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No. 6816

Third edition!

Please post all general issues and complaints here. If you want mods to do something, or have some issue with or suggestion for site content, you should use this thread.

>>>/meta/6821 should only be used for technical issues and suggestions (can't load site, site slow, bugs, site feature requests). This thread is for non-technical issues.

No. 6817


The Technical Help & Feature Suggestions thread is locked.

No. 6818


The rules still have not been renumbered, ie. 3.2 and 3.3 are missing.

No. 6819

Honest question: Why do farmhands give a fuck about "derailing" in /ot/ on threads that obviously bait major arguing and infighting?

What's there to "derail" when every post is literally someone else, or a ban evader, trying to provoke the next reaction?
It's like either delete the thread or allow the argument. It's fucking retarded to try to moderate a shitshow like those types of threads are even work saving. At least autosage them or something.

No. 6823

i've been wondering this myself honestly. maybe it's cause /ot/ doesn't really matter at all?

No. 6824

Most threads in /ot/ have issues with derailing brought forth by infighting but you are right in the sense that some threads provoke more infighting than others. The manhate thread and unpopular opinion threads for example. We have autosaged manhate in the past and it only led to anons making new threads or complaining about autosage. We've banned anons responding to incels in the past as well. If we allow "debate" or discussion then the anons cry for moderators to clean up their threads after the fact.

If you have a solution to issues similar to the ones mentioned above, we're all ears.
We're going to be making minor changes to some rules, that's the reason for the delay.

No. 6825

I honestly wish /manure/ came back so trash threads could be moved to it.

No. 6826

even if the anons bitch about their shitty threads being autosaged, it makes sense to me to do it if they're causing issues.

No. 6829

"someone bitched about it" is the reasoning for not doing anything logical around here, don't you know?

No. 6830

All these "I hate x/anti-x" threads on /ot/ are getting out of hand. All of them feel like thinly veiled bait, especially the new one about Koreans, people are just using it to shit on Asians and Asian cultural differences.

No. 6831

Seriously how is that thread any different than those race threads that were banned a while ago?

No. 6832

this! i just reported it and was going to complain here. anons are getting accused of gatekeeping for trying to stick to korea and not just Asians in general. how tf is that not racist?

No. 6833

The idea in general is just stupid wether it’s one group of people or not. Its a huge circle jerk at this point and it’s obvious a lot of anons are just jaded weebs

No. 6834

I kind of was on board at first, since /ot/ has a lot of Korean themed threads but I agree. They immediately started bitching about how dudes view Asian women. That has zero to do with Korean culture or it's issues.

Korea has tons of problems:
>extreme body image issues
>horrible views on mental health
>horrible views on homosexuality

But no, the thread is just bitching about how weeb dudes find Asian women pure. Great.

No. 6835

i wasn't with it at first, but fuck, anons on /ot/ are so fucking vapid. you'd think they'd have something useful to say with all the alleged radfems there, but it's just bitching about stacks of cups.

No. 6836

Same. You’d think somebody would mention the fact that abortion is illegal and how absurdly high their suicide rate is, but its all just “waaaah koreans double dip!! Fucking savages, koreans are all dogs!!”

No. 6837

They did, you didn't read the thread

No. 6838

the first post about that was around the same time you posted this, which was 2 hours after anon mentioned that. hmm…

No. 6839

If you read through the thread there has been mentions of suicide before that

No. 6840

Can someone do something about the amina /snow/ thread? We got people using racial slurs and crying whiteknight

No. 6841

So report and don't engage. It's shit like this that makes people scream white knight since people do their damndest to get Amina's threads locked.

No. 6842

Is https://lolcow.farm/practest/ supposed to be hidden? It is being indexed by Google. I found it by searching for "lolcow.farm Kelly Jean".

No. 6843

Can the mod who keeps arbitrarily moving threads to /g/ stop? The website rec thread is not /g/ related in the slightest. It doesn't go there.

No. 6845

I disagree, it fits better there imo

No. 6847

The man-hating thread is a disaster. I know it's a dump fire anyway, but the amount of men and incels that post continuously and blatantly aren't banned quick enough. Is it not feasible to get someone dedicated to that thread?

No. 6848

We have 2 farmhands who regularly check the thread everyday.

No. 6849

Thanks for the information, I guess they are in the same time zone though as there are periods of 6-7 hours men post freely. I appreciate the work you all do, I'd just love to see more control in that thread.

No. 6850

Can we please get rid of the "Daddys little porkchop" banner?
A gif of some chick fondling her bare ass isn't really SFW.

No. 6851

what in the goddamn fuck


No. 6853

End this shite already.

No. 6854

agreed. it's really not even that relevant anymore. there's no milk on her anymore and she's not legendary like pt or even kiki or anything. it's just an annoying one that's 4chan tier tbh

No. 6855

Neither is the one of pt giving fellatio to a corn dog or making the o-face in the bathtub.

Why are you stanning for Mystery? She's legendary for this site and even has her own post archive a la Kiki style.

No. 6856

>not wanting to see mystery's bare ass all the damn time

pt is way more legendary than mystery despite her not being much of a topic anymore. it's not even comparable. plenty of flakes and cows have their own post history. that's not unique at all and it doesn't make them deserving of a banner. besides, pt's corndog banner is awkward and embarrassing, but not NSFW and nearly as porny.

No. 6857

There was an anon appealing some auto bans, please let me know if you're still experiencing issues with posting via email or by posting in this thread (if possible).

No. 6858


After Raven and Logan split up anons asked for his banner to be removed and Admin refused.

No. 6859

Yikes, you're passionate about this aren't you?
Okay how about furthermore the banners of
>Palermo's tits
>Moo's half naked ass
>Onision getting shot out of the chair
Don't get mad when I say you're being oddly selective..because this stuff isn't worksafe either.

Haven't seen that recently, is it finally gone or something?

No. 6861

I assume Admin is aware of the bug that is resulting in double and triple posts. I first noticed it happening during the 50* outages last week.


Dead-eyed Logan is still in rotation.

No. 6862

File: 1539528431780.png (14.97 KB, 1535x244, stupidmod.png)

I'm not this anon, just concerned, because this isn't cowtipping.

This person is talking about sharing moo videos with a discord. Why is someone with such poor english skills allowed to mod? Please fix this shit.

No. 6864

I'm still having this issue and just tried to delete some of the extras in the celeb thread and getting a "not enough space on device" error?

No. 6868


When was the last time a new banner was added, despite anons taking the time to make so many worthy submissions?

Admin doesn't give a fuck.

No. 6870

There's a banhappy piss poor reading comprehension mod on the team that needs to be removed asap

No. 6874

Can someone explain to me why the Luna thread is in pt? It's 99% milkless, full of junkies and BPD cunts arguing and nitpicking her art/weight/make-up. What exactly is the justification for this? I mean they even made a bingo card of all the same tired old shit that gets brought up all the time, surely that's saying something?

No. 6875


I asked the same about the Fahr Sindram thread.

Don't expect an answer. I didn't get one.

No. 6878

File: 1539684342343.png (85.21 KB, 338x462, no contribution.png)


fucking this. i can't seem to post a comment in momokun's thread without getting a ban. the most recent said "no contribution. this is not your personal chat room." as if 95% of momokun's thread isn't people making fun of her looks and comparing her to ugly characters. this has happened multiple times and mods need to get their shit together.

No. 6879

What is up with the site hiccuping / server errors?

No. 6880

So has racebait just been declared all good for ot or what? The eye colour retards have been at it for about 18 hours and mods seem cool with it.
I miss having based mods.

No. 6881

File: 1539695349955.jpeg (7.21 KB, 232x218, download (1).jpeg)

Riiiight. So why don't you ban autistic femcels that take obvious bait and derail like how one of the old admins did to trolls? Whenever an incel pops up there's at least a few anons telling everyone not to take the bait and they still do. They're just as responsible for shitting up the thread as the incels are.

>anons being this neurotic about eye colour
>mods don't give a shit
This would be hilarious if it weren't so sad. /ot/ is such a dumpster fire.

No. 6882

I feel like the lack of sage on /pt/ has caused more bans there, which is stupid. Sage or not, we're still allowed to post shit like this. If you're going to ban everyone who isn't dumping milk, you might as well put sage back on. It's been ruining the threads.

No. 6883

I'm having issues with the shayna and fupa thread, not loading all the posts

No. 6884

File: 1539715158658.png (95.14 KB, 800x833, Screenshot_2018-10-16-11-37-07…)

Shit is broken and spurring infighting all over the site.

No. 6885


Do you have the "hide saged posts" option turned on?

No. 6886

If "Hi, cow" is officially against the rules, perhaps add it to the list and enforce it equally. Anons are infighting over being accused and then infighting over whether it is a rule.


TFW such a glaring error still has not been fixed over a month later: management deserves the ridicule it receives from other sites.

No. 6887

Yeah swallowing all the bait is encouraged, pointing out bait is a bannable offence. Maybe a mod is one of the racebair spergs?

No. 6888

Please do something about the unpopular opinion thread in /ot/. I'm so sick of all the caucasian insecurity. That borderline cp needs to be spoilered too, it's fucking gross.

No. 6889

Caucasian insecurity makes it sound like you’re the one sperging our about Asian women superiority.

No. 6890

No one is doing that. You know what people are doing though? Getting triggered and completely derailing the thread when someone says they don't like blonde hair and blue eyes.

No. 6891

Point is the Caucasian bit comes off as trying to be inflammatory. The eye colour posting is sheer autism and demands a hellweek. It’s the third time it’s cropped up in some form. Mods don’t care, probably are the ones screaming about poop eyes.

No. 6892

That's why it was spoilered. You can call it "inflammatory" all you want, but it's true.

No. 6893

If there’s no race sperging why does Caucasian factor in then? Pick one anon.

No. 6894

There is race sperging, but it's not about how ~superior~ asian women are. It's coming from insecure white women who chimp the fuck out when someone says they aren't attracted to features some white people have, especially at non-whites. They equate not liking these features to jealousy, self-hatred, and/or racism.

No. 6895

Imo there’s too many chimps to blame anyone in particular.its just as likely a man larping as a blue eyed woman with a hang up. Plus there’s frequent dae hate white women lol garbage floating around from low effort trolls.

No. 6896

The sage rules on this website are fucking absurd. I don't really see the point of sage-ing anything unless it bumps a totally dead thread for no reason or if it's a total blogpost. Because otherwise what happens is every other thread that isn't on /pt/ just fucking stagnates and dies because it never gets bumped even if there's an active discussion going on or new milk to discuss because everyone sages every single post out of fear their some other anon will jump down their throat for not sage-ing.

Also anons trying to shut down discussion of a cow in a relevant thread should be bannable. (Ex: the random spergs that appear out of nowhere in Celebricow threads who throw a hissy fit and scream "no one cares move on!" the second Azealia Banks's name is mentioned even though she's currently involved in active drama and is certifiably one of the milkiest celebrities) I thought this was a discussion board but all these rules do is discourage any any discussion that isn't one specific type of comment deemed "new milk".

Basically on a discussion board, imo the only thing that should be saged should be anything that discourages active or relevant conversation (again, blogposts or bumping dead threads for no reason). Anything else should be fair game. If you only want new milk posted, then this should be a news site, not a discussion site. It's the equivalent of saying "This is a current events forum and if you post a news story from CNN you won't get banned but if you discuss any of the ramifications of anything going on in the world or your opinion or politics on this forum that's not contributing and ur banned!!"
Then what's the fucking point of this website?

Fucking this. I'm glad I'm not the only person who can't stand that banner.

No. 6897

I feel like half of the banners in rotation now aren't even relevant at all anymore. I get Kiki and PT (especially considering the main board is named after her) but most of the other ones I feel like are 10 pages back at this point with no new milk. We need more current ones like Dasha or Baylee or TND or Jeffree.

Honestly while I'm at it, I don't understand the /pt/ qualifications at all? We're on our 6th Baylee Jae thread, 20th TND thread, 4th Costhot (all in /snow/) and Almost 3rd Celebricows thread in /ot/. None of these are good enough for /pt/ but the Fahr Sindram from 3 years ago with less than 500 comments is allowed on /pt/? What? The standards don't make any sense.

No. 6899

The celebricows thread fits better in /ot/ because the userbase is more chill, but I agree on the others. Shoe belongs in /pt/ too imo. /pt/ is extremely boring right now, it could use some new cows.

As for banners, most of them are irrelevant because no one is submitting new ones. Mods should encourage people to make some for the current cows. We need a town hall so bad.

No. 6900

Mods, pls

No. 6902

File: 1539750424718.png (32.47 KB, 800x183, Screenshot_2018-10-16-21-24-40…)


Did this actually happen? I don't recall new banners being added in May.


No. 6905

No, I haven't seen any of the newer banners. It's been over a year since new ones got added. Even some of the ones submitted since the last one was added are now outdated (i.e. the munchie threads are banned and the billie drama is irrelevant)

No. 6907

Can we have a mass ban of the retards derailing the unpopular opinion thread? It's been like this for stupid amounts of time. Do we just not have mods anymore or what?

No. 6908

how sad it must be that site banners rustle your jimmies so hard.

No. 6909


It's a very visible symptom of the larger problem of neglect of the site.

No. 6910

anon pls, on a list of importance, something so small is the least of lolcow problems lmao

No. 6911

You guys are so sensitive and needy it’s unreal. No wonder mods left /ot/ to rot. Good shit honestly.

No. 6912

I know this is old but I can't get over the entitlement of wanting a dedicated mod for possibly the shittiest thread on the site. It's either trolls or seriously damaged individuals in there, everyone else avoids it like the plague.

Thread moving doesn't seem to be a thing any more? I used to follow her threads, but now I just check in occasionally and then nope the fuck out for the reasons you mentioned. And lol, they made several bingo cards, and still missed half the problems.

the first two of those you mention only got that far because of an influx of newfags and endless nitpicking bullshit. The Baylee Jae threads were basically pinned to the top for the first 4 because what is sage / oh I forgot to mention she is really shit and I hate her / lol she can't draw xD … Agree that Fahr doesn't need the spot, but neither do those two. (don't follow the other two)

So … any progress on town hall or hellweek or anything like that? (diehard optimist)

No. 6913


What does OT have to do with banners? Think of the lack of banners as broken windows theory.


I am the anon who pointed out and has been reminding mods of the misnumbering in the rules list, rules that have not been codified, and the recent 50* server errors and duplicate posts. I can be concerned about all of these things.

No. 6914

well hop on mod team know-it-all nancy. is your daily life filled with gatekeeping as well?

No. 6915

Lol sounds like Raven's op anon

No. 6916

>I can't get over the entitlement of wanting a dedicated mod for possibly the shittiest thread on the site
She suggested it because multiple anons volunteered to do it before… I don't think it's that entitled.

No. 6917

Can we please autosage the shaygnar thread? It's one of the worst on the site. ALL of the posters in it are camwhores nitpicking and gossiping about eachother.

No. 6918

>come to complaint thread to complain about complaints

No. 6919

Noticing a weird trend of people trying to shoehorn other cows (with or without threads) in random threads. It's happened in 3 or 4 in the past 24 hours. I reported it but just weird.

Also, people who complain about us complaining about mods can suck on a railroad spike. I know mods don't get paid, but that's even more of a reason to not be shit, they're not getting anything out of it, so either git gud or let someone else do it.

No. 6920

lmao good call

It's one thread, in a section that gets less traffic anyway. One thread. Even Moo doesn't get that sort of attention, and that has to be the busiest thread on the board.

No. 6921

so its been awhile, whats the deal with kelly jean? is she still offlimits or what?

No. 6922

The man hate thread gets shitloads of traffic, what are you talking about? /ot/ doesn't have a crazy amount of traffic overall, but there are about 3 threads that generate the vast majority of it and the man hate thread is the biggest one. When robots inevitably come to shit it up, it moves extremely fast and it takes the mods hours to ban the robots and clean. If some anons are volunteering to do it pronto instead of letting the bots run amok for hours like the mods do, why not let them?

No. 6923

can you not read, she said the thread does get shitloads of attention, but /ot/ is dead usually.

either way, the manhate thread is the worst on the site and i think it's time you fucks moved on anyway.

No. 6924

Then maybe you should hide it, retard.

No. 6925

>gets called out for not being able to read
>continues to not know how to read

oh okay. thanks for showing me how reasonable and collected people who use that thread are!

No. 6926

File: 1539907299436.png (52.51 KB, 800x373, Screenshot_2018-10-18-16-58-07…)


Thread #2 was put into an unlinked directory which was still indexed by Google. It's now 404.

No. 6927

Why was the conspiracy loon who created the Transinvestigation thread >>>/ot/312161 redirected to Gender Critical? They were banned in an earlier thread >>>/ot/249947 and then redtexted for ban evasion >>>/ot/250146.

No. 6928

what idiot mod directed that trans tinfoiling to the GC thread? those kinds of posters were banned from it a few months ago. celebrity trans theories are not GC.

No. 6931

What? If you don't like the man hate thread, hide it instead of bitching.

And you can't blame me for not understanding that anon's post, the way she worded it made it confusing as fuck. Was her point supposed to be
>The thread that gets way more traffic than the any other thread on the site shouldn't have it's own volunteer janitor because I think it's entitled
Because that makes no sense. It would've made more sense to complain about the traffic, so that's what I though she meant to do. Unless she was agreeing with me…? I still can't tell.

No. 6932

Came here to complain about this too. Transvestigation will derail the shit out of GC and plus most of the posters in the Tranvestigation thread were following for lulz only. Why it'd be redirected to GC is absolutely nonsensical.

Also it's been 5 days since a Farmhand even came in here to address any concerns and even then it didn't address anything. Wtf is going on.

No. 6933

That was probably me, it popped up again recently and I reported it, so I'm guessing it was then and you posted here after actioning it. If so, thank you! (I have no idea if it is still in effect, IP switches regularly, and I haven't hit a 'bad' one to check)

No. 6934

I tried reading it a couple of times after hearing people mocking it / talking about how messy it is, and it's just amazing. This one is positively diplomatic and eminently reasonable compared to the rest of them.

>way more traffic

once again, what are you on? Onision, Moo, TND, and so on all get more traffic. And unlike your precious thread, most of said traffic isn't bots, incels, and lunatics. So yes, asking for a dedicated mod for that trashfire is entitled. Especially since - again - they're obviously stretched thin on staff as it is.

No. 6935

The anons claiming they want to "volunteer to mod the thread" clearly don't understand how modding works on chans. They think they could just sit in the thread and delete shit or ban people with ease.

If that thread is so much of a dumpster fire of bait and infighting, get rid of it.

>inb4 hide the thread

I don't use /ot/. I just hate that this one shitty thread seems to be creating such a stink.

No. 6936

i saw this earlier in the uggo cosplay thots thread. someone claimed that yaya's cosplay should be posted in the usagi kou thread cause it's zero-two and then proceeded to link the thread.

No. 6937

>ban a popular thread because some dick suckers are offended by it
OK sounds like a great practice for a chan to pick up. The infighting would stop if you retards could learn to stop looking at it lmao. I'm not even from the thread and I think you people are being weird about it.

No. 6938

nta but

>ignores the part about not reading it

lmao, the thread is like 80% bait and fighting, it's not popular. also, how do you know it's popular if you don't go on the thread hmm?

No. 6939

Anti-Korea thread is full of racebait and sperging. Who could've guessed?

No. 6940

It's gotten worse too

No. 6941

agreed, the thread may be popular, but it's popular with incels and femcels, so who the fuck wants that?

No. 6942

I would also like to know.
Kelly pulling this shit to get both threads off google proves even more so that she belongs on this website.

No. 6943


To clarify >>6926, Admin removed the practest page a couple of weeks ago after they found out it was indexed by Google and thus visible. Admin deleted the comment in this thread letting them know.

No. 6944

I was lead to believe that thread #2 was taken down because of her patreon stuff being leaked, she did mention it herself in that thread that she was looking into it.

I believe her 1st thread didn't have patreon stuff? I could be wrong though. If this is the case what's stopping us from making another thread and keeping Patreon content off limits?
I could be wrong but i'm sure discussing public knowledge of her being a lazy homewrecker + her breast augmentation isn't illegal and doesn't warrant a lawsuit.

No. 6945

What's with the website making people post dupes of the same post? This has been going on for weeks now.

No. 6946

File: 1540260374968.jpg (52.39 KB, 500x667, cunt.jpg)

Can we please get the Jeffree Star goons out of here? Anytime Jeffree starts some shit and we try to talk about it on the Makeup Guru thread they show up and start whining about context or how it's ok to be racist and attacking the people who have proof.

The thread is supposed to be about makeup gurus and the beauty community, not explaining to people why racism is wrong over and over and over again. It's a waste of time and it shouldn't even be a debate at this point and Jeffree is such a cow it'd be great to be able to actually talk about it.

No. 6947

Could you please put the Gaijin Hunter/VK lolcow threads in auto-sage or give some ol'bans?
They're filled with the same weebs circlejerk unable to sage their shit (emojis, exciting shitposts about how they fucked some X,Y,Z STDs riddled hosts and of course some classic vendettas)
I know you've got a lot of moderation to do lately but it's really getting annoying to watch these cows messing around in /snow.
Have a nice day anyway dear farm team!

No. 6948

this please. shayna's entire thread is a saged livechat anyhow. anons in the thread act like femcels and it's been out of control for way too long.

can we also ban one sentence replies that end in kek or lmao? it'll never happen but hey, it's a dream.

No. 6949

Can we please have a golbal no racebaiting rule? We keep getting people leaking from 4chan and kiwifarms derailing like no tomorrow that it's leaking onto other boards.

No. 6950

wot? literally what would this achieve? you want a minimum word count for posts?

No. 6951

Rule 3.5c anon, it already exists and people get reported / redtexted for ti.

No. 6953

It is against the rules, mods are just lazy

No. 6954

if you're adding to disco it clearly wouldn't affect you in any way, so why worry about it?

No. 6956

this isn't /r9k/

No. 6957


Hi. A friend was banned but they didn't tell her why. She sent them a email too. Is this normal? Thx.

No. 6958

If reaction images with no accompanying text is a "ban warning", I suggest adding it into the fucking rules so posts aren't compromised. Thanks.

No. 6959

How many times do we have to beg you before you actually do something about the shay thread? This is stupid.

No. 6960

Can we ban the "milk" anon in the vick thread? She's been shitting the thread up for days without proof and it's getting annoying.

No. 6961

Are you her fat Tumblr fan or whatever? That threads above board as far as milk and ontopicness goes compared to the rest of snow

I had to actually double check there wasn't somehow two shaygnar threads seeing people complain here… I've not seen any of what's being claimed and I lurk those threads fairly frequently since there's always fresh material

No. 6962

no disrespect but how is poring over pictures of her diseased vag, or zooming into her walls and saying there's shit on them milk? that's what the thread does. that, livechat, and spam her camshows. incels and robots must love that thread.

No. 6963

I agree that some people need to learn how to sage there, but it's also very milky too. You can always hide the thread.

No. 6964

File: 1540617902326.png (26.91 KB, 1357x91, screenshot.png)

This. Mods can you PLEASE do something about this? That thread is a mess. I'm so tired of the Jeffree-apologists making it so we can't discuss anything.

Can there just be consequences for derailing the thread with no basis for accusations? Like people constantly claiming things are fake for no real reason or explanation of why it's "fake"? Or saying shit like this? Since when is a public figure/beauty guru whose fortune is based off of people buying his product/persona being shown to be racist several times not considered milk in a Beauty Guru thread? It's not even like it's old milk, accusations are still coming out constantly?

No. 6966

/snow needs an overhaul, the threads are a mess.

No. 6967

kudos to the farmhand who's actually trying tonight. I'm proud of u~

No. 6968

Eh disagree. I was actually coming here to complain about the new ban happy mod because all I see tonight is red text everywhere over difficult to discern offenses. Since when is it against the rules to post a link to milk or other relevant cow info? I just read through the rules again and couldn't find anything except that we can't link directly to onion vids.

No. 6969

I haven't seen a single poster get redtexted without deserving it.

>Since when is it against the rules to post a link to milk or other relevant cow info?

Where did this happen? Do you mean the anon who linked an image instead of posting a cap of the image (which you are supposed to do)?

No. 6971

click the "adhere to board culture" link and shut the fuck up.

No. 6972

can we lock or autosage the costhot thread on /snow/? or something? a very lovely farmhand decided to post in the thread and lay down some truth to those idiots and so far the only posts have been them squawking and not posting milk. still. the thread OP is abysmal and the thread is all salt and no substance.

No. 6974

Holy fuck can everyone stop bitching in every single thread on lolcow about saging??? God damn, the space it takes to make these mini-mod posts all the fucking time is 1,000,000,000x more annoying than someone possibly bumping a thread with no milk. Jesus, just report the posts or shut the fuck up already.

No. 6975

Are you new to image boards? So called "mini-modding" has always happened because it helps to keep the culture organic. Admin even said they're short staffed FFS, why would you get mad and tell people to yell into the void by reporting shit to our already over-worked farmhands when they can simply remind people in the thread.

No. 6976

Thank you!! You're not alone in this line of thought anon

No. 6980



>report the posts or shut the fuck up already
>or shut the fuck up
>shut the fuck up

Anon that's what mods are for……….

It's annoying to see all the time and gunks up the threads. Like, if they'd post content as well as reeeee'ing "sAgE" all the time it wouldn't be an issue and we wouldn't need to beckon the understaffed mods at all.

No. 6981

learn2quote and integrate.

no shit that's what the mods are for, but users are also not barred from reminding people to sage. much of the time people who didn't sage simply forgot, which would waste the mod's time.

you should be saging your posts too btw, since you're arguing rather than making a good complaint.

No. 6982

>users are also not barred from reminding people to sage

That's my point and my complaint.

No. 6983

Why was the Taylor Nicole Dean + Jonny Craig thread moved to /pt/? Are anons just deciding which board to put their threads in now?

No. 6984

If you checked the previous thread then you'd see farmhands gave the okay for the move.

I don't read her threads often but she seems milky enough for PT.

No. 6985

I had checked the previous thread but apparently not closely enough because I couldn't find anything about the move.

Maybe mods and the admin could address the fact that there really needs to be an overhaul of thread organization between the two boards. /snow/ is a fast paced cesspool and /pt/ has about three active threads at the moment. I realize it would take way more manpower than the site is capable of but it's still an annoying issue (among many other issues they aren't dealing with.)

No. 6986


lurk moar and mind your business, there is in fact a string of comments between farmhands and anons from a few days ago.

No. 6987

fuck off and stop being a backseat moderator

No. 6988

oh wow sorry anon! forgive me for knowing how the fuck to read.

No. 6989

Says the anon who came to the thread to bitch to the mods about something that's none of their business.

You think the mods and admin would you know, see the thread and lock it rather than leave it up for 2 day. Pathetic.

No. 6990

File: 1540903050201.jpeg (286.48 KB, 750x1498, A9123ECD-C8EC-4EFF-827F-A6239C…)

I was randomly just given someone else’s ban from March ‘18
Not like I care, just thought I should mention in case it was accidentally happening to other anons.

