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No. 724405

Previous thread: >>>/snow/715014

>shay and fupa throw tantrums at each other via tumblr vagueposts before she leaves for LA

>more pedo pandering with new "daddy's game" release >>>/snow/715741
>fupa continues to embarrass himself on snapchat by trying to be one of the kids >>>/snow/716137 >>>/snow/718394
>fruit smashing porn custom
>still struggling to stick to 8 hour a week cam schedule
>shay goes back to LA, fupa suddenly likes her again
>shay's realtimebondage shoot is released - part 1: >>>/snow/721007 part 2: >>>/snow/724150
>supposed to do 4 halloween themed videos, ends up shitting out one lazy snow white video ("a daddy mattel production") >>>/snow/724091 >>>/snow/724144

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"the slap" >>>/snow/694426

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No. 724410

>I'm not going to cam tonight, I'm super exhausted from editing one video that's the same as all my other ones

I thought it was tinfoil before with her response to the anon asking how she dealt with not getting tips on cam but now I'm 100% convinced. Shay's trying to weasel her way out of camming entirely and solely survive financially off Fupapa and just turn her porn work into her side job/hobby for the cred.

When she does cam the only people tipping are her usuals from Tumblr and when she does get tips from actual patrons she either scams them by not fulfilling or just sits there and says thanks then ignores them entirely. By now she has half her viewers blocked and the highest amount I've seen her make in weeks is around $50 tops with most nights being around $10-20 max.

No. 724414

of all the milky pics, anon chose this shit one for thread image, nice

No. 724415

Anyone who speculated she was only gonna go to the gym to get a Whataburger after were right.

Fupa posted no evidence of her at the gym, just her eating a burger in the car.

She said "I've got a fat ass now" lol, oh honey, it's one of the flattest asses I've ever seen

No. 724420

Agree, that thread pic is almost as lazy as Shayna.

No. 724421


And with 90 comments to go, too.

No. 724422

remake it and request this one be deleted then

No. 724433

File: 1540996949472.jpeg (248.99 KB, 600x900, 1540527392893.jpeg)

this one

No. 724438

Is this really that much better tho?

No. 724439

This one is perfect

No. 724472

i'm not op but stop acting like little babies, the important thing is we have a thread. there's gonna be a new one in a week anyway

No. 724477

Thread pic is fine. It's a really good(bad) candid.

No. 724492


Looks like a school pic from a special ed class

No. 724499

"When your pro shoots do you dirty" edition.

No. 724512


snapchat anon! just our fav couple getting some pumpkins and getting drunk. my personal fav tidbit: "get drunk and suck my diiiiiiick"

No. 724514

lmao wow shay, drinking moscato straight from the bottle. very classy move.

No. 724517

File: 1541015595915.jpg (22.09 KB, 265x298, ribmeat.JPG)

I dunno Shay, it's not like you brought her on a plane to a new place and probably haven't taken her to a vet in years.

No. 724518

wow so funny but really is your cat ok

No. 724526

up next on r/thathappened

No. 724530

She got fat fast. All that pink wine went straight to her head.

No. 724532

Bitch probably hasn’t cleaned her litter box so Ribmeat (I hate that stupid fucking name) is finding other places to piss.

No. 724533


Seeing her in that Darkthrone sweater just made me irrationally angry.

No. 724539

the thread pic is good but it's just that i recall there were a couple really funny edits in the last thread that people voted for but anyways it's whatever

why does she not have a single clue about animal behavior when it comes to cats. it's very clear that rib is more like a feral cat than a pet one because shaytard and fupa ignore her all of the time. plus i'd bet that shay doesn't have a clean litterbox set up, and i'd also tinfoil that rib barely understands how to be potty-trained possibly because shay is not capable of teaching anything.

No. 724543

I only saw one which was >>724433 and it sucks

No. 724545

I swear to God every other video is them at a fucking Walmart.

No. 724546

"I mean that's what happens every time I get drunk" you get drunk every night Shay. you suck dick every night? how come you're still so bad at it?

No. 724569

what’s…what’s milky about this? it’s just them being idiots.

No. 724571

File: 1541022080875.jpeg (271.88 KB, 1242x994, 7232CAF9-EA86-4B01-8D13-022F6E…)

Lmfao “biggest dick I’ve had in me” can someone get a picture of his pocket rocket please? Lmfao I caaaaaant

No. 724573

File: 1541022230412.jpeg (563.83 KB, 1242x2092, B524BEB4-47B3-4BAE-B775-55BD97…)

Of course her favorite obsessed land whale is the first to review her idiotic Snow White vid

No. 724575

also I didn’t realize this but who the FUCK compares pussy to Mac and cheese? That sounds fucking disgusting and of course this fat fuck would compare everything to food.

But really, her pussy “sounds like Mac and cheese” is just such a disturbing statement

No. 724586

I'm pretty certain his dick is a 5 or slightly under. Maybe more 4.5. the way she's talking about it is as if it's 7-9 inches haha.
Her vagina doesn't seem that small, and if she can dry fuck herself it ain't all that tight.

No. 724599

is it just me or is it obvious that they JUST started telling each other "i love you" after living together for 6 weeks

No. 724604

Probably a reference to that one vine where the guy tells his mom "That's what good pussy sounds like" while stirring mac and cheese

No. 724606

I’m pretty sure it’s because Harley is a fat fuck landwhale that has food on her mind 24/7

No. 724607

That was the best 30 minutes of her day? Her days must really fucking suck. Why are shay’s fans always fat pieces of shit? first that bunny girl and now this extra large heffer harley.

No. 724610

"came from only anal penetration" ok

No. 724611


no one in porn has ever faked that before

No. 724616

Like she ever actually cums in her vids, kek

No. 724630

its so embarassing to see girls like shay bragging about their mans dicks like theyre huge…bitch we saw his dick it was deformed and around 4.5/5 inches but ok lol

No. 724631

She’s on cam everyone

No. 724635

Thanks, anon!

No. 724636

File: 1541032542934.jpg (Spoiler Image,86.06 KB, 1080x834, Screenshot_20181101-003313_Ins…)

Her tryna shake her flat bodily butt, as usual.
Her moves are the worst.

No. 724637


No. 724638

How long has she been on? She's already naked with her diseased privates on display

No. 724639

File: 1541032786402.jpg (Spoiler Image,200.63 KB, 1080x1486, Screenshot_20181101-003936_Ins…)

She sounds so unimpressed with these lot saying she's tall.

No. 724640

lol her camscore is down to 1928

No. 724641

File: 1541033029132.jpg (Spoiler Image,103.72 KB, 998x485, goodtimesignoringherguests.jpg)

She is just ignoring the one dude tipping her and being rude

No. 724642

Yeah, she kept saying 5'5" was completely average. (which, while it isn't tall, it's not average.)

No. 724643

I noticed that like he hasn’t done anything wrong or mean so why is she so flippant?

No. 724648

and now she completely ignored what he tipped her for a wheel spin. wow.

No. 724650

The guy tipping her should just leave. There are better cam girls out there who actually interact with their audience.

No. 724653

File: 1541033747328.jpg (Spoiler Image,127.85 KB, 1080x996, Screenshot_20181101-005455_Ins…)

Her sound effects are something else. "Gagging" on dem 2 inches

No. 724654

She has been so rude to him what is her problem? He’s the only one tipping

No. 724655

I wish I was record anon, but she legit just told the dude who left he was exhausting even though he tipped her and she called him a crazy fuck.

She's acting so nasty

No. 724656

File: 1541033841608.jpg (97.45 KB, 1080x506, Screenshot_20181101-005724_Ins…)

Hahaha Jesus Christ. She is so bad at this.

No. 724657

She just called him “intolerable” and “exhausting”.


No. 724658

lol how dare someone expect her to do something other than stare at he phone

No. 724659

Harley being a fucking cunt as well. Wow. What did he do?!

No. 724660

File: 1541033918087.jpg (Spoiler Image,99.98 KB, 990x485, wtf-shessorude.jpg)

She is so fucking rude. holy shit

No. 724661

Nothin. I'm watching the chat for about 30 mins now. He tipped her to suck a dildo and she made zero effort. Then when he said she wasnt into anything, he said goodnight 'have fun' and left.

then suddenly she got crazy and started talking shit about him and how he was crazy and rude to HER

No. 724662

She just banned him, and i couldnt cap what he was saying before she did. Did anyone get it?

No. 724663


lmao yes ban one of your only paying customers

No. 724664

he said something like “I didn’t do anything, I heard what you said” and she was like “I know you’re fake, I don’t care that you tipped me”

No. 724665

File: 1541034155786.jpg (Spoiler Image,237.82 KB, 1080x1553, Screenshot_20181101-010125_Ins…)

She keeps calling him a fake and saying she banned him before. Why does she do this?
He did nothing wrong but she's been such a bitch he's ended up calling her a cunt, and rightly so.

No. 724666

Didn't cap it but he basically said that if she thought he did something wrong she should have just said. And now she's chatting shit instead of doing her job

No. 724667

He’ll probably show up here like a bunch of her other scorned and scammed customers. I feel bad he wasted his money trying to be nice to her. Poor bloke

No. 724668

Wow and even after he heard the comments he was acting civil with her. If I paid her and she said some shit like that about me, all hell would break loose.

No. 724669

Wow he went premium for her and she’s being a fucking cunt to him? She has balls.

No. 724670

yeah i'm confused, maybe she thinks they are a farmer? I'm getting the vibe she thinks they are. Because they were nice and she keeps reiterating she isn't dumb and that they're being fake.

No. 724671

How is she this stupid. This is why you’re a broke ass, shay.

No. 724672

This is why she has so many previous customers that hate her. Maybe don’t lurk the thread so much Shay and you won’t run away potential buyers.

No. 724674

What farmer would actually pay money to watch her? She really thinks we’re just jealous doesn’t she?

No. 724675

She's so gross. No ass and no muscle tone. And she thinks putting her feet behind her head is sexy? Not with her boils on her puss

No. 724679

This is so dumb. A tight pussy can definitely still tell when a dick is small lmao

No. 724680

File: 1541035144330.png (Spoiler Image,596.4 KB, 1159x420, Screenshot_2.png)

No. 724683

File: 1541035278205.jpg (Spoiler Image,62.01 KB, 913x695, Screenshot_20181101-011957_Ins…)

This fake moaning ridiculous

No. 724684

File: 1541035284630.png (Spoiler Image,785.03 KB, 978x740, boils.png)

No. 724685

File: 1541035299208.jpg (Spoiler Image,53.1 KB, 929x670, Screenshot_20181101-012017_Ins…)

And nice closeup of her breakout

No. 724686

I gagged when she moved the camera to that angle. Why doesnt she get that shit looked at?

No. 724687

Sad that the only two people tipping now are her mega stans.

No. 724690

hello darkness

No. 724693

File: 1541035443720.png (Spoiler Image,586.67 KB, 1164x420, Screenshot_3.png)

The doorbell keeps ringing

No. 724697

it’s sad that she’s never really gotten over 50 viewers at most. it’s like she just doesn’t care.

No. 724710

File: 1541035929805.png (Spoiler Image,604.95 KB, 1166x420, Screenshot_4.png)

No. 724712

File: 1541036041243.png (68.98 KB, 645x213, Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 6.29…)

ot and not to wk but what are you talking about. not a smol uwu baby bimbo. she's a pretty much average.

No. 724714

she's moaning while carving the pumpkin, does she just fake moan out of habit

No. 724716

Everything about her is average or below average. She has no discernible talent or anything that makes her stand out. She’s a boring, basic bitch.

No. 724717


Why the hell is she carving a pumpkin the night of Halloween? Most cam models do all of this stuff throughout the month, not wing it the night of.

No. 724719

yeah like halloween is basically over now lol. if she had done it even last night i would be like alright because of trick or treaters but she's just kind of.. wasting the pumpkin and her time.. and being weirdly stupid as always.

No. 724721

and a tight pussy's still going to need a little more than absolute dryness even when handling a more minute dingdong
way to out both yourself as worn out and him as shrimpy lmfao

No. 724723

"as someone with an extremely tight n tiny pussy" well that was a fucking lie

No. 724724


I'm betting she had to get clearance pumpkins or some shit

No. 724729

Nta but I think they were implying she was taller at 5'5, not a smol uwu baby

No. 724732

>that pussy sounding like some bomb af mac and cheese

No. 724734

She's definitely paranoid

No. 724747

Wasn't she trying to claim she was a virgin before fupa appeared?

No. 724764

I vaguely remember this but maybe I’m confusing her with some other crusty camgirl. It’s a common scam.

No. 724767

Willing to bet the reason she thinks that is because it's hard to stick anything up there without any sort of lubrication.

No. 724776

>another female thinking she actually came just from having something in her ass

oh my fucking god please kill me

No. 724780

It’s possible she said it in a joking matter. Like there’s obviously no fucking way she’s a virgin so it’s “funny to say”.

Discount pumpkins from Walmart. Thriving.

No. 724791

Either that or the fact that her pussy and ass are probably constantly inflamed. Easy to think you're super tight when your entire pelvic floor is swollen.

No. 724825

ya I remember her saying she doesn't like penetration, doesn't do that and haven't had actual penetrative sex in ages. That's before meeting with fupa and doing all the weirdo bdsm porn. I don't recall her saying she's a virgin but she could have jokingly said so meaning she's such a virgin with penetrative sex or something

No. 724887

File: 1541081773116.jpg (24.01 KB, 265x313, scam.JPG)

Love4blondes? I've seen him before in her chat rooms and she never pays him any attention despite what he tips or she just brushes him off. I don't know why he keeps coming back.

The only three people that ever show up and tip Dolly are: Harley, Foxparty. and Love. Now that she's banned him she's gonna be lacking even more money but she doesn't seem to care.

No. 724890

wow sure let me pay the chick who went viral for a picture of chocolate to give me advice on how to gain followers and do well in sex work. Sounds like a dapper idea.

No. 724892

She doesn’t want to be camming anymore. She wants to lay around and mooch off of fupa. I’m pretty sure at this point she only gets on to “stick it to the haturz”

No. 724909

File: 1541087882596.jpeg (13.91 KB, 213x213, 8880B00D-9A76-4A6B-A916-086598…)

so sexy

No. 724944

In her snapchat video she was drinking at 930 in the tub. Has she always drank this much and that early?

No. 724947

for a while now yeah. it started in seattle.

No. 725008

which picture was this?

No. 725010

File: 1541103673984.jpeg (1.06 MB, 2592x1936, image.jpeg)

No. 725019

when is she NOT drinking? go to a fucking AA meeting, you meth-head.
also i'm loving the fact that her hair is back to looking matted and unhealthy as shit. it's only been, what, a day or two since it looked vaguely okay during her photoshoot in LA?

No. 725020

everything about this is so annoying and cringy + white trash lol shay fuck right off

No. 725028

jesus her skin has really gone to shit

No. 725070

Let just remember that people pay for this shit

No. 725071

Let just remember that people pay for this shit

No. 725150

It was a picture of her with kiva chocolate bars. I can't find a picture of her with them but of just her hands holding the bars

No. 725155

>Closet clothes hanging rod seen in the background

Confirmed lives in closet

No. 725162

That’s the pic that made her blog go viral. That’s how she got so many followers. From a fucking picture of chocolate.

No. 725175

File: 1541125821415.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5576.PNG)

No. 725176

File: 1541125897349.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5577.PNG)

No. 725179

tbh I kinda miss this shay. sure, she was still being a stupid ass edgelord "yes omg I find hitler so attractive" teenager, but she seemed happy and stable. she had good friends, a good boyfriend, a pretty nice place to live, and wasn't drunk 24/7. altogether much less of a shitshow than she is now. still a crappy person, but at least she was in a better place so it didn't show as much. I'm amazed that she claims she's better off now than she's ever been because it's so easy to look at her life now and be like… how? in what possible way?

No. 725185

looking at her old stoner pictures i'll even admit there's a slight "cool" vibe there that i can get with, like sometimes the shit she posted was kind of cool in a teenager aesthetic way i guess? i don't know. now her life is a cancerous disaster.

No. 725186


More like foreskin cheese in her case

No. 725189

She could have been this “cool” stoner chick who gets hella sponsorships like that silencedhippie girl. How does shayna’s current life not actively making her suicidal? I’d be a raging alcoholic too

No. 725191

exactly. she used to have an attractive, carefree aesthetic. she seemed cool and confident despite the nastiness we all know she hid (most of the time. I still can't get over the fucking hitler worship. how disgusting.) now she's just pathetic, washed up, and can't hide the nastiness even if she tried.

No. 725194

double post but she's supposed to be on cam 13 minutes ago. I don't understand how she ever hopes to make money on cam if she never shows up for her shift.

No. 725212

she's probably passed out from drinking all day. halfway through her shift and no sign of her. what a ~professional~

No. 725219

She only scheduled three days this week to cam and so far has only showed up to one. Wow.

No. 725228

why does she think anyone would ever pay her for advice? "make a schedule and stick to it" is literally the first step to becoming a cam girl and she can't even do that. what a fuckin joke.

No. 725274

It would be such an improvement if shay just bought a nice, dark wig (like lace front of something), to give her hair a chance to recover. That wig and style already makes a huuuge difference. Does she not realize, not everyone can pull off blonde hair? Does she also not realize, dolls and barbies can also have dark hair? What an idiot

No. 725297

Dark-haired Barbie is beyond the imagination of a 50 y/o creep that visits strip-clubs, which is supposed to be her target audience.

No. 725301

Who gives a fuck if its tight, when its covered in lesions and boils, like noone is gonna wanna touch that… except maybe a formerly obese beta cuck from bumfuck Oklahoma who compulsively lies and is as delusional as she is.

Also, more like dry pussy. She's said several times she doesn't use lube or like the feeling of lube, she's mistaken, it's really that dry skin friction chaffing. Kek.

No. 725304

All this person does is buys her friendship, how long do you think it'll take before it ends up like that whole nekostoner blowout.

She's the LAST person to be giving any girls advice about camming. Yikes!

No. 725306

She never bathe, she always begged, always was a leach, always hypocritical, always was a liar, the list goes on. The stoner aesthetic just gave a little leeway to the lack of hygiene. No excuse for everything else.

No. 725307

Always was a scammer also. The whole giveaway thing was from her stoner days. She's basically burned herself in every dumblr community she tried so hard to be a part of.

No. 725313

File: 1541160314390.png (309.78 KB, 534x444, Screenshot (271).png)

fupa posted some pics with his kids on fb so it's confirmed he does at least have some contact with them, gross.

No. 725320

File: 1541160835124.jpg (Spoiler Image,243.17 KB, 1500x1000, o3Kw6le.jpg)

this is what she did in LA

No. 725321

File: 1541160894595.png (Spoiler Image,565.3 KB, 1330x535, Screenshot (272).png)

the description.

No. 725323

I feel so bad for this woman.

No. 725324

File: 1541161553846.jpg (287.5 KB, 939x903, c597fa0b19ee2edccd2090bbf30dc4…)


>when the editor turns up blur to 11 and u still look like a halloween costume

if you zoom in on the full image you can see much more artifacts, they literally blurred every inch of her skin to the very edge of her tits.

No. 725328

Lmao wow that girl is a lot hotter than Shay. She's going to look more awful than usual especially if there's nothing wrong with this girl's body.

