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No. 399293

No. 399522

that cat is so fucking cute holy shit I want to hug it so fucking bad fuuuuuuuccccckkkkkk

No. 399542

That's a popular opinion, anon

No. 399556

Sushi, except for this one kind of cooked/fried shrimp sushi i've had is gross. I like a lot of other Japanese foods but sushi is the one thing that grosses me out. What the fuck is appealing about raw fish?

On the contrary, I actually quite like carpaccio (raw italian thinly sliced beef), which is probably the only raw food I enjoy eating.

No. 399560

I love fish in general so I like eating sushi a lot, but that's mostly because of soy sauce. I can't see myself eating sushi just like that without any sauce or wasabi or anything, it would be too bland.

No. 399564

i’ve never eaten seafood so i’m right there with ya, bud. however, vegetable tempura sushi is to die for. seriously. the combination of the deep fried onion and yam, the crunchiness of the panko batter, the freshness of cucumber, avocado and super fine carrot, all wrapped together on an inverted maki roll with even more crunchy delicious panko on the outside and drizzled with a sweet sauce…

fuck im hungry

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No. 399661

File: 1555514616243.jpeg (157.81 KB, 800x1200, 19ECA0D9-3599-443C-85B8-54C9E0…)

Unless they’re high waisted and somehow manage to not be nanna panties like pic related then men’s undies are always superior to women’s

No. 399667

100% agree. I want to get boxers without the extra dick room

No. 399674

Is this even unpopular? I must've heard women claiming men's underwear is better a hundred times. Some girl on cgl a few years back recommended I get some jojo boxers for this reason and tbh I didn't like the feel of them. They were way too loose and I felt like I had a dick because there was a big, loose fold in the front because there wasn't any dick sitting in it lol.

No. 399681

I love Nana panties for some reason. I've worn my boyfriend's boxers before, but I found they always rode up my ass no matter the elasticity.

No. 399757

File: 1555535454617.jpeg (63.42 KB, 516x686, 5054924847703.jpeg)

same, I just buy the multi packs from supermarkets. sometimes they are pretty cute ((imo)), esp the ones with lace band around tummy. and no wedgies or yeast infections! sorta want to try boxers now though haha

No. 399781

File: 1555541026650.jpeg (30.16 KB, 452x678, 1C388CCF-EBB1-4C48-918C-BAB52E…)

Samefag but I don’t mean undies like boxers, I cannot wrap my head around the idea of just wearing what is essentially shorts under your clothes, specifically undies like this are extremely comfy - I can easily get them to be high waist and flattering if I size up and they nicely show off my ass without the entire thing being exposed to the elements

And I thought it was an unpopular opinion since a lot of women now wear gstrings/things 24/7 and I cannot imagine subjecting myself to that kind of discomfort just in case there’s a possibility of me getting fucked; maybe I’m an outlier but I’m going to be naked when getting a good dicking anyway so what’s the point of the discomfort of lingerie unless it’s put on just before and specifically for foreplay

No. 400075

People who feed their cats kibble have no right to be angry about vegan catfood. They are feeding their cats plant based food as well, with a little chicken stock used as flavoring.

No. 400081

There‘s better kibble out there, anon. The whole reason why people have a problem with vegan cat food is that cats can’t properly digest plant based food. Go feed your vegan diet to your dog but leave my kitty alone.

No. 400085

Cats need meat you twat. The issue is that you crazies intentionally are depriving cats of their needs, whereas people who buy garbage cat food are only doing it on accident.

Also neither of you should own cats lmao

No. 400087

If you want your animal to have a diet that aligns with your morality then get a fucking herbivore, there are countless pets out there that have vegan diets by default and you wouldn’t be harming them by forcing your ethics on them

Pretty anti vegan to force a carnivore on a vegan diet tbh

No. 400097

this is probably a bait post, but cats should eat meat. while maybe they can technically be fed a plant-based diet, my understanding is that it requires regular blood testing and is still dangerous even then. besides, the real vegan view shouldn't be that cats shouldn't be fed meat, but that pets are unethical in the first place 8o)

No. 400104

Silly of you nonnies to assume I'm a vegan, my cats eat wetfood. You kibblers don't realize that you feed your cats literally the same things, it's all plant proteins.

No. 400112

"kibblers" tf, do you really think all dry food is the same? Our cats get wet food because they love it but they'd be perfectly fine if we just stuck with the dry food our vet recommended, specifically stating that no other food would be necessary for a balanced diet.

No. 400143

eating only wet food is bad too, you uppity twat. i used to be like you until i actually asked a real life vet about it. turns out some cats need kibble and can’t have wet food at all because digesting it is actually kinda hard to do. google megacolon, do some research and stop being an elitist retard over something you don’t even fully understand.

No. 400147

Don’t be daft anon, both kibble and wet food are rubbish!! Everyone knows that the SUPERIOR diet for a domesticated cat is to let them roam free and hunt all of their food!

Obviously /s but I feel like it should really go without saying that for any animal you should mix up their diet so they get all their nutrients and you don’t damage their digestive systems

No. 400425


enjoy your sloppy, wet, pungent shits.

No. 400428

men can go cry about how their being ~opwessed~ for having small dicks when they go to get dick enlarging surgery in droves the same way millions of women have been pressured into breast implants and labioplasty.

if small dicks were really such an issue someone would have found a way to surgically enlarge them decades ago.

No. 400467

File: 1555733467349.png (176.08 KB, 720x536, 1546486729177.png)

i dont know what's the shittier version of ot, the one so troon poisoned they accuse normal women of looking like trannies or the one with the nasolabial fetish

either or are influenced by the opinion of men

No. 400474

A wet food only based diet is so bad for cats, it’s difficult for them to process and digest it. If you do actual research on the dry food you’re buying, you’ll be able to make sure that they get proper nutrients.

No. 400643

hotdogs are sandwiches and no one can convince me otherwise

No. 400644

What about hamburgers? Are they sandwiches or not?

No. 400648

Blue and green are valid flavors. No one can convince me otherwise.

No. 400869

I don't get those girls who are basically carbon copies of each other. You know the ones who out of nowhere are gushing over Jeff Goldblum and how they're cactuses or some shit.

No. 400873

Is this sarcasm or something? I've been reading on cat diets quite a lot and I've never heard anything about wet food being bad for cats because they wouldn't be able to digest it. Maybe if you feed them some cheap shit that has like 4% meat by-products and the rest is something plant-based, then yeah I could see it, otherwise I'm calling bullshit.

While kibble is not going to immediately kill your cat if she eats it every now and then (especially if it's high quality), it still increases the risk of developing diabetes and kidney problems.

No. 400876

Never heard of this, tbh. The carbon copy starter pack is much different where I live.

No. 400887

I swear I have heard dry food is the worst for cats. What's the REAL truth? Is it wet food or dry food or mixed? Or we just need to give them high quality shit don't matter the texture?

No. 400903

dry food is good for their teeth as long as it has no ingredients other than meat, otherwise it rots their teeth, but bad for their digestion in general. plus some cats don't chew their food very much which can cause them to puke the dry food up shortly after eating. wet food is better for them. they can digest it, and easier even. and it supplies them with much needed water that many cats don't drink enough of by themselves. the only real debate is raw vs. cooked wet because there's still not much research about how much nutrition cats get out of the cooked food.

No. 400959

i honestly think asking for relationship advice is kind of worthless, especially when the person giving the advice is just step by step explaining what they did in their specific situation. as obvious as this may sound, humans are all different.

No. 401024

I've heard so many different things. My old vet told me to never feed kibble because my cat could get diabetes from all the carbs. After I moved my new vet told me that I should be feeding kibble for her teeth because they were getting gross from feeding only wet. Now I feed her both, half a can of wet and a handful of kibble twice a day, premium food, and that seems to have struck a balance as far as I can tell - she's a healthy weight and the vet says her teeth look good. But honestly I don't fucking know.

No. 401424

Relationship advice is stupid, I agree, but for a different reason.

People don't like to follow it and they try to justify their situation even though they asked for advice in the first place.

No. 401449

I like it when people show me pictures of their baby or families. I think it is not a hassle and usually neat to see.

No. 401452

Same. I don't understand why people get so hateful about it. I don't think it's a big deal but the people who apparently do and bitch about it have such negative energy

No. 401454

I like hearing about people’s families as well, it’s nice listening to someone so lovingly speak about the people closest to them and family is a huge part of everyday life so it’s bound to come up. Hearing all the constant backlash against it though makes me very self-conscious to bring up my own for even a second otherwise people might consider me to be a ‘mombie’

No. 401458

I have absolutely no sympathy for infertile people. Especially if they act like it's one of the worst things that can happen to a person. And if they refuse to adopt, I quite frankly don't think they deserve to be parents.

Note this is specifically those who can't conceive, not those who've experienced pregnancy loss. Miscarriages are tragic.

No. 401469

Well if they don't want to adopt, then they'll never be parents so there's no issue.

No. 401483

I think pastel colors look way better on tanned/brown skin and jewel colors look better on pale skin, the colors stand out more.

No. 401484

White blonde or very pale white hair only suits either very pale people or very dark skinned people. I think it makes people with a medium caucasian skintone look worse than neutral colors.

No. 401491

I'm tired of people shipping the hot guys together in every single show just because they want porn. Why does everything have to be about porn?

No. 401503

Same, unless the reason why they're infertile is some health issue that make them suffer in another way. I hate when infertile but otherwise healthy people compare their "struggles" with people with actual disabilities or injuries.

No. 401504

Isn't that basic colour theory rather than an unpopular opinion…?

No. 401576

Because people like porn, anon.

At least they're using fan fiction and fan art to get your rocks off rather than the fucked up abusive porn industry.

No. 401605

It counts as unpopular bc people insist on wearing colors that look like shit on them.

No. 401673

In spite of all the things she's said, Azealia Banks is a great musician, and hip-hop needs her.

No. 401714

because sex sells and people are horny, especially weebs/nerds
I find that a lot of them are starting to stick to their own circles and keep their horny posting to themselves, I hope others do the same.

No. 402143

You can’t be a radfem if you watch GoT

No. 402147

I don't have a problem with non-threatening trans people but so many of them are just horrible perverts. I know a TiF who is completely asexual and sex repulsed and is actually a tolerable person but seeing how degenerate a lot of them are, it makes me wonder if he is like that secretly.

No. 402150

Agreed. GoT is the most overrated show on TV and people (i.e. men) only watch it because of the nudity. The show is pretty much just softcore porn with a cliché fantasy plot.

No. 402157

I hate GoT season. Seeing supposed radfems defend GoT and pretend that it’s somehow now literal porn and ok to watch as long as you can ~examine~ and ~remain critical~ of “the bad parts” is making me feel crazy.

GoT is porn you can’t fucking deny it! Watching porn is inherently anti-feminist! Why are you pretending that it’s suddenly not in this case ?!

No. 402163

not even a fan of the show but i'm pretty sure everyone with working braincells can deny got is porn, anon.

No. 402168

In what way is it not porn, though? It’s sex/nudity on camera that is clearly meant to titliiate and arouse the (male) audience. That falls into the literal definition of porn

No. 402172

are you against all depictions of sex and nudity in movies where it's not obviously intended to disgust the audience then? even if it's a two second scene in something that's an hour or two long?

No. 402174

I thought the radfem distaste for porn was because the women are often abused/raped/trafficked/drugged/etc.
I don't watch GoT so have no horse in this race, but am I wrong? Not a radfem but that's why I went no(3D)porn personally.

No. 402175

I find "non-binary", genderfluid, agender, bigender or whatever the fuck people identify with much more annoying than the "original" TIMs and TIFs. Only the most SPESHUL and entitled people identify this way. They may not be the most threatening but they're the ones that get on my nerves the most.
I know a guy online who's a 6'2" fatass, has a beard and only dresses in stereotypical male clothing and identifies as a "non-binary transwoman" and demands she/her pronouns. And he also asked me at least three times if I wanted to see his dick (worded as "his Telegram channel for nude pictures") before I gave up tolerating him. (This was before peaking trans…)

No. 402179

Actually yes but probably not for the reasons you are thinking.

There can be implied sex in movies/tv without showing pornographic scenes. Heck, I would be less mad if there was the occasional small sex scene as long as it wasn’t objectifying the woman and male-gazey (but that’s pretty much impossible in this society)

It’s so disingenuous to pretend that GoT isn’t bad when it has rape and torture scenes shown in full with super male-gaze POVs and women naked for nothing else than decoration

No. 402180

Doublepost but

Yes, that is the biggest reason (but not the whole reason) and that’s why GoT is so shitty. They bring in already established porn stars to do the porn scenes, and the other actresses were groomed in the film industry and/or felt pressured to do sexual scenes in the show and everyone knows how the movie industry treats actresses that have boundaries.

No. 402182

i agree with you for the most part anon, so i'm not going to argue. i was just curious because i've never seen someone say movies/tv shows with any kind of nudity are porn before.

No. 402190

Damn, had no idea they brought in porn actresses and filmed actual sex (like I said, not a fan of it anyway).
In that case I agree.

No. 402193

Yeah I don’t know if it’s 100% “actual sex” but they have to do enough that there’s really not much difference

No. 402448

She's completely pulling everything she just said out of her ass and I can't believe you actually believe it. She's clearly a deranged lunatic.

No. 402453

No. 402457

Islamophobia isn’t a thing, criticism of a religion doesn’t fall under xenophobia and fear mongering people into not being critical of powerful institutions with sexist and barbaric practices is what allows them to continue said practices - look how far Christianity got with all their bullshit before people started speaking up. Granted there’s still a huge amount of abuse within the Christian faith but I never see people shamed into silence whenever they criticise it unless it’s by a bible thumper unlike Islam

FFS look at what just happened in fucking Sri Lanka and everyone is just pretending it’s somehow not part of a pattern of behaviour.

No. 402458

And where is all this actual film sex you're screaming about?
Like did something go wrong in your brain when you were 11 and you just never grew past the mental age of being grossed out by sex?

No. 402459

I’m a different anon, all I did was prove that she’s not pulling everything out her ass. You’re weirdly defensive of such a shitty show, anon

No. 402462

As someone who's been into all things true crime for over a decade now I'm tired of hearing about Ted Bundy's story over and over again. I'm starting to suspect he's so idolized and obsessed over because he was a supposedly handsome white man who was a Republican and an aspiring law student. I don't even find details about his victim profile particularly interesting, people only focus on them because they were middle-classed attractive young women who society deems as important. Plus, I find it weird how online discussions and media based discussions around that have almost this praising tone when it comes to Ted Bundy, yet compare someone like Richard Ramirez people have no qualms with calling him a monster and fucked up as all hell without any infatuated undertones with it (you know, besides some girls on tumblr and twitter).

No. 402463

To call GoT porn and insist that because they hired former porn actresses is a fucking insult to the women who’ve genuinely suffered in the porn industry. Mainstream films and television can still have misogyny and coercion on set but there’s such a huge difference between actually having sex with someone on camera for hours and hours to filming quick scenes of fake simulated sex where either you’re both wearing gstrings or at the very least he’s wearing a sock on his penis, no penetration is happening, and is done on a huge set with hundreds of people nearby. The situations just aren’t the same. Did you discover radfem antiporn discourse yesterday and just scratch the surface on the rhetoric?

No. 402466

Lol they're both being processed the same way to viewers though. I don't get it, "real" sex or "fake" sex, actually it's worse to be on TV because it's viewed by a wider audience and it's put in a plot so it's more unconscious and insidious in its undertones. I also don't understand how it's an insult, it just seems like you're a GoT stan and mad someone hates it tbh

No. 402467

It's normal for people to act like they're normally responding to criticism and not obviously getting in their feelings about something these days. Idk what's more tiring, the having your identity so attached to a franchise you get personally offended to fight over it or pretending you're not personally offended.

No. 402468

>they're both being processed the same way to viewers though.

No it’s not? That’s like saying a nude photo of a porn star is the same as an artistic nude painting. There’s context involved here. Porn is made for the purpose of masturbation, that’s it, there’s no storyline, there’s no moments of triumph or sadness, there’s no effort put into writing a story with highs and lows. You can dislike a tv show and still admit that it at the bare minimum it has a storyline and characters, even if you don’t like the storyline or characters. I don’t care if you dislike the show, but insisting that a shitty HBO tv show is the exact same as porn where women are literally actually drugged on camera and rape is the least radfem thing I’ve heard. You can hate GoT without pulling hyperbolic arguments out of nowhere.

No. 402469

The show may have become garbage in the last several seasons but that doesn't change the fact that the reasons you and her are angry about it are completely insane.

Let's breakdown just how stupid what you've been saying is. You assert that the ONLY reason men watch got is because of the sex scenes. An episode of Game of Thrones is like an hour long, there are 10 episodes in each season, and maybe like 2 or 3 sex scenes per season. You seriously believe men are sitting through 10 hours of political drama and sword fights every season just to see 30 seconds of topless girls in the occasional sex scene? In an era where actual porn is freely available online? Sorry but you're a moron. If you had said Game of Thrones was bad because the writing is terrible ever since they ran out of books to adapt from I'd happily agree. But you've clearly never even watched it and are just popping a blood vessel because you heard it has sex scenes so in your mind you decided that's what the entire show was.

And again, what about all the women who watch Game of Thrones? Got no answer for why they watch it? What about the gay male sex scenes? I'll bet you never even knew it had those because they didn't fit into the narrative you wanted to be outraged about.

No. 402473

Again, I was a different anon - I literally just googled if they use porn stars lmao

I’ve watched the show and enjoyed it but it’s still a shit show, I won’t be finishing this last season even though that’s not really information you need

You’re also acting like hyperviolence and sex/nudity aren’t exactly what men love to watch so I’m not sure what your point is - it doesn’t get much more male gazey than GoT. This is only my third comment on this whole debate, you’ve been (unsurprisingly) talking to multiple anons.

No. 402474

If a man finds an actress hot and he's seeing have simulated sexual acts with an actor (or actress) on camera he's going to get aroused like he would porn. Also I'm a different anon from those 2.
I'm not that anon, or the other, and who said I'm angry? I don't care and never watched GoT (American writing about fantasy is annoying and too unironic for me, French shows like Camelot are funnier and more enjoyable for me in its premise) so yeah i mean…

Also men can enjoy and watch that shit and get a boner from it and do their male gaze shit lol bruh it ain't rocket science

No. 402475

You still haven't explained why so many women also watch the show if it's supposedly nothing but "male gaze" pandering.

No. 402476

This is a dumb argument – black people can still laugh at something considered anti-black like minstrel shows and it's still anti-black. Gays can still watch something with anti-gay themes and it's still anti-gay. Surely women can do the same, yeah? Especially since many women have internalized misogyny to begin with, so I mean..

No. 402477

Because women NEVERRR watch something with a heavy male gaze anon, you’re absolutely right. You got me.

No. 402479

Or maybe most women just weren't born with a stick permanently lodged up their ass like you.

No. 402480

As I said, you're mad and your argument is failing so now you're resorting to personal insults and playing dumb. Hang it up son

No. 402482

I just find it really pathetic when people like you have to resort to the whole "women who don't think exactly like me are just brainwashed! They don't know what they should actually be thinking and it's up to me to control their opinions for their own good!".

Because you've never once considered the possibility that maybe people liked the show for other reasons besides a few cherry-picked things that you don't approve of.

No. 402483

I find it really pathetic people like you think every anon is the same anon like you're new to imageboards. And I don't care why or why not someone likes the show, I was just adding on to the discussion. Damn it's like you fucking retards discovered the internet in 2012.

No. 402484

>women who don't think exactly like me are just brainwashed! They don't know what they should actually be thinking and it's up to me to control their opinions for their own good!

No one at any point said something even remotely similar to this, stop reaching. You’re free to enjoy the show just as others are free to criticise it.

No. 402485

Asserting that another woman only thinks a certain way because of internalized misogyny is very literally what I described.

No. 402486

Agreed 100%, anon.

Exactly, Bundy is so uninteresting but right now in particular everyone is trying to ride this wave of idealizing him as the handsome perfect young American who went bad. True disservice to everyone impacted by his crimes too, in addition to him just not being worth all the lip service he gets compared to more complex cases.

No. 402487

you're not even reading shit lol you're just arguing shit you imagined in your mind. Fuck off retard.

No. 402488

right? It's like anon came from another rad fem discussion, got mad at it, went in this thread, imagined anons in here saying shit, projected on them, and is fighting against an invisible wall. God damn.

No. 402501

>If a man finds an actress hot and he's seeing have simulated sexual acts with an actor (or actress) on camera he's going to get aroused like he would porn.

If a man is into feet he might get aroused seeing woman with sandals going about her day, that doesn’t make feet pornographic.

No. 402502

So what is this comment then

>Surely women can do the same, yeah? Especially since many women have internalized misogyny to begin with, so I mean..

Implication being that internalized misogyny is what caused women to like GoT

No. 402505

Yeah because a fetish of a non-sexualized body part is the same as a simulation of sex, yeah let's get the whole ball rolling, men get turned on by every inch of women, how about we should just cover women in foot long tents and make them not talk in public too? Stop being dense.


It meant your comment about "so why do still women watch it" didn't mean shit because of the other examples I used. It's like you're purposely not getting it but that's okay and expected when people jump into an argument with their mind already made up

No. 402508

Lol not true. Dahmer and Gacy aren't getting constant movies made about them and they aren't pinned as serial killers with romantic ramblings such as, "but he was so handsome," and "but he was so intelligent". Literally no one describes Dahmer in such positive terms outside of like, the tcc and no one sees Gacy as anything but a kid raping monster in the mainstream. The romanticization of Bundy is still present with the non true crime community side though.

No. 402510

Can you just give an actual definition of what you think internalized misogyny is.

No. 402511

When women believe in the same sexist shit about women that men do. When women shame women for their sexualities, being prude or a slut, more than they do for men. When they put stock in female beauty and age as part of a woman's worth ect

No. 402512

And how does any of that make them like Game of Thrones.

No. 402515

Nigga you are legit retarded

No. 402516

Holy shit just let it go you autist, oh no people don’t like your tv show, the absolute fucking horror of it all.

No. 402518

this just made me hate game of thrones

No. 402519

The whole reason this argument started is because your side was so angry because people watch the show.

No. 402524

No. 402535

I like "true crime" and Bundy has to be the least interesting motherfucker of the bunch. I don't get the obsession about him, maybe because he looks decent? He's not even THAT handsome…

No. 402542

I wish people would shut up about GOT. I hate how people evangelize about it irl and act shocked and offended when you don't want to watch it. Not even "it's full of rape" is a good excuse to not watch it apparantly, it's like fans' iq and eq disappear when they talk about the show.

No. 402544

Same. And people bring him up when the conversation isn't even about true crime. Read any discussion about not knowing who people really are or not being too trusting and someone will bring up the "handsome and nice" Ted Bundy and how people trusted him.

No. 402546

>French shows like "Kaamelott"
Never thought I see someone citing K in here. Love you anon.
But I'm curious: are you French/speak French or is there some translated versions existing somewhere?

No. 402549

I agree about how sexist GoT is but watching it doesn't necessarily mean you have internalized misogyny. The stupid sex scenes, the nudity, the sexual violence, etc. make me really annoyed and I wish it didn't happen in the show but there is absolutely more to it than that.

You can say that for you these elements are too much of a hangup that you can't see past them, but you can't say people that are putting up with it are worse feminists than you for being able to appreciate other aspects of the show. This show has brilliant costuming and attention to detail in the sets and although the writing has totally gone to shit there are some characters I still care about and want to see the the full journey of. Fuck anyone who thinks they can criticize women so harshly and think they are being good feminists by accusing people of having internalized misogyny for liking a show.