No. 6991

The Costhot thread needs to be deleted at this point because all it is is infighting about Belle Delphine. Ask for milk, we don’t get milk. Ask for milk again after she’s been posted like 5 times and a farmhand says “stop bitching, she’s bound to have milk”. Who is picking these farmhands?

No. 6992

The farmhand didn't say that, she told people to post the actual milk, and people on both sides just bitched and whined again. I agree the thread needs to be remade tho.

No. 6993

ugh, this happens to me all the time. I've even been accidentally permabanned at least twice now.

No. 6994

A farmhand earlier on said "a popular costhot is bound to have milk".

No. 6995

Can the Luna Slater thread be dropped into /snow now? It's been low on milk for ages, and it gets so much nitpicking bullshit. Like omg look how filthy her nails are, how filthy her clothes are, she can't even do make-up, and so on. Anons being able to sage their bullshit would be nice.

No. 6996

I posted some milk, the relentless whiteknighting in her PULL thread, and the fact that she took down Pewdiepie's video for NOTHING. I don't doubt she and her friends are the cause of the derailment.

No. 6997

Actually, an anon just posted a good summarization of her milk which is what we were asking for in the first place. Don’t assume it’s whiteknighting just because we weren’t eating up baseless accusations. Now that someone posted milk, we can let this fucking rest.

No. 6998

Please do something about the shay gnar/dolly thread. It’s getting flooded with blog posting cam girls who don’t sage when posting about how much they actually shower and shave.

No. 6999

Agreed. Of all the complaints about the Shay threads, this has to be the most warranted.

No. 7000

it's because of IP cycling. no one is giving you someone else's ban, you're getting a banned IP.

No. 7001

Is this the right thread to post for a thread deletion?
If not please direct me to the right place

No. 7002

Making fun of her fat bf, her laziness/alcoholism, and those creepy photoshoots and nitpicking isn't milk, and even that hardly makes up the majority of the posts. It's mostly just blogging whores, lame edits, and other shit that doesn't contribute to the discussion as anons have said here over and over again.

This is turning into an anisa 2.0 situation.

No. 7003

Please address the racist-chan(s) in /ot/. Every active thread is becoming a sperg zone about asians and I know I'm not the only person fucking tired of seeing it. I've hidden all the kpop/kpop/Asian bf autism and they still manage to leak into the vent and unpopular opinions threads.

No. 7004

Why would it be deleted???

No. 7006

File: 1541072418640.png (140.42 KB, 1194x334, spam.png)

What is happening at the end of this thread?
Are we getting spammers now?

No. 7007

It happens periodically. Just report them when they pop up so we can remove.

No. 7008

some anons over there are being little bitches because they don't like the pic on the op… please ignore this, mods, youve got better things to do

No. 7009

Happened to me as well, but mine was from a post from 2014 iirc (I deleted the screenshot I think). I was gonna post about it here but I figured it must have just been a random fluke.

No. 7010

This sum bullshit. I mean the "no contribution" in /pt/ alone are ridiculous, since no one can sage anything.

Honestly, shouldn't it be the other way around at this point? /pt/ threads are the only ones that don't stagnate because there's constant conversation going on since noone can sage. But threads in /snow/ and other boards die slow deaths because everyone sages every. fucking. post. and then jumps down everyone elses throats for not sage-ing, even if it's perfectly relevant discussion.

I'm so tired of seeing shit like:
>person posts perfectly valid analysis or discussion on topic of thread
>sum anon: that's just ur opinion sage ur autism!!!!!!

This website is a goddamn mess. Change the fucking sage rules so that we can have actual discussion. It just leaves room for spergs to invalidate every opinion and minimod the fuck outta every thread by jumping down everyone's throats for posting something they disagree with.

No. 7011

File: 1541196514528.png (233.66 KB, 1100x358, Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 4.58…)

Ok but again, what are the fucking parameters for being in /pt/? Honestly it would just be easier to make a separate board for Onion and Moo at this point and move all their archives over since they're the only ones that are ever allowed there anyways, and if you even try to look through the catalogue it's all just their previous boards. (Not everyone is obsessed with them as the mods apparently are, some of us are tired of them and want to talk about other cows.)

TND has had 20 active threads before this one got moved to /pt/, which is more than Vicky or Dasha or basically anyone in /pt/ other than Moo or Onion. How is that not considered milky enough for you, meanwhile you've still got shit like this in /pt/

No. 7012

Why are you using a clearly banned and locked thread as an example? Can you not read?

No. 7013

File: 1541198894777.png (429.63 KB, 1117x713, Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 5.43…)

>Can you not read?
Where does it say it's locked my dude? It hasn't been deleted and still exists in the catalogue among the other 800 previous Moo and Onion threads, but people get butthurt when a legit cow they don't know about gets moved to /pt/ because they don't feel like catching up on the drama and it gets in the way of their precious Moo obsession

No. 7014

>lock symbol next to thread title

You're just embarrassing yourself now, newfag.

No. 7015

>Where does it say it's locked my dude?
IDK, maybe the little LOCK icon?

>It hasn't been deleted and still exists in the catalogue

No threads are ever deleted on lolcow unless it's illegal or spam.

Could you be any more of a blatant newfag? Lurk more before you post your next complaint.

No. 7016

nta anon but I also didn't know that, cause I've only ever seen the phrase "locked" when a thread is reaching max capacity, and then I just move on to the next thread. I've literally never noticed the lock icon before on threads. Also
>lock symbol next to thread title
Doesn't even make sense and seems unnecessary. "Read" implies there a word there to be read, and there's not. Calm down.

>No threads are ever deleted on lolcow unless it's illegal or spam

how is this that thread not considered spam though?(samefagging)

No. 7017


/pt/ contains legendary cows that earned a special status on the site by either abusing it or being consistently milky for many many years. /snow/ is for lesser cows. Not every snowflake needs to be in /pt/, it's not a badge of honor for amazing threads but for terrible people who have had consistent milk for a very long time.


Spammed the site for weeks, tried to sue lolcow but sent her C&D to Kiwifarms instead, has been a cow for 10+ years


Abused the shit out of lolcow for her personal vendetta


Posted frantically and insanely on lolcow for years before clashing with farmers on the discord and revealing herself to be a 4chan camwhore despite her frothing rants about sex work


was actually moved back to snow for a while due to thread quality sinking, mod obsession where? Some users actually claim that mods hate the Momokun threads because they didn't get moved to /pt/ for so long


Raised one of the most famous weeb cows, insane conspiracy-spewing narcissist turned sex worker on the run

>Raven Sparks

faked her suicide to get lolcow to stop talking about her, married her son's best friend

>Doe Deere

Owner of "the internet's most hated beauty company", decade-long scammer and skinwalker


Grave-robber junkie who still someohow manages to get away with begging for drug money online

>Kiki Kannibal

Legendary, period

Some of the threads are dated, inactive or could be milkier but why don't you just report them?

>it's all just their previous boards.

"board" refers to /pt/ and /snow/. The word you're looking for is "thread".

You're just nitpicking now because you didn't know threads could be locked, so instead of realizing you missed a major part of this board you're complaining it wasn't spoonfed well enough to you. I see a lot of Farmhand comments saying something like "I'm locking this thread because of XYZ", so maybe you just don't read this place enough.

>how is this that thread not considered spam though?

Spam as in advertisement, word spam, etc. This is just a shit thread. They're always kept around in case it later turns out it was a vendetta, samefag making several threads, the cow themselves, etc. Again, something you'd be able to differentiate if you just lurked more.

We need a new hellweek to get rid of all the newfags shitting up the place.

No. 7018

File: 1541207092974.jpg (43.05 KB, 411x472, 4698765.jpg)

holy shit the newfaggotry in this thread

No. 7019

jfc thank you! some anons and newfags really dont understand why some cows are corralled where they are or what even milk is.
>tfw newfags want to boolie mods and admin

No. 7020

Could the infighting rules be more specific? I feel like some anons report anyone that doesn't agree with them or challenge their opinion as infighting because the rule is so vague. I don't think it's okay for people to present an aggressive opening post and when people take part in debating them, the original butthurt anon can just report it as infighting and get everyone banned.

Derailing with racebaiting for 150 replies is an obvious case but someone being a retard and 7 people responding to the anon to explain why they're retarded isn't really infighting in my opinion, but you can still get banned for it. Especially if it's still within the original subject matter or the thread is sort of free-for-all.

No. 7021

Can someone do something about that newfag in the omocat thread? She keeps bumping it just to screech about yaoi

No. 7022

Hellweek when. (and please don't say 'coming soon!' again)

No. 7023

New round of farmhand applications?

How about addressing the basic concerns that have been repeated over and over in this thread first, regarding the culture of the site and user feedback and general interaction from staff as opposed to this weird “we’ll speak to you when we deign” shit that’s been going on since the most recent admin took over.

Hellweek when? Townhall when? This was all proposed MONTHS ago, most of your decent posters have left the site in exasperation at this point. What now, more shitty mods chosen from the pool of absolute faggots left on the site?

Admin, hand over the keys. It’s long past time.

No. 7024

This was nowhere near such an issue before staff went all facebook and banned “minimodding” - culture used to self enforce, now we have tone police. On a Chan board. Lmfao.

No. 7025

Sorry to double post but like - we’ve literally seen permabans and long bans for people just being cunty about staff and modding. It’s pure faggotry on staff’s part and admin clearly doesn’t have a background in any of this. See also - nuking threads over absolutely worthless legal threats, choosing the site provider we have, assembling a tiny team of mods and paying server fees themselves to these retards. Enough is enough.(samefag)

No. 7026

Yeah agreed, nobody decent is going to wanna staff for this admin. Sorry.

No. 7028

Would work if mods actually moderated but they don’t and when they do half the time it’s either inconsistent, unclear, or just cunty.

No. 7029

Is there a single thread left anywhere on the site where “hide all unsaged posts” is useful?

Just get rid of sage entirely at this point. It is not serving any purpose other than causing spergouts. It doesn’t stop people from necro-ing and flags a thread as having new real milk about 2% of the time.(samefag)

No. 7030


Also, mini-modding is a rule on /pt/ and /snow/ only. Why are anons being banned for it in /g/ and /ot/?

No. 7031

why'd this anon get banned for samefagging when she clarified she was doing it in her post…?

she was right too, you guys are faggots.

No. 7032


what farmhack pissy baby bans people in the fucking complaints thread?

No. 7033

just because you say samefag doesnt give you a pass to fucking do it you mongs. crybabbies get all pissed off mods arent doing anything but shit yourself when they do because its not tailored to you.

hell week is going to be fucking beautiful.

No. 7034

So replying to your own post to add something you forgot to mention in it constitutes a ban now? That's retarded

No. 7035

yes faggot, delete the first post and repost it the added content. are you fucking retarded?

No. 7036

Are you retarded? Why are you this fucking pressed? It doesn't make a difference wether you remake or reply to your post. You don't even have an option to do the former if you wanted to add something 30 minutes after you posted it. Hop off the shitty mods' dicks for a second.

No. 7037

Petition to have a Fight Club thread in /ot or something? It would be served as an empty basement for otherwise infighting to take place. Some wasteland you can redirect people who wanna reeee to. Won't require a lot of staff attention. I think it will decrease the amount of inconsistent random needless bans and subsequent crytyping.

No. 7038

I actually think that is a good idea

No. 7039

better idea: instead of shitting up /ot/, bring back /manure/

No. 7040

Yeah, as if you'd know but
are all the same person samefagging, have a nice day.

No. 7041

Cool. While you're here, care to address some of the fucking complaints itt?

No. 7042

Anon, this is in no way supporting the farmhand, but they never take care of shit here. All they do is ban to solve things instead of listening to the people who use the website.

No. 7043

Sure. /manure/ never worked out so that's probably not a good solution in the first place. As of right now I see dishonest ban evading,samefagging and infighting in the thread. All prior complaints have been taken care of for the most part.
Containment threads don't work, see tempcow and the manhate thread.

And then we have anons mad that they're getting "no contribution" bans for nothing but extremely nitpicky posts.

Racebait has always been against the rules, several threads in /ot/ have been locked for this reason.

No. 7044

File: 1541376143513.jpeg (343.34 KB, 1447x750, 5F31354F-8A50-497E-9316-66D95C…)

I guess that’s a no.

Samefagging is pretending to be different people, I apologized for doubleposting more than once, and one of those posts isn’t even mine. I haven’t been here in a minute since the place has become a trash fire. I’m catching up on meta.

Are you trying to prove the point about farmhands being cunts towards criticism and not even understanding basic Chan terminology, or?????

Inb4 ban evasion, nobody gives a fuck.(ban evasion)

No. 7045

Glad to see the farmhands are really stepping up. It's not like we have a new racebait argument in /ot/ every day in the Unpopular Opinions/Vent threads… /s

No. 7047

I wasn't agreeing with the farmhand, I was the other anon she replied to. I only said that in hopes she would shut up about it and do something productive instead of attempting to expose some rando for what she deems samefagging.

So that's it? Of the dozens of criticisms and suggestions itt those were the only two you could take care of?

No. 7048

I hope you get dropped you're acting like a cunt.

No. 7049

have you read the current admin's few and far between posts in meta? I'm half convinced the current farmhands are their wranglers or something, unlikely any of them will ever be "let go"

No. 7050

plz nuke /ot/


No. 7053

File: 1541461356639.jpg (176.75 KB, 1392x1758, b&.jpg)

Agreed. Admin really knows how to pick 'em, huh?

So were you the same farmhand from the shayna thread who felt the need to temp ban and redtext me for for pic related? Might wanna go fix that typo on the redtext by the way, retard. "take it meta" doesn't sound quite right.

No. 7054

>getting this mad about a 5 minute time out

No. 7055

I am pretty annoyed, yeah. It shouldn't have happened. The other anons who got banned and redtexted for that mess didn't deserve to either. Of all the shit in that thread, currently the biggest dumpster fire in all of /snow/ chock full of derailing, blogging, and sperging, THIS was what got the farmhands' attention? foh. Seems like the reason why no one has done anything about that thread is because the mods are the same ones posting in it.

No. 7056

File: 1541466167924.png (2.05 MB, 1405x2864, rules.png)

Here's my question: do the mods actually read the rules at all? I'm tired of seeing the same sage-sperging anons throwing a hissy fit over everything and red-text/ban happy mods screaming "read the rules!!" with no elaboration on every other post. So I did, I read the rules, and the usage guide and the "list of common terms for those with uncertainty over what constitutes a ban" on /pt/ and /snow/. I used the Poppy thread for example, since mods are extra ban-happy over there right now, but I've seen variations of this same selective banning/rule-ignoring everywhere.

If you're going to let your users mini-mod all over the place and stomp their feet at LEAST make your rules cohesive. If you are going to ban whoever you feel like that day for not saging relevant discussion or whatever, at least make that an actual rule. Because right now, it's not.

I'm sure I'll get banned for this since mods are just banning whoever they feel like at this point but since they don't actually read their own rules I already did the work for you
>6. Do not try to harass, threaten, or intimidate staff.
This one miiiight work if you really stretch and consider this post "harassment".

No. 7057

Are you the same samefagging sperg from upthread? Because I don't know how often Farmers ITT have to explain that reading the rules will probably answer your question. If you read the rules and don't see what those posters did to deserve a ban, then that's on you. Posting here isn't rocket science, other people can figure it out too.

No. 7058

I don't even know what thread this is

>Because I don't know how often Farmers ITT have to explain that reading the rules will probably answer your question

Hi, did you read a single part of my post at all? Because please, tell me what rules exactly are being broken in the examples I provided (what number rule would be even more helpful). Obviously I'm very dumb and need a smart anon like you to explain it!

No. 7059


For months mods in this thread have been saying "Hi cow" is against the rules and that it would be added to the rules, but they haven't gotten around to it.

Also, mini-modding is against the rules on /pt/ and /snow/ only. Why are anons being banned for it in /ot/?

No. 7060

Mini-modding is the only thing keeping /ot/ together tbh

No. 7061


Anon was double posting, not samefagging.

>Admin: don't say samefag when you mean doublepost

No. 7062

The poppy thread is banhappy atm due to apparent Titanic selfposts. You seem to be trying to point out a contradiction in the rules by citing rule 3.6a, but it relates entirely to /pt/.


I personally wish minimodding was allowed back. I see no reason to stop the userbase from helping the site run day to day. Infighting is a separate matter.

On the upside, the Taylor thread has actually improved since it went to /pt/.

No. 7063

>everyone who doesn't agree with me is a cow

You deserved the ban if you wanted to be another derailing sperg in the shay thread. If admin would actually hire good mods they would have banned you longer than 5 minutes. I bet you're also a ddlg bdsm degenerate who blogs too.

No. 7064

File: 1541476384553.png (128.79 KB, 1275x229, Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 9.31…)

>3.6 If your comment doesn't add anything new to the conversation, sage it.
>3.6a Sage has been removed from /pt/ and may be removed from other boards in the future. In /pt/, do not write "sage" in any post fields (including the post body) and do not call out others for not sageing.
Board rules for /pt/ and /snow/:
>All global rules will be in effect unless otherwise stated.

Yes, I saw that as well but if that rule ONLY applied to /pt/, why put it in the "General Rules" section, and not the "Rules for only /pt/ and /snow/" section?
It also doesn't make sense for it to be a /pt/ rule at all.
>If your comment doesn't add anything new to the conversation, sage it
>you cannot sage in /pt/ at all
>if your comment doesn't add anything new to the conversation, don't comment
What they're trying to say is:
>in /pt/ where no one can sage, don't yell at people for not sage-ing
But the way the rule is actually applied in /pt/ is:
>You will get in trouble for commenting in /pt/ if we, the mods, decide your comment isn't contributing. However, what is considered a worthy "contribution" is totally up to us, and there are no real guidelines.

Guidelines we've been given for when something is a "bad post":
>it breaks the rules
>it's derailing
>it's a blogpost
Since there is no way to self-police (sage) in /pt/ long as it is not these 3 things, there should be no objections.

So then why are posts like pic related considered "no contribution"? What rule is being broken here?

No. 7065

>I bet you're also a ddlg bdsm degenerate who blogs too.
Why the fuck would I be here complaining about them if I was? Anons got banned for calling Gregory Gorgeous a man after an anon jumped in to WK him (who didn't get banned). I only made two posts in that thread: one asking why the people WKing him didn't also get banned for derailing and the one in the picture. I'd hardly call that sperging.

No. 7066

fuck, youre a dumb one. making a post to only complain about derailment constitutes as derailment and the second was to shit on the mods. what contribution to lolcow milk was there?

No. 7068

File: 1541482687153.png (251.27 KB, 1430x1137, samefag.png)

It's almost just fun to point out how laughably bad Farmhands are at this point.
>Yeah, as if you'd know but
Yeah, why would we know? As far as we can see random people are getting randomly banned for reasons that don't follow any logic. This is what I meant in >>7056 when I say you need to give us actual explanation why anons were banned. You wouldn't have to be so shitty and passive aggressive towards your users if literally any of this was explained or labeled correctly.

>Rule 3: Adhere to board culture

>Board Culture: You have 30 minutes to delete a comment you've made. If you've made a typo or want to correct any part of your comment, copy the text, delete it, and re-post it. Do not double-post to correct yourself. Do not ask mods to delete your post if you missed the 30 minute window.
Of all the posts you listed as anon "samefagging", one was an acknowledged "double-post" ( >>7025 ) as defined by the rules, one was a "samefag" ( >>7026 )as defined by the rules, and the rest were responses to other people. Going just by the wording of the rules alone, there is no rule against responding to multiple people in multiple posts. There is only a rule against double-posting to correct yourself, and there's no way for us to tell if those posts were made within the correctable 30-min timeframe.

So this person got a perma-ban because…they "samefagged" one time, according to you? I guess we just take your word for it.

No. 7069

File: 1541482717419.png (627.19 KB, 563x1214, farmhand.png)

Hi it's me again! Not a samefag because I'm telling you I'm double-posting, and not breaking any double-posting rules because I'm not making a correction to my previous post, I'm making a separate new contribution to the thread. (Which also means I don't have to sage, according to the rules). Wheeeee(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 7070


stop being so autistic

No. 7071

No but really like….what rule was broken here? They hurt your feelings? No criticism allowed in the complaint thread?

No. 7072


And anon said "one of those posts isn’t even mine" which I can believe since other anons have reported being banned for samefagging and ban evasion for posts that were not theirs.

>there's no way for us to tell if those posts were made within the correctable 30-min timeframe.

You can see the time stamp by clicking the "x minutes/hours/days/months ago" notation.

The rule against double posting is unfair because of a known site bug. In the last thread a few anons on mobile reported that they have been unable to delete their posts within 30 minutes.

No. 7077

>making a post to only complain about derailment constitutes as derailment
Okay, so why didn't the other anons doing that get banned? The only anons who did get banned were the ones who rustled the farmhand's jimmies. Not the libtards crying about transphobia, not the other anons bitching about derailing, none of the kink spergs, none of the regular camgirls who shit up that thread, none of the a-logs, nitpickers, or blogposters, just the anons who rustled farmhand's jimmies

No. 7079

the farmhand literally called it "trans hate", For the sperg anon saying they don't find an mtf to be less uggo than a biological female. We get it infighting but they should have both been banned, especially when there clearly still is an anon in the thread going "STFU THIS ISNT A TRANS HATE THREAD" for anyone saying boy instead of woman/girl.
It was really strange to see a farmhand react like a tumblrite down to cringe ban prompt.

No. 7083

The fact that the same farmhand was an illiterate who didn't even know how to link threads on other boards correctly makes me certain she's new.

No. 7084

File: 1541558914794.png (75.49 KB, 800x451, Screenshot_2018-11-06-18-46-59…)


Are you talking about the link to the Gender Crit thread? There's nothing wrong with it.

No. 7086

Mods can edit posts. She fixed it a few hours later.

No. 7087

Looking at this thread and the last thread -

>anons banned for rules that don't apply to their comment or to the board they're in

>anons being banned for another anon's comments
>anons banned without being redtexted or told why
>email appeals being ignored
>appeals in this thread being ignored

Did I miss anything?

No. 7088

Ok this was posted in pt, but for real I want a dr. Phil general ibthink this would be the only userbase to handle that kind of wacky

No. 7089


What's stopping you from making a thread?

No. 7090

welp, admin's grabbed her parachute >>7078

No. 7093

to the shock of literally no one itt

No. 7094

to be fair, having to babysit a bunch of whiny gossiping girls with entitlement issues is an exhausting gig

No. 7095

Don't do the job if you can't handle it then.

No. 7097

A few of the threads like the Gaijin in Japan thread have a lot of same fagging or vendetta(posting random people in japan with no context at all.) I’ve reported it a few times but now I’m wondering if reports get looked at or what constitutes a report.

No. 7098


Why don't you apply and try to do a better job?

No. 7099

>Infighting about nothing of substance even on /meta/

Admin said she realized she's too busy. But let's stay salty and insinuate random things instead of being happy she's handing the site over to someone more active. Like Anon said, write your own damn application.

No. 7100

File: 1541630229464.jpg (34.64 KB, 515x341, you_win_prize_downs.jpg)

…She's literally giving it away and you're still trying to be snarky by WeLl DoNt Do It ThEn iF u CaNt TaKe tHe HeAt. Good go Sherlock, very original, you indeed were able to read and at least partially understood admin! Maybe now you can graduate high school at the age of 25!

Congratulations, you won the biggest retard poster price of the month!

No. 7101

What exactly is a no contribution post? Cause at this point it seems like it can be anything that isn't a screencap.

No. 7102

Examples were linked in my initial post. Pointlessly nitpicking physical appearance for the umpteenth time and posting movie quotes does not equal contribution.

No. 7103

Are you referring to your post in the Onion thread? Cause you said more here than you did in that one.

Anyway, thanks.

No. 7105

File: 1541641987319.png (30.28 KB, 772x129, screenshot.png)

Yes, I am.
Kindly consider learning how to read, then.

No. 7106

Why the snotty attitude? I thanked you for the clarification, holy shit.

No. 7107


Because I don't want to run a gossip website. If you're going to sign up to be a moderator, at least be able to handle it without being snarky and ban-happy. You guys took my post like I was trying to be mean, but it's the truth: if you feel like you cannot handle it, don't even try it.

No. 7108

>If you're going to sign up to be a moderator, at least be able to handle it

Mods and admins have lives too, despite contrary belief lol

No. 7109

I hate to be this person but the Amina thread is filled with speculation of her personal friends who aren’t involved any drama and private information like full name, names of family members have been posted as well. I’ve reported and the thread is in autosage but the same people keep bumping it without milk. It reminds me of the Gaijin in Japan thread because of the amount of A-logging or random bumping. Am I excessively reporting?

No. 7110

Sorry to double post but the Shiena thread which has been taken out of auto sage is also filled with people posting her mom’s private Facebook and saying that they’ve been contacting her mom. I just feel like this goes too far and is beyond gossip.

No. 7111

You can't bump a thread on autosage. That's the entire point of autosage.

No. 7113

My original complaint was with the banhappy farmhands, not the admin themselves. This is like having a shitty uber drive who gets overwhelmed in high-traffic areas–don't do it if you know you won't be able to handle it.

No. 7114

Can we move the Dasha thread to snow? It's literally just a bunch of teenagers commenting on photos of Dasha and saying she's ugly. There's no milk and they don't even point out her Mina copying anymore, they just bitch about what she normally wears. Her statuses haven't been milky for ages. She's crazy so threads should def be up if she does something crazy again, but I'm getting bored of going in there and it's the same bunch of people being like omfg she's so ugly over and over again.

No. 7115

yeah, but they don't get paid for this so they literally don't have to do it. they have no excuse to suck at it. half-assed volunteers may as well quit.

No. 7116

this cunt right here needs to be purged.

No. 7117

Agreed. The site has been hurt because it's been run poorly by people with no experience and no investment in maintaining the culture that made lolcow unique. Sorry if that hurts people's feelings, but admin and staff have alienated a segment of the core user base and invited a horrible breed of newfags to infest the boards. A lot of advice and support was offered and ignored or dismissed. And that dismissiveness came from a place on undeserved arrogance. I don't care about the reasons why admin couldn't do the job well. If you are not up to the responsibility, don't do it. If you don't want to do the job, then don't do it. There are dozens of users who want to help and actually care about the site who are more than capable of doing the job.

No. 7118

I make reports with one word 'family' or else 'unrelated person'. I find those reports get responded to almost 100%.

Are you actually visiting Shiena's current thread anon? >>>/snow/671659 It was created 2 months ago and has been fine, no-one's trying to contact her mother. Shiena is now back in Canada. It really sounds like you're looking at the previous thread.

No. 7119

Different farmhand here to make some people aware, we have not made any big changes to staff in the past while. Finding new mods in general is a very hard task, we can not just add any person. So this will take a while.

There has been serious issues with samefags lately, so yes, it can be slightly frustrating. We are a very small team with busy schedules, getting through reports can take hours and mistakes happen. Like I said we are trying our best to find mods that won't abuse all the information a site like this has.

