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No. 454392

This thread is for the discussion of transgenderism / trans ideology from a gender critical and radical feminist perspective. It was originally created by Admin as an amalgamation of the TERF and Transgender threads.

Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men.

Trans ideology posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex.

Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Existing laws and legislation currently being passed around the world allowing for self-identification on legal documents do not differentiate between gender and sex.

The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone.

Posts of related news and web articles are welcome. Posts of photos, videos, and blogs of transactivists for the purposes of discussion and critique are welcome. Please refrain from derailing, infighting, and ad hominem attacks. This thread is not intended for the general discussion of feminism, sexuality, misogyny, or misandry.

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No. 454394

File: 1566878219878.jpeg (137.19 KB, 868x1306, EC0Iv9EXUAE_4gF.jpeg)

No. 454396

File: 1566878288165.png (335.53 KB, 768x678, donttranskids-768x678.png)

No. 454397

File: 1566878311431.jpeg (242.63 KB, 1200x1138, Dkg3BqvWwAk17jz.jpeg)

No. 454401

holyshit, this is great

No. 454406

File: 1566880539186.jpg (179.08 KB, 771x836, Screenshot_43.jpg)


Imagine lesbians reading this and not seeing the irony lmfao.

No. 454414

from the Last Thread

So Trans people and TRAs are also trying to flip the AGP rhetoric by saying 'GC women like effeminate and GNC men and hate that we're taking them away that's why they hate Trans women'

No. 454415

File: 1566882004752.jpeg (191.3 KB, 750x765, BB34D481-7513-46AA-A617-D11F63…)

Look at this “ proud lesbian”

No. 454417

all tims are so ugly to begin with. why don't the pull a reverse of what some fakebois do and pretend to be afabs going ftm?

No. 454418

File: 1566882442455.jpeg (207.7 KB, 790x1200, EC6hRwwWwAIYQc6.jpeg)

No. 454422

I think it's very strange how the trans community keeps saying gender dysphoria is not a mental illness and that gender is a spectrum so calling it a 'disorder' pathologizes their condition, but they don't realize they're throwing the disabled community under the bus by stigmatizing mental illnesses?

No. 454423

They just plain don't care.

No. 454424

mental illnesses usually need intervention and therapy anon, not validation and hormones.

No. 454425

I just came across this old mini documentary. I don’t know if any of you have watched it but it’s very upsetting. They’re all so delusional and there are some very graphic surgery scenes where you see the surgeon slice up his dick. Horrifying.

Don’t watch if you’re squeamish but the surgery begins @ 8:53

No. 454427

They pretend to be supportive of the disabled community but shit on them all the time, just like how they do with the intersex community. They love to use intersex people as their props in their arguments, fetishize them, and appropriate their medical conditions. A lot of intersex have spoken up against this but they continue to us their existences as some sort of "example" that proves the validity of transgenderism. Why are intersex even included in the LGBT clusterfuck? Because trannies.

No. 454428

You think I don't know that? This is why gender dysphoria should be classified as a mental disorder.

No. 454429

you seem new to the thread, and you completely missed my point. they don't want it to be a mental illness so they can get their shitty hormones and surgery. also please sage stuff like this in the future it doesn't add to discussion.

No. 454434

File: 1566886623975.png (312.8 KB, 800x1173, Screenshot_2019-08-26-07-57-36…)

No. 454436

File: 1566887013121.png (484.71 KB, 800x1179, Screenshot_2019-08-26-08-08-07…)


When I went to archive it I found an archive of a previous (the original?) version posted April 3, 2017. The page was updated March 29th of this year.

Let's compare, shall we?


No. 454437

File: 1566888251697.png (247.23 KB, 800x587, Screenshot_2019-08-26-23-41-31…)

No. 454438

File: 1566888423006.png (316.87 KB, 728x547, d95880277601f68153d3b961e7fdb8…)

No. 454440

File: 1566888459936.png (305.21 KB, 800x586, Screenshot_2019-08-26-23-41-36…)

No. 454442

File: 1566888507493.png (512.46 KB, 728x545, d9acd98b43aa5126ff66539257ec47…)

No. 454443

File: 1566889088990.png (286.44 KB, 800x584, Screenshot_2019-08-26-23-57-05…)

No. 454445

File: 1566889154323.png (516.39 KB, 728x548, 19c06879949a5592fc60218f6b6914…)

No. 454447

File: 1566889373833.png (224.73 KB, 800x584, Screenshot_2019-08-26-23-41-43…)

No. 454448

File: 1566889452193.png (555.95 KB, 728x544, 5996b5585669b58ccf81fe82de3b65…)

No. 454449

File: 1566889593611.png (215.85 KB, 800x585, Screenshot_2019-08-27-00-06-24…)

No. 454450

File: 1566889634424.png (249.75 KB, 728x542, a2df1659f7a62471eda8d85a7bee5a…)

No. 454451

File: 1566889685082.png (246.85 KB, 800x589, Screenshot_2019-08-26-23-41-55…)

No. 454452

File: 1566889812909.png (365.8 KB, 728x547, 72452639d08a71c8b3182f2b30ae79…)

No. 454453

File: 1566889836236.png (235.79 KB, 800x582, Screenshot_2019-08-26-23-42-03…)

No. 454454

File: 1566889936418.png (386.8 KB, 728x544, 21d46ed1a9704b0a590d7e85489e26…)

No. 454456

File: 1566889959530.png (271.43 KB, 800x588, Screenshot_2019-08-26-23-42-14…)

No. 454457

File: 1566890207265.png (447.79 KB, 728x546, 09dbe87ccd89e4b0d5c96047601797…)

No. 454458

File: 1566890231487.png (214.95 KB, 800x585, Screenshot_2019-08-27-00-15-31…)

No. 454461

File: 1566891849264.gif (792.11 KB, 275x268, 1563948628124.gif)

There's something I've been looking for for a while… does anyone have a link to a collection of "trans widow" stories? That is, stories from women whose husbands went trans, lost their minds and destroyed their marriages.

I read a bunch of these collected stories one time but I can't find them anymore and Google obviously doesn't want people to find them. If anyone knows where they are it'd be a good addition to the OP links.

No. 454463

No. 454466

i hate how the presence of women who are into women and gnc women is getting more and more erased. there are so many young girls who are into girls or present as androgynous/masculine but they would rather identify as something like queer, pansexual, agender or whatever than identifying as lesbian or bisexual. there aren't as many gay men who resort to identifying as some buzzword but a lot of girls do. and you also have creepy straight men fetishizing lesbians getting treated as some kind of acceptance… i'm tired of all this shit

No. 454467

File: 1566894605963.png (668.13 KB, 901x577, 54654.PNG)

But…you are a white man?

No. 454468

>what men in tech can teach to women in tech

No. 454469

File: 1566894661472.png (27.23 KB, 902x377, 2132.PNG)

No. 454470

If enough men troon out in STEM then people will start saying that STEM is gender equal since "trans women are women uwu" and there will be no need for 'women in STEM' programs anymore.

No. 454471

>> 454463

Those are good discussions, thanks, but those aren't the page I was thinking of. The one I remember had links to blogs with long, detailed stories from different women about their husbands transitioning.

I remember one where the guy couldn't go out unless his clothes and makeup were ~perfect~ and then when the wife asked him to help with housework he said he might break a nail, then when she said "So we're both women but I do all the housework?" he was like "I'm not that kind of woman." I think I peak transed several times just reading that one.

No. 454478

I'm waiting for the ponderous thinkpieces on how saying women are pushed out of STEM is actually twanzphobic because there's lots of brave and stunning MtFs in STEM.

No. 454485

One of the funniest things about troons is that they take offense even from non-reaction. Years ago some troon tried to start some "teehee female bonding time" with me and talked about how he's having his period and horrible cramps. I just blankly looked at him and didn't say anything. Years later and he still gives me the biggest stink eye when I see him and wont talk to me, it's hilarious because he can't exactly go after me for doing and saying literally nothing but still it apparently pisses him off.

No. 454489

Previously they were claiming that terves are just ugly gender essentialists who don’t want men to be prettier and more feminine than us, now we all lust after effeminate men? Make up your minds already.

Just like the civil rights movement, LGB and of course intersectional feminism, they co-opt, appropriate and colonise every movement and community they think will help them reach their goals. Everything must centre them at all times and they never have to reciprocate. Ask not what your trans sisters can do for you, but what you can do for your trans sisters!

Last thread I posted that study showing that TIMs in particular are very socially conservative, least likely to support the poor, immigrants etc. and that more of them ‘identify’ as feminists than are actually in favour of supporting women. It would be interesting to get into this identity vs. reality aspect with the other issues as well. Most TIMs seem to portray themselves as being the champions of minority and marginalised groups (they gave us LGB rights and feminism!) but if you get down to the facts of their voting history and activism, I suspect it will reveal that their progressive persona is just a mask for a group of men who are actually more self-centred and regressive than even ‘cis’ men. It would be a wake up call for those groups who still haven’t realised that TRAs are a cuckoo in their nest.

No. 454494

There was a Troon in the toilets at my uni and I found the blank staring is the easiest approach. I walked in and they were taking selfies, so I just stopped and stared, slow blinked and went into a cubicle. When I came out they were just standing there off to the side of the sink and mirrors. I just stared again then started to wash my hands. They just stood there. Then I had to walk over to dry my hands and just looked at them til they moved out of the way of the towel dispenser and left. That was last year and I've saw him come out of the men's regularly since.

No. 454500

I had a troon try the same thing with me and the blank faced approach really does infuriate them.

He was asking me for make-up tips "because we girls should help each other teehee!" and I just looked at him blankly, shrugged and said I didn't really know anything about make-up. I could tell he was buttmad I ruined his little fantasy that all women are in some secret lipstick coven but he couldn't actually get angry with me because I didn't do anything wrong even by libfem standards.

No. 454506

the 1950', known for long wavy hair
Reminds me of a "plural" troon who got upset bc he was diagnosed as a skizo and they really hate when you use insults that were slurs in the xviiith century or something

No. 454513

Recognizing secondary sex characteristics, the AI's job, is biased. Ok.

I've met a few trans people at conventions, college, etc. who announce they're trans when I first meet them, and what pronouns they use. I say "okay, cool" and start referring to them as they asked, and they look kind of upset, ha.

No. 454515

File: 1566910132349.png (25.53 KB, 729x181, 54654.PNG)

Damn, trans women really have always existed.

No. 454516

kek, and always been rapey sociopaths, apparently

No. 454527

I don't get cramps or PMS regardless of what BC I'm on, and even before I was on it. I wish people would research women's health more and quit stereotyping when I know plenty of other women with "unusual" issues like endo and tilted cervix. Maybe we could reduce maternal mortality if research were actually being done on women's health and not trans

No. 454528

Now Saint Terf give women shelter from cross-dressing male gaslighters instead.

No. 454539

So the troon got upset you didn't freak out? KEK That's golden. Or was it just the way you said "Ok cool"
They all know what they're doing and when you start to intimidate them even a little, they back down because they KNOW for a fact they can't lay a hand on us without total condemnation.

No. 454550

File: 1566916336305.jpg (487.95 KB, 1067x1600, fd84b364-a699-4229-8632-442d7d…)

is there anywhere I can kek at genderqueer couples that are basically just a straight man and woman trying to be quirky? or a tag I can look up?

pic rel, a 'non-binary' wedding photo

No. 454559

along with the obscenely wealthy, these people need to have their wealth forcibly redistributed. i dont care where they lie on the fiscal spectrum, they need to be stripped of all almost everything they own. people like this are too stupid to have any money or assets and they should be gifted to those that aren't this retarded at 29.

No. 454560


I know a nonbinary straight couple as well and they’re the most narcissistic pretentious cry baby complainers and I really can’t stand them lol

No. 454568

Another heterosexual wedding being paraded as "gay".

No. 454569

It would be cute if it was GNC wedding…but I don't see why people feel the need to pretend they're anything other than male/female.

No. 454573

nah, it'd still be lame and attention whorey. it'd just actually be in line with progressive politics but still garish and pathetic

No. 454574

I don't really see how it's pathetic. A lot of people troon out because it's now more acceptable to be trans than GNC. Nothing wrong with feminine men, masculine women imo as long as they accept who they are. I guess you can argue that their taste in fashion is still kind of eccentric.

No. 454577

there's nothing masculine about her though from the photo, she just has a sharp jawline. even if their actions and beliefs were logically consistent, it's obvious they'd be immature tryhards.

No. 454578

My first thought was pixielocks and any man she dates

No. 454583

Next up:
>animals scared of men regularly misgender trans individuals
>forensic pathologists regularly misgender trans skeletal remains
One of these already happened.

Working in IT I absolutely, without an ounce of mercy, hate these fuckers. They regularly have chimpouts over people not handing them respect and high paying jobs on a silver platter just based on the virtue of being a tranny. They're often extremely subpar or just straight out bad programmers and have a nasty, conflict-seeking personality on top of all that, so they blame "the meritocracy" for their own inadequacy. And that's not the worst part either, the worst part is that because these people have she/her on their twitter bios people assume that it's the Hysterical Females causing drama again when it's the good old predictable narcissistic men doing the deed. This literally happened again in the dev community on a larger scale the other day and I died inside.

What the fuck can they teach us lowly "cis women" to begin with? I actually looked up this article and saw this
>Daniela calls herself a diversity activist. And she wants to use her experiences to make the tech industry truly inclusive, starting with something as simple as the words we use. For instance, “When you talk about feminine empowerment, these are really heavy words that you don’t want to use in conversation with men.”
So a heterosexual man (or a lesbian transwoman uwu) who started putting on a dress two years ago is telling natal women to shut up with their stupid feminist wording when talking to men? Wow, how empowering. Go fuck yourself.

No. 454588

I don't see much of a problem with this, people can and should have whatever kind of wedding attire they want.
What I don't like is the idea that this is a "new identity", and not just two humans ignoring arbitrary traditions.
It can't just be "We're doing what we want, and the "rules" are meaningless". It always has to be "We are special unique marginalized oppressed erased alien people with a totally different idea of what gender is, and by extension, the human experience itself!!!" with these sorts. Why?

No. 454589

I don't see much of a problem with this, people can and should have whatever kind of wedding attire they want.
What I don't like is the idea that this is a "new identity", and not just two humans ignoring arbitrary traditions.
It can't just be "We're doing what we want, and the "rules" are meaningless". It always has to be "We are special unique marginalized oppressed erased alien people with a totally different idea of what gender is, and by extension, the human experience itself!!!" with these sorts. Why?

No. 454590

>>454550 I got this pic from a Tumblr that posts cislesbian wedding pics btw

>>454560 tell me more anon

No. 454596

Stuff like this is why people see non-binary as a fad, and why I avoided ever using the term. Liking "quirky" things not typically associated with the stereotypes of your biological sex doesn't make you not that sex. I always thought of non-binary as a way for people who had dysphoria to be recognized as a part of the trans community, without ever wanting to medically transition, rather present as the opposite sex or androgynous in non body mutilating ways to deal with the dysphoria. Basically, cross dressing with dysphoria.

It was only like what I mentioned for a short while, until Tumblr became a toxic place that tried to guilt you for your "privilege" of being born straight or "cis." Suddenly non-dysphoric people who have instead struggled with their peers for not liking stereotypical things decided to take the trans label to feel they belong, or different to avoid harassment from the left.

Also, minus the guy's bad hair cut in this pic, the wedding attire is lovely.

No. 454602

I would've had no problem with young people using the term non-binary while they figure out if they are going to transition or not and I would they/them them with no problem but people permanently announcing it as their gender or using the term in their 30s and beyond is too much for me. I transitioned for a year and then stopped, I could've adopted the term non-binary to describe myself but it's too bullshitty for me

If being genderqueer or non binary was ever a valid thing to begin with then shitty attention seeking special people went and ruined the terms for everyone anyway, maybe it attracted BS people cos it was BS already

No. 454654

i just saw a gay man on facebook say "women aren't getting murdered for their gender identity" and i couldn't fucking believe. he was sincere. how can anyone be so ignorant and self absorbed? fuck. i'm angry.

No. 454655

File: 1566931014357.jpg (279.07 KB, 768x768, JW.jpg)

since some of the other anons in the last thread mentioned liking this kind of subversion re: TRA anime girl memes

No. 454656

File: 1566931046186.jpg (226.24 KB, 800x772, JW2.jpg)

and another for good measure

No. 454658

if it makes anyone feel better this post was reported and removed
poor magdalen, really hope she gets better.

No. 454659

I really like this one.

No. 454664

Good stuff.

No. 454679

I said it neutrally, like: "We're going out for fries, want to come?" "Okay, cool."

I know that they want me to react negatively so they can school me, making me look like a morally bad and ignorant person. They like to be perceived as deviant, much like fetishists who infiltrated the LGB community, so they can take the moral high ground and assert how ~woke~ they are because of their ~unique~ gender experience that falls out of normal social perceptions. It makes them feel even more different, and likely better than other people. It's a form of narcissism. I know because I was like this when I was a Christian. You try to corner the other person in an argument you know you'll win because it's an easy target to reaffirm your beliefs.

No. 454690

File: 1566935246456.jpg (9.74 KB, 299x299, tAjbqAj.jpg)

>much like fetishists who infiltrated the LGB community

No. 454693

I love to kinkshame as much as the next person, but only het fetishists aren't part of LGB.

No. 454702

File: 1566937872167.jpg (91.29 KB, 609x640, enbyshit.jpg)

More enbyshit for you guys. I just saw this, and I went and read the original thread it linked. Apparently Jose presents as a man in every way, except he wears a little bit of eyeliner, that you can't even quite tell is there. And he thinks this should give him access to womens groups.

No. 454705

File: 1566937990403.jpg (25.98 KB, 599x186, enbyshit2.jpg)

I felt this comment needed screencapping to. "I'm a woman who wears comfortable clothes instead of cliche sexy shit, and people think I'm a woman instead of the agender snowflake I am".

No. 454713

How the fuck can she read peoples minds to know that they're reading her as 'that woman just let herself go'

I mean, projecting your own issues onto others much?

No. 454716

This clapping between words shit still exists? You know it's gonna be retarded when you see the claps

No. 454722

Kink isn't inherently LGB, as heterosexuals can have kinks. It's your attraction to a certain sex that makes you LGB. Come on guys. You know better.

No. 454733

What’s more bizarre is that TiM is a HSTS who identifies as a lesbian now and the woman is a lesbian (supposedly)

No. 454735

but most TiMs aren't effeminate, they're generally creepy and 'off' looking, school shooter type face

also i thought they were supposedly never men so how can anyone be taking gnc men away?

No. 454736

The only effeminate TiMs I have seen are HSTS and they aren’t interested in women in the first place.

No. 454739

File: 1566944470844.png (1.63 MB, 499x2650, animals.png)

No. 454747

>trans power
Don’t they realize how suspiciously close that sounds to “white power”?

No. 454750

now bizzare to sprsypaint "you are not welcome" on your own establishment essentially, like bitch, it's their property not yours

fucking vile though, all men are the same

No. 454754

That's literally what I said, straight kinksters are trying to claim being kinky makes them part of LGBTQ+++, when being heterosexual automatically excludes them, not the kink.

No. 454757

TQ+ was a mistake.

No. 454765

why do this to a fucking shelter. I struggle to come up with a less oppressive establishment

No. 454768

Intimidating rape survivors is a very male thing to do.

No. 454769

So a very narcissistic tranny who runs a con arcade business with other trannies made a group on facebook for posting your own lewds. Guess what, it’s full of disgusting estrogen tits and a few girls who must feel like queens there. There are some males as well.
They then decided to make a group for “girls only” I guess to alleviate the discomfort of posting gross pictures of yourself for 150 other people to see. Four out of the five girls commenting on the announcement post are trannies. God

No. 454773

Don't you know evil terves are literally committing VIOLENCE against awesome trans gals by DARING to ask for a female-only therapy space for victims of rape by males? Obviously they deserve threats and dead rats nailed to their doors. Terrorizing rape victims is just normal intersectional feminist ladybrain behavior along with all the sexy sleepovers where us gals' hips move without us controlling them and we bond over non-uterine cramps and our sexy desire to have giant milk-producing naturals.

No. 454774

I'd like to know how often AGPs even get sexually assaulted/raped. 99% of them are instantly clockable as male on sight or don't even pass at all. They're also usually normal sized guys who could easily fight off an attacker. Yes I know most rapes don't happen randomly but by people the victim knows, but still. They're more likely to be beaten up by gay bashers than raped.

No. 454776

I think Gigi just like Nats's money tbh

No. 454777

>"trans power"
>"you are not welcome"
Huh, that's funny, reminds me of this other little group of white men…

No. 454778

Does anyone else feel like most transphobic hate crimes are really just homophobic hate crimes? Most of the attackers think they’re beating up an extremely GNC gay man, they don’t believe what they’re attacking is actually a woman so I always thought calling them or “cissexist”, “transphobic” or “transmisogynistic” made no sense. Gay men have an incredibly long history of violence and still make up 61% of LGBT hate crime victims today.

No. 454779

I think so too since he looks disgusted when kissing Nats and Nats desperately wants a baby.

No. 454782

Canada is a complete shitshow because of the trans activism going on there. Other anons mentioned in a previous thread that an anti-prostitution coalition organised by Chinese-Canadian women who want to rescue trafficked East Asian women are getting branded as SWERFs by TRAs. Some indigenous Canadian women are getting angry at how trans activists have been spreading the lie that indigenous people had no concept of biological sex and that they only learned about it after European colonization. Vancouver Rape Relief had it’s funding pulled for not accepting TiMs into its services even though most of its clients are women of color, particularly indigenous women who already lack so many resources. There is also the fucking Jessica Yaniv case where working class Muslim, Sikh, and Brazilian immigrant women are being targeted in a lawsuit for not waxing a TiMs genitalia. Don’t believe anybody who says that trannies stand for women of color. They are nearly all white men with bizarre fetishes and hatred for the female sex. They only use WoC as props to guilt people into agreeing with their twisted ideology. I’m so angry about this and I have no idea WHY Canada is like this.

No. 454783

Of course. The idea that aggressive asshole dudes beating up men in dresses is because of their 'gender identity'… top fucking kek, that sort of man sees it as faggotry and nothing more.

It's also sexism but that's less of a direct correlation, probably affects TIFs more.

No. 454784

B-but gay men are the most privileged of the LGBT! They are cis men and can get married now!

No. 454792

All the victims of ‘transphobic violence’ are HSTS so they literally are gay men which indeed makes them homophobic hate crimes. None of the men attacking TiMs genuinely view TiMs as women.

No. 454795

They probably also just view Tifs as butch lesbians so attacks on them would also count as homophobic crime

No. 454798

TiFs experience corrective rape from men like lesbians do. They also get raped by TiMs because of their male socialization where they want to replicate heterosexual power dynamics but it isn’t talked about much.

No. 454800

There was one time I actually agreed with Theryn Meyer because he pointed out in a video transmisogyny is just the progressive way to say misandry. The attackers are fully aware they're male. I also agree they're homophobic.

No. 454801

I have heard of TiMs raping TiFs but never the other way around. Really activates the almonds.

No. 454803

I think you need to reread my very first comment. I never said I was against fetishes, but that somehow some people think it makes them LGBT, like leather pride or the people who run around in dog collars and a leash. That's what I was referring to.

No. 454805

Kinda like how “AFAB privilege” is the progressive TRA way of saying the MRA “female privilege”.

No. 454809

It really is weird how they think gay men have so much privilege when every major world religion thinks of gay men as demonic, there have been massive purges of homosexual males throughout history, and they still undergo conversion therapy today. Transphobia doesn’t have the same cultural context or legacy as homophobia at all. Men beat up other men due to homophobia and not transphobia. They generally just view transsexuality as an extension of homosexuality (which it sometimes can be).

No. 454812

> transsexuality as an extension of homosexuality (which it sometimes can be)
Historically it was always the case since fetishists were known as tranvestites and transsexuals has to be homosexual males.

No. 454822

kek, it would be abakkus wouldn't it

No. 454826


Jesus, when you lay it out like this it really is such a glaring case of white dudes vs. brown women. Honestly nothing makes me angrier, I'm hispanic and the women in my family have had these lives completely defined by femaleness in a way trans ideology has no room for. My grandmas, aunts, and mom weren't all super girly, but they've all led lives shaped by having kids, housework, childcare, contraception availability, men leaving….it's all these female experiences trans women don't find sexy so they just ignore. My mom can't stand it, she just says "wow so they're a bunch of men who are really into themselves, bet they rely on women to build communities for them and cook and clean and swallow their issues" and it's like, yeah, jesus. All those Canadian TRAs are just depending on the silence of women prostitutes, beauticians, activists, mothers, etc to prop up their male fucking lives. It's so much harder to ignore when you come from disadvantaged women, where the unsexy unfun mundane realities of what it means to be a woman are so exposed. None of these men are "women" because they identify with waking up earliest and going to bed last, you know?

No. 454842

transvestites aren't even close. they were gay men dressing up as women so they could date their gay partners. they weren't insane freaks trying to stomp all over women's rights.

No. 454846

No, in Benjamin’s SOS transvestites were classified as men who were not homosexual (not a 4-6 on the Kinsey scale) and pretended to be women for fetishistic reasons so they were not eligible for transition. Blanchard classified them as autogynephiles and gave them the right to transition.

No. 454849

Tranvestites are people (usually men) who dress as the opposite sex for various reasons. Nowadays we mostly think of transvestic fetishism which is men dressing like women for sexual arousal. ‘Transvestite’ was frequently used in sexology to describe non-gay men. It was really common for them to dress in women’s clothing and masturbate. This could build up over time and manifest as gender dysphoria where they would desire a female body but they were usually refused transition since only gay men were allowed at the time.

