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File: 1543869445915.gif (1.58 MB, 151x275, 1543267307349.gif)

No. 743129

Previous thread: >>>/snow/734200

Current Events (in no particular order):
>brags about waterboarding with Fupa but provides no proof
>Mattel Couple get their Tumblrs obliterated in The Great Porn Purge of 2018
>Shay's replacement Tumblrs get banned because she can't got 30 seconds without soliciting nudes in exchange for followers
>from 150k followers down to 15 and Shay won't let anyone forget it as she uses it and the holiday season to beg for salon and wine money
>Shay and Kyle's roadtrip is all as miserable as we suspected
>grand arrival of FURBY DOMME-Y MATTEL and her sad excuse at kidnap/hostage POV porn
>Shay leaves MFC for greener pastures because people have wised up to her scamming
>Christmas is coming and so is the threat of Cindy Lou Who porn
>Shay screws over her lifetime snap buyers by announcing $5/$10 monthly tiers and her intent to charge those who already have her snap by 2019
>Shay's grand debut on Chaturbate includes a bouncy ball with a built-in dildo that results in her shitting on it and trying to hide it
>Tumblr returns their accounts just in time to announce they're going entirely SFW December 17
>Twitter announces the same in prohibiting porn and sexual services leaving Shay with nowhere to turn
>Merry Milkmas to us all!

For newfags:

Follow the rules:
- no doxxing
- do not include or harass Shay's family
- remember to sage posts that don't contribute to the milk

http://pinkpussypopped.tumblr.com (deleted)
http://twitter.com/dollymattel (suspended)


Other threads:

No. 743131

File: 1543869588985.jpg (106.94 KB, 1035x574, caps.JPG)

Apologies if I missed anything but this is only the second one I've made.

Looks like she might head to Reddit next?

No. 743132

>Shay's grand debut on Chaturbate includes a bouncy ball with a built-in dildo that results in her shitting on it and trying to hide it

Does anyone have the clip of this? I know she didn't show the shit but it would be funny to archive her trying to hide it

No. 743133

File: 1543869930481.png (3.13 KB, 456x113, 2018-12-03 15_27_24-Tumblr.png)

thank god, you guys. what would we do without fupa aesthetic?

No. 743140

File: 1543870384554.jpg (19.18 KB, 1058x66, anon.JPG)

Except his aesthetic is violent imagery that isn't allowed either? Does he really think they won't crack down on that as well?

I don't know if there's a clip but someone who was watching commented on it and her wall has always had suspicious looking stains on it up until she hung sheets up.

No. 743142

“Theyre all really safe on that site.”

Reddit. Fucking REDDIT a safe site for sex workers? Don’t make me laugh.

No. 743144

Why can't sex workers just go to sites specifically for adult content? If you go to sites not meant for that, then expect to be harassed. Nothing like that is going to be safe. Plus she's dumb enough to have her location and identity tied to her sex worker persona, too. At that point she deserves whatever is coming to her.

No. 743153

no way she'll move to reddit because it's way more competitive and it's hard to acquire an actual fanbase over there. plus, she knows she'll get severly ridiculed over there for her lazy content, disgusting hair and diseased puss. that shit could fly on tumblr where she already had her hugbox orbiters and where half her 'fans' were sjw 'sex positive uwu' female landwhales. the little self esteem she has left would be completely obliterated on more anonymous platforms like reddit. so, tough tiddie for her. it is a good way to sell content if you're attractive and successful.

No. 743157

File: 1543872129067.jpg (178.34 KB, 1080x737, Screenshot_20181203-152142_Tum…)


No. 743164


i'm laughing at how fucking retarded what she just said is. she must be super high or super drunk.

No. 743165

How is she so obsessed with tumblr that she's gonna stay on a site explicitly going sfw and banning pornography in order to still promote her pornography through "aesthetics"? Oh right she's just gonna pout and beg for money instead of… actually put in work and move to a site made for adult content

No. 743171

More and more of her Instagram pictures keep getting deleted. She's gonna lose her account on there at this rate

No. 743177

The internet just doesn't want her period. What about that LA trip she was supposed to be going on?

No. 743187

File: 1543874435593.jpg (357.91 KB, 1080x535, Screenshot_20181203-155252_Tum…)

No. 743191

3 new videos in one week… i'm sure they will be the highest of quality

No. 743192

She really thinks she’s going to make 3 new vids a week and get on cam twice Tues & Thurs? Watch her not follow through with this, and then delete the post when people call her out.

No. 743197

We all know it’s only going to be one.

No. 743198

god i hope she goes to reddit. the milk will flow

No. 743199

File: 1543875649819.png (144.26 KB, 1267x851, 2018-12-03 17_15_26-dollymatte…)

speaking of reddit, i searched out of curiousity and… is this shay or a fan or farmer?

No. 743201

looks like a farmer

No. 743214

File: 1543878425368.jpg (216.62 KB, 1080x1158, Screenshot_20181203-170529_Tum…)

No. 743216

I searched once before and found a dumdolly reddit but it has since been deleted

No. 743225

unpopular opinion but i think she will thrive on reddit. esp if she advertises in gonewild-like subreddits. ive seen a lot of uglier, grosser girls do very well on there.

all she has to do is just photoshop her pimples out and thats it…

No. 743227

There's a high likelihood redditors start googling her and find these threads if she were to blow up there lol not sure how that would go over

No. 743228

She's too lazy to start over on a new platform

No. 743238

She’s white, thin, and young, so I can also see her doing well on reddit if she posts in the right subreddits, posts regularly, and stays out of drama. But that’s a big IF because it’s Shay we’re talking about and she seems dumb as shit with social media.

No. 743244

File: 1543881553555.jpg (486.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181203-185738.jpg)

Lmao since when is she some type of trans activist? Trying to cash in on the remaining tumblrites I guess

No. 743248

Because she wants to booste her follower count by being an "activist"

No. 743255

She literally bashed a trans woman (who was in an abusive situation) for making a gofundme to try and get out of their situation. She said shit like “if you don’t have a plan why would you ask for money from people to save you? If you don’t know what you’re going to do or where you’re going to go then you shouldn’t make people feel obligated.”

and she does that shit all the time. makes people feel bad for her situation even though she’s not homeless or trans or being abused. and then she takes money from them. But sure, bash the trans people who need to get out of abusive situations while you extort money from people because you’re “sad”. I really hope someone just bashes her in the fuckin face one day.

No. 743273

i dont think she was bashing that girl Because she was trans tho, she was bashing people for making gofundmes (which is really shitty duh but idk if she was being like… transphobic or something)

No. 743282

File: 1543885423575.jpg (662.53 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181203-190209_Twi…)

She doesnt have that one agency listed in her bio anymore

No. 743284

File: 1543885721455.jpg (297.26 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181203-200817.jpg)

Weird. On their website it says she'll be in LA this week kek

No. 743288

I mean it also says she's 20 y/o and 105 pounds.

She hasn't posted about LA/begged for money for LA in a while. I wouldn't be surprised if something happened

No. 743290

She was probably unprofessional and whiny with them

No. 743297

lol her twitter is like a hideous collage of her making that ugly fucking face with her 90 year old man lookin forehead cave wrinkles.

No. 743308

With how her work schedule is made, she's not going to be in LA

No. 743312

If you look at some of the stuff she’s done it’s gotten bad reviews. Maybe the agency is having trouble finding work for her. She’s a shit actress so I can imagine it would be hard for an agent.

No. 743339

>Thanks to the horny non-English guys who don't need English to look at my pics or watch my videos!!
What even. If anything she should be thanking her non-bi/les female followers who spend money for stuff they don't even get off to just to keep her in pink wine.

I like how she says what days she's camming but not WHERE. She's on three different sites now. She has to be hard up for money though if she's camming Tues-Fri. Before when she was 'thriving' she was only doing 3 hours a day for two days a week.

No. 743340

I think she has been dropped and just refuses to admit it.

No. 743342

To find her stuff, you just Google DollyMattel right?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 743344

If she was dropped she wouldn’t still appear on the site.

No. 743346

fuck off. why would you even want to see her shit?

No. 743348

Idk why the site would have her listed in LA when we all know she won't be there

No. 743357


Is that not why we're all here….?

No. 743360

The site also says she's local to massachusetts, she wasn't even local to there when she signed with them. Based on how infrequently they update I wouldn't be surprised if she was dropped and they just forgot to remove her.

No. 743362

Lol no, we aren't here to see her shit, we are here to laugh at her for being a cow. Her porn is only posted when it's milk (which it usually is because she's disgusting)

No. 743363


I thought anon was just asking where to look for new milk on her now and you flipped out but okay lol

No. 743364

It's been updated within the last couple weeks. Her info had just always been wrong on there for some reason.

No. 743373

File: 1543893358617.jpg (Spoiler Image, 686.79 KB, 1080x1897, Screenshot_20181203-203950_Sam…)

No. 743375

File: 1543893422720.jpg (281.45 KB, 1080x1203, Screenshot_20181203-211425_Tum…)

No. 743376

File: 1543893444520.jpg (214.64 KB, 1080x851, Screenshot_20181203-211523_Sam…)


No. 743377

it's almost comedic how this photo was taken trying to look sexy and alluring while focusing on her vag and yet it looks like… that…

No. 743378

There can't be very many active people in that category then…

No. 743384

she can crosspost her puss to r/popping and r/skincareaddiction

No. 743386

there arent.these categories are 'new' so no one is actually trying to push sales in these areas.

No. 743388

File: 1543894306875.jpg (59.29 KB, 1080x474, Screenshot_20181203-213103_Tum…)

Does he not remember that his gf loves Hitler

No. 743389

File: 1543894362111.jpg (73.6 KB, 1080x552, Screenshot_20181203-213223_Tum…)

Does this mean he's going to make a twitter

No. 743392

File: 1543894448653.jpg (444.32 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181203-213401_Twi…)

He did

No. 743396

I'm also curious where to find the bad reviews >>743312 is talking about, but don't want to go hunting around on adult sites. Some caps would be nice if any anons are feeling generous.

No. 743408

File: 1543896315674.jpg (57.84 KB, 1080x341, Screenshot_20181203-220441_Tum…)


No. 743409

File: 1543896336099.jpg (139.39 KB, 1080x783, Screenshot_20181203-220429_Tum…)

No. 743410

Fupa wants to spoon with a cute guy?

No. 743411

Still no new video posted

No. 743416

File: 1543897634501.jpeg (290.19 KB, 640x1009, E24BEBDC-3856-4B84-AB7E-33D82A…)

No. 743417

plz tell us more if you can!!!

No. 743419


Lmao watch it be coincided that it happened when her tumblr got deleted

No. 743420

File: 1543898041266.gif (6.64 MB, 416x318, giphy.gif)

FUCKING HELL!!! the milk just keeps on flowing!!

No. 743426

I want to believe but I'm curious and I'm wondering what the answer is to "Do you know why she threw a fit?"

No. 743427

my friend didn’t have much info. Apparently she was yelling and being a bitch for seemingly no reason, but that’s all I know.

I guess the stress is getting to her. Lol

No. 743428

I believe this. people only put up with the talent being bitchy if its worth it. and her diseased snatch isnt worth it.

No. 743435

She probably threw a fit because it wasn't some pedo ddlg shoot

No. 743450

anon this post was funnier than the op im dead

No. 743493

You mean his second twitter? Didn’t an anon find his normie twitter account once they figured out his real name? I suppose he probably nuked that account after it was posted here.

This is fantastic. Her world is closing in on her. I’m shocked she hasn’t used some sob story to her advantage to scam money from people.

No. 743496

And admit to her followers that she isnt a real porn star anymore? kek

No. 743504

Wait. Does this say her trip was cancelled shortly after she found out about it? Does that mean she was begging people to support her for her trip to LA even though she already knew it was cancelled and she was dropped from the agency?

No. 743514

Damn, scammy Mattel up to her usual tricks

No. 743519

She probably was just being a lazy cunt like usual. She probably wanted to be a pillow princess and not work. Or maybe she was being a little bitch about using lube.

No. 743544

this is very plausible, but it's easy to fake a random phone screenshot. i'm not asking anon to dox themselves but maybe some context or explanation of how this person knows what happened would be good?

No. 743571

agreed. needs context.

No. 743577

File: 1543937232711.jpg (33.09 KB, 260x506, 1.JPG)

Dumping some stuff she's posted in her frantic "I'm not leaving, money come back!!" spam. She's reblogging all her old porn as well to try and scrape in some new followers/cash before she has to delete it all.

No. 743578

File: 1543937272228.jpg (63.32 KB, 505x525, 2.JPG)

No. 743580

File: 1543937433772.jpg (20.09 KB, 266x434, 3.JPG)

No. 743583

File: 1543937743705.jpg (22.48 KB, 447x161, mfc.JPG)

She should be live now according to her schedule but didn't say where so I checked MFC. Not even three months ago she had a score of 2600 or so. I'd love to see her refunded/disputed token count.

No. 743584

>an adorable faced girl, w a rockin personality n an A+ aesthetic


No. 743589

Okay she should be on Chaturbate as of 40 minutes ago (it's 9:43am CST) but she's not. Though she is currently lurking on her Tumblr so I guess she's not bothered to keep to her own times.

At this rate she'll wind up as bad off on Chaturbate as she is on MFC.

No. 743596

she said on tumblr she's getting on at 11

No. 743603

She put out her schedule like yesterday and is already unable to keep up

No. 743605

yeah that seems to happen about every time she puts a schedule out lol

No. 743615

She just canceled her morning cam hours due to “computer issues” via Snapchat

No. 743617

shay you're fucking ugly and talentless with zero redeeming qualities, quit lying to yourself. the average homeless meth addict has more sex appeal than you.

No. 743618

lol, suuuuure

No. 743628

I'm not familiar with this stuff, how is camscore calculated and what is it? Is it based on the amount of viewers/money they make or are there like, user ratings?

No. 743629

i think it's based on amount of tips per time online but i may be wrong

No. 743643

File: 1543948546580.jpg (51.24 KB, 1095x229, camscore.JPG)

computer issues meaning she's hungover again like she was the other day?

It's basically how many tokens you make. New members start out at 1000 and the higher your score the higher up on the front page you are (meaning more views/exposure).

For her to actually drop 1000+ points means she's doing pretty damn poor.

Not to blogpost but for reference as someone who uses MFC for less than 6 hours a week as supplemental income I have a score just under 2000 and make about $500 a month.
For someone whose profession/fulltime job is camming/porn she's doing really badly.

No. 743656

And now she’s posting clips from her new Harley Quinn video on her snap chat, from her COMPUTER

No. 743678


what possesses this retarded camwhore equivalent of a $5 street hooker to be so full of herself, there are gorgeous well taken care of camgirls with much higher ranks who are more humble than she is. what does she have to brag about other than 150k followers on a platform that's about to be dead lmfao

No. 743685

I’m convinced that she doesn’t understand what aesthetic means

No. 743686

she thinks throwing 7 shades of pink together counts.

No. 743687

File: 1543956240630.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 65.71 KB, 720x405, 0226A1E5-91F7-4EDD-8B50-DB7ABE…)


this was supposed to be Halloween porn, why even do it?

No. 743689

better late than never? still waiting for that bad dragon video shayna.

No. 743692

the way the two images on the left are lined up makes her look like some freakish silent hill monster at first glance

No. 743693

she really has no idea how to play a character. Harley Quinn is loud, brazen, no filter. She doesn’t have a shy unconfident voice like Shayna. If you’re going to commit to doing a character, DO it. Dressing up is fine, just don’t talk and try to pretend like you’re playing a character.

No. 743694

LOL omg that’s great

No. 743700

After all the money she claimed she needed for this video for backdrops and things to make it more “aesthetic”, she winds up just laying on the floor with no backdrop. Fuck this bitch.

No. 743705

Look at the top left. An anon here specifically suggested she hold the dildos like that. Please try and make your lurking less obvious Shayna

No. 743713

so….dildos shoved in inflamed holes and blow job to a dildo, all done on the floor. great

No. 743718

You’d think with all the free time she has sitting alone in a closet that she’d look up blow job videos or even some hair and makeup tutorials. This is another mess

No. 743733

wasn't this a custom? i don't understand how people don't complain about how little effort goes into her videos. kind of hard to get into the character when it's just a chick in a cheap costume sitting on some dirty carpet.

No. 743735

snapchat anon. she posted more clips of her new vid. the slurping noises that she makes on that dildo haunt me.

No. 743739

she sounds like a massive idiot. it has nothing to do with trans. it has to do with the fact that female nipples are still considered taboo (because men) and that's what we should be fighting against. because men can flaunt their nasty nips openly.

No. 743740

great. the prolapsed vagina is back.

No. 743744

This the best gif i've seen in a while. hahaha

the two images on the left make my eyes hurt.

No. 743747

ugggh, how are people still giving her money? she does the same thing over and over with dildos and no creativty

No. 743759

So Shay enjoys her last moments on a almost dead platform, got dropped by her agency, has no talent nor charisma to do porn, awful work ethic and no following outside of her hugbox.

All this makes me wonder how she images her life in a year or two from now on. Where does she see herself in the future? What's her plan when she is over 30? Idk how can she sleep at night with her current situation.

No. 743761

Does she realise how disgusting this sounds?

No. 743771

considering the faces she makes that she thinks are sexy… no. she likely doesn't.

No. 743784

She probably heard someone else doing it in a sexy way and thought she could too

No. 743785

Okay but wtf is she talking about? She know she nothing about trans issues.

No. 743788

The whole taking segment though…she knows nothing about how Harley Quinn acts. I literally barely watch the show(s) but I know Harley Quinn’s character. She’s not meek and shy, at all. That stupid fucking “maybe you could play with me?” Shit she does in every baby/daddy video DOES NOT work for Harley, period. At least do the bare minimum and attempt to figure out the character you’re playing. Just because you’re saying “Mista J” 10 fucking times doesn’t make you Harley Quinn. You sound like a shy idiot with a weird speech impediment trying to talk to her boss after you fucked up for the 5th time.

No. 743789

to add, that weird jumping off the walls energy she had when she was making her dom video, would have worked for Harley. Less goofy, but I think you get what I’m saying. She’s just so fucking lazy it’s astounding.

No. 743807

Purple Goddess looks like a man. Is our Fupa a tranny chaser?

No. 743808

He isn't following that person anon… it showing you WHO to follow based off of his account. That doesn't mean he follows them. Look at the screenshot he's following one person and that's most likely shayna

No. 743819

I'm cringing at how bad the acting is LOL the shots at the end of her talking are so awkward that it's almost palpable. Just uncomfortable.

No. 743823


At this point she's completely given up on ever posting the alien video because SHE knows that she wont be putting any effort into it, which will in turn be called out.
"i cant fit the dildo" (l u b e)
"i dont have an outfit" (when it was literally sitting next to her on cam)
"i need a backdrop so that it cant look aesthetic" (nothing fucking else does)

She's just fucking lazy and wanted to beg for money and not do the work involved.
plus, when she first bought the body suit to go with the clear pink skirt, the shit did not fit her well at all, so maybe now it doesn't even fit period.

No. 743833



she sounds like the chick from the grapefruiting video!

No. 743836

It sounds fake, it’s weird. Like actual sucking/slobbering/gagging sounds can be hot. but it sounds weirdly fake and awkward.

No. 743844

She puts more effort into the fake noises than the actual blowjob

No. 743847

LMAO this was comical. She is such a fucking idiot and never has any idea what she's doing.

