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File: 1513460616269.png (859.79 KB, 633x536, roots.png)

No. 445432

previously a punk kid who became a pansexual buddhist lolita lifestyler
>quit because of bullies and LACE drama (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxz0QVfggik [DL][Archived Copy] [DL][Archived Copy] [DL][Archived Copy])
>history of self harm, ED and severe anxiety
>has a legitimate shopping problem which she justifies by making an ungodly amount of haul videos
>broke up with 2-year boyfriend to date their best friend (and her other best friend's ex) whom she 'loved all along' and 'makes her believe in love at first sight' (Who broke up with her)
>can't participate in jfashion communities because 'muh rules & restrictions'
>creates her OWN japanese street fashion called Party Kei
>Went to Japan to prove to herself she wanted to study fashion design
>was basically a two week shopping spree
>home again and struggling to keep up with making videos
>quitting her jobs to follow ~dream~ of being a fashion designer in Japan
>still lying about making 'enough money to pay rent' (while asking Louise for $$) and about being supportive to her followers
>interviewed by cbc.ca about internet popularity in her basement room
>"would call herself lesbian if she wasn't dating someone with a dick"
>started streaming on younow for money
>Colin broke up with her, now dating girls only through tinder
>Got a tattoo of her cat after getting told her wand plan was a bad idea and throwing a fit about it
>Full time youtuber now
>Got into a crappy fashion/design school close to mommy
>Currently dating normie girl
>Keeps crying about YouTube demonetization because she can't fund her shopping and sugar addiction
>Says she's pagan/a witch but won't talk about it because apparently people are touchy about religions

Latest updates:
>Dumped new girlfriend after several-months-long lesbianism obsession, now posts depression memes
>Entered a Kawaii Contest to win another trip to Japan, is a finalist
>Got a magical girl tattoo on her thigh & dyed her hair "mint"


youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA
insta https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
2nd insta: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/?hl=en
tumblr http://pixielocks.tumblr.com/
blog pixie-locks.blogspot.ca
Cosplay Page https://m.facebook.com/cosplaypixie/

No. 445444

Does Jill have the most threads?

No. 445446

In the span of a year she’s accumulated 15 threads including this one

No. 445452

She's a true lolcow

No. 445461

File: 1513462985743.jpg (205.86 KB, 1440x1094, IMG_20171216_142033.jpg)

1. "Showered"….since when does she actually shower?
2. Does she really need to make separate videos for each announcement? She can't just make one big announcement video? I get wanting more content but I'm sure they don't warrant their own videos.

No. 445462

She has to shower now since she got a fresh tattoo.

No. 445475

File: 1513464483418.jpeg (147.26 KB, 574x850, 996617DC-AD9F-473A-AD31-5631C6…)

No. 445476

File: 1513464530794.jpeg (102.53 KB, 574x661, 6160A189-76BD-4590-B2FE-E6F2D0…)

As if she actually needs that with her. Ugh she’s so painfully cringey.

No. 445478

It's cute, much nicer than her cat tattoo. Good for her.

No. 445479

obviousy we're going to nitpick (lines aren't completely perfect, etc) but generally speaking 95% of people don't have 'perfect' tattoos, and as far as shading, etc go this is pretty great.
as for placement, an anon said it would've been better lower since it'll basically always be cut off. I'm assuming Jill just wanted something that would be easy to cover (she could still wear skirts and have it covered if needed).
It sucks she hasn't realized how quickly she goes through phases. Imagine if she had gotten an MCR tattoo when she was 15 kek

I think the reason Jill has so many threads is, unlike other people on this site, she posts pretty regularly so there's always something to discuss. I wouldn't consider her a lolcow at all, and I do think she belongs on snow. Sure she's a little cringey, but she doesn't scam people or have huge scandals.

No. 445480

i don't really buy makeup but i got my points from sephora via skincare, mainly. ofc jill doesn't do skincare but if you consider expensive stuff is (foundation $40, mascara $40, lipsticks, etc) it racks up extremely quickly. at my Sephora i always hear the cashiers joking with customers about how they always accidentally end up spending +$100 because of how easy it is.

also, i have judged Jill for how she spends money on clothes and i definitely spend more money than her. the difference is how and why she buys her clothes. the reason we judge her is because she goes through phases quickly, doesn't take care of her clothes, gets rid of them after a month, etc. a good, put together wardrobe will last you a lifetime. if i'm going through a 'phase' i'll not invest in it or i'll buy secondhand so it doesn't hurt my wallet. she just lacks common sense and most people are frustrated by it.

No. 445487

Imo people who complain about her wasting her money and then drop a grand at Sephora themselves are hypocrites. Whether your reasons for excessive consumption are more legit than Jill's really doesn't matter.

No. 445492

so big, so little detail

No. 445497

>the difference is how and why she buys her clothes. the reason we judge her is because she goes through phases quickly, doesn't take care of her clothes, gets rid of them after a month, etc.
I agree with this. She used to wear lolita and buy 300 dollar dresses but no one would really care because it was a niche fashion and she was buying high quality stuff. People would whine that she spent her mom's money but she was like 16 and at least she was actually buying nice clothes. Now she's spending the same amount of money on shitty fast fashion that falls apart and she never wears or looks after her clothes anymore. I think even if you spend a lot on makeup and clothes yourself it's still fair to criticise Jillian's spending because she's become a legitimate hoarder and she seems to have a shopping addiction.

Also the fact that she whines about demonetisation and how she's apparently a starving artist, and her claims to be a designer rub people up the wrong way because all she does is consume utter crap. No one is criticising her because she spends money period. It's the stuff she buys and her whole attitude around money and shopping that pisses people off.

No. 445504

Yeah that's the thing.
I actually love watching expensive fashion hauls, but all the people I enjoy watching are dedicated to their fashion, wear the clothes, and are all hardworking independent people who obviously know how to spend their money (and don't just throw it at random dollar store crap whenever they leave the house).
Jill feels the need to constantly justify her spending and it makes it seem like she needs to reassure herself more than anything, it's pretty sad.

No. 445519

Saging but you clearly didn't understand what the anon said. Obviously people are going to have more respect for someone who spends their money on worthwhile items VS someone who spends it on cheap shit.
Sorry, I would rather spend 1k at Sephora on skincare than 1k on random makeup palettes I wouldn't use, or $1000 on a purse I will keep for the rest of my life vs $1000 on clothing I would get rid of in my next phase. I'm sure most people would agree.

No. 445521

i'm pretty surprised jillian isnt vegan tbh, most liberal art kids are. i can imagine her drawing kawaii ~meat is murder~ graphics and posting it on her ig. it would go good with her super king and loving aesthetic or whatever.

No. 445522

Pretty sure without tendies and plain beef patties she would die

No. 445523

File: 1513470059571.jpeg (271.56 KB, 750x1134, D0B04F5A-1967-4A0B-B3FA-F1E20D…)

No. 445525

>>445523 the only person who could of stolen it that quickly must be a fan of hers, right? Thats really shitty

No. 445528

I hate pages that do that. Cow or not, Jill doesn't deserve that.

No. 445531

sage for irrelevance, but what happened with that incel and humblebragging shit in the last thread? sry late to the party

also can somebody ban jill from wearing neon yellow? it makes her skin look sunburnt pink

No. 445532

I believe her when she says shes queer. I guess shes atracted to girls, but at the end of the day she would prefer a boy to feel snuggly, warm, safe and protected.

I imagine(because of what they posted about it) that her and her exgirlfriend argued a lot. They started dating after tinder, and now theyve realised that they wouldnt get along.

No. 445534

At least jill broke up with her instead of attempting to stay with her to maintain her queer image

No. 445538

Wait, Jill and MG broke up?

No. 445545

Yes Jill mysteriously dumped Alyssa based on the screenshots posted in the last thread of one of her friends calling Jill out on twitter/ig

No. 445547

Jill loves boys end of story. No need to drag on with speculations.kek

No. 445557

I think it's hilarious how far from self aware the makeup anons are in a thread where most of the complaints are about Jill's spending habits. Spending $1000 a year on makeup is not normal or reasonable.
I've never spent over $10 on a single bit of makeup and still manage to do it better than Jill. Expensive makeup is not a necessity unless your job is being a MUA. Otherwise it's just frivolous reckless spending on something that will rot over years and you can't sell once used.

No. 445567

Anon don't be bitter due to be a cosmetic cheapskate. It's perfectly fine to spend $1k at Sephora. Not that it matters what Jill spends. Her money her business.

No. 445574

>Not that it matters what Jill spends. Her money her business.

but that isn't the general view of this thread and plenty of people who definitely give a shit about how she spends her money were blogposting last thread about how it's ok for them to drop 1K at sephora but for jill it's a waste

it really is hypocritical lol

No. 445576

Shut up and stop being a bitter bitch(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 445577

I agree with you, the "hurr durr you must be poor if you don't drop $40 for a single mascara or face wash" derailing is absolutely retarded. Expensive doesn't equal good, that's Jill logic. Once again, no one gives a shit how much any of you can afford at Sephora when the topic is Jill's frivolous spending and makeup being a part of it.

Learn to sage newfag

No. 445578


Yeah, I really like her new tattoo and this pic is pretty aesthetic pleasing.

See Jill, you should match colors more often. It works.

No. 445592

is it me. or is anyone else highly suspicious that jill is lurking here super hard. like, i admit i have white knighted jill in the past also, but this is a whole nother level of white knight, almost to the extent it sounds like someone is defending themselves rather than someone else. hello jill hi how are ya

No. 445599

So I didn't post during the makeup debate, but here's a thing: it's only her business when she doesn't make it pretty damn obvious that she spends godawful amounts of money on crap that she doesn't need nor use to a full extent. I can admit that I have a similar problem that can get out of hand very quickly if I don't control myself, but I also have a full time job that allows me to have enough money come in each week and other costs that I have to factor in before I go wild spending money. Jill's only job is Youtube (aka something very unstable), and this thread has regularly debated just how much money she is making that can even remotely account for how much she spends on clothes and makeup alone, when she can't even keep up a regular schedule of videos or completely defend her videos from being demonetized. Factor in the problem that she has to be ready to move into her own apartment for college in less than a year, and it makes it pretty clear that she's not being financially responsible even if it is her own money that she's using. People aren't pissing on Jill's spending for being hypocritical, they're doing it because she's showcasing terrible financial decisions and openly being an idiot about it.

sage goes in the email field kiddo

No. 445631

File: 1513489254701.jpg (80.07 KB, 480x595, 84Ntk24epFY.jpg)

No. 445636


No. 445647


I think it's just the same toy she tattooed but better. Not milky at all.

No. 445665

File: 1513496855161.jpeg (140.33 KB, 1220x1308, E05BDDD2-A713-44F6-90AE-6CB8F6…)

No. 445666

Poor girl

No. 445671

People are focusing way too much on the VIB thing. Like or course if you have one expensive hobby, whether it be makeup, gaming, art, whatever, who gives a fuck? But people complain about Jill's spending because she spends more than that on literally any tiny thing that catches her eye. Makeup, clothes, magical girl toys, fabric she never uses, and now home decor. A bunch of different shit, that she obviously spends thousands on yearly. And then she barely uses it. She even has makeup palettes she's said she won't use half the colors of.

She broadcasts this, purposely including the price of items for bragging points. While she complains about demonitization and being a starving artist.

Literally anybody can see that's fucked up. I'm not a vib, but just because someone is doesn't mean they're wasting their money like jill is. How much of Jill's clothing does she actually wear?? How much random shit does she have lying around her room collecting dust? Remember her TWO pairs of $300 irregular choice shoes she never wears? This is ON TOP of being vib rouge.

Also she's the one broadcasting her spending habits, obviously people are gonna judge her like get over it. This is lolcow, wtf do you expect?

No. 445673

This poor dummy really invested a lot of emotions in that retard Jill.

No. 445679

File: 1513500084806.jpeg (111.62 KB, 745x549, 84BED8B8-5DE5-4E42-B209-AA4F00…)

No. 445680

as much as i'm no fan of the "let's vague-post about my life troubles on social media" people, i feel so bad for MG having to deal with the fact that someone she had to have looked up to, someone she had to have so much love for, has essentially broken her heart at one of the worst times of the year, and here is jill continuing on like she's done no wrong. maybe MG had a problem with something and jill was like "well that's no good, you're gone". maybe jill felt like MG was pressuring her into something, or just didn't like how MG did something or wasnt taking up jill's kawaiiness like she wanted. god, there's so many possibilities as to how this happened, i wish something would come up that gives an idea of what happened between them

No. 445690

I think she seems like a sweet girl, it's just unfortunate that she had to date someone like Jill, who was most likely using her to experiment or for clickbait. She's better off without her, honestly; all of Jill's exes are.

No. 445695

I wonder if Jill is desperate enough to try and get Colin back? Kek

No. 445697

I haven't lurked Jill's threads in awhile because they move so quickly and I haven't checked on her since she was still with Collin but I'm glad she did get the black in her tattoo since that debacle was a mini shitshow. Glad she listened to reason.

No. 445700

I might do a summary for her recent stream if anyone's interested

No. 445701

please do, its hard to recap after a new thread comes up

No. 445710

Recap from the latest stream

>Brought up she's been watching Love Live, she likes it so far, loves/hates Nico

>Talks about how she's going to get her cat tattoo touched up because she's unhappy with having "one amazing tattoo and one kind of sad looking tattoo"
>Her and her mom want to get mother daughter matching tattoos
>Shows off her tattoo, explains the meaning in each part (strong kind beautiful being from go princess precure, the doremi wand bc doremi is sentimental "for a lot of reasons", the hartiel baton because max heart is "the og three), ccs key because ccs "frickin rocks and is beautiful")
>Mentioned she's been struggling with depression especially during the winter months, and is going through a lot that she "doesn't want to get into because she wants to keep a line between personal and public things", explains that this makes it hard to do vlogs because it would be just her eating and being sad
>Won't talk about what she eats vwxUs she still has eating disorder tendencies
>Was supposed to decorate a gingerbread house with a group of friends but "now things are weird and that might make me sad" (likely MG's friend group)
>When it comes to her sexuality (brought up by someone saying she's a lesbian) she's "super confused but thinks she's bi" "I've done a lot of soul searching and I don't think I'm a lesbian"
>When a fan said they thought she was pan she replies with "did you know that people can discover more about themselves/change their mind?"
>"I like queer" "I don't think I'm demisexual because that means you need to be close before feeling sexual urges and I'm definitely not demisexual then"
>Says she's a "saucy girl", says it's awkward to talk about because she's "whee puppy surprises" then "you want some fuck?"
>Leans towards girls but "loves a good peen or two", came to the realization within the last week that she's not completely gay
>Is going to do a what I got for Christmas 2017 video, feels less guilty because she made a video about what she got others
>Jill's dad makes a cameo with one of the cats
>Did a mini Sephora, Ikea and lush haul
>"I exclusively take baths and with the tattoos I have to take showers and it's very sad"
>Her and Wendy/nanamidoll are likely moving in together when she goes to college
>"I'm not talking about my love life from now on at all"

Gonna post the other half in a bit, also this is my first time doing this so I'm sorry if it's shit

No. 445716

You are a true blessing to the farms anon

No. 445718


>Wants to go to hyper japan and meet the Galaxy girls, but is a finalist in the kawaii.i competition and if she wins she won't also go to England and will stay longer than the couple days NHK might allow

>Wants to go to Osaka and Kyoto
>But if she doesn't win she will for sure go to hyper japan
>Connie is the only Galaxy girl she hasn't talked to or has on her Facebook
>"Abipop is the sweetest girl of all time!!"
>Casually mentioned she's not in a relationship with anyone on her Facebook
>Acts really surprised that people in her Livestream don't know what boxing day is and that the US doesn't have it
>Won't be doing her crayola meetup
>Wants to come to America but doesn't know when
>Can't remember how she got over her ED but it just happened, around the time she got over her ED was when she was dating Tristan, and it felt good knowing that someone liked her body (was asked for advice on how to get over an ED and said she knows this is bad advice and to not look to love)
>Wants to lose a little weight because she started stress eating after her and Colin broke up
>Is scared because she doesn't know how to lose weight healthily, her and Wendy want to dance or work out together
>Not taking Neko because he's her mom's cat
>Her new merch item is an enamel pin of a cake that says confetti club, might be 10$ but might be more than that

And that's about it.

No. 445720

I'm honestly surprised I was able to do it, like others have done I had it on in the background and just took note when something interesting came up.

Her talking about sex kinda surprised me a lot, I wonder if she dumped MG because she tried to have sex with her and really wasn't into it? Based on how she worded things it honestly seems that way or something along those lines.

No. 445721


>wants to lose weight

>does not know how

it's easy, Jill. Just stop with the peep tea shit and no more cupcakes and cornflakes for breakfast, leave the house for a walk each day and eat some fruit instead of all that sugar trash and you should start seeing some changes.
But I bet all that isn't ~*aesthetic*~ enough.

No. 445723

I know this might come off as too invasive but what do we know about Jill’s sex life. I know when she was dating Tristan she mentioned they hadn’t had sex yet, but sometime this year in the Party Kei group someone brought up how they were scared to buy condoms and Jill said “don’t worry it gets easier” which gives off the implication that she might of had sex with Colin. Again I’m not going to fish for info but if there is any public info about this topic feel free to add it

No. 445729

Videos planned:
-Cool pants lookbook.
-Lazy Oaf lookbook.
-Life update( maybe not anymore as she doesnt want to share personal stuff now).
-Tattoo vlog.
-Kawaii.i bloopers.
-Secreto video (maybe new pin).

No. 445732

Shes trying way too hard to label herself in her relationships. If you dont fucking know what to call yourself, just say youre unsure, its okay to be unsure of what you are!

>exclusively takes baths
>has to shower because tattoos
Its literally the cleanest she will ever be oh my god

No. 445741

I understood perfectly well what anon said, my point still stands. I don't really respect people more who spend 1k on skincare than those who spend it on makeup, you're really lacking self-awareness if you think you're better because of that.

Also you didn't sage your post.

No. 445751


Tbh I just feel a little bad for Jill at this pointti. She's just a silly little spoiled kid who's obviously having a hard time with finding out who she is. Any kind of publicity is bad for her at this time for sure.

No. 445758

I remember watching this and finding it really interesting how much time and effort it takes to go mint properly. Jill take notes.

No. 445760

>enamel pin

She likely wont say where she had it made but I'd be howling if she got it made by a middle man. They pretty much do nothing but take your money to act as a shopping service when it really isnt necessary

Jill if you are reading and you had your pin made at Zap or MadeByCooper, ya fucked up

No. 445779

Nitpick but I feel like if she got "strength, kindness, and beauty" it would be more powerful, as it would imply her goal is to have those things.

Having it as "strong, kind, and beautiful" sounds really arrogant especially considering she is none of these things.

If anything, she is desperate, selfish, and materialistic.

No. 445785

>gets mad at someone for stealing her photo of her stolen art tattoo and has stolen the rainbow skirt pattern

Ahahahaha wtf

No. 445793


i spend thousands of dollars on makeup each year, and yes it’s excessive & i don’t need it.
it’s a hobby i enjoy, but i don’t publicise it on the internet for attention & i also use all the products i buy multiple times.

problem isn’t with the amount of money that jill spends, but with what she spends it on & how much she publicises it.

No. 445795

I mean changing the catchphrase of the show would sound more stupid, for those who know the reference.

No. 445796

>Says she's a "saucy girl", says it's awkward to talk about because she's "whee puppy surprises" then "you want some fuck?"

I just vomited. This is too close to sounding like ddlg

No. 445799


exactly, jill literally bought a two faced palette that’s $50usd for two shades.
makeup as a hobby is not a problem when you actually use the products that you buy, but she keeps buying eyeshadow palettes with shades she KNOWS she won’t use.

No. 445805


the way she dresses & acts, in the same way that a lot of toddlers do, makes me very uncomfortable when thinking about her in any sexual scenario.

she’s such a child that associating her with anything sexual makes me feel dirty.

No. 445806

Can we all agree to disagree and end this dumbass argument?

No. 445811

proof of the tattoo is stolen?

No. 445821

>Her new merch item is an enamel pin of a cake that says confetti club, might be 10$ but might be more than that

I thought the enamel pin trend was dying down. I know it takes time to approve and process them but still seems late for her to just now be announcing/finalizing it. And are they even profitable in the long run? She made it exclusive to her little club so pin collectors aren't gonna care for it and probably only a small percent of her teen fanbase will buy. Probably wasted her time with this.

No. 445825

on twitter jill suggests people listen to "you don't do it for me anymore" and "cry baby" by demi lovato, probably more vagueing about her colin/MG break-ups

No. 445828

i was surprised how uppity she got at the pan comment, since it just read as someone being confused she'd ID as bi instead of pan (since she's said pan in the past and they're commonly seen as the same sexuality, just different labels)

but then she started acting like it was a personal attack on identity lmao

No. 445846

File: 1513532653959.png (565.38 KB, 579x596, pin.png)

No. 445847

If it didn't say confetti club on it'd be decent looking tee text makes them look tacky

No. 445848


ofc i pity her because she's clearly regretting everything right now, but. At the same time… She was the one who agreed to date someone who was NOT over her ex. Everything about Jill screams that she's still bitter about Collin. And don't get me started on her forced fake gay, which lasted a month or two and now she's back to being BI. you could see it from miles away.

Again, sucks that she got involved. But Jill reeks of desperation. i think we all saw this coming. Everyone BUT her apparently, which is pretty sad too.

No. 445850


i remember some anons who actually believed Jill was a lesbian because she dated a girl in high school when she was like 15 (and lasted a few months). it was clear as day that she's just bi and leans more towards men, jfc i can't believe some people actually believed her gay shtick.

i guarantee that she's saying this shit because she's already texting some new guy. she never takes breaks between relationships so she never gets over anything smh. she's probably already "in love" with someone new.

No. 445854

Anon is referencing >>445523

No. 445855


>Is scared because she doesn't know how to lose weight healthily, her and Wendy want to dance or work out together

out of all the things that we have discussed about Jill in these threads, this is the only thing that makes me feel bad for her. that must be very scary for her. i wish she had more friends (who were healthy bc her current friends are all chubby) who could help her deal with this stuff. but she really only has her mom and her uggo friends. i hope she finds professional help for this.

No. 445866

Well shes into BDSM according to old posts on her tumblr so thats something

No. 445878

>I've never spent over $10 on a single bit of makeup

You must be 18 to post in this site.

No. 445879

funni joke, but some people just don't like spending money of makeup. that's fine. stop derailing, please.

No. 445880

Hello it is pixie?? Am I the only one who thinks that sounds dumb as fuck??

No. 445881

She could never give up peeps though

No. 445886

it's based on her constant video opener, "hello confetti club, it is pixie," but she says it w/ cadence

No. 445897

Actually it’s “Hello, Confetti Club Confetti Club it is Pixie”

No. 445906

Her intro and outro phrases are both dumb as fuck; you'd think she'd come up with better slogans for packaging. But I do think it is good she is getting into making enamel pins since they are really trendy right now so it's a good move, and I'd like to see her actually expand into creating and selling more rather than stagnating, buying stuff from IKEA and calling it fashion designing.

No. 445940

Ive no problem with her intro, but her outro gets kinda stupid, with its "i'll see you in the next video, which is not this one" jabbershit. Like just say "i'll see you in the next video" and then end it with a silly goodbye or something.

No. 445952

> interested in BDSM from old tumblr posts
Sorry started lurking but these a few months ago / read some previous threads before - must have missed this?
Can someone post screenshots of this? Or where it was posted before? (100% ok if not!)

No. 445955

oh boy. haven't watched it yet but i can tell this is going to be bad.

No. 445963

The screenshots were posted on the old threads, I think they were in one of the first ones?? I can't really remember which one

No. 445979

File: 1513544967325.png (284.16 KB, 854x480, Screenshot_20171217-130744.png)

Jill naughty leg porn kek

No. 445991

It's odd that the tattoo is so high up and all the interest is in the upper half too. This will just look awkward 90% off the time when wearing shorts or a skirt, since the bottom part looks especially phallic.

