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File: 1642661389606.jpg (124.19 KB, 900x1351, 1642472751175.jpg)

No. 1422174

Thread pic credit >>1420157

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (MTF) snowflake behavior. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread; don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (not even ironically), etc. This is supposed to be a thread for MTF related milk, not a receptacle for autistic spergouts. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.

Do not respond to anything you suspect to be scrote bait or trannyposting. Report the post and move on.

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No. 1422176

File: 1642661673379.jpg (68.15 KB, 735x906, f84bd017648b722a865db56619ad3d…)

TIMs be like

No. 1422180

Oh boy, this is a quality thread already just by the OP image alone kek

Anyone notice how much TRA/troon garbage gets aggressively shilled by fanartists in fandoms on Twitter?

No. 1422184

File: 1642662788003.jpeg (232.51 KB, 828x948, F61F86B6-6BD8-4585-9E89-1A211A…)

Why doesn’t hunter ever shave her arms or mustache

No. 1422185

I thought this was a ftm obsession? I guarantee you a fakeboi made this

No. 1422189

also lol hes looking pretty bulky

No. 1422190

ftms love clone high

No. 1422191

He talks like a prepubescent boy not a woman in her 20’s

No. 1422192

ew he should just revert

No. 1422193

I think he’s trying to look more manly lately. He stopped shaving, contouring his jawline and other small but noticeable things. Maybe detrans, but probably just lazy.

No. 1422194

No way it’s detrans it’s his whole brand. Didn’t he already get penis surgery

No. 1422200

yeah no way he would go full detrans probs had to adjust hormones or something kek

No. 1422205

No. 1422210

File: 1642665818317.jpg (149.01 KB, 1068x822, 7.jpg)

No. 1422211

File: 1642665833988.png (337.55 KB, 500x532, ywnbaw.png)

No. 1422216

File: 1642666574487.png (74.58 KB, 739x773, brbpuking.png)

the fact that homie asked his coworkers (probably the only place cis women exist in his life that physically cant run away from him) if his dick secretions are normal and what women do about their natural discharge??

also wanna bet he euPhOrIaD so hard all over his new pack of stayfrees?

No. 1422220

File: 1642667190261.jpeg (34.17 KB, 569x539, 4949600C-07C5-47AE-B447-873D95…)

>your body recognises that tissue as a vagina and begins to self lubricate
Completely ignoring the fact that a mans peenhole is also his urethra and there’s no way that the human body could mistake a part of the bladder system as a reproductive organ because of “hOrMoNeS”. Make better excuses for your dick cheese and crumbling self-destructing bodies weirdos.

No. 1422226

File: 1642668194123.jpg (161.2 KB, 1080x894, Screenshot_2022.jpg)

This only happens in womens bodies. You're a guy, you only get arse bleeding which is what he mentions in the next tweet.

No. 1422231

the fact that they're telling him his dick will start to self lubricate like vaginas… holy shit

No. 1422235

Does anyone feel grossed out when these men say panties? It comes of fetishy. Shit reminds me of Jessica Yaniv and his weird obsession with female natural body functions.

No. 1422238

where hip

No. 1422241

The body recognizes the tissue as vagina? God damn that's some magical thinking right there, these people aren't even in this dimension anymore

No. 1422257

Could someone please link the misogynistic mind map Hunter did? I'd love to send it to normies from time to time but I can never find it.

No. 1422282

File: 1642675265303.jpeg (832.96 KB, 1772x1330, 1640638189350.jpeg)

No. 1422328

File: 1642681333902.jpg (415.24 KB, 1079x1660, Screenshot_20220120-221812_Red…)

Not surprised.

No. 1422331

File: 1642681631351.jpg (258.55 KB, 720x1305, 20220120_053307.jpg)

Oops sorry nonnies, my phone didn't update there was a new thread, I'd posted
In the old thread. But my point still stands. Fucking troon in r/actuallesbians sees no issue in staying friends with a rapist. But then they'll all cry transphobia when you dont want men like that in womens spaces. I hope he helped peak some in the subreddit with his comment.

No. 1422332

their male depravity always shows itself one way or another

No. 1422343

>shitty drawing of an anime character/little animal holding a trans flag

No. 1422344

The commenter is a rape apologist. Fucking idiot, if someone rapes someone it's not excusable by his drunken state, not in the slightest.

No. 1422350

Nona please, you need to drop more details. It’s a big deal if this Zack Smith/Sadie Switchblade is a rapist. I tried googling quite a bit with no luck.

No. 1422354

File: 1642685419728.jpeg (294.73 KB, 615x828, F03715C9-68EB-49C3-BB38-A881A4…)

I can’t find the response in the last thread but an anon called hunter bulky. This is from a few days ago. He is objectively skinny but no womens legs look like that. Also the perma slouch and way he talks give him away. His twin death is happening fast.
Also another anon asked if he got the chop. I don’t think so. In the first episode of Euphoria you can see his bulge in the last scene with Zendaya when he’s in his underwear.

No. 1422355

the bulge in the tv show could be fake. in the tv show he is going through transition and injecting hormones so it's not a guideline to if he got the chop or not

No. 1422359

Hmm I had not considered that. Fair point, anon. Anyone have any more info on this? Google had a few sources telling me he got the chop after turning 18 but no direct quotes from him. How weird.

No. 1422361

File: 1642686627870.jpg (65.49 KB, 828x564, FB_IMG_1642686501612.jpg)

Saging just in case but i feel like they both still fall under the same category lol

No. 1422373

He looks so fucking disproportionate with his man hips and weirdly short legs, this is why ugly men shouldn’t go out.

No. 1422376

the outfit is fucking hideous. why would wear socks like that with a dress like that and especially a backpack like that?

No. 1422377

File: 1642688820845.jpeg (136.21 KB, 1280x720, 7810465B-80EB-459B-A5F9-F7FDB8…)

It’s really crazy to see just how manly and unpleasant looking he’s become in so little time.

No. 1422378

isnt this more likely to be urinary incontinence from androgen blockers (which act as diuretics) than magical gland transformations lmao. these motherfuckers are just pissing themselves

No. 1422383

Ok but I find this with "androgenous" men too. Girls will be like "he's so much prettier than me" but to me they're always super masculine looking guys. I don't get it.

No. 1422386

too bad he deleted this post, he should’ve posted the other stunning and brave maps he made too

No. 1422387

I hope he gets what's coming for him by a gay man. Most moids don't realize how often men themselves get raped by other men because it goes unreported, that's why they defend rapists. If they knew the chances of them getting raped/assaulted as a tranny was high, they wouldn't be this defensive.

No. 1422389

Why do Trannies get their tits and other sexual organs done before getting facial surgery? Just more proof it's only a fetish.

No. 1422400


No. 1422401

File: 1642691076893.jpg (202.23 KB, 1080x1346, 20220120_095335.jpg)

a "lesbian" friend of mine with terven views won't stop talking and posting about Jules from euphoria being sooo hot. what the fuck nonnies? I had my suspicions this woman was a bi in denial but jfc. I almost wonder if she is trying to antagonize me kek. she also claims she can't be attracted to women with short hair but I guess actual men are fine.

No. 1422402

got your blogpost right after the third repost?

No. 1422406

Your friend isn’t a lesbian lol

No. 1422418

so your friend is bi? he looks even more like a man in season 2 than in season 1. aging is a truth revealer. if someone told me it's a guy playing a girl for the show, i'd have believed it. amusingly, that's exactly what it is anyway

No. 1422437

File: 1642693550462.jpeg (1.11 MB, 3072x3072, 16CA1472-C23E-4532-A0FF-AE2406…)

Reddit trannies are my favorite.

No. 1422450

File: 1642694864378.jpg (33.91 KB, 480x480, 334d8ab1b68932e33221a892ab8a42…)

nowadays he'd be a woman too

No. 1422451

The Y chromosome is what's stopping them

No. 1422454

watched that video from previous thread for you guys while playing a farming sim and omg.
it's clickbait, it's actually his personal sob story of growing up in the wrong body. stealing mom's clothes and saying he did NOT get aroused by it (17:50), feeling like a failure as a boy. autism about some obscure children's series and his favorite mermaid doll and how it totally meant he was a girl. he's really insecure and attempts banter or confidence and it falls flat and awkward (13:50 is an example of that). it's narcissistic and he comes very close to self awareness (was i entitled to appropriate the feminine if i never suffered the way women suffer ? 39:10 did i want to be a girl just because i wanted to be desired and wanted ?) which is promptly directed back in the comfort zone of goodthink (of course not, it was my actual identity).
>11:15 describes how he didn't like puberty but the impression i get is that he just wanted to remain a child.
>12:30 he used to be a fatty. good on him for a least shedding the pounds
>25:40 a bunch of girls he used to hang with all bombarded him with compliments, telling him how hot and manly he was.
>BUT 31:33 he never got laid in college, not even once, can you believe that ?
>40:37 "one night, a friend found me crying". i find the phrasing INCREDIBLE, it's like he sees himself from the outside like a true autogynephile. he's putting himself in 3rd person to amp up the pathos have us empathize.
>42:30 fake crying
>45:10 admits clickbait, if you wanna know how to feel sexy that's for next time

No. 1422467

It's always guys defending rapists huh.

It's impossible a troon will ever look like this even if he did have surgery. How delusional.

No. 1422470

This is the perfect summation of the troon deluusion, that all it takes to be female is have long hair and wear makeup. Because wearing lipstick will magically help you pass, right?
Their autistic moid brains will never realize that face and body structure are what matters most.

No. 1422471

File: 1642697074538.jpg (81.53 KB, 669x1000, 1682c40898afd613279cdfd65022aa…)

Him too

No. 1422479

Even if surgery somehow gave them the bone structure of a woman without looking uncanny as all hell, their male socialisation and AGP degeneracy would still betray them in 2.5 seconds.

No. 1422493

Ofc Contra-we-have-at-home made a navel-gazing AGP coming out video, groundbreaking.

No. 1422497

There's a butthurt troon currently spamming the site.

No. 1422498

That will show us! Now we all will think that troons are mentally stable and healthy beings and not hysterical moids.

No. 1422501

Right? Way to prove you don’t hate women by spamming corpses

No. 1422502

He also posted gore of Bianca.
He also seems to hate femcels,yaoi watchets and black women and thinks that they shouldn't have anime crushes (this started in the unpopular opinion thread)

No. 1422505

Yeah, my worldview has changed to the right side of the history, I will now donate all of my money to some tranny so he can chop his dick and molest women in a public bathroom.

No. 1422513

File: 1642700920175.jpg (517.16 KB, 810x1570, Screenshot_20211031-122735_Boo…)


This same TIM masturbates to his fem self in the mirror while claiming AGP doesn't exist, kek.

No. 1422514

File: 1642700968242.jpg (877.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211031-123622_Boo…)

No. 1422516

…ok coomer, AGP doesn't exist sure…

No. 1422518

not my boy prince, i think as effeminate as he was he wouldn’t rock with troon culture at all

No. 1422520

File: 1642701550131.png (584.75 KB, 2054x1328, Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 9.58…)

kek troons really are all the same

No. 1422521

oh nice another prince fan don't worry nonny, my post was entirely tongue in cheek just to poke fun at the troons who end up looking like shitty 5 cent versions of late 20th century celebrities

No. 1422524

lol what a faggot

No. 1422529

zodiac killer shit

No. 1422538

>feet 2 ft apart
>hips still smaller than mine
>i'm a curveless goblin but still more female than this freak

No. 1422539

yeah most women still say underpants. or underwear. at most if i'm wearing a thong i'd say "thong" but otherwise they're just underwear.

No. 1422541

is there a way i can exploit this for money

No. 1422542

File: 1642703424384.jpg (17.7 KB, 353x400, gib me locker room ooga booga …)

>that brow

No. 1422543

wow, a next threadpic already! good job nonnnie

No. 1422544

probably a lie. the famous ones are part of globo-pedo and in my tinfoil belief are fully making up the claim that "bottom surgery" works at all.

No. 1422545

what the fuck he's just skinny evan dando. it's really fucked that people hate their own children enough to say that touching a pink hotwheels car means you are a PUSSY GIRL

No. 1422546

>Would have sex with his twin
I hope he doesn’t have siblings or if he has them, that they never had to share a room with him.

No. 1422548

i've seen that outfit on prostitutes i was friends with in 2015

No. 1422549

it's because cheekbones. they're like…the dealbreaker(?) for attractiveness. i'm feminine looking, but my face is chubby, so i often feel that men like this are "prettier" than me. i also have a wide nose, and the thin bony white person nose is the kind that is "pretty"

No. 1422550

that's literally a gay man. other lesbians, please lmk if this is supposed to be hot.

No. 1422552

this dude needs to go back to easter island and stop bothering us

No. 1422554

File: 1642704140576.jpg (922.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220120-133930_Red…)

Just your average "butch" transbian.

No. 1422555

Thalmor nigga

No. 1422557

File: 1642704178574.jpg (429.28 KB, 810x1638, Screenshot_20220120-134130_Boo…)

No. 1422573

idk with what we're working with, a brown paper bag might

No. 1422574

because double standards, biology and overall lower standards for male appearance. even the prettiest boy will never be as pretty as an average woman, which is something they find out the hard way when they troon out. 10/10 twink = 4/10 MTF. beauty is a trait so biologically female that attractive couples are 25% more likely to conceive daughters, while conceptions overall naturally lean male. it's actually fucking hilarious that the true legacy of a "10/10 genetix chad" is a DAUGHTER because it's inherently more advantageous to invest good genes into a female, which also goes to show that son preference is pure beta cope.

anyway, if these losers really want to looksmax they should twinkmax in their 20s instead of becoming hideous themcels, but they really don't want to accept the fact that women are often into twinks due to masculine narcissism. being liked for being the kind of man they don't see themselves as is an affront to them. in their minds if they are to remain male they must be liked for being a fugly bald roided out ham golem (aka what gay men prefer). F

No. 1422577

File: 1642706032442.jpg (34.57 KB, 540x286, tumblr_7c85330ab4c4904d58f0539…)

No. 1422578

As a straight woman (unfortunately) these guys look gorgeous and feminine. Trans women are so intimidated by men embracing femininity so they can't larp as a fetish. I laugh every time someone complains about Harry Styles making women swoon every time he puts on a dress.

I've seen too many creepy trans that I almost think this is kind of cool looking. Even if proportions are off, it's cute. It's not until I see this >>1422354 that I'm off put. Also, don't give anons here trouble for saying "her" because most of us have to keep PC language in front of our libfem friends. I'd rather say "her" with normie libfems who think these freaks are harmless because they've never encountered one before than be a conservative handmaiden that thinks that some scrote is on her side because she can piss without some freak jacking off in the other stall. Like conservative scrotes wouldn't rape you at a the drop of the hate for wearing a crop top and aren't family men larpers while renting a tranny escort.

No. 1422581

damn go off sis

No. 1422586

he looks like a low-effort pedo character from a little britain skitch

No. 1422588

if you engage in behaviour that degenerate and graphically recount it online for the world to read, you're a "sir".

No. 1422591

It's not hot. Girls who are tall and blonde exist and are way hotter and more mentally sound

No. 1422593

hell yeah baby, love me some prince so it’s nice to see another fan here
hahah no worries i understand, it’s just unfortunate that we even gotta go this route

No. 1422594

Prince and Johnny Depp are very masculine though. Troons are so literal they think a guy in a crop top is a woman.

No. 1422598

File: 1642708881787.png (32.76 KB, 756x407, depresso.png)

I know it's already known but its just so sad and hilarious the same time..

No. 1422620

ahh it feels so good to be taller than most men and still be seen as a woman, even if i'm the tallest in my friend group
i would trigger the shit out of troons

No. 1422621

File: 1642711252514.jpeg (552.25 KB, 828x965, 77959FE9-342A-478E-94DF-132B0B…)

He still has a dick

No. 1422622

Can someone explain to me who Graham Linehan is? I know a lot of people on here don't like him but I forgot why.

No. 1422623

The ugliest woman will always be hotter than the prettiest troon.

No. 1422626

The only time I have seen girls slouch like this is when they are uncomfortable with their bodies and try to "hide" their chest or stomach by creating a concave shape. This is not the body language of somewhere confident in their presentation, whether that be discomfort with the transition or general body dysmorphia idk (no way this kid has a healthy relationship with food), but I don't understand how Hunter is read as some sort of ultra-confident role model.

No. 1422628

There’s probs not much there tbh considering he started hormones young

No. 1422629

He's some britbong known for being the creator of "The IT Crowd" .. look up his name in conjunction with "HER app" to understand why I personally (and many others) think he's obnoxious. Like he thought he was proving some point about men making profiles on the lesbian app by… making a profile on the lesbian app himself??

He also recently stood by his male friend Arty I think his name? after he went and talked shit on some radfems on Twitter, once again proving men will always side with other men even if they are "feminist men."

He has a blog and a stream/podcast as well focused on TERF/GC adjacent issues.

No. 1422630

You'd think that having his bulge obviously visible would be dysphoric, but I guess we just aren't that lucky.

No. 1422631

His fans are teen girls and THIS is what he posts? A woman my ass.

No. 1422632

at least his giant pickaxe of a nose (for mining jew gold out of Hollywood exec's assholes) is covered in this pic. that's the kind of thing that would make anyone dysphoric(racebait)

No. 1422633

Samefag but just wanted to add that imo he gives off the male feminist ally vibe that feels disingenuous. I honestly think he's more anti-trans than he is pro-woman, and he has become so obsessed with trannies that his wife left him apparently.

No. 1422635

>known for being the creator of the IT crowd
this is blatant father ted erasure

No. 1422646

Has anyone here ever seen this? Absolute unhinged shit a literal rapist

No. 1422662

How does he manage to look like both Columbine shooters?

No. 1422666

Masks were the best thing to happen to trannies. Without the mask he looks like an aging twink, with it there's a semblance of passability (considering most of his face his hidden with his fringe as well). Betting that when/if covid fucks off they'll still wear masks because uwu dysphoria or something.

No. 1422668

Never trust a man who calls himself a feminist.
>he has become so obsessed with trannies that his wife left him

No. 1422670

File: 1642714401947.png (905.49 KB, 1280x986, 388DB18B-4144-4573-A917-5503C8…)

You can’t make this shit up. This person should not be allowed to supervise children.

No. 1422676

why does your reddit app look like tumblr lmao, it confused the hell out of me

No. 1422677

File: 1642714984914.png (123.48 KB, 728x472, 947534895734.png)

very masculine muscle inserts and hairy arms

No. 1422683

I mean it kinda sounds like you do…? kek

No. 1422684

a lobotomy

No. 1422685

obvious waist shoop is obvious lmao

No. 1422692

ayrt ok thank you, i thought maybe i was stupid.

No. 1422693

Ewwww why are his nuts so big I thought estrogen shrunk their junk. Is he even on hormones?

No. 1422694

kek that S on the right side of his body. z-tier shoop.

No. 1422695

ffs can men really not let women have any safe spaces for themselves

No. 1422696

whoa i think he's known as the father ted guy…IT crowd was crap and i keep forgetting he wrote it too

No. 1422697

it's how you sit when you don't like how big your boobs are, or if they've gotten bigger form weight gain and they fuck up your clothes.

No. 1422778

I cant be the only nona who thinks that the arm hair thing is a nitpick right? Theres so many other ways to point out his masculine traits than him having an amount of arm hair that most women have imo

No. 1422798

Comes across as a grifter. Is obsessive to the point that his wife left him. Talks over women and specifically have seen him talk over lesbians. Stans some agps cause they're slightly more self aware

No. 1422804

Yeah he really does just look like a male anime character

No. 1422810

>Trans women are so intimidated by men embracing femininity so they can't larp as a fetish.
I've seen this irl. The only people transwomen hate more than women are feminine men who look way more feminine than transwomen but do not drink the cool aid and have no issues being men. Also traps really seem to trigger troons to the point some call them transphobic its laughable.

No. 1422831

File: 1642732091488.png (165.59 KB, 1182x678, Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 6.25…)

Blanchard got this troon to admit he's an agp kek.

No. 1422832

File: 1642732118980.png (1.15 MB, 1182x938, Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 6.25…)

No. 1422835

i can't even see hair in the big version of the pic. blonde people, even males, don't got hair. complain about literally everything else that's wrong with him though!

No. 1422836

if they're obsessed with "passing" why do they self-clock with their stupid chosen names?

No. 1422838

Packer? To prove a point? I don’t know.

Gross but I wish more of them just admitted it.

No. 1422840

troons really hate feminine men because they know they look exactly like men and thus if male femininity is normalized they'll lose their precious means of signalling "female identity"

No. 1422841

They play video games all day and think that’s what women are like. That’s literally just it, they’re playing Bethesda character creator

No. 1422843

>how could all your desires be based in sex
step one: be male

No. 1422846

Troons also believe a ton of toxic masculinity tropes. It’s why neomasculinist Joe Rogan guys are typically chasers. They both strongly hate a guy who knows he is a man but is somewhat feminine and is comfortable with himself.

No. 1422851

File: 1642733629830.jpg (53.96 KB, 640x632, yt1qa0hdjxc81.jpg)

… are they pressing the razor down into their skin or something?

No. 1422852

>being beautiful is what women worry about

No. 1422853

File: 1642733913053.jpg (191.58 KB, 1080x1322, Screenshot_20220120-205740.jpg)

Imagine birthing and raising a son for him to do this

No. 1422857

File: 1642734424440.png (188.8 KB, 748x557, troon.png)

what a fucking baby

No. 1422861

Trail Mom is two porn categories lol

No. 1422866

it fits since he's a troon

No. 1422867

File: 1642735392874.png (9.77 KB, 922x140, Screenshot 2022-01-20 at 22-22…)

No. 1422877

File: 1642736413416.png (240.08 KB, 748x1009, Jonathan Kay on Twitter.png)

No. 1422884

this is so gross, he is such a clown and that disgusting beard is an insult to all women. He cant even respond when he got asked how he identified as a woman. Another troon looking like a dumbass lol.

