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No. 913498

If you don't have the material, time, or experience to make a new thread about a subject you want to discuss, use this thread to see if other farmers are interested in making and joining one.

Previous threads

No. 913510

File: 1682106401852.jpg (125.8 KB, 1080x631, Screenshot_20230421_204234_Ins…)

Marge's happy marriage is on the rocks. Potential milk incoming

No. 913539

I think if no one is going to make a new marge thread they need to just let people post about her in the Venus thread

No. 913541

New TnD thread?

No. 913557

File: 1682202295585.png (101.83 KB, 608x879, sonya.PNG)

Sonya Fung, CEO of Cloudnovel, a website where people can make visual novels without coding, is having a schizo meltdown on her work twitter. She was also mentioned in a previous thread: >>818515 The iceberg of her weird milky behavior runs pretty deep and she's posting some weird stuff on twitter while also destroying her own website.

No. 913558

File: 1682202420587.png (230.3 KB, 475x865, email.PNG)

She also sent out a very weird email to people who are signed up to the site.

No. 913569

This seems like mental illness rather than cow behavior. But it’s interesting, maybe /ot/?

No. 913587

I remember when she was sending cryptic email newsletters like 2 or three years ago about Grimes sending her death threats or some shit. Loonie girl.

No. 913588

File: 1682290519193.jpg (159.26 KB, 828x1472, image0-132.jpg)

I know we have a Sam Hyde thread but can we have a fishtank.live thread going while the stream is still active? It's actually weirdly entertaining, but I don't want to have to interact with moids on Reddit or 4chan to talk about it.

No. 913592

seconding this, i was wondering if we were just supposed to use the Sam thread.. maybe it can even go in /m/? or /ot/?

No. 913611

There was one in /m/ and it got locked for some retarded reason. I'm sure other farmers want to discuss the contestants without having to go to the nast ass Sam Hyde thread

No. 913622

thirded pls let there be a bustling active thread on fishtank– lc has been so fucking slow and boring pls i want to livepost w/ other nonas

No. 913640

New Pixie thread?

No. 913659

File: 1682456653283.jpg (269.26 KB, 1080x1080, 1680111492780298.jpg)

Do we have anything on Rachael Wilson | thefreckledzelda? I saw pic related on /cgl/ and the thread suggested cow material but I'm a newfag and don't know where to start.

No. 913672

can we have a new egirl thread? or does anyone know olivias current @?

No. 913676

No milk but would love to know if there is any. Sage but she personally drives me nuts with her overdone style and 'so quirky' energy(saying sage does not sage, learn to fucking sage jfc)

No. 913689

New Grimes and Musk thread? There's new milk

No. 913697

I’m retarded but I really want a thread on Tophiachu she’s a fat, ugly 30 something year old who is constantly live on tiktok and her dad is in jail/been to jail, they got evicted and now all live in a motel, she’s only had one job as was fired for being stinky, she’s just a horrid human personality wise and is generally someone I see being Chris chan levels of horrifying, she was once caught on live watching cp. generally her and her family are gross and she’s not entering her feeder fetishist arc.

No. 913707

She is so obnoxious. I enjoyed reading about her in another thread, I don't remember which one though

No. 913716

someone make a tophia chu thread

No. 913725

File: 1682568474262.webm (2.25 MB, 404x720, 1682567160393643.webm)


No. 913759

I agree, a new Pixielocks thread please!

No. 913764

fuck no lol the way that shit is playing out its just babys first lolcow for tiktok zoomies. so boring

No. 913767

There's already one on the snow catalog, just bump it
New Jilly thread please anons

No. 913776

Maybe I'm retarded but the most recent Grimes and Musk thread I found was #7, and it's impossible to bump it because it reached 1200 replies

No. 913801

Is anyone keeping up with the illuminaughtii shit? A bunch of the people working under her exposed her for being a bitch, the vid related is her damage control.