GoT is pretty fucking sexist and the male agaze is undeniable. There are just also other aspects of it that are still interesting to some.

No. 402561

They did tone it down and even the lead actresses like Emilia stopped doing it so needlessly and in her later scenes it's done more tastefully and not full frontal. We actually got some Jon Snow ass instead. Ceresi's scene was a bit mental but that season they seemed to balance it by showing far less in episodes before and after. It's still crazy the shit that was ok. Like the need for casting naked child girls to be kids to the whores in the brothels. What was the need?

I admit I'm still watching it. I'm intrigued to see how it ends, but I won't bore someone about it that doesn't watch. I just like guessing what's going to happen since it's pretty predictable but people like to act like it's a masterpiece.

No. 402569

>Like the need for casting naked child girls to be kids to the whores in the brothels

What the actual fuck? That's not okay.

No. 402572

no one said you have to watch GoT, but sperging about how it’s literally pornography because it gives men boners is stupid.

No. 402574

>Like the need for casting naked child girls to be kids to the whores in the brothels. What was the need?
ummm wut??? this happened??? what the fuck???? no one is talking about this? i never watched this rapefest because it was a 4/10 storyline at best anyways but holy shit are you serious?

No. 402579

why are some weebs so obsessed with making anime characters black etc and editing their skins to darker tones like.. arent japanese poc enough or what? + why do they always have to make every character trans and somewhat mentally ill/disabled it's so annoying. keep your headcanons to yourself i do not want to hear about your transgenderqueer depressed autistic!midoriya fantasies

No. 402582

That was my first post itt, I wrote about people I know irl you imbecile.
God, GOT fans.

No. 402592

Asians are an issue for SJWs. All the BS excuses they make for other POC falls apart due to Asians succeeding and being positive contributors to civilized society. To them success means privilege and so they don't really consider Asians as POC as long as whites aren't in the picture. To them turning every character in an anime into a transracial, transgendered, transabled, bi person, is no different to doing the same to something like Lord of The Rings.

No. 402596

I agree to an extent (racebending is stupid as fuck) but most anime characters do not look asian in any way so racebending them isn't like… asian erasure or something.

No. 402598

From what I've seen, when men do it, it's because they have a thing for brown/dark skin and want to jerk off. I saw a lot of "browning/brown edit" threads on /e/. When women and girls who are dark-skinned do it, it's typically to self-insert on those charcters or designs (since there's not that much in the way of popular dark-skinned anime characters besides Michiko Malandro). If they're straight, not dark-skinned and also make the character ugly/trans on top of that, it's typically to pretend like they're #woke.

No. 402610

I don't care about the porn but I'm tired of this too. It's all the same gay memes and "who bottom and who tops lmao!!" with all the gay ships and there's not a single het pairing.

No. 402614

hets have been getting paired together (and 99% of the time it ends up canon) since forever though.

No. 402616

Yeah, they have. You just gotta dig past the 50 pages of BL posts to find it.

No. 402623

She is making things up again.

No. 402627

The (overseas) Vocaloid fandom does this too where a huge chunk of the characters are Japanese

There's already a bunch of canon dark-skinned characters but weebs still insist blackwashing Miku or Luka because that's where the notes and reblogs are.

No. 402630

>There's already a bunch of canon dark-skinned characters
NTA, but who? Most of the Vocaloids I've seen are pale (besides Aku Yamine, but she's one of many iterations of Miku made by Japanese fans, so idk).

No. 402635

I'd say the average user on this site is just as much of a cow as y of the subjects.

No. 402636

The vast majority (as in, about 90%) of ship fic on Archive of Our Own is m/m.

No. 402637


This literally never happens, stop being so fucking gullible.

No. 402638

It's disgusting to shit on girls for being sex workers and the posters here doing it are no different from any red pill doing it. Have some fucking compassion, you pieces of shit.

No. 402640

I feel sorry for women that were coerced in it and I despise women that glorify it at the expense of the vast majority that didn't choose to do that.

Sexual promiscuity, especially for money, is absolutely disgusting.
And FYI red pillers may hate women but they love hookers since they only view women as objects to be used.

No. 402641

They love the idea of being able to pay for sex, but they're absolutely vicious toward sex workers.

Also, maybe the ones glorifying it are trying to force themselves to be okay with their life circumstances to preserve their mental health as much as possible.

No. 402647

I think the women who voluntarily get into sex work and relentlessly defend it as a "legitimate line of work", deliberately ignoring how many women (and children) are forced into it reallylack compassion, to be honest.
They'd rather put their right to be seen as "valid workers" without stigma above the right of people who have been victimized to have their struggle recognized. It's a whole system of silencing and erasing sex trafficking victims.
IMO, people who choose that line of work should either hide it and just quietly get their money, or work hard to actually make the industry non-exploitative as possible (this is something that some say isn't even possible, but that's a debate for another day).

No. 402650

mostly from the English side of the Vocaloid characters: Ruby, Cyber SongMan, Amy, Chris, and Dex

and if it counts, the first artwork for Bruno and Clara (they're spanish)

ofc weebs don't care about non-japanese vocaloids

there's Merli who is japanese but she's on the obscure tier

No. 402670

File: 1556226161916.png (427.92 KB, 762x709, Standard_Vocals_-_V5_promo.png)

>Amy and Chris
>not cute/anime-styled
No surprise they're not popular. Don't think many would want to stan something from this set or draw fan art of them, kek.
At least Ruby and Dex are, but for whatever reason, they're not popular.

No. 402672

There's nothing wrong with sexwork but I do believe there's a lot of glamorization, part of why I fell into teen prostitution was because it was so glamorized, it felt powerful to me in the moment.

No. 402675

kinda related but AO3 has an exclude filter now so it's like the easiest (and best) fanfic site to use.

No. 402685

unpopular opinion: I don't trust the mods on here when I feel I wanna vent etcetcetc in respective threads. in fact i stopped trusting everyone else. and i will only write my thoughts down. in a note book. somewhere hidden. so nobody knows who i am and what i think but rather only see a happy smile and hard work. makes insect sounds
annotation, full of words salads warning warning warning: sometimes I feel I should spill out a lot of personal stuff that is going on in my life in the threads meant for it like the get it of your chest breads since on 4chan people are mean constantly even on female orientated boards like adv and i'm too lazy to make an account on PULL to get 14 year olds e-hugging me instead of the 14 year olds larping as 20 something year olds on here but then I know there's a staff reading these unlike on 4chan where there are a whole lot of people thus they won't read it and/or use it against you (I've seen mods on here using semi-inside jokes to a poster so they clearly read everything).

or am I delusional and do 4chan jannies/mods every fucking thing? has anyone who was a jannie or something like that (hung out in irc for example) seen the staff talking about posters? or something like that? pls respond

No. 402693

Mods at a gossip chan not abusing their power to track posters to gossip about them… of course it has to happen lmao. Don't spill things that you'd regret, ever.

No. 402703

:( sad. i know on 4chan it happened when the entire board was a community and irc was super popular but it feels like they don't bother, or as I said I may just be delusional about it and they do.

No. 402707

>makes insect sounds annotation, full of words salads warning warning warning
what the fuck go see a therapist anon

No. 402710

but i like being able to make insect sounds uwu

No. 402721

Japanese people aren't all Asians and Asians aren't all Japanese people. This doesn't even work because the mongolodic races of non-Japanese people aren't particularly successful, Korea was known as a dirt poor country just a few decades ago and their immigrants didn't have any positive standing in the U.S. Vietnamese, Thais, ect aren't regarded with the same fascination and admiration Japanese people are.

Japan and Korea are exalted by Western society in general because they have been funded and supported by America. If Iran or Iraq were chosen to be the same thing by America Middle Eastern immigrants would be seen with the same exaltation. It's all politics and shit orchestrated mostly by the U.S which surprise surprise, is mostly the influence of racial relations and how things are viewed racially for the past century. It's not as simple and vis-a-vis as you're presenting it but for people like you it doesn't fit your agenda so you ignore it.

No. 402725

Maybe it's because the proxy American Eastern country called Japan doesn't even make their so-called Japanese characters look Japanese, they look like some type of Eurasians or 1/4 Asian 3/4 White people instead of actual Japanese people. Maybe if they didn't get so cucked by America and exported with their culture their Japanese characters would actually resemble Japanese people and this wouldn't even be an argument.

No. 402726

>anime characters don’t look jap enough

No. 402730

I've always wondered why people don't yellowash the characters to make them look like their alleged race. I guess it'd be hard to tell the characters apart bc it's kinda sameface with slightly different eye shapes and hairstyles. The colors being random and not Asian helps them pop in the cartoon.

No. 402736

I think anime and manga are so over the top with their character designs in terms of things like unnatural colours because the culture itself is very much a ‘single unit’ conformist one

No. 402762

Anime characters don't have a set race. The reason they "look white" to westerners is because the whole concept of exaggerated Asiatic features comes from outsider's gaze. To Japanese people, their own faces are what's "normal". They have no reason to believe their eyes are super squinty and their skin is yellow, because their society doesn't think of Caucasian features or skintones as the standard human. They think of themselves that way.

That's how come characters can have blue/green/purple hair, red/yellow/orange/pink eyes, etc and still be seen as Japanese by Japanese audience. It's not a matter of realism, it's just aesthetically pleasing representations of characters. There's no need to exaggerate their features. They'll read as Japanese because the piece of media is made by and for Japanese people, usually in a Japanese setting where the characters will have Japanese names. There's no confusion for them around that sort of thing whatsoever, because it's their own media.

Aside from that, though, even if they did see themselves with all those hyper-exaggerated "Asian" features seen in the west, why would anyone purposely draw racial caricatures of themselves? I feel like only Americans are obsessed with making their cartoons as ugly as possible with gigantic noses or lips or ears or whatever en masse, lmao.

No. 402765

>Tfw majority of Japanese people have black hair, light skin, and black eyes unless you live in Okinawa or some shit
>Anime studio: gives characters out of the ordinary hair and eye color
>Westernfags: ackshually Goku is white when he turns Super Saiyan the Japanese love white people
Your retardation is showing anon.

I honestly enjoy when artists create OCs of their preferred race in their favorite anime universe more than racebending, especially when they complain there's too many "white" characters. Nothing is stopping you from presenting new ideas. I see people do this with non anime too, like I saw people try to Kickstart a wizard series and they marketed it as a "Black version of Harry Potter" like okay there's already enough Harry Potter shit in the world, we don't need the same exact story but with racebending. I WANT an original wizard series with Black and brown characters out there, but so many people are focused on redesigning the light skinned characters instead of adding something new. I've noticed a lot of SJW fanartists who do these kinds of racebending designs don't have dark skin either so it makes you think.

Maybe OT but when I was a child, I loved Digimon and there were no Digidestined that looked like me, and I'm sure a lot of people didn't look like Yolei or college age Mimi either or even Tai with his stupid spiky hair. So naturally I made a drawing of a Digimon version of me, dark skinned girl with a Palmon by my side who hung out with the rest of the characters.

No. 402771

What does that have to do with looking black, though? It's like you didn't actually even read what was typed.
Nah, besides the fact not all Westerners are white, even non-white people view the way anime characters look is more similar to white people than Japanese people. Non-white people are certainly not having white people as the "default" in their minds but still are registering these characters as white, why is that?
I don't personally view these characters, for the most part, to have generally West european characteristics, I find them resembling something more between Asian and White characteristics, looking more Eurasian or Happa than either race, but that's just my interpretation. East Asian and Caucasian races aren't similar enough visually to have them be confused for each other, though. Middle Easterners and West Europeans are phenotypically more similar, and no one confuses them together generally.

Yeah because it's tooootally only due to blonde hair and blue eyes, and again, people on lolcow love making up arguments and putting words in the other anon's mouths despite the actual thing not being said. Also what the fuck is a "westernfag"? You probably aren't even Asian, 90% chance you're a goofy ass weeb saying that shit lol. You're automatically retarded as fuck and genetically inferior for being a stupid ass weebfag and getting defensive for no reason.

>the other part of that

I don't care and that has nothing to do with what I said.

No. 402774

File: 1556244216111.jpg (78.97 KB, 558x604, x_b073839c.jpg)

>even non-white people view the way anime characters look is more similar to white people than Japanese people.
Yes, non-white people who grew up in white countries, or countries that derive a lot of culture/mindsets from said countries (eg former colonized places), thinking white is the standard. You are not immune to propaganda.
>I don't personally view these characters, for the most part, to have generally West european characteristics, I find them resembling something more between Asian and White characteristics, looking more Eurasian or Happa than either race, but that's just my interpretation.
There's nothing inherently white about them, they're just cartoons that don't look like anyone. No one looks like pic related, it's literally just a pale-skinned drawing.
You're correct on the interpretation part. Any race you see in them is your own interpretation, and it's not really the animators' or character designers' responsibilities to try and get into foreigner's heads and decipher what they may think of something so subjective.
It's like drawing a smiley face with two dots for eyes and a smile, and someone saying "Umm it looks white, why doesn't it have horizontal slits for eyes or big-ass nostrils or huge lips and dark skin? Sorry it's just white :/". It's a drawing, lmao.

No. 402775

File: 1556244253792.png (168.71 KB, 2000x2000, C06AE897-55D5-48C3-BE89-44AC33…)

Anime characters majority of the time genuinely don’t look like any race because the entire stylisation is just symbols with hardly any basis in reality. People arguing that anime looks either white or jap always reminds me of how people insist that pic related is a man when it has absolutely no indicators

Anime, in particular moe and shounen, have almost zero resemblance to any one group of people because of how far removed from reality the stylisations are

No. 402776

>both using smiley faces to explain why stylized characters don't have a realistic basis in reality
Hivemind, holy shit.

No. 402778

>being retarded enough to believe that 2 = everyone

No. 402779

File: 1556244546972.jpeg (95.48 KB, 554x554, 4CFBD46F-A1C8-48C8-BB03-C0EEA4…)

Samefag but the works of artists like Junjo Ito I would argue actually have racial markers. But the majority of jap cartoons that westerners eat up certainly do not

No. 402780

You're mistaken, I'm the first anon. I just read the second reply and found the way we both used that as an example entertaining.

No. 402781

You're oversimplifying it like hell. There's enclaves in Western countries, ESPECIALLY in the United States, where it's full of minorities and these minorities grow up seeing mostly seeing other minorities. Black people in the US have their own music, media, that mostly influences them, East Asian and South Asians have their own music and media from their home countries they tune into, Hispanics and Mexicans have the same thing, ect. You are seriously underestimating how people can grow to see their own as the default in Western countries, it's not just third world countries that are like that.

>The other part

Not even all anime is stylized like that, though, and some anime has more realistic features than the rest.. you are doing yourself a disfavor with this argument. There's plenty of anime styles where the bridge of the nose is apparent, where the shape of the face is more than just a shapeless blob and there's an apparent lip and eye shape.


I agree while so many anime styles are so removed from reality like it's not even made by people who are around people and it clearly shows (and it's also reflected in its writing and plots but thats OT lmao) it's not like it's the only anime styles being used. It's like saying every American cartoon looks like SU.

No. 402784

>implying minorities living in white countries don't watch and consume media made by white people for other white people
The US itself is mostly white, with only like 13% of its population being black, something like 20-30% identifying as Hispanic/Latino, and other races making up even a smaller amount. Who do you think is in charge of the lion's share of its pop culture, and who will that pop culture pander the hardest to, if not the majority?
Anyway, that's not even the topic at hand. The issue is that you're interpreting drawn symbols (in this case, large eyes and bright colors) to have a specific race, and projecting that interpretation on the artists by force. It's not sensible.
Most anime, especially the most popular series, are detached from realism and have the significant markers in that image. There's a swathe of content criticizing/mocking anime for chronic sameface.
If we're going to go "not all anime" and discuss stylization, we're going to end up having to break down which artists on which shows and their respective styles you're even talking about, and then it will become a discussion on what image that particular artist must have of different races. So, who and what do you mean? You said "anime" as a whole, not certain shows with realistic styles.

No. 402785

>It's like saying every American cartoon looks like SU

Notice how I had said majority and even singled out two genres in particular, but nice strawman anon

No. 402787

File: 1556245562626.jpg (108.3 KB, 1280x720, 9fb271736d3776a4abbf32d3d98814…)

Here you have a confirmed white girl that is considered a "real-life anime girl" in the story, so yes anime is white.

No. 402788

You seriously underestimate how much influence "non-white" cultures have on the US. Black American influence in the US is very significant. For example, music and culture are intertwined and entertain reflects on contemporary society at the time. Hip hop is the #1 music format in the U.S right now. Who created Hip Hop? The United States is not like it's the EU. It has a completely different cultural landscape and it's more than a "white western" land as you're trying to push it as.

It's not sensible? It's human nature to try to find identification in something, there are people who find identification in anthromorphic animals cartoons lmao. I know people like you try to use this argument and somehow try to pretend things are specific issues that are centralized to one particular group of people but it's something most people do, because you my friend are the abnormality. You can sneer and call people retards all you want since you're getting personally annoyed about anime shit, but it's not going to change how most people think like. Even if it's not technically true, and yeah I agree anime people actually don't look like any humans, it's still symbol and an icon and how most people regard it. What we know for a fact is the anime humans don't look black, or mestizo, or middle easterner, or most groups in the world tbh. Most people know that, so they draw conclusion they are closer to white west european features based on their physical proximity.

There's no "strawman" because I'm not presenting it as an argument, but okay. I noticed you people are real defensive, why is that?

No. 402789

File: 1556245747170.gif (78.32 KB, 704x396, l.gif)

So, because one anime character is confirmed white (and probably looks exactly the same as all the other young girl characters except that she has blond hair and blue eyes, while another will probably have green hair and orange eyes, but still be considered Japanese), all anime characters are white?
You made a bad argument, and people corrected you. Just accept it.

No. 402790

Why do people on lolcow think every anon is the same anon? Out of all imageboards thiso ne is the one full of people acting like newfags all the time

No. 402791

It's because you can't sage, and you're the only one ITT right now who's this invested in anime being white.

No. 402792

You can view IP counts now? also it's a discussion board, it has nothing to do with me being invested in it. Again, just because you can't have a different opinion from people without getting extremely emotional and resorting to personal attacks doesn't mean everyone else is.

No. 402793

It was very much presented like an argument as it was a counter

No. 402794

No. Other characters are drawn in anime style too obviously but she looks super-anime in comparison, and it's the characters in the story that consider her anime-came-to-life.

No. 402795

That being said, it was the same point you yourself observed and ended up correcting.

No. 402797

Your whole post kind of just veers from the original point. I don't really care about America, I just think it's weird that you assume something with a heavily stylized appearance is automatically white, and you hold fast to this assumption like it has some literal grip in reality. The true reason behind this mindset is known only to you and others that share it, but plenty of other people around the world don't have that kind of conviction, including the Japanese (aka the original artists) themselves.
You're free to interpret drawn images however you personally like, but expect people to call you silly if you project your own interpretations when they have no factual basis. If a character is drawn as [x], but you think it looks like [y], is it really your place to insist whoever drew [x] is the problem for not drawing things as you see them?
It's like you're racebending, but in your head, then getting upset about that racebent image that you made up and making weird comments about the artist having internalized racism for not conforming to your opinions or something.
>most people
>you my friend are the abnormality
Do you have any source to back up this claim that your opinion represents that of "most people"? Because so far, at least two people are saying you're wrong. I didn't call you retarded, I just think you seem weird and obsessive over cartoons.
>What we know for a fact is the anime humans don't look black, or mestizo, or middle easterner, or most groups in the world tbh.
To you, because clearly, anything that's not exaggeratedly, obviously [x] can only be [y]. That's your own issue.
>Most people know that, so they draw conclusion they are closer to white west european features based on their physical proximity.
There is no "physical proximity" on a general basis, since you said yourself that not all anime is stylized the same. Again, which artists, which shows, etc are you talking about? Do you even know yourself, at this point?

No. 402798

File: 1556246843221.jpg (903.29 KB, 4131x1448, Lucky☆Star.full.223359.jpg)

>she looks super-anime in comparison
Uh…She looks the exact same as all the other characters. That's the style of the show. There are even other Japanese characters with blonde hair and blue eyes. Are you okay?
>it's the characters in the story that consider her anime-came-to-life.

No. 402799

> The true reason behind this mindset is known only to you and others that share it, but plenty of other people around the world don't have that kind of conviction, including the Japanese (aka the original artists) themselves.

You really think it's only Americans who think that way? Lmaooo

>then getting upset

Why are you assuming I'm "upset about it?"

>internalized racism

This was literally never said. Now you're just making up shit.

>Do you have any source to back up this claim that your opinion represents that of "most people"?

Weren't you the one going on about "Westernfags" and whatnot? Who the fuck else is the opinion supposed to come from, the sky?

>I just think you seem weird and obsessive over cartoons

..Because I'm discussing something in a discussion forum? I don't even watch anime and I barely watch cartoons. I noticed people like you like to project others as being obsessive and weird just for having an opinion and that's strange as fuck to me in general. I couldn't care less about this but the topic brought up and I'm discussing it. People like you act like you have to think about something 24/7 to seem remotely "engaged" into something on here like you people are far removed from any reality or common sense.

>There is no "physical proximity" on a general basis,

So they look like nothing?


You're acting like everyone is buttmad but obviously getting defensive because someone just gave their opinion on something lmao. You're projecting as fuck.

No. 402800

I'm talking about mine example.

No. 402804

I didn't say it was only Americans, you're still making up things in your head (like how you claimed I called you a "retard") and getting defensive about them. Funny how you claimed I'm "just making up shit", but that's basically all you've been doing.
>Why are you assuming I'm "upset about it?"
Because you're getting aggressive and sound very emotional.
>Weren't you the one going on about "Westernfags" and whatnot? Who the fuck else is the opinion supposed to come from, the sky?
How does that equate to "most people" by any stretch of the imagination? My point was that the majority of the people making these claims are from the west, not that everyone thinks that way. And do you really think most people are from the US or Europe (aka the west)? Your world must be very small, if so.
>..Because I'm discussing something in a discussion forum?
Because of the way you act, and the fact that you were buttblasted enough to call Japan a "proxy American Eastern country".
>I don't even watch anime and I barely watch cartoons.
And it kind of shows because of the odd, incorrect blanket racial statements you make about it. You can't even pinpoint which anime you're talking about, and when examples are posted, you say "Not all anime!" (without ever specifying which anime you mean).
>I noticed people like you like to project others as being obsessive and weird just for having an opinion and that's strange as fuck to me in general.
"People like me"? And it's not projection, considering you've pretty much exemplified that I was right. You're acting obsessive and weird, especially for someone who "doesn't even watch anime".
> I couldn't care less about this but the topic brought up and I'm discussing it.
Then why are you still arguing, and went so far that you accused me of insulting you somehow?
>People like you act like you have to think about something 24/7 to seem remotely "engaged" into something on here like you people are far removed from any reality or common sense.
This is actual projection, you're really sitting here and trying to insist that cartoons are inherently white. That's actually being removed from reality and common sense.
>So they look like nothing?
Re-read this entire conversation. It's been explained multiple times by several people, you just don't want to accept that a random drawing with two eyes and a mouth does not automatically look white.
I don't think you're entirely rational, and I'm bored of this, so enjoy your last (You).
In conclusion: Anime characters have no race. It's up to you how you see them, but there's a reason a Japanese artist looks at an anime girl and doesn't think "white woman", but "Japanese woman". Kind of odd to think you know better than he does about his own art, but do you.

