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File: 1558713522531.jpg (737.97 KB, 1080x1920, shay lmao.jpg)

No. 812233

Previous thread: >>>/snow/801973

>Shayna caught eating out at a hamburger joint with Fupa
>Multiple twitter and snapchat accounts banned
>Typical mental breakdown imminent - says she's "working on her mental health"
>Begs for money for furniture and buys almost an ounce of weed instead
>Released and Easter bunny video where she fucks herself with carrots
>Also released 80s "workout" themed video and "Gaping Puppy Mattel" video
>Orbiter decides to help her release "merch". Nobody is really sure why.
>Shay caught with Fupa at beer fair because of a reflection in her sunglasses
>Shay continues to buy more and more Twitter followers
>Shay's adopting a dog even though she lives in a tiny apartment with no consistent job.

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- no doxxing
- no vendetta
- do not include or harass Shay's family
- no nitpicking and blogposting

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https://twitter.com/dumdollymattel (suspended)
https://twitter.com/stupidestbaby (suspended)
https://www.instagram.com/itsdollymattel/ (deleted)
https://www.instagram.com/dolly_mattel/ (deleted)

KYLE NATHAN PERKINS (alias: Fupa; Fupapa):
http://youvebeenwarned.tumblr.com (deleted)

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No. 812276

File: 1558718673216.jpg (546.92 KB, 1075x1577, Screenshot_20190524-102412_Twi…)

I swear to fucking god, Shayna.

No. 812287

classy, shayna.
anyone else find it weird that she has yet to mention the dog at all on twitter?

No. 812292

I noticed that too. I wonder if she knows how much shit she'd get for it, considering she has to beg her cucks for money just to feed HERSELF.

No. 812296

To be fair, she asks for people to reimburse her, which means she had the money in the first place. I’m not totally convinced that she doesn’t have financial support from her dad or someone. Yes she asks for people to send her money for nothing constantly but until anyone has screenshots of her bank account, none of us know if she’s actually broke or just begging for more money for the sake of it. Also, furnishing an apartment from scratch is expensive. Especially for someone without a real job.

No. 812304

She's an ebegger, why are you wking for shay having money, kek.

No. 812308

lmfao yeah, she just asks for people to reimburse her. Do you believe that Shay is honest about what she begs for? that bitch is broke, that is why she stays in tulsa and doesn't move. her bank account doesn't have shit in it. Fupa pays for her shit, her dad pays for her shit.

No. 812310

But that’s what I mean. She has financial support. I don’t think her or the dog would go hungry or neglected with her dad and fupa in the picture.

No. 812312

Shes apparently filming today, oh no

No. 812316

I know she said she left the salon because her nails looked terrible (holy shit they are bad) but in the same breath said she can’t film or go on cam because of them? But has no shame taking an “aesthetics” photo flaunting those things off?
Not to mention she was filming her cake video the other day with ZERO nails.

She lives in one of the cheapest places in the USA. Sure, she’s not dirt poor but she is HORRIBLE with her money. It’s always been strange to me that she begs for money but does it in such a way that she comes off as “I’m struggling and desperate “ while in the same breathe, brags about “thriving”.

She’s a moron and the example of what happens when you spoil your children.

No. 812320

the point is that she shouldn't have even gotten the dog in the first place if she is mismanaging her money this much

No. 812323

File: 1558722281223.jpg (224.26 KB, 1072x889, Screenshot_20190524-132445_Twi…)

Please no

No. 812327

….piss? is this another "revenge cake sitting"?

No. 812329

File: 1558722368197.jpg (92.67 KB, 1080x610, Screenshot_20190524-192505_Twi…)

Bitch what are you talking about? You DO smoke all the time. You just have more bongs than any person needs.

No. 812330

She took the videos off her snapchat of her posting about the dog

No. 812332

None of this sounds sexy. Why does she make videos like this?
Or is this another custom she is reselling for super cheap?

No. 812335

I think this is that. Shes only just got round to making it. Isn't a custom supposed to be for one person's eyes only? Like they're paying for you to make it specially for them.

No. 812337

Lol she probably was drunk when she adopted it and now realised oh shit maybe this isn't a great idea.

She gonna pretend this never happened now?

No. 812341

time to see if the adoption listing reappears

No. 812351

Do your thing, detective anon.

Maybe she's been reading her own boards again

No. 812354

Ummm she didn’t delete them?

No. 812363

I hope for the dogs sake she doesnt get him. But as of current they are still on her snap

No. 812365

these situations are the reason people itt prefer screenshots

No. 812366

File: 1558726235878.png (Spoiler Image, 409.14 KB, 750x1334, 90FD8B3B-387E-49D7-884B-CB0E35…)

Just so any potential snap anons know

No. 812368

Shes getting hate for the aesthetic pill pack post and posting abt it on snap. Screenies incoming.

No. 812371

File: 1558727154662.jpg (528.49 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190524-144525_Vid…)


No. 812373

File: 1558727207419.gif (19.76 MB, 369x640, SmartSelect_20190524-144406_Vi…)

A quick snip of her Snapchats if people missed it.

Anon- just post the screenshots, you don't need to post about you going to be posting them. Also, write sage in the email field so you don't bump the thread with non-milk related things.

No. 812374

File: 1558727250296.jpg (540.33 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190524-144511_Vid…)


No. 812375

uh no it's true, you shouldn't drink on antidepressants

No. 812378

whatever valid points this person has are cancelled out by the fact that i called this dumbass out in the last thread for most likely being a farmer >>806355 looks like they are trying to cover it up now because they've deleted their previous tweets to shayna. hey cowtipfags, please stop. you're making yourself look like an idiot and it comes off as the same fake woke shit that shayna does.

No. 812381

What an idiot. That girl simply stated a medical fact and she thinks it's an attack on her lifestyle lol.
You can get twatted all the time if you want Shay but it makes your meds redundant so why even bother getting them. Especially as an American who has to pay a lot for them. She might as well be taking tic tac.

No. 812382

She thinks she’s intelligent it’s sad

No. 812394

File: 1558728982685.png (73.97 KB, 531x807, 2019-05-24 16_15_42-Ur DreamDo…)

more from the cowtipper and shay's totes unbothered response

No. 812400

>>812394 "i don't sit around and complain that no one can see it". that's literally the only thing that she does, it's complaining about her life and how hard it is for her even though she doesn't do shit

No. 812408

For fucks sake stop cowtipping

No. 812410

She spent way, way too much time ranting about that on snapchat.

No. 812452

She always thinks she’s right she’s so full of herself.

No. 812454

and how the fuck do we screenshot posts that have been deleted?
Quit begging to be spoon fed and just make a god damn Snapchat yourself if it’s that big a deal.
You can’t complain about us not getting screenshots if you’re not even going to make the effort to find them yourself.

No. 812456

I used this and got blocked, fucking thanks.

No. 812457

Shay thinking her mental illness can't be seen is the funniest thing I've read today. Im pretty sure no one would look or live the way she does if they were in a good state of mental health.

No. 812462

Why can’t she ever just be an adult and say “hey yeah maybe that was wrong I’m sorry” and just MOVE ON? why does she have to die on this hill of “its not offensive, you’re just making it offensive and you’re hyper sensitive and IM THE VICTIM I CANT BE WRONG.” Seriously Shayna, grow up.

No. 812464

they weren't deleted was the point
go be angry about nothing somewhere else

No. 812465

nta that posted it, but did you use the screenshot or the record?

No. 812471

KEK the cake turned out so ugly, she even says it isn't pretty in the snap

No. 812473

File: 1558737067588.jpg (606.42 KB, 1076x1544, Screenshot_20190524-153102_Twi…)

Pic related

No. 812474

Place your bets farmers how many days until “puppy pissed/shit on my things so I can’t work please gib monies”

No. 812482

Lol what a Trainwreck. She could've just bought a cake.

I really hope she doesn't piss on it and eat it but I'm thinking she probably will.

Didn't she say she couldn't film yesterday cos her nails were so shit but aren't they exactly the same right now? Or can I just not tell and guess what Shay no one wouldve noticed or cared. You pissing on a cake, they not looking at your nails

No. 812485

It'll be "puppy broke this, need a new one now!"

No. 812486

Legit question, why does every person who has a valid point outside of lolcow get called a farmer? Surely other people who follow her can be logical? And no, I'm not the person who called her out.

No. 812489

They get called farmers because they just parrot exact posts from here and exclusively follow Shayna & Co. on twitter. The account referenced earlier has zero followers and their only interactions have been with Shay, so…

No. 812490

Probably because they are making the exact same points that were made here? Do you really think Shaytard orbiters think that far ahead or care that much?

No. 812491

No one surrounding Shay online outside of lolcow ever tries to disagree with her actions.

No. 812495

"Puppy keeps barking. Can't film or be on cam tonight sowwy"

No. 812496

Wonder if she can even have a dog in her apartment.

No. 812497

It's probably at fupa's. She's too lazy for a puppy anyway

No. 812502

File: 1558743138438.jpg (161.65 KB, 1080x478, Screenshot_20190524-191154_Twi…)

Did you not think to grab a towel b4hand

No. 812505

“Send me money so I can get more cake mix!!!”

No. 812513

From her snap; "if I wanna feel cute because I take my pills"

Lmao. Fuck me Shay, listen to yourself. Being mentally ill is not cool or cute, you don't have to be ashamed but this bragging type bullshit about it is awful. I don't think she takes her own mental health seriously. It seems more like a "look at me I'm fucked in the head therefore kinky"

No. 812514

what's even wrong with her? she's a bit depressed cus her life's shit and she drinks too much?

No. 812518

This is such nightmare fuel and she's going to get such an infection from the sugar in her bits

No. 812519

She's acting like it's a personal attack. She doesn't seem to understand it's a medical thing. She's saying "you surprised a depressed person drinks a lot?". No people are just saying drinking a lot will make antidepressants ineffective. I'm not American but do they not ask about alcohol intake and warn about that or is she lying to them?

No. 812520

Jesus, all that sugar in her asshole and cooch. Hello yeast infection
Also it's so weird how only 1 of her boobs jiggles. The other is solid and doesn't budge

No. 812523

Oh god she's so stupid or just desperate. I mean how much money would you agree to for very possibly giving yourself an infection?

No. 812525

this is an imageboard

No. 812526

File: 1558746123899.jpg (72.73 KB, 1080x253, Screenshot_20190524-180135_Chr…)

No. 812527

Because people on the internet don't like her uwu

No. 812528

How is this attractive?

No. 812529

she also said this the last time she did the cake video. idk why i remember lol

No. 812530

File: 1558746352159.jpg (251.91 KB, 1080x1149, Screenshot_20190524-200437_Twi…)

This is the kind of people she attracts

No. 812533

Yeast infection impending

No. 812539

File: 1558748263078.jpg (Spoiler Image, 900.93 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190524-203736_Twi…)

And sugar in fresh shaving bumps. That's healthy

No. 812540

File: 1558748347351.png (Spoiler Image, 10.58 MB, 1242x2208, B8B89235-8191-4BB3-960B-9202D8…)

I thought this picture was NSFL but then I scrolled down further on her twitter and saw her asshole and snatch covered in icing. I wish I could unsee it

No. 812542

bulimia isn’t attractive or cool Shayna. nor is mental illness. stop this bullshit.

No. 812543

This dude literally comments on everything she posts, he’s super creepy.

No. 812544

Why does her skin have a weird grey tone to it? Is it just the filter or the shitty lighting?

No. 812548

her "chest veins" are spreading further and further and she looks grey here…she really needs to look after herself and go to the doctor i swear.

No. 812551

hahah oh sweet jesus. this looks like if an alien was trying to convince the world it was a sex worker

No. 812552

You want her to go to the doctor for having veins?

No. 812555

Why does her face look so terrifying here despite the filter? Man nothing helps this girl look decent.

No. 812557

she does nothing but sit around all day drinking her pretty pink alcohol making her veins dilate. she use to talk about her "tiddy veins" a lot but now its spread to more than just her tit.

No. 812558


She looks like a clown that crawled out of a dumpster?? This is really nasty… even for food fetish freaks, it seems really gross. wtf does she like doing this shit? She really thinks she's cute? No wonder she has to get drunk and high 24/7. You'd have to be to degrade yourself that badly and be this disgusting.

No. 812559


Is it because she literally did the feeding fetish thing of over filling herself? Or was puking part of the vid?
Or maybe she is so shit at cooking and everything it actually made her sick?? lmao

No. 812560

File: 1558751511085.gif (473.94 KB, 200x150, 52E5FE6E-C38E-4AAA-BEFB-6201E7…)

No. 812561

she's just saying it to be edgy. when she did her last cake video she said she threw up afterwards too

No. 812562

I feel like when she mentioned it before that puking was part of the video
I’m at a loss

No. 812563

Yeah, she really should go to the doctor. The veins are weird and do look like they're suddenly more noticeable across her chest than before, but that boob barely moved when she was dancing around and that's what she should see the doctor about.

No. 812565

She's gained some weight which has made her skin a little thinner and veins more visible. let's stop with the boob talk it never ends well

No. 812571

File: 1558754338058.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 197.33 KB, 1125x1125, C2EF4E4B-10A2-4066-89CF-AD0158…)

extreme NSFL. God I can’t tell what is pimples or sprinkles. Yikes that’s definitely not healthy

No. 812572

That's gonna become a nasty infection.

No. 812574

This is a cursed image, pretty much goatsee level. She's out of her mind, this mess is going to be online forever with her real name attached to it. I feel so sorry for her family.

No. 812577

Lmao she really went off on snap chat (sry not sry, not gonna risk getting blocked to try and record it). The best was her saying how replying to a tweet you don't like is a waste of time that she could be spending doing something productive…. Kek

Then she takes another bong hit.

Bitch you literally contribute nothing to society. A waste of space.

No. 812584

File: 1558755636397.jpg (185.53 KB, 1080x1230, Screenshot_20190524_233337.jpg)

Man… Hopefully his kids never see what they're up too online.

No. 812586

What is going on with her veins??

No. 812589

As soon as you stop begging us to spoon feed your lazy ass.

No. 812596

do you understand that you are on an imageboard, anon?
did you read the rules and spend time learning about board culture before you decided to start making the rules around here?

No. 812600

I’m confused about this - in the first cake video she didn’t even eat much of it. I doubt she did in this one either. Unless she was filming mukbang but I doubt that.

No. 812604

Just a note but it's not just about providing proof of claims by anons (although that is important) but it's also documentation and receipts. By screenshotting and saving videos of snap/twitter/etc, we are permanently saving her fuck ups, hypocritical comments, spergs, and meltdowns. So even after she deletes these things, or they simply expire on Snapchat specifically, we will still have it archived here.

So yes, you do need to fucking post screenshots. Always. Idiots, this is an imageboard ffs. Learn board culture.

The anon clearly said you had to record, NOT screenshot, which is what you probably did. You played yourself, good job.

No. 812619

File: 1558768007453.jpg (107.33 KB, 1068x741, Screenshot_20190525-000635_Chr…)

Kek her social blade is hilarious

No. 812622

She looks like one of those cabbage patch dolls infected with some sort of virus.

No. 812627

i dont think its her that adopted, or fupa, because the last name here clearly ends with an L and she would have had to use legit paperwork to get the dog. neither of their family names end with an L, she is just baiting

No. 812629

At this stage I honestly wonder if her nest is just truly for show and she only uses it to film and crash in when Kyle Nathan Perkins has his several children at his home or his ex-wife may be stopping by to chat/check up. I know her place in Seattle was a nest as well, but she’s sunk to lower levels than ever. It looks like a rent by the fuck room it’s that fucking disgusting.

On another note, how can anyone be surprised or actually bothered by anything this woman does? Y’all circlejerk like crazy. Let’s not forget, this is the same person who talks in uwu bbytlk but on cam acts and looks like a sleazeball AND has zero charm.

No. 812641

She could get a basic table and tv stand for $200, if she had any sort of impulse control or self respect that is

No. 812642

It's a C as in Clifford ya doofus

No. 812647

Omg having a firm tit isn’t something to see a doctor about you fucking retards. She’s always had it, it’s just the way her body is.

No. 812664

Just because you have floppy saggy tits doesn't mean she has some medical condition

No. 812670

Anon, do you not know what a lower case “d” looks like?

No. 812671

Well you’re here

No. 812707

half the letter is obscured, idk how you're so sure it's "definitely" an L (it's a lower case d)

No. 812792

File: 1558810677565.png (86.6 KB, 640x764, IMG_0474.PNG)

She was chugging the water and then decided to squirt the rest on her face because….? Comedy?

No. 812794

File: 1558810875583.png (64.72 KB, 640x399, IMG_0473.PNG)

If she ever managed to beg for enough money for plastic surgery, I could see her showing them a heavily Snapchat-filtered selfie and saying it's how she wants to look

No. 812802

Botox on that forehead of hers would be a really good start.

Honestly, if she just drank more water, exfoliated her skin and actually styled her hair with a curling iron, she could make an improvement. But that requires effort and she’s looking for quick fixes.
She didn’t look bad when she was doing her stoner look, and that has a lot to do with her skin and hair.

No. 812814


Where does she come up with this? all her videos are just weird and not visually pleasing in any way. She looks like shit the cake looks like shit. Why would she make it this?

No. 812818

Did she piss on the cake and eat it wtf!!?

No. 812822

File: 1558814980553.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 781.33 KB, 1242x651, 2B22C797-C9BE-4C85-9A6D-74489B…)

bumpy roast beef pussy and cake. what a combo.

No. 812830

Suddenly I never want cake again

No. 812832

"It's fupa's dog" tinfoil was already proven to be bs last thread. Fupa hates dogs, his cats can't live with dogs, and the last name on the paper is Shayna's

No. 812835

File: 1558817591725.jpg (223.88 KB, 1080x1053, Screenshot_20190525-135300_Twi…)

She clearly hasn't even cleaned up today. I'm sure cake isn't all it reeks of.

No. 812838

You did it wrong

No. 812842

I used the screen record option, before even opening Snapchat.
It notified her as soon as read her message and got blocked.

No. 812846

Is there any proof of Shayna selfposting yet?

No. 812852

File: 1558821922667.jpg (234.93 KB, 1080x849, Screenshot_20190525-170455_Twi…)

She's basically describing all her vids

No. 812856

File: 1558822542371.jpg (Spoiler Image, 117.85 KB, 1080x589, Screenshot_20190525-231526_Twi…)

Holy nope.

Enjoy your infection shay

No. 812860


those chest veins dont look healthy. she needs to see a doctor and stop drinking.

also, how long til she cant get on cam because she has a yeast infection?

No. 812862

On snapchat she said she's going to be filming a super fetishy blowjob video

No. 812866

i wonder how much money she made to give herself a uti and yeast infection at the same time

No. 812868

Lmao not sure how she’ll do that when she can only get about 1 inch in her mouth.

No. 812881

It’s probably a puke video.

No. 812886

Yeah, I mean idk what else would be a "taboo fetish" and not her usual shit that she could pull off herself. Puking on her dildo after making horrible sucking noises on an inch of it for a minute and a half seems most likely for Shaynasty.

No. 812887

Well she said she probably should film before eating (once again a takeaway) or she'll be sick.

My guess is maybe using that claw gag thing.

I sincerely hope she doesn't do the gobble gobble sounds, it's so embarrassing.

No. 812893

File: 1558831481923.jpeg (263.42 KB, 1242x477, 326246B7-A1E7-4AF5-9C98-7DAA35…)

Does she not realize this is her fucking job and something she should be doing consistently?

No. 812894

Yeah, wow, congrats Shay you might just shoot more this week than you have almost all year. Woo amazing, making content for your job.

No. 812895

File: 1558832127321.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 643.31 KB, 1242x1358, F6676EDF-B254-496F-8990-3F1E09…)

Are we not gonna talk about how bad she looks physically here? And what’s with her making this for a private buyer but demanding money for it to be posted publicly…

No. 812896

She posted on snapchat that her new video is a blackmail step bro blowjob

No. 812897

File: 1558832895342.png (157.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190525-210733.png)

It's $100 to keep the custom private on her custom video page. So someone paid the additional fee for the video to be for their eyes only just for her to turn around and post it on her page for $12.

No. 812898

File: 1558833016203.jpg (Spoiler Image, 118.94 KB, 1080x590, Screenshot_20190526-020820_Chr…)

Her pissing on the cake. Her piss looks brown… To say she supposedly downed loads of water in preparation this doesn't look right.

