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File: 1551653266523.png (36.64 KB, 728x464, 1550657755388.png)

No. 783044

Old Milk:
>Dawn kicks Shay out for lying about being broken up with Fupa
>Shay posts a 20 minute snapchat rant claiming Dawn was controlling and wouldn't let her have a shower curtain, and that she had a secret boyfriend who lived in the basement
>Flies to Tulsa and stays in a series of cheap hotels (paid for by Dawn)
>Begs her followers for money for a different hotel, as well as her hefty room service bill and booze
>Claims to be saving up to get her own place
>As far as we know, she is currently most likely wandering the streets of Tulsa, dragging her suitcase and Valentine's Day teddy she bought herself and muttering "anal" under her breath.
>Will she go back to Fupa and tried to hide her location? Or will she be forced to return to her "abusive" parents? The thrilling saga of this freeloading skank continues!

Latest Milk:
>Treats herself to a well deserved "spa day" and gets her hair poorly dyed rose gold at Super Cuts. >>779899
>After the regularly scheduled ebegging, hotel hopping and staying at probably Fupa's in OK under the guise of staying with "friends" Shay flies out to CO in search of an apartment and get her stuff from Dawn. >>781196
>Shay's Snap gets deleted and her venmo frozen because of "30+ people who harrass her on the internet" definiely not because she broke the TOS!! >>781533
>Takes some xan from her "friend" she's currently staying with in CO, probably an orbiter or neckbeard from Twitter. With her addictive personality farmers predict a benzo problem soon. >>781900
>Continues throwing a 24/7 pity party for herself on Twitter for issues caused by her own poor life choices, still no word of a potential apartment, absolutely 0 mention of her cat rib-meat and what's going on with that poor animal.
>Fupa sad chodeposting no 1 curr.

Follow the rules:
- no doxxing
- no vendetta
- do not include or harass Shay's family
- PLEASE remember to sage posts that don't contribute to the milk. This trainwreck belongs in /pt/. Seriously, the unsaged nitpicking and milkless bumps to the top need to stop. We don’t want to be autosaged for all the sperging!
- This is not a thread to blogpost about your opinion on DDLG or other activities Shay/Dawn are involved in.

http://pinkpussypopped.tumblr.com (deleted)
http://twitter.com/dollymattel (suspended)
https://www.instagram.com/itsdollymattel/ (deleted)
http://themosthatedgirlonthisdamnsite.tumblr.com (deleted)

KYLE NATHAN PERKINS (alias: Fupa; Fupapa):
http://youvebeenwarned.tumblr.com (deleted)

DAWN WILLOW: >>772060

Other threads:

No. 783048

gj on the thread, anon

No. 783057

File: 1551654375945.png (12.33 KB, 579x84, 2019-03-03 18_06_07-An IRL Dol…)

you don't even own a car

No. 783066

she tries so hard to get RTs it’s really sad

No. 783072

Probably another post that she stole off tumblr

No. 783077

what’s fupa’s snap again?

No. 783078

skimaskdad i think

No. 783081

File: 1551661870504.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 39.5 KB, 750x202, C5E0E99C-200B-4059-86EE-E85914…)

Fupa posted this on his fb… I’m currently at a loss for words.

No. 783082

File: 1551662118415.png (9.42 KB, 559x114, Screenshot_20190303-181138~2.p…)

That's his snap. I changed his display name to disgusting. I cringed everytime I read Daddy.

No. 783085

i'm left speechless. the man who just posted the most awkward, beta male nude on his public snapchat with his compressing shirt on but his tiny chode running loose wants another baby, after causing his ex wife and mother of his two young kids to leave and shacking up for a while with a failed camwhore who constantly made porn where she wore diapers and emulated being an infant, this miserable chubby chode asshole wants a baby?

No. 783089

him and shayna really were the perfect embarrasing combo lmao two idiot peas in a pod

No. 783092

File: 1551665794559.png (16.3 KB, 582x125, 2019-03-03 21_16_47-An IRL Dol…)

alcohol withdrawal? kek.

No. 783094

"& did a throw up" i've never known any other human being to be as cringy and horrible with words and phrasing things, in this area shay is a prodigy.

No. 783098

the cringier part is that she thinks it makes her sound cute lmao
like there's no cute way to say you puked, just take your attention and go

No. 783100

lol i know, she really thinks her vomiting from being so unhealthy all the time is cute as long as she says it in the cringiest way possible

No. 783105

one like lol
oh no maybe some of her good friends who she's staying with will help her

No. 783108

File: 1551670593438.jpeg (124.72 KB, 750x808, 13A09EBB-9A10-4E4C-BDAA-CF63B1…)

No. 783113

File: 1551671351782.jpg (502.76 KB, 1080x1280, Screenshot_20190303-214854_Twi…)

Does she not know what resting bitch face is? Because that's not it

No. 783115

hun that's just filter abuse

No. 783119

i think she meant resting fish face

No. 783134

none of these are even resting lmao, all obvious attempts to try and look sultry and pouting out her lips to make them look bigger.

No. 783162


I assumed he meant he wanted a new gf…..

No. 783175

it was posted on a video of his daughter

No. 783177

This isn’t a new post. It’s a memory, which means it’s just a repost,

No. 783178

File: 1551707374318.png (21.18 KB, 499x237, Screenshot (351).png)

the memory was a video of his daughter, his comment was new

No. 783183

You're posing here Shay you fucking idiot, resting bitch face is candid. Not some duck face look with a filter slapped on it.

No. 783185

File: 1551711144232.png (103.45 KB, 715x328, 1.PNG)

She's cycling through excuses so fast

>Can't cam because of friends

>Can't cam because apartment searching
>Can't cam because no space
>Can't cam because suddenly sick

No. 783186

File: 1551711226050.png (198.9 KB, 724x604, 2.PNG)

Says she has the flu as well. All I'm getting is Luna Slater vibes where she claimed she got the flu and it was withdrawal.

No. 783187

File: 1551711301260.png (26.28 KB, 720x202, 4.PNG)

Weren't those cards part of her new camera fund? She's even taken down the pinned donation post.

No. 783189

File: 1551711392691.png (298.74 KB, 729x429, 3.PNG)

Camera, bunkbed.. same thing.

No. 783191

she is seriously on crack… how does she have a cam room anyway??? why do people keep giving her money?

No. 783194

is she ever going to have an apartment tho?

No. 783200

Get the camera you've been begging for you stupid bitch.

No. 783203

No doubt about it. Shay, you've complained about chest pains and an uncomfortably fast heartbeat that left you unable to sleep before. That's directly from binge drinking and day drinking. Nothing else.

Least pack some gatorade in your kawaii hobo sack so your body has something to run off of. Fucking idiot. Mixing weed and alcohol makes your heart jack up even worse too. Fuck, get some help.

No. 783206

He should drop Shayna’s ”surname”. This confirms that he is only after her tumblr followers. Pathetic.

No. 783207

he did. the anon said they changed his name to that…
please sage your illiteracy

No. 783211

File: 1551716669524.png (69.84 KB, 608x644, 2019-03-04 11_24_35-An IRL Dol…)

the alcohol will heal you, shayna

No. 783214

File: 1551717056049.jpeg (168 KB, 750x1257, 006ABA7B-F36A-45C1-9C48-E6AC7E…)

No. 783217


All this and you’re still on Twitter, get your priorities together and go to the hospital if you’re not feeling well. We all know it’s simply for attention and money.

Also she does the most for likes, since when has she ever said telenovela?

No. 783218

lmao who's gonna pay for her hospital visit? this bitch doesn't even have an apartment or a job let alone health insurance. if she needs emergency care for whatever she's going through, she's gonna do a HeCkiN DeBt~~

No. 783220


In about 10 minutes we will get a tweet how she rolled a blunt and how it cured everything.


Has she even the money to realistically pay the ER at this point? I always heard this shit isn't cheap in the US.

No. 783223

as other anons have said, she's prob still on her parents' insurance since she's under 26, but you'll still rack up a huge bill.
who knows tho, she prob just bills it to her parents when she goes.

No. 783224

Wow it really does sound like withdrawal symptoms. How much longer until we get a “heckin DOIN A SEIZURE”

No. 783231

Does the perpetual begging and woe is me shit ever end with her? She's really embarrassing. How can she be proud in any way when this is what her life has come to?

It's pretty funny that she's concealing her situation this much as well. No photos anymore Shay? Wonder what she's trying to hide.

No. 783238

ERs can't refuse you care, they'll just bill you later. So technically she CAN go and wouldn't have to pay right now, but she'd have medical bills following her for a pretty long time I'd imagine.

No. 783244

not necessarily? I get off my parent's insurance when I turn 19

No. 783245

okay well idk where you live but under the affordable care act insurance companies are obligated to insure you under your parents until you're 26 in the US

No. 783249


Children can be beneficiaries, but her parents must elect her coverage.

No. 783251

i'm sure they do, you guys are weird
they know she doesn't have a steady job

No. 783261


I'm sure her friends are delighted to have this guest in their house taking hour long showers and puking

And lets all feel really sorry for her because she has her period??

No. 783278

The anon confirmed it was still “Daddy Mattel” though, and just cringed from seeing Daddy so changed it.

No. 783279

Is it necessary that she detail all of this on her business twitter?

No. 783280

Seizures are usually alcohol intoxication, not withdrawal. Opiate withdrawal can cause seizures though.

No. 783282

Seriously why does she talk about puking and sleeping in the shower like it’s some cute quirk? It’s fucking trashy and even worse because it’s not even her house and we know she doesn’t take the time to clean it. She probably just lets the water run, says “ehh that’s good” and leaves it for her roommate.

No. 783291

I do live in the US, idk

No. 783301

File: 1551728088716.jpeg (36.85 KB, 750x341, 1796962C-0487-45DD-8CFC-868AD2…)

why do we have to have this discussion every fucking thread? The name doesn’t update if you added him before he changed it, but this is what it is now if you try to add him

No. 783310


- First five people to send 100 dollars towards my ER bill will get nudes of me covered in my own vomit

It could be a stomach ulcer from all the alcohol.. wine is pretty harsh on the stomach lining

No. 783314

File: 1551730577392.png (44.89 KB, 872x746, 2019-03-04 15_16_31-Alcohol Wi…)

No. 783315

your parents just don't wanna pay for you then
shayna's have plenty of money to do so

No. 783317


But isn't shays mom some sort of cruel monster (according to shay lol

No. 783322

yeah but i'd guess it would be her dad that handles whatever money, etc. she might still get from them

No. 783325

'according to shay' being the most important part of that sentence lol

No. 783330

way to stick it to that anon with some pointless info, loser

No. 783333

i wasn't trying to stick it to them, it's just informational lol

No. 783343

File: 1551736703422.png (84.58 KB, 563x608, Screenshot (356).png)

yikes. if people are unfollowing its not because they're jealous.

No. 783345

how tf can you post something like this after talking about puking and stuff?
it's probably dudes that followed her to get their rocks off and unfollowed when they realized what an emotional trainwreck she is.

No. 783348

No, people aren’t intimidated by you. They know you’re a racist asshole who calls poor people scammers and like to praise Hitler.

but sure Shayna keep thinking it’s because they’re all just jealous. Go off.

No. 783349

File: 1551737400386.png (74.02 KB, 590x576, pls unfollow me.png)

lol the fucking delusions

No. 783350

Or all the bots, kek.

No. 783351

You bring everyone discomfort by having to look at you. Not because they’re jealous.

No. 783358


How can she throw a pity party for herself and then have delusions of grandeur like an hour later..

Does your life suck or not? Make up your mind

Must be the Xans kicking in

No. 783359

She just doesn't understand how to separate her personal life from her shitty porn persona

No. 783361

She has been incredibly delusional lately. Life is just one shitty feverish nightmare for Shaytard so she has to try and portray it as anything but that inbetween all the sympathy and poor me posts. Couch surfing cam whore thinks people still want to be her kek.

No. 783364

tf is she even talking about? you don't need to tell people it's ok to unfollow you? they just do it lmao and the fact that she thinks people might be jealous of her….jfc kinda wish I was this delusional

No. 783365

lol right, the fact that she even noices/acknowledges people unfollowing just shows how insecure she is

No. 783366

Can we drop the withdrawal thing? Shay clearly has an alcohol problem but she doesn't drink enough/hard enough drinks to experience withdrawal. If she was downing a handle of vodka every day then maybe.

No. 783369

File: 1551739984525.jpg (155.65 KB, 1080x520, Screenshot_20190304-164741_Twi…)

When isn't her content on sale

No. 783372

it's essentially a meme like dawn being a dogfucker
don't take everything so seriously

No. 783383

Has anyone ever bought her content full price?

No. 783387

File: 1551743594362.jpg (47.48 KB, 540x672, tumblr_pek78rSkno1s8husb_540.j…)

literally who is jealous/envious of a ratfaced frankenpussy'd whore who got dumped by a deadbeat "daddy dom" in $14 fake leather gloves and a walmart graphic tee and is two shakes away from doing her tired "bimbo barbie" pink vomfest cam shows in the same ratty crop top and stained hello kitty panties from the "heckin" confines of a cardboard box.

all the alcohol/xanax/ratty hair braiding must've choked out the remains of this crackhead's brain cells. sad! get well soon!

No. 783389

I know this is mostly irrelevant tinfoil semi blog so do as you want with me, but I am getting into pro porn and the guy I was talking to said something about a girl who screwed herself over by making a bunch of demands and acting entitled and I was thinking how that could have been shay lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 783390

congrats on your terrible life choices anon

No. 783391

there are probably dozens of girls who act like that in porn, especially if they've only done amateur work up until that point and are used to having total creative control over their own shoots. unless you're working with the same companies as shaytard did, it's pretty unlikely that he was talking about her

No. 783395

Probably not withdrawal but probably rebound anxiety (fucking with GABA tends to do that), dehydration, and general hangover.
Why is it always idiots who have a bunch of kids?
Shay and Luna have a lot in common already-
- Lazy as shit, unwilling to work like normal adult
- Obsessed with fashion despite being unattractive and having a juvenile, terrible fashion sense
- Clings to the memories of their teenage years, when they had some sort of promise, but are unwilling to work to get their lives back on track
- Wallows in self-pity
- Chronic begging and low-level grifting
- Complains about parents while depending on them for survival
- Unable to understand the role that their poor behavior plays in all the bad things that happen to them
- Poor impulse control
- Glorifies substance abuse that contributes to their uselessness and may eventually kill them
>Desperately afraid of adulthood and responsibility, avoids anything that makes them feel like grown women
- Into weird older men
That could be any given porn star, anon.

No. 783398

Weird tinfoil, but maybe she’s trading sex for drugs, alcohol, shopping and places to live? That might be where the money is coming from.

No. 783399

She hasn't been paying for the places she's been staying at. Also I feel like she's more likely to just beg her parents for money if she really needed it

No. 783412

Yeah porn guys tell that story to every clueless new girl like you so you know to lower your worth and make no demands. Congrats on totally being a better whore than shayna.

No. 783418

she should be thanking us for giving her these ideas even though she's not using them and expecting ppl to give her money for her ~personality~ and free nudes.

wait 'til she starts bitching about losing followers and forgets that she even said this.

No. 783422

Tbh I feel like she's just saying all this to give herself permission to unfollow people. She's not actually understanding of people unfollowing her she just needs to give a disclaimer as to why she's not "supporting other sex workers" like she always claims is so important

No. 783426

File: 1551751734075.jpg (313.41 KB, 1079x1671, Screenshot_20190304-200725_Chr…)

I agree. Also ever since she lost her Snapchat and venmo or whatever she was using, the amount of new people following her has flat lined. But I guess that's what happens when you can't buy them. Kek

No. 783441

File: 1551757494982.png (15.99 KB, 580x124, 2019-03-04 22_44_55-An IRL Dol…)

wow so cute to drink nyquil all day
it has a little bit of alcohol in it right? lol

No. 783442

i don't even believe she has the flu w how much she's posting

No. 783447

otc flu meds don’t do shit though. Why not just, idk, go to a damn doctor? Is she scared they’ll find something else?

No. 783448

i honestly wouldn't put it past her to just make the entire scenario up at this point

No. 783449

Or maybe you should look at people who are more successful than you and use it as motivation to do better. The fuck?

No. 783454

She already did and they gave her some prescription. Makes me wonder if she's taking the meds as directed and what they're actually for if not flu meds

No. 783469

File: 1551765596781.png (166 KB, 720x1066, Screenshot_2019-03-05-00-55-27…)

Okay… So like…

A: there's a post RIGHT before this about her hitting a dab pen
B : shayna, if everyone and their cousin is saying to get checked, maybe you should?
C : brush your fucking teeth and wash your inhaler with hot water or all that bs in your mouth/chest are gonna stick around.

This isnt rocket science, jesus.

No. 783487

I’ve known a lot of drama queens and hypochondriacs, and I have still never seen someone go on and on, and on, and on, and on about how uwu sick and sad they are because of the fucking flu or whatever minor thing she has going on right now. Holy shit. She’s even more insufferable than I thought.

No. 783510


And wouldn't her friends that she's staying with probably have it too by now? If someone with stomach flu is puking in your bathroom you're gonna catch that shit

That and she made it sound like she was puking in the actual shower, maybe she just worded it weirdly

No. 783527

probs just at a hotel

No. 783556

what’s weird to me is that models like little puck, who have been in the MV Top 10/20 forever, still has less followers than Shayna; and Shay really thinks she’s fooling people.

No. 783564

File: 1551807377676.png (15.71 KB, 577x124, 2019-03-05 12_35_37-An IRL Dol…)

aaand…. she's cured
someone must've sent her the amount of money she required to become healthy again

No. 783566

did we collectively decide shay's not at fupa's? she'd post a lot of pictures if she was at the hotel - it's a part of that uwu babydoll look. i think she's at fupa's, or some orbiter. not a hotel.

No. 783580

i'm leaning towards an orbiter or one of her creepy old man followers
i can't imagine she and fupa would be getting along well after his micropenis pic and "send nudes" snapchats

No. 783583

If she's in Denver she could also be staying at a hostel. They're cheap, they do longer term situations (at least in a few I stayed at in Germany) BUT there's not a lot of privacy unless you pay
more for a private room. I've been thinking that's what she's been doing since going back to Colorado.

No. 783588

She’s probably staying at a shitty motel because that’s all she can afford and that’s why she’s not posting pics of the room like she did with that actually decent looking hotel with room service.
Can’t wait for more pics of her on the floor with a cheap fabric backdrop

No. 783601

well don't we know that she's in Colorado from her diner pic? and she's probably just at a motel cus she couldn't possibly have any friends there cus wouldn't she have stayed with the straight away after dawn gave her the boot instead of going back to Oklahoma? but then uh now she says she looking for an apt there? idk what's going on lol

No. 783627

She said she’s staying with people. She’s clearly not alone in a hotel. And even assuming she has that much money is hilarious.

No. 783629

File: 1551818868102.jpeg (169.88 KB, 1242x354, 199431E6-E7E3-4ABE-91A3-DE6CE4…)

Game of thrones doesn’t make you a nerd Shayna. Maybe if you read all the books and watched all the seasons multiple times than maybe sure. But everyone and their mother watches that show.

No. 783645

maybe she found a motel that accepts amazon giftcards as payment lmao

No. 783647

watch her try going the nerdy cosplay thot angle. that would be hilarious

i'm really disappointed a snapchat anon didn't come through with those receipts from Dawn.

No. 783652

i can't blame the snap anons for not wanting to have to fork money over to her if they didn't have proof of last month's payment. of course she was scared of being called out over it and didn't dare say a word on twitter like the anon that posted it said she was thinking of doing.

No. 783653

she conveniently did the same thing with the supposed video she took of uwu abusive dawn and her bf kicking her out too

No. 783660

There was a snap anon upthread who said they had paid, they're the one who mentioned the dawn receipts in the first place, but failed to post any caps even after several farmers told them how.

No. 783661

oh yeah i meant the usual, capable snap anons that contribute

No. 783662

"not trying to sound like a nerd but" literally trying to seem like an appealing hot nerd gurl but by telling the world she is into the biggest show going right now

No. 783671

She’s already tried and failed at basic ass cosplay.

