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File: 1549565254345.png (646.91 KB, 1477x1142, A221D113-3F91-4A39-858B-E774AB…)

No. 775889

Previous Thread: >>>/snow/771525

Thread pic: >>772148

Current events:
>Fupa dumps Shay.
>Shay packs up her pink dildos, stuffed animals, and dog cage and relocates to Denver, CO.
>Dawn Willow, a camgirl and furry known for creating content involving “your sister and your dog that becomes a threesome” takes Shayna rent free in for reasons unknown.
>Kyle Nathan Perkins is left to bitch and moan on Snapchat. Anons are left to tinfoil why he broke up with Shay if he is so miserable without her.
>Ribmeat moves in with 3 dogs after living with Kyle for 3 weeks.
>Dawn (dogfucker chan) is caught lurking these threads and possibly sperging about dogfucking. >>/meta/8300 >>771591 >>771898 >>771896 >>772050 >>772999 >>773007
>Shayna continues to scam her followers in order to “”””buy a new camera.”””” >>774351
>Shay’s follower count on Twitter increases from 5k to 10k overnight. Most likely fake followers purchased by Mommy Dogfucker. >> >>774065 >>774467 >>775650
>Dawn bribes people with free porn if they interact with Shay on cam. Sad for all parties involved. >>774567 >>774608

Follow the rules:
- no doxxing
- no vendetta
- do not include or harass Shay's family
- PLEASE remember to sage posts that don't contribute to the milk. This trainwreck belongs in /pt/. Seriously, the unsaged nitpicking and milkless bumps to the top need to stop. We don’t want to be autosaged for all the sperging!
- This is not a thread to blogpost about your opinion on DDLG or other activities Shay/Dawn are involved in.

http://pinkpussypopped.tumblr.com (deleted)
http://twitter.com/dollymattel (suspended)
https://www.instagram.com/itsdollymattel/ (deleted)
http://themosthatedgirlonthisdamnsite.tumblr.com (deleted)

KYLE NATHAN PERKINS (alias: Fupa; Fupapa):
http://youvebeenwarned.tumblr.com (deleted)

DAWN WILLOW: >>772060

Other threads:

No. 775896

File: 1549566357816.jpg (Spoiler Image, 410.87 KB, 1080x1091, Screenshot_20190207-130443_Twi…)

Why(spoiler this)

No. 775901

File: 1549568663170.png (149.35 KB, 523x382, 2019-02-07 14_38_40-Sub of 2k1…)

so does that mean the fake findomming can stop now? (1/2)

No. 775902

File: 1549568720853.png (185.92 KB, 779x255, 2019-02-07 14_38_59-Sub of 2k1…)

No. 775907

File: 1549571226195.png (195.38 KB, 936x390, Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 3.12…)

lol how stupid of her to post this alongside all of her DuMb PiGgieS SeNd MoNeY tweets.
the questions on this test are so transparent that it's incredibly easy to get your desired result, so: (A) it's even stupider of her to post this if she's trying to do findomming; and (B) it's no surprise that she purposely skewed the results so that she can pretend she's such an uwu baby super sub even though she made her own shitty porn as a domme albeit fucking poorly. what a tard.

Also, peep that non-monogamist bar being at 0%. Tinfoil, but I bet you Fupa wanted to open their relationship. He probably assumed she'd be down (hence the Tinder profile) since she's a PoRn StAr and because she goes out of her way to insist that she's a doormat that'll take anything. Surprise, surprise– Shayna is too insecure to participate in non-monogamy and too stupid to realize that Fupa's DaDdy DoM persona is just a front to get away with being shitty. They probably wrote it off as a star-crossed lovers with irreconcilable differences instead of what it really is: two stupid, immature deviants failing miserably at playing house.

No. 775911

File: 1549573213316.png (32.94 KB, 800x128, THIS THREAD IS NOT ABOUT DAWN.…)


I thought Rib wasn't arriving until Valentine's Day?

No. 775913

File: 1549573524109.png (65.39 KB, 800x276, THIS THREAD IS ABOUT SHAY.png)

No. 775914

Did anyone figure out if dawn’s been posting here? I know it’s been speculated but i don’t know if it was confirmed

No. 775917


Fixing your links:

>Dawn (dogfucker chan) is caught lurking these threads and possibly sperging about dogfucking.

>Shayna continues to scam her followers in order to “”””buy a new camera.””””
>Shay’s follower count on Twitter increases from 5k to 10k overnight. Most likely fake followers purchased by Mommy Dogfucker.
>Dawn bribes people with free porn if they interact with Shay on cam. Sad for all parties involved.

No. 775921

File: 1549574971914.jpg (48.2 KB, 810x423, 464s654df.JPG)

oh wow shay is actually gonna cam today kek.

i would have thought she would have some sort of schedule or plan for the month by now, but this bitch is still lazy and useless so nope.

No. 775922

Dawn, if you're here get this bitch on a schedule, I need to know when I can get my laughs!

No. 775924

As long as Dawn continues to allow Shayna to freeload, she’ll never come up with a plan or schedule.

No. 775932

Anyone else remember she said in the Real Time Bondage video’s how she was the living embodiment of a brat? Kek, proved herself In this eh?

No. 775941

File: 1549581676927.png (622.47 KB, 1080x1499, Screenshot_20190207-181826~2.p…)

Fupas been extra emo teen lately. Makes me wonder if he did actually dump her…


No. 775942

File: 1549581706088.png (612.02 KB, 1075x1438, Screenshot_20190207-181808~2.p…)


No. 775943

File: 1549581831982.png (776.74 KB, 1080x1308, Screenshot_20190207-181749~2.p…)


No. 775945

File: 1549581982771.png (130.24 KB, 1080x774, Screenshot_20190207-182400~2.p…)

Also, Dawn liked this tweet. Kek.
All that needs is "… Entitled, mangled pussy, boiled ass covered people…" to undeniably be referring to Shay.

No. 775953

She’s being extra cunty on cam tonight guys. Can’t stop touching her hair or slapping her thighs. Plus the awful singing(namefagging)

No. 775957

File: 1549587028454.jpg (160.67 KB, 1585x694, idiot.JPG)

>i'll just stay like this until somebody tips me to get naked

>people are leaving

god she sucks at this lol. she should have games or a plan, gotta work for it sweaty.

No. 775958

wow I've never watched the live cam before…I'm actually astounded at how awful she is

No. 775959

same. shes just talking to three people who don't care enough to tip her lmao

No. 775963

SHes's so damn boring and her audio quality is pure shit. I can barely even understand her.

No. 775964

Same this is the first time i've watched and .. yikes.
Question though does she usually drop the bimbo act and speak in her "normal" voice on cam? Does she only do the cringeworthy baby voice in her terrible videos? She straight up sounds like a man with a respiratory infection rn i'm a bit shocked it's really not matching the whole "aesthetic" she has set up in her room/is going for

No. 775965

She won’t stop talking about GoT and it’s gonna ruin the series for me

No. 775966

She just called Ed Sheeran an "ugly little hobbit" then said "I HOPE HE DOESN'T EVER HEAR THAT OMG"
Bitch in what universe would Ed Sheeran watch your camshow or ever recognize your existence ……. just……… what delusions

No. 775967

shay calling absolutely anyone ugly is just really really funny lol she works hard each day to absolutely ensure that she looks hideous, plus genetics are not on her side either.

No. 775968

File: 1549588567293.png (Spoiler Image, 950.31 KB, 1124x908, Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 8.15…)

why is she announcing that she hasn't shaved her legs and picking her leg hairs? girl what the hell

No. 775969

File: 1549588624888.jpeg (333.89 KB, 1143x928, 1544388490603.jpeg)

No. 775970

fuck off

No. 775971

File: 1549588802014.png (319.03 KB, 632x360, Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 8.18…)

Why does she sounds like an old smoker??? Her voice is deeper than usual??

No. 775972

File: 1549588962597.png (3.98 MB, 2880x1800, Screenshot 2019-02-08 at 01.20…)

No. 775973

File: 1549589021664.png (295.04 KB, 624x333, Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 8.22…)

This puke inducing dance and tits shaking is killing me help

No. 775975

File: 1549589044014.png (3.99 MB, 2880x1800, Screenshot 2019-02-08 at 01.21…)

all because someone changed their twitter name to "dolly's loyal knight"

No. 775976

Holy shit these faces are so awful

No. 775977

well the internet is her whole life

No. 775979

File: 1549589275876.png (558.81 KB, 1080x595, Screenshot_20190207-181930~2.p…)

her hair is just.. so tragic looking

No. 775980

File: 1549589356544.png (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 1670x944, Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 8.28…)

lmao she's duct tapping her canopy that fell back to the ceiling, truly a trailer trash barbie

No. 775981

lmfao apparently it's gorilla tape and fupa got it so they could do "nasty things" what a fucking retard. was he gonna bind her with gorilla tape lmfao???

No. 775982

File: 1549589455563.png (534.85 KB, 1080x591, Screenshot_20190207-182926~2.p…)

another of her re-duct taping her canopy while looking.. not so elegant lol

No. 775983

Can you link to her live stream?

No. 775985

No. 775987

File: 1549589788871.png (1.21 MB, 2048x971, Screenshot_20190207-183424.png)

No. 775988

Let me get this straight.. Fupa bought Gorilla tape for bondage (fucking stupid), then Shay took the effort to pack the entire roll of it in with her belongings to move, and now she's taping it to the wall of the room she's staying in in someone else's home without asking if it's ok first?

Hope Dawn likes her paint ripped off the wall.

No. 775989

File: 1549589853812.png (513.71 KB, 1071x603, Screenshot_20190207-181045~2.p…)

very alluring, shay

No. 775991

She actually just drank water at the request of her guests kek

No. 775992

people are legit tipping her to drink water lmfao

No. 775993

File: 1549590008956.jpg (26.62 KB, 563x274, lol.JPG)

That lash is going to fall off any second now.

No. 775994

She's admitting to her hair being gross

No. 775995

File: 1549590078874.png (4.15 MB, 2880x1800, Screenshot 2019-02-08 at 01.40…)

No. 775997


+24 anon users…I snerk

No. 775998

Watching her on cam makes me so irrationally angry I had to get off and smoke a bowl. I just cannot get over she thinks she deserves money for sitting on her bed with a blanket wrapped around her

No. 775999

She is literally hitting herself in the face with a wand

No. 776000

At the beginning she said something about how dumb she is then went “actually, no, I’m very smart” then derp faced the camera. Wish I had gotten a screen shot of that

No. 776001

File: 1549590922341.png (2.26 KB, 526x22, 5465456456454645.png)


No. 776002

File: 1549591045423.gif (6.37 MB, 640x360, SmartSelect_20190207-195327_Ch…)

So entertaining, people are definitely going to give their money for this.

No. 776003

"This music came out when I was in middle school,"

ok yes thats what people wanna hear when youre doing a cam show

No. 776004

No. 776005

File: 1549591472505.jpg (120.4 KB, 816x457, HeMan.jpg)

This face though

No. 776006

File: 1549591485645.png (4.01 MB, 2880x1800, Screenshot 2019-02-08 at 02.04…)

the faces tonight are just great

No. 776007

see >>775969 for help

No. 776010

I made a mistake. CHILL. jfc

No. 776011

you did it! nice!

No. 776012


This is one of the best screenshots I have ever seen in a Shay thread. Thread pic material

No. 776013

I thought we were here to make fun of shay not make someone who’s posting for the first time feel like a loser…

No. 776014

"I've never seen Tarzan because my mom didn't want me watching shirtless men as a kid" -Shayna

No. 776016

Someone please tell me your recording this awful cam session from shaytard

No. 776017

lmao someone complimented her "natural curls" like bitch you have naturally mousey brown straight hair. It only curls because you keep it in braids for days on end, and it's fried to shit, that's why it's so puffy

"You would have to tip me a lot to brush my hair out on cam" because it's matted as fuck and disgusting.

No. 776018

File: 1549592443999.png (38.12 KB, 430x246, Screenshot 2019-02-08 at 02.19…)

oh god please no

No. 776019

Her hair actually is naturally curly

No. 776020

It sure ain't. She's just always worn braids to fake it. It's obvious. Especially in that "transformation" pic she always posts. She has straight hair

No. 776022

You can see her natural curl pattern, in old photos she straightened it you retard

No. 776023

What the ever living fuck am I looking at

No. 776024

File: 1549592718777.jpg (132.29 KB, 878x493, 123456787654.jpg)

No. 776025

grandma’s going manic again guys

No. 776026

File: 1549592743578.jpg (131.13 KB, 874x491, 34565645231.jpg)

No. 776027

Wow that’s a flat ass.

No. 776029

She's started smoking off cam now

No. 776030

can anyone show a pic of her natural curls? all I've ever seen are braided waves. you can tell because the waves are bigger closer to her scalp and then get tighter further down as the braids get smaller. I've always thought she had straight hair so I'm surprised I missed pics of natural curls

Anyway she's smoking on cam right now. Showing her grinding up weed and exhaling the smoke, just leaning offscreen to actually take the bong rip

No. 776031

Definitely one of Dawn's people. Did Shay ignore it or comment?

No. 776032

It's not, they've been in there talking to her and know all about her and ribmeat so I think it's a regular

No. 776033

File: 1549592952190.jpg (41.19 KB, 636x538, loll.JPG)

eww coughing loudly without covering her mouth on cam. i am dying of laughter, she has made so many retard faces.

No. 776034

Find them yourself newfag we're not here to do your dirty work

No. 776037

You can literally see her natural curl pattern in these screenshots, braids don't give you fucking ringlets

No. 776038

no she has naturally really curly hair. she always straightened it in high school.

No. 776039

File: 1549593163334.jpg (152.24 KB, 879x493, teddybear.jpg)

Showing pictures of the teddy bear she tossed

No. 776040

Omg why did she throw it away? Someone got that for her for Christmas. How fucking rude

No. 776042

"Not enough space" Threw it away when she moved in with Fupa

No. 776043

She is SO BAD and being demanding ugh, also that coke nose

No. 776044

File: 1549593823149.jpg (Spoiler Image, 92.78 KB, 700x415, 4.jpg)

Still A+ with those sexy faces

No. 776046

File: 1549593964087.jpg (26.41 KB, 168x166, water.jpg)

Drink water is actually on her tip menu kek when you have to be paid to hydrate yourself

No. 776049

You're too stupid to waste anymore energy on

No. 776050

File: 1549594346963.jpeg (155.45 KB, 1144x635, 677ED346-3DE3-4E41-BF54-314DF2…)

>my biggest fantasy is to sit on somebody’s face and then steal their credit card

No. 776051

Followed by "But like, I'm sure there are lots of people who want me to steal their credit cards"

Lmao yeah? where are they?

No. 776052

Of course her fantasy would be something like that; she has no sexual appeal whatsoever

No. 776054

she got tipped to edge twice and slap her ass and she's legit just patting her butt and held the vibe on for 2 minutes only.

No. 776055

File: 1549594952345.png (Spoiler Image, 660.8 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190207-195951.png)

this guy is actually livening up the chatroom and making her do stuff and she literally had the audacity to say, "okay this is getting old" smh..

No. 776056

this bitch "edged twice" in two minutes. then they paid her to paddle her puss and she used the plastic wand for some reason when she had just been using the paddle (read: cutting board) on her ass. God she's so scammy I can't deal

No. 776059

this has to be one of her lower viewer count show. it's usually around 30. dawn can't even draw in viewers for her. and if they do show up, they don't stick around.

No. 776060

she's smacking the camera with her wand now lmao. no wonder people don't want to watch

No. 776061


Probably because she isn't new anymore. Just like what happened on MFC.

No. 776065

or she just isn't entertaining enough/off-putting/total opposite of dawn. dawn has her core fans and for them to step out and watch shay is a whole different thing. i watched dawn that one time and she seems to engage more in a non bitchy way. she just has her audience and they get her and stick around. shay has barely any audience and it's mostly farmers.

No. 776066

She's making fun of some girl who has a mole on her pussy. The irony is overwhelming.

No. 776068

she keeps laughing about a person leaving her room and she seems on the verge of tears

No. 776069

samefagging but like, how long has she been on? i've caught the last 30 minutes and she's still not naked after 2 hours?

No. 776070

2-3 hours i believe. she just ended it, with 1175 tokens. So about 58 dollars. too lazy to try and make more i guess kek

No. 776071

She's offline now. She was online for at least 3 hours and made 58.80 and did not meet her 150 goals, she got through 117

No. 776072

She tossed it instead of donating it? nice.., i guess

No. 776074

File: 1549598785636.jpg (676 KB, 1080x1713, 20190207_220416.jpg)

I was watching for a while and during that time she kicked 3/4 people out of the room. All of them generally asked how she could be making money because she was so boring. This is the only one I caught before she blocked them.

No. 776075

this has so much potential to be exploitable

No. 776124

She probably was just using him for a place to stay until she can find a way to advance her “career”

No. 776137

Tinfoil but I think dawn wanted a sub to dominate and use for porn and she needed someone degenerate enough who would be willing to even make simulated bestiality porn like she does. Shay is in a vulnerable position right now and currently relies entirely on Dawn so Dawn could spin it in her favour easily. She's already setting up her audience to the idea of her being dominant or "mommy" towards Shay and towards Shay being in her cam sessions. If Shay could get her shit together and actually be a competent cam girl it could work in her favour equally but nope, only Dawn will win. At least until Shay stats to ruin her porn by basically being totally asexual and incapable of even acting like sex is something she enjoys, much less g/g or g/dog porn

No. 776141

Shayna's freeloading and not even cleaning up after herself, dawn's definitely not winning at the moment lol

No. 776146

File: 1549629912727.jpg (15.09 KB, 396x480, QuKE3qT_d.jpg)

If you're boring the heck out of people in freaking chaterbate, you know you seriously messed up.
>And dolly is just making a big fool of herself as well. Which is a bit entertaining.

No. 776147

referring to her as "dolly" is cringe
and sage pls

No. 776149

She looked so bad on cam, like way worse than usual, she looked like quasimodo.

No. 776152

File: 1549633993300.jpeg (910.4 KB, 1242x1364, 8D50A9D5-3706-40BC-8542-18D0DD…)

I can’t believe she thinks this retard face is cute. She legit looks special needs when she makes this face with her rat teeth

No. 776159

Oh my god. She looks like a 55 year old woman who works night shift at wawa and hangs out at smokey bowling alleys on the weekend.

No. 776166

>>776152 Everything about these photos look so dry. Her skin, hair and lips look so fucking crusty and dry. I know she doesn't drink water but goddamn Shay please moisturize, that looks painful.

No. 776172

File: 1549638892548.jpg (39.39 KB, 587x331, knight.JPG)

Looks like Dolly found her next roommate..

No. 776173

File: 1549638929753.jpg (66.36 KB, 839x432, knight2.JPG)

No. 776176


old milk but shes a horrible cam girl and ~pron star~ i am not surprised after watching this awful video on ph with her. god she cant even fucking act when they do multiple shots.
you think someone is gonna pay money for someone who looks like they hate their job, your only job is to look like you enjoy fucking. do it right, no wonder last nights cam show was a fucking wreck. get out the industry shaytard its not for you.

shes also been noticeably quiet after her shit show last night

No. 776179


these incels are the only people stupid enough to get behind Shay

No. 776180

>fidget spinner
>Riddler’s Tower Gotham city

No. 776185

her hair literally looks like greasy ramen…and those roots oh no

No. 776186

this is an imageboard

No. 776188

>Alienation support system
Ooh, he buys into the "parental alienation syndrome" like a good misogynist. Stop watching daddy/daughter porn and dating barely legal camgirls who pretend to be toddlers in the bedroom, then you might see your kids more often.

No. 776189

They're talking about a video, they can link it lol

No. 776201

File: 1549642406277.png (Spoiler Image, 792.04 KB, 1080x1206, Screenshot_20190208-090643~2.p…)

lmao holy shit I just watched that atrocity out of morbid curiosity and she literally looks disgusted when the other girl is eating her out

No. 776203

File: 1549642507342.png (Spoiler Image, 871.08 KB, 1080x1118, Screenshot_20190208-090710~2.p…)

it also looked like she was about to vomit on her tits lol jfc that was the most uncomfortable 5 minutes of my life

No. 776219

She’s extremely uncomfortable around other women and it shows. I’m absolutely sure it’s pure insecurity and the fact that she’s actually a straight girl.

No. 776220

it has almost a 50% down vote. yeesh. I can see why her agency can’t find her bookings anymore.

No. 776221

File: 1549645689587.png (50.64 KB, 430x344, B29EF3EA-2F48-48D2-B9AF-984BC2…)

He stans maxmofoe, reblogs shad art, and is a self proclaimed white knight. How much more zoomer soy can you get. Geez

No. 776222

double post, but I just noticed she’s not even on their site anymore. lmao she managed to get 2 shitty shoots with them and they dropped her because she’s terrible. I can’t believe she still thinks she’s some kind of star

No. 776226

and when she talks about it she’s like “ooooo I love it I have someone so dedicated to me!” But she doesn’t realize what a white knight is because she’s actually retarded.

No. 776227

Her chaturbate page says that she's only interested in men, maybe she's finally given up trying to convince people that she's bi

No. 776233


Wow. She has never looked so special than she does in this cam show. Straight up looking like a special ed adult. And also haggard af. Usually Downes have a bit of a childish chub like face, but this bitch looks straight tardo and yet so aged in and around her eyes. I can't. Someone please stop dressing your special needs sister up and putting her on cam.

No. 776234

yeah an old video that's already been linked, discussed and capped in past threads. shockingly, the video did not originate from pornhub and i find it weird that a pornhub link is even being posted but what do i know.

No. 776236

for the newfags that apparently weren't even here 3 months ago:

No. 776237

Yeah, ignore it then

No. 776240

In case anyone is wondering, she didn’t win the MV awards. Yet it still says “sub of 2k18” on her twitter.

No. 776241

Probably sage but let’s be honest I’m surprised she hasn’t ended up with reptile skin at this stage, maybe she should be adding moisturisers and face care to her wishlists instead of trashy outfits, kek

No. 776246

I thought they weren't announcing the winners 'til the 10th

No. 776260

It'll be announced on the 16th I think

No. 776266

File: 1549655063567.jpeg (457.56 KB, 1125x734, 130F6B9A-A184-4DD8-B8D5-49F24D…)

Since when does pornhub have „special needs goblins” category?

No. 776267

Tbh the other girl is beautiful. You just happened to screenshot on a shitty frame. You can literally make anyone ugly if you screenshot on the right frame.

No. 776268

Oh you’re right it’s on the tenth. My bad!

No. 776272

the other girl looked totally fine but good god shay looked like utter shit lol, her hideous bangs and down syndrome faces were so prominent here.

No. 776274


The other girl still looks good tbh. THIS (other girl, not Shay) is what random pauses/screencaps in porn should look like. Just kinda funny or stereitypical porn face.
NOT special ed or horrifying like ALL of Shay's.

No. 776281

File: 1549659211999.jpg (15.33 KB, 502x80, Capture.JPG)

626 new followers and counting today. If Dawn's not careful she'll buy Shay more followers than she has.

No. 776282

File: 1549659432554.jpg (47.82 KB, 1111x455, Capture.JPG)

No. 776289

It’s so sad how this makes her happy

No. 776290

how does she not realize how obviously fake her follower gains are to everyone on earth?

No. 776292

Becasue all she cares about is the number.

No. 776293

well she doesn't have a life outside of the internet, no friends, relationship with her family is poor to say the least, so stunting on twitter is all she has for any validation.

No. 776303


dude how they gonna use maxmoefoe's face to comment on shay's nasty ass. christ.

No. 776310

Hey guys. Too busy to screen record but wanted to quickly say shay is at a hotel??? For the night it seems.

No. 776320

Snap anon come threw pls

Wonder if dawn kicked her out

No. 776321

Sorry can't screenshot rn but she's said on twitter that she has a flight tomorrow so I'd guess it's just a shoot or something

No. 776325

is she going to get rib? if she was at a shoot she probs would have mentioned it

No. 776327

File: 1549676529027.jpg (147.98 KB, 1080x691, Screenshot_20190208_204116.jpg)

No. 776328

File: 1549676575858.jpg (Spoiler Image, 371.54 KB, 1080x1955, Screenshot_20190208_204036.jpg)

Looking like a caveman as usual

No. 776329

She look like Abby Brown there kek

No. 776332

Wearing the same shirt she cammed in the night before and probably the same crusty undies too, just pulled down for a pic

No. 776334

You can see her lighter and part of her grinder on the bathroom counter… stinking up a hotel full o' weed… classy, Shaytard. I hope you get fined.

