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No. 635136

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21 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her 32 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig, and her creepy controlling mother.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/632726

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history:

New Milk:
> Kronos is not dead (somehow) but is still incredibly untame
> Most of her time is now spent on Instagram going on possibly drug induced rambles, contradicting herself every other comment, and talking about how much she loves her animals and definitely does not neglect them
> Jonny was kicked from the Slaves for incessant drug use http://archive.is/JO9vO
> Taylor admitted to using heroin, this was corroborated by texts from Jonny http://archive.is/4GnJG http://archive.is/6sYGI
> Claims they will be attending rehab
> Accused former friend Breezexotics of sexual harassment http://archive.is/HiCCr
> Has deleted Twitter once again and disabled comments on Instagram
> Friends have gone on damage control, trying to save their own reputations
> Several YouTubers have made videos on the situation

Videos which sum up the situation:

Old Milk:
> Snakes are morbidly obese
> Has returned from over a month long hiatus (for now)
> Versatile Reptiles, Breezexotixs, and whatever (video anon) are verified with Tripcodes
> Still never made an apology video for slandering South Texas Dragons
> Admits to live feeding, and knocking rodents out with blunt force instead of a CO2 chamber (as recently as mid Nov, also leaving a live feeder alone with her snake for 20 mins, only checking on it once)
> Mushu has been shown without much gill feathering left recently shown much more clearly with facial scarring, even less feathering and stressed posturing
> Attempted to purchase two new crocodile skinks on the down low before a smaller pettuber ratted on the cover-up of the deaths
> Claiming that she's one of the few pettubers that is actually up front with the accident and the issues they have, despite trying to continuous hide the deaths of her mantis shrimp, lionfish, skinks, pacman frog etc for weeks-months after they happened
> More enclosures being shown with completely empty water dishes
> Cheese died suddenly, convenietly when she released new merch featuring him, has been pushing her merch harder than usual
> She has alluded to a ‘friend’ that has a cowfish twice the size of cheese that she may replace Cheese with (if she hasn’t already)
> Gave Cheese a “viking funeral” then sent him for autopsy (put him on a boat during a monetized video)
> Videos calling out her care have stated to take over searches for her
> In combination with the call-out videos on YT, after she posted the video of Cheese’s “funeral” TND began to hemmorage subscribers
> Other pettubers began making (monetized) videos to defend TND and claiming that they were worried that “the bullying against Taylor” might ‘make her’ self harm
> Other pettubers begin distancing themselves from TND
> TND shuts off comments on the videos and instagram posts around cheese amid mass criticism
> Has been bouncing deactivations on her twitter and instagram during the controversy around Cheese
> Recent Known Deaths: Orchid Mantis, Mantis Shrimp, Pacman Frog, Crocodile Skinks, Zazu, Cheese

Unconfirmed Milk:
> Ursula (Halloween Crab) died of a mismolt, was possibly replaced with another female crab.
> Electrical malfunction story was fabricated. Croc Skinks died of dehydration due to her not giving them enough water during a heatwave. Pacman frog died of malnutrition due to only being fed mice.
> Gucci escaped from their enclosure and was missing for 2 months. Taylor bought Parada as a replacement. Gucci was found in Gus’ enclosure after eating him. Taylor claimed Gus died of old age.
> Had a mite infestation, Bindi (Blue Tongue Skink) had it extremely badly
> Mantis Shrimp died after only a few days instead of a few months as claimed
> Leopard Gecko is kept in a dark tub

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 635146

>leaves "treatment" to go live with a new heavy drug user

I'm serious about my recovery guise

No. 635151

>Elijah Daniel himself is a "recovering" ??? addict himself.
She's going here because she has dreams of moving to LA and he's not going to hold her to a hard, 100% sober life.

No. 635152

Maybe taylor's doctor said something about being away from her rapist boyfriend and his drug use for recovery

No. 635153

Jonny's probably being the worst pain in the ass while he's detoxing.

No. 635154

Yes!! Can we please emphasize this. Elijah Daniel was TERRIBLE to Christine. He went from "fun youtuber" to sound cloud rapper extraordinaire hanging out with Tana. He has extensive history with xanax abuse, and god knows what else.
This doesn't sound good to me.

No. 635155

Taylor's previous coke addiction likely started when she first started flying to LA prior to dating Jonny and said then she had plans to move. But never spoke about it again once he never left to go 'film music videos'. I don't think LA period is good for her, but especially not with the KNOWN druggies of youtube.

No. 635156

File: 1548998168231.jpeg (120.76 KB, 750x601, 8E41ADC9-4D01-45B8-B838-CBD98C…)

It’s ok guys he’s done this before for other drug abusers, he’s an expert! /s

No. 635159

How the FUCK does she still feel capable for caring for 50+ animals at this point? She's literally running away from her responsibilities. Maybe rehome most of your fucking hoard and then worry about jetting off to your friend's house to get away from your piece of shit boyfriend who you knew was a piece of shit. Is she serious? Going to stay with someone else while randos take care of the ridiculous amount of animals she's amassed? Incredible.

No. 635160

You know what would be better than that?

Spending the well worth it $20,000 to admit herself to an inpatient drug addiction unit to detox there. Trained drug addiction recovery professionals could probably do a better job of helping her than some random dumbass rapper on the internet.

No. 635163

File: 1548998870893.jpeg (754.13 KB, 1242x1999, 4D2495F0-1CFB-409B-8217-EF73EA…)

Great place for Taylor to detox at! (This was Eijah Daniel’s NYE party)

No. 635164

what a degenerate. Awesome choice of detox location, Taylor, very cool!

No. 635165


>disabled comments on Instagram

Her comments have been open the entire time. She said that she is not manually deleting comment but is using a filter based on words used in negative comments.

OP anon, if you used archive.is because of my suggestion in the last thread, I was referring to archiving the source of the screenshots, not the screenshots themselves.

No. 635166

Even tho Taylor really doesn’t have much “clout”, Elijah made sure to hop on the attention since he’s pretty irrelevant. He wants to be known as the white knight who saves people now, even tho him announcing it all over fucking Twitter her plans to escape is extremely dangerous in an abusive situation. He could of done this all quietly or went to stay with her, TAKE CARE OF HER 50 ANIMALS and kicked Johnny out if. Not leave him in the apartment with the animals while she runs away to California . They’re both idiots.

No. 635167


I'm pretty sure she doesn't want to get clean. She's only pretending right now because she couldn't deny the drug use anymore after Jonny got outed by the band, and she did by association.

Maybe she'll get rid of Jonny by leaving, but she's probably just leaving her animals to suffer so she can continue getting high with a new crowd.

No. 635168


Did he just confirm that she has not detoxed?

No. 635171

File: 1548999437569.jpeg (359.56 KB, 1125x940, CDBC073D-9E70-4F98-8C85-5916CF…)

Sorry if this has been posted already.

I have yet to see one video encouraging hate groups to rise up. This woman is actually delusional and needs professional mental help just as much as Taylor does.

No. 635173

She isn’t capable of caring for them. However just because she can pay someone else to do it, that in her eyes = being capable of caring for them. Taylor, being capable of PAYING for them does not = CARING for them yourself. She’s so delusional it’s scary. I pray that she leaves Jonny, but if it’s just Jonny at the house by himself + sometimes the assistants, that’s not safe at all for her animals?? He’s absolutely insane and could definitely hurt them/let them loose… I could see him letting a few loose and saying oh sorry babe I was just trying to help and they got away!!
Maybe this is why she has locks on her enclosures. Maybe only she and the assistants have keys to them, who knows.
She’s honestly stupid, running away from everything does NOT = getting healthier. She needs to get them rehomed, Jonny our safely through the police, and focus on herself. BY HERSELF like her own tattoo says! She needs inpatient care, I really don’t see this working for her

No. 635174

I don't know how I feel about this. I feel like Elijah or whatever is putting Taylor at risk by posting this shit on Twitter.
And it's also highly irresponsible of Taylor to leave her animals alone, even if she has 2 people coming in, and especially if she's leaving Jonny behind.

He's been notorious for abandoning animals or threatening to harm them.

No. 635175

Tyler was being careless in his livestream (by calling Jonny abusive and telling Taylor to leave publicly) and now Elijah is being careless on Twitter by telling the world that she’s going to stay with him.

Taylor needs better friends. These ones are potentially putting her at risk so they can get asspats for white knighting.

No. 635176

Not to mention that the most dangerous time for a woman in an abusive relationship is when they leave. By announcing this type of shit on Twitter he's tipping Jonny about what she's trying to do. She should have seeked an impatient program and kicked Jonny out of the apartment. There's no need for her to fly to L.A.

No. 635177

What if she kicked him out or he got arrested or something??

As long as jonny isnt there, her animals would be fine. I still don't get why she would leave her place to stay anywhere except inpatient detox. Doesn't seem like she's fully prioritizing her health. Plus…. detoxing at am acquaintances house sounds fucking AWFUL. Idk why she would want to do that in the first place.

But I am definitely happy that she's getting away from jonny, or planning to for now.

No. 635180

His name is still in her bio, but her recent story makes it sound like shes breaking up with him.

No. 635182

File: 1549003300556.png (534.53 KB, 680x964, Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 12.4…)

No. 635184


.. I don't see how that sounds like she's breaking up with him.

In a comment on her latest IGpic, someone said they hope Taylor has an amazing time off with elijah… Taylor liked the comment.

No. 635185

Sounds more like she’s talking about her need for approval on social media. I wish she was leaving him, and will continue to hope so

No. 635189

My hope is that she’s secretly waiting to leave Jonny once she is safe in California and can just send someone out to change her locks or even send Mama Dean and her dad to get him out safely. Then she can just lay low in Cali until she feels like going back. But I highly doubt she will break up with him face to face. I am hoping Elijah will push her into breaking it off with him and if Emma and Tyler were smart they would take the time that she’s away from Jonny to encourage that, too.

No. 635194

She's his money supply, his everything supply. I don't see him rolling over about that.

No. 635198

Oh for sure! He’s gonna try to keep his claws in Taylor for as long as he can. I’m sure he will cry and beg and plead and promise her the world if she ever tried to leave him. But if she’s with friends who are anti-Jonny then she has a better shot of resisting. Taylor just needs someone to tell her the truth: Jonny doesn’t care about you for you, he views you as a meal ticket and a pretty face but you’re not soul mates and he probably has a plan B girl in mind bc he thinks like an addict and you will never come before his drugs.

No. 635200

All i'm getting from this Elijah thing is that he's after the views and drama. These people need to understand that her addiction is REAL and not something they can't stop talking about online. She could easily fix this drama if she steps out of the internet and either fix herself or continue to use. I can never take her serious if she's posting lies/excuses everyday. Now, her "friends" are trying to join the drama and get views from her stans. LOL why watch Kardashians when we have more milk than we need.

No. 635203

The 'never again will i need someone else' part is the part that sounds like jonny. It just seems like she would have picked a phrasing a little more all encompassing of social media as a whole to me

No. 635205

Taylor and her so called friends needs to understand that having unlimited money won't help her get sober. No matter how much she spends on more drugs to fix her current drug addiction. she needs MORE EFFORT than money at this point. Don't want to blog but there's a crackhead near my apartment who, we found out, has a buttload of money in her bank account yet we see her on the streets, like a fuckin mess, high on drugs and yelling out gibberish. Taylor NEEDS to push herself, leave Jonny, fire her "assistants", force herself into rehab, and do things her own like a grown adult. Posting paragraphs of bullshit, videos of needles in the background, and having online friends that's obviously after those views will not help at all no matter how much she tries to convince herself

No. 635207

It's my hope that he is already out. He hasn't posted on Instagram in around 4 hours. The stuff with Elijah has seemed to come out around 2 hours ago.

Either way.. it's better than staying in that apartment with him. Elijah can tell her how to actually recover (I don't think jonny has been) and she can hear what she needs to hear about jonny in general.

I hope she does what she needs to do. And I hope those animals are fkn safe and away from jonny.

No. 635209

This almost sounds like it could be like that time she went on that rant about him on Twitter. Maybe hes done something and she messaged that Elijah dude in typical impulsive Taylor fashion. Though I genuinely hope shes leaving him I'm not sure what going to someone's house that obviously uses some type of substance is the best move. Sounds like a rash decision to me

No. 635215

Agree totally, I bet she and Jonny argued and he left the house and now she wants to make him “pay” by being vague about not needing anyone and then going to Elijah out of anger but really she’s just trying to punish Jonny and snap him back in line. Sad bc if she backs out on Elijah’s offer she’s going to alienate one more person who was trying to help her. (Even tho he’s a druggy himself and wouldn’t be much help it’s still better than being with Jonny)

No. 635217

I bet she doesn't go. She'll make up some pity party story, my animal assistant couldnt come, my eds, my gluten, etc etc and she will stay.

No. 635222

agreed. I think she'll flake out and find an excuse not to go - Jonny will convince her out of it

No. 635225

If she's going to 'live' with Elijah there's no way the pets are going with her. What does that mean, Jonny takes care (kills them) all?

No. 635227

Or she does go to L.A. but has to go back immediately because Jonny will start threatening that he'll hurt her animals if she doesn't.

No. 635229

I wonder if Jonny's been cheating? That's something that would prompt her to break it off, if it were serious enough.

No. 635232

Did that insta model end up going to San Antonio?

No. 635233

the actual message here isnt bad
if she wanted to actually learn to love herself she'd need to acknowledge shes the reason so many animals died and own up to her shit choices w her boyfriend and habits
not only that she would need to detox fully and drop social media for awhile to focus on herself

i dont happen to think taylor will do any of these things, but i can hope

No. 635254

agreed, i hope this is really a turning point for her. i love a cow redemption arc.

No. 635257

If shes not making videos shes not making money. If the money runs out he will leave

No. 635259

Elijah is a heavy drug user too, to the point where his original gig with Christine dropped his ass because he couldn’t get together. He’s been seen constantly seen super fucked up with Tana who obviously abuses drugs recreationally, but he clearly got addicted. Never saw him go into treatment either just jump into a relationship & boom engaged.

I don’t understand why anyone thinks it’s logical for one druggie to help another druggie instead of going to get professional help. I understand she needs to leave her relationship but him inserting himself could literally get her killed if Jonny is so adamant about her not going not because of sobriety but because he is an abusive asshole who will get pushed to far.

No. 635260

she still makes money off existing videos each month. it's just that it dwindles when she doesn't add new ones.

No. 635262

major tinfoil but what if she's hoping Jonny will lower the number of animals she has? either by stealing or killing them. Then she'll be able to play the victim (as she loves to do) and also have fewer animals to take care of. OR she's had animals die already, and when she tells people she broke up with Jonny, she can say he killed them, not her.

again big ol tinfoil but I would not put it past the Queen of PetTube to fuck her animals over like this just to cover her own ass

No. 635269

Wouldn’t save her because everyone could still point out that she chose to leave her animals in a situation where she knows they weren’t safe instead of just rehoming them because she wanted to prove she could be wacked out on heroin and have 50 pets, instead of taking her addiction seriously. And I don’t know…actually listening to everyone saying Jonny is an abuser.
I honestly can’t not cancel the bitch.

No. 635271

agreed but then she would just say "how dare you blame the victim! I never asked him to do it so how could it possibly be my fault! hatur!!!"

No. 635273

So is she also planning on having her friends come into her apartment with a violent, angry detoxing psychopath still living there? Great friend you are, Taylor.

No. 635278

The thought of Betsy going into a house with a rapist in it, by herself, makes me so uncomfortable.

No. 635279

Taylor has a major problem with JC, aside from the obvious one, and that is that he is legally a tenant in that apartment. So she can ask him to leave all he wants to, she can't make him without doing the eviction song and dance. He might be nice and leave if she wants him to, I guess we'll see. But he isn't under any obligation to do so, and doing shit like changing the locks will land her in hot legal water.

No. 635280


I've always figured he wasn't on the lease. He has felony charges in his background. Most apartment complexes managed by large companies aren't fans of that sort of thing. Although, who knows? Maybe Tay pays an extra monthly fee to keep him, like she does her animals.

No. 635281

Being on the lease doesn't matter for the purposes of establishing tenancy, just how long he has lived there. Legally, he is likely considered a month-to-month tenant of Taylor.

No. 635286


Most leases for these big corporate complexes don't allow you to take on a tenant yourself without the knowledge and approval of the managing body, afaik. That's been the case for me in all of them (including in TX). I mean, you might do it, anyway, but technically you'd be breaking the terms of your lease.

No. 635290

I am not explaining this very well. She (probably) doesn't have to have a written lease with him. He has established residency there, because he has been living with her. So she becomes, in effect, his landlord. Even though she (probably) doesn;t have a written lease with him, the fact he is residing there and it is his home establishes a month-to-month unwritten lease. So sadly for her she cant kick him out or tell him not to come back, or change the locks or whatever. It is his home. What she can do is tell him she will give him cash in exchange for his keys and have him sign off on it so she has a legal record that he is voluntarily leaving, or if she doesnt mind waiting she can give him written notice that she wants him out (usually 30 days)

If I were her, and I were serious about getting him out, would be to pay him to leave.

No. 635293

Along with her baby!!

No. 635322

Why do people think Taylor is some damsel in distress and needs saving? This is what Taylor chose, this is the real Taylor. She wanted to experience this lifestyle according to a conversation posted in one of the first few threads about this. Also proof that she’s a trash can human. I get that Jonny is a piece of shit, but so is Taylor.

No. 635327

Honestly, everyone is all worried about Betsy taking care of the animals but they’re way better off with her than with Taylor being there. Betsy has at least worked with large animals. Taylor couldn’t even handle a dog.

No. 635328

I think they're worried about Betsy being alone with JC, and also worried about her being there alone with JC and her baby also being there.

No. 635329

Honestly!! Suddenly everyone is screaming save Taylor like she wasn’t a trainwreck from the start. She was lying before Jonny & now she’s just doing whatever she wants. This is who she is lol these are literally all of her choices. She honestly chose to be with an abuser, she chose to neglect and lie about the welfare of her pets, she’s always been pressed for attention and views, and she chose to do these drugs before Jonny and chose to do heroin with Jonny (not be addicted, but she knew she had an “addictive personality” and we all know drugs are bad…so one could argue she chose addiction too)

No. 635330

File: 1549035776452.jpg (284.8 KB, 1077x1005, IMG_20190201_074212.jpg)

It was actually us that were addicted to heroin the whole time !

No. 635335

Agreed. I was going to say anyone who still feels for her can't have followed her for the whole time. There was plenty of reasons to question her before Jonny ever came into the picture.

No. 635340

>horrible lies
no Jen, those come from your daughter

No. 635341

Yesssss these, I’m so sick of her “friends” coming around and telling the rest of us to shut up and how we’re so horrible. Yet they were the ones that were enabling her from the start? They knew everything and did nothing. Suddenly they all want to jump on the “support Taylor Nicole dean” bullshit only when she admits what she’s done publicly? Yeaaaah they’re in this for the views/publicity. It makes them look good that they ~care~ and the rest of us are just “haterz”. lol the fact that they did nothing to help until it blew up to this proportion really says how good of “friends” they are for her.

Both Jonny and Taylor are pieces of shit but I really do hope this is the beginning of her getting Jonny the fuck out. I really think that is her ONLY chance at having opportunity to turn her life around. It will never get better with Jonny no matter how much they say they love each other and are getting better.

No. 635343

I am going to assume that she probably kicked Jonny out or hes going into inpatient treatment and won't be home alone with the animals.
I am also going to assume that Taylor going to stay with Elijah is a calculated career move to get her fame back on track bc she is also a terrible person.

No. 635348

can't this woman just stay dead for once (on twitter)?

No. 635351

File: 1549042658383.jpg (431.63 KB, 1080x1532, 20190201_123540.jpg)


Elijah is so full of shit. His entire schtick is being a drug using drunk who does whatever the fuck he wants but "ironically".

I used to watch his & Christine Sydelko's videos and they split largely because she was so fed up of their lifestyle combined with him treating her like ass.

He's gonna ruin her chances as much as Johnny because he too is fake as hell.

No. 635370

god i actually liked elijah. he's just enabling her and her fans at this point i??? + his audience is pretty removed from taylors, so he's really just introducing more drama into the situation.

No. 635376

There are two ways we could think of this. For one thing, she's trying to start clean and fix everything up, so rehoming her animals would seem appropriate for something like this. However, you might also imagine that changing so many things about your life can leave you grasping at some normality, routine, something regular to you. Coming home to what she's used to with her animals might be a really good idea for her. Moreover, returning to how things used to be might subconsciously encourage her to return to her old ways. A slippery slope.

No. 635377

>>If the money runs out he will leave

No he won't. He has no assets, thousands in debt, currently unemployed, no income whatsoever. He is known for mooching off of whoever his newest girlfriend is and relying on them for housing. If he loses Taylor, he'll be homeless and will literally have nothing. Hence he's not going to ever leave her by choice without being forcibly removed by the authorities or something.

No. 635380

File: 1549047936231.jpg (133.29 KB, 828x1472, StorySaver_taylorndean_5077925…)

why hasnt toast ever grown

No. 635382

As far as i'm aware, they only get this big (female get a bit bigger than males?), unless you were referring to something other than his size?

No. 635383

Jonny hasn’t posted in 17 hours is this a new record

No. 635385

He posted on Facebook last night

No. 635388

Yeah dude mine is three years old and that size. Males grow VERY slowly and stay very small. He looks normal size.

No. 635389

File: 1549050080209.jpg (661.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190201-143817_Ins…)

From elijahs insta story. Taytay is not gonna get clean in this kind of party environment.

She just wants out of her current sitution without taking resonspibility. So shes gonna go party in l.a. and pretend that shes a rich superstar

No. 635390

Who is this Eijah Daniel’s?

And should we be worried Jonny might hurt some of the pets if tay is not there?

No. 635391

File: 1549050170364.jpg (335.93 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190201-103458_Ins…)

She also acknowledged him pubicly on insta.

Johnny must not be paying attention focusing on a new girl (insta model) or too doped up

No. 635392

Elijah Daniel is an old YouTube vlogger turned SoundCloud rapper. He used to do videos with Christine Sydelko but then some kind of controversy happened and now him and Christine don’t work together anymore.

No. 635394


Hes a "friend" of taytays whos irrelvent when it comes to being famous outside of being tana monagues gay best friend.
Hes claiming on twitter for the world to see that taytay is going to come to l.a. to come live with him and get clean despite him being an addict as well and living a party lifestyle

No. 635395

They try to act like people are shaming addiction when in fact they're shaming Taylor specifically. I'm NOT a Demi Lovato fan but she handled/handles her addiction issues in a way that deserves support. Taylor is still in denial and lying to everyone else. No, she is not at the point where we should support her.

No. 635397

He's being a fucking asshole publicizing this whole thing. He shouldn't be one to talk??
He's literally putting Taylor in danger by doing this. It's already obvious he doesn't care about her.
If you're going to try to help someone out of an unsafe situation why post about it? Do people not know they don't have to tweet about everything? fuck.
I guess she needs an excuse for why nobody will be seeing pictures of her animals for a little bit?
Reminder that Jonny threatened to flush her kitten down the toilet before. They're being such idiots.
So leave Betsy to the animals and Jonny now too???
This is also a slap in the face to whoever of the pet tubers, her "friends" have been trying to reach out to her. She chooses this guy?

Also nobody is attacking Taylor FOR having an addiction. WHAT IS CONCERNING IS THAT SHE HAS ALSO BEEN CARING FOR TONS OF ANIMALS. That is NOT the norm for people shooting up heroin!! That is just plain stupidity and irresponsibility! Also the fact that she makes Betsy come over to care for her animals with her newly born baby. It's all selfish and fucked up of her. Plus her staying with Jonny at all, when he is a threat to her animals, and there being EVIDENCE for that.

No. 635401

File: 1549054004015.png (1.87 MB, 750x1334, D830074C-C15E-4934-8353-88FC7C…)

Soooo looks like all is well with Taylor and Jonny. Also I don’t believe for a second that he does anything to care for those animals

No. 635406

No wonder the water dishes are constantly empty and the skinks died of thirst then. Taylor also said in the Reply All podcast that he doesn't help iirc

No. 635410

File: 1549055806211.jpg (21.32 KB, 586x176, IMG_20190201_221547.jpg)

stfu maddie you STILL follow jonny on twitter. and you STILL don't even follow bree even after she stood up for you

No. 635415

So something that struck me as a lil odd about her ig post complaining about the tweet that included the compilation I made of all her dead animals from the past year, is that she never noticed the profile pic is literally an outline of cheese saying “it’s just a fish”

No. 635416

File: 1549056757920.jpeg (711.6 KB, 1948x1668, 3B2A7C34-96BD-4E0E-8249-325AD3…)

No. 635417

It really only struck me as odd because she looks for reasons to victimize herself all the time and somehow missed that

No. 635418

He'll leave when he lines up a new girlfriend willing to let him live with and mooch off of her.

No. 635420

Maddie and the rest of the pettube crew who sucked Taylor’s ass for views have enabled her from the very beginning. Most of the “haters” that I see are only genuinely concerned for the safety of her animals as well as herself.

No. 635427

File: 1549059153564.png (550.46 KB, 818x914, Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 4.40…)

No. 635428


All you had to do was mention Tana Mongoose for people to see he's trash tbh

No. 635429

>this isn’t about my daughter uwu
Is clearly about her daughter lmao, and while she’s at it, she may as well apply these lyrics to herself as well.

No. 635432

Elijah and Chelsea are mutuals on Twitter. Maybe he talked to her and that's why he dislikes Jonny and is trying to get Taylor out

No. 635434


I like how she addresses like 3 pets (not including the mantis, honestly they live short lives) but not the others. There's 9 pets total on that poster. NINE. Not ONE lived it's full life or lived to the absolute minimum (Gus and Kovu).

Fading kitten syndrome is a thing, but quite frankly Taylor you've never owned a cat, never owned kittens, never fostered cats or kittens, never cared for newborn kittens before and yet you expect us to believe it wasn't your doing? It still aggravates me how she can so easily point it to fading kitten syndrome when she's so inexperienced with cats. The kitten died because you decided to keep it instead of taking it to a shelter/foster where it could have been put with a queen for nursing. Or at the very least receive DAILY check-ups and care from qualified vet nurses. Instead of being left in a bathroom with a fucking hot water bottle. Her fucking excuses after excuses, how she gets away with this shit infuriates me.

No. 635435

Lmfao, still reading here, Jen? All of your tweets are aimed @ Taylor and Jonny and it's obvious.

No. 635437

Aren't there 11 on the poster? I agree though. Her defense is always "THIS animal lived for its full lifespan (even if it didn't)" or "THAT animal was sick when I got it" but completely ignores the rest. "I've only killed 3 reptiles!" Right, and an amphibian, kitten, multiple of your iconic fish, and several mammals. Stop pretending like you're an animal goddess instead of a fucking hoarder.

No. 635438

If Elijah coaches Taylor through a Tana Mongeau-style apology video, she could go viral overnight. She could claim that Jonny got her addicted to heroin intentionally and was abusive and that she couldn’t leave him because he’s threatened to kill her animals. All of it has a grain of truth in it, and all of the proof is there. It would be a sensational story and everyone else would love that this dumb bitch finally told the truth for once.

No. 635439


I didn't include the two preying mantis because they don't live very long, I don't think her care is a prime example for insects or anything but felt it nitpicky.

She has an excuse for everything and can't admit that maybe, just MAYBE her care isn't up to par and that she needs to improve on it.