No. 783692

File: 1551827567751.png (12.57 KB, 545x104, 2019-03-05 18_12_31-An IRL Dol…)

they need a deluded emoji

No. 783734

File: 1551840269679.png (317.66 KB, 703x723, Capture.PNG)

No. 783735

File: 1551840363068.jpg (76.04 KB, 759x1200, D07-8H0X4AUT7x4.jpg)

No. 783737

She really loves to bite the hand that feeds her.
This dude could have been trying to log back into his payment shit. Especially if it's a phone app, most people don't remember their passwords on those

No. 783755

tons of people have no clue what their main apple password is lol of course shay has to make a huge deal out of it to play victim, also though how does this even sound like the guy is trying to get "free porn" from her, he said he'll have to wait til payday, he didn't ask her if he could be added now. shay probably does this to her mother to try to make her mom sound evil, the littlest thing happens and it becomes "OMG im being taken advantage of, everyone is being cruel to me!!"

No. 783757

She’s always acted like there’s something wrong with people saying they need to wait til payday. Either they legit can’t afford it rn or that’s their nicer way of saying it’s not worth their money. Either way Shay’s a retard for putting them on blast about it.

No. 783760

the word "payday" probably triggers her because she often times doesn't have one herself kek

No. 783763

Sure… Humiliating your customers in public for something that could easily be explained is a great business practice! Why does she hates them so much?

No. 783764

you should have that info shayna you dumb bitch

No. 783769

>REEEE why doesn’t your day revolve around me!

No. 783771


Exactly what I was thinking. Maybe he just had to go do something, what the fuck?

No. 783782

I think it’s hilarious and fantastic she does this. It just shows potential customers what they are in for. And what an unprofessional brat she is.
Dude could have been trying to figure out how to get his old info, or maybe he was at work and couldn’t respond right away.

Enjoy being homeless and poor, Shay.

No. 783821

File: 1551881553930.png (11.04 KB, 580x87, 2019-03-06 09_12_43-An IRL Dol…)

she misses fupa's peanut

No. 783826

lol his tiny feminine hands

No. 783858

The thing I don't get about her new snap is this: wtf will happen to those who paid for a year, or couple months during one of her sales? Do they have to pay AGAIN? That's bull, but I'm notsurprised. What does shock me a bit is how there has not been an uproar from her customers. That is if she even has any that are active and genuinely give a damn about her "content."

No. 783864

File: 1551892186409.png (121.24 KB, 1080x816, dumbbitch.png)

It's funny to me that Shay goes from preaching being positive and kind to everyone to subtweeting people on twitter. Maybe this homeless whore will learn that drinking alcohol until your front teeth are eroded and smoking weed all day every day is not a personality, neither is begging people for money instead of working.

No. 783866


To me this just proves the fact that she has no "loyal customers". That and the (lack of) interaction on her tweets

No. 783874

Drinking alcoholic amounts of wine and smoking weed all the time is not a good use of your time shay. Also being a failing "pornstar" is not a personality

No. 783876

she always is saying "x is not a personality" when she doesn't even have one herself

No. 783877

File: 1551897078506.png (41.33 KB, 617x429, 2019-03-06 13_30_33-An IRL Dol…)

it irks me to my core when she says it's her first time trying the most mundane fucking things
chik-fil-a and mcdonald's were one thing, but…. animal crackers??

No. 783894

I think she's seriously A recluse.
It seems like she never had many Friends and the only attention she gets is Online. She has no life experience beside What her parents brought her.

No. 783896

File: 1551898646945.png (15.82 KB, 584x124, 2019-03-06 13_57_30-An IRL Dol…)

she legit has so little going on that she's tweeting about putting socks on wrong

No. 783898

I know this is a made up story and didn't happen. But why would the animal cracker be soggy? If it was just in her hand there's no moisture. Unless she's so greasy it made the cracker soggy

No. 783919

what the hell, didn't she mention animal crackers before? either way it's a lie just like mcdonalds was

No. 783983

pretending you haven't eaten common foods isn't a personality

No. 784046

best guess is that she fell asleep with it in her hand and that somehow made it soggy.

she's apparently still sick, threw up and her lungs hurt so another day with no content.

No. 784047

well she said she was holding it so that's not really a guess lol

No. 784177

File: 1551967577885.png (49.47 KB, 601x448, 2019-03-07 09_05_45-An IRL Dol…)

shockingly shayna has not become healthy magically

No. 784179

You’re lungs feel…wet? How can you feel your lungs? It doesn’t work like that.

No. 784180

i know. i was cringing at the description too.
it honestly sounds like she just has a basic sinus infection (although she already "diagnosed" herself with the flu a few days ago) but vaping/smoking is just going to make any respiratory problems you have worse so she needs to just take a step back from all that shit

No. 784181

Seriously smoking ANYTHING, even weed, will make any respiratory infection much worse. How can you sit there and complain while making it worse and not doing anything? I don’t understand. It’s almost like she wants to be as sick as possible so she can use it as an excuse. Either that or she’s scared to go to the doctor and tell them that she has no home and no one to go to.

No. 784190

Probably just means mucous-y.
Maybe she's gonna become a munchie/spoony when she realises porns not working out

No. 784193

does she really need to keep going back? like just take your over the counter meds and sleep, like she tryna make it sound like she's got pneumonia

No. 784194

probably trying to make it sound worse so she can get those sweet, sweet circlepay donations

No. 784196

It's very easy to get bronchitis or pneumonia from dirty, stale, bacteria-ridden bongwater. It's possible that living in her own filth has finally caught up with this cow. Or she's just BSing her orbiters on twitter to try and distract from the fact that she is def with Fupa or her parents now.

No. 784197

if she had pneumonia she wouldn't have felt like she was getting better a couple days ago
she was even planning on taking pics at some point yesterday or the day before iirc (looks like she might've deleted the tweet now?)
shit makes you feel like you're on your deathbed lol not wanting to take pics of your asshole for twitter

No. 784198

>>783564 is what i was referring to

No. 784203

File: 1551974981717.png (44.67 KB, 614x414, 2019-03-07 11_09_42-An IRL Dol…)

lmao please tell us more about your medical expertise, dr. shaytard

No. 784204


theres no way in fuck she has asthma and smokes as much as she does.

No. 784205

Actually if you have asthma it’s pretty common during a flare up to have yellowy or thick mucus.

And Shayna maybe if you got health care or went to the ER it wouldn’t have been almost $200. But that takes work and patience, unfortunately.

No. 784206

i mean they did say it got worse

No. 784208

ppl with asthma can still smoke weed, it's just really bad for you and highly advised against. it can worsen the condition and increase symptoms

No. 784209

There are safer ways to smoke weed for people with asthma and lung conditions, rather than constantly rolling blunts with tobacco wrappers. Can’t feel bad when she keeps doing it to herself and refuses to change anything.

No. 784218

fupa’s on snap talking about his upper respiratory infection & bronchitis lol very coincidental, I get it’s going around/it’s that time of year but come on now lol

No. 784220

edibles and oils are a good alternative for people with asthma. obviously she isn't concerned with healthier options

No. 784221

she's probably addicted to the oral fixation associated with smoking

No. 784222

it also requires more planning than buying flower and just packing it into a bong. getting effective use out of edibles and oils requires some figuring out through trial and error. it's also more expensive at the time of purchase(derailing)

No. 784224

sorry for forgetting to sage

No. 784232


Only $170? My ER visits and meds costed me $800-900 without insurance for respiratory issues lmfao gtfo Shay did you even go or did you just have to pay some copay on your parents insurance?

No. 784233

Sounds like a copay for someone who has insurance. If she went to the ER it would be around the same amount. She just needs something to bitch about to make herself feel uwu tragic princess

No. 784236

File: 1551982120480.png (237.44 KB, 720x1155, Screenshot_2019-03-07-13-07-13…)

Shes becoming aware about no work = no money

No. 784238

>Have a chronic respiratory illness
??? Come on Shay, your body is literally your only asset in your chosen line of work.

No. 784245

She thinks March in New England is pretty? bitch, everything is cold, dead and gray, hidden under 6+" of hard dirty snow. Just admit you miss living with your father but are too proud to go back to him. even though you're constantly self-sabotaging your job and all the opportunities that get handed to you on a silver platter someone else is paying for

No. 784251


She went to urgent care which require payment at the time of service. ER's issue bills later since they cannot refuse to provide service.

It sounds like she only has an albuterol inhaler. Management of symptomatic asthma should include maintenance inhalers such as corticosteroid and long acting bronchial dialators.

No. 784257

lol i'm sure she's gonna look great

No. 784265

right? can't wait to see how her hair looks now after a shower

No. 784270


Sliiiight tinfoil but could this be the REAL reason she's putting off doing any type of work? Her hair might be too fucked to appear on camera even by Shay's standards

No. 784275

idk sounds like she got flu from fupa

No. 784282

File: 1551994065876.jpeg (852.36 KB, 1231x1571, D657E018-D87A-4B20-B4EB-5C1A59…)

Speaking of fupa, his fb profile photo is his gross half naked photo with his peanut cropped out

No. 784283

how can a father of 2 in his 30s be this embarrassing, jfc

No. 784285

Woah that's actually so gross aha, what was he thinking?

No. 784298

iirc you can right click fb profile photos and itll show the square version. so well done fupa, having your chode out there on facebook

No. 784301

lol so he literally has his chode out as his profile pic on his family facebook?

No. 784302

wait that must mean its his pants and he just looks naked right…right?!

No. 784305

i still don't know how that could be possible unless he was wearing skintight nude colored leggings lmao

No. 784308

File: 1551998429349.jpeg (987.89 KB, 1242x1406, F202937A-25E6-41A8-8684-BCCDEB…)

It’s still cropped out. It was totally his peanut

No. 784312

who reuses nude as facebook profile pics? i'm so baffled by this decision… it's not like it's a photographic masterpiece

No. 784314

maybe it's just bias after seeing the original but… i can totally tell he's not wearing pants by that part of his leg showing. what pants look like that, aside from nude colored leggings like >>784305 said

No. 784315

i also love how he chose to still leave in a tiny bit of his naked hip/leg, like he didn't at least crop just above the t shirt line..

No. 784319

File: 1551999700642.jpg (487.02 KB, 1080x1293, Screenshot_20190307-170123_Twi…)

You literally did basic human functioning Shay. Nothing special

No. 784322

i think she honestly doesn't understand that the average person her age can't just lay around on the couch for 2 weeks while they're sick
hell, even college students still have to get out and go to class

No. 784323

So she's going to be lazy (as she usually is) and is making excuses already lol

No. 784325

no wonder her hair never grows. braiding it wet and then sleeping in it, probably leaving it up for multiple days. so much breakage

No. 784326

>i just finished finding my ratty croptop underneath all of the empty boxes of wine and put my nasty, dingy hair in some ugly little twists! now i'm about to cake my face in 3 pounds of makeup, wing my eyeliner out too much, and cover all of THAT up with the same heart filter i always use!

like clockwork.

No. 784328

yep and shit out the same boring selfies she always has lol
she needs to just suck it up and get on cam. at least that's a few guaranteed bucks. maybe that's what "getting work done" means, but for some reason I'm doubting it.

No. 784355

Her version of getting work done is taking a few shitty pictures for twitter, posting it while begging for money because of some ~*terrible*~ thing she’s going through, and sitting around attempting to woke-post on twitter.

No. 784365

Apparently her version of getting work done is doing nothing, it's been 2.5 hours and… where is she lol I assumed she was gonna get on cam because that way she can actually make money

No. 784366

veryvery please upload dolly mattel real cock blowjob video or pics(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 784367

kek fuck off loser

No. 784368

This ain’t google, bro

No. 784369


>upload vagine pleas

Seeing as how Shay can't suck dick to save her life I chuckled at this

No. 784371

alrighty Erik, we’ll be sure to get right on that for ya buddy.

No. 784372

File: 1552009840244.jpeg (641.26 KB, 1242x1190, 64F75A41-CB39-4672-8BB3-F9E9A5…)

Oh look more cheap amazon shit. Such class.

No. 784374

at least it's better than the cheese board

No. 784375

Cheap plastic piece of crap. Looks like it's about to break just sitting there. Kinda funny considering how much she likes to perpetuate her image as some hardcore BDSM masochist, but all her toys are from amazon.

No. 784376

all her everything is from amazon because that's the only place she can shop with her giftcard handouts

No. 784379

same pictures of her "I think I'm cute" pouty failures, hearts on head as always. Occasional blunt appearance. Same shit, different day.

No. 784380

File: 1552010764395.jpg (137.92 KB, 1080x619, Screenshot_20190307-200549_Sam…)

Found it

No. 784387

File: 1552013637233.png (280.58 KB, 576x341, 2019-03-07 21_52_42-An IRL Dol…)

bedsheet… ACTIVATE

No. 784389

She looks so dead in the eyes in the second pic

No. 784390

File: 1552014594820.png (818.14 KB, 528x895, 2019-03-07 21_53_49-An IRL Dol…)

No. 784391

haha ok so where is she that she has to hide it? like you can post pics of a random room, anons aren't gonna be like hmm ok a 90s home brickwork looks like a windsor home and pinpoint it to the street

No. 784392

what even is this look that she is going for?

No. 784393

File: 1552014811551.png (Spoiler Image, 788.91 KB, 504x905, 2019-03-07 22_10_39-(1) An IRL…)

No. 784395

File: 1552014844477.jpg (211.01 KB, 1080x693, Screenshot_20190307-211332_Twi…)

No. 784396


maybe her face is against TOS, i wouldn't be surprised if it was lol

No. 784399

File: 1552015263158.jpg (11.73 KB, 280x235, wonky.JPG)

That wonky eye edit makes an appearance again. You would think she would try to make her obvious face shopping less obvious but i guess not kek

No. 784403

I think that’s legit how some cows think it works lmao

No. 784404

She’s so lazy she just uses eye enlarging/beautifying filters
Shame she couldn’t round her ass tho, that flatline is sad

No. 784405

It's around her mouth/lips as well. If you're gonna edit your pics, at least give yourself some curves. Or maybe she knows that would be too obvious to change

No. 784407

This look is so much better than her usual, black suits her way better. She just needs to work on that facial expression, wtf even is it

No. 784408

crazy tinfoil but what if she somehow weaseled her way back into Dawns.

No. 784409

it's a snapchat filter, the generic "beautifying" one. it changes face shape, enlarges eyes, and smoothes skin without any obvious things like the heart headband

No. 784411

Nah, no way, not after how hard Shay tried to drag Dawn through the mud.

No. 784412

Probably her thinking “haha now they can’t mention the hearts” kek

No. 784413

Why does she always do this pose, it does no favors to her porky neck.

No. 784415

File: 1552016832792.png (339.23 KB, 750x1334, 6489E7E5-F4C8-47E3-81C2-908369…)

Lmao it’s the evil radfems at it again

No. 784416

I called it. Same damn stupid look on her face. Not sexy or cute.

No. 784417

Keep in mind this took hours of prep lol

No. 784418

How is this "work"? I thought she meant she was actually going to produce content.

No. 784421

Anon called it >>784355
Too fucking accurate

No. 784422

Her hair has faded so much already. Wonder how long until she gets it done again

No. 784427

File: 1552019128837.jpeg (164.9 KB, 1242x1109, 1B73BD10-59D2-41A0-B58A-0ACE3D…)

why is she like this..

No. 784432

edgy 2 the end

No. 784438

i'm gonna piss myself from laughter, how do these stupid cucks even stumble in here lmao

No. 784442

File: 1552023325035.jpg (217.43 KB, 1041x1594, Screenshot_20190308_003439.jpg)

I wish I was that excited about making less than the minimum wage

No. 784445

A thousand keks. I’m in tears. Ngl, I seriously hate fupa and his teenage-girl attitude, but the anon roasts are gold. Love you guys.

And this is why she’s always the victim. She gets paid for it. She’s probably not even that sick. But she knows if she’s dramatic enough and spams “I did a throw up uwu “ she will get money.

No. 784448

And the funny thing is, it's not even a lot of money. She is doing all this dramatic uwu I'm sick stuff on twitter and isn't even able to milk that properly. In her deluded mind though this is a sign that she is on the right track somehow.

No. 784523

>making myself work
bitch you took two pictures, come on now

No. 784526

File: 1552054324820.png (12.87 KB, 579x123, 2019-03-08 09_12_00-An IRL Dol…)

of all things…
girl your eyebrows are just like two half-circles

No. 784534

File: 1552057449832.png (Spoiler Image, 852.57 KB, 560x878, 2019-03-08 10_03_38-An IRL Dol…)

No. 784537

God what is up with these awful faces???

No. 784538

File: 1552058753387.png (Spoiler Image, 1.78 MB, 1125x2436, 11F36AA6-68FC-4280-9039-3D39D4…)

She posted a vid on twitter “advertising” what she put on snap and jfc her nether regions


No. 784539

i really wish she'd find another angle… don't they have tripods for iphones?

No. 784543

They were viewed 26 times. Say she has maybe double that for subscribers tops. Not a lot of income there.

No. 784553

File: 1552062601169.png (70.6 KB, 569x481, Screenshot (359).png)

she said she'll be on cam tonight

No. 784555

so then i take it she doesn't have the flu or pnuemonia like she thought lol
i can't keep up with her

No. 784556


21k+ followers on Twitter and the post has 17 likes and 3 rts… fuckin kek I've seen boring people with a couple hundred followers have more interaction. But she totally has sooo many fans and doesn't buy followers.

No. 784563

With how rarely she actually gets on cam, every time she does it it's a "comeback". Eventually people on twitter are gonna see this pattern with her. How anyone can consider her hard-working or deserving of anything at this point is beyond me though. Can't wait to see how many orbiters enable Shay's laziness tonight.

No. 784571

Bet the same 3 people are gonna be the only ones who show up for her "comeback, again. I swear, I'd be embarrassed as hell to be out here bragging about my internet fame, but only have the same 3-5 people coming into my chat.

No. 784578

shayna's brows look like two skid marks on a pair of underwear.

No. 784583

File: 1552070527572.jpg (880.03 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190308_123953.jpg)

Are there anymore snapanons? Don't want to put anyone thru looking at her videos, but what do the backgrounds looks like? I think she secretly went back to fupa's because the pillows she's using are the same as the first time the sheet background appeared. Valentine's day is when she was at the hotel in Tulsa and the right picture is from the 19th.

No. 784584

i needed that laugh, thank you.

the filter fucking with her eyes, i can't. the color is also already almost washed out, how hard would it be to do a rinse or something. she's probably gonna blow that money she just got on bullshit and keep pouting about being sick to get more.

No. 784586

oh damn that's actually a good observation

No. 784587

Obviously she’s at fupas. Why would she be so persistent about hanging ugly sheets up with such cropped pics and who else would support her broke ass?

No. 784589

I considered this, but last night when she was getting ready (for hours) she said it was almost 4pm and she was referring to mountain time, not central. I don't think she would be smart enough to lie about the timezone she's in, especially since she's sick and constantly drugged up. No idea where she's staying but I don't think she's in Tulsa. I also think we would've been getting selfies of her drinking at the airport as usual if she were flying back to Oklahoma.

No. 784591

yeah… i know we used to bust her balls about the pink piss rug and the string lights, but at least when she had her own place she wasn't sitting in front of a fucking wrinkled bedsheet 24/7

No. 784596

File: 1552072632438.png (57.63 KB, 610x531, 2019-03-08 14_16_42-An IRL Dol…)

another uwu quirky update: shayna never used styrofoam cups the correct way until she moved "down south"

No. 784602

Its so sad that she made this thinking it was cute

No. 784605


What the fuck is this post.

Serving iced coffee in a plastic cup is not a "Massachussetts uwu super quirky" thing. The collective "South" and all of their Dunkin Donuts do not only put their iced coffees in styrofoam cups. Sounds like she's getting shitty coffee at a gas station or something and attempted to twist it into a situation that made her sound cute n quirky. Like she does with everything else.

Idk why I'm even letting this irk me. In a few hours she'll realize how fucking stupid this looks and delete.

No. 784607

File: 1552074200394.png (60.7 KB, 602x677, 2019-03-08 14_43_29-An IRL Dol…)

lol, tinfoil, but… dawn??

No. 784611

File: 1552075276950.jpg (Spoiler Image, 668.43 KB, 1080x2220, 20190308_135948.jpg)

Dawn posted pictures in the old room Shay had. Lolz at the bottle of pink wine. Shay is probably going to be very upset if she doesn't get that bottle back.

No. 784615

File: 1552075730907.png (52.37 KB, 560x367, Screenshot (360).png)

lol nobody buys her snapchat just to report it. maybe, just maybe, it's because you repeatedly break TOS.

No. 784621

lol her reasoning makes no sense… people spend their own money on it to have it deleted? whew she's on one.

No. 784626

shayna you dumb ass bitch it's against their rules you can't sell a subscription for pics of your destroyed asshole

No. 784642

Shay, maybe your accounts would stop getting deleted if you weren't violating the TOS of the free services you use.

