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File: 1550271934815.jpeg (192.73 KB, 750x652, 1550110834146.jpeg)

No. 778588

Current events:
>Fupa dumps Shay.
>Shay packs up her pink dildos, stuffed animals, and dog cage and relocates to Denver, CO.
>Dawn Willow, a camgirl and furry known for creating content involving “your sister and your dog that becomes a threesome” takes Shayna rent free in for reasons unknown.
>Kyle Nathan Perkins is left to bitch and moan on Snapchat. Anons are left to tinfoil why he broke up with Shay if he is so miserable without her.
>Ribmeat moves in with 3 dogs after living with Kyle for 3 weeks.
>Dawn (dogfucker chan) is caught lurking these threads and possibly sperging about dogfucking. >>/meta/8300 >>771591 >>771898 >>771896 >>772050 >>772999 >>773007
>Shayna continues to scam her followers in order to “”””buy a new camera.”””” >>774351
>Shay’s follower count on Twitter increases from 5k to 10k overnight. Most likely fake followers purchased by Mommy Dogfucker. >> >>774065 >>774467 >>775650
>Dawn bribes people with free porn if they interact with Shay on cam. Sad for all parties involved. >>774567 >>774608

Latest milk:
>Dawn kicks Shay out for lying about being broken up with Fupa
>Shay posts a 20 minute snapchat rant claiming Dawn was controlling and wouldn't let her have a shower curtain, and that she had a secret boyfriend who lived in the basement
>Flies to Tulsa and stays in a series of cheap hotels (paid for by Dawn)
>Begs her followers for money for a different hotel, as well as her hefty room service bill and booze
>Claims to be saving up to get her own place
>As far as we know, she is currently most likely wandering the streets of Tulsa, dragging her suitcase and Valentine's Day teddy she bought herself and muttering "anal" under her breath.
>Will she go back to Fupa and tried to hide her location? Or will she be forced to return to her "abusive" parents? The thrilling saga of this freeloading skank continues!

Follow the rules:
- no doxxing
- no vendetta
- do not include or harass Shay's family
- PLEASE remember to sage posts that don't contribute to the milk. This trainwreck belongs in /pt/. Seriously, the unsaged nitpicking and milkless bumps to the top need to stop. We don’t want to be autosaged for all the sperging!
- This is not a thread to blogpost about your opinion on DDLG or other activities Shay/Dawn are involved in.

http://pinkpussypopped.tumblr.com (deleted)
http://twitter.com/dollymattel (suspended)
https://www.instagram.com/itsdollymattel/ (deleted)
http://themosthatedgirlonthisdamnsite.tumblr.com (deleted)

KYLE NATHAN PERKINS (alias: Fupa; Fupapa):
http://youvebeenwarned.tumblr.com (deleted)

DAWN WILLOW: >>772060

Other threads:

No. 778595

her cat never moved in with dogs

No. 778600

OP here: i realized that after the fact, I just copied it from the previous thread. The only new info I added is under the "latest milk" section

No. 778603

There were such good pics last thread… hopefully new artwork can come up soon

No. 778604

File: 1550274564922.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1242x1663, 0D515111-54A1-4678-860B-568ED2…)

Constantly spending her money of drinks. Definitely doesn’t look like a 21 year old, more like 30. Drink more water and less alcohol. Shes been at the bar for hours, 4 drinks in. Spending whatever little money she made on cam last night

No. 778610

people always manage to pick the shittiest OP pics when there were suggestions but i'm trying not to be /that person/

No. 778611

File: 1550275426418.jpeg (388.11 KB, 1242x898, 8126734C-7D5E-4FF0-923C-241655…)

No. 778612

File: 1550275484717.jpeg (197.41 KB, 1242x369, F39FDE4E-2298-45DA-A696-464069…)

does she really not know?

No. 778613

File: 1550275550817.jpeg (927.64 KB, 1242x1724, FB6D8F5E-585D-4EDF-A834-5C14A1…)

She is going off today

No. 778614

File: 1550275592406.jpeg (130.11 KB, 1242x342, 2E962B7D-45B6-4B3E-B783-E602F9…)

the alcohol just makes her more delusional

No. 778615

File: 1550275650266.jpeg (205.68 KB, 1242x433, 89BD3478-892B-4D94-80C9-A561DE…)

“I love twitter because I can post all my pointless drunk thoughts”

No. 778619

why is she drinking mimosas? I know its a nitpick but it annoys me for some reason lol like why not get a real drink, mimosa is like a brunch drink(nitpick)

No. 778621

Next time make the thread yourself then. The last thread had been locked for hours and nobody made one
Because she's trash and she thinks mimosas are fancy and classy

No. 778625

i thought someone was working on one from last night
they can take a bit to come up with, it's actually a discussion going on in /meta/ right now

No. 778626

the more empty calories the better it seems

No. 778627

File: 1550278179679.jpeg (2.18 MB, 3024x4032, 2171124A-7F65-4458-81BB-9B18DB…)

No. 778632

well she’s so bad at that I don’t think it will even get her a room, kek. maybe it’ll get her $5 and a face punch.

No. 778640

i could be mistaken but i don't think dawn is paying for her hotels. i think what she said in her story was that dawn offered to pay for hotels nearby? but she didn't take her up on it. she posted a tweet about how expensive two nights at a hotel is anyway so it sounds like she's paying for it.

No. 778644

yeah the OP is all fucked oh well

No. 778647

Should also be noted she will now be camming on CB as stupidbaby

No. 778648

She's spent over $100 on food in just the last 24 HOURS. A $70 dinner last night, plus room service breakfast (looked like she got two entrees) and at least two room service mimosas. Now shes at the bar drinking 3+ mimosas. Like wtf. has she given up on finding an apartment for the end of the month? is someone else paying for all her food and drink? is she scamming everyone about a new apartment and she's just going to move back in with Fupa and disguise it in some way? I swear, since "saving up", she's been spending even more money than usual.

No. 778649

Mommy or daddy are probably giving her money for food. Like even though Shay is a turd of a daughter and her parents dont agree with her lifestyle I doubt they want her to starve/be homeless and have been giving her money in between months.

But ya know they're so abusive and shit.

No. 778653

Don’t forget room service for breakfast this morning as well. Probably another $30.

No. 778655

They said that tho

No. 778658

I didn't forget it lol did you just not read the post you're replying to?

This is a good guess, she probably has a joint credit card with her parents (dad) and they want to make sure she at least doesn't starve. But like, $100+ a day? how the heck do they let her hemorrhage that much of their money? I want to know who is footing the bill and why tf they're okay with her spending so lavishly when she doesn't do shit to earn her keep

No. 778660

For an alcoholic she really likes choosing babby's first drinks. Mimosas, slushies, sugary rosé and fireball. Honestly I think she just has a bland/childish palette considering the kind of stuff she eats. Either that it's just part of the baby bimbo act, idk.

No. 778663

Not all alcoholics drink hard liquor. SHe obviously chooses her drinks for the "aesthetic" but she's still drinking an excessive amount/drinking alone/drinking at inappropriate times, which are all signs of alcoholism.

No. 778664


Previous thread >>>/snow/775889

Internal links cannot be listed on the same line. That said we didn't need those links in this OP.

I like the humor in your write up of the latest milk.


>argues about bumping the thread

>do you want the thread to lock?

Thanks for locking the thread, retard.

No. 778665

Y'all are savage, I've never made an OP before but the old thread was locked and it had been hours without anyone making a new one. Shay is my favorite cow and I wanted the milk to keep flowing, so I made a new thread. The janky formatting is literally copy/pasted from the old thread, I only added the "latest milk" section.

all the good art posts were two threads ago, and the best ones had already been used as OP pics so I just chose what i thought was a funny twitter cap for the thread pic.

No. 778666

you did fine. thanks for the new thread.

No. 778667

The thread is fine, people are just finding the littlest shit to sperg about lol

No. 778668

idk why but shay threads are always sperg central

No. 778670

Never said she wasn't? Just that chooses really sweet/sugary drinks and pretty obviously doesn't like the taste of alcohol.

No. 778671

barely any posts and yet there's already a bunch of sperging and fuckery going on lol classic shay threads

No. 778680

File: 1550290375003.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 130.28 KB, 747x722, D5520291-2D63-47DE-AC37-B0AC16…)

Her face in the first picture..

No. 778681

Her front tooth is chipped. Was it always? Or a drunken accident?

No. 778684

OPs fine stop talking about it.

also you dont have to guzzle everclear to be an alcoholic. 4 9am mimosa when you need to save money for an apartment down payment is alcoholism.

No. 778685

I'll give it to her that her boobs are cute but her face and hair are far from adorable

No. 778686

Why does she always make that face!

No. 778691

oh shit you right. Good catch, anon. No, it has not always been chipped, that's pretty dang new and surprising. she's always had slightly buck teeth, so one being noticeably shorter is definitely new. I wonder if she fell over drunk or something. Who knows

No. 778695

File: 1550293035899.png (5.59 MB, 1242x2208, 45270EDF-5664-4D1A-B0A3-5CF7C2…)

This is from her drunk w/ mimosa post it’s definitely 100% chipped. They used to be even. I’m looking for a photo where she doesn’t have her tongue pressed to her teeth to see the last time they looked normal

No. 778698

File: 1550293164597.png (6.44 MB, 1242x2208, 4D499BF4-E9D5-446E-A0EB-39F3D3…)

Okay so this is the most clear one I could find of her teeth. It’s from the 6th.
I can’t believe this dumb bitch chipped her front tooth

No. 778701

File: 1550293318133.jpg (518.58 KB, 1080x1828, Screenshot_20190215-225618_Twi…)

Perhaps a new person for her to mooch off?

No. 778703

They've been friends for a while. They have content together. Read the old threads.

No. 778704

Yikes.. if she had her priorities straight she’d look around for a dentist that can take “emergency” cases and get it filled in. But she spent $150+ on hotel food, so it’s clearly the least of her concern.

No. 778706

The spoonfeeding is strong itt

No. 778708


That would be considered cosmetic and expensive.

No. 778711

It's so weird comparing this to >>778698 because it looks like the chip rounded out the right tooth while fucking the left side. I wonder if this happened before or after she left Colorado

No. 778719

Definitely before. I just went through the past few threads back to the new year and it's been chipped since at least then, and she was still "official" with fupa. It was really hard to see though, I never realized that 95% of her pics when she's smiling she has her tongue out and pressed up against her teeth. I wonder if she started doing that when it got chipped so we wouldn't notice.

No. 778729

File: 1550306804762.png (691.67 KB, 1080x1920, 41cb40be-4080-4ee3-891f-5707bd…)


No. 778744

Maybe it happened while fupa was punching her in the face?

No. 778754

next thumbnail please! you did amazing

No. 778755

Its not chipped. It’s ground down. I have a tongue ring and the same thing happened to my teeth. She has fucked up teeth so I’m guessing she grinds her teeth at night and that can lead to it happening. Her canines are also really small which could be a sign of teeth grinding as well. Chipped teeth will be more jagged. Hers is smoothly ground down.

No. 778756

Isn’t this the bitch that supported Shayna’s antisemetic comments, even though she claims to be a Jew?

No. 778760

File: 1550333367112.png (143.76 KB, 720x1076, Screenshot_2019-02-15-17-36-07…)

Tried posting to the old thread, didn't realize someone made a new one.

Here's a pic of Shay experiencing her first public rush of callout culture while an orbiter bitches about a girl showing herself for free while most girls are getting paid to show themselves off.. lol

No. 778767

yeah uh did they miss the point? I thought you were a successful pron star shay? you wouldn't have to beg for money for chicken wings, would you?

No. 778770

Yup, thats her.

No. 778771

she's triggered because she knows all she does is leech and bum off of the pennies she earns through begging constantly ~send me money 4 drinks at tay bar pls!1 plsss send me money pls tip me!! why arent u guys tipping me tonite??~

No. 778787

File: 1550345582287.png (14.49 KB, 581x105, 2019-02-16 14_32_55-Window.png)

how tf is she shopping…?

No. 778789

Didn’t she claim she only had $200 saved for moving? WHY is this bitch shopping when she’s supposed to be looking for a new place and is waiting for all of her shit to be sent back?

No. 778792


Honestly I think she’s just posting things to fit her uwu baby bimbo I have money bc your a stupid head who pays for it aesthetic or she’s using all her money on stupid cheap costumes and props on amazon

No. 778795

her mom n dad almost definitely. i bet she ends up going back home soon too

No. 778803

File: 1550352046177.jpg (202.66 KB, 1080x929, Screenshot_20190216-152036_Twi…)

Sure Shay. This totally happened

No. 778804

File: 1550352225449.jpg (353.25 KB, 1080x1316, Screenshot_20190216-152237_Twi…)

No. 778805

Exactly. She’s putting on a show. “Totally unbothered by my homelessness”. I’m almost positive she hasn’t even left her hotel room. Didn’t she say when she was in Seattle that she never really left her studio except to go to the store? Same in haus fupa. Who does she think she’s fooling?

No. 778807

File: 1550355477004.png (174.87 KB, 720x1029, Screenshot_2019-02-16-17-15-14…)


No. 778809

File: 1550355687451.png (120.17 KB, 720x504, Screenshot_2019-02-16-17-15-21…)


No. 778811

lol i thought dawn was paying for that?

No. 778812

We all seen that food on cam last night lol
Possibilities; A) she spent it all on Valentines Day and is covering her ass or B ) Dawn heard the bullshit Shay spewed out of her mouth about her/her bf and told her she can come and pack/collect her own shit, i know i would've. Easiest way to not be held liable for "something not making the trip"

No. 778813

Fucking depressing how t h r i v i n g Shayna is becoming homeless faster than literal junkie Tuna

No. 778819

thought you couldn’t cam from your “friends” house Shayna?

No. 778827

Man I am so glad that Dawn decided to have Shay take her responsabilities and pay for it. The way she has been handling her money since she's homeless is absolutely mindboggling.

No. 778829

tbf it's the way she's always handled her money

No. 778833

Ok what?
She saved up money for an apartment but literally all she saved is going to a plane ticket back to Dawn's place plus renting/shipping a pod to wherever she hopes to live in a month. So where the fuck is she going to live until then? Dawn doesn't want her back and she says she's setting up a cam space which means she's not going back to a hotel.

No. 778834

File: 1550368302022.png (197.35 KB, 524x487, Screenshot (342).png)


No. 778835

She’s obviously been lurking. Trying to prove that someone actually wants a tattoo of her

No. 778838

why the fuck… wonder if the tattoo artist will include the shitty roots

No. 778839

How does this pay her bills though? She's still a homeless dumbass kek.

No. 778842

she probably made a fake account to message herself with this nonsense jfc

No. 778853

lol can you imagine what it would look like? would they include the hearts from the filter? the busted chiclets?

No. 778858

The puffy eyebags, the chipped and crooked teeth equipped with that snaggletooth canine, the terrible nose contour… List goes on.

sucks you can't capture her personality in the tattoo. She might have the face, but its all dead below that lol

No. 778861

She would have called herself a “porn star” instead of an “adult entertainer”.

>what can you do?
Uh…not make really poor decisions. Move back home? Save your money? Stop acting like a fucking child? Life isn’t this difficult.

No. 778870

On the off chance this is real dude sounds like he’s trying to score a free pic tailored to his kinks thru flattery kek

No. 778875

File: 1550380621264.png (200.92 KB, 720x1060, Screenshot_2019-02-17-00-16-01…)

Don't worry, binkie ruined the chances of the fun in that…

No. 778876

I can’t imagine why anyone would want tattoos of either of these hags. I’m secondhand embarrassed for everyone involved.

No. 778883

it's nuts how fast she went from being "posi" and seemingly professional on twitter to shitposting her every thought again. homeless saga is fun.

No. 778888

Honestly she should just give up whatever she left and ask Dawn to sell it for her or something. It's all cheap garbage anyway, I'll bet anything that nothing she's getting shipped comes even close to what she's spending on the unit.

No. 778889

this might sound slightly bloggy but it's relevant enough so anyhow, i don't know how shay can live with such a severely chipped tooth.. i chipped my tooth tonight and it's beyond irritating and painful. i get that hers is on a less painful area but it's a really really big chip, way bigger than mine so i don't know how she deals with it and doesn't care. maybe being drunk 24/7 helps?(blog)

No. 778891

It’s more than likely not a chip, but a result of her grinding her teeth over a long period of time. So it probably doesn’t bother her.

No. 778894

Dental farmer here. It appears to be a chip based on the pics posted. The angle is so severe that it probably isn’t making contact with any opposing teeth, and none of the adjacent teeth appear to show signs of wear. I think she just chipped it and never bothered to get it fixed.

No. 778896

Ugly people stay ugly because they neglect upkeep. It's just part of her trashy nature.

No. 778903

At least Shay hasn't used her chipped tooth in her smear campaign against dawn - "Omg guiz, that shady basement man at Dawns house pushed me down the stairs and broke my tooth! I'm a poor helpless babbby! send cash for my weed and booze to halp with da pain!"

Either her scamming has a limit or shes so white trash it never occurred to her that she should be taking care of her teeth. Bit of colum A, bit of colum B?

No. 778920

Chipped teeth have jagged edges. Bones don’t break or chip off smoothly. Hers is ground down. I guess you failed your dentistry exam, doctor. Kek.(derailing)

No. 778921

plus if it was chipped it would have happened suddenly. Her tooth would have been “fine” (as fine as her teeth can get) and then all of a sudden she’d have that mess on her front tooth. But it’s just been getting progressively worse over time, meaning it’s ground down and not chipped.

No. 778923

lmfao didn't she say a few days ago that she had only saved up $200? and after 3 fucking years of camming thats all she has. i don't think i've ever seen someone THIS BAD with money jfc

No. 778925

she probably chipped it a while ago and the tooth got smoother from time, and possibly from her grinding her teeth. Not that any of this really matters, js.

No. 778926

yea and then she managed to do a bunch of shopping and buy a shipping container and plane tickets with it?? and then she thinks she can get an apartment next month when she said she needed $1500 for it? lol

No. 778927

File: 1550421704471.jpeg (714.68 KB, 1019x1375, 6658D80E-18DC-48D2-B0DB-5D7F05…)

That is patently false. Teeth can break clean. There is no point in arguing this so I won’t make any further statements, but you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about.

I found this pic of shay where her teeth are pretty comparable in size. From her dumdolly days.(derailing)

No. 778932

Her teeth always looked eroded and fucked up

No. 778934

Her tooth is chipped. Just do a side by side comparison of >>778927

No. 778937

I wanna know how it happened. What a dumbass

No. 778939

Tinfoil but I’m thinking fupa is responsible for this somehow. Possible botched gunplay

No. 778940

I feel like she would brag about this to seem ~quirky and fun~ but then again, it makes Fupa sound like an inept fucktard so maybe she would keep something like that to herself.

No. 778941

In some snaps he just act like a teenage Virgin who just made his first female friend. He seemed to enjoy annoying her

No. 778942

aren’t chipped teeth are painful though? everyone who’s been in this thread knows that Shayna would milk every last drop out of her followers if she was in even a tiny bit of pain.

“Daddy my toof hurts soooo much I need your help! Send me money so this baby can feel better!”

You know she would. That’s why I think it’s ground down just because she doesn’t even notice it or care.

No. 778943

his little dainty baby hands aren’t enough to chip someone’s tooth, lets be real. even with a gun he’s not strong enough to do that.

No. 778944

The fact that she never mentioned it makes me think it happened while she was being a idiot

No. 778945

probably from when she fell asleep in the shower multiple times, kek.

No. 778946

For some reason I’m convinced fupa putting a gun in her mouth caused this(stop derailing with the gunplay tinfoil)

No. 778950

File: 1550427173024.png (163.86 KB, 720x719, Screenshot_2019-02-17-13-05-15…)

I said it 3 days ago LMAO
Definitely going to start believing she sends these to herself.

No. 778951

She probably chipped it on a bottle or her bong while drunk. I’ve accidentally banged my front tooth on a bottle once or twice going in for a drink. Her teeth are brown and disgusting and it probably doesn’t take much to just snap off.

No. 778959

can you guys stop talking about her tooth? jfc. it's not milk.

No. 778969

this us bitch is what? 22? 23? and she already has that washed up, echo of youth, sad stripper vibe going on. everything that has led her here is entirely her fault. i hate to say this because of my personal feelings about the sex industry but she is so bad at this and really is such a piss poor business woman. for someone who used to nag about how camming is totes ~real work~ and hard as heck!!!! she legit think thats all she has to do is sit around and pop out a tit and beat up her vag with a hitachi and she's gonna be on her way to multiple birkin bags. it's insulting to cam girls who put effort into this and build up a brand and dont alienate their clients constantly.

praying for the next saga to be "OMG!! im filling out my application to LUSH lol!!! heart flower star bathtub emoji

no milk and blog but damn it's been wild watching these threads.

No. 778979

She made the tweet at 9:00 am but the message was sent at 9:01 am. Most likely sent that to herself

No. 778981

good catch anon! though the supposed messages say they were sent monday, so i'm kind of confused about that since she said someone "just asked"… none of this adds up

No. 778982

The dm says Monday but she tweeted that yesterday? Not wk but i don’t think she sent that to herself. Unless she waited to tweet about it but doubt that

No. 778989


I'm too lazy to do the math but discrepancies between timestamps could be explained by timezones

No. 779001

They can be painful, depends on how far the tooth is chipped and whether or not the chip broke past the enamel. Its a pretty good chip, but she has pretty big teeth so I doubt it hurts her that much. I wonder the last time Shay even went to a dentist. Wish she would take care of herself.(more derailing about teeth)

No. 779002

What is she even trying to sound woke about here?