No. 635440

That actually sucks too though which is unfortunate. She could pin this all on Jonny and everyone would eat it up, ignoring the terrible things she did on her own without Jonny's help. But with her platform she could end what's left of his career and that'd be interesting to see

No. 635441

That’s exactly what she’s going to do. In a weird way I feel like she preyed on him because she wanted her fun and knew she could blame him when she wanted an out.

No. 635447

Oh my bad, I just counted names and didn't realize there was more than 1 mantis on there. But yeah, nothing is ever her fault. There's no way her care could be the reason! There must have been 1 million extenuating circumstances that caused every single death in her "collection."

No. 635450

Why all this whiteknighting for her? She's a legitimately shitty person who found someone just like her. She's manipulative and dumb (which is why she gets caught in so many stupid lies) she hoards animals just to capitalize off them on yt. Which is very apparent if you've spent any time listening to how callously she talks about the dead animals, and the whole 'power surge' story where she admitted to not checking on them for hours and hours. It's not all Jonny's fault. She was shitty way before him and she'll be shitty after. A spoiled little brat with a dream to be a famous internet thot. It annoys me to see so many people acting like she's an innocent little angel who was corrupted and abused by Jonny. She likes it.

No. 635451

Why all this whiteknighting for her? She's a legitimately shitty person who found someone just like her. She's manipulative and dumb (which is why she gets caught in so many stupid lies) she hoards animals just to capitalize off them on yt. Which is very apparent if you've spent any time listening to how callously she talks about the dead animals, and the whole 'power surge' story where she admitted to not checking on them for hours and hours. It's not all Jonny's fault. She was shitty way before him and she'll be shitty after. A spoiled little brat with a dream to be a famous internet thot. It annoys me to see so many people acting like she's an innocent little angel who was corrupted and abused by Jonny. She likes it.

No. 635461

That may be true but I have a feeling Jonny isn't going to roll over. As far as I know this is the only girlfriend that's he has gotten hooked on heroin and hes had a front seat view of her animal care. I have absolutely zero doubt if she were to do that he would start throwing stories and screenshots left and right. And granted a lot of people might not take his word but he will try his damndest to take her down with him if she tries to pin it all on him

No. 635469

No one is saying she isn't an awful person, Anon.

She may be a terrible brat, but nobody deserves to be stuck in an abusive relationship.

No. 635474

Everybody is entitled to their own opinion on the situation calm down

No. 635475

I think anon means everyone focusing solely on her addiction and acting like thats why ppl dont like her

No. 635476

Tbh I feel like I’ll need to see her show actual evidence in the video that he was abusing her and such. I’ll feel like she’s going to say all of that just to skate over her actual wrong actions. It’s one thing to say it but I want to see proof because she’s lied so fucking much about everything I can’t believe anything that comes out of her mouth. His other exes had no reason to lie and such but Taylor does

No. 635478

I don't believe Jonny was actually abusing her, but the narrative Taylor and Elijah are going to spin now is that Jonny got Taylor hooked on drugs so Taylor is the victim. I mean, that's true, but Taylor dated him and participated in the drug use on her own volition. She knew about it before he moved in. But now they're going to tell the tale that poor widdle Taylor got wrapped up in this big scary drug problem and didn't know any better

No. 635481

Why the hell is it legal for people like this woman to reproduce? Every time I see a post of hers I could just slap her in the face, this woman is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. There's really nobody at home inside her head… What a sad thing to have to call this person your mother.

In case you're lurking you horrible piece of meat: you do not appear smart on twitter. Your posts sound like a crazy 13 year old wrote them, not a fucking adult that has 2 kids. Life sucks sometimes and situations like Taylor's are shit but denying it all and putting it on da haturz who lie so much omg just ridicules your entire family. If I were Taylor I'd kick you the hell out of my life.

No. 635486

File: 1549067213347.jpg (446.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190131-210152_Ins…)

No. 635488

Uh why is she setting up a new tank if shes "leaving"?

No. 635490


Maybe she's cycling the water? It's good practice to let your water cycle for a week+ before adding fish into the tank. Although, I don't know if she cycles her tanks.

No. 635495

Something that struck me as significant was that she was all, “Bree was just trying to bond with me over MY drug issue” like she thinks it’s some merit and cool edgy dark problem to have, but how funny is it that HER exactly logic can be turned around on her— you were just trying to bond with a Jonny over his heroin addiction.

Also she tried to bond with Chelsea and get sympathy from her over how awful Jonny is, but no one is ever going to view her as someone who was put through Jonny’s bs. She wanted to be a victim and have this tragic “past” one day (drugs and evil “literal devil” of an abusive boyfriend) but that will never happen for Taylor bc everyone knows she knew exactly who he was and what she was signing up for. It’s like how she clings to addiction being a disease as if she just woke up one day addicted. She knew what kind of path she was choosing. Classified as a disease or not she signed up for it willingly the first time she asked Jonny to try heroin.

Unless he shot her up against her will (she can’t claim that even since she smoked it first) then she’s got no excuse. Her only hope of coming back from all this in a good way publicly is leaving Jonny and fixing her life herself.

No. 635518

this was my thought, but you would want to be testing it at least weekly if you're cycling…

No. 635519


She's probably expecting one of her many "expert assistants" to set it up for her. On the other hand we know she has no fucking clue what a cycle is since she thinks using "old tank water" cycles a tank, so who knows what she thinks she's doing with this tank.

No. 635525

Reminds me of all that time she spent on Twitter just randomly going on and on about how you shouldn't judge addicts and that it's a disease etc. To me that shows like she was already setting the foundation because she knew it was going to come out

No. 635531

This is true, and he'll get clean on Taylor's dime first so he looks like more of a catch. It's his eternal journey downwards.

No. 635537

File: 1549074220326.png (413.47 KB, 490x924, Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 9.23…)

No. 635539

It takes WAY LONGER then a week to cycle a tank.

No. 635542

File: 1549074954885.jpeg (446.3 KB, 750x1237, 3D823660-2A11-4CBF-82F5-96F8A6…)

I love how she always has to say health instead of sobriety

No. 635543

its not really whiteknighting, no one deserves jonny
her content got progressively worse after she started dating him and it started to really affect her animals, plus when she moved into her own place she started hoarding super bad.
i dont know if any other anons agree, but id rather hope she gets her shit pulled together for her 50 animals, and even for herself. someone whos gone from a healthy adult with a career to a druggie that wears and records videos in lingerie for her addict boyfriend is terribly sad, and as shitty as she was/is, i dont really think she deserves this fate.
yah shes a shit person, but he pulled her down to new levels of low. she could have been better.

No. 635552

>move out of apartments and into a house
With what money, bitch? You couldn't even afford inpatient.

No. 635553

It'll be interesting to see where she is in six months, or a year.

Hopefully not with Jonny. Hopefully not with so damn many animals.

Who knows, she might grow up a bit - although that is a pipedream (pardon the pun).

No. 635554

I wonder if she wears her sexy weed leaf shirt to her drug addiction meetings

No. 635555

Does this fucking scrub do anything other than play video games all day??

No. 635558

Uh, I'm sorry…she wants to buy a house? Right now? In the midst of getting sober, trying to get out of an abusive relationship, caring for 50 some odd animals, and being in debt with the IRS?
She's not creating any content, those checks from old videos aren't going to last forever, sweetie.

No. 635561

While I don't wish a shitstain like Jonny Craig on anyone or getting addicted to H, either, I have a real hard time feeling as bad for poor wittle Taylor as a lot of nonnies seem to do. Are you lot new around here?

Cut down to brass tacks, Taylor is an overprivileged rich white girl. She willingly got involved with JC and she willingly got on dope. Some of her chickens are finally, finally coming home to roost, but let's not pretend she has a a hard life by any means: money keeps rolling in while she literally does nothing all day long, and she's not exactly going hungry in the streets. Poor her.

No. 635562

I don't like Taylor, but I think it's unhealthy to invalidate people's problems because they have money or had a privileged life. I feel no pity for her because she's a shit human being and actively chose to be where she is now- not because she's rich/privileged.

No. 635565

What does her health have to do with moving out of her apartment? How is her health not keeping her from traveling to stay with a friend?

Also her hair actually looks so cute like that with the dark brown and bangs lol.

No. 635566

Also 60 days goes by really fast and isnt a "maybe ill get a house idk" and where is she fitting in her stay with Elijah?

No. 635567

I don't believe that "all is well" between them. I think Jonny is just taking this opportunity of being away from her to cheat & find a new gullible rich girl to leech off of. Maybe he senses that she's going to break it off with him at some point and is grooming his next target.

Also it's pathetic to think he literally just sits at home all day playing video games and lurking here. He and Taylor both lurk here so much it's so obvious. Yet they love to flex that their lives are so great. Yikes, not goals…

No. 635569

she can afford inpatient, she doesn't want it

they're not away from each other. it's all been talk so far.

No. 635572

> they are flat out calling for hate groups to rise up.

Is this… is this our time, farmers? To rise up?

What a sperg. The only people I know who talk like Jenn are meth and coke heads. I wouldn't be surprised if the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

No. 635573

I'm guessing she hasn't been away since she posted Toast, but I thought the picture of her in that bathroom looked unfamiliar. I thought maybe she was already with Elijah

No. 635574

File: 1549078081117.png (251.39 KB, 800x974, Screenshot_2019-02-01-19-25-21…)

Who is @tay.all? She says she will be visiting Taylor.


No. 635576

Ex model. She did heroin for a while. She’s fucking garbage / wAs “trans” last year and now is.. not? Transtrender.
None of these people are good.

No. 635577

Don't know much about Taylor A. I know she popped up briefly in one of Dasha's threads, so she's not just some rando on IG. Seems likely that she and TND are actually meeting up.

^Brief mention in Dasha thread. That's all I know.

No. 635578

File: 1549078950387.jpg (83.81 KB, 1071x338, IMG_20190201_194150.jpg)

Lmao I totally forgot about this lie. She lies about the most ridiculous shit it blows my mind

No. 635580

cyrs ex gf???
oh my lord is this a cow crossover episode
anyone in that guys life is a fucking mess aside from mina, i wonder if taylor will be around dasha at all. thatd get ugly real fucking quickly

No. 635582

Maybe someone who recognises her bathroom can say?

No. 635583


that's why I think it's important for people to keep posting her screenshots, even if they don't think they are relevant at the time, it could come in handy later down the road as far as proving how much she lies about dumb shit.

No. 635584

not really, because we know she lies about a) animals, b) drugs, c) assistants and d) jonny. these ae the things to take note of at best. we really don't need her musings about how jellyfish are awesome - that's not a lie that will become relevant later.

No. 635585

Taylor Allard is a lovely girl, fuck knows why she’s associating herself with this nonsense. Maybe she thinks she’ll be a positive influence on TND.

No. 635586

I know nothing about Taylor Allard, but a quick look at her Twitter and "lovely" is not the word that comes to mind. I think it's safe to assume TND isn't going to LA to detox, but rather just party and get away from the drama under the guise of getting help. She could easily get help in state if she were serious about it [the 20k excuse for inpatient is bull]. I don't think she actually thinks flying off to visit some ex(?) drug users is gonna help.

Not trying to be a bitch. Like, if she actually betters herself good for her, but this entire thing just looks like a shitshow waiting to happen. Petfest 2.0 letsgo.

No. 635587

She didn't say she was buying a house, just that she was looking to move into a house. She could still be renting.

No. 635597

File: 1549082617832.png (2.62 MB, 750x1334, D7DAF9B8-328F-4859-8EEC-4E8F5A…)

No. 635599


Such an idol, driving while fucked up on god knows what

No. 635603

This is from like a week ago Taylor you still look the same

No. 635605

Wasn’t that picture only a few weeks ago?! lol. She acts like she’s been sober for months.

No. 635609

Just went back and checked that that picture was literally only posted 15 days ago.. Damn she sobers up fast. She also deleted that picture off her IG now.

No. 635625

File: 1549084599412.png (584.45 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190202-001522.png)

No. 635627

He said it was already approved tho??

No. 635628

is she seeing a doctor outside of cleanslate? because they can't stop her from traveling…

No. 635629

Guess she isn't going. And hows this girl about to buy a damn house when YouTube is her only source of income and she hasn't made a video in probably over 2 months? Hope she has investments elsewhere! Doubt it tho

No. 635631

Yes I believe he literally stated she was cleared to stay with him

No. 635632

Nobody is going to rent a house to her with the amount of animals she has. It's too risky for them

No. 635633

Yeah she's definitely "allowed" to leave. They have CleanSlate clinics all over the country I'm pretty sure.. And there are definitely other suboxone/vivitrol clinics in LA if there isn't a CleanSlate. But I don't blame her for not wanting to detox at some partydude acquaintances house.. I really dont.

She should just go to inpatient detox and get it done with. It's not even bad and regular detoxes are only like 1-2 weeks long. It'd prob be good for her to take a break from social media too (no cell phones usually, but they're prob allowed at more upscale detoxes)

No. 635634

File: 1549085177069.jpeg (287 KB, 750x899, 1548994129271.jpeg)

Umm what? I can't find it on his Twitter though so I don't know if he's deleted that or what.

No. 635637

I don't disagree with you, but she's renting that apartment with that # of animals. I'm sure she could find someone who would let her.
Or she's buying, which would be really stupid of her when she's not made a video (aka her income) for months now.
I also don't know how she'd be able to get a mortgage if she was still really in debt to the IRS? I'm not from the States so I don't know how it works there.

No. 635642

Yeah he deleted it. I could've sworn I saw him say it was cleared so I went to double check and it was gone.

No. 635644

Possibly nitpicking but Taylor tagged dolls kill in both her selfies on her story with that on brand t-shirt. Just made me wonder if she's trying to get a sponsor amongst all this money going out and none coming in

No. 635645

Lol guys. I was in denial and I look dead. I'm so quirky and funny! This whole heroin thing isn't that big of a deal! Please someone needs to tell her just to shut the hell up. It's not a joke and no one is laughing.

No. 635646

File: 1549086496884.png (501.64 KB, 508x954, Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 12.4…)

No. 635648

File: 1549086546911.png (339.7 KB, 510x950, Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 12.4…)

No. 635649

That's one thing I genuinely dont understand about her. Does she want to handle it privately or not? She posts pictures in a clinic bathroom then posts about her doctor and then says she doesn't want to discuss it on the internet. Sounds just like those people who say things like I've had a terrible day but say they dont want to talk about it.

No. 635650

I imagine it's her way of trying to appear honest and transparent while still trying to manipulate those who dont quite know what's going on

No. 635651

Lmao what a fucking idiot. “Stop assuming shit” bitch you just assumed she was coming to stay with you. Now Taylor has publicly said she’s not going. Sounds to me like Elijah wanted to get her away from Jonny and she was once again emotionally abused behind the scenes into staying with him. Wow such ~goals~!
Also, if she’s going to see a doctor or therapist or whatever, it’s probably not with Jonny right? Wouldn’t they want to have solo counseling as well as joint if the couple wanted to? Just curious because I really think people pity Taylor way more than she deserves, she has been given so much advice on how to get Jonny out safely and still refuses to. He is her enabler and she is his.

No. 635652

At what point do you guys think Taylor actually began using heroin? I have a hard time imagining how it went down. Did Jonny manipulate her, or did she manipulate him? His band said themselves he was sober until they moved in together, and his ex's never started using, and Jonny wanted that so bad he tried to literally force it onto Liz. Plus there's also Taylor's coke addiction before they even dated. I can only imagine what kind of fuckery had to of gone on in Taylor's home life growing up for her to turn out like this

No. 635654

Taylor grew up in a nice house, with no poverty to worry about. I get vibes that her mom maybe made her think she has some sort of illness that she doesn’t (I don’t think she has EDS personally) and I think she’s fine to eat gluten. I think her mom might be a munchy by proxy and since tanner was actually disabled and needed special attention I feel like she pushed that anxiety onto Taylor too or Taylor as a kid realized that being sick = attention and played it up her whole life and esp to get out of school.
I don’t think her homelife was bad and she can’t use that excuse. She’s not some poor runaway.

No. 635656

File: 1549087508325.jpg (553.67 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20190202-000431_You…)

No. 635658

Yeah I agree that her mom especially had a lot of influence on her growing up. I believe others can influence, but not make someone a certain way. I think Taylor is this way because she was born like this but also think her mom amplified and enabled it x100 instead of handling it like a normal parent.

No. 635659

Interesting and believable theory for sure, i just have a hard time wrapping my head around how Taylor went as far as to using heroin. A lot of other drugs are glamorized and played up like they're not that bad (coke for example) so it doesn't surprise me as much to think of her getting hooked on it when she started going to LA youtuber parties. I don't doubt that if Jonny hadn't come into her life, she would've found something else to be equally addicted to at the first opportunity.

No. 635661

Lmao whats this from? The vid bout injecting lemon juice into anemone?

No. 635662

They don't have Cleanslate in California so she'd have to find an alternative clinic but yeah, no-one could stop her.

No. 635663

Clean Slate is purely drug testing and medicine distribution. It's not counselling.

No. 635666

File: 1549089043140.jpg (692.94 KB, 1080x1860, 20190202_012843.jpg)

They actually do provide some type of counseling. Medication assisted treatment centers kind of have to.. they can't just give these types of medications without taking the time to check on a client's mental state or how their addiction or recovery is progressing. Methadone clinics require it too.. individual and/or group sessions. Though it isn't intensive and they say they do referrals for anyone needing further counseling.

No. 635676

my bad, I thought absolutely everything was in a plan for customers to make use of outside the clinic. "including counselling time with providers" sounds limited to me, at any rate.

No. 635682

I hate these fucking people who think they're so special and ///damaged/// because they're druggies and because of that it's apparently not allowed to say anything negative about them because it's not 'supportive to their recovery uwu'. You're still people, and we're allowed to criticise you as much now as we did before you were junkies. You aren't immune from criticism because you're so /dark and damaged/.

No. 635684



We combine this science with hands-on care, providing our patients with psychosocial support and intensive care coordination with a wide network of partners in every community.

Our Care Model

Substance use disorder is a disease which affects people across all socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, geographic and gender boundaries. We view addiction as a chronic disease and believe that long-term remission is achievable through evidence-based medical management, individualized to suit each patient’s unique needs, with coordination and monitoring of behavioral therapy.

At CleanSlate, we treat our patients with dignity, compassion and respect in a physically and emotionally safe environment. We provide care that is both necessary and medically appropriate.

No. 635688

File: 1549092536644.jpg (145.44 KB, 773x1504, sunnies.jpg)

it's a pair of sunglasses mate

No. 635697

That and the average time to buy a house from offer to closing is 45 days. So, I wish her luck with that. Plus she's going to end up with a nice IRS lien on it once they find out she own property. She can then kiss any chance of getting credit for a long time goodbye.

No. 635703

being addicted to heroin is not real ilness she chose to shoot heroin with her abusive boyfriend. she knew what's risk and that she has addictive personality.

it's way different than cases of people with cancers who get hooked on prescribed opiates.

i really start to believe in white privilege watching this shit show, why she's not in jail yet for possession of drugs.

No. 635705


Agreed. Let's not forget this cunt is going to ride the "it's a disease" train for as long as possible. She compared being addicted to drugs to DEMENTIA.

You can get sober if you put in the effort, but dementia is permanent and it still pisses me off as someone who has family with dementia that she said that shit. She's saying it's a disease so she loses all responsibility for her own actions - she CHOSE to shoot up the first time. It's always a choice from the beginning. Yes, you do develop a dependency on it but in this day and age if you don't know how dangerous heroin can be, you're fucking stupid.

No. 635707

File: 1549099636102.png (425.5 KB, 1242x2208, 707499E2-71E6-44F0-9941-2CC94C…)

I can’t comment on her post but they’re are already some comments? Do you have to follow her or something?

No. 635710

File: 1549100732015.jpg (31.4 KB, 568x126, lies.jpg)

The question was 'Do you still have Violet?"

No. 635711

File: 1549100848720.jpg (41.01 KB, 552x156, lawd.jpg)

No. 635713

Must be fun to be able to laugh at your boyfriends past abuse/rape victims, do drugs with him on whims while neglecting your animals (tenfold since letting your bf into your home and now over a handful has died within a year due to reckless spending habits and literal hoarding) this all happening after an already extensive history of lying/defensive behaviour on social media who histrionically deletes any problematic tweet she might have let out in a coke haze at 3am only to have the internet eat your ass cause of a man you personally let into your life despite dozen warnings and continued to publically mock the people and past victims warning you, cause you get to claim you have a disease instead of admitting that you're dealing with the side effects of decisions made very clearly of your own volition.

tl:dr: what a life to get to drug binge while your animals die and have people eat your ass even on the same image board that worked so hard to expose you and kek at people who think Taytays first instances with drugs were post-johnny when all he did was moderately speed up her already rapid decline. Anons who said she would use it as her next soapbox the same way she does her other "illnesses" were right as always

No. 635725

cute that as soon as shit hit the fan maddie claimed they weren't that close, lived sooooooo far away and have barely spoken. but chance to get a bit of clout with elijah? oh yes we're totes friends!

No. 635727

Is that weed in the pic on her T-shirt?! How appropriate…

No. 635730

and she's expecting us to treat this as a disease. no, it's not disease, it's consequence of her lifestyle choices.

also she sets very bad example for her audience - drugs are okay and if you get addicted to them it's not your fault and you deserve pity.

No. 635732

Does she think no one knows the effects of heroin use or with "not taking care of myself" she actually means becoming an addict?

No. 635737

I'm guessing the former since she was answering a fan in insta comments on her selfie.

No. 635739

File: 1549115033299.jpg (583.06 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190202-144348_Twi…)

No. 635745

Hate everyone calling it a disease and illness. Was reading that they only called it that so the public wouldn’t see addicts as lesser than them.
Here’s a quote “Addiction has very little in common with diseases. It is a group of behaviors, not an illness on its own. It cannot be explained by any disease process. Perhaps worst of all, calling addiction a "disease" interferes with exploring or accepting new understandings of the nature of addiction.” psychology 101. That bitch stuck the needle in her arm.

No. 635749

File: 1549117801638.jpeg (103.26 KB, 633x456, 67FE539A-D57E-4E3F-AC95-4C9D43…)

Looks like Taylor just bought some new followers

No. 635757

good god you look the same with a wig and lipstick on this was TWO WEEKS ago jeeeesus

No. 635760

File: 1549119698733.png (911.24 KB, 1080x1506, Screenshot_20190202-080011~2.p…)

Why does she insist on shoving her two males together every time she has them out? That's stressful for them.

No. 635761

File: 1549119797280.jpg (1020.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190202-094935_Ins…)

No. 635762

File: 1549119822014.jpg (412.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190202-094943_Ins…)

No. 635763

Is this Elijah guy straight? If so, Johnny knows TND is going to be shagging him while she's there, yeah? Whether they have broken up or not.

No. 635764

File: 1549119846634.jpg (737.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190202-094950_Ins…)

No. 635765

File: 1549119887327.jpg (836.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190131-210041_Ins…)

No. 635767

File: 1549119920293.jpg (698.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190131-210107_Ins…)

No. 635768

File: 1549119941661.jpg (792.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190131-210116_Ins…)

No. 635769

File: 1549119976386.jpg (681.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190202-095020_Ins…)

No. 635770

>>635763 he is as gay as they come

No. 635773

Looks like there’s trouble in pArAdiSe.
Probably posting this fake deep sad shit to get Taylor back on his side.

No. 635774

I'm not sure if this was already posted, but can someone please message this guy and tell him there are tabs at the bottom of that document that have an overview and view by time, so he doesn't have to manually count them? I worked hard on those tabs and I'm so embarrassed the first thing everyone sees is that messy page.

No. 635775

Irrelevant. He got his point across nicely. Even more so, I think, by manually counting! Seems more real when you count, as opposed to spouting off a total number.

No. 635777

File: 1549121604947.png (171.56 KB, 838x458, Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 10.3…)


No. 635779

oh shit, a lot of things have just gotten clearer to me considering taylor got homeschooled by THAT woman omg. that girl never stood a chance

No. 635780

Elijah is dumb af. I really used to enjoy his content when he worked with Christine Sydelko but now he just comes across as an asshole.

I honestly hope Taylor doesn’t go to stay with him. As far as I know he still does drugs of some type (weed at the very least) and a recovering addict doesn’t need to be around any substances while trying to get sober, including alcohol.

No. 635782

Sounds like they might have gotten in a fight, and he was awful to her, and so now he's crying "oohhh but I'm just so saaaad and I care so muuuch so it came across as anger." Na bitch, feeling like shit is not an excuse to treat others like shit

No. 635784

Chelsea said that Jonny turns into a whiny baby anytime he detoxes so that's probably what's happening

No. 635785

Next thread pic pls

No. 635787

Plus, being around the same damn person 24-7 is pretty stressful, even in normal situations. People need their space. And especially when at least one of the persons is an abrasive asshole.

No. 635792

Elijah already deleted his tweet, what do you know. He’s constantly deleting stuff he’s saying about Taylor so either there’s something to hide or Taylor isn’t really following along with what he’s saying. He acts like they’re besties speaking for her and everything but immediately backs down when spoken up to. Idk why he’s WKing her out of nowhere, I’ve honestly never seen her even mention this guy until this week

No. 635794

I've never seen them interact either and it really looks like hes just using the situation for clout

No. 635799

He’s using it so he can jack himself off on the praise he gets from being a white knight. It’s so he can stroke his huge ego.

If he truly cared about Taylor he wouldn’t have tweeted it publicly as it potentially put her in danger since Jonny is an abusive POS.

No. 635801

Only time I've seen them interact is when Taylor brought Maui to that LA youtuber party and had everyone wearing him. Another example of the amazing animal care she was upto even without JC in her life

No. 635805


You don’t need to post every picture if there’s nothing interesting in it.
And that font is terrible

No. 635806

Huge (huge) tinfoil, but what if she's visiting LA to look into houses with the thought that she'd ~have~ to get rid of some of her pets if she moved there, therefore not her fault. Plus in the move there would always be the opportunity for a tragic death or 2 if she needed to cover any up

No. 635812

Holy fuck anon I was having that tinfoil as well. I'm pretty convinced her trying to come to LA is a career move

No. 635832

honestly i hope this bastards helps himself to a nice sturdy rope

No. 635834

She definitely has "I want attention" syndrome growing with special needs little brother.. It's behavior learned early on.

No. 635836

I 100% believe Chelsea that he would never kill himself intentionally. Hes way too narcissistic and loves himself way too much

No. 635839

>>635707 didn't she say her gecko lost his tail randomly in the middle of the night from getting scared by something?

No. 635852


yes, i remember her saying one of her geckos dropped tail on it's own
at night. also she keeps them together? today i watched solid gold video about these geckos and she was very protective over his tail and she said geckos shouldn't be housed together beacuse it increases risk of dropping tail.

No. 635872

File: 1549139714379.jpg (331.78 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190202-151858_Twi…)

I just searched Taylor's name on Twitter and this was the first thing that came up. Is this not the most ridiculous things you've ever read? Saying despite everything she has done we should all feel bad now because shes an addict!? Do people really think this way!?

No. 635874

File: 1549139824759.jpg (300.64 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190202-153644_Twi…)

It just keeps getting better.

No. 635877

File: 1549140056061.jpeg (271.67 KB, 1242x1201, A4AF5586-A6E6-4575-83D8-32FEF7…)

No. 635880

Thankfully I don’t think she does, I think she has separate enclosures for them.

No. 635885

I'm 99% sure there's a reptile expo in Austin this weekend. Hopefully she doesn't come home with a nice impulse purchase to "cheer her up"

No. 635889

She used to. She switched them to separate enclosures after like a couple months i think.

