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File: 1545253888498.jpeg (57.05 KB, 683x381, shayna.jpeg)

No. 751241

Previous thread.

Current Events:
>brags about waterboarding with Fupa but provides no proof
>Shayna's only platform for advertising her disgusting porn fell victim to Tumblr Purge 2018, we're anticipating her downfall (if she can even go any lower)
>Continues to illegally solicit on every new page she tried to make while initially deleted
>Still as scammy as always, numerous videos have been advertised and never released, she wants to spend the money people donated for a new camera on a nintendo switch.
>Kyle saw his kids on roadtrip, no one really knows where Shayna stayed.
>Still thinks she is hot enough to sit on camera, do nothing and still get tips.
>Holiday/Clown getup is freshly fucked from the start.
>To get money quick she's pack to selling her videos in a package at 62 cents a piece.
>Continues to deteriorate but has started doing a lot more blurring to hide her "princess parts" catastrophe
>is the end near?

Follow the rules:
- no doxxing
- no vendetta
- do not include or harass Shay's family
- PLEASE remember to sage posts that don't contribute to the milk. This trainwreck belongs in /pt/

http://pinkpussypopped.tumblr.com (deleted)
http://twitter.com/dollymattel (suspended)


Other threads:

No. 751246

Holy fuck that picture is so gross. Crusty crispy hair, ragged old looking skin, dirty clothes, that expression. Ew.

No. 751252

File: 1545255523886.png (26.31 KB, 158x141, ohno.png)

Is she sweating coffee?

No. 751253

File: 1545255593737.png (45.43 KB, 588x213, pussy delusion.png)

Sweetie your pussy is actually wack

No. 751259

>the spoonful of “cum” aka yeast infection

No. 751261

i'm so sick of shay lying to herself on social media it really irks me

No. 751264

The expression in her thread pic almost makes me want to feel sorry for her but then I remember what a piece of garbage she is and the feelings pass quickly. This is exactly what she wanted, she deserves everything she gets.

No. 751278

And she is again running another sale

No. 751310

Her stuff is always on sale. At this point she should just permanently lower the prices

No. 751330

She's like a fucking sofa company. Have sales all year round cos the "regular" price is an absolute scam

No. 751334

wow, another video on the floor. very creative Shay.


No. 751343

Ok but honestly why does she look like this. What is she supposed to be? Is she a Christmas clown? I just don’t understand this dumb fucking outfit in general. She looks like a cartoon villain. I feel like I’d find her lurking in the city sewers.

No. 751351

File: 1545268491295.jpeg (74.27 KB, 400x549, 1545262710769.jpeg)

shitty ass fan art kek

No. 751354


unrealistic, her pigtails are the same length

No. 751357

File: 1545269104164.jpg (115.6 KB, 1080x445, Screenshot_20181219-192415_Twi…)

She needs to calm the fuck down

No. 751365

What's her breakdown about now ? She cries over everything that doesn't go exactly as she wants in her life…

No. 751369

she's upset because barely anyone on twitter even looks at her shitty page and because even her followers don't find her good looking lol

No. 751380

File: 1545272043535.png (Spoiler Image,122 KB, 640x999, IMG_9777.PNG)

It probably has something to do with her looking like this

No. 751384

What even is this? Is this any of the 4 she originally said she was going to do??

No. 751385

Sewer aunt.
You know I never thought she looked 40. I know she looked haggard but I didn’t see a look that aged her that much….but this? This is someone who is at least 35. She looks so fucking bad.

No. 751386

File: 1545272762297.png (101.61 KB, 640x816, IMG_9779.PNG)

The thread that led to her meltdown tweet

No. 751387


This, this is not good dirty talk, shaytard.

No. 751390

I’ve never heard anyone speak a run-on sentence…

No. 751397

Is she going to try to sell the candy canes she shoved up her ass?

No. 751398

how many did she fit? lol

No. 751400

File: 1545273982249.jpg (148.46 KB, 1080x495, Screenshot_20181219-204541_Twi…)

Hasn't she made these jokes tho

No. 751401

File: 1545274013278.png (Spoiler Image,761.13 KB, 951x555, candy cane clown.png)

>"Do you wanna watch me rip these little tights open and see how many of these candy canes I can fit up my butt for you?"
>Sounds and looks to be under the influence of drugs
>Makes this dumbass face

No. 751412

I really don’t get why she has a red nose. She’s not a reindeer? She could do red eyeshadow or something. Like. Why.

No. 751417

File: 1545275587495.jpeg (Spoiler Image,640.92 KB, 2880x2680, AE887A3C-D61C-4D88-9E5F-445B73…)

Is she not doing chaturbate anymore?

No. 751419

she is that joke.

No. 751421

why..why would anyone want that?

No. 751424

Also, didn't she say that once she got a p.o box, people can send her stuff? She hasn't gotten it yet and says people are sending her stuff. Could she actually bought stuff off her list for herself and said her "fans" sent them?

No. 751427

File: 1545276943248.jpg (499.69 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181219-213455_Tum…)


No. 751431

she said on her story she could barely fit 4 iirc

No. 751435

Technically he's just Kyle Nathan Perkins, the only ones that should call him daddy are his children.

No. 751436

who the fuck would have a "play date" with her?

No. 751445

Ew, did somebody come over for a threesome or something?

No. 751447

i bet it was just some person on tumblr, not a real life thing lol

No. 751454

probably people just getting stuff of her amazon wishlist which doesn’t require a po box or anything

No. 751463

But with amazon you can't hide your address. So either she's ordering them herself, or giving out her address

No. 751466


When people buy you gifts on Amazon, the only thing they can see is the city it's going to. The only way they can obtain your address is by requesting a refund.

No. 751471

Christ I thought this was about Fupa's kids coming over to spend a day with him for Christmas up until I got to "ur friends dad".

No. 751485

Christmas is in 5 days and she's only shot, what, one of the Christmas themed videos she mentioned? Tick tock Shay you can't release a Christmas video after Christmas hon.

No. 751492

not to mention yellow pit stains…

No. 751506

>You can’t release a Christmas video after Christmas
She she will, though. Her Harley vid was supposed to be for Halloween and she released that in November.

No. 751516

Has she always been so… insufferable? Remember all that “Kyle Nathan Perkins is abusing her Poor Shay :(“ a few threads back lol? I almost felt bad for her.

No. 751519

LOL yeah remember when everyone was so sympathetic towards shay roughly 7-10 threads back and if you pointed out how shay is legitimately asking for it and causing everything people would still say shit like "but it's still abuse no matter what!! doesn't matter that it's shay, she's still the total actual victim!" now everyone agrees that shay is a piece of shit just like fupa.

No. 751578

The sympathyfags were embarrassing

No. 751596

File: 1545323811765.png (277.98 KB, 527x532, Screenshot (289).png)

lol somebodys catfishing using her pics and shes mad

No. 751597

File: 1545323845551.jpg (395.76 KB, 1288x1342, drama1.JPG)

Looks like there's drama going down on Twitter. Just in time for Christmas at Haus Mattel.

No. 751598

so its ok for her to scam people but when someone else tries..

No. 751599

File: 1545323924390.jpg (71.62 KB, 584x591, drama7.JPG)

No. 751617

lol p sure they were just fucking with her

No. 751619

Spazzy Mattel

No. 751623

File: 1545328266049.jpg (94.63 KB, 1080x518, Screenshot_20181220-115045_Tum…)

No. 751629


I actually choked. This can't be real

No. 751631

lol maybe she does know her worth and that's why she gives discounts 100% of the time

No. 751655

File: 1545332662687.png (127.27 KB, 640x759, IMG_9786.PNG)

No. 751669

she's such a fucking drama queen lol, any little thing online that happens she blows out of proportion and tries to twist it into someone being ~disgusting and terrifying~

how come she thinks this is sooo disgusting but not her situation with fupa and everything else in her life?

No. 751673

she thinks she's so clever adding names to every term she says. and still lying to herself that anyone is jealous of her lel

No. 751674

She doesn't have a life outside of the internet, dull twitter drama is probably as exciting as it gets for her

No. 751676

File: 1545334933426.jpg (51.3 KB, 500x447, tumblr_inline_p6xneyC8zG1udhwf…)

>spreading christmas cheer

does she think people are cheerful when they see her topographical ass. i dunno about that one ma'am

No. 751685

File: 1545337759849.jpg (248.34 KB, 1080x1636, Screenshot_20181220-142812_Tum…)

No. 751690

does this bitch really not remember to feed her cat?

No. 751692

>tfw your fat ugly bf has to write a manuscript of your day because you have the mental capacity of a Hartley Hooligan uwu

No. 751694

The new candy cane video is live e everyone

No. 751699

File: 1545339480565.jpg (Spoiler Image,351.87 KB, 1080x632, 20181220_145724.jpg)

Look how bad this is

No. 751703


Is it before or after she put everything in her asshole?

No. 751705

It's after putting 3 in

No. 751706

wow her asshole and genitals are looking even worse than usual, amazing never thought that could be accomplished!

No. 751708


why does she insist on ruining her body for shit tier amounts of money kek, considering her stuff is always on "sale"

No. 751710

I wonder if she's at all aware that fake candy canes exist. Still not ideal for shoving up one's ass, but less likely to crumble/shatter in her rectum and cause real damage.

God she's stupid.

No. 751712

Bit shit she makes a video of "oooh how many can I fit?" And it's 3.

So fupa's dick has the girth of 3 tiny candy canes? Nice to know

No. 751713

That and she’s gonna have a major yeast infection in her anus. I can’t believe she’s this stupid

No. 751714

Jfc. Yes she’s haggard and has disgusting genitals no matter what, but so much about her appearance could be improved if she used flattering lighting and edited the color/light balance of her videos. She should learn how to do that before she invests $400+ in a 4K camera.

No. 751715


She always lurks this thread yet even if she read this, she wouldn't take the advice. She's too stubborn and lazy.

No. 751718

It looks…bloody

No. 751719


We're all just haturz remember. she'll never allude to anyone in here being correct

No. 751722

File: 1545341148818.jpeg (Spoiler Image,232.89 KB, 1125x1609, 9CD17738-6DF3-45BC-BDD7-BF5ED6…)

What gets me is there’s candy cane DILDOS that she could have gotten if she’d ordered it in advance

No. 751726

I have a candy cane dildo because I'm not a dumb ass to shove candy up my ass

No. 751727

Her dialogue is so bad. She says she writes a script first, and this is what we get

No. 751731

File: 1545341848900.jpg (51.35 KB, 1080x488, Screenshot_20181220-153659_Tum…)


No. 751736

are those… cuts? what thee fuck

No. 751737

I'm glad you mentioned this after she's already done it because this makes 100% more sense. For some fucked up reason I thought the point of her shoving all those candy canes up her ass was that she'd keep doing it? like have 20 up there lol not just whatever fits the hole btw kudos fupa, the width of 3, amazing

No. 751740

Seriously if she wasn’t a lazy sack of shit she could have gotten at least another 4-5. She claims to be an anal princess but can’t even push herself to fit more than 3? Pathetic.

No. 751741

lmao i just noticed there's one obvious bright red spot like blood on the right side of her asshole…

No. 751742

File: 1545342790569.jpg (212.6 KB, 1079x1142, Screenshot_20181220-155237_Tum…)

She didn't even answer the question

No. 751743

who manages to be this stupid 24/7?

No. 751744

damn she is losing it

No. 751745

kek even he knows shes a lazy piece of shit who needs to be reminded to feed the cat jfc

No. 751750

Nice borderline cowtipping, fag

No. 751754

do you know what cowtipping is?

No. 751755

Man how many different dry fucking herself videos does she need.

No. 751762

File: 1545345875299.jpg (137.29 KB, 1076x438, Screenshot_20181220-164310_Twi…)

No. 751765

Poor Ribmeat. Why doesn’t she use her “big pornstar money” to buy an automatic feeder? You can find them for like $40 at TJ Maxx.

No. 751774

Could have sworn she HAS or had a candy cane dildo that she used last year

No. 751775


Because cats need scheduled meal times and free feeding leads to obese cats maybe?

No. 751777

if she does that vid is not on her manyvids

No. 751778

Yeah she did have one. I think she originally used it for content on her private blog before she really used manyvids.

No. 751781


link for the vid. The preview has so many random jump cuts for no reason. A few of her previews have this and it’s just weird. It seems as if she just didn’t want to reshoot the footage so instead just did a shitty jump cut wherever it didn’t sound right to “fix” it. If you’ve been making content this long, you should know how lazy it is to use constant jump cuts instead of just quickly reshooting the footage. This is simple editing technique, not fucking rocket science Shayna.

No. 751783

Oh geez yeah those jump cuts are attrocious. Also the preview cuts off her sentence at the end?

No. 751784

it’s just so lazy and tbh, id be embarrassed to put something like that out.

No. 751786

I think the sentence that got cut off was "I don't want to be on the naughty list"

No. 751788

File: 1545349700741.png (102.9 KB, 640x757, IMG_9787.PNG)

>"her cute and tiny asshole"

It's an asshole but it's anything but cute and tiny

No. 751789

what the FUCK why is her asshole so red and ugly? did this hoe really put unwrapped candy canes up there?

No. 751791

I'm seriously disturbed by this preview. She literally looks and sounds like a cracked out mother.

No. 751793

File: 1545350209340.jpg (206.03 KB, 1080x855, Screenshot_20181220-174339_Twi…)

No. 751799

this forced baby voice she uses in her videos infuriates me, she sounds like poppy sigh we all know about your manvoice that’s lower than fupas

No. 751804

Not to blogpost about my asshole but I've used a plug that is definitely bigger than 3 candy canes and not looked anywhere near as loose and gaping as her so how tf is she gonna pretend 3 is her limit?? Bitch could shove the whole damn tree in there.
Also this is just one of many questionable things about using real candy canes but isn't the peppermint gonna sting? If it were anyone else I'd assume that's the reason it's so red and inflamed but this is definitely it's natural state.
God it's just such a terrible asshole I feel like she could lose rib in there and not notice

No. 751806

>not to blogpost about my asshole
but u did

No. 751813

Are we just going to assume that she's no longer doing "pro shoots"

No. 751814

Does she really never drink water or feed her cat? wtf

No. 751818

>one by one
and uh then just one more

just say you're gonna do nothing else

No. 751851

I ain't gonna watch this bullshit but did she leave the wrapper on the candy canes at least? Still a terrible idea and a good way to get a bunch of microtears but better than putting literal candy with irritating ingredients in your butt AND snatch.

No. 751869

yeah they definitely had the wrappers on. if they didn't they would have gotten sticky so fast (gross), and they looked too shiny to not have the plastic wrap.

No. 751870

Her nails are one of the few things that look fine in >>751699 , but okay.

No. 751879

Has anyone ever bought and watched one of her videos on mv? Are they as bad as her previews?

No. 751907


Anons who go to salons: is it normal that she seems to go so often? I swear every other post she's talking about going to get her nails done. She's always whining about how she needs $$$ for this or that; imagine how much she'd save is she'd just not go to the salon for a few months

sage for dumb

No. 751909

I get my nails done maybe every other 2 weeks. Depending on if any break

No. 751914

Makes no difference if she took the wrappers off or not.
No wrapper = peppermint
Wrapper= Abrasive plastic ridge that’s created when the wrapper is heat sealed

No. 751916

Do you think shaynas spoiled cheap ass is gonna buy her ~uwu daddy Mattel~ anything for Christmas?? How sad to think they’re so in love but she wouldn’t even get him a gift

No. 751924

Oooo I can’t wait to see what kind of dumbass edgelord bullshit she buys him, if she gives him anything at all.

No. 751925

Well FuPa already answered an ask saying he hasn't gotten her anything

No. 751930

That’s really depressing. Buy a house together but don’t get each other Xmas gifts?? Idk seems soo weird

No. 751931

this made me choke laughing, but so true.

b/c choosing which cheap lingerie to wear is so hard, ffs.

No. 751940

I don't think she had any financial involvement lol. Buying this bitch a house for christmas seems sufficient to me

No. 751941

File: 1545371943277.png (67.96 KB, 640x706, IMG_2400.PNG)

No. 751942

File: 1545372073462.png (98.43 KB, 640x963, IMG_2401.PNG)

No. 751945


this isn't milk. just shit advice.

No. 751946

Maybe its those fake plastic candy canes?

No. 751952

Very true I can’t argue with those facts

No. 751992

It is milk when Kyle has a history of being a piece of shit and its definently milk when he juxtaposes as some woke sado "daddy"(ew) yet his answer to a womans apparent 7 years of never getting any type of pleasure out of her partner is ~get a vibrator~ and nothing about maybe having a partner that doesnt use you as a flesh light. Its bad enough alot of women just let their bf's pump and dump w no care abt their own pleasure, but to have some hyper sexualised goblinman tell an anon (feels like a troll but none the lessss) to just get a sex toy which is the worst way to deal w what is already a sketchy dynamic to have w a longtime partner instead of either talking to the retard or dumping him.
Either way my whole sperg boils down to imagining shayna w a beat ass and black eye as she has to reach for her wand because none of the things fupa does brings her joy and she has to keep posting abt how many cummies shes had to over compensate bc anything is better than being independent and intelligent

No. 751993

This is the answer of a man who is a shitty partner and can't make a woman cum. It may be a good enough solution for shayna but women that love themselves don't want to settle for that shit

Keep lurking newfag

No. 752000

it wasn't

No. 752001

oh great. another pointless sperg nobody cares about.

No. 752016


Like I said. Not milk, just dumb advice.

No. 752023


tbf, for once this is him acting like a dominant should in their DDLG dynamic, he's providing structure and safeguards so it's harder for her to bunk out.

again with the cringe though, having to make it public

No. 752028

Thank God for all the ddlg anons! Without them I would never know whether fupa was domming correctly

No. 752056

cosmetology anon here.
going every few weeks (2.5/3) is normal…if you’re just getting a fill of the set you have. most people will get a completely new set after 5-6 weeks. this bitch gets a whole new set in half that time or less, and i can guarantee they’re just drilling them off, not soaking them off like you’re supposed to. her nails are probably as thin as paper and damaged beyond belief with how much she gets them completely redone.