No. 776337

Not WK'ing her at all but most hotels have smoking and non-smoking rooms. Odds are she got a smoking room and those already reek of tobacco.

No. 776338

she's flat as a board

No. 776349

And ugly as sin, but what's new?

No. 776365

Wonder if she’s going to see Fupa. He posted on SC that he “had a surprise.” Then went on a rant that people on snapchat HAVE to stop being so intrusive. Then said “Maybe tonight. Maybe tomorrow. You wanna be here.” - regarding the surprise.
Sorry I’m too retarded I don’t know how to record or anything without getting caught.

No. 776366

Also his name on Snapchat is still Daddy Mattel™ ????(stay on topic)

No. 776369

snap names do not change ever after you've added them

No. 776371

You can change your display name which is what shows up, I just tried it.

No. 776375

My bad. Had someone search him and see what his display name is- it’s SkiMaskDad now.

No. 776381

Maybe they’re going to do a “long distance relationship” so his ex wife lets him see the kids

No. 776397

I think she's using her shoulders to make her boobs look even smaller, for her little girl bullshit. Disgusting.

No. 776406

That n e c k.
+The shoulder thing she's doing makes her look like the skinny version of the hunchback of Notre Dame topkek.

No. 776416

File: 1549730194597.jpg (486.1 KB, 1232x1280, 19-02-09-09-34-43-268_deco.jpg)

I wonder what's going on? And kek look at how little people interact with her. It's wild she thinks she's fooling people with her '14k' followers

No. 776417

tinfoil; but either dawn is mad at her and Shay is dodging her or shay and fupa are meeting in la?

No. 776418

i mean she did just go through a breakup, that seems like the most obvious explanation

No. 776421

I bet this is just for attention. She would say this kind of shit when she was primarily on tumblr as well and could never stick to it.

She just wants people to buy her snapchat.

No. 776425

I really feel like she’s meeting up with Fupa for some reason.

No. 776428

I love when people say they're taking a social media break but then continue to use social media

I guess we'll tell by her snap

No. 776430

Her nose is just so ugly. And that stupid little grin makes it look even worse. I can’t believe she thinks her puffy eyes and ugly nose look good.(nitpicking)

No. 776431

and damn she’s broken out beyond belief. caking on makeup and then sleeping in it isn’t good for your skin, Shayna. But you wouldn’t care anyway.(nitpicking)

No. 776437


I’m 100% sure she’s meeting up with fupa, it’s the week of Valentine’s and she said she’d be getting Rib by Valentine’s Day. Only person with Rib that’s a flight away is fupapa

No. 776445

On Fupas snap story he said “I have something to show you guys soon” so I’m thinking this is a likely possibility.

No. 776446


Imagine Haus of Mattel makes a comeback.

No. 776447

yep, shes probably getting rib and staying somewhere for a couple of days, conveniently when dawns dog just had puppies, just lol that she ever thought shayna would help her with them.

No. 776459

Snap anons pls come threw with fupapa or shays snaps

Honestly I feel like a comeback could be on the way, Shay is obviously a wreck without her dada. I know it’s only been a couple weeks since the break up but she looks worse than when she was with fupa

No. 776460

File: 1549746309756.jpeg (165.93 KB, 1242x372, F545E0F7-B33C-40EB-8205-ADF999…)

(No contribution or context)

No. 776463

What does this have to do with anything?

No. 776474

File: 1549751918345.jpg (901.04 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190209-163821_Twi…)

Looks really cheap

No. 776475

File: 1549751966570.jpg (881.85 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190209-163817_Twi…)

What is the point of the belt thing?

No. 776477

Wtf is that bra?

No. 776478

File: 1549752151867.jpg (82.35 KB, 630x926, IMG_6588_original_original.jpg)

It's a cheap knockoff of a creepyyeha piece, but she's wearing it wrong. It's supposed to go around your waist. She probably ordered the wrong size and was too lazy to return it

No. 776479

she’s not even trying to do a good job with the photoshop in this one kek her fucking eyes

No. 776480

Didn't she just take a couple "mental health" WEEKS because of the breakup/move? Good thing Dawn is buying everything for her because she's done almost no work and made barely any money the past month at least. She basically has a sugar mama and is being the laziest type of fake findom on social media. Shaytard always trying to make her money with the absolute least amount of effort possible.

Kek at how poorly literally everything fits. Loose ass gloves, weird cheap mini Madonna bra, and no curves to hold the belt where it should be lmao. KEEP THRIVING TRASHY RASHY SHAY

Looks like her favourite filter is finally turning on her and making her look straight up disfigured

No. 776481


Why do the gloves look like cleaning gloves lmao nothing even matches, the panties don't match the bra and the harness looks so cheap and is just… there.

No. 776482

um anyone else get a transsexual vibe from this
what is this custom supposed to be?

No. 776483

Nice dishwashing gloves girl. She has no hips and the bod of a dude, that's why the waist piece is on her ass…

No. 776484

File: 1549753879536.jpg (295.99 KB, 1080x1975, Screenshot_20190209_181055.jpg)

A girl with expensive taste

No. 776485

Trailer Trash Barbie is back again

No. 776486

me, she looks more tranny like than usual with how her body looks and her proportions for real, like look at the gut and the leg shape and those arms(nitpicking)

No. 776487


What a joke omg. Everything clashes and is shit quality. Straight garbo. Dollar store costume of?
And the filter and editing just tops it.

No. 776488


The ill fitting waist straps harness thing aside.. The gloves are absolutely irredeemable. What the actual fuck. They ruin everything completely. Why? Was she going for dommie barbie and thought cheap ass cloth long gloves was the embodiment of it? It was a failure to begin with, but those gloves…

No. 776489

why did she even bother if she can’t wear it properly? I almost feel bad for the person who purchased this custom.

No. 776498

File: 1549760089473.png (16.3 KB, 515x45, 99999.png)

I think Dawn's kicked Shayna out

No. 776500

holy shit that didnt last long at all

No. 776502

Holy shit if she did that's insane

No. 776503

I can’t wait for all this shit to come out. Wonder who Shaytard will try to mooch off next. She must be getting so desperate

No. 776504

Maybe she'll try to crawl back to fupa

No. 776505

I really hope Dawn will spill some milk on Shayna.

I don’t think any of us expected this to last very long, but I definitely didn’t expect it to be this short.

No. 776506

For sure not this soon, that's just crazy, I wonder what happened between them

No. 776507

I think it was shayna's laziness. Dawn had agreed to not charge her rent for a while and shayna couldn't even clean up after herself

No. 776508

True, I think they said something once about Dawn picking up half eaten muffins and shit out of Shaynas room

No. 776509

so curious what her breaking point was kek. this is glorious and funny she literally just unpacked her stuff.
now it looks like shes back to fupapa, he's her last hope before going back to her """""abusive""""" parents

or trying to find her own apartment with that $9 in her bank account

No. 776510

How selfish could you be? Free rent and she couldnt even clan up after herself? jfc

No. 776511

Yeah Dawn had mentioned it a few times, saying that she does everything around the house, even washing Shayna's dishes because she wouldn't

No. 776512

That's such bullshit I'd kick her out this fast too with that behavior

No. 776513

Is she really moving out without begging for moving supplies? Or is she just leaving all her shit at Dawn’s?

No. 776514

If she's moving back with fupa or her parents, she's probably still trying to figure out how to announce the move

No. 776515

the only thing that seems to fit is the underwear. which is so unusual for her since she's usually squeezing into children's underwear.

damn. honestly feel bad for the dogfucker, she obviously got taken advantage of by our scammy trashy rashy Mattel

did Dawn say this stuff on cam? because I haven't seen it written anywhere. I'm appalled that Shay wouldn't even do her own dishes. That's such a scumbag roommate move, like, this girl has been living alone and decided to be nice and reach out to offer you a place to stay RENT FREE, you should be making as small a footprint as possible in that apartment. leaving things cleaner than you found them, offering help whenever you can, etc. we knew she was an entitled slob but that's just complete assholery

No. 776516

Probably why she needed mental health days, trying to figure out how to lie her way out of it

No. 776517

Yeah Dawn said it all on cam. Shayna really fucked up something good.

No. 776518

File: 1549761383345.jpeg (124.99 KB, 750x490, 17490C10-43AD-4438-A50F-427343…)

lel she’s definitely alluding to Shay, hoping the sweet milk is released soon

No. 776519

God I hope the milk flows soon.

No. 776520

File: 1549761496127.png (88.85 KB, 573x277, ds.png)

No. 776521

Wondering if Snap anons have anything from Shay

No. 776522

Oooh interesting, I wonder what Shay lied to her about

No. 776523


No. 776524

File: 1549761606957.png (67.21 KB, 832x226, Screenshot 2019-02-10 at 01.18…)

Not sure what Shayna was omitting telling her from the get go, but apparently dawn wasn't too nice about kicking her out kek

No. 776525

lol you dumbass dog fucker. I bet she didn't like the drama that shayna brought w her too. like what is she gonna do now? have her three tshirt and toys shipped back to her mom? haha her life makes me depressed

No. 776526


Might be a big reach but what if Shay lied about her sexuality to her?

No. 776527

Could be one of the many things. I'd guess Dawn looked shayna up and found the threads etc

No. 776528

Same, probably didn't realize exactly how MUCH drama Shay was bringing with her and how she'd be dragged down too

No. 776529

She probably lied about how much money she makes too

No. 776530

it sounds like she's upset that Shay didn't warn her about the amount of drama surrounding her, this thread, etc. And then Dawn got dragged into it and it could potentially hurt her business. I'd be pretty pissed if somebody dragged me into their shit too.

No. 776532

you're probably right. she looks up shaynas thread and there's a cartoon of her at the top lol

No. 776533

Same anon as >>776530 but i have a feeling this is part of what did in her relationship with Fupa too. His full name, workplace, and even family were being brought up because of her. Semiblog but I used to be friends with someone who has a thread on this board (it's actually how I found the board in the first place) but after reading their thread I didn't want to be involved with them anymore. We weren't that close so I was never involved in any of the drama though, so I got off lucky. But i can see that being a reason people don't want her around or to have any relationships, romantic or otherwise, with her.

No. 776534

wait i thought she knew about these threads already?
hence the whole dogfuckerchan debacle and her privating her twitters once she got mentioned and then eventually baiting us to ask her questions?

No. 776535

I'm already so excited for Shay's next chapter. where will she go? whom will she leech off of next? back to fupa? back to her ~awful~ parents? not like she's actually working these days, she could go home and continue her lazy lifestyle. I don't think they would bankroll her alcoholism and weed addiction.

maybe Dawn kicked her out for lying about just how much money she needs for her substance abuse. idk if we'll ever find out the reason so we're all just gonna tinfoil til the cow goes home lol

No. 776536

Agreed, Dawn was already becoming super involved in the forum and getting called out on a lot and she probably didn't realize how bad it was and how active

No. 776537

she only found out about them after Shay had already moved in and she (dawn) started being mentioned here. I think she's implying Shay should have told her beforehand.

No. 776539

It was probably a bunch of reasons. The threads, shayna doing fuck all while freeloading. Also dawn's dog didn't like her lol

No. 776540

Someone should lurk in dawn's cam room, it seems like she's being pretty open about what went on and might spill more milk.

No. 776541

I have been but I don't think she'll say much more about it tonight

No. 776542

This is going to ruin Shay's "business" even more now. Girl should probably start thinking of finally getting a regular job

No. 776543

lol right, if she hadn't fucked things up with dawn she could've done much better. The majority of the people in her cam room the other day were there because dawn bribed them to be

No. 776544

File: 1549764278317.jpg (84.89 KB, 1080x283, Screenshot_20190209-200303_Sam…)

No. 776546

File: 1549764517736.png (21.31 KB, 816x76, Screenshot 2019-02-10 at 02.08…)

No. 776547

lol that's fair

No. 776548


truly a riveting saga

No. 776549

Her room requires that you have tokens in your account to chat though, so she's asking people to pay to ask questions. lol I'm not paying for milk

No. 776550

Don't you just need an account?

No. 776551

Shayna arrived at Dawn’s only 17 days ago. Damn!

No. 776552

technically you dont have to pay; just have tokens in your account. And chaterbate use to offer free ones if you jumped some hopes I think?

No. 776553

Wow she just emptied her storage unit and she has to leave again, what a waste of time and money. I wonder if Dawn kicked her out?? Hopefully she will pay Dawn back and leave with the Ikea furniture.

No. 776554

>Her room requires that you have tokens in your account to chat

how did both of you miss this? you have to pay to put tokens in your account. you have to have tokens in your account to send a chat in her room.

No. 776555

no one missed anything, chaturbate offers free tokens lol

No. 776556

Snap anons really need to come thru

No. 776558

Not sure where you're seeing that, there are bogus sites out there that promise free tokens when you make a new account but don't actually deliver. I'm not working that hard just for the hope that maybe she'll spill milk. plus if someone is going to do all that they shouldn't be talking about it here as it could be considered cowtipping

No. 776559

Dawn really has this thread open while she's camming lmfao

No. 776560

It's at the top of their website, not hard to find. Anyway, yeah I doubt anyone is gonna bother asking her shit directly

No. 776561

I don't see what dawn saw in shayna. I'm watching her streaming and the way she manage her room and talk to her fan is a WORLD of difference… She's super soft spoken and appreciative. Hopefully she will spill the milk.

No. 776563

I am aware of how to make an account. I'm not a blind idiot. I'm talking about bogus websites claiming all you have to do is make an account to get free tokens. anyway shut up about how it's "sooooooo easy u just don't get it" because this has nothing to do with Shayna.

That's her problem, she's just not likeable on cam. She acts bored and entitled to people's money and just babbles about random shit because the silence is deafening. Then expects people to tip her, and gets mad when anyone brings up anything sexual. Even though she's supposed to be selling sex. I really hope she quits and just goes home because she is not cut out for this work, she has no idea how to market herself

No. 776564

lol chill out, you didn't know where I saw 'get free tokens' on chaturbate so I told you

I'm not sure that shayna will be posting about it yet. She's probably trying to decide what to say, particularly if she's back with fupa or her parents

No. 776565

This is amusing. Dawn went from defending Shay and going "I have no idea why the evil 4chan bullies are harassing her!" to "She lied to me and did fuck all around the house so she's out."

Did Shay even last a MONTH at Dogfucker's?

So basically Dawn couldn't stand the heat from Lolcow? I noticed that Dogfucker-chan hasn't been back to defend Dawn since Day 2 or so and Dawn has routinely locked and unlocked her furry twitters depending on what farmers have dug up.
She probably wants Shay out before she's dragged down with Shay.

No. 776566

She was complaining about having to do all the jobs while Shayna was still there. I don't think she knew the extent of the threads though.

No. 776567

Well we did all tell her from day one that Shay wouldn't lift a finger to help. Dawn's in there bottle feeding puppies while Shay is smacking her camera with a wand hoping for cash to fall out.

Guess we can expect to see Shay's Twitter follow count suddenly stall at 14k while she's flying back to beg Fupa for her closet bedroom back.

No. 776569

File: 1549767269067.png (81.06 KB, 359x382, Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 9.52…)

No. 776570

File: 1549767310501.png (31.53 KB, 353x137, Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 9.53…)

No. 776571

File: 1549767333206.png (12.14 KB, 602x45, ddww.png)

No. 776572

Bet Shayna lied about how aBuSiVe everyone in her life is. Well, all three people in her life: her parents and Fupa.

No. 776574

She also mentioned that one of the puppies died and that was the push, and also made her come off harsh. Shayna probably didn't even help with that/wasn't there for her

No. 776575

damn. That mega sucks for Dawn. Imagine being heartbroken that a life has ended as soon as it started and your shitty new roommate makes it all about her instead of being there to help.

I assume that's what you meant by "that was the push"

No. 776576

Yeah, that's how she worded it and it made it seem like that.
I didn't get to screenshot that, I thought the anons posting screenshots would've added it here

No. 776578

I don't know, the way this sounds Dawn thought she was at least bisexual and when she found out she's straight as can be, it turns out they "weren't compatible" or good for "cam/long time living" like that sounds like lying about sexuality and Dawn was hoping they could be intimate in the future.

could also be lying about having a hoard of people who hate her and watch her every move online. either one.

and the "get free tokens" is if you broadcast and earn tokens from other people, or beg others to use an affiliate link to make an account. again, not worth it just for a drop of milk.

No. 776582

>not good for cam
Guessing Dawn finally saw the toxic zone that is Shay's vagina.

She did say that Shay was supposed to help her with the puppies but obviously didn't. We all know how Shay is. She probably heard about the death and went "Ok but can you make dinner now?"

No. 776586

File: 1549768981302.jpeg (852.91 KB, 1242x2208, AF290FC0-B5AC-453A-8BD0-726EC6…)

No. 776587


Ugh stop it with the sympathy. That girl is still a mouth-breathing dogfucker who just wanted to take advantage of Shay but couldn't

They're equally disgusting

No. 776588

damn Scammy Shay strikes the final blow?

No. 776589

Why does she even pay for it?

Shay will never learn a lesson in her life because people keep doing shit for her

No. 776591

I definitely agree. If I were dawn I would of told her to figure it the fuck out herself. Even if they did end on “good” terms, shayna thinks she doesn’t have to lift a finger and until someone tells her to fuck off she’s going to keep acting entitled and lazy.

No. 776592


i assume she's paying to get her the fuck out asap.

No. 776593

>deducting it out of the studio account
Explains why Dawn brought her in. She did plan to market Shay and profit off of her.

On one hand you're right but on the other you can't help but feel for Dawn in the basic "You brought them into your home and this is how they repay you" sort of way. Dawn's a dogfucker but it's just pitifully amusing how she defended Shay so hard and thought she'd get a functioning roommate/helper out of this.

No. 776594

I understand that she just wants to get rid of her ASAP, since Shay is very slow and irresponsible but yeah it sucks. Man finding someone that is willing to help like Dawn is a treasure, she doesn't deserve any of the help. Moving a storage unit like this must be around 800$ + the price of her flight.

No. 776595

They were gonna cam/film together, makes sense for it to be under dawn's account since she has more followers etc

At least shay got kicked out before the cat had to make the journey there and back

No. 776598

Shay was probably constantly annoying her while she actually tried to work. Even with her dog having ten puppies she still did everything she could to be on cam. She actually has work ethic while Shayna has…I don’t even know.

No. 776600

So what, she’s gonna live back with Fupa again? That was quick.
God they’re probably gonna try to “reignite” something, aka have a bunch of sex for a couple weeks and then boot her out again.

No. 776603

MV award winners are announced tomorrow. I doubt she'll be offline for that

No. 776604

Shayna is literally bottom feeding garbage besides the dog fucking dawn does seem to have her shit together which led me to believe she wouldn’t put up with lazy ass Shayna for long

No. 776605

I won’t be posting anymore screenshots of our conversation since dawn was so civil and upfront about everything but I would like to add—
Yes, shay is going to fupas, apparently shayna wouldn’t even tell dawn what her and fupas relationship was. Dawn offered to overnight rib from the start but shay had excuses. And lastly, shayna is definitely an insensitive selfish cunt like we all speculated.

No. 776608

all second hand with no screenshots to back it up cus the dogfucker was polite, awesome

No. 776609

Sorry that I have sympathy. None of you fucks went straight to her and asked the questions. Take what you get or continue to tinfoil.

No. 776610


Honestly Dawn doesn't seem that bad, she's just a camwhore furry and people lose their fucking minds over that and nitpick everything. They'd be calling her dogfucker regardless of if she had dog dildos or a dog, let's be real.

Honestly not surprising that Shay has been booted to the curb, you gotta feel for someone when they lend a helping hand. Guess Shay has to go back to sleeping in a closet, it's surprising she's going back to Fupa. It makes me think that Shay was the one who broke it off because of Fupa's bitchboi whining online about everything… plus he's taking her back? She was gone so quickly, and I doubt he'd take her back just like that if Fupa was the one to break her off and tell her to pack her shit.

No. 776611

Dogfuckerchan, is that you? And will the results of said dogfuckerchan investigation be posted in this thread?

No. 776612

This. Fuck the furry bitch for getting involved and expecting us to grovel at her feet to get milk. She can either come here and dump or fuck off, nobody will give a shit about her retarded looking ass anymore anyways since Shay went back to Fupa.

No. 776613

This 10000% sounds like they were trying to pass off the Daddy/Babygirl shit and in actuality he was just pumping loads in her in exchange for a place to live, weed, and free food lol

Such thrive, much laugh

No. 776615

What do you mean she wouldn't tell her? Like that they ever dated?

No. 776616

File: 1549777033230.jpeg (322.52 KB, 1242x2208, 5A42E5A8-EC5D-4299-A98D-649858…)


No. 776617

File: 1549777145015.jpeg (353.82 KB, 1242x2208, B3AA8B8A-8068-4E08-A2DF-D8EBA3…)


No. 776618

File: 1549777262198.jpeg (359.35 KB, 1242x2208, 84ED471E-4E28-40DA-9485-12515D…)

No. 776620

Sounds like ex-wife did threaten fupa about shay so she had to move out and they’re pretending they’ve broken up. Ex wife knows about the forums so they know she likely reads here from time to time. Their break up was all a show maybe?

Also confirmed Dawn just wanted to use Shay for her own benefit. And Dawn obviously bought all those followers for shay. They’re both scum and shitty people.

No. 776621

lol at Dawn thinking Shay is "hygienic". What did this dumb dogfucker expect in all honesty from Shay? She really thought Shay was going to change overnight or some shit? Honestly Dawn seems dumb as hell to me.

Also, if people want to spill milk they can come here and do it. Other people have before. Nobody is going to beg this dumb little dog fucker for shit.

No. 776622

So from the looks of it, Shay just set Dawn back a couple thousand to first, move her here and furnish her room and feed her, then pay to send her back because Shay impulse moved away
Doesn't matter how you feel about Dawn, that's Scammy Mattel at her finest.

No. 776623

Is it just me, or does it sound like they staged the whole break up so she could move in with (leech off of) Dawn?

No. 776624

For real. Dogfucker-chan expects us to lick her balls for milk? Fuck out of here.
Dawn is clearly a huge cow herself and deserves her own thread. Or at least posted in the camgirl general thread. This bitch is psycho and clearly loves being in control. Couldn’t control shay so she got pissed off. But she thinks she can control us with milk?
>come to me farmers if you want milk

Glad we got ourselves a new cow.

No. 776625

Mmmhh, maybe Fupa had a court date with his kids concerning his shitty life choices and they decided to pretend to be broken up for a while….

No. 776627

dogfuckerchan was banned multiple times for evading and has an open investigation (according to admin). I'd say she is very familiar with the contents of these threads. dawn has actively sought out drama around this not only here but the way she talks about it on cam, I'd say drama is more her best friend than something she fears.

No. 776628

Dawn is def not thread worthy, as much as being a furry is gross. Shayna is truly a disgusting person, no wonder why she hasn't any friends or life prospects

No. 776629

Truthfully sad when you hear about it.

Dawn talks to Sad Dump-Rashy Trash in hopes to date/work with/push/profit off of said dump, assuming shay makes money and is single.
Dawn loses out on potential clients/money to help Trashy Shay move in and get comfortable.
Doesn't ask for rent, as a matter of fact, doesn't ask for a single dime while paying for her; Furniture, Food, Unit and even offering for her cat!
Shay; Couldn't clean up after herself, cammed and tried profiting while this girl was suffering from a loss of one of her puppies, was demanding while in another person's home, AND COULDN'T EVEN BE HONEST WITH SOMEONE WHO TRIED HELPING HER.

She should just let her suffer. Shes such a damn leech that shes gonna continue to suck the life from everyone she cowers behind.

No. 776632

>Just not good for cam

Ultimate tinfoil: dogfucker tried to get Shayna to do furry stuff and Shayna said no LMAO

No. 776634

"Shay told me she was open to it!" lmao I bet that's it.

I don't get why Dawn was owed information about Shay's breakup. Honestly that is just prying. If you're going to give away so much free stuff, expect a moocher to turn up on your doorstep and ask to stay a while.

On the subject of puppies, it's Dawn's choice to act as a breeder inside her 2 bed place (apartment?) and it's her job to take care of them. End of.

No. 776635

I think Dawn at least knows how to manipulate negative attention into more $$$.

She’s definitely upset about the whole Shayna lying about being into girls thing, but I wonder if shrekna threw a fit over Dawn trying to assist her in manipulating the negative attention. Like not wanting to discuss the forums in person.

No. 776637

Dawn just likes drama. And she may have wanted details to bring here to cause more milk, and keep shays threads popular.

The fact that shay refused to say anything though is telling. Also that the first place she runs to is back to Fupa. I’m not convinced they were actually broken up. And sounds like Dawn wasn’t convinced either.