No. 402806

File: 1556248002537.jpg (858.29 KB, 1920x1080, Lucky☆Star.full.818982.jpg)

Because I posted Lucky Star pictures? Wew, okay

No. 402808

Saying "no u no u no u" and "no u mad haha" is not changing the fact you're a buttblasted autistic black weeb. Kill yourself, faggot.

No. 402809

>talks like a passive aggressive cunt
>omg i just posted lucky star

Absolutely no self awareness at all

No. 402810

File: 1556248333116.jpg (31.26 KB, 601x508, 1550781237339.jpg)

No. 402811

File: 1556248389511.jpg (14.43 KB, 342x352, 1551171250986.jpg)

No. 402812

File: 1556248665273.jpg (234.35 KB, 2000x2000, mirror.jpg)

No. 402813

File: 1556249041717.png (30.1 KB, 406x452, 1528217723540.png)

No. 402814

File: 1556249200404.png (25.47 KB, 500x300, ssTynZR.png)

I'm glad about Tumblr's shitstorm on banning porn blogs, and I think it did a good job of scaring away dd/lg freaks. The site still has pornography, but it's slightly cleaner now. The only good thing to ever come out of those people was pic related.

No. 402817

File: 1556249487154.png (55.77 KB, 1104x927, 1508851448926.png)

No. 402819

What's funny is I didn't even say anime characters look white. I said they don't look asian.

No. 402822

that's not even true. the reason they """look white""" is because they exaggerated attractive features to them. not their own exaggerated features. they're mimicking disney stuff from the 60s anyway.

No. 402824


No. 402826

File: 1556250665487.jpg (61.44 KB, 660x800, 1528893479000.jpg)

>Every anon is the same anon

No. 402828

Who are you quoting?

No. 402829

File: 1556250807510.png (143.76 KB, 400x394, 1553903656974.png)

Amerimutt is based baka chan

No. 402830

your mama

No. 402833

are racetards mentally ill? discuss

No. 402834

Yeah, and they're usually Americans.

No. 402835

>saying "based" in 2019

No. 402836

There's lots of other problems on here worse than those cringy terms but I get you are out of words to come back with something. Not "her" btw.

No. 402842

Words for what? What is there to come back to? I just noticed a cringy post, and commented.

No. 402845

My bad thought you were the same anon. :^) we need post codes on here xD

No. 402846

Relax, sperg.

No. 402847

The Riot GRRL movement ended punk
While their was a condiserable amount of mysgony in the Punk scene riot grrrl wanted to end the violence for the safety of women
The movement was founded by upper middle class white collage girls trying trying to be cool or different but they ended up becoming sell outs

No. 402849

Hmm no. Because I don't like rude people.

No. 402853

Then this website is not for you.

No. 402858

>being a no fun allowed cunt
I hate posters like you

No. 402860

Relax, sperg.

No. 402862

people who suffer from treatment resistant depression/anxiety should be given recreational drugs to manage their symptoms. SSRIs do not work for everyone. Sometimes people just lack dopamine.

No. 402864

File: 1556255166392.jpg (561.73 KB, 1280x1888, tumblr_nmrf63shmm1rsswhpo1_128…)

this straight up isn't true aside from certain brands. look at the ingredients. whatever is listed first is the densest. so if you see "chicken" as the very first listed, you've got a healthy enough brand (though i'd recommend wet food as the primary food source just because it's got less fillers and helps the cat get moisture.)

some brands begin with "corn gluten meal" (which is not as bad as it sounds; it's the most nutritious and digestible part of corn) which you don't want as the very first, densest ingredient.

overall, caring about ingredients beyond this starts going into GMO panic territory. unless your cat has a food allergy, you can relax about the kibble. but again, try to provide wet as the main source with kibble supplementing it through either the day or night (never free feed.)

source: was a pet food nutritionist for awhile

No. 402865

Wrong. If i report your post you can get banned for infighting. But i replied too much so I can't do it now sadly.(autism)

No. 402866

No. 402872

File: 1556256106326.jpg (292.99 KB, 752x1600, Picture 2.jpg)

Some people clearly disagree. BTW you sound as spergy as pic related

No. 402873

Say I sound spergy if you want but do I sound wrong? Is 4 not a greater number than one?

No. 402874

I really think it's the same autist who's been replying multiple times to the same posts and saying "kys". She's not sane, just tell her to seek help whenever she tries this.

No. 402876

Both your average asian and whitey can not pull off animu look
Female characters:
>small nose
>small mouth
>round small face
Male character:
>long slanted slit eyes
>thin prominent nose
>long face (dorito chin senpai)
Everything else can be faked with makeup. It’s basically a very specific asian beauty standard.

No. 402877

How is it possible that I explicitly say multiple times that no real race of people looks exactly like anime characters, yet still you respond to me telling me that as if you're proving me wrong. Do you even read things before responding.

No. 402878

Totally not apart of this conversation, but are you using a ProudAsian image? I haven’t heard of him in a while kek

No. 402882

>omg this anon has mental problems
>teehee every anon with the same opinion is the same anon

You're literally stupid as fuck

No. 402885

Don't black people have wider eyes than white people?

No. 402887

i think we're getting raided tbh.

No. 402890

By retarded weebs who keep shouting everyone with a disagreeing opinion is "butthurt" or "samefag"?

No. 402891

yea basically, incel neckbeard weebs can't cope when people say their precious asian girls don't look like animus.

No. 402892

Yeah, a lot of south asian people also have huge eyes. Irrelevant to op's point but still.

No. 402894

File: 1556259301520.jpg (648.48 KB, 1360x696, pak.jpg)

NTA, but ProudAsian is a relic. I remember when he had multiple YouTube channels for his psycho shit, stormed sites like Gaia Online and even ended up on /cgl/. He was exposed as Indonesian, so he just started posting Indonesian girl cosplayers who looked part-Chinese as proof that even Indonesians look more like anime characters, lmao.
I'm not sure if he was insane, or if he was a very dedicated troll who just flipped the whole "Anime characters are white" thing specifically to piss that camp of people off. I bet he'd make the anon who claims to not even watch anime but is so hung up on its race ITT foam at the mouth.

No. 402899

You're literally obsessed with me because I had an opposing opinion, the irony if you calling me pressed while you keep mentioning me in every other post like an emotionally charged retard.

That being said, I find people like ProudAsian funny since I also followed people like Eurasian Tiger and regularly looked at hapas.

No. 402901

GOD, i love ancient lore like this. i knew i remembered seeing him on gaia online as well as /cgl/, but i thought i was just going insane.

No. 402902

I think he was just legit insane. I remember trolling(or tried to) him a few times and he would just get more spergy

No. 402904

I literally mentioned you once, but thanks for admitting you've been dragging this out and reading everyone's posts searching for things to reply to, as if it wasn't obvious.

No. 402905

He has a full-on website now that's still active, but I'm scared to click: https://www.proudasian.com/

No. 402909

>pic of anime girl next to a highly shooped plastic surgeried Asian
>candid pics of the 4 ugliest white girls you could find

This is dumb as fuck

No. 402910

I haven't dragged shit out considering I had no more to say after the last replies, but retarded anons like you keep saying we're all one person because you want a boogeyman.

No. 402911

>bragging about not going after other races of women
beta move tbh

No. 402913

Yeah, okay. Anime characters have no race, cope.

No. 402914

You're convinced I care so much about it I might just dedicate my time shitposting about it to piss off your retarded ass

No. 402915


No. 402921

Greek yogurt is better than regular yogurt

No. 402926

Yes! It’s also better than sour cream

No. 402929

>felt powerful to me in the moment.

Why did you feel powerful? When someone else have the money you want, and you have to whatever they want sexually while you don't get off, that is not power.
I would likely feel very powerful if I would pay a disadvantaged unwilling boy to do whatever I wanted, but I'm not sociopathic enough for it.

No. 402938

I think Brittany Venti is funny and smart and frustrated men from 4chan are mad because a female uses their edge lord humor to make money. I also think she's cute even though her eyes are really far apart.

No. 402967

Racial fetishisation is not something that only Asian women face, and it's not exclusively done by white people; It goes both ways and many other ethnicities do it too.

No. 402969

Everyone knows this. Are you pretending it's an unpopular opinion just to soapbox?

(answer is obviously yes.)

No. 402980

There is absolutely nothing wrong to say nigger, or call someone a nigger whoever you are.

No. 402981

Handmaiden is a derogatory term in the same way terf is;
- it’s used to dismiss and silence women whose thoughts and opinions oppose your own
- it ‘others’ women
- it dehumanises them as ‘handmaiden’ is all they are seen as once that label has been applied
I guess at least handmaiden doesn’t entice violence, but not wanting to harm others is really the bare fucking minimum.

Just doesn’t seem very feminist to me to just yell HANDMAIDEN!! at any woman who disagrees with you.

No. 402985

Agree and so is HOP or whatever. Why couldn’t we have just stuck with the term male-identified or something?

Also I think that a lot of women who use handmaiden still have some cool girl left in them

No. 402986

This is the dumbest opinion so far.

No. 402987

What a handmaiden thing to say.

No. 402989

this is weird though because if you ask japanese/other east asian people what race anime characters look like, they almost always say "he looks korean" or "she looks japanese" or etc some asian race. you are white so you see white features. asian people don't.

No. 402992

You realise that for various reasons the Japanese beauty ideal has the same features as what white people possess naturally? They’re idealised depictions of (in most cases) Japanese people, with light skin (has been en vogue for literally centuries) and large eyes (work a lot better to show emotion in drawings). The hair colour thing is literally to differentiate characters at a glance.
But yes, Japanese people have been portraying white people in their animation for all these years because that’s what you need to tell yourself…

No. 402993

File: 1556283730907.jpeg (122.46 KB, 1200x1552, E5815119-4688-4E41-AC98-65C020…)

There’s some that definitely read Asian to me, like pic related (there are better examples but I’m not a weeb so I don’t know any characters)

The most popular styles of anime I don’t even think of a little as Asian, but I don’t really read them as specifically white either.

No. 402994

Uh yeah I haven’t seen anime characters that look anything like your average Korean. Maybe like Kpop idols bc they’re bleached to hell and got jaw surgery and cheek fillers…

No. 403000

I feel like the series I read have a lot of characters that are Japanese and look it. Yowamushi Pedal, Mushishi, pretty much anything by Iwaoka Hisae or Taiyo Matsumoto. Another thing is that anime tend to simplify designs to make them easier to animate, and most shows are for selling merchandise

No. 403001

>Japanese beauty standards happen to glorify traits white people naturally have
>The characters are extremely unrealistic depictions of Japanese people, that have these white traits
>The characters are not modeled after white people
Are you on crack?

Also this topic has gone on for a really long time and I doubt either side an be swayed.

No. 403003


No. 403005

Japanese people aren't intentionally drawing white people, but it's a fact that anime was and still is heavily inspired by Disney's style. And most Disney characters are white, and drawn to look white.

No. 403010

Imagine thinking drawings with big cartoon eyes is looking whyte while conveniently ignore other more commonly identified white traits like huge nose and neanderthal side profiles. Bitch I guess my stick figures are white.
It def isn’t because animation is using facial proportion of babies for the cute/friendly factor or anything.

No. 403012

Funny you say this because I know a few Filipinos and they look way more Neanderthal than any white person I’ve ever seen

No. 403019

Is this supposed to convince anyone that most asians look like that? Filipinos aren’t even East Asian anyway.

No. 403020

in most of the anime and manga with more detailed artwork where the characters are japanese, you can usually tell that the characters are japanese, like in mushishi.

in the generic simple styled anime, characters are drawn so simplistically and unrealistically that you cant even tell what race theyre supposed to be, or even worse they barely look human. i think in these cases people just project their idea of what a person looks like onto the drawing, and since the average white weeb is surrounded mainly by other white people, thats what they project onto the image.

and btw i dont want to mean all of this in a bad way.

No. 403022

No but it’s not a white trait. Btw a lot of Koreans for example have really strong and jutting jaws and chins. East Asians mostly only look like anime when they bleach and get plastic surgery

No. 403041

>White people
>the widest eyes of any real race
Not true at all, if you want to make a point maybe you shouldn't say blatantly false stuff like this, it shows how biaised you are.
Besides, I don't remember seeing many white people with naturally blue, pink or violet hair.

>i think in these cases people just project their idea of what a person looks like onto the drawing, and since the average white weeb is surrounded mainly by other white people, thats what they project onto the image.
I also think a lot of time people are flattered by the idea that people of an other race want to look like them so they cling to this idea.

No. 403045

Guys can we not do this for the trillionth time…

No. 403046

People who don’t want to work at all are weird. It’s especially weird bc I know someone who is trying to get into real estate to become financially independent and “drink margaritas at the beach all day”, but this person has no hobbies, interests, or life outside of work (and hates being outside lol)

No. 403059

I dunno, I’d prefer to not have to work tbh. I’d like to have the financial freedom to instead pursue hobbies, be able to create an off grid homestead, spend time with my family, and just do things at my own pace. If I were to work it’d be amazing for it to be on my own terms and done for fun and fulfilment rather than necessity

No. 403070

Well I said people who don’t want to work at all. If you’re working for fun/fulfillment that’s still work, and a lot of hobbies are a form of work

No. 403085

chipotle = bland slop

No. 403093

Fact. You're gonna get sick eating that shit.

No. 403109

File: 1556301612514.jpg (196.35 KB, 1200x630, 03-mitt-romney-chipotle.w1200.…)

I feel like it's fine in a pinch compared to eating other fast food, especially bc they have tofu now, but I don't understand why people love it so much or get excited about it. I remember in like 2014 people thought liking Chipotle was a personality trait.

No. 403117

It really depends on the Chipotle you visit. The one near me is the best one I've ever tried. They fully season their rice with lime and cilantro and their guacamole is not just avocado mash, it also has lime and cumin and whatnot in it. The steak is quite tender too.

Other Chipotles I've been to have been mostly meh, though I've spotted a couple other ones that also spent a lot of effort in their offerings.

No. 403118

Lmao a few years ago my bf bit into something hard in his chipotle burrito and pulled an ear gauge out of his burrito. He was so petrified and disgusted that we haven’t been back in like five years. So you know, it’s not all bland sometimes it’s full of surprises, too.

No. 403153

did you jump through the ear gauge to have to escape chipotle

No. 403160

I think fast food from food chains is disgusting and unappealing. Why some people are obsessed with McDonald's and similar is beyond me. I get buying it because you don't have much money and motivation to cook but… Actually LIKING it and choosing it when you can choose something else?
I love a good burger and pizza like anyone else and I'm not a foodie. I just can't stand anything in a chain restaurant from the environment reeking of uncleanliness and grease to the cardboard tasting, artificial food.
I'm not american so where I live I don't even need to spend a lot to eat something that tastes good and isn't sold on a fucking chain restaurant.

No. 403180

I live in Canada and it seems like a lot of people are addicted to Mcdonalds here, also soda and slushies, people won't stop talking about how they're excited for dollar drink days at Mcdonalds. I get how fast food tastes good and has an addictive quality, but when I eat it I can't stop thinking about how unhealthy it is and I just feel sick afterwards.

No. 403187

McDonalds is fucking expensive compared to a lot of other fast food chains as well. I can get more bang for my buck at Burger King and even Wendy's. And the quality of Wendy's burgers is way better too.
I remember trying McDonalds after over a year of not eating it and I had the worst stomach ache. It affected my mood for a few hours, too. I really wish I was exaggerating. BK does that for me too, but I'd rather spend $9 at BK compared to $16 at McD's for the same amount of food.

No. 403211

>spending $9-16 on fast food

What the fuck how much do you eat??

No. 403212

I buy for my boyfriend and myself lol I never eat fast food alone

No. 403213

Ice cream taste best half melted. You can't taste fully frozen ice cream at all.

No. 403214

Really? In the UK, Mc Donald's is the cheapest out of the American fast food chains. Most regular sized single meals are between £3-£5, so up to $7.

No. 403218

I have a far more unpopular opinion on ice cream.
Ice cream sucks.

No. 403224

Countries and cultures that are obscure/"weird" to the rest of the world, but still have a subset of people who are "plugged in" to aspects of the mainstream and essentially make it their own are typically aesthetically cooler and more interesting than "big", relevant countries like the USA.
The interpretation of certain principles of pop culture by outside observers always carries a unique energy.

No. 403231

File: 1556325731424.jpeg (43.61 KB, 1150x534, andersons-frozen-custard.743c7…)

Frozen custard/Soft serve > Ice cream
But only if it's creamy. The kind they serve at McDonalds and places like that is straight up unpalatable

No. 403232

File: 1556325737679.jpeg (127.62 KB, 1080x1350, F0664CEC-93B8-4196-BA3A-870187…)

I like pretty girl art

I know it’s vapid and objectifying but quite frankly that doesn’t at all take away from the aesthetic appeal. Women are beautiful and pretty artwork just amplifies it.

This isn’t an unpopular mainstream opinion but it’s definitely unpopular within artfag circles

No. 403235

All I see looking at this is her face starting to melt because one eye and brow looks higher than the other to me

No. 403236

I agree but pretty girl art never seems to target the aesthetics I find sexy and arousing in women. Always the kinds of women I couldn't care less for

No. 403241

These art always have same face syndrome why? Art imitates life or vice versa

No. 403244

It’s not that deep, it’ll literally just reflect the beauty standards of the time and region - of course they’ll all look the same if it’s specifically meant to be a pretty woman

No. 403250

Because they're lazy and their idea of beautiful doesn't go beyond the same generic face being rehashed. To quote Francis Baron, "There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion."

No, you can look at Western sex symbols and beauty icons throughout a period of 100 years and see they divert very much in face and body type. These people are boring and only idealize one yawns worthy thing.

No. 403253

It’s almost as though real people all have unique characteristics outside of their control unlike illustrations which can be created with any set of features the artist desires. Hmmm.

There’ll still be differences between artists, in particular if they are of different ethnicities/regions

No. 403254

Samefag but 100 years is a long fucking time, there’s usually an overhaul in beauty standards every decade or so, of course there would be many different sex symbols within that span of time?? And a portrait of a beautiful/pretty woman doesn’t automatically make her a sex symbol either

No. 403284

Okay, even 50, 30 years there's a large difference. Btw, 100 years ago there were cameras and celebrities at the point so we could tell who would have been a sex symbol or not in the 1920's. There's no reason why artists who make beautiful people have to keep making the same faces over and over again, the face of the girl made isn't actually considered a particularly ideally beautiful face by current contemporary standards anyways, yet artists are still stuck on pale skinned fairy type extreme baby faced types of beauties like it's the only ones that exist. It's quite boring tbqh. There are other types of sexy, appealing women and not just the adolescent-esque gamine or fairytale type.


>It’s almost as though real people all have unique characteristics outside of their control unlike illustrations which can be created with any set of features the artist desires. Hmmm.

uh.. yeah?

>There’ll still be differences between artists, in particular if they are of different ethnicities/regions


No. 403285

*Yet many artists

No. 403295

"There's alternatives to abortion!! Like, adoption!!" is a fucking stupid argument I don't get why it's pro-lifers' go-to response.

Adoption still requires the woman to go through nine months of physical and emotional pain, physical changes that last even after the pregnancy, possibly forever, and after all that you want her to just give up the person she has spent the last nine months creating?

If I ever get pregnant and couldn't get an abortion I'd just off myself. No way in hell am I going through nine months of torture.

No. 403297


I saw a Reddit post where OP's older sister got pregnant at the ripe old age of 21. Abortion, or no abortion? Meddling Catholic OP decides to expose their sibling and consults a priest. The post was such a SMH moment.

No. 403302

>Also I think that a lot of women who use handmaiden still have some cool girl left in them
They do, except this time they mask their sense of superiority towards other women with feminism or misandry. I don't like male-identified women either, but I mostly ignore or pity them.

>The hair colour thing is literally to differentiate characters at a glance.
Not going to comment about the race thing, but in anime almost every character is indistinguishable aside from variations in hair color/style and eye color. It's such a cooki-cutter art style. I don't know what weebs see in this.

No. 403303

Some people are so desensitized to pregnancy, they act like it's no big deal (probably because they're not the ones who could have their snatch ripped open,) but childbirth is dangerous. Women still die from that shit. I respect motherhood but the thought of putting my body through that makes me physically cringe. It's not for everyone.

No. 403308

Absolutely. Though I have to be honest, I'm less freaked out by mortality rates during childbirth than I am of the stories I've heard about women who tear so badly right to their anus that fecal matter gets into their vagina. And it can't be fixed! My worst fucking nightmare. Something like 60% of women get vaginal tears and 10% get anal tears.

It's messed up that the moment you tie yourself to a man for 18+ years by having his kid, your body is likely to suffer all these issues and you can't escape his judgement and pressure from him to have sex, lose weight etc. I could handle weight gain and stretchmarks and even problems down there etc if I was single, but I'd have a mental breakdown with a man breathing down my neck expecting me to be ready and willing post partum. Even if he was nice about it, the pressure would fuck my shit up.

No. 403344

Blasian is such a weird race to me. Most people who claim to be Blasian are just black people who are obsessed with anime/asian culture. And most of them don't even look asian or know nothing about their asian heritage.

No. 403361

All the legitimate blasians I know don't even refer to themselves as one, maybe they did when they were in their early childhood years but they never brag about how mixed they are lol

No. 403367

Blasians are pretty fetishized and black people, women in particular, are usually put in a spot where they're labeled as the least attractive race. So, at the risk of armchairing, maybe some of the eagerness to be blasian is to be put in a group that is considered appealing by default.

No. 403376

Black women should stop falling for this propaganda already, its agenda is to make them easier.
I've never saw even one decent looking black male but tons of pretty black women. Believe in yourself and keep your standards.

No. 403377

Spicy foods are for masochists and people with a low IQ. Burning isn't a flavour.

No. 403380

What's the point of eating something so spicy that you can't taste anything? It just seems like a waste of food.

No. 403381

I agree with this. In general every time you hear a man say "[Race] of women are so ugly" you should ask yourself: What outcome is he hoping for with this statement?

No. 403383

Hard agree. Whenever I say this outside places like LC, I just end up getting yelled at and/or called slurs by all sorts of male-identified women and weirdo, crusty black men, lmao.

No. 403384

>have taste buds so childish and underdeveloped that anything that's not as bland as milk burns your very soul
>everyone else is at fault for supposedly being masochist/low IQ
Cope, anon. I remember when I was like 6 and I'd complain everything was "too peppery!!", too, kek.

No. 403385

Men make statements like this all the time as if they're the judge and jury of what should and should not be considered attractive, and not one of those men looks at themselves in the mirror and sees a balding fatty with hairy titties and a beer gut. They all think they are prime marriage material and women should be salivating all over their dicks despite their looks, and the worst part is women encourage them by caring about their opinions and getting upset about the statements they make.

I've seen fat divorced guys pushing 50 thinking they have a chance with a fit, successful girl in her early 30s and not at any point thinking whether or not they deserve to be with someone like that, whereas Lena Dunham is told she doesn't deserve to have an attractive man play her fictional boyfriend because she's fat and ugly. She's a piece of shit don't get me wrong but terrible male stand-up comedians rarely get picked on for their looks and people mostly focus on what they say.

No. 403389

Maybe they're just stating their preference? Black actresses keep being cast for roles of attractive white characters. The more it happens the louder the complaints will be.

No. 403390

That's, uh, not a thing. Are you that one autist who sperged out about the mere rumor of a half-white actress being cast as a fictional Disney mermaid like a year ago?

No. 403393

If I find out someone is super into Disney as an adult I write them off and their image never recovers in my eyes. Unpopular because people can't seem to let go of Disney in my generation.