No. 784656

It’s called a subconscious, Shay. Most people listen to it. Occam’s razor. Google it, dumbass.

Maybe @ Snapchat and find out why you keep getting your accounts removed. I’m sure they will break it down for you simply, so even your uwu baby brain can figure it out.

No. 784659

it's just easier for her to scapegoat lolcow instead of coming to terms with the fact that it's her own idiocy getting her banned over. and over. and over.

No. 784672

can u imagine her in a real sex toy store? shes such an immature brat shed probably scream at seeing pink dildos in person

No. 784691

File: 1552093179678.png (198.34 KB, 750x1334, B82C8403-4798-4229-8C6B-CF59D1…)

No. 784693

I guess it’s important that everyone knows whenever she showers? does she really think this is pertinent info?

No. 784696

She literally has no one else to talk to, so

No. 784697


so did she end up on cam

No. 784699

She probably has to get stoned and drunk first silly anon

No. 784702

File: 1552096479398.jpg (258.45 KB, 1080x1080, 20190308_175437.jpg)

Anons called it

No. 784703

The joke is she looks better without her shitty ass caked on makeup. We taking bets on how long she stays “sick”? Weeks??

No. 784710

File: 1552097896556.png (72.38 KB, 720x403, Screenshot_2019-03-08-18-15-14…)

At this point, I really wonder if she's already blown most of the money she planned to use on the apartment. (If there was ever any)

No. 784712

considering how she lost her marbles about getting $150, i have reason to believe she's getting by on the skin of her teeth and doesn't have shit saved.

No. 784718

jst wht is she even trying to 2 say here

No. 784722

Maybe talking about Fupa

No. 784742

File: 1552104416735.png (2.23 MB, 1372x1029, AF9879D2-6CEF-411F-A858-C406C2…)


No. 784743

that forehead needs some botox. and she's only 21(nitpick)

No. 784747

tbh her eyebrows are her best feature, I mean what else is there

yeah I think she's there too

No. 784752

Funny you say that, before I even read your comment I was thinking about how terrible her eyebrows are and how I can't believe she didn't pick something else as her best feature. Her brows are one of her worst features IMO. They don't match her hair, they're shittily drawn on, they don't compliment her facial structure, and they're way too long!

Inb4 ban for nitpick

No. 784753

Interesting how anons said she’d look washed out and sickly if she wore pink with that hair color and she’s been wearing black in almost every picture. Also, does she take like 50 pictures a day and upload them separately? She’s been wearing the same black undies every photoset. Let your snatch breathe girl

No. 784767

File: 1552115293824.png (7.7 MB, 1242x2208, 7A8FE4FD-FB9D-43A9-8723-4FC982…)

No. 784769

File: 1552115320993.png (3.94 MB, 1242x2208, CAFD094A-4266-4E2E-BAAD-EA77A7…)

She’s been self harming

No. 784770

shit, tinfoil but this might be why she refuses to take this hoodie off in each picture. maybe her arms are all marked too. also possibly why she isn't camming?

No. 784772

She needs to go home to her parents. She's homeless, begging for money and losing avenues to do so.
21 isn't old, it's totally normal for people to start their lives at that age or start fresh.

No. 784782

File: 1552118822907.png (184.9 KB, 720x1078, Screenshot_2019-03-09-03-04-57…)

Keep saying she should go home and get help, maybe she'll take that advice soon

No. 784795

I personally think her best feature would be her cute natural curls if she actually bothered to grow them out healthy

No. 784797

This is good. Hope she sticks to it. Also, Shayna, GET HELP for your obvious mental illness. Ignoring it doesn't make it go away, drugs don't make it better even if they make you feel better temporarily. Just grow up and admit you're sick

No. 784802

What a bizarre place to cut yourself but I can't think it would be anything else from how it looks, I think you're right.

No. 784804


For most people, but not for Shay. She sits cross-legged a lot of the time so it's actually not a bizarre place to self-harm.

No. 784810

they're very shallow, but yeah, those are absolutely self-harm cuts

No. 784812

Thats a common place

No. 784815

I’m confused… was she trying to show it off? Why not crop it out or wear socks?

No. 784816

What are you even seeing in this picture anon? There’s nothing there.

No. 784817

Are you all talking about the wrinkles around her ankle? Recent self harm cuts don’t look like that. This is so retarded.

If shayna was cutting herself she’d be broadcasting it everywhere. we all know this.

No. 784819

File: 1552139776025.png (121.86 KB, 598x306, rat foot.png)

No. 784820

Nta but those definitely aren’t wrinkles
Idk how you’d be able to contort your leg to get wrinkles like that there

No. 784821

They are super shallow, maybe she got some kind of unfortunate scrape and that’s how it turned out? No clue

No. 784823


those aren't wrinkles, kinda obvious they are cuts of some kind. could be self-harm or maybe she scraped herself.

No. 784826

Why are you so bent on denying it? Those are obviously self-harm scars. And it's not the first time she's showcasing scars. It's been discussed.
I don't think "she would broadcast them everywhere", because despite liking to uwu over herself, she also loves convincing everyone she's doing oh so great.

No. 784827

I’m not bent on denying them and I’m not the anon that said she’d broadcast it so calm down lol just offering other possibilities. You seem a little too excited that they probably are self-harm marks but go off.

No. 784829

Looks like it could be a cat scratch of some sort. There is a new cat in the house she claims to be staying at.

No. 784830

Wow the first respectable thing she’s said in ages. Doubt she sticks to it but yeah. Shayna, please go home and get help. You’re still young enough that it’s realy not that awkward…

No. 784832

Seriously? Yes. Because cat scratches are always in a row super close together.

No. 784835

Just a thought. She is broadcasting the fact that she cut her self. It would have been so easy to crop out but she didn’t. It was like the first thing I noticed in this photo. And I’m sure she knows it can be seen too, the first comment on the post brings it up.

Also they’re not deep or anything and look a couple days old but those are definitely self harm marks. Accidents and cat scratches don’t cause parallel cuts at an even depth.

No. 784837

Long nails, nasty stained hoodie, self-harm marks, shitty dyed hair and popping pills? She's on the road to being the camgirl version of Luna Slater.

I want to feel bad for her since you can't be in a good place mentally if you're self-harming but at the same time she's too busy trying to flex and show the world she can be a dumb baby pornstar for life rather than help herself out and just go home and get her life together.

No. 784838

We’ll see if she deletes it after seeing the comment. Tinfoil but maybe she left it uncropped hoping that fupa or dawn would see it and feel guilty?

No. 784842

lol almost definitely. those are like really shallow cuts you could do w like nail scissors. they literally look like one of luna slaters serious self harm relapses uwu. I mean I wouldn't put it past her to want to self harm though just look at her life

No. 784845

File: 1552145704184.png (963.44 KB, 750x1334, 11857958-45E5-41FD-A171-4A5C1C…)

Lol I don’t think it counts if 80% of your followers are fake

No. 784846

File: 1552147048118.jpeg (146.02 KB, 750x1037, A27F56E1-768C-4654-92D7-212E7B…)

re: the comment asking about the self harm marks??

No. 784848

Came here to post this as well. She’s really trying to hide something, whether it’s the self harming or something else.

No. 784851

These are 100% self harm marks, just done Shay style. AKA half assed and with as little effort as possible.

No. 784852


Why did she post that photo showcasing obvious self-harm scars if she didn't want people to notice them? God she is insufferable, I normally would feel very bad for anyone who self harms. It just doesn't make any sense. If she didn't want anyone to see or if it was an accident and she forgot to crop it out, wouldn't she just delete the damn photo instead of making it more obvious by asking about how to delete comments? She is reminding me of stupid kids in high school who self harm and show it off.

No. 784853

File: 1552147820300.png (303.17 KB, 750x1334, 3593523B-37DE-42D6-92B6-80E0F1…)

Big uh oh. So it was definitely for attention then or…? Cuz those aren’t old enough to be scars..

No. 784855

wah wah give me attention

She posted the photo for attention and got the intended response she wanted so she could exploit it for sympathy. Which really is pretty fucked up.

No. 784856

yeah its not like it was a screencap from cam or something, she posed for, took, edited and posted the photo knowing the scars were there.
if she was that bothered about the comment she could have just deleted the entire post but no, gotta make a big deal out of it.

No. 784858

File: 1552148723341.jpeg (191.56 KB, 749x1085, 02F57E28-1C17-4528-96BF-5DC24A…)

How can one human person have so few brain cells?
I’m astonished at the lengths she is going to, to make herself a victim. She’s literally taken it all the way to the lengths of self harm to perpetuate her narrative of a constant victim. If her evil mom isn’t abusing her, if she’s not getting kicked out by Dawn’s boyfriend in the basement, she’s scratching her legs in Twitter photos for sympathy… also, isn’t it more embarrassing that you posted the picture in the first place, more so than someone inquiring about your well being after posting said photos?

No. 784860

No. 784863

but yet she still has the photo up while she tries to incite outrage about being “called out” about it, whew

No. 784864

File: 1552150362526.png (11.23 KB, 545x127, concern.PNG)

For anyone who is curious, this is the comment that was made. Part of me can't help but wonder if Shay is just jealous of this girl. The girl lives in LA, has a coloring book coming out, her content looks incredible compared to Shay's. She wasn't even mean about it.

No. 784874

Shayna is most definitely jealous. Claire is almost everything she wishes to be. A successful "kawaii influencer". I know Claire's circle inclused other cows like Kelly Eden and Kate Davis.

No. 784878

If she's that bothered and is acting like she didn't realise it was in the picture why has she not gone and deleted said picture.

She's crying for help and attention.

No. 784882

File: 1552155389206.jpeg (584.07 KB, 1242x1676, 993FDC30-732D-4FD7-9A6E-4230E7…)

The annoying thing is she’s obviously looking for attention because instead of googling this as a quick way to remove it off her page she just ask twitters so her orbiters can all know her problems

No. 784883

This was already posted hours ago

No. 784890

she'd LOVE for lolcow and her audience to think that, but i HIGHLY doubt that's the case. if she had more serious self harm marks, she'd be whining about it on twitter. she made like five paper-cuts on her ankle, and pussied out from doing anything more. her last two functioning brain cells know that five paper-cuts aren't going to illicit sympathy. good job Shayna on perpetuating that sex workers are, indeed, all basketcases, though.

No. 784892

I’m 100% sure she did those so people would see them and comment so she could make some fake woke post about self harm. Bet.

No. 784897

It absolutely rediculous that I have to educate complete strangers on the internet about the unspoken rule that pointing out my obvious and desperate cries for sympathy is a sin! The audacity of people I've never met once in my life! Now if your concern for me is true you'll hand over your entire paycheck ~~~uwu~~~

No. 784899

except you DIDN'T have to address it. you just could have ignored that the comment existed and most people probably wouldn't have even seen it but you chose to address it and bring it to the attention of everyone. that one's on you, shaytard.

No. 784900

i guess you're right. stupid of me to get suckered in by her fake ass act of marking five cat scratches on the ankle, should have known she wouldn't go an hour before making it into a circus play for sympathy points. if anything, this has just disgusted me even more towards her sympathy begging; i'm sincerely hoping more people see through this crap. self harm is a serious indication of mental illness and bitches like shay don't understand what legit consequences result from crying wolf. this just sucks all around.

No. 784903

Right? What’s next, fake track marks??

No. 784904

she also did this when Fupa wasn't giving her attention, the same tiny little scratch marks. It's for attention.

No. 784910

Funny how it’s been radio silence on twitter since she posted that ~psa~

No. 784919

I think it's honestly so funny how yall are dabting if those are even self harm scars. They are. Cutting yourself doesn't always have to be deep to be "real" some people process pain differently and people do it for various reason fx keeping your mind off of thingsThe position is quite common cause guess what u can hide them very easily with socks on the daily. Also posting them is not just/only grabbing for attention but also Further self harm cause guess what the guilt and the mean comments hurt. This kind of behavior is a form of self manipulation where u tell yourself u don't care but deep down know u will and it'll hurt u. A lot of people hwo aren't mentally ill behave this way without even recognizing.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 784920

sorry to pull this but wow is that you shay? sounds identical to her lmao. but no, are you one of her dumbass orbiters or something? i agree that they're obviously self harm marks but they ARE for attention, anyone who actually reads these threads knows shay will do anything for attention and to play victim.

No. 784921

Are you drunk?

No. 784922

Okay but it's pretty obvious that shayna did this for attention, based on her past behaviour/lies
Even if she was actually mentally ill.. Mentally ill people can be shitty and manipulative too

No. 784923

But anon, you can't criticize mentally ill people! They're all smol precious bbis who have no idea what they're doing when they're constantly lying and manipulating others! Mentally ill people have struggles and THEREFORE are exonerated from all of their sins and anyone who disagrees doesn't care about the mentally ill!!!1! /s

No. 784930

File: 1552165662153.png (3.4 MB, 1245x1556, 9AEABA0B-642E-4674-A28A-3FE39E…)

Omg the DRAMA of it all

No. 784932

Oh damn she already ninja deleted whilst I was collaging it

No. 784933

lol she really is becoming luna slater

No. 784934

Wow, she's really laying the self hatred on hard today. I'm not one to comment on another's self harm, but posting this notebook couldn't be anything but begging for attention and uwu sympathy. Also, it's self deprecating, dumbass. Depreciating means decreasing in value over time.

once again, no one is going to take your mental illness seriously since you refuse to get ANY kind of professional help, and continue to abuse substances to numb yourself from your own mind. Find a therapist or shut up about how much you're ~suffering~

No. 784937

truly like a seventh grader going through their emo phase. grow up, Shayna.

No. 784938


This is like sharing an old angsty teen diary, most adults would just cringe and delete that shit, not share it

She's a bit old for (really superficial looking lol) self harm marks

No. 784940

Another break down for sympathy/money? Damn Shay just quit, go back to the real world, get a fast food job and move on. Cause this just aint it.

No. 784955

I like how she said “while scrolling back in my photo album” and it has the same sweatshirt sleeve and nails as her pics from last night lmao

No. 784957

I mean with what she is doing to her body, she is self depreciating kek

No. 784964

Ha, good catch. Probably why she deleted so quick. She clearly just did this and trying to pass it off as teenage angst. Whew. The attention seeking is strong with this one.

No. 784967

she does look extremely unwell and she's way past the point of just crying wolf for money and sympathy. I personally feel bad for her but I see why others wouldn't.
I mean she is a full-blown alcoholic, putting herself down att, working in the most draining and self-exploitative nishe ever and now self-harming and her whole shtick has been super self-damaging for a long time. she should quit everything and get help but she's probably still in denial, too, so the prospect of her getting help is bleak.
sex work is only ever a good idea if you mamage to make bank and save and retire after a while and do something else

No. 784969

to be fair there are off-white walls in almost every house. As far as we know she's still in Denver somewhere, mooching off some mysterious new "friend". She hasn't mentioned flying out of Colorado and she's still using mountain time.

No. 784971

How is she past the point of doing it for money and sympathy? Seems like that’s exactly what she’s doing. Also since she’s been sick she hasn’t mentioned drinking at all (prob cuz she’s broke) so I don’t think alcoholism is part of the equation as of late

No. 784972

>past the point of just crying wolf for money and sympathy
>crying wolf
she is actively destroying herself for money and sympathy. that's her shtick and she is exploiting herself and her customers alike

No. 784974

also the retards that enable her and fall for it have an agency in their own behaviour, too, you know

No. 784975

what she did is hardly self harm. she barely scratched her ankle, I doubt it even bled. She just wants attention and probably for fupa to feel bad

No. 784980

and a sane individual would take a blade to her skin for attention. You have your opinion and I have mine and that's cool. I'll stop derailing about this now.

No. 784982

I just wanna know why she still has the pic up if it was such a sore spot for her lol

No. 784983


She could've easily passed them off as erotic knife play marks if she really didn't want the attention

No. 784989

even though I agree they were for attention, I don't think she's clever enough to think something like that up lmao

No. 784990

When did I imply that at all? I doubt it was even a blade, it'll take more than someone who's knowingly fucked her own life up making some scratches to make me feel bad.

No. 784998

She probably used a broken acrylic nail or something lmao

No. 784999

I think she could’ve made a better case for herself if she hadn’t posted and baleeted that angsty journal sketch

No. 785010

Please stop infighting about Shay's ankle scratches.

No. 785050

What the hell is she sorry about anyway

No. 785054

File: 1552192996228.jpg (160.28 KB, 1080x819, Screenshot_20190309-224323_Twi…)

All those followers and only 3 likes?

No. 785055

rippin off a popular tweet n it doesn't even make sense

No. 785058


She just ripped off the meme
immeadiately after retweeting it from the person and she just did it so fuckin badly

No. 785091

What's the popular tweet? Hers just sounds like nonsense

No. 785104

yet another time she's tried to cash in on a meme and, lo and behold, it's the most unfunny shit in the universe

give it a rest

No. 785132

File: 1552230577251.png (48.01 KB, 565x697, Capture.PNG)

Probably was hoping she'd get the same amount of interaction as the person she retweeted.

No. 785138

this is shayna on social media in a nutshell right here

No. 785166

File: 1552240747898.png (1 MB, 534x904, 2019-03-10 13_58_54-An IRL Dol…)

>im totes not going to post with filters anymore
>posts an ever more filtered photo than usual

No. 785181

File: 1552243450051.png (89.69 KB, 720x717, Screenshot_2019-03-10-14-38-19…)

>>correlates nudes to Sex Work

No. 785183

taking nudes everywhere you go isn't a personality trait, shayna

where y'all think she's traveling to?

No. 785185

she's probably trying to convince people that this photo is unedited, just because there's no hearts in it

No. 785186

Wtf?? Does she has black stuff stuck in her teeth in this??

No. 785190

File: 1552245088254.png (323.41 KB, 740x456, ???.png)

it looks like the canine is kinda atrophied/worn down?? i don't know why it would look like that unless this tooth is chipped too, which you know with her front tooth and all, what are the odds of that?
only been here a couple months so someone else is going to have to clarify if her teeth have always been _this_ janky

No. 785192

Her canines have always been like that. She has gaps and just fucked up teeth in general.

No. 785194

Probably retained baby teeth, it’s pretty common

No. 785216


Ok one last thing about the meme tweet. What's funniest is that the person she copied it from has half her follower count and you see the massive difference in interaction lmao

No. 785224

File: 1552251632253.jpeg (1010.84 KB, 1242x1670, F3D3DBC6-3B8C-4B4C-B001-C2C534…)

Priorities this is what she uses her money for

No. 785226

sounding more like a fucking heroin addict Shay. $50 for all content is desperate as fuuuck even for her

No. 785228

Her teeth didn't always look that fucked up.

No. 785232

Wow her need for attention and affirmation is skyrocketing rn. So annoying how she thinks she's the only person who's ever been sick and had to go to work through it… except she doesn't even work.

No. 785235

Ehh if you go back at least a year ago they were basically the same as they are now besides the chipped front tooth everyone’s already sperged about recently

No. 785237

How many of her real followers can actually be left that Haven’t already gotten one of these deals where you spent some minute amount of money for all her content plus her snap? It’s like been a weekly occurrence for months now…

No. 785245

She's asking for enough money to buy only an eighth of weed in exchange for ALL of her content? this is why she has nothing to show for herself after 3 years as a cam girl. she have a fucking awful business sense and all her money goes straight down the drain for drugs, and not even like she's buying in bulk. for her heavy drug dependence and all her blunts, an eighth probably lasts a day or two

right? I wanna know if she ever actually gets people who go for these "sales", or if it's just her 3-5 bootlickers she's posting these for to indirectly beg for money from over and over

No. 785252

If she were actually getting revenue for all of the videos she has on manyvids, she wouldn't pull this shit. It's obvious nobody buys her content.

No. 785257

File: 1552259442417.png (216.33 KB, 750x1334, 8B712611-7056-4706-AA95-378644…)

She’s so fucking bitter

No. 785258

Remember when she used to post on tumblr about how sex workers should support other sex workers no matter what? Kek

No. 785260

File: 1552260613402.jpg (272.1 KB, 1080x1042, Screenshot_20190310-182931_Twi…)

You're still like this Shay

No. 785268

>WAS normalized with pedo culture

shayna you still dress up and pretend to act like a little girl, you still actively participate in pedo "culture"

who does this dumb bitch think she's kidding

No. 785275

File: 1552263234067.png (318.83 KB, 750x1334, B158976E-0540-48B7-A2D3-DFC099…)

Wait who’s ur bf tho?