No. 743855

File: 1543969084447.jpg (213.62 KB, 1440x638, 20181204_191311.jpg)


No. 743856

shit, I forgot there was an alien video in addition to the bad dragon video. weren't they two separate ideas? Or am I forgetting? either way, still all stuff she's scammed her clients into paying for in order to buy clothing and props (expensive sometimes) and never delivering

No. 743889

No they’re the same video. She was going to do an alien abduction video with a bad dragon, and a really expensive outfit from dollskill that she used for 2 pics after begging for money for it. Seriously, I don’t know how people don’t see that she’s scamming them.

No. 743904

File: 1543976042802.png (77.55 KB, 591x235, Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 9.12…)

>Is supposed to be on cam right now
>Is not on cam right now

No. 743914

she is on chaturbate, listening to something terrifying

No. 743916

“End ur night me on cam”

the fuck does this mean

No. 743920

File: 1543977038701.png (1.37 KB, 189x28, 0G5e8JS.png)

"watch me and then kill yourself"

pic related

No. 743921

File: 1543977045132.png (Spoiler Image, 250.94 KB, 649x368, Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 9.28…)

Yep. She's just been drinking a sonic slushie and on her phone so far

No. 743924

this is my first time watching her and i can't believe she expects people to tip 27 tokens for her to put her foot behind her head but then only charges 50 to edge. what kind of prices are these??

No. 743927

Someone asked what she was doing tonight and she said she didn't know. Shouldn't you plan for when you go online?

No. 743928

Shay… girl… concealer.
It blows my mind she spends so much time on the over the top eyeliner but completely neglects her face. A bit of concealer under the eyes would take like five years off her.

No. 743930

nitpick but her chest, neck and torso are really long and i always notice it when she's on cam, also idk why but her face is really punchable in this screenshot lol

No. 743931

File: 1543977694130.png (41.7 KB, 373x163, Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 9.40…)

She's complaining that people aren't talking to her and this person responded with the obvious

No. 743932

Lmao she booted em. So thin-skinned.

No. 743933

the same person asked her if she had fleas right after that, i didn't catch it before they were kicked

No. 743934

File: 1543977753658.jpg (244.24 KB, 1440x915, 20181204_214215.jpg)

Snap. Lmao

No. 743935

What does she expect? She doesn't interact with anyone

No. 743936

lol what a fucking moron. her confidence is so fake and fragile she just shoves her head up her ass and blocks anyone who speaks the truth.

No. 743937

Holy shit no someone really said that

No. 743938

The answer is probably yes. She's on the floor and keeps scratching like a meth head.

No. 743940

if, if she has them. that means her poor cat pry has them. and thats just not fair to Ribmeat.

No. 743945

Yes Shay, keep smoking on cam. Not like it's against the rules or anything..

No. 743947

This is my first time watching her cam and got I thought people might have been exaggerating about how boring she is but god I’m losing brain cells watching her stir that fucking slush and pat on her thighs

No. 743948

Hope you saved that $300 you got the other night shay. cause its going to go down hill from here.

No. 743949

File: 1543979909298.jpg (16.36 KB, 329x69, tips.JPG)

Look who the only tipper is.

No. 743950

File: 1543980125375.jpg (25.36 KB, 628x360, lol.JPG)

Nothing says sexy strip tease like purposefully giving yourself a wedgie.

No. 743951

File: 1543980195548.jpg (Spoiler Image, 20.75 KB, 549x311, why.JPG)

She keeps trying to press her foot against her ass for some reason? Like she tried three or four times and couldn't do it.

No. 743953

File: 1543980232029.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.33 KB, 510x335, jfc.JPG)

This entire time no one has commented or tipped.

No. 743957

File: 1543980388375.jpg (16.35 KB, 247x98, toptips.JPG)

So how long until she's making as little as she did on MFC because all her tips came from her Tumblr buddies.

No. 743963

File: 1543981133520.png (Spoiler Image, 286.88 KB, 643x362, man looks.png)

looking extra tranny here

No. 743965

File: 1543981268201.png (Spoiler Image, 284.86 KB, 645x368, release the demons.png)

doing an exorcism

No. 743967


no open sores! the whole situation down there looks less inflamed

No. 743968

Fupa's voice just appeared out of nowhere to announce he tried on Shayna's sweatpants

No. 743970

Watching Shayna try to convert 9$ into tokens is just painful. She's admitted she's not good at math in the past but like… the secondhand embarrassment is strong with this one.

No. 743973

File: 1543982102113.png (Spoiler Image, 264.51 KB, 650x371, wtf.png)

Someone is tipping a shit ton and she is freaking out

No. 743974


5000 tokens total, y tho

No. 743975

She really just said she doesn't know what size her titties are. Why are you lying about the most mundane shit?

No. 743976

Shay couldn't remember her tit size, and fupa had to whisper her size to her lol

No. 743999

Lmao she’s been on Chaturbate only a few times and already expects people to tip her for sitting there. Switching cam sites doesn’t fix your laziness, Shayna.

No. 744000

Lmao she’s been on Chaturbate only a few times and already expects people to tip her for sitting there. Switching cam sites doesn’t fix your laziness, Shayna.

No. 744001

Lmao she’s been on Chaturbate only a few times and already expects people to tip her for sitting there. Switching cam sites doesn’t fix your laziness, Shayna.

No. 744004

File: 1543986296132.png (4.38 KB, 411x63, lWkOe7b.png)

anyone who was watching her know who dawn is? they kept mentioning her in the chat, apparently "dawn" thinks dolly is a "big deal" plus this

No. 744005

File: 1543986428653.png (4.38 KB, 411x63, lWkOe7b.png)

anyone who was watching her know who dawn is? they kept mentioning her in the chat, apparently "dawn" thinks dolly is a "big deal" plus this

No. 744008

And Chaturbate WILL boot you for that.

No. 744011

Dawn willow has been using Chaturbate for a while. Not sure why she’s been supporting Shay recently though. Dawn is big in the kink/furry community. She’s not problematic or anything but yeah I’m really not sure why she decided to take on Shay as someone to guide through using Chaturbate? The whole thing was weird. Maybe Dawn coaxed Shay into using Chaturbate (because Shay was thinking about it anyway) and I think maybe Dawn gets a cut.

No. 744013

Tbh I’d love to see Dawn’s reaction to all of Shays problematic shit, like Shays hitler loving comments and fat shaming bullshit. Dawn is kind of a piece of shit herself so maybe she does already know about it. Her twitter is @DawnWillow_ she’s been a sex worker for quite a while.

No. 744014

not problematic? Dawn literally stole peoples pictures on tumblr to promote the toy store she had but okay.

No. 744016

File: 1543987431749.jpeg (254.33 KB, 2048x1040, 1CD85D31-B3EB-431D-9705-22B2AB…)

I hate how Shayna is so fucking dumb that she thinks she can trick people into thinking she’s not using the heart (headband) filter anymore. She uses the same snapchat face altering/beautifying/skin smoothing filter just the one without the hearts, and puts a terrible heart frame around it.

Everyone still knows you’re using the filter Shayna. You just look even fucking dumber.

No. 744017

Damn I forgot about that. I know she’s an absolute piece of shit but I totally forgot about that whole thing. Maybe that’s why she loves problematic dumbasses like Shayna.

No. 744018

Dawn also made a video that panders to incest and necrophilia

No. 744019

Yeah she did that recently, I mean it was supposed to be a Halloween zombie thing so it’s kind of like who really cares but it’s still also kind of creepy

No. 744022

there is deadass no way this girl has ever watched porn in her entire life

like. how are you going to pursue ur ~porn star~ dreams if you don’t even watch porn? this whole thing looks like it was made by someone who’s never watched porn but thinks they know what porn looks like. and this is coming from someone who absolutely hates porn.

has she ever named her fav porn stars or anything? or is legitimately the only porn she’s ever watched her own? it would explain so much

No. 744024

I dead-ass cant remember of her ever talking about any porn star inspirations/ people she admires. Maybe she has only watched her own porn?

No. 744029

File: 1543989850341.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 184.36 KB, 1125x1977, 4D829B7F-E366-4E48-B667-D1FC39…)

Dawn has Shay on her official website for some reason

No. 744030

The calves of dawn willow, kek

No. 744033

bitch sounds like donald duck

No. 744068

Did anyone else notice that she’s not even fucking herself? She just put the tip in and keeps doing like a circular motion. And then when she “rides” it’s literally just the tip and she’s slightly bouncing. It’s PORN ffs.

No. 744081

What ever std infection shit she has dried up her pussy so bad it probably hurts too much to do more

No. 744090

Yeah that dildo in her ass is going no where. You can basically see the whole thing outside of her and she’s holding half of it with her hand. It’s just lazy.
I’m wondering if she has dyspareunia. Would explain why she always says she can’t fit dildos in her vagina and fails at vaginal penetration porn. Would also support theory of fupa’s tiny chode. Good luck being a “porn star”

No. 744114

She’s barely putting the dildo inside of herself, plus the abnormal slurping noises made me cringe so much. For a sex worker, she can’t even fake sex, she’s a failure at life and a failure at her job.

No. 744125

I don't think it's hurting her but I think sometimes she does it to give the illusion that its hurting her (considering she's always trying to talk about how everything's "too big" for her). She's inconsistent. You can see her on cam on a given night doing full penetration and not even being phased (besides the terrible acting).

No. 744151

At the end when she "cums" her face a voice are completely blank. Why would she not reshoot that? And just the laziness in her past few videos have been so apparent. She isn't even doing the bare minimum at this point.

No. 744158

This dumb fucking bitch. Drinking is a bannable offense on chaturbate. I’m not sure about smoking but I am pretty sure smoking is, too.

No. 744184

>Performing while intoxicated, whether from alcohol or drugs (prescription, legal or illegal), is strictly prohibited.

>illegal drugs (or drugs that may be perceived as illegal in certain locations, such as medicinal marijuana) are strictly prohibited.

No. 744193

i'm going to laugh my ass off when she gets banned

how hard is it for this bitch to READ THE RULES

No. 744210

File: 1544029241393.jpg (423.18 KB, 1440x1855, 20181205_110023.jpg)

No. 744212

i'm so confused as to why it makes more sense for her to go get her nails done instead of going and getting a christmas tree, which is supposedly the reason she can't film? like just stop lying lol it's pathetic.

No. 744213

looks like she already deleted that post kek

No. 744222

does she literally check here after every post she's made??? jfc

No. 744224

File: 1544032061971.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 93.85 KB, 617x625, F87A62B0-F2EE-4276-AB7E-451952…)

I can’t get over how fucking nasty her wall looks in her Harley vid.

No. 744233

also wtf is she talking about, "mani/pedi" her feet are always crusty as hell and her toenails are almost never painted? just say manicure bitch you won't sound any less boujee

No. 744244

She would only ever order a fake tree on Amazon to be honest.

No. 744245

pretty sure it actually would be cheaper to just go to walmart to get one but we know what a scammer shay is. bet one of her tumblr orbiters buys it for her off amazon.

No. 744248

i thought i saw a tree in the background of one of their snaps recently.. why doesn't she venture out of the closet and film in front of their actual tree?

No. 744250

What happened to fupa buying a $500 Christmas tree?

No. 744259

so shes not going to LA then? i dont think shes in a position to be turning down work tbh

No. 744264

File: 1544038028298.png (405.2 KB, 921x467, Screenshot (279).png)

shayna liking prego porn on twitter, maybe thats her next business venture

No. 744272

Uhhh that’s not how STDs work but go off

No. 744274

The bitch doesn’t have anything wrong with her besides being dumber than a fucking rock. Pussies stretch, it’s how they work. Use some lube, get yourself worked up, and you can fit an average sized dildo. But she goes for the laziest fucking option, which is using no lube and trying to shove it in while saying “it’s too tiiiiiiigght” so she doesn’t have to actually fuck herself.

The only thing she has wrong with her is being a lazy dumbass sack of shit.

No. 744276

“I’m not going to cam because I NEED a Christmas tree, to get me back on cam YOU need to buy one for me” is all this sounds like.


No. 744279

On snap she said that even Fupa told her she should do her alien vid but she is now saying she needs body paint kek, also that she can't think of a story. Is she an alien? Or is she a space cadet kidnapped by aliens. Then she said she can't do that bc you can't use the word kidnap on manyvids…

No. 744280

File: 1544039949402.jpeg (228.94 KB, 1242x1298, 86BA1A49-EB8D-4E4E-880F-64D489…)

Something about this post really bothers me. It’s almost like she’s making a joke out of fem presenting folks.

No. 744281

Of course Fupa wants her to do it because he’s tired of reading it on the thread, kek. They lurk here so hard.

No. 744282

i hate shay as much as the next person; but this is just a joke at tumblrs expense.

No. 744286

File: 1544040219779.jpeg (146.92 KB, 1242x468, B3F91047-1B1F-44EB-B2B9-7BDACE…)

lol lurking here confirmed even more, and acting like the haturzzz don’t phase her

No. 744287

It’s just odd because she made a specific post about trans folks the other day

No. 744288

OT but preg porn is fucking disgusting and should be illegal

No. 744289

Agreed that shit is whack

No. 744290

but you never accomplish anything hun

No. 744291

Lol found the pro-lifer.

No. 744294

ummm no. she's making fun of the new tumblr terms by saying she will have her own nipples out. get a grip lmao.

No. 744295

No. 744297

yeah cuz everyone wants to look back and know their mom was making porn while they were pregnant with them lol

No. 744303

LOL pigs will soar the skies before anyone envies shay besides maybe landwhale harley. trust me shay, you accomplish nothing and being you would be a fucking nightmare.

No. 744304

like she's keeping them in some greasy af family album that you take to each of your therapy sessions lol

No. 744308

huh for what?

No. 744312

that's disgusting. shayna is disgusting. but yeah, i'm sure she'd be great around kids.

pregnancy porn, just fuck this gay earth, i'm out.

No. 744314

Nah but I feel like that's something you'd never forget after you found out about it lol

No. 744318

Pro lifer is someone who thinks a pregnant woman isn’t allowed bodily autonomy anymore because she’s pregnant. They think that you shouldn’t even have sex or masturbate while pregnant because you’re “affecting the baby”. They actually believe that a penis/dildo actually goes up in the uterus and touches the baby and can fuck it up or something, it’s really hilarious actually.

No. 744323

Made a big to-do about Haus Mattel decorating for Christmas and can't just film in a room with a tree already?

>I'm gonna go get a mani/pedi and I may get on cam tonight!

So spending her "help donations please, tumblr is deleting me uwu" money and skipping out on her schedule as well?

No. 744335

Since when does pro-life mean you think all that?

No. 744336

you're annoying as hell and just making up things to bitch about because you jerk off to creepy porn lol fuck off

No. 744337

why u mad bruh

No. 744338

File: 1544044660947.jpg (51.87 KB, 750x741, DfAG6MGU0AIFsSF.jpg)

No. 744339

confirmed for a loser with a pregnancy fetish, why are you in this thread even if this is all you have to say? weird.

No. 744343

Au contraire, the baby would've been better off aborted in the first month rather than being exploited for an objectively gross kink. Can't imagine a camgirl who does this stuff being a remotely good mother

No. 744344

this is hilarious to see ngl. both of you are fucking retards, kek.

No. 744346

Ahh yes they clearly only got pregnant in order to appeal to weird fetishists. it’s not like they were just, ya know, being smart and continuing to work or anything. taking almost a year off wouldn’t exactly be the best for business but go off.

No. 744348


not what the thread is for, but go off.

stop derailing with your dumb shit.
every time there's the smallest drought yall just fill the thread with autism.

No. 744350

shay threads always bring out the weirdos and the derailing kek

No. 744356

there’s plenty of 8chan and reddit threads for you autistic retards to talk about how women fucking themselves while preggo should be illegal. maybe go there and spurge instead of here.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 744361


No. 744363

No. 744388

the majority of this is just watching that dude tie her up. then take her out of it. people pay to watch this?

No. 744416

File: 1544055228537.png (655.28 KB, 433x864, 2018-12-05 19_09_22-nipple -.p…)

apparently this is what she's busy doing instead


No. 744419

File: 1544055305088.gif (Spoiler Image, 2 MB, 540x304, tumblr_pj8bvw2Cez1rmiw96o3_540…)

i think this is one of her least flattering gifs yet

No. 744422

i mean, her asscne is mostly covered and it kinda looks like she has some sort of ass.. tbh its one of her better ones. The bar is real low for shay

No. 744423

That fucking heart frame makes my head hurt

No. 744437

it's kind of sad that the tiniest dots of concealer would be such an improvement

No. 744475

File: 1544063466805.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 264.98 KB, 1085x1783, 5C98CCB0-BD8E-441E-8B43-F8A559…)

Her room is so dead tonight

No. 744481

File: 1544064516480.jpg (Spoiler Image, 198.62 KB, 800x644, HILTON_PARIS13_005.jpg)

giving me paris hilton teas with that weird ass of hers

No. 744498

bloody hell her cam shows are so tragic… when will she learn to at least check out other camgirls to see how to behave?

No. 744504

File: 1544067372854.png (Spoiler Image, 109.25 KB, 640x913, IMG_9650.PNG)

She supposedly edged 7 times in a row

No. 744505

File: 1544067417750.png (Spoiler Image, 118.09 KB, 640x912, IMG_9653.PNG)

Then of course inspected her vagina afterwards

No. 744507

not to mention in less than 10 minutes

No. 744512

Shayna in her chaturbate room: Can someone buy me a Christmas tree? They're expensive

What happened to fupa buying her one?

No. 744515

File: 1544068797566.jpg (966.82 KB, 810x5249, 20181205_215858.jpg)

She posted two Amazon wish lists. 1/2

No. 744518

File: 1544068833152.jpg (1.15 MB, 810x7090, 20181205_215943.jpg)


No. 744522

those 'teen/girls' panties…. Im gonna throw up.

No. 744526

Panties for girls ages 8-12 and 12-15. For the love of god why

No. 744530

gotta pander to the pe-pe-pedos!!!!

No. 744536

I don't follow these threads but I just wanted to say that you guys always have the most amusing op pictures.
Anyways, sage for no contribution.

No. 744539

Wow… A BIG fresh christmas tree is around 65$ where I live, she really begs for everything she needs it's pathetic. At this point I don't even understand how she supports herself at all.

No. 744555

If I was Fupa I’d be embarrassed that Shay would be asking/begging for a tree. Something that he should easily be able to buy. What a cuck.
All that child support must be drying him up.

No. 744556

XL wine glass, because she just doesn't have enough now, does she?
Good god, spot the alcoholic

No. 744561

Now she can drink the whole bottle but not from the bottle!

No. 744565

Even in of those tacky pre-lit pink/white trees usually goes for $30-100 dollars.
If you can't afford that up front then you're destitute by definition.

No. 744577

File: 1544076506418.jpg (151.35 KB, 867x1390, woman-enjoying-herself-at-a-pa…)

But looking like a trashy wine mom at 20 is #GOAL!!!

No. 744580

damn where did you find this still of shays new video? kek

No. 744584

Shayna, panhandling on the internet is not a job.

No. 744616

File: 1544082154782.png (55 KB, 220x168, tumblr_inline_o0rh88wWtk1s6iyg…)

BIG LOL if she thinks literally ANY of us are here riddled with envy over how haggard and busted her crackhead ass is she is a special kind of retarded. yeah shay, we're all just SHIVERING with envy over your mangled ballsack and pockmarked ass, your matilda mom face and your homeless thinning heroin addict hairstyle. get real you bum ass bitch!

No. 744617

lol all the stuff on her wishlist is so fucking cheap and low quality and tacky it's humiliating! shay go to the local fucking mall and get these basic ass clothing items in cheap yet decent quality, this amazon shit is seriously embarrassing. sad that this is the shit she begs for from her followers.