No. 752100

File: 1545411536019.png (100.6 KB, 640x657, IMG_9791.PNG)

Anon called it. She did nothing productive after getting her nails done.

She's going home for Christmas. There's no way she's gonna bang out all the rest of her Christmas vids before she leaves town on Sunday.

No. 752107


tbh im pretty glad that she isnt doing all four because i dont think i could handle the sexualization of a 2 year old character and her "christmas cum kitten" outfit that didnt match whatsoever.
i dont understand how she isnt embarrassed by herself.

No. 752108

anon called it, she spent Thanksgiving alone crying about how alone she was and how much she missed MA while fupa visited his actual children at their home. now she's going home for Christmas and he's probably going to see his children again.

they live together but don't spend the holidays together as a couple or let the other meet their families. they're glorified roommates where she pays rent with sex. weird af

No. 752114

They are the extreme definition of friends with benefits

No. 752126

i bet his ex wife roasts him about shay lmao

No. 752134

Love it when Fupapa gives us insight into Shay's habits.

>can't cook bacon without burning it

>day drinks
>forgets to feed her cat

That's a no, she didn't plan on looking like a clown. At least if she did a video where she pulled a massive dildo out of her ass she'd actually make a pile of money for the novelty and shock factor of it.

>super special XXXmas camshow!
>nevermind I changed my mind, bye

No. 752142

File: 1545418522972.jpg (842.69 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181221-125422_Twi…)

Why the fucking heart filter on this

No. 752143

File: 1545418651900.jpg (156.41 KB, 1080x730, Screenshot_20181221-125642_Tum…)

She'll just end up wearing some old outfit she already has

No. 752144


forget the filter, look at how fucking filthy her carpet is.

No. 752147

File: 1545419006611.png (147.84 KB, 640x852, IMG_9794.PNG)

Can't she just work on hydrating herself and exfoliating and moisturizing her lips before considering lip injections?

No. 752152


why go into a store that you couldnt afford anything in tho?

No. 752153

>Taking nudes in a dressing room
Classy as always

No. 752156

lmao my thoughts exactly. like… girl… put on some fucking carmex and then maybe we'll talk. i could do a dry lip compilation right now but who even has time to stitch the 1000 examples together?

No. 752158

because she's a nasty bitch and is probably going in there ONLY to try stuff on and take pics. it's trailer trash 101.

No. 752161

File: 1545420645884.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x2021, Screenshot_20181221-132953_Tum…)

He looks like a 11 year old girl could beat him up if we're being honest.

No. 752162

>let's get this paper
lmao fupa please stop trying to be an urban youth

No. 752174


He has such soft, tiny hands. And yes, we all know how much hustling is involved in your lame call center job. So much hustling, so tough.

No. 752176

…did she not mark out the address on those packages?

>taking nudes in Victoria Secret
For the love of god don't let her try on any panties.

No. 752178

nope, looks like this stupid bitch doxed herself ; just so she could flex on social media. Good job shay-tard.

No. 752183

am i missing something? wtf do you mean 'doxxed herself'?? why would she bother hiding the labels on the packages when theyre all blurry as hell and illegible?

No. 752188

File: 1545423699519.jpg (247.64 KB, 1080x1012, Screenshot_20181221-142049_Twi…)

Because she's selfish and only cares about herself. I bet she won't buy anything for sex workers like she said

No. 752192

Anon you sound like a 12 yr old. She can't afford anything there other than a keychain anyway.

No. 752197

Not the person you're replying to but with as big a stink as Shay makes about people not finding out where she lives she didn't bother to take a sharpie to her packages first before snapping a photo. She's lucky the picture is blurry enough that you can't make it out but she still took a stupid risk just to show off her gifts.

No. 752205

yeah, she blocks people on mfc for just saying "oklahoma" so you'd think she'd take extra precaution than just taking unclear photos.

No. 752210

File: 1545426048767.jpg (150.93 KB, 1080x777, Screenshot_20181221-150001_Twi…)


No. 752211

wow she's so quirky she did something plenty of adults have done

No. 752213

Sorry for fashion sperg but OF COURSE she likes Michael kors lmao. Literally the most hideous, bottom of the barrel churned out garbage. Trashy, just like her. What a good match.

No. 752214

File: 1545426491106.jpg (186.63 KB, 1080x842, Screenshot_20181221-150735_Tum…)

No. 752215

Kyle, you are 30+ years old with several kids. Grow the fuck up, stop dressing like a 16 year old fuckboy, and learn how to be an adult. "Get this paper" I swear to god if im 30+ and still posting shit like he does, I hope someone comes over and punches me in the face. He really is super pathetic. I bet he hardly got his children anything for Christmas.

No. 752218


Not even going to see his kids for Christmas? Can't say I'm surprised.

No. 752219

Not even popping by to visit his kids or give them gifts? Dad of the year right there.

No. 752220

>bet he hardly got his children anything for Christmas.

Probably thinks paying the child support for December counted as a gift to them.

No. 752235

Who moves into a wholeass house with someone in another state but then doesnt spend the holidays with them, doesn't meet their family, seemingly does nothing with them other than flex online and get drunk? This is the saddesst relationship I'ver ever witnessed.

No. 752290

I guess her parents don't want him there? or he really is going to see his kids, I mean he can say I'm staying home alone but that doesn't mean he really is

No. 752301

Someone on her live is begging her to do a porn with spaghetti sauce for $500

No. 752317

Holy shit did any see that live? People were trolling her and she was legit almost to tears

No. 752318

File: 1545439651910.jpg (226.36 KB, 1080x615, Screenshot_20181221-172145_Twi…)

Yes, because that totally happened

No. 752319

File: 1545439847147.gif (582.5 KB, 275x143, 1516740596387.gif)

No. 752322

What live ?

No. 752323

did you cap it for the imageboard anon?

No. 752326

Her live isn't available on Instagram

No. 752328

File: 1545441646295.png (115.15 KB, 640x771, IMG_9797.PNG)

Shayna a hoarder? Why is that not surprising. Cardboard boxes attract roaches and other bugs. Gross.

Also can someone please cap her tumblr post where she answers an ask about why she sell her videos at a low price. She talks about selling them for $9 a piece to appeal to a wider audience and make it affordable to everyone. I think it's hilarious because she actually sells them in a bundle for $0.86 a video but maybe that's just me.

No. 752344

File: 1545442971567.jpg (426.73 KB, 1080x925, Screenshot_20181221-194044_Tum…)

No. 752345

File: 1545443005452.jpg (195.2 KB, 1080x795, Screenshot_20181221-194121_Tum…)

I really hope on of them posts what she got him

No. 752348

Fupa is on snapchat talking about how he doesn't have family so he'll be home alone on christmas

No. 752352

lol okay fupa! we all know you have parents and a sister and an ex wife with three of your children! yaint fooling anyone

No. 752353

90% chance it's from hot topic or Spencer's. Also why does Fupa need reassurance that he's "really cool"

No. 752356

File: 1545444096388.jpg (165.97 KB, 650x1280, IMG_9798.JPG)

THIS is shaynas lame ass Christmas gift to fupa. A candle. So thoughtful and original. I'm sure he will burn while he's all alone on Christmas Day.

No. 752359

She spent so much money on herself and that's what she got him?

No. 752361

File: 1545444310924.jpg (225.53 KB, 1080x1150, Screenshot_20181221-200442_Tum…)

Hmmm yeah ok

No. 752366

PLEASE tell me someone capped the live of her being harassed

No. 752368

what happened?

No. 752369

And as per usual, Shayna is 10-20 minutes late to start her camshow. She can't even stick to a schedule.

No. 752370

multiple people were saying she looks like she smells, that she should make rugrat porn , asking her to do really weird customs, asking her why daddy wouldn't make videos with her and asking her why she looks like cynthia from rugrats and she kept tearing up and getting so mad but while tearing up she was like I'm a BAD BITCH. it was cringey

No. 752371

i don't even believe this happened

No. 752373

File: 1545447105767.jpg (206.7 KB, 1080x1220, Screenshot_20181221-205032_Tum…)

I cringe so hard everytime he calls her kido

No. 752374

The money she received from her tumblr post asking for 50$ giftcards went into buying these perfumes, not an outfit to wear on cam tonight. She's wearing her Candy Cane ghettup and looking like hell.

No. 752376

She's wearing what she wore in her candy cane video on cam. Guess no one wanted to spoil her

No. 752377

Why has no one thought of a super witty name for this scent??

No. 752379

I would call the scent "stank"

No. 752381

Dick Cheese and Wet Dog

No. 752382

File: 1545447646304.jpg (348.16 KB, 1080x601, Screenshot_20181221-205914_Chr…)

She couldn't wrap all the gifts? Not even that one simple tasks, Shay?

No. 752383

they must be right next to each other writing these posts on their dead tumblrs!! ahh these fucking losers

No. 752384

"It would be really difficult (to wrap the gifts)"

No. 752387

If she's too retarded to wrap them all then how hard would it be to put them in a gift bag or gift box or at least put a bow on them? Jesus Christ she can't even do the bare minimum. This is what it looks like to be unprepared for something you've been promoting for a few weeks now.

No. 752388

i'm sure i'm not the only one who finds it obnoxious when farmers on a power trip interfere with cows. it's not milky when it's obviously farmers harassing a cow or sending them anons for that brief endorphin rush that comes with being posted on here and getting ass pats from other farmers or whatever. it's especially bad in this thread tho

No. 752390

She's literally just taking pics of herself and the presents and asking which to open

No. 752391

File: 1545448615103.jpg (Spoiler Image,199.76 KB, 1280x650, tumblr_pk4au6rLSJ1wvv401_1280.…)

Looking like a cracked out grandma and that's even with a snapchat filter

No. 752396

She's really numbering the presents and going to pick them one by one

No. 752401

She's really making people tip her to open presents

No. 752404

I don’t want to liveblog but someone literally bought her a new rug lmao

No. 752405

Does anyone think someone bought her a new camera

No. 752412

No. 752413

If someone did, she wouldn’t shut up about it. She would also be complaining about how she can’t figure it out because she’s a fucking moron.

No. 752426

Seriously, Shay is milky enough on her own and doesn’t need any of you idiot cowtippers.

No. 752427

File: 1545453343967.jpeg (290.65 KB, 1125x1708, 4A7F556C-D958-49DE-9640-D5F681…)

Damn it, I went into her cam room just as she was logging off. She made a total of $5.50 tonight and didn’t unwrap most of her gifts.

No. 752429

I'm new, what's cow tipping?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 752430

I saw she got another giant pink teddy bear and a pink dinosaur (or something like that) onesie.

She didn't do anything to make even that from the few times I checked in. In the beginning she was fixing her hair, on her phone, opening a few gifts. Nothing worth paying her to do.

I'm beginning to think she didn't open the rest of the gifts because they were just empty boxes.

No. 752431

Cow tipping is when a farmer makes it obvious to the cow that they’re baiting them for milk.

No. 752437

>5c Do not alert a subject to their thread or take any other action to lead them to lolcow.farm (cowtipping).

>Do not contact a subject's family.

>Do not use lolcow.farm to crusade against a cow (not your personal army).
>Do not organize raids on twitter, twitch or other social media.
>Do not brag or announce having personal contact or interactions with a cow.

No. 752465

File: 1545459555838.jpg (63.64 KB, 961x445, Screenshot_20181222-001832_Tum…)

Hopefully not like the ones she shoved up her ass

No. 752470

If my partner gave me cheap ass yankee candle with an unflattering selfie sticker on it I woukd cry lol…
Any caps or other anons can confirm???

No. 752471

Eau de Fupa
Shayna’s Rug

No. 752473

Can we start calling fupa "head n' shoulders"

No. 752476

File: 1545464013059.png (Spoiler Image,895.35 KB, 640x1136, E9DEE34F-A991-42FB-B6C8-2C8605…)

Her asshole is totally prolapsed, why hasn’t this bitch gone to a doctor yet?

No. 752478

LOL ANON that's a buttplug not her asshole

No. 752484

Kek, how do you know Shayna's hemorrhoids don't resemble a sparkly gem, anon?

No. 752486

i laugh so hard every time someone thinks her stupid looking buttplug is actually just her prolapsed asshole

No. 752509

is it supposed to be a flower?

No. 752524

You could be onto something. She said yesterday she doesn't throw out her empty boxes.

No. 752592

>my super special XxXmas camshow!!!
>makes $5.50 in tips
That's gotta hurt.

No. 752644

She's a wasteful idiot. She had a perfectly good giant pink teddy bear that she THREW IN THE FUCKING TRASH (instead of donating or something if she had to get rid of it) because she was too lazy to figure out how to take it to Oklahoma, and she got a new one? Fucking dumbass.

No. 752704

No one would have wanted that bear if they'd known where it had been and what she's rubbed into the fur.

No. 752730

It was prob covered in piss and who knows what else

No. 752865

File: 1545534833954.jpg (288.76 KB, 1440x836, 20181222_211325.jpg)

Sure Jan

No. 752869

>kyle im gonna tell tumblr that someone in walmart said we were cute
>ohh yeahh that'll get notes!!

No. 752878

Who is this bitch even trying to fool? They’re one of the ugliest, most disgusting trailer couples I’ve seen, there’s no way she’s oblivious to the fact that he looks like a 12 year old on steroids and a 50 year old pedophile uncle at the same time and that she looks like a literal Neanderthal. God they’re so gross

No. 752906

LMFAO shay's lies get more obvious every day holy fuck. like there is no way thi actually happened unless the person was being sarcastic or they were another disgusting ugly old creep like kyle nathan perkins

No. 752912

It's totally believable imo, considering methed up senior citizens can be really outgoing and kind. Wal-Mart trailer trash would see her in her tacky pink clothes and absolutely adore it.

No. 752915

buying a switch instead of a new camera, huh? or hoping for a camera for Christmas?

girl, you buy the camera for WORK and hope for the switch for Christmas. always cover your income first. Christmas is for gifts, not help with improving your content.

No. 752959

I'm actually surprised Kyle isn't going to MA with her since they were planning on it way back when he first came to WA. I doubt his kids are the reason or else he wouldn't be whining about how alone he'll be. Maybe Shay's parents are paying for her ticket and Kyle can't afford one.

No. 753017

Shayna, all the perfume in the world won’t make you smell good, let alone make you the “best smelling bimbo.” We’ve seen the OP pic. You smell like perfume on top of BO and that is rank.

No. 753024

Lmao this doesn't even happen to legit attractive couples cus that's a really awkward way to talk to a stranger. Who does she think she's fooling?

No. 753036

Shay's parents def paid for her flight. Fupa is probably just not welcome in her parents' house kek

No. 753047

Lmao, we all knew she would buy the game system over the camera.ill bet anything it’s going to go to waste like the ps2.

No. 753058

I don’t think anyone’s parents would want to meet Kyle Fupa, their 21 year old daughter’s 35 year old boyfriend who has kids and works at a call center.

No. 753060

File: 1545585298004.jpeg (968.82 KB, 1242x1480, 11874C42-58B9-4452-AE4F-DA79C1…)

Selling her videos for a few cents, once again. Might as well just make them free at this point. I think beggars on the street make more.

No. 753061

Yellow ass teeth, spider lashes, crusty skin, ratted hair, rodent teeth, neanderthal forehead, long ass nails packed with gross bacteria, jewie nose. Lmao I could go on.

No. 753065

I mean her teeth are really yellow but I feel like rat teeth and jew nose are just nitpicks

No. 753076

She does have a rat look tbf

No. 753078

File: 1545588674475.jpeg (306.95 KB, 1203x494, 4D1E17EA-847B-4B60-B317-4933CD…)

she really is terrible at planning. If you know you’re leaving for your parents today, why haven’t you packed already? And if you haven’t packed, why not do it now instead of rushing around so you can play Mario kart? How does she get through life being this retarded?

No. 753083

but this makes her like so 'quirky' and 'relatable'

No. 753087

She thinks it does. It just makes her look more unprofessional.

No. 753093

Well for starters her whole wardrobe could probably fit in a backpack so I doubt it takes much effort

No. 753095

do we think she wears all her cheap fetish/dd-lg clothes at home around her parents?

No. 753096

Im not sure she has anything but that cheap shit

No. 753100

How is she going to "work" while at her parents?

No. 753107

Well she did it when she was 17

No. 753125

File: 1545593458800.jpg (36.38 KB, 600x337, 2780930c41455197f_w.jpg)

Sorry this is old news but I just figured out who she reminded me of with that makeup and hair…

No. 753131

She’s Loonette’s slutty, methed-out, alcoholic aunt.

No. 753137

she really does look like a rat to me lol and her nose is pretty unfortunate

No. 753139

yeah people were talking about that in the last thread

No. 753161

File: 1545597019741.png (31.82 KB, 640x227, IMG_9813.PNG)

No. 753170

like she ever needs an excuse to drink

No. 753184

She always needs an excuse so that way it doesn’t seem like she’s an alcoholic. Even though she absolutely is an alcoholic. God I can’t even imagine her whining and screaming and throwing a tantrum like a child when she can’t drink. It’s probably a horror show and that’s why Fupa makes sure to have alcohol at all times or else she won’t shut up.

No. 753187

File: 1545600069320.jpg (448.07 KB, 1078x1244, Screenshot_20181223-151939_Twi…)

Her parents will be so proud

No. 753188

File: 1545600103741.jpg (345.96 KB, 1079x623, Screenshot_20181223-151949_Twi…)

Please tell me that's not everything she packed

No. 753189

File: 1545600125821.jpg (144.22 KB, 1078x530, Screenshot_20181223-152001_Twi…)

AKA the annoying girl

No. 753190

File: 1545600160363.jpg (303.08 KB, 1059x1565, Screenshot_20181223-152041_Tum…)

Even though she can't even suck dick

No. 753201

She's so frumpy and smelly looking. Her hair looks dirty and messy af. Even her jacket is dirty.

No. 753205

It looks like someone let a kid with a fake ID in the bar

No. 753208

Special needs Shayna is at it again!! This photoset makes her look so ridiculous

No. 753209

This isn’t cute. Grow the fuck up. No one fucking cares that you’re into ddlg. Stop fucking parading your kink around. This is the real world, not fucking tumblr, Shayna. GROW. UP.

