076, FFE2831F-8A32-4001-B089-6A1A5D…)

My sister in law is trying to make me get mad at a documentary of a veteran showing his experience in war bc it’s not ‘an accurate representation’ since he’s being critical. This is so fucking stupid bc her argument is that he’s trying to speak for all vets, she’s especially mad because my brother is a veteran but who CARES, and I’m like well doesn’t he have a right to share his story you can’t just censor anyone that’s critical of the military. Lmao sometimes I forget she’s just a retarded army wife.

No. 389380


Incarceration rates are part of what keeps them in poverty, dumbass

No. 389381

i hope i get reborn as an east asian exchange student in next life, all of them seem fucking loaded, wear solid gucci outfits, do well in uni despite never uttering a sentence in english, have tight knit friend groups and live in those pricey private accommodations. they have probably attained the highest karmic level

No. 389382


No. 389383

Do you know how impossible it is to get into professional school / have a high paying white collar job with just a felony/ misdemeanor? Especially as a black person? You might as well signed their death sentence of not getting a decent life.

No. 389385

Don't forget paying American students shit tons of money to write essays and cheat for them.

No. 389386


Are you really that dense? Men are the highest earners and black men are all in prison, how the fuck they working in there?

And uh, black people were a little bit busy with Jim Crow while Asians were integrating and building their empire

No. 389387

Boy do I have news for you anon, all of their designer clothing is fake

Even the ones with rich parents have fake designer clothes that have absolutely no idea how to piece together into a cohesive outfit

No. 389390

>I need a man to lift myself out of poverty
Holy shit.

No. 389392

>just a felony/ misdemeanor
Your tone is concerning.

No. 389393


Nice reading comprehension there lmao

Men as a class earning more than women currently is a fact. Black and Latino people earning the least of all races is a fact.

No. 389394

No. 389396

>Nice reading comprehension there lmao
Just following up on your previous argument that blacks are stuck in poverty…because all the black men are gone.

No. 389397


Actually no you’re being disingenuous. I said that incarceration rates is PART of the reason, and mentioned men as they earn more and are most of the incarcerated. Learn to fucking read.

It was also really beautiful how you ignored the part about Jim Crow

No. 389398

I say "just" because it can be carrying half an ounce of weed or jaywalking. Minor things that if a white kid did it the the officer would just tell them "don't do it again" becuase they don't want to ruin that kid's life.

No. 389401

They're just going to ignore it and discredit everything else people have been saying. See how they ignored >>389394

No. 389402

I'm sure the parents of asian students or their ancestors or whatever worked really hard to become doctors and such. But if your parents are rich, you're just not going to struggle that much in life. In my white country bumpkin experience, I've mostly met asian students, whether born in the US or exchange students, that were very well off financially. Of course I'm sure there are some that are middle/low income, but that's not what I see primarily. I live in the south of the US in a state that's 50/50 white-black. Most students that aren't asian are some of the first in their family to go to college and their families are just scraping by. Black students will try hard to, they just are rarely born into wealth.

No. 389405

This has to be "scrote who thinks he's perfected his disguise of posing as a female poster/feminist, occasionally doing what he can to divide the roasties and derail threads bc lol fuck womyn board" bait. No one can be this dumb and inflammatory at the exact same time.

No. 389406

Asians: black people are lazy apes and their families deserve to die drinking their lead water

Also Asians: poc solidariteeeeee!

No. 389407

Piggy backing off of this, can someone please explain to me how Jews aren’t white and are apparently oh so oppressed when they globally hold a huge amount of power and wealth

And before someone brings up WW2, Slavs (in particular Pols) were also part of the genocide yet somehow still fall under the white umbrella and aren’t considered oppressed despite the huge amount of ethnic discrimination they go through wherever they immigrate

No. 389408

Stop. This was already posted about, and people agreed for the most part. We don't need a race war, anon.

No. 389412

Do you all know how fucking frugal poor asians families can be? Do you know how far they go to save money for their kids? It pisses me off that you're attributing the success of asians in America as some kind of born privledge, and ignoring the fact that same asians that are successful today are very much treated like second class citizens just a few generations ago. If you want to have the "privledge" of being asian, save and study like them then.

No. 389414

At this point, I think the only people who are actually convinced Jewish people aren't white are /pol/tards, and certain Jewish people who might want some sort of minority points.
I remember swathes of people getting buttblasted whenever this was pointed out just 2+ years back, and I'm glad people are actually acknowledging it now.
For a while, I wondered if I was just completely race-blind when it came to Caucasoid peoples, or something.

No. 389416

>what are hate crime statistics
>what are neo-nazis
>what is Tree of Life
>implying the holocaust is the only time Jews faced mass persecution

Also, Jews are typically more hated by white supremacist groups than any other group because of how well of financially they often are. Using their wealth to dismiss the idea they face challenges as a marginalized group when that's the very thing often used to justify their oppression throughout history is almost laughably ignorant. In fact the anti-semitismin Nazi Germany (yes, I'm bringing up WWII because history is relevant whether you like it or not) was primarily stoked by the fact they were financially better off than most other Germans.

No. 389417

As someone with African immigrant parents, I see what you mean, but there were MANY times my parents and friends were denied housing and banking loans to start up businesses even while we are being frugal as well with good credit scores and everything. I'm sure you know African immigrants study just as hard but at the end of the day everyone sees us a black and treats us as such so you can't just say "lol get gud" when the entire game is set up to put you in last place.

People are nice to us (to use as as their pity party pets) till they start seeing us succeed. Then they try and bring us down and when we slip up they use that as confirmation bias so we NEVER win and that we can't succeed on our own. I've seen it and I'm sure every African kid who grew up in America (even the adults that immigrated) can attest to that on SOME level.

There are statistics that female blacks that grow up in American society are more likely to suffer from pregnancy complications and deaths than any other race REGARDLESS of health or socioeconomic status.


No. 389418

>certain Jewish people who might want some sort of minority points.
… people of color aren't the only kind of minority, anon. You can be white and still be a minority.

No. 389419

not sure how honest they are here as they really do distance themselves from the other students. my only direct encounter was earlier in the semester when i accidentally got sorted into doing a group project with one of them and he legit copied all of my contributions (we were making a powerpoint online) and pasted them as his own without bothering to alter them even a bit despite us doing vastly different sections and thus it being nonsensical. i didn't notice it until the last minute (didn't think anyone would do that you know!) and changed my section a bit so we wouldn't look stupid. he struggled presenting his "og content" too which i found quite surprising as you do need to pass a certain level of english proficiency to get admitted and he sure as fuck wasn't hitting it (as a fellow esl i would know). he did a similar thing at a class rep meeting too but i cba to write another novel. whoops, it turned into a vent thread material

god i hope so otherwise it's a huge waste of money, the guys especially literally look like they dressed in the dark but in the middle of harrods kek

No. 389421

Anon, that's exactly the reason the reason I'm pissed that all the people here think asians are simply privedged after all the shit they have to put up with. I'm sorry about your and other immigrants' situation.

No. 389424

That's kind of where the "some sort of" part comes in. Also, the only reason to claim to not be white when you clearly are (or are ridiculously white-passing) is obviously to be seen as a PoC…

No. 389426

Also, ever heard of the Tulsa race massacre? A successful African-American town full of black owned businesses, one of the few that weren't obstructed by Jim Crow / racists and they BOMBED it to the ground out of envy.

You should look into COINTELPRO and their focus on disrupting African American progress in the 70s and 80s.

Start asking why? When something doesn't make sense, ask. We have middle class blacks in this country but they still are left behind over time because it just takes 1 person, a banker, travel agent, business adviser, student counselor, to give them purposefully shitty advice when they aren't aware because they are trying to play the game fairly but the game was not made for them in mind.

No. 389435

Yes, I do. What's the point that you're trying to make though? Is it a) asians in america are privledged simply for not having been massacred or b) jim crow is the reason that current generations of blacks are unsuccessful?

No. 389442

Aren’t a lot of these issues more so xenophobic ones rather than racist ones as immigrants in general tend to receive this sort of shitty treatment, my parents are white in a country that relies on immigration and still don’t receive common decency from a huge portion of people as soon as they hear their accents or notice their ‘ethnic’ features

No. 389454

Wow, I'd never heard of the Tulsa race riot. That's so sad.

No. 389468

I think it’s really cringey how so many anons here revolve their entire identity around being tomboys or ‘not gender conforming’. Just reminds me of all the girls in high school who would go on about how they’re not like other girls! How boring of a person do you have to be for the fact you don’t wear make up to be your defining trait, it’s as lame as people who feel the need to let everyone know what their sexuality is

No. 389470

i don't think most of them do it out of a superiority complex unlike the "not like other girls" meme but rather because society makes it really difficult to not "grow out of" being a tomboy (granted the social pressures probably differ across cultures/countries) and it becomes a facet of themselves they want to protect because of that. also i don't think there are that many places online you can talk about being a tomboy without being met by either "grow up" or "omg sweetie, you're trans!!1"

No. 389474

Arthur is the most relatable show to ever exist

No. 389475

No one is gender nonconforming out of superiority, which anons are condescending about being called a man or "not a real woman" for not acting stereotypically. You sound like you're projecting.

No. 389477

I at no point brought up superiority?

No. 389478

You described it, stop being dense.

No. 389480

I think it’s brought up more as a response to this whole societal issue with gender than anything. So many women are turning to different gender identities just because they view being female as a stereotype. I don’t see it being paraded around like you described it here though.

No. 389485

I said it’s cringey that they make it their entire identity. Reading comprehension.

No. 389491

"not like other girls"-ism is literally a sense of superiority, which you said is what gender non-conforming women talking about it reminds you of

No. 389494

I also said it’s like people who feel the need to let everyone know what their sexuality is, are you implying that that’s somehow a sense of superiority as well? It reminds of those girls because these same anons focus on how they’re different from other women and make it their identity

No. 389498

unless you are talking solely about out and proud gays from deep south or whatever, it most definitely is out of a sense of superiority - within the whole tumblr "i'm the most oppressed and gay bby bean" bs, which those people are obviously a part of, being qweer is superior to being straight so they flaunt it to hell and back, it's a source of pride to them. that's how you get all these straight girls who id as demiromantic heterosexual whatever like pixielocks who have adopted that identity to squeeze above the basic straighties.

wouldn't say "not like other girls" and gender nonconforming women both can be destilled to focusing on what makes them different form other women as for the later it's about rejecting the societal expectations women face, while for the former its about pretending that they are elevated above other women, often accompanied by pandering to men aka enforcing those societal expectations (in case of tradthots or shuwu for example)

No. 389601

I'm always amazed by how many people take personal offense to someone describing themselves as NGC. It's usually done on imageboards because you can't see how the person looks or sounds like and from what I've seen, it's done to fit with context ("As a NGC person I hate how I'm pressured to become a tranny" for example). It really sounds like you're projecting hard or have insecurities of your own, nobody's doing it to be "not like other girls".

No. 389609

This is why I thought Crazy Rich Asians was so fucking trash. Talk about affirming that model citizen bullshit.
Anons ITT really see some FOB asians wearing Gucci driving Audi on their campus and really believe majority of Asians in the states are like this…Do anons live on the coasts where all the well to do LA type congregate or what? The stupid rich ones don’t even count, they aren’t immigrants, they’re just on a long vacation. Only 2nd/3rd gen asian kids are living the comfy life with dentist/doctor/business owner parents. This is due to the combined factors of 40 years ago economy was good, college was cheap, and they worked hard. That’s it.
Upper-middle class Asians aren’t even the fucking norm like most are just regular ass suburbfags?? Every china town or korea town where you get your pho and boba tea, every laundromat and nail salon are filled with poor asians. It’s literally propaganda to divide and keep down minorities. No wonder asians keep to themselves (and are racist), you all have been assholes. We had actual Japanese concentration camps and in the 80-90s asian hoodrats were getting brutalized just like Mexicans and blacks in Cali but sure let’s all pretend none of that happened. It’s always black people this white people that but no one cares that thugs of all colors target asian homes and businesses to commit robbery and burglary and worse. Put down the kool aid. /end rant

No. 389612

There are plenty of kids who like the show, but the writing is obviously pointed more at teens and adults.
>the fusions definitely seem at least a little sexual from what I've seen in the show, and its completely inappropriate for a show airing on a children's cartoon channel
Do you watch a lot of cartoons anon? Having sexual things in a kid"s show isn't a new thing, and the fusion stuff is nothing compared to some other shows that came before it.

This is a…huge reach
If anything most people develop weirdo fetishes because of the internet/fanart, not the shows themselves.

Agree, same with lolitas/jfashion in general

No. 389624

File: 1553261989694.png (2.04 MB, 2228x1284, pd.png)

>This is a…huge reach
In the context of the whole show and how certain characters/scenes are portrayed? With exactly who the creator is and her track record of drawing porn of underage characters? Nope, it, uh…really isn't.
It's all well and good if you like the show, but there's nothing to defend here. Just take it as it is.

No. 389627

Point still stands though, complaining about sexual shit in a kids show is just yelling into the void.
I don't doubt that Rebecca is a weirdo either, but then again so are most people who make cartoons.

No. 389698


Ok nobody is denying that Asians are oppressed, but it is an actual fact that they make WAY more than other races as a group

No. 389700

A song from an animated show about space rocks is not going to suddenly give kids bizarre fetishes, c'mon now. And if it was the case, chances are the kid was already a weirdo.

No. 389711

Why not? Almost all weird hypnosis porn on deviantart either references or the artists talk about getting their fetish from the snake scene in the jungle book. Why would overly sexual imagery in a children's show NOT impact them in some way?

No. 389712

No. 389718

File: 1553281264481.jpg (53.9 KB, 500x612, 5fb624be342883812e628ebb943b5d…)

I really dislike the inoffensive pastel kawaii "aesthetic" style, especially when it's combined with edgy stuff(I think that's called menhera). It is babyish and shallow, to me it's close to ageplay levels of repulsive. I look down on people who like it.

No. 389726

I think menhera is trashy too, but looking down on people for liking a fashion is fucking dumb and the sign of a pretentious twat.

No. 389751

I think you're overreacting anon. I was a casual watcher and I had the impression that the show was intended to be for and grow with preteens and teens watching. I saw the episode to be about physically reaching puberty while still feeling like a child inside which is a phase all preteens go through. I never felt like the show was being creepy at all. The show focuses how important consent and boundaries are.

Male gaze would be like agent honeydew from dexters lab lol

No. 389783

SU in general has a lot of weirdly overt sexual undertones that really put me off the show. Not all the time, and not every episode, but enough to make me go "hmmm". I used to work with a mom who refused to let her children watch it because she thought it was inappropriate. And she wasn't like a self-righteous Christian helicopter mom either, she was my age and a party girl.

No. 389796

Agree so hard. Especially the episode when he decked D.W and got shit for it. That episode still has me heated.

No. 389798

>same with lolitas/j-fashion in general
Damn, i love lolita and i wish this wasn't the case. So many many snowflakes use j-fashion for unique points and don't actually care about fashion at all.

No. 389800


Arthur punching DW really upset me :(
She’s only 4!

I love DW she’s smart and snarky

No. 389805

I thought that time she did kind of deserve it, the shift in tone freaked me out a little as a kid though.

No. 389811

Ever heard of the 80/20 rule? "As a group" doesn't mean shit. It's dismissive and enforcing harmful misconceptions. 99.9% of America 1% are whites who hold most of the country's wealth, so by your logic, asians are in fact, not the group making more money than other races.

No. 389815

She kind of deserved it though. It was wrong of him to do that, but it was fucked up when his parents used it to justify him getting beat up at school. DW reminds me of my sister so much. She gets away with so much bullshit.

No. 389821

Seems weird to justify punching a 4 year old bc she didn’t listen, but think it’s messed up for people to justify punching someone who punched a 4 year old hard enough to knock her down and bruise.

No. 389842

You must be the youngest / spoiled one in in your family

No. 389851


Nope, middle child and grew up in actual poverty.

But I have had tiny siblings, and raised 4 year olds. DW is pretty mild in annoyingness on the scale

No. 389852

I don’t get why people aren’t going after Rebecca Sugar more for basically drawing porn of young boys even if it was Ed, Edd, n Eddy porn. The fact that it was EEnE porn adds another layer of disturbing to me though. How can anyone find those designs erotic in any way? Disgusting.

No. 389853

Pretty sure she was a minor herself when she drew those.

No. 389854

Lol like what, 17 year old minor? And she could have deleted them but apparently they’re still up.

No. 389856

The article that covered it in detail was from 2007. She would’ve been 20 by that point.

No. 389859

I really wonder what'd happen if someone asked the part of the fandom that gets mad about people drawing rule 34 of underage SU characters, or Stevonnie, about that?
Like, by their own logic, they should completely trash the show and whatever Rebecca Sugar creates because of that.

No. 389860

I also wonder, but a lot of them are the type of SJW that probably MAP supporters. Or write it off because sex pozzie and it’s super kweer.

I never wanted to watch it because it seemed weeby, which was confirmed when they made episodes named after anime and the influence from Utena

No. 389862

She doesn't personally host them anywhere, other people saved the image and rehost it themselves, she can't scrub it from the internet.

Didn't know she was 20 thought it was from her high school journals.

Tbh I don't get the impression that Sugar or her crew are creeps. More that they are bad writers. Sugar purposefully doesn't run a tight ship and the story isn't scripted but plotted directly on storyboards. Being a good animator or boarder isn't the same as being a good writer and everything to do with fusion is super inconsistent because of that. I think the idea is cool it's just been handled very badly largely because it's portrayed differently from episode to episode.

No. 389868

The annoying thing is that the show's animation is bad in itself. Sugar is a good animator, but her crew is not. People point it out inconsistencies and just poor quality all around.

No. 389869

The drawings were originally published on her now-deleted Livejournal. Cartoon Brew hosted an article on them shortly after she posted them:

No. 389906

There's little chance Rebecca Sugar isnt a creep. At the very least, she's the type of person that's into some weird fetish shit and reads 100% as a greasy weeb/fujo

No. 389926

I always had a gut feeling Steven Universe was fetishy. I've noticed a lot of troons are into the gem fusing concept because they want to apply themselves to everything, but even before that it just looked off. I dunno, the animation is stiff.

No. 389977

anon every female ever involved in fandom ever is like that, a woman with weird fetishes could never be as creepy or dangerous as a man, think of the creators of clarence and the loud house
to me the saddest part about rebecca is her falling into the dumb nonbinary shit, i think she'll cringe looking back on it

idk what to tell you guys besides most cartoons have had weird fetish shit you might not even realise, like inflation, tickling, crossdressing, feet closeups and more. ive read threads where its like 'how did you get into x?' and people listing some specific episode of rugrats or simpsons or totally spies or whatever

i think the biggest issue for me about the show is the fanfiction-tier writing, its a bit tiring that they pull a ohh this character was just revealed to have done a terrible thing but jokes!! they were a good guy all along, or shit like that bitch lapis who is edgy and moody all the time and somehow shes meant to be likeable (i mean most people do like her, i think its because shes pretty) or that somehow shes the victim in the fusion situation (spoiler: shes not, shes was literally the one keeping the other gem chained and trapped)

No. 389978

Oh boy what happened with the loud house

No. 389980

Nta but how did you not hear about that? The creator got #metoo'd.

No. 389982

>got #metoo'd
it's not something that just happened to him, he sexually harassed some of the women in the animation team if I'm not wrong.

No. 389984

So what we aren't using the term "this man sexually harassed these women" anymore? Is it so offensive we're using the term "he got #metoo'd"?

No. 389986

File: 1553359362318.png (601.18 KB, 263x1600, 9c1.png)

I've seen someone here saying how Totally Spies was not a weirdass fetish show hidden in a kid's cartoon and I can't agree. I remember watching it as a 12 y/o weeb and feeling uncomfortable with all the bondage scenes. It always seemed to me like creators of animesque cartoons like TS or Winx Club watched too much hentai in their free time.

No. 389988

> a woman with weird fetishes could never be as creepy or dangerous as a man
Unironically this.

The creator, Chris Savino, got suspended after it was found out that he sexually harassed a bunch of women he had worked with, including blacklisting women who didn't want to have sex with him.

No. 389991

>bitching about political correctness on lolcow.farm

No. 389997

>typing like a robot
call sexual harassment what it is, an active act.

No. 390002

Some of these are weird tho like earlier someone said that people get hypnosis fetish from the jungle book scene but… that’s not even sexual ?

No. 390004

Well your subconscious mind is just a little fucker I guess.
I mean I did get a weird insomnia fetish from watching The Angry Beavers when I was like 8 and there was nothing sexual at all about an ugly beaver trying to keep himself wake for 72h but damn I did feel weird watching it and kept rehashing the scene over and over in my mind that night.

No. 390007

"Typing like a robot" is now synonymous with "saying something I personally disagree with" here so nah, I'm gonna keep at it.

No. 390010

How do people's minds even connect the fucking dots? I remember seeing a post saying that Moana had sexual imagery because she was about to get eaten by a monster and I don't get it. Not everyone is a weird vore fetishist who thinks that shit. Almost anything can be fetishized, so are we going to call everything fetish material even in nonsexual contexts?

No. 390022

File: 1553365057784.jpeg (96.59 KB, 900x425, D154B646-707F-4713-B199-C04CAB…)

Just look up all the Kaa fetish art online on even places like Deviantart. That scene by itself caused countless people to get weird fetishes.

No. 390024

have you even watched totally spies tho? Teenage girl spies are being tied up and put into nurse/catgirl for plot reasons. Absolutely.
I feel like they put the fetish shit as a fanservice for adults watching the shit. Sort of like adult jokes that go over kids' heads.
Plus the creators/writers were deviants themself, probably.

No. 390042

I mean the original version of the opening song had lyrics like "Put your tongue in my ear, It's queer, but kinda fun." "I don't do sex but I do do second base." I liked the show growing up, but some of the choices, looking back now, that they made are more than questionable.

No. 390056

I never said a woman with fetishes is or could be as creepy as a man. I'm not sure why you brought up comparing her to men. I'm just saying, she looks and seems like a greasy fujo.

No. 390059

Any of you anons like pepper Ann? The earlier seasons especially are funny

No. 390073

Thirsty hoes claim it a fetish show cause the looney tunes stuff is happening to girls. If they were guys no one would say shit.
Wouldn't be suprised tho if the faggots that created that meme got hired later on.

No. 390076

If you don't use at least two wet wipes on yourself after defecating, you are objectively dirty.

No. 390079

why not get a bidet instead of being wasteful and contributing to the clogging problem? those attachable bidets can get super powerful. it's like taking a pressure washer to your anus. it's nice and much less wasteful

No. 390094

File: 1553375906787.jpg (69.35 KB, 640x640, fjefort.jpg)

The lack of this thing in america actually traumatized me

No. 390096

wait there's really none in america?? how the fuck do you all wipe?

No. 390098

Toilet paper and baby wipes. If you don't got baby wipes, put some sink water on your toilet paper.
Baby wipes are nasty, some brands leave behind a nasty gym sweat smell and your coochie stinks like you haven't bathed in weeks.
If we want a bidet, most of us would have to look in an Asian grocery store and they ain't cheap.

No. 390103

i'm american and i bought a bidet attachment for like $30. it's great. installation takes 5 minutes. there's no reason for why these things shouldnt be more popular

No. 390115

Not American but I try to time it so I can shower afterwards as much as possible, or I use a baby wipe.

I'll segue into what I assume is an unpopular opinion since I never see anyone else mention it: people who shit in public toilets are disgusting. It's so inconsiderate and gross to stink up a room people (other than your family) need to use, possibly even making more dirty work for the poor cleaner, AND walking out of there without ensuring 100% cleanliness unless you keep baby wipes on you. It's not that hard to make your body expect to go in the morning or night instead.

No. 390117

Most of us in Burgerland flush as we're shitting so it doesn't stink up the place.

No. 390118

Don’t you have poop water dripping from your asshole then? Just the thought of only my butt wet makes me feel sick

No. 390119

Actually if your gut bacteria is all in balance the first wipe should come off almost transparent.

No. 390120

Most of the plumbing in Latin America and part of Asia does not support flushing toilet paper together though.

No. 390121

I'm not American and have never even seen such a thing. Everybody supposedly has this outside of the US? Where? I've been to a fair share of toilets (both in hotels and private homes) in various european countries and there were none either…?
I always only use toilet paper, who cares if your ass is dirty lol That sounds like such an american thing, being obsessed with being 100% clean, bringing baby wipes everywhere, constantly showering…

Honestly, I have IBS, I go to the toilet minimun twice a day, sometimes I simply have to while at uni/work. Also, there are people who might just work very long hours and therefore have to go away from home as well? I know it's not ideal, but some people really can't help it.

No. 390122

Yeah I also don’t think it’s really much more clean. And I eat right so I don’t have smeary shit

No. 390154

Keep the water on your butt for a while and then dry it off/wipe again with toilet paper. Not difficult and it's objectively cleaner than just using paper.

No. 390155

How are you supposed to train your body to do that? I've never been able to do that and I don't eat terribly or anything.

No. 390156

Doesn’t that kind of defeat one of the biggest points people look down on others for— that it’s more environmentally friendly?

No. 390158

>shaming people who use the public washroom for its intended use
Idk what I expect from lolcow anymore. Pissing can also stink, I've smelled piss in the public bathroom. And period blood. What if someone FARTS? Is that forbidden?

No. 390159

>What if someone FARTS? Is that forbidden?
I fucking hate when I'm bloating and can't release my farts while I'm out in public. Imagine if farting wasn't allowed in public restrooms to relieve the pain of pent-up gas. That would be pretty painful. Imagine a world where public restrooms were treated almost like sacred grounds as that particular anon wishes they were. Imagine.

No. 390170

Anon, what the actual fuck. They’re toilets - you’re supposed to shit in them. And ultimately you’re creating more work for people by using baby’s wipes because they’re not flushable you utter dumb cunt.

No. 390171

>people shouldn't shit in public restrooms
Do you want to live in India or something? They'll just end up shitting in the streets if it doesn't happen there. I doubt the majority of the population have the time or bodily makeup to train their body to shit on the dot in the morning or night.
Nobody likes public restrooms, anon. Stop hanging out in them. Just do your business, use some wet wipes, wash your hands, and get out.

No. 390200

This isn't really an opinion but can anyone else physically not shit in public?
I can only shit at home, on vacations I go for more than a week without shitting.

No. 390222

I was talking to an older father once and he expressed grief over how his elementary school daughter might grow up to have her mother's amazing tits one day and this whole debate made me think of that. I feel gross and I hope he dies before she hits puberty.

But anyways, "ageing up" is gross imo purely because of hearing that from a grown ass man with a child.

No. 390228

You clearly haven't had to shit badly enough

No. 390240

I kind of wished that kamoshida had been the main villain of persona 5 instead of the actual main villain because he was my favorite villain of the main bunch.

No. 390245

IBS. We’re not happy about shitting there either.

No. 390257

File: 1553412074064.png (87.55 KB, 233x204, 1551189527315.png)

I understand if someone is shitting on garbage lazy character design, what i don't understand is when people complain about a character that shows a lot of skin. Bonus points if they double down on their barrage of idiocy when they discover women were heavily involved in said development. I don't know about most people, but whenever i play a game with tons of sexy clothing options i just like to play dressup. I always love when i have the option to look nice while kicking ass.

No. 390295

I'm the same way. I love character outfits and just being able to customize them in different outfits. Like I never saw it as an uncomfortable or a sex object way, even as a child. When I first played Soul Calibur 3, I was probably 12. The first character I created was a woman who only wore bandages. I thought she looked awesome, cool, and even a bit funny because she had that freedom to fight with minimal clothing.