No. 776639

What's so confusing about all of this is that it would have been so easy for Shay to pretend to move and just switch closets at Fupa's house so it looked different… She doesn't have a car so it's not like anyone could immediately tell that she's there, unless they went inside the house.

Like it would have been easier to lie and move rooms than to move a few states over and then promptly get kicked out and have to turn tail (lol) I'm so curious about how this convo between Shay and Fupa went lmao they ain't slick

No. 776640

File: 1549781142329.gif (637.88 KB, 498x281, tenor.gif)

Tinfoil but maybe Dawn and Shay had a much more business-like deal played out behind the scenes while presenting it as a 'Camgirls showing each other love and kindness' sort of thing to build up sympathy? Shay probably knew about how Dawn was investing in her but instead of going along with it and possibly making money for once she fucked it up because all she's too lazy and dumb to even nut on camera with another girl. I doubt Dawn was ever 'Let me take you under my dog dick you poor precious baby uwu~' as she's trying to make it seem.

Also Shay still being with Fupa was not the milk I expected but it's the milk we deserve.

No. 776642

Is that fupa in the background playing switch???

No. 776643

What are you on? It looks like she’s watching BoJack on her laptop.
Sage your autism.

No. 776646

There’s clearly sitting someone behind her on that chair and playing/watching something

No. 776647


it doesnt look like anyone is in there. it looks like her laptop on the floor playing some video. quit looking for milk where there is none.

No. 776649

I could be wrong, but they might be referring to the foot of the bed that vaguely resembles someone sitting on the ground with their back to the camera in a white t-shit.

No. 776652


unimportant observation but: so she didn't clean up /after/ shay. she's as messy as all the other cows and just cleaned up /her own mess/ because she had a roommate (hence the it's looked great for the 10 days of shaynasty's stay)

No. 776654

shay really is a vapid cold bitch for completely shutting dawn out and not caring at all and even pretending to be asleep to ignore the puppy dying.. most people would have at least some sympathy or an inkling of care about a puppy dying after birth but shaytard? nope! dawn is a crazy person who is obsessed with us but shay is still taking the cake for shittiest person in the situation! she just doesn't have a brain, a real personality or any real emotion, she's like a walking formation of rotting garbage with nothing but a gross stench to offer the world.

No. 776655

File: 1549787614310.gif (101.02 KB, 500x280, hyperkek.gif)

she didnt even last a month

No. 776656

Dawn's said she's got a house, that's why she had room for shayna. And shayna lied to her, which is a fair reason to kick her out

No. 776666

why didn't dawn look out for her own dying puppy? I mean that's kinda fucked. this same shit happened with fupa as well, suddenly he became an innocent angel and shay was the worst human in the world to him. she's a slob who doesn't pay her way, that's about the size of it. some of you anons really let your vendettas hang out.

No. 776667

she did look after it herself? also shay's lied about abuse and scammed people, she's not just a slob lol

No. 776668

File: 1549795119097.gif (235.96 KB, 333x200, 1528195945782.gif)

"i had no idea shayna would scam my dumb ass!" sobs dawn who voted for the shayna scamming dumb asses party

you dug that grave you freak bitch

No. 776671


yeah sounds like dawn needed the emotional support and shay decided to go cam lmao

No. 776677

guess fupa couldn't resist having his name taken out of the thread title after all

No. 776684

she literally said it died in her arms? not sure how much more she could have "looked out for" it. it's not unheard of for one pup out of a litter not to make it. doesn't make it any easier though.

Shay was being truly heartless to leave Dawn to mourn while she cammed, I honestly feel disgusting knowing she was scamming people on camera while her roommate (who was providing her free room and board as well as sponsoring her on chaturbate) was in the next room watching the death of a neonatal pup. Like, yes we know she's a selfish bitch, but that just seems like Cruella DeVil levels of evil

also this bit about her turning all the lights off and pretending to be asleep rather than having a talk with Dawn. She knew her time in the house was coming to an end but she was still too immature and selfish to even address the situation. Just riding the free ride for as long as she can and pretending there's nothing wrong with being a lazy self-entitled freeloader.

I think you mean "couldn't stand" instead of "couldn't resist"

No. 776685

She probably went on cam to avoid having to help dawn out

No. 776693

i know this is said in every other shay thread but with all this different milk going on lately, she should be in /pt/ sometime soon. dawn will most definitely spill more with how invested she is in this drama, and the sudden continuation of the fupa saga will probably bring something milky. plus dawn said shay is considering focusing more on pro work in LA which is always a disaster

No. 776696

Honestly I don’t understand why everyone is piling on dogfuckerchan, Shay was the one who lied about a breakup and presented herself as single, worming her way into thousands of dollars being wasted on her only to not be able to even pull in $100.

No. 776697

i don't think dawn complained about shay not helping with the puppies just that she didn't give a shit about one of them dying

No. 776699

Dawn wasn’t owed info about a “breakup” but if I took someone in ( I wouldn’t but nonetheless) under the guise of “me and my boyfriend had to break up and I have nowhere to go and no money I’m just a sad cam girl” and poured money I earned into them to make them feel better and feel welcome and then found out they were talking to their ex and everything was fine, I’d be fucking pissed too. It didn’t have to be Dawn, it could’ve been anyone in her life that she lied to like that, at the end of the day what Shayna did is really conniving and gross, if it’s true. But hey, what’s new?

No. 776701

Dawn gave it all freely, with whatever she expected down the track not yet revealed. There was definitely a transaction expected here but Shay weaselled out of it and even entered it under false pretences. It's really hard to rouse any sympathy though.

No. 776702

Despite all of Shay's obvious fuckery in the situation she still thinks Shay is a wonderful girl kek? >>776569

Honestly anons here seem angrier about Dawn getting scammed, Dawn still is being pretty amicable towards Shay >>776570 even though Shay clearly used her.

She is dumb for still thinking Shay is decent after being used by Shay and wants sympathy from lolcow and to be seen as the good guy at the same time. She's a weird attention whoring dumbass. She really thought Shay was a good project to pour time and money into and won't even hold Shay fully accountable for her actions. It's very weird to me.

No. 776704

Honestly I think dawns only saying she’s a wonderful girl so shay doesn’t completely flip out on dawn

No. 776706

Not gonna lie, that doesn't make much sense to me. Who knows though. Dawn didn't even have to get involved again after Shay left. Shay made no mention of Dawn, Dawn's been the one talking about the situation in her room on Chaturbate and anons capped her having a discussion about the situation. If she was really concerned about Shay flipping out she wouldn't be spilling milk about Shay's situation and encouraging farmers to reach out to her. I think she is honestly a dumb cow who is trying to manipulate this situation to her advantage. She just looks like an idiot who got scammed by someone who is universally recognized as a shitstain in every regard and still wants to stir the drama pot instead of going on to live her life since Shay is gone now anyways.

No. 776707

Going to agree that Dawn's only saying this to make herself look good. She said earlier "I'll be saying that you all told me so" in her chat which means she thinks Shay is far from a nice girl but she's also got to be a professional about this. It wouldn't look good on her to dish all the dirt on Shay after she invested so much into her.

To be honest I feel a tiny bit of pity for Dogfucker-chan but at the same time, what did you expect? You admitted you read here every damn day, Dawn. You knew what Shay was like but you still invited her into your home and wasted money on her and now you're having to pay more just to get her out so she can move back in with Fupa.

You got what was coming to you and either you'll keep your head down until we forget you in favor of better milk or you'll dish all the dirt to us yourself instead of insisting we grovel to get it. Because you know what'll happen then? We'll connect the dots ourselves like we did with you and your dog. Does it matter if it's the truth? Not really but it'll be accepted as truth here.

No. 776711

It seems the main reason dawn kicked shay out is because she'd lied about her break up with fupa. No one here knew about that. Also she's been pretty open about the whole thing, an anon messaged her earlier lol

No. 776726

File: 1549813369254.jpg (75.94 KB, 600x567, Capture.JPG)

No updates from Shayna but Dawn posted this about what happened while Shayna was on cam.

No. 776727

What I’m gathering from this is she’s bitter she had to take an Uber to the Vet ER alone when it was implied that Shay would be around to help out, but she was camming during the situation, then pretended she was asleep when Dawn came home, avoiding any responsibilities.

No. 776729

there's just something so wrong with posting about your dogs puppies on your goddamn furry twitter

No. 776730

It rubs me the wrong way that a furry is breeding her dogs and then blogging about it on her furry porn twitter. Shay is a dirty slob but this furry shit is just too weird for me.

No. 776733


This! What is she even breeding for. There are enough dogs waiting do die in shelters, so why willingly make new ones and then cry about how horrible the birth was?

This bitch is crazy

No. 776735

And other threads too, judging by that "Moo" namedrop.
Since she's lurking, btw: the term you're looking for is "farmers". There's no such thing as a "moocow", aside from the big one in /pt/.

Also true. She must've known of Shay's whole $9 in her bank account, by that rate she would've had her mooching around for months.

No. 776738

especially when she has a personal twitter to blogpost from and i thought she had a sfw furry twitter as well but she's choosing to post about it on the nsfw one?

No. 776739


well, after the zoodiast thing I wouldn't be surprised if there are some sick fucks out there who get off to this kind of shit.

No. 776740

She’s most likely breeding them to sell. Breeders make bank. Dawn is smart about making money for the most part, things she was actually trying to teach Shayna. But Shayna can’t be bothered to actually work because she thinks she doesn’t have to.

No. 776744

File: 1549819951177.png (Spoiler Image, 635.35 KB, 1080x1343, Screenshot_20190208-190758~2.p…)


No. 776745

File: 1549819991567.png (Spoiler Image, 837.74 KB, 1080x1380, Screenshot_20190208-191219~2.p…)

Sorry if this is a repost. I hadn't seen it before. Wtf.

No. 776746

This was already posted and discussed

No. 776747

There are. One of her NSFW furry twitter followers asked her if she planned on breast feeding the puppies because they "didn't see anything wrong with it".

Her claim is she wants to keep a male to enter in shows.

No. 776749

haha really I missed that too

I hope the drama with her ends soon so we can stop mentioning her cus it disturbs me so much I don't wanna think about it

No. 776750

File: 1549820570637.jpg (27.57 KB, 560x210, Capture.JPG)

Shay's got her priorities for sure. More concerned about herself totally winning a MV Award than the fact that she just got booted out of a second place to live. By now she's probably tweeting from Fupa's living room.

No. 776751

Does anyone know how the awards work? Do all the nominees just have to stream or something

No. 776753

I've never watched one but I would think they just do a livestream announcing winners. Not gonna lie I'm going to tune in just to see Shay not win.

No. 776754

>went straight to her

It's called cowtipping and is against board rules, congrats to you

No. 776755

Bit of this, but I also feel like shayna actually left fupa in the first place and that the whole big pity party thing was a pure act. That would make sense too. it definitely ties into his posts

No. 776760

Tinfoil as fuck but what if she's hoping to sell these puppies to her furry fan base? I hope not but it adds up.

No. 776761


maybe a bit ot but the other day I came across the story of this dofucker girl wisconsin (idk her whole name), that let a very young puppy die and complained why this happened so ugh I guess this isn't that wrong to assume.

No. 776762

How does it add up?
She'll likely just sell them to people who live in her area/state

No. 776763

come of it. dawn clearly fully expects you to post more milk than you have

No. 776765

oh my bad. hadnt finished scrolling down. sorry guys
wonder what fupas whining is about then if they havent even broke up

No. 776768

nah they're bff's now

No. 776769

Just a tinfoil but maybe it had to do with the ex and kids? His ex knew lolcow was around so there is a possibility that she found his blog and shaynas and was bringing it all to court for so he asked shayna to leave for a couple weeks/months until it all got figured out. In order for the courts to believe they were broken up he would need the threat to have evidence that she was not living with him anymore.

No. 776770

Probably just part of the act. notice how he really went ham on the emo tumnblr posts PUBLIC on his facebbok.

No. 776772

I know we all call her Scammy Shay for a reason but damn when you put it into perspective this is a new low even for her.

>Gets Fupa to pay for storage/plane ticket to Dawn

>Gets Dawn to fully furnish a room for her
>Dawn or Fupa (not sure which) pay to have Shay's things shipped to her
>Dawn pays food/weed/alcohol while Shay is there
>Dawn offers to pay to get Ribmeat sent (but Shay wants to fly back to Fupa and get her)
>Dawn buys fake followers for Shay on Twitter
>Dawn bribes her followers to support Shay
>Shay doesn't cook, clean, or help with the animals
>Shay gets a hotel room + flight back to Fupa (no telling who paid for it)
>Dawn has to pay to send Shay's things back to Fupa

So both of them are out hundreds of dollars due to Shay while she spends the pennies she makes on cam on weed and alcohol.

No. 776774

why doesn't dawn just like keep her stuff lol

No. 776775

It'll never be in pt with all the fighting sperging and nitpicking

No. 776778

I'm sure there's legal reasons why but would you really want Shay's crusty shit hanging around your house? If you offered to hold it all until she could afford to pay to have it shipped it'd be there a year or more.

No. 776779

I think anon means the stuff Dawn bought for Shay. Dear god I hope Dawn isn't dumb enough to let Shay keep the bed. She could probably sell it and at least make some amount of money back.

No. 776781

I’m not sure she bought it specifically for Shay, I remember her mentioning that she meant to furnish the guest room anyways and this was just an excuse to do it.

No. 776782

Yeah no Dawn isn't sending the stuff she bought back with Shay. All that stuff from IKEA will likely just stay there.

No. 776785

I knew something was weird from the last time Shay was on cam, she looked worse than usual and kinda spent the entire time trying to be entertained by randos. Now we know why she was avoiding helping her roommate with a dying puppy. You’d think she’d be compassionate bc she has a pet also but she barely even takes care of her own cat. Super fucked up shay

No. 776789

File: 1549827823048.jpg (45.56 KB, 743x311, furrymeltdown.JPG)

Dogfucker-chan is melting down on twitter begging farmers to come to her. i find it pretty funny to see someone begging for this kind of attention. she was acting oh so cool and unbothered before about being mentioned on kf/lc but now she's throwing a shit fit about it. what is wrong with this idiot?

No. 776791

why is she so desperate for attention? kek
sorry, girl, you pretty much become irrelevant now that shay's moving out

No. 776794

I get her point though. Even though she's now 'irrelevant' people are still speculating and accusing her of shit.

No. 776796

okay well she can stop drawing attention to it?

No. 776797

Her followers are brain dead retarded to think that. Wtf. Poor puppy though regardless.

If she couldn't give a fuck about a dying puppy, I honestly don't think she's cares too much for rib. All she wants is a home to live in rent free and never clean it herself. A perpetual teenager. Either be homeless in LA or move back in with her parents and fix her fucked up life. I don't think fupa will take her back if there was drama involving his family like his kids not seeing him because of shay.

No. 776799

if people won't stop talking about her in the thread why should she stop talking about the thread lol

It wouldn't surprise me if she attempts LA next. She'll probably try to find someone there that she can leech off

No. 776800

I dont think LA is feasible for her. Who cold she leach off in LA? And after this situation with Dawn I think Shay is really going to have a hard time finding anyone to take her scammy ass in.

No. 776801

Yeah hopefully another cam girl won't let her move in with them after the Dawn situation. So unless she finds a replacement for fupa she probably won't get there

No. 776802

She could probably fake another sob story to get enough pity for someone to take her in

No. 776807

It adds up because her degenerate fan base is being fed apparent sexual shit regarding the birthing/feeding process of the dogs. Who's to say one of these sick fucks won't pay her well for one to abuse?

No. 776808

If they're looking for animals to abuse there are cheaper and simpler ways to go about it, I doubt anyone would just randomly seek out Dawns dogs specifically to abuse.

No. 776809

Do you actually have evidence that they're being fed that? Nothing has been posted here.

No. 776811

Stop sperging about your dumbass tinfoil, this thread isn't even about Dawn so get off it

No. 776813

Didn't someone talk about her posting the birth on her Snapchat? As well as why she chooses to post about the birth/puppies on her furry Twitter specifically vs any of her other accounts. Bitch is disgusting

No. 776814

Sorry go back to your white trash princess who has literally no milk going on so you just speculate on whether she's going back to Fupa's or parents kek

No. 776815

That's what this forum is for you idiot not your stupid tinfoiling about a threadless cow who isn't even relevant anymore

No. 776816

So yeah you don't have any evidence of her sexualising the puppies. What your claiming is also not related to shayna in any way.

No. 776817

Fucks sake go make her a thread if you're this hung up on her

No. 776818

No. 776819

lol other people tinfoiling isn't evidence. If you're so desperate to wildly speculate about Dawn go and make a thread for it.

No. 776820

No speculations when she's obviously doing it. Wasn't derailing when a farmer asked how it added up. You have an artistic representation of her in Shayna's thread and people have been discussing her. Now go back to waiting for more scraps of depravity from your favorite failure

No. 776821

This fetal alcohol syndrome looking bitch is definitely a cow in her own right. Not worthy of a thread though, but I bet she fucking wishes lmao

No. 776822

Funny nothing about her posting shit on her snapchat though, so yea tinfoiling retard

No. 776823

You have no actual evidence, what you're doing is the definition of speculating lol.

No. 776824

Funny yeah since it was in the last thread

No. 776825

Just people saying it doesn't make it evidence, no caps, no evidence.

No. 776826

Dawn talking about the puppies on social media isn't evidence of her abusing or sexualising them. does that really need to be said?

No. 776827

Who the fuck wants caps of her dog giving birth? Lol not cow worthy this bitch is only posting her fursona's pussy on the same twitter she's talking about the birth of her animals on.(infighting)

No. 776828


No. 776829

Why are you so desperate for this to be true with zero real evidence? Make a dawn thread if tinfoiling about her means that much to you(infighting)

No. 776830

>dogfucker withholds milk
>”fuck her then amirite”
>farmers proceed to collectively lose their shit tinfoiling and infighting
I’m thirsty too but some of you are being fucking embarrassing with the puppy sex ring shit. How is this gonna make the smug furry bitch more inclined to come and spill? Get off it.

No. 776832

I feel like it's always the same person posting the puppy tinfoils.
tbh though I can't see dawn spilling in the thread anyway.

No. 776836

holyshit. All she had to do was cam and clean up after herself. How did she fuck dawn over so quickly? it's really insane. Cleaning up after yourself is so easy too. Just wish your cups/dishes and dont eat food in the bedroom.

No. 776838

File: 1549835008222.jpg (343.31 KB, 1080x1296, Screenshot_20190210-154224_Twi…)

Hinting about shay?

No. 776839

Has Shay posted anything on her snapchat?

No. 776840

Lay off Dawn if she has milk she can bring it to the thread with a trip code. She's just lost a dog and been given a load of bull by scammy mattel give her time and if you're pleasant perhaps she'll drop the milk if you're an asshole she's got no reason to.

No. 776841

I think she's just talking about herself/the awards

No. 776845

You done sucking her asshole now?

No. 776846

You act like Dogfucker isn't as bad as Shay, or even worse in some regards. Not even Shay did a "fucking your sister while the dog fucks her too" porno.

Of course she is. She'd sooner beg for the attention then shut everything down when she gets spooked than just spill the milk and avoid the spotlight.

Starting to wonder if Dogfucker-chan is here again ban evading. At least she's getting her own area in the Camgirls thread.

No. 776847

>next level tinfoil: Puppy sperg is Shayna pulling attention away from herself now that shes been outed.

No. 776848

It's called not biting the hand that feeds you. You don't have to kiss her ass, but just be civil until she's given us all the milk
Then you can go back to shitting on her

No. 776852

She's not giving us any more milk. She just wants farmers to spend tokens to ask her questions and feed her need for attention.

It's just like when she posted on her Curious Cat that "I had sooo much drama I could've told you guys about the sex industry if you'd been nicer." She just wants to be some sort of milk goddess by giving us a few drops here and there.

What milk has she given us so far? "Shay is a nice girl and hygienic but she didn't help when my dog gave birth and then cut the lights off. Oh and her ex is still around."

Either way Dawn now has a place in the camgirls thread: >>>/snow/678440

No. 776857

You don't have to pay to ask her questions, the anon earlier just messaged her on twitter. But yeah, I don't see why dawn would want to start posting in the thread lol

No. 776858


it's just porn, get the fuck over it. it's a fantasy setting that literally involved different shaped DILDOS lmfao

some of you act like dawn actually filmed her brother fucking her and a dog, like calm the fuck down(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 776859

So we should all play nice so she will give us milk? Fuck out of here. No farmer is going to sit here and tickle her need for attention to her milk we can get ourselves. If she wants to spill the milk that bad, she can spill it herself. You telling us to play nice with a dogfucker for the chance of milk is hilarious.

She won’t come here because she ban evaded so much to WK herself and now has an investigation with admins. She doesn’t want to further incriminate herself.

No. 776862

After following Shay for a long time and looking into Dawn, a few things:

1. You're really fucking stupid if you think because Dawn has dog dick dildos and plays up a furry personna, that she literally fucks dogs. This thread becomes so stupid at times. She's playing to a niche in an oversaturated community. Everyone and their neighbour is a camfag and the whole dd/lg shtick is overdone by the community. Not only that, you can't really grow with that as a "thing" (case and point, shay looking like a 40 year old divorcee trying to get with her sons friends). You can with furry shit. Especially if you're in a huge fucking costume. It's a smart longterm business plan.

2. Unlike shay, who has the worst work ethic I've ever seen, apart from another infamous cow, Luna, Dawn is a hard worker. Like, I was impressed by the amount of content she pumps out and wasn't bored out of my skull watching her cam, like I am with stinky shay.

3. That being said, unless it was agreed upon, shat Shay didn't owe Dawn anything when it comes to her pups. Yeah, it would have been decent for her to have offered to help or give support, but she's a maggot. She's a narcissistic garbage person, which is something Dawn would have known prior to inviting her move in, since she lurks.

I just want Shay to get fucked over real bad because I feel like the scamming and crap we've seen is the tip of the iceberg for her awfulness.

/saged for being a fucking novel(derailing)

No. 776863

File: 1549840443314.jpg (147.86 KB, 1080x554, Screenshot_20190210-171340_Twi…)

No. 776864

>kind enough

lol shay knew she was about to be exposed so she ran away asap

No. 776866

did she leave the same damn day? lol she gonna look like bobo the clown now
>um like me n daddy got back 2 together! he jus waterboarded me as a welcome bk!

No. 776872

File: 1549847551352.jpg (35.56 KB, 606x458, Capture.JPG)

Saved time so no one has sit through 40 minutes of awards. No, Shay didn't win. Much to no one's surprise.

No. 776873

Ahahahahahha thank fuck. There is a god.

No. 776874

now how long will it take her to change her Twitter name and stop milking her 5 minutes of top 5 fame?

probably only as long as it takes for her to lurk here and see this challenge.

No. 776875

File: 1549847870577.jpg (62.97 KB, 577x486, Capture.JPG)

Yeah she was betting on winning.

No. 776879

File: 1549848210662.jpg (51.18 KB, 841x463, Capture.JPG)

Also Dawn didn't win MV Star of the Year either but she still won over Shayna with a Team Choice award.
I'm all for a win that'll have Shayna seeing green envy.

No. 776881

Lmao yasss congrats Dawn!!!

No. 776883

Thank GOD

Will she complain about it on Twitter?

No. 776884

Snapchat anon, is she flipping shit?

No. 776885

File: 1549849408647.png (44.11 KB, 587x329, 2019-02-10 20_43_19-Window.png)

this is all she's said so far

No. 776886


This. I mean, gotta hand it to Shay. This is Scammy Mattel at her "finest". She was actually able to keep her splitting with Fupa from everyone until now and mega mooched off a fellow cam girl and never had to lift a finger, save to drink/smoke and put up her tacky shit in the room at Dawn's and now she's getting an all expenses paid trip back to her dada. Amazingly scummy & scammy. This may be her top scam. Definitely in the top 3.

No. 776887

i wouldn't be surprised if she didn't say anything else about it

No. 776889

Her not knowing that the winners knew ahead of time to film their thank you videos makes this all the more enjoyable. Shayna really thought she'd win and wouldn't know until the awards themselves. Dawn winning something makes it even better because you know she stopped watching after she lost and won't even think to check and see if Dawn won and to send her a congrats.

No. 776890

Maybe they get all the nominees to film thank yous ahead of time

No. 776891

Winner has almost 7k followers and Shayna has almost 14.5k. Imagine how that looks to anyone who doesn't know that Shayna's followers are fake.

No. 776893

File: 1549850652079.jpg (Spoiler Image, 582.37 KB, 1080x1635, Screenshot_20190210-200344_Twi…)

Is this at fupa's?(spoiler)

No. 776894

No it’s a hotel. Shower curtain and the curved rod are dead give aways

No. 776895

It's definitely not the bathroom she uses at Fupa's. Looks more like a hotel shower curtain as well.