No. 725329

Unfortunately they forgot to blur the Sahara Desert-level dry lips

No. 725330

nitpick but her nails look so retarded. just go back to the old ones at this point.

No. 725340

How did you find that?

No. 725341


imagine being reena sky and you find out you have to touch the dumptruck of a human being known as shay.

honestly this promo image doesn't look too bad for her, but i feel bad for all the people buying this shit and being met with shay's "smooth" groin lmao

No. 725348

File: 1541167313408.png (21.47 KB, 584x200, 2018-11-02 09_59_26-✨Reena Sky…)

nta but reena sky tweeted about it and then if you google "reena sky dolly mattel" it's the first result

No. 725354

>The smoothest ivory skin

Top kek

No. 725355

Jesus could they not have given her some lipgloss or at least some chapstick? Her lips are as dried up as her cunt.

No. 725366

They probably tried but when your lips are so chapped, chapstick doesn’t help. She needs to drink more water is all.

No. 725376

nah chapstick would definitely have helped lmao

No. 725397


Nah, chapstick would have just gotten in all the crevices of the dryness and made it look even grosser. Probably would’ve created a ring around the inside of her lip bc dead skin. I used to have really chapped/bad lips and it would just look like shiny crust. Def needs to be hydrated, it’s the only thing that’ll help her at this point.

No. 725402

the devil works hard but this photo editor works harder

No. 725405

Shooped our those titty veins I see. Smooth my ass.

No. 725416

Why do the porno companies go along with her Barbie thing? She looks nothing like a Barbie besides having blonde hair which they could find a million better porn stars for

No. 725456

File: 1541185512870.png (45.18 KB, 553x761, 985.png)

She's so lucky she actually has such a loving and caring mother.
It's sad that she always pushed the lies and false narrative that she was abusive or that she's at fault. Shayna's been called out for lying about those claims so many times, that she finally dropped the whole "I was abused" thing and admitted the "abuse" was actualally just being grounded and having to babysit her sibling. It's still shitty that she her a psycho. What makes it worse is that her mom lost her parents when she was very, very young, so imagine the hell Shayna puts her mom through. (check for newfags links)

Her dad prob thinks he did something wrong, when he didn't and Shayna's just entitled, selfish, and delusional. She already made it a point to let them know she's going to fuck up her life regardless. Of course her fathers going to want to check out the place in Bumfuck Oklahoma with the 30+ yr old man she met online who left his 3 kid, loves to slap, punch, and degrade his daughter.

Imagine if she actually traded places with someone who was actually abused. She just likes lying for the attention, and to attempt to excuse her shitty fucking decisions, but it's so fucking wrong.

No. 725458

File: 1541185555720.jpeg (52.27 KB, 720x414, 75048B12-70C3-4003-9758-06AAC5…)

I’m shocked he’s still allowed to see them. It was posted on Wednesday, does that mean he took them trick or treating while Shay was camming?

Also god he looks awful.

No. 725459

He looks like he gained some weight. Super bloated.

I wonder if Shay wasn't distracted by having to cam, would she have thrown a fit that he had to go be Daddy to his kids?

No. 725460

Sorry for double post, but forgot to mention it has 74 likes. So many poor ignorant people unaware that this dude is into snuff and borderline pedophilia. I doubt none of them know about Shay.

No. 725462

File: 1541185742868.png (93.28 KB, 640x1136, BF84D1C0-0028-4C49-AB20-7EB6DE…)

Last post sorry, but he’s STILL listed as single.

No. 725464

File: 1541186104476.jpg (752.42 KB, 1080x3520, 20181102_141526.jpg)

No. 725466

He's not going to want his irl people to really know about her, or her name, then they could look her up and find out that Kyle's gf is known for this…


He'll prob drop that she's a pornstar to is male buddies to score some points, but not say "dolly mattel" or they's be able to look up the pussy boil princess. He tells his ex that she's a "graphic designer" When she can't even barely put together photo and text and have it be legible. He's proven to be a compulsive liar so who knows what kind of lies he's woven.

No. 725469

It’s really sad to see the amount of hate and resentment Shay holds against her mother. I get it, I fought with my mom too when I was a teenager and made some dumb decisions. My mom wasn’t able to stop me from doing all of them. But she didn’t give up, and now because my mom forced me to go to therapy it made me realize I was on a bad path and I’m much, much happier for it.

Shay should have been evaluated and I can’t believe she thinks her mom is “psycho” for wanting to intervene send her to therapy because her only daughter was going to move across the country to be a sex worker. You know what happens to girls who have no family near them and are in a vulnerable position like being a sex worker? They often end up abused or dead. God, how could her mother not be worried?

As for her dad still keeping contact; didn’t Shayna block her mom’s number? I’d bet money on the fact that her dad is doing anything he can just to keep an open line of communication with her.

I can’t believe Shayna would cut off her entire supportive family just to be a failing cam girl living in the closet of an obese, abusive midwestern man in his 30s. She desperately needs therapy and an intervention.

No. 725472

Yes!! Exactly anon! Shayna has such a warped mind. It's crazy that her mom was orphaned at a young age. Then having a kid that takes your love, care, and everything for granted, especially the family and parents that she herself lost and didn't have. All Shayna's insight on the situation is that she's the victim and poor her that her parents don't support her dream of being a camgirl. Like that is just insane.

No. 725473

at this point i'm convinced she had already agreed to be hidden before even moving out there. you know she's that desperate to mooch lol.

No. 725474

An hour of this is way too touch for that kind of risk aware kink…like I get people are into that but all of that together is too much for that long. Sigh he's such a jackass. But so is she.

No. 725475

i agree she's always been gross lol i hated how she wore band shirts trying to be cool back then and she looked nasty but i just think at least some of her pictures were on the cool side versus the monstrosities she creates now.

No. 725476

im assuming he did take them trick or treating if it was recently posted. during that time he was also encouraging followers to join dirty shay on cam to carve a pumpkin lul

No. 725481

Seriously. I feel so bad for her poor mother. Shayna and I are almost the same age and the way she talks about her mom is the way I would when I was seriously sixteen. She needs to grow up, she still acts like a spoiled teenager who thinks she knows everything.

Her mind is totally warped. I can't believe she thinks her mother is in the wrong when her mom says sex work isn't a career. Shayna's mom tried to get her to get a job or go to college; she obviously really cares and doesn't want her daughter doing something as unsustainable and damaging as sex work. I know there are a lot of sex workers here, I'm not trying to disparage you personally. I just think that Shayna's mom realizes sex work isn't something that will support Shay her whole life. And it's really, really sad that Shayna is still acting like a bratty teenager about this.

No. 725491

That makes me sad. he should not have any contact with these children. He's a filthy person with pedo tendencies (not saying he's a pedo to his kids) but how he interacts with shay is disgusting.

I would put a restraining order on him right away.

No. 725493

So nasty. I'm sick of people like Shay and fupa with their nasty kinks they wanna share like it's okay or normal.

No. 725494

That was my first thought. No 21yr old dd/lg tumblrina is getting waterboarded for over an hour. Nobody is because that's dumb and dangerous. I swear to god, everything these two say outs them for their bullshit. They're always either making shit up or proving that they're doing it wrong.

I'm also just floored at how terrible Shay manages to look in every single photo, even when she's airbrushed adequately. I totally get that some positions are unconformable and make it hard to relax your face, but that's 90% of modeling - being able to look lovely and effortless while being very uncomfortable is literally the job. Plus most people get a shot of endorphins when they're on camera, even moreso on film, in fucking porn. I've seen models sprain ankles and bruise ribs & tailbones and not even notice til hours later - and they looked great on set.

The fact that this is Shay at her absolute best - in HD, made-up and Photoshopped within an inch of her life, under professional lighting, in front of a camera that takes dozens of shots in a matter of seconds - and she is STILL incapable of taking one single good photo.. it just blows my fucking mind. Even the worst photographer can usually pull one or two good photos out of a less-than-ideal subject. I've seen photos of actual homeless people that looked more attractive. But >>725324 is the best she can do. That face, I can't.

And she's doing this shit for pennies and plastic Amazon shit. I think that's the real kicker. There are SO many camgirls making bank off their work, and without completely destroying their personal/professional lives. Even the average Tumblr thot who just sells nudes or whatever - they're getting the monetary benefits without having to resort to making horror-tier pornography, without ruining any chance at a functional job, relationship, or family life in the future. I really can't believe she does what she does when she's making absolutely jack shit. Any real camgirl/sugar baby/sex worker would be horrified to see how much fucked up shit she does vs how little money she makes.

She's just so damn bad at it, it's amazing. Even the most inexperienced camgirl understands concepts like customer service, not giving away the goods too soon, a regular schedule, not being a total cunt to paying patrons, not having a vag that makes you look like Patient Zero for the next plague, etc. But Shay's too good to take anyone else's advice, she thinks she's doing amazing, shoving Easter eggs up her ass and begging for people to spend $10 on a video of her shitting them out so she can blow said money on pink Wal-Mart wine. T H R I V I N G.

Hoe-ing is the oldest profession in the world. How the fuck is she so bad at it?!

No. 725496

>My dad is so sweet and supportive!

No. He's just playing nice in the hopes he can talk sense into you and bring you home before you wind up with an incurable disease or dead somewhere.

No. 725497

>No 21yr old dd/lg tumblrina is getting waterboarded for over an hour.

Her buddy Harley is. She posted pictures of it.

No. 725519


Lol hi Harley, nice to see you lurk here too.

No. 725523

wtf harley

No. 725531

This type of shit is where the "fat girls will do anything in bed" trope comes from lmao

No. 725553

lmfao no one wants to watch land whale “porn” Harley. You’re ugly as sin and no matter how much you pander to Shayna, she’ll never actually be your friend or give a shit about you. No matter how much money you give her, no one will ever want your “porn”. Move on and lose some weight.

No. 725575

Is this why you have permanent brain damage?

No. 725587

File: 1541200593928.jpg (Spoiler Image,43.08 KB, 712x885, FB_IMG_1541194797963.jpg)

Dolly's hair

No. 725603

File: 1541202878948.jpeg (360.48 KB, 1242x1895, E74D657A-50A3-4B17-9F59-C591DF…)


No. 725610

File: 1541203810143.jpeg (775.44 KB, 1242x903, 85016D3D-BD7D-49F1-A503-021DBF…)

Shayna pretending to lift his tiny chode, kek

No. 725611

>very swollen and in pain

You really should see a doctor for some kind of infection, Shay.

No. 725631


the way shay talks is just so mentally unstable. ive been part of the hurrdurr bdsm community for years and ive only ever seen shay talk like this. its disturbing, actually.

No. 725638

Hard to tell what's real and what's an act

No. 725671

you shouldn't be swollen and in pain wtf?

yeah I mean I really doubt they're having sex mutual times a night to the point she's in actual pain and if she is then that's just fucking weird cus how could she even enjoy sex?

It was mentioned further up but when she says she's tight or has a small vagina or whatever it's mostly cus she dry fucks all the time like will she ever take care of her vagina???

No. 725689

She's reblogging a bunch of old porn and photos/vids of her and Fupa. Remembering the "good ol days" lmao.

No. 725693

"i'm kind of jst naturally perfect af" umm.. shaytard.. you are the furthest thing from perfect. a literal piece of dog feces has more perfection crafted into it than you ever could have.

No. 725728

She was swollen because of the shoot she did. She did clearly state that after she got home from LA. BUT she shouldn’t STILL be swollen and in pain.

No. 725733

wtf did her shoot entail if she's so swollen she couldn't even have sex?

Not to mention they begged for a distraction from having sex when she was in pain and swollen from the shoot. Any good man would understand and wait.

No. 725743

It was a B/G/G threesome. So yeah I can understand some swelling and pain a day or two after. But after that if you claim you’re still swollen and in pain, there’s something wrong or you’re just lying.

No. 725746

the fact that he didn’t care was alarming and really shows he doesn’t care for her in any way besides sexually.

No. 725784

Imagine pushing 40 and having to tell everyone you have sex all the time. Whew.
The self loathing is strong within these two. It’s amazing to watch.

No. 725788

at this point i view them as strange deformed brainless creatures, they're not human to me lel

No. 725789

For some reason what annoys me most about her is when she calls herself perfect, she is so far from it

No. 725877

a b/g/g threesome? i thought she only did g/g?

No. 725882

File: 1541251069876.jpg (44.03 KB, 244x522, desperation.JPG)

It amazes me how desperate Shay's followers are for any sort of interaction socially. They either buy all her porn, tip her for nothing, or buy the right to text her.

No. 725886

It very clearly states in the description that it’s a threesome with a male involved. They probably couldn’t find her any work so she said fuck it.

No. 725888

it’s pseudo friendship. Shayna has no actual friends, just the people who pay her to pretend to care about them. I don’t even think she could maintain a regular friendship with the way she lies and manipulates.

No. 725915

he is shockingly ugly. his beard is DISGUSTING. it amazes me that shayna considers him something to brag about and not something to be ashamed of. like, WOOF. drink some fuckin water kyle and maybe comb your nasty facial hair once in a while, damn

No. 725917

this crusty motherfucker looks at least 50 years old lmao the audacity of these two

No. 725939

Exactly. Shay and Fupa post this shit to show off like it's cute, but anyone who has ever had a semi-healthy relationship can see that he's all about coercing her into sex, even when she's sore/tired/sleeping and that she's too dumb to safeword. Any actual Dom would be proceeding with a lot of caution. A 24/7 dynamic + a sub who openly admits they're afraid to safeword because they want to "make you proud" is a great recipe for disaster.

But that's what Fupapa wanted: not a sub, a disaster. One that he can get away with with abusing and manipulating. Actual Doms know their sub's limits, know when to give them a break even when they say they can take more, know to check in and make sure they're okay. Actual Doms provide aftercare. Actual Doms won't demand to choke-fuck you the second you get back from a porn shoot, sore and jetlagged and underslept.

But Fupa isn't an actual Dom, he's a pathetic little fat man with the saddest dick I've ever seen. He's not interested in emotional intimacy, aftercare, or anything that doesn't involve his dick getting wet. He's not interested in these aspects of BDSM because he's not truly in it for the lifestyle - he's in it so he can have a legal outlet for his desire to abuse women and children. It shows every time these two idiots post something they think is "cute" or hardcore (ie: hours of waterboarding, lubeless fucking while she's sore, no aftercare etc.) – they just prove how uneducated and unsafe they are about BDSM. Then they get rightfully called out by other members of the kink community, sperg out, and threaten to fuck their Tumblr and delete your dad. They then post a bunch of pityparty shit about how mean everyone is until they get enough asspats and attention to feel temporarily sated. Then rinse & repeat.

Despite what they might think, absolutely no one in the BDSM/camming/sex-work industry is jealous of them. Anybody with even the smallest amount of knowledge on the subject can immediately tell that they reek of inexperience, dangerous practices, and malignant narcissism. They can also tell that they're both disgusting, that Shayna is making no money, and that Fupa is an insecure little bitch that can't be trusted in a BDSM scene or anywhere else. Anyone worth their salt in the community ain't touching Fupa or Shayna with a 10ft pole (even if said pole is heated to 150°F and shoved in the ass). At this point, anyone working or associating with this impressively-stupid pair is basically saying, "I'm an idiot and IDGAF about the safety of my models, their hygiene, or anything else except the edge points I get for posting my porn on Tumblr!" I'm looking at you, lovinglyhandmade. BDSM is a cesspool of idiots for sure, but anybody dumb enough to work with Shay despite the state of her vag is crazy. It's a big community and word travels fast. Very telling that she can't get booked anywhere that creates high quality content and pays models well.

No. 725945

who the fuck is gonna read this novel though

No. 725961

Every time they post anything together it seems forced and not genuine almost like they are putting on a show like they’re in character or something. It’s possible that he does care about her but his inexperience as a dom shows. They both seem very inexperienced and childish

No. 725964

My bad, didn't mean to wax poetic about Shay's fail of a sex work career, but my jimmies were rustled. Least I saged, lol.

They /are/ putting on a show. This entire relationship has been for show, to show the haturzz that they're totally in love. I'd bet money that when they're all alone together and put the phones down for a moment, they realize they have nothing in common, realize they're both boring as fuck. So then they whip out Snapchat and beg people to send asks so they can gush about each other in front of Shay's followers, and feel better about their miserable lives because their relationship is like, totes #goals, guise!

Shayna herself has said if she could be someone else, she'd want to be her work persona. If she was any other Tumblr thot I wouldn't think much of it, but Shay's "work persona" is so off-putting and awkward, I can't believe that was her answer. Can you imagine being the laughingstock of the porn community because you suck at acting, yet hate your real-self so much you're actually jealous of your work-self? Homegirl needs a good therapist, like yesterday. She'd probably try to fuck him though.

No. 725977

Lol maybe not try to fuck them but she’d say some shit like “guys my therapist is SO into me, I told him I do sex work and he just keeps asking about it…he’s so obsessed with me”

No. 726005

Some of the hypotheticals people throw around in the Shay threads are bizarre

No. 726008

File: 1541270561607.jpg (55.75 KB, 640x480, WIN_20181103_18_42_30_Pro.jpg)

Clearly needs alcohol to function at this point.

No. 726012

well she’s a bizarre person. And some of the crazier hypotheticals have come true so…

No. 726017

This is the strongest indication of how little fupa cares about her. Like, holy shit - she’s a full-blown alcoholic by this point, considering she’s been drinking before noon for the last couple days.

No. 726018

It's a VR experience. YOU are the guy in this threesome. The scene was g/g.

No. 726023

It could have just been shot POV though. I’ve seen VR threesome vids, there’s always a guy in it shooting from his POV to make it seem like it’s you fucking the girl.

But we’re not here to argue about that.

No. 726067

paying for friendship
what a world

No. 726070

What's up with that lovinglyhandmade dude? All his shit is like the weirdest most no-budget 'porn' I've ever seen. He doesn't use real models/actresses/whatever you call them on the release forms, at least not as far as I can tell. Of course Shayna and her trashpussy fit right into his creepy home videos.

No. 726082

You pretty much nailed it, tbh. Just another dumb Tumblr dom, albiet with slightly more Dom experience than our own Fupapa, and a following of his own. It's garbage porn made by a garbage person for other garbage people to jerk off to.

I feel like either him or theropegeek were implicated in some sort of past drama on Tumblr, but I can't seem to find the screenshots so it's possible I'm thinking of someone else.

No. 726085

Lol he’s not s bad dude so idk why y’all are ripping on him. He makes amateur porn, what’s the problem? He doesn’t claim to be a big budget production company. He was just a dom who lived in Seattle that Shayna met at the one kink party she ever went to.

If you watch any of his stuff he’s very clearly experienced and knows how to warm up the models and take things slowly and properly. We’re not here to rip on him, a person who’s done nothing wrong besides making the decision to work with Shayna, we’re here to rip on Shayna and dumbass Kyle.

No. 726087

Lol what constitutes a “real” actress or model in your eyes anyway? Do they have to be super famous? Do amateur models just not exist?

I stg some of you are dumber than Shayna.

No. 726089

Theropegeek is creepy AF. He’s sent gross pictures to models he’s worked with (like pics of him jacking off onto pics of them) and when he was called out he acted like it was no big deal. He’s also kept footage from models without their consent. He’s okay at rope, not amazing, but the way he treats people he works with is shitty.