No. 635890

If she does I don’t think she’ll share it, even the majority of her Stan’s think that she shouldn’t get any more pets right now.

No. 635908

Bragging about leaving the house and driving an hour and a half, Jonny? For a lot of people, that’s a daily commute.

Why their at-home rehab isn’t going to work: they don’t have anything to do all day. Flexing on social media about such a short trip shows how housebound they are.

No. 635910

Boredom and a lack of day-to-day structure will make sobriety impossible. She is not going to sober up in her current situation, no ifs ands or buts. I bet they’re getting evicted.

No. 635914

Just saw a post from Chelsea saying Taylor's looking for houses because shes being evicted

No. 635915

File: 1549146852042.png (644.8 KB, 1440x2928, Capture _2019-02-02-16-33-33.p…)

No. 635916

I was gonna say you are 100% probably right.. And that post just confirmed it! Makes a LOT of sense

No. 635917

It does make total sense now. But she can just say she decided not to sign another lease. Like someone said on that post the landlord probably didnt love the fact that she had all of those animals hit now that there is confirmed drug activity they probably want her out

No. 635924

No wonder she suddenly wants to live with someone else. Wonder where her animals are going.

No. 635929

Wonder if the landlord found out about the drugs.

No. 635931

K guys, what's the eviction for? Too many animals? Known druggies using in their facilities?

No. 635932

She should have support, but she does not deserve my support. She’s done nothing to earn that. If she was a genuinely good person, I would definitely be willing to offer support and love, but she is not. To say that Taylor deserves support is hypocritical. Does Jonny deserve it too then? Why is he to blame for Taylor’s addiction and his behavior when they have the same “disease”? Let’s get real here. People are more willing to stand behind good people, especially ones who are trying to be better.

No. 635934

She looks…rough. Hopefully she's not buying any animals.

No. 635935


She looks like a damn bobblehead. Jeez.

She's going to bring something home you know she won't be able to resist that impulse.

No. 635936

File: 1549150975619.png (506.58 KB, 800x552, rep-expo.png)

But yeah, she went to the expo

No. 635938

Oh my god, she’s only 21, right?

Drugs have aged her by a decade in such a short amount of time. Yikes.

No. 635940

She looks awful. Like a middle aged housewife on the upper end.

No. 635950

At the end of September, when her 1st lease was up, she said she signed a 4-month extension…which brings us to January 31. Today is February 2…wonder how she’s still there?

No. 635952

File: 1549152921783.jpeg (10.91 KB, 300x250, 237A2DFC-C1AF-47AA-8CBC-E8D6F9…)

holy shit lol looks like she’s wearing a plastic mask

Just a reminder of better days

No. 635955

How would chelsea know that

No. 635958

Again. A trashy outfit…and that pic makes it look like a bad photoshop of her face on a body!

No. 635962

She just looks tired, too thin, and prob dehydrated to me.

What's the red stuff on her hand???

At least she has Doc Martens on.. almost redeems the tacky bodyshirt thing

No. 635963


I can't tell what's the worst part. Her face, wig or the outfit.

No. 635964

Honestly not sure! Just saw that Chelsea was saying she was getting evicted. Not sure what she knows.

No. 635965

Looks like en expo stamp to verify she paid or something. Looks like the fan has the same thing.

No. 635966

Um I dont think that's how a body suit works. Looks like trashy trend in the late 90s where they were their thongs on their hips above their Jean's. Gross.

No. 635970

Anyone know what she’s holding?

No. 635971

She's the only person I know who dresses like a ho to go to a reptile expo.

No. 635972

If Chelsea is around, how do you know this is what's up? Like, is there any proof?

No. 635978

i havent seen a ss of chelsea talking about tay getting evicted yet?

No. 635980

would explain the eli thing tho

No. 635981

There's one about 20ish posts back

No. 635982

i definitely feel bad that she's in an abusive relationship and addicted to drugs and i sincerely hope she gets better but mental illness/drugs/abuse are NOT an excuse to neglect your pets and she's still a manipulative bitch with a huge victim complex that throws people under the bus for not coddling her and never takes accountability for anything

No. 635990

File: 1549157167282.png (767.65 KB, 788x786, Screen Shot 2019-02-02 at 8.20…)

(from feb 2017) Taylor has always been pretty thin so her weight isn't as shocking to me as her face. She hasn't even been using that long and it's so bloated and aged

No. 635991

Actually getting tenants evicted is a long and difficult process for landlords, so it doesn’t necessarily happen instantly. In my state you have to give notice of eviction and after that the tenant still has 30 days to find a place that to go before you can call the police to kick them out, dunno how it works in California.

No. 635992

>>635991 But she's in texas

No. 635994

I don't like to rip on her appearance, but it's kind of crazy how waxy and bloated she looks next to the other girl. Like her head literally doesn't look like it belongs to her body. The wig etc. doesn't help either… I feel like I'm looking at a corpse, not a living person. Jesus…

No. 635997

I don't think it's ripping on her appearance when you're just pointing out the facts. Taylor is naturally beautiful, but she chose one of the worst lifestyles possible and it shows. I know she's probably trying to cover up hair loss with those faux bangs and extensions but it just draws more attention to her face and doesn't at least even look real.

No. 635999

shes always had a bobblehead lol. even when she looked good her head was wayyy too big for her body. its so strange looking

No. 636010

This lol but usually it's more noticeable in other people's photos of her. She knows her angles

No. 636013

she's probably still friends who talk to Jonny or something like that. It isn't hard to keep secrets if your ex's girlfriends likes to talk alot even if it's a bad idea (ex: Taylor nonstop posting towards Jonny's bad and her "line of coke" deal)

No. 636015

Her head looks like it’s been photoshopped on her body. I thought it was photoshopped at first glance.

No. 636016

Her head looks like when a barbie doll head came off so the only way to get it to stay was to push the head back down all the way to the shoulders. I thought it was photoshopped too

No. 636055

kinda feel like she looks like a bobble head here cause of the way her hair is draped over her shoulder covering her neck. Plus she like popping her shoulder so even more neck coverage

No. 636057

Damn, imagine being a heroin addict and your addict boyfriend just got fired from his band and ACS is still sending you letters you don't want to answer and the tax debt letters keep coming and you have 50-ish animals that you probably misrepresented the number of to your apartment complex managers and then you get evicted? Hell of a year so far.

She looks shockingly haggard close up. Not in a nitpicking way, in a drugs way.

No. 636066

Taylor and Jonny both look 45 now

No. 636079

She’d make a good PSA on how drugs affect your appearance

No. 636104

Damn.. some of you guys are brutal.

She is really skinny.. you can see her shoulder bone in her back. She looks like she has a big head bc she is so thin. And when you suddenly lose a lot of weight your face usually does too and just doesn't look that good.

Her appearance will bounce back if she chooses to get healthy again.

No. 636106

The reason why Tay's always looked like a bobblehead doll is pretty simple; she's got a skinny body and absolutely no muscle on her. Which is sort of hilarious in a sad way, considering her struggles with EDS. I do hope she gets clean, starts eating healthy, and gets some damn exercise for the sake of her own wellbeing. She's, what, 21 now, looking like 35, and her twenties are gonna slap her in the face if she does not start taking care of herself.

No. 636137

File: 1549176844886.jpeg (127.73 KB, 576x1024, 8788EB26-E553-43D8-B9FF-446511…)

No. 636158

The snake here is a mix of different morphs.. Atomic, fire, and sugar. It says it right there in the file name. You can find it on world of ball pythons.
The Whitewash morph is recessive and by itself looks like a normal ball python with a bit of a funky pattern. Used with other genes, it seems to turn the affected areas in to a normal sort of pattern unlike Gemini who is a normal patterned snake with a loss of pigmentation turning him white on some parts, which is the opposit of what whitewash seems to do. I still think he's somatic, not that it really matters. Sorry for derailing.

No. 636166

She wasn't homeschooled per se. She was in some public school program for kids too sick to actually attend. They dropped off homework for her to do then picked it up at the end of the week. It doesn't sound effective to me to just expect kids to spend a week doing homework with no instruction from teachers like the kids in class get, but it's Texas. They don't have the greatest educational system.

No. 636167

Idk what her program was like, or if she's even told the truth about it, but I was in another state's version of that program for some time and it's a little more involved than "dropping off homework." It was called home and hospital tutoring and basically a tutor is assigned to come to your house or hospital 1-3x a week depending what your courses and course load is like. Sometimes they work with the teacher at your school that would teach that class, sometimes they just do it on their own. I'm betting Taylor had a tutor other than her mother or herself, anyway, but being in that house with her mother 24/7 for her adolescent years probably didn't help her sanity much.

No. 636169


She explains her schooling in this video.

I'VE BEEN SICK ALL MY LIFE? (Why I Post Inconsistently)

Taylor Nicole Dean

Published on Jul 26, 2017

get to know me and my story about my illnesses and various medical problems i've faced over the years….the short version. No matter what you're personally struggling with, rather it's mentally, physically, or both; please never doubt that you are loved and worth the fight. Everybody has a unique story and unique challenges they're faced with and no mental or physical struggles make you less of a person than everyone else. For those who have illnesses similar or the same as ehlers danlos syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome, chronic depression, etc: your pain is not in your head, you're not crazy, your feelings are valid, and it can get better. There's always going to be bad days every once in awhile but the good thing is they are eventually followed by amazing days. Don't let the bad outweigh the good, try your best to always stay positive and find something you're passionate about in life to enjoy. I apologize for not getting further in detail in this video about my medical issues and how i live with them, I just wanted to get this summary up and posted.

medical ailments mentioned:
-celiac disease
-ehlers danlos syndrome
-complex regional pain syndrome
-clinical depression and anxiety disorder

No. 636174

It all has to go through the courts. You can't just ask the police to remove someone because you served them a notice of eviction. In Texas you serve the tenant an order to quit, meaning they have three days to get in compliance with the lease or the landlord is free to file in court. Then there's a hearing. The tenant has five days to appeal. If they lose/don't appeal, they have to get off the property. If they don't, the landlord can get a writ of possession. Once they get that, the police are able to go remove them.

Renters aren't guaranteed thirty days or whatever to move out if they're being evicted. They can get as little as a week to get out if the judge isn't feeling particularly sympathetic. But the entire process from hearing to actual eviction can take a few months if the tenant fights it. I doubt these two would bother, though. Everyone and their mother knows where they live and it's not like they're going to rehome animals or stop using drugs. People'll just report them to the landlords until the complex is sick of them. I assume they've already been reported since landlords don't bother evicting people who follow the rules.

No. 636177

Yeah, that's where I got it. You can't tell me she got quality instruction from the teacher that supervised her. A once weekly visit of probably no more than a few hours, if even that, isn't enough to learn everything as well as kids in actual classes learn in a week. I doubt her parents were much help. They're more the type to call up the teacher and complain about their daughter's bad grades because she has [insert all her medical problems here] and can't be expected to learn like healthy kids.

No. 636180

I can almost guarantee she decided against vivitrol. 1. Jonnys liver is fucked.. 2 it really does prevent ANY high. With methadone, you can still use.. With subs, you can still use, just takes more to feel it. Heroin has such a short half life and it would have been ideal to go from that to vivitrol. Now that she's on "medication", both of them have such long half lives that it would take weeks of detox to get the vivitrol shot. Not happening!

Sounds like she is on Subs. Going twice a week to pick up the RX makes sense. No, you can't shoot it (someone mentioned that earlier) the naloxone in it prevents people from slamming the suboxone. You can't chew it, as it's sublingual. For people asking about cleanslate and counseling.. It's really just a 30 min quick visit with a cdac.

She mentions getting clearance.. People can request in advance to go out of town. They can either guest dose at another clinic or be approved for extra take home doses.

No. 636181

But either way.. Suboxone might work for her, as she is still a fairly new addict who hasn't really had that length of addiction where it's shown to be just relentless and impossible to get clean. For long term addicts who havent been able to stay clean despite MANY "attempts", subs and the clinic isn't gonna work. Theres NO WAY this is gonna work with Jonny.. That dude needs a year in inpatient to get away and work on all the reasons why he uses. Recovery isn't taking a fucking pill everyday. There's so much more to it, you gotta do the emotional and mental work. If not, those demons stay and you will ALWAYS relapse. If you don't learn the tools to cope with stressors, heroin will continue to be that tool eventually.

No. 636183

I doubt going clean for ten days like Cleanslate asked them to do for Vivitrol was within their capabilities, so it's moot. Cleanslate doesn't have clinics in California but she doesn't seem to be leaving anyway.

No. 636198

This. I said it in (I think) the last thread. I truly believe she's on subs. And yes, you can still use while on subs. I hope she is doing a rapid taper, if anything. It's a bitch to get off of subs too.. And it is a longer detox than heroin.

You're absolutely right that it requires a lot of self work to get and stay off. And that jonny needs a long term inpatient.. she isn't gonna be able to stay clean with him around, period.

I actually think that clinics work better for longer term addicts and that people who haven't been using long or who haven't tried many times to quit shouldn't really needs clinics.. detox should suffice. The more you try to quit the worse it gets. But either way, they're not ideal, and people usually continue to use when they're starting clinics.. some just keep using while they're on them.

No. 636202

I don’t know how much you need to use to get high on subs. I took them for 11 years and couldn’t get relief from a major back and leg surgery even after 2 weeks off them with oxy 10mg, 2 every 4 hours. I went back on subs during th acute phase just for some pain relief. It’s very, very hard to go off and the withdrawal lasts months. They bind very tightly to your receptors.

No. 636207

I think it depends on your dose for whether or not you can get high. Higher sub dose, less able you will be to get high, and vice-versa.

I guess they give you some subs to take home while on the clinic, since you need to take them daily and they only require you to go to the clinic twice a week. It would be easy to skip a day or to cut your sub dose down to get high too.

Sub clinics are really probably the first choice for addicts who aren't serious about getting clean… it makes getting high still an option, and it greatly extends the time period of someone actually fully getting clean.

An inpatient detox would be so much quicker to get it over with than a sub clinic… I can't imagine why Taylor chose a sub clinic versus detoxing for any other reason than she isn't really ready to get clean.. or jonny is giving her the wrong info.

No. 636208


So true. Takes forever! A good two weeks of active withdrawals.. Not as bad as methadone, but still long. People get stuck on that shit forever not realizing its worse and longer than heroin. I'm not sure how much it takes to get high but I knew a ton of people who would use subs as an in between when they were broke and couldnt get H. Use subs one day, shoot heroin the next..

No. 636221

File: 1549210073260.png (5.36 KB, 483x291, EB9EE1D6-8035-4674-B8CD-D3DD5A…)

see pic

this is a myth and I’m not able to explain why but you actually are able to shoot suboxone without getting deathly sick from the naloxone. you just don’t get high from doing it, people sometimes shoot it up to use a lower dose of suboxone or to get immediate effects. you cant really get high from subs unless you’re very new to opiates

tbh it’s clear that she’s only on suboxone so she can do heroin without feeling sick in between using. she really hasn’t been using for a long time at all or anything, I doubt she’s ever tried to recover any other way.

No. 636225


Definitely. Most clinics want you to try unassisted first before going on meds.. But I can imagine with Jonny, trying to detox cold turkey would be a nightmare. I don't see any of it ending well. She will have to leave him

No. 636229

File: 1549213799893.png (361.97 KB, 496x756, Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 12.0…)

I really don't think Taylor will get/stay sober unless she does inpatient AND leaves Jonny

No. 636230

I wonder if this is in reference to jonny.. saying she realizes she needs to want to leave him and does.. but saying it in a way so that he won't know?

Or it could just be about drug use.

Either way.. very applicable to her and very very true. She needs to really want to get clean to be able to do so, and she needs to really want to leave jonny to be able to do so.

No. 636234


tinfoiling, but maybe we shouldn't be going 'Does this mean she's finally leaving Jonny???', even if she seems to be hinting at it sometimes.

We already KNOW that Jonny reads here & I wouldn't be surprised if we've inadvertently tipped him off on one of her attempts to escape.

Just a thought…

No. 636241

File: 1549218350686.jpg (644.62 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190203-122007.jpg)

Why would you have an outlet strip just dangling like that? Maybe nitpicky, but that just seems like a fire hazard

No. 636246

File: 1549219555092.png (1.83 MB, 1329x2048, Screenshot_20190203-124329.png)

I wouldn't put it past Taylor to be uploading old photos of her animals. I feel like I've seen these photos before

No. 636247

OH my I saw this photo. She looks so bad! Drugs don't look good on her

No. 636249

There’s shit spilled all over it too lol

No. 636254

so basically she's clueless about everything especially taxes.

I wonder if she still takes these medicine because if she's mixing these with her drugs then poor liver. she might end up like Jonny in 10 years.

Like what another anon said, I dont actually believe she has all these illness. I think her mother just put her in a bubble growing up and telling her not to go out with friends because she's sick. Reminds me of that movie where the girl grew up staying at home all her life because her mom told her she's allergic to everything outside but it turns out her mom was just controlling.

No. 636255


LOL she's got that Steven Tyler "I haven't seen a sober day or a healthy meal in months" junkie look.

No. 636269

File: 1549225689984.jpeg (954.74 KB, 1242x2131, 9A16610E-169C-4BD0-A541-F91AF1…)

As everybody has said, getting clean is hard enough. Getting clean when your partner also uses… is 10x harder.
You both have to be 100% ready to get clean. Jonny has literally let addiction get in between many jobs, his ex girlfriends, and now.. this.
He knew what he was doing by using with Taylor. As brainless as he might be, he is aware of how addictive h can be. He still made the decision to use with her. While we will never know (?) whose idea it was, I think it’s fair to say it was his.
Now this has resulted in Taylor’s entire career being pretty much down the drain, and his too. AND NOW THEY ARE FACING EVICTION.
If Taylor knew what was good for her, she’d leave. She would leave him, and go into inpatient.
And until she does that, I will not be convinced she’s ready to get clean. Jonny won’t get clean. He will most likely die from his addiction. He’s already suffering from liver failure, and that alone should’ve been a motivating factor to get clean.
I also want to reiterate that the pets are suffering at the hands of this. We all know this. Nothing has been enough of a wake up call for either of them.

No. 636270

people absolutely get high off subs. that plus a benzo is a nice nod, and you can tell yourself that you're totally clean, even though it's a scheduled partial opioid agonist and people will stay on it for as long as they possibly can. for inpatient use it's fine, but when you see people saying they've been on it for more than two years it's time to fucking side eye.

No. 636272

File: 1549226542327.png (71.38 KB, 709x134, lmaowhy.png)


>>Getting clean when your partner also uses… is 10x harder.

Her fans think otherwise.
They're cheering her & Jonny on for "Getting clean together! <3"

Taylor is always trying to 'prove' herself. She probably saw/heard about how it's nearly impossible for using couples to get clean together & thought "Challenge Accepted!"

No. 636273

File: 1549226546886.jpg (750.3 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190203-145358_Ins…)

No. 636274

File: 1549226578180.jpg (683.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190203-145418_Ins…)

No. 636275

File: 1549226606421.jpg (850.97 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190203-145428_Ins…)

No. 636276

File: 1549226628588.jpg (615.73 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190203-150624_Ins…)

No. 636277

File: 1549226652166.jpg (513.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190203-153530_Ins…)

No. 636279


That font from the stories is not mine. These are milk because its showing her animals and how they're doing along with johnny not putting in an effort to get clean and just playing kh3 all day along with him being passive agressive and woe is me.

Calm the fuck down when all you wanna do is speculate about how her heroin is doing and not talk about anything else. Spectulating isnt milk nonny

No. 636281

capping IG stories like this is pretty common in many threads, calm down.

No. 636282

I ended up unfollowing Taylor after she baked her crocodile skinks. Just looked her up again and honestly I wasn't surprised. But the fact she lied so hard! Trying to prove she wasn't using, saddens me thinking about all her poor animals. I wonder how much of her YouTube money she spent on drugs than using that money towards her animal care

No. 636283

You should bitter

No. 636286

who is he talking about here?

No. 636295

I agree.. she needs to leave him if she wants to redeem her career and improve her mental health.

She is clearly scared of facing more backlash when he inevitably talks shit about her animal care when she leaves him.

But Taylor.. people won't really believe him. And even if they do, they know he will also make shit up. You can absolutely redeem yourself if you leave him, go to inpatient, get clean, and improve your animal care and show it on a consistent basis.

No. 636301

Maybe I'm alone in this or just an asshole but I don't personally give a shit. She chose to put her life on the internet. She's not some poor victim who didn't see this coming. If people want to speculate they are allowed to.

No. 636306

File: 1549232048956.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1228x1980, 6EE25B43-4108-4D82-A683-8E039D…)

No. 636312

>>Getting clean when your partner also uses… is 10x harder.

I hate how Taylor keeps thinking she's gonna be clean together like it's goals. sorry for the blog but my bf used to smoke weed and I started to do it because he was doing it. We finally quit when BOTH of us did. I can't imagine what harder drugs can do especially when Jonny obviously doesnt want to. She's stuck but needs her stans so she's lying out of her ass. Girl, Jonny chose drugs over all his exs, friends, band, and even his kid. what makes you think he's gona stop for you, Taylor? lol you dreaming

No. 636314

I wonder if Betsy is still around just for Taylor's money cuz at this point, she's just Taylor's lil bitch.

No. 636315


That's right, make the first-time mom do all the dirty work!

Looks like poor Betsy's already got 3 kids

No. 636320

File: 1549232979832.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1242x1990, 24C1C27F-C351-4E42-A9D1-0C3347…)

Couldn’t go on tour because he needed to focus on his health but is already looking to work? Wonder what the band thinks of him ditching them for Taylor but trying to make music so soon after

No. 636325

Of course jonnys looking for work, hes out of money and now that he and taylor are apparently getting evicted, they need all the cash they can get. Lmao

No. 636328

File: 1549233345331.jpg (653.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190131-210208_Ins…)

Before a couple of nonnys start crying because this doesnt show how ugly taytay looks she deleted this post off of insta

No. 636329

File: 1549233450938.jpg (688.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190131-210033_Ins…)

No. 636336

Anon, why do you think that font looks nice on your phone?

Hopefully she decides to rehome more of her animals because of how difficult it is to find a place to live that accepts the number she has

No. 636338

It's possible if Jonny lurks, but then again if Taylor really wanted to get out maybe she could just not fucking post every single thought that goes through her head so no one can speculate and she can leave safely.

>>636336 nta but isn't that one of the fonts that's supposed to make it easier for dyslexics to read? Otherwise yeah it's super annoying.

No. 636339

Comic sans was created for dyslexia too, but it doesn’t mean you should use it aesthetically lmao

No. 636340

Shooting subutex (subs without the bupe) would give her a decent little buzz through the day and it was way more doable than suboxone. Either way that shit trashes your veins and like others have said, is absolute hell to jump off of. Would rather do h withdrawal than go through the hellish sub withdrawal any day. She just needs to get out of there, drop her whole life as it is, and start over. Any other way is just hanging on and trying to find a way to make a situation that is collapsing horribly somehow still work - delaying the inevitable.

No. 636356

Wouldn’t be surprised if Taylor’s illnesses were made up by her mom and she actually has Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Where a parent will make up that their kid is sick that they must rely on them and stay at home all the time. She seems crazy enough of a mom to do that.

No. 636358

I feel like Taylor probably has EDS for real, to some degree. It's called a "rare" disease but having non-benign hypermobility problems is actually pretty common, and you can see her joints bending backwards in some of her videos so she's definitely hypermobile.

But I also agree her or her mom exaggerated it/played it up. She definitely plays it up now- no one has a syndrome that flares when they have meetups but not when they walk around Disney or every reptile con they can find, that's just not how it works.

No. 636363

Yep, her illnesses always crop up when it comes to her doing her job. I remember wayyy back when I loved her she went to Cali and promised to vlog and post a video. Then she claimed that she had been too sick to film. Not too sick to actually participate in whatever she was doing in California.. But too sick to hold a camera.

No. 636369

Lol is starting to turn into sensitive twitter these days. The font is hideous, and 99.9% of the screenshots non shares are so fucking irrelevant and clog the feed with dumb shit.

No. 636373

Font makes it easy on me to read. Invest in your eyes and get some glasses nonny.

Again these sc show her animals and updates on them. Stop your bitchin cause its not about how ugly taytay is or waaaah more drugs done by her. All your spectulation is shit and not actual milk unlike these. Dont like it? Fuck your feelings and get over your insecurities to see how ugly taytay is. Posting pics comparing her to barbie arent milk nonny

No. 636375

File: 1549243967571.jpeg (276.55 KB, 1242x1207, E5069FD5-986C-420B-8B3A-44329F…)

I really hate the font as well. Not trying to be rude or ungrateful. I’d really appreciate you considering using a regular font to post the screenshots or letting someone else post them. Please. Again, no disrespect.

No. 636376

LOLing forever at Jonny boy of all people calling someone trash. Oh, the irony.

That actually explains Taylor's fascination with him, the dude's self-aware enough to be a fucking anemone.

No. 636377

File: 1549244171451.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1242x1974, 723FB902-CA9A-4105-ABFA-F44A2E…)

No. 636378


He's not looking for work, he's offering work, ie. hiring a guitar player.


Literally airing her dirty laundry, revealing that she is unable to take care of herself let alone her animals.

No. 636379

But they literally don’t. A good majority are milkless bullshit.
We don’t need 5 screenshots of the same snake. We don’t need to see every single Instagram story Taylor has. If you’re so fucking invested in her stories, go follow her. We are here to discuss the shit she does, her pet care, drug use, etc. not a ss of her response to literally every comment and Instagram story. Are you autist? Ffs

No. 636381

Are you actually? I post her pets. In the stories. Showing how they look. I havent posted the same snake 5 times. You're here to talk about her drugs which i do too but you want to talk ONLY about her drugs. You dont care about the animals at all. Gtfo

No. 636384

Your ss-ing and posting is slightly excessive. Not everything Taylor says and does is worth posting, if it's not milky don't post it. If it's not relavent to her drug issue, her pet care, don't post it. I'm glad the constant posting of every single reply on Instagram has stopped, but still…take it down another notch.

No. 636386

This is lolcow, you aren't going to get anywhere with trying to police what people post and/or discuss about.

Comments about fonts and infighting posts are irrelevant and actually "clog up the feed".

That aside, are there any other snakes that we haven't seen lately? Was it ever confirmed that she acquired Valentino?

No. 636388

Gucci & Prada?
I see them being brought up a lot here, yet I haven't seen them on her insta yet

No. 636389


Documenting their stories is revealing their changed behavior. Taylor and Jonny posting concurrent stories of Lego show that they are doing their best to present a united front and prove the haters wrong. "See! We interact with and take care of our animals!"

No. 636396

Seriously, where are Gucci & Prada?

No. 636399

A few times though its multiple screenshots of the same story video. A better thing to do is either a single screenshot, or even better, a short video of the story, rather than clogging the forum with screenshots of the same video. That's mostly what I was trying to say. But yeah, the screenshots of every single reply she makes to comments on IG posts is excessive. Now can we just drop this please?

No. 636401

The screenshots are excessive. The last thread we had nonny posted every single comment from Taylors insta and keeps posting all of J and Ts insta stories on here. We don't need every story.>>636386

No. 636403

You’re not a mod, stop bitching and move on with your life jfc. I’m glad all of her SM content gets posted on this thread because then I don’t have to look that shit up myself. >>636375
Lmao he probably thought a music connection was going to work with him but his reputation is 100% ruined so no luck.

No. 636411

File: 1549249136532.jpg (1009.79 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20190203-195810.jpg)

Salem's enclosure is looking a lot better, and he actually looks to be fairly healthy. Obviously it's hard to get a good idea of body mass (obesity) from a video, but he doesn't appear to be too skinny or morbidly obese.