No. 454854

>Tranvestites are people

No. 454855

Why do TRAs accuse gc people/terfs/etc of being "anti-science"? Wtf is anti scientific about questioning TRA's quasireligious dogma? Can anyone help me understand this reasoning, as an actual woman in STEM it's so confusing how I'm now considered anti-science for believing sex is real and unchangeable.

No. 454856

>usually men

No. 454857

They think TERFs deny the existence of gender dysphoria and don’t understand how “brain sex” works. They used to always link me articles proving how TiMs had brains more similar to women and TiFs more similar to men, while sexual dimorphism in the brain exists they relied on very small sample sizes for these tests. There are also other studies which show that TiMs have no brain difference from other men. The “science” behind the causes of dysphoria are very primitive and wonky so you can’t really prove or disprove much at all. There is, however, academic pressure to not publish anything that would reflect “negatively” on the trans community so many researchers can’t get funding for it. Science has always had the problem of being ruled by dogma.

No. 454859

> "women aren't getting murdered for their gender identity
but for their sex" is how I usually see this statement, with the sex part implied. the guy might be a tehm or not.

No. 454861

That’s because the people who have GD are from a wide spectrum and now “transgender” includes fucking everything. Some people may be inborn with GD which leads to scientists being able to find prenatal hormone evidence for it while others develop it via social contagion which means they won’t be able detect anything at all. What’s worse is that the people who develop it from environmental factors are claiming that their gender identity is innate.

No. 454864

there's no such thing as inborn GD. tired of you truscum defenders

No. 454865

because believing that someone can be born "a woman in a man's body" is sooooo scientific

No. 454867

Give GC women some more credit instead of just comparing them to truscum. There is no evidence to say there is inborn GD and no evidence to say there isn’t.

No. 454870

no, there is no reason why a child would suffer from GD due to their physiology/fetal hormone levels, whatever, when the entire concept is based around man-made constructs. the entire thing revolves around girls necessarily preferring "feminine" hobbies or dress or toys, etc, etc. all of this is sexist bunk and there can't be a biological basis for something that is completely fake. at best, when it comes to dysphoria based on their bodies, preferring to have a different body likely is not the cause of something material other than depression, OCD, etc etc. dysmorphia sufferers are not born with black brains or blonde brains

No. 454872

>at best, when it comes to dysphoria based on their bodies
That's what gender dysphoria is. The desire to have the opposite sex's characteristics. It's possible that people could have some type of predisposition that makes them delusional in that way. The social dysphoria derived from gender stereotypes and being "born in the wrong body" is obviously bunk.

No. 454874

>no, there is no reason why a child would suffer from GD due to their physiology/fetal hormone levels
Genuinely wondering how can you be so certain about this? Testosterone has already been established as a major factor in fetal brain development and prenatal hormones are one of the only proven determinators in a human's inborn sexuality.

No. 454875

gender dysphoria is an all encompassing term, it doesn't explicitly refer to just the body part, afaik. they aren't delusional. they see their bodies as they are. they see their bodies accurately, they just prefer to have different bodies. no child would or should even know the opposite sex has different body parts but in the cases of these very young kids, they somehow know. weird, considering I never knew boys had different bodies until I was at least 5, but always turns out these kids with dysphoria regarding their genitals have creepy, way too sexually liberal parents. every time. i think most of us would prefer to be in different bodies if we had the choice. there's no predisposition. very young children, as we know, pick up social cues regarding how women and men and how girls and boys are to be treated and what is expected of them. that much is very clear. there's no phantom vagina syndrome distressing these kids that's rooted in their neurophysiology other than whatever plays a part in OCD, anxiety, depression, whatever have you. most kids don't even know the physical difference between girls and boys at these ages they allegedly claim.

No. 454877

sexuality has nothing to do with the way our bodies are perceived. gay people don't feel at odds with their bodies, generally, except for how society makes them feel. if a feminized or masculinized brain is responsible for sexuality, they'd also be predictably and reliably trans a good portion of the time because they're feminized or masculinized, right? but we see they're not. only but a few homosexuals exposed to pressure or those that have an extreme interest in attracting straight men end up transitioning or feeling at odds with their bodies

No. 454880

Yeah, gender dysphoria is defined quite vaguely due to its lack of research although it does make it clear in its diagnosis that physical dysphoria is the defining symptom and not social dysphoria like gender roles. It also states that gender non-conformity is not the same thing as gender dysphoria so mental health workers should take caution. This is why some trenders actually discuss with each other on how to say the right things to their psychologist to trick them into prescribing them hormones. Now the trans lobby may put on further pressure on the American Psychiatric Association to further broaden the definition of gender dysphoria as they've already gotten the name changed from 'gender identity disorder'.

No. 454884

if gender dysphoria is all about the brain then why have transsexuals almost always been effeminate gay men and more rarely butch lesbians until recent years? transitioning is almost always related to sexuality. straight people with gay and lesbian fetishes started transitioning in recent years because it has become more accepted for them to force themselves as transbians/~~gay trans guys~~.

No. 454890

>transitioning is almost always related to sexuality.
well, transitioning is almost always related to the pressures surrounding their sexuality, or an interest in attracting straight men (gay men are known to have an interest in this, specifically almost 'converting' straight men). gay men will fuck in drag for the same reason but admit theyre not trans (willam and other famous drag queens mention this often and proudly). transitioning isn't about gays or lesbians having brains being feminized or masculinized and this is a result of that. it's always been social pressure and expectations and/or interest in appealing to men

No. 454894

They ARE homophobic crimes. Nobody gets beat up for believing they are a woman, they get beat up because a heterosexual's fragile masculinity gets offended by being "tricked" into a relationship with a male.

It's called body dysmorphic disorder and it's already a thing. There's literally no need to separate it into a gender identity thing.


No. 454906

>trans power
>terfs go home
>you are not welcome


No. 454914

File: 1566993736193.png (305.14 KB, 590x605, 87978.PNG)

No. 454924

File: 1566995335528.png (31.61 KB, 1067x203, 2132.PNG)

>A panel of judges ruled on August 23 that Adree Edmo’s gender-confirmation surgery should be provided by Idaho and Corizon, the state’s prison healthcare provider.

>The surgery is estimated to cost between $20,000 and $30,000.

>Edmo is serving 10 years for sexually abusing a 15-year-old boy when she was 22 and is scheduled for release in 2021. She is not eligible for parole.

>The 9th circuit court of appeals ruling agreed with a December 2018 ruling from US District Judge B Lynn Winmill that was in Edmo’s favour and ordered the state to provde her with surgery.

>The 9th circuit court of appeals judges wrote that Windmill’s findings were “logical and well-supported” and that “responsible prison officials were deliberately indifferent to Edmo’s gender dysphoria, in violation of the Eighth Amendment”, according to NPR.

>Idaho has 90 days to appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court. In a statement, Idaho governor Brad Little said, “We cannot divert critical public dollars away from the higher priorities of keeping the public safe and rehabilitating offenders.”


No. 454926

literally being rewarded for being a predator

No. 454929

Why do so many lesbians on twitter use the lizard emoji?

No. 454930

>appropriating trans culture

How in the actual fuck??? Please tell me this is just one of you LARPing. I can't allow myself to believe people like this exist.

No. 454931

No, they're a troon who opened up a twitter just to argue with people.

No. 454933

>not paying for a child abuser to get plastic surgery he wants using state money is now considered cruel and unusual punishment
We're in the darkest timeline

No. 454934

A sexual predator voluntarily having his penis removed before he leaves prison? I have absolutely no problem with this.

No. 454936

Men rape even without their penises like the 2012 Delhi gang rape. The solution is to kill rapists.

No. 454937

>Despite reproducing asexually, and being an all-female species, the whiptail still engages in mating behavior with other females of its own species, giving rise to the common nickname "lesbian lizards"

I don't actually know for real but that's probably what it is

No. 454939

People often joke about pronouns but the constant use of female pronouns really obscures male violence and since language dictates thought it will manipulate people into thinking TiMs are women.

No. 454941

So two species hybridized, the males went extinct, and now all the females are asexually reproducing lesbians? Nature is wild.

No. 454943

File: 1566998055724.png (559.79 KB, 580x810, 54654.PNG)

Can the UK, USA, and Canada stop doing this nonsense for just one moment.

No. 454949

I work in market research and one of our recent surveys was on 'womens sports' and whether people care about it, the results seemed to show that most men lose interest when they see the word womens in front of anything

No. 454966

When I heard of this, I only thought that it could be a good thing. Why is the men's world cup just called the "World Cup" and the women's is "Women's World Cup"? It's because the men's is considered default.

No. 454975

File: 1567006362322.png (60.51 KB, 857x386, helvetica......PNG)

What arcade business? Snow Phoenix?

I'm not surprised if it's them, the owners of that are trannies and one of them said pretty weird shit like how he feels like HRT is gonna make him into a video game character, and how he'd steal his girlfriend's clothes in secret to feel more "girly".

This post in particular though, oh god. Of course he had to bring up the evil smelly terves.

No. 454988

How do you anons feel about using gender neutral language in general? I don't have a "gender identity" (ie I'm not trans), I'm aware I'm biologically female, but I use they/them pronouns. I also use a genderneutral nickname on job applications which helps because I work in trades.

Is there any evidence this might be a bad idea? One might site that removing sexed terms could cause issues, in say, people entering a women's only facility for victims, but you should always check the birth certificate regardless (I'm aware people can change their legal sex, but it eliminates a lot of creeps). Anyone can run around using what pronouns they damn well please now, rendering them useless.

I'd prefer to not use language that reduces me to my genitals, considering "he" has always been the grammatically correct default for not knowing someone's biological sex (although they has been catching on). I've always been under the impression gendered language started out as a way to keep men and women as separate classes and keep men in power, for instance, we can see Roman men have their own names, but the women take male names with an "a" at the end to indicate they are female, and therefore, the property of her father or husband. Why wouldn't they just take the father's name, why does it have to be made female identifying? It's never Augustus or Julian the older, for women, it's Augustina and Julia. I hate that shit for the life of me. I probably sound autistic, but this is a genuine thought of mine.

No. 454990

It is SP, but it’s the other transbian (out of what like 3? 4? Lol), the official owner who trooned out like a year ago. He is such a egotistical bastard who thinks he’s hot shit. I’m so glad I have the pleasure of knowing what his veiny wrinkly estrogen lumps, ass, and ahegao face look like as well as his gfs who surely keep him around to feel better about themselves.

No. 455000

Languagefag here. Regardless of transgender identities, I personally don't care if someone wants to go by "they/them" pronouns since it is also gramatically correct to use them for someone whose gender is unknown. However, I don't think most people would look at a person and refer to them as "they/them", everyone would go with feminine or masculine pronouns. I am firmly against neopronouns though, it only causes more complications. Pronouns are in a core part of the language, you can't just add new pronouns out of nowhere and expect everyone to adapt to it right away. English used to have grammatical gender but it declined around 11th-14th centuries (if I recall correctly). It's a whole process.

I am gender critical but are gender pronouns really reducing people to their genitals? A crossdresser that passes well can be called by the other gender's pronouns as well, I think it's more about perception. There are languages that never had grammatical gender, Japanese, Korean, Finnish, Turkish.. The lack of gendered pronouns doesn't exactly cause a confusion when it's what you're used to. Maybe English will also get rid of its gendered pronouns due to political changes too, but it would take time.

No. 455001

pronouns are important to languages that use them, there's no getting around that. gender in most languages implies biological sex (as it should) and you're not changing anything by not using pronouns. in english pronouns help other people contextualize without having to use a lot of other identifiers. pronouns and words that identify gender(sex) are useful. people seem to forget/misunderstand that gender roles and gendered pronouns aren't the same thing. gender roles came about from the distinction between males and females and it doesn't matter what words we use or don't use, it will still be there. as well it should be, only in a positive way rather than in a negative way. you're a female so you're a woman/she/her but only because those are the words used to identify human females with.

No. 455002

not to disagree but i just wanted to point out that most of the languages you mentioned that don't have 3rd person pronouns, do have gendered terminology. it's more a lack of pronouns. japanese and korean especially have tons of gendered words including gender specific ways of identifying yourself while speaking.

No. 455003

>I did get caught and beat mercilessly when I borrowed my friend's school uniform
>my experiences aren't any less "girl"
Why do so many TiMs think being beaten by homophobes for being an effeminate male is the same as what girls experience and reference that as proof of their "girl" upbringing (like Laverne Cox did)? Girls don't get beaten up for daring to wear female gendered clothing. We get heavily encouraged or even enforced to wear it, the complete opposite experience of this male.

>They'll say a "man" couldn't ever know what a "woman" is. No, fuck you, you got as much of a choice of being a woman as I did, and if I could have traded anything I would have chosen to be born a cisgirl, every single time.

There are so many glaring flaws in this. Women all choose to be women as much as MTFs do? So women who undergo FGM, rape, domestic violence, and systematic oppression towards female just could have "chosen" to be men instead by his logic.
Then he turns around and bitterly remarks how actually he would do anything to have been born a "cisgirl", dashing his initial assertion that all women simply choose to be women while also oxymoronically reinforcing the ridiculous idea that it's wanting to be something that makes you that thing. PT wanted with her whole heart to be Nipponese and put on their school uniforms but that desire didn't make it reality.

No. 455004

Gender neutral language is fine. In your situation specifically though, I would encourage you to examine why you don't identify with womanhood, and why you have a desire to abandon the label of "woman".

No. 455006

I'm a Finnish native speaker and there's zero gendered language (including pronouns), so I've spoken in a gender neutral way since birth and found it alien to see other languages have gendered words. It comes natural to me not to concern myself with gender when speaking. However with other languages I have mixed feelings, I'm all for gender neutrality but in the current political climate all gender neutralness seems to be about erasing feminity exclusively so it rubs me the wrong way.

No. 455007

I don't speak Korean or Japanese so I don't know that much about their terminologies but they are always a part of "languages with no grammatical gender" lists, so I'm assuming they have no specific gendered pronouns like she/her or gendered nouns like how objects have gender in German and other Indo-European languages. Are you talking about how Korean has different words for older brother/sister depending on the speaker and such?

No. 455010

that's what i mean, yes. they technically shouldn't be categorized that way because they do have a lot of gendered words and even stand ins for pronouns, they just have a different grammatical structure. i think it's disingenuous to say that japanese has no pronouns or gender specifics just because they don't have an exact equivalent to he/she. same with korean, which has them more in the form of honorifics, but the fact is that the language structure is different.

i think that gender neutralness is just a way to ease into sex neturalness tbh. it's something that's super emotionally charged for almost everyone and seems positive, but it's likely much darker beneath the surface. getting rid of pronouns is a trans/TRA movement so it can't be good.

No. 455011

Japanese has a bunch of different ways of saying "me" "my" and "I". While these terms can technically be used by anyone, they have heavily gendered uses. For instance, women almost always use "watashi", and men only use it when they're trying to be super feminine or super polite. "Boku" is the polite "masculine" word typically used by young or subservient men. It is sometimes used by tomboyish girls. "Ore" is maculine and very dominant. It is typically used by older men or men in positions of power, and is considered rude in any other context.

Japanese is gendered in many other ways. It's actually kind of worse in terms of gender because of how frequently "feminine" is conflated with "subservient". Socially speaking, it's a very conservative culture, and they have the highest gender inequality of any first world country.

No. 455013

I identify with womanhood; I don't think I said I didn't. I've experienced sexism as much as the next, but aside from my secondary sex characteristics (that are pretty weak to begin with), I'm just a human being that wants to enjoy life no different than anyone else. I hate that I have a separate label just because I have a visibly weaker frame and boobs. What's the point? Like another anon said, people take their best guess at your sex and sometimes get it wrong, because it's based off of stereotypes most of the time. I get mistaken for a guy a lot even though I'm petitely built, short , anorexic, and long haired. I just question the point of pronouns. Troons and fetishists associate womanhood with pronouns and being percieved as female. I think to get rid of them all-together would be liberating because no one would have to give in to their delusions of wanting to be perceived as a "she."

No. 455016

not a language expert by any means but grammatical gender doesn't refer to human sex, it's about grammar. in most indo european languages the gender heavily affects the noun's cases, when you are learning a new ie language you have to memorize the gender for every new noun you learn. japanese and korean don't have this. japanese men and women using slightly different speech patterns is more about gender roles than grammatical gender. most countries with languages that don't have grammatical gender aren't exactly the most gender equal places, maybe except finland.

No. 455017

That or it seems that it's mostly detrans lesbians on twitter using it, perhaps referring to the fact that lizards can shed their skin and tails which is like how they were shedding their old identity. I tried to research more on the emoji but couldn't find any info.

No. 455018

samefag and sorry for getting ot but they don't have an equivalent of the "el/la" in spanish, "der/die/das" in german, "le/la" in french is what i mean.

No. 455024

right, but people pushing the rhetoric don't mean it like that because english doesn't have that either.

No. 455027

English used to have it and the "the" article is still an equivalent of el/la. When a Japanese guy talks with "female words" he might get "omg u gay??" reactions but he won't be gramatically incorrect, it's about gender roles in spoken language. If you use the wrong gender in a French noun you fuck up the whole sentence.

I think this whole trans acceptance wave might result in some changes in languages within 1-2 centuries because TRAs are way too aggressive with misgendering. Xe/xir and shit won't probably get the majority's approval but maybe English will move towards being even more gender neutral with pronouns.

No. 455035

Sage for language sperg but ZERO gendered language? You sure? (see: palomies etc career names with the -mies in them, our own words for for example actress/näyttelijätär, tarjoilijatar and so on. Sure our situation is not the same and we have way less gendered language and words in our language than other languages have but saying we have absolutely zero gendered language is wrong)

No. 455041

Maybe not pronouns but I can see ground being lost to gendered personal descriptors eg actress, chairman, masseuse, fireman.

like I already feel a bit weird typing fireman instead of firefighter, but chairperson still sounds awkward.

No. 455049

Does anyone have any links or info about how/why drag is trash? My sister thinks it’s the best thing ever and I am trying to convince her that it’s offensive

No. 455053

Drag is on the same level of blackface. White men pretending tp be an oppressed person for humor and money.

No. 455057

File: 1567021956724.jpg (162.27 KB, 480x384, Dancing-Queen-Alyssa-Edwards-4…)


Drag is a minstrel show to make fun of women and debase femininity. Thats why fetishists like to crossdress and exhibit themselves, they like to portray a completely fake and disgusting version of a woman, one that is most hummilliating, bitchy, gross and low standard.

That, and they are a bunch of pedophiles as most homosexuals are prone to be. the rate is like 11X that of hetero men and that's why they are pushing for "drag kid story hour" and "drag kid pageants" and that mutant Desmond and Lactatia. To normalize their shitty fetish and groom kids.

No. 455058

>White men

No, homosexual men, Rupaul is fucking black lol.

No. 455060

Rupaul is ONE drag person, oh well. The majority of drag queens are white. Next.

No. 455062

>tumblr intensifies

No. 455063

This really is not true lol I even think black drag cumbrains are overrepresented in the cesspool

No. 455065

sorry im not much too invested in drag to know more than i do lol

No. 455066

Are you also going to insert the "clap" emoji between every word you type?
If what you think is true, it's not, then what about Drag-queens from non-white countries? Are the ones in Mexico and Japan also white?
Or when you mean majority or drag at all you are only referring to the USA because that's the only place in the world you care about?

No. 455068

No. 455069

just ask her why she thinks men should be allowed to criticize shitty stereotypes of women that men force on us? gay men use the excuse that straight men treat them like women, but feminine doesn't equate to woman. gay men need to be criticizing shitty stereotypes of them.

No. 455086

Gender itself is built into language. A language like Japanese has words that are used more commonly by either sex to refer to themselves as well as gendered speaking patterns which reinforces gender performance. In the theory of gender abolition, all traces of gender would be destroyed and language is no exception.

No. 455088

Gender-specific names are another example. In my language and female names differ phonetically in that male names are often stronger sounding. Male names are also related to power, intelligence, courage, and other personal qualities. Female names are usually named after some pretty things like flowers or pearls because women are valued for their beauty.

No. 455093

A lot female actors in the industry already hate being referred to as “actresses” though. And I do agree it is sexist. I always thought words like lioness or tigress were weird too.

No. 455106

Yeah just because it don't have gendered pronouns or articles, doesn't mean Finnish is devoid of gendered language. I also find it quite funny how instead of using hän (he/she) most people colloquially use se (it). I'm a Finnish second language speaker (hurrifag) and I always feel like hän is too formal for everyday use. Also, seeing Finnish speakers use English pronouns is just sad, they want to be special uwu snowflakes instead of being happy their language doesn't have gendered pronouns. Sorry for more random language sperging.

No. 455112

Language definitely puts women in the position as the second sex and as an aberration to the male “default”. It’s important to use “female” and “woman” to refer to sex but I also hate those words because “female” had its ending put in to associate it with “male” and “woman” means “wife man”.

No. 455114

It's even worse in latin languages though. At least you don't need to gender everything fucking think in English.

No. 455115

i have hated the word actress since I was a kid, along with waitress and tigress etc

No. 455117

"Actor" and "actress" are weird to me, because it's not like we say "doctor" and "doctress".

Also that second part reminds me of a professor I have who keeps awkwardly saying "craftspersonship" instead of "craftsmanship". I kind of figured the way some words end in -man is kind of like how LotR uses "man" just as a word for "human". I would prefer it if it wasn't that way, but trying to replace all instances of "-man" with "-person" sounds awkward as shit.

No. 455122

>Pedophiles, as most homosexuals are prone to be.
Homophobe-chan is at it again. She's even using the exact same picture she did the last time she tried to stir shit up.

Gay men are not more likely to be pedophiles than straight men. To imply this is to downplay female victimization. The vast majority of CSA survivors are girls and women.

No. 455123

“Doctress” was used historically but female doctors hated it.

No. 455125

Why don’t they just call it craftship or call the profession ‘crafter’?

Authoress too because it’s a diminutive form to the default male thus offensive. Now some women are calling themselves seamsters over seamstress to get rid of the gender connotation although “seamstress” was the dominant word as textiles was considered women’s work.

No. 455127

All men are more likely to be pedophiles regardless of their orientation because men are socialised into violence. For many of them sex is a form of power and control rather than just reproduction or as an expression of love and lust. Many feel empowered when raping children who are weaker than them and easy to control. Ever noticed how men think of punishing women through sex? They often fuck things they don’t respect. It’s not about being gay, straight, or bi but being male.

No. 455131

Studies have found that there is no correlation between sexual orientation with pedophilia and most men who rape children of both sexes are actually heterosexual. Firstly it is obvious because there are more straight men than there are gay and secondly because men will frequently sexually harass each other to intimidate one another even if they are not attracted to each other. Sex is used as a display of power and control among men with children serving as easy targets. In fact, most men who commit CSA are not even clinical pedophiles as they are not attracted to juvenile features but they just wanted to assert dominance over them. Another factor in committing CSA is pornography as many men are influenced by pornography to commit various sex acts and it’s getting worse as porn features progressively younger people, and the increase of CP along with pseudo-CP. Many men now want to “give it a try” when it comes to having sex with kids.

No. 455133


I read otherwise. I read homosexual men are statistically speaking more often pedos

No. 455137

>Firstly it is obvious because there are more straight men than there are gay

The stats are proportional, there's a much, much higher percentage of pedophiles among the homosexual men population than the straight population. And in general, the crime commited are like 50-50, so despite being a minority of the male population homosexuals commit around half the total number of molestation.

But drag kids amirite? let them adopt, its so uwu kawaii, even when it ends in something like "the kid with the henna tattoo case" where 2 gay scrots adopted a kid and travel the world pimping him to other gay scrotes, basically gave them a legal pass to traffic the kid they bought across borders.

No. 455140

>homosexuals commit around half the total number of molestation.
Please stop lying.

No. 455141


I agree with them, I think they do commit around half. Because like someone else said. It’s 11x more likely that the pedo is a homosexual. It’s not gay bashing, just facts

No. 455143

men in general are pedo abusers. gay doesn't magically negate the maleness of it all.

No. 455145

If you're referencing an outdated study by Freund then he says himself that gay men are no more likely to commit CSA than straight men. Genuine pedophilia is classed as a psychiatric disorder so pedophilic men are only attracted to children and not adults of the same or opposite sex. Gay men found no arousal to images of naked boys just like straight men but pedophiles responded with arousal. Knock it off already, homophobe-chan.

No. 455147

True. This is to the point where many sexology researchers even think pedophilia is rare or completely non-existent in women so while women may commit CSA they generally do not have the same persistent, life-long attraction to children like men do.

Anyways this is getting really off-topic. There is always somebody screeching about how all gay men are pedos.

No. 455150

File: 1567040319716.jpg (Spoiler Image,408.06 KB, 718x1044, Screenshot_20190828-195333_Red…)

This is so fucking gross.
I say to myself I'm not surprised by this shit anymore but I can't understand how people pay thousands of dollars to do this to themselves. It's like we live in a neverending nightmare of freaks

No. 455151


No one says it does, if anything it seems to amplify it.

No. 455152

The MLP shirt completes this picture

No. 455155

You sound like a religious fundie who quotes Paul Cameron for fun. There is no evidence showing gay men are more likely to pedos. Since you're referencing that freund study you should be aware that he recognised his own work was flawed. If you're thinking that Freund was pressured into it by "the gay agenda" (which didn't even exist at the time) to say that, they are not paying attention to how Freund was virulently homophobic and administered conversion therapy for nearly a decade. His research into homosexuality and working gay men led him better understand the "condition". Through his work he came to conclude that gay men did not have a fear of women but rather they were just not sexually attracted to them (in fact many gay men appreciated female friends more than straight men did), nor were they more likely to be child predators than straight men. His most important studies were the ones where he wrote about how sexual orientation was unchangeable so gay men did not need to medicated and he advocated for the decriminalisation of homosexuality.

