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File: 1682087024266.png (206.49 KB, 980x653, thered requestes.png)

No. 913498

If you don't have the material, time, or experience to make a new thread about a subject you want to discuss, use this thread to see if other farmers are interested in making and joining one.

Previous threads

No. 913510

File: 1682106401852.jpg (125.8 KB, 1080x631, Screenshot_20230421_204234_Ins…)

Marge's happy marriage is on the rocks. Potential milk incoming

No. 913539

I think if no one is going to make a new marge thread they need to just let people post about her in the Venus thread

No. 913541

New TnD thread?

No. 913557

File: 1682202295585.png (101.83 KB, 608x879, sonya.PNG)

Sonya Fung, CEO of Cloudnovel, a website where people can make visual novels without coding, is having a schizo meltdown on her work twitter. She was also mentioned in a previous thread: >>818515 The iceberg of her weird milky behavior runs pretty deep and she's posting some weird stuff on twitter while also destroying her own website.

No. 913558

File: 1682202420587.png (230.3 KB, 475x865, email.PNG)

She also sent out a very weird email to people who are signed up to the site.

No. 913569

This seems like mental illness rather than cow behavior. But it’s interesting, maybe /ot/?

No. 913587

I remember when she was sending cryptic email newsletters like 2 or three years ago about Grimes sending her death threats or some shit. Loonie girl.

No. 913588

File: 1682290519193.jpg (159.26 KB, 828x1472, image0-132.jpg)

I know we have a Sam Hyde thread but can we have a fishtank.live thread going while the stream is still active? It's actually weirdly entertaining, but I don't want to have to interact with moids on Reddit or 4chan to talk about it.

No. 913592

seconding this, i was wondering if we were just supposed to use the Sam thread.. maybe it can even go in /m/? or /ot/?

No. 913611

There was one in /m/ and it got locked for some retarded reason. I'm sure other farmers want to discuss the contestants without having to go to the nast ass Sam Hyde thread

No. 913622

thirded pls let there be a bustling active thread on fishtank– lc has been so fucking slow and boring pls i want to livepost w/ other nonas

No. 913640

New Pixie thread?

No. 913659

File: 1682456653283.jpg (269.26 KB, 1080x1080, 1680111492780298.jpg)

Do we have anything on Rachael Wilson | thefreckledzelda? I saw pic related on /cgl/ and the thread suggested cow material but I'm a newfag and don't know where to start.

No. 913672

can we have a new egirl thread? or does anyone know olivias current @?

No. 913676

No milk but would love to know if there is any. Sage but she personally drives me nuts with her overdone style and 'so quirky' energy(saying sage does not sage, learn to fucking sage jfc)

No. 913689

New Grimes and Musk thread? There's new milk

No. 913697

I’m retarded but I really want a thread on Tophiachu she’s a fat, ugly 30 something year old who is constantly live on tiktok and her dad is in jail/been to jail, they got evicted and now all live in a motel, she’s only had one job as was fired for being stinky, she’s just a horrid human personality wise and is generally someone I see being Chris chan levels of horrifying, she was once caught on live watching cp. generally her and her family are gross and she’s not entering her feeder fetishist arc.

No. 913707

She is so obnoxious. I enjoyed reading about her in another thread, I don't remember which one though

No. 913716

someone make a tophia chu thread

No. 913725

File: 1682568474262.webm (2.25 MB, 404x720, 1682567160393643.webm)


No. 913759

I agree, a new Pixielocks thread please!

No. 913764

fuck no lol the way that shit is playing out its just babys first lolcow for tiktok zoomies. so boring

No. 913767

There's already one on the snow catalog, just bump it
New Jilly thread please anons

No. 913776

Maybe I'm retarded but the most recent Grimes and Musk thread I found was #7, and it's impossible to bump it because it reached 1200 replies

No. 913801

Is anyone keeping up with the illuminaughtii shit? A bunch of the people working under her exposed her for being a bitch, the vid related is her damage control.

Here's some videos that show the editors/her old friends Twitter threads on this: https://youtu.be/4ntwczBkmAM

Idk if there's a thread for her or not. I don't really mind her too much but she seems kinda bitchy sometimes. I listen for background noise.

No. 913802

Oh, also this shit blew up because she plagiarized or was accused of it or something.

No. 913809

I couldn't find a dedicated thread but is Bam Margera discussed anywhere here? He seems more of a genuine horrorcow by the day.

No. 913810

It's her and legal eagle insome drama as well.

No. 913812

Came on here because i signed up for her site years and came on here after seeing her emails. Someone made a Google doc compiling all her schizo episodes. I can't screenshot it but here is a video summarising everything. I think she needs to get a thread

No. 913950

brad mondo thread PLEASE?!?!?! I hate that faggot

No. 913972

Is he even milky enough to fuel a whole thread though? Hes annoying but idk much about him otherwise.

No. 913983

annoying fag thread then?

No. 914008

I don't know about continuous milk but he's a liar and a fraud, he claims to have so much experience as a stylist that the only way it'd add up is if he was working when he was like 12. The timeline is impossible. I don't remember exact details but iirc his father is a stylist too and rich and that's how he got his start, not by actually being good at hair. Just look at what he did to snitchery.

No. 914103

Can we get a new onion thread…without discussing or acknowledging Gene/Greg? Please?

No. 914118

if you followed the threads, you'd know that's not possible because they have no lives other than doing this weird bullying/courting mating dance on that thread. the only way to stop them is to stop fucking engaging them like idiots every time they post something, especially when it's obviously just them slap fighting with each other. just hide their posts if you're so triggered you can't stop from responding to them.

No. 914123

you guys are misinformed. this is actually between the anti-o community as a whole against Greg. Greg has been infiltrating the anti-o community here and on twitter for years as "Anonymous Gene".
this is all relatively new since the evidence was only released just yesterday, after looking in to it for months.
ask around there, i'm sure they'll tell you.

No. 914125

This anon explained it perfectly >>914118
Its Anon Gene and his boyfriend bringing their slap fight over from Twitter to LC. The boyfriend made a sad diagram with a Guy Fawkes mask and Onisions face as his "evidence." No one fell for it so he went full autist and spammed the new thread with the same diagram and got banned.

No. 914126

perfect example of Greg trying to muddy the water as Gene. his narcissism won't allow him to admit that he's been found out. at this point its all he has.
there will be a lot more misinformation but we as the anti-o twitter community decided to leave it be for now.

No. 914127

take your pissing contest back to twitter moid
as hard as you try no one here believes you

No. 914128

just ask yourself: Who benefits from the Onision thread being shut down, after making it all about this fictitious "gene"-character and a supposed "boyfriend". instead of it being about Greg and Lainey?

No. 914129

don't argue among your sisters, don't let Greg/Gene win.

No. 914130

The Onision thread has never been shut down or locked. And there's no worry about it happening because of Gene and his boyfriend having one of their lovers quarrel. They'll both get banned (and return via VPN) But eventually they get tired of no one interacting with them and move on.

No. 914131

exactly. they'll keep coming back forever because they're autistic losers with nothing better to spend their tugboat bux on than VPNs to continue shitposting. it's very clear that they love being acknowledged and go out of their way to make bait posts like >>914123 to elicit responses. they probably won't go away if we all ignore them, but then the thread only gets clogged up with a couple posts of garbage instead of derailed for a whole fucking day. just report them and let them keep going through the irritation of resetting their VPNs. personally, i think mods should just make both of their posts only viewable to each other so they can swordfight with their dicks in peace.

No. 914133

actually it has in the past, because of anonymous gene. (and as i'm learning now, greg??)

No. 914134

It seems the mods are growing tired of the boyfriends antics. The "Gene is Greg" graphic he spammed has been deleted from the Onision thread. It's rare I see them actually delete posts other than CP. They usually just red text and ban.

No. 914147

We need a new tinfoil thread

No. 914159

I’m thinking about making a thread on this specific group of tranny furfags who got exposed for bestiality incest kinks. Anyone who was on tumblr for the last couple years might know who I’m talking about, but I’ll post some highlights for everyone else:

greasydoghole (ew)
pretty much any [animal]girl[body part] url

Might not be milky enough, but I’m tired oc these fucking people. What do you think?

No. 914165

Wow what year is it? 2007?

No. 914197

File: 1683646064357.jpeg (209.7 KB, 1280x720, 03A0BE76-005D-481A-AC2A-A02DAC…)

Would there be any interest in a Floraverse/Melanie Herring thread? It would be almost impossible to summarize all the dogshit surrounding her over the years but makes good opportunity for discussion. Activity dips pretty often due to her hiding behind her discord server but she's been sperging out pretty often lately with a youtuber making a video on her community and a website detailing her abuse. Also she just recently gave out the information she's fucked two dogs, contradicting her previous story stating it was only once.

No. 914198

Don't forget to include her dog fucking.

No. 914199

>Also she just recently gave out the information she's fucked two dogs, contradicting her previous story stating it was only once.

No. 914205

File: 1683652696268.png (6.04 KB, 605x148, letrauma.PNG)

Sup, for at least few months I've been following twitter and reddit of individual named "LupinePariah".
From what I've gathered he is a 40+y/o schizo furry with some deep seeded issues, mostly regarding Guild Wars 2, dragons, tribalism and how we are so fucked as a society.

During my search on more info about them, I've notied that some folk @ rpgcodex.net and some redditors recognized him but I haven't been able to establish a contact with any of them as of yet and I try contacting Lupine himself in case he goes private.

Pic rel of one of his many tweets regarding guild wars.

No. 914215

Of course, can't leave that out. I've drafted an OP but waiting on more interest, and I'm missing a few legal names I can't remember that have been scrubbed off the internet aside from Kiwifarms, and that's down. If anyone remembers Eevee's birth name as well as Opa's that'd be helpful. Also not sure where it should go, probably snow?

No. 914217

No. 914242

Melanie Herring / Floraverse thread is up.

No. 914265

New Tuna thread?

No. 914312

new TND thread?

No. 914342

File: 1684088736251.png (285.4 KB, 962x1204, Screenshot_20230514-132552.png)

New Luna thread request.

No. 914352

Kekkk, nothing much happened in the last thread right? Someone could just copy-paste all the old(ish) info.

No. 914361

I've never made a thread before but I'd be happy to do it, especially since it would just be copy-pasting the last thread's info and adding a minor update about how massively boring our dear Tuna has become. Unless another anon is already working on one, of course. Does anyone have a thread pic and/or title suggestion?

No. 914362

File: 1684164358738.jpeg (119.33 KB, 787x1213, D5881667-BE12-4C08-B630-8AC1BC…)

title suggestion should be something to do with their one room hovel, maybe this for threadpic? my only suggestion is "one room to rule them all" but thats kind of lame i guess. or something about how she hasn't changed at all and is still doing the exact same stuff. "wishlist pt. 1000 edition".

No. 914374

That picture's perfect, thank you! I may add sparkles though, just for a touch of kawaii. It's not incredibly creative but I thought maybe 'Groundhog Day But Junkies Edition' for a title? I was considering 'Groundhog Day If Bill Murray Never Left His Hovel Edition' but it's a little wordy, I think. Thread should be up in a few hours, just going through the last one and writing a summary now.

No. 914375

Thanks nonna!

No. 914376

groundhog day but junkies edition sounds awesome!! thank you for making a thread nonna! theres some awesome tweets from lurch that i wanna post, some made me laughcry.

No. 914386

Thread's up for you now! Hope it isn't too shoddy. I personally am very excited for these Lurch tweets.

No. 914398

Could someone make a new Kelly Eden thread? This commie shit is the weirdest arc she's had so far

No. 914405

A thread for people interested in frogs; autistic anons who have a special interest in frogs, anons who collect frog decor and paraphernalia, frog owners, anons who just think frogs are cute/cool, etc.

No. 914406

A thread dedicated to idubbbz and Anisa.

No. 914417

File: 1684258892046.png (3.83 MB, 828x1792, IMG_0953.png)

Would anyone be interested in a Chelsea Lee Art thread? She’s a bovine icon to me

No. 914426

You need to give us some background information nona

No. 914436

Sorry kek, just trying to gage if anyone else is even aware of her. Chelsea is a mentally ill artist who spends a huge majority of her time on TikTok live. She often makes a spectacle of herself in public and regularly passes out at home from drugs on TikTok live so we get to see the police booting her door down to wake her up. She’s loud, caustic and hilarious Chelsea is always embroiled in some kind of drama with various TikTok personalities so she comes with side characters. She was recently caught on live physically abusing a friend/partner and not long after was sectioned, but she’s back out now and straight back to her constant low-level drama nonsense. She earns absolute bank on gifts and is a grifter through and through with no shame about it.