No. 636413

Not gonna beat the dead horse that is her highly questionable drug "recovery" program, but holy shit, she seems a lot better without Twitter. At least with just Instagram to focus on, she's putting out lots of pictures of her animals, rather than getting bogged down by tweet threads.

No. 636415


Honestly she really acted her worst on Twitter.
All that quote-tweeting…

No. 636417

Is this her retconning the fact she bought him? I don't recall ANY mention of trying to find one that's being rehomed/in a rescue. She bought him from a breeder, but not she's trying to make it sound like this was her last option

No. 636424

Quit infighting. Only post caps worth discussing. It's true we don't need a recap of every single update or tweet but if it's relevant make it clear so other anons have an understanding of what they're supposed to be looking at.

No. 636425

large black kingsnakes from breeders are hard to come by and expensive. she probably wanted a rehomed one so it wouldn’t be thousands and thousands of dollars, but could only find Mexican blacks as babies

No. 636432

If she's posting in on social media, it's public and it doesn't matter.
However we don't need a ton of wishful thinking cluttering up the place either.

No. 636434


Maybe going through all their clothes means they really are moving! Because you know they are so fucking lazy they are not going to do a job like this just because they feel like it, even if they are paying someone to help.

No. 636443

My bet is on she is about to Poshmark a bunch of her wardrobe, she could probably use the money kek

No. 636447

The font is annoying and all the screenshots are clogging up an otherwise good, milky feed. I’m more than happy to screenshot and post anything relevant and leave out all the clutter and garbage font.

No. 636449


Maybe they need more room for their Funko Pop collection.

No. 636450

File: 1549257678176.png (Spoiler Image, 268.31 KB, 750x1334, 8C7FC671-8C0E-4BD1-B269-DBE50E…)

Here ya go. Doesn’t have to filter anyone commenting on her care anymore since only those who can are her blind followers.

No. 636456

I feel like she’s only “spoiling” animals that look unique to her, the rest.. well.. theyre thrown in a bin or with the most minimum things. For ex: bindi and mushu. Poor lil dudes

No. 636462

So basically shes saying I only allow people to comment that kiss my ass who totally forgot I've killed innocent animals while I was on heroin with my rapist and abusive junkie of a boyfriend.

No. 636465


Probably trying to remember her "adopt don't shop" motto, even though all her animals are either from pet shops or breeders. She doesn't have a single adopted animal with the exception of her dog who she doesn't even have anymore.

Buying from good breeders isn't a bad thing, but she wants the ass pats from "adopt don't shop" despite not doing it.

No. 636467

File: 1549263001021.png (421.88 KB, 665x662, 1169 - RQL5Ld3.png)



normies get the fuck off my board reeeee

No. 636470

Gee Taylor, posting Salem in his enclosure wasn't so hard, was it? Can we see the rest of them?

No. 636474

“Dude your animals are so healthy like, I can see the cholesterol oozing from your snakes and Mushu a gills melting”

No. 636476

That looks like one of the ones emma or emilee redid? Not 100% sure. I highly doubt Taylor did it

No. 636480

File: 1549268876162.png (322.49 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190204-032324.png)

Someone is going on omegle pretending to be Bree and having old guys send shit to her, I'm assuming it's one of Taylor's stans. How likely is it that other pettubers will come forward with how much Bree is getting harassed?

No. 636485

Bree comes forward with a story regarding what happened between Taylor and her? It wasn’t as extreme as everything else that came afterwards?
Apparently the only logical thing is to send stalkers her way…

No. 636520

This is an old post but I do think it might be good to post her pictures of animals and sheds, in case anyone here catches something and has something to say about it. EG: if you can't tell yourself if a snake she posts might be obese.

No. 636525

yet another fire hazard…..

No. 636526

Instagram stories don't stay up forever, and lord knows Taylor could start deleting things left and right.

No. 636534

File: 1549300916369.png (881.28 KB, 750x1334, 909C1CC0-4AFE-416A-B68F-DFE3B5…)

“omg heroin made me just like famous musicians uwu”

No. 636536

She's literally just her 'inspiration' cause she was the first celebrity that came to Taylor's mind who was hooked on heroin. Taylor should take note that Demi went inpatient and didn't seek validation left and right on instagram

No. 636537

I mean, all clothing is a fire hazard regardless. This seems weirdly nitpicky, like I'm not saying they're tidy people and they do have shit piled all over their house, but it's not like they tore everything out of their closet just to pile up on the floor and leave it there

if she's such an inspiration why don't you go inpatient? or do you mean she was your inspiration to get hooked in the first place?

No. 636539

in reference to the fire hazard thing, i had only brought it up because a previous anon mentioned how having an outlet strip just dangling about was also a hazard.

No. 636540

Ready to Glares video is out. I am on mobile and don’t know how to download videos but it’s out!

No. 636543


Pretty sure Demi would tell Taylor off for supporting and staying with a ‘man’ like JC

No. 636547

I'm about 9 minutes in but it seems that she's mostly just regurgitating Taylor's defenses. Yikes.

No. 636552

I am almost done and she hasn't said anything relevant really. I feel like all she is doing is saying what has occurred and it's coming off as though it's not really a big deal.

No. 636555

Disappointed in the video.
I think you can tell the majority of her defenders are all incredibly misinformed about animal care and/or don’t actually give a shit about just how badly she keeps her pets.

No. 636560

I do appreciate how she said you shouldn't necessarily shame an addict but you should still hold them accountable. It's like Taylor has this extremely misguided notion that she can just say oh I'm sorry guys I was on heroin and all is forgiven. And watching that video just reinforced the fact that she takes slim to no responsibility for anything she does. It's always someone or something else's fault. I know her stans are going to blame the heroin solely on Jonny when that's just not true.

No. 636563

I'm so confused why ready to glare wants to defend her. She should know from personal experience that TND is making a mockery of addiction recovery. I don't understand how profiting off the abuse of dozens of animals is excusable no matter what physical or mental issues someone may have. Owning animals and promoting improper pet care is a choice.

No. 636568

This girl is repeatedly leaving out information everywhere. She isn't providing all the info.

No. 636573

I think it is because she used to be an addict that kind of clouded her ability to present the information correctly.

No. 636576


And stories can only be seen with an Instagram account.

No. 636580

I think the video is fine. Her goal is clearly not to make a case for why you shouldn’t watch Taylor but just to give her take on what’s happening, and that’s fine. I think she was fairly objective and hit the important points, and those are that Taylor has too many animals and needs help and to get away from Jonny.

No. 636589

Pretty sure ready to glare owns a bearded dragon. Wish she would have commented on twisty. I don’t know how unique they are but I thought maybe she’d know a little something about reptile care. Disappointed she kinda just recites some scandals without giving much opinion- like she explains the animals getting baked alive, asks if it was an unfortunate accident and moves on?? No comment on the time it took to check on her animals? Her comments hidden at the end about her needing inpatient were good I guess.

No. 636603

The whole point is to not give her opinion, she's trying to stay unbiased which isn't bad.

No. 636604

>>636576 no, you can view insta stories on websites without having an account

No. 636605

?? Doesn’t she give her opinion all the time? Isn’t that like, what her channel mostly is? Her opinion on various things?

No. 636618

ive seen two videos now trying to discuss TND (including the ready to glare one) and i dont really get why they all decide to skirt the topic she killed multiple fucking animals via baking them alive.

as previous threads discussed, it would be more understandable if these were hard to check, but because of the humidity/lighting/whatever about the tank you should be in there checking every 4-5 hours. TND shouldnt have left the tanks alone for 14 hours to begin with. instead these drama channels all focus on random other aspects of her life, like how shes holding a snake or the cheese death drama.

it kind of informs the user about TND and what shes doing, but it still seems to miss the fact that this isnt taylors first time harming her animals, it isnt the first time shes done hard drugs, theres the fact that in her shitty relationship she mocked the previous victims of abuse from jonny. shes a shitty person and her animals are victim. the drugs are just another problem, they arent some sort of justification for her bad behavior.

No. 636620

Yeah I’ve seen severa of her video and she always has an opinion and it’s usually blunt which is why many people watch her but suddenly this topic comes along and she says she’s not going to comment and I don’t get it. That’s the whole reason why people asked you to do the video, for your opinion.

I feel like a lot more could’ve been said. She brings up the google doc but then tells people to look a it themselves if they are that interested, I felt like it would’ve been important to use it to put it into perspective of just how many animals she’s cycled through. That’s why it was made in the first place. I feel like she kind of just dusted the situation as a whole

No. 636638

I was really hoping Ready to Glare would add something new to the table because she has a few snakes and a bearded dragon herself as well as having a problem with addiction in the past so I thought she would be the most knowledgeable when it came to Taylor's care. I wonder if her experience with addiction made her sympathize with Taylor and be more objective because she has seen how Taylor appears to be pushed to drugs by negativity and didn't want to cause more of a problem. I wish she talked more about her experience as a fellow reptile keeper and pointed out the exact reasons Taylor's husbandry has been critiqued.

No. 636639


There's a real possibility that the croc skinks & frog weren't actually 'cooked alive' remember the texts Jessica recieved? They said that the Frog died from a poor diet, & the skinks died from dehydration.

The story about the electrical-accident was possibly made to look like they all died around the same time in a way that couldn't possibly have been Taylor's fault (even though leaving/napping for 10+ hours without checking the enclosures doesn't make her look good either)

No. 636643

Bree has already said how the cooked pets actually died and electrical engineers have said that Taylors story is impossible. Idk why anyone still believes her story

No. 636647

File: 1549316586900.jpg (480.43 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20190204-224243_Ins…)

Taylor finally posted the milk snakes

No. 636648

File: 1549316609503.jpg (659.53 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20190204-224256_Ins…)

No. 636650

File: 1549316684555.jpg (528.2 KB, 809x2085, Screenshot_20190204-224430_Ins…)

about Valentino

No. 636652


So he's dead, because what's going to happen is she'll get another milksnake back from this breeder with the story of "oh he sold away Valentino/he died/it's not my fault" as the sob story to cover up.

Honestly this one isn't so far-fetched, but I can't believe anything that she says anymore. Too many lies, contradictions and rabbit hole stories.

No. 636653

Does anyone know who Valentinos breeder was?

No. 636655

“Instead of taking my bruised and vomiting snake to the vet I contacted the breeder so that any liability I had disappears and said breeder will now get all the blame”

I understand the need to contact a breeder if the animal you bought from them is sick but maybe fucking do that after you’ve taken said animal to the vet instead of sending it back to the breeder? If it didn’t die in her care she would’ve killed it shipping it back to the breeder.
Also if it’s a genetic issue, they next one she gets could just have the same problems but she wouldn’t know because she’s a dickhead.

No. 636656

Salem, Gucci & Prada actually look pretty healthy (not obese like all the ball pythons)

No. 636658

Actually, I think she only posted Gucci and an old pic of Gucci. She just mentioned Prada

No. 636660

TLDR: "iTs tHe BreEderS FaUlT"

No. 636661

I was about to mention this too

She posts Tofu all the time while he's posturing, why not post Prada in his/her enclosure? Why not post ALL her snakes in their enclosures?

No. 636662

Yeah that snake is dead. It sounds so much like the 'electrical malfunction' story just in the way she told it. She's such a bad liar, it's almost like she has a template she fills out whenever she needs to tell a lie.

No. 636663

Gucci looks quite fat, but a lot of milk snakes are obese in captivity, not that it's an excuse but it's extremely common. I can't tell with Prada but she looks pretty decent, but on the topic of her colubrids Salem looks amazing body condition wise, Lego was fat when she got him, and he is still fat, and Celia is grossly overweight.

No. 636664

She showed the Google doc like 30 seconds into the video… literally.

No. 636669

Why does each one of her "stories" have to include I cried and cried? I wish she would please stop with the sympathy grabs. Its redundant and annoying

No. 636675


>>"Anyways this'll probably be spun to be something else and someone will decide I ate him or something but ya…"

That's not very positive of you, Taylor…

No. 636679

File: 1549319469674.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190204-152953.png)

Violet is posted in her stories, I think?

No. 636682

sHE wOnT GEt YElloW ShES spECiaL(dOnt tYpE liKe tHis)

No. 636683

Im watching the ready to glare vid rn and I honestly think she tried to make a video that if Taylor watched it she’d get kind of a reality check and wouldn’t see it as hate. She wants her to get out of all this for the animals sake and hers but that’s just what i believe. Especially cuz she used to do drugs i think she kind of knew how to address this to her so TND would not shut off and actually reflect on what’s been happening (sorry if OT)

No. 636684

Who even has this many issues with breeders??
It's not hard. If she got him shipped look at reviews, if she got him at an expo it should be obvious that a snake is that sick?
And if it was shipped this is something that she should actually say where she got him so people can be aware of scams?
It's always the breeder's fault.

No. 636686

regardless neither video presents that information. ready to glare specifically reads out the insta post where TND talks about how they got baked and then moves on quickly after. if they wanted to make it open ended like that it would be fine, but they have not.

with her ramble at the end of the video i think she largely feels like she cant comment because of her previous problems regarding cocaine addiction, but it was pretty lame view overall on the situation. maybe she was scared of pet tube.

just reminds me of a post some anon made a few threads ago calling her "ready to cash in" lol

No. 636687

File: 1549320924895.jpg (46.98 KB, 711x258, IMG_7l62pa.jpg)

No. 636691

you shouldn't be feeding a snake within a week of bringing it home. you should be giving it at LEAST a week or two to get acclimated to its new surroundings. no wonder it was regurgitating.

the bit about "someone is gonna spin this to make it seem like I'm lying, that I ate him or something ridiculous lolz" is just her covering her ass by making it sound like anyone who doesn't believe her (since she's been caught lying about this shit constantly) is making totally outlandish accusations. so when people do call her out on something that she actually did wrong, she'll scream "see!!! what did I tell you guise!!! they're making ridiculous claims!!!" even if it's a totally sensible conclusion to be reached based on past evidence.

she's dramatizing it in order to make any criticism sound like complete slander. makes me think she has done something wrong and will just point to her "calling it" to deny, deny, deny as always

No. 636693

I feel like the tell tale sign that's she's lying is the way she always needs to talk about how she "cried so much" and "felt so guilty." She either does that bc she thinks it's a necessary fabricated detail so people believe her stories or, in the case that she is telling the truth, she needs everyone to know what a good pet mom she is and that she feels sooo deeply for every animal she glances at (despite the fact that she literally displays 0 emotion when talking about one of her animals dying???)

No. 636694

It's because she doesn't bother to do research on breeders. She just sees an animal, goes "Ooh, pretty!" And chucks money at the breeder. She also often buys her animals from expos, which unfortunately aren't always the best place to buy reptiles, contrary to popular belief. Low standards for breeders accepted, rampaging parasites and diseases, a reliance on impulse buying… The list goes on. Not every expo is automatically terrible, it's just not always the most standup way to but reptiles.

No. 636695

Samefag, forgot to add the all important "she's also just a shitty pet keeper in general."

No. 636696


I thought she disabled comments from non-fans/followers on her Instagram though?

Is she worried that her own fans might doubt her or something?

No. 636697

oh but don't forget anon! the breeder assured her Violet would only get more purple with age (unlike literally every other purple-tinted baby snake) so of course it's the breeder's fault, not Taylor's!!1!

the breeder is trying to get you to give them your money. of course they're going to tell you what you want to hear about what color the snake will be in a year or more. they don't care. they're trying to make a sale. dumbass actually believed it

No. 636701


Same thing with the monitor lizard.
"Don't take advice from pet-store employees uwu" Then suddenly "They told me it was a Black-throat and I trusted them!"

No. 636705

From a reply to that IG comment, Taylor confirms Valentino was from an expo.. So yeah she probably should have noticed if he had an RI before buying him. I might be crazy but I feel like RIs aren't incredibly hard to spot in person, especially for someone who is supposed to be a pet expert.

No. 636706


No kidding, though. A serious reptile keeper would have a sophisticated thermostats and automated equipment to control humidity to prevent ridiculous problems like "electricity malfunctions". She had access to the money, bought the cheap shit, animals died in the process. I think people exaggerate how terrible of a pet keeper she is.

No. 636708

File: 1549323265740.png (917.45 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190204-163145.png)

She never said she wouldn't get yellow?

No. 636709

I believe she said it in a video

No. 636716

Animal murderer mad libs by Taylor Nicole Dean.

No. 636726

Yes she did. She said the breeder said violet was from a line of super Mojave that gets more purple/pink with age, rather than yellow, which is common with super Mojaves. I think Taylor just wanted to seem "fancier".

No. 636730

File: 1549324806407.png (809.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190204-153027.png)

Lots of Nemo and Ghost from both of them, no Star since Jan 15.

No. 636734

Personally, I'd like to see how the hedgehogs are doing.

No. 636736

>>636730 Unless she posts a stream or photos this week of Star, it's sadly clear, either Star was banished back outside or dumped off at a shelter to be euthanized. To say she rehomed her and not mention anything of it, enough of it Taylor. Your track record is disgusting with replacing and rehoming animals, you want an audience? Then prove to the audience. But we all know you only care about looking good or making money off of benefiting from animals, and no real empathy or love for animals.

No. 636739

File: 1549326159080.jpeg (429.97 KB, 750x1244, 66F7E2CD-313E-4043-9661-B9A01B…)


She said in her instagram post here she would only get more purple

No. 636740


so on one hand, she gives a sick animal back to the breeder because she doesn't believe that she can take care of it, but she was confident enough to raise prenatal kittens despite never even owning a cat before?

ok tay

No. 636744

Maybe she learned from her experience with the kittens & didn't want to deal with the guilt/scandal of having another baby animal die in her care…

No. 636746

okay so I know it's pointless to speculate about injections sites in her recent posts because we know she's been shooting up for the past 2 months or more. But this is from last April. Can ex-addict anons speak on this spot she's got going right in the middle of her arm? ya think she was shooting up in April?

No. 636747


considering how many animals have died prematurely in her care, probably not

No. 636758

… she posted Star fairly recently, and people were talking about how she was overweight.. that's probably why she hasn't posted much of her since

No. 636763

That was Taylor herself talking about Star being overweight because she gobbled food down like it was her last meal. which wouldn't be a problem if tay fed her correct portions rather than pouring food in the bowl and fucking off to let the cats eat however much they want. She also said she was taking her to the vet once a month for weigh-ins, which is ridiculous overkill. I don't exactly believe she was telling the truth about it, but poor Star regardless. what a shitty life to be forced into.

also come to think of it, the boy cats cuddle on the bed with them while they're getting high, but star was nowhere to be seen. probably hiding somewhere, or gone as other anons speculate.

No. 636764

File: 1549330646246.jpg (325.45 KB, 1080x995, 20190204_203434.jpg)

Here's another video about TND

No. 636765

is this not the one anons have been talking about all afternoon?

No. 636766


That's not an injection mark.

No. 636767

she's well-known for promoting her videos here, note the conspicuously logged out pic.

No. 636768

Jonny probably got pushed that star wouldn’t use the litter box and did something!

No. 636770

is Violet not overweight too? she's got the folds/wrinkles in her body where it bends or curls, I don't know much about obesity in snakes but anon posted that graphic and it said that was a sign of obesity. It doesn't look morbid yet but like, damn girl, stop feeding all your snakes every week

No. 636772

They will all dilute the drama for views, just watch. Some of these girls look up to Taylor and shouldn't cover it in the first place.

Every time I see this pics I remember that insta story where's she's roughly rearranging the snake in her hand (several threads back).

No. 636773


You don't need to download Youtube videos to post them. Post Youtube video links in the field denoted "Youtube".

All day I thought everyone was referring to a transient video on another platform because none of you posted it.


What does the person being logged out have to do with anything?

No. 636774

She last posted Star Jan 15, and she's been posting the boys all the time. Jan 15 was 20 days ago.
If she posted one animal a day since, she wouldn't be through them all (almost), but she posts the cats frequently on her stories so why not Star?

No. 636775


A cat (or dog) overeating is a pretty simple thing to resolve, just feed them in different rooms/areas. That way you'll know when they're done eating so you can cover the bowls or put the food away.
All you have to do is keep an eye on them… oh, that's probably the problem here.

No. 636777


>>636708 is from April 2018.

>>636679 is from today.

>reading for comprehension

No. 636778

Oh wow, because three days ago she commented >>635710 on Insta in response to being asked about Violet yet Valentino was already gone - hmmm.
Taylor lies, we know, but it's getting to the point of stating the total opposite.

No. 636780

Has anyone seen her mention cheese’s supposed necropsy since all of her videos where she recording herself calling the vet

No. 636787

'health was in decline' = 'i was shooting heroin'

for some reason her phrasing of it triggers the fuck out of me, just cop to being a junkie taylor, ffs.

No. 636788

Thank you for pulling this because I knew she had said that the snake was only going to get more pink/purple and anons in the thread who know snakes were like um, try yellow.

No. 636789

There is no need to post it anon, it's already been discussed upthread and isn't that relevant. It wasn't posted here for a reason - it is partially a defence of Taylor, and anyone can search the channel up on youtube. You'll only attract more accusations of selfposting/shilling anyway. I've been here long enough to see a lot of RTG hype posts across different threads/cows.

No. 636798

Which one was Valentino

No. 636800

File: 1549334677216.jpg (167.77 KB, 1295x1510, 1548855734277.jpg)


Here is is/was
And yes, he was apparently named after a popular vine video.

No. 636801

kek always the BREEDER spreading misinformation

i kinda wanna compile all the times she blames a breeder for her own stupidity/problems or all the times she does the "vet says they're perfect!!!1!1!" schtick. she even said "the vet says she's doing fine and we're doing nothing wrong" just hours before nemo's sister passed smh

No. 636802

File: 1549334749752.jpg (507.34 KB, 1080x1733, 1541570377630.jpg)

Here's another instance of Valentino

No. 636805


This is a load of shit if you consider Taylor's Modus Operandi. The moment she has a chance to blame shit on a breeder, she's all over her social media criticizing them and laying on the blame heavily, just like she did with twisty. If this was really the case, she'd be harping on twitter about how she got "sold a sick snake by evil money grubbing breeders". Valentino is dead. She overhandled him after she most likely overfed him when she first got him, he regurgitated and developed an R.I from it that she was too strung out to deal with.

No. 636821

to think of it, I bet that dot isn't from an animal or an everyday injury. lol

No. 636824

Taylor is something else. She can easily keep herself from this thread if she keeps her bullshit to the minimum. Like, she can just reply with, "I rehomed him a few months ago because I knew I couldn't take care of him." But nope, she likes to exaggerate her stories and come up with even more bullshit that she won't remember the next day so she probably has to keep notes on what her story line is. smh

No. 636825

File: 1549337974725.png (998.5 KB, 1212x772, Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 10.3…)

No. 636826

File: 1549338028865.png (850.16 KB, 780x786, Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 10.4…)

Not sure if the hand marks were worth noting or not but just in case

No. 636830

my b I got confused since there were several pictures of her all in a row. These new pictures >>636825 kinda confirm she's still chunky though.

that's what I'm saying. Would love to hear this anon >>636766 explain why they're so sure it's not an injection site. I don't know much about shooting up but like that looks nothing like a normal cut to me.

No. 636846

Ok, I've been offline for a couple of days and am behind, but fuck . . . she's bragging about her snakes having healthy sheds?

Good for you Taylor, you haven't fucked up your snakes' care enough to affect their sheds. You so deserve some asspats for meeting the minimal standards of care. Let us know when your cats have a healthy bowel movement or two so you stans can praise you for taking the time out of your busy schedule of taking selfies in the clinic bathroom and playing video games with your boyfriend to feed them.

No. 636847

liar liar pants on fire
>wont take care of a small snake
>will take care of newborn kittens

No. 636848

That is not an injection mark, I know what they look like trust me. I really think she justs snorts it.

No. 636849

There’s been plenty of proof to say she injects wyd

No. 636858

Don't forget that literally days before she made this video, Elijah Daniel & Taylor's stans were all over Twitter hollering about how "Addict-shaming is WRONG!" & "Non-addicts shouldn't judge addicts!" & all that shit

No. 636859

File: 1549342989823.jpg (313.75 KB, 2000x2000, BloodCollectionSitesPoster.jpg)


>I don't know much about shooting up

And I do know a good amount about IV sites from both medical and illicit IV drug experience. The anterior forearm towards the wrist is a no go zone in phlebotomy due to the proximity of nerves and arteries and tendons. For the purposes of self-injecting drugs it is painful and difficult to access compared to other sites and is a site of last resort.

That is a puncture wound but it is much larger than the gauge of a syringe needle, even if she had picked at the scab.

No. 636867

Cool yap thanks for explaining. I wonder how she got it, it doesn't look like a bite from one of her animals since there would be two wounds. Maybe it's just a bug bite. who cares. but regardless thank you for info

No. 636870

Honestly it just looks like a bug bite probably a mosquito bite she picked at it's too big to be from an injection

No. 636873

"I didn't alter these photos at all"

Unless these were taken at different times of the year or you're magical, the grout in between the tile would not go from white to brown.

No. 636903

File: 1549354382888.jpeg (106.63 KB, 750x373, 4F85EF5D-7740-4270-89BF-379877…)

No. 636905


>fingers crossed lol

Yeah real funny getting your pets ashes back as well as the necropsy report on how he died

No. 636910

So, how's Mushu doing, Taylor?

No. 636922


It's a fucking fish, girl.

If she put as much effort into getting off heroin as she puts into cheese, she would have been sober for a month

No. 636940

It's been 2 months. Why is she still pretending a necropsy was ever done? At this point in time it is evident that she likely never had one done, she would have had the results back a long time ago if she did. As well as his ashes. She needs to learn to be honest or nothing will ever get better for her. Poor Cheese.

No. 636941

thats the longest necropsy in history, performed on the smallest fish

No. 636942


I am also in the very suspicious camp when it comes to the whereabouts of Star. There have been lots of photos of the other two cats but nothing of Star in recent weeks. Weird to go from multiple pictures of Star being very cute to absolutely nothing.

At least we know that Taylor checks this thread obsessively, so I’m sure she’ll post something about Star soon enough if she is still around. Or some made up story about having her re-homed. Either way, poor cat.

No. 636943

Part of me wants to believe the 'cuteness' of Star wore off, and she realised that she had a cat that she could not really look after on her hands.
She's good at not giving a shit about animals that can't really do much when left alone (her snakes won't destroy much if anything if she ignores them) but Star was urinating all over and probably damaging her belongings. It's fine when the animals can just be ignored with no consequences, but when she needs to put in a genuine effort to break habits before she can forget about her she probably gave up.
I have a feeling that she got rid of her when she started damaging her things because she's too lazy to put effort into a cat that quite frankly probably isn't ever going to adjust to a life indoors. I guess you can only hope that she was released because she really doesn't strike me as a cat that will do well indoors all things considered.

No. 636945

I'd be surprised if Star hasn't bolted out a door and they've lost her.