No. 455160

Freund also coined the term homosexual transsexual because he thought some gay men may have desired female bodies to escape homophobia.

No. 455162

Shit, he aint wrong now though, is he?

No. 455171

With the way homophobe-chan is acting, it's like she wants more people to troon out.

No. 455177

I like how obvious all his/her posts are. I don't know if they do it purposely because they want to stand out for some reason without outright namefagging, or if they're just too dumb to know how to assimilate to an anonymous imageboard.

No. 455182


Good point, actually. But perhaps homosexuality just enhances whatever it is that went wrong in their brains or whatever idk really. Like I am pro LGB but obviously humans were designs with opposite sex attraction for a reason and and imbalance of hormones in utero causes different sexualities

No. 455184

Homosexuality is a combination of different hormonal and genetic factors. In fact, straight people carry "gay genetics" but do not express them. And no, homosexuality does not "enhances whatever it is that went wrong in their brains". Shut the fuck up about being pro LGB because you clearly aren't lmao.

No. 455186

lgb people are more likely to suffer from many of the stressors that make people become abusers. or have been abused themselves which doesn't make them abusers, but makes their abuse worse (aka manifests as pedo rape instead of emotional abuse or sth).

No. 455188


No, you can shut the fuck up because you clearly want to deny facts lmao

No. 455189

Freund is interesting because he went into sexology hoping to eradicate homosexuality as it was seen as a mental disorder at the time. He connected it to an aversion of women and pedophilia (his other area of expertise was sex offenders) but he proved himself wrong every time. He realised that gay men weren't abusing drugs, homeless, or committing suicide at higher rates because there was something wrong with them but because of severe discrimination from society. He advocated for the decriminalisation of homosexuality, the end of conversion therapy, and for people to be more accepting of homosexuality. He got a lot of flak from the psychiatry establishment at the time, especially when he contributed to papers discussing the possibility of sexual orientation being inborn (back then the general consensus was that everybody was born heterosexual but some people chose to be homosexual).

No. 455191


Do you have any sources to back up these “gay gene” claims of yours?

No. 455196

Ever stop to think you don't notice the gay people who seem normal since they, you know, seem normal? While the biggest freaks stick out since they're, you know, the biggest freaks?

No. 455197


I agree, anon.

However, these “people” cannot stand anything that puts a dark cloud over their rainbow land. Straight men can be pedos but the moment you pull out the statistics about homosexual pedos they lose their shit.

No. 455200


I wonder if you can get your blood tested to see if you are really gay or not, since its genetic and shit right? Like i can tell with what probability i am immune to be alergic reactions and know each link of my ancestry based on genetic analysis but not this mysterious gay gene that's all the rage among people who want to throw the word "science" around.

>not all gays

No. 455201

No. 455202

Why did you reply three times, and then reply to yourself in >>455197? You're so damn embarrassing.

No. 455204


I’m on mobile. I don’t double check when the page jumps up to the top to reply.

But it’s okay, we’ll just pretend that you’ve never made any mistakes in your lifetime for the sake of your fragile ego

No. 455205

>Straight men can be pedos but the moment you pull out the statistics about homosexual pedos they lose their shit.
It's well established that anybody can be a child sex abuser, anon.

No. 455206

That makes no sense. Being on mobile makes you forget which posts you made and agree with yourself?

No. 455207


I just double checked and you’re mistaken lmao

I’m not the only one disagreeing with you.

No. 455210


No, reading comprehension is obviously not a skill you possess, so I won’t bother trying to explain it to you.

I will however reiterate the fact that I and whoever disagrees with you aren’t the same person but ok

No. 455212

I'm not the person you're arguing with, I just noticed your multiple posts. "Mistaken", sure. Cringy.
>y-your reading comprehension
You're right, anon. I totally always reply to my own posts with "I agree, anon", lol. That's normal.

No. 455213


The post I replied to is not my own, so you’re not really accomplishing much here

No. 455214

>the same trauma that increased your chances of becoming an homosexual.
People don't become homosexual because of trauma.

No. 455216


Aren’t there people who were abused that turned to homosexual acts that aren’t actually attracted to the same sex? Pretty sure I’ve heard that somewhere.

Or maybe trauma activates the gay gene.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 455217


You are not replying to just one person. I know it must be difficult to take in.

No. 455218

Being exclusively same-sex attracted is what makes someone a homosexual. People can commit homosexual acts but that doesn't mean their sexual orientation is homosexual.

No. 455219

>suggesting the possibility

that sums it all up

umm try harder sweaty. These are all hypothetical and theoretical. I want to get my blood tested to see if what percentage of straight i am, where can i? maybe i discover i am genderfluid or an otherkin after all.

No. 455220

You're right that those studies are inconclusive since homosexuality is a highly complex combination of genetics and hormones but where are all your sources about gay men being pedos then.

No. 455224

>Kurt Freund

No. 455226

I love how you give 1 source from the same man who knew that this study was flawed as fuck.

No. 455229


Your inconclusive studies about this gays gene are valid but anons isn’t?

No. 455231

Fruend himself knew his study was flawed in it's methodology and it was discussed by Herek.

No. 455232

A few inconclusive study vs. one completely bullshit study. Lol, that makes sense.

No. 455238

I'm sure vaccines cause autism too, anon.

No. 455245

If you actually read the study you would know that pedos are more likely to abuse boys because they are in contact with boys more often. Other sexologists have criticised the methodology because girls who are sexually abused may be groomed into thinking sexual abuse is "normal". Pedophiles are often categorised as their own thing in sexology, neither homosexual nor heterosexual as they are disgusted by adults of either sex. Freund used confusing terminology because he calls the pedos who molest boys "homosexual pedophiles" but then calls actual homosexual men "androphilic". Although this is somewhat understandable because sexology tends to use a lot of words interchangeably or differently from how they are used in a non-academic setting.

His final sentence in the abstract even states gay men are not more likely to be offenders:
>This, of course, would not indicate that androphilic males have a greater propensity to offend against children.

No. 455255

>pedophiles as most homosexuals are prone to be
>homosexuals commit around half the total number of molestation
>these “people” cannot stand anything that puts a dark cloud over their rainbow land
>the same trauma that increased your chances of becoming an homosexual
>trauma activates the gay gene

What the fuck

No. 455264

LMAO did yall see Nikita Dragun at the VMAs…. totally not a fetish

No. 455266

There’s loads of stuff wrong with Nikita Dragun.

No. 455267

File: 1567058367689.jpg (107.31 KB, 769x600, Nikita-Dragun-2019-MTV-VMA_LT_…)

I had to look it up, but… whew.

No. 455268

annoying bc it'd be legit if it wasn't a Troon

No. 455269


Average Pride parade flair except not in front of school children in the middle of the day (for a change)

No. 455275

TiMs have always been sexist but it feels like in the last year they have become way more sexist and also creepier towards women.

No. 455276

Have you actually been to a pride parade in the last five years? They've been trying really hard to be PC and family-friendly.

Please fuck off, Homophobe-chan. This is a thread for trannies, not for gay people. Go wave your hate-boner for faggots around somewhere else.

No. 455277

File: 1567062917271.png (86.42 KB, 500x318, heres-that-attention-you-order…)

No. 455278

daily reminder that transgenders are here to destroy society

No. 455281

Lmao I think it's been going for the past decade. Blanchard actually said that most TiMs are heterosexual these days so lot of TiMs perv on women (especially lesbians who will give their identities validation or something?) but this was unheard of back in the past when they were all HSTS. I've noticed a lot of TiMs are weirdly obsessed with anime, porn, and for some reason a lot of them are Nazis too. I knew a TiM who was a complete weeaboo. He loved to post racist anti-Korean memes and listened to vaporwave.

No. 455282

Aight so this is more radfem related but I want some advice. My bf doesn't watch porn or look at erotic images, etc involving real people or even anime shit. However he likes to read erotica instead. Is this as bad as normal porn and as/similarly potentially damaging, and should I talk to him about it? I can see it creating unrealistic expectations but I've been ok with him enjoying it for a while since it doesn't involve exploiting women. However reading more and more radfem and gc stuff about the dangers of porn on relationships I'm now not so sure what to do about it. Or am I just being paranoid?

No. 455283

his attempts at trying to be a bad bitch that gets all the hot guys uwu crack me up because almost every good looking man around him is paid lmao

No. 455285

You could try posting this in the radfem thread >>373459

In my opinion, erotica is nowhere near the same level as filmed pornography as you aren't exploiting women but it depends on what he's reading. What's the content like? I know some men read some really nasty shit and they think it's okay because it's not "real" but they're still getting off to detailed descriptions of young girls being raped. Some men enjoy really fluffy romance but won't ever admit to it. Men really think reading about women being violated is more "interesting" and "meaningful" than reading about happy couples in love.

No. 455286

No, my mum reads erotica. A lot of it is written for women even. The Harlequin novels are shit but they're harmless and have been around for yonks.

No. 455287

In my opinion, erotica is way less harmful than video porn.
It could set in unrealistic expectations but it will not have the same effect as video porn. Porn fry the reward system in the brain because human brains are not meant to see that much sexual content. The more you see (and the brain basically doesn't differenciate between images and the real thing), the more images and the more extreme things you'll need to see to get the same arousal.
Erotica doesn't work that way. You still have to do the work and imagine things to get the arousal. Reading is an higher effort task than watching videos, you're less likely to end up reading erotica all day. It still could get bad in the long term (watch for changes in frequency and theme of the erotica) but I don't think it could lead to the rapid and disgusting decay men watching frequent porn experience.

No. 455291

I don't think erotica is that bad compared to porn but I know many men prefer to read messed up stuff like sadomasochism, impregnation and female sex slaves.

No. 455292

casual consumption of any kind of porn & porn adjacent by a male is probably unhealthy. especially porn made by and pandering to men. male fantasies have to be some of the most disgusting pieces of writing on the net.

imo erotica has the potential to be so much worse precisely bc it doesn't involve real people so no one cares.

No. 455293

Yeah, The 120 Days of Sodom is erotica written by a man and it's nasty but treated as "high art" lmao. Even "tamer" works like the Gor novels are still damn nasty.

No. 455295

I think a lot of the erotica women read is vastly different from what men read.

No. 455302

right, look at any "non porn" media made by men, they're often colored with their sexual proclivities. now imagine if it was ramped up to porn levels and hidden in walls of text most people won't bother to read.

you guys have seen how troons describe their sexual fantasies (to bring this a bit back on topic). male erotica is pretty much that, but oftentimes worse. troons in particular have infected lesbian erotica ofc, which was always overwhelmed by the common porn tropes, but now when the two women get down to business one of them is a troon, whips out a monster dong, and proceeds to have degrading PIV sex.

No. 455306

I would argue that written erotica is better, because real people aren't being exploited, and because it isn't instant gratification. Reading a book or a fanfic takes a long time, so the build-up to an orgasm is going to take longer. Jerking it to 20 porn videos in an hour is what gives guys ED, but spending an hour reading one smutty passage simulates foreplay more. Plus, focusing on one thing for that amount of time makes it less likely that he'll get distracted by/move on to more degenerate fetishes.

I would say that your boyfriend is making a much better choice than most men. Unless he starts reading really weird stuff with sexual violence or really degenrate fetishes, I would leave him be.

No. 455316

are these trad thots those trad-thot third worlder chrisfags from tumblr?

No. 455317

this bitch and her christfag friends https://shabayesitia.tumblr.com/

No. 455332

Yeah and he looks more like an insecure tryhard than a bad bitch in general, whether he pays guys to be is boyfriends or he shit talks Bretman Rock's sister on camera right to her face.

No. 455334

She's a Turk nationalist and doesn't even interact with radblr much, she mostly hangs around her "dark aesthetic" friends. I don't even know why calls herself a "lowkey radfem" when she's going around making fun of the Armenia genocide and thinks lesbians only exist because they are traumatized by horrible relationships with men.

No. 455337

These women like radical feminism because it talks about sex-based oppression and they don't like trannies but they're all straight and super homophobic due to their religious upbringings even if radical feminism criticises compulsory heterosexuality and homophobia as manifestations of patriarchy… One of them actually has radfem quotes plus violent porn on their blog. What even?

No. 455338

I don't understand how you can be a radical feminist and Christian at the same time tbh. They all say vile homophobic shit and worship men so I wouldn't be surprised if it was them.

No. 455340

Don’t want to put myself and screenshot but people celebrating Magdalen being on her deathbed is all over my Facebook timeline and it’s making me so fucking sad. So evil.

No. 455367

Sounds like you have some people you need to unfollow. Luckily, if you unfollow instead of unfriend, their crap goes way from your timeline withoit them getting notified.

No. 455385

File: 1567087615342.png (34.78 KB, 180x320, 4383B565-F823-4956-AC39-F0EAC8…)

A woman working on some adult swim show has come forward about being abused by a tranny also working on the show with her. fucking typical

No. 455397

File: 1567091473373.png (185.82 KB, 500x955, o-m-w-ull-26-3-19-pm-timeline-…)

After lurking his meme Instagram/Twitter I wanted to see what this lad looked like. Only picture I could find on Google, yikes.

No. 455406

File: 1567094169220.jpeg (130.53 KB, 750x837, 735EDC94-AF3C-4B87-A52F-3AE431…)

absolutely disgusting kek, can’t believe that woman even humoured him by using she/her pronouns, fuck him

No. 455416

oh my god I can't believe Doug Demuro would do this I'm crying rn

No. 455425

Why do I have a feeling that she wouldn’t have humored an actual female as much as she did for this dude?

No. 455484

I mean she was probably terrified of him the entire time and thought giving him what he wants might make him leave her alone

No. 455492

Remember when Bowsette was a thing? Thinking back on it that gave off major AGP vibes. The worst part is I saw just how many straight guys, not necessarily TIMs (though lots of them), were into it. Even to straight men, womanhood is seen as fetish fuel. Ugh

No. 455509

File: 1567112054881.png (141.09 KB, 674x886, jkdn.png)

I checked his IG and his comments are in shambles (as expected), but what the fuck is this all about?

No. 455511

I'm not sure if this has been asked before, but are there such things as gender critical Discord servers? I'd like to join one if any exist.

No. 455513

When this came up in my recommended, I thought it would be Pierre just just jumping on the bandwagon of people NOW saying something about Yaniv after his stream with Blair. Pleasantly surprised when it started asking (even mild) gender critical questions. He definitely has a point that others have also noticed, after the stream now a lot more people use male pronouns to refer to Yaniv. Pronouns he explicitly doesn't want used for himself.

No. 455518

When you’re the only one in your psych class that doesn’t think gender dysphoria should be removed from the DSM kek…I have no faith left in this field.

No. 455521

Removing it is not completely a bad thing. If it gets removed then people will start seeing it as a cosmetic procedure rather than a medical one which means health insurance and taxpayer dollars will no longer cover it.

No. 455531

Oh yeah I understand that reasoning but the professor phrased it in a way that was basically “most trans people aren’t mentally ill so it should it really be in there” like ok buddy sure…

No. 455537

As much as i agree with the sentiment of this post, I've seen many members of the lgbt community call this drag children bullshit out, but unfortunately, the media is too scared to criticise this kind of stuff because they suck up to trans/liberal feminists too hard.

No. 455540

For the 500th time: this. is. not. a. thread. about. gay. men. Read the damn title. It's a thread about fucking trannies.

Please go back to /pol/, homophobe-chan. No one wants you here.

No. 455541

this thread is full of dykes what does gay men's shit have to do with them to my knowledge lesbians and women in general aren't exactly known for being huge sexual predators

kys already

No. 455547

Incredible, 29 women were killed at the hands of their husband in the last two months in France alone. 80 were killed since the begining of the year, again, in France alone. And thats just husbands killing their wives, I'm not even counting all the brothers killing their sisters etc…

No. 455566

File: 1567125458431.png (3.84 MB, 2560x1440, sailor-moon-says.png)

I couldn't think of a creative one sorry

No. 455570

fuck, I love this!

No. 455572

>attacking a rape relief and women's shelter

WHAT THE FUCK. Men just being shit men, i see

No. 455576

hentai is the same energy as written stuff tho.

No. 455577


Did that stupid faggot ignore the first half of history and… the recent part of now as well? Women have been getting killed just for existing by men forever.

No. 455579

I dont get people who dont see trans as mentally ill.

If i came into work tomorrow and decided i wanted to be a black woman, i'd get fired for wearing black face and being an insulting caricature. (rightfully so)

But if a man wants to larp as a woman, he gets treated with more rights than a REAL WOMAN. This is not the world i want for my future children.

No. 455584

File: 1567129176357.png (9.66 KB, 456x209, huh.PNG)

When do you farmers think being trans will stop being trendy?
The thought of a lot of young people buying into this only to regret later in life when the damage has already been done is terrifying to me.

No. 455596

Sailor Moon says trans women are men!

No. 455599

That race comparison isn’t the best since “race” is a human social construct based on phenotypes invented as a pseudo-science to justify European colonialism while sex is a biological reality found in all sexually reproducing species. I do agree that a man can’t just identify as a woman though or a white person can’t just identify as black though.

No. 455600

>real feminism
Lol what does this mean. There are so many branches of feminism and so many of them completely contradict each other.

No. 455601

So they say they don’t want to interact with homophobes but they will probably tell gay men to eat pussy.

No. 455602

I would be so mad if my taxes were going to a sex change procedure for a prison inmate.

No. 455606

Feminism that caters to men and puts men's needs first, obviously duh

No. 455609

Especially sex offenders.

No. 455610

Ecofems: women are beings with an innate connection to nature
Libfems: women are anybody who identifies as one
Radfems: women are the sex that produces ova
Confems: women are destined to be wives and mothers
Matfems: women don’t exist actually

No. 455619

Tbh, having his dick turned inside out and balls cut off is quite the satisfying thought.

No. 455637

I guess? But that doesn’t mean they can’t sexually offend without their penis.

No. 455639

What anime characters are troons most obsessed with?

No. 455640

TiMs like Madoka characters, Eva girls, cutesy trap characters. Enbyfags like Komaeda from Dangan Ronpa. Don’t know about TiFs.

No. 455642


Troon starts crying about having no sex drive after literally cutting off their balls.

No. 455652

I don’t understand the troons that get orchiectomies.

No. 455663

File: 1567139645640.jpg (54.33 KB, 1125x875, d8b3bi86b4j31.jpg)

No. 455677

>my desire to transition has dissipated completely which is giving my strong vibes that it was only a fetish and I straight up ruined everything

so to get a man to think straight you just need to castrate him, duly noted

No. 455684

I know that this is old as hell, but lmao I never thought I'd side with Jake Paul

No. 455697

>loads of butches, tomboys, and other GNC women identifying as genderqueer or non-binary

This makes me really angry.

No. 455700

it's honestly fucking saddening. also
>loads of bisexual women and lesbians identifying as pansexual or some other made up tumblr sexuality

No. 455701

File: 1567153526204.jpg (Spoiler Image,40.71 KB, 621x643, 1535668762411.jpg)

>This makes me really angry.

Wait to you remove the spoiler. (nsfw btw)

Your welcome. Happy nightmares

No. 455702


No. 455703

nightmare fuel. definitely not mutiliation guys

No. 455704

I think OP was talking more akin to gender (and the stereotypes attached to the female sex), rather /than/ sex.

No. 455710

File: 1567155060863.gif (771.28 KB, 240x228, giphy.gif)

I would refuse to even touch that thing! Forget about letting it penetrate me. It's flesh dildo. It's a ham sausage!

No. 455711

That second one made me feel so sick and so SAD. Like is this shit real? I thought the whole 'infected wound' was a meem? Most seem OK, but my word doctors in hospitals not knowing what to do with neovaginas complications, because of lack of experience or just because the person is trying to hide it, is TRUELY frightening. Oh My God. I think I've lost my appetite.

No. 455712

i hate team 10 but how were they doing anything wrong? he was extremely calm and polite in the way he told them to leave.

No. 455719

That poor lesbian :(

No. 455720

I find it funny how mtf troons talk so much about magical girls anime like they're experts and it's the only type of stories targeting girls and women, while also completely ignoring best-selling shojo manga and popular or classic shojo anime like Fruits Basket, Nana, Hana Yori Dango, Otomen, Switch Girl, Kare Kano, Sugar Sugar Rune, Mermaid Melody, etc. (these ones are magical girl anime and manga they never talk about for some reason) etc. which are super popular and relatable to the female audience. They also don't seem to realize that many magical girls anime they used to watch as kids didn't make them realize they're trans and were very popular with boys as well, like Magical Doremi, Utena, Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, etc.

tldr; troons like to pretend they were always little girls deep inside by saying they liked magical girls as kids while a lot of boys also liked magical girls anime or because they can relate to female characters written by men for men or a large audience anyway.

>Enbyfags like Komaeda from Dangan Ronpa.

They also like Kaworu from EVA a lot, and characters based on him as well.

No. 455723


Magical girl is just like shonen with cuter aesthetic, of course a lot of boys like it too. And shonen despite the name is also made for a wide audience, there's a shit ton of girls that grew up watching the same shonen anime as the boys without suddenly believing themselves to be males. I always liked Dragon ball, saint seiya, rurouni kenshin, naruto, so what. Every convention floor is full of cosplaying girls that like some characters from shonen shows or have their husbandos. Some girls like capeshit and that doesn't even make them gay.

Pink used to be an strictly male color. Red was seen as male because it represents passion, so pink was a slightly boyish version of red. And blue was feminine because it was seen as a pasive cool color. This stuff is completely arbitrary and cultural, now the opposite is agreed upon, pink is feminine and blue is boyish, so wtf with dudes claiming that if you like pink that means you think like a girl? none of this shit is biological. Male nobles use to wear high heals darnit, this is all fashion nonsense not actual biological facts.

No. 455725

>And shonen despite the name is also made for a wide audience, there's a shit ton of girls that grew up watching the same shonen anime as the boys without suddenly believing themselves to be males.
Shonen is seen as the default tbh, especially the type of things you'd see published in the Shonen Jump. In surveys you can see that manga published in shonen magazines have a wider female audience like Gintama or Black Butler. And speaking as a European I can tell you that other shojo anime that were very popular with little boys long ago were sports shojo like Attacker You! or Hikari no Densetsu.

I guess the equivalent of "I realized I was a transgirl uwu because of anime" would rather be girls who read BL and slash fanfics made by women for women, find the male main characters endearing and relatable and suddenly "understand" that they were "gay transbois uwu" all along. Transwomen who sperg about magical girls tend to be into yuri and most of them are "transbians" anyway so it makes sense.

No. 455728

On other hand this is so devastating I can't imagine what it would be like to live with the knowledge that you've permanently fucked up your body for a fetish but on other hand I love seeing these irl bimbofication larping misogynists get btfo's by their autogynephilia

No. 455731

kek, i have no sympathy. you wanna chauvinistically meme yourself into mutilation through anime and porn while also most likely hating real women (never seen a tranny that wasn't a chauvinistic emotional abuser at the least)? you deserve your necrotic, pus-oozing 'vulva'

No. 455736

I agree with all the sexologists who think the mass reports of gender dysphoria at the moment are the result of a behavorial contagion. I spent most of my teenage years on tumblr and I was constantly guilted by others into identifying as non-binary because I wasn't super feminine. I started seeing new genders and sexualities popping up every week. I always remained skeptical and I started secretly reading radfem blogs (like lesbolution and dykesupremacy who are now long gone). I was uncomfortable at first so maybe it was a form of hate-reading because I was brainwashed by all the trans shit, but then I realized these lesbian bloggers made more sense than anyone. My first peak trans moment was when otherkin started getting popular though. How did you stumble into gender crit stuff, anons?

No. 455737

Samefagging here but I wish researchers would mention the effects of the internet and how teenagers spend hours every day for years inside those echo chambers. It molds huge parts of the personalities. Teenagers are highly impressionable and will do anything to fit in.

No. 455738


Women are trooning and mutilating their pussies too you know. You better be sure to not have kids if this is your take on it, if you plan to be a mother you know this is only going to get worse and the moment your kids go to school they will start getting bombarded with rainbow woke shit gaslighting them into this behaviour 24/7 by every institution, authority figure and even cartoons and media, so better be prepared in case is your pride and joy of a daughter is the one on the butcher table. She'll probably be calling you a fascist and a narc on reddit too if you are not endorsing her decission, the whole of society will validate her and push her to fuck herself up, this is not how mentally ill people need to be treated, the communities around these people are failing them, medical institutions and politicians are using them as cannon fodder, they are encouraged to dissociate from friends and family that concern for them, this is not right.

No. 455739

TiFs LOVE Link from The Legend of Zelda.

No. 455740

Hana Yori Dango is the best-selling shoujo manga of all time even though it's trash but it's not discussed much in the West when compared to East Asia.

No. 455742

File: 1567163211340.jpg (525.77 KB, 1080x1818, Screenshot_20190830-060732_Red…)

No. 455744

it's almost like even men who want to be women so bad hold a power against women who want to be men within their own community. it's almost like females are oppressed by the basis of their biology.

No. 455747

Shocker, men don't take women trying to enter their space seriously and it actually upsets transmen. When women are vocal about our space getting invaded we're labelled terfs and harassed.

No. 455748

It is pretty weird how often I hear people say "trans women are women" and not "trans men are men". If trans men were truly men then why aren't they always the centre of attention like other men? The media is biased towards men, the medical industry is biased towards men, the law is biased towards men, and research into sexuality is biased towards men, but then somehow research into gender dysphoria is biased towards trans "women".