No. 744622

If you’re gonna beg for stuff from strangers on the internet at least make it decent stuff and not dollar store quality gees

No. 744677

why the fuck is 3/4 of this stuff $10 or less? i thought amazon wishlists were for stuff you wanted but couldn't afford

No. 744724

A lot of sex workers will put cheaper stuff that they want but don't need on their wishlist. this way customers can be more likely to buy them a gift that's not going to cost too much, and they'll get something they want but couldn't justify spending money on (extraneous). but it's smart to have a range of prices on your wishlist so that some people will buy inexpensive stuff and some people who have the means can buy the more expensive stuff and that way you get various things you want.

No. 744739

I'm the anon who said that preg porn should be illegal…what the fuck are you on about? I'm pro-choice and a fucking mum myself, I know pretty intimately what happens when you have sex during pregnancy. I just don't think it's all that great to be making porn based around having a child inside you, especially as that kid (or their friends, or even their partner) might actually find the porn one day. IF you value being allowed to take dick on camera over the potential future feelings of your child you shouldn't be a parent. I thought all that should have been obvious. Well done for making yourself look like a fucking sanctimonious dumbass though. /OT

No. 744741


stop derailing, you're just gonna cause people to continue arguing. find a reddit thread or something to sperg in.

No. 744744

It's fine, it was such a throwaway comment and didn't expect the debate, but obviously couldn't let bighead anon get the last word. Sperg over now, mb.

No. 744803

You’re not pro choice if you think it should be illegal for a woman to fuck herself while pregnant. Being pro choice means you support women’s right to bodily autonomy, which means allowing them to DECIDE what they want to do while they are pregnant. There are much worse things that can fuck up a kid besides knowing their mom had sex while they were pregnant with them. You make it sound like it’s going to somehow be traumatizing. Oh no, my mother continued to have sex while she was pregnant with me, what a heathen!

You’re not pro choice at all so shut the fuck up.

No. 744804

“If you value taking dick over the feelings of your child” lol having sex while preggo should be illegal, okay miss “pro choice”

No. 744825

File: 1544125810063.jpg (15.87 KB, 273x194, lol.JPG)


Took her fucking long enough to figure that out. Doubt it'll do much for her money earning though.

It's what >>744724 said. You have a better chance of getting cheaper gifts than something like an $840 camcorder unless that one person comes along wanting to flex some cash. That and having a wishlist full of $$$ items can turn people off.

However in Shay's case her whole thing is her sugardaddy/rich bimbo baby bullshit so having cheap stuff on her WL just makes her look cheap.

No. 744827

File: 1544125891511.jpg (33.76 KB, 239x418, jelly.JPG)

No. 744828

File: 1544125980564.jpg (19.92 KB, 255x313, raffle.JPG)

Another thing that won't happen. Didn't she 'giveaway' stuff back in the stoner days and never sent them?

No. 744829

File: 1544126202248.jpg (25.15 KB, 500x492, 90de7ca01997483eeb9f63d8acd952…)

>still sperging over defending pregnancy porn

No. 744831

Yup, she never sent the bong.

No. 744870

I’m assuming she’ll be selling “tickets” to enter the raffle. Sounds like Shay is officially broke!

No. 744880

File: 1544133030408.png (143.11 KB, 618x582, 2 tha haterz.png)

She posted this on twitter yesterday. Shay is giving us a shout out and letting us know she tries really hard to not let us think we've upset her. It's okay Shay, you don't have to pretend, we know you check your lolcow thread daily.

No. 744883

LOL shay is so pathetic. like yeah i do believe that since she spends every day in a dirty closet drinking and smoking weed that her small brain deludes itself into thinking "i'm a beautiful rich camgirl with a huge audience and a sugar daddy i live with! jelous haterz!!" but she also has enough clarity to know sometimes that we are completely right when we laugh at her disgusting shitty life. also hilarious how she's been seeming to read her threads more the last week lel

No. 744899

it should hurt you when people talk about your shit ass life completely matter of fact like i don't think anyone wants to hurt her, like hurt her feelings? we're like your vagina is a mess and your bf is a pathetic soy boy who hates women, it's just the damn truth!

No. 744901

and both of those things are fixable!!!

No. 744904

I don't keep up with sex workers so maybe thus is a normal thing, but Polaroids and a hand written letter is like belle delphines patreon rewards is she just ripping her off cus shay can't think of anything herself?

No. 744906

right, like it's constructive criticism lol some idiots on tumblr telling you when your bf fucks your ass till you cry is goals are not helping you like damn shay you're never going to be successful but maybe you could become a receptionist or a manager at albertsons if you really tried

No. 744907

it's pretty normal for sex workers. i can name a few that are doing a christmas special that comes with a handwritten holiday card+polaroids.

No. 744914

she thinks anyone living in reality is a hater lol her mind is beyond warped. in 10 years she's really going to be 100% screwed with no way of ever being a well adjusted or successful human

No. 744916

She could even serve or bartend if she wanted to use her so-called charm and sex appeal and make a decent living

No. 744921

but then she would have to actually be nice to people and not act like the world owes her everything.

No. 744925

She would also have to, you know, work for more than 3 hours at a time.

No. 744936

Okay but like….
I'd rather be remembered as my profession under a corporation than to be known as the try hard cam girl who couldn't even make $2,000 in the last 3 years?

I'd rather be known as a damn dog at that point vs. being known as Shayna Clifford or Dolly Mattel..

No. 744949

File: 1544141621422.jpeg (102.31 KB, 1242x717, 4588CBB7-DFE8-444B-B90B-3FBDCA…)

Yeah we have seen your face. I guess your blog is going to be a horror/special needs blog then?

No. 744951

File: 1544141885986.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.39 MB, 1242x1428, 7089D708-CA34-439A-9050-A9A40A…)

When she first really started making videos. Her hair looked nicer, her body looked nicer, and she didn’t look dead inside. And she actually gave a shit about making the pic look nice.

No. 744952

Imagine being this much of a degenerate. I hope fupa has money for a while, because she is getting older and with no education in sight- wtf is she going to do besides camming and porn?

No. 744955

File: 1544142019718.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.51 MB, 1242x2002, 0FA3C7E7-117F-444E-8BD6-1E9BC4…)

VS today where she looks lazy, washed out, and dead inside. She also looks high as fuck and just out of it. Her body has lost tone from her starving herself and then binge eating and daily drinking. She literally asks people to “help her get Day drunk” on cam so she won’t feel like an alcoholic. It’s really sad. But I don’t feel bad because she’s a giant cunt and has deserved every horrid thing that has happened. I hope she becomes homeless and learns what it’s really like to struggle.

No. 744958

The difference is honestly shocking. You can tell she uses a blur filter now because she literally needs it. She also is just so damn lazy and only takes pics using snapchat so she can filter it. It must be really fucking depressing to have to look at that every day in the mirror and know you could have maybe been something better if you just tried.

No. 744959

idk what you're on about anon. she looks the same in both pictures, and she looks trashy as fuck.

No. 744961

I’m saying in the beginning she actually cares about taking good pictures, she cared about the background and didn’t constantly use a filter. Her hair also wasn’t busted AF and her body looked a lot nicer because she wasn’t starving herself and then binge eating and day drinking. She’s spiraled down really really badly.

No. 744962

File: 1544142377584.jpg (8.36 KB, 276x183, images(3).jpg)

No. 744963

I just realized this tweet is from KyraKane that obese chick who did was at the MV Loft with Shayna. She's pregnant? LOL you literally can't tell she just looks lumpy and fat like her usual self

No. 744970

Wow this is weird to see. At the time I thought she looked like a mess but she just got x1000 worse and now I wish she would get back to that. She's completely dead behind the eyes.

No. 744975

idk what yall are seeing cus she looks the same lol

No. 744976

Yeah the only difference I see is her trying 5% vs her trying 1%

No. 744985

Yeah for sure. The set up is slightly(?) better but without reading the caption I thought this was a recent photo. She looks the same

No. 744986

The farmers in here thinking she looked better there have clearly blocked out the memories of what her snatch looked like in that video. Just to refresh your memories:

No. 744987

Jesus it was looking r o u g h

No. 744988

That picture was taken a few months before she made that video, and I don’t think anon is talking about her infected cooch. I think they’re just trying to say that she actually was trying and actually attempted to take a nice picture with a nice background. It’s more aesthetic than the washed out bullshit she puts out now. Plus her hair and body looked way better.

No. 744992

Least her hair wasnt a fried mess at that time.

No. 744993

Yeah I don’t think it was meant as a compliment or anything. It’s just meant to show that wow, in a little over a year she’s managed to become a washed out, drugged out, alcoholic pig with no work ethic and a disgusting boyfriend.

But you know, she’s “thriving”, kek.

No. 745013

File: 1544149982394.jpeg (554.01 KB, 750x1130, 16042BCD-A0B2-42D9-87CD-0CC4F9…)

She’s on

No. 745016

with her only friends– "stuffies"

No. 745017

File: 1544150725529.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 263.83 KB, 750x441, 2868F008-DF2C-4A46-B2FA-99BF5D…)

No. 745021

File: 1544151238451.jpeg (438.23 KB, 1076x1682, Screenshot_2018-12-06-21-43-15…)

Penny Punch is back!

No. 745035

is she seriously wearing hollister… I haven't seen anyone wear that since high school..

No. 745068

I thought all her money went into wine but it clearly went into stuffed animals. I don't remember her having all of these before.

No. 745070

they pry belong to Fupas daughter

No. 745107


No. 745171

This is such a better angle for her body. Shay, take your photos from this angle! Gives the illusion of better curves.

No. 745268

she's got way worse stuff to worry about than her angles at this point, anon.

No. 745285

File: 1544202457159.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.76 MB, 540x304, 38cba161-5310-4b02-8a86-919b55…)

That septum ring looks like a Hitler 'tache.

No. 745290

This was mentioned multiple times in the last thread

No. 745291

She sits on her ass on cam and does nothing because that's what all the top girls do. She thinks she's hot enough to get away with it. Shes wrong.

No. 745294

it was literally the thread pic like 4 threads ago kek

No. 745300

Oops, tricked by a reblog. Thought it was a new video lmao

No. 745304

lmao i always forget how fast Shayna goes through threads. She just loves to be milked

No. 745306

and the makeup has somehow gotten worse too (not saying it was nice to begin with, but how can you manage to do makeup almost everyday and get WORSE?!) How the fuck do you start out on a huge platform with fans, yet can’t push yourself to get better regardless? Saying she’s just resting on her laurels is not accurate either, it’s like she’s actively TRYING to get worse and lazier.

No. 745326

always funny when someone as facially cursed as shaytard vehemently insists "my face is amazing! my face is sooo cute! ur dad gives me ur college money!"

No. 745339

Bold of you to assume she takes off and reapplies makeup on a daily basis

No. 745348

File: 1544212031013.jpeg (226.32 KB, 1125x1487, 311C2D8F-779B-480F-BC8D-0CF3B0…)

OT but I don’t understand why Shay clings so hard to BDSM and DDLG when Manyvids already has the perfect subcategories for her

No. 745356

should've highlighted "wrinkles" as well, her recent pics with the deep abyss lines on her forehead would be perfect for that category lol

No. 745358

what the fuck is a wrist job

No. 745361

wristwatch fetish? yawning?? out here doing both those things for free like an idiot

No. 745363

even if you sleep in it and reapply, you’re still doing your makeup. And doing it almost every day you’re going to eventually get better. Not Shayna though, it’s like she tries to get worse.

No. 745367

maybe putting the whole fist in the mouth up to the wrist
you're going to have to go find out for us anon

No. 745372

its gonna be like a handjob but with your wrists lol

No. 745380

tbh being a worthless e-begging thot with no future letting some rando abuse her in exchange for room and board hurts her enough.

personally i dont really care what her reaction to people saying the truth is unless she actually uses it to do something positive for herself. if she got a real job and stopped caring about scoring internet points she'd 1. feel better 2. have control over her own life. if that happened i'd be like "good for you shay." not everyone here wants to see her become homeless and die lol

No. 745385

I want her to become homeless so she knows what it’s like to actually struggle. She talks shit about homeless sex workers that make gofundmes, but then makes a gofundme to get lip injections. I don’t want her to die but I want her to truly struggle so she knows what it’s like.

No. 745389

lip injections?

No. 745394

that's fair. i do wonder what could possibly go wrong for her enough to make her change. if fupa kicked her out and she couldn't afford a place i think she'd just couch surf off of men forever and get progressively worse with the alcoholism and begging. who knows tho.

No. 745396

I’ll try to find it in old threads but yeah, she made a post talking shit about abused/homeless SWs making gofundmes. Then she made a post about how she’s going to start one so she can be a “real bimbo” and get lip injections, while also praising another cow for making a gofundme for boob implants.

No. 745397

She’d probably become full service at that point and offer sex in return for a place to stay for a bit.

No. 745407

for some reason i remembered the boob job but not the lip injections, thanks!

No. 745409

Isn't that what she was doing with that guy in Seattle before she moved into the studio kek

No. 745499

File: 1544234825566.jpeg (105.64 KB, 750x982, DE9E1B78-F5C0-4681-9C16-EF928B…)

I wonder if she’ll bring Fupapa home to meet her family.

No. 745500

We can dream

No. 745508

I thought she was staying with Fupa for Christmas? Lol his kids are probably coming over and he was like “yeah you need to gtfo”

No. 745526

File: 1544239554395.jpg (7.21 KB, 211x238, drink your box wine and cry yo…)


people workin at mcdonalds got a better life than you but go off hoe

No. 745532

Is she not going on cam tonight?

No. 745533

iirc the plan was to bring him there for xmas since before she moved to OK

No. 745535

File: 1544240537540.jpg (Spoiler Image, 844.24 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181207-214018_Twi…)

Why does she try to fool everyone that she has boobs?

No. 745536

File: 1544240590041.jpg (Spoiler Image, 864.7 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181207-214024_Twi…)

Why does her pussy always so red

No. 745537

Hey everyone! I was shown these threads tonight and honestly shayna is a train wreck. I don’t WANT to look but I also can’t look away.. I knew shayna in high school and I kind of want to clear some things up.. I read somewhere that that shayna claimed she had a “rare allergy to weed”. False. We were like 15 sitting in her dads nice home in her room cheifing a bong. Abuse family? Her dad caught us smoking and was super chill about it (there were a few of us in there) more chill than most parents would be about walking into some 15 year old girls getting high. But obviously everyone knows she’s full of shit about that because of her old posts smoking with jess and making videos with bongs or whatever. I also noticed some comments about her weird boob. Back in the day she told us she had 1 breast implant. Since she’s a compulsive liar she told different people different reasons for her fake boob (one of the reasons was her mom left her out in the cold as a baby and she got frost bite? Ya ok) when we were younger shayna was constantly crying rape. I mean I can think of at least 4 people by name that she accused of “raping” her. One of them was an ex boyfriend who said this crazy bitch was
pretending to sleep next to him and then started moaning, “woke up” and accused him of raping her while she slept. It’s weird
that these accusations correlate with these weird kinks she posts about. I think it’s very
clear that shayna needs a Pap smear and
a therapist. The ex who she was leeching
off of a couple years ago and staying at
after she was “kicked out of her home” (
couldn’t abide by her parents rules) is just
some sweet hippy farm boy and I saw
her posting around the the time they broke
up that she was “abused” but anyone who
saw them together would know that boy
was blindly in love with her (not sure what
he saw tbh) I don’t keep up with any of her pages because I’ve always found her to be an attention seeker/ cringy as fuck but I will say my jaw dropped several times reading these treads

No. 745542

Excellent milk

No. 745544

real question is why her pussy lips that color? looks like a really bad case of jock itch. she needs anti fungal cream like really bad

I always suspected one of her titties looks fake because it doesn't move as much and just looks less natural than the other. I wonder if she really did get one implant and if so why the fuck? or was it just for attention because it was maybe a little believable with her having uneven titties and all

No. 745545

>>745544 who knows maybe it’s just a weird tit but that’s what she claimed when we were younger

No. 745546

The over filtering of this pic is so sas

No. 745548

She doesn’t have an implant lmao what a liar

No. 745549

She would have a scar if she got an implant. She would have one either underneath her breast, or near her armpit, or one possibly in the center of the chest. Surgeons would not put an implant in someone’s breast until they went through puberty, and there are no medical problems that would require an implant before then. She didn’t get an implant, lmao.

No. 745553

Well, mystery debunked just another weird needless lie I guess

No. 745556

literally almost any person with tits will have one boob that’s smaller, hangs a little lower, etc. Boobs can be really dense or really soft, it just depends on your body type and how you developed. There’s no such thing as perfect symmetry in human bodies. One eye is bigger than the other, one hand will look different than the other, etc. y’all keep talking about how her having one tit that’s a tiny bit bigger/smaller/denser is somehow weird. You’re just giving in to her delusion that she got a breast implant before she went through puberty.

She’s fucking ugly and gross but don’t give in to her stupid delusions and lies.

No. 745558

File: 1544243148528.jpeg (993.98 KB, 1242x1511, 10F28BCD-0AAD-4FA4-B835-FC858B…)

She has to blur and filter all her pics yet she wants a 4K DSLR. I’m fucking dying. Shayna, you do know that getting a better camera means it’s going to be extremely HD, right? Even blurred your pussy looks like a hellhole. I’d rethink that sweaty.

No. 745559

4K as in quality not in price, just to clarify.

No. 745561

The biggest takeaway is that she told different stories to different people about her tits, as with everything with her. She is a compulsive liar who constantly makes up shit for attention, including making false rape accusations against at least FOUR different people. It's disgusting. She's trash. She will even lie on her own family for fleeting internet attention.

No. 745562

File: 1544243372796.jpeg (155.48 KB, 1242x246, 22233C8C-B209-44E0-9CB6-8A778E…)

When you’re so desperate you start selling your videos for 60 cents each.

No. 745565

She clearly just really love attention, even negative attention. Sounds like the abuse she endured was not enough mommy and daddy time. Most people go through that faze in their teens and get over it. Shayna just keeps at it and compulsively lies about shit to get her fix.

Makes sense why all of Fupa’s lies didn’t cause her to up and run. She can either use it as a means to get a ton of attention when they eventually break up, or she knew she would be called out as a huge hypocrite for basically the same thing.

No. 745567

most people get over it because they realize they can’t get attention anymore by doing stupid shit. Unfortunately Shayna has tumblr to help her feed that addiction, and now she has Fupa to do it as well. So she’s an adult now who has never gotten over her petty attention seeking behaviors because people have enabled her to continue.

The bitch needs help. People like this tend to go down a bad path, and she’s already starting with her daily drinking and binge eating habits.

No. 745569

I don't feel like going back and spoon-feeding you new fags but she has a scar under her boob that looks like an implant scar. Theres speculation/pictures in multiple threads. Not necessarily proof but she does have the scar

No. 745572

it’s not large enough for an implant. Plus, they don’t do breast implants on people who haven’t gone through puberty yet. Don’t feed her stupid ass delusions, anon. The majority of the shit she says is a lie.

No. 745574

She's talked on Tumblr about getting some sort of procedure done at some point in her childhood. Whether it was true or not who knows. Whether it was an implant or not…probably not. She has weird boob veins and iirc the story about the procedure she told related to that. Could all just be Shayna's fabrication for attention that day.

No. 745576

if she has an implant she would have needed it replaced by now as well. Insurance doesn’t pay for that, and we would have known if she had another surgery. It just didn’t happen. I’d take your tinfoil hat off, anon.