No. 785277

watch, she'll realize she slipped up and deletes this RT and we all get confirmation she's still with fupa

No. 785307

File: 1552269797465.jpg (247.27 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190310-205850_Chr…)

We got a shoutout!

No. 785308

Who’s harassing? Does she realize she doesn’t have to read here or post on social media? ~baffling~

No. 785310

File: 1552270006849.png (222.04 KB, 750x1334, 9EC2A6F7-2479-4125-80F8-B2AE4C…)

No. 785311

File: 1552270077775.jpg (621.55 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190310-220718.jpg)

I don't think it's about us, unless this girl really is one of us. Lol

No. 785313

File: 1552270183311.png (231.77 KB, 750x1334, 90BD1949-B9B8-4980-BEA3-ECA05A…)

No. 785314

aww poor shay knows she's a brainless dirty loser so now she's projecting whilst likely drinking herself into a miserable stupor

"lives at home" um everyone lives at home shaytard like what the fuck are you trying to say lol? i guess she meant people who live with their parents, which is hysterical because she lives a million times worse having to suck ugly old man dick to stay in a house but even then becomes homeless..

hmm the fact that she said "cow" makes me wonder if she still might be grouping us with this girl who is "harassing" shay with logical facts. also when she calls others pathetic it's so embarassing because it's just such a projection, like you know she's so mad because her life is absolutely repulsive and she's the most sad pathetic moron on earth so anyone pointing out her cringy tactics of begging for money for weed that she doesn't need gets slammed with her true feelings about herself.

No. 785315

File: 1552270584764.png (228.49 KB, 750x1334, A88BDD24-7D43-4C3C-ACA4-5F8029…)

No. 785316

Is she on drugs? Her behavior is erratic af.

No. 785317

I can't even imagine how it feels for the people that bought those 90 videos at full price to see them go for pennies now

No. 785318

It’s def a farmer
A dumb one but a farmer nonetheless

No. 785321

This girl saying that she should spend her money on a place to live instead of drugs sounds exactly like something I would say to someone I care about if they were in the same position. But after looking at her most recent tweet, it sounds like she might be someone who Shay fucked over. I'm so confused.

No. 785322

Look at the girl’s twitter page obviously some dumbfuck cowtipper that made an account specifically to try to call her out or something lol not hard to figure these things out

No. 785323

File: 1552270961080.jpeg (566.91 KB, 750x1248, 3F49A08D-DCFC-4D95-B86C-FC0193…)

@itsemilysara - milky or not? thoughts..?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 785324

didn't look at her page, just read shay's retarded angsty tweets sorry lol

No. 785326


No. 785327

Tinfoil but if you look at the comments, both of the profiles were made just this month…maybe it's actually Shay "starting drama" for attention?

No. 785328

Just another run of the mill boring white girl ~lifestyle blogger~

Also absolutely not related to shaynas broke crusty try hard ass

No. 785330

honestly it all comes back to lolcow for the perceived goo and bad for shayna. people google her or browse here and either feel sorry for her/want to befriend and "fix her"/capitalize off her e-infamy or they decide they need to call her out for whatever they get out of that
either way it brings the retards to the surface pretty quickly

No. 785333

If we didn't watch your life, who would? All those bots on twitter? Kek

No. 785334

I searched the girl and nothing comes back to Shay, so I don't see how they we're close. The only thing remotely close to Shay is this random profile she has on some website named massroots that is weed related. Just because someone calls her out, doesn't necessarily mean they are from here.

No. 785336

… what are you talking about?

No. 785338


Depending on the state (if she's still in CO it's legal) $50 can actually buy you an oz or at least a half. Idk I live in OR where it's also legal, but yeah, it's still pitiful she sells her full library of content for pennies essentially. And with Shay I'm sure an oz barely lasts a week.

No. 785342


Kek "hard earned" money. E-begging and mooching and scamming tryna sell her snap and the same old nasty content. Doesn't stick to her schedule for camming, hasn't even been on in weeks. So hmmm

No. 785347

>lives @ home
where the fuck else would I live, bitch?!

we do know how you spend your time. Sleeping, eating, smoking, drinking, Xanax, cutting. You think that cleaning your living space is worth being proud of yourself for (which for mentally ill people it can be, but you're not even working on fixing your mental health. you can't claim any improvement or productivity until you really try to fix your shit.) You spend all day watching SpongeBob and smoking weed, making sad tweets hoping the 10% of your followers who are actually real people will interact with you.

>Admitting to paranoia
get a fucking therapist and work through your shit. don't blame us for calling you out on it when you treat it as an uwu manic pixie dream girl quirk

top kek. this girl lives in her own world. just another symptom that needs professional intervention.

this. She's not working. She's just reposting her perma-sales hoping someone new will see and offer her money, or someone old will see and offer her pity-money.

No. 785349

File: 1552280126651.jpg (408.19 KB, 1080x2036, Screenshot_20190311_005434.jpg)

No. 785351

File: 1552280664488.png (90.69 KB, 720x694, Screenshot_2019-03-11-01-04-04…)


Don't forget the first tweet that started her sperg

No. 785354

damn. GOOD. I really hope she's serious. I really hope she finds professional help, God knows she needs it. maybe this really was rock bottom and it'll be all up from here. It's all up to her though, if she can really commit.

No. 785360

see i'm really happy for her finally admitting that she's fucking her life up, and far be it from me to sound like one of shayna's haturzz, but i dunno - at this time after multiple "sicknesses" and "circumstances" and whatnot, it just feels like this is another excuse to not cam.
like i feel like this is just going to lead to a flood of support from orbiters and fellow sex workers uwu about how she should "omg get better" "take care of yourself" etc etc and she's probably going to respond with something like "yeah so please give me money for therapy thanks!"

watching you, shay.

No. 785365

tbh I wouldn't be so mad if she begged for money to go to therapy, as long as the money actually went to therapy and not more drugs for her to abuse. maybe it's just me. but she clearly needs it, and clearly can't afford it currently. I'd be glad she was getting it any way she could, even if it meant doing 0 work and relying on her followers to cover her copays.

No. 785366

that's my point anon.. the "therapy money" will go exactly where the moving money and the apartment money and all the other money has gone. i know it's kinda scummy to doubt someone on their mental health claims, but shay has pulled too much shit too frequently to really be trustworthy about her intentions again

No. 785368

File: 1552284345844.jpeg (649.28 KB, 1125x1037, 9AF9898B-FCA3-4818-B87C-300BFA…)

Sage. But I found this picture of shay with her natural hair, holy fuck it looks so healthy. She killed it

No. 785369


No. 785375

Minus the horrid makeup she looked cute
Sucks she can't take care of herself

No. 785377

>spend all ur time
this is five or six minutes out of my day to check on my favorite little trainwreck, boo. you're free entertainment and a hard look at what NOT to do in life, but it's sooo cute that you think you're that special!

yeah, i live in a home that i pay for, with an actual job! i understand that that's a hard concept for you to understand considering you get by on mooching/begging and showing your asshole for nickels, and you don't own a house of your own and are two shakes away from ending up in a cardboard box – maybe the concept of people living at home is too complicated for you? maybe if you lay off the xanax and change out of that dingy old shirt and panty set you'll grow your brain cells back you beat-faced bitch.

>broadcasts her failures live for literally anyone to see

it's like she actively tries to act retarded, whew!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 785384

lol how can you be a homeless liar with a victim complex and think that you don't have a shit existence

No. 785385

lol how can you be a homeless liar with a victim complex and think that you don't have a shit existence

No. 785402

Idk why she won't just go get the help without announcing it on twitter. It makes it seem like her little announcement is just a sympathy grab for cash and validation from people. I'm not gonna believe a habitual liar's words anytime soon either lol. It would be nice if she just went home and got help but I'll believe her when I see it.

No. 785408

but anon how will she capitalize on it if she doesn't make it a public announcement?
i think she's gonna take the money and then start tweeting again about how everyone's jealous of her life lol

No. 785427

God I fucking love Shayna. She truly affirms that all these tumblr grown hoes are all mentally ill. She’s the antithesis and cautionary tale of “uwu empowering sex work”. Wins me the argument every time lmao
Go home shayna. Get your shit together then a few years down the road you can run a blog about being groomed by evil internet. That will give you both sympathy and attention and you can revel in being a victim as much as you like without having to take a cheeseboard to your snatch for a few cents.

No. 785432

I really like this comment.

To me it’s almost like she was waiting for someone to call her out so she can publicly yell at someone and seem strong and cool. All it looked like from this end was someone having a straight up breakdown. Just once I wish I could have an irl conversation with her delusional ass. But I already work with people with disabilities so I guess the experience wouldn’t be too far off.

No. 785433

she's deluded and a manipulator, she'd just say whatever she thought she needed to in order to get whatever she wanted out of the interaction

No. 785443

She’s terrible at manipulating and anyone who believes anything she has to say is just as fucking stupid.

No. 785452

>but I already work with people with disabilities

my fucking sides, anon, that's just cruel

to the people you work with, I mean

No. 785458

File: 1552323158310.png (3.35 MB, 1242x2208, 324A11DE-FD54-4305-833A-F70987…)

in what fucking world does this look even remotely close to shayna…..

No. 785459

File: 1552323507955.jpeg (110.64 KB, 1900x800, 85D59563-C813-439C-BBFA-B64157…)

full pic for reference

No. 785464

well that's accurate but she still gets dumb people to send her money somehow lol

No. 785465


Saw this last week and thought the same lol. Even funnier now that her hair is just a brassy mess and not even rose gold at this point.

No. 785467

Tinfoil, but maybe her parents threatened to cut her off if she didn't sort her stuff out, and now she's making a spectacle out of it to convince them she's doing something about her mental state?

No. 785471

>repeatedly insult random girl, be really vicious, act manic
>omg my mental healf, me poor victim
she ain't gonna seek no help, it's her usual messy manipulating behaviour. She knows she goofed, now she's trying to summon the uwus so everyone forgets she's a venomous bitch.

No. 785472

So she's officially gotten new art to replace the dog one she had before? That popped up suspiciously around the same time she was with Dawn? I think she was planning to do furry stuff with Dawn.

No. 785491

And dingy bathrooms make her think "I want to finger myself here" and airport fashion makes her think "I want to not wear undergarments through here".
Everything to her revolves around porn. Making food? Porn. Kiddy toilet training? Porn. Kitchenware? Porn.

Nice to know Shay thinks being homeless is above living with your parents.

"First person to send $50 for my wee–I mean therapy…"

This is what happens when you over drink, can't function without weed, fuck over anyone who tries to help you, and mess around with loser guys with bad track records.

She was. Dawn was asking people about where to get stuff "for a friend"

No. 785515

File: 1552335223516.jpg (164.16 KB, 1080x725, Screenshot_20190311_161312.jpg)

No. 785518

File: 1552335444469.jpg (384.06 KB, 1059x1883, 20190311_151652.jpg)

Well, she's definitely back in Tulsa. Her latest tweet is a burger place in Tulsa. 1/2

No. 785519

It's funny cause everyone knows how she spends her time cause she tweets every single thing she does lmao

No. 785520

File: 1552335493885.jpg (629.24 KB, 1079x1291, Screenshot_20190311-151526_Chr…)

So she was trying to be sneaky and not let anyone know she wasn't staying in Colorado. 2/2

No. 785522

lol i wonder if she just went there for like .. a day because the flights she booked were non-refundable >>782657.

No. 785523

lol I knew it

haha yea she went and got some dinner and then came back

No. 785526

dis bitch. I'm not surprised she's still dangling off Fupa's chode, I'm just surprised she's so careless to post her location so obviously when it's clear she's trying to hide the fact she's still with him.

she has deleted all these tweets about ~finally getting help~ so I guess other anons saying it was just a ploy for attention were right. she's so fuxkin unstable

No. 785527

did she seriously delete them? fucking wow.

No. 785528

File: 1552336753352.png (561.33 KB, 576x620, 2019-03-11 16_39_17-An IRL Dol…)

she's such a crackhead…

No. 785529

File: 1552336852294.jpg (139.46 KB, 1078x443, Screenshot_20190311-154109_Twi…)

No. 785530

I can still see them, but they all say "failed to load tweet" which usually means they're deleted. I checked her other tweets and they don't fail to load.

No. 785531

looks like the only one she kept was the last one in the thread. jesus christ.

No. 785532

Neither, dumbass. Wait until you have your own apartment secured. Or is she going to mysteriously have found a place in the next couple of days but refuse to tell anyone where it is and just use a backdrop forever since it's gonna be Fupa's house?

No. 785533

File: 1552337075942.png (2.05 MB, 1165x916, D1Zxa2lV4AA6O4I.png)

when you pretend ur gonna get help for 5 seconds but immediately go back on ur bullshit

No. 785537

I really hoped she was being serious about getting help, but the fact that she's already deleted the tweets AND received money with the note "hope you get to feeling better cutie" is convincing me it really was just another ploy to get people to send her money. I had a little more faith in her than that, but she has proved to be a garbage can human being yet again. I will not believe she's serious about getting help until she starts posting nudes from her therapist's office bathroom.

No. 785538

File: 1552337793307.png (151.1 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190311-165423.png)

I really hope she goes septum, thinking back to her hitler-esque faux septum ring she wore for that one day that one time. It looked dumb as fuck lol. But she doesn't have the balls for it, I think she'll just get a little stud if anything.

twitter breakdown last night, impulsive nose piercing today… is a nose ring what you meant by "getting help", shayna?

No. 785540

i'm shocked she wants a nose piercing when it seems like she's always trying to make it look smaller with the particular filters she chooses. like… that draws attention to it, it doesn't disguise it lol.

No. 785546

That piercing will get infected in no time. We all know how she is about hygiene

No. 785547

Inb4 pls send money for my uwu baby bimbo princess infected piercing that my disgusting ass self couldn’t be bothered to clean uwu…. it huwts so bad I won’t be able to cam for the next two weeks!!

No. 785549

File: 1552340149373.png (14.62 KB, 574x124, 2019-03-11 17_35_48-An IRL Dol…)

who needs a place to live when you can get a nosejob?

No. 785550

Does she not realize how common it is for someone to have a slightly crooked nose

No. 785551

it must've been really hard for her to get called out like that to her face with no way for her to blame it on lolcow kek

No. 785552

I think she means it would make the piercing be crooked, but like, couldn't the piercer just adjust for that? sounds to me like an excuse, just blame it on someone else. probably lurking here and saw me say she doesn't have the balls to get her septum done. which she obviously doesn't lol

No. 785555

she's just going through a classic breakdown. dye your hair a different colour, get a tattoo, get a piercing, get a pet, new bf/gf etc

No. 785556

File: 1552340792658.png (268.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190311-174456.png)

don't really have much to add except she hasn't put out a new video in months

No. 785560

I almost feel like she’s trying to get closer to Fupa’s type. Ditching the blonde in favour of a dye job and getting a piercing (Fupa likes alt girls with dyed hair, piercings, and tattoos) are pretty out of left field decisions to change her blonde aesthetic she was so stuck on for so many years.

No. 785562

if thats the case then idk why she waited so long
obv he'll take whatever he can get lol

No. 785563

File: 1552342628457.png (207.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190311-181622.png)

lmao sage because it's not a pic of her new piercing but Emo Daddy Jesus God just hit me in the giggle dick

these are her "supporters". Creepy men who treat her like a dog and have ridiculous Twitter names lmao

No. 785564

he seriously replies to something similar to that on literally all of her posts lately

No. 785566

File: 1552342716599.png (140.67 KB, 351x498, 2019-03-11 18_18_46-Emo Daddy …)

No. 785567

File: 1552342998040.png (11.07 KB, 591x111, 2019-03-11 18_23_08-An IRL Dol…)

No. 785568

File: 1552343560667.jpg (111.42 KB, 1080x368, Screenshot_20190311-173256_Twi…)

So edgy

No. 785570

i thought all preteens got their nose pierced now? it's like a cute thing, not a ~metal~ thing lol

No. 785576

Shay came back home! Girl needs some gel before it starts getting humid otherwise she's gonna be a bigger frizzball than usual come April.

No. 785577

Any good piercer wouldn’t even mention it and would just adjust it like you said. Unless she has a deviated septum there’s no reason she couldn’t get one.

No. 785579

File: 1552345402968.png (161.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190311-190048.png)

So she's either lying and couldn't go through with a septum, or the piercer thought it would be ugly and talked her into a nostril stud instead. lol

she's basically confirming that she's doing this to feel like she has some small control over her sad trainwreck life. how can anyone take her seriously when she treats her mental illness like a meme, breaks down late at night, and deletes the tweets in the morning?

No. 785580

kek, she probably is at a shady piercing place that wouldve pierced her in her cartilage instead of the sweet spot

No. 785581

she really doesn't understand what existential means does she lmao

No. 785582

…. You're about to be 22, Shayna.
Your dad is going to look at you like a grown person making grown decisions? I swesr, with how much you constantly want your dads validation and assurance, you sure do paint a really messed up image to the public people.

Wooooooo, congrats shayna!! On doing something the average 6th grader does in the normal/every day society!!! sarcasm

No. 785584

Oh my god you absolute idiot leave black metal alone… it doesn’t make you any edgier. I’m sick of her constantly randomly mentioning something she’s never talked about to try and seem edgy
This bitch really is going insane and we have the pleasure to witness it

No. 785587

Why hasn't she posted a pic yet

No. 785588

They probably had to clean that caked on makeup off her nose before piercing it so she looks ridiculous

No. 785589

Seriously it’s like the 20th time she’s claimed to have an “existential crisis” but can’t even use it in proper context, lmao. Does she think having an existential crisis is fun and quirky or something?

No. 785590

It’s probably swollen so her nose looks even worse. That and she has to reapply makeup over it.

No. 785591

amazing how she’s supposed to be “saving for an apartment” but she probably spent over half of the $100 she was just sent on a piercing that she probably wont even take care of. that said tho i also wouldnt be surprised if instead she went to someone who does like 5$ piercings with dirty equipment and uses crap jewelry so it gets infected and rejects even faster. she’s so impulsive and cheap that the latter sounds more likely.

No. 785601

She probably just found the phrase on tumblr, like most of her personality lol

No. 785610


This is the most normie shit I've ever seen and I can't believe this is coming out the mouth of someone who's 22 and not 12.

No. 785615

i know right, it's absolutely cringeworthy. sounds literally like a middle schooler who just discovered 4chan in like 2012

No. 785617

Eh sometimes. I’ve had my septum pierced 3 times. Was told it was deviated like Shays and 2 times it came out crooked and the third time it went in perfectly. She could get the septum if she was stubborn enough

No. 785618

>pink hair
Lel I still don't know where she's getting this. It started as rose gold and then faded to some ugly strawberry blonde shade. She's delusional. So punk rawk

No. 785626

What if she didn't really get her nose pierced? And is just gonna put on sticker gems

No. 785638

File: 1552355061758.png (247.7 KB, 720x913, Screenshot_2019-03-11-21-39-15…)

So it's like, totally okay for her to enable harassment of others for wrongdoing…. But if she's harassed its the end of the fucking world and she's ~just never done something so wrong for her to be harassed~

This chick.

No. 785642


She's gotta keep him hooked somehow, he's the only thing keeping her from being truly homeless. Staying with her is a problem when it comes to him keeping any rights to seeing his kid

I imagine the sheets aren't to keep farmers from knowing she's at Fupa's, but probably his rule so CPS doesn't know Shay is living with him

No. 785649

cps? probs just his ex wife, and i hope she finds out

No. 785652

lol there has to be evidence of child abuse for cps to be involved, anon…

No. 785671

I really hope she saw the donald duck style nude that he cropped to be his facebook picture lol

No. 785672

It's speculation, but if they knew he was living with an alcoholic, weed smoking SWer who panders to pedos and sexually pees in a toddler potty, I have a feeling they'd be involved. Even just being a SWer is enough for them to get nosy about the child's "safety"

No. 785673

Look up any popular munchausen’s by proxy cases and you’ll find out how much it takes to actually get them involved. Don’t be retarded, he’s made sure to keep a large buffer zone between her and his kids lol.

No. 785675

The kids live with his ex and it appears she does not fuck around when it comes to the wellbeing of their children. Not really a reason for CPS to get involved at this point unless something happened to them in fupa's care (assuming he's even allowed to see them unsupervised). He's also doing everything in his power to hide that shay is back at the fupaland ranch. No way he's going to let his kids or ex wife see her there.