To also clear something else up, I am the mod who wrote out the terminology post. I noticed a lot of anons jumping on 'doubleposting' being not a image board term, they are correct. I added it hoping it would help newfags understand easier to not post multiple times in a row. This shouldn't be a bannable offense and if that has happened I am sorry and I will clear it up. Though it is still encouraged to delete your original post if it is to fix typos and small things.

No one of the mod team is new to image boards.
I can try to answer some questions, but since change is coming soon it may not matter anyways.

Also kek at the anon who thinks we are possible handmaidens/trannies. We still have to ban people even if they align with our own views and not ban others who have ones we don't agree with. Stick to /ot/ threads with those subjects, they do not belong in /pt/ or /snow/ and only cause infighting.

No. 7120

Yeah I'd rather you guys take the time to find someone trustworthy rather than add some random person who may try to doxx everyone.

No. 7121

Mods deleted the other pics of her kid but not this one. Why not?


No. 7122

They might have missed it, it's gone now.

No. 7123

There has been a fuckton of nitpicking for the past 2-3 Dasha threads. I think mods have already told them to chill but they go right back at it an hour later.

No. 7124

I'll bring it up to see what can be done, but no promises on any moving threads to /snow/.

No. 7125

Yes definitely and I find that mods do try to ban people for nitpicking but I've reported some reaaaally retarded OT nitpicking before in there and it goes unnoticed.
As we speak they are going on about Dasha's flat ass.

No. 7126

Also just to clarify I'm not whiteknighting Dasha, I enjoy the drama, but the only thing in there that is slightly milky is the fact that she's buying followers. That to me is worth talking about.

No. 7127

The Micky thread in snow is erupting in samefagging and infighting.

She's trying to get her own thread locked/autosage

No. 7131


In both threads. Can the old thread be locked?

No. 7132

Sorry, but adding new terminology is a really bad idea imo. It doesn't make sense to oldfags and ends up fucking with board culture when people refer to it to argue with them.

No. 7133

>doesnt make sense

are you so autistic that you cannot grasp the basic concept of doubleposting?

No. 7134

No you retard, adding new terms randomly.

It's obvious what doubleposting is meant to mean, but you can't just decide to add new terms on a whim regardless. Ffs.

No. 7135


Which terms are new?


Apparently at least one mod doesn't understand the concept >>7025.

No. 7136

Despite reporting, the Momokun thread has nothing but off topic infighting about fucking payment options in Japan?

If I'm going to be honest, I stopped posting recently because it seems a cluster of newfags want to nitpick everything and not talk about Momokun. They don't contribute to the thread with actual information and are too lazy to make dummy accounts so they sit with their hands up their ass waiting for someone else to carry the thread.

No. 7137

I'm sorry, but in like the 10 years I've been using image boards I have never seen it used in a way to say you are posting a second post to fix or add onto your old one. I think I started seeing it used here only about a year or two ago.
Samefagging has always been used to call out someone who is pretending to be multiple different people to bump their threads or agree with themselves.
I can retract the term, but it won't change that people are using samefag incorrectly.

I'll get on that.

No. 7138


Your fellow mod is using "samefag" incorrectly >>7025.

No. 7139

No. 7140

No. 7141

The anon used 2 different IPs to samefag, so both were marked. I'm not going to redtext every single post they made. I hope you know what samefagging means, because different post numbers mean nothing.

No. 7142

Can you confirm to me whether it's one user who insists doubleposting and samefagging are the same thing? I know it's not allowed but it's something I have to minimod people on all the time. because I feel like that would help me understand whether it's just one retarded stubborn user or whether we're infested with imageboard newfags.

Why can't people get it through their head that no one needs to know whether you posted consecutively! You don't need to announce it at all because that removes your anonymity! Doubleposting is redundant here because as a term it comes from forums, where by default you have a username. As long as you're not arguing with or talking to yourself it doesn't fucking matter whether you post two times in a row. Stop announcing it!

No. 7143

What? How can you tell they're the same person if they had 2 different IPs?

No. 7144

Not farmhand obs but lots and lots of ways, cookies, session data, browser etc. There are lots of things you can cross reference and be reasonably sure you have the same user. GIYF. Back when Kiki had her her gore spergouts she was using a VPN and therfore had a million different IPs and farmhands still figured out she was the same poster.

No. 7145

Not sure if these are all the same Farmhand, but just wanted to say thanks for actually addressing our concerns here.

This attitude needs to go.

No. 7146

Ding ding ding ding!

There has been a few farmhands in here. There is a lot happening right now. Change is coming so things are a little hectic, but things will get better.

No. 7147

>things will get better.

Please don't. I'm sure you mean well, but current admin (and quite a few FH) really fucked things up. A lot of the damage is going to be long-term, and as noted by others, a lot of older posters seem to have given up and left.
I hope our new admin isn't a ghost, and actually understands what the board is and the culture it used to have. I hope the new farmhands aren't such dicks, and are more involved. And I am very wary of these 'thread mods' because that is a giant sign saying Come on down! to all the obsessive posters that act like they own the thread (manhate anon upthread has been trying to get made boss of that thread for what, a year now?), the cancerous anons who just don't get it (JSBS OP for the last few threads) and randoms who want to troll it up.

Also, I'm begging for the mini-modding rule to be relaxed or removed. Users used to do a lot of the work for staff. Now we get staff saying they're overwhelmed and overworked, and of course they are because fucking admin and the clique made it this way.

I love LC but it has been absolute shit this year. So please don't say it will get better unless you have a magic wand or something.

No. 7148

Don't know if you didn't notice anon, but in the application thread admin said we are looking for a new admin. Hence why I said changes were coming.
I personally agree with the mini-modding thing, but honestly making any changes right now isn't a great idea until we get a new admin in and comfortable. A admin who has much more time to put into the website.
We have had issues recently, but we all did/do really care for the site and would like to see it improve, which of course means hard decisions.
I don't think I have much more I can say about this subject due to not having more info to give yet.
If there anything else you want cleared up feel free to ask though.

No. 7149

Mostly agree but there are some things that I think personally snowballed into the problems we see now

Around a year and a half ago, maybe two, everyone became obsessed with sage and for some reason the mods started enforcing this weird shift in thinking. Prior to that there were no saged posts, no one announced sage, no one minimodded for users to sage, it was basically a completely unused function. I have personally always been of the opinion that sage is pointless on an imageboard with such low traffic, and no pruning. The function of sage is to stop shitposts autopruning good but low traffic threads. Every thread stays up here, there is literally no point in it here.

When this happened, people started using
>Sage your shit
as a way to police what other users posted about, and to begin with people would say this in response to legitimate topics of discussion, but it just wasn't what they wanted to talk about personally. Then it escalated into being used to start derailments and infighting and the farmhands for the most part backed this shitty behaviour up instead of policing it. The website cannot only consist of content, there has to be discussion as well and the definition of "posts making no contribution" became way, way too wide. None of these decisions made any sense. Instead of banning the users who randomly became obsessed with using sage to police the topic of discussion they appeased them. You should never try and appease that type of poster, it makes the site bad! People who can't understand threads can have more than one topic of conversation simultaneously are retarded and shouldn't be listened to.

Also people who respond to bait are never visibly redtext banned and that's retarded as hell. Posting bait is an honoured imageboard tradition, responding to bait makes you a shitter. Likewise with shitposting.

No. 7155

Hi mods and farmers, has anyone else noticed that a lot of 1 - 3 year old threads in snow are getting necro’d recently with irrelevant comments? Normally I wouldn’t notice, but it seems to be happening much more often. I’m tinfoiling that someone is trying to bury another thread by bringing attention to others, but maybe I’m reading too much into it and it’s just bots or something. Just thought I’d ask. Thanks for everything you do!

No. 7156

Can we start outright banning the nitpicks in the Moo thread? It feels like its the same person over and over again too from the way they type and how farfetched their tinfoils and nitpicks are every time. It just clutters up the place and starts arguments. At least can we get another warning about it? Saying how people should dress up to go on planes or how they should wear makeup for other people's sakes because of how bad her bare face looks is not milk. Observations I get, but they keep going into a lot of detail about WHY this nitpick is important and its stupid.

No. 7157

Can the definition of cowtipping in the common terms sticky be moved to the top rather than the very bottom of the list?

It seems like a lot of people don't know what cowtipping is on pt, but they keep throwing around the term and asking people to clarify what it means.

No. 7158

that dressing up on planes comment gave me cancer

it would be great to see cowtipping highlighted, as it is our number one issue imo. some anons think selfposting caps of themselves arguing with the cow online is harmless.

No. 7159

Can a staff member keep a closer eye on the Momokun thread at the moment? There are dumbass anons in there trying to take down her instagram, they really need to be censored/temp banned. This is the stuff that has to be nipped in the bud right away.

No. 7160

I stopped actively following the thread months ago due to the nitpicking, lack of milk and people posting more SSS/YandereJane/other costhots "roasting" Momo than Momo's actual endeavors. Visited it a few days ago, saw the anon spergout about cash/cards in Japan and left.

Also why are people so obsessed with getting her banned from all social media? The milk went dry the instant her Twitter was banned and her instastories are extremely boring and milquetoast.

No. 7161

Mods, there's been a beheaded woman in OT for 2 hours now

No. 7162

I reported someone's post for trying to use sage in /pt/, but you temp banned me with "you can't sage in /pt/ newfag". Uh yeah, I know, that's why I reported the post. Some of your farmhands can be really clueless.

No. 7163

Yeah, I did notice. Just like I noticed previous admins and their ups and downs. Getting a new admin might mean nothing changes because it's another flake, or it might mean things take a shit because it's another Regina. If this admin hadn't done such a crap job, I'd have more confidence in their pick for who takes over. And since the new admin will be picking staff, same thing applies - bad admin picks bad staff and then where are we.
I know changes are coming, I just take issue with the optimism of things will improve.

I appreciate you answering, and if you are who I think you are, I appreciate your work in these threads thus far. Nice to have at least one responsive team member who does seem to genuinely care about the site.

Sage is kind of retarded. If it was used as intended, it would be pretty good. As it is, yeah, it went south real quick because of course it did. Fucking fags.
You raise some important points. I didn't mean to put it all on staff, there has been an influx of newfags who just don't fucking care as well as some of the more retarded oldfags getting out of control, and as you say staff have sometimes appeased them rather than cleaning it up.

No. 7164

can I please have my duplicate posts deleted? it's telling me incorrect password when I try.

No. 7165

It's still up

No. 7166

It's been 8 hours now. Does "Looking for:…" mean that you no longer have any staff at all?

No. 7167

getting rid of sage in /pt/ was a huge mistake because now people get bans for "no contribution". how the fuck are we supposed to discuss stuff and have conversations if the threads are so horribly modded?

No. 7168

Sage wouldn't help PT at all. It would make it worse because then people would complain about it not being used right. Tbh, they should auto sage posts when someone replies to a main post. This should be automatic. Usually replies to posts are just replying without new info and if new info is added in, oh well. Its saged. Same with photo dumps. If you reply, when its the rule already to sage between first and last, that would be helpful too. It does it already for you.

On another note, a lot of shit is no contribution. The nitpicks are fine here and there. Don't try to argue your nitpick or dive into a huge amount of detail about it because no one cares, its a nitpick. Same with trying to dispell people's opinions and argue over stupid shit like currency in Japan in the Moo thread. None of that is helpful. From a mod perspective, one or two insights about it should be fine, but when it gets out of ahand and st arts derailing, bans should be given or warnings. It makes sense. I don't know why people keep trying to argue it.

No. 7169

10 hours.

No. 7170

reminds me of when they'd leave cp up for hours at a time. pathetic.

No. 7171

This is actually fucking atrocious. 10 hours.

No. 7172

This is disgusting.

Also, a word to the wise for the current Admin; I know he will probably attempt to worm his way in here, but please don't give anything to Joshua Moon. He has no right to expand past his current autistic territory of Kiwi Farms.

No. 7173

was thinking more about how bans or warnings are given to shoop/art anons for no contribution now when they weren't before? it just seems stupid.

No. 7174

some are just getting sick of one anon posting the same type of image over and over, such as the hdr anon in the greg threads, like we got it 100 images ago.

No. 7176

Can we get some parity restored between the Isa Sparks thread and the Lola Tyrrell thread please? In other words, I'm asking for the Isa thread to be unlocked.

The Lola Tyrell thread is poor quality; more than half the posts in there seem to be several anons who know her personally and want a space to vent. None of those anons are bothering to integrate, they've barely learned how to post and that was probably via bans and spoonfeeding of rules by staff. None of them know what milk actually is. Case in point, Lola made a post calling a friend 'girlfriend' and this was posted like it was an actual life event. They don't like her eyebrows, another example of "milk" posted there. Nitpicking's okay to an extent once the cow is in motion but it's hardly the foundation for a thread. One of these anons most likely started the thread i.e. it has been and remains a vendetta, with a few of us regulars on the side trying to work out what the fuck the milk actually is - and making tong jokes. It's not that I object to this thread existing, but it certainly needs work. It's interesting to compare to the Isa thread which started at the same time and which was rapidly locked.

The Isa Sparks thread was quickly locked for being a 'vendetta', but I'm the anon who started it and I'm a regular here (since the days of the first admin). I have no connection to her, I follow the Raven threads which is why I and the rest of us wanted the thread. Raven followers already know who all the players are in this situation. I have no vendetta. Not liking a cow isn't a vendetta and many a thread op has been written by such an anon. Yes, some anons fucked up by not capturing material before it was deleted, but I couldn't help that - the altcows thread was being derailed by this topic and we needed a separate thread quickly. We also talked about it in Thread Requests.

Nothing has ever come of that thread locking - say, the exposure of certain posters. The implication by a farmhand statement here in meta was this was being looked into as part of the locking.

Despite some suss posters feeding us information in and around that thread, the Isa thread was better-quality with more potential and more of a pedigree than the Lola Tyrrell one (which seems to enjoy next to zero redtext). And suss users feeding us information has happened in many threads here over the years. Why is that suddenly lock-worthy?

At this point, it's coming across like the thread locking was done for personal reasons by a staff member. If that isn't the case, make it clear to us. It's apparent that two different standards have been applied between two new threads of similar age, at any rate. Can a farmhand comment?

No. 7177


What in the actual fuck. I reported it twice within the first hour it was up.


I assume staff will be chosen in part based on their comment history. I doubt Null has been playing a long con of participating here. Besides, the only thing he has ever coveted was the domain name when KF went down.

No. 7181

THIS. I'm glad I'm not alone being perplex about these weird decisions .As a long time Hagraven's threads lurker, I was pretty excited about the potential "Isa Saga" and I still don't understand how such a shitty thread like Lola Tyrell's is allowed (reeks of vendetta and full off underaged newfags unable to integrate) but not Isa's.
And the sudain deletion, whitout much explanation besides "reee vendetta!" even seems a bit suspicious in my opinion.
I would like to address it many times but my English isn't very good so, thank you anon.

No. 7182

It's odd that it's still there and has been for many hours now, but a farmhand banned someone for a nitpick an hour ago.

No. 7184

I've reported it a couple of times. Just goes to show that the current farmhands are here to be banhappy rather than actually listening to the people who use this website.

No. 7185

Can we get an Update on the Kelly Jean Situation? Can we make a thread yet or not?

No. 7189

Watch Dynastia be the next admin and then kill the site. Not even kidding.

No. 7190

I seriously hope that's not the case Dynastia is a massive sperg on KF, the only reason Josh hasn't banned Dyn on the site is because they were faildoxed by some rando.

No. 7191


Your comments have been capped in the lolcow.farm thread.

No. 7192

The crazy man-hating bitches are shitting-up unpopular opinion (again)
They're agressive af with other women (how ironic, if I'd want to be insulted by autists I'd go to 4 chan) and incapable to stay in their own incel-tier containment thread.
I hope next admin permaban them

No. 7193

I bet they haven't seen Dyn's namefagging essays he's posted on here lol.

Anyways, I'm glad the beheading thread is gone. Took too long.

No. 7194

File: 1542256294917.gif (583.74 KB, 391x250, pointsdontmatter.gif)

Well put anon, I 100% agree with you. This is the kind of shit that makes 0 sense, and if you try to question the logic you get banned or called a newfag or "sage ur shit"-ed to death. I've been using image boards for close to 10 years now (including this one for about 3) and it wasn't until the past year or so I ever even saw the phrase "sage".

I also don't get this whole cry of "board culture!! if you question anything ur newfag get out!!" as it's been clearly pointed out several times here that none of the ACTUAL rules in place enforce or clear up any of that. How do you expect people to follow the rules or the "established culture" if there's no definitive guidelines on what any of that is anywhere?

Like this kinda bullshit >>7017
>/pt/ contains legendary cows that earned a special status on the site by either abusing it or being consistently milky for many many years.
>Not every snowflake needs to be in /pt/, it's not a badge of honor for amazing threads but for terrible people who have had consistent milk for a very long time.
This is laughable. There's literally no guideline for what gets to be in /pt/ vs /snow/. It's just the same 3 or so cows over and over and over again and that's about it. There's cows in /snow/ that are WAY milkier and have much more active discussion than Sheena Duquette or Fahr Sindram or Doe Deere or the million other dying threads on /pt/ under the weight of Moo and Onion.

Honestly at this point it would make more sense to just put Moo and Onion in their board, and then everything else on another. Cause that's basically all /pt/ is anyways. But either way this sage-nazing being touted as "board culture" needs to go.

No. 7195


Splitting the board between threads about specific cows and threads about groups of cows (eg Taylor Nicole Dean vs Petubers) would make more sense than the arbitrary classifications of /pt/ and /snow/ we have now.

No. 7196

this. all i want for christmas is an admin that will ban femcels and manhaters. most people on /ot/ and /g/ are fucking nuts now.

No. 7198

can we seriously do something about the excessive a-logging in /ot/ right now? I know you guys are short staffed but frankly things got out of hand over there.

No. 7199

Same with /snow/. I personally think people like Natchan or Jilly what’s her face should be on /ot/ or have a more general thread. I’m tired of threads about people who were notable like 5-6 years ago have threads filled with a-logging or excessive nitpicking. I think the threads should be limited to people with recent drama rather than the rotation of threads being necro’d

No. 7200

do you guys know what a-logging is?

No. 7201

Why was an anon warned or banned for man-hate derailing? It wasn't specifically a man-hating post and it was in a thread titled dumbass shit. It was in no way more derailing than other posts in that thread.

It takes you like ages to ban incels and CP/gore threads posted by raiders, but you ban an anon for an innocuous remark?

No. 7202

I was called a man-hater and a femcel simply for pointing out that having 10 kids is excessive no matter what your location is and then was thrown a bunch of other insults. If anything, it's you anti femcels that are an aggressive bunch. I don't even know how you managed to translate, having 10 kids is too much into kill all mothers and people having kids.

Some anons were really vile. I don't even frequent the man-hating thread but whatever. I wish mods did ban you who managed to derail the thread into calling anyone that had a different opinion a femcel.

No. 7203


No. 7204

On one hand, unpopular opinions in /ot/ contains a lot of autism and terrible opinions no one wants to see in other threads. So this is a good thing.

On the other, its basically becoming our version of the "Fuck You And Die" threads that were on SA. It is truly becoming obnoxious and makes myself and I'm sure other posters not want to contribute for fear of being dragged into a pointless, retarded flame wars that can span dozens of posts, and what's really terrible is you can stop posting and leave, but it won't stop, because there's too many anons taking the place of the defense and offense.

If its truly too much of a mammoth task to contain that kind of nuclear autism, i suggest the staff consider at least temporarily locking the thread and having a zero tolerance policy for taking it to other threads for the time being.

No. 7205

It was reported by various anons as derailing and it is, nobody wants man hate to leak out into other threads. The anon was not perma-banned, just given a 30 minute warning.

No. 7206

>It was reported by various anons
So was the beheaded woman… But that took you over 24 hours. Sometimes child porn also stays up for a few hours. Nice priorities you've got there.

No. 7207

there's more manhate currently flooding the vent thread. can we just permaban these people? they seem to think they're a majority and we're the minority, despite their demographic being somewhat new. accusing everyone of being handmaidens is a pretty recent thing.

No. 7208

File: 1542316104763.gif (109.25 KB, 350x350, luck.gif)

I haven't posted here in long time. I was around since 2015 iirc, but stopped coming with time. Everything is so different now.
I've lurked a little the last couple weeks and I would like to give some suggestions to the new staff:

- Create more boards where you'd put threads by category.
- Great Nippon related threads such as aidorus, cosplayers, the girls who prostitute themselves in Japan, etc
- A board for anons who pander to the alt right/left, fakebois or troons and the like. Basically the threads whose "cow" relies a lot on political issues
- A board for beauty/lifestyle and aesthetic focused threads, etc. You could add all the makeup gurus, the goth crew, and others.

You don't need to follow these categories. They're just suggestions, and you can find different categories to sort the threads out.
I just mean lolcow would be a lot tidier if you had more boards, and your farmhands would have an easier time.
I don't think /pt/ should be changed though.

- Please consider creating a "cemetery" board (similar to /manure/, but not only for bad threads, but for threads that are locked because they've reached post limit. It would make the catalog a lot better to navigate and more organized).
Basically, as soon as a thread died, it would be moved. No one would be mad people are saging dead threads with "no milk" because all inactive threads would have their own place. If you had "new milk" and wanted to know where to post it/if you should make a new thread, you could use the suggestion thread you guys currently have in /b/. Only active threads would be in the other boards, making it easier to find them/read them.

I believe my suggestion won't be considered because I know you've had /pt/ and /snow/ since the very start, but I do things these changes and more boards would help a lot.

Peace out and good luck!

No. 7209

>the suggestion thread you guys currently have in /pt/*. Had to fix that, sorry.

No. 7210

I like the idea of a "cemetery" board! It would be nice to have a more organized catalog!

No. 7211

Either that or just have a search system for the catalog like a lot of chan archive sites do where you can search by title or body etc.

No. 7212

>what is ctrl+F
Stop being new.

No. 7213

we had that with /manure/ and /sty/ but both were met with a lot of protest by anons and subsequently forgotten. i agree that more boards would be good, however i think creating dedicated boards for different topics would also increase the amount of random new threads.

No. 7214

It’s a long shot to think the gaijin in japan thread, which is an ESL shite hole, needs it’s own board. But the rest I think is a good idea. I like the idea of having more themed boards too

No. 7215

ctrl+F often brings up shit results and old threads, but go off.

No. 7216

Not only that thread, that's not really what I meant. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough, but I meant keep people who are tied by a specific trait in a separated board.

I don't really post here anymore so I don't know what these categories could be, but that's the general idea.

No random threads would pop up there because those boards would be used for discussion of people, not random topics. /ot/ and /g/ should stay imo, which is where these threads should go, and I don't really have anything to suggest when it comes to them.

Yeah I remember but I think doing something similar right now would help a lot.

No. 7218

The anons incessantly bitching about man hate are a minority, anon. It's very easy to ignore, I do it all the time. Report derailing, hide the man hate thread, and move on.

No. 7219

yet you can't ignore this comment…

No. 7220

Onion brings attention to his new haircut as a "big reveal" and we can't talk about it? Really? It's nitpicking to talk about his new surprise?

No. 7221


It really feels like there's like, one or two Farmhands who show up every couple of weeks to ban everyone in sight. For some reason, Farmhands are much more concerned about nitpicking than cp or gore.

No. 7222

There are boards for female cows like Dasha and Momo where 80% or more of the posts are making fun of their looks/weight and criticizing their latest photos of themselves, but mods are really uppity about it in the Onision thread lately. I'm just not getting where the line is drawn anymore, and tbh it's coming across a little distasteful.
I feel like the occasional discussion of his new shitty haircuts, fat belly, age spots and whatnot are relevant (and funny) because he's constantly talking about how handsome and young he thinks he looks and how everyone else is ugly. It's probably half of what he talks about.

No. 7223

The constant nitpicking gets old. Onision isn't the only exception to this rule, it applies to moo, luna, and plenty of other threads in /snow/.
Threads in /pt/ are going to be held to a much higher standard, especially with a recent milk drop.
I always see a mysterious mention of cp or gore without ever seeing it. Rarely, if ever.

No. 7224


>Onision isn't the only exception to this rule

Did you word that as you intended? If his thread is an exception to the rule prohibiting nitpicking, then nitpicking is permissible.


His haircut is the milk.


If man hate comments are not redtexted, anons don't know if the man hate anons were warned or banned which results in

- continuation of the man hate by other man hate anons
- minimodding by anons because they don't see mods responding to their reports
- infighting over the presence of man hate and over minimodding

Why are anons being banned for minimodding in /ot/? That rule is only for /pt/ and /snow/.

No. 7225

>I always see a mysterious mention of cp or gore without ever seeing it.
Are you kidding?!

No. 7226

Exactly, the haircut is milky af (showing his current mental state and lack of self-awareness) and admins are causing infighting with their bitching about nitpicking. It blows the whole thing up in the first place. Can't you see how toxic your unnecessary bans are?
>Inb4 go somewhere else!!!

No. 7228


I reported the beheaded woman twice within the first hour. When it had not been removed a few hours later I considered screencapping it to post in this thread to get the mods' attention, but I decided that would be pushy and surely the mods would take care of it soon enough.

How wrong I was to have faith.

No. 7229

Testing the glitch.

No. 7230

Testing the glitch.

No. 7231


I eventually got at 504 server error. Apologies for not copying the ray ID.

No. 7232

i'd never paid attention to /meta/ until recently, but has the moderation situation always been as much of a shitshow as it is right now? seems like they're all in way over their heads.

No. 7233

its always been a shitshow, butt after the first admin left it went downhill really fast.

he gave the website to some inexperienced female orbiter of his, and she invited all of her friends to be mods. Basically the only mods we get now are sperglords who are friends of friends with some other sperglords who at one point modded. Your application won’t be taken seriously unless they like you. so uh, GL to anyone who is actively trying.

No. 7236

I completely agree. He made a video of him cutting his hair into a retarded style and we can't talk about his videos now, it seems. There is no way to tell where the line is drawn for what we can and can't talk about, and the staff won't bother trying to talk to us unless it's to defend themselves.

So all of those reports that you got about the beheaded woman was just our imagination? All of the posts here mentioning it (and we sure as hell weren't the same person), was never really there?

No. 7237

The beheaded women was up for 10+ hours and the farmhand didn't see it? What is wrong with this place…

No. 7238

And what were you expecting a search function to do? Not search?

No. 7239

>I always see a mysterious mention of cp or gore without ever seeing it. Rarely, if ever.
Oh fuck off, farmhand. Obviously you aren't doing your job when we report a beheaded woman MULTIPLE TIMES over a 10 hour period. Glad to see you guys are more upset about Onion's fee-fees getting hurt than gore being shown on the website. We might as well delete the general complaints thread since you don't fucking listen to any of the complaints and just ban people instead. What a joke.

No. 7240

Mods, can someone ban the whiteknight faggot in the Penny Underbust thread? It's clearly a neckbeard fan.

No. 7241

Not sure why it's not okay to apparently nitpick onion but Dasha's thread has only become that.
Also, the cp gore thing does happen.
There was a beheaded woman wearing a blue top on here the other day.