No. 445992

but anon! she needs to have it on her scars!!!! because jill is a magical girl!!!

No. 445998

he legs are looking a lot less chunky than they have looked in the past

No. 446005

No. 446009

god, she's really attention whoreing the scar thing.

No. 446029

>I want to find another human on this planet that is more of a precure fan than I that is not a child living in Japan, and I want to battle them and I want to come out on top, and I want the title of biggest precure fan on the planet


No. 446034

I was gonna say too. It's like she's got a superiority complex over it. I have friends who are massively into precure too but they don't make a fuss about it.

No. 446044

Fucking hell.

No. 446045

>I've never spent over $10 on a single bit of makeup

enjoy your lead

No. 446048

jesus fucking christ stop the sephora sperging

No. 446051

I didn't hate watching that as much as I expected. Jill did really well with the pain, surprisingly, and wasn't whining much during the tat.

No. 446064

I've read through the past few threads, namely the ones that included my sister "Mystery Girl" and myself. THOUGH I did indulge in some of the Jillian hate because I'm still bitter about my sister getting hurt. I want things cleared up once and for all so she can move on. So, what do you want to know?

No. 446067

Even funnier is what started her interest were people she followed on Tumblr in her fairy kei days.
Her inability to just like things without being "the best biggest fan ooh so original and above everyone else" is so grating.

Side note, it feels like in every stream she can't just talk to her "confetti club" without getting snarky or condescending. She really isn't that nice to her fans unless they give her money, draw her, or kiss her ass. Or if they're other efamous kawaii YouTubers.

No. 446068

I hope this is real

No. 446069

Proof that you're actually her sister to start. Any Anon can come on here and claim to know so me one and spill fake milk.

No. 446072


If this is real, I am pumped

No. 446073

>I want things cleared up once and for all so she can move on

real or not, talking to a bunch of shitheads on a random forum will have no effect on mg getting over the breakup lmao, you're doing this for you

No. 446074

pls tweet "real" on your twitter if this is really you, you beautiful milk bearing saviour

No. 446075


It's highly speculated that Alyssa was a fan of Jillian's before dating, is this true?

If so, did she come to realize Jillian's social media personality was much different than how she acted irl?

Was it meant to be anything serious?

No. 446076

>proof you're actually Emily
tweet "real" on twitter so we know this is real

No. 446078

We want to know everything

No. 446079

File: 1513553766985.png (730.46 KB, 814x562, Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 5.35…)

No. 446080

File: 1513553812763.png (882.18 KB, 928x544, Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 5.36…)

No. 446081

File: 1513553843441.png (157.42 KB, 280x312, Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 5.37…)

i cant believe this video is real

No. 446082

link to lyssa's and emily's twitter?

No. 446083

I actually think for a thigh tattoo, her placement was pretty good. It'll always be covered towards the top but it wasn't until I saw the video that i realized how horribly short and stubby her legs are, she really didn't have a lot of room to work with.
OT but I'd kill myself if I was under 5'4", i don't know how she does it. Short legs are so ugly.

No. 446084

she looks like the grinch

No. 446085

I was not aware of her ever being much of a fan other than when she told me she was starting to hangout with her prior to her coming out to our family. So obviously that's when they started seeing each other. Besides knowing she was on YouTube and thinking it was cool that someone from our small island could be that known in the world I don't think she was a huge fan or anything. But she sure was smitten.

No. 446086

God, I have a big piece in the exact same spot as her and it takes a bit of teeth gritting in some spots, but it's nothing like this lol. I know everyone has different pain tolerances but she's overacting for the camera too hard.

No. 446087

File: 1513554102451.png (374.66 KB, 398x484, Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 5.41…)

No. 446088

that fucking eyeshadow

No. 446089

this may come off as insensitive, but i bet jill will use all those Christmas gifts meant for Alyssa for herself.

No. 446090


Did Jillian mistreat your sister in any way or was there just major miscommunication/varying degrees of commitment right from the start?

We've all thought she wasn't (and still isn't) over Colin, so.

No. 446091

Okay so some basic questions:

>did Jillian ever pressure Alyssa into Jill's fashion

>do you know if they ever had sexual contact or if Jill tried to pressure her
>did Alyssa actually agree to be clickbait or was she uncomfortable about it
>did Jill constantly talk about Colin or show that she's not over him
>is Alyssa going to get the christmas gifts now?

https://twitter.com/EmilyCorrigan1/status/942539189102444550 BEAUTIFUL ANGEL CONFIRMED FOR REAL GODBLESS
I assume you're new to lolcow, so you can respond to posts by clicking on the number next to the lil No., you can respond to multiple posts in one post too.

No. 446093

File: 1513554261332.png (46.35 KB, 820x172, Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 5.44…)

it's real.

No. 446094

It wouldn't surprise me in the least if she used those Christmas gifts as her own.

No. 446095


Honestly just tell us everything you're comfortable divulging!

No. 446096

What exactly did Jillian do to upset your sister so much? I mean, I know breakups suck, but was she super harsh about it? I imagine Jillian is one of those people that has to tear the other person down in a breakup.

No. 446097


Honestly my main question: Any details on why the relationship ended??

No. 446101

That colour combo is hideous and that lipstick isn't helping. Keeping her makeup neutral would be best option for her with so much colours in hair, but of course Jillian prefers to look like easter egg vomit.

No. 446102

I second the request to have anything shared that you feel comfortable sharing.

No. 446103

Okay this may take some time and be scattered as my fiance in town getting groceries and my kids are hyper and getting ready for bed so if you're wondering why I'll be off and on. Yes I'm new to this I didn't even find it until after they broke up when I was raging and typed Jillians name in google. Infuriated that she was getting and still is getting so much sympathy from her fans. for the record. Jillian broke up with Alyssa. Very suddenly too it surprised us all with how good they seemed together. The worst shock was for Alyssa though obviously.

No. 446105

Please take your time with writing everything up and thank you for coming here!
I'm sorry to hear for Alyssa and I hope she's feeling better, but I honestly think she dodged a bullet.

No. 446106

So it starts with Jillian being super depressed saying how it's a hard time of year being Christmas (I'm sure more mindless mentions of her ex… which she did a lot.) Actually the night they went out to the bar when she was wearing that furry coat she was so drunk (Jill) and had her head on Alyssa's shoulder. You're apparently not allowed to do that at a lot of bars because then it looks like you're passing out then you have to be kicked out. That of which Alyssa did not want to have happen so she gently pushes her head up to be like hey might wanna get up here. Jill I guess got really offended and was not believing that the bouncer guy would say that and was acting weird and mad at Alyssa. Eventually it was explained more and things got patched up but I guess that was the start to the bad vibes… con'td

No. 446111

Was Jill a heavy drinker? I know it's been speculated, but can you confirm?

No. 446115

I want to thankyou for coming here and spilling the T and also i'm sorry you and your sister got dragged into Jill's shitshow!

did you personally meat jill? does she act as dumb as she does in her videos?

No. 446116

I'm so dumb at figuring out how to tag or reply the numbers I'll get back to figuring that out later lol. Thank you for your kind words I sent them to Lyss . Idk if she's reading atm but I told her to lol. She's pretty shy and I'm super protective and extroverted so that's why I'm doing this. I know this isn't going to make her hurt go away but I can't stand to see Jillian be the victim and she would rather I post it somewhere like this than on social media where everyone we know is. She was just dumped I don't blame her I would be embarrassed if my love life was blasted like this too.

So Jillian was depressed as such (as per usual.. in my opinion she glorifies it in a way but anyway) Alyssa just wanted to be there for her and didn't know what she needed her to do etc. She asked her (admittedly the wrong question) if she needed a break or something… obviously she was seeming that down and Alyssa still being in the tip toe stage of their relationship wanted to give her space if she needed it. Didn't want to be clingy or anything

No. 446118

do you think she used your sister to gain lgbt points? was it a legit relationship or just for show on jil''s behalf?

No. 446119

Forgot to mention yes Alyssas friends go to bars now and then but Alyssa has never had a drink or recreati9nal drug in her life. She's not like other 19 year olds. Especially since that's the age of legal drinking on our island. She has no use for drinking and just has no desire for it. Doesn't care if others do though.

No. 446120

Do you think jill was still into collin/her ex?

No. 446121

Just click on the number on the post you want to reply to (I clicked 446116 to reply to you), it'll quote it automatically.

No. 446123

When you click on a post number the reply window opens with a link to that post.
You sound like an awesome sister btw, thanks for stopping by!

No. 446124

as anons said you can just click on the numbers and it'll automatically add them to your post, you can click on multiple numbers and type between them. Or you could copy and paste the numbers and put >> infront of them.

No. 446125


I feel really badly that Alyssa has to go through this shit show, especially as her first gay relationship (?). I hope the experience with Jillian doesn't ruin her outlook on dating.

Especially if she's shy and introverted like you're saying, it must have been difficult to be with someone who is so OUT THERE online.

Jillian always said she wanted to respect Alyssa's privacy but I never believed it.

No. 446127

guys we fuckin get it, we don't need 3 posts in a row explaining the same shit

No. 446128

I only met Jill once and it was on Halloween, she handed out treats with Alyssa and brought my kids in to my mom's to go around her neighborhood. My mom met her a bunch though and my brother. She seemed nice (this was early in the relationship and we were all so so happy) they were holding hands and had eachothers heads leaning on their shoulders at times they were so cute. I was so so happy for Alyssa. She had never really been in a real relationship that we knew about. If she had any we never met or heard of them. So this seemed really special to us and her. Jillian just seemed really bubbly and nervous (but yeah mainly talked about herself but I kinda already felt like that's how she was as I watched a video before meeting her the one where she features Alyssas cupcake) but she seemed nice enough. Alyssa is literally an angel and I know you think I'm being biased and I guess there is no way I can't be but she is the most thoughtful generous person I know. Which makes her love hard probably

No. 446133

Hey Emily, it's cool that you're sharing your Jill experience. She's overdue to be called out for her shittiness and I hope some fans stop drinking the pixie kool aid. I assume she will lash out when she reads this thread and act like shes being abused or something.

No. 446135


To be fair, the majority of Jillian's fans seem to be airhead teenagers who don't know any better, they'll defend her until the end of time

No. 446137


Hi Emily, just wanted to say that your family seems very loving and accepting!

No. 446139

File: 1513556984411.jpg (113.8 KB, 577x1024, IMG_1758.jpg)


The respect of privacy thing was mainly on Jill's side. Alyssa did say to me that she didn't really like the idea of a ton of people seeing pictures of my kids and stuff but maybe that was more thinking of me than anything. Whenever I would ask her why she isn't going to be in her videos or why they have no pictures together she always seemed kind of sad that she had to be hidden. Especially since her ex was very much a presence on Jill's social media in the past. Maybe she felt like Jill was hiding her or she wasn't important enough to even have a selfie with. Alyssa told me they legit had pretty much no photos taken together. (Though tons of selfies of Jillian have been taken meanwhile haha)
I really didn't see the issue or why things had to be kept kinda (pun-intended) "mysterious" . People ended up finding Alyssa anyway, and then they made it Facebook official which isn't private at all so like what gives?

Anyway sorry I actually do have ADD (Ritalin helps hah) so I tend to ramble and go off track. But I WILL find my way back to the subject at hand be patient with me please lol.

So after Alyssa asked if she needed a break or something, desperately trying to not say the wrong thing, I guess it ended up with them being on a break…which was a huge miscommunication until after I posted those replies on Twitter and.. YouTube too (but Alyssa asked me to delete those in hopes that they would stay together cause big sis got defensive. Oops sorry not sorry bruh I just replaced them with weird comments haha) anyway.. again .. My mom told me that Jillian broke up with her Sunday at like 3am when in fact it was just the "break" part. That was my mom's fault for miscommunicating ahhaha. So the whole day I spent with Alyssa and my mom on Monday i thought they were broken up. But I think Alyssa also didn't really even know if it meant break or break up. So the next day or so Jillian texted Alyssa asking if they could talk things out when she came back from Halifax getting her tattoo so she said yes. Everyone around her telling her that Jillian probably just wanted to stay together because why the hell Not? They seemed great. At this point I was already pissed. Jill told Alyssa not to worry too much about
It in the meantime. (I have a couple screen shots Alyssa sent me when she was texting her .. sorry Alyssa I didn't ask) there are 2 photos I will post the other too

No. 446142

we're unsure if Jill lurks in these threads, what do you think will happen to the relationship if Jill sees you posted?

No. 446143


"hey girlie" idk to me that message doesn't seem like the type that you'd send a significant other??

maybe I'm biased…anyway, I can see how Alyssa would have been offended by not being present in any of Jillian's social media…I mean for crying out loud, she plastered Colin and Tristan all over the place when they were together.

No. 446144

If it helps, I think most of us feel bad for Alyssa and I think it's sweet to see what a supportive family she has. It's unfortunate she ran into Jillian as her first gf, it does seem she just used her as an accessory for her new lesbian online persona/"soul searching" and then dumped her like she does with her whole hoard when she's done. I really hope your sister feels better soon.

No. 446146

But things weren't okay because when she got back she broke up with Alyssa. She told her she wasn't really attracted to her and only wanted to be friends. When she started their break Jill was like I don't want to lead you on. Yeah TOO LATE JILL YOU MADE HER YOUR GIRLFRIEND. ugh I'm so ugh.. literally the day before she wanted a break she asked Alyssa what to buy our parents for Christmas. Who does that 2 weeks before Christmas. Alyssa spent so much on her (she tends to be very very very generous to those she loves. She always spoils us on gift giving days as soon as she started working and making her own money) I was gonna post the other picture but I've been told not to that's my fault I shouldn't have haha. Anyway she told her not to be t9o worried over the weekend is what it said.

No. 446147

There is no relationship anymore

No. 446148

do you think that not attracted thing has anything to do with the fact that she decided she's not actually gay??

No. 446149

Jill? not attracted to girls? big surprise. What a bitch. Sorry about your sister, she deserves better.

No. 446150

>she wasn't really attracted to her
wow and Jill didn't realize that before they started dating?? just makes it seem like she isn't even bi lol

No. 446151

It does help. There were some not so nice comments on here about Alyssa before anyone knew anything and I hope to show that Alyssa is sweet and kind and one of the coolest people I know and I don't want anyone dragging her for any reason when she's just a young woman who fell for the wrong person and got hurt.

No. 446152

Way to go, Jill.

No. 446153

obviously this is very personal and you don't have to answer, but do you know if they had sex?

No. 446155


I distinctly remember a live stream Jillian did not long after her breakup with Colin, when she was talking about perhaps being a fully blown lesbian. She mentioned she wanted to find someone with the same aesthetic as hers - brightly coloured hair, cutesy fashion, etc. I don't know if that was necessarily true, or if she was just saying it for something to say, you know?

No. 446156

You said that Jill talked about her ex alot? Do you think that Alyssa was just a rebound or her way of trying to make Collin jealous? Any idea why she and Collin broke up?

No. 446157


That's why I was slightly confused when news broke of Jillian's relationship with Alyssa, because she looks so normal! I was afraid the breakup might have had something to do with Jillian pressuring Alyssa into changing her style etc.

No. 446158

Thank you for clearing everything up.
I think most anons were on Alyssa's side from the beginning and assumed that Jill was the one who broke up/was weird about the social media stuff, but I didn't expect her to be that much of a bitch.

If you're reading this Alyssa, I wish you nice holidays with your family & that you'll feel better soon!

No. 446159

Right? You think that would be one of the if not the first thing you decide about someone PRE dating

No. 446160

Yeah I did get the idea that most anons on here were on her side which is what I told her earlier as I was reading through.

No. 446161

damn dude i feel really bad for your sister bro. like i would be furious! coming out finally and being with someone i thought i was falling for!

tell your sister that one day she is going to find the girl of her dreams, that is going to love her unconditionally!

No. 446162

It's so sad that Jillian decided to use Alyssa as a rebound to make herself feel better about being (rightfully) dumped by Collin.

No. 446163

No I don't think so Alyssa has always been one to have her own style and not really have anything to do with who she's around. I think they probably had some same interests as Alyssa does actually love anime and has loved it since we were kids. She used to make me "play" sailor moon with her. Yeah she has the love for watching anime and manga same as my fiance.

No. 446165

can you confirm if jill is a big drinker?

No. 446166


I forgot to mention Alyssa is actually bi. Not that it matters lol. But this is her first relationship with anyone we have heard of

No. 446169

Hey Emily.

Just wanted to say that although i'm not from PEI myself, I've met Jill several times in Nova Scotia at multiple events in the last 4 years. She's always rubbed me the wrong way even way before she started her youtube channel. I know i'm not the only person from NS that participates in these threads, several posters seem to be from the area and mentioned meeting Jill personally. But clearly no one has been willing to go public with names etc. Considering how popular she is, it would essentially be social suicide.

I know some people might try to call you petty for posting in these "bully" forums but please know we're regular folk who've had or witnessed negative experiences with Jillian as well. I mean, there's a reason she has 15+ threads here (which is extreme even for lolcow).

Also many of us witnessed her relationships with Tristan/Colin and were appalled how selfishly she treated them. Both of them are better off now and I think we're all rooting for them. They all seem better adjusted than Jill, Alyssa included.

No. 446170

She’s not the alcoholic people think she is. She’d drink like wine in the evening with her mom and drink if they went out but she’d be gone after like 2 drinks or 1 shot of hard liquor. That's what Alyssa said .

No. 446171

Do you think that Jill was at any point serious about the relationship?
I mean the whole "I suddenly realized I'm not attracted to you" thing seems really weird, it just seems like an excuse to break it off.

No. 446172

Oh man, I feel so sorry for Alyssa. She deserves better. Glad she has a sister like you to support her, Emily.

No. 446173


I'm from the island and have interacted with Jillian twice while she was still working at Claire's. I have to agree that there's something about her that just comes off as condescending?

I chalked it up to her being at work, and perhaps having a bad day etc. However, after learning she had a YT channel and seeing these threads I think it's deeper than that.

She tries to come across as this relatable, girl next door type in her videos but irl she doesn't seem that open/kind.

No. 446174

Aw thanks for saying that and to everyone with sweet words. I know Alyssa will be so touched to read them. She has low self esteem and doesn't realize how beautiful of a person she is so I love seeing this.
Yeah I totally can understand why people would never come forward or bother to. Alyssa included. Though I'm not concerned with social suicide I have a pretty low key life and I don't mind :)
I honestly didn't even know the extent of Jillians followers until I looked at her social media and YouTube after they started dating. She isn't so well known on PEI. I mean people will be like oh that's cool but nobody here is fangirling that much at all. So we would never consider her a celebrity or something. I think a lot of her fans are in Japan, the UK and US. (The majority at least)

No. 446175

can you confirm how social jill is? like did she have friend's outside of lyss's friend group? or is she actually the basement dweller we think she is?

No. 446176

Yes that's exactly what I get too. Obviously not at first as I had the biased glasses on first haha.

No. 446177

Yeah pretty much yeah. I think she mainly just hung out with Alyssa and her friends honestly.

No. 446178

Really no idea about Colin. I can only speculate like everyone else. She did talk about her exes all the damn time though Alyssa said that bothered her a lot.

No. 446179

Sounds like she couldn't keep up the lesbian charade any more. There's no way I can wrap my head around this breakup besides Jill using Alyssa for clickbait/to feel better/etc, then tossing the poor girl aside when she was satisfied. This is how she treated Tristan. I agree with other anons saying she's condescending and fake. I don't think she has any remorse for the way she treats people, it's all about how much asspats she can gain on social media for trivial stuff or "muh anxiety and depression" after acting like a total bitch towards somebody who had respect for her.

No. 446180

did jill give lyssa her christmas present?

No. 446181


I know it's pretty fucked up. That's our theory yeah. It seems the story that it was for click bait or for show seems believable to me. I mean she does have a lot of gay and bi fans

No. 446182

No. 446183

did lyssa give her gift to jill?

No. 446184

So Jill mentioned something about having a date to make a gingerbread house with her friends but she was sad because "things are weird now", I assume that was about Alyssa's friend group then?
Is Jill still hanging out with Alyssa's friends at all? Do Alyssa and Jill have any contact anymore?

No. 446185


Do Alyssa hate or resent Jill?

No. 446186


From what I remember, the only irl friend on the island that she's mentioned recently is that guy John.

So, perhaps she latched on to Alyssa to expand her friendgroup, as well?

No. 446187

*Does not do, sorry

No. 446189

I feel like Pixie is not mentally well and that's why the relationship went sour. Like A seems a nice normal girl but Pixie couldn't be nice and normal. I saw the photo of all the gifts A bought and that seems to be the moment Pixie realized they were on different pages. It was clearly a "gay 4 the views" thing and the lack of photos showed her intention for the future.

Pretty awful for a "pro-gay/trans feminist" person to act like a fuckboy to another girl. But this is probably due to her mental health and commercialism, GF is a commodity and not a person.

No. 446192

YAS . Yes it's so horrible and it makes no fucking sense. Why else act like you just found the best girl ever and act on social media as if you're so lucky and proud (but not enough to even show a picture) then all of a sudden she's not attracted to her what the hell? Why would she not do it long before Christmas if she knew that is what I'm wondering. I was kinda obsessing over it too much after it initially happened because it made no sense and was so out of the blue. Also I was steaming mad for someone making Alyssa feel so special and then doing that.

No. 446194

I told Alyssa she seems very manic. Seems bipolar almost. Definitely not mentally well. And all this focus on herself and being so self centred is not healthy. Her entire days are completely consumed with just.. herself.

No. 446195

Exactly if all she wanted was a friends with benefits or a side piece why make it an official relationship?

No. 446196

How fried did her hair look in person though

No. 446197

Honestly I don't think she does much at all, truly. I feel she has some anger because she was hurt and frankly being told by your gf that they aren't attracted to you is a hard blow to take to the self esteem for anyone. She's such a forgiving person with a big heart I know she doesn't hate her. I know she wishes it went differently. She wanted her to come back from that break and say she wanted to be with her she wanted that so bad but it didn't turn out that way. Now she just wants to move on and do her thing. (Sorry sis I know I didn't help in that process by doing this up but I felt it had to be done)

No. 446198

Seems like Jill was definitely rebounding from her ex, confusedly trying to remake her identity and failing. It's unfortunate that someone as kindhearted as your sister got caught up in that.

No. 446199

Oh she was wearing a big pink bear onesie as her costume so I barely saw her hair. As you would expect I'm sure. A lot of people around here have hair like that though.. Not those colors per say but there's only so much fun to do on this small island honestly haha

No. 446202

Maybe difficult to answer for you since you didn't spend too much time in person with her, but do you know if Jill tried to play up/draw attention to the whole ~queer~ thing IRL?
I mean for the past few weeks most of her tweets were about how gay everything she does is and that she's the biggest lesbian around, was that just an online thing?

No. 446204

Kek. Kinda related and no offense, but I have never heard of your island before stumbling over Jill on here and it seems like a cozy but rural place. This is a stupid question but doesn't Jill stick out like a sore thumb? I live in one of the world's hipster capitals and she would totally get stared at here.

No. 446210


Not Emily, but I live on PEI as well so I could give some insight.

Jillian lives in the Charlottetown area, which is the capital of the province and honestly pretty progressive? There's quite a lot of diversity, in my opinion. I mean, I'm sure older people would stare and probably think judgmental thoughts but other than that it's not a huge deal.

Perhaps if she lived in one of the smaller communities it would be more of sore thumb situation, but Jillian is most certainly not the only person on the island to dress alternatively.

No. 446212

I see, thanks for the insight. This kind of cutesy colorful alt fashion isn't popular at all here and I guess I underestimated the size of the city she lives in.

No. 446213

No further contact as far as I know and yes I remember her tell me about that it wasn't the first time she cancelled something on Alyssa either.
Alyssa loves animals so much she has a bunny and 3 family cats and she had a dwarf hamster (piper) who she had to put down about a month ago. Jillian and Alyssa had plans that day and Alyssa was so sad about having to have had to watch piper be put down and Jill cancelled on her because she was depressed.