No. 753212

it doesn’t even seem like she likes sucking dick, but I’m sure if she didn’t he’d force her anyway or make her feel bad so she’d do it for him. I’m literally 100% sure she only says things like this to keep him happy. Their relationship is just playing pretend for the Internet. I honestly believe she will never have a fulfilling relationship because she has no idea who she is, what she wants, what she likes, or her boundaries. She just does things that happen to be trendy at the moment, regardless of if she actually likes it. No wonder she drinks so much. If she didn’t drink she would just be a sad lazy sack of shit, drinking is what gives her any semblance of personality. Fupa just helps enable it so he can have something to stick his dick in.

No. 753215

She wore a see-through shirt and no bra to Thanksgiving. Of course she wears her fetish/bbygurl shit to Christmas.

I think you're missing the point of their relationship. Fupa's putting up with her for sex/status (Daddy Mattel) and Shay is with him because financial stability, no need to be an adult, and because she's 150% needy. She'd happily suck dick for a pat on the head and a "Good job, princess" because she's just that desperate for approval and attention. She's admitted before that she couldn't do a poly relationship because she has to have her partner's undivided attention 24/7.

No. 753218

I told y'all it fits in a backpack

No. 753221

Nailed it

No. 753230

Are her parents divorced? Or how is it going to be seeing her "abusive" mother

No. 753233

Fupa is on snapchat asking people to keep him entertained. And posted the pic of the texts Shay sent him. Go see your damn kids or something

No. 753235

Lmao right? She's out of town so what else does he have to do?

No. 753236

File: 1545604306704.jpg (104.18 KB, 1080x664, Screenshot_20181223-162954_Tum…)

Lol sure

No. 753239

File: 1545604335993.jpg (493.19 KB, 1073x1471, Screenshot_20181223-163040_Tum…)

Maybe the house smells good because she isn't in it

No. 753248

her hair literally looks like stinky cat doo doo

No. 753250

Epic insult

No. 753251

How to appear special needs/mentally slow and/or mentally ill.

No. 753280

File: 1545610675413.jpeg (371.62 KB, 1242x962, 859727E7-80D7-4039-87BB-3080F1…)

Yeah, I’m sure you’re smoking a blunt at the airport in Oklahoma. Right. Sure.

No. 753284

All I can think of is the King of the Hill episode where they tell Dale “no smoking in the airport” so he goes outside and gets locked out on the tarmac. Let’s go Shay, I’m SURE they’re letting you get high in Oklahoma.

No. 753289

You don’t have to be at an airport to check in for your flight, you can do it from your phone anywhere

No. 753300

Still posting a million snaps of him talking /while he’s driving/ . Said people have suggested he use Twitch… and pretends to not know what that is. If you game, you know what Twitch is. And now he’s just now realizing how stupid Fortnite is. He is obviously so bored without having to babysit. Also mentioned that screenshoting gets you blocked.

No. 753302

File: 1545619134475.jpg (217.28 KB, 1080x625, Screenshot_20181223-195259_Twi…)

Yeah, we feel really bad for you

No. 753304

File: 1545619187341.jpg (76.6 KB, 1080x488, Screenshot_20181223-184301_Tum…)

No one cares though

No. 753305

File: 1545619223173.jpg (288.37 KB, 1080x1710, Screenshot_20181223-195402_Tum…)

She will probably never use half of what she got

No. 753306

File: 1545619301775.jpg (502.3 KB, 1080x1200, Screenshot_20181223-204042_Twi…)

Not everything needs the damn heart filter

No. 753309

But anon…. it has to be ~aesthetic!!!

No. 753311

Wow Shay now you can be the coolest kid in class when Christmas break ends

No. 753315

She probably got the switch over the camera so she could do something on her trip

No. 753316

Am I the only one who was hoping that she’d pack up all of her belongings, including Ribmeat, and just stay in Massachusetts with her parents? Fupa is so bad for her and she’ll never ~thrive~ while she’s living with him. She was pathetic before Fupa, but not pathetic enough to daydrink until she passes out on the closet floor.

No. 753326

Awfully hostile for someone who is so sweet to his impressionable, dumbass girlfriend.

Is anyone a friend/follower of Kyle Perkins' FB/Twitter/normal social media? I know it was all found before (and iirc he either deleted it or made it all private?) but it's always been incredible to see his real life facade in comparison to this. Talking about Shayna's vag and dry hair is boring. Kyle's the real cow.

No. 753335

Fupa is not the worst thing to happen to shay. Shay is the worst thing to happen to shay. Also she's never going to move back in with her parents until she quits camming/making porn so I'd wait for that announcement before you get too excited.

No. 753337

What's with all the dumbass nitpicks lately lol? Criticizing his tone is dumb. There are anons that have seen posts about him on FB from family members but it's not milk. He's actually just a really cringe old dude that thinks he's a hip and urban "daddy". Shay is def still the cow here.

No. 753338

File: 1545622355922.jpg (401.74 KB, 1080x1430, Screenshot_20181223-213206_Twi…)


No. 753339

Shay is the OG and main cow, but he is definitely one too

No. 753342

File: 1545623059306.jpg (331.7 KB, 1080x1467, Screenshot_20181223-214353_Tum…)

Lol "famous"

No. 753344


I guess everything she texts him has to be put onto social media for all to appreciate

No. 753347

File: 1545623341021.jpg (152.39 KB, 1080x1268, Screenshot_20181223-214820_Tum…)

No. 753350

She's probably gonna show up to her parents house sloshed

No. 753356

just…don't answer them

its so lame how their whole relationship is Tumblr like everything about her 1 hour flight adventure has been documented oh we can't forget that she sent him some texts! post them or it didn't really happen!

No. 753357

File: 1545624715362.jpg (94.4 KB, 1080x354, Screenshot_20181223-221133_Twi…)

And it begins

No. 753363

I've never been on a plane, but aren't the seats numbered via ticket? Why cant she ask her to move or get a flight attendant?

No. 753364


Not on every plane. Some planes are first come, first serve, and usually the window seats get taken first.

No. 753365

Ooh, thanks anon. her ass should have gotten there earlier then, but she was probably drinking instead.

No. 753372

>“DADDY shy emojis teehee d-don’t tell people”
>word for word posts what he said herself on her twitter
I fucking hate her she’s so cringe

No. 753374

File: 1545626647318.jpg (118.38 KB, 1080x875, Screenshot_20181223-224331_Tum…)

More like the ONLY Christmas present he got you

No. 753381

But I thought you were the biggest, baddest, edgiest dom?

Non-confrontational? So she'll talk shit online but not to someone's face?

For real. Looks like the only gifts she got were from her followers. Wonder if she got her Build a Bear and pretended it was from Fupa.

No. 753392

File: 1545629065469.jpg (739.67 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20181223-000533_Tum…)

She claims he bought her this crap. Get a couch.

No. 753394

>>753392 they do have a couch, peep it in >>752142

A shitty thrift store couch, but still a couch.

No. 753406

>Driving to three different stores to get a copy of Mario Kart
Somehow I doubt this but also like, do they not know that the eShop exists? Y'all need a physical copy THAT bad? It's just a port of Mario Kart 8 lmao

No. 753409

wow, daddy spent 60 dollars on you for christmas? everyone's jelly

No. 753439

So Fupa bought Shayna gifts, and she got a collective present for them both to share. She really truly only thinks about herself.

No. 753441

File: 1545651139123.png (108.04 KB, 640x855, IMG_9814.PNG)

I find it funny that she retweeted this. Boohoo, the poor white women who think they're the shit on social media being told they're ugly.

No. 753446


i thought maybe she retweeted this cuz of the constant horror show that is her snatch

No. 753457

lol nice racebaiting

No. 753468

File: 1545660549239.jpg (89.33 KB, 1080x741, Screenshot_20181224-001405_Tum…)


No. 753472

gotta seem so uwu quirky~ for their tumblr "audience"

No. 753482

seems like their whole 'relationship' is just for their tumblr audience

No. 753486

She misses him fucking her ass, but she could only fit in 3 candy canes.

No. 753488

i bet she and fupa get so excited every time they find something mundane about themselves to post on tumblr. then when they can't they just make shit up like the story of someone coming up to them telling them they're a beautiful couple lmao.

No. 753496

ikr like the joy they must feel when they have some texts to show and when those run out they can message each other on tumblr!

No. 753498

they barely post shit about each other when they're together. Like that they don't interact in person, but when they're separated it gives them an excuse to pretend to care

No. 753504

She's gone till Saturday. When she gets home she'll be begging extra hard for money

No. 753520

File: 1545669312763.jpg (400.13 KB, 1080x1397, Screenshot_20181224-103407_Twi…)

Except for you Shay. Nothing luxury about that rancid vagina

No. 753531

lol her permanent discounts make it so that her videos cost about $1 each, I'm not sure you can count that as a luxury

No. 753536

Wait. She's in Boston right now with her family. How is she driving around with Fupa for Mario Kart and about to go home and play games with him?

Why even bother going home for Christmas if all she's going to do is whine about being gone?

No. 753540

For some reason that anon waited to post that screenshot like a whole day late

No. 753565

Is that what she's informing her family members of while she's home visiting? She's retweeting a lot of ~sex workers are gods gift to the world~ stuff so I wonder if she's getting judged by her family. I wonder if an emotional breakdown has happened yet or if it will be soon.

No. 753571

File: 1545678474284.jpeg (384.15 KB, 1125x1730, 2510D903-070F-4B25-AAC9-44A98A…)

So are you an orphan or not Fupa lol This sounds like he’s trying to edge up his background info

No. 753573

So he just changes his life story depending on what bs advice he's giving

No. 753574

I would love to know what his dad went to prison for. Apparently his bloodline is not known for being good fathers/role models.

No. 753580


no offense, but didn't anons dig and find out his dad had died?

No. 753583

"my"? thought it was their house

No. 753598

… What? While I wouldn't put it past Fupa to send himself an ask like this, that's the question, not Fupa's response.

No. 753600

Think that was his step-dad, but his mom, his “dead” sister who “overdosed and died on Xanax,” and now apparently his dad are all very much alive, so… he’s not an orphan like he claimed before.

My favorite was when he claimed to be Anthony Perkins’s great nephew though. I love that his own dumb, pointless lie is what outed Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, Broken Arrow, and Pawnee, Oklahoma.

No. 753612

They were replying to a different post where fupa said his house smells good

No. 753631

anyone have the posts from when he said he was an orphan/in foster care?

No. 753636

in fupa's defense i think it was only ever shay that claimed to have anything to do with buying the house kek

No. 753690

File: 1545692679665.jpg (142.91 KB, 1080x983, Screenshot_20181224-170321_Tum…)

Keep thinking that shay

No. 753691

File: 1545692629133.jpg (142.91 KB, 1080x983, Screenshot_20181224-170321_Tum…)

Keep thinking that shay

No. 753692

File: 1545692841268.jpg (628.23 KB, 1078x1664, Screenshot_20181224-170616_Tum…)

Why would Fupa reblog this

No. 753695

Zzzzzzz keep cow tipping, guys

No. 753696

Lmao remember how annoyed he got when someone asked if he was a switch

No. 753720

whoops. my mistake. sorry, anon.

No. 753727

whoops. my mistake. sorry, anon.

No. 753745

File: 1545707148017.jpg (107.05 KB, 1080x350, Screenshot_20181224-181003_Twi…)

Coming from the girl who made Trump porn

No. 753746

File: 1545707179390.jpg (299.2 KB, 1080x1270, Screenshot_20181224-193923_Tum…)

He's just mad that someone called him out

No. 753747

who "forced" her to visit family?

No. 753749

File: 1545707310617.jpg (128.92 KB, 1080x385, Screenshot_20181224-210748_Twi…)

Why come see your family if you're not even going to spend time with them

No. 753752

>PSA: My house smells amazing.
Dontcha mean our house there fupa??

No. 753754

>le shaming other women meme XDDDD

fuck twitter

No. 753755

imagine caring that hard enough to defend your sexual indentity LMFAO

No. 753756

This is two guys with a guy being dominated, this makes him look like a gay sub

No. 753757

He really gets this pressed over farmer anon asks….. Amazing

No. 753758

Probably because it’s basically a free trip.

No. 753761

She's there for the Christmas gifts and to flex on social media about traveling and going home for the holidays. Probably there for some semblance of a normal home and family life for a few days too

No. 753764

File: 1545709231016.jpg (195.56 KB, 1080x1021, Screenshot_20181224-213938_Tum…)

Trying to look like a good bf

No. 753765

I know this isn't important but 11pm isn't even early

No. 753769

File: 1545710087642.jpg (100.21 KB, 1080x319, Screenshot_20181224-215412_Twi…)

She's always drunk, so there's no difference that it' Christmas eve

No. 753770

so much for asleep by 11 if she's drunk now lol

No. 753791

File: 1545712036175.png (66.84 KB, 581x302, Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 11.2…)

probably your ex Connor

No. 753796

File: 1545712467507.jpeg (45.25 KB, 343x610, AE291F96-F9FB-46F8-BBDD-467918…)

lmfao i forgot about her vegan ex bf connor! i’ve always wondered if she missed him. they were together for like 4 years i think. the other day i lurked hard at all her old posts from 2016 (selfies) and it’s amazing how much younger, healthier, and prettier she looked. and HAPPIER.

im not the biggest fan of shay, but there is a part of me hoping that she decides to stay in MA and give up camming and end it with fupa. i feel like she’d be so much happier but maybe she doesn’t even realize it. but i think she doesn’t want to admit “you were right, i was wrong,” to her family because she basically picked being a ~pornstar~ over her own family.

pic: her 2 years ago

No. 753807

>she looks younger
>pic from 2 years ago
yeah…. lol

No. 753810

she literally looks like she aged 20 years in the last 2 years is what im trying to say.

No. 753812

We had this discussion in the last thread and came to the conclusion that she already looked horrible (eyebags, wrinkles, crusty skin and hair) in her stoner days

No. 753829

Wow what the fuck happened? How the hell did she age so rapidly? The ddlg shit must just be her projecting her own insecurities about how suddenly she aged and curdled like milk. Seriously though how do I prevent something like this from happening to me?

No. 753833

I hear saging takes years off your skin

No. 753835

I hear saging takes years off your skin

No. 753836

“Mind your business” … then stop having your girlfriend literally post every interaction you two have together….

No. 753840

Drink water, don't drink everyday, don't whore yourself out for pennies in a closet..

No. 753849

how does one get so much uglier in the span of 2 years? like her skin was still bad back then sure but overall she does look a hundred times better than now.

No. 753850

File: 1545728395701.jpg (567.52 KB, 1080x1911, Screenshot_20181225-001202_Tum…)

Blah blah blah

No. 753852

its so fucking weird for him to watch her ruin herself with alcohol and drugs then act like he gives a single fuck about her getting enough sleep lmao

No. 753860

My bet is: she has to go or either won't get any more pocket money from her (real) dad. Much forced.
Funny how Shayna also types "my house", when he can literally kick her any time

No. 753883

This "my house" shit is some really funny nitpicking. People call the place they live their house regardless of whether a) it's a house b) they own it or pay for it
Do y'all get mad if a toddler calls their parents apartment "my house" or if a married person doesn't use "our" for everything they share with their spouse?

No. 753887

Lmao THANK YOU. I don't give a fuck about Shay or Fupa's well-being but the nitpicking has been out of control lately. I think we had at least 5 people point out the "my house" thing.

No. 753897

So basically she's saying she was drunk and in her feelings and that anyone who points out that their relationship is unhealthy just doesn't understand "this dynamic" (ddlg)

No. 753908

I say 'my house' and I live in a flat, it's just a saying. Anons need to chill.

Has anyone else noticed the influx of mean and nasty anon questions to them both? I don't doubt people hate them but it seems like people are cowtipping.

No. 753912

Most likely cow tipping, but also they might just be getting so few ass-kissing asks these days that they have to start answering the nasty ones just to show that people are still interacting with them

No. 753916

definitely cowtipping. christmas break is in full effect and the lack of admin/farmhand presence is just encouraging it.

No. 753921

>>753912 I think its this, just less people are kissing ass. Im guessing that anyone who passively followed and was 'nice' is gone because of the purge so now all that left on tumblr are her orbiters and haters.

No. 753928

File: 1545756683396.jpg (77.19 KB, 500x656, 18m9en.jpg)


i can almost hear his voice getting louder and shriller and his face getting redder when i'm reading this.

No. 753956

It’s nitpicking, but based on their relationship it’s pretty funny. They always talk about how strong their relationship is and how they’re relationship goals and shit. So hearing him say that is kind of funny I guess. They tailor their relationship for social media to make it look like they’re the perfect couple but you can so clearly tell how fake it all is.

No. 753966

i'm sorry but no. it's a dumb nitpick either way.

No. 753970

File: 1545771350517.jpg (529.51 KB, 1080x1628, Screenshot_20181225-145225_Twi…)

It looks like fish nets. Really. She can spend all this money on herself and this is what she gifts someone

No. 753973

she doesn't spend any money on herself because she has no money tbh

No. 753977

was pry literally $2… if i were that girl I would be disappointed.

No. 753981

Looking up faybox and the website itself (shoyfaybox) I see no website or relating results. However, looking up faybox fishnets only a 3 pack comes up and lists under 10$

No. 753982

File: 1545774376756.jpg (138.83 KB, 1080x903, Screenshot_20181225-154430_Tum…)

Well the anon is not wrong

No. 753985

File: 1545774436467.jpg (984.94 KB, 1080x1818, Screenshot_20181225-154532_Tum…)

This is so tacky. Did she get this for him? Or what?

No. 753986

this is proof that not all her anons are farmers, there's no way a farmer just sent this in lol. shay definitely has way less orbiters now and more people who just collectively agree she's a joke in dozens of different ways

No. 753990

File: 1545775166920.png (100.54 KB, 589x456, alc.png)

No. 753991

File: 1545775195795.png (93.77 KB, 600x379, weed.png)

No. 753992

Isn't it sad that she can't go one day without alcohol or weed

No. 753994

Does this dumb bitch not know that recreational marijuana is LEGAL in Mass? Or maybe she's just too poor not to mooch off Fupapa

No. 754000

Oh lighten up, anon.

No. 754001

maybe her parents don't like her smoking weed in the house?