No. 7242

I'm >>7192 and it was the very first time I've adress my dissatisfaction with manhaters. Actually, I don't have much problem with you having your autistic thread as long as you don't leaking everywhere else and attacking other women for disagreeing with your insane positions.
And please, don't act like Lolcow always was a manhaters haven cause it's wasn't. Your shit is pretty recent (1 year maybe?) so, if you feel like you're so opressed by us, regular farmers/old fags, please consider making you're own female wizard board and take the incels you tend to attract (those who post CP and gore) with you.

No. 7243

File: 1542393445039.png (133.63 KB, 921x653, Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 11.3…)

Just wanted to show every other anon in this thread where "complaining" in /meta/ gets you.

(I waited until my ban was expired to post this.)

No. 7244

>the haircut is milky af
Yet screencaps from Lainey’s private Twitter isn’t milky?
The nitpicking in /pt/ over Greg being ugly, moo being fat, and Luna being shit at Makeup is annoying and makes it harder for others who read for the milk to read the thread. Instead of sperging out over a farmhand warning anons to stop derailing over another shitty haircut maybe take a break from posting.

No. 7245

Our issue is that farmhands care more about addressing nitpicks rather than actual problems that have been brought up in this thread.

No. 7247

This and that their attitudes are becoming real terrible. I think there was only one or two farmhands here who answered with understanding and patience, the others were pretty snobby.

If the staff would learn to communicate better(or at all )and toned down their attitude a little, a lot of issues with farmers could have been and would be avoided.

No. 7248

You're forgetting we're understaffed quite a bit, if spam or cp is reported then we try to take care of it as fast as possible.
A goal would be to have a staff team with more diverse timezones to help with this sort of thing, sadly the majority of staff are american.
Another farmhand took care of the gore that day.
Nitpicks shouldn't have to be addressed since nitpicking has been against the rules. Granted every thread has nitpicking, but some threads have more of an issue with this obviously.

No. 7249

I don't understand those of you who think stricter moderation based on your personal opinion of what's interesting are even here for. I prefer lolcow over shitholes like PULL because anonymity promotes more discussion. I regularly and legitimately prefer to scroll past a day's worth of discussion that I find uninteresting than refreshing a thread to find no updates at all.

No. 7250

Mod, we literally reported that beheaded woman thread for an entire day before it even got taken care of, meanwhile MULTIPLE people had been banned for dumb shit throughout the day. Pay attention more, being "understaffed" isn't an excuse when you're still banhappy during that time.

No. 7251

fucking pay attention to complaints and get your head out of your ass. no one is blaming you, all the mods have collective responsibility. quit if you're gonna put up a front on anon and cop an attitude.

No. 7253

Can someone define the manhate that ot is supposed to be so full of? Like, can't we say anything critical or negative about a man/men's behaviour before it's hate and has to be posted in a specific thread?
When does it become hate, that is what I'm wondering.

No. 7254

I wonder this too. The post that was warned in the random bullshit thread wasn't even a man-hating post yet it managed to trigger so many anons apparently.

I find it ridiculous that with so many more important matters to attend to, they choose to focus on man-haters. It's stupid that any criticism of a man or men can be considered as man hate speech.

Can you even vent about a guy at work, or criticize a politician or an author for example, that happens to be a man? Because the site rules are not clear on that and as such it allows for arbitrary warning/banning.

No. 7255

I just checked that thread and it's just an anon saying she is suspicous of men who talk about how crazy all their exes are. Seems like kinda normal wariness against projecting weirdos.

No. 7256

yeah that's just common sense imo

No. 7257

No joke. I feel as if any time you say anything remotely negative about men in /ot/ we get a massive amounts of "MODS CAN YOU PLEASE BAN THE FEMCELS IN THE X THREAD THEY'RE JUST RAMPANT" screeching in here after they themselves got into a derail lasting for 70 replies and hurt their feefees. I really never see actual aggressive man-hate outside of the containment thread either so I don't really get where all of this comes from.

No. 7258

Hey mods, since it took you a whole day last time to check the complaints, I figured I'd post directly to you here. There's two threads that were made in /ot/, one showing a rape scene from a film and the other a loli-looking character in a pornographic scene. One has been up for nearly an HOUR already. Maybe actually do something this time instead of letting it stay up for a whole day!

No. 7259

they acted pretty swiftly considering they're understaffed. they're gone now, thankfully

No. 7261

Glad to see they're doing their job.

No. 7262

the issue is more with the mods who banned them then right?

No. 7263

those anons consider someone saying "dump him" to an anon bitching about her shitty bf man hate lmao

No. 7264


This. Even if the reports and complaints were filed as vendettas by men, mods should have an agreed upon standard by which to issue bans.

No. 7265

God that's dumb, ladies don't dump your shitty bfs because that would be ~hateful~ towards them!

No. 7266

I can't believe all you idiots are falling for this shit. Bickering over "manhate" or "anti-manhate" is just fucking dividing the board. Both parties are fucking stupid, both of you have some false sense of entitlement and both need to shut the fuck up.

And for the love of god stop taking everything at face value.

No. 7267

File: 1542558964283.jpg (119.64 KB, 1852x470, image.jpg)

>I'm totally an old fag you guys!
>don't act like Lolcow always was a manhaters haven cause it's wasn't. Your shit is pretty recent (1 year maybe?)
see pic. kek
are you new, a male, or both?

No. 7268

>new, a male, or both?
You know the answer, sis.

No. 7269

I don't even frequent the man-hating general and I don't have anything against it either, but I would like to know what constitutes man-hate if it can get you banned?

I was about to post something about Houellebecq in the book reading thread and talk about his misogyny as the central topic as well as his overrated style, but now I don't know if it's going to trigger anons or not.

So, yeah, I think it's important to have a discussion on what constitutes man-hate and tbh I find it ridiculous that we have to do that on an imageboard that is supposedly oriented towards girls.

I don't think any actual woman should have problems with women venting about men as long as it doesn't derail other threads.

And we never had problems or complaints about man-haters until recently.

Also, my suggestion is that femcel belongs to a r9k vocabulary and using a stupid term like that should warrant a ban because there are high chances that the poster belongs to that shitboard.

No. 7270

No ban for the repeat offender obvious self-posting male instigator in the Alt Cows thread?

No. 7272

>Also, my suggestion is that femcel belongs to a r9k vocabulary and using a stupid term like that should warrant a ban because there are high chances that the poster belongs to that shitboard.
agreed. and idc if a small minority of women use it. there's no equivalence and it's stupid. robots and incels are the ones who want it to catch on, especially in female communities. i can see female 'foreveralones' using it ironically, but there is literally no equivalent since 'femcels' aren't out here murdering men for being deprived of dick and male attention.

No. 7273

>I was about to post something about Houellebecq in the book reading thread and talk about his misogyny as the central topic as well as his overrated style, but now I don't know if it's going to trigger anons or not.

We shouldn't have to worry about triggering (probably male or troon) anons on a female dominated image board by discussing things like sexism in some writer's work. That's silly.

No. 7274

The last Gender Critical thread derailed into a massive man hate spergfest on the topic of war completely unrelated to troons. Mods did nothing. I know management has a hate boner for that thread for some reason, but it is not the place for general misandry.

No. 7275

I think that women on a women only board should be given the free speech to express their feelings about men.
No one on Wizardchan (a men's imageboard that explicitly disallows women) or 4chan (a male-dominated site) ever gets banned for woman hate or misogyny. They have the freedom to speak their minds and express their feelings. Why can't we have that?

Unlike the people on those two sites, we're also not nearly as vile. We don't post photos/videos of dead men and mock them, share creepshots of guys we've seen IRL, post tips on drugging and assaulting men, say underage boys who get raped "deserved it" or are liars, post rape/torture fantasies on pictures of random men and boys en masse, post photos of people's 7-12 year old sons and say shit like ">tfw no little bf" etc etc. "Man hate" in female dominated spaces doesn't result in mass killings, assaults, rapes or any even any real social detriments on men. Many of us have men who we love, respect and appreciate IRL. That doesn't mean many, many grievances about men as a collective aren't valid or worth talking about.

We should be allowed to say what we want about men, they certainly don't pull any (literal or figurative) punches with us, on any site they inhabit in large amounts. The only actual downside is that men who come here and read such posts will feel bad. However, according to the very rules of this site that explicitly disallow male posters, they shouldn't even be here, so it's not our problem.

No. 7276

Well said.

No. 7277

I think the issue is more that the anons who don't have problems with men are called out in a pretty rude, nasty way by anons who do. I don't spend tons of time in man hate or even gender crit threads, so I certainly don't see why you can't have them, or two or three or even ten threads about it.

Man hate does pop up in almost every thread, which is fine because I can scroll, but sometimes it looks like a lot of baiting going on.

I have a tinfoil that probably half the man hate is posted by trannies, which is ridic but there you go.

No. 7279

Literally what? Acknowledging the fact that rapey autogynephilic translesbians are infested with male entitlement isn't really "misandry" and the thread is actually one of the few in /ot/ that doesn't get constantly derailed. Are you the person who's always whining about how they don't sperg about FTMs there?

>Complaints about m-muh man-hate have skyrocketed after we started getting robot raids
Makes you think!

All of this tbh

No. 7280

People started complaining about manhaters because you people burst in to every thread and annoy everyone with your insults to anyone who disagrees with you and derail them.

No. 7282

Just want to say I appreciate the farmhands and their contribution to keep this site running. I do not always agree with their moderation and at times share the exact same frustration as every other user in this thread but regardless I enjoy this site very much and hope to see it survive the incoming leadership changeover. I also appreciate fellow anons, especially us here that care enough to come to /meta/ to try and improve the site further.

No. 7284

As much as it's just as frustrating to jani hate it's good to see that some people still have faith in the site. Thanks for the kind words anon.
This is the general consensus with the man-hate thread but seeing anons constantly take bait from robots is the main issue with the topic aside from the occasional derailing in other /ot/ threads.
We do have an agreed standard with ban lengths and ban offenses. Manhate derailing would be considered derailing a thread to say something that would better be suited for man hate. A good example would be gender crit like another anon said. The topics may be similar but they're not the same. >>7274

No. 7285

You win lolcow

No. 7286

men "take bait" on 4chan, just ban the maleposter, who cares if anons want to reply?

No. 7287


>Acknowledging the fact that rapey autogynephilic translesbians are infested with male entitlement isn't really "misandry"

The derail had absolutely nothing to do with trans.


But mods did not respond to the derailing.

No. 7288

no, just no. only idiots respond to bait. people get banned for responding to bait because it's derailing it's not some big conspiracy.everyone derailing and infighting deserves their bans.
it's also not just "maleposters" because many times it's other anons baiting you. this is probably my least favorite argument on lolcow.

No. 7291


Will a mod please step in? Anons continue to take the bait.


You took the time to talk about this issue, but you couldn't actually address it in the Alt Cow thread?

Re your reply to >>7264, the original question was why the comment was considered man hate >>7254. Why did that comment, posted in a thread with no defined topic, warrant a ban when the derailing in the GC thread did not?

No. 7297

Responding to bait is exactly what incels and robots want, this issue has been going on for a year now in the man-hate thread. Anons can't willingly take bait and expect mods to moderate their thread 24/7 to clean up their messes. It really just helps everyone to ignore and report.
Sorry I misread, I didn't realize you were addressing alt-cows and not man hate specifically. Derailing in GC will result in a ban, the ban in the vent thread was red texted as an example of a post that would be better suited for man-hate. The anon was only given a warning as well.

No. 7299

Why cant we long term ban the sperg anons who keep making shit up and purposefully taking Instagram images from Moo to try and spread and derail the threads with false info? They constantly derail and this time its about pedophilia. Those anons, or anon, kerp trying to create canon issues by tinfoiling constantly.

No. 7300

We're allowed to have discussions anon. You're starting to sound like a wk at this point. Nothing that any anons mentioned was taken "out of context", and it's fine if you disagree, but no one is making shit up.

No. 7301

champagne to the mods who volunteer and do their best

No. 7303


I was addressing the derailing in both Alt Cows and GC.

The derailing in Alt Cows started on the 16th and didn't get red texted until today.

The man hate derailing in GC was never red texted, if it was addressed at all. A couple of anons called out the derailing comments, so they probably reported them too.

We're frustrated because, if mods are around and able to respond here, why are reports being ignored?

>the ban in the vent thread was red texted

The comment wasn't in the Vent thread, but it would be a better fit there than in Man Hate.

No. 7305

Moo isn't a pedophile. It is extremely derailing and literally has no need to even be said. Its a waste of time and caused the rest of the thread to fill up with a discussion that was pointless since it started.

And yes. Several anons think its funny to take instagram posts out of context and derail with tinfoils about it until another anon comes in with actual context.

No. 7306

the only one bitching here is you. no one's even been discussing it anymore.

No. 7308

>Moo isn't a pedophile

Right, cause she's a girl? Anons had a lot of valid points tbh. Defending a sexual harasser who has a vague interest in media with sexualized children in it isn't a good look, anon.

No. 7309

This. The conversation is dead now and has been for hours.

No. 7310

Man-hate anons wonder why everyone considers their threads a tar pit and then post stuff like this. Your entire argument is that this place is not 8 or 4chan. What is that supposed to prove?

No. 7311

Since I've forgotten what I actually came here for, did some catching up and I really want to bump


because it would be great if we could actually get an answer. That locking of the thread was extremely unusual, and staff seem to be refusing to discuss it. What the fuck? (thank you to the anon I am pointing to for raising it again)

No. 7312

Can someone clean up the the Miranda thread? It's been full of obvious white knights for days now. They keep defending her and claiming it's just "differing opinions" when it's clearly not.

No. 7313

This. I’m cool with the man-hate threads. It’s something that a lot of anons on an all female board are interested in and I have nothing against its exsistance, but….
Myself and several other anons were once discussing (iirc unpopular opinions or vent thread) how we’ve had horrible life experiences with other females (personal life experiences) and one anon mentioned that maybe a thread could be created in /g/ or /ot/ to discuss issues with female friends, female bullies, female abusers, mom problems (since we have one for relationships with dad’s, but not moms) etc. Not in a “woman-hate thread” type of way but a venting, advice, and discussion thread type of way.

Immediately a couple of farmers tried to shut it down, spam that the anons who wanted to discuss it must be secret male posters/incels and that all convo regarding females bad experiences with other females should be shut down. They were being overly hostile over it just being mentioned.

It’s when it leaks into other threads and when anons who frequent man-hate feel they need to aggressively rip apart their fellow farmers just for having a different opinion or having the same experiences they discuss constantly, but with the opposite gender, that there seems to be a problem.

One farmer in the thread just agreed that it was good idea and that they wanted to discuss/vent about being bullied by other girls in high school. Quickly, they got a bunch of responses telling them to “gtfo incel”/“male confirmed”/“you cant post here!!1” when they were clearly a female. I later saw that same anon posting a screencap of it on c.c., saying that it really upset them and had offput them from posting in /g/ anymore, when they’d been a longtime farmer.

>inb4 “that anon can go b’aww on c.c. hugbox more”

It’s not cool to do that to other female farmers in a thread that has nothing to do with man hate. You can have polite discussions about one, without it negating the other. That’s why most farmers see that thread as a containment thread. It’s not the topic; it’s the pushy, rude, mini modding, harassing other users, running farmers off in other threads that’s annoying, js.

No. 7314

This. My main issues with the users in that thread are situations like these (that many will claim never happen). I think there is way too much shit slinging and push for this site to be 100% radfem and 100% anti-man, and some of us don't really care about discussing that kind of thing.

No. 7316

I would have to agree the infighting on /ot/ and /g/ is a bit out of hand. From the dog hate/love rivalry to anons calling each other handmaidens over disagreements. Thanks for the feedback on this because I was unsure if some anons felt the same way about those boards.
We got backtracked on that, sorry. Answers should be posted by admin by the end of the week.

No. 7317

Thanks for talking with us.

Are ban notices supposed to say what the ban was for?

No. 7318

All anons should get a ban reason, if there is no ban reason than it may be a cycled IP, we can still undo those bans as long as appeals are submitted.

No. 7321

So is a mod going to do something about all of the nitpicking involving Dasha's haircut or nah? Cause you guys rode our asses about it when it came to Onision's.

No. 7322

why are all the white knights being allowed to run rampant in the Miranda thread? i've reported them a few times and they won't shut up about how she's an innocent flower.

No. 7323

Yesterday morenainjapan / Brianna Slaughter was accused of rape, yet every second post in her thread is somebody whining that this is vendetta, that there's no milk, etc… Suspicious much?

No. 7324

Probably the same WK that was at the beginning of the thread who kept saying it was vendetta, no milk, dismissing all evidence, etc.

No. 7325

Yeah, accused of rape in a PULL thread full of underage weebs who genuinely do have vendettas against her and by a poster whose only form of evidence was a poorly written fanfiction account. Probably the same one who posted the link to it in the thread since the typing style was the same. Morena may have milk, but this isn't it. None of the shit about her that's been posted in the past few days has actually been milky at all.

No. 7326

Pretty sure you're same wk anon whose just been samefagging, derailing, trying to get the thread locked, and threatening to report/false reporting users who simply asked you (multiple times) why you think it's vendetta. And you gave no reason why. The anons in the thread have posted screenshots and detailed op summaries (scamming money, harassing users, bragging about being a hoe, screaming at people who stop giving her money, lying, sexual assault allegations, etc), you on the other hand haven't posted one piece of evidence. Stop ruining the thread for the many farmers that are interested in it. She posted it on her public social media, so its fair game to give our observations on if.

And nice try trying to slip in that lie about the rape accusations being a "fanfic" (lol) when it was actually a pretty detailed call-out post by someone she knows personally. Your even using the same words, typing, and bs excuse.

No. 7327

They're pretty blatantly Mira too lol

That thread is comedically shitty

No. 7330

No, I wasn't samefagging, I never said she had no milk, I'm not trying to white knight her or get the thread locked in any way, and I never said every post in the thread was a vendetta post. Multiple different anons think that thread has a vendetta problem, not just me. Those dumb SA allegations really aren't milk and neither are any of these:
>>>/snow/735992 (disagreeing with her political beliefs isn't milk unless your an sjw)
>>>/snow/735599 (denying the SA allegations isn't milk either, not to hard to see how retardedly implausible they are unless you're looking at her with shit-tinted glasses)

>you on the other hand haven't posted one piece of evidence

Here are some examples of vendetta-y posts made in her thread in the past two days:
>>>/snow/736133 (also "hi cow")
>>>/snow/735532 (cowtipping as well)
>>>/snow/735534 (more cowtipping)
I.e. most of them. Most of them sound like samefags as well. It wouldn't be a "false report" to report any of these posts, really.

>"it was actually a pretty detailed call-out post by someone she knows personally."

>taking a post made by an anonymous throwaway account on PULL of all places as gospel
You sound like pic related, anon.

And by the way, getting this heated and defensive over this isn't exactly helping your case.

No. 7331

File: 1542885243630.png (186.71 KB, 475x300, 0_v7gmjOTELi-Oysz.png)

ugh, dropped pic.

refresh if there's more than one ver. of that post.

No. 7332

KEK the first 3 posts you linked are literally just screenshots with no text whatsoever!
>1st) Disagreeing with her political beliefs”
It’s a screenshot from her snap of her getting banned on Twitter. No ones disagreeing with anything. That’s milk.
>2nd) a screenshot from her snap of a screenshot of the allegations with some text of her getting pissy. Relevant screencap.
>3rd) “denying the SA allegations isn't milk either”
It’s a screenshot of her snap of a screencap of her texts and and denying allegations. That’s relevant to the accusations as it’s her response to them.

The rest of the posts you linked:
Over HALF of the posts you linked were posts calling YOU out for derailing and shitting up the thread and saying it’s not vendetta/asking you why you think it’s vendetta. Including 2 of my posts (that were in response to you) asking you to stop derailing the thread.
Anons getting annoyed at you for derailing and threatening to report anons is not “vendetta-y” posts.

The only ones I agree with are cowtipping, besides that none of them break the rules or are “vendetta-y”, one is even just a l video she posted on YT where an anon said “she blamed the wrong person for spitting on her” based on the footage.

“I’m not trying to get the thread locked”
Really? Then why did you just link of bunch of non-vendetta posts and throw in random posts that aren’t breaking the rules?

>And by the way, getting this heated and defensive over this isn't exactly helping your case

….what case….all I said was to stop derailing and to hide the thread if you don’t like it…. take a chill pill

What you didn’t really address:
you did derail and you did threaten people with reporting in response to anons politely asking you why you thought it was vendetta (false reporting is a common way to try to get a thread locked down). So where’s the lie?

>”None of the shit about her that's been posted in the past few days has actually been milky at all”

When the thread hadn’t even been posted in for a month before it was necroed only 2 days ago specifically for the rape allegation. Which she posted about on her public social. So it was brought to her thread, as it is relevant to her , to discuss and post related screenshots. That’s the only milk that been posted “in the past few days”. And yes, sexual assault allegations ARE milk. And they have been on every thread that has had a cow facing the same allegations.

You haven’t posted 1 thing to debunk the allegations, just randomly insisted it’s vendetta/pulltards/fanfic so you’re point is moot until you actually give a reason why it has no merit and why it’s not milk.

If you think the posts are not up to par then hide the damn thread (like anons have been telling you to do)

But just bc you personally don’t believe the sexual assault allegations, doesn’t mean they aren’t and doesn’t mean all discussions of them are “vendetta”, doesn’t mean screenshots of her public posts where she addresses them are “vendetta” and certainly doesn’t mean anons asking you to explain or to stop derailing is “vendetta”.

I can’t believe I actually had to click on all those posts just to see you bs-ing, again jfc.

No. 7333

According to your logic we also shouldn't believe any farmer on /ot/ or /g/ who posts about being abused by her parents or bf, because afterall she could just be an anonymous troll making up "fanfics".
Just the fact that you call rape accusations a fanfiction, as if Morena was famous or someone anybody (besides you I guess) would admire…
Do you doubt women who come forward "irl" about being raped as well? I mean, they could also lie, who knows?
Did you believe Morena when she said that she got harrassed on the street? She looked pretty happy and relaxed in that "evidence" video she posted. Hm…

No. 7334

Jesus, vendetta-chan. Can you please settle down and tl;dr this? It's unreadable in it's current state.

Did you even read that "callout post"? If so, I genuinely don't understand how you think any of those things are comperable to it at all. If it wasn't so blatantly full of shit, I wouldn't be doubting it. Some of the mistakes the OP of that post made were soren-teir ffs.

No. 7335

Whoa the GC thread is going completely off the rails!

>tfw we should be roasting trans visibility week and anons are infighting over surrogacy, abortion, and gay men

No. 7336

Not trying to race-bait but I notice that with the threads about black weebs or not even black just weebs in Japan there’s a shit ton of irrelevant derails and people who think lolcow is their personal soapbox. I don’t think Morena isn’t cringe or that she doesn’t have milk but her thread is completely left field now. Disagreeing with someone politically alone isn’t milk worthy. Mods really need to monitor these threads like they did with the Kpop thread. So much irrelevant stuff that makes it keep bumping.

No. 7337

Call me a tinfoil but I'm suspecting that some troll or a really off the rails troon has been derailing the thread deliberately recently. It's been almost always on-topic and had very minimal infighting compared to a lot of other threads on /ot/ but suddenly someone started baiting really aggressively. Hoping the mods will take care of it.

No. 7338


The thought crossed my mind, too. Then again, I've seen anons infight over these topics in other threads before.

Whatever is going on, they are still going at it despite a Farmhand's warning.

No. 7339

This. Usually the ladies on GC aren't aggressive like that,even when you don't share their opinions they're prone to discussing. So it's seems a little bit suspicious to me too (same with some Manhate derailing. They're so insanely heinous toward other women, sometimes it's make me think they're robots larping as radfems and trolling)
>inb4 tinfoil

No. 7340

I definitely think there's been some male anons in the past couple days. The GC thread def had some males, and I feel like the majority of people posting on Blaire's thread are male, especially the ones not saging. I just saw the Nemu thread get bumped hoping for nudes, too.

No. 7341

I don't want to go back to the topic of "femcels" or "anti-manhaters" but I got the same impression in the unpopular opinion thread where some anons interpreted concerns for overpopulation with manhating. They didn't want to discuss or hear the other side either, they went straight to insulting and used trumpspeak like ending the sentence with SAD! and frogposted which doesn't necessarily mean the anon was indeed male but it's something more typical of other boards. They also don't know how to sage.

No. 7342

Also, posting anime girls. I don't have anything against anime itself despite not watching it but whenever someone posts anime reaction pics it makes me suspicious.

I'm used to lolcow having less anime reaction pics compared to other imageboards

No. 7343

Farmhands, can we please get some cleaning in the Morena thread? I know anons were talking about her above thread, but her shit is nearly unreadable with the WKs. Every time someone says something about her political views (that she herself brought up), they get accused of soapboxing and being a SJW, and then when we make comments on her appearance (which I think is a valid point of discussion, considering Brianna considers herself a god), what I assume is these same anons start talking about how that's not milk, and to focus on the actual milk. . . Which is what they keep saying is fake. It's a cesspool over there, which is sad since Brianna is milky af.

No. 7344

Weird Vicky-like poster in Vick thread. Similar spelling errors to Vick. Can farmhands confirm if it's her?

No. 7345

I agree, Micky and Amina's threads are like this too.

No. 7346

Disagreeing with other posters isn’t ground for cleaning up. You faggots keep samefagging here and her thread. stop soap boxing and post the real thread. Nobody cares if you find Brianna or other cows problematic.

No. 7347

Sorry for double posting but I definitely agree. All three have cringe cow worthy shit(Micky being the very worst) but the Amina and Brianna thread has literally become “I don’t agree with them t-t-they aren’t woke reeeeee!!!” And that isn’t milk

No. 7348

There are no white knights. You keep coming here and her thread sperg posting. You’re the only same fag

No. 7349

OK, I'll stay hopeful about an answer on the Isa thread.

For the bans thing, I use a vpn and have mentioned in here several times about bans that aren't mine, don't have a reason and are unlimited. At one point, Admin asked me to email if it was still happening so I did. Those bans are still in place, months later. I've been appealing them every time I run into them but they persist.

No. 7350

>samefag samefag soapbox samefag

Tell us again how you aren't WKs, since you're literally just going around the site trying to discredit anyone speaking against Brianna and the obvious WKs in her thread.

No. 7351

Soapbox is a common word retard

No. 7352

>>>/pt/603242 uuuuuuuuh what the fuck is this farmhands pls delete

No. 7353


Where'd I say it wasn't? I take it you're the same anon in Brianna's thread calling everyone idiots because you got caught since you keep saying everyone is soapboxing.

No. 7354

What has anyone said that has sounded white knighty so far? Just that the sexual assault allegations sounded fake and her political beliefs conflicting with yours isn't milk?

No. 7355

Nta but multiple anons have been calling it soapboxing… That's what it is.

No. 7356


Did they reply to your emails?

No. 7357

You’re so fucking stupid. Multiple people are responding to you. You didn’t have to say soapbox wasn’t a common word but you keep saying samefagging.

