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File: 1548422907962.jpeg (428.75 KB, 1600x1200, 1548119854682.jpeg)

No. 771525

Previous Thread: >>>/snow/769630

Current Events:
>Kyle rants on Snapchat about people only wanting him for Dolly
>Dolly and Fupa Daddy split up
>Dolly smokes her weight in weed while packing up her life into a storage POD
>Dolly does a drinks tour of the local airports while flying from Oklahoma to Colorado
>Dawn Willow, camgirl known for creating content involving "your sister and your dog that becomes a threesome" takes Dolly in for reasons unknown
>Kyle is left making sad breakup posts from Haus Mattel with Ribmeat
>Dolly says her stuff is being shipped to her, no word of Ribmeat

Follow the rules:
- no doxxing
- no vendetta
- do not include or harass Shay's family
- PLEASE remember to sage posts that don't contribute to the milk. This trainwreck belongs in /pt/. Seriously, the unsaged nitpicking and milkless bumps to the top need to stop.

http://pinkpussypopped.tumblr.com (deleted)
http://twitter.com/dollymattel (suspended)


Other threads:

Edit: This is not a thread to blogpost about your opinion or experiences with DDLG or other activities Shay is involved with.
Repetitive posts about shay's vagina will result in a no contribution ban

No. 771529

File: 1548423443860.jpg (97.73 KB, 586x665, 1.JPG)

Random twitter updates.

No. 771532

File: 1548423708976.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66 KB, 567x487, 2.JPG)

And this is the person that Shay is now currently living with. Can't wait to see what happens when Shay needs to make rent.

No. 771533

Which will happen first, Fupapa spilling milk about Shaytard or Shay accusing Fupa of abuse for pity points on Twitter/with Dawn?

No. 771534

File: 1548423992638.jpg (37.01 KB, 576x475, 3.JPG)

Not quite sure how I feel over six degrees of separation when it comes to cows. This is Dawn's other furry account by the way.

No. 771542

i mean chrischan is basically a meme so that's not really a meaningful connection

No. 771558

File: 1548429537739.png (89.98 KB, 532x448, Screenshot (307).png)

No. 771570

File: 1548431643199.png (22.74 KB, 562x266, 2019-01-25 10_48_45-Sub of 2k1…)

shayna. it's not even 9am, girl.

No. 771571

File: 1548431724883.png (526.26 KB, 556x780, 2019-01-25 10_50_37-Dawn Willo…)

what even is this?

No. 771572

who cares? this thread is about Shayna.

No. 771574

I wonder if this is abt shayna or his ex

No. 771579

shayna IS dolly, you absolute retard

No. 771580

And Dawn by extension is now part of the threads if there's milk

No. 771586


since when did we have dawn fans lol? this happened in the last thread too. Shay is living with Dawn, stop defending your furry queen sweet anons.

No. 771589

I think it's about his ex wife and it goes back around to her giving him an ultimatum. Now Shay is gone, he's "sad", and I bet his ex wife is still giving him more things to do since she got Shay out of the picture

No. 771591

Dawn has been doing porn for years and is actually successful unlike Shayna. Sure, rip on posts that mention Shayna. Whatever. But when there’s no milk and you’re just reading into every single thing dawn tweets or replies to, it’s really stupid and lame. Shayna gives us enough milk without anons having to try and tinfoil to get any drops they can. It’s just not actual milk, it’s stupid.

No. 771593

She appeals to the lowest common denominator and is shacking up with Shay now. This is no different then when we included Fupa in the threads. If she is living with Shay, people are gonna talk about her. I'm sorry anon lol

No. 771597

lmao the sensitive furries are back

No. 771609

File: 1548435585301.jpg (45.76 KB, 738x370, e88e85s66a5w.JPG)

>complaining about infighting while not saging your non-contribution

anyways, our Jesus loving cam whore is against pedophilia now. must mean she won't be posting anymore cringy pedophile pandering stuff anymore, eh?

No. 771617


I doubt that. Remember, she doesn’t consider what she does pedophilia or pedo pandering.

No. 771631

I'm sorry I'm confused, whose username is "knottidotti"? Is that Dawn? If yes then that's like, a very common and not-so-subtle way of saying to others "yes I am a girl who likes getting fucked by dogs". Genuinely appalled. that shit was rampant on Tumblr before the NSFW ban, hoards of degenerate people put "knotty" in their URLs to signal interest in bestiality.

No. 771635

that's her "fursona" twitter. which i believe she dresses up as a dalmation so that's definitely the crowd she's pandering to.

No. 771637

can we take fupa's name out of the thread title next go-around since he's basically out of the picture now? just seems superfluous

No. 771638

you really think he's out of the picture considering how much he's milking attention off her name?

No. 771639

he's just a supporting character now imo

No. 771640

As long as he keeps posting snaps about the situation as "Daddy Mattel" he is still going to be a topic of discussion here.

No. 771643

i'm not saying nobody can talk about him, just asking if he could be taken out of the thread title. just a little housekeeping bit.
whew. some of you need to get the sticks out of your asses this morning.

No. 771644

File: 1548439512027.jpeg (62.6 KB, 313x639, 3C1146AE-3DF1-454A-B2CF-19D96D…)

i don’t see a reason to remove Fupa just yet. he’s still associating with and contacting Shayna. i doubt this is the last we’ll see of him, and i’m sure milk is to follow.

I think, if anything, Dawn should be added to the next thread’s title. despite what her white knights have to say in the threads, she’s a cow in her own right, and i KNOW we’ll get even further confirmation of her lolcow status soon enough. she’s dog-whistled (hah) and done everything but flat-out state she’s a dog fucker.

we’ve got two freakish attention whores living under one roof. one is a lazy, slobbish, drunken pedophile panderer and the other one is an animal fucker who’s either stupid and gullible or has nefarious intentions we’re unaware of yet. the milk from all three of these cows is going to teem over and spill soon.

No. 771645

You said he is 'basically out of the picture' and for that you were wrong, as long as he keeps milking Shayna for attention he's staying in the picture and should remain in the title.
It's interesting that you care about this tbh.

No. 771646

oh my god i don't even care and regret even bringing it up LOL
am i in some alternate reality where everyone's sensibilities and defensiveness has been suddenly multiplied x1000?
i just like keeping things clean and felt that since she moved and he doesn't even have a tumblr handle now that perhaps he should be removed and dawn be added as >>771644 suggested

No. 771647

Who’s being sensitive? I think anon thought it was suspect for someone to suggest that fupa be removed from the thread

No. 771649


There's soon to be some good stuff to be discussing again. You can bet on that. Right now everyone is a little trigger happy during the lull. Just give it a little time. Once she starts her camming again or videos and other material it'll be juicy.

No. 771653

I hope fupa finds true love sooner or later

No. 771654

fuck no, anon. take shayne out of the equation entirely and kyle perkins is still a piece of degenerate shit who posts snuff porn and ddlg shit while being an actual dad to an actual little girl. he deserves the noose.

No. 771657

File: 1548442654423.jpg (563.68 KB, 1080x1990, 20190125_125632.jpg)

(5c. Do not brag or announce having personal contact or interactions with a cow.)

No. 771659

so you're chatting with him, or..?

No. 771660

If he isn't calling you out for being on this site, you just showed him your avi and will be.

No. 771663

If I'm not mistaken, names on snapchat don't get updated for people who already have you in thier snap friends list. I've changed my snapchat name a few times and I've seen it not get updated for people before. So if he does change it you might not see it unless you go to add him or are a new add

No. 771670

Your avatar is showing dumbass. Rip fupa snap milk

No. 771672

I don't understand the point of this? Why no context? You that desperate for attention? I mean c'mon.

No. 771673

you just outted yourself…….whhhyyyy

No. 771679

File: 1548445704835.jpeg (166.75 KB, 1242x1128, C904DA2A-63D5-4051-B29D-21F152…)

Fupa posted this earlier on Facebook. Not sure if this is related to something he/Shayna done or if it’s something between him and his ex.

Sage not no definite milk.

No. 771680

uhh that was already posted/discussed >>771558

No. 771696

its a rat, they sell them at ikea, ironic since shayna looks .. rodent-like

No. 771699

File: 1548448069813.png (398.36 KB, 556x561, 2019-01-25 15_08_02-Dawn Willo…)

well i guess they got matching ones lol

No. 771707

Dawn has two twitters for her furry/fursona stuff. Dottipink and KnottiDotti.

Dawn posted about having a mimosa as well so looks like she's going to enable Shay's drinking as well.

No. 771722

what… what even is that even supposed to be used for

No. 771723

s e x

well, masturbation.. like you put your dick in it. it's for gross male furries lel

No. 771724

File: 1548451503743.jpg (198.8 KB, 1080x625, Screenshot_20190125-152411_Twi…)

The new bed that you didn't buy

No. 771726

shocking. she's getting high and watching tv instead of, idk, making content?
bet she's happy to be sleeping in a bed for the first time in who knows how long.

No. 771749

it's weird to me that they haven't taken a selfie together yet. like even on snap.

No. 771755

File: 1548455701504.png (81.62 KB, 720x448, Screenshot_2019-01-25-17-30-14…)

This right here is why i cant feel sorry for her.

No. 771765

so she deserves nothing? sound about right.

No. 771771

File: 1548458999482.jpg (325.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190125-182836.jpg)

Lol please stop. We know you're only bi on camera and it's painful to watch.

No. 771772

Stop white knighting. I’m pretty sure anon was alluding to the fact that shay has lots of shit handed to her that she doesn’t deserve

No. 771774


How is saying that she deserves nothing wking? Lmao

No. 771776

It's easiest for me to just say I'm not straight because even though I have had sexual contact with girls I hated every moment of it and only did it for money. I don't actually feel sexual or romantic attraction to girls, but if I explained that that would not be ~super hot n attractive~ to men who look for queer girls, so I'll just answer vaguely so no one can tell that I'm straight as a fucking arrow

No. 771778

Nta but… Can you not read?

No. 771781

dawn is about to get on cam in 12 min if anyone wants to see if shayna pops up.

No. 771785

My heart goes out to whatever anons try to sit through a furry camming

No. 771795

Can someone post screenshots for the less strong?

No. 771797

She's only mentioned the new roommate once when someone asked how they are with her dog. She said "It's been fine"

No. 771799

She said they will be making videos together and that she will be spraying holy water over her vagina before they do anything so she tastes god's pussy?? But she's saying it should be great.

No. 771800

welp she just said her and shay are gonna be doing shows together

No. 771802

File: 1548462484124.png (Spoiler Image, 519.52 KB, 733x370, ddawn.png)

No. 771803

I wonder if shayna will still sit there staring at her phone the whole time lol

No. 771805

File: 1548462949409.png (Spoiler Image, 419.43 KB, 745x406, dawn.png)

No. 771807

God that room is a trash hole. How can you go on cam like that?
I'm sure she and the equally nasty Shay will get along well ugh

No. 771813

Kek, dawn said in the chat that she needs to orgasm so shes not a bitch to dolly.. also again with the holy water thing.. something about riding demons from the house ?

No. 771815

Is Dawn the girl who randomly started continuously giving Shayna big tips on cam a couple months ago?

No. 771816

Wasn't that foxy

No. 771817

omg her dog is barking at dolly.

No. 771818

File: 1548465262507.png (7.55 KB, 688x80, loldawn.png)

Chats responses to the dog barking at Dolly.

No. 771820

She's complaining about us, about speculating on where Shayna was going and calling her a dog fucker kek

No. 771821

She said that there's a thread about her and Dolly, always speculating where she's going and if she was moving in with her parents. She said that people could have just asked her and she would have been upfront. and that everyone on Manyvids uses a dog dildo and she's heard so many times she's fucked dogs.

No. 771826

Quick reminder. her name is Shayna not "Dolly"

No. 771829

A quick search of her name will bring you to lolcow, she might have found it on her own

No. 771830

Explains the sudden influx of wk and cries that we're perverts for thinking she's fucking her dog after doing a porn simulating fucking a dog.

No. 771831

Tbh shayna seems already to being doing marginally better since she left fupa, evidenced by less emo social media posts.

No. 771833

File: 1548466045319.png (Spoiler Image, 676.99 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8079.PNG)

No. 771834

File: 1548466067434.png (Spoiler Image, 582.07 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8080.PNG)

No. 771835

File: 1548466107174.jpg (160.06 KB, 1080x667, 20190125_202755.jpg)

No. 771836

Dawns hair looks so greasy and disgusting I bet you she's just like Shayna and doesn't bathe

No. 771837

I was going to say the same but I thought it was just wet. It has dried at all.

No. 771839

Her ass looks about as bad as Shay's vagina. Definitely can believe they share the same hygiene.

No. 771840

Her body is definitely better than Shays

No. 771845

Lol thank you. Makes me cringe every time I read it.

No. 771849

Taste God's pussy? Wtf? If she's referring to Shayna's bits, woo boy. That's sacrilegious to say the least. Bring on that milk.

No. 771852

Wtf is milky about this

No. 771855

File: 1548468760614.png (Spoiler Image, 873.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190125-201123.png)

Shayna needs her attention too kek

No. 771856

Stop talking about his ex I’m getting annoyed

No. 771857

Why are they calling her a demon? I don’t get it.

No. 771858

Oh no you're getting annoyed how dare we

No. 771859

File: 1548469166523.png (Spoiler Image, 9.33 MB, 1242x2208, 4E9C54C0-A6E9-440B-8AAB-253AA4…)

No. 771860

File: 1548469190512.png (9.9 MB, 1242x2208, E3303A44-029C-4C8E-A4A8-BDD270…)

No. 771862

When not even a filter can fix your goblin face

No. 771864

File: 1548469323073.jpg (91.12 KB, 578x219, hmm.jpg)

No. 771865

File: 1548469359102.jpg (970.5 KB, 1066x2071, Screenshot_20190125-182155_Vid…)

Taken on snap earlier today.

No. 771867

File: 1548469384972.png (555.56 KB, 1116x420, Screenshot_2.png)

She also ran into the room Shayna's in with a cross and splashed Shayna with water.

No. 771868

Holy shay js so lucky right now. Wtf

No. 771869

I'm more annoyed they won't sage that shit

It's amazing she thinks people wanna pay her for the most mundane shit. Oooh pay me to blow my nose, NUDE!

No. 771870

dawnwillow: i took a camhoe 5 levels lower
dawnwillow: and gonna level her up!!!!

No. 771871

I don’t for one second buy the story that’s dawn moved shaytard in out of the kindness of her own heart, and views her as someone who’s had “a tough 4 years”.
Dawn for sure has ulterior motives for enabling Shayna’s alcoholism and moving her in.

No. 771872

Wtfffff is this weird new kink?? "I need an old priest and a young priest."

No. 771873

Dawn has a more popular following so it's strange she'd stoop to Shay's level at all, I agree she has to be up to something

No. 771874

Kek imagine shay doing furry porn

No. 771875

She could probably get her so wasted and then film her dog fucking her and sell it on the side. Like lets not forget that shaytrad gets "blackout drunk".

She had whatever shitty thing is coming.

No. 771878

Definitely not fully innocent lol she's talking about her in a pretty condescending way too
I thought Shay already considered herself to be ~uwu so successful~ so I don't get how this discussion even flies with her but idk that's desperation for you I guess

No. 771882

you anons really love talking about dog fucking. it’s pretty unsettling that you find any reason to constantly bring it up. it’s almost like you want it to happen so you can watch.

No. 771884

File: 1548471374201.png (55.86 KB, 446x400, 1435026292992.png)

Nigger don't be retarded. Anything and everything is possible with shays disgusting ass.

No. 771886

Sounds like you want it to happen

No. 771889

The ulterior motives could be as simple as having a saviour complex and wanting to come across as a hero for the asspats.

No. 771890

all the anons that constantly find any reason to bring it up are the ones who want to see it. they keep coming up with these random scenarios so that they can get their dog fucking fantasies in tact.

No. 771892

take your furry rants elsewhere

No. 771896

Let's be real… You seem to be the only one taking it that seriously

No. 771898

File: 1548472692763.jpeg (213.05 KB, 1242x563, BE5C7414-54CA-455B-A4E1-9A3A6E…)

This bitch is literally baiting us… It's weird.

No. 771899

really? because a lot of anons in here are just finding random reasons to bring it up and it’s really creepy. it’s just weird that you want to bring it up so often. But I’ll shut up.(ban evading, so you can continue talking about dog fucking.)

No. 771901

She's absolutely retarded because that's just going to make us engage her even less and continue to tinfoil even harder to get under her skin kek.
Reading through her tweets she seems like she has the iq/reading level of a 4th grader so… Good luck, girl.

No. 771902

i stg she has seeked shay out for the attention from the farms.
tweets like this just make it seem obvious

No. 771903

no wonder they get along lol she's sitting with her foot against her pussy just like Shay does!

This is the first time in YEARS Shay has posted ANY content (pictures or videos) not on the floor. It's genuinely startling, she almost looks like a different person just because she's not on a grimy pink rug on a grimier carpeted floor. We haven't seen her on a bed since she lived in Massachusetts. Literally. Haven't seen that she's OWNED a bed since she left her parents' house. Sad that it's so jarring to me, but have not seen her sitting on a piece of furniture in literal years. It's the first thing I noticed about this picture, the second being that it's clear Dawn is holding the camera. It's already better content than anything she has ever made before. Gotta give that credit to Dawn, she's already completely turning around Shay's pathetic "career"

No. 771910

Says a lot about someone when a bed is that much of an upgrade lmao

No. 771920

>send me ur tax returns
Proving her disconnection from the outside world again. No one has gotten their refund yet.

No. 771922

Tell us about your tax refund, Shayna.
Oh wait..

No. 771927

Nitpick but it pisses me off how much she retweets herself lmao

No. 771930

She talks like a 4th grader too. I watched her cam tonight and she seems dumb as shit. I also think she will grow to resent Shay quick when she realizes that she's a mooch with no dinero. Wanna place bets on how long she lives there rent free? Or maybe Dawn will take pity when she sees Shay's empty chatrooms… Lel

No. 771932

Seems like she has about a 90 day shelf life until people get sick of her

No. 771936


I can see the rent thing becoming an issue. Dawn could be the most altruistic person in the world, but eventually living with a mooch is going to get to her.

No. 771937

>not gonna make her pay rent for a min
Flash forward to six months from now when Dawn is getting annoyed and Shay's going "What rent? I didn't know you were charging me rent!"

I can tell you right now that Shay is looking at paying at least $500 in taxes if she even bothers to pay at all.

No. 771938

And it not very likely shay would 'pick up the slack' by cleaning or anything. We know what a slob she is. It wont last. I give it 3 months MAX.