No. 914438

Maybe TikTok cows general? Seeing elphaba mentioned on her hashtags reminded me there's so many to discuss

No. 914447

Good shout anon! On her next adventure I’ll post her in that thread and see if anyone else follows the shenanigans. I think the latest drama was her kicking Elphaba out of their hotel at 2am on Saturday.

No. 914483

seconding this request, she (supposedly) is posting a new video today

No. 914541

File: 1684539089440.png (206.09 KB, 1302x1803, Screenshot_20230519-183110.png)

Request for celeb-cow thread #81 to be made.

Previous #80 thread: >>>/ot/1566829

No. 914588

I will make one! Give me a moment.

No. 914612

New Jake and Kat thread? Kaya thread separately if anyone has the time

No. 914621

Is there a new leftcows thread or am I retarded?

No. 914627

Thank you so much!

No. 914628

File: 1684765055297.png (301.16 KB, 1358x1866, Screenshot_20230522-091641.png)

Here's the new thread btw.


No. 914684

Would anyone be interested in a thread on Plagued Moth?
He's a gore review YouTuber who massively spergs at the slightest criticism and riles up his obese wife and teen fans to attack anyone who calls him out.
In Feb. 2023 his Patreon was removed and his something since then has been nonstop. None of his main "detractors" had interacted with him for months until last week when he decided to stir up drama again in a pathetic attempt to get views and pity dollars thrown his way.

No. 914737

File: 1684919199896.jpg (229.16 KB, 1284x2154, wvpyzk3agqva1.jpg)

im surprised there is not a tophiachu thread. i don't know too much about her but basics are she goes on tiktok live constantly and gets by on donations while refusing to get a job. recently got evicted with her family and living in a hotel room, a while ago she used donation money to go to a convention rather than pay bills

No. 914741

File: 1684932587678.png (6.26 KB, 207x243, download.png)

she looks like an inbred neanderthal afro steven universe midget, i'd be interested

No. 914752

My honest opinion is that she's not milky enough for her own thread. It's just the same dumbass rants every day pretty much. I'd stick her in the ebegging thread on /snow/ which is here >>>/snow/1502155 to check interest/until things escalate, if they ever do

No. 914753

File: 1684949346861.jpg (216.52 KB, 1290x1970, clarke betz.jpg)

Is anyone interested in a LoveDoveClarke / Dove Clarke / Clarke Betz thread? She has a cult, and I mean CULT following on twitter but recently has finally began catching flak for her lies and hypocrisies. She has recently been going off the rails because a (now deleted) thread was created for her on an LA snark subreddit but her rants backfired and now she has her own snark subreddit.

Bear with me, but here is a gist (yes, a gist) of her antics:

>formerly a findom and an OF girl

>gained a following on twitter due to her coquette style and aesthetics. currently has 150k followers on twitter, 53k on insta, and 156k on tiktok.
>changed her name from Clarke Betz to Dove Clarke and seethes anytime someone mistakenly calls her Clarke
>claimed her dad is black and native american, and that her ancestors escaped their plantation and were welcomed by the Niitsitapi tribe
>native community does a dive on her background and finds her paternal aunt's public family tree. her ancestry dating back to the 1700s was just white and black. family tree also indicates her ancestors remained enslaved until the emancipation proclamation
>in 2019, she dates this white guy who she obsessively tweets about
>told everyone he looked like ryan reynolds, was the most perfect awesome hot boyfriend in the world, and constantly bragged about how much better he was than everyone else
>bf and clarke break up
>suddenly he is an ugly guy and was actually abusive. claims he knocked her dogs tooth out of his mouth
>obsessively begins tweeting about all the bad things he did, how she was out of his league, etc.
>bf drops her stuff off outside her apartment lobby so he doesn't have to see her, but she seethes and tweets about how scary he is and how she needed to take her anxiety medication because she was literally shaking (???)
>pathetically tries to contact him publicly on twitter to get his attention because he blocked her off everything, for stupid shit like supposedly wanting to use his cast iron skillet
>reminder that this is the man she claimed abused her dog and knocked his tooth out
>starts dating ex bf's friend who conveniently lives down the street from him
>has a new white bf who gets called ugly by all of twitter every time she tries to post him lmao
>once again, she insists he is a hot guy who is perfect and better than everyone else

some random scandals she's gotten into:
>edtwt girl called her ugly bf ugly, so clarke seethes and tells her to worry about overcoming her eating disorder and calls her a miserable little donkey
>all of her followers dogpile on this girl and make fun of her anorexia. clarke uses the excuse that she herself is a recovered anorexic so its okay, apparently.
>makes a cringe tweet saying that all men are either discarded trash or unfinished projects. tweet isn't received well and a popular OF girl quote tweets it saying "the war on men is unreal"
>clarke blows up on the girl for quote tweeting her, as if this isn't something she does almost every day. she claims the girl put her in danger by opening her up to her "disgusting audience". basically shames the girl for being on OF despite the fact that she was also on OF.
>her dog is supposedly a service dog but was recently denied on a flight due to paperwork issues (which was clarke's fault for not submitting them on time). airline also claimed her dog was being disruptive by barking, which she claims he was only doing to alert her of her accelerated heart rate.
>people suspect she is lying about this considering she also claims her dog understands most english, tries to speak (fucking seriously?), taught himself to smile, monitors her heart rate, and thinks he is human. is also so stupid that she brags her dog sneezes and yawns to communicate, seemingly unaware that literally all dogs do this and it's a part of their language lmao
>initially threatened to sue the airline, but deleted all evidence of this once she realized she can't sue
>once again threatened to sue when she found out that there were threads about her on reddit. claimed she hired a private investigator and lawyer to help her take down the haters. deletes these claims once more when she realizes she can't sue
>is currently on a downward spiral because she can never admit her wrongs, take accountability, or accept criticism
>swears she can fight and constantly threatens her haters, claiming she will "snap them in half" and "rip their scalps off" despite the fact that she grew up as a horse girl and attended an all girls boarding school
>claims she is nonbinary, queer, has scoliosis, is going blind, is going deaf, in infertile, has ocd, has anxiety, has ptsd, is a recovered anorexic, has been abused by all her ex bfs, has vaginismus, is austistic, etc. etc.
>is only ever seen dating white men who abuse her but still claims she is queer and dates black men as well

There's sooo much more to this but I'm not sure if anyone else is currently interested

No. 914754

I was following up until recently for her pictures, but got so sick of her because she constantly just fights with other people (especially about guns and her boyfriend). She does seem like a little bit of a cow.

No. 914761

I used to follow her on Twitter for the aesthetic pictures but damn she was always in some sort of controversy. Idk if she's milky enough for her own thread though. But then again I'm biased because I'm a sucker for someone who's good at making aesthetically pleasing social media accounts. I also think she should just own the fact she only dates white guys. She doesn't have to date black men for any reason,and since she's actually successful she shouldn't anyways.

No. 914769

Can we res the old Idubbbz Anissa thread or make on for the Idubbbz drama in general. Curious to see the takes because it seems like it's a bunch of incel moids whining about Anisa, but Anisa herself seems to have this cringe victim mentality and allegedly forced Idubbbz into boxing for twitch clout.

No. 914786

Seconded. Watching Idubbbz's downfall after becoming famous for shit-talking other YouTubers is tragically delicious. I'm equally curious what talk on Anisa would be like on here. Incels be damned, she deserves every bit of ridicule she gets.

No. 914804

Please make a thread!

No. 914832


agree she deserves most the shit she gets, i dont think shes responsible for ian becoming a faggot tho (he did that himself). there has definitely been a change since he felt the need to clarify he wasnt a cuck a few years back

No. 914861

Ian was always a faggot. Anisa saw that quality in him and decided that was what she would help nurture and grow.

No. 914893

New Kelly Eden thread?
Totally, I can't stand him.

No. 914924

Lean Beef Patty or any of the other female body builders if there’s not already a thread. I don’t keep up much but I’m sure the milk is there

No. 914925

As much as I like the idea, there isn't a whole lot of milk other than Photoshopping and eating disorder cope. /r/gymsnark is the most dedicated place for female bodybuilder discussion, and it's 99.9% nitpicking

No. 914926

Thirding this. I know we haven't been allowed to have Anisa threads for years because of Ian fangirls nitpicking her appearance, but I think it makes more sense to have a containment zone with all of their recent drama

No. 914927

Sad this didn't end up happening but it makes sense. I have noticed a few farmers posting in the /ftl/ threads on 4chan accidentally using lolcow terminology (myself included)

No. 914977

lille jean thread is really close to maxing out. i know it doesn't move fast but thought id mention it

No. 914982

What ever happened to ScorpioAssHaux?

No. 914983

Moved over to snow camgirls thread #13

No. 914984

No. 915027

So is TND just not worth it anymore?

No. 915262

I would love a UK tiktok cow thread with her and the other weird tiktok live people

No. 915276

new shayna thread please?

No. 915298

I need my daily fix of shaymu.

No. 915303

File: 1686154902676.jpg (41.89 KB, 414x741, ppppppppppp.jpg)

likewise, i want somewhere to discuss how elphaba looks like when you maxed out random facial sliders in the sims 2, his features are all so fucked up and he makes them so much worse with his hygiene

No. 915307

he looks like if you took mirrored the better half of Quasimodo's face and then yassified it

No. 915314

Is anyone keeping up with kaylaann.xoxo on TikTok? She’s a lesbian OF creator who has been slandering her ex for over a year publicly and started making a 52 week podcast about her. The videos were of her ex not wanting to take pictures with her and claiming she was a narcissist and then immediately hit her ex with a lawsuit when she tried to clear her name. She’s filed hundreds of DMCA claims on people who have been talking about her on any platform and heavily censors her comment section. Would love a thread on her

No. 915332

File: 1686184579286.jpg (Spoiler Image, 157.1 KB, 1500x1060, icky.jpg)

Has a thread on Ripshuko ever been made? She makes coomer art of Disney Princesses/Nintendo Characters/other family-friendly media and disturbing to the say the least.

No. 915335

Nemu vibes

No. 915352

Is anyone interested in having/making a Lin Watchorn thread? She is a YouTube/tiktok creator who spends her entire life being a terminal pick me, and finding videos of other women to film herself over so she can attack these women and cape for men. I'm so sick of seeing her shit all over social media, she even took a video of a woman sounding off about her consent not being respected by men and turned it into an entire video of "well what about men??? Women don't respect men's consent enough" her videos are really vile and she claims to hate "toxic behaviour" but her whole stick is shitting on women, hijacking women's conversations and videos and caping for men. She gets right under my skin and I want a place to pick her apart.

No. 915353

Samefag would do it myself but I have never made a thread and don't want to fuck it up and idk if anyone else is interested

No. 915382

I am interested in this, and in any NYC/LA influencersnark crossover threads for sure.

No. 915436

I am bored and tired from my busy summer internship and require a new Shaynus thread NAO!!!

No. 915440

No. 915457

Best nonny

No. 915568

Jaimie Weisberg.
>TikTok star famous for posting lip-sync, body-positive, and eating disorder recovery videos. Her jaimie.weisberg account has gained 900,000 followers.

No. 915572

Oh cant stand deathfats claiming “eating disorder recovery”

No. 915576

Right? They just traded one ED for another. Recovery their fat ass.

No. 915588

being fat is an eating disorder, just not the one they think

No. 915611

She skinny shamed her twin sister who has cancer. What milk lies in those udders? Someone make a thread!

No. 915667

The park avenue pickup (Katherine Harlow) thread is at the limit. I don't know when I'd be able to make a new one so I hope someone else can

No. 915691

We need a new tradthot thread plz

No. 915711


No. 915782

Any interest in a commie cow thread? I don't know many but the ones I do can be pretty milky (Lady Izdihar, Kelly Eden lol).

No. 915801

It would be a good new place for Kelly, but what if she goes back to her old antics? We wouldn't have a thread for her otherwise, would it be okay to talk about the other stupid shit she does then in that thread?

No. 915862

Maybe just a new Kelly thread and a separate commie thread if someone knows enough cows? I feel like I see the everywhere but can never remember them.