No. 1422885

File: 1642737569970.png (8.52 KB, 1050x70, Screenshot 2022-01-20 at 22-58…)


No. 1422889

>man dresses as a woman
>woman dresses up as a man
hetero couple wants to be special

No. 1422891

Lib fems must be brain dead retarded to sit through that and still define misogynistic troons who cant even define what a woman is

No. 1422897

File: 1642738671155.png (7.6 KB, 1886x47, I’ve found out today that inte…)

Intersex women aren't the same as bio men, why do troons think this is the same thing?

No. 1422902

Bold of you to assume they think.

No. 1422910

What do you expect? 99% of them still has dicks, even those after SRS with their dicks gone are still undifferent.

No. 1422922

File: 1642741355535.jpeg (39.66 KB, 771x398, 0C3AE262-2DFD-4F90-B3E3-8ECACE…)

>person born with a womb can get pregnant via common fertility treatment
>person born with cock and balls should be given frankenstein-level body modification to try and achieve pregnancy
>thinking these are equivalent situations

No. 1422925

nonnas what’s your opinion on the occasional hype that comes in from inflated science articles saying they’ll be able to make eggs from mens stem cells and use mechanical artificial wombs to grow babies, thus making women obsolete
sounds a little fictitious to me but it makes me queasy
maybe i don’t get ‘science’ but it does keep me up at night

No. 1422928

It's basically impossible. I wouldn't worry about it too much. A few troons will probably try to get uterus transplants and die before they eventually quietly drop this aspect of the larp

No. 1422931

Men have been fantasizing about making women redundant for millennia. If they want to raise weird tank babies together im fine with that. Women can use female bone marrow in place of sperm already so men are already redundant if truth be told. They flop ar higher education too. The only thing they're good for is soaking up each others bullets in their dumb wars

No. 1422936

That lacefont wig is just…

No. 1422940

>they’ll be able to make eggs from mens stem cells
Its the other way around. They have theorised they can make sperm from womens stem cells making moids obsolete. Its all because the Y chromosome is defective and scientists have been able to find genes in the doube X chromosomes to create life.

No. 1422944

what a great piece of evidence that they track and compile lists of wrong-thinkers. thank you trail "mom"

No. 1422946

Reminder that the first amhole surgery happened in the 1920's. Moids have been fapping and foming at the mouth to the thought of making women obsolete. That will never happen though as moids are inferior in every aspect and cant even survive without women. Misogyny really is a projection of the fragile, short Y chromosomed moid. I honestly think we are already at the start of women realizing we dont need moids to survive, thus why all the tranny and incel shit is happening. Moids know this and are panicking.

No. 1422949

*first uterus transplant

No. 1422960

>i do pass as a woman so i'm not that worried about harassment
talk about a ticking time bomb omg

No. 1422961

Perhaps a little niche and autistic but the first troon team captain in battlebots history was thoroughly trashed for his shit bot. Lilith, team captain for Sporkinok, is a giant, balding, beer bellied moid who walked in with a hood, a mask, and a trans flag and matching bot. Somehow, though, the most clockable thing about Lilith is still his infallible scrote confidence.
Lilith is a known loser in the lightweight competition circle and only made it in to the higher ranks because of COVID drop outs, scaled up his failure of a bot just to have it start the match broken and end it properly thrashed. His match against hypershock was not shown in full on tv, just given a quick and pathetic highlight reel, and he has allegedly been rejected from joining the competition again. Despite this, he was featured dead center in the 2021 battlebots international women's day picture, chosen over the dozens of real women pictured.
The comments on his match with hypershock were appropriately brutal, here's a small selection
>Hypershock: you will never be a real battlebot
>Sporkinok had a 43% chance of self destructing anyways
>Because it just identifies as a battlebot, but it really isn't
>Always nice to see sporkinok dilated!
and plenty more 41% and seethe and dilate replies to the rare troon defenders in the comment section. Lilith also streams on twitch under the name spazzikarp.

No. 1422980

This is interesting.
Artificial wombs are a feminist staple, the solution to the big ole’ Sperm Cheap, Egg Expensive problem, throwing sexual value away and getting right at the root of patriarchy. But since it throws sexual value aside, you’re all mad at it? Because the one thing that made you special (and, according to many sources, oppressed you) is no longer special….?(scrote)

No. 1422983

A man's skin is about 25% thicker than a woman's. Hair is coarser. Texture is rougher because of large pore/follicle size. For men with thicker body hair, leg hair might be as thick as a woman's pubic hair. Judging by the amount of upkeep it takes for most women to shave off pubes and not fuck up the skin/get rashes/get irritated, men aren't gonna have a good time shaving their legs.
But I'm also gonna say your guess was probably right lmao. If they're used to shaving their faces, they're going to be pressing harder than you would for body hair. Most likely going over the same spot a lot of times. Most likely have dry skin from never moisturizing or exfoliating.
On that note, I saw someone on twitter saying men don't wash their legs in the shower. I thought that was ridiculous so I went around and asked all the men I know. Judging by my survey (with an admittedly small sample size) men do not, in fact, wash their legs in the shower. The mystery of men smelling like ass is getting less mysterious to me by the day.

No. 1422984

I don't care. Same about articles about sex robots and women becoming useless after their invention - its not going to happen because women are neither sex toys nor incubators. Even the trad thots and alt right men who see women only as incubators and leftists who see women only as sexual objects know that the maternal instinct in women is necessary for humanity.
I've never seen a father care about a child more than a mother. Mothers sacrifice everything just so their baby can be happy, although it's a sad thing it's what differintiates us from men, we won't throw everything away for selfish reasons like most men do and abandon our family or children.
Also mothers issues notably affect children way more seriously than father issues. People with daddy issues can be needy for affection and mentally unstable at times but mommy issues can seriously turn men into psychos and serial killers.

No. 1422987

these legs have never felt lotion

No. 1422989

My concern with artificial wombs is that the government will take over the act of human reproduction and create a hostile attitude towards women who do choose to become pregnant.

It seems great on the surface for women to be able to opt out of pregnancy if they want their own child and it would end abuses against women's rights and bodies such as surrogacy and coercive and outright forced adoptions because infertile people want babies, but it also has the potential to hurt women because of the potential regulation of human reproduction

No. 1422991

Our wombs are what made us special? Are you a scrote? Trust me a womb isn't the only thing someone would need to mother a child. Most men or trannies can't raise a child alone and have it not turn into a psycho because they'd just flee when things got too tough.

No. 1422992

I felt so much rage for her. Men think they're heroes talking over women. They would never disrespect another man by barking rules at him in such a patronizing way.

If there could be artificial wombs that worked as well as natural ones, it would theoretically save women from one of the deadliest things a woman can experience in her lifetime. As >>1422940 says, everything I've read suggests it's far more likely that we'd be able to create sperm. Even without that, we're technically at the point you describe in that men's bodies are unnecessary for reproduction–all that's needed is their gametes–and yet, men persist. If they're fantasizing about women becoming "obsolete", we'd only be as obsolete as they currently are. On another note, no one would look after them, and they would all die fighting over the xbox controller lol

No. 1422993

File: 1642750571517.png (365.27 KB, 1231x584, https___bucketeer-e05bbc84-baa…)


It's Boost for reddit, lol. I highly recommend it over the official app. Also, reddit anons might want to consider creating a new account just for lurking with reddit having recently introduced the trueblock feature that prevents you from seeing content from users who have blocked you. Be sure to thank deadbeat troon powermod tardfinn (picrel) for this lame feature.

No. 1422994

Wombs being solely behind the guarding protection of a woman's mind and body is a good thing. You can be childless, pay a surrogate or adopt anyway, so bio women wouldn't have real use for artificial ones.
If men actually had access to artificial wombs, they'd start farming kids for pedos or make 100 clones of themselves bc muh seed and make it someone else's job to house and raise them

No. 1422997

File: 1642752147473.jpg (46.27 KB, 1024x683, Sporkinok-Lilith-Specht-2020-1…)

Dude'd have better luck using that massive fucking Chad jaw to flip over the other robots.

No. 1422998

The allegation of him being rejected by the show proves that they couldn't continue being performative for some unwashed crossdresser. His existence is already humiliating as is, glad they wised up. The only good thing that could come from this is watching him throw a mantrum. Love to see some good old triggered troon defenders at least.

No. 1422999

File: 1642752489070.jpg (229.1 KB, 625x534, Screenshot_20220121-080647.jpg)

The virgin Lilith Specht vs. the Chad George Francis.

No. 1423000

Speaking of beer bellied, he likes to follow corset fashion. Guess the rolls were too busy oozing out for them to fit or the corsets broke.

No. 1423001

Chad jaw? Don't be generous nonnie.

No. 1423002

File: 1642752575540.jpg (65.12 KB, 1024x683, Sporkinok-Team-2020-1024x683.j…)

The absolute state of modern roboteering.

No. 1423003

You know that there’s a little link box that says “YouTube” where you can embed videos right?

No. 1423004

I’ve highlighted it for you. Post them in there.

No. 1423006

I only watch the show so I'd take my theory with a grain of salt, but I feel like it's pretty strange for them to only show a highlight reel of a fight even if it starts out a little boring. Like, there was another match in the same episode where the bots spend a minute or two just trying to push each other around. My tinfoil hat is whispering that the troon did or said some shit during or after the match that they didn't want to show and that's why they rushed through that recap. He looked pissed as fuck from the little bits that were shown and Will Bales looked really awkward/uncomfortable after the match.

No. 1423021

is anyone else so fucking sick of seeing “lesbian” viral tweets on Twitter and then clicking on the posters profile and seeing the trans flag in their bio? and when you look at the replies to the tweets they are all transbians, all hideous and manly as fuck, i feel like Twitter has to be trolling me at this point, i don’t know why i still even bother scrolling that hellscape

No. 1423030

Fuck off you rancid tranny scrote. You will never be a woman or be pregnant. This is what I mean when I say things like surrogacy and artificial wombs are not feminist or good for women. The commodification of women's bodies always has scrotes and their tranny mutants as beneficiaries.

No. 1423047

agreed, my thing is the whole government abuse and abuse by others
it’s really not a good fucking idea and people keep saying ohohoh it’s the future haha it’s gonna happen and number one you can’t even grow a baby properly in a mechanical womb and nor are we are that point you can only help stabilize one that’s already been born
babies don’t do well outside of their mamas
(also as far as the bone marrow thing goes that the other nonna was talking about it actually doesn’t work well and causes a plethora of health issues for the offspring)!

No. 1423049

really that mechanical womb thing is a big ethical issue, with all things considered. it’s not ethical and could lead to some very dangerous shit.

No. 1423051

sorry correction, not ‘born’ but one that’s already developed

No. 1423053

You will never be a woman. Can't even pass as one as anonymous on the internet

No. 1423054

File: 1642765018564.png (Spoiler Image,1.22 MB, 2566x2648, 3030.png)

Realistically male reproduction is horror story esque and will lead to even more exploitation of women. I drew a diagram for you where you can see the issues. The alternate methods scientists have thought of is hooking up a female vascularly to a tranny like an anglerfish so they can get pregnant. it all sux and there's already trafficking rings of women where their eggs are farmed.

No. 1423055

File: 1642765042528.gif (2.95 MB, 600x338, E5CE3849-C3E8-488C-95CF-0B7F73…)

No. 1423064

File: 1642766514399.png (19.2 KB, 589x313, shinigamieyes.png)

>shinigami eyes
excuse my weebery but it should be illegal to use death note for this

No. 1423065

File: 1642766925097.jpg (552.15 KB, 1346x3464, Picsart_22-01-21_12-06-30-359.…)

No. 1423066

Nonna this is amazing

No. 1423068

of fucking course he did. just like the new zealander weightlifter troon at the olympics. they do it so they can justify competing against women because this way they 'don't always completely crush their female competition' its a manipulation tactic to silence anyone who believes men shouldn't be in women's sports because of their unfair physical advantage. I imagine we'll see more and more transwomen throwing in order to further this agenda.

No. 1423070

very informative, i also like that the women look like lil moomins

No. 1423071

I can see marginalized and poor women being trafficked or exploited into giving their wombs away to rich western men.

Not a good step in the right direction for women's rights.

No. 1423073

retarded given that you can already make healthy offspring with just female genes. moids stay seething and researching ways to fashion their whychromo tard juice into eggs because the technology for women is already there

No. 1423074

chromoids really are an insectoid hivemind when it comes to advancing their penile goals, it's remarkable

No. 1423075

If artificial wombs become the norm then the government will start controlling who can and can't reproduce and it will be the norm for the average person to be sterlized.

I definitely think there is an issue now where poor or marginalized women are used as baby factories for wealthy infertile people and gay men, usually through surrogacy and adoption. I am relieved that this will stop but I have other concerns.

The government will be telling people that they can't reproduce naturally with their own bodies and the elites will make huge baby factories that will raise thousands of their offspring, just give it some time.

No. 1423081

it sounds like something from a horrifying science fiction novel and the way people say it would make women obsolete, well it just shows what they think of women, that we're nothing more than incubators.

No. 1423083

File: 1642769751897.png (138.04 KB, 958x1035, screencapture-reddit-r-TransyT…)

itt men explaining why a woman is actually a man because she doesn't think that they are women

No. 1423085

Well it's literally the plot of brave new world by Albert Huxley. People don't have children, they're produced artificially in artifical wombs like these trannies wish. Babies have predetermined classes, some are given alcohol and other chemicals and marked as low status while others are chosen to be high status from birth. Getting pregnant is against the rules and you get killed if you don't reproduce the way government intended, women are only seen as whores.
It's quite clearly a dystopia that weirdly fits very well with trannys dreams. Sadly for them, if that became a reality they'd be in the retarded low class or get killed for disobeying norms.

No. 1423086

Does anyone else in this thread believe there's a connection between American rooted ideology in grouping ethnicities as "masculine" or "feminine" through their (low or high) status in US society and with transgender ideology ? a lot of troons are American too.

No. 1423088

Trannies think women should transition to men if they don't like sexism or patriarchy. Men really are unable to sympathize eith women. A woman not wanting a man in bathrooms or sports, not wanting to deal with gender stereotypes doesn't have to ruin her health and body to escape her problems just so trannies' feelings aren't hurt.

No. 1423092

trannies should just stay men if they don't want transmisogyny

No. 1423104

File: 1642774247050.jpg (58.38 KB, 680x960, 0.jpg)

Shaves his legs but not his face, ok. Kek.

No. 1423107

Where’s this from

No. 1423109

Why would any sane person want to increase the "value" of sperm? Sperm being worthless is a feature not a bug.

No. 1423111

He shaved his face. He's just got a middle-aged Homer Simpson mug that never looks clean-shaven. All men look like men, but men over 30 can't even look slightly androgynous.
Blogpost, but when I met my bf, he was a baby-faced twig. Seemed like the day he hit 30, he turned into A Man. NP for me because I'm into that, but any woman who dreams of growing old with a straight twinky bishonen is out of luck. Regardless of whether or not they procreate, men all end up looking like dads.

No. 1423112

No. 1423115

No. 1423118

moreover, how does one even increase the worth of something this abundant and worthless? castrate all men except the hottest ones and then pass a quota on ejaculations?

No. 1423119

File: 1642777239407.png (455.26 KB, 637x569, gross.png)

MTFSelfieTrain delivers again

No. 1423121

Is this a McElroy brother

No. 1423122

>advocating for surrogacy
yes, let's make the poor women die for our desires, instead! Surrogacy is one of the grossest, exploitative industries out there and there's a reason it's illegal in place in europe etc

No. 1423124

moids become completely unrecognizable as their you get selves at some point in their late 20s, it's true. it's interesting that they choose the arbitrary age of 30 for their "wall" coping, but at this point it's evident that every accusation a moid makes is a confession. im surprised how few women know that men age faster according to every single metric except brute strength:


they'll sperg about muh fine wine while also complaining about the muh-sand-tree that is their shorter life expectancy, which by definition cannot occur in an organism that ages better lmfao. the gender of logic in action.

trooning definitely has something to do with refusal to accept mortality, imo it's just the post-millenial soyboy failmale version of hair plugs, small penis car and a teenage girlfriend

No. 1423125

>you get selves

younger* selves

No. 1423128

i agree with you anon but after I saw several videos of men breastfeeding their newborn babies with their gross hormone juice while the mother who was producing at the time sat there, it's obvious men would never put the wellbeing and health of the child before their own desires. They will absolute breed kids with health issues for their own vanity. And this is one reason women are important and can not be replaced.

No. 1423139

males would revolt if they actually lost access to unpaid "for love" childrearing and had to pay market rates to have their test tube babies raised lmfao. artificial wombs won't do shit for them (except make them even worse off) unless they also erode human rights to the point of legalizing slavery and passing something akin to sharia law. they already seethe about single by choice motherhood (which by the way has the best outcomes for children), now imagine if the woman didn't even have to gestate and thus suffer accelerated aging/permanent injury/lost career opportunity. women already have an "unfair" advantage in terms of healthspan that can only be offset by parity.

also males don't have a reproductive drive outside of gaining access to a woman of desirable genetic quality. they wouldn't reproduce by cloning themselves because that doesn't involve exploiting a suitable ova to propagate, thus rendering the whole process pointless from their perspective. they'd definitely make a bunch of cloned slaves/organ farms, but their desire to replicate wouldn't be fully satisfied by that.

No. 1423140

Some pretty interesting discussions over in the waterloo subreddit. Half people saying well she's right, these books are age inappropriate and half saying she's a demonic bigoted terf who said hate speech lmfao, these people…
Good god the delusion, they really want to think everyone is trans or something

No. 1423147

this is an underrated comment. we will finally be able to see eric and dylan age

No. 1423155

male hands typed this post

No. 1423157

Five seconds after they closed that door he whipped his dick out.
Kill it with fire.

No. 1423161

Good discussion here ladies. I honestly don’t think we’d get that far, but the MGTOW movement and stray moids like to say mechanical wombs will be a thing that’s widespread by 2030. Which I highly doubt. Either way, it would lead to way too much that could and would go wrong. Also, I think they think this shit would be free or some shit when it would not. If it were somehow a thing, only elites would have access.

No. 1423162

File: 1642781561811.png (476.44 KB, 508x628, joegoes.PNG)

Remember Joe goes of youtube fame?
Came across his twitter relating to another cow and i just had to share this with someone lol

No. 1423165

File: 1642782351278.jpg (293.96 KB, 1080x1338, Screenshot_20220121.jpg)

definitely - just like prostitution, sex dolls, tinder, hookup culture, anime waifus, tulpas, VR porn and whatever else has "phased out the wamens" at this very moment. any day now, just like elon musk's actual full self driving! literally in 6 months! just you wait foid!


>we now have artificial wombs
>"n-now all we need is artificially grown female feet for lifelike feet pix and maybe a 100% realistic mombot who simulates realistically growing disappointment in her aboytion that culminates in simulated wine alcoholism and simulated regret (with a tinge of bittersweet relief) on her simulated deathbed, then it's OVER FOR THE ROASTIES! FEMOID EXPERIENCE REPLICATED BY 2035!"

it's never happening in part because deep down men know how much women want it

No. 1423185

A 'feminist staple', lol what?

There are so many deliberating medical conditions that have no cure and these narcissistic troons believe that all funding and research be directed to their benefit.

No. 1423192

Oh wow, that’s bardfinn? He’s even uglier than I expected.

I bet they think they look really badass. That’s hilarious.

No. 1423195

Isn’t the creator of it a groomer or something? Or was that just a rumor.

No. 1423203

Add that to the long list of American men who forfeit their masculinity lol

No. 1423205

He used to legit be one of my favorite youtubers years ago. I introduced so many people to his stuff, can't believe he threw his career away to look retarded in a dress. I will say….he did seem to be way too into acting feminine in the joe gets female video, guess that was a sign way back when

No. 1423207

I actually knew him irl and he was a typical self-depricating 5'1 soyboy manlet in a dry spell lasting years. He did the whole self improooving thing and hit the gym before trooning out. He lived in LA (probably still does) so of course he could not find a gf. Joe is classic case of incel to AGP tranny pipeline.

No. 1423209

I like how the greenshirt guy probably considers himself an “ally” and that’s why he agreed to do this stupid low budget ad, but now he’s like, the face of /pol and a terf hero. Like people see his face and immediately 41%

No. 1423213

It has always been a horrific fear of mine of XYs being able to reproduce. If transwomen and men were able to reproduce the amount of child abuse and sexual abuse crime-rates would skyrocket horrifically.

No. 1423214

Yeah but they won't, so you can sleep easy

No. 1423223

Trannies are obnoxious and I'm sick of seeing they/thems everywhere but this is a reach nonnie

>Self depricating
Ahh I see. Anyone can get laid as long as they aren't legit disgusting to look at as long as you have a decent personality…but being a downer like that is not the way to get people to enjoy your company. It's sad cause he's funny as hell. What a waste.

No. 1423228

the children of moids and troons would either die of starvation, sickness, adult moid rage, infighting with other neo-children or suicide. mother issues can't be fixed and moids can't take care of anything than themselves because of Y defective chromosome

No. 1423229

Realty as a woman:
Too pretty: society hates you
Too ugly: society hates you
Pretty but too basic: society hates you
Only a little ugly: society hates you
Absolutely normal: society hates you

No. 1423233

on the plus side, most moids producing these children will die horrifically by the hands of the male ones

No. 1423236

>Anyone can get laid as long as they aren't legit disgusting to look at

unless you don't want to get laid in your lane like 99.9% of incels

No. 1423239

Oooh right kek, I forgot they wanna be like obese sitcom husbands with runway model wives. Another stupid brainwashing thing hollywood does to perpetuate incel garbage

No. 1423263

Why can't we commodify moid body parts? Where are the cries for dick and ball transplants? Women need to wake the fuck up.

No. 1423273

highkey don’t wanna commodify any body parts i just want people to stop being freaks

No. 1423274

because nobody needs moid body parts

No. 1423276

I posted about his transition before. He is another loser getting a temporary high from feminizing himself and claiming it cured every single one of his problems.