No. 390323

File: 1553438805616.jpg (62.49 KB, 1200x675, D0SfLm0UUAAfZwD.jpg)

Bouncing off of this but
I just want to be able to make cute male characters half naked too, is that so much to ask?
I feel like things are improving on that tho

No. 390339

We need equal opportunity objectification un-ironically!

No. 390352

Unpopular opinion- Captain Marvel actually wasn't that bad and this is coming from someone who barely likes most of the marvel franchise and is usually a harsh wanker when it comes to film and television.
I give it a 3 out of 5. Just an average superhero action flick but still pretty enjoyable.
I think people were overreacting when they said it was utter tripe.
I'm not looking forward to the million sequels though.

No. 390369

I'm sure it's partly hard work, but to deny the role that ethnic nepotism plays in their success is stupid. Is the fact tiny Chinese minorities own literally 99% of Southeast Asia also purely due to "hard work"? No, it's because they form tight knit, exclusionary communities and keep the capital within those communities.

I've got no issue with FOBs, but second and third generation Asians are so goddamn annoying with their whining.

No. 390371

Also it's irritating how they take behaviors/cultural attitudes that are applicable to just about any immigrant first-generation group and dress it up as an "Asian thing". No, re-using plastic bags before the era of environmentalism wasn't just an "Asian thing", my mother and her family (Russian) did exactly the same shit. Even now when we go out to eat she considers it a huge wastes and kvetches about it.

Idk, Asians born in America always seem to want to affirm their identity through these little pieces of trivia that aren't exclusively Asian because they usually don't speak their own language or have any real connection to the actual culture.

No. 390379

>tfw no cute girlfriend inhaling wine through her nose staring at me judgingly with her friends one of which is sporting a towel as a hat

No. 390397

I kind of think that many poc get their ideas on how white people live from tv shows.
>re-using plastic bags before the era of environmentalism
>when we go out to eat she considers it a huge waste
That's literally normal for nearly everyone.
I'm white and many would probably say I'm privileged or even rich, but that's only because my grandparents and parents were and still continue to be frugal - just like the majority of other people throughout all other races as well.
I really don't get why people expect pity points or praise for "I'm [insert 'minority' race] and we've worked sooo hard, you whities can't even imagine…you wouldn't understand, being frugal is an asian/black whatever thing!" No, it's not.

I hate the "it's a … thing" in general. Many poc for example pride themselves in having had strict parents, having to be very respectful, and so on, but when you try to say it's the same for your family(country, you get "No, it's a […]-only thing, white/western parents are all so lax and as a result their children are spoiled rotten…" Simply again taking things they've seen on tv or whatever as the real deal.
It's kind of the same with the stereotype that only asians are respectful enough to take off their shoes when entering a house, when in fact everybody else does this as well - the only exception being people in american movies.
I'm sick of people telling me that because I'm white that must mean that I supposedly lack all respect, that I don't value family, that white people don't take care of their elderly parents etc., because it's simply not true.

No. 390412

>Many poc for example pride themselves in having had strict parents, having to be very respectful

I think the not having strict parents thing is more of a middle class Anglo thing. My mother is Russian and my dad is Southern European and my brothers were as terrified of my dad as much as I was of my mom. He'd literally take off his belt if he heard so much as a single curse word from them (he was softer on me though). I say middle class Anglo because the upper class and working class anglos I've met are just as if not more strict than my parents were on the whole. Also it's a bit much when I hear a black person trying to lecture me (they see all white people as the same) about how their parenting is better given how much more likely they are to have absent fathers, and how many black kids are out there committing petty crimes after dark.

>I kind of think that many poc get their ideas on how white people live from tv shows.

Yeah. Goes to show how polarized our society is really. Most non-white people know absolutely nothing about white people. First step is to stop being apologetic to them, tell them to fuck off.

No. 390414

File: 1553450481929.jpg (622.64 KB, 3024x4032, tin.jpg)

I would've agreed with this, had I not experienced having white American people or males telling me "Just ignore them lol they're your parents they'll just cope they can't control you :)))", or not understanding why pic related is a disappointment, lmao.

No. 390415

>Danish Butter Cookies
>Muh PoC culture

The absolute state of non-white americans.

No. 390416


Literally everyone gets the butter cookie tin meme. All the white people.

No. 390417

I'm not American. You sound unnecessarily flustered.
The fact that you don't seem to get that it's not about the Danish cookies themselves just bolsters my point. No hints if you can't Google, either.

Where? Because it was the exact opposite in my experience.

No. 390419

southern US. Everyone’s grandma and/or mom

No. 390420

It's literally a wypipo food, in a wypipo brand fro a wypipo country.

Think about how pathetic it is that this small piece of trivia is a "culture" that non-white americans feel makes them distinctive.

No. 390422

>and wrong

about what specifically?

No. 390423

Ah. None of the Americans in my friend group are southern, that might be why.

You're both angry and wrong. Take a pill, kek.

No. 390425

Literally search "butter cookie tin meme". This isn't rocket science, some deep esoteric lore, or even unique to Americans of non-white descent (just non-white people from wherever that particular brand or other tinned confection brands are sold, I'm guessing).
Thank you for unintentionally being a walking example of my point, though, anon.

No. 390427

Another example of this is Asians and their "we always fight among who should pay for the bill" meme. Anyone who has been out to eat with a group of, or on a date with Italians, Greeks, Spanish, Turks, Lebanese, Polish, Russians etc knows there's nothing exclusively "Asian" about this.

No. 390431

Asians are just more into on emphasizing perceived differences between themselves and the average white american (for whatever reason) than those groups.

No. 390454

That anon is obviously angry about something so they should take a break

No. 390465

File: 1553456911966.png (89 KB, 500x352, why-are-there-biscuits-in-the-…)

i'm white and from the south and my mom does this. so does my paternal grandmother that lives in new york and my maternal grandmother that lives in california. it's not unique to non-white people. if anything, it could be considered generational I guess

>The tin, then, always had value outside of the biscuits. "The use of biscuit tins for buttons and sewing [stuff] goes back at least pre-World War II," explains Rachel Laudan, a food historian and author of Cuisine and Empire: Cooking in World History. "Tinplate containers came in in the 18th century for tea, sugar, etc., because they were waterproof and rat-proof and creepy crawly-proof… Giving people biscuits in a tin was a double gift.

No. 390476

I def think its generational, I'm literally from post soviet zone and my grandparents do this as well, we still use sweets tins from like 80s for sewing stuff or documents.

No. 390480


I like it too. Only cringed with the "feminist" scenes of the movie why did they have to put "I'm just a girl" in a fight scene?

Wish Hollywood stopped trying to cash on feminism.

No. 390483

This is also a "British thing" that brits think is exclusive to them. I noticed that there are a ton of things homogeneously-identifying groups of people think are so "lol in joke" that are so not. Imho being from different "groups" and hanging out with vasting different "groups" - there are SO MANY overlaps of things others think makes their culture/people special.

No. 390487

Honestly people act as if immigration is a new thing and that cultures have only recently mixed.

Isolated human groups are very rare now. We've been trading with each other for centuries globally, I believe there such a thing as a collective consciousness.

Most people behave well and are frugal we really do suffer at the hands of a few. This is why civilisation works, obviously some places have inequalities but the goal is to fix them I believe.

My ma has always been tight, she does the biscuit tin and the bag thing. She's passed that on to me god bless her

No. 390493

>people act as if immigration is a new thing and that cultures have only recently mixed.

On the scale it happens today? It is. Before industrialization 90% of the population of agricultural societies (at the least) were subsistence farmers who probably never went further than their local town market.

No. 390505

I found it cringey because as soon as the music started my first reaction was "Gwen Stefani?" and I couldn't get that out of my head for some reason

No. 390529

this isn't an unpopular opinion anywhere but in MRA/incel/cinema snob circles. most critics liked it and so did most people i just know in my social circle. it was fine.

No. 390552

Jews are the decedents of Khazars who are Turk/Mongoloid/Oriental or whatever term you want to use. Jewish religion originates in the Middle East. Jews may be heavily European mixed now, but they are still ethnic mutts and follow a non-European culture. They're not white in any traditional sense of the term. "White" was almost exclusively used to describe Nordic people, not even the Celts, who live right next door to the Anglos were considered "white" in America. White has only come to include the entire Caucasus in recent times. Jews call themselves "white" when it suits them ("as a fellow white person"), but then otherwise recoil, use the holocaust card, and call whites goyim for not supporting their lefty or zionist shilling. All you have to do is look at famous twitter accounts.(racebaiting)

No. 390561

shut up and go back to /pol/ faggot

No. 390567

The "All you have to do is look at famous twitter accounts" at the end was such a way to tell on themselves, lmao.
I wonder if that's the same person who kept posting that "ALL PORN = MADE BY JEWS AND FEMALE JEWISH WHORES" picture in early MH threads and tried to pass themselves off as a feminist who wanted a fellowship with the alt-right.

No. 390575

White = Nordic

Ok retard then everyone else in Europe Australia and America isn't white.

Notice how the concept of whiteness has shifted. It ultimately relies on the idea that white = not black.

As long as you don't have a drop of black / a black ancestor is far back enough in the family tree / look ambiguous on some level, you can deceive and say your white.

Have you seen what's going on with Hispanics?

So many Cuban/ south Americans that have lived in America for decades already see themselves as white. As the demographics shift, there will be more Hispanics and to quell the fear of "whites" they will be counted as white. Ever hear of that retarded "Nick Fuentes?" A 1/4 Hispanic white nationalists. We have Asian and Hispanics in "white power" groups now. Wtf is up with that?

The same is said for North Africans, they aren't considered black/ sub-Saharan, and some appear European.

The same shit happened with the Irish, Italians, Poles and Greeks.

There was a time Jews were considered white.

Asians are considered "honorary whites" but Go to places in Russia / Kazakhstan that line is blurred even more.

Whiteness is ultimately the absence of sometime. What that is depends on who the fuck is talking.

So anytime you have white supremacists/ nationalists talking about a pure white nation, just remember those faggots don't know what the fuck they're talking about.

Excuse the rambling but this is something that has played out in history and at this moment is continuing without people realizing it.

No. 390588

hispanic isn't a race. why does no one seem to understand this?

No. 390593

So many dumb racists like to play racial purity games, but are quick to loosen "the rules" the moment they realize "the others" outnumber them. It's a very obvious, underhanded game to anyone who's been paying attention.
The funny part is that they still get triggered whenever anyone says "Race is a social construct", because they're either too stupid to understand and think you're saying "DNA isn't real", or they just don't want anybody exposing their bullshittery and changing definitions.

No. 390595

yeah I forget this place sometimes has the occasional /pol/fag creep in, you can pretty much spot one from a mile away if u know anything about dogwhistles, they aren't the least bit subtle

No. 390599

>this honestly
American racists who have never actually delved into the history of American racism typically are what make up the alt right and they know nothing about the evolution of conditional "whiteness" in American history.

There was a time when current "white" people hated other "white" people and did not see them as being on equal footing. Like Benjamin Franklin was afraid of the French or something despite the fact that the French and British are considered both white now. Falsified eugenics "research" propaganda was pedaled to demonize not only non white people but groups who are considered conditionally white today; Jews being a big one, but also as you mentioned; Italians, Russians, Poles, Greeks etc.

Most white Americans are so racially mixed that they can't even pinpoint their main European ancestry group anyway. They probably don't know the first thing about their ancestor's "culture".

No. 390605

I think e girls, patreon shots, and camwhores are much more skilled than they are given credit for.

Like, think of it this way-
Dealing with disgusting neckbeards and degenerate men takes a lot more patience than what most of us have.

No. 390607

>takes a lot more patience than what most of us have

Or the more likely reason being that they’re lacking in self-esteem and self-respect so they’re willing to put up with disgusting men who pay for this sort of shit

No. 390624

Most of those thots are just as retarded as their neckbeard followers which is why they can tolerate them (and also part of the reason why their followers like them; they're relatable). See shoe, moo, and belle.

No. 390638

As non-whites statistically become the majority, they will probably try to "cancel" all whites in some weird way. Kinda how men would disregard women back in the day - it's gonna be like that.

And I mean in like, 10, 20, 30 years or so. The ability to travel and the anchor babies are a natural result of unnatural manmade opportunities. I dont have strong feelings about it either way, but I'm kinda prepared to face it because I believe its gonna happen.

No. 390641

What do you mean by cancel?
I've read a theory that since white people are going to be in minority, especially blue eyed and blond people, that they're going to be extremely desired to the point of some sort of neo aryanism.

I hope I'm dead by that time but who knows.

No. 390654

I don’t understand this, white people are already a global minority and have been for a very long time, especially blue eyed blondes. Do you mean specifically countries like America and England? And I’m not sure what you mean by ‘cancel’

No. 390661

I literally dgaf about what happened in New Zealand. Not saying what Tarrant did was right, but it's understandable he wanted revenge for all the fucked up stuff that immigrants have done in Europe over the past few years.

No. 390664

I think most people are naive about racial and cultural differences, and how groups naturally stratify and clash. Up until recent third world migration to the west, there' hasn't been a single multicultural society in history in which one group didn't subject another, and even in the west white people are still really maintaining the status quo that allows the mirage of the multicultural dream to exist.

But you have to look at when things don't go well in places where different cultures live together to see how horrific it can turn. The Balkan genocides during the 90s were just that, and they involved different white people. The level of ethnic cleansing would've been dialed way up if it was radically different races such as Indians, Chinese, British and Somalians all living in close proximity.

Rwanda is another example of how fast this can move, 800,000 Tutsi's slaughtered in 100 days, at the hands of their neighbors. There's a reason romantic nationalism was such a big deal in the 19th and early 20th century, people were aware of what it was like to not have a homeland or to be ruled by an austrian fuck hundreds of miles away.

I'm not even a /pol/tard, I personally don't care too much about race in my personal life, I even think it's too late to reverse the trend and prevent multiculturalism from being the norm. But people need to expect that this is about as good as race relations can get, and that there's not much in the way of lynch mobs and ethnic conflict occurring.

No. 390665

So why didn't he do the world a favor and track down and kill muslim terrorists instead of innocent people including children?
"People with the same religion did bad stuff so I'm gonna shoot some random kids" - not helpful bro

No. 390667

Who cares? Muslims in Europe use the exact same collective argument against us. They say it's our government who bombs them so anyone with white skin deserves to be punished.

I know I'm using weasel words to excuse him. But those same weasel words have been used by a thousand Muslim talking heads in the media after Islamic terror attacks (the society is the problem, he was angry because of racism/western imperialism etc).

No. 390669

File: 1553508148076.jpg (59.4 KB, 750x500, tp-composite-ebba-new.jpg)

>innocent people

She was also innocent (what happened to this girl was what pushed BT over the edge apparently, even her grave as repeatedly vandalized by an illegal immigrant).

No. 390671

Again, why not be helpful and go after actual terrorists and radicalized muslim men? Too cowardly, I guess. Innocent civilians are easy victims.

No. 390672

They have no argument. Hateful, idiotic racists don't function on logic, just spite.

No. 390673

>Hmm innocent people are being killed in Europe
>I know! I'll kill innocent people who share the same religion in New Zealand!
Makes perfect sense.

No. 390675

It's amazing how men suddenly care about violence against women when it's committed by an outsider. If it was another white man he'd immediately defend and deny (or outright support) as they always do on the very communities he was influenced by.

No. 390678

BT said that another thing that radicalized him were liberal attitudes to criminals like pedos regardless of race. So that doesn't hold up. Most of these people want to see public hanging brought back

No. 390679

That should be the job of our governments. Instead they give them a slap on the wrist, few years in jail if that. I agree that the people he killed were innocent, but if governments seriously punished these radical Muslims who commit terror attacks then people would feel less angry. Eg get Salman Abedis parents and hang them in Trafalgar Square. They were known radicals our dumb government gave citizenship to.

No. 390685

And yet, he became a child killer himself. He should be hung, too.

No. 390690

Absolutely. Justice should be blind.

No. 390707

That's what'd kill this expanding racism, really. Punish everyone equally and force everyone to follow your western laws, especially those in defense of women and children, who are the major victims

No. 390732

Biologically humans aren't hardwired to maintain knowledge on 1000s of individual humans. Back in the day we would have lived in smaller communities and tribal. Obviously humans learnt to communicate and trade with each other to form symbiotic relations.

Stereotypes and generalisations happen because instinctively we size up 'foreign' bodies. That's why you get sectarian, racism, sexism etc, it's a primitive coping mechanism.

To say humans cannot overcome these learning/coping issues is saying civilisation should have never happened.

No. 390750

Racial conflict in the west is getting worse, not better. How many more decades do you need to complete the right recipe of social engineering hocus pocus and bring about the postracial utopia?

No. 390751

damn the moment I responded to the initial /pol/tard this thread got swarmed with more of them screeching "racial differences" and "immigration is bad" and "Europe is a hellhole", yall can claim you're not /pol/tards all you want… those dogwhistles don't lie

No. 390752

Because right wing virtue signalling doesn't exist? Kek. Okay. I totally believe a white guy raised on 4chan whose brain was steeped in pol memes, that he wouldn't be accepting of any race of pedos, while he defends Trump, who has, many times, been really fucking weird with/about little girls. Sure.

No. 390763



No. 390766

You improve education and focus on educating the masses not dividing and conquering.

No. 390769

What’s cringe about y’all?

No. 390772

nta but it's very tumblr/twitter, and it's especially bad because the majority of people who use it are not from the south, nor are they black. it sounds very forced. worse yet, i see people from countries other than america using it and it's so cringe.

No. 390775

So you would have no problem if blacks did the same? Noted.

No. 390777

I was unaware that muslim terrorists in Europe pay for the welfare of the native white population.

No. 390780

Given the historical evidence, you can't gaslight anon.

No. 390784

>Improve education

Lol. Let me guess, this means more money for schools and teachers right? Even though there's never been a proven link between school spending and academic performance.

Monthly reminder Japanese schools receive significantly less funding per pupil than American ones and still perform far better. Anyway if you were to stand a shadow of a chance of changing the increasing amount of racial conflict, you'd have to control immigration more and encourage the formation of a proper group identity because honestly what the news and entertainment media does now is encourage what's basically non white race nationalism.

Pic sort of related. When I see this I feel very little sympathy for the people Brenton killed. White people can't be expected to turn the other cheek forever.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 390788

I really don't get why anons are talking about islamic terrorism like it only affects white people in the west when really it's an international problem and the whole world needs to deal with it, so more so then others.
In regards to the attack, i believe the the problem is that this attack if going to do nothing more but radicalise more muslim men to become terroists. Giving the attack a seal of approval creates a cycle of revenge the will eventually spiral out of control. I don't know how we can solve the issue with islam. Outright banning it only causes problems and gives radicalised muslim men an oppertuninity to feel marginalised. Islam is an mra's wet dream in my opinion.

No. 390789

File: 1553528406019.jpg (163.35 KB, 781x502, HomicideRatesCities250k.jpg)

They already do, just mostly to themselves, see pic.
Tarrant was an edgy poltard who the world would be better off without, but he himself had Vienna and Shipka, battles of defense and liberation respectively, written on his weapons. Or did those, like the Barbary slave trade never happen?

No. 390791

Don't even try it

No. 390792

>Monthly reminder Japanese schools receive significantly less funding per pupil than American ones and still perform far better.

Japan also has only 1/3rd of our overall population, way less children than America. They don’t have to worry about bussing children to school, the students clean their own schools so less worry about janitorial schools, their country is smaller, and their culture involves so much pressure on studying, grades, and performance that contributes to Japan’s high suicide rate. Japan is also an ignorant country that hates and fetishizes outsiders and whitewashes their own history. Are you a weeb from /pol/?

No. 390793

>they only do that themselves

Ok, I'll keep that in mind when white priest rape thousands of kids and white hispters and boomers kill themselves via suicide and opioates.

They do it to themselves.

No. 390794

>"White" was almost exclusively used to describe Nordic people
Yes, that idiocy ended, of course, the moment they've realised most if not all of the European achievments and culture was created by Mediterranean Europeans.

>not even the Celts, who live right next door to the Anglos were considered "white" in America

It was not based on any science but on rivarly between different religions.

No. 390795

He's 100% a poltard. Just the weird nip glorification is enough to give it away anyways

No. 390798

Nearly all of this is wrong. The size of a country has no bearing on the quality of its education. Is Malta the educational capital of the world?

No. 390799

>I don't know how we can solve the issue with islam.

Simple. Mass deport troublesome elements and control immigration so we never allow the build up of millions strong communities of aliens in the future. And also, stop bombing their countries and allow them to form their goatfucking caliphate if Sunnis really want to.

No. 390802

>all of this is RONG!!1!1!1!
>doesn’t correct literally anything

this thread is a fucking scourge on this site jesus christ

No. 390805

>America's educational system is worse because it's a larger country

Logically then, the smaller the country, the better the educational system right?

No. 390809

File: 1553531311448.jpg (241.48 KB, 420x630, dreamland.jpg)

Hey, you're not wrong. Pic related book does posit the heroin-opioid correlation and documents a lot of the black-tar coming from Mexico.

But traitors before enemies, as the saying goes.

No. 390814

This is going to do nothing.

No. 390815

Ethnic conflict is diversity plus proximity. It's pretty simple. Don't intentionally make your nation less homogeneous because you will end up increasing racial conflict.

No. 390816

I didn’t say America was worse because it was larger, but the size and population of the country does factor into the amount spent per student. American schools have different financial concerns than Japanese schools, hence the money spending differences in addition to just having a higher population leading to more students period which raises that number up higher.

No. 390817

File: 1553533005949.jpg (8.88 KB, 200x313, 700.jpg)

Why would having a higher population impact per pupil spending?

No. 390827

>deformed wojak
>being a weeb who's wrong about everything
I don't know who told /pol/ they were ever welcome here, but they need to get the fuck out.

No. 390862

what is it with so many people thinking that expensive luxuries are neccesities?

if i hear another person trying to claim that a $50000 yearly income is poverty level, or even a $30000 yearly income, im going to scream. youre not poor, youre in the top 10% of income worldwide, you just dont know how to spend properly.

No. 390864

bc the average person is a greedy retard that buys fully into the capitalism shoved down their throat. they think they need $300k a year and a mansion and three luxury cars because they are exactly what i said, retarded. let them get into debt and sell their souls for shitty jobs and form nuclear family units that disintegrate after the 10th year of marriage, let them think everyone else is trash for not following in their footsteps. they’re only fucking themselves over in the end anyway

No. 390872

uh oh, criticizing capitalism on LC is a big no-no. they're huge defenders of it even when it's comparatively unregulated and super duper buy into the myth of social mobility in the uk or us

No. 390881

I've been seeing a lot of frog posters lately and male posting this past weeks. Is someone advertising lolcow again on r9k

No. 390902

People here are mostly indifferent about "capitalism". What anon was talking about was more consumerism though.

No. 390907

I think a lot of the bitching comes from young, spoiled adults who just aren't used to actually having to budget. They lived with their parents rent-free and were able to spend all their income (or they had no income and their parents just gave them spending money) on frivolous things, once they stop being supported they "feel poor" with a lower-middle-class salary out of college because they can no longer afford the things they used to afford.

Here is my unpopular opinion, I feel a little sympathy for them because it's difficult to change your lifestyle.

No. 390915

>Here is my unpopular opinion, I feel a little sympathy for them because it's difficult to change your lifestyle.
i dont think that's unpopular. it's only unpopular among them. really pisses me off to see people making ok money that HAVE to buy $60 games out the ass, consoles, geek shit, and then complaining they have nothing to eat. honestly even if i made really great money i can't spend the amount of money these nerds do on stupid geek shit without feeling like a wasteful dumbass.

No. 390920

Same. I'll pay full price for a game like… once a year. Say with something like Cyberpunk 2077 or one of those truly huge releases. Everything else feels wasteful. Weebs who blow all their cash on trash JP mobile games are totally alien to me. Why would you even play that shit in the first place?

No. 390921

It depends on where someone lives, what kind of debt their in from school expenses, and if they have a family. A single person can live great non $30k, but if multiple people rely on that income and you have the expenses of a family then it can be bad. The poverty level for a family of for is $25k, so $30k isn't far above that. You also need to take taxes into account too, someone may make that amount but insurance, state and federal taxes, and social security will eat into that.

No. 390927

Your right, but let's not get started on white boomers kek

No. 390935

File: 1553551428097.png (576.27 KB, 636x610, m.png)

Unif's clothes can be cute, but they're stupidly overpriced. Like, help me understand why this early 2000s "found in the dollar store"-looking mesh top is worth $78. Does it grant 3 wishes? Is it woven by angels?
I don't blame anyone who just buys a shitload of knock-offs of all their crop tops, mesh tops and tanks from TB and AliExpress at all.

No. 390967

There is literally no quality difference between most of unif, omweekend, dollskill, other ig thot brands vs aliexpress. They dead ass come from the same chinese sweatshops minus the brand label and ridiculous markup.

No. 390973

Kpop idols all look the same and Kpop sucks (not sure how unpopular that is)

Anyone who knows about the harms of the Kpop industry but still listens/watches is trash that supports human trafficking

No. 390975

I was just about to mention this, yeah there's a lot of off brand shit from those stores you can easily find cheaper. Same quality. Same warehouse. There's literally no difference.

No. 390978

Ever since I learned to sew I became painfully aware of how shittily made every garment in stores are and it’s actually kind of annoying bc now I’m too spoiled by making my own clothes to buy any

No. 390980

Hmmm so the original chinese where the same item can be found is without the label? Thank god, would hate walking around with meme brands like fashionova lmao.

No. 391007

Kpop is just reskinned American music

No. 391008

It's really not, aside from it sounding like outdated american pop. But the way the industry works, the promotions, idol culture, etc are totally different and that's what kpop stans are in it for, not the music.

Not praising it btw it's worse than western music industries in many ways.

No. 391017

I decided to splurge on a unif top I had my eye on for weeks and I've literally never worn it. The fabric doesn't even feel nice like for that price I at least want something that doesn't feel like shit when I wear it. Definitely one of those "paying for the brand and not the quality" type of things. Still to this day its my #1 most retarded purchase.

No. 391058

"yall" has been distanced from being a purely aave word for a long time now

i get tetchy with the whole aave policing thing, it's not like saying "y'all", "ain't", or any inoffensive derivative of aave that's been long distanced from its origination as aave, is equivalent to using the n-word.

No. 391076

I don't get people who wear tops that are transparent like these. IF it's supposed to thin out then that's fine, but when it isn't? I don't like walking around with my bra being showed off…

No. 391104

“Y’all” and “ain’t” aren’t even aave wtf southerners (whites) talked like that since forever.

No. 391283

no one ever said it was purely aave. it's common in the south (no specific race) and in african american communities. the fact is that the majority of people that are saying 'y'all' are not from the south or aave and it's cringe. it's not cringe because it's offensive or appropriation or anything. it's just cringy to have 'y'all' all of a sudden being used by people who aren't southern. it's the same shit as if i started hearing northerners or slovenians start to say 'fixin'. it's just specific to a certain place where these people are not from and it's just too hokey.

No. 391305

I take it with a massive grain of salt anytime someone accuses someone's significant other of being super controlling because they ~forced~ them to stop being friends with certain people. I know it happens sometimes, but in my experience, 90% of the time the friend cut out is extremely disrespectful of the relationship and toxic AF. It's almost always completely understandable why the significant other isn't comfortable with their partner being friends with them from the examples I've seen. And half the time the significant other isn't even pushing for the friend to be cut out, their partner comes to this conclusion on their own but the friend has to convince themselves they were "forced" to avoid taking responsibility for their actions.