No. 915863

Most of the commie cows are on BreadTube, it's commie general

No. 915932

New Lillee Jean thread? She never stops producing milk

No. 915950

File: 1687452345104.jpg (51.75 KB, 640x620, 2l0v9dr3g27b1.jpg)


No. 915955

i'd love a thread! she sounds milky and you're very good at write-ups

No. 915971

I know what prep courses are, but what's pre-college? Let's see, over inflated ego, easily checked lies, wallowing in the shit she creates, yes it all checks for a good laugh.

No. 915973

Community college. That's what a lot of people refer to that as.

No. 915991

Is she tho?
She stopped doing Yt videos, her twitter is gone, her insta is barely updated.
She just posts some 30 sec """acting""" on her website for noone to see.
Laur isn't even doing some franzia freakout on social media.
I kinda feel she deserves to fall into oblivion.

No. 915999

Russian Ukraine war thread? Wagner group will arrive in Moscow in an hour.

No. 916000

Well she's reporting people as wanting to un-alive themselves like crazy lately… but I do see your point.(integrate)

No. 916009

go back to tiktok zoomer

No. 916074

New "instagrammers you hate" thread pls

No. 916107

New Altcows thread?
Totally, I miss those.

No. 916108

I also agree on this, that’s how I found all my favorite cows years ago

No. 916109

New thread on Sv3ridge/ Gatis?

No. 916160

Please do, he's been my persona cow for years and what's going down now is wild

No. 916161

Samefag, *personal

No. 916169

Kanika Batra thread? She is being exposed on tiktok and reddit for grooming teenagers with her husband. She defends Jeffrey Epstein and claims to have visited his island. She also desperately tries to make herself look white even though she's a south asian woman.

No. 916208

File: 1688017251632.png (33.63 KB, 1348x571, 19ZKKFCd3-bQ9CC2d.png)

Anti crack-kun or ACK.

The most insane schizo/shitposter on 4chan. Thinks everyone who disagrees with him is some ancient tripfag with whom he got into a beef literally 10 years ago. Ever since he's been on a crusade against that tripfag and assumes any poster who disagrees with him is the aforementioned tripfag. He's still posting today, mostly on 4chan's /a/ and /vg/. He is obsessed with anonymity and the mere implication of recognizing him in any way ticks him off (can be seen in the 8chan irc log). He then proceeds to call the person who recognized him his boogeyman (!Akemi tripfag). He is called Anti crack-kun because he hates "crack shipping" which is non-canon shipping in media and will argue for hours because of it.

Here's some info and history:
https://pastes.io/oyu55jyk3y (summary of his insanity over the years that was reposted before)
https://pastes.io/rdlt717j0i (IRC log of ACK arguing with 8ch staff)
https://pastes.io/kij1lbqx75 (an "faq" that is often posted when he shits up threads)

He has been shitposting and ban evading so much that random users in the US are getting his bans on 4chan
https://image.ibb.co/frMuMF/Screen_Shot_2017_02_10_at_2_13_35_AM.png (image in the forum post)
https://desuarchive.org/m/thread/15178306/#15181206 (archived post from the ban in the image above)

He often posts same images over and over again to "prove" how his boogeyman is doing this or that. You can see in the archive search below how he is still doing his shit for almost a decade

He used to be a scanlator before his insane crusade, but got into a fight with pretty much everyone once his mental state started deteriorating

Once claimed a known 4chan mental case called Barneyfag is his boogeyman !Akemi

Also had his own releases (his releases had to adhere to his insane world views)
https://i.imgur.com/tLskHPi.jpg (used to put this at the end of everything he released)

https://twitter.com/ac_anon_/with_replies (his old Twitter before paranoia took hold)

Archive posts where people who have been following him talk about him

His Kiwifarms thread which he raided himself and had it locked (gotta use Tor now)

You can find his posts by searching for "akemi" on any 4chan or other archive.

If you type "akemi" on 4chan's ban page search, you'll find that almost all posts are his and he's banned for ban evasion

No. 916221

new shayna thread please?

No. 916226

No. 916237

new lillee jean & laur thread needed - last one maxed out and no one's made a new one

No. 916249

bc she's not worthy a new thread

No. 916250

New moo thread, ax is coming

No. 916254

File: 1688163496173.jpg (55.84 KB, 585x416, 6M26L95.jpg)


No. 916255

anon, how old are you? like are you new to the internet? he's been around for ages, has always been known for the 3edgy5me shit, and all attempts at pissbaby "cancelling" have fallen on deaf ears because everyone knows he's not serious. be happy that he's offline more, taking his meds, has a job, and a girlfriend.

No. 916287

New Moo thread please.

No. 916338

DemonDice/CalliopeMori thread. Qo much milk

No. 916339

Sorry if these are already a thing, I don't go on lc all that often these days:
Colleen Ballinger thread, furfagottry thread, Netflix cringe thread, hyperpop cows thread

No. 916351

I have some photos ready when its made, I just really don't feel like doing the making of it. Thank you to the anon who does it.

No. 916357

Yes I hope a kind enough nona can make one soon, I’m not good at making threads otherwise. So thank you in advance to the nona who takes the time to make the new one!

No. 916394

desperate for new momokun thread and new lillee jean thread please and thank you

No. 916408

Lillee is not providing any milk anymore >>915991
Make the thread yourself, or stop complaining that no one is making one.

No. 916428


>make the thread yourself

ma'am this is a post for thread requests(new line newfag)

No. 916429

ntayrt but I literally have milk to post but cant bc no thread and no time to make one myself. So I come to this thread to also request a Lillee Jean thread like several other anons also requested above.

No. 916433

Post the milk here and see if it inspires anyone to start a new thread.

No. 916442

I get it, but if someone wants a thread sooo bad, how hard is it to make one yourself, like seriously?
Doesn't even take that long >>916429
Just copy-paste the text of the previous one, add the recent milk (which is just some few things on that particular thread, since she hasn't been that milky compared as before), add a lolcow image (anons were making some really fun collage on all the previous threads), a sassy catching line, and voilà!

People need to stop getting spoonfed all the damn time!

No. 916443


the op states why someone might not make a thread, but i'll paste it here for you since apparently you're unable to read it:

>If you don't have the material, time, or experience to make a new thread

if you don't want to make the thread thats fine, but this is a thread request thread, so don't get mad when people request threads here

No. 916451

You're retarded and you need to leave and never come back.
>doesn't know the definition of spoon feeding
>Thread Requests #6
>If you don't have the material, time, or experience to make a new thread about a subject you want to discuss, use this thread to see if other farmers are interested in making and joining one.

No. 916490

I doubt the truman are very milky now. Them finally getting evicted and well documented would be the only topic worthing a new thread.

No. 916492

because if you make a shit thread nonas will complain and some of us don't want to put effort into something, only to have people like you complain about the execution. on that note..
>thread request
could a kind nona make a new Mariah Mallad thread in /snow/? the lat one times out 9 days ago and it's con season, which is milky season for mooriah. thanks!

No. 916493

sa i meant in /pt/ i just woke up…

No. 916499

File: 1688836834856.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1339, Screenshot_20230708-123433~2.p…)

MyCherryCrush. She is known for doing these weird TikTok live streams but she also has a YouTube and her own porn site. I was wondering if other anons would be interested in adding her to the camgirl thread or the e-girl thread in snow.

No. 916500

is there even any milk besides her being an ethot though?

No. 916501


Need a new Mariah Mallad thread asap pls. She spilled some milk on her instagram this morning.

No. 916518

File: 1688856198487.jpg (152.56 KB, 1000x1400, MV5BNDk3Yjk0NjQtZjlkNS00ZWE0LW…)

I just watched this documentary series yesterday. It was interesting but out of curiosity I wanted to see if there were any threads about the mermaiding community or the people within it because tbh some of the characters within this documentary seemed like they'd have a thread but there was absolutely nothin! But I guess it's a niche community. Could someone more in touch with the merm community make a thread?

No. 916529

i doubt anyone here is "in touch" with the mermaid community or whatever the fuck that is. do you have names of specific people you think have milk or are you just hoping someone does the work for you

No. 916532

Why so aggro,anon. If I knew all the characters within it why would I request a thread? I'd just make my own, wouldn't I? The characters within the documentary are Blix Tsunami, Che Monique, and Sparkles the mermaid. Some of them seemed like the type to be a bit controversial that's why I'm asking. But I wouldn't know if they are because I am not very familiar with the mermaid lifestyle

No. 916538

You could possibly talk about this in the things you hate thread >>>/ot/1562935 but I don't know if they'd want a discussion further there since it's supposed to be a one-and-done kind of thread? I'm interested in discussing it too tbh.

No. 916539

i did some searching and nothing seems out of the ordinary or milkable unless you wanna talk about how twitterbrained they are for like 20 threads lol. Blix is just a doll obsessed nonbinary mermaid person and doesnt seem to have much social media engagement, no meltdowns as i can see. Che has a business where she goes and does live events as her mermaid-persona thing or whatever it is and runs the "fat mermaid society" which i assume is just some inclusion thing. again no meltdowns or scandals i could find. Same with sparkles. the only thing they have in common is the documentary. I guess you could talk about how much you hate their hobby and how weird you think they are but there's no milk here, anon.

No. 916541

Nta, but if you don't want to have just a discussion, then what the hell is your problem? This is the request thread. You don't have to participate in every topic brought up as a thread if it gets made, if it's shit a farmhand will shut it down. I personally think it's a fun topic and would like a discussion on it and the community as a whole. You're coming off as massively defensive for no reason.

No. 916542

never said you couldnt discuss, im just saying theres no milk. and where theres no milk theres no cow. make a discussion thread all you want but any thread saying "these people are vaguely weird" in pt or snow will get locked immediately

No. 916543

Let others find milk then. No one is asking you. If it dies out, it dies out. Just because you can't find any doesn't mean none exists. For all you know it's like the lolita community and there's a whole ugly mean girl side or something. There's more than just the movie doc that exists.

No. 916545

Thanks for looking anon, I was hoping maybe there would be some milk in the mermaid community it's such an interesting hobby I thought their drama might be pretty entertaining or odd, similar to the cosplay community,but I guess the mermaid people community is pretty uncontroversial and chill.

No. 916555

I want to find a NEET/faulure to launch community to hate watch and make fun of. Us working schlubs need that catharsis.

No. 916557

A bio hacking/anti aging thread please. I'm sick of only seeing males talk about biohacking

No. 916559

THIS oh my god I have been seeing it everywhere and it just…is so pathetic and scrotey. The ones who say their bio age is 18 make me wanna a-log. We get it, you thirst after young women it’s fuckin gross ugh

No. 916616

Ok hag

No. 916639

moid alert

No. 916705

Newfag here. Anyone done a thread on Cassia Clarke?
People are calling her the Brittany Dawn of the UK

No. 916776

I'm willing to write out this cow's odyssey but it's a task. Too much has changed in the 5 years since her first threads were locked for whiteknighting to summarize in proana scumbags.

Eugenia Cooney is infamous for building a lucrative career in content creation around the shock value of her eating disorder by somehow disguising softcore fetish videos as fashion content, fooling negligent social media algorithms that claim to prohibit content promoting or glorifying EDs but instead incentivize her to normalize it under the false pretense of body positivity. Her willingness to expose minors to ED content for personal gain is not normal or explained by her eating disorder, and she grooms the kids she targets with supposedly family-friendly content to be more amenable to child predators and then vilifies the children who once adored her when they grow up and seek accountability from the abusers Eugenia empowers and surrounds herself with. She deleted her discord, but to my knowledge she has never apologized to Phancakes. If she only knew how to play the ukulele.

Tl;dr she's not just existing online, she's working her big girl job and profiting at the expense of causing harm to vulnerable people.

Please let me know if there's interest in a new thread because writing a full summary that does this topic justice would require a significant time investment ty nonnies

No. 916784

I'd like one, I don't want to read thru the other skellies to catch up on her

No. 916823

Is there already a thread on GGmaidenslayer? This dude thinks he is a supervillain and keeps harassing people in all caps and saying "I AM A LEGIT THREAT" and trying to doxx people. Its the funniest thing Ive seen. He even made the news for trying to troll a World Champion Fighting game dude and losing like 8 times and crying on stream about it.

No. 916825

>>916823 You mean the clown that keeps calling himself "mid tier god"? the same clown that was raiding discord servers and keeps saying his parents are transphobic and then saying he lied? the same clown that challenges people to a game and says he can whoop their ass for 2 weeks straight and then ducks out the day before? the same clown that even furries make fun of? Idk, is it even worth it? He is kinda pathetic.