No. 446214

Barely a city even. The city of Charlottetown is quite small. And her style as far as fashion goes does stand out but there was a huge emo phase when I was in junior high so i know a lot of people with fried hair haha

No. 446215

>>446213 that's probably the worst thing i've ever heard about jill

No. 446217

Yeah I agree there she's hardly the most stand out ish person here. There are a lot of characters. Lol. Maybe not the same but a lot of different characters lol

No. 446218

Hope she feels better, breakups are the worst and the first one always hits you harder than you think. Thanks for answering our questions.
I'm wondering why she even bothered to make it facebook official if she wasn't attracted to her… Honestly I feel like Jill got dumped and wanted to take her anger out on someone else. It feels good to kick someone when you're down, so maybe she's just lashing out. of course, a well-adjusted person wouldn't be sadistic to others in a time like this, but jill doesn't seem to be particularly well-adjusted.

No. 446219

to clarify, I meant she's taking out her anger from Colin on Alyssa.
Also how many months were they together for? Did Jill ever buy Alyssa anything while they were together? She does put on that 'big gay rainbow gf' act a lot.

No. 446220

As far as I know Jill was never outright mean or rude to Lyss or anything but more low key. Basically seemed like she would disregard Alyssas feelings in favor of her own most of the time. Which is no surprise now.

No. 446223

It was sometime within the few weeks before Halloween that we found out. Alyssa said they started hanging out in August. So yeah super rebound for sure.

No. 446224

With how much Jill is into "self care" and getting tattoos that praise herself, I'm not surprised at all she'd knock her s/o down like this. I'm actually wondering if she only thought she might be a lesbian because of how attracted she is to herself. Lmao.

No. 446225

But oh yeah There is a lot of hipsters here too . Also I'm not surprised you never heard of my Island it's not that well known lol.

No. 446226

Doesn’t make sense. Why brag about a gf and how wonderful she is only to crop her out of photos. It’s actually quite hurtful. I’m so so sorry your sister had Jill as first. First is always the hardest. Hope she feels better

No. 446227

LOLOL ????

No. 446230

I know right she didn't deserve that. What a ?

No. 446231

Wow, that makes it even worse. She led her on this long only to tell her she's not attracted to her? Jill really is a fucking selfish bitch.

No. 446232

This is one of the shittiest things Jill has ever done what the fuck.

I really like animals too and always kind of thought it was shitty of jills family to have bought from BREEDERS than to adopt (because her mom is somehow not allergic to pure bred cats??)
>not to start the breeder/shelter argument that always happens

But idk this just cements it more in my mind that jill really doesnt care or have empathy to animals or really any living creature lmao

No. 446233

No idea, I didn't ask either. She didn't tell me so I just accepted that she didn't want to share.

No. 446234


I can't speak about her family because we've seen very little of them, but Jillian definitely seems like the type to have purebred cats for their ~PRESTIGE~…just like her gross Lazy Oaf clothes, it's all about the brand, am I right?

No. 446235

She actually said to Alyssa when they were talking about taking a break "I don't want to lead you on" which was totally fucked up and confusing to Alyssa because I'm excuse me what? But you are…. big time. The amount she boasted on social media is the most fucked up. How she can be like that and then end it and all that shit I know I'm a broken record but whatever I've always taken care of Alyssa

No. 446236

:( I hope Alyssa feels better soon.

No. 446238

I think all things aside Alyssa would probably want me to be clear that Louise is so nice and she doesn't want anything mean said about her because she's a very nice person. She actually is good friends with my uncle (who lives in Japan and they visited him on their trip)

No. 446240

Yeah, her video about her cats titled "♡ MEET ALL MY CATS! RAGDOLL, MAINE COON, BRITISH LONG HAIR, & SIBERIAN ♡" how is that not baiting on cat breeds

No. 446241

Alyssa said everything she did had to be about the perfect aesthetic. She is also the type of person who will dislike something because it's "mainstream" . Which is dumb like can't you just like what you like because you like it. (How many likes? ?) Alyssa , our brother and I always grew up pretty eclectic with our interests.

No. 446242

That's so weird haha

No. 446243

Exactly. How she talked about her in videos and gushed about how wonderful she was all over social media/made it FBO/etc it's clear Jill used her.

I think most of us here understand that Louise is a nice person other than enabling her daughter's shitty behavior. I'm glad that she was nice to Alyssa though, Louise has always struck me as a kind, thoughtful person. Too bad the apple fell way way way far from the tree though.

No. 446245

Louise always struck me as an enabler but I really can't hate her for spoiling her daughter, she seems to be a slightly goofy but cool mum.
>She actually is good friends with my uncle (who lives in Japan and they visited him on their trip)
This is new information afaik and I'm actually very happy that poor woman got to do something for herself on that insane two-week shopping trip her daughter dragged her to haha

No. 446246

Good ? yeah

No. 446247

Seems like everything for Jillian is about brand names or labels, clearly being a lesbian was too. I'll never forget her saying she'd call her self a lesbian if she 'wasn't dating someone with a dick'. It's extremely telling about the kind of person she is.

Jillian always seemed like a total poser to me, she has to be the most outlandish and special or the biggest fan of things. She can't just enjoy what she likes like a normal person. I'm really sorry your sister got caught up in all of Jillian's bullshit, but it's nice to know that she at least has a nice and supportive family that can help her through this. No one deserves to be treated the way Jill treats her significant others.

No. 446248

Sounds like Jill honestly used terrible manipulation tactics just to make herself feel superior. Whether it was using Alyssa as a rebound or using her for gay social media publicity or both.

I don't mean to add fuel to the fire, but she honestly didn't seem to treat this relationship anywhere near as seriously as her last ones. Then again, she did break up with Tristan out of the blue after 2 years for Colin (who was good friends with tristan and jillian's friend's ex), which she admitted was "problematic" but didn't want to talk too much about it (I believe she said this in an old Q&A video).

So, honestly, better for Alyssa to move on now than two years down the road when Jill would have wasted all her time and efforts anyway. And although it may have understandably hurt Alyssa in the short term to be hidden from Jill's online presence, in the long run it would have been terrible for her life to be plastered everywhere for lgtb youtuber views to serve Jill's ego.

No. 446249

File: 1513562492000.png (2.04 MB, 1212x1212, inspiring.png)

it had to be done

No. 446250

This is gold

No. 446251

No. 446252

You're a blessing.

No. 446253

Well it's been awesome talking to you all and thank you so much for being so supportive and uplifting for Alyssa. She has learned a lot from this and I hope too that she finds someone who actually treats her with the compassion, love and respect she deserves. Oh and attention. Hahahah . If I forgot to answer any questions or if anybody ever feels like they want to check in just give me a message on Twitter or Insta. It's hard to peel myself away from this thread now thank you all for being sweet but I
Must sign off here now or I never will hahaha ❤❤ much love , Em

No. 446254

Do you guys think Jillian treats her mother better than others?

No. 446255

P.s. yes you are so so right. I'm glad she avoided that.

No. 446256


not to be cringey but i'm incredibly attracted to your sister and i would give her the world if i didn't live a whole province away

No. 446258

Omg that is so cute.

No. 446259

Thank you so much for answering our questions! You're awesome, please feel free to drop by whenever!
And I hope Alyssa will feel better soon

No. 446260

Em thank you for talking to us, it was a pleasure. I wish the best for Alyssa, she sounds like an amazing person and definetly didnt deserve the treatment she was given. Take care ♥

No. 446262

Thanks Emily for answering our questions and giving us a little more insight into the whole situation! Have a good night and please drop by again soon! Wish Alyssa all the best from us, I hope you all have a great holiday! ♥

No. 446264

Sending you both good vibes. Lyssa will find someone that gives her love she deserves.

No. 446265

This was wild and unexpected.

No. 446267

Yeah not be a sperg but same >>446256 except country.

No. 446268

Also if anyone ever comes in here claiming to be myself or Alyssa do what you did with me and make them prove it. Bye for now I'll drop by some time ❤❤?

No. 446269

Best possible way to start off this thread tbh

No. 446273

Any bets for what Jill's response to this will be, anons?
I'm gonna guess she will stay quiet for a couple of days / hint at having a "panic attack" or something else related to mental health so people feel bad for her.

No. 446275

So in conclusion: Jill is an even bigger bitch than expected.
I really hope that the next person she dates will be just as vain, shallow and selfish as Jill herself, I feel bad for all her exes.

No. 446276

Have a wonderful night! and thank you

No. 446279

Oh she will definitely play the victim over social media so her "fans" will coddle her.

No. 446280

File: 1513563594098.jpg (23.26 KB, 159x159, IMG_5581.JPG)

holy shit. did anyone else almost give jillian the benefit of the doubt when it came to her liking girls? i feel like such an idiot for thinking that MAYBE we were being too hard on her and that there was a possibility of it being genuine, but no


this was extremely interesting, thanks for coming here and chatting with us! sending lots of positive vibes to you and alyssa, let us know when she's doing better

No. 446284

I'm always doubtful of "queer" people who constantly feel the need to talk about how GAY and QUEER they are all the time. It's okay to talk about among close LGBT friends or make a joke about every once in a while but if you feel the need to CONSTANTLY validate your identity; you're probably trying to make up for something. Jill has no interest in the LGBT community or LGBT history unless it's relevant to her "aesthetic" aka pride/rainbows/whatever or she can make it all about her or to gain subs/queer points/whatever. It's very irritating.

No. 446293

My bet is she’ll have another person in her life before the year is over. Probably a guy. She’ll briefly emnuon in her stream that Alyss and her are no more.

No. 446296

Just some dude copy pasting pathetic stuff from r/incel about stacys who only fuck chads. You didn't miss anything.

No. 446297

this was so wild yo

No. 446298

she seems like the kind of picky eater who only eats white bread and tendies

No. 446304

the few hours i'm not lurking in jill's thread i miss major milk lmao. at least we're seeing her true colours now.

No. 446306

ngl its interesting to see how many anons gave jill the benefit of doubt or fell for her act prior to this milk and now have a changed opinion.

No. 446307

How funny would it be if Jill tried to make up with Alyssa or profusely apologize to her privately lol. Doubtful as the latter would require Jill to really lodge her head out of her confetti and sugar encrusted sphincter to make that happen

No. 446308

its probably so that when someone looks up "scar cover up tattoo" or something like that, it will come up.

No. 446367

awww, for all of jill's faults, this video was sweet

No. 446377

With all this new info I have to wonder if keeping her gf a secret was to avoid something like this in the first place? ESP now that she’s saying she’s going to keep all her relationships private.

She mightve been thinking that if she never let alone know a face or a name that if she mistreated someone that there could never be “proof” she did since she could claim that person wasn’t her gf/bf.


No. 446383


No. 446387

thank you emily! it's best to sign off haha, but we're thankful for all the details lol. best wishes to you and alyssa

No. 446394

I laughed but that is DISGUSTING IMAGERY

10/10 would laugh and vomit again

No. 446395

Honestly I've been thinking the same.

No. 446432

File: 1513577465187.png (1.35 MB, 1252x859, weakmeandirty.png)

her tattoo fits her so well

No. 446436

Out of everything here, the filthy socks trigger me the most. She throws her EXPENSIVE BRAND NAME CLOTHING on her dirty floor too, lawd

No. 446438

Short legs are only ugly if they're fat and attached to an ugly, mean, fat girl

No. 446439

She is. They went to American chain restaurants while in Japan.

No. 446444

Isn't Jill on xanax? If so, that'd explain why she's a lightweight.

Also 3 drinks daily is kind of a lot.

No. 446445

kek. What is the photo of her in the bottom right corner from? I don't think I've ever seen it before.

No. 446452

thats an old-ass con photo of her in something that probably should look a lot nicer than it looks on her at that moment

No. 446466

They're attached to a pudgy, materialistic mean girl who fakes a sexuality for attention though.

No. 446486


Fucking lmao, this was my exact sentiment.

I was actually rooting for her a little and glad she finally got a tattoo that doesn't look like shit, and being a little spoiled and self-centered in your early adulthood isn't exactly the end of the world.

And now all this Alyssa stuff comes up and honestly I'm less convinced she's just young and trying to find a sense of identity and more convinced she's just a shit person.

No. 446496

I didnt like that Emily posted. Were gossips here, but theres stuff that is not our business… If alyssa or jill didnt make it public themselves…

No. 446497

Maybe it isn't necessarily our business to know the details, but I do think it's good to make it clear (and have proof) that Jillian isn't as innocent in this situation as she might act. The way she acted about this relationship is pretty scummy and shouldn't be excused imo.

No. 446506

Emily found this board and willingly posted. No one asked her to. She clearly was annoyed enough to google Jill's name in the first place, so if she wants to join the farm, let her.

No. 446513

File: 1513592747809.png (219.65 KB, 640x1136, 97836AB7-A7CE-4CEC-81F5-E7484C…)

In the last thread someone said that wish was selling Jill’s artwork without her permission. Well it looks like we have a snitch.

No. 446514

Why? Jill used Alyssa as an accesory and hurt her, so yeah Emily had the right to come here and tell things how they were, fuck Jill and her self centered ass

No. 446520

Glad Emily spoke out about her sister's ordeal with cuntzilla. Alyssa didn't deserve the mistreatment she got from Jill. Jill deserves to be miserable and alone. She is a bitter, selfish and ugly person inside and out.

No. 446530

File: 1513596284986.jpeg (84.07 KB, 750x769, 425F2222-B4D3-4791-B2CF-5BB770…)

Why is Jill such a bitch to her fans?

No. 446534

>being an adult
>believing in snitch culture
Pick one

No. 446535

lol are you trolling?

No. 446536

I dont thibnk this relationship is anyones business either but jill made it to be and its only fair E would want to clear her sisters name from this mess. You have to admit itd feel shameful and embarrassing to be flaunted and discarded like that in front of so many people. Plus some anons were silly enough to imply A couldve done something to poor little jill, so.

No. 446537

Jill returned one of the kat Von d lipsticks she bought for Alyssa and kept the rest. Didn't get a look at which color she returned

No. 446540

i'm pretty sure many people who like jill look at these threads considering they are not hard to find when you search her name on google

No. 446549

Yeah I for one do like Jill’s content and wanna meet her one day, but I also frequent these threads

No. 446553

Uh where do you think you are? This is prime milk here, don’t be stupid about it. Go to pull if you don’t want the fun of milking the cow.

No. 446556

Why are you here? Genuinely curious, I don't mean to sound rude. When people I like get exposed as mean and vindictive I usually like them way less, no matter how much I like their content.

No. 446562

I want to avoid blindly supporting people, like I’m a firm believer of loving the art but hate the artist, and I also understand everyone is human and is problematic in some way, so as long as you acknowledge they’ve done bad things then it’s okay to enjoy their stuff. It’s like the Melanie Martinez drama. I still enjoy her songs, and I will listen to them, but I won’t buy her merch or support her monetarily anymore until the drama has been proven true or false. The girls who are still screaming that they’ll love and support her no matter what she did is what I want to avoid.

No. 446573

I guess another question could be what makes you want to meet Jill in the first place?
Going back to one of her recent con videos, she arranged a fan meetup and could barely be bothered to attend. When she finally did attend, she singled out two fans for a video bit and quickly fled the scene.

No. 446581

So you like Jill's content but dislike her personally? Yeah, why would you want to meet her then?

No. 446588

It’s mostly out sheer curiousity of how she acts in person, but also because I just simply do like her content and I wanna see how much of that carries into real life

No. 446591

she is bitchy with her fans but this time im kind of on her side? fans missing a person being together with a certain person is ok but when both parties have moved on it is weird and disrespectful to bring it up like that imo.

No. 446598

Its really bizarre watching this vlog knowing that as soon as she got back to PEI after the tattoo, she dumped Alyssa, after telling her not to worry and they'll talk it out prior to leaving? >>446139 what kind of manipulative fuckery is that?

Making someone your "official" s/o, all the while keeping them hidden away, then suddenly jumping ship at the first chance after months of dicking them around. Claiming you don't want to lead them on (because it's all a charade and you're wasting their time) far too late in the game.

Jillian is a fuckboy. She used the depression excuse to cancel when her gf's pet was dying but when it's her own tattoo appointment 4 hours away, depression somehow wasn't a problem.

She's clearly happy with herself in the tattoo vlog, then mentioned on livestream that "within the last WEEK or so" she's discovered she's not a lesbian >>445710 and all that considering her reasoning for the break up was "i'm just not attracted to you?!?!?!?!?"

Wow anyone who's dated a toxic person can see this pattern from miles away. So the speculation about her disregarding/mistreating Colin wasn't far off whatsoever.

Poor alyssa.

No. 446599


i can confirm this. i interacted with her and her mother at my workplace in halifax. louise was super friendly and gave me a huge smile. meanwhile, jill had the attitude of a bored middle schooler being dragged on errands with mommy.

No. 446671

loving the art/hating the artist is the biggest cop out for accountability ever lmao
i appreciate you trying to be level-minded critical, but with jill her 'art'/brand/content literally IS her so they're inseparable ???

No. 446678

wut this person also liked Emily's "Real as fuck" tweet though.

No. 446680

E and A both seem like nice, normal people who got caught up with Jill who is a shitty cow. If I were E and I saw my sister getting crapped on and everyone speculating what could have happened, I’d want to step in and defend her too; Jill has a large audience and the tendency to spin things to make herself into a victim, even though she’s clearly not. She didn’t reveal anything super personal imo just why they broke up, which was what we all had been speculating about the entire thread.

No. 446688

i imagine it's a comfort that even some of jill's 'fanbase' (or the people that follower her, at least) aren't fooled by jill's self pity parties

No. 446690

people put on acts when they're on youtube to seem better, I think anon likes the person Pixie pretends to be, not the person Jillian is.

No. 446691


No. 446695


Imagine being this desperate to seem relevant

No. 446698

Exactly. I would imagine that it’d feel kind of hopeless to be Alyssa, Tristan, or Collin trying to explain your side of the story because you have an ex like Jill who is manipulative and shitty overall and on top of that she has a pretty large audience to drag your name through the mud to.

No. 446712

ohoho, i wonder what this new gf looks like. girl's got to be a step up from jill. i mean, it can't be hard. does anyone on here follow his social media? i'm curious to know how he's been keeping.

No. 446714

i know i used to like jill but reading these threads completely changed my mind. i went from being a big fan to actually starting threads. i don’t know how people could stay a fan of hers after reading through everything.

No. 446716

God damn cow tippers. We’re not fucking proud of you. Fucking furry fags

No. 446722

Whoever this is lurks here, I was staking them last night because they liked Emily's tweet kek.

No. 446732

Idk what Emily looks like but is she feminine? I don't like to doubt people who say they're bi or les or whatever because I'm not gonna gatekeep but with how feminine Jill is she's probably attracted to butch lesbians and trans boys. At least that wouldn't surprise me.

No. 446734

File: 1513621987828.png (290.03 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171218-103213.png)

You disgust me anon. Leave this place and never return

No. 446736

File: 1513622285326.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1242x1940, D5BF6BD5-DAD2-42D6-B7B2-B6F6BE…)

Honestly. Stop fucking cowtipping to try to be relevant. You're too obvious and it's not cute.

No. 446739



No. 446741

Oh my god that's so pathetic I just gagged

No. 446742

File: 1513622738876.png (456.31 KB, 640x1136, E93D7933-76CA-4F59-A274-EB8642…)

~I’m so fragile uwu~

No. 446744

imagine taking time out of your life to scroll through a furries twitter just to derail a thread

No. 446745

you have a poorly made "itabag" of your fursona, shitty lolita coords, and do meme cosplays

please take a step back and look at your own life before you end up with your own thread

No. 446748

imagine taking time out of your busy cowtipping
schedule just to complain you've been outted as gross furry lurktrash.

No. 446751


Jillian didn't date Emily, she dated Alyssa. Emily is Alyssa's sister.

So Emily's appearance is irrelevant.

No. 446753

File: 1513623100047.png (639.15 KB, 640x1136, C3F587AD-A860-4C2B-B48E-DD1855…)

You should probably find better privacy settings because i found a picture of you on your Twitter which I also saw in the pk worldwide community (I joined for milk) which led me directly to your Facebook. Let this be a reminder to never cow tip

No. 446758

File: 1513623155859.png (1.21 MB, 640x1136, 0BE61FFE-FF12-4091-9D40-677BD8…)

No. 446759

File: 1513623174256.png (619.81 KB, 640x1136, D69A2162-B6CF-4339-806E-00AB0E…)

No. 446760

why is anon this triggered that a furry lurked? jesus christ, are you sure she didn't cow tip you?

No. 446762

File: 1513623233719.png (1.07 MB, 640x1136, C0F76BF3-E6F2-4A54-9C6A-351D6C…)

Frequently reblogs posts to do with Jillian

No. 446765

Guys, let's stay on topic. This has nothing to do with Jillian.

No. 446778

Sorry I meant Alyssa.

No. 446793

As funny as it is, please don't derail the thread. It has been dealt with.

No. 446797

This is just cruel

No. 446809

do you realize where you are lmao grow up

No. 446811

can we take it to tempcow thread?

No. 446821

It would be fucking hilarious to make a thread about the people in the party kei Facebook page but because they aren’t internet personality’s (kills me to call Jill that) I don’t think it’s really fair

No. 446840


unrelated remember when i said it felt like someone in this thread as well as the last thread was whiteknighting jill hard core….glad you guys found her

No. 446845

maybe that wouldn't be a bad idea tho?

No. 446846

What is with these dumbfucks calling themselves smol? Sounds bloody stupid. Jill maybe a cow but cow tippers need to be tossed back into the manure pile they came from.

No. 446853

File: 1513628708825.png (149.03 KB, 640x1136, F1EFF2A4-EE10-4212-B7B9-EDE60E…)

Is this some backhanded compliment?

No. 446856

She can't seriously expect people to be sympathetic towards her being a "struggling Youtuber uwu~" when she knowingly puts copyrighted music on a video?

No. 446863

am i the only one that thought the stuff with emily last night was pretty lame? it just seemed like a normal teenager breakup to me. yes, it sucks she got broken up with after dating for a month, but isn't that what happens? sometimes you don't like someone romantically so you break up with them.
not whiteknighting jill, i just found the whole thing to be unerwhelming. the only interesting thing was when she didn't hang out with alyssa because she was depressed.

No. 446870

>>446863 normal people don't pretend to be gay for internet points.

No. 446873

uh I think most anons aren't interested in the break up itself, and more in Jill's motives/the whole lesbian act.
it's incredibly clear that she isn't over Colin, but instead of admitting that she has to keep making snide remarks at him, claiming that he left because Jill is just too ambitious instead of trying to find any flaws with herself. And now she essentially just let her frustrations out on some poor girl, I think this is extremely shitty and not normal.

No. 446875


that's the thing, she could still be attracted to girls but she doesn't have to be attracted to EVERY girl. i think she just leans towards men, but i don't understand the whole drama surrounding the breakup. i think it's shitty that alyssa was used as a rebound, and she didn't deserve it, but rebounds happen all the time- that's why there's a term for it.

like i said, not trying to whiteknight. i was just hoping for something really interesting about jillian or her character. i guess the confirmation on her being self absorbed is good, but i can't be mad at her for breaking up with someone after a month or two of being official.

No. 446877

I agree. It was interesting that she actually came here to respond to questions, but it didn't make me dislike Jillian any more that I already do. I don't know why I'm supposed to feel bad for Alyssa because she got super invested in a brand new relationship.

No. 446881

I think it's just interesting hearing how she is in person vs her online persona
Like the whole cancelling dates thing because of her depression, it feels weird to me that she's so happily talking about getting a tattoo to celebrate her victory over mental illness, yet apparently she seems to spend all of winter just being a depressed shut-in basement dweller

No. 446890

Agree. I don't get why anyone is surprised that a rebound relationship between teenagers lasted like a month and wasn't that serious. What's jill supposed to do, lead this girl on for even longer, making her even more upset? For me the funniest part of this was that middle aged sister with children coming onto lolcow to get involved in drama. PEI must be extremely boring.