No. 771943

I give it 2 weeks
What a fucking freakshow. Also Dawn talks like a wigga

No. 771962

File: 1548480548339.jpg (1.48 MB, 3840x1920, inCollage_20190126_002848685.j…)

Some gems from dawn's curiouscat answers. Her stories are just as inconsistent as shay's kek. I'm amazed her real name hasn't come out with how idiotic she comes across.
>wont talk about "body stats" because it's an ED thing
>tells exact weight and then says she has a weight control fetish
>not sure how she feels about ddlg tumblr community but has a panderer living under her roof
>"reads forums" in her spare time kek

No. 771967

>more so tumblr and nice communities that expose minors to it
>is sheltering Shayna

No. 771970

>Tumblr and niche communities that exposed minors to it

your new roommate did exactly this and is remorseless about her role in exposing minors to her porn, she claims it was "inevitable" yet she didn't even pretend to try to stop it from happening. she willingly and knowingly exposed minors to her ddlg fetish. she used her underaged followers to give her a running start as a NSFW blog

No. 771973

>look at forums

nice, shay

No. 771974

this could be a reach, but considering dawn just admitted to reading forums in her spare time it is possible.
She contacted shayna last October on twitter? my thoughts are she has been waiting for this Oklahoma thing to fall apart to make her move.
If shes been reading threads Dawn would know that shayna and fupa were going to fall apart. By interjecting herself, she in turn gets more attention. before shayna even got on the plane there was speculation and more talk about dawn.
basically more attention more lurkers in her room on her shows which means more traffic and notoriety for her business. it is possible this was all a ploy, because really what does shayna have to offer a already established cam girl?
More internet attention, more money, more everything.

No. 771990

if Shay reads this thread as often as we're to assume, do y'all think she'll start to question or feel cautious towards Dawn?
all of this tinfoil is driving me nuts, and I can't help but anticipate something very milky coming along.. it's also seriously irritating to know that both of these nasties are in my very city, smh..

No. 771992

>it's also seriously irritating to know that both of these nasties are in my very city, smh..

Kek how do you think Tulsa anons feel? I still keep my eyes peeled for a Fupa sighting and am slightly upset I never encountered a real life Shay out in the wild.

No. 772010

well of course you didn't, she spent all her time indoors drunk mussing with her wonky tits and sticking her foot in her pussy.

this girl is a weird freak and i can't wait to see the shitstorm that's sure to come once shayna's significantly worn out her welcome.

No. 772046

>I have a love for more meticulous forms of control: bimbofication, dollification, weight control

Anyone else suspecting this is why she welcomed Shay into her house? She's already said they'll be performing together and Shay's whole thing is to be a submissive bimbo doll.

No. 772050

File: 1548513699587.jpg (82.91 KB, 936x339, Capture.JPG)

What'cha hiding there Dawn?
Curious how this gets locked down after someone gets banned and then hit with ban evasion as well.

No. 772051

LMAO someone's embarrassed

No. 772056

I knew it. The ban evading sperg came in talking about how much successful Dawn is compared to Shayna, how she's been doing porn for years etc., defending furries and being overall too pressed to be just a regular anon (even though they seemed to know basic board things, like how to sage).
Then Dawn said she reads forums in her free time and knows of this thread. The banned anon has the same typing style as her curiouscat answers cap, too. Put two and two together. Not only she's that anon, but it's very possible she's been partecipating in these threads before that.

No. 772058

She's probably been participating and talking bad about shay for months lmao. How is this already so messy?

No. 772059

Dawn is also a self described mommydom so I really wouldn’t be surprised if she was partly motivated to take shayna in because she wants to taste that boil covered infection hole

No. 772060

File: 1548516256073.jpg (Spoiler Image, 479.13 KB, 1800x1552, 1.JPG)

Dumping some of Dawn's misc stuff before she locks everything else down as well. Includes simulated necrophilia porn and dancing her way around having bought custom bestiality art of her OC (which she says is her).



No. 772061

Forgot to mention I included her post about having bought a female to breed with her dog and keep a puppy because Dawn intends to keep the female as well and with three dogs in the house there's little to no chance that Ribmeat is going to make the move to Colorado.

No. 772062

It’s nice that Ribmeat is with someone who will actually take care of her.

No. 772063

We can't really say for sure that Fupa enjoys having the cat around but I'd bet he was the one buying everything to take care of Ribmeat. Shay's not mentioned the cat once since someone asked how Ribmeat would be flying with her. Before that the last mention of the cat was January 19th with a few pictures.

No. 772064

NOT TO WK but the only time I was ever concerned for rib with shayna is if she didn’t have money she probably wouldn’t feed rib.
Shayna has a cat back in mass that she loved dearly. I don’t think she was a bad cat owner

No. 772074


archive.is that shit!

No. 772076

She is not a good cat owner. She is currently abandoning her cat to be with a weird furry cam girl. All because she is a broke and lazy POS who can't save money or properly plan in order to ensure she and her cat would be fine. She lied about paying someone to sit with Rib on her flight to Tulsa after claiming someone would be driving Ribmeat to her and realizing that lie didn't make sense. In actuality she likely had her cat fly via cargo, which is horrible.

She left her cat all alone with nobody to watch her while she went to Mexico to meet Fupa. She is selfish even when it comes to her cat.

No. 772081

I forgot all about that shit.
Ya she’s a shit cat owner my bad.

No. 772083

Okay can we stop talking about the cat now tho

No. 772086

>January 19th
that was only a week ago. how often do you expect someone to post about their cat?

No. 772093

Dawns live for anyone curious
She's really boring to watch tho lol

No. 772100

She looks just as special needs as Shay. Kek.

No. 772105

This is pretty ominous, thinking of the fact that she took Shay in her house "rent free" and is enabling her alcoholism and talking about camming together - while also browsing Shay's threads and posting in them. The whole situation sounds very suspicious.

No. 772109

Well thanks to these threads my pussy has never looked better! Thanks for the anons who suggested Shay exfoliate and apply alcohol after shaving! I never thought I would look so smooth.
Sage for literal blog.(no1curr)

No. 772117

This is embarrassing

No. 772119

According to >>>/meta/8300 that anon ban evaded 3 times just to keep talking about dog fucking so that's interesting lol

No. 772125

Dogfuckerchan is probably dawn selfposting
She’s invited attention on Twitter, has admitted to browsing forums…
How many more weirdos form the internet will Shayna meet before one of them harms her?

No. 772128

Apparently it's more worth it to her to keep embarrassing herself on the internet's stage than to hang up the old pink dildo and go home to Massachusetts

No. 772135

No. 772143

I think you're right. She could just have the mentality that she's helping a less-successful fellow SW get on their feet. The 'couch-surfing mooch' is a stereotype for a reason; there are a lot of well-meaning people out there whose kindness is taken advantage of by people who appear to be down on their luck.
You're over-thinking it, anon. She's already successful, and if Shay isn't able to capitalize off of her notoriety to the point where she isn't even making minimum wage, what makes you think that Dawn would become more successful by supporting Shay?
Shay didn't even question Fupapa's abusive tendencies- why would she become paranoid about Dawn when Dawn is supporting her lifestyle?

Dawn's a total degenerate and probably a dogfucker, but she hasn't given off any indication that she has malicious tendencies. Situations like this are actually really common in fringe communities (including the furry fandom back in the day)- a member of the community (here, Shay) will appear to be down on their luck due to circumstances that they claim are out of their control, and a naive but well-intentioned member of the community (here, Dawn) will take them in to 'give back' and 'protect their own'. Of course, that person will soon find out that their charity case is a lazy mooch and general trainwreck of a person and seek to get rid of them after their patience is completely exhausted, at which point the parasite will move on to a new host. It's a tale as old as the internet. The only question here is how long it'll take for Dawn to get tired enough of Shay to kick her out.

No. 772148

File: 1548532587778.png (620.13 KB, 1477x1142, dollyndotti.png)

i couldn't resist.

No. 772151

No. 772153

Because who tf comes to /snow/ to blogpost about their vagina unwarrented

No. 772155

lol his full name is really easy to find now

No. 772156

"Well-intentioned" is still debatable if she's a farmer kek

No. 772158

I give it a month, tops.

I don't feel like Shay is a furry and will probably get tired of furry antics, and Dawn will get tired of Shay in general (as she says she's [herself] antisocial, doesn't get along with others, and has already had to "orgasm to not be a bitch") and the lack of money Shay's pulling in.

I just think this relationship is incompatible, they're different kinds of degenerates lmao

No. 772161

File: 1548534072656.jpg (443.68 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190126-151148.jpg)

Why the mascara filter tho, fupa? Lmao

No. 772163

It’s the filter, dumbass

No. 772166

Anon said that. Chill

No. 772167

Check who's the dumbass for a second. I said "why the mascara FILTER".

No. 772168

nobody is "stalking" you, you obese retard. he is such a whiny man child kek.

No. 772170

You're the gift that keeps on giving.

I don't think Dawn should be categorized as "naive" given that she knows what Shay has been up to, if not here then through the drama about her on twitter. She's been promoting Shay on her website for months now and it really seems to be that she just saw this as a way to cement whatever angle she's going for in regards to marketing Shay. She may have meant well but there's definitely some other motives to taking her in.

No. 772171

File: 1548534703379.jpg (36.04 KB, 575x233, Capture.JPG)

It went from "It'll take a week, tops!" to "until I can get her".
She's also running a 10% off all her videos sale but surprisingly hasn't resorted to her old habit of "First to send X gets all my videos!" so I'm wondering if Dawn is teaching her some good habits now.

No. 772172

>theyre stalking everything i post publically!!1

No. 772186

Its hilarious because A) its the damn internet…. You choose to come here and see what's posted. Nobody is stalking, public information is just that, PUBLIC. They act like this whole website is "dedicated to Shay" and thats so far from the truth. B ) truthfully nobody really gives a fuck to keep you relevant, fupa. Shay is away from you now, im sure within this thread to the next one you'll be irrelevant because your 5 threads of Fame are over.

No. 772207

I cant stop laughing at this. Thank you, art anon. I hope this is the next thread pic, and we can finally get Kyle's name out of the thread title.

No. 772212

Be careful – anons might start thinking you're a fupa stan for suggesting that, kek

No. 772214

Fantastic work! Damn ya'll some talented people. Vote for next thread pic if these two are still living together.

Sounds kinda like a sarcastic lurking Dawn tbh. Wouldn't surprise me lol. Very cringey

No. 772267

why is he so pressed that someone blocked him? grow up dude.

No. 772269

i know right, he was so upset that someone didn't want to keep snapping him due to not knowing any of his real identity.

No. 772276

File: 1548554214625.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 308.63 KB, 1236x1474, AD7B6527-6BA0-4B50-A49D-7C9287…)

This is hilarious, even randos can see how badly beaten up her wolverine puss looks. Sometimes I wonder if she copies and paste her sales to make herself look like a real *~*pron*~* star because her fan base is tiny as fuck

No. 772277

They auto tweet when she makes sales but it's throttled (idk what the daily limit is). She does RT sales sometimes to make it look like she's had more than she has tho.

No. 772278

it looks like she's trying to clean her disgusting genitals with a kleenex or white cloth in the picture lol

No. 772279

It's panties iirc

No. 772284

File: 1548556309486.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 1242x1490, 9071CC05-6564-4D3B-B576-11C5C4…)

No. 772285

File: 1548556343878.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 873.07 KB, 1242x696, F89F112A-7AE1-4565-A7D1-D297C8…)

Patrick’s face is so accurate

No. 772286

File: 1548556388120.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 885.03 KB, 1242x695, D5AEF1E0-1A41-46E1-8B46-715E39…)

No. 772287

so that's her bathtub canopy thing on the floor? did she film this at fupas house or is it new?

No. 772289

pretty sure this is from “the doll Haus” aka house of Fupa.

No. 772291

damn those roots are rough. I wonder if she's going to be able to keep her hair bleached, since she's broke as fuck right now. how many more times will she be able to bleach it before it all starts snapping off (again)

nah that's her children's play tent from Walmart along with some plastic roses and possibly her signature pink shag rug that's matted with yeast infection and ass pimple gunk

No. 772292


is that blood again?

No. 772294

It could just be wetness, but… there's a suspicious dark spot in the middle.

No. 772295

Why the fucking hell would she post this. The stains are so obvious. It's gross. Why wouldn't she wear something else this dumb bitch surely must have some other one piece…
She should just wear a pair of stained period panties holy fuck

No. 772296

>>772295 Meant for >>772285

No. 772298

im pretty sure it’s just natural wetness. happens to pretty much every woman.

No. 772299

It looks like she has balls in the first picture, how can someone make porn for a living and let their pussy get in such busted shape? It's scarred, pimply, discoloured and it looks like a ballsack.

No. 772300

she has this persistent pimple thing on her ass all the time. it literally never goes away. wtf is it

No. 772301


it looks brown. discharge shouldnt be dark in colour

No. 772304

Except Shay is always dry af in her videos lol pretty sure we all know what wetness is vs discharge/blood

No. 772309

I'm pretty sure the permapimple is a scar from her incessantly picking it a pimple she had before. Also, I think most of it is just wetness. But right in the center of the gusset you can see a darker spot in the center of one of the wet spots. That's the thing I'm not so sure about. You have to zoom in to see it, but it's a distinctly darker brown color from the rest of the darker pink that is clearly just wetness

No. 772312

File: 1548559353089.jpg (31.05 KB, 600x505, 400.jpg)

Lmfao reminds me of this ancient meme I'm dead

No. 772313

File: 1548559460727.jpeg (50.04 KB, 750x376, A9D3BE0B-B87D-4F63-83CF-24D8C0…)

No. 772315

Why the fuck is she posting pictures in lingerie with period stains?

No. 772333

File: 1548563991681.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 697.96 KB, 1125x929, ED388C99-16DF-4A7D-A327-BF0B90…)

Y’all I’m fucking crying at the bottom right omfg

No. 772334


is this the one that she just said was a snap exclusive? is it rly a snap exclusive if you also sell it on mv?

No. 772335

she doesn't understand the meaning of the word 'exclusive' she has resold custom vids that were suppose to be 'exclusive' on mv

No. 772336

Sage bc irrelevant but tbf all camgirls rt themselves constantly, including mv sales autotweets…I do the same - it helps a surprising amount. I'm not trying to wk by any means, but the rt thing isn't specific to shay… it's just camgirl culture. For reference, MV autotweets can be set to go out every 2, 5, 10, 20, or 50 sales - shay's probably set her's to 2, so figure for every sales tweet that goes out she's sold 1 other vid that didn't trigger the autotweet.

On a separate note, the Dawn situation is extremely intriguing! Dawn is infinitely more popular than shay…I mean, she's on track to win MV star oty ffs. She definitely doesn't need extra rent money. Personally I think she wants to turn shay into her "pet" - dollify/bimbofy her and then keep her as a sex toy essentially…make her live in a cage, feed her from a dog bowl, groom her, etc. Shay would probably love that, or at least pretend to while slowly dying inside.

However this turns out, I suspect it's going to be milky af!

No. 772337

Great. Another cam girl here to shit up the thread educating us on the "culture".

No. 772338

Thanks for the context on the tweets anon. Its pretty sad how hard Shay tries to seem successful, when she really isnt.

No. 772343

keeping her in a dog cage and feeding/grooming her??? oookay then.

No. 772355

File: 1548567945373.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 328.22 KB, 1242x1478, BC941AFE-E25F-40EB-856A-DC6AF7…)

Lol we get it shaytard you stalk the forum

No. 772356

File: 1548567996513.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 317.61 KB, 1222x1670, B15002A5-BAB0-4754-94AB-DE18FC…)

Only thing iconic is the amount of lumps on her genitals

No. 772358

Referencing The Exorcist for some reason? Likely on account of the masturbating with a crucifix scene

I don't know. First thing that occurred to me about it; maybe they're planning on doing an Exorcist inspired video?

No. 772360

That's a long setup for a possible video lol I think the bitch is just weird

No. 772365


She's providing more info, it's for our benefit.

No. 772373

That's what I'm wondering, like wtf is with all this weird psychobabble holy talk unless she's poking fun at pseudo-religious Shay, or thinking they could turn a profit with it. Maybe using the lil goffic nun costume Shay never used last Halloween? (Or did she? I can't remember). IDK, they're both fucking weird horrorcows. Any Exorcist themed porn from them would be some knockoff of something like Key & Peele's Exorcist skit, minus the wit or talent.

Glad someone caught that reference!

No. 772407

File: 1548588339707.jpg (457.68 KB, 1180x377, 15XJiP9.jpg)

lol at the pic MV chose for their awards

No. 772408

i'm sorry but who wants to jerk off to them lol.. still better than shay though..

No. 772410

Is the far right person trans?
Only the blonde is better than shay.

No. 772411

on second thought you're right, although maybe the orange haired one could be better looking than shay in general. i know she's fat but still kek

No. 772418

both far right and far left seem to be trans

trans women have a lot of fetishists who r after them(stop derailing about trannies.)

No. 772433

Why didn’t she offer this when people were voting sub of the year? She’s so bad at marketing.

No. 772436

No. 772444

back to the gendercrit thread with you, this thread is about shay. nobody cares about those rando camgirls

No. 772451

No. 772453

>dumb desperate
well, at least she's self aware

No. 772476

File: 1548609355379.png (289.51 KB, 640x1136, 30EB7927-C4CE-42C6-B30A-76145F…)

No. 772485

You needed an adult cartoon to learn that? Pathetic. Also, we’ve all seen bojack, you’re just parroting a line from the show in an attempt to get those pity points. No ones buying that you’ve changed shaytard.

No. 772510

why would they pose and style the tranny to show off as much manface as possible?(stop derailing about trannies.)

No. 772519

not about looks though is it. Shay is an absolutely abysmal performer on cam, as we've all witnessed

No. 772543

File: 1548618142200.jpeg (108.03 KB, 866x1390, 565E3458-670F-46FC-9DC4-21E880…)

Well maybe if everyone including the admins on lolcow.farm weren’t so homophobic there wouldn’t be no drama. All of y’all are just bitter white women reaching 30 that thinks it’s okay to gossip and call out others but do the same cow behaviour as them.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 772549

Lolcow is no place for your sensitive ass justice bullshit

No. 772551

transsexualism has nothing to do with homosexuality but that's a topic for another thread

No. 772552

Found the tranny.

No. 772554

damn, Shayna's thread really does attract all of the autists.

No. 772562

Is this dogfucker-chan again??

No. 772563

This avatarfag again lol half of us are gay/bi bitch we just don’t coddle bullshit

No. 772566

>I don't think Dawn should be categorized as "naive" given that she knows what Shay has been up to
This is almost always the case in 'person takes in subculture bum' stories. The bum in question has a bad or controversial reputation, but the good samaritan has an 'i can fix them!' mentality, doesn't think that the accusations are that bad (in this case, when you compare Shay to the average bum in these stories, or cows in general, she really isn't that bad, just disgusting and irresponsible), or the bum tells the do-gooder 'their side of the story' in a convincing way. There's a reason why infamous cows like Laurelai Bailey managed to hop from place to place despite doing horrible shit like sexual assault. Some people are just far too willing to open their homes.
How do anons inspect Shay's pics like this without throwing up?
This sounds like something Luna would say

No. 772573

File: 1548621904432.jpg (39.45 KB, 584x270, Capture.JPG)

What the fuck is Shay retweeting about now? Ignoring the fact that OP sounds like a total cow the more I read about them justifying their idea of porn for kids but is this really something Shay thinks she should get involved with considering her own questionable porn?

No. 772579

The mod banned me. 100% transphobic/homophobic. Lol.(ban evasion)

No. 772584

Maybe you should take a hint.
And once again, trans people have nothing to do with gay people. Begone.