Here's some videos that show the editors/her old friends Twitter threads on this: https://youtu.be/4ntwczBkmAM

Idk if there's a thread for her or not. I don't really mind her too much but she seems kinda bitchy sometimes. I listen for background noise.

No. 913802

Oh, also this shit blew up because she plagiarized or was accused of it or something.

No. 913809

I couldn't find a dedicated thread but is Bam Margera discussed anywhere here? He seems more of a genuine horrorcow by the day.

No. 913810

It's her and legal eagle insome drama as well.

No. 913812

Came on here because i signed up for her site years and came on here after seeing her emails. Someone made a Google doc compiling all her schizo episodes. I can't screenshot it but here is a video summarising everything. I think she needs to get a thread

No. 913950

brad mondo thread PLEASE?!?!?! I hate that faggot

No. 913972

Is he even milky enough to fuel a whole thread though? Hes annoying but idk much about him otherwise.

No. 913983

annoying fag thread then?

No. 914008

I don't know about continuous milk but he's a liar and a fraud, he claims to have so much experience as a stylist that the only way it'd add up is if he was working when he was like 12. The timeline is impossible. I don't remember exact details but iirc his father is a stylist too and rich and that's how he got his start, not by actually being good at hair. Just look at what he did to snitchery.

No. 914103

Can we get a new onion thread…without discussing or acknowledging Gene/Greg? Please?

No. 914118

if you followed the threads, you'd know that's not possible because they have no lives other than doing this weird bullying/courting mating dance on that thread. the only way to stop them is to stop fucking engaging them like idiots every time they post something, especially when it's obviously just them slap fighting with each other. just hide their posts if you're so triggered you can't stop from responding to them.

No. 914123

you guys are misinformed. this is actually between the anti-o community as a whole against Greg. Greg has been infiltrating the anti-o community here and on twitter for years as "Anonymous Gene".
this is all relatively new since the evidence was only released just yesterday, after looking in to it for months.
ask around there, i'm sure they'll tell you.

No. 914125

This anon explained it perfectly >>914118
Its Anon Gene and his boyfriend bringing their slap fight over from Twitter to LC. The boyfriend made a sad diagram with a Guy Fawkes mask and Onisions face as his "evidence." No one fell for it so he went full autist and spammed the new thread with the same diagram and got banned.

No. 914126

perfect example of Greg trying to muddy the water as Gene. his narcissism won't allow him to admit that he's been found out. at this point its all he has.
there will be a lot more misinformation but we as the anti-o twitter community decided to leave it be for now.

No. 914127

take your pissing contest back to twitter moid
as hard as you try no one here believes you

No. 914128

just ask yourself: Who benefits from the Onision thread being shut down, after making it all about this fictitious "gene"-character and a supposed "boyfriend". instead of it being about Greg and Lainey?

No. 914129

don't argue among your sisters, don't let Greg/Gene win.

No. 914130

The Onision thread has never been shut down or locked. And there's no worry about it happening because of Gene and his boyfriend having one of their lovers quarrel. They'll both get banned (and return via VPN) But eventually they get tired of no one interacting with them and move on.

No. 914131

exactly. they'll keep coming back forever because they're autistic losers with nothing better to spend their tugboat bux on than VPNs to continue shitposting. it's very clear that they love being acknowledged and go out of their way to make bait posts like >>914123 to elicit responses. they probably won't go away if we all ignore them, but then the thread only gets clogged up with a couple posts of garbage instead of derailed for a whole fucking day. just report them and let them keep going through the irritation of resetting their VPNs. personally, i think mods should just make both of their posts only viewable to each other so they can swordfight with their dicks in peace.

No. 914133

actually it has in the past, because of anonymous gene. (and as i'm learning now, greg??)

No. 914134

It seems the mods are growing tired of the boyfriends antics. The "Gene is Greg" graphic he spammed has been deleted from the Onision thread. It's rare I see them actually delete posts other than CP. They usually just red text and ban.