No. 446904

Jill, Alyssa and Emily are all pathetic. No one cares about any of these people in reality. They provide nothing but a cheap laugh here and there. Honestly I don't understand why some anons are so invested in Jill's shitty tragic life and antics.

No. 446909

Not saying I disagree with you, but why does anyone get invested with any lolcow? I mean, you're here too, right? Why are you here?

No. 446914

Emily said they had been hanging out since August, so I wouldn't really call it a rebound or one month relationship. Maybe it was official for one month, but they dated for about four months. For a first relationship that was seemingly going well, I understand why Alyssa was shocked by Jill just ending it, especially with her flaky excuse of not being attracted and wanting to end it before leading her on. Dating for four months is definitely leading someone on, there's no way around it.

No. 446917

sorry but
>Dating for four months is definitely leading someone on
so she should've just never broken up with her?
i've been broken up with at one month, a year, more than that and less. that's what happens with relationships. i dislike jillian as much as everyone else here, but alyssa isn't entitled to a relationship just because she liked jillian.

No. 446920

that anon is just saying that jill was literally already leading her on. jill shouldn't have used that excuse 4 months in.

No. 446921

No, she should have broken up with her and been a bigger person and apologized for leading her on because she did. Simply saying "I know this might seem sudden, but I've been thinking about it and I don't see this relationship going anywhere, so we should end it" is so much more respectful than going "so I'm not actually attracted to you and I don't want to lead you on" after gushing about someone for four months.

No. 446926

I think what's bothersome to me and others is the dichotomy between her 'my wonderful lesbian gf who I will reference and tweet about and make related clickbait videos about' and the whole 'UGH respect my privacy' - I think it seemed clear to me, especially in hindsight, that Jill deciding she wanted to keep her relationship to herself was obviously just because she didn't want people to know that it wasn't actually working out so well and probably didn't want people to know that she was ending it.

Like it always seemed odd to me that Alyssa was clearly fine with being involved in Jill's vids and online life (Jill said as much in her streams) but Jill wanted to 'keep things private' despite constantly making references to her gay relationship and posting teaser pics of them etc.

I do feel like she used Alyssa and that's really uncool, regardless of how you feel about teen relationships.

No. 446935

its actually an old photo of her in one of her highschool plays

No. 446943


I love that people are calling me lame for coming in here and trying to set the record straight about my sister.
The difference between this and normal teenage relationships is, one of the people is a YouTuber with a large following and fans that will believe and bow down to anything she says.
Tell me, have any of you had a break up where thousands of people were following it and have a lot of people give public online opinions about what they think happened, what they think they know etc.?

Nobody ever said that Jill shouldn't have broken up with Alyssa. It was about the way the whole thing played out. It wasn't normal. It was unnecessary. And frankly, do you realize at all how hard it is to go through your first real break up and have the whole internet going on and on about it when you're trying to move on?
Alyssa didn't ask me to come in here, but I couldn't stand anyone acting like she did anything wrong in this. It's not fair that just because she dated someone who is famous on the internet (which she probably didn't realize the extend of it at first either because I thought she was barely known until I started looking her up more when they were dating.) that she gets double the shit of a normal break up plus the person who dumps her has thousands of followers worshipping her for… whatever fucking reason I don't even know.

To the people who are underwhelmed that my information wasn't interesting enough for You, I'm very sorry somebody I love's real life events weren't entertaining enough for You. Sorry to tell you but I did not come here to entertain or impress or shock anyone, I came here to tell the damn truth. Exciting or not.

Just so you're aware… there is no set time period you have to reach for someone to be capable of hurting you.

Nobody cares about us in real life? You don't even know us in real life. You don't even know Jillian. It's weird for me to talk about people I know and have actually met but it's not weird for people to talk endlessly about people they DONT know? Ha

And I'm not middle aged. Why do you assume I'm middle aged because I have children? Because I'm engaged? I'm 24. I had my kids at 20 and 22. I'm young with a life.

For those of you actually being kind thank you this isn't towards you guys.

I just can't wrap my head around people thinking it's lame to talk about something that is my business when they don't think it's lame for them to talk about people they don't know from a hole in the wall.

No. 446945

Can you do the tweet confirmation again? Just say 'real' again

No. 446949

No. 446950

honestly Emily, don't worry about people whiteknighting jill. they're just pathetic stans.

No. 446951

Sorry guys I'm PMSing… ya know how it is ? craziness

No. 446954

kek, jill is barely being whiteknighted. the whole point of a forum is so that people can offer contrasting viewpoints. i found it interesting and nice since this is a slow forum as it is. there's nothing wrong with discussion, and someone isn't a stan because they don't hate every aspect of a cow.

No. 446956

Emily, not everyone is going to agree with you, especially somewhere like this. Don't let it get to you. People will be rude, it's the internet.

I thought Jill had treated your sister shittily even before you turned up, and it was clear to me from Jill's behaviour that she was trying to cover her tracks re her 'privacy' about 'mystery girl' and that Alyssa was more invested than her, so it's at least obvious to some people that Jill is a shit.

No. 446957

Yeah, they're mostly stans or whatever. It was a good thing that you came and we really appreciate it. Don't let any of us get to our head!

No. 446962

I know that, I'm just reacting. I've never been on a forum before, especially one that discusses my own family members.
This is new to me.
I know not everyone will agree that's how life mostly works anyway. I'll try not to let it get to me.

Christmas shopping!

No. 446969

I really appreciate you coming here to set the record straight.
Also I don't think it was "underwhelming" or whatever at all. Hearing that Jill decided to self-indulgently stay home while Alyssa struggled with the death of her hamster is one of the worst things I've heard about Jill yet and really crushed any doubts I had about her actually being a kind person

No. 446971

I also think breaking up with someone by telling them you don't find them attractive is really heinous. I'm a grown ass almost 30yr old adult and have had my fair share of breakups but man, just make up something else plausible or say it just isn't working. That's a really awful thing to hear.

Can you imagine if it was the other way around and someone broke up with JIll by telling her they didn't find her attractive? I would have thought someone who'd suffered with an ED would be more sensitive about someone's feelings, especially regarding something to do with appearance.

No. 446974

I thought Jillian just meant she wasn't attracted to her. Not taking about her physically.

No. 446978


I think the truth is that Jill realised she isn't as mega ultra lesbian as she thought (or "loves a peen or two" or whatever) but it'd be pretty hard to hear that and not have it majorly fuck with your self-esteem, especially at like 19.

I can't really fault Jill for telling the truth but it seems like a tactless thing to say. She seems to really struggle putting herself in other people's shoes, which I think is also why she treats her partners like accessories in the first place.

No. 446980

File: 1513637026926.png (340.25 KB, 1136x974, Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 4.43…)

searched lolcow and pixie on twitter. seems more people are cowtipping

No. 446981

I agree. Imo telling someone, “I’m just not attracted to you” after 4 months of dating is a really shitty thing to do. Even if you somehow only realized you’re not attracted to them after that long, you could easily say it was something else. That is just a shitty thing to say and a bitchy way to break things off; especially if you claim to care for someone.

No. 446982

Even if jill doesnt know how to handle her relationship, its her and her exs business, not even her sisters duty to make it public.

No. 446983

If everything that happens to Jill is only Jill's business, we might as well delete the fucking thread lmao

No. 446985

It became public when she talked about it to her 140k subscribers and used it as clickbait.

No. 446986

god, those other people were a tad more subtle, but this is pretty bad

No. 446987

I'd bet money that this is the same girl from above lol

This account started tweeting at Jill right after she got chewed out

No. 446989

I'm glad she spoke out, now we can all stop speculating about what really happened. Jill has vague-tweeted about it and plastered A all over her social media before (without showing her).

I wonder what happened that made Jill decide to break it off though. I suppose she kept dating her to get her ego stroked a while longer, but something must have turned.

I gave her the benefit of the doubt about her sexuality (and I still do, she might just not be attracted to Alyssa in particular), but it doesn't even matter how she swings because it was all just a publicity stunt.

Alyssa didn't even post, what a load of bullshit.

No. 446992


After what Jill recently said in her livestream:
>"I don't think I'm demisexual because that means you need to be close before feeling sexual urges and I'm definitely not demisexual then"
It just seems like twisting the knife even further, too. Like if you know whether or not you're attracted to someone straight away why would you make your relationship official and then drag it out for another 2 months before deciding you're not attracted to them.


Yeah, I really hope Alyssa doesn't get dragged into a bunch of breakup drama bullshit just because some attention whore wanted to stir the pot.

No. 446995

File: 1513638008349.jpg (184.78 KB, 1080x521, Screenshot_20171218-225750.jpg)

Okay so Jill knowingly included copyrighted material in her tattoo video and her fans respond like this??

No. 446997

if emily is still here- how do you think jill is going to react?
i also agree with anon that it's the same person that tipped jill earlier today.

No. 447000

does she realize it's a fucking algorithm?

No. 447002

She knew before posting it would happen but is still acting passive aggressive so her fans can say shit like that. Jill loves purposely doing shit so she can cry wolf to get sympathy and attention and boost her narcissist ego.

No. 447008

Well the sister thinks it was after jill saw the gifts Alyssa got her.

If Em is still around and wouldn't mind sharing. I'm really curious about the details of what Alyssa got her. If you can't be specific even a general description would be interesting to hear.

No. 447010


This fan girl what the actual fuck. I think she might be the one disagreeing about posting "personal" details of jills life too but idk

No. 447012

That stupid cat icon just reminds me of Jill's tat.

No. 447018

>implying Toei has staff who search videos at random
Also but if you break copyright law it doesn't matter if it's for your "healing experience", that's not a valid exception.

No. 447028

I agree with >>446978 that Jillian meant that she wasn't as into women as she thought and thats why she called it off. It's a dick move because she was going on and on for months about being a gay rainby babe uwu with her mystery gf, then this week she suddenly knows she's bi/queer and still likes dick.

I understand people can change what they identify as but Jill has always been about labels. For years she was pansexual/bisexual until her relationship with Colin ended. After that she was 100% totes lesbian now and she was really obnoxious about it. Now she ended it with Alyssa and suddenly realised she 'enjoys a peen or two'? It could be possible that she just put on this whole lesbian charade for clickbait and to spite Colin. I don't doubt she's always been sexually attracted to women but you don't just change your sexuality when you get dumped right? She tried to pretend she was never into men which is what people here were calling her out on.

I do wonder though if Jillian is sexually but not romantically attracted to women and that's what she meant by not being attracted to Alyssa? Jillian obviously never saw a future with her the way she did with Colin (who she stalked from day one) Of course this is all speculation on my part but if I'm right Jillian really is shitty to have strung her along.

No. 447029

I think she has a crush on a guy which is why she both broke up with Alyssa and now knows she isn't a lesbian tbh

No. 447033

As Emily said, both her and Alyssa are pretty low-key and don't have huge internet presences like Jill. They can do what they want, and at the end of the day there isn't a lot of backlash Jill can cause. Tbh this is what happens when you're a "big name" and make your shit as public as she did. Not to mention using Alyssa for clickbait. Fuck you Jill. If you come here and lurk I hope you know how many people realize how shitty you treat others for your own gain.

No. 447037

I feel like all the anons who are excusing jill’s awful behaviour as a normal teenage rebound act must have never been in a relationship situation like that before.

Teenager or not (she’s turning 20 in two months like give me a break that’s an adult), all her actions are morally wrong. If Jill was a dude, you’d easily agree she was just playing Alyssa for her own gain. It’s absolutely despicable how she discusses her sexuality and relationships on her livestreams (“id call myself a lesbian if I wasn’t dating someone with a dick” invalidating colin’s gender preference “I’m not actually a lesbian, just realized this week I like a peen or two” invalidating her entire relationship with Alyssa based on minor details of sexual tendencies).

Even if Jill was an absolute nobody, I would still think her treatment of Tristan, Colin and Alyssa is downright disgusting. Add her actions to the fact that she has used all three of these people for views/monization (oujiboy/Lolita lifestyle boyfriend, gender neutral alternative partner, lesbian girlfriend), I can’t see how anyone could defend her, useless you’re the same type of person that would defend infidelity or unhealthy power dynamics.

No. 447049

That furry little shit! We expose you and then you go and expose yourself a little more. God damn cow tippers.

No. 447069

sage for no contribution, but ever since her and colin split up i've been lowkey hoping that colin will come to the thread and spill it all about jill. i'm doubtful that it'll ever happen because he's clearly moved on and wants nothing to do with jill anymore (good for him) but boy would that offer a ton of insight and be entertaining as hell

No. 447080

Don't put your real email in, newfriend.

No. 447094

damnit, can't you cowtipping jill stans let us have our fun?

No. 447111

Honestly think that as well. Since it seems like she broke it off pretty suddenly, she might have just met someone she likes better.

No. 447115


i think collin might be full blown gay! like "the only meat i like is penis" type gay. i think that explains why he might have dumped jill, also explains why jill wanted to prove that she was also gay, as gay as collin in fact so gay she got a girlfriend first, except, comparitively collin is an actual gay person, he doesn't need to be in a relationship with the same sex to prove that, unlike jill.

source: his tumblr

No. 447117

I can't imagine how many Jill wankers lurk here… Kek just proves how tasteless and gross people are to follow such a nasty cow like Jill.

No. 447120

Can you post any proof of this? What’s his tumblr?

No. 447122

link to the milk?

No. 447123

That would be hilarious because every time they made a video together, someone would say something to that effect.

But proof or it didn't happen.

No. 447126


honestly i'm just gaining assumptions by what he post on his tumblr a lot of content points to "i'm gay"

his tumblr is wohki.tumblr.com

No. 447127

Colin's tumblr is http://wohki.tumblr.com/ but I'm not the original anon claiming he's full gay (though I wouldn't be surprised)

No. 447136

no that was tristan the one before collin

No. 447137

that was about Tristan

No. 447139

Ah, yeah. I misread that.

No. 447144

He reblogs stuff about being gay sometimes, but that's very shaky evidence at best considering this is tumblr.

No. 447150

he talks about having a girlfriend before gillian (his ex before Jill) but no mentions of any boyfriends

No. 447156

File: 1513648592894.jpg (159.16 KB, 720x960, 13692553_10154546089618814_209…)

also this is tristan's current girlfriend if anyone cared??

No. 447158


damn tristan looking like a muhfuking snack

No. 447161

Tristan and Colin aren't friends on facebook anymore, which means they're friendship was probably ruined by Jill

No. 447166

Or it was ruined by Collin choosing to date his friend's ex immediately after (or possibly during) his terrible breakup?

No. 447167

He looks great! I'm happy to see him living a better Jill-free life. She's not exactly stunning but she's much better looking than Jill and hopefully she treats him well.

No. 447168

theyre a cute couple. much better suited than when jill was dragging him down as she does to everybody

No. 447169

File: 1513649135268.jpg (167.38 KB, 541x494, colin.jpg)

Colin is currently single, according to his fb

No. 447179

File: 1513649409516.png (576.8 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171219-020908.png)

Shut up,jill

No. 447183


I've been in a couple of classes at uni with Tristan's new girlfriend and she is soooo kind, and not in the fake way Jillian tries to play

No. 447194

File: 1513650399658.jpeg (409.41 KB, 1242x1517, 293F94A2-CD85-413E-BB65-A11158…)

possibly a reaction to this thread re: what emily has had to say about alyssa? what a fucking jerk

No. 447196

File: 1513650492127.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171218-182724.png)

The comment too what the fuck

No. 447197

see her like what?? a greasy basement dweller with fried pubes for hair kek

No. 447198

Colin needs to come out of the closet already.

No. 447201

Her hair looks awful. damn.

Haha, she's trying so hard to act cool, living in her mom's basement with no real job.

No. 447202

legit reminds me of taylor swift and her new song trying to be a bad ass LOL

No. 447203

You're right, Jill. I didn't think your hair could get any worse but your fried pond-scum green hair and baby shit yellow roots proved me wrong.

No. 447211

Does anyone know if he has an IG? (Collin)

No. 447236

im pretty sure he doesnt, just tumblr and fb

No. 447243

No. 447250

shes got a big schnozzer that's for sure

No. 447252

shes got a big schnozzer that's for sure

No. 447258

Has anyone here actually sent a question to Colin on his tumblr?

No. 447262

who cares? you sound insecure to be insulting the looks of a random undeserving person. sage your noncontributions in a thread about jill.

im sure at least one person has, he obviously doesnt want to bring attention to himself or be associated with jill at all though, so hes never answered any about their relationship.

>im a conniving asswipe - be jealous!

No. 447274

Colin chose to date Jill, so he had a hand in ruining it. I think he deserves to be left alone though, his social media presence is pretty low key for a reason.

Did she see the cow tipper's tweet and thinks that Alyssa spilled tea somewhere? What a mess.

No. 447276

I agree I don't know why people were so quick to kiss Alyssa's ass when they were making fun of her a few threads ago. It sucks to be broken up with but it happens. I'd be pissed if my sister decided to find a forum like this and post on it on my behalf.

No. 447282

File: 1513654655867.png (731.47 KB, 1125x2436, C6EB8F78-5189-492F-9C0F-F8176C…)

These comments make me wanna vomit. Is it flu season? Is it stomach virus season? Or is it Jill’s nasty roots season?

If you’re gonna downplay the milk, at least sage lol. Otherwise it’s hard not to think “hi Jill”

No. 447283

File: 1513654656601.png (138.04 KB, 1080x765, 20171218_233125.png)

Well it looks like she's all caught up

No. 447284

I agree with this. People are acting like Jill saying she wasn't attracted to her was horrible, but sometimes that happens in relationships you might just realize you aren't attracted to the person. I'm sure it sucked for Alyssa but if anything that's better in the long run.

No. 447285

What exactly could Emily even had 'made up'?

No. 447286

lmfao - her response is exactly as expected. full on victim complex and pretending she doesn't love the drama when she's the one reading here and subbing to drama youtubers and so on. get over yourself, fam…
>i dont have a bad bone in my body!!!
>-proceeds to take every partner she's had for granted and treats them like worthless doormats-

No. 447289

Except when you go so far as to be OFFICIAL GIRLFRIENDS with someone. It is pretty shitty to say you’re not attracted to them after a few months…… she did more than just lead the poor girl on

No. 447292

Well, I left my ex because I wasn't attracted to him anymore. That's usually why you leave someone. Sage next time btw

No. 447293

also to add,

does anyone else think she manages to sound really self absorbed in this post? like she's relevant/famous enough for faux youtuber drama and gossip?

No. 447295

I am genuinely concerned that Jill thinks of her narcissistic self as a good person. I hope she gets the help she needs.

No. 447297

they did sage?

and you generally don't stop being attracted to someone overnight. jill was bragging about her super special lesbian girlfriend one day and then suddenly vagueposting about being broken up the next. it came out of left field to every single person, alyssa included

No. 447301

Shit, I didn't notice.
I don't know what to say, anons. Sometimes it really does happen overnight. I'm not saying Jill isn't a narcissistic bitch, but there's nothing wrong with losing attraction to someone, or realizing you weren't actually attracted to them. Especially when you're so young.

I know it's useless so I'll stop bringing it up, but I think there are better things to discuss. Like how she wouldn't comfort her GF when she was depressed because.. she was depressed?

No. 447306

It's one thing to stop being attracted to someone, and a completely different thing to tell them to their face.
My ex-gf told me the same thing when I was around Jill's / A's age and it ruined my self-confidence for a long-ass time.
The ability to filter what you say to people is part of having empathy for others. A simple "I'm not ready to settle down", "I need time alone to understand myself", etc. would suffice.

No. 447310

my thing is that the switch was completely 180. one day she was posting about wow i luv bringing my smol lesbian gf drinks to her at work uwu and pretty much just gushing about her even the week she broke it off with her. I somehow doubt that she didn't even have subtle feelings of doubt regarding her attraction to MG and just chose to ignore them because her followers have been eating up her teased queer romance which was probably really satisfying for her, even if was probably a destructive thing to do in the long run in terms of blindsiding her partner. changes in attraction can happen quickly and without warning but this is a little dramatic. I don't think she's wrong for breaking up with someone she's not attracted to and I don't think she's lying about having an attraction to women, but the way she carried about this whole thing still totally rubs me the wrong way.

No. 447319

I completely agree, anon. Exactly what I've been thinking reading through this thread

No. 447354

Wow, Jill. As if your stupid ass doesn't love drama. Constantly posting shit about your ex for the world to see, filming yourself going to his place of work and then posting it online, reading your thread here, etc. God she is pathetic. This response is exactly what is expected from her.

No. 447380

i'm sorry this is so funny, "make up gossip" what did alyssa makeup exactly? also isn't this the exact same thing she did to collin. vent about him to thousands of her followers and even had most of her followers ass patting her and pretty much saying she deserved better than collin, even though they didn't even hear his side of the story….the lack of self awareness is crazy

No. 447432

They did sage, you moronic newfag. And what Jill did was shitty because she led somebody on and used them to boost her image.

No. 447437

i'm sorry you're ugly

No. 447438

Sup Jill?

No. 447439

sage next time newfag

No. 447441


These fucking newfags are ruining the threads by cowtipping and infighting over useless shit.

No. 447442

Dear lord can mods please ban some of these fucking idiots?? This thread has gotten so dumb.

No. 447448

Report and ignore the attention whores, what's so difficult about that?

No. 447453

It's been happening all over the board for weeks and it has only gotten worse.

No. 447462

thank you for your contributions to the thread.

Excessive infighting will not be tolerated. Bans have been issued.

No. 447489

File: 1513670417300.jpg (101.12 KB, 750x874, 1493924032428.jpg)

got to browsing some of the older threads and found this bit from 7 months ago. finding it real funny how jill is so anti-KVD, yet kept one of the KVD lipcolors and had a pink one but was so upset that she lost it?? (she says this in her gift-haul thing when she's going over her gifts for Alyssa)

No. 447495

After scrolling through the Tumblr fakeboi thread, I've finally realized where Jillian gets her fashion sense from (or lack there of)

No. 447504

but that sparkly pink lipstick was ~kawaii~ so it doesn't count. idk apparently she either has a hard time communicating or sticking to what she portrays online

No. 447505

There's this thing where even though you purchased something and found the company to not have the same stance as you when it comes to animal testing you don't see the point in throwing away shit you paid for. It's not like somebody refraining from buying from a certain brand does shit to begin with. Only legislation to stop testing on animals will. The point is moot and sage for replying to pointless nitpicking.

No. 447507

i think you're misunderstanding. jill stated she was anti-KVD several months ago and recently decided to purchase from them anyway because she liked the sparkly lip toppers. she said her reason for not liking KVD is that she thinks she's too dramatic and immature, not really anything related to company ethics. sorry if this is nitpicking

No. 447508

Damn, you're right anon she really does suck at articulating.

No. 447515

Well technically, Too Faced is owned by Estee Lauder now, so Jill buying Too Faced is putting money into the pockets of people who test on animals. In my opinion, she only jumped on the anti-Jeffree star train to appease her super mega-kawaii queer uwu leftist audience. Jill doesn't give a shit about a company's ethics. She just buys shit she thinks is cute and she'd still be buying jeffree star if she wouldn't get flack for it. (I'm not saying she has to care about company ethics she can buy whatever she wants just pointing out her hypocrisy).

No. 447528

in all honesty i didnt pick it for the animal testing thing, i just thought it as another highlight of her hypocrisy towards her image. sorry if it's spoiled milk by now

No. 447539


she takes a lot of personal offense to people being genuinely confused about the fact she keeps changing her label & can’t keep her shit together.

people are confused about your sexuality because you keep changing it, jill.

No. 447579

Nayrt but you can add these tags on youtube without including the keywords in the title tbh. Yes she is attention whoreing the scar thing.