No. 812899

Lol oh. I like how we all expected some nasty shit from her like vomit fetish. She may as well keep spiraling into the filth

No. 812901

Oh god that's terrifying! It looks like she's pissing chocolate milk, bitch drink some water!!

I'd say I feel bad for the person who paid for this video but then again they asked a girl to piss on a cake soo…

No. 812902

Tbf, there is that gold foil under her and there’s a good chance it’s just the way it’s reflecting

No. 812903

wow like everyone hasn’t done that shit already. so original.

No. 812906

Remember when she first moved into the apartment in OK and she was begging for about $1300, $900 which she claimed she’d need for a couple months because she had a lease she couldn’t get out of at “her old place” and $400 for rent at the new apartment. I’ve not seen her mention needing or paying $900 or even having a second lease ever again. Is this correct?

No. 812908

File: 1558834342948.jpeg (119.37 KB, 1024x576, EA54A14F-B53F-430A-AE1F-B1B4B9…)

I wonder if she’s throwing up a lot more and it’s making her face swollen

No. 812909

The video she just filmed is called "brojob"

No. 812910

File: 1558834477294.jpg (246.16 KB, 1060x818, Screenshot_20190525-203224_Sam…)

This is so dumb

No. 812911

Gonna punish you by jerking off on your cake! Take that!

No. 812912

Hammy arm, and confused, unsexy face. Thriving. Ugh, her food fetish vids are always the worst.

No. 812915

File: 1558835579904.jpg (416.74 KB, 1080x1336, Screenshot_20190525-205145_Twi…)

Wow Shay, so smart. Not like there's millions of these type of vids with the same name

No. 812916

Doesn’t she actually have a brother? Ugh.

No. 812918

Thought there was only a step sister. Could be wrong.

No. 812922

Ass looking flatter than ever. Is she going to suck on a real knob, or is it going to be another pink dildo?

No. 812925

she can't be too broke (seems to manage her money poorly, however) if she's top 300 on manyvids… that's at least 1.5-2k a month & tbh lots of camgirls ask for handouts solely because they know there's a good chance someone will pay up. Scammy and lazy af but it works. I've been keeping an eye on her rank since she was living at fupa's and the most I've seen it drop has been 700s range, which is still a good 1k in sales

No. 812926

she's gonna gag on an inch of pink dildo again. so taboo

No. 812933

just from this shot this video looks like it’s going to be boring and extremely bland. not to mention unoriginal. everyone and their mom has done some blackmail/step family bullshit. It’s so overused it’s not even taboo anymore.

No. 812934

You can calculate her exact amount of sales if you click on activity. It will show you every time someone has tipped or bought a video/service/store item. Then you need to take off approximately 30-40% to account for manyvids cut.

No. 812938

Manyvids cut is 40%

No. 812946

IMO it’s whatever antidepressant she’s in. Most like from the SSRI family and they’re known to cause weight gain. That in combo with her terrible diet and alcohol dependency.

No. 812947

On snap she said she might not get on cam cause she's tired. She said she's tired because she edited 2 videos today, filmed a video today, and filmed a video yesterday

No. 812950

MV models get -
80% for make it rain tips, MV crush and custom video orders
60% for everything else

No. 812965

Fuck no! Why?

No. 812979

File: 1558844746428.png (Spoiler Image, 1.41 MB, 750x1334, BE232754-596B-4B19-BE9F-2907B3…)

She seriously looks like she has fucking breast cancer!!! Why is this bitch so proud of this?!? GET HELP(nitpicking)

No. 812984

did she even go get her nails fixed or did she lie about that too? because they still look like shit

No. 812985

This looks like a still from a B-rated horror movie.

No. 812987

she does have a brother. i dont have caps but they’re in the older threads (maybe even the very very early ones that got deleted?) i think its her biological brother (not step) cuz she made that whole “child abuse” post and said how her having to watch her little brother after school cuz her parents divorced was traumatic and abusive

No. 812995

Jesus christ these nit picks are getting old
>roast beef
Her labia is small by normal standards??
tbh this is the least red and diseased her cunt has looked in a long time, razor bumps are a normal thing anon

Shay is nasty as fuck for a million different reasons, stop focusing on her tits and pussy

No. 812998

Nope, that's an OPTIONAL addition. It costs extra. If the buyer makes it exclusive, the seller doesn't share it. Custom videos are not exclusive by default, I highly doubt this person dished out an extra $100 for it to be for them only. The money paid for a custom is just so they can direct the script or whtever

No. 813000

spider veins are not a dangerous medical condition nor are they a sign of breast cancer, yall need to fucking chill with this dumb shit

No. 813004

Actually, growing veins and puffiness in chest spreading to upper arms IS a sign of breast cancer. All things considered, she most likely doesn’t have breast cancer but more likely has blood stuck in the veins from weight gain which is really common.

No. 813005

File: 1558854158486.png (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 750x1334, 177F4CDB-0483-44DD-869F-4B1258…)

Screenshot from her new “brojob” video, definitely makes those squelching sounds kek

No. 813008

"Throwing insults" bitch, where!?
I honestly think Shayna actually thinks drinking alcohol with meds is not bad

No. 813042

she has three brothers

No. 813051


she should've known SW isn't for her when she first gagged on a dildo like Papa Frank on haircake.

No. 813056


What about this is blackmail? You can’t even understand her in half of it, my sound is all the way up and she’s super muffled. Everything she does is worse than half ass.

No. 813057

"Hey, mom and dad just went out for the night. Wanna come hang out in my room?
Now that we're gonna be brother and sister, it's important that we have a good relationship. In order for us to have a good relationship, we need to be honest with each other. I'm gonna be honest with you and tell you that I've been wanting to suck your dick since the first time I met you. Do you wanna let me suck your dick?"
> horrific glugging sounds ensue
"Keep your mouth shut. You can go back to your room now"
Her scripts have never been good but holy fuck this is the most boring plot setup. Not that it really matters. Does she think the "keep your mouth shut" part is where the blackmail comes in? Or did she not edit in 1 of the most vital parts of the video to the preview?

No. 813059

Exactly. Blackmail isn’t being coy and shy and saying “I’ll be honest I want to suck your dick” it’s saying “I have pics of you sneaking out and I’m going to show mom and dad if you don’t let me suck your dick.”

Seriously, 2 extra minutes of thought could have gotten her to that conclusion. But she’s so lazy that she doesn’t care.

No. 813060

File: 1558878410239.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 762.46 KB, 1242x1221, 7CC70096-AC81-44A5-BFD8-B1727F…)

this is sarcasm right?

No. 813063

File: 1558879480378.jpg (Spoiler Image, 264.47 KB, 1080x1402, 20190526_090341.jpg)

Her latest poll.

I can't believe she's already up today. Usually she's up after ten, so maybe her pills are actually working.

No. 813066

I hope she gets kicked from her apartment after she takes no precautions and some child and their mother sees her naked and masturbating on her porch.

No. 813070

File: 1558881688013.png (384.4 KB, 1125x2436, 7DA24A34-829B-4400-AEE1-5EE49E…)

I guess her new account just got suspended. Or is this an old one?

No. 813071


Pffft that’s most definitely her new one. Incoming Snapchat rant.

No. 813074

oh no, now she won't be able to masturbate on her porch! her business is ruined! again!

No. 813075

she should be happy this one lasted as long as it did considering she'd bought 2-3k followers within like the first 2 days of having it

No. 813084

I have a feeling this post might have gotten her banned. Either way masturbating on the porch is illegal I hope she gets arrested

No. 813085

It clearly states that adult content will be banned. This idiot keeps posting piss pussy shots of course she’s honna get banned. This girl isn’t mentally ill she is slow as fuck

No. 813088

you'd be surprised how many degenerate cam models have gotten away with masturbating in public and being gross. and manyvids will be okay with it.

if she does it, she most likely won't get in trouble.

No. 813091

wtf why does she keep using twitter??
she is honestly the worst at making porn, never seen such bad acting and fake orgasms in my entire life. whyyy is it so entertaining to watch her keep up with this dumb af shit?
not sure why everyone keeps calling her fat tho lol you all just fatphobic and nitpicking, that tit and its vein that's now spreading are a lot more shocking than her stomach. sage for whatever the fuck this would be reported for lmao(go back to tumblr)

No. 813092

Tbh if she is throwing up it’s because she’s reading this thread and how all of you keep calling a size 1 girl fat. Yeah she’s gaining weight but that’s what happens when you’re not a teenager anymore. She eats terribly and drinks too much, but damn the girl is sure as hell not fat by any means.

No. 813094

I agree the vagina sperging ITT is so annoyingly constant. however, this picture is airbrushed a lot, her permaboil on her ass is clearly blurred out and I'm sure there's more blurring all over her cooch

she did say that if this last account got deleted, she would take a break from Twitter. Let's see if she really does stop making 30 new accounts and explores other options instead

No. 813097

she’ll probably wind up using one of the other puppet accounts her orbiters made (@dollymattelfans and @dollysgroupie) and then get upset and beg for money and take another month off after it gets shut down

No. 813098

>retweets or money
omf this is not how you get money, how is she this stupid. why would you give it out for retweets, what does that actually do? take the damn money, you'll be begging for it soon anyway.

No. 813101

shutup anon lmao

that sweet sweet attention from strangers online

No. 813102

I’m sure she would get in trouble if a neighbor witnessed and reports it

No. 813104

And you know she’s not going to take precautions to make sure she’s not seen, because she doesn’t fucking care and doesn’t think the law or rules applies to her.

No. 813111

File: 1558887290134.jpg (185 KB, 1080x1167, Screenshot_20190526-091454_Chr…)

Kek, why do I feel like she'll be extra dramatic this time. Twitter isn't working for you, Shay. Buying followers just puts your account on their radar. Especially when you buy them thousands at a time.

No. 813112

I’m really surprised this one lasted as long considering every time I went on it in the past few days there’d be ~500-1000 new followers every time

No. 813115

I have a different question I didnt see anyone ask… is she even on a tarp? Or just a blanket on a rug like a fucking moron? Like is there something waterproof underneath her? Shes so stupid.

No. 813116

shes on that filthy star blanket shes had since living at home

No. 813117

Of course she isn't, so she probably got piss everywhere, classy.

No. 813119

It looks like she does have a tarp down here (below lost) but it disappears later? The star blanket is clearly visible as the top layer later on.

No. 813123

She's already asking people to make her another account on snapchat, so I guess that break got forgotten about. She posted a rant already begging for tips.

No. 813124

File: 1558888776418.jpg (706.91 KB, 1080x1759, Screenshot_20190526-093936_Twi…)

New Twitter @dollymattelx

No. 813125

From all the 12 (twelve) followers she accumulated in the past hour, only one of them is male lmao

No. 813127

Her female orbiters are like mould in a moist double wide

No. 813134

I'm just going to assume those are the only real followers she has left at this point
She's so fucking lazy the only videos she uploads now are customs. That's why the stories are so god awful. Men are writing them for her to make. Also, it's not hard to get a couple customs here and there on manyvids without promoting on other social media. And I'd put my money on her buying herself anything she brags about getting off of her amazon wishlist, or it's her father's money buying them. Her entire social media presence is fake.
Where is she going to put her dog while she films? Stuff him into her tiny room or her porch??

No. 813137

File: 1558891365519.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 665.24 KB, 1242x1035, 74A30DE8-7DD7-4CE9-858F-CB610E…)

Christ has she considered remaking and laying low???

No. 813138

This twitter officially has less than a week to live.

No. 813139

uh is it

lol anon I read this like a line in a thriller

No. 813142

she’s been on this “I have a fat pussy” kick lately but like…she doesn’t? she had to squeeze her labia to make it look like she did so what’s even the point? Is it some trendy thing idk

No. 813143


Not a tarp, but to me it looked like the cheap kinda plastic table covers from the dollar store. The gold tinsel looks like it came from there too lol.

No. 813144

It’s not fat Shayna it looks like you’ve been stung by bees

No. 813145

While I agree the fake followers def put her on the radar and her nasty pics dont help, I actually think it was this post that got her officially shut down. She just can't get it through her head that you can't offer porn for likes/retweets especially.
That and like 5 other reasons shes just banned in general.

No. 813146

A ballsack puss can count as fat I guess.

No. 813148

File: 1558893205892.jpeg (401.99 KB, 1242x932, BF6EAB4A-C2B6-45DE-82F1-9B10E5…)

Please. Stop. All. This. Edgelord. Bullshit.

No. 813149

File: 1558893209358.jpeg (444.18 KB, 1242x815, 32A3A0A9-46B6-4398-B022-B00EB9…)

filming public masturbation porn, knowing there’s someone next to you, and she’s not even on a porch/deck that’s a couple floors up. She’s literally on the bottom floor if she can “walk over to the grass” from it. Public urination and public masturbation. Just fucking…wow. I hope she gets caught for this bullshit.

No. 813154

Always keeping it classy Shay

No. 813156

Is she trying to get arrested? I don’t even want to imagine how her parents must feel about her life choices.

No. 813157

wearing high-waisted Jean shorts without underwear sounds like the most painful cameltoe ever

it used to be puffier, but ever since she had her entire vulva shoved into that tiny pump, it's been deflated and saggy looking

No. 813158

she really thinks rules don’t apply to her. She’s in for a big wake up call one day.

No. 813167

File: 1558895762238.jpg (226.07 KB, 1064x854, Screenshot_20190526-133602_Twi…)

No. 813174

Adult content is allowed on twitter as long as the account is labeled as sensitive and there isn't any nudity in the profile picture or header. She's being banned for ban evading on multiple account and not even attempting to hide that it's her, not the porn.

Seriously she'd do so much better if she'd just rebrand and start over with a brand new name and no-face porn.

omfg does she not realize that the piss shit is super fucking niche?? this isn't a super common fetish shay

>pussy pumps cause saggy pussies
lmao anon are you a male virgin or just retarded?

No. 813179

Her pussy is “”fat”” because of the impending yeast infection and UTI from shoving cake and icing up her piss hole and snatch. Nasty

No. 813188

did you see the pics? I'm not reposting them because they're so NSFL but that shit was a pump designed for just the clit that had her entire cooch sucked into it

No. 813191

She literally acts like a porn bot. Making a new account with no bio or customization as soon as the old one gets deleted, immediately spamming tweets asking for money and retweets, and plugging her other sites. Does she not realise this at ALL? There are plenty of sexworkers on twitter that don't get nuked like that.

No. 813192

even still, it doesn’t cause permanent saggy vagina syndrome retard. She just has an ugly ass pussy.

No. 813209

File: 1558905453279.jpeg (246.04 KB, 1242x444, EC56A533-4A38-4F72-BC07-263E57…)

today on “things that never happened”

No. 813213

plenty of people pump their entire vulva, it's literally a fetish even, google it for two second and you'll find it's super normal

No. 813214

File: 1558906377969.jpg (561.89 KB, 1079x1686, Screenshot_20190526-163305_Twi…)

We all know she made this

No. 813231

right. with pussy pumps. but not with the device they used. which was a clit pump.

No. 813232

File: 1558911122914.jpg (398.11 KB, 1079x1009, Screenshot_20190526-175207_Twi…)

Really Shay? Had to sink this low?

No. 813236

lmao she literally runs her teeth across the dildo. imagine you’re watching this and trying to get off and you see the chick using a dildo like a toothbrush.


No. 813237

LOL everyone wants a bj from a cheesegrater

No. 813241

ooo fuck yeah suck my dick like you’re angrily playing a harmonica

No. 813243

File: 1558914582975.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 489.92 KB, 1242x832, AEDCD33C-D357-4366-B557-7E9B5B…)


No. 813245

her pussy isn’t fat. It’s fucking wrinkled and saggy. how sad.

No. 813247

Remember that meme song where they say "your pussy look like a flat tire"
It's about Shayna

No. 813251

Haha It does look deflated

No. 813252

laughed so hard i choked, thanks.

this video is so low effort and stupid. like ok, there's a fence but no one wants to look out their window and see that.

No. 813253

File: 1558916405242.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 571.44 KB, 1242x688, D773B2A0-29CA-4D0D-A661-4963DA…)


No. 813254

Christ. It's a dildo, not corn on the fucking cob. She's also stepping in her own piss mud. What kind of trailer trash porn is this

No. 813256

If I hadn’t seen those gifs of her and Fupa fucking, I would guess that she’s never 1) seen a dick in real life and 2) never had sex.

I know some guy filming a porn video told her she had a fat pussy or whatever he said to make her feel good, but that pussy is anything but “fat”. Not sure why she’s deluded herself intoo believing it’s fat? Is she in belief that having a fat pussy is uwu so unique ?

No. 813257

she probably says it just because it’s become trendy recently. More girls are accepting it and owning it and she wants to be a part of it because she’s unoriginal.

No. 813263

maybe she sees herself getting fatter and assumes it also transfers to her pussy

No. 813281

Like other anon said… whats with all the piss stuff in her vids and stories lately? I think its her personal kink of being nasty tbh. Because while I know it is a fetish and I'm not against it, it's still not something most people want to see a lot of. Its starting to get gratuitous and gross at this point.

No. 813325

lol public indecency mugshot thread pic when?

No. 813332

I was actually just wondering this? It seems like nonstop her porn has been piss related. Is that the only clientele buying her porn? Or does she actually enjoy peeing all over her carpet, rugs, and backyard? Pee fetishes aren’t common enough for it to be in most her recent videos, are they?

No. 813348

Pee porn is actually a huge fetish and sells super well. The poll she did before her Twitter was suspended felt like she took the recent trending tags on manyvids and tried to turn them into videos hence the rise public play, creampie, and piss fetish content recently. She’s just copying what’s working for other people at this point.

No. 813350

hopefully this is the wake-up call she needs to start drinking water…
shayna please for the love of god

No. 813351

She must be a porn marketing genius then

No. 813381

this. piss sells. seems to be moving away from uwu fuck me daddy… & latching onto other trending categories. that & her edgelord complex are what fuels this dumpsterfire

No. 813387

Tinfoil Shayna is actually Shaina Kirkpatrick, a baby who was kidnapped in 1997. She was raised by her kidnappers, explaining her weird relationship and child-like kinks, and unwillingness to go home even though she knows she needs help. The artist renditions of what Kirkpatrick would look like, seem like healthier representations of Shay.

No. 813391

Yeah… no.

No. 813430

File: 1558952185051.jpg (75.62 KB, 960x714, 58994405_1097552497103896_3083…)

No. 813431

just looked her up and she looks nothing like shay kek. What was the point of this

No. 813451

yeah shay wishes that she had that good an excuse for her paedo pandering videos. she had a normal childhood with normal parents but wanted attention and jumped on the tumblr ddlg bandwagon when it got popular. it's not that deep lol

No. 813458

No. 813475

File: 1558963836142.jpg (542.41 KB, 1080x2158, Screenshot_20190527-063008_Twi…)

More minors and bots following her today… She's almost to 1k again

No. 813482

You guys think she has a designated moron she goes to to buy followers for her in exchange for her dusty nudes and videos?

No. 813494

Of course she sinks down to desperately filming gross things because she can't make sales with regular/enjoyable to make porn.

No. 813500

Someone contact shaina Kirkpatrick parents asap

No. 813520

Are you high? The only resemblance is that they're both blond white girls.

No. 813525

And Shayna isn’t even naturally blonde. She has naturally dark thick brown hair.

No. 813526

Bot accounts are already tweeting porn under her posts too. She makes it way too obvious.

No. 813529

>pussy pumping
>super normal
please get rid of your fucking diseases. you are insane or a tranny if you think that this is "super normal" behavior that women engage in.

No. 813535

Isn't she supposed to get that dog today?

No. 813538

puppy today? guess we'll see if she actually got clover or not

No. 813539

well clearly you don’t ever leave your home do you anon? Penis pumping and pussy pumping have been common forever. Sorry you think even doggie style sex is “out there” but pumping is a really common practice.

Either that or you’re 12.

No. 813541


Oh absolutely, she's not actually buying them herself. Probably that one (1) male follower she has

No. 813543

Was just wondering this too. Considering how she hasn't spoken about it at all and how she deleted the Snapchat posts I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't end up getting it

No. 813553

I think this actually proves that it’s you who never leaves the house

No. 813554

Im almost certain that the majority of the population are not out here pumping their pussies and dicks. I would say it’s rare and not common

No. 813562

I didn’t think 12 year olds were allowed on here but I guess I was wrong. Sorry they didn’t teach you that in sex ed, but for adults who are having good sex frequently; it’s a common thing.

plenty of dudes use penis pumps to make their tiny members bigger too. maybe you should try it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 813563

Could’ve been a troll move

No. 813585

tranny confirmed

No. 813586

Lmao all the autistic idiots always flock to shayna’s threads. It’s like she attracts retards or something.