No. 916826

would love a eugenia thread, i've been watching her slow motion trainwreck of a life on various platforms for years. she's insufferable

No. 916849

A new Vicky shingles thread is needed as the current one reached its limit

No. 916924

I was just wishing the other day that there was a dedicated thread to this cow, please do it nonna!

No. 916952

I am a terrible threadmaker but i swear that was her on the last reply kek

No. 917130

Doja Cat deserves a thread

No. 917136


No. 917140

She has a thread that's currently auto-saged >>>/snow/1622886

No. 917142

Any chance of a Elphaba Orion whatever her last name is Thread? She’s all over my tiktok atm and gives me the weird lovechild of Lillee Jean and PT vibes.
Constantly lies about her mental health, fakes being autistic and has a unhealthy obsession with the song “defying gravity”.

No. 917144

you're calling that smelly scammer, grifter, and predator "she"? Just no. "Elphaba" is a moid doing moid things. Make the thread but that's not a "she"

No. 917145

Point made, didn’t know what the vibe with him was as I know some people here respect pronouns etc but if they do nothing to deserve it then fair enough.(lost faggot)

No. 917150

Sv3ridgeplease. He's a rocking time bomb.

No. 917163

File: 1690338054391.jpeg (148.39 KB, 1170x1385, IMG_3157.jpeg)

Doveclarke for sure. She’s nuts

No. 917191

She’s getting dumber and dumber as the days pass. She’s also supposedly a scammer with her athleisure Lulu lemon but bows glued on aliexpress brand, fucking up orders and lying about how successful it’s been. there’s definitely some beef now between her and Michaela Okland even though they used to be really close publicly, probably trying to distance herself from her crazy.

No. 917198

Seconded. My first introduction to him was when he ate that raw squirrel at a market I was at, and somehow he's only gone downhill since. He's batshit and so are his "alpha carnivore" followers.

No. 917201

File: 1690414089252.jpeg (54.84 KB, 500x500, 4E7FF1B8-41B1-4BCD-BD87-202279…)

Thirding this request, but would like to just have a retarded carnivore diet bro general. There are a lot of cows in that community not just sverige. Frank Tufano comes to mind kek he’s such a greasy faggot.

No. 917203

Is anyone working on a new Victoria Bella Morte thread? Her thread reached max posts.

No. 917221

This is what Twilight vampires look like irl

No. 917234

Burn down the ai that produced this image

No. 917240

File: 1690479385306.png (1.6 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230727-122500.png)

So there was a thread on this girl once and she ended up getting it locked by shitting it up with spam posts before a mod could do anything, but this girl is becoming milky again imo and I think she might deserve a new thread. I have lots of material but no experience making a new thread. Her previous thread is >>209739 , she used to go by Eva Hazen but uses some variations of this name anymore . Her old username was acidburnfawn and she used to scam people on depop. Now she has a new website "storefront" called lunarvyst where she sells knock off alienbody designs and claims it to be "goth" aesthetic, it gives me a lot of secondhand embarrassment. She also was using her DEAD FRIEND'S image and artwork to promote her new brand, which I thought was pretty disgusting

Today I looked at her TikTok and noticed she made her skin several shades darker than she usually has it (picrel) and is claiming again to be middle eastern..pretty milky imo

No. 917241

Sorry samefag, I messed up the link the post to her last thread sorry, I'm kind of a newfag too but I can find her thread by googling Eva hazen lolcow

No. 917264

We were mutuals on Tumblr and Eva is about as white as you can get. She's always changed her "aesthetic" to a BPD insanity degree but this is the funniest of her larps. She used to be heavy on "purity" when she was on ED Tumblr years ago during her sick wittle dangerous fawn larp. Towards the end she made a few posts about modesty and headwraps or something. Shortly before TikTok, she started selling her dollskill goffic clothes and trying to be the Instagram Baddie and posting lewds (after shitting on women who did this for years). Last I remembered of her, she was having an autist meltdown and harassing someone on Instagram who was using a username that she associates with herself- a generic word that she invented and owns. And she was still trying to hold on to her long gone popularity for ED Tumblr by humblebragging about recovering while frequently posting and romanticizing her old pictures. This girl's a NEET shitshow. A boring one, but somehow still interesting to look into because of how she went on rants about how she's above everyone.

No. 917283

thanks nonnie

No. 917306

Even though his threads are some of the shittiest on this entire site, there's been some talk about Sam Hyde in the current leftcow thread. Could we get a new Sam Hyde/MDE thread edition? I know there are other nonnies still keeping up with them. If no one else is willing I'll make it myself in a few days

No. 917331

Youtuber General #11 please.

No. 917336

Ayrt, ikr?! I hate the I'm better than everyone attitude she has when she has never offered the world anything but drama,bitchiness, and copycat bullshit. Plus the nasty pedo shit she did on Reddit (saga in her thread somewhere) was disgusting and since she's not very self aware/smart I foresee future milk idk..agreed shes pretty boring now but used to be my fav cow during the height of her anachan/psycho era, she's back on my radar for sure lol

No. 917424

Thank you to the anon who made it!

No. 917441

any milk on victoria bella-morte or lillee jean/laur trueman? both are locked and new thread hasn't been made in awhile. wondering if the milk is dried up for both of them, would be hard to believe

No. 917571

we fr need a thread on victoria nyugen/catholicnun shes been a cow for 10+ years but theres no thread about her and the most recent thing is her being obsessed with drain gang and stalking them everywhere and giving drugs to minors and 18-19 year olds

No. 917617

where's the french cows thread? I can't find it

No. 917665

File: 1691264451005.jpg (653.78 KB, 1080x1733, Screenshot_20230805_154045.jpg)

Lucinda has returned but the thread is locked. Anyone wanna make a new one?

No. 917687

Her makeup has vastly improved without all the weird lines

No. 917698

God I hope that fucking retard doesn't start bumping the Luci thread with her autistic vendetta again

No. 917729

File: 1691427765043.png (529.98 KB, 1080x1920, popcute.png)

Anyone have more milk on ricchi AKA moetrons/popcutesweet? "He's" (kek) been posted many times before on /snow/ in egirl threads. She's being dragged for her paedo bullshit again. 23 y/o woman openly talking about watching CP with another grown woman who obsesses over lolis and wearing used japanese kids clothes. She has a penchant for stalking and copying younger girls then harassing them offline as well. This tumblr exists but it's abandoned and much more has happened since she went private in an attempt to hide.
She's looking more and more like a legit paedo trying to lure kids into her discord. If we can gather enough info I think she warrants her own thread separate from the egirls general. You have to be pretty demented and isolated to spend your days as a twenty-something starving to fit into baby clothes while tweeting about how you want to be raped like a little girl… it's chilling. Beyond normal cow behavior. I don't personally have the stomach to deep dive. Hoping some nonnas with more braves than I can help us catalog it all into a neat thread.

No. 917746

Is there a new Victoria Bella morte thread I’m missing?

No. 917752

File: 1691472219474.jpg (1.16 MB, 3264x2448, MTXX_PT20230808_062102844.jpg)

Don't know any of these tards but OOP's post is just interactionbait. They were talking about Cyberpunk.

No. 917761

could we please maybe get a thread on how ai models and ai onlyfans is gonna affect the future for women? i’ve read some pretty disgusting things by men on how real women would have to compete with ai women. women are also starting to talk about how ai won’t actually make men leave real women alone, but again be something that will be hidden in relationships. i think it’s genuinely so milky and current.

No. 917766

File: 1691507817067.jpeg (43.58 KB, 800x450, IMG_6980.jpeg)


Imo ai shit is good for women since at risk girls won’t be forced into the abusive industry that is porn. If porn jobs are replaced by ai that would be a win for society. If some men totally give up on relationships to sext with robots that means they were scummy dudes anyway who no one should have dated to begin with.

No. 917772

File: 1691524519442.png (113.96 KB, 300x300, IMG_4208.png)

Thinking about making one for Tophiachu/ Tophia Slydell but I’m not sure if I should put her in PT or Snow. She’s TikTok’s very own PT/Chrischan. An almost 30 year old woman who goes on live to rant about herself and other things while refusing to get a job while she and her mom and brother live in a motel while her stepfather is in jail. She thinks she will make enough money by social media and by scamming people.
Some notable things include her preference for Asian men and getting a creator to delete his account over her obsession with him
Her using rent money to go to Comic-Con with her brother
Neglecting her dog

No. 917773

Not this bitch again

No. 917778

It's easy to paint them all with a brush considering… everything but the men who are crowing about competition between real women and ai weren't on the radar of actual women to begin with. They can feel free to take themselves out of the dating pool but I worry how more depraved porn can get because of the excuse there's no actual women in it. Still damaging; less so.

No. 917781

I feel like snow would be a better fit but I can’t wait to see the thread either way anon.

No. 917790

File: 1691572970600.jpg (43.43 KB, 635x390, looney.jpg)

There is this Australian basketball player (or, former, now "fuck you Imma make a only fans then") called Liz Cambage who is the cowiest cow. She has the behaviors to a t - delusion, blaming everyone else, complete inability to back down, she acts like Mira kanadajinsan - but with a national sports spotlight (in Australia and I she was in a US team for a while). She tells obvious lies openly, and is so low IQ that she thinks people are eating it up whereas they are in fact scared to confront her because she is 7ft tall and aggressive.
Problem is nobody on here will care because she is basically a retired local sports player nobody. She tried to get relevant again this week with some fabulist nonsense but after it dies down tomorrow she will probably be forgotten. Some humour comes from how deploys "knowing" African American mannerisms that she thinks cover over her having no argument. So she will hit someone in the face and when asked about it start up
>MMmmhmmm, nuh-uh - y'all ain't even KNOW, Mhm. Ooh-wee
like there's some kind of black people secret that makes what she did ok and right

No. 917795

Tumblr callout post vibes. Is she funny?

No. 917799

It's as much of a "risk" as robot girlfriends are in that only the worst moids will "choose" ai girlfriends "over" the real women they stand no chance with. Saw some screenshots on the reddit thread recently and they have like 3 ai girlfriend conversations going on at once with thousands of messages within a week. One less idiot to waste a real woman's time seems like a win to me. Every woman is cheering at the concept, the real threat of ai is art/writing/medical/admin/programming/movie etc jobs which are already being replaced. Imo some of it will be legalised out of existence and some of it will stay, it's a bit like NFT/Crypto in that there's a brief boom before all the investor money goes nowhere since it's pretty much a flawed dud.
A general AI milk thread would be good but the focus on moid cummies is literally the least interesting aspect of it.

No. 917800

Pls can we have a new Heather Explores thread, don't wanna miss any milk with the new moid since the last thread is full now

No. 917802

No. 917821

nonna she probably does have middle eastern ancestry because many of the ethnicities like iranians or syrians have her exact skin tone (the pale unfiltered version lol) and her facial features actually clock extremely well for typically iranian or something, jsut look for anyone on iranian tiktok. in her other videos it's easier to tell but yea. it's just that iranian people do not look super distinguishable from white people. at least when living in america we live like other white people as far as privilege and some cultural differences that stand out compared to like waspy white americans. the way she uses it like middle eastern princess is still milky and cringe tho but i'm not getting like actual race faking red flags here.

No. 917833

Tell me you don't know Middle Easterners without saying it, Nona. We come in all shades and some of us have a broad range of how dark or light we can get. The Levant in particular is full of people like this, some you'd think were northern European until they speak. The rest seems milky but like >>917821 said, doesn't seem like race-baiting to me at all.

No. 917849

Of all the cows I did not expect to see here … fuck. I feel like she's setting up to be milky in the future after her surprise announcement about the Nigerian team wanting her (spoiler: they did not) and all the lunacy that followed.

No. 917954

Is anyone working on a new Victoria Bella Morte thread? There is new content to be posted.

No. 918003

File: 1691967471303.jpg (Spoiler Image, 73.9 KB, 1080x607, 008.jpg)

this is a /soc/ tranny who whips her dick out in public, like in stores and shit.
her discord server where she posts this is
and her username is tsjanice(spoiler your shit)

No. 918011

Completely agree. Tophiachu has new milk almost every hour.