No. 636949

I'm surprised that nobody has done a video focusing exclusively on Jonny, the fact that theres evidence out there alluding to the fact that he coerced taylor into doing heroin, him also having forced drugs into another girl against her will, the rape, abuse, physical, mental and verbal, Taylors behaviour was questionable before Jonny but she took such a dramatic decline the moment Jonny entered her life and I dunno but I just think he's getting off so lightly, he just posted another 3 pairs of shoes he's brought, not only that he never comes to Taylors defence at all, even the post he made the other day came off cold and forced like taylor had to beg him to post it. He clearly does not give a shit about anyone but himself and unfortunately abusive people are the most controling and manipulative scumbags on the earth and while it's easy for people on the outside to just say "leave" it's never that easy, it is dangerous, it is hard because they don't just walk out and leave you alone, they will break in, they will stalk you, they will threaten to harm your animals, kids, you, family members, blackmail you, my abusive ex did all of these things, they threaten and manipulate you into letting them stay, controlling you with fear tactics, they threaten suicide an tell you its your fault too, and he will be gaslighting taylor no doubt, which means she is more than likely convinced that every time Jonny becomes abusive, its her fault. So she probably feels obligated to make it all better because that's what abusers do, they love the shit out of you better than anyone else ever could, and the moment you do anything (or they decide you've done something wrong even if you haven't) they will treat you like utter shit until you make it better. It's more than likely why she buys him toys, Jonny never speaks in her defence, he never stands up for her, never makes mushy posts about her, he's shown no support in her recovery or his own, he hasn't spoken about it, he prizes his games, shoes and toys more than he prizes the human being he claims he loves. There is no hope in hell for taylor as long as he is around and some people can disagree that's fine but I've been in her situation as far as abusive partner goes and he needs to leave, I just think it will be a nice example to girls and women and anyone in general, if a video is made focusing on him and to include the signs of abusive behaviour, how to leave and how to seek help. It's hard to seek help and outside opinion when they control what you post, who you talk to, when you can and can't leave the house, what you can and can not say to others. Sorry for the long post it just urks me so much that he's getting off so lightly in all of this when he's the main factor in Taylors dramatic decline, Taylors shitty choices also being a factor I'm not denying that but cmon wheres all these proclaimed feminists when it comes to women held in abusive relationships. She will not get better unless he is gone, again taylor is a shit head I'm not denying that but I firmly believe she could get better and do better without Jonny, she may not be perfect but she will be a lot better off without him. I know taylor was also warned about Jonny but I'm sure by that point he'd already dug his toxic claws into her and did the whole "my exes are just crazy an jealous cuz I'm famous an they hate that they can't have me so they lie". Abusers are extremely good at loving which is what makes them terrifying, you believe almost anything they say. I've reached out to several youtubers requesting a video focusing on Jonny and the dangers of abusive people and all that but haven't gotten any response, maybe I'm being way to dramatic about it but he just pisses me off so much an I hate how much he's getting away with while taylor cops majority of the shit. He lives with taylor and some animals are his, or he's purchased them for taylor, they are partly his responsibility as well!

No. 636950

Be the change you want in this world and make on yourself if you think it's so important. Taylor was a fucked up animal abuser before Jonny and I highly doubt that he's the devil!!!1! that pushed her into using heroin. I'm sure she was interested in doing it and he just enabled her, and now they are enabling each other.

No. 636963

Little improvement is better than no improvement at all, Jonny is making it worse and she does need to leave him, it's the first thing she needs to do. Her and her animals are in far more danger with him around, than without. Especially since he's threatened to hurt animals before. I personally don't have a YouTube account, camera or computer, let alone the technological skills needed to make something decent, which is why I think its important to reach out to other youtubers who can make an impact and shed awareness not just for taylor but for women in general. Taylor is a major shit head, yeah they enable each other, yeah she may have chosen to do the drugs, yeah her animal care still wasn't great beforehand, but it was better than what it is currently, and any progress is better than none which is why I stress Jonny is a big fuckin no no.

No. 636966

compile evidence and write up a blog post/twitter thread/etc then, theres really no point writing walls of text here. we all know he's a pos.

agreed, she doesn't do well with pets that require constant attention.

No. 636977

Holy shit, learn how to use line breaks anon

No. 636981

oh…damn….you're right.
what do we think? how far between are these pictures taken, and when?

No. 636982

File: 1549379947846.png (130.81 KB, 730x391, s.PNG)

Just a quick google search and I found this: at a max of 2 weeks. I'm sure someone's already brought this up, but I included the previous questions because she wasn't supposed to freeze the fish. (here's the link to the PDF I found https://www.dcpah.msu.edu/sections/necropsy/WEBCD.NEC.REF.001.pdf )

No. 636983


She photoshopped the pictures

No. 636984

If they were photoshopped, I'd imagine she probably would have noticed that she whited the grout in some pictures, but didn't in others. It's possible she didn't catch it, but I can't imagine it's likely.

No. 636988

Do you really think Taylor and Jonny look up medical stuff to know where to shoot up? Lol

No. 636989

There’s other ig pet accounts that gets their pet’s ashes and even a customized case the next day they pass away. I don’t believe her vet takes a month for ashes to be brought to her. She’s honestly just describing the worse vet hospital known to man

No. 637008

ready to glare's video is pretty good imho, probably not if you just want someone to say "ahahaha look at the ugly junkie lmao". she addresses taylor's responsibility in all of this (buying too many pets, choosing to do heroin in the first place etc) while considering outside factors (being very young, addiction being a hard thing to deal with, relationship with an awful dynamic etc). cant blame her for not spending literal days reading lolcow threads to understand every speculation.

No. 637017

File: 1549384016879.jpg (116.98 KB, 1080x625, Screenshot_20190205-092606__01…)

If she paid $600 for a super Mojave with not hets or other genes, she overpaid. They're worth $400 and under. I've seen them for $250. $600 is ridiculous, even for a year ago.

No. 637018

7 days?! My cousin got her dogs ashes in 2 days. My gosh. It’s just a fish!!! How difficult is it? The ashes would likely be equivalent to that in an ashtray after a couple smokes!

No. 637020

File: 1549387708911.jpg (647.3 KB, 1080x1823, 20190205_182756.jpg)

I don't think it's been mentioned that Salems water dish is bone dry once again

No. 637030

christ….this woman never learns

No. 637031

EDS isn't even that bad. Hypermobility means yeah, there's a little pain and sometimes joints can pop out but it's not disabling.. Jen's behavior with both of her kids is classic munchausen by proxy.

No. 637034

File: 1549389860795.png (197.92 KB, 1080x1131, Screenshot_20190205-110348~2.p…)

No. 637035

It depends on the person. I have EDS and I'm homebound- I can't work a normal job and it can be pretty painful. Saying "EDS isn't even that bad" and that it's not "disabling" is pretty ignorant.

No. 637038

lmao wut? that dish is dry and it doesn't get like that unless she left it to evaporate for days. you can obviously tell there's no water in there

No. 637039

EDS can fluctuate. For some people it rarely affects them, but for some they're forced to stay home during flare ups. Many people with EDS can't even go to a real school because of it.

No. 637040

Yup, you should be able to see a reflection of light in there if there was any water. These flat-out lies from her….

No. 637041

Also Jen isn't a munchie because of how she treats "both her kids". Tanner has a very seriously disabling condition that you can't just "fake". Sure, she probably unconsciously encouraged Taylor's ailments because she's bad at giving attention unless it's focused on medical issues, so Taylor learned to play up her issues to get any attention from her mother. But I wouldn't go straight to munchie because her son is actually living with PWS.

No. 637046

She clearly just messed with the second picture's colors so the purple in Violet would pop more, anon, she didn't purposefully make the tiles white lol
You think it would be more likely that she took 2 extremely similar pictures months apart? What?

No. 637051

anon, i'm pretty sure she just increased the saturation & maybe lowered the brightness of the 2nd image (her hand is clearly darker & redder) - it's really easy to do on instagram

No. 637060

File: 1549394429097.jpg (74.46 KB, 1080x521, Screenshot_20190205-122005__01…)

Gallons is not the correct measurement to use when talking about reptile enclosures. This just makes her sound so…dumb?

No. 637065

I don't know what cage they're talking about but a lot of aquarium style reptile enclosures are still described using gallons

No. 637083

File: 1549395932999.jpg (254.41 KB, 720x1124, 20190205_144355.jpg)

I'm beyond tired of reading crap like this like shes some poor innocent victim like she didnt have serious problems before she became an addict. And Jonny is absolutely trash but to pin this all on him is fucking stupid.

No. 637085

To compare Taylor to demi is a big enough joke in itself

No. 637090

yet another instance of Taylor lying just for the hell of it. she could have just posted these without saying anything about "I swear they're not edited at all!!!1!" and no one would say anything. starting to think she's a compulsive liar because why else would she lie about stuff that doesn't matter other than to get a rush from it

No. 637091

They're talking about Salem's. But for reptiles, gallons are irrelevant and a horrible way to measure space (plus most of the reptiles she keeps shouldn't be in fish tanks). Feet, centimeters, or inches is the proper way to measure space for a reptile. It's like when she was bragging about her Roughnecks enclosure being something like 130 gallons. That's irrelevant and doesn't mean anything in terms of reptiles.

No. 637098

the second y’all mentioned star being absent in here she posted insta videos. she’s showing her own ass so bad

No. 637100

Taylor has finally succeeded in being compared to demi just what she wanted

No. 637104

File: 1549398747933.png (1.07 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20190205-142735.png)

She definitely is lurking

No. 637105

For someone who can't be on Twitter because the drama makes her relapse, she sure spends a lot of time lurking on a "hate forum".

No. 637107

So she obviously does look here and post animals we are worried about. Knowing that, I am really concerned for mushu and bindi. They are likely gone or too sick for her to show.

No. 637109

Did Taylor ever post about Cersei? I never caught up on the thread when it was speculated she died. Funnily enough i remember when Taylor very first got Cersei, she had a breakdown and said she was gonna be her last pet for awhile because she was using animals as a coping method. Naturally that post didn't stay up long

No. 637117


They're probably dead.

No. 637120

She can also look up that one google docs and show us all her animals while she’s spending time lurking on here. It’s not that difficult to go on live or storymode when entering your reptile room to show all your animals Tay. Show us more of your empty bowls.

No. 637124


What about the hedgehogs?

No. 637127

Jesus she couldn’t make it anymore obvious that she lurks here 24/7. “I haven’t visited that awful site in months” lmaoo

No. 637130

I paid $500 for my hypo super mojave female in 2016. $600 for just a super mojave is high, oof.

No. 637131

File: 1549403051039.jpeg (369.06 KB, 1452x1936, 1243B172-DFEB-4C4B-8C61-8013A5…)

No. 637132

Is Duck still around? I didn't even know he existed till last night

No. 637134

Please do yourself a favor and go google EDS symptoms and the consequences of them before deciding it's really not that bad.

No. 637136

It doesn’t have to be this production Taylor, just take the fucking picture.

No. 637137

I think Taylor gets a kick out of everyone speculating about the animals tbh. I can't explain why she wouldn't post an all my pets video otherwise

No. 637140

wow. I cannot stop laughing

No. 637141

most people in reptile forums still use gallons, whether or not you think it's irrelevant. most people will understand gallons, most casual reptile owners use gallons.
this isn't even me defending tnd. just as a casual reptile owner i've mostly heard people use gallons as a measurement.

No. 637142

File: 1549404802462.png (597.36 KB, 490x934, Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 5.13…)

No. 637143

File: 1549404869519.png (185.72 KB, 482x938, Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 5.13…)

He posted 3 pics of shoes, priorities lol

No. 637147

the vet office has spent a month cooing amongst each other about how well cared for the fish was and so they're hesitant to give it up /s

No. 637153

I assume she has the ashes since we've seen plenty of urns creepily placed all over her pet room. I'm guessing she was too strung out to get a diamond made of him like she said so she's stalling.

Or she was too strung out to get him shipped to the crematorium in the first place and his dead body's still sitting in a container in her freezer.

No. 637163

Looks like Star is biting her hand in that IG video. Wouldn’t be surprised. Most cats don’t like their belly messed with and it looks like Taylor is annoying her. Although star definitely looks different and fatter for sure.

No. 637166

File: 1549407977140.png (295.19 KB, 324x618, star bite.png)

nta but here's a screenshot from the vid

No. 637170


LMFAO She's such a lying, manipulative bitch! "I returned him to the breeder." Okay, and that'll help the snake HOW? Why not call a vet who can help, or a nearby snake expert? Why not just TALK to the breeder first, or even something like Snake Discovery, before "GTFO I send you back uwu?" I'm guessing she killed it, or it had an "accident" like the skinks+pacman frog and Gus.

Regurgitation is NORMAL after shipping, as is bruising and sneezing, JFC. RI is common with shipped animals for a little bit. Bruising will happen with improper shipping handling and packaging.

If the breeder ACTUALLY took him back, it's because he knows nothing is actually wrong with the poor snake. She's just a gross bitch tbh.
"Not give me a different splotched sinaloan" lmfao bitch just wants a different snake species/morph. Stupid cunt. Breeders who are attached to the hatchlings don't sell them in the first place.

"I felt so guilty" "I didn't want" I jus wanted" "this'll probably be spun"
Sooooo much manipulation. This is basic guilt tripping and gaslighting. She's not even good at hiding it.

No. 637174


I live in a country where we don't even use gallons as a measurement. We use litres. It just seems obsolete because when people ask the size, they aren't asking the capacity… they are asking for length/depth/height measurements.

No. 637176

Except Valentino wasn't even shipped to her in the first place. She got him at an expo. She saw him in person before she bought him, though I guess that doesn't mean much considering she also bought the GTP which died like the same day.
>>636800 <- pic

You can see in the background of the pic she's at the vendors stand. Don't think we'll ever know what happened to the poor snake, but her story seems so stupid anyways. Putting a sick animal through the stress of shipping because you don't feel like taking responsibility for the life you impulse bought still sucks no matter how she tries to spin it.

No. 637178


You're right, my mistake! But none of those issues are major and hard to fix. She just had to up the humidity and give the poor snake time to settle in. Regurgitation is very normal. Just sounds like she doesn't want to "waste time" on research.

No. 637183

When i was asking for tank advice on a herp server mostly everyone would say gallon size. (20 gal high or long) So maybe its a US thing idk

No. 637185


Definitely, it's always been odd to me. It's not just a Taylor thing, it's the community in general.

No. 637191

what ever did a video on jc a while back around the same time she made her video about tnd

no ones made a recent one about him, kinda feel like there doesn't need to be, a quick google search of him brings up all the awful things he's done I mean really if anyone sees all that shit and still supports him it says a lot about them

No. 637232

File: 1549419972040.png (244.76 KB, 898x695, TpduYMW.png)


Standard aquariums have known corresponding measurements. Emphasis on the word "standard".

Enclosures which are not aquariums are (and should be) described by measurements of L x W x H.

No. 637244

This is the dumbest fucking tangent. We've established the reptile community occasionally uses volume measurements for enclosures and Taylor's usage of gallons isn't a sign she's the devil incarnate. Stop derailing.

No. 637246

>>637031 the only excuse for saying this is if your only experience with EDS is watching Taylor, and that's still not even an excuse because google exists- use it. Then tell the people who have had dozens of unavoidable surgeries because their joints are literally falling apart or their organs aren't stable or their brain is herniating out of their skulls that it's "not that bad."

Also you can have an EDS diagnosis and be functional until one day you're just not. Taylor currently seems pretty functional minus the whole heroin addiction and inability to not lie or take responsibility for half a thing in her life.

No. 637249

The reason I brought it up is this. With fish, they can utilize all of the space. With reptiles, gallons are irrelevant because most snakes are not using the air space. So, there's a huge difference between a 4x2x2 enclosure and a 2x1x8 enclosure. That's why she shouldn't be using gallons as a measurement. It was just an observation of something she is doing wrong, not "derailment". We really have no idea on her enclosures actual size if she uses gallons.

No. 637250

lol wtf, I take pictures of fish/tanks all the time, you just turn off the light outside the tank and make sure any extra light source is above the tank, it's not rocket science Taylor. Does she not know her kitchen has a lightswitch or smth?

No. 637251

File: 1549422696126.jpg (18.75 KB, 400x400, zx7E6Ndm_400x400.jpg)

Does anybody know if Taylor got any work done besides her lips? Or is it just makeup and photoshop? I saw a few pics that looked nothing like her???

No. 637252

I honestly believe she's just making shit up or stalling. I have a hard time believing mushu is alive

No. 637254


Cameras also have this magical invention called "a flash."

She's stalling for time, or Mushu is finally dead. I'd be surprised if it is still alive at this point, as the rami on the poor thing were barely there.

No. 637259


Yeah, but using flash on cameras is a terrible way to take pictures in aquariums of any kind. You'd think someone with a "career" of keeping many animals in aquariums would just know that.

You're right it's all BS though, she's stalling for one reason or another. Axies are pretty hardy and I wouldn't be surprised if she is still alive, but the poor thing has been in terrible condition forever so she's probably not in good shape.

>>637251 We don't know, I don't think, but I'm pretty sure it's all makeup and facetune. She knows how to control her lighting and angles in selfies and videos, but she looks like a completely different person in tagged photos.

No. 637261

File: 1549423972850.jpeg (210.11 KB, 750x783, 29EF6277-B1C3-4A7D-A292-C0AAC9…)

But you, ok?

No. 637269

Even if mushu is dead she'll probably just buy a new axolotl so she doesn't have to deal with the backlash.

No. 637270

File: 1549425467455.jpg (999.83 KB, 1920x1920, InShot_20190205_215631934.jpg)

I might be reaching here or just seeing things. But normally with injection sites the skin around the site is bumpy, bruised, indented or scabbed. Sorry if this isn't allowed or if it's derailing. Delete if so

No. 637281

The bruise above her elbow looks like it could either be from tying it off to shoot up, or from someone grabbing her

No. 637292

she could never hope to just replace Mushu and get away with no one noticing. That axolotl has been through so much trauma that she's visibly damaged forever, and new pictures of a clearly-more-healthy axolotl would be very obvious that it's not the same animal.

No. 637295

I’m not defending her or anything, just pointing out that it really does look like the glass front of the enclosure is masking the reflection off the water bowl, there’s a shadow in the water bowl where the water level is. At the right angle and with the glass enclosure in front of it, it can look like it’s non reflective, but there’s a clear shadow where the water is.

Like I said, not defending, just thought it worth it to point out. Let’s focus on real milk.

No. 637305

Can we stop now, it's embarrassing for the thread. When the time is right, someone with IV drug experience will point out if they see something for sure. Even then, we know she's an IV user so it's moot.
If you are ever wondering in future, injecting is done into veins and not just all over.

No. 637307

It may be that she's been trying to get Mushu's condition up before taking any more photos. Remember how she cleaned the tank with no sand in the last photo.

No. 637309


I'm not too familiar with axolotls/what defines a healthy one visually. What signs point to trauma visibly on him?

No. 637313

His gills should be fluffy, full, and "happy" looking. Shredded, thin, or bare gills are a sign of an unhealthy lotl. Spots on their body can be a sign of fungus (white discoloration). There's more but those are the main obvious "unhealthy" appearances that a lotl can have.

No. 637323

Mushu also has some pretty specific scarring on her face thanks to Taylor's idiotic iodine dips she did, so it should be fairly obvious if it's a replacement. Fyi iodine is used to forcibly morph them, something that's seen as cruel and unnecessary. No idea why she thought an iodine bath would help anything

No. 637328

Carry on anon, don’t listen to anyone else policing the thread. I think having screen shots posted of bruises and possible injections sites is important in case one day she tries to deny she ever shot up. She may just try saying she only smoked it or try to minimize in some way.
having it documented is a good idea and if that one anon can post all the screen shots of insta stories well then you’re good.
Also for anons unfamiliar with drug use it’s interesting to see.

No. 637329

Carry on anon, don’t listen to anyone else policing the thread. I think having screen shots posted of bruises and possible injections sites is important in case one day she tries to deny she ever shot up. She may just try saying she only smoked it or try to minimize in some way.
Regardless, having it documented is a good idea and if that one anon can post all the screen shots of insta stories well then you’re good.
Also for anons unfamiliar with drug use it’s interesting to see.

No. 637340

we all know she uses heroin, we all know injecting is a popular method, idk if it's necessary to keep posting every potential "injection site" because we already know she shoots anyway.

No. 637345

Yes, we know that, but her rabid fans don’t. It’s nice to have documentation, because she deletes everything constantly. Plus a lot of anons have picked up on more recent injection sites, and she’s going about on social media as if she’s pretty much clean. I’ve only seen them post a few pictures here and there— it’s not clogging up the thread and you can always just scroll past it if you don’t like saying them

No. 637372

She was outed as injecting by Jonny's bandmate. Plus there are many images. Some anons are not even sure how injecting is done and think any bump on an elbow or finger can be an injection site, when they cannot. To repeat, main veins are used, heroin is not an intramuscular drug. We look extremely foolish with some of these recent posts. Pick the real ones is what I'm saying, and if you don't know how it works, wait for those of use who do.

We are not here running a service for her rabid fans nor to convert them.

No. 637376

File: 1549434823899.jpeg (555.58 KB, 750x1140, B63D5C4B-879A-4CDA-BDE7-058F15…)

Well Ella is good that just leaves Sarabi, bindi and Mushu

No. 637378


Obviously you didn't read the entire comment.


If you are going to post screenshots as documentation, please include the provenance and date.

>Delete if so

That's not how this site works.


Agreed. Anons ITT cede to others with more knowledge about animal care, but when it comes to identifying injection marks suddenly everyone is an expert because they saw Requiem for a Dream.

No. 637379

The trouble I have now is I don't believe a word she says. She must have tonnes of pictures of all her animaks so could easily post old ones whenever she wants. A new video of her talking and showing all her animals would clear it up but she refuses despite repeated promises.

No. 637381

This girl deletes everything left and right. If someone catches it , post it. Because otherwise if something comes up in the future, there's no documentation. Or is the person suppose to save it in their personal files and fish for it whenever…? gtfo

No. 637387

The person is supposed to stop posting any arm or elbow bump, yes. We have a very good track record of getting important things documented in these threads so I'm not sure why the sudden insistence on posting absolutely everything else.

No. 637391

i think its good to document if you actually see any bruises, injections, or like earlier when an anon saw red on the arm and didnt know if it was blood or not.

i remain pretty unconvinced shes done shooting, but she will put on a smile and lie through her teeth on her instagram and eventually youtube that shes done with heroin and "all clean!" in the same way she lies about fucking EVERYTHING in her life. thats shitty behavior and should be documented.

No. 637398

File: 1549445650574.png (1.95 MB, 750x1334, E465CB27-06E4-4F37-926C-A72A07…)

She looks like an entirely different person, she’s definitely had work done

No. 637406

And then its always ugly ass overpriced shoes that would make him only look like even more of a repulsive manlet than he already does.

Kind of off topic, but I dreamed of Taylor OD'ing and now I get very worried, because I can see it happening, if she gets away from Heroin for real but the relapses with Jonny. Because often times that's when people shoot up too much, no longer used to the substance, causing them to overdose. And I really don'tt trust for Taylor to be able to stay sober (if she ever gets there) as long as she is with Jonny. I worry not only for Taylor but also, what happens to all those animals if something happens to her?

No. 637407

Eh I don't really think she looks all that different aside from the oversized lips she has now and don't underestimate the power of makeup considering that picture is from 2014 so she was 16 and she's 21 now probably better at makeup and able to buy more high end brands and she's just yknow grown up and has a more mature face now

No. 637408


What on earth, that is not Taylor. And LOL clock the bad Photoshop job at the waist there!

No. 637417

I actualy think she looks better than usual in that photo, yeah the waist looks photoshopped and makeup not the best, but she's got loads of freckles and looks more like a normal teen girl on a beach, I think now she dresses kinda weird and looks kinda sickly

No. 637418

I wonder if Taylor peaked in life early on and it's all downhill from here. Why do I feel like that happened to Jennifer too.

No. 637422

File: 1549465024891.jpg (320.35 KB, 1080x1344, Screenshot_20190206-154849_Ins…)

Taylors dietary advice is such trash, she seriously needs to stop giving people advice. She knows literally nothing about how to feed her pets. She talks about crickets being healthy but doesn't even mention gutloading and dusting them. It's no wonder Asteroid died of malnurishment.

No. 637426

Please don't use flash while photographing axolotls, they have no eyelids and bright/ sudden light can cause damage to their eyes not to mention stress which mushu doesn't need more of

No. 637428

No that’s definitely Taylor.. had she stayed away from getting work done, her lips botched constantly and the drugs, I think she would have turned out to be so pretty at her age. She’s 21 and she looks like she’s 30-40 because she just looks so haggard and dead inside.

No. 637439

File: 1549470893152.png (553.87 KB, 532x536, Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 11.2…)

Agreed. Jonny's appearance and life is a mirror to Taylor, how that doesn't scare her out of the relationship is beyond me. Just a year of drug use has aged her a decade and destroyed her rep. Here's a healthy Taylor in a healthy relationship from 2015.

No. 637442

I think if it weren’t for her fame on the internet she would have turned out so differently. She became obsessed with the attention and eventually became dependent on it like she is today. She lets others determine her self-worth, which is really just sad. She was already pretty - but she let the fame make her want to be like everyone else, the horribly botched lips being a prime example. Her lips were already nice, but she destroyed them. Crazy how far she’s fallen in such a short period of time. It only takes a year of drugs to turn you into a totally different person…

No. 637444

what the hell….

No. 637445

File: 1549475355596.jpeg (103.76 KB, 1023x368, 409C6133-5AEA-4BCB-837B-6E8F74…)

This is a good comparison that her stans needs to see

No. 637446

Some of her highschool classmates came up and said she was already had nudes online, bringing animals around for attention, and even going out late at night. So, i don’t think much would change especially when everything she’s done is her own choice. Only difference is she wouldn’t have money for lip injections and probably find another druggie guy to get “experience” from.

No. 637448

I know someone once defended Taylor saying that the'healty' axolotyls people show in comparison to Mushu are just babies/juveniles and that smaller gills is normal in adults.

But Mushu to me always looks dull, thin, and just… hagard? Is there any truth to that statement?

No. 637449

Gill size tends to be genetic but Mushus used be be fuller and not as haggard looking. She's also too skinny and has those spots on her face that are probably iodine burns

No. 637451

File: 1549477860166.jpeg (66.23 KB, 729x425, 08C0EFBA-A8C8-4777-8876-C46890…)

I never owned an axolotl before nor will i in the future but i’m not stupid enough to believe hers is healthy as he can be. He has strange white spots and doesn’t have that healthy glow that animals radiate when they’re being cared for correctly. Attached a photo of an “adult” axolotl that i googled that has a bit of the same colorization. Not hard to tell the difference with a simple google search

No. 637452

I never said I believed Mushu to be healthy, you can clearly tell she's not.

I just also know people on this site tend to say things about animals they know nothing about and over-exaggerate. One thing people always point out is her gills, excuse me for asking a simple question.

No. 637453

Honestly the tank she keeps Mushu is the most basic setup you see at petco. A big plastic pipe and a bunch of fake plants in a small tank. It’s a shame when she has so much money yet her setups are straight from a petstore. Every other small channel that shows off their axos, theyre all in large forest-like setups that looks like their natural habitat and you see em swimming around. Poor Mushu. He’ll never get to feel that good life.

No. 637457

plastic seems to be taylor's general aesthetic. Can't believe people are complimenting Salem's enclosure on instagram

No. 637464

File: 1549483621628.jpg (270.64 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190206-150642_Twi…)

Yikes. Between jen and colin

No. 637465

File: 1549483642981.jpg (356.84 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190206-150648_Twi…)

Part 2.

No. 637467

Good for him. I hate when Jen posts Tanner's observations as if it takes the heat off her own opinions. About time someone involved talked to her bluntly.

No. 637470

lol @ Colin going off again, he has been the MVP in this drama. Keep posting, bro, we're all ears.

No. 637471

i don't know, she looks pretty and healthy here. it's sad to see how fast she fucked herself with drugs and fillers.