No. 785775

It’s alot harder to prove a child is being forced to fake a disease whereas one google search will prove Shayna caters to pedos. I personally know a cam girl who’s son was taken away because her ex told CPS she works while the child is home, even though she cams in a room that’s permanently locked and only works late at night when her son is asleep. She had to go to court for months and pay thousands for a lawyer to prove she didn’t leave didlos laying around or anything else the kid might stumble upon. We already know Shay doesn’t clean up her bongs, bottles of wine, vibrators and god know what else.

No. 785778

the kids don't live there and they aren't even shayna's kids. stop using anecdotal evidence to try to support this idea of fupa getting his kids taken away that you seem to be so horny about.

No. 785781

Just because they don’t live there doesn’t mean the ex couldn’t legally use Shays antics as an excuse to keep them away from Fupa. It’s obvious she said something to him otherwise they wouldn’t be trying so hard to hide that Shay’s back.

No. 785782

yall need to leave the kids and ex wife out of this. its not about them.

No. 785783

it seems like it's just one especially autistic anon that can't drop it at this point

No. 785785

yea, but it was probably along the lines of "i don't want my children to be around some random you met online"

No. 785803

File: 1552409936000.png (27.49 KB, 578x215, 2019-03-12 12_58_47-An IRL Dol…)

bets on whether she actually makes it to cam tonight or not?

No. 785806

File: 1552410314282.png (27.09 KB, 608x278, 2019-03-12 13_03_42.png)

yes… the 20 something yr old teenager barbie. alcohol, mental health and a place to live sold separately.

No. 785807

Having a piercing isn't a personality trait btw, Shaytard.

I know its new, but like, she's really clinging to it for identity and thinking she's really rebellious and quirky for getting a nose stud. Literally tons of girls, their moms, and even grandmas have them. Its not even a ring. Just little gem stud lol.

No. 785817

>then taking pics to show off my nose!
lmao and the world waits in anticipation

does she really wanna…show off her nose? she's always using a filter to hide how honkin big it is

No. 785819

oh don't worry, she'll filter the hell out of the upcoming nose pictures lol

No. 785828

File: 1552415122906.jpg (829.51 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190312-132431_Chr…)

She didn't wash off the marker from yesterday… If she was taking care of it, it would be off by now…

No. 785829

Her hair is not looking good at all.

No. 785831

File: 1552415259165.jpg (307.9 KB, 1075x806, 20190312_132738.jpg)

"And pink hair" kek surrre!

No. 785832

File: 1552415357952.png (784.94 KB, 524x877, 2019-03-12 14_29_11-An IRL Dol…)

she looks so different without the filters, it's honestly jarring

No. 785834

is she legitimately blind? her hair is fucking brassy blonde, not pink at all.

No. 785837

Her new nose piercing does not flatter her with that nose shape… It looks horrible.(nitpicking)

No. 785838

I honestly think a septum would have been more flattering

No. 785839

It just looks like a giant pimple

No. 785841

Even the day she dyed it I didn't think it was anywhere close to pink. Whatever it is, it's ugly as shit.

No. 785842

Oh God, it looks so much worse than I expected. I can't tell if we're just so used to seeing her with a filter that her unfiltered nose looks huge, or if the piercing makes her nose look much more bulbous, or both.

Her hair was never really pink, if anything just rose gold, but now it's just a dull ashy orange.

I totally agree. Probably still would have been bad, but this was just a big waste of money. I wonder how long she'll keep it. The piercer did her no favors talking her out of a septum.

No. 785843

Pro piercer here and holy shit not to sperg but that placement is bad. It’s way too high and the angle is incorrect so it doesn’t sit properly. Her jewelry is also far too big for the size of her nose. Cue hypertrophic scarring within the next few weeks.

No. 785848

I can tell the angle is fucked and I know fuck all about piercings

No. 785854

File: 1552418387275.png (868.66 KB, 580x1236, 2019-03-12 15_18_32-An IRL Dol…)

i guess her asthma and mental health are cured???

No. 785856

Hahaha the gut hanging over her pants. GOOD LOOK(nitpicking)

No. 785858

But it's not lol

No. 785861

when will this dumb hoebag shut up about how tough she thinks her fucking nose stud that millions of 14 year olds get is??? like how many more tweets will she pump out that are this cringy? numerous freshman in my class at my high school got nose piercings or even multiple, it's not edgy at all.

No. 785862

i always thought the ~edgy~ thing was like your tongue or nipples lol

No. 785863

one major improvement tho… she has her mouth closed and isn't doing that weird fishface pose. so there's that at least.

No. 785864

I’m glad she’s not decked out in pink shit here. But this picture looks exactly like a white trash high school drop out who has a 2 year old named Jayden. Bitches with huge alas should not get these piercings…

No. 785866

mouth closed is an improvement but she is still doing the retard fishface, just more subtly lol she literally does it in EVERY SINGLE selfie, or she does the down syndrome smile

No. 785872

Sorry for nitpicking but her eyebrows are fucked up. This is probably the worse she’s ever looked

No. 785874

all of this is just so, so bad..how long is she gonna be trapped in fupas closet thinking she's a bad bitch? I just can't lmfao

No. 785878

I really can't ever make sense of the way she does her hair. fucking hell this is all just a disaster why can't she do ANYTHING right

No. 785881

I really hope she went to an APP approved place and got implant grade titanium jewelry but knowing her she probably didnt do any research

No. 785892

It looks like a pimple on her huge nose tbh

No. 785893

Lmao at that caption omg. She really thinks it makes her some ultra hardcore bitch or something. I’m cackling.

No. 785894

That nose stud is way too high and makes her nose look larger. Should have gone with something else or a smaller gem.
I think we’re so used to seeing her filtered Snapchat face that we all forgot how much her face resembles a goblin.

Also I’m pretty sure that blunt is just a photo prop. It doesn’t look lit, there’s no smoke, the ash looks hard where the cherry died and the placement of the ash is unchanged. It’s just there for -~esthetics~~

No. 785895

THAT ANGLE IS SOOO BAD jfc i cant wait for her to pick at it and give herself a bump, thus leading to even more picking

No. 785897

File: 1552421824636.jpeg (477.21 KB, 1242x1144, 2745DD1E-363D-4E42-B45E-90FD14…)

Every time she uses this phrase I cringe. Sandy literally said it once in the entirety of spongebob, it’s not her catch phrase or anything and it’s not even that funny out of context. How fucking lame can you get?

No. 785899

File: 1552421964814.jpeg (838.06 KB, 1242x1304, B2E92EEC-0905-480F-9879-19832B…)

These pics are absolutely filtered. Look at these and then the others she posted, it’s so obvious.

No. 785901

File: 1552421978315.jpeg (368 KB, 1242x1491, 31A0B021-E602-4BF4-9F6B-C440FA…)

didnt she only work there for like 3 months?

No. 785902

File: 1552421989262.jpeg (226.08 KB, 2048x1040, D9551827-B97F-43E6-979A-ECDE33…)

No. 785905

pretty sure she wrote a post about this on tumblr when it happened and she got a ton of followers from it. So chasing her (once) popularity again..

No. 785906

File: 1552422143553.jpeg (212.14 KB, 2048x1040, 7B08097D-9A11-4722-B7DE-93A073…)

Bitch looks raggedy af

No. 785908

And what "bills" was she paying at 18

No. 785911

the same ones she's paying now… ZING

No. 785916

The filters make her nose stud look like an awful mole.

No. 785920

Honestly I hope she uses less filters and keeps that up. If she focuses on actually maintaining her appearance naturally she'd probably look better than with the filters that don't really work for everyone. (Aka as usual Shay should be less lazy and using something filters as a shortcut)
That nose piercing is tragic though, whoever did it did her dirty. To any aesthetic anons, could the piercing be saved with a different ring? Like if she switched it out with a hoop or something? Cause right now it looks like a pimple with the placement and while her nose isn't all that bad in my opinion, it just highlights a really bad spot

No. 785921

File: 1552424710142.jpg (161.24 KB, 1078x737, Screenshot_20190312-160506_Twi…)

Neither. Cause she won't get on

No. 785922

A hoop would look worse tbh. Once it starts to heal we all know she'll pick the scab and it will never heal properly

No. 785923


hoops are a no-no in a fresh nose piercing, its just asking for a bump. After 1-2 months maybe.

No. 785925

What other anon said - hoops in a fresh piercing increase the likelihood of issues and scarring. Especially when not taken care of at all. Highly doubt Shay is gonna do saline soaks as is. There’s no saving it honestly, the angle and height are fucked and it’s akways gonna look that way. The piercer obviously sucked - also evident because they told her she couldn’t do a septum since she had a deviated septum which is bullshit.

No. 785928

she should just get a double nostril piercing to even out the bad placement of that one lol. plus then she can have double the """edge"""

spoke too soon kek

No. 785929

yeah only issue with double nostril is a) it's not gonna help how bad the first one looks and, b) you kinda need to get them done at the same time/by the same person so you know they're truly even
i wouldn't be surprised if she takes it out or fucks it up somehow within the next 90 days tbh

No. 785939

File: 1552428781312.jpg (485.86 KB, 1080x1649, Screenshot_20190312-171310_Twi…)

No. 785941

Wow, for once she is actually fulfilling her cam girl duties.

No. 785942

Thanks for letting me know about the piercing stuff anons!
Well sucks to be her I guess. She should have made a more informed decision than likely finding the first open piercer willing to pierce her nose for cheap during a manic phase

No. 785943

File: 1552429662500.jpg (227.06 KB, 1000x1000, pjimage.jpg)

…does she really think nobody would notice the difference?

No. 785947

What difference? I don't see a difference. /s

No. 785949

There's obvious smoothing and color correction on the photo to the right

No. 785950

Poor anon doesn't know what '/s' means… it was sarcasm.

No. 785951


A couple of her moles could use a look see by a dermatologist, especially considering how she let herself get so sunburned last summer.

And getting a piercing so soon after having been so sick is a big no. If she is taking antibiotics the rebound after she finishes them can make healing worse.

No. 785958

Does she really think a nose piercing is edgy?

No. 785962

She's about as mature as the average 12 year old so yeah probably lol
I feel like she's just trying to show fupa that she can be his dream edgy/goth/whatever girlfriend

No. 785966

my mind can't even register how ugly and pathetic this "guy" must be in order to pay 50$ to get the ugliest grossest selfie possible sent to him in return lmfao, her dirty ass foot pressed onto her face.. no wonder her skin needs 3 layers of makeup to look decent.

No. 785967

Not to mention it was then posted for free to everyone else.
Plus a lot of foot fetish people like to keep things hush-hush since they get a bad wrap

No. 785969

No shay weird shit with your face! Maybe your hands but god, it’s been your face !

No. 785971

i hate how accurate this is anon

No. 785984

File: 1552439155445.png (188.78 KB, 750x1334, 030AB8F0-8CD3-471C-B2D1-4AD25B…)

Well this was over an hour ago…

No. 785988

File: 1552440653844.jpeg (489.17 KB, 1242x820, 06F5EAEA-A3A7-4C3A-8111-F673D9…)

Oh honey… That gut is not cute. She's live.

No. 785989

That's not even a gut. Almost everyone looks like that when leaning over like that.

No. 785992


I mean, yeah, but also… She's just wearing unflattering shit that doesn't help. Yes, People get rolls from slouching and what not, this is actual pudge from her diet of wine and cheeseburgers lmao. If you look back, she's looked better in the tummy area. Also a good cam girl ought to be aware of her body and keep good posture to minimize things like this imo but we know Shay's tier of effort.

No. 785995


She may be homeless and experiencing a complete breakdown, but rest assured, at least Fupa is feeding her

No. 785996

Wow, I was on my PC for once looking at this thread, saw she was on, thought I'd go ahead and check out her Chaturbate to see what she's actually like on cam with my own eyes… YIKES x10. Cringiest shit I've seen in a long time. I don't so much mind her voice, but… The absolute garbage that comes from her mouth and the persona she weakly tries to carry… oof. Also just got to see her slurp on her pink dildo she's had forever lmao painful.

Someone's giving her shit for being bad at sucking it and also for yelling. She says she been voted and has a sash for "Loudest of 2018" or something kek.

No. 785997

Does she have a double nose piercing? Or is she flipping her photos?

No. 785998

snapchat auto flips all pictures taken with it

No. 785999

Says she couldn't do coke again. She doesn't like uppers, she said she's already "such an uppity person". kek

No. 786000

she also got an attitude and said "no one is going to tell me how to suck dick for $3 dollars" and the dude replied with "but i tipped you".

and now she's offline?

No. 786001

aren’t cam girls literally there to entertain their tippers? Why yell at them?

No. 786002

stickyickylicky: what happen
stickyickylicky: why she leave
stickyickylicky: I pay her

this is the guy that tipped her earlier about sucking her dildo

No. 786003

at the start she said her laptop was at 1% so its probably gone off.

No. 786004


I think her battery on her computer died? She said it was plugged in but at like 1% a couple mins ago, so maybe it's busted or needs to charge. So her cam time lasted a whopping 10 mins. Way to prepare for your comeback cam show Shay

No. 786005

Good ol' scammy Shay!

No. 786006

Lol I wonder if he’ll find the thread, kek

No. 786007


She's such a joke. Can't do the very basics for her job choice like charge her fucking laptop before hopping on, interact and look good on cam, and actually stay on cam for at least a half hour

No. 786009

Makes people tip 65 tokens for a dildo bj that lasts for 1 minute and makes you super uncomfortable. Shaylogic

No. 786010

Saying she sucked it for an actual minute is being pretty generous lmao

No. 786011

File: 1552442910560.jpg (214.05 KB, 1073x597, 20190312_220815.jpg)

She's back, unfortunately.

No. 786013

And she’s gone again. Says she needs to charge her laptop and she’ll be back in a half hour.

No. 786014

File: 1552443428746.jpg (178.04 KB, 1080x625, Screenshot_20190312-211723_Twi…)

Just like that camera you need

No. 786015


She decided this morning she was going to get on cam. She's had all damn day to charge her laptop so it was ready for camming. tf bitch. Like did she use it all day like an idiot or has it just been sitting dead since last time she cammed lol

No. 786018

File: 1552444220541.png (179.92 KB, 750x1334, E78D8F17-941C-414D-A4A1-AA3B8F…)

… because that’s necessary

No. 786019

So whose credit card did she steal?

No. 786020

File: 1552444288559.jpg (155.49 KB, 1080x471, Screenshot_20190312-213129_Twi…)

Reading the thread Shay?

No. 786021

she did recently say she had >$900 in amazon gift cards

No. 786022

just plug the fucking laptop in idiot, and if the cord's not long an extension cord is a fuck of a lot cheaper than a new laptop.

No. 786023

but…you're never on cam lol

it sure is hard to flex when you live in a closet tho. wanna tweet about that shay?

No. 786025

She could have just bought a new power cord though…

No. 786026

she said it died while it was plugged in.

No. 786030

File: 1552445462395.png (2.09 MB, 1334x750, BECD80C5-6481-4DD5-B976-A9AB81…)

She’s back

No. 786031

File: 1552445590458.jpeg (58.58 KB, 744x419, 9FDC218F-60B9-4BF6-B4A2-552D8C…)

My work is my god

No. 786032

link to her stream?

No. 786034

It’s stupidbaby on chaturbate

No. 786035

Pretty sure she’s gone again tho

No. 786037

File: 1552446292704.png (430.39 KB, 479x355, ytrewq.png)

sage for old pic, but just for reference. this is what her cam room looked like in early November while she was still "official" with Fupa. all she's done is changed the backdrop and bought some new pillows. the lighting, framing, and orientation are all the same

No. 786038

On her phone, listening to awful music and coughing a bunch.. so sexy

No. 786039

lol did she spend her camera fund on a laptop? Also this bitch coughing up a storm

No. 786040

I think tonight confirms that she's never getting her own apartment. lol. Dropped $900 on a laptop. Which I'm a little hesitant to believe as she begs for just $50

No. 786041

Its worst now. In this pic she has lights and decorations. Now she just has pillows and a sheet. Shes not even trying.

No. 786042

I def agree, but she could blame Dawn for refusing to give her back her stuff. just pointing out how obvious it is that she's in the same room. I definitely think she used to have two light sources and maybe a tripod, now she's working with less, but it's still on the floor in front of a wall

No. 786045

File: 1552446943422.jpg (36.49 KB, 640x372, Shaynastyfeet.jpg)

She decided she'd show off her feet after someone tipped her a bunch and she said "nooo I'm not naked, but here's my feeeet"

No. 786046

She was never gonna get one. Shes spent the time since she got kicked out till now looking. I know it can take a while to find one. Especially if you don't have any credit. Still a normal person would be working trying to raise money for said apartment. This is the first time she has gotten on since Feb.

No. 786047

I just think she doesnt care. Like even when she was at dawn's with a bed and a better space she cammed 2(?)times.

No. 786048

She hasn’t even been on a regular cam schedule since she lived in Seattle

No. 786049

she had junk anyways, she doesn’t even care to ever get ribmeat back.

No. 786050

If she’s at fupa’s then rib is there… the cat never went to Denver

No. 786051

She doesn't. She rather just put her vids on sale and beg for money. Its been said before you'd think she'd be making new content to sale since she can't cam.

No. 786052

She never cared about the cat anyways

No. 786053

she can't tho cus she'd have to hang a sheet wherever she went lol she's p much just gonna stagnate even more now cus she can't move out and can't do anything but hide where she is

No. 786054

True but this is also the woman who spent money on a hotel room to cam. You'd think she would have used that time to film a new video. And I wouldn't call it hiding. Everyone knows where she is.

No. 786055

I'm shocked she charges 10,000 tokens just to get naked and tease. that's a pretty difficult goal amount to hit on CB, especially with having the amount of followers/viewers she currently has. lots of semi-top models struggle to hit similar goal amounts. huh!

No. 786057

she thinks it's still deniable as long as she doesn't slip up and admit it like she did before she left for CO this last time. I'd be watching her stream to listen for slip ups, but I'm in Massachusetts tonight and she has this state blocked, so I can't. it's only a matter of time though, she gets drunk and high and tells stupid stories about herself and will inevitably mention her cat or her boyfriend or something stupid that gives her no way to deny she's at Fupa's. not just in Tulsa for literally no reason at this point.
if they really had broken up and she really was looking for apartments out of state she would have no reason to go back to Oklahoma unless it was to transport her cat to her new place.

she charges 10,000 but gets naked at 1,000. she just can't do math, and doesn't realize her goal count doesn't reflect what she actually charges.

No. 786059

Can’t you just use a vpn if you wanted

No. 786060

can't be assed to put in that much effort for shaynasty

No. 786061

Yikes. I've never seen her stream before, it's awful. She's just sitting singing along to crappy songs that sound like they're coming from another room, plugging her snapchat, talking about mundane crap, keeps tugging her shirt down. And lol the two times someone tipped her to suck the dildio she spent only a few seconds playing with it.

Annnnnd she's already leaving due to laptop issues.

No. 786062

Details how she bought new laptop, usb cords, and a light ~$1000

Complains about bills and how she can't work, still suffering

mkay shay

No. 786063

Trying to figure out what is true and what is lies from this ho, gives me a headache.

No. 786064

File: 1552448537440.jpg (553.59 KB, 1065x1718, 20190312_234213.jpg)

She just got so mad at this dude. She was like "yeah, no. I appreciate your advice but no".

No. 786065

Instead of trying to figure it out. Just assume its all lies

No. 786066

"I'd rather force myself to suffer forever than admit maybe I'm doing things wrong"

No. 786068

She can't give up now because all the people ITT would be right and she can't have that. She'd rather be right and stupid then wrong and smart.

No. 786069

File: 1552449099634.png (12.94 KB, 660x89, tearfulthriving.png)

fred said he liked her boobs, wanted to titty fuck her, and was touching himself. she banned him and started to tear up. said she was getting off because of him

lol shes a shitshow

No. 786070

What a bizarre line of work to choose if that’s your reaction to someone saying something sexual to you. Whew.

No. 786071

>man in sex chat room talks about sex
>omg banned!!! how dare u talk to me sexually!!!!! even though selling sex is my literal job!!!!!!!!!!

No. 786072

Doubt that dude made her get off. She was having a shit night and decided to say fuck it.

No. 786074

like okay, let's say this guy was being unreasonably creepy and deserved to get banned. if your skin is so thin that ONE creep makes you cry and log off, you are NOT cut out for this line of work. that's so obvious. you've gotta take a lot of shit, even worse shit, as a cam girl, and she's clearly too unstable and sensitive to be one.

No. 786075

Very true. Still she's had to deal with this and tumblr trolls for years. Her skin has to have thicken up by now.