Lovinglyhandmade has no issues like that that I’ve ever heard of. He’s a fairly small producer and hasn’t worked with a lot of people either.

No. 726128

File: 1541285107257.jpg (255.25 KB, 1081x1772, Screenshot_20181103-184439-1.j…)

Wtf I hope this is a joke if for no other reason than my own secondhand embarrassment as the absolute absurdity of this scenario

No. 726129

The fuck are you getting this info about theropegeek from tho?

No. 726133

i agree with your point here but dumber than shay? that's pretty hard to do lol

No. 726138

shay is so bad at sucking dick he has to shove a pipe between her teeth to get into her mouth

No. 726141

Imagine turning the corner at Lowe's and seeing these two autists with plastic tubing in their mouths

No. 726144

Hope it shatters in her mouth, these fucktards.

No. 726153

It used to be all over tumblr until he changed his username.

No. 726154

nah, some of you anons make comments that are just absolutely retarded. I’m still wondering was constitutes a “real” model/actress too.

No. 726156

people say retarded deranged stuff here sure but it's definitely on par with shay's intelligence

No. 726163

They're such wanna be edgelords that I wouldn't be surprised if they just made this up for shits and giggles and fupa was there for actual stuff for his house. But then again, they are repulsive and stupid so I wouldn't be surprised if they pulled this shit.

If they did actually do this, 1, why? Shay can't take much in her mouth as we've seen, why would a tube help? 2, do they not realize people can see their stupidity in public? 3. So what do they do with the tubes they don't want? Just put it back after it's been in her fucking mouth? JFC "thriving" tho

No. 726177

you're so right. they were probably there for something that fupa was buying for himself and it turned into something weirdly sexual because it ALWAYS does with them.

No. 726187

Why are you defending this dude so hard? Chill.

No. 726207

I’m basically just defending lovinglyhandmade because he’s an actual dom that knows what he’s doing and shouldn’t be lumped in with the likes of Fupa. Idk just cos he made a few vids with Shayna doesn’t make him a bad dom imo. There was no need to rip into his video quality or anything, he’s not a professional studio or something.

No. 726208

Because he's irrelevant

No. 726213

On fupas snap story she said drunkingly (they were drinking champagne at breakfast) that they're making a video of him water boarding her and beating her. Also they said she ate something poisonous while in Mexico and almost died

No. 726223

his dick is only 4 inches how is she swollen NDNJNJSN

No. 726225

Holly shit that is so unsanitary! I doubt those pipes were ever washed before they made it to the shelves where they just sit and collect germs. Although after being in Shays mouth they should be considered a biohazard. Yikes.

No. 726235

im done with this website

No. 726256

She does realise there are 'O' gags specifically for this purpose right?
So cheap and pathetic shay, but we can't expect fupa to spend actual $$ on her.

No. 726262

Lol what are you even replying to?

No. 726263

One of these days she's going to choke to death on something or get brain damage from lack of oxygen when Fupa is choking her. He's so reckless and she's dumb enough to go along with it all.

No. 726265

lol yeah they're just trying to be edgy as always

No. 726268

I can't believe his ex-wife lets him see the kids after reading these threads.

No. 726282

He says that he does blood choking, which anons in past threads have said is incredibly dangerous, so, yeah. This dumb fuck could very well do actual harm.

No. 726297

She already has brain damage, it’s normal for her

No. 726344

File: 1541312691396.jpeg (319.5 KB, 1125x1588, 3C4F0ED4-5A5C-40C7-B2CA-1C1407…)

Does this guy literally own any other shirts lmao I love how he went from saying he wasn’t gonna post any oc and now he’s back to flaunting his fish face on tumblr

No. 726346

give you a man that can be fat behind a mask .. or fat behind fat

No. 726347

he looks so fuckin haggard. someone come collect their grandpa

No. 726352

File: 1541313761888.png (Spoiler Image,5.58 MB, 1125x2436, 93A0285B-80D0-4694-90D1-D4697F…)

yikes… what even is that between her ass and vagina? She’s also got toilet paper bits in there. How could fupa post something like that

No. 726353

File: 1541313832300.png (Spoiler Image,4.09 MB, 1125x2436, 45C64BF9-6E1B-4A2F-A890-E7B53A…)

Here’s the full post as well.

No. 726354

File: 1541313837539.jpg (42.27 KB, 453x604, emo-dad-22891-1257438303-107.j…)

2018's poser emo dad

No. 726357

Her skin is going to be absolutely miserable looking later in life. She's already got a lot of cellulite and very mottled, uneven coloring and these "beatings" are just going to cause her skin to sag, scar, and discolor.

No. 726369

I am dying this is the scissor-cut balaclava (or however it's called) that Shayna wore before

No. 726410


I feel like shay’s vag would look nicer if it wasn’t so red and irritated ALL the damn time. i’ve seen girls with similar looking style vaginas that are fine (/r/simps on reddit for example)

No. 726411

Homie has a beard to hide the fact he has no neck
Fupa won’t need to buy any sandpaper with that snatch. Shits so dry it looks like it hurts to wipe

No. 726427

from that angle i feel like im looking at a 50 yr old woman's ass

No. 726429

get you a guy that can do both of what? be both an ugly 50 year old man and an edgy tryhard teenager?

No. 726497

Slightly ot but blood choking is what you want to do, it’s what fighters do. He Doesn’t blood choke, he just crushes her windpipe, that’s dangerous.

No. 726501

this is really nasty… i don't know how shay can claim to be perfect or have a "tiny tight pussy" when she has a ballsack and a busted ass. men who get pleasure out of causing harm to women are also pretty suspect.

No. 726503

Her asshole is gonna be a wreck by the time she’s 25

No. 726504

>lets him see the kids

That's probably the thing, actually. He probably has scheduled visitation by the courts but she could probably take evidence that he's put on Tumblr (or from here) to the courts and get his visitation revoked.

Here's an idea for your next date night, Fupa. Take her to an Urgent Care for some tests.

No. 726510

the furby mouth shape gets me every time

No. 726514

File: 1541342361121.jpeg (265.99 KB, 1226x1215, 1A057169-6C87-4E06-B568-F9DC34…)

it’s so fupa it hurts.

No. 726516

Her pussy seriously looks like balls, how did it get this bad?

No. 726519


I don't dare to imagine the musty smell when both of them smush ewwww

No. 726525

that subreddit name…i can't

No. 726526

lmfao, cannot unsee now

No. 726553

No but really…does this motherfucker have any shirts besides this gross muscle tee? I feel like he wore this in the first pic we saw of him, and literally every other pic since then. How does he look at this and think, "yup, hot."???

It cracks me up how they brag about buying the Barbie dream house and making money when in reality they can't even afford furniture or some non-fuckboy attire for Fupa. Shay reuses outfits constantly, which is fine but not when you're pretending to be some rich classy sugarbaby or whatever her schtick is. She thinks she's hot shit but her life right now is every successful sex worker/sugar baby's nightmare, lol. Trapped in a red state, far from both coasts and thus far from filming/work opportunities, trapped in an abusive relationship with a freak who pretended he had money but really doesn't. Their life is like an episode of 90 Day Fiancé, except they didn't have the threat of deportation forcing them to make all these rushed, dumb decisions.

No. 726564

this is so fucking cringy im crying and cant believe he posted this

No. 726598

Get you a man who at 40 still seeks validation on tumblr

No. 726605

cutting off the blood supply to the brain is never a good idea and can lead to cardiac arrest. it doesn't happen all the time but doesn't mean it's not a risk

No. 726620

Your carotids are huge, unless your daddy is trying to kill you by wrenching your neck, your blood supply isn’t gonna be cut off, just mildly restricted. Done correctly it’s 100x safer than restricting air flow, probably safer than deepthroating a dick. Military even employs such technique to make opponent disoriented/pass out without causing serious harm to them. You’re not supposed to squeeze your partner like you’re trying subdue a violent criminal anyway?? I hate Shayna but I’d still rather her not become brain dead bc Kyle is a retard who can’t bother looking up how to choke a bitch.

No. 726622

Stop the stupid derailing over choking. All the bdsm fags in these threads just make the scene seem even more embarrassing from the outside.

No. 726629

>implying u being on this site isn’t embarrassing
Mk minimod sorry you hate fax and perspectives. No wonder Shay thinks all her haturz are jealous vanillafags who just don’t get it~

No. 726631

Agreed, and more specifically the ddlgfags on here. I’m tired of the “if Fupa was a GOOD Daddy, he’d do this” or “he’s taking advantage of her while she’s in littlespace!!!!!!!!” comments. As if there’s a “right” way to enact cringy pedo incest fantasies. Puke.

No. 726633

This, they aren't any better than shay. Those degenerate retards are making this thread look horrible. Constant derailing and blogging from literal whores isn't a good look, hope y'all know that.

No. 726635

File: 1541362997658.png (339.22 KB, 530x536, latest.png)

this furby from the last thread is still so relevant lel

No. 726636

>derailing wahhh
>5 more replies about the same thing
Literally seen no one talking like that buuuut if yall wanna shit on a sexually illiterate cow, attempt to be a bit well read yourself wow

No. 726638

fuck off, thot. you're embarassing yourself once again.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 726639

you keep replying in your same trashy annoying type of internet talking-style about it as well. it's cringy and defeats your point. stop.

No. 726640

File: 1541363509088.jpg (Spoiler Image,228.88 KB, 1073x1852, Screenshot_20181104-153141-1.j…)

This has to be the most unflattering angle of her ass ever, right? I feel like I'm looking at a trucker ass at this point.

No. 726643


God I don't understand how she has all this free time by herself AND access to a gym but she doesn't do some squats.

No. 726644

I guess that’s one way to hide all the cystic acne on your ass.

I get that she can’t really change her body shape, but some flattering undies or even a few squats a day would really help her out.

But I guess if you’re pandering to pedophiles then it works out?

No. 726647

I can't fathom trying to make money off your body and not wanting to improve it at all

No. 726651

Some of the bruises look a little too high, I’m pretty sure he could give her kidney damage if he’s hitting too high above the ass cheeks. Not that he hits hard enough to do it, but he probably has no idea regardless cuz he’s an uninformed 12 year old

No. 726665

Impact sperg but kidney damage is highly unlikely (aka impossible) from paddling the upper ass, or even flogging or whipping the lower back. Still. Him hitting that high on the ass shows how little he knows about impact practices. You aim for the lower half/sit spots.

No. 726679

Tbh they probably look high up because shayna has such a flat ass. kind of hard to find a sit spot/fattier portion when there is none, kek.

No. 726721

File: 1541375254299.jpeg (357.3 KB, 1242x1252, 497410FB-1352-4A08-B436-CEB41F…)

shits on people who don’t take money from empty blogs, while she yells and is rude to people who actually buy her content.

She is seriously fucking brain damaged.

No. 726726


the fact that you can still see her assne scars even with all the bruises is so crazy, i really don’t know why can’t she do the bare minimum and just wash her fucking skin as a sex worker who is literally paid for her body

No. 726733

Can someone PLEASE screen cap fupas current snap story. It proves that ribmeat lives in the walk in closet and it's like 3 minutes of him picking at her weird bruises on her ass

No. 726735

his snap is open to the public right? if so i'll screenshot right now

No. 726738

didnt this bitch block people who likespam her posts, but she's judging other people who block empty blogs?

No. 726747

YEP. she’s also been rude to people tipping her on cam, and has scammed customers and blocked them when they complain. But let’s call out the people who block empty blogs. Makes so much sense.

No. 726751

Like they lock the cat in the closet? Or it just has a bed in there? If it's the latter that's not really milky considering Shay herself seems to be camming out of a closet.

No. 726788

I was thinking this too. he's hitting too high. [not high/hard enough to cause real damage (hopefully,)] but high enough that it's clear he has no fucking idea what he's doing. so irresponsible.

I mean, shay spends most of her time in the walk-in closet based on what she posts, so I wouldn't be surprised if rib hangs out in there most of the time too to be close to shay. I'd only call it living in there if her litter box, food, and bed/toys/whatever measly cat equipment shay has is all kept in there. from what shay has said, rib has had the run of the house since moving in. but snapchat anon pls I always encourage updates of anything

No. 726795

this bitch gonna die

No. 726797

This shit's how Darwin awards are won.

No. 726799


Even if he doesn't, Guns 101 "always act like the gun is loaded."

No. 726804

What the actual fuck. I'm hoping she's lying for edgelord points but if she isn't…yikes. This bitch in danger

No. 726805

Yes it is!

No. 726815

Nothing says edgy daddy like catching a manslaughter charge uwu

No. 726818

that'd really convince his wife to let him see his kids regularly

No. 726824

Maybe they get it out their system and eventually stop acting so retarted. One can only hope

No. 726844

look at that total lack of trigger discipline, i guess you give a little bit of pull for max edgelord. both of these idiots are retarded and deserve whatever happens to them. shayna's really living the life, wow.

No. 726845

who is lascivious-depravity and why are they posting gifs of shayna?
is that really shayna and fupa? sorry but this is fishy to me, idk.

No. 726848

Lmfao that’s not Shayna you moron

No. 726849

it's not missionary sex so it couldn't possibly be shay.

No. 726850


anon, shayna reblogged the post and added the vomitous tag at the bottom which is what we are roasting

No. 726851

File: 1541393911971.jpg (70.25 KB, 720x538, IMG_5639.JPG)

No. 726854

sorry, i was completely lost, it looked like that ugly pink plaid skirt of hers and the wearing a balaclava confused me because fupa is wearing one ten posts up or whatever, i didn't know what i was looking at. i don't follow her tumblr so yeah.
thanks for clarifying and not being an asshole about it.

No. 726888

This dumb motherfucker, I swear. Breaking all the rules of BDSM ("safe, sane, consensual") AND all the rules of firearms (always treat as if loaded, never point at something you aren't prepared to destroy, safety on & finger off trigger until ready to fire) in one fucking post. It's almost impressive how fucking retarded they are, honestly. I never cease to be amazed. They make fake guns for stage and film acting, and they're commonly used in kink scenes like this in place of actual guns for these very reasons, and because most folks can get their weird edgy fetish on without actually endagering a life. All these gross fetishists are weird, but Shay and Fupa ALWAYS have to take it one step further into the dimension of retardedness for asspats and edge points.

Guys shooting their dick off accidentally because they wanted to act hard and wear their gun sticking out of their pants is actually really common, apparently. Can't wait til Fupa accidentally shoots Shay in the title and then she pretends that she was totally into it and totally consented. These two are Darwin Award material for sure. No one cares how many followers you have when you're dead Shay, you silly bitch.

No. 726889

samefag, *shoots Shay in the titty, not title lol

No. 726929

You guys are so fucking gullible it's insane

No. 726939

What?!?! Shay has neverrrr made up any stories before what are you sayinggg~~~~
Clearly Shay is telling the truth and omg she’s violating all the roools of BDSM which I’m now going to spend five paragraphs describing!

No. 726951

i can't believe we haven't all realized at this point that the more we take her stupid bait, the more she is going to put out there. it's like mega attention points for her lol. meanwhile fupa is sticking his greasy fingers in shay's mouth in the missionary position while simultaneously shitposting on tumblr.

No. 726973

maybe next time posting with context would be good tho, a couple of people were obvs. not sure what they were looking at

No. 727019

File: 1541433218807.jpg (44.43 KB, 258x597, 1.JPG)

Dropping some tumblr caps so no one has to suffer through her dash

No. 727020

File: 1541433229895.png (11.66 KB, 248x280, 2.PNG)

No. 727021

File: 1541433242679.png (8.62 KB, 267x315, 3.PNG)

No. 727037

that's because he looks 50 shay.

No. 727053

50 Shays of Grey

No. 727069

This is coming from the girl who calls everyone dad

No. 727075

File: 1541440614940.png (Spoiler Image,1.7 MB, 640x1136, IMG_2298.PNG)

she literally looks like a 30 year old male cross dresser

No. 727078

Using pipes from a hardware store and the plastic rod that opens and closes blinds for bdsm is some of the trashiest shit I've ever heard of. Buy some actual sex toys holy fuck

No. 727079

Cut out her face and this pic would be fine. The editing is not so great but whatever.

No. 727080

Ugh, why are her heels so damn yellow and crusty

No. 727081

File: 1541441871950.jpeg (789.09 KB, 605x1209, C55DC792-607C-4B40-B9B9-8A4AE8…)

This is the most unflattering pose I’ve ever seen. Her photographer was probably laughing afterward.

No. 727082


No. 727085

I’m pretty sure anon meant the heels of her feet. Like she needs a pedicure…

No. 727087

File: 1541442219052.jpeg (530.13 KB, 1242x822, 506C1AD2-9C8A-4CA7-9CAB-0D43CB…)

The heels of her feet, not her shoes. And they totally are. They’ve always been disgusting

No. 727089

this bitch is so dumb and posted this pic on Instagram. she’s gonna get her dumb ass shut down again and blame it on the ~*haturrrzz*~

No. 727090

at this point they look brown and crusty

No. 727098

She seems to think the rules never apply to her.

No. 727107

Girl where is your ass it's legs and back there

No. 727109


I'm most offended by the fact that her face is orange…

No. 727117

File: 1541447006262.png (157.33 KB, 850x797, 2018-11-05 14_41_01-2018-11-05…)

y i k e s

No. 727119

wow, blatant lies and shay being unbelievably lazy. thriving as always!

No. 727120

this seriously looks like a man to me, if i saw this not knowing it was shay i would honestly think it was a tranny or a twink.

No. 727121

same. when I see her most times I get the “twink that wants to pass as a woman but fails miserably” vibe

No. 727123

File: 1541448094916.jpeg (586.46 KB, 1226x1909, 5BAD7B9C-239E-4C29-9D29-5D7701…)

Because you know, meeting someone off tumblr twice and then moving in totally isn’t rushing things.

my eyes are going to get stuck from rolling them so hard.

No. 727125

File: 1541448658743.png (9.39 KB, 289x241, 2018-11-05 15_08_40-Mozilla Fi…)

lmao really valuing herself

No. 727146

File: 1541452602918.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.62 MB, 1242x2079, 60645966-1CB5-460E-B0E2-6AC399…)

the way her ass really looks vs arching her back so hard and using an underneath camera angle, kek. Why would you post that right underneath?!

No. 727148

Bro it’s pre op Gigi Gorgeous lmao

No. 727152

nah, even as a boy she wasn’t unfortunate looking. Shayna is only 21 with dark circles and deep wrinkles and crusty lips.

No. 727154

he's still a boy and he's still even more unfortunate looking than shay.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 727157


Fuck off this isn't a trans bashing thread

No. 727169

Gigi's ugly as sin and will always look like/be a man; one of the few people Shayna's actually far more attractive than.

tho she seriously does look like a homely dude in a dress. If I didn't know her past, and she came out one day claiming to be a tranny, I'd believe her.

No. 727171

stfu with your trans hating bullshit. channel that energy into hating Shayna, a truly deplorable person.

No. 727172

lol go make a thread if you hate Gigi and trans folks so much, damn. derail much?

No. 727173

KEK this anon really said Shayna is hotter than Gigi Gorgeous, I’m ded.

No. 727176

lol since when is it not okay to make fun of ugly trannies???(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 727178


well first of all, this isn't the thread for it??