No. 637475

File: 1549486027258.jpg (356.58 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190206-154651_Twi…)

Its keeps going

No. 637476

File: 1549486062831.jpg (230.64 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190206-154634_Twi…)

No. 637477

"Tanner said this"
Yeah, and everyone stood up and clapped, and that kid's name was Albert Einstein. Stop fucking hiding behind your kid as a manipulation tool.

Mushu (is it a male or female? Don't know, I've seen both used to call it) has a few issues. We know it was sick, hence Taylor burning it with iodine; this is possibly the cause for the white blotches/spots on its face and body. If it's iodine burns, she basically burned the pigment cells in those spots to death.
The rami ("gill stalks") and the fimbriae (the little "feathers") are severely damaged. There's fewer fimbriae, they're way too short, and you can see damaged tissue on them.

It's definitely not fed enough, or if it is, it has something wrong with its digestive system, as like a previous user said, that poor thing is way too skinny to be health.

The tank also lacks any enrichment and embellishment for it. Not using sand is fine and many owners choose to not use it, and using plastic stuff is fine, but the tank is basically barren. Every animal, even things like spiders, need some degree of enrichment in their tanks, like plants, hides, or even just plastic statues and rocks to at least give it something to use.

I honestly don't see Mushu living through 2019. I feel like that poor thing is going to die a slow, painful death. I hate that she does this to it. They're a beautiful and critically endangered species, and she basically neglects hers to the point of torture.

No. 637478

Not much to add except Mushu is a GIRL. everyone calls her a boy and it's like nah. She may be named after a boy character but she is female.

Taylor said she was going to be upgrading her tank "soon" and that was probably at least a month ago now. That poor girl has been suffering for years now, hopefully she'll get a better enclosure before she dies. I'm amazed she's held on this long.

No. 637493

I guarantee Jen replies denying it’s about him, then posts some ~insightful~ quote about people having a guilty conscience

No. 637495

Everyone likes to talk about how shit of a person Jonny is and how he's the one to blame but she's just as much of a problem. She is making things worse for the both of them because she's feeding into both of their addictions. She's the one paying for it all and essentially giving him the heroin and alcohol and god knows what else they're abusing. She's not an angel who can do no wrong.

No. 637496

Jen is a raging lunatic who only digs the whole deeper. She can’t keep her delusions to herself, and projects issues onto the internet. While I don’t think it’s fair to blame her entirely for Taylor’s addiction, it is absolutely a contributing factor to why Taylor is the way that she is. Trying to reason with Jen, or Taylor won’t happen. Jen is a mental case, and debatably on drugs herself. While, well, we all know what’s wrong with Taylor.
It’s a sick mess to watch a mom to carelessly not give a shit about her own daughter.

No. 637500

Embarrassed? Pretty sure the only one getting blown out by photos of her blown out veins is Taylor herself.

Wonder when the first obvious mark showed up on her insta. Lots of time to waste, might as well find it. I also wonder if she went straight to shooting or if she smoked first. Texas gets bth, yeah? I keep scanning for aluminum foil left out in her old posts.

More like there's a heroin epidemic in the US right now and fucktons are or have junkie friends or relatives, sad to say. Spotting tracks is not rocket science.

Re: EDS, the only thing that seems scary about having it is aortic dissection, apparently it feels like your heart is tearing apart, which it sort of is, and then you die. Think it's a rare complication, though.

No. 637505

It just another manipulation tactic, that way, if anyone says anything negative about the tweet, Jen can say that they're (indirectly) attacking Tanner.

No. 637517


Exactly. This is the type of chickenshit passive-aggressive thing "nice people" love to pull with those dumb Facebook meme posts about their kids asking about A Hot Button Issue Their Mom Is Right About. That way, they can act all smug and superior, and hide behind their kids simultaneously. It's very Jen.

No. 637519

File: 1549492332499.png (31.94 KB, 588x272, colinagain.png)

No. 637523

File: 1549493398000.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1920, 1535976959232.png)

>>Australia-Trip February 2019!!!


No. 637524

I wonder what Jen is gona reply with. Probably be all passive-agressive and use her son as a shield. That family is so fucked in the head that they’ll pretend nothing is happening and fight with anyone who’s trying to bring them to reality. No wonder Taylor is who she is. Her and everyone can say that they need support from strangers rather than all the “hate” we cause, but they forget that your family is the one that needs to snap you back and help you.. without that then how is Taylor ever going to sober up if her parents are spending their time fighting strangers on twitter and tweet nonsense.

No. 637525

When did she post this?

No. 637530

Jen will either say nothing or delete. Classic.

No. 637533

I believe him that Taylor and Jonny make each other worse, but I'm confused on the timeline of Jonny's "sobriety." Wasn't he with Chelsea right before he started dating Taylor, and he wasn't sober then? So he could only have been "doing better than ever before" for like, 2 weeks at most?

No. 637536

File: 1549494702539.png (14.51 KB, 416x100, 1536372586474.png)

A couple months ago.
What a shame. Seemed like she was super excited about it too.

No. 637544

Well maybe her and jonny shouldnt have shot up, then they could still be doing that. She deserves to sit at home and miss out on Australia, she needs to get sober.

No. 637549

File: 1549495853457.jpg (104.47 KB, 800x594, 800px-Aus_zoo_sign.jpg)


Think about it Taylor, you could've also gone to Australia Zoo in Queensland while there, could've met your hero's amazing family in person…

No. 637551

>They're a beautiful and critically endangered species, and she basically neglects hers to the point of torture.

Lmao, not captive ones. Captive axolotls range in the hundreds of thousands. The only reason they're endangered is because dipshits in Mexico developed over the only two lakes wild axolotls naturally occurred in.

I agree about the neglect, though. Fucking gross that she can just get high and watch her animals suffer like that.

No. 637552

He's also blaming Jonny's relapse entirely on Taylor, which sounds beyond stupid to me. Considering he was a bandmate and friend of that human trash despite everything he did, I'd be careful on believing tbe shit he says.

No. 637561

EDS can be really painful to live with. PLEASE do more research on it before saying that's the ONLY scary thing about it. I'm really tired of seeing people say it's not that bad.

No. 637562

Do you think Colin lurks here at all?? I mean, there's other ways to know about the needles in the background of pics, but I first saw it pointed out here.

No. 637566

Someone commented on a post on TND’s Instagram account saying “you can see needles in the background :(“ but she didn’t see it right away. I believe that comment was up for a few hours before she saw it and took down her stories.

No. 637567

He’s probably just pissed that the band is now broken up because Jonny chose to go back home to Taylor so they can do drugs together. Honestly, I would too if I had a friend who ditched an important job that involves money and a bunch of fans because they’ll rather go back home to shoot up with their girl. I don’t even know why Jen isn’t mad either that her own daughter couldn’t be with her at Disney, where the only place they probably see each other.

No. 637569

Somebody also made an account with the picture w/ needles and tagged Jonny in it.

No. 637587

That means she's still on top of the damn dishwasher.

No. 637589

That you call them track marks when anons are looking for injection marks demonstrates exactly what I mean. A whole lot of sperging for a bruise on the outside of an elbow, that can neither be a track mark or an injection site.

If she had her way she'd be an insta-famous clout chaser following Post Malone on tour. Safe to say that internet fame is always going to be on her agenda.

No. 637593

Colin has always covered for Jonny, and has a history of pinning the blame on Jonny's girl du jour for his fuck ups. It wouldn't be surprising if his version of events in regards to JC's sobriety is skewed.

No. 637599

well, i’m sure all his girlfriends also were his biggest enablers too, that might be where colin’s coming from. esp considering taylor has bankrolled jonny’s addictions for the last year.

No. 637603

I don't know that that's true. None of the others ever used, Taylor seems to be the only one who did. The others tried to get him clean. Chelsea and her mom took care of him in the hospital post-OD (it wasn't back surgery or whatever he claimed) and rehab. She also was part of the band's effort to keep him clean by babysitting him literally 24/7 so he couldn't go off and do drugs. Clearly, he wasn't interested in keeping it up.

No. 637606

Kinda hesitant to take Colin very seriously when he's protected Jonny from his victims' friends and family, didn't kick him out of the band for being a rapist, woman-abusing piece of shit. "Jonny was clean" yeah okay, we know he was a druggy with Chelsea and the ladies before her.

People need to stop putting Colin on a pedestal, he and the others tolerated Jonny for being a fucking rapist. They're really not that much better than him.

Waiting for Jen to go on another tirade, she really does like her projection and outbursts online. That narcissist is beyond help.

No. 637611

being this pedantic about a track mark vs. a fresh spike, hot spot, register or one of the thousands of other regional slang terms you call an 'injection site'
ain't no one looking at her bony ass elbows, sis

i think colin is probably a prick irl but i'm more than happy to see him continue to spill tea all over them and to shade the fuck out of mama dean who is a fat fuck & human garbage that refuses to take responsibility for or help her daughter in any way
guess we know where taylor got it from

No. 637617

Agreed. I don't like that Colin supports Jonny, being the rapist he is. However, I am all for him not taking any shit from Taylor or her family. I am fully supportive of him spilling the beans on all of the shit Taylor has done that he knows.
I'm so sick of her stans now just pulling the typical "she has addiction issues stop hAtInG on her!!" when in reality she is given constructive criticism. It's obvious she's not ready to "get better" like she claims. Until she and Jonny break up, this whole sobriety thing isn't going to work for them. They enable each other and that's very clear. To be honest I almost think Jonny wasn't even the one who tried to hook her to heroin, I think she wanted to do it with him of her own volition. She wanted this "rockstar lifestyle" but I don't think she quite anticipated what the drugs would do to her body/mind/career.

No. 637622

wasn't there some speculation that taylor was already familiar with opiates due to her EDS? coke isn't what i would consider a 'soft' drug either so she was obvs. comfy with harder shit from the get.

yep, like you say colin is a mixed bag, i can't really be one hundred percent for him as he knows all about jonny's past with women and apparently wasn't too concerned, but in this situation he's the one person responsible for confirming many people's suspicions about their drug use and in that regard he's come correct

kind of living for jen's crazy posts, she's such a dirtbag of a mother, to be honest i tinfoil that she made her kids sick because good old jen is a munchie or an mbp herself.

No. 637629

eh he's just someone with a low bar, i.e heroin use that fucks up the band is a step too far for him. he puts jonny on a bit of a pedestal too. but he's spilled the milk at any rate.

I think she thrives off the attention or maybe needs to have sick kids for her world to make sense, but she didn't make her son sick, he was born that way.

No. 637633

yeah i know tanner was born with developmental issues but taylor has one other brother, no? having a mom like crazy jen will fuck even the sanest person up and the dad doesn't strike me as much better, the way they make excuses for everything was something taylor def picked up on and put to good use

No. 637636

Older half brother. Different mother (that’s why he’s normal, a lawyer) wasn’t raised by the kook.

No. 637648

File: 1549509928063.jpg (342.19 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190206-222427_Twi…)

I wouldn't completely trust him either. This was his response to being asked about the assaults

No. 637656

File: 1549511152385.png (488.02 KB, 750x1334, 0C0A57FA-6800-471A-A84E-8C8964…)

Don’t think this was posted but these were on Jens “I’m totally not hiding behind my son” tweet and I thought they were somewhat interesting

No. 637667


Shocker, the band that revolved around a rapist still defends him raping and abusing multiple women. They're only turning on him because he fucked up their tour with his heroin addiction. They can fuck off too for defending him.

Taylor is shit, but we know Jonny's been an addict looong before he got with her, and was not "clean" before her.

No. 637676

File: 1549515748259.jpg (750.32 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190206-161455_Ins…)

So I was looking at pictures of this snake bc he's so cute and I noticed in this image she has something wrong with her inner elbow. I'm not familiar with injections but…… can someone clarify? The date is at the bottom

No. 637677

Looks like eczema

No. 637680

I don't know much about injecting heroin either but I'm pretty sure people don't just inject all over their arms you inject into your veins

Yeah looks like it could be an eczema outbreak (I have occasional outbreaks of eczema and have gotten it in the same spot and it looks similar) or hives maybe an allergic reaction to smth

No. 637689

Arguably majority of users don’t WANT to get clean, you just HAVE to. I’d be included in this generalization, I just realized I had to be a fucking adult eventually

No. 637701

It was around the time she got the tattoo, it’s eczema from the plastic wrap

No. 637707

if you can see you veins, sure. Otherwise you just go fishing. Looks like a skin pop to me, but idk anything about eczema.

No. 637716


Her tattoo is towards the final stages of healing so the rash is probably a reaction to whatever she used for aftercare, especially if it has a petroleum base or if she washed the area too frequently. A reaction to the dressing (adhesive, tegaderm) would cause blisters and redness beneath it and would have cleared by then. And reactions to cling wrap are not a thing; it is used in wrap treatments for some skin conditions.


You "go fishing" and skin pop if you want to waste your heroin and develop an abscess.

Looking forward to someone posting the pic of her tattoo of Egg surrounded by bruises and speculating she shot up using the tattoo needles.

No. 637720


I have EDS, POTS, etc. I also work with people who are so severely mentally and physically disabled, that no.. It's really not that bad. Maybe that's just me being optimistic though and really looking at the bigger picture of how bad things could be.

No. 637723

The worst symptoms come from vascular EDS.. The majority of people who have EDS live their entire lives, life expectancy not affected, and have issues with joints, pain, hypermobility, easy scarring.. I 100 percent feel that vascular EDS is awful. Classic, classic like, hypermobile? It's honestly not the worst thing ever. Yeah, my joints are fucked and randomly pop out sometimes. Yeah, I go through a fair amount of pain. It could be worse. Again, I'm not speaking for every case and every type.

No. 637727


In the video >>636169 she states that she has type 3.


Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (hEDS) is generally considered the least severe type of EDS, although significant complications, primarily musculoskeletal, can and do occur. The skin is often soft and may be mildly hyperextensible. Subluxations and dislocations are common; they may occur spontaneously or with minimal trauma and can be acutely painful. Degenerative joint disease is common. Chronic pain, distinct from that associated with acute dislocations, is a serious complication of the condition and can be both physically and psychologically disabling. Easy bruising, functional bowel disorders, and cardiovascular autonomic dysfunction are common. Aortic root dilation, when present, is typically of a mild degree with no increased risk of dissection in the absence of significant dilation. Psychological dysfunction, psychosocial impairment, and emotional problems are common.

No. 637737

Why do all these people have such skewed perceptions of what sobriety means???
Taylor is "thriving" and "doing sooooo much better" within days of "getting clean", Jonny thinks "being sober" means not using for an hour, and now Colin is claiming Johnny was "better than ever, on the right path, so sober he's not even drinking" for the mere two weeks he was in between girlfriends.
Meanwhile they're all still struggling to get past step one of any program kek. Can't even fully admit to their problems without excuses. Such good role models!!!

No. 637745

Yeah, ok. EDS affects all those who have it differently. Why are we arguing this? Who cares how it affects anyone but Taylor? This isn't some EDS support forum. And we're never going to know exactly how it affects her because she's never going to divulge that information as long as she can keep it to herself and trot it out as an excuse for why she can't do videos.

No. 637760

s2g every time EDS is mentioned on any forum, munchies come swarming out of the woodwork about how it's the worst thing ever and hdu say it's not! for a rare disease sure are a lot of sufferers, pretty wild. meanwhile taylor, if she even has it and isn't a munchie on top of everything else (she sure pings me as one) doesn't even have the kind that's widely considered to suck the most. you know, the kind that would land her in the hospital for lots of surgeries and shorten her lifespan considerably.

No. 637767

They're critically endangered, because their numbers are dwindling in the wild. No person is going to consider an animal still thriving just because they're kept as pets. It's like how we sometimes will establish that the animal is a domesticated subspecies, not wild.

No. 637779

File: 1549563046392.png (173.46 KB, 774x306, Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 1.10…)

No. 637780

I seriously hope Jen stays active on Twitter. Her insanity is entertaining.

No. 637781

who is she talking about with travel related people?

No. 637782

>This is not about my daughter.
>This is about my daughter.

The denial shown by Jen really is similar to the type of denial Taylor exhibits.. e.g. when she got called out by Colin on Twitter, her responsing colin's accusations on her drug use with questions at the end of each statement and trying to skirt around it… "but your team reached out to me and said to not talk about it on twitter??? I don't get why you're doing this?? I'm not denying it???"… deletes twitter

When shit hits the fan, they both have that strange type of denial.. trying to talk about anything other than the actual important issue at hand, while not making much sense and simultaneously trying (and failing) to portray that they have it together.

Idk.. I'm not talking shit about someone's mom, but it worries me that she is so concerned with the YouTube community talking about it.. it's like she really just doesn't understand how big of a deal heroin addiction is. She could be doing a million and one other things to figure out how to help taylor, but she's seemingly constantly on Twitter trying to be snarky towards anyone who has talked about the situation… it's like she feels personally attacked by people showing concern and treating it like the big deal that it is. Idk.. it just doesn't feel right, at all.

No. 637783

It's like her and Taylor are always trying to make another situation other than Taylor's drug use be the bigger deal.. like Jen is trying to make it seem like it's a bigger deal that people on YT are talking about it.. and Taylor was trying to make it seem like it was a bigger deal that Colin was being rude to her about her addiction….. idk why they do that… heroin addiction is a big fucking deal, especially when you own around 40 animals

No. 637799


It's called deflection, a behavior frequently associated with narcissism.

No. 637823

What happened to Jen's mindset? Wasn't she so set on "saving" her daughter awhile ago?

No. 637834

File: 1549581845669.png (122.89 KB, 768x510, Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 6.12…)

No. 637835

It's a tie between being master manipulated by druggies Taylor & Jonny and being so desperate to have Taylor in her life if even in the smallest way she'll turn her back on the truth

No. 637836

There are literally a million better things Jen could tweet in this time. actual support for her own daughter for example. Instead she reposts google definitions, snarky indirects, and bible verses lol. Seems like Jen cares a lot more about what people think of her and how she raised Taylor rather than the actual danger Taylor is in like she used to.

No. 637860

File: 1549588770784.png (295.62 KB, 750x1334, 0C3A1866-A973-49D2-B4AE-F3DAC3…)

No. 637867



Not in Texas and not for substance use or dependency.


No. 637869

1. I never blamed Taylor for Jonnys drug use or relapse. I was clear about that in a separate tweet. I was referring to Jonny not being baby sat by either me, my parents or someone in my band, and when moving in with Taylor he finally had the freedom to be able to use without any consequences.

2. I put Jonny on a pedestal?? Can you even read???? If anything the opposite has been said and done, especially behind closed doors and in private ( how it should be)

3. I was very clear about why I’m not speaking on rape and abuse allegations about Jonny. I’m always going to refuse to speak about things I DONT KNOW ABOUT because doing that does nothing for his exes or him. I wasn’t there. I don’t know. They never spoke about it to me or to the public until after the relationship was over. And never once was I confronted about it. So once again I DONT KNOW!!! Do you just want me to make some shit up? Clearly I’m not trying to protect Jonny in this matter. What reason do I have to protect Jonny? Everything I’ve spoken on and have been public about is 100% truth and are actually things that I’ve witness and can speak on.

4. I have nothing to gain from any of this. I don’t want to be involved in any of this and the only time I’ve spoke out is when Taylor or her crazy family have tried to place blame on other people to protect themselves. They can lie to her fans till they are blue in the face ( sorry to all of her fans if that’s rude of me) but I don’t care, that’s her problem not mine. But if they have the audacity to mention me, my band or my GF when we’ve been nothing but a strong support system. I’m going to go in on them with straight facts 100% of the time. Notice there is never a legit response, always just confusion.

Please keep your negative hateful comments about me or my band to your self. I wish I was never sent this link. Some of you in here or so far off and some are spot on. Use your best judgments, don’t overthink, know the truth will always come out in situations like these. And know that until they both go to separate rehabs and focus on themselves ( separately) there is a huge danger. Me and my band are nice people, of any of you ACTUALLY GOT TO KNOW US or even met us in real life instead of just assuming things you can see that for yourself. Please keep me out of your drama, Jonny isn’t a part of my band anymore, I hope he gets better, I hope Taylor gets better. I always try my hardest to see the good in everyone even in the worst of times. Taylor is still very young and can turn this around. But until she gets serious help. Her path is dark, lonely , and depressing. Try not to be so hateful people. Especially to people you really don’t know. If you know someone who ACTUALLY knows me in real life. Ask them their opinion on me, or maybe meet me in real life and form your own. Thanks -Colin

No. 637872

Is this supposed to be colin?

No. 637874

Supposedly. Read the last word.

No. 637875

No hard feelings Anon, but I don't really think you're actually Colin.

Literally ANYONE could say this shit.

No. 637879

🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ Who else would pretend to be me and say all this??? Jonny? Taylor? Her mom? Maybe her brother? Why would anyone pretend to be me and say this. What benefits would that give them??? Come on guys.

No. 637881

omg hi colin, spill the tea sis

No. 637883

Can you post a sunflower on twitter and then delete it to confirm yourself?

No. 637888

I don’t even know who Megan Thomson is

No. 637889

File: 1549593745416.png (18.13 KB, 576x178, jennnn.png)

Here's the rest of your "‍♂️‍♂️‍♂️"(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 637890

and yes spill the tea. It’s me. Can you delete that tweet?

No. 637892

We have confirmed the identity and they have been given a tripcode.

No. 637894

That was far before slaves was even a band. She was referring to when Jonny was either in Emarosa or DGD.

No. 637895

Aw hell yeah I called Colin coming here. Give us juicy deets

No. 637896

I don't think anyone has said anything negative about you or your band. If anything we've praised you for calling Taylor out on her shit and providing the milk we wanted. Don't assume we're hateful people, we're just here to discuss.

No. 637897

To be fair, there were a FEW people who said they disliked him because of the Johnny rape allegations or thought he was blaming it all on Taylor. But for the most part everyone's been pretty supportive of Colin

No. 637899

Not saying everyone in here is hateful. But I have read hateful things being said about me or my band, not just in here. I’ve also read supportive things. Just trying to be transparent to everyone because the speculations make things messy. Also I’m not here to give “juicy deets” this isn’t a reality show for me. This is life or death. It’ also WAS a huge part of my life that I’m glad I can be relieved of. And the only time I’ve been vocal about this is when Taylor or her crazy family tried to place blame on someone else to relieve them of the bad attention.

No. 637900

Why in the world did you pick Jonny after all the shit he fucked in dgd and emarosa?

No. 637901

Use the tripcode you were given dude >>637892, that way we know it's really you. We are very interested in what you have to say but use the code.

No. 637902

And yes. It offends me that I lose my credibility just because I won’t speak on a situation i really don’t know about. Especially after I’ve gone out of my way to be as transparent as possible with you guys. The people who think I’m a dirtbag because I won’t speak of that are just selfishly wanting more “dirt” on Jonny or Taylor. I’m sorry I’m not hear to talk about things I don’t know about or make up a narrative to trash someone or defend anyone I’ve been 100% honest with you guys and that’s all I can do. But I keep getting “banned” from posting here so I think this will be my last post. Sorry guys that’s all I’ve got!

No. 637903

I don’t know what a trip code is, I don’t even know what this website is?? Lol sorry im
Not up to date on these type of websites nor do I know how to use a trip code.

No. 637904

I'm not trying to ban you, I sent you a tripcode. Email me at admin@lolcow.farm if you want an explanation.

No. 637906

Chelsea has stated that bandmates lived with her + JC, and saw the abuse first hand. If that wasn’t you, then it was likely someone you know and trust. If nothing else, what about all the comments he’s made about rape or the restraining order against him? At some point you are on some level choosing your brohood with him and turning a blind eye on the bad things he’s done. I don’t think you’d do that to make money, at least I hope not, but I’m sure if he’d talked about your mom, gf, or another important female in your life the way he has his exes + other women, you wouldn’t be so quick to ignore it.

No. 637908

Yes I did live with Jonny and Chelsea for a short period of time. Couple months. Never saw abuse or rape. Actually Jonny was completely sober at that time and under the supervision of Chelsea and I. Was only there for a couple months. But should I base my opinion on that and say it didn’t happen and be public about it? No. Cause if it did. That will Hurt Chelsea. I’m not here to speak on this. Once again. I’m here speak on how important it is Taylor and Jonny get help.

No. 637909

why did Taylor get kicked off that first tour she went on where she followed Jonny around everywhere? also why did she have that huge blowup break up freak out on her Twitter? what was the thing that she "heard Jonny was doing" that he "wasn't" that made her break up with him so publicly? and say stuff about how "if y'all even knew the stuff I've kept quiet about"? These are just things only you would be able to confirm, that's the only reason I ask

No. 637912

I don't know you or your band members, I mean kudos for sticking up for yourself and the band, but face it- Jonny has a lot of people who say he's trash. And you guys were arguably some of the closest people to him, or at least hung around him often enough to have at least SOME judge of character.

So yes- while Jonny and Taylor need professional help, one of the main concerns is about Jonny's influence over Taylor and vice versa. To your best knowledge, does he truly want to be sober? Does Taylor?

No. 637913

Second this. I’m actually really interested to know if you know these things too, Colin. I found it weird how she followed him everywhere then abruptly stopped. And her freak out break up on Twitter. What happened between them? I assume since Jonny was so close to you, he shares these things with you. Did it bother him having her follow him around all tour?

No. 637919

Third this. Also, do you think Taylor wanted to get addicted? She did say she wanted “this experience”

No. 637925

I believe if either one of the really wanted to get sober they would be in rehab right now not taking these mysterious magical “meds” sorry guys I’ve given you all i got. Wishing and even praying for the best for them. I can’t take another friend being killed from this evil evil drug.

No. 637928

Also sorry my phone keeps auto correcting
“of” to “or”. And I cringe every time I see that too. 😂😂

No. 637929

And from my above statement. “ fell into the trap” referring to getting addicted to heroin. Also. “ Infactuation“ guess I can’t spell words anymore. 😂okay that is it. Bye people.

No. 637930

Thanks for the input. To be fair, a lot of people here want her to get better, too. Nobody wants her to die. And she's taking care of so many animals.
What a sad situation. Her mother must be beyond insane?

No. 637931

>You realize Taylor was making money at such a young age that they controlled most of the money

What age did Taylor start making (popular) YT videos? This is pretty fucked up if she was already over 18.

No. 637935

>Colin deleted a lengthy statement directed at Mama Dean in which he called her out
>She only met him and his GF once at the park; his GF wheeled Tanner around to the rides
>She criticized them for drinking a beer
>Taylor's parents controlled her money when she first started making videos
>He invited speculation as to her motives for saving Taylor's reputation

I guess we should start capping and archiving posts made by people of interest immediately after they post them.

No. 637938

File: 1549602075671.png (204.95 KB, 765x413, Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 9.59…)


I got a cap because the post didn't disappear for me until I saw this and refreshed the page to make sure it was actually worth posting the cap. How weird, sorry Colin if you wanted it gone but here it is.

No. 637939

File: 1549602136290.png (204.95 KB, 765x413, Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 9.59…)


I got a cap because the post didn't disappear for me until I saw this and refreshed the page to make sure it was actually worth posting the cap. How weird, sorry Colin if you wanted it gone but here it is.

No. 637940

File: 1549602129847.png (830.75 KB, 1440x2363, Screenshot_20190208-000032.png)

I got you anon

No. 637944

File: 1549602388525.png (108.1 KB, 1440x471, Screenshot_20190208-000039.png)

2/2 just in case

No. 637982

>> I was very clear about why I’m not speaking on rape and abuse allegations about Jonny. I’m always going to refuse to speak about things I DONT KNOW ABOUT because doing that does nothing for his exes or him. I wasn’t there. I don’t know. They never spoke about it to me or to the public until after the relationship was over. And never once was I confronted about it. So once again I DONT KNOW!!! Do you just want me to make some shit up? Clearly I’m not trying to protect Jonny in this matter. What reason do I have to protect Jonny?