No. 772596

when a retard from tumblr stumbles onto lolcow

No. 772602

I'm wondering if it's dogfucker-chan again with a new angle. That and if both are Dawn in disguise.

No. 772606

true they ban evaded multiple times just to keep sobbing over how cool it is to want to emulate fucking dogs lol

"anna blaze" is a crazy gross bitch jesus christ, of course shay doesn't agree with the angle of "it's morally questionable", it's just "uwu us sex workers shouldn't have to do more work!!"(autism)

No. 772615

she’s not doing it to get some moral high ground, she’s doing it so idiots on twitter don’t think she’s the racist, bigoted, scamming piece of shit she really is.

No. 772618

Pls don't associate us homos with tranfags. Totally different breed.

No. 772619

File: 1548629280134.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1242x1741, 44486D82-33F3-4A22-8B05-BD867B…)

this is so funny because it’s just posts directly lifted from tumblr. She can’t even think of anything new so she has to use her popular old posts.

No. 772623

It’s crazy how much healthier her hair looks here. At one point her hair dresser literally started fucking her up, maybe cause she couldn’t stand her.

No. 772624

lol i noticed that when she posted her "i just wanna be babied, i just wanna suck his thumb" or whatever that she had posted on tumblr too

No. 772625


iirc she did that to herself by allowing a friend to bleach and fry her shit.

No. 772626

She also posted the really old angel wings pic from her tumblr. She’s really trying to milk her tumblr “fame” even though no one on twitter gives a shit

No. 772638

Some of yall are forgetting there’s a T in LGBTQ but that’s none of my business…(Off topic)

No. 772639

lmao are you really back to argue this or are you just another retard?

No. 772640

And you're forgetting that this is a thread just about shayna

No. 772661

File: 1548633622643.jpeg (814.26 KB, 1242x1262, 22CB3597-DAD6-449B-84F5-46990C…)

damn she is really trying to get those tumblr points. it’s almost like she’s finally realizing how fucking wrecked she’s gotten

No. 772663

she looks like she's got an extra chromosome here tho

No. 772673

Yeah, wouldn't surprise me if she's trying to go back to this look

No. 772690

She looks so much better in darker clothes like I know she's trying to pretend she loves being a sub but why not go back to dressing like a normal person and cam at the same time?? like there is absolutely no need to put on a onesie and show off your vaginal discharge!

No. 772691

she'd be proving us right is probably the main driving force behind her not doing it right now

No. 772699

I could be wrong but I think I noticed on Twitter she retweeted one of her snap tweets and it has info for her snap based on the lifetime prices, scamming again??

No. 772700

this is an imageboard

No. 772701

admin says dogfuckerchan is under investigation, kek >>>/meta/8344

No. 772715

shay is the blonde

No. 772718

No she's not, sage your shit

No. 772722

lol how do you mistake that for shay?

No. 772724

File: 1548643953474.jpg (23.13 KB, 500x400, eye-exam-inset.jpg)

uhhh no…

No. 772725

File: 1548644972600.jpg (26.67 KB, 174x275, Ms0FujG.jpg)


Funny because heres a photo of her uneditted and without a snapchat filter.

No. 772726

are you on crack? that looks even less like that girl than recent pics of shay lmao

No. 772727

That banner isn't even from this year. It's from the 2018 awards.

No. 772729

she kinda looks like her to me too lol maybe cus they both blonde and busted

No. 772738

How is this derailing? New admin has a fucking stick up her ass.

No. 772740

Disappointed but not surprised

No. 772753

'sall good, they saw the error in their ways

No. 772763

Thank god. They better get it together before spewing red text everywhere. This site is shit enough as is.

No. 772833

test to see if my ban was lifted too

No. 772834

there we go, at least we were promptly unbanned lol i'm pleased about that.

No. 772851


Hi farmers! Sorry about the unwarranted bans. New farmhands were added to the team today, who are still learning the ropes and what type of moderation fits each thread.

So if you feel your ban is weird/unwarranted please appeal it and we will get back to it asap. The moderation team is extra active today.

No. 772855

File: 1548681499057.jpg (32.77 KB, 584x280, Capture.JPG)

As much as Shay tweets on a daily basis about every bit of her life this is the first time she's actually kept tweeting to a minimum. Aside from fairly professional tweets and replying to people all she's done in the past day or two since moving in with Dawn is reblog her old stuff.
Starting to wonder if Dawn did what Fupa couldn't do in getting Shay to shut up for once. Even Dawn has gone silent on twitter aside from posting that one of her dogs has a vet visit today.

I guess we'll just have to wait until one or both of them can't resist attention.

No. 772863

i mean it's not exactly rocket science. if dawn is telling her what we've been saying here for ages then of course there's going to be improvement. fupa never gave a fuck about what shay was putting out there as long as he could piggyback off the attention.

No. 772870

Shit your old ass up lol

No. 772871

Your moderation sucks(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 772872

I'm almost entirely convinced dogfuckerchan is dawn and she is trolling the thread with her unsaged posts and derailing comments about transphobia

No. 772873

there has certainly been a significant uptick in sad, autistic attempts at trolling since shay moved so it seems possible it could be her or she's sending her orbiters here to derail

No. 772875

File: 1548690624394.png (77.39 KB, 1080x802, Screenshot_20190128-104851~2.p…)

No. 772880

i can't get over how deeply facetuned his profile pic is lmao. it's just a blur with a shitty beard on it.

No. 772885

simple plan “how could this happen to me” plays sadly in the background

No. 772886

It’s actually a snapchat filter. It’s one of those skin smoothing mascara filters, kek.

No. 772889

Kyle's calling a wrap on himself, I think we should too. At this point he's just milking her name/"popularity" for attention, which is exactly what he said was pissing him off the night he dumped her, seems a little strange that he's talking about her more now than ever since they broke up. I don't think we should give him the satisfaction of attention anymore, I think he loves it. Maybe next thread we really do take his name out. He's not going to give us any new milk from now on except pathetic tweets and snaps about how "oooooo it just wasn't my fault I still looove herrrrrr" which I honestly do not care enough to sit through. the only thing that makes him still (somewhat) relevant is the cat. Shame the cat is more important than he is

No. 772891

all he wanted was tumblr points for fucking Shayna. He’s a pathetic man.

No. 772892

Fupa, spill the milk or GTFO

No. 772897

It absolutely has to be Dawn or one of her followers. We didn't have this issue before Shay moved in with her and Dawn admitted she reads here and immediately locked down her furry twitters when they got posted.

No. 772898

File: 1548696676476.jpg (41.87 KB, 586x473, Capture.JPG)


Dawn's furry twitters are still locked down but I checked and she definitely posted about Lolcow after locking them down judging by the replies sent her way.

No. 772899

This is hilarious. She is acting like she has something to hide.

Shay really knows how to pick who to associate with. Trash, just like she is.

No. 772901

File: 1548697182166.gif (1.1 MB, 244x280, 1539128327476.gif)

Interesting isn't it? She makes it no secret she's a furry so what could she possibly have to hide? Almost sounds as if she's a little paranoid we might think something about her..

No. 772902

File: 1548697724182.png (317.96 KB, 566x552, 2019-01-28 12_43_38-Sub of 2k1…)

so i guess she's not testing the waters of the abusive parent shtick on twitter?

No. 772903

she's probably scrubbing her furry accounts as we speak

No. 772904

File: 1548697782372.jpg (24.73 KB, 592x134, 1.JPG)

I had thought staying with Dawn would be temporary but it doesn't look like Shay's going anywhere any time soon.

No. 772905

Uh yeah that's what I'm saying, I don't think he's gonna spill the milk ever about Shay or what it's like to live with her. I think he's just gonna drop pointless little tidbits that have to do with Shay without being milk, striving us along forever, therefore we should cut him out since he loves the attention. I'm not sure are you implying I am fupa in this post?

No. 772906

>can't wait to set everything up the exact same way it always looks

No. 772907

She can scrub all she wants but she's already been called out on Tumblr for engaging in paying for custom drawn beastiality porn with her fursona drawn like a real-life dog and two human men. She justified it by saying her fursona was basically her so it didn't count. Doesn't look good for her. Shay's already said she's into puppy play so Dawn's nasty tastes might just spread.

No. 772911

omg are you gonna like put the cage on the floor and then put some stuffed toys on the floor too

No. 772912

There's gonna be a bed, that's already infinitely better than anything from before.

*Stringing not striving sorry autocorrect always bugs out on this godforsaken site

what the fuck? She commissioned art of two men fucking a dog? And the dog was supposed to be her? What the fuck is wrong with this chick. she should not be allowed to own animals

No. 772913

see >>772060 (bottom right)

The art got hidden with Tumblr's new policies but the comment someone made is still there.

No. 772915

Dawn said she's not even making shayna pay rent at the moment, so it doesn't surprise me

No. 772919

File: 1548699634566.jpg (Spoiler Image, 62.72 KB, 910x583, 1.JPG)

Starting to see a theme with Dawn..

No. 772920


why would you remind everyone simple plan exists

No. 772921

File: 1548699694080.jpg (Spoiler Image, 26 KB, 834x138, degeneracy.JPG)

I came across a disturbing comment on a very disturbing beastiality website that comes up very easily when searching stuff on Dawn. Dawn's customers seem to have this idea for awhile that she does some pretty dark shit.

No. 772923

File: 1548699810157.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.92 KB, 767x487, 2.JPG)

She's gotten similar questions on her reddit.

No. 772924

File: 1548700008092.jpg (45.79 KB, 769x611, pull.JPG)

Just discovered this as well. Looks like this isn't Dawn's first brush with online boards. She had her own topic in PULL in 2016 but it didn't go anywhere. I can't tell if she self-posted or not.

Cows attract cows.

No. 772925

reads like a self-post to me and if so, she's been hunting this cow fame for a while

No. 772926

There's a pretty big line between wearing a dog costume and fucking a real dog lol

No. 772930

File: 1548701189083.jpg (Spoiler Image, 80.86 KB, 944x418, nastybitch.JPG)

Imo this nasty bitch is up to no good. Why is she bringing up her actual dogs on a furry website? And her normal twitter is public, but her furry ones are private now?


No. 772934

i agree it's weird. would've been like fupa posting about his kids in between his ddlg fetish posts on tumblr.

No. 772935

she suppprts trump and shayna moved in with her? this could kick something up too in the twitter community lol

No. 772936

You're right there is but it comes back to the old saying "If it walks like a duck.."

1. She is a furry who brings sex into it.
2. She saved up the money for a fursuit specifically used for sex.
3. She does porn simulating fucking a real dog.
4. She owns a male dog and wants to raise and own a second male, both not neutered.
5. She owns dog dick items. I mean for fucks sakes her weed pipe is a dog dick.
6. She never has actually DENIED not doing it. She dances around the subject while catering to perverts who get off on real animal fucking, which is a huge red flag in itself.
7. She's paid money to artists to have beastiality art made (one is still visible on her Tumblr but I choose not to post it)

She's done literally everything that would have someone immediately branding her a dog fucker but suspiciously all this has led to people coming out of the woodwork claiming we're crazy for thinking it.

No. 772937

I'm not saying people are crazy for thinking it, just that there isn't any real evidence.

No. 772938

File: 1548702718041.jpg (Spoiler Image, 76.66 KB, 1184x378, degen6.JPG)

You are right. My bad. it's totally normal to keep mentioning your dog on a furry website lol.

No. 772939

I didn't say that either. Yeah it's strange, but not proof that she fucks dogs lol

No. 772940

Why are you so set on defending her?

No. 772941

I'm just set on not believing things without proof, it's what makes sense

No. 772942

Sure buddy whatever but there's almost undeniable proof that she's up to something with her dogs and she's constantly all over this dog fucking bullshit. Get over yourself your opinion isn't the only one that matters, almost everyone here agrees she's a disgusting perverted dog fucker.

No. 772943

File: 1548703243393.jpg (Spoiler Image, 373.87 KB, 1080x1801, Screenshot_20190128-141848-1.j…)

Lol totally normal nothing to see here
(not suitable for life)

No. 772944

lol chill out, it's okay for people to disagree

No. 772945

Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, probably a fucking duck.

No. 772946

Unfortuantely this sort of thing can be passed off pretty easily in the furry community as "not a big deal" but like I said earlier she does have one piece of art that's highly questionable on her tumblr from August 2018. The same artist that did that piece may have done the ones that Tumblr removed that got her in hot water in her Asks but the artist has restricted everything on FA to users only.

No. 772947

File: 1548703497134.jpg (Spoiler Image, 200.57 KB, 1080x1712, Screenshot_20190128-142313-1.j…)

This one is certainly "interesting"
(more nsfl)

No. 772948

File: 1548703909166.jpg (Spoiler Image, 238.8 KB, 1081x1842, Screenshot_20190128-142904-1.j…)

Really hoping this was a collab with another furry OC and she didn't commission something involving a character with the same breed/markings of her irl dog

No. 772949

This indicates at the very least that she's trying to imply that she does for her followers.

No. 772950

post it faggot

No. 772951

when will she stop tweeting this shit over and over

No. 772952

Y'all got some strong stomaches investigating these girls (likewise, also shout out to the heros who archive and report zoosadism/pedophilia). I applaud you all, sincerely, and def couldn't dig too deeply into it myself. This is fucking disgusting, all of it. Simulating this shit is one extremely gross and awful thing, actually commissioning it is another.

No. 772953

yeah that's the thing to keep in mind too. she is PAYING MONEY for these.

No. 772960

what the fuck. never did I think I’d have to be exposed to furry porn on a Shay thread…

No. 772961

we can only hope at this point that she doesn't start getting involved in it herself

No. 772963

She's already done those puppy videos

No. 772964

oh yeah damn that's true. i guess i'd tried to suppress that already lol.

No. 772968

I’m just going to avoid this thread until the Dawn saga is over. Could definitely live my whole life without dogfucker chan.

No. 772969

i dont think she will. she only did the surface level of puppy play bc it was trendy in ddlg. i bet she is truthfully disgusted by dawn but will never admit it while living with her lol

No. 772970

god only knows how long she'll be staying there

No. 772972

shay will stay there forever as long as rent is free, she's a massive leech. and she'll do anything to not have to go back home.

No. 772976

Yeah, I feel you. I love this thread/cow but I don't have the stomach for the Dawn stuff blargh. Sidenote: how come so many camgirls look greasy and unwashed? Even after "bathing"? I can only imagine the stench those two will produce together and I shudder.

No. 772977

if she did deny it you would still think the same thing. It doesn’t matter what she does because you’ve already branded her as a dogfucker and if no one else agrees they’re just wrong or white knights.

there’s literally NO evidence of her being with a real animal or doing anything sexual with a real animal. Wanting your dog to have puppies doesn’t mean you want it for sexual reasons. If that was the case you could call all dog breeders possible dogfuckers. It’s all just tinfoil conspiracy crap. Unless there’s actual milk that proves she’s into beastiality and has fucked animals.

No. 772978

lol everyone who doesn’t believe the tinfoil is just a white knight defender, kek. Stop being so damn sensitive.

No. 772980

Jesus have you ever been on the internet? This shit is tame for the internet. Grow some balls, pussy.

No. 772981

i mean… i know what's out there. it's just not something i want to look at or subject other people itt to. like…?

No. 772982

doesn’t that mean Shayna is a dog fucker too? Because she dressed up as a dog? That’s the logic of this thread so

No. 772983

aww what a bummer, you don’t want to see something that’s on the internet. get your mommy to put some parental controls on it, pussy.

No. 772984

Shay doesn't commission photos of herself being fucked by animals and have animal dildos to fuck herself with

No. 772985

nta but something about it really disturbs me because it's a dog, if it was just some human i would feel nothing because i've seen much worse but it is creepy due to being a dog with "cum dumpster" written on it and i'm just really weirded out by anything like that involving animals lol but it's just a stupid drawing so it's not like, actually upsetting.

No. 772986

i'm the one that found and posted it for archival purposes. a warning was a courtesy for other anons that don't want to look at disgusting shit.
what is going on here?

No. 772987

lmao they are so triggered that you didn't personally enjoy shitty furry porn, hilarious

No. 772988

she actually does have one, from bad dragon. She also has a dog bone gag, and commissioned furry art of her.

She’s a dogfucker and is going to fuck Dawn’s dog, obviously.

No. 772990

This is so obviously the same person being triggered as fuck over this thread and everyone not normalizing dog fucking

No. 772991

what dog looks that anthropomorphic? I’d love to see one.(I'm sure you would, dogfuckerchan)

No. 772992

File: 1548708784031.jpg (83.76 KB, 543x949, degen10.JPG)

Dawn liked this tweet about training a "fire puppy" after she did some degenerate shit herself. This is totally cool and normal.

No. 772993

the used condoms in the drawing was the kicker for me

No. 772994

Oh fuck off already

No. 772995

but Shay is obviously a dogfucker, I’m going with the logic of the thread. Isn’t that what you all want? A hive mind?(staaahp it)

No. 772996

you're the only one that keeps talking about it honestly

No. 772997

yeah I want to go along with the hive mind, I’m just agreeing

No. 772998

Seriously you're the only one this fucking triggered over dog fucking get over yourself

No. 772999

I think fire puppy is reference to a firehouse dog(Stop it dogfuckerchan, seriously.)

No. 773000

i mean… nobody said you couldn't have your own opinions but you can't act surprised when people think you sound retarded (because you do)

No. 773001

wait you’re NOT triggered over dog fucking?

No. 773002

I sound retarded because I want proof? And because i don’t just want to go along with a bullshit conspiracy theory? This is an image board where you post proof of milk. Not a fucking tinfoil board.

No. 773003

I'm saying the guy keeps bringing it up not that it's not disgusting

No. 773004

anyone placing bets on how many times this autist tries to ban evade over this dumb shit this time?

No. 773006

seriously. i'm trying really hard not to respond/infight because i'm sick of this pointless shit but the constant sobbing at every single person who even mildly mentions not liking fucking dog porn drawings is retarded lol and they just keep returning!

No. 773007

I’m almost certain it’s more than one person. The typing styles are different.

It is annoying that people keep bringing it up without proof. It’s creepy.(no dogfucker chan its only you.)

No. 773008


We all tinfoiled over her moving in with dawn; turned out to be right.

No. 773009

You keep posting caps etc with basically the same comment. I don't think anyone here has said that furry stuff or whatever is normal. It's just that not everyone agrees than Dawn is 100% fucking her dog. Not everyone has to agree with you, it's alright

No. 773011

nobody ever said you're not allowed to tinfoil. if you don't like the way the conversation is going then don't participate. there's no reason to get so up in arms about a topic like that though.
also i don't think the majority of the people participating itt legitimately think she's doing anything to her dog. there are no rules against speculating though, so unless you have evidence AGAINST it, you are in the exact same boat with everyone else.

No. 773013

If they keep ban evading to defend Dawn and normalizing "Well if this person is a dogfucker then EVERYONE IS" then I hope Admin-sama will speed up the investigation into uncovering them.

Context for Admin-sama: Dawn's in Colorado, more than likely near Denver.