No. 779006

she’s trying to be like, “omg watching the news just hurts my tender little heart so much! I hate seeing everyone hurt each other and so much hate in the world! Let’s all just hug and love each other and the world will be sunshine and rainbows! I’m so positive everyone!!!”

No. 779020

File: 1550453267849.jpeg (99.06 KB, 750x767, 21AC233D-7E13-436E-809A-66BF9C…)

No. 779023

This backwards ass gutter ho doesn't even have a pot to piss in and wants to pretend she is rolling around in the cash still?

Imagine being so desperate to stay relevant that you buy hundreds of twitter followers. It honestly so hard watching a washed up wannabe try to appear popular still. Have fun being drunk and high all the time to mask the pain of being a miserable bitch, Shay! You're a loser and that's why your life is shitty.

No. 779024

shay's getting angsty now with her lurking lmao. "surely everyone on lolcow will feel stupid for laughing at my pathetic existence if i brag about wiping my tears with money!!11!"

No. 779027

File: 1550453673457.jpg (41.51 KB, 536x313, liarliar.JPG)

samefag but I checked her twitter and saw this post. Who's car is she in? Is she really that drugged up and useless that she can't keep her lies straight? Why doesn't Shay just admit she is gargling Fupa's chode and letting him smash his fat stomach against her greasy broken out face again?

No. 779032

Let me guess they asked for a nude pose so Shay just sent them a free nude. Or something sexually suggestive.

>don't worry he's paying!
Yeah right. Shay would've tossed those photos without a second thought just from the ego rush alone.

Bitch you haven't even got $50 to your name.

No. 779034

File: 1550454671111.jpg (226.19 KB, 1079x1019, Screenshot_20190217-195045_Twi…)


No. 779036

None of this makes sense. Why is she using tissues instead of toilet paper? What the fuck is going on? Is she honestly constantly on a bender?

No. 779043

fupa must be out of toilet paper lmao

No. 779054

Drunk alcoholic bitches do dumb shit

No. 779061

all she said was she went through the drive through, could have been an uber or something like that.

No. 779107

She doesnt have fifty, no one watches her shows

No. 779108

Who the fuck spends money on an Uber to just get an orange juice? Sounds either made up or she got Fupa to drive her to McDonald’s for a dollar menu breakfast because the bitch is poor.

No. 779170

File: 1550508674327.png (13.04 KB, 579x103, 2019-02-18 11_45_35-An IRL Dol…)

weren't you just shopping the other day?
didn't you get a bunch of new clothes from your parents at christmas?
will we still see you in the same old crusty pink outfits you always wear? (spoiler alert: yes)
so many questions…

No. 779174

I honestly dont think she has any money; I think she is fronting on twitter while she panics about where she is going to live and what she is goin to do next.

No. 779175

wipes tears with empty forever21 gift card

No. 779177

Whats the worst is that shes doing that when Dawn spent literal thousands of dollars to get her shit. She had those the entire time and was just letting dawn spoil her.

Shes not panicking about where to live. Shes with Fupa. About what she's gonna do next. The same old shit as long as people still fall for her bullshit.

No. 779178

i'm ready to see her new cam setup or for fupa to accidentally spill the beans in some way

No. 779183

Oh i wouldn't be surprised if she used a backdrop to keep her location a secret. She can only do hotels for so long till they start causing more hassle then their worth.

Tinfoil but I don't think they'll spill the beans or their hardest not too. They're trying to protect their images right now even though there is not much to protect. Its the reason why Shay is trying so hard to project the image thats shes single even though she went running back to fupa after Dawn found out.

No. 779185

eh they're both dumber than a box of rocks is the issue

No. 779198

What I don't understand is why they split in the first place. When you lay everything out nothing really makes sense.

1. They had a messy breakup but didn't say why.
2. Shay spent money to move her shit and fly to Dawn.
3. Dawn wasn't in on this. She was prepared to let Shay stay up until Shay proved to be more trouble than worth the money she was earning.
4. Shay is now paying to stay in hotels (more than she earns on cam) and may have to actually pay for her stuff since Dawn might have told her to fuck off after she lied on Snapchat.
5. Neither Shay or Fupa seem to have any reason not to say they're back together because Fupa hasn't left social media (the one reason he had to break up with her)

I mean there's the kids and the ex-wife but even then Fupa is a deadbeat dad and unless the ex was threatening to have his custody rights cut off by citing Shay as a danger to her children, there's still no reason for them to have split up/now be dating again in secret.

None of it makes any sort of sense.

No. 779209

Dawn paid for Shayna to fly out/have her stuff sent there.
Also fupa and shayna are really immature so it wouldn't surprise me if they fell out over something trivial. He's probably trying to avoid more embarrassing shit about him going online too

No. 779237

He's not a deadbeat dad, actually. He and his ex get along as much as one can imagine, given the situation. He doesn't talk to his mother or sister (the one who used drugs). His mother had a big issue with his other sister (with whom he is on good terms) and she doesn't talk to the mom either.

Anyway, since finding out about Shay, there is no question that it was something that was brought up by his ex. She seems level headed and as such, would not be okay with her children being around someone like Shay.

I can see that causing a lot of friction between Shay and fupa, and the reason why Shay went back home for the holidays. Even though fupa didn't have the kids on Xmas, he saw them the day after.

What I think happened was when Shay went back home, stuff happened when she tried to get pot (remember the texts from some guys ex?). I'm sure that caused fupa to get jealous and he seems like the type to want to make her jealous because he feels insecure. That's when she was hitting a new bottom in tulsa.

Shit probably hit the fan with fupas ex (honestly, I can see them having had a calm and decent convo about the situation and him seeing how it is pretty fucked to have her around the kids). He probably told her she'd have to get her own place and she probably got abandonment triggered and spoke to dawn on the dl about fupa. That's probably when dawn offered to help her with cramming, etc.

Shay probably brought this up to fupa and he probably got super jealous, seeing how successful she is, and said he wasn't cool with it, because that would take away any control he would have. That's why it ended messy. He probably got back on tinder after a blow up over dawn and said, fuck it.

He probably didn't think she would actually go, because he didn't think Dawn would be stupid enough to fork out the money to get her there. When she did and Shay left, he regretted it. That's when he got all emo. But then Shay would have felt good because he "wanted" her, so they talked (loudly on the phone) and got back together. He probably didn't want her to cam with Dawn (or furry related, which is. More likely since Shay changed her Twitter header to her as a dog) p, which would break Dawn and says agreement and would be why Dawn said third parties interfere.

After Shay came back, fupa probably realized what a fuck up she is and was like… Yeah, no.

No. 779239

This is oddly specific anon…

No. 779240

Why does this read like when Ted Bundy was talking about himself in the third person lol

No. 779241

File: 1550528276597.png (124.22 KB, 680x680, 135.png)

No. 779247

File: 1550528711880.jpeg (652.31 KB, 1242x1704, A4B5499A-9725-4764-8409-E78363…)

so if shayna is literally homeless, where the fuck is she putting all these lights and a new mic and all this shit?

No. 779248

eye roll
Or, some of us are decent at deductive reasoning, and can articulate our thoughts, rather than tinfoiling stupidity, arguing about her teeth and whining about her cat.

No. 779249

uhhh except for the part where you just wrote a wall of tinfoil, but go off

No. 779250

lol it's not that serious
Also it's been said already that dawn didn't offer to take shayna in until after she'd posted online about the 'break up'
Try reading the thread before you articulate your thoughts

No. 779251

asmr? please kill me.

No. 779256

I don’t get why there was so much tinfoil over Dawn wanting to engage in a relationship with Shay because she got upset Shay wasn’t single. Couldn’t it be she felt betrayed after paying to get her out of the situation

No. 779258

tbh the only person that threw out that dawn wanted a relationship was shayna herself
i think everyone else knew she was irked about wasting her money on a lie

No. 779267

I drew conclusions based on information. Tinfoiling is "omg what if fupa chipped her tooth with gunplay!" but go off.

Right. But Shay and Dawn could very easily have been discussing potential plans prior to the actual break up, as things were clearly falling apart. Dude,read what I wrote.

No. 779269

I don't know where anyone got the idea she wanted a relationship with Shay. Again, more stupidity. She clearly stated that third parties make cam agreements more trouble than they are worth, which would definitely be the case with fupas insecure ass.

No. 779270

Dude, you're tinfoiling just like the people you're complaining about

No. 779272

tinfoiling is any assumption or conjecture presented without definitive evidence

No. 779274

All of those ASMR options sound horrible. I hope no one buys

No. 779279

Lol ignore the bitter anons who can’t seem to rub their 3 brain cells together after reading Shay threads for months. I basically agree with everything you’ve said, fupapa and shay are “deffo” keeping their shit under wraps now that his ex wife knows about Shay’s pedo porn bait and most likely did threaten to completely take his kids out of his life as a result. Anons screaming “tinfoil!!” are just extremely ignorant when it comes to relationships that include children.

No. 779284

if you're going to complain at least sage lol the autism is strong tonight

No. 779287

kind of looking forward to this, only to see the set up b/c i don't think she'll be camming from a cardboard box on the street.

No. 779289

File: 1550535002744.jpeg (231.39 KB, 1242x548, 4FD5CE08-9D68-40A8-92B3-09459B…)

claims she has no where to live.
Is now talking about a cam studio.

Jesus, Shay, at least try to keep up with your lies.

No. 779290

lol is "gift cards" supposed to be code for something now? never heard her refer to them this much up until now.

No. 779291

wow, floppy bunny ears. You really outdid yourself this time shay.

No. 779293


Code for "I don't actually need money but I'm going to pretend I do to keep up with this lie."

No. 779294

Deductive reasoning is also known as 'top-down' logic, where the reasoner begins with an accepted premise and seeks to prove another statement based on previously “known” information.

1. He's not a deadbeat dad, amicable with ex. Doesn't talk to mom/sister.

-evidence based on FB where he shares holidays with his ex, even at her house. He attends soccer games and holidays like Halloween and birthdays. If you do your research via FB you will see evidence of family relations. I don't post images because it is fupa based, not Shay based. It is relevant now as it pertains to a premise.

2. Ex knows about Shay. Brought it up with fupa.

Someone cowtipped a few threads back and we got her reaction to the information. I'm drawing the conclusion that she spoke with fupa about it based on my first premise, that they speak and are amicable.

3. Shay went home for holidays as a result of 2.

This conclusion was based on 2. And 1. That fupas ex knew about the situation and because fupa is involved with his kids and spends holidays with them, Shay had to disappear.

4. While Shay was at home, she had encounters with her dealers ex over messing around with him. Fupa acted out after this.

We had screenshots of the texts that Shay posted about her dealer and his ex. The conclusion here is that fupa is insecure (which is definitive based on him being with her to begin with /so much of his behavior that is documented in previous threads), and thus acted out.

5. Fupas ex gives bottom line/ultimatum about Shay living in the house. Fupa asks Shay to get her own place.

This conclusion is based on a few things. #1 and #2, as well as the fact that she recently had another kid and would want to send the mutual kids to fupas more often because of new baby. It makes sense then that a serious conversation would have been had. What is concluded is that following that, the only solution was to have Shay live in a different place.

6. Shay talking to Dawn on dl about fupa drama prior to breakup and Dawn offering to help her with the business side of camming.

Granted this is pure speculation, based on the aforementioned. It is based on shays history of discussing her drama with whomever will pay attention, and the evidence we have of dawn showing Shay a lot of attention in the last 6 months.

7. Shay brought thus up to fupa, fupa was not happy about it, fight ensued, tinder profile reinstated.

Yes, speculation based on aforementioned. Again, we've concluded fupa is insecure. If 6 happened, not a stretch to think that this followed.

8. Break up occurs because fupa thinks he's badass and in control. Dawn offers room and board. Fupa doesn't think she'll follow through.

Makes sense based on 7-1

9. Shay leaves, fupa regrets it, Shay comes back, fupa reaffirms cutting ties.

Again, based on 8, makes sense. That's why he went all emo with snap and FB posts and then felt overconfident via snap and FB following actual break up.

No. 779295

I think that she can be also found on this instagram account


No. 779296

She’s using them as an excuse to buy shit she doesn’t need. She’s supposed to be saving up 1500 for an apartment, not blowing it on overpriced decor pillows.

No. 779297

this is assuming they actually broke up and it wasnt just a front to fupas ex.

that just confirms to me shes at fupas since she went from saving for her own place to buying tat for her cam room that she suddenly has in like 2 days.

No. 779300

Right. Assuming they have actually broken up, which I am TINFOILING that they did. I can see him allowing her to stick around the house until she finds a place, and explaining that to his ex (who I feel would understand, because she has like 8 kids and took in fupas niece when her mom was strung out, so I am assuming she is a compassionate person), and sure, fucking her on the dl- why not… But I don't think they are remaining in any kind of real relationship. It doesn't make sense, given what fupa would lose and the very very little he would gain (if you can call it that, which I wouldn't).

No. 779301

I wonder how shitty Shay feels knowing that if she would've gone to college after HS she would be graduating in two months lol. Look at how much she has floundered and has nothing to show after four years.

No. 779302

File: 1550536608579.png (15.93 KB, 546x111, Screenshot (346).png)

what is she even saying? that people somehow make her account unfollow them? can you even do that on twitter i don't know shit about it.

No. 779303


Maybe they blocked her and unblocked her hoping she wouldn't notice.

No. 779305

yeah you can block and unblock and it'll force the person to unfollow you. it's called "soft blocking"

No. 779306

soft blocking is the nicer way of saying "fuck off", shay. maybe you're just too retarded to understand that concept.

No. 779312

File: 1550539000159.png (1.05 MB, 1134x581, Screenshot (347).png)

No. 779313

That blanket is going to be so grimy soon, I wonder if she’ll show off the rest of her cam room

No. 779315


is that just cheap walmart fabric on the wall and floor? also, she needs to learn not to buy that fuzzy shit, she always wrecks it to the point of no return. third of all, that sign makes it seem like she's got herself a Daddy.

No. 779316

That looks so sad, kek

No. 779318

It really looks like the 'set' of someone's first cam session, not the one of someone who's been doing it for years

No. 779319

I doubt it or else she’d be flaunting it on twitter etc

No. 779320


unless it's Fupa.

No. 779325

For someone who brags about how "pretty" her content is she really has no fucking idea how to create a pleasing image. The un-ironed fabric with the selvage showing, weird lighting and terrible color choices make this whole thing look really creepy. Like, this is one of those pics you'd see in a news story about a pedo keeping some girl locked up in his basement.

No. 779326

All the pinks clash and I hate it per usual

No. 779327

that’s the thing anon, she’s pandering to creepy old men all the time anyway. they don’t give a fuck about colour schemes, they just want any girl who looks vaguely young to act childlike and wear kiddy shit.

No. 779330


ok so how did those lights “come in” if she doesn’t have a place to stay?

No. 779331

So I'm guessing this is definitely fupa's since she felt the need to cover the floors AND walls??

No. 779332

File: 1550542425992.png (Spoiler Image, 5.22 KB, 382x95, prophecy.png)

No. 779333

File: 1550542691851.jpg (841.81 KB, 1080x1920, 1543266273064.jpg)

>staying with friends so I can't cam here
>I need a hotel room to cam
>I can't cam until I get my own apartment
>Hey guys check out my new cam studio!!

Isn't this just the wall she used at Fupa's place but covered with fabric? And a blanket to hide the carpet?

No. 779334

File: 1550542937211.png (38.5 KB, 651x277, 848948948949.png)

Needs to save up for an apartment but has money to spend on weed and art commissions apparently.

No. 779336

I believe someone posted her saying her payout was the 16th, so i wouldn't be surprised if she's blowing the little bits of the money she's made all while camming on fupa's floors while he's working nights.

No. 779337

i don't know who this is but welcome and please feel free to spill more tea

No. 779338

They're just acting like they know what's going on

No. 779339

What's the milk here?

No. 779340

that's as may be, but it's a lot more interesting than this thread normally is so i'm happy with it. threads can have one or more concurrent discussions, if you don't care about it, no one is forcing you to read it. anon stated that it was a tinfoil based on past shay threads, it reads sensibly enough to me.

No. 779341

Come on anon, it could be literally any room anywhere. yes, it's likely she's at fupa's, but theres no way to tell that from the picture.

No. 779343

lol the dramatic vague self harm threat

No. 779345

I assumed she was going to use it for "protection", not cutting herself because she's scared.

No. 779349

How many other places is she going to find where she has an entire wall to cover in fabric? Her entire claim is staying with friends who won't let her cam and suddenly she has a "studio" when she can't even afford a place to live? It's in an empty room and lord knows Fupa's house has enough of those.

No. 779358

honestly it depends on how low she's willing to sink. you can find some pretty dubious hookups through CL to this day, though i doubt she'd be brave enough to do anything like that. i mean, she can't even deal with her mom and dad yelling at her, she's probably not able to handle something really seedy. still, she'd better start making some friends quick-like, even if it's just to have someone to spnge off of. girl doesn't even have a vamp/colette equivalent. when even moo has you beat in the friends dept. you know things are pretty rough.

No. 779363

i doubt she's having packages delivered to a random she met off craigslist's place

No. 779365

>'i doubt she's brave enough to do that'

No. 779369

Thought she was gonna split the blunt with it

No. 779398

File: 1550555848742.jpeg (24.3 KB, 320x220, 27E456A5-04E5-4357-984B-EBB5B7…)

I have a tinfoil about her reading the farms. I think it’s because she’s changed her every day hairstyle. She went from the soccer mom from the 80s sleeping with a curler in her bangs to the stringy sickly braids and now she’s on the weird frizzy bun and it’s all because we would talk about how stupid looking her hair always looks. She doesn’t do those looks anymore

No. 779399

she's been confirmed to lurk at least three times, it's not a question anymore. I'm sure she visits the threads multiple times a day. She's definitely been wearing her hair down more though, not that it will ever look "good", it's too dead and fried, it always just looks matted and dirty.

Dirty Matt-el

No. 779407

Stop baiting your insta in multiple threads? At least sage if your autism cant stop you from posting

No. 779459

File: 1550589717100.jpg (48.95 KB, 587x494, Capture.JPG)

Interesting considering she thought Dawn was helping her for free..

No. 779461

how is she literally this brain dead?
dawn must read this shit and roll her eyes into the back of her head at this point.

No. 779462

The difference is that Shayna believes she deserves/has a right to that information for free, while everyone else should pay her for it. She’s just an entitled bitch.

No. 779463

i can't even fathom what type of "advice" or whatever she has to "pass down" to people. how to become the salvation army of porn?

No. 779466

File: 1550591099563.jpeg (144.05 KB, 1242x333, 7E498D40-957E-441C-A35B-3DEF8E…)

I’m really starting to think she doesn’t know wtf an existential crisis is.

No. 779468

she 1000% doesn't know what it is.
questioning the meaning/purpose of your life has nothing to do with being so retarded you don't understand how a mirror works. every time she tries to bring that term into context it never makes sense.

No. 779469

File: 1550591942288.png (17.54 KB, 580x147, 2019-02-19 10_51_48-An IRL Dol…)

uhhh shayna. everyone has to wait for paychecks. i'd assume MV has some sort of payroll system they have to work through before they release your funds…
she acts like it's some sort of personal attack. also is she really acting like she's going to have enough for an apartment with one paycheck when she's cammed like twice in the last 2-3 weeks and made maybe $600 max?
she claimed yesterday she would be camming today so we'll see if that happens or not.

No. 779473

She is 100% at fupas. This over the top story telling is so pathetic. Shay you are a broke bitch you can’t afford a 1200 apartment. The ex wife is going to catch on eventually. They think they are so clever except all they accomplished was screwing Dawn over and putting Shay even more in the hole of poverty.

No. 779474

Yesterday was a federal holiday so everyone who gets a direct deposit has to wait. She was probably too drunk to know that.

No. 779475

File: 1550593563384.png (23.84 KB, 622x262, 2019-02-19 11_20_37-An IRL Dol…)

it's easier for her to just shit on other women

No. 779477

in a couple weeks she's gonna be like "omg luv my new apartment! i have so many ideas 4 decorating it!" and then she's only gonna show off that one area with the fabric on the walls

No. 779479

>shuwu syndrome

No. 779486

yeah and sex work isn't a personality either, shayna.

she claims to be so "uwu support ur fellow women!!!" but when women vent about the shit men put them through suddenly it's "oh stop being such a bitter bitch it's not cute (to men)"

we get it, your life revolves on getting validated by men who don't respect you, stop tryna tell other women they don't have personalities when you think it's cool to whisper "anal" to yourself over and over

No. 779490

she says this now, but watch her backtrack and talk about how shitty men are when fupa stops being a little bitch, throws her out, and cuts ties with her for real next time.

No. 779495

Snapchat anons, where/what has she been posting lately? anything that has where she's staying in it?

No. 779499

File: 1550602070527.jpeg (161.37 KB, 750x900, 0E9D1E96-0F01-4504-A485-BF7B75…)

No. 779500

she looks like worn out shit here.

No. 779501

God this is BLEAK

No. 779502


She always looks worn out af
Also, Nah, just dumb bitch things lmao

No. 779505

well it definitely looks like she's back to posting from the closet

No. 779506

Hope some snapchat anons drop some pics and maybe more clues. As drunk as shay gets; she will pry slip up.