No. 813596

I hope people gave her shit on snap for being irresponsible and that she backed out of it. Please. Clover deserves a really loving forever home, not whatever kind of sad life she'd have with Shayna

No. 813612

Imagine sex Ed telling kids about pussy pumps. Wew. Shits gross actual fetish territory, swollen pumped pussies look repulsive

No. 813627

My exact thought. Was that person trolling or serious?

No. 813632

I’m pretty sure it was sarcasm/a joke. Sex Ed only teaches you extremely basic things about sex. I think they were trying to make a joke that that’s all they know about sex and are unaware of pussy and penis pumps because they know nothing beyond what they learned in sex Ed.

That’s what I got from it at least.

No. 813635

she needs a labiaplasty, maybe she can get 2 ATM paypigs to pay for one lip each.(autism)

No. 813639

No she doesn’t ! Scrots be gone

No. 813644

Fell pretty flat then. Everyones aware of this shit but its definitely a small minority of people who do it.

No. 813701

No. 813709

File: 1558995372306.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 634.73 KB, 1242x735, 598E8C14-48B1-4D52-AC92-63064E…)

She just constantly has a full on rash. It’s so befuddling.

No. 813710

File: 1558995394217.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 441.63 KB, 1242x743, E35E6C42-C03A-46CC-9D53-65849E…)

Every going boils

No. 813723

Why doesn't she at least put some concealer on them or something to try hide them

No. 813728

“I’m so wet for you right now”

proceeds to finger dry pussy into oblivion

No. 813729

that would take effort tho!

No. 813738

File: 1558996961045.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 819.02 KB, 1125x1588, 78928861-4D74-41D0-B565-605221…)

Forgot to sage first time but ick @ “leaking”

No. 813742

It looks like she always has nappy rash, it's not attractive.

No. 813753

I guess the dog thing has been called off as she's at a pub getting drunk again.

No. 813761

Is she not worried about one of those junk acrylics falling off while she’s doing this?

No. 813765

She said she was picking the puppy up on Monday

No. 813767


Today IS Monday

No. 813770

I realized this as I posted it lol 3 day weekend threw me off. Honestly though it’s a relief if she really did decide not to adopt a dog

No. 813775


It’s a major holiday today so they could be closed. Tomorrow will say for certain.

No. 813778

The dog's surgery date says today. Would dogs go home on the same day as their surgery? Maybe Shayna fucked up the day when she said she's getting the dog on Monday.

No. 813780

It hurts me to see her sticking those claws in her pussy, yikes

No. 813782

Imagine the smell.

I can't see her washing them probably. She probably doesn't know what a nail cleaner is

No. 813784

File: 1559003505925.jpg (574.02 KB, 1786x2800, 20190527_172455-1.jpg)

Excuse the terrible quality, but I wasn't taking any chances of getting caught with a screen recording app. Anyway, she is selling her body, so it's mind blowing that she'll post these haggard pictures.

No. 813786

File: 1559003683171.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 402.12 KB, 2048x2048, 59263741-5EA0-492C-9A22-112652…)

When you order off a cheap online store vs when it arrives

No. 813787

The grandma glasses do not work for her at all.

No. 813789

Jesus fucking Christ she is ugly

No. 813790

File: 1559004735711.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.11 MB, 3464x3464, 17AF89CF-38E4-40C6-B1CA-954154…)

Battle of the ugly grandma glasses that age you worse than your face already does. Ready? FIGHT!

No. 813794

Funny since mudnaynay’s doing her best to act like Shayna lately

No. 813802

File: 1559006725753.jpg (185.35 KB, 1080x1496, Screenshot_20190528-022441_Twi…)

Been round to fupa's again then?
Also the stain is yellow..

No. 813816

Shay, are you sure you didn’t accidentally piss on it?

No. 813817

cum tends to turn slightly yellow when it dries. could be the filter or the fact that she probably hasn’t washed that shirt in days that it’s so dark, who knows. still fucking trashy as hell. plus she’s not even in the bathroom this time she’s just in the middle of a restaurant/bar. more edgelord bullshit in an attempt to stay relevant.

No. 813818

On paper Shay's boobs should be attractive except maybe the veins if you not into that. I personally am pretty phobic about veins but discounting that her boobs are just boring? Maybe it's seeing them so many times but I don't find them appealing at all. Is it just a side effect of knowing what a cunt she is?

No. 813821

anon I think you might be straight

No. 813828

True but I can see appeal in other other women

No. 813836

File: 1559013376265.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 543.68 KB, 1242x757, 802E2AF2-7DD4-4D02-AA95-141F86…)

This is bad and you should feel bad

No. 813842

This looks like a legitimately mentally disabled person

No. 813848


When Gypsy Rose skypes Nick Godejohn.

No. 813865

You're going to hell for this and I am too for laughing

No. 813906

File: 1559028438055.jpg (270.45 KB, 1773x1773, PicsArt_05-28-12.19.16.jpg)

Ot, but she did rant about her twitter being deleted. I've got no clue how to upload that here. Long story short, she is frustrated and has finally figured out that she's been banned.

No. 814040

On snap she posted about an hour ago that she’s offended no ones bought her new video top kek

No. 814072

She just let a random cat follow her into her apartment and then started worrying because it wouldn't leave. Why would you let it in? WHERE IS HER DOG?!

No. 814075

Spoiler alert: there is no dog.

No. 814084

she got a cow bikini lmao another mascot incoming

No. 814094

what's her snap? i'm sick of anons not realising this is an image board.

No. 814112

Just ‘dollymattel’

No. 814133

honestly this would be the best plot twist though

No. 814137

File: 1559062790580.png (625.11 KB, 1125x2436, 11E26D3D-DE59-4983-8665-D360EC…)

Her snap was just deleted

No. 814141

File: 1559062932876.png (862.23 KB, 1125x2436, C97488A3-9EFF-403B-9860-3A7B9E…)


No. 814143

I wonder what she'll blame it on kek. She's always posting straight up porn links on there, that could've done it.

No. 814146

Provide the milk yourself then?

No. 814151

>How the hell am I supposed to exist if I can't have Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram

kek did she really think this is a normal sentence for someone to type. talk about social media addiction

No. 814154

This dumbass seriously needs to get a VPN to get around being shadowbanned, it’s as easy as that. If she doesn’t realize it’s simply connected to her IP address since she moved she’s deluded and delusional

No. 814155

you don't provide anything if you just say she did something like i could say shayna just got her snap deleted cus she posted a video of herself killing that puppy she got. that's why it's not in any pics guys!

No. 814158

Just take the hint from the universe and get a job that doesn't involve showing your asshole on Twitter for 20 likes Shay.

No. 814166

File: 1559064591052.jpg (488.52 KB, 1080x1835, Screenshot_20190528-102843_Twi…)

Kek, her female orbiters seem to be the ones making her accounts. Also the drama of these tweets

No. 814167

File: 1559064637793.jpg (245.78 KB, 1080x1220, Screenshot_20190528-103042_Twi…)

New snapchat confirmed

No. 814169

I’m not shocked that she still believes that it’s trolls and SWers taking down her accounts. She needs to change her stage name, rebrand, and she won’t get banned anymore

No. 814172

File: 1559064792359.jpg (605.33 KB, 1071x1751, Screenshot_20190528-103214_Twi…)

We got our own DESIGNATED twitter rant today folks

No. 814175

File: 1559064900470.jpg (306.07 KB, 1080x1074, Screenshot_20190528-103507_Twi…)

The salt

No. 814176

How about you get on cam and do your job instead of e begging shay? Or get a PT job at Starbucks, a head shop, gas station, anywhere so you have a sustainable income? Obviously being a FT sex worker isn’t working right now and to not have a back up plan is just foolish

No. 814178

Now you can follow her new snap and post everything for us

No. 814179

Shay we don’t hate you, you’re entertainment. It’s like watching a circus burn down from a mile away. A one man circus.
Still funny how she thinks it’s us that get her snap deleted when there’s a constant demand for screenshots

No. 814180

we don't bring negativity into your life. we go to a separate part of the internet to talk about you that you have to specifically look for to read what we're saying? cowtippers aren't welcome here because the point is we're not trying to mess with you, we're just witnessing and discussing the shitshow. reading what we say is up to you, but considering how addicted you are to other social media, I'm taking this as a sign you visit lc a lot more frequently than I thought you might

No. 814181

She has absolutely no grasp of NON NSFW social platforms.

No. 814183

No one is sending her caps of the message board or FORCING her to lurk here.

Guess her life is just so miserable that she needs to open up an incognito tab every day to see what else people are saying about her gross scammy behavior.

No. 814185

File: 1559065424529.jpg (468.85 KB, 1077x1430, Screenshot_20190528-104311_Twi…)

But wait, there's more. Sage for samefag

No. 814187

Literally no one here interacts with her. We post on sites separate from her yet She’s admitting she lurks here

No. 814189

File: 1559065966354.jpg (350.31 KB, 1078x1165, Screenshot_20190528-125031_Chr…)

There are plenty of big SWs that get their Twitter/Snapchat taken down. DaizHa morgann literally makes a new Snapchat weekly and she never bitches. And she has 1.6m followers.

No. 814193

File: 1559066051485.jpg (274.43 KB, 1078x1445, Screenshot_20190528-104447_Twi…)

Another backup twitter. She realizes she's probably getting these people's IP banned when they do this for her?

No. 814198

TOP KEK but they don't scam and beg or have a shitty online history and do gross shit like you do, Shayna. They aren't just SWs with social media, there's a fucking method to their success

No. 814199

File: 1559066248746.jpeg (526.26 KB, 1242x1085, C8309E6B-01E1-45CB-BD47-78B03F…)

Sure Jan

No. 814200

File: 1559066335347.jpg (720.76 KB, 1079x1893, Screenshot_20190528-125655_Chr…)

"I totally don't read these threads but there have been a dozen instances when something was said on them and I just so happened to say/do something similar."

Also, why would you basically tell people to go looking for your own threads?

No. 814204

File: 1559066496190.jpg (395.11 KB, 1080x1599, Screenshot_20190528-110134_Twi…)

Kek @ immediately rushing cover up her lurking

No. 814205

At least we know she’s keeping up with it now kek. Hey shay!!

No. 814207

Lol every time she does this and we point out the Streisand Effect, she immediately deletes them

No. 814210

File: 1559066835051.jpg (281.67 KB, 1080x1267, Screenshot_20190528-110635_Twi…)

Show me who's reporting you, Shay. I love how she doesn't even entertain the idea that the apps are auto banning her, its always someone else's fault.

No. 814211

Why do you need to see our ugly faces? I don’t get it. What’s that have to do with anything?

>they want to see people die
Lmao. Wow. Keep being delusional Shay. Pop some more pills girl.

Even if I was miserable, I’d never be spreading my asshole open to people for retweets.

>I have no where to advertise!!!
Get on cam you fucking moron. ADVERTISE YOUR CONTENT ON CAM SHOWS.

No. 814213

File: 1559066981529.jpg (405.55 KB, 1080x2158, Screenshot_20190528-110935_Twi…)

She's already deleting tweets y'all lol

No. 814215

File: 1559067214287.jpg (269.68 KB, 1078x1273, Screenshot_20190528-111338_Twi…)

She's got to be fucking kidding.

No. 814223

>inb4 less than 50 people sign it

No. 814237

me : spends 10 minutes of my day of being a productive human being who participates in society to catch up on her antics
her : your life revolves around me
ok shayna

No. 814257

Brilliant. I just love how these cows cope by convincing themselves we're all ugly and have no lives. How we sit around spending our whole life on here or stalking them. Cant possibly attractive or successful people looking at this in our downtime because its genuinely entertaining to watch these trainwrecks. Girl needs a long hard look at herself. I mean is anyone here even reporting her. Surely its just her IP thats been flagged

No. 814264


Shay gossiping is human nature, and fun, it's not that deep lol

No. 814266

Psh Its not the first thing. More like just one of many sites i briefly check after work. On the other hand we have her waking up and planning what themed video shes going to dry fuck her rancid pussy in to sell for pennies to neckbeards
Or else just day drinking, begging and sucking fupas little chode.

No. 814270


Yep gossip has existed forever, before sites like this it was celeb magazines, gossipers are still the devil tho!!

That black and white thinking is worse than..I dunno, people who say all sex workers are degenerates…

No. 814287

Among all the milk, these threads are literally full of helpful advice (that she ignores) for her to improve herself and her so-called business yet she claims we want her to die? Ok edgelord

No. 814292

Shay just really likes the pity points she can get from people. Otherwise she would never mention the farms. Wonder how many people look it up after she spergs like that on twitter.

No. 814307

File: 1559070569539.jpg (636.66 KB, 1063x1655, Screenshot_20190528-120835_Twi…)

Can whoever this is STOP cow tipping for the love of God.

Also Shayna, you have no clout to chase, why do you think fupa stopped being part of your "brand"

No. 814308

File: 1559070610444.jpg (271.52 KB, 1080x994, Screenshot_20190528-120816_Twi…)


No. 814309

File: 1559070653455.jpg (307.77 KB, 1053x1197, Screenshot_20190528-120806_Twi…)


She's delusional, regardless of the rogue anon

No. 814311


Clout… from where?? lol

She's losing it today, is she sober?

No. 814312

Right! Why would you direct people here? First off, she doesn't even try to keep herself safe from some of her keep followers. With the things she's only posted on her Twitter's it's really easy to figure out where she lives. That's one of the first things you should do as a SW, is keep your living location, pictures of your surroundings, bars/restaurants, off of your social media. I've worked in collections and people are sooo blind to how easy it is to find someone by the pictures they post.

The few people who didn't know about her threads are probably reading thru them right now and it's all her fault.

No. 814313

File: 1559070929116.jpg (565.65 KB, 1080x1827, Screenshot_20190528-121442_Twi…)

I think she just discovered the insult "Clout chaser"

SHAYNA, reacting to their posts makes you look just as pathetic

No. 814317

File: 1559071059401.jpg (185.84 KB, 1075x663, Screenshot_20190528-121643_Twi…)

Say clout chasing one more time

No. 814321


Wasn't it mentioned that she started new antidepressants or meds lately? Cos that manic and uninhibited hostile talk can be the result of adjusting to meds that don't suit you

No. 814322

the funniest thing about this is that she's filmed a couple of times and now she has another reason to not "work".

whhahhhh people on twidder dont like me and my snapchat is gone pay me because im crying too hard to filmmmmmm

No. 814324

File: 1559071284801.gif (956.8 KB, 244x280, tenor.gif)

Clout chasing? What clout does Shay have that anybody would want to chase? A bunch of bots and weird female orbiters?

No. 814328

File: 1559071417555.jpg (461.74 KB, 1077x1649, Screenshot_20190528-122054_Twi…)

So much ranting today, that snapchat loss is making her…Snap

No. 814331

I think they’re antidepressants. She does seem manic as fuck.

SSRIs are bad news for people with bipolar disorder. Your doctor needs to rule out bipolar first, or else the SSRI will kick you hard into a manic episode.

No. 814335

File: 1559071725158.jpg (426.36 KB, 1080x1276, Screenshot_20190528-122816_Twi…)

Jesus christ, Shayna no one cares you had 50k, numbers don't mean shit.

No. 814340


Yeah I asked that cos I literally had flashbacks to a friend on new SSRIs years ago.. Lost all inhibitions and said all the shit you'd usually censor

No. 814343

you guys are saying this like she didn't already go on rampages like this every month for the last year

No. 814346


I feel like this one is extra, even for her

No. 814352

Lucky for Shay, she isn’t bipolar as far as we know, so she’s either drunk off her ass or just being her crackhead self as usual.

No. 814354

People who talk about wanting flakes to die usually get shut down for being the edgelords that they are, no one is actively making her life harder except herself by constantly violating the TOS of the services she tries to use. Get a grip Shay.

No. 814355

yeah uh she's literally just obsessed with social media and that's why she's freaking out

No. 814361

Nah, that outburst has been building up ever since her tumblr got deleted during the porn purge for the first time. Besides her budding alcoholism, she's clearly addicted to social media.

No. 814364

Being that just several days ago she posted on snap ~send me money and I'll adopt a dog~ I'd say she's still problematic to this day considering she begs for rent money every single month instead of working for it. There is a long list of problematic behavior from her. Apologies don't mean shit especially when you keep doing some of the same shit over and over again and contradict yourself as consistently as she does. Her losing her social media just means she can't BEG for money as easily and actually has to work and use ADULT WEBSITES to promote and sell her adult content.

No. 814372

lmao this mess is literally going after everyone who mentions her and now shes off to abuse her meds and delete it all. idiot really thinks its lolcows fault her ban evading ass continues to keep being banned.

No. 814377

File: 1559074009191.jpg (224.69 KB, 1080x2024, Screenshot_20190528-130621_Twi…)

Tweeting and deleting more saltiness, kek.

No. 814378

File: 1559074038973.jpg (293.9 KB, 1080x1211, Screenshot_20190528-130735_Twi…)

No. 814381

Hey Shay, here’s an idea - maybe buy a diary instead of ranting on your business twitter 24/7, and you won’t have any messes to delete.

No. 814382

As if that isnt even more reason not to be careful about your postings. Actual retard

No. 814435

Shay, no one hates you lol. No one is taking anymore than 2 minutes out of their day to read about you and no one thinks about you like you're relevant. It's just like reading a gossip mag about people you've only heard of

Cowtipper aside, imagine admitting that if someone messaged her privately to warn her about minors accessing her content, she'd immediately block them.
It's a crime Shayna, take some responsibility. So much for all those rants about keeping minors out if kink

No. 814440

I’m always surprised that she does have all these random girls talking about her she rubs everyone the wrong way

No. 814441

Pretty sure in the past on tumblr when people did direct message her about her behavior and stuff she did just block them.

No. 814443

a lot of them have prob seen her threads or are encouraged by cowtippers. makes her feel like she's even more relevant than she actually is.

No. 814464

She got the dog. Posted on snap.

No. 814465

File: 1559082107347.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, BE9CDEED-990E-46A4-984E-B81D13…)

Oh no she actually did it

No. 814467

At least sage if you’re not gonna post pics

No. 814468

ugh… shayna please take care of this dog

No. 814469

Well, to be fair (and not wking) her snap got deleted right after >>814094 asked for her snap. I really hope that anon didn't report her cause if they do it again they'll ruin the milk for us. That was her public snap which was around for a while and never got it banned

No. 814477

Is that fupa driving them?

No. 814478

That’s a big fucking puppy holy crap

No. 814485

yeah i think some anons found the adoption page and it's a german shepherd mix so who knows how big this thing will get

No. 814489

A lot of places do put German shepherd mix when they have no idea what it is but either way it's a big puppy and will get bigger. Was there an age on the adoption page?

No. 814492


the profile was removed from the site i found it on. I don't think it had an age though, i just remember seeing "puppy"

No. 814500

I get your point but snapchat usually take days to take action on reports (if they do at all)

No. 814503

File: 1559085709860.jpg (69.99 KB, 1300x866, shouting into phone.jpg)


No. 814507

File: 1559086606444.jpg (748.76 KB, 1080x1815, Screenshot_20190528-183638_Twi…)

Loling at that reply

No. 814511

So she abandoned her cat and immediately replaced him with a fucking dog…. what a piece of shit. I’m sure this one will be abandoned too as you know it’s gonna be shitting and pissing everywhere and tearing up all of her belongings.

No. 814512

Is there an archive of the old old shayna threads

Sage for slightly ot

No. 814513


theres literally a list in the op

No. 814515

Good luck noodle. I'm so sorry

No. 814516

Why the fuck would she get a dog while living in a studio apartment with no backyard? The patio doesn't count Shayna. She better get off her fucking ass and walk this poor thing at least once a day.

No. 814519

I mean, there are times shayna doesn’t even get up to piss. She’ll just go in the grass or on her carpet. Imagine how she’ll be trying to take care of a dog.