No. 773014

Exactly, we're at least providing shit to substantiate our tinfoiling, this dumbass just wants to scream no and expect everyone to go along with it

No. 773016

LMAO thank you for that redtext, based farmhand

No. 773019

Sounds like dawn-chan is here in full force. We know you like you dog too much. Give it up.

No. 773021

fully expecting a classic lolcow outing of her with 100s of posts in the shay and other camwhore threads when admin completes the investigation

No. 773024

File: 1548710485130.jpg (Spoiler Image, 187.37 KB, 1165x701, dotti1.JPG)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.. and how many accounts does Dawn have? Jesus Christ. She can lock these down as well because there's nothing of interest.
No wonder she took Shay in when this is the kind of thing she puts out.

No. 773025

Is that a dimple on her right thigh or a smudged boil?

No. 773027

this bitch is gross, putting a stuffed puppy on her genitals lol "puppy kisses"… just like shay, taking the most innocent of things and twisting it into gross fetishes online. inb4 hurr u don't go online enough this stuff is tame!!1 it's clearly not illegal nor the most evil thing in history but is it disgusting and creepy? yep.

No. 773030

jfc I come here for shay and get furry spergs

can the furries get their own thread so we can throw dawn in there? the amount of autism this shit creates is crazy

No. 773031

Well Shay is shacking up with her. It's the same as when she was living with Fupa except add in that Dawn is another camgirl with gross content to rival Shay's plus the added furry parts.

It'll die down once Shay brings attention back to her or Dawn kicks her out.

No. 773033

there's already a furry thread. blame shayna.

No. 773034

Based farmhand. I'm already tasting the investigation results… I think we all know who dogfucker-chan is, but having it confirmed (and potentially knowing what else she's posted on here before) will be hilarious.

The furry autist is only one person samefagging, ban evading and pretending to be different people. Thankfully the new farmhands are being pretty fast with issuing bans.

No. 773036

File: 1548712364125.gif (491.42 KB, 497x254, 1454833954728.gif)


Based farmhand. How many times have they ban evaded now?

No. 773037

>It'll die down once Shay brings attention back to her or Dawn kicks her out.
eagerly awaiting this, or for people to get bored of Dawn

if this is one person I'm both impressed and irritated

No. 773039

this puppy kiss shit is awful. she's pandering to zoos (who do much worse to their dogs, read the kero thread) or just straight up a zoophile. where there's smoke, there's fire. if she's that much of a degenerate maybe it's a good thing to remove herself from the gene pool while she can. that shit's not normal, it's not healthy, and dogs who go through this kind of abuse often have to be put down. what the fuck is wrong with people.

No. 773057

If they really did split up for him to keep access to his kids then he probably makes so few sacrifices of his happiness for others that he wants a medal for it
>muh bitch ex made me break up with my tru wuv porn star forever but I'm such a good father that I did it pity me

No. 773071

File: 1548717880648.png (289.46 KB, 640x1136, ECB6F862-6EA6-4170-8EE1-04942C…)


No. 773072

IMO, if it were because of Kyle’s wife, they’d have played it off as tortured love. They could have continued the relationship as an LDR. He just wanted sympathy for dumping her

No. 773075

quickly caring less and less about anything to do with Kyle and barely see this as worth posting. I feel like he's doing this shit just to stay relevant to farmers. It is interesting that he's finally mentioning anything about his relationship on Facebook, where he was listed as single for the entirety of it, only after he dumped her

No. 773076

At least when this thread was about fupa and Shay it was funny.
Now with Dawn it's just disgusting and disturbing.

Can we just agree that Dawn is a gross bestiality fetish bitch and ignore the dogfuckerchans who come here?
They're either Dawn herself or some of her equally disgusting customers so let's just ignore them.

No. 773078

I don't disagree that we should ignore dogfucker-chan but I have to point out that Fupa and Shay were in themselves disgusting and disturbing.

Fupa's social media is full of rape, torture, crimes against women, dubious underaged material, and daddy/daughter content.
Shay thought Fupa slapping/punching her was romantic and bragged about him waterboarding her. Then there's the two of them encouraging each other to drink and Shay's enabled spiraling into alcoholism.

Sure we laughed about Fupa's lady gloves and Shay's attempts to be a suburbs housewife but beyond that they were both disgusting and disturbing as well.

No. 773079

Agreed. I never imagined the thread/content would end up like this (the quick breakup + quicker new living situation w/ Dawn.) I was hoping they'd drag it out a bit more to try to prove us all wrong.

No. 773086

That's a huge stretch. Furfags post about their pets; what do you expect from people who are part of an animal-based subculture?
The real sketchy shit is here:

The Fupapa saga got boring towards the end, though. It just consisted of Shay vagueblogging about how shit her life is and getting high/drunk. This has the potential to be much more interesting.

No. 773089

File: 1548723754905.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.27 KB, 1174x749, degen4.JPG)

I really don't think that those posts you labeled as a stretch are a stretch. It's weird that she is constantly bringing up her dogs in places where she posts sexual furry art. She has fake furry dick props that she pretends to lick. Maybe she shouldn't be mentioning her dogs while doing weird shit like that.

No. 773099

It really does remind me of Fupa (and others like him) that post a lot of sexual daddy Dom bullshit (fursona stuff in her case) while talking about their own children and being a parent (and animals/pets). It's like Shay making everything sexual (or getting her "kinks" into everything) so anything she posted could be considered gross, regardless of her meaning. Dawn and Fupa both are so damn gross about such innocent things (children/self care, animals). It's hard not to feel leery about anything they post.

No. 773100

File name checks out

No. 773103

i wonder if she left all of her depop shit in oklahoma

No. 773105


I'm confused. Is that a self-post?

No. 773106

Stop derailing about Dawn Willow. This is a thread about Shay/Dolly. If you'd like to talk about Dawn at length feel free to make a thread, but if the sperging keeps happening in this thread it will be autosaged.

No. 773112

File: 1548729654064.jpg (834.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190128-214016.jpg)

No. 773114

Was she lurking again?

No. 773115

I feel like she always is honestly. I'm sure fupa is keeping up with the threads more than ever now too since he's become irrelevant.

No. 773117

yeah I bet his old ticker gets goin when he sees his name come up

What was the time frame between her selling stuff and getting kicked out? surely she had time to post stuff or fupa (hey fupes) was like ok shay get your coat and it was a complete surprise to her and that's why she's only posting now

No. 773118

Not to keep bringing him up, but he definitely lurks. His profile picture changed on Facebook after he got made fun of here.

No. 773127




Archive before you post to prevent her from DFE. We could've had her Twitter accounts.

No. 773142

even if we'd archived her twitter we wouldn't be able to see her new tweets, no?

No. 773159

yes but several anons suspect she deleted it because there was some shady stuff that she wanted to hide from the past. That's mostly what we lost

No. 773161

Well people were already ree'ing about her being discussed (including a farmhand) so I guess not that much of a loss

No. 773195

Here is clarification about this.

Shay and Dawn live together, so talk about Dawn Willow is fine on Shay's thread IF they start to produce milk together or Dawns milk is directly related to Shay.

There has been enough posts discussing Dawn's dog related fetishes, so until proper milk of these antics surface (antics that are related to Shay), refrain posting about Dawn on this thread. However, if farmers feel Dawn needs her own thread for now, feel free to make one.

No. 773197

Thank you for the clarification. It might just be me but I don't think there's enough to warrant her own topic at the moment since we know pretty much everything about her and the only question was the one that's lured in our "mystery" whiteknight.

Until something gets found I think we can all agree to this and only bring Dawn up if Shay interacts with her on social media, mentions her on her own, or finally starts performing with her as they planned.

Other than that there's not much we can do until we uncover some more accounts or Admin-sama finishes their investigation.

No. 773199

Thank you for this. Honestly I feel Dawn belongs in this thread because no one cared about her until Shay moved in. However she seems like she would have had enough milk of her own for a thread if only she hadn’t made her accounts private. Either way this saga won’t end well.

No. 773211

It's almost ironic she made her accounts private, she's been looking for this attention for a while it seems. Who asks Shayna to move in with them?? People who are desperate (Fupa)

No. 773222

File: 1548779064431.png (163.94 KB, 1440x1292, Screenshot_20190129-111928~2.p…)

I'm trying to make this as discreet as possible thus saging and reuploading so the pic is smaller. I know everyone is sick of dawn derailing but what do you guys think of this?

No. 773223

I'm guessing the people here who kept going on about her fucking her dog have probably been reporting/spamming her account

No. 773224

can we not open this can of worms again today? lol

No. 773225

Honestly she did this to herself by aligning herself with Shay. She thought it would be ~ fun and drama filled and edgy and she would be talked about on the boards thus increasing her popularity, but she didn’t realize everything else that came with that.

No. 773226

lol I'm not starting a discussion, just saying what's likely happened.

No. 773233

File: 1548781884137.jpg (28.29 KB, 1370x141, dw.jpg)

So can people stop speculating about dawn here and just go ask her shit instead?

No. 773241

We're not 4chan silly :^)(:^))

No. 773258

Last time I'm even humoring her, but, hey dawn, nobody asked you because nobody gives a fuck.

No. 773278

Sorry to post about Former Fupa again,
But it has been such a wild ride catching up these past few threads.

Can you guys believe Kyle ruined his name on the internet, ruined his relationship with his family even more, and BOUGHT A FUCKING HOUSE just to flex prove us wrong?

Only to back out entirely and kick her out because he realized we were right about moving in with someone after meeting them twice.

It’s too hilarious. Hope it was it all worth Kyle! Thanks for the milk. Have a shitty life manipulating one young girl after the other, you’ll never be happy.

You better hope your kids never google your name.

No. 773510

We were all aware threads ago. Whatever this post is, self fag or new fag, my only wish is that someone he worked with would've seen the nasty pictures of him and Shay together. So disgusting they are burned in my memory forever.

No. 773534

File: 1548806030061.png (Spoiler Image, 569.87 KB, 482x877, 1534534980010.png)

Here's a quick refresher because the internet never forgets and there is still hope someone from Kyle Nathan Perks' Tulsa Oklahoma call-center job will see all of this.

Inb4 autistic REEing about how we dont want to mention someone in the OP header anymore. Remove it for the next thread.

No. 773536

all he has to do is move away from tulsa tho

No. 773547

just wanna say I love the new shayna banner

No. 773551

His face and tattoo are in the shot to identify him, he's fucked

No. 773554

God I miss Shayna and Fupa milk tbh

No. 773558

i'm really excited for this new shayna chapter tbh. the furry roomate saga has a lot of potential for hilarious creamy milk. fupa's milk is cursed and sad

No. 773560

Not really. I doubt anyone would actually care because it’s a call center and he’s not representing the company in person, face to face with customers. (At least I don’t think so, correct me if I’m wrong). They would probably just give him a warning and tell him to take it down. The worst part would be it’s humiliating to know your boss had seen you eating a dry, pimple covered pussy.

No. 773561

File: 1548820055377.jpg (105.07 KB, 596x623, Capture1.JPG)

I'll take a ban for this because I know it's against what farmhands said but shit just took a turn for the disgusting today on Dawn's locked accounts and Shay's NEVER been this quiet before. There's also been links posted to Dawn's accounts referencing "your friend" and getting furry stuff made for said friend so I'm guessing it's for Shay.

I honestly am starting to wonder if Shay got herself into something worse than when she lived with Fupa. Dawn's been listing her on her website (she's the only one), she brought her into the house, she's supplying her with weed/alcohol, and she's not mentioned wanting rent but has said they'll perform together when Shay hasn't said a word about anything like that.

No. 773562

shaynas a grown ass woman lol dawn isn't keeping her doped up in the back room while measuring her for a fur suit

No. 773563

No but Shay's got nowhere to go and probably high/drunk off her ass every day and needs to fund her addictions. Don't get me wrong, Shay's a spoiled brat bitch but she's also going from living with someone who got off on rape fantasies and torture to someone like Dawn who is literally Shay's last stop before she either goes home or winds up on the street, and Dawn's got as questionable tastes as Fupa did but with fans even sicker.

You have to admit Shay has pretty much dropped off social media since she moved in with Dawn and this is the chick who tweets every thought that goes through her brain at a moment's notice. She's made 3 tweets in 24 hours.

I'm not suggesting Dawn is holding her hostage or anything but I definitely think Dawn made some demands if Shay wanted to stay with her. Especially now that the "evil 4chan anons" have taken notice.

No. 773565

same! I saw it for the first time and it honestly made my day, I laughed so fucking hard. (For anyone wondering it's from her ATK shoot with the vibe where it zooms in on her face trying to be "sexy" for the camera but she legit looks like she just squeezed out a fart and is trying to play it off.) thank you farmhands/whoever made it a banner!

tbh I think Dawn just told her to make her Twitter more professional and less emo shitposty/recycled Tumblr posts. It's good for her business not to be ranting about personal crap all the time. in general the stuff we've seen from Shay so far since she moved has been better quality, or at least less pathetic. not saying she should start following in Dawn's degenerate footsteps, but Dawn has been a sex worker for way longer, so maybe she's passing on some tips so Shay can actually make some money without having to beg for it constantly. We'll see.

I also think the begging has gone down because Dawn is bankrolling her alcoholism/weed dependency which is what 90% of Shay's money goes towards. We'll see how long that will last with 0 income being brought in and no shared expenses.

No. 773568

Is there a thread for banners? I’d love to see that.

I’m one more Dawn post away from ditching this Shayna thread until the next saga. Not because she isn’t milky or anything but because her entire existence makes my skin crawl and my stomach turn. What a vile piece of shit.

No. 773571

No. 773573

Personally, I didn't care about his bosses or getting fired, anything like that. In my fantasies one of his co-workers saw them and if you're me you don't keep shit this gross to yourself.

No. 773590

I'm legit gonna cry this shit is so funny. I'm bummed she got booted from her LA agency because we could be seeing more of this rank shit. she did mention talking to insex about having another shoot though, so we at least have hope of new pro milk in the future. she always looks her worst in the pro shoots since she can't control the editing, run it through 50 washed-out pink-tinted filters, or hide her pussy sores.

I'm still convinced they're the ones who ruined her labia majora by using a clit pump on her entire vulva. They're so shit at what they do and now Shay has a perma-ballsack.

No. 773595

Sorry to post this but has fupa been active on snap chat?

No. 773607

Thank you, blessed anon.

No. 773609

I was the person who giffed that originally i didn't know it was a banner now lol ty who ever added the caption and formatted it

No. 773617

He has been

No. 773629

I used my own gif, not yours.
Glad everyone likes it. Felt Shay was a big enough cow at this point that she'd deserved her own banner.
Tbh I forgot about it because it'd been so long.

No. 773643

File: 1548863533207.jpeg (94.45 KB, 750x784, 6CF547D2-72C9-4EAB-82E1-718F7F…)

Really shay lol

No. 773647

lol she's living rent free rn and dawn said she feels like her mother because she's doing all the jobs and organising transport for shaynas stuff//cat

No. 773650

When did Dawn say that?

No. 773651

Lurk more, jfc it’s not that hard

No. 773652

Stop being such a prick and trying being helpful you asshole(infighting)

No. 773655

During a stream when people were asking about shayna

No. 773672

shameless shayna

No. 773680

File: 1548877393380.png (390.92 KB, 720x969, Screenshot_2019-01-30-14-41-21…)

Im sorry, but like… How could you not take this offensively??? Loooool
Comparing Shays hair to a damn dogs ears kek

No. 773685

File: 1548878666627.png (257.21 KB, 750x1334, 941DEF52-6440-46BF-8724-593D0F…)

Kek the irony.. is she delusional?

No. 773718

Kek, she's not wrong though.

No. 773731

No your mods are pompous pricks that think they’re the high horse. This thread is ruined with red bullshit.

(you don’t need to add redtext, added my words already, ban me silently :))(girl bye)

No. 773740

lol get a better hobby

No. 773744

Two days late on that one

No. 773761

File: 1548897335292.png (2.73 MB, 1242x2208, 534831C1-EAF2-4659-9D07-D24CAD…)

Did anyone manage to cap her trying to act like she can give a blowjob while doing her makeup on insta? I didn’t think to cap it but it already got taken down and wanted to know if anyone else saw/got it

No. 773769

File: 1548900219884.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.04 MB, 1242x1669, 1D80BA5E-4CF3-44F0-B780-7A32FE…)


No. 773771

File: 1548900472545.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 280.55 KB, 1040x2048, 11E8FB17-4449-4B6A-B018-BE64CD…)

(2/3)(you should've spoilered this)

No. 773772

lookin like a neanderthal again lel

No. 773773

That is one dusty vagina

No. 773774

its just all so hideous lol any day now I expect to see a pic w those hearts over her vagina

No. 773775

you'd think, ykno, being a sex worker and all, that she'd pamper and take care of her pussy a lot better than she currently does, given the fact that her pussy is literally the thing that employs her.

No. 773777

Shay can say whatever she wants but there really is no refuting her lack of bed pre-moving in with Dawn considering the moment she publicly acquired one we suddenly see countless selfies from said bed.
(So happy we went from dead beat divorcee dad to zoophilia pandering furry. Kyle was full fat and Dawn came through with the anthro jersey cow cream)

No. 773778

I can seriously only focus on the bed. Shay should just post pictures of that than her dusty self.

No. 773785

God I just noticed the filth on the bottom of her socks as well and that same fucking pit stained shirt

No. 773787

i don't understand how a vagina can look so much like an elderly man's ballsack from literally every angle

now that she finally has a bed i hope the next purchase is a new fucking white shirt. i've never felt bad for a piece of clothing before shay but jfc

No. 773788

Not like it makes much difference having a bed, the piss rug is there anyway

No. 773789

File: 1548902825977.jpg (791.73 KB, 939x1887, Screenshot_20190130-204426_Chr…)

This girl is finally using a good camera with a ring light, which is obviously Dawn's.

No. 773791

The ring light is hers, she's posted stuff with it before. The quality looks like the same iPhone quality as always.

No. 773792

the way she edits her face is hilarious. half of one side of her big ol nose has disappeared kek.

No. 773794

Kek I didn't know good cameras have snapchat filters now too

No. 773796

Oof, that light really shows how caked and wrinkled that makeup is.
Also 1 of her only 3 outfits

No. 773798

shay…you don't look like this cmon and idk how you think this is a good camera when it has the goddamn snapchat filter on it

No. 773799

>anthro Jersey cow cream
made me laugh a lot harder than it should have lol

that's not the same grimy rug, that's a body pillow Dawn bought at IKEA (I'm assuming. It is a pillow though)

it legit looks like a mask. like not even real skin. I would say she looks like a mannequin but I bet she's into that shit and will take it as a compliment when she lurks here. Shayna you look sickly and dead, not in a good way.

No. 773804

File: 1548907094726.png (Spoiler Image, 3.33 MB, 750x1334, 25773134-14EE-4415-97DD-709AD4…)

Open at your own risk (1/3)

No. 773806

File: 1548907154370.png (Spoiler Image, 3.19 MB, 750x1334, 6A84FD9D-626B-44B1-9C1A-C146F8…)

No. 773807

grandma, no!