No. 7358

you linked two different posts by two different people

theres a wk in here and a wk in the thread. why are you so defensive if it isnt you? they weren’t talking to you

No. 7359

You still haven't answered >>7354, sperg chan 2.0

No. 7362

Could Admin post a notice regarding the 504 server error that is resulting in multiple posts? It is leading to infighting and wasted comments discussing it in various threads.

My latest (my device would not let me screencap):

Error 504
Ray ID: 47ed74987c546da2 • 2018-11-24 17:05:35 UTC
Gateway time-out
Browser Working
San Jose
Cloudflare Working

No. 7363

Can you please stop arguing? This is a thread to address issues and suggestions to the mods not your little infigting space.

Maybe I'm tinfoiling a little bit, but it's seems that the moderation is getting better these days.Keep going girls, we trusting you. Make Lolcow great again.kek

No. 7364

Just a general complaint, not about any thread in particular, but I feel like there's massive amounts of samefagging happening everywhere. Have we considered adding post IDs?

No. 7365

there's currently a scrot infestation in the man-hate thread, please take care of it before it gets out of hand

No. 7366

Don't be stupid lmao

No. 7367

thats a different anon again
take the tinfoil hat off

sorry just didnt think it was cool for anons to be hostile to others just for posting complaints, in the a thread for complaints

No. 7368

How is it stupid? IIRC some 4chan boards have them. Everyone is still anon but it prevents samefagging.

No. 7369

Is anyone minding the reports?


No. 7371

How quickly a healthy debate has turned to infighting in the Vent thread.

No. 7372

>Everyone is still anon

uuh, not they're not. IDs aren't anon anymore and are used as punishments because while it prevents samefag, it allows the same shit on other forums where people will shit on you for other things you've posted. IDs are attached to your IP, so it's just a forced trip, essentially.

No. 7373

can we shut down the man-hate thread, not because of the man-hating aspect, but because people are too brain dead to ignore to bait? i know this has been discussed before, but it's only getting worse…the majority of the posts in the current thread are either scrots trolling or people responding to bait. it's stupid to keep it up.

No. 7374

>inb4 the thread is flooded with posters whining about how you shouldn't punish people who derail uwu

No. 7375

Don't post dumb shit and you won't have to worry about it.

No. 7376

no shit, i was just pointing out that it literally is ID.

No. 7377

>muh imageboard purity
go to reddit if you don't like shitposts

No. 7378

wot? just sayin, posters who break rules should get banned. getting baited by men is the most embarrassing thing that can happen on this site.

No. 7379

I'm venting, skip over this if you have already consumed your daily salt allowance.

It's such a waste to see actual gossip and conversations that can have genuine impact being left to drown in a sea of shitposts, or worse, removed posts, because trivia like manhate threads seem to dominate staff time here these days? Like seriously guys, if certain /ot/ threads waste that much of your time just nuke them? Is continuity and thread management in there really that serious?

Two examples of threads that have been stifled lately and which frustrate the hell out of me personally:

The Isa thread and the Altcows thread leading to it were chock full of suss posts which I did flag with post numbers here. Some of those posts could easily have been Raven, and it would be quite the milk fountain had she been found to be posting that here. Will we ever know? Thread got locked and as the farmhand answered upthread, the issue was put on the backburner. I would have thought Raven posting that info here (if she did) would be you know… milk. Yes I keep going on about this thread but I can't get past ignoring one of our most constant and reprehensible cows- Raven.

The Zoosadism thread was censored by someone's request for a reason, but due to lack of follow up it stayed censored, and with KF actively censoring and debunking the truth in this instance, leaving seemingly no free space to publicly discuss the id of a scumbag that anons unearthed right here in our thread, fucking ages ago. This isn't just some gossip going by the wayside, it needed action. No updates were given to the thread about how things were progressing with unmasking this guy and whether we could talk about him again or take action or who was doing what. Just letting this go into the ether was not okay. But at the same time, I wanted to trust the people who said or implied they were working on it, including admin (who implied they were in the know). And if you didn't talk to Null, then why the hell not? Given he was the main censor, here had to be a reason for it. Don't visit this thread if you want to avoid the subject matter, it's upsetting- Admin's post about this today giving some context >>>/snow/738194

In short, good milk is going bad while /ot/ etc are being kept tidy.

No. 7380

most of the shitty issue causing threads are containment threads. despite what certain anons have to say.

No. 7381

There's an anon infighting in the vent thread in /ot/ and they have a similar pattern to users who have done the same shit in the past. They also keep telling people to calm down when the anons they're replying to are being perfectly reasonable?

No. 7382

i went to check because i saw this. she seems kind of nuts. hide and report. she seems like the type of retard who will reply to everyone who says anything to her.

No. 7383

If they're implemented properly they're not shared between threads, only within each individual thread, which could even be useful if someone has a history of consistently providing good milk.

No. 7384

i'm tired of anons using handmaiden/man as an insult when they don't like what someone is saying. they always try to shut down discussion by assuming you're a man. they are also probably the first ones to cry about being insulted themselves.

it's become like the new 'hi cow' practically and i think doing it should be discouraged.

No. 7385

I'm assuming you're the one who was called a handmaiden? Maybe you should look back at what you said and realize WHY other anons are calling you that.

No. 7386

nope. it's just really embarrassing to watch. people think that shit's an insult, or that it somehow means their opinion is right, but it just makes them look cringy.

No. 7387

maybe you shouldn't insult other women for having an opinion different to your own

No. 7388

You seriously came to /meta/ to say this? I think it can be really annoying in excess too, but holy fucking lol that's pathetic.

Lolcow dot farm isn't a hugbox. Do you want to ban anons who call other anons retards too?

No. 7391


no one said anything about banning, you seem triggered.

No. 7392

but you're trying to shut down their opinion of your posts and their opinion of what you're saying? youre kind of trying to police thought/opinion here yourself

if they think you sound like a man, ok?? so what?

No. 7394

I mean, ~handmaidens~ seem fine with doing that by calling every non-liberal feminist a TERF because she disagrees with you.

I clicked meta just now hoping that it'll be the first time in ages that I've clicked it and it isn't some bullshit about the radfems or manhate thread or something. Y'all can't stop whining but then post stuff like "u seem triggered :)))" as if this didn't start over a post where you're trying to pretend being called a ~handmaiden~ doesn't "trigger" you when it so clearly does.

No. 7395

Triggered race sperging in the celebcow thread in /ot/.

No. 7396

the triggered ones need to sage their shit, they're the ones not having it either.

No. 7398

Can I request that mods straight up delete the male/bait posts in the man-hating threads, rather than leave them up with the robot sticker? If their posts are deleted they don't get the audience/attention they want and it stops the thread from further derailing.

No. 7399

now hear me out. crazy idea but maybe anons could consider just not replying? doesnt mean your opinions are less valid but maybe exercise more control to not lash out at obvious bait?

No. 7400

I don't respond to them personally. But I can't stop what dozens of other anons do. People have been saying "don't reply to bait" for a long time and it isn't working. I think it's best to just delete the posts. They don't belong in that thread anyway.

No. 7401

they can though, taking the bait is fucking pathetic as hell. if you guys need to be babied reconsider your thread at all tbh. i'm sick of manhating anons coming ITT and whining about how stupid their fellow posters cause they can't even ignore bait that's been banned already. that's fucking sad.

No. 7402

This issue could be easily fixed if farmhands banned derailers as well as the incels. Too bad everyone seems to have jumped ship.

No. 7403

Cool but even if no one replies to them they get they satisfaction of knowing someone has read their posts and taking up space in the discussion. Mods should delete any posts and keep the thread clean regardless of replies.

No. 7404

I agree, male posts should be deleted AND replies to them as well. Leave no trace of their existence.
The robot is cute tho

No. 7405


No. 7406

Anyone going to do something about the two(?) anons white knighting susu and bunny in the costhot thread? They're back, or at least one of them is.

No. 7407

Seriously, they're borderline psychotic and taking it WAY too personally, at this point I can't even tell if it's bunny/SSS/their stans whiteknighting or someone pulling an aggressive false flag campaign to make people dislike them. It's that off the rails.

No. 7410

File: 1543608347409.jpg (24.64 KB, 250x263, 1485891817736.jpg)

Lolcow Awards 2018 Edition, anyone?


No. 7411

god, please

No. 7412

anon in tnd thread whiteknighting, all anons replying to them and bumping thread w no milk just arguements

No. 7413

anon in tnd thread whiteknighting, all anons replying to them and bumping thread w no milk just arguements

No. 7414

The micky thread seems to be broken??
Whenever I go to it, every second post or so just dissapears and it looks all glitches out. Been like that for atleast some days.

No. 7415

You prob have saged posts hidden

No. 7416

This. They should be deleted because they only encourage more male anons to come in to carry on with their shit. Mods should ease off the "never deleting anything" when it's just robots baiting and trolling. It's fucking annoying scrolling through a thread that has been raided with this shit.

No. 7418

I also agree.

No. 7419

CP in /ot/ again

No. 7420

Any updates on the multi-post glitch?

No. 7421


The ban did not say which rule or which post I was banned for. None of my posts that day were redtexted. It just said that I should know the rules by now. I did not get a reply to my emails, but I have never gotten a reply to any of my other emails either.

No. 7422

Request to make replying to obvious scrotes a bannable offence (not forever, just for a day or so).
I am so sick of farmers entertaining those fuckers instead of reporting and ignoring.

No. 7423

I agree.

No. 7424


Also mods need to ban the scrotes and baiters in a more timely manner. At times they are allowed to shit up threads for hours and hours and hours.

No. 7425

File: 1543758188262.jpeg (21.57 KB, 750x348, 0AAC1056-D022-4640-9037-25DB88…)


this shows up everytime someone posts a video - has anyone else had the same issue und knows how to fix it? i can‘t watch anything but no one else seems to have any trouble watching.

it‘s been like this for a long time, months i think.

No. 7426

Tbh I wonder, when mods ban scrots, is it a perma ban or temporary one? They're so annoying.

No. 7427

Hurry up and do something about the robot raid

No. 7428

Swear anons will cry about male posts, then vehemently reply to them ~for the lulz~, thus giving them insentive to post in the first place. Would love to see replying to male posts, or taking bait as a bannable offense. Think that would really get rid of the raid issues for good

No. 7429


Have you tried debugging your device?


No. 7430


>Would love to see replying to male posts, or taking bait as a bannable offense.


•derailing on any board is a bannable offense
For example, taking bait from robots on /ot/ or derailing Onision threads by nitpicking Lainey's ring for days

3.5a Do not engage with trolls. Report and move on.

No. 7431


thank you so much, it works now!

No. 7432


I posted the Ray IDs of some of the error pages I have gotten because they could be useful in debugging, but Admin has not replied.


No. 7433

>Constant male raiding in /ot/ because butthurt robots can't stand the thought of women having a place for themselves
>Let's just ban the people who reply to them instead of banning and deleting the bait posts that go on forever even if nobody is replying to them and keep coming back!
What sort of fucking logic is this. You can't reason with robots, especially because the posts are left up it just invites them to come in hordes and start replying to each other.

No. 7434

Doesn't this thread violate the rule prohibiting posting children?


No. 7435

When the barns where posted the breasts lower the hand too

No. 7436


Are you having a stroke, anon?

No. 7437

Why not both? Delete and ban the robots plus give temporary bans to idiot anons disputing them instead of ignoring and reporting.

They are half of the problem. And they are helping derail the thread >>7430 which is already against rules.

Nobody wants to read anons argue woth spergs as it makes them shit up threads even more. Why are the robot posts so irrestible that anons can't stop themself from arguing? They will not change anyone's mind.

No. 7438

Ban both. Boggles my mind why anons feel the need to go back and forth with robots and write paragraphs expressing their hate. You can't reason with robots, but you can nip that shit in the bud and not engage with them like it says so in the global RULES ffs.

Anons always want to get their two scents in to one up male posters, but by doing that they end up derailing their own damn threads. One male posting something stupid in a thread isn't derailment, the dozen other anons replying with "begone scrot lol xDDx" is

No. 7439

ill hop on this train. one person litters the thread and 12 triggered anons leave their shit in the wake. even if mods came in and deleted bait, there would still be 8 posts following it screeching about scrots and desperately needing to validate themselves to the male poster.

No. 7440

File: 1543793390182.png (254.92 KB, 800x1079, Screenshot_2018-12-02-15-26-53…)

Look at the nonsense that went down in the GC thread a few days ago. Anons continued to respond hours after Trans Girl was banned.

No. 7442

Could a farmhand please remind this anon >>>/snow/742329 to sage her multiple lengthy spergs? Her writing style is easily identified.

No. 7444

Where are the mods to delete this exploitation of disabled children?


No. 7445

I’d like to thank the farmhands for locking the Sin thread. There’s a shit ton of moralfagging/Call out post threads within the black weeb stuff. Briana/Morena’s thread is in containment but anons are trying to report her to her school now. This is totally cow tipping and most of her thread is just soapboxing. Same with the Amina thread(also in containment), just anons posting because their political views are different. Can the farmhands watch these threads a bit more closely? I know they can’t do much because it’s in containment but I really think the black weeb threads(as well as the Gaijin Japan threads) should be watched closer for samefagging and soapboxing.

No. 7446

what the fuck is going on with the celebricows #4 thread(s)?

No. 7447

Someone created a thread to harbor Amanda Seyfried and is copying the posts to filter out discussion on her!

Make sure to use the right one, >>/ot/334179(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 7450

File: 1543985604010.png (552.34 KB, 902x901, WHAT THE FUCK.PNG)

Mods please explain this shit KEK

No. 7451

File: 1543985797927.png (94.77 KB, 314x340, PURfoHZ.png)

When you think about it, the resemblance is striking, isn't it?

No. 7452


lmfao and you all say the mods do nothing KEK

No. 7453


is amanda seyfried /ourgirl/

No. 7454

File: 1543986701740.jpg (10.43 KB, 325x319, AzYiNDU.jpg)

tfw amanda seyfried was our mascot all along

No. 7455

File: 1543987231211.jpg (86.64 KB, 640x633, 1514162212376.jpg)

Love it. Thanks for the laughs farmhands

No. 7464

Onision thread being once again derailed by Shiloh. Happens every few months and she has nothing interesting to do with the cow himself. (I have no opinion on her btw it just makes the threads unreadable)

Is it possible to get a definitive policy regarding off topic Shiloh discussion?

No. 7466

File: 1544055085257.png (27.21 KB, 540x158, Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 7.11…)

Why(ban evasion)

No. 7468

A salty robot posted a photo of a dead girl covered with feces I presume, staff might wanna check out /ot/ because it's been up for an hour

No. 7469

The amount of threads about nobodys on snow is TOO DAMN HIGH.

Like for real, it seems as though there's tons more threads being made than usual, and none of them are decent gossip. "Booboo complains about her bf on instagram" bitch that's literally half the users on the site.

I get these people are annoying but imo someone just being an idiot on the internet is not thread worthy.

No. 7470

Still up, currently on page 2

No. 7471

six hours and counting. Come on. Where are these new farmhands? A bunch of posters have mentioned applying for positions.

No. 7472

File: 1544112888870.png (408.21 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-12-06-17-13-25…)

why just mark it as robot instead of deleting this vile shit? staff, come on

No. 7473

Is the staff seriously more interested in banning ban evaders in /meta/ and going after "manhate femcels"? We have gore photos up for a whole fucking day but the moment someone stops out of line in /snow/ you're there dropping bans WHILE people are issuing reports about child porn or snuff photos in /ot/? You guys could use some more transparency, just what kind of system do you use to have priorities like that?

No. 7474

Getting a ban in quick succession after making an unsaged post in a /snow/ thread or helping to derail a thread by participating in a dumb argument, but witnessing CP and gore threads chilling in /ot/ for hours on end undisturbed is almost LC culture at this point.

No. 7475

Every time gore and death photos come up, remember this reply >>7452

No. 7476

you should think back to this reply >>7223

>I always see a mysterious mention of cp or gore without ever seeing it. Rarely, if ever.

No. 7477

take a joke, anon.

No. 7480

What if the new farmhands are just icky males

No. 7481

yo, newfag here
what the fuck is sperging

No. 7482

Asbergers - sperg - sperging out/throwing a fit/being a dumbass. First one on the house, but lurk moar.

No. 7483

thanks. i was lurking for a while but just saw the word used but not explained

No. 7499

File: 1544142762333.png (1.67 MB, 1440x2075, Screenshot_2018-12-06-18-29-43…)

The thread theme is cute, but can someone make the font a bit thiccer? Everything is totally unreadable (on mobile anyways, haven't seen it on my computer yet).

No. 7510


just to clarify it's spelled aspergers.

No. 7523

File: 1544213024193.png (20.06 KB, 571x86, celebricow.png)

Mentioned before, but can this shit please be bannable in /ot/ and /snow/? People coming to a thread about a cow and specifically trying to derail any negative discussion of the cow? Has happened a million times over with Jeffree Star, Azealia Banks and now Ariana Grande.

Just to clarify, I'm not complaining about people having different opinions on cows, or even if farmers like certain people. But if you like that celebrity, don't come to a thread specifically dedicated to talking shit about them and complain or try to derail it by calling everything nitpicking or sperging, especially if receipts have been provided. That's just fucking stupid.

ps love the shrine to our /ot/ queen amanda-senpai

No. 7524

To be fair the Ariana Grande discussion in the celebricow thread is straight out a-logging and skinwearing level.

No. 7525

How do you figure? She's essentially the biggest celebrity right now with her entire life and breakup with her short-lived mentally ill ex-fiance on very public display. She continues to mismanage her clear truama, and her fans are insane and threaten people who criticize her in any way, all while she promotes her totally engineered smol thot peace n forgiveness uwu persona.

The only a-logging I've seen are the people who think she's not a cow or milky in anyway.

No. 7527

Can you not be such an autist? Saying spergs who shit up a thread with posts about wether a cow is 5'0" or 5'2" for hours on end are annoying is not "trying to derail any negative discussion." I don't know why you came here to bitch about people being annoyed by your nitpicking when it's against the rules. You'll probably just end up getting yourself a slap on the wrist.

Fucking this

No. 7529

do you even know what a-logging means?

No. 7532

This is so embarassing, and doesn't warrant a meta post at all. Those posts your upset about didn't seem like ariana fan posts at all. Just take your L, it's not that deep

No. 7533

File: 1544223412410.png (94.97 KB, 661x814, Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 4.45…)

Did you even read my post? That's not what my complaint is at all. I'm saying in a broad way, don't go to a thread that is specifically dedicated to taking about a cow, and then get mad when people are talking about a cow. How is that not considered derailing? But since you decided to make it about Ariana specifically and also don't seem to understand anything about the human body, I'll explain it to you:

>Saying spergs who shit up a thread with posts about wether a cow is 5'0" or 5'2" for hours on end are annoying is not "trying to derail any negative discussion." I don't know why you came here to bitch about people being annoyed by your nitpicking when it's against the rules.

This is not nitpicking. Her entire persona is built around her height and stature. She's literally changed her height on google so that she appears smaller than she actually is. If it was any other celebrity I would agree that it's splitting hairs, but considering it's a huge part of her celebrity, the difference between her being 5'0" (below average height) and 5'3" (average height) is actually relevant, and is actually milk. It's also relevant in discussion about her weight, because someone who is 5'0" and looks like her would be considered a healthy weight. Someone who is 5'3" and looks light her is underweight.

In layman's terms just especially for you anon: Ariana is lying to her massive audience (a lot of which are impressionable girls) to pass herself off as a healthy weight, when really she's ana-chan. Here's a pretty picture too if you STILL don't understand why it matters, and why it's not nitpicking, you idiot.

No. 7534

nigger, she is lying about a two fucking inch height difference. it's not that big of a deal and it's certainly not milk, it is pure nitpicking. you don't see anons in the kpop thread pulling this retarded shit when the heights they claim to be are obviously more than just an inch or two off their actual heights. take your vendetta somewhere else.

>someone who is 5'0" and looks like her would be considered a healthy weight. Someone who is 5'3" and looks light her is underweight.

what the hell does this mean? that's not how that works at all kek

No. 7536

File: 1544224823811.png (286.09 KB, 750x580, 57d291cadd0895c6308b46b0-750-5…)

>what the hell does this mean? that's not how that works at all kek
There's literally a picture right there explaining that that is in fact, how it works. I don't know how to make it any simpler for you to understand anon. It must be hard for you to be that stupid.

But this is what I'm talking about. Why come to a website dedicated to shit talking and then get butthurt when people are shit talking?

No. 7538

104 lbs at 5'2" is not underweight… if you're accusing her of being ana because she might be like 1 lb off of a healthy bmi according to that chart, you're an even bigger autist than I thought. and you said if a shorter girl looked like her she would be fine but that 2 inch height difference made her underweight, which isn't how bmi works.

>Why come to a website dedicated to shit talking and then get butthurt when people are shit talking?

no one sounds butthurt but you. and while this is a website for talking shit, nitpicking is against the rules as is vendetta posting. we have a right to complain when you're completely derailing the thread with that trash.

No. 7539

File: 1544225805502.png (13.27 KB, 1062x85, wZZg3V8.png)

Keyword being OVERLY. Nta but you went off on a tangent for hours about her damn height and got buttblasted and came to this thread to complain when 3 anons disagreed with you.
I agree with you that shaving off 3 inches of your height as a celebrity is cowish and weird, and deserves to be discussed; but it absolutely does not warrant HOURS of back and forth "waah 5'3 isn't actually short". You got told off by MULTIPLE anons for overly nitpicking. That's it. If more than one anon is telling you you're being stupid, you're probably being fucking stupid, and should take your L and reflect. You are 100% in the wrong here, and mods are not going to intervene because your problem is ridiculously petty and childish and you should have kept it in the thread instead of crying here where actual site issues are being.

No. 7541

File: 1544227332870.png (46.56 KB, 593x236, tweet.png)

Well, now you're the only turning it into nitpicking by continuing to not understand anything and not understand how to read. The post from Celebricow clearly says 5'3", so I'm not sure where you're even getting 5'2" from in the first place. Again, it is how it works. You can't ever actually tell what height she is from pictures, because she's ALWAYS wearing heels. She tells us she's 5'0" and has gone as far as to have that changed on google. You look at a picture of her, seeing how skinny she is and think "well, she says she's 5ft so she's just really petite". Knowing her ACTUAL body proportions makes a difference on how healthy/unhealthy she is.

Not all of those posts were me, so I don't even know what you're talking about here. I posted some, other anons posted some backing up what I had originally stated and continuing the discussion , and then some nitpicking anon threw a hissy fit over how they didn't think it was relevant. I'm not the one nitpicking in this situation.

Mods, can you just intervene here? I don't care if that means me being banned too. I'm going to restate my point here again, since I used the Ariana thing just as a recent example and it got twisted into me supposedly being butthurt because that one anon didn't like several other people talking abour relevant information:
>Just to clarify, I'm not complaining about people having different opinions on cows, or even if farmers like certain people. But if you like that celebrity, don't come to a thread specifically dedicated to talking shit about them and complain or try to derail it by calling everything nitpicking or sperging, especially if receipts have been provided. That's just fucking stupid.

No. 7543

Why do you assume anyone who calls out your nitpicking is an Arianna fan? What you and the other anons did (and are continuing to do) was nitpicking/sperging and only another nitpicker/sperg would deny that claim.

No. 7544

>What you and the other anons did was nitpicking/sperging and only another nitpicker/sperg would deny that claim.
So when I and several other anons want to talk about a celebrity lying about a crucial part of her persona in a celebrity thread…it's nitpicking? Because you say so? Sure sounds like mini-modding to me. I don't think everyone is a fan, but why are you so mad about what multiple anons want to talk about then? Just go to another thread or ignore it you're THAT mad about it.

No. 7545

1. That is in no way a crucial part of her persona
2. Mini-modding isn't against the rules on /ot/
3. Anons would be right to complain about it because you derailed the fucking thread for hours over it.

No. 7546

File: 1544233810263.png (314.91 KB, 590x466, Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 7.33…)

>That is in no way a crucial part of her persona
You're an idiot. If it's not a crucial part of her persona and those 3 inches don't even matter like you keep screaming about, then why does she go so far out of her way to lie about it?

>Anons would be right to complain about it because you derailed the fucking thread for hours over it

If you really think so then report it and move on. It's the mod's job to decide what's nitpicking and what's not. It's not yours. It's not derailing, because the thread is about celebrities and we were discussing a celebrity. I don't know why this all needs to be explained to you. Also I'm sorry, I didn't realize someone locked you in a room and FORCED you to sit there and refresh the thread non-stop for exactly 2 hours and 7 minutes.

>Mini-modding isn't against the rules on /ot/

Sure, but "Do not derail or disrupt the conversation." is. Throwing a hissy fit because people are having a conversation you don't like is derailing. If you don't like the conversation, don't read it. If you think it's derailing or nitpicking, report it. If neither of those things make you happy, then I don't know what to tell you. Stop using the internet if you're that offended by other people's opinions.

No. 7547

There's nothing wrong with disrupting a discussion that is against the damn rules in the first place you dense, nitpicking vendetta-chan, holy shit. I'm done arguing with you. There's no point when it'll never sink in and no one's on your side anyways, clearly everyone can see how crazy you are.

No. 7549

can we ban all arianafags? or create a filter that changes ariana grande into amanda seyfried?

No. 7551

>Get told by other people that your Ariana sperging is stupid and cringeworthy
>Go whine about it to /meta/ to make mods ban everyone who disagrees
>Start sperging out for multiple lengthy ass posts IN FUCKING /META/ about how Ariana is a dangerous ana-chan lying about her height to seem more smol and cute, thus proving everyone's point about the Ariana discussion being complete skinwalking cancer
>STILL screeching at mods to ban everyone here because they're not agreeing with meeeee

I mean how do you become this non-self aware? Nuke that fucking thread for all I care, it seems to be full of delusional stans.

No. 7555

Why did I get banned for race baiting when others weren’t?

No. 7556

There's no need to derail two threads with arguments about Ariana Grande. You can both knock it off.

Don't assume other users haven't received bans. Your post wasn't redtexted either.
5 days ago, you received a 2-day ban for racebaiting and appealed it, which we accepted. You immediately went on to post another race-related comment despite a Farmhand warning to stop. You generally post a lot of OTT racebaiting and don't even contribute to the main boards, which makes you look like a bit lost.

No. 7557

Sorry mod. I was just trying to use the Ariana thing as a recent example of mini-modding, I don't understand why it got turned onto me specifically. What I was trying to ask was for mini-modding be bannable in all boards. It's just annoying to constantly see people throwing a hissy fit over what they deem to be "nitpicking" or not on boards. (MULTIPLE boards, not just celebricows.)

>Go whine about it to /meta/ to make mods ban everyone who disagrees
>STILL screeching at mods to ban everyone here because they're not agreeing with meeeee
Direct quotes from my posts:
>Just to clarify, I'm not complaining about people having different opinions on cows, or even if farmers like certain people.
>Mods, can you just intervene here? I don't care if that means me being banned too.
I don't know why I have to keep restating my purpose here.