No. 779508

there's absolutely no way she's at a hotel smoking a fucking BLUNT. her ass would've been kicked out so god damn fast - idk why she keeps up this facade. just say you're living with fupa and move on with continually destroying your life, shay.

No. 779510

she said she's at a friend's, not a hotel

No. 779514

She really does half ass her “work” space I don’t think she’s ever had a decent setup other than when she stayed at dawns

No. 779521

File: 1550605810303.png (867.96 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-19-14-48-55…)

Y'all shes got a cold sore.. And that snapchat filter fuuuuucks up her eyeballs KEK

No. 779523

File: 1550605980018.png (81.92 KB, 720x664, Screenshot_2019-02-19-14-49-22…)

You said that like.. 10 minutes before she decided to talk about filming for snap, i wonder if she's trying to figure out who's leaking her secondhand embarrassment

No. 779525

just such a punchable face in every single photo

No. 779527

File: 1550606384247.png (103.8 KB, 720x745, Screenshot_2019-02-19-14-56-29…)

Her mom made a good choice by stopping any hope that her austic unaware daughter will ever be normal

No. 779528

Actually MV is located in Canada, meaning a check would clear in the US in roughly 5 business days. But she’s too stupid to understand this.

No. 779532

If I looked at this and knew she was a sex worker, I would 100% think she was just starting out. How the fuck can she have been doing this for 3 years and still takes such shit quality pics?

No. 779533

Lmaooo homeless herpes saga

No. 779534

Fupa, is that you?

No. 779536

and yet she thinks she deserves payment when one of her orbiters wants to talk to her

No. 779539

LOL no.. not THAT type of punchable.

No. 779540

What is with the religious shit recently? Ever since she “broke up” with Fupa she’s been talking about this on and off. It’s weird.

No. 779550

I bet she's holding that blunt with her chipped tooth kek

No. 779562

How to be a pron star according to Dirty_Ashell

What you'll need
1. polyester child bedsheets
2. pink rug
3. stuffed animals of various sizes
4. cheapest outfits available on amazon (aim for either sizes that are too big or too small)
5. cutting board, standard hitachi, plastic easter eggs, frying pan
6. heart filter
7. obnoxious playlist to annoyingly lipsync to
8. boxed bleach, extra brassy
9. stupidly long acrylic nails
10. tub of cooking grease
11. cheap alcohol / weed

Instructions :

1. Create cam and content schedule for viewers (do not exceed 10 hours per week)
2. Totally disregard cam and content schedule.
3. Create sale promo for videos and snapchat (value each video at no more than 65 cents) for take out and overpriced drinks
4. Create new sale promo for same thing, but change price to random number, to purchase edibles
5. Publish tweet incorrectly using terms like "existential", instigating drama with other sex workers and publicizing how well you are doing
6. Scratch boils on vag
7. Drink, smoke, eat garbage
8. Set up your super cute cam room by putting up the sheet half assed, on the wall behind you, put down the rug, take a photo and call it a day
9. Refer to #2
10. Refer to #6
11. Do not shower. This is imperative.
12. Go on cam

How to thrive on cam
1. Look at phone
2. Make twisted faces and pull hair around to look as unflattering as possible
3. Drink
4. Lipsynch, Bob shoulders up and down
5. Scratch. This is important. Scratch ass, vag, shoulders, head, chest.
6. Hold boob
7. State at nothing and make random noises
8. Ignore potential customers
9. Slap ass with cutting board?
10. Fake edge
11. Repeat

I can definitely see why she'd want to get paid for this. This is some quality advice from a very successful cam star who obviously has her career together, has a strong fan base, is punctual and thoroughly enjoys being on cam and making content! /s

Bitch is out of her fucking mind.

No. 779564

she probably glanced at a tweet that was vaguely religious and it gave her the idea for a contrast to her current non-existent personality. she doesn't strike me as being able to do anything other than latch on to trends and copy other people.

if dd/lg and baby bimbo hadn't come along she'd still be doing stoner flannel.

No. 779565

ugh, this dude. he's an annoying, woke priest who latched onto sjw ideology to make a name for himself. wondering how she came across him, he's more popular and relevant with gay men than any other group.

No. 779566

Of course she would say something like this, she relies on men ("Daddies") to leech off of instead of actually making money and having a job like a grown ass adult.

No. 779567

Exactly my first thought.

No. 779568

Who the fuck cares what you think, shay. You rely on men for all your money and free shit as a camwhore and professional slut.

No. 779570

and just yesterday she was talking about how positive she is, and how she loves supporting other sex workers no matter what. “No hate!!! Let’s spread love!!!”

shut the fuck up shayna.

No. 779580

File: 1550617024255.png (50.06 KB, 620x487, 2019-02-19 17_51_11-An IRL Dol…)

the bad karma's affecting her physically
>so um like can someone venmo me $500 to go to the E.R.?

No. 779583

Spoiler alert: she just has gas. Literally. This just sounds like bad gas pains.

No. 779584

File: 1550617104285.png (Spoiler Image, 234.86 KB, 582x344, 2019-02-19 17_52_52-Tweets wit…)

okay we all know this is an old pic and she's just reposting it for the likes/rt's but wouldn't it be so confusing as one of her followers that didn't know her from tumblr to see her complaining that she feels like she's dying and then posting ass pics 5 mins later?

No. 779585


was she supposed to cam tonight? i bet its an excuse to get out of actually doing any work.

No. 779590

good call. that's probably actually what she's doing.

No. 779591

good call. that's probably actually what she's doing.

No. 779597

and we're just going to take the word of a known liar and scammer b/c that's what she wants ppl to believe.

would be incredibly convenient. like, what did she expect from her mimosa diet?

No. 779598

File: 1550618365409.jpeg (202.73 KB, 1242x519, AEA71409-1930-4011-81B2-32F2F2…)

Shayna, that’s going to be pretty difficult given the fact that 1) you’re homeless, 2) you’re broke, and 3) you’re not even signed with an agency

I would laugh my ass off if she really thinks society 15 still gives a shit about her. She hasn’t been on their site for months.

No. 779602

no we're not taking her word. we all assume she's at fupa's. i'm just saying she didn't hang a sheet up in a hotel room.

No. 779605

I mean, she is technically still on their site, just listed as "unavailable" along with five other girls.

No. 779619

What is it with her and this one particular bathtube? And ffs that's called being bloated.

No. 779636

If her diet wasn’t fucking goldfish and pink wine she wouldn’t be having stomach issues. Eat some vegetable and drink some water ffs. What a literal idiot. I wish she would go to the hospital so she could be fucking embarrassed that she’s gassy.

No. 779653

A hearty kek from me, anon

No. 779663

File: 1550633422045.png (192.49 KB, 720x1056, Screenshot_2019-02-19-22-26-50…)

The heartiest kek

No. 779667

shit like this makes me seriously worry for the state of shay's brain. she really doesn't realize that she literally does spend her days doing nothing at all stuck inside whichever room she weasles her way into staying at since she's basically homeless and gets kicked out after mere weeks, and i mean.. not even gonna get into how deluded she is to think she's super uwu beautiful because we all know about that lel

No. 779668

if you're so beautiful then stop using snapchat filters for a week

No. 779679

says the girl who lives in crusty closets

No. 779680

Snapchat anons - has Fupa posted ANYTHING since the week before V-Day when he said he had a surprise for us?? iirc that was the last thing we heard from fupa's snap… ?

No. 779684

She would literally cry over her nose, jawline and chipped bumpkin tooth… Lbr
She has the snapchat delusion syndrome, she needs filters and photo help(we all know what that Iphone X is capable of doing)
She's faking it, but she's not making it.

I wanna know how after 3 years.. How can you bounce around from place to place with nothing to show? Someone offered you help to be on your way to saving money and buying your first home (buying a home at 22 would've looked good btw) and you shot it all down for what…….? That they didn't want a drunken slob who can't handle cannabis lying around THEIR home? They had lives, they seemed to smoke as just pure time-filler in a schedule, where Shay screeches and dies if she is close to running out of weed, ever.

No. 779685

Sounds like gas or she’s got severe hunger pains. That’s what happens when your diet only consists of cheap champagne and crackers. My sides are in orbit. She got to be one of the dumbest people on earth. No wonder her parents (or at least her dad) won’t cut her off completely. She would probably literally die.

No. 779687

File: 1550638478938.png (747.25 KB, 586x621, 2019-02-19 23_54_29-An IRL Dol…)

lmao @ vaginal pump

No. 779696

the pump isn't even in the box, you can see it right below. she just needed more pink things to pad the shot

I'm gonna bet it takes at least another month or two for her to move out of fupa's her friends' house. hopefully she proves me wrong. also, no cam tonight, other anons called it, I'm sure if anyone questions her she'll say "omg how dare u, I thought I was dying" even though she's totally fine now

No. 779697

also sorry for double post but there's a lovense toy there? she has NEVER used that on cam.

No. 779698

that would actually bring her tips. But it would also make her 'like all the other cam girls' and we know precious shay is just so original…

No. 779704

I'm 100% sure she's too dumb to figure out how to set it up.
A waste of $100+

No. 779711

Was gonna say the same thing, it's literally just gas.
>Something's not right
Kek I'd love her to go to a&e about this

Why is there a dirty old teddy bear phone case in the dead centre of her sex toys photo?
Also it's weird to show off things that're still in the packaging. Like she's just showing off how she loves to waste her money on shit she doesn't use

No. 779713

No. 779715

thank you for this rich creamy milk

No. 779718

I honestly think that's what caused shay to be kicked out of dawns. Anons were talking about it here and we know Dawn lurks so.

No. 779719

File: 1550657755388.png (36.64 KB, 728x464, the new studio.png)

No. 779720

This needs to be the next thread photo

No. 779721


Eyes aren't dark and soulless enough, otherwise spot on.

No. 779726

Bravo anon! A true masterpiece.

No. 779727

I follow Fupa on Snapchat and he never updated about the “surprise” as far as I’ve seen. No indication of Shay being around either, but I’m sure one of them will slip up soon.

No. 779728

Anon, you are a true artiste. We are not worthy of your talent but grovel before it nonetheless.

Excellent artwork once again!

No. 779734

File: 1550667000568.png (424.63 KB, 828x1792, B1BA211C-47C3-4019-94A5-096C77…)

Could this be making fun of shay?

No. 779736

lmao i hope so.

No. 779737

Definitely shade towards Shay lol

No. 779746

Best one yet! Have my vote
Are they still following each other? Or did shay block her because “uhbuse”

No. 779749

Thank you for making me laugh anon! Please make this the next thread picture!

No. 779787

File: 1550687200375.jpg (522.88 KB, 1080x1486, Screenshot_20190220-122346_Twi…)


No. 779790

… does Squidward have 3 arms in this? I know he has 8, but usually he only uses 2 as arms right?

No. 779791

God I wish someone would call this girl out. She's been trying to generate all kinds of sympathy for the situation she got herself into and instead of saving the money she needs to "move into a new apartment" she spends what she gets willy nilly on random stupid shit like this. Most people cut out random and unnecessary purchases before they have to move so they can save up properly for it. This dumb bitch is clearly lying about how dire her situation is and anyone with half a brain who isn't a fat/sjw/cuck supporter of her's can see that. I really hope she ends up on the streets cos of her continued stupidity.

No. 779792

it’s an eye trick, he’s wiping with his left arm
sage for OT

No. 779796

it was just poorly done.
it's listed for $35 too kek.

No. 779797

I didn't even notice it until you pointed it out, but yeah the person should have made the left side of the shirt a straight line

No. 779802

The scene was cropped but it’s nearly identical what are you guys talking about

No. 779805

don't judge me yall but those pink restraints and that ball gag is LITERALLY the exact same kit i bought from wish. it's literally a wish bundle for about 5 dollars from what I remember. she probably hasnt even ever actually used them since the chain on mine snapped within not even 5 minutes of use. thriving sex worker, truly

No. 779807

File: 1550689543503.jpg (675.1 KB, 1080x1704, Screenshot_20190220-130548_Twi…)

No. 779808

Meeting up with some gross dude to give a terrible $80 blow job, Shay? Desperate times call for desperate measures I guess.

No. 779811

umm yikes… scared to know what this mug looks like irl without the heart filter

No. 779812


hopefully fixing those 3 inch roots

No. 779813

Isn't she supposed to be flying back to CO for her shit? When will that happen?? Lol

No. 779815

probably never lol
i think she's probably going to put it off as long as possible until dawn is sick of having her shit laying around and decides to have it shipped off herself

No. 779817

Her nose is huge and her eyes are tiny IRL and she can’t figure out a flattering makeup look to save her life. I hope Snapchat gets rid of that filter one day so she can have another “existential mirror crisis” kek

No. 779818

I'm sorry if this is nitpicking but she is SO dry. shay I'm begging you, use lotion PLEASE(it is nitpicking.)

No. 779820

she never ever will
fupa had to tell her to drink water so i think assuming she will moisturize anything is a pipe dream

No. 779822

File: 1550691046723.png (91.82 KB, 622x794, 2019-02-20 14_22_25-MiaBDAY 3_…)

less than subtle dawn-shade fresh from shayna's likes
why are all these ~uwu proud sw's dont kinkshame!!1~ so scared of sex or seeing it? cried herself to sleep?? she makes it sound like she was forced to be there, watch it and join…

No. 779825

lol get out of my head, anon

No. 779826

People do call her out; they use to on tumblr all the time; but ever since the migration to twitter its harder to call out people when they are being scammy assholes.

No. 779827

$80 is too much; pry more like $15

No. 779828

I bet she is getting her nose pierced or something lame to "cope." she doesn't know who she is anymore without a smelly fupa to punch her repeatedly

No. 779829

this is the stupidest story; guess friends/roommates cant have sex. And omg since she saw them having sex so she cried herself to sleep. Bitch you fuck yourself for money… its not the deep.

No. 779831

Deleted mine since you posted it.

Right??? This. Had there not been male genitalia, she would've been fucking fine. It sounds like a poly relationship! Its really not their fault you walked in, knock. Make noise. If they don't care, why do you? Why is it so offensive for others to fuck in front of you in their own house or even ask you to join? At least they asked! You cried and left? Sounds like the only reason you showed was dor a female. You dont look good in this either Mia.

I got rid of it since it was posted, but im glad someone seen it before then. I cant handle these dense dumbasses lol like…. Why are yall doing sw if you literally complain about every minor event that doesn't toss cash to your change bank? Lol

No. 779833

damn I'm surprised people are so angry about this situation. like, if you were staying at a friend's house and walked into the living room to find her fucking her boyfriend, and they tried to get you to join, that would be uncomfortable? That is an uncomfortable situation you didn't consent to? I don't blame her for being upset. It's a common area and they should at least warn her "hey sometimes we like to bone on the couch just a heads up"

not that I think Shay's "situation" was anything like this. I don't sympathize with Shayna, she clearly lied about shit and still expected free handouts, and (rightfully) got the rug pulled out from under her when they caught on.

Squidward has six legs but yeah you right, she wasted her money that should be saved for her "new apartment" on a tacky and poorly-made knickknack

if you're gonna waste all of your money on pointless objects, you should be fixing your fuckin hair

No. 779835

Maybe don't show up to a house with your own personal intentions of hooking up with a girl, just to watch her get plowed by a man and then cry cause you weren't her choice, you were probably her bf's choice shrugs shoulders

Maybe im just weird. I would ask beforehand(always ask questions people), but being a part of the kink community, you cant ~just~ assume. When its kink, when you're in kink, WEIRD SHIT HAPPENS. It HONESTLY sounds like miscommunication, not a "hold her down and force her to watch my peen ejaculate in you!"

If i was staying at a girl's house, walked into her living room and seen them fucking, I'd mind their privacy and leave the room?…. Is it that hard? And if they asked you to join, you can…. Oh idk…. Casually say no you're good and walk away?
NOW, if the friends were like "we invited you here, the least you can do is fuck with us!!?¡¿" THEN that's worrisome. That's fucked up. But her story sounds so selfish… She got her feelings hurt cause she thought she was going there for a "girl who just had a male roommate" and found out they were fucking in the privacy of their own place while having guests.

If this hurts your feelings, maybe the next time you know your sleeping at a person's home and you hear their having sex on the couch, run in with frying pans and beat them together telling them you dont feel comfortable. shrugs again

No. 779840


I'd definitely be uncomfortable and even a little pissed off if I were in that situation, but at the same time it's ridiculous how Shayna is taking every last thing that happened or might have possibly happened under Dawn's roof and using it to turn herself into some poor little victim.

Like…she was handed EVERYTHING (a place to live, furniture, the best business opportunity she can hope to get nowadays) and her attitude went from "Oh I deserve all of this and should never have to lift a finger for anything!" to "Wah they abused me!" and she says whatever shit she can to make herself look good in the situation. It blows my mind how she doesn't have the decency to just….shut up

No. 779843

Her skin is so awful. Ffs just wash for once. The makeup is so caked on you can see where it starts and ends. I almost feel bad for her, but knowing she’s a piece of shit just makes me laugh instead.

No. 779844

Lol I’d throw her 50c to slob on my knob but she has no skill anyway. She’s probably scrape up your dick with her chipped snuggle tooth or some shit. Or just pretend to gag on it and then get tired and say “okay I’m done”(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 779845

this crazy Hitler loving Jew will literally stand up for anything shayna does. She’s disgusting. This same chick also makes mommy/son porn and is all around really hideous.

No. 779847

She’s acting like she was forced to stand there and watch them or some shit. This isn’t abuse or manipulation; it’s someone having sex and saying “hey you wanna join?”

Yeah it’s not very appropriate but it’s not worthy of locking yourself in your room and crying abuse. Cows flock together I guess.

No. 779853

She's better off tossing it

No. 779854

Wait.. I'm pretty sure Shayna didn't even outright say this is what happened? She was just alluding to it by talking about how Dawn didn't have a shower curtain and how she had a secret boyfriend and such. If that's what happened why wouldn't she just say so? My guess it because it didn't… she just wants the narrative to be like that so she looks like a victim. If Dawn would have asked anything of her like that, she would have posted the text conversations, instead all that confirmed was her boyfriend living with her.
And yeah moving in with another cam girl you're going to probably expect them to want to cam with you to make more money? And it would also benefit Shayna for more followers and money too?
The problem in my opinion here is Shayna and always has been. I don't know if she just thought she was God's gift when she got there and thinks everyone wants to fuck her all the time.

No. 779855

I think Dawn can get into trouble if she just throws Shay shit out. There are some laws about renters rights/stuff. But it varies from state to state.

No. 779859

Renters rights only count when there's a contract/lease. Shay left her shit in someone else's home, dawn could throw it out if she wants. I dount there was a lease signed. (An old roommate had this happen to them with no lease and couldn't do anything, legally, against the people that thru out their shit.)

No. 779887


Actually speaking from experience, if Dawn can prove she’s been trying to facilitate Shayna getting her things back and Shayna blows her off after a month Shayna’s possessions are technically forfeit and Dawn can get rid of them however she wishes (either tossing them out or selling them off)

No. 779891

This made me cackle cause all i can see is Dawn keeping the ring lights and giving everything else to goodwill.. Where it rightfully deserves to be lol

No. 779892

I sort of agree. I'd definitely be uncomfortable, but at the same time, people rarely have sex that is completely silent; sex sounds are pretty distinctive, and the odds are pretty good there's no door to the living room.

She more than likely heard what was going on, and still walked in to the living room, and is trying to paint it as somehow impossible for her to have known they were having sex and she's totally been victimized.

Her story don't add up all the way, is what I'm getting at.

No. 779899

File: 1550703339744.jpg (234.92 KB, 1080x1224, Screenshot_20190220_175523.jpg)

No. 779900

In NO way standing up for Shay or her orbitters BUT I once walked in on my housemate (paid equal rent) some guy on the sofa as the layout was straight into living room and I was mad at her because I’d text in the morn and said, “if you want to bring your date back text me and I’ll chill in the pub for a few hours” and she didn’t bother. Took me a while to forgive because, hell I was not prepared to see that when I’d walked home with music on. If they’d invited me in I’d have flipped.

TL;DR shay was probably jealous came down to see cos they got some in their house and cried to fuppa she’d been invited to joint. No way from what we know about dawns house Walking in was the case. After all, she doesn’t leave the house(blog)

No. 779902

Is this pink? It looks like a toner fuckup kind of, not sure if it's because of the filter. She look like a smug middle age mom showing off her hairdo kek

No. 779904


Well she at least did something with her hair

No. 779905

So about that rent money you needed for an apartment?

No. 779906

looks like “rose gold” to me which means it’ll wash out in a wash or two…. so she should have it for a couple of weeks

No. 779907

The filter enlarging her eyebags is really something.

No. 779908

looks like “rose gold” to me which means it’ll wash out in a wash or two…. so she should have it for a couple of weeks

No. 779911

this is a major improvement, like i'm shocked that this happened because she (i mean her hair) hasn't looked this decent in years lol. but with that being said, i almost feel like this hair ages her because of her face and poses she does in selfies lol.

No. 779912

she still looks hella washed out. She really needs to just go dark. Nut its nice to see the roots gone.

No. 779913

i mean… it looks better but why would she want something that requires even more upkeep than the blonde she already had?
this is going to look a million times worse when it starts to grow out and it's not going to have the same effect as a matted mess…

No. 779915

Look at the background. Is that fantastic Sam's or great clips?

No. 779916

she bleached it again so that means it'll look nice for two days, then go into ugly braids, then go back to being a fried mess lmao. this happens every time she gets it done.

those pics make it look like its a just a weird filter kek but at least those godawful roots are gone

No. 779918

that’s a fantastic sams, great clips doesn’t do colour. so, cheap salon. go figure.