No. 455751

I'm so creeped out by all the troons who want uterus transplants and want women to donate their uteri to them. They're so entitled and misogynist like all men. All they ever want do is take from women and I can see them guilting infertile, postmenopausal or deceased women in the future for not donating their uteri.

No. 455753

The womb envy is some of the creepiest shit

No. 455754

Their main excuse is probably "Well, trans women need more support because they get murdered more often and don't pass as easily as trans men do!".

No. 455767

File: 1567168799649.gif (1.83 MB, 372x498, 3669DF8F-B651-4F87-8DC5-93B002…)

I was following a butch lesbian for a while on tumblr for their politics

then I realized it was a dude. being a straight guy, performing as a straight guy, projecting like a straight guy, and calling himself a dyke. I peak’d

No. 455768

File: 1567169268458.png (36.53 KB, 1171x348, 8798.PNG)

Maybe it's because they think homosexuality is worse and not because they are trying to be more "progressive" than the United States.

No. 455774

It was all because of non-binary bullshit. This guy who followed me on tumblr and who I talked to because we had a mutual friend began to identify as non-binary. He went on rants about how he hated men, that they were so sexist and how he was glad he wasn't one lmao. A lot of the men who identify as enbies think they lose their male privilege and gain oppression points. Soon everyone around me began to identify as non-binary out of nowhere. Everyone started putting their preferred pronouns in their description even though in the early years of tumblr madness they would say preferred pronouns were only necessary for the trans people who weren't passing yet. All these enbies would even say they did not need dysphoria to be trans or they thought dysphoria was just not being completely gender conforming. I thought this was complete bullshit but I kept it to myself. Then I heard about 'TERF' after people started criticising enbies and researched I into it.

No. 455777

File: 1567170612237.jpg (211.02 KB, 1250x1280, 21321.jpg)

/tttt/ is so weird

No. 455778

File: 1567170653829.jpg (115.26 KB, 1024x576, EDOFUlmXoAEP5Ld.jpg)

No. 455779

File: 1567170741760.jpg (43.72 KB, 649x365, 8789.jpg)

No. 455780

around preteen age I became a bit gender dysphoric and started questioning my sexuality. I think looking up lesbian stuff led me to radfem stuff. I agreed with the abolishing of gender roles but internalized lesbophobia won and scared me away from radfem for a while. in my high school health/sex Ed class we watched a video on gender and poor me was hoping to get my gender roles abolishment ideas validated only to watch some chick with a Biebercut say she's non-binary bc she played with trucks and Barbie. they literally interviewed her standing in the girls/boys toy aisle like… in the boys section and wearing a bowtie then in the girls section with a dress on. I guess that was my first peak trans moment.

back when I was more dysphoric o remember thinking, "would life be better if I was a boy?" and I couldn't imagine what it would be like as a boy getting male socialization so i dropped it and decided maybe if I was prettier/skinnier life would be better (it would be easier to be androgynous).

No. 455781

If I were a doctor I would outright refuse to do something like this.

No. 455785

File: 1567172032398.png (3.85 MB, 2560x1440, transwomenaremen.png)

That's so much better

Troons love felix the anime cat boy, the male maid from blend s, and the boy zombie from the zombie show

No. 455788

They also love the characters from Madoka Magica, especially Akemi Homura.
I saw some delusional bullshit thread on /lgbt/ where people were claiming Homura (a depressed high school girl who repeatedly tries to bend time/fate to save her best friend and/or crush's life) is a character only AGP scrotes can relate to, because actual women are too "privileged" to understand that kind of suffering (actual lesbians being no exception).

No. 455790

tims are validated by girls written by men, and tifs are validated by boys written by women…. science is powerful….

No. 455791

Enbies spread like a virus. Suddenly everyone is an enby.

No. 455793

His instagram feels extremely male. More male than other male instagrammers.

No. 455797

File: 1567173398512.png (535.31 KB, 854x514, thatthing.png)

jesus fucking christ

No. 455801

Why do they all talk like the most stereotypical prissy bitch? Literally looks and acts like a gay man in a wig and some eyelashes. Noticed most troons are massive attention seeking narcs just like 'cis' men

No. 455802

I'm unsurprised this is the gangsterpopeye guy

No. 455822

I really like these

No. 455823

I really like these

No. 455824

If they were able to tell you're men then no, the girls aren't here.

No. 455825

Why do trannys like to say period so much?

No. 455827

His face is so tiny compared to his head kek

Trannies talk more about periods than any cis woman I've met. Funny, that– women are told their periods are disgusting and to not talk about them, but suddenly when men masquerade as women it's okay.

No. 455831

Looks like a prototype cro-magnon man wearing crappy eyeliner and dollar store hoop rings

No. 455832

>women are told their periods are disgusting and to not talk about them, but suddenly when men masquerade as women it's okay.
pretty much anything women get shit on for trannies are praised for
trannies cursing = yaass queen
women cursing = be lady like you disgusting western roastie
trannies clubbing, drinking, dancing, etc = yaaass queen be free
women doing the same = disgusting evil roastie
trannies buying makeup, getting their hair and nails done, getting plastic surgery, etc = yaas queen you do you
women doing the same = stop being a fake gross bitch

it's so unfair, I wish more trannies were treated like women, they'd be forced to act like boring human beings and wouldn't be handed free shit

No. 455840

>I wish more trannies were treated like women
This, especially since they're so fucking attention seeking. A hulking ogre of a man can smear some lipstick on his neanderthal face and post it like "u-uwu please be gentle I'm twansitioning and I'm finally confident enough to wear makeup!" and the entire world population will kiss his fucking ass, but god forbid a woman reveal that she's female on the internet. Then comes the barrage of comments accusing her of attention seeking and making creepy objectifying comments about her appearance even though her looks have nothing to do with the post.

No. 455845

Something that angers me about transwomen is how they definitely wouldn't identify as women in any other time/place.

There are so many historic instances of women disguising themselves as men, yet almost none of men doing so? (Googling "history women disguised as men" yields expected results, whereas "history men disguised as women" yields…results of women disguising themselves as men, lol)

Transwomen didn't present as women when being a woman meant being sold like cattle.
Transwomen didn't present as women when being a woman meant not being allowed to vote.
Transwomen didn't present as women when being a woman meant your husband could deny you the right to work and could treat you however he wanted without legal consequences.

No. 455854

I've seen trannies post how they'd love to be brainless housewife bots that serve men in the 50's, don't underestimate the sissy fantasy.

No. 455855

File: 1567190643472.jpg (133.67 KB, 750x1334, D26aeH0.jpg)

Hilarious. They've also infected the girl gamers subreddit.

No. 455858

Yeah cause I'm sure a man from the sexist fucking 50s would have loved to have a tranny as a kept women. These freaks are deranged. No wonder majority of them are some offshoot weeb or gamer faggot. They literally think women have life on easy mode because men are raised to objectify women more than men. Yeah no shit you're obsessed with women, your entire sex is. I don't get men. Do they learn about reproduction and figure out they're just not that bioloigcally important as an individual. Men can rot. No one cares.

No. 455869

Everybody is saying shit like "if a man did this he would be getting dragged…just because she's a woman…".
No, she is a tranny, this is simply a man doing disgusting male things.

No. 455872

File: 1567195196970.jpg (1.71 MB, 1130x2459, 1549315023207.jpg)

Fuck I honestly hope that pic related is just some /pol/ falseflag trolling because I don't wish this on anyone
I honestly don't care if men want to chop their dicks off but it's terrifying how it's sold as a miracle cure when the rejection, infection and suicide rates are so high. Don't trans people want better surgery and aftercare? There needs to be more honesty around SRS

No. 455878

This seems quite common. There's a lot of stories of people dying after bad vagina SRS,with the leaking not getting fixed which just open up a person to infections.

I will never understand the mindset you have to want to butcher your otherwise functional region that deals with riding the body of waste. There is so much to consider. This is my main objection to the whole movement.

There is not enough research in all aspects from medical to psychological. The fact that America has walk in clinics you can just sign a bit of paper and get access to hormones that can make you infertile.

There is so much to lose, just to gain an aesthetic part. If being one of the genders is only a mindset why the necessity of butchering healthy people for shallow pursuits? How can you be born without a female reproductive system and convince yourself it's what your missing in life. It's absolutely fucking insane

No. 455881

Let me get this straight: the users of r/actuallesbians are 50x more likely than the average Redditor to be on tranny subs? So basically, most of actuallesbians users are trannies. Nice.

Are there any honest-to-god lesbians in that sub, or is it all just bisexual girls, lying straight girls, and trannies? It kind of cracks me up that these perverts obviously fetishize lesbians and the idea of being surrounded by lesbians, only to be surrounded by other male perverts with the same idea the moment they "infiltrate" lesbian spaces.

Thank Christ for that one lesbian sub that's invite-only and excludes trannies. Those women are doing god's work.

No. 455883

I need to vent.

My aunt was going on about her coworker who adopted a boy from Brazil and the boy's now a trans (mtf). It was unclear whether he transed before or after adoption.
This kid is like 15 and the guy is divorced and middle aged. The whole thing sounds super sketchy to me on so many levels.
But of course everyone is singing his praises for adopting the teen, and the boy is sooo brave for the trans.

No. 455887

Here in Brazil, as with most other homophobic 3rd world countries, trans-identified men are often HSTS, so it could be that it started before adoption.
That really seems like a terrifying scenario, unlikely as it is I hope it's just a sketchy-seeming situation and the boy isn't actually being sexually abused.

No. 455889

Yawn, another man showing off his multiple fetishes in public.
Also Rammstein did it first at the end of this video and had better drag, copycat.

No. 455897

Why cant they stay in their own space?? like, create a tranny only sub and stay there. it's so disgusting that real women are always bothered by men. Always

No. 455899

Bless for reminding me of this. Exactly, he's still a man. and what are they saying?? If a woman did this (a real one) she'd get dragged for being a 'slut' and a 'whore'

No. 455909

I'm surprised the moral of the story here was to find a better doctor, and not just to forego the whole operation together? Some people take their fetishes too far

No. 455911

File: 1567200791549.png (29.03 KB, 695x195, Screenshot_2019-08-30-17-32-26…)

No. 455916

I get the impression that most SRS surgeons know most trans people are far too low functioning in every sense to sue them so don't bother honing their skills to the extent that a surgeon actually doing real medical procedures would or even a plastic surgeon who might get their career ended if they mess up a rich clients face.

No. 455923

But if women talk about their periods they’re terfs

No. 455926

No, trans women have always existed, see >>454515

No. 455929

File: 1567203581872.png (142.02 KB, 795x979, sexpests.png)


Troons being offended by the word "sex pest" kek. Even that sounds too cute and pet name like for what they've been accused of(being a pedophile allegedly, being a fucking creep ect.)

No. 455931

The removal of homosexuality as a mental illness began long before the gay community organized collective action and it was among the psychiatrists that had been administering conversion therapy who wanted it removed because they realized that the sexualities couldn’t change.

No. 455932

Ignore them, that’s homophobe-chan.

No. 455935

I'd like to do more of these but i can't think of any good quotes.

No. 455936

Autogynophilia having existed for a long time doesn’t justify how disgusting agp is.

No. 455938

and yet there's no evidence that they're anything but men larping as women due to being fragile little bitches who cant handle being real men in society who happen to like what's considered feminine things. instead of breaking boundaries, they're encouraging them.

No. 455940

No, psychiatrists were already discussing the removal of homosexuality in the 40-50s.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 455942

>began long before the gay community organized collective action
>lying this hard
>it happened in 1973 at the peak of gay activism and harassment.

Just in time for the AIDS and Syphilis epidemic to break out.

Fuck americans for allowing this and trying to gaslight the rest of the world into it. Your politics are degenerate and the rest of the world should fight them and keep this shit out.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 455944

It was European countries at the forefront of decriminalising homosexuality, actually.

No. 455945

They really think women smell like fish?

No. 455947

Yup. Also that they get worse at maths and driving, but like, totally talk more and become really intuitive with feeeeeeelings.

No. 455950

>tfw hate trannies more than /pol/ does
It’s probably because I’ve been targeted by trannies for being a real woman. They make nasty comments about my body, want me to paint their nails and they wished women would donate wombs to them.

No. 455952

Trannies are way more dangerous towards women because men in general are threats to women. There’s really no comparison with straight men getting afraid of fucking one.

No. 455954

they don’t like any language that can out them as predators lol. i stg it’s an obfuscation tactic

No. 455955

Parts of /pol/ feels sympathy for those trannies because they think of them as mentally ill men, they are glad “feminists destroying their own movement” with tranny inclusion.

No. 455957

>Also by reading you i feel like you were not proud of what you were, maybe that why you wanted to change? maybe you should train your self estim, your ability at sports, etc…There's really nothing beautiful about the female behavior, prostituting yourself constantly to obtain things, playing dumb, having to be deceptive, fake being nice to not get rekt because you are weak physically…i mean outside of motherhood and the women who are caring (the nurse kind who likes to help), ther's really nothing admirable in the modern female behavior.
>Also some girls are not like that and carry themselves like men, but they stay feminine. Maybe you wanted to be treated like a child, get favors and work less?

Men know men best.

No. 455961

File: 1567206821037.jpg (975.31 KB, 1024x1024, sailorciscouts.jpg)

you inspired me to try and get TiMs max mad. sorry if this counts as spam it's my last i swear

No. 455962

>dumb misogynistic scrots remove themselves from the genepool
>Miss Whiteknight here wants that to stop
How about you start thinking about women instead of mentally ill scrots? The more of the insane ones who do that the less of them we will have to deal with that. We should be encouraging this behaviour.

No. 455965

Being homosexual isn't a mental disorder. You believe in conversion therapy you science denier?

No. 455967

It's Homophobe-chan who is ban evading. Just report them.

No. 455968

These are fucking amazing. I've been lamenting over trannies taking over cute anime girls and making the kawaii aesthetic about their fetish so these are, as ridiculous as it sounds, empowering as hell to me. Just because I can imagine how fucking mad they would get over them.

No. 455972

This. Homophobe-chan has been extra salty all over the board today, it's just better to ignore and report.

No. 455974

Yes let's reclaim the sailor scouts anon!!

No. 455995

What other radfem lolcows are there other than terri and leah tverly?

No. 456003

I'm keking because literally yesterday a huge GWAS study was released with ample press coverage, and homophobe-chan clearly doesn't have any actual interest in the science, much less actual scientific knowledge or reading comprehension

Ganna, A. et al. Large-scale GWAS reveals insights into the genetic architecture of same-sex sexual behavior. Science (2019). https://doi.org/10.1126/science.aat7693 (open access)

No. 456013

Lmao of course not she thinks conversion therapy actually works. Thousands of people go through conversion therapy everyday yet they remain gay.

No. 456022

I feel like Leah plays up the whole radfem thing in a fetishy way like the libfem libby video is fucking weird.

No. 456027

File: 1567216011430.jpeg (318.84 KB, 750x1030, 114CD132-7188-44F8-BE7D-13A0E8…)

No. 456033

~How can I be sure my fetish will visually satisfy me without making me in any way what I think feminine is, because I’d hate to be womanly. Let me in women’s bathrooms though~

They don’t even pretend it’s not a fetish, huh

No. 456035

lol, this one is good. Love the Usagi crying bit

No. 456038

>putting a bag of ice on his nutsack

why are men

No. 456061

>I was scared to death that my interests would change. They haven't. I still like loud music, skateboarding, boxing, action movies and horror movies.

>I worried I'd turn into a girly girl. I didn't. I'm a tomboy. I had the same kinda fear over a decade ago when I came out as bi. I thought I'd become super flamboyant. Didn't happen, either.

>That's not to say I haven't changed. I smile now. I'm much better at staying calm when solving problems. I'm virtually impervious to insults now. I'm actually happy now. But my interests are pretty much the same.

No. 456088

It would be really hilarious to put these guys on placebos instead of HRT and see how they act. They would be telling themselves their breasts are growing, that they're definitely having period cramps, they all of a sudden want to suck dick tee hee, pretend like they can't parallel park or do maths anymore, etc etc. All they know about womanhood are sexist stereotypes.

No. 456097

uwu i hate men and want to join radfems's but i need to change my sexuality and become a lesbo since radfems hate straight women but its kinda hard because i like dick.

No. 456099

File: 1567220229388.gif (1.1 MB, 300x226, ACDFF5B4-591E-46DC-99DE-FF0C4E…)

No. 456107

i know its such a headache trying to be a lesbo uwu

No. 456108

Try removing your balls then?

No. 456109

I actually dont have balls, im a woman but i love dick too much, and ratfems are all lesbos.

No. 456115

Make a joke about hair dye next. That’s almost a fine vintage.

No. 456124

File: 1567222248291.png (563.24 KB, 916x448, Screen-Shot-2018-08-10-at-5.26…)

No. 456126

Not involved but LOL.

No. 456128

You fuckin got me. Not bad, man.

No. 456129

even being bait, this is true and i lol

No. 456139

that's right, women don't sleep and WILL remove the bags of ice from your nutsacks

just watch

No. 456151

>my hobbies include
LMAO. Obvious lack of personality aside, why would he fear that transitioning would make him disinterested in sleeping? Are women supposed to hate sleep? This shit is a meme.

No. 456157

Do enbies like the trashy, weird, lolsorandumb characters because this group of enbies I used to know were obsessed with Junkrat from Overwatch.

No. 456159

Is anyone else so fed up with TRAs that they've stopped caring about even the regular human rights of trans people?

Not like "I want dragged out in the street and shot." More "I care about their problems about as much as I care about any other bullshit that men whine about." They might be actual problems; I just don't care. My goodwill has been so worn out that I have arrived at "Fuck it. Let them fix their own fucking problems."

I would feel guilty, but there's just not enough time in the day to care about everything, and they are no longer any sort of priority for me.

No. 456160

i mean i kind of agree.

No. 456162

yeah anon big meanie lesbians are soooo oppressive against me. ican't even leave the house at night without being scared a lesbian will kill me.

No. 456163

No, I feel the same. It’s fair because they never care about women’s problems. You will never see a troon at a pro-choice rally, they will just be on twitter insulting women for being cissexist since not all women have uteri. They will be shutting down rape shelters and destroying women’s sports instead - particularly shitty for poor girls of color who rely on sports scholarships for a better life.

No. 456165

Trannies always expect women to fight for their rights but they don’t give a shit about women’s rights and damage them instead. Really activates the almonds.

No. 456167

File: 1567234084781.jpg (219.26 KB, 1080x1079, 1551214675488.jpg)

Was this thread always this shitty or is the quality drop site-wide?
We have a whole separate thread for peopel who want to sperg out at the evil legbeards oppressing them, there's no reason to do it here.

No. 456169

ah i made some of these, i’m glad you feel similarly about the anime shit. it’s been driving me crazy! i want to make more & post them on a platform with a wider audience, but considering how triggered TRAs will surely get after a single reminder that their 2D faves are females — i’d be reported for abuse or something almost immediately. so anonymous forum it is. lol

No. 456171

I said "Thanks!" on 4chan in a post and people accused me of being a tranny.

On one hand, I find it funny how the default whenever somebody is "" girly"" is to assume it's a roleplaying tranny, on the other hand how insecure are those people to think a single word with a single exclamation mark is meaningful.

No. 456172

What thread is that? Also >>456162 was obvious sarcasm…

No. 456179

I give it another decade at most. Once kids raised trans like Jazz get old and independent enough to realize the consequences people are going to speak out.

No. 456181

>female colleague who had an androgynous look is identifying as non-binary now

Why does she do this…why can’t she just be a gender non-conforming woman

No. 456184

Honestly I hate this. I'm all for abolishing gender roles, I've always been for that, but this wave of '' non-binary agender '' faggotry is just pissing all over that. I thought we were trying to destroy these gender stereotypes, not succumb to them by faking our gender identity because we don't socially behave exactly like men or women are supposedly supposed to, despite being men or women.

No. 456191

I care about their human rights in the same way I care about human rights in general but I’d be lying if I said that straight white guys in thigh high socks weren’t at the absolute bottom of my list of priorities. To be honest I think them having to struggle just a bit more would improve life for everyone else if only because they would no longer have as much money and time on their hands to navelgaze, masturbate and harass women. The trans movement’s most harmful actions all come from a position of privilege.

No. 456213

There’s a new girl at my school that’s almost certainly trans. I won’t be teaching her because she’s only 12, but fingers crossed that my amazing female colleagues help her realize that being a girl is cool and she snaps out of it ASAP.

No. 456215


I've sort of become more sceptical of all of them, I guess. I used to be sympathetic when I heard about trans people getting beaten up or fired or evicted or whatever and sometimes I still am but these day my first reaction isn't "That's terrible" it's "OK, but what did the trans person do to provoke this?"

I've just been burned too many times being sympathetic only to find out the poor victimized trans in question was a pedophile or a violent predator or something.

No. 456217

I had an actual nightmare about that person's face.

No. 456218

The anon's point is that identifying as nonbinary doesn't actually go against gender roles. Those two things don't logically go together.
Calling this a "slippery slope" fallacy doesn't apply.

No. 456237

what's wrong with being nb?

No. 456240

This. By identifying as agender or nonbinary they’re saying that there is a gender binary and they’re special exceptions for not identifying with either gender. Often they’ll insist on not being referred to as men or women, having special pronouns and some even change their name. That is very different from saying that gender is a bullshit social construct that doesn’t accurately describe anyone.

I know a woman who presents stereotypically feminine with pink frilly lolita dresses, long hair and makeup, but gets offended when someone “misgenders” her as a woman. How should people be able to tell she’s not a woman? Well for one, she doesn’t like to shave her legs, and having shaved legs is apparently an essential part of being a woman. Very progressive.

No. 456242

File: 1567265130554.jpeg (333.22 KB, 750x820, DE8F5DB1-FC32-4DED-8E91-B78F1A…)

we're sharing gross twitter transbians now?

No. 456243

File: 1567265192923.jpeg (395.4 KB, 750x983, 350F1375-C8C3-449F-B9F2-699CF8…)

No. 456244

And if I injected myself with goat piss to the point I had more goat piss than my own piss in my body, I'd be a goat.

No. 456246

File: 1567266094948.jpeg (290.95 KB, 1152x2048, D_ti0xAVUAEpr7w.jpeg)

my favourite pasttime

No. 456249

I think I'm realizing something - the smug, creepy grin they all make is attempting to imitate a cute anime girl smile, isn't it?

No. 456255

That's the autogynesmile, anon

No. 456273

Not spam at all, keep them coming

No. 456274

the salamander flag was recently deemed the "detransitioner" flag. so she's a detransitioned woman.

No. 456278

This is fucking hilarious.

No. 456295

>tfw got called a gender nazi because I said I don't think womanhood is just a feeling you can claim

No. 456298

File: 1567277815223.png (107.53 KB, 645x434, 1566865052585.png)

I know that, was just replying to every reply to that post for completion (the right thing would be for me not to address any of this, but I'm stupid)
If someone wants to bitch about le radfems then the radfem thread would be the place to do it, not here. I feel bad for pushing this on them but it was made because these threads used to get derailed with general discussion about it.
Back to the on-topic sperging out, sorry

No. 456309

I still have some sympathy left for TiFs and maybe a little for HSTS but aside from that I really don't care what happens to them anymore.

No. 456324

Is it safe to assume that the butchers surgeons who perform these procedures have their patients sign some kind of waiver so they’re not held responsible for the inevitable aftermath? This man died as a direct result of his SRS. The surgeon may claim the patient didn’t perform the appropriate aftercare but can regular cleaning and dilation really be expected to keep a huge carved-out wound from going necrotic? Especially when they use colon tissue, bacterial infection is to be expected because they’re literally sewing tissue brimming with bacteria into an open wound. There’s no way this doesn’t go horribly wrong for a significant number of patients.

No. 456326

File: 1567283310844.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.82 MB, 3000x8500, せやな.jpg)

Jesus Christ they're back at it again with the cult shit
This conversion and "egg hatching" shit genuinely scares me

No. 456344

File: 1567285066719.png (267.73 KB, 1024x367, 1558301935551.png)

So many horror stories.

No. 456349

File: 1567286489266.png (436.95 KB, 1430x588, dsc.png)

>no mention of reports to the authorities, just disabling the account
Does this mean Discord doesn't really do shit about these sorts of things?

No. 456351

So many minors, it's tragic. All these people targeting sad kids.

No. 456352

Every time i see the claim that most neovaginas are indistinguishable from natal vaginas, i can't help but laugh. It's the saddest, most desperate tranner cope there is. They claim that all the proof about bad neovags are extreme outliers.

Discord had a whole controversy with furry moderators playing favorites with furry servers, not banning clear violations of discord TOS, banning people who were anti-furry (they literally banned a youtuber for raiding furry servers), specifically allowing drawings depicting minors so long as they were furries, etc etc.

Wouldn't be surprised if there was one or more troon mods playing favorites. I guess that means not banning servers that openly groom minors. You're literally killing trans kids by denying them unhealthy enviroments i guess. The trans movement is peaceful, and not at all full of degenerates and pedos, i guess.

No. 456383

I have some sympathy for TiFs and HSTS but none whatsoever for AGP.

No. 456387

a lot of platforms do this, they just delete illegal content and don't report it. I's pointless reporting it to social media sites, you need to go directly to law enforcement if you see something illegal. I'm sure the relevant authorities have to be aware of the r9k tranny cult at this point though. It's not like it's some big secret.