No. 403397

I'll never understand it. It's like men don't see themselves. They're so comfortable bashing women's looks. The only explanations I can think of are that they're either really deluded enough to think they're at least 6/10s (and the whole "the wall" cope they have fits in with that - they'll RP that decrepit, balding, fat 50 year olds are handsome, while 30 year old women with lines under their eyes are hags), or believe women's only real value is their appearance, and that they themselves have something else to offer in spite of their own ugliness.
The funny thing about the second thing is that even if you follow that reductive, shitty, line of thought, usually, these men have nothing to offer at all. No intellect, no kindness, no empathy, no huge life accomplishments, not even money. They start screeching "Gold digger! Shallow! Normie! Roastie wants a Chad!!! This is why men are suicidal >:'( I'm the best guy any woman could get, even though I routinely attack them and treat them like shit!! Why can't you understand" at anyone who points that out, though.

No. 403398

Well, uh, I guess I'm just imagining it then. It happens the most with capeshit. I guess that makes sense since they have so many existing characters with fleshed out back stories. Recent examples that come to mind are MJ in Spiderman, Starfire in Teen Titans, and the one in the latest Thor movie. Its also happening in the Witcher Netlix series. I guess I just imagined all that though.
Not a thing.

No. 403399

>Starfire in Teen Titans
>a literal alien is now white
>half-white people don't exist
You don't sound like a right-minded person.

No. 403403

File: 1556381608422.jpg (123.03 KB, 900x543, starfire[1].jpg)

Yes because this was as close as they could get to making a live action Starfire look like the version everybody is familiar with. Nobody looks at somebody with one white parent and thinks they're half white.

No. 403404

One of the ugliest guys that's ever pursued me was blasian. I just looked him up, he's been catfishing on twitter and instagram for the last year with pics of a totally different looking, non mixed black guy. Which just makes him more unattractive and frankly pathetic.

Ugly men and even just guys with one major physical flaw are almost always unhinged and immediately want to whine about how insecure and unwanted they are which is exactly why they're in that spot. You can't ever be honest with them about their looks or else they'll hold a grudge against you. If you're unlucky enough to meet them online there's a high chance they'll send you their nasty chodes. I wonder what makes them so thin skinned and fragile.

No. 403405

I mean, the character has an orangeish-brown tone, so they could've gone with a black or brown actress who'd naturally have the same skintone without needing to tan or use paint, but chances are you'd still be angry because you unironically think an alien is white. Accuracy clearly isn't the issue for you.
>Nobody looks at somebody with one white parent and thinks they're half white.
Except there are tons of mixed people who are extremely white-passing. You must be sheltered as fuck, anon.

No. 403409

Starfire was never white, anon. She's orange.

No. 403410

You can tell that she is supposed to be Starfire so what does it matter? Should they really have to hire a white person so it's easier to slather them with orange paint head to toe for all of filming?

The most unfaithful aspect here is how modestly dressed the live action chick is…

No. 403413

It isn't happening in The Witcher. The casting for Yennefer and Ciri has been announced and Ciri's white, while Yennefer may be mixed but is definitely half-white at least (and not black at all, if she's mixed it's with Asian ancestry).

No. 403414

File: 1556382423686.jpeg (118.38 KB, 1200x800, A0222CF4_7C59_4384_AC37_709E87…)

I'm not into Teen Titans, but from what I've seen, she actually ended up looking pretty good, anyway. All the initial backlash was very over the top.

No. 403415

I watched it and the costuming was pretty tragic, but Anna Diop did a good job as Starfire.

No. 403417

File: 1556382718601.jpg (95.81 KB, 1128x526, witcher-cast[1].jpg)

I don't think an alien is white. I wouldn't care if Starfire was cast as a black man. She was just an example of a black actress being cast in a role of a character that she clearly shouldn't be if you're trying to cast accurately.

I'm guessing you're American from the half-white thing. I'm not. Its not something I've ever heard anybody speak about. You're white, or you aren't.
Yennefer looks Indian, and they made another character black.

No. 403421

iirc Starfire’s design was inspired by a latino hooker, so what’s the point of complaining that a white woman didn’t portray her

No. 403423

>if you're trying to cast accurately
See >>403405
And nope, I'm not American. Like I said before, if you think being half of a race is impossible, then you're either very sheltered, or just not thinking straight. There are tons of mixed people who physically take the most from their "white" side, genetics are weird like that.

No. 403426

>She was just an example of a black actress being cast in a role of a character that she clearly shouldn't be if you're trying to cast accurately.
So cast her as a latina?

No. 403427

But even then they cast attractive black women. It's much worse when they blackwash a male character cause they always cast the ugliest looking black male they could find for those roles.

No. 403428

You, or the anon you're defending, listed her as a "black actress being cast as an attractive white character". Again
>I mean, the character has an orangeish-brown tone, so they could've gone with a black or brown actress who'd naturally have the same skintone without needing to tan or use paint, but chances are you'd still be angry because you unironically think an alien is white. Accuracy clearly isn't the issue for you.
Don't backpedal now.

No. 403429

>She was just an example of a black actress being cast in a role of a character that she clearly shouldn't be if you're trying to cast accurately.

Were you dropped on your head as a baby or something? Starfire is literally an alien and her skin color isn't in any way integral to her character or back story. >>403414 See this pic, she looks very faithful to the comic version. As faithful as any other adaptation. If they wanted "accuracy" they would have painted the actress orange and the actress could have been any race… But it's such a minute detail so it's not worth it.

No. 403430

I was so looking forward to the Witcher series and I was hoping Netflix wouldn't butcher it but here we are. Yennefer is my fav character in the Witcher series and the game and they had to cast someone who isn't white.

Why? I have no problems poc being cast in movies but why do that with roles that are meant for white characters. Yennefer's description makes it clear she's pale white in contrast to her raven hair.

No. 403431

>not casting Eva Green as Yennefer

No. 403432

I know. She'd be perfect. Though to be fair, most of the cast seems like a miss.

No. 403433

File: 1556383698507.jpg (1.59 MB, 1520x1969, download (1).jpg)

I looked up the actress and found this fan edit. She actually looks pretty good, I hope the real design is similar.

Why did they cast an alien for Ciri? Maybe she should have been Starfire kek.

Which one is supposed to be Triss?

No. 403434

She doesn't look good at all more like a really bad cosplay. The nose is too wide, the facial structure is nowhere near and she's not white. Yennefer didn't have a tan. And her hair was curly in the books.

No. 403435

Cool. So remove Starfire, or the white part and the point still stands. They keep turning characters black and now we are seeing the backlash.
>See this pic, she looks very faithful to the comic version.
Get your eyes checked.
Its just pandering to the "woke" crowd. Only at the cost of completely changing the rules of the setting.

No. 403437

The white part and point don't stand at all, actually. Everyone has been saying that.
>turning characters black
So, you want them to "turn characters white" instead? Doesn't sound accurate, just petty and obsessive. Starfire is not white, cope.

No. 403438

Fringilla's a minor character nobody really cares about, so who cares if they make her black to get the dangerhairs off their back?

No. 403439

It's stupid they have to do that at all.

No. 403441

might be unrelated but i still don't understand to this day why they casted a black dude to play L in the death note netflix adaption, because the L in the manga suffers from insomnia so he looks very sickly pale

No. 403442

I don't really care about those details but she looks too milquetoast to me. Doesn't have that "spark".

No. 403443

I think they did it because they thought it'd let them escape people grilling them for casting Light as a white guy and not a Japanese one.
That entire movie was a flop and an inaccurate mess for more than just racial reasons, though.

No. 403444

That's fair. This is just a fan edit so who knows what her design on the show will be. I'm trying to give the benefit of the doubt cause I really want it to be good.

Everything about that adaption was horrible.

No. 403445

I agree, she doesn't have the sharpness that I would imagine Yennefer's features have. She's very doe-eyed and innocent looking, which isn't very Yennefer.

I don't like Cavill as Geralt either, even though that's an unpopular opinion.

No. 403446

Starfire isn't white. She isn't black either and doesn't look even close to being black.
Because there shouldn't be a black character in medieval Poland. It completely changes the rules of the Witcher world for nothing.

No. 403449

It's not actually medieval Poland, anon. It's inspired by Polish folklore and other European myth, but it isn't Poland.

No. 403450

Then why was the initial complaint that she was a white character?
>doesn't look even close to being black.
If we're going by color, a brown or black actress would be closer than a white one. You're just upset because you wanted white, not necessarily someone who looks like the character.

No. 403452

nta but it's heavily rooted in slavic folklore. Of course it's not Poland but casting black people breaks the immersion. Why is that hard to understand?

No. 403453

Its medieval Poland with monsters. The fantasy part needs to begin and end somewhere.

No. 403454

>You're just upset because you wanted white
I didn't want anything. I was never going to watch that show. It was an example.

No. 403455

It was a bad example, and pretty much betrayed that you don't actually care about accuracy (or even the media pieces you listed), you're just mad about black women in general.

No. 403456

So there was no backlash over that casting? Because if there was a backlash then I think it was a fine example.

No. 403457

It's a bad example because the character was never white, but you claimed it was a white character being "turned" black.
The backlash died down as the series actually progressed, too.

No. 403460

Starfire could be any race and I wouldn't care but the execution in the show was tragic. The wig was ugly, her contacts looked stupid, and her outfits sucked. I think it's more about how well you style a character over how accurate their faces are.

If you look at GoT the actors actually don't match character descriptions that well but they all fit their roles despite that.

Deleted the post to add this: The Witcher casting isn't something to be outraged about until we see the styling. If you're extremely partial to a character's race there is something a bit off about you imo. Eva Green would be my pick for Yennefer as well tbh but the actor they went with can also pull it off as long as the makeup and costuming is on point. Well, that and actual acting.

One casting choice that bugged me was Emma Watson as Hermione. She looked the part as a kid but as the series progressed they changed her hair completely and it really bugged me because her hair was one of the few things that the books kept pointing out to distinguish her. In comparison, I don't really care about the black actor that played adult Hermione in the play. She has poofy hair at least.

No. 403478

L is also white. rofl in the comics he is from England or something. All the other cast besides the wammy house children are Japanese and L is white as toast. That netflix adaptation was a disgusting joke. They only casted a black actor for L so they wouldnt seem 'racist' even though seattle is filled with asian people and all the asians in that movie were canon fodder. It's horrible

No. 403481

I think the real issue is there was no reason at all to make a live action death note when a good one already existed. They had a great cast and the movies weren't too bad. Both the comic and anime wrapped things up very nicely. No idea why they needed to make an american version where they tried to follow the story of the comic, but made everyone white and changed all the names around, instead of just doing a death note version but in america, with a whole new set of characters. It would still be stupid as fuck, but not nearly as offensive and a mess.

No. 403493

> If you're extremely partial to a character's race there is something a bit off about you

If there was a black character in a book and they cast a white or indian actor instead, people would have every right to be outraged. I just don't understand why it's so difficult to comprehend when there's a character that a lot of people love and imagine in a certain way, that they're going to be upset about such choices. The actress doesn't look anything like Yen. Not her face, not her complexion, not how you'd imagine her character. Also she looks like schoolgirl and not like bad ass witch.

It honestly isn't fair. I hate how Americans have to completely ruin something for diversity points and I'm angry at the writer for allowing this to happen. He should have seen it coming.

No. 403494

Not so, Mello (Mihael Keehl) is white, so is Near (Nate Rivers) and Matt (Matt Jeevas).
There are probably other white characters who are far more minor. Point is, there are plenty of white Death Note characters. If they wanted a white-centric adaption so bad, they could've told the story primarily from one of their viewpoints, or even just from L's, then veered into the main one with Light as it went on. That would've been an interesting way of storytelling, even.
Instead, they just made an adaption that was bad on all fronts. They can't even say the haters are "racist", because they themselves refused to cast anyone Japanese (or even Asian) as the main characters.

No. 403499

“anime is racially ambiguous” aka “these Asian characters with Asian names and Asian cultural markers made by Asian people don’t look like the hideously caricaturized narrow stereotypes of Asians that I’ve been used to seeing.”

No. 403502

She's very pretty but she looks too youthful and "cute", while Yen is more mature and "hot" (Eva Green or Kate Beckinsale type of look)

No. 403508

I hate Ariana Grande and the fact how people always excuse her behaviour, even on lolcow. She has done so much shit yet people always find a way to whiteknight her.

No. 403511

agree with this one so bad, the same goes for nicki minaj as well

No. 403513

File: 1556398539513.png (514.97 KB, 760x576, BanditKeithDecks.png)

Kek I always think the same thing. Like if a character was non-japanese, it would be painfully obvious which ones they are.

No. 403519

I hate the pull tier ari spergs on this site and always have. Same goes for the anti kpop spergs.

No. 403525

File: 1556400987080.jpg (46.91 KB, 625x415, a brit.jpg)

You sure?

No. 403526

File: 1556401296887.jpg (227.08 KB, 1280x669, carole__tuesday_shinichiro_wat…)

Girl what… have you ever seen an average Japanese person who wasn't a popteen model? Or a human being? They don't look like anime. White people don't look like anime. Black people don't look like anime. Sometimes an extremely pretty young girl (of any race) with a perfectly childlike face can look like anime. Generally characters look like idealized blobs with just enough features to suggest the presence of a human face because tiny features with big eyes are as childish and therefore cute as possible.

Something like pic related is obviously not meant to be Japanese but let's be real, you can change their hair and eye and skin to be more Asian and you would never guess they were meant to be another race based on their face alone. Because 'pretty young girl' is universal in Japanese beauty standards.

No. 403528

Left one looks like a boy.

No. 403530

This is the thing

Black women will cosplay or go for auditioning for any character with a brown tone because there is barely many characters out there for them

So they jump for anything with brown skin despite European features and straight hair

No. 403531

She gets away with it cos she’s small and petite

Tiny people are always babied

And Nicki has too much mouth so people love her for that

No. 403532

Either of them could look like boys with different hair and bodies but the same faces. That's just one other way that anime designs are ambiguous as fuck.

No. 403533

File: 1556402217540.jpeg (127.94 KB, 1200x675, 978EA780-B1E0-4F72-9483-3BE652…)

I was thinking the same, and it’s played up sometimes for laughs.

Nta while he is mixed he’s still Japanese tho

No. 403534


I’m glad Zendaya is going for that role. I’m half black (same mix as her). But black people will always want to throne and claim her because she’s winning.

There are no dark skinned female actresses out there in big movies. While the halfies like ourselves are taking the roles, full black people continue to claim us and they keep the one drop ruling plus light skin thing - well… a thing?

It’s fucking backwards.

No. 403538

>There are no dark skinned female actresses out there in big movies.

Lupita Nyong'o exists.

But yes, other than her there is a severe lack of big name dark-skinned actresses. It's almost always the yellowbone actresses who get roles.

No. 403540

>while he is mixed he’s still Japanese
By that logic he's white.

No. 403541

What about >>402787?

No. 403544

Bruh what
You posted a poor example imo. If you had posted the kids from AOT or something they you may have had a better case.

No. 403547

File: 1556403970472.jpg (149.73 KB, 1024x768, fullmetal-alchemist2.jpg)

Heh. Guess which character here is white.

Answer: all of them

No. 403553

File: 1556404342448.png (811.37 KB, 1280x720, jna3L4g.png)

I can't believe anime created americans

No. 403557

Pretty sure Roy is meant to look Xingian aka Chinese

But on that note, the way Japanese people tend to draw Chinese and Korean characters with slits for eyes and themselves with big round eyes is… interesting.

No. 403560

>when fuck up your own point

you were so close anon

No. 403562

File: 1556404947995.jpg (44.87 KB, 223x350, Shun.jpg)

This guy from some other series looks like Roy and is Japanese.

No. 403563

Not really. Roy isn't chinese.

No. 403564

File: 1556405234771.jpg (26.41 KB, 655x380, civil-war-steve-bucky-175515.j…)

My unpopular opinion is that The Avenger movies aren't that good. I like some of the individual super hero stories like Captain America, Captain Marvel and Black Panther, and Thor ragnarok, but the Big BOOM Blockbuster Avenger films are boring and I don't care.

Also, men heavily into comics always seem so lost from reality.

No. 403567

File: 1556405582462.png (487.32 KB, 798x603, shampoo.png)

>the way Japanese people tend to draw Chinese and Korean characters with slits for eyes and themselves with big round eyes is… interesting.
IMO, it goes back to the whole thing with stereotypical Asian (or any racial) features coming purely from outsider's gaze.

There are "regular" features (normal, ambiguous features that some westerners assume is automatically white, because white is their idea of regular), and then there are "irregular" features. To separate other races from the assumed default for that given society (in anime's case, that default is Japanese), "irregulars" will often be given more exaggerated features, which is up to the artist. Western cartoonists do the same thing, too.

Sometimes, it's exaggerated shit like >>403553. Other times, they don't necessarily want to separate their characters by race (as opposed to culture/behavior/clothing), so they don't really give a fuck about drawing racial exaggerations and will just draw the characters to look the same as the rest. One example of this is Shampoo from Ranma. She's Chinese, but she doesn't look like Roy, she looks largely as "anime" as the rest of the cast.

The whole race/anime argument is very subjective and dependent on what specific art styles or shows are being discussed, and that's why I think it always goes in circles. You can't speak generally on this any more than you can speak on how, I dunno, all French films are in black and white or something. It's obviously not true, just a stereotype based on a few examples by uneducated people.

No. 403570

The thing is doll-faced pure whites look the most bland and "featureless" just like anime people. Doll-faced pure blacks and asians still have that racial distictivness.

No. 403571

I like marvel but the people who are really into the comics tend to be assholes (unlike the ones who like the movies bc theyre mainstream)

No. 403572

I disagree, typical "pure white"/"Aryan" features are pretty distinct. If this wasn't the case, there'd be absolutely no way to differentiate white people from other races, especially if they just wore a little bit of makeup or got a tan.
All races are pretty distinctive IMO. The difference is that you won't notice the features that make them stand out as often, or consider them "distinctive", if that's what's normalized and "regular-degular" to you.
Funnily enough, I've seen people say the same thing about both black and Asian people having "featureless" faces because their faces sometimes aren't as pointy or chiseled. It really is a subjective thing.

No. 403574

I was only talking about doll-face having people from each race.

No. 403575

I know, I'm saying doll-faced white people still have distinct features that let you know they're white.

No. 403576

If you had to categorize them as a race, i would say white, specifically white children. But they dont even look like adult humans of any race.

No. 403577

When are you niggers going to drop the anime race discussion?

No. 403578

you little racist you

No. 403579

File: 1556407325329.jpg (1.66 MB, 3840x2400, e.jpg)

I think they just look like cats drawn in human form, down to the eyes.

No. 403580

File: 1556407578171.jpg (111.38 KB, 1184x861, cat.jpg)

This cat picture's better, but I'd feel weirdly bad if I deleted the first one.

No. 403582


same tbh, i remember reading somewhere that if cats had human sized heads their eyes would be the size of tennis balls, which seems pretty accurate for your average anime character.

there is no human race that has tennis ball sized eyes, natural hair colours in all colours of the rainbow, a non existent nose, and an alien shaped head, its all just a highly stylized fantasy. anyone who claims that some barely human looking blob face looks like a specific race is straight up delusional or just projecting hard.

No. 403584

With dem big noses? Nah, anime is owls.

No. 403585

File: 1556408339938.jpg (117.6 KB, 620x349, rerxgthcfzug453.jpg)


this one even looks like one of those smug anime girl reaction pictures

No. 403592

File: 1556409070967.png (1.01 MB, 948x752, 70006f1.png)

A challenger appears.

No. 403601

File: 1556410441474.jpg (110.83 KB, 1115x367, untitled.jpg)

These two tho. They almost like twins and they supposed to be two different races.
The art style is more realistic too.

No. 403602

File: 1556410677857.jpg (66.05 KB, 960x866, 1553721766173.jpg)

You guys are terrible at shitposting

No. 403604

It's really annoying because people can't seem to decide what is white and what isn't, and "POCs" always shit on white people and "Europeans" as if we're all rich blonde Germans.
I'm from the Balkans, I look very Greek, as does the rest of my family. It's the same deal as with our Turkish neighbours, people get into actual fights over whether we are white and "European" or not. I wish everyone would just fuck off with the white sperging, "races" of humans don't exist and there's many different ethnicities who don't fit into the traditional boxes made by US government who can't point out most countries on a map. It especially annoys me when idiots start lecturing me about white people's historical achievements and why "the white race is superior" when their ancestors were eating squirrels whilst mine were building schools and temples.

No. 403605

OT but who are the artists? I like this style a lot.

No. 403606

I'm Mediterranean and this is really surprising to me. Everyone everywhere salivates over blonde Northern European girls and guys from my country marry them a lot when they come for summer holidays. Scandinavian guys tend to think we're ugly and hairy.

No. 403608

>and "POCs" always shit on white people and "Europeans" as if we're all rich blonde Germans
So, those damn evil "pocs" always shitting on germans who all happen to be super wealthy and even blonder would be justified?
Stereotyping is ok - unless it's about me, amirite?

No. 403609

They both look white therefore anime is white.(samefagging)

No. 403610

No. 403613

You win

No. 403615

If southern european guys really thought of you as so ugly, then they wouldn't marry outside their nationality/race way less often than their northern european counterparts. Literally everybody finds you attractive. It's 2019 and middle/northern european girls are still getting themselves skin cancer via tanning because tan skin = hot and pale skin = bland. Nobody dyes their hair blond anymore, everybody goes for something darker.

No. 403618

NTA, I think they're pointing out the hypocrisy in pigeonholing anyone who's not white while complaining about white people being pigeonholed. "It's only okay when I do it" type of nonsense.

No. 403622


>Nobody dyes their hair blond anymore

>Literally everybody finds you attractive
>everybody goes for something darker

lmfao these sweeping generalisations, I can't.

No. 403626

Most Southern Europeans would be annoyed if you called them "dark". I mean we like to think of ourselves as "olive skinned" rather than "dark". Also the actual "dark" people there aren't viewed as the standard of attractiveness. It's like when ugly brown Mexicans ride on Antonio Banderas' coat-tails and think the term "tall, dark and handsome" applies to some ugly 5'5 fruit picker lol.(racebait)

No. 403627

Lol, okay then, please go on thinking that all scandi guys think you're "ugly and hairy"

No. 403629

To this day it annoys me that Reinhard allowed that faggot Yang to talk down to him and give him some grade-school style lecture about how great democracy was even though it destroyed the FPA from the inside out.

No. 403630

File: 1556414303153.jpg (48.55 KB, 620x774, PL1300607@Italian actress S.jp…)

It's funny bc a lot of my guy friends say they think Italian and Greek women are really hot. Pretty sure they just imagine that all Mediterranean women look like Sophia Loren, tho

It's honestly just personal preference and I think it's dumb to try and extrapolate some overall trend or meaning from personal observations.

No. 403636


Not really

>South American

If they look Spanish/Greek/Italian enough, then yeah.


Not at all lol. They view black women as easy, but they sure as hell don't think they're as attractive as Southern (or Northern) European girls.

No. 403638


Not everyone in this thread is the same person, jfc

No. 403649

I find it super weird when people film/take pictures of their dogs or other animals doing sexual things like humping something or having sex. Who the hell wants to see that shit? Even if it's meant like a joke it's really gross and I don't understand it.

No. 403653

Most Northern European women look kind of man-ish, with thin lips and red skin. Blonde hair alone doesn't make someone attractive.

No. 403655

I find it cringey when white girls with brown hair still bitch about white girls with blonde hair. It's like they're permanently stuck in a 90s highschool movie mindset. Darker features have been the in thing for many years anyway especially for boring white dudes who see it as exotic.