No. 779922

(i forgot how to black out the text and had to delete it and repost lol)
so Shay… How's fupa? Since we all know you don't have $1500 for rent.
You plan on moving in 30 days and even with your pinned tweet being about how your staying with friends and need funds, you have a brand new tweet about your hair???? Notice she didn't beg for a uwu hair daddy so her real Dad musta helped out. Really wondering how her snaps looking

No. 779924

Can’t wait for it to be washed out after one wash.

No. 779925

Wow that hair doesn’t look good. Can’t wait to see it clash with all her other pink shit

No. 779926

File: 1550704595346.png (752.32 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-20-18-15-49…)


It's fucking ugly LMAO

No. 779927

maybe it's just the lighting but it looks the exact same color as her skin…?

No. 779928

File: 1550704650476.png (807.59 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-20-18-15-54…)


No. 779929

they did her dirty not trimming at least another inch off. it's sad because you can see how shiny and healthy her new growth is at the base of her scalp and down about 4 inches and then it's just crunchy and dry looking.
what a mess. here i was hoping she was going to go back brunette and leave it alone for a bit.

No. 779930

That there is a Luna Slater special but at least Luna managed to get hers actually pink.

No. 779931

okay at first i thought it was an improvement and i guess it is but.. the style and color does NOTHING to help her features lol and it's gonna fade to a super piss-brassy shade too.

jesus look at the uneven lengths and breakage. did they not give her a trim?

No. 779932

File: 1550704898011.jpg (438.21 KB, 720x1280, 2019-02-20_18.18.56.jpg)

3/3(shaky hand syndrome w my pen)
As a cosmetologist, the thing they really teach you when beginning is that if you put a piece of paper under the hair, and CAN SEE THE PAPER… THE HAIR IS DEAD. she gotta lose 3+ inches lol

No. 779937

File: 1550705365278.png (684.84 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-20-18-22-54…)

Could someone link me a Shay/Fupa together in the car pic??

Cause im pretty sure shes in Fupas vehicle bc the sticker in the back window lol

No. 779938

ok this bitch must be colorblind. you'd think she would know what the color pink looks like considering she surrounds herself with every mismatched shade of it constantly… and this is not it

No. 779939

i was looking for one and found this lol what if thats what chipped her tooth?

No. 779943

File: 1550705752773.jpg (633.79 KB, 1242x961, 1542831077699.jpg)

found this one so far but no sticker from this angle. maybe there's an old snap story with a better view?

No. 779945

I'll probably get shunned for saying this but IMO it doesn't look that bad, it's no celebrity stylist do but it looks way better than her crunchy dollar tree barbie blonde

No. 779947

agreed. i hope she actually keeps it clean and straight, instead of growing out the roots 4 inches and leaving it in braids… but we know she wont

No. 779948

Watch the video, it isn't the same car. Fupa's car has black fabric seats. The car she's in has beige seats. i think it is an uber because she is sitting in the back seat

No. 779949

Yeah the color is fine, but those ends… yikes.

No. 779951

nah it looks way better but it always does right after she's had it done
it'll be faded after one wash and probably in braids by the end of the week

No. 779952


You know she would have been crying about how her jelly stylist sabotaged her if they cut more hair.

No. 779953

Yikes. Her hair looks so dead. She should have payed to chop all that shit off and let it grow back healthily.

No. 779955

File: 1550706946383.png (907.25 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-20-18-55-28…)

Heres the third one my high ass foegot to post

No. 779958

File: 1550708656587.png (6.91 MB, 1242x2208, 5E7E6B69-A6F2-4145-9175-13F977…)

But is no one going to comment on her massive eye bags in this picture. It’s like the filter does absolutely nothing for her anymore. She’s too far gone.

No. 779959

honestly the hairdresser did a really good job considering what shays hair was like before! i'm sure they wanted to cut it shorter but shay didnt want to

No. 779961

Yikes look at that big brassy patch

No. 779963

her undereye bags legit match her pussy now lmao

No. 779964

samefagging to correct myself: minus the pimples and warts etc etc of course

No. 779965

File: 1550708898931.png (1.03 MB, 1116x1024, Screenshot 2019-02-21 at 00.25…)

is it possible for a filter to give up on a person

No. 779967

yeah this is bad and matches her skin tone too closely. I wonder how it’s going to look in cam without filters

No. 779968

to be fair, after the hair dressers your hair always looks amazing. it's after washing it at home and letting it air dry with minimal products that you can see what it REALLY looks like. the right after salon photos are always super misleading.

No. 779969

No Fantastic Sam's here. It's probably Supercuts.

No. 779970

Still raggedy but her hair looks good

No. 779971

It doesn’t even look pink….. it looks like she bought red store bought dye and it’s washed out to some ugly strawberry shortcake colour

No. 779972

File: 1550709550332.png (152.08 KB, 720x806, Screenshot_2019-02-20-19-37-31…)

She should be on cam pretty soon, so lets see how it looks if its not already tied up or something lol

No. 779975

Go follow scammymattel on twitter

No. 779977

No, you're embarrassing

No. 779979

It's not me lol. She must have pissed someone off, I just seen the account after she posted that.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 779981

Whoever it is needs to stop, everything is clearly taken from here

I kinda like the hair colour, but I dread to think how it’s going to look with her pink “cam studio”

No. 779982

Sage your shit then

No. 779984

>literally has the drawing that was posted here hours ago as their avatar

just a cowtipper playing gossip girl. lol i just looked again and they deleted it.. obviously someone in this thread if not you

No. 779986

I doubt she’s smart enough to see it but the only hope she has of saving her career is to rebrand her image. Scammy Mattel is “too iconic” and catchy and perfectly appropriate, her image is ruined. Top fucking kek.

I hope the pink hair is part 1 of her rebranding as the alt girl Fupa wanted more than her

No. 779987

At least its deleted now.
Why do newfags do shit like this thinking we're going to think it's funny? If you're going out of your way to make a Twitter account over her, you're probably a cow yourself.

No. 779989

This hair reminds me of someone n I can't remember who…its like a real chavvy hair look tho lol

No. 779990

Has this bitch never heard of the Streisand effect?

If it weren’t just posted here, I would have gone looking for it, thanks to her own tweet.

No. 779991

File: 1550711546461.png (193.08 KB, 1080x1275, Screenshot_20190220-201200~2.p…)


No. 779992

tbh pry would have followed that account if it hadnt been posted here. Yall need to stop looking for ass pats.

No. 779993

File: 1550711664618.png (186.07 KB, 1080x1085, Screenshot_20190220-201401~2.p…)

Mu fukin keeek

No. 779994

This just reminds me of when Taylor got her hair dyed pink/rose gold, posted a super-stylized picture clearly straight from the salon, and 24 hours later at an event it was stringy and frizzy and dried out. We can definitely expect the same for Shayna, it looks like Barbie hair (and no, Shayna, not in a good way. In a crunchy-dead-plastic way.)

No. 779995

stop making fake accounts to comment on shay's twitter tonight, this maladifx person is clearly not a real person lol.

No. 779997

File: 1550712029171.png (125.17 KB, 640x1136, 3908356D-CE7E-4D65-9510-411C08…)

No. 779999

Jesus. Can you idiots please stop accusing every anon who posts what they see, as being a tipper?! Like, I literally search her user name on twitter because I don't follow her, and select 'latest'. I saw these, kekd and thought to post them since I JUST read about people saying no one calls her out. Stop trying to shoot the messenger. Farmhands have already been really shady with that shit and it's getting ridiculous. (I swear, if I get red fonted for this, I'm done sharing milk)(red fonted)

No. 780000

Shayna wouldn't let them cut it. She spoke last time she was on cam (almost a week ago now, sure working hard for that new apartment) about how she wishes her hair were longer. Too bad it's gonna break shorter since she refuses to take care of it

No. 780001

File: 1550712266251.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1353, Screenshot_20190220-171430~2.p…)

You don't actually have to eat the burger to pose with it. She looks so special needs in every photo.

No. 780002

that stupid face in the second picture. jfc

No. 780003

do you not see all the people tonight with fake looking near blank profiles that are suddenly commenting on her twitter and then getting posted here lol and there was an entire twitter page filled with stuff pretty much straight from this thread tweeting at shay.. it's clear as day there's tipping going on right now. also my comment was more aimed in general to whoever is making these accounts

No. 780005

Looks like Shayna stopped showing teeth after we started talking about her chipped tooth, kek.

Does any cow lurk harder than she does?

No. 780006

>implying this is even milk in the first place
Oh no1!!1! please don’t leave!! How will this forum survive without you??

No. 780007

“Don’t listen to anyone’s criticism of me and just keep believing I’m positive and perfect and not a crusty washed up homeless alcoholic! Tehe!”

No. 780009

You sound like a dumbass with your "pry" every post and the tweets on that account were cringey and try hard as fuck

No. 780011

No. 780013

Thank you! Please learn how to integrate.

No. 780016

you had no milk bye

No. 780017

if she wanted it pink why not a brighter one?? it'd at least take longer to fade. at least her hair looks ok for a day kek

No. 780018

File: 1550713251656.jpeg (568.85 KB, 1242x778, 632FD32C-50B4-4D74-8CE6-596432…)

Mom drank too much box wine again

No. 780021

she 'tries' so hard to be sexy; but is just so boring.

No. 780022

lol literally all she's done is messed with her hair every 5 seconds

No. 780024

File: 1550713448935.jpg (106.1 KB, 674x378, Chat with Stupidbaby in a Live…)

Her hair is really more like muted peach and so dead it just blends in with her skin

No. 780025

File: 1550713461022.jpeg (587.22 KB, 1242x851, 3DBF41AC-40F7-4DD5-B94A-0DFCFA…)

She won’t stop fucking with it and it looks worse and worse the more she touches it

No. 780026

She's really talking on cam about her old tumblr popularity lol

No. 780027

lol wow it already looks shitty and just like a brassy mess, nice shay

No. 780028

File: 1550713599110.jpeg (730.71 KB, 1233x855, 1FBA2C92-D708-415E-89A2-EE5BC1…)

She got some ridiculous microphone (black thing seen here) that makes her sound 100 miles away in whatever this Camroom is

No. 780029

File: 1550713644568.jpeg (714.58 KB, 1242x822, D3257299-08EF-4284-8991-F4EF46…)

No. 780030

If she is at fupa's the room being empty probably isn't helping

No. 780031


You can see how the dye didn't hold so well to the ends. Why didn't they chop it off?

No. 780032

She literally said her scene days are coming back and im like…… You've always been Preppy/Stoner/Hipster though? Lol

No. 780033

I'd guess that she told them not to

No. 780034

File: 1550713741224.jpeg (662.55 KB, 1242x820, 4014BA2F-9917-4CC2-A1BC-17A7DE…)

Yes good eat fries and run your hands through your clean hair

No. 780036

File: 1550713882022.jpg (103.18 KB, 682x380, Chat with Stupidbaby in a Live…)

She's so obsessed with her phone

No. 780037

File: 1550713929688.jpeg (667.33 KB, 1242x833, E065465B-412E-4E5F-8B80-2C7192…)

No. 780038

Nope. She screeched and i left. Headass Banshee. Can't handle all the autism, and if thats her new mic…. It fucking sucks lmao

No. 780039

I don't get how she still doesn't understand how to cam well lol, she's just messed with/talked about her hair, played on her phone and made 25 tokens

No. 780040

Talking about how her hairdresser mixes up a "Very specific shade" just for her

No. 780041

Curious where the money for this came from.
But yeah 'her hairdresser' kek
Like she wasnt just at a supercuts.

No. 780043

she really thinks she was special for getting them to mix some different dyes together.. every hair stylist does that lol you have to mix dyes to get a certain shade unless the client just wants a dark intense pink etc

No. 780044

She keeps singing meow and it's like fucking ear poison

No. 780045

I can't tell if she's just drunk already or what but she sounds ridiculous, obviously giddy about her new hair (that won't last long lol) but talking super fast, uptalking and rambling about "teh good ol Tumblr days"

and now just meowing to herself

No. 780046

I think she's just desperately trying to seem interesting, after that mess of a cam show she did at dawns

No. 780047

Honestly looks and feels like she’s having a breakdown and spontaneously dying her hair pink in a desperate and manic attempt to relive the better days of her youth

No. 780048

She's still fucking meowing

No. 780049

Meowing and staring at her phone
That’s enough cringe for one night just end it now shay

No. 780050

Had to stop watching that stupid bitch is too boring and obnoxious

No. 780051

I thought she mentioned she couldn’t cam where she’s saying? This bitch can’t keep up with her own lies

No. 780052

This is apparently her new cam studio that appeared out of nowhere

No. 780053

File: 1550714832603.png (1.28 MB, 1920x1005, sketch-1550714788648.png)

looking like a grandma trying to figure out how to use a phone. also her hair looks so much worse in motion, it's clear that everything beyond the 4 inches closest to her head is dead and dull. The ends are practically purple from not taking the color well, it is not a look

No. 780054

Did she get her nails done too??
She’s justifying spending her apartment money on her hair bc of the week long pay period of MV… this dumb cow

No. 780055

She's also only made 26 tokens in an hour, how is she planning on making the money back.

No. 780056

"I have a lot of other things I have to pay for right now so I'm kind of in limbo, my whole paycheck couldn't go towards my apartment because I had to finish paying some bills… but I'm only a few hundred dollars off (from the apartment)"

after JUST saying "I got my paycheck and I was like YES because A) I have to get my hair done and B) I'm saving for a new apartment"

so… the "bills" you had to pay were for your hair and nails? bitch those aren't bills

No. 780057

File: 1550715372525.jpg (1.68 MB, 1960x1808, 20190220_211446.jpg)

Granny mattel

No. 780058

>“My dad is like, come home” “and my
Mom is like, come home”
Go home girl

No. 780060

"I'm gonna keep my job." Bitch, WHAT JOB

No. 780061

She’s complaining about not having a place but refuses to go home because.. she can’t do sex works under their roof? She’s acting like a rebellious teen and ruining her life for a “career” she’s been in for 3 years and is failing to

No. 780067


Also prob doesn't wanna go home cus why would her parents keep analcoholic daughter under their roof? They'd probably ship her into rehab and she wouldn't like it, so she'd rather be homeless/live in fupa's so she can still day drink

No. 780070

Something about this feels like she's totally back with Fupa. Eating greasy ass food and just the position she's sitting in.. very much sad Tulsa.

No. 780076

if she went to a cheap chain salon like anons are speculating, then the reason it isn't actually pink is because those places don't carry "fashion" colors (pink, blue, green, etc). So when shay's drunk ass asked for pink they had to mix together some red and blonde toners and do their best.

I can't wait to see how badly this clashes with every single thing she wears.

No. 780077


Yup. It looks nice currently, but that's just because of the salons' styling. Soon enough it'll be a weird half blonde half pinkish mess that will clash even worse with her already nasty clothes,

No. 780078

It’s because that’s not the type of mic she needs. The kind she’s using is usually for recording or streaming speaking/asmr things. it’s usually used close to your face, not from far away like she’s using it. So it’s reverberating and making her sound like she’s in a tunnel. Someone told her to get a mic and she wouldn’t even spend the few minutes it would take to do the research.

No. 780079

Jfc she might as well just live stream on fucking YouNow… Bitch didn't even take off a single piece of clothing tn. Lmfao sex worker my ass. GO HOME SHAY! U suck!

No. 780080

She got pissy about there being 40 people in the room and not being tipped. What are people tipping you for, lip syncing and making dumb faces? you’re the one who’s supposed to be engaging the audience.
Also she said she needed to get off before the “people” she’s staying with come home, wasn’t there a point where Fupa was coming home late at night from the gym?

No. 780081

As non-sexual as she wants to be lately; she should stream on younow. She might make more money.

No. 780084

File: 1550719901251.jpeg (34.88 KB, 300x409, F17D76A9-271F-4413-835E-2E3E3A…)

Shyna’s giving me serious Jan Crouch vibes with this new hair. It’s like gazing into the future.

No. 780087

she also begs for venmos one minute and brags about spending money on worthless things the next. if her fans weren't all bots they'd get whiplash.

No. 780091

you're right, it's a blue yeti condenser mic.

she also has the top angled at her but it only records from the sides, so she's fucking recording the floor more than anything.

No. 780099

File: 1550722093692.jpeg (888.46 KB, 1242x1322, 4001516E-7E6E-4640-B2FE-974B32…)

So hot with a double chin and those acne scars underneath that filter, it’s pretty sad that low ass engament for 17k followers. You can tell they’re all spam bots(nitpicking)

No. 780100

Lol everyone on Twitter is calling her hair rose gold, while she claims it's pink

No. 780101

is anyone else thinking about how terribly this shade of pink puke is going to look with the rest of her pink shit? she already clashes her pinks because she's blind and retarded but this is just gonna make her look like an explosion of ugly. part of me is excited to see it.

anyhow, she "can't" go back to her parents, because her parents won't let her chug cheap box wine and smack her own face to anyone who flips her a nickel. she'd have to buckle down and actually get a real job. not that she'd get much of anywhere above fast food or retail - one singular search of her full name on google brings up threads from here, lol. she wouldn't last a day in a regular job, anyway.

No. 780102

Keep telling yourself that shaynasty. She looks so fucking dead inside. I can’t get over how bad her eyes are.(nitpick)

No. 780103

Are those eyelashes from the filter? Cause they dont help her look.

No. 780107

File: 1550722624271.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 208.33 KB, 2048x1040, Dz5FbkxXgAUTlRp.jpeg)

Go away you horny suburb mom, this is not flattering at all.

No. 780108

I don’t think so, her falsies always look extremely cheap and like they’re made of plastic.

No. 780109


Her face is so unflattering in this photo, not sexy at all. No wonder you can’t make any money shaytard you’re looking 45 with an childs body. It’s not attractive at all, just go home and start a real job before it’s too late(nitpick)

No. 780114

This hair color suits her better than the blonde but its not pink. It looks ginger, and the redhead look suits her plus its a popular niche with guys.

No. 780115

if anything but this >>779719 is the next thread picture, im rioting(sage)

No. 780117

you didn't sage but same, anon.

No. 780126

Her new hair does look really nice. It's definitely a step up from her custy matted blonde and her 3 inch root growth.

You fags are being overcritical. At least wait a week from now when she will be too lazy to shampoo it and forgets to brush it till you start talking about how ugly it is.

No. 780127


one minute people are saying they want to see shayna do this or that, then she does it and they get whiplash trying to say what's wrong with it. like the bitch is far from perfect, but she at least fixed the rat nest on her head. her hair looks fine. the colour is fine. it'll look shit eventually because she won't get the roots touched up, she won't brush or straighten it. it'll eventually end up in that scraggly mom updo she always does even though it makes her look hideous.

No. 780130

i know this is a typo but still funny b/c of how hard she tries to convince ppl she's an ~anal princess~

>recording the floor
it probably has more personality than her anyway

as usual, she was super excited to set up her cam space, which is actually somehow sadder than it was before, and just does nothing while on but wants ppl to tip her. ok then.

No. 780172

Not all of us here are Shay fans. Her hair is the least of her concerns. She has actual mental problems so "fixing" her hair ain't gonna do much for her. Maybe once she grows the fuck up we can talk about her improving lol.

No. 780183

I can’t believe I’m gonna say this but I think she looks cute with that hair. I think it’s a huge improvement and I think if anyone else had that color none of y’all would think twice about it. Like even when she finally does something with her appearance this thread is like “wow she’s so ugly” give it a break. I truly hate her, she’s dumb as rocks and an honest waste of space. Yes that hair is gonna fade horribly and it’s gonna clash with her entire surroundings. But at this point you can’t honestly say it’s not a huge improvement for her appearance. Everyone immediately becomes a hair professional.

No. 780185

This is a thread that literally has weekly debates about the firmness of her labia or whatever, the repetitive nitpicking never ends.
I like laughing at Shays milky lack of awareness, but I wish they're wasn't always so much dry nitpicking to wade through.

No. 780193

the people complaining about the nitpicking are as bad as the nitpicks themselves tbh

No. 780195

The only thing that annoys me the most about this woman is how often she brings up alcohol or being drunk like it’s some quirky personality trait. I came to the conclusion on my own that declaring you’re drunk is a form of attention seeking or playing the victim (boohoo I’m drinking alone! Life’s hard to cope with!) that you enact on yourself and for that I feel no sympathy.
>t. How I stopped drinking

No. 780199

It's tons better. It actually looks shiny!

It was fun back when thread used to try to think up better looks for her, shit, there were some cute inspo pictures posted. Still think she would look good dropping the baby bimbo act and going for a sixties playmate look. If she insists on wings instead of tightlining, well, at least it all holds together. Plus, if she went for a sixties vibe she could ditch the clashing pinks. Which would reduce the splitting headaches from looking at her various "fashions".

No. 780216

I think the colour is pretty nice (and looks much better than it did!) but aree with the anons who say it's not the most flattering shade on her. My main issue is that it's just… Not pink lol. I just don't understand how she thinks it's pink

No. 780217

It’s pinkish maybe but when I first seen it pink was not the first color that came to mind

No. 780222

File: 1550772740798.png (13.07 KB, 581x105, 2019-02-21 13_05_53-An IRL Dol…)

yeah it's gonna be so over when you show up in your stained white longsleeves, pink plaid skirt and yellowed thigh high socks
i wanna know what she had in mind for >>780032

No. 780225

File: 1550773772027.jpg (88.87 KB, 1080x611, Screenshot_20190221-122855_Tum…)

Now she's "stealing" people's moms too?