No. 456433

File: 1567307205624.jpg (51.46 KB, 500x622, yf3b7edkzn521.jpg)

No. 456434

I feel sick when I see this shit. I feel so sick seeing my life turned into their cute uwu soft sweet life as a girl~ fetish fuel. I'm a fucking person. Women are people. We aren't dreamy lolis in floppy sweaters who only want to nuzzle each other. Christ I hate this shit so much

No. 456435


>Fighting cancer with more cancer

No. 456440

File: 1567308891039.jpg (4.08 KB, 203x203, 1563648618887.jpg)


Holy shit, wtf, nuke this shit.

I've seen the "egg" shit on reddit too. Confused and depressed kids go there asking for advice and all the creepy pedos do is convince them as hard as they can that they need to chemically fuck themselves asap, even going as far as telling them to self "medicate" for their self diagnosis. When they post back looking like Dr, Frankestein's rejects they tell them they are gorgeous and look like they are glowing. This is too perverse.

No. 456449

No. 456470

A good response to the UK Labour Party for buying into TRA ideology. More leftists need to look into the radical feminist theory of gender hierarchy.

No. 456548

File: 1567331269521.jpg (368.62 KB, 1080x1661, IMG_20190901_114739.jpg)

So sad

No. 456549

No Magdalen please don't leave us

No. 456569

Hope she's not in any pain at least, this is heartbreaking

No. 456581

It seems to me that many people want to simply invert gender roles rather than get rid of them. The problem of course being that reproduction, the primary reason for sexual dimorphism, cannot be swapped. Therefore the envisioned "genderless" society becomes a bastardized, backwards version of the 1950's Americana where women are still second class citizens but men are free to express femininity if they so desire.
If you want to think really bleak they'll find a way for men to carry and deliver children and then relegate us to nanny their hellspawn.

No. 456635

File: 1567344815913.png (33.32 KB, 468x316, magdalen.PNG)

No. 456653

File: 1567348460220.png (224.47 KB, 591x576, Screen Shot 2019-09-01 at 7.34…)

I regret looking at this sub, you all were right, it's just a giant catgirl fetish.

No. 456656

File: 1567348870512.gif (501.97 KB, 500x226, giphy (12).gif)


No. 456665

File: 1567350266395.png (317.35 KB, 472x472, 1561667256955.png)

No. 456688

Why does his shirt say suboxone?

No. 456694

I've seen in mentioned before. What is "egg hatching"??

No. 456705

So JesuOtaku a former anime reviewer for Channel awesome who was at one of the most popular reviewers for Channel awesome is apparently a Transman now

I literally just learned this today

No. 456718

another former Channel Awesome reviewer Elisa Hansen(Maven of the Eventide)who used to review specially vampire related media appeared on Queer Kid Stuff(that creepy Trans kids channel with the teddy bear) where she Identified herself as "Asexual Queer Cisgendered " and explained her asexuality even though she's married to a man and has 6 year old child

She explains further on her blog that just because she's asexual doesn't mean she can't enjoy sex


No. 456720

>just because she's asexual doesn't mean she can't enjoy sex

i really have no idea what goes through people's minds when they say stuff like this.

No. 456725

here is her reasoning btw

>To be asexual means that one does not experience sexual desire, yes. I personally have never felt sexual attraction, lust or “turned on” or “horny” in my life (at least not yet, and I am 31 years old). When I was younger, I used to think I was “broken” or “frigid” but now I understand that it is just my orientation. However, the fact that I don’t feel arousal does not mean that I am anti-sex. To me, there are benefits to sexual intercourse that are not physical. When I fall in love with someone (and I have been in love several times in my life, with more than just cismen) it is a cerebral and emotional attraction, and I am now very much in love with my husband. No one I have ever happened to have been in love with has been asexual. This means that sex with me has been a thing that my partners have desired. Even though I did not feel the same desire towards them, the idea that they desired ME made me feel flattered, special. Perhaps this is a bit of vanity on my part, but I have always liked being found desirable. Because desire is something I don’t feel, it seems like a strange and wonderful and amazing (dare I say, alien) thing for other people to feel that I am not part of, and fascinates me. To know that it is felt TOWARD me makes me happy. When I “lie back” as you put it, I am not “thinking of England” or gritting my teeth and bearing it, or being forced to endure something against my will. I am feeling a loving kind of happiness in knowing that someone loves me enough to express their natural and human desires towards me even despite the fact that I don’t desire them in return. It is an emotional boding experience for me. I don’t quite “get” what the other person gets out of it (I can imagine, and people have tried to describe it to me, but I’ll never really understand), but it doesn’t repulse or disgust me. And also, I enjoy knowing that I am making my partners feel good out of love.

>My husband gives me back and foot rubs all the time. He does this willingly, though I don’t know that he gets anything out of doing them. I love it when he does it because it feels great. Seriously, ever get a good massage? They’re awesome. I know some people get “turned on” by them, but I don’t. I just like them because they feel good for my sore muscles. And he does it for me because he likes to make me feel good because he loves me. He doesn’t get anything out of it other than that. He never asks me to give him a massage in return, and I rarely ever do (maybe cause I’m a bit lazy. Massages are hard work!)

>But my point is, that in relationships, people express love to their partners in different ways. There is no one right way to have a relationship regardless of your sexuality. My husband is very respectful of my asexuality. He loves me for exactly who I am.

>I have been in past relationships where my partners have become resentful of my asexuality. They have felt “unwanted” because I never initiated sex with them and because I wasn’t physically attracted to them. Though I did not find them “sexy,” I was mentally attracted to their personalities. I have been drawn to people, and formed deep bonds and connections with them, and that is love to me.

>But the main point I really want to make to you is that sexual attraction/orientation is not necessarily the only reason why one might engage in sex acts. It’s true I’ve never given “enthusiastic consent” to sex, but I have given loving, content, peaceful consent. When it comes to being a role model, I feel no shame in that. I think you need to be careful with the idea that asexuals ought to refrain from sex otherwise risk endorsing rape. Please understand that there are so many more reasons (yes, healthy reasons) why someone would choose to engage. I can only speak to my own reasons, of course, but you must not discount that there are others out there who have perfectly healthy reasons of their own as well.

No. 456726

If someone is asexual but they have sex for the sake of their relationship.. isn't that having sex 'out of duty'

I'm not asexual but I've had plenty of sex out of duty and it's so shitty for your self esteem to do that

No. 456727

according to anon's post, i think she is just confused as to what sexual attraction is. this is something i've noticed about a lot of these kinds of "asexuals". she's obviously attracted to people sexually but not in some insane hollywood porn way.

No. 456728

i still don't know if people really can be born as asexual but if it's a real thing, i highly doubt that an asexual would want to do anything sexual let alone having a kid. i can see two asexuals dating with no sex, maybe but if you have sex you can't be asexual.

No. 456729

I've seen a few 'asexual' women on youtube say that they have sex for the sake of their partner and that it's ok and I'm like how is that a good message to give girls?

It's like saying low sex drive? just fuck him anyway

No. 456731

having a low or nonexistent sex drive is a thing, but it's usually product of an issue, whether it be trauma related or medical. it's not a sexuality or an orientation though, it's a condition. if you're fine with it, fine, but it doesn't need all this genderspecial garbage attached to it. i think people who define themselves as asexual just want to be included in this so they can justify forcing people they like into staying with them because of their "orientation" or something.

No. 456732

that's another thing entirely and i totally agree. compromising in relationships is a total joke for both parties because in that situation both the women and the partner are suffering. i wish people would just accept that the sexual part of the relationship is important. people kneejerk about it too much but i wish it was more okay to talk about sexual compatibility being a key part of relationships.

No. 456737

She looks like a girl cosplaying Arin Hanson kek.

I know for a fact that Jesu had an extremely conservative upbringing, so it doesn't surprise me that the resultant internalized misogyny caused her to troon out. I remember her mentioning in her Kiki's Delivery Service review that she wasn't allowed to watch anything with wizards or witches in it when she was a kid.

No. 456738

It just reminds me of every discussion I've seen about mismatched libidos where usually the woman will be told to put out even when she doesn't want to, I'm all for putting in effort but when it comes to sex it's emotionally damaging to force it

Only have sex when you actually want it, find a partner with a similar libido or agree on toys/whatever when you're not matching up. Too many girls already go along with sex they don't want. Now asexuals are literally saying "I've never given enthusiastic consent" while saying they've somehow still consented?

No. 456744

you'd think that if they really wanted asexuality to be valid, they would follow through more. if you want people to be okay with having no sex drive, be with someone who actually is okay with that? i understand the partner's perspective too, if you enjoy sex it makes you feel bad that your partner doesn't also. obviously wanting to respect your partner is important, but it's not worth it to deny yourself your needs, which is also what people do by having sex out of duty, it's a lose-lose. this is why i think most asexuals are just confused and want another label.

No. 456777

>straight white guys in thigh high socks
Kek, they’re called programming socks.

No. 456914

File: 1567395975125.jpeg (250.52 KB, 1080x1659, A3F40B7A-47A4-450E-87EA-02B2FB…)

Why are they so lacking in self-awareness

No. 456916

File: 1567396477329.jpg (83.31 KB, 1103x787, Screenshot_11.jpg)


They call people who are on the fence about trooning out "eggs", not even that, they call anyone that seems to like something from the opposing gender an egg, even when they are not even considering the possibility of being trans, in their minds everyone is walking around deluded that they are cis.

Its part of their gaslighting to make people believe they are not a normal person but a trans egg that needs to hatch by trooning out.

"male kid likes a pink thing"
"oh honey total egg, r/TotallyEggBehaviour, i was just like that, now i am a catgirl :3 if you like pink thing you need to start HRT NOW!"

Its so gross because you just know everyone that posts on trans subs is being groomed and manipulated and a lot of them are underage or very young and must have their PMs full of pedos and 40 yr old troons offering "support"


No. 456919

File: 1567396933946.jpg (178.02 KB, 1018x1200, D1EXlQ3WoAE0YXL.jpg)

Maven is married to a man who works an office job and is the breadwinner,she has a child,she doesn't have a job and spends majority of her time at home reading vampire books,watching tv and posting pics of her son on Twitter and facebook

what about her is queer exactly ?

No. 456921

Little bit late, but I am not capable to find people attractive and was never in love.
I wouldn't call myself asexual, because my body is still able to feel some kind of desire but not with or for people.
For me, people can be pretty, but more like a painting. Having sex with them would feel totally wrong. You don't have sex with a pretty painting. I am sure somewhere there is something like that but you know what I mean
I can like other humans, finding them interesting or sympathetic. But it never gets beyond a hug.

and yes I am older then 20 years

No. 456923

File: 1567397606850.png (655.3 KB, 960x906, yzhkh63cl6j31.png)


More proof trans subs are literally just r/animemes

No. 456926

File: 1567397726504.jpg (84.14 KB, 960x589, p8d2sorecdj31.jpg)

No. 456944

File: 1567400268321.png (930.17 KB, 745x903, 1430038362299.png)

>liking comfy shipping content for once instead of hardcore faceless ojisan degradation shit means you're an anime lesbian
alright sweet
There's something really funny about how every "epic anime twans girl" they use is just an unambiguously male character even if they're a case of ">draw a girl >call it a boy". Did anyone else here suffer through 2012 SA translation Dangan Ronpa fandom and the eternal Chihiro conundrum?
Even back then, the mental gymnastics people did to convince themselves he was totally a brave and stunning programmer girlgamer were great.
reposting because I'm fucking retarded and mixed them up the first time around. >draw a boy >call it a girl is oscar-sama

No. 456948

Yeah, the term "truscum" got popular right during that Dangan Ronpa controversy because even some MTFs had the audacity to say "a boy who crossdresses and uses a fake identity to avoid being bullied for his femininity is still a boy if he later says he is actually a boy" which is absolutely haram under TRA ideology that demands all gnc people be transed.

No. 456951

They're really trying to erase the fact that GNC people exist. They want everyone to be trans if they don't perfectly fit the moulds of "man" or "woman".
Just wait. If more authors put out stories that have GNC characters, one of the many complaints will probably be that they are "transbaiting" (in the same vein as people complaining about "queerbaiting" in media).

No. 456956

That whole business was pretty scary, it seemed like no matter what you said you ended up gaining five different mortal enemies for five different reasons. I think that and the way these novel-length arguments never made any logical sense, and even people who seemingly agreed often blatantly contradicted each other were probably the first thing that really made me question the gender cult.
Witch-hunting and that sort of ridiculous fandom-policing only got worse from then on, there came a point where there really was nothing fun about enjoying my favorite animes with my fellow autistic teenage girls on Tumblr dot corn. It was never a completely civil business, but at least you could draw a genderbend and it was cute wholesome fun instead of social suicide.

No. 456967

>the eternal Chihiro conundrum
Oh god, that was a fucking nightmare on tumblr. I think seeing all the retarded "Chihiro is a precious trans girl uwu" posts was one of the contributing factors to help me hit peak trans. There was a similar controversy over a character in one of the Persona games, I haven't played it so I really don't know the full details but I think it was a female character who posed as a boy and everyone would have huge dumbass arguments over her being a FTM.
Funny that these are the same people who cry about white people appropriating "POC" stuff when they're doing the same thing by inserting Western culture into Japanese games.

No. 456968

Oh, Naoto.
I'm more of a mainline SMT person so I didn't know that was ever an issue. That's really hilarious considering the context of the game.
She poses as a man for all of maybe 10% of her screentime, and it's because she feels like she isn't taken seriously as a result of being a young woman, not because she's convinced she has metaphysical male essence or some shit.
It's been a while since I played it but I'm pretty sure she gives it up completely after her shadow boss fight, where (like every single other party member shadow boss) she learns to work past her insecurities. Afterwards, she still acts and dresses in a relatively masculine manner, but is no longer uncomfortable with the fact she is female. That's an even funnier instance of missing the point of the source material, holy fuck.

No. 456969

>Straight girl educating about kweer things uwu
Of course she's heterosexual.

The fuck? Does she think "non-asexual sex" is some huge horny fuckfest with fake moaning and massive squirting orgasms? She gets emotional fulfillment from sex and obviously is turned on by the thought of being desirable. I think that's pretty much what normal sex is about. Porn absolutely ruined this generation.

The retarded thing about that discourse was how they weren't self-aware enough to realize that they were being bigoted and supportive of conservative gender roles themselves.
>Boy disguises himself as a girl because he was bullied for being weak and effeminate, says he hates it and wants to learn to be more masculine
>omg stunning and brave trans princess she could slay a thousand terves with that skirt!!!

No. 456976

>I'm more of a mainline SMT person so I didn't know that was ever an issue.
Don't worry, you didn't miss anything of value. I even had online friends who argued so much about it that they stopped being friends and I gave up on fandoms completely after that. One of them said that Naoto was a tomboyish girl and that her struggles were relatable, and the other blocked her and said behind her back to all of our friend group that she was a dangerous transphobe.

Context for other anons: people were sperging about Naoto being a transboy because she didn't like being treated like garbage by her detective coworkers for being a teenage girl and was crossdressing to be taken seriously, even though Naoto says herself that she's proud of being a woman if you complete her character arc/social link. She even wears woman's clothes in P4G in the new epilogue. It started with "don't be an asshole to people who headcanon Naoto as a transboy ("asshole" here meant people who politely corrected others who never played P4)" and very soon became "the Persona developers are transphobic and homophobic scum and Kanji is still gay if he's into Naoto who is definitely a transboy, source: my ass, trust me." I have a feeling it happened around 2013 because of the anime and because everyone wanted Kanji to be 100% gay because of an interview with Troy Baker.

I think because of that there are chances they removed or censored some things in the Catherine remake's international release, correct me if I'm wrong because I haven't found reliable sources for that. Thank god these people don't give a fuck about mainline SMT.

No. 456979

File: 1567412871350.jpg (88.33 KB, 468x705, kannagi.jpg)

Bit stupid and off-topic, but I was always disappointed with how the Kanji and Naoto thing was forced to go nowhere due to male otakus flipping out if their waifu so much as looks in the direction of a man who isn't their cardboard stand-in. Persona 4 would be a lot better if the world didn't revolve around the MC's dick.
Men are so obsessed with haremshit the industry is forced to cater to them, it's so boring. I have no idea how they never get tired of it. These days the only "trashier" weeb things I follow are female demographic, the male pandering is way too annoying otherwise.

No. 456987

File: 1567415218654.jpg (58.21 KB, 639x803, EC68MWLUcAIgiB1.jpg)

No. 456993

I’ve known so many “asexuals” in my time and only one of them truly felt no sexual or romantic attraction. I think asexuality exists but it’s rare and most people who claim they’re asexual are either repressing their attraction due to harmful internalized views regarding sex and dating, or mistake it for low libido.

I am so sick of it. Whatever happened to the abolishment of gender stereotypes and “boys can wear dresses and still be boys” and “girls can wear suits and still be girls”? (We know what happened - the movement realized transition and gender dysphoria relied on gender stereotypes so started reinforcing them again.)

No. 456998

How many times can a Twitter account violate the rules before they get banned or suspended? I reported Dr. Rachel McKinnon for targeting hate against a group of people and Twitter itself confirmed he violated the rules. I feel like they're just telling me I'm right to satisfy my wants. That man is dangerous. I don't doubt many other people have reported him as well.

No. 457003

Is that McKinnon the same person who said trannies should be allowed in female sports because black women are allowed? TRAs always come up with these awful false equivalences. Surprised he isn’t banned for racism but will get people banned for the crime of misgendering lol.

No. 457009

Late, but I feel like she (and a lot of other asexuals esp the high school ones) just isn't attracted to the uggos she's surrounded herself with and she thinks she's asexual now because it's easier than admitting her husband isn't attractive to her. Either that or her internalized lesbophobia is out of control and she can't admit it's just men she's not attracted to. I see girls going through this all the time unfortunately.

No. 457012

>>457009 Blogpost but yes, girls go through it all the time, I know that cause unfortunately I'm one of them. I thought I was asexual for around 3 years before realizing I'm actually a lesbian.
Unfortunately for many girls, due to the society we live in, no sexual attraction to men = no sexual attraction at all.

No. 457025

Pretty much me at this point, but I do feel sorry for feminine straight guys, that have been convinced they are actually 'Eggs'.

No. 457046

I also worry a lot about young fem gay men, you just know a lot of them are going to end up buckling under the pressure to troon out. Feminine men should be encouraged for fighting macho stereotypes, not told they're not actual men because they don't fit the "manly man" mold. It's fucking barbaric.

No. 457056

>gay scrotes
Excuse you, they’re called TEHMs.

No. 457071

I'd rather gay men stay gay men than troon out

No. 457072


Sure, but if i prefer they don't troon out is not because i give a crap about their well being. They can be masochists and wreck their bodies and healt in another way if they want, just don't go pretending you are a woman to infiltrate our spaces. I don't feel bad for them at all.

No. 457102

File: 1567449091427.png (716.15 KB, 771x687, 6ed0fb40e318f46144fb60836a6044…)

Anyone seen this? I saw some people on Twitter and Tumblr talking about how "transphobic" this whole thing is, and how "TERFs are throwing GNC women under the bus". What do you guys think, are these two actually men?

No. 457103

Here's the interview, Liao starts talking at 0:16.

No. 457105

Just two? I see three men standing to the left of that sole woman in the picture.

No. 457114

Okay, Liao has to be male, right? Honestly that's my gut with them and Tong, Yang, esp in the video, just seems to be a gangly broad-faced woman. But jesus, am I crazy or does Liao just seem undeniably male?

No. 457116

Liao and Yang have that male shape hip bones… Fu looks like a woman Tong might be unfortunate but looks like a man tbh

No. 457117

Compare the necks of those three guys to Fu's

No. 457118


Yeeeah, the chinese are pulling a fast one lmfao, the real world today is like one of those goofy lampoon movies from the 80s.

No. 457122

Something that confuses me is why there are so many trans-identifying people in online spaces like Reddit and 4chan compared to other minorities. I'm Asian-American so I like to look at r/asianamerican posts and there 30k subscribers there even though 5%+ of the US population is Asian-American. On the other hand, r/asktransgender has 111k subscribers and r/transgender has 88k of now. The thing is though is that a quick search on the population of trans people in the US brings this up:

>A different survey in 2016, from the Williams Institute, estimated that 0.6% of U.S. adults identify as transgender.

Why is this the case? What is it about these online spaces that attracts such a great number of individuals from an absolutely miniscule percentage of the overall population?

Sage for possibly OT.

No. 457125

Should also add that /lgbt/ on 4chan is pretty much dominated by TiMs as well and might as well be renamed /tttt/.

No. 457134

Tong and Liao I'm 80% sure have Adams apples. Also wasn't some Muslim country recently outed for replacing females on their female teams with males? I don't see why China wouldn't follow suit.

No. 457140


They are already (literal) autists and otakus that spend most of their lives online and live trough fantasy roleplays of their fetishes even before deciding they want to become trans. In an online space everything is as easy as writing a female name on the nick and uploading a moe avatar and suddenly they feel like they are girls, 10 years ago they were probable fapping to their own female avatar on WoW for 10 hours a day.

No. 457145

Actor makes a big deal about how he's attracted to troons and is still straight and is immediately outed as a child molester:


No. 457146

File: 1567460767206.png (578.01 KB, 698x613, 00D3C073-A561-43E1-ACF2-A3C09D…)

Troons think they can escape their own mediocre lives as failed men by turning into ugu kawaii anime girls. They think they’ll turn into a k-on character and have no concerns in life except eating cake and giggling. As far as I know, you can’t escape your life by pretending to be Chinese or blind or something.

No. 457167

All this egg shit has made me really paranoid of any slightly effeminate straight white guy who likes hentai and is immersed in internet communities. There’s this chance that he could troon out. I wonder how common this type of anime-induced autogynephilia is because I did always think it was strange how common men would use some loli girl as their icon, or make anthropomorphisations of websites/animals/brands into little girls.

No. 457171

A lot of troons are males who live their lives on the internet so you would expect they would have a greater online presence than a real life one. Their lack of engagement with the real world may also explain why so many work in tech.

No. 457172

>how common this type of anime-induced autogynephilia is
I feel like if anime did not exist, or was not so easily accessible, or did not have that so much misogynistic content then we would have a lot less of this. AGPs would still exist obviously, they always have, but so many troons are into anime it’s ridiculous.

No. 457190

Yes same guy. Also the bicyclist who won the UCI Masters World Track Cycling Championship in the Women's Sprint 35-44 age bracket (thanks wiki kek).

No. 457216

File: 1567484968846.jpg (45.81 KB, 640x357, 87987.jpg)

>HRT makes you attracted to underage girls

No. 457217

File: 1567485018043.jpg (102.87 KB, 640x716, 897554.jpg)

No. 457223

physically cringed upon reading "puberty 2.0 for sure", no its called being a nonce

No. 457231


unwritten law of the internet: If you have moeshit, hentai or any waifu as your avatar your opinion doesn't count. Get away, don't engage.

No. 457238

AGP have always existed because we live in a society that others, hates and sexualizes women. There are records from ancient Sumer about men gaining sexual gratification by dressing up as women and how they want to get pregnant. For as long as gender exists so will this tranny shit.

No. 457240

>thinking agp is a modern invention
Lmao go back to /pol/

No. 457243

nta but look at the shitty post they are quoting. >>457172

No. 457244

How is that wrong? AGP have always existed.

No. 457245

Sure you aren't, Homophobe-chan.

No. 457250

Saudi Arabia and Russia are also extremely homophobic countries. If a guy trooned out in public, he could /literally/ get murdered.

No. 457253

the gay rights movement and tras should have never gotten involved but it unfortunately did because back then almost every tranny was an effeminate gay man or a butch lesbian. agps getting involved is their fault.

No. 457254

NTA nor am I a homophobe, but to a certain degree I get where they’re coming from - trannies globally began to safe enough to flash their dicks once gay marriage laws pass. Every. Single. Country.

A mate of my partners offhandedly mentioned that once the law passed in New Zealand all the trannies came out - we laughed it off, but laws pass here and suddenly there’s a bunch of strong beautiful trans women parading their cocks around.

Don’t forget that pedos constantly try to attach themselves to the LGB as well. I’m most saying that the LGB movement is in any way a bad thing, but disgusting parasites attach themselves to it; pedos, trannies, kinksters

No. 457262

i'm not the anon who replied to you previously. i think autogynephilia might have been a thing since forever in the sense that some heterosexual men might be into crossdressing and shit, but i don't think men from 1000 years ago would seriously think they are actual women because they like crossdressing.

No. 457263

You can blame Blanchard and co. who thought validating their identities as true women and giving them surgery was a good idea.

No. 457264

Is anyone aware of what the pxr drama is?

No. 457265

>but i don't think men from 1000 years ago would seriously think they are actual women because they like crossdressing.

That was the point all along, is only a thing now that there is validation in the countries were the gay movement has a strong pull and is that agenda that spearheaded all these newfound dumb laws and standards regarding troons.

No. 457268

>All this egg shit has made me really paranoid of any slightly effeminate straight white guy who likes hentai and is immersed in internet communities.
you should be careful with these dudes whether or not you think they're going to troon out, they're bad news either way.