No. 918016

i agree that she definitely deserves a thread imo but since she's deleted a lot of her accounts and changes her usernames so often it's hard to keep track. she does have a tiktok account floating around though provided it hasn't been deleted yet

No. 918061

been waiting 4 a thread on, her? all these girls who think they r so cute and "moEpiLled" r so attention seeking they will incriminate themselves 4 clout atp.. its sad(sage your shit)

No. 918065

could someone make a new celebricows thread pls? i miss the unhinged derailing and i suck at making threads that require more than 5 links

No. 918078

File: 1692126573025.png (983.58 KB, 1186x1657, Screenshot_20230815-140911.png)

Request for new celebcow thread #87

Old thread #86: >>>/ot/1649478

Thanks in advance to whoever creates the next thread!

No. 918087

Wondering of there's any interest in a Baldur's Gate 3 thread in /m/

No. 918164

Are there any threads for "famous guys that give you the creeps"? Not meaning guys who are confirmed creeps or rapists, but more like actors/influencers where something just feels off about them but you can't tell why. I want to talk about it, don't know where to

No. 918188

You could maybe make one in /g/ or /ot/ whichever feels right. I would be interested in that for sure, I constantly sperg to my friends about famous dudes I have a bad feeling about kek

No. 918195


No. 918241

Can we have a thread on /snow/ to discuss fandom related cows, dramas, and shenanigans similar to the Artist Commentary Community thread? Would anyone be interested in such a thing? The thread wouldn't be so much about the psychology behind fandom but the cows and cowish behavior that happens in various fandoms.

No. 918244

since the whole hockey booktok debacle i feel like a thread for that would be super entertaining

No. 918245

I think an author/booktok cow and drama thread in general would be great.

No. 918257

Double agree. I need somewhere to shit talk Piper CJ lmao she’s a mega cow

No. 918272

seconded. booktok is very milky

No. 918441

would anyone be interested in a thread on the dougherty dozen mom?
she’s the “here’s what my 12 kids ate today!” mom who has mostly adopted/kinship foster kids that she exploits and posts about their personal info so terribly. she’ll post about how some of them have FAS (and once described one of them affected as “looking like sid the sloth”) and trauma related to having alcoholic parents but will have open cans of white claw and wine everywhere. she posts about some kids having continence issues and even posted about one of the kids having suicidal thoughts. she’s got a shopping addiction as well and will buy the kids SEVERAL super expensive electronic devices for their birthdays and is just generally so insanely wasteful.
she did a vow renewal with her husband and showed the bag each kid had for the flight and it was like. a macbook, a tablet, iphone, earbuds, airpods, ten different kinds of snacks, an entire extra brand new outfit, blanket, etc etc. like $2000 each kid. but then she’ll show the breakfast she makes for them and it’s two mini muffins and one link of sausage for each kid.
there’s a snark subreddit but i’d put in the effort to make a thread here if anyone was interested

No. 918470

I would love a thread for Alicia, the subreddit is kind of a shithole at times and they worship that DCP scrote. Would be great to have another place to talk about them, you should definitely make one anon!

No. 918473

I'd love one! I've recently discovered her through tiktok and instantly knew something was fucked up about her.

No. 918538


I’d love one too!

No. 918959

Lauren Drain-Kagan. Claimed she got kicked out of Westboro Baptist Church for “seeing hypocrisy” when in reality it was because she was sexting a random guy (again). She is now a full blown whore and orthorexic who ditches her husband and baby to film OF shit.

No. 918960

She’s also been caught lying about her dad allegedly beating her (he didn’t) and about ‘reuniting’ with her family - they did briefly make contact but immediately cut her off upon learning that she’s a Pornsick freak.

No. 918995

Ok I don’t know if it would get used but what if someone made a general celeb hate-sperging thread to try to clean up the celebricow thread? And people can go apeshit freely there without getting redtexted so they can just get it all out and not shit up other spaces?

No. 918996

File: 1694229962086.jpg (1.07 MB, 1440x2759, @1dten.jpg)

Someone needs to look into if this person is actually farmable, they're always writing weird fanficts about their sweeties and dead friends and posting super personal info, they also have commissions open and seem to believe they're genuinely talented.

No. 919093

There's a million identical accounts to this on Twitter alone. What makes them even remotely noteworthy? Smells like vendetta

No. 919143

patiently waiting for everyone to realize how milky Athena x is
starting to think some of u like her
no im not her just tired of seeing so much love for the idiot(no milk + no links)

No. 919144

& yes i posted ab her in other threads i want my dam point across

No. 919162

Second Athena the milk is endless
Her insta is @senpaislittlebrat same as Twitter fb is Athena Harlow lyn o sure she has a cringe tik tok been following her shit since she first got brought up here and Boi is she insane

No. 919170





I've been waiting to make this shit
She's been the laughing stock of sacramento for over 10 years ever since this girl brittany rocked her shit and jumped her for having a big mouth. She's perfect cow always posting her drama online. She's always in relationships and getting fucked over and then another relationship and that one "abused me" then married twice, had a kid that I think is dead now (p sure from sids) drug her poor second husband in the dirt treated him like trash he eventually left her ass and she CONTANTLY sad posts wanting him back he literally moved away and deleted all socials she traumatized him lmfao gets with this sketchy tattood insane Mexican guy that was clearly a herion addict (and just ugly as fuck) and eventually became a drug addict (not surprised one bit) shit got baaaad I remember she was saying that crazy junkie ex kidnapped her and tried to kill her (she was missing and he did go to jail for it) her and jonny Craig (and all of dance gavin dance) go way back (I went to school with her and ive hated her ever since her best friend is my bestfriend and she tells me all this dumb shit and she posts EVERYTHING online) they like dated for a while or where just REALLY close even up until the Syd drama. ALSO She's fucked that cobweb tattoo face fucker too idk that story completely. She WAS best friends with Tim feerek only because she was married to ben the guitar player for a lot like birds and I'm SO CERTAIN she was cheating on ben with Tim and THATS why he left her. She's a train wreck and did crazy shit when she was at her peak Junkie faze. She claims she's sober now and was in rehab for a while (her socials where completely quiet for months) pictures of NA chips and recovery bullshit now. God there's sooo much more lmfao I follow her (lurk acc) purely for the entertainment for SO long and never understood why she hasn't gotten more shit for how trash she is and has such a big mouth. She thinks she's tough as fuck because her dad's a hello angel. I even heard she literally pistol wiped someone LMFAO she's "always getting raped" yep one of those girl every man in her life has raped and abused her. Kelly told her something about her mom sold her into trafficking when she was 11 so maybe that's why she's so fucked off. Doesn't explain how she's such a whore though. She was in porn for a while for kink and she was dating Owen gray (fucking yuck) she's trash I subbed to her onlyfans once and HOLY SHIT it's DISGUSTIG and there's easily 20 + different people in there lmfao (sucks they all have herpes now) ohhh she she was fucking Corey laquay for a while YES he was with Chelsea and yes she found out and they're still together. She dated Red from kingdom of giants and he says that was something he regrets the most in his life LMFAO right now I'm pretty sure she's fucking some Russian chicks husband
Uhhh I know I know more I can't think rn but I think that's good enough amount of milk

No. 919192

if you're going to samefag you should at least try to make it less obvious. really comes off as vendetta-posting

No. 919194

I know athena was a whole ass mess but yikes thats a lot of milk just coming off the top of their head..
fuck it make a thread I have a feeling it would be pretty good ngl

No. 919196

She's a total cow every time she gets brought up it's like you're defending her almost by not wanting to make a thread(ban evading samefag still doesn't get it)

No. 919197

You need to learn to integrate. Your samefaggotry and newfaggotry are palpable. You either have a vendetta or you're athena yourself. Sad either way. The milk isn't even that interesting and the way you write is an eyesore.

No. 919198

In case you once again ban evade too much to see the ban message: You haven't managed to get anyone to care about this cow because you refuse to post like a coherent adult. There is information all over this site on how to set up a thread on a new cow. We will keep banning you until you learn how to post. Lurk some of the other threads about thot cows and try to replicate that next time. Maybe ask one of your more literate friends to help you and remember screenshots are everything.

No. 919211

Shout out to the farmhand, Athena is constantly self posting. Shes so stupid kek

No. 919253

File: 1694610954252.png (300.69 KB, 582x526, Screenshot 2023-09-13 052158.p…)





I've been waiting to make this shit
She's been the laughing stock of Sacramento for over 10 years ever since this girl Brittany rocked her shit and jumped her for having a big mouth. She's a perfect cow always posting her drama online. She's always in relationships and getting fucked over and then another relationship and that one "abused me" then married twice, had a kid that I think is dead now (p sure from SIDS) drug her poor second husband in the dirt treated him like trash he eventually left her ass and she CONSTANTLY sad posts wanting him back he literally moved away and deleted all socials she traumatized him lmfao gets with this sketchy tattooed insane Mexican guy that was clearly a heroin addict (and just ugly as fuck) and eventually became a drug addict (not surprised one bit) shit got baaaad I remember she was saying that crazy junkie ex kidnapped her and tried to kill her (she was missing and he did go to jail for it) her and Jonny Craig (and all of dance Gavin dance) go way back (I went to school with her and i've hated her ever since her best friend is my best friend and she tells me all this dumb shit and she posts EVERYTHING online) they like dated for a while or where just REALLY close even up until the Syd drama. ALSO She's fucked that cobweb tattoo face fucker too idk that story completely. She WAS best friends with Tim Ferek only because she was married to Ben the guitar player for a lot like birds and I'm SO CERTAIN she was cheating on Ben with Tim and THAT'S why he left her. She's a train wreck and did crazy shit when she was at her peak Junkie faze. She claims she's sober now and was in rehab for a while (her socials were completely quiet for months) pictures of NA chips and recovery bullshit now. God there's sooo much more lmfao I follow her (lurk acc) purely for entertainment for SO long and never understood why she hasn't gotten more shit for how trash she is and has such a big mouth. She thinks she's tough as fuck because her dad's a hello angel. I even heard she literally pistol wiped someone LMFAO she's "always getting raped" yep one of those girl every man in her life has raped and abused her. Kelly told her something about her mom sold her into trafficking when she was 11 so maybe that's why she's so fucked off. Doesn't explain how she's such a whore though. She was in porn for a while for kink and she was dating Owen gray (fucking yuck) she's trash I subbed to her onlyfans once and HOLY SHIT it's DISGUSTING and there's easily 20 + different people in there lmfao (sucks they all have herpes now) ohhh she she was fucking Corey laquay for a while YES he was with Chelsea and yes she found out and they're still together. She dated Red from kingdom of giants and he says that was something he regrets the most in his life LMFAO right now I'm pretty sure she's fucking some Russian chicks husband
Uhhh I know I know more I can't think rn but I think that's good enough amount of milk

No. 919254

File: 1694610992365.png (803.86 KB, 965x582, Screenshot 2023-09-13 044800.p…)

No. 919255

File: 1694611017073.png (31.83 KB, 498x315, Screenshot 2023-09-13 051024.p…)

No. 919256

File: 1694611041012.png (369.08 KB, 958x491, Screenshot 2023-09-13 045241.p…)

No. 919257

File: 1694611064491.jpeg (39.17 KB, 734x314, Screenshot 2023-09-13 050017.j…)

No. 919258

File: 1694611085207.png (588.2 KB, 1122x468, Screenshot 2023-09-13 045524.p…)

No. 919259

File: 1694611134980.png (420.54 KB, 1146x485, Screenshot 2023-09-13 045725.p…)

No. 919260

File: 1694611174502.png (175.12 KB, 1021x448, Screenshot 2023-09-13 045830.p…)

No. 919261

File: 1694611270107.png (26.59 KB, 538x244, Screenshot 2023-09-13 051747.p…)

No. 919263

File: 1694611306700.png (18.31 KB, 595x180, Screenshot 2023-09-13 052144.p…)

No. 919264

File: 1694611375812.png (11.54 KB, 550x102, Screenshot 2023-09-13 050906.p…)

No. 919265

File: 1694611413528.png (783.65 KB, 946x577, Screenshot 2023-09-13 045059.p…)

No. 919266

File: 1694611530848.png (28.94 KB, 504x271, Screenshot 2023-09-13 051719.p…)

No. 919267

File: 1694611590875.png (12.05 KB, 583x100, Screenshot 2023-09-13 050945.p…)

No. 919268

File: 1694611635623.png (39.11 KB, 536x368, Screenshot 2023-09-13 051406.p…)

No. 919269

>her best friend is my best friend and she tells me all this dumb shit
OT but get a better best friend anon. She's def telling all your shit to everyone she knows too.