Also, completely taking agency away from your friend and suggesting they would just drop a person simply because their SO told them too is highly insulting and a red flag in of itself.

No. 391323

This, usually it's some douche upset that all his friends are getting laid and having adult relationships and he has nobody to drink and smoke weed with anymore
Most of the time the person in question even wants to hang out but has less time

No. 391356

Macaroni and cheese is a very underwhelming dish.

No. 391361

fite me

No. 391363

i feel like people who unironically use the word 'folks' are people i want to stay far the fuck away from. i know your politics and i don't like you. excuse me, i'm drunk.

No. 391364

>weak, wimpy flavors with no interesting textures
>usually just consists of boiled, bland noodles covered in a flavorless cheese sauce

No. 391366

I mean isn't the point of macaroni and cheese how versatile it is? You can add so many things to make it more interesting, taste and texture-wise.

No. 391369

"Folx" bothers me even more. I don't even hate the word, it's just got associations for me with the worst of left Twitter and I can't unhear it.

No. 391376

I’ll admit that it does improve the dish if you add stuff like bacon, onions, or fancier cheeses on it. Still not enough that I don’t get why some people get so excited over it though.

No. 391391

In the same vein as >>391356, ramen is probably the most overrated dish ever created. Soup noodles are boring and weebs are incredibly annoying for hyping them.

No. 391392

you haven't had real mac n' cheese until you've tried fried mac n' cheese balls.

No. 391398

Japanese noodle soups are overrated in general, and I say that as a big weeb who looks forward to going there specifically for the food. Ramen is better than bland ass udon and soba, but still mediocre. Something like laksa is infinitely superior.

No. 391421

Decent Spaghetti Bolognese > Everything

No. 391427

Ive never had soba from the mainland but I've had Okinawa soba, is mainland soba really that bland/bad?

No. 391436

Soba in general is bland. It's like discussing whether or not Penne by itself is good or something. Ridiculous.

No. 391464

Either one is awful and it's an immediate tell.

No. 391475

i like some of lana del rey's songs but i can't really like her as an artist or a stage persona, she comes off as too try-hardish to me with that whole old school sugar baby vibe. all her songs sound the same.

No. 391476

This is not an unpopular opinion.

No. 391477

most of the time i see people complimenting her for being sooo ~~aesthetic, unique and badass~~

No. 391481

This probably isn't an unpopular opinion here but I literally cringe when I see mombies (or even just regular moms) going batshit about how "hard they work" and "how much they sacrifice." Like the stereotypical mom screaming "Well, my kids are GOING TO PRIVATE SCHOOL because I SACRIFICED1!1 And I HAD TO WORK THREE JOBS!1! AND I HAVEN'T SLEPT IN A WEEK!1!" do you guys know what I mean? Of course I don't begrudge anyone having kids (and working hard for their kids) but that sort of loud, unnecessary behavior just makes me cringe every time

No. 391482

Lmao, I just saw a comment on my fb feed about moms being "unsung heroes" and clicked out tab to lc and saw your post.
Moms are praised a lot, I have no clue what these unhinged bitches are squealing about unless they have a problem with not receiving asspats 24/7.
It's like they want others to know how good they are rather than just being good for goodness's sake for their children. Because they can't get enough attention, as if the outcome shown via how their children grow up wouldn't be proof enough I suppose.

Reminds me of people who always post about how good their relationships are. Yeah, well maybe if their relationship was so good they would just let it speak for itself instead of trying to convince others that it is.
Maybe if mombies sacrificed so much it would actually start to show in their children instead of being just words they type on the internet.

No. 391484

Lmao at the butthurt barren womb bitches who hate mom's because they'll never marry and have kids.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 391492

people that say shit like "mombies" are stupid, what are you an incel so insecure that you have to despise a woman because she is a mother? come on

No. 391493

I feel like the reason so many people here have shitty boyfriends is because they have shitty personalities that attract shitty men. No wonder y'all are so afraid of guys here.

No. 391498

Part of me is glad that scrotes are typically extremely obvious when they post, because I don't want to believe women on LC are just as shitty, misogynistic and retarded as 4chan males are.

No. 391499

Nah I'm a woman.

No. 391501

>Of course I don't begrudge anyone having kids (and working hard for their kids) but that sort of loud, unnecessary behavior just makes me cringe every time
Not that anon, but I'd say the butthurt one here is you. Can't handle it when someone isn't praising you 24/7 for doing the bare minimum a mother should be?

No. 391503

You're a shitty person then and prove the anon's point. If you base all your self-worth in having kids that you take a reasonable unpopular opinion to insult other anons in such a vile manner, it's obvious that you have zero actual worth and that you're a terrible unintelligent person. Shame that your kind is the one that breeds the most.

No. 391511

File: 1553706148115.png (808.59 KB, 640x852, 1553280304727.png)

>I'm a woman
Sure, the same way pic related is. Even if you are a woman, everything >>391503 says is correct.
It's people like you that should be barren, since you typically spread your ignorance and hatred to the next generations.

No. 391514

File: 1553706649149.png (200.44 KB, 540x390, inline_p7jbxeIPie1sdj28y_540.p…)

I hate that there are adults who think this is funny, rather than alarming and pedophilic.
What father looks at his own child spreading their legs and has sexual thoughts? Who thinks of that when they see a baby, period? It's fucking disgusting. This and the "Future Hooter's Girl/Make 'Em Drool Early" shit is just so horrible to me.
I hate that misogyny starts from birth. People are ready to call girls/women sluts and thots for the sin of existing, before they even know how to fucking walk.

No. 391516

That's a normal baby pose too, they are learning how to move their legs and arms. But no, learning to coordinate your body as a baby just isn't ladylike so stop that!

No. 391519

I notice people trying to age up their babies in general.

I hate it when someone has a baby boy and they say retarded shit like "OMG LADY KILLER OVER HERE HE'S GONNA BE A HEARTBREAKER HAYYYY XD11!!11"
It really skeeves me out.

No. 391521

I didn't even understand the joke until I read your response. Absolutely vile. Who looks at a child like that? It's not even funny, it just shows how disgusting they are as people.

No. 391522

Ugh wtf. Like >>391521 said I didn't understand it until I read your post.

No. 391525

How does this have so many likes??? How do people not see how disgusting and problematic this is??? This isn't funny or cute at all. There should be laws against posting shit that blatantly sexualizes your children.

No. 391535

I think this sometimes too. When users complain about their incel, NEET, /pol/ obsessed boyfriends, I just wonder about the personality of the anon writing that.

No. 391558

first of all, learn how to use the reply feature. second of all, how dumb are you? nobody here hates women for being mothers. “mombies” are a really specific type of mother, insufferable to all who enter their path, not just regular ass ordinary moms. it sounds like anon you (failed to) reply to really struck a cord for you tbh.

No. 391583

idc about aging and never have

No. 391645

agree somewhat untill i realized i'm an incredibly unhealthy person (epileptic, smoker, big history of arthritis, deafness and breast cancer in my family) and now i'm just scared of sickness that comes with age.

But I'm not scared of old age loneliness or wrinkles.

No. 391708

Same, sometimes I wish I could just skip ahead like 30 years and enjoy the last bit of my life. There's so much pressure when you're young to do EVERYTHING like have kids, go to school, start a career and on top of all that everyone's always sizing you up and judging how successful and/or attractive you are. Being an old woman sounds like freedom to me.

No. 391764

some of the "cow" jvloggers featured on this site aren't even cows, especially in the dedicated jvlogger thread. everyone's always like "lol look at this weeb, what a loser, i feel sorry for the japs around her that's mega cringe." they're not rabid anime fans, they don't try to be "kawiwi uwu," they're respectful, and marrying a japanese person in a country where that's 98% of the population is not fetishisation. they're normal and i know "ur just jelly xD" is usually dumb but it's so obvious that most of the anons are just upset that they can't live in or integrate in japan or at least don't get to visit as often as they like. all the overcompensation doesn't help either with everyone saying "i-i'm not a weeb!! i hate anime!!"

No. 391766

specifically the jvloggers i don't think are cows are rachel, sharla and mimei. maybe also dakota rose from what i've seen but correct me if kota has actually done something heinous other than have an insane sister because i haven't read up on her backstory.

No. 391768

dakota is/was kind of milky but otherwise I agree. all the milk in those threads kind of revolved around taylor and now that she's left japan it's just boring nitpicking.

No. 391790

>marrying a japanese person in a country where that's 98% of the population is not fetishisation

This. I think these weebs in denial are really just jealous that they don't have a Japanese spouse or boyfriend. Japan and its people are not that special, girls.

Imo, it's fetishisation to seek out and date the only Japanese(-American) person available at your American highschool just because of their ethnicity. But it's not fetishisation to end up with a Japanese person while living in Japan. Who else are you supposed to date there? But they don't seem to get that.

No. 391795

tbh i don't even think having a racial preference or weebs being into asians is bad as long as they are respectful and aren't going around making the people of that race uncomfortable. white, black, asian, latin, people might be into the typical aspects of a certain race's looks and it's fine. you like what you like

No. 391808

i agree with you anon and that’s very unpopular. as long as someone doesn’t associate a certain race with a personality, who cares?

No. 391820

File: 1553788102468.jpg (81.65 KB, 666x1000, lol.jpg)

Here's a REAL unpopular opinion and I know y'all are gonna bully me but I like those 2005 gaudy hair styles on Japanese boys. I think it looks better on them than modern white boy normal cuts and the korean bowlcut is definitely a nogo on anyone and gives me azn baby mushroom head flashbacks from the 90s

No. 391825

I’m gonna be honest here, Portland is a shithole and most crime is done by mentally ill anti-fascists. Their soyboy mayor thinks its okay.

No. 391831

i agree with you

No. 391833

Fuck the haters I'm with you on this one anon

No. 391835

This is 100% PULL and it's leaking over here from time to time, people that are ridiculously insane with jealousy when some basic weeb girl has a Japanese husband and is living in Japan. They are dedicated to nitpicking every part of her life apart such as the Kenna stans sperging out over her eating something western instead of having Japanese cuisine for each meal. And as you said, it's always closeted weebs in denial ("I hate anime, I only love Japan for the culture!!!11") which makes it even more pathetic. You all probably filter your selfies in Meitu way more than this cow does so stop lying to yourselves and move on with your lives.

Dakota hasn't been milky in 5-6 years, in other words ever since she moved to Japan and stopped being involved with Kiki. Her thread should be nuked for absolute autism such as "HER CAREER IS GOING TO FAIL SOON!!!!" sperging and photoshop sniping.

No. 391839

Back in university one of the girls in my class started dating one of the guys, who was a Japanese exchange student. I didn't know either of them well but one of the girls I did know, who turned out to be crazy, got super upset about the entire thing. She was this fat weeb who was always wearing some anime hoodie and whenever she saw this couple she'd start talking to me about how the other girl probably didn't know anything about Japanese culture and couldn't even speak Japanese. She got so upset about it, it was so fucking weird.

No. 391848

Bet you she has/had a PULL account.

No. 391883

Flowers are overated. They may have been popular during the village times were everyone smelled like shit, but right now they are overated. Like roses smell like bananas to me.

No. 391885

You smellin some weird ass roses.

>tfw no flowers for valentines day

No. 391886

flowers both smell and taste delicious, anon. fite me.

No. 391888

>flowers taste delicious
wtf anon

No. 391890

Nta but edible flowers are a thing especially on cakes. Sorry not everyone eats fries and burgers all the time like you anon.

No. 391895

>edible flowers are a thing especially on cakes. Sorry not everyone eats fries and burgers all the time like you anon.
>'flowers are delicious on cake, fatass!'
do you even hear yourself? i've had flower flavored drinks and every time i've had them the flavors have been absolutely disgusting. not really sure how tf you jumped from "we eat flowers on cakes" to "you only eat burgers and fries, fatty!"

No. 391896

what are edible flowers?
what is floral tea?

No. 391898

she's not saying you're fat, she's saying you have shit fucking taste.

No. 391904

floral tea is terrible and memetier and i think thats the only reason why people drink it

i still don't see how that's a logical conclusion to jump to. not eating edible flowers on cake -> burgers and fries all of the time? people aren't chowing down on edible flowers like legit vegetables (except for maybe squash blossoms, and even then, they're ok at best)

No. 391905

i hate this thread because people like you think their opinions are fact and can't deal.

No. 391908

are you guys so autistic that when people post their opinion you actually think they're saying "everyone agrees with me and everyone thinks this!". other anon can say that "flowers taste delicious, fite me", but other people can't express their opinion about the taste of flowers?

No. 391932

I'm gonna get raked but I do absolutely believe that eating disorder and disordered eating are not synonymous.

>"You're not sick enough" meme

But seriously. I am sick of seeing these girls who were never anorexic (just experienced disordered eating) whine on FB about how far they've come and how much they've accomplished when they never were that bad off in the first place. Maybe it gives them some kind of meaning, is therapeutic, but to me it's like someone who got treated for a benign skin growth telling a stage 3 chemo patient how scary and devastating the process was. It's almost like hypochondriacs lamenting over their symptoms, but unlike them you have to walk around on eggshells with ED patients because it's become so huggy.

No. 391943

you sound more autistic, taking her literally lmao.

No. 391945

Flowers smell like grass to me.

No. 391952

I hate women. I hate men a lot more, but I also really fucking hate women.

No. 391955

taking who literally? 'fite me' girl? i wasn't. 'wtf anon' is not fighting her. truly, you all bandwagon so hard sometimes. people are allowed to not like the taste of flowers and think they're memetier (especially in teas marketed toward western consumers or as decorative garnish that don't add much to the dish) because they're associated with femininity and softness.

No. 391962

It's apparently lady gaga 33rd birthday. I refuse to believe she is that young.

No. 391969

Her PR team put out the rumor that she was born a man to distract from the fact that she was born in 1979 not 1986. Wake up sheeple

No. 391971

File: 1553810394717.png (460.16 KB, 1000x1000, D8BEBABA-81E8-4FC6-A988-699C05…)

holy fuck, are you me

No. 391975

File: 1553810860819.jpg (43.86 KB, 500x500, tumblr_oj97rafStC1qd6bcco1_500…)

Man, I'll probably sound like an edgelord but same. People just suck. Both sexes are guilty of behavior that suck.

No. 391976

No. 391988

Wow, this wins the award for the cringiest reaction pic I've seen on here in months.

No. 391989

I've always wondered how do celebrities lie about their age? I mean, how do you hide your real date of birth, especially when you're that much into the spotlight? What about official papers? Their ID? Driving license? Don't they report the real year of birth? And what if people who, idk, went to school with them came out with the yearbook?

No. 391990

Me too, I can't make a single female friend because its so difficult for women to not nitpick and judge the hell out of you. I still hate men as well.

No. 391991

I have no idea how they hide it but I understand why women hide their real age, you're pretty much expired after 30 in hollywood and its bullshit. If I looked younger than I was I'd lie about my age too to get gigs.

No. 392002

She easily looks 33 in A Star Is Born. Her usual heavy makeup and harsh styling really ages her, she looked really pretty with a natural look.

No. 392016

File: 1553816390774.png (28.79 KB, 261x194, 15032341_1255306607874953_4333…)

How is this unpopular tho, most people hate most people because humans are scum.

No. 392023

Me too, and I'm really ashamed of it. I guess I have a lot of internalized misogyny after years of hanging out in "boys only" spaces like 4chan as a teenager. These days I try really fucking hard to be nice to any woman I meet, but I tend to be judging them constantly for their flaws. Although I guess it doesn't help that I meet people mostly online these days due to my hobbies, and the women in those spaces tend to be either be attention whores who reek of daddy issues or mentally ill in some fashion. Then again, maybe I'm just perceiving these issues because I simply don't like other women.

I only have one real friend who is a woman, and we've been best friends for over a decade and I love her to death. And it's not like she isn't flawed in various ways. I don't know why I can't extend the same empathy to other women. Maybe it's because it's easier to dehumanize people online vs. real life.

No. 392025

I guess it's unpopular because most of society tries to suppress any ideas that can be perceived as negative. People don't like to be confronted with ugly truths.

No. 392037

If you have more respect for the dudes you meet on 4chan than a woman that cams or takes nudes you might kind of be a shitty person, work on that.

No. 392041

I don't though, I haven't been on 4chan since like 2010. I think men on chan sites are utterly repulsive.

No. 392047

File: 1553821110826.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.26 MB, 495x275, 2B55441F-1B94-44BD-A444-95A951…)

There are actually many woman-hating anons around here?? Can you tell me more about why you hate women?
I was severely bullied my whole formative years by females so now that I stop hating women, I’m kind of really preoccupied with gaining their approval…which makes me suck at making friends, esp normies but I’m obsessed with that girl gang shit.

No. 392048

Idk if this counts but I have a hatred of fat girls,I find a lot of them to be arrogant and rude

No. 392049


No. 392050

i just hate everyone, but ignorant/stupid women are just as bad as the men imo. defending shitty men and being shitty to people who don't fit in.

No. 392064

OP here. My hatred of women mostly stems from women who have turned a blind eye to my sexual abuse, years of being viciously bullied by fat "friends" in high school and a few years after, and almost every woman in my life has been an extremely toxic presence besides my mom and her mom. I have an "evil step mother" fit for a Disney movie, my paternal grandmother was an abusive hellscape that left me with lifelong emotional scars, and I have never had a solidly healthy female friendship. I will fully admit that I'm a toxic cesspool, but my female friends certainly were as well and mostly far more so.

I have a few really great friendships with guys, but none with girls except for one. The thing with guys is that in general they're more socially clueless and it's often easier to see their true colors in a friendship sooner than later. Girls are often a lot better at concealing their flaws and it sets you up for so much more disappointment when it turns out they're garbage after you've invested a year into what you thought was an amazing friendship.

Just a few examples of shit I've dealt with from females. Not even including the worst because it's too painful to think about.
>told my boyfriend dying isn't as bad as her boyfriend breaking up with her because "at least you know he loved you"
>told I'm disgustingly skinny on a daily basis
>had two "best friends" try to cuck me
>one girl said my boyfriend at the time raped her because she was pissed at him and I (luckily there was a bunch of evidence proving he didn't, so she was proven a liar, but it was still horrifying and awful)
>when I was raped by my "best friend" (male) my female friend, who was super jealous of how close I was to him, said he should press rape charges against me because he was ~too drunk to consent~ even though I was the one so drunk I was passed out (he didn't because he knew this was retarded and there were several witnesses to him carrying me into the room… all female… none of whom stopped him)

Not to mention the countless other examples of ridiculous shit from my female friends and the horrible women I see online/read news articles about.

But don't get me wrong, like I said, men are much much worse. However, being less shit than men is still a low fucking bar.

Around here it seems to be. Also, my misandry is much more intense but that's by no means unpopular in these parts.

No. 392065

>Around here it seems to be.
This isn't called the Unpopular Opinions on lolcow thread.

No. 392067

Plenty of people have posted unpopular lolcow opinions in these threads, honey.

Also, straight up saying you hate women is unpopular outside altright and incel communities.

No. 392072

My favorite is when the PULLtards sperge over a weeb going to japan and getting a spouse visa. Theres one thread for a koreaboo vlogger and they are kissing her ass because her fiance moved into her apartment and she’s not going to be on a spousal visa like those OTHER sham marriage having weaboos who only got married ~for the visa~. As if being on a spouse visa is only for lowlife dependent losers who have nothing better to do but to leech off of the poor poor fetishized asian men.

They care so much about these western girls lives and speculate about fake relationships and how they are all scamming the visa system and living abroad ~illegaly~ (while legally being in the country) yet never say a word about actual illegal workers from SEA who knowingly work under the table and overstay their visas.

They all arent faking about living abroad though. I’m part of a lot of different korea expat groups on FB and sometimes the occasional Morena vid or some rando they stalk’s viral post will pop up and an obvious pull user will come and in link their fucking thread. It even happened to a girl WHO WAS ALREADY A PART OF THE FACEBOOK GROUP. There were probably like 10 people coming out about how this girl was problematic lmfao Fucking cringe. I’ve seen them crop comments from the group and post them in their threads, saying things like “omg look what this rando said. Even strangers agree with us!!” when it’s obvious its them. Then you go to their facebooks and they’ve all got ugly dorky asian bf’s and they puff out their cheeks and make peace signs in every picture kek

No. 392073

Sorry, but you kind of sound like a hot mess.

No. 392074

Yeah,it's a man just like you

No. 392075

>provides perfectly understandable reasons to have issues with women
>Sorry, but you kind of sound like a hot mess.
Explain to me how this is any less legit than when women give their reasons for having issues with men on this site?

>acknowledging women are often super fucked up while still maintaining men are worse means you must be a man
Come on now, don't be a moron.

No. 392076

Living there was the worst experience of my life, I hope the city goes fucking bankrupt

No. 392079

File: 1553829886591.gif (658.41 KB, 498x304, 1515927996878.gif)

It's almost like people get fucked up after having a room full of women let them get raped.

No. 392080

Whoever that is, I love his face

No. 392081

Are double that hate on men then for both abusing you and turning a blind eye?

No. 392082

Women can be really awful because women are people, but their worst crimes tend to be complicity or ignorance rather than pure sadism like men. It's why we have to try and reach out to other women and form stronger bonds.

No. 392083

Do you not know how to read?

>But don't get me wrong, like I said, men are much much worse. However, being less shit than men is still a low fucking bar.

>I hate men a lot more, but I also really fucking hate women.

No. 392085

Why do anons throw this at anyone who has a less than picture perfect life, everything that the anon your replied to said perfectly justifies her mistrust and general hatred of women.

No. 392086

You (or her) said that but it doesn't really show in any way and sound more like a save.

No. 392090

Because the post isn't about that and there's already an entire thread dedicated to bitching about men (which I'm an extremely active participant in btw). I also mention being raped by my best friend, I'm hardly painting men out to be angels here.

No. 392092

Seriously. It's barely any different than when robots dismiss girls as ~damaged~ when they discuss the trauma males have put them through that has lead to issues with men.

No. 392113

Jaw too big, pls shave :^)

On a related note, my unpopular opinion is that the kboy bowlcuts are precious but only pale east asian dudes can pull them off.

No. 392118

that tana mongeau song 'fuck up' is actually catchy and not that bad at all

No. 392125

Have you never heard of the bystander effect? How can you be certain they all knew he was going to rape her, since she claimed they were best friends?

No. 392126

"just turn your brain off and enjoy" is stupid as fuck and should not be said to justify something being bad from an artistic or otherwise critical standpoint

No. 392131

Henry isn't being exploited and is most likely a feeder/and or slob fetishist. There is a fair chance he enjoys the notion of Pheebs being super lazy and dependent on him.

No. 392135

>"just turn your brain off and enjoy"
It's an attempt to resolve cognitive dissonance. People pick up these dumb little rules online like, "The fights have to be fair to be exciting, yet when they watch something they enjoy that violates these rules, they refuse to even consider that the rule is dumb and inapplicable because the rule is popular. They would rather turn off their brains.

No. 392154

The ~poow widdle fetishized asian men :(~ defense is ridiculous and contradictory in itself. A lot of Asian men are chauvinistic pigs and fetishize white girls as sluts who spread their legs at everyone willing to fuck them. I've had so many Japanese expat friends gypped by Japanese men who are just looking for an easy lay, they're most definitely not some oppressed little boys being preyed on by evil gaijins. Not all of them of course, but a lot of the men approaching western girls are like this. The better ones have often lived abroad or have more non-traditional views in general.

No. 392156

i'll shed a tear for the poor japanese men being "fetishized" by one random weeb girl going to tokyo on vacation for a week when they stop trafficking eastern european women and enslaving them in the sex industry.

No. 392178

>dependent on him
It's this, guaranteed. And when you look more into straight relationships you realize most men get off on being the "breadwinners" and knowing that the women depend on them. They got absolutely batshit when the power dynamic is upturned.

No. 392182

I'm conflicted on how to feel about that situation. I think it depends on how autistic he actually is. Clearly he isn't that low functioning since he works a normal job, has cars, lives alone with Phoebe, etc. If he's one of those very high functioning autists who just come off as weird unkempt douchebags then yeah I totally agree with you.

No. 392188

We're talking about a man taking a passed out woman into a room. Even if they thought nothing of it initially, how does a person not question why he's staying in there with the door shut? Would you be making these excuses if the group in question were male?

Plus there was the envious sack of shit that tried to make HIM the victim.

No. 392191

I feel so scummy for thinking this way, but one of my big takeaways from Leaving Neverland and the Oprah interview with the victims was that I would never allow someone whose childhood sexual abuse took the form of a "relationship" with an adult to be around my kids if I have any. The way they talk about how much they enjoyed it, how he was their entire world, and how they didn't realize it was wrong until their late 20's was really disturbing to me. Being abused as a child means you're more likely to abuse as an adult and I'm sure the big reason for that is probably that they often don't see the abuse they suffered as damaging. A lot of pedophiles don't think of themselves as harming children, they think of it as ~a special relationship no one understands~. It made me think of the Milo Yiannopoulos scandal where he justified pedophilia be saying he enjoyed his molestation. I just couldn't definitively trust someone with that kind of history with a child.

No. 392194

No I agree entirely. It's one thing if you have been abused, know it's wrong and hate your abusers (generally when women are abused this happens) but the way they tried to talk like it was ok and normal was sickening….what's even the point of sharing a story if you are not sure if what happened was wrong? (it was). I only watched a clip of them talking but it seemed to be like, tinfoil, someone else had scripted it for them and the story was entirely someone else's. The "it's a special relationship" narrative doesn't make sense if you are also suing for abuse at the same time. And yes, absolutely would not trust someone who talks like that, to be around children.

No. 392201

File: 1553871512414.jpg (10.65 KB, 236x276, 5e587e16b261b1f48f8b588115e3b0…)

I like wooden pencils

No. 392210

I had a horrible mom. And no, not the "you look terrible today hunny uwu" type, the I'm-going-to-grab-you-by-your-hair-and-beat-you type. The constant screaming, fighting, beating you and then crying about it type.

A lot of people seem to have suffered the opposite. Abusive dads and dotting mothers. My father was my rock, and I know now that he was abusive too because he stayed with my mom, but when I was sick or needed something he was the one who would take off of work and be there with me. He bent over backwards to make me happy, and he still does.
They divorced when I was 10 and had shared custody but he was always fighting to get full custody. Too bad he married an equally abusive crazy woman who abused me and her daughter too.

From an early age, I learned to trust men. I learned that women were neurotic, manipulative, dangerous and violent. Women meant chaos and men meant stability.

I know this is the opposite for a lot of people, and I know that not all women are terrible, but I think being surrounded by such horrible women for the foundation of my childhood left me pretty fucked up. My dad is an exceptionally great man, despite his weakness for crazy women, and I am lucky to have had him because otherwise I would have been a lot more fucked up.

No. 392214

One of them did say that after he became a father, he sudenly got images in his head about MJ molesting his son and it made him furious. He couldn't be angry about happened to him, but he could be angry when he thought about it happening to someone else.