No. 457271

You could have the flags of

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
Gdańsk, Poland
Oruro Department, Bolivia
Racibórz, Poland
Red flag, associated with socialism, communism, and left-wing politics
Belize (with multicolored coat of arms)
Chimborazo, Ecuador (with multicolored coat of arms)
Chorzów, Poland
Cotopaxi Province, Ecuador
Georgian SSR, Soviet Union (1951–1990)
Gliwice, Poland (with multicolored coat of arms)
Guam (with multicolored coat of emblem)
Haiti (with multicolored coat of arms)
Liechtenstein – (with gold and black emblem)
Province of Lugo, Spain (with multicolored coat of arms)
Paris, France
Szczecin, Poland (with multicolored coat of arms)
Ticino, Switzerland
Venlo, Limburg, the Netherlands (with multicolored coat of arms)
Wodzisław Śląski, Poland (with multicolored coat of arms)
Wojkowice, Poland
Red, blue, green
Bangladesh Air Force
Bangladesh Coast Guard
Republic of Karelia, Russian Federation
The Romani People
Arauca Department, Colombia
Bolívar Province, Ecuador
George Rogers Clark Flag, historical flag used during the American Revolution
Głogówek, Poland (with multicolored coat of arms)
La Paz, Bolivia
Piaseczno, Poland
Transnistria (civil flag) (de facto state, limited recognition)
Tungurahua, Ecuador

And there’s still less red flags than with that guy

No. 457273

No. 457280

lmao anon

No. 457284

File: 1567507331503.gif (2.59 MB, 264x240, 1554348829867.gif)

No. 457288

Same-sex marriage was legalised in 2001 in the Netherlands but I don’t remember TRAs being very vocal here until ~2013 at the earliest, though it’s possible I just wasn’t paying attention.

I don’t think it’s all some gay male conspiracy but I have noticed that most female trans allies I know are also really into gay men, drag queens, wanting a flamboyant sassy gay bff, etc. They want attention and praise for being proactive allies but since the biggest hurdle was overcome almost twenty years ago when the majority of them were still children (and some not even born), they instead latch on to the shiny new movement that is trans activism. Most vocally pro-trans women I know seem to view TIMs as extra tragic next-level effeminate gay men and I’ve noticed them really struggle with cognitive dissonance when confronted with a distinctly unfabulous greasy transbian. They’ll still “yass queen slaaay” at him but preferably from a comfortable distance/online only.

Anon did you just google “national flags with red in them”

No. 457303

If most trannies are gay men wouldn't there be more "straight trans women" though? I think studies show there are more "transbians" who are just straight men or bisexual/pansexual/queer trannies.

No. 457308

No. 457309

Fuck I ignored flag anons post thinking it was spam until I saw your reply to it, I nearly missed a gem
Can >>457271 be lolcow's national copypasta?

No. 457310

HSTS have always been very rare although they were the only accepted trannies by sexologists back then. AGP now outnumber them by a wide margin ever since the Benjamin Scale was dropped.

No. 457311

The only tranny I knew was a butch lesbian from 12 years ago. She had an extremely conservative upbringing and her community was far more accepting of her being a trans man than a gay woman so she was kinda forced into it. Now there's loads and loads of teenage ~gay trans men~ named Aiden and they're all into yaoi and have blue hair.

No. 457313

>All this egg shit has made me really paranoid of any slightly effeminate straight white guy who likes hentai and is immersed in internet communities.

I know a man like this. He is constantly making racist remarks, acts creepy towards women and listens to vaporwave. I think one day he will make a "coming out" post on Facebook and people praise him for being a brave lesbian trans woman who can do no wrong.

No. 457314

I know a troon who hasn't "come out" to everybody because he wants to got to Japan, trap a Japanese woman with him, and then troon out after marriage so he can live out his "Japanese yuri dickgirl fantasy" with her. Good lord, so many of these men have Asian fetishes. It's fucking vile.

No. 457332

You know what to do, gather information and caps and hold onto it until the day comes.
It would never happen though, Japan doesn't handle gaijin tims with the same kid gloves we do.

No. 457341

>he wants to got to Japan, trap a Japanese woman with him,

>He is going to go 43% on himself in his parent's basement wearing knee socks.

No. 457349

I thought their legs looked feminine but jesus, liao is either a man or on T after hearing that. Fu is so obviously female (hips, face, neck), it's bullshit she's being questioned just for having an athletic body and not being super girly styled. The other 2 look like females who are just doping and not wearing makeup, a lot of SE asians have tiny hips like a western guy unfortunately

No. 457395

File: 1567523771211.jpg (86.11 KB, 900x812, unnamed.jpg)

No. 457397

File: 1567524043432.jpg (98.52 KB, 768x768, fb499ad8-c884-11e9-b4e3-f796e3…)

I think this is the image that sparked the controversy

No. 457400

File: 1567524289023.jpg (81.65 KB, 1024x576, Liao-Mengxue-a-Tong-Zsenhuan-1…)

I think yang is also a man but just very effeminate. in the video, Liao is clearly a man he's just emoting more than typical Chinese male athletes would. if he replied stoically, he would read 110% male.

No. 457408

Two of my classmates I was quite close with came out as trans (TiM ofc). They are both ugly men with internalized misandry and one is a weeb, the other a furry. I don't know how I'll make it through this year I just don't want to see them wear dresses, put nail polish and call that girly.

No. 457459

>internalized misandry

No. 457461

There's no way the three on the right are Female. The Adonis belts and manly faces give it away. Even the choice of hair cuts is generically Masculine in comparison to the woman's on the left

Dude on left in this pic is lookin pretty thicc though but hairline screams male

No. 457462

lmao that sure is some way to put men in skimpy sportswear.

No. 457479

"not like toxic men" soyboys. usually they just become "male feminists", or call themselves nonbinary or something like that. I guess anon's classmates' weeb/furry interests were enough to tip them to fully troon out.

No. 457486

File: 1567537820912.png (76.2 KB, 625x605, 1560597789833.png)

>"not like toxic men" soyboys. usually they just become "male feminists"

Every day i find this comic more relevant.

No. 457489

I am not sure what you are trying to say anon, this is the first time I ever ehar the term internalized misandry and have no idea what it means. Do you mean not liking toxic men? That's not bad, but how on earth is that misandry? That is a good thing.

No. 457491

Way too fucking accurate, it seems the only men around are the ones who hate you and tell you, or the ones who hate you but act like they don't to make you lower your guard.

No. 457508

do you seriously not know what male feminists are? men can totally have internalized misandry. every single incel has internalized misandry, they just blame their hatred of other men on women (hence the internalized). they claim it's the fault of women that they hate chad, but they do in fact hate chad. their entire argument stems around hating women for liking men that they aren't.

No. 457510

Oh, that is messed up, Jesus Christ. That poor guy needs therapy.

Anon, are you suggesting male feminists are like the guy above? I am pretty sure men can be feminists without hating themselves and their sex. This seems like a way too strong connection you are drawing, I have never met such a man, although as the other anon linked an example, I do not doubt they exist, but they must be very rare.

Also I will have to disagree about incels, they don't hate Chad, they worship him. They want to BE him, it's like poor Americans worshipping the 1% dreaming that they will be that one day.

No. 457512

i'd suggest that a huge part of incels want to fuck chad. have you guys ever seen any straight woman as obsessed with the chad stereotype as incels are? i'm almost sure it boils down to some closeted gayness.

No. 457517

I mean, he is pretty good here. But he sounds extremely gay, could this be the issue for his internalized misandry? Like, he is attracted to men and hates them at the same time so he ends up hating himself.

No. 457525

Interesting guy actually, so thanks for the introduction to him.


Yeah I guess you're right, it's weird how that works, Shouldn't these kids want nothing to do with similar experiences like the ones that messed them up when young? I am not psychologist, but shouldn't they turn ultra straight?

No. 457529

no amount of childhood trauma can change a persons sexuality, posting in the gendercrit thread i would expect better. also seems irrelevant since >>457506 says he choses to remain celibate

No. 457539

there's a subset of men who think that because they aren't macho or engage in toxic masculinity or like girly things, that means they're progressive pioneers (male feminists) or not actually men (enbies). Sure they hate toxic men and that's good, but it's not an overall good thing because these guys are rarely Derrick Jensons and more often just deflect issues to the "toxic men" boogeyman and never critique themselves or guys like them as men/males.

No. 457541

>Four explanations have been proposed for this association.

>The first is that nascent same-sex sexuality causes childhood maltreatment, through two pathways: (1) adolescents who reveal their same-sex sexual orientation are targeted for maltreatment (D’Augelli & Grossman, 2001; Saewyc et al., 2006); and (2) adolescents exploring same-sex attractions may put themselves in risky situations, increasing likelihood of maltreatment (Corliss et al., 2002; Holmes & Slap, 1998).

>A second explanation proposes that sexual orientation minorities disproportionately exhibit gender-nonconforming behaviors in childhood (Rieger, Linsenmeier, Gygax, & Bailey, 2008; Roberts, Rosario, Corliss, Koenen, & Austin, 2012) and are targeted for maltreatment (Alanko et al., 2010).

>A third explanation is that reported differences are attributable to differential recall of maltreatment by sexual orientation, due either to self-reflection during the coming out process or to differential willingness to endorse stigmatizing experiences (Corliss et al., 2002).

>A fourth explanation is that maltreatment increases likelihood of same-sex sexuality. Four pathways have been hypothesized: (1) maltreatment may cause loss of self-worth and create a stigmatized identity in victims; therefore, maltreated persons with same-sex preferences may be more willing to adopt another stigmatized identity, namely minority sexual orientation (Saewyc et al., 2006);(2) sexual abuse, perpetrated primarily by men, causes boys to believe they are homosexual (Gartner, 1999); (3) sexual abuse of girls by male perpetrators causes victims to be aversive to sexual relationships with men (Marvasti & Dripchak, 2004); and (4) sexual abuse of boys by men “teaches” homosexuality (Cameron & Cameron, 1995, 1996) (see also LeVay, 1996).

No. 457567

Those are some interesting points anon, but how does that make them misandrists? They don't hate men, just a particular idea of men.


Damn, that actually makes sense, I have heard it's how paedos "reproduce", by molesting little boys who then themselves become paedos, which similarly to the gay thin I still don't get, because if you yourself have suffered that, how on earth do you develop wanting to do it to other little boys?

No. 457569

internalized x is literally caused by jealousy guys.

No. 457571

It's bullshit told by pedos to make us feel sorry for them. Most were not molested themselves.

No. 457572

Internalized misogyny is not caused by jealousy…

No. 457576

Ayrt what i meant by that is that they hate toxic white dudes and they don't want to be one so now they're beautiful lesbians.

One of them told me before trooning out that if he were a woman he would hate men too. At the same time he polices me on sexualized characters and feminism.

No. 457579

Wait, you are talkinga about troons? The conversation was about normal (cis) men.

No. 457582

then what is it caused by?

No. 457585

A massive misogynstic culture that makes women hate themselves and men hate women. It's based on feelings and concepts of worthlessness, not jealousy.

No. 457588

>internalized misandry exists
>being raped as a kid makes you gay
>women get internalized misogyny because they are jealous

These gender critical threads are getting worse

No. 457589

I mean, at least the conversation is interesting. I am learning new things.

No. 457592

The first two are true though.

No. 457593

Homophobe-chan is being extra salty.

No. 457598

>I am learning new things.
Just like how you would learn new things from /pol/ infographics

No. 457600

Explain please. The guy who hates men and himself was pretty interesting and I liked the things he said in that video. I had heard about gays and paedophiles often being raped as children before too. Internalized misogyny and jealousy I disagree with, doesn't make sense to me.

No. 457607

Lots of terferservatives nowadays. Really makes “radfems” look no different from the alt-right and makes the TRAs seem right all along about their “terfs are crypto fash” conspiracy.

No. 457610

Ah damn, sorry for all the replies, the site was unresponsive and I pressed new reply too many times. Can I delete the extra posts somehow?

No. 457615

This thread in general has been shit. Seems like that one anon with an extreme hatred for homos keeps ban evading to screech about some ludicrous trash about gay men committing something something 50% of CSA in the world and lesbians something something oppress heterosexuals by not liking dick.

No. 457617

Yeah it's been shit, this is gender critical not gay critical. Gc feminism isn't compatible with homophobia.

No. 457618

I don't get posters like that. If you've been reported and banned multiple times for the same thing, why not just stop? Post about other things, or find another board. Lolcow is not the end of the world.
Why does she keep coming back? Does she get a rush every time she gets the negative attention?

No. 457622

If that tradthot wanted to bash gays they could do it on literally any /pol/ thread or on the “curing lesbians” thread on /gif/.

No. 457630

Being raped as a kid by a same-sex perp does tend to make you gay, it's called sexual imprinting

No. 457634

Benjamin scale?

No. 457635

>Start new job
>Gay pride flags around office, across all departments
>Floor where the programmers work only has a trans flag hanging from the wall, no gay pride flag in sight

Why am I even surprised

No. 457638

A spectrum for gender identity disorder used to distinguish transvestism from transsexualism, think of it as the trans equivalent to the Kinsey scale.

No. 457639

For future reference, within 30 minutes of posting you you tick the little box next to the post and press the delete option that appears.

No. 457641

But do they wear programming socks?

No. 457647

With the way Blanchard goes about on his Twitter I think he deeply regrets letting AGP get legal status.

No. 457651

File: 1567557106655.jpeg (426.06 KB, 1125x1098, C5167ED9-9D0F-4482-99B2-D23A82…)

Blanchard is r/iamverysmart

No. 457655

Oh he still sympathises with AGP but only if they admit to their AGP.

No. 457657


Blanchard is actually smart though.

No. 457659

Is that why he believed AGP should transition and have legal status as women?

No. 457661

He changed his mind about it. Even the smartest make mistakes, other parts of his research are very positive, especially the ones on domestic violence.

No. 457667

blachard is like all the rest of them. he's no genius. it doesn't take a brainiac to see that there's no m/f brain and that hairy-assed shims in thigh highs and ball-length lycra are retarded fetishists. any male going into this kind of shit generally is a sexist hack. blanchard is just way less sexist bc the majority of sexologists or even neurobiologists or any of that shit are HARDCORE chauvinists

No. 457668

You know what no one would take the autogynephilia typology seriously if a woman came up with it so Blanchard can get away with saying very basic things.

No. 457669

File: 1567558405839.jpg (44.4 KB, 480x401, IMG_20190903_205327.jpg)

"An obvious lie", these fuckers. Women protected them and this is what they say, this is plain insulting and absolutely retarded. They can play dress up and cut their penises all they want but don't fucking imply we aren't more fucked than you or that we are even remotely similar, we are real women who suffer from birth because how society treats our bodies, you're just a male cumbrained asshole with a gross agp fetish. Fuck i'm pissed. Trannies were a mistake.

No. 457670

Well duh, I think most gynephilic men do not see trannies as “real women”. Trannies also don’t get bashed for their “gender identity” but because they are seen as GNC men by other men which is homophobia.

No. 457672

I can respect some of Blanchard’s work but his twitter makes him look like he’s clowning around

No. 457673

I absolutely love Derrick Jensen. I have read many of his books and he is what introduced me to radical feminism. I would highly recommend his stuff, especially A Language Older Than Words (its not radfem lit but a great read regardless).

No. 457675

Is this some sort of “terf dogwhistles” checklist? Trannies are no different from MRAs. I remember tumblr bashed MRAs for believing in “female privilege” but for some reason they support TRAs who say things like “AFAB privilege” or “cis privilege”.

No. 457676

Hasn’t Blanchard added two new typologies to the AGP and HSTS classification?

No. 457677

AHE and ROGD? He posted about it but hasn’t published any work about it as far as I know.

No. 457690

Sorry, what is AHE? Haven’t heard that one.

No. 457692

Autohomoeroticism. Straight women who want to become gay men and have sexual relationships with gay men.

No. 457693

Fujo fakebois

No. 457719

Everyone except Fu is wearing a second more visible set of underpants with the running briefs…

No. 457728

Damn don’t you ever get bored of ban evading?

No. 457736

someone should write some homophobe-chan x necessaryspeed4 fanfic.

No. 457739

lmfao i need this in my life! 40% of it will just be necsped questioning her affair with homophobe-chan and drifting back into daydreams of her autistic husband, wondering if she made the right decision in her desperately trying to woo homophobe-chan out of her homophobic ways and right into her crotch

No. 457748

What the fuck keeps happening to this thread while I’m asleep

Because everyone except Fu has a dick they’re tucking.
Isn’t it interesting how people only sympathise with and stand up for ‘masculine women’ when those ‘women’ are men?

No. 457822

File: 1567615129990.jpg (69.21 KB, 460x519, EFPPANR.jpg)

I had to lurk Lipstick Alley to see their take on the Chinese runner scandal and their comments did not disappoint. This dude didn’t even bother to shave his arm pits!

A poster there shared this link to about a Karolinska Institute in Sweden study about trans men and women and the effect of hrt on muscle strength. https://www.reddit.com/r/MenWinningWomensSport/comments/cx468f/the_times_transgender_row_stoked_by_new_findings/
Basically confirms what we already knew: HRT does not significantly decrease muscle strength in MTFs.
>“We have found that trans women’s muscle mass decreases by five per cent after a year but they maintained their strength levels throughout the treatment period.”
>Lundberg’s research, which he has presented at several scientific conferences, also found that women who have transitioned to be men and taken testosterone saw their muscle strength increase by 15 per cent, but they were still not as strong as men who transitioned to be women and took the testosterone blockers.

Even after HRT, males are still stronger than females who have undergone the powerful, permanently altering effects of testosterone.

No. 457823

>be single issue activist
>Push people into the arms of the "alt-right" by deplatforming them until the only platforms they have are ones shared with the "alt-right"
>wonder very loudly why these people now share more views with the "altright" just like was originally claimed
Things that make you go hrrrm

No. 457826

ftm are fucking annoying. have to deal with one because of work and she keeps getting in discussion on femminicide and other women issues going on about "BUT MEN GET ABUSED TOO" shut up you fucking retard you are not a man and whiteknigthing them sure as fuck wont make you one.

No. 457831

Ftm tend to become MRAs too so I don't have much sympathy for them even though mtfs get all the attention and support.

No. 457836

Isn't this comic from an actual Neo-Nazi/alt-right bigot? Come on lolcow, you're better than this.

No. 457838


don't see how that makes this individual comic less true.

No. 457844

File: 1567620680008.png (Spoiler Image,912.49 KB, 720x1242, Screenshot_20190904-130800(1).…)

This company's products keep showing up on my Instagram feed. I finally decided to check out what this was all about because the most recent ad was about how it's Trans owned and this shit was the second most recent post.

No. 457846

Where the fuck are her nipples?

No. 457852

You really have to be mentally ill to go "I'm not in the right body! I have NIPPLES! I have to get my nipples removed so I can feel right as a man-woman-or-neither!"
Viewing our bodies as malleable machine-vessels meant to be altered, cut and sewn to express the "true" shape of our souls was a mistake and there is no fundamental difference between this and the otherkin belief that one can be "meant to" have the body of a wolf or angel but be put in the wrong body. People don't have nipple-less souls.

No. 457854

The self-hatred is just plain sad.

No. 457871

This is mental illness just increased by the misogynistic culture we live in

No. 457894

Question. What do your boyfriends/husbands think of troons?

No. 457901

I work with a troon who has been driving me and the other female workers up a wall with his weird fucking fetish.

He came up to me the other day- out of fucking NOWHERE just goes off on me for absolutely nothing, but he gets nasty and takes some digs at me because I was having trouble finishing something.

Anyway, this tranny, I shit you not, goes “S-sorry anon, urrrrgh, I just HATE when I feel all bitchy like this. I just started my cycle ;_;”

I just shrugged my shoulders and walked away from him. He pulls this shit every month where he pretends to be on his period, and acts like a huge asshole to the women and then blames it on “muh hormones giving me a period!! ;_;”

Coworkers and I wait until he’s not in the room and make fun of him ALL THE TIME. Even some of the guys will join in and talk about what a creep he is. It’s nice to know that creepy troons are good for one thing- being the guy at the office that’s so lame that everyone puts aside their differences to make fun of him.

No. 457903

I think it’s funny when troons do this because they’re fucking up their own lives due to their stupidity. The only troons I feel bad for are the ones that transitioned because of homophobia or misogyny forcing them to do so. I know some women transition because they were raped at a young age which caused then to hate their female bodies and want to get rid of their vagina.

No. 457906

A lot of newfags and tradfags lately. Especially that one anon who keeps ban evading to screech about gays. Anons shouldn't even be replying to them so they can stfu and stop derailing the thread.

No. 457907

If their only issue is trannies and they agree with the alt-right so much then I don’t get why they hang around radical feminists who don’t believe women are born to be fucktoys for men like the alt-right does.

No. 457909

This. They should just go to /pol/ or anywhere else tbh because there’s loads of groups which don’t like trannies but they’re probably intimidated by the misogyny lmao.

No. 457913

File: 1567636175823.jpg (151.89 KB, 721x1024, Cabaret.jpg)

my bf and I are both bi so we spend a lot of time around the greater LGBT community (we are both kind of androgynous in style so trans people at work and stuff sort of flock to us cause we look safe lmao)

we both aren't like viscerally repulsed or anything and used to drink the kool aid pretty hard in college so we still hang out with some of our trans friends but we've both been getting more and more gc with time so it's harder and harder to keep "playing along"

i think we've both been attracted to tifs in the past (i hooked up with one in college) since my bf is openly bi I wouldn't be shocked or disgusted to know he had a crush on a tim (i think he had a little one on a male coworker who was "agender" and had a sort of david bowie thing going on) but the whole mentality/religion/cult/health issues is the part that matters more than to us than us both being bi bonobos into androgynous people.

also self drag but he thought I might have turned out to be a drag queen/cross-dresser before we met because that's what you get from using Halloween pics dressed as Liza Minnelli in Cabaret as your only photos on your dating profile

No. 457916

my husband is a "live & let live" type and thinks im being mean by being gc. we had a longer conversation about it tho last week and im optimistic i can get him to understand this standpoint better as time goes on.
men generally dont hit peak trans tho because its not their rights that are being infringed upon.

No. 457923

you guys sound cool.
>tfw no fellow gc bihet friends
I think a lot of "cis" men who accept trans people (especially tims) think gender crit women are just "being mean" when our issues with gender theory concern safety, dignity and autonomy.

No. 457927

I actually know some TiMs who are alt-right or they were alt-right before becoming a communist transbian.

No. 457928

Can someone explain to me how people don’t just see transbians as straight men? Even libfems have criticised “male feminists” because they do it to manipulate women but they don’t see how trans women are basically the same thing?

No. 457929

My bf thinks I'm a terf and transphobic even after reading GC stuff but doesn't argue with me and I don't try to bring it up anymore. The only trans-related thing we have shared opinions on is Yaniv being disgusting.

No. 457936

They do. No one literally believes tims are women (except for like, crazy rich transhumanists, who don't believe in anything else for that matter).
Tims are narcs and handmaidens have low self esteem and get a high from the attention narcs give them for acting on their behalf. Their stated lack of belief in reproductive sex is a distraction; their actual goal is jerking themselves off over being able to force others to obey their delusions. You can cut them the most effectively by laughing at tranny bullshit as loud and as often as possible.
There is no shortage of self-hating women volunteering to be footsoldiers for any misogynist movement that exists.

dump him

No. 457937

File: 1567642038210.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.21 MB, 398x9766, troon.jpg)

Say it with me ladies: Not. A. Mental. Illness.

Also, it's spoilered for a reason. If you don't want to see an enby troon mutilating himself, don't fucking click.

No. 457938

Some libfems only began to criticise male feminists after there were a huge number of abuse cases popping up involving these men, before that they used to obsess over every man on tumblr and would even call them "The Men of Tumblr". But even these days just calling yourself a male feminist gets you so much female attention with handmaidens going "omg we stan a king! you give me hope for men in this world!! please have my babies!"

No. 457940

File: 1567643678522.gif (1.75 MB, 300x225, 1559329602759.gif)

jfc I have no words

No. 457941

Men groomed women to get our self worth from nurturing them. Troons are helpless abandoned baby birds and all women have to do to rescue them is give them money and yell at feminists (something most women are itching for an excuse to do anyway)

No. 457943

File: 1567643855636.png (4.28 MB, 540x7510, 960o3azm3vd21.png)

>The Men of Tumblr

No. 457954

I wonder where all these men went when the abortion law discourse and protests took place lmao. They just want attention, they wouldn't move one finger for women.

No. 457960

I bet these men are all anti-feminists or troons now.

No. 457963

100% true, in my experience. And I hate how obvious to me as a woc–when I talk about race stuff, they get it, especially when it's something they've heard from a man. The most basic feminist shit that they've also heard from a man, sure, mostly. But stuff like gc things, that they cannot relate to, that only really impact women, that stroke their egos….they don't care. And so far for me, no matter how kind and reasonable and quiet I've been about them, men really just see us as needing to swallow our pain at best and being insane bitches at worst. I just try to keep my focus on women as much as possible, because men truly do not give a shit about how much this is affecting us.

No. 457974

My boyfriend doesn’t think critically about troons enough to have an opinion outside of “its weird” lmao. I was trans friendly at the start of our relationship and have gradually become more gender critical. I have a couple friends still that require different pronouns and while it’s easy for me to use them, he struggles in front of them and doesn’t bother when it’s just us lol. He’s bi too, but wouldn’t date one (neither would I) and doesn’t watch tranny porn.

No. 457976

For all the misandry memes that libfems make they actually really worship men and I’ve seen them get angry at radfems because “Radfems are genuine misandrists! They think men can’t be feminists and that trans women are men! They are vagina supremacists!”.

No. 457977

Libfems think misandry jokes are funny but when radfems make misandry jokes they get really threatened. It’s no wonder they get so defensive of TiMs because TiMs speak to them like men and they all bend over backwards for men but you can’t call them out for male behavior because they all brainwashed each other by saying “trans women are women” 500 times a day. They don’t want to face ostracization from their communities, or worse get labelled as a “TERF” which is used as a thought-terminating cliche. You can always expect power imbalances to concentrate themselves in “protected classes”, it’s like how priests can get away with abusing children for decades because nobody dares speak up against them or think they could do any wrong. TRAs really do operate like a cult.

No. 457987


What the actual fuck!!!!!