No. 919270

File: 1694612347512.png (21.79 KB, 487x237, Screenshot 2023-09-13 064023.p…)

she's just loony

No. 919271

well technically she thinks I keep it to myself, hell no

No. 919272

File: 1694612674622.png (194.58 KB, 518x477, Screenshot 2023-09-13 064506.p…)

ok wtf I remember years ago she tried getting that guy locked up for sexual assault and it was like a ordeal.

No. 919320

Sounds like they got the friends they deserve tbh. This is one of the zoomers who thinks this site is a burn book and/or personal army.

No. 919402

File: 1694805614757.jpg (281.6 KB, 1080x1774, Tumblr_l_584384836525936.jpg)

I had no idea about this until an anon brought it up in /or/ but apparently SaveaFox (and it's owner Mikayla) is super milky. Apparently it's not a rescue at all; she just buys the foxes and hoards them. There's why more milk than I could include in one image, but picrel was one of the most shocking things: literally putting a newborn baby and a fox together.

Here's a decent archive of the milk so far: https://www.tumblr.com/is-the-fox-video-cute/tagged/saveafox

No. 919404

File: 1694806373990.jpg (565.94 KB, 2048x1365, Tumblr_l_585142933818904.jpg)

No. 919406

That link doesn't work without a login. Watching her videos, they do get rescues that owners can't take care of. Not sure if she buys the unvaluable foxes from fur farms or gets them for free, they would be disposed of anyway by the farm. I do worry about SAF taking on more animals than they can manage and her having a child on top of it all.

No. 919416

File: 1694818822004.png (237.51 KB, 477x771, 1681831435.png)

Here's a google drive link instead:

She buys the foxes for 300-500 USD apiece from the fur farms she's supposedly against, and she charges a surrender fee. The only foxes she acquires for free are ones she's stolen (also something she admitted to doing.) She's constantly e-begging, yet she bought horses, exotic pets, expensive tattoos, and at least one sports car. She's openly admitted that Ethan (her spouse) bought Fawzi and the two jackals for her as pets, from breeders. At least two foxes (Cerberus and Apollo) had to have limbs amputated because they got injured trying to fight with other foxes through the chain link fence. Adjoining enclosures, especially with intact males, are NOT supposed to share a fence, and they're supposed to extend underground with concrete. She separated a jackal pup from its parents without knowing how to care for it or what milk to give, and the jackal pup later broke its leg interacting with her pet dogs. The "rescue" isn't even licensed as one– it's licensed as a fur farm.

No. 919433

Looks like there is a lot of milk, I'd be interested in a thread.

No. 919499

I'm very shocked that I can't find any Brittany Venti threads. Am I blind? For someone whose entire career is built off of making controversial/provocative content & petty hit-pieces she seems oddly unscathed. Does anyone know where the latest Venti thread is?

No. 919508

The only thread I could find was locked 4 years ago. She does have a thread on KF which is pretty active

No. 919518

Why the shock, though. We want actual milk not whatever dairy-like grey market import bullshit Venti is creating. And if more people were more interested in ignoring her obvious provocations and desperation, she'd lose it and give us some actual milk. It's a cottage industry of cringe.

And we already have too many kiwis and scrotes here. A venti thread would multiply that exponentially.

No. 919846

can we reopen the lucinda/oswaldslunch thread?

No. 919901

File: 1695626934226.jpg (193.94 KB, 1080x1284, 032218_Instagram.jpg)

This faggot has been pretty meh this far, but I am sensing REAL /snow/ potential in the making. Elon tier, perhaps milkier.

Bryan "18 year old penis" Johnson is currently coping and seething because leading gerontologists clowned him in a TIME article. He is now tweeting that these experts are secretly seeking his help in shopping for supplements.

No. 919904

Seconding this. He sits on a fucking electronic dildo chair every night and collects data on how active his dick is while he’s asleep.

And there’s a whole subset of idiot scrote orbiters out there who worship his dysfunctional relationship to his own body, it’s got to be a gold mine of milk.

No. 919906

Thirding it, I’ve thought he seemed like a cow from the first time I saw an article about him. What a ridiculous cope and to me always seemed like a way for him to rationalize wanting to fuck 18 year old girls or something by saying his body is young (kek no it isn’t) like yeah he’s in shape but he absolutely looks his age. His delusions are so milky.

No. 919907

File: 1695643981839.jpg (18.36 KB, 549x309, Swift_1695618287676_1695618288…)

Can we please get a new celebricows thread? Tswift and Travis Kelce are so cute together and I need to get it off my chest!

No. 919908

cute beard what's his name?
I'm kidding I'm sorry, also I've been banned all day or I would have made it

No. 919916

Is this that middle aged retard who was injecting his own son's blood into himself in the hopes it would make him a bishie? If so would enjoy a thread on him.

No. 919942

>uwuwu so kyoot!
>the most generic scrote i've seen in my entire life
Does she realize that someone with her fame and beauty can date a guy who's actually attractive…

No. 920186

if anyone is in the korea influencer circle qtmilkbuns aka hsy has kinda exploded past few days. She's a 27 esl teacher that went through a hoe phase which she streamed, got pregnant by an ex, refused to abort, ex ghosted her, and now she's convinced a 19 year old its his baby and supposedly they got married. People on tiktok, reddit, pull, twitter are now collectively exposing her (money scams, etc) and she's been trying get people to report her subreddit. But the kvlogger thread in /w has been long dead and maybe not worth resurrecting it

No. 920291

New Onision thread? He just came out with a ridiculous “documentary” i.e. whining on camera about how everyone is so, so mean to him.

No. 920427

his latest thread is unlocked again >>>/pt/920331

No. 920450

File: 1696562540827.png (348.23 KB, 1061x729, 35yearoldgroomer.png)

anyone willing to create a new yanderedev/yandev/alex mahan? not only just with the new groomer allegations but also just in general an updated thread on him and the game

No. 920451

File: 1696569524328.png (764.98 KB, 1086x566, lord poopoo.png)

I would like to request the reopening of thread No. 1830495, dedicated to Fotouh Al Sahlamm (aka Poopina). This given her next leap to stardom in the MDE universe (she will be appearing in the episode Prom Night), for which she is already preparing her face editing skills. Given her complete lack of identity she has recently been flirting online with the Red Scare Podcast circle. Quite a lot to catch up.

No. 920457

I second this, and the tradthot thread

No. 920458

He’s not cute he looks disgusting and is her beard

No. 920470

New tuna thread? She's finally active again.

No. 920478

>has a massive space for them to free roam

This just sounds like the typical people online throwing fits.

No. 920484

i can work on one tomorrow i don't have access to a computer until then

No. 920556

gotchu anon

No. 920660

File: 1696879580306.png (1.25 MB, 1248x864, threadddd2.png)

Anyone making a new Grimes and Musk thread? The nonna who did magnificent work with the previous ones seems to be busy.

No. 920799

Pls nonnas

No. 920803

They don't have new milk though

No. 920840

can we get a thread on the true crime community on tiktok? basically its a bunch of sickos that make adam lanza and columbine edits. idk if theres already a thread on this or if anyone would be interested in making a thread about it

No. 920944

There's an ancient one floating around /pt/ somewhere that was about Tumblr columbiners. That crazy chick Lindsay Souvannarath was posted about it in. Would love to see it resurrected too, because true crime as a subculture is more mainstream now than it was then.

No. 921036

This shit has been happening for decades. Not sure a new medium within which it's propagated warrants a new thread.
Anyway, isn't the "true crime" landscape occupied primarily by dead-eyed zoomers reading out wikipedia articles on YT?

No. 921281

I thought it was millennial women doing their makeup

No. 921282

Tbh there are a lot of males of varying ages who have some of the weirdest grossest tones of voice when they give too many details on crimes committed against women and children. I’ve seen a lot of really questionable stuff tbh like things I wonder why they felt the need to talk about in such detail unless they had their pud in their hand.

No. 921316

This sounds more like a projection thing tbh

No. 921324

I’m AYRT and wdym? I have stopped watching a lot of videos because of the reasons I stated in my post. I don’t watch much YT true crime anymore bc of it.

No. 921453

are there any nonna's here that like to DIY their own skincare/haircare/makeup? if so would there be any interest in making a thread for that so we can share recipies with eachother?
(had to repost because i saged by accident)

No. 921478

I would be interested, I have some stuff to share. I know that kind of stuff could go in skincare or makeup threads but a DIY Beauty thread would be cool imo

No. 921488

i still think we should have a deathfat munchie / obvious ana faking thread, the ed cow thread has too many actual ana-chans sperging on girls who have just been hospitalized and it’s depressing, i just wanna laugh at delusional fatties

No. 921493

I wish the HAES cows/fatty thread was more active, I just got into watching fat postivity tiktok cringe comps and heard about who Marissa Matthews is way late in the game kekn

No. 921632

newfag here, i have no clue how to format threads.. but can someone make a thread on daniel larson? hes nearing the chrischan tier when it comes to lolcow-ness.

No. 921640

He already has a thread, but I'm not going to link it because you need to learn how to use the search function.

No. 921680

Nta but how DO you use the search function and where tf is it?

No. 921684

Catalog then ctrl + f I assume

No. 921701

File: 1698413618361.jpg (89.53 KB, 1080x677, Screenshot_20231027-093228_Bra…)

Scroll to the very bottom of the page on any board of the site (on /pt/ or /m/ for example, not while viewing a thread as it won't appear) and it'll be there with the board names.

No. 921738

Oh wow, ok. Thanks nonnas. All this time I’ve subconsciously seen it there but it never really registered.

No. 922289

misterrbobo on twitch could be an interesting thread

very niche but it's the beginning of something good

No. 922420

i reckon ivy wolk deserves a thread

No. 922459

Has anyone mentioned the MLV (malt liquor video) community? I know one of the guys is on his death bed about now. This seems to be the head guy though.
Basically their whole thing is to drink a 40oz and eat fast food, talk about whatever (usually either politics or personal gripes in their life.)
I see a decent milk potential out of some of these guys, it's been something I've been watching since high-school.

No. 922473

But you know what the best part is?
The old faglich is chronically, TERMINALLY online, but in a different way from melon. He reads his IG comments and periodically tries to crytype sassy comebacks about how much he doesn't care. To put it simply, if the thread is made and it gets big enough, there's a good chance he'll find it - which might give us an orgasm rivaling Red Scare's initial discovery of Leftcows.

No. 922571

File: 1699617284202.jpeg (196.46 KB, 1170x649, E278C40B-63C3-42BF-A419-7BB5B9…)

Hey everyone. This is my first time using this site and I don't want to post in lolcow general without first getting some opinions. The gist of this is there's this guy on Twitter who goes by DeltaRanger7. His account is entirely made up of incoherent spam about Christmas and Easter being pagan holidays, warning people to keep the sabbath, and posting videos of people who agree with him. Sounds simple enough until you notice that he has over 16,000 posts, most of which are replies to random people where he appears in their replies and warns them with a copypasta about breaking the sabbath and similar stuff like that. His discord server is made up of his friends and curious onlookers, there he claims to have the "Key of David" and seems to see himself as a prophet of some sort, warning about a once in 7000 years tribulation, like he seems to think he's a biblical prophet saving people from eating pork, or whatever

No. 922665

Nice find nonna but he's not really cow material. While this is interesting, there's no real milk or gossip other than him being an esoteric schizoposter and there's a lot of them out there worse than this guy

No. 922829

Had the extreme misfortune of looking into Aaron Beauregard after a bunch of idiots on TikTok decided to shill his work during October. Would love a thread on him, feels like there’s a lot of potential milk. His writing is on the level of a sixth grader’s from the few excerpts I could stomach reading, it is laughably terrible and beyond vile. He is responsible for Playground & The Slob amongst others.

Idk very tired of people acting like this moid can write when he is so talentless & clearly gets off to women and children being tortured & raped under the guise of “extreme horror”. If he doesn’t have some kind of history or sexual assault, I’d be surprised. Apologies if I did this incorrectly, it’s my first post after lurking various boards for years.

No. 922847

Not a single person per se, but there's a youtube channel called "tales from the streets" and "Atlanta Street interviews" that produce some really messed up lolcows without an internet presence. Some people there are innocent, but most just don't want to take accountability or make really poor life choices despite being intelligent in some cases. I remember one girl in Atlanta street interviews who was bragging about being in the top 1% of her class and taking AP stem classes, and then also having a boyfriend/baby daddy that works to pay her bills, a guy she meets to fuck on the side without her boyfriend knowing, and a third guy she's just leading on to pay for dates and maybe turn into a new f$&% guy, all with this smug grin on her face.(you can say fuck)

No. 922939

would love to see a thread on "jasonafex" and his racist wife

No. 922940

Which interview is that with the smug girl?