If an involved party spoke to you about it after the fact, then you know about it, Colin. You just chose to ignore it because at the time it was in your best interests to do so – the band was making money. But, whatever.

The milk on JC and TND is nice, but it looks like you guys swept things under the rug for the sake of the band until it got to the point you couldn't ignore his bad behavior any longer.

No. 637987

is it weird that taylor hasn't posted on media for a couple days?

No. 637989

Yah hope she’s still on track

No. 637993


Thank you for saying this. The rugsweeping and mental gymnastics is pretty gross. "I wasn't there" that doesn't mean it didn't happen. Pretty sure most people aren't stupid enough to commit sexual assault in front of someone who can beat the shit out of them. "They never spoke to me" Possibly, but I find this unlikely. Even if one of the victims didn't say it to Colin's face, he'd have heard it through the vine. Shit like that should not be taken lightly.

No. 637994


He is saying that he did not know about it at the time it was happening because he did not witness it happening. If he didn't witness what happened then he can't say what happened.

If what anons were asking for is his opinion about what happened, what value would his opinion have since he didn't witness it?

No. 637995

yes it sounds like he was there while jonny was sober and the relationship wen through a good patch, it happens.

No. 637996

The allegations of abuse aren't only limited to his exes, though. There's been accounts of fans and people who directly worked with the band that state he was abusive to them. They got kicked out of Warped Tour for sexual harrassment allegations, and other shit also happened backstage where he was physically/verbally abusive to people.

So while Colin can't comment about Chelsea's relationship with Jonny because he didn't witness any abuse happening, it doesn't mean he doesn't know of Jonny's abusive nature.

No. 638007

Honestly who cares? Just let him say his piece.

No. 638010

Who cares? Those of us who don't like people who act like nothing happened when it's pretty obvious they were aware of shit like that going on. Colin's trying to paint himself as taking the high road, but he hasn't. The photographer who almost got assaulted by Jonny said the band and crew had a total "boys will be boys" attitude towards his behavior. They all knew. They didn't care as long as it didn't affect the band too much.

Anyway, that's all I'm saying on it. He provided a bit of milk. I doubt there's much more he has to say on the matter.

No. 638011

If colin is posting here then that's the last discussion you want to have right now when he can possibly spill some milk.
This is another way of scaring away the milk. Go sperg about it on twitter yeah?

No. 638034

Honestly? I don't think he will say more than he already said. He seems smart enough to not want to insert himself into this mess, though the information about the break up would be appreciated.
I'm just appaled on how someone with the mental capacity of a 13 year old like Jonny could surround himself with people like Colin, Taylor, Chelsea etc who all speak like perfectly capable human beings.

No. 638037

Didn't he say he would release all the screenshots he has or whatever and then never really did anything lmao?

No. 638040

So does anyone know if Jonny is still getting money for his previous bands songs etc since his voice is in the recordings and he wrote some songs?

No. 638051

Unless he signed his royalties away for quick cash, he's probably still getting paid.

No. 638054

Not likely to be very much, though. Royalties aren’t that great for anyone but really big acts. Maybe a few thousand a year, probably not more than $10,000. If a song gets licensed for a movie or commercial, that can be a bump of cash.

No. 638058

File: 1549638493450.jpg (67.29 KB, 593x782, IMG_20190208_100419.jpg)

No. 638059

File: 1549638533309.jpg (64.46 KB, 601x827, IMG_20190208_100421.jpg)

No. 638060

File: 1549638557132.jpg (578.79 KB, 1080x1702, 20190208_100644.jpg)

No. 638072

Man I'm out of the loop. When the fuck did he get a kid? Poor girl, she's far better without him in her life. Taylor sure knows how to pick them.

No. 638077

"omg everyone here is insulting me and my band"

"no one here is insulting you"

"ok but people somewhere else are insulting me and my band"

I was a Colin fan but now I know he's basically Taylor 2. Everything he does is right and anything you say negative is bullying/slander. Surprised he didn't threaten to sue us for defamation.

No. 638079

File: 1549643085556.png (202.55 KB, 478x936, Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 11.2…)

Just thought id point out Taylor posted 3 positive quotes in her first 3 stories but if you look at her recently liked she was liking stuff about toxic relationships but didn't post any of those on her story. interesting

No. 638083

File: 1549644108710.jpeg (1006 KB, 1242x1989, 4234D2E2-9397-445D-BB30-FC3530…)

No. 638085

So they really are finally moving. It's either because they are getting kicked out or because they want to keep their address private this time so nobody can call the cops on them for drug possession.

No. 638102

Or maybe they can't afford it anymore?

No. 638106

I’ve been following JC and thus Colin for a long time. This is his general attitude. He may say kind things, and in some ways have good intentions, but he ALWAYS turns a blind eye to JC. He’s only having a fit now because Jen mentioned his gf. He picks and chooses what women deserve protecting, I guess? He can act like he doesn’t want to hurt Chelsea, but he didn’t care about hurting any of them before and calling them crazy/liars. He also didn’t care about the animals JC abandoned that now live with Chelsea’s mom. I doubt he would care about the animals Taylor and JC are responsible for. I wouldn’t put any eggs in the Colin is going to tell us what is really going on basket.

No. 638110

i'm just cheering him on because he's the only one that's calling Jen on her bullshit and she can't say shit back. This family needs to get slapped back into their senses because they're a mess. They're basically the typical trailer trash you see in movies but with youtube money.

I wonder if it's because the apartment complex found out about the drugs. Makes me think if they found about it when they do yearly inspections or what. Then again, I wonder if the lack of work from the two is catching up on them and they have to downgrade

No. 638111

I mean, we are talking about people who tolerated someone like Jonny for quite some time, is that really a surprise. typical bro covering for his rapist friend.

No. 638122

To be fair he is the one that pushed this boulder down the hill. None of this would have come to light if it weren't for him.
Yeah, I don't know why he would want to be in a band with Jonny in the first place, but he's the one that for real spilled that milk.

No. 638127

I’m disappointed he decided to just dip with the “yeah that’s all I know sorry bye”. I really wanted to know the answer to >>637909

I don’t buy the “that’s all I know”. I think Jonny shared a lot with him both through text and in person. You can’t say you were always there for someone and so close to them, but then say yeah I don’t know anything about this thing that happened between him and Taylor. I’m not even asking anything about Chelsea. Just really curious why they intially broke up and she went bezerk on Twitter, and why she stopped following him like his shadow on tour. I’m sure he knows but just doesn’t want to tell.

No. 638135

Exactly. Colin isn't going to say anything else because it's not convenient for him to do so. The only reason he stirred the pot was because Jonny fucked the band over by leaving, and even then, the only thing he did was drop a few screenshots pinning the blame on Taylor alone. He's only spoken out when Taylor and Jen directly addressed him, nothing else.

No. 638136

I'm guessing she's moving now her secrets about drugs is out. She's claimed she's moving before but you could tell it was all BS and not actually happening. Sounds like she is going through with it this time which indicates she was pushed rather than jumped. Don't think it's anything to do with money though. Unless she's spent an absolute fortune on drugs then shes still got plenty.

No. 638145

I can’t fathom how anyone could abandon their child. Breaks my heart, but that little girl is better off I’m sure.

No. 638146

File: 1549666370134.jpeg (1.94 MB, 1233x1973, 072088BC-1176-4067-B23D-722AD3…)

No. 638148

plans to move to new house
continues to buy things

Lol you would think they’ll start throwing things out so they’ll have less things to move

No. 638154

>trying to prove to people you have at least a little bit of money

…still doesn't prove you're not leaching off your girlfriend who's 10 years younger than you whose house you live in.. bum.

It cracks me up that he has talked about how he would "never work a normal job bc he lives his dream" yet he is again unemployed and can't hold any job bc he'd rather shoot dope.

Keep shamelessly leaching off your gf whose career you're ruining after showing her how to shoot heroin and not choosing real recovery for either of you jonny.. it's a good look.

Can't believe Taylor has mentioned that she wanted to have a family with him at one point when he has never even met his fucking 10 yr old daughter. Unreal, these two.

No. 638156


Maybe. It seems they're taking a while to leave. Usually with evictions once it goes through court you've got about a week to get out. I wonder if they're worried about more animal control calls. 1. Their address is out there. People found it out thanks to JC and TND's own stupidity and that one video interview by that magazine showed a shipping label with it on it before taking the video down. They could be afraid there's going to be more animal control visits if people decide complaining might get those animals help. 2. They share walls with their neighbors. I have a feeling they're not the quietest, most polite neighbors. Maybe smell's getting out, too. I don't know. I've lived in places where the smell of people's cooking has drifted out in the hallways, but that's it. I don't know if her small mammals smell or if that odor's carrying anywhere.

But everything's tinfoil. A house is quite convenient though. You can be noisier and smellier before it carries to your neighbors. And I don't get why she's setting up another tank if they're moving. That makes no sense.

No. 638191

To be fair, the child’s mother left and wanted no contact with Jonny for either her or the daughter. Can you blame her? He’s an embarrassment to his family. Gee, that’s my dad!! Ugh

No. 638211

She is smart to do that tbh. I wouldnt want a father who’s coming home high af and might abuse me or my mom. Taylor’s an idiot for thinking he’s future babydaddy goalz. She probably has stockholm syndrome by now

No. 638212

I have a shitbag “baby daddy”, but I could never abduct our daughter without being in serious trouble. Jonny is 100% to blame and if he wanted to see his daughter, he could’ve filed for custody or visitation. She would be in a lot of trouble for not responding.

No. 638217


Only a gift for his "boys"? what about Star?

Still think they dumped star and the photos/videos we saw were either old or taken at her new home

No. 638224


At first I thought the Star stuff was tinfoil since people said it before and then saw Star in the background of videos, but at this point I'm suspicious they're right. They leave their shit all over the floor, Star probably only had to pee on Jonny's precious ugly shoes once and got rehomed.

No. 638225


It would be convenient for them to say she ran away when they move house. Calling it now that'll be her excuse, that she escaped and ran off and didn't know where her new home is, etc.

No. 638226


Ugh yes, agreed, this seems like exactly what they'll do. And if people call her out for not keeping an eye on her cats it'll be "I had them in carriers but the mover let them out!" or "a friend felt bad for her and let her into the yard and she bolted!" Anything to throw someone else under the bus so she can't be blamed for the fate of her own damn pets.

No. 638229

JC has a song written about the kid he abandoned. I used to think it was a good song (when I was 17 and stupid) but it’s ridiculously cruel and sad.

Some real winning lines;
“And back to these cold, shitty days in Portland
Wishing I'd never come across your face”

“I never planned to carry your burdens
But this child was a mistake”

“I knew from the moment I stepped off that plane, we had no future
How come your dreams are always so bitter?
And who knows?
Maybe one day she will know my name” ((the birth mom makes a reference to that line in her long twitter post))

“You lay awake crying because your child
carries my name,
while I regret ever making you apart of my life”

“Sadly enough, this song's not to hurt you
Just to show the world that I'm free”

He is SUCH a piece of SHIT

No. 638230

Holy shit that’s the worst thing on his track record imo

No. 638233

Wowww.. absolutely disgusting. Jonny clearly is pretty out of touch w reality for thinking this should've been used in a song, let alone having thought/wrote it in the first place.

Clearly shows that his daughter isn't a priority and that he thinks the fact that she was unplanned with an ex is a valid excuse to not have anything to do with her.

Perfect baby daddy taylor!!!!!! So sad that it's almost funny that she would ever consider a family with this shitpile.

No. 638238


Jesus christ, that girl is way better off not knowing this piece of shit. How can anyone write this garbage and then record it for the world to hear? This is just spiteful and cruel. Not to hurt you? Literally talking about regretting making a woman apart of his life and how their kid is a mistake.

I have no idea what possessed Taylor to think she wants to have this gremlin's children or a future with this trash. The scumbag wrote a fucking song condemning his innocent kid for no other reason than he doesn't want to take responsibility.

No. 638240

File: 1549682934668.png (62.03 KB, 404x617, TftnmfU.png)

"i made an effort"

No. 638241

chelsea said it's eviction. they may have have bought a little time till now.

No. 638242

omg may he never know this child

No. 638246

The fact that jonny is always trying way too hard to hurt his exes shows that he's just a hurt little bitch inside.

He's pathetic all the way around. Idk wtf Taylor sees or ever saw in him. Just cause u have a big fkn mouth and think you're sO cRaZy and people just dont feel like dealing with u so they put up with it doesn't mean you're anything but annoying af and that youre most likely lacking any type of redeeming quality as a human.

I can't stand him.. I really cant.

No. 638268

If he was in an apocolypse movie, he would be the first person to freak out and cry. He’s a lil bitch inside and tries to hide it by being an asshole and not givin a shit about others. Then fills the rest with his shitty shoes and toys. Damn.. I wonder if his parents were like the Deans

No. 638284

He really is just a little bitch. Weak people are the only ones that find idiots like that attractive and that will put up with them.

Not only has jonny chosen drugs over his friends and even family time and again, but he has taken an active part in trying to bring people down with him by trying to get them hooked on heroin (Chelsea included), which is literally killing hundreds of people every day.. he's just an absolute piece of shit.

Hey jonny.. if you have any fucking braincells left.. LET YOUR GIRL LEAVE YOU to recover from the addiction you've fostered in her. Or man the fuck up and leave her so she can get better!! You "love" her right?? Fucking laughable. Do what you need to do by yourself to fix your fucking self too, cause you're worse than useless to the world the way you are now.

No. 638318

I think you're all totally right calling it with star. I'd put it down to Jonny. I doubt he has any connection to any of the animals so if one kept messing in his house and wasn't convenient enough for him I can see him getting rid. Looking forward to seeing if they actually move. It will be a great excuse for tay to not post any more videos or photos for a whilr 'just been so busy moving and settling in and making a fresh start' filming the move and new enclosure set up could give her quality videos for weeks if she was any other YouTuber. Good excuse to slip in any more deaths too. 'just didn't survive the move. Too stressful. Not my fault. Movers couldn't find out address'.

No. 638319

And I'm going to take what Chelsea said with a grain of salt. It's not like she's speaking directly with either of them, so she got it as second-hand information which may or may not be true. No sane landlord's going to let someone they want out of the rental badly enough to evict have extra time to leave. They don't care if they have to chuck your shit out on the lawn because you haven't found a place. You're gone when they (or the courts) say you have to leave. Also, they got a house pretty easily. Nobody'll rent to you if you have an eviction on your record and landlords do check. They don't want to deal with shitty renters.

Now that I think about it, Chelsea may have mistaken the apartments not renewing their lease with eviction. Landlords have to give renters 30 days to vacate if they decide they don't want them there anymore. That's not considered eviction. Maybe since they're on month-to-month, the landlord found it easier to just tell them they have 30 days to go rather than spend the money to court to do an actual eviction.

No. 638352

I hope Mama dean & others keeps outing band mates like Colin cause hes just as much of a shit bag in this situation and literally has no right to act like he is being pulled into this when he has always been there to cape for Johnny on tour, its easy for him to jump on the mom (boohoo you got vague tweeted how sad) who says too much than to maybe idk take the root of the problem hes associated with which is JOHNNY.
Funniest shit I read was how he has nothing "faCtUaL" when theres a restraining order among orher court cases involved.

(i hope colin knows he and his gf are cum stain tier on the casting couch of Johnnys z-list production life kek)

No. 638404

Mushu may really not make the move, but Taylor will just play up how she ~saved~ her before.

No. 638405

I feel like several of her aquatic animals may be at risk, she doesn't seem to cycle any of her tanks and given their organisation skills as of late, something will go wrong during the move.

No. 638427

If she doesn't 'rehome' them, I'm going to place a bet on her saying at least one just didn't deal with the move well, and how she cried and cried and did all she could! Bonus points if she can't keep the story consistent, it feeds into her saviour complex, or the animal is one of the ones we haven't seen in months.
I'm 50/50 as to whether the move will kickstart her hoarding again because she's doing ~ so much better ~ and all of that.

No. 638432

chelsea here- kim went to LA and has many mutual friends with taylor. has been confirmed she’s getting evicted lol. believe it or not, taylor will lie through her teeth either way.

No. 638434

File: 1549734806158.jpg (871.3 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190207-145717_Ins…)

No. 638441

Jfc. He has a mind of a teen going through an emo phase

No. 638442

Do you know why she is getting evicted?

No. 638443

This man is in his thirties lmao

No. 638445

trying to make it ~funny and relatable~ that he legit just stays in bed to avoid his responsibilities/problems

No. 638446

File: 1549738752065.png (3.9 MB, 1242x2208, D7E3397E-2ADB-4701-B058-97E29F…)

This is from JC’s IG story. I had to hold it down to get the screenshot or the ‘send a message field’ would of made it impossible to read what he wrote.

No. 638447

He's acting like the things he's done wasn't his fault. he CHOSE drugs over his band and everything else. only difference between him and other celebrities/singers is they had effort and arent assholes unlike him.

No. 638448

Go to inpatient and stay there. Let Taylor do the same.

If you really want to change, you'll make hard decisions like that.

No. 638449

Maybe if he wasn't a rape-y asshole who can't take responsibility for his actions people would feel more inclined to reach out… jfc

No. 638460

Considering the complex never gave a shit about the animals, it’s probably the drugs. It’s no coincidence they got evicted after Jonny was kicked out of the band for being an addict.

No. 638461


Chelsea have you considered getting a trip code? I appreciate you posting here, but stuff like this makes me suspicious. Taylor is in Texas, not LA, so how does this make sense?

No. 638462

She visited LA a lot before Jonny. Don’t be an idiot anon.

No. 638466

File: 1549742752781.jpg (291.76 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190209-150525_Twi…)

Who are you telling, Jen?

No. 638469

Oh my god is he going to milk the narrative that it's 100% Taylor's fault? Because that would be hilarious

No. 638470

Let's calm down, Chelsea should still get a tripcode if possible

No. 638471

God he’s such a bitch

No. 638474

Looks like Colin really didn't care about him that much…

No. 638476

You guys’s are assholes to anyone providing info with trip codes…

No. 638480

I just came on here because I saw Jonny's story and it made me so angry. He's gotten SO MUCH HELP from people in the scene. For years. He screwed them all over. I'm not buying his "oh woe is me" act. I want him to get clean but motherfucker is on his own this time.

No. 638481

Yeah, but apparently no one who helped him has 'made it' in this scene, so they don't matter.

No. 638483

Aka he's looking for someone way more famous than he is to "redeem" him. He'll never change

No. 638485

Apparently I'm blocked by Jen when I have never even interacted with her. She must be searching out and blocking anyone who mentions her daughter.

No. 638486

No we aren’t? If anything we’re more patient and understanding when someone with a trip comes here to spill milk. But I’d be willing to bet anyone who is an asshole is trying to derail and scare off verified milk.

No. 638491

She has been doing that for a long time now.

No. 638494

File: 1549749973334.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, B76001FD-8BB0-4886-96A4-804982…)

That’s really pathetic that he thinks buying her shoes will help make the situation any better lmao. They each need to go to inpatient seaparately if they want any hope of being clean. They really don’t care, this is all so fake that they’re giving the “woe is me” attitude. Acting like they’re really doing something when they’re just sitting at home all day. Taylor won’t do anything work related and Jonny is unemployed. It seems like at this point they haven’t lost enough to really be serious about changing.
Sometimes you have to hit your “rock bottom” to really decide to change. I’m not sure if this last blowout was either of their rock bottom.

No. 638497

There is a zero to none percent chance they will get clean in the current situation. As long as they have each other, and Taylor has enough money to keep up with their habit, it's a perfect trifecta. They have no reason to get clean until they get a serious wake up call, or they lose at least one of the three components of that situation. So at this point it's just a matter of either time, destitution, or the long awaited separation of Jonny and Taylor.

No. 638499

You took the words right out of my mouth!

No. 638503

If that's what you believe, but as a lawyer I know you don't get a leisurely amount of time to vacate a property once you've been evicted. It's usually three days or a week once a court's ruled on it. And they don't appear to be in any sort of rush to get out.

No. 638504

"Happy Valentines day babe"
>buys his girlfriend designer shoes with her money

what a bum

No. 638506

A search of court records shows that there are no eviction cases against TND or JC. They didn't get their lease renewed is all. I bet Taylor's setting it up to spin into a "Poor me, I got evicted because some bad person reported me for [having too many animals/doing drugs/insert other excuse here]."

No. 638511


Since you are an attorney I am surprised you haven't referred to the statutes for a concrete answer.

Related, Texas does not explicitly address rogue tenants in its code, ie. whether Jonny is considered a tenant after living and receiving mail at her address for a period of time.


In Texas, a landlord can terminate a tenancy early if the tenant does not pay rent or violates the lease or rental agreement. Before filing an eviction lawsuit, the landlord must first give the tenant a three-day notice to vacate. The landlord does not have to give the tenant the option to fix the violation or pay the rent. If the tenant does not move out of the rental unit at the end of the three days, then the landlord can file an eviction lawsuit with the court (see Tex. Prop. Code Ann. § 24.005).


The judge or the jury will make a final decision after hearing the case. If the landlord wins, the law allows you five days to appeal the decision or move out. If you win, the landlord also has five days to appeal the decision.

If [you appeal and] the county court rules for the landlord again, the court must give you at least ten days to vacate the premises before a writ of possession can be executed.

No. 638519

I don't think that Jonny has a rock bottom. I doubt there is anything that could convince him to get clean, hell nearly dying didn't even do it. There might still be hope for Taylor but I doubt it.

No. 638527

His fixation with shoes is really hilarious to me. These aren’t even expensive for him to be flexing like that but ok.

No. 638532

Idk. I feel like as shitty and brainwashed as Taylor is, I think if she had a near death experience from an OD, I think she might turn her shit around for real.

But then again I can’t know for sure.

No. 638534

I usually don't refer to statutes when speaking with laymen. I've learned over the years legal jargon just makes their eyes glaze over.

Yes, there is a three day notice to quit for noncompliance. If they don't leave in three days, then the landlord can file with the court to get them evicted. The tenant can then file and answer, show up at the following hearing and argue why they should be allowed to stay. That can buy them three weeks to three months' reprieve in Texas courts, but in most cases, they're going to lose. Once the tenant has lost, the judge issues a final judgment that means the tenant has to move out. They're given up to four weeks, but if you don't bother to fight it, they aren't that generous with the time and usually you have the sheriff knocking at the door a week later to see if you have voluntarily removed all your belongings or you need some motivation.

Besides, do you think Taylor's actually going to bother to fight it? She's too high most of the time to take care of her pets, let alone show up in court. Plus, she wouldn't pass up the chance to post about an actual eviction and how she's fighting to keep her and her babies' home so they all don't end up in the streets. That's very much Taylor's MO right there.

And that other anon's right. There is no record of any eviction proceedings being filed against her. That tells me the landlord decided to tell them their lease was no longer going to be renewed and they had 30 days to leave. They also got a place rather quickly. No landlord will rent to someone without checking to see if there are evictions on their record unless they're a slumlord. And do you think those two, who enjoy flexing their so-called wealth so much, are going to rent a rat trap? I don't.

When I first started right out of law school, my firm had me on smaller cases like small claims and evictions. It's pretty universal how they're done because all states have adopted some form of the Uniform Landlord Tenant Act. And sometimes we would advise landlords to just refuse to renew a lease rather than go through the expense and time of trying to evict a month-to-month client for noncompliance. If they fight it, you end up having them on your property longer if the court's docket is moving slowly. And the client is much more likely to do a lot of damage before they finally get shoved out the door if you forceably evict them rather than than give them a month to pack up and go. You can always make up a valid reason they need to go, like you're planning on doing some renovations to the place or whatever so they're less grouchy about having to find a new home thus don't take it out on the property.

No. 638555

Yeah i meant to post there im just a retard and posted on tnd accidentally

No. 638563

Pet-tubers thread…

No. 638571


>I usually don't refer to statutes when speaking with laymen.

Which is why I quoted the two websites I did. I was referring to your vague statement, "It's usually three days or a week once a court's ruled on it."

Why did you ignore my amended comment? I deleted the first immediately because I omitted the quote from the second site which includes the exact number of days.

And yes, I agree that their landlord simply declined to renew their 30-day tenancy, but my comment was made solely to explain precisely what the law in Texas states to put the matter to rest.

No. 638572


Seeing as the manlet can fit into youth sizes NONE of his shoes are really as expensive as he wants people to believe

No. 638581

As someone with tiny feet I can say youth sizes aren't really that much cheaper.

No. 638594

I didn't know you made an amended comment. I saw that one, answered, the website went wonky on me, so I went to do other things. But it's probably not worth addressing since we agree things. I do apologize for not seeing it before now.

No. 638601

They're also like….really hideous chucks…. why do they look like that. Where do they get their fashion advice from.

No. 638606

They were only $130 on release but they sell out quickly so Jonny wouldn't have had his shit together and bought them on release. He would have paid the >$400 resell price for these.

No. 638625

Taylor disabled all of her comments on YouTube lol

No. 638635

She can’t run forever, karma is gonna hit her hard.

No. 638664

They look like shoes for clowns lol

No. 638667

I see all the comments and am still able to comment?

No. 638670

This is some interesting bullshit. No cap and I click on a random video and they're open. They're closed on the viking funeral one and maybe a couple of others, but would have been closed at the time.

No. 638711

I bet she would delete the video if she could. But if she did that, she’d stop making money from the views. She really is desperate to not get criticism. She just wants every comment to be ass-kissing. That’s sad, she really needs to grow up… she can’t do this forever.

No. 638754

So what happened to her moving in with that drug addict in LA? She was super active on social media and now she has disappeared again. I'm sure she chose to stay with Jonny and go on another drug binge rather than continue treatment.

I also wouldn't be surprised if they haven't even started looking for a house. They are both so stupid they probably think they can do it in a day

No. 638763

I really doubt she'll go to LA. Jonny is what she knows right now, it's always easier to stay with the devil you know than the devil you don't. With Jonny there's an established routine, which apparently is pay for his toys, buy his drugs, get high.

On some level she has to know that going to LA would be an incredibly stupid idea if she actually wants to get well, but maybe I'm giving her too much credit.

No. 638764

Anand she kept up regular posting for two weeks. Now it's back to taking breaks from her breaks

Yes, I know she posted on her story, but I don't think that should count.

No. 638771


It will be interesting to see if she becomes active again during the week. A lot of times, addicts will use only on the weekend and a small amount. This helps them to avoid withdrawal and gives them a false sense of control over the situation, thinking they are ATUALLY not an addict if they are choosing only to get high once a week or so. I wouldn’t be shocked if she has fallen into this habit.

No. 638777

How is she going to afford a house? She is in debt with the IRS and they obviously aren't saving any money. And now they have an expensive drug habit and Taylor's YouTube career is over.

No. 638778

Maybe they're renting a house?

No. 638790

Knowing nothing about San Antonio house rentals other than https://www.zillow.com/san-antonio-tx/rent-houses/
it seems like they could get something reasonable for close to what she's paying now. It would free her up to hoard even more animals (no need to worry about the neighbors) and it might even be cheaper for her in the long run.

Does Jonny have any income? Song royalties, anything like that? There's got to be something there. Honestly I wonder how they're able to stay afloat at all. I know the IRS will likely not ask for a lump sum, it gets spread out over time but they can't be doing all that well. She's blown through her money like crazy and now that she's tainted her brand with animal neglect and drug abuse it might be tough for her to get that per monthly income back up to what she's become accustomed to.