No. 447584

Not sure if you will come back E but if you do it might be useful for A to have a look at some resources put together by people who have escaped relationships with Narcissists (it is clear that Jill is a full-blown Narc in smear campaign mode at this point). A friend of mine recommends the LifeAfterNarcissism reddit, hope A can see that this is what they do and its no reflection on her

No. 447609

Furry got banned as shown on her emoticon comment

No. 447621

Throwing things away after you bought it already is really wasteful and unnecessary. But it's not like she changed her mind, she bought the lipstick despite her hatered for KVD, proving that she doesn't even care about her own values.

No. 447659

Of course she doesn't, she's a hypocritical idiot, first she kept going about supporting japanese brands, but never actually supports them herself, and chooses to buy shit from forever 21 and other shitty brands, then she went on a tirade about fast fashion, not a week later she was still buying fast fashion, then all about being so queer and proud and now it turns out her queer uwu girlfriend was nothing more but an object to her. She's a disgusting person.

No. 447661

I didn't understand why people disliked Jill at first and started reading her threads out of curiosity. That was around when that LACE drama was happening, I think. I now genuinely dislike her, but I feel like she has become much worse of a person. I feel like she used to be sweet and has become a self absorbed bitch. But she might have always been that way. Yet I still want to see her get her life together and start designing shit. I want to see her make an effort, but all she seems to do is sit on her ass and spend all her money. It's so frustrating to watch. Dammit Jill.

No. 447662

Yeah have to agree. I didn't really care for her in the beginning, she seemed kinda snotty and like she was just trying to copy MilkyFawn in her lolita days but I'd just tell myself that she was only 16 at the time and would probably grow out of it, but nope lol.
She has honestly become so much more immature, bitchy and rude overtime, it's incredible. She has declined in every possible way since she stopped wearing lolita imo.

No. 447664

See that’s the thing I feel like at some point we were like “oh this young girl is making stuff and maybe she’ll do something with her life” but honestly after Collin her life went down hill and hasn’t stopped spiraling

No. 447667

Tbh I feel like it was more so when she dumped poor Tristan and started doing this party Kei rainbow vomit shit that she started going downhill. I mean she was always a spoiled brat, but now she's a bitch directionless spoiled brat

No. 447687

wow so she disliked KVD from the start just cause she's a tad dramatic but openly supported a racist bigot. Good job Jill.

No. 447688


Yeah, i think we all let her be when she was 16 because she was young and somewhat cutesy. but now she's drunk, still spoiled as hell, petty, immature about all her relationships, and someone who quit her real job to make youtube videos about her richgirl shopping sprees. it ain't cute anymore. its obnoxious at this point.

she's still young i know its not that serious, but since this has been going on for years it feels frustrating cause she never learns a thing.


>she is also the type of person who will dislike something because its "mainstream"

cough cough madoka aka best magical girl cough cough

No. 447691

>she is also the type of person who will dislike something because its "mainstream"
>cough cough madoka aka best magical girl cough cough

This also explains why she doesn't like Lisa Frank, and gets mad when people link her to it. I figured that was the reason, she seems that type. It's nice to have confirmation though lol

No. 447713

Jill is so deeply unoriginal and unimaginative, she goes out of her way to like things just for bragging rights. I mean really now? What a massive poser. The worst part is she actually deludes herself into believing she's some famous creative, rebellious fashion designer. Kek

No. 447714

sort of derailing but did we ever find out exactly why all of jill's videos are being demonetized?

No. 447723

And it's hilarious because it's perfectly valid to hate Lisa Frank on the basis that she's an unethical, nasty woman who throws her workers under the bus for her brand. But no, Jill chooses to hate because it's "mainstream." Lel.

No. 447762

Generally A LOT of videos undergo demonetization because the algorithm isn't great. However, most professional YouTubers upload the videos in advance as private and get them reviewed beforehand so that they won't get demonetized when they go live. Jill doesn't do this because she doesn't film in advance.

No. 447788

Sorry if this is late but she just got recommended to me on tumblr and her tagline is
>Manic pixie dream girl

I'm sure ya'll know this already but this is a media term to describe a really poorly characterised, ~quirky~ female who exists solely for the benefit of the male protagonist and has no real story of her own. It's a term for pointing out sexism and poor writing in media, not something cute you should be labelling yourself.
>TV tropes for further reading http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ManicPixieDreamGirl

I just can't believe how shallow and stupid she is? It's hilarious that the description of a manic pixie dream girl fits her to a t though - she's not even the main character in her own life because she's such a poseur.

No. 447795


yeah she wants to project this image of being a Manic pixie girl on social media so bad. with her cute food that tastes nasty, her hairstyles that only look good in two angles, her perfect gay relationship, her rainbow life etc. except manic pixie girls are bitches like Zooey Deschannel who are hot as hell and everyone could love no matter what. jill's ugly ass ain't no one's girl fantasy.

No. 447860

Jill is desperate to be different, it shows kek

No. 447902

Can confirm, I live where her factory is and it's referred to as the Rainbow Gulag because of how awful she treats her workers. They're constantly hiring because everyone quits. She once came into a target my friend was working at and demanded they stop selling certain things because they were "stealing her designs"
Sorry sage for ot, I just hate people supporting her when she's just a local cow. I wish she was more active to have a thread about her.

No. 447925

How the fuck is kvd worse than jefrree? that's reaching so hard.

No. 447946


She's had that tagline for a long time now and still hasn't realised how dumb it is >>91688

I agree with it fitting her to a t - it's pretty funny that it describes Jill so well. Sooper quirky uwu but with no actual personality at all, and she bases a huge chunk of her identity on whatever relationship she's in at the time.

No. 447947

File: 1513719603909.png (1.01 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3759.PNG)

No. 447948

File: 1513719621629.png (107.21 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3758.PNG)

No. 447953

i rly hate how she insists she's "family friendly" but is always cussing/talking about NSFW in her livestreams ???

No. 447958

Go back to PULL.

No. 447962

Yeah she insists that she's ~the most family friendly uwu~ but the way she censors her swearing just makes it more obvious than anything. And she makes a lot of sexual innuendo and shit like that.

When I think family friendly I think of ALB doing an ASMR on a plush whale lol not JIll making "easy access" jokes about her man eater snap pants.

No. 447968

Sage 4 slighty ot but someone mentioned it earlier
Jill's whiteknights who try defend her spending as "she's got the money for it!!" don't understand that even if she has the money, blowing that much money on useless crap is harmful. Jill obviously is a compulsive spender. Manically buying shit just to get the rush of swiping your card/pressing purchase leads to only temporary happiness, it will lead to a worse depression later on when you realise all your money is gone and all you have to show for it is ugly rainbow vomit clothes. This girl has a problem

No. 447991

Yeah exactly, same with stuff like the whole "no magical girl wands don't look like dildos!" thing. Sure it's immature to keep comparing them to sex toys, but it's also immature to keep bringing it up in your ~family friendly~ videos.
If she actually wanted to be family friendly she should cut out the whole "I'm such a huge b-word!!" stuff, it's not very cute.

No. 448006

File: 1513724372043.jpg (578.48 KB, 1080x1640, Screenshot_20171219-225720.jpg)

She posted this on Kelly's insta

No. 448020

Go home onision
>> faxxx!!

No. 448022

>real hardship is when no one touches much dick

No. 448023

Are you still here? sad that you have enough free time to evade bans. enjoy the next one.

No. 448026

Do not reply to robots please.

No. 448033

this is officially my favorite thread

No. 448037

So anyways anyone think Jill's gonna start hardcore riding Kelly's dick to keep up her lesbian schtick? I wouldn't put it past her to have developed a crush on her whilst she's e-whoring for relevance.

No. 448041

she already comments on most of her content, not to mentioning being friends with her whilst talking about the kawaii leaders contest

No. 448048

You know, both of them are fake-bisexual for internet points girls with fried hair and pets for accessories living in a cluttered kitsy home. It might work out. They'd be able to pick out trashy neon outfits for each other that are japanese inspired-not japanese inspired f21 and h&m mall clothes.

No. 448051

Oh god Kelly Eden is a mess of her own geez.

No. 448052

This has such a creepy/gross implication. No different than a weird guy commenting on a picture objectifying somebody, but she probably thinks being creepy is okay because she's a girl.

No. 448056

File: 1513729464929.jpeg (264 KB, 1241x1129, 5949D383-4A00-4278-A675-28F209…)

No. 448057

I'm always worried about coming off as a creepy lesbian tbh.
I hope Jill continues this because I want to laugh at her.

No. 448059

Cursed image

No. 448060

Oh, so is this """gay""" best friend the reason she broke up with her gf suddenly? hmmmm…?

Same, Jill has no self-awareness at all so it will continue

No. 448061

Yep, we called it. Who wants to bet they'll be dating in a month? I think I recall someone saying Jon is gay, but I wonder if he's actually bi.

No. 448063

File: 1513729817627.png (176.61 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171220-002930.png)

According to his fb, he's straight

No. 448064

Why is Jon always around the second she's single? They have to be banging.

No. 448065

I remember Jill herself claiming Jon is gay? Maybe I'm wrong? Interesting.

No. 448066

File: 1513729902502.png (827.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171220-003108.png)

He is her current cover photo too

No. 448071


I remember that too, and then she called him an "ally" when he went to that pride parade with her.
You'd think Jill would be doing damage control after Emily posted here the other night, but instead she's just being even shadier.

No. 448072

File: 1513730380723.jpg (537.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171220-003836.jpg)

But why Jill

No. 448075

I don't think she ever did, Jon was just always an "ally" lol
It's really funny that the last time she mentioned him was before she started seeing Alyssa, and now that they broke up suddenly he's there again

No. 448079

This isn't the first time she's dug up her stale friendships in her time of need, which is pretty sad. I remember one of her friends (goth girl?) driving all the way to her or something to cheer her up, something like that post Colin (fuzzy memory). These 'friends' only appear when she wants something from them.

No. 448081

Jon always seems to suddenly be mentioned whenever she's single. Either there's something going on, or he's trying to make it happen. Colin was her "best friend" right until she started dating him too.

No. 448083

That tweet below of Kelly Eden asking for Star Wars smut recs is also quite something.

No. 448085

maybe her next phase will be ~sex positive role model uwu~

No. 448091

>>448085 god nooooooo
No I remember her going to pirde rally and she said he was straight. And was just an ally. I thiink she mentioned him once too something with the extent of him saying “I think I’m the only straight tenneger without a mental health issue”

No. 448096

File: 1513732985854.jpeg (748.01 KB, 1099x1302, BA3E3625-1622-4717-BE10-F8F990…)

This is the first mention of Johnathon I could find. All I saw through the threads were anons proclaiming he was gay without any proof or caps.

This is why we’re supposed to post caps when we proclaim something lol. Gotta have proof or else we all end up confused.

No. 448098

How do so many faggots live in PEI? I guess it's Jill's job to befriend and exploit them all.

No. 448101

Even worse, he's a nice guy. He'll probably be around jill to 'comfort' her whenever she's sad. Ew..

No. 448126

Sage goes in the email field you reaching newfag.

No. 448129

He look so like someone on a LoL esports team..
Does he wear that kawaii uwu crap as well? Wonder ignore Jill will make him wear it -if- they date

No. 448136

John must either be an extremely supportive doormat friend, or as shitty as Jill herself just wanting to get in her pants. I don't think most friends would stick around after seeing her already shitty friend fuck up 2 relationships in less than a year. There must be a motive kek

No. 448140

if you go back on his instagram posts there is pics of Jillian from high school

No. 448141

File: 1513736007682.png (321.83 KB, 540x606, Screenshot_2017-12-19-21-11-23…)

Also I believe she had said they have been friends since she was in 8th grade or something like that

No. 448143

It isn't hard to see that you're samefagging. Condense your thoughts into one post.

No. 448144

i don't think people just leave their friends if they have breakups anon.

No. 448146

I had actually just forgot to post the image and had that thought. The first of the 3 posts isn't mine though…
Also, even if she doesn't talk about him all of the time doesn't mean that they don't hang out and that she only is with him when she needs him

No. 448147

Uh, yeah, no. I'm neither of those two anons, nice try.

You're oversimplifying Jillian's breakups quite a bit. It's not hard to see how badly she treats people based on her relationships and take that as a hint to back away from this toxic person.

No. 448151

Doesn't uploading privately and then turning it to public make it appear super far down in people's sub feeds though, because it's sorted chronologically?

No. 448156

File: 1513737397831.jpeg (269.48 KB, 1240x1387, 100BA066-90D4-4C80-ADCB-3AC423…)

No. 448157

I definitely think there's something going on between these two. But Pixie has never called him gay, she's only ever referred to him as an ally.

No. 448158

I wouldn't be surprised if Wendy got her into Love Live but I'm honestly still surprised she's giving it a shot. Figured it was too mainstream and not ~aesthetically pleasing~ for her. Also surprised her favorite girl is Nico because she has black hair (which is "sooo boring and totally not kawaii harajuku) but I guess her character (needing to be in the spotlight, having a cutesy persona, thinking she's better than everyone else) makes up for it.

Why is this so funny? Jill is such a fake, haha.

No. 448167

Lol holy shit thanks anon, I was the one who posted those adjectives. I'm glad someone else appreciated them (unlike the precure weeb getting all offended). A+ shoop ty.

The "hating mainstream things" is so funny considering everything about her comes across as someone trying to desperatly trying to be mainstream. She likes anime ffs.

No. 448171

Sorry, I wasn't super clear. YouTubers can schedule videos to be published in advance, and you can get them reviewed before they go live. They aren't technically listed as private (my mistake), they just are uploaded but not published.

No. 448173

This. It's abundantly clear that Jill treats nameless fans better than anyone in her life. That kind of shit behavior does not deserve to be rewarded or get positive attention.

No. 448281

File: 1513750671412.jpg (58.05 KB, 1024x759, beans.jpg)

he looks like beans

No. 448288


I don't know many people who would get rid of a friend because of something that happened in their relationships either, but I get the impression she generally only hangs out with her friends when she's single.
I know sometimes people can be busy and go for a while without being able to see friends but I think it was mentioned after her breakup with Colin that she hadn't seen her con friends in a while, and she seemed to care more about hanging out with Alyssa's friends recently. She seems exactly like the kind of shitty friend who would have no regard for anyone's feelings but her own tbh

No. 448427

File: 1513778837365.jpg (743.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171220-140515.jpg)

But dating girls for views is totes okay

No. 448431

I agree with that tweet 100 %. Jill is a damn hypocrite.

No. 448444


pick one Jill:


>i date queer women and use them as fashion accessories

but you can only pick 1

No. 448459


pixie is literally the virtual equivalent of what's described in that tweet, kek

No. 448469

No. 448470

wow what great high quality content

>my entire aesthetic is based around kawaii culture and harajuku!! uwu
yeah keep telling yourself that lol

No. 448475

It’s our duty to ensure she fails

No. 448476

wait does that mean she usually washes her hair in the bath water? would explain why she doesnt wash them often + why they never look clean even when she does wash them

No. 448482

File: 1513792378716.jpg (128.22 KB, 540x960, IMG_20171220_095215.jpg)

No. 448483

Promo vid on the site is completely cringe and shrieks WEEB from the mountain tops.

No. 448488

Sage for being begrudging but i swear if she wins this…

Some of the other girls are so much cuter.

No. 448491

I bet she will win… Gross thought kek

No. 448496

>Listing her favorite brands
>2 of them are western brands
Kawaii Leader over here.

You did a really poor job blocking out that name, anon.
But she deleted it, shocking.

No. 448505

gonna vote everyday for everyone except her fugly ass

No. 448506

She tweeted that all her fav brands are western (lazy oaf, betsey johnson, and irregular choice). She only included two japanese brands to have japanese brands in there. Also she only owns one candy stripper item, because they're so 'expensive' so I don't know why that's a favorite.

Kek at the two items she's sewed being the only non-cosplay things she's made all year. She should really sew more for a "fashun desiger~ uwu~" That 500$ serger's going to waste.

No. 448515

God, Im going to start voting for everyone else besides her. I hope she doesn't win, her picture really looked the worst by far out of the lot.
Heres the voting website :


No. 448516

File: 1513795271379.jpeg (299.48 KB, 744x1050, 0AC58F57-5AC1-49C0-82A0-8702D7…)

No. 448517

Honestly, I kind of want her to win to see how big her head gets and to see her making a complete ass of herself as a kawaii leader, lol.

No. 448521


She let it get too dry! She's going to lose spots of it completely. The red in particular is not healing well. Red is the color that is most problematic for adverse reactions and rejection.

No. 448525

You guys really give Jill way too much time of day. Get lives. It's pathetic.

No. 448526

File: 1513796056846.jpg (802.54 KB, 1080x1723, Screenshot_20171220-185129.jpg)

I bet this is referring to jon

No. 448527

yeah that tattoo is going to have bad fade spots already, why let it dry heal so much when she hardly understands tattoos, let alone healing. haha, idiot.

No. 448529

>>448521 I think part of the problem is that she has to heal it using luxury brands, rather than stuff like bepanthen that artists recommend

No. 448532

Can we please all vote for everyone who isn't her so we can make an effort so she doesn't win ?

No. 448533


I don't understand why she doesn't just get a water-based lotion and take care of herself jfc

No. 448534

same tbh, it would be hilarious to see another tendies trip

No. 448537

Not your army, etc

lolcow is not for doing things, it is for observing and laughing

No. 448538

part of me would love to see her win though for the milk

No. 448549

Same. If she doesn't win, she's going to be bitter for a couple of weeks, but if she wins, we will bathe in milk for a long time. She would make a complete ass of herself

No. 448557

Me too haha. Im in both parties. I dont really want her to win because she doesnt deserve it but Kawaii.i is already a joke with Kelly Eden in there.

And on the other hand her winning would provide a ton of milk and lols

No. 448603

File: 1513802204057.png (980.32 KB, 1280x719, weirdmintthing.png)

Does anyone know what was up with the closure on this skirt? This might be nitpicky, but there's no way that's a normal zipper closure unless it's improperly installed (the weird gapping at the top) and made with an oversized zipper/zipper pull. I almost wonder if she never actually finished this piece and just had it clipped together for photos and (now) this video…

No. 448630

lolcow isn't 4chan but okay.

No. 448636

I thought she was too depressed and tired to make videos on her regular schedule lately
I wonder if this was the exciting announcement video she posted about

No. 448640

Looks like a zipper with a clasp at the top

No. 448652

Looks to me like a too big zipper and like she didn't do anything with the long bits on top, just stuck it in there as is instead of working those into the waistband.

No. 448653

File: 1513806708519.png (26.02 KB, 557x262, 2ddf22464a68f9944e5f334980cee4…)

Kelly Eden commented on her latest video, btw.

No. 448661

Just more shitty workmanship then. I don't think even her craft school will be okay with stuff like this. It's not hard to line up a damn zipper.

She said she watches Annika's videos, but does she just not pay attention?

No. 448670

>"Just as cool as them" aka Kelly Eden
Kill me. She's too stupid to see the bullshit in someone like Kelly Eden who the entire jfashion community is still laughing at. Jill is so hardcore in denial or maybe she's just stupid too that she really does believe her own lies. I've said it before but if she wins her ego will skyrocket and we'll never hear the end of her fake jfashion support and everything else she fakes like being a fashion designer. I can't wait for her to go to college and get a reality check.

No. 448679

At least she put in a waistband this time, she couldn't be assed doing it with that atrocious pompom birthday outfit she made.

I'm not the best seamstress by any means but her sewing is really bad. She cuts corners with everything, all her stuff looks poorly finished or not finished at all. She doesn't tailor anything to fit either, she just makes the same boxy cropped tshirt that sits awkwardly. It looks like she was trying to go for the whole ~aspiring jfashion designer~ angle for her kawaii i video to give herself an edge over the other contestants, but her stuff is just so poorly executed that it's completely disingenuous and hollow.

Maybe this is more suited for the cgl thread about the contest but I really don't want to see Jill win because we don't need another dumbfuck like Kelly representing jfashion. I know kawaii.i is a joke and we'd get tons of milk if Jill does win and go to Japan, but more than anything I just want her to shut up about jfashion. She barely wears it at all but still acts like an authority figure. If she won it'd do nothing but boost her ego more. She needs to practice what she preaches before she tries to be a leader of anything imo.

No. 448681

lolcow has chan culture since it originated from /cgl/ on 4chan. So "is not your personal army" applies here too. I feel like you newfags here don't understand that we're here to observe cows not interact, cowtip or get your panties in a twist over them and nitpick the shit out of them.

No. 448709


yeah i just looked at the other girls and most of them look so much better than jill. she looks very tacky/cheap next to them, their fashion/aesthetic choices are much more put together…i don't understand how she even made it as a finalist

while it'll be milky if she wins, it would be a shame for the cuter girls to lose

No. 448776

File: 1513818126749.png (5.53 KB, 484x52, halcon.png)

i guess she won't be going to halcon this year

No. 448803

Okay, What did she comment on?

No. 448804


No. 448812

It shouldn't be flaking that badly already. I bet she hasn't kept up with washing and lotioning the area. Yikes… Get ready to lose color.

No. 448815

What happened?

No. 448819

Am I the only one here who is super triggered that she made sure to feature a super obvious fake/knock-off Rilakkuma plush? And the fact that it was featured in a 1 minute video designed to promote this bitch as a kawaii culture ambassador.

She's so trashy.

No. 448822

Damn anon nitpick like your some fashion designer! We get it Jill can't sew for shit and that's proof enough.

No. 448825

File: 1513823484130.jpg (93.89 KB, 1368x676, fakeshit.JPG)

forgot to attach the screenshot but goddamn stay classy Jill

Both the plush and the plastic container are definite fakes

No. 448827

Part of my is dying to see them become "bffs" because for one, it would be amazing seeing them try to one up each other/see them outdo each other's selfishness, and two the eventual fallout would have so much delicious drama.

No. 448838

I'm pretty sure she got them back in her Lolita wannabe milkyfawn days and dredged then back up for the purpose of showing off what a kawaii leader she is.

No. 448839

when you want to be a kawaii japan leader but all your belongings are made in china and you have to make do :/

No. 448855

A post about the prices of halcon’s ticket this year

No. 448858

Jill complaining about the prices of convention tickets but pays a shit ton of money for cheap shitty made in china clothes and eyeshadow palettes she only uses one color from? Bye girl.

No. 448859

Not to defend Jill BUT
the plush is not fake, only the container is
Quite a few genuine Rilakkumas (especially the smaller ones) have slightly off center mouths, also that plush is the right color

No. 448866

>back in her Lolita wannabe milkyfawn days

I miss that honestly, I genuinely loved watching her hauls and reckless spending on brand
And watching /cgl/ blow up about her

No. 448871

I'm a collector and the plush is most certainly fake. The colors are off. Tags are wrong too.

No. 448900

>sage for ot and because roasting Jill for buying a knockoff container is nitpicking

Then you don't know your stuff because the tag placement is fine and so is the color
but it is hard to tell due to the lighting and you can't see the ear tag so eh

No. 448909

You're the one who doesn't know their shit. Rilakkuma plushies made for San-x JP don't have ear tags in the first place, and the tag is wrong regardless. Do you have like, two Rilakkumas and you think you're an expert? Virtually only AQI licensed Rilakkumas have eartags anyway and that's most definitely not even close to the proper leg tag for an AQI Rilakkuma of that size (or any size).

Obviously sage'd(calm down)

No. 448911

Sorry for samefag but I mean are you even paying any attention to the proportions of any part of that thing? Look at the arms and legs compared to literally any authentic Rilakkuma. Look at the shape/size/color/porportion of the paw pad colors.

I'm triggered that you're arguing when that thing is so clearly a fake. Do you have a collection of fakes or something?

No. 448919

oh my god are we really sperging over stuffed animals now

No. 448920

File: 1513837711275.jpeg (185.97 KB, 1242x936, 7A36F91D-B0EF-4B14-A321-1F2861…)

No. 448927

You guys need to go outside. No one gives a shit.

No. 448930

Can a farmhand toss these infighting cunts out? Stop derailing.