No. 923014

File: 1700285724551.png (9.15 KB, 1307x66, q.PNG)

Is there a kiwifarms thread?

No. 923017

use the search feature

No. 923032

the search feature is broken it just gives old mentions from years ago, what I meant was are they allowed

No. 923066

Can someone make a thread about Dream? The milk is flowing rn

No. 923068

Ivy was just on the red scare podcast. Just wait until that alt right thread is back

No. 923088

I would be interested in an rcta (race change to another) thread. It's a new tiktok identity for people who think they can "transition" from one race to another. 90% of them are white girls who want to be Japanese or Korean, so it would probably fit best in /w/

No. 923103

I wouldn't; the appeal of TIM and TIF threads is that it's forbidden to speak of them in a negative light in most places of the internet, meanwhile your suggested topic is something everyone everywhere agrees is stupid (yet they don't apply the same logic to transitioning) and thus we'd just get a redundant white
woman hate thread like photoshopper/egirl threads since they're all like the same girl..

No. 923106

Can someone continue the Women Shilled As Attractive that You think are Ugly #3 thread pretty pleasee

No. 923143

Is there a thread for Dream? Because my god green boy always seems to be producing milk.

No. 923163

No. 923164

Dream is a youtuber, you can post milk in the youtube general in /snow/

No. 923190

Romanianon is having another schizo meltdown in /meta/ >>>/meta/65559, I think it's time for a thread. She won't stop shitting up the site no matter what so we might as well discuss her properly instead of derailing half of /ot/ every time. Any volunteers? I don't know all her shit

No. 923195

I can make a thread if noone else will, but would any other nonnies be interested in a Talkie thread in /m/?. We can discuss the really shitty ones, give eachother tips on making good ones, etc.

No. 923198

I think I talked to her on discord once and she actually seemed way more sane than the shit she says here anonymously, it was only brief but I ended up liking her and hope she finds some peace eventually. That said, yes a thread would be great because there's simply so, so much to unpack.

No. 923199

File: 1700575589555.jpg (339.87 KB, 1536x2048, media-Fg8pi-Is-WQAY4-Iy-Z.jpg)

Yeah I'd like a thread on her.

No. 923226

Anyone heard of syrup yet?

he gets into all sorts of wild shit

No. 923245

can someone make another canadafag or canada hate thread?

No. 923257

Will we be allowed to discuss actual problems in the country without being labeled as racist or xenophobic this time?

No. 923280

Depends on if you can discuss problems without jumping to racism kek (wasn't in the last thread but if you're finding yourself labeled racist on an IB…)

No. 923377

Any time anyone mentioned immigration they were labeled racist by one (or two, idk) anon(s) who thought immigration discussion = racism

No. 923392

This thread is for cow threads, you don't need handholding to make generals in /ot/

No. 923465

My apologies about the late reply, didn't think anyone cared. There's three parts to this. She has a (black supremacist?) ankh face tattoo and is just making all the worst decisions she can, she's young but not dumb hopefully she snaps out of the street lifestyle but I doubt it.

No. 923466

lol ofc she's black.(racebait)

No. 923468

Forgot to mention that the host of the channel is a creepy dude who asks sexual questions to women who are young and vulnerable, but still, the on his channel people are very messed up and he's no better.

No. 923472

I dont think that matters, grow up in a environment like that and most people wouldn't be any better off. The smartest black girls are the ones who arrived from Africa, they actually study and get into university. The blacks raised in America are literal degenerates, and have a hood mentality, and considering it's popularity their subculture is spreading and it's affecting everyone. That's not to say they're all like that, quite a few of them are some of the most remarkable people you'll ever meet, but most of them are hopeless.(retarded triple-posting newfag who doesn't know how to remove embed)

No. 923568

File: 1701112750197.png (2.15 MB, 1074x1272, what.png)

No. 923599

Is anyone working on a new Pixielocks thread?

No. 923684


No. 923727

I miss seeing her crappy shoops and would love to know if there's been any candids during her threads absence. If the thread does get reinstated, I hope the mods vigilantly keep an eye and ban the hate boner moids that were orbiting her threads before. They killed the vibe before and I guarantee they'll do it again.

No. 923772

I really wish we had a thread for DMV cosplayers. So many are so milky.

We just had drama about chosenmii, who got banned from Nekocon for preforming nsfw acts in masquerade.

No. 923840

New heather thread. Her boyfriend reveal is spooky

No. 923857

+1 Please, we need to document her new creepy moid

No. 923863

Yes! We need to discuss it!

No. 923892

File: 1701545556219.jpeg (833.63 KB, 1290x1991, IMG_0027.jpeg)

Yes she revealed her ugly new Xmas moid

No. 923917

She is streaming with charls who barely acknowledge her on stream. She also found out that she is "1% Korean". I thought she was trolling but she really started editing her pics to look asian after saying this.

No. 923922

File: 1701564999118.jpg (143.01 KB, 1080x1920, Download.jpg)

Yes, please, I need to talk about her most listend to goth songs this year. She is the spookiest person I've ever encountered.

No. 923935

So dark, such a spooky unique girl with her Taylor Swift songs…

No. 923991

File: 1701654747678.jpg (550.59 KB, 1152x2048, old.jpg)

He seems old for her(don't use this as a cow thread)

No. 923992

Fuck, shes gonna get murdered.(don't use this as a cow thread)

No. 923999

I thought so, too. Also, why is he always squinting like that…(don't use this as a cow thread)

No. 924059

Made a new thread ladies, with timestamps an' all, I'm exhausted now kek

feel free to repost your photos of the new creepy Ryan:

No. 924087

you are a sweet angel, thank you

No. 924203

has the nyc postleft scene finally died off? no new postleftcows thread so far

No. 924298

Is it just me or has the lille Jean theead vanished

No. 924436

Nonnies, can you make a new AltCow thread? The other is at limit and no one has made a new thread in a day or two.

Old AltCow thread:

No. 924626

new alcows thread plsssss

No. 924630

making one now

No. 924926

Why are there two Qtmilkbuns threads and why have they been locked? Her rabbit hole starts as far as 2021.

No. 925907

No. 925916

File: 1703906148386.png (6.79 MB, 1170x2532, B789A95A-CC65-4D7A-8A2D-CBFF9D…)

is there anything on kittybortion / vendevine yet? made an OF as soon as she turned 18 and keeps posting about her damn anorexia and having no food in the house when all she does with the money shes earning is doordash more shit to keep her fat. lies about age and posts her baby cuts for sympathy. has some shitty art and music up too.

No. 926148

Anyone willing to make a new dress up game/picrew thread in /m? It was a lot of fun seeing other nonas make cute pics & Madotsukis in different art styles. Don't wanna try making a thread for the first time in case it’s shit so everyone can enjoy it or cause the mods more work.

No. 926178

How could you fuck up something like a continuation of an image spam thread? This level of newfaggotry is depressing(sage)

No. 926211

then do it? I don’t live online. Why are you so mad?

No. 926238

Gypsy Rose Blanchard is out of prison and apparently acting cringey on social media. Anyone think it's cow worthy?

No. 926239

I think the people who obsess over her and offer her strip club jobs are the cows. She needs to be left alone.

No. 926243

nah, gypsy is basically just posting the way most people did when they were new to social media. the real cows are the losers in her comments section telling her to join onlyfans and get plastic surgery

No. 926286

Is it actually her posting or is it just the ugly moid she married trying to make everyone forget he's a predator who targeted a severely vulnerable & emotionally stunted woman?

No. 926292

Does anyone know what the deal is with that Mcfive Circus family? A couple videos randomly popped up on YouTube and just the titles alone seem fucking weird. I can’t seem to find much on them or in the YouTube thread either but I’m not very internet savvy. If they are already in a thread could someone please point me in that direction?

No. 926309

New Trve Vikings thread for Varg and Marie pls

No. 926349

Is anybody working on a new Victoria Bella Morte thread?

No. 926465

No. 926496

+1 to this. Don't think we are missing much but still want it.

No. 926499

File: 1705009396875.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1170x1444, IMG_9858.jpeg)

Seriously considering making a thread on Brujo Ari as she has become one of my personal fakeboy lolcows with her self insert oc who originally was a bastardized version of Kakyion. I know if she is milky enough for her own thread, but she’s a NEET artist who constantly spergs about how her TiF jotakak (or whatever the ship name is) are totes valid and gay despite looking like an average straight couple. It seems the plot of whatever she might make out of it is the most predictable “the NLOG steals the guy from the rich white girl” plot. Anyone interested in a full thread?

No. 926509

seems like snow material

No. 926527

Yeah do it, bruja celta (and later on “brujx celta” and now this) is so unbelievably cringe

No. 926544

I am also waiting for a new vick thread she’s been posting a lot of awful edits the past few days

No. 926569

Also waiting

No. 926572

Thirding this kek I just know she’s up to shit while there’s no thread

No. 926577

With the most recent milk coming out in the book/author community and how Xiran's crap keeps leaking into various threads, I'm determined to make a book/author drama thread. I've never made one before so I'm going to try my best with this one. Let me know if anyone is interested/ have interesting topics to put on the OP topic.

No. 926584

YESSS def look into the Piper CJ shit if you aren’t aware of her whole thing. She is very milky kek

No. 926597

As long as the milk is flowing or at least trickling and enticing enough for people not in that niche community make, I’m interested

No. 926618

Please please please someone make a new Western Animation Industry Cows thread thank you so much in advance

No. 926691

request for a thread on UK plus size "fashion" youtubers e.g. emma tamsin hill and becky reynolds

No. 926706

my friend's sister in law is part of this, i'd love a thread

No. 926710

File: 1705415361576.jpg (65.55 KB, 900x505, gkulnw[1].jpg)

day 10 without a vicky thread

No. 926713

Do we need a new "men you're ashamed to say you'd fuck" thread? was #4 the last one? Not sure if blind

No. 926723

Is anyone not gonna make one?? I would but have no clue how

No. 926730

yees same it needs to be done!!

No. 926804

If you require support to make a new image spam thread then you shouldn't be posting at all. Lurk more and learn how to use the catalog. If you can't find a certain older thread anymore, post in /meta/. This thread is strictly for gathering interest and resources for new cow threads.

No. 926812

I'd love a thread on that!

No. 926830

YES do this one. She's definitely milky. She seems to argue with people in her comments a lot especially about her totes original characters kek

No. 926836

samefag, it's also hilarious that she constantly has to ask her followers to write her ocs for her

No. 926841

I would love a thread on Heather Gillespie. She was on love after lock up and is absolutely insane.

Notable antics include being absolutely insane. Immediately started a fight with her convict fiance because he was nice to her 90 something year old aunt when she took him home from prison, out of jealousy. Dead beat mom to 3 kids. Blew up a free car she got. Got given an apartment and completely trashed it. Walks around gyms threatening people with knives. Believe she's being chased by a gang of genderless people in bowl cuts called "they". Sex trafficking friends, prostitute, former cam girl.

Currently lives in a tent and is pregnant. Drug of choice is dust canisters. Hasn't showered in nearly a year.

Just the tip of the iceberg.

No. 926878

is her convict fiancé as bad as her?

No. 926914


They broke up shortly after he got out of jail because she's nuts. She actually made him look sane on the show. He's no peach by any means but he looks like a saint compared to her.

Her current man is someone who approached her outside a Walgreens and said Jehovah sent him to save her. He's mostly her errand boy and doesn't have much of a presence online. His name is Xavier.

No. 926940

She made a post about her oc that made it seem like she has anorexia kek

No. 927056

File: 1705945372911.png (1.35 MB, 2006x1202, 1705939137289.png)

I have no experience making cow threads but I made a potential thread pic if someone else wants to do it

No. 927089

this is so good, idk how to do new threads either but pls someone do it. she keeps deactivating her instagram, there’s a bunch of new edits & she made a post hinting at having some kind of surgery but at least she kept her hair.

No. 927122

New Luna thread?

No. 927127

i can work on one at some point today if no one else does. threadpic and subject suggestions?

No. 927132

Nta but something about bleach/hair color in the title

No. 927167

I have pics to post!