No. 780226

File: 1550774067647.png (Spoiler Image, 3.66 MB, 1242x2208, D2B19EF7-EC67-4FF2-BAEB-C431A3…)


No. 780227

>once my mental illness vanishes into thin air through no effort or determination of my own

go to therapy Shayna stop complaining about your unchecked mental illness while refusing to do anything to fix it

No. 780228

the dads were unbelievable enough but i think she'd really be hard-pressed to find anyone's mom that's looking for something like her lol
she's essentially become a cautionary tale in parenting

No. 780229

it'll happen when fupa or whatever other dude starts giving her attention again

No. 780230

File: 1550775404330.png (850.56 KB, 553x899, 2019-02-21 13_50_22-An IRL Dol…)

why in the bun already? there's no hope for her poor hair.
i really wish she'd left it down and the bangs actually looked good too.
idk why she's so hung up on the brown lipstick though, pink would look a million times better and fit her aesthetic.

No. 780236

Honestly though she looks so much better in black

No. 780237

it'd be even better if she didn't have the mismatched pink background
i think pink might actually be her worst color lol i'd be interested to see her even in something other than black now because we all know she's going to wear that out too

No. 780238

for some reason she reminds me of bhad bhabie in this pic

No. 780239

I think the color is ok and flattering to her skin color. Literally any other shade of pink would look like shit. I think it only looks fine now because 1) she’s wearing black/neutral clothes and 2) she hasn’t washed her hair.
This color will clash with her “pink esthetic” and eventually she will look washed out again.

She looks like Aly when she pretended to eat food for her Ana pics.

No. 780251

File: 1550782162732.jpg (36.31 KB, 893x566, 6738249083.jpg)

This color really does nothing to add contrast to her face she looks so washed out

No. 780252

File: 1550782228507.jpg (78.56 KB, 422x625, 218364587932.jpg)

She thinks she's so "goofy" for something literally every stoner girl does in practically every fucking picture

No. 780253

Her nose just keeps getting progressively bigger lol

No. 780261

It's weirdly obvious that she has no sense of color theory at all as evidenced by the pink vomit she usually sports. I don't think this is the worst color lip she could have chosen, what's worse about it is that it looks like a matte, which is going to dry her out even more.

Why she doesn't stick to wearing black is a mystery. No worries about clashing, no worries about it not working with her skin tone, it's slimming, won't show her grungy pit stains, it's pretty much a win. So of course, she'll avoid it 95% of the time.

No. 780267

File: 1550785909405.jpeg (154.84 KB, 750x857, 6668A531-758F-4B96-A13A-A7AD50…)

No. 780269

gotta get the new dog bowls for the new apartment i suppose. what the fuck?

No. 780272

please buy some furniture lol even a blow up bed..a chair maybe?

No. 780274

She would buy a dog bed before she buys any of that

No. 780285

I have no words to describe how fucking stupid she is. What even runs though her mind.

No. 780287

Why is she at the pet store?

No. 780288

Maybe getting food for Ribmeat?

No. 780289

Can't even get anything for Rib

No. 780292


maybe the bowl was actually for ribmeat, but she's gonna take gross pictures with it before actually giving it to the cat

No. 780293

Is she gonna fill it with pink wine and drink like a dog? kek.

No. 780294

on cam last night she said her and 'a friend' are going to a cat shelter looking at cats.

No. 780295

This dumb nigger, taking bets now that rib ran away and is being replaced because Shay is a pos

No. 780296

File: 1550791733647.png (223.86 KB, 530x351, Screenshot (350).png)

guess fupa got a cat then

No. 780298

on her snapchat she's been posting pics of her new friend. confirmed she's not staying with fupa after all?

No. 780299

I hope rib is okay, Shay never cared about Rib if she could replace em so easily.

No. 780300

Probably decided to get Rib a friend since he realized Shay was never going to take her.

No. 780301

Pics or gtfo

No. 780302

she is absolutely so irresponsible i cant believe it lmao first she spends the small amount of money she has "saved up" at the salon and now a living breathing creature while she is in an unstable living situation. this is the nail in the coffin for me. shayna you are a dumb bitch and everyone hates you for good reasons.

No. 780303

Abandoning Rib and/or replacing her with another cat would IMO be the worst thing Shay has done yet

No. 780304

>Still hasn’t gotten her things back from Dawn
>Still hasn’t gotten Rib
>Is complaining about how she’s depressed and needs money for an apartment

Then gets a new cat? And spends money going to the salon? How the fuck can someone be this bad with money? And how the fuck can her followers keep falling for all het money grubbing bullshit if this is what she does with it? I don’t get it.

No. 780305

idk why you guys are freaking out if its her friend/fupa getting the cat

No. 780307


her profile pic is fucking hideous

No. 780308


can y'all read…
it says her friend got the cat.

if it was hers, she probably woulda mentioned it either in that post or this one >>780267

No. 780312

nah it's just the logical line of thinking to assume she's lying

No. 780313

Come through then snap anon

No. 780314

File: 1550796393141.jpg (423.79 KB, 1080x1238, Screenshot_20190221-184614_Twi…)

Already not taking care of her hair. Looking like a mess

No. 780316

calm down anon, she clearly says it's her friend's cat.

incredible milk anon, and not even posted >>780230

No. 780319

speaking of, she hasn't mentioned or shown the cat since she was at dawn's.

No. 780322

Darker hair would look so much better on her which makes sense considering her natural color is dark. glasses make her look a lot better too. With just a little bit of work she could go from being nasty to kinda cute

No. 780323

File: 1550799995589.png (Spoiler Image, 3.39 MB, 1372x1372, F9B42FB5-F924-44DD-8701-99668B…)

dropped pic oops

No. 780331

Why is the shadow coloured too?
I’m not a fan of the glasses but yeah, dark would definitely look way better. Shay if you’re lurking take the advice!

No. 780332

>>780314 wow, a picture without the stupid heart filter

No. 780336

I disagree she looks better with lighter hair. that's just me.

No. 780337

tbh i think the dark hair and glasses ages her badly in that edited picture, like shay's blonde doesn't suit her but straight up dark brown or rusty brown hair does her no favors either, darker blonde would help her out the most.

No. 780338


I went to a super cuts when I was young and asked for blue and they told me I needed to bring my own dye. She probably didn’t call ahead of time and let them know what she wants.

No. 780345


the little rat is drawn cuter than shay lmao fantastic work

No. 780347

They have the beautify filter on Snapchat without the hearts, too. She’s not fooling anyone.

No. 780350

That darker red works pretty well! She will no doubt continue on her haggard path and disregard your hard work, anon.

Trying to fix cows is always fun, it's like old times.

No. 780352

File: 1550812063140.png (328.37 KB, 627x358, Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 12.0…)

She's online on chaturbate, still rambling about when she was """famous""" on tumblr. I think she's pretty drunk, she slurs her words and looks tired.

No. 780353

File: 1550812178938.jpeg (405.7 KB, 1242x1261, F4FAA538-B974-4FBB-A1AD-8C0EED…)

No. 780354

How long y'all think it will be before she washes her hair? I'm gonna go with 6 days

No. 780355

i just tuned in and she's talking about how she wants to die. i actually feel very sad. hope it's just the alcohol talking.

No. 780357

File: 1550812734939.png (Spoiler Image, 262.77 KB, 506x340, Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 12.1…)

Whenever people ask her something or jokes around all she says is ~ Dunno unless you tip/pay me ~… What kind of shit experience is this for the customer?? No wonder why she makes no money. People go to cam girls to feel special and have a one on one experience. After all these years she still treat her audience like shit. She has no idea what she's doing.

No. 780359

she always says that shit like it's a meme. Shayna, mental illness isn't a joke, get some fuckin help.
Your customers don't want to hear about it, it's not cute or quirky or attractive in any way, it's just a downer and a boner killer. You aren't gonna make money from other people's pity for your ~depreshun~ when you don't do shit to combat it

No. 780361

Her new cam room is hideous and the lighting makes her look so washed out and terrible. It looks like an episode of the office.

No. 780362

She literally just said we won't see her hair curly for at least a week because she's not going to wash it, and then she's going to braid it…. She also said she's not feeling the shade of her lipstick anymore…

No. 780363

File: 1550816028973.gif (Spoiler Image, 13.95 MB, 640x333, SmartSelect_20190222-001221_Ch…)

This is why her room is dead…

No. 780364

Lmao she reaches her ‘#cumshow’ goal and she doesn’t even do it.

No. 780365

What a gremlin looking creature.

No. 780366

ok how do you end up here after three supposed years of work experience. i'm lost for words.

also – what the literal fuck is going on with her snatch?!

No. 780367

File: 1550817045653.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 573.85 KB, 1125x952, FF804F6A-DA8C-4DB1-A4C5-477200…)

I didn’t think it was possible that Her disgusting excuse for a twat can get any worse than this but on can it seems to be turning..brown?? It’s literally fucking rotting

No. 780368

camshow just ended, she made about $60 or so tonight. at the end she just started singing the doors…what a mess

No. 780370

I think her bush is just growing in lol so it's this plus pubes

No. 780371

wtf that cumpled meat towards the bottom does not look normal or healthy

No. 780373

Her roast beef pussy hole ended up looking like a butthole

No. 780376

This looks like something straight out of a David Lynch film

No. 780377

File: 1550820047378.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 761.58 KB, 1300x867, 9A2735B4-4882-4024-B18F-8397B4…)

Gross. She looks like that weird creature from pan's labyrinth.
I guess this is supposed to be cute? But it just comes off as mentally challenged or ill. Mania is not cute, Shay. Go home.(nitpick)

No. 780378

Nah the creature is too moisturized, Shay could never(sage)

No. 780383


>playing mario kart w a friend

mario kart. on what console? the switch perhaps? didn't she leave that with fupa?

No. 780384

She took the switch. There are photos of it at the airport when she was flying to CO.

No. 780403

Shay really missed her calling - she’s a much better comedienne than sex worker!

No. 780406

She said before that she washes her hair every 14 days

No. 780412

i find it weird that she just keeps calling them "a friend"
like… they don't have a name? unless it's fupa i don't see why they'd still be unnamed.

No. 780414

if it is a real person i dont blame them for not wanting their name/social media connected with shay lol.

No. 780420

i mean i'm not saying she has to put their full name, address and social security # out there. i think if she just said "bob" "sarah" etc. it'd leave less suspicion lol

No. 780422

What prompted this? It looks like she’s having a seizure. It goes on so long I thought I watched the gif twice, but no.

In no way was that remotely cute

No. 780434

>>780363 this needs to be a banner

No. 780444

She was listening to music. Her and pornographyandchill talked about music for most of the night. And not good cam girl music either. Didn't engage with any people coming into the room, so the most people in her room (that I saw) was 26, and all but maybe five were anonymous. I think at this point it was Jimmy Hendricks but not 100% sure.

No. 780449

okay ngl she did kind of look like a cute fluttershy at first.

No. 780456

No, she looks horrible the whole time

No. 780484

why doesn’t this dumb, spastic thot make a youtube or twitch account so she can keep her ~le quirky randomness~ somewhere where it’s more appropriate, seeing as she clearly is not that interested in casting herself in a sexual or attractive light

No. 780489

she calls sex work "her dream job", "my job is my God" and shit. even if she did want to quit it and go to more SFW ways of getting paid to be on camera, she would probably feel like she had failed at sex work. (which she is. 3 years of it and nothing to show for it)

No. 780496

agreed. i think fupa and dawn probably both told her to stop including people's names/details when she associates with them because it adds unnecessary drama to their personal lives. shay is no good for anyone

No. 780509

It's starting to look like a butthole, kek

No. 780515


the fuck would she stream on twitch or make youtube videos about? genuinely curious. she has no hobbies outside of drinking, smoking and pretending to enjoy sex work. she isn't entertaining so no one would watch her on twitch. horny idiots may watch her when she cams, but twitch is a whole other playing field. streamers who don't engage with their chat and aren't entertaining do not do well unless they are REALLY good at whatever category they stream in (games, art, etc).

actually have no idea what she'd even make youtube videos about. how not to keep basic hygiene?

No. 780519

Kek at the fact she looks a little younger when she stops pulling her special faces

No. 780527

That’s so sad. For someone to try so little at their “dream job”

No. 780546

File: 1550883363533.jpg (321.57 KB, 1064x888, SmartSelect_20190222-195154_Tw…)

Lol ok

No. 780549

didn’t she say a few days ago that moving in at the end of this month wouldnt happen?

No. 780551


It's depressing that even after Dawn paid for Shay's entire move that she has zero savings to speak of to move into a new apartment. She can try play her 'rich sugarbaby girl' thing all she wants, but the bitch really does live paycheck to begging to paycheck.

No. 780552

Isn’t she always selling the same couple of videos? Her fan base is tiny, haven’t they all bought her stuff already?

No. 780561

There are "Weedtubers" who make videos all about weed and being stoned while doing shit and she could probably profit off of that. Also Twitch users like SilencedHippie whose whole thing is being stoned while they talk to people but I doubt she has the personality to keep up with that.

No. 780562


so she won't make any money. because i'm damn sure videos like that get fucked by demonetization. like it would be good if she did, but honestly she's so boring that it baffles me how she has a job as an entertainer.

No. 780564

File: 1550889401240.jpg (332.57 KB, 1080x1736, Screenshot_20190222_213603.jpg)

I'm out of the loop on this, anyobe knows whats up? Is ddlg content banned?

No. 780565

definitely. even big YTers making legit videos aren't making much money these days.

No. 780568

No but they’ve been starting to ban femdom and a lot of humiliation content. The complete opposite of what shayna does. She’s just trying to sound woke, as per usual.

No. 780569

what they can't sexualize children for cash anymore?

No. 780571

No but there is the weed tube. Where they claim everyone who makes videos, gets a paycheck. Js there’s more options for her than sex work. She’s just to proud to quit.

No. 780574

File: 1550891446516.jpeg (659.12 KB, 1242x1513, 5A8F7F9E-C7C0-4C14-8F16-19884F…)


No. 780575

File: 1550891572018.jpeg (808.38 KB, 1242x1503, 3327CCD5-F6FB-403B-B5C5-A4D864…)


No. 780577

File: 1550891641753.jpeg (488.63 KB, 1242x955, 02BD6AFE-09D3-47E6-B245-353CF9…)

she just loves playing the victim game. everything bad is always just happening to her, it’s never anything she does, no. everyone and everything is just out to hurt her.


No. 780580

I'm sorry but why does she keep saying she "flew across the country" after being broken up with and it was literally like a 2 hour flight?

No. 780582

File: 1550892721604.jpg (394.14 KB, 1079x1860, Screenshot_20190222-213020_Twi…)


No. 780583

File: 1550892760796.jpg (372.36 KB, 1080x1501, Screenshot_20190222-213136_Twi…)

I'm confused about why she made a poll for this

No. 780584

She needs to make everything she brought on herself seem so major and dramatic to generate sympathy.

No. 780585

Why are you reposting? It's already right there.

No. 780587

File: 1550893467343.jpg (198.81 KB, 1068x891, Screenshot_20190222-214328_Twi…)


No. 780588

18k but with the engagement of someone with 2k

No. 780590

she's on cam wearing the horribly pit-stained shirt lol

No. 780593

File: 1550894678393.png (1.07 MB, 1697x1080, sketch-1550894646835.png)

double post but she's making me laugh so hard right now.

"feeling girly is one of my hobbies"

proceeds to scratch the shit out of her microphone with her nails. this "elegant bitch" is chasing off so many customers. she's gotta be crossfaded already, so sloppy

No. 780595

"it's over for you bitches"

No. 780596

she hasn't even broken twenty people in her room. still talking about tumblr, being an aesthetic goddess~, and showing off old photos of her.

No. 780599

File: 1550895471207.jpg (47.52 KB, 573x585, dolly.jpg)

I genuinely need a life, it seems.

I'm so sorry for the absolute shit quality.

No. 780600

she wants to move to a different state. she wants to seem like she's lived in so many places, but they've only been for a couple weeks to a year.

No. 780601

where is she filming from cus its so dark. like is she under the stairs?

No. 780602

she said "I'll take a sip of my beer if someone tips me 14 tokens"

yet her tip menu has "drink!!" listed for 45 tokens… she's clearly drunk and I think she's been crying already, she was tearing up talking about how "fortunate she is to have friends to stay with"

No. 780603

she wants someone to tip her 50 tokens ($2.50) to chug her beer.

No. 780604

aaaand she's smoking on cam. dumbass

No. 780605

and starting to slap her thighs. where's the music, btw?

No. 780606

It's playing, she's singing along to the Smiths after saying "I hate this song"

No. 780608

>>780606 hah, she literally started playing music as i was texting.

No. 780609

Simply amazing. Just need the wine

No. 780610

She's talking about how someone made a playlist about her on spotify. Um, that person was a minor

No. 780611

aauugh, my life! scratches vag

No. 780612

omfg you're kidding me. this bitch is awful. pathetic, yes, but then she does shit like this and it's just… I remember why she truly sucks as a person besides just being a trainwreck

No. 780613

Claims to be a huge Rupaul's drag race fan, hates Rupaul's music

No. 780614

File: 1550896619877.jpg (176.32 KB, 1080x900, Screenshot_20190222-223654_Twi…)

Because that's what people want to see

No. 780615

Just confirmed she's at Fupa's. "I'm not going out tonight, I'm just gonna hang out with my cat and drink beer."

her cat lives at Fupa's.

No. 780616

Didn't she adopt that new cat? Or was it her "friend's"?

No. 780617

It's her friend's cat, not hers.

She immediately went into damage control too, saying "oh she lives with my ex, when I was still living there we had a friend come over…" trying to rework what she had just said.

No. 780618

My first time watching a show, why is she so goofy omg

No. 780620

I feel like that makes even less sense?? She needs to stop drinking if she's going to keep up with this many lies.

No. 780621

Sorry it might just be the way I phrased it. I'll tell the whole thing.

her Uber driver picked her up today, saw she had just bought beer, and said "well you're not going out tonight." She said "nope I'm not, I'm just going home and hanging out with my cat and drinking beer."

someone immediately asked how RibMeat is doing and she was like "…ohhh, she's good, she still lives with my ex… yeah she's a star. When I was still living there we had a friend come over and within like 10 minutes she asked if she could meet Rib and I was like 'of course you can!'"

immediately distancing herself from living there with the cat she just said she was hanging out with tonight. just made it even more obvious she had just slipped up on where she's staying tonight.

No. 780624

doublepost, but I'm just gonna start recounting her slip ups.

someone was talking about being in an LDR and not seeing their SO for 7 weeks.

She was like, "awww that sucks! I remember it sucked when I went to – …well… I haven't seen my ex in a while… but… when… he came and visited me in… April? and I didn't see him again until August"

clearly had to stop herself from saying it sucked not seeing him when she went to Colorado. She still talks about him like the relationship is still a part of her life.

No. 780630

LOL it took less than a week for her to slip up. Guess all the “crazy tinfoil” about the breakup not really happening/being faked because Fupa doesn’t want to lose access to his children was 100% spot on and he’s gonna lose his shit when he reads this thread after his midnight gym workout tonight. Shaytard really can’t keep her mouth shut about anything kek. Guess alcoholism, uwu depression, and constant THC doesn’t make for a very trustworthy partner huh? Who would have thunk.

I hope Shayna haphazardly spends her lil hoard of MV video payouts on some weed after Fupa inevitably blows up on her and she is finally forced to fly back to her parents instead of a cardboard box in Tulsa, OK.

She is so goddamn stupid and it’s probably one of my fave things about her as a cow tbh.

No. 780631

File: 1550902073306.jpg (63.41 KB, 416x508, TJCUeXv.jpg)

oh shay

No. 780634

File: 1550905178334.jpg (56.68 KB, 573x585, dolly.jpg)

Slightly better version.

No. 780649

It’s still a huge improvement

No. 780653

Lol anon she doesn’t try at all. That’s the problem. She thinks she’s above anything a normal successful sex worker does for some reason even though she makes less an hour camming than someone with a 2 year A.A. degree from a shitty college.

No. 780654

Is it really though? Aesthetically maybe but that is subjective. Objectively it's really unhealthy and she should work on making her hair healthy, not dyeing it weird brassy colors.

I love how Shay barely has to do anything and it's considered an improvement lol. She is just that much of a train wreck I guess.

No. 780674

File: 1550933375306.jpeg (337.59 KB, 1125x1489, 9686BBF3-DE46-4746-B41B-2B6C5E…)

Absolutely matches the interaction of someone with 18k followers /s

No. 780682

people only thought the tinfoil about her staying at fupa's was so crazy because people for some reason continue to give her the benefit of the doubt.
it's pretty safe to say at this point that whatever the most retarded option for her is – that's the one she's going to go with.

No. 780683

i also like how the majority of people said they weren't leaving lmao she was probably expecting it to be a landslide of yes's and asspats

No. 780685

>acting as if twitch isn’t full of horny idiots as well
she could be another run of the mill titty streamer and at the very least could stop putting her diseased snatch on display. my point is moot anyway because she’s too attached to the idea of being a SeX wOrKer even though she’s a complete failure at it

No. 780688

it'd actually be kind of funny to see
a) her try to figure out even how to stream properly
& b) what she would even stream herself doing

No. 780693

she would probably be one of the 'just chatting' thots lmao pls let's not give her ideas, her on twitch would be even more insufferable

No. 780702

there have been plenty of ideas and suggestions in this thread that she hasn't taken. none of it will help her. she has no personality so she wouldn't be successful anyway.