No. 814521

maybe they can go piss in the yard together

No. 814523

Some chick in her snap story

No. 814524

She said they spent $160 at PetsMart and wants someone to reimburse them

No. 814525

wow she is throwing quite the pity party. "No one has it as bad as I do! ONLY I SUFFER! no one else has bad things happen to them!"

the only one erasing timestamps is her. She says shit like "o I was edgy when I was younger & a teen". and everyone always corrects her, because not even 2 years ago (SPOILER ALERT she was TWENTY) she was calling people Hitler and talking about how she didn't have to apologize for anything.

she's about to flash the camera. she probably inadvertently flashed everyone at the shelter when she got the dog.

No. 814528

who is "them"? she says "we"? is she talking about her and the dog? or her and fupa?

No. 814529

Lol fupa just went on off on one on snap "I'm not with dolly!!!"

"I ran into her at hopjam, she was with someone else, that's all I've seen of her" lol nice try fupa. What about the pub meals?

I cba with recording, someone else will do it I'm sure, or just add him. Apparently people been asking him about the dog like it's his lol

No. 814530

She's with some girl who's face is not being shown. Fuck knows who it is.

No. 814531

Don't forget the matching nose piercings that appeared at the same time.

No. 814532

Really. Lol. Like she already had a cat that she obviously doesn't want to have back. Way to abandon your pet, Shay.

She keeps whining about losing twitter and other social media because she doesn't want to lose her begging sources. Otherwise she would actually have to do work by camming.

No. 814538

File: 1559090028442.png (184.55 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190528-203244.png)

she's going on cam to show off her dog and beg for money to take care of her

No. 814542

You are not allowed to show animals on cam on Mfc.

Imagine if she manages to get banned from an actual porn website too

No. 814544

You can show them in a non-sexualised environment. As in just chilling and your dog walks across the screen is fine

No. 814546

has he ever said anything else about having rib other than that video he posted of him petting her? ribmeat living with him is another huge clue that they're still dating or at the very least seeing each other

No. 814548

Yup he's saying he has rib but completely ignoring the fact it was Shay's cat, not mentioning that.

No. 814551

the rule is no "Bestiality, or animals/pets on camera in a sexual or provocative context." via their wiki page - https://wiki.myfreecams.com/wiki/Rules_for_Models

she can still show the dog on cam

No. 814554

Oh ok, I thought it was that to just avoid anything close to implied beastiality. Because just having an animal brings out the weirdos asking you to fuck it or something.

No. 814561

File: 1559090943836.jpg (593.63 KB, 2508x2508, PicsArt_05-28-05.47.15.jpg)

Noodle Mattel, the latest chapter in this riveting ride we call Shayna's life.

No. 814573

File: 1559091757225.jpg (431.7 KB, 1080x981, Screenshot_20190528-200231_Twi…)

How do we know it's for her and not your kink or porn Shay?

No. 814574

Whoever has Fupa's snapchat should post a screenshot of him saying he's not with Shay

No. 814575

I really hope she keeps this dog and takes care of it. It is really obnoxious that her cat lives so close and she's just given up on owning her tho

No. 814576

Definitely looks like a Shepard mix.

Being naked and masterbating/sucking on dildos/strip tease etc with your pet next to you on cam comes off as a little weird to me. Not that I think the animal will get involved it’s just….weird. If it’s avross the room or not visible on cam that’s one thing. But just having it there even as a “decoration” is weird.

No. 814577

Amazing. This girl doesn’t have a car (I mean of course we know Fupa drives her everywhere anyways), doesn’t have a consistent income, does nothing but sit in her apartment and smoke all day, yet she thinks she can handle a growing dog. Better hope that thing’s housebroken before you lose your place & deposit.

No. 814578

And catching him in the glare of her sunglasses

No. 814579

I would think her apartment would charge her a pet deposit and then possibly additional pet fee each month. Haven't heard of one that doesnt at least require the pet deposit/approval. But I also think that she just isn't going to tell the landlord and keep it a secret. Which means she'll be keeping it inside as much as possible. Sad.

No. 814582

Well he's claiming they just bumped into each other there. But I'm pretty certain he's only saying that cos he's seen the sunglasses expose so he's gotta make up something

No. 814584

this is exactly why most sw keep their private stuff separate from what they post publicly but shay can't seem to grasp that so she puts everything in one easily accessible place and then bitches that ppl are stalking her.

right, and she hasn't learned that it's HER getting her own twitter/snapchat deleted b/c it's easier to keep pointing the finger at phantom haters who obviously want to see her die.

No. 814599

File: 1559095338464.jpg (956.93 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190528_205824.jpg)

Shay is with some other girl, not fupa.

Also, I wish this fucking website would have a way to easily upload videos straight to here.

No. 814601

Does anyone have any idea who this girl is or is she totally random? I'm curious since Shay likes to blog about every single the going on in her life.
Also, god I feel bad for that poor puppy

No. 814611

I bet she's just some orbiter Shayna agreed to meet up with today only, since she wouldn't be able to take the dog home in an Uber, so she needed someone with a car. Maybe she offered to pay a rando $20 to drive her, or something. But knowing Shayna she is too paranoid and isolated to have real friends right now. just look at the shit she said on Twitter earlier. She can't trust anyone.

No. 814613

It’s so gross/weird that he calls her “dolly”

No. 814614

It's gonna chew on her dildos good fucking lord

No. 814616

Who knows. Maybe this will be a catalyst for her to grow up and learn to take care of another being. I know this is extremely wishful thinking because I don’t want to see this sweet dog neglected.

No. 814627

Lmao god I didn’t think about that. She herself has even said she just leaves dildos and other random shit lying around at all times.

No. 814628

She has zero idea how in over her head she is right now. You see people on Instagram with their cute puppy moments and it seems super easy and fun but the cameras stop rolling when they start being stubborn assholes lol. Shepherds have loooong puppy stages too so it could be upwards of a year after it starts teething til it’s actually a chill dog. Maybe she got lucky and it’s just relaxed, but if it just had surgery yesterday it’s likely still tired from anesthesia so it’s going to be hard for her to know it’s real personality for a bit.

No. 814638

File: 1559101387589.jpg (52.95 KB, 1920x618, sketch-1559101375189.jpg)

No. 814639

bitch better stop leaving packed bongs and shit around. she is going to poison that dog.

No. 814640

bitch better stop leaving packed bongs and shit around. she is going to poison that dog.

No. 814644

File: 1559103518381.jpg (188.29 KB, 1414x733, scammedlol.JPG)

Someone in her chat talking about getting scammed lmao

No. 814648

File: 1559103977023.jpg (19.3 KB, 397x81, 2000tokens.JPG)


No. 814652

She just asked someone to tip her to smoke a blunt. While her new puppy is sitting right next to her daybed. WOW.

No. 814653

i can't even read her fucking handwriting

No. 814656

File: 1559104946197.jpg (204.46 KB, 1408x718, angry.JPG)

Smoking with her dog in the room. AWESOME.

No. 814687

File: 1559115537122.jpg (445.06 KB, 2508x2034, PicsArt_05-29-12.35.36.jpg)

Oh no. Is this the start of begging for her dog too? lol.

No. 814700


Always pushing the limits with her begging, why would a horny guy want to shop for fucking dog toys..

Look after your own pet, you only have it ten mins and already expect other people to pay for it

No. 814715

The username Harley seems familiar. Isn't that her female fan who also does terrible porn from Tumblr?

No. 814723

Yeah that’s her.

No. 814725

File: 1559127859927.jpg (239.82 KB, 1080x956, 20190529_060032.jpg)

lmao i imagine going through thousands of fake bot followers would indeed be pretty tedious

No. 814742

She’s just dumb as fuck at this point it just seems she does all this dumbass shit so she can’t get dragged for it

No. 814750

File: 1559134497175.png (154.63 KB, 640x1086, IMG_6320.PNG)

I knew she would do it yet im still pissed off because can this cunt just stay to damaging herself and her life? WHY does she have to bring other beings into this mess when she doesnt have the resources let alone the fucking IQ to take care of one.

No. 814755

She must have some sort of alcohol induced psychosis

No. 814761


Not WK but that article is about tobacco smoke.

No. 814763

File: 1559139884593.jpg (144.13 KB, 1080x1675, sketch-1559139869708.jpg)

??? it's smoke. the dog isn't gonna say "oh weed smoke? I'm fine with that"

and here's a source to tell you it's toxic for them to inhale secondhand weed smoke.

No. 814764

Seriously anon weed smoke isn’t going to hurt a dog. Maybe if she’s rolling the tobacco in the blunt wrap could.

No. 814766

Weed can give dogs seizures. Yes it can harm them. Shayna just shouldn’t have a dog. Period.

No. 814768

You’re acting like she’s hotboxing with the dog or exhaling directly in its face. Can you people stop tinfoiling about animal abuse until you find some evidence. Lots of potheads have dogs. It’s not milk.

No. 814769

>Can you people stop tinfoiling about animal abuse until you find some evidence

see >>814763

No. 814775

I know someone's cat who recently just died due to cannabis intoxication. All it took was a friend smoking a blunt next to the cat. Don't be so ignorant, stoner-chan.
Also, it was a kitten. I suspect it can be worse for puppies as well

No. 814779

Why would you smoke close to an animal in the first place, if you don't do it close to someone that doesn't like it why would you do that to your pet? It's just nonsense.

No. 814781

I'd be more worried about the dog getting into and eating the weed, edibles, concentrates alcohol, goldfish, fast food, sex toys, etc that lay around everywhere than it being in a room where someone is smoking weed. I hope she'd at least open a window though.

No. 814782

I hope she isn’t leaving her weed stuff laying around, a coworker of mine recently took his dog out for a walk and it ate a joint on the side of the road and was at the vet for a couple of days because it was completely lethargic and had a slow heart rate. I feel so bad for noodle already

No. 814784

now I'm confident that this is just a pothead who doesn't want to stop smoking around their dog, trying desperately to delude themself (and us) into believing that exposing pets to toxic smoke is totally fine and dandy, because their dog hasn't gotten sick yet

Secondhand smoke is bad. Weed is toxic for dogs. Secondhand weed smoke is bad and toxic for dogs. Why is this so hard to understand.

No. 814785

Don’t have a dog and rarely smoke weed but go off. I guess the whole state of California and then some shouldn’t be allowed to own a pet.

No. 814787

File: 1559142282652.jpg (146.02 KB, 1080x1865, sketch-1559140994569.jpg)

I'm pretty sure her entire rent is $500 and she's begging for all of it

No. 814790

anon it's dangerous for animals that's the end of the story

No. 814792

Cannabis has become more toxic due to the increase in potency over the years and after the legalization of weed pet deaths (due to ingestion of weed) increased cause the potency is higher = more toxic for the pets. A dog especially a puppy surrounded by second hand smoke in a shack of a one room is gonna lead to complications in adulthood. Theyre not in a park, shes not in another room of the same home even. She has space to separate herself from her dog which is what most sane smokers do, which Shay is not.
Now its just a countdown to see when she begs for vet bills and ultimately has to rehome.

No. 814806

Or just smoke in another room or outside lol? Shayna doesn’t have the option of going in another room because all she has is a studio unless she wants to lock herself in the bathroom every time she wants to hit her bong (which is 24/7)

No. 814818


She lives in a one bedroom apartment. She just sleeps in the living room/main room and the bedroom is her "cam room" (lol).

She could easily step out onto the porch or smoke in her cam room.

No. 814830

File: 1559146525880.jpg (148.55 KB, 1080x661, Screenshot_20190529_121507.jpg)

Her #1 fan


No. 814831

yeah she definitely could…

No. 814832

Someone posted her snap a couple threads back of her apt and it looks like a studio with a closet and a bathroom

No. 814833

The whole idea of a “cam room” is proof she has no friends. Imagine inviting your friends to hang out and having to have them sit in your “bedroom” to hang out while you have weird dildos and cages in your other room so you can’t sleep in there for whatever reason. She’s so embarrassing and awkward

No. 814839

File: 1559146944247.jpg (965.97 KB, 1080x2244, Screenshot_20190529_121925_com…)

Jfc how do some of you function? Google search. Use it. Stop this retarded bickering.


No. 814840

File: 1559146973396.jpg (260.64 KB, 1080x991, Screenshot_20190529_122035.jpg)


No. 814842

I'm not sure if it's a studio or a one bedroom. The very first photos she took in the new place were in an empty room that had a big mirror (possibly sliding closet door) in one corner. I haven't seen that room again (I don't think) because if it was a studio, the other side of that room would have to be the kitchen, but we've seen the room with the kitchen and it has the patio door on the opposite wall. And the first pics she posted don't have a patio door. So it seems to be a separate room I think?? I'm generally confused by her apartment layout

anyway she has a private patio for weed smoking so she has no excuse

No. 814847

I’m not saying anyone is wrong that secondhand smoke is toxic for animals, of course it is. But at the same, I’m sure millions of cigarette/weed smokers own animals and the smoke doesn’t kill them. I think a lot of you like to jump to the worst conclusion because you assume Shay is incapable of being responsible for a dog, yet you don’t have any proof of that at this point. This whole thread is just making fun of a person for something a random anonymous person thinks MAYBE she might do. If you guys hate her so much, why don’t you confront her on your ig or Twitter with your names attached to it?

No. 814853

>you assume Shay is incapable of being responsible for a dog, yet you don’t have any proof of that at this point

bruh have you read these threads, or seen the way Shayna lives? she doesn't have a car, she doesn't have a yard, she dumped her cat on the first person she lived with after rescuing her, she doesn't have enough money to pay rent in two days and is begging for it on Twitter, she's got serious substance abuse issues, she has a public meltdown every other week about things within her control to change and prevent… none of these things point to her being a good dog owner

No. 814860

File: 1559148539113.jpg (112.36 KB, 400x483, thank-you-e1519915250398.jpg)

No. 814867

She abandoned her fucking cat? A cat is one of the lowest maintenance pets you can have? It’ll be just a couple days until she realizes she bit off more than she can chew with a dog…

No. 814880

yeah cats are mostly happy to do their own thing, you can even leave them alone overnight occasionally and they're chill.
a puppy requires almost as much attention as a toddler. you have to train it, give it attention, have them do exercise, play with them, talk to them, you can't leave them alone for more than a few hours, etc…
if you think shay is able to care for a puppy you are delusional

No. 814883

Guys, ok or not she is going to be smoking weed with her dog in the room. It’s SHAY ffs. Can we please just move on from that or else it’s gonna become the only thing ever talked about on this thread? We can debate the effects of second hand smoke all day. Let’s move oooooonnnn for now

Btw I 100% agree she shouldn’t have a puppy

No. 814887

File: 1559150643542.png (Spoiler Image, 940.81 KB, 750x1334, 52BFB6AF-F6DD-4D43-9352-43D6A5…)

Lmao @ the excuses and Shay trying to get in on the cash app scam

No. 814892

I have never heard her complain of allergies until super recently. I feel like she's setting herself up nicely for an excuse to give the dog away when she no longer wants it(more dog derailing)

No. 814897

Can we please shut the fuck up about the dog for 5 minutes.

No. 814904

When I was younger, my friends and I smoked a blunt near her dog and her dog totally freaked out. I felt so horrible about it but I had no idea that it could've hurt her back then since I was a dumb kid. Point is, there's so much wrong with getting high near your animal. Marijuana can kill a dog, or a cat. You idiots who don't think that is is possible should do a little research on google to see all of the evidence stating otherwise.(no1curr)

No. 814906

File: 1559152224218.jpg (526.92 KB, 1079x1730, Screenshot_20190529-124858_Twi…)

Twitter sperg going on now (1/3)

No. 814907

File: 1559152293229.jpg (559.18 KB, 1079x1748, Screenshot_20190529-124950_Twi…)


No. 814911

File: 1559152351582.jpg (210.7 KB, 1076x538, Screenshot_20190529-125001_Twi…)

(3/3) keep on whining shay

No. 814912

So she's taking the day off and doing a "poor me" sperg for rent money. Classic.

No. 814913

Anon, you can develop allergies at any point in your life. Not that deep.

No. 814917

maybe you shouldn't have gotten a puppy then. also still trying to figure out how she thinks retweets will help her in any way when most of her followers are bots.

you're on here posting anonymously too, so unless you're gonna post your name/face, there's no point suggesting anons talk to shay on social media. that's also cowtipping.

maybe if you actually stuck to the cam schedules you made, ppl would know where to find you.

No. 814921

She's gonna lose any support she has when she keeps lashing out at the people she has left. she has nobody to blame but herself, and this kind of tantrum makes people feel less sorry for her. not that there is any legit reason to feel bad for her in the first place.

No. 814922

File: 1559153521605.jpg (591.86 KB, 1080x1657, Screenshot_20190529-111159_Twi…)

More sperg.

No. 814927

File: 1559153947785.jpg (245.27 KB, 1071x797, Screenshot_20190529-111913_Twi…)

Shayna, just put your phone down, you're an adult.

No. 814931

>>814911 jfc why doesnt she make a pornhub profile, a fancentro profile, sharesome, idk any of the adult sites where naked kind content would be okay to post and sell. Instead she just keeps making 500 twitters and snapchats.

No. 814933

hey, shayna, ur dumb behaviour is current, not past. cool it on the publically documented word vomit and slap ur dried up rashy slash some more and maybe youll at least be an idiot with money.

No. 814937

no one cares about any of this omggg people just don't like you at this point lmao she HAS to be the victim no one has suffered more than her! she lost her twitter accounts!!!

No. 814941

“I gave up everything for this job”

No, you fucking haven’t, and you’ve sat around shitting on other sex workers who have given up everything. People who have continued doing sex work regardless of being homeless, poor, no family, etc. Shayna, you don’t know what sacrifice is at all. Stfu.

No. 814949

“There’s other people who are worse, go after them!”

She will literally do anything to not take responsibility for her actions. She will do anything to make it SEEM like she’s changed, when she still does and says the same shit and acts like it’s okay because she’s a dumb baby.

This is why people are upset with you shayna. You constantly try and shift the blame, and after you “apologize” you go right back to saying it’s not your fault, so your apology meant shit. GROW UP.

No. 814958

File: 1559156386029.png (939.71 KB, 750x1334, 81724AE7-C705-4917-A87C-5EC917…)

Came across this on Twitter this morning yikes(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 814961

Can we PLEASE stop cow tipping with Twitter accounts. This one is interacting with that "bornaunicorn" one to make matters worse.

No. 814969

>teehee just came across this, totally not me
stop that.

No. 814985

she's got brain rot. shayna, stop acting like people are blaming you for "past mistakes." you scam people and lie all the fucking time. you're a lying bitch NOW just like you were before.

also your pedo shit is abhorrent so the more i don't have to see another one of your ilk breathing my internet-air the better lol, go to pornhub or something and stop being such a crybaby over blatant ToS violations, you braindead weirdo.

No. 815018

File: 1559164671339.jpeg (830.74 KB, 1242x1520, 6E36690F-9D0C-41AD-AFA0-8553A8…)

God I can just see someone slowly zooming in on her face while “hello darkness my old friend” plays in the background. Was this really the best shot or were you just too lazy to keep sucking in to fit in that dress and take more pics?

No. 815021

File: 1559164820861.jpeg (598.8 KB, 1233x887, FDF114B3-F264-4294-B1BC-58E2A7…)

serving up furby realness

No. 815027

I dont know an easy way to upload videos here so sage but she mentioned getting rib back on snap. Can a snap anon who knows how post a recording for the other lurkers plz

No. 815031

Streamable works

No. 815045

File: 1559166878647.png (93.31 KB, 500x399, reven-had-sex-for-a-double-che…)

Shayna, you don't want to be a sex worker. You're just craving the attention you had on your stoner tumblr 6 years ago. Everyone grew out of it and now the only way to pretend that you're relevant is to buy fake followers and show your asshole. If you actually cared about SW you would be updating and showing up on mfc abd mv. Don't kid yourself.

No. 815048

Make an anonymous Dropbox account. Streamable will delete if there’s nudity

No. 815080

File: 1559168967025.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 733.56 KB, 1242x1220, 8DDA4E19-2F40-4FDA-A065-6FED37…)

bitch tryna say she has a bubble butt. I wanna see some black girl smack her and her hank hill ass down.

No. 815090

Is she just posting old pictures to try and get followers?

No. 815095

Yes. She’s trying to see if someone will recognize her. It’s also so she has more content to RT.