No. 727179


Since this isn't a thread about transgender people? Go find a thread for that if you wanna talk about it so bad.

No. 727183

back on topic anons


she has no ass even when she's trying so hard to look like she has one. i'll assume that fupa took the top one? for someone who's oh so supportive of his sex worker gf he really does her no justice at all taking pictures of her lmao

considering how bad she looks in photos other people take of her, i can't fathom why she's trying to do professional porn. not saying she's the ugliest woman alive, but she's not pretty or well taken care of enough to be pro. most people don't have the look for it, but she especially doesn't

No. 727186


Take off topic trans sperging to the Gender Critical thread in /ot/.


No. 727189

i know this was a subject that was getting off topic but in my opinion this gigi guy is almost slightly better looking than shay? like yeah they look like a tranny but idk i think shay somehow looks worse

No. 727193

Why did >>727176 get redtexted but not >>727171 or >>727172?

Also… why do you not know how to properly link threads on other boards, farmhand?

No. 727197

File: 1541457331469.png (9.25 KB, 800x228, 2018-11-05 17_31_51-Banned!.pn…)

apparently asking a question is off topic trans hate even though i wasnt even partaking in the initial discussion lmao oh this site
>in b4 ban evasion(ban evasion)

No. 727201

I wonder if that was the same new, cunty farmhand from /meta/. Any danger of adding new farmhands that aren't trannies/handmaidens, Admin-sama?(take it to meta)

No. 727203

Holy shit this thread is about Shay you idiots just stay on topic and there's no problem.

No. 727219

File: 1541460587800.jpg (Spoiler Image,681.73 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181105-172951_Tum…)

Why does she have to tag him? We all know where they came from

No. 727221

Her ass zits stick out a little less at least kek

No. 727230

She needs to stop doing sales like this, theres a very limited amount of people who want to see her at all so what happens when theyve bought all her content for $1 a piece?

No. 727231

File: 1541462263863.png (31.75 KB, 491x404, Capture.PNG)

No. 727234

File: 1541462337982.png (23.98 KB, 478x396, Capture2.PNG)

Notice that "use lube" isn't on her list.

No. 727242

>"Rushing myself into relationships I wasn't meant to be in"
bitch you moved in with Kyle Nathan Perkins after meeting him twice. You hadn't even known each other 6 months yet. also tell me, how come he's still listed as single on Facebook?

No. 727243

Actually that’s a stupid idea because there’s not contrast.

No. 727250

File: 1541464341715.jpg (698.12 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181105-183217_Tum…)

Really? Only camming for 3 hours

No. 727251

File: 1541464396302.jpg (588.28 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181105-183225_Tum…)

The spongebob memes haven't old

No. 727252

*The spongebob memes have gotten old

No. 727254

Why did she have to mention that she has a Skype session? Who really cares?

No. 727262

The photo set will probably just be pics of the bruises on her ass

No. 727263


Her hours are shrinking faster than her camscore.

No. 727287

Is he bragging??

No. 727289

What’s the point of all this? Might as well not have a schedule at all

No. 727300

For this being her career she's sure not doing much.

No. 727303

it’s like she just sits around and waits for everyone else to do the work. she just lets her agent find work for her, doesn’t attempt to reach a wider audience, doesn’t even get on cam when she says she will. Why even bother?

No. 727308

i love how many "sex positive" types on tumblr will hear someone say that their bf is potentially pressuring them into anal and not even mention that it's ok to say no to doing anal if you're scared. like i read that message and immediately alarm bells are going off bc i let guys pressure me into doing things i didn't want to do under the guise of being ~sex positive~ and anyone with a following like shayna really should have a responsibility to make sure they say that if you're scared of something or it makes you uncomfortable you aren't required to do it just bc your significant other wants it.

idk maybe i'm overreacting but with shayna's blatant poor bdsm practices and stuff it just pisses me off how irresponsible she is with her audience

No. 727317

because shayna isn’t the person to go to for advice. She’s the kind that will tell a person to do whatever “daddy” says because that’s what a “good” sub would do. She even says that she doesn’t use safe words because she wants to make them happy. She would never advise someone to take things slow or possibly say no to their boyfriend.

No. 727319

what’s even worse is that she’s aware the majority of her audience is ages 16-21, But doesn’t have the moral capacity to think she’s doing anything wrong.

No. 727335

File: 1541475336514.png (11.19 KB, 495x112, Screenshot 2018-11-05 at 10.33…)

didn't see anyone post this but this is from thats-disgusting-emily and is friends with the girl who accused shay of copying her photos (the one with the fishnets and knife).

No. 727353

Thats-disgusting-emily has some terrifying posts, js.

No. 727358

That-disgusting-emily2 is the same girl from averyconfusingcouple who is totally fucked up and needs her own thread. Also, she paid shayna to reblog her content

No. 727359


No. 727360

File: 1541479055405.jpg (235.65 KB, 1074x1430, Screenshot_20181105-223655_Tum…)

No. 727378

damn, that one giant boil almost manages to blend into the dark purple bruise on her ass cheek.
almost, but not quite.

No. 727380

this girl is fuck up jesus. I was pretty hungry before looking at her blog, but not anymore.

No. 727409


Why does she need a thread? What's milky about her?

No. 727425

No. 727439

holy shit girl stop idealizing some asshole and pretending he is going to solve all of your problems with depression and executive dysfunction and just go to a fucking therapist


No. 727444

Probably because she doesn’t like interaction. She’s never sexy on cam, dancing, actually teasing (well…she tries) and when viewers try to engage her she never makes sexy comments to lure them in but will say something offhand and usually rude. I think she just wants tumblr girls to pay her to act stupid at this point.

No. 727485

well, yeah she's horrid but seems like potential drama w/ shay (we've speculated that she's sent anons before mayb it was her?)

No. 727496

i thought he said he was quitting tumblr. can this sleazy fuck leave already?

No. 727503

Why does she always take photos in this boring and unflattering tighty whiteys, surely a sex worker owns better undies than this. What's attractive about this?

No. 727524

File: 1541521269864.jpeg (153.19 KB, 1228x841, 66F441DA-98DA-41DD-A0D0-2EF1D9…)

this SCREAMS “Shayna sent it”

No. 727527

this SCREAMS self post

No. 727529

not even the same anon but how?

No. 727530

it’s definitely from Shayna, anon. This is not from Shays blog. It was an ask sent to thats-disgusting-emily2 because I guess Shay wants to rile up drama cos she’s bored

No. 727533

it reminds me of the last thread, I think, with the anons sent to the girl who's "friends" with fupa. She's obviously insecure.

No. 727537

hell if i looked and acted like Shayna I’d be insecure too

No. 727574

jfc, that is so NASTY. Imagine posting this online for everyone to see. Good luck ever getting a real job, Shay.

and if i were the mom, my kids would never see this freak pervert again.

No. 727575

Goth girl anal is such an original and complex conception that clearly shay was the first EVER to do it. /s

My god she is so embarrassing.

No. 727577

>i love normalizing violence against women

Shay and her fupa are gross af if they are okay with doing something like this image irl

No. 727580

lmfao this has to seriously be shay. the way it's written and the level of worshipful delusion towards shay is just so her. i refuse to believe anyone else besides that shay obsessed hideous harley bitch could've sent this.

No. 727581

I highly doubt they do anything remotely like this. Do you not remember the soft taps Fupa did to shays face in that repulsive pacifier fucking gif? Dude has fem hands and a chode dick, and guarantee he keeps a shirt on while they’re fucking.

They both compulsively lie about shit to seem so ~edgy~ and try hard. Not sure why anons here are thinking into it so hard.

No. 727607

File: 1541529790504.jpeg (175.93 KB, 1242x903, 169EC4E0-F3E2-4760-858A-1F03FF…)

ew she’s mutuals with Shay.

No. 727629


scary to think what's gonna happen if they break up..

No. 727636

WHEN they break up, anon, don't give them too much credit

No. 727663

im confused as to how shay is even considered a goth girl in the first place? not to mention there have been tons of goth girls doing legit porn and camgirl shit including anal

in fact thats literally how stoya got her start

No. 727667

she's not, she just used to be edgy and still dresses that way sometimes because fupas obsessed with the "big titty goth gf" shit.

this is exactly like when that girl "unrapeable" accused Shay of copying her because they both had pics of fishnets and a knife. Stupid ass people claiming unoriginal ideas as their own unique invention

No. 727676

Still trying to get over her valuing her videos the same as a fucking McDouble lmaooo

No. 727677

At least a McDouble is worth the money

No. 727680

You right, you right

No. 727682


I’m confused as to why she refers to herself as “shay” but insists on everyone else calling her “dolly”. So did she slip and forget to put on her persona or is she really that stupid?

No. 727683

probably realizes that everyone knows her name's Shay and people outside her blog dont know her as Dolly? Although it's funny because Emily made a post addressing the anons and refers to her as "Dolly"

No. 727702

that's what makes me think it's not her. wasn't she just going on about keeping her real name separate from her sex work not too long ago?

No. 727703

is she forgetting that like a few weeks ago she was going on and on about how her life sucks and how miserable she was (which started immediately when she moved to OK) and now things are suddenly the best they've ever been?

No. 727704

I thought that was more on cam? She bans people on there who call her shay or even mention Oklahoma

No. 727778

SOOOOO according to her schedule this week she was supposed to cam from 2-5pm, but I just checked her MFC profile and she hasn't broadcasted since halloween. not sure if she was on another camsite, or if she just skipped her shift… again.

No. 727792

lmao peep me being a drunken idiot, I voted today, I knew it was tuesday at one point but totally forgot. my b

No. 727802

She’s literally used Chaturbate twice and stopped using it because she wasn’t raking in tips the first night. She expects tips for just being there. She expects people to give her money for literally doing nothing.

No. 727916

On her latest snap she explained how fupa likes to buy her alcohol when they go to the store and then tell her to be drunk by the time they get home…creepy.

No. 727936

do people seriously put glass dildos up their ass? this is just asking for trouble.

No. 727949

Yeah. Glass dildos are great. Easier to clean. Can be chilled for extra sensation. Do you seriously think they’re like sharp or something..?

No. 727978

Maybe anon is implying they might break, but that doesn't happen that easily and would be catastrophic in your vagina too.

No. 727996

File: 1541606817137.jpeg (736.5 KB, 1242x2095, 6E6B0574-FB85-47D4-BEC9-FA433D…)

bitch, everyone knows you got your “kinks” from surfing tumblr and trying to find what’s the newest edgiest thing to do. saying that a lot of kinks stem from things we do as children is also absolutely disgusting.

>“I liked playing damsel in distress”

so basically you’ve always wanted people to save you for no other reason than being attractive, and make them do all the work. Cool.

Saying that you pander to pedos because of how you were as a child is really disturbing.

No. 727998

"some of the most depraved shit abt myself like loving anal"

???? is she serious

No. 728000


hahaha i can't with her, she seriously thinks that anal is some kind of depravity? gay men are screaming.

No. 728002

it's the most vanilla thing about her like…anal isn't inherently kinky she's so stupid

No. 728003

Is anyone else noticing the whole drowning bit?!

No. 728004

You know for her it probably is cuz she goes lubeless and probably experiences “painal” more than anal lol in my experience anal IS NOT what she makes it out to be

No. 728007

Huni if you were drowning, you'd be dead.

No. 728015

who fucking cares, edgelords on tumblr y’all about waterplay constantly. The majority probably have never even tried it. I bet he held her face under the sink to get her to drink water and she was like ~*uwu waterboarding I’m soooo kinky*~

No. 728016

>putting loving anal on the same level of depravity as getting punched in the face and waterboarding
What is wrong with her? The only depraved thing about anal sex is her lack of lube.

No. 728017

it’s actually rather enjoyable when you do it properly and use lube. Not shove your plug in your mouth for 5 seconds, shove it in your dry crusty ass and then use a vibrator on your pussy, then attempt to fuck your dry ass with a dildo.

No. 728019

or he dunked her head in the bathtub so she could actually try and wash the grossness that is her hair

No. 728020

“Wash your filthy hair”

No. 728034

he did say that! fucking creepy. here's the vid:
it cut off at the beginning but it started with her saying "dad has a bad habit of"

No. 728035

God he's not even an enabler, he's a pusher. Shows how little he cares about her. Super gross.

No. 728037

Top kek they don't have any furniture yet

No. 728051

Yeah, really “taking care” of her. This is a train wreck waiting to happen.

No. 728053

Lmao but of course they have the tv set up. How have they been there over a month yet still don’t have a couch? But they have soooo much money right?

No. 728055

File: 1541613026515.jpeg (430.01 KB, 1242x1558, 80D2ACA1-64B8-4951-9F92-91F60E…)

Hashtag edgelord

No. 728056

How does she date this guy and not worry that one day he's just going to out-edge himself and accidentally kill her or something? He never turns this shit off.

No. 728060

File: 1541613618284.png (1.31 MB, 1145x647, tooclose.PNG)

oh dear jesus this is from her new video

No. 728062

File: 1541613687101.png (1.35 MB, 1145x658, makeitstop.PNG)

crusty mattel

No. 728064

she also has to kiss Reena a lot in the video and Shayna is a really awkward kisser.

No. 728065

File: 1541613923533.png (Spoiler Image,1.2 MB, 1152x644, sexface.PNG)

her infamous "Sex face"

No. 728066


w-what is even happening here? Looks like she is having a stroke or something jesus

No. 728067

also shayna very poorly and lazily "rides" a dick in this video.

but ya know, her pussy is too tight to fit anything you guys. literally they used some lube and she had no problem, kek.

No. 728072

Reena was so hot in the vid, and ngl they used good lighting and editing which helped make Shayna's skin look significantly better. Her performance was absolutely terrible though. She was extremely passive and just didn't seem to care. She wanted things to happen TO her, she didn't want to do anything for herself. When you watch Shay ride a dick and then watch Reena, its such a huge contrast.

No. 728073

File: 1541615042552.jpg (Spoiler Image,139.73 KB, 1200x800, DrauY5IU4AA_v3m.jpg)

No. 728074

File: 1541615065916.jpg (Spoiler Image,159.83 KB, 1200x800, Drauah-VsAAPOAz.jpg)

No. 728075

File: 1541615094491.jpg (Spoiler Image,185.44 KB, 1200x800, Draubr-U4AATWR8.jpg)


last one

No. 728078

they really did cover shay in makeup, wow. these are also on the BabeVR website, js.

No. 728085

Reena looks cute and bubbly here while Shay just looks dead inside, they're literally polar opposites here.

No. 728086

Wow, you can really see how botched Shay's hair is here. The little side-burn piece is just straight yellow

No. 728090

there’s parts of the video where her hair so matted down I thought for a second she had shaved off part of it.

No. 728104

yep, but it’s very short

No. 728106

She thinks all the alcohol is just her being cute and quirky for daddy, but she’s genuinely going to become a full fledged alcoholic soon, if she’s not already.

Also kek at her turning her head and the filter going away, looking crusty as always without it.

No. 728123

Some people don't bruise very much regardless of how hard they're being hit, there's actual advice on how to bruise properly but of course he just has to brag about how ~strong~ he is

No. 728133

Oh please. Mr whataburger and his massive gains amiright? Shays diet consists of mc nuggets and a bottle of Walmart wine. She’s probably anemic which is why she’s easy to bruise.

>Put some shoulder into it

Yea the same can be said about your workout method.

No. 728178

It looks like they don't even have a kitchen table since they're sitting/eating/drinking on the floor. And still haven't unpacked boxes that they could have done in like a day because they don't own anything

No. 728182

Hank Hill Ass 2: Flabbystic Flataloo

No. 728183

Anon pls spoiler

No. 728188

>tfw you're having a long ass day

No. 728189

File: 1541623243580.png (227.43 KB, 347x259, yikes.PNG)

I seriously forgot she was streaming. Of course as soon as it loads it's her slapping her thighs and getting tips from Fox

No. 728195

File: 1541623414823.png (222.94 KB, 343x260, Capture.PNG)

Losing her absolute mind because Fox tipped her $26

Is this what she thinks is a high tip now?

No. 728196

File: 1541623592892.png (Spoiler Image,223.65 KB, 339x254, whitedance.PNG)

Doing her drunk country girl line dance. This is so cringe to watch.

No. 728197

File: 1541623724069.png (Spoiler Image,317 KB, 409x300, buttfloss.PNG)

She actually had to dig in her crack with her nails to pull the fabric out just to do this.

Also she got tipped for naked and she's messing her nasty panties two songs later.

No. 728198

File: 1541623769789.png (Spoiler Image,269.75 KB, 390x303, 1.PNG)

Time to lose those viewers.

No. 728200

File: 1541623806730.png (Spoiler Image,288.23 KB, 387x295, YIKESGIRL.PNG)

No. 728205

File: 1541624032125.png (Spoiler Image,407.81 KB, 484x351, 2.PNG)

>I'm not going to bother setting these up. Just know I have cute, pink, disgusting things.

Don't doubt it when it comes to that dildo.

No. 728206

I can't tell if she's drunk or high or what. She's acting so hyper and erratic.

No. 728207

Her boobs look so strange and lopsided here

No. 728208

File: 1541624278099.png (Spoiler Image,433.23 KB, 491x359, nipples.PNG)

She really needs to get that nipple checked. Look at the color difference between them.

No. 728214

File: 1541624613693.png (Spoiler Image,312.25 KB, 414x305, 3.PNG)

Another day, another classic titty grab and dirty foot in the pussy from Shay.

No. 728220

>This is the first thanksgiving in my 21 years of life that I'm not spending it with family. I'm spending it with the boyfriend and we're going on a road trip!

No. 728225

She's doing the most autistic dancing to Elvis right now..

No. 728226

File: 1541625391520.png (Spoiler Image,309.72 KB, 402x307, what.PNG)


Her shitty dancing summoned Harley at least. More entertainment for us.

No. 728228

>How has camming been so far? Good! I need to stick with this schedule. During nights I'll get more people talking with me but during the day I get more viewers.

No. 728230

File: 1541625582468.png (Spoiler Image,315.1 KB, 407x306, dumbbaby.PNG)

Big dumb baby baffled by how a sign works. Also Fox confirmed for another female fan of hers. Her only two big tippers are both girls desperate for trash-senpai's attention.

No. 728231

File: 1541625678089.png (27.18 KB, 164x118, hightipper.PNG)

That moment when she's struggling to make Fox's name on the board "Because she's the high tipper!" and she's not. Cklos has highest over all and highest single.

No. 728233

File: 1541625806201.png (Spoiler Image,316.26 KB, 409x300, sanitary.PNG)

That sign is going to be a biohazard soon.

No. 728236

File: 1541626007033.png (Spoiler Image,315.38 KB, 409x302, idiot.PNG)

All this effort and Fox isn't the high tipper.

No. 728239

Just going off posts alone, about 10 minutes.

No. 728243

Kek, refridgerator body confirmed. She really has NO ass. Only a 2" difference between waist and hips, wow.

For reference I'm her same height and weight but have a 12" difference between waist and hips, and I'm not particularly curvy.

Also >only 5'5" bitch that's not short. It's taller than average.