No. 780748

File: 1550960151471.jpeg (286.26 KB, 1040x2048, 7F91E829-2C92-413B-9750-F93913…)

a very rough looking photo

No. 780750

lol @ that line across her stomach from slouching over all day

No. 780752

File: 1550960614836.jpg (108.44 KB, 1080x532, Screenshot_20190223_172248.jpg)

She said she went to the nail salon but holy shit… There is no way that those aren't press on nails. She look so busted.

No. 780760


she don't have tits though! /s

shay is ugly in comparison to the twitch thots. she'd never be successful on twitch.

No. 780762

Much less. There are accounts I follow with under 500 followers (around the 300-400 range) doing better than her on average.

No. 780766

b-but muh ~150k~

No. 780768

Have you seen idubbbz's girlfriend the former titty streamer? It doesn't take much to be a titty streamer aside from layering two pushup bras and pandering to horny losers that'll throw money for the chance to see some random ugly girl's tits.

Then again she'll probably make no money off of that given her nudes are all over the internet by now, and therefore neckbeards can easily see her naked with no effort.

No. 780770

she would have absolutely no idea how to pander to the twitch neckbeards i feel like. if you're not hot you at least have to come off as a pseudo intellectual or be semi-decent at gaming. i'd have to imagine shay can barely play mariokart.

No. 780789

she would piss them off with how she ignores and disregards all of her customers and how she's so lazy on cam and just makes shit up about ~ur dad gives me monies~

No. 780791

honestly. what even is her personality other than the "i fuck your dad" shtick? smoking weed and being an alcoholic isn't a personality.

No. 780796

“Guyz I’m playing Mario kart again!!!!!”

No. 780799

She also doesnt seem to be able to talk to people. she is kinda condescending; and I could see her rage quitting when people tried to help her game.

No. 780800

File: 1550968502526.jpeg (355.14 KB, 1242x635, 3838D140-03B6-4B09-AC76-8A7C50…)

this makes me laugh so hard that she RT’s this. Shay, did you forget that you ran for submissive of the year sweaty? none of those rules would affect your shitty content anyway.

No. 780801

imagine how pissed she'd be if people were griefing her or making fun of her for doing badly/losing.
it'd actually be highly entertaining the more we talk about it. i hope she tries it out.

No. 780802

same lol i just remembered how ruthless most twitch chat users are, it'd be hysterical.

No. 780803


i mean, i think anisa has cleaned up nicely now but that's just my opinion. plus she's actually funny and has personality. on the other hand, shay is so boring. she really is not good at interacting with people. i don't think twitch is the place for her. her nasty nudes and porn are plastered online. a majority of her viewers will just shit talk her.

No. 780813

File: 1550974463667.jpeg (424.36 KB, 1242x995, F481ABA2-B115-4028-8D82-153706…)

so she uses alcohol to keep her in a delusional state. Jesus Shay just drop it and get some help, ffs. You can’t even do this without being completely wasted.

No. 780818

jesus christ. does she not realize how much of an addict she sounds like? "my theory of being a god when i'm drunk"???

No. 780823

File: 1550979612156.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 963.79 KB, 1242x1346, 6FFA9CFC-7125-4727-8EF3-0FD686…)


No. 780824

File: 1550979755749.png (Spoiler Image, 8.14 MB, 1242x2208, B48972C6-9845-443B-87FC-98879F…)


No. 780825

File: 1550979801298.png (Spoiler Image, 8.19 MB, 1242x2208, 669311BF-4707-4304-AB1C-4AF9B6…)

You think she’s going to change her panties any time soon

No. 780826

File: 1550979994880.png (230.26 KB, 500x333, tumblr_mdg8e5qznm1qgt71j.png)

How does someone still manage to look so utterly beat even with the most concealing filter on Snapchat

She looks like she fucking stinks

No. 780827

wtf are you talking about? she was wearing different panties yesterday

No. 780829

File: 1550980284318.jpg (259.51 KB, 1080x1679, Screenshot_20190223_224637.jpg)

A tRUe BaBy GUrl, love her big auntie mole!(obnoxious typing)

No. 780830

I must of missed that when I scrolled through her twitter. I just saw her pictures from the past 3 days she was wearing the black ones.

No. 780833

Tf is up with that black line on her eyelid? Is it the snapchat filter?

No. 780834

She had them on 2 days ago. Hopefully she did laundry? >>780830

No. 780837

might be eyeliner thats stuck to her eye with left over lash glue? since she’s always wearing those god awful false lashes, she probably didnt clean her face well enough

No. 780842

you’d have to be piss drunk to take this pic and think it’s sexy or cute

No. 780844

haha omg it looks like she's wearing a mask of her own face

guys she's just trying to be edgy and get notes

No. 780877

wait is her tooth back? lol

No. 780909

That’s what I was thinking. She’s using the heart filter and STILL looks like three miles of bad road! Shay honey - start taking care of your skin, drink some water, and brush your teeth for god’s sake!

No. 780918


She looks so special needs it's sad. Also I'm waiting for that bedsheet she taped to fupas wall to fall down while she's live on cam.

Should be a kek and a half.

No. 780919

it's the boozin. she won't change, if someone has to be told to drink water it's like?? you don't know you gotta drink water?

No. 780925

lol it looks like she photoshopped it probs after reading the thread and sobbing… Orrrrr the 6 hours she spent the other day getting her “nails and toes done” was actually at some cheapo dentist who fixed it for her. I vote photoshop however

No. 780927

the funny thing is that if she'd just stopped trying to pull those autistic soyboy faces in every picture, nobody would've even noticed it most likely

No. 780931

File: 1551038757774.png (1.32 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-24-15-05-33…)

Made it to braids kek

She looks so downsy haha(nitpick)

No. 780937

Why does she have her nasty boots on the same area she puts her bare ass? No wonder her skin is so broken out.

No. 780941


They clearly say Calvin Klein….>>780940

No. 780942

Whoops, deleted it. uploaded the wrong one and realized someone else posted the one i thought i was posting. facepalm

No. 780943

I’m not nitpicking at all, and I never saw it until this photo, but she really really looks like a man. Especially with that hair braided.

No. 780945

This looks bad. This doesn’t look cute at all wtf is she thinking

No. 780947

Oh Shay no… She looks so swollen. I can’t see the alcoholism saga ending in anything other than liver disease.

No. 780948

this is 100% the worst picture she has ever posted of herself. her face and clothing make her look 40 pounds heavier and her hair has never looked worse in braids lmao

No. 780950

File: 1551045365674.jpg (350.59 KB, 1080x955, Screenshot_20190224-155552_Twi…)

Doesn't she realize those are half of her followers

No. 780954

the basic bitch aura just radiates from this picture

No. 780956

File: 1551045712138.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1242x1744, EB198F56-0F57-43E3-A731-83FFFD…)

she really looks special needs. wow.(nitpick)

No. 780968

She really does look swollen, especially in her face. And of course there’s the line on her stomach due to her god awful posture. Maybe she could take better pictures if only she didn’t have 2 square feet of space on the floor to pose

No. 780977

File: 1551051582838.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1242x1734, AD196601-F117-42B0-8758-235F37…)

looking especially downsy. that face she makes is just terrible.(nitpick)

No. 780983

wtf she looks hideous here. she looked semi ok with her hair down like it really shouldn't go in braids and omg shay stop during that hideous smile! you're not some cute fun girl you can't pull it off

No. 780984

Was about to say the first one honestly looks like a nice picture, but without the weird mouth thing shes been doing. Clearly because the chip

No. 780986

she’s still doing the weird mouth thing. she sticks her tongue out slightly behind her teeth and it makes her look literally retarded.

No. 780987

File: 1551053198442.jpeg (592.67 KB, 1242x656, 22884928-479B-4C50-947E-C54B0B…)

Could anyone honestly look at this face and think, “cute” or “sex appeal”? I can’t believe she thinks that looks attractive in any way.(nitpick)

No. 780988

This thread is on the verge of autosage. Posting photos to call shay ugly or special needs for the 100th time is not milk.

No. 780989

yeah like as much as shay does always look retarded i'm starting to agree just because she ALWAYS looks dumb, it's not news anymore lol no need to constantly repeat it over and over.

No. 780991

I feel like if Shay was a better person, not scammy as fuck, not childish, self-centered and unbelievably needy etc., she'd be considered pretty. Not beautiful, she'll never be stunning; but her general lack of a personality that she fills with vapidity, narcissism and spite just makes what could be a kind of quirky cute
in to greasy, rodent-like features on the body of a wacky inflatable arm-flailing tube man body.

Unfortunately for her… I think even if she hit rock bottom to literal homelessness, full blown, unavoidable to acknowledge alcoholism and hard drugs, and couldn't even make the meager amount in her lazy ass sex work, she'd still not open her damn eyes and and try being a decent person, because nothing's ever her fault. For reasons I will never understand, people keep bailing her out, so why should she grow as a person?

She's a perpetual high school mean girl who thinks she's gorgeous and popular.

No. 780992

she could be "cute" but she doesn't take care of herself

No. 780993

if she were to also dress different, take care of her body/skin, do her hair totally different, and pose differently in all her selfies then i'd agree that she could be considered fine looking or pretty, but her appearance is so tragic that even having a great personality could not be enough

No. 780994

Yeah, that too, I was trying to keep my post from getting any longer than it already was.

Her lack of hygiene and even the most basic of sense of style and what does and doesn't look good on her are also definite hurdles.

No. 780996

I've always thought she looked nice during her shay-gnar stuff. when she dressed like a normal person you know lol she could still dress like that and do sex work as well but she just has to keep up the lie that she likes being a sub n stuff

No. 780998

Aren’t all of these threads meant to nitpick people though? isn’t that what lolcow is? These cows make fools of themselves and we nitpick it because it’s absolutely hilarious, especially when they keep doing it.

Idk I just think farmhands are being really harsh over nothing.

No. 781000

Farmhands in this thread have been making everything a nitpick lately and banning like crazy it's annoying as hell and I'll probably get banned for just saying that but whatever

No. 781005

for some reason everyone hates the shayna threads over anything else and they get scrutinized like crazy even though the nitpicks and direction of conversation are on par with almost every other thread on this website

No. 781006

This is a thread where an unsaged post >>780373 calling her a vagina a roastie isn't even challenged because this level of superficial nitpicking is so commonplace.
Instead of complaining about moderation, just talk about her stupid cam shows or tweets or anything else other than her boob veins, pussy or how she looks dumb for once

No. 781008

then report it. it's inconsistent as fuck.

No. 781011

I did and I do. Clearly other anons feel the same way if any of the so called "crazy" amount of attention the mods are giving the thread proves anything. If you're seeing the same in other threads and you think it's inconsistent then you should report that too.

No. 781022

she does this shit all the time. Why would you request a "weed daddy" or beg for money and then ridicule the type that buys your content? great job shay.

No. 781023

File: 1551065325268.jpg (Spoiler Image, 504.7 KB, 1080x1399, Screenshot_20190224-212831_Twi…)


No. 781024

File: 1551065359482.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.07 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190224-212839_Twi…)

I can't

No. 781025

File: 1551065392854.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.08 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190224-212844_Twi…)

Looks so bad

No. 781027

wait so this is allowed on twitter lol?

No. 781028

Shay showing off her only talent kek.

No. 781029


Yes? People post hardcore porn on Twitter.

No. 781030

Do you genuinely find amusement in reading yet another comment that says "she looks crusty" or "her vag is sooo red"? I'm serious. Do you like to read that every time Shayna posts a new pic? Do you laugh?

personally I bitch about the nitpicking of this thread bc shayna's life, fupa-era, was interesting (and still is since he seems to still be in the picture). Thats why I read it. I dont read, for example, kiki's thread bc she's boring and its all weird nostalgia nitpick.

I wonder if the creepy nitpickers realize that some of us rapid-scroll down the thread and only stop to read reposted tweets or other screencaps. I really do.

No. 781031

Regarding Shay's apartment hunt: does she actually believe that saving enough for a down payment and a month of rent is really enough? She doesn't have a steady source of income, and if it's this hard for her to scrounge enough for a 1bdrm in fucking Oklahoma then she's going to get evicted faster than she changes underwear.
Love it!
>whatever the most retarded option for her is – that's the one she's going to go with.
It's the only option she has aside from moving in with her parents or one of her few true fans.
Right now she's very young and her body can somewhat tolerate all of the alcohol she's drinking. Five years from now she'll be cursing herself for becoming an alcoholic for ~aesthetic~. She has no idea how much she's screwing herself over with her daily drinking.
Threads get really boring when they're shit up with 'omg she needs to moisturize!' 'omg she's so ugly!' etc ad nauseum.

No. 781034

Nta but I thought that's what "hide saged posts" is for

No. 781035

It's not even a talent. Her feet aren't even behind her head, they're several inches in front of it. Plenty of semi-flexible people can do that, especially lying on the floor and using their arms to push their legs back. It's hardly impressive anymore especially since that's her one and only "trick".

No. 781041

I'm starting to wonder if she realises that she needs a lot more than just the first month of rent. That or she has to cover the first month then after that, her parents help her pay it. Idk it just doesn't make sense to me.

No. 781046

File: 1551074011340.jpg (130.99 KB, 1046x820, Screenshot_20190224-215322_Twi…)


No. 781048

File: 1551074617270.jpg (324.99 KB, 1080x1363, 20190224_220319.jpg)

No Shay, they're implying you're a snapchat catfish.

No. 781067

Her backdrop always makes me kind of sad. If she’s going to drape something, even a Walmart fabric with an interesting pattern would be nicer than a plain and gray bedsheet.

No. 781078

she is using fabric from walmart it's just a shitty print

No. 781080

Yikes! I'm no expert but I don't remember her vagina ever looking like this before. She's still got that boil that hasn't been looked at either but I'm really concerned about how dark/rough her bits look.

No. 781081

eh it looks better than usual but you can also tell she took a smoothing tool to it

No. 781082

You can tell here even with her tongue pressed against her teeth that her one tooth is still very much chipped

No. 781196

File: 1551145070626.png (195.65 KB, 720x1058, Screenshot_2019-02-25-20-37-10…)


No. 781198

File: 1551145178722.png (Spoiler Image, 1.08 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-25-20-38-39…)


No. 781199

flight to where? her hometown?

No. 781202

File: 1551146564354.png (3.59 MB, 1784x939, 2019-02-25 21_02_36-An IRL Dol…)

shayna… no…

No. 781203

Back home to mommy and daddy it seems. Gues she couldn't hold onto fupa with her dried up snatch.

No. 781205


I thought this was a picture from before she got her hair done for a sec.

No. 781210

she looks like a toad

No. 781211

File: 1551149732388.jpg (55.97 KB, 1200x630, gene-wilder-young-frankenstein…)

first thing I thought of when I saw her hair.

also, last time she was on cam she said she was hoping to move "out of state" (from Oklahoma, since she's been staying at Fupa's recently) and that she would move back to MA in a heartbeat if it weren't so expensive. Not that I trust her to tell the truth about anything, by I do believe her when she says she couldn't afford to live on her own in MA. she can't afford to live on her own anywhere except for bumfuck nowhere's shitty suburbs. so if she's telling the truth about flying out of state, I have no idea where she'd be going. I'm sure it'll be obvious the first time she posts selfies from a bar though.

No. 781218

File: 1551152370354.png (520.96 KB, 720x887, Screenshot_2019-02-25-22-38-57…)

No. 781221

Lmao I guess nobody took her up on the initial offer

No. 781237

this is why I don't buy her "had to pay some bills" lies. she doesn't think she should have to spend her own money on anything except drugs and (she hopes soon) rent. everything else should be covered by her "daddy", literal or otherwise.

No. 781246

This should be the new thread pic. Absolutely awful. Kek. Please stop with that curly hair

No. 781251

I thought that was her natural hair or is the straight hair he natural hair? I can never tell anymore

No. 781252

She's supposed to be flying to Colorado to pack up her 60 stuffed animals, 3 shirts and that atrocious pink curtain.

She claimed she bought that weeks ago though, with a storage unit and used almost all of her money up, so who knows..

Seems like the only way to find anything out anymore is snap, but that's probably because she can see who screens her stuff. Easier to put the paranoia to ease

No. 781253

>>781251 well, she had her hair in braids a couple days ago. i believe its naturally curly… bleach kills your natural curls, so its probably just her silly, small braids, unwashed, into the spaniel look.

No. 781255

>>781218 so embarrassing.
anon was right to say that no one wants to pay her for her random 24/7 broke moments. i kinda hate that the twitter interactions are cut off. just want to see how many ppl even hearted her original tweet w her retweet.

No. 781257

File: 1551164941759.png (Spoiler Image, 2.32 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2019-02-26-08-07-26…)


You can, if you tap on the square of the quote. I don't know how to do it on a PC tho

Also, looks like she had a few retweets and likes, but no interaction with her tweet

No. 781271

File: 1551168872783.png (469.69 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-25-22-38-57…)

Here's the original, i didnt even think about it anon my bad. Don't believe anyone said anything

No. 781273

File: 1551169616735.png (162.45 KB, 720x629, Screenshot_2019-02-26-03-22-54…)


Makes a money stab in an attempt to seem cool for someone asking to see her crusty toes

No. 781274

File: 1551169673313.png (111.12 KB, 720x824, Screenshot_2019-02-26-03-22-40…)


Then turns around and basically says she'll give away pictures of her toes for free

No. 781285

Girl is fucking hopeless. She could have teased the guy and maybe gotten something out of him (or used him as an example to other potential customers) but no, gotta be a bitch who thinks she's feminist for treating men asking for sexual favours like shit despite it being her job and something she technically has fully consented to? I don't get this idiot, especially when with fupa because she refused to show him her porn, even just to check it out, yet allowed him to literally do anything to her for free anytime even when she didn't want or like it
Unless this is her shit attempt at finding despite actually pretending to be a subby princess and giving no indication otherwise.
Of course in actuality she literally just comes off as a pathetic beggar seeing as she doesn't get nearly enough people paying her as she needs to justify her job (minimum wage would make her so much more), plus her not valuing her own work, plus her being so desperate for money she gives out everything she has for under 100$ publicly showing off how bad she is at being desirable in any way except being a 20cent whore

No. 781290

File: 1551174928953.gif (1.47 MB, 382x308, tumblr_inline_phzijy2lvJ1qeyss…)

gotta say, seeing her financially flounder and frantically attempt to cover it up with her "uwu doggo heckin smol" act is insanely satisfying.

when's she gonna crack and snag a job at mcdonalds? we should start a betting pool

No. 781348

File: 1551209312266.jpg (355.29 KB, 1080x810, 20190226_132834.jpg)

Guess we'll see soon where's she's going.

No. 781350

she has old lady hair…
please straighten it again, shay

No. 781351

File: 1551210112898.png (12.53 KB, 580x104, 2019-02-26 14_36_36-An IRL Dol…)

lmao the absolute desperation…

No. 781353

lol didn't she just post some nudes for free? n like all her followers are bots so um

No. 781356

File: 1551210856012.png (31.99 KB, 767x487, 2019-02-26 14_49_09-Dolly_Matt…)

speaking of it looks like she bought some more

No. 781365

File: 1551213779622.gif (238.29 KB, 454x306, 603A3602-6057-4B46-A05D-8671D4…)

No. 781370

speculation, but I think she's flying to Colorado to pack up her shit from Dawn's house, since that was always going to need to happen sooner rather than later. and it makes sense that's what she's doing. She'll probably look for apartments there too since weed is recreational in CO and her life/personality revolves around substance use.

No. 781372

i'll add onto your tinfoil with my own which is that she is in fact going to colorado to get her shit and make it SEEM like she's looking for a new place but in actuality she's hauling all her pink junk back to fupa's where she will either a) pose that she's in a different place like she already has been or b) come up with some new excuse as to why she can't move and oh yeah please venmo me money!!!

No. 781381

File: 1551219660346.png (Spoiler Image, 769.88 KB, 530x931, 2019-02-26 17_15_34-An IRL Dol…)

aaand she posts them for free
sidenote: pls no tit sperg

No. 781382

File: 1551219842638.jpeg (281.25 KB, 1125x739, 255AFDDB-2188-4ED5-8391-4C7D74…)

she really has this need for validation from random people, even giving up sales for it. she probably feels like shit everyday because her life is extremely unstable

No. 781383

File: 1551219845460.png (12.11 KB, 580x86, 2019-02-26 17_19_09-Tweets wit…)


No. 781384

20K followers but celebrates 50 likes on a post with nudes…

No. 781386

Is the thread in autosage? I'm having to seach the catalogue to find it.

No. 781388

no we're just respecting the sage in that there hasn't been any real milk

No. 781398

yeah for free lol

No. 781399

Sounds like no one bought it but she can't resist blessing us with her beauty

No. 781404

File: 1551223159884.jpg (138.47 KB, 1080x877, 20190226_181336.jpg)

>pay 4 ur porn
>3 tweets later, free nude

has she never heard the expression: why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?

giving out free nudes isn't going to entice ppl to buy more, much like sitting on cam with zero personality dosen't urge ppl to tip. being a sex worker means doing work, especially when lacking in the sexy department.

No. 781405

I'm pretty sure it is autosaged. Haven't moved from 3rd page of /snow/ in over two days.