No. 786079

he wasn't even being mean to her. plenty of cam girls would just laugh at him and treat him like a stupid heckler, and only ban if he went too far/too graphic. can't imagine what would happen if someone started insulting her in the chat.

isn't it safe to assume all of the people in your chat room are touching themselves? that's literally what you're there for. you're providing them ~prons~

No. 786081

Even the a user in the pic said it would be better to be put in a tip note. She could have had him tip her. Instead she bans him, starts crying and logs off.

No. 786082

Bony ass and giant ass feet. She legit looks like a mentally ill tranny

No. 786083


she literally said that she’d tell him her bra size if he tipped, but before he could answer she kicked him. he definitely wasnt the reason she got off, she was just sitting there doing nothing for a good ten minutes. she only made about 32$ in her second show, not sure about the first

No. 786084

File: 1552450547104.jpeg (268.82 KB, 1242x1552, 51FAD996-F486-466B-ABD8-7F3C68…)

how did she kill her laptop so quickly? this cant be older than 2017 due to the fact that it’s rose gold, pls correct me if im wrong. i know ppl who still use macbooks from way before then and theyre still up and running.

No. 786086

tbh I wouldn't be surprised if she was lying about it, just so she could add something else to her pity party
Also if the battery is actually worn out, can't she just keep it plugged in while she's using it?

No. 786087

She's probably too retarded to realize the fan is fucked or something. Mac has good repair services though so she's just throwing money.

No. 786088

She could absolutely get this repaired for a lot less than what she supposedly just spent on a new laptop, but you can’t pay the apple store with Amazon gift cards so here she is.

No. 786089

"but I'm in Massachusetts tonight and she has this state blocked"
am i retarded or confused? she has ips from the whole state of mass blocked? what?

No. 786090

yeah you can do state blocks on most sites; its built into the site, you just have to chose that option.

No. 786091

File: 1552451455168.png (278.08 KB, 1180x714, Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 12.3…)

not to start a mac vs pc debate but seriously she could have gotten a laptop with more longevity and a better camera for half this price. but she's probably too retarded to use any operating system other than mac. sage for computer sperg

No. 786092

File: 1552451631143.png (15.05 KB, 1152x84, Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 12.3…)

LMAO yeah you're right, I have a mass ip too

No. 786093

most camsites allow you to have regional blocks, so anyone logging in from a certain state can't view your room. her family lives in Massachusetts as well as a lot of people she used to know before sex work so she's blocked the state on chaturbate as well as MFC. It's an option on camsites for that exact reason, plus for hiding from employers and stuff like that.

No. 786094

this is so funny to see considering how many times she's bragged about having ~smol princess baby feet~ in the past, fucking kek

she's probably lying as usual, but i wouldn't be surprised if her laptop shit the bed especially with how she treats most of her belongings. just take it in to get repaired shay, you're already homeless and there's no need to blow any extra money

No. 786102

This wasn't even the best shot of her feet lol. Right before that she was doing an extra close up really showing off her yellow spots and callouses.

No. 786109

it's from 2017? what the fuck is she doing with it?
mine's from 2012 and still running like a damn champ

No. 786110

my thoughts exactly.. i'm literally using a 2010 lol and god knows shay does nothing, only part that might come in handy would be the quality of the cam but she uses her own cam anyhow i think so it's pointless. she loves wasting money

No. 786111

To me, this confirms she's at Fupa's. Otherwise she'd be saving this money for an apartment.

Also confirms she never had any intentions of buying that new camera. I don't blame her; she'll look even more haggard in higher quality, and digital cameras don't have beautifying filters and hearts around the head. The horror.

No. 786130

sorry, I know this is oldish but I have this macbook and it does suck. the charging cord comes out every 5 seconds

No. 786148

Well this was my first time watching her on cam but it was so boring, anyways, her sheet is somewhat sheer and I noticed an outlet on the far left of the room. If I remember correctly it’s almost in exactly the same place where an outlet was when she was at fupa’s. Sorry I didn’t get caps though I’m sure it can be found in any of the other caps from last night

No. 786149

File: 1552485538354.jpg (177 KB, 732x668, crusty.jpg)

No. 786150

File: 1552486947393.png (24.26 KB, 580x197, 2019-03-13 10_22_15-An IRL Dol…)

No. 786151

okay but if you're going to spend that much why buy it refurbed from a secondhand distributor instead of directly from apple?
and she wonders why it didn't last…

No. 786152

File: 1552487290045.png (1.2 MB, 668x932, haggard.PNG)

Shay saying that is too funny. We do the same thing to her and we are bullies, but if she wants to do it then it is okay. Alright Shay.

This is one of the pics Shay posted last night after "working". I think she should go back to filtering her pics, she's been ridden hard and put away wet and it's so much of a big difference from her edited photos. It would be sad to see someone her age looking like that normally, but she put herself into the mess that her life is so whatever.

No. 786153

it was a repost from before she cammed. she actually said she couldn't take any pics because her camera remote conveniently died as well. but yeah, not her best look.

No. 786155

File: 1552487979054.jpg (465.22 KB, 1080x1863, Screenshot_20190313-093945_Twi…)

What people want to see her role play as. God no

No. 786156

File: 1552488013429.jpg (116.48 KB, 1080x521, Screenshot_20190313-094039_Twi…)

Could you imagine

No. 786161

The yellow calloused feet, the pimply ass, the cellulite thigh, the haggard face and lank greasy locks. I can’t.

No. 786162

Reminds me of the nun costume she begged for her followers to buy, promised a video for, and never used except for a few bizarre photos. I think that was one of her Halloween ideas, when she only made one shitty video all month after scheduling at least 4

No. 786164

“support all sex workers!! I’m so positive tehe!!”

No. 786174

File: 1552491716136.png (13.83 KB, 577x112, 2019-03-13 11_42_00-An IRL Dol…)

so she and fupa are official back on, or..?

No. 786180

She's been retweeting relationship shit on twitter often lately. I honestly think she is with Fupa and is trying to keep it on the DL. Where else could she possibly be, with her "friends" lol? We all know she is spending her money on stupid shit and honestly never seemed to be saving it in the first place.

I sincerely hope the few genuine twitter followers she has will call her out on this obvious scamming. She scammed people for money for a hotel, lied about going to get therapy, and pretending to be on the verge of homelessness so she can sucker orbiters into giving her money. Pretty shitty especially since there are people in the world who don't have a safety net and would probably end up genuinely homeless as a result if their lives got messed up.

No. 786181

Shay, if you're reading this, just wash your face more than twice a month and exfoliate sometimes and you'll look a lot better. I'd also say use sunblock when outside, but you never go outside do you.

No. 786185


What's with the fucking flat diagonal line of her left buttcheek??

No. 786203

File: 1552496438257.gif (12.02 MB, 285x428, 632E6877-0D27-44C5-A94A-87053F…)

her “butt slaps” from last night…you can see how flat and nonexistent her ass is….

No. 786208

Is she really making it 10,000 tokens till naked? what? is she crazy?

No. 786216

it makes that first comment so funny

No. 786218

That's around 250$ for her income from that and 500$ worth of tokens before chaturbate's cut. If she's simply typed in an extra 0, that's still pretty high. From a quick click through the front page right now it seems like most don't have anything near that. The highest paid one to get naked was around 1500 tokens but the woman removed one piece of clothing per 250 tokens (single tip if I'm understanding the interface correctly) which I think was pretty smart. I may even be off on the number of articles of clothing she has to take off before being naked of course. Either way, it seems everyone has higher tip numbers per action than Shay and have lower goals. They also don't seem to consider getting naked to be an end point which I think is the biggest difference between Shay and all the others. Aside from being seductive towards their clients, engaging, capable being sexual, etc

No. 786220

i don't know how goals work on CB but where it says [85 tokens remaining] im pretty sure it started off as 200. so thats how many to get naked?

No. 786222

she makes her goals 100 tokens and then it's 100 goals to get naked

No. 786224

File: 1552499669970.png (458.52 KB, 577x847, 2019-03-13 13_54_14-An IRL Dol…)

changed her pinned tweet again lol
after bragging about dropping almost $1k on a laptop.. aight.

No. 786225

Im kinda tempted to go back through all of our threads and find out exactly <b>how long</b> she's had this "Fund New Camera Goal" just to prove and put it out there that she's been trying hard to earn that money for almost 2 years… she's been "close" to it multiple times and has always blown it ALL on something else.

New Camera Fund = ring lights and backdrops
New Camera Fund = Nintendo Switch
New Camera Fund = Laptop, cords and remote

No. 786227

She'll be trying to fund that new camera for the next five years and still never make it.

No. 786228

someone should edit that always sunny "I can't believe you don't have 5 grand between you" or whatever it is w shayna n her camera lol

No. 786230

>rees about people not being discreet enough and blaming it all on them for her breaking TOS
C'mon Shayna. What a dumbass

No. 786234

And how are those amazon giftcards gonna help her with getting an apartment, hmmm?

Bitch maybe if you consistently cammed, PUT OUT NEW VIDS, and actually saved your scraps of money, you could actually attempt finding an app instead of hiding out in Fupa's closet

No. 786238

If she ACTUALLY needed the money there are plenty of websites you can sell gift cards to. Though, those take a percentage so she wouldn't get $900 cash. I think most companies take 25%.

No. 786247

again, on paper she says 10,000, but in practice she does it for 1,000. She's either bad at math or doesn't notice the discrepancy.

No. 786258


Because she has no actual money, only Amazon gift cards.

No. 786261

yeah but they have payment plans at least
her shitty 2 yr old reburb is just going to shit out again in 6 months

No. 786310

File: 1552523965535.png (208.81 KB, 750x1334, 88CCC6B9-8816-4835-9A7A-3C5020…)

part ii

No. 786315

i don't get why she needed to get a new charger? is it just that the cord doesn't stay in place? that's so common w macs you just get a new charger lol

No. 786319

File: 1552526564728.png (323.4 KB, 670x373, cammin2daysinarow.png)

She's on. Idk why she listens to music without a proper set up. Just sounds like garbage.

No. 786320

foot right in her vag, as usual.

No. 786324

She could’ve just replaced the battery for ~$120 through Apple, way cheaper than a new computer all together

No. 786326

She just slipped on cam saying its 9:30pm. Is she on the east coast?? At first she said 8:30 but quickly corrected herself. She can’t even keep up with her lies

No. 786327

Someone just tipped her 100 tokens wow lol she's ecstatic.

No. 786328

if she was in Colorado it is 7:30
in Oklahoma its 8:30…

No. 786331

File: 1552527145820.gif (Spoiler Image, 15.99 MB, 640x359, SmartSelect_20190313-203106_Ch…)

Alright, let the shit shop begin.

No. 786332

File: 1552527170015.png (330.29 KB, 658x372, Untitled.png)

Same person tipped her 100 tokens again what kind of loser lol she's losing her shit, whipped out her tits.

Said she hasn't drank water in like 3 days.

Also says her hair is "dusty pink". I think you meant crusty, Shay.

No. 786334

File: 1552527295015.png (22.42 KB, 394x374, 32142340982.png)

No. 786336

She says her new CB (?) account is going to be dolly_mattel

Gave a free vid to the first follower, also for the first who tipped tonight, but they have to have twitter she said, so the tipper couldn't get his/hers lol

No. 786337

Shay would get eaten alive on Twitch

No. 786338

She cant hold a conversation, so agreed.

No. 786339

that's so funny. good catch. she probably realized she was using central time and tried to correct to mountain time, but is drunk and fucked up and added an hour instead of subtracting.

someone just tipped her 1050 tokens, so she's gonna get nekked now

No. 786340

I thought it was already established she’s at fupa’s? Prob doesn’t know the time cuz she never goes outside anyway

No. 786341

File: 1552527728098.jpeg (46.21 KB, 853x222, 1A9C0593-C7A6-4E3A-970A-039001…)

i love this

No. 786342

lmao thats the same guy who was critisizing her blowjob skills

No. 786344

"there's a goal every 10.. or maybe every 100 tokens? but then there's like the main goal. we have smaller goals so we feel better, so that way it's like milestones until we get to the grand scheme of it all?"

bitch doesn't realize her "main goal" is 9,000 tokens higher than she thinks it is.

No. 786345

You mean the sap came back? jfc

No. 786346

Stickyicky out here asking the real questions. Best part of the chat. he's respectful but also unintentionally bashing her lmao

No. 786347

right? pretty sure they're a chaturbate model too, is that what the heart next to their name means? they're calling her out on having a 10,000 token goal saying that's a lot for "naked pussy"

No. 786348

that just means they're one of the top tippers. with an amazing 5 tokens.

No. 786349

i'm surprised he came back for more after how she treated him last night. also surprised he isn't banned

No. 786351

File: 1552528144998.png (Spoiler Image, 167.02 KB, 543x300, hank hill strip.png)

ah, yes. hank hill strikes once again.

No. 786352

File: 1552528217708.png (Spoiler Image, 161.65 KB, 669x373, 45245235235.png)

You guys ready for the sexy strip tease??

Tbh her ass pimples and boils actually look cleared up, maybe because she's using a different rug/sheet and whatnot

No. 786353

File: 1552528258360.png (Spoiler Image, 146.37 KB, 665x378, 4543534535345.png)

Her vag on the other hand… still nasty as ever

No. 786354

Oooof those do look really bad.

No. 786356

"owww I have such a bad headache. I'm gonna go see if I have any ibuprofen."

I'm sure your "friends" would have ibuprofen if you're staying at a friend's house. she also just left the room naked, which I don't think would fly if she were staying with ""friends""

No. 786358

File: 1552528366697.gif (Spoiler Image, 15.56 MB, 640x361, SmartSelect_20190313-204624_Ch…)

Holy cow…

No. 786359

She literally just screamed into the microphone for a solid 20 seconds. What the actual fuck

No. 786361

ugh shaytard what's so hard about getting a decent razor and exfoliating?

No. 786362

File: 1552528458702.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 183.83 KB, 750x1022, F5E7F37A-8047-4A17-A1B7-9F0E36…)

Guy in the comments says he tipped her last night and she got offline.

No. 786363

she got tipped 4050, picked up her microphone and then SCREAMED into it for like thirty seconds.

No. 786364

File: 1552528523914.png (Spoiler Image, 265.07 KB, 1004x374, 4534656623423.png)

People are actually giving her a bunch of tokens/money tonight. She was screeching into the mic after a bunch of goals got hit

No. 786365


DLS was just a few days ago. I don't think it's that deep

No. 786366

she's made over $250 just from this one guy, and now she's left the room again. next it'll be a 2-minute-long """"cumshow""""

No. 786367

It's the same person tipping thousands of tokens tonight. Also get ready for the cumshow lol

No. 786368

if she just went on cam everyday she could actually make…cash!

this esl guy is annoying

No. 786369

who gives a shit if he's ESL? he's calling her out on her whack tip amounts and she's not unnderstanding. it's listed as 200,000tk for a butt plug, and she's like "ughhh it's 2,000! I'm tempted to just kick you out for being more frustrating than it's worth"

No. 786370

Lol shayna’s cam presence is pretty enigmatic, i’d be confused/curious too if I’d gone in with the intention of seeing a real cam girl or interact with them often

No. 786371

Why is she always clenching her ass cheeks as hard as possible?? Lmao I’m sorry but whew

No. 786372

How she thinks shes an amazing cam girl is beyond me. Shes so rude to the people in the chat and has no personality at all. I have to wonder though, if shes back with fupa what it’s like now lmao considering they have to hide their relationship.


No. 786373

>>786369 "People acting like I don't know how to do my job."
Took her like ten minutes to even start because she keeps getting mad at sticky. She put the mic up to her vag so we all can hear how wet she is.

No. 786374

I heard… nothing lmao

No. 786375

File: 1552529155312.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 204.88 KB, 750x1019, 1681CAF7-74A6-4D35-82D3-E5A21E…)

Shockingly she locked the same guy out after pestering her about the fact that he already paid last night and she didn’t do anything.

No. 786376

why is she so mean to this guy? he’s tipping her and interacting, I don’t see the problem.

No. 786378

And he tipped her tonight too. What’s her beef

No. 786379

She had to double down on her lack of mathing because she didn't want to look stupid.

No. 786380

File: 1552529279743.gif (Spoiler Image, 18.92 MB, 640x311, SmartSelect_20190313-210716_Ch…)

All the lolz tonight. The sticky guy was going to make her have a mental break down.

No. 786381

ironic given her username…

No. 786383

$200 for a 5 minute cumshow? What a ripoff when you can buy hours of her shit content for only $50, kek

No. 786385

she's blocked the guy now. she's charging 200 tokens per goal, and her room subjects says 200 goals til butt plug.

200tk/goal x 200 goals = 40,000 tokens, or $2,000. really not that hard to understand basic multiplication, you clearly DON'T know how to do your job.

right? pussy like sandpaper. cumshow lasted 6 minutes total lol, she is not a good faker.

omfg I'm cackling, please someone turn this into a new lolcow banner

No. 786386

Lmao this about beats my banner

No. 786388

aaaand she's smoking on cam. can't wait for her to get banned from chaturbate and blame it on da haturz for harassing n reporting her!!!

No. 786389

>>786381 she likes to repeat things she thinks is clever and say "get it? get it?" as if it weren't obvious. She just likes to play dumb when it suits her.

No. 786391

File: 1552529879381.png (2.15 MB, 1242x2208, 7106D95C-78CE-4F06-B7E8-01E7A1…)

LOL she keeps hearing the tip counter go off and when she leans over to check, you can tell she’s disappointed lol….

No. 786392

apparently her eyes are one of her biggest insecurities, followed by a closeup of her crossing them and rolling them then looking like she wanted to cry for a second.

"I only feel good about them when I have false eyelashes on, otherwise I feel like they're just not pretty."

No. 786393

File: 1552530226462.png (34.13 KB, 426x456, tooscammy.png)

her response? "i'm too sweet for everywhere i go".

bitch, you're too much of a damn scammer and too much of a liar

No. 786394

Since when is her family from Canada?

No. 786395

again, leaving the room naked to "see if I have any beer." she's much too comfortable wandering around the house naked looking for beer to be staying with "friends." she's being so stupidly obvious she's with her boyfriend.

No. 786396

the room echos like it's completely empty. Just like at fupas.

No. 786399

"I don't have much of a thing for sweets."

"what would I grab from the fridge if I was high at 3am? chocolate covered espresso beans. a dark chocolate snickers bar. a dark chocolate kitkat bar. all I really want is chocolate. I've been really bad at snacking lately"

No. 786403

She showed her country playlist on spotify and it's called "put the cunt in country". Also her spotify name is rats-head. So no need to pay her for her spotify since she wants to charge for that.

No. 786406

omg thank you lol, I was listening to her in the background but didn't see her show her screen

No. 786419

File: 1552535891235.png (374.59 KB, 720x756, Screenshot_2019-03-13-20-54-56…)

First of all, it must always be that day for her. In other news, I can sort of believe the eye insecurity. Could her facial expressions be cause by her desire to have big doll-like eyes? Someone should tell her sultry might be a better look than the forehead wrinkles.

No. 786428

She keeps saying she's not using filters, but she's still using snapchat. Snapchat still filters your photos slightly by default. so this STILL isn't her actual face.

take photo with your damn phone camera, shay. You have an iphone X, use that portrait mode if you want to show your true unfiltered face to the world.

No. 786433

oh she definitely filtered these, her skin is smoothed tf out and brightened up. she's a lot bumpier/grayer in general, with puffier cheeks and a bigger chin, and her eyes aren't so big either. I think you're right, it kinda makes sense she hates her eyes and relies on the filter/raising her eyebrows to make them bigger. It's funny because now her nose is pierced, even the filter can't make it smaller. It really is very unflattering.

No. 786435

Hhahahahahhha holy shit. Someone make this a banner ASAP. Her other one just started popping up and it’s great.
If I had a dick, this would make my boner instantly disappear.

Probably the saddest butt I have ever seen.

No. 786457

when I try to visit her CB room, it says she's been banned. anyone else?

No. 786459

No. 786460

File: 1552546906581.png (145.21 KB, 828x1792, 5681B513-9EB8-4B7D-AF33-841A60…)

Happened for me too

No. 786461

File: 1552546936893.jpg (116.05 KB, 1596x617, banned.JPG)

ntayrt but

No. 786465

another Anon said she was smoking on cam. I wasn't there to see, but if she hit the bong or something on cam instead of off-screen, that warrants a ban on CB if she got reported. CB bans first and asks questions later, but they reinstate model accounts with ease sometimes, so she may get her account back.