No. 1423284

this is exactly the same argument "Julia" Serrano made in his book "whipping girl"

No. 1423293

Typical male inability to empathize. Our oppression is based in biology, but it's carried out by YOU. The problem is YOU. The solution is not to contort ourselves into a mediocre simulacrum of men, because the problem IS men. Our wombs are the only things that make us 'special' in YOUR eyes, because you're a narcissistic scrote who can't comprehend anything outside of yourself. You don't see the value in anything that is different from you. Your autistic male brain breaks humans down into body parts with functions that you are only capable of seeing in the context of how they serve you. You have only ever existed in a world where your needs and wants (as a class) are the basis of reality, (despite your screeching to the contrary) and it's so pathetically obvious when you speak on these subjects. You can't even criticize females accurately kek, it's all fucking projection and it's all so tiresome.

No. 1423300

If any nonnies need a good laugh go watch his coming out vid and listen to his voice, trust me. I legit thought he was joking but he wasn’t.
I used to love his vids too.

No. 1423309

File: 1642793350292.jpeg (201.01 KB, 816x1159, 6B9CAFDD-6E43-4788-A511-0B0708…)

r/curatedtumblr produces the worst shit

No. 1423318

File: 1642794179726.jpeg (568.14 KB, 1821x1970, 0CE35548-3180-4871-A84E-A72B96…)

I think he meant 5 reasons why lesbians should date a man like himself. God these disgusting trans lesbians are just men who feel entitled to women who don’t want them.

No. 1423325

Lesbians like me (cis 6'0 woman) can also do almost all that (except the kid stuff ofc) so no, we do not need troons.

No. 1423329

File: 1642794988541.jpeg (765.13 KB, 1234x1336, 25D406A5-80F5-4EC5-AD73-89BC2B…)

Not surprised. They really are a bunch of incels that never really engaged with females yet base their perception of women on their fetishisation. It’s embarrassing that they want to imitate their fantasy but end up looking like greasy pot bellied goblins.

No. 1423359

why does she need cis lesbians? trans women are women!

No. 1423367

File: 1642799366824.png (266.5 KB, 500x500, Disgust.png.png)

No. 1423371


No. 1423374

Yes, fat lesbians will safe from this scrote.

No. 1423384

File: 1642801085280.png (1.09 MB, 1352x842, Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 1.37…)

kek Dr. Phil's face

No. 1423385

if i cared about any of those things i would be fucking men

No. 1423413

Tifs are already ahead of you kek ^

No. 1423415

i think that, even if lesbians were sadly forced to be with a man, they would still prefer a regular moid (of any sexuality) over this ugly ass deranged man

No. 1423427

I hate this scrote, they should have had a gc woman there. It’s game over as far as normies are concerned when they get rightoid up there and throw out that he’s reducing women to their reproductive organs. Hence the clapping like idiots.

No. 1423436

my Lord why do all tifs and tims think you can just slap on a body part from the opposite sex - mind you, which ISNT the kind of shit we all have (hearts, lungs, etc) but a damn dick/vag parts or something else and think it’ll work??? you’re not built for that shit on a BIOLOGICAL level it would not fucking compute, for the love of God no matter how much you wanna be the opposite sex reality will not cater to your fantasies

No. 1423456

File: 1642806010880.jpg (26.9 KB, 679x366, 161443564.jpg)

No. 1423470

>*Little humans are included.
Why does it say this in tiny text at the bottom right? That reeks of pedo to me.

No. 1423471

File: 1642807930344.jpg (231.6 KB, 648x2605, 8999866.jpg)

No. 1423475

he could be a gnc king but he's gotta be a troon. so sad.

No. 1423483

I complained about this on /ot/ the other day but tumblr is such a wasteland of troons these days. So many men are flocking to the site so they can have their digital girl slumber-party in a space that used to be primarily be for women. They make these disgusting and weird jokes, and we all just have to sit down and pretend they're "totally made by a girl for us girls xP" or you get shat on. It sucks.

No. 1423491

The way he speaks and uses his hands is such moid behavior. It is so obviously he lives on tiktok just by the way he talks to the audience like they are children ready to chug the gender juice. But when it comes down to it, all he is doing is mansplaining womanhood.

No. 1423494

i can’t speak for all lesbians but unless someone had super liberal parents i
can’t imagine any actual teenage lesbian going on and on about lesbian ships and characters to their parents. this moid had absolutely no shame.

No. 1423499

The DA in Los Angeles is hesitating to lock up a child rapist because the rapist is trans. Peak clown world, I swear to god.

>The DA also expressed concern that Tubbs would be victimized if incarcerated in an adult facility as a trans woman and cited a probation report that actually recommended home confinement.


No. 1423505

>muh juveniles
if you're old enough to rape you're old enough to serve time, same goes for extremely sadistic murder and animal abuse. what can any of these freaks possibly "rehabilitate" into lmfao, they'll never even recoup the taxpayer burden of "rehabilitating" them. it's literally worse if it manifests in young age because it WILL be a lifelong tendency.

though it's interesting how every moid believes that sadistic rape is something you can come back from, as though it's some negligible whoopsie that doesn't mean you're not a lovable, productive and valid human bean uwu. really makes you wonder how many of them would permit such a "mistake" for themselves. accidental rape uwu, like accidentally forgetting to pay a parking ticket tee-hee~

No. 1423506

>at this point it's evident that every accusation a moid makes is a confession.
A based goddamn post, anon. Especially obvious whenever they try to turn the tables and accuse "terfs" of being the sex-crazed rapists lusting after beautiful trans women who are stealing all their virginal lesbians away.

Yeah, this happened a while ago. Wasn't surprised that the walking caricature of a horny manlet became a troon.

No. 1423509

File: 1642809694107.jpeg (Spoiler Image,42.54 KB, 640x640, postop.jpeg)

NSFW (fucked up neo-vag with "erectile tissue"). guess this is what happens when you go to a shitty surgeon. comments in the thread are telling the troon it can be corrected with additional surgeries kek, the state of coomers.

No. 1423510

I physically gagged when I opened that. Holy shit a spoiler is not enough

No. 1423511

File: 1642809786402.png (Spoiler Image,256.96 KB, 2524x858, Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 4.02…)

it gets worse lol
>First time my girlfriend tried to finger me she fingered my urethra…for a good 15 mins before we both realized.

No. 1423512

You'd think these moids would just open their fucking eyes and look around them, or if they're a basement dweller just look up celebrities. Female celebs barely look any different between ages 20-35 other than a few wrinkles here and there whereas the men are aged by the end of their 20s. The "men age better" shit is so easily disproved just by looking around

No. 1423514

Oh. My . god

No. 1423515

I'm not going to unspoiler that fucking image based on the description alone but thanks for ruining my appetite for the upcoming week. Imagine turning your dick inside out to receive an urethra fit for penetration.

No. 1423516

He got what he deserves.

No. 1423519

holy shit I've lost it

No. 1423526

you see that little… Miniscule like horizontal cut that the engorged sliced chicken breast in slightly falling into/above . THAT is supposed to be the vaginal canal. ThE whole gross erecting part is a huge urethra. Fuck that is slaneshian gengoroh tagame hole tier, disgusting, makes me believe in God because only she could forsake us to this extent level. This Modern day neo-bluewaffle fucking sucks

No. 1423527

lol I didn't mean to spoiler that pic oops it's just one of OP's comments in the thread talking about how his "gf" fingered his pee hole for 20 minutes because neither of them could tell the difference between that and the neo pussy

No. 1423533

men don't understand the value of nurturing, they think reproduction is just the act of conception and nothing else.

No. 1423537

i’m just waiting for God to destroy us all and enact wrath, i can’t take this shit maybe ww3 will be the start and frankly i’m fine with that if this is the shit i gotta look at lmfaoo

No. 1423538

bottom text

No. 1423541

>male genome favors producing incompatible eggs.

Incompatible with what?

No. 1423543

File: 1642811741485.png (Spoiler Image,305.2 KB, 576x767, image_2022-01-21_163512.png)

No. 1423544

File: 1642811774878.png (66.74 KB, 1422x308, Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 4.34…)

kek based comment

No. 1423546

>Albert Huxley
Aldous Huxley

No. 1423547

I don't understand what's going on in this picture.

No. 1423548

Imagine you're having a family dinner and your autistic son/ brother starts talking about the yuri manga he just got done jacking off to.

No. 1423550

File: 1642812200359.png (100.98 KB, 1832x342, Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 7.42…)

amazing how little sympathy they have for each other kek

No. 1423552

I feel no sympathy for troons, this is what they deserve and worse.

No. 1423554


They left out the best part. The original video got memed by 4chan or kiwifarms or whatever and then somebody put "Hero" by Chad Kroger over the dude blocking the troon from the ladies room.

No. 1423560

>this account got terminated
what happened to the troon?

No. 1423561

File: 1642812593033.png (Spoiler Image,488.32 KB, 864x1204, Screenshot_20220121-194742~2.p…)

What level of agp is this?

No. 1423564

troon gets butchered bottom surgery, neopussy looks like a gaping asshole kek

No. 1423569

File: 1642813269134.png (21.53 KB, 743x217, Stacy Cay (Pronouns at 30k) on…)

He wishes, this troon probably thinks it passes kek

No. 1423570

HuMANcentipede tier.

No. 1423574

File: 1642813785178.png (422.47 KB, 2456x1362, Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 5.08…)

lmao the user's entire post/comment history is degenerate coomer bs, not a surprise of course

No. 1423575

Incompatible with life, as in they tend to create severely disabled fetuses that can't reach term. The X chromosome has 1000 genes the y chromosome has 45 so xx female (2000 unique genes that can cover for each other) children are more resilient to genetic fuckups. Male eggs will be at least 50% shit euthanasia is a blessing tier for this reason

No. 1423579

File: 1642814069219.gif (Spoiler Image,338.12 KB, 377x519, 2C32AC43-5323-4A7E-9DCD-9F7B34…)

Dude needs to lay off the ModeSeven porn.

No. 1423580

File: 1642814172191.jpg (16.13 KB, 208x129, washface.jpg)

No. 1423581

wish i hadn't opened. this is even worse than the botched srs

No. 1423583

File: 1642814352356.png (108.26 KB, 1111x908, Terfs using my story to make m…)

So troons found exulansic and are trying to report her because she talked about one of troons mentioned in the screenshot.


these are links to the two videos in the screenshot.

No. 1423589

Thus is horrifying of course, but what gets me is all the comments and agreeing with him that this looks really bad but they ALL look that bad. Delusional

No. 1423600

damn all odds are against them
why bother?? just try and fail anyway huh

No. 1423603

File: 1642816732206.png (67.09 KB, 499x273, Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 5.52…)

That video was like a year old and the account was so careful about avoiding copyright, I didn't think it would get deleted within a day of me linking it here. Probably a coincidence, but I also can't find any other videos of that bot fight or recap anywhere now and they were definitely up yesterday. I also think some recent tweets have been deleted off the sporkinok twitter but that could just be me mixing up dates. Did someone cowtip?
As for what Lilith is doing now, he started his own bot fighting competition after getting rejected from the big leagues, so probably that.

No. 1423604

love men literally inventing new ways to torture themselves and trying to dread women over it like they're taking something away. men deserve a world of only men. male children deserve no mothers and only fathers. all men deserve to be subjected to only male parenting. men deserve a life of endless conflict on an only male planet and never know love.

No. 1423607

No. 1423611

lmao this troon had FFS too. I'm sure cis-women could have strong "late game builds" (whatever that means) too if they got their entire face re-arranged.

No. 1423612

File: 1642817625855.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.68 MB, 3840x5120, manmadehorrors.jpeg)

NSFW/L more bottom surgery horrors lol

No. 1423614

it’s wonderful to know it’ll never work, satisfying to see sickos mutilate themselves in an attempt to grasp at what they wish they could do, yes please remove yourself from the gene pool

No. 1423616

It looks mid-sneeze

No. 1423617

File: 1642817863924.jpg (100.89 KB, 828x1215, 52e.jpg)

No. 1423621

Also note: In the experiment they did with the male and pregnant female rats being stitched to each other, male with an implanted uterus (I believe they were somewhat related or something to prevent rejection there as well), it still didn’t serve well. If it doesn’t work for fucking rats, what makes you think it would work for humans? Not to mention, blood from pregnant women is horrendously dangerous to men. There’s no way of getting around this. Everything is pointing to no. No space, no proper organs, bodily rejection, chromosomal incompatibilities, anti-rejection drugs (which are harmful during pregnancy), all of it. They would not carry to term, and even if they got close, the fucking baby wouldn’t develop properly. In the study with the rats that had uteruses and were NOT stitched to pregnant females, mind you, the babies didn’t even get past a developmental phase. And the male rats in these experiments died soon after.

No. 1423627

wasn't this freak a school teacher too?

No. 1423630

File: 1642818674185.png (35.06 KB, 753x534, canada is messed up.png)

No. 1423651

File: 1642819847935.png (893.72 KB, 828x1000, 1642804785982.png)

No. 1423656

Wood elves are less gay than him

No. 1423660

Thanks nonnie, imagine if doctors were accidentally on purpose making ugly vaginas as a f-u to troons especially female doctors.

No. 1423668

File: 1642821223606.png (23.47 KB, 1083x271, troon.png)

Imagine inviting your troon coworker and then being forced to look at its bulge all day. puke

No. 1423670

File: 1642821292682.png (11.95 KB, 1053x105, ITS MA'AM.png)

This was one of the comments

No. 1423676

and troons continue to insist there is no excuse for lesbians with "genital preferences" to refuse contact with these botched monstrosities.

No. 1423677

File: 1642821728342.png (27.07 KB, 1050x207, How do you feel about being ca…)

It's not enough to force people to call these people women but now we need to change the definition of biological males too.

No. 1423689

I keep seeing people bringing up intersex people when they talk about trans issues; do you all have any good interviews or general links I could look into, either for or against the comparison? It really upsets me to see people blatantly use that community to advance their own goals but idk what the general feeling is in the intersex community since it’s so small, and I’m very interested to hear their takeaway

No. 1423690

Cops protect and serve rapists

No. 1423693

File: 1642823011340.jpeg (192.66 KB, 1192x1080, 5DB0D24D-E91A-444D-A8AD-9C482F…)

I fell down into a rabbit hole on the schitzoid tranny thats currently in the Caitlin Doughty thread with his email attached, “Sara Jade Roberts” >>>/snow/1423667, here’s his YouTube channel, it’s absolutely unhinged https://youtube.com/channel/UCkQgQnecudusrYfNyZkYEeA

No. 1423698

Are those track marks on your arms? They look disgusting

No. 1423701

No they aren’t track marks. Just pimples or some shit. The pic is like three years old so I don’t remember everything from that day. I’ve never shot up anything though.(scrote)

No. 1423703

Don't respond to him.

No. 1423708

Methhead Billy Bob Thornton looking ass

No. 1423713

File: 1642824766733.jpeg (516.66 KB, 1242x1842, 747EC5EC-D597-4927-A6E2-BE5E2E…)

I had to go see his profile for myself and this particular tweet really grossed me out. Is he implying his mom is admiring his disgusting man boobs in this make-believe scenario? Christ, imagine carrying a baby for 9 months before giving your whole entire life to help them grow into an adult and this is what you’re left with.

No. 1423714

“the differences are so so small!! it’s just that there’s a different chromosome which will trigger different genitalia which trigger different hormone balances…. but if that doesn’t happen there’s no difference at all!!!” do they even fucking hear themselves?

No. 1423716

Hank hill looking fucker

No. 1423728

It looks like there is a testicle inside of it trying to escape

No. 1423733

File: 1642827474199.jpg (125.54 KB, 1033x719, S4.jpg)

Troons really love living in fantasy land making up weird stories to justify themselves.

No. 1423743

Boobs + male ribcage look so fucking weird

No. 1423747

When are men going to get it through their thick skulls that male and female brains aren't real. If they were, why aren't we doing brain scans for dysphoria instead of allowing self ID?

No. 1423748

troon narcissism is next level jfc. you've been on hormones for 4 months, why is it so hard for you to accept your coworkers don't want to see your girl dick?

No. 1423759

File: 1642831578322.png (351.99 KB, 600x600, 7BD726E6-DFFE-44F3-9AFD-7FD53A…)

The way you can tell this one 100% has hair growing inside…

No. 1423761

Please stop, the fact that these inside out penis wounds grow all kinds of shit inside of them makes me nauseous.

No. 1423767

literally no woman knows what her crotch looks like because we're not olympic contortionists. only someone who has to stare at his front pole every day can assume that it's normal female knowledge lmfao

No. 1423774

File: 1642834721070.png (775.85 KB, 600x800, 624BC6B7-8A4E-4D68-9A50-561D88…)

>my vagina

This always gets me

No. 1423775

hold on anon, several videos?? i knew about the hideous mexican guy but youre telling me theres more?

No. 1423778

They’re just like incels

No. 1423785

NTA but yes, artificial wombs have been a feminist cause at least since the 70s, probably earlier. Pregnancy and child-rearing are massive burdens on women and our being "chained down" by reproduction is pretty much the central concern of feminism (which is why trannies aren't a feminist concern - women's oppression, like any radfem knows, is sex-based). Since old-school feminists actually had a brain and understood society cannot function if women forsake motherhood and children aren't produced… well, there's only one answer.

Men are never getting uteruses, mind you, I don't think even gene therapy can get around that one

No. 1423789

File: 1642837340894.jpg (49.56 KB, 768x512, harlowsmonkey.jpg)

source? most feminists champion children's rights as well, and most feminist women know that children suffer without a nurturing mother.

No. 1423792

This degenerate has a wife.

No. 1423800

wholly off topic and just blogposting at this point, but hand mirrors are a thing? when I had The Talk with my mother, she recommended I grab a mirror and get familiar with my anatomy just so I knew what was going on down there. It was really helpful actually, I get bartholin's cysts occasionally and being able to check is nice. Getting vaguely back on topic though, it's fucking weird to judge vulvas on how "pretty" they are, that's very distinctly male behaviour

No. 1423803

Why do you know about this?

No. 1423805

The only way a man can save his soul is to be completely submissive to women. They are biologically inferior and mentally deficient.

No. 1423811

>estrogen will make you smell better so you don't have to shower as often
what the absolute fuck have I just read??

No. 1423813

File: 1642841433066.png (22.29 KB, 128x126, CD15D53E-DBCB-4B36-AD13-F7B9A7…)

>cis lesbians, this is 5 reasons why you should date me, a transwoman
* turns around to reveal male pattern baldness

No. 1423815

File: 1642841513429.jpeg (250.77 KB, 533x756, D3338AEE-6B80-4933-A310-9AF0C5…)

No woman is this ugly and wrinkly at such a young age. Men seriously age like fucking shit.

No. 1423816

File: 1642841514858.png (328.7 KB, 720x811, Screenshot_20220122-104933~2.p…)

Guy thinks he's a 50s housewife kek

He has a whole channel of himself in the kitchen cooking awful looking food and talking about how he's a trad housewife.

He follows channels like Mrs Midwest and Cynthia L.


No. 1423818

File: 1642841920884.png (68.13 KB, 966x713, 2022-01-22_09-55-56.png)

No. 1423844

>felt empowered

it's called a typical male power trip over women

No. 1423846

File: 1642847265728.png (859.33 KB, 1088x569, crazyhousewife.png)

i get strong CWC vibes from this one
oh my god. he seems beyond schizo. the bad sound quality, his ugly mug and out-of-breath voice plus creepy green screen knife use behind him would be nightmare material if i was this cynthia person and came across thiw video with my name on it.
that's the cassette tape you'd find on a buffalo bill crime scene.

No. 1423847

We could kill all men today and the human race could continue by using donated sperm, only using xx sperm and only making women for all of eternity.

Men project their feeling of being the disposable sex so much.

No. 1423850

How can he be a housewife if he's not even married to someone or caring for anyone? He basically just lives on his own collecting disability. How does that make him a housewife?

No. 1423851

Can we all stop hijacking the thread with conversations about eggs and sperm and go back to cringing at funny troons?

No. 1423858

File: 1642848690771.png (140.51 KB, 518x479, Screenshot_20220122-124847~2.p…)

Cynthia L is basically a housewife/etiquette/femininity coach lifestyle YouTuber like Mrs Midwest, however she isn't political or at least doesn't mention politics anywhere. She's very polite and non confrontational so I can't imagine she would have anything to say outright.

No. 1423868

File: 1642849550392.jpeg (302.76 KB, 1080x1080, 0B92BAA2-F6D3-46B8-9685-4A160A…)


Mom was right.

Most of his photos are over blasted with light, face toon and obviously a non-straight on view.

Every time it’s natural lighting and he can’t control the camera it’s a stark difference. Beyond the “well everyone uses filters”

This is a 2021 one photo.

No. 1423874

>>1423583 I posted his video about his botched surgery recently when i was looking for info on the colonvag surgery. He's so retarded and it's sad that after all they did to him he still promotes the horrors. I belive he even dated a plastic surgeon.
He imagines in some time the surgeries will improve or they'll invent some magical epic way to do these surgeries where it will look, feel and be great as if nothing happened.. and doesn't even realize it can't be done. Plastic surgery will always suck, will always cause complications and will never feel as it supposed to because there is a limit to what you body can handle and how it heals. They can have the newest technology, but the human body is what it depends on.

No. 1423876

File: 1642850925017.jpeg (194.94 KB, 828x845, B2D28A1F-3EAC-4E12-AF31-620ABC…)

No. 1423878

File: 1642851175014.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.69 MB, 4096x3072, Polish_20220122_062118638.jpg)

The hsts he responded to in /nudes doesn't fall short for delusional either. Straight male fetish, advertises himself as "3 holes here, available", likes married scrotes, I assume he's a sex worker, but I wouldn't be surprised if he does it for free, specially when a horny moid becomes available to "trick". His voice has a frog ring to it, he has clearly spent a lot on"feminizing" his body, yet his limbs and face still don't pass. Anyways, I don't think he's noteworthy, but I'm always curious about the ones who boast about fucking "straight men", sorry, lol.