With 20k followers I would think she would be able to ask for like, 500 likes in order to give out free content? she knows that only like 10% of her followers are real people though so she has to aim suuuper low

No. 781414

nobody has posted a non-saged post in 2 days

No. 781433

lol who didn't believe me and did a test bump/ninja delete?

No. 781434

that was me sorry I've been on the site for a while but never experienced auto-sage before and didn't realize it'd be bumped even if I deleted! any bans are well deserved lol

No. 781440

This thread isn't on autosage. When it's on autosage even when a post is not saged the thread doesn't bump. The thread was bumped therefore it is not on autosage.

No. 781446

Is she seriously not wearing a shirt or bra on the plane? Who the hell just wears yoga pants and a zip up small hoodie on a flight?

No. 781448


Someone who can't separate porn from their real life and needs to constantly sexualize everything. also someone who will sit and whisper "anal" to themselves for 10 minutes straight.

No. 781455

Pretty much proof that no one buys her content. And only gets pity cash every once in a while.
She would do better if she didn’t always post free content. Why pay when you’ll post nudes daily.

No. 781471

File: 1551245014913.png (112.7 KB, 586x512, Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 12.2…)

Also it would help if all her picture weren't shot in front of a wrinkly bed sheet pinned to the wall lol. All her videos and pictures look the same. There is no point in buying anything from her.

No. 781476

File: 1551247127661.png (251.54 KB, 720x1069, Screenshot_2019-02-27-00-58-05…)

Here's looking at you anon lol

No. 781477

This bitch is always flying somewhere. The cheapest round trip tickets are like $150, and always going out for dinner and drinks has got to cost $20-$30. Plus she’s spending money on makeup/pillows/decorative items instead of saving for rent.

No. 781478

What personality though? And what fucking life? She doesn’t do anything except get drunk and smoke weed on the floor.

No. 781483

Not necessarily true - when I was doing lots of traveling to see my boyfriend before moving like a year ago, I regularly found roundtrip tickets for close to $80. Still though, no way this bitch could afford that for as often as she travels, lmao.

No. 781485

Not wearing shirt is gross but people do dress bummy i.e leggings hoodies no bra to fly esp early/late in the day. She’s just really out here trying to sell depression gear as sex appeal…

No. 781491

Yes, the pedos you pander to truly care about you and your "personality." KEK.

No. 781502

Imagine if idk her zipper went off in the metal detector or some shit so they asked her to take it off. I know that's unlikely but they prefer you not to wear jackets and stuff

Personality and BTS/day in the life stuff is literally the opposite of free nudes though? People who are interested in this stuff want to know what these people do when they're NOT making porn.

No. 781503

awwww she thinks she has a personality beyond being an ugly hag…

anyhow, if she's asking for money for weed when she lands, that means she either has a connect where she's going, or weed's recreational, there. chances are she's getting her shit from dawn's.

No. 781530

File: 1551281141205.jpg (428.6 KB, 1080x1080, 20190227_072348.jpg)

She's on Mountain Standard Time, which makes it very likely she's in Colorado (timestamp on tweet is in my time, PST).

No. 781533

File: 1551281616917.png (139.82 KB, 624x938, 2019-02-27 10_28_22-An IRL Dol…)

apparently her snapchat was deleted?

No. 781534

File: 1551281730768.png (54.86 KB, 612x581, 2019-02-27 10_28_33-An IRL Dol…)

No. 781538

Well that’s really annoying, I really don’t want to pay to be added again but I also don’t want to miss out on milk.

No. 781541

Thinner lips and rattier hair though

No. 781543

File: 1551283691272.jpg (140.95 KB, 960x1253, slyfamepictures.jpg)

Late to this but she is almost a dead ringer for Kristie Alley

No. 781545

>ive lost my work support system
its time to get a job!

what makes a snapchat be deleted? selling it?

didn't she mention she was going back there already? like that's why she got another container n stuff

No. 781546

yeah but she is claiming right now that she's apartment hunting, not anything to do with getting her stuff back

No. 781548

File: 1551284511529.jpg (64.39 KB, 1079x218, Screenshot_20190227-102205_Chr…)

It's against the TOS to use drugs in the state you live in, and if someone flagged her nudes/porn.

No. 781549


Has there been any snap milk as of lately?

No. 781553

lol right? this bitch is living off of snapchat subscriptions cos she is too lazy to do any real work.

i know it sucks for anons to have to potentially repurchase her snap to get milk, but this is hilarious to me. Watch her next one get deleted cos she still violates TOS.

No. 781554

y’all she definitely got her snap “banned” herself somehow. this girl is so desperate and broke that I wouldn’t even put it past her

No. 781555

Just the other day she said she found one, wth is this bitch doing

No. 781556

the timing of it being 'banned' is highly suspicious.

No. 781559

File: 1551289758150.png (64.26 KB, 617x681, 2019-02-27 12_44_01-An IRL Dol…)

what are the odds tho?

No. 781561

Everything gets banned and she still doesn’t take a hint and go home

No. 781562

Her supporters are twitter bots she paid for and creepiest people on the internet. Good luck with your delusions!!

No. 781564

Next her "20k twibber" is gonna get deleted. just wondering, can Twitter perma-ban her at this point for remaking accounts after old ones get deleted? is that what they call ban evading? because she's remade like 3 times now. I don't use Twitter so idk how it works.

No. 781565

yeah i believe that's what happened to momokun

No. 781566

“Me and my supporters”
>average of a few hundred likes on each post
>average of 5 comments
She’s been trying really hard to fake it till she makes it for the last year. There are cam girls who make a vid every week or so. Has she been avoiding an actual camera because she can’t have the heart filter on?

No. 781567

I doubt anons reported her SC. That’s like her main source of good milk. She assumes it’s trolls but I have no doubt that companies look into accounts for “illegal” activity. I’m sure selling your snap monthly I sn’t allowed. She advertises it all the time. Who’s to say a SC rep didn’t see that. If I was a SC employee in charge of shit like that, first place I’d look is twitter accounts of camgirls.

No. 781568

Oh it's definitely against the rules to exchange money for your Snapchat handle, or to post porn on SC, so she's gone for either/both of those reasons. It was probably a customer she scammed/scorned who got fed up and reported her in retaliation, God knows she screws over enough of her """fans""". That's how a lot of anons came to this board, as ex customers of Scammy Mattel

No. 781569


All this wouldn't be a problem if she would take her profession serious, doing much more videos, promote them, don't offer them for a few cents, don't post nudes left and right for free, take her audience serious, go on cam and entertain people, build up a following, get into networking, working with agencies or do more pro shoots and on the top of it having some savings for times like this instead just being lazy even when you are homeless like right now and don't wasting all your money on weed and alcohol idk I don't feel sorry for her. I'm just glad that ribmeat isn't around anymore to suffer in that situation.

And what I like to add: No idea how it's in the US but when you are looking for an apartment or so, isn't it necessary to proof that you have some kind of stable income? Who the hell wants to give somebody like her a place to stay when she literally no income at this point?

No. 781570

yeah they typically do want some type of proof of income
just another drop in the bucket of her most likely not getting her own place unless someone else is footing the bill

No. 781571

She probably has her dad (biological, not Fupa, can't believe I even have to specify) cosign the lease, that way he can prove his income for her landlord so she doesn't have to.

I'm on the fence about whether she gets monetary help from him; on the one hand, he gave her an ultimatum to either quit sex work or move out, so it seems unlikely he would give her money to live somewhere else if she's chosen something he doesn't approve of as work/the reason she won't be living at home. On the other hand, how the fuck did she earn over $1k in less than a month by camming 2-3 times (and only making >$100 on ONE of those shows) and doing nothing else except begging? Where is her money coming from?

No. 781572

If the apartment has an income restriction you can have someone who makes that money co-sign with you. Everyone suspected her dad co signed or just sent money to her while she lived in Seattle since her shoebox rent was $1000

No. 781573

Okay, major tinfoil… What are the chances this has something to do with Dawn/her "partner" parting ways? Dawn's been really quiet on her main account, and her furry one has been similar. Maybe she/they reported Shay when shit hit the fan.

No. 781574

dawn's been quiet on her accounts because her dog had puppies or whatever and weren't eating on their own or something like that. if there's a shit ton of them (which i think i remember her saying there were like 10 or something??) then it's a lot of work. dawn doesn't come off like she gives a fuck enough to do anything to shayna at this point. i think she's seen how able she is to self-destruct all on her own.

No. 781579

What an idiot. She seems to skip over the part where what she is doing is against Venmo's tos. And circle pay. And any other payment processor that isn't explicitly for sex workers to use. If she actually worked normally she could rely on her paychecks, not the occasional 20 or 30 dollars that one of her simps sends her cos she begged for it.

She ain't coming back stronger. She said this when she moved in with fatass lardy deadbeat retard Fupa, when she started working with insex, when she started working with that porn agency, when she moved in with dawn- it's all worked out very poorly for her. How many times does she have to humiliate herself and fail very publicly before she gets it through her head that she ain't cut out for it?

No. 781582

SO WHAT? Like maybe don't rely on sites that it is clearly against the TOS? You just deserve it at that point and she should not be surprised. She obviously didn't learn her lesson after tumblr. I wish twitter would change their TOS too. I don't get why such a popular platform allows porn.

I don't understand why she uses snapchat and shit when there are alternatives. Manyvids offers sooooo many services that are similar. And you won't have to worry about being deleted. I don't get why people still use snapchat for shit like this when manyvids and even patreon (if she just wants people to spend money on her for no reason and minimal content anyway, I guess nvm about that tho cause she's so attention starved she can't help but post her gross vagina daily) exist.
So she can hide how many people actually like or give a shit about her?

No. 781583

File: 1551295005830.jpeg (646.46 KB, 1242x1626, 77454806-8D95-46FB-9178-7E8574…)

Lol she’s running out of avenues

No. 781585

i like how she implies its the 'haters' reporting her then says dont leave incriminating notes which is probably the real reason she was banned.

hmm what if her account got banned somehow for scamming? since shes apparently even banned from 'sex worker friendly' sites.

No. 781588


Could have been flagged for selling so many "things" at the same price, but all these different 'note tips.'

These companies are probably cracking down on shit like this and it's not hard to figure out when it's not their TOS friendly.

No. 781589

cashapp isn't sex worker friendly though

No. 781591

She doesn’t even get a few hundred. She barely breaks 50 on average, for any given post. The only ones that have broken 100+ are her nude pics.

No. 781592

Dawn doesn’t have the time to give a shit about Shayna.

No. 781594

Snapchat has actually cracked down really hard recently on the selling of snapchat. Lots of models sell snapchat through their manyvids store, and if snapchat catches you selling it or even advertise that you’re selling it, they will delete your account. Also if someone reports a nude/pornographic snap where the snapper asks for money in exchange for pornographic content, they will shut down your snap. This has happened to her before.

No. 781596


tinfoil, but what if she had someone report her account so that she could "get rid of" the people on the account that she doesnt know if they've payed or not. Like if she really had as many people as she claims to have, you know she isnt going to go through them all asking if they've paid since she changed to monthly payments.

No. 781597

She’s too stupid for a scheme like that anon. Plus if that ever happened she would just cry victim and say everyone is being so mean to her because she forgot something.

No. 781598


It also shows how out of touch she is with reality. FOSTA/SESTA has really hurt a lot of sex workers from being able to use places like tumblr, Snapchat and Instagram like they used to. She’d know this is she was a sex workers like she claims. She’d be smart to invest in sites like MV, chaturbate and even pornhub where they cash out models and you can actually make a living selling your content and not getting banned.

No. 781600

That requires more effort than just taking topless selfies though lol

No. 781604

Off topic but there’s plenty of places in MA that’s $500-600 a month for rent, yeah it’s not Boston but it’s close enough to her family ( if she even cares about that). She needs to stop living in major cities

No. 781605

at least sage
also she hasnt mentioned MA

No. 781607

how can she possibly come back stronger? what's left for her?? lol I just don't get why she doesn't cam regularly and sell stuff on MV or chaterbate or whatever. All she does is beg and beg and beg for cash and wait for the drips and drabs to come in

No. 781611

With all the "lifetime" members she scammed with new monthly payments it's no surprise if some of them reported her.

There's no way she's getting 300+ people back on her Snapchat.

No. 781612

Because that takes work. Shayna is above that, remember? She thinks all she has to do is take a nude pic a day and people will give her money because she “deserves” it.

No. 781625

she can try reddit…it won't go well for her, but she's not banned from there at least.

No. 781627

She can't even try Reddit. Dawn's a mod for ManyVids, Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, and even the camgirl reddit. She's fucked if she goes there looking to market herself.

No. 781628

i feel like all the other avenues she has left to take are going to take even more work than what she was doing already (which she was already struggling with)
i mean i guess she could /try/ to grovel and get back in good with society15 but i don't exactly know what bridges she burned there so that might not even be an option

No. 781630

Oh sweet jesus, thats a top kek, she really fucked that up.

No. 781632

File: 1551305170189.png (244.32 KB, 1233x709, 1.PNG)

She absolutely did. Pissed off the person investing and marketing her then burned all the bridges on Reddit in the process.

No. 781634

oh wow i had no idea she had that pull on reddit
shayna could've really benefited from her advice

No. 781637

File: 1551306307652.png (36.05 KB, 607x371, 2019-02-27 17_19_45-An IRL Dol…)

lol if it was so important why would you only have it saved to snap tho?

No. 781639

Is she too stupid to realize she could have downloaded them to her phone to keep?

No. 781640


probably a bunch of pictures of her and Kyle, kek

No. 781655

She seems a lot more upset about her snapchat and venmo than the fact that she literally is a broke ass couch surfer right now lol. Her priorities are all fucked up.

No. 781658

all those easily saved images of your filtered butthole lost..like tears…in the rain

No. 781663

you should have expected it to get deleted at some point since you were breaking TOS. stupid and naive to think you would be able to keep your account (and pics) forever. She's so fuxking self-entitled

No. 781668

She doesn't have to worry. A lot of her snaps are saved here lol

No. 781684

shes definitely in colorado because you can look up the location due to the hotels in the back of the second photo (crowne plaza and grand hyatt) so shes picking up stuff from dawn

No. 781688

She's at the Denver Diner in this picture. Very easy to find near Crowne Plaza and the Hyatt, open 24 hours, identical inside.

No. 781710

This really goes to show that she never had a system in place to keep track of Snapchat subscribers. The onus should not be on them to get in touch with her if they happen to realize her Snapchat is gone. She should have all their names with dates and take the initiative to get in touch with them herself. Something about this feels scammy.

If you’re this upset about losing your Snapchat, it’s time to reevaluate your life.

No. 781722


i was the anon who was giddy about watching her financially scramble and cover it up with her dumbass "persona" and now she's in even deeper shit. it's like christmas!

how's she gonna get outta this one i wonder? maybe she'll start selling her vids + pics for even cheaper than she already does

No. 781723

I feel like we're a mental snap away from seeing her streetwalking in an escapade of money collection.

No. 781726

>and if someone flagged her nudes/porn
Kind of lame if someone did. It's not like she's using the money to hurt/abuse anybody like Onision, and the longer she's earning some sort of money from snapchat, the longer she has funding for her entertaining antics, plus it helps us keep tabs on what she's doing. People who cowtip and remove sources of milk are the worst.
She would be in trouble with her sources of income frozen if she worked harder…
Shay isn't smart enough to do something like that.
Dawn doesn't seem petty enough to ban Shay from all of the subs she mods, and even if she were, there are a billion porn subs Shay could post to in order to build an audience. That said, it seems to be a competitive market for sex workers and she'd have to put in much more effort than she's capable of. And probably hide her face.
>it's like christmas!
It's entertaining in the short-term, but if she doesn't have a way to support herself then she'll just have to go back home, which means that we may miss out on a bunch of potential sagas and she could become dormant. If it's for scamming then she deserves it though.

No. 781742

It sounds like if you show her that you already paid she'll add you back free of charge. 95% positive that's what she meant but shaytard is a known scammer so youd just have to talk to her and see

No. 781743

She's started charging monthly now though so she might try to get old accounts to start paying her every month

No. 781744

File: 1551349338672.png (92.08 KB, 640x611, IMG_5639.PNG)

Saged for no real milk, shes just a broken record with the pattern of
>"bad" thing happens
>tirade of tweets about it with lots of shilling

wether its a donut, weed or alcohol. Always her route when something happens.

No. 781745

She puts more effort into being a victim than her sex work lol

No. 781761

Not a sex worker so I don't know how viable this suggestion is but I think it might be a good idea for her to upload old or unpopular videos she sells to pornhub or something. She could then generate ad revenue and get paid when she wasn't before. She literally gives out nudes for free anyways and this way she could actually make money off of them while also expanding her user base as opposed to just giving people fapping to any free tits they find online more material and reason not to buy anyone's pictures, let alone hers
Side note, I used to feel bad giving suggestions in case she followed suit but she never does anything that requires effort anyways so it doesn't matter. She will never do anything to get herself a livable income. Plus, if she followed our advice on actually engaging with an audience during cam sessions and understanding that her job is to give people a reason to pay, watching her live would actually be more fun too so hey, win-win there

No. 781765

Sounds like you just want to see her gross porn and don’t want to feel bad about it.

No. 781768

Why the fuck would people here who'd paid for her snap report it? It makes no sense, come on now.

No. 781770

Shay is a bona fide idiot. Her many clients (lul) probably paid her through venmo by giving names like 'for custom diaper porno' and the snapchat names were probably something like 'boilvagloverrr69x420'. How ANYONE, most of all Shay, is surprised about this 'plot twist' is a surprise in itself.

This was BOUND to happen.

No. 781772

if her twitter followers are any indication then you're probably right

No. 781806

Tinfoil: Shayna is a moderator

No. 781820

this is retarded

No. 781827

File: 1551374237313.jpeg (279.29 KB, 750x1005, 919706FC-290B-4A62-AC02-5214A6…)

No. 781828

oh my god can she not for just one single day? i guess if she can't get attention one way she'll go another

No. 781831

Return of the bad gas from the other night?

No. 781834

File: 1551375567943.png (11.81 KB, 609x113, 2019-02-28 12_33_30-An IRL Dol…)

random but i've noticed this creeper is one of the few respondents to like every single one of her posts
i'd be dying inside posting my asshole on a daily basis and this being the target audience

No. 781836

probably hungover and thinks she’s dying, kek

No. 781837

she's probably not had water in days

No. 781850

no, this thread is actually not the same as the rest in the catalog. literally any time one of you uploads a shay selfie, it gets 20 replies of “holy shit she’s so ugly, look at her chipped tooth and beak nose! look at her disgusting pussy! boils boils boils!” it is absolutely obnoxious to read and scroll through every. single. time someone uploads a photo of her. if you’re deluded enough to think every thread is this nit picky, you clearly haven’t been on this site long at all.

No. 781853

Sweet anon, that post is days old. Chill now. Our camwhore Shay is having a medical emergency ffs!

No. 781856

File: 1551378928242.jpg (102.81 KB, 1080x310, 20190228_122909.jpg)

I'd like to add this to your post. Keke

>>781834 I've noticed this person too, he is always the only one commenting on her tweets. His profile says he lives in Denver, CO.

No. 781868

Pls have them look at your genitals while you’re there.

I wonder if she’s actually “sick” or if this is her way of trying to get pity money/gift cards. No SC so it’s not like there’s proof she’s at a urgent care.

No. 781872

She's telling people to send her proof of their last payment and their name so she can re-add them.. My guess is shes using another snap

No. 781873

At least we know she has more than a few brain cells to realize how shit her situation has been.

Go home shay.

No. 781883

yeah except it would be the right decision to quit being a sex worker or whatever she is and get a job. she could even get a job and keep caming. its so simple! unless you just expect to get free money lol

what's the betting she's gonna come back from the dr with like, scurvy

No. 781891

File: 1551385880161.png (49.95 KB, 567x349, Screenshot (352).png)

sure jan. also lol and 'fiends'

No. 781894

She’s looking at apartments in Denver? In what world would she be able to afford a place there on the pennies she makes?

No. 781897

wait moving in tomorrow?? what is she talking about?

No. 781898

Wonder who she is leaching off of while in Denver.

No. 781899

Possibility of a new old greasy daddy?
I mean its a tinfoil, but she has no problem moving in with people she hardly knows.

No. 781900

File: 1551387725534.jpeg (156.81 KB, 1242x323, CA3D15BA-FB21-4295-A5D8-3F048D…)

Oh god, moving from alcohol addiction to xanies. This is not going to be good.

No. 781901

probably that creeper dude from >>781834 >>781856 lmao

No. 781902

probably just another washed up cam model or some shit

No. 781903

wtf is wrong with her
she's becoming more of a cow on the daily

No. 781904

Isnt xanax expensive? Where is the money coming from?

No. 781905

Why is she even sharing this
Classic shay I guess

No. 781906

idk I would be excited either way to see how she'll fuck this all up.

No. 781907

File: 1551388293440.png (48.25 KB, 554x355, Screenshot (353).png)

No. 781908

why is she acting like they're a hallucinogen or something? lmao

No. 781909

they probably had just hit her or something. It can make you feel kind of weird if you’re not used to it. It’s like whoa…okay it’s hitting me now. She has such an addictive personality, I can see her newest saga being a xanny addict and an alcoholic couch hopping and e-begging. And yet no part of me feels bad for her.

No. 781910

i get that but she's acting like it's some type of profound experience lol
maybe she was already drunk before she took them

No. 781911

you misread the tweet anon, she’s saying she’s looking for places tomorrow, not moving in tomorrow

No. 781913

She’s always drunk, that’s a given

No. 781914

>>781907 as much as I hate shayna, I hope she doesn't start to mix booze and xans. That can be fatal.