No. 392215

was bullied through out my entire my life by girls
only Joy I had in my life was my older brother who genially was the kindest human being I knew and I loved him
his gf was super abusive and emotionally manipulative to him he never spoke about It but I among others knew
he took his own life sadly
his gf barely if ever mentions him and often makes jokes about killing men and male tears on facebook
I hate that bitch so much for what she did to my brother

No. 392220

I used to have internalized misogyny and hate women/myself, but not anymore. (And men are way worse anyway, kek) My mom had huge internalized misogyny and it really affected her kids.
The worst relationships in my life have been with women, and the absolute best relationships have been/are with women. I love how caring some fellow ladies can be.

No. 392222

I have the same experience with my abusive mom. I used to love my dad too for protecting me from her. Now I think he is just as big of a piece of shit as she is. If he cared about you he would have never let your mom do anything to you. He acts like a savior but he isn't.

No. 392224

This is coming from a diehard feminist: people who play games meant for horny men and then become shocked when they're full of horny pandering should just play other games. You look absolutely ridiculous taking a booby armor obviously meant for male gaze and screeching about how much it hurts your feelings. Stop being such a petty fuck and go support games made for women/both genders, you're the fucking reason they don't go anywhere because YOU choose to support games made by and meant for male wish fulfillment while demanding them to cater to your moral preferences.

No. 392228

Are we talking about mainstream general appeal action games with shit armour or outright ecchi/hentai games here?

Many games are otherwise good but make disappointing decisions re:female characters because of male pornsickness. I agree with supporting better games though.

No. 392241

you're kind of an idiot, because most games pander to men. you say "boobygames" but there are truly only a handful of very famous games where female characters aren't sexed up. that's not how most female characters are depicted.


that's not the point. the point is that they're sexed up for no reason other than to pander to males, and we're not talking about hentai games.

No. 392251

File: 1553878007377.png (268.81 KB, 586x331, D2T5qOnU8AAwlII.png)

>>392241 Is right

It's incredibly rare to find a mainstream game that isn't male-centric. Even in games with sizable female communities, game devs are laughably out of touch with what the community wants.

No. 392258

Pencils look and feel like shit to work with and are easily the worst drawing medium.

No. 392260

So nearly every game in existence? C'mon, anon…

No. 392262

You sound mentally ill and your beauty standards are ugly.

No. 392263

They are good for sketching but not much else.

No. 392269

Charcoal is worse. The only thing it's better than pencil for is quicker rendering. I hate how dry and awful it feels against your skin, how it gets all over the place, and just the scratchy sounds it has. After several art classes using charcoal, I never wanted to touch that stuff ever again.

No. 392270

So what's the BEST drawing medium in your opinion?

No. 392271

Your brother might've been a trash to any other non-related female.

No. 392275

>s. If he cared about you he would have never let your mom do anything to you. He acts like a savior but he isn't.
Stop projecting your own dad onto mine. Geez lol

No. 392279

File: 1553883111881.jpg (87.59 KB, 564x564, 00ae9c347007aff5491e2dc49561a4…)

As far as just drawing/sketching goes, just a regular ink pen is my favorite thing to go to. Even a good ballpoint pen (pic related) can achieve remarkable rendering. I just have a strong aversion to dry mediums in general though. Pencil and charcoal require a lot of patience if you want a nice drawing from them and the dry smudginess of them just turns me off.

No. 392280

I'm not projecting. any good dad wouldn't let the mother touch their child in an abusive way.not once, not ever. its shameful you don't see that.

No. 392282

You realize these things happen in private, right? You realize that abuse usually does not happen when others are privy to it in the home. You are assuming, jumping to conclusions and filling holes into a story I briefly detailed. Who are you to say what's shameful. Fuck off, lol. God I hate women

No. 392283

True. There is often a massive disconnect when it comes to yourself vs others.

No. 392286

As a father he should know about everything that happens at home and what the mother is doing to the child. and Visa versa. Thus both the mom and dad ain't shit and they're both failures of parents. You hate women? That's nice but that has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

No. 392287

Fuck off from here, you faggy larping dad.

No. 392291

I really hate to say this, but more often than not the other parent IS aware, despite what they claim. Or at least has been given enough red flags where they should have investigated. It doesn't necessarily mean your dad's a piece of shit, often times the spouses are victimized too in some way or another, but he probably was willfully turning a blind eye and putting her before you.

No. 392294

So this, I agree with, the other anon was retarded just asserting that he "acted like a savior". Like wtf? No, a savior says "look what I've done for you" and constantly reminds you of it. A savior puts the other parent down constantly and tries to convince you that they've done no wrong.

My dad never did any of that. My mom did, which is ironic enough considering she was the abuser. I am sure my dad was aware but he was not confrontational. Does that make him an abuser? No, he didn't abuse me, my mother did. Was he complacent? Sure. I am not going to call my dad a shti father because he did stand up for me. And he did fight the courts and try to get full custody. But he didn't fight hard enough, so, you're right. I am not asserting that he's a perfect person but being afraid of an abuser yourself is not akin to actively abusing.

What hurts me the most is that he decided to do it again with another woman, but I don't hate him for that.

>You hate women? That's nice but that has nothing to do with the topic at hand.
That literally was the topic at hand.

No. 392298

Assuming you're the anon I replied to, you sound like a triggered weeb who honestly doesn't have room to shit on other people's beauty standards.

No. 392300

>but I don't hate him for that.

You should.

No. 392303

Boo, you heathen

No. 392307

My dad being a big manbaby and getting domm'd by abusive women is apparently more of an issue than the ABUSIVE women themselves.

No. 392320

File: 1553888287124.gif (3 MB, 245x310, DMkwnGNB3Ell5exWYpdx5Vbskj_vjW…)

I strongly dislike how dainty female superheroes are usually portrayed. I understand the need to have a pretty face and please the masses but just once it would be nice if the actress can have a bit of visible muscle akin to that of an actual female athlete.

No. 392331

Don't hate women but women generally have no affinity for sisterhood and there isn't genuine trust, or like for each other, even in sites like lipstickalley or this one, and other female-centric communities, women go at the throats of other women far viciously and excessively than they do at the throats of men, even when they're so called "misandrists".

Women don't like each other. Men don't like women. Nobody likes women. It sucks, but women are the worst for doing that.

No. 392334

yet whites are still statistically dropping off more like flies because of their anti-religion, anti-nuclear family, anti-traditional everything (even the so called "conservative" ones are liberal as fuck in comparison to most non-white conservative types, what a joke), and general embracing of antisocial, degenerate, humanist, and individualistic values that does nothing to promote or grow their community.
the homicide rates are a blip compared to what whites have been doing to each other since the Enlightenment. LOL.

No. 392336

Yeees, this a hundred times. Would love it even more if she wasn't just thin with low bf%

No. 392337

I agree, I'd love that too. It'd be career suicide in hollywood to put on visible muscle like that, though, sadly. It's still seen as freakshow status no matter how feminine you look to have muscle definition in that circle.

No. 392339

>Women don't like each other. Men don't like women. Nobody likes women. It sucks, but women are the worst for doing that.
Speak for yourself

No. 392340

Saying speak for yourself doesn't make it not true. Society has a problem with this and you know it.

No. 392341

You honestly sound like me back when I was dealing with a lot of internalized misogyny. I thought other women were the problem but it was actually my mindset. Women are entirely capable of and do form wholesome friendships.

No. 392342

I have female friends I am close to and like and I generally prefer the company of women over men, for many obvious reasons, pointing out patterns I see doesn't mean I dislike this or that. Why do people think you're against women or men because you see the flaw in how both genders behave and interact with each other and between each other in society?

Men always get passes and everyone always has their back, no matter what, people always want to watch women's behaviors and shame them to put pressure so they can act a certain way. I'm not going to go deep with examples unless you want me to, but look at how the public reacts to female celebrities getting into drug abuse, promiscuity, and other bullshit vs male celebrities. One is called terrible and horrible and all kinds of shit and the other is just seen as funny, amusing and even likeable. Tbh it's not even that bad in the Western countries but you still see it enough to be affected.

No. 392343

does anyone else not feel a shred of sympathy for the men that cardi b robbed? tbh i dont like her that much, but the men were nasty pigs who visited strip clubs and were hoping to take advantage of the women there, who were there because they did what they needed to do to survive, not because they chose to. i think they got what they deserved tbh.

No. 392345

Not even lesbians like women.
Compare how high fags sympathy for men is to dykes sympathy for women.

No. 392347

I felt sorry for them when one of them came out and said he saw a used condom after she left because that seemed like rape to me.

But then he admitted he took her back to his hotel room because he wanted to fuck her and the reason he never came forward about her robbing him was because he was intending on cheating on his girlfriend and didn't want her to find out.

No. 392349

Have you seen the sort of infighting and cattiness that goes on in gay male communities?

No. 392350

I agree. I refunded DMC5 because of that and bought Sekiro instead. I know that most games pander to guys but there's a line and DMC5 has crossed it.

I can't talk to anyone about it but here less I want to be known as the evil feminazi. I did tell my brother about it and he told me "But what about all the muscley guys in games? They're clearly handsome!!!"
Yeah, they are. But they also seem to have their own agency and purpose and the way the player sees them is as heroes or badass villains, the way the player sees the female characters is as eye candy, dolls, walking fleshlights. My bro, whom I love very much, already accused me that I want game companies to put 300 pound hamburger munching female characters in games, and I absolutely hate that as soon as you object to objectification, you get these absurd accusations.

Also, he told me that those are just video game characters, why should it matter? But things like that imo just re-enforce and perpetuate the idea that women are not good for anything else but being fucktoys.

sorry for another dmc5 related rant lol

No. 392351

Lesbians have always played a large role in the feminist movement. But hey, you call homosexuals fags and dykes so I guess one shouldn't bother trying to change your mind on the topic.

No. 392355

lesbians also have the highests rate of domestic abuse, way higher than any other form of relationship

No. 392357

> not saging
> using easily debunked and skewed statistics how women are worse in any way
> writing misogynist anecdotal and made up stuff

I just hope you slip soon enough to be reported scrot.

No. 392358

No. 392359

im not that user, mods can check my ip if they want

No. 392362

> mods can check my ip if they want
using proxies is piss easy on this site, your claims mean nothing.

No. 392364

File: 1553895057098.jpg (34.96 KB, 275x275, 1546065911908.jpg)

These two posts are the definition of "talking out of your ass". What a load of bullshit.
Be a misogynist if you want, that's not unpopular at all, but don't drag down other women with you.

No. 392366

I'm a bi woman, and I really really don't like butch dykes, and honestly they're kind of scary. I can only be attracted to cute feminine women, otherwise I would just fuck a dude. I don't really get the appeal at all. I know I'll probably be ripped to shreds for saying it, but hey it's the unpopular opinion thread

No. 392369

This isn't unpopular amongst bi women at all, you're pretty much all like that

No. 392372

I think cosplaying is weird and generally look terrible. Sure a few look cool but most are cringe. People not wearing enough makeup or photoshopping their face uncanny valley style both look real bad.

No. 392375

The way people are so desperate to believe things aren't actually EXACTLY the way they seem (men being far more violent than women) is scary. Even without being debunked, a sane person sees a nonsense claim like that and immediately calls bullshit out of pure common sense. But the world hates women and lesbians so they gleefully spread misinformation like it's the best thing they've heard. So pathetic.

No. 392378

This has to be a troon, I keep seeing them say this everywhere

No. 392383

I do feel bad for her victims, but I don't think the fact they were sexually assaulted and robbed makes them any less scummy. Like if a woman was drugged, raped, and robbed by a guy she was planning on cheating on her fiance with, men would be victim blaming her far more than I've seen anyone victim blaming this guy.

No. 392386

Honestly the majority of them that I've seen don't really know how to dress or are just fat (not muscular, flabby) and nobody likes that. Besides, we do have a choice so ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

No. 392387

>Women don't like each other. Men don't like women. Nobody likes women. It sucks, but women are the worst for doing that.
What no one on this site realizes for some reason, is that men hate men too. Typically more than they hate women. Look at all of human history and even now. They are for worse to each other than they are us. They think of male life as absolutely worthless/expendable and only care about the rights of males because it directly impacts them. Yes, they want men to be in power, but only because that means THEY are among the gender in power. Even on woman hating sites like /r9k/ and incel boards, the hatred for other men is so rampant. Hell, Elliott Roger killed mostly men.

Think about anytime a story of a male being victimized in some way goes viral. Who are the ones empathetic to the victims? Women. Men will either twist logic in whatever way possible to blame the victim if the perp is a man, or they will say the victim should feel "lucky" if the perp is a woman. The only time they're critical of a female perp is for the sake of "muh double standards!" They don't give a rats ass if a male child is sexually abused by an adult woman as long as she's at least a little attractive.

No. 392396

Bruh I'm the OP of the post and that's NOT me. Why do you people keep assuming everyone is the same person?? It's not even matching with my writing style and opinions especially since i said I had no hateful feelings whatsoever and already wrote my piece on it.

No. 392397

That's a popular opinion doe.
No one's obliged to like them, but it's good to remember that they're still women, not "dudes"

No. 392398

Same anon, i love the smell of them too.

No. 392399

You have a fair point BUT men not feeling bad for male children being sexually abused by adult females and downplaying male victims' trauma in other situations (when they can't turn it hypocritically to a "see woman do it too" type of whinging) has little to do with a like or dislike preference for their gender, but the sexually-oriented and low empathy (not low emotional because being emotional and empathetic are separate things and men are very emotional) personalities men generally have. Yes, men often have a sense of camaraderie between each other and a good sense of brotherhood, generally, in interpersonal relationships. Think of a bar, men spend time bantering and insulting each other but forget about it and move on the next few minutes. Tbh men are simpler than women and see things in less complex ways, their feelings on things is much more linear for instance.

It's not to say men can't hate each other and be competitive because they DO but it's just saying.. generally. Now in healthy communities when women aren't competing with each other for the opposite sex and beauty isn't the only thing that women are valued for sisterhood forms between women but this is not really happening in the U.S atm. Ironically shit like sex positive feminism or cancel culture and the like is just making it the worst. And let me not get started with women who let gay men into their spaces and say all kinds of misogynistic bullshit like liking dick automatically means you're just like a woman, or some shit.

Thanks for replying to my post, tho, I did have another post on here where I explained a bit more. Again pointing out the social ills of both genders doesn't you mean you "hate" the other and I don't trust anyone who can't criticizes themselves. The reason why I criticize so much because I care about it, a lot.

No. 392401

I'll go out further and say every woman who cosplays is unattractive to me. It's like the stench of nerd and beta attention to her body radiates off from her, even someone like SwimsuitSuccubus isn't as attractive as a actress or even a singer to me.

No. 392402

I used to feel the same way when I was younger. When I was in high school and even the beginning of college my friends and I were so fucking competitive with each other, almost always over guys. We were so obsessed with getting guys to like us that we threw each other under the bus constantly in order to impress guys as much as we could and spend as much time with them as possible. And the guys definitely encouraged it bc it got their dicks hard to see us fighting over them. I honestly can't even count the number of times we blew each other off for a boy, called each other bitches and sluts to each others faces and behind each others backs, lied to each other, etc. I'm lucky none of my friendships ended because of this and we all came to our senses.

Strong, close, supportive female friendship is amazing and I'm so glad I've been able to overcome a lot of internalized misogyny I had. I still have a lot to work on, like I still get kind of annoyed/jealous when I see a woman being very successful instead of being proud of/happy for them. I feel like as you get older you realize this more and more.

No. 392404

Is anybody else also envious of male friendships?

I don't prefer men over women, because the former were the ones who always bullied me in school.
While girls also hated/ignored me, they at least didn't mock me outright and sometimes even stood up for me, defended me, simply because they thought that's the right thing to do.

When I was a teen I was in a friend group consisting of my brother, his friends and some members of a club we were both in. We always went to McDonalds, to the cinema or just hung out at home. It was so comfy and fun, because they didn't give a fuck about how they looked, I could also relax. Whenever I go out with female friends I always feel like I have to dress up a little bit, maybe even wear makeup.
Girls always plan every detail, meanwhile guys just do everything spontaneously, like saying "Hey, can I come over?" "I'll get you in 10 minutes" I feel like men allow themselves to be more childish and act more embarassing, while women try to keep face in public/care more what others think.
On the other hand (at least that's how it was for me) do talk about feeling as well. Just not as excessively as women. I also like that when I'm around men I can eat whatever I want, meanwhile around my female friends I stand out if I e.g. drink anything else other than just water or tea.

Maybe I just have weird friends, but similar to lolcow, a lot of talk turns around how stressed or sick they are, and so on. Kind of depressing. Even the movies most girls like to watch or often sad. I wish women wouldn't feel the need to be so serious and deep all the time.

No. 392407

Who cares what you find attractive though, it's about nerd cringe not hotness

No. 392411

It's an unpopular opinion jackass, "who cares" this is what the whole thread is for. Nobody cares.

No. 392412

>Think of a bar, men spend time bantering and insulting each other but forget about it and move on the next few minutes.
Either they forget about it or someone gets glassed, fighting in bars is a very male thing. In the city they have special laws to stop people drinking after a certain time because of all the alcohol related violence.

No. 392414

Well yeah this is what I'm talking about. A lot of women keep on doing this shit even some when they're still in their 40s. There should be a female version of "bros over hoes" because shit like this makes me ANGRY. It's all socially engineered and not biological. Men should never be so important you compete over them, ever, you have the sexual advantage not them.
Yes true never doubted it I'm just contrasting and comparing to illustrate a point I still think men are the "worse" sex/gender in general because they make all the violence ect.

No. 392415

Not really an unpopular opinion lolcow, but definitely seems to be irl -

Anal doesn’t belong in het sex, at least not in the levels it exists today. I don’t understand why women accepted t so quickly when it’s onviously not supposed to happen - huge amount of prep work, doesn’t self-lubricate, need to ease into it, slim chance of orgasm, can cause prolapses and long term damage even if done gently, most women don’t seem to actually enjoy it - all these indicators we shouldn’t be doing it and yet it’s now somehow considered vanilla?? Have all straight men suddenly fagged out or something, why is vagina no longer the it thing when it was literally made to pleasure them

No. 392417

Honestly I think that's just your experience, and it's dumb to generalize. My ideal friendship would be a mix of both of what you described, people to have fun with and people to be able to talk about how you feel with. Your description of male friendship sounds basically like how I am with my female friends.

Maybe find new or better friends?

No. 392421

It's dumb to generalize but I bet if the person said something positive this wouldn't be said. It's only dumb to generalize when it's not showing you in favor, huh?
If something is being said constantly by different people there's probably a varying degree of truth in it stop being close minded and defensive.

No. 392422

Yes men are faggots and have high rates of homosexuality more than women.

No. 392423

It's the porn industry.

No. 392425

>There should be a female version of "bros over hoes"

No. 392427

Befriend weird frumplets instead of pretty normie women.

No. 392429

Lol what? Do you think I have something personally to gain from telling anon that you can have fulfilling female friendships, sheesh. I basically told anon to have a more open mind in forming friendships, but here you are calling me close-minded and defensive…

Idk why I'm so surprised that there's so much of this mindset going on here considering like 75% of the site is based on insulting and shitting on women

No. 392433

you're the one that came with the defensive energy from the jump in response to anon talking about their experiences and you and i both know your post wasn't genuine advice but more like a reproach if anything.

i dont get how someone's experiences means they have a lack of open mind, the fact that they want this and that means their mind is already open. but i also don't know anon's mentality behind their opinion so i can't say for a fact but i didn't get a malicious intent from their post

No. 392435

>My ideal friendship would be a mix of both of what you described
Maybe that's what you prefer, but imo just mixing those two that I described together makes it less easygoing, fun and also close - so, simply worse - than the friendship I experienced in that male group. And what those guys did or talked about seems to be the norm for most guys, so nothing unusually positive about them either. Men just seem to take everything less seriously.

I work retail and noticed that old men also tend to be a lot less bitter than old women. Similar to younger guys they seem just a lot happier and more light-hearted. Meanwhile old women treat me rudely, complain about every little thing, love to talk about which parts of their body hurt and sometimes even say shit like "Well, who knows how long I'll still be down here…"
I seriously wish that I won't turn out like this.

No. 392440

Get with drug taking women who are tomboyish and nerdy (beware of im not like other girl or secretly hate other women because i wanna compete for a man's affection types) and you're good to go

No. 392442

Why would I want to be friends with druggies…?

No. 392443

wtf is wrong with acid dropping and smoking marijuana?

No. 392446


No. 392447

So what are your personal interests and hobbies?

No. 392449

the camaraderie among men is a bit of a meme tbh, when things get stressed(i.e. 2 friends liking the same girl) things get ugly real fast. whereas female friendships tend to stay strong in the face of these conflicts, (women even willingly "bowing out" from pursuing a guy if their friend likes them or vice versa) most men will always "shoot their shot" regardless of how their friend might feel. men are also more likely to sleep with a friends gf or ex, sometimes just days after a breakup, while women doing this is pretty rare.

men are basically high quality "fairweather friends". when things are going good theyre great, but the moment theres any trouble they fuck off, or betray you in the worst ways.

No. 392451

I'm sorry that you misinterpreted my post but I genuinely think that if anon doesn't like her female friends she should try to find new friends instead of being stuck in unfulfilling friendships. I think that classifying all female relationships as X and all male relationships as Y is pretty close-minded. Anyway, it wasn't advice for you.

To me it sounds like you just want surface level friendships.

No. 392454

I see. Sorry for misunderstanding you

No. 392455

People who make drugs a part of their identity and use them regularly are pretty insufferable.

No. 392456

Yeah but doing drugs =/= making it apart of their identity
They can just do it semi-occasionally or every rarely you know

I find nerds and weebs more annoying (and less fun/interesting) than drugtards tbqh

No. 392460

Eh, that's very anedoctal. I have male friends who spend one hour getting ready to go out and need to plan the hang out at least one day prior, and female friends who ask me to go out in 30 minutes. I've known men with a stick up their asses and women who don't give two shits of what people think. It depends on the person.

The "guys don't gossip" is a meme as well, because the nitpicking and petty shittalking I've seen from (obviously ex) male friends, and I'm not talking about 1-2 of them but entire groups, is unbelievable. I've heard such robot-tier nitpicks from normie guys that not even the female bullies from my class in high school have ever dared to utter. Like laughing at some girl for having a "male voice" when it was actually a perfectly normal voice, saying a girl had a "nigger nose" when it was actually fine… it was like hearing the most unhinged nitpicky farmers irl

No. 392461

Don't get me wrong, I do love my female friends as well, but meeting up with them is just a lot more stressful and difficult. I can never fully relax, because they never just want to chat, it always ends up to be meaningful talk. When I'm down and tell my male friends, I know that they will do their best to cheer me up, meanwhile my female friends might say things like "Same!…" and then we end up discussing our hardships and our future for hours instead of just having a happy time. With males I'm met with positive encouragement, with females I'm sadly often met with (self)pity. Life is already hard in itself, so I think friendship should help you get your mind off and put you at ease. Which I am not, when I'm beind dressed up, sitting in a bar or in my friends house and listening to a "should I break up with him or not"-story. I much prefer sitting in fast food loint, with a guy who's wearing a tracksuit, who talks about the movies and music he loves, who shows me funny videos he discovered during the week, who laughs out loudly instead of talking in a hushed voice, because he doesn't give a shit what anybody thinks of him.

No. 392462

Not to say your experience is invalid but that kind of talk comes from.. certain types of ""normie"" guys..

No. 392464

male friends suck

No. 392465

I dont know if its the men I am friends with but I notice they never get really excited to do or talk about things with me unless it's sexually related.

No. 392468

You suck at saging.

No. 392471


No. 392475

I honestly don't think it's as popular among men outside of porn as a lot of guys try to make it out. I think the guys who are obsessed with it want to do it to pretend they're fucking other men and try to act like all guys are just as into it as them to feel normal. Of all 11 guys I've been with, only one of them was super into anal and he ended up being gay. Out of the others a few were absolutely repulsed by the idea and the others were either indifferent or only wanted to do it once in a while when they were in a super kinky mood.

No. 392480

This this this. Guys typically have zero issue fucking their best friend's ex right after they break up or letting their friendships go up in flames over romantic rivalry even if they barely know the girl. And even worse, they'll often bail on each other the second one of them goes through something serious. When my friend's mom died, almost all his male friends stopped talking to him because ~he became such a bummer~ and I've seen similar happen so many times.

No. 392485

I personally like anal because I have gotten an intense pleasure from it, which was just amazing especially the pressure it would put on my ass from different positions. Sometimes I would be able to rub my clitoris while being fucked in the ass which made the sensation heavenly. But yeah it's not for everybody and most women don't like it or just tolerate it.

No. 392505

I like skin so dark that it literally looks shiny, but I also like super pasty pale skin. I don't think either are flaws.

No. 392514

NTA but wow you're straight, aren't you? Only someone who has never stepped foot on a mainly gay space would say fags have sympathy for each other. They're constantly at each other's throats from simple shit like pop divas to actually assaulting each other at clubs and getting into fights over other men, not to mention the absurd cheating that is encouraged in some circles. Gay men can be worse than women in their cattiness and tend to get even more aggressive over their petty disagreements.

No. 392516

If we're talking about sketching, I love oil pastels.

No. 392527

Is this really an unpopular opinion?
I'm the same, I also like really honey-like tans. All three are hot, but only when it's a complete extreme result, nothing in between

No. 392543

no he wasn't
I have spoken to his other ex-gf's they all told me he was a nice guy just too emotional and self deprecating for their liking

No. 392546

boo you weakling, they smell great
I like both wooden and mechanical pencils the same honestly

>I much prefer sitting in fast food joint, with a guy who's wearing a tracksuit, who talks about the movies and music he loves, who shows me funny videos he discovered during the week, who laughs out loudly instead of talking in a hushed voice, because he doesn't give a shit what anybody thinks of him.

This almost sounds like a weird copy pasta

No. 392552

>ignoring my reply about befriending frumpy, non-normie women
So I see you just don't want to be seen in public with ugly women. You're no better than your current female friends kek.

No. 392575

this is more offensive than unpopular but i think the lgbt community has so many issues by itself but it gets swept under the rug because if you criticize anything about it you get attacked for being a homophobe.
almost every gay guy i know have been groomed by some man over 35, huge age gaps in relationships are extremely common, there are so many abusive lgb relationships but people don't even take anything that makes the lgbt community look bad seriously.

No. 392595

It's true. Even Harry Hays, billed as "the father of gay liberation", was a testament to the prevalence of this sort of thing.
>When questioned on his support for NAMBLA in a 1983 New York University forum, he remarked "If the parents and friends of gays are truly friends of gays, they would know from their gay kids that the relationship with an older man is precisely what thirteen-, fourteen-, and fifteen-year-old kids need more than anything else in the world", highlighting his own relationship with an adult man when he was 14
This is a thing that the "G" part of the LGBT absolutely needs to address. When NAMBLA wanted to march in pride parades, it was lesbians who were the first to stand against them, not gay men.

No. 392598

I don't think its offensive I just think its a fact people don't wanna acknowledge. One of my sister's gay friends (mid 20s) has a crush on my (then) 16 year old brother and my mom and sister just think its oh so cute. I was like uh don't you think that's a little creepy, a 25 year old or something man being attracted to someone he's aware is 16? They were both like nah he's almost 18, so even outside of the LGBT community people don't see it as creepy as it would be for a hetero relationship and I don't understand why. Part of it could be because my brother did come out as gay and then bisexual a few years ago, not sure if he still holds onto that label but I think its part of the reason they think its cute and chances are my sister told her friend about it, maybe the dude's "hopeful" or some shit.