No. 815116

File: 1559171248516.jpg (Spoiler Image, 137.91 KB, 683x1265, 1520132008420.jpg)

remember when she only started taking baths/showers just to take pictures? kek (old picture from an old thread)

No. 815124

“Okay I took the pics time to get out”

Or remember when she constantly posted about falling asleep in the shower at Fupa’s to get people to believe she showered lmao

No. 815149

Dog nearly eaten weed already cos she too busy pissing about filming snaps

No. 815151

Not to be that person… but she is going to kill this dog.
Please Shay take it back to the shelter tomorrow.

No. 815157

No. 815161

On her snapchat

No. 815162

She said on snap that if people ask about Rib, they're getting blocked. And that she will be back in her life soon

No. 815167

>she said on her snap
stuff is getting old lol either cap it or don't mention it, i don't get what's so hard about understanding this is an imageboard(minimodding)

No. 815168

Cos we can't be bothered downloading some filming app, then uploading it a website and then posting it here. Well I certainly can't. If it was a private snap sure but you can just add her, who cares

No. 815171

okay well nobody cares about your "she said blah blah blah" is my point lol yall could just be making stuff up at this rate unless you want to back it up. otherwise, yes, i do have the ability to look at it if i want so i don't need some half-assed recap here for no reason.

No. 815174

why'd you even pay for it then

No. 815178


i'm assuming they're on a public snap. y'all need to stop with the constant infighting and tinfoiling. this thread is more of a dumpster fire than Shay is herself.

No. 815186

add her yourself and stop shitting up the thread with your whinging. not everyone wants to risk getting banned because you're too lazy to make an account to watch her story

No. 815187

i see them already. i'm not capping them either but i'm also not running here to post every time she does something on snap lol. the salt is strong when board culture comes into play i see.

No. 815189

Sounds like you just really like shayna tbh

Probably wanking to her rashy pussy and doesn’t want to admit it

No. 815198

Haven't seen her post anything about the dog eating weed

No. 815199

that's not the problem lol coming n saying "shayna said this" is dumb like just don't say anything if its not capped, that's fine

No. 815212

Let's stop shitting on eachother so we can see shit on shaynas fuck ups together thank you

No. 815213

Her almost letting the dog eat weed, though it doesn't look believable. https://streamable.com/g0tau

Her talking about Ribmeat https://streamable.com/yq8rc

No. 815214

Thank you anon, you the real MVP

No. 815215

File: 1559179379782.jpeg (1.62 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_3788.jpeg)

tired of the bickering so i finally added her snap lol. hopefully i did this right this is my first time uploading on dropbox, so let me know if it works or not


bonus pic from snap: her opening a bunch of packages with a giant kitchen knife

No. 815217

has dog one day, still leaves weed out and dog almost eats it. just…wow. one day.

No. 815218

>paid for a skype show by amazon WL gifts
>abruptly hung up
Bitch, he got off and realized you were dumb enough that he didn't have to pay you because Amazon doesn't charge your card for items until they ship. Seriously, you could have at least gotten an instant Amazon giftcard.
No wonder she's dumb enough to tip all her earnings on Shay.

I'm sure being banned multiple times for TOS and bot buying has nothing to do with it. It baffles me how she's completely incapable of ever seeing herself as a problem. She's blamed other sex workers, trolls, ex-clients, Twitter itself.. next she'll blame hackers in her phone.

No. 815225

Also here's the rant she had about mental illness when someone commented on her pill case the other day. https://streamable.com/6l4lq

No. 815226

That whole rant is a mess

No. 815227

"oh yikes" some of that advice she should take herself. kek

No. 815233


>bitch I am mentally ill

Actually, your mental health could be vastly improved by your diet, lessening the amount of alcohol and weed you put in your body, go out for walks/exercise, calming down on your social media addiction and be a productive human being

You’re not mentally ill. Its just a convenient excuse for your piss poor behavior. But at least you’re taking pills “in style”.

No. 815235

"A waste of time and energy that could be used on something else" wow she told her life in a nutshell

No. 815236

Those faces she makes in that rant omfg(sage)

No. 815240

She just looks so much like a grandma from so many angles. Is it the eyebrows? The way she scrunches up her eyes? Sometimes it freaks me right out.

No. 815255

File: 1559185905673.jpg (353.32 KB, 1080x1022, Screenshot_20190529-220831_Chr…)

Being so bad at money management that you have to sell your phone number for $200 to whatever weirdo that pays.

Is she still going to her parents house now that she has a dog? haven't heard anything since then about it.

No. 815258

"I don't need people to take me seriously, I'm mentally ill! I'm nuts!"
jeez shay real cute to bitch about the stigma against mentally ill people all while reinforcing it by saying you shouldn't be taken seriously because you're mentally ill. She really has killed her brain with all the alcohol and weed

No. 815261

How does she even have supporters after that rant? The most unappealing

No. 815264

The amount of times she say “I’m the mentally ill”. Jesus Shayna 2009 called, being mental bitch isnt cute anymore. I bet Fupapa and her call themselves Joker and Harley kek

No. 815272

If she can't take care of a cat then there's no fucking way that she can take care of a dog. There's going to be shit and piss all over the apartment within a month. Lord help her neighbors if it's a barker.
>It is really obnoxious that her cat lives so close and she's just given up on owning her tho
It's for the better. For whatever Fupa may be, he's infinitely more qualified to take care of a cat than Shay.
She's probably seen people get a pass for the crazy shit they do/say by claiming mental illness. It still seems to work

No. 815320


she's blocking anyone who cares about her well-being or her life. people who don't won't interact with her. how does she have any clients whatsoever… i guess they're all camgirls as well and give her money out of solidarity


soo we shouldn't take anything you say seriously and should basically treat you like a child? ok deal, your words not ours. then we can give advice, you gotta take care of your cat again, it's yours, move back with your parents, everything they're saying to you is right, and you're acting immature. for shame, shayna

imagine being her client and seeing this. does that make you want to spend any money on her?

No. 815323

File: 1559201183027.jpg (25.29 KB, 528x960, 59789412_10218464682878121_335…)


wew laddy

No. 815339

Stop derailing about the damn dog. Last warning.

No. 815346

fukn thank you based admin

No. 815408

How is it derailing when she literally just got the dog and the only other things shes doing right now are ebegging and whining on twitter. Is it just about whether or not weed is bad for the dog or is more than 3 consecutive posts about the dog she just got and is already being irresponsible with still "derailing" and "shitting uo the thread"

No. 815413

Shay’s thread is widely hated by mods and admins, just keep your head down and go by their rules

No. 815423


This was eerily similar to a rant I saw some bipolar youtuber having right before she was sectioned

And she's so jerky and twitchy in it.. girl your weed and pills are not working for ya

No. 815425

Shayna you have depression, like 90% of Americans. You do not understand mental illness nor the stigma that goes along with it. It’s clear by you making sure everyone knows how mentally ill you think you are, because you blow everything out of proportion for attention. Stfu and sit down.

No. 815442

I died laughing at this. The only reason why anyone knows anything about her life is because she is a social media addict who needs to put all of her business out there. Especially if she is feeling miserable.

I can't help but wonder if she is being honest about her pills. The only pills she has mentioned are her "Anti-anxiety" meds. So I guess the bumfuck doc just prescribed her a benzo and that's it? Something seems off about that whole thing. I

No. 815445

File: 1559227337068.jpg (5.51 MB, 4032x3024, 20190530_074133.jpg)

She's on cam quite literally shoving her dog out of the frame.

No. 815448

Tbh she probably just wants to be considered another spoonie/disabled sex worker so she can have excuses why she doesn’t work and people won’t question her. Bet.

No. 815449

The fact that this video loops and you can hear her say at the end ‘I don’t go after anyone I unfollow! I block ppl instead of being negative! But the beginning of the video she’s literally ranting about someone calling her out. Whew.

No. 815450

that's so sad, the dog clearly wants attention and she just doesn't care

No. 815451

File: 1559228059013.png (360.67 KB, 441x407, Screenshot_55.png)

samefag; she is so tired of the dog already and keep pushing her away and tell her to go to bed

No. 815453

File: 1559228182056.jpg (3.18 MB, 4032x3024, 20190530_075244.jpg)

More excellent dog ownership. She's already bitching about how she was calmer at the shelter.

No. 815455

She's just huffing saying "go to bed" over and over.

For fucks sake, this is a puppy and it's MORNING. she needs a walk, dumbass

No. 815456

The dog is in a new environment and needs to adjust, of course they are gonna be a bit jumpy the first few days or so.

Shay has no idea what she has got herself into, dogs aren't cute accessories. They require more work than she currently even puts into herself.

How long til she dumps the dog with Fupa or an orbitor.

No. 815457

ugh you awful bitch just take the dog back so someone who actually wants her and knows the basics of animal care can have her

No. 815458

File: 1559228513001.png (724.82 KB, 621x587, Screenshot_56.png)

She is typing on her phone and singing, while asking for tips and that it's illegal that no one did it until now. Her hair looks like shit and super dry

No. 815461

File: 1559228659419.png (572.89 KB, 508x624, Screenshot_57.png)

pushing the dog away and telling it to "stop" over and over when the dog is just laying on her lap

No. 815462

Shay… Did you really think she'd just sit back there and not need attention or playtime?

At least get a pen for her when you're camming so you aren't constantly shoving the poor thing.

No. 815463

She is saying that she isn't going to retweet,follow people that she used to follow or put her name in her twitter, because she thinks it's how she got caught again by twitter

No. 815464

I never watch her snap rants, and wew. She looks rough even with the filter, and she's primo mad. This is just her trying to defend her shitty life choices with "I'm mentally ill! I am the most mentally ill!"

No. 815466

File: 1559229282182.png (19.27 KB, 591x26, Screenshot_58.png)

someone said this in her chat, and she responded "jesus, but at least when i started i was doing well, and unfortunately i didn't categorize myself as pricey when i should have"

No. 815467

File: 1559229552122.jpg (4.68 MB, 4032x3024, 20190530_081903.jpg)

This is making me so sad for this puppy

No. 815470

File: 1559230010878.gif (11.9 MB, 586x640, SmartSelect_20190530-102429_Ch…)

She is the most boring cam girl I've ever seen. And I guess her circle pay was on hold or something? Will call in a bit from Snapchat.

No. 815471

no wonder she barely makes any money. she looks so fucking frumpy. any time of day you can go on mfc and find a really hot woman to give your money to, you wouldn't pick this crusty looking person. she puts no effort in anymore.

No. 815473

Sitting there, bored and slapping her thighs
Why would anyone tip her? I don't understand that after 3/4 years she hasn't learned how to be alluring or entertaining…

No. 815477

File: 1559230640983.jpeg (869.71 KB, 1125x1409, 42946FBC-8B4B-4250-A562-152AD2…)

this guy in chat lmao left during her poor BJ attempt and came back for this lol

No. 815479

she is talking about some problems in her bathroom,hair in the dildo and sucking the dildo anyway

No. 815480

Thank you for capturing this harrowing video. I can't believe that's the noise she makes

No. 815481

File: 1559231143270.jpg (616.04 KB, 1080x1408, Screenshot_20190530-084533_Chr…)

Kek, her fans even know about the boards

No. 815493

Her dog is more exciting, kek

No. 815518

duh, she refers to us on twitter all the time

No. 815520

… is she retarded? obviously the dog is gonna run up to her if she’s patting her legs… that’s asking a dog to come over

No. 815522

>I'm mentally ill, I don't need to be taken seriously!!
>It's ok that I'm an alcoholic because I'm DEPRESSED!

W h e w lad. Even with the filter she has that wild, glassy look in her eyes, she comes across genuinely unstable.

No. 815529

File: 1559237915891.jpg (128.15 KB, 1080x433, Screenshot_20190530-123845_Twi…)

Bye bye snap

No. 815531

Prep for the next sperg lol

No. 815532

How sad do you have to be to lose your mind over social media? Anyone else at this point would’ve gotten the hint that MAYBE they’re not cut out for “sex works”, but not Shayna. She has to prove her parents wrong and become the successful camgirl of her dreams. Girl, we know you read here, even if you’re not violating the TOS you can still get kicked for ban evading.

No. 815534

File: 1559238659767.jpg (855.57 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190530_125028.jpg)

This is what she was posting this morning. Might have been this.

No. 815535

>remaking a snapchat account after being banned is a violation of terms of service


No. 815539

File: 1559238962457.jpg (482.57 KB, 809x1922, Screenshot_20190530-125512_Chr…)

More from Twitter.

No. 815542

>my career is a joke, its over.

NOW you're getting it!

No. 815544

Give the dog back, move back home, go to school or get a civilian job
She's only 21 and she's acting like her life is over bc she can't e-beg and choke on dildos for a living anymore

No. 815546

Yeah her snap was sfw until she baked that cake n posted her rubbing her gross vag. She fucked it up and still can’t admit it was her own fault.

No. 815561

Poor Shay, just how will she cope without the shitty Snapchat filters? She'll never post a picture again

No. 815564

File: 1559240811703.png (16.65 KB, 582x151, genius.png)

Shay, since you lurk: buying an iPod will NOT help you ban evade, it'll just get deleted again. Don't waste someone else's money.

No. 815572


Where is Fupa - hell, any one of her neckbeard followers - to explain to her how IP bans and VPNs work?!

No. 815573

File: 1559242319819.jpg (186.58 KB, 1080x1208, Screenshot_20190530-195015_Twi…)


Yes blame everyone else, not yourself.

No. 815586


Bitch sounds like she's ready to go inpatient soon lol

No. 815587

lmao shay named both her pets after food bc that’s all she cares about

No. 815593

The day shayna finally gives up will be a damn interesting day for us all. Honestly anon impatient might be a good thing for her. She needs a serious long term social media break. That is the biggest thing deteriorating her mental health.

No. 815596

>Shay this won't help you ban evade
>Shay just use a vpn
>Shay you keep getting deleted because you're ban evading
>Shay you are breaking these exact rules
>Shay if you would just use adult websites this wouldn't happen


No. 815597

I couldn't figure out the other methods, but I have this little gem. This was from a few days ago when her twitter was deleted.

No. 815598

I second this. Maybe a stay in a facility would actually help her though. She needs a reality check and some fucking coping skills

No. 815601

>i didn't even violate the terms of service
So she's aware that she does violate the terms of service of other sites, huh?

No. 815602

the best thing shay could ever do is to just give up, move back home and get a normal job. obviously sw deteriorates her mental health and she needs to just give it up, nuke her online presence and go to college or something.

No. 815607

File: 1559244615917.jpeg (776.34 KB, 1242x1423, 88EC76F0-80CF-41ED-A7FD-A8E0C7…)

Someone even directly explained to her what happened, and she’s STILL blaming everyone else. Grow up shayna.

No. 815615

she needs a whole new device/router phone # etc

No. 815622

yes! give up! return the dog, fly home, and stay off social media while you get some intensive professional help!

also "everything I've ever worked for" what? what do you have? what is being taken from you? a Snapchat account? bitch, you didn't work for a Snapchat account. they're free for anyone to make.

No. 815625

Even this would be a short term solution because she’ll get banned again for evading. The only thing she really can do to sustain the lifestyle she craves is to get a real job, probably a shitty one that won’t bother to google her.

No. 815629

is she… retarded? like, genuinely? she's going to get banned anyway. there's an entire crusade of sex workers that hate her guts and probably actively report all of her accounts.

new devices aren't going to solve your problems, shayna. pack it up and go home. it's over.

No. 815635

I mean I hope she just means giving up making new accounts and sex work and not anything stupid.

Shay you need to look at this situation and see how mental it is to be this bothered by deleted social media. This is not your life , it doesn't have to be. You either stay on sex work websites or you go get a different job.

Begging people for money where they get nothing in return is not a job

No. 815652

Blessed anon (or anons?), actually posting milk correctly! Following the rules! The hearsay bullshit needed to stop, saying stuff happened on snap is useless and a waste of time without receipts/proof. This is an imageboard, it's not "spoonfeeding" to simply follow the rules and board culture lmao the newfags are wild. Thank you again, anons! MVPs!

Shayna, you are still young. Go home. Try to go back to school or at the very least pick up a trade! Get a stable job and stay away from social media until you are a healthy functioning adult. And fucking hell, go to therapy. My god, she doesn't get that sex work is not her destiny in life. The universe is basically begging you to quit, girl. You want your mental health to get better? Really, truly? This is it.

No. 815653

Shay since we know you lurk here, make a fancentro, pornhub account, throw up some old clips on some other free clip sites to bring traction to your paid content, hell even make a reddit account and your own subreddit, and branch out to sell clips on other sites that aren’t onlyfans and manyvids, and actually cam more than 1-2 times a week. Maybe while you’re at it ease back from the e-begging so much ? That’s easily the main TOS she’s getting banned for (bartering money for nudes). It’s not rocket science, don’t put all your eggs in one basket

No. 815656

she isn't gonna do any of this. i honestly think she wishes she had someone to just pay for everything for her. she has no drive to accomplish anything, she can't even make her own food.

No. 815659

If she wants that she picked the wrong career path and should just make a seeking arrangement account tbh, I’m sure somebody there would be dumb enough to fall for it

No. 815661


her name is attached to all her sex work, and these threads. She's going to have a horrible time trying to find a job.

No. 815662

Fuck off with your mini modding. You’re not contributing shit, you have no place to shit on other anons for trying.

No. 815664

Agree. If she literally just wants to stay home and talk to her orbiters while smoking pot she should have milked fupa for everything he had. She could have kept the house neat, made dinner, pretended to enjoy sex with him, and he probably would have let her mooch off him.

But we saw in fupa's snaps how messy the room/loft she was using as her work space was, hell, her apartment in the Snapchats we've shared show how messy she lives.

No. 815667


Shay, please listen to me okay.

Stop drinking every day, it's bad for your health and won't fix your depression. Cut down on the weed. Sign up to pornhub and start using that. That has a twitter-like feed there for you to talk about life and sex.

No. 815669

Wow you can already see how done she is with this new pup. Like girl what'd you expect? She's a puppy and you were patting your thighs. Really sad for the pup, Shay's gonna neglect and yell at her for just being a puppy

No. 815695

Poor doggy that breaks my heart

No. 815697

literally trying to sell her vids for a dollar or less, this is why she's not successful but she'd rather have weed in the moment, what an idiot.

she put up a new one titled 'intimate cumshow' and being dry as fuck as usual: www.manyvids.com/Video/1229081/intimate-cumshow/

No. 815706

she added that one a few days ago

No. 815711

Obviously most places won’t hire her if they google her name. If she just changed her name through deed poll, would that solve the issue?

No. 815716


>deed poll

Not a thing in the US. Change of legal name outside of marriage is through civil court.

Only job applications utilizing background / criminal checks can require the applicant submit all aliases.

No. 815718

idk about oklahoma, but here in massachusetts it's fairly difficult to change your name, you need to go to court and all the records of the name change are public unless you have a viable legal reason for them not to be, and you have to declare your name change in a local newspaper so people know you have a new name (it's absolutely retarded). and on every job application, I've ever done, they require you to give ALL names you've ever gone by, even if you've changed your name or gotten married.

No. 815721

She finally took our advice and made a pornhub.


No. 815723

which is like everywhere unless she's working for some kind of illegitimate company

No. 815728

Anyone have this vid? Link doesn’t work.

No. 815730

A 17 second video though? Cmon Shay that's not gonna entice anyone.

No. 815732

I mean…at least give her some time to put content on there. Jesus.

No. 815734

File: 1559262409036.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 726.99 KB, 1242x1299, 9AA5C0F6-2C6A-4981-A4FB-39C56B…)

This is the first thing that pops up when you search her name on pornhub. The screenshot they used, I’m fucking dying.

No. 815735


Here’s the link. It’s cringey how visibly uncomfortable she is on camera. Really cringey.

No. 815737

File: 1559263018702.jpg (34.83 KB, 1080x246, Screenshot_20190530-193659_Sam…)

The only comment on that video

No. 815740

This is just awful. The pans Labyrinth hands with those rancid nails, her vagina looks so inflamed and spots all over her pubis and ass and then the overly fake moaning shit.

Also she always goes on about being so tight but that's a decent sized hole to say she had not even penetrated herself yet.

No. 815741

She's literally scraping her clit and the entrance of her vag with her nails..

No. 815742

File: 1559263740650.png (Spoiler Image, 234.34 KB, 1062x510, thriving.png)

Looks like two separate uploads? Guess she didn't like how well the first one went over.

No. 815743

you think she would be smart enough to delete the first upload before uploading it again.