No. 457988

>the jar on top of the Mrs. Fields box
You warned us but holy shit man

No. 457989

File: 1567656202644.png (28.07 KB, 726x557, support trans women.png)

Not sure if this has already been posted in a GC thread, but this is one of the most callous, self-absorbed things I've ever read, let alone from a TiM. Does anyone know who wrote it?

No. 457991

The only problem men have with troons is related to fucking - men fear that troons might trick them into sleeping with them even though HSTS are uncommon. Most troons are AGP which means they're straight men just like the majority of men in the world. AGP harass women and erode women's rights but normal men do this too so that's why the non-trans men don't give a shit either.

All males is the same.

No. 457992

>men fear that troons might trick them into sleeping with them
This seems to be the only thing men focus on in regards to troons. I've seen comments from them about how afraid they are of accidentally sleeping with troons and nothing about the safety of women, some of them on /pol/ are actually thinking it's funny that "feminism is destroying itself" because of tranny discourse.

No. 457993

User is Trapdoor_doll but their account is purged. Only response to this comment is from OP who says "What a sad story :(".

No. 457994

>had zero clue I was trans, just thought I had a drinking problem

What if the brain damage from drinking is what made you trans

No. 457995

>attractive cis girl privilege
This sounds like MRA speak but instead they call it "female privilege".

No. 457999

My husband is 100% gc with me and I am so thankful for it. I'm sorry for you ladies whose partners aren't on board.

No. 458002

How the fuck is your personal transition story in any way relevant to the product you’re selling (outside of claims of being trans owned)? Talk about mutilating your body on your own account, for fuck’s sake.

The narcissism and lack of empathy really jumped out here. Mother of your children goes through something severely traumatic and all you can think is “teehee, she’s just jealous of me!” No wonder she’s pulling away.

No. 458005

My boyfriend is an extremely right wing and traditional Slavic man so you can kinda guess his opinion just from that.

No. 458006

My bf was largely team "live and let live". tl;dr mutual friend of ours came out publicly as a TiM (we had suspicions for a few years beforehand) and used shit my bf paid for to fuel gross BDSM fantasies.

Between that and hearing my own experiences he's peaked and assumes most TiMs are cumbrained dudes that absolutely should not be in women's spaces.

No. 458009

Why do so many furries end up trooning out?

No. 458010

My husband had a girly face and long hair though his teens (though he wore typical edgy band shirts and baggy pants) and got bullied until he cut his hair short, he's shocked there are "woke" people embracing gender roles and stereotypes.

No. 458011

He used to think troons were actual women despite not being attracted to him like he was a woman, lol, now he knows they are men in drag.

No. 458013

TRAs would say the bullies attacked your husband because they had internalized transmisogyny.

No. 458014

Can’t believe how widespread and accepted the term “transmisogyny” has become when it’s nothing but a snarl word creates by meme scholar Julia Serano.

No. 458016

how the fuck did he do this by himself without dying from the pain and blood loss?

No. 458017

Same as >>457916
He’s a neuroscientist so he knows the idea of a gendered brain being born in the wrong body is nonsense, but he still believes that all trans-identified people have a mental illness, aka gender dysphoria, and that transitioning (medically or just socially) is the cure. He has equated trans children to children with cancer.

I’ve told him about the creepy AGPs I’ve personally been acquainted with and he agrees they are just misogynistic men with a fetish, but he doesn’t seem to grasp how much power these kinds of men now have within the trans movement. He still thinks they’re an insignificant minority and it’s best to ignore them.

True. I’ve never personally been assaulted in a bathroom or otherwise so he doesn’t understand why I or anyone else would be uncomfortable with men in women’s bathrooms. We’re a straight, white, healthy, university educated, comfortably middle class couple with a strong social safety net who are relatively unlikely to be directly affected by trans activism. For me that means I know I need to seek out the experiences of other people to get a more accurate picture of the situation. For him that means he can easily pretend there’s nothing wrong at all.

One thing that worries me is how he spends a lot of time lurking Reddit. Mostly game and technology-related subreddits and r/legaladvice so nothing explicitly misogynistic or trans related, but apparently a lot of subreddits now have TIM moderators who actively push the TRA narrative and silence any dissenting voices, including flagging and preemptively banning any account that has ever posted in r/gc because it’s supposedly a “hate sub”. I worry about how this might be affecting his beliefs over time.

No. 458037

>He has equated trans children to children with cancer.

No. 458047

In the sense that it’s very tragic that they have to suffer so much, and that their suffering gives them a more mature outlook on life. He doesn’t believe that any parent would talk their child into being trans because no parent would want their child to suffer like that, so trans kids must be genuine. He’s very naive that way.

No. 458051


Lactatia's and Desmond parents already show how willing some parents are to pimp their children for clout and at least them are not cutting their dicks off or injecting them with chemicals that will kill them from cancer or organ failure in a few years.

No. 458053


>comparing children with cancer to children who are being injected carcinogens by their cancer parents.

No. 458054


>comparing children with cancer to children who are being injected carcinogens by their cancer parents.

No. 458071

I’ve explained how harmful puberty blockers are to the developing body but he counters that by saying that chemotherapy is toxic to the body as well and we still use it because it’s better than the alternative, with the alternative for trans kids being suicide. It’s a very emotional subject and most of the time we end up agreeing to disagree to keep the peace. Practically everyone I’ve talked to about this feels the same way he does. It’s very frustrating.

No. 458079

My boyfriend thinks it's weird but works in healthcare so he has to try and be respectful of pronouns and stuff like that. Unfortunately for them he's legitimately terrible at recognising anything other than biological sex. A man can roll up in a dress with long hair and it just won't click that these are signals it's a TiM so he'll treat him like a man. It's not malicious or anything, he's just relatively blunt with his thoughts.

Of course he's a straight man so TiMs never say a word about it because it's women they secretly hate

She probably pushes him away because
1.she survived cancer and his dumb ass is like "lmao she looks 40" instead of "wow thank god the mother of my child is still alive"
2. Nobody wants to hang out with a dude that thinks it's appropriate to compare their moobs to somebody who has justgone through a masectomy.

No. 458081


There is no possible mental pirouette that can justify taking perfectly healthy infants and exposing them to destructive surgical procedures and injecting him/her with hormones that will have serious consequences for the rest of their lives.

Considering this whole gender idendity thing is extremely subjective and is not something you can simply get some lab tests for, its pretty much mutilating a kid who is not even sexually developed and has no notion of gender or what he is talking about because he said he likes Barbie dolls and his shitty parents said it was ok on the off chance that he/she may have disphoria as an adult.

The whole notion of "trans kids" even existing is flawed to the core. Its child abuse, these kids can't consent on anything that is being done to them.

No. 458099

What are medical professionals supposed to do about TiMs and the subject of things like prostate cancer? Are they allowed to bring it up, or are we going to tip toe around the subject for risk of offending?
This happens with obesity now. Doctors don't want to offend or the patient doesn't want to be offended (too sensitive). Then things like the health implications are not addressed.

No. 458101

He always believed that they were attention-seeking and troubled even well before they exploded online and while I was accepting them, but I've become more militant than him.

No. 458124

Blogpost but I store my weed in same exact kind of glass jar as he stuffed his balls into oh my god I need to throw it out god damn he's only 22 why the fuck did he do this to himself

No. 458128

Article about the amicus brief being presented to the Supreme Court by people who have detransitioned.

My husband thinks that they're a danger to women and children. He posts on /cow/ so like me has been made aware of a lot troons like Nic Nyberg, Laurelai Bailey and recently Jonathan Yaniv.

No. 458130

File: 1567693965950.png (1.1 MB, 1351x577, wew.PNG)

it's like a legit, nice website too. damn

No. 458131

I remember a thing on twitter where a TiM posted a letter he got from the NHS saying it's time for a gynaecological check-up and laughing about how silly and inefficient the bureaucratic NHS is, although probably also bragging that he's now legally recognized as a woman.

Which of course means that in the UK there are TiFs that WONT be getting that letter and this TiM is going to get to an age where he wont be getting the letter to summon him for a prostate check-up so all these trannies are at risk of getting cancer and it not being discovered until it's too late.

No. 458133

Just saw this on x/ and made me think of this thread lol. There's many angles to it but the push for transvestites and dickgirls really seems like illuminati stuff sometimes.


wtf i regret clicking it aaaahhhhhhhhh

No. 458141

File: 1567695682990.jpg (182.01 KB, 787x899, Contra ''ND into an NBs face w…)

Hontra deleted his twitter today after getting cancelled by the ultra woke queer squad for offending non-binary folx with these tweets. No one seems to hate TRAs more than each other.

No. 458142

gender was a mistake

No. 458147

File: 1567696569062.jpg (723.96 KB, 1000x885, IMG_3544-1000x885.jpg)

where? in a gay bar?
the worst part is that you know he corrected himself from 'passing'

No. 458148

>Service providers shut down 8ch
>Shit like this is allowed to stay up

Fuck sake.

No. 458152

Ironically radfem misandry actually benefits men more

libfem misandry jokes are all over the top memes and hashtags that they repeat with almost no variations usually accompanied with fictional female characters drinking however radfem misandry is based on truth and gets men to look at themselves critically and be better,I have talked to men online who stopped watching Porn and started going go the gym to better themselves because of radfems

No. 458153

Yeah. My boyfriend is really really right wing but he actually likes Gail Dines' message about men "being better than the porn companies say they are". He thinks it's positive and can lead to self improvement.

No. 458154

Apparently Contra called himself one of the last of the "old school transexuals" KEK he thinks he's that important.

No. 458160


Me and my bf both come from very traditional italian and spanish families. We still share a lot of conservative values and lean right wing but we are both very liberal and secular. We believe heavily in individual freedom and the pursue of happiness even when it goes against the grain so we never really minded gays and drag and stuff like that, to each its own, if its genetic or if its a choice, no matter, people can live how they want but we have never been like this american "woke" stereotype who sperg about how they are allies and love gays and pride stuff, and pronouns or constantly bring it up, that stuff is just not a thing for us but my bf is not very macho, he is very lighthearted and chill. My brothers and males in my family are also jokesters and good people.

We naturally first saw trans as homosexuals in drag that took it further, so we are both like, " wathever? they are adults, its their problem, if i come across one i am not going to be impolite or say wrong pronouns even when its funny but i don't think they are women (or males in that case)"

At some point i started reading more into it and started finding out gc or the usual pol/ stuff and fell into the rabithole realizing how fucked it actually was and the pseudoscience behind it and the wird ideologies. My bf now feels even more strongly against this than me and is more conservative than ever. This is not about individual freedom anymore when there are kids involved and so much brainwashing and thought control for women to accept them and override their own causes with tranny causes. So many lines have been crossed. Being against it is not about ideology or being conservative or liberal, is common sense. I still would not be rude to a trans, but i don't buy anything of that they are selling and i don't want them near kids or in my bathrooms or lecturing people about anything.

No. 458176

I hope this unleashes the can of worms about his misogyny to the public.

No. 458183

>semi passable transes like me
KEK this delusional narcissist
why would he even try to claim this? he's a confirmed sissy fetishist/psuedobisexual. he doesn't have a hsts bone in his body.

No. 458201


Interesting this was written 5 years ago.

No. 458204

Luckily for a generic millennial AGP who got memed into medically transitioning by an echochamber like Hontra the new era of absolutely brain wormed genderfluid zoomers who think you can demand to be seen as whatever made-up identity you want this particular minute without altering your appearance in any way make him look normal for recognizing only two genders.

No. 458216

He thinks they are insane men and is disgusted when we see one in public, but his favorite pornstar is a troon, Sarina Valentina… I don't know what the fuck he's thinking, I tried talking to him but he just said "She" looks like a woman to him. I am not sure what to think.

No. 458226

He's closeted. As is any man that watches porn with dicks involved. There's no shortage of solo, or lesbian videos for them to watch.

No. 458235

right so, question quickly: is someone that imagines having a penis and having sex with women in porn then a lesbian?

No. 458240

Are you trolling right now or what?

No. 458241

> Several trans women arrived and sat at the back, but, in fact, they were there to express solidarity, having decided that the attacks on radical feminists were both out of control and misguided. One of them, a thin, forty-year-old blonde from the Bay Area, who blogs under the name Snowflake Especial, noted that all the violence against trans women that she’s aware of was committed by men. “Why aren’t we dealing with them?” she asked.
I want a timeline where this is the direction it all went in

No. 458276

We have been together for 5 years now, I think I would know if he was closeted. He is sexually submissive though, would that play a part?

100% serious…

No. 458278

Date him for fun if you must, anon, but do not marry this man. Eventually he will troon out himself, men who like troons always do.

No. 458281

If you are serious that is disgusting. He may not be “gay”. A lot of AGP men are submissive and not gay. Chasers usually end up full-on AGPs. So you are dating a chaser who might “hatch” into a full on AGP troon. Either get him therapy or leave IMO

No. 458282

I really like him anon, other than this thing he is perfect. I can' but think I am stupid to be this bothered by it, because it's such a small thing. Finding a man as good as him is not easy, you know how most of them are.

No. 458283


agree with this. liking to be submissive isn't a red flag on its own, but into tranny porn + into submission pretty much always equals agp. they see submission as a "woman" thing, so they think being submissive makes them female.

No. 458285

Has he ever mentioned sissy hypno? Guarantee you he's into that kind of porn. I'd bet money on it.

No. 458289

I don't think he is like that. He is very much against gender roles, which is one of the things I like about him, so he doesn't see things as man things or woman things. But that's what I see, I can not really know what he thinks, I understand that. He might have AGP though, since he likes crossdressing. But for him it's not like humiliation because he wears the clothes of the lesser gender, which I believe is what most of them are into. He is like super submissive, in our sex time with that theme he basically feels like he is not good enough to even wear a woman's clothes because he is a man, like he is a reverse misogynist, he thinks men are lesser, but only in sex. He is super egalitarian in real life… Is it possible to have AGP and not troon out?

No. 458290

Why is he so butt blasted with being referred to with they/them pronouns? Normal people don’t care. Does he need the validation that he is a ~woman~?

No. 458293

File: 1567717098434.jpg (Spoiler Image,597.09 KB, 1706x2560, 124198_10.jpg)

>Sarina Valentina
>"She" looks like a woman to him.
he sees "woman" as a costume, because this does not look like a woman. (nsfw image) Please look after yourself anon.

No. 458296

oh, anon.

he's going to troon out in the next five years. take it from someone who's seen this happen dozens of times, he sounds like a textbook case. and when he does troon out, if you're still with him, you'll look back at this moment and feel so foolish.

i know you won't break up with him based on the say-so of a few strangers on lolcow so instead i wish you the best of luck. when he troons out leave him, because it'll just be downhill from there. that's when the abuse will start.

No. 458297

What? Does he think he’s an HBSer? He’s a straight man so that doesn’t make sense.

No. 458298

Jesus, this is disgusting. He showed me pics of him when I asked and he did not look like that, the ones he showed me, you could really confuse him for a woman. That's abhorrent though, wtf.

No. 458300

Your boyfriend is either bisexual or a GAMP who will troon out soon

No. 458303

So AGPs always troon out? There must be something to do to stop it? He has never had an issue with his gender, other than with other people's expectations. We have actually talked about it and he just sees man as meaning adult male and that's that, I thought that was a good and healthy way to look at it.

HBS is the homosexual troons? Sorry I do not know all the names. He is straight as far as I know, I was saying that his AGP seems to come from his really submissive side rather than jealousy for women, which from these threads at least, seems to be where most troons get it.

I am pretty sure he is not bi, a lot of bi guys have hit on him and he was never interested in the past. What is GAMP, I am unfamiliar with this term?

No. 458306

Snowflake Especial along Mindergenfield and all those other HSTS used to be active on Tumblr and they got a lot of hate and it’s still common for some AGP to think “all HSTS are secretly radfem allies”

No. 458309

To be fair Anon, you know him better than we do. The only thing you can do is ask to be 100% sure is ask.

No. 458310

Straight men don't find penises sexy, anon. He specifically masturbates to porn featuring a "woman" with a penis, when there's tons upon tons of lesbian and solo porn out there if he doesn't want to look at ugly hairy men. He's not straight. Lots of closeted men project their desire for dick on to trannies because they're still dealing with internalized homophobia, it's very common.

No. 458311

If he’s a GAMP then its highly likely he has AGP himself.

No. 458314

You are right of course anon, but we have had the gender conversation when he told me he was submissive, I was kind of fumb back then and thought submission equals woman or gay in men, I have done a lot of growing up since. He said he is comfortable in his sex and his gender as an extension of it, but just not with society's understanding with it. I am not sure how I can ask him further. I can't just go and say "So do you think of cutting your dick off?".

I mean, I would agree with you if it was the only or dominant porn he watches, but I know his porn habbits and that is a very small part of it. He mostly reads femdom stories in story sites, the tranny thing is a rare thing he does, it's why I still have some hope that it's just a quirk or something.

Can you please explain what GAMP is?

No. 458316

this. i've had a few "straight" male friends who liked futa hentai who were actually male leaning bi, or gay. and futa is arguably more aesthetically pleasing to look at than tims.

No. 458318

Gynandromophophiles, men who are attracted to trannies. They are just just bi men who genuinely like trannies or straight men with AGP who want to be the tranny.

Or he could just be a GAMP.

No. 458320


out of interest, is the tranny porn he likes tranny/tranny, tranny/woman or tranny/man?

tranny/woman is at least heterosexual porn, though if the object of his lust is the tranny then he's still bisexual, not straight.

No. 458323


I was curious too so I looked up Sarina Valentina. Seems like 99% of the videos are with other troons or men. So anon's boyfriend is watching two men fuck each other but he's "straight" lol.

No. 458325

I did say above, he likes crossdressing and is super submissive, but he has never expressed any desire to be a woman. If you see my previous posts, he seems to do it out of submission, not will to be a female. Isn't that different from AGP?

I don't know details anon, I have only seen pics.

I mean, I think he's straight? I don't mind if he isn't, I just don't want him to troon out, I am bi myself.

No. 458326

File: 1567718272960.jpg (4.85 MB, 5616x3744, womenlaughing[1].jpg)

>Knows he faps to troons
>Knows he crossdresses
>Knows he's a sub (probably wants to get pegged)
>Still thinks he's straight
A classic case of "Not my Nigel"

No. 458327

Why would crossdressing and submission be the same if he doesn't think femaleness = submissive? Why would fapping to troons and submission be the same if he doesn't think being penetrated = submissive? All roads with AGP lead back to "Being a woman is the same as being a submissive cockslut." Always.

No. 458328

See this please >>458325. I don't care if he is bi, I just don't want him to think he's a woman.

No. 458330

>watches shemale porn
Sounds like GAMP to me.
>he likes crossdressing and is super submissive
Sounds like AGP to me.

No. 458335

>I don't care if he is bi
Not caring doesn't stop HIV. From what you've posted so far I suspect he does a lot more that you consciously, or sub-consciously try to ignore, or down play.

No. 458337

A femdom anon here, I stay away from men who like crossdressing for a very good reason.
>he basically feels like he is not good enough to even wear a woman's clothes because he is a man
This still counts as "women are inferior, so dressing as them is humiliating". If you didn't ask him to do it, it's not out of submission to you. He gets some kind of sexual thrill from wearing womens clothes by itself, which is a huge red flag.

No. 458339

I used to think maybe hormones could change your sexual orientation with so many trannies “turning bi” but now I realize this isn’t the case and what they have insteas is pseudobisexuality where they maintain their heterosexual orientation but also want to get fucked by men to create a “submissive female image”.

No. 458340

But how is he AGP if he doesn't think of himself as a woman? Isn't that the whole point of AGP?

I asked him about this as well anon and he explained to me. When we are in these sessions he is really really submissive. Like, even self hating. He says how better I am than him for being a woman and smart and beautiful and stuff like that. The whole point of crossdressing for him is the humiliation that comes not from being dressed in a womans=submissive clothes but from males being ugly and looking ridiculous in the "superior" sex's clothes. And yes I know it sounds fucked up, but it works for us. If anything , isn't he expressing that he is in fact male and not a woman?

No. 458341

Well, if he said he's comfortable in his sex/gender that's really all you need to know. Chances are he was exposed to troon porn as well as crossdressing early on, it became a habit, and it just stuck with him. That's usually how it goes for most fetishes. He doesn't seem to think lesser of women, based on what you said. Do you ever have sexual interactions where he doesn't cross-dress/feminize himself?

No. 458343

AGP in a nutshell is being aroused by the thought of yourself as being female. You don't necessarily have to truly believe yourself to be a woman, you just have to be turned on by the thought of yourself being one or being turned into one.

The mindset is that being female makes someone a sex object who's barely even human, so to be a woman or to become a woman is to become a mindless slut. That's why you see so much overlap with AGP, sexual submission and bimbofication.

No. 458344

It's insane the doublethink these men put them through. "Men are superior", but they like to get dominated by the inferior gender because it's humiliating, and that activates their dicks. I'm just glad that they're usually so pornsick that they advertise their kinks everywhere.

No. 458345

>HBS is the homosexual troons?
No, just people who subscribe to the Harry Benjamin theory of transsexualism. The idea that you can be a woman’s brain trapped inside a man’s body. It’s popular with transmeds/truscum.

No. 458347


Aren't so many anons in this threads on board with gender non conforming and fluid sexuality as long as no trooning is involved though? i smell some double standards

>Not caring doesn't stop HIV.


No. 458348

Lmao kink was a mistake

No. 458350

Hilariously, a lot of bi women hate bi men because of the stereotype that they are unfaithful, disease-ridden, and promiscuous but complain about suffering discrimination themselves

No. 458351

Please look at my posts, he is nothing like that. He actually says that most women would be dominant if they gew up without being messed up by society. He actually thinks men make better subs than women, this is why I don't think he actually has AGP.

Anon we were both virgin when we met, also we live in Greece, there is no AIDS here outside of like 2 cities.

Thanks anon, I know I am whining in an anonymous imageboard but some words of confidence really help. He is definetely not a sexist outside of the bedroom and when in the bedroom he actually acts out as if men<women, so the exact opposite. And yes! In fact his crossdressing is rare, he doesn't ask for it that often and I even found it fun myself before coming here and discovering the gender critical general and started worrying about it.


Sorry anon, I thought the residents here would know more on the subject.

Anons, he is not like that, did you even read my post? He feels embarassed like a boy being put in a large suit that he can not fill, that's how he explained it. How on earth can you say he is misogynstic?

I get that anon, but it's logical to assume that someone can have other traits that correlate with AGP without having AGP if they do not present the actual main issue with AGP, which is being turned into a woman. I think it makes sense.

Ok, that sounds dumb, he definitely doesn't believe that, he knows what chromosomes are.

Thanks anon, that's what I feel is going on. I dont know why the other anons assume misogyny from him when he actually expresses to me that he considers women to be better than men in general, especially during sexual sessions.

No. 458352

There is nothing wrong with GNC since gender is fake but getting turned on by acting in a female role is a red flag

No. 458354

You obviously already have your mind made up, so why keep replying? The guy obviously needs therapy at the least, being turned on by such an extreme inferiority complex isn't health.

No. 458355

>actually believing in sub/dom roles during sex

Why is this is in a “radfem” thread

No. 458356


i feel bad for you anon, you clearly like this guy a lot. i'm not even gonna try to convince you, there's no reason for you to believe internet strangers over the guy you dated for five years.

i just want you to remember this moment when he troons out. and he will. look back, remember we warned you, and then take the advice i'm going to give you now: leave him.

No. 458359

You're seriously delusional if you think there is only one anon on lolcow who doesn't like gay men.

No. 458360

I don't have my mind set anon, I am replying because I am trying to find out what is going on by comparing my position with those of others. I don't see why he would need therapy. If sex is a healthy outlet for someones issues and it's sex that doesn't hurt anyone why would he need therapy?

I was asking because I am not an expert on the subject. Also what is wrong with sub/dom roles if it's only in the bedroom?

Ok anon, thanks for the conversation in any case.

No. 458362

I don’t know why people always think feminist critiques can apply to all aspects of society unless it’s in the bedroom, has to do with troons, or when it comes to religion.

No. 458363

Sex is not a healthy outlet for issues no matter what "kink culture" may have told you. Those inferiority issues are still bothering him outside of sex. Conditioning himself to get aroused by negative thoughts is not good.

No. 458364


Yet is only one person getting banned and her comments erased? or are all getting kicked out?

>but getting turned on by acting in a female role is a red flag

So a woman into femdom and dressing male is too? i am just curious because it does seem to be a double standard in that aspect, obviously not with the trooning and fapping to troons.

No. 458365

The actual radfem thread had femdoms shitting it up too.

No. 458366

What would feminism critique about me liking having control in the bedroom and him liking that?

It's not inferiority exactly though anon, it's stuff like men being more violent, more likely to abandon their spouses, caring less for their kids, starting and fighting wards, stuff like that, which is true. He just says he thinks women are better because our negativity is nowhere near that damaging, which to be fair, I agree. So he prefers letting women have control, I don't see why that is inferiority or even unreasonable.

No. 458367

Libfems will defend porn, BDSM, and prostitution so much. It’s absolutely bizarre.

No. 458371

I think people are rightfully cautious considering all the factors: tranny porn, crossdressing, sexual submission, etc. At most those are just things to look out for, but not exactly indicative of anything wrong, especially since it's not a compulsion. At least the first 2 seem to be occasional things. You know your boyfriend and his views better than anyone here. Of course, some people may say he's lying, and a lot of people in long-term relationships do lie. So you have to look at his actions. If he has never degraded you or women in general (in fact he seems to be more positive about women in a general sense), ever showed bitterness over being a man, ever expressed wanting to be a woman, then why worry about it? I think maybe he has been a little conditioned by porn, and not even so much since the things you mentioned don't seem to be running his fapping habits or your sex life.