No. 448931

File: 1513838983122.png (132.14 KB, 369x375, minirilakkuma.PNG)

You need to relax
Like I said before, the screenshot is grainy as fuck and genuine Rilakkumas can also be wonky(especially the ears) like pic related which is from Tokyo otaku mode, a legit store.
But goddamn, it's just a plush. This thread is for milk not petty nitpicking and sperging

No. 448933

That one is smaller than Jill's and isn't wonky/disproportionate in the way Jill's is. I know my stuff and her's is, without a shadow of a doubt, a fake.

Pointing out that she has knockoff kawaii merch in her promo vid selling herself as some kind of kawaii ambassador is relevant.

No. 448937

i have big color tattoos like this and never experienced such severe flaking. the fade is gonna be awful and the thickness on those lines? they're gonna get blown out lol. while it's leagues better than the cat, this one might get pretty bad too

No. 448945

why are you telling others to relax as you continue sperging about toys?

i agree this thread needs to be cleaned out, i swear these are the same people doing it daily

No. 448967

Probably because it's a popularity contest. Look at beckii cruel winning. Granted she was probably a good choice with her idol/media experience.
Damn thought I'd accidentally entered the Hartley hooligans thread there

No. 448977

>gets tattoo to cover scars; has to shower because of tattoo
>proceeds to whine about having to shower while letting the tattoo reach flakey levels of dryness
how many times does she have to confirm she's a moron before she fixes herself? my mom got an infection through her biggest tattoo (not quite sure if it was her fault or that of the tattoo artist, but it happened), but even she managed to take care of the tattoo better than jill has so far

dont leave us without context now bruh

>shows "closet"
>"closet" is actual clothing rack out in the open where cat hair and god knows what else can get on it??
>jill why

No. 448994

Same, it's shocking. I wonder if she is trying to dry heal when she doesn't know jack, she mentioned QCKND before so I am thinking Jill being who she is watched a small amount of tattoo content and now thinks she is an expert, all the people commenting are such morons too. I guess its true though you do get the tattoo you deserve

No. 449008

I don't have any tattoos but this looks really bad, aren't you supposed to moisturize so it doesn't get flaky? That actually looks painful, and like parts of the pearls in the wand are about to peel off entirely.

No. 449030

Tattoos always peel for a couple weeks after they're done, it's part of the healing process. It's normal. It always looks pretty grim for a while, her tattoo artist should have given her something to put on it to stop the itching too.

No. 449059

You're supposed to use water based/unscented lotion and only use a little on it so it doesn't overdry. It looks like she didn't. I am also hoping that when she showers, she doesn't let the water directly hit the area of the tattoo because that causes terrible water damage and will blow out all the color. It looks awful already.

No. 449067

Out of curiosity, I looked up the prices. The price for an early-bird weekend pass is $63 usd. Is that really too much for her? I thought that was like the normal cost of an average con. Am I just an idiot?

No. 449068

Same anon, the at-the-door pass was $82 usd. I can see that being more unreasonable but if you know you go to a con every year why would you wait to pay at the door?

No. 449070

Same. Does she just not follow the tattoo instructions or moisturize it frequently? For my first tattoo, which was a large piece, I was applying lotion to my tat very frequently and I have never seen one that dried out and uncomfortable looking. I don't get it.

No. 449097

File: 1513872335975.jpg (44.19 KB, 443x332, Delicia.jpg)

What are you guys hoping for with the Kawaii I thing?? Both outcomes will provide lots of milk
She Wins:
-Every move of hers will be filmed, we get to see her idiocy constantly
-See how much of an annoying gaijin she is
-Get to observe how she acts around people she does not know
-A dog shit but hilarious shopping haul (reminiscent of her old jp haul, but worse)
-No mum, how is she going to act, I doubt NHK want to constantly look after her and treat her like a child
-I'd be able to meet her and find some milk

If she loses
-She goes to London
-First time to going somewhere with out mumsy
-London is brutal if you're a foreign, dependent tard like Pixie
-Many cows will get to meet her
-Friendship drama possibly
-I'd be able to meet her and get milk still w

Best case scenario is that she ends up going to both

No. 449098

I'm so retarded that I forgot to greentext

No. 449110

Honestly with how grimy her new tattoo is looking I wouldn't be surprised her first one looks so shitty because she also failed to take care of it. This girl is a dumpster fire.

No. 449112

If Jill goes to Japan we get the bonus of the Japanese public laughing at her again. Would she be on some sort of televised show as a host or something as the prize? I think she would freak out from not having her mom with her.

No. 449115

I just can't see her going to a foreign country w/o her mom at all. I don't know how she would survive.

No. 449140

About that kawaii contest, for some reason I'm sure Anzu will win, since it is mostly a popularity contest at the end of the day.

No. 449159

kawaii-i is like jfash weeb fake news anyways.

No. 449160

My money is on either Anzu or Sophie. Sophie already lives in Japan as well.

No. 449184

File: 1513879884344.jpg (49.63 KB, 1074x238, _20171221_190842.JPG)

I feel so bad for her ex gf. I really feel like Jillian tries to blame everyone but her for the break up and it's just a cunt move when she's the one who broke up the relationship in the first place

No. 449206

File: 1513881672318.png (15.5 KB, 602x141, ss (2017-12-21 at 10.40.37).pn…)

No. 449208

File: 1513881819930.jpg (14.28 KB, 240x320, 137593505136.jpg)

No. 449209

god she sounds so disgusting. how can you even feel clean after a sparkly soap confetti rainbow foamie uwu bath.. does she literally never touch clear water?

No. 449212

You don’t NEED to admit you’re filthy Jill

No. 449215


jesus christ she's a literal child. jillian, bathing is about keeping your body clean and making sure you don't smell bad, bath bombs are fun to use every so often but it's not supposed to be colorful confetti club funtime every single time you bathe

i can only imagine how bad she must smell irl

No. 449217

Wait, is Jill still wiccan?? Or a witch of any sort?? I've forgotten. It's just that I'm surprised she did stuff for the eclipse, but hasn't mentioned anything about Yule yet, which is tomorrow

No. 449219

Doesn't she realise that when she's a student, she won't be able to afford a bathbomb, or just a bath in general, for every wash she has?? Her dorm room might not even have a bath tub

No. 449222

well she already said that there's no way she'd ever live in a dorm and that she'll have an apartment for sure, so I guess she can make sure to have a tub for her foamie sparkle baths uwu

No. 449226

Will she have to the time or money to afford bath bombs though?? Renting an apartment isn't cheap, I think that she is forgetting that she will have food and bills to pay for

No. 449227

Mummy will pay for it uwu

No. 449230

don't spread such lies anon, Jill is obviously a professional youtube star & designer and doesn't need her parents to financially support her lmao uwu

No. 449231

>>449226 her fast food and starbucks diet must cost a lot

No. 449235

yes she's a witch

No. 449240


They were asking about her religion, not her personality, anon.

No. 449263

he looks like he smells like beans

No. 449266

File: 1513887216538.jpg (43.3 KB, 432x324, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 449271

t this level of filthyness she can afford to bubblebath every time she washes herself, bc her being clean is so rare.
its kawaii on a budget, she grows her mint color on her skin

No. 449276

She mentioned something along the lines of not knowing enough about Yule yet in her tree decorating video at around the 11:40 mark.

No. 449289

Fucking kek

No. 449306

Isn't Anzu in this edition? I don't think she has a chance

No. 449309

No, Jill is a poser who hops on anything that becomes she feels fits her “aesthetic” or makes her feel unique and different uwu. just like when she was 16 and said she was a Buddhist. Its never been about a religion or a belief for Jill, it’s just about what makes her feel unique and special because nothing about her personality, her looks, or her talents make her special.

No. 449319

File: 1513891939400.png (96.59 KB, 275x251, uwee.png)

Wait, she doesn't take showers before going into the bath?

No. 449324

Most people don’t.

No. 449325

seriously though, how obsessed with aesthetic can you get??
>showers aren't kawaii enough so I'll never take one uwu
>water isn't kawaii enough so I'll only drink tea uwu
>oh this tea isn't kawaii enough so let me throw some fucking marshmallows in there uwu

this is kinda worrisome

No. 449336

PastelBat too, whom she had a very similar video too as well(sitting amongst her Sailor Moon collection which beats Jills balancing act of a collection out the water).
I'd be surprised if Jill won but she's an easy pick for speaking english, already popular and fitting the aesthetic they seem to vouch for.

No. 449344

Do you think that the reason Jill is so afraid of moving out is because she just doesn't want to be an adult?
She always claims that she just doesn't want to leave her family which I'm sure is a part of it, but I don't think that's the main thing.

I mean she's an almost 20 year old woman but refuses to take showers because they aren't cute and fun enough. There are a ton of things in real life that aren't cute and fun. The only reason she is able to keep up her ~aesthetic lifestyle~ right now is because she spends all day sitting in her kids' toy stuffed basement, occasionally leaving the house to get a pinku drinku uwu from Starbucks or to get more shit for her hoard from Micheals.
Once she moves out she'll have to get real groceries, pay bills and clean up after herself, all of which isn't very ~aesthetic~.
Looking forward to it.

No. 449363

sage for armchair psych shit but i think half the reason she acts so much like a toddler is because she missed out on a lot of her youth because she was so mentally ill with her eating disorder. i don't think she really got to enjoy those years from like 10-13 where you start to figure yourself out and actually form a personality. she just WAS her eating disorder, and after it, just a bunch of labels slapped onto herself to identify as at any given time

No. 449366

File: 1513895785670.png (37.12 KB, 630x170, jilltweet.png)


kek at this comment left by a fan.

No. 449369

>showers aren't kawaii enough so I'll never take one uwu
This is giving me vague PT flashbacks.

No. 449379

she can just pull a kelly eden (her new idol) and say they are "fan made" kek

No. 449382

if jill goes to London the milk will be so much sweeter, trust me. We've already seen her act a fool in jp, but jill in London without mommy with those fake idoru girls will be hilarious. And I don't want seeing her waste a trip to Japan on just shopping again.

No. 449384

>>449382 Japan is so different from London. Remember when she left her expensive camera in a changing room? That would have been nicked within minutes in London. I can just imagine her being the easiest target for pick pockets, which are very common in tourist areas.

No. 449387

yeah, or when she was in montreal and got really butthurt about two teenage girls gossiping about her hair lol
London would be great in that regard

No. 449388

>yeah, or when she was in montreal and got really butthurt about two teenage girls gossiping about her hair lol

this was in halifax but ur point still stands lol

No. 449389

Carnaby street has Too Faced, Lazy oaf and Irregular choice. I can already picture the vlog “new favie place uwu”

No. 449393

And she'll get laughed at/pointed at, she'll probably refuse to take the tube and then complain about how expensive a cab is

No. 449394

she'll have panic attacks about how busy it is and her mum won't be there to hold her lilbby hand uwu

No. 449395

I bet she'll get pickpocketed (or at least lose something and have it stolen

No. 449396

And she'll go by an outdated guide to ~kawaii London~

No. 449397

Honesntly you need such a thick skin to wear alt fashion in London.

No. 449405

File: 1513898652880.gif (459.06 KB, 256x144, 1430279386869.gif)

Honestly, she has to be retarded. No one who is an adult is repelled by taking showers. It's the cleaner and more effective way to save water as well. I can't imagine someone wanting to soak in their own filth. You're suppose to take showers before your bathe and i doubt she does that either.. Ugh. She's disgusting.

No. 449406

London is the easiest place in the UK to wear weird fashion, people are used to it there. Are other countries a lot nicer than Britain or do you just have a bad view of London?

No. 449408

Person is right. How much do you want to bet Jill will ignore or delete it?

No. 449412

London is just overwhelming with tourists, weirdos and little regard for others.

No. 449416

what's the betting she'll see the london college of fashion campus on oxford street and immediately start making plans to move and study there

No. 449422

Anon stop she lurks here

No. 449423

Try a northern ex mining village, London is full of freaks and attention whores.

No. 449428

Knowing that she'd rather waste a ton of water and stew in a soup of glitter and her own filth than take a shower is really triggering.

No. 449431

She'd never move overseas for uni, she seems terrified of even moving a few hours away.

No. 449433

No ones saying London is the worst place, but it’s a huge culture swerve from what she’s used to. And London can be a very intimidating place for someone as speshul and smol as Jill.

No. 449434

Yeah that's very true, I'm from one too but she'd never even go close

No. 449446

Oh she'd definitely find it intimidating I can't see her moving far but it would do her some good.

No. 449449

If she ends up going to England, do you guys think that she'd actually end up leaving London?? She going during the summer, but the usual not-London tourists spots wouldn't be kawaii enough for her (Norfolk Broads, Cathedrals, Dover, Historical towns and cities etc). As a britfag, I low key want her to go to some tacky tourist town, like Great Yarmouth. Considering she went to a Japanese theme park, maybe she'll end up going to Alton Towers or something

No. 449450

she'll probably go to camden bc so quirky uwu

No. 449451

I feel like she'd be harrased by chavs and never go back and constantly shit talk. She'd go to Brighton maybe but that's it out of London

No. 449452

File: 1513902175075.gif (920.84 KB, 400x225, tumblr_mao9dg5otK1rdutw3o1_400…)

Tbh her and PeachMilky's finalist videos are the only ones I can even stand to watch. Yes they're both "adorkable uwu cyu-tees" that make my eyes roll but their videos are watchable. The rest made me cringe and want to punch myself in the face

No. 449453

There is high a chance she might get harassed or cat called and she'd probably tweet about it for the entire time. I know some girls in jfashion have had pretty scary experiences, considering some random chicks giggling at her hair deeply offended her she'll have a hard time.

No. 449454

Especially if she stays at Beckii's place, which is just in an estate I think

No. 449456

She has no interest in anything but shopping, so no reason to go out of London (bar Brighton but as if she'd go on a train)

No. 449458

At least it isn't a council estate (though there are some not council estates that you can get shanked by just walking down there in broad daylight (learnt from experience))

No. 449467

I saged for blogging but I wear alt fashion in London and for the most part, people keep their heads down and don't care. If you wear it to the very touristy parts (Oxford Street and the surrounding shopping areas, fairs that attract tourists like winter wonderland, the London eye etc) you're probably kind of thick considering you'll get a load of tourists gawking/filming and probably asking you for LOADS of photos, if they have the decency to ask at all. There's a lot of foreign people visiting and they can be very blunt/rude out of ignorance. She's either going to hate it and bitch about the attention or lap it up.
To be honest, I use the tube a lot while wearing outlandish things, and it's not that hard. That's the place where I get the least troubles, probably because everyone is focused on getting from A to B.
Anyways, I mostly wrote this because Jill lurks, so I'm going to warn her. I don't want her to make a misinformed video about how mean my country is when she just isn't smart enough to not wear eye-catching things on days where she wants to shop. It'll make it a lot easier if she leaves the pastel at home for a day.
I've written way too much, sorry, but I'll be damned if she trashes a city I love.

No. 449469

>>449467 who cares about Jill's opinions

No. 449471

Seriously anon, you can't be affected by what some rando thinks about your hometown. Jill has rainbow hair and doesn't even seem to own "normal" clothes, so you're hoping for too much.

No. 449606

File: 1513910531117.png (15.49 KB, 590x350, ss (2017-12-21 at 06.41.12).pn…)

I found it annoying before but now its feels even worse after hearing the break up story

No. 449620

She wouldnt even be necessarily without family in London because her mom's family is in England. Maybe they can hold her hand to all the stores .

No. 449621

That is sickening. When is she going to give up the act

No. 449626

She loves all the attention I'm sure. I'm sure she even welcomes some negative attention if it means gaining more support from her followers or gaining followers. She is so obsessed with herself she probably would love to be cancelled. Then she can bathe in compliments but then go on social media and talk about how she's such a victim

No. 449627

I believe she is entirely gay because she's madly in love with a girl: herself

No. 449628

I mean cat called not cancelled

No. 449631

Yeah that's actually true. It should say her own name instead of GIRLS

No. 449641


Ok this explains why I think of her as English despite her being apparently Canadian.

Btw she is wildly annoying and I don't know how anyone gets through watching her videos without some internal haemorrhaging occurring due to the body crumpling under the weight of the cringe

No. 449645

I wonder when her followers are going to start asking about Alyssa. She's going to have to eventually admit that they're not together anymore. I'm not sure if she's even going to explain why or be honest

No. 449651

For those who seem to think London is literally like Oliver Twist: There's lots of happy tumblerinas in London now and nobody bats an eyelid.
She won't even stand out.

No. 449660

She probably won't say a damn thing because how would she spin it her way so she becomes the victim? She can't make something up especially not with the real story out now.

No. 449681

Sure you like girls but do you like them sexually Jill, that's the question.

No. 449702

QCKND is so full of shit and a cow in her own right, wish she had a thread here. she calls herself a "tattoo collector" when she really has barely any at all, and acts like she knows so much about tattooing but her advice is crappy and just incorrect half the time. if Jill is using her as a point of authority on how to heal tattoos its no wonder she's having a bad time.

No. 449794

Holy shit how awful is she. She told Alyssa that she wasn't "attracted to her", you would think this means she's straight but no, she's ~bi~. I feel like this could have a huge affect on Alyssa self esteem. Poor girl I really do hope she's okay. It just blows my mind how awful Jill is.

No. 449833


Are you sure she meant not attracted to girls in general, though? I'm bi myself so I wouldn't say that her telling Alyssa that she "wasn't attracted to her" would mean that she doesn't like girls, I just think that it would mean she doesn't have feelings for her. Obviously it doesn't subtract anything from her trash personality, though, but I feel like I am understanding her differently.

No. 449873

I bet she'll go to cyberdog expecting tons of compliments on her hair kek they would eat that shit up in there

No. 449877

I wonder if she will go to westfields? Im betting on the stratford one bc its newer plus it has massive primark, missguided, and is getting another h and m for some reason, its like a wet dream for jill. She will 100% get people talking behind her back in there, its always full of kids from local schools and insta-trendy girls who will laugh at her for sure… i cant wait lmao

No. 449883

Actually the easiest place to wear alt fashion is Brighton, the city of gays- she’ll be right at home there lol

No. 449889

If she goes to Primark after promising to 'swear off fast fashion' she'll look like a total asshole. Can't wait.

No. 449905

But anon, she didn't know uwu

No. 449909

Wont Primark be too cheap and peasant like for her?? I'm not rich, but even I wont be caught dead in Primark clothing. Zara is more her tier

No. 449917

Zara is still fast fashion

No. 449920

That's my point

No. 449926

The fairy-kei and lolita community buy a lot from primark so I doubt she’d complain

No. 449935

Whats wrong with fast fashion?

No. 449936

It's killing smaller, independent brands. Plus they produce their clothing in very… questionable conditions. You don't want massive corporations controlling a market.
For someone like Jill who is advocating a ''style'' that has it's origins in those independent brands it's very hypocrite.

No. 449940

Pollution, oppression, slave labour, sweatshops, child labour. What isn't wrong with fast fashion. If you've access to Netflix watch The True Cost

No. 449944

File: 1513956086728.png (663.99 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-12-22-16-19-23…)

No. 449966

What Jill likes is to purchase stuff. You could see Tinder as an e-shop where you can purchase a Girlfriend Lucky pack. The same with her degree, she just purchased it (but now she has to go to school). She has said several times that she doesn't actually need a degree, so I guess that'll be her excuse to quit next year.

I used to like her videos last year, they looked promising because she was talking about what she would do in the future, but shes actually not working on anything, and her vocabulary has become annoying.

She spent 400$ on a serger to sew a little square.

No. 449973

Please hide your power level. In the western world you bathe in the bath which means you don’t shower beforehand. This has been a thing for hundreds of years, and if you don’t have a shower head with the bath you have to dunk your head in the water. It’s why we have a tub that you lie down in. It also is easier to be clean since you can exfoliate better and all.

Using a bath to just soak is a Japanese thing, in which they shower first and that’s why they can share their bath water. But that isn’t a thing beyond the east, and their tubs are traditionally more for sitting.

There is nothing wrong with bathing besides it being time consuming for a typical person to do semi regularly like Jill.

No. 449986

i have never bathed to cleam myself other than when i was really young.

No. 449993

Can we stop with the shower stuff, I think we all get it now.

No. 449996

Get the rubber ducks out of your snatches anons and stop fucking derailing!

No. 450019

>implying anyone would be able to tell whether she got item x from Primark or somewhere else unless they went in there themselves

She's mostly bought from H&M in her fast fashion hauls, and F21 I think? Primark is a quite popular thing to haul though, so I'm sure she'd jump on it.

No. 450028

Even when she doesnt need to buy anything she needs to buy colored cardboard. she doesnt need more cardboards!

No. 450050

File: 1513967840690.png (35.96 KB, 607x341, 11111.png)

man I feel like she's close to having a breakdown or something lol

No. 450059

When has anyone ever attacked her for being "gay"

No. 450062

Iirc on her girlfriend gift wrapping video she got one comment saying that it was annoying how much she was pushing the gay lesbian baby uwu shit but I think that's it lol
I mean she took someone randomly scratching her car as a lgbt hate crime, she's really been trying hard to get these SJW pity points

No. 450077

She definitely reads lolcow though so probably referring to this

No. 450079

File: 1513971288273.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1125x1118, F093EC59-9E49-4A0D-8F67-84D9C8…)

Ngl I love her cats, this big fluffy one reminds me of my own fluffy, fat cat.

>I’m depressed because I realized I’m not a magical big boi gay lesbian
Pls Santa, all I want for Christmas is for Jill’s friends to realize what a bitch she is.

No. 450088

like jill would ever go anywhere without her mom. ffs, let's not forget when she went a block from hal-con,and thought she was in the bad part of town. when in fact, it was the bar district, and where the new convention centre is.

also, zara isn't her style, and not ~aesthetic~ uwu at all. if she wanted to, she'd go in halifax, but she just goes to the other mall for f21. i can't see her giving up western fast fashion.

No. 450091

pls santa all I want is for Jill's parents to financially cut her off

No. 450118

again no new video today?

No. 450124

Outside of lolcow, I very rarely see negative comments on her videos or social media. It's really strange to see her complain about it, unless she deletes them very quickly. She gets so upset by every tiny disagreement.

Also just go to a fucking psychiatrist then Jill, clearly bubble baths and pink consumer goods aren't the cure to your depression. Who would have guessed.

No. 450134

>>450124 but remember psych's disprove of her kawaii pink baby life uwu

No. 450142

I call bs on that. I dress pretty lavishly in alt fashion and no mental health professionals have even brought it up or cared.

No. 450143

>>450142 she's mentioned in videos how she was told by one psych that her fashion sense was contributing to her poor mental health

No. 450152

To be honest I think in Jill's case the alt fashion thing is something that should at least be addressed, not because alt fashion is a sign of mental illness, but because she's so obsessed with labeling herself with it/basing her entire life and character around it.
She rejects anything that might be "mainstream" because she wants to stand out and be as unique as possible at all times. Especially if she suffered from an eating disorder/body image issues in the past, I can see why a psychiatrist might be slightly critical of it.
I wear alt fashion and suffer from mental illness and while I don't think there has to be a relation, when you observe people in the community you can see that there are always people that get too into it and for example end up with an eating disorder.

No. 450190

off topic but i wouldn't call a sleeve, multiple leg tattoos, and a huge backpiece "barely any at all"

No. 450200

Don't want to armchair diagnose but I second what >>450152 said. None of my mental health professionals have ever commented on my alt fashion wearing either, but Jill really makes her entire life orbit around her aesthetic, to the point where she doesn't want to do mundane things like showering because they're not cute and fun. It's hard to feel like it's not a coping mechanism for her. Also alt fashion is escapism for some people, so it's not like there's no basis to it.

No. 450208

Also samefag but in my experience therapists and psychiatrists are usually more wary of styles that are cutesy and childish/might make it seem like you're infantilizing yourself than they are of things like goth, or just generally wild fashion.