No. 403660

Find it weird that dark features as seen as exotic considering that they are by far the most common globally among all races. Even a huge amount of Northern and Eastern Europeans have darker hair and eyes, even among nords and slavs blonde hair + blue/green eyes are seen as rarer, they’re recessive genes

No. 403671

LUMi has a fucking vapid voice, she isnt ~realistic~ in the slightest and just sounds like Luna/Iroha but more breathy. I wouldnt care so much about such a unoriginal voicebank if people didnt hype her so much. "Emotional" and "powerful" voice my ass, dissapoiting.

No. 403672

I was JUST thinking about this the other day! I don’t get I think either, and I find it really gross and creepy. And actually I had seen a video of some foreign woman on a farm had her horse mount a donkey(?) and was filming and laughing about it. The male donkey was clearly in pain and confused. It was awful but people thought it was hilarious.

No. 403701


My only gripe with the entire fiasco is that they removed a lot of sfw content, and there isn't a way to see what it was on our blogs, unless we're the creators of said content. Or if you already have the post's url so that you can edit the dashboard blog's link.
I've lost quite a lot of art pieces from my classical art tag and other random posts because of it.
The fact that they somehow managed to destroy the search system even more always amazes me, as well.

No. 403713

I half agree and half disagree. If you didn't grow up eating it and develop a natural preference for spicy things there's no sense in trying to condition it in later in life if its making you suffer. But lots of very spicy food can be delicious and have complex flavors outside of spice.

No. 403716

Section 8 housing should have stipulation regarding general attitude/behavior in it. If you are literally given a house for free [or very inexpensively] you should be fucking grateful, and treat the neighborhood you live in nicely. If you can't [keeping your neighbors up with fighting and screeching constantly, letting your big-ass scary autistic nearly-adult son roam the neighborhood and scream and break shit, etc.] then you lose that unit and must be moved to one that can provide the services needed. People who live in condominiums, especially, should have a collective say over whether or not a unit may be rented out as section 8. We are not a fucking state hospital/psych ward, sorry. We paid for these units, specifically to live in peace, and if you can't do that [especially after being given every opportunity to communicate and receive help from your neighbors] then you can get the fuck out.

Oh, and above all, the most unpopular opinion in the "liberal" bastion I live in: stereotypes exist about section 8 people being ungrateful, entitled, violent assholes exist for a fucking reason.

No. 403718


Didn't mean to use exist twice, I haven't slept properly in months because of these fucking people.

Another unpopular opinion: Bring back the fucking workhouses for people like this. I grew up poor, btw, so save your horseshit.

No. 403722

Section 8 shouldn't be a thing anyways. Public housing just needs to be revitalized in this country. Section 8 makes no sense from any perspective, really. I'm glad they have it vs nothing, but it's a poorly designed program.

No. 403733

I think it's nearly a bit funny that so many Americans (not only poc) always say that white people don't season their food.
When I was in elementary school every child was asked to prepare christmas packages which then were sent to schools in Africa and we were literally given a list of foods we weren't allowed to add, because they contained spices which the people there "absolutely cannot eat".
Just because our food is not spicy per se, doen't mean that we don't use spices, just different ones from the ones you know.

I also feel it's weird that some people have kind of a small superiority complex when it comes to the food of their respective culture/country, like saying it's objectively better than others (usually any "white" food) and that others always "butcher it" by cooking it. Again, it's mostly pocs, but also e.g. Italians (My grandmother is literally the best cook in the world, that's not REAL pasta/pizza/…) Like, it's just food, why is it so important to you what other people eat?

No. 403738

Interesting because I’ve only really seen that said about white Americans and not so much anyone else.

No. 403742

I don't really disagree with your post, but I just want to say
>When I was in elementary school every child was asked to prepare christmas packages which then were sent to schools in Africa and we were literally given a list of foods we weren't allowed to add, because they contained spices which the people there "absolutely cannot eat".
Either you were lied to, this isn't real, or your packages were sent to kids who had very specific allergies or medical issues that had nothing to do with being African.
A large chunk of African foods are insanely spicy. So much that foreigners can't really handle it. There's pretty much no spice all African people "absolutely cannot eat".

No. 403743

My unpopular opinion:

The most dangerous place for a black person to be is in the minds of non-blacks.

No. 403744

I guess you didn't understand what I meant: "absolutely cannot eat" as in the african students refused to eat what was sent to them because they disliked the flavour of of our food so much. Again, this has nothing to do with spicyness, it was mostly about sweet foods which contain certain spices and herbs which apperantly tasted so horrible to them that the people who organized the whole thing decided to hand out those do-not-add lists to us.

No. 403746

So, they simply chose not to eat them? That clears things up, I get it now (kind of rude for a Christmas package thing, but whatever).

No. 403751

I wish people would stop expecting actresses/actors to be super-attractive sex symbols, and also that the media would quit trying to make us find certain celebrities attractive by constant shilling.
No, I'm not going to pretend Brie Larson is a 10/10 goddess just because she's the new big thing. That's not her lot in life. Just let her be a good actress in peace. They tried it with Jennifer Lawrence in the past, and it was just so mediocre and annoying. Stop trying to slyly lower beauty standards as if people won't notice. Just admit that looks aren't as important as raw substance in 2019 already. These are not glamorous icons you're pushing out, so please stop touting them as such. Just be realistic.
The same goes with pretty much all male celebrities/actors. They're mostly completely average or even outright ugly, but we still get bombarded with foolishness about how "sexy" someone like Ryan Gosling is. Stop.

No. 403752

I don't think it's rude, it's better to be upfront about it than to have the American kids make an effort sending a package that will not be eaten and be a waste of food.

No. 403758

Not American, but yeah, my original point was that all races/nationalities prefer different flavours and that it's not just whites being picky, not seasoning or not being able to "handle" certain spices.
Your definition or idea of how spices should taste like is not the default one.

No. 403790

File: 1556454642672.jpg (274.53 KB, 706x1628, grnd.jpg)


is there any recent milk (not counting her always dramatic relationships and stupid tattoo) ?

No. 403846

I think people just tend to find opposites interesting. I'm also Mediterranean and many men here cream themselves at the thought of a Nordic hottie. On the other hand, when I visited Finland with a couple of female friends we attracted a lot of attention.

No. 403851

no, even the celebcow thread doesnt talk about her anymore and they fucking hate her

No. 403861

I feel a bit of sympathy for that kid who shot up a synagogue. He was apparently really academically gifted, and I saw a video of him playing the piano - he was genuinely very good, played beautifully.

Plus he was kinda cute. Part of me fantasizes about being there for that sort of guy and making them feel better.

No. 403864

Yeah, I think this is the answer. Men especially gravitate towards foreign women while putting down women from their own country/culture.
I stay away from anyone that has a racial fetish, personally.

No. 403876

Those types of men are weird. I would rather date someone who is of the same culture and social class as me because it's more than guaranteed our home life is going to be similar and not needing accommodation. I like that easy life. But still, if I fall in love with someone who's of a different culture than me, it all depends on if our cultures are similar to each other if the relationship will last.

No. 403877

These same types of people who go on about ~spices and flavor~~ are the same people that just drown their food in tabasco sauce and think they are ~cultured~ because of it.

No. 403879

> I would rather date someone who is of the same culture and social class as me because it's more than guaranteed our home life is going to be similar and not needing accommodation.

I feel like this is the vast majority of people of any race.

I actually feel like people on both sides (extreme liberals and /pol/) exaggerate interracial relationships. Most people, especially white people, are more attracted to their own kind and would prefer the ease of dating someone of their own kind. Liberals exaggerate it to seem progressive, /pol/ exaggerate it to make it seem like a bigger deal than it actually is and recruit more people to their "cause".

And I think being on the internet exposes you to the weird-extremes of anything. For example a lot of people on /pt/ are in relationships with Asian guys, but within my friendship circle (mostly non-weebs with a couple of people who enjoy mild weeb stuff like Animal Crossing and the occasional anime), none of them find Asian dudes attractive.

No. 403883

Because it's more about coloring, dude. I don't know why a lot of people only focus on coloring like it's the only factor of beauty. S Europeans ime generally have more symmetrical faces with higher cheekbones and larger eyes and fuller lips than N Europeans who have low cheekbones and kind of dopey faces and dopey flabby looking bodies in general.

No. 403884

How did
Get done for racebait, but not this >>403883 bitter black/brown girl LARPing as a med?

No. 403886

It was listening to him play Chopin that did it for me. He was honestly a beautiful pianist. Aren't you also attracted to men who can play classical music well?

No. 403887

File: 1556465635868.png (12.68 KB, 100x100, daffy.png)

You have a bit sympathy for him because he was intelligent, artistic, and academically gifted? Is this the only reason? LOL.

Women like you wouldn't even pay attention to him if he was just some normal guy but as soon as he did a crime it's "omg i wish i could have ~fixed~ him and made him better". You are toxic femininity.

No. 403888

So it's only that reason, eh? Whattawoman
Are you a true crime fag?

No. 403889

>Are you a true crime fag?

No, I have a fixation on semi-attractive white nationalists.

No. 403890

how is it 'larping' and why are you acting funny because i find you more attractive than your northern counterparts, are you one of those autistic self hating meds?

No. 403891

>white nationalists
Uh, LAME!! They tend to be incel tier who stay inside all day and pick at their skin. If you're gonna lust over criminal men go big or go home.

No. 403892

no one beats continental Asians and Africans out for race-loyalty.

No. 403894

>continental asians



Well yeah, they're all dirt poor and unattractive to everyone else generally (no offense).

No. 403898

I was just curious what a "continental asian" was. Do you mean mainland Chinese/Koreans? They are giant white worshipers.

I'm sure Africans mostly find each other attractive, generally. But I don't think other races really find them desirable either.

No. 403901

brainlet whitoids: UH YEAH white people stay inside their race all the time and FUCK race mixing!!

same brainlet whitoids: non-white people WORSHIP whites and can't live without them!!

No. 403905

>says something racist
>no offense

No. 403906

Since when do Chinese people worship "whites"? Koreans don't even worship white people.

I don't see what attractiveness of a group matters or not, especially seeing as race mixing in that group has happened for centuries so you're letting your obvious racial biases seep through your posts anyways, but Africans are a wide continent and have varying looks and don't just look like your typical Bushmen which is what you're trying to slyly imply.

No. 403907

Just look at any "ethnic" forum of non-white people in the western world, like the asian ones on reddit. They are OBSESSED with white men/women. Look at how Hispanics venerate the whitest looking Hispanics in their TV/film industries. Can't speak for blacks, but I heard black people felt they "made it" if they marry a white woman. And black women were crowing when Serena married that Armenian guy, and when Harry married that black actress girl, even though he blatantly cheats on her with white girls and doesn't find her that attractive.

No. 403908

Since when do Chinese people worship "whites"? Koreans don't even worship white people.

I don't see what attractiveness of a group matters or not, especially seeing as race mixing in that group has happened for centuries so you're letting your obvious racial biases seep through your posts anyways, but Africans are a wide continent and have varying looks and don't just look like your typical Bushmen which is what you're trying to slyly imply.

No. 403909

Just look at any "ethnic" forum of non-white people in the western world, like the asian ones on reddit. They are OBSESSED with white men/women. Look at how Hispanics venerate the whitest looking Hispanics in their TV/film industries. Can't speak for blacks, but I heard black people felt they "made it" if they marry a white woman. And black women were crowing when Serena married that Armenian guy, and when Harry married that black actress girl, even though he blatantly cheats on her with white girls and doesn't find her that attractive.

No. 403911

>asian americans on american dominated site are a good example of how a population of millions think universally
>hispanics venerate the whitest looking hispanics in their tv/film industries
Hispanics are mixed with white and white Hispanics are a thing so this isn't really an "interracial" thing. and Hispanics go out with every races so it doesn't matter.
>the other points
Black people tend to have more racial pride than any other non-white "of color" (cringe) ethnicity and prefer their own strongly more than the rest even though they do have their crop of bedwenches and coons. The Serena Williams shit is mostly gender wars though. Black people will generally prefer themselves in keener features or lighter skin (all traits still naturally occurring to the black race without admixture) rather than straight up white people. I know it's hard to believe but you look like a hypocrite trying to clamor against race mixing but obviously cream your pants exaggerating how much non-white ethnic groups desire you.

No. 403912

I find it strange as well. The idea that white people never knew what hot food was until they ate curry is false. Most European countries have their own version of mustard, English mustard being particularly potent. Another example is horseradish.

No. 403913

Jfl. Average looking white nerds in China can get girlfriends with ease, I've seen it happen with my own two eyes. Koreans are exactly the same. And it works the same in reverse too, Chinese guys think any white girl is beautiful provided she's blonde and not fat.

No. 403914

The whole "woke PoC food chef" thing started a few years ago and is really annoying. There's this absolute twat of a chef on Netflix called David Chang who moans about white people constantly, he even had an entire episode devoted to how Italian food wasn't really Italian because tomatoes come from the New World and how the entirety of Asia (a continent) has "better dumplings" than Italy (a country). The salt of these people is unreal.

No. 403916

shut up hitler

No. 403917

>even though he blatantly cheats on her with white girls and doesn't find her that attractive.

i noticed this is a theme in your posts to constantly emphasize how unattractive black women are, are you that annoying med cunt? I hope you are bisexual or lesbian because if not..

No. 403918

eurocentric beauty standards are dominating the media everywhere. at least in where i'm from euroboos get made fun of just as hard as weebs and blackaboos. people who start to see another race as superior and shit on their own race based on the said race's entertainment industry are cringy no matter what race.

No. 403919

File: 1556468024150.jpg (132.74 KB, 1200x800, david_chang_netflix.0.jpg)

David Chang's food is terrible, his TV shows are too.

About the spice thing: Spice doesn't automatically make food better. Where I'm from we tend to use more herbs. Just dumping Sichuan pepper and chillis on everything is a lazy way of drawing out flavor.

No. 403921

>Italian food wasn't really Italian because tomatoes come from the New World

wtf going by that logic chinese food isnt chinese either because loads of the ingredients are taken from the new world and other countries as well kek

also hes a very bad cook idek why anyone watches his show

No. 403923

According to porn, all white women also crave black dicks

No. 403924

imagine being so racially self-centered and hyper-focused you solely think its because you're white and only because you're white, not because it happens in metropolitan cities and because it's a "exotic" ethnic group to them. yes there are self hating e. asians but not all of them are white worshiping and many are proud of their culture and want to only date intraracially.

White people love saying how much non-White people love them but go to Europe or America and see how much you see a White man or White woman with a non-White woman or man and how much non-White people are in their media (and for the past 60 years so you can't push the 'muh sjw agenda' like it means something-bs) being touted as sexy and beautiful BY OTHER WHITE PEOPLE.

European descent people are the biggest race-mixers of all time and you know it.

No. 403925

Yeah, it's really fucking stupid. A lot of the spices weren't actually introduced from India until European traders introduced them anyway. Likewise with some of the spices used in Kimchi. I mean, I'm not petty so I love a lot of Asian food and won't deny that, but I don't go around constantly insulting Asians for their perceived lack of baking ability, and that the only decent baked goods over there are Japanese places LARPing as French patisseries.

No. 403926

>European descent people are the biggest race-mixers of all time and you know it.

Statistically wrong on every count.

>how much non-White people are in their media

What countries are you talking about? This is only really true in Britain and America.

No. 403927

>Statistically wrong on every count.

The whole continent of South America, Caribbean and the amount of Hapas and other mixes steadily growing proves you wrong every day.

>This is only really true in Britain and America.

Wow the biggest "white" countries in the world would you look at that!

No. 403928

>The whole continent of South America, Caribbean and the amount of Hapas and other mixes steadily growing proves you wrong every day.

A lot of this can be attributed to the prodigious spread of Europeans throughout the world and the corresponding lack of white women in the New World for a while. Especially in South America. In places like Dutch South Africa/Transvaal, where white women were settled alongside white men in sufficient numbers, mixing was very rare after that point.

No. 403930

>Wow the biggest "white" countries in the world would you look at that!

Russia and America would be the biggest. Maybe Germany third? I know South American countries like Southern Brazil and Argentina still have tens of millions of Europeans too who largely don't mix.

No. 403931

There was still race-mixing going on after white women were with them, in about the 17c,18c,and 19c. This also happened in the Southern United States,as well.
If you seriously think mixed race people stopped sometime in the 18th and 19th centuries you are delusional as fuck lol.

U.K and U.S are the biggest in powers. For Russians, Russians are extremely ethnically diverse and many of them ethnically mixed as well. Some with "non-white" races. Don't get what that has to do with S. America being race mixed as all hell.

No. 403933


No. 403934

>For Russians, Russians are extremely ethnically diverse and many of them ethnically mixed as well.

80% of the Russian Federation is ethnic Russians, about 10% of the remaining 20% are Slavs and Tatars who are so mixed they may as well be Russian. The remaining 10% are Siberian natives and Caucuses people.

>If you seriously think mixed race people stopped sometime in the 18th and 19th centuries you are delusional as fuck lol.

That's not what I said, I said it was rare.

No. 403935





No. 403936

Fun fact about Russian men is that they do not find East Asian women attractive at all.

No. 403937

lmaoing @ this tard. The only reason Europeans seem less "racist" to outsiders is because most of our countries are run by marxists and have laws against "racism". Its not uncommon for people to get arrested for posting hate facts online. The sjw shit is so forced its unreal. British films cant even get nominated for Brit awards if they don't have any darkies in them.

No. 403938

Europeans are more racist. I mean a lot of countries in Europe are still basically ethnostates. Very few Italians would consider Balotelli a real Italian for example. Let alone places like Poland, Croatia, the Balts, Greece, Serbia etc.

No. 403940

>That's not what I said, I said it was rare.

Not only you are delusional, but you are a filthy liar who knows they're lying just to support their agenda.


So who's the second most powerful white country, France? If you want me to use France as my example you will BTFO harder. Be careful racially deluded-chan. :^)

lmao, another buzzword retards like you don't know and just throw out. The irony of you calling me a "tard" but then saying this sperg filled shit.

>The sjw shit is so forced is unreal

Probably because the "other side" is full of hyper-racialists like you who despise anyone who don't look similar to you? Food for thought.

No. 403941

I hope it's the same 2-3 people constantly shitting up every thread with racebait.

No. 403942

>So who's the second most powerful white country, France?

The country that actually has a functioning military industrial complex and project power overseas, Russia. You think the UK could have done what Russia did in Syria - i.e. single-handedly defend the Syrian Government from an onslaught of Western and Gulf backed states?

No. 403943

i think it is. the writing styles are always the same.

No. 403944

He isn't Italian. Why wouldn't Europe be hostile to outsiders? The SJW fantasy is to recreate homogeneous European societies, but with non-whites instead. We gain nothing from it even if their fantasies could be made to work.

No. 403945

There's one girl who hates Northern European girls for some reason and constantly makes snarky comments on the sly.

No. 403946

>Europeans are more racist. I mean a lot of countries in Europe are still basically ethnostates.

Listen, everyone knows European "racism" is a joke compared to racism of the Indian, the Chinese, ect. The most Europeans can be racist is flailing and shitposting online while obsessing over other ethnicities in the most autistic and cringiest way possible.

The UK is still culturally more relevant than Russia atm and more of the image of "white people" than Russia is. Maybe wait 20 years.

No. 403947

>The most Europeans can be racist is flailing and shitposting online while obsessing over other ethnicities in the most autistic and cringiest way possible.



dabs on you

No. 403948

You're a racebaiter too.

No. 403950

Aside from isolated incidents, Muslims are still yeeting the Europeans more into oblivion.

No. 403951

No. 403952

how is it that sometimes theres just a sudden influx of racebaiters in the unpopular opinion thread, this thread was slow asf until the racebaiters came.

i swear this happens every few months.

No. 403953

File: 1556469702250.jpg (24.15 KB, 300x400, 300px-Brenton_Gf.jpg)

There are barely any Muslims in the racist parts of Europe anyway.

Tarrant still has the highest score for a lone wolf anyway.

No. 403955

>Let me tell you about your country


No. 403956

>the racist parts of Europe
Stop embarrassing yourself.
>A country
I'm not American, but you sure sound like one.

No. 403957

>There are barely any Muslims in the racist parts of Europe anyway.

this isn't true lol. Spain has the most history with Muslims and it's waaaaaacist.

>Tarrant still has the highest score for a lone wolf anyway.

Another irrelevant fact, plz contain your panty moistiness for ugly white nationalist boys.

Shouldn't have accepted the "we are all whites" or "we are all europeans" b.s that was brought to you in the 20th century then :^)

No. 403959

>to racism of the Indian

You mean the same North Indians who think they're Aryans? lol.

>The most Europeans can be racist is flailing and shitposting online while obsessing over other ethnicities in the most autistic and cringiest way possible.

The largest right-wing paramilitary organization in the world is the Azov Battalion, in Ukraine.

No. 403960

>this isn't true lol. Spain has the most history with Muslims and it's waaaaaacist.

Spain does not have many Muslims compared to France or Britain, what are you talking about?

No. 403961

You think France, or Britain, are fond of muslims?

No. 403962

Aryans are Persians, not the appropriated term co-opted by Hitler and the Nazis in the early 20th century DUMMY.

>The largest right-wing paramilitary organization in the world is the Azov Battalion, in Ukraine.

Oh wow, a country literally no one ever lives in. Sure got me. Also since when is East Europeans considered in the white people group now, ever since your numbers got so low and pathetic you have to include Slavs into the normal and respectable Europeans now? Hmmm

>Spain has the most history with Muslims

Did you read what I said, thick head?

No. 403963

I'm originally from one of these more 'backwards' countries in the South East of the continent. I know more about this than you. Where are you from?

No. 403964

You might be European but u sure got the race baiting and autism nailed down to a T from your American overlords. Spending too much time on American internet rotted your brain I think. I see this all the time from non American foreigners it's sad.

No. 403965

Why are y'all talking about muslism as if they were a race

No. 403966

>Aryans are Persians, not the appropriated term co-opted by Hitler and the Nazis in the early 20th century DUMMY.

Aryans are the Indo-Europeans who invaded North India thousands of years ago and established the caste system there.


They're R1B in terms of their haplogroup. I.e. most similar to modern day Europeans.

No. 403967

>Did you read what I said, thick head?

But it's not even true lol. That would be Balkan countries.

>Oh wow, a country literally no one ever lives in.

>Population 40,000,000


>ever since your numbers got so low and pathetic you have to include Slavs into the normal and respectable Europeans now? Hmmm


No. 403968

The South East of Europe has got it right as far as rapefugees are concerned. Keep them out.

You must have you're head up your ass if you think Northern/central Europe is enjoying the invasion.

No. 403969


Literally just a google search away "Indo-Iranian peoples, also known as Indo-Iranic peoples by scholars,[1] and sometimes as Arya or Aryans from their self-designation, were an ethno-linguistic group who brought the Indo-Iranian languages, a major branch of the Indo-European language family, to major parts of Eurasia."

No one cares about Ukraine or the other backwards shitty places of East Europe. If everyone in that country got nuked tomorrow no one would care.


It's true tho and you know it.

No. 403971

tell Europeans to start breeding and marrying because keeping out rapefugees is not helping. Their birth rates are still dwindling and they're resorting to more desperate tactics as time goes on

No. 403972

it always comes with the racism, their ignorant asses end up thinking muslim is a race lmao. not all middle easterns are muslim.

No. 403973

Unfortunately if we keep them out the NWO gang in Brussels starts reee'ing about racism. This is what I find funny about people like >>403962, they hate the Europeans who are the most tolerant of their shit. They have no clue what real racism and hatred looks like. Real hatred is thinking the Battle of Kosovo and Fall of Constantinople happened just last week.