No. 638791

File: 1549833517363.jpg (468.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190208-113252_Ins…)

No. 638793

Yup she's definitely still using

No. 638794

To anyone that says her youtube career is over, can you share your reasoning? I’d like that to be true but I think as soon as she makes a video, her loyal teen fans will flock in and give her views. Plus, all the curious people. I think few people will actually stop watching her.

No. 638795


Regardless of how much stans like her, if she doesn't upload consistently the algorithm will kick her to the curb and she won't be able to get much growth to her channel

No. 638796

My feeling is that unless she has a more consistent upload schedule, a lot of those followers will move on to other things. Trendy youtubers tend to come in waves, too. I feel like the pet tuber phenomena is already taking somewhat of a hit, apart from Taylor's shenanigans. Aside from people like PDP, I don't know of many who can take a sustained drop in viewers and then regain their viewers…see Onison, for example. If anyone can think of a YT'er with a significant following who was able to take a big hit and continue on, remind me because I'm coming up blank and it would also prove this argument invalid, heh.

No. 638802

File: 1549837273212.jpeg (646.73 KB, 1242x1396, 828F020E-3A43-44A2-BEB6-90A9F8…)

Not milk but if you want to facepalm, take a look at the lyrics for the song JC posted. He’s deep into his ‘I am always the victim, and someone please love me’ routine.

No. 638807

Song royalties are shit nowadays because so many people just torrent music, and places Spotify and Pandora pay really badly. It’s why even superstar acts are constantly touring, licensing songs to commercials, pushing merch. Maybe Jonny gets $10,000 a year in royalties on a good year.

No. 638813

That and they'll get bored of her. You got to keep dangling interesting videos in front of them or they'll move on to the next shiny, new object that attracts their attention. It's not like 12 year olds have much in the way of an attention span in the first place.

No. 638823

OT but taylor buys Jonny SO MUCH shit, yet he never buys her anything and when he does its because he has to, like valentines day.

No. 638826

File: 1549842801150.png (907.77 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190211-105200.png)

No. 638827


What a slap in the face to the band he left high and dry at the airport. With as long as I've been following JC, seeing his downs and pretend ups, it's super clear that if it wasn't for Taylor, he wouldn't of skipped out on tour. Yes, he likely would of crashed and burned at some point during the tour, or had some big scandal, but he wouldn't of missed it.

No. 638828

I wouldn't necessarily say it's over, but it isn't exactly a great move to be taking breaks from videos either. The reality of a YouTube career is that it's very fickle, and views alone aren't enough for content creators to sustain themselves. Profit comes from sponsorships as well as merchandise, which come from views.

Another factor is that she might have 1.6mil subs, but a big chunk of those subs aren't active viewers. Her last two videos didn't even break 200k views, and that's because she's caged herself into the whole image of the "hot chick who has too many pets", so anything that doesn't show her hoard is not going to give her profit.

If she keeps doing this shit, which she will, even her most rabid fans will lose interest. Her career peaked in a very short amount of time, and she let it get to her head which made her lose grip of reality, so now it's on a steady descent that she can only stop by actually getting her shit together and keeping a more regular schedule.

No. 638841

Totally agree. If she wants to save her channel and maintain consistency/grow at all, she's going to have to put a REAL schedule together and come up with creative videos to put out over a long period of time. Not just "oh here's my new impulse buy and care facts based on the first link I clicked on Google! oh all the comments are telling me this animal isn't even the species I think it is?? blame the breeder!!1! now I'll just take the video down and post a new one explaining how much of a victim I am, since everyone else is wrong!"

She's going to have to be responsible in many different ways. Sticking to the schedule, owning up to her mistakes, and doing better by her animals by PROVING she's changing her ways. But we all know that's not in her wheelhouse since all we've ever seen are lies about "uploading new video in three days!", "Oh sorry I took this whole month off even though I promised at least 4 videos. it's just muh migraines :((( TOTALLY didn't relapse on heroin or anything! lol haters be crazzy!"

Side note: she tentatively planned to return to YouTube on Feb 12-15. Can't wait to see what her first video will be after a two-month "mental health break" (drug binge.) I'm wondering if she'll even come back within the month, or if she'll say "ooooo sorry the stress of moving got to me, I gotta take another two months off to 'recover'"

No. 638847

Translation: I'm gonna con some more musicians into forming a band with me. It'll go fine for a while before my bad behavior causes everything to crash and burn once again." You'd think his rep would proceed him and nobody would want to have a thing to do with him because it'll inevitably spell big trouble for the band in the end.

No. 638854

Correct me if I'm wrong, but was that screenshot from Jonny's Facebook posted by Jonny himself? It says "share" and the screencapper can add photos to the post

No. 638855

File: 1549845779012.jpg (599.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190210-191448_Ins…)

No. 638859

Yeah, it's from his IG story.

No. 638861

I genuinely don’t feel like her career is in any kind of trouble. I feel like she can only go up from here. With current politics, and the victimhood that we’ve created for people who have an addiction.. she will gain even more. She will not be held responsible for any of her actions. It will all be defaulted to “poor you! You are suffering!” Despite the fact that she made that decision on her own.

No. 638865

File: 1549848534098.jpg (724.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190210-202845_Ins…)

No. 638866

File: 1549848579153.jpg (649.05 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190210-202851_Ins…)

Mushu is still alive wow

No. 638868

Still on top of the hot ass dishwasher

No. 638873


Assuming this pair of slovenly junkies even use their dishwasher.

No. 638875

I doubt it's a daily occurrence for them to bother turning the dishwasher on, but I bet they use it once in a while. Or maybe Betsy does to avoid washing all their gross dishes by hand. Either way, using it even once is bad for Mushu.

No. 638879


Alive, sure, but in what condition? Or is that perhaps a replacement? She's been putting off showing Mushu for ages and we know she's not above stalling for time while she looks for a replacement. Can't really tell from the picture if it's the same lotl or not.

No. 638881

File: 1549852709162.jpg (704.41 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190210-213706_Ins…)

No. 638882

I know alot of people say axolotl dont need large tanks but she seems so cramped in there.
I've been looking into starting a tank for the species and from what I've read here, everyone seems to think mushu is beyond repair. But the species has really great regenerative mechanics.
If she corrected her care and kept an eye on her water levels maybe provided a more sustainable habitat, Mushu should be able to regenerate her gills fairly well when shes not under so much stress right?
TLDR: Mushu saddens me more then any of her other pets, shes a hardy animal and taylor is keeping her stressed and suffering when Mushu could so easily bounce back with proper care.

No. 638883

File: 1549852755794.jpg (762.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190210-213651_Ins…)

Are those tweezers shes using?

No. 638884

Mushu seems cramped because her tank is filled with so much crap

No. 638885

Notice the pitcher of water next to the tank? Better fix her water levels before showing her online! Poor mush. Baby seems to be a last priority.

No. 638886

what's that breast implant looking thing

No. 638887

Looks like the lid to the pitcher.

No. 638891

Looks like her water probably hasn't been changed in a while…

No. 638897

And the water level is down 2”

No. 638898

That tank is so cramped. There's hardly any room for the lotl to swim or even walk without bumping into crap. The sponge filter she is using has to be the lowest quality and the smallest I've ever seen. Axolotls are messy creatures and have a high bioload, that tiny little filter couldn't possibly handle it unless she's water changing every other day, we know she's not based on that pitiful water level.

Axolotls can only regenerate so much before their body can no longer handle it. She's so proud of her new light yet Mushu doesn't need a new light, she needs new everything

No. 638901


Great repair of SOME things. Not all parts of an organism can be repaired or regenerated. That's unfortunately not how they work.
Mushu has melanocytes burned beyond repair thanks to Taylor, and I am incredibly doubtful that the gill stalks will ever heal before it eventually dies.

No. 638903

Looks like someone took a bite of her back

No. 638909

That's a leaf from the plant lol!

No. 638916

They look like aquarium tongs, pretty normal way of feeding earthworms to lotls

God her waterline triggers me so much, it's obvious she doesn't do consistent water changes

No. 638948

Every single animal needs a lighting schedule? They need to know when to be active and when to sleep. Just because an animal needs low light setups doesn’t mean you can just not give it a day light schedule.

No. 638956

meh, axolotls don't need light in their enclosures like reptiles and fish do. Idk if there's research on their circadian rhythm related to environmental lighting, but it's generally accepted that axies don't need light on the tank and ambient light from windows in the room will be plenty. Many people do dim lighting because they do planted tanks, but there's really no benefit to the animal.

No. 638959

yeah axolotls don't need light at all tbh. they don't have eyelids and they're actually extremely sensitive to light. I'm not sure why taylor would get a light at all over a water chiller

No. 638961


excellent point gdi, she needs a chiller. There was no reason to buy an expensive aquarium light either, they're usually pricey. I use a $15 shop light for aquarium photos, but really any lamp at all will do if she just wants it for the once every few months we get an update on whether mushu is even still alive.

I'm glad she added more plants, but like anons have said it seems like too many. There's a balance somewhere that would allow her to hide and climb but still swim, Taylor didn't find that balance.

No. 638969

FOR REAL you can get chillers for like $150 on amazon. She spends more than that on Johnny's shoes

No. 638975

Didn't she say she already has a chiller, but doesn't use it because there's no need for in winter or something? Because I wondered why she refuses to just USE it if she already has one, despite ppl telling her to get one. Even if it's just to shut those ppl up.

No. 638992

it's easy to get caught up on this "wherever you're at, you're doing great, you're enough <3 <3" rhetoric but there are things this doesn't apply to, heroin addiction decidedly being one. if going at your own pace means shooting h it's not "okay". get heeeeeelp

No. 638993

Why has no one noticed the obvious syringe here

No. 638995

Some of you dont actually know axy care and it shows. Most people keep the water level a little bit lowered. Also most of you were just complaining how bare and boring her tank looked in the past. I personally think the tank should be much larger.

No. 638997

Literally can’t see anything that resembles a syringe

No. 638998

There is no reason to have a lowered waterline for healthy axolotls. All it does is take away swimming space, same with all the clutter Taylor added.
Mushu doesn't have any space to swim right now and her filter is also way too tiny for an axolotl.

No. 639003

Can't tell if that's good or bad news with how bad her care is. Poor thing.

No. 639009

File: 1549888461794.jpg (890.68 KB, 1920x1080, image.jpg)

No. 639012

anon….thats the lid of a container with worms it looks like

No. 639014

There's nothing that looks like a syringe, some people need to chill out and stop over analysing every photo. We've had one person mistake a leaf for a chunk missing, one person who didn't know what a lid was (to be fair it did look like a tit implant) and now someone's spotted a phantom syringe.

No. 639022

I really want a thumbs up option!!!

No. 639024

I think it's good for people to speculate, it's not like they aren't immediately corrected and maybe they see something other people missed. Like, oh I don't know, that one picture that had a syringe and cap in the background? Yea people are over analyzing, but do you forget where we are?

No. 639026

File: 1549897986593.jpg (460.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190208-113307_Ins…)

No. 639034

Continuing to do heroin isn't even trying

No. 639037

Addicts who don’t want to actually get sober love these quotes, really can imagine her posting this shit as she’s loading up a syringe. No, Taylor it’s not your intentions or positive thinking that matter, it’s growing the fuck up and admitting you’re wrong, committing to that sentiment and going to inpatient for the hard work of getting clean. She’s really starting to sound like tuna with this ‘uwu I’m trying my best’ shit, when we all know she’s high as a kite.

No. 639058

whichever anon said that taylor will return once the weekend/her weekly drug break is over was totally right. shes back to actively commenting and posting stories on ig.
unless that screencap above is old she also deleted that quote from her story

No. 639065

Honestly I’d love to see taylor and Johnny on dr Phil, their story is just perfect for his show and they wouldn’t even have to exaggerate it

No. 639069

Imagine Taylor, Johnny and Mama Dean on Dr. Phil LMAO

No. 639078

File: 1549908540071.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, 523EF7A2-048D-4C58-8D9E-749A26…)

No. 639082

Why does this sound so…weird? The punctuation sounds off.

No. 639086

Waiting until your “body is all healthy again?” She acts like her addiction is the common cold.
Rest and inspirational quotes ain’t going to make your “body healthy,” honey. Try in-patient.

No. 639126


It's really weird. "for my arm"
Isn't that why they're callled SLEEVES.

No. 639136

And how. it's typed. like this.

why? It's weird and doesn't make sense.

No. 639138

Legs can also have “sleeves.”

No. 639143

I didn't say anything about the sleeve soooooooo

No. 639145

People call them "leg sleeves" because the implication of sleeve is that it's on your arms.

No. 639154

File: 1549921226737.png (1.7 MB, 750x1334, 5E609FD3-DF41-4619-A116-0EFAA1…)

arm looks rough

No. 639158

That cat is obese holy shit

No. 639164

Possibly just the angle?

No. 639166

Holy shit her arm is so bruised.

No. 639168

Nah, look at the videos and pictures on her ig story. Star is beyond obese.

No. 639170

Only thing I thought when I saw Star.
She looked, as far as I could tell, a healthy weight when Taylor first got her.

I keep wondering how she let Star get that fat. But I have to remember - strung out on drugs. Taylor can't care for herself, much less her animals.

No. 639173

Samefagging, Taylor removed that story lol

No. 639174

A lot of people don't realize that free feeding cats (especially ones that have been strays in the past, assuming stars origin story is true) is really risky because they will literally just keep eating and over eat. She's probably free feeding star and continuously offering food because it's easier, and star is probably gorging herself, and possibly eating the other cats food.

No. 639178

This is clearly what happened, but you'd have to be pretty damn oblivious to not notice that sort of weight gain and take steps to prevent, slow, or reverse it.
Star gained a LOT of weight.

No. 639180

Wet food 2x a day is enough for 1 inside cat, maybe 3x if active. Dry food has too many carbs and is too easy to overfeed. Dry food should be only refilled once until the bowl is empty or food is sitting over.

3 cats is a lot of work. Taylor needs to calm tf down. She's being lazy with her animals. She doesn't really care about her animals she only cares how they make HER feel.

No. 639181

this makes me wonder if taylors house is covered in cat vomit if she doesnt have proper feeding times set up. if any of my cats over eat, due to me giving them too much food at times, they end up throwing up all over the place. cause they dont stop themselves.

and i highly doubt she has routine feeding times, she just fills the bowl and fills it when its empty. yikes

No. 639184

Definitely agree with eating other cats food. probably has 3 bowls all filled with food. cat 1 + 2 don't finish all of it cat 3 eats the rest.

No. 639203

Did she ever say why her wrist was bandaged/wrapped in her “apology” video?

No. 639204

This type of self-care advice isn't inherently bad, but it is often misused. It is not exactly wrong to be less harsh on yourself because recovery is a process that takes time, but self-care isn't limited to comfort thoughts and actions. Self-care is also acknowledging you're fucking up badly and need to face the fact you're doing things wrong. Self-care isn't always a positive experience, and "trying" is not really useful. It's a half-assed attempt at best. So Taylor, since you lurk here, self-care is actually facing the music and do things like an inpatient program and seeking rehab away from Jonny even if you don't like that.

No. 639205

don't you remember??? she's "working on a diet plan" for star during "monthly vet visits" lol

No. 639208


she's either so high that she had no idea she posted her poked to death arm and proved she's still using, or she thinks that her track marks are cool and she's attention seeking. Considering how perfectly framed her arm is in the pic, I think she honestly thinks it's cool to be addicted to heroin. Taylor you're the actual worst, congratulations for glorifying heroin

No. 639209

File: 1549927859890.jpg (788.42 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190211-182825_Ins…)

No. 639210

is she fishing for pity points or something? there is no actual way she didn't notice that. is she trying to get people to worry for her?

No. 639212

File: 1549927890411.jpg (505.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190211-182830_Ins…)

No. 639215

anon, if you're gonna post a weird frame that doesnt say much from a ig story, then you might as well just upload the video itself instead.

No. 639218


If i knew how to record insta stories i would. Those ss are from separate stories

No. 639221

there are plenty of screen recording apps

No. 639222

Wait is that a place people shoot up? On the side of their arms?

No. 639223

This is the same anon that posts heaps of ss with no context on here despite the farmhand asking for them to stop.

No. 639225


yes, it's pretty common

No. 639229

I remember, but she should have noticed before Star got that noticeably fat and actively started monitoring her food intake.

Ghost also looked chunky in that other story she posted, but it's harder to tell because he's fluffy.

But like >>639180 said, that's work and requires more thought than just dumping food in bowls when they're empty.

No. 639230

No. 639231

She's a munchie, so she probably would also want people to feel bad for her for being an addict and being oh so sick.
Notice she doesn't complain about those illnesses she "has" anymore. I know it's pretty much agreed upon that she wasn't lying about her invisible illness. But c'mon. She used that shit and being gluten intolerant as an excuse for when she was shooting up or having withdrawals for sure. Like the one pet convention where she was wearing that ugly lingerie-type romper.

No. 639233

all the posts on her story of her cats just show she's high and think they're so entertaining, zooming in and out over and over on Star's sleeping face.

Plus the fact that she deleted the one with her arm + tracks. She's too high to notice it's clear evidence she's not sober, and only took it down when she either checked here and saw it was capped and being discussed, or someone messaged her about it being fuckin obvious as shit that she's still using

what a trainwreck. she's so fucking pathetic. those poor poor animals, Star was obviously doing better when she was living outside.

No. 639238


My cats have feeding times, but they do graze on dry and only really eat meals of wet. They don't vomit because they have food available, cats really shouldn't if you're feeding the right amount. Taylor probably just dumps as much food as she can out and lets it get empty until she comes off her drug high.

Taylor, if you're lurking: with three cats, especially if you let them graze, you NEED microchip feeders. You don't have enough rooms to separate them all for meals, so it's too easy for one cat to eat the others' food and get overweight, while the others don't get enough to eat. You need a way to make sure each cat only has access to their food and can't steal from another cat. They're like $140. If you can afford all those ugly ass shoes, you can afford bowls to feed your damn cats properly.

No. 639243

>Setting feeding times, portioning the food, and buying bowls especially made to prevent cats from gorging is somehow harder than having "monthly vet visits".

But then again it's not like her "monthly vet visits" is actually credible so she probably just fills the bowls to the brim so she doesn't have to actually do shit.

No. 639252

You're asking too much. She can't be bothered to buy a chiller for Mushu (or set it up if she has it like she claims).

No. 639253

she is talking SO fast in the video of star and nemo. and the fact she deleted her video showing her arm… definitely back on the H

No. 639259

really wanna believe she's just shooting up water while she gets off needle addiction… but those are "I paid for this heroin, I'm gonna GET IT." scabs and bruises. She missed that vein multiple times.

No. 639261

The rest of the stories of star don't even make sense because she deleted the first one. Lol junkie fail

No. 639262


See >>636859

Most people do not get bruises that large which is a symptom of EDS, ie. due to the collagen defect the blood spreads further. She had similar bruises around her tattoos; nearly her entire lower leg around her tattoo of Egg became bruised.


>I want. To finish. My snake sleeve. So I can hide. My bruises.

No. 639264

Senor Ria where u at go girl

Tried to make a commentary video and go immediately shut down by a ton of ppl

No. 639266

Wow so awful.. that is use from today. You can tell she is high from her voice and how she's talking in her story about Star.

So unfortunate. Glad to see your suboxone is really working taylor!

Go to fucking detox. It's like a week long and they give you meds. It's not even bad. Get it over with and be done with it

No. 639269

Thank you. For not. Filming.

Eerily similar to her drugged out in jonnys video from previously when she was still confirmed using.

Perhaps she thinks this way when high so typing it that way also comes naturally to her in this state.

No. 639275

please don't upgrade to posting irrelevant videos. >>639154 tells the entire story.

They couldn't even circle what they thought was it, so I kindly rotated the picture for them and they still didn't bother. Speculation at least needs some effort or it doesn't belong.

No. 639302

you guys remember that scorpion she bought?? wonder what happened to him

No. 639314

File: 1549952009718.webm (2.88 MB, 640x1136, StorySaver_taylorndean_5187702…)

guys please get story saver or a similar app and then convert the file to webm. screenshots can only do so much and some anons are blocked by her

also, this is one FAT cat holy shit

No. 639315

File: 1549952035981.webm (3.99 MB, 639x1136, StorySaver_taylorndean_5239077…)

No. 639321

>You can tell she is high from her voice and how she's talking in her story about Star.

Sometimes I think some anons WANT her to still be on heroin. Where does she sound high in that clip? She sounds actually better than she did in a while IMO.


And these are clearly scratches, don't forget she got a lot of animals with sharp nails. Not all wounds have to be track marks. Especially since it would be a weird place to shoot up.

I am not trying to whiteknight but all the tinfoiling and reaching here is getting out of hand.

No. 639322

Smallest tank i’ve ever seen for an axol her size. Especially comparing to smaller youtube channels (that also doesn’t have that much youtube money compared to Tay) that basically upgraded from 20 gallons to 40 with a more beautiful layout just for their Axolotl.

Taylor’s pets are living in conditions that a 5 year old would do. She has all the money and time to make each one look more nature yet here she is with her petco experience.

No. 639323

Yeah, animal scratches on the side of her arm right along her veins. It's confirmed she's shooting up and she posted syringes just a few days ago, don't act like she's sober lmao. She could also be on uppers that make her talk faster, I don't think she talks normally in that clip

No. 639327

File: 1549956950130.jpeg (76.15 KB, 576x1024, 5BB5C34A-284E-475E-BB4C-EC70AD…)

No. 639329

Since when do animals leave bruises like that? Not even a dog could do that while playing, unless it was using force. She is confirmed a heroin addict, isn’t seeking inpatient care, is dating a notorious heroin addict who can’t even get clean despite knocking on deaths door.
You are white knighting.

No. 639331

I can't figure out what her position is in that picture. Can anyone help? All I can see is an arm and then naked flesh haha.

No. 639332

lying on her side and cuddling ghost

No. 639341

Yeah it even follows her veins perfectly. It’s literal proof she’s still shooting up and there’s no denying it. It explains why she posting all these “oh well you tried!!” Or “maybe one day!” type of half hearted motivational crap that falls short of what she really needs to be inspired by which is, “Get your life together Taylor, you’re ruining it. You could be finding a real man to be your future husband and father to your kids, not a project who will waste your time, cheat on you and abuse you when he’s high.”

No. 639342

idk man, her cadence is weird, its not the way she normally speaks

No. 639345

I expect to see that half-hearted motivational crap when I bother to check in on FB and some relative of mine has fallen off the diet wagon and eaten three brownies. Not when someone's trying to kick a potentially deadly drug habit. She's never going to get sober.

No. 639349

Turn it upside down

No. 639351

I have eds and really small things leave gnarly bruises, tbf.

No. 639355

Lol at this whole comment. She absolutely sounds high.. coming from an ex junkie who still has people in my life who use. And those clearly aren't scratches from an animal. Those are very common spots to shoot.. there is a large vein that runs down the side of your arm right there that's easy to hit.

Maybe you're thinking this in light of the phantom syringe comments.. which is kind of fair, but its at least pretty blatantly obvious that those are injection marks, which is why she deleted that story from her instagram.

No. 639356

Shooting up doesnt normally bruise that bad either, which I assume has to do with her EDS why hers do.. but those are def injection marks.

No. 639366

File: 1549984389975.jpg (418.63 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190212-101036_Ins…)

None of the shit i post is without context little bitch. Insta stories are fucking milk so get the fuck over it retard

No. 639372

File: 1549985240489.jpg (570.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190131-174115_Ins…)

No. 639379

How are gf pastries milk?

No. 639381

Do you have the full screen of that image?

No. 639382


somebody touched a nerve

No. 639384

well damn okay. we just ask for you to post the full stories when they're a video. a lot of the time,the frames posted are caught in the middle of motion, or don't show as much as different frames.

No. 639392

There is literally no milk in this picture. Why is it here?

No. 639393

This is like a week old and not important. Why is it here. You've been asked multiple times to stop posting ever story and actually post the videos on stories and not just screen shots.

No. 639403

>mmimimiimimimmimi everything needs to be documented

No. 639408

so a week ago taylor said she will have cheeses ashes in a week and his necropsy results any day… where those at lol

No. 639409

I'm not holding my breath lol
She's probably already received them and the results were most likely inconclusive.

No. 639412

Not “most likely”. There are DEFINITELY inconclusive…cheese was too decomposed after being frozen and thawed a couple times!

No. 639415

Multiple people, and the farmhand have asked you to stop posting all of her stories on here. For fucksakes.

No. 639418

We are never getting those necropsy results y'all. Either her dumbass high self ruined them with her funeral or they say she killed him. Because she did kill him.

No. 639419

hold on, does she think that those shitty, far away pictures of mushu on her story were enough to show that she's "doing fine"? give us the four picture insta post you gave to Violet?? or at least something that actually lets people see her state, especially when it comes to those gills. you cant get anything out of the low quality shots she put up the other day.

No. 639421

exactly. i have no clue why she even thought it would be a good idea to mention it at all, especially to the extent she has at this point. she knows she didn't even preserve the fish right, so the results aren't going to look well anyway. now shes stuck with a promise she'll never fulfill.

No. 639422

all this whining about how she needs to set up better lighting and shit in order to get good pictures, and that's why it's taking her so long, literally did nothing. the pictures were so awful?? i'm tired.

No. 639428

I honestly expected her to write up some fake results and lie. We already know that's what she did with her "apology" for slander.

Maybe she's too high to even bother doing that?

No. 639433

>her enclosure looks super cute uwu
it's literally a random heap of plastic, the tackiest possible setup i've ever seen. people do beautiful planted tanks for axies… how can anyone find plastic more aesthetically pleasing than that.

No. 639437

Well… we cant do anything about the quality of her care anyways…so theres that…Also unpopular thought…isnt it creepy to refer to her pets by name? Id prefer to read her axol rather that OMG MUSHU IS DYING OMG. creeps.

No. 639440

She's got 50+ pets. Calling them by name helps narrow it down..?

No. 639442

Why would it be creepy to refer to her pets by their names..

No. 639445

a little younger sounding, yeah, but not creepy….

No. 639448

Yall are dumb af if you think its creepy or "younger sounding" lol. Not everyone can tell the difference between her snakes or fish so having a name to put to the animal is much easier to remember.

No. 639451

I mean her pet names are dumb af so it does end up sounding childish

No. 639453

so would you rather we say "i wonder how her snake is doing i haven't seen it in a while"
kek it would be possible if she only had a few pets but she literally has over 50 and many of similar or the same species. we have to identify them somehow. unless you think we should just assign each animal a number or something??? lmao

ok but we didn't name them? how does that make US sound childish? like would you not call a person by their name just because you thought it was a "dumb af" name?

this thread is getting kinda ridiculous after the last big milk spill. its like retard season up in here with invisible syringes and "track marks" that are clearly rashes and now this shit about using the animals names. sigh.

No. 639454

to be fair it was already getting autistic in here when she started her break. candlegate never forget

No. 639456

i mean i kind of agree, i'd rather read a species name than remember which snake had which dumb disney name.

No. 639465

Some of y’all are ridiculous. Mushu is the name of the animal. We didn’t pick it, and anon shouldn’t have to worry about using the name or not. Don’t be an idiot.

Use the animals names or keep scrolling if a Disney reference offends you. She has way too many to keep track of to not use names.

No. 639472

File: 1550012379843.png (283.39 KB, 1242x2208, 21925828-AA12-4404-BB89-7E6D5F…)

No. 639473

File: 1550012622172.png (169.68 KB, 616x632, craig.PNG)