No. 1423881

File: 1642852984850.png (19.91 KB, 472x230, LMFAO.png)

White men in a wig and a dress are more oppressed than white women?? LMAO.
Man, the males are really forfeiting their masculinity and deciding to appropriate the victimhood that gave women all those cool benefits from society in their sick, demented minds. Transgenderism is a logical step from the guys who pretend like they're women by stating female abusers are just as common and harmful to men as male abusers are to women and getting jealous that women are more protected than men, kek

No. 1423883

These degenerate men would fuck a 12 year old with big boobs if they could. It's not a brag to fuck men who are face blind and so blinded by their horniness that they'll take every thing that looks vaguely like a mature female

No. 1423886

Scrotes rape 12 year olds as is, no boobs needed.

No. 1423890

File: 1642853636355.jpg (390.47 KB, 1080x1719, Screenshot_20220122-071319_Tum…)

No. 1423895

my point was that if i were her i would be unnerved about this hulking troon skinwalking people like me and mentioning my name in the title of a video

No. 1423915

I love how HSTS think they are "tricking" men into believing their women. Trust me, the dudes that fuck you know. Especially if they ever had sex with a real woman before. They just don't care because they are bisexual (aka gay in denial) and they are attracted to how male you look.

No. 1423943

Kek ot but that guy is turkish and his username actually means "traitor of his own country" in turkish.

No. 1423948

Trans identified men are nightmare inducing to me. Men can be pretty but compared to women, they always look bad. Even "ugly" women look fine compared to them. I'm bi, I can find men attractive but rarely and it only gets worse as they age.

No. 1423955

This is the same tranny who said his colon vaginoplasty would "gush" every time he ate, because the colon part only "self lubricates" when it's trying to digest food. Fucking horrifying

No. 1423971

ugh hes got those unsettling deepset chimp eyes like will ferrel. also kek at the thin moid lips

No. 1423983

That's just fucking gross

No. 1423987

Glad I'm not the only one who feels this. Artifical wombs have always rubbed me the wrong way, and I just feel like it'll do much worse rather than better.
your drawings remind me of moomins, and they're very cute/stylistic anon.
always loved that troons have this fantasy that some handmaiden will randomly swoop in and ~*save*~ them so they can safely molest other women in the bathrooms uwu. And they always use a non-white women like they're going to take it lying down LMFAO

No. 1423990

File: 1642868819170.jpeg (279.24 KB, 489x1084, 3ADE8D08-B493-4BF2-A37F-3E185D…)

They got Elliot page working there and everything damn

No. 1423992

No. 1423994

this is the first time I hear about colon vaginoplasty and I already want to forget it

No. 1423996

you can sense the male rage

No. 1423997

>Elliot page
Ellen Page

No. 1424004

This is so gruesome, but also so cute. Good job anon, holy shit

No. 1424006

How fair detrans people (mostly women) make videos about their experiences! But what about meeeeee?

Right? Literally just using intimidation to make a woman concede. I hope he had a terrible day after that and that his dick falls off.

No. 1424008

Typical "someone left the cult we can't let them talk about how awful it was! Shut it down! These things never happened and we are all pure, happy, individuals. Any talk against us is hate speech!"

No. 1424025

I'm proud of my self that I managed to spot the tranny on the right
I kept seeing comments defending him saying that "she's just a tall thin woman" but there were some details that clearly pointed to them being a black HSTS
man hands, Adam's appeals, hip ratio, movement, tone of voice and then I found out in the comment that he is a NSFW trans model

No. 1424040

I'm honest when I think a troon passes but Steven is a mega hon. Usually troons pass in the face or body, or both but this guy does not remotely pass at all. He is BUILT like a man and no amount of surgery or "im a model" cope posting will help him. Anyone else notice that the ones that actually somewhat pass arent terminally online like Mr. Cay?

No. 1424042

Medfagging slightly but men have higher chances of getting most illnesses and malignities such as cancer because their immune systems are literally inferior. I've also been told by a surgeon relative that babygirls have a higher chance of surviving health problems while boys die way easier.
Men really are inferior biologically.

No. 1424046

Considering how trannies compared themselves to black women when them competing against biological women in Olympics was brought up, I don't think any WOC would defend them.

No. 1424074

Trannies are the product of American race mythos culture gone too far

No. 1424090

Chris Squire looking ass (rest in peace)

No. 1424100

File: 1642878604785.jpeg (339.52 KB, 1119x590, D3FB869A-3EDA-4E06-9CFC-E9EE3E…)

Can someone tell me why there are WoC who do though? I’ve definitely seen it before. I just don’t understand how any woman, but esp a WoC can look at a straight white man masquerading in a woman suit and think that is okay and something to stand up for. Esp when trannies so often compare their “oppression” of being misgendered, not getting to use sexed spaces, etc. to things like slavery and race segregation.

Also, not as related but I saw this pic on ovarit the other day, and HOW can TRAs believe this shit? Penises have been used since the dawn of time to control and rape and conquer other humans. A penis’ entire purpose is for either peeing or fucking. Hands can hurt, of course, but they can also heal, create, etc. And please, I wish they’d show the historical precedent for the vast number of lesbians assaulting other women with their hands in female spaces. Not saying it’s never happened bc bad people will be bad people, but nothing compares to the number of men using their dicks for evil.

Dropped my pic the first time, sorry.

No. 1424120

ayrt, Damn! Thanks, I had no idea Y chromosomes were that trash.

No. 1424122

as a black f, they seem to do it for money or weird altruism because we both tend to be poverty tier in society and have a higher chance of running into each other. And they repeatedly try to shoehorn our problems against us leveraging misogony using these particular propoganda techniques:
>Teehee we both are stereotyped as masculine, we both are we practically dudes right our struggles are the same!
>Teehee we both don't adhere to beauty standards and tend to be predated on by cosmetic surgeons/culture to become hyperfeminine in compensation, it's not misogynist for me to do it!
>Teehee we both are typically undesirable, and stronger than other races this is exactly the same thing as being male right :^)    ​

Trannies literally appropriate off all of our cculture as well  bw->flamboyant troonz/gay->mainstream pipeline. I hate them so much bruh

No. 1424124

Even male biologists and doctors love to laugh at how cheap, empty and inferior sperm is.

No. 1424128

These people don’t give a shit about black people and are probably former 4chan Nazis

No. 1424130

File: 1642880226961.png (335.7 KB, 568x741, Untitled.png)

Is Caitlyn a terf? kek

No. 1424131

Because a lot of WoC are easily swayed by sob stories about the outcast/outsider who has nowhere to turn to. Troons love preying on women's empathy to begin with, and those who've actually faced multiple types of oppression are even more susceptible to being "open-minded" to others' struggles, even if it sounds strange. That's why so many trannies have co-opted the discussion of intersectionality, it's an "in" for them if they can manipulate well enough. There's also the fact that most non-white trannies are actually HSTS, not AGP, so defending troons seems like part and parcel for defending gay/LGBT rights as a whole for those who aren't familiar with the types of trannies we see in these thread
I've also seen trannies on Twitter use the conversation around "desirability politics" on WOC, saying they "look like men", "face transphobia" and are "in the same boat" as MtFs - or even that they don't count as women at all, only white women do - and so they need to support trans rights. It sounds insane, but it's really easy for zoomer girls with low self-esteem to fall victim to that sort of thing IMO, especially if they've already swallowed the usual gender cult BS

No. 1424133

Thank you, makes a lot of sense. They are fucked beyond reason and it just shows how they truly can’t empathize with anyone who is female.

No. 1424134

So you are a fellow black f who sees how gay (moid) culture appropriates the flamboyant style of black american culture and pretend it's all apart of lgbt culture? lol

No. 1424135

Unironically yes, self hating HSTS Republican gay man. Caitlyn constantly feuds with AGPs. I like them more than the rest of the heap.

No. 1424145

bruh this POS harassed me in DMs a few years ago telling me my friend was a pedophile with no proof and then blocked me for telling him to get lost
Terminally online behavior

No. 1424155

I love when troons are like "I WISH ALL CIS WOMEN WERE BORN MEN TO EXPERIENCE THE UWU CRIPPLING DYSPHORIA OF HAVING BIG HANDS AND SHOLDERS AND BEING MISGENDERED" like if I was born a man I would just be a man kek it's not that deep. It's literally mental illness.

No. 1424157

File: 1642882485574.jpg (54.49 KB, 640x447, dnz54dfx9qc81.jpg)

Sorry ladies, all your struggles are inconsequential

No. 1424158

>Usually troons pass in the face or body, or both
Bitch where

No. 1424175

File: 1642883686017.jpg (149.66 KB, 800x572, Tabitha.jpg)

Just pictured this when you said that kek.

No. 1424184

Republicans are the only normies that are based on the trans question. All liberals and progressive will just suck girldick forever.

No. 1424200

I found this ugly fat troon who makes videos "dunking" on terfs, honestly seems like hes missing a few chromosomes. He used Exulansic having nuance and stating medical data as a negative.

No. 1424201

File: 1642886203453.jpg (27.53 KB, 550x633, 080.jpg)

>Usually troons pass in the face or body, or both

No. 1424205

>uses some incel nice guy meme (literally has the fedora tipping) to whine about how hard it is to harass women
like pottery

No. 1424208

File: 1642886383637.jpg (54.46 KB, 820x960, FB_IMG_1642886227391.jpg)

Sage for double post but this is what he looks like, classic moid using filters and moving the camera around so it cant focus to hide his ugly.

No. 1424218

>>1424208 This retard made me discover
A Slightly Twisted Female so at least he’s useful

No. 1424234

Has anyone heard of Lily Alexandre? I recently came across this person and I think they are ridiculous but I couldn't figure out if this person was a mtf or ftm. I looked back to their first video and he definitely read as male to me but I've also seen some masculine looking women who can alter their voice so I wasn't really sure.

No. 1424240

>>1424234 woah the contrast between the first and the last video is creepy as hell. You can just see his(?) brainwsahed mind throug the soulles eyes. Not sure what it is but it is punchable

No. 1424243

look up Shulamith Firestone

No. 1424249

don't be mean to best friend tabitha

No. 1424259

He looks like the idea of a butch in a man's head.

Nonny, it's obviously a man. Have you ever seen a butch that ugly? It's impossible for a woman to look so bad.

No. 1424260

anyone have good arguments against the male brain/female brain shit

No. 1424261

File: 1642890918366.jpg (62.99 KB, 858x525, factbrain.jpg)

No. 1424272

pretty sure that's the back of his head pulled to make a new hairline

No. 1424273

File: 1642892854500.png (373.47 KB, 588x702, Screenshot 2022-01-22 225007.p…)

casually admitting they want kill a random woman

No. 1424276

Going full on unapologetically Buffalo Bill now, aren't they?

No. 1424280

His mom is right. You can’t hide those man hands.

No. 1424282

looks kinda like 6ix9ine

No. 1424283

That's a man baby

No. 1424284

File: 1642893981666.jpeg (132.69 KB, 1920x1280, h.jpeg)

Jules this season looks like a depressed 35 year old male. Like he could play Kurt Cobain in a biopic.

No. 1424300

I've noticed that the voice tends to give it away for the ones who "pass" but there are a few who don't physically pass but have a passing voice (like the Euphoria character).

No. 1424304

It's the voice that threw me off anon. I've gotta admit that the voice does sound like a woman's. That's why I wasn't so sure if he was a man or not and the first video he does sound more mannish but still I thought it would be good to get a second opinion just so I know lol

I'm too used to TIMs going for the hyper feminine look that this guy threw me off since it doesn't look like he tries to look like a blowup doll.

No. 1424311

try to search papers about that, they don't exist. it was the fact that eventually would lead me to peak

No. 1424314

File: 1642897107901.jpg (780.42 KB, 1080x1678, Screenshot_20220123-021618_Red…)

Dude would need an entire face transplant to feminize his caveman mug kek

No. 1424323

nothing would fix this. ffs doesn't work and makes people look worse. removing jaw bone makes them look more incel.

frog lips

No. 1424324

it always sends me how troons tend to have these "masculine tradchad muh western civilization" faces with giant browbones, razor sharp chins and aquiline noses

No. 1424327

File: 1642898074151.jpg (Spoiler Image,930.09 KB, 1080x2061, blueballs.jpg)

What the actual fuck is this?? I've seen a lot of troon rot pocket horrors but this is genuinely some of the worst, I have no idea what the surgeon/butcher even attempted here. It gets REALLY NSFL: https://www.reddit.com/r/Transgender_Surgeries/comments/s9naml/pi_flap_grs_week_2_pictures_and_day_5/

No. 1424337

File: 1642898968005.png (9.58 KB, 207x26, Capture d’écran 2022-01-23 à…)

the bar is so low

No. 1424339

>i like your plums, b-baby

No. 1424340

File: 1642899409063.jpg (288.3 KB, 922x2048, 4nkvzhv86vc81.jpg)

No. 1424351

is he even wearing underwear??

No. 1424370

File: 1642902222316.jpeg (1.38 MB, 4032x3022, 33F2D054-91D8-471C-8A39-0FC366…)

Self-hate is a crazy drug.

The thought process that being a gay man is so abhorrent that you rather mutilate yourself and become a grotesque “woman” than just accept you’re gay.

Jumping through all of the hoops to look like an extreme bootleg of a woman just to literally date gay men. Just for your friend group to consist of faggots and their your boyfriend that indeed a repressed fag himself.

No. 1424376

what's the scar on his stomach from? BBL thing?

No. 1424381


It's a tummy tuck scar that healed like shit.

Most likely really cheap not board certified surgeon did it.

No. 1424384

File: 1642903790340.jpeg (94.89 KB, 791x1024, CE5D9A9D-6F05-421E-9B40-ECC34F…)

Tummy tuck for sure

No. 1424390

not to wk/derail but most tummy tuck scars look like that unless you get a lot of scar reduction treatment

lol at the idea that this guy "isn't sure what to get", try everything?

No. 1424410

Literally thought this was a diagram for the human centipede

No. 1424418

I only saw the spoiler pics first and thought it looked like balls without the penis part…but it gets so much worse on the reddit link. it looks so gross and i think the hair is still in there.

No. 1424420

I didn’t think this could get any worse! This guys going to off himself. Hair in there and don’t even know wtf was going with that surgery

No. 1424421

oh, another proto "cyberfeminist." xenofeminism is bullshit.

No. 1424423

No. 1424452

It seriously looks like some kind of traumatic penile injury reconstruction gone wrong, like his dick got blown off by an explosion or something and they tried to fix it.
I understand why TRAs actively
try to bury any mention of suicide rates not going down after surgery, if more people knew the horrors of these procedures they would not go ahead with them. Tbh it serves these degenerates right anyway, just keep mutilating them.

No. 1424464

File: 1642912836775.png (612.1 KB, 745x725, Erin, Trail Mom ( ErinInTheMor…)

Not with that man face and hands kek

No. 1424466

File: 1642913454600.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 1079x1948, Screenshot_20220122-224934_Red…)

No. 1424467

body type: toothpaste tube

No. 1424481

Dude's got a fucking horse neck and huge man skull, ain't no hiding that.

No. 1424482

File: 1642915388365.png (7.53 KB, 390x470, e4c6a202efb6bb4b48e1bff276abbb…)

Holy shit that torso KEK

No. 1424490

File: 1642916636905.jpg (148.57 KB, 1080x1317, Avadoll.jpg)

Reminds me of this >>tranny here >>1424025, They both have a similar body type, tall skinny male with fake tits
the shoulder to hip ratio alone clocks them

No. 1424493

Nope. But was an athlete and is trans so it has pratical knowlodge of the situation…
Lived experience and waht not KEK!

No. 1424494

File: 1642917292330.png (8.09 KB, 1103x96, troons.png)

the fuck is a safety boob

No. 1424496

half his ball is hanging out and I think you can see his dick in there. also why is there a second belt underneath another one? cutting off circulation just to get a failed attempt at a waist
i guess he's equating his moob to a stim tool. gross if this moid gropes himself in public

No. 1424503

Literally every 1970s feminist. You guys need to read more to warrant all of this constant babbling.

No. 1424505

File: 1642920264940.jpg (44.91 KB, 480x960, c0n3cgfeoz981.jpg)

No. 1424506

this retard doxed himself lmao

No. 1424539

Wtf is he doing? If he is trying to fake a waist, get a proper waist trainer or corset, jeez. Why don’t troons shame each other into not being so damned lazy and putting more effort into appearance.

No. 1424542

Reminds me of some sort of insect, his pubic hair look like antennas lol

No. 1424548

all I can think of when I see Jules in Euphoria is that he needs tear trough filler, a nose job, and a framing hair cut that covers the widest part of his man face. idk if he’d even pass after that. I’m surprised they use such unflattering lighting on him though

No. 1424549

in the 70s people were on a lot of weird shit and radical feminism has evolved considerably in the half-century since then. you don't see radfems pushing for legalizing pedo incest even though Dworkin wrote that batshit take at the end of Woman Hating, dingus.

No. 1424556

>though Dworkin wrote that batshit take at the end of Woman Hating, dingus.
wait what ?

No. 1424559

They virtually always say that.
>I have chronic debilitating pain, no sexual function, and will need surgeries to maybe hopefully clean up this atrocity
>5/5 surgeon, I was never happier in my life
Paraphrased review left by a TiF IIRC.

No. 1424561

Homophobia is still alive and well.


She did wrote that and regretted it a lot. Woman Hating is an amazing book but the last chapter is horrible. Simone De Beauvoir had similar views, it was everywhere and normal during the 1970s.

No. 1424564

Doesn't change that fact that artificial wombs were and still a cornerstone of feminist thought just because you think it's weird.
>Andrea Dworkin
Fallacious, mid-witted comparison. You comparing something so insignificant in regards to general feminist scope such as Dworkin's love for little kids to something as not so significant and well-established in feminist thought as artificial wombs - being the all-ending solution to the oppressive nature of reproductive biology and gestation - is extremely dishonest.

No. 1424568

Lol you argue just like a 4scrote, troon.

No. 1424571

File: 1642931820519.jpeg (263.11 KB, 492x763, 87BD1F85-B37A-49CE-A3EA-4F7EFC…)

Ellen Page is dead and Adam Lanza killed her

No. 1424577

>A-anyone who disagrees with me is a man\1|!!!!!

No. 1424578

can you give us some examples of this?

No. 1424600

Hes actually really hot. What a waste.

No. 1424601

Ikr, I like his hair and although i wouldn't be personally sexually attracted to his type (as i prefer more darker types in general but like blond fictional boys idk why) he would be one of those teenage heartthrobs if he stayed cis

No. 1424617

He's skinny, has long hair and has nice skin(for now) which look regardless of gender but certain features will always reveal his maleness
he has a masculine jaw that is still very clearly present, high forehead and a thick thick neck
He could have easily looked like a Kurt Cobain type of male without any effort and gotten a large number of male and female partners, he literally had to do nothing and yet he wasted that opportunity

No. 1424620

You’re right. Hunter is already popular and basically worshipped by lots of young women that most likely subconsciously believe deep down he’s a hot guy with potential.

No. 1424624

File: 1642941795561.png (287.98 KB, 448x316, 1641326187099.png)

>Hunter is already popular and basically worshipped by lots of young women that most likely subconsciously believe deep down he’s a hot guy with potential
I think you might be on to something, the self identified queer girls who are interested in troons like Contra and Hunter are actually just super straight and are in reality attracted to tall thin men(which many troons are) rather then brave and stunning trans women they present to be
we had a similar discussion in the breadtube thread about Lindsay Ellis and her probable crush on Contra >>1408648

No. 1424658

damn Nona preach

No. 1424672

File: 1642952705941.jpg (96.62 KB, 711x1024, Hunter-Schafer-GettyImages-129…)

I couldn't disagree more, as a straight woman who's into more feminine features, I don't believe that straight girls are subconsciously attracted to this. He looks like a masculine woman or a very feminine gay boy. And post-transition contrapoints is just fugly

No. 1424676

This is an old pic though, he kinda passed then. He's gotten like 10x manlier in the past 3 years

No. 1424677

>so biologically female that attractive couples are 25% more likely to conceive daughters, while conceptions overall naturally lean male. it's actually fucking hilarious that the true legacy of a "10/10 genetix chad" is a DAUGHTER because it's inherently more advantageous to invest good genes into a female
wait really? i've also noticed that very attractive men tend to have daughters but that's just anecdotal on my part. tbh my dad's features would not have looked good on a man, so i'm glad i turned out female.

No. 1424681

File: 1642953496616.jpg (505.7 KB, 1667x2168, 6yDx4rt.jpg)

> “y-you’re the one with fetishes!”

I can’t get over how so many of those anti-sjws that talked mad shit about feminism agree with this. For context, the post is just radblr blogs reacting to Lilly Wachowski identifying as a woman because of fetish porn.

No. 1424683

>let's make fun of old trannies who had to disgust themselves through gross shit

bitch are you having a stroke

No. 1424687

Look up pics of him now, he looks way manlier
he looks like a feminine 17 year old boy really

No. 1424695

Plenty of feminist theory was optimistically reductive back then, like the concepts of "genderless societies". I find it naive to hope there will be a benevolent authoritarian utopia that utilizes artificial wombs, while also protecting women from the successive waves of backlash and exploitation that would follow this invention. There are too many ways for this reproductive model to fail women to be a feasible catalyst of liberation. In the scope of multiphase liberation, it creates more problems then it solves. Realistically if artificial wombs were invented, women would be freed in some ways, the surrogacy industry would be gimped (not destroyed), but women would still expected to be full time mothers and prostitutes. Even if a man had a child on his own, it would not occupy him emotionally and sexually like a wife, so he would still seek out women for pleasure and exploitation. If he can grow child on a whim he will likely just use the child to emotionally manipulate and coerce women into preforming labor for him through feigned incompetence.