No. 914147

We need a new tinfoil thread

No. 914159

I’m thinking about making a thread on this specific group of tranny furfags who got exposed for bestiality incest kinks. Anyone who was on tumblr for the last couple years might know who I’m talking about, but I’ll post some highlights for everyone else:

greasydoghole (ew)
pretty much any [animal]girl[body part] url

Might not be milky enough, but I’m tired oc these fucking people. What do you think?

No. 914160

NYPA + Yiff in hell, furfag.

No. 914165

Wow what year is it? 2007?

No. 914167

You heard me, yiff in hell you animal fucking freak.

No. 914197

File: 1683646064357.jpeg (209.7 KB, 1280x720, 03A0BE76-005D-481A-AC2A-A02DAC…)

Would there be any interest in a Floraverse/Melanie Herring thread? It would be almost impossible to summarize all the dogshit surrounding her over the years but makes good opportunity for discussion. Activity dips pretty often due to her hiding behind her discord server but she's been sperging out pretty often lately with a youtuber making a video on her community and a website detailing her abuse. Also she just recently gave out the information she's fucked two dogs, contradicting her previous story stating it was only once.

No. 914198

Don't forget to include her dog fucking.

No. 914199

>Also she just recently gave out the information she's fucked two dogs, contradicting her previous story stating it was only once.

No. 914205

File: 1683652696268.png (6.04 KB, 605x148, letrauma.PNG)

Sup, for at least few months I've been following twitter and reddit of individual named "LupinePariah".
From what I've gathered he is a 40+y/o schizo furry with some deep seeded issues, mostly regarding Guild Wars 2, dragons, tribalism and how we are so fucked as a society.

During my search on more info about them, I've notied that some folk @ rpgcodex.net and some redditors recognized him but I haven't been able to establish a contact with any of them as of yet and I try contacting Lupine himself in case he goes private.

Pic rel of one of his many tweets regarding guild wars.

No. 914215

Of course, can't leave that out. I've drafted an OP but waiting on more interest, and I'm missing a few legal names I can't remember that have been scrubbed off the internet aside from Kiwifarms, and that's down. If anyone remembers Eevee's birth name as well as Opa's that'd be helpful. Also not sure where it should go, probably snow?

No. 914217

No. 914242

Melanie Herring / Floraverse thread is up.

No. 914265

New Tuna thread?

No. 914312

new TND thread?

No. 914342

File: 1684088736251.png (285.4 KB, 962x1204, Screenshot_20230514-132552.png)

New Luna thread request.

No. 914352

Kekkk, nothing much happened in the last thread right? Someone could just copy-paste all the old(ish) info.

No. 914361

I've never made a thread before but I'd be happy to do it, especially since it would just be copy-pasting the last thread's info and adding a minor update about how massively boring our dear Tuna has become. Unless another anon is already working on one, of course. Does anyone have a thread pic and/or title suggestion?

No. 914362

File: 1684164358738.jpeg (119.33 KB, 787x1213, D5881667-BE12-4C08-B630-8AC1BC…)

title suggestion should be something to do with their one room hovel, maybe this for threadpic? my only suggestion is "one room to rule them all" but thats kind of lame i guess. or something about how she hasn't changed at all and is still doing the exact same stuff. "wishlist pt. 1000 edition".

No. 914374

That picture's perfect, thank you! I may add sparkles though, just for a touch of kawaii. It's not incredibly creative but I thought maybe 'Groundhog Day But Junkies Edition' for a title? I was considering 'Groundhog Day If Bill Murray Never Left His Hovel Edition' but it's a little wordy, I think. Thread should be up in a few hours, just going through the last one and writing a summary now.

No. 914375

Thanks nonna!

No. 914376

groundhog day but junkies edition sounds awesome!! thank you for making a thread nonna! theres some awesome tweets from lurch that i wanna post, some made me laughcry.