No. 754017

>says she missed Thanksgiving with family
>decided to go for Christmas
Bitch then stay home. No one would miss you.

She couldn't get any volunteers for Haus Mattel Productions so she's bribing now?

Can't even go two days without alcohol or weed? She's a fullblown addict and doesn't even realize it.

No. 754018

How does that not sound like a farmer? I was about to reply and say it smelled like a self post before I saw your reply.

No. 754020

It's Christmas people. Why would the dispensary be open? Nothing else is.

No. 754031

I had the same thought. The goth gf stuff has always been a really repetitive theme in these threads, and it's not exactly something that a "hater from tumblr" would come up with independently

No. 754034

When she did the goth gf videos, fupa kept making comments about her being his part time goth girlfriend. Also he's reblogged her old alt look pictures loads of times. It's not that far fetched that it's just a tumblr person

No. 754036

File: 1545781043254.jpg (241 KB, 1080x1133, Screenshot_20181225-173618_Tum…)

Oh yeah, being with her family is so important. That's why she didn't see them for Thanksgiving

No. 754037

File: 1545781093395.jpg (207.04 KB, 1073x1035, Screenshot_20181225-173750_Tum…)

She sounds so dumb

No. 754038


it's important to be with her family on christmas yet all she does is shit talk them and accuse them of abuse. okay.

No. 754040

lol don't forget they're also super abusive

No. 754042

nta but it's a pretty irrelevant topic because her goth girl video came out ages ago. it's just not an organic comment lol. the fact that people are objecting so hard to the possibility of it being a farmer just makes it look more sus.

No. 754047

I don't think anyone would be that bothered if it was a farmer. It's just pretty easy to guess his taste based on his edgy 13 year old style lol.

No. 754049

because the goth stuff happened a reeaaallllyyy long time ago and i recall people on tumblr actually made fun of her for being a wannabe goth, that's why i felt it seemed like it was tumblr haters

i'm the original anon who said i thought it was a tumblr person and i definitely don't think it's impossible, just didn't get cowtipping vibes from it i guess lol

No. 754060

The dispensary I can see from my window is open. I second or third or whatever that she's just too fucking poor to afford any without Kyle Nathan Perkins.

No. 754061

The dispensary I can see from my window is open. I second or third or whatever that she's just too fucking poor to afford any without Kyle Nathan Perkins.

No. 754064

File: 1545791669367.jpg (96.67 KB, 1080x696, Screenshot_20181225-175548_Tum…)

She sounds so appreciative

No. 754069

can you all stop with all this dumb nitpicking

No. 754078

File: 1545793132250.jpg (110.3 KB, 1080x1318, Screenshot_20181225-205740_Tum…)


No. 754080

see this is a true nitpick here lol

No. 754082

The weird goth gatekeeping is equally as cringey

No. 754083

i swear it's the same anon over and over at this point lol can the vendettachans take a break ever?

No. 754088

They've been watching game of thrones that's the reference

No. 754095

Do people really need to be this spoonfed about every little tumblr post they make? Whew lad.

No. 754104

She didn't rank very high this time in the MV contest

No. 754105

I really think Kyle just likes to pretend he doesnt have children. He never even mentions their existence.. I get he has a NSFW tumblr and normally I'd understand its for the child's protection, but it really seems to me its more about his image than anything else. I dont even think the guy got them Christmas presents. He really is a loser.

No. 754108

Lmao… Yep he's gonna mention his young children in between pics of murder scenes and women being tortured

No. 754130

File: 1545801480029.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1242x2140, 67419C3A-AB53-4F7F-9F46-D066DB…)

He’s spending Christmas with his kids.

No. 754165

Right lmao these nitpicks are just ridiculous

No. 754170

Not mentioning his kids on there is probably one of the only smart things he's done. The anons who keep making him out to be some child abuser molester murderer who shouldn't be around his kids need to take a step back from their fantasy land. You actin like you haven't taken your meds; he's obviously no prize but based on what we've seen this is just weirdly specific speculation.

I'm actually a little convinced it's just one weirdly obsessed anon projecting their personal issues all over the milk because they always have to repeat fupas full name like they think they are some vigilante calling Jesus down to judge perceived sins seoing lolcow one post at a time. Is that some retarded kiwifarms behavior or some shit or where did that garbage come from? I've seen it in other threads too. Annoying

No. 754185

She blames it on he weed, but I really think she's experiencing the anxiety of actual alcohol withdrawal. Since she was forced to only drink a few beers instead of a bottle or two of wine.

No. 754191

>I'm actually a little convinced it's just one weirdly obsessed anon projecting their personal issues all over the milk
I absolutely agree

No. 754194

Okay but he fucked shayna while she was sucking a pacifier and holding a teddy bear, I don't think people's concerns have come from nowhere

No. 754203

File: 1545834968231.jpg (11.03 KB, 155x123, 201812262578237543578167760.jp…)

this is just lazy

No. 754205

He's into ageplay, literal little girl's panties/"speech", diaperplay and making his girlfriend act as young as possible (not as in teen young, as in daddy needs to give me my milk because I'm a fucking 5 year old).
It's not weird to point out how fucking abhorrent this is when you literally also have a daughter under the age of 10 you fucking retard.

Would you want to be around YOUR dad knowing that he jerks off to women acting like they're preteens and wearing actual children's underwear? Would you feel safe letting this kind of father watch YOUR young daughter alone?

No. 754209

y'all can't decide whether he's a bad father for not spending time with his kids or because he's a dangerous pedophile lmao

No. 754210

File: 1545836406107.png (9.96 KB, 449x221, 2018-12-26 08_34_03-Tumblr.png)

No. 754213

Yeah keep dreaming Shayna, no one who comes within 20 feet of your crowsfeet and premature grandma-ass eye bags thinks youre 14.

No. 754218

It's almost like different people have different opinions

No. 754251

Yeah, the idiots and the other idiots

No. 754253

No. 754257

lol if you don't like those types of discussions about him just don't take part, it's not a big deal

No. 754262

the criticisms aren't unfounded, but i still feel like a lot of what he posts is for edge points and to rile other tumblrites (and now farmers) up for more attention

No. 754267

I feel like it's a problem that his 21 year old live-in girlfriend acts like his child and he treats her as such when he has actual children he should reserve that type of "dynamic" for. There are too many blurred lines and Shayna seems psychotic enough to be jealous of attention he pays to his own children. It almost seems like it was too unbearable to Shayna for either of them to admit he had plans to spend time with his children on Christmas, not work obligations, instead of going to Mass with Shayna.

I honestly can't believe her laziness and fakery sometimes.

No. 754269

as other anons mentioned, i kind of feel like it was never the plan for fupa to go to mass and meet shay's family. it seems like they have drawn distinct lines as far as that stuff is concerned since as far as i know he wasn't even advertising that he was in a relationship on his personal fb. i'm sure he either wasn't welcome to come or felt it would be too awkward.

No. 754271

This is what (most) snapchat filters do to your eyes. I promise she’s not using photoshop, she’s too lazy for even that.

No. 754288

File: 1545845229353.png (81.31 KB, 626x712, 2018-12-26 12_22_36-Barbie, Th…)

dollar video sale flex

No. 754290

i swear this bitch is the only person who would ever brag about people thinking she's 14. i get that it could be flattering for older women to be mistaken for 18-21 but has she ever seen a single 14 year old in her life? literally everyone looks awkward as shit at that stage.
plus this is maybe the biggest lie she has ever told. people irl tell her she looks younger but not a single soul on the internet ever said so? lmao

No. 754291

what you sold another set of all of your videos for $50? keepin her rich in goldfish crackers

No. 754292

File: 1545845670293.png (313.46 KB, 457x732, 2018-12-26 12_30_09-20181226_1…)

was this video of her laughing like a maniac posted yet? lmao. her attempts at being cute sometimes just come off scary.


No. 754301

Fr that’s so creepy. Why would you prefer people to think you’re 13-14?

No. 754303

Fr that’s so creepy. Why would you prefer people to think you’re 13-14?

No. 754304

Fr that’s so creepy. Why would you prefer people to think you’re 13-14?

No. 754305

Fr that’s so creepy. Why would you prefer people to think you’re 13-14?

No. 754306

she is so embarrassing. selling two 86 dollar bundles in a week is not a lot, shay. the bar is set so low for her.

No. 754309

No wonder he's trying to act like he's all alone in Haus Mattel. I wonder if Shay knows he went back to his old family for Christmas since I doubt he's added her to his personal FB when he's not even admitted to being in a relationship with her outside of Tumblr.

No. 754311

i think it would be pretty impossible for him to keep that a secret considering they both lurk

No. 754312

Fair enough. I just don't understand how he manages to keep both halves of his life separate like that.

His ex-wife said that the kids go to visit him but that she didn't know Shay was there? (I may be remembering this wrong)

When he gets visitation does he just go out with them or does he lock Shay up in her closet until they're gone? Because she's never mentioned meeting his kids and she's 150% the type to be jealous that they're getting all the attention from him and he could get in major trouble if she's flouncing around the house with no panties and smoking weed/day drinking in front of them.

No. 754314

lol it's too funny how shay thinks people think she's 14 with her deep ass man voice and deep wrinkles along with being on the slightly taller side

No. 754321

he might only have supervised visitation, i have no idea. he's a 36 yr old man tho, i'm sure it's more about him than shay.

No. 754324

File: 1545860127262.jpg (143.79 KB, 1080x518, Screenshot_20181226-153504_Twi…)

Couple screenshots coming

No. 754325

File: 1545860155402.jpg (546.67 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181226-153435_Twi…)

No. 754327

File: 1545860200584.jpg (669.04 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181226-153457_Twi…)

No. 754328

File: 1545860243267.jpg (377.28 KB, 1080x1244, Screenshot_20181226-153351_Twi…)

She's acting like she never goes crazy and freaks out when another woman interacts with Fupa

No. 754329

i'm so confused as to why she's not just going to the dispensary?

No. 754330

shay, stop being a massive hypocrite lmao we all saw you sperging over someone allegedly calling fupa "daddy"

No. 754331

Because she’s actually retarded

No. 754333

Why would she not take the hint that he wanted nothing to do with her if he lied to her about not even knowing her? Lmao

No. 754340

She complained about the line at the dispensary being too long

No. 754341

That was a previous girlfriend.

No. 754342

Stankee candle

No. 754353

i'd rather wait in a line then be hitting up random dudes i bought weed from a year ago but c'est la vie

No. 754359

go to a dispensary. shayna, we know you do the same shit to anyone who contacts ur ugly daddy.

No. 754361

go to a dispensary. shayna, we know you do the same shit to anyone who contacts ur ugly daddy.

No. 754366

File: 1545866418752.jpg (761.82 KB, 1080x1619, Screenshot_20181226-171900_Twi…)

Another screenshot from the conversation

Shay is crazy. If some girl messaged Fupa about wanting to smoke with him while Shay isn't there, she'd be freaking out too

No. 754367

File: 1545866516205.jpg (648.87 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181226-172130_Twi…)

She's so pathetic for posting the screenshots

No. 754368

File: 1545866624393.jpg (378.21 KB, 1080x1546, Screenshot_20181226-172307_Tum…)

But her family is so abusive

No. 754369

imagine being this spoiled at christmas at age 21 but still painting your mother as being evil for not letting you throw your life away lel

No. 754370

>her poor family wasted money on expensive moccasins and designer shit for shay

they're trying so hard to make her not 100% cheap trash

No. 754371

I bet she will not wear any of it because it's not baby girl aesthetic

No. 754375


nah she'll be forced to wear it when she realized it's actually quality clothing and not cheap garbage she got off amazon with gift cards.

No. 754383

Shayna's been home 3 days and is already starting shit. For anyone wondering why she wouldn't go to a dispensary it's because she wanted to exchange sexual favors and or her porn for weed. Now she wants to pretend like she's the innocent victim but she's out here knowingly fucking with an engaged dude for free weed and wants to act like his fiancée is out of pocket as if Shayna wouldn't react even more psychotic if something similar happened to her.

No. 754384

how do you have that information lol

No. 754386

File: 1545879035334.jpg (318.25 KB, 1073x1475, Screenshot_20181226-200916_Tum…)

Why would she want her mother to meet Fupa is she's so abusive

No. 754387

File: 1545879060591.jpg (499.31 KB, 1080x1830, Screenshot_20181226-200938_Tum…)

People are so fucking delusional

No. 754390

File: 1545879241311.jpg (106.03 KB, 1080x318, Screenshot_20181226-205335_Twi…)

Hur hur hur you're so cool

No. 754392

If she's so in love with Fupa, why is she offering sexual favors to someone?

No. 754397

is there any proof of these "sexual favors" you're mentioning lol?

No. 754398

Ummm….. Receipts?????

No. 754399

It would make sense because if she has the money for weed there's no reason not to go to a dispensary especially since they're usually cheaper. But there's no proof and she's also dumb as a rock so I wouldn't put it past her not think of going to a dispensary lol

No. 754402

>it could always still be snowing

dude was trying to sell her coke

No. 754404

Has she never heard of salary and paid vacation time? You can get paid while not working without ever having to stick anything in your ass lol

No. 754408

dude was probably talking about the roads being shitty from the snow and how it could "always still be snowing" as in it could be even worse road conditions

No. 754410

The sexual favors theory is a stretch. Black market connects are cheaper than going to a dispensary, that’s most likely why she was reaching out to her old plug.

No. 754411

File: 1545881771735.jpg (307.74 KB, 1080x1677, Screenshot_20181226-213547_Tum…)

So edgy

No. 754412

>full time sex worker
I laugh every time she says this. Bitch you aint even work part time.
This is because we called her out on not knowing the difference between being drowned and waterboarding.

No. 754413

File: 1545882048922.jpg (142.13 KB, 1080x1477, Screenshot_20181226-223826-1.j…)

lol implying the only thing standing in the way of her modeling is her height

No. 754420

hah, she wishes she ruined a marriage. she's never going to the ~bimbo homewrecker daddy stealer uwu she desperately wants to be. she's just getting called out for being stupid and scummy by hitting up a near-stranger for weed and now she's writing it off as gIrLs aRe So InSeCuRe!! i'm not like the other girls, r-right guys? waterboard me!!! i'm special and different!!!!!

No. 754426

Shayna is know for trading sex for drugs. Those are facts

No. 754431

Post proof if it's such an obvious thing

No. 754433

Nice try anon, post the receipts or fuck off with your sour fake milk

No. 754436

great post

Whomst the hell would even fuck her

No. 754437

Its called being average, something you will always be Shayna. Painfully. Average.

No. 754439

there is no actual proof I’m just going by what I’ve heard

No. 754445

From who.

No. 754449

shut the fuck up

No. 754450

kek feeling triggered?

No. 754452

kek not at all. we are here to talk about shayna and have receipts.
too many new fags and autists gtfo

No. 754460

File: 1545890329985.jpg (426.36 KB, 1080x1238, Screenshot_20181226-235805_Twi…)

Just because you re tweet something about POC doesn't make up for your past racism

No. 754477

Where did you hear this?

No. 754478

File: 1545894570970.png (130.93 KB, 640x907, IMG_2407.PNG)

I doubt her dad had a real conversation with fupa over the phone. I can only picture the awkwardness of her shoving her phone at him and making him say hi and happy holidays. lmao

No. 754492

shay is painfully below average let's be real

No. 754560

File: 1545914538353.png (80.7 KB, 640x585, IMG_9823.PNG)

No. 754561

File: 1545914586871.png (83.79 KB, 640x626, IMG_9822.PNG)

She's gonna quickly realize she has no friends

No. 754572

Tinfoil but might be about the >>754383

No. 754579

A grown woman needing a blankie. Wow.

No. 754586

She prob doesn't even have one and is just trying to sound uwu babygirl~

No. 754589

yeah correct me if i'm wrong but this is the first time i've heard this blankie mentioned

No. 754592

the only thing i remember is the pink piss rug

No. 754594

is it the one she mentioned getting for christmas

No. 754633

File: 1545930399406.jpg (470.58 KB, 1080x1623, Screenshot_20181227-105943_Tum…)

Everything about this picture is hilarious. Fupa doesnt look like he he likes ribmeat, ribmeat doesnt look like she likes him, fupas gay hand, and fupa sitting on the piss blanket.

No. 754635

why is this so staged lol

No. 754644

This was posted before

No. 754645

File: 1545933518299.jpeg (628.8 KB, 1242x1364, 7E8318DA-B932-402F-B908-5052E1…)

“The Internet is the reason I can’t make friends or have any sort of lasting healthy relationships. I could leave at any time and work on my mental health and forming healthy relationships, but I choose not to. You should feel very very sad for me because I am lonely and everyone else needs to fix that.”

No. 754646

Sorry anons, I must have missed it.

No. 754648

File: 1545933691757.png (82.84 KB, 640x571, IMG_9824.PNG)

Who is she talking about?

No. 754649

Does she know you can be friends with people and not plaster it all over social media? Kek

No. 754650

File: 1545933731361.png (146.02 KB, 640x856, IMG_9825.PNG)

No. 754651

lol this is literally from like 3 months ago

No. 754653

>have spent $$$ on me only to try and ruin my life because they want the attention that I get

So which is this about? The fat BDSM one or FoxParty?

No. 754655

File: 1545934367130.png (60.11 KB, 625x349, IMG_9826.PNG)

She's just now realizing she slacked off all year. She could be starting off the new year with a new camera to create content but it's not been a priority to her. She will continue slacking off in 2019 I guarantee.

No. 754664

no; i love when she projects her problems. See it Shay who has always had to show off who all her friends are. Especially if they had lots of followers or clout.

No. 754668

it forces their name higher on google so that if someone searches him, this thread comes up. stinks like newfag in here.

No. 754670

that's not a newfag thing. their threads are already at the top of their google results, bud. it just screams autism when people do it 10x in every post now.

No. 754675

stop thread policing, maybe. like scroll past? why do you care, this is a containment thread anyhow.