The issue I have with these theories is women cannot be wholey freed from the expectations and misery of childrearing as long as males exist. Most middling solutions towards liberation are coopted by men to fuck women over even more. These theories say men will accept our solutions graciously because both sexes would mutually benefit, but now we know men do not function this way. Patriarchy is indicative that men are not capable of benevolent mutualism like women are, and studies have captured this parasitical behavior model in men constantly. There is no all-ending solution of these expectations of women to provide men with children and families. Not without male erasal or male subjugation. Shifting the reproductive model from what little choices women are allowed to make in controlling the population to a capitalistic or authoritarian government ran model sounds fucking disastrous. do you really believe womens liberation will come when the greatest biological weapon, the creation of life itself, falls into the hands of the sex we're in a constant sexual arms race with?

No. 1424712

No. 1424719

File: 1642956882636.jpg (183.86 KB, 1280x1826, hunter-schafer-euphoria-season…)

eh, he's more masculine but I still don't see it. I belive straight girls like him in the same way they like james charles and jeffree star

No. 1424720

What is this obese Russian scrote even trying to say? The Wachowski's weren't forced to be prostitutes, they exploited prostitutes because they're rich misogynists. What does old lesbian fiction that portrays lesbians as villains (and was often written by men, let's be real) have to do with men being disgusting fetishists in real life? Especially rich heterosexual men? Did he fall off the wagon again?

No. 1424727

James Charles and Jeffree Star wear full drag makeup 24/7 and act like bitchy gays, both things very unattractive to most straight women. Hunter styles himself in a way where you can almost imagine he's just an alt guy, and he just acts like a typical self-obsessed narc male, there's nothing especially faggy/ effeminate about his personality.

I got no idea what the women who like him see in him either way though.

No. 1424728

File: 1642957955624.png (1.67 MB, 1276x1058, cuh-razyyyyy.png)

why are the ugliest AGP troons always part of a "plural system"?

No. 1424733

I can't express my hatred for these "systems" well enough. How did they suddenly become so popular? Why? Hope one of the "alters" 41s

No. 1424734

>He looks like a masculine woman

No. 1424736

>were and still
Just because YOU want it to still be part of feminist thought doesn’t mean it actually is. No meaningful population of current feminists are arguing for this anymore. But please continue to shit up the thread crying about it.

No. 1424738

he does, retard

No. 1424742

No, he doesn't. And no amount of wishing and insults on your part is going to chance that. He looks like a man. Not a masculine woman. Touch grass every no and then and you might know that you sad tranny fucker.

No. 1424745

you will never be a woman kek

No. 1424753

Just look at this >>1424284. He looks like an alt guy. He doesn't look like a woman, even a masculine woman at all now in his candids/interviews. Yeah, he used to look like some scandi sharply defined woman but not anymore. It's crazy how much more manly he got.

No. 1424754

Did Eugenia teach him how to put wigs on?

No. 1424761

this pic makes my boobs hurt, wtf

No. 1424764

File: 1642960664903.jpeg (38.38 KB, 567x565, 1624028418019.jpeg)

mfw people ITT are seriously talking about being attracted to a tranny.

Just kill yourselves, fujoshits. Something in your brain is fundamentally broken if you find homosexual men playing dress up attractive. The part of your brain that is supposed to find a mate to have healthy offspring with has been corrupted by pornsickness. Everything in your brain should scream WARNING!!! MENTAL ILLNESS!! WARNING!!! UNHEALTHY MALE!!! When looking at a circus clown freak like Hunter. But your wires are crossed wrong and misfiring cause you watched too many gay anime men fuck each other. For shame.

No. 1424772

You're a faceblind retard anon

No. 1424774

would be more fitting for the femboy thread. anyways i love girly boys, but male socialization makes real men too unattractive to think about having sex with so i'll just have cgi ones

No. 1424776

File: 1642961477093.png (678.1 KB, 1440x771, 1642961368516.png)

again look at him IRL
he looks like a teenage boy who wore his sister's make up for Halloween or something
I won't say he looks like a man but he clearly looks like a young teenage male with long hair

No. 1424777

I find feminine males attractive (the purpose of women isn't to reproduce anyway, that's scrote logic), but the knowledge that most of them are only styling themselves that way because of a misogyny fetish puts me off the irl ones.

No. 1424780

Hey I can't help that part of me likes that type of guy, sans boobs. I just feel depressed looking at him, because I know he is so messed up and it makes me so aware of how you want to find a way to excuse/dismiss irredeemable shit qualities just because you find someone attractive.

No. 1424789

Good post. Artificial wombs are an idyllic solution for an idyllic world. The reality is that males need to climb dominance heirarchies in order to be happy. Therefore, heirarchy must exist and they must not be at the bottom of it. Females as the lesser/"fairer" sex was the easiest solution, but in the modern world, where males can and do recognize their inferior status amongst even the dreaded slut, they have but one choice: become the superior slut. There is no reconciling with them, they're insane by design. The best we can do is distract them with videogames kek.

No. 1424791

I said he looks ambiguous ("a masculine woman OR a gay boy") in the picture you replied to. If you genuinely think he looks 100% male there then you're the faceblind ones idk what to tell you. I agree he looks like a man irl and here >>1424776

No. 1424792

their sperm count is dropping dramatically and isnt the y deteriorating too? Males cant just die peacefully they have to cause chaos before they go extinct

No. 1424800

He looks like an alt twink John Mulaney

No. 1424802

nta but I agree with your statement, he doesn't look like a fully developed adult man and its kinda stupid pretend he does but he does undeniably look like a young teenage male(a gay boi as you called it)
but that's far as hormones can go for him and he's already only 22, sooner or later time will catch up to him
he has some very masculine features that all the hormones and even surgery can't "fix"

No. 1424808

hunter is who contra wishes he could be.

No. 1424812

they have to invent supportive friends and families for themselves like they're in a steven universe cartoon.

No. 1424813

he's got the dreaded nasolabial folds

No. 1424820

Hunter is a decade younger and he's been on puberty blockers since he was a teenager, despite that I feel like hunter is gonna end up even more masculine looking when he reaches contra's age

No. 1424821

he would've gotten enough female attention without turning into a sideshow. is he just a self-hating gay?

No. 1424830

File: 1642967000466.jpg (699.23 KB, 1080x2200, Screenshot_20220124-052235_Red…)

No. 1424836

File: 1642967407726.jpg (7.76 KB, 296x170, 1521982010922.jpg)

most trannies were fugly both before and after transition but with 1% of male troons like contra I'm like WTF's the point, they could have gotten plenty of male or female sexual partners if that's what they were looking for
now they only attract sexual deviants and dengerates

No. 1424837

File: 1642967466519.jpg (354.51 KB, 700x2500, cf1.jpg)

it's extremely interesting that this psychotic hatred of women is labeled "transmisogyny" and placed next to things like "racism" and "ableism". not "transracism" and "transableism" because racism and ableism include men. but simple "misogyny" affects only women, not trans women (aka men.) how very telling.

No. 1424848

this guy constantly posts some of the ugliest fits i've ever seen, i am both amazed by the lack of understanding of fashion and styling and at the same time it's not surprising that low effort males who only get by with flannels and jeans are even worse at dressing themselves after they decide they are a ma'am

No. 1424849

>Autistic men who make YouTube videos about logic and arguments having normie success or sex ever
CP could be the most attractive scrote in the world and this shit would still be an insane turnoff to anyone not extremely online. It’s incel Ben Shapiro shit even if the politics are flipped.

No. 1424859

The women or girls that borrow pads are actively menstruating and need them. The tim doesn’t need them because obviously he doesn’t have a menstrual cycle, and is only wasting pads for “validation”. And the fact that he still won’t buy his own clothes or pads? It’s because he’s getting off to using another woman’s stuff. It is crazy what these troons justify for “exploring” and if you aren’t good with that, you’re a “transphobe” or “unaccepting”. “Trans comfort over cis lives” really is their mantra.

No. 1424869

File: 1642969685636.png (21.02 KB, 607x374, FJplv0jWQAEzexi.png)

I'll shoot myself before I ever room with a troon.

Society has evolved into letting troons outwardly display their fetish and clown on womens rights unfortunately

No. 1424871

The best part is he calls himself "fashionable" but only wears dresses with ugly patterns and dresses with mismatching belts to hide his manly body. You won't catch him in pants because that's not womanly!!

No. 1424877

File: 1642970114447.jpg (375.54 KB, 1536x2048, FJuZdpiXsA4kago.jpg)

Hey sweaty

No. 1424883

I know it's all a fetish, but how do laypeople get roped into this insanity. Like, how do regular people hear these freaks say there's NO difference between the sexes and that we are all built equally and that the sexes have no advantages over the other based on biology and say nothing… I hope when the troons move the goalpost again it's so outrageous that normies start to understand that trans people are fucking insane and not worth listening to.

No. 1424884

I would be seriously surprised if he doesn't opt for FFS in the next five years.

No. 1424886

File: 1642970513362.jpg (99.85 KB, 750x1068, FJnnfDRVUAIq6n0.jpg)


>I get sore knees when I ride my bike. Is that a period?


No. 1424888

What I don't fucking get is why dod these dudes always pair these kinds of dresses with sneakers? It NEVER looks good kek.

No. 1424889

Dasha Nekrasova vibes

No. 1424890

File: 1642970947188.jpg (102.19 KB, 750x1334, FJo9tFOXMAI4cLC.jpg)

No. 1424892

I've been getting called "autistic" for speaking out against trans ideology and how I have many sources (mostly from the WomenAreHuman to help explain my points. I recently got into an argument with a friend and she said I'm being way too obsessed with it and said it comes off a bit autistic. The sad truth is that I am diagnosed with autism but I feel strongly with men being allowed access to women only spaces.

Is being called "autistic" another kind of gaslight tactic by TRAs? My ex-friend is a supporter of the ideology and she thinks that we should just "let trans people live their lives" and that they aren't hurting anyone and that I shouldn't be letting a few "bad apples" be representative of the ideology that "you don't understand".

No. 1424894

Unfortunately, being called autistic for being passionate and concerned with something is a common gaslight on the internet these days. Shut the other side down from daring to show human emotion like concern, frustration, and empathy and it's suddenly autistic. Bonus points if your opinion is controversial (like being against TRAs in many spaces), then they can group you in the non-neurotypical/mentally ill folder easier (despite many who use "autism" as an insult being strange themselves). It's just another way of shaming people from standing out to the herd. Although there are times where "autism" actually does fit, a lot of people use it just to mean anyone who does anything more than concern trolling or shitposting.

No. 1424895

ask her why she thinks kids can consent to taking life changing drugs and mutilation

No. 1424904

If your friend thinks you're being a bit obsessive about the topic then maybe you should take a step back from it for a while.

I'm autistic, and I've noticed when I disagree with people my age (early 20s) about trans shit they start trying to 'educate' me like they think I only disagree because I'm ignorant (when my views are actually much more fully-formed than theirs are). I don't get this reaction when I argue about anything else, and I get this reaction with people who don't know I'm autistic.

Men who are in denial about being autistic will say 'you don't understand, you're autistic' when they lose an argument about anything with an openly autistic woman, because they think of it as a terrible insult. That's just a Y-chromasoid thing though.

No. 1424908

File: 1642972865606.png (58.29 KB, 1083x503, No, breasts aren't just fat an…)

coopers ligaments are only found in women are the reason troons moobs look different too

No. 1424939

Perhaps you are a bit too obsessive over the topic? Most normies need to be introduced to this shit step-by-step and not full-force.

Calling people autistic is definitely not a TRA thing tho, most of them are autistic, in fact autism and troonism are strongly related.

No. 1424944

I feel like the word "cancer" should not be gate-kept! Whatever "cancer" means for you, that's your cancer. The end.

>stubbed my toe now it hurts, FUCKING CANCER!

>ate mexican food now I have diarrhea, DAMN ITS HARD TO HAVE CANCER
>sometimes I wake up with bad breaht, ugh when will I be cured of this terrible cancer?

No. 1424954

your… friend called you autistic? the fuck? that's so disrespectful

you can tell someone they're being too overbearing talking about a topic or seem unhealthily obsessed without telling them they have a serious disorder

but regarding that argument, some people will never see the same perspective so might as well drop it

No. 1424994

File: 1642978192819.jpg (44.45 KB, 386x657, Untitled.jpg)

do we have a nonbinary thread? idk where else to put this

i will just never get the point of NB shit

No. 1425020

lol me, a retard
>is laughter terf sand rad fems…?

No. 1425053

contra was ugly as a moid and has elliot rodgers personality.

No. 1425077

me, a terf: laughter is mere sand to me

No. 1425089

File: 1642983615872.webm (5.11 MB, 640x800, 223567743017484893.webm)

No. 1425095

File: 1642983915423.png (578.79 KB, 728x530, e020f56c4a86221823bc32.png)

It's the women's bathroom, isn't?

No. 1425097

ig the logic is numbered. males would usually rather fuck quantity over quality. a huge pile of degenerate uggos is more appealing than a few attractive people who have their shit together i guess

No. 1425104

Imagine going to the bathroom and seeing this shit.

No. 1425121

who the fuck is attracted to this?

No. 1425133

File: 1642986600305.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x1860, C4E76BB8-3FB0-41E1-A3BE-C345A5…)

Hilarious when male trannies starve themselves to “look feminine” because they always end up looking like this. Total waif kek

No. 1425134

classic moid logic "Just tell him no lol"
>tells man no
>he kills me
> "why'd you tell him no"

No. 1425137

Lol this one is trying too hard. It’s almost funny.

For women it’s to NLOG or try and opt out of womanhood. For men it’s to appear less threatening.

No. 1425142

File: 1642987371847.jpeg (343.98 KB, 828x982, 812CD477-6059-4C7F-9B3E-58F90C…)

well at least euphoria is being accurate about the transbian anime girl obsession

No. 1425155

I think the reason why so many troons come out after becoming a father. It’s because of selfishness and because of their testosterone dropping tremendously after the baby is born.

No. 1425157

If you don't have facts you're misinformed and ignorant, if you do have facts you're obsessed and autistic? They just want to shut you up, I'm glad that friend is an ex. Keep telling people the truth.
But this never happens! No one would ever do this!! Get this terf boogeyman rhetoric outta here anon you are LITERALLY committing a hate crime by posting this

No. 1425164

I understand that feeling, I'm also autistic and my friends are like that too. I've dealt with it by interacting more with other GC Feminists on the internet and only talking about it with normies when it's convenient.
Not exactly, nonny. The correlation between troonism and autism has more to do with TIFs, especially the younger and genderspecial ones who spend a lot of time on social networks.
There are some autistic AGPs (like CWC), but most AGPs are edgy scrotes, so, they tend to ridicule/hate autistics (even when they are autistic themselves) and only engage in SJW shit to try to get laid or to shield themselves from criticism (“incel to troon pipeline”).
Also, HSTSs and allies/handmaidens are somewhat normies and don't know or care about ASDs or neurodiversity beyond the surface.

No. 1425178

it's super depressing to see when it happen, a troon I know recently had a baby and instead of being enthusiastic about having a child they've been constantly liking NSFW shit and posting ugly make up selfies for validation on twitter

There's also a weird correlation that the wife is always obese and copes with being a doormat to their fetishes

No. 1425181

File: 1642995807787.jpg (66.53 KB, 845x466, 1530287216952.jpg)

some guy I knew, an incel pornsick weeb trooned out and he didn't wanna watch it because "the cute girls make me feel ugly" or whatever the fuck. After he trooned out, he watched it and now it's one of his favorites. Gross.

No. 1425183

Actually, dick transplans are already a thing. It's reserved exclusively for men who were involved in horrific accidents. I could imagine if vagina transplants were made available, the same curtesy made for women of course. The first thing the will do is waste one on a tranny.

No. 1425193

not really though, in both quantity and quality you'd attract far more potential partners in numbers as a semi-good looking dude rather then an AGP tranny

No. 1425197

It’s much simpler than that. They troon out because they are degenerate sexual deviants who don’t actually want normal partners to begin with. They want their fetishes to be indulged.

No. 1425215

I think very girly shows just get troons on them. I like girly magical girls because I grew up with them but I also enjoyed action and horror content. They will go after Sailormoon, Madoka, and any show with cute girls to try to validate themselves. This applies to anything girly you will see them get their fingers in the cookie jar.

No. 1425217

File: 1643005945280.jpg (651.75 KB, 2316x3088, 16s7or6l3dd81.jpg)

Troon on the right left his wife of 24 years to be with the troon on the left.

No. 1425219

File: 1643006341003.jpg (74.06 KB, 640x640, 7mx4t2uvux181.jpg)

No. 1425220

They look like brothers

No. 1425221

Your friend is defending men who appropriate women as a fetish while shaming an autistic woman for her thought patterns. You should distance yourself from her, someone who brings up sensitive stuff like mental health to insult you when they lose a debate isn't a good friend.

No. 1425225

Aren’t literally 80% of troons ASD according to Blanchard

No. 1425227

hi i just remembered this fucking nightmare and i want to die all over again so you all have to remember too

No. 1425231

Reminds me of this post by some dude about how his brother trooned out right in front of him
basically he was an autist who was fairly normal as a kid but in his teenage years spent every waking day of his life online, eventually became a NEET living online and never going out, then out of nowhere(for the dude) declared he was a woman and decided he was going to transition

the guy who wrote the post basically saw this In real time and tried to stop him as best as he could but didn't wanna be forceful towards him, but it did and the dude seemed to blame himself for not being good enough of an older brother

No. 1425232

I would be an alcoholic too if I had a tranny in my life, especially if it was my only child.

No. 1425236

God damn I’ve never seen a narc meltdown in real time before, each minute I didn’t think it could get worse and each minute he proved me wrong

No. 1425241

I wonder where this guy is now I feel like this is from an old cringe comp

No. 1425247

File: 1643014741943.jpeg (205.56 KB, 828x1387, 24EE7CD2-8BAC-4F9C-B985-1601D8…)


No. 1425248

File: 1643015135124.jpeg (264.29 KB, 828x1412, BC846C52-50AF-4019-A38F-8B1C77…)

Lmao there should be a whole Euphoria fandom thread

No. 1425249

I'm this anon >>1424892
And I actually have brought up the children transitioning thing. I was able to show her that puberty blockers could actually do harm to children like the complications with genital development but she then pivoted and said that most "trans kids" don't get puberty blockers or take HRT. That Jazz Jennings and Kim Petras are rare cases which sure maybe but I have a feeling it happens more than some may realize. Tumblr was a hub for these kids to find ways to bypass the consent of their parents to get their hands on this stuff but again, she thought I was overreacting.

Right I had a feeling. It just sucks that they do this because I almost felt like maybe I was going crazy.

Yeah I have stepped back a bit. This conversation we had happened a few weeks ago and I just vented here because it was eating at my mind for awhile. I don't revolve around my life around the trans crap haha.

No. 1425251

Right, that's why I don't understand why she'd say that. And we've only talked about this stuff twice. First was when I came out in support of JK Rowling when she did her essay and this other time when I shared my 2 cents on Jazz Jennings and how I think his parents are awful for doing what they did to him. I don't really make many posts about the trans stuff. Like just JK Rowling, Jazz Jennings, and before Jazz Jennings, the Wii Spa incident (which is what peaked me).

No. 1425252

>she literally said she based her transition around being desirable to men
wait hold the fuck up
is this not what HUNTER HIMSELF said here? is he really projecting this hard onto his stupid character? god i hate this fucking show

No. 1425254

God that's depressing. What a piece of trash. Absolutely zero self reflection.
Hope the dad doesn't have to deal with that anymore.

No. 1425263

It’s kind of ironic you’re getting worked up over getting called autistic and posting about it on lolcow since anons here call people autistic for less.
But its weird for someone (especially a friend offline) to call you autistic because you happen to be interested in an issue, no one calls activists that.

No. 1425269

File: 1643018710587.jpg (95.81 KB, 545x927, 1640839138462.jpg)

Only decent looking male in the entire Harry Potter series is one of the few people who stands by JK Rowling


>While it wouldn’t be fair to simplify matters by saying that people were ready to throw Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling under the bus for her controversial and transphobic statements, as it often turns out to be the case with ‘cancel culture,’ some folks like Jason Isaacs might be of the opinion that we shouldn’t judge matters merely in terms of black and white.

>The British actor, who portrayed Lucius Malfoy in the Wizarding World, recently sat down to have a chat with The Telegraph, where he discussed the scandal that ultimately disgraced the Harry Potter creator in the eyes of media and public, not to mention the several high-profile cast members from the franchise who vehemently opposed her stances.
>From his perspective, though, the matter of whether Rowling is a good person is “complicated,” so he isn’t going to turn his back on the author without the two of them having a conversation first.

>“There’s a bunch of stuff about Jo. You know, I play complicated people, I’m interested in complicated people. I don’t want to get drawn into the trans issues, talking about them, because it’s such an extraordinary minefield,” He said. “She has her opinions, I have mine. They differ in many different areas.

>But one of the things that people should know about her too — not as a counter-argument — is that she has poured an enormous amount of her fortune into making the world a much better place, for hundreds of thousands of vulnerable children, through her charity Lumos. And that is unequivocally good. Many of us Harry Potter actors have worked for it, and seen on the ground the work that they do. So for all that she has said some very controversial things, I was not going to be jumping to stab her in the front — or back — without a conversation with her, which I’ve not managed to have yet.”

No. 1425271

Ironic that the guys who are typecast as villainous assholes usually end up being the biggest G’s off-camera

No. 1425274

Iirc it's mostly the adult actors who stood by her, notably Ralph Fiennes (inb4 literally Voldemort supports her) and the guy who played Hagrid, the young ones who owe her their career disowned her, really makes you think.

No. 1425277

and all of them were established actors and actresses before and after the series, Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe wouldn't have jack shit without Rowling

No. 1425278

That's spineless weaseling out of taking a stance though.
>I disagree with her on tranny shit but I need to talk to her first to make sure she's as monstrous as her letter sounds because she used to do good things
Fuck off, Malfoy.