No. 403974

It's kind of irrelevant if there are no foreigners, since the country will still be 99% white with or without high birth rates. Besides, we are headed into an era of extreme automation. No need for insane numbers of cheap labor anymore.

No. 403975

Idk why people go straight to race. In my post I was only talking about about culture and social class, but people replying are like "UMM did you say RACE? Because blahbla /pol/ shgdghkjfs" no, dipshit!
It is known two people dating of the same race can be incompatible with each other because their cultures are vastly different so their home life is struggling. Two cultures can be very similar but come from different races. And then there's people from the same culture but different social class and they could still risk being incompatible.

No. 403977

Shit bait. You outed yourself as an American. Europeans more than ever care for other Europeans due to all the non-whites being forced on us.
We have too many people even if we did kick out the non-whites. Overpopulation needs to be addressed before it addresses itself.

No. 403978

Russians are truly the ugliest males in the world.

No. 403979

Or we just don't care enough to differentiate.

No. 403980

Yeah, all that "we'll just mix into the same culture" thing is working out great in America… No racial conflict there at all… LOL

No. 403982

I don't "hate" Europeans and I know what real racism and hatred looks like but as usual pol-tards like you completely miss the mark and always have the make up imaginary traits for your opponent to feel better.
If you're in one of those shitty economically destitute European countries then you're not actually "European".
The population will end up aging and dying out just like the Japanese. It's not irrelevant. LOL.

No. 403983

We do, I know Lebanese Christians are generally more civilized than Nafris for example, and they also look more European. In parts of Lebanon there are still pockets of people who claim Greek descent from Ancient and Byzantine time. That's why Lebanon (outside of Sunni areas) isn't a shithole.

No. 403984

File: 1556470886937.jpg (139.78 KB, 584x735, 1547602714406.jpg)

>There are barely any Muslims in the racist parts of Europe anyway.
Are you joking? Some towns and cities in the UK are over 50% muslim. Ever wonder why places like the midlands are becoming recruiting grounds for the far right?


No. 403985

SJWs think non-whites will behave like whites when they have the same power. When whites lose power America will be destroyed by the blacks and Hispanics fighting each other over the last scrap of wealth from prior eras. They wont give a shit about equality.

No. 403986

>The population will end up aging and dying out just like the Japanese. It's not irrelevant. LOL.
>Low birth rates mean your population will fall to zero

It's more like:

>It's incredibly expensive to raise a family because of the cost of property, especially in Japan

>Population falls
>Land and real estate becomes more affordable (this is actually happening now)
>It becomes progressively easier to start a family
>Birth rate ticks up again

Anglos aren't racist. They're too tolerant. That's the reason they have this filth in their cities to begin with.

No. 403988

idk about you but the SEA asian/blacks/hispanics mix along pretty great over here.. it's always mr whitey who has a problem for some reason

it's not always white america vs black america you dumb toon looking outside-in.

No. 403989

>Anglos aren't racist.
They have the harshest punishments for wrong thought.

No. 403990

>blacks/hispanics get along great

Funny, I was reading a story from the LA Times last year about a Latino gang who was systematically ethnically cleansing their areas of blacks by torching the homes of anyone who sold to a black buyer. This is just wishful thinking.

And jfl about Asians. Real reason is that Asians, coming from a different culture, are hyper-aware of the mainstream. They also understand that embracing the mainstream, which is anti-white leftist shit, is the way to succeed in the US at this time. High rates of university attendance compound this problem.

You can see this with Sarah Jeong, who exclusively fucks white men, but is vocal about the anti-white stuff. And look at the position she was rewarded with for doing so.

If gassing the kikes was the mainstream idea, Asians would be onboard with that. They have absolutely no principles beyond raw pragmatism and survival instinct.

No. 403991

LMAO THAT BOY GOT YEETED ON. God why are Brits and Muslims so inbred and fucked looking?

You're right! It's gonna get worse for Europeans who have a culture where women should be as progressive and detached from men as possible and having kids is bad and abortion is good. Oh yes being anti-tradition and anti-religion really fucked the Yurofags up. Can't wait until the population gets more feminist and "sjw" in other pro-white but anti-white ways and you still rot from the inside. #GodsPlan

No. 403992

wow you are so extremely cool for not being able to tell the difference between a religion and ethnicity. if you are going bitch about a group of people at least actually know something about them.

No. 403994

>know something about them
Their crime rates and terrorist attacks tell us all we need to know.

No. 403995

File: 1556471290027.png (287.22 KB, 556x568, 51506361203j4m21nbptqgca1w0yoh…)

idc for any of the relationship drama but goddamn I just cannot take her music seriously when I know underneath all the fake tan and "hood" styling this is who's actually singing those lyrics lmfao

No. 403996

You sound like a lunatic tbh. Cheering about a little girl getting murdered. Are you mentally ill or something? I've never met another woman with these sorts of extreme views.

No. 403997

>America will be destroyed
Please take this to the tinfoil thread oh my God

No. 403998

I said over here where i live. i don't live in la. i know what a surprise that everywhere isn't la or new york, right? also there's many black people who have hispanic relatives
1nce again, stupid race baiting shit posters online can see their ways from their point of view and can only explain things as they see it. you only have YOUR experience but yet you try to talk over me, who's lived mine, why? this is why I wish conservative and misogynist men of your race to rip you up into pieces and tear you like the dog you are.

No. 403999

It's most likely a scrot. Ignore and report

No. 404000

Idk, some 'PoC' women are legitimately that hateful.

No. 404002

Once whites are out of power the POC are going to divide everything up equally. You wont see any POC race wanting more power and resources their own race. Crime rates will plummet and the economy will boom. All of America will turn into a thriving paradise like Detroit.

No. 404003

Who said I "cheered"?? I just said got yeeted on.
I dislike Muslims and their countries but I have more respect for them because they don't sound like absolutely limp-wristed, weak minded, weak willed and deluded autists every time they come online to talk about any ethnic issue they have. At least they have some fervor and passion, right? And the only Europeans to have semblance of this are the ones from shitty countries no one gives a shit about like East European countries like Ukraine or Yogibear.

No. 404005

File: 1556471657292.jpg (69.71 KB, 600x566, 1504305522341.jpg)

>And the only Europeans to have semblance of this are the ones from shitty countries no one gives a shit about like East European countries like Ukraine or Yogibear.

Compared to Nafri countries, which are really advanced and successful? lol. Even the worst shithole in EE has a higher standard of living than the best place in Nafriland.

No. 404007

Idk man, at least Nafri countries have beautiful landscapes and architecture, what the fuck does the former Eastern bloc countries have? I remember a American or British youtuber made a country about the "ugliest country in the world" (and he's been to India so that would tell you something) and it was one of those shitty former Eastern bloc countries. There's nothing positive about East Europe. Like literally the only people who say anything good about it are East Europeans or people romantically interested in East Europeans. Literally no one else. Only Russia is something worth bragging about tbh.

No. 404008

>no one gives a shit about East European countries
That's just plain wrong though. Eastern Europe has even became quite a popular place to go on holiday since its one of the few parts of Europe that hasn't been destroyed by marxism.

No. 404010

>They show that among those proceeded against for street crimes, 54 per cent were black; for robbery, 59 per cent; and for gun crimes, 67 per cent. Street crimes include muggings, assault with intent to rob and snatching property.


If black people disappeared from London today, over 50% of all street crime would disappear. That's not even counting other non-white groups.

No. 404012

Nope, it's 100% accurate. Mental gymnastics don't change the fact my poor destitute European friend.
Yeah it must be hard being in that position, you'll either have to die out or face getting with hardcore misogynistic men of your group who will beat and rape you and marry you when you're 14. But at least they will protect your race and support it unlike those anti-white SJW soyboy cuck lefties. Geez talk about a rock and a hard place!

No. 404013

File: 1556472027099.jpg (1.08 MB, 1400x800, Tallinn_1400x800_3.jpg)

>what the fuck does the former Eastern bloc countries have?

Are you for real. Some of the most beautifully preserved Medieval towns in the world are in former E-Block countries. Places like Marrakech are a shithole by comparison. Their architectural remains are scant, and they don't take good care of what they have.

This isn't even talking about Krakow, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Budapest, Prague (far more beautiful and clean than Paris), Bucharest, Sofia and all of the little towns.

No. 404014

File: 1556472119393.jpg (61.92 KB, 600x603, 97e9a9e84ec2d8f283c37ee8619bcd…)

>Nafriland has nicer architecture than Eastern Europe

t. Nafri

No. 404015

File: 1556472221748.png (599.42 KB, 1968x1042, b44e5be9007f2bdb1283472697a07a…)

>When Nafris come to the Greek islands and pretend to be Greek or Italian when speaking to girls because they know everyone hates Nafris/Arabs

Yes, so proud of who they are. So much passion. LOL.

No. 404021

>a fucking castle wow
I can find that in Ireland and Scotland but 10000x better.
Sounds like shit hole people with shit hole mentalities and mediocre looking countries, I'll pass. I mean Nafris are retarded and criminal tier but at least they got the Arabiiiian niiiights advantage over you people.

I hate North Africans but I hate East Europeans more.

Greeks and Nafris look the same anyway habibi(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 404024

File: 1556472620058.jpg (97.62 KB, 1462x2046, TSTBaQ7.jpg)

Tallinn is the best preserved Medieval city in all of Europe though. You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

No. 404042

A Greek taking a jab at Anatolians is pretty pathetic tbh.
Why isn't this gross racebaiting shit banned btw? Is /pol/ massively migrating here these days?

No. 404048

i will never learn how to drive a car, its a useless waste of money and time. traditional petrol cars just take up space and pollute the air, not to mention how expensive gas is, and electric cars are extremely expensive and charging them isnt free either. i calculated it, and i could buy over 100 years worth of the most expensive type of bus pass available in my country for the price of a "cheaper" electric car. its just not worth it.

No. 404052

Convenience is better than saving money for a lot of people. Where I live, public transportation sucks. Not only that, but you lose the ability to travel and explore freely when you don’t have your own vehicle.

No. 404053

(ntayrt) do you live in murica?

No. 404055

It is banned, report it when you see it.

No. 404076

File: 1556480338552.jpg (45.32 KB, 600x402, img_20160419_221111.jpg)

Kpop is super damaging to everyone that consumes it, especially asians. A lot of kpop fans normalize plastic surgery and body dismorphia and all of the youtube influences get ps in korea because they are either inspired by korean pop culture or want to be a part of it. Kpop fans seem to worry about their looks the most compared to other fandoms, they (the ones i've come across and seen on yt) drop all of their money on kpop merch, k fashion, kmakeup,k skincare and sometimes plastic surgery. I grew up and live in a very asian city, 14 years ago no one worried about having white paper skin and a perfect face, now almost every asian in my city is trying to look like a kpop star and getting all these plastic surgeries done. Kpop does more damage on asians because it brain washes them into thinking these unattainable standards of beauty are normal and is the only attractive standard, at least here in the west we are opening up to different ideas of beauty.

No. 404078

A lot of people just don't have good public transportation or live in the suburbs with poor infrastructure.

I'd hate to live in North America just because it's really claustrophobic to live in a giant sprawling neighbourhood where every home is identical and not be able to go anywhere if you can't drive. I can't drive because I'm poor and don't really need a licence, but when I visited the US and UK I was shocked that even my Eastern Euro shithole, where some mountain villages don't even have electricity or a sewage system, has a better transportation network. And there's always a store within walking distance or at least a farmers market of some kind that isn't a big walmart type building or a mall.

And in the US services like Blablacar don't exist (or at least didn't back then) because of the whole "stranger danger" mentality. I would definitely want a car if I lived in that environment.

No. 404079

Why are you dragging this here, cunt? Get back in your quarantine.

No. 404084

it really is claustrophobic sometimes, I never thought of it that way before but it's accurate. At least when I lived in a small town there was always at least SOMETHING within walking distance, but now that I live in an actual suburb of a city the nearest store of any kind is an hour's walk away, with steep hills, and we didn't even have buses running up here until this year. If I didn't have a car I probably wouldn't leave the house.

No. 404085

File: 1556481921266.jpeg (57.97 KB, 590x393, 6B2315AB-3066-43C2-8DE8-76545E…)

Smells like robot in here, whats with the race shit lmao
Whites can be hot, Asians can be hot, Black people can be hot etc, not one set of features or skincolours is the default “attractive”, now can we move tf on?

No. 404093

File: 1556482398279.jpeg (511.5 KB, 640x948, 88A64454-97AC-44F4-AD4C-442DC6…)

Also all races can build amazing buildings and monuments, who would have thunk it!!
Almost as if it doesnt have anything to do with it!

No. 404095

white people

No. 404101

Thank god there's at least one normal person here. Y'all bitch about sexism and the evil men and twansgendews but then do this shit. If only white genocide was a real thing.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 404103

> If only white genocide was a real thing.


No. 404104

> If only white genocide was a real thing.
NTA (and not even white), but can you not?

No. 404108

I'm going to piggyback on this post to change the ongoing discussion, but I recall a poster recently said that she hates the metal genre because a lot of metal singers sing about rape or are misogynist, but I beg to differ.
There are some edgy bands, but they also sing about cannibalism and satanism.

The vast majority of metal bands are alright in that regards and do not objectify women, unlike the most top chart songs. Women regardless if they're the singer or just part of the show, are portrayed as a piece of meat. I'm not even going to talk about the quality of songs, but hip hop, rap, k-pop, pop are imo one of the most misogynist genres of music there are in the music industry. They try to mask the nudity and the curse words as empowering but they're anything but. The twerking trend which still hasn't fucking died is absolutely disgusting and dehumanizing.

No. 404127

Do you really think the radfems are the ones bitching about which race is ugly and inferior?

No. 404128

I have no idea how that anon came to conclusion that some anons engaging in pol discussions suddenly makes all radfems the culprits and sexism a non-issue.

If she's so keen on vilifying radfems, she can go ahead. Seeing that she's wishing genocide upon an entire race because of few shitposts, she's a rotten person anyways.

No. 404146

I hate ASMR, eating noises, scratching, clicking, white noise and whispering.
I’d rather listen to nails scratched on a chalkboard or squeaky brakes than subject myself to it.
It’s almost inescapable considering how annoyingly frequent it is on YouTube and in daily things like recipe videos etc.

No. 404152

File: 1556492270760.gif (1.73 MB, 500x282, 59rh.gif)

I fucking hated Avengers: Endgame. I'm just going to pretend that it never happened.

Another thing, I'm done with superhero movies (and remakes), but unfortunately, Disney just won't leave good things alone bc: money.

No. 404154

Same, it always makes me cringe so bad that I have to take off my headphones after seconds. I don't understand how anyone can listen to it for longer AND enjoy it.

No. 404155

I know it’s a meme but, god, Misophonia describes my life so well and why I hate ASMR.

No. 404166

I think the super hero fad will slowly die out. It's been going strong since, what, 2008?

No. 404203

I hope so. It's been getting on my nerves since the dark knight movie where Heath ledger joker fans came out of the wood work.

No. 404208

Like, same? I watched the Thanos movie and was not impressed. Yeah, there were some good moments? Ultimately it was very wrung out and just based off of the interactions between characters they did not write them well. I will not be seeing EndGame.

No. 404237

I think multicoloured tattoos are so fucking ugly and tacky. They never fucking look good and people always go for the most biggest piece right on their chest or arm so it's impossible to cover too. Black tattoos are easier to ignore and can even be cool and tasteful, but that enormous blob of faded colours trying to represent a dragon, a disney character or a pokemon? My god it'll look SO awful no exceptions.

No. 404391

men who have sex with prostitutes, especially men who go to 2nd and 3rd world countries to take advantage of the disadvantaged women there, deserve to be punished. if youre such a worthless cumbrain that you resort to abusing women instead of keeping your tiny ass smelly limp dick to yourself you deserve to be castrated tbh.

No. 404395

I don't understand how the fuck British people still allow any of their tax dollars to go to the royal family. It absolutely blows my mind.

Holy shit, I just got my two massive multicolored tattoos on my chest and arm worked on yesterday. That's really hilarious post timing you have there.

No. 404407

Institutional cuckoldry and delusion that they're still the great colonisers they used to be. Bit sad but not our problem anymore thankfully.

No. 404412

Idk anything about Britain but do their tax dollars really go directly to the royal family? Like to their bank account and shit? Damn they should follow in the foot steps of the french and have a revolution.

No. 404419

My unpopular opinion is that TERFs believe in identity politics more than anybody else

No. 404434


i dont really mind tbh, its only around 70 pence per person a year (thats about 90 cents, for you amerifags), and they bring in a lot of tourist money, probably more than they spend, but im hardly an expert on this. otherwise i dont really give a shit about them. they dont really do anything except occasionally have a wedding or pop out some babies.

No. 404440

Yes, they go directly to the royal family. It's a very tiny amount per tax payer, but it ends up being like 45 million UKD total.

No. 404455

people say this but fail to realize prime ministers and presidents in most countries including US and UK get pensions after they're out of office.

No. 404458

radfems are fucking annoying, especially here on the site. they completely ruin discussion, barge into threads and bitch about radfem shit that doesn't concern them, or complain about them if they're not radfem focused. and they make stupid assertions about the site being "primarily radfem" citing the no-male rule as a defense.

and they just in general seem really hateful. i hate how they put women on a pedestal and complain when you even assert that women are capable of wrong, or if you assert that society is fucked up in general and that maybe men aren't horrible shit rapists that will attack 1 in 4 women. they are super dismissive yet they constantly bitch about being silenced in their issues, despite constantly silencing everyone else.

i really think people with extremist views are stupid in general honestly. but radfems seem to be particularly hateful and shitty.

No. 404461

just wanting to add, i hate how they need men to pay attention to women's plight etc. but reee when you point out it's hypocritical to ask men to give a fuck about women when they don't give a fuck about men. they always baww about how "mens don't care about us, why should i care about them?" as if they should be able to be shitbags just because someone else is.

No. 404462

the "having sex with men is self harm" radfems are particularly annoying and spergy and I'm not even all that into men lol

No. 404464

>and they just in general seem really hateful

So in other words they fit right in on LC, kek

No. 404466

What's the point in getting all worked up on defending men like this. They only see women as objects of desire and nothing more. Unless you're a bitter male yourself.

No. 404468

I wasn't defending men I just find the extreme "you should chose to be a lesbian" radfems annoying and homophobic

No. 404470

Do we even have those here? Pretty sure most gc anons would agree that sexual orientation isn't something you can change.

No. 404471

You've never heard of political lesbianism?

You're proving their point

No. 404472

Never seen anons promote it here, no.

No. 404484

GoT is really fucking boring and generic I don't get how so many people can watch that shit. At least Breaking Bad was fun and it deserved the hype.

No. 404487

One of my ex-friends told me I had to watch it because "muh violence and sex, so edgy and mature"!!! I was bored to tears trying to watch it.

No. 404490

Do we really need to hear this ‘unpopular’ opinions every single day, I’m sick of GoT as much as the next person but I’m gettting pretty fucking sick of hearing how much people don’t like it as well

No. 404498

My unpopular opinion is that BrBa was neither that good, nor interesting.

No. 404517

I've never seen got but this is how I feel about westworld, there were like 3 exciting episodes and the rest literally put me to sleep

not a man-hater by any means but I feel like both of these shows just allow dudes to live out their fantasies. I mean that's like the entire premise of westworld, right? how meta

No. 404545

"Shrill" was fucking terrible. All of my friends loved it and keep talking about how "empowering" it was. It just seemed like a show about a fat white entitled cunt being a fat white entitled cunt, but okay.

No. 404549

Television is for people with double digit IQs that can't concentrate long enough to read.

No. 404556

Public school stunts emotional development/social skills as well as education (it moves at a glacial pace and is too broad)

No. 404559

aww, you just learned to read and now you've got a big head about it. eventually you realise reading is also just entertainment (even when you read a textbook and tell yourself you're learning)

No. 404567

Documentaries =bad
dan brown book = good and smart.

Anon is clearly a genius.

No. 404570

It was god fucking awful libfem shit, should've dropped it the moment they went out of their way to show how strong and empowered strippers are.

No. 404572


This is the opinion that every 7th grader comes to after reading "Catcher in the Rye" for the first time, so no, it's not unpopular. Try again.

No. 404574

tbf i was a prostitute for a while as self harm

No. 404579

I hate reaction videos and am convinced people making them are just huge attention whores.
I hate how it's even worse now with Game of Thrones and everyone feels the need to show how much of a fan they are. Bitch please, almost everyone likes Game of Thrones, you're not special.

No. 404583


dw anon, game of thrones will be over soon. attention whores probably gonna be around forever though..

No. 404592

that's the thing I don't want it to be over because I love Game of Thrones as much as the next fan. It's just that these kind of people turn it into a cringe fest.

No. 404642

File: 1556628820554.jpeg (40.74 KB, 739x415, 572B4EBD-11F0-4B3D-BBF4-296558…)

Currently rewatching Mulan, and honestly Disney catches way too much slack. I feel like they draw different ethnicities quite well - they have visible racial markers that aren’t ugly or offensive and they’re able to still create all their non-white characters with their distinct style. I also don’t understand all the screeching over the women being waifish, it’s really not that big a deal imo. I think movies like Pocahontas, Big Hero 6, Frog Prince and Moana are all good examples of how tastefully they create characters of other races/ethnicities

inb4 someone rees about how I’m just a Disney fag womanchild

No. 404643

Paternity tests should be mandatory after a child is born.
It just saves everyone stress.

No. 404645

Too many people end up in situations where their mother lied about who their father is/was, and the father walks when he finds out he's been lied to.
It can really fuck up kid's lives.

No. 404656

It's not racist to criticize certain cultural practices, unless you also attack the people born into that culture. Many cultures continue backward traditions, and it should be acknowledged as bad. It doesn't make someone racist to point that out.
And to be honest, you'll literally know the difference when you see it. I don't know why some people play dumb about this. You can say that the continued practice of child marriage in some countries is fucked up without having to call anyone "uncivilized", "savages", "subhuman", etc or make jabs at their skin color. Actual racists literally cannot help themselves. Even when they try their hardest not to say such things, it's still obvious in subtext and passive-aggressive. You can absolutely see the shit leaking through their pores.
Meanwhile, people who just have a moral code pretty much never bring race into things, and it doesn't even feel "off" when they say it. I'm sick of people conflating the two types, it just shuts down social progress on an international scale.

No. 404672

Uhhhh…. anon, in real life Pocahontas was an 11 year old girl and John Smith was a grown ass man. The colonists ended up kidnapping her then taking her overseas to showcase the beauty of Native American women as one of the many motivations to overthrow them and steal the area. Turning it into a beautiful love story isn't just culturally offensive, it's straight up revolting. Honesty, that movie isn't hated enough.

No. 404675

I totally agree with this.

The mother is super shitty for doing that, but the father is also super shitty. How can you just walk out on a child like that simply over finding it it doesn't have your DNA? It just shows how little these men give a fuck about their kids if years of raising and bonding with them flies out the window and they're willing to bail on them over that.

No. 404678

I wasn’t talking about the romanticised stories though, I was specifically talking about how the ethnicities are drawn

No. 404712

Although it is beautiful, that film has issues drawing Pocahontas in extremely sexualized ways. It's an issue bc native sex-bomb is a thing and native American women are amongst the most raped demographics if not #1. The problem isn't romanticization, the problem is presenting Pocahontas as a fuckthing.

I wouldn't list it along with something like Mulan or Moana, just because it is disrespectful to the culture in multiple ways other than the sexualization of its protagonist.

No. 404830

people who expect others to treat their stepchildren as their own are fucking insane.

and why is it that i only ever see step mothers being shat on for not treating their stepchildren as if they birthed them themselves, but step fathers get away with it. the stepchildren already have a mother.