No. 927171

To those interested in the book/author thread, how does this look? Need any skimming? It's my first time making a /snow/ thread

A thread about all about the book drama world be it:
Booktok/tube drama
Authortok/tube drama
Book review/Goodreads drama

Notable author cows:
>Xiran Jay Zhao - Author of "Iron Widow." A themby who insists that she's NB and wants they/them pronouns but always dresses and presents like a woman. Started off on youtube and became successful after reviewing Disney's Live Action Mulan. With the new success, she continued to make claims how China was "so queer until white people came in!" ignoring the eunuchs, concubines, and wanton sexual abuse of boys. Still makes incorrect claims about Chinese history. Family are rich Chinese with ties to the CCP. Even mainlanders dislike her. Used viral success to promote her book, which is a Darling in the Franxx rip off. Commissions people to make "fanart" of her "polyamorous" characters from book. Reported the Cat Corrain drama, which caused people to think she was Cait Corrain and received lots of hateful messages. Doesn't know when to STFU about politics and claims her new book is delayed because of her stance on Palestine. Currently acting out because she got disqualified for the Hugo award, which is hosted in China this year.

>Piper CJ - Author of "The Night and It's Moon". She's self-published a book with a self-depricating attitude that "no one will read it" yet advertises it like crazy on tiktok, garnering lots of interest. Book gets released, it's predictably bad-average. Youtube book reviewer ReadswithRachel makes a video reviewing using buzzwords like plagarism and "problematic representation." CJ and her friends (or sockpuppets) start to leave nasty messages and report Rachel's tiktok. Overall CJ doesn't take criticism well. Recently wrote another book

>Cait Corrain - Author of "Crown of Starlight." Started off as a Reylo fanfic writer. Created lots of sockpuppet goodread accounts to reviewbomb up-and-coming books in the same genre as hers and other indie randos. Absolutely retardedly used those same accounts to give her book 5 stars. People caught on to the fake reviews and figured out it was her. When caught, she created fake conversations with the "real culprit." Screenshot convos were horribly editted and cropped, indicating she didn't even bother to at least have a conversation with herself. No one bought it. Got dropped by her agent and publishing company. Authors that got reviewbombed all happened to be POC and got labed as racits. In her apology, she blamed it all on depression and alcoholism.

>Alice Oseman - author of "Heartstoppers." Hates BL made by Asians and touts herself as writing true queer romance without the problematic stuff "Asians" write. Currently getting eaten alive by the audience she bowed down to by daring to make the implication of her 17-year old male character looks up sex questions on google

>Alex Aster - Author of "Lightlark." Blew up on tiktok over making videos about vague tropes and asking "Would you want to read a book about X trope??" The viral success got her a publishing deal and a movie deal. Aster claimed she was self-made. Turns out her family is rich and her twin sister is a millionare. Book is released and it's laughably bad and juvenile. Sequel written and released a little over a year after first book. Still bad.

Notable ancient milk:
Hockey booktok incident
Cyborg Tinkerer fiasco
Handbook for Mortals
JK Rowling always winning

Have any book reviewers you find milky? Add them too!

No. 927189

That looks good! Maybe add a section on illumicrate/fairyloot/owlcrate/other sooper speshul book editions and the drama and hoarding they create?

No. 927206

are you allowed to start a thread or does it have to be approved first?

No. 927218

No. 927231

Second this, new thread please

No. 927233

We need a new tinfoil thread

No. 927241

Do it,Nonny. brujx celta's "web-comic" is just a franklin saint of jjba, 2000 teen drama and Daria's art style shit.
Plus she sometimes spregs out on her "feminine gay" OC being called a girl on tiktok.But let's be honest, her OC looks like a yk2 fashion girl so she needs to stop bitchin.

No. 927243

File: 1706233837017.jpeg (287.95 KB, 1170x866, IMG_0366.jpeg)

Vivziepop cartoons thread, maybe in /m/? The western animation cows thread nowadays is mostly just talk about Hazbin Hotel, and a lot of it isn’t milk, just sharing opinions about the show. Vivzie can still be brought up in the other thread when she’s relevant but it would cut down on a lot of the borderline off-topic posts in that thread. I saw a couple of other anons in the Hellweek thread saying the same thing.

No. 927246

I second this. Same with pumpy in the cam whores thread. No i agree, neither are milky enough to warrant their own thread, BUT people still choose to discuss them constantly in their current respective threads. Discussing non milky things about the same people over and over in a thread, kills it. Could be nice if both of these fools had a containment thread. Im not in the threads often though so i guess i dont care. Just damn everytime i am in there trying to consume milk i see these retards constantly being annoying or notmilky in the threads. Like 70% for pumpy. Kek

No. 927249

This is my first time making a thread, and I don’t want to accidentally come off as minimodding so I wanted some critique before I make a Vivziepop thread in /m/.

>Thread to discuss Hazbin Hotel, Helluva Boss, Zoophobia, and any of Vivziepop’s other works here. Fans and non-fans welcome. If you want to discuss milk having to do with Vivzie, that is probably best to put in the current iteration of Western Animation Industry Cows threads in /snow/ instead.
(ignoring farmhand comment above. This is strictly for cow threads on /pt/ and /snow/)

No. 927251

No. 927255

Need a new Luna thread. Did she melt the hair off of her head?

No. 927264

File: 1706303510371.jpg (244.48 KB, 720x1429, VideoCapture_20240123-153640.j…)

No. 927432

What happened to Elaine's threads?(wrong thread, newfaggotry, use the catalog)

No. 927455

they're buried in /snow/. you can search them in the catalogue

No. 927740

What about a Mikeneko (Rushia) thread nonnies? I feel like she's pretty milky

No. 927876

How come Eugenia Cooney doesn't have a thread? An entire Wiki could be created about her lolcowery over the years. There's no lack of milk

No. 927880

I wish. EC threads aren't allowed for some unknown reason, if I remember correctly

No. 927908

Wait, seriously? Same reason Idubbbz Wife isn't allowed to have a thread, I assume. Stan jannies

No. 928012

Because there's too many ana-chans on here for a Eugenia Cooney thread to be actual milk and not just infighting. They're bad enough weight sperging and calling everyone a fatty in other threads

No. 928045

Old admin and old jannies had a weird thing about Anisa/Pear not being "milky" enough to warrant a thread and it being 90% nitpicking rather than actual milk… When even then, we had shit like Moo's, Lori's, Pixielock's, and Shayna's thread being just that.

No. 928101

Source? I don't remember that, she was just not milky enough for her own thread and her updates usually end up in the youtuber general or anachan general

No. 928331

File: 1708111377361.jpg (180.71 KB, 1077x2109, 1000052455.jpg)

I didn't realize the Venus thread already maxed out, so dumping these here in the meantime. Just some updates from her Instagram after months of being MIA.

No. 928332

File: 1708111411422.jpg (347.92 KB, 1080x1899, 1000052456.jpg)

No. 928333

File: 1708111512921.jpg (402.4 KB, 1080x1903, 1000052457.jpg)

The at just links to some restaurant's Instagram page, nothing noteworthy.

No. 928347

Thanks for letting everyone know she's alive.

No. 928397

File: 1708266960401.jpeg (354.24 KB, 1179x2053, IMG_6016.jpeg)

(use the thread)

No. 928398

Someone did end up making a new thread btw

No. 928598

File: 1708399432701.png (563.54 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20230703-123836.png)

there HAS to be other anons who want a thread on this faggot. i need someone to sperg with about him

No. 928603

There is no source, I remember this being stated sometime in 2016-2018. Not gonna go digging.

No. 928649

File: 1708478956159.jpg (21.36 KB, 670x149, Average Israel supporter, part…)

Name: Yarin

Deadname: [UNKNOWN]

Nationality: Israeli Jew

Reddit: https://reddit.com/user/yarin981

AO3: https://archiveofourown.org/users/Greenhawk


Main: archyarin

Alt: yarinarc.(got hacked, currently going unused)

Birthday: Likely August 7th

Don't know much else, unfortunately(newfaggotry)

No. 928650

File: 1708479003428.jpg (59.27 KB, 577x436, Average Israel supporter, part…)

Second image

No. 928868

File: 1708721478358.png (2.36 MB, 916x1154, ka.png)

Name: Katina Gerstein
Username: AutismSupergirl and Malswarrior

Discovered last year that she had autism and started dating "Love On The Spectrum" star Subdoh. She talks to him like she's a mom of a toddler and disciplines him.

-Likes comments from fake accounts about how Subdoh's past girlfriend (who has downsyndrome) isn't as pretty, smart, and that Katina is better.

-Has new diseases popping up daily

-Claimed to be a pilot, nurse, vet, etc but is none of those things.

-Dated a 60 year old porn star before Subdoh

-Creates Adult baby content on Onlyfans

No. 928895

Holy shit this is so funny, thanks for sharing. I would definitely be interested in the thread lmfao

No. 928898

File: 1708766808097.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1290x1719, IMG_5477.jpeg)

Also wanted to add that Katina told many people she was dying of cancer and her dream was to be a model.

Plus she claims she’s a domestic violence survivor and almost died in a house fire

No. 928900

Wow, just had a look at her Instagram and she seems like a Munchie. Definitely milky enough for a thread.

No. 928951

Eva’s been one of my long time favourite cows, I used to follow her on tumblr when she had her first username acidburnbaby and I still have some of her old “poems.” She had a Muslim larp on TikTok about a year ago but gave it up when actual Muslims started throwing fits in her comment section. Now she’s doing some “baddie” aesthetic where she posts half naked and calls herself a “middle eastern Kim Kardashian.” She was trying really hard to get noticed by the rapper Bones a few years ago until he made some post about basic insta thots overcrowding his shows and she completely renounced him and never mentioned him again kek. I would love a thread on her, especially if she starts doing anything particularly milky again. She also claims to have a rich older boyfriend who pays for all her shit but she still lives at home and he’s never shown on any of her socials, she claims he doesn’t live in Canada but she also says they’ve dated for almost a decade now but over the years she’s always said she was single and was even looking for “older rich men with big noses” on her TikTok last year. Kek

She’s a white middle/upper class NEET born and raised in Toronto to two white parents. She’s not middle eastern and that’s not her natural skin tone kek

No. 928957

File: 1708821160823.png (1.55 MB, 937x1123, SPECIAL.png)

Katina claims she was in the Los Angeles Special Olympics in the Cheerleading category. I couldnt find any information online regarding this

No. 928958

File: 1708821978302.png (2.22 MB, 2002x1142, dasd.png)

Katina's issues according to her: Median Arcuate Ligament Syndrome,Sepsis,Autism, SPD & ARFID,GJ Tube,Hickman, EDS ,POTS,SVAS,MCAS,FAS,AVM, seizures, cardiac arrest, Cancer, bipolar disorder (this is from her list)

No. 928969

File: 1708852827977.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1290x2128, IMG_5499.jpeg)

Katina’s pets also get sick like her. She has videos of her online giving shots and meds to her pets

No. 928974


10000% a munchie. Shows off her medical gear in every possible post, spergs about health updates (there’s aaaalllways something new wrong) in the captions, has ehlers danlos aka the munchie’s new fav catch all condition, calls herself a spoonie and trawls for sympathy comments.

Would love a thread for her.

No. 928997

Ayrt I think she could finally be milky enough for a new thread, just browsed her socials for the first time in months and noticed she has an active onlyfans again which is a hilarious plot twist. Might farm some more later

No. 929145

File: 1709118308311.jpg (202.96 KB, 1080x1262, Screenshot_20240228_210534_Chr…)

Is seitanboef (formerly prettyvacvnt) milky enough yet? This is a furry who wears egl and has openly admitted to having a scat fetish. She was simping hard for a roblox paedophile and her posts are like a less socially aware Chris Chan

No. 929178

Maybe I'm missing something, but that doesn't sound interesting at all. Within an hour I could find a hundred users slithering in the rank underbelly of Twitter and Tumblr who are exactly like this moron. Where is the intrigue? Where is the drama? Where is the suspense? Even if this loser gets a thread, it'll likely be dead in less than a year. Idk, as I said, perhaps it's only me who feels this way.

No. 929198

File: 1709182123656.png (883.59 KB, 578x928, Untitled.png)

A whole new level of crazy… she's in the hospital now and was dianosed with more diseases and is becoming paralyzed(learn2embed)

No. 929263

A furry hate thread would probably fit better. But tbh most furs are artists or in the ACC community and there are already threads like this around. That and yuh, most furs are weird degens.

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