No. 781917

fuck her. she’s scammed people, used people, and still expects everything to be handed to her. people have genuinely tried to help her and her business and she just refuses to listen because she thinks she knows better. Let her fuck up, let her fail horribly and become a disgusting, wrinkly, washed up hoe. That’s the only thing she does deserve.

No. 781920

I wonder if her being sick has anything to do with what is likely her dying liver. She drinks basically all day now and was combining it with shitty food on top of that due to traveling (though granted, I doubt she eats well normally). Had Shayna ever been shown to cook anything that wasn't boxed Mac and Cheese in a martini glass with goldfish crackers? I vaguely remember a dish while she lived with Kyle but I have no memory of it right now

No. 781921

I think it was chicken Parmesan, and they both hyped it like “omg Dolly is cooking dinner tonight!” and made zero mention of it after. You know if it had been halfway decent, they’d have posted tons of pictures on snap and talking about what an uwu amazing suburban housewife baby bimbo Shayna is.

No. 781922

>become a disgusting, wrinkly washed up hoe

she's definitely already fitting into that description for the last year at least lol

No. 781923

Im gonna start bets of when her parents will have to fly out there and drag her back home.

*"up next on Intervention;
My names Shayna, i live by the internet persona "Dolly Mattel" and uh ~scratches thighs~ i sometimes sell nudes and videos for food, Marijuana and Xanax. I'm sleeping in a cardboard box at the moment, but it's totally fabulous and everything's fine, so its fine".*

No. 781925

oh really, this bitch seriously on the xan train now? how long until she's on percs or heroin? she has such a bad history with substance abuse, it seriously woulnd't surprise me if she started doing something harder soon, since benzo tolerance is no joke, you barely feel any effects from large doses after just a few weeks if you abuse them. if you wanna go down that junkie path, that's fully fine, it's a free country but bitch why broadcast it to the world?? isn't twitter supposed to be a place where you lure in customers, not whine about normal daily problems and gloat over prescription drugs?? she is the worst cow i swear to god. so easy to overdose on benzos + alcohol too. getting your stomach pumped ain't uwu cute bby.

No. 781926

omg she's gonna die

No. 781927

Can't wait for her to get on cam high on benzos and just sit there completely blacked out and lifeless. she can normally play off the weed&alcohol as just sloppy weirdo, but Xanax will make her look legit braindead

No. 781928

I can’t wait to see her on cam the next time she gets on. She’s going to be a fucking mess, and then not remember a thing. She’ll need to come here for recaps about what she did the night before.

If she ever gets back on cam, that is. She was lazy as fuck before, and the Xanax sure ain’t gonna help.

No. 781929

It takes years for that to happen anon, relax. kek.

No. 781930

“I paid for this cardboard box on amazon, it’s designer. I also have my dog cage, so chic. I got my fans to pay for it when I actually had supporters. But I still have tons of fans!!! I’m super famous!!!”

No. 781933

File: 1551392344994.png (73.95 KB, 617x422, 2019-02-28 17_19_05-An IRL Dol…)

lol jesus she's embarrassing

No. 781935

wait so did the urgent care prescribe her xanax?

No. 781936

i'd be shocked

No. 781937

I wonder if she decided to live in Colorado because Dawn won’t pay to ship her things back and Shayna can’t afford to get her items shipped.
Tulsa is way cheaper than Colorado (totally assuming) so my tinfoil makes sense I guess. Sure it’s a legal state for rec, but so are a ton of other states.

No. 781940

She is probably still on her parents' insurance since she's under 26. it's easy enough to get a prescription for xans for "anxiety"

No. 781941

I don't think so, she said she was on her way to pick up her prescription when the Xanax hit. I hope for her sake it doesn't interfere with the actual medication she's getting

No. 781945

"For her sake" lol jesus christ how does shay still garner any sympathy from anybody? Let the bitch suffer.

No. 781946

She probably didn’t even take any. She’s craving attention fupa probably ignoring her or something

No. 781947

it'd be unlikely they'd give her much if she went to urgent care tho
maybe like less than 10 pills

No. 781948

Yeah it really wouldn't surprise me if the whole thing was bs

No. 781949

ikr like when has she ever mentioned xanax before?

No. 781953


So if you go to a mental health emergency facility (crisis center) and say you're having severe mental issues and shit, they have no problem prescribing you xanax pretty much on the spot. It's a joke. I've had friends (not addicts, actually having somewhat serious mental breakdowns) do this. So tinfoil this bitch is going off her shit because of her dismal situation and dependency on social media and went to a crisis center.

No. 781954

she took the Xanax and it took affect before she picked up her prescriptions though. I bet her new "friends" she's staying with gave her some.

No. 781959

Only on tumblr aesthetic posts lol, she's probably just talking about it for internet points.

No. 781960

saged, but this catfish twitter is hilarious because it has tons of old photos of her mixed with new ones. It really gives you an idea of how long she’s been throwing out pics of herself on the internet for free with no thought to watermark or anything. It’s also just so cringy.


No. 781961

Its sad that the catfish twitter is more 'professionally' run than shays is.

No. 781962

File: 1551397763683.jpeg (210.3 KB, 1242x397, 8BB36185-4FC1-4096-B0E1-5AEE38…)

TOP KEK. she really thinks she’s gonna get a verified check wow

No. 781963

She might as well have just said "@ twitter ban me for being a stupid bitch". One audit of her followers and she is done.

No. 781964

who would ever want to catfish with such ugly photos? like using those recent pink haired cringy selfies.. why not pick someone more attractive..

No. 781965


Could she lurk harder??? Kek

No. 781966

There's plenty of professional/well known pornstars who haven't got verified, why would they do it for shayna

No. 781969

File: 1551399618923.jpeg (97.7 KB, 750x767, 910ACC61-5970-45FB-9548-AB1417…)


No. 781973

Not everyone is pathetic enough to buy followers shayna

No. 781974

uhhh……. is she really gonna sit here and act like she has 20k real followers rn

No. 781976

She hasn't hasn't been making much the few times that she's got on cam and barely sells any content, her fake twitter followers are all she can cling to lol

No. 781977

lol ikr hey shay! don't mix the xanax that you don't really have with all the booze you're about to drink alone while you buy twitter followers!

No. 781981

Wut??? She should take notes. This catfish market herself 1000% than she ever did. Shay, see how she's not constantly making a fool of herself and not typing like a retard? She pretty much has the same engagement as you and your 20k bots. It makes her image look pretty different

No. 781985

File: 1551403062372.jpg (171.35 KB, 1080x632, Screenshot_20190228-191746_Twi…)

Sure Shay

No. 781989

Liver dying? Jesus anon it ain't nowhere near that bad.

She's not been drinking heavily for long, nor is it thaat heavy.
(No1 cur) but I've been drinking daily for over a year, shite lifestyle and took an OD. It's paracetamol abuse that duffs your liver in something chronic. A damaged liver means you have yellow skin/whites of eyes, vomitting blood cos your clotting is fucked.
Unless Shay tries to kill herself she'll be more than alright.

Liver is amazing and can completely regenerate when your young anyway.(no1curr about your alcoholism)

No. 781994

why blogpost about this of all things

No. 781998

she's acting even dumber and more embarrassing than usual tonight, shay please try harder to use your shriveled 2 brain cells and understand 1) this person using your pics clearly doesn't want recognition, they just wanted to get free money, hence why they catfished lol, like "take away her recognition" makes no sense here, and 2) nobody's dad wants you besides fupa if that's still actually a thing, it's funny though how she says fupa "dumped" her and he's legit the only actual dad who gave shay attention and money, so in reality, no matter how much she tries to stutter out 24/7 "ur dad gives me ur monies!!1 ur dad likes me lots i swear he likes me it's true!!", she has zero (0) people's dads giving her money or let alone actually liking her. she can't even get an ugly splenda daddy because she isn't even capable of putting the tiny bit of effort in, we all know it's her pathetic mainly female obese orbiters donating pennies and the occasional 5$ bill to her kek.

No. 782003

File: 1551407544236.png (42.07 KB, 630x223, Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 9.31…)

lmao i was creeping the catfish's twitter acct and i found shay in the replies

No. 782013

idk why anon would post the catfish here like obviously she's gonna see it also wasn't their thing being a dom or whatever? shay can't do that lol

No. 782017

The whole “lol I fucked your dad” is about as outdated 2012 tumblr edgy as her entire aesthetic. People roasted loser basic white girls who tried way too hard online back then for saying that phrase. It’s not surprising she thinks it’s cute or witty. She’s always latching onto passé themes literally nobody finds endearing or interesting anymore

No. 782019

File: 1551412420502.jpeg (316.48 KB, 750x694, 26822600-A0AF-43F9-BA47-F0D61F…)

Lol what a pathetic retard. She’s getting ideas from her catfish by liking findom shit now.

No. 782022

shayna thinkin hmm post pics of my feet for gucci huh

No. 782023

Hi Shayna(hi [cow])

No. 782024

bet the new cam space will look exactly like the one she used after leaving dawn's.

i know she didn't really have anything of value, but she left a bunch of stuff there, was allegedly staying ~with a friend~ and didn't seem to have much, and is now with some other never mentioned before friends with probably even less. guess she doesn't care when she can e-bag and scan to get more crap.

still no mention of the cat.

No. 782028

Sad that the catfish seems to actually be better at findom than her. They might actually make some cash. Meanwhile Shayna feels to me like the real fake. Or at least it's obvious the real girl behind the catfish isn't a capable findom (despite what she might pretend at times)

No. 782029

Whether she really took it or not, posting about it is definitely a ploy. She's never mentioned xans, but Fupa did, back when he was saying his sister overdosed and his grandfather was Norman Bates and all that nonsense.

No. 782034

Shay is going to turn into an alcoholic Luna if she keeps it up…
That doesn't mean that she deserves to die…she's basically a kid, and she isn't evil, just a run-of-the-mill mooch. What the hell is wrong with you?
She has decades before her liver fails. If she dies in her 20's then it'll be for some other stupid decision.

No. 782041

Shay is not a kid. She's an adult. Kids can't legally post nudes of themselves or make porn for money.

No. 782073

I think anon meant that mentally she is a kid, probably 15 or 16. Its painfully obvious she has some arrested development

No. 782075

lol she's a twenty something year old 'kid' who lies about abuse and scams. You can't really expect people to have much sympathy for her.

No. 782087

or she's just stupid???

No. 782119

All her day and night drinking probably caught up to her.

Wait.. So she was staying with "friends" that wouldn't let her cam. Then she magically had a cam space. Now she's living with "new friends" with another new cam space.

The fuck, Shay. You use pot daily, you drink multiple times a day, and now you're popping pills?
This bitch is going to wind up a truck stop hooker by the end of the year.

No. 782181

You guys are so over dramatic sometimes. Do you realize there are plenty of college kids all over America abusing drugs and alcohol the same way, if not even worse. The only reason it’s sad when she does it is because she’s doing it alone and is doing nothing with her life besides that.

No. 782197

File: 1551457908235.jpeg (206.06 KB, 1125x540, 7669A1AC-9E59-4146-A819-F1E4F0…)

her saying this is extremely weird considering she did date a guy with kids who ultimately left her homeless for his kids

No. 782201

gotta be edgy till the end

how does she possibly have any friends there? she's just in a hotel right

No. 782202

File: 1551459295472.png (177.46 KB, 720x962, Screenshot_2019-03-01-11-52-15…)

…… Is she really gonna swindle her fakes followers, and still not learn how this shit works? She got offended being asked if she could play a Dom…. facepalm

No. 782203

File: 1551459389791.png (131.69 KB, 720x852, Screenshot_2019-03-01-11-52-40…)

People keep telling this girl to work with Shay Lol

No. 782208

She has identity issues

No. 782209

in other words: she's desperate

No. 782210

well hopefully they aren't friends with dawn too lol

No. 782211

Maybe she'd actually get customers if she ran her account as well as this catfish does

No. 782213

College kids do it because of partying and being dumb young adults while living in dorms on their parent's dime. Shay is a self-proclaimed "businesswoman" whose sole income is being used up on alcohol, pot, and now pills. It's not sad at all and it's not over dramatic to say that if she keeps this up she'll be properly homeless and on the street because she simply can't afford to be housed.

Shay's drinking is to the point where she can't stop drinking. She drinks multiple times a day, has skipped shows due to being hungover or even too drunk to get on cam. She smokes regularly which is fine except that's not cheap. Now she's adding in pills. Girl made money with Dawn but she didn't make enough to support herself an her habits.

No. 782218

That girl Lydia is just as stupid. She constantly praises Shayna. She’s clearly a retard, with slightly better business sense.

No. 782219

I think another anon said it, but it’s pribably just another washed up cam girl or some obese cow looking to get into sex work.

No. 782225

what are you talking about? i was saying if the girl that people are suggesting she work with shay is friends with dawn that she will obviously give her the inside info on shayna lol

No. 782238


Jfc it's embarassing that she thinks that's all dom-ing is about: calling a boy a name and him like literally throwing money at you lmfao get over yourself Shay. We know you're thirsty for cash but even in sex work you have to oh idk WORK for the money. Crazy concept, I know. This bitch has extreme delusions thinking shes entitled to money just by being naked and "uwu cute". Thinking she's celeb status and ought to be paid for her time just for showing up. It's hilarious.

No. 782246

the saddest part about it all is she's working less than EVER
i seriously cannot recall a time where she's put this little effort in, it's kind of insane that she's even asking for money at this point
i can't even remember the last time she put out a video or even got on cam for 5 seconds

No. 782272

Shay should give up on ethotting and get a legitimate sugar daddy instead. Or you know get a real job?

No. 782282

Legitimate sd would require her to actually take care of herself and that’s never gonna happen

No. 782283

lmao anon don't you think that's already her main goal?

No. 782295

File: 1551473471773.jpg (187.38 KB, 1079x652, Screenshot_20190301-145051_Gal…)

Looks like she deleted this, but I thought y'all would get a kick out of this.

No. 782299

day spa? with what? jeez the only daddy she's fucking over is her own

No. 782301

Fucking kek anon

No. 782305

Thought you meant the people she was staying with. My bad.

No. 782308

Lmao “much needed massage” yes shayna because you’ve been working so hard drinking, taking xanax, smoking blunts, and slouching while sitting on the floor. Tell us more about those 8 hour days you work 6 days a week, kek. It shocks me that she thinks she’s hard working when there’s plenty of people in America with 2, 3 jobs. Working every day, all day. But she hasn’t put out a video in months and has only cammed a few times this month. Such hard work. Very professional. Much business.

No. 782312

to be fair her awful posture very likely gives her some painful knots in her back lol

No. 782313

It's March 1st anon, Shaytard hasn't been on cam at all this month. When was the last time she even got on cam, like valentines day?

No. 782314

File: 1551475838195.png (18.01 KB, 581x203, 2019-03-01 16_30_19-An IRL Dol…)

lmao i'm fucking ded @ her assuming it was farmers that got her shit deleted on snapchat
hey shayna – why would we report it? we get too many damn laughs watching you

No. 782315

this moron won't admit that her genuine customers realize she's scamming them and then get annoyed and report her plus she literally breaks the fucking r u l e s, she violates the terms of service and gets deleted! but nope, it's the big bad devious farmers laughing at her boils that are plotting and ""putting her in situations"". any excuse to play innocent right shaytard?

No. 782316

File: 1551476032826.png (14.02 KB, 580x106, 2019-03-01 16_33_55-An IRL Dol…)

uhhh you mean you realized you sounded retarded or…?

No. 782320

>ask me questions I’m bored!
>proceeds to answer questions with bland, boring and predictable answers.
>people pay for my snap because of ~muh personality~

Proof that shay believes your worth is measured in followers. What a sad life.

No. 782321

>Why'd they delete your snap?
Because it was ALWAYS against terms of service. you got caught out. not because people mass reported it, not because someone at Snapchat has something against you, but because YOU were breaking the rules from the very beginning. Stop blaming other people, it could have happened for many reasons, and the least likely is that farmers reported it (why would we try to shut off flow of milk? that's what we're here for.) It got deleted because it was against the rules. No one broke the rules but you, stop playing the victim and blaming others for something you knowingly did wrong.

No. 782328

it’s ten thousand times more likely that a scorned customer reported her. since she lurks so much, she logically knows it wasn’t farmers.

No. 782331

She's been banned on most platform now, how are we going to keep track on this trainwreck if we report her lol? Shay we want to see all the milk.

No. 782335

She probably doesn't believe it herself, it's just easier to blame all her problems on the 'haters' lol

No. 782346

well considering how often she scams people, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if one of her customers finally got fed-up enough with it to report her

maybe she should consider not being a scamming cunt next time? lol

No. 782419

an anon like >>781917 would

No. 782422

File: 1551498041659.png (83.78 KB, 720x358, 20190301_194532.png)


No. 782424

>reason my family broke up

could that be fupa's wife?? haven't looked at the twitter profile yet just guessing because her parents are still together so

No. 782425

sorry i meant EX wife lol

No. 782427

don't get excited anon; she's just mocking the latest kardashian cheating saga

No. 782428

It’s a spoof account of satan. And shaynas parents are divorced.
I think she’s just trying to be funny idk but it’s pretty fucking cringey.

No. 782430

lol yeah i just realized.. i thought she might've been like, snapping at someone due to the dramatic last line.

but how does the last sentence tie into that? it sounds like shay is trying to say that there was a homewrecker or liar or whatever in her family whichever "family" she is referring to, or maybe it is meant to just be a cringy joke but idk i just don't get it i guess lol

No. 782432

File: 1551498977060.png (528.63 KB, 745x1235, IMG_3309.png)

no milk, just a really dumb "joke" to show off that personality she thinks she has.

No. 782454

wow shay this was a really funny joke. like this is sooo hilarious.

maybe don't mix your cocktail of cheap wine xanax and weed before you touch your phone in literally any capacity.

No. 782456

File: 1551504814334.jpg (444.65 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190302-002826_Tum…)

WOW totally burned lol!
wondering if the person who posted the reply was being sarcastic or not. hmmm…
sage 4 nothing really milky, just the usual Shayna "I fuk'd ur dad hehe XD" banter.

No. 782474

Shay stop trying to make ~college and ur dad fund~ happen, this was already lame on tumblr like 6y ago. You keep begging for 9$ breakfast on twitter, you got no ones fund.

No. 782490

Everyone’s dad must be giving a different girl their kids’ college fund. Cause last time I checked, Shay was homeless with a pair of bed sheets that she tacks to the wall and not on an actual bed.

No. 782501

File: 1551517902190.png (841.6 KB, 1080x1472, alalkdken.png)

There's always something wrong, something that allows Shay to avoid taking the blame for her inability to work. She should have just stuck with "I'm boring and unmotivated".

The interaction on those tweets is sad for someone with 20k followers kek. Guess anyone can see pretty painly that your followers were purchased, eh Shay? Dummy.

No. 782502

her catfish had better interaction. Shay should give up, this is sad and pathetic.

No. 782514


This girl is living day to day and begging every time an expense pops up…that's hardly college fund money getting spent on her.

No stability in her living arrangements and sedating herself with xans..maybe her own dad is wishing she went to college..

No. 782544

Shayna is never going to do this but my god does she need to separate her work and private twitter. Like she's trying to sell the fantasy that she's this bratty sub who takes your money (or something, her narrative/persona makes no sense) while also crying that her life sucks, she can't pay for a 65$ meal, clothes, or weed, she's sad that she broke up with a fat deadbeat, has no home currently, and randomly ignoring and encouraging the fantasy when someone tries to roleplay
Even if she was good at the whole fantasy part, this twitter would still do nothing for anyone. The fantasy with her reality totally collide and wind up making her look so utterly pathetic on top of it

No. 782573

oh but anon, her followers (or, the 10% of them that are real) love shay for her wit and personality, and not just for her naked body that she sells images of! she's a (completely inactive rn) sex worker but she gets money because people are interested in who she is, not in her content or porn or actual "work"!

this is what makes me laugh the most. she genuinely thinks people pay her because they like her for her and not because she will give them porn for it. like, it's her job to attract people, and she can barely do that, yet she thinks anyone who likes her is there for her personality. bitch no, they're there for your porn, that's your job, that's what you're selling, that's what they want (idk why though since it's so creepy and gross.) after 3 years she has maybe MAYBE 5-7 people who tip her regularly when she bothers to get on cam. she has no following and no popularity. this thread gets more interaction than all of her sex work efforts combined.

No. 782587

File: 1551549517430.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 549.92 KB, 1536x2446, D39B963F-3DB2-4971-A01D-1A25E0…)

Ew I can’t believe no one posted this

No. 782588

File: 1551549550945.jpeg (769.55 KB, 1536x2508, 41A80A8E-3B12-4EC7-BA0E-6F4B2B…)


the pic before his tiny dick

No. 782591

Ew. Spoiler pls. Wtf. No one posted cause no one wants to see fupa chode.

No. 782593

>>782587, >>782591

Tbh I zoomed in as much as I could and still can't see anything.kek

No. 782594

File: 1551549890023.jpeg (421.79 KB, 1536x2468, 3F779255-3582-4B9C-9149-36175C…)


lmao desperate

No. 782595

LMAO ummm what am I looking at here

No. 782598

He’s got a literal mangina

No. 782599

What’s funny is that you don’t even have to censor it because where is the penis

No. 782603

holy shit this man has finally lost it kek

No. 782604