No. 1425281

In the Telegraph he stated that he doesn't really understand the situation and thinks its too complicated for him, he doesn't even defend trannies
he just wants to hear from JK Rowling to hear her side of the story IRL

No. 1425289

I honestly believe he agrees with her but doesn’t want to outright say it because, well, just look at the shit jkr has to deal with. Instead he is skirting around it without actually confirming he’s “”””anti jk Rowling””””, or idk maybe he really doesn’t know what the fuck it’s all about (and how I envy him if that’s true).

No. 1425291

I mean to someone whose not online and doesn't use social media outside of maybe facebook none of this makes any sense

No. 1425304

To be fair, I think Ginny's actor spoke in favour of JK, and one of the Patil twins actors, and Luna's actor haven't thrown her under the buss and have praised her after. Just the 3 main dumb fucks have been vocally retarded, not all the young ones are as reprehensible.

No. 1425330

>In 2011, in his last act as Mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom appointed Gascón as San Francisco District Attorney, filling the seat vacated by Kamala Harris.
>During Gascon's time as District Attorney, property crime increased by 49%. Some of Gascon's critics have blamed this increase on his office's reluctance to file charges against "low-level" offenders; during Gascon's tenure, misdemeanor charges were only filed in 40% of cases presented by the San Francisco Police Department.
>Gascón began his time as Los Angeles DA by announcing that his office would not seek cash bail for certain offenses (and would seek release for those currently awaiting such bail)
>Many blame the city’s District Attorney Larry Krasner, one of several so-called ‘progressive prosecutors’ who won their positions thanks in large part to campaigns sponsored by billionaire George Soros. Like fellow DAs Chesa Boudin (San Francisco), Kim Foxx (Chicago), and George Gascon (Los Angeles), Krasner has quickly developed a reputation for being soft on crime, one that has grown alongside his city’s body count.

No. 1425345

It's one thing being insulted by nonnas on lolcow, the other is being insulted by a friend, to your face. That friend is a bitch.

No. 1425369

File: 1643035133554.jpg (160.45 KB, 1252x1575, iq5za4ooqjj51.jpg)

so this is interesting, its a webcomic by an Indian MTF(whose only 16 as of now)
basically he was a feminine gay kid with OCD who had more female interests, he gets groomed and love bombed by older users on Amino that he's actually not a boy but really a girl cause of his interests and him liking boys and starts believing he's trans, but oddly enough his online persona "passes" better then 99% of TIMs



No. 1425372

No. 1425382

Gay men think like that because older gay men groom them by telling them how cute/twinkish they are. Their childlike boyish looks is what is attractive to older predators and it's probably the first compliments and affection these young boys have ever been shown. They are told their value is their fuckability, similarly to how women are treated by men. Older gay men often prey on young boys because they are going through puberty and hypersexual, easy to manipulate and abuse. They then end up fearing the "twink death" as much as some women fear turning 30 and losing their beauty. It doesn't make them women, it's just that they get treated by other men the same way women are treated.

No. 1425385

This is some batshit case

No. 1425387

female celebrities look the same from age 20-50 now. they spend their whole lives eating healthy, working out, getting tons of spa/skin treatments, minor surgical tweaks on a regular basis that are mandatory if you want to work past age 25, none of them even smoke anymore and the "alcoholics" and "drug addicts" use at a level that's lower than ever, because they get pushed to rehab the second it starts to show on their faces.
compare leonardo dicaprio with kate winslet - that's how different the standards are.

No. 1425391

nonnnies, i'm confused now. i thought i was bi, and normally i don't want to touch a penis or jizz. but after reading that post i feel nauseous at the thought of another woman's vagina. his post makes me want to barf when i think of "pussy juice running down my throat" what happened?? i don't want "pussy juice", who says that? am i straight? is this how we're supposed to talk to or feel about women? please help me

No. 1425393

File: 1643038986793.gif (3.24 MB, 480x366, giphy.gif)

No. 1425394

exulansic is REALLY annoying though. she always makes up crazy theories out of nowhere, has a weird smug attitude like an anti-vaccine person. she makes these snobby pretentious speeches about medical theories that make no sense and is into weird magic crystal shit. she sounds like a 19 year old faux-intellectual male talking like he's the authority on something he's read 2 sentences about. i agree with the basic points she has in that i too am gender critical, but she always has to add some fucking insane conspiracy shit

No. 1425397

She started out charming enough but she's starting to overplay her hand and sound really crazy with all the crazy assumptions and theories

No. 1425398

WHAT is that hair? it looks like it's falling out. like you could touch it sightly and just pull all the hairs out of the scalp with no effort. like severe anorexics do

No. 1425400

not to derail about the gays but this is so incredibly true. gay men are even more strict and picky about standards than straight men could ever hope for; gay men never settle and every single fucking person is divided into stringent categories based solely on their bodies. it's pretty fascinating to look at mtfs who transition as a response to fear of losing their boyish-childishness/feminine-softer traits

No. 1425402

still unusual in heterosxual culture, sadly. glad your mom is based though!
one thing i can't understand is women who say they can stick their hand up there and tell what's the cervix, or even get up that high. i can't feel around or tell what anything is past the vaginal opening. i also just can't get anything in there unless it's sex time, it's not like, a loose stretchy tunnel. i can't see or feel all the way up to my cervix; i feel like i have some kind of mutant micro-vagina compared to all the women teling me they can just rummage around in there

No. 1425404

are these guys trooning because of american culture which is like "SKREEEE u look like gross fucking faggy LADYMAN" at any male who doesn't look like dwayne johnson? their straight women are quite nutty too when it comes to harping on jacked meatheads being the only acceptable male. i hate troons too but i think tims are displaying the male weakness to criticism - when women are called ugly we're used to it, but a thin or gnc or delicate looking male (who is american) seems to totally break down when he reaches adulthood and gets his first taste of not looking like the movie stars.

No. 1425406

File: 1643040140961.jpg (326.55 KB, 1440x1600, image.jpg)

Another troon on my fyp. I saw a tweaker yesterday but didnt screenshot. They are colonizing tiktok like they did Twitter.
Look at the filter. This was posted ok tiktok.

No. 1425407

trannies refer to black women as "black beasts with vaginas"
they're fucking disgusting

No. 1425409

i think some straight men just wanna fuck a tranny cause it's a weird thing, like they're doing it in the same way they'd hook up with a little person or quadruple amputee. they don't view troons as women, just like some kind of sex toy.
the ones not like that, they are attracted to the troon not for looking male, but for having female signifiers (long hair, makeup etc). but to both of these kinds of me, fucking a troon = masturbating.

No. 1425412

>Did you get your 🩸
I wish I could laugh

No. 1425414

I personally think so and I'm relieved someone else to see how this ties together. I sincerely believe if there was still popular softer/thinner/elegant males in American pop culture men thinking theyre women for not being hypermacho would be far less of a problem

No. 1425415

KEK the rage and humiliation when he got cut off mid-sentence (when he's describing his requirements for marriage)
the fat girl asks a question, stops listening, then throws a ball into a cup and everyone cheers. you can tell he's a man cause of how APPALLED he is at someone talking over him even once in his life

No. 1425416

Its not even true, there are more women attracted to men who look like Timothee Chalamet then men like Dwayne Johnson

No. 1425418


Cause as hot as muscled men are, they are either super gay or have the personality of dick weeds.

No. 1425420

"men gave me shit for being tall and thin so i think about murdering women, who are allowed to be tall and thin"

No. 1425421

"i like to be sensitive and take care of my kids but my fragile moid ego is too embarassed about that, so i must pretend to be a woman"

No. 1425425

in-between season 1 and 2 there was a 'special episode' where it was mostly a conversation between Jules and a therapist. Pretty sure the 'being desirable to men' line was said then

No. 1425427

but that's exactly what straight women who like feminine men are attracted to. i love small, feminine men, and in your picrel, if he didn't have those stupid boobs, he'd be super hot to me. skinny boys in fancy gothy outfits are hot to many women.

No. 1425431

[jasper voice] that's a rapist

No. 1425433

I don't think its about personality, on a physical level people just have different states
there are women into super muscular dudes and women who aren't

No. 1425435

I don't watch it bc it's always given me nasty vibes but the new euphoria episode has a scene where the "lesbian" couple make out and Zendaya starts rubbing the twinky TIMs dick ugh

No. 1425437

File: 1643042835130.jpg (17.33 KB, 220x304, 220px-Sam_Levinson_by_Gage_Ski…)

I posted this in the celebcows thread but it fits better here, I get creeped out by the creator of Euphoria
like as fucked up as Hunter may be on his, it's the creator who writes this shit and frames these scenes
I get massive pedo vibes from him, same with the creator of Big Mouth

No. 1425438

before Euphoria he had made Assassination nation, I remember it got popular with a lot of wokies I knew
they praised it as some "deep" commentary about American society and fragile male egos or some shit, when it was just teenage girls and one TIM in a pornofied gaze and some bad film gun play

No. 1425440

god his poor dad. you can hear the old man is about to cry. all he sees is proof that his kid still can't accept himself and in the end, that's what a parent who loves their child wants. even if you're a crazy troon or a bank robber, your dad and mom just want you to be happy.

No. 1425445

mm YES jason isaacs - what jude law wishes he aged into.

No. 1425447

i respect anyone who has the 10 IQ points necessary to just say "i don't understand what's happening so i'm not going to comment on it"

No. 1425453

Ewww he looks like a creep

No. 1425454

Why can we never get any actual lesbian representation in media? They always have to mix scrotes in it. Leave us the fuck alone.

No. 1425455

ayrt, in 30s and 40s FRED ASTAIRE was considered a manly, masculine star. USians really seem to to what the tv tells them, and femmey men have been getting shit on since 1994, when kurt cobain died and the estabishment retook control after the scare that was riot grrrl and alt-male sex symbols. gender roles became stricter than they'd been since the 50s and all memory of late-80s early 90s gnc women and men who used their personalities (instead of brute force) to "get" sex, was wiped out.

No. 1425457

yeah lots of women feel no attraction to large men, period.

No. 1425467

Hunter co-wrote that episode IIRC

No. 1425471

File: 1643045086837.jpg (75.1 KB, 1242x1064, FJ4SCjNWYAEEHWw.jpg)

No. 1425472

I disagree with riot grrrl, It was always cucked and filled with proto libfems
It came from universities and not the working class culture where Punk originated from

No. 1425473

Why do they do this? Why is it okay to claim someone's a tranny but if we claimed some tranny was cis, or god forbid just tell them that biological sex is real they flip their shit

No. 1425501

File: 1643046934020.jpg (475.49 KB, 810x2148, Screenshot_20211029-050235_Chr…)


Looks sickly in the right photo. Troon replies: OMG your skin looks so flawless! Troon responds with a humble brag for looking physically ill and practicing poor hygiene. You can't make this shit up! Not surprised. This is the same troon who claimed to have vagina scented perfume or something, kek.

No. 1425512

File: 1643047287142.jpeg (102.25 KB, 750x906, D8D2FC19-7A5B-4F0A-B696-1B4F74…)

gender woo cult at it again trying to guilt people over their kids nonsensical gender identity bs they have been groomed to believe is reality

No. 1425516

Nice to see Gollum popping up in a thread where the OP's picture featured the Witch King.

I'm digging all the Lord of the Rings vibes in this thread, nonnies.

No. 1425532

umm the troon guides zendaya's hands to his "girl" dick. gross.

No. 1425534

So is he a tranny in the show too?

No. 1425536

Yeah lol

No. 1425540

Everything about this man is a red flag. Why is a man in his 40s writing so many stories about teenage girls, especially when he doesn’t have teenage children of his own? Why are the teenage in those stories so hyper-sexualised that they’re having public sex and engaging in sex work? Why have so many of the girls suffered some form of physical or sexual childhood abuse that is completely brushed off? Why is the most prominent male character a psychotic tranny chaser with a sexual fixation on his dad, who is also an insane chaser? Why is the current high school experience being defined by a man who clearly has a sexual fixation on teenage girls and doesn’t have their best interest in mind?
Sage for sperg I just hate this greasy paedo hollyweird cunt.

No. 1425553

kek I called him Kurt Cobain and in the next episode they actually called him that in the actual show.

No. 1425555

Yeah I do see the irony but I was genuinely curious if this really was a new "shut up" tactic because I've seen that kinda argument used quite a bit whenever someone had an investment in a certain subject. Albeit it was mostly on the internet but I know that the whole trans subjective is very touchy when it comes to talking about it with people who aren't as in the know with all the events happening.

As for the ex-friend, I think it's because she saw me defending myself when I was getting called "transphobic" when I made posts about the Wii Spa incident and I said no men should be allowed in the women's restrooms regardless of how they feel. I lost a few acquaintances when I came out and said that on my Facebook.
I can understand why she may feel a certain way because she does have a MTF friend who's really just an effeminate gay man and I think that's why she took it hard. She probably gets super defensive of "TERF" rhetoric because she thinks of her friend.

No. 1425560

Straight, bi, and kweer girls love guys like hunter like they did back in 2010's when Jeffrey star was first a thing. I guarantee you all the scene chicks who had a crush on Jeffrey are the same ones who think hunter is hot. They have manly faces and look like fairies or elves or some shit. Some women just like thin pretty boys. James Charles is pretty ugly if we're being honest, women yasss queen men like him cuz they think he is cute, like a little kid trying on his mom's high heels it's endearing. Hunter is more like Prince. And I agree he passed better when he was a kid but I think he had to stop taking E for a bit because he has been looking super Kurt Cobain ish as of late.

Sage for sperging about pretty boys

No. 1425562

Yeah we've already distanced ourselves. Ever since we had that little scuffle, we stopped talking to each other and I later found that she blocked me. It's really for the best because I can't pretend I support the notion of men being allowed into women only spaces and that it doesn't matter if some MTFs aren't AGPs like her "trans" friend (that I know of). It's really about principle. I'll miss her but for now it's for the best and maybe one day she might come around and see the truth.

No. 1425565

ayrt, i agree with you, but just as rock music had the upper class rolling stones and the working class beatles, 90s feminists had both carrie brownstein and courtney love. well, at least carrie brownstein and SK never pretended to be fake poor/denied human trafficking in stripping like kathleen hanna, so maybe that's a bad example.

No. 1425567

"change their sense of gender" is completely fine. this argument is stupid because what people have a problem with is giving the kid surgeries. that kid CAN'T change its identity 200 times like a normal kid if you immediately give it surgery to be permanenty the first identity it tries on at age 5

No. 1425570

he's a hollywood scrote who didn't get laid in high school (well he did, but not with the school's hottest girl, just wiht someone in his league who he probably treated like shit so she fucked him when she wasn't ready to thinking it would make him like her more), and grew up to be less ugly than he was as a kid, so now uses his money and power to do coke and fuck girls he'd have been obsessed with as a teen. men never grow up. also he looks older than his 40s

No. 1425580

No, it’s literally just the way they speak about womens bodies is disgusting. They don’t understand how actual lesbians and bi women relate to one another, and the shit they say is in no way representative of how actual women act. Sometimes the way they talk about female bodies makes me feel disgusted to even be female, like I can’t escape from how men view us. I hate it.

No. 1425581

I feel the same way. I want to be able to watch her videos but something about the way she comes off as holier-then-thou gets on my last nerve.

No. 1425599

well apart from this scrote's gross wording, would you go down a a woman? or is the thought still repulsive? it's normal for straight women not to want to suck dick as it's degrading and mostly unrewarding

No. 1425605

ok thank you nonnnies i was legitimately worried there. because that is not how i feel when i go down on another woman. i feel like i'm having an emotional encounter with a woman i like. not…"pussy juice"? are we supposed to want to drink a cup of pussy juice? i wish scrotes didn't rule th world so ididn't have to be confused like this

No. 1425617

File: 1643053650011.png (180.44 KB, 720x981, Screenshot_20220124-133708~2.p…)

A euphoria fandom/cast thread would be funny. One of the main characters is a hypermasculine closeted bi/gay jock and it's hilarious watching fans try to say he's gay because out of the girls he has relationships with, the one who has a dick is the only one he is actually attracted to. LOL a whole lotta word salads "I'm not a transphobe Jules is 100% a real woman but isn't it weird how Nate doesn't like Cassie or Maddy? He seems to hate cis girls again TWAW but isn't it sus?" Like we all know hunter is a dude and that jock is flaming stop all the woke mental gymnastics

No. 1425621

Kek, didn’t Joss Whedon say he cheated on his wife while making Buffy/Firefly because he got none in high school and he was scared that if he didn’t sleep with these hot girls who were throwing themselves at him he would regret it forever? They’re all the fucking same.

No. 1425623

File: 1643054370261.jpeg (518.29 KB, 828x1219, 99A11E99-624E-4683-85A5-95F463…)

Sage for detail, relevant section from the Vulture article he said it in. I can just picture Levinson doing an interview just like this 20 years from now just add “trans” to the beautiful young women line.

No. 1425634

File: 1643054898449.jpg (90.64 KB, 730x1094, janet-mock-2.jpg)

No. 1425635

Whedon is gonna troon out. Middle aged, serial cheater, male feminist, post-divorce ginger trooning out to escape accusations of abusive behavior. It’s not an if, but a when.

No. 1425646

>miss out
this is literally incel logic. This is why I you don't get married to a moid at a young age, they will eventually leave because they thinks they're "missing out". I'm stating to think women should do exactly everything moids chimp out on. Wanna go fuck 15 dudes in 1 week? Do it. It's like sex is something moids are allowed to enjoy but woman is a hoe if she has a "high" bodycount.

No. 1425649

File: 1643055553378.png (585.29 KB, 611x693, Screenshot_20220124-141449~2.p…)

No. 1425650

this. men are gna fuck u over whatever u do, just have fun and don't put all ur eggs in one basket. some feminists act like tying a guy down and never having sex is a victory. newsflash: he's gna cheat on u, and/or ditch you, no matter how much empowered u feel.

No. 1425664

>he's gna cheat on u, and/or ditch you, no matter how much empowered u feel.
the man I loved and felt 100% secure with, who pulled out all the stops and had all the green flags, literally everyone's dream man, cheated on me.

there is no hope. no man will be loyal.

No. 1425675

Don't be silly, anon. I'm some regular straight woman and never thought of "drinking cum" as sexy. No man produces buckets of cum to guzzle. Moids are terminally retarded. You just want to have fun with your partner and enjoy sex. "Pussy juice" is not drunk, you just taste it and ignore the slightly salty, acid taste because sex isn't flowers and perfume even if it's two lesbians. Best we can do is be clean for our partners.

No. 1425682

I hate sucking dick because it feels degrading and embarrassing. I wish I didn't have this issue because most men I've been with are fine with going down on me and I can't reciprocate.

Dicks are fucking ugly but men are hot.

No. 1425701

You don't have to suck dick if you don't want to.

No. 1425705

it's so dumb because they still grow up to get hot women, just ones that are their age. you cant go back in time and be 15 again, sorry. lots of us were fat nerds in high school and couldn't bang hot young guys. but we get them now so just calm down. men literally can't be happy with anything, they always think they deserve more just for sitting on their ass eating cereal.

No. 1425706

File: 1643059568417.jpg (378.1 KB, 1080x2169, Screenshot_20220124_222543.jpg)

no on cares about you sucking dick oh my god. post troon nonsense https://www.reduxx.info/post/toddler-rapist-now-award-winning-trans-rights-activist

No. 1425710

that show makes me want to kidnap all the teens who watch it and start a school for them where they can study any class they want and lunch is free but you get a month of detention for making fun of virgins

No. 1425713

Looks like the guy that injected cement into his face if all the cement migrated to the not making retarded facial expression part of the brain

No. 1425716

she used to be normal and spouted a "no one needs to know about my dick unless they're dating me" kind of philosophy but then turned into a stupid tv troon. she obviously has been trying to commodify her "identity" since forever. in 2008/09 she first appeared in the feminist blogosphere and was originally marketed as a writer/intellectual/professor type. she was connected to that horse-toothed troon with the bad wig from the original feministing team (charlie something)

No. 1425718

no way, he's too obstinate to admit he's wrong even in the tiny amount required tor a troonout. he doesn't want to escape his consequences, he really thinks the entire world is wrong and should back down from him.

No. 1425721

i am the anon who was grossed out by pussy juice and tbh some girls really forget to wash down there properly. i think some women in their 20s still haven't totally figured out how to go to work and take care of themselves at the same time

No. 1425727

yeah but 99.9999% of men not only expect it but see it as a must.

No. 1425733

that's why i date subs, i haven't sucked a dick in over a year, but get eaten out constantly

No. 1425734

Gross. Ew. TMI.

No. 1425736

Nona I'm straight but the thought of drinking "dick juice" violently repulses me. Men just make sex sound disgusting.

No. 1425739

girl, we've been talking about pussy juice and sucking dick for like an hour

No. 1425745

Nobody wants to hear it. Stay in your containment thread you fucking weirdo.

No. 1425749

what magic crystal shit is she into?

No. 1425776

>MTF general
but why?????????????????????

No. 1425832

File: 1643066236127.png (48.44 KB, 763x455, wtf.png)

science is a dog whistle now according to troons.

No. 1425834

Any one of you brave nonas have the fortitude to watch this and report back on what he says? If you do, I'll give you a cookie and if not, I understand.

No. 1425836

These people and their supporters gotta be the biggest ideological threats of the 2020s.

No. 1425839

File: 1643066733159.png (39.1 KB, 736x419, dumb troon.png)

You're whole existence is a lie and the only thing that proves you're a man is the proof you're trying to hard to ignore.

No. 1425853

>lesbians have started meeting underground
Good for them

No. 1425888

File: 1643069940497.jpg (86.28 KB, 1366x738, 20220124_123811.jpg)

even in not so harsh lightning he looks brolic as fuck

No. 1425897

samefag; i had the feministing troon mixed up with charlie jane anders. Jos Truitt is the feministing one. i didn't know about agps or anything back then, most "transwomen" called themselves transsexuals and said they had dicks. never saw one that tried to have sex with anyone who didn't like dick. they weren't advocating for lesbian rape yet.
anyway, Jos Truitt's face freaked me out in a way i couldn't understand. it was AGP

No. 1425899


No. 1425901

what's wrong with being a beautiful man, hunter?
he's clearly one of those psycho gays that needs to be the prettiest princess of all time ever. a somatic narcissist like tess holliday, but with the male attitude towards aggressively enforcing his own rules.