Not really an unpopular opinion but waiting until someone's 18 doesn't make it any less creepy

No. 392603

i am 18 and i have two close friends who are gay. one of my friends had his first with some man in his late 20s that he met on a dating app when he was 16. i've told him to not meet up with adult men so many times for his safety but he would tell me that he can't find a top around his age and older men are more attractive and shit. his gay friend group would use dating apps and meet up with older men too but most of his friends were around 18-21. i don't think he would get into that if he didn't get influenced by them. my other gay friend was also about to meet with some man in his 30s when he was 16 and he called me before going there and me and other friends convinced him not to go. a few months later he met a guy his age and they are still dating so that's a good thing. i think it's an issue that so many older men on dating apps don't give a fuck about meeting up with a minor but no one addresses it.

No. 392608

She ignored me too maybe she doesnt like me

No. 392624

I’m convinced that the majority of children are unplanned, parents just don’t like to admit it

No. 392628

>This is a thing that the "G" part of the LGBT absolutely needs to address. When NAMBLA wanted to march in pride parades, it was lesbians who were the first to stand against them, not gay men.
I think this was due to the fact that a lot of lesbians had sons who they wanted to protect from predatory older men

No. 392646

what do you mean parents "don't like to admit it"?? Everybody I know with kids openly admits that at least one of them was unplanned. Sometimes it's a full on oopsie baby and other times it's a "if it happens it happens" kinda thing where they go off bc but aren't actively trying for a baby.
It makes perfect sense anyway, there'd be a lot less babies in the world if unplanned pregnancy wasn't possible.

No. 392652

They might be to close friends/relatives but people certainly aren’t typically open about kids being unplanned unless it’s very obvious

No. 392665

But you can't get fine detail with oil pastels at all, can you?

No. 392669

I use some of the pigment at the end of a blender to make small details. You can use a hard blender or another sharp tool to scrape too.

No. 392670

I work in a male-dominated field of work, have had a ton of guy friends and this "sincere brotherhood" meme is imagined up by movies. In reality they barely hang out, never talk to each other about their emotions and all they to when they get together is get drunk. They also talk a boatload of shit about people not present and can be just as catty and nitpicky about the smallest things. Sometimes even way more than women.

> I also like that when I'm around men I can eat whatever I want, meanwhile around my female friends I stand out if I e.g. drink anything else other than just water or tea.

Literally what? I honestly think this is all either in your head or you hang out with shallow normie women instead of women who aren't the embodiment of lifestyle instagrammers. Nobody is judging the fuck out of you if you order anything else than a water and a light salad. Nobody else than 16-year olds with eating disorders do this.

No. 392672

Not sure if it's unpopular here but I'm so sick of drag queens trying to become a norm in society. Like I love the subculture but to me, we shouldn't be seeing them on the news singing baby shark to a kid or reading to kids in the library. Drag queens shouldn't be invited to career day or anything like that. I hate tht I can't say that without being labeled as a homophobe. For me, the subculture has so much adult history and is done in bars and other adult places. People seem to forget that

No. 392683

I hate that it’s been normalised within spaces that cater to children when it is adult entertainment. No, I don’t want a big man dressing up like a caricature of a woman reading to my kids, and no it certainly doesn’t make me a homophobe. Just reminds me of all the gay men that feel the need to wear fetish gear to pride parades

No. 392685

What happens in DMC5 that's so bad? I've watched a playthrough because I still don't have a PS4 and I never really noticed anything particularly misogynistic expect maybe for Lady and Trish just being there because they're popular characters from the previous games where they had an active role and not because they do anything for the plot. And them being naked for a few seconds, I've got to admit it was ridiculous but short enough to be forgettable.

>"But what about all the muscley guys in games? They're clearly handsome!!!"

I mean, it's not wrong if we're talking about DMC specifically but I have a feeling your brother thinks the same thing for other games where it doesn't apply at all, or not to the same extent. I know I really dislike it when people compare the fanservice in MGS for the male gamers and the female gamers because it's clearly not the same for example. Sure, most of the main guys are hot and have ambiguous relationships with each other (or sometimes not so ambiguous), they're sometimes barely dressed, but it's never as awkward or ridiculous and in-your-face as with some of the female characters.

No. 392697

Nta, but anon wrote about it in the gamin thread >>>/m/1850

Basically Nico is too sexualized with her outfit and bends over in the shop

No. 392706

maybe not an unpopular opinion irl but on this website? yeah probably.
most trans people are definitely feeling real dysphoria and are NOT simply transitioning in a futile attempt to attract the demographic they want to fuck, or beg for attention, or be autogyno/androphiles.
don't get me wrong though, there are fake trans people out there but they're usually just the ones going through a phase , make no attempt to pass, are overt creeps, or all three.
whatever, i'm gonna make a list of good and bad trans people
>kalvin garrah
>blaire white (i disagree with a lot of the political shit she says but her onision interview was funny as fuck, i'd have a beer with her)
>contrapoints (please don't crucify me. i like her videos and general sense of style and contrary to popular opinion on this site i would not call her a fetishist, can't remember which video but listening to her talk about how she came to be trans was very interesting because it seemed to be quite the introspective journey and not just "i wanna be soft and cute yuri anime girl uwu" like transbians on /lgbt/ are.)
>ty turner

>chris chan
>hailey heartless (can we boot this disgusting old man into the sun please)
>gothfruits (not even trans lmao)
>my ex bf who wanted to become a transbian after playing life is strange because i look like max

No. 392707

Is this a troll or a tranny? I can't tell the difference anymore.

No. 392712

Good troons. Sure anon.l
Cause there’s a good and benign way to have an identity disorder.

No. 392713

I don't know if this is as unpopular as much as it is controversial/divided, but I like using the word queer to describe my sexuality. I have an auntie who came out in the late 80s and is just really cool and calls herself queer as much as she says lesbian, and it reminds me of being at her place and looking through her old photos from protests and seeing her old badges and stuff. I don't like how it got associated with straight 14 year olds calling themselves queer because they have short hair and like rainbows and yaoi or whatever, and I wouldn't call someone else queer (if they didn't themselves) given its history of being used as a negative, but I still like it for myself.

No. 392716

Even if they have genuine dysphoria that doesn’t suddenly make them women, they’re men with a mental illness.

No. 392717

>good: contrapoints
"She" might not be a fetishist, but that doesn't change the fact that "she" made shitting on women her livelyhood. "She" thinks "she" is better than all of us, including you, anon.
And no matter how funny you find Blaire to be "she" still transformed "herself" into a walking stereotype of a woman. If real women would style themselves and behave as bimbo-like as "she" does, they would only get shit on. Again, "her" criticism focuses mainly on women as well.
They want us to accept them, yet repay us with negativity.

No. 392718

gender dysphoria doesn't exist. it's not a real mental disorder that you can't help. no male is inherently born with a brain that tells them to "you need to do makeup and wear dresses, that's what you are, that's what it takes to be a woman" and vice versa, all of these is just gender stereotypes. i kinda like kalvin and his youtuber friends and i like sophie's music. blaire is okay without the dumb misogynistic agenda. contrapoints is an insane sjw.

No. 392737

Anon, this is pure cope. I used to be in this exact mindset. When you hit peak trans, you're going to be shaking your head at this post.
ContraPoints literally admitted in a video about Blanchard that AGP is legit and that he does find transitioning sexually appealing. Then, he went on to backpedal with some "B-BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN…!" shit. TiMs are TiMs. They may not all be evil people, but just like with "regular" men, way too many of them are, and too few of them speak out against the shitty ones.

Also, they pretty much all share a common goal in infringing on women's spaces and reducing our safety for their own personal satisfaction. The moment they start demanding to be called women, they water down the meaning of what it is to be a woman, because they're not, they never were and they never will be. They don't know what it's like, and they're okay with besmirching the female experience and even trying to censor discussions on things we go through (like reproductive health) because of their own mental illness. They want the world to change not because it's of benefit to anyone, but because it makes them feel better, and they don't give a damn if other people are hurt in the process. However you look at it, it's pure selfishness and narcissism. Even when I meet a nice TiM, I instinctively raise my guard, because I know, more often than not, that this is a delusional person who sees nothing wrong with trying to browbeat others into following their will. They're fond of gaslighting, engaging in misogyny when it benefits them (but also playing victim to feel more "included"), being entitled, insisting cheap stereotypes of us are true, and other shitty acts.

Also, fakebois are pretty much the exact same as all the "good" trans people you listed. In fact, when it comes to track record, they're markedly less malicious than MtFs (but still misogynistic, typically). They don't infringe on men, rape little boys, or make a habit of mass-gaslighting men. They probably just have a worse reputation because they're female and only males are allowed to get away with being delusional freaks, lmao.

No. 392761

They were 100% normies, I can tell you. The one from the nose nitpick was one of those weed addict types, but that's it.

No. 392765

op of >>392706 here, starting to think i may not be privy to some of the things blaire and contra have done? i've only seen a few of blaire's videos outside of the onision one, most of them i strongly disagreed with. tbh the main reason i like contra is not because she's trans but because i think the way she goes about discussing the alt right is very level headed, i still watch some trans related vids from various people tho, including contra, because i wanna learn what life's like from their point of view.
what have nat and blair done to shit on women other than just disagreeing with terfs and presenting as "bimbos"? are there instances of them invading womens spaces? not being confrontational just asking cause i haven't heard about it or noticed it.

i know hailey (can't remember his real name), a gross misogynistic old man, was invited as a speaker at vancouver womens march and drove out all the actual women which is clearly invading womens spaces which is why i want him to be drop kicked into the sun.

i suppose you're right about fakebois, i actually went through a fakeboi phase myself at 15 lol so i see where you're coming from. they're not bad, just a bit cringeworthy

(ps: i'm not using female pronouns for trans women to be pc, i'm using it because these people pass and register as females in my head and it would be kinda dumb to go and change them to satisfy a perception i personally dont even hold. i use male pronouns for obvious predators like chris and hailey that don't pass anyway because again, that's how they click in my head)

i might've missed something but i can't be fucked writing anything else for now

No. 392805

Some of us have to live with them… my best friend has been sucked up into the trans shit and I'm pretty sure if I stopped using 'he'(FTM), he would disown me.

No. 392807

File: 1553960326269.gif (1.04 MB, 260x180, Well im full of _03719cbafaad…)

>listening to her talk about how she came to be trans was very interesting because it seemed to be quite the introspective journey
Yeah you really think """she""" was telling the truth?

No. 392811

The gother than thou sperging in the altcows thread is embarrassing. No one cares that you’re the most goth person to exist because you listen to goth music 23 hours a day instead of X person who only listens to it 20 hours a day.

No. 392813

File: 1553961076383.jpg (195.92 KB, 393x555, 1552829478593.jpg)

None of the people you listed pass.

No. 392821

contra used to "troll" feminists before doing a 180 and being full lefty. he still dislikes them though. has done a video on fascism, le alt right ideology, and incels but not a single one defending women(unless its twanswimmin) even though misogyny is a big component of the alt right, 4chan culture shit he's trying to "fight" against.

blair used to shit on other trannies for not passing as well as "her". says hes not really a woman, but gets buttblasted when anyone else points this out(basically a not-like-other-trannies tranny and hypocrite)
tbh i dont follow most of their videos either so i could be wrong about this, i mostly shitpost the threads on snow

No. 392829

He did a video on incels, where he mocks their misogyny.

No. 392831

iced coffee is yucky

No. 392833

not good enough honestly, specific alt right talking points get entire videos (like him debating "the west", capitalism, and even the "are traps gay" question) but the best women can hope for is being tagged along on a list of reasons why incels r bad?
a stand alone video tackling mysogyny on the internet would make me think a little better of him, but not by much though.

No. 392837

Coffee in general tastes bad imo

No. 392838

>passes and registers as female

No. 392841

Fite me for your foul words

No. 392842

How was the incel video not defending women? The whole point was discussing the ridiculously intense misogyny these men have as a result of their violent entitlement to sex. One of her first videos discussed the misogyny wri6rdly prevalent among atheists. There's also a brief reference to the need to protect abortion in one of the Capitalism videoz, but I don't really count that since it was just mentioned and not really expanded on.

Also, even though I'm on the TERF spectrum, I like Contra because she has an entire video stressing the importance of troons putting effort to at least look like they identify as female, and actually tries to have real discussions about gender critical talking points instead of threatening violence against us. Honestly, if more troons were like Contra I would be far more accepting of them.

No. 392843

have u ever tried vietnamese iced coffee? it’s a lot better than regular iced coffee. the flavour is smoother and richer, almost chocolatey but not too sweet and no bitterness. honestly changed my opinion about coffee 100% when i tried it, bc i hate regular iced coffee too. u should give it a shot anon.

No. 392845

people like contra and shuwu always go for the low hanging fruit

No. 392847

File: 1553965763645.png (757.15 KB, 706x608, 7e1.png)

99% of people with service dogs are batshit insane

No. 392851

You need a man to help raise and support the kids with you.

No. 392880

:( It's good with milk and sugar and with light to medium roasts.

No. 392883

Except he didn't really discuss misogyny at all in the incel video. He mocked some of the more outrageous misogynistic incel quotes but he didn't go in depth into their misogyny or entitlement to women's bodies. He moreso went into the psychology of their defeatist attitudes and catastrophic thinking.

He expressed his sympathy towards them and hinted to agreeing with them that women have some "privilege" of sorts when it comes to dating. He illustrated this by saying he'd rather be bombarded with gross, degrading and objectifying sexual messages on dating apps and hit on all the time, than not being hit on at all. That just seems like such a distinctly male point of view to me. He didn't even bother to consider why women (REAL women at least) might feel differently.

He then found some way to tie in trans bullshit and go on and on about himself. So in a video about incels, whose primary characteristic is their burning hatred for women, he managed to make the bulk of the video about trannies having low self esteem just like them.

He's touched on misogyny a few times, like you said, in other videos. But it's always brief and he refuses to address radfems/gendercritical arguments without strawmanning them ridiculously and boiling it down to all of us being obsessed with mystical vagina energy or something.

I think he's misogynistic because it's obvious, at least to me, that he hangs on to some of his old MRA beliefs from the past. He used to be a edgy anti-feminist atheist type back in the day. And I don't like how I'm supposed to respect the "feminist" theories of a dude who still sympathizes a little too much with those types either.

No. 392892

That’s because they’re usually munchies who use their service dogs to get triggered at anyone who looks their way

No. 392918

Like a subculture exists of people faking service dog passes so they can take there pet with them in restaurants.

No. 392927

I really hate how glorified drinking culture is. Maybe I'm just bitter because my body can't handle it at all, but I don't really get what's so fun about thinking something that tastes fucking awful.

No. 392946

Men who talk about how the media is unfair to men because sitcoms portray dads as bumbling idiots need to shut up, honestly. It'd be one thing if they spoke out against it in general, but they only ever bring this up as a "gotcha" to feminists.
Do they not realize these shows are written and directed by other men? There is no female cabal in charge of writing dads in TV shows, this is all men's own doing. It's how they prefer to portray themselves, so what are we women supposed to do about it?
If it really is that egregious, why don't they actually do something about it and discuss it with their fellow males in the entertainment business? They're just being disingenuous and passive-aggressive.

No. 392949

The only good troons are the ones in therapy and aren’t using public resources to entertain LARP dillusion or harping about muh rights

No. 392953

I love being drunk, it's fun and feels awesome. But I hate the act of actually drinking, it does taste terrible, it's expensive, it can easily make you sick the same night and definitely the day after. Either you have to consume a lot of low alcohol content drinks to get drunk (then you get bloated, need to pee all the time, and if they're sugary your teeth get fuzzy), or you have to tolerate gross shots. I hate the getting drunk process so much that even when I fully intend on getting smashed, I can barely make it through a few drinks. It's just so unpleasant to drink so much liquid.

No. 392955

I agree anon. Alcohol is straight up poison and imo one of the worst social drugs because it makes people aggressive. Where is the fun in getting shitfaced, doing things you regret and feeling miserable the next day? I have a lot of friends doing that every single weekend. A one off thing is cool but I'd rather not destroy my body while I still have some fleeting youth.

It's funny that they whine about this when they're well aware that a perception of ineptness keeps women from questioning why they're mothering both their children and their husbands.

No. 392959

Men are idiots. I have yet seen a sitcom where mother characters were written with a modicum of decency, always fetishistic or down right antagonistic.
These the type of men that that blame the media for their made up belief that all women only want 6ft 6 figure Chads, while shitting on accomplished actresses for not having a big enough ass. I think men, being innate raging narcissists, can’t admit that they have all been meme’d by other men, that they all hate and are constantly threatened by other men, that most of them are the so called betas. So they cope by blaming it all on women, weak meek agreeable beatable rapable women.

No. 392960

Meads and sours are delicious though, ten times better than trying to tolerate standard pisswater light beers any day imo.
If I don't have those options then I find that beer pairs well if I'm eating something salty, otherwise most beers taste so vile on their own. Don't even get me started on the masculinity pissing contest that is pretending to like IPAs. Blegh.

For me it's not about getting totally shitfaced anyway. I like the soft, fuzzy feeling of being a little tipsy and freeing up my inhibition to cut loose. Actually I hate being drunk because I often have intrusive, suicidal thoughts and when I become alone I cry until I pass out. Being shitfaced is way overrated.

No. 392961

Alcoholics are the worst. People who never stop drinking always turn out to be angry and act weird as fuck.

It's the most boring drug ever too, it's not even fun unless it's your first drug and you're in your teens. I have cool stories of even cough syrup trips but zero about me sitting around drinking, that's how lame it is lmao. I don't even really feel anything from it and when I do, passing out literally feels like you're dying. There's just nothing fun or good about it.

No. 392971

>For me it's not about getting totally shitfaced anyway. I like the soft, fuzzy feeling of being a little tipsy and freeing up my inhibition to cut loose.
Yeah, I agree. Drinking is fun and feels good in moderation, but getting completely sloshed isn't and is kind of scary considering people can blackout and have no control over themselves.

No. 392974

This is the life I tried to live as an underage teenager who got access to alcohol through my older, irresponsible weeb friends lol. I used to be able to get to that buzzed stage but now I'm 23 and I go straight to nausea, erratic increased heartrate, and if I drink too much, uncontrollable shaking. Can't even feel the nice fuzzy, wobbling anymore. I get Asian glow, but the worst bit isn't even feeling embarrassed because I turn red, it's all the other symptoms that make me feel like I'm fucking dying. I'm genuinely jealous of you anons.

For 2019 I swore off alcohol for my own health reasons, but before this I've been trying my hardest to find drinks that didn't taste like shit. Mead is still unpleasant to me. I like my drinks so watered down with mixers that I might as well just be drinking just the mixers, I'll never get even slightly buzzed with a shot of whatever mixed into a gallon of orange juice to mask the taste.

Started realizing how uncomfortable it made me when my best friend just would not stop drinking at a con we went to. It was a 24hr con with a HUGE arcade room and lots of concerts, and she still basically insisted on drinking before going down to the arcade, as if… we can't have fun playing DDR for hours sober? Ngl, I'm always a little salty cause my friends want to do girl's night but almost always want to go to a bar or something.

I feel like I'm the one with a stick shoved up my ass but it just kinda sucks to be sorta excluded irl from doing fun things with friends cause they only want to go out drinking and I literally can't unless I want drop to the floor because it's hard to breathe lol.

No. 392980

From what I gathered from hanging around people who just cannot have fun without constant consumption of alcohol, is that they live very depressing lives. They can not shut off the depressed voices in their heads for a few hours to have fun, and can only make them quiet with the help of alcohol. It's really sad. And if you try talking to them about it they get all aggressive and accuse you of being a party pooper because you don't need to get wasted to have a fun time.

No. 392984

I'm sure they're aggressive because you're implying they have a mental disorder and while attaching a stereotype to depression itself. Are you really concerned that they have a mental issue causing them to drink, or is it rather than you feel their drinking alienates you from a certain kind of fun? Why do they have to experience fun in the same way you do for it to be valid fun anyway?

No. 392991

As a struggling alcoholic, can confirm. My biggest motivator to not buy alcohol is knowing how unbearable I am when I'm drunk.

Sad unpopular opinion: drinking people under the table isnt cute, quirky, or impressive, and your friends arent really friends if they encourage it.

No. 392999

I had an alcohol problem and stopped drinking period. When it's offered I simply politely refuse. I never comment on anyone else's drinking or look askance at anyone for it. The absolutely insane reactions I've gotten from strangers and friends for the simple act of saying "no thanks" has really made me think that most people have a low-key alcohol problem that they feel some measure of guilt over, because I can't explain the behaviors any other way. The way alcohol and drunkenness is so celebrated just seems more and more like a cope for a society that can't reconcile the "just suck it up, loser" attitude towards addiction, and the gnawing truth that most people seem unable to function without alcohol.

No. 393002

imo the sexualization isn't that bad in DMC5 but I can understand how anon would be bothered by it. IMO it's not as bad as DMC4 which was genuinely uncomfortable. The only thing that actually made me uncomfortable was Nico bending over all sexy in the item screen, and even that isn't so bad. Nico is a tomboyish character, there was no reason to have her so sexualized when guys/girls would have undoubtedly developed crushes on her anyway. All she had to do was swear and flip a van in the first trailer and people were like OMG NEW WAIFU.

No. 393010

I laugh every time she bends over, it’s so obviously sexualised while not being even remotely sexy

No. 393024

semi ot but how sexualized is V in dmc5? i haven't played any devil may cry games in a while but bought it bc he looks exactly like my ex bf and i kind of want to use the naked mod to dream of my ex

No. 393041

File: 1553990291426.jpg (83.01 KB, 1024x1056, _99818375.jpg)

Exactly! They're so ridiculous and dramatic. Especially on yt where they always have clickbait titles like "Someone punched my service dog!", "Someone pulled my service dogs tail!" "service dog harrassment!!" but it's no wear near that extreme and it's just a vlog of them talking about how sick they are. I've also seen others where the service dog owner has a shitfit if they spot someone else with a dog out in the open, minding their own business. Or when someone touches their service dog, they film it for a while first on purpose THEN tell the person to stop. I really can't take any of them seriously…

Those people are just as bad, and some of them get real ballsy and even try to pass peacocks as support animals ffs

No. 393043

Tbh I'm all for peacocks as support animals. Better than dogs tbh

No. 393052

ok blogpost; i have a family member who set up a gofundme to get a service dog for her autistic son and to have the dog trained. she was literally asking people for $10k and the entire time i was so confused because this bitch goes on multiple vacations a year and her parents happen to be loaded.
every other month she'll go on facebook to whine about how she's so distant from her parents and they disowned her and she's so independent and can't afford much and then the next day, she's making a status going "teehee impromptu vacation with my child!" and she's in the neighboring state at some fancy restaurant.
like… you definitely got that money from your parents, now when something is serious you start asking strangers for money? the nerve of some people, i swear.
i'm just glad only like 3 people donated to her gofundme, she ended up getting their service dog and is now trying to turn him into some social media star.

No. 393061

My dad has a service dog that he actually needs and the fake service animals/ESAs drive him and my family crazy. I should note that he doesn't always have her with her and usually only when my mom or someone else can't go out with him. He told me he has encountered dogs who are aggressive and one time a french bulldog attacked her. So I can kind of see why it is nerve-racking for people to see another dog which is dubiously a service dog in public (but I agree that the YTers and IGers are really overdramatic a lot of times, and a lot of them don't even need SDs). He said it's not that big of a deal if a little kid or something comes up and pets her too, but if it's an adult he will ask them not to politely. Again, it's not exactly something he welcomes but it's not the end of the world if someone does it and he's not rude about it.

IMO I think having a service dog should be regulated… your dog should have to go through and pass standardized training and should be required to have some sort of verifiable identification to denote that. And stores/restaurants/etc. should be allowed to ask you to show that identification.

No. 393062

Thank you for your input anon, I agree completely.

No. 393136

Most men don't want to be parents and those that do think they do initially end up regretting it and ultimately resenting the mothers 90% of the time

No. 393138

This is just fax anon

No. 393139

I agree but most girls on here and especially irl are refusing to believe it because it isn't compatible with their life plans

No. 393156

I think lots of men want children but none of them want to actually 'parent' the kids. They want to keep the same lifestyle they always had and also have a wife to do all the domestic chores and child rearing while they sit around playing video games.

The horror stories I've read from mothers about their lazy, selfish manchild husbands have turned me off having kids forever tbh.

No. 393157

no, if they don't want to pay for, take care of, or be involved in their lives, they don't want to have kids. they miss the freedom, financially, physically, sexually, etc. they underestimate the responsibility and it ends up being the women's 'fault'. they think it'd be nice to continue their "legacy" or "carry on their name", that's all. they don't actually want kids. plus, lots of men that claim to want kids now believe that white people are going to die out or whatever.

No. 393164

I truly dislike the K-Pop threads in /m/ and feel as though any K-Pop subject could go into its own thread. I constantly have to hide them because they update so quickly and have new threads opening almost every other day. It’s teally just an irritation to me but I understand that it isn’t for everyone.

No. 393166

If India was wiped out tomorrow i wouldn't shed a tear for anyone living there

No. 393172

Are you Pakistani or one of those ethnic minorities in India that want independence

No. 393187

>implying you have to be one of the two to hate that shithole

No. 393192

Sometimes I want to go in and edit India like an abandoned game of Sim City

No. 393194

File: 1554015748336.png (397.23 KB, 1036x1176, South_Asia_Ethncity.png)

I mean its a big country with hundreds of different ethnic groups with huge amount of difference in Physical appearance and culture

No. 393195

Yes. This map is actually rather simplified. The "Munda" group includes maybe a dozen distinct peoples with their own languages and cultures. India is considered to be one of the most linguistically diverse regions on the planet.

No. 393196

Its pretty diverse
I think in Pakistan their is some sort of common bond and mutual understand among the people in regards language save for my own balti (which is spoken by less then half a million people)

No. 393201

File: 1554017443203.png (696.82 KB, 679x593, jasmin gains.png)

Jasmin Gains doesn't look like a tranny at all, and she and Vegan Gains seem to be a nice and happy couple.

No. 393295

I think the stanning of pewdiepie is ridiculous and it makes me lose a lot of respect for people who do it.

No. 393303

stanning any youtuber is ridiculous

their are ppl who stan imallexx and emma chamberlain ffs

No. 393304

i get irrationally angry when i see parents with one of those giant tank sized prams taking up the entire the street or on public transport, especially when the kid can walk by itself and theyre just pushing an empty pram along. the worst ones are when they try to force their way onto a crowded bus/tram/whatever by shoving people with the pram or when they carry the pram down the stairs and dont even bother folding it up at the metro when youre in a hurry and trying to get past. you could literally just carry your child, let them walk, or even buy a smaller pram, it would take a lot less energy and also wouldnt get in everyone elses way all the time.

No. 393307

Same. I call them SUV prams, and I’ve noticed that most parents that have the obnoxiously huge ones are usually obnoxious themselves. The moms who wear their babies or who have the more compact strollers are usually much more aware of their surroundings and conscious of others.

No. 393320

She looks like a normal woman and not like a thophy instagram gf like a lot of male youtubers appear to go after.

Vegan gains is an instable asshole though, it seems really bad idea to marry a gymbro manchild with anger issues.

No. 393330

Black Twitter isn't funny.
Rehashed gifs of black people pulling weird faces isn't funny.
In fact the more I'm exposed to black people online the more I dislike them.

No. 393333

Yes. This shit is so annoying. My "favourite" ones are also the ones who drive that shit through stores and expect people to move out of the way for them. Ugh

No. 393341

I truly hate this. In the city I live public transit is free for parents moving around with a stroller which is nice and adds more safety as they don't have to leave the baby alone while going to pay for their ticket, but people end up abusing the privilege up its ass.