No. 776901

Just the other day she was offering all of her videos as well as a YEAR of Snapchat for $50. Does she really get random people to pay for her alcoholism like this? because she shouldn't be spending money she doesn't have. I don't see how anyone who didn't go for her last "sale" will go for it this time around, when it's a lower value.

also wonder if she's at a hotel very near Fupapa and he's paying for it, since she's back in central time. maybe she's still not allowed in the house but he keeps her closeby for cum dumps.

No. 776902

Snap anons for Shay and fupa need to come through

No. 776905

She always posts stuff in her own timezone, right? Why's she using central time now?

No. 776906

It was confirmed she's going back to Fupa (at least under the guise of getting her cat) but it looks like she's staying in a hotel until she can convince Fupa to let her back in the house. No telling who's paying for it though since we all know Shay is broke.

No. 776908

This is dumb but I wonder about the logistics of her snap subscribers like she obviously doesn't keep records right? like I wonder how she knows who has what sub and when to charge then like is it a direct debit?? lol

No. 776911

yeah I know it was confirmed she was returning to OK. that's why I'm wondering about why she's still in a hotel, and speculating that he's probably keeping her closeby for booty call reasons since she's not allowed back in the house. yeesh, reading comprehension skills have been seriously lacking on this thread the past few days

I bet she just hopes her "subscribers" will notify her when they're due for another payment. she said she spent 2-3 hours messaging people asking if they wanted to pay more to keep on, but snap anons here said that they hadn't heard anything from her about having to pay more. I bet she just doesn't keep any records and goes through randomly and hopes she gets to everyone. it would be in line with the rest of her work ethic (i.e. non-existent)

No. 776912

I think there's too much tinfoiling going on, it's entirely possible she took these at the hotel she was staying at in CO and is only posting them now

No. 776913

If that's the case then that means she's trying to hide the fact that she's back in the ~Haus of Mattel~. Either way it's a weird and shady situation.

No. 776914

Definitely what I'm thinking as well

No. 776915

She's gonna hide it as long as possible. She's prob not taking pics right now because she's been most likely drinking and crying and looks like shit if I had to guess lol

No. 776917

snap anons, have either of them said anything about being back together, or fupa revealed the "surprise" he was talking about?

No. 776918

These are new. She was posting a bunch of old stuff earlier but this is from her new hotel. Have to go to work or I’d post screenshots. Sage bc no proof

No. 776920

Feel free to post proof after work, we'll still be here. It is an identical shower compared to the pre-flight hotel. She's definitely back in Oklahomer but no peep about where she's staying.

No. 776924

i thought so at first glance but the shower tile is different and the toilet is not in the same place.

No. 776926

Oh shit you right. It's identical showerhead/curtain, so it got me fooled. Looks like >>776912 was wrong about it just being tinfoil. she's definitely still in a hotel somewhere closer to Fupa.

No. 776944


Alright I’m on lunch so I skipped through some of her dancing/whining about mv awards to save time but here’s an update. Looks like fresh milk will be spilled tomorrow morning. Also there is some definitely sitting next to her at the bar on the slushy at the bar video. Cuts off at the end, sorry

No. 776946

I hate hate hate how she always talks like she is a drag queen or a jeffree star wannabe.

No. 776948

LMAO that half a second where the filter was off

No. 776950

Better than the retarded baby voice she likes to use.

No. 776952

I feel like she was gonna cry during the parts where she’s talking about the MV AWARDS, holy shit she really thought she was gonna win as sub of the year kek

No. 776957

"we're going to play ski-ball"
So she's obviously not alone, must be with fupa cos she doesn't have anyone else.

No. 776958

she makes her voice so much more high pitched when she's talking to herself in vids versus just talking regularly while fupa for example films her unknowingly lol

No. 776959

"its been a sticky situation, but im happy to say that im safe"

At WHAT POINT has this bitch been unsafe? One of the many reasons why Shayna is so despicable is that self serving language, you literally imply you either dodged an unsafe home (Dawn could be a lot of things, but you know she wasnt doing shit to Shayna and fupa has been the only person so far to physically abuse even if its under the pre-tense of "sub/dom dynamics uwu") which she had any and all chances to leave (see: dawn) or that she dodged living on the street. That directly goes against her whole concept of "thriving ~sex worker~" when one bad roomate deal can land you on the pavement with no form of back up plan or saved emergency money.

No. 776960

good point. she really did use some shitty manipulative language there

No. 776962

She has like 5 different voices lmao. And she is so salty she didn’t win.

>we’re going to bed

She’s not alone? Also I’m looking forward to the milk tomorrow. Anons today curdled the good milk we had. And that’s why she will never make it to /pt.

No. 776966

“If anyone wants to help with breakfast or anything”

This bitch can’t even afford CEREAL.

No. 776967

I'm pretty sure she says "we" because she considers her snapchat echo chamber her friends, if fupa was there she wouldn't be able to shut up about it. Also she looks dead inside at the end of those snaps.

No. 776968

File: 1549873939552.png (382.97 KB, 368x574, Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 12.2…)

looks only a bit too feminine to be fupa's hand(unless someone has a pic of fupapa's hand) but the way they're sitting they seem to be talking to shay. if it's not fupa it's not impossible she's just drunk talking to a stranger

No. 776969

Did your shoulder get dislocated from that reach??
It’s a bedspread.

No. 776970

She probably looks super vulnerable at the bar and is letting weird men buy her drinks and keeping the money people send her

No. 776971


Thanks anon! She look like a sad drunk hag at the end… She need to stop mentioning she's gettimg drunk every 2 sec

No. 776979

I’m going into the river.

No. 776983

She's at The Max, that's downtown Tulsa.

No. 776985


was just about to say the same thing kek. that hand has to be fupa's.

No. 776987

Are you the other Tulsa Anon? Think we'll actually see her outside this time around?

No. 776989

pixielocks vibes. Somehow even more grating

No. 776990


kek no sorry. just an anon with free time and google.

No. 776995

I really cant believe Shayna cant even get off her ass to help her roommate (who let her live there for free and paid for everything) take care of a literal dying puppy. She can't even fucking drive her to the vet? Shayna is such a selfish person… She's been using everyone in her life since day 1. She's such a manipulative POS I really can't believe how fucked up and selfish she is. She deserves everything that happened and will come to her in future. She's such a bad person, my god.

No. 776997

I wonder if someone leaked her username would she even bother checking with new people what subscription they paid or if they even paid it, seems like she’d just expect they paid since her username hasn’t been leaked yet, kek

No. 777000

just last thread there was a screenshot of her talking about how she asked like 100 people if they still wanted to have access to her snapchat or something. she does have at least some type of system

No. 777001

File: 1549890794314.png (635.52 KB, 470x776, 2019-02-11 08_05_53-Video Feb …)


No. 777002

she said she spent 2 1/2 hours contacting people about reupping but a snap anon said they hadn't been contacted by her about payment
it honestly seems like she just takes whatever she can get and then just says whatever on twitter to make it sound like she's doing good business

No. 777008

Her snapchat name is: dumlildolly

Fupa posted it on his snap when she first got there. He posted "picking up @dumlildolly from the airport"

No. 777012

Oh God she's at the Max in Tulsa. To think I could run into this bitch.

No. 777014

you never will tho. fupa would take her outside about once a month kek.

No. 777016

The cold sore near her lip though. she’s so broken out

No. 777017

I think that’s her public

No. 777038

File: 1549903960239.jpg (459.75 KB, 1080x1831, Screenshot_20190211-104216_Chr…)

So fupa was definitely around while Shay was living with Dawn, and causing issues. Dawn was trying to get Shay to be a structured camgirl, but Shay talking to fupa was ruining it. I honestly feel pretty neutral about Dawn and think she was just looking to capitalize on Shay's "following", and fupa was telling Shay to do things that Dawn didn't agree with. Not being there for someone when a puppy dies is so heartless.

I'm so excited to hear what Shay is going to say about her moving out of Dawn's. It'll be pure gold. Thank you snap Anon for the continued milk!

No. 777039

Doesn't surprise me that fupa was causing problems. He seems very insecure/desperate, probably why he wanted shayna to move in after meeting with her twice

No. 777040

Shay really fucked this up. Dawn might have been able to make her successful with a decent work ethic. But Fupa and his chode were more important.

No. 777041

Dawn had already made Shayna's room busier by sending her fans there and after they'd started camming together Shayna probably would have made a lot more money.On top of that she got a free furnished room.She's really an idiot for losing all that.

No. 777042

at this point Shay fucking up is par for the course. it's inevitable. she really shouldn't be trying to do this shit anymore since she clearly can't make it work no matter what. even after Dawn sent her fans over to Shay, she didn't do well the next time she cammed after that. She only made around 50 dollars the very last time she did it. Any momentum she gets is always destroyed by her.

No. 777043

Shayna chose a chode over a career. She has once again proven that she is her own worst enemy and is not deserving of any pity or wking.

With that being said, Fupa is a real fucking creep and I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up physically abusing / killing Shayna down the line, now that she's totally isolated herself (her own fault for being an asshole to those trying to help her). She has no support network other than her fake twitter followers, she's totally dependent on him for money/housing… she's paying rent with her pussy and it's sad. Sad because she had a chance to escape and she fucked it up.

No. 777044

Yeah, she's only ever going to make just enough to survive. If she can't make dawn basically just handing her money and opportunities work, I can't see how she could work successfully in pro porn or with an agency for more than a couple of months at best. Yet she still seems to think she has a chance at surviving in LA

No. 777046

shays following is basically non existent

No. 777049

That's why she would have benefited way more from the arrangement than Dawn. Dawn seems to be doing fine financially.

No. 777055

I wonder what made her think she could get her followers to support her after turning cam whore when all she did was alienate them

No. 777058

She just doesn't seem to understand the job. Whenever I've seen her on cam she just sits there looking bored unless someone tips her to do something.

No. 777059

lmao i highly doubt fupa is a murderer and he probably takes that as a compliment
all his tumblr dom and snuff shit was for internet points only
dude is as midwest milquetoast as it gets

No. 777069

Tbh I don’t think he’s actual murder material or even a wife beater. He’s just a soy boy. He’s just going to emotionally abuse her and cum in her until either A- she gets pregnant. B- she kills herself (I could see it, she’s already dead inside) or C- he takes his “domming” to fat and accidentally kills her because he has no idea what he’s doing and they’re not being safe at all

No. 777070

it honestly would not surprise me in the least at this point if they would just do wacky "bdsm" shit strictly for tumblr points and were normally having otherwise boring, regular sex
i mean what haven't either of them lied about at this point?

No. 777075

all she needs to do is be nice the guys that come into her room and build some regulars or whatever like why doesn't she work the whole "I'm a little take care me" angle? then she'd get shit from people.

I think she obviously just doesn't care about being a sex worker, it's all for attention and having something that makes her special or whatever. you know she loves saying stuff about hitting herself or the stuff she's shoved up her ass cus she thinks its edgy. she doesn't even really like being a sub, if you watch 5 minutes of any of those bdsm videos she makes with people you can tell that she hates it

No. 777078

Her public is dollymattel

No. 777082

at this point she has to be banking on locking fupa down and making him take care of her, right? i mean if she was willing to bullshit dawn over him…
i just honestly have no idea how she could a) try to revive her "career" or b) move into ANY new line of work. i can't even see her succeeding as a grocery store cashier at this point

No. 777083

When is she going to take down the sub 2k19 thing

No. 777084

she didn't take down her christmas raffle tweet until a month after christmas so i wouldn't hold my breath

No. 777085

I doubt she’ll want to take it down because she thinks being in the top 5 is a major accomplishment

No. 777086

That was another scam wasn't it? I never saw her talk about a winner

No. 777088

Yup. Said she was going to announce the winners on cam during her Christmas show. Never did

No. 777091

I wouldn’t be surprised if not one person entered

No. 777095

Okay I will never WK for Shayna but did anyone see her explanation for what’s been going on that she posted on Snapchat? If any of that is even slightly true Dawn is more of a creep than I thought. She claims Dawn had a boyfriend that she didn’t know about until right before she moved in and according to her, Dawn expected the three of them to eventually enter into a relationship.

No. 777097

please post some type of evidence. this type of post does nothing but make people tinfoil…

No. 777102

Even if this is true what makes people want to get into a relationship with a woman who’s vagina looks like that

No. 777105

If this is true then Shay's still a massive fucking idiot. Of course someone who's basically buying everything for you is interested in you. Dawn's not a creep in this case - Shay just probably knew already and ignored it for as long as she could.
Which I highly doubt is even true in the first place. Dawn's puppy died so she'd gonna bring up possible solution drama??? Either you're lying or shay is.

No. 777106

I don't think that's necessarily true Anon - idk what Shay thought but if I was her I would think it was Dawn investing in me/my "career" not that she wanted to fuck me (not without recording anyway)

No. 777107

Even if shay did post this, I'm pretty sure it's bullshit or at the least, very exaggerated
Also Dawn's posted her side publicly and shay only talks about it on her paid for snapchat. That alone is suspicious

No. 777108

have you never met a man before? they don’t generally have high standards. anyway who gives a fuck. until we see screenshots this is pointless to speculate.

No. 777109

This girl has gotten men and women to eat her ugly pussy and I can’t figure out how

No. 777110

The women got money for it and fupa is desperate

No. 777111

There is no way I'm going to believe this unless you can post caps. Snapchat anons need to stop acting like everything they say should be taken at face value with no proof

No. 777112

Need a snapchat anon to post proof.

In any case, there are plenty of "arrangements" like this, particularly on anon image boards where people might post that they're looking to house someone in exchange for services, a relationship, or whatever (/soc/ adopt a neet comes to mind, lol).

I find it hard to believe that Shayna didn't know about this relationship stuff when moving in, considering that Dawn bought her furniture, paid for her tickets, and offered to fly Ribmeat to her. Shay probably backed out when push came to shove and then Dawn was like, well, if you can't hold up anything from the deal, you have to go.

No. 777114

It’s has to be stds?? Is there such thing as a never ending vaginal breakout?

No. 777115

I guess it's possible if you just don't take care of it and/or are unhygienic? Which wouldn't surprise me with Shayna.

Yeah if shayna is still pretending to be bi I can see why that would be an issue

No. 777120

I find that hard to believe since Dawn was commenting pretty hard on how boyfriends make sex work harder. Making it seem like she isn't into having one/doesn't have one
I'm sure she'll see this and talk about it on cam or twitter and we'll have an answer. And hopefully the (possible) slander will push her to spill whatever milk is left

No. 777124

File: 1549916352497.jpeg (129.29 KB, 750x895, 4802926A-FF62-4338-A9E4-689620…)

No. 777128

Wait a sec, so did they actually break up and get back together or did Shay lie to Dawn in order to shack up with her as a "business opportunity"?

No. 777130

Based on what dawn said it sounds like shayna told her they'd broken up but really they were trying long distance

No. 777134

Finally someone else says it! I think the whole "break up" was a hoax to trick Dawn.

No. 777135

me too at this point

No. 777136

so basically they faked a breakup and that's why none of fupa's sappy shit made sense
lies on top of more lies lol did she really think she was gonna outsmart someone with this?

No. 777138

i doubt the only reason was to leech off Dawn, or she wouldnt have moved all her stuff from fupas i dont think. i still think he needed her & all her stuff out of the house for some reason (probs something to do with his kids) which is stupid if shes just gonna move right back in lmao

No. 777139

well people definitely believed her and gave her money for her stupid whiny bullshit on social media.

No. 777140

I dont believe this shit. If dawn had a BF there would be content with him. Men love real cumshots and creampie shit. She wouldnt miss out on that market.
And if she had a BF she wouldnt have made such a point of saying it would be nice to have shays 'help' with the puppies.

No. 777143

if dawn paid for all the flights, room and board, and moving her shit i wouldn't put it past shay to have tried to play her as long as she possibly could
it seems kind of like she mistook dawn's hospitality as naivety and thought (as usual) she could get away with whatever she wanted with minimal effort and a few lies sprinkled in

No. 777144

i meant the person putting her up for free, not the idiots that subscribe to her autism and enable her self-destruction

No. 777145

Uploading her snap to dropbox right now..will take a while. Its 20 minutes long.

No. 777148

jfc 20 minutes?
thank you as always for bringing the milk, snap anons

No. 777150

that’s over 120 snaps how the hell???

No. 777151

Dolly's explanation on what happened with Dawn. 20 minutes long. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1g9wczhb2mjew8m/mobizen_20190211_125019.mp4?dl=0

No. 777152

File: 1549920452428.gif (2 MB, 292x167, giphy.gif)


bless you for this milk

No. 777155

Im calling horse shit you can't believe anything that comes out of her mouth

No. 777156

lol so basically shayna is just making bs abuse claims again. She's obviously just bitter that Dawn kicked her out.
I kinda hope Dawn sees this video tbh

No. 777157

Of course she’s acting like this was all Dawn’s fault. Dawn was upfront with her about everything, while Shayna decided to hide stuff. And yes, if someone is taking you into their home with free plane fare, free moving pod, free bed, free everything, they do have a right to know personal information because you’re living in their home. I also hate how she acts like SHE was taken advantage of and makes it look like she was in some kind of unsafe situation. She basically just pissed any sort of career possibilities away.

No. 777158


Yea she will def see this. I wouldnt be surprised if she was expecting it, could explain the twitter spergs

No. 777161

Lol, a boyfriend living in the basement? Guess she's taking her own life as examples to create stories now.

I'm not saying everything she's saying is a lie, I do believe Dawn isn't as nice as she seems and is a controlling fuck, but the story and the way Shay's telling is just so… absurd

No. 777163

She's actually pissing me off in this video. why is she acting like Dawn abducted her and forced her to live in her home. Dawn did her a favour and shayna is a greedy freeloader so obviously she took the opportunity.
I'm guessing she took the 'mental health days' to figure out how to twist the story.

No. 777164

there's a billion things to say on this but she is just such a manipulative person jesus

No. 777165

tbh what she says sounds like absolute bs i cant even decide if it's true or nah

No. 777166

“It got to a point where I was afraid to leave the house or go on vacation”

Shayna, you have no idea what actual abuse is like. You are fucking scum and claim this abuse bullshit with everyone.

No. 777167

Yup, there's so many points where you can tell she's manipulating what happened. eg. 'She gave me a choice of two hotels, so she could know where I was' Is more likely to be that dawn was paying for the room and gave her the options that she was willing to pay for.

No. 777168

tl;dr that's still long as hell because this bitch really rambled on for 15 straight minutes in an attempt to victimize herself

>at another hotel

>needed time to process everything
>"youvebeenwarned" and i broke up
>dawn messaged her 10 minutes after announcing breakup on twitter to invite her to come stay with her all expenses paid, no questions asked
>was astonished that someone so successful and well known reached out
>dawn said she would take care of her and get her out of her situation
>she was "vulnerable"
>"it was everything i needed in that moment"
>after that - dawn sends pod, shay packs up shit
>the day she got there said dawn told her about her "partner that lives in the basement and works 18 hours a day that i would never hardly see"
>assumed she meant roommate
>"i was very wrong"
>a week or two later - "i need to get my cat and i left my playstation and dishes" (LMAO)
>after that things start getting "SUSPECT"
>dawn was suspicious that she was leaving the week of valentine's day and questioned her relationship status
>said she only took her in because she thought she was single with nowhere to go
>"it was kind of really weird and she was basically telling me she wanted me to stay there long term and this is LITERALLY DAYS after she was telling me she was going to help me fix my credit score so i could buy my own home" (how is this bad??)
>"A) you don't have a right to my relationship status"
>suggesting it was suspicious that dawn only wanted to take her in because she was single
>"i felt trapped"
>"none of this was adding up AT ALL"
>"it got to be really scary"
>"any time i tried to leave that house, she was gonna be suspect of whatever i was doing and who i was with and that started to feel really controlling"
>said dawn didn't want to work/live with her if she was in a relationship because >she didn't want her "secrets" aired and other details about her personal life
>"it felt ELITIST"
>dawn said she was worried any money she helped her make she would run back to her ex to start a new life (LOL)
>"if i'm making money it's because of her?"
>"do you wanna help me start a new life of my own or do you wanna start a life of you profiting off of me?"
>"this person only took me in because they wanted to profit off of me not because they actually wanted to help me out of a shitty situation"
>"holy shit this is actually extremely fucking weird"
>said she didn't have a shower curtain?
>told her when she could smoke, would cut off her tv access and throw pillows at her door to get her attention and then accuse her of "being on the phone for a long time"
>"they were insinuating that they were LISTENING to what i'm saying on the phone"
>"these people are literally CONTROLLING me. i feel like i'm in a pressure cooker"
>starting to tear up 2 or 3 days ago dawn's boyfriend was pounding on her door and said they needed to talk right this minute
>boyfriend told her she needed to put her phone upstairs
>"these people are trying to ruin my brain and don't want there to be any evidence in case i recorded it, WHICH I DID"
>told them she didn't feel safe without her phone on him
>boyfriend told her then she needed to leave and dawn apparently didn't say anything
>denies any responsibility to helping dawn when her puppy died
>"as if i was the reason the puppy started dying"
>"it got SO scary"
>"i was feeling like things were my fault when they WEREN'T"
>"i was terrified"
>dawn's boyfriend started throwing shay's boxes out on the street and was threatening to call the cops on her if she wouldn't leave
>"her boyfriend said he didn't help me move in because he knew this would happen, which leads me to believe that they knew they were problematic people and have had this happen in the past, which they have told me they had brought in other people before and made the mistake of mixing business with pleasure"
>"i wouldn't be the first one they tried to fuck"
>"i'm just so hurt and i feel so dumb"
>"i'm just like ashamed of myself because i thought i was smarter than that and i put myself in a vulnerable position"
said dawn's bf called her named and "shamed her" and "talked shit about sex workers"
>"this guy as far as i know has NO fucking job"
>"seems like dawn funded everything for him"
>"i'm still kind of processing what's going on because it's been so hectic"
said it was controlling that dawn offered 2 specific hotels she could put her up in (LOL) because they would know where she was staying
>"so i guess moral of the story here is a) i'm safe and b) i'm looking for a new place to live, so if you guys wanna help out with that kinda stuff i'm gonna look for a new apartment"

No. 777169

Is Shay biphobic/homophobic? I'm not saying that you have to sleep with any girl in order to be bi but with this and her past failed attempts to touch women it's adding up to it. It seems like Shay will flirt and pander to any man who will pay for her shit, but she couldn't even string Dawn along long enough until she got her shit together to move out.

I know that she preagreed to her ~bdsm lifestyle~ with Fupa but I don't get why she was ok with him using her ass raw as she slept and telling her when to drink water, but freaks out when a couple tells her to stop smoking and wasting her time watching tv.

No. 777170

"need i remind you, i didn't even know she existed until she messaged me saying she would baby me and help me improve my life, but im dumb and thinks that comes expenses free"

She bought you ikea furniture, admitted to everyone she was going to make you pay rent eventually and YOU STILL thought she wasnt gonna ask for profit/content???? Girl… Wtf is your job? She was literally gonna groom you like the pro porn business grooms young dumb girls looking for their shot.

If a manager signs a recording artist, that manager gets profit. Dont be a fucking dumbass Shay.

No. 777171

whoops missed two lines of greentext but you get it
what is she on lately? this sounded manic af

No. 777172

She called Fupa "the love of my life"
Ew ew ew

No. 777173

She didn't even call him that on twitter like she claimed. She said 'I got dumped'

No. 777174

dawn has a boyfriend that lives in her basement??

No. 777175

i mean i thought it might be bs but the screenshots prove dawn had a boyfriend. so i did a search and she stopped talking about him publicly in 2016 but he used to go on chaturbate with her (according to tweets) and she would peg him.

No. 777176

According to Dawn it's just online >>777124
Which is what makes me think that Shayna is saying that because she's pissed that Dawn found out about her not being fully single or whatever.

No. 777178

not having a shower curtain was the weirdest thing about this? wut?? and being told when she is and isnt allowed to smoke is pretty normal in someone elses house.
she said she recorded them kicking her out so we'll see if she posts it.

No. 777179

The pig that is first to the trough eats the best
Who will respond first, Shay, Fupa, or Dawn?

No. 777180

lol right it's dawn's home and she lived there alone, so not having a shower curtain isn't weird, neither is not wanting someone smoking 24/7

No. 777181

The text says that her partner lives in the basement tho… Not wking shayna but she did show the text.