No. 450215

File: 1513981193704.png (1.77 MB, 1080x1721, Capture _2017-12-22-14-12-07-1…)

No. 450236

File: 1513981863258.jpg (22.39 KB, 480x411, tumblr_inline_ovzhbv5uEK1tfwlg…)

>Lisa Frank

No. 450251

but then she gets offended when her poor fans assume that she might like Lisa Frank lol

No. 450256

File: 1513982316644.png (527.38 KB, 640x1136, IMG_6177.PNG)

found in the comments of her "goth" makeover vid, so is jill now trying to backpedal and try to play it off like kenzie was her mystery gf all along?

No. 450264

pick one

Tbh I didn’t believe you so I had to go back and look and oh shit you’re right. Maybe Pixie thought she meant girlfriend though as “female friend”? And her the commenter she was replying to misheard Pixie in the Christmas video and thought she meant Kenzie is mystery gf? Either way, the comment never says “mystery” gf so idk, very sketchy.

No. 450265

No. 450266

I think in general there's the correlation between mental illnesses and things like alt fashion, geek culture, anime ect. because for many it's a form of escapism, but for Jill it's like some kind of identity crisis. Her whole life revolves around labels and being the most unique, the most gay, the biggest fan with the most merch etc. She doesn't even shower because it's not kawaii pinku aesthetic. One anon in this thread suggested that it's because her preteen-early teen years were totally consumed by her eating disorder and now she doesn't have any identity besides latching onto stuff. It sounds plausible. Her therapist sounded kind of shit but I don't think she should be writing off therapy in general in favour of compulsive shopping and pinku bath bombs. At the end of the day therapists are human and sometimes you just don't mesh with them well or they try and force their personal opinions on you. It's unprofessional and shitty if they're rude about it, but that doesn't mean all therapists are evil and hate your fashion. If they make you feel uncomfortable or your personalities clash. you just go to someone else, not write off all therapy as horrible.

>when you observe people in the community you can see that there are always people that get too into it and for example end up with an eating disorder.

I've observed this too, but I wonder if it's less to do with alt fashion itself and more to do with people that are genetically predisposed to mental illness getting unhealthily invested in online communities that provide escapism? There are plenty of 'normie' communities that are filled with the same kinds of people. Plenty of beauty vloggers get too obsessed with trying to seem perfect online and develop depression, anorexia etc. I won't deny that alt fashion definitely attracts more of these people because like Jill they want to be seen as the most special and unique, but having said that there are still plenty of well adjusted people in alt fashion. They just wear it for themselves and engage in their own communities instead of making a point to attention whore on the internet. They also have more to their lives than just their aesthetic. They have real jobs, friends, relationships etc. People like Jill are just a loud minority.

No. 450279

>Pocket Camp
Go play a real Animal Crossing, Jill.
GirlsgoGames got me, though.

Wait, what? I don't think Jill would be stupid enough to do that, people found MG's instagram.

No. 450280

This makes no sense, sounds like she misunderstood and thought that person was talking about "her friend Kenzie" that she mentioned a few times. She never said a name for MG anyway.

No. 450295


she's not having a breakdown lol, that's just trendy twitter talk. people post mental illness shit for likes all the time there.

also >>450050 jill you don't just mention you're sexuality, you literally yelled GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY for months and months and it got annoying. and you're a bisexual who leans more towards men anyway. shut up. straight guys don't even follow you, your viewer base is young bisexual girls just like you. fuck your victim complex.

No. 450340

File: 1513989641484.png (65.87 KB, 588x336, okjill.png)

So uh, she's not even gonna give some weak excuse as to why she couldn't stick to her schedule again?

No. 450348

I agree with here, they're real people and not some anime OTP.


people like this make my ass itch.

No. 450354

which Christmas video is this commenter referring to???

also rewatching that goth makeover vid, and I hate that jill actually looks…. decent? as a goth?? but her pink hair looked so much better than the mint she has now.

No. 450356

Her gift wrapping video.

No. 450378

Which we all know Jill most likely doesn't

No. 450379

thank you much, she has like the gift guide video, her christmas tree video, and the christmas haul video as well.

so rewatching the christmas video, MG's gifts are wrapped in the minty green wrapping paper and Kenzie's are in the blue 50s-ish paper, so I think the commenter just got something mixed up during the video? but then it looks like Jill just didnt even pay attention to what she was reading and just said "yes" like a moron as she usually is. idk man surely jill can't be that stupid to backtrack, but then again she only recently made it public that she's single again in the last stream she did so maybe she thinks she's being slick and pulling a wool over us

No. 450381

Yet she had time to make a video telling people to vote for her. Way to prioritize, Jill.

No. 450385

File: 1513993798640.jpeg (336.78 KB, 1242x1729, 4F311A51-D098-4870-B4CB-B247C1…)

No. 450392

I'm triggered

No. 450424

My blood is boiling

No. 450431

File: 1513999174281.gif (1.94 MB, 320x177, NxcHNfk.gif)

>our girl pixie
>way too good
nice joke there

No. 450455

File: 1514000019294.jpeg (283.24 KB, 667x857, 25415D83-AA63-4DF5-8178-F9390A…)

She cried!! How sad. (From a recent thread on the animaritime page about disorganization)

No. 450524


the worst part about this is the fact that Jill's original tweet was probably about Collin and not mistery girl anyway

No. 450655

did she explicitly confirm this or just kind of hint at it? i'm surprised her followers haven't been asking more questions or showering her with pity in that case.

No. 450687

someone did a recap of her last stream and it came up (stream recap 1 >>445710 recap 2 >>445718). idk if we can access old streams somehow, either on youtube or younow, but she mentioned not being in a relationship on FB, plus her status on FB was changed (as was MG's status), and earlier in this thread MG's sister was in here tossing epic tea about Jill breaking up with MG. it may have been vague in the stream, so that could be why not many of her fans are picking up on it

No. 450785

She mentioned earlier in an unrelated tweet about opening fan mail that "The streams are saved to [her] Tumblr", so you should be able to access old streams there.

No. 450839

Old news, we know she cried. Sage next time.

No. 450886

No. 450887

wtf? what is her schedule now even?
so she didn't do a Friday video or a Sunday vlog but instead uploads vlogs on Saturday now?

No. 450892


She's live right now on YouNow; she said her schedule for vlogs is when it 'feels right' from now on. This announcement video was likely mixed with a vlog to make up for missing others and to excuse herself if she skips tomorrow.

No. 450896

right and she even thought the area around college lasalle in montreal was sketchy and scary lmao, it's really not that bad there's just a lot of homeless people. i've been to london and even i was a bit overwhelmed with how big and sprawling the city is. montreal is not that big of a city but its still bigger than anything jill is used to. the tube system in london is also super confusing, she's gonna freak

No. 450897

i bet she ended up with one bad therapist and swore off therapy as a whole.

No. 450898

idk, i've been around the subways of Seoul and Shanghai, which are way larger than the tube, and they're not that hard to get around. i don't even have common sense or a lot of street smarts. you just have to pay some attention.

No. 450899

File: 1514047821753.png (153.92 KB, 275x207, 6446446464464.png)

anons what does this image represent

No. 450900

On the stream she just tried to explain how she's a good version of a weeabo because she doesn't wish to be Japanese. Even tho she doesn't dress Jfashion, exploits it for her own efame benefit and thinks party kei is a Jfashion. Yeah, ok, Jill.

No. 450901

I feel like this image could be used in the thumbnail for some clickbait article pop-up.

No. 450903

“She was live steaming and what happened next will surprise you!!!”

No. 450904

She looks like a wannabe-emo 13-year-old.

No. 450930

“19 year old looks 90! Dermatologists hate her”

No. 450934

File: 1514050999852.png (52.27 KB, 444x476, dfsf.PNG)


straight girl who uses rainbow as aesthetic so much that she will go so far as to fake gay/queer bait for views $$$$$$$$$.

pic related a description of Jill

No. 450940

lol theres a bunch of ddlg littles and children chatting in the comments of her stream. this is the clientele she attracts. also she cried cuz she won't be home for Christmas next year and then she ate a peep to comfort herself LOL

No. 450953

Your pic is like one of the lesbians who think that bisexuals don't exist. I don't think the breakup with MG is definitive proof that Jill isn't attracted to women.

No. 450959


Dermatologists hate her! Lolitas hate her! People with any basic dress sense hate her!

No. 450968

>she ate a peep
Jfc Jill. It's like she wants diabetes.

No. 450970

>>450385 w..hat…

No. 451005

im triggered by how dirty and greasy Jill looks before she leaves for the club like it's one thing to dwell in the basement gross but to go out gross whilst everyone else is dressed up JILL WASH YOUR FACE AND HAIR U NASTY

No. 451007

this vlog is still so crappy and sad??? her drunk babbling in the mcdonalds drive thru (and where did they even go out to, a panera bread?) ft. the best friend she's reconnected with bc she can't stand being single

No. 451019

She seems to be spending time with and mentioning her 'best friend a lot' …rebound no2?

No. 451021

That fudge she made looks so rank

No. 451023

I feel that John likes her a lot, and she only contacts him between breakups

No. 451024

What the fuck, no details about the situation but Jill must be in the right? Fuck outta here.

Until the breakup, Kenzie was her "best friend", now John is suddenly back in the picture and he's the best friend again. This reminds me of being in 5th grade and people would change their "best friend order" on a weekly basis.

This was the worst vlog she's ever made, she spent like a minute scrolling through her webcam camera roll, got drunk and acted like a fucking idiot, but somehow still thought that this was a good idea to include this in her video, and her hair in the end looks rough. Jill.

No. 451027

File: 1514058987483.jpeg (132.74 KB, 750x1036, ABA19861-F5F1-479C-88C6-99C33E…)

I love Chrissa but this just scream so age play

No. 451028

Also those shoes couldn’t fit worse

No. 451031


Her bangs swept to the side make me think Hitler bangs.

No. 451039

I cannot fathom how she thinks this looks ok. It's hideous and age play esque

No. 451040

I wouldn't say the dress is age-play ordinarily, its actually cute, but when Jill's wearing it…

No. 451044

File: 1514060621706.png (473.6 KB, 640x1136, 2EB77816-B790-4A8D-AAFF-0E3375…)

Lor posted this to Facebook. Maybe they don’t have beef anymore?? I never thought they did in the first place tbh

No. 451046

File: 1514060643837.png (98.11 KB, 750x1052, IMG_1602.PNG)

is it just me or does she look downsy

No. 451054

Funny how they’ve drawn Jill the tall. Jill goes on about being short but she honesntly looks huge from her photos.

No. 451057

I think it's the chubbiness in the face and shit brows but I constantly think she looks like she has some kind of visually-identifiable developmental disorder. When I see some of her young teen pics where she looked half decent I don't see it, but I might be distracted by the fact she doesn't look like a complete trainwreck in those.

It's like she does everything in her power to look ugly as fuck now. And wtf that pic, she's straight up bald behind her bangs line? It looks like she shaved a chunk of her hair out…

I don't understand how she can
1) put so much effort into looking so shitty
2) display the resulting ugliness to the world
3) look at that ugliness over and over again and repeat the process

it's not even that her "style" or "fashion" is inherently bad on it's own (It's not good, but it could be done in a way she still looks decent), she's just like, purposefully making herself uggo on top of everything.

It's like the peeps tea fat is clogging up her brain and causing her sense of perception to be reversed. Fucking bizarre.

Not sure why but I can't stop watching for that reason. I know lots of people try to defend their being on here by saying they wish they could help the cows, but I sincerely feel joy when bad things happen to her. I've never felt so sadistic over one person, she's just so 'punchable' in her self-induced retardation.

No. 451064

Lor never had beef with Jill, Jill had beef with Lor. Lor is nice and presents herself as such but isn't so afraid to call Jill out like she did doe the April fool's thing, Jill is fake and plays nice with other YT kawaii girls but talks shit like she's done with Lor and peachie.

No. 451067

File: 1514062080129.png (8.21 KB, 397x101, Capture.PNG.15556a723c5f8e36d3…)

Jill deffo had beef with Lor

No. 451070

Context? Kinda seems suspicious or possibly edited tbh

No. 451072

The text placement in the bubble looks quite off, seems like a fake.

No. 451074

File: 1514062553971.png (246.92 KB, 324x486, Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 2.55…)

No. 451086

I want to see a larger part of the conversation

No. 451087

Im sorry if i'm asking something that has already been explained earlier in the thread/in a previous thread, but what's the name of the Facebook group Jill often posts in?
sage for irrelevant

No. 451098

Party Kei Worldwide Community?

No. 451109

Thank you

No. 451118

File: 1514065639798.jpg (137.99 KB, 513x486, shiityphotoshop.jpg)


there is nothing that can be fixed in this picture …

No. 451119

Lookin like an actual gremlin

No. 451122

This week on Undateables

No. 451126


i can't with her evil grin. looking like a smug dreamworks animal. in what world does this look good. dress is fine imo but if that's the best shot you got, might as well delete the entire shoot lol.

No. 451137


She's trying to do this cutesy face where she scrunches up her nose to look playful or something but her face just isn't made for doing those sorts of expressions.
It just isn't. Goodness.

No. 451143


Why wouldn't she be at home next Christmas? Most students go home for the holidays and she doesn't even live far from where she'll be staying.

No. 451151

I feel like the nice hair just highlights how terrible the clown make up and awkward expression are.

No. 451154


No. 451176

lmao just go make a Lor thread already, she's mentioned in every other goddamn thread

No. 451193

She’s not a cow

No. 451195

fake and gay

No. 451220

lmfao what fights, jill? no shit no one will believe you when you have no details to divulge.

No. 451227

why would she be in a lolita fb group when she doesn't wear lolita?

No. 451235

No. 451236

this looks like one of those pretty princess points drawings

No. 451239

File: 1514074764858.png (179.88 KB, 680x330, 878.png)

holy shit you're right, I was wondering what her face in that picture reminded me of

No. 451240

Every time I see her tinted eyebrows, I want to vomit. The fact she has put SO much make up (and not cleaning it properly I guess?) it has permanently died her skin, makes me physically ill.

No. 451249

Someone make a Jill edit

No. 451253

kek, her and peachie can be balding, badly dressed age play scum together, match made in heaven. They can play with crayons and bubbles and watch baby anime together

No. 451264

File: 1514076279590.png (820.92 KB, 1228x597, tendies.png)

No. 451267

it's the pose/hair and the lack of styling that makes it look like she's age-playing lmao…there's a way to wear that dress without trying to pose yourself as a little girl

No. 451275

did she say anything interesting in the stream today?

No. 451276

The colors are way too juvenile, there's no helping it combined with the dress style. Its just an ugly dress but Jill makes it look more ageplayish with her posing and grossness

No. 451280

Might do yet another stream summary but no promises

No. 451285

I'll try to sit through it/do a summary tomorrow if you don't get around to doing it

No. 451292

Lol at jills dumb af fans complain that 100$ is too much for a handmade dress. What idiots. They're all fast fashion e no sense for quality

No. 451295


Irregular choice shoes are generally tacky to me and her hair is definitely a mess, but can we at least be glad she has an outfit that is thematically consistent and has colors/pieces that kinda go together?

No. 451300

File: 1514078628319.png (491.82 KB, 538x598, new.png)

I don't think the dress is salvagable, it looks way too much like age play stuff/a kids' costume

No. 451303


The sleeves are the worst part; the poof in them makes it looks like a cartoon/child, like those Disney dresses littleguntank makes for actual children.

No. 451304

Good luck anons. I tried but I think she just opened mail the whole time. I couldn't finish watching it.

Will note-
> Opened packages and read letters even though they didn't have 'open on camera on them.'
> Got snippy at chat because she was opening mail, not answering questions from them.

No. 451309


Jesus christ. Although I guess being a fan of Jill's doesn't exactly scream "impeccably dressed with a good eye for quality"


I love you anon <3

No. 451310

Looks like she's been using Lush's Dream Cream for her tattoo during the healing process. Does anyone know if that's actually recommended? I know Lush claims it's safe and I think Helen Anderson uses it for her tattoos as well, which is definitely where Jill got the idea since she watches her.

Anyways just curious after anons criticized her tattoo aftercare.

No. 451319

Its seen as really, really terrible to use anything with fragrance with a healing tattoo. The best thing to use for tattoos is unfragranced, uncoloured balms/moisturisers.

However, I saw here https://lushcosmetics.livejournal.com/1968871.html that its actually pretty good, so it might not be as bad as the anons earlier mentioned, but idk really.

No. 451335

what exactly is your beef with peachie?
peachie is losing hair because she has an illness.

and age play doesn't have a fashion…
if you don't like the ways she dresses that's fine. but don't say it's ageplay lol retard

No. 451352

bless you anon, new thread pic?

No. 451387

Personally, I wouldn't use it.
They have other products with little to no scent which are better for healing tattoos. Ultra Balm, for example, is much more ideal. I don't think it will harm the healing process much, but the extra oils aren't going to help it either.

No. 451420

>and age play doesn't have a fashion…
if you don't like the ways she dresses that's fine. but don't say it's ageplay lol retard

it most certainly does. i think anons here can reach a little bit sometimes in terms of what she wears looking like ageplay, but that dress absolutely does. it's cut exactly like a dress for a 3-7 year old with the giant puffy sleeves and oversized print

No. 451425

jillian seems like the kind of person to pretend to be drunker than they actually are in an attempt to be funny

No. 451427


It could be an okay looking dress if the sleeves were removed. Wouldn't look so childish.

No. 451441

God her hair is so disgusting. She honestly isn't an ugly girl but jesus christ she has no idea how to style herself at all. Also that yellow windshield wiper eyeshadow is doing her no favors, she looks anemic.

No. 451442

So I'd need to watch the livestream again to confirm but a fan mentioned mystery girl in their fanmail to Jill and she read it out loud and it was something along the lines of "I hope you and mystery girl are happy" and she said… absolutely nothing about it. Kek.

No. 451446

peachie is an annoying tryhard.

also, ageplayers try to dress like toddlers and children. are you new to the internet?

No. 451450

she said in he live-stream she still watches and likes pewdiepie even tho ‘people hate him rn’. she’s really really fake about her virtue signaling.

No. 451451

Peachie is one of the far more down to earth kawaii YouTubers out there, and she's a genuinely sweet person who is easy to befriend and doesn't care about status like Jill does. Say whatever you want about her fashion but she's not even close to being as much of a cow as Jillian is.

No. 451452

Lmao Jill is such a fake ass. It honestly doesn't surprise me one bit. She's the type to claim "racism is horrible saying the n word is terrible uwu black people are kawaii and valid uwu" and then she supports pewdiepie. She's like most fake "woke" "activists" that tumblr has created. She's a dumbfuck.

No. 451454

File: 1514099294968.jpeg (224.35 KB, 1242x1606, 4D44D2E9-1326-4C12-A9C3-E2EF4A…)

No. 451456

unless it's related to jill, it's pointless to share stuff from alyssa

No. 451458

File: 1514099746269.jpeg (71.41 KB, 1242x567, D217E011-D4D0-42E2-AC7C-14C1E7…)

No. 451460

saged for derailing

peachie isn't a try hard at all…maybe you dislike her for your own personal reasons that you choose not to disclose, because so far it just seems like you are pulling things out of your ass for reasons to "hate" on peachie.

and no i'm not new to the internet. and what peachie and jill wears is far from ageplay. maybe you guys think having peter pan collars, with puffy sleeves or wearing lolita dresses is age play. but that's ridiculous, age play only recently became popular and known to the mainstream. peter pan collar dresses with puffy sleeves have been around for a very long time, as well as lolita.

if you are gonna try to hate on people for something, atleast educate yourself first.

No. 451462

sage because sperging, but god i wish jill would just go ahead and address the whole breakup thing in a full video already. sure, let her milk the content for money like she does everything else, but every time i see jill or a fan try to play the "jill's innocent" or just even be ignorant of what happened, it makes me wish i could just find jill and toss her into a dumpster where she belongs.

No. 451465

File: 1514100825267.png (290.55 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20171223-233205.png)

Jill literally reminds of Oscar the grouch who has green fur and lives in a trashcan.

No. 451467

Confirmed for having awful taste

No. 451475

nothing wrong with the tweet, that's unfair shit a lot of bi people deal with. the weird thing is how a jill fan-page (???) is interacting lmao

No. 451485

File: 1514105470212.jpg (103.42 KB, 596x938, its-ya-trashman-pixie.jpg)

Oscar did nothing wrong to deserve that comparison but ok

No. 451487

Even better than my posted image Kek

No. 451506

It seems weirdly baggy at the waist and the sleeves look like a costume, but the fabric and colors are cute.

No. 451507

I don't think this is about Jill, it's a common stereotype.

No. 451534


I don't think the waist is baggy; Jill is just chubby and built like a brick. She goes on and on about her 'booty' and 'curves' but she's shapeless.

She mentioned in a recent stream that she does want to lose weight but is afraid because of her past ED so maybe she'll do some toning exercises that help define her waist. Either way better to be thin with little shape than kind of pudgy with little shape.

it'd make her face look less punchable too.

No. 451545

No. 451546

Holy shit. She actually has talent

No. 451547

she actually styled her hair and made it look…decent? why can’t she do this more often?

No. 451548

This is super cute and I hope Jill makes more videos like this. I'm glad she's focusing on something creative and interesting, rather than another stupid haul.
I always thought her musical ability was one of the things about her that actually seemed interesting and not vapid and superficial like everything else she does.

No. 451549

Dump the fashion design Jill, become a pianist

No. 451554

it's a Christmas miracle

No. 451557

not that anon but calm down, she wears items with baby motifs, baby bottles, rattles, pacifiers, she has a pacifier necklace man, j-fash doesn't mean ageplay but that doesn't apply here when she makes whole videos of her prancing around chasing bubbles and playing with toys like a literal child, if you watch her house tour she uses a childs toothbrush and kiddie toothpaste and uses a bubble bath I haven't used since I was over the age of five

No. 451561

Her account has been private since her sister came on here. Are y'all following her or something? Weird.

No. 451568

i'm actually impressed, you can really see that shes enjoying herself and that she practiced her panio a lot.

No. 451569

even the bit where she keeps messing up is kind of cute. jill, first thing of music performing is : if you make a mistake, carry on. most people don't know enough about music to notice you messed up

No. 451570

Man but did she have to set up that background though… it's just.. so extra.
Other than hat props to her, i don't want to sit through all of that's but the good minute I watched was good.

No. 451571

File: 1514129200414.jpg (54.43 KB, 600x427, web_LOOKBOOK_DOTTIEPARTY_5a237…)

No one cares if you hate J-fashion or think all cute asian clothes is ageplay. Most people who follow this thread found Jillian in her Lolita days or at least when she was deeper in the Jfashion community.

Anyways, this is Chrissa Sparkles and her husband modelling her designs. It's cheap-looking quirky fashion, but not anymore "age play" than brands like Lazy Oaf.

No. 451574

this is great, but so annoying near the end when she kept in all her flubs and whining

No. 451575

I don't play piano but this sounds great to me, I didn't mind the outtakes either. Seems like she's actually quite critical of her piano and tries to be better unlike her fashion design.

No. 451578

This was better than most of her other content. I remember skimming through the old threads, wasn't she in a band? She should get into that again instead of spending all her time shopping online. People will watch her for music plus I'm sure not many other youtubers who play piano dress like her so she has that too.

No. 451584

she mentioned before that one of her dreams is to professionally record her original songs and make music videos for them, I really hope she gets around to doing that
even if they didn't turn out perfect it'd be way nicer to see original content instead of her usual hauls

No. 451586

She played keyboard and did vocals in a band called Rainbow Valley with John and some of her friends, but they never released any music online.

No. 451589

the position of her hands D: and that use of the pedal. i would admire it if she had worked on it this year, its from 2 years ago…i wouldnt complain if she hadnt said that her teacher told her that she was she was so good that she couldnt teach her anymore.

No. 451592

lol she has literally never ever mentioned anything about racism, she doesn't give a fuck. Even her reason for disliking Kat Von D Was just "she's over dramatic" and not the fact she was dating (married to?) a nazi. Jill doesn't and will never actually give a FUCK about anything other than appealing to her fan base and having uwu~kawaii~uwu things and clothing. She is way too vapid, inexperienced and uneducated to care about anything else tbh. And that includes the things she pretends to care about, like fast fashion, etc.