No. 728245

Highlights post-sign

>whining about having to pee

>shuffling through her 50s era music
>trying to dance to it
>coughing off her bong
>doing a pee dance
>chasing her weed with wine
>shoves her nasty hands into a chip bag to eat after having her fingers in her asscrack and pussy
>literally picking a salt and vinegar chip bits out of her pussy
>watching Bo Burnham on stream and scratching her ass after having just eaten

No. 728251

File: 1541626828956.jpg (45.59 KB, 445x500, oral yoga.jpg)

This is all I see

No. 728266

Is this…supposed to be sexy?

No. 728269

Looks like a drag queen with great tuck

No. 728272

How is her vaginal opening flaming red? Watching her masturbate makes me cringe so bad, that must be so painful.

No. 728274

It’s so rude that she’s basically ignoring the person who IS the high tipper. you’re just going to pretend like they’re not?

No. 728279

That face is fucking nightmare fuel

No. 728284

God I wish she would just buy and use some lube.

No. 728286

File: 1541628264867.jpg (Spoiler Image,100.24 KB, 1080x791, Screenshot_20181107-220409_Chr…)

Licking her fingers to try wet her cunt. For fucks sake girl just buy lube and use it, spit is not a good lubricant

No. 728290

File: 1541628518180.png (Spoiler Image,328.64 KB, 686x548, oof.png)

No. 728291

aka "I'm constantly dry af and un-aroused"

also didn't a recent screenshot say "she considers herself an Anal Only Princess" but would let a dom fuck her pussy? Is she ever consistent?

No. 728293

I've said it before and I'll say it again – her cam shows look like a parody of cam girls

No. 728296

File: 1541628697407.jpg (Spoiler Image,46.47 KB, 630x630, Screenshot_20181107-220718_Chr…)

Hilarious facials.

And that was like a minute? If you gonna fake cum then at least prolong it, if you blow too soon then go for another one.

Dunno about other people but I don't expect a "cum show" to be a minute long

No. 728304

pretty sure it's just a farmer and not actually him. she said he doesnt watch her cam nor does she want him to.

No. 728310

Reena's nails are nice and trim while Shay's are long and gross (even though this is fake as shit, no lesbian would have claws like that.)

Reena is very pretty and next to shay, it makes her look like a princess.

No. 728312

File: 1541630208006.jpg (Spoiler Image,106.46 KB, 968x499, 10632189_593981627420264_35327…)

she looks like a freakin monkey. And all her noises are so fake

No. 728319

File: 1541631073627.png (Spoiler Image,653.09 KB, 1160x417, Screenshot_2.png)

No. 728321

Spit is not lube. You fucking dumbass.

She probably does have a “tight” pussy because she has very narrow hips. But even the smallest of pelvises will still stretch, it’s what vaginas do. Use lube, ffs why is she so against it? No one cares if you can’t get wet super easily, lots of women can’t. She’s just so fucking dumb.

No. 728323

The only people that pay her are desperate men and wanna be female tumblrinas.

No. 728324

She made $254 on cam today, and she’s “baffled” lol

No. 728325

File: 1541631377291.png (Spoiler Image,804.84 KB, 1093x765, bobbymatell.png)

everytime she pulls this face she looks just like primitive spongebob

No. 728332

File: 1541632297065.jpg (61.18 KB, 764x346, Untitled.jpg)

saged because not really milk, but look at the difference in her measurements on her MV profile. bitch is telling people she has an 8 inch difference between her waist and her hips when in reality it's 2 inches. fuckin boxy scammer lmao

No. 728337

the resemblance is uncanny lol
Cover the nips and we have a new thread's pic if no ones makes a better one

No. 728343

I've pointed out the stiffness before and everyone here said it's normal? I highly doubt it is.
If she's reading this she really should get to a doctor even though we've said this a thousand times for different reasons

No. 728345

that's fucking hilarious. The top and bottom middle pics are spot on spongebob-esque.

No. 728350

it's normal for her, people before were saying it was because a guy bit her nipple in a porn video. She's had two different tits since she's been showing her tits on tumblr

No. 728351

But biting shouldn't make her whole tit stiff.
If you really watch when she bounces, one tit bounces normally while the other is just stiff.

No. 728358

i just find it weird how her nipples are such different colors, never seen that before. besides that her lopsided boobs are fairly normal

No. 728359

Amazing. Given anon recently pointing out her measurements… you can seriously see how her waist is almost the same size as her hips. Pure Hank Hill looking body.

No. 728363

I was saying thats why people were saying it's normal. Because people were claiming it was from biting but it's normal in the sense that since Stoner Shay, before she even did porn, her tits have been lopsided in every way.

No. 728372

This topic comes up every other thread. She doesn't take care of her pussy, why would she be expected to care about her deformed tit?

No. 728374

Not that anon, but did you watch the stream? Her right breast is more stiff than it has been in the past. It barely jiggles compared to the other one.
I know her tits have always been off, It’s always been a weird color and has had veins, but I’ve never seen it as stiff as it is now. Especially compared to older gifs.

This girl really just needs to see a doctor in general.

No. 728375

It’s normal. Boobs aren’t both equally the same. Have you never seen or touched a pair of natural titties before? One is sometimes softer, or stiffer. One is usually larger. And nipple color isn’t definitely not a sign of cancer???

Seriously that’s just nitpicking that doesn’t even make sense. Get to the milk.

No. 728376

is definitely not*

No. 728381

Exactly, I don't see any real difference from how it's always been. Obviously with Shay it's an extreme difference but I've seen worse (Embarrassing Bodies is on Netflix now) I don't get why people are acting like she has breast cancer or something.

No. 728383

Okay what is deformed about her titties seriously? They are FINE. Her pussy and face are the true wrecks, along with her hank hill ass. Her tits are actually better than the rest of her body.

I’ve seen bitches her age on MV with saggy ass c cup titties with nipples that point to the floor, but Shay is the one with deformed tits?

Not trying to WK but god damn it’s just SO STUPID. You sound like you’ve never touched or seen a pair of natural tits ever.

No. 728386

There’s also women out there who have tits that are two completely different cup sizes. But yeah, Shayna the garbage pail kid is the one with deformed titties. Ffs this thread lately has been filled with retard cuckboys who don’t even know what a titty looks like irl.

No. 728392

I obviously meant deformed in an ironic sense because people won't let it go lol sit the fuck down. You're looking like wk's right about now.

No. 728393


yeah honestly shay's boobs are the least of her problems, imo they're the only good thing about her current appearance. her stupidity, constant genital breakouts, and complete lack of an ass are much more fun to poke fun at

No. 728397

not as annoying as trying to say her tit is some major medical issue and people acting like it's some new thing as if we haven't seen her tits in every other thread.

No. 728424

Yes because that translates so clearly on an anonymous message board. Try again.

No. 728425

people were literally just saying she needed to go to the doctor for them…

No. 728428

I mean it's obviously not that serious lol it's been addressed hundreds of times, even by Shay herself

No. 728429

We should just drop this topic before we get reprimanded yet again. I stg shay just brings out the worst in people

No. 728436

her stupidity reflects others stupidity. It’s a terrible cycle.

No. 728453


she looks like a terrifying goblin

No. 728499

File: 1541647896361.png (Spoiler Image,670.07 KB, 1161x418, Screenshot_5.png)

No. 728500


is she online now?

No. 728504

harly and foxparty want to be on that lil billboard.

No. 728508

Yes, she's been on for about an hour now.

No. 728509

harley is really wanting to be #1. shay is so lucky that she has these two girls to vie for top spot on tips. good on shay for doing that, i guess.

No. 728511

>>728509 maybe she will treat them better when they come into her room.

No. 728512

Nah and they will be forgotten when they can no longer pay her.

No. 728515

hah she'll give them an unenthusiastic "woo" and continue dancing to her playlist.

No. 728516

We should do a gofundme and all donate a dollar to get all that milk kek.

No. 728518

File: 1541649808791.png (26.13 KB, 397x39, lul.png)


No. 728519

She's so bad at this.

A potential tipper just said "you look like my cousin xD" and she is just like "what do you even say"

like girl, I know you're reading here, you're supposed to say shit like "you must have a hot cousin then" god damn.

No. 728520

>>728519 she's waiting for her new top tipper harley to rescue her from the gross comments

No. 728524

>>728512 harley43xx: as soon as you showed me the board im like; wont be long until i am on there xD

No. 728525

>>728524 she keeps looking to the board expecting harley to tip her her current goal. she knows fox will always close the deal. especially when there is competition.

No. 728529

lol harley just asked when shes going to make it big in LA

No. 728531

Thats bc they are very lopsided.

No. 728532

harley43xx has tipped DollyMattel 13 tokens: 'thats all for me tonight.. my dolly budget is dry af rn xD'

she's talking about how baffled she was about harley getting onto her board tonight.

No. 728534

>>728532 so how long until she logs off?

No. 728537

This is so boring. Why doesn't she do games or have a wheel or something? She played jenga like that one time and that was it

No. 728541

File: 1541652583452.jpg (Spoiler Image,707.65 KB, 1440x1440, 20181107_234944.jpg)


No. 728543

>>728534 did she log off early?

No. 728554

Yep, about 30 minutes ago

No. 728574

>>728554 of course when her Tumblr girls have no more money, she leaves early

No. 728605

5’5 is average unless you’re Asian or Latin.
Has she shot for any real porn like Brazzers or just her own online stuff?

No. 728606

File: 1541666967080.png (794.6 KB, 1093x765, hid the nips pls.png)

No. 728641

File: 1541677976922.jpg (Spoiler Image,174.09 KB, 1019x485, barbies lil sis.jpg)


i'm sorry but does she mean barbie's 10 year old, down's sister?

No. 728642

File: 1541678031445.jpg (Spoiler Image,107.08 KB, 700x368, barbie0-1.jpg)


last one i'm sorry, i was waiting for my nails to dry

(pls no ban beloved mod-sama)

No. 728656

Is there anyone who may have a Dropbox link to that video or more screenshots from it?
I wanna see how bad she acted in that one

No. 728662

That's just sad for Shay, damn.

No. 728684

Lol she’s shot for insex and babevr. Those are both pro porn studios. Also ATKingdom.

No. 728688

what is the point of posts like this? She has no say in how her body is shaped. Vile.

No. 728689

File: 1541688674458.png (Spoiler Image,1.66 MB, 856x861, 2018-11-08 09_44_16-Reena Sky,…)

here's the link to some screenshots, i don't think all of them were posted.
peep the scab on the middle of shay's back.


No. 728690

shay just looks so uncomfortable and fake. they did her dirty pairing her with a confident woman lol

No. 728691

yet she feels comfortable lying about her measurements in order to trick her customers into buying her shit-tier porn

No. 728694

I mean, exercising to tone, squats, and cutting back on the wine and fast food would help significantly with her body.

No. 728696

It’s not a scab. It’s a mole. She’s always had it.

No. 728697

They had no chemistry. Reena was definitely trying but Shayna seemed really uncomfortable and tired, like she didn’t I want to be there. Reena kept trying to get her to do reverse cowgirl but she just sat there

No. 728701

That's probably the most she's ever made. She's going to have nothing after this because Fox probably spent her entire paycheck on her.

Make that both of her cashcows going broke. You can tell how little she actually wants to cam in that she left after those two couldn't tip anymore.

No. 728703

the point is that in porn, you can make almost any body type work for you. She tries to brand herself as this perfect bimbo Barbie with an hourglass figure, and that doesn’t work for her. She could go with hippie stoner chick that does yoga and shit and it would TOTALLY work. She could go for flexible/athletic if she worked out, she has what is considered to be an athletic build (broad shoulders, narrow hips, long legs) and could use it to her advantage. Instead, she tries to be something that she is absolutely not. That’s the point.

Also it’s funny when she tries to arch her back to act like she has an ass but we all know she has no hips and a hank hill ass.her ass looks like a cartoon character making a sour face.

No. 728707

File: 1541693110196.jpg (Spoiler Image,130.7 KB, 650x1280, tumblr_pajoewNiYG1rmiw96o1_128…)

you sure?

No. 728712

…you do realize this is a thread dedicated to making fun of her right? We aren’t here to give constructive criticism. We aren’t here to be her life coach. We are here to vent about the awful stuff she does and rip on her.

No. 728716

This lol she literally looks like a twink. I've never seen such a bad figure. I can't even imagine the horror of seeing her in VR. If they have girls like the other girl then why use Shay

No. 728718

shes young and if they hand her nice things like this she'll 10/10 do boy girl hardcore for them

porn companies love youth, they will take an average girl if shes younger

No. 728721

File: 1541696218837.png (75.17 KB, 225x300, 081118.png)

No. 728728


No. 728734

File: 1541698420339.png (59.15 KB, 750x977, IMG_6289.PNG)

No. 728743

File: 1541700336994.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.63 MB, 1280x1920, 10.BabeVr_ Fresh_From_The_Fact…)

allow yourself to peep the fact shay is literally hiding her diseased pussy with her hand. idk who the poor bloke was who photoshopped this set but he's a trooper

No. 728747


this is the best shay has looked imo and it’s three main reasons
1. someone else did her hair and make up
2. heavy photoshop obviously
3. she LOOKS like an adult lmao she needs to discard this baby little girl shit bc she looks a whole lot better as a mature adult woman

No. 728752

File: 1541700999852.png (Spoiler Image,543.33 KB, 882x603, Skærmbillede 2018-11-08 kl. 19…)

whats this scar under her boob?? tinfoil but could her tits have been so uneven she got one done and thats why ppl say its "stiff"

No. 728756

an anon used to say this with the pixel photos but now i actually agree and see it thats weird??? they are so small too small for implant but wtf

No. 728760

it's kind of a weird shape at the bottom now that you mention it. i can't imagine her actually going through with that though???

No. 728762

File: 1541702134071.png (Spoiler Image,305.49 KB, 648x295, Skærmbillede 2018-11-08 kl. 19…)

honestly the "angle" of the boob is weird too? at least compared to the one like it looks kind of square in a place that would naturally be round. could be the wayshes standing?? idk. dont think its too small for an implant tho

No. 728767

Not all implants are huge, she may have had lopsided boobs and got an implant to make them more synmetrical.

No. 728773

File: 1541703257746.png (Spoiler Image,11.8 MB, 1242x2688, F3EFC297-2914-4574-A853-E48C2E…)

“Mom you’re embarrassing me”

No. 728774

Spoiler this shit anon

No. 728775

File: 1541703631267.gif (Spoiler Image,15.3 MB, 438x910, 20181108_135701.gif)

lmao she looks like someone's drunk aunt at the bar

No. 728779

Holy fuck she’s looking so bad not even the snap filter can help her?

No. 728783

unfortunately even my shitty low quality gif conversion didn't help her much

No. 728784

Omg that’s not a scar it’s a fucking shadow dear Jesus you people are retards.

No. 728785

“I’ve never seen real titties before”


No. 728786

Not all boobs are perfectly round. I’m convinced half of you are 12 year olds who have never seen a real pair of Tits. Some boobs are round, tear drop shaped, triangle shaped. Her tits are actually one of the better parts of her. She has SO MUCH MORE to make fun of, but you babies choose her tits. I just…can’t.

No. 728787

YEah because I’m sure her sex phobic mother and her father were gonna allow their child to get implants. And I’m SURE at 18 she had enough money to get yh m herself. At least TRY.

No. 728788

people like you need to just get the fuck out of shay threads lol

No. 728791

File: 1541705625915.png (Spoiler Image,11.26 MB, 1242x2688, 8A209CBE-B854-468D-9C2C-9CEDA0…)

But really why did she post this…

No. 728794

lmfao chill her tits are nice im just tinfoiling plastic surgery?

No. 728795

>shay's tits

pick one please

No. 728800

God this bitch. I bet she thinks she look ethereal but she just like she’s fucked up on benzos nodding in and out.

No. 728804

File: 1541706926933.png (296.13 KB, 244x491, Capture.PNG)

So in the past 24 hours she's done nothing but drink and smoke weed. If she's not a fullblown alcoholic yet then that'll be her Christmas gift to herself. She already acts manic enough without tossing in withdrawal shakes and uncontrolled sweating on cam.

No. 728805


Didn't she claim her mom/parents offered to get her some kind of breast surgery when she was a teenager?

No. 728810

this is a rly old pic but isn't drinking and getting high all she normally does?

No. 728813

Well shit I just noticed it's a reblog. It's hard to tell what's new and what's reblogs on her page unless you've got it on your own dash and can see the reblog status.

No. 728816

Protip; new stuff has very few notes. Her shit only acquires high notes because she self reblogs a million times.

No. 728824

File: 1541708528457.png (669.2 KB, 1117x360, Capture.PNG)

20 minutes in and the room is empty. Such fame, much popularity pornstar.

No. 728829

her hoodie against that backdrop is an absolute fucking eyesore

No. 728830

File: 1541708933515.png (330.95 KB, 420x311, 1.PNG)

30 minutes in to her show she's changed hoodies to pink, talked to herself, and then left the room again to "get slippers and something to put in my hair" because no one is staying more than 30 seconds.

No. 728834

File: 1541709226948.png (346.25 KB, 424x323, 2.PNG)

>total of 5 non-guests
>all of them leave almost immediately
>"Ooo I got a new bottle of wine in case anyone wants to get me drunk!" to an empty room
>leaves for the third time in 30 minutes
>charging 800 tokens to get naked ($40)
>"I want to get my nails done. I got them done not even a week ago and I want to get them done again. I WANT NEW NAAAAAILS!"
>"I have a bad habit of thinking someone's in my house when the dryer is on. Not my fault."

She rambles so much when no one is in her chat room. Does she not get enough interaction with Fupa?

No. 728837

File: 1541709700136.png (456.1 KB, 494x368, 3.PNG)

>"Hey guys. Thanks for saying something.. It's getting kinda scary. This is the longest it's been with no one saying anything."
>"Well since no one wants to talk.. I'm going to get really fucked up. It helps time go by faster."

Well that's what happens when you mute guests and that's the only people in your room.

I'm betting she'll be offline in 30 minutes, if that.

No. 728839

File: 1541709929425.png (2.51 KB, 353x56, Opera Snapshot_2018-11-08_2045…)

big oof

No. 728840

File: 1541709937359.png (686.66 KB, 891x387, 4.PNG)

>"This is like a week of usage."

Is that normal? To go over a week without cleaning the water?

No. 728841

A week is normal but it's normally not that filthy in a week, proves all she does is sit on her ass and smoke nonstop

No. 728842

lol she's asking someone to pay her to show her converse shoes

No. 728843

File: 1541710054924.png (453.02 KB, 488x371, 5.PNG)

Oof that hair.

No. 728845

File: 1541710130372.jpg (100.5 KB, 607x453, dolly.jpg)

Keeps fidgeting with her hair

No. 728847

File: 1541710214943.jpg (102.94 KB, 649x488, depresseddolly.jpg)

She looks depressed as fuck

No. 728850

File: 1541710383544.png (767.7 KB, 925x434, LMFAO.PNG)

>someone offers to send her an amazon card if they can suggest what to buy

>"Uh it depends.. like if you want me to buy something to use in a video, you need to buy a custom video first."
>pic related

No. 728851

File: 1541710451241.jpg (106.88 KB, 666x496, mattedmattel.jpg)

No. 728852

>>728850 please let that just be a random mfc person and not a farmer.