No. 777182

i'm pretty sure shayna and dawn were talking waaaay before the ''break-up'' happened so thats a lie. i'll try to find the screenshots

No. 777183

Shayna really is the most ungrateful person I’ve ever seen on the internet. She clearly expects to be treated like a princess wherever she goes.

No. 777184

File: 1549922792529.png (62.15 KB, 525x657, 2019-02-11 17_01_41-dolly matt…)

here's some to start

No. 777185

Wow so they were talking in March last year. But shayna is trying to tell people she had no idea who dawn was before she went there.

No. 777186

File: 1549922912540.png (59.84 KB, 1286x430, Screenshot (332).png)

wow thats a lot longer than i thought. i think pic related is the first time dawn was mentioned in shays threads.

No. 777187

I dont believe any of this. Dawn please spill the real tea on scammy Shay.

No. 777188

could she not make it anymore obvious that she and Fupa are still fucking around on the DL.

>"so i guess moral of the story here is a) i'm safe and b) i'm looking for a new place to live, so if you guys wanna help out with that kinda stuff i'm gonna look for a new apartment"

KEK begging again. good luck finding someone now that she put the only person willing to help her publically on blast. what a fucking moron. i hope Dawn goes out of her way to see to it that Shaytard gets blacklisted by as many other cam girls and production companies as possible.

No. 777189

It’s not weird at all, but she’s trying to make it out like they were watching her shower lmao. She’s such a perpetual victim and it clear she’s trying to manipulate her own offenses to paint dawn as an abuser. Like how hard is it to fathom that most people wouldn’t want you smoking weed indoors? Especially when they dawn has multiple animals, one of which was heavily pregnant! Honestly sounds like dawn let her get away with a ton of shit that most people wouldn’t. Spill the milk dawn, shay clearly isn’t above slander.

No. 777190

I really hope with this video; Shay burned any goodwill that the community might have had. People would have killed for that chance and Shay just fucked it all up and is making herself the victim. And there cant be anyway that Dawn is just going to let this slander slide.

No. 777191

If a main point of how awful dawn is, is that she doesn't have a shower curtain, then it's pretty clear that Shayna is just doing her usual routine of acting a victim.
On top of that, she lied about not knowing who Dawn is and who knows what else.
I'm guessing this is why she's posting on her private snapchat and not publicly like dawn

No. 777193

Am I supposed to take any of this seriously with that retarded snapchat hearts filter

I don't think Shay's a reliable narrator in the least, and when your "profession" involves regular interaction with either DDLG or zoosadist-type creeps, you can't really be the best judge of character. Both are creeps themselves, but Dawn comes off as looking better in all of this.

No. 777196

wait what text are you referring to?

No. 777197

If I was hosting someone for free I would be angry too that she would beg for hundreds of dollar worth of weed and booze. If you want to buy a house that's the last thing you should spend on wtf

No. 777199

The one at the end of the snapchat rant. Let me see if I can screen shot it

No. 777200

File: 1549925075095.png (132.69 KB, 331x524, Screenshot (333).png)

it was at the end of the snapchat video

No. 777201

Doesn't say they live in the basement?

No. 777202

File: 1549925272623.png (104.99 KB, 311x412, Screenshot (334).png)

oops the bottom was cut off. it just says he works 'downstairs'

No. 777203

ah thank you i totally missed that!

No. 777204

True, but she still did tell her last minute about a "partner so I mean, She at least was telling the truth about that.

No. 777205

Hmm this is interesting for sure, seems like Dawn really did have some secrets she wanted Shayna to keep

No. 777206

the real milk is shayna's response to that which she conveniently cut the convo off at which was probably something like:
>omg yeah that's totally fine!!~

No. 777208

The partner thing is a little weird, especially since Dawn made such a big deal about Shay's relationship with Fupa. I wonder if Shay is going to release the recording of her getting kicked out? That would be incredibly milky.

No. 777209

if Dawn has a boyfriend who lives with her, why was she so butthurt over shay not helping with the puppies…you'd think her actual PARTNER would be there for her during that

No. 777211

And at that point Shayna could have decided to not accept the free flight, room and furniture

No. 777213

i doubt there is any recording tbh

No. 777214

Probably because shay lied the whole time she was there

No. 777218

honestly sounds like the boyfriend read shay's threads and just wanted nothing to do with her lmao

No. 777220

You are all getting it wrong. She said he didn't know about the GUY before he got there. Not about Dawn. She's not that stupid. She was saying "I didn't know YOU existed" as in the person who was talking to her, which was the guy, not Dawn. That was her whole thing.

No. 777221

She referred to dawn as someone she barely spoke to and then as a stranger

No. 777222

No. In the video she said she didn't know who Dawn was until she messaged her after she posted about her break up on twitter.

No. 777223

she was only there a couple of weeks, what fucking vacation was she going on lol.

>tells me one day before moving about partner

and you still went shay, so it couldn't have bothered you as much as you're pretending it did now.

No. 777224

>he shamed me
i hope he told her she needed to fix her roots

No. 777225

Looks like Dawn was doing that cowtipping stalker thing where they decide they can fix a cow by adopting it. I can see Dawn buying the 'abusive ex kicked me out' story and was disappointed to see her go back so soon and didn't approve of Shay visiting Fupa to piss away all her money getting drunk, high and making unprofessional couple tweets. It's already confirmed that Dawn has opinions about public boyfriends being detrimental to camming.
There still could be truth that she wanted to sleep with shay and/or stop Fupa from interfering with any other plans she had for Shay though.

So Dawn hid her guy, and Shay hid hers, then they both got mad at each other?

No. 777226


truth, but it sounds like the partner works a ton if dawn mentioned shay would hardly notice he was there.

idk it could of been the guy was at work, shayna was home and just avoided the situation altogether. i still think shay is a heartless cunt. yeah she doesn't have a responsibility towards it, but let's be real… most people would be there for someone if a puppy was dying in their arms, and another one had to be taken to a emergency vet. i can't tell if she just doesn't give a fuck about anyone but herself or if she's just lazy. probably both.

but wow, shay is really milking this so she turns out as a victim. she's so manipulative. acting as if she was abused. how long was even there? like not even a month? yet this bitch acts as if she just escaped an abusive relationship she was in for years lol. it's hard to believe anything that comes outta her mouth. i'm sure dawn was upfront about wanting to promote shay so that they could do content together, and maybe wanted to bang her too. i'm positive shay said she was single for a reason all while fucking around with fupa long distance. for that reason dawn thought she had the 'all clear' to make personal advances or make content together (no idea why, who wants shay's crusty nutsack). like did shay really think dawn would do this out of pure kindness and not expect anything in return? seems to me shay knew from the beginning what dawn's intentions were and just tried to freeload for as long as she could, before dawn became suspicious about it all and decided to boot her to the curb.

shay literally had an entire room furnished for her out of dawn's pocket, yet she's gonna go back to her tulsda soyboy fupa who could only provide a barren room for her to cam in. not even a bed. like how do you have such bad judgment lmao

No. 777227

File: 1549927164272.png (75.35 KB, 549x521, Screenshot (335).png)

these texts say Jan 18th and Shayna says it was ONE DAY before she moved there but she tweeted about being on flights on Jan 23rd so yeah its abit short notice but not one day like she claims

No. 777228

this last month is the embodiment of why shayna is a lolcow

No. 777229

Dawn told Shayna days before she even left fupas. Shayna lied the whole time she was with dawn. Not really the same

No. 777230

She said she was shocked that someone so well-known and successful would reach out to her. She knew of Dawn's existence, just didn't know her well and regretted moving in with a stranger. Those were her words. She clearly meant she didn't know of the guy's existence, not Dawn's

No. 777231

but now the receipts are saying she knew days before >>777227

No. 777232

This is crazy. If Dawn has a boyfriend/partner or whatever, then why does she care if Shay does? That seems hypocritical and controlling to me. Shay is obviously a dumbass in this situation but so is that idiot Dawn. They both look retarded beyond belief in this situation.

No. 777233


also she was tweeting about filling the storage unit on Jan 22nd so she hadnt even sent her stuff yet when these texts were sent

No. 777236

it honestly astounds be how much she lies and how terrible she is at keeping it all straight

No. 777237

It's been said already but Dawn told Shayna about her partner days before she was due to leave Tulsa. Shayna could've then rejected Dawn's offer.
Shayna lied to Dawn the whole time she was living in her house for free about the real situation with fupa.
Very different situations

No. 777238

Honestly feel like shes a pathological liar at this point

No. 777239

Before Dawn's Instagram was deleted/taken down I was looking for anything weird and none of the screenshots have anything that looks like a male would own. I only have a few photos but its all dogfood and empty drink bottles (water/Gatorade) in the background.

Also, some bathrooms don't have shower curtains. When I was in Norway none of the Airbnbs/hotels had shower curtains. Either open with a drain or clear glass. But know what they DID have? Doors. Kek at Shay just not closing the fucking door. It takes a minute to ask your roommate(s) if they need to use the bathroom beforehand.

No. 777240

she could at least try a little harder lol that's not in her nature tho i guess

No. 777241

I hope he told her she needed to fix her gash.

No. 777242

She looks away from the camera a lot when talking and has this sporadic behavior in the video

No. 777243

File: 1549928158223.png (449.31 KB, 1080x1702, Screenshot_20190211-183120~2.p…)

I don't know who this is but I searched for Dawn on twitter and oooooooh bitch! things are going to get milky as f(Do not attempt to use lolcow.farm for attention or profit.)

No. 777244

doesn't water get everywhere if you don't have a shower curtain…I'm confused

No. 777245

Self post?

No. 777246

Yeah Dawn made it clear she wouldn't have offered Shay a home if she thought she needed it. AKA was single and getting kicked out. It has less to do with Shay not being single and more to do with her lying saying she was gonna be homeless because they broke up.

No. 777247


Isn't this cowtipping tho

No. 777248

It seriously pisses me off when she says “they were telling me when an how I could smoke, they were controlling me”

ITS NOT YOUR HOUSE. You’re in someone else’s home and you’re going to get MAD that they asked you to smoke in a certain area or only during certain times of the day? She is such an ungrateful liar. Dawn didn’t hide anything, yet Shayna is making it seem like Dawn just took her in to fuck her or something.

I also doubt the partner was actually verbally abusing her like she claimed.

No. 777249

lol you bitches can't resist stirring it up

No. 777250

Her clearing up knowing dawn. Also, where the fuck is she shipping these amazon purchased then? And why spend that much if you're literally needing to get a place.

No. 777251

"they were telling me when i could smoke" lmao… really taking things for granted, she invited you into her home and she also has dogs and now puppies she doesnt want to expose to constant weed smell

No. 777252

I honestly think you're right. Tinfoil, but I think Dawn thought she could make Shayna into a respectable camwhore and possibly told her boyfriend that she would try to get Shayna to threesome with them so that he would agree to house her too. I doubt there's any truth to what Shay said about Dawn and her boyfriend having "other roommates" previously, so she's probably embellishing, but I don't think for a second that Dawn didn't have some grey-area intentions.

No. 777253

idk but shayna implied it was only an issue in a pervy kind of way which is ridiculous

Right, it's Dawn's home, Shayna wasn't even paying rent. If Dawn had said she didn't want shayna smoking anywhere on the property it would've been reasonable

No. 777254

Anon who posted the Twitter screencap here- I didn't cowtip shit. I literally searched for Dawn on twitter since I don't follow her and went to latest posts and saw this, so gtfo.

No. 777255

She'll be sending them to fupa's probably

No. 777256

i feel like shes at fupas and not in a hotel. like whats that aristocats background?? and i bet she pretends to move to an apartment but just stays at fupas

No. 777258

how THE FUCK is she going to afford $1200 a month???

No. 777259

Why does she keep going on about not knowing that dawn had a partner until a few days before she moved. She didn't even know she was going there until a few days before anyway.
And Dawn didn't force her to go lol

No. 777260

lol i hope these dumb camwhores tear each other apart. they both suck ass.

No. 777261

shes still trying to say dawn didnt tell her about the boyfriend till one day before she went out there when >>777227 its not true

No. 777262

I don't think dawn's dumb enough or wants to turn this into drama. She kicked shayna out because she was lying and causing issues.

No. 777263

she's not lurking hard enough

No. 777264

After that video being splayed out on twitter…. I figure her shits going right to the curb lol

Dawn said she made her intentions with shayna clear prior to moving her in, Shayna claimed they were trying to control her (having rules for their home bc they're not complete lost causes) and she got scared about them asking to leave her phone in another room so she couldn't lie and accuse them of some fake bs (like shes trying now)

I believe they're both lying, but we wont ever get the real-whole truth

No. 777265

I might believe that if Miss "Anons Come Here 4 Milk" hadn't been trying to bait farmers from the very beginning trying to look like a cool camwhore or whatever.

No. 777266

if the bf is the same one that dawn used to talk about on twitter, he is a sub who enjoys pegging. i think it is the same guy because she would talk about him from 2012 to 2016, then stopped. but she mentioned him on furaffinity in 2017 and on her curiouscat in 2018 and 2019. she also mentioned on her curiouscat that they are poly/open.

the only time she denied having an IRL partner is when asked today, 8 hours ago, to which she tried to act like it's an "online only thing" which is absolutely false.

maybe that's why shayna started doing dom stuff… lol. my guess is they tried to bring her into their relationship as soon as she got there.

No. 777267

I really don't think Shay or Dawn are victims here. Shay obviously just wanted someone to take her in, but Dawn knew how Shay was because she reads the boards? Dawn seems weird and controlling even before this milk comes out, and now we come to find out she has a boyfriend in the basement that Shay didn't know til she was about to hop on a flight. Yeah that's fishy. Shay is a retard for getting into this situation regardless but I think the truth is somewhere inbetween these two dairy cows stories.

Either way I'm glad it didn't work out for either of them, not that I'm surprised.

No. 777270

also, reading her curiouscat, dawn is a "cuck queen" which means she likes seeing her boyfriend fuck other girls:


that puts a whole creepy layer onto this imo. she has other posts about it too and she seemed desperate for months to have another girl to have sex with. so i hardly believe this was just for business.

i know everyone in this thread is feeling so sorry for dawn an calling shayna a scammer, but i feel like they are just as bad as each other.

No. 777276

dawn and shay are both wack but there’s a big difference between someone waiting until sort of last minute to mention they have a partner, and someone pushing the “abandoned, dumped victim” narrative for pity and withholding information from/lying to the person who is giving them shelter, food, furniture, paying travel expenses, etc and (for the moment) only expected honesty in return.

i don’t think dogfucker-chan is this controlling, evil sexual mastermind you all think she is. weird and gross, yeah. but having rules for someone currently staying rent free in your home isn’t exactly controlling - especially when you’re dealing with a mess of a human like shay who has no idea how to actually be a decent, functioning human being.

No. 777277

There were a lot of anons speculating that Dawn had shady intentions because of how nice she was being. All this shit with her bf and her flipping out about Shay's relationship status doesn't make things look good for her, at all. Especially her trying to dodge the fact that she has a bf now.
Could be wrong but it definitely sounds like she wanted Shay to be involved in their relationship somehow.

No. 777278

It makes sense for cam girls to not talk about their partners publicly. It's what shayna should have done in the first place. She still shouldn't have lied to dawn though

No. 777279

File: 1549931261403.png (60.54 KB, 699x287, b4df9dcf4dde31c11c8d8f77ffadca…)



No. 777281

dawn is that really fuckin weird anime girl in high school with big boobs who is lowkey a freak with all the nerdy ass boys

No. 777282

Fucking Dawn turning into Onion over here with the trinity tinfoil… Jfc the milk is plentiful! Thank you Snap anon!

It looks like I’m in the minority here but I feel like Shayna’s story (albeit embellished) is probably mostly true. Dawn seems like a crazy fuck, and maybe even more of a cow than Shayna. I wouldn’t put ANY of the shit in Shayna’s video past the dogfucker. The “guy in the basement” thing was true, so - the rest of it seems probable. I hope Shay releases the video… She’ll need to when Dawn’s fans come for her! KEK

No. 777283


Did shay lie though? because we actually don't know

No. 777284

Well she's back in Tulsa and has lied too many times to count so I'm gonna go with yeah

No. 777285

Guys, listen to me for a sec
Shayna is turd of the earth. Trust me. I am NOT WKing. I hate her like all of you.
She does seem disturbed in the video. She seems the most like herself since the shaygnar phase. Granted she’s beyond fucking manipulative but….I feel like regardless of shay, dawn is a really, really dangerously strange girl.

No. 777286

No, I'm with you on this too. Dawns charity act was sketch as fuck, and she doesnt exactly come across as mentally stable with the furry shit. Shays story actually ties in tbh. And if dawns so fucking kind and charitable maybe give her more of a chance. she can't be unaware of how much of a fuckup shay is.Juries out on whether she and fupa have broken up though, I find his incessant emo teen posting on facebook to be suspect. Hes an idiot but surely not stupid to leave everything public knowing about this site. seemed like overkil.

also the puppy thing is ridiculous, shay hardly knows her and seems like an awkward person at the best of times.

No. 777289

I have a feeling Shay and Fupa have been talking this whole time, but not putting a relationship label on it. Both of their constant needs for attention and validation rings true. So technically not lying about being in a relationship, but not being upfront with conversations. Which wouldn't be a big deal with roommates/work partner situation, but if Dawn and her boyfriend had other motives then obviously shit is going to go down.

No. 777290

I feel like she most definitely has to be lying about the “recording” she got of all this cause you know she would’ve posted that shit immediately to milk them abusing her and being the victim

No. 777291

Shayna lied about her parents abusing her, so I'm really not that willing to believe that she isn't lying again. She has a habit of playing the victim.

No. 777293

Yeah it's common sense if you're a cam girl.

No. 777294

Tinfoil but Dawn may not mention her boyfriend because she wants to draw in views on cam. I don't think most guys would wanna jerk off to a girl and have to hear about her boyfriend. Shayna clearly didn't do this with Fupa and it probably put a lot of guys off so if that's the reason, smart move on Dawn's part.

No. 777295

shay has the white girl cat plush in her pile of plush toys.. i only recognized because i was obsessed with that movie as a kid.

No. 777297

she has to be back at Fupapa's, how long did Dawn offer to put her up at a hotel for?

No. 777298

A fair point, but I don't exactly have much faith in dawn either at this point. A month is very fucking fast to kick out someone for the reasons given imo. Especially as she was well aware of shaynas history.

I wonder if maybe shay just wanted out of her situation with fupa given how miserable she seemed. Otherwise the whole thing seems like an awful lot of effort just to end up back at his house, because to be fair I doubt he would just kick her out like that

No. 777299

>>777151 did anyone else catch shay saying, "anyone wanna buy me an edible arrangement?" before it cut off to her next video? hahaa

No. 777300

File: 1549932674986.jpeg (132.54 KB, 750x880, 740ED985-AF5A-450F-BD68-9FCE71…)

Is she really going back to fupa? I imagine that she wouldn’t have to be asking for a new place to live if she was

No. 777301

I suspect she isn’t posting it because of what was said during the “shaming” and name calling Dawns boyfriend did. In her snap story she never did give any examples of what was specifically said. He probably said some pretty rough stuff. Like, comparable to the stuff that’s said on here. I just get the feeling that she tries to keep those comments as off her radar as possible. It’s almost like she thinks she can keep people from noticing or at least pretend they aren’t true if she doesn’t give it attention.

No. 777302

She’s so full of shit she keeps contradicting herself in the video. I notice towards the end she says “I could only take what would fit in ONE bag with me, the rest is all there” then says “my aesthetic will be off cause I could only pack a few bags”

No. 777303

this whole situation is a mess. at first i was like "damn shayna is a fucking idiot, leaving dawn for fupa? dawn is wealthier and better looking"

like if you're going to fuck someone for rent/weed money, might as well be dawn rather than fupa? surely shayna isn't stupid enough to give that up for fupa?

but thinking about the boyfriend shit, and how dawn is into furry kinks, gore, etc. it honestly makes me suspicious. the boyfriend seems like a total degenerate from the little we know about him, and i would imagine he's probably fupa-tier in terms of looks and hygiene.

i feel like maybe shayna actually made the right choice here. fupa is disgusting but he seems to have a teenage boy mentality and is ultimately harmless. whereas dawn and her bf came off as predatory. and i was on dawn's side in the last thread and the thread before that, because i thought dawn just wanted to mentor a cam girl, not start an onision trinity.

No. 777304

Lol, sorry shay but your 'aesthetic' is dollar store trailer trash barbie; no one thinks you are cute or charming. And you will just scam what followers you have for more/new shit.

No. 777305

honestly i could believe shay was telling the truth. like she definitely could be lying but idk, dawn gives me a weird vibe, and i do think it's weird af to keep it a secret until someone is locked into living w you that you have a live in boyfriend.

also this thread was ripping into dawn literally this morning and now so many anons are acting like she's an angel who couldn't ~possibly~ be controlling or manipulative.

i don't doubt that she could be embellishing the story to make her seem even more victimized like >>777302 said but idk, we're literally being handed the proof we wanted that dawn is a creep and almost nobody wants take it lol

No. 777307

Also her stuff is still at dawn's because dawn is arranging and paying for the transport lol

No. 777308

also, it seems like she's slowly learning that meeting people over the internet and meeting shortly after (whether it's twice or never) that she shouldn't be doing it. who knows what fupa expected of her, but they don't live together anymore (expectations, i'm sure.) and then with dawn, those expectations weren't met. i'm willing to believe a few nuggets of what she said about Dawn were true. That's a burned bridge. Fupa isn't a burned bridge, so who knows what really happened because she's still so vague about it. And like that other anon said, i'm excited to see how far each sex working party escalates their version of what happened.

No. 777310

Nah Fupa is dangerous and into dangerous kinks. He is not a safe bet.

No. 777311

so back to fupa or back to parents like we all know she can't afford an apartment

No. 777312

Fupa is not dangerous lmao I doubt his ex would let him see his kids

No. 777313

>she spent her life in a cabinet
that poor cat. i hate that the animal has gotten so caught in the middle of Shayna's stupid antics. it deserves a better, more stable life.

meh, Dawn's entitled to whatever terms she wants to set considering she was providing room and board free of charge to Shayna. and FWIW, it does make sense that she didn't want a boyfriend involved if she was trying to groom Shayna into a more profitable camgirl. (a small-dick fragile-egoed soyboy like Fupa in the picture? i wouldn't want that either.)

like >>777278 said, it's a poor business (and relationship) decision to make your partner public as a camgirl, which explains why she doesn't bring up her boyfriend, and why she wanted Shayna to be single. however, i don't doubt that Dawn was probably hoping to hook up on and off-cam with Shayna and maybe even three way with her since Shayna's insisted she's ~totez attracted to girls uwu

i'm assuming Dawn was expecting some ROI. she didn't pick Shayna up as her pet project out of the goodness of her freakish heart. she clearly realized that she should cut her losses now rather than later since Shayna's a lost cause even as a camgirl

>Fupa is ultimately harmless
i'm no dogfucker stan, but Dawn had the potential to elevate Shayna's career. Shayna left because she is lazy and uncooperative, and that's that. she would have found any excuse to leave because Dawn was actually cracking the whip regarding work and house rules. all Fupa will ever do for her is keep punching her and dryfucking her ass while allowing her to bask in her filth and sloth all day long.

No. 777314

i want to know these secrets that dawn apparently didn't want getting out/leaked by shayna

probably that she's a legit dogfucker

No. 777315

shouldn't she know if a person was putting money into them, furnishing and buying their lifestyle that they'd expect a share or some sort of improvement? like, i totally get ppl funding money into you (whatever business it is) and they usually expect something in return. She's dealt with people that expect nothing in return, but when Dawn is funneling money into you, as a person, on her website, said what was expected, she doesn't think she needs to live up to that?
It's kind of like when an employer pays you more, and expects more from you (it becomes a little iffy with sex workers, idk it all seems creepy to me but is expected) that you do it? You're replaceable. Shsy couldn't hang. Like her olive garden job or whatever. Not saying you need to degrade yourself for a job, but she got A LOT for an expectation.

No. 777316

Anons, let's not start the which is worse sperg, Shay or Dawn- let's let dogfuckerchan out themselves. Y'all think it's Dawn's cheeto-fingered basement boyfriend? Fucking KEK

No. 777317

Why would Dawn pay for Shayna’s hotel room though? I get she may have wanted her out ASAP and that’s why she paid for her flight, but at this point Shayna’s out of her house already. Either she has a heart of gold or possibly she wants to smooth things out between them? And if what Shay said was true, why would she be ok with Dawn still paying for her?

No. 777318

Are you kidding Anon this is Shay we're talking about… She dumb af

No. 777319

I don't like Shay but I believe this story about dawn and her 'partner' trying to groom her.