No. 404995

Japanese food is just all style, no substance and overpriced.

No. 404997

File: 1556698556226.gif (190.59 KB, 220x220, stick_figure_walk_blindfold_md…)

Sounds weird but I got a feeling the 2020's will be a good decade, and I have had that feeling since 2016-2017 just like I had the feeling the 2010's would be shit in the 2000's. I honestly feel the 20s will be the first good and impressive decade of the 21st century and resemble something similar of the 1970s.

No. 404999

You need to eat some homemade Japanese food. I started making recipes of food I've had at restaurants. I love making gyudon and katsu and curry. I'll never pay $12 for katsu again when I can make some for literally $3 for 2 servings.

No. 405006

Since when was the 1970's considered good?

No. 405007

How was the 70s not good? Drugs.. sex.. disco..

No. 405008

Communal living.. hitchhiking.. free

No. 405018

All the other Jews with the light-up shoes,
You better run, better run,
Outrun my gun!

No. 405019

Shut up faggot.

No. 405020

I honestly preferred Infinity War. Act I of Endgame was decent, though. Beyond that, it was slightly predictable.

No. 405021

Kinda piggybacking off of >>404997, but I feel like the 80's would've been a fun era to live in. Not that I'd want to go back in time or anything, I like having the internet and cell phones and all that, but the emerging technology would've been fun to experience and also I love the tacky neon fashion and giant hair. Not sure if this is unpopular or not, but yeah.

No. 405022

Oh god I would love to live in the 80s. 1978-1985 were my shit. 1986-1994 were the bomb too. I liked a lot about 1995-1999 but late 70s/early 80s were the strongest part IMO

No. 405023

I have really voluminous frizzy curly hair so I just want to live in the 80s so my natural hair would be fashionable and trendy.

No. 405024

I'm saying this as a black woman that black men are horrible in bed. They are lazy and selfish. No passion. They don’t care if you are satisfied. Many of them have average sized dicks.Let’s be real. Who ever said they were the best in bed? And I don't have any rascal presences but the Best sex I ever had was from a Hispanic guy.

No. 405038

same! my natural hair looks like the perms that were all the rage during that era, it'd be nice to be able to rock up like that and everyone would think it was super cool…

No. 405058

File: 1556712007324.jpg (40.63 KB, 495x479, hairstyles-0.jpg)


Women in the 80s looked unapologetically glam as fuck and I love it

Is there a vintage/decades thread anywhere on here? I'd love a place to dump all of my 60s/70s/80s pics

No. 405087

there was one somewhere on /g/ but it's been dead for like a year. maybe put it on /m/ (since for some reason it's for image dumps)

No. 405098

You should do it! Something people don't often realize is that our contemporary era is unique in that you literally can have any style from any era or something entirely new and not be seen as a freak, from a fashion standpoint. I've heard from designers that due to this, they find it hard to design for the era bc the era doesn't actually have a uniform-like aesthetic to it.

Wearing what specifically looks good on you is what counts these days.

No. 405111

All of these things would only been fun if you were a white man. Otherwise you would get drugged, raped, kidnapped and murdered and no one would have given a shit lol

No. 405116

Agreed. And it's unfortunate. Anyone that isn't a white man saying they'd like to live during other decades. Sounds shitty to be anything but white AND male back then… There are some things that look fun in retrospective but the rampant misogyny ruins it.

No. 405120

>implying that shit doesn't still happen in current year

No. 405124

I'm glad that I live in these times and not the past, to be honest.
>parties, drugs and the ability to run away from home still exist
>can also talk to millions of people around the world, buy fun things from other countries without having to go to them, discover all sorts of music, read almost any books, watch anything I want without censorship or waiting for localization, learn new languages for free, take nice quality photos, try all sorts of food
>if you get beaten up, raped, harassed or killed by any man or racist person, you at least have a semblance of a chance for justice
>can enjoy all the aesthetics of the past, as well as the new things
>can put your art, music and writing into the world without any barriers (the only gain from using the typical process being increased exposure)
>slimy CEOs and other powerful people who exploit the weak are getting exposed more easily day by day
Who the fuck would want to live without all those things, lmao? The only upside to the past, IMO, is that the environment was less fucked, and that back then, there were easier opportunities to get rich (college was so fucking cheap), and a chance to prevent many international conflicts and exploitative practices of certain countries on others.
The only reason I'd ever want to go back in time is to influence certain people to avoid certain deals, prevent the politically-planned murders of certain officials, kill off shitty leaders before they can act, and take advantage of all the opportunities for success. Typical, average daily life back then would suck unless you're white and male, lmao.

No. 405128

I've seen a lot of stupid shit here. This is right up there. The reactionary dumbass shit is OTT and you sound like you have no idea what you're talking about. Mainly because you don't. Stupidity is not pretty.

No. 405129

I fucking hate the idea of pets. Why do we think we can rip wild animals out of their habitats and breed them incessantly with absolutely no fucking regard? And now we have the whole feral cat situation in Australia, where the cats have pushed 33 bird species to extinction. Of course, the public only cares when it's the fluffy domesticated animals that die, it doesn't matter when cats kill billions of wild birds a year.

No. 405130

NTA but
>the truth
These are objectively better times to live for anyone who's not white and also not male. Only people who fit both/either of the opposite categories get mad when something that simple is pointed out. Cope.

No. 405131


Do you even know what that word means? Lmao.

No. 405156

Y'all sound like a lot of neoliberal shills who want to justify the growing financialization and inequality rampant in our society today lmao

No. 405165

Opinion discarded. Also, if you think inequality and financialization was any less rampant back then, you're retarded.

No. 405192

Anons who derail threads to shit in order to respond to everything that mentions them should be permabanned. I especially hate it if they have some weird holier-than-thou attitude. Like bitch, stop ruining the thread, and acting like you're not in the wrong.

No. 405244

Early 2000s Avril Lavigne was iconic, and she deserves to share the pop culture crown with Britney Spears.

No. 405258

Lol wut. Black culture had a renaissance in the 1970s.

No. 405261

No. 405264

Okay since I'm the OP of the first post I'll counter your points.

>parties, drugs and the ability to run away from home still exist

People don't dance in parties anymore like they used to do in the 70's and 80's since most young people decide staying against a wall or huddled in a group of their friends texting own their phone is more fun than dancing. If they do decide to "dance" it will be a few minutes twerking. There's no actual dance genre or subcultures of people like there was in the 1970's either. You have to pretty much go to specialized parties to get dancing and these can be few and far in between depending on where you live.
The average street price for many drugs has gone up while the presence of impurities in more drugs is than ever now, many of those said impurities being extremely harmful and causing 10x more fatal effects than the original drug would on its own.
No contest on the rest.
>can also talk to millions of people around the world, buy fun things from other countries without having to go to them, discover all sorts of music, read almost any books, watch anything I want without censorship or waiting for localization, learn new languages for free, take nice quality photos, try all sorts of food
Not to get into a debate between virtual communication vs "irl" communication I prefer the latter by far. Higher technological quality and more freedom is definitely the cornerstone of the 2010s by far though.
>if you get beaten up, raped, harassed or killed by any man or racist person, you at least have a semblance of a chance for justice
Ehh, this still can happen, but the way you're sounding it it's like you're acting like the post-Civil Rights/Feminism movements didn't exist during the 70s. They were a very heavy part of subculture in the 1970s and were beginning to affect everything.
>can enjoy all the aesthetics of the past, as well as the new things
Yeah but imo doesn't beat the feeling of coming up and young with new aesthetics surging from that time period in the moment instead of just passively taking it in by browsing it on the internet while your current decade has no definition to it at all.
>can put your art, music and writing into the world without any barriers (the only gain from using the typical process being increased exposure)
No contest.
>slimy CEOs and other powerful people who exploit the weak are getting exposed more easily day by day
No contest.

All the points you bring up is about life being more comfortable now, but you have to realize us being more plugged into the internet and being detached from the real world has its very real, bad, consequences too. The biggest upside to the 1970s and 1980s is that you could feel actually part of a real life community back then and everything was submerging from that time period just from the sheer innovation and creativity than come from that time. The 2010's has that in little.

>Typical, average daily life back then would suck unless you're white and male, lmao.

This just isn't true, seriously.

No. 405265

>the 70s are a better decade cause dancing and drugs and a curated, retrospective view of trends and design

No. 405267

You didn't read my post and you don't respect my opinion either because you're in an arguing mood which is why I can't take anyone seriously on here most of the time but it's alright.

No. 405270

Not every black person grew up around white people in the 1970's back then, hell a black person in a city like Boston would still face institutional racism and racism from the people there in 2019. Don't let the fanciness of social media fool you. Black people have barely progressed since the 70's, we still have no generational wealth, many of our men are incarcerated and our culture has actually gotten worse in every way for the past 40 years. There's actually a new movement called #AADOS because of, in part, how shitty our people fell off from the strides we were making in the 60s and 70s, lmao. Ofc that has to do with a lot of the government policies & stuff that affected many urban communities in the 1980's, but yeah.
I have grandparents and parents that grew up or were adults in the 1970s in a majority- black city so I don't need articles to tell me how bad it was. I think saying it was only good for white men is seriously undervaluing the communities of blacks, women, and gays back then..

No. 405273

Ot but I've seen the term ADOS come across but I still don't really get it? What is the movement for?

No. 405276

File: 1556744123191.jpg (36.66 KB, 817x443, 1555199630753.jpg)

>reeeee respect my ohpeenyun
Shut the fuck up, boomer >>>/facebook/

No. 405278

do you people ever get tired of acting like rude autists?

No. 405284

I could ask your entire generation the same question :^)

No. 405287

ot, but who is this anon who keeps sperging about boomers and facebook and always uses the ":^)" emoji

ive noticed several posts from them over the last week or so especially in this thread

No. 405291

I've only made 2 posts about boomers and 2 posts with dorito face on this board.

No. 405292

im gen z but go off

No. 405293

I sort of agree with this. Her first album was something different and was actually good. It's shame everything after that was complete shit.

No. 405313

those giant fugly ass office buildings that look like glass cages are unironically the ugliest buildings ever made. i secretly hope that they have to knock them down eventually, they are truly a plague on cities.

also plastic windows are ugly as fuck too.

No. 405323

TERFs are like redpillers. Wrong and cultish.

No. 405324

Sorry I still don’t understand why people can’t say nigga or fag. Why is it necessary to lynch someone for saying a word.
These aren’t just any slurs, they long been reclaimed by people of those groups. I mean “bitch” or “cunt” and other 100 words are a misogynistic slurs but they’re permissible to most people (who gives a shit about women’s feelings amirite). What the fuck is context anyway??
I think language policing is fucking stupid and the least of racism or homophobia’s worries like?? Will canceling a random girl on Twitter stop actual racists and homophobes etc. from saying these words with hateful implications? No. If anything you’re just giving assholes an easy way to trigger you. Why give them that power? I don’t get it.

No. 405328

>Trannies and their supporters are worse than redpillers. Wrong and cultish.
FTFY. Now it's actually an unpopular opinion.

No. 405329

I'm not interested in arguing or anything, but I do want to share my ideas on this. Nobody is "lynched" for saying these words, it's just that the use of them have historically had terrible connotations. Because of this, society doesn't accept it's use in certain contexts. About them being reclaimed: That doesn't mean the word magically is fine. Context does matter. You can't really fight society on this issue, it's just how it works and it seems to be going fine.
You brought up "bitch" and "cunt", appearing to understand and care about how they are offensive and affect women, so I'm curious as to why you can't understand the reason why the other slurs are shitty.
When you say language policing you sort of imply that people are being prevented from expressing themselves naturally. I don't really think everyone is dying to say the nigga or fag like it's nothing. Maybe you are, but most people are affected by societal norms, no policing needed.

No. 405330

>Troons are like redpillers, wrong and cultish
The more I know about lesbian trans, the more I agree with terfs, shoutout to the gender critical thread.

No. 405331

How is this an unpopular opinion, it’s screeched everywhere that ‘terfs’ are bad

No. 405332

It's unpopular here. Look at the TERFS already swooping in.

No. 405334

Keep telling that to yourself darling

No. 405336

Honestly I’d like it if misogynistic slurs were viewed the same as faggot and nigger, women should cause an uproar. Cancel culture seems like the prime time to do this

Don’t know about you guys but I am absolutely sick of people getting a free pass to dehumanise and dismiss me by yelling female specific slurs at me whenever it suits them

No. 405339

Are you that newfag that had asked why there are so many terfs here? Regardless, if it bothers you that one little tidbit of the internet expresses GC views why don’t you go to one of the infinite other spaces that follows TRA ideology

No. 405342

I probably will leave because of the pervasiveness of the ideology. I was curious about the extent is all.

No. 405343

File: 1556757082417.png (315.81 KB, 613x381, e9730cae-3bbf-4957-81e3-e7a7cd…)

>I probably will leave
please do. your kind aren't wanted here.

No. 405344

Enjoy your safe space <3(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 405347

You know I'm not the biggest fan of TERFs here either, but even I realize that they're better representatives for my gender and interests than men pretending to be women are.

No. 405349

Ironic considering you can’t handle the fact that people here don’t coddle trannies so you’re planning on fucking off to somewhere that aligns with your TRA mindset

No. 405350

nta but leaving because of TERFness is stupid. this site is shit but the terf reasons it isn't

No. 405352

File: 1556758016994.webm (7.09 MB, 1280x720, TimmytheTransgenderBear.webm)

Enjoy yours back on tumblr, soy twitter, or /tttt/

No. 405358

ikr? The entire GC thread is an unpopular opinion everywhere else on the internet, but it's really opened my eyes.

No. 405366

African American Descendants of Slaves.

Because a lot of people assume every black person they see with a non-African accent must be American black people fail to understand that many blacks who get Affirmative Action/ are in high level programs/ get scholarships and such are not the actual descendants of slaves. They are those who's parents came to America in the 60s onward.

Thus they never dealt with generational poverty, housing discrimination, lost dignity, disrespect on the scale that AADOS have.

AADOS movement is to bring awareness to the issue of Black Americans who have legitimate ties to the country being disenfranchised and ignored while never being re-compensated. Every other ethnic group was, African Americans never were. While people, usually naive liberals, will put who they see as black (who aren't actually AADOS) on a pedestal to say "look how far we've progressed in race relations", when nothing has actually changed for those affected.

I'm for it.

t. African American in America with African parents.

No. 405376

lol i will say that it's interesting how the pockets of the internet are either "everyones valid uwu i identify as autismgender!! uwu uwu soft bois!!" or it's lolcow-level GC: all trannies are confused retards and mentally ill

No. 405397

I mean, they are all mentally ill - gender dysphoria is a mental illness, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to acknowledge that

No. 405432

File: 1556777282006.png (235.06 KB, 500x711, you-know-its-the-80s-when-you-…)

80s style needs to make a comeback
especially the big hair

>tfw every time I see an 80s movie I feel a sadness inside me

No. 405439

I’ve thought about getting big poofy hair like that but fear the attention that it would draw and how ridiculous I’d look in public. RIP my 80s aesthetic dream. They really had an awesome look going.

No. 405442

It really looks like we've had at least one persistent tranny/male visiting this board and bawling about evil terves in here and /meta/. fuck off back to twitter faggot

No. 405444

You wouldn't get that much attention, this is coming from someone who has huge hair naturally.

No. 405459

you'd probably be called a racist or appropriating afros or black womens hair or some shit.

No. 405460

sigh, nobody cares about your afro, that's different.

No. 405461

Literally no one would say that you stupid as fuck racebaiter.

No. 405487

Notice how they never actually reply to any of the arguments in the MH, GC, and Radfem thread but instead just complain about those three in every other thread and derail completely?

No. 405540

File: 1556808367288.jpg (141.39 KB, 820x312, curly.jpg)

now that I think of it you're right, my friend has hair like pic related naturally and no one says anything about it except we always compliment her because her hair is awesome.
It still seems a bit different than 80s hair though.

lol what, white people can have naturally poofy hair too

No. 405555

It's bait anon, ignore them

No. 405567

I hate when I see a pretty girl drinking/ordering Mountain Dew in a restaurant

No. 405574

Are you the same anon posting in the annoying thread who is mad at IG girls pretending to eat the meals they take pictures of?
It'll be okay. Seriously.

No. 405577

Nta but i actually love seeing pics of pretty slim girls eating fast/junk food and being carefree and shit. I think it's cute.

Don't know why you're mad anon

No. 405586

NTA but why are you two so butthurt?

No. 405615

You both are tone deaf if you think that's seething.

No. 405662

File: 1556827621546.jpg (63.45 KB, 231x300, 45678976543356789.jpg)

i want mullets to make a come back, but i dont mean the ugly redneck kind i mean the shaggy rock star mullet like pic related

undercuts and most modern mens hairstyles look like shit imo

No. 405773

Apparently it's unpopular to think it's okay for a parent to buy a preteen or teenage girl a vibrator if they're wanting to masturbate.

Maybe it's because I grew up in a sexually repressed household where I was forced to experiment with objects like hairbrush handles and toothbrush grips. I don't see what's wrong with wanting to ensure girls have sanitary and safe masturbatory items.
I'm lucky it never went awry or got an infection.

It's kind of sad how people acknowledge that teenage girls will try to use everyday items and attempt odd ways to get off, but making sure they're educated and using items that are actually designed for vaginal use is some giant fucking taboo.
>b-b-but they're too young and they just need to use their fingers!!!11!!
Not every girl nor woman gets off on fingers. Girls also don't need to be protected from their own bodies, I was keenly aware that it felt good to rub my vulva since I was a six year old and it's not because I was groomed or taught to do that. There's a difference between an adult sexualizing a child and a teenager coming of age and wanting to explore their own body.
Ensuring young girls have safe masturbation isn't condoning deviancy or encouraging them to have tons of sex.

No. 405774

I want you to be my parent anon lmao

No. 405777

I think Avengers Endgame is overrated, It wasn't that good, anyway when will this super hero craze end? superheroes movies or remakes are like everything I see being released in theathers now and I am getting tired

No. 405781

I liked Endgame because it finally showed superheroes not getting everything they fucking want at the end. The tertiary Marvel movies were annoying because it always showed the main characters prevailing when most times they were outright jerks who needed badly to suffer losses and be humbled. Imo, Endgame didn't go far enough in punishing the self-righteous assholes and teaching them that they can lose big time.

Unfortunately, the superhero craze is just beginning. I just hope for the sake of me getting dragged to these movies, and them being an inescapable part of my friend circle, that Endgame means that the typical superhero movie plot formula will get shaken up a bit.

In general it seems like Hollywood is running out of ideas. The remakes of successful movies convince me of it.

No. 405782

It's not 'wrong', it's just that it would be traumatically embarrassing if my parents ever gave me a fucking vibrator and I'd rather struggle the rest of my damn life with a hairbrush than have something so horrifically awkward happen to me. I don't know what you consider a 'sexually repressed' household to be, but to me that's shaming a child for their body or puberty matters or their (future) sex life. A lack of dialogue about sex aside from safety isn't repression, it's just a parenting style that allows their children some privacy and doesn't confront them with something most would not be comfortable discussing with family. It's not wrong to be more open but it's not dangerous or bad if they aren't.

The best thing a parent can do, in my experience, is renovate the bathroom and get a detachable showerhead. Effective, hygienic and private.

No. 405785

This, I do not want my parents having anything to do with my sexuality. If a teen feels the need for a vibrator they can just save up pocket money/work part-time and discreetly buy one online (unless you have the type of parents who open your packages, send it to a friend's house and have them give it to you instead I guess).

No. 405787

shout out to my detachable showerhead and moderately high pressure plumbing for carrying me thru my teen years and preventing my hormonal horniness from making dumb boy-related decisions!

No. 405789

>it's just that it would be traumatically embarrassing if my parents ever gave me a fucking vibrator and I'd rather struggle the rest of my damn life with a hairbrush

Fair, but to add some context to my post: My opinion was in reply to a fake story shitpost someone made about a dad discovering his preteen looking at sex toys on the internet. The story goes that he slams the girl's laptop in her face thinking that she's trying to buy sex toys, grounds her, and then gets pissed off when the mom un-grounds her and even suggests they buy the daughter a sex toy like a vibe after talking to the daughter.
Anyway, the post is set up to make the mother look like a sex-posi wench and to give good boy points to the father for being a prick.

Sexual repression to me is fearing negative consequences for wanting to discuss sexual topics or confessing sexual actions.
In my house, there was no such thing as dialogue besides what I learned in health class and being told "NO" which did me no favours later on.
When my mom caught me with a household object once, she shouted "DON'T STICK THINGS IN YOUR VAGINA!" as rather it shouldn't have been concerning that I had nothing vaginally appropriate as an alternative and doing something risky.

The privacy argument is fair to a point but I don't think avoiding the discussions altogether is very good parenting. I think it can even be neglectful.
Another example: If I found out my teenager was having sex, I don't give a fuck if she'd be embarrassed about the subject but I would be pushing condoms and whatever birth control she'd be willing to take. Parents who choose to ignore their preteen and teenager's sexual activities tend to wind up with pregnant daughters.

No. 405793

This, my mom tried being a "cool mom" like that and it ended up being incredibly creepy and scarring me for life. I don't even want my boyfriend to give me a vibrator, if I want one I'll buy one myself, stay the fuck out of teenage girls' vaginas.

No. 405795

There's a difference between being involved and wanting to make sure their daughters are being safe, versus being the creepy, skinwalking "cool mom" stereotype.
>stay outta my vagina, mom!
If I had to be financially responsible taking you to the hospital if you fucked up your vagina with something weird I'd 100% make you being safe my business.

No. 405798

I definitely don't see a problem with the mom getting their daughter something she clearly already wants. It's more buying one unprompted that would be uncomfortable.

It's a fine line to walk imo. Ideally you could have a frank talk about anything to do with sex and masturbation with kids if your concern was their health and happiness, but realistically most wouldn't be open to it. Things to do with safety and health and self esteem should be discussed whether the kid likes it or not, but some sex topics like masturbation and what feels good or kinks or whatever cross a line where it's just too embarrassing for them to be receptive to a conversation about it. Most just have to learn those things on their own, it's not like they lack resources with the internet these days.

No. 405821

The Confetti Club members are more fun to post about and view than Pixielocks with her boring scheme of look-at-me-and-my-products-while-I-whine.

No. 405854

hard agree

No. 405862

I wonder if people are just resistent to this idea because it's about female masturbation. I see jokes from moms on facebook often about their sons and needing to keep "lotion and tissue stocked" and theres the whole "stiff socks" jokes you see in movies where the gag is the sock is dried with cum.

No. 405864

>traumatically embarrassing
This. I was already depressed and emotionally fragile at that age. The level of awkwardness and embarrassment from my mother randomly giving me a vibrator and telling me how to use it probably would have tipped me over the edge.

I do agree with the other anon that parents should be open to talking about sex and personal issues with their children because ignorance does more harm than embarrassment.

My sister is a teenager and she does want to talk to me about sex and puberty sometimes. I don't mind doing this for her. It wasn't that long ago that it was happening to me, so I understand how she feels and I think it's better for her to able to talk about it with someone that she trusts. I draw a very clear line about what is and isn't acceptable to discuss. I do my best to give her good advice and truthful information but I do not ever talk to her about my own personal sexual experiences.

No. 405878

File: 1556851981336.png (219.06 KB, 390x310, mp_400.png)

I like general discussions more than cow threads.
Most cows are boring imo and it gets exhausting watching farmers in some threads rehash the same theories over and over again.

No. 405879

Agreed, I hope /m/ and /w/ become busier over summer so we can get some good discussion going

No. 405885

>I hope /m/ and /w/ become busier over summer
>busier over the summer

oh god no….