No. 754691

"Kyle perkins Tulsa Oklahoma" doesn't pull this thread up on Google. Let anons keep fighting the good fight so anyone who Google's him will see this

No. 754697

File: 1545939475550.png (21.28 KB, 796x374, 2018-12-27 14_33_53-kyle natha…)

No. 754700

as was mentioned in earlier threads – there are actually 2 kyle perkins of tulsa, ok so that's why the middle name is included in thread titles

No. 754735

File: 1545945041984.jpg (294.1 KB, 1080x1365, Screenshot_20181227-151015_Tum…)

She will never post one video a day

No. 754747

She couldn’t even post the 4 videos she wanted to do for Christmas. I’m disappointed that I never got to see the Grinch porn trainwreck.

No. 754749

same tbh

No. 754758

There she goes flexing her followers again like they aren't all bots. Maybe the holier than thou attitude is the reason the only people who want to be her friends are out for clout

I appreciate its so as not to involve the other Kyle perkins, but literally no one includes middle names when searching someone so it's useless that it only comes up when the middle name is included

No. 754762

why does she think having thousands of followers is sooo impressive and ~epic~ at age 16?? like all the mildly popular people in your average high school can easily have 2000 followers plus it's not hard to get multiple thousands if you're even like only 14 posting certain kinds of content that people on tumblr or instagram like seeing. i was 13 with thousands of followers myself and shay is just exaggerating and making this problem up to try to sound cool and wanted..

No. 754765

File: 1545949888623.jpg (338.16 KB, 1080x1827, Screenshot_20181227-163044_Tum…)

Why do people go to Shay for anal advice. We all know she doesn't use lube and therefore ruining her ass

No. 754769

if an employer or anyone that actually cares is trying to find info on someone and two people come up, yes, the middle name will be used. also why put the other dude through any kind of issues because of fupa?

No. 754800

having that amount of followers though probably really did affect her mental health though. she’s so delusional at this point that she has to lie about her life on social media so that strangers will say “wow I wish I had your life!!! You’re so amazing!!!”. She doesn’t know how to have actual healthy relationships. She got too full of herself and continues to try to push her bloated ego into everyone. And if people around her don’t grovel under her and stroke her ego, she thinks they’re fakers and don’t really want to be her friend. It’s kind of sad when you think about it, but it’s Shayna so it’s really hard to feel bad for her.

No. 754820

She didn't even acknowledge that this person wants to have anal because vaginal sex hurts lol. I guess that's to be expected from a person like Shayna though, anyone who goes to her for advice deserves what they get.

No. 754855

Right?? As if she would suggest going to a doctor or gyno when it’s apparent she doesn’t even go herself though.

No. 754867

File: 1545961952520.jpg (519.03 KB, 1080x1990, Screenshot_20181227-195126_Twi…)

We'll see how long it takes for her to bad mouth her mom again

No. 754869

File: 1545962078444.jpg (70.41 KB, 1080x562, Screenshot_20181227-195347_Tum…)

Another pet that won't be taken care of

No. 754873

i thought he didn't want a dog?

No. 754882

File: 1545963358504.jpg (204.53 KB, 1080x1459, Screenshot_20181227-201532_Tum…)

I can't

No. 754883

It's so funny to hear shay talk about her mom as if her mom's the one with problems and the reason they don't have a good relationship. I'm hoping her mom is actually secretly planning an intervention on her ass

No. 754884

File: 1545963466621.jpg (90.83 KB, 1080x728, Screenshot_20181227-201725_Tum…)

Then why talk about a dream dog

No. 754885

Yesss pleeeeease let there be an intervention

No. 754906

File: 1545965152158.jpg (543.45 KB, 1080x1990, Screenshot_20181227-204508_Twi…)


No. 754910

File: 1545965281400.jpg (178.04 KB, 1080x666, Screenshot_20181227-204515_Twi…)


No. 754911

File: 1545965389514.jpg (93.83 KB, 1080x603, Screenshot_20181227-204916_Tum…)

What could this be about? Maybe her mom "staying in her own lane"?

No. 754920

i honestly don't think it's about anything, i think fupa just makes posts that he thinks will get lots of notes

No. 754923

"Skyrocketed to fame" I'm wheezing. Is this person living in a parallel universe or something?

This bitch is so delusional. Being "relevant on Tumblr" (which… she isn't) means absolutely fuck all. You get nothing out of it. You're a low budged whore, Shayna. No one wants to be associated with your tainted name.

No. 754926

File: 1545966169949.jpg (429.36 KB, 1080x1990, Screenshot_20181227-204530_Twi…)

Too bad she doesn't spend money on what's really important

And didn't she admit to camming under age?

No. 754932

never gonna be over how ugly her face looks in that selfie kek

No. 754933

She always acts like she's making a lot of money but she makes what? $500 a month?

No. 754934

yeah, but she pry doesnt want to get called out for that on twitter

No. 754942

File: 1545967516294.jpg (207.63 KB, 1080x721, Screenshot_20181227-212138_Twi…)

Whenever someone asks me a respectful sex question, I answer it. It helps interaction with your customers. Just like on cam she never answers sex questions

No. 754946

Wow. That response for that first ask is seriously so rude. That person wasn't creepy or disrespectful at all and he was a complete dick to them.

Way to chase of anyone who wants anything to do with your estrogen filled fupa and Shay's crusty vagina Kyle. You're both complete LOSERS

No. 754954

She looks down on people with regular jobs too, bitch doesn’t even make minimum wage sticking candycanes up her dry, boil-covered ass.

No. 755004

lol you mean be prepared to beg daily for handouts and cheap amazon garbage?

What money of hers does she spend on her “business?” She begs for money for her hair, nails, begged for a fucking Christmas tree. Her fans are all fat chicks or young impressionable girls who think they want that “porn star” life and are horribly misguided. It’s weird.

No. 755006

Has she ever not been in a bad place mentally? We all knew it's been worse though, lolcow anons have been pointing out for how long now that she looks dead in the eyes? I think Kyle should make her go into therapy/rehab instead of enabling her self sabotaging lifestyle if he truly cares about her.
PS Shayna there's a reason Christmas stuff goes on clearance the day after. It's because no one wants Christmas stuff after Christmas is over. It's just going to make you more depressed

No. 755024

Damn she lurks here so bad

No. 755031

How is she in a "bad mental spot"?

No. 755038

How is she in a "bad mental spot" when she lives a perfect life with her amazing bf and successful porn career

No. 755041

Also, am I the only one who thinks "candy canes and anal" is such a lazy title?

No. 755047

When she does her "baby voice" it sounds like she's doing a very poor imitation of Ariana Grande when she played Cat

No. 755048

Tbh I think anyone would read something like this if it was about them. You'd have to be pretty strong not to.

No. 755097


she sure sounds real abuisve, having you over for christmas, buying you presents, inviting you out to disney on ice… oh wait, she isn't abusive lmao

it's sad that there are kids out there who are abused by their parents, but when shay's mom doesn't agree with her pooping out eggs and pissing in a toddler potty, she's soooooo mean and abusive

No. 755099

he probably wants a dog for the tumblr likes/reblogs lol

No. 755210

A video a day? There's absolutely no way and even if she did she'd just have a massive "1000 videos for $50!" sale.

>poly will never happen!
Except you and her both were just begging for volunteers to come over to make videos/cam?

>spend money to make money
Except what you spend money on doesn't bring in money?
Weed, pink wine, consoles, and plushies. You've been using the same sex toys for over a year, you've had the same set-up (minus the obligatory lights) for over a year, and you've not used a cent to go get your bits looked at or get any sort of skin treatment.

No. 755306

$500 would be the top of what she makes. She was saying how blessed she is to make money while on holiday, I'm sure selling .82 cent videos is really bank.

No. 755365

She's re tweeting old sales again

No. 755398

File: 1546034278404.jpg (412.68 KB, 1080x1166, Screenshot_20181228-155217_Twi…)

She can't keep her kink out of anything

No. 755431

File: 1546036977448.jpg (219.41 KB, 1080x1111, Screenshot_20181228-164227_Tum…)

Sending him this shit while spending time with her mom

No. 755458

Kinda weird to be in little space when you’re with your actual mother…

No. 755459

No this is an old post from right when she left

No. 755479

"Thanks 4 coming 2 my ted talk" is something she frequently says on her public posts on tumblr and twitter… How can you be so uncreative that you sext your gross fupa bf the same way you rant? This just goes to show how her whole life revolves around sex

No. 755483

she says it constantly. her tiny brain thinks she's soo quirky and special for repeating it over and over lol

No. 755505

she is such a boring uninteresting tumblr girl

No. 755509

Her Christmas raffle is still pinned on her Twitter. It was supposed to end on Christmas. I wonder if anyone even bought tickets

No. 755518

I remember at one point saying she wanted to go to the AVN's. Yeah no one will want to hang out with her there

No. 755527

okay, legit question, did she buy this heart filter or something? Cause i just went through all the filters on snapchat and this one is not available right now?

No. 755540

You can save filters now.

No. 755541

this is a weird convo tho right? like its so staged for tumblr

No. 755542

and surrounded by actual little kids. like, no. don't do this.

No. 755547

So she's taking a break from camming to make videos? Yeah, there goes her income. Only one person has bought the candy cane one

No. 755555

how do you know?

No. 755572

Someone asked Shay about her cam schedule and Shay said she's going to focus on making videos because she slacked this year

No. 755583


yeah you can literally see kids in the background…

No. 755601

With all the filters she does, you would've thought she'd use one that blurs the background

No. 755607

File: 1546053548200.jpg (307.49 KB, 1080x1228, Screenshot_20181228-211841_Twi…)

No. 755617

File: 1546055202891.jpg (179.78 KB, 1332x2015, FB_IMG_1546055188416.jpg)

Close enough

No. 755623

she will never admit how valid her mother's choice was to cut her off. shay is so lucky her mother still got her expensive ass gifts, tons of people who are 21 and who are decent people making money working actual jobs or in college have parents that get them way cheaper stuff or almost nothing and who will throw them out over way less.

No. 755624

We'll never see her wear what they bought her

No. 755627

Any SW that isn't incompetent knows that your money comes from camming, not videos. Unless you have good videos which you do not Shay. I guess that it's easier to beg for props that you never actually buy and to pump out a half assed video every once in a while to keep the landwhales and neckbeards appeased.

No. 755631

i cant with this bitch, she still really thinks her mother basically saying "hey think twice before plastering your face on the internet for the whole world to see you make crappy porno videos on your piss covered rug" is bad parenting.

No. 755645


shay is the definition of a spoiled brat. her parents sound very loving. obviously they aren't perfect, no parent is and i'm sure they've been wrong on occasion. however as soon as they have valid concerns or criticism, they turn into "abusive" parents who "exiled" her lol. it's becoming very obvious that she just didn't get her own way and threw a huge tantrum because her parents basically told her to make wise decisions in regards to her plastering her porn over the internet. she's going to regret so much when she's older.

No. 755666

Wow it didn’t take her long to shit on her mother

No. 755692

I wonder what happens to the house when they break up

No. 755704

she reminds me of joffrey baratheon in the face and i hate it

No. 755707

The house is only in Fupa's name and Shay more than likely doesn't pay any rent or bills.
So he keeps his house and she's fucked

No. 755714

She is truly a selfish daughter and person, I would even say she's a narcissist. She hadn't seen her mom in a good while and she got off on immediately putting herself in victim mode and acting like a spoiled teenage brat that thinks she knows more than her mom about one singular issue that she only cares about because she thinks it pertains to her, because sex worker. She looked for something to shove in her mom's face instead of just enjoy their reunion. In fact she'd been anticipating it. As much as she likes to play up the daddy issues trope she's actually got serious mommy issues.

No. 755740

Of course she's a narcissist lmao you can see that in her everyday interactions

No. 755755

She's self-centered and extremely emotionally immature but I highly doubt she fits the criteria of NPD outside of that. Same goes for most of the flakes/cows on this site.

No. 755793

You can be considered or called a narcissist without being diagnosed with any disorders. Not following that rabbit hole of derailment rn tho.

No. 755803

File: 1546101401116.jpg (56.61 KB, 598x391, wtf.JPG)


>I'm having fun at an event mom gave me a ticket to!

>lol I hate my mom
>Hey I had fun at the event mom took me to!

The amount of whiplash this bitch causes.

No. 755813

why does she always have to mention that they're trump supporters!?
>look at me! so relevant! i hate trump because tumblr does!

No. 755827

Because she realized how stupid she sounded claiming they abused her so now all she has against them is that they support trump.

No. 755842

She also has to constantly reinforce that she doesn’t like Trump after she uploaded a video based on his disgusting “grab her by the pussy” comments. She has to make sure everyone doesn’t think she likes or supports Trump. But we all know she tweeted her porn at him and has made comments about how she likes Hitler. Can’t erase that, Shayna,

No. 755938

This sounds like she arrived to the show all excited. Then her mom made a comment she didn't like, so Shayna got annoyed and complained online about "muh abusive mother" then she got distracted by something else and tweeted about frozen, forgetting she was even angry. This makes her look like an angsty fourteen year old.

No. 756021

File: 1546121601829.jpg (670.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181229-221214_Ins…)

They probably think you're retarded and where is your carer Shay.

Cringe af

No. 756025

shaytard you're a 5'5 21 year old with fried crackwhore hair and literal so deep they're black forehead lines PLUS the deepest man voice i've heard on a female who's not trans.. nobody thinks you're a child!

No. 756031

pretty sure that's Vino Volo in the Logan airport. Not really a fancy wine bar lmao.

No. 756033


anyone who mistakes shay for a child is just as retarded as she is.

No. 756041

File: 1546123885465.jpg (609.14 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181229-165055_Twi…)


No. 756043

File: 1546123927363.jpg (362.79 KB, 1080x1340, Screenshot_20181229-165105_Twi…)

2/2 cry us a river Shay

No. 756044

Is the water here supposed to be "for the bear"? Cringe

No. 756047

Pretty sure people think you’re on drugs or legit crazy.

No. 756048


i like how she whines about no one supporting her because she's a sex worker, then thanks people for supporting her BECAUSE SHE'S A SEX WORKER. shay, people aren't supporting you "for u" they support (and i use that term loosely) because they want porn. she's so stupid it hurts.

No. 756050

I highly doubt her mom took her to Disney in ice. Sounds like she went on a “little” date with someone.

No. 756051

Is it just me or is it really creepy that she WANTS to be seen as a child?

No. 756052

Lmfao cos she has friends, right? kek.

No. 756053

Lmfao cos she has friends, right? kek.

No. 756055


yes, it's creepy. she wants people to think she's a child. she wants people to look at her sexually AS a child.

No. 756057


yes, it's creepy. she wants people to think she's a child. she wants people to look at her sexually AS a child.

No. 756059

isn't she selling all her videos for like 86 cents a pop? i don't think i'd call that successful

No. 756064

No but maybe one of her “daddies”

No. 756069

Lmfao cos she has friends, right? kek.

No. 756070

She’s monogamous dude. Plus who would actually want to be seen with her in public?

No. 756071

This might be true. Disney on ice doesn’t seem like something her mom would do and seems suspect

No. 756073

not trying to be rude but how come ever since shay went home there's been a non saging anon here trying to say she's cheating on fupa lol every couple days lol?

No. 756074

I wasn’t aware of that. It’s an observation. saged. But who says she’s cheating? Maybe fupa concented

No. 756076

can the tinfoiling fucktards at least sage?

No. 756084

shay i wouldn't ever call begging people for money every single day and getting paid for shoving candy canes up your ass successful.

No. 756109

File: 1546131523783.jpg (427.43 KB, 1080x1242, Screenshot_20181229-185735_Twi…)

People on the plane probably think she's crazy

I thought she didn't want to be involved with the ddlg community

No. 756110

Drinking wine in business class on a flight is so lame

No. 756111

She drank at the airport, she's drinking on the flight, you know she's going to be drinking when she gets home too. It's just sad at this point

No. 756113

File: 1546132308685.jpg (175.65 KB, 1080x998, Screenshot_20181229-191108_Tum…)

So everyone can see what a wreck it is?

No. 756120

Y'all are legit retarded as fuck with your nitpicks sometimes. She has pretty a normal deep female voice, no one would ever mistake her for a tranny. I actually like her voice when she's not trying to sound like an autistic hentai baby, it's one of her VERY FEW redeeming qualities and it fit her stoner aesthetic nicely, but of course Shayna has to be an embarrassment otherwise she can't cope.

No. 756125

lmfao her voice is not a nitpick. you're deluded by your personal preference for deep voices, which there's nothing wrong with liking deep voices but hers is really deep and raspy and cackly.

also she looks like a goddamned tranny in multiple photos. not saying everyone irl thinks she's trans but anyway

No. 756138

nayrt but 60% of this thread is a nitpick and her voice is fine.

also she may have no ass but her natural facial features are pretty feminine enough to not look like a man at all. Anons are just tricked into thinking "tranny" because her makeup/hair/clothing is very OTT feminine and inspired by ugly drag queens, if you couldnt tell already from her literally using Trixie Mattel's name.

Nitpicking Kyle Perkins' is a helluva lot more interesting at this point, with his tiny ass hands and horrible, horrible chode. That shit needs to be reposted because its actually really fucking hilarious for what a bigtalker he is.

No. 756141

when i say tranny i mean her hank hill ass and body, not her face lol. i cannot agree with anyone who thinks her voice is fine, it's just something i find very unattractive about her due to it's tone and deepness and the way she speaks.
kyle is absolutely REPULSIVE and i agree he's more worthy to nitpick lol every single part of him is straight up horrendous.

No. 756143

When anons say she looks like a tranny I think they mean more her body and her style. For real if you cut out her face in a lot of her pics it looks like a twink with a good tuck. Her voice more matches her stoner style, but the baby bimbo vibe she’s going for doesn’t work st all with her naturally deeper voice. So it makes it sound really awkward when she tries to do a high pitched baby type valley girl thing. I think some anons harp on it to an insane amount though.

No. 756144

If you're here sticking up for Shay, leave

No. 756146

Its actually pretty funny to nitpick the both of them because their egos are so fucking huge and they think they’re “goals”

No. 756148

Why are you even trying to talk sense into these fucking spergs? This thread is too far gone.

No. 756149

oh her body without her face, yeah, it's pretty rectangular if she isnt showing her boobs in full force. I agree on that one. but some people zoom on her face and hair calling her tranny-like and it feels like a big big reach and gets really fucking overused. I skim past those comments because sorry, you're boring.

chill, I don't care about her and I think she's a moron in several ways. But I don't find any amusement in talking about her red dry vag or overbleached hair any more. It's done and tired and Nathan's tumblr ask chimpouts deserve more ridicule than Shay's lame body.