No. 777320

i know haha!! but, it's… kinda baffling to me. as shay would say.

No. 777321

I bet that Dawn's basement boyfriend is a creepy motherfucker too.

Dawn is hilarious to me. Idk how much money she really makes, but if you go to her main twitter she is begging followers for money to help with her puppies so she clearly can't bankroll herself all that well.

I agree. Dawn is a creepy bitch too, no matter how much money she claims to make.

No. 777322


Maybe dawns payin because Shay knows some shit about her

No. 777323

>>777321 i think when you are on the internet and you have ppl bankrolling your lifestyle, you just kind of lie about this and that, here and there (not everyday like shay) and get money. sure, you have your main income, but you can lie about what you're low on and keep your savings solid and don't need to dip into it.

No. 777324

Just off her onlyfans and mv crushes she's making a few grand a month, plus videos/customs and camming a couple of times a day. I'm pretty sure she does alright lol

No. 777326

Shes begging for money after spending thousands on shay. The bed, the weed, the booze, and moving shay there. Also she had to take a puppy to the vet er. She didn't expect so much money to go in such a short time.

No. 777327

Well maybe she should have focused on her newborn puppies instead of playing Captain Save A Ho. She may make decent enough money but she's not rich. A few grand a month pandering to furry degenerates doesn't seem like much to me kek.

No. 777328

>>777250 Why does she keep rolling her eyes?

No. 777329

cause she knows she is a lying bitch

No. 777330

>>777328 samfefag trying to regain money she lost over not camming or not making videos?

No. 777332

>>777329 lying and thinking everyone is stupid enough to believe her?

No. 777333

Honestly like until Shay starts taking sex work seriously or goes back to her parents or gets a job with wages that floating from shady situation to shady situation is going to be her reality for awhile. Dawn had some fucked up intentions but Shay is really stupid for thinking someone would come out of the woodwork and spend thousands of dollars on her and not expect, idk something? Nobody has any reason to take care of her out of the goodness of their hearts other than maybe her super abusive family who takes her to Disney on Ice.

No. 777334

>>777329 are apartments that expensive in tulsa? that's like a price for colorado, denver, tbh.

No. 777335

this would all be valid if dawn actually hid her bf. she was openly talking about him on her curiouscat/twitter for most of her career. even last month. the only time she has ever tried hiding him is when someone (probably from lolcow) asked her and then posted her response here, today. clearly all of the times dawn talked about her boyfriend didn't hurt her career that much.

i don't think her problem with fupa was that he was hurting shayna's career (i think her career is dead because shayna is terrible). i think her problem with fupa is he probably was seen as a threat.

and i doubt dawn could elevate shayna's career. at first i thought that it could be possible, but honestly, unless shayna starts doing furshit, i doubt it. she just doesn't have the personality for camming. she barely has the personality for upselling fries at mcdonalds.

No. 777336

I think that might include deposit etc too? I'm not sure how she could afford that every month

No. 777338

Minor tinfoil but she vaguely mentions it in the first snap rant
>"She was afraid that I was going to go off and tell her secrets about her job and how she does it"
That could be taken a few different ways I guess, but given the context she's definitely not talking about *~secrets to being a successful camgirl~*. And with Dawn still trying to be vague and seem nice to Shayna, I think Dawn has some bigger secrets she doesn't want revealed.

No. 777341

Not really. She could find a cute studio for like 500 a month in one of the midtown neighborhoods. If she's trying to stay out around Fupa in the suburbs it'll be more expensive.

No. 777342

Assuming anything she says is true lol

No. 777346

File: 1549935799224.jpeg (162.42 KB, 1242x943, 16EF488F-8A49-4780-8C69-523845…)

anyone notice the cow bikini in shay’s amazon wishlist? tinfoil here: shay knows about lolcow and so does dawn. maybe dawn was gonna have shay do a vid thats a jab at lolcow?

No. 777348

This thread is full of tinfoiling but this is by far the dumbest ever. Every camwhore is doing a cow theme these days. Obviously they both know about the threads but don’t think Shay is desperate enough (and she’s pretty damn desperate) to try and use lolcow for inspiration.

No. 777353

File: 1549937106235.jpg (34.21 KB, 602x297, Capture.JPG)

No. 777354

Why does she need new work stuff? She has plenty of tacky work shit. Including a ring light that already works.

No. 777356

Just seems like an excuse to beg for money

No. 777357

Wasn't it me mate. I saw it on her twitter unless you think I'm Dawn posting my own shit here.

No. 777360

File: 1549938202181.png (154.92 KB, 720x997, Screenshot_2019-02-11-21-21-55…)

Shes lurkin', lurkin' lmaooooo

Girl, ain't no one gonna sell themselves out for your "milk" shoooo scabby mattel

No. 777362

Another sign she's lurking is she took the Top Five Nominee thing out of her name

No. 777364


ER vet fees can put even the most finically sound people in debt, depending on the situation. It’s not unreasonable to assume the runt cost her upwards of $2,500 and then you factor in Shay costs.

Yeah, Dawn should’ve known better when it comes to Shay and she definitely should have more than what she spent in savings. I think she’s definitely putting up a front so she doesn’t have to dip into that money.

No. 777366

File: 1549938818510.jpg (146.99 KB, 1080x494, Screenshot_20190211-203317_Twi…)

Keep thinking that Shay

No. 777368

All of the praise for posting a tl;dr because I couldn’t sit through 15 minutes of rambling and crap audio

No. 777377

I added her around the time she posted this, I doubt I’m the only one who chanced their luck but honestly top kek get off your high horse, shay
Also just checked and she has blocked me, the only reason she knows no one payed is cause no one ever buys it, kek

No. 777380

Just a heads up for mobile anons, that choppy out of sync audio bullshit is only when you use Dropbox on mobile. The audio sounds normal on my laptop.

No. 777389

Agree - she seemed like she was telling the truth for the most part. It was very interesting to me that the boyfriend/partner is the one who kicked her out and that Dawn supposedly didn't look at Shayna while this was happening/kept her head down. Dawn doesn't seem like the kind of person to shy away from confronting someone irl so that doesn't make sense.

The shower curtain thing is weird as fuck, water would get everywhere.

And despite what everyone is saying, them trying to control what Shayna was doing - regardless that it's their house - is weird. Asking her not to smoke pot is one thing, but telling her she's spending too much time on the phone and watching too much TV is weird. I'm not trying to WK but it honestly seems like she's telling the truth for the most part.

No. 777392

If I had someone living at my house rent free and all they decided to do was smoke pot and watch TV, I'd be a little annoyed too. Shay has been known to live willingly in filth, so I doubt she tried to help clean at all. She didn't seem interested in wanting to cam regularly or get a real job.

No. 777395

File: 1549943887170.jpeg (471.27 KB, 1168x1206, E68DD04B-E919-4603-82A6-802126…)

>moocows if you want to know something just ask me directly and stop speculating I’m super open
>nvm im done talking about this

I really have no idea what to believe at this point, but this has been a super fun trainwreck to watch kek

No. 777397

I don't disagree with you - I'd be pissed, too. It just seems weird that they would tell her when she could smoke/watch tv and not ask her to help out, do the dishes, etc. That's not typically how people talk to their roommates which is why I found it odd. Granted they all seem socially inept but telling someone WHEN they can do something seems weird and controlling. The phone thing is especially weird.

BUT for all we know they could have just asked her to pause her show and do the dishes and she's making it seem like they were controlling when she could watch TV. Either way, seems weird that they would be fed up with her that quickly.

No. 777399

The way Shay lives, I'd have thrown her ass out after a weekend of living with her.

They're both hinky as fuck and pathetic degens, but I'm not inclined to believe a single word that comes out of Shay's mouth without actual proof. Everything she says is either an outright lie, or a half-truth.

No. 777400

I agree with the anons saying that Dawn is playing nice because Shayna knows something about her that she doesn't want out. Why would a self-proclaimed bitch hold back on something like this? She wanted the attention earlier today even, and now she doesn't want to talk about it at all. And these curiouscat answers are all answered AFTER watching the video where Shayna said that she recorded a conversation between herself, Dawn, and Dawn's partner.

I'm not going to speculate on what Dawn's hiding, but I am extremely eager to find out.

C'mon Shay, spill the milk!!

No. 777401

I have to admit that Dawn is being much more professional about this than Shayna. Through the whole process she was transparent, telling fans that yes it was Shayna moving in, while Shayna didn’t even thank Dawn or mention she was moving in or even mention all the nice stuff Dawn did for her.

Idc if you like Dawn or not, but you have to admit that she genuinely was trying to help and Shayna decided to keep secrets, not listen to house rules, and not even console Dawn while a newborn puppy is dying.

Shayna is fucking scum, period.

No. 777402

You all are really siding with Shayna on this one? After all of her lies and manipulative bullshit? How could you possibly stand up for Shayna after all the people she’s fucked over?

No. 777404

you are literally taking every word she said as truth and that is a slippery slope

No. 777405

File: 1549945160948.jpeg (200.88 KB, 1242x467, 5E90DDAD-B0E2-41DE-8DE4-A4C0B7…)

I find it really ironic that she retweeted this

No. 777407

I’m sorry but how are we seriously going to be like “oh it’s a bit weird” when shayna is a literal self proclaimed baby. How many times has she posted about how she wants everyone to do everything for her, how many times has she said she wants other people to take care of her. Didn’t fupa make her of list of what to do because she was “a dum smol baby”
And dawn has mommy dom content. Whose to say that shay didn’t agree to being babied and told when and what to do if dawn thought it was going to better shays life. From my point of veil. Dawn telling shay when to smoke and when to watch tv (which could be HOW MUCH tv to watch) is just like what fupa was doing, but dawn is actually into the kink, while fupa and shay just fake it for efame and edge points.

No. 777408

Y'all are corny as hell for taking shay's victim bait

No. 777410

I’m inclined to distrust both of them. Dawn is playing it down and Shay is playing it up. The story is weird but the whole situation was weird anyways.

Dawn spends all this money to invest into Shay. I’m sure there was some mutual understanding behind this arrangement. There’s NO way Shay would have been able to pay Dawn back. So I’m sure they set up some sort of agreement with content. Dawn furnished a room for her, buys her followers, etc etc.
I have no doubt Dawn expected payback but not in money form and Shay understood this. But when push came to shove, Fupa intervened somehow.

I think Shay is leaving a lot of information out to be a victim and Dawn is doing the same for attention. Shay needs to learn not to move in with people she’s just met on the internet.

No. 777411

The possible milk has to be taken from Shayna at face value. She should show the video she took if it's all true..

No. 777414

plain and simple, it's because she doesn't have a lesbian or bisexual bone in her body, despite whatever she may claim. she's desperate for MALE attention and validation exclusively

No. 777417

File: 1549946122657.png (267.87 KB, 720x969, Screenshot_2019-02-11-23-34-07…)

I opened Lolcow and guess who made it as a banner LMAO

No. 777419

It’s actually been popping up the last few days

No. 777420

>The phone thing is especially weird.

I agree, listening in on phone calls (assuming Shay was in her room with the door shut) is eavesdropping and p uncool.

But like, who do you think Shayna was on the phone with? Talking for a long time? Who is in her life who she would be talking to for a long time? Sounds to me like Dawn caught an earful of the conversation, could tell Shayna was having a long, mushy/sexy phone conversation with her "ex", and Dawn called her out on it. Yeah, not cool to be eavesdropping, but like. there's an incredibly short list of people Shay could have been talking to, and Fupa would be at the very top. I would get it if Dawn let Shay move in because she thought she had been dumped, then overheard Shayna on the phone with her "ex" acting like they were still together, and questioned her about it. Not necessarily okay to be listening, but it lines up with Shayna being shady and saying ~my relationship status is none of ur business~ after accepting an offer of help after getting "dumped". If I were Dawn I would be pissed too about being lied to and taken advantage of.

No. 777421

Yeah I was thinking about how Shay would be bragging incessantly about her living situation if Dawn was a man. She'd love living with a sugar daddy who wanted to encourage self improvement. Shay is jealous as fuck of other women so she'd probably still be pissed if said daddy had a live in gf, she'd still agree to it.

No. 777422

I really believe Shayna knew that she was gonna be sugar babied by dawn, and was gonna be expected to pay for her way eventually.
I also believe that Dawn had made certain choices in front of Shayna that she doesn't want getting around.

Shayna literally always talks about how she really believes shes part of some TV show and that she waits for someone to come out of the woodworks and say they've been watching her entire life through hidden cameras and shit, she probably has some sort of psychosis and believed after awhile they were gonna harm her in some manner after not really feeling comfortable with people she didnt know.

Literally all of this could've been prevented if Shay DiDnT NEed t0 prOvE HaTUrZz WRonG and used that instinct she claims she has to notice a bad situation from a mile away and just go home.

No. 777423

I agree. She should just go home and allow her mom to help her get her life back on track. Stop trusting people you barely know on the internet to help you, Shay.

No. 777425

Not siding with her, I do think there are details she omitted and/or embellished. I just also happen to think that it's a bit suspicious that Dawn was asking for the attention and now suddenly doesn't want it + this change coinciding with Shayna saying she recorded a conversation between Dawn, her partner, and Shayna.

I don't really see how that's standing up for her at all. I didn't say anything of the sort in my post.

No. 777449

>It was very interesting to me that the boyfriend/partner is the one who kicked her out and that Dawn supposedly didn't look at Shayna while this was happening/kept her head down. Dawn doesn't seem like the kind of person to shy away from confronting someone irl so that doesn't make sense.

The tinfoiling ITT is ridiculous right now. Dawn spent a lot of resources taking Shay in despite all of the warnings and was apparently nice enough to take her in; maybe she was just too ashamed to look Shayna in the eye. If she is the kind of person to not only take Shay in as a charity case but also speak kindly of her for the most part after kicking her out for bad behavior, then why would she 'confront' Shay?
> It just seems weird that they would tell her when she could smoke/watch tv and not ask her to help out, do the dishes, etc.
If you're living rent-free in somebody's house then you have to abide by the rules. It's not a typical roommate situation. And even in typical roommate situations there are often rules about things like smoking indoors.
Some farmers seem to be trying way too hard to make the situation more dramatic than it already is/make Dawn out to seem more predatory than the evidence we have suggests. The fact that they're so easily willing to believe a freeloader who's lied about her own parents being abusive is kind of ridiculous. Maybe Dawn really is a predator rather than simply a degenerate with a savior complex, but unless Shay releases some hard evidence I wouldn't be quick to believe her.
She seems desperate to live an ''''independent'''', '''''adult'''''' lifestyle (i.e. take nudes, drink booze, and smoke all day) but doesn't have the desire or life skills to actually support herself. She'll probably cling to any living situation that allows her to keep doing what she does until she's completely run out of options. Hopefully she doesn't end up moving in with someone dangerous…

No. 777460

Shay will accept free money from absolutely anyone. There is zero doubt in my mind that she would take hush money from Dawn.

No. 777469

Anons need to stop going wild with the Dawn tinfoils, how many newfags are here? Some even call Fupa a safer bet as if he hasnt been the ONLY person to physically touch her due to their "kinks".
Is she a fucking furry weirdo and nobody is surprised this went down the shitter?
Ofcourse not retard, but Shay has lied about being raped by ex bf, being abused by parents, lied about petty shit and big things. Literally is fine with Ribmeat living in a single room and that she apparently just lived in the closet at her old studio apartment. In the same string of videos she tries to talk about the creepy boyfriend, she still has time to mention needless shit like shower curtains and smoking weed certain times when all second hand weed smoke affects pets, medical marijuana is so potent now it is actually lethal for them to ingest and one of the damn dogs were PREGNANT. Yet shes gonna act like it might be strange that they would hit her up when it would be safest to smoke if she felt like it?
The worst part is Anons acting like this mystery bf is somehow som disgusting lizard rapist when we know NOTHING about him besides that he apparently kicked her out, called her some names and apparently creeped (but clearly never touched her or she would have told and has she ever tried to just stop ppl from doing it? Tell him to stop ya know like an adult?) yet happily travels back to the man who does beat her while they fuck. All the people shayna says abuse her have been proved otherwise and the people she adores are the ones openly hitting her and calling her names yet thats the "love of her life"

Get the fuck out of here, shes a cum dumpster thats gonna move back home before thirty if she doesnt end up dead in a ditch cause of some Fupa tier bf and nobody will be surprised as they scroll through said bf's archived blog of snuff and misogyny. (Like tbh fuck her, Dawn has her own thread now so if y'all wanna bring her furry milk im game, but dont act like Shay is in any way a victim of what was at best a bussiness oppurtunity gone wrong for the both of them and possibly some pussy on the side but shay is too good for arrangments that could actually benefit her even 2 cents more on her 'hard earned' dollar)

No. 777470


Y'all are forgetting about utilities. Plus personal bills like phone. Food, necessities. So yeah, she'd need to pull at least $1200, if it's a one bedroom appartment (rent is generally $750-850). Even getting a $500 studio, shes going to need at least another $400 or so for all the utilities, food, personal shit.
She's gotten by before, but I feel like she's worse off at this point and a broke bitch currently who has lived the last half year being taken care of rent free by other degenerates. Her getting even a shithole studio at this point is gonna require a hella lot of begging and using.

No. 777472

The amount of people tinfoiling and being willing to believe anything shayna says for the sake of milk is ridiculous.
She has a history of lying about abuse/assault and a massive victim complex

No. 777475

it's been up for three weeks. new admin sorted some out fro the waiting list last month.

No. 777477

this thread is so embarrassing now, jesus christ, so many farmers believe shayna. She's the biggest liar out there. Abused by parents story, false rape accusations, multiple other lies just to present as a victim. She deceived us about fupa for weeks, ffs. And yet you take everything she says as truth like some naive middle-aged mom on a celebrity gossip site. Do fucking better farmers

No. 777483

It's been said already but I don't think anyone really "believes" Shayna as much as they also don't trust Dawn. It's really not so black and white - they both seem like they're lying; Shay because that's her dramatic M.O. and Dawn because various reasons already discussed. It does seem like Dawn is hiding something (her supposed "trade secrets"?) and she did seem controlling/all of this weird shit makes more /sense/ if what Shayna said had some truth to it.

That and what can you expect? The only 'evidence' other than flake vs flake heresy is the text message Shay showed, which does indeed prove Dawn lied about something - discrediting her transparency. I think Dawn probably feels that not lying about the situation is going to mess up some kind of monetary arrangement and that's why she doesn't want certain things getting out and is still being so polite about the whole thing.

No. 777484

The text doesn't prove Dawn lied? She told shayna she had a partner before she left. Also shayna claimed that text was sent the day before she left when it was about 5 days before

No. 777486

that's still right before dawn sent a pod and booked a flight and whatever else. it's odd but not the end of the world, what's odd is dawn's hypocritical objection to shay being anything other than single. it's something you're best to disclose if it's about living arrangements but shay's relationship wasn't about the living arrangements in dawn's house. there's a red flag sticking out there even though shay was too busy scooping up freebies to pay attention to it.

No. 777487

Yeah before she did all that for free lol, shayna could have said she'd changed her mind and she wouldn't have lost anything
I think the issue was that Shayna lied about the situation she was in and continued to lie after she got to Dawn's.

No. 777492

I think dawn was investing in her for her business and if Shay’s only reason for moving was because she was broken up then it makes sense to want her to be single. It would be a waste to invest in Shay and use her for her business if she was just going to go back to Fupa after a couple of weeks.

No. 777493

File: 1549975985873.jpg (89.43 KB, 488x516, XJKSGfo.jpg)

It's not tinfoiling to bring up parts of the video that no one had brought up yet. Shayna literally said this. Is it 100% true? Don't know yet, but it's interesting nonetheless.

No. 777502

Correct me if I'm wrong but this seems to be the most likely scenario:

>Shay makes a big public to-do about breaking up with Fupa

>Dawn is already low-key promoting Shay on her website (we knew this) and talking to Shay (we also knew this)
>Dawn offers to take her in and make her part of her studio (Shay is already on her site, why not?)
>Dawn has a "partner" working downstairs for 18 hours (never says living there, just working. Never confirms/denies it's a boyfriend.)
>Shay agrees anyway instead of going to her parents/elsewhere
>Dawn is under the impression that Fupa is out of the way and Shay is single (admits she prefers this so the boyfriends don't try to control the model/take their earnings they should be investing and possibly paying Dawn)
>Dawn may or may not have pity for Shay but mostly sees this as a business opportunity
>Shay is typical Shay and when given an inch, takes a mile in being an ungrateful brat and breaking household rules
>Dawn doesn't want her investment to go to waste with spending all day drinking/smoking (we've seen how Shay is about this.)
>Shay sees this as controlling (despite giving off the vibe only that she's into being babied/controlled)
>Shay continues to act shady/lazy with making excuses for Ribmeat despite Dawn offering to overnight her any time
>Dawn realizes something is up and/or gets fed up with Shay basically hiding from her/being a lazy bitch
>What the "partner" has to do with this who knows, but Shay gets kicked out
>Dawn pays her hotel room, her flight, and shipping for her shit
>Shay goes into victim mode, as usual. Knows she's full of shit and thus only "confesses" to her private paid Snapchat and won't breathe word of it on Twitter
>Shay's happy because she's back with Fupa who will let her be lazy, drink until she blacks out, and spend her entire pay on pot

tl;dr Shay likely was a lazy bitch who didn't appreciate being told what to do (like with her parents) and through her own need for Fupa's dick and no rules got herself kicked out and now is damage controlling.

No. 777504

it was 2 or 3 days before she packed up though and she could have changed her mind at any moment. remember how happy she was bopping around ikea with dawn while she got all this free shit purchased for her? creepy boyfriend didn't seem to matter then.
anyway, pretty sure the entire arrangement happened in a week so i don't really understand what kind of notice you guys think shay deserved.

No. 777505

conjecture and assumptions are tinfoil tho

No. 777506

this is the impression i get and honestly it seems like she's trying to scapegoat the boyfriend just so she has some type of relevant excuse to come off like the victim.
like really if she didn't have this ~uwu absusive boyfriend~ story, her entire bitching about the situation wouldn't have a single leg to stand on and she would 100% come off as the entitled lazy bitch she is.
seems like she was just trying to bring up the most mundane things to seem like she was ~attacked~ and ~vulnerable~ (bitch you faked your breakup, how were you even vulnerable?)

No. 777509

Yeah I agree with this

Right, the fact that she talked about Dawn not having a shower curtain as if it made Dawn a terrible person kind of shows that she was bullshitting about how bad it was
And acting like Dawn forced her to move in with her is just plain stupid

No. 777511

the shower curtain thing honestly cracks me up because in her story she tried to make it sound like there was no shower curtain in order to degrade or humiliate her.
hello. shayna. if it was that much of a concern for you, uber to dollar tree and get a cheap one?

No. 777512

Honestly I doubt they were even eavesdropping. I can imagine Shayna being super loud and annoying on the phone for hours while they're in the next room and them being like, "what the fuck? who has she been in there talking to for so long?" Like, of course your roommates are going to get suspicious when you're all under the same roof. I'd be doing the same thing, especially if you paid to get her out there and take care of her and she just locked herself in her room getting high and watching Spongebob all day. They probably thought she was acting weird as fuck.

No. 777513

If they'd been eavesdropping they probably would have worked out for themselves who she was on the phone to. It's not weird to ask someone who they were talking to if they're on the phone all the time

No. 777519

Agreed. And I can see Shay taking Dawn up on this offer to live in her house, and then just literally sitting in her room 24/7 never coming out- only watching shit on her laptop and playing on her phone. And then it probably became painfully obvious how little Shay does, especially work wise. Seems like Dawn at least has other things to do, but I bet Shay just literally did nothing all day. And I feel like that would upset anybody who invites someone thinking they are in need of support and then they get all this free shit and services and never come out of their room. Just smoke weed and talk on the phone.

No. 777523

It’s also annoying when Shayna was like “she wanted us to cam together and the money we made collectively I couldn’t even keep, she wanted it. they were tying to tell me what I could do with my money, so controlling.”

No, she wants you to pay for living in her home dipshit. She makes it out to seem like Dawn wanted to steal her camming money, but Dawn just wanted her to pay for living there eventually.

You retard anons can think whatever you want, but Dawn paid for TWO flights, multiple hotel stays, a pod being shipped multiple times, and furniture, ALL for Shayna. And yet you’re all acting like DAWN is the one who was acting sneaky and suspicious.

Shayna is the only one who is to blame. She made her bed and decided to be an ungrateful little bitch. Her entire 20 minute speech just sounds like “they wanted me to be an adult and respect their home and follow rules and pay for myself, THATS ABUSE PEOPLE.”