No. 914386

Thread's up for you now! Hope it isn't too shoddy. I personally am very excited for these Lurch tweets.

No. 914398

Could someone make a new Kelly Eden thread? This commie shit is the weirdest arc she's had so far

No. 914405

A thread for people interested in frogs; autistic anons who have a special interest in frogs, anons who collect frog decor and paraphernalia, frog owners, anons who just think frogs are cute/cool, etc.

No. 914406

A thread dedicated to idubbbz and Anisa.

No. 914417

File: 1684258892046.png (3.83 MB, 828x1792, IMG_0953.png)

Would anyone be interested in a Chelsea Lee Art thread? She’s a bovine icon to me

No. 914426

You need to give us some background information nona

No. 914436

Sorry kek, just trying to gage if anyone else is even aware of her. Chelsea is a mentally ill artist who spends a huge majority of her time on TikTok live. She often makes a spectacle of herself in public and regularly passes out at home from drugs on TikTok live so we get to see the police booting her door down to wake her up. She’s loud, caustic and hilarious Chelsea is always embroiled in some kind of drama with various TikTok personalities so she comes with side characters. She was recently caught on live physically abusing a friend/partner and not long after was sectioned, but she’s back out now and straight back to her constant low-level drama nonsense. She earns absolute bank on gifts and is a grifter through and through with no shame about it.

No. 914438

Maybe TikTok cows general? Seeing elphaba mentioned on her hashtags reminded me there's so many to discuss

No. 914447

Good shout anon! On her next adventure I’ll post her in that thread and see if anyone else follows the shenanigans. I think the latest drama was her kicking Elphaba out of their hotel at 2am on Saturday.

No. 914483

seconding this request, she (supposedly) is posting a new video today

No. 914541

File: 1684539089440.png (206.09 KB, 1302x1803, Screenshot_20230519-183110.png)

Request for celeb-cow thread #81 to be made.

Previous #80 thread: >>>/ot/1566829

No. 914588

I will make one! Give me a moment.

No. 914612

New Jake and Kat thread? Kaya thread separately if anyone has the time

No. 914621

Is there a new leftcows thread or am I retarded?

No. 914627

Thank you so much!

No. 914628

File: 1684765055297.png (301.16 KB, 1358x1866, Screenshot_20230522-091641.png)

Here's the new thread btw.


No. 914684

Would anyone be interested in a thread on Plagued Moth?
He's a gore review YouTuber who massively spergs at the slightest criticism and riles up his obese wife and teen fans to attack anyone who calls him out.
In Feb. 2023 his Patreon was removed and his something since then has been nonstop. None of his main "detractors" had interacted with him for months until last week when he decided to stir up drama again in a pathetic attempt to get views and pity dollars thrown his way.

No. 914737

File: 1684919199896.jpg (229.16 KB, 1284x2154, wvpyzk3agqva1.jpg)

im surprised there is not a tophiachu thread. i don't know too much about her but basics are she goes on tiktok live constantly and gets by on donations while refusing to get a job. recently got evicted with her family and living in a hotel room, a while ago she used donation money to go to a convention rather than pay bills

No. 914741

File: 1684932587678.png (6.26 KB, 207x243, download.png)

she looks like an inbred neanderthal afro steven universe midget, i'd be interested

No. 914752

My honest opinion is that she's not milky enough for her own thread. It's just the same dumbass rants every day pretty much. I'd stick her in the ebegging thread on /snow/ which is here >>>/snow/1502155 to check interest/until things escalate, if they ever do

No. 914753

File: 1684949346861.jpg (216.52 KB, 1290x1970, clarke betz.jpg)

Is anyone interested in a LoveDoveClarke / Dove Clarke / Clarke Betz thread? She has a cult, and I mean CULT following on twitter but recently has finally began catching flak for her lies and hypocrisies. She has recently been going off the rails because a (now deleted) thread was created for her on an LA snark subreddit but her rants backfired and now she has her own snark subreddit.