No. 745577

Yeah she claims she got a flu shot when she was an actual child and that she had “severe complications” and it caused her breast not to grow or something. Which is a blatant lie because flu shots do not affect breast tissue on any way, as they are intramuscular. She was on tumblr at 15, and she still had the same tits. So she’s lying. No surgeon would perform breast augmentation on a child, unless her parents took her out of the country which I doubt they would do.

No. 745579

Sounds like she hates the fact that she has smaller tits.

No. 745580

File: 1544244347888.jpg (Spoiler Image, 33.8 KB, 720x720, 1527535259720.jpg)

I'm really about to fucking reee about these people insisting she couldn't have gotten a boobjob. There were fake tit owners in the thread corroborating this. Not a tinfoil. Why do yall really think shayna would prefer everyone know her body wasn't naturally that way? She doesnt ACTUALLY want to be a bimbo. And no, they don't necessarily need to be replaced. Shayna has good parents who would clearly bend and break for her. Why is this really a 'tinfoil' theory?
Show a side by side

No. 745582

File: 1544244385423.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.17 KB, 720x720, 1527539900254.jpg)

No. 745584

File: 1544244526740.jpg (178.72 KB, 1080x977, Screenshot_20181207-224833_Tum…)

No. 745585

because, they don’t do breast implants on children you fucking moron. It IS a tinfoil. Stop feeding her delusions. You look just as idiotic as her. Literally look it up and you’ll see, surgeons do not perform breast surgery on people under 16. And even stillc rarely do it under 18.

But sure it’s totally plausible that a surgeon gave her breast implants before she went through puberty, makes such logical sense. What a fucking moron you are.

No. 745587

lmao all breast implants need to be replaced idiot. they are either saline or silicone and will wind up literally rotting in your body if you don’t get them replaced every 6-10 years. If she had it as young as she claims, she would have absolutely needed a replacement at this point.

No. 745594

What kind of camera does she use anyway

No. 745595

What kind of camera does she use anyway

No. 745603

10 years. Which likely would not be up by now. Most people are fine. Plus you really think she would pay attention? Have you seen her vagina lately?
It's really not impossible. They also have reason to operate on minors if there's a deformity, like a significant difference in breast size.

The only other explanation would be that she cut herself to make it appear that she got a boobjob. But she's too chickenshit to cut herself deep enough for scars to last this long. You all can keep ignoring it, that's up to you. But no it's not tinfoil. What delusions would we be feeding anyway? We talk about how weird they look all day long. Imagine not only having fake boobs, but ones that wound up looking even weirder because they're fake.

No. 745605

bruhhhh you tinfoilin hard rn. as someone with tits, sometimes things called shadows happen. It’s very shocking I know. Also if you sit a certain way you can get weird crease lines under your boob.

The cunt didn’t have breast implants. Drop it.

No. 745608

What camera does she use now anyway

No. 745609

She uses a webcam rn

No. 745613

She claimed she got them as a child anon. If she got them at 15-16, when she was already on tumblr, we would have absolutely known about it. Her tots have always looked like that. There are NO medical deformities in the breast that would form before age 10-11, since puberty doesn’t begin until then. Plus she had good parents, who I doubt would have taken her out of the country to get such a procedure done, especially on a preteen. You can literally look this stuff up. You’re tinfoiling and sound retarded.

No. 745614

No, it's not proven, and thus it's tinfoiling. Unless you KNOW Shayna personally and know she's gotten it and can prove it to us, or she admits it herself, we're going to assume it's a theory.

No. 745616

she's pushing her upper rip cage out and sitting straight, lots of women's breasts look like this when they're postured well, you can literally test it for yourself if you're not a landwhale.

No. 745621

File: 1544246780919.jpeg (608.39 KB, 1242x813, DC45A90C-27C0-493D-B6AA-47A1AF…)

pretty sure the tinfoil anon has never seen titties in real life

No. 745622

I was under the impression tinfoiling was stuff without any reason to make the assumption but thats getting into semantics, so, tinfoil or not I stand by my point
She's looking to be pedobait and loves half-truths, c'mon. And statistically there are around 5,000 breast augmentations done on minors every year, split about evenly between cosmetic and to fix deformities. "Look it up"
We're not talking about the shape, it's the scars. Which are most definitely not shadows >>745605
I am the proud owner of a mirror and eyeballs.

No. 745625

My dude, those stats are from minors ages 14-17, the majority being cosmetic. Go off tho.

No. 745629

If you're so sure of her tits being fake, why not just ask her? She loves getting attention, I'm sure she'd love an ask like that.

No. 745632

what’s her home like? I always imagined her being white trailer trash, but since she’s from Massachusetts is her family WASPish and rich?

No. 745637

Oh God, she's doing a raffle

No. 745638

not waspy so much, but she did come from a very suburban town and was able to do things like skiing, snowmobiling, going to Italy, having a car, etc. so she definitely was well off.

No. 745640

File: 1544248195337.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1082x1925, 5903946F-5C36-4961-B62D-FF9343…)

Does she realize that the end is in two days? And does she realize she looks like a Down syndrome child?

No. 745643

Why did she use an old picture?

No. 745644

She'd better be careful, with the recent trend of people reporting this to the IRS running an online raffle is REALLY dangerous. It's not even a grey area, she's straight up just breaking the law here.

No. 745646

The picture she used is from last year, it's even watermarked with dumdolly. She couldn't be bothered to take a new Christmas photo?

Her family was not rich/wealthy per se but they were more than comfortable and her home/backyard and family photos looked like something most underprivileged kids could only ever dream of. Unfortunately Shayna chose the white trash whore/scammer life because she is mediocre and craves attention

No. 745657

Why is running an online raffle illegal? Unless she’s raffling off full meet ups is not illegal…

No. 745659

scamming is. which is what she's done in the past, and will no doubt end up doing again.

No. 745660

Isn’t the IRS involved with taxes? The IRS doesn’t arrest people for online sex work or running raffles. and im pretty sure to be on ManyVids you need to fill out tax forms and stuff.

No. 745661


If I remember correctly, unless it's a raffle for charity or a non-profit, you need to have some sort of license to do a raffle. I believe the legality differs depending on state however.
A few weeks ago when the date raffle thing was a big deal on twitter, someone posted about the laws regarding doing raffles for items, I'll see if I can find it.

No. 745663

I’m pretty sure that’s on a much larger scale. This is shayna we’re talking about, anon. She’ll be lucky if she gets 5 entries.

No. 745664

omg don’t turn this thread into a fucking #thotaudit sperg

No. 745665


I think the IRS thing was referring to the Thot audit going on right now. It's a different organization that deals with raffles.

No. 745667

"little girl" the only things little about you Shayna are your brain and the tone of your glute muscles lol

No. 745731

File: 1544273512327.png (10.75 KB, 238x300, 2018-12-08 07_47_47-Mozilla Fi…)

she's extra retarded because in the text of the post she says it ends on christmas day???

No. 745732

She probably extended it to 12/25 because she didn’t sell enough content for all the prizes(emoji use)

No. 745733

New prize added: she will infect you with genital warts for only 2.99

No. 745761

It depends on the state but it's generally considered gambling and most states only make exceptions for non-profit organizations. Even then online raffles are usually a no-no.
That's the reason most contests you see being run by corporations say "no purchase necessary". Also, because it varies by state you can ONLY offer raffle prizes to those in states where it is legal/ you have legal permission to run one.
I'm not encouraging anyone to cowtip or anything like that BUT, I think she (and the others who do this) are really dumb for not being careful and doing their research. All it takes is one vendetta chan and suddenly you're in serious trouble.

No. 745768

But she's a sex worker! Sex workers don't have to follow the law! That law is obviously just oppressive against sex workers anyway

No. 745793

Lmfao Shay stop lurking here damn

No. 745821

File: 1544293405780.jpeg (173.44 KB, 747x888, C75EE800-430D-45FA-AD81-FA50DE…)

her “shaved head”

No. 745824

now i'm wondering though how are you all finding these threads now at the same time?

No. 745827

pry word of mouth 'like hey dude, have you seen this shit?' people love train wreck. 'specially about people they know.

No. 745828

Yeah all they have to say is Google her name lol

No. 745841

damn, they deleted their post. anyone have a screenshot of what it was?

No. 745845

Aka what every dumb emo/hipster chick was doing in the early 2010’s

No. 745846


"i also just found this thread and i’m so curious as to who this is….
she also would say that she had to get surgery on her stomach every few years ?? and claimed to have some sort of disorder that made me pass out whevener she got cold… perhaps from the trauma of being left out in the cold as a baby?lol from what i remember bulimia, schizophrenia and PTSD were her main made up mental illnesses. i always think about how she told tumblr the reason she shaved her head was “to look ugly after being raped” when in reality she did it because it was a trend at the time. she shaved a tiny section of her hair because she was a scene kid and it was a very scene kid thing to do. no such rape occurred. the ex that supposedly raped her in her sleep was one of MANY accusations. i dated that ex for 3 years after he dated shayna… trust me i know all about it lmaO. she would come to school announcing that she had sex with people and then change her story to rape when in reality NEITHER happened. she would always come up to me at school and ask me to have sex with her like, in a teasing sort of way? i had a huge crush on her , ngl and she knew that and would constantly touch me sexually (just … at school. in front of everyone. very embarrassing) because of it. bizarre."

it still shows for me since i'm on my laptop

No. 745864

i love how you can tell its her by the teeth

No. 745866

Their typing style seems akin to Shays, but just a tinfoil

No. 745885

I noticed the crusty lips first

No. 745945

Why is the face blacked out if it's really shay though

No. 745949

they posted the pic first without the face blacked out but i didn't cap it in time

No. 745952

just because she was a minor in this photo.

No. 745971

the smoothing/blur on her pussy is hilarious. shay, honey, everyone on the planet know it doesn't look like that. just sayin', girl.

i think shayna's christmas gift to herself should be to heal her vulva and start the new year with a fresh new pussy!

ahahaha oh god, who am i kidding?

No. 745993

This shit is self posting, did you catch that Freudian slip in the deleted post? Wow.

No. 745994

ha. the "disorder that made me pass out" part.. i don't know though like, shay is really stuck up and has a fragile ego, i don't know if i believe she would self post negative stuff. but the part about how this "person" had a crush on her seems like some crazy ego shit shay would self post about.

No. 746003

idk, look at the Kelly and Chompurrs posts here in snow, she's fucking batshit but she does the meanest, most negative selfposting i've ever seen, some cows just don't care. it's so definitely creepy.

No. 746009

yeah i recall another cow related to pet youtubers made bizarre self posts like she was just one of us hating herself lol. it is possible, maybe shay is really cracking after losing tumblr.

i'm also thinking now (tinfoil) that after the repeated posts this week of how much the jeluss haterz don't bother her that now she's self posting and indulging in how much the haters actually do bother her?

No. 746010


No. 746011

yep, forgot the name

No. 746013

totally agree with that tinfoil anon, mine is that shay shows up here to try and change the conversation when stuff gets too hot. some topics have sprung up in the past that feel real sus to me, and even the way those posts were written reminded me of shayna. i firmly believe she shows up to change topics when she feels like things are hitting too close to home.

No. 746014

I definitely clocked this and thought it was just an odd typo. But you’re right, the fact that it was deleted is even more sus.

No. 746015

yeah, those posts appeared after people started talking about her scamming and her not paying taxes

No. 746016

i'm the anon you're responding to and now that you mention it, i agree about shay being very likely to post in order to change topics. the first tea-spilling anon from a day ago seemed reasonable but then today we get a strange essay from ANOTHER identically typing high school buddy who happened to "have a huge crush" on shay? that set me off lol.. then they deleted it hoping nobody would read it after a few minutes.. that was really odd.

No. 746019

File: 1544321280423.jpg (130.78 KB, 1310x351, sus 1.jpg)

thought i would do a comparison, this definitely sounds like the same exact person pretending to be different people (anon 1)

No. 746020

File: 1544321316160.jpg (96.73 KB, 1307x168, sus 2.jpg)

(deleted) anon 2

No. 746023

now all we need is a sudden influx of wk's telling us that this 'conversation is stupid' and 'it's time to change the topic!' and it won't be a tinfoil any longer, lol.

thanks for re-upping these! love how the farm boy was 'blindly in love with her', even people supposedly spilling tea can't help but to give her backhanded compliments, right?

No. 746024

first of all i’m offended that so many people think i type like shayna aksjwusjsjej but i had a crush on her because i was a young budding gay straight out of catholic school and she was just the first girl to give me attention as more than a friend. i quickly realized that she was getting really weird and manipulative and disrespectful with it. i posted here because i think she’s a bad person for lying about rape and abuse multiple times and for pandering to pedophiles and it’s funny seeing strangers realize how crazy she is so i just was like yeah we been knew here’s some examples

No. 746025

File: 1544322261553.jpg (10.16 KB, 307x352, eeb.jpg)

not sure what to think of all this yet

No. 746028

also yeah that was just a typo, i think i was trying to quote her being like “it makes me pass out” but idk i was at work so i was tryna be fast and kept getting distracted while typing, sorry! and i deleted it because i realized shayna would know exactly who this is if she does in fact lurk here but then i realized i don’t care what pedophiles think of me

No. 746047

Part of me doesn't think this was Shayna because she wouldn't admit to being a sexual predator but then I also realize she would be too stupid to realize that unwanted sexual advances and touching is sexual predation. Then yet another part of me believes both of these both are Shayna and/or Fupa playing the "he probably…" game but about Shayna. It just all sounds a bit out there even if it is Shayna we're talking about, I dunno I dunno. We'll see if Shayna responds by making a shitpost about how she's better than everyone she went to high school with lmao

No. 746053

about the pussy color, we all know her pussy is really fucked up and infected, but i honestly think the reddish color is because she has allergy to shaving. i have it too, and when i shave i get really reddish. i really don't understand why she can't just pay for laser hair removal and stop suffering with this shit, honestly?? it's your fucking job, at least keep your pussy healthy.

No. 746055

damn, sorry i forgot to sage

No. 746056

File: 1544326751727.png (147.71 KB, 598x525, dumb bitch.png)

look what head of the dumb bitch club cooked up in photoshop

No. 746057

im more appalled bitch can afford photoshop

No. 746058

I hate that this is almost a cute design, as far as stupid Tumblr designs go.

No. 746059

you think she paid for it? lol

No. 746061

i… frankly think shes too dumb to torrent it. photoshop is hard tp get, maybe she has an old version

No. 746066

Sage for irrelevant OT but i work in the CGI/gaming industry and photoshop is very easy to crack, i don't know a single person who has paid for it?

No. 746069

File: 1544327866508.jpeg (52.12 KB, 425x398, 91C3CD17-8268-4372-99EA-D99515…)

GIMP lol

No. 746073

Most of my computers have had Photoshop, and I've never paid for it. I don't know anyone who has actually paid for it.

Maybe she's using a different program entirely and just calling it PS.

If she doesn't actually have it, naybe Fupa does for some reason. Who knows?

No. 746077

Could've just used pixlr

No. 746107

File: 1544334608773.png (90.94 KB, 591x273, tweet.png)

No. 746108

File: 1544334723375.jpg (200.57 KB, 1040x2048, Dt8SVKfWsAEORpQ.jpg-large.jpg)

No. 746115

any color but pink would make her look so much better.

No. 746170

You would think Shay would know her angles after like 3 years of being a camgirl

No. 746204

Looks like she just folded up the bottom of that tube top….
and oh god her bangs. Cringe

No. 746206

Why does she keep wearing those retarded pink balls on her head

No. 746209

>dated her ex bf for 3 years
>I'm a lesbian


No. 746232

sans 'tache, she genuinely looks good here. I know we're not meant to say anything nice about her but this aesthetic is so much better.

No. 746246

Good catch. That anon sounds just as confused as shayna. Hmm.

No. 746281


Ok but you literally did porn when you were underaged and you're doing porn of Cindy Lou Who and you glorify pedophilia with your "Daddy's Game" video.

No. 746286

To be fair there's a lot of lesbians who dated men before they fully realized they're gay, it's not too far-fetched at all.

No. 746294

Also they never said lesbian. Plenty of bisexual people use the term “gay”

No. 746317

I actually posted that one lmao it just looks stupid because I’m on mobile, it’s all true.

No. 746319

I wish this site had usernames so we could keep tabs but shayna and I were in the same friend group and I’m not going to say too much because if she lurks on here I’m not trying to have her figure out who’s spilling milk but if you don’t want to believe that stuff it’s fine because I know it’s true and everyone she’s accused of rape knows it’s true. I just want her exposed for the horrible person she is. Again my post looked stupid as if shayna wrote it because I’m on Mobile and when I was trying to proof read it wouldn’t let me scroll down so I just kept hitting enter causing it to look choppy

No. 746332

stop backpedaling and sage or something, you're making it seem weirder lol

No. 746338

Why do people blame everything on mobile? ya got a flip phone? Everyone knows that rape shit is a lie already too

No. 746354

Do us a favour please next time when you create a post put Sage in the email field (second box) that way your posts that aren't contributing to any milk don't bump the thread up :)

No. 746361

looks like shay has got some
workout lines

No. 746362

lmao shayna has worked out like once in her adult life. those are lines from when your stomach rolls/creases when you slouch

No. 746364

That's just a bend mark. She ain't working out she's just flailing about on cam. Think hoWhat many times she has her legs behind her head.

No. 746367

File: 1544378540595.jpg (106.16 KB, 666x1288, 6Ed4wHS.jpg)

No. 746369

Kek what the fuck

No. 746372

this is so funny everything that the HS anons have posted has been true, anyone who knew her back then can confirm. and the fact that everyone is having a hard time believing it just proves how truly surreal and crazy it was at the time lol

No. 746373

Anyone have any more pics to drop or receipts tho? I know Facebook was still big then

No. 746374

are you another HS anon? got any new milk to contribute? the thing is both HS anons posted half stuff we already knew and the other half was unverifiable yet related to things we already know about shayna.

No. 746375

yeah i'm not trying to be an internet detective or whatever but their back pedaling is weird and again, so similar to each other. still just seems odd to me.

No. 746377

i believe the general info about shay, everyone was just suspicious because it seemed really weird and almost like shay was self posting lol

No. 746428

File: 1544386405620.jpeg (540.24 KB, 1242x1541, 09407B22-5554-41F4-A3B3-8B6561…)

who acts like this though?

No. 746430

someone who peaked as a young teenager and cant fathom that the world revolves without her? jfc this isnt even like a cute story?

No. 746435

WOW the two of them are just as obnoxious and inconsiderate of other people in public as I would have thought. Hilarious story Shay…. wow what are you guys like 12 years old?? Maybe you two are meant for each other after all. smh

No. 746438

omg running fast? like is he 12? I love how she has to tag him in the post too

No. 746439

File: 1544387074391.jpg (31.03 KB, 500x375, MV5BMTg3NzQ2NTM3MF5BMl5BanBnXk…)

No doubt. This will be Shay in 2 years if she's lucky.

No. 746447

that tranny still looks better than her tho.

No. 746451

lmao that's jamie pressly, who's modeled for playboy. she's just playing trailer trash in that pic. shayna could only wish to be that hot

No. 746455

seriously don't think i've seen anyone more purely pathetic than these two gross looking rejects

No. 746459

13 year olds act like that when they are in public without their parents.

I’m all for acting silly and dumb with your significant other, nothing wrong with that, but uh you do that shit at home.

Fupa clinging to his youth is sad as usual.

No. 746465

like if you wanna be silly in the supermarket or wherever, fine. but don’t annoy and almost smash into other people while doing it. It’s called common courtesy. Imagine if someone did that to her in the supermarket? She’d be ranting about how they hit her and hurt her and now she needs money to fix it.