No. 815746

File: 1559264163541.png (Spoiler Image, 362.89 KB, 645x490, Screenshot 2019-05-30 at 7.55.…)

nightmare fuel

No. 815747

She's deleted all of the tweets from her latest rant

No. 815748


I just like that she double posted like an imbecile kek.

No. 815750

File: 1559264482146.png (58.95 KB, 1192x320, Screenshot 2019-05-30.png)

Comments on her video. Calling it now, she's gonna cry on twitter that farmers are downvoting all her pornhub content when really it's just normal people being disgusted by her. Does PH allow you to delete/disable comments and ratings?

I wouldn't think that at all, anon.

No. 815752

this is what you see on the corner of your room during sleep paralysis

No. 815753

YEESS! The people coming here like “she did/said so and so on snap” are fuckin useless. JUST DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL WITH NO PROOF!!! How hard is that to understand, you fucking retards? Nobody here cares or wants to see it without screenshoots/videos to back it up. There’s so many of you lately, literally just shut the fuck up coz you’re pissing everyone off.

No. 815754

my vagina slammed shut in horror

No. 815758

Eh just let them do it I guess. I got a ban for minimodding when I mentioned it before. Better to just ignore them I suppose.

No. 815760

why is it so red? it’s seriously almost purple. I’ve looked at other vids from them, so it’s not the lighting or anything, it’s her vagina. It looks like it hurts it’s so red. And then she’s just…using her nail to scrape at her vaginal entrance? Why? People don’t masturbate like that I’m so confused.

she also sounds and looks extremely uncomfortable. she should have said she was nervous and let herself calm down before shooting at least, geez.

No. 815761

omg someone should edit this with a crown of trash on her head and a speech bubble saying “I AM MENTALLY ILL BITCH”

No. 815767

File: 1559266819640.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 473.8 KB, 1784x1692, 88714078-552F-4FF9-9787-409903…)

Couldn’t find a crown of trash but I did find a crown of beer

r>>815766 < sorry that was a mistake.

No. 815769

Cover her pussy with something and it’s the new thread photo, lmao

No. 815772

You are making a mountain out of a molehill, you cannot see “she is already so done with the dog”, it runs in frame and she barely changes her expression. Also admin has come in here already to say to stop derailing about the dog.

No. 815773


cover her pussy with this face


No. 815776

cover it with that stupid pic of fupa smiling, it makes me laugh every fucking time

No. 815777

I just spat out my water. Thank you.

No. 815786

File: 1559271815410.jpeg (509.06 KB, 1800x1616, 050890CA-85C2-401D-AB6F-149DDD…)

Lil fupa nipple

No. 815789

how has this actual retard not learned how VPNs work

No. 815793

File: 1559273014956.png (11.71 KB, 758x111, are we just.PNG)

are we gonna talk about the videos name or nah cuz im dying
perfect. beer crown, fupa nip and all.

No. 815814


Lmao, anon, I can literally smell the funk through my phone.

No. 815815

lmao this is such a cursed image

No. 815818


this is literally my new favorite picture from these threads. if its not the new thread pic im gonna riot. omfg.

No. 815824


Wow… what is she on in this? The beginning is super awkward. And that lip bite and smile thing she does in every vid is really horrible. Pussy and ass look gnarly as usual too.
I dont watch a lot of porn, but this is really the worst Ive seen. I can't imagine anyone actually fapping to that besides someone with a long/fake nails/talons fetish tbh because thats what it is really. And still a gross one at that. Once she started putting her finger/claw in her mouth, I had to stop. It was so bad. Bad bad.
And the name of it… who titles the vids? Because whoever did also thinks shes a joke lmao.

No. 815857

No. 815859

I don't know why she insists on calling it a fat pussy

I'm actually a bit confused, that xvideo looks like it's posted under the channel for amkingdom, which is the video she posted too? who really did come up with this name?

No. 815862

File: 1559288800521.gif (1.87 MB, 226x146, ezgif-1-a3f62a83bd3c.gif)

No. 815870


ilu anon. Banner time!

No. 815871

Someone needs to compile this gif with the other two gifs that eventually made it to the banners thread in /meta.

She is the worst at her job. I mean….just the worst. Having sex with her is probably jarring.

No. 815879

File: 1559292605035.png (810.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190531-044404.png)

classic Shay combining addictions. also I'm assuming she's not at the 'going out to drink alone' stage yet and that she was with fupa, did anyone see the stream?

No. 815891

Anon Klok beer is drank by homeless people who buy the half litre cans, this crown is perfect for shay lmao

No. 815892

File: 1559296383909.png (Spoiler Image, 56.21 KB, 506x315, kek.png)

those ratings…

No. 815895

Cmon people, stop interfering with the cows. These videos haven't been up long enough for these ratings to be organic. You're all just feeding her victim image, let her crash by herself.

No. 815896

yeah, this is starting to get retarded and honestly somewhat cruel. just let her flop around on her own.

No. 815927

File: 1559310035637.jpg (37.34 KB, 1080x200, Screenshot_20190531-083705_Sam…)

The comment

No. 815933

It wasn’t taken down anon…

No. 815934

Comment Posted 6 hours ago. Stop fucking tipping anons. You are so god damn annoying.

No. 815937

Stop cow tipping guys, we have so little milk source left

No. 815938

Not even trying to WK, but I agree with all the anons that are saying fucking with her ratings and leaving comments are pathetic. If anything it almost confirms most of the autists itt are vendetta camwhores.

No. 815948

"for now"

No. 815950

Was gonna say. Report and move on. I really want to see how it goes without annoying anons interfering. Remember that porn blog(I think?) she was on? Pretty sure those were organic dislikes and negative comments. She can fail on her own. I'm excited to see what actual people who aren't bots on her twitter or vendetta camgirls have to say about her.

No. 815954

Do you mean the AMKingdom porn blog? If so, those were definitely not organic likes and dislikes.

And some dudes have left comments that are positive >>815750 and that is all they will do. Very few men seem to be grossed out by Shay. It's interesting, actually.

No. 815955

>There’s so many of you lately, literally just shut the fuck up coz you’re pissing everyone off.

Speak for yourself. You guys that sperg out screaming about screenshots are infinitely more annoying.

Shayna, perhaps stop immediately leading the people that are actually reporting you directly to your new accounts. You could easily say, "I still have insta. Message me for the name," and ~the evil trolls wouldn't bother you.

No. 815960

basically this is just the annoying bitch thread

No. 815961

No wonder farmhands hate this thread when it’s autism central. I wish we could purge all the camwhores shitting up the thread with their vendetta and tipping. Fucking retards.

In other news, I really have to wonder what the fuck is gonna happen to Shay now. I’m not sure her demise was entirely her fault in the way I wish it had been, which sucks because it would have been a million times better. She’s awful enough and she can sabotage herself by herself without a bunch of bitter whores that aren’t any better than her reporting her. I mean, it’s also her fault for being a huge fucking retard and not getting a VPN sooner, but I have to wonder what’s going to happen to her now, because it seems like she’s cornered as far as social media goes and we all know she’s not really in it for the porn, and the audience on Pornhub is going to make her uncomfortable. She just wants the asspats she can get on social media, that she won’t be able to get on porn websites.

No. 815965

tbh most people that post on here and cowtip don’t sound like camgirls. most camgirls that have gone after her have been very blunt about it. A lot of the people tipping and sperging sound like they spend a lot of time on incel and 4chan misogyny boards, based on the things they say and their typing. I don’t really know any camgirls that are going to nitpick vaginas and tit veins the way people do on this board.

No. 815969

While I agree there are people that lurk that shouldn't downvote or comment on her vids… I don't think we can dismiss that some are legit from porn creep dudes and people like that. She is nasty and really unappealing compared to the videos listed by it that are similar. I mean, I don't feel like watching a bunch to compare and look at ratings & comments, but people do leave negative feedback and funny comments on porn. Scrolling through, her pussy is the more rancid I've seen and lets be honest her porn acting is god awful. Too bad to even be a parody.
I do think her dislikes are too high though to not be mostly dumb farmers and vendetta whores. So I agree, it needs to stop. Its funnier when she gets legit negative feedback.

No. 815974

So how long until she gets banned from Instagram? They have story features similar to Snapchat so I could see her get desperate enough for attention to start using them the way she was on her public snap. And she will fuck up, break their ToS advertising her nudes, and be banned again because she's an idiot. I'm calling it now.

Asking for screenshots on an imageboard… annoying? Are you retarded, anon? That's how imageboards work kek I can't believe there are people here really trying to defend not following the rules.

No. 815975

if you guys are talking about her looking bad in the atk videos, that was like a year ago. her hygiene or whatever has definitely improved since then at least.
i don't think she's popular enough to have that many legitimate votes, negative comments, etc. though. especially given the timeframe.
she's basically a nobody to everyeone besides those that frequent these threads and the like 3 old basement-dwelling men that comment on all her twitter posts.

No. 815980

I have no reason to believe she won't "come back stronger and kick these haydurz in the butt uwu" she's done this so many times, it's only a matter of time before her snap gets deleted. Queue mental breakdown, rinse, wash, repeat.

No. 815981

nah camgirls are infamous for being trashy and catty as fuck. sabotaging shay sure as fuck isn’t above them. i’m not convinced this thread has a particularly high ratio of male posters as males suck at passing as women online. >>815961 is correct - there is no reason why normal lurkers would go out of their way to downvote a complete nobody like shay with such vitriol unless they’re a newfag. it reminds me of the momokun threads in that it’s pretty obvious that a large number of posters are retarded costhots shitting on their competition.

No. 815991

Asking for screenshots when you’re 100% capable of doing it yourself is annoying. We’re not here to spoonfeed you.
Why do we have to risk getting blocked because you’re too lazy to make your own Snapchat? It’s so easy, do it yourself if you’re that butt mad.

No. 815994

Dont risk getting blocked then, just don’t come here to say anything without proof. It’s that easy.

No. 815995

And following the rules of the site isn’t spoonfeeding kek. Maybe learn the rules of this place and what spoonfeeding is before posting at all

No. 815996

anon you really need to get over this like it's fine if you don't want to screencap other people do it stop going on about it

No. 816004

File: 1559327468053.png (49.93 KB, 624x455, 2019-05-31_14-31-02.png)

i dont understand what she means by this..

No. 816011

Yet you all continue to bitch about screen caps, but do nothing to get them on your own.

> learn the rules
> doesn’t sage
Maybe you should reread them. Asking to be spoon fed is against the rules.

No. 816016

she just wants to give her account a boost by talking about "hot" Twitter topics, so she gets those sweet likes and reblogs.

No. 816017

File: 1559328137507.jpg (225.69 KB, 1079x651, Screenshot_20190531-133747_Twi…)

Is she talking about herself lmao

No. 816018

Uhhh are you kidding me? You over share every aspect of your life on your "business" Twitter? you cried about being dumped, and you have a public mental breakdown like every week? what outstanding cognitive dissonance

No. 816019

Posting your opinions on your SW twitter also isn't "a good look," but you do you Shay.

No. 816021

I seriously cannot understand this. Is she drunk?

No. 816022

File: 1559328396801.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1125x2005, 3E86C2DE-B8D8-4B3B-B7BB-03007D…)

cute candid from her live this morning opening a knife someone bought her

No. 816023

>everything will fall into place now

No. 816029

Sweet now she can do some self harm but with aesthetic!

No. 816038

i'm cracking up because the first couple minutes of that before she opened anything she was talking about how it was "scary" that snapchat filters are giving people body dysmorphia, so she's trying to use filters less. but then is just using an instagram filter???

No. 816050

I hope you mean cute in the sarcastic way

No. 816057

This person is correct and every time I see clips of her vids I’m even more convinced she’s never enjoyed sexual activity and has never had an orgasm. But she loooooves her career….

No. 816092

lol shay please don’t use your Instagram live to barter nudes for money like you did twitter/snapchat as that’ll get you booted from there as well

No. 816104

If anyone is "bestfriends" with fupa on snap as well as following the dxllymxttel snap you can see they are friends too bc her snap will have the sunglasses emoji next to it that shows one of their best friends is one of your best friends hah

No. 816113

I guess you and Fupa are sending snaps to each other a lot then. Or this is a really bad self post.

Either way it’s hilarious.

No. 816114

I kind of saw the point of that first reply, but honestly, this is very true. I wanted to believe camgirls wouldn’t nitpick the dumbest shit but if anything, they’re the most likely people to nitpick the dumbest shit. If they’re in these threads, somehow feeling superior to Shayna’s dumbass, then they are trashy enough to sperg about tit veins and boils. There’s zero need to interfere with her mess of a life, or her ratings, all you need is to see this >>815862 to know she’d get laughed at regardless.

Ah, yes, the girl who has a public meltdown every week and can’t even keep her e-begging career going because the shit she has posted in the past has deeply triggered the camwhores wants to give people advice. She has ZERO self-awareness.

No. 816121

I think this was a hypothetical. I doubt any farmers actually want to communicate with fupa regularly

No. 816123

it was hypothetical. Thats how sc works lol

No. 816128

nta but nobody can understand what you're saying because you're typing the way a 12 year old texts

No. 816131

Literally asking for proof of claims is not spoonfeeding are you fucking retarded?

No. 816135

Please. Stop. This feels like a fever dream. You guys keep repeating the same shit over and over again like parrots.

No. 816138

I just love how this anon thinks they’re so much better than everyone else who posts in this thread. C’mon dude, you’re an idiot, I’m an idiot, but shayna is the bigger idiot and that’s what we’re here to laugh at.

No. 816158

File: 1559349541259.jpg (633.03 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190601-013847_Ins…)

Crusty once again getting twatted at the bar

No. 816160

Her face looks like it was like. Moulded from a ball of clay I can't explain it

No. 816162

is she always doing this alone? hopefully fupa hangs out with her at least lol

No. 816163

Just saying with her posting that glass, it's really easy to figure out where she is… You would think she would should be more careful.

No. 816169

Took me a whopping 10 seconds to find the tap room she goes to.. why would you share a location you go to frequently with your creepy older men followers? That’s kinda scary. “Here I am! At this exact location, alone, getting wasted 3-5 days a week!”

No. 816172

Lmao I know exactly what you mean. Her face looks firm, round and dry, but also sorta greasy on the surface- like how clay has to always stay a little moist.

I’m so used to SnapChat Shay that I forgot how much she resembles a goblin.

No. 816178


They're whores. On the internet. They're trashy and gross by default. I wish the webthots would fuck off and go back to shoving things up their ass for dollars.

No. 816181

File: 1559356249654.png (4.58 MB, 1125x2436, 75B4A045-C0F1-4177-AEA4-F31938…)

lookin good as usual

No. 816182

File: 1559356387278.png (4.62 MB, 1125x2436, CF69008F-BB0C-4FBF-9B68-B12171…)

these are just screenshots from the 800th video she posted on twitter of her pulling her pants down in a dirty bar bathroom btw

No. 816186

Popeye looks rough here

No. 816188

like…spot on lol

No. 816194

She looks like one of the vampires from that movie 30 days of night

No. 816196

File: 1559361591092.png (857.62 KB, 1040x585, F21FBD95-B90A-4184-8C91-C78E84…)

she looks like a floops fooglies

No. 816205

This is exactly what was in my head and I couldn't remember what it was from. Thanks

No. 816232

She's out with fupa. They're an obvious pattern of this Friday night thing with him.

No. 816235

>posting your views on abortion on your sex work twitter
Come ON.

She's not fat, old or deformed and willing to show her vagina online, that's basically all it takes to attract at least a handful or orbiters.

No. 816319

File: 1559403503570.jpg (119.43 KB, 1080x589, Screenshot_20190601-103737_Chr…)

This should be good. Just as good as the nose piercing.

No. 816336

Has she even changed the stud in her nose?

No. 816338

Slowly turning into fupas alt dream girl. The beer, the pink hair, the nose stud (so alt), and now eventually a (likely) shitty first tattoo.

Guess she’s not going home for her birthday? Haven’t see her beg for the money in a week.

No. 816362

She should get the Snapchat heart filter tattooed on her head

No. 816365

It will get so infected since she won't do the proper after care

No. 816372

File: 1559412813977.jpg (1.05 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190601-131329_Tum…)

Shes been begging/active on tumblr

No. 816385

My aunt smoked weed in front of her dog and it developed smoker's cough at two years old. I feel like those that are saying "it doesnt affect the dog" are actually guilty of doing it themselves.(no1curr)

No. 816391

File: 1559416106793.png (203.91 KB, 750x1334, 3F9B2AF6-424C-46F1-8384-5DF6CF…)

>my wardrobe

No. 816396

Did she ever send out those depop clothes?

No. 816399

Lol I’ve been wondering this too. I’m sure the people have tried to contact her and her paranoid ass is like instant block

No. 816427

File: 1559422641012.png (37.28 KB, 593x449, 2019-06-01 16_57_41-Window.png)


No. 816461

maybe she accidentally cut herself from opening her packages with a knife

No. 816467

Well she sure as hell ain't cutting food so probably

No. 816475

geez Shayna, this is so edgy I got a paper cut. Settle down.


No. 816594

Sure Jan… Bitch didn't even bothered showering or doing her hair for her first important bookings in LA. She has 0 attention to details.

No. 816647

just wanted to mention that she now has another new twitter.

She now has 4 active twitters with her name AND face attached to them. How can she be this stupid? Here’s the links to all of the current active twitters.



No. 816735

File: 1559475106778.jpg (52.09 KB, 1042x568, Screenshot_20190602-123020_Tum…)

Lol you liar

No. 816791

hey look, she's finally publicly posting that she's in tulsa, but only so she can beg for ppl to send her shit for her bday.

that one fan account hasn't posted anything in two weeks and the other is private, how is that supposed to do anything. she's just asking to get shut down at this point.

No. 816795

she actually has another one with her name attached, so 5 in total.


No. 816815


No. 816828


Bold-faced lie, or actually admitting that she's still with Fupa???

No. 816868

File: 1559500466626.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, 1B1FA5B6-0564-4B13-B39A-1F2528…)

Her new Snapchat. She just couldn’t resist lol.

No. 816889

File: 1559503931089.jpg (Spoiler Image, 571.64 KB, 1057x2158, Screenshot_20190602-123142_Twi…)

I wish this outfit would guarantee us more milk tbh.

No. 816891

it's painful how much she wishes she had an ass. like she acknowledges she has small tits, it's time to accept there's no ass there either.

No. 816892

File: 1559504105684.jpg (664.41 KB, 1080x1618, Screenshot_20190602-123308_Twi…)


No. 816895

It's not showing up on snapchat, maybe it's gone already kek

No. 816902


“Happy international sex worker day, I love all sex workers and I’m so positive and woke!!”

twitter gets shut down
“fuck you this community is so toxic and everyone is just trying to take me down.”

I fucking hate this girl so much.

No. 816907

Trying to channel her inner Belle

No. 816917

I mean having Snapchat is necessary for her “business.” How else is she going to get all those filters to spare men looking at her real face.

No. 816921

No. 816927

File: 1559509956973.jpeg (102.41 KB, 750x913, C85DFEAB-9E06-4255-8350-A2EB40…)

I apologize for the quality, Twitter butchers it pretty hard.

No. 816928

she picked the worst time to do this. snapchat’s servers have been super fucky fr the last hour or two for several thousand users. she’ll be unable to login and immediately start crying about the mean haydurz out to get her.

No. 816935

When she tries to make her voice high, it sounds like Arianna on icarly. Very annoying

No. 816951

Probably gonna get chewed out for asking, but why did she choose this whole “Barbie” persona? Doesn’t fit with any of her themed videos, other than the pink stuff I guess.

No. 816953

File: 1559515903038.jpg (96.14 KB, 1080x714, Screenshot_20190602-174658_Tum…)

I wonder about her level of dehydration by this point

No. 816954

File: 1559516357052.jpg (471.42 KB, 1080x1028, Screenshot_20190602-175929_Twi…)

Shay looks thrilled

No. 816956

I wonder how long that poor dog is going to last before she gets tired of it and gives it away

No. 816958

I mean she literally has a dog cage lol. No I wouldn't recommend pup being in there a lot but if she wants to literally do her job for 10 minutes then that's what it's for

No. 816965

she probably has no savings for future vet bills and stuff, shes going to beg and cry on twitter for it

No. 816978

>To my sex workers out there, make some content today

Serious question, does she not realize that the majority of sex workers do sexual favors to earn money and not create content for the internet?