No. 458373

nta but I'm curious about radical feminism and hope this question doesn't come off as vicious or offensive. What makes it incompatible with femdom? Do radfems actually care that men are humiliating themselves? I thought radical feminism was the branch of feminism that is man-exclusive so why would you be concerned about submissive men?

No. 458374

Thanks anon, I would use a smiley emoji if it was ok to do so. I just became a little paranoid after coming here and spending some time on this general. I might just need some time away from the internet.

No. 458375

Do you mean woman exclusive?

No. 458376

Radical feminists think all kink is retarded and femdom still implies the normative “dom” is a male default

No. 458377

yes, esl sorry

No. 458378

>and femdom still implies the normative “dom” is a male default

What? No it doesn't.

Radfem is not male exclusive, only lesbian seperatists are male exclusive.

No. 458379

I was thinking it was just kink that is harmful to women like ddlg, but I guess being a 'domme' can be harmful as well for the psyche.

No. 458380

You know men are into femdom because they want to get humiliated by the “inferior sex” right? Not to mention femdom still has women dressed and acting in a way that panders towards men. Kinks don’t exist in a vacuum.

No. 458381

>and femdom still implies the normative “dom” is a male default

What? No it doesn't.

Radfem is not male exclusive, only lesbian seperatists are male exclusive.

No. 458383

I think a lot of the fact stems from the porn view of femdom, which is male-centric. A woman all dolled up in uncomfortable leather gear barking the exact JOI a man wants to hear isn't indicative of any control/dominance on her part or submission on his part. She's just pleasing him in a different flavor even if she's caning him, hitting him, etc. Not to mention "porn" femdom encourages the man to be as unattractive as possible: balding, middle-aged, fat, having a worthless dick that she can derive no pleasure from, etc. Probably the worst thing too is the "domme" making the male sub wear something like perfectly normal panties and then passing it off as being the most humiliating demeaning experience ever… Honestly femdom and BDSM in general is pretty shit.

No problem anon, I think you just need to realize that you have to look at your specific situation and judge from there. Nobody here is trying to be malicious and just warn you about what they have seen or experienced.

No. 458384

I meant female exclusive, dangit

No. 458385

what's with these threads lately i come here to laugh and cringe at stupid troons but you're always fighting and trolling and homophobechanning

No. 458386

I know anon, I do think most answers were simply what people would advise a friend, which I appreciate. Also you are absolutely correct about femdom porn, it's bottoms everywhere, almost none of them are subs. I think that's why my bf doesn't watch actual porn and prefers stories, he is a genuine sub not a bottom.

No. 458389

>Radfem is not male exclusive
Yes it is. Men can’t be radfems, only radfem allies. You clearly haven’t read any books.

No. 458390

That's good, you should hold onto them as they are hard to find. My bf is an actual sub, although he has never identified as one, and it's the nicest thing ever. He has a healthy self-esteem, no over-inflated ego, doesn't see it as demeaning to submit to me, genuinely puts me first in the bedroom and outside. Sub men who don't get caught up in the shitty porn/internet culture are wonderful partners. Too bad people's opinion of femdom are influenced by porn and dominatrices. I feel like a lot is misunderstood.

No. 458391

Terfservatives. Radfems are radical leftists who originated from the Civil Rights Movement but this thread has women actual defend kink lmao.

No. 458392

>Men can’t be radfems
>only radfem allies.
If a man is holding radical feminist opinions how is he not a radical feminist? Why would you call him an ally instead of a radical feminist?

No. 458393

Female separatism itself is a part of radical feminist theory and you literally can’t be a radical feminist if you’re a male.

No. 458394

So happy for you anon, I am glad to hear your relationship is that great. Sounds a lot like mine to be honest, well except for the self esteem issue, but that's mostly in bed and mostly about his sex in general not him. But yeah, the general public thinks we are barely better than prostitutes beucase of Findoms and other similar shit, our PR is terrible.

No. 458395

I've never thought about it this way, interesting.

That perspective makes sense. So a woman being the more 'in control' partner in sex and leading everything is fine, but I guess the term femdom has more porn-related connotations.

No. 458396

Lesbian seperatism is a particular part of radical feminsm, not all rad fems are stupid enough to consider it seriously, except for lesbians ofc who can feasibly engage in it and larp.

>you literally can’t be a radical feminist if you’re a male.

Please explain why.

No. 458397

Radical feminism is a women-for-women space. It is a female space and males aren’t allowed in. This isn’t hard, anon.

No. 458398

Femdom just means female domination anon. Of course there is commercialized porn of it, but it is not inherently problematic. It IS problematic when it has the form that the other anon talked about, being dominated by the "inferior" sex. But it can also be done in a perfectly feminist way if you want, you just need a sub and not a bottom. Bottoms give the whole community a bad name because they are selfish misogynists who want to use women for pleasure. Subs are the opposite, they in fact put in above them and it's fantastic.

No. 458399

No, female separatism can mean a variety of things from just not enagaging with males as much by going to only see female doctors or read female authors to full-blown communal sing-sex commune.

No. 458400

Radical feminism is a philosophy anon, philosophies are not safe spaces, anyone can adopt them. The existence of woman spaces that rad fem supports does not make men incapable of agreeing with the philosophy and supporting woman only spaces.

No. 458402

I was under the impression that the first part of what you are describing was just female seperatism, not lesbian seperatism. But I see that's how you called it in your prior post, so my bad we were talking about different things. But referring to radfem and female seperatism, even then, it is a philosphy in its center, I don't see how some men, unusual for sure, can't consider it the correct way of doing things. I mean, there are non white white supremacists, I can not see how men can not be radical feminists.

No. 458403

>anon thinks men can be radfems

No. 458404

>Still not explaining why.
Why can't men consider that patriarchy is the root of every unequality and want to abolish gender roles and the different treatment of the sexes? None of you have explained why.

No. 458405

Because there is a power imbalance between men and women and men in women’s spaces will always dictate and control the movements and women are socialised into coddling men so if they don’t have their own female-exclusive space it becomes meaningless. This is literally radfem 101.

No. 458406

If you’re Viv Smythe then you think troons can be radfems too lol

No. 458408

I am not

Anon, this power imbalance exists in society, a bunch of people coming along and talking does not have a power imbalance if they are all aware of the situation. Also when did I say anything about women only spaces? You talked about them. I said that possesing of a particular philosophy makes a xist of that plisophy, communist, fascist, etc. Feminism is the same. They could never come in women spaces, but still posses the philosophy and work towards it. So why wouldn't they be radical feminists? Even fucking Solanas thought they could be, although of course it was all muddled in her usual nonsense.

No. 458409

You do know that radical feminism has evolved since the Solanas day, right? Or do you think we would still believe Viv Smythe was valid.

No. 458410

He sounds like a good man, except a little misunderstood and with his own quirks. My boyfriend at first, didn't have the best self-esteem about his appearance. I basically complimented the shit out of him, especially on his more masculine features, and I think that really helped him out. He feels a lot more comfortable than before. Inherently I think a lot of men feel unattractive simply because they are men. If your boyfriend can take compliments, they can go a long way. Also a fun fact, you also see quite a few men with cross-dressing fetishes (not the ones who are into it because it's humiliating) but because it makes them feel attractive to be in stereotypically "sexy" clothing.

Pretty much though, femdom is usually associated with the porn that's made of it. Honestly that's why I think men and women who don't associate with dom or sub, or have no association with the BDSM scene ironically, make better doms and subs. BDSM scene is pretty cancer because most people there are obsessed with enacting out whatever fantasies they see in porn, and are not interested in actual relationships or dynamics. So yeah, topping from the bottom galore.

No. 458412

I am aware, I am however not getting the concept that men can not be radical feminists. I have been trying to understand by talking with anons here, but I have not taken much of an answer that I can get behind.

No. 458413

That’s not how power imbalances work since you can’t get rid of the socialisation and do you think having conversations happen outside of society?

Also I’m not going to respond anymore because this is getting OT. We need to go back to making fun of troons.

No. 458417

Ok anon, np I see how we might be oting, I am still curious however, I might spend some time googling because I still can't grasp my head around it. Also, I dissagree on the nature of power imbalances, which I think might be the issue with me dissagreeing your issue about women spaces. Although I still don't see how this is relevant…

Thanks anon. I think I might need to compliment him more, it might partly be a personal issue as well I guess. He really does not generally dress to impress, like most men.

No. 458418

If you suspect someone is on the verge of trooning out, how would you stop them? I have a niece and I think her spending so much time on tumblr is going to get her to identify as non-binary.

No. 458419

Non binary as in between genders or as in between sexes?

No. 458423

? You don’t know what enbies are

No. 458427

I do, I asked what did she mean. Because if it's just a gender thing, all you have to do is jsut make sure the girl understands that gender is not an actual thing. Your behaviour is your own and is not owned by any sex. If she really thinks of herself as more male then she needs therapy and psychyatric help from a doctor who does not endorse troons.

No. 458428

Between the genders, anon. If they were between the sexes then they would be intersex which is a genuine chromosomal condition and many intersex activists don’t like getting lumped in with trannies.

No. 458429

Many enbies believe gender is fake and real at the same time so it’s difficult to explain to them. They believe gender is a feeling and there are an infinite number of genders (which technically isn’t wrong since it is a social construct).

No. 458430

No anon, I meant if she sees her female body and has issues, body dysphoria. If it's a gender thing just explain to her that gender is a made up nonsense and she will be safe.

No. 458431


Even Zoe Quinn says she is genderfluid or non binary, despite presenting and always dressing all female(like a 12 yr old girl) and dating dudes, its meaningless buzzwords, its just thrown out there for clout points because is not cool to come out and say you are just heterosexual "cis" woman anymore.

If this was 2006 your niece would identify as emo.

No. 458432

>gender is fake and real at the same time
well that sounds confusing.

>They believe gender is a feeling

I feel so old when I read stuff like this.

No. 458433

I really think Tumblr has become a huge health hazard to teenagers. So many developmental issues can be traced back to there. The site was absolutely filled to the brim with pedos and porn blogs too.

No. 458435

File: 1567725709562.png (19.49 KB, 417x84, terf.png)

Always have to laugh at this one. Tell me again who appropriated feminism?

No. 458436

The first warning sign is having hair dyed in an unnatural color. Dangerhair is common with enbies, particularly female enbies.

No. 458444

If I, as a lesbian "of color", were to say that I'm not attracted to white women, no reasoning given whatsoever, I'd probably be applauded.

If I were to say I'm not attracted to TiMs, I would have thinkpieces thrown at me, and endless harassment to explain my reasoning so people can "make sure" I'm not a "terf".

What would happen if I say I'm not attracted to white TiMs? Since the far majority of trans-identified men of color are HSTS and so I would have even less likelihood of being harassed by one… can I deny AGP TiMs on their whiteness without harassment?

Purely a thought exercise, since I'm not obviously east Asian, and white TiMs only pursue white and east asian girls due to their fetishisms.

No. 458445

The only thing you can do is ask how you can feel a certain gender without relying on stereotypes but it’s notoriously difficult with enbies.

No. 458446

>it is not inherently problematic
maybe this is better suited to the unpopular opinion thread, but any relationship based on power dynamics is problematic.

No. 458447

TiMs think WoC have more privilege than them. There were a bunch of hilariously bad tweets they were making about how women of color need to think about their cis privilege because at least they could give birth unlike TiMs.

No. 458449

all relationships are based on power dynamics

No. 458453

I don’t think they would care. They hate all WoC since so many came from the alt-right. They may want an East Asian waifu (they really just mean Japanese) but they still hate how they don’t live up to their racist stereotypes since Japanese women won’t date TiMs.

No. 458457

I’m Japanese-American and I never date white men anymore because yellow fever is so rampant with them. I think if any Asian woman says she is uncomfortable with dating white men because of fetishism then I think that would be an acceptable reason. Those white TiMs can’t identify out of whiteness although I have seen some try like the “Filipina” TiM.

No. 458459

>“Filipina” TiM
Oh god

No. 458467

The fact is that femdom is still pretty much a fantasy any man a dominatrix is "dominating" wants to be there by his own free will and he is paying for her service and the the man can pretty much waste the woman with his bare hands if he wanted to

The female dom has no real power

No. 458469

File: 1567733432835.jpg (27.03 KB, 300x240, again and again and again and …)

No. 458471

Dave Chappelle has a new special on Netflix and has a bit on LGBT. It's semi accurate (L and G are weirded out by B and T and also T is strange and also Q seem like pervs) but also from a perspective of a straight dude (defends Kevin Hart) so it's not very nuanced.

Then he makes a joke equating trans with transracialism and joked about trans in sports.

I'm stopping here, not sure if he goes further into trans stuff.

No. 458473

Can someone explain to me how troons can simultaneously believe gender is real and also fake at the same time? Back when I used to hang around troons they would always hold these two opposing viewpoints. It’s cognitive dissonance but they didn’t mind. Confused the fuck out of me though.

No. 458475

Chapelle has been really angry at troons recently because of the sports thing. The sports issue has becoming a peak trans to many.

No. 458476

Meant to respond to >>458429

No. 458478

he made a troon joke in his last special (or maybe a couple before last) that first got him called as transphobic. the sports thing seems to be icing on the cake for most.

gender is fake in that men or women don't necessarily need to adhere to them as gender-sex 1 to 1, but gender is real in that people need to "pick a side" regardless.

so men can be women, and women can be men, but both have to fuckin pick a side. most troons I think see this difference, hence cotton ceiling and what contra was recently canceled for. it's non-binaries and genderqueers that are muddying the waters

No. 458480

hence cotton ceiling specifically targeting femme/femme of center lesbians.

No. 458481

Gender is a social construct which does not necessarily mean it is “fake” as money and countries are also social constructs. It just means they are not naturally occurring and must be created by humans. The problem with some troons is that they can recognise gender is a social construct and therefore nothing biological about it but at the same time believe they can “feel like a woman” because they liked cooking as a child.

No. 458484

This is what I don’t get with TiMs. They say you don’t have to like pink because gender isn’t real but say you can still feel like a woman because of gender roles.

No. 458503

File: 1567739937826.jpg (357.88 KB, 720x960, 20190905_200447.jpg)

The thing you need to realize here is that there is no coherency within trans ideology. We use that term to apply to all nonsense stuff TRAs spout but the narrative changes depending on the individual or which belief is convenient at the time. You'll have people like pic related who think that the words woman and man are based on gender identity, not a descriptor for biological sex, and that identifying with masculinity or femininity is what determines gender identity (but somehow this doesn't enforce sexist stereotypes because they say so.) Then you'll have the complete flat earth-tier nutters who claim that sex doesn't exist AT ALL and their penises are actually female.
Simply there is no logic within the trans movement.

No. 458505


Didn’t he have an encounter with a tranny prostitute once? He’s doesn’t even look straight to me lol

No. 458511

Why are so many truscum female?

No. 458513

Do you mean why is it more women who think that you should be diagnosed with gender dysphoria etc in order to be "legitimately" transgender? I dont know why, I havent noticed that I guess. I would guess maybe because they feel safer with men who make more of an effort to look female being in their spaces rather than any man who just identifies as a woman. Maybe.

No. 458514

I think you guys are being a little harsh on enbis, i think we should try to understand them better since most are women and teenagers/young, it's obvious why they do the things they do.

With female enbis it's a matter of "being anything else than women", they want people to see them like they see themselves: as more than their sex, just a human soul (like it's supposed to be) when they say theyre non binary people can't use stereotypes on them anymore, nobody can't assume shit and expectations don't matter.
They want to be seen as femenine, masc or neither and "just an human" but not "female" or "woman" cause they want to be appreciated by who they are but know damn well that "word" (woman) makes people assume of force shit on them, they will be reduced to "woman" and "woman" doesn't register as human for most people, they realized this but most are very young and probably confused by TRAs propaganda, some of them just gave up on trying to make people take them seriously as gnc women so their solution is to "hack" the system with its own rules: since people think anything other than a femenine woman is literal degeneration i'm making my own gender: a nongender, it's a gender too but it doesn't have rules, do whatever you want now! it's a wonky attempt to evade gender roles but i get were they are coming from honestly, its silly to call them the new emos when we know this is deeper than that. I saw lots of autistic women calling themselves "enbis" for these reasons too as they're more prone to having these issues, some realized they just were unique women some not, but unlike classic trannies there's a chance of making them see the light.

No. 458515

I thought it was because TiFs wanted acceptance from men so they had to present themselves in a more “logical” manner meanwhile TiMs can just stomp over women and force women to accept them. Truscum generally don’t believe in AFAB privilege because they feel like they experienced sexism based on their female bodies (duh) so that puts them at odds with the broader TRM.

No. 458521

I guess I feel some sympathy for TiFs but some of them have serious internalized misogyny which they externalize onto other girls and they guilt them into becoming troons too

No. 458523

I used to hang out with female enbies and they all bully the fuck out of each other. If they aren’t arguing about tranny shit then it’s about shipping.

No. 458526


Sage but omfg an oblivion meme on this thread. I love you

No. 458534

>enbies ran contra off of twitter
This binary trannies vs enby shit is hilarious

No. 458538

You can be straight and still be an HBSer since HBS just means “brain in the wrong body”. The Benjamin Scale is what requires you to be gay - HSTS were mostly transitioning to escape homophobia hence its massive presence in conservative, impoverished and religious areas. This differs from AGP who are straight men usually middle to upper-class from liberal areas doing it as a fetish. AGP also generally transition at a later age, many of them already have wives + kids before transition. HBSers are what is known as truscum these days and people were shitting on Hontra for having “truscum beliefs” which I guess is just questioning the validity of enbies.

No. 458539

Was supposed to be a response to >>458297

No. 458541

It will be interesting to see how this division in the trans community pans out. I don’t get how non-binaries got accepted in the first place by transsexuals.

No. 458545

Old school transsexuals also generally acknowledge AGP is a real thing since you either had that or were HSTS. I feel like the HBSer stuff is just a way to get people to accept them. Although it is offensive and doesn’t make sense when examined…it’s still more acceptable than just flat-out saying you have AGP.

No. 458546

Maybe most enbies are libfems who wanted to be a part of the troon community to get oppression points. The TiMs couldn’t really say no because they wanted libfems to support them and then the troons would eventually work their way into dictating mainstream feminism.

No. 458550

Blanchard on Twitter is always surrounded by a group of self-professed AGP who are from an older generation. Anne Lawrence the troon is a big Blanchard fan and he wrote a book describing AGP fantasies. I haven’t read it yet because I will probably be disgusted by the maleness but I hear it is informative.

No. 458551

wtf i love enbies now

No. 458564

Please stop posting your derangement everywhere. no shit he is there of his own free, if he wasn't we would have a crime for fuck's sake.

No. 458572

Those troons have no shame but I can sorta of admire their honesty. More troons should admit to the tranny shit being a fetish instead of trying to make it true identity and encroach on women's rights.

Stop shitting up the thread with off-topic kink shit and sage next time.

No. 458573

I was answering to someone else when posting the original post that triggered you. She was saying that the abuse of women in porn is reprehensible, but that of men is hot. That was NOT kink shit, so you might want to check your eyes or brain next time.

No. 458574

File: 1567757851264.png (219.75 KB, 585x602, 465465.PNG)

>Libertarian feminist "the war against men" Christina Sommers chimes in on the Contra drama

Stay on topic, anon.

Also fucking sage your shit.

No. 458575

Anon, the point is gender critical. How genders work in the bedroom and their power dynamics is pretty damn related. We are not posting porn or obscenities, we are discussing the issues that arise in these situations and the expectations of gender.

Also, about your image, isn't she right? Along with Contra? And yes I know he is gross, I mean about this particular thing.

No. 458578

Of course MRAs would agree with each other.

No. 458580

GC is for troon discussion.

No. 458581

You are right of course anon, I am just saying that we are not always perfectly on topic. I misspoke earlier, it was not on point, but it was relevant. My point is we did not go there on purpose to derail, the conversation just flowed there. Anyway, that conversation had stopped…

No. 458582

Sommers supports troons because they reinforce gender essentialism. She believes that men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

No. 458583

She believes in gender as a biological thing? I thought she was a feminist.

No. 458584

There are many different kinds of feminism, anon.

No. 458585

Yeah, but isn't the whole point of feminism to get rid of gender roles? What kind of feminism would support gender as a biological concept?

No. 458586

Sommers's response is so typical because she has a lot of conservative viewpoints which include gender essentialism just like the shit TRAs believe in. Also she believes men are oppressed just as much as women somehow lol.

No. 458587

>a lovely, girly trans woman
Lmao, god.

No. 458588

A lot of them do if you actually explored the different branches of feminism.

No. 458589

I am not an expert on feminism anon, I just always thought that they all did. I guess some sort of traditional feminists or sth might want to keep gender roles.

No. 458591

All of tranny twitter is a mess because of the Hontra wank. I hoped Nick would deactivate his YouTube too.

No. 458592

The current discourse is about whether Hontra deleted his twitter because he was overwhelmed with harassment or if it was a manipulation tactic to guilt his followers and avoid responding to criticism. These people just LOVE to blow up every little thing and tinhat.

No. 458593

Samefagging but one troon I saw actually brought up a good point wondering why they all cancelled Hontra when he tweeted "mean" things about enbyshits and not when he was still making anti-feminist and racist material. Many of those videos were still on his YouTube even when he began to cross-dress and transition but people didn't seem to care.

No. 458594

Hontra was going to get run-off social media sooner or later. A lot of trannies already hated him for questioning non-binary people.

It's absolutely impossible to please troons. You will never be right or good enough for them. They will cancel you as soon as you "slip up" too much.

I used to be involved in those communities and I can tell you they are constantly paranoid and policing themselves.

No. 458597

can someone spoonfeed me on why hontra is cancelled without complex tranny lingo? i'm esl.

No. 458598

Said he didn't like they/them pronouns because he wanted to recognised as a woman which enraged non-binary people. It's a small thing but it became a big issue. This is always the case with trannies, kek.

No. 458600

>gender identity is an integral part of being human
must be why there are so many enbies, this shit is ridic

No. 458601

Sommers is a fucking hack lmao.

No. 458602

File: 1567764654398.jpeg (527.13 KB, 1125x1049, EE81A0E9-F50F-437E-A98D-EEBF1D…)

No. 458603


Commies and nazis are the same thing at the end lol, and nazis are anti-capitalism and statists too just as tankie edgelords.

These people are retarded, all they care is to latch on to an identity, that's why they troon , that's why they attach to political labels and always go from one extreme to another, make up pronouns and constantly clown out on every venue they have.

No. 458605

>all they care is to latch on to an identity
Why can't it ever just be "productive member of society"?

No. 458607


thats like…hard work dude, and you need to like , earn merits and pay dues?? its better to watch anime, pretend to be an intellectual on twitter and alienate the normies with snowflake pronouns, knee socks and 20$ pink wigs.

No. 458608

>is nazi
>troons out
>becomes commie
Every time

No. 458612

>trans symbol
Lol of course.

No. 458613

>Contra turning anyone against capitalism
His entire persona is built on what capitalism says women are, from fashion to makeup to cosmetic surgery. He’s the anthropomorphic personification of capitalism.

No. 458616

This. Actual commies would have gulag'd them for their bourgeoisie shit. Cosmetic surgery is as capitalist as you can get.

No. 458617

>"against capitalism"
>e-begging to his 10.000 donators on patreon for his medieval dresses and facial feminization surgery

No. 458619

Gee, I wonder how many of Nick's fans are literal neo-Nazis.

No. 458620

Excuse me sweaty…reminder that TERFs are the fascists

No. 458622

A lot of troons are Nazis or alt-right just like a lot of furries. I don't get it either but you can search up "nazi furry" for some interesting results.

No. 458623

File: 1567768005245.jpg (217.96 KB, 1254x649, chapo.jpg)

>neets becoming communists, shitposting as a career and living from donations on a first world capitalist country with all the commodities included.

Imagine that

No. 458625

If you are a Nazi or have Nazi beliefs how could you even consider becoming trans?

No. 458627

Men are stupid as fuck

No. 458630

This Hontra thing makes me laugh because trannies truly do fight over the least important things. I hope outside observers will see how much of a cult it is and how nothing makes sense. I hope they keep fighting and destroying their movement.

No. 458635

Aut-righters don't actually give a shit about nazi ideals. They're just losers who want an excuse to be hateful and feel apart of an edgy seeming community. Which is why they're mostly NEETs who don't contribute anything to society, sexually degenerate freaks or not even fully white. So a huge overlap with tranny and commie psychology.

No. 458642

They don't give a sit about commie ideals either. They just want a place to "belong" tbh.

No. 458643

All of this happened after nu-atheism lost its steam

No. 458648

Men don't have any personalities or hobbies outside of pretending to understand politics, masturbating, and playing video games

No. 458658

I hope this man dies.
They're already pornsick fetishists, it's not a stretch for them to troon out.
They're homophobic racist misogynists, and troons are usually straight white men so of course they support them. Also a lot of them have intense porn addictions from being incels.

No. 458667

kek! amazing

No. 458689

Far-left and far-right believe the same shit, the discourse is just differently worded.

No. 458711

File: 1567787026780.jpeg (233.31 KB, 1242x449, 78872164-ADFD-4F4A-A526-39EBA1…)


Lol on what Grindr?

No. 458715

File: 1567787215386.jpeg (401.37 KB, 1242x1211, 6413B467-F61D-450D-9255-A51C52…)

Samefagging for more of this looney-troo

No. 458716

File: 1567787270867.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1242x1734, F0A174BE-3ECD-49F5-8197-F89C91…)

Last one I swear

No. 458720


All the gym bros and burly gay dudes in that establishment must be having a hoot.

No. 458722

/fit/ in one picture.