No. 746466

lol exactly, she would cry over how RUDE the person was and say some bullshit like "um did they not see me, a little girl with a pretty face innocently standing there?? sum ppl r so fucking rude n selfish"

No. 746468

let alone a mother and child, and possibly they were immigrants. how would this be her funniest moment and not her most embarrassing and/or shameful moment

No. 746471

File: 1544390607359.jpg (558.31 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181209-162225_Tum…)

She tries so hard

No. 746472

Fupa clinging to his youth is sad as usual.

Excuse you, anon, but Fupa is livin’ the dream! This god among men managed to escape his boring, middle class responsibilities (i.e., wife and young children) to go on a quest to acquire himself a real- life porn star - which he has done, thankyouverymuch so HA! And having accomplished such a goal, he is entitled to behave as childishly as he would like.

( And if you DARE imply his “porn star“ is nothing more than a stinky, delusional attention sponge w/daddy issues and a diseased cooter who sells her porn for less than a dollar, then you’re just jelly so HA!)

No. 746483

True. I guess I meant more if you want to be obnoxious keep that shit at home or go somewhere where it’s more appropriate to be an obnoxious adult. Being silly in public isnt a huge deal if you don’t have victims.

I don’t blame that lady for flipping her lid. You don’t mess with a momma and her cub. I’d have gone off too, especially at two fucking adults.

No. 746487

>And if you DARE imply his “porn star“ is nothing more than a stinky, delusional attention sponge w/daddy issues and a diseased cooter who sells her porn for less than a dollar, then you’re just jelly so HA!)

i fucking love that anon lol, it's perfectly accurate, he's so deep into his midlife crisis (only his midlife crisis just never ends)

No. 746494


but in the end, it doesn't even matter.

No. 746495

Jaime Pressly is a tranny? since when

No. 746498


isn't this Kristin Chenoweth tho

No. 746501


nah, that's jaime pressly playing Joy from My Name is Earl. Resemblance is uncanny, tho.

No. 746505

crossdresser, tranny, whatever it’s a man in a dress.

No. 746506

pretty sure she's actually female

No. 746507

what kinda derail is this lmao

No. 746511

Picking at her backne and then posing with it like it's cute. Just… no

No. 746512

Yuck, could she get any more desperate for attention?

Lmao; A man in a dress that had 3 babies.

No. 746515

wow they really look a man. sorry I guess.

No. 746518

um how is no one talking about the fact that all of a sudden they're into pissing? like i know they arent actually into that and are only doing it for the edge points but honestly how fucking autistic do you have to be to BRAG about this shit??? about someone literally urinating on you?
also youre a god damn sex worker shayna, when guys compliment you THE LAST THING YOU SHOULD DO is mention your disgusting 'boyfriend' jesus how desperate can one person possibly be

No. 746521

Shay's done stuff involving piss before, tho. She literally made a video about pissing herself and probably STILL hasn't thrown away those pissed soak panties she was trying to sell

No. 746524

I personally think we should be talking about the fact that fupapi takes videos of his willy while he's peeing at work. I wonder if his fupa is also in the frame or not

No. 746534

File: 1544397344244.jpeg (224.41 KB, 1242x807, 61C42E71-92FC-4EEA-B018-43A0AC…)

lol Shayna’s trying to pick a fight with the K-Pop community. If you’re bored Shayna, maybe try working.

No. 746536

His fupa probably covers the entirety of his soft chode penis. He probably has to push it back with two fingers to even aim properly.

No. 746538

I’ll bet he pushes that shit outta frame. Can’t see his dick with it hanging there. Plus it’s just revolting and no girl wants to see that, especially in a dick pic.

No. 746539

What the fuck is this website?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 746543

>one of shay's landwhale tumblr followers has stumbled upon lolcow


No. 746552



She types like such shit.

It'd be funny if Kpop fans came at her. What kind of shitshow would that be.

No. 746555


welcome to the shit show

No. 746559

No. 746560

File: 1544399911201.jpg (13.66 KB, 271x333, retard.jpg)

she really thinks this down syndrome overbite face is hot

No. 746563

File: 1544400530644.png (Spoiler Image, 584.33 KB, 657x708, jesus.png)

Aside from the decrepit state of her vag, this porn is just creepy. Who gets off to it, serial killers and rapists?

No. 746564

What's on her nose?

No. 746565


Star stickers like what you would give to a kindergartner for being good…of course

No. 746570

Wtf is wrong with her vagina? It looks like it has that yellowy crusty callous you get on your feet from walking outside barefoot too much.

No. 746572

She also has 3 huge sores on her labia. That shit has got to hurt. Maybe she gets her face pinched so she can distract herself from the infernal burning pain she consistently has in her genitals.

No. 746573


No. 746575

File: 1544402400039.jpeg (215.29 KB, 1242x1077, 770D3413-D2CB-43E3-B1F7-851C30…)

Uhhh Shay, I think they were trying to make a pun based on your retarded K-Pop post. But go off on your autistic rant there.

She’s so easily offended it’s actually hilarious

No. 746600

anon, i like you

dont go to /g/ tomorrow(or ever)

No. 746640

I love this. Thank you anon.

No. 746649

File: 1544409961886.jpeg (219.09 KB, 1242x905, 78284E1B-406B-45E7-9648-B96B0E…)

Jesus Shay this can’t be your WHOLE life

No. 746656

how hard is it to just ask for goddamn gift cards?

No. 746657

Or for some fucking Crest white strips.

No. 746658


How does she not have ANY interests? She is the most boring human being I've ever seen.

No. 746660

But anoooon, she lives, breathes, and is Dolly Mattel the dd-lg porn princess!

No. 746662

she would probably call you a sfw suzie and try to claim that she lives a luxury life of riches and that you are jealous that you don't have a fupa of your own that lets you live in his dirty old cheap closet in the rural trailer parks of oklahoma lool

No. 746664

Her parents want to buy her – their 21 year old daughter whose career and lifestyle choice they disagree with – Christmas gifts. Sounds like they are so abusive to me.

This plus maybe an anti fungal cream and toys for RIbmeat. Done.

No. 746679

>has no furniture
>can't think of anything to ask for christmas


No. 746693

On thanksgiving day she was all alone watching spongebob for hours crying about missing her family and feeling alone (on Snapchat) I’m assuming Fupa was with his kids and the road trip they took before thanksgiving was to wherever the kids live. Doubt they’re spending Christmas together.

No. 746795

damn. truly thriving

No. 746821

File: 1544451417098.jpeg (672.2 KB, 1242x588, 79DCC485-668A-4854-B3C8-B9751A…)

Still waiting for those videos from last week, Shay. Why change your schedule every week if you don’t even do half of it?

No. 746830

At least she's using a current photo for this ad and not one from last year.
That's just sad, lame, and embarrassing as hell. I had my suspicions that was the reason for their random Thanksgiving road trip. I'm glad this thread exists because it sheds light on what really happens in Shayna's life and not what Shayna pretends happens on social media. Does Shay think this is what she has to do to get the kids' college funds??

No. 746831

Lol, that assumes Fupa actually has a college fund for them. Yeah right.

No. 746832

i'm still waiting for just one fucking photo that's not taken on the floor of the closet or the bathroom

No. 746835


newfags get out reee


i'm glad someone got my joke

No. 746851

I think it’s so weird that this is their first year living together and they’re not spending Christmas with each other. I wonder if fupa will even get her anything for Christmas.

No. 746858

he's gonna let her go to the grocery store and pick out anything she wants with his food stamps

No. 746860

I find it weird he was ready to commit to buying a house with her, but meeting the kids/family is still too soon? Unless he never plans to do that? Their whole relationship is based upon kink and lacks substance otherwise so I can't see it going well if it ever happens.

No. 746870

I doubt shayna has any legal claim to the house and she'll probably never meet his family either.

No. 746873

They didn’t buy the house together. He bought the house himself, paying the mortgage himself, probably paying all the bills himself and just moved her in as a live in fuck doll

No. 746879

I wish we could fast forward to them breaking up and see what they have to say about each other

No. 746881

It'll happen in due time anon and be totally worth the wait

No. 746883

File: 1544462862866.png (Spoiler Image, 132.49 KB, 529x284, Dolly Mattel Creepy.png)

After divorcing his wife and abandoning his children, Fupa has the opportunity to start over anew, and begin his brand new life as an edgy tumblr Dom with Shayna as his equally degenerate fleshlite. He will keep her separate from his children if he wants to see them, like, ever. I would be seriously concerned if Shayna, the woman who pissed and masturbated on a children's potty on the internet for everyone to see, was ever responsible for taking care of young children in any way.

sage bc it's not a new picture, its pedo pandering

No. 746886

idk they're both desperate enough to put up with each other until they get a better offer, so it might be a while lol

No. 746890

why is mr. clean in a porn

No. 746891

File: 1544464077076.jpeg (285.82 KB, 1242x824, 7B611B3E-A0AE-4375-A65D-FC7F12…)

I know you don’t know a lot about kink Shay, but it is acceptable for subs to… gasp…ask for things. Every sub isn’t content to be a mindless doll.

Also, as if these girls are telling you to do things to them. People put their fantasies on tumblr posts constantly / reblog stuff so someone else sees, and comments are often for them. Get over yourself.

No. 746893

File: 1544464174635.jpeg (876.11 KB, 1242x2004, 91D1D687-5C6B-4D59-B983-2B4E08…)

>meme goes viral on tumblr
>Shay copies it with moderately different wording

“Look at my meme hot take guys”

No. 746900

lol exactly, for me this sorta proves that she likes being a sub so she can just be lazy

No. 746902

I'm pretty sure shayna didn't talk about fosta/sesta before the tumblr ban.

No. 746903

lol she stole it from twitter too boot.

No. 746908

she really has no sense of irony…
does she also think when girls call other girls "mom" that they actually want them to be their mother?

No. 746913


She literally made this because some diaper wearing chick on instagram commented "pull my hair" on her recent pic. Like get over yourself. Ignore the comment and move on, Shay. It's not that deep.

No. 746919

its cus the internet is 100% of her life so she has to react to everything like nothing else happens to her lol

No. 746930

Shay is hardcore lurking this thread with this post of hers since we just discussed her girl on girl sexual assault

Also it makes no sense for her to be pissed about people interacting with her sexual content. She has zero business/marketing sense.

No. 746955

lol he looks like mr clean before getting a nose job.

No. 746966

Didn't know what this was but it just looks bad for prostitution sex workers? Not people like cam girls.. Your pimply ass is not effected Shay. It's funny she thinks that she is a part of that. Use a fucking adult website created specifically for adult things.

No. 746975

File: 1544473979775.png (11.58 KB, 241x451, 2018-12-10 15_28_46-Mozilla Fi…)

lmao who do you guys think is going to take her up on this? flying down to tulsa in the middle of the winter to hang out in fupa's sex shack.

No. 746976

lol what the fuck

hopefully landwhale harley ends up going to stay with them, imagine that milk!

No. 746983

cuddle gate?!?

idk maybe harley

No. 746993

Shayna probably doesn't know what it is either. But yeah you're right, it didn't affect people who just work on cam

No. 746996

Why does she keep changing her cam schedule every week? She doesn't have a job, she doesn't have friends or a hobby, there's no reason for it.

Unless she's just not earning all that much money and thinks she can find a magical time where people will desperately throw tokens at her for a smile.

No. 747003

Didn’t somebody just point out that she never works with other models? I swear the only she hasn’t completely failed as a sex worker is because she lurks here and occasionally takes advice.

No. 747006

Don't tell me she's sunk to the desperation of trying to leech off someone better than her. Who in their right mind would probably pay their own flight down to Bumfuck, Nowhere to film out of a closet with someone who looks like a walking biohazard?

The only people desperate enough would probably be Harley and Shay would make up an excuse not to work with her.

No. 747007

don't forget foxpartyofone
they would likely find the offer exciting too lol

No. 747012

I actually don't know much about them off MFC. Are they another wannabe SW posting their horrid pics on Tumblr?

No. 747015

i thought they were a girl who is involved themselves in some area of online sex work, i'm not totally sure though.

No. 747019


reading this gives me flashbacks of shay's ~girlfriend~ that she used to have who joined shay on cam so they could shove markers up their asses lol

but it makes me also wonder if fupa has to approve the other chick to join Haus of Mattel.
Maybe it was his idea to find a new girl to live with and dumb shay? idk

No matter what, I hope this happens because this would be hilarious to watch.

No. 747025

Speaking of I wonder how it'll go with Fupa involved since he claims he's not involved with Shay's work aside from now being her "Dadager"

I wonder if he'll complain about whoever it is, ignore them completely, or try and pull an Onion.

No. 747026

File: 1544476348199.png (213.17 KB, 595x458, Screenshot (280).png)


No. 747027

i'm hoping for the onion option although i can only imagine the tantrums shay would be throwing if fupa even gave 1% attention to another girl. she would literally be threatening to kill herself within like the first day.

No. 747028

File: 1544476400700.png (58.66 KB, 592x497, Screenshot (281).png)

2/4 ugh flood detection

No. 747029

File: 1544476443927.png (59.41 KB, 600x525, Screenshot (282).png)


No. 747030

And what would have happened if they did hit the child and caused bodily harm?? like, this shit grinds my gears. were they drunk? No one does this shit unless they are 13 and uneducated.

They are lucky they didn't hurt the mother or her son.

No. 747034

File: 1544476604148.png (68.42 KB, 643x502, Screenshot (283).png)


No. 747036

It was literally only earlier this year that she wanted to be 'quirky' doing a video with a trump mask and black/brown dildo. This yeah she wanted to play as a child (eleven) and even now cindy lo who. But yeah you have learned so much.

No. 747037

what's the context here?

No. 747040

she thinks she's a famous beauty guru or something lol nobody cares shay you're a joke

No. 747047

She did say that she could never be poly because she needs 100% of the attention. I mean look how much she freaks out as it is when Fupa isn't around.

No. 747049

File: 1544477268721.png (761.17 KB, 1887x932, 2018-12-10 16_18_55-Alana Reid…)

nta but posting screenshots from replies in the twitter thread shay screenshotted in her initial post

No. 747051

File: 1544477350616.png (678.26 KB, 1853x879, 2018-12-10 16_20_43-KingStroke…)

then here's some receipts about the indigowhite girl

No. 747057

File: 1544477841194.png (900.63 KB, 1875x921, 2018-12-10 16_19_46-Alana Reid…)

missed one

No. 747061

She's going all out here because she knows its a good time with people feeling sorry for Kevin Hart and his past tweets situation. That and she knows her racism is not as obvious and blatant as indigo white's so she probably expects sympathy points for that. With that said, at least she admitted she does stupid and inexcusable shit for attention, but that was already obvious to everyone. However, she is straight up LYING by claiming she was a child when she did it. Fuck her for trying to be deceptive. It null and voids her apology and makes it clear she doesn't take full responsibility for her own actions.

No. 747070

Shayna, your trump video was from mid 2017. It wasn’t when you were a teenager. She’s really trying to sweep his under the rug, kek.

No. 747073

File: 1544479514384.png (30.64 KB, 438x554, 2018-12-10 17_00_29-ok, so it’…)

she posted something similar on tumblr with the twitter caps

No. 747085

File: 1544480258704.jpg (974.02 KB, 1920x1920, SI_20181210_141413.jpg)

To add to the recent caps, some old ones I've found from within the last year (and a half?)

No. 747086

File: 1544480281509.jpg (971.33 KB, 1920x1920, SI_20181210_141501.jpg)


No. 747088

File: 1544480404244.jpg (621 KB, 1920x1920, SI_20181210_141526.jpg)


No. 747089

what was this conversation in reference to? It’s all over the place.

No. 747090

File: 1544480528852.jpg (832.13 KB, 1920x1920, SI_20181210_141627.jpg)


No. 747093

File: 1544480736401.jpg (963.28 KB, 1920x1920, SI_20181210_142537.jpg)

This apparently

No. 747094

please include some context with these posts, not all of them refer to her being a racist asshole.

No. 747095

File: 1544480773512.png (20.81 KB, 606x213, 2018-12-10 17_18_05-Barbie, Th…)

No. 747096

File: 1544480786082.jpg (518.26 KB, 1920x1920, SI_20181210_141640.jpg)

Sorry for all the caps but idk when these were last mentioned in any threads it's been awhile

No. 747097

File: 1544480832113.png (86.04 KB, 586x829, 2018-12-10 17_18_56-Neko Wishe…)

she's really trying to rally the troops on twitter

No. 747098

lmfao she went off

No. 747099

Racist, complaining about GFM getting heated about findom and being a hypocrite over the course of the last year

No. 747102

Shay aint sorry but maybe you will get that follow now.

No. 747107

File: 1544481450026.png (24.38 KB, 448x436, 2018-12-10 17_33_39-Tumblr.png)

lol hmmmmmm

No. 747113

Fupa is just probably looking for another chick he can fuck for free.

No. 747115

Is this the same neko bitch who used to post in this thread or nah?

No. 747117

everything is drama to Shayna if it doesn’t involve her getting complimented.

No. 747118

Lol bet girls are swarming at the idea of hanging out in that house with no furniture, hope you like sitting on the floor, girls!

No. 747119

yeah it’s the same crazy autistic girl as bunny kat.

No. 747120

maybe shay will move out the 'princess tent' and dog kennel into the living room

No. 747124

Oh for fucks sakes Fupa is absolutely going to pull an Onion and offer to "help" by getting in on filming a threesome or offering the new girl a dick to suck for her vids. Do they even have a spare room for a guest? Shay is filming out of a closet as it is.

No. 747125

wait that was this year? I could have sworn it was last year

No. 747127

No it was last year you’re correct

No. 747131

lol are they making sph porn? If so Fupa would be perfect.

No. 747133

"Would you like to sleep in the dog cage or the princess tent?"

No. 747134

"Would you like to sleep in the dog cage or the princess tent?"

No. 747136

File: 1544483046896.png (70.93 KB, 604x652, 2018-12-10 18_00_18-Barbie, Th…)

lmao she makes one apology and suddenly the weight of the world is off her shoulders

No. 747146

this is just further evidence she doesnt really care about her past fuck ups. She just wants that sweet sweet validation and attention.

No. 747166

File: 1544484925413.jpg (188.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181210-183454.jpg)

It was even creepier but he edited it I guess kek

No. 747231

>If you're creepy and you know it, edit your post.
Shayna's post said nothing about Fupa being involved then all of a sudden he comes in with a desperate "come hang with usssss" before realizing his mistake. Makes me think Shay is intentionally leaving out that he will be there in the hillbilly mansion with them to "supervise"

No. 747282

Too bad she'll only ever experience the first half of that "kink".

No. 747305

Well, now she's gotten a taste of how repulsive her own content is to everyone else.

No. 747372

kek imagine going to buttfuck nowhere, having to play around with shay's stanky pussy on cam, sleeping in an unfurnished room and hearing these two sick cunts fuck every night.
for a week.

mark my words anons, literally no one is going to accept this sweet sweet deal

No. 747376

Ugh imagine sleeping on the floor of whatever room they have set up for said guest, and due to the house being completely empty, you hear shayna’s loud, obnoxious and forced moaning/screaming echoing throughout the house.

And probably the sound of Fupa’s hairy kangaroo pouch smacking against his own body. /vom

No. 747409

I cannot get over how she fucking types like she’s in junior high. How can anyone take you seriously like that? And how can you even portray any sort of professionalism communicating like that? There’s a time to be a “dumb little girl,” and a time to be a fucking mature adult. Jesus effing Christ

No. 747413

A vaguely supportive post containing the phrase "with that said" is so suspicious to me lmao

No. 747430

File: 1544532943392.jpg (Spoiler Image, 177.93 KB, 1040x2048, IMG_9713.JPG)

So much shoop everywhere but the crusty lips. I don't understand how someone can have such chronically dry, cracking, and peeling lips for YEARS and not figure out a way to help herself. I also an't imagine what those cactus lips must feel like on fupa's chode

No. 747432

peep himeka agreeing with her. When will twitter drag frankentitties again?