No. 816980

What? The majority of sex workers are cam girls, porn stars, strippers, etc. not actual prostitutes.

No. 816995

is this her attempt at moo's rancid ahegao? even down to the cow print bathing suit?

shayna. try to hide the fact that you read here on the daily. really now.

No. 816996

certainly explains the beer gut tho.

No. 817002

File: 1559521684032.png (1.9 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190602-182046.png)

Does she know she makes herself look so unappealing?

No. 817010

When you're drunk af and high all the time, you don't have as much awareness and good judgement, so. When you're fucked up, you think you're being cute and funny, but really you're a fuckin mess. You just can't tell. That's a big part of why she posts really unattractive selfies and content like she does kek.

No. 817015

i would love to know which threads she posts in kek

No. 817064

Belle inspired or what?

No. 817122

File: 1559535890750.jpg (445.58 KB, 1080x1851, Screenshot_20190603_001930.jpg)

Too much of a retarded alcoholic to bother removing the huge barcode sticker on her cheap prop. So messy

No. 817124

i cannnoooottt believe how bloated and round her face has become. jesus girl

No. 817126

when this picture loaded i didn't even recognize it as shayna!

No. 817129

Not everything is ‘inspired’ by a washed up weeb, anon.

No. 817140

Clearly proving she totally has an eye for details and ~aesthetic~ like she always goes on about kek

No. 817169


She watched one episode of drag race and fell in love with Trixie. She's a retard, honestly.

No. 817172

I think that's also due to the fact that 90% of the time when we see her face it has a filter on it, so when it's removed her natural face is jarring

No. 817180

Isn't this supposed to be a costume for people with massive tits? Or is she leaning into the fact that she's a cow

No. 817212


The puffy face and bloated stomach are an odd combination when you also have no ass and small tits, she's expanding in all the wrong places

No. 817296

File: 1559577902054.jpg (260.03 KB, 1080x1679, Screenshot_20190603-165915_Twi…)

Found it hilarious how much she "needed" this game whilst living with an actual puppy and dumped her cat onto someone else.

Shay you should've got this game, not an actual puppy.

No. 817299

…until tomorrow, or whenever she needs to fuel her substance abuse problems

No. 817327

This is like when people make their partner in Sims and spend all day playing it instead of interacting with their actual partner. You dont need a pet simulator Shay, you have a real puppy now that needs real love and attention and training.

Also every time is the last time she does a sale…until the next time happens in a week or two. Kek

No. 817331


no it's not. you're an alcoholic and you don't have a job. you'll be back selling yourself for nickels literally in the next few hours lmao.

No. 817399

File: 1559590592937.png (Spoiler Image, 11.54 MB, 3438x3438, DAD9DF49-791D-4B2D-9635-3094B2…)

why does she even bother making BJ videos if she is so terrible at them? looking at this makes me sick to my stomach, there is nothing sexy about this.

(nightmare fuel incoming)

No. 817431

This looks like a terrible forced bj, she gags when she barely even has an inch in. It’s okay if blowjobs aren’t your thing shay, you have better talents like peeing on a cake and getting yeast infections.

No. 817432

speaking of; I wonder how that yeast infection is coming along. Since we all know she doesnt shower/bathe.

No. 817434

File: 1559594320354.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 145.53 KB, 1123x1123, 41C0791D-ED6E-4791-9ADE-E2ED9F…)

wow she really looks beat without filters.

(1/2) and kek that she has to squeeze her tits together

No. 817435

File: 1559594357185.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 150.51 KB, 1123x1123, 4E7DBDD4-3278-49E8-ADEC-3CD8A9…)

No. 817437

She looks like she's been smoking 40 cigarettes a day since the 80s jesus

No. 817447

Lookin ROUGH. Holy shit. I think she takes the cake for ugliest cow on the site. And it’s not even her facial structure. It’s everything else. Her skin. Her hair, her disgusting foundation and dry lips, that retarded expression….all of it.


No. 817461


Somebody removed the sticker


No. 817463

I'm not sure about that, at least while Phoebe exists lol

No. 817478

I still can’t fathom how someone can give up one animal and adopt another without conscience…it boggles the mind.

No. 817508

File: 1559599258202.png (643.8 KB, 640x1136, 7C6578DE-7C3A-443F-8E74-A47442…)

Not to be on her side but this is a ridiculous comment she’s still skinny she just has a little alcoholic induced tummy

No. 817510

File: 1559599316282.png (643.8 KB, 640x1136, 7C6578DE-7C3A-443F-8E74-A47442…)

Not to be on her side but this is a ridiculous comment she’s still skinny she just has a little alcoholic induced tummy

No. 817511

i'd say the only possible way anyone could feel comfortable fucking her is by putting a bag over her head, but considering the state of her ass+pussy, she's just revolting all the way around. yowch.

she's starting to look as crusty as luna.

No. 817519

I feel like this probably came from another camwhore anachan cuz farmers have gotten on the asses of others posting itt about her weight gain

like sure she’s chubbier than she was a couple years ago but hopefully she’ll get over the binge drinking soon - it’s a phase that most young people (especially college kids) go through once they have access to substances they’ve been barred from before

most people get over it once they graduate, get regular day jobs, and no longer have the time to get plastered constantly, but we all know Shay will never do that. She’s so dysfunctional and has no one around to tell her to stop, so it’ll probably turn into a worse beer gut as time goes on.

she’s in no way fat atm, but she could really balloon up in a short period of time if she continues down this path of absolute unbridled alcoholism.

No. 817534

nonexistent blowjob skills aside, but why is her nose so red where her foundation wiped off? I mean, I get that her face is flushed from straining to hold 1 inch of dildo in her mouth (lol) but damn, it’s neon red. She’s straight up going to have an alcoholic schnoz in a year.

No. 817555

File: 1559602204589.jpg (135.42 KB, 1334x750, IMG_20190603_235017.jpg)

Oh the cringe

No. 817558

Haha wtf. She reminds me of rachniqueen.

No. 817568

File: 1559603423700.png (397.39 KB, 720x727, Screenshot_2019-06-03-16-06-35…)

Watch her beg for weed money in an hour. In all seriousness, I don't see the joy in living life like she does.

No. 817576

oh her life is suffering anon lmao

No. 817580

Why does she think she's funny

No. 817589

File: 1559606190739.jpg (517.68 KB, 1080x1452, Screenshot_20190603-185615_Twi…)

"Sugar Daddy"

Let's see what character she fucks up this time

No. 817590

What the fuck did she pick up and eat anyway?? Did she seriously eat a nugget of weed?!

No. 817593

I believe so. Cos "hur dur, cow eating grass"

How long til the pup eats some. I mean she always says she passed out, it's gonna happen where she passes out with weed still out.

No. 817595

Yes she literally picks up a nugget of weed off the ground and chews it like a cow

No. 817606

Probably using old screenshots tbh unless she really has an orbiter that desperate for attention.

No. 817610

File: 1559609202757.png (Spoiler Image, 506.67 KB, 728x398, Capture.PNG)

No. 817611

holy shit spoiler this NSFL

No. 817613

Pretty sure that isn't her bathroom. Unless these are old pics?

No. 817614

Nightmare fuel needs to be spoiled

No. 817617

I’m certain these are old. who would want to wipe a grown ass woman anyway the fuck

No. 817626

You raise a great point anon, I forget that Shayna is only 21. The eyebags, dark circles and wrinkles really age her…

No. 817627

maybe it's fupa's or another public rest room kek

No. 817629

These are really really old pics.

No. 817630

these are tumblr era pics

No. 817633

Let's be fair, men are fucking degenerates and would do anything.

No. 817664

I know this is probably a nitpick, but that fucking face she makes for every goddamn picture makes me want to punch a walrus. It’s like she’s sniffing farts and trying not to show it. That god awful expression is even more jarring without all the filters. She’s as photogenic as an infected toenail, and somehow, through the years of sitting on her ass and taking pictures, she’s only gotten worse. Fuck me. Just stop, Shayna. Go home.

I can’t believe some of you actually think Shayna’s alcoholism is a “phase”. You said yourself she has no future prospects, why would she stop day drinking into oblivion when she has no responsibilities and she’s miserable because she has absolutely nothing to do all day? She’s getting older, her metabolism won’t stay the same forever, and she has the worst body shape to gain weight. Plus, all the weed smoking doesn’t help. Her job depends on her looking not disgusting, not that she’s ever looked not disgusting, but the munchies, plus being an alcoholic and only eating things that are covered in oil and sugar are going to make her balloon the fuck up. She’s getting pudgy and she’s not a teenager anymore, so it’s only downhill from here.

Oh, Jesus Christ, did she really eat something off her filthy floors?

No. 817676


you're draggin' it, she's not even top ten ugliest when there's people like amanda baggs on this website. Shay just looks busted and haggard.

No. 817677

File: 1559615502955.jpg (508.12 KB, 1080x1198, Screenshot_20190603-213145_Twi…)

Is she still trying to say she's bi?

No. 817716

she hasn't spoken about being bi in years, and when she was asked about her experience with women like a month or two ago on cam, she was visibly disgusted and annoyed and refused to answer the questions, just gave snarky/sarcastic/tangential responses. to be fair she's always seemed turned off when doing stuff with other girls for videos/cam. Plus the only other "relationship" she's been in with another woman was the poly mess she did that was obviously all about the guy and she was jealous of the other girl to the point she moved out. I think she's just doing it to seem relevant, as always.

No. 817731

she quite literally posts anything she think she can get asspats or retweets for

No. 817742

it's just a meme

No. 817765

No. 817847

The farmhands need to post a gif making tutorial or allow us to host mp4 files directly because of the milky videos that Shayna posts lol. I will repost the cake video as a reply in this thread saged (because stale milk). I don't want the Twitter/Tumblr milk to be lost because Shayna can't follow the TOS which conveniently deletes the videos/gifs and gives her the opportunity to sperg and beg.

Anon. You sound like the type of camwhore anachan >>817519 is referring to. Or a Facebook boomer complaining about ~young people these days~. Chill. It's still her first year smoking weed legally (OK med card) and drink at the bar legally. She's still conventially attractive to her white male beta orbitters - she's young, white and not obese. Phoebe Tickner's hairstyle/color, spotty red face, stretch marked fupa, and genital acne is way worse than Shayna's. I'll be critical about Shay's weight when she is actually overweight or gaining weight close to the rate Pheebs does.

No. 817851

i know how to make/post gifs, it's just not milk and the screenshot the original anon posted pretty much describes the entire scene

No. 817880

File: 1559662002984.png (Spoiler Image, 297.32 KB, 522x654, 2019-06-04 11_26_39-The Porn B…)

what does she spend her money on tho

No. 817884


Weed and alcohol to poorly mask her mental health decline

Also I don't think anyone is going to care about her hair when she's heading towards beer gut territory

No. 817906

Fake followers and pink wine

No. 817916

File: 1559669339605.jpg (872.89 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20190603-213413_Tum…)

But she just said yesterday she was using her "sugar daddy" money to get her hair done…

No. 817917

Maybe Fupa sent her 200 bucks so she could make rent.

Anon, there's a difference between binge drinking at parties when you're in college and drinking every single day alone in your room, she's already a full-blown alcoholic.

No. 817921

She wants you to reimburse her for the money she begs for. Duh.

No. 817936

I understand the difference between shay’s drinking and the norms of college party life. what I was referring to was the fact that it’s a time of experimentation and access to things that hadn’t been open to them before, which is similar to what happens with people when they are on their own for the first time without others (parents, etc) to restrict them. It’s certainly seen as more normal to go out with friends from your college and binge drink at parties (although it’s kind of a more insidious part of the culture) than it is to drink alone constantly like Shay does, and I do believe it shows signs of burgeoning alcoholism. It was a poor analogy, definitely. I think Shay’s experimentation goes far beyond the normal bounds since she literally has no friends, no job, no degree or aspirations, and nothing to do all day but smoke and drink. She’s bored, and is using alcohol to pass the time when she’s by herself, which is an incredibly slippery slope for her to be going down so young. She’s already showing the tendencies of an alcoholic, which is definitely going to be hell for her as she gets older.

No. 817955

She would look better as a brunette than she does a blonde. Bleached hair makes her look washed out, and all that hair damage from constant bleaching just makes it look tangled and matted. It also doesn’t help that she rarely showers

No. 817962

i'd say she's already an alcoholic, much like that other anon said. drinking alone is a massive sign. if she was doing any other drug alone in her room every day, even if it wasn't something "hardcore" (so like typical "raver" drugs like ketamine, speed or mdma rather than meth, crack or heroin), people would consider her a drug addict. alcohol's just the same, but more socially acceptable. and then there's the weed on top of that, although that's socially acceptable nowadays too.

No. 817969

Why'd she have to 'ew' being a brunette though? it's the most common hair color in the world and that's so random. lol

No. 817972

File: 1559676593103.jpg (302.29 KB, 1538x2048, IMG_20190604_202931.jpg)

Has she always had that scar on her head? Just hidden behind filters.

Looks like she split her head open at one point.

No. 817973

$50 for 50 videos, $1 each
$150 for 100 videos, $1.5 each?

What am I missing here?? Should it not be the other way around to incentivise them to buy more?

No. 817974

all i see are wrinkles and dry skin but idk it's possible she's always had it since it's faded to almost nothing

No. 817975

yes but she can't do math. she's messed up these tiered sales so many times now it's kind of absurd.

No. 817976

1. stop drinking alcohol
2. drink more water
3. invest in a foundation that matches your skin

No. 817977

4. buy some carmex

No. 817978

That is not the face of a person her age AT ALL. That's very concerning.

No. 817979

I remember when she used to claim that she is naturally a blonde with the darkest shade that's still considered blonde. at least she came to terms with the fact she's a brunette.

No. 817981

It's from alcohol, honestly. I don't want to blogpost but back when I was a heavy drinker my skin looked a lot like that.

No. 817983

she literally looks like this stripper i used to know that was constantly high on meth. ratty hair included. her shit is so damaged.

No. 817984

Im an alco and people still question if I'm over 18 sometimes but I'm 26. I dunno why I'm not crusty too. Shay hasn't really been drinking heavy that long, I wouldn't think it would have an effect yet. I'm sure your face constantly being around smoke clouds probably doesn't do your skin any good. Or maybe she's just naturally crusty(blogging)

No. 817985

this girl can’t be 21. ffs I’ve seen 30 year old sex workers who look younger than her.

No. 817987

She also cakes on powder because she doesn’t understand what baking is and thinks it’s just literally caking your face in powder (it’s actually a technique used among drag queens in order to keep heavy makeup in place and also apply more makeup on top, obviously for stage) If she understood how to use makeup she could look a lot better and hide those serious dark circles and ugliness that is her face.

No. 817992

File: 1559678216958.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1236x1980, DAFFCF47-778A-4967-BC16-93F4C2…)

caked on makeup, too thick eyeliner, fake eyelashes put on incorrectly, no blush, no concealer, no contour; just flat color foundation caked into all of her wrinkles, no chapstick. Jesus Christ girl these are makeup basics that every girl figures out at like, 16.

No. 818001

File: 1559680080305.png (299.97 KB, 869x319, Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 4.25…)

Skin aside you can really tell by the lips that she's not well

Nothing says sweet, innocent, nubile princess like crust-lined lips

No. 818020

Her skin is legit triggering my anxiety and making me want to scrub my face with steel wool.

Shayna. Please. We all see your crusty lips, chocolate milk piss and Sahara desert skin. Drink some fucking water. Don't make people tip you to do it; just DO IT.

Also, what is the point of wearing false eyelashes when your wings are so thick you can't see them? And what's the point in doing up your eyes this much when the rest of your face looks like shit? Like if you're going to do cake face anyway, at least learn to contour. Or, here's an idea: let your skin breathe for once?

No. 818027

Her skin is so bad because her alcohol intake is higher than her h20 intake. Her alcohol intake is probably higher than any other liquid actually

No. 818029

caked on makeup stuck in your pores and not washing or moisturizing your face doesn’t help either. her alcohol intake really isn’t enough (daily) to cause any severe skin issues (yet).

No. 818033

She really should be happy her skin isnt in worse condition because of the way she treats it/takes care of herself.

No. 818051

Well, it's mousy. Not enough color to be a brunette. She's what you'd call a "dishwater blonde". Maybe more like bongwater blonde for her, lol.

No. 818052

File: 1559692131212.jpg (664.42 KB, 1080x1197, 20190604_184908.jpg)

They never tone her roots and it drives me crazy. It think the more pink looks better than the pastel she's been doing. Video is daylight. https://streamable.com/8nld7

No. 818055

lets see how much she can fuck it up.

No. 818056

She has dark, thick hair. What are you talking about?

No. 818059

This girl has the potential to be mildly attractive. She would just have to majorly cut down on the alcohol, not smoke as much, drink water, take showers daily, eat a fruit here and there, do a face mask, and some form of excercise. Being an alcoholic pot head who only showers once a week, eats cheese-it’s as a meal, and only walks her dog 30 feet outside her apartment is going to age her worse than what she walready looks.

No. 818061

It’s funny to me that she goes to a school, to get her hair done by students, rather than going to a professional.

No. 818063

File: 1559693062930.jpeg (170.89 KB, 1242x687, CFDC7889-B6FB-4F67-AF37-3E03A9…)

because it’s way cheaper than what a professional would charge. It’s roughly half, if not more, off the starting charge of a professional.

No. 818064

When you pretend to be a wealthy bimbo online but have a dollar store budget.

No. 818069

And she asked for $150 for it… Lol

No. 818070

File: 1559693564408.jpg (388.43 KB, 1080x1603, Screenshot_20190604-171241_Twi…)

The begging she did while at the salon, Jesus christ

No. 818071

Imagine not being able to afford a cheeseburger.

No. 818075

Might be the first time I’ve ever seen it curled with a curling iron. Color looks nice honestly. I think she does ok with the pink hair but I don’t think this shade of pink is flattering to her skin tone. Hard to tell tho, can’t see her face.

No. 818080

Doesn't look great on Snapchat tbh.
Also saying her dog is being a brat. No Shay it's a puppy, being a puppy. It's needs are not just eat, shit, sleep, walk.

No. 818083

pure spec but i almost feel like she loved the drama from living with the dogfucker, remembered how freaked people were over rib, and got a dog just to keep her name on people's lips because she knew anons would get fucked off about it.

get some humanity moron and give the puppy to someone who actually wants to care for it.

No. 818091

i think it's just her way of living out some weird paris hilton larping or something

No. 818099

Except she got a massive dog. That thing is gonna be huge when fully grown. I feel like maybe she could handle an adult chihuahua or something but went for something absolutely ridiculous for a first time dog owner going at it alone.

No. 818109

File: 1559697463763.jpg (204.88 KB, 1080x1891, Screenshot_20190605-021715_Twi…)

Girl why?

Can't believe that butt boil mark is still there

No. 818111

Same gagging face she makes when she's sucking a dildo

No. 818116

i can tell when she's drunk because she takes pictures that make me feel like i'm drunk when i look at them

No. 818118

oh my christ, she's lucky men have no standards. The pink looks so bad with her sallow skin colour

No. 818120

File: 1559698912343.png (1.57 MB, 1080x1474, Screenshot_2019-06-04-21-40-42…)

So it makes her huge nose even more noticeable and pink like a hobo alcoholic clown

No. 818124

It looks like they missed a lot of her roots in the front and she's trying to blur it out

No. 818125

how the fuck did she manage to make her lips even more dry than the picture she posted before? that has to be painful as fuck, seriously. i'm triggered.

No. 818131

File: 1559699521532.png (244.78 KB, 943x757, 2019-06-04 21_51_30-Window.png)

lol where do these cucks even come from?

No. 818163

At this point I’m pretty sure it’s a scar.

No. 818188

File: 1559704457579.png (Spoiler Image, 355.65 KB, 477x356, 2019-06-04 23_14_00-Window.png)

she's on cam lol

No. 818190

That face is nightmare fuel holy shit. Can she just go faceless?

No. 818193

File: 1559706028346.jpeg (209.05 KB, 1106x842, C1D7EB53-8AF6-42D6-A7E8-019435…)


No. 818212

is the dog still around or has she returned her yet? I'm in MA tonight so I can't tune in to listen for her whimpering from the crate

No. 818216

Noodle is there. She's been talking to her, but Noodle doesn't seem to be very hyperactive tonight. I dunno if she is in the crate or not. I won't continue watching to find out because listening to Shay sing along to the same dad songs as per usual is boring as fuck.