No. 756151

i'm getting tired of people claiming everything negative about shay is a "nitpick". it's at the point where nobody can say anything valid without being told "dis nitpick iz retarded! i luv her sexy voice!" an actual nitpick is like "wow her stomach isn't fucking flat what a fat cow", not stating that a chick has a deep voice (when it is in fact, an actual deep female voice.)

also it's too funny seeing some people get so triggered over the tiniest comment about shay lol like it's the end of the world

No. 756154

i see where everyone on both sides are coming from but i think it's less about people being triggered and more about people who've been sticking around for 20+ threads seeing the same comments made over and over

No. 756172

File: 1546136239869.jpg (150.01 KB, 1080x909, Screenshot_20181229-201500_Tum…)

So much cringe

No. 756173

File: 1546136304250.jpg (87.12 KB, 1080x728, Screenshot_20181229-201443_Tum…)

Nice save there Fupa

No. 756175

Of course he's playing a videogame for kids that also is free.

No. 756184

File: 1546137703320.jpg (376.65 KB, 1080x1439, Screenshot_20181229-204106_Twi…)

Of course she went for the alcohol

No. 756185

File: 1546137744966.jpg (456.13 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181229-204116_Twi…)

But you make sooo much money, you should be able to

No. 756193

File: 1546139026210.jpg (290.36 KB, 1080x1052, Screenshot_20181229-210326_Twi…)

Really succeeding

No. 756194

flexin on us with her layover

No. 756198

So she went to a wine bar at the airport, then drank on the plane, then landed and had more drinks?

Bitch is a fullblown alcoholic.

No. 756212

Not sticking up for her but she's in the very early stages so she's gonna be in denial about it. It could take her like a whole year to come to terms with having a dependancy rather than just liking to have a drink a bit and fupa only encourages it so I can easily see her going down that road.

Wine makes you fat, a bottle is almost half your daily calories so even if you don't overeat throwing a bottle of wine down you daily will unless you do a lot of exercise, which she does not.

No. 756214

File: 1546142213668.jpg (316.9 KB, 1080x1643, Screenshot_20181229-215620_Tum…)

Her infected rancid pussy?

No. 756216

But according to her, all her fat goes to her "boobs and ass." Yeah, ok

No. 756224


She's really out here blowing whatever cash her parents gave her before even making it home, huh?

No. 756230

File: 1546143794435.jpg (320.09 KB, 1078x1029, Screenshot_20181229-222247_Twi…)

No. 756233

File: 1546144015544.png (50.19 KB, 202x200, 20170524_215646.png)

go home to your closet shayna

No. 756238

so… she’s been repeating anal over and over again? Also there’s no way people don’t hear her? Like… there’s a person sitting next to you??

No. 756248

Her parents ain’t wrong tho. Fupa legit uses her for her body and her “career”. He’s even claimed/joked about being her manager. And all they talk about is sex. Their Xmas tree was decorated with sex toys. When Fupa got his house he claimed all of the upstairs was for shay and her camming or whatever.

Of course sex workers can find love and all that BS but shay is stupid (shocking) if she thinks Fupa isn’t only interested in her because she’s a sex worker.

No. 756253

File: 1546147796856.jpg (313.2 KB, 1080x1122, Screenshot_20181229-232910_Twi…)

And this is why she'll never meet Fupa's kids

No. 756254

I'm just curious about how the whole upstairs is used for her camming, when she uses the same corner every time

No. 756255

File: 1546148239394.jpg (415.31 KB, 1080x1295, Screenshot_20181229-233654_Tum…)

I think this answer the anon asking if he's into petplay

No. 756259

maybe because you are an adult who is supposed to be emotionally developed and mature, and literal children do not understand complex emotional management yet? almost like you're 15 years older than them and don't get to expect the same treatment?

No. 756265


“nobody really knows what it’s like” shayna woman are disowned by their parents for having sex before marriage, gay kids are abused and tossed out like trash just for being gay, etc like can you not pretend you have a sob story?

No. 756323

But I thought her dad and fupa got along great over FaceTime

No. 756328

File: 1546188663268.png (546.83 KB, 386x500, Cornholio.png)

the bitch is truly a worse version of Beavis a la Cornholio come to life
>I am the great Dolly Mattel uwu
>I need candycanes for my bunghole

No. 756335

this is so disrespectful to beavis anon i hope you're ashamed of yourself and i'm not joking kek

No. 756345

Imagining her sat on a flight on her own watching kids cartoons and sat with a teddy bear repeating "anal" to herself. Everyone around her probably thinks shes mentally retarded, no wonder they won't say anything to her about it.

No. 756347

File: 1546191931336.jpg (212.22 KB, 1077x867, Screenshot_20181230-114509_Twi…)

No. 756353

I mean. Her entire tab for her “fancy meal” was a grand $24. But I guess that is a lot of cash for someone who gets tipped cents to punch herself in the face

No. 756363

Shayna they’re staring at you because you keep saying “anal” under your breath, you’re trying to make people think you’re a literal child, and they probably think you’re mentally retarded. But go off with your ego trip.

No. 756366

she's not a famous porn star, the fuck is she talking about

No. 756370

Lord she’s gotten so much more annoying recently

No. 756388

everyone was staring at your stinky looking braids and snaggletooth, shay. no one on that flight has seen your pimply (not to mention irrelevant, no one in public knows you) asshole.

No. 756418

She has to be an absolute train wreck in person. I’d keep an eye on her too if I was in a fucking airplane with a mental case near me.
Her mannerisms are probably giving everyone on the flight second hand embarrassment. I wouldn’t doubt someone sneaked a Snapchat vid on her with a caption of “Ive got a retarded lady-child next to me watching cartoons and wispering “anal” every couple minutes.”

No. 756429

I don't actually have a "preference for deep voices", I just find her normal voice alright, but she sounds like a woman with a regular female deeper voice, and saying she sounds like a tranny is beyond ridiculous. Some of you are so far gone, she would NEVER be mistaken for a tranny. I don't like Shayna as much as the next person, but this is beyond a nitpick.

No one is "sticking up" for Shay and NO ONE is saying she has an "sexy voice" you fucking spergs, some of you are just autistic as fuck and nitpick the strangest things. No one has to suck every contrarian anon's dick just because "hurr durr we hate Shay and anything even remotely positive makes you a wk". You're the ones triggered to the point all you can say is "hURR DISEASED VAGINA, TRANNY VOICE, HANK HILL ASS" when Shay is cringe incarnate and there's no need to bear a dead horse. But I'm done.

How do people still send money to this bitch HOLY SHIT

No. 756437

File: 1546205536800.jpg (639.45 KB, 1080x1682, Screenshot_20181230-153039_Tum…)

No, no one is

No. 756448

Sorry but kek, her fucking teeth. They're so disgusting and crooked. She truly looks like a rat. Even if that's the fliter making them look even worse.

No. 756454

I swear her hair gets shorter and shorter with every Snapchat selfie. Cut that shit girl. It’ll actually grow.

No. 756458

crookedness aside, you'd think she would at least whiten them in an app considering she already puts a snapchat filter over every single one of her pics

No. 756462

That one room is the whole upstairs. There's a closet and that single room

No. 756503

Have any of her newer MV videos leaked?

No. 756507

ewwww you actually want to see them?

No. 756511

i didn't know there were any

No. 756518

Honestly though lol. They're just about the same color as her skin. Gag.

No. 756527

File: 1546216703420.jpg (161.19 KB, 1080x551, Screenshot_20181230-183755_Twi…)

She is probably the worst person to be on a plane with

No. 756529

File: 1546216845618.jpg (79.24 KB, 1080x690, Screenshot_20181230-184028_Tum…)

A schedule she won't follow

No. 756542

her retarded faces never fail to make me laugh.

No. 756547

why does she look like a guy in the first picture, even with the heart filter to feminize everything up lol

No. 756551

The weight gain is making her look like a pin head. Especially in the second pic with her huge ass hand.

No. 756555

weight gain? seriously? It looks like she’s been starving herself and just drinking alcohol and eating goldfish. She looks unwell.

No. 756591

I thought I remembered at least two, possibly three bedrooms upstairs when fupa did a House tour. I assumed one was her camming space, but that it has crappy natural light so she only films in there at night and takes most of her pictures in the bathroom since that's the only room we see

No. 756607

File: 1546223589381.jpg (136.08 KB, 363x644, dollymattel.jpg)

No. 756616

This is horrifically accurate

No. 756617

OMG the ratty pigtails coming through the hood makes it for me

No. 756622

lmao so many details like the heart filter

No. 756623

That is the greatest picture ever(emoji)

No. 756624

All that pic needs is the nasty pink carpet

No. 756640

When is she going to announce the winners of her contest? If anyone even entered

No. 756661

LMAO! God bless you artistic anon… Save this pic for next thread!

No. 756664

>Shit stain on the wall
>pit stains
>candy cane with poop
>crows feet

this is everything and more. i love it.

No. 756672

The nose teeth eye bags and other details holy shit you’re legit talented anon

No. 756674


Um wtf. I live in Oregon but 5 x $50 is $250… What kid of fucking oz of weed is that much? Even when shit wasn't legal here it was $175 MAX and that was like from some random dealer on the street, not a hook up.

I've noticed this before on her begging posts that are like "I want this, so first 5 to send me $__ gets…" She asks for way more than the shit she's begging for costs. Scamming as usual. I guess she must figure she won't get 5 people anyway and probably just says that to look like she gets more interest in anything she does. But we all know she has 2-3 tumblrina fans and that's it.

No. 756681

File: 1546232905209.png (659.25 KB, 1080x1535, Screenshot_20181230-195144~2.p…)

Does she just buy/receive new pieces when others are dirty? Also these bongs are like $50 where I live lol

No. 756687

Can someone PLEASE make a pic like that of Fupa lmao

No. 756708

that's, um, a real weird blast from the past.

No. 756710

I'd love to see an evolution of the length of Shay's braids from the beginning of the year until now. It's wild how badly her hair is breaking off.

No. 756722

A decent glass blower can fart out a couple of these in a day.
Her Disney princess grinder is tacky. I seriously don’t get the obsession with pink everything and “omg I’m a small child”-thing she does.
Fupa doesn’t like sexy women. He likes dumb girls who act like children. Gross.

No. 756725

You can go back and find it in the old thread but no, it's just one room upstairs, with a closet and maybe a bathroom? Their bedroom is downstairs.

No. 756803

Why get a cute bong if you’re literally never going to clean it… and I find it disturbing that she brings her childish fetish-ness into her drug use. Can’t keep from talking about age regression while spending time with her mother, can’t keep it out of her drug addictions either.
The little child “aesthetic” is getting annoying. And it’s evident she does not truly “age play” she just likes to act immature and gross.

No. 756837

Wow… I think I just shed a tear ty for this anon. It was like a bitchy easter egg hunt as I was taking in every detail of this masterpiece 10/10

No. 756860

According to Twitter, someone bought her that bong

No. 756861

File: 1546275214139.jpg (77.28 KB, 1080x479, Screenshot_20181231-105206_Tum…)

More begging

No. 756863

Yes because killing her hair even more is the answer

No. 756865

shayna, i think you mean "balder" not "blonder"

No. 756881

File: 1546277952712.jpeg (154.04 KB, 750x1294, C86E5C84-A1F4-41AC-80E5-DA8190…)


No. 756882

File: 1546277996918.png (4.68 KB, 569x109, 2018-12-31 12_35_47-Tumblr.png)

lol so edgy

No. 756883

this is old (notice the high number of notes)

No. 756886

File: 1546278168060.jpeg (189.67 KB, 750x1280, 01FEF802-16CA-4542-A663-7A3A71…)


Fupa’s posted first, and Shay just posted that edgy New Years shit.
Notice how they both use the words “so she knows it’s real” - there’s trouble in paradise

No. 756887

tinfoil anons continue to baffle me with their retardation
the "so she knows it's real" thing is a meme

No. 756888

wow you’re dumb anon

No. 756891

Why does she think this hairstyle looks good? It doesnt flatter her at all to have all the hair dragged away from her face and it looks like shes got about 100 hairs total left on her head with those tiny ass braids

No. 756892

really why do they keep getting smaller and smaller? is her hair really that bad? If it is wouldn’t it be better to not leave your hair in tight braids for days?

No. 756895

File: 1546279257622.jpg (330.68 KB, 1068x955, Screenshot_20181231-120013_Twi…)

Says the person who's bf let her drive home drunk while he recorded it on snapchat

No. 756909

She’s probably been pulled over before for reckless driving/driving while high/drinking and driving at least a few times. She seems like the kind.

No. 756929

>triple AAA
>in you're area
>find out if your state is legible

Is SHE drunk right now?

No. 756932

she’s pretty much drinking from the time she wakes up till she goes to bed, so that’s a yes.

No. 756948

She wrecked her car that she drove in MA so probably

No. 756959


"find out if your state is legible to keep u and other people safe!"

Make sure your state can read on new years to stay safe by avoiding mispellings before crashing your cars by drinking!

Im dying about this misuse of words sorry lol(emoji)

No. 756990

She posted a video of her cam room on tumblr. It looks like a Child's room. And it's also on the ground floor, not upstairs

No. 756992

File: 1546292521347.jpg (166.47 KB, 1080x561, Screenshot_20181231-154037_Twi…)

God no. Then she'll be begging people to pay for it and touch ups

No. 756997

not even that. she can't even put chapstick on her current lips. i don't even have an issue with her lips of all things she could be changing about herself right now. just put. some. fucking. carmex. on.

No. 757002

File: 1546293776763.jpg (123.04 KB, 700x700, 24-barbie.w700.h700.jpg)

Why do people always say that about being a real life doll/Barbie.

Barbie didn't have giant pufferfish lips, they are pretty modest.

It's bratz dolls that had big stupid implanted looking lips

No. 757005

The worst part of me sincerely hopes her followers & orbiters encourage her demise into botched territory

But the human part of me hopes she knows better. Truly

No. 757007

File: 1546294851404.jpg (744.24 KB, 1080x1567, Screenshot_20181231-161937_Tum…)

Wearing that same sweat stained shirt. Those overalls don't look good on her at all. Also, the company that made those overalls got backlash for selling to minors and letting minors be models for their company. Good job Shay

No. 757008

She's a skinny girl and those overalls make her look chunky not a great look

No. 757013

yeah it's giving her a weird chest muffin top somehow. can't tell if it's too tight or what.

No. 757014

Wait really? What brand sells these overalls

No. 757015

sorry for the short rant, but as an anon who commits to white blonde hair, you can see how badly her hair has broken off by how thin and tiny her braids get at the ends. I’m honestly shocked she hasn’t caused a sever chemical burn on her scalp yet with how fast and loose she plays with high volume bleach.

Okay I’m done now, I needed to get that out of my system.

No. 757016

Please I hope she gets them (even though I know she won't and can't afford) and it fucks up her lips

>says she got new clothes
>is wearing the same damn shirt she wears every other day and a tacky new jumper that is at least two sizes too small

She's also still on the floor and the closet door is an extremely tacky backdrop. This was the best she could do?

No. 757017

File: 1546296063093.jpg (294.28 KB, 1080x1357, Screenshot_20181231-164012_Twi…)

Gonna be a train wreck

No. 757018

LittleForBig sells them. I'm sure if you do a tumblr search you'll see

No. 757020

looks too tight. She probably thinks she's a smaller size than she actually is

No. 757025

I wish she would plan her backgrounds better. I know she's probably set up in front of the doors because she's across from windows (natural light) but you can clearly see a light in mirror's reflection. Stringing some tacky lights over the doors just looks so busy. No one's going to focus on the product (her) if they're looking at all the clutter around her.

No. 757026

I wish she would plan her backgrounds better. I know she's probably set up in front of the doors because she's across from windows (natural light) but you can clearly see a light in mirror's reflection. Stringing some tacky lights over the doors just looks so busy. No one's going to focus on the product (her) if they're looking at all the clutter around her.

No. 757027

Doesn't she realize she can buy limp plumping devices? So she can choose day by day if she wants them plump or not

No. 757028

it’s not awful, it’s just really basic and really boring. where’s the contrast? where’s the focal point? maybe put those supposed graphic design and photography skills to use, Shayna, if you actually have them.

No. 757029

File: 1546298099824.jpg (387.14 KB, 1080x779, Screenshot_20181231-171438_Sam…)

She can literally buy this for $50

No. 757037

she’d be the one to overuse it and bruise her lips, kek

No. 757040

File: 1546300371633.jpg (355.02 KB, 1080x561, Screenshot_20181231-175036_Twi…)


No. 757041

what the actual fuck??

No. 757042

File: 1546300475461.jpg (357.31 KB, 1080x565, Screenshot_20181231-175048_Twi…)


No. 757043

nightmare fuel

No. 757049

File: 1546301258914.png (190.86 KB, 400x461, horror^2.png)


What is wrong with her foot. That can't be dirt, can it?

No. 757050

Her teeth are looking worse than ever and I was going to ask if she even bothers brushing her teeth anymore but then I saw the foot. what is with her foot? how can she be considering something like lip injections when she needs a pedicure first and foremost?

No. 757051

Agreed, her teeth could be decent if she took care of them but I guess the trailer trash knockoff barbie is still her desired look

No. 757052

Down Syndrome Mattel strikes again

No. 757054

I doubt she’d ever be able to afford lip injections, that would be some major begging. It would help increase her self esteem to sell vid packages at more than $50 though kek

No. 757057

tbh I cant stop looking at her makeup. her eyeliner is downright modest for her and she looks a lot more like she did in that video/promo pics with the girl and the weird torso dildo. A (relatively) good look. she should continue this trend for her makeup this coming year, and maybe learn how to do her eyebrows better.
For all she goes and gets her nails done, she's never had her feet exfoliated. she should do that weird foot peel mask

No. 757058

She could afford em but not the upkeep. She'd get them done once, then they'd deflate and she'd beg for more when they need redoing.

If it happens, that's how it's gonna go.

No. 757059

the yellow is callouses

No. 757063

She posted a cringey video on her Twitter of her in her dinosaur outfit.