No. 728853

Says she's just going to get drunk while opening her bottle of wine and that she's not in the mood tonight

No. 728854

>Fuck everyone, I'm just gonna get drunk. Fuck everyone, I'm not in the mood to just sit here and be stared at.. at least not while sober.

No. 728857

File: 1541710962517.jpg (102.26 KB, 667x498, dm.jpg)

She will NOT stop messing with her hair, that comment about it being matted must have gotten to her

No. 728863

is this play by play of her camming really milky tho? it's the same every time

No. 728864

Everything is saged and we're updating on what she's doing so??

No. 728865

File: 1541711691610.png (349.47 KB, 424x317, 6.PNG)

>How is my day going? It's ok.. not spectacular.

She's drinking a full bottle in two days isn't she? Also harley showed up and hasn't tipped so Grubby Mattel can't be happy.

No. 728866

it's just boring is all i'm saying lol

No. 728867

Then get off the thread is she bores you so much

No. 728868

File: 1541711887892.png (430.39 KB, 479x355, 7.PNG)

Different anon but just scroll past it? What else are we going to discuss when she's live?

No. 728869

God I stopped watching and her hair got even worse

No. 728870

File: 1541712199397.png (778.36 KB, 955x448, 8.PNG)

Someone tipped her 200 credits and she left. When she got back she fussed over her sign board because she didn't have enough P's to cover the name and 'Top Tip'

Queue her working 10 minutes on the board again and forgetting that 200 tip = friend add.

No. 728875

Last night after making that $250 her camscore was back up in the 1700's and now it's back down to the 1600's lmao

No. 728877

File: 1541712956800.png (411.4 KB, 463x352, 9.PNG)

Went to all the effort of changing outfits and putting on makeup just to leave her headband on.

No. 728889

she never claimed breast surgery, just surgery. she claimed it was from the “flu shot” but if that was the case then that shit would have at least been in local papers. She claims she got a flu shot and started experiencing extreme muscle weakness on her right side as well as noticing her veins were more noticeable. Which wouldn’t have happened because of a flu shot, since the shot is intramuscular not intravenous. Plus extreme cases of problems after a flu shot are so rare that they always show up in some sort of newspaper.

She’s just a fucking liar. Plus she claimed this happened BEFORE puberty, so her breasts wouldn’t have been grown enough for a surgeon to do anything that would seriously affect their development. And no surgeon would give implants to a 10 year old. It’s literally illegal.

She’s just a horrible liar.

No. 728890

this outfit is so horrible. It’s all wrinkly vinyl and she thinks it’s latex, it’s kind of hilarious.

No. 728896

She is really really bad at makeup.

No. 728912

I have my boobs done, im pretty sure this is just a mark from her bra.

No. 728918

No it’s not normal if you smoke a lot to go a week without changing the water. It starts tasting horrible and growing bacteria. I’m convinced she got “sick off thc” because the mold and bacteria growing in her unchanged bong water.

No. 728919

She really takes that lazy stoner stereotype to the max.

No. 728942

File: 1541720608690.jpeg (524.06 KB, 1242x1646, E66814C5-C50C-4373-B53A-F7866D…)

LMFAO sure Jan. You can’t do makeup for shit, what kind of YouTube channel would you have? “Oh here’s how I smudge on my eyeliner and throw on fake lashes poorly, I’m an ARTIST!” You don’t even know how to cover your dark circles or put on foundation properly. You don’t even use blush, kek. But yeah let’s get Shay drunken aunt makeup tutorials.

Make sure you drink at least one bottle of wine before finishing your makeup, or else you won’t think it looks good, kek.

No. 728948


I'm laughing a lot harder at them calling her the hardest working person ever.

No. 728957

Like lol have they seen her lazy ass content? They’ve probably just seen previews and are like “wow this production value is amazing!” And think she works so hard. I’m pretty sure she still uses iMovie to edit. She also wants a mic but doesn’t know how to edit audio so? Why would you want a brand new camera and mic if you can’t edit what you have now? That seems so pointless.

No. 728967

the delusion of this makes me want to fucking puke.

No. 729029

Does anyone know why she does the titty grab?

No. 729044

nervous tic? who knows.

No. 729048

Shayna "so glad I've improved my eyeliner game" Clifford

bitch what the fuck is on your eyes

No. 729054

tbh as a girl I do it absentmindedly a lot.

No. 729072

Yeah, I do it too. I find it strange how so many of you here think it's weird.
Didn't know there were that many dudes on lolcow

No. 729075


I do the titty grab too. I see women joking about how we do it all the time.

No. 729128

well that’s exactly the problem, she doesn’t try to be alluring. She just thinks that showing up and being there is enough.

No. 729294

she is hammered in this

lmfao ty for this anon

No. 729320

I like how she keeps reblogging that alien porno "promo" and even said on a post that it was coming out some Wednesday and still. Nothing.

No. 729371

I highly doubt she will ever make that video.

No. 729416

File: 1541750480765.png (9.51 KB, 597x169, dm.png)

i love how she thinks this is because she's a sex worker and not because she's a lazy piece of shit

especially since she just reblogged a five month old photo from the alien video that is never going to happen

and never delivered on 3/4ths of the Halloween content she promised

and keeps limiting her hours on cam

No. 729420

shay couldn't go more than one hour without spewing off some deluded excuse/statement about her life lol

No. 729509

File: 1541774684658.png (18.97 KB, 427x398, 2018-11-09 09_42_16-Tumblr.png)

so edge
much dom

No. 729518

wow period sex. such edge. very extreme.

No. 729519


I read his reply first before hers and thought he was talking about their lubeless anal ….

No. 729520

File: 1541776946667.png (9.78 KB, 239x323, 2018-11-09 10_19_50-Mozilla Fi…)

this is a really snarky response for someone that made videos putting easter eggs and a frying pan handle up her ass

No. 729526

did she just,,,forget about the rapunzel video? A turkey baster would be nothing new.

No. 729538

File: 1541781505674.jpg (199.88 KB, 1080x886, Screenshot_20181109-083833_Tum…)

No. 729541

He fucks her ass bloody I’m sure a little period blood doesn’t bother him at all

No. 729542

but making porn after a holiday where kids hunt for eggs left by a giant bunny then eat chocolate is better?

No. 729546

are you really gonna sit there and say easter is about a literal bunny and not jesus lmao

No. 729547

She's being so dumb lol what if one of her fucktard customers wanted a Thanksgiving custom? Is she just not gonna do it now?

No. 729548

….r u dumb. Im not saying what the holiday is Im saying what happens then in parallel to what shay said about thanksgiving being for football and politics. Also the easter bunny is more associated with easter than jesus lets be real

No. 729549

nta but I think anon was pointing out that it's weirder because it's a more kid-centric holiday

No. 729554


but apparently making porn parodying sexual assault by a political figure wasn't a problem

No. 729555

Tbh I always thought the customs commissioned from her were for trolling purposes only

No. 729563

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to humblebrag, you would think thriving Shay would be all over it

No. 729567

File: 1541785496495.jpg (Spoiler Image,116.62 KB, 661x1280, tumblr_phxq5mkzqE1rbth7u_1280.…)

she posted a set of her smoking on tumblr and the absolute state of the rash near her pussy even with the bad lighting is just wow. also kek @ those scratches. were the tinfoiling anons right about her cutting when she was in her ~uwu im depressed, give me attention fupa~ feelings?

No. 729569

I mean absolutely perfect way to contract an sti, already trailer trash who don't seem to wash and now we know fupa has period blood in his dickhole and she takes it raw while on her period because (?) Who ever needs to live a healthy, somewhat clean living when you can take bong rips from a literally black bottomed bong (Its disgusting, she never cleans the piece and whoever thinks its ok/norm; im glad its not in my circles cause even if the water just appears black you know that means theres extensive build up or her water is dirty: both nasty) while period blood smears over your vag boils & asscrack, left to dry up while she debates sitting her ass down in the shallowest tub water imaginable.

No. 729573

you meant a uti i think
also – don't forget the glitter bath bombs

No. 729575

How many months do anons think it will be until they actually get furniture in their house, and Shay can stop always posing in front of the bathroom counter then?

No. 729578

but anon, if they get furniture how will they be able to afford their $700 christmas tree?

No. 729600

File: 1541792107643.png (Spoiler Image,1.77 MB, 750x1334, D101DDEF-3605-462F-8BD0-B8AF00…)

How is any of this attractive? Her disgusting mess of a vagina, her ratty nails, and she’s even given herself a double chin I’m dying

No. 729616

kek sexualizing thanksgiving too problematic for shay. such morals.

No. 729623


I know it sounds stupid and everything Shay says makes no sense anyway BUT what if the reason why she got so pissy about is that she will spend Thanksgiving with DADA on a roadtrip and therefore it's ~super special and serious~ to value this important day that maybe fupa loves a lot so she better makes no joke about it?

No. 729625

File: 1541794169265.jpg (67 KB, 522x511, Capture.JPG)

No. 729626

this makes me want to throw up

No. 729629

lol wut?

No. 729636

File: 1541795240164.jpg (168.78 KB, 1080x805, Screenshot_20181109_152800.jpg)

No. 729659

No. 729660

That is weird as fuck

No. 729665

accurate portrait of Shay in 5 years.

No. 729667

this is just a tinfoil blog about the artist poppy. It’s fucking stupid.

No. 729673

File: 1541798724300.jpg (Spoiler Image,9.45 MB, 728x486, 7ZZyF6y.jpg)

No. 729674

Omg her faces are an atrocity

No. 729676

What even are those expressions. It's like she has never enjoyed sex in her life so she genuinely has no idea of how to at least feign pleasure…
She looks really old, too. Matilda's mother at it again

No. 729680

That stink face though..

No. 729681

She honestly looks like she has a mental delay with these faces

No. 729682

How did the director not stop her?

No. 729689

Didn’t she post a photo a couple years ago with a caption about being at thanksgiving dinner with her family and wearing a thin white shirt without a bra on?
What’s the sudden change of heart about sexualizing thanksgiving ?

No. 729690

I didn't know I had a phobia of having my full head of hair wipe up Shay's puntsy-juices, but now I have a nightmare on autplay behind my eyelids.

No. 729692

File: 1541800089403.jpeg (162.68 KB, 750x1052, 1511242498847.jpeg)

She did, didn't she? I had almost forgotten that.

No. 729693

File: 1541800151635.jpeg (365.03 KB, 1147x1228, AC0E92A1-B5DE-46B3-B96A-3FA7DD…)

Gotta be next thread pic.

No. 729694

Did they like makeup the hell out of the minefield that is her vag? It almost looks like clear skin here

No. 729696

It looks like they managed to blur tf out of her skin. I’m surprised they had the budget to manage that considering how red it always looks.

No. 729712

Those scratch marks look like they could be stretch marks. I mean she has been gaining weight from all the whataburger,wine,nuggets

No. 729716

so.. shes trying to pretend thats shes suuuuper sensitive but it looks like she never came in her life. How do you fail acting in PORN

does she never actually personally masturbate without cameras on to feel whats good

tinfoil: shay is almost asexual and doesnt care for sex whatsoever

No. 729721

'plz pay for my snap'

also posts snap pics on tumblr

No. 729722


concurrent tinfoil: she's on the spectrum or something and has NO idea what to do with her facial expressions at any given moment

No. 729724

File: 1541803972708.gif (1.07 MB, 255x192, 1402406425598.gif)

while everyone is making fun of her tard faces, i'm over her terrified seeing a willing participant licking that yeast infection ballsack. i hope that pornstar is getting paid well.

No. 729726

I can't believe this bitch is getting triggered over a thanksgiving porn when she's sexualized children stuff. fuck off, shay.

No. 729727

More like she probably never watches porn so she absolutely has no idea what to do with her face. She probably doesn’t like watching porn and she told Fupa this and that’s why he has this lie of “I don’t watch porn”.

I actually didn’t think the other girls tongue even touched shay. She’s barely in there. Which makes the faces even more tragic.

No. 729729

same i would rather be lit on fire than put my tongue near that biohazardous herpes mess

No. 729731

Reena probably brushed her teeth and washed her hair immediately after this video.

No. 729738

Scars don't stay red unless they're recent as in within days. Looks like she ran into something before she took that photo or had an itch.

No. 729744

wonder how long it will be before she is on everyone's 'do not work with' list.

No. 729751

jesus i cant believe she had to go down on shay. SO DISGUSTING lol i can only imagine her reaction when she saw shay's unaltered twat

No. 729754

Lol that’s saying she actually gets wet, which we know isn’t true. Her pussy is always dry af

No. 729755

Naw it’s just good studio lighting and good editing.

No. 729756

next thread pic has to be a gif of her twitchy, ugly retarded facial expressions here lmfao it's just too good..

No. 729757

Those scratches are probably when she was trying to be an emo kid and get sympathy points for cutting. “Look how unstable and interesting I am!” She just did it for attention.

No. 729759

File: 1541809173175.jpeg (225.02 KB, 1242x959, A2F37BC3-7853-438C-8E34-8C5940…)

So yeah, she was just lying that it “wouldn’t fit” so she didn’t have to make the video.

No. 729760

How long has it been since she promised that video???

No. 729761

3 or 4 months?

No. 729763

>>729727 ya it definitely looks like she didnt put her tongue on shay. just close enough to look like it.

No. 729765

Lmao you're right. I'm pretty sure there was zero contact there. That's fucking hilarious actually.

No. 729769

later in the vid she does, and then Shay eats her pussy really poorly. Their chemistry is just off. Shayna really seems like she doesn’t want to be there/doesn’t care. Her performance, if you can call it that, is lazy. Reena really brings the energy to the video, plus she’s absolutely beautiful.

No. 729773

https://www.redtube.com/11678381 Here's her mess of a vr video

No. 729775

File: 1541812453059.png (Spoiler Image,1.29 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5908.PNG)

Imagine this sitting on your penis that is so horrifying

No. 729776

File: 1541812511432.png (Spoiler Image,1.2 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5907.PNG)

No. 729782

In every front shot where the top of her pubes are visible
Something is covering where her sores typically are—from Reena’a hair, hand to Shay’s own hand
We never see the cluster where her outbreak usually occurs

No. 729794

Honestly this video is actually bearable to watch. Like I didn’t want to puke. The editing they did to make Shay watchable is incredible. I mean it’s still cringe but it’s not downright disgusting. On top of that, this other girl is actually hot so she makes every second of this.
But also I feel like this is just such a better thing for Shay them those gnarly decrepit someones basement-esque dungeons she keeps appearing on looking like a lost kid off the short bus.

No. 729808

LMAO her hair looks like a wig that's about to fall off

No. 729809

The camera lens makes her look long and lanky. Fucking slender man over here

No. 729810

Reena saves this video, 100% I’m glad shay was the “add on” for this video and not the main star.

No. 729811

When you compare it to her other professional work, this is the best. That’s not saying a lot. But the editing, lighting, and a really good makeup team helps immensely.

No. 729813

What were you watching this on? She looks like a spider.

No. 729829

it doesn’t look like that on desktop or a regular iPhone, that’s so weird.


She is a really awkward kisser. Except when she was kissing that dude in that retarded shrinking “porn”. She actually seemed into that. I just think she’s not into girls all that much, and that she’s actually really self conscious around other women.

No. 729831

it looks like that on my desktop computer…? i thought it had something to do with it being made for vr so it has a weird forced perspective

No. 729832

bdsm shouldn’t ever be “spontaneous”. Scenes need to be negotiated before hand. And I don’t mean bdsm like spanking a girl a bit before fucking her, or putting your fingers in her mouth or some shit. Driving someone out to a place they don’t know, and doing something they didn’t previously consent to/weren’t aware it was going to happen to them is fucked up.

But tbh he probably just drove around, said “suck my dick” and that was that. Such bdsm, very edge.(nobody cares)

No. 729834


Yes, hence them saying at the beginning that the video is best viewed with a VR headset on. Otherwise it looks weird.

No. 729835

weird. could just be the uploaded copy got warped or something.

No. 729836

They have all different download options for different phones/viewers. The uploaded probably just downloaded the one that works on their device, hence why it may not look the same on other devices.

Whatever. I still think it makes her look like a daddy long legs, kek.

No. 729839

sorry if it was unclear, what i meant is that i agree with you, that's why it looks weird, i was just confused as to why it would look normal on someone else's desktop but warped on mine.

anyway you're probs right anon

No. 729840

File: 1541821302165.jpeg (143.15 KB, 1242x861, 9FA63988-59B9-4F29-A4E5-21EE4E…)

buy a whole month of sexting, only get 15 minutes. That’s such a horrible rip off, my god.

No. 729841

File: 1541821330360.png (Spoiler Image,399.43 KB, 1080x1097, Screenshot_20181109-223841~2.p…)


No. 729843

Where was this from?

No. 729845

VR porn subreddit.

No. 729847


at least he didn’t say anything about her funky looking pussy.

SN: I hope that Reena got PAID for this shoot. They shoukd have given her gloves and a dental dam.

No. 729848

of course she got paid, and I’m certain she got paid more than Shay because she’s more experienced and just better all around.

No. 729850

damn i was sure he was going to dump her in a hole or something.

No. 729854

be patient theres still time

No. 729860

How is that a beautiful view? More than half is covered by a huge hill.

No. 729862

It probably looks fine irl. Seems pretty tbh. You've never seen a nice view and have it look lame in a photo?

No. 729872

It's for sure the most wholesome post she's ever made.

No. 729875

guys cmon you know she's gonna ruin it with "and then daddy shoved his dick in x hole" or something

No. 729879

File: 1541826057506.jpg (96.33 KB, 720x1280, IMG_5918.JPG)

Hey when fupa cuts her off maybe she can go work at what a burger

No. 729882

These two are made for each other. Both are mentally undeveloped gross and pathetic

No. 729908

This looks like an outtake, jfc.


I was expecting this to devolve into him forcing his chode into her dry asshole or something, but this is surprisingly wholesome.

No. 729927


the cowtipping and self posting is excessive in this thread lately. who is out here making accounts to send her alogs that are obviously influenced by lolcow? it's honestly equally as pathetic as Shay. stop making throwaways on mfc and sending tumblr anons and if you fucking must don't follow up by posting it here.

No. 729929

all the other comments on shay's related stuff this thread has been pretty obvious farmers, but maybe this was an actual user? seems possible to me idk

No. 729932

Is it really that unlikely that someone outside of lolcow could say anything mean about Shay? That's almost more of a reach.

No. 729967

Not unlikely, but you bitches are super obvious about it

No. 729969

what does her alien dildo even look like? i dont think i have ever seen it

No. 729990

Nah i bet so much that this view looks shitty irl too because how the fuck does a whole dirt bank just disappear. It looks like they just drove up on a small hill outside of town and thought that was enough leverage to look over the city plus they're leagues away, everything they do even when they attempt to just be 'normies' falls into the category of underwhelming, lazy and a sense of 'i could have done better but I settled on the first attempt'

No. 729999

this looks like shit

No. 730007

Are we ever going to stop with the 'aCtUlLy ReAl BdSm ReAlTiOnShIpS aReNt LIkE tHiS' bs because I think we all get it at this point.

No. 730015

How romantic, he took her up the one lane road to Turkey Mountain after dark. Like the view is awesome but it's so fucking wasted at night. Coincidentally there are a lot of 'moonlight encounters' for male joggers at night up there.