>Start sperging out for multiple lengthy ass posts IN FUCKING /META/

I literally just used Ariana as an example, the other anon turned it into an Ariana rant.

>Get told by other people that your Ariana sperging is stupid and cringeworthy

It's the mods job to do that, not random anons. Report it and move on if you think it's nitpicking.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 7562

do you ever shut the fuck up?

No. 7564

Please perma ban this idiot for autism

No. 7565

We're sending >>7557 on a few days' vacation to calm down.

No. 7568

Sperging samefag in the kpop critical thread

No. 7571

thank you based farmhand

No. 7584

Please nuke the kpop critical thread. Tell them all to go back to allkpop and pull. It is the worst active thread on /ot/ right now, nothing but nitpicking, infighting, and underage fangirls.

No. 7588

I only did because people wouldn’t stfu about her race. You’re right I guess I’ll fuck off to crystal.cafe then.

No. 7592

Did putting a little blue robot underneath maleposts stop? Why?

No. 7599

I second this.

No. 7601

There's some salty troons/incels in /g/

No. 7604

More just out of curiosity than anything, but why is the banners thread locked to the last page on /meta/? It would be great to get some new banners, most of the current ones aren't relevant anymore.
(Also can we please get rid of the "daddy's porkchop" or whatever one?)

No. 7605

>Also can we please get rid of the "daddy's porkchop" or whatever one?
It's been discussed before, the consensus is no.

No. 7610

It was impressive how fast the raid was taken care of this time. pls keep it up.

No. 7617

>create a filter that changes ariana grande into amanda seyfried?

I love you so much anon, seconding this, the AS bg was wonderful.

Agreed, the reason it’s there is for the sheer irony of mystery rage hating sex workers, while being one herself. But it would be nice if we could submit new banners to be added. I spent hours making a gif banner just to find it had been locked and artfags have been pouring in this year so maybe it’d lead to some really creative banners.

No. 7629

I will say, I don't dislike sex workers at all, I feel like all the other "nsfw" ones are clearly humorous, but that one is just straight up sexual. At least the other nsfw ones we see their face or can tell who they are, I don't know who that is? It's just some girl rubbing her ass? I refresh the page anytime it pops up, it skeeves me out that much.

No. 7632

then use adblock the image. when it pops up open the link in a new tab to get the URL and then add it to the block list. that way it will block that image specifically.

No. 7633

It's Mystery.jpg just for context >>>/pt/368493

No. 7642

Is anyone else noticing the high amount of unsubstantiated outrageous claims / baiting going on in almost all of the /snow/ threads? Newfags or trolls?

No. 7645

Thanks. See, I was here when that all went down and I still didn't even know that some random girl rubbing her ass was Mystery.jpg.

Sure, but if multiple people have requested it taken down….why not take it down? I just don't understand the logic here. Are there that many people that would be upset if they didn't get to see that girl's ass at the top of the website every day? Instead of telling multiple people to use adblock to block the image, can't the people that REALLY need to see her ass just watch that vid? If that image was posted in a thread today it would need to be spoilered, and people would be mad if it wasn't. If it's about having a mystery.jpg related banner there's plenty of milk that can be used otherwise without having to have literal porn in everyone's face.

No. 7652

Lots of PULL and Lipstick alley rejects

No. 7653

can you guys delete the fucking robot posts instead of letting them fester for hours. nobody wants to read robot shit.

No. 7655

can someone please come clean up the soundclout/toopoor thread in /snow/?
these weirdass italy spergs are shitting it up with derailing over whether italians are considered white or not

No. 7656

You're savage anon lol
I have to agree. Just delete them and ban people who fall for the bait

No. 7657

Comments that begin with, "I have nothing to contribute but…" need not be posted, especially in /pt/.

No. 7658

In the Gender Crit thread we are worried about JY threatening legal action. Should we be, considering the success of Kelly Jean's lawyer?

I refrained from posting his name here to keep this discussion out of search results.

No. 7660

Really hate the lipstickalley influx, and their shitty ghetto gifs from tumblr

No. 7661

This site runs on either tinyboard or vichan right? Any chance of enabling the 4chan-compatible json API?

No. 7664

Ugh same. Why did they start coming here?

Next thing you know we'll have threads wherein the first 40 posts are void of content asspats, "Here for it" " Sits " "Just marking my place dom't mind me" "Posting to read later" "I have arrived" "Insert shitty gif of some lady sitting down" from Orange is the New Black or smth

No. 7665

The non-subtle avatarfagging is ridiculous, they treat it like a chat room, blogpost, and easily get into these antagonistic arguments about the most smallest, vague, nitpicky things esp racebaiting.

Sometimes I wonder if they honestly think they have to attach a picture or gif, in order to post a text comment here. Every.single.post.

>~”go off, sis”~

[insert gif of F-list reality show celebrity rolling her eyes]

No. 7668

there's been a lot of people doing that so they probably.

No. 7669

I honestly wonder how those types even found LC. I'm sure there were a handful of crossposters, but they didn't use gifs constantly. Is it because of the celebrity thread?
Tinfoil, but I think the bulk of the racebait stuff is coming from LSA posters, male posters trying to cause infighting and the edgy racist-chans who used to shit up this place years ago (see the old politics thread on /ot/) .

No. 7673

…this post wasn't me, but I was basically coming to ask why this occurs. Can banned users not report others? Are you going to ban me for ban evasion even though I waited my 5 days or whatever and am now asking?

No. 7674

It's quite easy to stumble upon Lolcow when googling a particular person (I found the Alt Cows thread by googling Toxic Tears after she was whining about her "haters", for example), so I don't think it's such a mystery that people from other servers find us, anon. It's always going to happen. Of course, making them integrate is another issue.

No. 7675

Is it okay to sperg about the lgbt community in the gender critical thread? If not, where am I allowed to do it?

No. 7676


T, yes. LGB, no.

About LGB in general?

No. 7678

>about lgb in general?
I don’t understand this part but errrr i guess?

No. 7680

I mostly see them in threads for black cows tbh. MorenaInJapan’s thread is full of them, esp the outlandish claims that she raped someone.

No. 7681

It’s mostly a crossover because lipstick alley is primarily black women, but they have a vocal and very autistic Kpop section. Those people have found themselves on here (Kpop general threads) and Black koreaboo threads(Aminyan, Morena, Meghan) and tend to race bait a lot. That’s why you’ll see week long de-rails in the Aminyan thread on whether her skin is dark or not or whether Morena is “woke”. Most of them are hyper SJW and refuse to integrate because they think this is Lipstick alley K-pop threads when the board culture is completely diff.

No. 7683

Also another question, is insulting muslims/jews racebaiting?

No. 7685

NAYRT, but the sperging over Amina's skin has been happening even before the LSA occupation. I saw it on /bannedcows/ years ago.
The Morena In Japan thread is definitely filled with PULLtards, not so much LSA users. I looked up Morena on the former to cross check, and it seems she's not too well-known, and opinions on her range from mild to ambivalent. Some like her for ~*sex positivity*~ reasons, others feel bad for her or think she's gross. No discussion to be found on her being "woke" or not, and there were only a handful of replies to a thread about her raping someone. Most people didn't seem to fully believe it, in stark contrast to the PULL users going crazy and insisting it's true.

I don't want to even touch the K-pop generals on either site since they're so cancerous, so no word on that. I really feel like you can detect LSA posters most heavily in the Celebricow, vent and unpopular opinions threads.

No. 7686

You're right but I agree that its mostly Black/Race baiting anons who do this about Amina. If you go to Lipstick alley shit about her, a lot of it is kpop fans sperging about her skin tone or mentioning irrelevent Black girls who 'would be so much more popular in Japan!!!1" on here and on LSA. There's def some crossover. As for Morena I've seen people on her thread here mentioning how she isnt "pro black" but yeah youre right thats mostly PULL crossover.

The kpop thread has the most LSA crossover imo. Theres way too much gifs and race baiting for it not to lmao.

No. 7688

I looked up "Aminyan" and didn't get many results at all, so I doubt most of the current invaders know or care about her, but I did find this thread on her from 2017 (last time she was mentioned there) where someone explicitly linked to Lolcow:
The poster in that thread who linked here also posted about her in 2015, so even if that thread is dry, now we know there is some connection. I actually am one of the farmers who started looking into the Amina thread at first (specifically, I'm one of the people you're referring to who compared her to a less weird-looking/ugly girl lmao) because even though she's not that interesting, it struck me as way too suspicious that there was always a WK getting the threads locked in /snow/, so I'm not that quick to believe it's a recent LSA invasion.

No. 7689

Micky's thread obviously has way more lsa users than Amina's does

No. 7690

No, banned users cannot report other users.

No. 7691

Micky has more PULL cross over i think. Also a lot of black girls are kawaii Facebook users who haven’t integrated either

No. 7692

lmao is this what that crazy russian NEET bitch on /ot/ was sperging about a few months ago?

No. 7693

I'm pretty sure the anti loli anon is the one you're thinking of. She thought the "true" message was the mods directly communicating with her lol

No. 7694

The unpopular opinion thread is being derailed with racebait about Jews.

No. 7695

Seconding this tbh. It is getting tiresome. But on the other hand, it can also be a religion, which is why I asked if it is allowed to a certain dagree to insult muslims and jews. I know nationality and race isn‘t but…religion too? I don’t like racebaiting, but I also think it is weird of an image board to not allow the n word at the same time, with the many rules I think most of us (/cgl/'ers) have gone away and are being replaced by fucking LSA and PULL since this place is getting more and more tumblr.

No. 7696

Could mods please delete the duplicate posts when anons are unable to? Sometimes I get an error when I try to delete them.

No. 7697

as a former seagull the site is definitely veering away from standard image board stuff.

No. 7698

Some sperg is throwing a hissy fit in the celebricow thread for no reason. Can we please get a mini-modding rule in /ot/?

No. 7699

Yeah that‘s me, I already quit though. I got more responses than I posted lol. Sorry for offending you I guess. I will be sure to be nicer from now on.

No. 7701

OK, thanks. It makes sense why that would be the case, I just wasn't aware.

No. 7702

I guess just refresh, hope they're gone and you aren't banned, and report yourself so you don't get banned.

No. 7704

How can people still post useless screenshots frol Cinna when she has had nothing milky on holly brown besides calling her out once then has been milking the whole thing to her 10 followers and someone (or her) keeps posting every mention she does or Holly in the thread?
We don't usually sit around just posting screens of random twitter users giving their vague shitty two cents so why tf does the cinna posters get a pass to fill up the thread with completely useless content?
ive seen her youtube comments, curious cat comments and twitter comments posted at different points so i cant really see this NOT being herself…specially with how early the posters have managed to screenshot it and get it up on LC from the moment it goes up.
Idk it just smells like self posting that one person keeps defending as milk when its not even dairy related.

No. 7705


I'm the anon who has been posting the error messages in the technical help thread. Admin hasn't replied if having the Ray IDs is helpful, so I won't bother any longer.

I take it you're the anon who was banned for it? Did you email Admin?

No. 7709

Yeah, even the atmosphere from when Ian was running the site has changed drastically. Can't say I like this new version, but am not sure what can be done about it.

No. 7710

Robots are posting rape stuff in ot

No. 7712

Robots come in to bait like clockwork this time of the week. I't would be great to have farmhands specifically for scrot removal duty, I'm sure there were some applications for it. They should keep this time in mind.

No. 7713

It's just dumb to me that some posters can essentially post "Gas the k___ race war now" and accuse everyone of being a Jew in disguise, while much tamer shit can end up getting you banned.

No. 7714

Yeah this kind of thing is insane and has nothing to do with muh imageboard culture, this isn't /pol/. All the race threads and baiting are just distracting farmhands from moderating the threads this site is actually about. For all I care just nuke all these threads and make lolcow about lolcows again.

No. 7716


I bet these have the same IP



No. 7719


There are two lesbian and bisexual women threads in /ot/. Does your topic fit either?


No. 7720

File: 1544990684215.jpg (172.64 KB, 874x814, bs.jpg)

why did i get banned for this? i don't care if it was a warning, whoever banned this is a fucking retard.

No. 7721

Anyone who has ever lurked a Moo thread already knows the hate over her wanting to look like a kawaii anime gurl.
What did your post contribute? You just stated a nitpick that's been said bunches of times.

Out of curiosity, I went back to the thread and looked at the picture that you thought merited such a heavy-handed response and it's…a fully clothed selfie of her wearing fox ears.
Yes, she's an annoying weeb. Yet what about it is even particularly "BDD delusional"? You could've picked any other of those gross lewds that were posted where she's totally acting up her own ass, but you picked one of the tamest pictures I've seen of her posted recently and went off because you have some weird inner projection about wearing animal ears in public. The fuck cares. You needed the timeout.

No. 7722

Speaking of the momo thread, could the discourse about her being a pedo just fucking be stopped? It keeps derailing the thread for multiple replies and it's based on absolutely nothing, the anons are straight out saying that she "could be a pedo because she's already a sexual assaulter and she has a mommy kink". It makes me cringe every fucking time and the anons are way too spergy and defensive about it.

No. 7726

In addition to the pedo talk can someone also put a stop to the tax talk in the Moo thread? Every time her and taxes get brought up it derails the thread and you have to sift through a ton of sperging about it to get to the actual milk. Or move her thread back to snow so people can sage that shit

No. 7728

This isn't baseless though, especially since the one time she brought it up was after seeing us talk about it here. Remember that the lipo talk that people tried to talk about before the truth came out was also a heated debate. There was a ton of infighting over the lipo speculation. Then we find out that Mariah didn't have one lipo session, but multiple. I don't see why that isn't the case with tax since she's a huge liar and not doing them is definitely up her alley. It's not something that came out of thin air. The proof that she did pretend to do was that she was doing taxes by hand with pencil and paper during the final days of the tax deadline. And honestly, the anon getting her panties in a twist in that thread should report rather than constantly yelling stop and trying to control what people talk about every time it happens. Just report it and move on.

This however is completely baseless. Moo's a molester but she has never expressed any interest in children.

No. 7729

The hell was up with those 504 errors earlier?

No. 7730

Came here to ask this same thing.
You guys are killing this website even faster than it was dying already by not addressing these server issues. People are only going to wait around for so long after their posts can't be made. I already noticed a huge dip in activity this past weekend probably due to those very issues.

No. 7731

i assume ppl also got banned for double+ posting because of the site errors, which doesnt encourage anything

No. 7734


Also 522.

2 weeks ago in >>>/meta/6821 Admin said they thought they would be able to "patch" it. No reply since.

No. 7735



It's been going on for MONTHS.

Double posting because the site won't let me delete >>7734 which has been a bug on mobile as long as I have used the site.

No. 7736

Wasn't the site was down for a long time this weekend and last night for like 8 hours or so? That was probably the cause of the dip.

No. 7737

yeah… that's what i said…

No. 7739

File: 1545165374028.jpg (63.04 KB, 667x1000, xmas cow.jpg)

Dear Santa,

Please bring us a working server, a host that won't cave to the threat of lolsuits, and an attentive and competent staff.

No. 7740

Oh, oops. I thought you were talking about something else for a second.

No. 7742

any chance tempcow will come back then?

No. 7743

not sure if it's just the technical issues that've been happening lately or my fucked up computer but for some reason every thread i've checked works fine for me except for the celebricows one in /ot/? not that anything interesting has even been happening in there lately, i'm just wondering if anyone else is having the same issues with that particular thread or another one. it just refuses to load or show up for me but the rest of the website is fine

No. 7746

Yea I’m having the same issue with that thread.. Im on mobile, if that matters

No. 7747

I have the same problem and I'm on desktop

No. 7748

File: 1545194176729.jpeg (165.97 KB, 1388x1048, 97BB2FF5-0B23-44E7-A8C1-96E395…)

Farmhands, care to explain why I got a 24-hour ban for an image that didn't contain any nudity and yet pictures of Shaygnar's nasty, infected puss can go barely covered and unspoilered without ban?

No. 7749

apparently 4chan is down

No. 7750

Fucking hell if I wasn't lesbo before, I'd be now.
Get these dicklets out of here

No. 7753

Same issue/desktop, it just shows as a blank white screen for me. Did Amanda-chan do this? Are we being punished?

No. 7754

I was >>>/ot/341209 (second poster) and I just wanted an excuse to post my husbandu

No. 7755

Hello admin, I love you. I hope you had a good time with lolcow. It was an honor to have you as admin, fuck the haters, wishing you well

No. 7756

Both desktop and mobile has the blank white screen for me. We talked too much shit on Angie, she chimped out and killed the thread using hollyweird magic probably

No. 7758

Just noticed I had got a ban over something pretty fucking stupid. I don't post on this site much so by the time I noticed the time was already up, but apparently someone got triggered that I brought up a cows age because it was close to their age and I told them not to take it personally and yet I still got the ban for "blogging". The post was like 4 sentences long, meanwhile the sperg posted like 2 or 3 posts about their age and how they didn't like it being brought up because they were in denial about how old they were I guess, I dont know.

Idk just seems shitty that you can't even talk about a cow without someone applying what you say about a cow to themselves and getting upset over it. I'll return to just lurking instead of ever posting since I'm too much of a meanieweenie for the delicate posters for lc, but I hope someday issues like that will be delt with at least a little better.

No. 7759

Can you guys start enforcing the rule against nitpicking in 2019?

No. 7760

Same with me. Can we get this fixed?

No. 7761


Gosh, it's almost like "blogging" is just a convenient catchall phrase that the staff throw around when they need an excuse to censure an opinion they don't like.

Oh wait, wait. No, I remember. It's length. Blog posts are usually just excessively long…

>>The post was like 4 sentences long

I mean, that's like….a whole paragraph anon. And if it wasn't a paragraph of nitpicks then it really has no place on lolcow at this point.

But seriously, this is the reason why post quality is declining. Making a thoughtful post that contributes to the discussion gets you a ban, so why wouldn't you lurk at that point?

No. 7763

blogging is derailing to talk about experiences or feefees nobody gives a fuck about

No. 7765


As per admin from the previous Complaint thread:

>>Posts with an excessive length don't fit imageboard culture and are usually associated with blogging or some sort of derailing


It was immediately pointed out how retarded that statement is:

>>'d say none of the staff here has any prior chan experience, seeing as random shit admins and farmhands have said isn't anything i've seen on chans…the excessive length thing has little to do with actual blogposting. walls of text are shit in some threads but they're not blogposting.


No. 7768

i am so sick of manhate femcels. they always accuse you of being a man/whiteknight/handmaiden unless you're screeching about "evil menz" along with them. they also seem to hate other women (ironic) and they always reee about handmaidens and "pick me" girls. they need to be better contained.

No. 7769

>being this pantybothered over someone saying they think blowjobs are gross and another anon complaining about pick me girls attention whoring about their faked love of cum in the unpopular opinions thread for about 3 posts
Now I see where the "evil femcels are at it again reeee" posters come from.

No. 7770

>posts redtexted for minor rule violations but no responses to Maurice selfposting in his thread or namefagging in others

>no response to what happened to the Celebricow thread

>no response to the spate of server errors making the site unusable

But just keep telling yourselves that your site is superior to all the others.

No. 7771

And you came to fucking /meta/ to bitch about them instead of the vent thread or better yet, the dumbass shit that doesn't fit anywhere else thread? Sad!

No. 7773

Incels going apeshit on ot

No. 7774

You can't contain female dislike of things about men and male behaviour, anon. It's not just specific "manhaters" who post negative posts.

No. 7775

File: 1545333614552.png (70.23 KB, 263x363, ss.png)

Mods this thread has been broken for a couple of days now and there's been multiple complaints about it itt. What's going on? Can we get some acknowledgement at least?

No. 7776

that's a feature not a bug imo

No. 7777

>usually associated

No. 7778

There's new milk on Anisa, please take her off autosage.

No. 7779

the fact that they're not acknowledging it makes me want to tinfoil that one of the celebrities talked about on there had a meltdown and made admin remove it or something, but if that happened i feel like it would be more like the vicky shingles thread where it just totally disappeared for a few days. seriously though what's going on

No. 7780

Not to sound like a wk, but there isn't. There never has been. Please leave her on autosage forever and bury dolly mattel and micky with her.

No. 7782

Maybe I'm completely off base, but I doubt any celebrity (or their publicist) would know about this place. All of the news in that thread comes from other sites and all of the celebrities there are well known and discussed on just about every other site.

Either way I hope it comes back.

No. 7784

this, please into infinity

No. 7785

I like the tinfoil that one of the farmhands is a camgirl with an axe to grind. I don't get the way the other camgirl threads are run if this isn't the case.

No. 7786

File: 1545350968639.jpeg (96.13 KB, 640x784, 436C715B-B969-4069-A85C-F962EC…)

We need to stop bots advertising discord’s here, I’m tired of seeing a bunch of newfags get lured into seeing their dick pics.

Seriously they spam them way too often and their posts stay up for hours.

No. 7788

Seems like it’s working again now

No. 7789




>>Well, I got a redtext ban a couple of weeks ago for blogposting (I wasn't, I was responding to a comment another anon made about a cow filing a discrimination lawsuit and it had nothing to do with my personal experiences) and then when I attempted to post in a thread I received a message saying that I needed to "tone down the wall of text" and showing me the post which was redtexted for blogposting. So that's confusing and feels inconsistent.

>>I'm also not sure where in the rules it says that posts shouldn't exceed a certain length, (I could just be missing it) but that also seems very subject to the whims of a particular farmhand.

Admin's Response

>>Posts with an excessive length don't fit imageboard culture and are usually associated with blogging or some sort of derailing. The ban may have been related to that. You can read more about it under the /snow/ and /pt rules, it's number 1.

No. 7790

Maybe its Angelina lel. Rich enough to pay off admins, petty enough to know about the site, idk.

No. 7791


I would appreciate a reply.

No. 7793

You need to change something or people are going to leave this site.
Whenever one tries to make a post it either doesn't get posted at all or with a delay and multiple times. It's tiresome having to stick around and check if it was posted or not, in case you have to delete the excess posts. A couple of weeks/months ago this might have happened every once in a while, which is still okay, but now it's every day. Please do something.
Has the deletion of all the old and unused threads and the ones who've reached post limit ever been considered? To sort of "empty" the site

No. 7794

Lmfao, trying to get your dirty past removed? This issue isn't due to "too many archived posts" - you might actually be a cow with how stupid that suggestion is

No. 7795

I'm no IT person but the multiple posting issue could be due to the amount of posts in whatever database this site uses. Or just something up with whatever VPS this website uses.
Deleting the threads would only be ok if there was an archive for this site, so dead/inactive threads can get moved there anyway.

No. 7797

I think the site needs to be modernized overall. I want to be able to pin and follow threads as well.

No. 7798


On the 16th, the day of the worst outages, the site was experiencing 522 errors. I have been submitting Ray IDs and other info in the Tech thread in an attempt to help Admin, but she hasn't replied in over 2 weeks.

No. 7800

why was the hartley hooligans thread in /snow/ locked? we can talk shit about this horrible mom but when she finally lets her kid die that's where we draw the line?

No. 7801


speaking of autosage put fucking taylor r back on autosage,

it's just people who cant read chinese speculating about scummy shit using google translate, its a trash fire why do you enable this.

No. 7802

My guess with the multiple posting issue would be that when sending a reply your browser make a query to the server, and that's when something goes wrong with the data streams somewhere in the middle. The post gets sent multiple times because it's not receiving a correct answer from the server side until maybe after a few attempts despite the post being saved to the database. I don't know how the tinyboard software works because I haven't looked at the code so this is just how I see it.

No. 7804

ot is getting spammed with gore.

No. 7805

I was hoping it was a temp lock. Lola is still alive and I'm sure the mom is going to get milky by using Claires death to get attention for being a mommy martyr.

No. 7807

I’m on mobile and it’s quite blurry but I can’t help but wonder if it’s a cap from that video of the poor girl from Norway (based on the person trying to defend themselves for watching it in the confessions thread.) So fucked up. ETA: I’m not about to fucking click on any of that shit, either. Just saw the thumbnails and feel grossed out.

No. 7808

It's been getting more and more frequent.
Can the admin weigh in on if an IP range ban would be in order? Or would we have too many farmer causalities?

No. 7809

Did admin die????

No. 7810

I can't believe you lazy, incompetent fucks have let robots spam the board with gore shit for 3 fucking hours. Pathetic.

No. 7811

Or ban VPNs

No. 7812

>crystal.cafe is full of Male LARPers
>lolcow mods no longer exist
Where the fuck do we go now?

No. 7813

This is the type of thing that really should be mod priority to get rid of. Are there some hours where there is a gap and no mods are active?

No. 7814


They are posting caps of the beheading video in threads, too.



No. 7815


Anons are unable to limit their criticism to Gwen and made too many a-logs and disrespectful jokes at the expense of Claire and Lola.

No. 7816

I'm trying to bear in mind that it's winter break for students right now, so hopefully when class resumes all the edgy high schoolers who copypasta their gore from /b/ will leave.

No. 7817


The behavior was inconsistent and not reproduceable. See my posts in the Tech thread.

No. 7818


>that video of the poor girl from Norway

>beheading video

I don't dare to check that shit, but what the fuck???

Also, did anybody heard anything back from their application for any of the positions for this site?
The banner has been up for a while now but nothing really happened until now? Lolcow is dead, long live lolcow?

No. 7819

There was a recent gruesome murder in Morroco, of two tourists. The perpetrators filmed it and posted it online which obviously was upsetting to the victim's families. Norwegian police is trying to get rid of the video. Farmers were discussing it in one thread and berating one poster for watching it. It seems to have triggered some psycho robot.

No. 7820

Some of this shit has been up for six hours. Is the modding situation really this bad?

No. 7821

seriously, who gives a shit? one is dead, neither are sentient. lola doesn't know we call her a potato, and gwen is a cow and a half. smells like troll's remorse around here.

No. 7822

Yeah they're still up for 3 hours and counting, once we had a gore photo up in /ot/ for 8+ hours despite multiple reports being sent in. At the same time a farmhand was banning people on /snow/ for nitpicking or some stupid shit like this. Could a mod just fucking tell us what the hell is up?

No. 7823


As gross as this shit is, maybe somebody should take a screenshot of it where it has been posted bc last time somebody told us that they never saw gore being posted on /ot even when lots of farmers reported it. I mean >>7814
already linked some examples but yeah. Idk what is happening.

No. 7824

File: 1545501999963.png (Spoiler Image,468.52 KB, 800x1128, gore on ot.png)


Gore and bukkake on /ot/.

No. 7825

i think we already know the answer to that, i mean, clearly.

No. 7826

more shit has been posted in the man hate threads and its been reported and its still up hours later. I get that mods may be busy but I have applied to mod that thread 3 times now-please mods can I get verified because there are multiple pics of those poor girls decapitated and its the most neglected thread on the site.

No. 7827

Yep, they've just been deleted. A whole 11 hours of undeleted gore all over /ot/. I had to download an extension switching every single image on pages with Nicolas Cage pictures, although the damage was already done.
Have you guys seen any redtext/bans issued on the other boards during the last 11 hours?