No. 786466

I'm not who got her banned but if she was doing something that's against the rules she kinda had it coming.

No. 786467

it's possible the dude who was complaining that she didn't fulfill promises for tokens reported her. just theorizing. if that's the case, her account will probably be reinstated if she explains the situation to support

No. 786491

File: 1552557841000.png (1.22 MB, 1672x617, fupa_outlet.png)

Good eye anon! Can confirm that outlet is at the same exact height and placement as the one that was at Fupa's.

No. 786496

I mean we all know she's there. There's no other reason for her to cover the entire walls and floor if she was at a "friend's"

No. 786497

LOL who doodled a bikini on her

No. 786498

If he really had to move her out for the sake of his own custody arrangements he's an absolute idiot for doing this.

No. 786500

I didn't want to spoiler it and scribbles or blocks felt lazy.

Oh, I know, but the evidence is stacking. You can even sort of tell that the wall is beige behind her through the sheet in comparison to the white outlet.

No. 786503

ayeeee I called it lmao! she smoked a blunt, rolled another blunt, and drank beer on cam, all of which can get you banned.

the thing is, she has made a new account, she was talking about it last night. She's supposedly going to be back online tonight as dolly_mattel. So this won't affect her too much, unless her funds got locked down and she won't get paid, which would suck (for her) because I think she made more on cam last night than she ever has before, or at least more than I've ever seen her make (~$280)

anyway, cue her complaining that her "harassers" reported her and got her banned. as far as I know there's no real way to report a model, unless you like send an email to chaturbate, but I don't think they would see it this quickly or take it so seriously

No. 786513

Are you allowed to have multiple accounts? Doesn't she have like 3 now, could that have got her banned?

No. 786527

choosing beggars? accurate

this needs to be a banner ASAP

No. 786528

Is she still permitted to cam on MFC or? I can't recall.

No. 786537


She was smoking a blunt on there last night for sure. I saw it and I was like really Shay??
Possibly drinking. I can't confirm on that one.
I also feel like Sticky reported her since he sent her 70 tokens and then she blocked him after he had already tipped her the night before and she got off with laptop issues and did nothing. Idk if that one can actually get cam girls in trouble since I feel like a lot of chums on there abuse the report system lol.

She def has another room already she said (dolly_mattel) that she was telling people to follow last night. so maybe she just didnt give a fuck if her stupidbaby one got banned.

No. 786538

drinking is allowed. It says its not allowed in TOS but Chaturbate has made several tweets and told models it is okay. Blunts, bongs and smoking "unidentified" substances is not allowed at all.

No. 786541

they do let you smoke joints though bbecause they can’t tell if it’s a cigarette or weed.

No. 786542

Not sure why you replied to me just to repeat everything I said, I confirmed that she smoked a blunt and that she did drink beer. I pointed out her new account. I mentioned the only way to report someone is to send a contact form directly to chaturbate support, which probably doesn't get taken seriously most of the time.

And yes >>786513 you are allowed to have multiple accounts. People who have a couples account (where they can with their S/O as a couple) are allowed and even encouraged to have a separate account for solo work. So I don't think she would get banned for making a new account to move to. Plus I checked and dolly_mattel isn't banned

No. 786543

I don’t think users can report models, can they?

No. 786555

yes while during stream top right corner of stream is drop down to report, i don't think you can while model is offline though

No. 786556

File: 1552580017344.png (134.34 KB, 720x910, Screenshot_2019-03-14-12-12-32…)

Is snap anon gonna come thru so we can see her super cheap haul since all of her money went on a laptop??? Lol

No. 786561

Does anyone know if she has an amazon wishlist?

No. 786562

File: 1552582038208.png (164.15 KB, 720x899, Screenshot_2019-03-14-09-43-36…)

Probably not, but I wonder if this about her being possibly banned?? Anyway, she says this shit every other week.

No. 786564

File: 1552582771524.png (122.75 KB, 720x598, Screenshot_2019-03-14-09-55-58…)

The fake is better at being "dolly" than shayna could ever hope to be. It must really sting to see someone else make cash with your crusty pictures.

No. 786566

>cute ass

what is that person looking at, ain't nothing cute about being boxy, hank hill assed with hanging pussy balls.

>she always seems so tight

omf, that's a myth. not trying to start a debate or anything, but she doesn't use lube and is dry as fuck b/c she's not turned on. no wonder these idiots tip her, they don't even understand how anatomy and arousal works.

No. 786569

She probably spent her entire income from last night on lingerie and drugs already. But knowing her it'll be cheap shit regardless because girl knows no class or quality. Of course it's also the worst thing she could be doing seeing as she blocked people for paying her. If she hasn't blocked them all yet they'll be blocked by the weekend if they're even back

No. 786578

How? You don’t get instant payout on Chaturbate or anything.

No. 786625

File: 1552590743555.jpg (443.82 KB, 1080x1352, Screenshot_20190314-141212_Twi…)

So is she working or taking a "mental health break"?

No. 786627

Since we know she's at Fupa's, wouldn't it be hilarious if she was taking pics or something for Twitter and Fupa's ex wife made a surprise visit

No. 786638

if she goes to his house at all she has to know shayna is living there, right? unless she and all her belongings are never allowed to leave the closet lmao.

No. 786641

She makes relatively more on CB than she did on MFC, so I doubt she's gonna go back to MFC

No. 786643

You’d think if she were actually in Colorado instead of at Fupa’s she’d at least mention the weather.

No. 786647

That’s what happens when you put your photos out there for free. People will and can use them. They’re not pretending to be you so yea, they’re not doing anything wrong.

She probably has a credit card. You could spend what you made that night and just pay it off as soon as your check comes in the mail.

No. 786656

File: 1552593949504.jpg (252.35 KB, 1080x825, Screenshot_20190314-150508_Twi…)

Why would she comment about this? Also, the post didn't mention getting pregnant on purpose to see if the person cares. The post said that DURING pregnancy is when you see if the person cares or not

No. 786658

she must be drunk early today

No. 786661

File: 1552594060457.jpg (104.27 KB, 1080x482, Screenshot_20190314-150719_Twi…)

The only guy that ever comments on her stuff

No. 786662

File: 1552594099423.jpg (164.89 KB, 1078x510, Screenshot_20190314-150754_Twi…)

This is his pinned tweet. Ok dude

No. 786664

lmao what an absolute pimp

No. 786677

I want her to go and find shayna there. like she hears some scratching in the closet..

No. 786682

She's always begging to be Twitter verified. Doesn't she know that's for KNOWN famous people and celebrities? Not a wanna be cam girl with bot followers

No. 786687

It's hilarious every time she gets triggered over that fake account. They aren't impersonating you entirely Shay, just using your photos and doing a better job than you ever could selling them. If they were truly impersonating you they wouldn't have much business, just like you sweaty.

No. 786693

File: 1552600973409.jpeg (408.5 KB, 1125x1304, C45CC86C-8208-417B-BE3D-1E4414…)

this guy lmao

No. 786694

File: 1552600872259.png (146.84 KB, 720x1154, Screenshot_2019-03-14-17-55-39…)


No. 786700

File: 1552601399410.gif (3.91 MB, 300x100, shaybanner.gif)


how did i do

No. 786702

Good work anon.

No. 786708

I love how she gave the name away. Before she said the name of her play list was a nickname from "someone special" and she wanted to keep it private

No. 786714

i just saw this over on meta and wow this is so, so bad and also extra special

what is she doing? what does she think she's doing? best banner ever, thanks anon.

No. 786718

She's using a dildo and vibe for a six-minute-long "cumshow" from start to finish

No. 786721

File: 1552606995024.jpg (428.13 KB, 1080x1469, 20190314_184107.jpg)

"Lots of hot stuff", you mean cheap lingerie?

Lol and do what with your number? She'd block them right away

Mountain time? Then where is she?

Only $400 away from your own place? You could've had that if you didn't dye your hair, pierce your nose, and buy a $900 laptop

No. 786727


I'm sure she's using mountain time as a cover-up. Too much proof she's at fupas and she was at a burger restaurant in Tulsa not too long ago.

No. 786736

Definitely a piss poor way of trying to throw us off

No. 786741

File: 1552612696541.jpg (402.82 KB, 1080x1230, Screenshot_20190314-201542_Sam…)

One of her new outfits

She said she's only getting things in white and black

No. 786742


she has the most unfortunate body shape

No. 786743

This would probably look pretty cute on anybody but her.

No. 786744

She doesn't have a waist anymore, and with the amount she's sucking in, she must have a helluva beer gut by now.

I don't really give a damn what other women's bodies look like, but she's constantly going on about how hot and tiny she is, AND she's a fucking whore for a living. She probably ought to put some effort in to her appearance.

Aside from occasionally getting her hair and nails done spectacularly badly.

No. 786745

She really needs to work out

No. 786747

File: 1552613946499.png (Spoiler Image, 259.38 KB, 615x344, Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 9.38…)

She keeps posing and coughing like an old meth addict

No. 786748

File: 1552613998940.jpg (266.61 KB, 1080x635, Screenshot_20190314-203842_Sam…)

She's taking pics for her snapchat while on cam

No. 786749


Maybe she ought to beg for a gym membership next kek

Everything about her looks man-ish in this photo. Actually, she has a lot of masculine traits in general…hands, body, face. Not that that's a bad thing, but it's all the more jarring when she claims to be such a barbie doll

No. 786750

File: 1552614029435.jpg (263.13 KB, 1080x605, Screenshot_20190314-203949_Sam…)


No. 786751

no tokens so far, better start slapping your legs

No. 786752

File: 1552614697034.png (4.24 KB, 242x118, thriving.png)

No. 786757

I hate that I actually like this set. It’s not flattering on her at all but still much better than her normal style imo.

No. 786762

That looks like it cost about $5 or maybe anything Shay wears automatically makes it look cheap.

No. 786763

File: 1552616048670.jpg (139.66 KB, 1080x1485, Screenshot_20190315-021319_Chr…)

Not too far off.

No. 786764

File: 1552616314999.png (446.34 KB, 1184x513, Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 9.17…)

No. 786766

Can't find her cam room on chaturbate.. anyone think it might be because I live in Denver and she has that region blocked because of Dawn?

No. 786767

I'm confused about what's going on there

No. 786768

I hope these aren’t farmers acting embarrassing

No. 786769


"If you make fun of and don't appreciate tips, maybe that's why you're not getting any. It's really fucking rude."

It could be a farmer, but they seem to be interacting with her as a customer

No. 786770

Well there are def some weird larping farmers out there lol

No. 786771

Aaaaaand she just got caught lying about the time again. she looked super flustered trying to cover up

No. 786772

slipped up and said it's almost 10. corrected herself to 9 and then mumbled about her friend not changing the clocks for daylight savings. also she is "bad at clocks". i just like watching her fumble through horrible lies at this point

No. 786774

File: 1552617870527.jpg (349.35 KB, 1080x1313, Screenshot_20190314-214336_Twi…)

1. She's gonna blow that money

2. She's gonna block those numbers

No. 786775

lmao but iphones automatically change the time for daylight savings/where you are tho?

No. 786776

right your apartment in..Colorado? lol n how are you gonna pay rent, bills and buy all your dumb shit every month?

No. 786777

-$900 for laptop+$200=apartment?

No. 786780

but…we sprung foreward..so if the clocks said it was 'almost ten' because her friend didn't change them, shouldn't she correct herself to say "haha i meant 11!"? or am i the retard here

No. 786781

She logged off after getting a whole 23 tokens. #thriving

No. 786782

No amount of working out is going to help her if she drinks and eats out every day. The shape of her body looks fine now, you absolute anachans, but she'll balloon within a year or so if she keeps up her lifestyle.
She's not. Either she doesn't understand that you have to pay rent every month or somebody has agreed to pay her rent or some sort of living expenses on the condition that she saves up the initial deposit and first month. Probably the former.

No. 786784

And you know this hobag isn't considering utilities, internet, etc etc etc.

No. 786786

I mean she’s had an apartment before, guys. Doubt she’s leaving fupa’s any time soon.

No. 786787

like can you imagine her buying insurance lol her dad probs said if you can get a deposit I'll cover the rest maybe? it's gonna be so funny if it's just another room w a sheet on the wall

No. 786791

She said on cam she is going to have a room dedicated to camming and then her living area. She said she doesn't care if her living area is the same room as her bedroom

No. 786796

"the apartment" she acts like she actually has one in mind. No matter where you are, apartments go fast. It's been what, two weeks since she claimed she was "looking"? I guarantee those apartments aren't available anymore. And i doubt she was even looking when she said she was. Maybe she'll start to look for places now that she claims she has the deposit money but somehow i think we will be seeing the same bedsheet backdrop for a while (or until fupa kicks her out again)

No. 786797

pretty sure (almost) everyone here agrees that her weight is still fine and normal, it's just her body shape is literally hank hill's body double.

No. 786807


She's average with unfortunate features like her non existent ass. I agree, shes not fat. She's got a bit of a beer gut in the making however and she doesnt do herself any favors with her bad posture and shit. If only she would lift a little more than a wine bottle and exercise more than running to the fridge for more lmao

No. 786823

to be an actual whore shed actually have to market herself & pretend to like sex w people lol she cant even do that for porn

this is such a nitpick lmao this is why this thread is so awful, she has so much milk other than a dumb tweet

No. 786834

File: 1552637352521.png (673.93 KB, 437x860, ok.png)

Claims to want to stop using filters, poorly shops instead. Look at the blurry string along her stomach.

She's a cam"whore", anon? I don't get your argument.

Also, post receipts of the milkier posts then? I'll agree it was nitpicky, but your whining isn't any better.

No. 786875

Idk anon, I think she used a filter in this and maybe the string is blurry because it's in motion. Not WKing at all, but her stomach/the pillow behind it don't seem to be blurry or distorted. Her face, however, is definitely filtered.

No. 786900

Well if she lived in the state it would make sense that you would want to block it. Since she doesn't live in CO tho she more then likely blocked it cause of Dawn.

No. 786910

If she’s at fupa’s maybe they made an agreement that she actually has to help with payments on the house so she can stay

No. 786916


Wtf is on her nose? has that always been there?

No. 786918

It's her new, totally badass nose piercing. She's hardcore.

No. 786920


Kek I thought it was a big blackhead or mole. The color & size of the stud is terrible. It’s just accentuating her ugly nose.

Shayna is just full of bad ideas & wasted money

No. 786922

lol i'm so confused at what's going on with that string. do you think maybe it was just swinging or something and she caught it in motion??

No. 786923

File: 1552658158330.jpg (195.96 KB, 1070x884, Screenshot_20190315-085248_Twi…)

It's called buying lingerie that is actually your size and not buying one that's too small

No. 786924

I don't get this tweet, considering the lingerie she ordered seems to cover her boil palace perfectly fine.
But she has to capitalize on the "fat coochie" meme

No. 786929

her latest set covers her more than it covers the model lol does she not realise that people can see her

No. 786933

Yup, it was just in motion when she took the picture. Shay is too lazy to photoshop, she's just using the same snapchat filters as usual

No. 786940

File: 1552664231384.png (13.03 KB, 576x85, 2019-03-15 11_37_07-Dolly Matt…)

i feel like she's tweeted this like 5 times in the last 2 months

No. 786941

how does she know she has enough money for an apartment if she doesn't even have a certain apartment in mind? cue even more begging. maybe you shouldn't have had your nose pierced and spent several hundred on takeout/room service/weed/alcohol while you're "saving up for your own place"

No. 786947

This. And they have to verify income as well. But if her dad is her guarantor I suppose that won't matter. Part of me isn't even sure she's actually going to get an apartment honestly. Still seems like a big fake lie to get money since she's too bad at her job to earn it from working hard.

No. 786949

>oh no I'm x short for the perfect apartment! first 5 people to send…

I feel like she probably does want to get one cus she's hiding being at fupas which shows she can't be there forever. I always think like how is she gonna pay bills n stuff, but forget that her dad has probably been financing her highway to hell this whole time so that doesn't really matter

No. 786951

Shouldn’t you have an apartment in mind? You need to know how much down, etc. You don’t just get the money and then shop around.

No. 786962

File: 1552669316143.jpeg (166.76 KB, 749x1177, 41581DF1-D98B-4D0C-BDA5-4E5665…)

More on things that never actually happened

No. 786978

File: 1552671785736.png (44.03 KB, 601x389, 2019-03-15 13_43_07-Dolly Matt…)

lol this will be an interesting saga

No. 786982

dude you just bought the laptop 2 days ago

No. 786983

Also it doesn’t take less than 30 minutes to get an apartment but OKAY SHAY

No. 786984

actually excited to see if she truly moves out of Fupa's. She's still gonna be in the Tulsa area though. You're getting further and further away from your dream of living in LA, Shayna, all for some creepy man. hope it's worth it.

No. 786985

File: 1552672172952.png (34.45 KB, 576x254, 2019-03-15 13_49_41-Dolly Matt…)

No. 786992

I feel like they’re just going to repurpose a room in his house and try and pass it off as her “apartment”. There are too many inconsistencies and unlikelyhoods in her story. How can she afford an apartment if she needs to be donated $200? How would she possibly get an apartment in 5 minutes? Even shoddy places generally require references.

No. 786993

Do you think she’s going to spend this whole time hiding her location?

No. 786995

>>786900 I live in Colorado as well and can still see her cam. It's not blocked.

No. 786997

she tries so hard to delude herself into thinking she's deserving of happiness because deep down she knows she does nothing to deserve a fluffy happy life lol

No. 787041

I was just thinking the exact same thing. She does nothing she’s not even good at her job and still gets rewarded

No. 787056

File: 1552683711654.png (257.74 KB, 750x1334, 9EC98EFE-5C6D-4B0C-A411-7B10FF…)

Who’s “we”?

No. 787057

Her and her fans, kek

No. 787058

We as in "the doll haus"
Her and her 3 fans.

No. 787066

didn’t she just get a new bed? or was that left at dawns

No. 787073

The bed belonged to Dawn. Shay has never owned a bed of her own lmao

No. 787074

Exactly. Usually you have to fill out an application, verify if it's all accurate and then set up a time to move it. Background checks, all that jazz. This isn't making sense…

No. 787076

can you pay rent with amazon gift cards

No. 787077

File: 1552686260569.png (1.82 MB, 750x1334, 1CA626D5-83E6-4737-B1F3-303C8C…)

That was fast…

No. 787078

This turnaround time is virtually impossible lol wtf is happening

No. 787079

Damn. Guess it's pretty easy to get an apartment in bumfuck tulsa, eh? This is better for Shay anyways. LA would eat her alive kek

No. 787080

Maybe it’s just some dude off craigslist whos renting out a room to her

No. 787081

This cant be real. Snap anons please come through and let us know if its fupas place or not.

No. 787088

File: 1552688381127.png (Spoiler Image, 230.55 KB, 720x784, Screenshot_2019-03-15-18-19-03…)

No need for a snap anon lol

No. 787089

File: 1552688410402.png (Spoiler Image, 963.2 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-03-15-18-19-08…)


No. 787092

snao anons never come through, we might as well stop asking. It does look different though

noooo putting her bare ass/pussy on a carpet she doesn't know who has done what on is disgusting. why does she have so little regard for her genital health????

No. 787093


I was thinking the same thing. If that apartment was shown at all, it has been walked all over. I wonder if it was even cleaned at all since you can see indents in the carpet from furniture.

No. 787096

It is fully possible she got one of those flats you rent by month. She pays cash in an envelope, can smoke indoors and NEVER ASKS questions about the neighbours.

Maybe the landlord will ask her to keep some boosted flat screens every once in a while for an ounce of bad sativa.

No. 787099

…please tell me she's gonna get new carpets for this apartment? if this is really an apartment she got? it's covered in stains oh my god

No. 787102

Weird nitpick. When you're buying or renting, you have a price range in mind and search for things within your price range. You generally have a fairly solid idea of what you'll be paying.
That's what makes this kind of suspicious. Tulsa's COL is low for a city, but it's also boring as fuck. Surely there's a better city that she could move to that wouldn't break the bank. There has to be something keeping here there.

No. 787103

>pictured: everything shayna owns

it probably is a studio apt you can rent monthly or something

No. 787104

>buy my snap for nudes!
>posts nudes on her free twitter

What happened to her storage pod full of pink garbage? Did she just abandon ship with getting her things back?

6 months till we see another giant pink teddy bear in the dumpster.