No. 730016

File: 1541859443421.jpg (53.35 KB, 550x309, view-of-downtown-tulsa.jpg)

Same view during the day

No. 730030

No because that’s the whole basis of their relationship. It’s pretty milky

No. 730031

And it’s still ugly af

No. 730046


took me all of 5 seconds to look up this reddit user and see they're an actual real human and according to their post history PROBABLY an actual straight male that doesn't use lolcow lmao

No. 730062

Lol I guess it’s really difficult for you to believe Shayna is widely hated outside of lolcow.

No. 730065

you sound like Shayna trying to figure out why so many people dislike her. “It’s just jealous haterz on lolcow! No one could ever really dislike me.”

If you don’t like the thread, no one is forcing you to stay.

No. 730070

In that anon's defense, there is a lot of cowtipping on mfc from what I can tell

No. 730074

Well they make it obvious af. Some of them literally use comments that have been said only in the threads. If you’re going to do it at least be smart about it. She reads the threads, she’ll be able to tell.

No. 730081

You’re giving her too much credit

No. 730088

File: 1541876512457.jpeg (46.36 KB, 600x400, 94543CAB-DB6F-4F6A-BC34-998062…)

It’s like someone went and made a porn version of “Wrong Turn”!

No. 730092

the most recent comment calling her bangs "funky" is pretty obviously not a farmer if you bother to look at their post history like >>730046 did

No. 730098


>random joe thinks Shayna has funky bangs

>Shayna has always had terrible hair

Is it that much of a stretch to think that this guy had a totally honest opinion about her shit hair and he has no idea lolcow exists?

I know this thread is shit most of the time but please.

No. 730100

yeah i thought the way they phrased it and the user made it pretty clear it likely wasn't a farmer lol but oh well

No. 730122

File: 1541882956886.jpg (196.06 KB, 1080x1851, Screenshot_20181110-154854-1.j…)

Why even bother posting something so dark and potato quality? I'm still confused on this ~alcoholism is an asthetic~ thing she's on lately too

No. 730125

that view is so shitty. what is she even looking at? the road?

No. 730133

i agree that that comment was pretty clearly not a farmer, but it's not like there isn't precedent for it. like a few threads back when her photosets from LA were posted on that site that allowed ratings and farmers were obviously flooding her photosets with low ratings/bad comments. it's really fucking annoying when people do that so i don't blame people for thinking that redditor might have been a farmer

No. 730137

She’s really bad with lighting. This could have been a good picture if it was done by someone who understands how to edit it properly and use the lighting to their advantage.

Unfortunately we don’t get any of that with Shayna.

No. 730148

Another day, another glass of wine and staring at a barn? Is that a barn or her neighbor's house?

No. 730169

she said her neighbors are horses so it could be both

No. 730173


obviously i didn’t think she did it for free, hence the emphasis on paid. I meant, i hope she got a lot of money for it, like hazard pay.

No. 730174

I hope the other woman washed the dildo off in between takes. I personally would never share a dildo with shay nasty.

No. 730177

don't AV actors have to go through STI checks and provide proof they are clean before they are allowed to shoot? I'm pretty sure that would be standard procedure

No. 730185

Yeah but it's been mentioned before that Shay may have something bacterial other than an sti going on that wouldn't show up on a test

No. 730210

bacterial infections can be overlooked easily by docs actually. Maybe she has a bad doctor and I can imagine she doesn’t do routine visits there if she looks like that.
I bet she has
‘bacterial vaginosis’
(which can be really common if you don’t clean your toys)

No. 730214

That view screams "Yeehaw" to me. Redneck bimbo aesthetic

No. 730222

When you see the reflection of her lips on the mirror…


No. 730243

File: 1541898103284.jpeg (759.32 KB, 1233x1511, 04B9438F-8E13-48E3-B83D-BEBFC2…)

lol, I’m sure whataburger and alcohol is really the way you’re gonna get that body back, Shay.

No. 730246

She's gonna have a rude awakening when she just keeps ballooning from all the wine and beer

No. 730247

she basically said that she wants to get rid of her gut since the boobs and butt are going to have to be through surgery kek

No. 730248

lol look at her powerful stomach sucking in skills and flat butt


No. 730249

File: 1541898868310.jpeg (111.87 KB, 700x700, bojack-horseman-509.w700.h700.…)

They probably don't like Shay and Fupa either.

No. 730264

Seriously. If she’s gonna drink daily, at least go for vodka or something not so high cal

No. 730266

>gets a trip to Italy as a teenager

“I was abused”

No. 730271

yeah like i get that rich parents will fly their kids out to fancy places but shay has provided so much evidence against her own claim of being abused that it's hilarious. her not even full on rich parents take her to italy and provide a happy carefree vacation (displayed in the selfies she posted) to their lazy ungrateful, permanently unemployed 18-19 year old daughter but shaytard will still casually throw out "i was abused and uh my mom is crazy because she doesn't support me humiliating myself 24/7 for pennies!!" fuck you shay you utter cunt lol

No. 730314


you really see some random horny dude prowling online for porn to really notice some detail like her bangs? even if this post was legit it's happening all the time now that people from here are sending her cringy anons and posting in her mfc chat. it's obvious.

No. 730322

>implying horny dudes don’t roast girls on the web all the time

Why don’t you look at the guy’s posting history? Actual non-farmers can have an actual opinion about a cow and it not be a farmer, regardless of how often a cow is tipped. And it’s pretty obvious when it’s a farmer vs not. And some anons are out for blood with the one horny dude who’s probably not a farmer.

If you have proof otherwise I’m all eyes.

No. 730337

people who watch porn typically pay attention to whether the stars are actually attractive? Also Shays bangs are fucked in the video its not really a "small detail"

It's obvious when it's a tumblr anon or throwaway mfc account but not when it's a reddit user with a post history

No. 730354

JFC anon, you've never seen a dude make a shitty pointless comment about a woman's appearance before? Is this really shocking to you? She looks wonky most of the time, you don't have to be a farmer to see it.

No. 730429

He does that like once a month

No. 730465

File: 1541945374853.jpg (40.61 KB, 233x486, Capture.JPG)

From full time stoner to full time alcoholic? Goals.

No. 730478

These anons must be trolling, she's been mentally and physically deteriorating in a very public way.

No. 730544

Damn, what we are seeing from this chick is her being the "best" her? Sleeping on the floor, not washing, infected puss, alcoholic, shitty personality, scamming people, etc is the best Shayna can be??? I think all those things are actually what mental illness looks like. What would be best is getting some help. Drink some water, shower, put down the bottle, and get some help.

No. 730571


what i'm learning here is i don't watch porn, go where men go on the internet, or spend time in their presence whatsoever enough to think about these things, and my impression of them is that they're so absolutely retarded by nature and have zero standards that they wouldn't notice or care.

i still think some people are cow tipping and self posting sometimes. this is the last derail from me. sorry.

No. 730592


listen, retard, you literally just have to look at the dudes post history on reddit. it’s not our fault you’re a lonely virgin whose never met a man before. now we can all stop derailing.

No. 730593

File: 1541972029410.png (38.95 KB, 640x495, IMG_2303.PNG)

No. 730594

they got a house and moved in at 3 months(?) why not get married at 8 months

No. 730607

Fupa's probably thinking he can't afford any more alimony payments if they get divorced

No. 730608

You could tell he's not looking to marry her anyway. Probably gonna drop her ass in another year.

No. 730612

Is he even rich enough for Shayna's fantasy of stealing his kids' college funds and dropping them off for school as the evil step-mom in like an old classic car or whatever that whole fantasy was.

No. 730619

He lives in an Oklahoma McMansion so I'd guess that he isn't lol

No. 730622

Aint it funny how white trash attracts white trash? And at least it's not a trailer.

No. 730641

…… Why would he take the etra unnecessary step of marrying her when hes just going to do everything theyre already doing now, only with a ring on her finger lol

Hes comfortable and in a position with someone who's so willing to give everything she has to someone, he wont ever propose lol

No. 730677


Honestly, I feel bad for her. I have issues with my skin on my vag too. I tried every hair removal method and still had ingrowt hair and I kept picking them until it bleeds and leaves scars for the next few weeks (or permanent scars). I get these when I let the hair grow too. I dunno if she has the same problem but as a camgirl it's a very unlucky thing, maybe she should use some concealer to make herself less disgusting. I'm shy AF because this problem, every time I have sex i try to cover my vag with my hands and never let my bf go down there. sorry for blogpost(blogposting)

No. 730678

it wasn't like that before, she used to be all about having a bush and the first time she just waxed i recall it looking fine.

No. 730684

Nobody wants to hear about your fucked up pubes

No. 730685

>>730684 Agreed

No. 730689

Not gonna lie, at first glance this 200% looks like she sent it, and his response looks like he has a feeling she sent it too

No. 730692

I recall seeing boils while she still had the bush but okay

No. 730696

Back when she was Stoner Shay? Because Im doubtful you'd see anything through it, since shit was thick. Either way, it certainly didn't look like it does now.

No. 730700

File: 1541983121429.jpg (Spoiler Image,91.24 KB, 750x1236, bush.jpg)


Reference photo I found from back then. Looks fine skin-wise, only started getting visibly fucked up after she became dumdolly/dollymattel

No. 730702

She’s always doing the same pose. Am I the only one annoyed with this pose ? Where it looks like a big thigh and small leg. Looking like chicken.

No. 730704

Plenty men like thick carpet and being a hairy cunt matches her hippie stoner vibe. Still had ass boils here but it’s her actively trying to look like a prepubescent child that fucked her shit all the way up.

No. 730705

Well, yeah her hygiene has always been shit but at least her genitals could be considered presentable

No. 730707

Tbh I really don’t know why she got rid of the bush. If she kept it trim it would have been fine.

There’s definitely pics from her early cam shows where she did have huge noticeable pimples through her bush, those were closer to her asshole. It was nasty. It probably just spread now that she waxes and the pores are open to infection easier.

No. 730708

But she could have continued to be the gross hippy stoner girl and it would have worked for her. Now she’s trying to be Barbie, but it winds up looking more like that Barbie you find at the bottom of a dumpster after years and years.

No. 730709


I remember it was because she was talking to a Mean Man and wanted her "Smooth like a dolly" it weirdly stirred up controversy because she was a ~~bush baby~~ . It wasn't horrible at first but yeah

No. 730711

her bad hygiene doesnt help with the problems down there. And as always she should see a doctor. Especially since she has been doing pro shoots.

No. 730713

She's the defective dollar store barbie. Stoner Shaygnar was way more natural and authentic than this dolly shit. I dunno why she's run with this barbie thing for so long especially since she's not becoming any better at it?

No. 730724

Man i can't imagine having to go down on her… i also can't imagine being as lame as sex as shay is. The girl literally doesn't know how to do ANYTHING. She cant even take dick and look attractive. She makes the most horrific faces she really does look like she's been constipated for four days and is finally taking a huge dump. She doesn't bathe, her hair is always mad dirty therefore I can't fathom the way her vagina smells. Seriously. Bet that shit tastes like 7 month expired blue cheese.

No. 730726

File: 1541986546611.jpeg (127.3 KB, 1242x797, 9AB418AB-478A-4060-91A9-B9662E…)

how is it possible that she’s just now seeing Harry Potter? maybe she wasn’t a big reader but Harry Potter was and still is everywhere.

No. 730728

just one more thing to lie about to be 'a smol unique baby'

No. 730739

she was too busy watching spongebob

she can't take dick, period. she can't suck dick. can't ride it. can't even jack a dick. she's even more awkward when with a woman. nothing about the way she moves, talks, or does anything is sexy. who lied to her and told her she would make a great sex worker/porn actress?

No. 730740

it's so funny comparing how reena does doggy and then how shayna does it. had me laughing.
girl can't even do that one thing right lel

No. 730745

Yeah just like how she'd never had McDonald's until last month. Please.

No. 730760

File: 1541990513616.jpg (Spoiler Image,40.16 KB, 448x517, _20181112_023822.JPG)

Shays body looking like a penis wth is that
Also the contrast between these two is wild, reena actually fucks the guy while shay is there perfectly still lmao. Also her stock porn dialogue is so dated(use the spoiler feature)

No. 730788

Reena kept trying to get her to move, shaking her ass for her and shit, and shay is just there. Unmoving. And fake moaning.

No. 730838

Whatever she's doing in this photo is a zillion times sexier than anything else I've seen her do. She should go back to this sort of thing.

No. 730854

A reasonable response in any other situation, but you could say the same thing about her moving cross-country into a house with him after seeing each other twice.

Eh, can kinda let that pass, it's not like she's claiming she's never heard of it. There are people who haven't seen it or just don't care.

Reena looks like she's about to tell her to get her shit together.

No. 730961

Remember when he made a remark about marrying her and she lost her mind with excitement only for him to go "It was a joke". Good times.

Shay is the type to just lay there and make faces and noises then expect to get paid for it. Probably why she got into BDSM. You have an excuse to do nothing if you're tied down.

No. 730962

In her porno with Reena she acted like the damn mannequin dildo dude was going to fuck HER instead of her having to do the work. Too fuckin funny

No. 730963

In her porno with Reena she acted like the damn mannequin dildo dude was going to fuck HER instead of her having to do the work. Too fuckin funny

No. 730964

In her porno with Reena she acted like the damn mannequin dildo dude was going to fuck HER instead of her having to do the work. Too fuckin funny

No. 730965

In her porno with Reena she acted like the damn mannequin dildo dude was going to fuck HER instead of her having to do the work. Too fuckin funny

No. 730979

File: 1542044189260.png (653.42 KB, 556x859, 2018-11-12 12_33_28-Instagram.…)

i know people keep calling her matilda's mom, but for real

No. 730981

File: 1542044480292.jpeg (Spoiler Image,100.26 KB, 892x765, 559FD043-1FD1-40A6-AC0F-ED064B…)

I can’t tell if she’s trying to suck a nut, lick it’s ass, or is licking that yeasty area between the groin and thigh.

and hey Shayna, take some blowjob tips from Reena.

No. 730982

she looks like such a basic white bitch. I can’t.

No. 731026

Ha. This is my fault I think. I desperately begged her to do a custom for me where she was dressed like Poppy and talked like her but she never even replied to me. Typical.

No. 731034


No. 731087

Honestly just wanted to see if she would do it. What does it matter why? I offered her $500 to dress as poppy and pretend to be her and she just never replied. Shitty business practice

No. 731102

because it's weird

No. 731103

a bunch of Shays old customers are in the thread now, don't scare away potential milk

No. 731104

Pedo pandering isn't weird; but this is? oookay

No. 731113

I don't think anyone said that wasn't weird

No. 731114

anon, they didn't say pedo pandering wasn't weird, they can both be weird. idc if you wanted her to dress up as poppy but you have to admit that's a little weird

No. 731118

Obviously only one thing can be weird at a time, come on guys

No. 731147

Reena is so gorgeous here and Shay makes the worst faces. Also, her fake noises are extremely obvious. She has zero idea how to be sexy, which is odd, since that's her 'job.'

so much yikes

No. 731174

It’s definitely weird, but??? Asking her to dress as a grown woman who plays a character is definitely less weird than asking her to dress as a baby 🤷🏻‍♀️

No. 731178

Damn bitch at least put on some pants.

No. 731184

Cold air on her cooch… is it a good idea or or a bad idea, given the state of her pussy? It might be good for the inflammation.

No. 731192


there’s no audio, but you really don’t want to hear her grating baby voice at the end, I promise.

No. 731204

Dumbest shit I've seen all day honestly

No. 731210

You weren't going to pay so ignoring you was in fact good business practice. Anyway stop bragging about your sad bullshit here.

No. 731211

lol that title

No. 731213

the video with sound is available on her twitter if anyone cares https://twitter.com/dolly_mattel/status/1062055965149855744?s=21

No. 731217

Aww, it's almost cute how hard she's trying to put on a facade of happiness.

No. 731238

Her baby voice is so bizarre and obvious considering how different she sounds normally.

No. 731292

This reminded me of Monica’s bi polar voice

No. 731320

>He's helped me and my business overcome so much
>Drunk every day
>Constant sadposting
>Camming from a closet floor, camscore keeps dropping

It's like she just turns off reality and answers these with a fantasy version of her life.

No. 731323

maybe a nitpick but seriously,,, when did her teeth get so damn crooked. they were not always like this.

No. 731356

File: 1542087199901.png (571.53 KB, 750x1334, B4B25C7A-AE22-4915-83CA-43DB53…)

She surely can’t be making enough money to be working nine hours a week

No. 731357


lol "MV Live"

at some point maybe she'll realize it's her, not the platform she's using

No. 731392

Fupa isn’t charging her rent(most likely) and, judging from comments he’s made, not likely charging her for utilities. Her parents likely pay her cellphone bill, she doesn’t have a car so she doesn’t pay for car insurance or a car note. She begs for money for her nails and her hair, and her diet consists of Walmart wine and the dollar menu.

Yes. She makes as much as she needs which is literally a handful of 20s.

No. 731521

File: 1542125510702.jpg (29.74 KB, 244x371, shay1.JPG)

Suspicions confirmed.

No. 731523

File: 1542125592859.jpg (30.77 KB, 250x346, shay2.JPG)

>time management

Bitch, where?

No. 731524

File: 1542125691677.jpg (61.94 KB, 531x479, shay3.JPG)

No. 731526

funny that they post all this after farmers have been incessantly criticizing fupa's lack of support for her work

No. 731528

>I'm from MA so the cold does nothing to me lol!
>Next post: "I caught a cold"
This is so unintentionally funny.

No. 731533

She hasn’t improved in anything she does. Everything she produces seems low/no budget. None of her ideas are original. Themed/cosplay porn isn’t for everyone. Did fupa tell her that?

No. 731539

if god really put shay where she is now, she was either hitler in her past life or god is just one cruel, evil being lel

No. 731542

I suspect all this sudden god shit is because she wants fupa to see her as marriage material, a good Christian housewife if you will

No. 731575

Fairly sure I remember “Shay-gnar” sperging about atheism and how she didn’t believe in god and that anyone who did was stupid and ignorant. This ring a bell for anyone else?

No. 731596

Well she always reblogs that picture of a cross necklace over her cunt saying "only God has fucked me" or something and she dressed as a slutty nun. She uses edgelord religious imagery, doubt she believes at all.

No. 731636

File: 1542140780829.jpeg (654.04 KB, 1125x959, 36ACCA1E-F0A5-44A8-AB74-D52FC0…)

She’s on MFC. Sick in sweatpants. BUT with clean bong water

No. 731638

Looks like she's gained a bit of weight especially in her stomach

No. 731640

Lmao bitch he's just already tired of paying everything for you and wants you to earn more money on your own

No. 731649

lookin like the pillsbury doughboy here

No. 731650

File: 1542141827055.jpeg (71.76 KB, 640x468, 03AD352F-F215-4E5C-ACBA-FB2989…)

Complaining that no ones talking to her and that everyone’s boring then proceeds to talk about grapes.

No. 731658

File: 1542142432820.png (309.7 KB, 473x354, Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 12.5…)

she's been sneezing for like the past two minutes. It's probably the most interesting two minutes of her ever

No. 731673


Jesus I almost choked. I’m fairly sure that’s not it. But maybe who knows. Some people do turn to god when things aren’t going too well

No. 731674

File: 1542143789863.jpeg (690.16 KB, 1125x932, 4E5B697E-8FC4-4043-9674-745542…)

No. 731679

I guess she doesn’t know you can’t catch a cold just from going outside without clothes. Moron.