No. 7828


No. I have been on since within an hour of the raid. Posts I reported in that time are finally being red texted now.

No. 7831

well, there's at least two OP's that they missed. still beheading images on /ot.

No. 7832


Clear your cache and cookies.

No. 7835

Seriously, what the fuck is the team doing? Are you ever going to reply to applicants? This stayed up for way longer than it should have.

No. 7837

Is second this. It's overrun with a-logging pullfags who either don't know how or refuse to sage, don't learn to integrate, and keep fucking cowtipping.

No. 7838


It's comforting to know that gore/illegal content can stay up for hours but if you step out of line and say anything that's based on personal knowledge or make a post longer than 1 sentence then the ban-hammer will fucking crush you for blogposting.

I'm just really relieved that the staff has their priorities in order and that I can browse the site free from any opinions that the staff disagree with but still be subjected to horrific snuff porn for hours on end.

I mean, that's the whole point of adhering to board culture, right?

No. 7840

Well over half the threads on the site are like this now and the mods don't give a single fuck. They'll never do anything about it and instead they'll ban users who tell those idiots to fuck off themselves for minimodding. Lolcow has officially gone to shit.

No. 7842

You'd think there would be some sort of statement from the mods by now on why they fucked up like this.

No. 7843

The Vent thread has gone to shit with infighting.

This site is the cow.

No. 7844

They literally give zero shits. Inb4 admin comes back and is like "oh sorry guys I'm just toooo busy with irl stuff to check this website I'm supposed to be running for 5 mins once a day"

No. 7849

Fuck ikr?
and its funny not all notpick posts get deleted just certain ones which is weird. Priorities indeed.

No. 7850

Can a mod PLEASE mention that calling Moo a pedophile is fucking stupid and needs to stop? She's not a pedophile and nothing she has done even points to it. Its literally people making headcanons out of small things that don't even hint at her being one. Its constant derailing and literally spergy as fuck at this point in every thread.

No. 7851

I honestly had to stop looking at the Moo threads because of this ridiculous shit going on nonstop

No. 7852


The thing is, we know why the staff won't say anything: because some of them agree with the tinfoil and nitpicks.

It's easy to see the stuff they don't like, because it gets a blogpost ban or a straight up call out in redtext.

I agree it's spergy as fuck and constantly derailing any discussion of actual milk, but that's what the farmhands want lolcow to be now. They've decided that's the board culture.

It sucks, but it's not as if we don't know why some posts get bans and some don't.>>7849

No. 7853

fucking calm down. i'm not even on one side or the other, but coming to the meta thread to bitch is fucking lame. let them say whatever they want. one of two things will occur

>we find out it's true

>it's not true and moo rages about it all over social media with no finger to point cause she'd have to admit to coming here

win win. now get over it.

No. 7854

Nta a but that's an Onion-tier thought process. It's 100% a valid thing to bitch about.

No. 7855

Nta, but I disagree. There's no issue with tinfoiling, and no issue complaining about it, but trying to force the mods to stop tinfoiling that isn't going to cause any issue is really stupid.

No. 7856

>baseless pedophilia accusations made by a-logs who frequently derail the thread with them
>multiple people have been complaining about it for weeks
>"it's not causing any issue"

No. 7857

well we found the pedo-accuser anon

No. 7858

It’s not just the moo thread. People tried the same in the original PT thread, claiming that Taylor R is/was an escort which is completely unfounded, said that Brianna aka Morena raped someone from an obviously troll post, overall a-logging in the amina threads(which are now autosaged). It’s just an influx of ~woke~ retards from PULL and lipstick alley who treat this website like their own personal soapbox and call out posts. I suspect since tumblr is dying we will be getting refugees from there soon enough as well.

No. 7860

Can a farmhand check >>>/snow/745428 to see if any of those posts are Tristan or Jessica? Presumably they’d come from RI or WI.

No. 7861

anyone else getting 500 server errors when trying to post a couple hours ago?

No. 7862


See >>>/meta/6821

The server errors have been a known issue for months. Admin hasn't replied in three weeks.

No. 7864

yeah… i'm aware. i'm just trying to note consistencies in the outages.

No. 7865

>isn't going to cause any issue is really stupid.
What? These people are essentially crying wolf. There are plenty of actual, dangerous pedophiles who get off scotch free because they can always say that they're false accusations because everyone gets labeled a pedophile for the smallest things. The more we keep the threads about actual facts the more credibility they have, the shit made up for le epic lulzXD only take away from the accusations that have some proof to them. Moo has never expressed any sexual interest in children and her "weird comments" about underage characters (The only one being the Kanna thighs thing) are because she's constantly trying to be edgy and one of the "cool girls" who don't care about sexualization. What she does is still gross and deserves to be called out, but it doesn't make her an active pedophile preying on children.

No. 7866

All I wanted for Christmas was for the triple-posts to stop.

No. 7867

Seriously. Admin, please fix the issue or delete the triple posts please.
They are clogging up the threads and it just makes everything look so bad.
People still don't understand not to retry their post after they've seen the error because no webmaster is explaining the issue to the site.

No. 7868

i will say from personal experience that it's actually gotten to a point that even if you only submit the reply once it can still make 2 or 3x posts. it happened to me twice yesterday and then if you don't notice it it just makes you look like an idiot lol.

No. 7869

All I wanted was an admin who actually cares :/

No. 7870

File: 1545770503938.png (304.35 KB, 600x600, 1544480697631.png)

"I have applied to mod that thread 3 times now"

You should just take the fucking hint

No. 7871

I wasn't able to post at all earlier, looking at the timestamps the entire board seemingly came to a stop for 2-3 hours so I guess it wasn't just me. Can other farmers confirm?

No. 7872

Has anyone actually gotten a reply after applying to be a mod/janitor/admin?

No. 7873

i did like a month ago but realized i didn't care to be involved with moderating this website if the admin can't even be bothered

No. 7874

Yeah, I tried to post something and I got the 505 error. The site was still viewable though.

No. 7879

There is no hint jackass, no one cares about the thread and the mods cant even be bothered to look at applications for it. You post like one of the cancerous cunts plaguing this site.

No. 7880

she's quitting, dumbass.

No. 7881

like… okay? so where's the replacement? all the hostile anons need to calm the fuck down already.

No. 7882

Have the farmhands abandoned the site? I haven’t seen any posts by farmhands or admins for a few days now

No. 7883

At this point, instead of applying as farmhands, anons could put their effort into creating a different, functioning sites instead…

No. 7885

there are still some lurking around as i saw a few "put out to pasture" redtexts yesterday

No. 7886

what happened to the kpop critical thread?

No. 7887

Welp site hosting error showing now

No. 7888

File: 1545857750195.jpeg (37.73 KB, 1242x336, BD801A0E-E660-4CA4-804E-413CCD…)

I got the error when trying to comment for 3 days (pic related) and now cloudflare error a few minutes ago.

Maybe it’s bc they’re finally changing the admin, but I don’t know if they’ve even picked the replacement yet tho.

No. 7889

i can't check that thread too

No. 7890

Have you received a lolsuit from Johnathan?

No. 7891


This has been going on since September. Admin hasn't replied about it in over 3 weeks. See >>>/meta/6821

No. 7893


The same coding error that whited out the Celebricows thread last week?

Start a new thread. That got mod's attention to fix the Celebricows thread.

No. 7897

whew, lad. there are like 10 outages a day now. insanity.

No. 7901

Is PT totally down? I can’t access it at all…it’s just blank. But, I can access all other pages.

No. 7902

Is PT totally down? I can’t access it at all…it’s just blank. But, I can access all other pages.

No. 7903

/pt/ isnt loading at all for me. Is anyone else having this issue?

No. 7904

The fucking site is falling apart lol

No. 7909

all pt threads are loading as of 5pm PST except for TND's. anyone know what's up?

No. 7910


This happened to the Celebricows thread a week or so ago and the Kpop Crit thread a few days ago. When it happened to the Celebricows thread and mods did not reply anons started a new thread; then a farmhand replied in thr new thread to say it was a "coding error" and had been fixed.

No. 7913

File: 1545963292905.jpg (58.5 KB, 900x506, true_face_of_bsod_by_buba_kl-d…)

Admin better have the site backed up!

No. 7915


No. 7916

So are there any plans to create a new site? Maybe the anons who applied for mod positions here could band together?

No. 7917

No. 7925

I also wonder does anyone know how many are left?

No. 7928


There has been one tending the site during the last several hours, and someone is replying to site email as "What ever" got a tripcode today.

I got banned and my appeal was granted. They said that the server issues are being worked on.

No. 7935

if you apply once and don't hear back, you didn't get it. three times? yeah you're right, that's not a hint, that's an obvious 'just no'. I like shitposting just to annoy you and that shitty thread you obsess over. The rest of the goddamn site is falling apart, the staff are ghosts and it feels like a large portion of the userbase has fucked off, but nah let's cry some more about how you don't get to be boss of the most loathed thread on the board.

I don't feel like much has changed with the farmhands - there were a handful, now there are a few less / less active. It's hard to tell since red-texting became some sort of rare and random occurrence. Admin seems to have just left.
The server issues have been 'worked on' for ages and it's only getting worse.

No. 7936

I hope man-hate anons create a glorious new site that they can lord it over. No incel shit whatsoever.

No. 7937

i hope they do so they fucking leave.

No. 7943

Nice strawman, seems like you ignored the rest of my posts. I originally applied to mod /ot/ board because of the spamposts ruining the site. It was pointed most of this started in the manhate thread which is why I then applied to mod that thread.

>The rest of the site is falling apart the staff are ghosts and it feels like a large portion of the userbase has fucked off

Can you really be surprised when they are forced to deal with whiny cunts like you who brag about shitposting and then bitch at them to clean up after you?

>but nah let's cry some more about how you don't get to be boss of the most loathed thread on the board

Oh ease up on the overdramatisation there princess. I already explained above why I applied, and you are whining about peoples complaints with the site in the thread which is about…peoples complaints with the site. Nice going Einstein, I see you accepting your Darwin award any day now.

As previously stated I appreciate the mods still here and imagine that their workload must be huge which is why I applied, but given they have to deal with assholes like you I cant blame the ones who have left.

No. 7944

the mods bitching about "chasing away milk" in the taylor thread need to be fired.

No. 7945

Me too

>Waaahh waahh wahh!!!

No. 7946

Stop. JFC don't take bait, retard.

No. 7948

Please ban and clean up after the newfag who just shit all over the kpop critical thread. She's made a post a minute for almost an hour now. Sorry to sound like a broken record, but that whole thread needs to be nuked. It was a mistake.

No. 7949

File: 1546199291339.jpg (54.76 KB, 930x960, 48921838_1991476811155064_7140…)

tl;dr triggered

No. 7950

File: 1546209164063.jpg (50.6 KB, 494x543, internet-tough-guy_o_1120814.j…)

>Gore anon outs himself
Like there was any doubt.

No. 7958

I have reported this a dozen times because the video has her daughter in it.


And this thread is full of kids.


No. 7959

You're reports aren't doing anything because the mods don't take down literally anything and everything that has a kid in it. That would be stupid. Those posts aren't about the children, they're about the moms.

No. 7962

File: 1546277889306.jpg (72.64 KB, 490x333, 1488947520946.jpg)

No. 7963

File: 1546290271726.png (39.35 KB, 800x221, Screenshot_2018-01-27-13-38-09…)


Because rules mean nothing and the cringy mothering thread [pic related] was removed in January for no reason?

No. 7968

File: 1546296038686.jpg (2.96 MB, 2601x1920, inCollage_20181231_144031250.j…)

If you haven't seen the announcement yet, go take a look, farmers!


No. 7974

Can the male-hate thread please be unlocked for containment? It's spreading to other threads

No. 7975

I'm new, began reading PlasticnProud/Scorpioasshoe threads.

So I'm dumb when it comes to this website, because I don't know shit. I just wonder why two times I've posted an Ariana Grande thread where they've been removed? She posts so much stuff about herself and has drama, I find funny. And on PlasticnProud threads I see people posting photos of PlasticnProud where all they do is make fun of her looks or wonder whether her and Matt are going to break up. I'm not hating on the PlasticnProud threads (I really like reading them) I just wonder why one is accepted and has "milk" while the other (Ariana Grande thread I made with lots of examples of drama between her and other celebrities after they'd met her) isn't accepted?

I understand I posted a thread the wrong place the first time, so I get why that was removed… but I'm finding it difficult to figure out where to post about a celebrity?
When I click on Ctrl + f and search for "celeb" or "celebcows" or "Ariana Grande" there's nothing.

I was directed by a helpful anon to a thread with a bunch of celebs, but I can't find it now and also it wasn't just about one celebrity. Why does it have to be a group of celebs that have nothing to do with each other (so I have to scroll past lots of posts about celebs I don't find milky) why can't it be individuals like when there are fun threads dedicated just for updates about one person on Instagram?

And I've read the Rules + How to Post several times. Sorry for being a dumbass, but I'd like to learn it.

No. 7976

Can you please please put the Taylor R and Dakota Rose threads back into containment? The stupidity and lack of integration in those threads is staggering.

No. 7978

it's because nobody gives that much of a fuck about celebrity drama. that's literally what tabloids are for.

anyways since you're too dumb to find it, here's the celebricows thread >>>/ot/334208

No. 7979

File: 1546362316786.png (321.21 KB, 800x755, no minors.png)


My bad, the thread is still up >>>/snow/480735 (the catalog is so big mobile Chrome "find in page" does not work) but the posts with kids were not addressed despite the redtext.

The rule is inconsistently applied at best.

>pic of Jolie's kid removed, post redtexted

>other posts in the thread with Jolie's kids and other kids left untouched by mods

No. 7984

Just typed a good few sentences in response to this post only to LOSE EVERYTHING I WROTE bc I have a ban that already expired for making a post in the PnP thread about her titty scar peeking out being white trash– for "nitpicking".
Okayyy, yeah, I totally go out all the time in tops that showcase my blown-out breast enhancement scars that sit too high on my tit each time I move a millimeter. Teehee oopsies~ don't we all from time to time? Such a Nit Pick to point that out in a published publicly photo, in a thread where that is a point of humor. Under a home-cut wife beater, at that. Hehe hate it when those lil things just happen amirite girls??
Anyways I really wish I didn't lose all that shit I typed out for nothing. Happy New Year anyways!

No. 7986

why does it seem like all the biggest autists come from the PnP threads tho

No. 7988

you just need to go back on your browser you tard.

No. 7989

A lot of cows on this site almost exclusively attract autists and pnp is a prime example of one. Anisa and Shayna are too.

No. 7991

It doesn't work like that for me unfortunately

That's just like, your opinion man.

No. 7992

I just wanted to complain too. Thx anon. These threads are pure cancer right now. I think it's the same anon shitting and bumping these threads with autistic unsaged nonsense.

No. 7995

Brittany's video expose on Idubbbz gf made over 300k veiws, I think that's sufficient enough milk to take the idubbz gf thread off autosage.

No. 7996

can someone please do something about the unpopular opinions thread? everyone posting on it is extremely cringy.


>people shitposting complaining about shitposters

it's a huge clusterfuck.

No. 7997

This. I feel like a bunch of shit LA anons are shitting the thread up. Bitching about "shitposting" and responding to everyone by shitposting. They will probably come ITT and do the same shit like fucking retards. There are like 5 shitty facebook messenger tier gifs directed at one comment because of how salty they got. I hope new admin doesn't leave threads for dead anymore.

No. 7998

The anisa thread is bar none the biggest shithole on the entire site. You will never be taken off autosage. Stop asking.

No. 8000

That thread is the biggest joke. They're still circlejerking about how "Anisa doxxed Ian that stupid whore omg" because… she posted a selfie with a part of the house visible in the background. All the actual drama is being drowned in insane mouth-frothing obsession. Please keep it on autosage. Every time I check it to see if it's gotten better, it's still the same. If they wanted it to be taken off autosage they should treat it like a regular thread, not a free for all.

No. 8002

If nobody cared about the celebrity drama, they could just ignore the thread?
I would never spend money on tabloids.
Besides the internet is more fun for talking about celebrities, so I don't understand what the problem is with making a thread for one celebrity - if no one replies, then the thread dies. No need to delete it - which farmhands do.

No. 8003

the majority of people do ignore it, myself included. go cry about ariana grande somewhere else tbh. the bitch has been famous since she was like 12. there's no real milk there. go read perez hilton or something.
also the farmhands have the right to delete autistic as fuck threads so i don't really see where you're going with this.

No. 8005

Anon I wish we could get some super secret, behind the scenes insight into Hollywood but unfortunately that kind of detective work is rarely for free. The thread would be pretty much dead, without things like the AB and Grimes Saga or the Angelina spergout detective work.
What should be the minimum criteria for posting? Obviously physical nitpicks are against the rules, but posts about behaviors should obviously be allowed. Is there something special about AG that causes so many other farmers to physically nitpick?

No. 8007

its a shit pile but lets not act like every other thread on this site is a holy grail

aly thread - LOL ANOREXIC GIRL IS FAT NOW LOOK AT HER FRIED HAIR, 50 Posts about whether or not she faked biting a donut for a picture


No. 8008

If there’s going to be a cleanup the Taylor thread either needs to go or stay in permanent containment

No. 8010

That feeling when you delete a complaint because its been said 50+ times by other anons and a mod hasnt responded to any meta posts in atleast 12 something days but has managed to serve out asinine ban hammers while barely touching any shitposting or gore. I remember the CP raid that was up for atleast 6 hours.

No. 8016

x1000 anon. That thread is a constant burning dumpster conflagration.

No. 8025

There is no gore in the report queue and various threads have been scanned all day.

No. 8026

agree. i don't really think pet youtubers are all that interesting anyway, boring hoarders that hoard living things, that sucks but unfortunately not illegal. also all that shit about a fish autopsy? who the hell cares, most normal aquarists have fish die all the time from crashes or stress or bad algae, the only milk is her whack bf.

No. 8027


They are talking about the Taylor R thread.

No. 8031

Can threads like these be locked or put on autosage so they cannot be exploited by raids or bots or newfaggery?



No. 8038

Not that I don't agree it should be on autosage, but is posting caps from Instagram on the plasticnproud thread really what it's being autosaged over? Not the newfaggotry, lack of integration and general lack of saging? Just seemed like a really random reason.

No. 8041

Who's the mod banning for nitpicks? Seems like you randomly choose posts and declare it a nitpick. Isn't most of the shit in that thread, shit, in many of our threads basically nitpicking??

No. 8042

Yes, and that's what makes it a shit thread that deserves to be on autosage and stay on autosage. Really wish the mods would be consistent about that though. The amount of nitpicking autists that have always plagued this site has grown recently, like a lot.

No. 8044

Are there any plans for a new hellweek? It's been a LONG while since the last one and I feel that the site really needs one …

No. 8045

Can I ask what's the deal with bans that are issued like a couple to several days after the alleged offending post was made?
Just feels nitpicky. I was afk yesterday and all day today, so when I went to post this evening I got a notification that I had an expired ban that was filed today for a post I'd made back on the 2nd.
Just…why bother?

No. 8046

File: 1546810752614.png (738.26 KB, 1344x615, moonion.png)

Honestly at this point can we just have a separate board for Moo & Onion or something where you can stick all their threads and archives? That's basically all /pt/ is at this point anyways. People are stupid and necro the old ones etc, do we REALLY need 6 threads of them floating around at all times? Especially when every other topic/cow gets shoved in the corner. Or bring manure back so the useless locked threads are out of the way or so idiots can't keep necro-ing the maxed threads

Not everyone is obsessed with Moo and Onion. I don't even look at /pt/ anymore because I know that's all that gonna be there.

No. 8047

Why is it such a huge deal to auto-sage threads? Genuinely asking for clarification. Who actually goes into the catalog to only click on the top threads? Don't you just have favorites that you follow?

No. 8048

Because no one wants to see that shit on the front page. It eventually turns threads into remote echo chambers or kills them off entirely. Works sort of like a quarantine.

>Who actually goes into the catalog to only click on the top threads? Don't you just have favorites that you follow?

What are you a newfag? It's a waste of time to pick out and refresh a bunch of individual threads. This site isn't that active. It's easier to just check the first few pages and see what got bumped, especially if you follow more than one or two cows.

No. 8049

I bookmark and periodically check threads bc I don't follow like 75% of the threads on here. I never use the front page.

I have threads hidden but it's annoying and messy, plus if a thread I follow is auto-saged how would I know if I only checked the front page? Wouldn't it just unceremoniously fade to the bottom?
I'm laughing bc I've been coming here for years and have apparently been navigating it most retardedly.

No. 8050

So ppl really go nuts telling other posters to sage all the damn time because they are annoyed that the front page gets shitted up? I can understand why that would be annoying so why wouldn't you just do it the way I just described and bookmark your fave threads yourself?

No. 8051

I dont know why capped off threads aren't locked from posting.

No. 8052

if our post gets redtexted (for something like nitpicking) are we not allowed to delete it even if it’s within the 30 minute time limit? It kept giving me an error.

are red texted posts unable to be deleted to show an example of what not to do?

No. 8053

>if a thread I follow is auto-saged how would I know if I only checked the front page? Wouldn't it just unceremoniously fade to the bottom?
That's the whole point. Only a select few spergs (and all two of the posters who use the site in the dumbest way imaginable like you) will consistently go out of their ways to follow those autosaged threads and ree into their echo chambers. Everyone else leaves and either those remaining anons ree eternally or their thread flatlines. Either way is a victory for the rest of the site.

No. 8054

Users of the site (new and old) should be able to navigate the site without pointless info being bumped to the front tho. Not everyone reading is a regular.

No. 8055

Is there really that much of an issue with people asking simple questions if they're not 100% up to date on a cow? It's one thing if that information is listed in the thread, but when it's from like 20 threads back and a one off thing I really don't think it should warrant a ban. I'd understand if it was a constant barrage of requests for spoonfeeding, but at the end of the day the average user comes here for giggles while on the toilet or something and shouldn't be expected to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the history of a cow.

No. 8056

>average user comes here for giggles while on the toilet or something and shouldn't be expected to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the history of a cow

then why the fuck would other users be expected to answer your questions?

No. 8057

no one should be expected to do anything and everyone is free to ignore such posts, however a user who enjoys discussing a particular cow might not mind answering.

No. 8058

and they will, but you answered your own question. most users are just browsing casually for a few minutes and don't want to waste their time bothering with you.

No. 8059

One person is no big deal but imagine if that type of behavior wasn't punished, threads would be full of anons shitting up asking to be spoonfed. I can imagine how shitty that would be.

I guess that makes sense if you agree with what the mods do all the time. Sometimes I don't though.

No. 8060

Are there male mods?

Can farmhand peruse users' post histories at their leisure?

Just curious.

No. 8061

male mods? there aren't even supposed to be males posting lmao

No. 8062

When the new admin starts, can we have a hellweek or something? Because we really need it. So many people have flooded the site recently - old threads are being nerco'd left and right, people aren't saging, newfags aren't integrating. It's making the board unbearable at times.

Odd. I never use the front page, only the catalog - I figured that's what most people do. I ctrl + F and find the cows I actually follow, even a few autosaged ones. You sound like the only newfag here. Some of us have been following specific cows for years - not just whatever lands on the front page.

No. 8063

I'm >>8047 & >>8049 & a few more–my bad, I was using "front page" and "catalog" interchangeably. Whoops

No. 8064

I mean I figured there aren't any male mods but someone mentione it a while back and I can't get the thought out of my head. They mentioned it so casually and I was like wait wtf

No. 8065

an old admin was male, maybe that was it?

No. 8066

There are no male mods. Everyone is a verified woman. The original admin was a male.
It's totally up to them.

No. 8067

Thanks for the reassurance farmhand!

No. 8068

File: 1546910726299.jpeg (Spoiler Image,899.35 KB, 1242x1847, AADF48BB-5F2B-4F79-81E1-B54520…)

Can I ask why I recieved a ban for necroing a thread that hadn’t been inactive for more than two weeks? There is no point in me making a new fakeboi thread if this one hasn’t filled up. The ban has since expired, but I’m still confused as to why I received it in the first place.

No. 8070

yea this doesn't seem like necroing. she added a new post from a pretty prominent fakeboi.

No. 8071

Some retards are shitting up the Gyaru Secrets thread on /snow with stupid race discussions. It was a good nostalgia thread at first (and was pretty much dead) but now it's a pure mess.

No. 8073

When will Man Hate be allowed again ? The last man hate thread was raided by robots but afaik no one was responding to them/taking their bait. So why was it locked ?

No. 8076

Thank you for getting rid of the manhate threads!

You morons made a new thread despite the previous one being locked. The site is not your playground.

No. 8077

manhaters are again shitting up the vent thread, shitposting, arguing with everyone and are extremely paranoid. they're constantly arguing with us and eachother, accusing everyone who says something they don't like of being men/handmaidens.

>inb4 they come ITT and whine about not doing that despite it being live in the threads i'm referring to.

No. 8078

Lmao it was OBVIOUS that a man made the thread. Are you retarded ? Nevertheless, that doesnt answer my question. Farmers werent responding to bait, everything was going okay, so why ban it?

i was the OG anon that vented about something very SPECIFIC irw men (after two other anons told me it was ok) and then some ""antifemcel"" started being aggro and nitpicking which ensued.

No. 8079

NTA but i think it was banned because the topic and old thread were locked and no one really asked permission to remake the thread. i have no personal issue with the thread being there, but some of the users are a bit well, off, and the fact that it attracts incels more is really annoying. i wish you guys would just let it stay autosaged, but many of you argued against that on principle.

No. 8080

They didn't get rid of them. They said they were banned until we get more mods to take care of the bot invasions.

No. 8081

Sorry about that! I know the ban is expired now but I agree it isn't a necro worthy ban. Honest mistake, feel free to appeal something like this next time.
Man-hate was locked because of racebaiting and the fact that anons have taken robot bait for over a year now. It's up to the new admin to decide if the topic will be back or not but for now it's off the table.
Again, that is entirely up to the new admin.
Feel free to report posts like these. It's easier to quickly ban if it's reported.

No. 8082


My comment >>8031 was not about the plasticnproud thread. Did you even read it?

The threads I linked to are shit and would have been deleted from /pt/ if they were started now. They were necroed by a raid or newfags. And now farmers have replied to one of them to say it's a shit thread, apparently not noticing it's 3 fucking years old.


>all mods are women

And hopefully not "women".

No. 8083

i wasn't responding to you directly. it was on the topic of autosaging

No. 8084


My comment was about old shit threads, not active threads already on autosage.

No. 8085

Why infight in /meta/ tho

No. 8086

I appreciate it farmhand!! I didn’t notice until after it had expired but I’m glad to know it was a mistake because I didn’t want to break the rules again.

No. 8087

Can we please ban the person necroing multiple 1+ year old threads on /pt/? I've reported them already, but they've essentially cleared the front page of relevant threads.

No. 8088

Came to mention it here too, it's still going on. They're necroing 3+ year old threads now.

No. 8089

This, I thought old threads would be locked or put on autosage?