During commuting hours the bus is crowded to the point people can barely stand, yet some lazy ass parents jams in the fucking tank of a stroller, stays there for a few stops, then gets out and goes on on their way. Motherfucker you could've walked that half a mile without breaking a sweat! And then the next one gets in and does the same bullshit over again. It's so frustrating and you can see how the parent glares at the people like they are the devil incarnate for daring to take up the space. The worst case is when, like you said, the kid is like 6 years old and perfectly capable of surviving without a huge ass aircraft carrier and could do just fine with a compact folding stroller. But no, yall gotta get the biggest model just to piss everyone off.

And god help you when you're at some small store without a lot of space and you see one of those coming right at you in some narrow isle so you just gotta make love to the shelves trying to avoid being run over. Fuck those ginormous things. Fuck them.

No. 393358

>During commuting hours the bus is crowded to the point people can barely stand, yet some lazy ass parents jams in the fucking tank of a stroller, stays there for a few stops, then gets out and goes on on their way

yes, these are the worst. i once saw some entitled bitch scream at an old lady on the fully packed tram during rush hour because the old lady wouldnt get out of her way. like wtf is she meant to do, absorb herself into the wall just so that you can get on? the best part was she only got on for one stop anyway, so she could have just walked, and the kid was clearly old enough to walk by itself anyway.

No. 393521

Psychiatrists are overpaid pill pushers.

No. 393556

This site is filled with awful feminists. They act like women are completely incapable of making their own choices and if they disagree with something a woman does/wants to do, it's because she's forced to do it or ~gaslit~ in some way. Like fuck off, women aren't infants.

No. 393558

Anons who drag their infights into multiple threads are fucking annoying i.e.:

(ntas btw uwuwuwu~)

No. 393559

>that spoiler uwu

I like you anon.

No. 393568

You're the one dragging that conversation into this thread, though. I didn't even mention that specific subject at all. Yeah, I'm the same anon, but I didn't say anything about porn in this post, so you're the one bringing it here. My post here is more about the broader issue that anytime a woman does something radfems on the site disagree with it can't possibly be for any reason other than ~society is forcing her~. And that is condescending as fuck and robs women of our agency. It's like they literally see us as children.

No. 393576

Are you saying women can't make bad choices via bad judgement influenced by society? you a camwhore or something?

No. 393580

Lol no I am not a camwhore, and that's far from the only subject they do that with. They've done it with far less questionable decisions.

And you realize people make those exact kinds of arguments against things feminists hold essential? Like the right to abort for instance. Antiabortion types love to use the logic that the woman ~might regret it~ or ~could be pressured by the father~. Yet you guys use the same exact logic to take agency away from other choices a woman might make in other scenarios. You can't have it both ways. Either women have agency or they don't.

No. 393584

I really genuinely hate how so many women have decided to speak for all women on certain issues.

The ones who loudly say that any woman who doesn’t leave her husband over his watching porn occasionally is abused and an awful handmaiden, or decide that models cause anorexia and anyone who disagrees is a woman-hating anorexia fetishist who’s been brainwashed by society.

It’s not feminist it’s divisive af to have some random woman from American suburbia decide that you’re engaging in wrongthink for disagreeing with her.

No. 393587

you 'omg radfems treat us like babies!!!' anons are so obnoxious. you literally cannot come across an opinion you disagree with without dragging it across multiple threads and to meta.

No. 393600

Except that, as I already pointed out, I wasn't the one to even bring the specific issue into the thread. That was your side.

>you 'omg radfems treat us like babies!!!' anons are so obnoxious

Not as obnoxious as you radfems treating all women like babies.

No. 393607

“All women who disagree with me are brainwashed abused pornsick handmaidens” in the same breath as “men always say women don’t have minds of their own reeee”

No. 393612

>it's because she's forced to do it or ~gaslit~
>Except that, as I already pointed out, I wasn't the one to even bring the specific issue into the thread. That was your side.
literally the same phrasing as in the other thread. you couldve made it way less obvious by at least just waiting a few minutes for time to go by without screeching about it in another thread. it was pretty obvious that's what you were referring to, come on. don't act like it takes some doyle-tier detective to know you were referencing an active discussion one thread over.

No. 393621

So what? It doesn't change the fact that didn't bring up the subject of porn, thus wasn't dragging the discussion into this thread. Just pointed out a broader problem regarding radfems.

No. 393625

okay, but no one called you an abused handmaiden, they just said women, as a group are abused and pressured into accepting porn. so why you need to get all assmad as if you're being bombarded with "handmaiden puppet!!" or whatever, is a mystery to me. idk why you guys can't just read generalizations that do apply to how lots of other women are treated, without getting so irrationally offended.

No. 393644

Are you fucking kidding me?
>Women who put up with their bfs jerking off to other women are cuckqueans and have been abused and gaslit by society into accepting it.
Yeeeah, that's not the same as "women in general have been pressured by society to accept porn". Dont pretend your side was being totally polite and reasonable. There was also a poster who was like "sorry you can't please your man". Such great examples of feminism.(ban evasion)

No. 393649

She's below average. Normal women don't look like that.

No. 393651

"hehe i know you're that same person now your argument is destroyed btfo"

why do people on this site argue like this? it looks cringely petty and corny as fuck it doesn't disprove anyone lmao

No. 393654

Like I said, I wasn't the anon that sperg was arguing with. I'm just sick of seeing that shit. It's like the lolcow equivalent of subtweeting.

No. 393663

Speaking of subtweeting, my unpopular opinion is that vagueposting is stupid and childish and if you don't like someone stop being friends with them on social media and stop interacting with them. Don't pretend to be friends with people if you're just going to shit talk them. (People you can't avoid like coworkers excepted, of course.)

No. 393700

It really is annoying as fuck though. Most arguments are not worth having twice, and it's truly pathetic to get so assblasted you bring it to another thread. It's like they expect opinions to differ in another thread and they'll get more support or something.

No. 393703

Maybe if you live in some town full of super models, I don't see anything wrong with how she looks, not everyone is going to disect the looks of strangers, she's average deal with it

No. 393712

She looks fine. The only thing unfortunate about her is her hair, brows, and awful choice in glasses and all of those are fixable.

That goes for any doctor except certain specialists and depending on your condition. Physicists and neurologists for migraines are total bullshit and they get paid to persuade you to/take shit that has nothing to do with them. Weed and mdma have done a lot more for my PTSD than a psych and therapist ever have.

No. 393728


Considering the number of anons who got assmad in the last thread to the point of saying I condone rape when I said their hated of girls who have to dress like men to survive (ex: The Breadwinner, Arya Stark, etc) is a suburban libfem attitude at the least and at the worst an incestuous combination of internalized misogyny and misdirected anger at patriarchy, I agree. Too many farmers get enraged to the point of sounding like a cow themselves when you disagree with them or point out something that makes them uncomfortable, and also believe that they're some sort of ambassador for women everywhere.

Like I said, it's libfem shit at it's finest.

No. 393772

I think the vast majority of face makeup such as concealers, foundations, and especially contouring looks very bad and it is better to just have acne/uneven skin or whatever. Just doing your eyebrows and some eye makeup like mascara and eyeliner and leaving the rest of your skin bare looks best. In my opinion, even with eyeshadow it looks better for the rest of the face to be bare.

No. 393774

I think BB cream can be fine since it’s decently sheer and has that natural dewy look to it, but I agree, foundation has an uncanny look to it. I genuinely prefer the look of bare skin even when blemished/oily/what have you, but I’ve noticed it’s usually the eyes of women that normally wear lots of makeup that look the worst bare - does mascara cause thinning of eyelashes or something?

No. 393775

Eye makeup is the worst part though, it always looks fake af and ages you. Light mascara is okay at most, eyeliner and eyeshadow are rarely an improvement and are usually OTT for daytime wear.

Light, dewy foundation is fine to make your skin look more even while still looking natural and youthful.

No. 393778

This is very bizarre and such a weird generalization. I get contour looking bad, but concealer is just to cover your dark circles and literally nobody even sees it. It blends right in.
A nice bb cream which is lighter than foundation looks like your bare skin but 10 times better because it evens out any weird tones and slight uneven pigmentation in your face. I can't speak for foundation because I never had a reason to wear it but you just sound really bitter about something and not very knowledgeable on what you're talking about.

No. 393815

I think the reddit style idea suggested in meta was a great idea
A like system would improve the site so much!! It would be kinda like PULL which isn’t all that bad. I never liked the idea of anonymity anyways and it just let’s problematic people post!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 393884

I agree. Heavy makeup pretty much never looks good or looks good for all of an hour before you get oily or flaky. Mascara, lipstick, lotion with a little bit of foundation mixed in and maybe concealer is all you need.

No. 393902

File: 1554122575246.gif (1.73 MB, 480x270, tumblr_oes9quIKv71tlyjpto1_500…)

Farmhand you used an used an emoji!

No. 393933

Yeah great idea we should make some custom lolcow emojis too ^_^

No. 393975

I wish people who constantly make fun of/criticize other people on the internet would have to post a picture of their face. Especially people who criticize physical features. Not because I want to dox anyone, but because I'm curious what kind of other person is behind the screen. I feel like people who make fun of other people online are often, but not always, not that hot looking themselves.

No. 393986

You can't be a radfem and a weeb at the same time. You just can't. Anime shit is filled with sexism

No. 393997

Anime and video games are normie as fuck hobbies nowadays and don't make you a more interesting person just because you like them. I've just run into too many weebs and gamers online, mostly from imageboards, who think that being into this nerd stuff somehow makes them special.

No. 393998

maybe not an unpopular opinion here, but Hbomberguy is so fucking annoying.

No. 393999

Your semi-right.

No. 394000

It's only normie if your a man. There isn't a lot of women from my experience who enjoy that stuff.

No. 394009

I was starting to think I was the only one! I don’t care about your one anime that “isn’t like that”. Overwhelming majority of it is, and it’s so harmful to women and girls in general and especially in Japan.
You. Can’t. Be. A. Radfem.

No. 394013

disagree. anime is a medium, you can support it just like any other medium and be critical of people and companies in the industry. your assertion can apply to literally anything.

No. 394015

anons who hate anime should be banned from the site. you can not like it or even actively dislike it, but you're not edgy for hating it.

No. 394016

Double post but anon is right. I haven’t met a single person within 4 years of my age who isn’t a fucking weeb and plays games. It’s all they ever talk about and they don’t have any other hobbies. The guys are all abusive and the girls are all harassing creeps too.

No. 394019

It really depends on which video games or anime you like and to what degree. My closest friends read play video games, watch anime a lot, go to anime cons whenever they can, some of them cosplay, they all read fanfics and doujins. And while some of my male coworkers are also into video games and anime, it's definitely not to the same extent and they only like the most basic and well-known things like Naruto or One Piece or Fifa so I'll always consider my coworkers normies compared to my friends. I've even heard two of them confuse FMA and Black Butler once, and I know this sort of things would piss off a lot of actual weebs.

No. 394020

I've had similar experiences. Almost every person I've talked to online who has anime and games as their primary and basically only interests has ended being either a creepy guy or a self-centered mean girl. I don't really care about anime and I play some video games myself and I even have friends who are into both things but they have other interests besides those two things.

No. 394021

nta but i think there's a difference between a weeb and someone who happens to watch anime from time to time

No. 394023

They go beyond garden variety weird girl. Like getting all their friends to draw hentai of me and sexual touching level shit

No. 394024

>I haven’t met a single person within 4 years of my age who isn’t a fucking weeb
Outside of college where I was surrounded by weebs I can tell you that's definitely not my case. At work whenever my coworkers were having small talk and where talking about their weekends, if me or another one of my coworkers said we played video games or even watched anything on Netflix without even going into details they would act like that's something only the biggest nerds on earth do or like the conversation was suddenly awkward. We were all in our 20s and those were the same people who would brag about watching feminist porn in their free time during our lunch breaks.

It really depends on your "group" of friends or coworkers or whatever though, the people from my previous job were into games and anime but not huge nerds either.

No. 394025

The worst weeb girls seriously are the ones who are obsessed with hentai. They're definitely creepy and tend to come off as vain and passive-aggressive in my experience.

No. 394027

This is my first time in this thread, but I agree. I just treat anime like anything else: watch what I like, and ignore what I don't like, like with other cartoons, or t.v. shows, or movies

No. 394028

I think I could agree with that, the main problem I have with a lot of foundation and concealers is the matte or powdery look they leave on people's skin looking weird to me.
By ages you, do you mean it makes you look older or causes the worst aging skin damage?
I don't really see how my post sounds bitter at all anon, that's a weird critique. I don't have any ill will towards face makeup wearers, I was just expressing my opinion that I don't like the way it looks. I'm not at all saying people should conform to my standard or that anyone who wears face makeup looks horrible.

No. 394029

I’m sick of radfems who stan sailor moon and act like it’s better than other anime. It’s has fucking pedophilia ffs. You can’t support that and be a radfem sorry not sorry

No. 394034

Pedophilia in sailor moon? I never watched so I didn't know that

No. 394039

iirc it's something about the main character's love interest being in college while she's in middle school. Which isn't the case in the original because I read the manga and she's in middle school while he's in high school. I don't even remember the characters' ages though.

No. 394059

Imagine saying you can’t be a radfem if you watch movies because most films are made by men and are sexist af.
Producing anime and manga and by extension dj and light literature are something a lot of Japanese women love doing and they are great at it. These women get to employ their artistic skills, imagination, emotional intelligence (all traits unappreciated in their corporate drone nuclear family culture) to make a living for themselves.Tbh I don’t care that that much that fictional characters are problematic or whatever. I care that Japanese women are getting recognition and independence doing something they love. Not to mention the fact that many female authors write such good fucking stories with emotional depth and awareness and vulnerability that they’d never be able to express otherwise. Feminist by western standards or not, their works reveal their psyche as a woman in a society like sexist Japan. Have some fucking empathy.
You can consume weebs shit ethically if you’re selective, wow what a concept.

No. 394063

Anime is a subcategory of movies/tv, movies/tv is way more broad. Although I’m not the best person to argue this with, because I don’t really watch movies or tv either. There’s maybe 3 movies I like.

When 99% of your ‘medium’ is disgusting pedo garbage, it’s time to throw the whole damn thing out. Manga and anime are male dominated anyway, and it encourages pedos and grooms little girls and gives them body image issues.

This just reminds me of that argument that “but some women like sex work!1!!” Who the fuck cares when it does way more harm than good?

No. 394065

Anime is male dominated but manga is not the same story. Mind you a lot of stuff never gets translated anyway, there's likely lots of great stories we will never read because they aren't accessible

No. 394066

oh my fucking god how many containment threads do you sad bitches need? stop turning EVERY FUCKING THREAD into a debate about porn, pedos, GC/terf shit or race debates. i’m getting so fucking tired of the ot board. it’s like where all the banned PULL users come to shit everything up.

No. 394068

File: 1554149064097.gif (842.41 KB, 540x300, 72874107-33B8-47B4-B45F-D6834E…)

Take it to the radfem thread to talk about how much you hate anime

No. 394069

This just proves you barely knows anything about anime but make sweeping statements. Anime just means animated and include movies/tv shows too you know. Not mentioning manga/games/dj, anime alone is just as broad as 3d movies/tv in genres and appeals. Just because 99% of what you see on image boards are loli.jpeg doesn't mean it's the majority, arguing with made-up statistic make you sound absolutely retarded.
How fucking dare you comparing widespread epidemic of real women getting abused irl with a subgenre fiction within a subgenre of fiction. Holy shit.

No. 394073

TIL that anti-pedophilia is a “gc thing”

In anywhere outside of Japan anime means specifically Japanese animation (which by definition means that it can’t be as broad as movies), and on top of that, everyone knows what we’re talking about when we say anime. Stop being disingenuous. I also like how you keep piling on more and more categories when the conversation was about anime

No. 394082

i like the various april fools things lolcow has done over the years. anons havin a hard time just relaxing and enjoying it because they cant laugh at their own stuff. its always so fucking serious here in the last year or two

No. 394086

actually most anime are adaptations of other mediums including manga games and literature so that anon isnt wrong

No. 394087

i agree. i appreciate that the farmhands care enough.

No. 394096

Same and the pull one really was cute/funny. Tbh I like the dumb shitposts from farmhands, but what I like even more are sassy redtexts

No. 394106

no offense to sane bi people but bisexuals who get offended over gay and straight people not wanting to date them are just like troons crying about muh cotton ceiling. people not wanting to date or fuck you is not oppression or bigoted, no one is obliged to fuck anyone, if it offends you so much then just date other bi people. there is some truth to bisexuals being unfaithful anyway. 80% of the bi people i know go around sperging about how gay they are for oppression points when they are in a straight relationship. it's annoying

No. 394110

Agreed. As somebody who's straight, the thought of being with a guy who already fucked a man or whom I might lose to a man is just ew.
That's also why I feel especially sorry for women with trooned out husbands who suddenly start being "straight". Like how horrible must it feel like to be replaced by a person of different gender? There's no way this wouldn't fuck up anybody's self esteem completely, e.g. "Was he always into men and only together with me because I look ugly and manish?!".

No. 394119

This. Personally it's not for the fear of them cheating (it's not like lesbians don't cheat), and it's not because I think that they're "tainted" for having been with men or something like that. It's because of the so called bi-cycle, because many of them tend to leave since being in a same sex LTR brings a lot of discrimination and pressure from other people that you wouldn't face in a straight one, and because I like the shared experience of being a lesbian.
The ones who are the most vocal about "le evil lesbians not dating them, so dumb!!!1" are usually the ones only looking for a one night experience anyway (or worse, a third)

No. 394137


I'm bi and I agree with this tbh, everyone has their own insecurities/dislikes when it comes to dating. I don't think I'd want to be with a troon, or someone who looks like my relatives. I've been told I'm racist because I wouldn't date this sexist Korean kid from our class.

Conversely, though, some women need to just get over those insecurities after awhile. I was with my partner for 6 years (in which she inflicted daily psychological and emotional abuse) and she was constantly afraid of being cheated on, especially obsessing over imaginary men I may leave her for. I was understanding, we tried therapy, I even proposed to her; but after 6 years of abuse and fabricated accusations, I couldn't handle it and had to leave her. It took her awhile but I think she's very happy now. The whole issue is that she couldn't be honest about what she wanted, tbh; a full lesbian partner whom she can relate to.

No. 394164

Not sure if this opinion is unpopular but… I'm getting a little tired of certain ppl in GC circles being nasty and attacking people instead of responding to that criticism. I don't think it does us any favors. I think magdalen burns form of response video is really the best. It's concise and edited and gets to the point of the matter without constant ad hominems. Like I get the anger I really do and I've been following the conversations for years now but I feel like there must be a better way to engage.

No. 394171

While I somewhat understand OP's sentiment, you lowkey highkey reek of sexual insecurity and homophobia. Cheaters are cheaters, why tf it matters if they cheat on you with a man or a woman. The "I don't wanna lose to the other gender" thing is kind of really pathetic coming from anyone. That last statement is stupid because butches are known to embrace the pussy carousel so.

No. 394175

File: 1554169014932.jpeg (20.75 KB, 236x234, 6FA2F7E6-CFD2-4D27-8FBA-B7C656…)

I unironically think Lady GaGa is beautiful.

I mean, I don’t think that’s a very controversial opinion. She was never perceived as a bridge troll but the media doesn’t shill how attractive she is as much compared to other female pop stars. I know a lot of anons on lolcow rag on her apperances and I’ll admit there are a lot of unflattering photos of her out there. But still something about her is striking when she’s not doing crazy shit. I especially love her nose. I always loved big noses, especially on women and I feel like they can look very beautiful in a mature and powerful way. I was born with the opposite and I feel like I look too cutesy and girly in comparison to sexy and womanly. She looked great in a Star is Born.

No. 394177

I also love big noses and strong features on women. I've never found her ugly at all.

No. 394180

It’s funny how anons here will go on about how terrible the monkey haters YouTube community are (don’t get me wrong, they are) for hating on small and innocent animals for stupid reasons. But then post a bunch of autistic shit in the dog hating threads on how dogs are the worse creatures to exist. This site literally has no self awareness.

No. 394181

Yeah I noticed the same thing…

No. 394182

File: 1554170226021.png (2.84 MB, 1300x6220, 1553746070713.png)

No sane, rational person would read the comments of both and think they are equally bad, are you fucking nuts? Anons dislike dogs due to bad experiences with them, and vent about it here because it's socially unacceptable to dislike dogs irl. The monkey haters are some inexplicable, fucked up shit, maybe even a coverup for a pedo ring or something bizarre like that. They're on completely different levels.

No. 394183

there's kind of a difference between hating a type of animal and actively wishing to see one tortured/watching videos of said animal being hurt in some way. I strongly dislike cats but I'm not on YouTube looking for kicked cat compilations.

No. 394184


You speak of lack of self awareness, but a quick read through that thread shows a hatred of dog owners, not dogs themselves. The most violent replies come from one dog loving sperg who had to be banned repeatedly for saying that cats deserved to be violently murdered, and screenshots from other websites mentioning an extreme hatred and wish for violence against human children, humans, cats, etc…

In fact there was only one person who truly suggested anything violent against dogs, and if you'll notice, they were immeadiately shouted down like the sick fuck they are and banned.

If people complaining about entitlement and simply not wanting an animal in their face is the same as people literally masturbating to and writing paragraphs about the violent murder of monkeys, I don't think there's much to be said. You either lack reading comprehension, or are a shitty entitled dog owner suffering cognitive dissonance.

Literally everywhere else on the internet will let you jerk off over dogs and your violent hatred of humans and other species, and you can't handle one thread full of pissy criticism? Lol.

No. 394187

unpopular opinion: I hate when anyone brings dogs or cats up anywhere on lolcow because it brings out the same 5 people who post about how much they hate dogs
then the thread get derailed and dog haters prattle on about their right to hate dogs

it's so unnecessary and happens literally every time dogs or cats are brought up

No. 394189

You must be an utter psycho if all you got out of that was 'prattling on about their right to hate dogs'. Those comments were clearly, explicitly about the distinction between a creepy /x/ tier community of sadists who want to see baby monkeys abused for being spoiled, and anons who just don't like dogs. I mean, they do have the right not to like them, but it's ridiculous to say they're even remotely similar.

No. 394196

where did I defend op or say she was right?? all I said was any type of post talking about how dogs or cats in any capacity brings the dog hate out of its containment thread where it belongs.

No. 394198

>But then post a bunch of autistic shit in the dog hating threads on how dogs are the worse creatures to exist.
You can dislike an animal without wanting to hurt them. Very rarely do people in that thread rant about wanting to torture dogs. Why are they the only animal that's socially unacceptable to dislike for some reason, but dog people can go on and on about how they hate cats/birds/fill in the blank animal. You are just delusional.

No. 394205


No. 394209

literally no one does that. you sound like some autist radfem replacing "men" with "dog"

No. 394212

The extreme radfems are ridiculous on here now. There's no problem with it in moderation but autists discovering this place for the first time take it to the next level. It's fucking hilarious.

No. 394216

i like how you take her completely delusional statement as truth and as if people who dislike dogs really are radfems just replacing 'men' with 'dog'. even dog people readily admit that you can speak negatively about cats in society but that it's taboo to speak in a similar way about dogs. you seriously must be walking through life deaf to not hear how normalized disliking cats is though.

No. 394236

I honestly don’t give a shit if you dislike dogs. Not everyone is going to like everything and that’s okay. But to sperg constantly about something that’s ultimately rather harmless (Inb4 someone brings up vicious pitbull attacks. It sucks and a feel for the victims but to act like it’s a phenomenon like gun violence and mass shootings is ridiculous) is just pathetic tbh. Calm down and get yourself a hobby.

No. 394237

Fair enough. But I doubt all the anons on here share your opinions.

No. 394240

uhh, they do, because no one in the dog thread has even said they want to hurt dogs or see them hurt, save for one person who was shut down immediately. can you guys disagree with people about a topic you find to be sensitive, without painting them out to be the worst people ever and trying to draw extremist parallels that literally do not exist? people who just don't like dogs and think they're dangerous, nasty, whatever, are not the same as people who enjoy seeing animals tortured. period.

No. 394244

Let me give you a hot take - I don't care about you twos boring ass discussion about cats vs dogs and nor was my post affiliated with it. Relax and take a break from this site.

No. 394253

The dog fags and their sperging about the dog haters are more annoying than the dog haters themselves. They constantly bait dog haters out of their thread with shit arguments.

No. 394268

>Inb4 someone brings up vicious pitbull attacks. It sucks and a feel for the victims but to act like it’s a phenomenon like gun violence and mass shootings is ridiculous
I hate to break it to you, but not all of us are American, gun violence is literally not a thing in many, many countries. However dog attacks happen everywhere.

Good response, anon.
This already happened a few times now, that somebody complains about the evil dog haters out of nowhere, then somebody defends us, then we're accused of constantly sperging about our hate of dogs.
Stop trying to start shit, this will only make us hate you and your doggo babies even more.

No. 394318


>lmao get a life XD

>also posting on lolcow

Are you 12? Serious question.

No. 394330

I'm not offended by the term TERF, and I don't consider it a slur. I am trans-exclusionary, and all women have the right to be. We don't owe men anything just because they claim to be women. I don't know if that makes me a radical feminist, but I'm sympathetic to a lot of radfem talking points, so it doesn't bother me being included with them, either.

I don't even personally see anything derogatory about it. Only someone under the delusion that we should be including TiMs/TRAs in the first place would actually see something wrong with it. Like, what exactly am I supposed to be offended by? Someone else's ignorance? It's like pro-lifers screaming "WOMEN'S AUTONOMY DEFENDERS" at pro-choicers and thinking it actually makes sense as an insult outside of their own deranged minds. At least they have "baby killers", what do TRAs have? "FARTs"? Pitiful.

After watching Hontra's video where at the end he spits out the word "TERF" like it's valid as an insult, it really hit me how toothless it is. They really have nothing on us. All this "punch a TERF today" shit is overcompensation. They can't actually argue with what we're saying, so they just threaten violence, and revive the "burn the witch" mindset. Decades from now, people will be asking how, in a time where misogyny was meant to be so frowned upon, men could still get away with publicly saying "Kill all women who don't accept me".

No. 394341

didnt the guy that accused her confirm it was a false accusation tho lmao

people would be bringing out the pitchforks if a woman falsely accused a man of drugging and robbery, but all i see is people online defending the guy

No. 394343

I want FARTs to take off. Troons are so desperate to take the label of feminist off us so they can fully colonize feminism that they've overlooked the fact that FART sounds ridiculous.

Sure, you can't convincingly argue FART is a slur. But it's a double-edged sword. Right now troons tell boogieman stories about evil TERFs killing thousands of innocent stunning trans women a day and the more gullible people actually believe it.

Now imagine troons telling people that FARTs kill thousands of trans women. Nobody's going to take that seriously. Everyone is going to laugh.

So let's make it happen. FART it is.

No. 394350

but we are not appropriating feminism, anon… if anything, FART should mean trannies (at least mtf).

No. 394355

I'm a white woman myself. Despite that, I see Samantha Josephson's murder everywhere now which although I do agree that it was a horrible crime, the coverage gives me Missing White Woman Syndrome big time, like with Mollie Tibbetts less than a year ago.

Women of other races go missing all the time. As soon as it's a pretty white girl who looks like the girl next door, it's front page news since people have this natural inclination to care when it's a good looking white girl.