No. 773808

File: 1548907285687.png (Spoiler Image, 3.08 MB, 750x1334, ABABCE15-6E43-4409-B598-4AD948…)

No. 773809

she thinks she has a bad gag reflex but surely she has a good one? like not having one would be bad right? I mean I know she means that she doesn't want to gag while she's giving blow jobs to frickin dildos but that's probably happening cus she's ramming it down her throat when she doesn't really want to like… what is wrong with her. just stop lol

No. 773810

nah gagging is just a weird kink

No. 773811


why did you post three screenshots of basically the same thing, like we could see she's attempting to deep throat a dildo from just one screenshot…

No. 773812

lol right? at least post the clip

No. 773813

God even under that ring light she still looks crusty

No. 773819

Damn, those eye bags are HANGING. Scary for a what, 21 year old? Shay, drink some god damn water

No. 773821

Damn Dawn really is making Shay her project though. Wine and dines her, houses her, takes her pictures. And I bet Shay loves having someone take care of every aspect of her life. Fupa could never.

No. 773825

we all know fupa is following this thread for updates on her and i bet he's salty seeing someone else do this stuff for her

No. 773827


dildo clip from her twitter (p sure she threw up at the end when the video cut off)

No. 773829


Honestly? It's probably good that Shay has someone to take care of her and do shit with her. At least someone gives a damn to do it, at least she's away from fatboi fupa.

Maybe, just maybe she'll turn herself around with some female intervention.

No. 773831

TBH I am SHOOK! She stopped sperging every 5 min about being an alcoholic and she now has a bed.

No. 773832

lmao yeah. just the influence she needs to make it in the world? we'll see.

No. 773839

And she doesn’t have to fuck some fat, old dude whenever he wants, to get the same shit. She doesn’t have to lie that much with dawn, with fupa she always had to pretend she was interested in him and all his boring ass shit. Why would she ever want to go back?

I think this will be good for her situation-wise and emotional-wise, like a break. But I also think it’ll end up further enabling her into thinking that someone will always be there, when she’s too lazy, or broke to pay for all her needs. So she’ll keep spending her money, not working, not saving, and hopping from friends couches to overstaying at sugar daddy’s beds to her parents every month.

How can dawn afford all this shit, afford rent and dining out, etc but somehow shay can’t? Is dawn from a rich family or is she just not retarded? Give it a few weeks when she keeps expecting everything handed to her still…. dawn won’t do this stuff for shay for much longer, shays going to feel entitled to it, and then we get milk.

No. 773846


I think Dawn is relatively popular, in porn and the furry community. I’d guess that she has a much higher income than Shayna.

So, probably a combo of that and not being completely fucking spastic with her money (aside from throwing money at Shayna right now).

No. 773860

She sucked that dildo like a damn muppet

No. 773863

Her hair isn't a matted mess either! Leaving fupa seems to be really good for her so far, not gonna lie. Seems like she was absolutely miserable stuck in that house with no friends other than an old man who punches you as a kink.

No. 773865

She's probably started using dawns hair care stuff instead of whatever it was that's been destroying hers

No. 773866

Lips are still really crusty though. Maybe dawn could give her a lip balm

No. 773869

I think it's hilarious that this is considered an improvement for Shay. She has another person taking care of her. She is an adult. Time to grow up. I can't wait for Degenerate Dawn to get sick of Freeloader Barbie.

No. 773873

Everyone was applauding her for drinking water and having a schedule at the start of the Fupa phase, this is just the honeymoon period. Once Shay gets used to being in the house she will just fall back onto her own ways.

No. 773875

exactly. why is everyone acting like she is capable of changing overnight?

No. 773892

Right? And her hair is still damaged beyond repair, no amount of product is going to be able to fix it. She does have the ability to make it look decent for a day or so after a shower but she'll still have chunks of it missing making it uneven. God forbid she cut it though, it hasn't grown in like two years at least and she can't afford to lose the length for her ~uwu barbie bimbo~ image.

No. 773908

Eventually dawn will get fed up of doing everything for her and paying her bills too

No. 773911

File: 1548956820100.jpeg (286.52 KB, 1242x1625, 12B977C4-AE7D-407E-88A2-58A41B…)


No. 773913

File: 1548956880111.jpeg (265.75 KB, 1242x1811, E9C8D658-FF6C-49D8-A25A-D79B27…)

2/2 Doesn’t she understand that’s all she’ll ever be now is something for neckbeards to jack off too

No. 773916

>uwu i'm a ~porn star~ but i don't want men jacking off to me
at least the dude in the comments gets it

No. 773921

Her whole clientele conisists of men who jack off to her though? That's like making cooking videos and then blocking someone because they added one of your vids to their "things to cook" playlist kek.

No. 773922

File: 1548958111934.jpeg (240.66 KB, 1242x1303, F71CAADD-6DC3-4732-B356-C68530…)

lol she’s really trying to regain that tumblr popularity on every other platform but it’s never gonna happen. People are wise in their ways about Shaytard, not to mention you can have all those followers but if your likes and retweets don’t match what’s the point of having empty bot accounts. Oh yeah it’s because staring at the the numbers all day makes her feel better about herself since she has nothing else going for her

No. 773923

i'm surprised she's gaining followers at all with how little content she's been putting out. there are a shit ton of bots on twitter and insta tho.

No. 773925

she probably had an influx of followers lately from dawn aswell

No. 773927

true. wonder if she's been advertising her since she put her accounts on private? all i've seen her refer to her as is "another camhoe" and other vague references up to that point.

No. 773938

File: 1548959905588.png (366.73 KB, 547x697, 2019-01-31 13_32_48-Sub of 2k1…)

lol i don't understand this angle and it irritates me. anyone remember when she made the domme video and was so triggered that people were asking if she was a switch and they were compromising her "little space"?

No. 773940

Well that was probably all fake and she just desperately wants money and would do anything for like $25

No. 773941

>i'll ruin your life
yeah, just ask fupa

No. 773943

File: 1548960327848.jpeg (946.65 KB, 1242x1978, 9441362C-30E5-4B78-B3DA-97E8C4…)

dawn tagged her on tumblr but i think that’s about all i’ve seen.

No. 773944

No. 773945

She's been mentioned on the private furry twitters going off the replies received. She's also got Shay listed on her professional website in which there's a "dollymattel.com" listed but that just reroutes to Chaturbate.

No. 773946

Snap anon be blessed. She’s so gross, idk why she thinks this is attractive

No. 773948

File: 1548960810545.jpeg (164.21 KB, 750x996, 7F09F32D-FE9C-4DC9-BF14-BBC5FC…)

Her reply

No. 773949

lol so she took it to literally mean 'things to jerk off to for free' when it was probs just a list of camgirls etc they like. im surprised she hasnt blocked all her customers yet.

No. 773950

it physically hurt how dumb she is

No. 773951

Her mouth looks like a breeding ground for bacteria, she’s so disgusting to even look at. Kinda pathetic that she’s using a filter and a caked face and still doesn’t make her look decent. Pretty funny seeing the filter lock onto her old man pussy

No. 773952

so she hates when other people want stuff for free but it's okay for her to freeload her way through life

No. 773953

File: 1548961133526.jpeg (360.82 KB, 1242x1555, 09E10AF9-ED2F-43F4-A628-631281…)

She’s a pathetic walking contradiction

No. 773954

She is giving some serious crazy eyes throughout this entire thing

No. 773955

maybe dawn will take her to forever21 so she can splurge on a new $5 top

No. 773956

glad i finished eating lunch before watching this. is "lucky" by britney spears supposed to turn the men on? lol

No. 773957

File: 1548961562898.jpeg (15.01 KB, 288x240, E7DB4A15-2722-4884-88B6-93F9B4…)

Her crazy blinking and trying to make herself look like a big eyed uwu baby just remind me of another unattractive dumbass

No. 773959

File: 1548962050807.jpeg (149.61 KB, 750x511, 24357F9B-6F59-415E-A7AF-CE25CB…)

Interesting she thinks she’ll gain 5k+ followers in one day.
Also, interesting that belle follows her. When cows collide

No. 773960

I find it funny that these two cows follow each other lol Shay really thinks she’s someone

Not to get side tracked but anyone know what happened to the Belle thread?

No. 773961

Nah, its not that surprising. They both have shit taste in aesthetics and retouch their pics to catfish levels.

No. 773962

lol this basically translates to 'I'll call you a name and then ask for money'

No. 773965

i think she meant 5k on insta or 10k on twitter

No. 773967


Think it got moved to the new /w/ board.

No. 773968

Belle lurks and probably frequently posts here. No surprise if she follows cows like Shayna

No. 773973


It was posted in the Belle thread that she follows tons of cows that are being discussed here so yeah def a regular lurker and poster.

No. 773981

File: 1548967023294.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 39.74 KB, 640x357, 06FDC799-7A4A-4682-98A1-2CBB15…)

Jesus shay, it’s a dildo, not a tooth brush.
She has no idea how to be sexy.

Also, her fingers and nail style look like the face-hugger thing from Alien.

No. 773983

Does porn but doesn't know how to give a bj to save her life. Like she keeps sticking it in her cheeks and barely putting it in her mouth - not to mention her dead eyes. If I had a dick, it would recoil from the sight of this video.

Belle Follows a ton of cows, she's pretty much confirmed to, at the very least, lurk our board if not be a full fledged farmer. I'm sure Shay thinks a popular ethot like Belle actually likes her content kek but she's probably laughing at her pathetic ass. Ironic with how degrading Belle's content is but fuck if it's not funny.

No. 773988

File: 1548969135284.jpg (42.04 KB, 577x320, 1.JPG)

That didn't last long. Back to begging.

No. 773991

File: 1548969428473.jpg (146.4 KB, 1176x421, 2.JPG)

Dawn opened her NSFW furry account again to complain about us and defend Shay.

No. 773992

i'm actually living for how paranoid she is lmao half of these don't even sound like farmers

No. 773993

And she's given up all pretense of being Dogfucker-chan. She even uses the same arguments of "Well just because I'm a furry and EVERYONE uses these dildos!"

No. 773998

No. 774000

"dolly is a homebody" lol yeah she never leaves the fucking closet/bathroom we been knew dawn.

No. 774004

>>Yes, I use dog dildos. Find me one girl on ManyVids in the Top 100 that isn't doing that?
Uh most of them? Dog dildos aren't common wtf she's must be so fucking ashamed so she has to act like everyone does the weird shit she does kek(off topic)

No. 774007

Can you start a Dawn thread if you really need to post all this, it's not related to shayna

No. 774008

…Dawn is talking about Shay here. How is this not related to her?

No. 774009

No she isn't

No. 774010

So she pretty much admitted her presence ITT. Can't wait for the mods' investigation results, I'm sure it's gonna be milky.

No. 774011

She's been posted to KiwiFarms today if nothing else happens here in the way of getting her own thread.

No. 774012

File: 1548971639645.png (Spoiler Image, 757.27 KB, 605x876, oofhoney.png)

Damn she always looked rough but the dark colors at least helped - why does she think reminding her followers of how much worse she's gotten is going to be beneficial at all? You look recked

No. 774013

I must have missed those cos I didn't see em and they are gone now. I am indicating this compilation right here >>773991

No. 774014

File: 1548971964848.png (1.13 MB, 1175x942, mommymattell.png)

Also Dawn is basically Mommy Mattel™ at this point, right? Disgusting. She's really spoiling her lately, it's so suspicious. I mean, it's still only tinfoil but I just can't wait for the milk from whatever she has planned.

No. 774016

They're probably just gonna cam together

No. 774017

Definitely has become Mommy Mattel. Shay's going to owe her for all of this.

She's already announced that they will.

No. 774020

I cant wait to see shays looks of disgust at having to touch Dawn; it will be premium milk like when she cammed with her 'tall mean brunette gf'.

No. 774022

File: 1548972582190.jpeg (769.58 KB, 2048x2048, 3DB99763-1D40-4E6E-85E0-F6E7F4…)

the only oc i have ever had for the farmers

No. 774024

File: 1548973092264.jpg (34.62 KB, 571x235, getyoeyeschecked.JPG)

Truly painted in the style of the Renaissance master, Luna.

No. 774025

File: 1548973148443.jpg (25.45 KB, 577x168, Capture.JPG)

No. 774026

File: 1548973177010.png (502.41 KB, 522x591, 2019-01-31 17_12_28-Sub of 2k1…)

aaaand sixty cent shayna is back

No. 774027

"her little pussy is soo tiny and pink"… why is this man lying so hard about her vaginal appearance lol

No. 774028

>only had 10 people ask about buying content
lmao shayna if that doesn't tell you everything you need to know…

No. 774035

…Is she actually retarded? She willingly became a sex worker and cam girl and she doesnt want men to jerk to her? wtf.. Too much alcohol?

No. 774036

I love you, art-anon. It's perfect!

No. 774038

because men are idiots. Maybe he's hoping for a free video?

No. 774047

File: 1548979066876.jpg (28.48 KB, 575x270, Capture.JPG)

Took just an hour for Dawn to find out she's on Kiwi Farms now. God I hope she and Shay both get their own threads there. KF would have a field day with Shay.

No. 774049

She's obsessed with herself kek. Who spends this much time thinking about/reading/broadcasting their hate threads on twitter? get a hobby dawn

No. 774050

File: 1548979383479.jpg (55.2 KB, 589x484, Capture.JPG)

How is she getting followers so fast? Are they all bots/bought?

No. 774052

pry bots tbh; they are super easy to buy on twitter.

No. 774054

KF has a thread on Shayna already, but it isn’t very active.

No. 774055

A quick scroll through her followers tells me a lot of them are bots. Egg avatars and few followers/following are the biggest hint.

No. 774056

File: 1548979800553.jpeg (514.09 KB, 728x640, A1DFBFE7-E07A-4D89-B219-A16158…)


next thread pic bc i haven’t lol’d at anything itt except for this

No. 774060

Next she'll be begging people to send her money to buy twitter followers

No. 774061

File: 1548980461234.jpg (29.17 KB, 582x185, Capture.JPG)

10k followers on Twitter but can't afford to fly her cat, can't afford a place in LA, and she still has to sell her videos for $0.60 each just to have weed money.

No. 774062

look how low the engagement is…

No. 774063

>acting like she didn't buy the followers


No. 774064

can anyone confirm that she bought followers? isnt there a site that shows real time follower count

No. 774065

File: 1548980781965.jpg (87.88 KB, 1130x815, socialblade.JPG)

i dunno how reliable social blade is but this is only site I know of that does that. look at those numbers KEK

No. 774067

was just about to post the same cap.
+1599 today after struggling most other days… not suspicious at all.

No. 774069

Wow. Yeah that +1,599 in one day isn't suspicious at all..

No. 774070

File: 1548981931193.png (57.73 KB, 1103x363, zzzzz.png)

The graph is a bit suspicious too lol

No. 774071

lol wow she has officially reached top tard level. wonder if it was dawn's suggestion that she buy?

No. 774072

tinfoil; dawn bought them

No. 774073

either that or shayna is trying to compete with her

No. 774074

Dawn's the only one who has the money to buy them.

No. 774087

Everyone's focused on her nasty pussy but that butthole ain't right, I can't tell if it's dirty or gaping

No. 774088

Both? Its at the very least dirty.

No. 774094

Holy cheesus.
her fucked up snaggle TEETH on this dildo is giving me nightmares. She straight up rubs it all over her teeth, absolute cringefest.
And then she RAMS it down her throat and gags violently, how is that sexy?
Do men really find violent gagging sexy?
All this with cray manic eyes looking at you, dude.
And the dick in the cheek thing, wat.

Sorry if I'm late to the party but that shit was a wild ride.

No. 774098

It's not really that she's instantly this better person or anything, she's still a shit person. But there is the possiblity that dawn will give shayna some tips to not look like a homeless gremlin all the time. Her hair in that pic gave me hope, sorry.

No. 774100

Seems like it’s just that she and Shayna are on their best behavior since they just moved in together. The honeymoon phase, if you will. Dawn wants to make it look like she has her shit together >>773991 “I finally do dishes and make dinner guyz!!!1!” and Shayna doesn’t want to look like her usual disgusting, lazy self, in hopes that Dawn will keep spoiling her and letting her freeload and not find out she’s a filthy sloth.

Give it a few weeks. Can you imagine Shayna actually lifting a finger to do housework? All two times she did it in Seattle, she made a huge deal of it on Tumblr, and her house in Tulsa was super fucking gross just in the few bits we saw. Like, literal shit on the walls gross.

No. 774103

Dawn is pretty greasy herself

No. 774110

File: 1548998484758.png (92.74 KB, 624x919, IMG_2556.PNG)

Queen of embarrassing herself by posting this ugly druggie snaggletooth selfie

No. 774117

I hate the way she does her brows..

No. 774122


No. 774125

Constructive criticism not infighting. But even this would be labeled as infighting. Sad sad.(don't ban evade)

No. 774140

Those neck rolls…

No. 774142

um one of her big teeth is like twice as long as the other one.. what the fuck shay

No. 774149

File: 1549018518120.png (857.84 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2019-01-25-23-00-07…)

Was reading through one of the old-ass camwhore threads and found this. Her hair looked so good here. Also she really needs a tan again I think her being so pale is like 90% of why she looks so haggard now kek.
Sorry for potato quality, it was from a screenshot of someone's tumblr grid blog.

No. 774150

She looks cute here ngl. Wtf are you doing now, girl?

No. 774155

lmao she looks like Mater from Cars

she just had more hair so it looked better. now shes got huge sections that are shorter than the rest and it's all over super thin and damaged

No. 774159

idk why everyone tries to wax poetic about the way she looked 5 yrs ago
she's never going to be able to go back to that lmao

No. 774163

File: 1549029015565.jpg (Spoiler Image, 35.22 KB, 514x310, shay.JPG)

Dawn reads here and has admitted to it but now Shayna's getting in on the action as well.

No. 774164

File: 1549029189286.jpg (57.59 KB, 548x488, shay2.JPG)

This retweet quote she did is pure gold.

No. 774166

i mean i'm sure she does but people used to ask her about the veins all the time on tumblr and we haven't mentioned it in a long time here

No. 774168

why wear white if you can't afford to wash your clothes? literally anything else would be better than these same 2 dingy shirts she's always wearing.

No. 774172

>I have obtained
"Dawn paid for"

No. 774174

she has the ugliest smile like girl this ain't cute

No. 774177

It honestly would be such an improvement if she would just keep her mouth closed. Idk where she got the idea that the soyboy expression is working for her. We've been roasting her for it for months.

No. 774187

File: 1549039524435.jpeg (96.49 KB, 600x600, open-uri20150422-20810-1aonp2t…)

tell me I'm not the only one who sees the resemblance lol

No. 774188

someone already said that >>774155

No. 774191

File: 1549040139712.jpg (121.64 KB, 800x800, PicsArt_02-01-09.54.47.jpg)

Rushed to finish it. Not my best work but you get the point lol

No. 774193

god's work anon

No. 774196

File: 1549041855518.jpg (15.78 KB, 600x123, Capture.JPG)


And update from Dogfucker-chan. Guessing this how long until she starts asking for rent as well.

No. 774198

lol isn't it kind of random that she already has a timeline in place but it's so far out? what's she doing in the meantime and why wait so long to push content out together?