No. 818240

The way that she's drinking isn't normal for even 21-year-olds, and if she keeps it up (especially the beer and with takeout to match), she is going to inflate in no time unless she has a come-to-jesus moment. The thing that differentiates her from normal people her age is that, in addition to her total lack of impulse control/planning ability (probably stunted at least in part by smoking so much weed at a young age), she has nothing to live for aside from drinking and shopping online. She has no job or job prospects, no long-term goals, and no structure. And unless she gets those things, there's nothing there to motivate her to clean up her life and at least save the drinking for nights or weekends.

It'll take a year or two of drinking at her level for things to get really bad, but once she develops a physical dependence it's going to be exponentially harder for her to change. And if she does get to this point, there's a strong chance that she'll end up Mariah-tier.

No. 818249

Ah, yes. The classic boomer-only trait of thinking that chugging 5 beers by yourself on a Wednesday afternoon might become full blown alcoholism, if it isn’t already. Day drinking almost daily and alone is such healthy behavior for a functional and productive 21 year old member of society. If you think that’s normal, you’re just as pathetic as Shayna.

Bingo! I was trying to figure out why on earth she looks so goddamn crusty, and that’s exactly why. She literally cakes on powder on top of her extremely dehydrated face. It’s no wonder she looks so painfully dry. She also really needs to stop with the filters because I feel like her face wouldn’t be nearly as jarring if she didn’t show us the filtered to hell version all the time.

$35 for color correction? That literally explains everything.

No. 818279

Why has she got like 2 pale streaks. What is this garbage dye job?

No. 818284

Why does she think eating cheeseburgers and junk food is going to "grow dat booty" Shay you dont pick where your weight lands, and we can all see it definitely isnt going to your ass. Do some squats. Try again.

No. 818302


a beauty school student dyed her hair. Which is like 2 steps above just fucking your shit up on your own.


At this point in her life, I don’t think she could even handle a fish.

No. 818318

that sounds like the least sexy thing ever. and bitch, mcdonalds has $1 burgers

No. 818343

sage for no contribution but i can’t fathom how people itt still say “she’s headed towards alcoholism” as if she hasn’t been a full blown alcoholic for months now. can anyone remember the last time she’s gone more than a day without consuming alcohol? i think it started when she met fupa and then went completely downhill once she moved to tulsa. which was almost a year ago. at this point she wouldn’t even be able to get sober on her own without risking actual death, she needs rehab asap. i dont want to fear monger or be dramatic but it takes way quicker than we think for our bodies to become dependent on a substance, and alcohol is just about the worst substance to withdraw from. but let’s bet that even if she did go to rehab she’d abuse that situation for asspats and cuck bux.

No. 818351

She couldnt do anytype of inpatient rehab, most require you to turn in your phone, so you have limited outside communication. She couldnt give up social media and the internet like that even if it was for her own health

No. 818377

>What? The majority of sex workers are cam girls, porn stars, strippers, etc. not actual prostitutes.

Sure, if you are talking about sex workers from privileged countries or that have access to twitter.
If we are speaking about 'sex workers' in general (and worldwide), most of them are prostitutes and probably trafficking victims.

No. 818387


Yep there's a whole lot of prostitution in the world. It's just out of sight. Houses filled with trafficked women or people working alone to pay for expensive habits. It's not all camgirls playing with dildos in their pretty bedrooms.

Like can't shay just call herself a camgirl rather than a sexworker? I mean she only appears to do solo stuff lately

No. 818397

Maybe she has a small mouth or something but jfc Shay practice in the mirror and work towards a bj that looks somewhat sexy. The forced bj look isn't an every time look. I don't get how someone could be so bad at PRETENDING to service a dick. Like its not even a real cock, so its gotta be easier to work with and she doesnt have to worry about it "feeling". Literally one job to make it LOOK good and this is how she does every time. Lawd.

No. 818411

File: 1559758159724.jpg (Spoiler Image, 256.12 KB, 1080x1473, Screenshot_20190605-190845_Twi…)



No. 818445


As if she's not going to post the dress anyway.

Also, this pink is better looking in general, but it looks worse on her? It might be the styling as well, but it just makes her look kinda like the vintage pin up women? Not really in a good way. It ages her and it doesn't work with her skin tone and like some other anon said, it's bringing out he pinkness of her nose and other things.

No. 818464

for once i'm not revolted by her pictuers, her hair is made up, it's well lit, you can't see her crusty vag or ass, no weird closeup of her withered gremlin face and she's finally not only sitting upright instead of slouching her pouch forward but also employing actual Posing Techniques to look more presentable.

is this some sort of character development?

No. 818483

i always thought she was doing that on purpose. like ~~uwu daddy your cock is too big for my baby bimbo mouth, etc.

that, or she's braindead. could be either, really.

No. 818486

I keep trying to figure out what is so peculiar about her face but
it looks like her head is super small but her features are spread out widely and it has the effect of almost making her look retarded. Also her hair needs a break, she might as well get a wig for a few months. That style is very soccer mom.

No. 818489

She's probably psychologically dependent but hasn't been drinking enough for a long enough time to become physically dependent. You have to drink a lot of booze on a daily basis for a long period of time to get to the point where your body actually develops a need for it. Of course, psychological dependence often turns into physical dependence with enough time.

The thing that is most concerning about her alcohol consumption is that she's definitely at the point where it's going to take a physical toll and she needs it to cope with day-to-day life, but there's no indication that she's taking any precautions to prevent herself from spiraling out of control or is even worried that she might. She's treating alcohol like she treats weed when the consequences of daily heavy drinking are much more severe.
She couldn't even take care of a cat
Calling yourself a 'sex worker' gives you more authority on woke social media because you're categorized as a disadvantaged group

No. 818499

Speaking of her weird ass face, this one scares the hell out of me. And it's got the vanity filter on!

It appears the have squished her face so much that her lips have become a messed up shape and it looks super creepy.

Her clown like eyebrows don't help

No. 818501

File: 1559766505687.jpg (551.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190605-212650_Twi…)

Oops forgot the damn pic.

No. 818502

File: 1559766578277.jpg (150.24 KB, 1123x1319, IMG_20190605_212945.jpg)

Gives me glamour Nana vibes

No. 818507

I'm pretty sure she's only breaking her back like that to hide her growing tummy pooch (I know she is not anywhere close to overweight, but I think she's noticed that she's not as thin as she was a year ago.) there's so much tension in her body in these pics, it looks uncomfortable as hell like she's stretching to her limit to flatten out the tummy.

wow this is like a horror edit especially with her unfiltered face directly below it.

they definitely fucked up those roots

No. 818508

In some cases, that could have been what she was going for… But since she does it EVERY time I'm sure it's just because she's just incompetent and sucks at sucking lmao. Again failing to sell the fantasy where she could even pretend to like sex.

No. 818509

Oh yeah she looks better here than usual but I'm just saying the hair still doesn't suit her. She's just not getting it right lmao

No. 818510

File: 1559767986631.jpg (864.67 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190605_155300.jpg)

Weird how no one's paying her to do absolutely-fucking-nothing.

No. 818517

Well see a tip is when you do your job and do it well enough to earn a little extra. People dont pay people in tips. And no, Shay, your existence doesnt warrant "tips" posting selfies isn't a job, at least not yours.

No. 818523

File: 1559770489161.jpg (661.39 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190605-223122_Twi…)

Lol I looked it up and it's $169 for a foldout chair with a hole in it. What kinda scammy ass shit is that?

No. 818541

>struggling not to cum
that wont be hard…

No. 818566

File: 1559777408654.jpeg (272.2 KB, 1123x1344, 25C9BBE5-4E1D-4E2A-8014-185D94…)

This poor dog looks so sad

No. 818567

hopefully fupa is a dog person because i don't trust her to take care of this dog properly at all. and yes, it does look fucking sad. still just a baby.

No. 818568

lol anon it looks fine

No. 818575

he's not

No. 818578

Lmao the dog is fine. You guys are spergy with this thing.

No. 818582

No wonder farmhands hate this thread

No. 818599

No. 818600

File: 1559783397814.jpg (424.1 KB, 1080x1315, Screenshot_20190605-200820_Twi…)

Yeah, sure Shay

No. 818608

This video is a perfect example of how delusional she is. >>818600
Also funny that she posts this the same day she bitched about no one giving her money kek

No. 818611

Shay must think people are as dumb as she is. If she was making a decent amount of money we all know she would be flexing it.

No. 818613

Holy cringe.

Also a dog will love anyone. Doesn't mean they're a good owner. she doesn't appear to be training it just relying on "dogs are smart".

If she doesn't train this pup it will grow and easily overpower Shay. She's displayed no signs of training the dog. This is the time. They take to it much better as a pup

No. 818632

Does she just listen to the same boring playlist all the time or something?

No. 818633

No. 818640

File: 1559788822322.jpg (329.85 KB, 1080x1011, Screenshot_20190605-214014_Twi…)

Cause this totally happened

No. 818650

this week on “things Shayna wished happened”

No. 818653

tbf I could kinda believe this if it weren't Shay telling this story. Like the girls just asked her to join them out of pity. Going to a bar and drinking all alone is kind of sad after all,

No. 818668

They probably recognized her from online and wanted to get an insider look on the milk. Expect some new Tulsa anons reporting here with milk to spill within 3-5 business days.

No. 818670

I hope this is true but they play the long game, and be her friend for a long time then spill all the beans.

No. 818680

Not to wk, but in earlier snaps of the dog she was working on all the usual “sit, stay, go outside” stuff. I doubt she’ll go beyond that though.
And to be fair, it seemed like the dog already knew all of those commands.

No. 818684

File: 1559792968099.jpeg (401.2 KB, 1242x1506, 9B5CD94E-303A-498C-9E16-D89BEE…)

love it when she chews on her nails on cam

No. 818686

That dog looks relaxed and happy because it's getting pets. Have you ever had a dog? It clearly likes her.

No. 818688

I died watching that. I had to look away actually, it was funny at first but then it became disgusting. Thank you for capping that nastiness anon, u tha real mvp

No. 818691

Whew sis that was children's show level fake positivity omg her voice

No. 818693

File: 1559794997394.gif (Spoiler Image, 17.21 MB, 600x451, 2EC2EF7E-8807-4381-959F-6836B6…)

reupload since it got cut for some reason, nsfl

No. 818698

Don't those have suctions on them so you dont look full retard when simulating bjs? Idk just badly flopping the whole dildo around her mouth area looks extra dumb and not sexy. I mean, I guess she only looked like it was a struggle for one part, but that was still… awful

No. 818699

Is that how she brushes her teeth???

No. 818709

I originally said Shayna's drinking habits didn't seem that bad, but I changed my mind about that now. I didn't mean to WK but honestly there are just so many nitpickers ITT that exaggerate about how problematic Shayna is. Especially the cam girls on Twitter that probably post here too. Naively I thought she was only drinking 3 times a week (about as often as she goes out with fupa lol). I live in a college town and I encounter many 21 year old girls that like to drink, which is socially accepted behavior. At this point she really needs to follow in Eugenia Cooney's footsteps to make a recovery.

No. 818710

I can definitely tell that dog loves her, I hope she loves the dog back and doesn't neglect her. It'll good for Shayna and the dog to get exercise together lol

No. 818715

Worst looking blowjob ever.

No. 818717

How the fuck can she still not do blowjobs right she's been at this for YEARS

No. 818721

Because she’s lazy. Pretty sure she knows she does horrible bj’s but just doesn’t care to do better or practice making her faces look more appealing at least.

No. 818727

File: 1559805527190.gif (623.59 KB, 220x220, 087E2758-C24D-4C8F-AE42-C6E648…)

Oh. My. God.

She is a fucking retard.

No. 818738

File: 1559806701047.jpg (Spoiler Image, 296.63 KB, 759x581, 20190606_003514.jpg)

When she made this face, it reminded me of the videos of babies trying lemon for the first time kek

No. 818741

File: 1559808221495.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.04 MB, 1062x806, 84AAFD69-0EAD-4E21-B457-2D9FE6…)

I think I was mostly horrified by this thing she did with her mouth.

I think her giving a blowjob to this dildo is the most embarrassing and horrifying thing I’ve seen in a while.

No. 818744

she clearly gives terrible blow jobs
what a mongoloid

No. 818755

Not wk but I think shes referring to "I'm free" as freedom from being in a relationship and free to date anyone like the song says. But even that's a lie because her and fupa are still together kek

No. 818773


The humiliation of this existing and forever being on the internet.. no wonder she day drinks

No. 818790

tbh she shouldn’t even offer this given how awful and boner killing it is but she’ll do anything for some nickels.

No. 818799


I'm thinking this has to be a form of humiliation kink? As in the guys buying it get off on her being an actual vulnerable mess

No. 818801

Ooh anon I like this theory. She's basically a walking mental illness at this point. GET HELP SHAYNA

No. 818809

she used to try to sell this angle but it's clearly not the case, she's just clueless about what's hot.
go back to the threads a few months ago where the anon got a custom for her talking about all the "humiliating" things that have ever happened to her. she couldn't have seemed more bored and turned off coming up with a bunch of fake stories she thought might be associated with the kink.
as i said before, she's just completely clueless and obviously refuses to watch other, more successful girls to get pointers on the right way to do stuff because she thinks she knows best.

No. 818817

File: 1559836546746.jpg (Spoiler Image, 273.64 KB, 2048x826, IMG_20190606_165509.jpg)

Wow why she thought this picture was ok I don't know. Looks like a dusty old ballbag.

Also her snap got deleted again.

No. 818818

That’s actually what a neovagina look like

No. 818819

Please tell me this just LOOKS like she‘s in a car and that she is not actually taking these in an uber.

No. 818823

Fupamobile, surely?

No. 818824

doesn't he have an actual job tho?

No. 818825

it's wrinkly…? not trying to be one of the pussy sperg anons but is that normal at her age?

No. 818826

File: 1559837981044.png (20.7 KB, 589x151, 2.PNG)

she's so stupid.

No. 818828

File: 1559838030338.png (310.16 KB, 750x1334, E9DDD58A-FB96-4CC8-83CD-425B45…)

No. 818837

She is truly delusional if she thought this was sexy. What are those… intersecting parallel lines on her labia? Also, nice deodorant marks, Shay.

No. 818838

She's literally posting that ON TWITTER. What a retard

No. 818840

Dude I've worked as a caregiver for old folks so I've seen a lot of vulvas but none like that before

No. 818842


Why does she make everything 'so deep'

Those guys want to jerk off and you're playing the damsel role and showing vag. Nothing too deep there

No. 818843

Kek the only "deep" part of her job is deepthroating and she can't even do that right

No. 818846


I don't think she's exactly doing it on purpose but I'd say the men spending money on her probably have a rescuer complex where they feel a rush of power in sending funds to such a obvious mess of a woman. And getting nudes of course lol. Knights

No. 818855

i think they're just cucks desperate for attention but who knows

No. 818862

get ready for another round of ingrown hairs old girl

No. 818864

that's just what a dry vag looks like. she was likely sitting on it before taking the pic and that's why there are creases.

No. 818866

That is some dry skin like I’ve never seen before then

No. 818867


Oh my god Shay. I eyerolled so hard my eyes almost got stuck. "It just shows I do belong in this industry". Hun. Let me tell you. The camwhore industry is as easy as it gets for bitches who dont wanna work a traditional job and show off their vaginas. Literally anyone with a basic cam and mic can do it and make some money. There are enough desparate men and even girls out there that anyone, as Shay does, can make some cash.
So sure Shay, since you're a lazy bitch who just wants to be stoned and drunk all the time and take nasty nudes and vids, this is totally where you belong. But don't act like its some big feat and that you're not just scraping by lmao and e-whore culture is the only thing you can handle. Not much of an industry. More like a trending subculture of porn. We've seen your tiny library of "real" porn kek that aint it sis.

Btw No hate to camgirls and I know there is some work and effort involved in it to be actually successful at it. But as Shay and others prove, it aint necessary if you dont expect big money.

No. 818868


Wow lol didnt know it could have lasting creases like that. I was going to say maybe its a filter since her boil triangle zone was actually looking ok today.

Also really hope shes not going out pantyless in that. That thing is too short for that kind of nastiness

No. 818871

So she's just going to wear the same dress from yesterday with no panties on and pretend it's ok?

No. 818876

>Wow lol didnt know it could have lasting creases like that.

i've never heard of it but i'm no like medical professional or anything lol

No. 818883

Yes it’s normal. You can have wrinkling in your labia even when you go through puberty, it’s just how the skin lays.

No. 818885

No, it’s not. Pussy wrinkles are natural and just happen. You can’t fix it or avoid it like you can with facial wrinkles.

No. 818886

Lmao if you’ve never seen labia with wrinkling you’ve clearly never seen that many vaginas. I’ve had a wrinkle on my labia since I was a child. It’s unavoidable.

No. 818891

File: 1559845343013.jpeg (177.45 KB, 1242x327, D1391FF8-F8AE-4E45-BE07-05DCC9…)

Shayna, honey, you’re not being reported. Snapchat uses a system to recognize multiple/remade accounts because ITS AGAINST TOS AND YOU KEEP BREAKING IT

No. 818894

File: 1559845620594.gif (2.35 MB, 478x354, giphy1.gif)

damn, the random shit i learn in these threads. thanks, shayna! lol

No. 818896

Kinda looks like, a pale young Ariana Grande (before her face changed), but if Ariana smoked a pack a day and never moisturised and lived in the desert and used flour as setting poweder.

No. 818897


No. 818898

>young ariana grande
please sage this absolute nonsense
even with all your conditions you listed afterward, shayna would 100% take this as a compliment

No. 818899


Omg anons chill. I meant it just seemed like weird symetrical fold type wrinkles. Obviously vag lips are not tight and perfectly smooth. I try not to look at her vag situation in depth, but that pic just seemed to have odd wrinkling going on. Not the usual random ballsackage. But it probably is just the angle or how she was sitting lol we all know Shay cant shoop and idk if they make vag filters but you'd think if there was, she would use it as much as the Snap heart one kek

No. 818900


I think vagina crease anon is just offended. It's not THAT common. I mean plenty of anons here hadn't seen one before and we're vagina owners

No. 818901

I agree as a vagina owner and also an eater I never seen anything like that. If they made rejuvenation lotions safe for that area, she should invest, but we are talking about Shaytard, she just don’t care.

No. 818904

I think I just meant the makeup style and her face shape, and the eyebrows look similar. But naw you're right lmao, Ariana actually looks like a beautiful lady and Shayna looks like that greasy hoodrat white trash girl from your hometown who never amounted to anything and just sits at home and smokes weed and cigarettes and fights with her loser boyfriend, and only leaves the house in cookie monster pajamas to go to walmart or buy more cigarettes and monster energy drinks. And like, if you go to her house, it smells like cat piss and stale smoke and unwashed carpet, and everything is dirty and she probably has a mattress on the floor with no bedsheet as a bed. Sorry for getting oddly specific but does she not give those vibes off to anyone else?

No. 818909


Idk, my vag has wrinkles like that sometimes, but on other days it's totally smooth. I think it has something to do with it being dry and tired. I'm officially clueless, I just know it's probably not a permanent thing.(no one cares)

No. 818934

File: 1559851090627.png (Spoiler Image, 823.45 KB, 750x1334, 290B4045-DA12-49C8-87EC-F4B44D…)

Classy as always

No. 818940

File: 1559851972454.jpg (110.62 KB, 1080x1060, Screenshot_20190606-211246_Twi…)

Got the grubby hands bit right lmao

No. 818943

does she just go to the bar alone? kek.i wonder what she talks about with the bartender

No. 818962

File: 1559855342613.jpg (166.79 KB, 1080x1052, Screenshot_20190606-220658_Twi…)

Lol at Shay's response and her retweeting this dude who copy and pastes the same message to loads of porn girls.

No. 818963

File: 1559855365888.jpg (120.61 KB, 1080x713, Screenshot_20190606-220727_Twi…)


No. 818966

lmao you clearly haven’t seen many vaginas. ffs I’m a lesbian and most vaginas I’ve seen have some minor wrinkling. Is everyone here just an angry nitpicking incel? Because the way you nitpick genitals its like you’ve never seen any besides ones that have been airbrushed in porn pictures. Tbh, the sores and ingrown hairs she constantly has on her vagina are more ghastly than some minor, normal skin wrinkling.(No1curr about the vaginas you've seen)