No. 451594

This is so cute! I wish we'd have got to hear some of the stuff she did with Rainbow Valley. She seems talented musically and she should definitely focus on it more, especially considering she arranged the whole piece herself.

No. 451597

That mug balanced on the top far end of the piano gave me major anxiety throughout.

No. 451615

Jillian features in this song: https://soundcloud.com/jillian-vessey

No. 451645

A lot of lolita is ugly and looks like ageplay, surprise

I agree but so are most teens

That's a fanclub page?

No. 451655

We get it, you hate J-fashion and think it's ugly, still not ageplay. Let's move on.

No. 451664

This was incredibly dorky in a sweet way. I wish we saw this side of her more often that put genuine work into something she obviously cares about.

No. 451672


Not the anon you're replying to but that chick's stuff isn't any more Jfashion than Jill's style (which is not at all at this point), and it's definitely not lolita. Cutesy does not equal Japanese and feminine soft pastel fashion also doesn't equal ageplay; most lolita outside of sweet is rather mature looking anyway, and most sweet stuff doesn't really go anywhere near childish territory when coorded properly unless it's OTT.

On topic though, it's really exciting seeing Jill actually having fun doing something besides shopping and proclaiming how 'super gay' she is. People even hate or complain about her appearance less and her video is somewhat enjoyable; it shows some of the less annoying parts of her personality. If she could redirect the energy she puts into an inconsistent tacky aesthetic and use it on music, sewing, her artwork, or building more of a brand for herself, she could be relatively successful.

No. 451673


This actually was quite nice. She should do more piano covers. Don't know why she was hesitant to do a video like this; I think it's great.

No. 451676

Stop derailing, please.

No. 451677

Whyyy the heck doesn't she pursue music or something, there could definitely be an audience for something like this I think. She could do tutorials or tips every now and then, and maybe the occasional anime cover. This was genuinely refreshing to watch.

No. 451701

Yeah, and other than covers I think she should try to write her own songs. She could be like Heartfelthumor, a girl on youtube I enjoy who makes original otaku culture songs and has performed them at cons. The difference is that girl has a very unfortunate face and hairstyle. Jill is cuter (even with the horrid makeup) and has higher quality cameras so she'd maintain more views.

No. 451728


omfg this video was refreshing!! Jill, keep doing this type of thing. There's more to you than a fucking shopping addiction. Embrace it, girl. It's no nice to see her get lost in her art like this.

No. 451738


i enjoyed this a lot and i hope she makes more videos like it. maybe her real passion lies in music?

No. 451759

Considering she plays or mentions piano in a lot of her vlogs but hardly ever seems to sew anything, it seems like it. Maybe she's afraid to try and take it seriously, but it's not like a career in fashion is easier or more stable than music.

No. 451772

But videos like this most likely won't be as popular as hauls or her vlogs, because they don't attract her demographic as much. It really sucks.
I really wish she would continue with stuff like this though, despite the smaller audience/less money.

No. 451780

I think a lot of people (even farmers) would be more accepting of her constant hauls and mediocre vlogs if she were creating her own music or doing some sort of recreation of songs from anime. If we knew she spent time and effort to make these videos, it's easy to forgive videos that take less effort and generally just money like hauls. And the balance would probably bring more viewers to her channel as a whole, even if some of the videos did better than others.

No. 451845

That dress has absurd puffy sleeves though that make it look like a dress a sissy would wear.even if it were on a cuter thinner girl it would still look like a bad ageplay dress

No. 451858


No. 451865

File: 1514160241307.gif (133.55 KB, 340x340, hehehe.gif)

You owe me some new sides for xmas, anon.

No. 451871

Imo if she did even one cover or some sort of creative video a month it would elevate her content because she'd have something more to offer than just money. Anyone can buy the same shit she does, but not everyone can play piano or make clothes, she could even make it a series as she learns how to sew. Her channel is awfully bland for someone who wants to work in a creative career and her pink rainbow aesthetic can only do so much.

No. 451888

all I see is a middle-aged school teacher playing backup piano for a children's play.

No. 451889

I agree with you, it seems like everyone forgets what a pompous asshole she is. Like last time she showed us her piano skills, she referred to herself as a “child prodigy” who has been taking lessons since the age of four.

No. 451895

Sage for being repetitive but my god this is so much nicer than a thousandth haul video. This shows actual creativity and contributes art to a fandom she loves rather than simply consuming what others have made. I hope she will make more covers like a magical girl themed album or something. I know she has a lot of major faults but I actually want to see her change and use what she has rather than continue squandering it.

No. 451898

she can be a cunt and still play the piano well???

No. 451964

she plays it well but isn't some "child prodigy" anyway whats the point of talent if you don't use it.

No. 451976

File: 1514176723743.png (4.3 KB, 578x37, ok.png)

Im imagining jill going around telling people she spent (tacky price drop) on uncomfortable, ugly, unwearable shoes like its super quirky and funny now

No. 452026

Why tf do people right the dollar sign at the end that’s so stupid just because you read it that way doesn’t mean you write it like that
Sage for irrelevance but fuck it irks me

No. 452047

No one said she was a child prodigy, what are you on about?

Which shoes is she talking about?

No. 452052

nayrt but Jill did say she was a child prodigy and bragged about how she was exceptionally talented on piano throughout her childhood.

She's talking about the irregular choice shoes she wore with the Chrissa Sparkles dress.

No. 452075

Happy holidays anons,
How much longer until we get a bragging Jill?

No. 452076

Is that’s $400 afternoon shipping and conversion? Because IC shoes are not not that expensive

No. 452077


No. 452088


And customs fees, I believe

No. 452119

File: 1514220817045.jpg (657.88 KB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20171225-165215.jpg)

I'm glad she got something music related, even if she only wanted it because of the way it looks

No. 452123

Anon. The last thing you need to zero in on about Jill and her enabling family is how apparently little they spent on something. She’s notorious for blowing mommy and daddy’s money like it’s water so this comment is really silly.

No. 452124

i'm not expert on pianos but it looks like it was made for a child. surprised she didn't spray-paint and glitter her current piano to make it "aesthetic" kek

No. 452126

this baby piano cost $120
mate its a piano for literal children. its made by a toy company. thats what i was drawing attention to.

No. 452130

maybe irrelevant but i'm french-canadian and in french we put the dollar sign after the number (400$ instead of $400) so maybe that's how jill learned it in school??? people have been speculating that she's full of shit abt being fluent in french tho so i doubt she went to a french school

No. 452135

And it's for a literal child! She's so damn creepy.

No. 452137

File: 1514223794960.jpg (250.92 KB, 1536x1922, IMG_3376.JPG)

i know we all know jill shops her photos but since no one's pointed this out yet:

the smaller circle may not actually be shopped but her other leg is definitely

No. 452139

this is so weird, I assume she got it because of moving out/not wanting to or being able to take her real piano with her?
but even then it would've been way better to just get a keyboard or e-piano instead of one made for kids

No. 452143

Just get a keyboard Jill. I'm sure they sell pink ones.

No. 452149

this felt a little age-play to me. like its literally a childs toy.

No. 452164

Too bad you cant photoshop out a punchable face. But holy shit that leg is really bad

No. 452169

Her parents really give no fucks about wasting their own money to entertain her creepy ageplay fantasy for a few moments. It's one thing for Jill herself to indulge, but the fact her parents actually enable it is so much worse. Like, I think normal parents would say 'no' at this point or question their adult offspring about their strange, useless Christmas gift requests

Congrats Jill on your single photo op with this toddler piano, in the attic it goes.

Embarrassing and shows how little effort she puts in anything

I think she has a keyboard (I mean, she bought a serger to make one square), because wasn't she photographed with one when she was in a band?

No. 452172


I'm from the same province as Jillian, and she went to Charlottetown Rural High School which is NOT a French school.

In our English public schools, students can either be enrolled in French immersion (almost all class subjects taught in French so it's more likely the student will become fluent in the language), or core French which is normally one French class per day and teaches you virtually nothing. There is a level between this, often called "enhanced French" that gives students slightly more fluency than core, but not as much as immersion.

I'm thinking Jillian probably tries to make herself seem fluent to be more quirky etc.

No. 452173

I doubt it's an ageplay thing, she most likely just wanted it because it's pink and #aesthetic.

That might be hers, but it was just a regular keyboard and we know that's just too ugly for Jill's rainbow cave.

No. 452194

i actually think this isn't shopped. the first circle on the left: very obviously not shooped to me. she's fat and lifting her foot w/a heavy shoe on it, thus flexing her muscles in the back of her thigh and creating that shape.
the second:
also not shooped. she has big calves, is wearing heels, and balancing on that leg. look at the the rest of her leg towards the top. she's obviously standing/leaning in at a slight angle, however the whole leg is proportional.

No. 452203

Iirc she graduated from French immersion for High School.

No. 452206


I mean, I did as well but I'm not inherently French so I don't write out 400$ or constantly remind people of it.

Who knows, perhaps it's just a habit.

No. 452209

File: 1514235450589.jpg (354.86 KB, 595x594, New Canvas.jpg)

oh yeah you're right, she totally did have a keyboard back then (unless it was from a friend)
so the toy one is just room decoration lol

No. 452211


Every time an old picture of Jill is posted I'm astounded by how big an improvement it is. The further back you go, the better she looks. It's like she's getting worse and worse at dressing herself and maintaining her appearance with each passing day.

No. 452212

Yeah looking through her old pictures is wild, back then I used to think her hair/outfits were bad, but compared to her style now they were actually somewhat cute and flattering
I really want her to go back to her style from 2 or 3 years ago, but at the same time I'm curious to see how much worse her style can get…

No. 452216

File: 1514236400684.jpg (142.7 KB, 692x423, 1514058987483.jpg)

I don't think it's shooped either. Gravity will pull the fat on her front legt down, and the shape of the back leg seems fine to me.

No. 452217

Jill a des jambes courtes et grosses.

No. 452220

File: 1514237126209.jpg (526.64 KB, 1300x319, jillold.jpg)

absolutely amazing

No. 452228

That middle photo is the last time she looked passable and like she bathes regularly

No. 452236

regarding the dollar sign notation: i work as a designer in a canadian company. regularly, in canada, the sign is written after the amount. in english is commonly seen before the amount; in french is after the amount. but most of the time you'll find the sign after the amount in almost every written document.

sage because stop nitpicking and keep the carnation flowing.

No. 452240


I'm not going to argue and say your experiences are invalid, but living in Canada my entire life I have never seen the dollar sign after the amount unless it's in French.

No. 452242


aw she looked cute on the first two photos. on the third and and fourth she looked decent but already looking messy with those terrrible haircolor choices… and the last threee…. well, RIP

No. 452243


y'all do know she's only doing this because a few weeks ago in one of these threads we said we'd like her if she went back to piano right… fall for it if you want but she still lame.

No. 452251

I think shoop because the back leg is on an angle, and the calf sticks out more than the thigh in a person who has shapely thighs. There just seems to be a missing/erased part where more thigh should be.

No. 452255

Good. She should take more advice from these threads. Especially about her hair.

No. 452256

I don't see it. Her leg is angled to the front to balance her upper body leaning back. Thighs are larger and curve outwards when they're bigger so it should stick out further, unless I'm not understanding what you mean.

No. 452257

File: 1514241167921.jpg (26.98 KB, 640x480, mQpubcc.jpg)

this does sound plausible with how convenient her gift is right after anons mention her band…hmmm

hey jill, you should thoroughly wash your face next and show us!

No. 452301

The proportions of this, especially the sleeves, are horrible.

But it's not surprising since Chrissa is a hack and a total bitch who should probably have her own thread here.

No. 452332

that's what I was thinking, when I first saw it I thought Jillian had made it and was about to say it was a slight improvement. The fabric looks cheap as fuck too, Chrissa has some nerve to sell this aliexpress shit for $100.

No. 452350

If anyone starts a thread for her (Charissa) let us know

No. 452353


No. 452402

Chrissa Sparkles dresses like a complete retard, no wonder
Jill digs her shitty aesthetic.

No. 452426

this she's an absolute stuck up cunt, hope that a thread is made soon

No. 452430

File: 1514256982265.jpg (177.94 KB, 530x706, peeps.JPG)

Just saw this fabric at Hobby Lobby and it reminded me of Jill. I could totally imagine her making something out of it if she sewed more.

No. 452440

anon plz don't give jill ideas. :c

No. 452474

Stop infighting. Get over your ego and move on.

No. 452487

I'm dying to see what bratty Jill got for Christmas!

No. 452515

sage only goes in the email jsyk

No. 452526

Some of these lesbian chicks really do not recognize that some of us bi girls "who date men bc it's easier" date men more because they are into us. Lesbians like to act like they're not like gay men with their preferences but in my town if you're not a white tomboy with a short hair cut you're not getting any pussy.

No. 452528

File: 1514264008155.jpeg (384.79 KB, 1242x1703, 89A8E59C-948A-476B-8E12-F11CD4…)

Not to beat a dead horse or anything but did she have beef with albinwonderland? Wasn’t she obsessed with Ang? I remember Jill talking about her ASMR channel and now she never mentions her?

No. 452537

i do remember her saying like one sentence in french once and her accent was really bad. shes probably like most anglos who went to immersion school; she can read/understand french pretty well but cant talk for shit bc lack of practice

No. 452540

if she would dye her hair in ONE colour or like, two even, she would look so much better. her hair all pink like this is actually cute. the rainbow bangs kill every look

No. 452568

Honestly, I wish she'd shave it all off and wear wigs all the time or something, just so that she can let it rest. Its so far gone now.

No. 452586

Music anon here, toy piano is recognised as a legitimate instrument and there are some modern corners of music that use toy piano. There are quite a few notable examples of toy piano being used in music, and I've even personally played in an ensemble for a piece featuring a soloist on toy piano - where they are literally playing a tiny kids piano from a toy shop.

I kind of doubt that Jill is really interested in artsy toy piano shit, but who knows she may just really like toy piano (it does offer a different sound to regular piano, and to be fair they are pretty cool). As a musician i don't think its a weird gift or ageplay-ish at all.
Although if she wanted something to take away with her then yeah, probably she should've just bought a full keyboard or electric piano.


Sage for irrelevent

No. 452587

I don't think there's beef, but Jill almost definitely does not like Lor. Maybe ALB's friendship with Lor has soured Jill's opinion of ALB?

No. 452589

forgot to include you in >>452586

No. 452592


i know it ruins EVERY single one of her outfits. everything clashes with unwashed rainbow hair!

No. 452595

I honestly really miss her lolita days, I originally subscribed to her way back when she was making lolita videos and in fact it might even be how i found out about the fashion. I would really like her to make a comeback to lolita, she had some decent coords and i think the look really suited her.

No. 452596

She could also just dye her hair all one color, then get two pairs of clip-in bangs. Dye one the solid color, then dye the other rainbow. She could switch depending on the outfit, plus it means she won't be clipping her bangs up 90% of the time because they're unwashed and greasy.

No. 452597

And her awful roots too…Its like she's trying to look bad.

No. 452612

Jill was really cute in her Lolita days, honestly I really liked her back then. Now I can't stand how dumb and tacky she's permitted herself to become. Jill you've lost your cuteness by overloading on tacky fast fashion.

No. 452617

She definitely had a much better style and a more cohesive look back then. And in terms of her personality, I think a lot of us figured she'd grow out of it since she was just a spoilt teen. But now she's an adult and only gotten more selfish and worse dressed.

No. 452639

Was finally able to watch this but I dont get why everyone is creaming their panties over this

Its fine, probably one of the few times shes showed any form of a skill to us besides buying stuff. But the skill level was what I would expect of a hobbiest player. Not someone labeled a "child prodigy," "I have nothing left to teach you," "someone whos been playing piano since they were 4," and "someone who had been working on the same song for 2 years."

It felt sloppy to me overall and really should be more refined you would think after working on the same song for so long. But Jill can never be critical of herself so why am I surprised.

>finger positioning was messy, tempo was sloppy

No. 452661

I feel like a lot of people on this thread say this because they discovered her through lolita and have liked that fashion, but to most normal people lolita looks autistic as fuck if not more so then her current style. The biggest reasons why she looks so much better in her older photos are that she gained a lot of weight and her ugly rainbow bangs clashes with almost everything she wears. I don't think I would consider her fat, but it's unfortunate that her weight gain is very apparent in her face and neck regions.

No. 452697

it didn't seem like the pieces were too complicated, i mean for a hobby it's good and it's not online shopping but as you said, nothing special.

No. 452786

File: 1514307346359.jpg (216.68 KB, 1078x755, Screenshot_20171226-115122.jpg)

Maybe because materialistic things are only temporary happiness and you spend the whole year trying to cure yourself with shopping?

No. 452794


I know we always suspected she fills an emotional void with material goods, but this really confirms it. How the fuck can she feel like this every year and not think to get help for it?
I never really cared much that she spends like she does since she's living at home with disposable income right now (even though saving it would still be smarter) but she likely won't have this much money to burn forever and she'll be extremely fucked if she spends money meant for bills on one of her super kawaii Lazy Oaf hauls.

No. 452795

Get off your soap box anon, post Christmas depression is common af.

No. 452796


Well it's not something I've ever heard of, so perhaps instead of getting defensive you could actually explain, and maybe even sage your post if you're just posting to be salty and not to contribute?

No. 452798

I've never heard of this either. Is it just a North America thing or something? I'm from Europe and most people here are somewhat glad when Christmas is over and things go there normal way again, I only know little kids that get sad about it being over.

No. 452805

nayrt but it's really not that deep, post-holiday depression in general is common, it's just feeling down and deflated after a really fun holiday or special occasion, and then you go back to normal. Also I'm from Europe as well and unless you throw an insane feast every year or just hate Christmas in general, most adults I know are sad when the Holidays are over too.

Also >>452794
>implying that Christmas in 2017 isn't almost entirely about materialism and people don't drain their bank accounts everywhere buying shitty gifts no one needs.

No. 452810

sage for samefag and not entirely Jill-related, but for those who haven't heard of this phenomenon for some reason, it's also commonly referred to as post-vacation/post-holiday blues:

No. 452811


New Year's Eve is like a week away though? I can't understand it personally but I guess I could believe it.

Also, what? I wasn't implying that Christmas wasn't about materialism. No shit it's about materialism to most people, and there's nothing wrong with that imo, but I really feel like if she's crashing and burning because she's ran out of stuff (which was obviously just speculation) that's pretty unhealthy.

No. 452817

Post-holiday blues usually come from hype. Like you wait all year for Christmas and then it ends almost as soon as it started.

No. 452823

File: 1514312723412.jpg (42.47 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


That makes a little more sense. I never would've associated it with post-holiday blues because I was thinking of Christmas as just one day rather than counting the lead-up to it, but I can see why someone might be kind of disappointed after Christmas if they were super excited for it.


But I was only talking about Jill's spending because it ties into her need for material possessions. Obviously she's going to be buying stuff for other people and receiving stuff during a gift-giving holiday, the problem in my opinion is if she feels a need to get new stuff constantly, which is the impression I get.

No. 452827

I realized that after I already posted that, but imo her need to get new stuff won't be better or worse around Christmas, if anything she'd feel better after getting showered in gifts from her family, which is why her tweet doesn't really say anything about that.

I have no doubt she's using shopping to cope with depression/whatever issues she has, either she's going to realize how damaging overconsumption is (unlikely), she'll get help for her underlying issues, or she'll just run out of money and will be forced to check herself (most likely).

No. 452828

Run out of money? She’s never even had to struggle on her own. Her safe word is: Louise!

No. 452830


>if anything she'd feel better after getting showered in gifts from her family

Well, the impression I got was that she felt better after getting gifts but now that Christmas is over, the emptiness is back and that's why she feels shitty now, but there's really no way to tell unless you're Jill herself.

No. 452831

Louise might help pay her rent or bills, but I don't think she'll fund her shopping forever. They're not that rich either, and while a lot of Louise spoiling her as a teenager was probably because she was anorexic and self-harming, that won't last forever. Her mom seems goofy but quite well-adjusted.

No. 452838

>They're not that rich either

They are VERY well off for the area they live in.

No. 453721


Sorry trailer anon, they're maybe middle-middle class but def not upper class or luxury class by any means. I dont even see them as upper middle. If they had money we'd see one of those McMansions with a 5-car garage and landscaping, nicer cars, expensive vacations, maid service coming through, serious salon hair and nails done once a week instead of jills shit, furniture and home decor that doesnt look like its from a chain store, things like that. Taylor R is upper middle bordering on true upper, for example. So is the Universal-Doll gyaru blogger from tx, if any of you remember her. Jill and her fam are totally spoiled/spendy with material goods and hobby purchases, but for whatever reason anons here think that buying and owning a lot of commonplace stuff means "rich" and it is getting really annoying.

No. 453732

>If they had money we'd see one of those McMansions with a 5-car garage and landscaping, nicer cars, expensive vacations, maid service coming through, serious salon hair and nails done once a week instead of jills shit, furniture and home decor that doesnt look like its from a chain store, things like that.

These aren't the kinds of things that exist in small town Canada. She very much lives like upper middle class folks in her area.

No. 453734

>If they had money we'd see one of those McMansions with a 5-car garage and landscaping, nicer cars, expensive vacations, maid service coming through, serious salon hair and nails done once a week instead of jills shit, furniture and home decor that doesnt look like its from a chain store, things like that.
You think all upper middle class families live the same? There are plenty of rich people who live more humble lives. Look at Warren Buffet. By your definition he must not be rich.

I'm also guessing that since it's Canada, it's easier to have a comfortable living because there's a bigger safety net.

I have no idea how fucking rich the Vesseys are supposed to be. I think their level of funding Jill's lifestyle is fine. They can probably continue to feed and house her indefinitely while she works a menial job and blows all of her income on random crap.

Way to go around parading about how you know who is actually rich or not, lmao.

I agree, lolita looks even worse than her current style. kek

No. 453739

Would explain her habbit of not bathing. There’s a stereotype of certain middle class families not bathing their kids or cleaning their homes in the UK.

No. 453745

File: 1514318114668.jpeg (98.21 KB, 574x841, 91CCE0AB-9F19-4671-AEBC-8FDA13…)

No. 453753

OMG anon shut up about the ever elitist argument about the Vesseys not being wealthy. No one cares. They buy Jill crap, that's normal. No need to humble bragging about your extensive knowledge on legitimately wealthy people.

No. 453754


Different pose, same disaster …

No. 453756

Top fucking kek anon, not everyone with money is a nouveau-riche moron who wastes it on a lavish lifestyle. I don't think they're rich either, but they're definitely doing more than alright.

No. 453786


I live in the same province, and Jillian's family is fairly well off in comparison to a lot of families here. A LOT of PEI is living below the poverty line, don't make enough money to pay their bills and eat etc, or on unemployment. So, in comparison to the rest of the province, her and her family are what WE would consider wealthy.

However, if she was living in Ontario, for example, I'm sure her family would be the norm. It's just not here.

No. 453809

Jill's dad is a professor and her mom is a photographer so I would say that they are well off not wealthy. Wealthy are those who don't have to work. Kek

No. 453813

I was sad i didn't buy/get anything for christmas this year, but seeing materialistic shits like her who only find enjoyment in items makes me feel a bit better about my situation. Cause in the end, that stuff won't make her happy

No. 453815

She's an addict of a different variety. Shopping addicts love buying, receiving gifts. But eventually the dopamine wears off and then they have to spend and obtain more to feel good again.
That's always been my opinion. Yet then again, it's easy for Jill to spend money that she doesn't work a real job to earn. Maybe her habits would change if she didn't live at home and needed to save any money, or else drive herself into debts. Who knows.

No. 453833

Quit accusing people of humble bragging anon. No one is doing that and it makes you sound jealous

No. 453835

I can't get over how ugly this dress is, it would look gross even on an actually cute girl

No. 453855

File: 1514330127158.jpg (530.3 KB, 1077x1554, 201712261537916364.jpg)