No. 394357

I’ve recently gotten absorbed by the piss poor state of my country and politics and wish I’d been more stringent with my online presence in the past. I’m compelled to make some sort of difference in my country but know I can’t because a very quick google of my name pulls up all the stupid and cringey shit I posted in my earlier years. I believe people can change, because I’ve done it to a point where my biases and views have set me apart from who I was years ago. But it’s an unpopular opinion because what you post online truly does haunt you, especially in a political setting. That said, media coverage with sjw leaning has completely destroyed any chance of fixing anything. All in all, it’s all fucked.

No. 394359

Anon, it depends what you posted. I guarantee that cringey stuff back then is nothing compared to the shit that kids post today.

The only 'you're fucked' scenario is if you posted something with racial/homophobic slurs that people can use to 'cancel' you with. But if you haven't done that then I don't think it's going to affect you.

No. 394370

I can admit I’ve said things that can be taken as homophobic and transphobic. I don’t agree with trans politics, and would have a hard time justifying an apology for that, an apology for the homophobic things I’ve said would probably also fall on deaf ears because though I wasn’t pushing for a modern holocaust (it was basically cringe edgy family guy-teir shitposting on my public pages) I still should’nt have said it and certainly offended people when I did. I’ve since attempted to scrub those accounts but the internet does not forget and google can still bring up some of the more minor offenses I’ve posted. It’s a shame because the person I am now doesn’t reflect any of the offensive things I may have posted. It’s a shame that I didn’t care enough about others or myself to keep from smearing my own name in the long term.

No. 394373

Agree but I honestly don’t see how that’s a unpopular opinion. Plenty of people feel that way.

No. 394436

Because it's controversial since she died, and because I'll be labeled as an SJW for even thinking that.

What's also relevant is that both killers of the girls (Mollie Tibbetts and Samantha Josephson) were non-white. I feel like the whole "non-white man kills white woman" probably had something to do with it, and wonder how it would be if it were white men who killed them instead.

No. 394449

>it’s like where all the banned PULL users come to shit everything up.
The best and most accurate description of /ot/'s current state atm not gonna lie

No. 394555

but it's a misnomer. radfems are not trans exclusionary. they're male exclusionary. they accept TIFs. it's deliberately made to sound worse than it is.

No. 394566

>radfems are not trans exclusionary. they're male exclusionary
I really don't wanna sound like I'm saying "NOT ALL MEN" or "NOT ALL RADFEMS" but not all radfems are male exclusionary
while a good chunk of radfems are male exclusionary they are not the majority

No. 394570

The basic of radfem is that men have no place in feminism as it is for liberation of women. Either you are confusing personal life choices with ideology/politics or those 'radfem' you know are actually libfem.

No. 394580

I thought you were referring to female separatism

No. 394661

The transgender movement is spearheaded by males above all, even if liberals refuse to admit it.
>they accept TIFs.
I'm convinced that deep down, TiFs know this, TiMs know this, TRAs know this, and libfems know this. Everyone knows this. They just play dumb. The misnomer aspect falls apart when you take a single look at what we say and do.
That's why the only "transphobia" TRAs ever complain or care about is the kind that affects TiMs, not TiFs. They betray the fact that they don't care about anyone born female at every point.
We almost never complain about TiFs, and they see that, so they just try to scare TiFs with "W-Well, you know they don't like you either, right?! You're just as much of a tranny freak as me! The bathroom debate applies to you, too, don't forget!!!" and use them as attack dogs or weapons in arguments.
The sad thing is, TiFs are often naive, scared or self-hating enough to believe them and attack us, too. But if there's any hope for them, they'll eventually see the light and come around, anyway.

No. 394664

Some people are really abusing the fact that LC doesn't censor women's more politically incorrect thoughts to let their homophobia and biphobia leap out.
Unironically calling people "creepy dykes" and invoking the "predatory lesbian", "bi women are promiscuous SLUTS or just straight in the middle of a phase", etc stereotypes is still ugly. I said it.

No. 394672

i hate the term happa. it's not a universal term, it's explicitly hawaiian, from their language. people also need to stop correcting people when they call half japanese people hafu. it's our word for it in japanese, not happa. if you want to be respectful, don't use a word from a different language to describe me. asian americans are so fucking annoying.

No. 394675

hapa is such a broad and unnecessary term anyway. how hard is it to just say half japanese, half chinese, half fijian, whatever it is.

No. 394680

yes, exactly. i hate that people use it to try to seem inclusive or something. the term seems to only be used by either 3rd gen+ asian americans (half or otherwise) or white people. these are the people consistently don't realize all the bad blood that different asian ethnicities have with eachother. it just seems so ignorant and unnecessary.

No. 394683

I mean, the reason why multi-generational asian americans use it is because a lot of them have close ties to Hawai'i especially those from California. i agree that it's an outdated term, but there's history behind the word being used.

No. 394688

they can use it for each other, fine, but not for everyone who is half asian. i also notice they only use it to refer to half asian half white people. i also would want to see some proof of that claim because that doesn't sound legit at all.

No. 394691

proof for? that there are a lot of asian immigrants in hawai'i?

No. 394694

Faking a pregnancy on April fools day isnt the end if the fucking world. You’d think it was the biggest sin ever judging by my Facebook feed. I don’t fucking care if you’ve had a miscarriage and it triggers you or whatever. By that logic nobody should ever reveal a pregnancy on social media.

No. 394701

no i mean in the rest of the fucking country like you asserted. using it in hawaii is not the issue. but when annoying 3rd gen east coast viets are talking about "hapas" it makes my blood curl.

No. 394706

A lot of dumb normies just get offended by the stupidest shit in general. I always feel the need to stay quiet about anything even remotely controversial because of that.

No. 394715

oh well i was unaware that east coast asians were using that, and i agree that it's not a term that they should use if they have no connections to hawai'i. I just wanted to let you know that there are a lot of asians (many in California) that are or have family from Hawai'i.
also, if it makes you feel any better, many younger generations of mainland asian americans are now understanding that hapa may not be the most appropriate word for them (since appropriation is a big topic nowadays)

No. 394719

people are being way too hard on brie larson. it just shows how pressed and easily offended incel white men are.

No. 394720

right, i think heritage is important. you certainly can use whatever terms from your cultural heritage you want. i don't necessarily think it's appropriation, but it leaves a bad taste when others, especially ones with no relationship with the word use it to describe other people who also have no relationship with it. when i was referring to the term as useless, i more meant the idea of trying to short hand calling someone half-x asian, which is what the term is used for outside of those communieies

>half-hawaiians/asians from hawaii calling themselves hapa


>calling non-hawaiian affiliated half-asians hapa


No. 394773

Well as long as your not an asshole about it, I think any reasonable people will agree, or least understand where you’re coming from. You can feel bad that she died and for her family but still acknowledge that she only got a lot of attention because she’s white.

I don’t study media trends that much but I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole “non white man kills white woman” narrative gets pushed. Seems like the Trump crowd loves to eat that shit up and Trump shamelessly panders to it while other conservative presidents at least had the decency to distance themselves away or at least be subtle about it.

No. 394776

>Implying that gun violence is just an American phenomenon.

Are you forgetting about the massacre that happen in New Zealand a couple of weeks ago? Or that the two biggest mass shootings that ever happened in Kenya and Norway? Just because it disportionately happens in America doesn’t mean other countries are completely safe.

But in retrospect perhaps I should’ve added “terrorist attacks” among there as well.

No. 394782

File: 1554324252876.jpg (144.56 KB, 1600x900, xdj4rsdys454xg68bdwi.jpg)

I actually started liking her recently. Her resting bitch face has grown on me.

No. 394784

I had no interest in Captin Marvel so I never read threads about her, but all I could gather from skimming the /tv/ catalog is that men are mostly mad because she has no ass. Then I watched the movie, and her ass was only in like one shot and it was fine.

No. 394905

People who call themselves dog haters are either white trash or ghetto who probably leave big dogs chained all day behind their trailer park.

I met a dog hater who said the only way they could respect her was beating them into submission… ended up dumping two german shepherds at a shelter. I don't know why is my mother still friends with this person.

I respect dog haters who never have dogs because that way they wouldn't abuse them. Most of them are still low-empathy and have dog torture fantasies similar to monkey hate people. They see a little puppy and feel the urge to drown it.

No. 394909

Careful anon you're gonna bait ppl

No. 394913


Same anon but male cat haters are misogynistic dudebros or straight up incels who see them as a "femenine" thing or fall for the "40 yrs old cat lady" meme. Cats make them feel cucked for this reason. Also they are weak unlike owning pitbulls or other big dogs they supposedly "love", but mostly treat like shit. Most males sees anything phisically inferior as worthless (including women and children).

Female cat haters are narcissistic or BPD attention whores who can't stand cats not worshipping their every step like a dog would. Some of them abuse their cats and are surprised when a frightened animal isn't affective.

Even people who doesn't hate pets are absolute shit are taking care of them. Not unlike raising children, most of them are either negletful or abusive.

I'm not american/ live in a bananero country and that's my experience on the matter. Maybe things are different across the worls but still.

No. 394915

pretty sure that was the point

No. 394941

Men don’t like cats because they are independent. Men like subservient slaves that feed their egos, like dogs. I love dogs but it’s true.

No. 394964

I love both cats and dogs. So I don't understand why anyone would adamantly hate either of them.

Then again, I met this girl once who claimed to hate all pets except fish. She had this weird vibe about her and it was almost psychopathic how calm and savagely to the point she was about her apparent disdain for pets.

No. 394967

File: 1554368756789.png (116.42 KB, 894x402, :r:totalpsycho.png)

100% of the people that hate a specific animal give strong psycho vibes.

No. 394968

I highly doubt that the majority of people on that subreddit are similarly disgusting. There's a reason why he was being "burned at the stake" in the comments.

No. 394969

I actually checked out the Reddit in question because I was curious and from what I saw, most people on the sub AGREED with him. It was fuckin sick, tbh.
It says a lot about people who really hate animals like this/in general

No. 394972

The subreddit is basically dead with only 156 subscribers, and the majority of people didn't agree with him. /r/doghate is a better representation of people that dislike dogs, and no post like that would be tolerated over there. They have waaaaay more subscribers and a way more active community and none of them speak that way. Honestly the OP sounded like a troll at a number of points, but it is possible that he's, unfortunately, telling the truth.

No. 394976

Why did this person have a dog if they hated them so much? Is there really a subset of animal haters who will get the pet they hate just to treat it like shit and laugh when it finally dies?

No. 394978

File: 1554372364379.png (146.59 KB, 904x543, Gaydoghater.png)

Yeah, they sure sound like normal well adjusted people.

No. 394989

What the fuck is wrong with people? Who cares that much about others opinions on dogs of all things?

No. 395032

I've always believed people who hate dogs have mental problems.
A dog is literally an animal bred over years to be human's best friend. The one animal we get along with the most. If you still take issue with them, chances are you are the problem, not the animal that was very specially made to get along with us.

That's why I don't even give the dog hate thread users the time of day when I see them acting up in these threads. The reason they constantly rush in to defend themselves when anyone says anything not supporting them, pretend like they're some sort of oppressed group for not liking dogs, and shit on people who do like dogs, is most likely because they have legitimate brain problems. There is nothing you can say to them. This >>394978 shit actually seems sensible to them. I've seen "dog haters" on LC say similar shit, whining about "dog culture". These people are simply not functioning properly.

Anyone who hates animals disgusts me, but dog haters, I think, are their own kind of aberration.

No. 395035

Eurofag here: is America really like that when it comes to dogs? Here no ones cares if you dislike dogs as long as you don't abuse them.

No. 395042

Haha, I don't care if people don't like dogs, but Jesus Christ this is one absolutely insufferable fg

No. 395043

Anon, there are plenty of reasons to dislike dogs that don't amount to being a mentally ill zoosadist. Most dogs are spoiled, poorly trained or not trained at all. Most dogs smell bad and have rancid breath. Most dogs are needy, obsessive, loud, potentially violent, and potentially deadly. They shed, drool, may destroy your possessions out of boredom, are liable to eat feces, are liable to eat garbage, etc.

A lot of people prefer to have quiet, clean homes and quiet, clean lives. Dogs are largely incompatible with this.

Yes, I know "not all dogs!!1!" That's why I said "most."

No. 395047

I don't care if someone doesn't like dogs or not, but people who make it part of their identity and start getting really angry that dogs even exist are weird.

No. 395048

What you're talking about is reasonable. What I was referring to is a completely different ballpark.
There's a difference between "I don't really like dogs or want them as pets, I think they're messy and a handful", and going out of your way to spend your time in actual "dog hate" threads, subreddits, forums, etc to complain about "dog culture", circlejerk over how horrible you think they are, have special terminology for people who like them ("dognutters"), look for any reason it's "valid" to hate them, etc. The latter group goes out of their way to surround themselves with the very animal they hate (or any sort of discussion/media about it) and bitch about them day by day. It's honestly comparable to the YouTube monkey hate community, but I imagine dog haters with sadistic tendencies know to keep it elsewhere.

No. 395055

DHGTOW (dog haters going their own way)

No. 395059

Not nearly to the extent he was talking about. Dogs are very public pets (walking, and if they bark your neighbors can hear them), so owners become uncomfortable at the idea that some people dislike them. The animal is kind of attached to them, if the dog is misbehaving most are going to blame the owner. So saying something like "I don't like your dog" can be taken as "I don't like you".

No. 395061

Can't you guys come up with new unpopular opinions? I'm tired of seeing the same thing every thread. The bait is getting weaker and weaker.

No. 395064

this site clearly doesn't have that many users. plus people who post ITT are autistic enough to think their opinions are meaningful at all, of course they will always post, and the same ones.

No. 395071

since we’re arguing about dogs now, probably not too unpopular but i just really dislike flat-faced dogs and most small dogs. i don’t get people, especially men, who find dogs like french bulldogs and pugs appealing. they aren’t cute to me and look like they’re suffering constantly. the only big dog i really don’t care for are pit bulls because they fucking scare me.

No. 395102


I agree with you op. I also hate deformed cat breeds like munchkin and people who have fat/obese cats are animal abusers

No. 395104

My thoughts on dogs: I love MY dog. I don't mind well-behaved dogs in public. If your dog is poorly trained, jumps on people, barks constantly, then it is annoying and so are you. Animals are luxury goods that come with responsibilities. If you bring your dog into a public space (like a park), then it must be under your control. If it is in a store, then you better be blind or in a wheelchair(or issues of this severity), otherwise you are a narcissistic sack of shit. If you have anxiety and can't go to a restaurant without Pookie in your purse, then you don't deserve to go to restaurants.

My unpopular opinion: I hate whales and porpoises. They look gross, they creep me out, I don't care if the Japanese eat all of them. I mean, it would probably truly fuck up the ocean's ecosystem, which would suck but still. These animals really inspire body shaking horror in me. And yes, dolphins are awful too. No they aren't cute, they're the gimp suits of the sea.

No. 395105

No. 395110

dolphins are humans, so there are alot of assholes, but some good ones too.

No. 395120

Another unpopular animal-related opinion: I find that raccoons are disgusting and awful creatures. Too many times, I've heard stories about them brutally attacking people's pets and leaving them dead in horrific ways. I find their lumpy bodies gross and their eyes more soulless-looking than most animals'. They're intelligent, sure, but that just makes them more capable of being destructive. Plus, the roundworm that comes from raccoon feces can kill people.

No. 395123

I thought most people dislike raccoons though

No. 395127

If you live in a rural area, sure. Sheltered people who live in suburbs and cities often think they're adorable though.

No. 395175

Piggybacking off the pet stuff: reptile people, but specifically snake people, who don't rescue, are the worst.

There's no reason to have a snake unless you're saving one. Buying one is terrible. Pet ownership is a little bit fucked up in general, but with cats and dogs at least there are plenty of of them that you can provide a better life for. People that are breeding pythons for cool morphs or whatever, and in general, reptile people pretend to GAF about reptiles but their entire aim is just to breed for $$$. It's disgusting. Promoting snake culture is so careless. The majority of snake owners won't be good snake parents and the majority of people that own snakes shouldn't. Snake owners are edgelords that try to fight to live feed poor mice at the risk of hurting their snake, etc. Just get a fucking dog, you psychos. They all desperately want to feel special and think they're special for wanting an unconventional animal. These animals are glorified house ornaments and it's sad, and they're often let loose or abandoned by these edge lord fuck faces and it ends up affecting all of us.

And snake parents are always dumbfucks like Taylor who put the snake to their faces or constantly end up intimidating their snake for "cute" shit. They're the most selfish people. People buying wild caught reptiles to feel special, etc, it's all disgusting. The reptile community is trash. The excuse "but I've always loved scaley things!!" is cool girl tier bullshit. So what? Unless you're rescuing, so what? I've always loved monkeys but I'm not trying to force a capuchin to live in 30 Sq ft of living space for my satisfaction and to feel unique. Such selfish fucks.

No. 395176

I feel like a lot of snake owners are just sick fucks who think it's "badass" to see them eat live animals. They're borderline sociopathic and hide behind "muh snake only eats live food!!!" Snake kind of dudes who refused to neuter their dogs because they "empathize" with them and glorify how big their dogs balls are.

No. 395178

I hate everything Ricky Gervais has done since extras except host the Oscars and his stand ups.

Afterlife was shit.

No. 395181

I have never liked the dude. His comedy is annoying and delivery is agitating. I skip his cameo in the US version of The Office every single time because I just don't want to see/hear him.

No. 395183

exactly, anon. "but frozen mice have no nutrients!!! it's NATURAL!!!", yeah, just like it's fucking natural to keep your pythons in sterilite containers, right?? the no nutrient shit isn't even true. i've read plenty of accounts of people having to euthanize snakes that have had their eyes clawed out and snakes cut down to the bone by the poor mice fighting to survive. they are 100% sickfucks. there are COUNTLESS videos of live feeding on youtube and they should seriously all be taken down. i think it's a 'mild' gateway for edgelord boys to get into sicker shit, tbh. i wish all this "danger noodle xD" shit would go away. yes, snakes are cute, but basically anything other than a garter snake shouldn't be a fucking pet (save for rescuing neglected dangerous snakes that would otherwise create havoc in the wild).

gervais talks shit about troons and is decent about animals. i think he should mostly just stick to doing based activism because that show about the retarded guy was soooooo embarrassingly awful that i can't believe he got approved for another show, and he's the only relevant, big time comedian that's willing to keep calling out trannies

No. 395187

The idea of snakes as pets was ruined for me as soon as I found out that there was a vore fetish channel on YouTube centered around force-feeding snakes live animals. The worst part is that the idea that it's a fetish goes over so many people's heads that these videos may never be taken down. You see comments from sick fucks saying how these videos arouse them. Plus, fucking YouTube even sponsored that channel because it often gets millions of views per video.

No. 395190

I loved his Flanimals books when I was a kid but he really hasn’t ever been that funny and is just still relevant because he’s one of the loud atheist men that teenage boys are obsessed with, fans of him can claim they like superior British comedy, and because he’s obsessed with trying hard to seem edgy and offend people because muh free speech or whatever. He’s notoriously sensitive to criticism and blocks people constantly, so being offended is only for idiots when it’s him that says the funny disability joke and not when it’s him getting mad that someone doesn’t like him. He’s like if Piers Morgan went into comedy instead of phone hacking

No. 395191

I had no idea there was such a thing. What channel? Can we get a petition circulating? This is very dangerous and is encouraging sociopathy, and worse yet, sociopathic fetishism. Fucking Youtube is disgusting. Has there been any outrage about this in animal rights communities???

No. 395193

It's called The Reptile Channel. The owner of the channel is almost certainly a furry called Jonahsvore/Jonahvore who has a history of creating "RL vore" videos for people to jerk off to. There hasn't been much outrage because Jonah has masked the videos as "educational" now and has hired a female host to narrate the videos which throws people off. It's almost impossible to tell people that the channel is a fetish channel in disguise because most people can't comprehend the idea of vore being a fetish.
This post sums up the whole thing pretty well:

No. 395194

I can't believe Derek is a thing I have a couple of disabled people in my family and after dealing with how average people perceive them day to day I didn't want to watch Gervais do a shit job with it.

I haven't saw any backlash about Gervais character in afterlife essentially handing a suicidal person a noose like he did with the addict. He's just a dick. I've dealt with a family members suicide and while you're angry there's a difference between grieving and being a wanker

No. 395197


you burgers should respect him as without him you wouldn't have your precious US Office

No. 395198

The US and UK office are shit

No. 395201


no disagreement here

No. 395208

What? Not that I care about him one way or another but it’s totally possible to like someone’s work while acknowledging that they’re a dick.

No. 395209

Cant stand people who love pit bulls/bulldogs/whatever because you know they like them just to be unique and cool. They obviously dont actually like dogs because they are the same people who turn around and say small dogs are shit. Like damn, dogs dont choose to exist or be bred, fuck off and throw your good boy pitbull in your tiny backyard for 23 hours every day like usual.

Pug lovers are total shit people too because they're the big, glaring epitome of ignorant dog owners. If you know anything about dogs, you would NEVER want a pug unless you rescued it off the street. You'd never buy one of those sad suffering from a breeder.

I dont even like dogs.

No. 395211

Or they have to score validation points for loving "misunderstood" animals. No you dumb bitch, that breed has a history of freaking out and attacking the nearest creature because of a genetic issue. They have been bred to cause massive amounts of damage. Its like being proud of keeping your fireworks collection near your scented candles. Oh yeah, you're so fucking badass for owning a potential liability and calling it your precious baby.

Don't get me started on exotic pet owners. Those poor creatures are so rarely given the minimum requirements for a good life, it is just heartbreaking. Pets are generally treated as an accessory to make the owner feel good. Makes me furious.

No. 395243

>glorify how big their dogs balls are.

The way you say it implies you've seen that more than once and i am legit scared of the kind of person that would glorify the size of their dog's balls

Hard agree. People who feed their snakes live animals should honestly have never gotten snakes in the first place. An ex-friend once sent me a twitter threat where the dumb fucks gave the snake a live rat to eat, they seemingly became "friends" until the rat ate the snake. It was fucking brainlet tier of the owners to give it a live animal, not to mention an adult one.

Also on this subject, the kind of people who defend live feeding are literally psychos. Once i've seen a guy defend a guy giving his enormous snake a puppy and filming the snake as it crushed the puppy and i honestly think that should be enough for locking someone up for being willing to hurt living beings for their entertainment.
On that matter everyone who hurts animals/children/vulnerable old people are also complete sociopaths to me.

No. 395244


Not that anon but I've seen it a lot, as well. It's usually the same type of dude. Bonus points if he's in a wifebeater.

No. 395246

>On that matter everyone who hurts animals/children/vulnerable old people are also complete sociopaths to me.
Hard agree
I agree also with the live animal feeding, I'm shocked at the amount of people who go out of their way to defend that kind of thing.
Was the snake yellow? because if it was I recall some psycho posting a webm of it on /cgl/ fucking scum

Also, Tube tops are ugly and look good on no one

No. 395248

There are some incredibly disturbing videos about dudes obsessed with their dogs balls on youtube. I didn't know this was a thing until I watched idubbbz's video about it but yeah, it's fucking weird. I can't understand if it's an empathy thing or a fetish thing. But it is usually white trash hicks.

No. 395250

You know, you really would be surprised the amount of people who justify this kind of thing. First off, 90% of people who own snakes do it for unique points, but I'd say like, 70% of male snake owners try to defend live feeding because "IT'S ENRICHMENT!!" or "NUTRIENTS!!!" but did you guys hear about that middle school teacher (apparently a reptilefag who owns a python too) who fed the live puppy to the snapping turtle in front of his students and was found not guilty of animal cruelty? The brainlet tier kids were all defending him. I'm serious, reptilefags/snakefags are huge redflags, especially when they're men.


>The jury also heard a recording of Crosland from an interview with prosecutors in April during which he reportedly said, "I honestly thought I was doing the right thing by putting it out of its misery. That is why this has been so hard. I was always taught to not let the animals suffer."

>Crosland also said during that interview that he had fed a puppy to a different snapping turtle years ago, per the State Journal. According to EastIdahoNews.com, Crosland also tried feeding the dying puppy to his python on the day of the incident but the snake wouldn't eat it.

Allegedly it was 'dying', but yeah, okay, you're out here keeping these 'dying' puppies alive long enough to entertain your students, and have a history of feeding puppies to your animals. I hate the US.

Kiwifarms hasn't been working for me. Is anyone looking to take this channel down? This is fucking bullshit. Given that apparently Youtube gives no fucks about animals, maybe uncovering the fetishism and with the whole 'inappropriate content disguised as being child friendly' fiasco they've had recently, maybe they'll respond that way?

No. 395252

so this dude just has a bunch of dying puppies on hand to jerk off to while he watches his reptiles crush them to death? totally sounds legitimate

No. 395270

I just don’t know what can be done about that channel. This sick fuck has been getting away with it for years at this point and too many retards and sociopaths want their animal snuff on YouTube. No amount of reporting is going to take that channel down since it makes Google money. People on Kiwi Farms don’t seem to care that much even with all the evidence uncovered and a lameass furry fandom reporter (Dogpatch) tried to spread the word with little success. Only way I can imagine getting people to care is if a video was made covering the sick fuck running the channel.

No. 395296

Amerifats who claims to be german, french, british, swede, etc… Are so fucking cringe. How can they reconcile being so full of themselves ("muh greatest nation on earth, and freeze peach meme) with trying as hard as possible to claim a european identity?

No. 395297

Yeah it's embarrassing. I'm a first generation immigrant born in America and a lot of times when I would tell people about my heritage, they would try to humblebrag about how they're so cultured because of their French/German/whatever ancestors. Like, it has literally no impact on your life other than being a fun trivia fact or an explanation about the origin of your last name. I just get buttblasted that Americans shit all over first gen immigrants for not being real Americans or not American "enough" but then want to brag so hard about how their great grandmother came to Ellis Island from Poland or wherever the fuck.

I like to think of it this: if you go to a family reunion, what language will the majority of people be speaking? If people are actually speaking with Irish or British accents or speaking French/German/Italian/etc., then fine, it probably is an actual part of your identity, but if every single person there is speaking American English, shut the fuck up.

No. 395298

Tbh if they are ethnically Polish or anything else behind the iron curtain they either won't brag about it or will speak the language and be hardened patriots/Poleaboos. Generally people with that heritage were and sometimes still are seen as second class citizens so they were more encouraged to learn the language by their parents and be proud of where they come from, but only in the privacy of their own homes, because their folks also wanted them to be "all American" and be seen as normal.

Source: ex-yugoslav diaspora with lots of 2nd gen Slav friends

No. 395299

yeah fair enough, I kinda just pulled Poland out of my ass, probably should've said somewhere like Italy or France instead

No. 395300

Coffee/bookshop, modern girl in x setting AUs are retarded.

No. 395303

Guys who are into pegging aren't totally straight
girls who went to peg guys I suspect might be sadists

No. 395305

RatzillaCosme is annoying and always sounds condescending as fuck

No. 395306

I was OP anon. I'm UK anon. I had a david brent poster in my room at 14 next to my orlando Bloom shrine. His work as I stated on TV since extras has been shite and the US office is superior. Thanks Greg Daniels

No. 395331

As a Yuro, it's so annoying. The other day there was a new girl in a discord server I'm in, who was boasting about her being Italian, having an "Italian beauty" and all. I was like "Oh, cool! From where?"… crickets. She ignored the message and only kept on replying to the other user from the original convo. Later she mentioned living in America, and I was like "…oooh, now I get it". Bitch couldn't even name a random region or city, kek.