No. 774201

When she said that shayna isn't paying rent yet she also mentioned that shayna is having a break, so maybe that's gonna go on for a while

No. 774202

I wonder if Dawn is trying to play the "super nice and considerate" person card here. When shit hits the fan, Dawn will be able to say that she waited a long time for Shay to get comfortable so she won't look like an ass when Shay inevitably fucks everything up.

That's just my tinfoil, I could be wrong. But I think she is really trying to look like some kind of hero here. Instead she looks like an enabler of Shayna's lazy ass tendencies and I can't wait for her that tbh.

I hate how Shay is being treated like she can't be responsible for her life. I wonder how her parents must feel, seeing their daughter bounce around from place to place being coddled by people instead of learning how to grow the fuck up.

No. 774203

Shayna probably tells her parents that she earns a lot and pays her own way

No. 774207

File: 1549043182830.jpg (21 KB, 577x99, Capture.JPG)

You know Shayna is loving every minute of being babied. So far Dawn has:

>moved her in

>fully furnished her bedroom
>gifted her multiple items
>keeps her in alcohol/weed
>hasn't asked for rent
>cooks for her
>cleans after her
>is moving her stuff in

Shayna went from Daddy Mattel to Momma Dogfucker. Official nickname pending, of course. I'm also partial to Mama Murrsuit and Doggy Dearest.

No. 774208

File: 1549043302861.jpeg (43.25 KB, 640x480, 2F1CAEFD-599E-4E14-BCCE-FE06A1…)

she reminds me of honey boo boo from South Park

No. 774211

File: 1549044624875.png (333.67 KB, 896x482, Screenshot (309).png)

is she dropping hints about cleaning up, she keeps going on about it

No. 774213

shay's probably making a mess since she knows dawn will pick up after her, I'd be pissed off too lol

No. 774214

that reads bitter as fuck to me lol
like shay can't even lift a finger to pick a muffin up off the floor

No. 774215

mommy mattail

No. 774216

File: 1549045777452.png (12.38 KB, 524x114, 2019-02-01 13_24_04-Sub of 2k1…)

No. 774217

So how long will it take her to unpack a few teddy bears and a mirror

No. 774218

passive aggressiveness starting already eh? This is hilarious, she is talking about her in front of her own customers. I can't wait for these two degenerates to turn on each other.

No. 774221

yeah I'm aware because that was me. I figured I would add a picture to support it, hence "tell me I not the only one" since I was the only one who said it

Shay is living in her apartment rent-free, all expenses paid, including drugs. the least she could do is clean up/do some chores to take the load off Dawn. Especially just as a show of good faith, that she recognizes what Dawn is doing for her, and won't make her regret opening her door. But Shay couldn't even clean up after herself when it was her (read: fupa's) house so I don't think she's gonna lift a finger to show her appreciation for being welcomed in when she had nowhere else to go. acting lazy, ungrateful, and spoiled is sooo ~barbie bimbo~ of her

No. 774224


I wish it was because Shay's getting extensively tested and they're waiting for results..

No. 774227

We all know what a slob Shay is. Remember when Fupa filmed her "studio" and it was stuff and food strewn everywhere?

In before the mirror is broken because she didn't pad it and she starts begging for another one.

No. 774228

File: 1549049777015.jpg (100.09 KB, 609x1199, DyVwGioU0AAqvNv.jpg)

Pics of the grimy things salvaged from Haus Mattel.

No. 774231


Does anyone still have that video? I missed it

No. 774232

a snap anon posted it in one of the past threads as a dropbox link, just ctrl+f

No. 774233

File: 1549050973849.png (53.59 KB, 521x256, 2019-02-01 14_50_49-Sub of 2k1…)

lmao @ shayna trying to seem "woke"

No. 774234

ngl that backpack is really cute

No. 774235

Too cute for a dirty little rat like Shay. It’ll be brown and dirty soon

No. 774236

pretty sure it's for toddlers tho, hence her not being able to loosen the straps to a normal length

No. 774238

Old milk but I cannot wait to see more disturbing porn from shaytard like this one, it’s pretty sad how inflated her ego is when she can’t even make a proper sex scene


Maybe now with the other rat shell produce more weird dog cage videos like Shay from over a year ago. I knew it wouldn’t take much for her to get into weird shit once she bought that cage

No. 774240

nobody wants to click sketchy porn links

No. 774241

she is so dry in this video holy shit the toys dont just slide in she has to jam those shits in

No. 774243

Does she think it's sexy to force sex toys into herself?

No. 774244


Maybe you don’t but holy shit was that video cringy as fuck. No lube everything looks painful. I wonder if she has hemrroids from stuffing things up her asshole dry

No. 774246

With the music, the weak slaps with the paddle, and the fucking exorcism faces she makes when she wasn't looking bored, this almost looks like a video that was edited to be insulting to he. Or a parody of her. And people pay for this.

No. 774250

I didn't realise just how bad she is at porn

No. 774252

her roots are so grown out that’s gonna be so hard to bleach without getting a big orange stripe lmao

No. 774253

I wish she would just give up on blonde; it looks so bad.

No. 774255

i think this is the worst she's let it get so far. maybe she's not planning on dying it back? we can hope.

No. 774258

File: 1549059307958.jpg (99.71 KB, 609x1199, DyWXCZGUUAAIlFM.jpg)

More bimbo hoard photos. She says this isn't even the entire box.

No. 774259

No. 774263

the butt flexing was weird as hell
here's the twitter link for those of us that had to squint

No. 774264

File: 1549060520739.png (35.56 KB, 783x550, 2019-02-01 17_30_29-Dolly_Matt…)

more questionable socialblade stats today

No. 774265


The noises she makes "sucking" that dildo lmao
WHy do people buy this

No. 774266

File: 1549061371880.jpg (182.01 KB, 1065x541, SmartSelect_20190201-174855_Tw…)

Kek, I can't wait to see.

No. 774271

It's probably going to be all cluttered. Depending on how big her room is

No. 774272

I hate how she just bashes those toys in her junk like she can only get them in like half an inch cus she's so dry and now because I watched that I need jesus

No. 774273

I feel like she does that to try to seem 'tight' or whatever but it just looks gross really

No. 774274

Dr Phil playing in the background is a nice touch.

No. 774278

her interactions don’t reflect the amount of followers she has. On average she gets about 40-50 likes or so on a tweet. With 11,000 followers, there should be more.

No. 774279

I think the general rule of thumb is 20% of active users actually like/retweet; and out of that only 10% will comment on things.
But the number still arent adding up. Hope twitter does another bot sweep soon. She will lose her shit.

No. 774281

Honestly I hope they do a biot sweep immidietly, shed go from 10k down to 2-3k immidietly. That advertising video is such crap also, you can tell dawn is Influencing her

Reposted bc sage

No. 774283

how old are you?
it's spelled immediately lol

No. 774286

File: 1549066071672.jpg (336.7 KB, 1080x884, Screenshot_20190201-180649_Twi…)


No. 774287

File: 1549066196817.jpg (328.41 KB, 1080x551, Screenshot_20190201-180700_Twi…)


No. 774288

File: 1549066314809.jpg (372.25 KB, 1080x567, Screenshot_20190201-180710_Twi…)


No. 774289

File: 1549066415082.jpg (435.02 KB, 1080x1078, Screenshot_20190201-180722_Twi…)


No. 774290

That poor teddy bear

No. 774292

File: 1549066546649.jpg (870.08 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190201-180730_Twi…)


No. 774293

File: 1549066648779.jpg (905.24 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190201-180738_Twi…)


No. 774294

stop sexualizing children's toys???

No. 774295

Of course it’s all washed out pink.

No. 774296

Now we wait and see how long it takes for her to get on cam

No. 774297

Its such nightmare fodder. Jesus I hope this dd/lg crap dies soon. And she has develop real interests.

No. 774300

File: 1549067655074.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 277.17 KB, 1040x2048, 07188F2E-3FEB-4263-8AAA-5FA021…)

Forgive me if this was already posted, but my God she looks disgusting. Shave your fucking ass bitch… And the single hair on her butt cheek like jfc I can't

No. 774301

I genuinely flinched in horror lol yea if you're gonna shave your pussy to death at least take a shot at the ass

No. 774302

Dawn's probably loading her up as a marketing scheme. Shay is the only one listed on her website so if Dolly gets more social media stats she can market that as "See? If you pay me to promote you, this'll happen. Look at the numbers I got for this camgirl."

No. 774304

From the thumbnail, I thought Shay was holding a pink horse dildo. Oof.

No. 774308

Lmao how did I not notice that one long hair

No. 774309

that ring light is doing her the worst kind of justice, lmfao.. I mean we all know she abuses filters for a reason, but damn, that hairy asscrack though..

No. 774313

She looks grosser than ever… Why the fuck she always do that face, it's the most unflattering thing ever. She looks like a 37yo crack head re-living her younger cheap hoe look fantasy.

No. 774314

Wait… did she lie about giving out free porn after getting to 10k? Lol always a scammer.

No. 774317

Kek why would she do that when she had to buy the follower difference

No. 774319

File: 1549073212535.png (49.5 KB, 1156x234, Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 9.01…)

weird post to delete anon, why did you delete the file before anyone could save it? I saw it for only a couple seconds before it disappeared, it looked like a screenshot of a twitter bot analysis for shay. maybe tinfoil but I'm wondering if it was shay or dawn and by accident left something that would show it was them.

No. 774320


definitely not Shay or Dawn, i deleted it bc it hadnt been updated in over a month so i didnt think it would be an accurate account for recent analysis. im looking for a different one.

No. 774321

File: 1549073365468.png (33.85 KB, 547x218, Screenshot 2019-02-01 at 7.58.…)

No. 774322

lmao whoops nevermind then, just wanted to catch dawn or shay posting in their thread

No. 774328


yeah thats why i deleted it the first time. i was only reposting because there was a question raised.

No. 774329


she did ass to mouth

oh my god

No. 774330

File: 1549074737202.jpg (Spoiler Image, 646.02 KB, 926x500, fSJGEin.jpg)

that buttplug was in your anus shayna and now youre using it as a pacifier while you dry fuck your ass.


No. 774331

File: 1549074769644.jpg (Spoiler Image, 84.73 KB, 1269x691, PGGgIly.jpg)


No. 774332

Jesus Cartwheeling Christ, her pussy has the same warty texture as a fucking pickle

No. 774336

Dawn has already gave her a shiton of things and care than fupa did in months of a relationship, he only take Shayna to eat some cheap dinner once in a while and I bet Shayna thought he'll be spoiling her everyday like Dawn is doing it right now

It's so curious she NEVER ever posted a picture of her and fupa's room while she lived at haus of mattel, she only took pictures at the bathroom and the closet, I wonder why.

No. 774337

File: 1549075295819.jpeg (49.55 KB, 600x459, 066346ED-0864-412D-80E1-4704DA…)

I really don’t understand how she watches this shit while she’s editing and thinks, “This is fine,” then posts it, doesn’t do a damn thing about her diseased pussy, and continues to make porn looking like this.

No. 774340

that face though. such sex appeal.

No. 774343

I would say she should donate those to charity, but we all know where they've been. and it isn't hygienic

No. 774344

shayna when you come here to check your thread for the 100th time in a day, please address this if only in your own mind

No. 774346

Her room is empty and a mess at the same time. Looks like 3/4th of the space is cheap stuffed animals and kids toys?? Why?? Her bed is nice and so are the shelves, but why doesnt she decorate like an adult? You can do pink without coming off as a pedo baiting piece of shit.

No. 774347

In defense of the milk, that video is from 2017

No. 774351

File: 1549077344551.jpg (733.16 KB, 1063x2143, SmartSelect_20190201-220840_Ch…)

No. 774352

So she's basically charging $50 for 2 months of her snap here because wasn't she just selling all her videos and 1 month for $50 yesterday? And WHAT CAMERA costs what she's asking for? Can't Mommy Dawn buy you one? She legit has no reason to be begging for shit like this with her taking care of her like she is.

No. 774353

I know but the quality of her face, "prons" and vagina is still very much the same lol

No. 774354

Why does she so obviously scam day to day? >>774026
Shayna – even your neckbeard followers and printers are smarter than that.
Any bets on how long 'til her next mental breakdown/cashgrab?

No. 774355

Well she at least looks slightly less warty now kek

No. 774357

Hasn't she just been X amount of money away for over a year now?

No. 774358

File: 1549078021481.jpg (191.3 KB, 1080x1080, Collage 2019-02-01 22_26_16.jp…)

No. 774361

File: 1549078458002.png (216.85 KB, 500x368, tumblr_inline_paw8msl4Gc1tb23o…)

every other day she makes a post that's like "okay guys i need [retarded unnecessary object and/or drugs] so the next [number] people who send [amount] amazon giftcard to [email address] gets all [amount] of my videos and [time length] of my snap!!!!!"

does she seriously think pics/videos of her rancid sewage crotch is equivalent to any amount of money because if so.. L

No. 774364

This. I am half tempted to go back through the threads and compile the amount of times she had said this repeatedly because I swear, she constantly says this.

Besides the obvious gross ddlg shit and having a gross looking face and vagina, I don't understand why she figures she has a dignified "career" if she constantly has to beg and scam in order to get anything.

No. 774365

If I didn't know shay I'd think she had a dick with that ballsack peeking out

No. 774383


Please do anon, she’s a scammer who must get caught in her act

No. 774387

She's like a greasy rat here. Those bangs are disgusting. Has she washed her hair since the move? Doubtful. When will she change that outfit? So cringe

No. 774392

i keep forgetting this bitch dry-fucks herself after little-no foreplay and has never used lube and every time i am reminded i cringe sharply

that’s so disgusting and i expect it from a clueless virgin not some baby barbie bimbo uwu

No. 774395


Shayna made it to Reddit, accurate subreddit even lmao(4. Do not attempt to use lolcow.farm for attention or profit.))

No. 774397

I really hope you arent the cringe lord who posted her, and are coming here for ass pats.

No. 774398


Nope, was just sorting on new.

No. 774399

people seem to be liking her on there, they all agree she looks horrifying at least lol (not the one who posted her by the way just saying)

No. 774400

File: 1549096269133.jpg (261.53 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20190202_093023_com…)

comments under her pic on reddit kek
probably just farmers tho

No. 774401

They seems To be random dudes, according to their profiles…

No. 774404

File: 1549099084731.jpg (72.35 KB, 862x848, mess.jpg)

evidence of your shitty cowtipping

some of us actually use reddit

No. 774405


that's literally >>774331 so you're just stealing content to get internet points


No. 774409

This! I was just about to point that out. Its literally the same exact image. The responses don't seem to be from farmers imo though, kek. So theres some genuine reactions there.

No. 774412

r/trashy is just like that, they will diss anything

No. 774413


tinfoil if the century but what if dotti is shay's paypig?

maybe all those comments about her paying/cleaning/etc. aren't passive aggressive but her just displaying massive fin-sub behaviour.

shay has been tweeting about wanting a paypig for this that and the other and, yes, very on the nose, but dotti is also a furfag.

No. 774414

I feel it's unlikely just because shayna doesn't seem to understand how findom etc works. I think she's just lazy

No. 774417

"dotti"? Cringe.

No. 774438

Worst tinfoil ever. Shay thinks findom means calling men "dumb-dumb head" and then holding her hand out for $20. If anything it's the other way around where Dawn is investing money/time into Shay and boosting her in order to claim a chunk of her earnings when she starts camming again.

No. 774441

She can’t even get lighting right. all a new camera is going to do is make her terrible pussy even more HD. No one needs that in their life.

And she’s most likely going for a DSLR of some sort, maybe a mirrorless. Unfortunately you have to know how to use those properly, which Shayna doesn’t.

No. 774443

Please don't refer to dawn as her fucking furry name lol, jesus.
And even Dawn has said she prefers to dom and will only sub in certain circunstances. I'm sure all this that she's doing for Shay is strictly business (and is going to crumble eventually).

No. 774445

File: 1549118100217.png (Spoiler Image, 3.89 MB, 1242x2208, 96108DC0-EA1D-420A-B521-E1E7F7…)

Girl this is not cute. Imagine it without the filter? Those eye bags are probably black as night and more saggy than a 60 year old.

You look drugged out.

No. 774446

File: 1549118155451.jpeg (385.51 KB, 1242x951, BF39EF8E-72DC-4E1F-8FFF-BC1035…)

Just moved in, already expects things to be done for her.

No. 774447

I forgot to mention how puffy her eye bags are. Super easy fix. But will she do it? Nah let’s just cake more foundation that should do it.

No. 774448

Please spoiler pics of her infection hole

No. 774451


The roots are ain't ~uwu pink bimbo~ cute jesus. Dawn should drag her somewhere to get her hair fixed.

Also lol didn't noticed that she isn't wearing panties here at first.

No. 774453

Who doesn't love a good ballsack pic in the AM?

No. 774456

LMAO this is so embarrassing. My eyes are literally rolling into the back of my head.
She somehow sucks at both subbing and domming, it's fantastic.

No. 774457

shayna – you have 10 total articles of clothing, lbr

No. 774458

it’s what happens when you don’t put any effort into anything you do because you already think you’re the hottest shit ever. She had it easy, so she never had to put any work in. Why start now amiright?

this is sarcasm, since a lot of you retards can’t notice it

No. 774464

tbh I always think she looks better without makeup even if she has eye bags. At least she looks her age here, instead of trying to look like a child but aging herself ten years instead since she sucks at makeup. But those ROOTS. Holy shit it's awful. I hope this is her trying to grow her hair out and quit the blond but I highly doubt it, I think she's just too broke to go to a salon. Wonder why her new Mommy Dogfucker won't bankroll it since she's paying for everything else

No. 774465

for once I wish she was wearing the hello kitty underwear

No. 774467

File: 1549122195345.png (62.22 KB, 940x381, 2019-02-02 10_42_45-Window.png)

sparktoro audit

No. 774471

wow. that’s a lot. dumb bitch.

No. 774476

she must feel really lost and inadequate since she can't post about having 150k followers anymore

No. 774479

Furry porn pays well. Especially when it’s a female furry that ”could” fuck those incels. There is a ton of creepy guys who fantasize about dogs but not so many content creators. No self-respecting artist/creator wants to associate with furry fandom so those who do get paid a lot.

Why do I know this: my friend used to draw dog dicks to make a easy buck.

No. 774483

Jeeesus didn’t even notice the ballsack…..

No. 774484

I can't screenshot rn but shayna is going to be on cam tonight.

No. 774486

Not wk, but how do you fix eye bags? I thought those were genetic in most cases.

No. 774488

nta but sleep, ice, and retinol or hyaluronic acid

No. 774490

Or she could skip all that and just edit them out. I'm still trying to figure out why she's okay with distorting her features constantly via Snapchat filters but flat-out refuses to edit her wrinkles, eyebags, crusty lips and vag/ass pimples. There are hundreds of apps for that now and it's easy as fuck.

No. 774491

But guys that requires a shred of actual effort and Princess Shayna is too good for effort

No. 774492

File: 1549127794915.jpg (20.92 KB, 367x550, grinchwhostoleshaymeless.jpg)

This is all I can see

No. 774495

Still looks nicer than her hair lets be real

No. 774496

because she believes she’s perfect and doesn’t need to. she’s delusional.