No. 8090

I bet whoever is doing it is doing this on purpose bc /pt/ is unusable now. Old trash threads that are OT with 10 replies like the ones being bumped shouldn't even be kept on the site anymore, let alone be not-locked.

Keep threads that are about legit cows, since they serve archival milk purposes, obv.

No. 8091

Also came here to bitch about the retard bumping old threads in /pt/

No. 8092


It's probably a raid. I have suggested this several times when this shit happens including 3 days ago >>8031 but admin and mods have never replied.

No. 8093

If they are not deleted they at least need to be reviewed. This thread OP doxes the cow's family members >>>/pt/165932

No. 8095

Why have only a few of the old threads been locked?

No. 8098

Can a somebody check and delete the weird ass pictures that being posted everywhere, like the old threads being necroed with some naked dude pics ew

No. 8099

Why is this thread still up?


No. 8101

can someone please take a look at the samefag refusing to sage with dumbass webcam banter in the shay gnar thread?

No. 8103

Shay's thread keeps being bumped/derailed by idiots.

A couple morons accusing each other of being her boyfriend. Not to mention it's nitpicky as fuck ("reee her vagina looks like a ballsack! reee ingrown hairs!"). Embarrassing and hypocritical if you go to the vagina thread where everyone tells each other their vaginas are perfectly normal lmao.

Someone else already complained itt that people should sage, I came here to ask for the same too.
Maybe it's time to warn them to tone down the nitpicks because it's becoming unredeemable.

No. 8104


No. 8105

hellweek has been 'coming soon' for 6+ months.

the man-hate tar pit is gone? awesome! may it stay dead.

No. 8106

Shouldn't >>>/pt/74566 be spoilered?

How many times should we report something before coming here to get mods' attention?

No. 8107

Why is the site so broken?

No. 8109

why is the manhate thread back? i thought the topic was banned.

No. 8110

because her parents neglect her

No. 8111

If you hate a topic, can’t you just hide the thread?

No. 8112

not the same anon but they spill into other threads and start screaming about handmaidens when we're just trying to gossip. same thing happened with the anachan plague and then the munchie plague.

No. 8113

I have only seen them spill into other threads when the topic is gone.

No. 8114

The entire topic is banned, really? When was that added to the rules?

No. 8115

Does the stupid questions general thread not load for anyone else? It's just a white page for me.

No. 8116

yeah it's fucked up

No. 8117

been trying since last night to post and getting 500 internal errors or straight up This Page Does Not Exist urggghghghgh

No. 8118

No. 8119

No. 8120

shay gnar/ dumdolly thread is broken

No. 8121

jsut when the milk was coming through too

No. 8122


This has happened to several other threads during the last two months.


See >>>/meta/7987

No. 8123

/snow isnt loading for me at all but everything else on lolcow is loading.

No. 8124

/snow isnt loading for me at all but everything else on lolcow is loading.

No. 8125

/snow isnt loading for me at all but everything else on lolcow is loading.

No. 8126


No. 8127

The Shayna thread is restored here >>>/snow/765135

This issue will most likely be resolved once we moved to our new server.

No. 8128

The Miranda thread has been getting bogged down with retreads of all the same shit and questions about her sockpuppet Indonesian (probably) 'Saudi' husband. It's been going on since he first(cough) appeared

No. 8130

Can telling ppl to sage pls be a bannable offense that is actually bannable? I know mini-modding is bannable but seriousl every other post is absolutely zero-content "SaGe Ur PoSt". It wouldn't even be so bad if they weren't clogging up every damn thread with it.

Jfc it's really getting old

No. 8131

>a bannable offense that is actually bannable

No. 8132

In my experience farmhands don't care about mini-modding in the form of sperging about sageing. Sorry for being confusing.

No. 8133

I'm sorry, but are the man hate threads forbidden now?

No. 8134

mini modding isn't even bannable dude.

banned topic until further notice. it says ITT. >>8081

No. 8136

Personally what I think is getting really old is the sheer amount of threads being bumped without milk when people don’t sage. As long as it’s within reason, I don’t see people telling others to sage as a problem. It can also be a way to let new posters know they need to sage their posts.

I know this may come across as a stupid question, but what is a robot post and how does one tell them apart from regular posts?

No. 8137


>Board rules for /pt/ and /snow/

>Do not attempt to moderate other users (mini-modding)

No. 8139

>as long as it's within reason
That's my point–it's excessive. New posters have the onus to read the rules. It's not other farmers' jobs to let them know how to post properly.

Yeah idk what the other anon was talking about that's been a rule.

No. 8140

Plus from what I understand not everyone uses the catalog. But every user is forced to see endless no-content "sage ur shit" in literally every other post.

No. 8142

testing because i keep getting some weird 'NULL' error….

No. 8143

same here…

No. 8144

File: 1547682830749.jpg (89.05 KB, 800x525, 20190116_151804.jpg)


No. 8146

File: 1547686623578.png (3.39 KB, 601x164, whut.PNG)

what's this all about

No. 8147

Ughghghg I'm happy for the switchover to new admin/servers/whatever but it's so frustrating to get all these errors!!!

No. 8148

me too. /ot/ is broken.

No. 8149

came here to post this lol damnnnn

No. 8150

i was wondering if a farmhand could possibly post in the momokun stream thread about not having so much discussion in the thread. it's supposed to be an archive/summary thread for her streams and the discussion even about the streams should be in her main thread iirc.

No. 8151

we're back in business baby

No. 8154

Guess whose back
Back again
LC’s back
Bring a farmer
Guess whose back guess whose back guess whose back
Na Na Na

No. 8155

Does the catalog make anyone else's browser crash every time? I'm using Chrome btw.

You dork

No. 8157

Yup, I use Chrome and it crashes for me as well. No idea why.

No. 8158

i know it's annoying to switch, but i use firefox and it's never crashed for me. i use the catalogs pretty religiously.

No. 8159

Maybe this is retarded but what if things were changed so you have to specifically opt into bumping a thread, for every thread. So like a reverse sage, where posts don't bump a thread unless you type [phrase] into a field.

People forgetting to bump would be nowhere near as shitty as people forgetting not to bump when there is no milk.

No. 8160

File: 1547899905034.jpg (579.39 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190119-071042.jpg)

Can someone please ban the annoying edgelord in the shay-gnar thread? (pic related)

No. 8161

Report and move on. Simple.

No. 8162

I have been and nothing's happened so I posted here in case it was missed.

No. 8166

Hi, can you take a look at the newish 'mamma bear thread'? It looks pretty suspicious. Posting her livestream as soon as she went live is one example. >>>/snow/762822

No. 8167

The celebcow thread is broken? There's odd spacing between posts and a bunch of posts are missing.

No. 8168

are you sure you didn't click the hide saged posts button?

No. 8169

JK lol you're right. I guess my finger hit it while scrolling. I'm on mobile and sometimes scrolling is stupid thanks!

No. 8171

There is Belle Delphine nonsense all over both pt and snow. Could it at least be corralled to one thread? Thank you!

No. 8172

the vent thread turned into a mess …

No. 8173

now that we have a new admin, any news on the kelly jean situation?

No. 8175

Can a mod ban every retard in Celebricows who can't just report and move on?

No. 8176

What’s the Kelly Jean situation?

No. 8179

Beheading pic is posted again. Mods please do something. Saw it on main and gtfo.

No. 8180

Yes can a mod please take care of this weak faggot?

No. 8182

Hello dear farm hands, can someone ban the white knight in the Myah Alanna thread? Thanks!

>>>/snow/482064 for ease of access.

No. 8183

File: 1548054876499.jpg (20.92 KB, 657x175, ban yourself.JPG)

staff are ghosts, redtexting is too hard, nitpicking and autism is at all time highs, and obvious reports still need a reason attached. Gonna be a great year.
(yeah, yeah, ban evasion, I'll see myself out)

No. 8184

anon don't be fucking retarded. you're wasting their time by not expressing what you're reporting something for.

No. 8185

So it appears that removing the man hate threads didn't magically remove the incel gore-poster problem.

No. 8186


I got a 6 hour ban for the same reason at around the same time, but my appeal was accepted. The comment I reported was a month necro (and arm chairing and a non contribution). I generally never include the reason when it is obvious like that. Should we now?

No. 8187

Why was >>>/snow/767512 redtexted?

No. 8188

this, i asked the same further up the thread with no response. She desperately needs a thread.

She got her lawyers to contact lc's host to take down her thread because she's a typical insecure cow

No. 8189


But having the man hate threads back wouldn't magically remove the incel gore-poster problem either.

No. 8190

Just don't be lazy shits. The mods have enough work without needing to play detective for you guys who can't be bothered to type one word.

No. 8191

Some anons seemed to think that if those threads about men doing shitty violent things were banned then men wouldn't be provoked and post gore shit here. It was naive of those anons to blame those threads, it is sadly a general problem with having an imageboard that the mods need to be alert to.

No. 8192

no, there was just an obvious influx of maleposting. some robots are probably still lurking to try to get a rise out of us, but there is definitely less male traffic on the site without threads like that.

plus they didn't get banned because of that, they got banned because many of the posters derailed the threads by responding to shit quality bait, hell, it got to the point where a man made a fake thread to bait anons into it and it worked. male traffic or not, the main users of those threads are pretty vile. i'm glad they're gone. and i personally don't think they should come back because they're cringy threads for cringy people to bitch about cringy men's cringy actions. anons who use those threads always seem like paranoid cynics who don't leave their houses.

No. 8193

Yeah, agree, I remember when ot was spammed with cp links but thankfully they are gone and it was nothing to do with those threads.

No. 8194

Fuck this is one butthurt and cringy post if ever there was one on this site kek

No. 8195

>(If you think you've been banned wrongly, from now on please appeal instead of derailing even more.)
How the fuck am I supposed to submit an appeal when I was never met with a ban page in the first place? I made a post, left for a few hours, then came back and noticed I got redtexted for some reason. I just want to know why.

No. 8196

>this weakass reply
NTA but she's correct. You just sound like you got owned, especially considering your shit manhate femcel threads are gone.

No. 8197

hey, sorry if this is already answered or something i should know but it looks like every time i try to watch ANY youtube video that's been linked on here, it's blocked? I thought that was something youtubers had to manually do (like how some snowflakes have been known to block any of their content from playing from lolcow). is this new or has it been like this for a while?

No. 8199

my question is why do women here hate on the MALE-hate thread? This is lolcow, WOMEN ONLY

No. 8200

some of us don't like seeing ridiculous vitriol towards men when we have fathers, brothers and husbands that we love

No. 8201

thank you.

No. 8202

That's silly, those threads were full of stories about actually abusive and violent men. It was about hating those guys not your dad anon, lol.
Personally I think they were depressive to read (because of the shit some men do and because of the trolls) but some of you anons hatred for them just seems irrational.

No. 8203

that's what the shitty relationships and vent threads are for, instead of "gas all men" "scrotes" "abort male babies"

No. 8204

maybe you should quit being a sensitive little bitch and get over it then.

No. 8205

it brings crazy people here.

>wanting to read stories about abusive and violent men
>not being crazy
pick one. that thread was just as fucked up as if we had a thread that was just to daily update the number of women murdered worldwide. we know this shit happens, we know there are insane men out there, but it doesn't matter to most of us on a day to day basis. i've been abused, raped and forced to have a child, but i don't want to read random news about that kind of sick shit happening to others.

No. 8206

Can you please put the Western Vocaloid thread in autosage? It was fine at first and as a greasy weeb, I was glad to read about Vocaloid fandom/producers here but unfortunately, it turned into a mess (obvious selfposts, namefagging, unsaged posts…etc)
That's a suggestion that I'm putting forward, I know that the mod team is pretty busy atm, although it would be worth looking.
Thank you!

No. 8207

Why was >>>/snow/769321 banned when the comment they replied to was a milkless necro?

No. 8208

Hi, it was a lack of sage ban.

No. 8220

Why don't you just hide the thread? Genuine question

No. 8222

Can something be done about the lack of milk in the Dasha thread? The nitpicking is out of control and we already know that she shoops herself and copies Mina. It's hard to weave through all of those posts for actual milk.

No. 8223

nta but all threads should be held to the same standards

No. 8224

>made a post
>got banned for 10 minutes for infighting
>realize I still have time to delete offending post
>delete post
>someone quoted my dead post before I deleted so now the quoted post number link is dead

Is this frowned upon? I hope this makes sense. The mod who banned me was very polite in the ban reason! Lol

No. 8225

I'm gonna be honest and say I don't understand the point of autosage. Is anon wanting autosage so the shitty thread doesn't show up on her catalog anymore? So that means she's not interested in following the thread anymore, right? So why not hide it?

Or is the idea to autosage until the thread gets back on track?

Apologies for retardation.

No. 8226

>everyone who disagrees with me is manhate anons
>you sound like you got owned
Wasn't even complaining about that but you certainly sound like a mad neckbeard.

No. 8227

Tbf the Vocaloid thread is one of the worst I've seen on lolcow. There is no milk, nobody sages, nobody reads the rules and it gets constant wks. Most people who care about those western producers are 16 and under, no wonder the thread is shit. I'm surprised it still exists tbh

No. 8233

File: 1548280254330.jpg (39.14 KB, 750x314, badbanner.jpg)

This banner sucks

No. 8236

fucking handmaidens

No. 8237

Can something please be done about the sudden derailing in the Belle thread? I’ve been reporting the posts but I feel like they’re just going to keep coming back. I’m sorry, thank you

No. 8238

this one reason why people don't want those threads brought back so good job proving their point lol

No. 8242

Should we not bother to update the Kelly Ronahan thread in /snow any longer? There's been a lot of actual news lately, but I can see the point to not giving her any attention at all, fucked up as she is. Not sure if the thread was placed on autosage because she selfposts, because she threatened to sue again or what, just saying that if mods would prefer we leave it alone then good to know.

No. 8243

Not sure of the proper phrasing of this…but "coming into a thread full of people discussing a specific topic/cow to sperg about how the subject of the thread isn't a cow and contributing nothing else" should be bannable. It's just a waste of everyone's time. Maybe that's mini-modding? But if so it should be enforced in all boards.

Basically either contribute to the conversation in some way or leave. If you don't want to hear about a cow, don't go to that thread. If you don't want to hear about subject x of a general thread, don't go "subject x isn't a cow! stop talking about subject x!" without contributing any new discussion. Literally no one is making you read that thread, stop trying to shut down discussion because you don't feel like hearing about that one particular subject.

tbh maybe celebricow should just have a mod of it's own, it's always a mess and this is where I see the most of this behavior

No. 8244

shayna's thread is like this too, no one can just scroll past, there's always tons of minimodding going on.

No. 8245

Shay's thread is still the biggest dumpster fire on /snow/ in 2019. Please, new admin-sama, do something about it. Whoever mods that thread is doing a shit job.

No. 8246

agreed. the small amount of modding that does go on in that thread is inconsistent and appears to be biased a lot of the time. if i had to guess i would say there are dedicated thread mods for it just based on those observations.

No. 8247

it wasn't always bad, either. it became cancerous around the time her first insex shoot dropped. then it turned into one word replies and tons of thread policing by…camgirls? idk who? that were entirely focused on how she looked and no other discussion could be tolerated.

No. 8248

It was cancerous long before that. Camwhores and other fags have always shit up the thread with blogging, unoriginal nitpicky comments about her genitalia, and walls of text about how "ddlg is the LEAST cowish thing about shayna, stop kinkshaming!!!"

No. 8249

I really wish the furry-apologists would shut the fuck up with defending their weird fetish. If they want a furry thread, they can make it in /ot/ instead of trying to glamorize it in Shayna's thread as more than "fantasy beastiality" which is what it really is.

No. 8250

File: 1548366684594.png (6.76 KB, 988x142, bs.png)

why did i get a ban for this??? miranda used to work at a fucking hostess club and was a slut (in her own words). this is a totally legitimate theory. her suddenly being muslim doesn't mean that she's not going to prostitute herself when she was clearly doing so before.

No. 8251

why the fuck was the plasticnproud thread locked with absolutely no warning or reasoning to be found anywhere on this hellsite? it definitely isn’t a post limit thing. it’d be fucking cool if staff would actually explain what’s going on instead of changing shit without mentioning anything.

also stop putting threads on autosage for ~nO MiLk~ when they actually move quite quickly and there are literally tens of threads on here that are completely full of the same 5 people losing their fucking kinds in broken english about random white chicks in asia

No. 8252

Here, anon.


No. 8254

>why the fuck was the plasticnproud thread locked with absolutely no warning or reasoning to be found?
Nice, good fucking riddance. Now if they could only do that to Anisa's thread.

No. 8256


It was put on autosage because of her selfposting. This seems to have discouraged her, and she turned her attention to the thread on KF.

No. 8257

Yeah, that's cool, I was wondering whether the new mods/admin even wanted it here, as it looks like they're doing some housecleaning. I follow her anyhow, but I didn't know if it was annoying to them to see the thread getting updated, or if they wanted it gone because she's kind of a hassle or what have you.

No. 8264

I agree with this anon. Like we really can't discuss pnp on here anymore? It wasn't that bad of a thread. Lame.

No. 8265

Anywhere else we can move? Wasn’t there crystal something

No. 8267

>Nice, good fucking riddance. Now if they could only do that to Anisa's thread.
they did and it was a shitty move. no matter what you think about the posters and the nitpicking that went on in anisa's thread, the fact remains that the thread was already on autosage, not harming anyone, and there was plenty of milk to be found. in the last day alone, anisa dropped a video exploiting her dying dad's illness for pity points & views ffs, and there's still the ongoing brittany venti drama. there are much milder cows whose threads remain open, plus, to reiterate, the thread had already been on autosage for about a year.

locking the thread was a biased decision and nothing will change my mind about that. it's pretty convenient for anisa that the thread got locked when she was facing the most criticism in her "career"; how nice for her that one of her top donors and #1 whiteknight, blinko, is a (male!) mod here. she's been protected from the beginning, with mods and the old admin openly mocking people who posted in her thread, handing out unfair bans to people who dared talk about her, putting the thread on autosage, and now finally locking it completely.

i can see the direction that lolcow is headed and it's not good. cows have mod friends on the inside to protect them (in anisa's case, it's a fucking male WK), "man hate" is now a banned topic on /ot/ which the mods claimed is because too many anons replied to the robots who raided the thread (which was the exact opposite of the truth since everyone ignored the maleposters in the latest thread, it was just too much work to moderate it & ban them and much easier to bend to what the men demanded by force), and the GC thread is next to be shut down for the same reason. this isn't lolcow anymore. mods have totally kowtowed to cows & men/transpeople who set out to silence women and that's the exact opposite of what lolcow is supposed to be. it's such a disappointment - this is no longer a safe place for women to talk about silly drama OR the serious stuff that affects us in our daily lives.

personally i have no reason to post here anymore. what was good about this site has now gone to shit. i used to love lolcow, but this isn't the only imageboard with a female userbase, so this is goodbye for me. i hope the new admin has fun with her new site where cow sympathizers, whiteknights, dudes, and trannies reign supreme. best of luck to her.

No. 8269

Not going to bother reading the rest of your rambling but
>they did
I didn't know until just now kek I fucking love the new admin already. It's been so long since we've had someone who actually takes out the trash on this site.

No. 8270

Just wanted to give a compliment about new moderation being a bit more fair about issuing bans and targeting shitposters in our general boards.
I went to bed the other night expecting a ban in the morning because I made the mistake of replying to someone who turned out to be derailing on purpose. But instead of getting a ban and the shitposts running wild like what would have happened with the old mods, the shitposter's posts were redtexted multiple times and banned. You know that was real refreshing? Just wanted to say thanks for not being lazy by banning everyone without consideration.

No. 8271

>i used to love lolcow, but this isn't the only imageboard with a female userbase, so this is goodbye for me.

Can you kindly point me in the right direction anon? Crystal cafe sucks and I'd love to visit female-oriented platforms!

No. 8275

The redtext is not a good reflection of the ban reason but it has more to do with your post history on that topic.
I have the opinion that if a thread is on autosage, anons should work to improve it to get it off of autosage. Moo anons were able to do it, other threads have also been through a similar process from what I've seen. The anisa thread never saw improvement and no attempts for improvement were ever made.
I'm not the old admin and the locking of man hate wasn't under my direction but here is my opinion on it. If you compare the GC thread to manhate you will realize the GC thread doesn't struggle with constant raids and the general discussion and flow of that thread is entirely different. I don't plan on making a final decision on manhate until we have a townhall.
For 100% transparency the current moderation team consists of 5 people, 4 mods and only myself. The implication that there is not only a male mod, but that he is specifically a donor for anisa is ridiculous and quite amusing.
Thank you for that.
You can contest that at a townhall or provide good reasoning for it to come back here.

No. 8277

File: 1548412539065.jpg (11.69 KB, 224x224, 412F14505B69412FBD9FE91E5D8C72…)

No. 8278

Lol this kind of sperging is exactly why the pnp thread was never coming off autosage

No. 8280

File: 1548434241947.png (34.72 KB, 1346x157, Screen Shot 2019-01-25 at 10.0…)

>The redtext is not a good reflection of the ban reason but it has more to do with your post history on that topic.
nta that did the original post that got red-texted in pic related or this post, but can mods ever actually answer a question or be helpful in any way? This shit is so frustrating. At least 50% red texts don't make any sense to the userbase who can't see what info you see and need more context. How are we supposed to follow your rules if you can't even explain or justify your application of them?

You guys act like every question of red text or ban is combative but we're just trying to understand the logic when it doesn't align with the posted rules. Just give more context on red-texts or bans so the users can understand what the actual offense was and how not to do it in the future. Cause right now it just looks like it's whatever mod's emotion is that day.

Same with "no contribution" flags in /pt/. Give a clear definition of what YOU define as "contribution", or elaborate more when you flag things. Or better yet, stop flagging users trying to participate in the discussion when you don't even give the option to sage.

Kinda regretting not applying for a mod position tbh because these issues are so easily fixed by providing your users with more clarity. Leaving things this undefined and open to interpretation just makes it that much easier for mini-moders to project their own definitions and set of the rules and sperg on everyone who doesn't align with how THEY think a site should work. I think that would help with a lot of the in-fighting as well, and probably the excess of unnecessary reported posts I assume you guys get.

Alright, sorry for the sperging. Hope you take some of this into consideration though.

No. 8287

Can a mod please take a look at the baiting/wk in the Taylor thread and get rid of them? We do have milk but they're causing a ton of infighting.

As an aside, is it okay for posters to remind others not to take bait? I've done so, very gently, but I also don't want to be accused of minimodding. It used to be allowed back when I first started here but I don't want to catch a ban if it's not what the mods want. Thanks.

No. 8292

"your post history etc"

Try again without the cryptic crossword?

I am the anon they're replying to and have no idea what they mean either. Presumably it has to do with bitching about redtexting and bans in the past (hopefully not including all the bans I cop by proxy for using a vpn)
You raise a good point about the clarity issue; perhaps FHs could drop a post explaining what the issue is on occasion.

No. 8294

Maybe I have DID and one of my alters is smoking crack, but I swear to holy cows that some of the comments I have reported in the last few days have been deleted completely…

No. 8295


No. 8296

Accross multiple threads there's a racist chan SCREAMING about black victim complexs and how rottingdolls posts are all right and screaming about anti-sjw muh and it's making it hard to read multiple threads since they are going anywhere Jessica is mentioned and their writing style is similar. Ive reported some of them but I'm sure it's gonna be the opposite and the posts responding will get banned instead of the actual derailing.

No. 8297


Phew! I can cancel that early onset dementia test.

At least one out of the five I noticed gone was redtexted for a day or so before it was deleted. And they were comments that did not need to be deleted like pics of kids or gore.


Maybe post the links here so mods can connect the dots easier?

No. 8298

Yeah I've actually been noticing it happening for a while and I asked about it in one of the Shayna threads that was already over 1200 posts and got ree'd at by a random anon because ~wHo CaReS~

No. 8300

Dogfucker chan ban evaded about 3 times in shay thread to continue sperging so their posts were deleted.
It's all being taken into consideration. There will be rule changes to make moderation consistent.

No. 8301

>Dogfucker chan ban evaded about 3 times in shay thread to continue sperging
ahahaha ty for sharing that with us

No. 8302

Would you mods consider to check their IP and what else they posted in Shay threads? There's a very big chance of them being the furry camgirl talked about in the thread, see >>772056

No. 8303

sick of the constant discussion of what is and isn't goth in the alt cows thread, with no focus on the cows

No. 8304


Point taken. But the fact that such in depth discussions regularly happen shows just how shallow the cows are.

No. 8305

File: 1548564646987.png (24.75 KB, 1256x166, Screenshot (135).png)

This isn't so much a complaint rather than a question. I noticed this anon was banned from the Kelly thread, I understand if the ban was for general derailing seeing as she was kinda going off topic to defend that stalker fan but the (back to tumblr) modding makes it seem like we have some sort of political stance now?

I've been active for the last four years and originally from /cgl/ (which I kinda assume most anons originate from but maybe not anymore) and as far as I remember we always had diverse political opnions. I understand the gender critical thread attracts a large demographic here now and I even enjoy lurking the thread but are we really required to adhere to radfem ideology? because every day I see anons sperging about troons/men in threads that have nothing to do with the subject, and if mods are backing that stance now, you can't realistically expect the entire userbase to be exclusively terfs? I always appreciated lolcow's apolitical environment but it seems like the entire site is leaning towards a specific ideology now.

Clarification would be appreciated.

No. 8306

The user kept derailing the thread about transphobia and pronouns. It's a common issue on both sides in threads like fakeboi or blaire white and it isn't exclusive to any topic. Derailing about your personal politics outside of /ot/ usually leads to a ban.

No. 8308

Okay thanks for the quick reply!

No. 8311

>but it seems like the entire site is leaning towards a specific ideology now.
Where? Maybe you are being a little paranoid anon, the site still is pretty much apolitical.

No. 8312

Oops deleted my reply to clarify but again, not really seen it in there either. The only thing this site has a stance on is lolcows which should be obvious.

No. 8314

You're right, probably spending too much time in /ot/

good to hear

No. 8316

Again, do not really see it in ot either? The threads are pretty random.

No. 8332

It pops up now and then but it's rarely a huge deal, it's usually just something like:
really anon?

It's still annoying, but nothing compared to the spergout portrayed in >>8305. Anons just need to stop being the pronoun police and let farmers refer to cows however they want. A stupid gossip site is not the place to take a stand for shitty identity politics anyway.

Hey new admin, thank you for stepping up and taking on the manure farm that lolcow has become. As I can never really make townhalls, hoping I can bring something up here to go into consideration.

In the past, it seems some topics in /ot/ were shut down or rerouted to other threads for what I saw as really inane reasoning. Transpassing and drag queen(?) threads were closed and forced to merge discussion with the radfem thread at the time (which eventually became gender critical). Even a thread talking about all-female societies was either funneled into man-hate or the radfem threads, which didn't coincide at all with the discussions going on at the time.

I just think if the things being talked about aren't getting out of hand one way or another, why not allow separate discussions of these topics? While there is some crossover of, say, radfem and gender critical beliefs, there are also some differences that would make separate topics viable (and preferable) for some farmers.