Bear with me, but here is a gist (yes, a gist) of her antics:

>formerly a findom and an OF girl

>gained a following on twitter due to her coquette style and aesthetics. currently has 150k followers on twitter, 53k on insta, and 156k on tiktok.
>changed her name from Clarke Betz to Dove Clarke and seethes anytime someone mistakenly calls her Clarke
>claimed her dad is black and native american, and that her ancestors escaped their plantation and were welcomed by the Niitsitapi tribe
>native community does a dive on her background and finds her paternal aunt's public family tree. her ancestry dating back to the 1700s was just white and black. family tree also indicates her ancestors remained enslaved until the emancipation proclamation
>in 2019, she dates this white guy who she obsessively tweets about
>told everyone he looked like ryan reynolds, was the most perfect awesome hot boyfriend in the world, and constantly bragged about how much better he was than everyone else
>bf and clarke break up
>suddenly he is an ugly guy and was actually abusive. claims he knocked her dogs tooth out of his mouth
>obsessively begins tweeting about all the bad things he did, how she was out of his league, etc.
>bf drops her stuff off outside her apartment lobby so he doesn't have to see her, but she seethes and tweets about how scary he is and how she needed to take her anxiety medication because she was literally shaking (???)
>pathetically tries to contact him publicly on twitter to get his attention because he blocked her off everything, for stupid shit like supposedly wanting to use his cast iron skillet
>reminder that this is the man she claimed abused her dog and knocked his tooth out
>starts dating ex bf's friend who conveniently lives down the street from him
>has a new white bf who gets called ugly by all of twitter every time she tries to post him lmao
>once again, she insists he is a hot guy who is perfect and better than everyone else

some random scandals she's gotten into:
>edtwt girl called her ugly bf ugly, so clarke seethes and tells her to worry about overcoming her eating disorder and calls her a miserable little donkey
>all of her followers dogpile on this girl and make fun of her anorexia. clarke uses the excuse that she herself is a recovered anorexic so its okay, apparently.
>makes a cringe tweet saying that all men are either discarded trash or unfinished projects. tweet isn't received well and a popular OF girl quote tweets it saying "the war on men is unreal"
>clarke blows up on the girl for quote tweeting her, as if this isn't something she does almost every day. she claims the girl put her in danger by opening her up to her "disgusting audience". basically shames the girl for being on OF despite the fact that she was also on OF.
>her dog is supposedly a service dog but was recently denied on a flight due to paperwork issues (which was clarke's fault for not submitting them on time). airline also claimed her dog was being disruptive by barking, which she claims he was only doing to alert her of her accelerated heart rate.
>people suspect she is lying about this considering she also claims her dog understands most english, tries to speak (fucking seriously?), taught himself to smile, monitors her heart rate, and thinks he is human. is also so stupid that she brags her dog sneezes and yawns to communicate, seemingly unaware that literally all dogs do this and it's a part of their language lmao
>initially threatened to sue the airline, but deleted all evidence of this once she realized she can't sue
>once again threatened to sue when she found out that there were threads about her on reddit. claimed she hired a private investigator and lawyer to help her take down the haters. deletes these claims once more when she realizes she can't sue
>is currently on a downward spiral because she can never admit her wrongs, take accountability, or accept criticism
>swears she can fight and constantly threatens her haters, claiming she will "snap them in half" and "rip their scalps off" despite the fact that she grew up as a horse girl and attended an all girls boarding school
>claims she is nonbinary, queer, has scoliosis, is going blind, is going deaf, in infertile, has ocd, has anxiety, has ptsd, is a recovered anorexic, has been abused by all her ex bfs, has vaginismus, is austistic, etc. etc.
>is only ever seen dating white men who abuse her but still claims she is queer and dates black men as well

There's sooo much more to this but I'm not sure if anyone else is currently interested

No. 914754

I was following up until recently for her pictures, but got so sick of her because she constantly just fights with other people (especially about guns and her boyfriend). She does seem like a little bit of a cow.