No. 774497

that's the thing though, if she thinks she's perfect then why does she need the eye-enlarging, beautifying heart filter on everything?

No. 774498

I think at this point she things that's just how her face is, like she's so delusional that she just believes it's her natural beauty shining through

No. 774501

File: 1549128949181.jpeg (245.91 KB, 1240x1460, 4C71CB4E-16C5-41A7-BD69-094300…)


No. 774502

File: 1549129078816.jpeg (263.5 KB, 1242x1214, CE40D91B-3C15-4367-AEAC-F73F44…)

2/2 she’s delusional if she thinks her post are *~* aesthetically pleasing

No. 774505

File: 1549129307679.png (18.28 KB, 582x187, 2019-02-02 12_40_58-Window.png)

lmao she really thinks she's doing something here
it's well known that people get their content stolen on twitter on the regular, people like thefatjewish and fuckjerry have made a fucking career out of it

No. 774506

File: 1549129308488.jpeg (275 KB, 1242x1087, 4943D6E4-3B65-40D6-865C-FD0E66…)

No. 774507

File: 1549129361071.jpeg (484.93 KB, 1242x1952, 0668561C-2C5E-4318-893C-674818…)

No. 774508

File: 1549129454365.png (59.5 KB, 776x329, 2019-02-02 12_43_53-Window.png)

anyway, they've already deleted their page or changed their username so she's out here crying about nothing

No. 774517

high protein fatty meats work, and alot of water ofc

No. 774521

so you mean to tell me goldfish crackers and beer are not the pinnacle of skin health?

No. 774525

File: 1549132818698.png (344.53 KB, 631x861, 2019-02-02 13_39_56-Window.png)

hi shayna
also, you've changed your name like 5 times since you started kek

No. 774526

File: 1549132882749.png (76.44 KB, 617x512, 2019-02-02 13_41_21-Window.png)

No. 774529

Across the country? You literally moved a state away, dumbass.

No. 774531

>>774453 it took reading your comment and going back to >>774445 to realize what I thought at first glance was an off color zebra print pair of panties was actually her bits. Christ.

This definitely sounds accurate with the leap in followers she's had.

This'll be interesting.

No. 774532

File: 1549135360500.jpeg (270.42 KB, 1242x413, FB6ACDA2-F01B-430C-A7F7-861EFD…)

First she posts this

No. 774533

File: 1549135383808.jpeg (416.13 KB, 1242x727, EC2A7B98-43CD-4C4C-8F46-C427B9…)

and then she posts this

No. 774534

This bitch

No. 774535

“I have way more followers and I’m just better than you, that’s why you think I’m competition!”

“All sex workers should love themselves, your worth isn’t about how many followers you have!”

After constantly posting how “iconic” she is for having 11k followers. Okay, Shayna. Keep trying to seem woke.

No. 774536

>more successful
okay shayna lmao tell me about how much success you have shilling your videos for 60 cents on a regular basis

No. 774541

60 year old eye bags to match her 60 year old man ball sack pussy. holy fuck though it's literally dark gray

No. 774543

I'm a little unsure of the timelines, because my memory is bad, but..
Major tinfoil, but what if Shay has spent all this time slowly sucking up to Dawn, and buttered her up to the point where she felt safe Dawn would offer to take her in if fupa dumped her?
It's not hard to seem like the perfect friend and co-pornstar online.
And on some level Shay probably knew this relationship would eventually tank.

No. 774545

i don't understand what you're trying to say here
dawn sees shayna as a business opportunity, that's why she's listed her on her website

No. 774548

Yeah I was wondering about that, is that shit normal?
Do other people do this?
How is it even enjoyable if you're not into scat?
Just so fucking gross, barf.

No. 774553

Ya I'm sorry I just don't see a fucking world where someone would take one pitiful glance at her infirm dumpsterhole and see THAT thing as a business opportunity without some serious medical assistance.
She would have to get her snatch fixed and delete every video and start over, any new customers would see these old videos and rip their eyeballs out.

No. 774556

This dawn girl's male dog is an purebred Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. Rather uncommon breed, funny how she was alluding that it was a mutt or some sort. And i can tell you why, if the breeder where she got him from only KNEW what she does online she would of never gotten that dog. I'm assuming she didn't just straight up say he is this breed because there are only so many breeders in the U.S that breed swiss, and someone would cowtip.

No. 774557

i mean people buy her shit, so.. idk there's some kind of market there.
plus dawn is a furry so i mean the bar isn't set very high there.
people are too fixated on her vag itt lol the neckbeards have no standards apparently and the pedo-level people buying her diaper porn definitely don't.

No. 774558

Dawn admits her dog is purebred >>774047(Derailing about dawn)

No. 774560

she raised the money for a camera, but as soon as she had it she decided it was a better move to buy a switch and a bunch of games. so yes, she's scammed her followers to pay for a business expense, then blew the dough on a personal luxury. 1 shitty and 2 stupid

No. 774561

Everytime she gets close to having enough money; she blows it on stupid shit proving 1. she cant be trusted with money/had no self control 2. she has no shaming begging and making other people feel obligated to help.

No. 774563

i thought it was a bernese but either way this is OT as fuck
she might have gotten the dog before she became a furry

No. 774565

>>774563 or gross tinfoil she became a furry after getting her dog because she realised she was attracted to it..

No. 774567

File: 1549145461870.png (20.54 KB, 560x305, Screenshot (314).png)

earlier when dawn was on cam she was offering people free videos to watch shay on cam.

No. 774568

File: 1549145667077.png (19.54 KB, 583x211, Screenshot (315).png)

also this about them camming together in the future.

No. 774570

has Shay been telling Dawn she gets trolled by people from here lol? the reason why Shay has a shit time on cam is because she has no idea what she is doing. lol this is too much, dawn really thinks she is a hero.

we laugh at Shay because she is tragic. she literally needs zero help making a constant fool of herself. But have fun playing mommy therapist, Dawn, I'm sure your furry nastiness will be very helpful for her in the long run kek

No. 774572

>she'll be better off than any of them have ever been
umm… all i can say is L M A O
no, just no.

No. 774573

it's fucking ridiculous because we are pretty adamant here about farmers staying in their lane and not cowtipping when she's on cam. like… sorry people have taken screenshots of her looking like a full-on tard?
can't wait for shay to go the way of fupa and become resentful that people only give her attention because of dawn.

No. 774574

Crazy how she's pimping her out…

No. 774575

there is no point in fucking with her while she is on cam; she makes herself look stupid enough all on her own.

No. 774576

'just getting back to camming after a bunch of shitty things'
wonder what thats about? breakups and having to move are pretty shit but maybe dont move across the country to a stranger in the first place?

No. 774577

She's not though?

Shayna's room is usually dead aside from a couple of her tumblr followers. I've never seen anyone trolling

No. 774587

just the usual pity points routine i reckon

No. 774589

File: 1549151297043.jpg (397.31 KB, 1080x1990, Screenshot_20190202-174732_Twi…)

I can't stand how she spells. It's so cringey

No. 774590

I wonder if she knows that dawn's bribing people to watch her.

No. 774592

does this deluded bitch think we're "pissed" about shaytard living with her lol? we're all loving the milk, you idiot. we're borderline happy that you two moronic trainwrecks are collaborating, i mean you're already giving away free porn just so people will pretend to like shay's gross awful quality cam shows so..

No. 774597

oh. the braids are back.

No. 774598

File: 1549153436702.jpg (529.68 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190202-192103_Chr…)

Shes live on cam rn. I'm just surprised shes on when she said she would be.

No. 774599

File: 1549153865311.png (Spoiler Image, 4.46 MB, 1125x2436, 0E400F10-2298-443C-A9EC-FB5509…)

Pulling hair off her dildo. This is the quality content she’s thriving off of.

No. 774600

That Pippi longstocking braid kek

No. 774601

Does she not wash and take care of her toys?

No. 774602

And the same dirty socks and same old outfit she's wore many times

No. 774603

i can't explain it but she creeps me out in this screenshot, in fact, a lot of the screenshots from her cam shows creep me out lol there's something about the look in her eyes and facial expressions that weird me out. plus the eyeliner and braids are just.. constantly weird and shit tier

No. 774605

kek she can’t even stay online for more than 5 mins without disconnecting

No. 774607

even with dawn trying to help her out, she still gets the same amount of people in her cam room.

No. 774608

File: 1549154638199.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.54 KB, 343x45, a1O7s5t.jpg)

lel everyones telling her that Dawn sent them

No. 774609

Someone tipped 100 tokens and she started screaming wtf.

No. 774610

File: 1549155111825.jpg (90.11 KB, 827x265, SmartSelect_20190202-195045_Ga…)

Don't forget this response, kek.
>implying they're only there for dawn

No. 774611


No. 774612

Dawn said she'll give people free videos for being there so yeah they're probably just there for her lol

No. 774614

Shes forgotten to give people their free gifts so she's telling them to message them on twitter with the screenshots of them winning it.

No. 774615

I honestly think being with dawn is an improvement from fupa because she finally has a bed, her room looks cleaner and she's on time on her schedule…

No. 774616

shes literally cammed once calm down lol. she seemed to be doing better at fupas at first too

No. 774617

>when you break up but vids of you and your ex are online forever

not sure if this counts as tinfoil, but considering how quick the relationship ended and she moved, was she planning this b/c fupapa wasn't making content with her? like, they made it seem as though they'd be putting out stuff on the regular and it didn't happen, perhaps b/c he knew ppl could google his name and find it here.

anyway, i'm sad to not be able to laugh at stuff they do in the future but this new shitshow has been somenthing so far.

No. 774619

Kyle still has Ribmeat.

No. 774620

No. 774622

we know…

No. 774623

she said she was the one that got dumped

No. 774624

how is this relevant

No. 774628

File: 1549157648781.jpg (22.82 KB, 583x125, Capture.JPG)

Mama Dogfucker at it again. Bought Shay followers on Twitter (not sure about other platforms) and now bribing people to give Shay views.

10k followers and only got 13 votes.

He'll probably have Ribmeat until it dies at this point.

No. 774629

Dawn is arranging transport for her apparently.

No. 774633

Really hope she's into adopting an adult baby because that's what Shay is at this point and it'll only get worse from here on out.

No. 774634

I hope not. As gross as Fupa is, the cat is far happier not being on a plane. Again.

No. 774637

and moving in with 2 dogs and 10 puppies lol… nice.

No. 774644

Moving her cat across the country into a house with dogs… That poor cat. I hate how she cares very little about how this will stress Rib out.

No. 774645

File: 1549160905516.jpeg (265.99 KB, 1242x474, 70D32CF8-21A6-47EF-94D4-AA48D2…)

I guess doing the basics of your job is really that difficult for Shayna.

No. 774649

Its only difficult because she made it that way.

No. 774651

Wonder how many of those are her old "lifetime" snap members. I can't believe she had a audacity to tell them they were going to have to pay monthly as well.

No. 774657

File: 1549163707580.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 179.17 KB, 637x900, BF154B59-B8B0-454F-BC85-3162EE…)

She’s on

No. 774659

File: 1549164048247.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 148.47 KB, 629x959, 866A76CB-006A-4509-9FC8-5A5135…)


No. 774661

gravity is not her friend

No. 774662

first time looking at her show my god she is SO BORING

No. 774663

Nothing is kek
Water would do her good; both if she actually bathed and drank it… but its Shayna

No. 774666

Ok I totally did not get when others said her pussy looks like a ballsack….but omg it really does.(vagina nitpicking)

No. 774667


Ok usually I sort of roll my eyes when anons mention her ballsack bc it comes up so often but my GOD it is absolutely undeniable.

No. 774668

>hard work and dedication


No. 774669

ANYone wanna quickly recap the breakup for a lazy bitch who forgot to read the previous thread sage(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 774670

no and you didn't sage

No. 774671

What's her goal for 10 tokens?

No. 774672

I get that same vibe. Reminds me of that girl from the doc Hot Girls Wanted who recruits camgirls and "guides" them / teaches them and then take a portion of their profits. Maybe Dawn is asking Shayna to pay her back for all the furniture, etc. when/if she makes more money from camming.

No. 774675

She absolutely will. She said she wasn't going to charge Shayna for rent YET because she just got dumped/just moved in. But Shay's gonna have to start paying in the next few months.

No. 774677

Madame Dogfucker better train shayna like a dog since her retarded ass is incapable of consistently turning profit to pay rent. Can't wait for them to start tweeting passive aggressively at each other!

No. 774678

That will be laughable considering when she was living with fupa, she wasn't paying rent or probably buying food. Now she somehow has to afford both? It's not gonna happen.

No. 774679

ikr dawn is gonna be so embarrassed when she has to kick out her new best friend and is $6k in the hole or whatever cus shayna spent it all on weed and faded pink shit, like do these dumbass people think we make up everything on here? to what end? there are only facts lol

No. 774680

because we are clearly all jealous haters, envious of their lifestyles

No. 774683

And we all wish we had a ballsack full of boils

No. 774686

If each of those 150-200 people are paying $5 per month, she's making $750-$1000 from snapchat alone. She's currently not paying rent, and likely wasn't doing so with Fupa either, so why exactly is she begging for camera money? the amount she made from snapchat this month alone is enough to cover it.

No. 774687

File: 1549170599757.jpg (578.72 KB, 1078x1702, Screenshot_20190202-230940_Twi…)

Because Dawn told them to

No. 774689

First time I see a sw who doesn't use lube. She just licked her butt plug and a glass dildo and stuffed them in her bum hole dry. I can imagine she's one of those people who believe "lube is chemical, it's bad for you!" Shayna, there is bacteria in your saliva too.

No. 774690

I'm 100% sure there are not that many people paying for her snap. Half of them would've ended up here.

No. 774691

Lol yeah Bailey Rayne, that fake bitch

No. 774697

These people spent $27–$75 each on her. iCoNiC*~

No. 774699

File: 1549174324551.jpg (518.87 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190203-011158.jpg)

No. 774702

sage for irrelevant but anyone know how old dawn is??

No. 774703

File: 1549175258160.png (113.25 KB, 1075x634, img1345.png)

according to MV 21…

No. 774704

Take with a grain of salt. Older girls commonly say they’re younger. Shayna’s going to be 21 for the next five years.

No. 774707

File: 1549176578837.png (218.22 KB, 1080x1151, pek8836kjdh.png)

Her furaffinity says 25.

No. 774716

What are you trying to calculate here? This last broadcast she made slightly more than 250$. What is hilarious though is that when people won more than 3 prizes off her token keno, she skipped first two and just fulfilled the last prize. When people won a video or a video pack she just said “contact me on Twitter and you should have a manyvids account”. And she still uses flash to broadcast, hence the shit quality.

No. 774726

kek so dry fucking your pimply ass and selling it for fuck all is art now.. the delusion

No. 774742

Total newb here but you can opt not to use Flash? I thought that was the only thing since it pops up immediately.

Back to Shay, if she keeps this stuff up she'll owe Dawn for a hole in the wall. (have no idea how to take a gif off her tweet, sorry!)

No. 774743

File: 1549199935450.jpg (13.77 KB, 445x82, Capture.JPG)

Talking about Fupa Daddy or has Mama Dogfucker gotten an upgrade?

No. 774748

I genuinely think she looks more attractive in this. The lack of makeup and the filter makes her look less haggard.
However, I genuinely thought she was wearing panties and now I'm disturbed. That little red heart looks like a giant pimple.
Someone teach her how to use photoshop, or at least an editing app like meitu.

No. 774749

I’ve never seen a camsite that gave you any option other than flash.

No. 774754

on chaturbate you can stream through OBS which provides better quality

No. 774757

File: 1549207832513.jpeg (416.2 KB, 1242x806, 13FA15E0-FDEE-4554-8964-652FEB…)

this fake positivity bullshit makes me grind my teeth.

>>spread love and light

after telling homeless and abused people they are scamming people by making gofundmes. after praising hitler.

No. 774758

File: 1549207903391.jpeg (944.74 KB, 1242x1322, 42DE630E-9DC3-4EB7-A2FE-669C38…)

more fake positivity bullshit.

All this screams is, “please like me and notice me I’m trying to be positive so people won’t think a shithead racist asshole!!!”

No. 774759

also telling people to drink water when her daily fluid consists of wine/liquor, soda, and sports drinks. yeah I’m gonna follow in your lead, Shayna. You’re such a positive influence that really does what they say. :|(:|)

No. 774761

the fuck is she talking about lol i guess she knows fake ass positive posts get a lot of retweets

No. 774767

Lol but she still can't post a photo without the damn heart filters. This bitch is gonna be so fucked when she finally grows up.

No. 774789

omg this was uncomfortable to read. everyone sees right through your fake tumblr bs shayna lol

No. 774794

would be hilarious if she was pulling a Kiki spreading ~LoVe aNd LiGhT~ on twitter while sperging it up on lolcow or otherwise

No. 774795

>>fill your tummy with butteries


No. 774796

That just came from her being retarded on cam last night. She was talking about cross stitch and then came up with home is where the dad is instead of home is where the heart is and thought it was hilarious. Then screeched at everyone in her room to go retweet her

No. 774808

the face she's making in the first pic looks like she's mocking herself, it's so cringy and over the top. how can you look so stupid in a picture and think you look great?

No. 774841

File: 1549234942250.jpeg (779.83 KB, 1242x957, 5E283571-8D1D-45A6-A438-4588E6…)

Only shooting for 15 minutes? Well now it’s obvious she only does 1 take and says “fuck it that works”

No wonder your porn is shit and your acting is so terrible.

No. 774842

The shadow from her bangs makes her look like she has a unibrow

No. 774843

She probably thinks that only taking 15 minutes to film a scene makes her look good

No. 774844

she is such an idiot. 1 take/15 min to film… like other anon said; no wonder all her vids look like trash.

No. 774846

I seriously wonder what Shay is going to look in fifteen years when she looks so bad now. How do you go from being a twentysomething who looks forty on a good day (or without makeup) to actually being forty? She's already aging so badly.

Everything in her room looks so dingy and trash. Her taste is literally in her ass.

No. 774847

Jesus could she suck her stomach in any further? And the goddamn alcoholic aunt bangs are back of course.

No. 774848

there's this thing called bleach shay, you use it on your whites

No. 774849

If she doesnt start working out/doing some tummy exercises she aint going to be able to suck that wine gut in.

No. 774858

it actually makes her look even worse, and even lazier. if you care about your content, going with the first take is never a good idea. She just thinks she has nothing to improve on. Why even bother getting a better camera if you only do one take anyway? You can’t stream with a DSLR either. And she has no idea how to use OBS. She could be doing things to actually continually get better, but instead she sits in her comfort zone and expects praise for it.

No. 774864

The combination of a cage, halfassed tangled string lights, and the Walmart photography studio background gets me every time.

No. 774866

That was actually one of the first backdrops she ever used, and she still just drapes it lazily behind her. Like at least use a back drop properly. The only time she used a backdrop properly was in her newest goth video.

No. 774871

The one where she wore all black against a black background and blended right in?