No. 747434

File: 1544534107417.jpeg (83.76 KB, 1125x734, 46334B76-9E04-497C-B6F0-264571…)

why does he keep editing this lmao

No. 747439

He's probs over the top excited about getting a teenage girl in the house

No. 747444

i swear that nipple is getting bigger and bigger

No. 747452


He's lurking so hard

No. 747484

File: 1544544569881.gif (1.75 MB, 364x364, tumblr_pjkxdzpJDZ1rbth7u_400.g…)

> Anonymous:
>How much do you trust your Daddy?

>enuf 2 let him give me a black eye

lmao classy as always

No. 747488

he punched her in the face??

No. 747491

that's what i'm getting from it cuz uwu bdsm

No. 747492

Yeah no. I'm betting she got daydrunk again and tripped over a cord.

Trying to word it to be less creepy I suppose. Even if by some miracle someone wanted to come to interact with Shay, Fupa would be the factor to scare them off. No one cares about him and certainly no one wants a guy who posts the shit he does lurking around them when they're visiting a new state in a house they've never been to.

No. 747494

File: 1544545158294.jpg (19.14 KB, 269x258, 1.JPG)

Didn't she just confess to filming her first fingering video for Fupa earlier this year because she's never done it before because of her nails?

No. 747498

File: 1544545511966.jpg (42.94 KB, 960x379, 2.JPG)


Dolly's Christmas wishlist. Isn't that the same bear that ended up in a dumpster?

She's also got an overpriced Lush that may or may not be legit because it nearly burned someone's house down when they charged it.

No. 747501

yes because she had gone to those awful dollar store press on nails if you recall. her nails are short in that fingering video i believe.

No. 747508

>mfw not everyone gets obvious pt references around here anymore
I’m sad gals

Lmao I was thinking the same thing it’s bizarre as fuck

No. 747509

lmaooooo she really, legitimately aspires to be trailer trash. meth-induced domestic abuse lewks kween. she really does belong in oklahoma afterall lmfao

No. 747512

File: 1544549578683.png (4.69 KB, 268x199, 2018-12-11 12_29_23-Mozilla Fi…)

how about a couch and a bed?? maybe a coffee table?

No. 747520


This, they flex about getting a 600$ Christmas tree and some other shit they don't need but don't bother to get some basic furniture to look less trailer trash and look less like people who live in the bathroom 24/7 lmao

Also, with a regular job, both options would be no problem with a decent money management.

No. 747525

If she had even an ounce of business sense she’d get a new camera. No professional “porn stars” shoot all their content on a shitty webcam.

No. 747527

So the money people were giving her for a camera, she’s going to use for a Nintendo switch? are you fucking kidding?

No. 747528

Watch her get serious eye or orbital damage from unsafe practices. He probably just bare knuckle hits her, If they’re even doing this.

No. 747529

yeah can't believe they're not practicing safe face punching

No. 747533

File: 1544551525209.gif (1.98 MB, 304x226, 6e447ab405fe96e957da4d423523a1…)

No. 747541

Lol touché anon

No. 747550

you memeing now but it's a matter of time a bdsmfag spawns here to teach us all how to properly and ethically and consensually and hurr durr beat someone's face
sage for salt

No. 747552

File: 1544554901474.jpeg (833.83 KB, 1242x894, BF3B0C4A-E8F4-4256-BB4C-C7CB86…)

it’s kind of sad how even at 15/16 she still looked like a washed out druggie. I think she would have done better if she kept this style though. At least her hair was nicer and there was something there to salvage.

But even if you look at her old posts she’s always had that Down syndrome special needs smile. It’s weird and kind of creepy.

No. 747553

File: 1544554951447.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1242x1820, F7ACC930-C92A-4BF4-AC3E-C55C22…)

No. 747554

and tbh for a teenager she had pretty good skin. Now she’s all wrinkled with dark spots and even more significant bags under her eyes.

No. 747560


this post gives off such creepy vibes

if anyone took them up on this, I have the feeling that fupa would try to assault them in the middle of the night

No. 747568

>she had pretty good skin

You must be blind, she's already developing forehead wrinkles and her eyebags are huge in that photo

No. 747569

File: 1544557091814.png (13.86 KB, 259x528, 2018-12-11 14_34_31-Mozilla Fi…)

ah the old 62 cent special

No. 747570

lmfao he edited this 3 fucking times. each time it gets more cringy and creepy

imagine being in your mid-late 30s and editing this meaningless tumblr post 3 times in one day

No. 747580

she even used to have a nicer nose too when she was younger, her entire face just got waaaay worse in the last 3 years. her eyebags and forehead are atrocious here though already

No. 747585

in perspective, she was a teenager. Most teenagers have much worse skin. and yeah she’s always had those puffy eye bags, but they’re worse now.

No. 747586

sounds like she really values her content

No. 747588

idk what you're on about, but teenagers in general should have better skin than a smoking alcoholic 20 something lol unless they have really bad acne. like… that's just aging.

No. 747591

yeah i can say out of the 1500 kids at my school barely anyone had skin as bad as shay's including in terms of acne, hers was worse than most. not every teenager gets acne constantly

No. 747610

File: 1544561404798.png (138.18 KB, 1068x917, 2018-12-11 15_45_22-Mozilla Fi…)

bunch of dumb asks and answers

No. 747612

trying to read the shit she types out always gives me a headache.

No. 747620

why is she pretending that her ass doesn't look identical to hank hills? she never gains weight in her ass lol it's always flat and saggy and sad looking. she looks like a literal twink/tranny

No. 747622

She gains weight in her nipples and stomach

No. 747624

LOL seriously. her nipple gets noticeably larger, never her ass.

also when will this dumb hoe stop lying to everyone about their dads giving her money. like you live with an ugly fat creepy looking loser who has two very young kids whose wife left him lol he's the opposite of a rich sugar daddy with older kids who spoils you. shaytard, you're lying to yourself and everyone else.

No. 747631

File: 1544563601715.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.04 KB, 1100x734, izJys4P.jpg)

(spoiled bc idk if this would gross people out or not)

Shay, that's not a black eye. A quick google search show that black eyes are way more gross and painful looking. The image I posted it the tamest picture I could find, even that looks worse than what Shay has. If anything, it just looks like she has a dark circle under her eye from lack of sleep.

But some tough daddy she has though, am I right guys?

No. 747642

tinfoil but that shit happens when you're pregnant

No. 747644

It looks like she has her period or something. it’s probably just a weird hormonal thing.

No. 747652

It’s actually so fucking weird that Fupa is even engaging any potential models to come hang out in his weird empty pedo house. Like I understand Shay is offering this but I don’t think he should be involved in any way at all. Like he should just not be around for any of it. This is her “job” and no one even remotely professional is gonna want to come film knowing he’ll be there to hang.

No. 747657

This. No one serious or established is going to work with her because of this. Maybe she can beg sadbaffoon to come work with her again. But I doubt she will get anyone with a following to take her up on it.

No. 747661

But he's like a cool dad

No. 747665

I remember way back, an anon said that she looked like a girl who was considered pretty in her tiny hometown just because she was thin and everyone else was a hambeast, but if she went to LA or New York, she’d feel so threatened by the actually really attractive women so she’d stay in bumfuck nowhere to be a big fish in a small pond.
Truer words have never been spoken, she thinks she’s hot shit just because she’s in the middle of nowhere.

No. 747669

does anyone know if she graduated high school? just curious

No. 747671

Yes, just barely, she claimed. She also won a superlative award for being "the loudest" which she's super proud of.

It's probably why she moved out of Seattle and never pursued CA even though she claimed it was her dream and apparently makes 55k a year. She fits in in good ol Oklahoma better.

No. 747673

>heh heh what if you girls make a video both sucking my dick? wouldn't that be hot heh

No. 747676

LMAO she is delusional if she thinks all of the junk food she eats is giving her curves. Everyone has seen her wine gut and small pancake teenage boy ass.

No. 747679

so her apology is "sorry i said rape and murder fetishes were bad, they're actually good." sex worker politics gives me a headache.

obviously kyle wants more tumblr fame and bitches, who are we kidding, but he also clearly thinks he's shay's manager/promoter/fucking brand ambassador. kek.

No. 747705

taking a page outta the ol' onision handbook

No. 747713

File: 1544573291740.jpg (36.69 KB, 500x398, 678b17b1-615a-4b87-9c7f-2f9004…)

No. 747744

You can use that if you want fupes it might work!

No. 747763

File: 1544576617992.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.03 MB, 540x304, c8390569-9c3d-46e1-9a7a-9ad641…)

Her face still kills me in this

No. 747773

she seriously believes that this retarded down syndrome face is hot lol

moron shoving things up her ass while making autist faces, sooo sexy! such a pro sex worker!

No. 747776

oh no not the egg poop video

No. 747777

What sucks is that there are some sex workers I’ve seen that can make that dumb face actually look appealing. Shayna on the other hand, cannot.

No. 747779

She the kinda brainwashed dummy who thinks it's normal for women's eyes to roll up into their head when orgasming and she tried to replicate that… Badly

No. 747790

Imagine she makes this face every time she poops/squeezes something out her ass

No. 747802

Please tell me that's the gif being a little pixeled and not a shit fleck on the egg.

No. 747805


she definitely shit on the egg

No. 747815

File: 1544581759292.jpeg (57.05 KB, 683x381, E0A7E766-6792-4088-9CAF-B10B5D…)

This shit is a fucking goldmine.
She can’t even follow basic directions.
Also those pit stains are fucking gross. Like why would you wear something like that on a real time shoot.

No. 747816

File: 1544581832887.jpeg (55.4 KB, 693x389, 407A0B19-2625-4A1A-B813-2E1076…)

No. 747818

i don't understand how she has such severe sweat stains, must be that she never showers and never washes that shirt.

No. 747825

Fucking holes in the armpits too. An absolute state.

No. 747828

Maybe she doesn’t know you can also wash clothes;I mean she did just start ‘washing’ herself last month.

No. 747829

Best part is that this is literally the beginning of the video. She didn’t do anything yet. She’s literally getting ready and doing her make-up.

No. 747831

lol exactly, like that's how someone's underarms look after over an hour of a more intense workout.

you can tell though that her shirt hasn't been washed in months because there are various different stains and some are more yellow, like it's obviously old and newer sweat stains which again, tells us that shay is a dirty bitch lel

No. 747833

It’s because her clothes are extremely cheap and thin

No. 747834


… how hard is it to … wear antiperspirant? they even have the kind to prevent the staining.

No. 747836

Like I'm a sweaty bitch from medication but surely she shouldn't be travelling in her outfit for a shoot, she surely just changed into it there and then. I can't imagine that smelly fake dungeon being warm.

But yes those stains don't look completely fresh, top looks permanently stained.

No. 747844

They do look like old stains but also dehydrated sweat is more yellow which is a huge possibility with shay lmao

No. 747849

Anon, black eyes do look like that after they have started healing a bit. Bruises fade and swelling goes down.

No. 747851

sage for no new milk but like…y'all comparing shayna less than jess and colleen need to stop. let's see, all three of their parents let them smoke like chimneys in their rooms with no regard to jess's little brother, shay's "abusive" parents, or colleen's poor middle-class parents. IDK jess just went to rehab for heroin/xan addiction and Colleen lives in a fucking cabin in the middle of no where with no apparent job. and i'm pretty sure i don't have to go into detail about shayna by now. these girls are the fucking scum of the earth.

No. 747853

Why is Colleen scum for living off the grid? The only shitty thing Colleen has ever done is associate herself with Shayna. Jess certainly isn’t a prize and is definitely a fuck up but idk they don’t seem in the same league as Shayna style fuck ups.

No. 747854

Wtf is this in reference to??

No. 747855

Nothing really and i admit it. It just came to mind. I can’t imagine being a parent to a daughter who takes “fat bong rips” for an internet presence. Jess’s sister also got pregnant at 18 lmao. They’re all a waste of life

No. 747856

anon tell us exactly which girl touched you and where. kek

No. 747857

all of them touched my HEART with their vocational high school and no college. Yes, it’s true. These girls touched me. Deep in my heart. I truly believe they will go far in life.

No. 747858

sage ur spergs damn

No. 747859

My bad, sorry. I’m not trying to sperg honestly. I just really have hatred towards shay mostly but also her pathetic friends

No. 747862


i didnt realize this was a thread on Colleen and Jess.

No. 747864

aight i will take the bait but and what does that have to do… with shayna? i'm 99% sure jess going to rehab and colleen being on off grid doesn't make them a waste of life if you look at shayna's track record of lying, back pedalling and overall sketchy. also how do you know that jess's sister had a baby at 18 and why does it matter? thats not sus or anything. they were the stoner girls high school girls. shaynas the one with the lies and the thread. it's not that deep. now sage your sperg cuz no1curr.

No. 747866

Tbh it sounds like Shayna self posting

No. 747867


No. 747877

i don't remember anyone bringing those other chicks up in months

No. 747882

File: 1544589683439.png (134.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181211-234038.png)

agency now lists her as "unavailable"

No. 747883

looks like that anon was right. She got her ass fired.

No. 747884

her weight is such an obvious lie on here it's really funny lol

No. 747885

I just can't get over how much she exaggerated her measurements on her MV

No. 747886


Why didn't they just remove her entirely?

No. 747887


probably cant if they have content out with her.

No. 747904

so does this mean >>743416 anon was telling
the truth? shayna really lost it over tumblr being deleted and got herself fired by her "agency" must be why fupapa is really taking the role of "director fupapa mattel". i just want the anon who posted that to post the censored part. the milk.. it steams..
i am the same anon(>747864) tbh u r right, anon. now that you think about it: shayna seems to be the only one who would such info as jess's sister or like any of that info about jess JUST going into rehab since i doubt its been posted by anyone or just shared all willy nilly. either way. sus as fuck

No. 747912

This is a dumb nitpick. It’s obviously a black eye.

No. 747963

Jess posted about her drug addiction and rehab experience on her tumblr psychedelic-freak-out
It isn't privileged information that only shayna would have.

No. 747967

File: 1544613099347.png (Spoiler Image, 81.9 KB, 640x845, IMG_9728.PNG)

I swear she's always wearing those stained hello kitty panties

No. 747970

The tranny's back

No. 747971

File: 1544614399890.png (418.17 KB, 593x628, 1.png)

1/3 - Look who stepped foot in a gym because Fupa dragged her there

No. 747972

Im sorry but what the FUCK is that forehead, how are these the cream of the crop selfies you manage to pull out of your probable 100's in that mirror.
Lookin' musty, lint covered outfit, damaged hair, dry everything. c l a s s

No. 747973

File: 1544614646827.png (528.71 KB, 591x620, 2.png)

2/3 - She has now worked out two (2) times in her adult life. I love how Fupa was just saying how he doesn't wish her boobs/butt were bigger (I can't find the post now, someone else link it?), but now he's got her working out her hank hill ass.

No. 747974

please do some fucking squats

No. 747976

File: 1544614748068.png (474.18 KB, 589x607, 3.png)

3/3 - Such a super smart couple they are ruining their workout with greasy/fatty fast-food immediately after

No. 747977

File: 1544614880414.png (240.89 KB, 584x701, decisions.png)

Shayna is trying to make some tough decisions here and use her 86-cents-a-video money to get things she wants instead of desperately needs (a functioning, non-potato camera)

No. 748004

i swear to god fupa is trying to fatten her up so she'll have less options if she ever decides to leave him kek

No. 748007

as another anon mentioned: weren't there people that donated specifically to fund her new camera? that money just goes to a switch now?

No. 748018

I find it seriously so hard to believe that people are sending her $50. Like it has to be the same people doing it, her gross creepy consistent followers sending her all their money to pretend to be her friend. When I really doubt she gives a shit about them or anyone really. I bet she doesn’t communicate with anyone regularly, actually.

No. 748027

Plenty of models have unavailable though? I don’t think it means she got fired. It probably means she doesn’t have money to get to LA/they can’t find her work at the moment.

No. 748028

Yeah and now she’s going to spend that money on a tv and ANOTHER video game system she won’t use. Remember when she bought the tv & playstation? I’d be pissed.

No. 748029

There’s literally a vid of her and she’s not even working out until Fupa is like “don’t just sit there”

No. 748030

It’s funny to me how she has to basically broadcast something as basic as going to the gym. You’re not showing us anything different, it’s just trailer trash at the gym again.

No. 748033

Bet, she’ll get the camera. Then complain she doesn’t know how to use it. Then say she needs a new one because she can’t use it. Fucking BET.

No. 748048

File: 1544629915521.png (516.39 KB, 473x902, 2018-12-12 10_48_27-Y'all bett…)

lmao thank god her personal trainer fupa is on the scene


No. 748055

wish the anon who called Grimes a Neanderthal looking bitch could glance upon this, I think she'd like it

No. 748056

>Booty building Barbie
He definitely got tired of seeing us make fun of her grandma ass.

No. 748061

She's fully extending her legs, locking her knees–that's literally the first thing a trainer tells you NOT to do when performing leg extensions. Bitch is gonna do more damage than good going to the gym with Fupa.

No. 748063

lol yeah if you watch the vid that's the first thing he tells her so at least there's that

No. 748065

File: 1544632551878.jpg (170.87 KB, 724x903, Screenshot_20181212-103352_Sam…)

ohh ok

No. 748066

god this caveman looking bitch i'm crying. i love seeing the difference between this and >>747971 tbh. she tries so hard to look sexy and cute in her overly filtered pictures, but then seeing her just sitting there, legs fully fucking extended, playing on her phone?? oh man the juxtaposition is disgusting. her hair looks sooo damaged and matted and her brow ridge is paleolithic for fuck's sake.

No. 748067

Oh, yeah that's my bad. I usually avoid watching any of her videos in the first place. On the flip side, I wonder how long this "booty building barbie" thing will last–the second she starts showing muscle definition in her arms or legs, she's gonna feel less "uwu cute lil barbie girl" than ever.

No. 748068

File: 1544632852715.png (171.57 KB, 309x324, 2018-12-12 11_37_04-Y'all bett…)

No. 748069

File: 1544632934728.png (Spoiler Image, 181.8 KB, 538x579, 2018-12-12 11_36_34-Mozilla Fi…)

answered an ask about her trump porn

No. 748073

File: 1544633332136.jpeg (151.06 KB, 1280x720, 93603B42-A704-43D3-ACAD-CE68F0…)


i may have mentioned this in an earlier thread but GOD she's giving me some serious Dooneese vibes

No. 748075

Oh, honey. No. Just no. You are glorifying his comments, not reclaiming them.

No. 748076

god she looks like an old crackhead. i agree with the other anon saying that it's ironic he just answered an ask a couple days ago about not wanting her butt to be bigger but then he posts this wanting her to have ~booty gainz~ for 2019

No. 748077

I truly cannot tell if she's wearing a headband or if those are her dark roots.

No. 748083

File: 1544634791700.png (28.72 KB, 241x237, 2018-12-12 12_08_59-_snow_ - S…)

but don't forget

No. 748086

File: 1544635586589.png (58.01 KB, 270x655, 2018-12-12 12_22_47-Mozilla Fi…)

LMAO she literally can't resist…

No. 748089

“I value my content at less than $1!” Is all this says.