>You: "I'm Italian/Russian/Swedish/whatever"

>American: "Oh me too!"
>can't speak the language (aside maybe from a couple of malpronounced words thrown around at any occasion)
>has never been there, maybe only once on a school trip
>their knowledge about the food and culture are based on movies and tv shows
>their "heritage" is most likely a grandgrandgrandpa who was half Italian/Russian/Swedish/whatever
Just say you're American, there's nothing wrong with that.

No. 395332

File: 1554472426694.jpg (1 MB, 2405x1565, lorena-bobbitt.jpg)

Lorena Bobbitt did nothing wrong. It's not even a man-hate thing. Tbh I don't think cases where a victim murders their abuser should be treated like regular murders. He didn't even die, but the same logic applies here for me.

No. 395335

I don't feel like this is a particularly unpopular opinion. Her ex husband is a fucking monster.

No. 395337

>A dog is literally an animal bred over years to be human's best friend. The one animal we get along with the most. If you still take issue with them, chances are you are the problem, not the animal that was very specially made to get along with us.
That's not even true. Cats evolved alongside humans too, some people just do not have a personality that jives well with a needy animal like dogs. Not everyone is a narcissist who only likes animals that specifically cater to them.
I like most dogs but this everyone who doesn't like what I like is mentally ill!!11 shit is boring and childish.

No. 395339

Idk maybe public opinion has changed about her a lot. I was watching some old comedy specials and a lot of jokes about her came up - most painting him as the innocent victim of a psycho lady.

No. 395364

You do realize cats were never domesticated, right? They just kind of showed up and we were cool with it.
Dogs, on the other hand, were very specifically bred to exist on our terms, look how we found most appealing (for better or worse), look after our various stations (from farming to childcare to transportation), etc.
It's not even about your personality not meshing well with them. Lots of people don't get along with animals, that's life. This is about hatred. Face it. If you actually, unironically hate the creature literally catered to human whims over years, chances are, you are the problem. That's why the people in these communities fixate so hard on the worst possible dog-related stories. They're grasping for a reason to justify their issues.

No. 395387

File: 1554485031469.jpg (36.37 KB, 700x580, 89667564342.jpg)

>I had a david brent poster in my room at 14
I hope this is a lie anon

No. 395408

I think public opinion about her has definitely changed a little along with the times. If it happened in this year's climate I could see internet misogynists and fox news etc. giving her shit but I'd like to think that late night hosts, mainstream comics and mainstream culture wouldn't treat her like they did in the 90s. I especially think John would not get the kind of sympathy he did, and would be the butt of most of the jokes himself.

I definitely recommend the documentary series about the incident that came out recently, if you haven't seen it.

No. 395409

As an Americafat, totally agree. Back at Christmas my dad was trying to tell me how we're part Scandinavian but it's like, dude, we're BLACK. No one is going to give a shit about our sliver of lost White ancestry.

That said, it's really fun to interrupt people who bring up their ancestry and say I'm the same. It's like a non-white person also having an Irish grandmother suddenly makes them realize it's not worth talking about.

No. 395475

i think that wide faces, especially wide round faces with chubby cheeks or a wide face with a square jaw look the best.

but maybe im just bitter because my mom has a wide face and shes very pretty, but i only got a long ass skinny horse head.

No. 395484

File: 1554507297501.jpeg (47.23 KB, 480x420, B1BE84DB-D51D-497C-BFE2-4C585F…)

Maybe it’s just me coping since I have a wide face, but I do think they tend to accentuate women’s cute features. And hey, cuteness sticks around through aging a lot better than sexiness so that’s a bonus

No. 395491

Both wild cats and dogs co-evolved with humans to form mutually beneficial relationships, and it doesn't actually help your point to say that cats naturally get along with humans, you realize that right? It would be different if you were talking about domestic animals in general but your fixation is on dogs and only dogs so that anyone who doesn't share your preference must have something wrong with them.
>It's not even about your personality not meshing well with them. Lots of people don't get along with animals, that's life.
In your original post you stated the opposite, stop contradicting yourself.
>A dog is literally an animal bred over years to be human's best friend. The one animal we get along with the most. If you still take issue with them, chances are you are the problem, not the animal that was very specially made to get along with us.
Not everyone is going to like what you like, get over. The fact that you insinuate they're mentally ill just fuels the victim complex like in that gay guy's reddit post.

No. 395492

Nothing you said contradicts my point unless you honestly believe I'm claiming dogs are better than cats (I like and have owned both, lmao).
>In your original post you stated the opposite, stop contradicting yourself.
Stopped reading here. I literally type "hate" multiple times in my original post, and highlight exactly who I'm talking about not only there, but in >>395048.
It's not my problem if you can't read. If you couldn't understand what I was saying, everything else you have to say will surely be based on your poor interpretation, and thus not worth acknowledging.
tl;dr: Avid dog haters and other assorted people who make a hobby of REEEEEing about dogs are not well. Fixating on an animal specifically to hate on it is pretty much always the sign of a sick person. Accept it and deal, goodbye.

No. 395581

I think it's funny that you claim that dogs are "literally an animal bred over years to be human's best friend, the animal that was very specially made to get along with us", yet whenever a dog hurts a person, people are quick to say something along the lines of "What did you expect?! It's an animal, that's in its nature and therefore it's completely the owner's fault for not training it properly, the dog did nothing wrong!".
So, which one is it? Born the perfect human companion or born wild, but able to get molded into how its onwer wants it to be? Were lapdogs and dogs used for dog fights bred this way or do their owners force them to act a certain way?

No. 395590

Why do so many anons here freak out so hard over liking cats or dogs?

It’s turned into a shit-fest like, five times now.

No. 395592

Nobody freaks out over you liking pets…? Why are you making shit up?
People just hate getting accused of being psychos simply because they happen to not like them.

No. 395602

Anon, are you aware that you are proving her point?

No. 395636

No one's going to be baited by your pathetic strawman.
You have a containment thread for a reason. Get back to it. Go back to bitching about how you're oppressed by dog culture and obsessively collecting pitbull stories there.

No. 395637

>body shaking horror

I know it's your opinion but I'm here laughing at the idea of a whale jumping out of an ocean swallowing you whole

Which will never happen.

No. 395638

Notice how they are claming it now, when their acestors did everything to not be seen as that. The shift it what's considered "white" throughout the centuries is exceptional to me

No. 395640

> I just get buttblasted that Americans shit all over first gen immigrants for not being real Americans or not American "enough" but then want to brag so hard about how their great grandmother came to Ellis Island from Poland or wherever the fuck.

The point is that they say it to people who are non-white.

No. 395645

I got my DNA tested a year ago and it was cool to see where my ancestors came from, but I never flaunted it around like it made up my personality. Like it just explained why I have certain physical features.
My dad, however. Will not shut up about our ancestry. Every time I visit him, he wants to talk to me about ancestry shit, like it gets boring. I think the only cool shit is if you find close relatives who were adopted or their families broke apart before they were born or something.

No. 395646

With all the DNA testing being super popular currently I’m loving all the juicy juicy drama of peoples families falling apart by finding out their uncle is actually their dad.

No. 395648

That's bad but something that annoys me even more is when Americans attribute their ugly features or bad personality traits to having a certain heritage when that nationality doesn't even share that trait?

"Yeah I'm really argumentative, it's my Fightin' Irish ancestry."
"My nose is so big, I got it from my Italian side!"

Like no, you're just ugly or have a bad personality. How can you speak about the appearance or culture of a country you and your parents have never even been to?

No. 395653

Communism has worked every time it was implemented. The USSR, Mao's China, North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba and so forth. The USSR did not "collapse", it was illegally dissolved in a coup.

No. 395654

Lol I saw this as a reddit post too, if it was real I'm glad the two shitty biological parents got found out and I hope they're really embarrassed.

No. 395655

>North Korea

Read about the great famine in the 90's. If anything was working about that shithole of a country, it was only because USSR was supporting them financially. North Korea could not sustain itself without help of another communist country. Don't think how it's supposed to work.

No. 395657

The great famine, as well as pretty much anything a NATO country says about North Korea, is greatly exaggerated. North Korea does function. Also, what they don't tell you is that one of the reasons North Korea struggles to grow food is because the USA intentionally destroyed the soil by bombing it. The USA dropped more bombs in the Korean war than they did during the entire Pacific theater in WW2.

No. 395666

Don't forget trade wars. America and Europe collude to destroy countries by banning trade. It's why African and southeast asian countires struggled post-colonial era but they want to keep pushing the narrative they can't govern themselves.

No. 395681

I always knew about this, but reading about what happened with Haiti especially was the final nail in the coffin for me.
The whole thing is depressing. It's as if colonization never actually ended, except in name. Meanwhile, /pol/tards will keep reeeing about how they support all these countries with "foreign aid", as if that's not just their own countrymen scamming them with fake charities and high taxes, lmao.

No. 395687

File: 1554574796065.jpg (38.28 KB, 1024x1024, hanky-panky-6j2054-bare-g-stri…)

idk how unpopular this is but i think thongs are insanely gross and people who wear them instead of regular underwear are gross. i can see wearing them temporarily like for foreplay or something but like, unless you spend 5 minutes cleaning your butthole every time you take a shit, there's going to be fecal matter buildup on the part that digs into your asscrack. and the sweat which is unavoidable. i don't understand it.

No. 395688

agreed. they’re nasty and a meme. ever since learning how awful they are bacteria wise i haven’t worn one.

No. 395690

I used to have a pair of underwear that would always ride up my buttcrack, I hated it. Threw them away after the 3rd wear.
I don't get how people like the feeling of a thick string in your buttcrack all day.

No. 395697

oh thank fuck someone thinks the same thing. I can only see them for the practicality of reducing panty lines in tight fitting clothes like leggings or pencil skirts. but I have friends that bend over and I see the whale tale of a thong sticking out of their jeans and i just… how? is that comfortable? why do you want less fabric between you and thick denim??

No. 395698

All female underwear rides up your asscrack though

Mens boxer briefs don't so I wear them when I don't have to worry about panty lines

No. 395699

This. I have a absolutely never understood the hype of thongs. I own a pair, but only for sexy shit with my bf.

I had a roommate who only wore thongs. She convinced me to buy a pair when we were out at VS. I could not for the life of me wear that shit with normal clothing. The string against my butthole felt absolutely horrible haha. I don't understand it. Do you just get accustomed to a tight string pressing against your bumholio constantly? Fuck that shit. Thongs are rotten

No. 395702

There are people who wear them on a day-to-day basis?

No. 395718

I don't see how it's different from just having fecal matter and sweat in your ass crack and between your butt cheeks to stew all day anyway? Not like you'll be rubbing your thong on your face. Underwear serve to be the barrier between your body and clothes. Wear what you want for comfort and not the male gaze tho.

No. 395722

I took dance as a kid so I’ve been memed into thinking they feel fine. All underwear is going to be sweaty and gross at the end of the day.

No. 395723

Spring is a garbage season and I can't wait for it to end. My allergies are atrocious and there are 6 trillion fruit flies in my apartment within 3 fucking days of buying a single pineapple.

No. 395732

File: 1554582656762.jpg (85.08 KB, 1144x643, 1554509565288.jpg)

Fitting that this was posted less than a day after pic related was posted on /m/

Agree though, fuck thongs

No. 395767

I've danced my whole life, and not really understanding how it would involve thongs…

No. 395768

Your dance classes didn't have underwear inspection day?

No. 395770

American cartoons would be better than anime if they weren't drawn in such an ugly style.
Japanese animators definitely have the right idea when they make main characters physically attractive.

No. 395778

Nta but I wear them under my leotards noawadays, I can't remember if I did the same as a kid though. Would've been weird to have a thong that young, but I probably wouldn't have minded normal undies showing or not wearing them at all back then.

No. 395785

There’s been entire vent threads taken over by anons sperging out over how much they like or dislike cats and/or dogs.
They were diagnosing each other with sociopathy and all sorts of accusations of animal abuse and dog fuckery went on for days. There’s literally no reason to start defending yourself.

No. 395799

Confucius08 is kind of endearing and moe.

No. 395803

why are you attracted to pompous libshit soyboys with trap fetishes?

No. 395809

uhhhh nta but how is he pompous? all he does is put himself down in every post. how does he have trap fetishes? isn't he dating only women and his ex was a lesbian? also kind of weird that you're describing a boxer as a libshit soyboy.

No. 395812

I can say with full confidence that the only men who know what a terf is are either chasers or mtts

No. 395815

ehmmm, i don't think so. i think for the most part that's true, but any young guy that's involved in ANY left-wing sphere is being exposed to "TERFs get the wall" rhetoric, so it's kind of pretty widespread now. any guy on the left that's active in social media or keeping up with it is exposed to it now.

No. 395817

Yeah I kind of feel the same.
>pompous libshit soyboys with trap fetishes
That would be /r/ChapoTrapHouse

No. 395823

Is he not the one who posts there and rees at the gender critical sub reddit?

No, seriously. Those are the only men who know what a terf is. Men who aren't chasers don't specifically wk troons.

No. 395825

>No, seriously. Those are the only men who know what a terf is. Men who aren't chasers don't specifically wk troons.
he doesn't wk troons afaik? he was being attacked by /r/chapotraphouse for being a 'terf ally' or whatever. he's GC, iirc.

No. 395826

Oh, maybe I'm confusing him with the other fag who got posted in the mh thread. I can't into plebbit.

No. 395834

yeah, the totally super leftist and compassionate dudes were telling him to kill himself for being GC. i like him. i don't think he's moe, however. and i still don't care that he punched his asshole male cousin. asshole men deserve to get punched idc.

No. 395839

File: 1554597698613.png (24.26 KB, 1022x307, 1554167215221.png)

why do you handmaidens like that moron so much
he's a literal Idiot
you don't punch someone for mildly insulting you

No. 395841

nta but I think he's the sort of person that would be cute as a character on a sitcom or something, but irl is terrifying.
He's really out there.

No. 395845

File: 1554598366509.png (25.66 KB, 1033x325, r6eme8s202p21.png)

Like a character from "Its Always Sunny" sure he would be funny to look at from afar but horrible IRL
also the horrible advice keeps on posting

No. 395846

as we've already discussed, he warned him multiple times and the cousin knows he's unwell. i have had issues of my own and while i've not punched anyone for provoking me, it's really not right to continually provoke someone who you know is unwell and is at the end of their rope and i completely empathize. the cousin is at fault, and this has nothing to do with being a handmaiden. someone who insists on bullying/provoking people that are unwell (of either sex), and have been warned that they have anger/impulse issues, deserve it. it's one thing if it was an accident, but the cousin specifically wanted to upset him. this has nothing to do with even being a handmaiden. idgaf about bullies bothering people who are already suffering and they deserve what comes to them (excluding like, murder and rape and super insane shit). and yes, he's very dumb, but at least he has enough common sense/understaning to not be /r/chapotraphousetier dumb. dumb people can still be alright and endearing.

No. 395847

ok imagine if his cousin was a woman and "she" kept on provoking Confucius08 and Confucius08 punched her in the face
would that still be right ?

No. 395848

nta but that sort of reasoning is dumb, sure he is already stronger than his male cousin due to being a boxer but with a woman the strength difference would be massive.

That's some tranny reasoning you have, "nonnie"

No. 395849

Nta but male on male violence is no where near as bad as male on female violence

No. 395850

it wouldn't be physically fair at all, like, not even remotely close, so no. i'm not in the business of defending male bullies though and i really don't care what comes to them. i don't care about men punching shitty men. i sympathize a fuckton more with the dude that's suicidal and obviously openly unwell and is being mocked by his shitty family than the dude that takes it upon himself to mock and pester someone that he knows is suicidal. you sound like a robot or something.

kek tbh i literally do not care about male on male bully vs victim violence. really crazy how anon is out here calling everyone who doesn't care about his shitty cousin a handmaiden.

No. 395853

File: 1554599103135.png (29.69 KB, 1005x290, 23.png)

Also his favorite musical was GG Allin

No. 395855

I'm not defending the cousin Im saying that its common for Handmaidens to go after "broken men" and try to fix them

No. 395858

Are you an ESL or just dumb? His FATHER'S favorite musician is GG Allin.

No. 395862

>really crazy how anon is out here calling everyone who doesn't care about his shitty cousin a handmaiden.
I think it must be the same anon who posted his posts a couple times in the Pink Pill thread even though it was completely off-topic. Here >>395050 and here >>395378

>I'm not defending the cousin Im saying that its common for Handmaidens to go after "broken men" and try to fix them
And who's trying to fix him here? Some anons just said they find him likable.

No. 395865

We were always told to wear thongs or no underwear at all underneath our ballet leotards, especially during recitals.

No. 395867

>And who's trying to fix him here? Some anons just said they find him likable.
Jesus Christ why ?

No. 395869

regular underwear doesn't dig into your ass and press against your anus all day. it doesn't open the door for vaginal and anal bacteria to go back and forth, unless you just plain aren't wiping. thongs are noxious if you wear them all day.

No. 395871

tbh i'm almost positive that the anon that has the hateboner for him is a guy and he's triggered that we think he's likable because he's violent toward men or something and is unintelligent. no one is moving in with the dude, i just think he's deserving of sympathy and i don't think he's a cow, just a guy that's plagued by mental illness.

because he's helpless and dumb but has enough common sense to come to the right conclusions. not a lot of men are GC so he clearly has more sense or integrity than 99% of men on the left that are instead attacking women for being GC.

No. 395884

he seems to have no Idea about leftist ideology
I bet Y'all like him because he said he liked masculine women

No. 395885

File: 1554602108429.png (15.87 KB, 999x196, Screenshot_2019-04-07 Boyfrien…)

found the comment

No. 395887

i didn't know he said that but that's pretty based

No. 395888

how is that based ?
he has a fetish for lesbians

No. 395889

no? his current gf is a troon that's obviously into men. he likes masculine women. most masculine women, however, tend to be lesbians, because lesbians don't feel as much pressure to be physically appealing to men, generally. it's a bit easier for them to buck convention because they're not attracted to their oppressors.

No. 395891

he's dating a TIF not a Troon

No. 395893

aren't both types of trannies troons? or has it just come to mean just men? either way, he's dating a tranny that's a woman and she's straight. whatever.

No. 395894

They 100% are, the anon you're replying to just didn't get the memo apparently

No. 395895

either way he isn't completely straight for dating a TIF

No. 395896


No. 395901

his flair is "Straight male in a relationship with a Transman"
thats on oxymoron

No. 395902

He's a man dating a woman, he's straight.

No. 395903

No it isn't. Transmen (TIFs) are women. That is a hetero relationship, completely straight.

No. 395904

File: 1554608936009.png (10.07 KB, 939x155, Screenshot_2019-04-07 This is …)

Then explain this

No. 395905

>After watching some clips of GG online I would want to fight him as well
normal people don't say stuff like that

No. 395906

Still a 100% hetero relationship… I don't see the point you're trying to make. Transmen are women no matter what you want to call them.

No. 395908

More like he has a reverse trap fetish. So maybe he is a chaser after all.

No. 395912

>reverse trap fetish
a man who is attracted to women who look like boys pretending to be girls

No. 395913

>reverse trap fetish
a man who is attracted to women who look like boys pretending to be girls

No. 395919

Or he just likes women, because he didn't say he likes masculine faces and bodies that literally look male - just hairy women with short hair and andro clothing. Being a hairy woman with short hair is normal and still is very womanly

No. 395920

let me guess
you're a hairy women with short hair and andro clothing

No. 395921

Knew you were male from the way you type, and from the went on and on about him and can't stand him. This really proves it. No woman that actually frequents our pink pill threads would say this.

No. 395923

File: 1554611583847.png (29.54 KB, 1007x370, Screenshot_2019-04-04 to all t…)

just remember this great advice anon from your "mentally ill uwu boyfriend"

No. 395933

i don't want to date him and tbh it's not even bad advice. i agree with what he's saying. it's just weird to put it in the gcguys subreddit. don't be salty just because farmers think he's ok. he's really too dumb and helpless to dislike anyways. don't be jealous because you're a leftist GC guy and aren't getting praise or defended. im sure anons would think you're likable too. you're the one who brought him to LC anyways.

No. 395935

except its horrible advice
"as long as your strong mentally nothing on this earth can beat you"
thats just a delusion

No. 395943

this sounds like the last episode of evangelion but more tru manliness.

No. 395944

File: 1554618489307.jpg (166.52 KB, 980x922, Skins630.jpg)

This is probably my hottest take yet, but I find Skins to be overated for what it is, dramatically unrealistic to teen life and romanticizes mental illness, drug use and etc. to a young audience.

No. 395946

it's just supposed to be inspirational. i don't think he literally believes nothing in the world can beat him.

No. 395949

I think he might
the way described himself of how survived so much and how only he can kill himself and no one else be allowed to

No. 395950

The delusion rant of a crazy man is not "tru manliness"

No. 395951

ok does anyone have pics of Confucius08
I know he's posted pics of himself on reddit but as now has deleted them and I never bothered to save them

No. 395955

Skins is so weird. Half the episodes and situations I remember as, maybe not realistic but normal for a teen drama, the other half is like a surreal fever dream im not even sure actually happened because it felt out of place amongst the humour and quirkiness. like freddie at the end of s4 wtf

No. 395956

File: 1554621690169.png (9.98 KB, 957x174, Screenshot_2019-04-07 Would I …)

well he posted again and its exactly what I expected

No. 396002

My life growing up in south-west England was not far off Skins at all. But I recognise that for most people life was much more like the Inbetweeners lmao

No. 396143

I don't understand people who don't like to watch shit with subtitles or solely watch it dubbed. There's a world of stuff that isn't within an English speaking bubble that's actually interesting and well produced or fun to watch and you'd rather stick to a small selection of shows because you claim you can't "read" subtitles? Give me a break.

My sister pulls this bullshit with Netflix content, if she stumbles across a foreign show with subs, she won't even watch it because it has subs.

That's her choice, but I think it's stupid to limit oneself because you think you can't read subs or that you're "too good" for shows in a foreign language.

I'm attention deficit as hell, I can still read subs and understand what's going on. So for people to pull the "I can't read subs" card out of their ass when they don't have any problems with their focus really pisses me off. They can, they just don't want to.

No. 396260

Subtitles take up a considerable amount of your attention so you can't enjoy the cinematography and the acting as much. It's all about where you want to spend time looking. Your eyeballs have a very narrow area of focus and it's a bit ridiculous to get mad at people that don't want to use that precious attention to read text when it's a moving picture medium.

I've never seen someone prefer dubs because they're above a foreign language.

No. 396262

I like subtitles because I have this weird thing where I strongly desire to know exactly everything that is being said. My eyes are trained to read peripherally so I can take in the actual movie better. I lowkey look down on people who simply refuses to read subs though like, they just seem dumb.

No. 396267

So if something isn't dubbed, it makes sense to miss out on 100% of the cinematography and acting rather than 1% because you have subtitles to read? I'm not even sure if that makes sense since it takes half a second to read a line of text and few scenes are that short. You just read it quickly then concentrate on the rest right away.

I actually prefer eng language with subs because missing a bit of the dialogue is way worse than not completely taking in the visuals at all times.

No. 396268

>My sister pulls this bullshit with Netflix content, if she stumbles across a foreign show with subs, she won't even watch it because it has subs.
This is such a weird mindset to me, my native language is obscure and I had to watch EVERYTHING subtitled growing up and also today because my country rarely dubs anything. Even now I will always pick subs because I want to enjoy the original acting and associate dubs with children's cartoons because that's the only stuff that gets dubbed in my country. And that's also why I think people who prefer dubs are a bit slow.

What??? You literally watch the screen and your mind subconsciously registers what the subtitles are saying. You don't really have to "read" them. Just see them.

No. 396275

Some people are slow readers. I've watched subbed films with people who read slow, and they'd glare at me for laughing at jokes they missed.

No. 396276

Netflix needs to let me have the option to filter out movies from India, and the masses need to let them do it without crying racism. I don't wanna sift through Bollywood stuff anymore.

No. 396279

>Subtitles take up a considerable amount of your attention
Nah, they really don't.

I've been watching everything with subs since childhood and don't miss anything. If anything I've gained an increased vocabulary, more accurate spelling, and faster reading speed.

No. 396300

With subtitles, it depends on the movie and the translations though. I’m bilingual and my SO is monolingual and the other day we were watching Superbad (subbed in his language) and like 50% of the time the actual jokes were translated literally with any essence of humor stripped out of them. Basically if you were experiencing it for the first time you’d think the movie was just dry and not full of any humor or substance. This is the case with a lot of movies and TV shows I’ve noticed.

No. 396303

That's the translator's fault most of the time. Either that, or shows like Gintama full of puns where you better have a good share of weeb knowledge or it won't be funny. I noticed there's a lot of good shows with bad or lazy subs/dubs that make no sense, but if you can understand the original language it just makes more sense.

No. 396317

uuuh netflix has categories dude. Are you only looking in the foreign movies section?

No. 396320

nta but Bollywood movies aren't just confined to their own category, you will see them in the romance, musical and comedy categories too.

No. 396371

I'm honestly okay with calling TiMs and TiFs by their preferred names/pronouns as a kindness to a mentally ill, possibly suicidal person.
I just think it's ridiculous that now people have taken that kindness to the point where they're okay with trampling over anyone who doesn't have that mental illness, and honestly believe their feelings can change biology. A TiM will never belong in a woman's space, because when it comes down to it, that's not a woman. It's a man who wants to be one. The two will never be the same.
And somehow, TiFs are never as maladjusted or forceful as TiMs. They often have internalized misogyny, but we never see them harassing men, being pedophiles/rapists, physically attacking people, showing off their pornsickness (they're often fond of bashing fujoshi, even when they themselves are often just that) or screaming "IT'S SIR" at store employees while damaging private property. Why is that? It absolutely screams the validity of gender socialization, but I guess that's just another TERF lie.

No. 396382

I don't really think the men are ever suicidal, save for maybe SOME of the gay ones. The transbians have never known a day of suffering in their lives and don't deserve shit tho. Imo when you're actually suicidal youre not out here picking bones about stupid bullshit and you certainly don't have the entitlement that they have. It takes a high level of self importance to make these demands

No. 396384

>> I don't really think men are ever suicidal
I refuse to believe that this site is real

No. 396387

My post said "the men", as in male trannies, specifically, dumbass. Lrn2read.

No. 396390

They're trannies ofc they're suicidal

No. 396395

You know nothing of trannies. The men aren't actually suicidal.

No. 396396

How would you even know what I know

No. 396403

Killing themselves is something that transpeople are actually pretty good at though.

If you've seen any of the horror stories about the SRS procedures I'm not surprised. I'd kill myself if my vag was rotting and falling apart too and I'm not even trans.

No. 396405

I don't believe suicidal thoughts are nearly as common as they like to tell us but I do believe some of them. Chloe Sagal, who I thought was a huge creep but was clearly in mental pain, literally poured gasoline over himself and set himself on fire. That's not something you do unless you intend to die.

No. 396413

not really, with the amount of baiting they do, the actual suicide stats aren't that high, and it's not the young guys out here committing suicide most frequently. i dont think the majority of them are committing suicide because they have rotting inverted dicks. again, i dont think they're actually nearly as suicidal as they claim. it's an emotional blackmail manipulation tactic. all of them bait constantly while having the audacity to threaten women and believe they're deserving of being catered to constantly. 30% are probably actually suicidal while 100% claim to be

first off, i didn't know he killed h