No. 774873

yep, but at least the backdrop was set up properly and not lazily tossed and wrinkled behind her. that’s all I was trying to say.

No. 774874

you wouldn't have been able to tell if it was because it was black

No. 774875

File: 1549241464898.png (4.1 MB, 1242x2208, D78CFFAF-5230-4812-9BE6-59F391…)

Is she pointing at something? Wtf is she doing with her finger? And Jesus Christ those god damn underwear. Get some new ones.

No. 774876

File: 1549241520746.png (4.21 MB, 1242x2208, B0FD4EA1-DD3E-460C-9C5E-F4FC92…)

this is the only way she knows how to do a “sexy” face. squint your eyes and pout your crusty lips. yeah, real sexy.

No. 774879

no idea what shes doing with that hand but she's managed to give herself an ET finger??

ET phone a goddamn gynecologist

No. 774882

That disgusting white/gret burned area where her asshole is loooooooks rough… Whew girl

No. 774883

White/grey* shit keyboard, letting me down lol

No. 774884

Her finger does look kind of misshapen and lumpy, now that you mention it.

It's like whatever is on her puss is spreading….

No. 774895

File: 1549251046446.jpg (600.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190203-223042.jpg)


No. 774896

lol she keeps buying herself followers (or dawn is buying them)

No. 774908

File: 1549254238058.jpeg (149.34 KB, 750x992, 40695AFB-AA33-4E94-BD68-AD8D98…)

Bondage Barbie coming up

No. 774911

does this crackhead wear literally ANY other color other than the one that washes her out and makes her look 20 years older??

No. 774912


Fake brands again, she can’t afford creepyyeha. amazon knock off shay strikes again

No. 774922

Those look like extra cheap ass Creepyyeha replica, what won't you ask that daddy to buy the real thing?? I have a feeling like it's because she has to pay it herself…

No. 774924

File: 1549258951742.jpg (218.41 KB, 1080x1161, Screenshot_20190204_004202.jpg)

GRAphIc DeSigN iZ mY pAsSiOn

No. 774928


She hooked her finger on a single bar of the cage. It looks dumb and it's pointless. I guess she thought it was cute… But she really just fails at everything she attempts because she's lazy and has this strong inability to pull off anything.

No. 774933

Creepy, but this looks like it's all insex- do they manage her site? Not like I don't think she would make such an ugly website but it doesn't match a lot of the "branding" for lack of a better term she does on tumblr on instagram. And she seems to not heavily advertise her insex shoots on social media.

No. 774934

File: 1549263322435.png (53.64 KB, 1131x612, 897897988989789.png)

No. 774939

It is honestly crazy to me that the chick she moved in with is vent posting about her so much and not the other way around.

No. 774948

I honestly am loving that she's passive aggressively posting about shay from the get-go, it's a real indicator of the kind of shit that's to come

I can't imagine what a shit-show shay is in person that everyone she goes near has INSTANTLY had enough

that and shay's new roommate mentioned living alone a lot, etc? I get the feeling she's going to end up wishing she had her space back, if she doesn't already. lmfao would not have unpacked my shit so soon if I were shay

No. 774955


Fucking kek anon. These fucking ddlg degenerate fucktards are vile, the term “princess parts” is so grim.

No. 774982

looks like an affliction t-shirt threw up all over that

No. 774995

Where is this at Dawn's? It can't be in Shay's room because I don't think there's not much space

No. 775000

might just be a spare room
we also know shay's not above filming in a closet

No. 775025

The term princess parts always makes me visibly cringe

No. 775038

File: 1549307651881.jpg (486.43 KB, 1080x1422, Screenshot_20190204-131342_Twi…)

A sub trying to be a findomme

No. 775039

I am pretty sure the majority of her "fanbase" is shitty neckbeard men with pedo fantasies and no standards. It's a shame she doesn't have a doctor or a dentist for a customer, maybe they could have hooked her up with some dental surgery and toothpaste, or some advice about how to take care of that perpetual breakout and blown out vag she has.

No. 775040

i'm dead at the thought of a lawyer or doctor choosing her as a findom
girl… there are actual beautiful women that do this for a living and actually know that they're doing

No. 775043

shay stop lying about getting thousands of dollars from rich doctors and lawyers, you disprove this every time you show your tiny amount of shitty stained amazon clothes and your lack of things you own plus the fact that you can't even pay rent lol

No. 775046

File: 1549308942387.png (72.78 KB, 546x553, 2019-02-04 14_30_11-Sub of 2k1…)

most likely one of her female orbiters tbh

No. 775047

File: 1549308976350.png (10.74 KB, 523x74, 2019-02-04 14_31_32-Sub of 2k1…)


No. 775048

Is this bitch serious? is it just me or has she become more annoying lately what the fuck?

No. 775049

she's more narcissistic since dawn took her lazy poor ass in

No. 775050

It’s hilarious that she thinks findom is just calling men names and making money from it. she’s really fucking stupid. And tbh she makes real findommes look like shit.

No. 775051

I feel like she's trying to compete with dawn tbh

No. 775052

File: 1549309698373.png (678.09 KB, 795x713, 2019-02-04 14_41_24-20181004-1…)

reminder of the absolute STATE she kept her cam space in in tulsa

No. 775054

lol as greasy and gross as dawn is; she is making money. Poor shay wishes she could do as good. I cant wait until they get even more passive aggressive. There is reason shay doesnt have any female friends; she cant stand 'competition'.

No. 775060

What the fuck is this from? She’s a disgusting pig no wonder fupa dumped her

No. 775062

from fupa's snapchat lol i have no idea why he chose to expose her like that >>704117

No. 775072

File: 1549313391158.jpeg (328.34 KB, 1227x518, DD0DAC95-52EC-42F7-89EF-954B6A…)

yeah because you’ve always been so nice and kind to people without expecting anything in return Shayna. Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

No. 775078

lol I can see her quoting this tweet when dawn starts asking her to pay rent/clean up after herself

No. 775084

Lmao is that a passive aggressive tweet towards Dawn? Because Dawn's room looked like shit a few screenshots ago

Not that Shay's in the position to judge other people in any way. God this is a mess…

No. 775086

every time i see this shit all i can think about is her "i only have $9 in my bank account" tweet kek. what a success

No. 775087


Dawn looks like a mouth breather

No. 775091

Kek, she does always have her mouth gaping open.

No. 775093

It's probably going to be forever before Shay gets back on cam

No. 775095

why? she was just on?

No. 775102

File: 1549324135787.jpg (35.77 KB, 575x490, 1.JPG)

Eating on her bed with her new witch nails.

No. 775106


Well I’m pretty sure she’s gonna be doing everything in her room because she’s a sad little rat that can’t function outside of a closet. Dawn is prob so sick of her shit already it’s hilarious envisioning them sitting together for a meal

No. 775107

I saw one day Dawn tweeted that having another person in the house when the puppies come will be a big help. Um Shay doesn't even take care of her own cat. What makes Dawn think she'll help with puppies?

No. 775108

Anything interesting on fupa's snapchat?

No. 775110

File: 1549325569895.jpg (122.49 KB, 1070x373, Screenshot_20190204-181208_Twi…)

Wasn't she supposed to give away her flash drive full of old stuff to the winner of her Christmas raffle?

No. 775111

i honestly think nobody even entered it

No. 775112

Probably not. Which is hilarious

No. 775115

she never even announced the winner. It was probably just another scam. She said anyone that buys content is entered, and people definitely bought content at that time because it was on her twitter. sounds like she just pulled another scam. poor idiots who pay her.

No. 775117

wasn't she supposed to post a free video to her MV for "hitting 10k followers on Twitter"? dis bitch so scammyyy

No. 775118

Double post but I swear Dawn is just pouring business advice + tips into her (for free, something Shay refuses to do, probably bc she has NO idea what shes doing so she hides it behind a paywall) and now she's treating it like she's known this stuff all along and it's totally her 100% original idea coming through. even though it's never occurred to her before.

No. 775119

She just uploaded a new video with that lovinglymadepornography dude

No. 775120

this is an imageboard

No. 775121

No. 775122

The video isn't on her page anymore

No. 775126

Did anybody actually get the Real Time Bondage video’s? Kek

No. 775137

Sweetie the only kind of dudes keeping you as their "lil secret" are scummy rednecks and sexual predators.
She always talks about how "aesthetic" her space and porn are but the only vibe I get from her filthy hovels is "crime documentary"

No. 775146

File: 1549334934853.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1125x1340, 2C7543CA-97C0-491B-8301-79851B…)

the meme potential on this one though

No. 775149

File: 1549335535625.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1014.36 KB, 1242x1372, BC224A9E-5B42-4817-A38E-01120A…)

Okay but why would anyone find hitting a girl with a bat to be jerk off material? and why would someone actually choose to be hit with a bat?


No. 775150

File: 1549335645726.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 610.51 KB, 1242x828, 61B29736-E088-4264-A396-810358…)

there is literally nothing sexy about this.

No. 775152

at least her vagina and asshole look cleaner than usual in this one.

No. 775153

was just about to say this. Maybe its the lighting/distance from the camera?

No. 775157

He's like tapping her with it and she's screaming. In all of her "hardcore scenes" they barely hit her and she acts like she's in a huge amount of pain

No. 775160

Omg haha I fucking forgot that this bitch tried to charge people for sw advice because she's such a smart successful business woman. How is she not fucking ashamed that a goddamn furry is HGTV-ing her broke pimply ass.

No. 775164

Her newer pics keep getting removed from Instagram. Or she's deleting them because she's not getting enough likes or comments

No. 775166

I think insta is cracking down. She was upset about the dildo sucking vid getting removed. She might be on the radar now.

No. 775170

She is truly an idiot for thinking a dildo sucking video would be ok for instagram

No. 775171

Shay doesn't seem to think 'the rules' apply to her.

No. 775172

File: 1549337795995.jpg (Spoiler Image, 103.6 KB, 415x515, 20190204_223359.jpg)


No. 775173

oh those had to hurt

No. 775174

I am cackling. What was she thinking putting this online.

it looks like her puss is in the middle of a pollyjuice potion transformation

tbh I don't think I've ever seen another ~pron star~ with such little acting talent. and that's saying something. everything she produces is either comical or horrifying, or a mix of both

No. 775187


I'm pretty sure this guy is the reason why her pussy is fucked up. Ew.

No. 775191

Damn, Dolly Down Syndrome is at it again…
Does ever look at what she's posting??

No. 775193

oh my god the amount of ingrown hair bumps and razor burn she perpetually has drives me insane.

if you have pale skin that is super sensitive to shaving and you work in a profession where your vag has to be up close on camera ALL THE TIME why wouldn’t you save up for laser hair removal instead?? she’s been doing this for yearssss and her vag always looks so gross. you can fix this!

No. 775194

nah dude. it was probably insex, who used a clit pump (meant ONLY for the clitoris) and stuffed her entire labia majora into it and then pumped the shit out of her whole vulva. right after the shoot her pussy was all gray and deflated.

lovinglyhandmade makes cringey/creepy porn, but he seems to kinda know what he's doing and at least warms the models up by starting with less-hardcore stuff first. insex straight up enjoys torturing their models. Remember that one pic where the guy is legit almost biting through her nipple?

I'ma try to go back and find pics of the vagcuum

No. 775201

File: 1549344667116.png (Spoiler Image, 1.45 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190205-002227.png)

samefag/doublepost and sage because it's from an old video, but I found it. MAJOR spoiler warning for NSFL. this is the shit that ruined her pussy, almost undeniably. truly horrifying to behold

I found more caps (link below) for context. It's the video where she said she was wearing a "quinceañera"" dress, implying she's supposed to be a minor. And they cut the dress off her since she's strapped to a table.


No. 775206

Oooof I almost forgot about that nightmare fodder.

No. 775209

unfortunately it was burned into my brain forever the moment I saw it. the cap I linked to is even worse IMO, it looks like she's straight up growing a penis. the pic that I ended up posting/spoilering came from the insex website.

No. 775217

this really might explain her now ballsack?

No. 775223

my tinfoil/nitpick on why she always has sores/boils is because she uses hair removal cream instead of waxing tbh. she always begs for money to “go get waxed” but imo she probably just buys a hair removal cream and spends the rest on weed/alcohol. it can burn and permanently fuck up your skin if you use the wrong type on the genital area and shay is a dumbass so it wouldn’t surprise me lol

No. 775226

File: 1549350992345.jpg (19.14 KB, 480x480, leluv-maxi-clit-vacuum-vagina-…)


I couldn't immediately find anything about longterm damage resulting from a single session, but pumps intended for the entire vulva are shaped more like respirator masks. If you dare to google "labia pump" you'll find even scarier pics of women using the cylindrical type.

The whole "enlarging via suction" thing started in the 70s with gay men using snake bite kits to enlarge their nipples. It then spread to BDSM and piercing. It takes a lot of use to get permanent results, though.

No. 775228

Anyone who thinks this is a decent thing to put their vagina through is beyond me. I've never seen such a small pump used in this way before. Usually a bigger one is placed over the whole vagina but this just has Shayna's clit and one labia engulfed in it. It's fucking appalling. It looks like a freshly circumsised baby penis… and her asshole looks so dirty here.

No. 775247

File: 1549358285435.png (Spoiler Image, 232.98 KB, 991x672, 1526684146913.png)


im calling the fucking police

No. 775274

File: 1549372659761.jpg (34.2 KB, 564x230, 1.JPG)

Surprised she took this long to get defense over her bad attempts at being dominant. What was that about how filming that one video messed with your head because you're NOT dominant?

No. 775275

File: 1549372739854.jpg (20.59 KB, 577x125, 2.JPG)

You don't fit in your underwear because all you buy is kids sizes for the "aesthetic".

No. 775276

File: 1549372780811.jpg (38.33 KB, 596x236, 3.JPG)

Sounds like her alcohol and weed dependency is getting to her.

No. 775280

Her pussy was ruined before this tho

No. 775283

File: 1549374173883.jpg (358.3 KB, 1080x1225, Screenshot_20190205-074120_Twi…)

No. 775285

She said this weird jackrabbit thing on tumblr before… wish I could find caps. Stop trying to make your weird made up idioms work Shay.

No. 775289

Pretty sure it’s a quote from spongebob said by Sandy. She didn’t make up shit.

No. 775293

Most people arent even into bdsm and general obnoxious "sub/dom" dynamics, speak for yourself and your kin shay.

No. 775299

she's such a fucking shut-in that she doesn't even have a concept of what the average man with money wants

No. 775300

If she has so many guys "submitting to her" then how come the only one to come out of the woodwork lately has been dumbass fupa?

No. 775301

ok but all she wants to do is call someone a sissy and have them send her cash so she can text them like she's not doing anything "genuine"

No. 775332


if i stumbled upon this website without any context and without knowing it belonged to a camgirl, i'd either think it was made ironically, or belonged to a developmentally challenged adult. she looks genuinely autistic.

No. 775354

File: 1549394923564.jpg (41.63 KB, 538x567, Capture.JPG)

First her twitter shoots up 5k+ followers practically overnight, then her grand return to Chaturbate sees her have a room full of viewers, and now one lone person buys ALL her videos to boost her ranking. Hmm…

No. 775356

Its only the first of the month so ranking doesnt mean anything. But i pity dawn is she just bought all the nasty videos! Dont watch them!!!

No. 775364

File: 1549397167250.jpeg (354.48 KB, 1242x663, 7B58C595-429B-40EE-8985-762318…)

I’m pretty sure she meant to say, “taking porn and making it trashy and rashy”

No. 775365

Does Shay even know shit about fashion? Just cos you like putting together some outfits doesn't mean you're into fashion. She's so embarrassingly dumb in every way.

No. 775366

making it fashion?
….okay whatever helps you sleep at night.

No. 775377

pretty sure “fashion” isn’t a cheap schoolgirl skirt and a plain white top.

even when she was a dumb stoner hippy chick she didn’t have much style. she’s always been basic af

No. 775400


Super tinfoil but what if it’s Fupapa buying all her vids and sending her money bc he still wants to be her Daddy Mattel

No. 775401

Kek trashy and rashy is the perfect slogan for shay

No. 775408

it describes her style and the state of her genitals all at once!

No. 775412

File: 1549407061540.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.43 KB, 512x528, Capture.JPG)

She's been retweeting old stuff on Twitter again including the original giant teddy bear "a regular" got her (that wound up in the trash). Her next one was that exercise ball she got shit on (and then smeared on the wall) and I'm wondering if they wound up in the bin outside Fupa's house when she moved.

No. 775415

$10 says she posts a new picture with it because she lurks and hates being called out.

No. 775426

File: 1549408788432.jpeg (900.83 KB, 1242x1177, E9BA6A9A-10FE-4971-A3AD-8444A7…)

This pic always creeps me out so much because she’s wearing literal children’s pajamas and panties. She literally wants her audience to view her as underage.

No. 775430

Oh god that's so awful. They aren't supposed to be so short on her arms and legs why did she think this was okay??

No. 775431


they don't even fit, it's hilarious.

No. 775433

“Movie Night”? Is she literally masturbating while watching SpongeBob?

No. 775436

File: 1549411569010.jpg (78.81 KB, 943x837, 5b6d026e52c4e.jpg)

holy shit now i see where she gets her inspiration from

No. 775437

Omg anon I'm dying this is amazing and so true

No. 775438

Patrick still sucks it better, kek.

but fr im fucking dying this is amazing anon

No. 775440

in the description it says some shit like “my big sister left her computer on and I found what she was watching” or some weird shit

No. 775444

File: 1549412881200.jpg (17.33 KB, 480x360, ebcf1233f2bb19b87e6d543a79c636…)

bitch out here straight up stealing the hairstyle too. too bad only one of them will ever be a star

No. 775448


No. 775460

Yeah, something like her big sister was watching hardcore lesbian porn

No. 775468

Nothing in this makes sense in the way of a good porn.

>random cage with pig

>gut spilling out of shrunken pajamas
>massive mixing bowl with 1/4 full of popcorn
>expression when you get an email saying your bank account overdrafted on the rent payment

Come on Shayna, one up us and do Spongebob porn to show the haters.

No. 775469

File: 1549417966850.jpg (175.49 KB, 1080x356, Screenshot_20190205-194954_Sam…)

Talking about her pregnant dog not wanting the Male on her bed and this is what Dawn's people said

No. 775470

File: 1549418029128.jpg (340.5 KB, 1077x721, Screenshot_20190205-195132_Sam…)

Ummm I'm pretty sure it's not allowed on chaturbate to have your pets viewable on cam with you

No. 775471

To think Dolly assumes she's got it made and Dawn and her fans (who got bribed to view her) think of her like this.

They can't be on camera in a sexual/"provocative" context. Knowing Dawn though she probably keeps them there to keep her fans attention.
That random ass bottle of sriracha though and the empty bottle and bowl?
Maybe Dolly was making a point when she posted "Remember to clean your cam room!"

No. 775472

File: 1549418693842.jpg (134.2 KB, 1080x226, Screenshot_20190205-195733_Sam…)

This dude is weird af on her live. He wanted her to un mute so he could listen to the dog panting. And then said this

No. 775473

given what a snot dolly has been; cant feel bad for her or her scammy ways.

No. 775474