No. 748091

along with "sorry, i actually need $100 more dollars because 'bills'"

No. 748112

File: 1544639336862.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 593.63 KB, 1242x926, 4A5B6246-CB6B-4861-A785-702566…)

“people have been calling me out for being a problematic sack of shit but don’t forget I wore a FUCK TRUMP hat while glorifying his rape comments which totally means I’m in the clear!!!!”

No. 748118

How dumb and senseless is she to double down on this after making a halfassed apology (it was really a plea for sympathy). Next she's gonna double down on calling a Jewish person baby hitler and bring back the n-word for old times sake. Someone buy her a trump mask and dark skinned dildo asap!

No. 748120

pls spoiler lol

No. 748127

Of course they'd have to let her go. Could you imagine the complaints they got from people who hired her and then saw what was lurking underneath when they got ready to film?

Why would Nathan drag her to the gym if she didn't plan on working out? It's not like he has anyone to show her off to with her fried hair and 40 year old skin.

So this means she didn't get "dragged" to the gym, she begged him to let her go with him and just expected she'd get his attention when he purposefully goes to the gym to get away from her.

And is he still wearing his ONE sleeveless shirt that he always wears to the gym?

No. 748129



No. 748140

Kyle Nathan Perkins brought Shayna to the gym in the literal middle of the night. She said they got home from the gym around 3 am.

No. 748143

This is what you see in the middle of the night when you have sleep paralysis. She looks like a crackhead had a baby with a rat.

No. 748144

Sorry I'm so used to calling him Fupa that I forgot Nathan was his middle name. Around here it's usually "Nathan Kyle" instead of "Kyle Nathan"

And what a weird time to go to the gym. I mean he works nights but Shay's on a somewhat normal schedule unless she's hungover in the mornings.

No. 748145

She didn’t get fired though? Idk what you anons are talking about, plenty of models listed on that site are listed as unavailable. They probably just can’t find work for her and/or she doesn’t have the money to get there.

No. 748150

Last time Shayna begged for money for a camera, she bought herself an iPhone X instead. So now she has two iPhones and zero cameras.

No. 748154

well they had her december dates up for LA that she didn't follow through with so maybe they just put her unavailable since she's had quite a long period of inactivity working with them. i'd have to assume it's step one of phasing some of the models out.

No. 748159

i love how she looks like a full blown tranny or cross dresser here lol

No. 748174

his whole schedule in general is weird like she makes it seem that he's gone at work all day but then why would they go to the gym super late….drugs dont let ya sleep i guess

No. 748185

Why is she covering her face and flinging her arm about like a fish? We know you live off of attention Shay, you've said it yourself.

No. 748195


Prob one of those 24-hour, Planet Fitness-type gyms, where one person gets in free if the other has a pass. Meaning if Fupa doesn't go, Shay can't get in, cause let's be real…Shay paying for a gym membership is laughable

No. 748196

her hair looks like it's beginning to turn into that spaghetti-like, never-quite-dry texture you get when you bleach it way too much. what is that piece right on top that seems super short? What is going on with your hair, shay?

No. 748200

omfg she looks like fuckin strega nona in this
"bills" = weed, alcohol, and any other drugs she uses

No. 748226

Don’t do Strega like that

No. 748227

File: 1544652352957.jpeg (314.93 KB, 1242x764, 2DA82550-2532-4705-910C-BEE136…)

lmfao, then she posts angrily about how “you just don’t understand satire!!!!” after “apologizing”. This ain’t it, Shay.

No. 748228

bitch you aren't successful, you are a joke. try again

No. 748229

yesterday: i'm so sorry to anyone i've hurt!11 pls forgive!! im a sweet woke barbee uwu

today: fuck off ur all just trying to invalidate my (non fucking existent) sUcCeSs!!

No. 748230

also this does not apply to shay's retard ass, she made the offensive videos in 2017 did she not? she was 20 then. this tweet is supposed to apply to famous beauty gurus not shay's pathetic unsuccessful ass lol

No. 748232

File: 1544653326513.jpeg (118.87 KB, 750x603, 2491D8CF-6F3E-4E4C-8140-9D9C6C…)

No. 748236

honestly shay needs to be more careful on twitter than tumblr lol. you post one regrettable thing on there and it goes viral and you end up in a buzzfeed article about how terrible you are or something.

No. 748238

but anon, she’s just a ~*baby bimbo*~ she cant make mistakes!

No. 748240

lmao mte. twitter has a more cancel culture shit going on and all cam girls tend to ~buLLy~ others off the platform if they do something shitty unlike tumblr where degenerates have a free for all

No. 748241

File: 1544654694585.png (509.2 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6884.PNG)

Jess really retweeted kyles post YIKEYS

No. 748244

why do you keep using their names its weird lol

No. 748247

Lmao sw make up the weirdest shit… now they’re policing what is and isn’t satire? Lmao.

am I the only one who doesn’t find sw calling out other sw milky? It’s worse than listening to the BDSM people on here complaining about Shay not doing BDSM “correctly”… who the fuck cares?

No. 748250

i'll only be interested if another sw finally fucking calls out shay for looking hideous and being a deluded liar with a diseased ballsack pussy.

No. 748255

i'll only be interested if another sw finally fucking calls out shay for looking hideous and being a deluded liar with a diseased ballsack pussy.

No. 748257

agreed it's weird as fuck

No. 748259

File: 1544655977795.jpg (14.73 KB, 233x257, shaya nona.jpg)

kek the resemblance is uncanny

No. 748260

Satire is a legitimate form of comedy though. And people always try to claim it’s satire or “just a joke” after others are offended. You don’t accidentally make satire, satire always has intention behind it. That’s what makes it funny.

No. 748261

Pretty sure they have already, lmao.

No. 748263

and the bdsm thing matters because she has a large platform of mainly underage girls interested in bdsm. She talks about abuse under the guise of bdsm, and her followers are taking it as what should be normal. Shayna has had a large platform for a while, and by this point should understand she has a responsibility to her audience. Misinforming people about bdsm practices can actually endanger them.

I don’t fucking care if Shayna personally engages in unsafe BDSM. I care when she broadcasts it as safe, sane, and consensual. I care when she uses her platform to make the bdsm community look like a bunch of edgelord fuckers who don’t care about any one else and just live to harm.

Sage for sperg/blogpost

No. 748264

not publicly though like they called her out for the racism stuff lol
i just think it would be great to see other sw's give her a reality check, then she couldn't just try to pass every judgement off as people being anti sex worker.

No. 748265

edgelord fuckers you say

No. 748268

It's a cringe-ass community. Just keep it to yourself at this point. Literally nobody in these threads is sympathetic to the ~bdsm community~ and how it's portrayed.

No. 748277

wow way to completely miss the point pal.

No. 748280

Idk what other point you're trying to make. All I see is another person ree'ing about safe bdsm. Anyone who is using Shay as an authority on any topic is already not off to a good start.

No. 748288

I should’ve known if I brought up the dull BDSM peeps that we could expect more ramblings on BDSM. Kinda wish I could undo my post because it’s adding to the derailing. Oopsie…

No. 748293

Can someone please explain why it's weird to use their names? They are people and they have names. We refer to Shayna by name all the time in here.

No. 748296

I was under the impression we referred to Shay as such or Shayna because she threw such a fit about people calling her, her real name, when her stupid ass decided to do sex work. But ok.

No. 748298

it kind of takes away from the discussion if newer people are reading and trying to figure out who everyone is but idk

No. 748301

We use their names to attach their irl lives to their gross shit lmao
Idc about these misc other people it makes them seem more relevant than they are

No. 748303

File: 1544660305458.png (81.88 KB, 247x702, hmmm.png)

omg… please don't drink a bowl of piss :/

No. 748305

now that has to be against tos

No. 748308

omg i want this to happen so bad. the milk will be so rich

No. 748316

It’s hilarious that she thinks she’ll really win. Plus the person giving her most of the votes is a chick who is obsessed with her, kek.

No. 748324


Um what? Their names are in the thread TITLE attached to their various screen names. It couldn't get any easier

No. 748325

jess and the other girl
not fupapa and shay

No. 748333


Ingesting urine is against MV’s content policy. Yet again the dumb bitch doesn’t read.

No. 748337

She's most likely doing this to get gain some traction on social media but like… She already did the Trump thing poorly, shoved a pan and easter eggs up her ass. No one cares about her content beside the landwhales on Tumblr. This is just going to be another embarrassing thing for her family.

No. 748340

imagine you raise a child for 18 years and then their shriveled deluded brain paints you as abusive and unsupportive for not wanting them to have a "career" where they make almost no money and have to drink their piss and shove eggs up their ass. her mother has my condolences forever

No. 748365

File: 1544669464799.jpg (5.55 KB, 272x199, 457845.jpg)

The worst part of that video was when she took off her shirt, the other girl asked for it to sit on, and she was like "sorry it's a little sweaty". Why would you say that on camera?

No. 748376

someone on cam asked her what she does at every goal and she said “nothing, it just goes towards the big goal!”

That’s…not how it works shayna. At least not on Chaturbate.

No. 748403

she doesn't drink water so imagine how yellow that piss is going to be… gag

No. 748415

File: 1544677945068.jpg (1.33 MB, 2003x2560, A1mMeJtnBEL.jpg)


Kek someone shoop Shay's face on this

No. 748423

File: 1544679270895.jpg (191.13 KB, 720x1078, IMG_6891.JPG)

No. 748432

She's sucking in so hard.

No. 748460

I hope this was just a bathroom and not the locker room. It's SUPER bad form to take photos in a gym locker room, there could be naked people in the background etc.

Also cackling at her in the gym in her falsies and 2" long talons.

No. 748490

Kek love it anon

No. 748503

Anon it was 3am, doubt there were many people walking naked in the locker room

No. 748506


cryptid spotted

No. 748524

File: 1544707467548.jpg (586.05 KB, 1080x1834, 20181213_072322.jpg)

Their Christmas tree is everything I expected. Meaning- tacky and not even close to $600. Kek

No. 748530

when your tree is so ugly it needs a snapchat filter

No. 748536

uh she's not going to leave her gross dog toy stuff on the tree is she

No. 748541

Only two real ornaments. The rest is cheap bondage gear and fluffy hair ties KEK.

No. 748566

Hahaha, for fucks sake this is one of the lamest things I've ever seen

No. 748573

File: 1544717846043.png (64.96 KB, 1049x530, 2018-12-13 11_12_47-Mozilla Fi…)

uwu abusive parents sperg

No. 748577

But anon, didn’t you know her father is abusive for telling her she can’t shove things up her ass and punch herself in the face for pennies under his roof? What kind of disgusting parent would say such a thing! Definitely not like he’s trying to keep her from ruining her adult life more that it already has been.

No. 748580


but she didnt "pick her job over her family" she literally posts about her real dad all the time

No. 748582

idk why she thinks she's "so amazing" at this job. nearly everyone hates her and she makes less than minimum wage most days at this point.

No. 748586

i think it's funny how she atcs like her parents have no right to be embarrassed about her decisions. the constant trashing of them on tumblr every time she gets the chance doesn't exactly help the situation…

No. 748598

Imagine being this one dimensional that you can't even keep your job out of a generic Christmas tradition. No other sw are like this lmao

No. 748599

Imagine being this one dimensional that you can't even keep your job out of a generic Christmas tradition. No other sw are like this lmao

No. 748605

This is honestly so depressing

No. 748613

Shay is so delusional. I can't imagine being told to not do porn in the house or to move out is what she considers "abuse"? Her parents are … looking out for her. Her nasty snatch (and personality) is going to be on the internet forever, and if prospective jobs google her they'll end up here lmao. I can't even begin to imagine having my head so far up my ass like Shay. She's so fucking dumb.

I was also wondering: does she really think she's cute and pretty? Or a bombshell? Does she put on the filters and think that that is what she actually looks like???

No. 748642

File: 1544724426509.jpg (2.21 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_0486.JPG)

No. 748644

gag the delusion is string with these 2

No. 748647

File: 1544724843222.png (32.94 KB, 517x535, 2018-12-13 11_13_06-The other …)

i'm dying at her now giving parenting advice

No. 748648

File: 1544724873339.png (7.53 KB, 276x255, 2018-12-13 13_11_00-Mozilla Fi…)

No. 748650

LMAO that filter has fupa looking like a straight up troll doll

No. 748651


…what like how your entire childhood was before you literally destroyed it by making embarrassing porn under your parents noses?

No. 748652

this is the most pathetic tree i've ever seen lel

No. 748655

But you can make one single big goal? Nice to know she's branching out and taking her scamming to other sites as well.

Isn't this the shit she uses on cam? Not only is she spreading her nasty body fluids onto the tree, whatever chemicals are on the tree are going to get on her stuff and be exposed to her mouth/vagina.

No. 748657

Him with that filter though lmfao he looks like a damn smurf

No. 748659

i like how fupa is doing a classic fat girl pose to try to hide his midsection

No. 748660

“No parent should give their child an ultimatum” are…are you fucking serious? So sure let me just continue to watch my child go down a path of self destruction and NOT give an ultimatum that may help save them. That makes such great sense.

No. 748662

right??? wonder what she thinks about her idol britney spears' parents basically saving her career

No. 748665

shay is the biggest reason why i'm scared to ever have a kid, imagine that their brain is this deluded into painting you as abusive all because you don't want your child to basically destroy themselves like shay does every single day of her awful, embarrassing life

No. 748666

I hope her dad new she'd pick camming. That was the easiest way to get her out of his house without looking like the bad guy. She gets to think she bested him, but in reality her doesn't have to deal with her. Good for him!

No. 748669

I mean she even admitted that when she was underaged they had to go to the police because people had her nudes and knew where she lived. But this dumbass thinks that her parents going "We've already had to go to the cops with this, you're not doing this anymore if you're going to live here" means they're abusive.

Now look at her. Living with a skeevy guy she met for the first time in Mexico, developing a drinking problem, using pot like it's going out of style, and barely scraping by because she spends all her money on stuff she doesn't need instead of saving it.

When Fupa finds another chick on Tumblr that's a better deal than her she's going to find herself living with the horses next door because she doesn't have any money.

No. 748674

File: 1544726655919.jpg (477.85 KB, 570x595, Vm9xpK7.jpg)

thank you troll doll, anon. sorry for the nightmare fuel.

No. 748675

um shay sis… you were a spoiled borderline rich kid who had the easiest life possible until your stupid, mentally retarded ass decided that drinking piss in a closet living with an ugly old deadbeat troll doll looking loser was better than living a privileged life with trips to europe lol

so many lies

No. 748682

File: 1544727340860.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 66.02 KB, 715x349, 40A2E795-6A73-4489-BD76-4EA2B2…)

Okay so the who Cindy Lou & Grinch porn has been done and the costuming is amazing. So this kinda makes me want to see how bad shays version will be but I’m also very afraid.

No. 748683

File: 1544727416323.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 223.62 KB, 1920x1080, 4DE83AE1-1CA7-4BAB-84D6-643322…)

No. 748686

File: 1544727470398.jpeg (33.14 KB, 320x240, E994C57A-3614-4F37-A5A3-9A30FF…)

No. 748688

What even happened for her to ruin her own life and pretend she’s happy now? Like none of this stuff she does is anything to be proud of..

No. 748691

okay…. i'm actually really terrified by this, this is scary

of course shay's version will be way shittier though because she's boring and somehow tricks herself into thinking she's alfred hitchcock making her lazy pornos so

No. 748697

i seriously just think she's a deluded narcissist with very low levels of intelligence and self awareness

No. 748700

File: 1544727993880.jpeg (168.45 KB, 1200x800, 741528D4-BA57-44DC-9D16-7F69B4…)

Dude he literally looks like this guy

No. 748702


pretty sure a few threads back someone pasted Kyles face on that pic kek

No. 748710

lol you know it'll just be her in red underwear doing the usual boring routine

No. 748711

yeah the only thing different is she'll be saying shit like "if i suck your dick mr. grinch will you give me my presents back?" and that's the only indication of it being grinch/cindy lou who related

No. 748713

this is disgusting

No. 748720

she deleted it lmao

No. 748721

she also deleted her cringy as fuck parenting advice anon lol. i was going to cap it but it disappeared

No. 748727

she's so lucky she has us to edit her blog for her tbh

No. 748734

nah the trolls dick is too big to be him

No. 748738

i genuinely dont understand why porn exists

like..there is someone out there who has had an orgasm to this

No. 748743

idk I could understand this before i ever understand bronies. just remember; if it exists; some has jerked off to it.

No. 748778

This is disturbing. And those actual ornaments are from wal mart. Just goes to show she has no interaction with normal people. Imagine if you had a non-Tumblr non-sw friend come over and see this Christmas tree. How embarrassing.

No. 748783

File: 1544735593848.png (342.29 KB, 438x548, 2018-12-13 16_09_21-Tumblr.png)

i'm dead. fupa reblogged a picture of momokun.

No. 748793

>Considers her parents/family "toxic"
>Is the toxic one in the family

It goes both ways Shay. Clearly your mom and dad considered you to be toxic / problematic and made you go be your own adult person somewhere else away from them if getting naked on the internet for money was going to be your priority in life

No. 748808

This is a cursed image

No. 748809

This is intentional parody porn. Woodrocket is the company. They literally do it as a joke, and they always have disclaimers and stuff about how it’s parody and whatnot. Plus they NEVER portray characters as underage. Which is very important. They did a rugrats one but they were grown up, and a Pokémon one where the characters were grown up. Shayna is actually trying to portray the character as a child, that’s the whole reason why she wants to do it, which makes it fucking creepy.

No. 748814

thats still fucked up wth

No. 748819

so it’s still wrong to do a “grown up” version of the rugrats? Really? I guess you must not have any creativity or imagination since you can’t imagine any characters growing up. They specifically say in the disclaimer AND dialogue that they’re adults now. I’m not sure why that still makes it problematic?

No. 748826

Man, some of y'all just really, really hate porn and sexworkers.(angery)

No. 748827

lmao not even that anon but if you don't think that's a little weird then…. okay.

No. 748828

lmao not even that anon but if you don't think that's a little weird then…. okay.

No. 748833

sorry you wanna fuck chuckie anon, I'll pray 4 u

waawaa my parents don't support me drinking piss in dog cage

No. 748834

File: 1544742662618.jpg (92.2 KB, 600x634, DFvuveSXYAADEYp.jpg)

What's with Fupa's pose? He looks like meme related

No. 748835

Seriously do you have such little imagination that you can’t even fathom hypothetical cartoon characters GROWING UP? How is it wrong to take the image/idea of a character and imagine them as a now sexual human in adulthood? Rugrats was what, 20 years ago? Sorry your childhood is ruined Becky, but if people using child characters and pretending they’re adults for porn bothers you that much, maybe you should go back to your church meeting and pray you don’t get more stupid.

No. 748837

It’s the classic “white guy who thinks he’s down with the urban flayva” pose. The “I have a black friend, bro, I’m with it, I listen to the raps, I’m hood” pose

No. 748838

shayna? Is that you? if it’s not, sorry the retard text speech rubbed off on you.

No. 748839

File: 1544742916243.jpg (61.25 KB, 609x668, DB2ztN5UQAAgN6P.jpg)

No. 748840

They chose an actress who looks eerily like the little Cindy Lou girl from the movie, though. That's the creepy part

"Really dude? Let me check your playlist, let's see how's your taste in rap-"
>Soundcloud mumblerappers

No. 748841

i think people think it's weird because the show rugrats is a classic show for very young kids, that's all though i'm not passionately against it

tip though: calling people becky isn't witty just cringy pls refrain anon

No. 748847

yeah, your ideas on sex and porn are definitely equivalent to that of an old Victorian woman.