No. 1425912

lol you type just like shayna

No. 1425918

I can try but it might just piss me off. Why does he think he's qualified to talk about lesbians Jesus this man is insufferable

No. 1425929

No. 1425934

i'm old, lay off. i was reading janet mock's stupid articles in 2008 when i was 20

No. 1425942

Matt Watson? From supermega?

No. 1425978

File: 1643077638991.png (202.84 KB, 1773x1111, Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 9.26…)

No. 1425981

File: 1643077816991.png (182.03 KB, 1440x764, 0887765.png)

Had to share this one, so much to unpack. They admit we look better effortlessly but also discount the time and money cis women put into hair, makeup, fashion and so on, not really sure what they're trying to say here other than trying to look like a woman is hot which is autogynephilia….soooo

No. 1425982

File: 1643077934206.jpeg (297.97 KB, 1080x1398, 9488FDDC-C149-4E63-B46B-A76374…)

Found on cgl kek

No. 1425985

I feel fantastic ass

No. 1425989

sorry for my autistic recap but here's what I got from watching it:

okay first off he's having "cis lesbians" call into his show as if those wouldn't be incredibly biased towards his position

Lol first "cis lesbian" who called in had a relationship with a transwoman… so bi…

for as much as I can't stand kat at least he admits that lesbians aren't into dick, too bad that is no longer the norm for these circles.

>brings up a point that more women (bi and pan) are needed in lesbian bars to keep them up

lol ok but what does that have to do with men in lesbian's spaces

>caller brings up non-transitioned tw and men pretending to be tw

how are we supposed to tell the difference

>"I don't think that anybody is gonna transition to creep on women"

but you just said crossdressers were a problem in lesbian spaces so how do you know

they go on to talk about how feminine or how transitioned a transwoman needs to be to get into lesbian spaces lol a lot of back and forth and silliness… obviously no male belongs there period.

>second caller trans lesbian (12:47)

opinion immediately disregarded

>complains about lesbians and lesbian spaces being transphobic

>is comparing nonbinary females and women with pcos to transwomen cause they grow facial hair and sometimes get top surgery?????

lol I hope the caller before this one terfs out tbh she seemed to just believe in the tru trans meme.

honestly the only point I really agree with is that lesbian bars are closing because they're niche and marginalized… but I definitely don't think the trans shit helps and drives some lesbians and bi women away.

>third caller "cis lesbians" who is 21 (21:12)

>thinks racism and biphobia are a bigger problem over tw in lesbian spaces

>complains about cis straight men trying to enter lesbian spaces

>complains about women in their profiles talking about harry potter and how that's transphobia

okay this woman is literally too young and brainwashed the shit she says literally makes no sense… she somehow connects lesbians wanting vaginas to internalized misogyny? if I'm understanding her lmfao

>last caller another trans lesbian (29:28)

>talks about the three lesbian bars in new york

>complains about older lesbians not being accepting of transwomen

that's all I got

No. 1425991

File: 1643078487936.jpeg (67.81 KB, 700x700, bab3a2824e2f5303e26d35a2265b00…)

the sheer cope

No. 1425992

KEK holy fuck you're right

No. 1425995

hey hey hey

No. 1426003

>He's not gay because he likes the "girl" with the dick since dicks aren't male!
>He's gay because he has dick pics on his phone

They can't even get their own shit straight kek. How do you know the dick pics on his phone aren't from totally brave and peak female form troons?

No. 1426004

some threads are for posting jokes in. other threads are for rants, tangents, and posting the exact same sentence about men and coopers ligaments every single day. guess which one you've found yourself in

No. 1426005

I had way too much time on my hands.

Kat talks to callers.
First caller is a lesbian:
>falls all over herself to affirm transwomen
>lesbian bars would close without bi, pan and transwomen customers and has no problem with them going but says she is uncomfortable with males "who the only thing they have to show that they are women is 'take my word for it'. And if they aren't doing anything at all to transition, how do we know that they aren't dudes pretending to be trans" (she also said that she totally didn't think that someone would transition to creep on lesbians)

Kat's not having it
>keeps pushing back by saying stuff like that view is 'unfair to transwomen who are early in their transition' and is 'policing their gender expression'.

The first caller finally gets a backbone when Kat says "Are we saying that transwomen need to transition before we go to a lesbian bar" and first caller says "Yes! That is exactly what I'm saying. Give me something."

Second caller is a transwoman:
>calls bs on the first caller and says he experiences the most virulent transmisogyny in lesbian spaces (Yes!).
>Says lesbian spaces are closing because of increasing gender inequality not because of troons.
>Spergs about trans poverty rates.
>Says lesbians should blame capitalism and the straight men who try to infiltrate lesbian spaces and lesbians just scapegoat troons.
>Pretends that women with PCOS and lesbians who call themselves nonbinary and got top surgery look like males, so if you hate on (non-transitioned) troons, but not them, you are prejudiced.
>Knows that the issue is lesbians don't want to fuck troons.

Blaque keeps
>saying he 'doesn't go to lesbian bar's obviously'. Says it several times in this video.
>says that bar being trans-affriming is what drove transphobic people away in New York. Is that what happened in Portland?

Second caller:
>Agrees with Blaque and goes on about some lesbian bar called Escape that doesn't have lesbian in the name, apparently to avoid being cancelled by troons.
>Keeps whining about 'economic marginalization of queer people' which is what results in the lack of 'sapphic spaces'. Again says troons are being scapegoated.

Third caller is a lesbian.

Blaque says:
>Troon take over of lesbian spaces isn't real.

>Agrees. Goes on about racism and biphobia and cis straight men (lol) trying to go into lesbian spaces.
>Younger lesbians are more accepting of troons but passively accepting of transphobia cause they go on and on about Harry Potter and say 'troons should have rights, but I'm not going to stand up for them'.
>Says lesbian bars should welcome anyone as long as they are interested in woman, regardless of 'their assigned gender at birth
>Wouldn't go to bar where troons aren't allowed

>Again says she only goes to straight bars and not that interested in this issue.
>Doesn't care if cis lesbians want a bar for themselves cause they're all transphobes so it's not much of a loss. Who cares about the one bar where transphobic lesbians meet each other?

>Would be saddened by bar that wasn't welcoming to transwomen
>It's a betrayal of queer liberation

>'Understands' why lesbians wouldn't want trannies around because they have been pressured all their lives to be in relationships with someone with a penis and want a place where that would never be an issue.
>Again says he doesn't go to lesbian bars

>'Understands' lesbian identity is very anatomy based because that sexual practice has been considered taboo for so long. But it's internalized misogyny that lesbians need to work on. And then insults gold star lesbians.

Fourth Caller:
>Goes to 2 of the lesbian bars in NYC.
>Denies troon takeover of lesbian bars
>Feels uncomfortable at the lesbian bar that is around hookups (I wonder why).
>Complains older generation not accepting of trans, bi, nbs, ace.
>Recounts 'horrible transphobia' at a bar that was some lesbians saying "bi women and transwomen aren't lesbians and they wouldn't date bi women." But then goes on to say that he has a phonecase that said 'Fuck Terfs' which probably prompted the conversation.

>Goes on about how no one should say who they wouldn't fuck.
>Feels like people are very upset about transwomen who are attracted to women and date women. People view troons who try to get with women (not women Kat, lesbians) as predatory and not really trans and that's wrong.

No. 1426010

so glad she's free

No. 1426035

File: 1643083170215.png (708.28 KB, 914x738, ew.PNG)

no surgery needed, just a paper bag

No. 1426043

>so much to unpack
There really isn’t
>intentionality is sexy
like, says who? since when is obviously trying hard to be sexy considered sexy? by who? just another example of troon sophistry imo

No. 1426044

there is no amount of surgery that could make that into a woman’s face.. I almost feel sad for how deluded and misled they are. almost

No. 1426063

Moid confirmed

No. 1426065

tiktok is a platform that troons won't be able to colonize, because you can evaluate a person's opinions on their presentation. they can hid behind reddit usernames and instagram memes, but having to perform their stupid takes with their actual human form undercuts any argument they are trying to make. no one is taking these doughy bald men in stretched out nighties seriously. I'm glad more people are going to see the people behind this insane ideology.

No. 1426067

how did the ACLU hand over the reigns to this insane and totally incompetent millennial?

No. 1426082

Man all that testosterone really aged her to shit fast didn't it though.

No. 1426098

>hes ugly on purpose
No kidding

No. 1426105

i could've sworn i read something about a tif lawyer being a groomer but i'm not sure if it was her or someone else

No. 1426107

You're doing god's work, will never understand these dudes saying "let's hear a lesbian's perspective!" and then inviting a whole man on to speak for them

No. 1426108

File: 1643089571638.jpeg (257.16 KB, 1152x2048, FJ2XHLBagAA_Idl.jpeg)

The corset isn't going to do anything for you if it doesn't even give you any shape when wearing it

No. 1426109

File: 1643089699681.jpg (191.04 KB, 980x685, 1549595253517.jpg)

>kathleen hanna
God I hate that lying hypocrite, she's the one who inspired the "slut-walk" if you were wondering and she denounced mitchfest when TRAs started complaining, a venue that had hosted her mediocre band for years

No. 1426110

File: 1643089726711.jpg (269.14 KB, 1080x1446, Ss47.jpg)

Future troon right here, she needs to realize its a fetish and get out of that relationship soon.

No. 1426112

men have such ugly fat sausage fingers

No. 1426113

File: 1643090133760.jpeg (713.04 KB, 2685x1135, 30C49D74-0A5A-486C-BA34-6A7273…)

how are they so delusional? where does their deranged confidence come from? Is it the online echo chambers of false compliments and reassurances? do they truly believe they don’t look disgusting and insane, or are they aware deep down and this is just a cope? it’s quite amazing really

No. 1426115

the worst part about this post is that it seems its mostly actual women defending the dude
why do we cape so much for men in dresses

No. 1426116

These are the same people that don't believe in bio sex anymore lmao

No. 1426117

i don't think so nona. the comments seemed to be pointing out that the man is selfish

No. 1426119

samefag, i misunderstood your reply. sorry about that, you're right.

No. 1426122

File: 1643090875457.jpg (315.73 KB, 972x1887, Scr4.jpg)

Things that totally happened.

No. 1426128


it doesn't look tied up properly at all lol… you have to tighten it

No. 1426130

lol I saw this post earlier and thought the same thing. Hope she breaks up cause he sounds like shit either way

No. 1426153

File: 1643093943133.jpeg (35.72 KB, 319x331, A7629160-B217-4689-8766-07E789…)

>intentionality is sexy
Does that include cis women who dye their hair, paint their nails, pluck their brows, wear high heels, curate their wardrobe, develop a skincare routine, put on makeup and style their hair every morning, wear jewellery, and actually put in the effort to try and meet the insane standards of womanhood that are forced upon us from birth? Or does this only apply to the greasy moids who rub on eyeliner with their fingers and throw on their TJ Maxx Disney Princess tshirt and sweats and call it a day?

No. 1426156

girl what are you talking about

No. 1426173

And you shouldn't bend over backwards for scrotes. Don't do anything you don't want to do nonnie.

No. 1426178

File: 1643096757422.jpeg (380.6 KB, 640x1043, 75DA4D1D-7582-4AA0-A08B-DDCA98…)

Was reading about authoritarian personality types on Wikipedia. Really seems to apply to many in the tranosphere

No. 1426179

Samefag, although the “sexual promiscuity” part might be expressed differently through their perspective, they are still very much invested in the sex lives and sexuality of others.

No. 1426183

what group isn't authoritarian these days?

No. 1426184

Plenty, let's not derail.

No. 1426189

He looks special needs

No. 1426192

I know moids cumbrains are fucked up and twisted but how do they reach this shit

No. 1426197

I'm kekking at the fact that the guy he's with seeming like a very stereotypical gay hairy masc daddy
without the bolt on tits and drag-tier female persona It would just be a twink x daddy relationship that are a dime a dozen in the gay community

No. 1426199

File: 1643102263560.png (243.36 KB, 592x390, troon.PNG)

This autistic troon with 1000 yard stare trying to do a Wallace impersonation showed up on my twitter feed. We are living the in the darkest timeline anons

No. 1426200

God he works in animation and I can't stand him inconstantly see him pop up on my feed or in replies to others

No. 1426201

File: 1643102387195.png (296.29 KB, 581x584, troon3.PNG)

You can't make this shit up

No. 1426202

His hairline is really parting like the red sea

No. 1426203

my favorite part is how it isn't even a good impression

No. 1426204

File: 1643102663881.png (399.05 KB, 582x372, troon4.PNG)

I feel like I'm having a stroke, their V-tuber persona is horrific

No. 1426207

File: 1643103037835.jpg (714.08 KB, 1055x1352, 1639585095407.jpg)

OT reading this just made me paranoid, This kid was just 11 years old and got in his head that he was trans on a anime discussion website
It makes me paranoid cause their are millions of kids who like cartoons and anime and will look for spaces to discuss these interests online, those spaces are probably filled to the brim with groomers of all sorts

Its why I argue with my parents about this everyday, my parents stick a tablet in front of my younger sister and brother and just leave them with it, I try to monitor their behavior which they don't like and my parents end up lecturing me and bring up all my failures, my uncle actually got my cousin an Iphone for her 7th Birthday

No. 1426209

>my parents stick a tablet in front of my younger sister and brother and just leave them with it, I try to monitor their behavior which they don't like and my parents end up lecturing me and bring up all my failures

Sounds so familiar. What the fuck is wrong with these parents that they're so negligent and just don't give a fuck??

No. 1426212

Typically what happens from what I've seen. with the 1st born kid parents are new to it and want to make all the “right” decisions or what they think is right, but by kid 2-3 they start giving less of a shit and just focus on themselves mostly

No. 1426216

File: 1643107807333.png (1.36 MB, 1508x1300, Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 14.4…)

I decided to watch the show and this is him in the first picture, how can anyone be convinced that this is not a man?

No. 1426217

Looking like a blonde Severus Snape

No. 1426219

You're their older sister so you're probably the cool one, you can definitely influence your younger siblings. Just tell them anime is gay and cool kids don't watch that shit. Try to keep a good relationship with them so they come to you if they are being groomed. Ask them about their online friends and stuff like that. Maybe you can find a way to block sites like 4chan on their devices.

No. 1426221

I try but they've kinda turned against me, when I talk to them about this they just say "bheen"(basically big sis our language) and go to our parents to complain about me

No. 1426224

Lmfao who is this hideous abomination? I swear I’ve seen him before

No. 1426230

I think he was posted in some of the earlier threads, some Singaporean TIM who called himself June, was super cringy

No. 1426242

Ew can these freaks leave female fragrance alone? I was thinking of buying this but now that troons will start buying it (at the suggestion of this troon) I’d rather not.
Now I’m going to associate this perfume with B.O and the scent of tranny necrotic flesh wound.

No. 1426261

File: 1643115214411.jpeg (92.41 KB, 550x734, 2EBDA5CB-BCE9-4CB0-95C6-3E458E…)

So sapphic…

No. 1426269

This is gross

No. 1426274

It just looks like a scrawny teenage boy in women's underwear and there's really one target demographic for this, pedos

No. 1426275

It's hilarious how masculine his face and body are. He should genuinely consider putting on weight, as that helps disguise the obvious male frame and bone structure. I wonder if he'll start getting some radical body surgeries in the future

No. 1426277

photo has more grain than my breakfast

No. 1426278

he's doing that thing where mtfs push their shoulders super far back. you can see how it forces the forward position of the neck and strains their neck muscles

No. 1426287

I hate this "fragile femininity" libfems like to spout around every time a straight woman complains about her tranny boyfriend as if it's in any way similar to fragile masculinity.. it's not even a thing

No. 1426290

File: 1643118910185.jpeg (12.29 KB, 268x476, 7_qq2q_2lFEA8MSeDk71JjsNyEhmH_…)

He looks like woozuh

No. 1426291

he would look so much better if he'd just admit to being a guy. he has a similar facial structure like jack kilmer. but he likes larp'ing as woman too much for the attention

No. 1426293

Its their now way of gaslighting women since you can't call a woman "hysterical" anymore. Any normal person would agree that a man wearing woman's clothes and skinwalking his girlfriend is a creepy freak.

No. 1426303

Maybe I’m just becoming more aware of it but I feel like more and more people are peaking and speaking up about their real opinions, does anyone feel the same ?

No. 1426318

If you take this conversation to the hidden board (if you know the one, don't want to out it here since there are so many scrotes ITT) it would probably be better, since this is mild derailing as is. I'd be interested to hear what you're talking about since where I am it's only getting worse by the day.

No. 1426328

girl same

No. 1426332

imagine all those teenage girl wanting to have a tranny gf after watching euphoria, only to find out that most of them are ugly degenerates, autists and/or gay and not interested in pussy.

No. 1426340


How can anyone be convinced that this is not a man?
Wishful thinking? And most people who think he passes have only seen edited pics and shit for the show. His voice is the only thing that passes. When you watch even the first season of the show his body is very male and his face is very boyish. He's supposed to be like this ultra feminine sex goddess but compared to Alexa demie I'm just not seeing it. He looks like an awkward Twink with man tits. No curves, big awkward knees, boxy weird man ribs, lack of hips, etc. And his character is just a slooty gay/bisexual attention whore who just starfishes so idk why the writer is gassing this fool up so hard. Even in his sex scenes with women he just sits there. His character is boring as fuck and just talks about sex and being trans I hope he gets killed off with gay jock and his pedo dad

No. 1426356

You can put a toilet in any room of your house but that doesn't mean its gonna flush.

No. 1426393

My friend said euphoria made her want to do drugs so that's great..

No. 1426417

your friend sounds like a stupid tiktok zoomer who is easily influenced by trendy media, ditch her kek

No. 1426418

While what you're saying is true, I don't think tying the corset is going to be of any help here

No. 1426479

Restricting their internet is not enough depending where you are they are getting this shit from school now

No. 1426493

Holy shit didn’t even realize it was active anymore. Thank you for making me aware nona.

No. 1426495

Looks like literally any other dude in those northern European metal bands

No. 1426509

your friend is really stupid no offense

No. 1426528

File: 1643135720795.jpg (44.92 KB, 670x671, 1616652397113.jpg)

okay while Hunter does look unquestionably male I do think its kinda delusional to say he looks like a "man", he doesn't look like a fully developed adult man(yet) but he does look like a male teenager, that's as much as hormones can do for him but age will take its course

No. 1426537

File: 1643137077148.jpg (279.38 KB, 665x1024, gettyimages-1318399008-1024x10…)

He still looks male. Not full on man but late teens about to grow a beard or some shit. His voice throws people off but if he had one of those vocal fry campy voices people would see him like how they see Blaire white (super gay dude in drag). The fatter/chubby trannies can pass a little better since their bone structure is a little hidden.

No. 1426539

File: 1643137167654.png (565.3 KB, 1128x709, yall.png)

was this stuff posted here? i'm so confused, how can kids be sure about being trans? did their parents done something?

No. 1426542

that's exactly what I posted, not a man(yet) but still male

No. 1426543

American. So probably. And more probable that this child will win Kek! Ahhh, I love America

No. 1426544

File: 1643137447167.jpg (203.56 KB, 850x550, 1-1-6.jpg)

Although if I'm being honest even passing troons (whether MTF or FTM) look uncanny no matter how well they pass. Sidney looks pretty effeminate but he randomly looks like a dude at some angles. Another thing is all TIP will always walk like their birth sex like a dude could strut and sashay, stick his ass out like he has tilted hips but he will never be able to walk like us like they only can walk like gay boys at best. TIFs try to walk as manly and macho as possible but just like they're holding in a poop or something like the Hips Don't Lie man

Sage for autism

No. 1426545

File: 1643137492067.jpg (Spoiler Image,28.77 KB, 360x360, 14374195_1676521972665800_5310…)

No. 1426553

Are you American? I notice Americans have a hard time detecting thin men with long features as masculine since they culturally read muscular frames as manly. If you're European or live in Europe for an extended amount of time you'll notice Hunter's face and frame doesn't stand out in a crowd of West and North European men.

No. 1426556

*since they culturally read broad muscular frames as the only "real" way to be manly

No. 1426557

Dutch actually, I see tall thin dudes here as well but Hunter looks like a malnourished male teenage to me

No. 1426558

Oh, lol. im in France and I notice French men who have even smaller builds than him

No. 1426560

Yeah but French in general are kinda stereotyped to be smaller and darker over here

No. 1426561

>I'm obsessed with wallace and gromit
They really never try to hide the autism do they

No. 1426562

jfcoab, i need to stop visiting this thread. i just had my second hunter dream this week.

No. 1426566

Honestly if your attracted to him on a purely physical level its not that fucked, cause he's a thin somewhat feminine looking young male

No. 1426568

im just really pissed by his popularity despite his creepy skinwalking and neo-misogynism. but i could be denying my attraction hence the dreams.

No. 1426578

File: 1643139689605.webm (10.6 MB, 640x360, dSchI07v4U4w4ymO.webm)

Speaking of HSTS trannies I'm reminded of a Palestinian-Lebanese TIM and LGBT+ "activist" who caused some controversy some time back cause they publicly refused to offer any sympathy for the lesbian Egyptian activist, Sarah Hegazi, who committed suicide due to the PTSD she suffered from the prison torture she had experienced in Egypt for being a gay activist

>"Haifa(The TIM) stated that she refuses to offer condolences to Atheists"

so just cause POC HSTS aren't as creepy as AGPs in the west there still misogynistic gay men who don't give a shit about us

No. 1426579

how are there so many men like this and why is anyone employing them?