She’s claiming they took advantage of her and controlled her. She was there, what, 2 weeks? not even? following house rules isn’t abuse or control. asking you to pay rent or at least contribute isn’t being controlling. She’s not going to win this one. Dawn is way more popular and has a huge fan base. Shayna is going to wind up looking like even more of a fool.

No. 777527

File: 1549985615300.jpeg (532.66 KB, 1242x1311, C739756B-F3C1-4CE1-B07C-4651DC…)

New from dawn on her question page

No. 777528

she already looks like a total retard in the situation and i was adamantly against dogfuckerchan

No. 777530

I seriously hope her little adventure with Dawn marks the end of her career as a uwu bby princess pronstar. She chose Fupapa's sweaty chode over a chance to build any kind of career for herself, and she deserved to be blacklisted for her repeated scamming.

No. 777531

>>“Lashing out and having a fit because I did not let her do what she wanted by having her cake and eating it too”

that sounds exactly like Shayna. So yeah, I believe Dawn.

No. 777532

I completely agree with you. Like I said before Fupa could NEVER do what Dawn did for Shayna. The truth of the matter is, everything about Shayna is completely fake. She’s not into dollifocation or submission. She just wants someone to fucking mom her and she wants to act like a 13 year old and rebel at the same time. She’s actually an idiot. She only values the attention of one specific man but she refuses to try at all for anyone, even herself.

No. 777538

File: 1549988708813.jpg (16.69 KB, 300x225, Tin_foil_hat_2-300x225.jpg)

tinfoil: the break-up was staged for two reasons. (1) to get farmers to stop addressing Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa, Oklahoma in the threads, and (2) to remove Shayna temporarily from Fupa's home while a CPS visit or investigation occurred. i wouldn't put it past a concerned farmer or even his ex-wife to contact authorities because of his violent sexual fetishisms with pedophilic overtones, resulting in a check-up of his home by Child Protective Services. major tinfoil: the anons in the threads shouting "b-but Fupa is no longer relevant!!!" the second after they "broke up" were either Shayna, Fupa or both in conjunction. honestly, it was a fairly slick move on their part, but they clearly couldn't keep up the charade very long. where will she go the next time she needs to duck out now that she burned the only bridge she had?

No. 777539

It's a shame Dawn didn't help Shay become furry pandering cam model kek. Dawn isn't any prize, Shay needs to grow up. It's crazy to see people in this thread getting angry over tinfoiling that maybe Dawn isn't some amazing savior. I don't trust Dawn and I don't trust Shay, and I think it's hilarious that anyone would trust either of these idiots.

I don't feel bad for Dawn for bringing a trainwreck into her home. The proof was online and you know that Dawn has read this shit prior to Shay ever being there.

Dawn spent money on someone who has a well documented history of being a user who cries abuse whenever shit hits the fan? Sounds like Dawn is a complete idiot, anyone else would have said fuck it and not tried to mess with Shay cos she's a cesspool of garbage.

I don't even understand how Dawn saw Shay as a worthy investment. She really expects people to feel sorry for her for getting herself involved with one of the worst cam models on the internet? Nah.

No. 777540

this is also coming from the bitch who didn't have a bed for almost a full year.

No. 777542

your tinfoil about the irrelevant fupa anons is wrong jsyk

No. 777543

If her boyfriend was really living in the basement, playing video games and standing by her door to monitor how long she was on the phone, i'd be creeped out too. In general, if i were a camgirl, i wouldnt want to live with another woman AND her boyfriend, because you men are already shit, but a dude who is dating a camgirl is probably even worse. Also, where was the boyfriend during the whole dog pregnancy/puppy death thing?

No. 777544

Shayna knew about dawn's partner before she went there. If she didn't like the idea of it, she was free to turn down the offer.

No. 777545

did you miss the whole debunking of this last night with the screenshots saying she knew almost a week in advance?

No. 777546


except shay knew about the partner/boyfriend/whatever BEFORE SHE WENT. not even "the day before" it was like 5 days before and the pod hadn't even arrived for her shit to pack up. she was free to pull out any time, honestly the guy is just an easy target for shay to pin the blame on. people are more likely to believe some shady guy in the basement is predatory than the chick who paid for her entire move.

No. 777548

whether she is looking for a scapegoat for herself or dawn, he's just the easiest one to shift the blame on at this point

No. 777552


>works 18 hours a day


idk the answer seems pretty obvious here guys lol

No. 777555

he "works" IN the basement. aka plays video games if you believe Shay… maybe he's a streamer? and dawn probably meant he only comes upstairs to eat and sleep.

even if he does actually work that much outsie of the house you'd think he would take some time off if his gf needed so much help. and on that topic, dawns a fucking idiot to even breed her dog in the first place. i have no sympathy for her in regards to the puppies or pregnant dog.

No. 777556

dawn having a partner doesn't excuse shayna for not giving a fuck about dawn's puppy dying

No. 777557

it’s actually a really smart way to make money. dumbasses will pay over 1k for a purebred dog. she’s actually trying to do something to make extra money besides camming and making porn.

No. 777558

right? she always talks about how she loves “doggos” and loves animals, but then pretends to sleep when dawn is asking for help/support for a dying newborn puppy. and for some reason Shayna was upset when Dawn told her to get out of the room of her pregnant dog because the dog was growling. Of course she was, it was a new person and the damn dog is about to have puppies. Why was shayna so damn offended about that?

No. 777559

yes but dawn was being disingenuous when she acted like shay was her sole source of support during it. shady.
anyone who loves pets knows that there thousands and thousands of shelter dogs that need homes, to purposefully bring puppies into this world (especially when she seems ill equipped to handle them) is morally wrong and irresponsible. saying "it's for the money" makes it worse imo

No. 777560

If you're a cam girl it's common sense to not talk about partners to your customers lol. And she has never actually said shayna was her only source of support.

No. 777561

as anons have pointed out, she posted about her boyfriend in the past. and you're right she didn't come right out and say it, she was vague. that's my point.

No. 777562

Not recently, aside from that one question someone asked off cam.
She wasn't complaining about shayna not helping just that she didn't care, so whether or not there was other people around doesn't make much difference really.

No. 777563

Yep. Had a whole section on tumblr about "poobers" if you guys remember.

No. 777567

this definitely sounds accusatory to me. and don't forget she tweeted >>776726
>I had to uber alone uwu
all while knowing we were waiting for milk about shay, knowing what we'd all assume. pretty much the definition of disingenuous kek

No. 777570

Well, she did say 'in my opinion w/o proof' lol, so not really disingenuous

No. 777577

? she was talking about shay's relationship with fupa when she said that, not the puppies…

No. 777579

THANK YOU! Dawn is full of shit. Having a mental breakdown over that 1 puppys death when puppies in shelters are being killed every day because there are too many of them

No. 777581

she’s full of shit because she was sad about a newborn puppy dying?

really people? I can’t believe you newfag retards are siding with Shayna. Why are you even here?

No. 777582

Yeah and what happened to the puppies isn't disputed by anyone, not even shayna, so that's also not disingenuous.

No. 777583

>>anyone who loves pets would get one from a shelter

Yet people still buy purebred puppies all the time. I don’t care how much an animal activist you think you are, but it doesn’t change the fact that purebred puppies are a business and it makes a lot of money.

No. 777585

you are literally brain dead lol.

anyway shay is obviously not being truthful, not saying dawn is innocent because she's nuts but i believe her over shay. it's just really funny to see these two turn on each other after living together for like a week lol too good.

No. 777586

its only ok to cry about dogs dying when its from shelters

anyways shay is full of shit and even though she had it coming i feel bad for dawn. imagine trying to help someone only to receive little to no gratitude. shay is awful.

No. 777587

Shay seems like an awkward person in general. It can be hard to know how to handle something like that with someone you barely know.

No. 777588


like after the zoosadist shit i'm kind of skeptical. i get this thread is full of dawn stans because dawn kicked shayna out but when fupa was reblogging ddlg stuff on tumblr everyone was worried about his attitude towards kids. how is this any different? she has to deal with that dog's genitals (if you've ever given birth to a dog, or tried to mate dogs, you'd know) meanwhile she masturbates to cartoon dogs fucking each other? i'm sorry but lol… she's breeding her dog because she's a fetishist.

not excusing what shayna does, she's an asshole. but the dawn pity party is weird. i don't remember a fupa pity party when shayna left him, even though he also spent a fuckload of money getting a new house for her to move into. go check the cam girls thread lol.

No. 777589

i don't think anyone is throwing a pity party for dawn. anons are just perplexed at how hard some people are falling for shayna's victim routine.
and i'm sorry but fupa "spent a fuckload of money" getting a new house for her to move into? 1) it was never even verified that it was purchased, i'm still convinced it's a rental, 2) he couldn't even furnish the fucking place so obviously there wasn't a lot of money floating around to be spent. come on now.

No. 777590

nowhere in my comment did i even bring up dawn besides calling someone stupid for making a stupid comment and saying how i don't think she's innocent though. shay is clearly full of shit and playing victim, how do you not see this? she does it all the time. why believe her over dawn?

No. 777591

sound like he's a streamer to me, which means it only makes further sense that Dawn has her kept from publically mentioning her relationship and partner as of relatively recently. i bet it would coincide with the partner starting as a streamer, but this is pure speculation.

No. 777592

I don't remember there being many people claiming that fupa was a danger to his kids because of the ddlg shit, most just think he's gross. There hasn't been many people thinking that dawn is an actual dog fucker either lol, since there's no legit evidence

No. 777593

i think i misquoted you. i don't believe shayna. i'm just equally grossed out by dawn and i don't feel bad for her at all like >>777586 does.

he still probably spent more than dawn did, considering renting a house still costs money. i doubt shayna paid anything into rent, considering she spends everything she makes on alcohol/weed.

but both fupa/dawn are idiots. they read these threads before inviting shayna into their house. they knew what they were getting themselves into. only the dumbest person would take shayna in.

No. 777595

he's renting a shitty house in the tulsa suburbs for probably less than $1500/month
dawn in the last month has paid for 2 one-way flights from tulsa to denver and back, at least 3 different hotels, the cost to transport one of those moving pods twice, completely furnished a room and who knows what else like food, weed and general business advice
not even trying to defend dawn i'm just honestly confused at how you can even think she and fupa are in similar financial situations lmao he's divorced with 3 kids, prob has to pay alimony and child support

No. 777597

fupa didnt spend any money ''on shayna'' tho, he bought/rented a house for himself to live in, maybe his kids if hes allowed them. i think he knew it wasnt gonna be permanent with her or she would have had her name on the lease or something.

No. 777598

not saying they are in the same financial situation at all. obviously shayna fucked dawn over harder than fupa, but what kind of idiot would read these threads and then spends $2000 trying to "save shayna"? like, would you bring shayna into your house and expect her not to be a leech who sits around smoking/drinking all day? would you expect her to clean up after herself? because so far, with fupa, all i've seen is her sitting around and leeching and not even drinking water when she's reminded to.

also notice how she only left fupa when she worked something out with dawn. i am pretty sure if dawn hadn't offered her a place, she would have stayed with him. she's a leech.

No. 777599

Yeah i think that's what dawn was referring to when she said that shayna wasn't honest about her situation.

No. 777600

For fucks sake, talking about the video ≠ siding with Shayna. Since when is speculation about something a cow says "siding with them"?? All these dogfucker-chan spergs are making me suspicious.

No. 777601

i think dawn thought shayna could be managed to be something better by someone with slightly more success in their industry in a more structured environment (which was a pipe dream, sure)
i also feel like it could be easy as another camgirl who's been under scrutiny regarding their content to read all the sperging and nitpicks in shay's thread and think that maybe we were making it out to be worse than it was or that she couldn't ACTUALLY be that bad
unfortunately for all parties involved, she actually is that bad

No. 777602

File: 1550000767014.png (Spoiler Image, 522.15 KB, 720x1055, Screenshot_2019-02-12-14-45-12…)



No. 777603

File: 1550000794027.png (Spoiler Image, 1.05 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-12-14-45-02…)



No. 777604

i can honestly say i've never seen an ashy asshole in my life up until now

No. 777605

Has she started overdrawing her lips? They look strange

No. 777606

the disingenuous part is her making it seem like she was all alone and had no support when her puppy was dying.
yeah, and those people are assholes. i never said the business doesn't exist, i said its immoral.
ntayrt but i don't think anyone is saying she shouldn't cry over a dead puppy, but that she was a fool to put herself in that position to begin with – she should have never bred her dog. not even getting into the whole furry angle which just adds another layer of degeneracy to the whole thing. ick, she's trash.

and i'm not "taking shay's side" just by criticizing dawn. they both suck for different reasons.

No. 777607

i honestly didn't even notice that but it legitimately looks like clown makeup

No. 777609

all it takes is one look at these genitals >>777603 to know that there is no hope. how could anyone whose job is sex-related not get their genitals checked out when planned parenthood is free?

dawn is a fucking idiot btw, she even said shayna was "a very clean person" after she kicked her out…..

No. 777610

File: 1550001195620.png (Spoiler Image, 1.67 MB, 713x1277, image.png)

Sounds like the most likely scenario, anon.
>even if he does actually work that much outsie of the house you'd think he would take some time off if his gf needed so much help.
Maybe he did. And even if he didn't, not everyone can afford to take time off for random shit. If he does actually work 14-hour days then he could be doing something where taking off isn't an option. Or just doing some sort of neckbeard internet "work", but there's no evidence that he didn't help with the puppies if he does actually live there.
Holy shit this is retarded. Literally 'there are kids starving in Africa' tier
Furries may be degenerates, but zoosadists make up an extremely tiny proportion of the furry fandom. And breeding dogs doesn't mean that you're sexually attracted to them. And even if Dawn is a dirty dogfucker there's absolutely zero evidence that she's a sadist or abusive to humans. This is pure speculation.
Also, it's not 'stanning' to not resort to hysterics over something that there's zero evidence of. One of the best parts about lolcow as a gossip site is that the culture (on most threads) is against jumping to the worst possible conclusions without evidence or otherwise assuming the absolute worst in a person or event against all evidence/without any evidence. The point where this site descends into websleuths-tier theatrics like this is the point where it becomes an irredeemable shithole.
Looks like a gently-smiling bird
(reposted with spoiler- sorry!)

No. 777611

oh my god I know we all are very over the top about her pussy but what the fuck is wrong with her asshole here? I cannot imagine what this photo would look like in hd without tons of blurring and filters

No. 777614

men (esp pedos and furries) have literally zero standards and i'm sure most cam girls are well aware
anyone can appear clean after only living together for a week but it seems like dawn's trying really hard not to stir the pot for whatever reason
if she does have "secrets" like shay alluded to then she will eventually spill them (purposefully or accidentally)

No. 777619

And these are on that new bed! Meeaaaning dawn took them..

I truly have a morbid wonder if Dawn mentioned the state of her snatch to her boyfriend and he flipped out and Shay's shit just crumpled like a poor fly being eaten by a venus fly trap lol

No. 777621

Her over-lining her lips looks sloppy, and somehow just accentuates her nose. It’s probably the least of the problems with these photos/Shayna overall, but she should really stop.

No. 777623

pretty sure this was taken with shay's usual tripod and timer, not by dawn

No. 777624

File: 1550005625407.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 171.33 KB, 468x529, 0CFE0EC2-33F7-4B63-AD20-CFBBCA…)

The face of a bunny who’s seen enough.
That ass boil is awful, please Shayna seek medical attention before it ruptures.

I can’t even believe she’s begging for nail money, like you don’t even have a home you’re living in hotels. This is truly sad, you have nothing yet again

No. 777634

She’s had that giant boil cyst thing in the same area for a while. For a bit it was gross and bloody and then it came back. I’m betting she picks it and it’s some kind of gross staph infection or something.

No. 777637

>in order for Dolly to feel her best and make amazing content, she needs to go to a doctor and have a full exam and extensive range of tests

Fixed that for her. Yikes between the massive boil and all the the discoloration she really needs to get checked out.

No. 777638

I’m a nurse and oh my god yes that needs to be seen by a doctor and lanced and cleaned. Why would someone in sex work neglect their genital area so much…

No. 777639

File: 1550010458185.png (313.73 KB, 720x1154, Screenshot_2019-02-12-17-25-55…)


No. 777641

File: 1550010551186.png (160.72 KB, 720x1069, Screenshot_2019-02-12-17-25-34…)


No. 777643

shay at this point I think you have to hang yourself in your hotel room or go home like when's she gonna give this up and go back to her rich ass normie roots

No. 777644


How can she assign a value of $500 to that package and expect her audience to go along with it when she's been giving such huge discounts for months?


She looks like Jonathan Yaniv.

No. 777648

Jesus christ, she does look just like smug ass jonathan yaniv!!!

She always find a new reason to beg for money everyday… How is this working???

No. 777649

File: 1550012479331.jpeg (459.87 KB, 1242x1001, 05712CE8-D3DB-47F5-AB72-17420B…)

She’s back to being her usual scummy self, Shaytard you were the snake Dawn let into her home. You’re a fucking bum living off of others with no home of your own

No. 777650

LMAO five seconds after
>i don't rly wanna taint my public profile w/ nastiness abt other ppl >>777641

No. 777655

File: 1550013661991.jpg (25.95 KB, 543x258, scammyho.JPG)

Probably because you are a lazy piece of shit who has to bounce around from place to place looking for someone to save you from whatever pity-inducing situation you've gotten yourself into.

It's nothing to brag about, Shay. I don't know how you don't feel humiliated about literally living out of a hotel room right now (that you sure as fuck aren't paying for) after trying to pretend you're "career" is getting you somewhere. You are really embarrassing Shay, a case study in what not to do to live a successful life.

No. 777659


What's the fifth state?


No. 777660


Oh idk Shay…. Maybe because you're unstable? Maybe because you're immature? Maybe because you're not mentally capable of living alone?
You're bopping from home to home of others because you can't sell your job. You had one studio apartment, alone without someone else there and without a bed for over a year… You're picking a habit of weed and alcohol over your livelihood?? Grow up. Gome home. Get help. Get better. Do everyone the favor.

No. 777661

She was just in Colorado.

No. 777666

File: 1550017041645.png (763.26 KB, 1500x1070, ZKXARLu.png)

>(worth over $500)

kek. more like $5. I sifted through her threads from 2019 and pieced together the screenshots where she advertised discount prices for her content & snap (not including MV vote bribes). I'm assuming there are more "sales" from this year that I missed/weren't posted in the threads.

No. 777667


Shit I put CA instead of CO

No. 777668

What's the 5th state? Like other anon said I only remember 4. Lmao at her considering the short stay she was in Colorado as "living" there. I've had longer vacations than that and I would never say I lived somewhere I stayed a month or less.

No. 777669

If she's counting colorado in this, maybe she's including her trip to LA too lol

No. 777675

Just tinfoil but could she be in a hotel in California? I know she posted ct the other day but dawn said she might be saving for LA.

No. 777678

Didn’t someone confirm that she was at a bar in OK?

No. 777685

yes tulsa anons knew the exact bar
as was speculated before, i'm assuming she's gonna drag this "looking for my own place!" routine and move back into fupa's on the DL and just rearrange things a bit
or maybe she can pitch the sob story to her dad and see if he'll bank roll another studio (assuming that had to be how she was affording the one in WA there at the end??)

No. 777689

I think she really is banned from Fupa's house. It really seems like she got kicked because the ex wife set an ultimatum that the kids would not visit him if there was a ~pron star~ living under his roof, not cleaning up after herself, and smoking weed and drinking all day every day. She's probably searching for an apartment in Tulsa area nearby so he can still use her as a cum dumpster and maybe she can get a tiny bit of structure out of it. No idea why she sees him as ~the love of her life~ though

No. 777692

Shay's whole identity is totally attached to male attention. She's bragged about 'always being a daddys girl teehee' on tumblr before, and has stated that she 'thrives' off of having a man in her life to give her structure. Fupa is no more the love of her life than he is the flavor of the month; any dick will do as long as she can twist the situation to perpetuate her victim mentality.

No. 777695

Tulsa's a liveable city if you aren't a complete retard about it. She needs to look around 15th Street, it's got a lot of the good older apartment buildings and public transportation. Plus, she'd be in the nicer bar areas.

For the love of God, Shay. Don't move out to Broken Arrow or whatever part of town Fupa is in. You can't do anything without a car there.

No. 777703

>if you aren't a complete retard
key phrase

No. 777705

Shay is no prize herself but she’s still young enough to change things around. Fupa is old, ugly, unfaithful, doesn’t make good money, doesn’t know how to use condoms and doesn’t give a shit about his kids. She must actually have the lowest self esteem to think she’s gaining anything.

No. 777711

File: 1550026876668.jpeg (126.24 KB, 750x939, CD4F1C45-E48F-4126-B7F2-FB78BE…)


No. 777713

File: 1550027271047.jpg (246.47 KB, 1076x941, Screenshot_20190212-210728_Twi…)

But she can act like a drunk mess annoying people?

No. 777714

File: 1550027309583.jpg (499.5 KB, 1080x1389, Screenshot_20190212-210646_Twi…)

Hasn't she already posted these before?

No. 777715

yeah, she likes to cling to anything where she looks better than she does now.

No. 777719



I know Jill IRL. I’ve met her on several occasions before she started porn and while she was getting started. She went to school with a relative of mine and they were friends for years.

She is just as crazy as Shay, but has a work ethic.

No. 777721

Guessing she also goes to a Gyno so her vag isnt a rashy bumpy mess? kek

No. 777723

2 years and you're still wearing those godforsaken hello kitty panties? Buy some new underwear Shay, fuck's sake.

No. 777725

you still looked like a drugged out 35 yr old tho… esp that top right lol yikes

No. 777729

She wears all of these pieces on a regular basis, 2 years later, and they’re all Forever21 quality or shittier. The hello kitty underwear, the white shirt (doomed to pit stains forever), the weird pom pom head band… I bet those fucking socks are the same one she’s worn in countless shoots where the bottoms of her feet look crusty and black.

Gurl needs to learn how to be better at being bad at spending money. Aside from weed and alcohol, she seems to focus on accessories and stupid shit like purses and littlest pet shop and ~*~baby gurl thingz~*~ instead of filling her closet.

No. 777733

idk how high she is but she does not look hot in these pics like that smile is so hideous. when the love hearts come off the goblin comes out to play

No. 777736

really reminds you how used to seeing her exaggerated eyes and filtered face we are
the beady eyes and big nose are your real face, shayna

No. 777737

right? if you're blowing your money at least have some cute shit in your closet to show for it kek

No. 777744

Ok dawn("hi cow")

No. 777746

Given how much money she's spent on weed over the years (and more recently alcohol), and given how she's fallen into the habit of having crusty old men buy her shit, she's probably not willing to spend any more than she needs to on things other than drugs or alcohol. It's a mindset that's common with drug abusers, especially poor ones.

No. 777747

What'd they say?

No. 777755

Shayna doesn’t buy herself clothes- she stocks her closet solely using people she cons into buying things from her wishlist. Mostly other cam girls too. 2 years ago I was fooled but wisened up quickly. She has kept the items I sent her in frequent rotation.

Also standard tinfoil but what if the weird imbalanced silent standoff is because dawn asked shayna to join in certain frowned-upon activities for her clients & shayna agreed to it but balked at the last second which is why no one can show receipts or out the other because they would put themselves in the process?

No. 777766


Damn she’s a real bum, I hope all the other cam girls see past her bullshit or know her lies. She’s a pathetic human, and I hope she tried and attaches herself to that Jill girl so we can see another train wreck production

No. 777779

reminder that this is the same retard to whispers "anal" on an airplane to herself and thinks noone can hear her

No. 777816

File: 1550068529421.png (13.37 KB, 518x113, 2019-02-13 09_28_30-An IRL Do(…)

uhhh shayna? i agree with you, but you've literally filmed yourself in a diaper with a vibrator. not really sure you're the authority on this topic.

No. 777817

File: 1550068647065.png (78.96 KB, 549x745, 2019-02-13 09_32_08-An IRL Dol…)

this is just an autistic argument on both sides but what is she even trying to say with that last comment?

No. 777822

This is the same bitch that went into 'littlespace' when watching Disney on Ice with her ~very abusive mother~.
You didn't have a problem bringing your kink around kids then, did ya, Shaytard? get the fuck outta here, acting like you care about keeping minors out of kink… you exposed your minor followers to your porn back in your tumblr days.