No. 731680

Cold weather doesn’t make you sick. Germs make you sick

No. 731683

That’s what I’m saying. And she barely leaves her house except to go buy alcohol and whataburger.

No. 731686

That’s just sad. What about church?

No. 731702

Do not let this woman into a church. She will do blasphemous things in there and maybe even fuck the priest

No. 731709

who are you lmao

No. 731711

Lmao the Christ police have arrived

No. 731721

lol she still thinks the priest can get it up

No. 731734

Only for someone ~12 years younger than Shay, or someone ~27 years younger than she looks.

No. 731780

"Look bitch you gotta start bringing in some money. How can I convince you to actually do some work?"

No. 731821

you really think a priest would fuck her? those big red sores on her vag would too closely resemble the red eyes of the devil.

No. 731829

The priest rather would go for Kyle Nathan Perkin's actual children.

No. 731830

only one, the boy


No. 731831

seriously who are you people? she's not even going to church what is this conversation

No. 731832

lmao i made a joke in response to >>731702 i'm not actually religious, they might be though.

No. 731845

File: 1542165435062.jpg (12.12 KB, 215x235, no fun allowed.jpg)

No. 732041

A joke is supposed to be funny, anon.

No. 732055

File: 1542213928656.jpeg (380.48 KB, 1242x1054, E3330DC9-0D4E-4464-A2AA-1F2FDE…)

I really can’t stand this fake positivity “I love everyone” bullshit she’s been trying to push. She’s been a racist cunt,has talked plenty of shit about other sex workers, had praised hitler, has used her high follower count to get away with acting like a deplorable person, and now acts like she’s some beacon of positivity in the sex work community.

She’s just a disgusting lying pig. Go choke on you fake positivity, Shayna. You don’t actually want anyone to be happy but yourself.

No. 732062

Not to mention she's stated she sees other women as competition and she wants to be the smollest, youngest, prettiest, etc

No. 732064

Exactly. She doesn’t actually give a fuck about anyone but herself. She can go choke on her fake positivity bullshit. It’s so transparent.

No. 732113

Lol, that could never happen

No. 732117

Honestly I’m starting so think she and Fupa may go the distance. They are both pretty similar in their try-hardness.

No. 732127

Where does "fupa" come from? I've tried searching and all I get is the fat definition.

No. 732129

yeah thats where it comes from

No. 732130

it's from that terrible selfie he did waaaay back and then deleted (?). he had an insanely puffy fupa

No. 732134

please refer to
it fully applies to you lol

No. 732137

Don't get upset that we don't find your shitty humor the least bit funny. Also, saging something doesn't mean you can just post dumb shit with no relation to Shay.

No. 732139

it's embarrassing how you're sperging over like 2 jokes a couple of anons made last night man, get a life maybe?

No. 732140

File: 1542226292415.jpg (Spoiler Image,880.17 KB, 1565x1488, 1527562565430.jpg)

past thread pic related

No. 732141

Saying two comments isn't sperging, but okay joke-anon. Sorry we don't all think you're hilarious.

No. 732142

lol her eyebrows

No. 732156

Thanks, that's horrifying. Best case it's the top of his dick not a fupa but I'm pretty sure it's just a fupa.

No. 732160

So far we know Shayna is attracted to fupas, chodes, and sausage fingers

No. 732192

Rofl ew….no wonder he wears a shirt during sex. Could you imagine that thing brushing against your stomach or butt while he’s thrusting into you?

No. 732247

File: 1542241669211.jpeg (130.38 KB, 1242x453, 3E662B47-2A22-4AAA-9DE0-F2FE58…)

I continue to be confused that whoever hires her doesn’t set her up with even one of these many things.

No. 732248

File: 1542241700258.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 1236x1781, FEC249BB-5A65-4423-ACB6-B2CD1D…)

Also. Why is this visual so jarring. Snap people where’s the milk?

No. 732249

with those nails???

No. 732250

Facial expressions aside I think it's the lighting on her hand that makes that not look like her finger at all, it makes it look like she's shoving a tinned hot dog up there

No. 732252


The second pic… why on earth would you post that?? Her fucking face is so bad.

No. 732256

I also want to point out she literally has her nail inserted. Not even to the first knuckle.

No. 732258

Im really struggling to find the adorable here

No. 732262

It’s very rare to find a porn agency that will pay for those things. Especially if you’re a new performer. It’s funny how at first she really thought those things were paid for her, and she was bragging on cam about it. They paid for her first trip, so she could take promo pics for them and stuff. And she assumed they’d continue paying.

If you know you’re going to be going back and forth to LA, and you claim to make so much money, why the FUCK don’t you have some saved for those times? She is such a pathetic piece of shit.

No. 732271

Why is that her go-to “sexy” face? That face where she sucks in her bottom lip and shows her rat teeth and looks like she’s trying to do a derp face. Why would you ever find that sexy.

No. 732273

Ah ok. I’m not in porn but other fringe SW and if I get brought somewhere to shoot, I either get flight lodging or both paid for as well.

Regardless. Imagine if she had gasp friends in the area and could stay with them for free?

No. 732276

lol she doesnt have the skills required to make or maintain a friendship with someone she isnt fucking.

No. 732279

and by skills you mean having a personality out of "omgz!11! i fucked ur dad1!!" and having even an ounce of charisma

No. 732281

pretty much. She is too selfish

No. 732283

It’s because she views everyone as competition, even women who aren’t sex workers. Her self esteem is basically non-existent, and she tries to tout this fake positivity bullshit to make it seem like she isn’t such a terrible person.

No. 732284

File: 1542245548994.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.13 MB, 808x1588, 4AD8E18B-2E04-4577-B06F-397323…)

Her hair is getting back to that weird blue/gray color. Why doesn’t she just go for a yellowy blonde if she really wants to be blonde? Clearly her hair doesn’t work with white blonde and blue toners. Or shit go back to dark brown which actually looked nice.

No. 732286

Yup and she doesn't know how to be friends with a guy without fucking them. Im surprised Colleen still says positive things about her but maybe Shay liked that she made her look so "smol" in comparison.

No. 732287

Didnt her other friend (the one that was friends with her and Colleen, psychedelic freak out or whatever) say she stopped being friends with her because shay fucked with her boyfriend or something?

No. 732288

Whenever she makes that face I think she looks like a South Park character, specifically Butters

I'm so tired of seeing those damn calluses on her feet. Callus removers are not expensive…

Is Shayna still friends with Robin or did she fuck that friendship up too?

No. 732290

File: 1542245950679.jpg (311.89 KB, 960x1280, actuallynice.jpg)

The golden blonde with brown roots looked nice when she had it that way for Stoner Shay and so did the natural curls. Her hair can look nice when she doesn't abuse it with straighteners and bleach

No. 732303


the colour is nice, but this style reminds me of matted dog hair. not cute.

No. 732306

File: 1542247467975.jpg (76.43 KB, 500x492, large.jpg)

eh it's because her hair is naturally is naturally really curly and well she's never taken care of herself but at least it fit in with her aesthetic then

No. 732308


it looks so much better here. honestly shay needs to go back to this look. this stoner chick aesthetic suited her a whole lot more than this pink barbie baby bimbo shit that ages her terribly.

No. 732309

her eyeliner is scary and she gave her top lip two different shapes but everything else is 100x better than it is now. even her fake nails look less scary

No. 732310


oh yeah, her makeup is atrocious but her hair and skin look a whole lot better.

No. 732311

Unfortunately her hair in its natural state now is wreck because she can’t take care of it properly. Why has she fucked herself up so much?

No. 732314

at this point she's better off just shaving it off and trying to start fresh

No. 732315

It looked cute when she had that grungy stoner hippy look, because it went with the style. Really not sure why she tried to go from that to the clean cut “barbie” look.

No. 732331

She looked better because she was younger and wasn't an alcoholic yet
It's too late for her to go back to this, damage is done

No. 732350

Idk why they stopped being friends but psychedelic freak out follows shay on Instagram still.

No. 732352

The physical damage is done yes but if miley cyrus can go from all-American country girl to wannabe ratchet hood chick to raver psychedelic party girl back to all-American country girl, theres still hope Shayna could return to her roots and stop trying to be something she's not

No. 732364

even with the damage if she cut off her hair and worked to keep get it at least back to how it was, left her vagina alone, and went back to the stoner aesthetic, it'd be a huge improvement. Then again, her just taking a shower for once would be a huge improvement.

No. 732372

Imagine if she showered daily for a month. I wonder what improvements we would see. I know she lurks, Shay feel free to try this experiment.

No. 732407

I'm horrified by how disgusting the undersides of those nails have to look after scraping out her rectum. I can't imagine it feels very good.

Getting rid of her wonky, messed up bangs would already be a huge improvement.

No. 732586

File: 1542299825099.png (16.7 KB, 238x510, 2018-11-15 11_34_40-Mozilla Fi…)

is it learning??

No. 732605

No. It's just drinking to cope.

No. 732623

i mean, as someone with a mood disorder, believe me when i say the depression will come back shay. especially if you circumstances havent changed. give it a few days.

No. 732649

It'll come back with a vengeance tbh

No. 732715

Especially if she’s using alcohol to drown it out. It helps for s but but it just gets worse in the end.

No. 732724

i'm ready to see what type of flex fupa tries to put on for christmas
has snap anon been scared off or has there just been nothing going on?

No. 732732

well they are getting a 700$ tree

No. 732746

File: 1542317908852.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.49 MB, 1242x1480, F3402536-960A-49DF-B090-870F04…)

Derp face incoming.

Does she really think this is cute?

No. 732749

Her teeth are more yellow than her hair

No. 732754

File: 1542318114999.jpeg (Spoiler Image,393.75 KB, 1242x1500, FCBA5914-3F23-4AA8-A198-365E6D…)

>says living on a farm is a dream
>wants to simultaneously live a bimbo barbie life

okay she can’t be this fucking stupid. cows are nothing like puppies. she’d probably get headbutted by one or get some dirt on her and freak out.

No. 732769

Damn girl buy some whitening tooth paste and crest strips.

No. 732782

Is it just me or she cut her bangs and tried to do them at an angle? They kind of look like terf bangs

No. 732795

snapchat anon. rly nothing too milky, generic videos of her smoking half naked

No. 732821

The over the top friendly thing she's trying to do now is so forced and grating lol

No. 732874

she’s trying to make people believe she’s made a life change and isn’t a depressed sack of alcoholic shit anymore. Truth is that she just drinks more and just covers up her depression by being constantly drunk and high. Any time she gets sober she starts flipping out on social media.

No. 732877

double post, but the fact that Fupa is pushing and encouraging the alcoholism is just awful.

But ya know, he’s being “supportive”

No. 732898

Fupa's a piece of shit, anyone who cares about you would not encourage alcoholism. I understand enablers but someone who actively pushes you to drink when you have addiction issues with it is trash.
(Blog posting)
If my bf/friends/family did/say the shit he's doing to Shay I'd be disgusted and know that's not a person who even likes you, let alone loves you.
Yours truly, an alcoholic.(blogposting)

No. 732914

she was supposed to be on MFC this afternoon but of course wasn't. does anyone know if she broadcasted on MV Live yesterday?

No. 732915

She just thinks it’s love because instead of trying to get her to change he just actively enables more of her terrible behavior.

No. 733046


shayna just download facetune for the love of god. you're an "internet personality" at this point, just a D rated one. you can use facetune.

No. 733047


D-rated is generous.

No. 733245

File: 1542386743569.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.69 MB, 1195x2149, D697D898-20BA-489D-BE94-82A9DF…)


No. 733246

No. 733247

File: 1542386974728.jpeg (Spoiler Image,511.02 KB, 1242x594, 6748F7AC-E973-43F7-AFB6-AB8D33…)

No. 733248

File: 1542386990381.png (113.11 KB, 736x790, IMG_6045.PNG)

She's really wearing the same red sweater and beanie from last years holiday video

No. 733252

At least she doesn't have that dumbass wig on

No. 733253

At least she doesn't have that dumbass wig on

No. 733265

Considering her drinking habits she's probably drunk while editing her promos and pictures, that's the only explanation for this. JFC.

No. 733269

If you’re gonna do close ups like that at least do your makeup beyond eyeliner. Put some powder on to degrease your face, damn. Look at that greasy ass mess.

No. 733271

These are the absolute worst pics she could have chosen. At least take a couple photos, and post a preview to promote it. If your not gonna do it right, hire someone else to do it.

No. 733272

She always uses her shitty boring gifs to promote her shit

No. 733274

At least she doesn't have that dumbass wig on

No. 733277

Oh god that derp face

No. 733278

banned for discussion?

No. 733279

I don't understand why Fupa never films with her. This looks stupid as shit. Who faps to this?

No. 733280

well fupa doesnt have that much to work with

No. 733281

because then literally no one would buy her porn. no one in their right mind wants to see a fat chode with a fupa fucking an infected vagina.

at least with the vids she makes now she gets some money because of all the pedos and weird people who like seeing girls punch themselves I guess.

No. 733323

File: 1542396088128.jpg (Spoiler Image,374.25 KB, 537x810, IMG_9481.JPG)

Why is a woman with just a head and no body biting Shayna's arm? Who thought this was good graphic design??

No. 733334

File: 1542396608227.jpg (Spoiler Image,561.74 KB, 1200x675, IMG_9483.JPG)

No. 733335

the crusty lips are fucking triggering

No. 733353

There she is, the next thread pic

No. 733396

She is so broken-out in this video. Jesus, Shayna. Please sleep, drink water, wash your face, and moisturize.

No. 733412

AHHH Im wearing the same pants, Now I gotta burn them.

No. 733428

This is like worst she's ever looked territory

No. 733449

File: 1542420903356.jpeg (521.68 KB, 1242x1677, 0EA8BD10-9412-4C7C-AA95-DA087D…)

Confirmed: she cuts her own bangs

No. 733452

No wonder they always look so fucked up

No. 733453

File: 1542420965627.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.23 MB, 1242x1424, 7B93A76C-E573-47FA-8B86-B7B836…)

Why does she think she has anything but a flat hank hill ass? Plus this derpy “I have autism” face is NOT CUTE.

No. 733455

File: 1542421068084.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.47 MB, 1242x1711, 08BF1024-4863-4B9D-A85D-DF1D58…)

Translation: I have no money and need to get to LA

No. 733456

Spot on!!

No. 733457

File: 1542421158403.jpeg (199.31 KB, 1242x850, 9176C71B-1E14-4CCB-A45A-D5BA6B…)

Rose is the only wine that is pink, Shayna. Stfu you idiot alcoholic.

No. 733458

You definitely should clean your bongs every day or at least every two days.
She should clean them anyway whenever she makes a post or goes live with them though cause people are just gonna shit on her for not cleaning them.
But as we all know she never cleans her shit.

No. 733459

She literally said she went to her hairdresser for the bangs though. It it confusing the way she words it "cutting bangs into her hair" when most people would call that "getting bangs" but it is Shayna, so. She also didn't avoid cutting her hair for years for the reason she states here. We all remember when she fried her hair and lost not only length but big chunks of it! LOL

No. 733461

File: 1542421651127.jpeg (116.08 KB, 1242x413, D38BA900-AC72-45EF-B37B-74EC17…)

and then Fupa takes her out for food anyway. But she needs money for food. Right.

Maybe instead of trying to pretend you face tough problems real sex workers face (like not having food or being homeless) you could just be honest. At least TRY and remember your lies, ffs.

No. 733464

Why would she curl the ends of her hair up like that? Does she really think it’s a cute look?

No. 733466

Lol the pigtail is not supposed to just look like one giant stiff chunk of hair

No. 733469

I'm pretty sure this look is a cross between Cindy Lou Who and Pippi Longstockings but the "sexy" Hank Hill-ass version

No. 733470

White Zinfandel is a rose, and moscato can be pink.

No. 733476

Nah your wrong she’s basically whoring herself out food as we speak

No. 733478

yeah lol for someone who hasn't cut their hair in years it sure hasn't grown AT ALL. stop killing your hair shay or soon you will be bald.

tfw your s/o is too embarrassed to be seen going out to an actually romantic dinner with you, so he makes you stay in the car


shit, her skin is looking so rough. you can wear makeup other than eyeliner and eyelashes, shay. although I guess that would take some tiny amount of skill to apply and would probably just make her look cakey and even more washed out.

No. 733480

lol but her “daddy” took her out for food so clearly it’s not like she’s going hungry and needs food. It’s just another ploy to get money for LA.

She makes fun of homeless and abused sex workers yet uses those same issues to profit for herself.

No. 733481

Cute that she's trying to style he hair the way they did for that shoot everyone thought she finally looked decent in. I see u girl.
If the whole theme of this video is her wearing pajamas, why take her top off completely instead of just pulling it up?

No. 733482

File: 1542424430050.jpeg (264.27 KB, 1242x1027, 57F80123-E764-43BE-A350-3257D8…)

how can you make a clothing line when you can’t even dress yourself in colors that match/work with each other? She literally thinks baby pink plus hot pink plus bubblegum pink is an outfit. Just….head desk.

No. 733487

It could be a new dollar store clothing line anon

No. 733492

not even five below would want to sell her garbage. I don’t even think Salvation Army would want to give it away.

No. 733494

these are truly the ugliest pictures she's ever posted of herself. jesus

No. 733502

This video has to be the height of her absolute laziness. Someone paid for a custom, meaning it was AT LEAST $100, and she does the barest of the bare minimum, if even that. It’s just so fucking lazy. I’ve seen her put more effort into camming, and that’s saying a lot.

No. 733503

I feel like she’s going for a Brittany from Daria look but she literally looks like she’s had a stroke in the first pic

No. 733504

She looks way better in this than usually. The purple-pink suits her way better than the baby pink.

No. 733511

OF COURSE she loves cupcake Moscato. That's the most basic starter pack bullshit wine for dumb alcoholic whores like her. Sorry for the spergy nitpick but damn she's so basic and stupid it seriously never ceases to amaze me.

No. 733567

File: 1542436513317.png (571.4 KB, 640x1136, 44263916-746D-4C68-8D2C-552C1E…)

So edgy.

No. 733572

She's more of an alcoholic than a starter drinker, she possibly uses these 'starter drinks' to make her habit look harmless.

No. 733578

okay, seriously, can someone explain to me why she looks so fucking old? like, why are the wrinkles on her face so fucking defined? she looks like she's in her late 30's. i'm genuinely asking, since she's still young.

No. 733579

Not drinking water, not taking care of herself, only eating crap, never moisturizing, drinking tons of alcohol…

No. 733587

All of this, plus probably just having bad white girl genes. She needs to start taking care of her skin for real if she plans to continue drinking and smoking. Watch her post about skincare this upcoming week because we all know she lurks hard lol.

No. 733588

bonus points if she mentions st Ives kek

No. 733612

She works less than part-time camming and making videos, if she wanted to learn how to sew she'd have plenty of time to do so.

No. 733622

Sewing's not even a difficult skill either, there's some math involved and you have to be able to understand how to translate 2D into 3D but even 6 years olds with their terrible dexterity can do it decently.

No. 733623


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