No. 1426584

File: 1643140689508.png (1.6 MB, 1814x882, Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 11.5…)

it's way more obvious when you look at hunter next to a guy like Jimmy Kimmel. he towers over jimmy.

No. 1426585

This person looks like Steven Michael or whatever that guy’s name is that had drama with Romanian camgirl on Christmas

No. 1426589

Can we stop sperging about Hunter maybe? Pretty sure we all agree that he looks like a dude and will never be a woman. He's really not that milky as to dedicate an entire thread to him.

No. 1426591

They're probably just mad a potential heartthrob got trooned out by the current tranny cult. It's like if Kurt Cobain or Jim Morrison trooned out for them i dont blame them but it's getting excessive lol

No. 1426597

Posted a response about Hunter, but then deleted. You're right anon. We need AFAB trans woman memes NOAW.

No. 1426604

So apparently, shocker, another popular male youtuber did just about everything bad you can imagine, but I guess he came out as NB a while back and I can't even read about it without someone going on about how you should respect their pronouns even if they're a terrible person!!

No they're all doing the most male fucking crimes imaginable, being able to make you say that is just another form of control for them.

No. 1426624

File: 1643144074428.png (226.95 KB, 2048x2048, 55F74B48-50BD-40C6-BEF6-A41046…)

You are my hero, nona! Here ya go!

No. 1426667

File: 1643146094013.png (518.38 KB, 1738x1034, Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 1.27…)

lmao the delusion, comment section is even better kek

No. 1426668

Kek I didn't even realize this was Euphoria troon I thought it was some other guy, really just looks like a metalhead huh

No. 1426670

File: 1643146180369.png (365.94 KB, 2008x1388, Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 1.27…)

No. 1426674

File: 1643146247015.png (253.69 KB, 2048x2048, C0F4A323-5AD8-4E77-AE3D-B64BC5…)

Another cookie for you!

No. 1426677

I've only had Hunter nightmares myself

No. 1426681

Thanks nonna, I'm blind and deaf now.

No. 1426697

Went down the rabbit hole of their post history. Gee, wonder why you struggle to pass when you have no problem posting on femboy or asiantrap subreddits?


No. 1426707

File: 1643148392260.png (1.5 MB, 1052x1816, Untitled.png)

So nice of this doctors office to employ deaf and blind nurses.

No. 1426709

Moids can never tell when women are clowning them can they?

No. 1426712

File: 1643148629207.png (484.16 KB, 1080x1052, Untitled.png)

feminine death poops

No. 1426713

No. 1426717

He'll never look like a woman but the fact he is even asking instead of realizing that his caveman brow, jutting chin, and huge nose reads as male says a lot kek

No. 1426720

File: 1643148917173.png (608.16 KB, 720x540, download (1).png)

No. 1426732


They probably have it in the heir protocol to ask MtFs that, as to not get sued

No. 1426735

isn't it super transphobic and evil for an enby to say shit against trans people?

No. 1426740

Love the defensiveness

No. 1426746

this person has never exfoliated their face or brushed the yellow jackets off their teeth in their whole LIFE!

No. 1426754

>Can we stop = i hate this topic
Then bring some fukking milk. be the change you want to see.

No. 1426770

This one kept posting on double x sub and everytime I wanted to a-log so badly. Got banned anyways, should've just been even meaner to his autistic tranny ass.

No. 1426775

Constructive criticism is given after asking for it then continually disagrees. What loons told Everybody Loves Raymond over here that he has an hourglass figure? And unless those are shoulder pads, he'll never EVER have feminine shoulders.

No. 1426783


perfect example of a ginger male market failure

No. 1426875

Anon, you've got to pretend to be into whatever lame shit they are into. Ask them to show you what they are doing. Express interest and curiosity and be non-judgemental. Say it's because you want to get to know them better.

And after a few weeks/months, they should start trusting you again, and then you can steer them into non-internet stuff about whatever they are interested in.

No. 1426887

File: 1643159529531.jpg (92.05 KB, 720x1109, 20220126_020733.jpg)

I can't stand this smug idiot. He obviously hates women so what the hell does he want from us?

No. 1426889

File: 1643159785309.jpg (Spoiler Image,40.52 KB, 510x680, FJu1sWAXMAc0MBJ.jpg)

No. 1426893

describe what you posted, i ain't clicking on a mistery spoiler itt

No. 1426894

File: 1643159969379.png (34.86 KB, 750x327, troon (2).png)

We can't call you women because we've been taught its not nice to lie

No. 1426899

imagine shrek but uglier in a ill fitted corset

No. 1426904

the complete denial of reality is what kills me. how can you claim being a troon isn't a mental illness when we can't even acknowledge the fact that you were born a male? also lol @ philosophy tube whining about this when he just started transitioning like a year ago if that.

No. 1426910

sorry for samefag sperging kek but being "out of touch" with reality is a symptom of schizophrenia. I can't see their insistence that they are the same as actual women as anything but sheer delusion. troons claiming that they are "biologically female" makes me feel gaslit!!

No. 1426918

I don't see one ftm say this so why is it only the mtf's? Is it the male privilege?

No. 1426923

The fuck are Muslim men stoning and throwing acid at women for when this freak exists in his extreme pornified state? I'm shocked that this even exists.
Not to derail but I'm pretty sure I've seen honor killings happen to women who wanted to leave their abusive husbands or wanted to date a non-Muslim man. A brother or father would definitely do some harm to their female relative if they made something like this so I'm shocked at the blatant double standard. If he's a woman, shouldn't he be treated like one?

No. 1426932

interesting how our resident philosopher troons definitely skip the class on Logic where it would be fairly easy to prove that the logic behind gender ideology is both invalid and unsound. Why are so many of them into philosophy when the art of logic can obliterate their entire argument?

No. 1426933

File: 1643161787424.png (430.24 KB, 751x1042, this guy is a science teacher.…)

american education everyone

No. 1426938

Can u blame us. Imagine if Rihanna transitioned. Men would also react similarly to an attractive woman getting gender bend surgeries. Let us mourn the potential heart throb this unfortunate looking Twink could have been

No. 1426943

File: 1643162239871.png (32.16 KB, 754x414, TAFKAMacM on Twitter.png)

No. 1426944

File: 1643162280009.png (12.37 KB, 1016x220, Trans-Identified Male Creating…)

No. 1426946

Don't troons take progesterone? Or some of them? And weren't they also cis men or physically the same as cis men at one point so wouldn't it also cause them to violently shit? Which is what trannies refer to as their period cramps Lol

No. 1426950

He says we can change sex like we're clownfish then says our sex can be modified like??? I thought it was this natural thing that happens now it's something we have to actively do to ourselves to match our gender on the inside like do these retards not hear the fake deep double speak they do?

No. 1426957

I remember reading that crossdressing was a common paraphilia for serial killers when I was younger (like 2010's) i doubt the information is still available but I would not be surprised if most cross dressers were pedos or zoophiles or scat fetishists (since paraphilias come in clusters). I tried to Google the stats for the crimes trannies commit and it was mainly articles and stats on trannies being hate crimed and 41% lol maybe I should try duckduckgo smh

No. 1426959

Woman is a bad word to these people

No. 1426965

at least there is some sanity in the replies and quote tweets

No. 1426968

Yes, your sex can be modified. You can have a penis or a surgically inverted penis. Either way, you have a penis.

No. 1426991

File: 1643165249600.jpg (115.2 KB, 798x625, Untitled.jpg)

No. 1426996

my issue with her is that she was sort of the OG fake sex worker tumblr girl. she stripped because she didn't like cutstomer service or other jobs that take time away from your art (a totally fine opinion) but pretended she was like the poor, homeless young women who HAD to strip because they needed money for food asap and had no other choice.
she also literally said she and her sister were raped by her father, and then when it was mentioned in her documentary acted all shocked and dramatically backpedaled, saying other people made that up.
yes, she made feminist music and i'm not trying to discount all her experiences. but she lied about and appropriated the stories/lives of disadvantaged women who had no choice.

No. 1427014

womanhood is about appealing to males according to this geriatric pedophile

No. 1427021

File: 1643167924287.jpg (131.85 KB, 768x513, 79a8fdb413c71e947d32a9ea259b13…)


No. 1427023

Did anyone save those pictures of French lolita trannies? I can’t find them in the last thread for done reason

Kek the one on the far left

No. 1427026

>trannies refer to as their period
damn maybe there is some truth to that

No. 1427028

man everything's a reboot these days, they're even rebooting Lemon Party

No. 1427035

File: 1643168588192.jpeg (1.62 MB, 4000x4000, B1229972-0E48-4ED0-AC9E-4E6823…)

No. 1427060

I'm pretty sure the one on the right of the top left pic is a ciswoman who has her own brand. There's a bit of milk from her in the lolita thread over overpriced made in China shoes

No. 1427064

File: 1643169833678.jpeg (575.66 KB, 1668x1936, CB0D5F64-6C12-4844-87DB-6CFA41…)

People are peaking hard on places like reddit lately, every second TrueOffMyChest is someone tired of MTFs. Of course there are handmaidens and troons in the comments but the posts themselves are upvoted heavily. Something may be happening, ladies

No. 1427071

i've been reading this for years that people are getting over trannies but i wish it would happen on a scale bigger than superstraight, for people to wake the fuck up and stop letting trannies try to make pedo rights a thing

No. 1427072

File: 1643170369537.png (48.64 KB, 1084x529, How long do I give my partner.…)

This troon is only giving his poor wife 6 months to come to term with him being a troon after living together for more than 28 years. She's not falling for his bullshit so I hope she leaves him.

No. 1427074

Troons treading on women's rights need to be promoted on a scale larger than reddit, it needs to be made into laws so that the general public can realize what a mess these people are.

No. 1427089

File: 1643170974535.png (2.04 MB, 1215x1773, it's ma'am.png)

we need to get a it's MA'AM compilation started

No. 1427094

File: 1643171404982.png (1.2 MB, 459x2048, v9qxhujtn0681.png)

only a scrote could have thought this up

No. 1427104

kek what idiot deluded themselves into thinking even 15% of troons pass? We've been pointing out for like four threads now how their top 5% representation Hunter already has caveman face, they're straight up allergic to reality. The idea that contra is supposed to pass most of the time is straight up cope, even he knows it with all the lighting tricks and photoshop he uses.
I don't know who the "gigapassoid" in that picture is but it's funny how many straight up hons like >>1426667 seem to convince themselves they've achieved perfect hourglass cis beauty.

No. 1427105

I think the troons splitting hairs (their frizzy, thin hairs kek) over the definition of "female" and "woman" has finally caused the normies to peak lol

No. 1427107

Hahahaha god this is so autistic. All the "passoids" don't even exist. No trans woman truly passes

No. 1427108

this is peak male autism lmao. I am in awe of the sheer cope in that image.
like this anon said ^ no way 15% of troons pass. they fucking wish.

No. 1427121

the best "tag yourself" of all time, please next thread pic where did you find this gem

No. 1427124

anecdotal ofc but just today I heard a "birthing people" joke in front of me. normies definitely think it's over the top and are laughing at how ridiculous it all is, if they didn't already before.
tims fucked up and went way over the line.

No. 1427129

The idiot that made a video on trish also made one on Venessa Vokey and about "terfs". Venessa is cringe but he can't make good points about her since he is trying to hard to white knight trannies.

No. 1427136

I knew he was going to do this one day, he's weird as fuck and everything he does feels like a cover-up for something worse, his character feels off

No. 1427142

he's 100% one of those youtubers who will get caught grooming fans who are minors

No. 1427149

gus johnson vibes

No. 1427150

so glad a man can come in and mansplain lesbians. wow thanks dude how brave of you

No. 1427154

>which is why I identify as nonbinary because I don't want to identify with any specific gender
so he agrees it's a choice then lol this video is dumb I don't care for Vanessa but he has shit arguments

No. 1427164

This ugly fuck just hates women

No. 1427168

Beta males identify as non binary as a copout. They can’t be real men because they’re too weak and pathetic but they don’t want to be trans. That way they get to mansplain misogyny to other men (and to women too) as if they aren’t just as guilty of it.
Honestly I wish we had a nonbinary thread.

No. 1427170

at the beginning I was somewhat surprised that he seemed to have at least some IQ points to at least acknowledge the problems of TIMs in sports and women's prisons but then at 9:20 he claims the reason men are so violent and abusive is cause "men are socialized to be violent"
at 9:35 he claims acknowledging the biological natural differences between men and women is about as valid as eugenics
at 11:30 claims he's non-binary but says he still benefits from male privilege

spends the rest of the video over analyzing Venessa Vokey's song, making dumb jokes you can make with any song over analysis
at 19:10 "What does transness have to do with porn"
at 20:20 brings up Belle delphine when talking about TIMs who LARP as little girls
22:54 compares asking "what is a woman ?" to what "what is color red" and other metaphysical bullshit
24:50 claims that Vaneesa is likely an "Agender woman"
25:19 spouts the same bullshit about how non-western countries all had multiple genders before evil the restrictive colonizers came
27:18 only and one decent point in this video, Vanessa is a Jordan Peterson supporter who is fine with conversation therapy
29:00 no evidence that Trans people are groomers
29:30 Pedophiles have nothing to do with trans people
31:00 his awful cover of Vanessa's song

I spent way too much time on this

No. 1427174

File: 1643186781902.jpg (2.76 MB, 1080x8866, Screenshot_20220125-112949 (1)…)

my friend found this post it's one of the most mentally ill things i have ever read

No. 1427177

>24:50 claims that Vaneesa is likely an "Agender woman"

it's funny how they always sperg about "misgendering" one minute and then label people as trans against their will the next

No. 1427178

Male delusion. This is just more evidence that the vast majority of men are face blind. At best 0.1% of them genuinely pass.

Thanks nona for summarizing; that man's face irritates me too much to actually watch the video.

Not even gonna bother reading this through because a brief skim already has me bending over the toilet bowl. Literally what the fuck?

No. 1427179


this picture smells

No. 1427182

look what they need just to mimic a fraction of our power

No. 1427186

This is so spot on. Non-binary men are just scrotes too beta to experience the full extent of male privilege so they want to deny that they have any privilege at all. It's beyond pathetic.

Can't wait for when people peak and look back on this special gender era and see how ridiculous it really is, similar to how we now view the 284738 random niche sexualities era on tumblr.

(Also, this is OT so I tried to 'sage' it. Lmk if it didn't work because I'm on my phone and shit's wonky. Does the capitalization matter? Ty and sorry)

No. 1427188

I distinctly recall watching contra's videos on trans issues and feeling so much pity for MTFs because of the way Contra framed their issues. Feeling like your body is just wrong and uncomfortable is something so relatable to so many women, and I genuinely felt sympathetic to MTFs problems.

No one told me that this was the actual fucking shit MTFs do. Contra phrased AGP as being akin to a woman feeling sexy and confident in lingerie instead of explaining that it was really ugly grown men jacking off into female clothes.

This entire post disgusts me. I hope every single freak indulging in this perversion burns in hell for all of eternity, and I don't even believe in that shit.

No. 1427193

Of course people pass in overly facetuned pictures. You can take an ugly wrinkled granny and make her into a 18 yo Stacy with facetune. You can create yourself a new face. Men are so oblivious to editing.
I've legit never seen a troon pass and I've never seen one pass as a gorgeous girl. Closest is Kim Petras and even he isn't gorgeous by cis girl standard, he's pretty chonky with average plastic surgery face.

No. 1427194

File: 1643188800707.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1170x2009, DDCF30D2-D5F9-43E7-BFC2-43511E…)

What the fuck is this delusion and obsession with young girls? Go check your ugly raggedy hairy ass into a nursing home and die.

No. 1427201


Damn Elton John looks rough these days

No. 1427208

File: 1643191989776.jpeg (Spoiler Image,45.85 KB, 609x214, 9D16DA9D-2081-4356-8EBB-4258D9…)

Sage just goes in the email part, capital at the beginning of the word doesn’t matter

No. 1427210

Because they're pedos. No sane person dresses up as kids just to sexualize themselves. Also how is he so unaware of how ragged and old his face looks? Why dont they cover their faces???

No. 1427211

File: 1643192898926.jpg (403.04 KB, 1080x1950, 20220126_042600.jpg)

wow, i missed that cope sub in the wall of text - what a nightmare.

No. 1427244

This is so bleak. Good god, I’m so glad I’m not a male. Y chromosome is literally a genetic defect.

No. 1427266

Him being ugly is milk and he should be teared to shreds. Someone pls make a thread only for him so we can talk shit

No. 1427285

File: 1643205361755.png (10.92 KB, 607x99, Untitled.png)

tranners always use the most exaggerated and overblown terms

No. 1427287


No. 1427290

File: 1643205683814.png (735.82 KB, 533x562, CB89FDCB-646F-447D-BA66-C73DFD…)

kek do they truly believe pic related “passes” most of the time?

No. 1427294

is that… is that jenny nicholson? JENNY NO I'LL SAVE YOU

No. 1427295

File: 1643205919540.jpg (114.27 KB, 596x648, 11lMZcg.jpg)

nonnie I am dead

No. 1427296

File: 1643206034473.png (499.25 KB, 577x1046, Untitled.png)

went down a bit of a rabbit hole with some of the recent links, decided to check out the twitter of the lady they quoted at the top of the article because she seemed based. i was pleased to see she seems to be an activist for women in 3rd world countries and wrote a book about her experiences with the malawi group. of course, some perma-online troon must have come and threatened to rape her for her comments.

No. 1427305

File: 1643206466310.png (650.33 KB, 882x581, itsmaam.png)

not milk, but i found the "IT'S MA'AM !!!" hon's insta feed and have noone to laugh at it with. it's mostly selfies and disgusting food.
also the pfp gives me strong ForeverKailyn vibes lmao

No. 1427307

jenny is friends with a lot of the breadtube clique yeah

No. 1427308

isnt he a meth addict with a child in the home or am i confusing him with some other troon?

No. 1427310

>arm trans women
I don't think he's going to like who usually gets shot kek

No. 1427311

File: 1643206642293.png (559.67 KB, 949x612, itsmaam.png)

part 2 with funny comments

No. 1427312

Jenny is too far gone down the hamdmaiden rabbit hole to be saved

No. 1427315

File: 1643206983673.png (351.45 KB, 993x469, itsmaam.png)

there is a child in some pictures, which i won't post, and assumed this was some nephew or something but commenters say "your kid". that's pretty concerning.
also, lol @ the caption of pic related.

No. 1427317

Found it on a radfem FB page, nonna. Glad you like it!

No. 1427320

File: 1643207341450.webm (2.14 MB, 540x960, v10044g50000c7n4qcrc77u08u2qu4…)

they're so close to getting it

No. 1427330

i hate to see it but i feel like she’s mostly just conflict avoidant out of necessity of not being torn apart by the twittertards and cast out of her youtube position. as long as she never makes a vid on tranners i will love her

No. 1427336


Poor groomed child never had a chance

No. 1427352

No. 1427356

File: 1643211344326.png (864.5 KB, 508x886, Untitled.png)

Seems it was not the parents that groomed him.

No. 1427361

Every single one of those troons is still a moid. Cope, seethe, dilate.

No. 1427368

Looking at r/trueoffmychest for proof that redditors are peaking is like looking at TIA, trueoffmychest was always filled with people that went against the website’s norm since the original offmychest subreddit couldn’t allow people to fully express their hatred of feminism, BLM, etc. I remember when trueoffmychest got created it had incel sand alt-right sympathisers talking about how triggered they were from tumblr.

No. 1427381

File: 1643212988702.png (599.4 KB, 738x838, u nasty.png)

i hate how reddit enables these nasty AGP trancels

No. 1427389

File: 1643213635085.jpg (212.47 KB, 1080x1348, Screenshot.jpg)

Aaaand now they're gonna change it. Gotta protect from wrongthink, you know.

No. 1427392

i have to say he is decent for a troon.
I followed him when he had less followers and his content was normal aside from his posts about being depressed or men being creepy to him.
He seems sweet, he is one of those gay men who hate their sexualitys.

No. 1427394

he refuses to acknowledge the female pronouns for his wife. bleak.

No. 1427399

File: 1643214666160.jpeg (Spoiler Image,179.85 KB, 1200x1200, EFgIk1ZW4AIT7AZ.jpeg)

kek I saw the thumbnail and for some reason thought it was like a before/after of a brazilian wax like pic related (spoiler since it's a picture of a woman's no-nos)

No. 1427425

The subreddit r/antiwork sent their trannyjanny to talk on Fox News.

No. 1427441

why are trannies always such attention whores and for no good reason? he made their entire subreddit look like even more of a complete joke.

No. 1427465

File: 1643219645826.png (92.17 KB, 527x215, handwriting.png)

I think a niche and subtle way to clock troons is through handwriting. We all know men are incapable of nuance and attention to detail so I guarantee "Aphrodite Miwasaki" is a dude when they hand you a job application for your company that looks like a bottom pic rel.

No. 1427478

Kek I have really shit, messy handwriting and people always tell me I write like a man. Speaks volumes.

No. 1427479

nta really, but my dad has an amazing handwriting and always made everything that he wrote for my school look like genuine caligraphy and believed that it should be as neat as humanly possible so i don't know how this is supposed to work sorry for the rant

No. 1427481

Your dad and other artistic men or ones who have a hobby in writing script or calligraphy are outliers. The average moid writes in a very scizo uneven scratchy small handwriting.

No. 1427482

well i agree, while he is not perfect he is generally very artistic, takes care of himself and puts attention to manners so I was kind off shocked when i realized taht most moids don't act like him at all

No. 1427486

File: 1643221159338.jpg (194.69 KB, 1068x1067, Screenshot_20220126-101743~2.j…)

Damn, he's gained a lot of weight since the game stop incident.

No. 1427489

wait, give more info on the gamestop incident

No. 1427491

>portuguese football beanie
wtf I tought the incel to troon pipeline (the type that doesn't even try to hide it) hadn't reached europe yet, help
Not only is he proving TERFs right he's also proving me right that men in portugal are gross

No. 1427492

It's old milk at