No. 777823

yeah her last comment doesn't make any sense. that last girl is right tho. these fucking people are so weird just use denial to cope w your problems like a normal person instead of..colouring

No. 777825

File: 1550070370891.png (151.55 KB, 554x1172, 2019-02-13 09_59_49-An IRL Dol…)

No. 777826

File: 1550070467182.png (38.62 KB, 557x364, 2019-02-13 10_02_44-An IRL Dol…)

lmao speaking of which

No. 777827

File: 1550070834264.png (262.85 KB, 508x527, mwQwF9w.png)

No. 777830

lmao this bitch acting like the queen of consent and BDSM when she legit said "eh, kids will always find a way to enter adult spaces, therefore I see no problem with exposing all of my underage followers to my shitty porn because I can't be assed to make a new blog and restart my follower count. it's all about being ~uwu Tumblr famous~ bby"

No. 777831

These fucking animals can’t get their stories straight. Age regression is not a kink. Actual age regression is supposed to be a therapeutic technique of dealing with childhood trauma. Then people on tumblr started fucking each other in diapers and started calling it age regression. I agree, age regression has no space at work. You can’t fucking let your guard down around children, they need ADULT SUPERVISION. Also! Coloring with children doesn’t have to mean you’re in “little space” or whatever. You could, you know, just enjoy fun activities that are for children? Especially when you’re doing it with them?

All of the people participating in that thread are so full of contridictions it hurts. Shayna just wants to be “edgy” and provide an opinion that a) doesn’t make sense at its core, and b) no one asked for.

No. 777832

Does this tard actually think regression is a kink?

No. 777833

she probably thinks that because shes only heard people say it in the context of ddlg/adbl porn and has never heard of regression in the context of childhood trauma

No. 777834

Probably because all her childhood trauma is made the fuck up, she won’t go to therapy, and had no concept of life outside of tumblr.

No. 777840

File: 1550073207380.png (233.1 KB, 522x759, 2019-02-13 10_47_43-An IRL Dol…)

really reaching for those twitter points whilst ignoring her past of subjecting her underage followers to shit much worse than "little space"

No. 777842

Adult spaces don’t always refer to sexual things. Adult spaces could simply mean a television show that’s not suited for children. A bar could be considered an adult space. She is really fucking retarded.

No. 777843

>unpopular psa
>non-sexual kink
she's really going ham on the substance abuse since being back in tulsa aint she lol

No. 777845

File: 1550074202080.jpeg (299.03 KB, 1242x521, 332F7860-C447-4358-AB1F-C3ED46…)

she’s now trying to insinuate that Dawn isn’t going to send her stuff back. Even though dawn paid for her flight AGAIN and to ship her stuff back, AGAIN. But yeah I’m sure she’s going to keep your dollar store crap, Shayna.

No. 777846

File: 1550074402690.png (36.76 KB, 550x393, 2019-02-13 11_08_22-An IRL Dol…)

her follow-up
lmao she is seriously on one this morning

No. 777847

I wish someone more successful than her would go off on this bird brained bitch. She's over here picking fights with randoms on twitter pretending to know everything, complaining about a situation she got her own damn self into. Nobody feels bad for you, you dumb whore. Why is she always getting into drama and bad situations?

No. 777848

File: 1550074635330.png (12.2 KB, 516x121, 2019-02-13 11_11_26-Tweets wit…)

why tf would you be buying champagne and rose petals if you can't even afford a hotel room and you /apparently/ have no place to go?? i'm seriously wondering if she's already drunk this morning.

No. 777849

Isn’t she in a hotel room right now? I don’t understand why she can’t can from there. She’s scammin

No. 777850

Exactly what I was thinking, why does she need ANOTHER hotel room?

No. 777852

Where the fuck is this girl? She is speaking like she isn't even in a hotel room right now. Imagine being in a situation like this and still somehow being a dumb bitch at every turn.

No. 777853

Well if she’s not in a hotel room and she’s in Tulsa, best guess is that she’s at Fupa’s. Probably can’t cam in that disgusting empty room she was in before.

No. 777855

so close to self-awareness and yet still so far. if this is what three years of being a sexworker has acclimated to maybe you should consider changing careers kek

No. 777856

wow shayna I'm so glad you discussed this hot topic, you are a savior of children

yeah I guess she's in his closet? she's making it real obvious when she's saying she needs a hotel room like so where are you? just sittin on a bench outside a holiday inn?

No. 777857

Maybe she's in a cheap room and wants someone to pay for her to stay in a nicer one

No. 777859

maybe she had to check out this morning and she's sitting at a bus stop mumbling "anal" over and over to herself

No. 777860

I'm trying to wrap my head around why she would pretend she's not already staying in a hotel room

especially after saying something like this back-to-back
>spending days in hotels
>get me a room for the night

what is she implying? I don't even think hotels rent by day (as opposed to day&night)? is she trying to say she doesn't sleep in a room at night?

I don't even know how she can afford this honestly. is her plan to mooch money off people to stay in a room for 2+ weeks, since she hopes to find an apartment by the "end of the month"? while simultaneously demanding money for champagne, rosepetals, nails, and hair?

It's so expensive that either a) Dawn is paying for it, which is why she would want a new hotel room (because???) or b) she's with fupa

Here's something to do on VDay, Shayna: FIND SOMEWHERE TO LIVE

No. 777861

Girl call your fucking parents!!!!! You’re not camming anyway! At least go home If just to regroup! Like don’t worry about your parents! They already think you’re pathetic, just go home. They’ll respect you more.

No. 777865

File: 1550079872498.jpg (225.57 KB, 1077x957, Screenshot_20190213-114333_Twi…)

But didn't she tweet that she blocked people she was having the argument with?

No. 777866

nah she said she'd been blocked by the other person

No. 777868

She's totally obsessing over being blocked though, now THAT'S immature

No. 777870

maybe but can you please sage your tinfoil

No. 777871

it doesnt matter how nice the hotel is, any video she makes is just gonna look shitty like the other 900 of her videos.

No. 777872

File: 1550081173815.jpeg (106.64 KB, 750x657, ED6921D8-928B-48A3-8D24-37380F…)

Looks like she might move to another hotel

No. 777874

File: 1550081457344.jpg (412.41 KB, 1074x1074, 20190213_121042.jpg)

Oh God… 1/2

No. 777875

File: 1550081504476.jpg (385.68 KB, 1080x1381, 20190213_121017.jpg)


No. 777876

Damn they did her dirty and such a weird tiny nose when we all know her nose is giant and rat like

No. 777878

Are snap anon and draw anon the same person? kek

No. 777879

No she’s just trying to be relevant on twitter by saying something people might find “shocking” so that it will get around and people might give a shit about her again for .5 seconds.

No. 777881

When is this girl not dealing with "Emotional hardship"?

She literally has something new to complain and bitch about almost every day. At least their fan nailed the retard look properly. Nose is not big enough though, and the roots aren't janky enough.

No. 777882

Are her eyes supposed to be crossed so she looks like a retard orrrr…?

No. 777884

since the current spec is that her and fupa are trying to see each other on the dl, does anyone else think these pure bullshit and also hypocritical tweets are meant for the mom of fupa's kids to see? we all thought she might have put her foot down about shay, maybe this is shay and fupa trying to be all like see, we're harmless and don't engage in disgusting ageplay shit. the tweets are so contradictory and dumb when you look at what she's said and done in the past, disney on ice is a great example; it feels like the only thing that makes sense, idk.

sorry about the lack of sage!

No. 777885

wha?? I didn't know motel 6 delivered breakfast

No. 777886

Hoo boy, has she really only been doing this for 3 years? She's aged about 15 since the stoner phase. She better saddle up for a very harsh reality to set in soon.

No. 777887

Why is she begging for another hotel room? Where is she currently if not a hotel?

No. 777888

Sage your shit

No. 777889

She’s probably in Tulsa with her non-ex and is sperging out on Twitter over the hotel thing to make it believable. Remember Dawn caught on that she was visiting fupapa because of suspicious timing. She’s tweeting like this to have people think she’ll be alone and she’s too far gone on the subtance abuse that she doesn’t realize her tweets aren’t making any sense.

No. 777890

File: 1550082571585.png (77.21 KB, 720x619, Screenshot_2019-02-13-13-26-19…)

Hurrdurdurrr i can't math w taxes hurdurdurrr

This reeeeaaally makes you look dumb, jesus christ.

No. 777892

homeless saga when?

No. 777893

damn this drawing makes her look like a weird fat hamster lmao. why is all of her fan art SO unflattering? maybe because 99% of what she herself puts out is unflattering and that's all they have to go on.

She's probably staying in a shit-ass motel right now. I find it funny that she's like "Dawn only gave me 2 hotels to choose from boohoohoo" like yeah? she probably just doesn't want to spend $200 a night on your lazy crusty ass and is offering to put you up FOR FREE in a cheaper hotel?

she's being so weird. She's probably just begging for money for drugs and pretending it's for another hotel, then she'll just film wherever she is now. I don't trust anything she says, especially when it's so shady and contradictory to everything else she's been saying

No. 777894

Homeless saga began when dawn kicked her to the curb lol

Fupa can't resist temptation so ill doubt he'll redirect and hook back up with shay, not saying they won't fuck.

Dawn was her LAST mooch. And she fucking bombed that ship because she's a lazy sack of shit who can't pull weight she probably offered to pull before moving there.

Homeless Mattel begins now lol

No. 777895

Watch, she’ll become homeless and then make a gofundme and act like she’s a victim of serious abuse and doesn’t deserve to be homeless.

She deserves to be homeless. She decided to be ungrateful and lazy and expect everyone to pull her weight. She has no accountability and deserves every terrible thing that will just keep spiraling until she final admits to herself she’s terrible at her “job” and is an utter failure and a basic bitch. Maybe then she’ll go back to her parents, but I seriously doubt it. She’s the kind of person who will stay homeless in a grudge becasue she doesn’t want to admit she sabotaged her own damn self.

No. 777897

3 years of work and fuck all to show for it. No money, no house, no boyfriend (well, we know that she's still involved with fupa, but what a catch he is lol) no friends, and a drug addiction and alcoholism that suck away all the money she does somehow make. untreated mental illness that she simultaneously refuses to acknowledge and somehow tries to use as a pity point. untreated infection in and around her pussy and ass that's been raging nonstop for the past three years for all to see. begging her thousands of fake Twitter followers (that someone else bought) to pay for a hotel, just so she can spend the night in a bed that isn't being paid for by the same someone who kicked her out after 2 weeks for being a lazy ungrateful brat. Tell us again how we're all just "jealous of your success," Shayna Clifford. Move home and start again. You're a failure as a sex worker.

No. 777899

File: 1550085021450.png (46.73 KB, 539x373, 2019-02-13 14_05_04-An IRL Dol…)

so is she saying she can't even afford netflix or hulu at this point?

No. 777911

File: 1550087726582.png (163.82 KB, 491x951, 2019-02-13 14_49_54-An IRL Dol…)

is this supposed to be a flex?

No. 777912

"hashtag blessed"
It is kinda weird that complete strangers would offer her their netflix/hulu password. Don't websites like that have your billing info? Do people really trust Shay with that?

No. 777913


I wonder if she’s begging for a room because dawn would only pay for a couple of nights and obviously this homeless cumdump doesn’t have any money to continue staying at a hotel therefore she starts begging now

No. 777914

i'm assuming that's what's going on as well, but i'm confused as to how it makes sense that she's having to beg night to night to be put up in a cheap hotel but she's also looking for a new place for $1200/month? like… it just doesn't add up lol.

No. 777915

Who is funding this scammy bitch??
Furthermore, I highkey believe she is crashing at Kyle Nathan Perkins of Tulsa OK's McMansion and only 'needs a hotel' bc she can't film or get on cam in his house due to tensions with Fupa's ex wife. She's going above and beyond to distance herself from him, faked the public breakup and all, for this reason.

No. 777916

Not defending her personally, but like… can we stop with that "drug addiction" shit pinning? I've been around stoners a fair amount & casually smoke myself (my state is legal) and lets be real, weed isn't addictive. It doesn't massively ruin you like hard drugs and you dont get withdrawls and shit.
Y'all tryna make it like she's a junkie like these heroin grungey thots like Lilith. Lol. I'm not offended, it's just kinda cringe to hear it repeatedly and carried that way. Like her alcoholism is her real issue in that regard, but y'all mention it separately so??
Does this dumb bitch blow her (other peoples) money on bud and booze all the time? Fuck yeah. She's def an alcoholic. And a dumbass stoner. But she doesnt need to go to rehab for smoking a couple joints a day lol
Sorry for the minor sperge. Maybe the definitions vary from person to person. Drug addiction just makes me think of actual junkies and blow hoes. She's not there yet, from what we've seen lmao.(blog)

No. 777917

i think people are just being facetious with calling her a drug addict

No. 777918

While I agree with >>777917 that most people are being facetious there's also something to be said that she blows all her money on weed which yes, counts as a drug, rather than saving her money to pay for her own expenses rather than begging on Twitter every other day for drinks/takeout/nails/etc.

No. 777920

Fucking cereal is addictive, anon. Anything can be addictive; just because cannabis does not create the same physical dependency and dopesick side effects from withdrawals that, say, opiates do, does not mean that it is not addictive. It's all about how you use it, and whether you are controlling your use or your use is controlling you.

Shayna's self-admission that she is unable to keep a hold of her money because it all goes to fund her weed supply? Sounds like she's not in control. Needing "9 bong rips" to get to sleep? Sounds like she's not in control.

Some of her old posts on tumblr definitely gave off the impression that she was suffering from some kind of psychosis (remember her comments about the truman show), and excessively smoking pot only exacerbates the symptoms of psychosis, or in some cases, can induce psychosis in cases of severe depression. If she was in control of her use, or self-aware enough to notice how her misuse is contributing to her problems, she would likely smoke less.

Substance use disorders like she has aren't the typical heroin junkie addiction story, no, but does that somehow make it okay?

And before ya sperg anymore, I fucking love pot. Not everyone who smokes weed will become addicted, and in the grand scheme of things, cannabis is a mostly harmless drug.
But there will always be a few who use excessive smoking as an unhealthy coping mechanism, such as Shay, and that is just life. She is a drug addict because she cannot function without being high, and probably uses the pot to keep herself numb and dumb and in denial of the seriousness of her situation. It's a self-perpetuating cycle.

No. 777921

You're right, she's not physically addicted to weed, but she is absolutely dependent on it. She's been smoking all day every day for at least 5 years. She relies on it to feel "normal" at this point. She has to smoke before she can do ANYTHING, including working, packing her shit up when she had to move out, going to sleep, anything. And there definitely would be withdrawal symptoms if she quit cold turkey: insomnia, irritability, anxiety, decreased appetite, possibly even hallucinations (which have been documented in extremely heavy weed users quitting cold turkey.)

Just because it's not as serious/physically addictive as hard drugs doesn't mean she's not completely dependent on smoking all day every day just to sort-of function. That's what I mean by drug addiction. She uses it to numb herself and mask all the real feelings she has day-to-day so she doesn't have to live with her own brain full of shitty emotions. Same reason why she drinks. It's nothing like a heroin addiction, but she uses weed for the same reasons junkies use heroin. She can't live with herself when she's sober.

No. 777922

Keep in mind psychological addiction exists. While, no, she's not going to have a physical addiction to weed in the same way one would with heroin/coke/etc., she likely has a psychological addiction. She'll very often talk about how she can't function without it, and gets extremely distressed when she doesn't have access to weed.

No. 777923

You’re deluded, anon. I also live in a legal state and have experienced serious PHYSICAL withdrawals when I quit smoking weed after 4 years of heavy daily use. You can definitely become physically and psychologically dependent on pot and Shayna clearly spends all of her income on weed and wine. Remember how she started drinking at 9am at Fupapa’s when she couldn’t afford weed/find a connect when she got there? She is physically dependent on weed to feel “normal” at this point. You’re ridiculous for trying to claim otherwise.

No. 777925

No one gives a fuck if you smoke. Stoners are annoying as fuck and we'll continue to make fun of them because they're pathetic. If you're blowing all your money on a substance you're an addict - which is exactly what Shay does. You're the one being cringey by feeling the need to announce you smoke as a way to get us to stop calling Shay an addict. We can't go one goddamn thread without a stoner, camwhore, or BDSM degenerate blogposting about themselves and how much worse Shayna is than them. (Even though they do the same shit as her)

No. 777926

Exactly. No one is on this thread to bash pot or demonize you for smoking it, we're here to discuss milk from this degenerate lolcow.
If you feel so defensive that people are calling Shayna a drug addict, maybe you should take a step back and ask yourself why you felt the need to interject your blogpost into this thread.

Same goes for blogposting camgirls and BDSMers; if you are not Shayna than you are not being criticized in this thread, and are better off keeping your behaviours that are similar to Shay's to yourself, unless you wanna be criticized.

No. 777932

File: 1550092874845.png (576.54 KB, 603x889, 2019-02-13 16_15_55-An IRL Dol…)

>staying w/ friends

No. 777933

File: 1550092917333.png (57.04 KB, 607x467, 2019-02-13 16_16_51-An IRL Dol…)

a whopping $200 saved up

No. 777935

lol so why cant she cam or film at fupas (im assuming thats who ''friends'' is? if its becuase of the ex wife or whatever she could lie and say it was at a hotel. unless fupa himself doesnt want her to cam for whatever reason

No. 777936

File: 1550093391365.png (54.27 KB, 569x427, Screenshot (336).png)

how does she not see that this applies to her? shes always part of some drama or other

No. 777937

so staying w fupa and can't post anything that his exwife could see

idk why anyone would buy anything full price when they can wait one day to buy it all for $50 - $100

and then how are you gonna pay rent/bills/groceries? ebeg until the end of time?

No. 777938

plus there would then be proof that she'd lied to dawn about how desperately she needed a new place

No. 777940

E-begging is how she’s managed to scrape by for the last 2 years. Why would she bother with anything else?

No. 777941

fucking hell this girl just needs to admit defeat. If you have to beg to move into a place then maybe just suck it up and get a normal job, The little effort she puts into her camming career (begging) is easily manageable with a full time job in my opinion.

No. 777942

this is such a shit show. her "friends" are DEFINITELY just Fupa, because she Has No Friends in Tulsa. she can't cam/film at his place because either a) it would show they haven't actually broken up or b) she's prohibited from making content there anymore. Or, more likely, both a) and b). Can't wait to see what her plans are for the rest of the month before she finds a new place to live (IF she can afford one.) no way can she afford to live in a hotel for the next two weeks so she can work, and also be saving money for a new place. she just doesn't make enough money, even when she is working, to fund both. this is going to be a very milky month.

Snapchat anons, please come through with any posts she makes in the next day or two where we can see what her "friends"'s house looks like. I'm guessing it's gonna be identical to the one she moved out of three weeks ago.

No. 777944

She can't even manage to keep to a very minimal cam schedule, she'd have no chance at holding down a full time job

No. 777946

If she’s staying with friends why does she need a hotel?

No. 777947

Because she doesn't want people to see that she's at fupas

No. 777948

So she can work and earn money to find her own place. Keep up, she says it in >>777933

No. 777949

she knows all too well that we will notice, lurking dawn will notice, and lurking fupa ex will notice kek

No. 777950

lol no she could film at the 'friends' place, she doesn't actually need a hotel

No. 777951

>keep up
lmao anon, please.

No. 777952

Another lame reason she doesn’t want to go homework is peobably because her mom/dad don’t let her smoke inside in their house(s)

No. 777953

I do really hope she leaves Ribmeat with Fupa, that cat has been moved around 5 times in the past two years I can’t begin to imagine how stressed out it is. Is she even paying for any of the litter and food Fupa has to provide to the cat?

No. 777955

>can't cam to make money
>needs over a thousand bucks just for moving costs, not even considering long-term savings for rent/bills/groceries/other living expenses

Girl, PLEASE just get a job at Starbucks or something in the meantime. Do not rely on vid / snap sales, oh my god.

I'm honestly just so confused by Shayna and how she views money. And honestly, if she needs money, she CAN cam and film things in a hotel (if she's really staying at one). The lighting might not be the best but it's better than nothing.

No. 777961

Rib has only moved once, I believe. She adopted her from a shelter in Seattle for her birthday.

No. 777968

If she scrapes together $1300 this month, how will she last in an apartment? She can't scam more than $500 a month. She'll be homeless again before the paperwork is filed.

No. 777973

I love that shay’s homeless saga started before Chris Chan’s lmao

No. 777977

Lol Shay wishes she had as much notoriety

No. 777979

I'm pretty sure Shays parents pay for everything and that's why she's not worried about money or even bettering her content. All of the screenshots of a "pay piggie" spoiling her are probably of her parents sending her money for bills lol

No. 777980

She's gonna have to start doing some real hands on sex work. I wonder how long it'll take her to give all this up now

No. 777981

Dear god I feel bad for any dude that pays to fuck her.

No. 777984

'hands on sex work' yep yep. If she wasn't doing full-service sexwork before moving in with Fupa, she'll be doing it after moving out.
I feel like if she ever made it to LA she would end up being sex trafficked, due to her drug addiction, low standards, and even lower self-esteem.

No. 777985


She's got the Heels and Clothes for selling herself, now to get her drunk ass out on the Tulsa street corner in them lol

She's an unrealistic, fabricated cam hoe. She's unprofessional, unprofitable and completely unreliable.
Her case as it stands, she's been camming for 4 years and has NOTHING BUT CHEAP CLOTHES AND CHEAP HEELS TO SHOW. There are girls out there sugaring men for HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS for just handbags?! …… Shay, what the fuck are you doing? Can you really not balance working at f21 during the day and camming at night?? You're tossing already made content around for pennies and you're sleeping in a hotel room with MAYBE 3 outfits and a bunch of dildos…. You look like a basket case

No. 777988

Three Outfits and a Bunch of Dildos could be the title of her memoir

No. 777989

Im in the minority that thinks she isnt actually even naturally hideous. She is young, Has a passably cute body and her natural hair is pretty if it wasnt so fried. But realistically she is never going to get her shit together and put in the work on her appearance that it would take to get anywhere sugaring. its tragic

No. 777990

She is posting so many old photos on her twitter rn and it’s hilarious. She is really trying so hard to be relevant. It’s too much to even screenshot, she’s just been spamming super old photos of herself and it’s hysterical.

No. 778000

File: 1550108227851.jpg (298.33 KB, 1080x1172, Screenshot_20190213-193634_Twi…)

Nothing she owns is expensive

No. 778001

also that sounds like a nightmare. Who would want to spend the days with Trashy Rashy and her spoiled Vag?

No. 778002

Nothing says "thriving" like rolling around in crusty hello kitty panties in a scummy motel.

No. 778003

If I recieved that about my ex, I wouldn't even care lol. Who would be jealous of Shay?

No. 778005

i'd be cringing at how my ex is renting a 35 year old meth head looking trailer park hooker

No. 778006

She is ridiculous and people need to stop giving her money. Why can't she go on chaturbate wherever she is? I've seen people online in rooms with nothing in them… Common girl, get your life together. Either go home or sign on somewhere in LA, do actual porn with an actual agency for a few months until you see what sex work is actually like, and then go back home after six months.

No. 778007

File: 1550109757622.jpeg (602.84 KB, 2048x1041, 14905042-01BB-469C-9F07-36BC47…)

This sale is all over the fucking place

No. 778008

I think it's more like she doesn't really want to cam/fupa isn't letting her because she's not allowed to be in his house and he's scared of his ex wife finding out.

So now she's trying to repost a bunch of old pics to get people to buy stuff so she can get the down payment for an apartment that she can furnish with about 23 stuffed animals and some purses and then move out 2 months later, 2 months in rent arrears

No. 778010

File: 1550110834146.jpeg (192.73 KB, 750x652, 85F4DD8F-8008-4EFC-8471-3642B4…)

Acting like her parents aren’t supporting her through all of this

No. 778011


Yikes. Defensive much? I'm not a stoner lol. My bad for trying to point out people are being, as others said, facetious in calling her a drug addict. And on that note with all the people saying she cant function without it and all that.. that's also probably her playing it up to seem like ~such a stoner~ lol. Not to say there aren't some mild withdrawl symptoms from stopping after heavy use. And I agree it's a drug and she does, regardless of playing it up, use it way too much to the point where it and booze are her priority. Which is a problem and it's pathetic.

Sorry. I wasn't trying to defend weed or blog post lol. Some of y'all were reasonable, but some of you went way off. I thought saged speculation or observation/mild opinion posts were allowed.

Overall I agree with most things said. Again, my bad. I won't bring it up or post further.(derailing)

No. 778013


Lol yeah ok Shay so are you at a friend's or at a hotel? Kinda hard to get people with half a brain to take you seriously if you can't keep your bullshit straight. She is just SO desperate and in deep shit rn she's frantically begging and making shit up it's truly something.

No. 778014

shay stop obsessively pretending like your mom thinks this and nobody else. "mOm WheN dId U fInD my T wittEr" non stop is so annoying

No. 778016

Lmao yes I think most people would automatically assume cheap hooker