Also she said she'll be posting a free video on MV if she gets 5,000 followers on Twitter and Instagram

No. 757075

…do you guys not say "triple A"? I know she put the whole acronym but genuinely curious if some people think youre actually supposed to say "ay ay ay" irl wtf

No. 757086

I SAY “triple A” but type out AAA.

No. 757090

She should invest in Botox before lips. It would help her out a lot. Even with heavy filters, her forehead lines are deep af (>>757007).

I don't know how much lip fillers are, but I've gotten filler for other parts of my face and I can't see her being able to shell out upwards of $700+ for anything that needs to be continuously redone.

No. 757091

she has to beg to get her hair and nails done so i don't see it happening either

No. 757096

I say "triple A" and i type "AAA". problem is she typed "triple AAA" which would be said as "triple triple A". same thing as when people say shit like "6 am in the morning"

No. 757108

she got a full length mirror and can't even use it for outfit pics. what a waste

No. 757118

Its not full length, the whole thing is like 4 feet tall. Which means the mirror itself is probably around 3 feet. Her 5’5 self couldn’t fit that.

No. 757120

$20 says she didn't read the measurements and thought it would be twice that size.

No. 757121

She won't get Botox because it would require admitting she's aged.

No. 757151

At this point just go for it Shay. You'll cheap out on it like you do everything else and wind up on Botched.

>new workspace
Still on the floor with a dildo stuck to the closet door. At least buy a pink couch and some toy cleaner.

No. 757253

Am I fucking nuts or wasn't there a newer thread than this ?

No. 757258

you're fucking nuts

Just realized that's not the same shirt as in thread photo, it has more texture to its knit pattern and a wider neckline

No. 757261

It's still another old shirt of hers that's stained, faded, and stretched out, yet she wears it all the time

No. 757274

true she has a lot of white knit crop sweaters. is that the one that she wore for Thanksgiving few years ago?

No. 757321

you know it's bad when even snapchat filters won't hide your trench-like forehead wrinkles and you're only in your early 20s still lmao

No. 757396

I only recall her having 2 that she repeatedly wears. The one from the pic in question (yes it is the same one from a couple thanksgivings ago where she forced her nipples upon her family), and the even grimier one in the thread pic.

No. 757438

I think an older thread had a photo from the same shoot. But OP pic was discovered later on.

No. 757447

so did she post a schedule yesterday like she said she would? I'm blocked so I can't view her blog.

No. 757450

File: 1546379741468.jpg (356.17 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190101-155421_Twi…)

No. 757488

Wow, 6 hours for the whole week? That’s comical.
also hasn’t she been home since Saturday?

No. 757511

>2 videos
>6 hours of cam

That'll pay for one bottle of wine. That's all she needs.

No. 757513

File: 1546387077607.jpg (212.16 KB, 1080x1376, Screenshot_20190101-163925_Twi…)

Of course she does

No. 757515

She's been home since Saturday. But she said she was using Sunday as a day off and Monday to set up her cam space

No. 757526

File: 1546388080308.jpg (109.82 KB, 1080x308, Screenshot_20190101-181415_Ins…)

Why would people buy this when they can do it themselves?

No. 757534

Fuck sake, I'm sat here interpretating "grinder" as "Grindr"

No. 757559

She was driving his car on his snapchat last night while he was "lit"

No. 757561

File: 1546390883779.jpg (179.9 KB, 1078x977, Screenshot_20190101-182812_Tum…)

Maybe he should take his own advice

No. 757562

she's so desperate for cash lmao literally anyone could do this but she thinks she's good at everything

No. 757573

I find it hard to believe she was sober though

No. 757575

it would definitely have helped if the anon had included the pic lol

No. 757577

File: 1546392141525.jpg (523.32 KB, 1080x1648, Screenshot_20190101-192157_Ins…)

Literally, anyone can do this

No. 757579

lol if she were to actually sell them though you know the grinders would have like one sticker on the top and the bigger jars maybe like 3 smaller ones, she'd cheap out majorly

No. 757580

Silly anon. She needs at least a bottle a day so she's going to have to do better than that.

No. 757588


Lmfao this shit looks horrendous

No. 757595

File: 1546395461875.png (693.59 KB, 1080x974, Screenshot_20181231-152825~2.p…)

These braids get smaller every time I see them

No. 757596

File: 1546395540304.png (745.06 KB, 1080x995, Screenshot_20190101-191538~2.p…)

And she's still making the special needs faces + terrible filtering

No. 757597

LOL her braids are legitimately hilarious to look at now, they seriously are breaking off every day. they look like little braided pubes or something

No. 757599

No. 757600

I just can't with those overalls

No. 757635

Can someone post her "workspace tour" from tumblr? My phone wont record for more than a few seconds. It's kinda shitty anyway you're not missing much without it.

No. 757637

File: 1546403877997.png (276.7 KB, 418x540, Screenshot_2019-01-01-23-33-55…)

Tbh im just sick of seeing her poor attempts at photoshopping herself.

You can see where she drug her eyeball so far down…. For preaching about faking it til she makes it, shes clearly failed both

No. 757640

It's a filter. She doesn't ps for whatever reason.

No. 757648

I'm having trouble posting a video of the room tour. Someone else will have to do it

No. 757654

File: 1546409200056.jpg (103.59 KB, 1080x683, Screenshot_20190102-000614_Tum…)

I guess we all know what Shay's getting for valentines day

No. 757666

Fupa couldn't afford anything else

No. 757671

She uses Snapchat filters. Most of them alter your face shape and make your eyes bigger.

No. 757684

Shit broke boyfriends say

No. 757730

Kek same

It's not even like chunky deco or actual good stickers? Just easy hand made looking shit

That top is so grey

No. 757747

We’ve all explained before that it’s not photoshop.

No. 757783

File: 1546446463616.jpg (688.01 KB, 1080x1914, Screenshot_20190102-102724_Tum…)

What Fupa reblogged

No. 757784

File: 1546446507349.jpg (317.07 KB, 1080x1462, Screenshot_20190102-102625_Tum…)

People need to stop coming to her for sex advice. And she didn't really answer the question

No. 757790

out of context but they're melanie martinez lyrics

No. 757804

Holy shit this girl look exactly like what Shay would look like if she didn’t abuse drugs and alcohol and didn’t fry her hair. If I was Shay and my boyfriend reblogged a hotter version of me I would be kinda hurt.

No. 757808

File: 1546450480678.png (209.6 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190102-113028.png)

conceited cow is conceited. Just posting for the sheer stupidity that is her ego.

No. 757817

uhh….? no. she doesn't look like her at all. please get your eyes checked, anon.

No. 757825

It's like every ask she reads she translates into them asking ABOUT her instead of asking her.

>I'm only 21
Yeah but you look like you're 35 so it's still accurate.

No. 757839


This girl is actually cute, bet he wishes shay looked like that!

No. 757852

as gross as shay is i honestly still feel like she is out of fupa's league lmao.
35+ divorcee that may or may not have custody of his young children while simultaneously fetishizing pedo-pandering ddlg shit.
at least shay still has a chance to turn her life around and look back at how stupid she was at 21 when she's 35. what hope does fupa have? change before he's 50? kek.

No. 757859

yeah. they're both pathetic edgelords but Shayna has admitted she's still growing (despite little evidence I believe she has the ability to still), fupa is middle aged and less likely to fix his shit and be a decent person. The way he treated his ex wife is proof enough of how he treats real women and what kind of person he is, outside of his weird fantasies. and it is not good

No. 757866

File: 1546458410976.jpg (Spoiler Image,803.4 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190102-134618_Twi…)

She's so smol

No. 757868

File: 1546458448529.jpg (Spoiler Image,792.48 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190102-134624_Twi…)

What is she doing with her face?

No. 757869

File: 1546458499744.jpg (129.53 KB, 1080x298, Screenshot_20190102-134814_Twi…)

No. 757873


I cringe HARD when she appends "daddy" to the end of everything. I recall her begging for a "nail daddy" (tf) a few threads back

No. 757876

File: 1546459121782.jpg (76.87 KB, 1181x664, slenderman.thumbnail.jpg)

No. 757885

That ruffle thing is hung up with thumbtacks lol
And both of those photos are blurry and low-res af

No. 757886

That doesn't even look like a curtain behind her. It looks like something where put jewelry or stuff in the pockets

No. 757888

And yesterday she said she was going to take a new profile pic for Twitter. Didn't happen

No. 757892

she looks like limp spaghetti. also her back looks broken to give herself any hint of an actual ass. with her shoulder blades so far popped out, and her face >>757868 looks absolutely dead because she's working so hard to contort her body to look good. it's both forced and mediocre, shay

No. 757900

She looks like a truckstop crackhead stripper… Ho at least condition your hair!!! How is that difficult??

No. 757902

looks like a craigslist ad for a 40 year old meth addicted prostitute lel

No. 757905

File: 1546462239263.jpg (108.79 KB, 1080x775, Screenshot_20190102-145017_Tum…)

She always says this when asked about her birthday

No. 757911

It's a wonder her curtains haven't molded yet. Must be a sign that she doesn't bathe as often as she'd have us believe.

And a "mail daddy" because she couldn't even be bothered to pay $10 to get a post office box.

No. 757914

why would they mold? she only fills the tub up with 3 inches of water.

No. 757915

Ok fair and she's probably only in there five minutes. Ten at most until she dozes off into a drunken haze and has to have Fupa save her from drowning.. again.

No. 757917

He had to save her from drowning?

No. 757918

File: 1546463311840.jpg (334.11 KB, 1076x1306, Screenshot_20190102-150818_Twi…)

She's so clever

No. 757919

Those curtains are really ugly. They look like something you find at goodwill from a dead old granny’s house. Maybe if she really committed to the vintage doll look it would work for her.

No. 757924

File: 1546463991355.jpg (35.52 KB, 496x727, IMG_9880.JPG)

No. 757925

lol her torso is close to being the same length as her legs (proportionally i mean), she does not have long legs but her idiot followers are so easily tricked by one camera angle.

No. 757935

She really is painfully average

No. 757946

File: 1546466472167.jpg (503.93 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190102-160100_Twi…)


No. 757948

File: 1546466546419.jpg (158.7 KB, 1080x743, Screenshot_20190102-160150_Twi…)


She's such a peach

No. 757949

her pigtails look so nasty, like curled crusts of hair

No. 757950

File: 1546466586633.jpg (462.18 KB, 1080x1078, Screenshot_20190102-160253_Twi…)


The anon isn't wrong

No. 757951

oh good another cartoon child she can make nasty porn of

No. 757952

cindy's got better hair

No. 757963

it freaks me out that she has no shame in how dirty the carpet is

No. 757964

It works but if that's your real name you might want to delete and redo with a fake

No. 757965

File: 1546467674819.jpg (127.78 KB, 1436x1058, Screenshot_20190102-161639_Tum…)


No. 757973

must've heard that from one of his kids

No. 757978

Thanks for letting me about the name thing anon. But now I'm having trouble re uploading it

No. 757996

File: 1546471612554.jpg (26.83 KB, 400x400, IMG_20190102_182617.jpg)

Finally got around to changing her Twitter pfp and header kek

No. 757998

File: 1546471634688.jpg (53.74 KB, 1080x360, IMG_20190102_182718.jpg)

No. 757999

more catfish-tier facetuning i see.
is the mismatched socks and shoes supposed to be a look? it looks terrible.

No. 758000

she looks like a fucking man in the face

No. 758003

Hey Shay you've finally gained enough weight that your HK underwear don't fit anymore! Keep drinking girl!

No. 758004

honestly it looks like her ass is just really bony and fatless lol

No. 758010

she has on…two different shoes…

No. 758012

Anon, I didn't even notice the shoes until you pointed it out! Wow..

Also, does she know any other hair styled than braids and a poytail?

She's supposed to cam tonight. We'll see

No. 758017

File: 1546472887110.jpg (205.19 KB, 1080x874, Screenshot_20190102-174748_Twi…)

But why

No. 758018

That's an "i'm sucking in so hard for this photo" facial expression

No. 758021

I think if she tried many other styles it'd all fall out. Better to keep it tied together in braids lmao

No. 758023

They never fit her because they're for literal children

No. 758034

File: 1546473991335.png (32.02 KB, 640x213, IMG_9881.PNG)

No. 758035

Yep, why do you think it took her so long to finally upload them? She said she took them two days ago lmao >>757017

The shoes bother me so much too, both white would look much better and more coherent

No. 758036

File: 1546474206699.jpg (210.08 KB, 1080x1081, Screenshot_20190102-180917_Twi…)

No. 758037

Guess we know why she always wears shoes in pictures now kek

No. 758040

>lines in her forehead so dark she practically looks like a neanderthal

No. 758042

uwu such a quirky baby with her mismatching shoes. ugh; so tacky

No. 758045

Man I have a scar on my forehead and I'm 5 years older than her and I got nothing that looks that bad. How unfortunate for her.

No. 758047

File: 1546475719159.png (185.43 KB, 314x715, DKCcandy.png)

I'd say her aesthetic is more like Candy Kong without the boobs

No. 758049

Probably to distract from the fact that she's also wearing odd socks…

No. 758054

File: 1546476813161.jpg (95.93 KB, 1080x665, Screenshot_20190102-185306_Tum…)

So clever

No. 758057

i seriously wish she would just shut up forever, she legitimately has nothing of value to say ever.

No. 758068

She still has her Christmas raffle on her twitter

No. 758070

I dont think anyone participated tbh

No. 758089

I admire her confidence. She literally is a bag of shit look/personality wise. I've never seen a "pornstar" discount their material like this. She makes less than minimum wage in a year…

No. 758094

go to fucking therapy. your customers don't want to hear it. God, she is such a pathetic sex worker.

you're selling a fantasy, stop bitching about your mental health that you make 0 effort to improve

No. 758097

double post but it's 8 minutes until her scheduled cam show, let's see how she does sticking to her own, self-made, self-enforced schedule after her vacation

No. 758099

she's so narcissistic she really believes she's some beautiful inspirational porn star who has tons of caring worshipful fans who give a fuck about her bullshit lol

No. 758118

She said on cam her throat hurts and wants a slushy. Just keep shoveling in the junk food

No. 758130

File: 1546482860499.png (1.04 MB, 1254x702, Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 10.3…)

doesnt believe anyone doesnt want to get her naked

No. 758132

File: 1546482882721.jpg (303.66 KB, 1074x727, Screenshot_20190102-203123_Sam…)

Fixing her makeup. Totally engaging with the audience

No. 758133

No. 758136

She looks like she's been crying. Her eyes are red and her face is puffy

No. 758140

Someone asked if she needed a sugar daddy. She said "always. Who else is going to pay for all this stuff motions around the room" the person asked to arrange something and she told him to buy her snapchat first. He said to message her and she said "no. Message me on twitter. I don't check my messages on here." Wow. Bad business

No. 758142

chaturbate… literally says in the corner of >>758132

No. 758143

i think she's sick

No. 758144

If she's sick, getting ready for no new videos this week

No. 758147

She said why her throat hurt, she's just so unintelligible and is acting really weird (manic?) so I didn't catch what she said about why her throat hurts.

What the fuck are these weird high pitched random moans/screams she lets out randomly for no apparent reason?

No. 758150

File: 1546484488574.jpg (Spoiler Image,115.89 KB, 1199x609, IMG_9887.JPG)

Yellow foot making an appearance again

No. 758151

File: 1546484513296.gif (Spoiler Image,13.34 MB, 480x264, suck.gif)

No. 758152

She for sure does read here while she's camming, she just out of the blue started screaming and said "that's what that sounds like" after this was posted kek.

No. 758157

Why is there shit hanging from the dildo???

No. 758159

File: 1546485067459.gif (2.47 MB, 480x240, giphy.gif)

she looks so bored

No. 758161

(snapchat anon) This is her HUGE rant on snapchat. Warning: she is completely naked and looks like a cryptid. She seems really upset and angry and is freaking out all over the place. Super cringey. TLDR people are (rightfully) mad and calling her a scammer when she's "done everything i can!!!!!!" Then she frantically smokes. "I'm not here to be a cunt" and at one point screams at the camera. It kinda ends with her basically complaining on how hardddd~ this transition is for her. Sperging + pity party. "I DONT WANT YOU GUYS TO BE MAD AT ME" and groaning was the scariest part for me.

No. 758162

File: 1546485279821.gif (8.62 MB, 480x266, giphy (1).gif)

No. 758163

I'm pretty sure she's testing to see if people can hear her just like when she was on the plane repeating anal out loud for no apparent reason

She legit looks psychotic and paranoid in both of these

No. 758166

File: 1546485691132.gif (Spoiler Image,17.97 MB, 478x264, dol.gif)

No. 758167


it just sounds like she's blaming everyone else for her failing at being a sex worker.
if you sign up for lifetime sub, you should have lifetime sub. those people have every right to be upset that she's deciding to charge them monthly now.

No. 758169

File: 1546485899454.gif (Spoiler Image,10.09 MB, 480x266, giphy.gif)

No. 758171

File: 1546485936581.gif (Spoiler Image,10.48 MB, 480x266, giphy (1).gif)

No. 758172

this bitch needs therapy. Not to yell at people for not supporting her after she scammed them into a life time subscription.

No. 758173

Her whole rant on snapchat wasn't necessary. And her talking about paying bills, what bills does she pay?

No. 758175

Why does she always have to look at her pussy after playing with it

No. 758176


Fupa was probably under the impression that she made more money and after they moved in and she hasnt helped and he pays everything, he's telling her to buck the fuck up. i know i would.

No. 758178

File: 1546486511087.png (Spoiler Image,162.66 KB, 251x408, Screenshot 2019-01-02 at 9.21.…)

"My hips look really good in this light"

No. 758180

I’ve never caught one of her cams before, but after watching her silently roll for a while and then straight up just leave, I can see why people complain so much…

No. 758182


i dont have the patience to sit through them anymore, even for milk

No. 758185

Jesus, I've never really noticed when other anons said that her left tit doesn't move a lot compared to the right, and that they think she may have an implant.
I just brushed it off because I didn't really see it.
But it's super obvious throughout this video.
The right one bounces and moves quite a lot when she bends etc, like tits should.
Meanwhile the left one just stays wherever it's at, even when she jumps up and down it hardly moves at all.
That's so weird, I've honestly never seen a tit move like this (and it be a natural one), and I have seen some tits. inb4 reEe you ain't never seen tits b4!?!
Just so odd to me.