No. 787107

this whole apartment thing makes me wonder how long shes gonna keep pretending she isn't in tulsa. she's already slipped up twice on cam re: time zones. and if she's got her own place it just makes me wonder if she's gonna lie and say she's in colorado still.

oh and she'll probably make up some bullshit story about fupa shipping ribmeat to her (if she still gives a shit about that poor cat that is)

No. 787111

File: 1552692832579.png (221.57 KB, 720x771, Screenshot_2019-03-15-19-31-53…)


No. 787112

File: 1552692871951.png (855.44 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-03-15-19-32-00…)


This is her only outfit I swear lmao

No. 787113

File: 1552692914589.png (77.58 KB, 720x439, Screenshot_2019-03-15-19-33-40…)


>>spent extra money on a new laptop

No. 787116

shay, you didn't HAVE to spend money on a two year old refurbished mac laptop. you only bought that because it's a mac and you're desperate to seem bougie, when you have to beg for enough money to get a nose piercing. if you were smart you could have bought a cheap laptop and a high-quality webcam to use with it. it's entirely your fault you make financially irresponsible choices.

No. 787119

she has absolutely no furniture right? lmao just some pillows

No. 787121

oh it's fupa that's keeping her there in OK, no doubt. I'm just excited for her to have her own place so she can 1 quit complaining constantly and 2 have no excuse not to work (she'll still come up with something though)

According to snap anons (no proof posted, just their words, again snap anons are next to worthless at this point) Shay bought a non-refundable ticket to go pick up her stuff from Dawn's, and after she did, Dawn told her she actually wasn't allowed to come back to her house to get her stuff. Then Dawn ghosted her for ten days, last we heard Shay was reporting her stuff stolen to the police if Dawn didn't answer within the week. No updates on what is going on since then, if she got her stuff back, if Dawn got charged with theft, nothing.

tbh fupa should just keep the cat. She's already settled in his house, she'll have much more room there than in Shay's shitty new one-room apartment, and since Shayna is still unofficially dating Fupa, she can go see the cat often enough. Plus Rib has been living alone with Fupa for a while now, so it doesn't make sense to uproot her again.

but Shayna is a selfish bitch who doesn't care about the needs of others so will probably test the cat away because "she's mine and she needs me!!!!"

back to camming on the floor of a shitty studio. This time in a shit part of (shitty) Oklahoma. Somehow she has managed to downgrade

No. 787124

the dawn stuff was debunked. She was lying about all of it. I hate that you actually believed her. You know she lies for a living right? And is terrible at it?

No. 787127

File: 1552697001777.png (82.02 KB, 558x635, Screenshot (379).png)

still using mountain time

No. 787128

"We" is obviously her and her dad who had to co-sign for her because she has no credit or verifiable income

No. 787132

>all my stuff

bitch where, the sad pillows and cheap ~sex toys~ you've had hanging out in the background. what about the fucking cat?

No. 787133

Sorry, where/when was it debunked? I didn't really trust the snap anon, but at the same time, why would she fly to CO? And why doesn't she have her stuff if she was in CO to get it? Or does she have it. I don't remember seeing anyone disproving her

No. 787139

It was never de bunked. Idkk what that person is talking about

No. 787145

dawn attempted to get Shayna’s stuff back to her and Shayna blew it. Then Shay claimed all that horse shit and that she was calling the cops (she didn’t) and said that Dawn was keeping her stuff from her after saying she put it out on the street (she didn’t). Dawn paid money for Shayna to come back and get her stuff and instead Shay just fucked around. It’s Shay’s loss.

I don’t think it was “officially” debunked, but with all the crap Shayna was trying to say Dawn put her through that turned out to be blatant lies, it was hard to believe her when she came out with that “Dawn is keeping my stuff from me” bullshit.

No. 787148

Yeah I just scrolled through the last thread and while everyone was rightfully suspicious since there were no screenshots (snap anons are officially useless) no one could say anything definitive since no one could see anything. we just had 1-2 snap anons saying "the last shot proved she lied about stuff!!!" without any context or evidence or substance.

this doesn't really make sense. again, with no evidence other than "she lied about stuff before so it's safe to assume she's lying about everything" I'm not going to believe anyone at this point without evidence. I could that believe Dawn tried to get her stuff back to her and Shayna was shady as usual, but it seems weird that she made a special trip to CO to get her stuff and was denied entry to retrieve it. Guess we can't know anything for sure.

No. 787149

More false scamming for gift cards. She's going to sleep on the floor anyways.

No. 787153

File: 1552701897185.jpg (256.63 KB, 1080x1417, Screenshot_20190315-210302_Twi…)

All of those followers and no likes or retweets?

No. 787154

File: 1552701946033.jpg (255.03 KB, 1080x848, Screenshot_20190315-210315_Twi…)

Of course she's not going to cam tonight. I bet she won't be "set up" by Monday

No. 787155

tinfoil, but maybe fupa co-signed for her? there’s legit no other way she could’ve gotten it unless it was from a literal slumlord. maybe he’s helping her pay for it too idk

but if fupa co-signed he’s stupid af

No. 787159

fixing typos, adding replies when I see others have responded while I was typing, rereading what I wrote and thinking it doesn't make sense/isn't clear enough, wanting to add more but not double post, etc.

she saw all of us calling her on her fucking up timezones lol. Maybe she'll realize her cam goal token amounts make no sense too, and finally fix that.

No. 787160

This is the guy who bought a house and moved her to him from Seattle.
I wouldn't put it past him to co-sign an apartment for her so he can have some readily available pussy near by.

No. 787161

It was never proven he bought the house was it?

No. 787164

Sorry; he GOT a house and moved a trashy, rashy cam whore he'd met twice in with him.

No. 787166

Him flexing on that 70k shit box was hilarious. Even if he did buy it, it’s nothing to be proud of. I’m almost certain he bought it to flex to a bunch of anons and tumblr tards on the internet.

I feel like if her stuff was on the street, we would have seen pictures of it. I think it’s probable to say Dawn told shay to get her stuff and Shay had no way to transport her things to “her friends house”. She’ll never see her things again.

No. 787187

Tinfoil but maybe dawn didnt want shay to come back into her place. If you had a person move in qnd then found out they lied about why they needed to move you be hesitant too.

Also dawn had movers foming to get shays stuff. Shay could have waited.

No. 787204

Not really tinfoil since that's what Shayna said happened. she said that as soon as she booked her flight with a non-refundable ticket, Dawn said that she didn't want her inside her house after all

No. 787286

File: 1552742290867.png (25.26 KB, 731x130, Capture.PNG)

Hasn't updated since so I'm guessing she's hungover again.

No. 787296

Shayna said that Dawn said that she didn’t want her back in her house. We’re yet to see any proof that, that conversation actually happened, other than Snapchat anon’s words on an image board. It’s really convenient for Shayna to no longer have all her pink crap because uwu evil controlling Dogfuckerchan stole her stuff and wouldn’t let her get it!! so she can beg for money for new stuff. It’s Shayna’s word, and Shayna’s story of her continued victimhood from one person to next. Also, I think she is going through a serious identity crisis right now trying to be closer to the type of girl that Fupa actually wants, and is going to rebrand / change her aesthetic as a result. Cue the pink hair, nose piercing, and only black and white lingerie.

No. 787308

I am aware that this is all only what Shayna said, that is why I wrote "that's what Shayna said happened. she said that… Dawn said…"

I am not saying it's 100% true. I am saying that that is what Shayna has said, and Dawn has said nothing publicly since the initial blow out. why is reading comprehension at next to zero on this thread? y'all keep "correcting" me by repeating my words back to me in new ways

No. 787334

File: 1552755929440.png (543.86 KB, 720x1033, Screenshot_2019-03-16-12-57-58…)

Saging for no contribution, but i remember last thread someone said Daen posted pictures in the room shay was staying in, and all that was left was a bottle of pink wine lol

So i dug, and can only find one image from that room now(its completely empty except for Cheese its) and its dated for the 26th of February.

No. 787335

File: 1552755983607.png (Spoiler Image, 916.09 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-03-16-12-58-04…)

Soooooo mystery of Shayna's gross pink vomit cluster?

No. 787339

File: 1552759188109.jpeg (831.61 KB, 1242x1172, EF63D997-BD6F-4B02-858C-B5FA0B…)

She also posted this in her old room with the stuffed animal she gave Shayna

No. 787340

File: 1552759213514.png (38.41 KB, 577x282, Screenshot (349).png)

she did post this a while ago which suggests she was shipping it to somewhere.

No. 787342

File: 1552759507468.png (394.87 KB, 567x360, Screenshot (381).png)

the one she gave to shay looks a bit different, probs had two.

what did she even leave at dawns? just a mountain of stuffed animals?

No. 787344

None of this is Shayna’s, what are you talking about?

No. 787345

i think they were asking where it went, since the room is now empty.

No. 787351

Dawn put all of Shayna’s stuff back in the pod that was used to ship it there, unless I’m mistaken. Either that or she just packed it up in boxes and threw it out once Shayna didn’t come back for it and instead fucked around in Colorado in hotels smoking weed and pretending like she was having a very fancy Valentine’s Day.

No. 787352

File: 1552761113085.jpeg (333.72 KB, 1242x775, BB2E1270-65E9-4285-A6B7-C2D788…)

“I can’t wait to make content!”
“I don’t have any ideas please give me ideas for content”

No. 787354

File: 1552761243082.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 225.07 KB, 1040x2048, 7EA6B992-EB05-44C8-9B4D-30E52A…)

Pic that was attached

No. 787355

File: 1552761339950.png (11.8 KB, 562x113, Screenshot (383).png)

one of the replies kek. absolutely groundbreaking idea mark.

No. 787356

File: 1552761357238.png (309.18 KB, 750x1334, C6A81FB5-184E-4A64-8CC6-2FEAC1…)

Dawn said on her curiouscat that all shay’s stuff was in her front room. I’m sure it ended up back in a pod but she wasn’t just gonna leave it all strewn about in her place lol pretty common sense.

No. 787360

its just beyond me how she has zero furniture like she slept on the floor last night! does she even have plates or cutlery? what about towels! omg

No. 787361

or toilet paper???

No. 787366

I keep thinking about how sad her living situation is. Just a dirty apartment with her "thriving" in it. Not a towel, no bed, no place to be comfortable, and no way to be clean. She's truly a rat. Kek.

No. 787390

that's a man

No. 787399

File: 1552767346675.jpg (166.42 KB, 1079x577, Screenshot_20190316-151549_Twi…)

Well then she probably won't be getting any messages

No. 787404

File: 1552767792713.jpg (152.77 KB, 1080x679, Screenshot_20190316-152311_Twi…)

No. 787406

wow. how will he ever be able to face anyone ever again after this devastating comeback

No. 787411

how does she not realize this attitude is not cute and pretty much the reason she's wallowing on the brink of poverty?!

No. 787419


>being an iShill

good job showing you're a slave to trends shayna

No. 787420

Did her daddy/older bf leave her?

No. 787422


Shaynasty has only ever been on Tumblr, she has no idea the mechanics behind Twitter.
People. Read. Everything.
They dont always engage, but they test waters to see what they can gain. Shes got no interactions because people are literally seeing all of her word vomit from her public/personal life and the "working"/ebegging shes doing. Shes never flexing real hardcore cash, and all they see is "The next X amount to send $X amount wil get—!!!" she's already been laughed at, mocked, scrutinized, etc on there and she flops every time lol she can't even get a fake removed! Lol

Calling it now, she's homeless, again, by June.

No. 787426

Go read the summaries from the last thread or two for a catch-up.

No. 787440

It was on the same twitter. Its dated March 7th.

No. 787443

Read the threads. And the rules while you’re at it

No. 787449

also her dad is so obviously paying her phone bill still so she has no room to talk.

No. 787482

It’s also like, phones that run android are still expensive? Why alienate a ton of your clientele. She’s a true moron.

No. 787490

Some people also just prefer androids. Or just plain don't like iPhones.

Considering how she lives, her nose should not be as high in the air as it is; there're crackwhores and panhandlers/buskers, folk on disability or working full time at fast food joints etc. who have nicer homes* than she does, and make more money.

Why does she never have a damn bed??

*maybe the homeless don't have nicer places, but the point remains.

No. 787492

She said on cam she's going to get a day bed. So she can have a couch in the morning and a bed at night. But we'll see

No. 787494

She seems to have forgotten all that she has to do in order to make the pitiful amounts that she does. She is horrible to her body, and makes content that will one day be embarrassing for her to look at and she sells it all at a discount. All the stuff she is doing is not paying off, and I'm not sure what the point is of putting herself through all of this if she isn't gonna be able to afford an apartment without her dad's help, or accomplish any adult milestones on her own.

Shouldn't someone who considers themselves independent or a "boss bitch" actually take care of themselves, have some pride, not constantly resorting to begging and paddling your vagina and punching your face for a couple hundred dollars every now and then?

No. 787500

So she’s essentially admitting she can’t afford both? Kek

No. 787509

Well according to her, she doesn't care if her living space is also her sleeping space. She only cares about having a separate room to cam. Because she wants to be able to "close the door and not see or think about work related things." Blah blah blah

No. 787537

File: 1552793451618.png (117.34 KB, 640x734, IMG_2737.PNG)

literally no one cares. her life is so fucking boring

No. 787585

I'm guessing she probably just didn't know that high end phones like Samsung use Android as well. It's still stupid but at least it's a better look than being a total idiot Apple shill who won't even consider any other phone or computer as competition regardless of specs or prestige. I hope those people don't actually still exist, like go ahead and like the product but yeesh, they haven't been innovative or all that unique in years

She literally did nothing while fupa non consentually hit her in public and forced painful and unenjoyable sex on her randomly with his pathetic chode. Also isn't humiliation her kink? Not that I believe it but since she likely made this story up to be "quirky" anyways, might as well invent something which fits her narrative

No. 787680

I doubt he ever actually forced himself on her lol she just needed edge points for tumblr

No. 787687

File: 1552841877536.jpg (95.44 KB, 1080x645, Screenshot_20190317-111529_Tum…)

Get ready for more begging soon

No. 787727


Dawn and Shay both said there was a POD involved. That's how they got Shay's stuff there after all. It's likely still sitting in a facility somewhere for Shay to pay for it.

No. 787741

Will he be the next fupa?

No. 787744

tbh it probably costs more to ship than the value of the contents. what happens if no-one pays? can people bid for it like on storage wars lmao?

No. 787745

File: 1552854725274.jpg (200.12 KB, 1080x912, Screenshot_20190317-153116_Twi…)

No. 787746

That would be absolutely hilarious. But I would feel bad for the people who buy her shit

No. 787747

Ah, man I hope not. Whoever winds up with her crusty sex toys and stained clothes and stuffed animals is gonna need to make sure all their booster shots are up to date.

She might have the odd moment of clarity where she realizes what her life is really like, but most of the time, I think she genuinely believes that her life is worth being jealous of, and that people just wish they could be just like her.

No. 787750

File: 1552856089150.jpeg (114.19 KB, 1242x237, 58CE2818-7583-4584-ABF3-212EAF…)

LMAO that's rich coming from you, Shay

No. 787756

File: 1552857036838.jpg (31.85 KB, 600x600, Screenshot_82.jpg)

>shayna rn

No. 787761

within the last week she was breaking down on Twitter talking about how awful her life was and how much she needed to get help. and now here we are, tweets deleted, breakdown forgotten, bragging about how great her empty studio apartment has made her life

No. 787762

Not to defend Shay but this is a quote from the meme of the (last) week from Drag Race. You think as such a fan she stole her name from a queen she’d at least be on time with this joke. She does wish it was relevant to her though…

No. 787768

I was about to chime in with that too. She also claims to be a huge AHS fan, but is only on the Roanoke season (she's like 2 seasons behind)

No. 787772

File: 1552865317078.png (95.16 KB, 604x802, 2019-03-17 19_28_00-Window.png)

this question coming from someone who pretends to be a child in porn videos

No. 787773

Children posts do not belong on NSFW profiles. People in the comments are supporting it. Wtf is wrong with people

No. 787774


on tumblr she literally reblogged minors. there was one gif of the back of little girls with flowers in their hair that she reblogged.

No. 787777

Why can't they just make SFW twitters if they really wanna post memes with children? Are SW so deprived of personality that they can't fathom separating certain things from sex?

No. 787789

File: 1552869751679.jpg (Spoiler Image, 819.38 KB, 1080x1624, Screenshot_20190317-190727_Sam…)

Shay tries to act successful while there are pics like this of her

No. 787790

File: 1552869883062.jpg (267.67 KB, 1080x1711, Screenshot_20190317-194403_Twi…)

Her purchases so far for her apartment

No. 787792

This implies she has nothing and has never had anything ever. Like I knew she slept on the carpet but I didn’t REALLY know you know. It was so ludicrous that I didn’t believe it.

No. 787794

haven't you heard? she's a REAL pornstar! /s

No. 787795

lol same. I mean fupa prolly let her sleep in his bed tho

wow look how many people are interested shay

No. 787800

Don't you mean "pron star"

No. 787801

I also want to see more then just the corner and the mirror. That's all we've seen of her apartment. It really makes me speculate if she isn't just taking a pic of the room she's in a fupa after all of her shit is piled into an opposite corner. Can't really speculate on the color of the walls cuz of the sheet.

No. 787802

only people who have 0 friends to talk to tweet about every little thing that happens to them. its rly fucking sad when you see that.

No. 787804

Also how can she afford all of this when she just spent money on her apartment? You also know she hasn't made any money on cam and thats more then the amount her fans have given her. So tin foil but I think all the money she has gotten so far went to furnishing her room at fupas.

No. 787805

It's a different carpet and different lighting though, and different windows. It really does appear she has rented her own shitty apartment. and we'll only ever see that one room (which is probably the bedroom in any normal person's one-bedroom apartment) because she wants to keep her "work" separate from her "personal space" even though she's struggled from the beginning to keep her work separate from her personality. so she'll drag her bed from the "work room" to the main room every night so she doesn't have to sleep on the floor.

No. 787809

probably gift cards on amazon or your dad anon

well it's most likely a studio and the kitchen is in the other corner

No. 787815

did she order two beds?

No. 787816

i think one of them is a bedsheet set

No. 787817

Her hands really do show that pink looks horrible with her skintone. When it's unfiltered and brightly lit you can really see how much that color makes her look older and less healthy. This is an autumn trying to become a summer and it's just can't work.

No. 787818

she's been going on about wanting to have a separate room for her work though, so unless she was completely desperate and this was the only apartment she could possibly obtain, I doubt she would settle for another studio. She was so clearly miserable in Seattle living in that one room. It seemed to be a requirement to have a separate bedroom that she could use as a "work space"

No. 787823

Yeah but she's also saying her timezone is Mountain but we all know she is in Tulsa. Until she proves otherwise it's hard to believe literally anything that comes out of her mouth. For all we know she could just be saying that cos she doesn't wanna say she's in a studio. She loves to have her nose in the air and act like a snob and a studio apartment is oh so totally beneath Boil Princess Shayna, so I wouldn't be surprised if she lied about something so trivial.

No. 787834

seems like the extra cheap studios on craigslist with that crap carpet.

No. 787835

she sleeps on the ground anon she'll settle for the most basic of things

No. 787839

She's ordering pillows? She doesn't even own a damn pillow?

Was she using that nasty, giant pink teddy bear as one until now, or something?

That's even more pathetic than sleeping on a blanket on the floor, I think.

No. 787849

No cookware, lamps, that sort of thing though. I guess you can eat fast food all the time and drink directly from the tap.

No. 787860

File: 1552888540084.jpg (45.14 KB, 733x609, tumblr_ocq6bxIX3i1qhbh1qo1_128…)


edit worthy

No. 787862

File: 1552889604760.jpeg (83.67 KB, 640x1136, 6AF73F12-1850-477D-AB14-F583B7…)

No. 787873

Knowing Shay, it's a studio, that she's going to separate into two different "rooms" with a sheet.

No. 787880

Wasn't she tweeting her childhood photos though? Her in a dance uniform or something

No. 787894

She did and claimed she was a child model. On her porn page.

No. 787909

File: 1552921214526.png (110.3 KB, 556x875, 2019-03-18 10_58_33-Dolly Matt…)

sperging early today

No. 787921

File: 1552924053527.png (11.16 KB, 521x94, 2019-03-18 11_46_52-Dolly Matt…)

i agree with bill

No. 787942

Says the girl who has no difference between her personal and """pron star""" existence. I am sure someone will find out where you live because you will tell us.

No. 787947


is she trying to fuck with people or something? she regularly does this herself.

No. 787958

File: 1552938990851.png (60.34 KB, 640x789, IMG_2739.PNG)