No. 748849

A lot of their stuff is creepy and weird don’t get me wrong. But they do make it noticeable that it’s a parody, and make sure that all the characters are portrayed as adults. So they don’t use baby voice/baby talk or anything like that to make it seem like the character is a child. Shayna wants the character to be a child, and tries to talk and act like a child would.

No. 748859

Lmao is this bait or are you really that retarded?

No. 748864

“I don’t understand sarcasm, how can someone possibly take my perfectly crafted joke and flip it on me?!” - you

No. 748865

File: 1544745581408.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 855.6 KB, 1051x1756, 1D98A023-2EBF-48BF-AC74-6F610B…)

She is trying so damn hard to get people to buy that shitty dom video. I’m dying.

No. 748881

I'm not the anon you were originally responding to tho, bud.

No. 748883

Jesus the most minuscule things get argued about constantly in shay threads..

No. 748884

Thread poll: Is Shayna’s nose big? Or normal sized?

Inb4 she’s in the too small nightgown (ready to busy at the armpits) and simple pigtail braids, and it comes out in late January.

No. 748885

Nah rugrats porn is definitely the hill to die on

No. 748897

This picture looks like a special needs child with her guardian..

No. 748898

File: 1544750664881.png (7.84 MB, 1125x2436, 62785EB4-8433-4EE1-BDF6-A09A06…)

Love her dinner in the background of the photo

No. 748907

So she just keeps her snacks and belongings strewn about the floor eh. I guess that could happen if you have no furniture or sense of self worth.

No. 748908


i get that she just leaves all of her shit on the floor because she's a trash human, but why include it in /half/ of the photo?

No. 748910

Does she just love being on the floor or something?

No. 748912

well at least they’re 80 cents now instead of 62.

No. 748913

I was not expecting my two favorite cows to collide holy shit I'm howling

No. 748915

I know this shit doesn’t matter but on one of her recent videos she posted on tumblr she did a close up on her phone (as it said “snapchat from batman” and she was dressed as harley) and her iphone 6 plus obviously still has service and i’m pretty sure anons in a previous thread said that her dad most likely still pays her phone bill

why the fuck would she spend $1000 on an iphone x and not even have service with it?? that’s just sad

No. 748916

Who lied and told her this stupid ass face was cute?

No. 748922

Idk I think the weirdness comes from the fact that they're literal babies. It's weird to look at a diaper wearing baby and be like "damn I wish he was an adult so I could fuck him" lmao

This is the video that made her feel so uncomfortable when people complemented her as a dom, but here she is begging for reviews

Yeah I've always thought this. It's definitely at least an unflattering shape

No. 748927

they’re not literal or real babies. they are cartoon characters. not real people. the real people who portrayed them, did so as new, adult versions of their characters. Why is this so hard for some of you to grasp?

Shayna takes characters like that and portrays them as literal children. Talking like a child, acting like a child, etc. when you update the character and make it your own, for example making the baby character now an adult, it changes.

I think some of you have caught Shayna’s autism. You cant imagine your precious, FAKE, CARTOON characters being reimagined for parody. “Reeeeee my childhood is ruined!”(calm down)

No. 748928

that was posted like 50+ posts ago.

No. 748931

The real autism is you still bitchin about the useless sperging. Just let it go jesus.

No. 748932

i found the perfect king of the hill reaction gif for you but it got corrupt sadly so anyway why are you STILL on this? nobody in this thread can gently say "yeah i think it's a little weird" without chucky-diddler yelling about how somehow it's on shayna's level of autism lol

No. 748939

File: 1544758266416.jpg (224.88 KB, 1280x960, please stop talking.jpg)

Imagine being this determined to convince the people of lolcow that making porn based on cartoon babies isn't even remotely weird

No. 748941

oh boohoo most of us on this thread hate watching women be exploited and abused on camera and think portraying pedophiliac things is fucked up.

No. 748943

come back here after you've grown a brain thanks

No. 748945

anyways, back on topic.
This is such a weird angle. It's not flattering for her body, and the fact you can see her messy floor with goldfish on it is laughable. Couldn't she have just taken this in front of her wall or something? Why show your messy house as well?

No. 748949

File: 1544760249783.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.53 MB, 1242x1849, E64E4CE3-52A3-4297-A983-DE82BE…)

the shadow makes it look like she has severe cellulite on her ass. How do you not notice that?

No. 748950

it's a reflection of light and tinsel or whatever, calm down.

No. 748954

They literally said it was a shadow. It is an unfortunate shadow, and it would take all of two minutes to retake the photo to keep the illusion of ~flawless Barbie~

No. 748956

Fupa actually made it look like she has an ass but that top looks like it's strangling her and cutting off blood flow.

That ceiling though. Did a blind person paint their walls? Or someone who's never heard of masking tape?

No. 748963

its still fucking retarded and inappropriate

No. 748964

move the fuck on.

No. 748966

yikes lol

No. 748974

Shayna and fupa painted, not even kidding.

No. 748976

File: 1544763640413.jpg (56.74 KB, 400x530, raggedy bitch.jpg)

face ass

No. 748994

i thought it was cellulite too. everything here looks atrocious as usual. her lingerie doesnt fit her and her hair…well….you all know

No. 749053

How much y'all wanna bet this tree's gonna catch on fire cause her lazy ass doesn't feel like unplugging the lights

No. 749073

Nitpick but her ass is so weird??? Like the angle makes it look bigger here but you can see midway down where itjust turns into a flat, straight line

No. 749078

File: 1544788532953.png (Spoiler Image, 103.4 KB, 640x639, IMG_9734.PNG)

When you're smol but as big as your sorry ass Christmas tree

No. 749080

File: 1544788648876.png (101.57 KB, 640x859, IMG_9736.PNG)

White supremacist Barbie at your service!

No. 749081

File: 1544788769585.png (Spoiler Image, 105.53 KB, 640x642, IMG_9735.PNG)

These ass shots are so extra

No. 749100

This looks like it's from the perspective of one of those giant fetish videos lmao

No. 749109

i guess hes still mad at that anon that asked if he wished her butt was bigger. imagine going to these extreme angles and still looking shit kek

No. 749111

File: 1544795413345.jpeg (156.06 KB, 640x676, 6C2AA23F-008D-4DED-BF5E-FC6508…)

No. 749112

can this stuPID BITCH use concealer FOR ONCE IN HER LIFE crackhead looking cunt
and this retarted ass face makes me so angry oh my god she’s so obnoxious

No. 749115

it always makes me laugh to think about that fact that she has LITERALLY nothing going on in her life and still can't take 20 minutes to try to work on her appearance. like… that is what you're selling. fix it.

No. 749129

so she never drank her piss right??? i think she ended up deleting that post lmao.

No. 749156

It is weird to see a skinny version of Kyle. Maybe this will be good thinspo for him

No. 749160

all i can see is the crew sock tan lines

No. 749181

godamnit anon

No. 749191

File: 1544811124641.png (9.66 KB, 264x343, 2018-12-14 13_07_44-Mozilla Fi…)

lmao why does she sound so salty about this ask???

No. 749194

Lmao, she can't give a straight answer because no one is buying her shit.

No. 749195

File: 1544811339633.png (85.16 KB, 606x758, 2018-12-14 13_11_46-Barbie, Th…)

hmmm hiding likes and lying about follower counts? sounds like she had first-hand experience kek

No. 749212

Exactly. Her most loved video on MV only has 78. Her videos only have like 2 or 3 reviews, if any. She does have 84 “crushes” which apparently costs $10 /month. I don’t know anything about MV though so I don’t know how much of that actually goes to her.

No. 749216

60% goes to her but sometimes MV has special times that give out more. I'm surprised to hear she has that many crushes actually

No. 749218


yeah but 84 isnt a very big number when u take into account that she "has 150K on tumblr" and makes "sooo00o0oo much money" a year.
it makes me wonder how many people actually bought her snap that werent farmers, cuz i know we did have at least 2 snap anons in here at one time.

No. 749232

File: 1544820160735.png (129.32 KB, 941x596, 2018-12-14 15_38_22-dollymatte…)

literally begging over $80 worth of stuff kek

No. 749246

wow, another rug that'll get filthy with god-knows-what in like a week

No. 749323

This will be the third rug if she gets it. Bitch can't clean anything.

No. 749334

Too bad they couldn't coax Momo into visiting Haus Mattel.

No wonder Fupa is always bitching about her being messy.

Literally looks like a white trash Christmas. When someone's whole image is sugarbaby bimbo with rich old men throwing money at her she never once tries to live up to that. She films on the floor and she has to beg for $5 props. Now her whole 'sexy Christmas' image looks like she filmed it in a trailer.

Daddy can't buy her this? Is he even getting her Christmas gifts or is his dick in a box all the gift she's getting?

No. 749363

Seriously I’m really tired of her filming on the fucking floor. And then asking for a fancy ass camera and backdrops and shit when you know she’s just gonna keep filming on the floor.

She reminds me of that chick from young Frankenstein who loves rolling in zee hay

No. 749374

Isn’t Shay supposed to be filming tonight? I can’t find her schedule on any of her sites but I would’ve sworn it said “Friday 8PM- 10 PM”? You would think with Christmas coming up she would be trying a little harder. I guess when you don’t have people to give gifts to, what’s the point?

No. 749392

she's on rn. i also just realized she must have to get equally as fucked up on weed and alc before she gets on chaturbate bc they don't allow it as much as she would a over a whole cam sesh on mfc..jesus

No. 749394

Is that why she keeps going off camera? To smoke or drink?

No. 749403

>>749394 oh definitely, honestly she looks exponentially more fucked up when she comes back every time

No. 749421

The MV crushes number isnt really accurate; it counts all the crushes you have had in total. Not how many she currently has.

No. 749445

I wonder if you can report users on chaturbate for breaking the rules? it clearly says on her profile "420/Wine"… I'm pretty sure weed isn't legal in bumfuck Oklahoma

No. 749449

You can but I think they have to be online.

No. 749450

Interesting. Surprised no one has done it yet, since she is blatantly flouting the rules. But da dumb baby bimbo duznt undastand da rulez!11!!! god I hate this bitch

No. 749454

I actually have but nothing came of it. She was smoking a bowl on cam like it was nothing.

No. 749466

File: 1544858830696.jpeg (152.71 KB, 600x600, 086A9FDB-5CD2-458B-A77E-414CCB…)

Idk why you guys keep going on about the chaturbate rules saying she can’t drink or smoke weed when the mfc rules say basically the same thing. I kinda doubt they care about the drinking and smoking that much the same as mfc doesn’t care that much (pic related)

No. 749467

well chaturbate is more ban happy

No. 749469

you're prolly right but I just like to see her suffer, and it would be funny to see her crying about getting banned and then going back to MFC and crying because no one will tip her in her room except her orbiters Fox and Harley because she's a scammer who ignores her customers.

No. 749494

Mfc it says excessive, but chaturbate its any consumption.

No. 749495

File: 1544874215195.png (34.31 KB, 640x248, IMG_9740.PNG)

Shayna is ~so in love~ with Kyle guys

Not super milky but it's gross. Shayna has such low standards. The bar is so low it's on the floor, right next to her.

No. 749496

File: 1544874544069.png (71.63 KB, 640x433, IMG_9741.PNG)

>Views porn in public with no consideration for who may be around her while stuffing her face with greasy fast food devoid of any actual nutrition that contributes heavily to her skinny fat body type
>thinks she's so edgy and relateable because of this

No. 749497

File: 1544874671008.png (Spoiler Image, 79.17 KB, 640x725, IMG_9742.PNG)

A Cloudy Christmas with a chance of hank hill ass unfortunately

No. 749498


Looks like a dude that pisses on the christmas tree.

No. 749499

File: 1544874904205.png (42.97 KB, 640x284, IMG_9744.PNG)


No. 749500

File: 1544875042505.png (97.42 KB, 640x695, IMG_9745.PNG)

Photos not new but every time I see these I'm haunted by that special needs giraffe girl galloping over to fupa in the airport like it's feeding time

No. 749506

File: 1544877520597.jpg (28.44 KB, 247x496, begging.JPG)

Never forget when she fully believed Fupa was going to propose to her and he hadn't even told her he loved her yet.

Is she really rehashing her old posts in an attempt to go viral on twitter? She posted something like this almost word for word ages ago when she was traveling somewhere.

No one wants to pay to see your "doll parts" to begin with. It's why you got fired from porn.

And more begging from Cheap Mattel. P.O. Boxes cost less than $15 a month, Shay. Just skip a nail session and you can afford it.

No. 749517

I'm beginning to think that she just uses begging as an excuse to be lazy. Like she believes that if she says she can't afford something and needs someone to buy it for her or pay her way then it's not HER fault if she doesn't get off her ass and do it.

No. 749518

Absolutely. I mean… literally begging ransoms on social media to buy you furniture… ???? Wtf ? Go buy furnishings like an adult. You’re apparently making money and your partner works… Go buy a rug from like… a furniture store or something it’s not that hard. Or shit buy that one from Amazon. I can understand having a wishlist on Amazon for extra stuff, but having furniture on a wishlist … and children’s toys……..

No. 749529

File: 1544885748300.jpg (Spoiler Image, 451.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181215-095406.jpg)

>week old bush
lmao sounds and looks real appealing, shay. why does the bottom half of her face look like it belongs to a 40 year old woman? can't tell if her usual sores are covered or finally healing up.

No. 749530

It's been what, years? with her and her diseased and mangled pussy, and you think it could possibly heal?
kek, good one anon.

No. 749531

I absolutely can't for the life of me unsee the ballsack thing, and it's completely hilarious every time.
It looks like a sad, deflated ballsack colored in with crayons.

No. 749540

i cannot unsee the 'bush' looking like Popeye's beard of something. it's awful

No. 749551

File: 1544889608694.jpg (33.14 KB, 405x439, tumblr_panoenrrA01qf0x4io7_500…)

>hairy lil doll parts

just call em your nuts, ma'am. you have balls.

No. 749555

someone should pay her to keep the bush. i know there’s still sores under there but her pussy looks astronomically better with hair there. shayna please for the love of god just keep it.

No. 749556

p sure you can see the redness underneath the beard

No. 749560

Nah she's ready to wax that shit and have a brand new flare-up

No. 749581

it's all still there. The screenshot lost quality. If you look at the photo on her Tumblr, it's all still there under the hair

No. 749605

File: 1544901300476.jpg (148.98 KB, 1080x918, Screenshot_20181215-111906_Tum…)

I can't with her

No. 749606

File: 1544901330770.jpg (62.5 KB, 1080x645, Screenshot_20181215-112027_Tum…)

Until the new cam girl comes

No. 749631

Good catch anon; cause we all know how fucking jealous she has admitted to being.

No. 749633

How is this even a clapback?
>You're mad no one sends YOU anything! Not that I'm getting it anyway because I don't have a PO Box. Take that, hater!

Does she really think she can get a stranger to buy her a PO Box anyway? You can't order them off Amazon, Shay. You have to actually go to the post office and fill out paperwork for them.

Note the words "including Dolly". He'd not hesitate to have a threesome if it was with two other women with Shay nowhere in sight.

Sorry had to delete and repost for bad English.

No. 749634

This is 100% from a farmer though, which is fucking annoying. She lurks this thread like it’s her lifeblood.

No. 749637

Lol that’s assuming anyone wants to go and work with Shayna, top kek

No. 749640


not very safe to assume that all the anon hate she gets is from a farmer.
i sent her a few choice words myself once, months before i even discovered lolcow.
regular people on tumblr dislike her as well, and anyone that thinks she's not an idiot for asking for a "mail daddy" is fucking daft themselves.

No. 749641

why would she post this imge? her body literally looks like a flat, shapeless tranny noodle. why out yourself for being a clone of hank hill from behind?

No. 749653

i actually sent many more mean anons to dumb bitches like shay before i ever came to lolcow lol so yeah it's possibly not a farmer but i mean it also could be.

No. 749656

What guy doesn’t want a 3 way? Only ones with small chodey dicks and a hairy fupa.
Their whole lives revolve around sex. It’s so pathetic. You’d think since their only interest is sex, they’d be open to a 3 way. Clearly they’re both way too insecure to find someone else.

Probably an unpopular opinion, but I prefer her vag looking like this than anything. It’s gonna be a fucking mess when she’s done and she knows it. Otherwise she would offer pictures of her freshly shaved “doll parts”.

No. 749666

You can always tell it's salty farmers sending her anons when they go on and on about how delusional she is lol.. It's obvious.

No. 749678

this was my thoughts as well.

No. 749680

I agree that bush just works better on her. and it really worked for that tweaked out hippy stoner girl look she has/had. idk why she doesn’t just let it chill for a while, or get it lasered. girl has no idea how to take care of her skin, let alone take care of her most sensitive area.

No. 749696

File: 1544917733133.jpg (227.18 KB, 1080x1360, Screenshot_20181215-174829_Tum…)

No. 749697

File: 1544917811572.jpg (Spoiler Image, 589.43 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181215-174947_Tum…)

You can see all the bumps and boils

No. 749701


"Copy pasta"

Or maybe they're asking you the same thing because you live in her shadow and if they like her, they may like you, as well, and also want to know where you're going???

God he's such a dick for no fucking reason.

No. 749704

>skinny fat gut rounding out

it's really growin lol

No. 749706

not tryna wk but there's also a uterus in there. girls naturally have a small bump on their lower abdomen bc there are organs right there. not to say that she hasn't gained a little weight, I just think this is worth pointing out

No. 749708

i know this but i feel like shay's is more of a small beer + cheeseburger gut, plus i really believe it's getting more noticeable which also leads me to believe it's more gut than biology. the lines on her skin also suggest it's a beer gut (i am aware that everyone gets faint stomach roll imprints though but again hers are looking more and more prominent)

No. 749714

File: 1544920515091.jpg (225.83 KB, 1080x1271, Screenshot_20181210-192053_Tum…)

Why are people so delusional

No. 749718

>assuming most people on this board don't know where the uterus is located


No. 749726

File: 1544922408892.jpg (85.74 KB, 1080x603, Screenshot_20181215-190549_Tum…)

So she actually comes out of the closet? And also, didn't him and Shay at one point say that Fupa had cats? If so, where are they?

No. 749727

i don't remember it ever being said that fupa has cats. they have been posting a lot with ribmeat lately. i think a couple days ago fupa posted a video petting her.

No. 749734

It's great to know that Ribmeat gets more love and affection from fupa these days than the children that came from his own loins

No. 749736

His facebook shows he just saw his kids last weekend. I’m sure he has scheduled visitations. Rib is probably just as neglected

No. 749839

File: 1544967520871.jpg (247.78 KB, 2048x1040, IMG_9754.JPG)

Oh honey no…

No. 749840

File: 1544967709184.png (103.02 KB, 640x850, IMG_9756.PNG)

Sooooo hilarious wow /s

No. 749841

File: 1544967792857.png (57.6 KB, 640x601, IMG_9757.PNG)

When medicority is rewarded with even more mediocrity

No. 749848

her lack of engagement on twitter actually gives me life kek.
almost 3.5k followers and she's getting less than 50 likes and 20 rt's on her post.
wonder how many of them are actually real.

No. 749849

File: 1544970747008.png (57.03 KB, 614x473, 2018-12-16 09_28_42-Barbie, Th…)

she got some action on this post but it's a tumblr repost so i'm not impressed

No. 749851

File: 1544971343211.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.78 MB, 626x764, ezgif.com-optimize.gif)

was the full video posted? i had to because it's so cringe.


No. 749863

IM CRYING this bitch really has ZERO ass

No. 749864

Sooo deswnsitised but if anyone tries to say anything sexual towards her while she's camming it triggers her lmao

He'd rather be a shit that let his following know where he posts?? It's a generic message fupa who cares

Is she… Trying to ahegao