If you still think that's a natural tit I would like to see some examples of other natural tits doing the same thing, because I haven't seen any other pairs of tits where one moves and one doesn't at all.
Most natural tits I've seen all moved, and the unnatural ones stayed more in place.
Not saying there is anything wrong with a nice pair of silicone or saline tits, but THIS is just weird.
Someone pls explain it, this is fascinating. And preferably not with "breast tissue is different". Yes, from person to person, I agree. But THIS different in one person? I mean, I doubt it.

Also wouldn't one implant and one natural account for the difference in nipples? Some women I've seen who have implants say their nipples changed after they got implants, and hers are vastly different.
(Yes I know this can also occur in nature, but that different, can't be common. Also that gross dude biting it halfway off did not help for sure kek.)

No. 758193

File: 1546488031692.jpg (Spoiler Image,293.87 KB, 1920x1080, 48486948964896.jpg)

Keep covering that infested ballsack with your hands/arms/heels please, it's NOT "a heckin' cute"

No. 758197

"i was a spoiled little brat growing up.. my mom said if i wanted all this nice stuff when i'm older, i'll need a good job.
noted!! here i am… i am a spoiled little girl… no thanks to you."

No. 758199

she's basically just drunk and talking to people in her chat about things we just talk about here.

No. 758205

She absolutely, objectively, 100% has a scar in some photos and the anons saying it's a shadow are super suspicious. It remains consitant in darkness and length in all the pictures and the fact that in riles people up SO quickly only make me think more she's had some kind of surgery. I had corrective breast surgery when I was in high school, so if necessary or if they think it may pose a threat later in life, it is not unheard of for a doctor to perform it on a teenager

No. 758206

File: 1546489387704.jpg (Spoiler Image,191.75 KB, 1080x472, Screenshot_20190102-221934_Sam…)

Her only pose

No. 758207

File: 1546489459118.png (55.53 KB, 149x167, Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 11.2…)

Here we go again… man can you PLEASE STOP with the tittie sperging??? No ones care and everyone is sick of hearing about it!!!

No. 758208

"No thanks to you." Um you are an adult. You don't need mommy and daddy to buy everything for you. I was a spoiled brat too as a kid. But now I work my ass off to get what I want. Why? Cause that's what adults do

No. 758209

Can this be the next thread pic?

No. 758211

What hips

No. 758213

>>758211 think she said tits

No. 758214

She's so desensitized. She really has ruined her pussy.

No. 758217


thats my bad, i heard hips and i was like "ehhhhh no"

No. 758218

thought i hear hips too. kek

No. 758219

"i don't want people to think i'm making minimum wage doing minimum effort."

No. 758220

File: 1546489932897.jpg (162.95 KB, 1080x620, Screenshot_20190102-222940_Twi…)

This might have been talked about before. But who is this chick and why is she promoting shay?

No. 758221

She sounds so drunk right now

No. 758222

>>758218 you could be right. i just never hear her mention her hips. her tits, tho, all the time.

No. 758223

She makes zero effort and should get that pay

No. 758224

she is/was a popular sex worker. might be working with shay in some aspect. Cant figure out if shay is paying her to promote her or not yet.

No. 758225

Shay would never pay for that. She makes people pay her for promotion

No. 758227

she's drinking again. i wonder if she's gonna reference lolcow stuff more.

No. 758229

>having one boob smaller than the other
>pose a threat later in life

literally no respectable plastic surgeon would give a teenager a singular implant but ok. you're not even done developing in high school… it is incredibly normal, however, for your breasts to look different. occam's razor, jfc, take your tinfoil off

No. 758231

File: 1546490550629.jpg (366.65 KB, 1080x1271, Screenshot_20190102-223840_Sam…)

A description of one of Dawn's videos called "brother sister and doggy threesome." Watch Shay follow in her footsteps

No. 758233

what the fck. i don't think a girl with a bestiality fetish would suck the dog's dick…

No. 758236

She got on late and got off early. Go figure

No. 758244

Praying for my sleeping dog rn

No. 758251

Guys it's part of her marketing strategy. Only bimbos wear mismatched socks and shoes because they're too dumb and doll-like to dress themselves. She's just being true to her persona. Duh.

Real talk though she's wearing a pink sock with a white shoe and a faded purple sock with a pink shoe. She was probably too drunk/high to notice.

What the hell is going on with her eye makeup?

Even charging people she sold lifetime to? No wonder she's acting so bizarre because no one who paid for lifetime is going to shell out monthly. She's about to lose all her followers.

No. 758270

anyone who makes porn like this has a severe mental issue, at this point it's not just a ~weird kink uwu~ it's just seriously wrong and fucked up.

she makes less than minimum wage like a solid 75% of the time anyhow lol, deservedly so

No. 758274

I went to her manyvids profile out of morbid curiosity and now I'm craving the sweet embrace of death. This chick has some serious issues. The subjects of her vids are so much worse than Shayna's.

No. 758317

I wonder if she's a candidate for being a horrorcow?

No. 758322

Some surgeons unfortunately do so long as there’s parental approval. It’s fucked but a lot of them are in it for the money and don’t care about the morals behind it.

No. 758323

That was without a doubt the most "white girl rant" I have ever seen and she basically just repeats herself for over 10 minutes while constantly scratching her pubes and body with her claws.

No. 758379

File: 1546529863185.png (141.32 KB, 640x859, IMG_9890.PNG)

Falling off the weekly schedule once again. New year, same shay.

No. 758382

>icecream and hot cocoa
Sounds like she's got a bad cold but with what she consumes daily I'm surprised it's not scurvy.

Don't know why she's bothering to even promise a camshow tonight if she'll spend it hacking up a lung since she'd rather buy junkfood than medicine.

No. 758383

>too sick to work
>eating ice cream and hot cocoa

No. 758422


I stg this happens on every thread. If Shayna had breast surgery you KNOW she wouldn’t shut the fuck up about it. She didn’t.

No. 758428

the good news is it looks like >>758185 was definitely a male poster

No. 758433

File: 1546536616727.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.36 MB, 3264x3264, 522E230D-6328-489F-8280-1F8446…)

Shayna confirmed for intersex cryptid(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 758440

please someone help me exorcise the demon that haunts my bathroom. it put up frilly pink drapes!

No. 758449

File: 1546539560981.png (135.83 KB, 288x218, 2019-01-03 13_14_24-IMG_0586.M…)

No. 758452

Damn, you need to chill. I've never posted about them before, not even partaken in the discussions. I was under the impression that different opinions were still a thing.
Here's another one since you love them so much: You're not the one who decides what we all talk about in this thread, so how about just stfu.

What even is this post?
Good news everyone, I thought one tit was suspect and went to sleep and now I've woken up a man!

No. 758458

the way you worded it made it seem like you didn't even have breasts to begin with lol

No. 758460

WHY would you post this??

No. 758464

Because she thinks she looks quirky and cute and not like an idiot

No. 758467

Extra tinfoil but Shayna was on cam last night talking about how much she wanted plastic surgery on her face (her lips, nose, jaw, chin, face lift so she can be 'fierce Mattel') but not on her tits because she 'loves her smol titties'. She probably selfposts shit about having fake tits on this thread to change the topic when it starts hitting too close to home, as anon mentioned in the last thread.

No. 758468

File: 1546541760644.png (Spoiler Image,100.65 KB, 640x736, IMG_9891.PNG)

Begging for money for Chinese food on twitter.

No. 758469


OMG I'm traumatized

No. 758473

Does she literally only eat carbs, fat and sugar? Not even trying to nitpick I just don't understand how you can eat like that day in and day out.

No. 758474


I cannot fathom being home all day every day and never cooking. It's like the only time she's ever picked up a piece of cookware was to shove it in her ass in that horrific Rapuzel vid

No. 758480

didn't even think of that. do you think they even own cookware or dishes at this point?

No. 758484


They barely have furniture, so I'm sure that's a safe no lol

If I'm remembering correctly she mentioned "cooking" for Fupa at once point (noodles and jarred pasta sauce), and that must have been a disaster since you KNOW she would have spammed pics about "5-star Mattel cute babby chef uwu". And apparently they "prepare their own separate meals", which is just plain sad. He probably expected her to cook for him (honestly fair since she stays home and does fuck else) and she probably expected him to take total care of her. Both were disappointed.

No. 758486

I really doubt it. Maybe just 2 random pieces of everything.

No. 758489

That’s so sad be laughable at the same time

No. 758491

How can you post this and think you look "cute"??
Those man shoulders and cryptid legs and arms are terrifying.

I'm inclined to agree with anon who says her nipple seems like it's growing, and not in a good way at all.

IF she cooked herself, she would have plastered it online with pink sprinkles all over whatever it was and with heart filters.
He set himself up for failure with that if he seriously thought she could even boil an egg.
She posts her entire life online, and cooking is not part of it, so he should have known.
Then again, Kyle Nathan Perks is not a smart man.

No. 758492

Girl, after posting this long embarassing rant on SC you would think that she Realized that giving away her snapchat In exchange of fast food,booze and drugs is not substantial. She keeps sending those mixed signals to her "fan". I think her career will rockbottom in 6 months top.

No. 758527

I'm wondering when they'll break up

No. 758529

a thought totally worth bumping the thread over

No. 758531

Her "career" is already hitting rock bottom. She doesn't do pro shoots anymore, can barely keep up a schedule

No. 758532

When one of them finds someone better, until then they'll put up with each other

No. 758533


learn to sage your shit if you're the one who consistently doesnt.

No. 758539

File: 1546548448340.jpg (411.29 KB, 1080x1271, Screenshot_20190103-144653_Twi…)

But you don't make more shay. And you're already an alcoholic and drug abuser

No. 758565

File: 1546551219555.png (70.88 KB, 640x432, IMG_9893.PNG)

She has now resorted to telling boring stories from elementary school to try to be relatable

No. 758567

Here’s my tinfoil: she went for the whole baby bimbo ddlg is thing because her body is so unfortunate that she really can’t pass for a sexy adult woman. Her hips are so narrow, she has no defined waist and no ass. She’s just lanky and shapeless. Plastic surgery can’t fix her bone structure but maybe gaining some weight will do her good.

No. 758568

no. she went with the baby bimbo thing because it was and continues to be a huge trend on tumblr.

No. 758598

Which is fucking retarded, because there is very little market for it in the real porn world. She has no sense for branding. Teens/the twinky body type is super marketable right now. If she had a brain she’d shoot actual taboo roleplay instead of this “anal only bimbo uwu” aesthetic bullshit.

Most avid porn consumers are male. They don’t give a fuck about the aesthetic. Total gremlins make $$$ selling believable incest roleplay and it’s low effort as hell. And a lot less degenerate than her weird takes on DDLG.

No. 758605


No. 758608


Samefag but she also needs to lose the disgusting plugs if she wants to commit to the age play thing. Gah, I’ll stop ranting now. She’s so lazy and incompetent it triggers me.

No. 758618

tumblr was and always will be her only real customer base

No. 758619

I think this is why she's such a shitty "pornstar." She treats her porn like making an aesthetic tumblr post, but the actual audience who would buy this shit don't care about props and costumes and a kaweewee "workspace." They just want dirty sexual content. If she was smart she could try marketing her aesthetic porn for women, tbh that's something I would watch if it wasn't shay doing it (but an actual attractive woman), with actual well-done and beautiful sets, outfits, etc. She's too stupid to understand her audience and too lazy to do anything about it if she did.

No. 758624

You guys. She's not smart. She has no business sense. There is no saving her nonexistent "career" and it was doomed from the beginning. I don't understand the anons that come in here thinking they're going to Kitchen Nightmares Shay's terrible ass decision to start porn and camming.

No. 758644


Nah I am not Kitchen Nightmares-ing. She’s hopeless and I literally couldn’t give a fuck about her career because she’s lazy and dumb. It’s popcorn material for me to watch her suck on so many levels. I’m pointing out the suck, just like everyone else here does.

No. 758651

Are you so stupid that you’re really confusing nipples and areolas? It’s perfectly normal to have one areola vastly larger than the other. You seriously sound like you’ve never seen real tits before. Her tits are fine, honestly. Compared with the rest of her, her tits are fine. Some people have inverted nipples, or one inverted and one normal. You probably think that’s fucking crazy too. Some people have a boob that’s a whole cup size smaller. NO ONES BODY IS PERFECTLY SYMMETRICAL SO SHUT UP AND STOP WITH THE IDIOTIC TINFOIL TIDDY SPERGS. She also has a naturally small chest, which has been explained already. When you have a small chest you tend to get denser breasts, based on how much room you have. People with wider chests tend to have lower sitting, squishier breasts due to having more room in the chest. Of course there are exceptions.

Her tits are probably the most normal part of her.

No. 758652

Yeah but, that would require work. and thought. and effort. gross.

No. 758677

File: 1546558456146.gif (649.45 KB, 250x250, 254BA39B-37ED-4A2E-8651-659C06…)

No. 758703

I think she has an implant as well. Half the anons here suspect it. Get over it. Or sperg some more.

No. 758730

I think anon meant what has been previously discussed, such as the length of the nipples themselves, or color difference.
>Also that gross dude biting it halfway off did not help for sure kek.

However, your autistic screeching about this shit is tired, you complain about others sperging and you're literally the worst one. In multiple threads ever since this was brought up the first time.
>They make one post.
>You make 5 sperging like an autist.
Just pipe the fuck down and report the fucking posts you're just making yourself look absolutely ridiculous.
Why does this even make you this angry, are you shay WKing yourself?
You obviously read this thread avidly, so by now you should be used to this kind of shit, and be able to scroll past it.

Is it really that hard to believe that if you had one frankenbreast and one non-exsistant one, and you got this fixed, perhaps you wouldn't tell anyone because you got mocked or teased enough as it was. Or felt self-conscious, or would be facing a shit-ton more h8rs online who are anti-plastic surgery?

No. 758731

Please can we stop with the monthly sperging about her tits

No. 758733

File: 1546562752523.jpg (157.2 KB, 1080x915, Screenshot_20190103-184520_Tum…)

Coming from the person who was gonna make a cindy lou who porn

No. 758735

Yes, let's.

This should be the next thread image, such a perfect specimen, it's not even edited that's just her face lmfao.

No. 758743

she's probably legit going to steal the idea now tbh

No. 758744

well yeah… 'its what the fans want'

No. 758748


The sad thing is that this IS slightly edited. She's using that same heart filter she uses in 99% of her things

No. 758758

all i can think of is fupa dressed as carl wheezer

No. 758761

I uh, don’t think those were the same anons. Why are you all so pressed about it anyway?

No. 758762

she doesn’t have one nonexistent tit though? what are you even screeching about?(samefag)

No. 758765

I know, but it's not the same as if she were to shoop the picture and get rid of all her flaws to try and look better.
Still quite funny imo.

No. 758766

It was an accident, >>758229 wasn't supposed to be in there.
Idk, ask the angry anon kek.

Yeah, I know?
Read it again
>Is it really that hard to believe that if you had one frankenbreast and one non-exsistant one
>hard to believe that if you had one
As in, a fictional scenario used as an example.
I do not seriously think that what I described there is what happened here.

Let's get back to the topic at hand.

No. 758767

i'm reporting for all the dumbass infighting hopefully there's some lone farmhand out there paying attention. hopefully some other sane anons itt do the same.

No. 758770


Oh my god. Just fucking scroll past. Who CARES. Report it if it bothers you but announcing you are tattling does nothing.

No. 758803

it would be hilarious they try to do his parents together and the whole time fupa calls her sugar booger and him try to look like hes enjoying it but sigh not uwu baby enough for shayna. all he needs is to shave his beard, hike up his pants and run a lap around the house and he will be perfect for a carl wheezer.

No. 758812

File: 1546572485240.jpg (130.23 KB, 1080x680, Screenshot_20190103-204932_Twi…)


No. 758821


sage your tits

No. 758838

she said she would be on cam tonight since she didn't film a video. did anyone catch it? I just got home

No. 758864

That is so retarded. An anon reacted negatively to a simple message that isn’t even a bad thing and it’s for infighting. You bitches is salty.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 758866

Sage ya bullshit you nearly 30 year old anon

No. 758875

She didn't get on cam

No. 758878

pry too 'sick' or whatever. she was bitching the whole time she was on cam yesterday. maybe a snapchat anon can confirm?

No. 758988

So she aspires to be a basic, sub-par alcoholic bitch who scams customers? Sounds like she has great aspirations.

No. 758992

Everyone calling their SO dad lately makes me want to puke.

No. 759012

Really wondering if they have mites. She was scratching the entire time.

No. 759041

the dad thing has been a meme for a while but yeah it's cringe

No. 759051

File: 1546624990056.png (47.38 KB, 553x498, 2019-01-04 12_58_22-Ur Dads Fa…)

lmao just when you think she can't get any more stupid she asks some shit like this

No. 759052

File: 1546625029434.png (102.27 KB, 517x232, 2019-01-04 12_58_58-Ur Dads Fa…)

still nail begging
and she /might/ even let you have a say in what you're paying for~

No. 759056

dolly got strep on the plane

No. 759078

Guess that's what happens when you decide to start fingering yourself without ever visiting the gyno/cleaning your fingernails/hands/teeth and then deciding its a good idea to shove those same fingers down your throat.
T r i v i n g i n f e c t i o n

No. 759080

File: 1546630947078.png (60.28 KB, 510x272, Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 2.39…)

She literally sounds mentally ill

No. 759083

>i pretend to be young so i don't have to deal with adult life
ya basic

p sure she's faking this though

No. 759084

She's not ill, just lazy and immature.

No. 759086

lmao legitimately what is this bitch going to do at age 30? regression is not cute lol i can't wait until this embarrassing fad dies out.

No. 759087

she most likely caught it in the air if it's viral

No. 759091

File: 1546632718712.jpg (486.61 KB, 1080x1984, Screenshot_20190104-141118_Twi…)

Why? She barely made any new content

No. 759095

because it's fun and it's a break from the relentless tit/nasty pussy sperg.