No. 914761

I used to follow her on Twitter for the aesthetic pictures but damn she was always in some sort of controversy. Idk if she's milky enough for her own thread though. But then again I'm biased because I'm a sucker for someone who's good at making aesthetically pleasing social media accounts. I also think she should just own the fact she only dates white guys. She doesn't have to date black men for any reason,and since she's actually successful she shouldn't anyways.

No. 914769

Can we res the old Idubbbz Anissa thread or make on for the Idubbbz drama in general. Curious to see the takes because it seems like it's a bunch of incel moids whining about Anisa, but Anisa herself seems to have this cringe victim mentality and allegedly forced Idubbbz into boxing for twitch clout.

No. 914786

Seconded. Watching Idubbbz's downfall after becoming famous for shit-talking other YouTubers is tragically delicious. I'm equally curious what talk on Anisa would be like on here. Incels be damned, she deserves every bit of ridicule she gets.

No. 914804

Please make a thread!

No. 914832


agree she deserves most the shit she gets, i dont think shes responsible for ian becoming a faggot tho (he did that himself). there has definitely been a change since he felt the need to clarify he wasnt a cuck a few years back

No. 914861

Ian was always a faggot. Anisa saw that quality in him and decided that was what she would help nurture and grow.

No. 914893

New Kelly Eden thread?
Totally, I can't stand him.

No. 914924

Lean Beef Patty or any of the other female body builders if there’s not already a thread. I don’t keep up much but I’m sure the milk is there

No. 914925

As much as I like the idea, there isn't a whole lot of milk other than Photoshopping and eating disorder cope. /r/gymsnark is the most dedicated place for female bodybuilder discussion, and it's 99.9% nitpicking

No. 914926

Thirding this. I know we haven't been allowed to have Anisa threads for years because of Ian fangirls nitpicking her appearance, but I think it makes more sense to have a containment zone with all of their recent drama

No. 914927

Sad this didn't end up happening but it makes sense. I have noticed a few farmers posting in the /ftl/ threads on 4chan accidentally using lolcow terminology (myself included)

No. 914977

lille jean thread is really close to maxing out. i know it doesn't move fast but thought id mention it

No. 914982

What ever happened to ScorpioAssHaux?

No. 914983

Moved over to snow camgirls thread #13

No. 914984

No. 915027

So is TND just not worth it anymore?

No. 915262

I would love a UK tiktok cow thread with her and the other weird tiktok live people

No. 915276

new shayna thread please?

No. 915298

I need my daily fix of shaymu.

No. 915303

File: 1686154902676.jpg (41.89 KB, 414x741, ppppppppppp.jpg)

likewise, i want somewhere to discuss how elphaba looks like when you maxed out random facial sliders in the sims 2, his features are all so fucked up and he makes them so much worse with his hygiene

No. 915307

he looks like if you took mirrored the better half of Quasimodo's face and then yassified it

No. 915314

Is anyone keeping up with kaylaann.xoxo on TikTok? She’s a lesbian OF creator who has been slandering her ex for over a year publicly and started making a 52 week podcast about her. The videos were of her ex not wanting to take pictures with her and claiming she was a narcissist and then immediately hit her ex with a lawsuit when she tried to clear her name. She’s filed hundreds of DMCA claims on people who have been talking about her on any platform and heavily censors her comment section. Would love a thread on her

No. 915332

File: 1686184579286.jpg (Spoiler Image, 157.1 KB, 1500x1060, icky.jpg)

Has a thread on Ripshuko ever been made? She makes coomer art of Disney Princesses/Nintendo Characters/other family-friendly media and disturbing to the say the least.

No. 915335

Nemu vibes

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