No. 405886

Hooded eyes and low cheekbones are unattractive

No. 405890

This thread is the unpopular opinions thread.

No. 405895

I don't think I'll ever plan on having kids because childbirth scares me, but theoretically I wouldn't have any issue with my teen daughter using a vibrator. I mean it would be weird to just randomly gift her one, but if she were open about it with me it would only have to stay between us. I'm not an uber sex-posi kinksterfag, but it's just masturbation and most people start doing it in their teens. I'd rather she use a vibe than have unprotected sex or make stupid, hormonal decisions in relationships and get taken advantage of.

>Not every girl nor woman gets off on fingers.

Yeah tbh I rubbed my clit and used a hairbrush when I first started. Fingering felt too weird and not really enjoyable.

No. 405900

My hair is naturally curly/wavy, and I don't have the same experience. My big hair always drew attention and my family made jokes about it a lot. I was the only one with this hair type so my mom didn't know how to properly handle curly hair. When I was in school people would always ask why my hair was so poofy and if I straightened it I would get weird looks and comments. It's different now that I'm older and learned how to manage frizz and take care of my hair.

No. 405901

ive got a young daughter. sex talk is coming up and im nervous, but i know that i have to set a good foundation in hopes that she wont become ashamed of herself and whats going on and the feelings she will have because of just being a human.

my family was super christian, never had a sex talk and was of course ashamed when i would masturbate or think of sex because i was going to burn in hell forever. but fuck that if i want my kid to feel the same way. the best thing i could do for, i think, is to let her know that she will have these kinds of thoughts and feelings and thats human. id much rather my daughter ask about birth control and a safer way to masturbate than grabbing something that could damage her.

No. 405902

I think it depends on how young the daughter is. I wouldn’t say it’s a good idea to get a vibrator for say a 12 year old, vibrators can often be way too strong and you’re risking her permanently damaging her clit or not being able to get off in any other way once she’s an adult, anons have to remember that female sexuality can be easily damaged during adolescence

No. 405903

I know that feel, most my family has thin straight hair. I remember spending at least 2 hours every couple days straightening my hair so people would leave me alone about how poofy it was at school.

>tfw have spent like 3k on straightening my hair altogether with perms and shit

My hair isn’t even that curly funny enough, but I was raised in a small ass town in the middle of nowhere.

No. 405914

>over the summer
I guess summerfags got out of school early

No. 405916

set yourself on fire. thanks.

No. 405920

Fuck off scrot

No. 405922

>I wouldn’t say it’s a good idea to get a vibrator for say a 12 year old
Yeah well preteens are more often than not still too immature to deal with this topic anyway. People start maturing at a faster rate once they enter their teen years, both physically and mentally.

No. 405933

I’d say it’s weird even for a teen though - your job as a parent is to properly educate them about sex and masturbation, not provide them with sex toys. That seems like a gross misstep of boundaries

No. 405964

rico nasty is just the avril lavigne of hip-hop
i still like her though

No. 405984

File: 1556866257405.png (89.45 KB, 202x197, 1556309105862.png)

>you're re risking her permanently damaging her clit or not being able to get off in any other way

fucking disgusting. pleases kys yourself for even typing this

No. 406004

File: 1556868658692.jpg (283.95 KB, 688x920, 1551688567749.jpg)

I'm turning 24 this year, never had a stable, long term job and my parents are close to their sixties and once they die I don't know what I'll do because I probably won't have financial stability so… yey.

No. 406009

Well, I know a lot of anons here said they would be embarrassed and that's understandable, I would consider it crossing a boundary if that's the case. Just that if I had a daughter who was open about the subject I wouldn't consider it a big deal, given that she's at an old enough age. Not like I'd watch her use it, gross. No other details need to be unveiled.

No. 406019

That can literally happen though just like using a shower head can do the same.

No. 406030

I mean you can get desensitized, but it's reversible if you stop masturbating this way for a little bit.

It's kinda fucked up that you'd worry about a girl "damaging" her clit by masturbating, that's all. I know I spent my teen and early adulthood unable to masturbate to complexion because I didn't have access to a vibrator, so it can go both way.

No. 406031

How about study or do an apprenticeship then to get a job???

No. 406032

samefag but on the subject of buying sex toys for your teenager ;
I definitely think it's not okay for parents to randomly buy a dildo for their daughter, if she really wants to buy herself a dildo she can do so online with the money she made working a summer job or smth, if you're not a weird intrusive parent who open their child's mail she should be able to get whatever sex toy she wants to.

No. 406036

My parents got me a vibrator when I turned 18. I pretended like it was awesome, cool and such a open-minded thing to do but subconciously I was pretty disturbed (didn't realize until later). It was a nice vibrator though. 3/10 experience, wouldn't do it to my own kids.

No. 406038

I don’t see how it’s fucked up to worry about that when in this hypothetical situation I could possibly stunt my child’s sexuality in adulthood? It’s not just the desensitisation but also teaching your body to get off to this one activity rather than letting kids just explore on their own. I wouldn’t want to harm my kids in any capacity. Regardless, it’s a fucking weird boundary to cross with your kids, who the fuck buys sex toys for someone they don’t view sexually - would you be 100% happy if your mum were to buy you a dildo tomorrow or would it be fucking weird?

No. 406041

To study I need money and I did an apprenticeship but the market is oversaturated which makes it difficult to find work. Idk really

No. 406048

I don't get why this is even up for discussion, masturbation is a private, secret thing, why should parents ever get involved in any sense in this? They don't need to and shouldn't know whether their children choose to do that or not. Buying your daughter a sex toy is honestly one of the most degenerate things I've ever read on lolcow.

No. 406051

Because it's none of your business if she desensitize herself with the way she masturbate. And I said it's fucked up to buy sex toys for you child right here >>406032

No. 406054

>its none of your business
>but it shouldnt be done

the confused liberal…

No. 406059

Yeah, she should be free to do whatever she wants with her body, even desensitize herself, at the same time you shouldn't buy your teenage daughter a vibrator, because it's fucked up. What is so confusing about that?

No. 406062

So it's fucked up to be concerned about your child's sexuality being damaged.. how?

No. 406063

How can you even 'damage' your clit by masturbating? Seems like some bad women's anatomy bullshit.

No. 406065

>I definitely think it's not okay for parents to randomly buy a dildo for their daughter
No one said it was okay to randomly buy one without considering if it would be an embarrassing experience. Why is the reading comprehension on this website so piss poor

No. 406066

You can't destroy your clit's nerve ending just buy using a vibrator or blasting water on it, you can only desensitize yourself and it's REVERSIBLE.

No. 406067

Another anon said they should get a detachable showerhead, and honestly how is that any different when the intention is for it to essentially serve the same purpose?

No. 406068

This. I don't get how any biological woman can genuinely believe otherwise. Am I just talking to trannies everytime I post on this board now?

No. 406069

One give your daughter the option to think no one really knows what she's doing the other blast her sexuality right onto her face and let her know everyone definitely knows that she masturbate, which is not something most teenagers want to know or think about. Jesus, do you guys used to be super confortable with your sexuality when you were teenagers? Did you guy want your parents to buy you a sex toy?

No. 406071

But it is my business if the desensitisation is a direct result of a purchase I made for her?

No. 406072

You do realize that this 'desensitization' you are talking about will go away with maybe about 2-4 weeks of not touching your clit, right? I agree that buying a sex toy for your kid is awkward and potentially emotionally damaging, but 'desensitization' is a very piss poor argument to make.

No. 406073

Either way you're being conscious about what your daughter masturbates with so don't pretend like you have some moral highground on that aspect. Second of all, nobody said it would be appropriate for a parent if she prefers not to be open with you about it. Again the reading comprehension on this website is so… fucking… bad…

No. 406074

You’re ignoring the fact that just like porn all sex aids can condition you to not be able to get off without them, or at least not easily. It’s not just a physical desensitisation, plenty of women speak about how excessive masturbation in a specific way makes them unable to get off in others in the long run and do you really think a teenager is mature enough to consider long term effects when they’d prefer the immediate gratification?

No. 406075

Would you buy your son a pocket pussy too?

No. 406076

>nobody said it would be appropriate for a parent if she prefers not to be open with you about it

I really do think most anons are missing this.
If it's the difference between being being helpful or shaming, being helpful is clearly the better choice. Nobody thinks parents should randomly buy their teenagers super dildos and bdsm.

No. 406077

Uh, sure… buying a vibrator for your daughter is just as fucked up as being aware she probably masturbate because she's a normal person.

No. 406078

Do you have actual sources for the claim that masturbation(apart from porn) somehow ruins sex for women or are you just making shit up?

No. 406079

I've heard of parents but mostly men enable their sons by buying or 'passing down' porno mags, tissues, condoms, and lotions.
I think fleshlights are a pretty new thing, but I can't imagine a parent being too shocked and appalled if they caught their son looking at them on the internet. Boys will be boys!

No. 406080

It’s anecdotal evidence as masturbation and sex aids in general haven’t had a good deal of research, but considering that men can get death grip why would you think that a female equivalent isn’t possible

No. 406081

Because male and female anatomy are completely different and masturbation for females varies significantly.

Wow, you poor soul. You really believe that.

No. 406083

Anecdotal evidences doesn't mean much tbh, I've been masturbating with a (powerful),vibrator since I was 16, I'm 24 now and my bf can make me cum in 5 min with his finger. Please don't put weird ideas about masturbation in your daughter's head if you ever have one.

No. 406084

Considering it fucked up my sexual experience for years because I conditioned myself to only being able to get off in one very specific way, yeah I believe it. Like I said, plenty of women have spoken about a similar issue too.

No. 406085

Lol I just can't muster the will to give a fuck if my daughter wanted to use a vibrator. What could I possibly even say to counter that, when I used a vibrator I got from a friend at that age range? That would make me a huge hypocrite about something that doesn't even matter that much. If I caught my daughter looking at sex toys I just… would probably brush it off if she wasn't willing to talk about it.

No. 406086

You can believe all that you'd like but there is no physical mechanism that "desensitizes" the clitoris from masturbation. And if you'd use some Google Fu to look that up the very first results actually say that female masturbation increases clitoral sensation.
Maybe for you it was mental, just like with pornsick men not being able to get off is mental.

No. 406087

MOST women have issue with 'getting off' any other way than clit stimulation, and this has nothing to do with excessive masturbation or desensitization, it's just basic biology.

No. 406089

So maybe you just get off in a specific way and there's nothing wrong with that.
There's a lot of women who can't get off with penetration alone and need the aid of toys. It's really not weird or unusual, contrary to what men would have you think because they want you to believe only a penis should be adequate.

No. 406091

This whole discussion seems so incel-y. It's sad to see that there are women who think that only PIV should satisfy them.

No. 406092

This conversation is increasingly popular in places like reddit, I can't count the number of thread I've read recently on the subject of "female death grip". Basically men have found a new, cooler way to shame women for not being able to orgasm from PIV only and needing clit stimulation.

No. 406093

nothing wrong with wanting to come from piv sex since more orgasms = added pleasure. having the ability to have both vaginal and clitoral orgasms must be great, instead of one or the other.

personally i can only get excited from penetration if its anal because my clitoris rubs against the surface of whatever im being fucked against during anal sex. i hope to come from piv one day.

No. 406096

I at no point said that only PIV should get me off, you guys are putting words in my mouth.

For years absolutely nothing but blasting my cunt with water could get me off, no matter what I tried nothing came even remotely close - it took years of abstaining from it before sexuality bounced back and I’m finally able to enjoy other sexual acts as well

And for the last time I’m talking about more than just PHYSICAL desensitisation, the mental aspect is also extremely important. And regardless it is so inappropriate to buy your kids sex toys. Educate them about sex and masturbation there’s absolutely no reason to provide them with sex aids.

Inb4 using the word cunt apparently makes me a scrot.

No. 406097

There's nothing wrong with wanting to cum from PIV, just thinking that that is the only TRUE way to enjoy sex and have an orgasm is wrong. Most of the time with my partner we don't even do PIV, foreplay alone can be intimate and stimulating for both partners.

No. 406098

Wouldn’t you be able to recreate this with PIV by just getting fucked from behind..?

No. 406101

No and i dont know why. i hope it'll change soon.

No. 406104

Mind if I ask what mental aspect you're talking about…? I just don't really get how masturbating with a showerhead somehow made you uninterested in sex on the whole. Unless you developed monogamous feelings for showerhead-kun(sorry).

No. 406106

>nothing wrong with wanting to come from piv sex since more orgasms = added pleasure.
Yeah but it's not like you can actively condition yourself and it's not unnatural to only come from one or the other. Penetration can feel nice but I can only come from the clitoral stimulation and that's normal. A lot of women are like that. I remember reading somewhere that there's a correlation between the distance between the clit and vagina and how easy it is for a woman to come from vaginal penetration. The women with clits that were more than one inch higher than their vagina had a very difficult time with it. It's more likely that all orgasms stem from the clitoris. Nothing wrong with only being able to get off one specific way.

No. 406107

Plus the clitoris has a bigger internal structure than what is actually visible.

No. 406108

I wasn’t uninterested in sex, not in the slightest, but nothing was able to make me cum because I became dependent on shower heads

No. 406109

File: 1556889837857.jpg (Spoiler Image, 215.37 KB, 1200x1000, delta.jpg)

Does this image turn you on?

No. 406116

showerhead endorser upthred here, I think it's your personal experience really. I masturbated exclusively with detachable showerhead from ages like 10 to 18 and was forced to resort to my fingers as I moved out and managed to get the hang of it in like 3 attempts or so.

No. 406129

I don't mind spoilers. Or rather, I sort of like them?

I know it can ruin big moments and stuff like that for people, but I feel like it doesn't really take away the rest of the show. I might not have that OH MY GOD!! moment, but I'll take that over feeling stressed about a TV show for hours and hours while I binge it lol. I read plot/episode summaries to either a) get me interested and excited to see a big moment happen if I think it sounds interesting enough, or b) help me sit through cringey, stressful moments that I would otherwise just stop watching the show for. Also, sometimes I'm just too impatient and will drop a show entirely so I have to know what to look forward to.

No. 406130

i dont mind them either. i can understand why people would get upset but man some people rage out way too hard about them. most of the time i will look them up on a show that i have a mild interest in to see if its worth it to sit through it any longer.

No. 406144

Related, but if a show isn't good without its "gotcha!" moments, then it's not a good show in the first place.

No. 406148

I don't think a show needs huge plot twists to be good but it certainly does the intrigue when you already know what's going to happen.

No. 406188

So a show is good if it’s predictable and never tries to subvert your expectations or surprise you?

No. 406203

Depends on the shows or the video games tbh, I don't mind them but I've seen spoilers for many games and shows where the entire point was mystery solving, murder mysteries and huge plot twists. In this case I don't see the point of getting into it when the entire point has been ruined for me in the first place. I'd say it especially applies to things like Ace Attorney, Dangan Ronpa or visual novels in general. I like being surprised though if possible. I don't really mind spoilers for comedy or romance or stories where the stakes aren't high enough.

No. 406247

Funnily enough, kitschy murder mystery shows are some of my go-to rewatches, even when I know whodunnit. When they do it right, you can catch clues on a rewatch that you didn't see before. idk I enjoy it.

No. 406262

Unpopular lolcow opinion but as far as MtFs go I don't really mind the gay male ones at all, as long as they aren't hateful like Blair White. I only really take issue with blatant AGP transbians.

No. 406272

I feel like over the years, I hate the feeling of impending doom that something awful is going to happen to a character, so I look it up in advance so that I can properly prepare myself for said event/find out that it doesn't even happen. I get that the whole point is to tug on your heartstrings and whatever, but most times I get into a mood that just straight up isn't enjoyable when the whole point of kicking back and watching tv shows is to just enjoy it haha. Maybe that's just me though. Sometimes I do upset myself when I find out a major plot point that might've been enjoyable to find out through just watching, but those times are far and few between.

I just started watching the Dynasty reboot and even though it's your typical super juicy, mysterious drama, I still had to read a plot summary and ended up reading a summary for all of the first season lol. Killed a bit of the mystery, but I am still filled with stress watching the show haha.

For slow shows like Terrace House, I would read episode summaries because sometimes it was too slow and I needed something to look forward to lol.

No. 406303

Endgame was such a shitty movie and the more I think about it the angrier I become at all the plot holes, ruined character development and retarded deus ex machina asspulls. What a fucking waste of a conclusion for one of the biggest movie phenomenons of the decade. I'm not even into capeshit that much but I was so disappointed and fucking EVERYONE loves this movie simply because it's the Avengers and don't pay any critical thought to it. At least it's over now so they can't ruin the franchise any further.

No. 406311

I might find gay MtFs annoying sometimes, but very rarely creepy or threatening, unlike transbians. Honestly I'd rather be stuck in a room full of gay TIMs than hang out with even one AGP transbian.

No. 406346

gay MtFs have really serious womb envy tho which probably makes them irritating to be around.

No. 406546

File: 1556998150992.jpg (16.45 KB, 288x288, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.jpg)

I hate Cat Twitter and those Rapid Liquid "haha doggo xddd" videos that just consist of them babytalking about animals. Cat Twitter is already kind of dead but I wish that Rapid Liquid guy would legit stop fucking posting. I'm tired of watching anything remotely anime-related and I see his faggot videos that are the same thing driven to hell and back and I'm surprised he's even still dragging that dead meme.

No. 406550

'hehe danger noodle XD' 'good boye doggo' culture is absolute cancer and i hate it so much. i don't see as much annoying language surrounding cat twitter and stuff however.

semi ot but i hate this image and i hate anime reaction face posting. i dont know why but i always feel like it's men posting when you guys use anime reaction images. it just makes posts a little slimey and i really can't put my finger on why that is. i know it's in the history of bbs/imageboards anyways but we use them so infrequently and i've not been on a male board for so long that i can't help but feel like it's always men now

No. 406558

Anime is also mostly a business of selling (sexualised) merchandise of 14 year old waifus so the older you get the more skeevy anime can feel in general, though obviously not all animu is degenerate crap. Just almost all of it.

No. 406560

Semi-related but I fucking hate men with anime pfp online, especially ahegao. Should've been a huge red flag when my ex used an ahegao emoji on Discord and tried to pass it off as a 'funny face'

No. 406566

I've reached this point where if a man likes anime that much I don't even bother with him anymore.

No. 406567

Yeah I get that feeling to. I think a factor is that Moomin reaction images are used more instead of anime reaction images.

No. 406598

The rule of thumb is to not date men that like any anime.

No. 406614

Large corporations are on average better than small businesses

I've worked for many companies over the years, and generally, it's the larger corporations that will treat its workers with respect and dignity, not the smaller small businesses. Small businesses are rife with bullying culture and many small business owners will mess with your hours and wages, make you purchase tools you shouldn't and otherwise be harsh when talking to you.

You know what to expect out of a large business, it's generally more organized and the rules are clearly explained and followed. Workplace bullying is actually dealt with and they have as a rule a proper overtime rate. Most small business owners aren't the sweet 'mom and pop' politicians make them out to be, many are bitter babyboomers that haven't innovated since the 1980s and are lashing out because they're suddenly uncompetitive, they blame 'lazy workers' or 'market conditions' for their own personal failing, and because of this will pinch any penny or ride their workers unnecessarily hard.

No. 406622

Yeah agreed. Big companies have more obligations to follow correct process, do everything legally, cover themselves etc so you're less likely to get fucked over in an underhanded way.

No. 406631

Maybe from a local perspective. When people denounce big corps they're not really talking about abuse of their first-world employees.

No. 406635

All these non-stop threads about men hating, trannies, porn and other sex/gender-related subjects indicates to me that most of you are pretty much gender flipped MGTOWs.

No. 406636

REALLY depends on your position. I worked in high finance and I would never ever work for a big bank ever again. They want to OWN your life and you to be okay with not getting any sleep, being constantly overworked because you're lower than them in the company hierarchy, be available 24/7/365, etc. It's also full of assholes, holy shit I can't even describe to you the kinds of entitled "I'm better than everyone" dickbags I had to work with.
>workplace bullying is actually dealt with
Trust me, it isn't everywhere.

I've worked at a startup after this and it was really chill. However I've also interviewed for some cheapasses that want you to work 10 hours per day for 500€/month and will fire you at the drop of a hat.

No. 406643

>It's also full of assholes, holy shit I can't even describe to you the kinds of entitled "I'm better than everyone" dickbags I had to work with.

Heh, so American Psycho is an accurate movie?

No. 406652

I think it's because this is just one of the few places where many of us can get all the gender-related stuff out of our systems, without getting immediately shut down with "ree hysterical femnazi" or "notallmen" type of shit. I'm not thinking about feminist stuff 24/7, not even every day, but I find it hard to vent about even the tiniest porn/tranny/men-related issues anywhere else.

No. 406654

Pretty much this. There are so many spaces on the internet that are 'boy clubs' where men just get to vent about stupid shit. It's fine for women to vent once in a while.

No. 406656

Agreed. This is why I got so irritated when I saw one person try to say /ot/ has too much feminism or whatever.
We get one board to say what we want without being gaslit, yelled at for being too mean and not caring about male's feelings, or "corrected" by idiotic, self-important men going "ackshually" (and then lying). Men, anti-feminists and pick-mes get like….half the internet curated to them and their sensibilities, lmao.
It's healthy to express these thoughts so they don't get bottled up and make us miserable. Let us breathe.

No. 406692

I'm not surprised at all, I have a sister who worked for banks part-time as it was part of her training while studying and she had to create a brand new bank account in the company she worked with, as well as other things I don't remember and she didn't like it at all.

>some cheapasses that want you to work 10 hours per day for 500€/month and will fire you at the drop of a hat.

Was that for internships? Companies either love or hate interns because they expect them to work exactly as much as normal employees for way less than the minimum wage with no proper training even though the point is to train interns in the first place) or they're so cheap they only want to "hire" them for free. I had to look for an internship months ago to graduate and I had many companies refusing to hire me or even refusing an interview because they wanted an intern for only 1 month or a bit less than 2 months. If they hire an intern for 2 months or more in my country companies are legally required to pay them and it seems like 500€ a month for someone working full-time and getting no benefits like holidays and healthcare is way too much asked. In that sense I've noticed big companies are the least worst though.

No. 406752

Women shouldn't be allowed to serve in Infantry and spec-ops,its proven time and time again that women cannot pass combat standards

No. 406755

Can’t the gender critical anons stick to their containment thread instead of spamming new threads and unrelated threads?

No. 406758

I’m inclined to agree. I do greatly enjoy some of the gendercrit threads and find them interesting, but a mass of highly specialized offshoot threads could just annoy and alienate the rest of the userbase that isn’t really engaged with that topic and wants to enjoy other things. Of course hiding threads is always an option, but if too many keep getting made I’m sure it’ll turn off some people enough for them to not even want to visit /ot/ anymore.

No. 406761

Do we have a persistent salty tranny posting on this board?

No. 406763

I hate trannies but also hate the GC threads because of all the annoying, pseudo integrated redditors.

Lol no. The mods have literally never attempted to stop tranny hate from leaking outside that thread and probably never will unless a troon gets appointed. Agree on the new threads with similar topics though, those are unnecessary.

No. 406768

Yeah idgi either, the GC stuff has been around for a while but a few anons have been complaining non-stop since a few weeks ago. It maybe picked up traction in a tranny community. Probably MTFs wanting to live out their girl-talk fantasies but the GC stuff hurts their feelings. Any sensible ciswoman would look at the GC stuff and shrug and move on.

No. 406782

how was my post about the military realting to Troons in any way

No. 406828

Clean baby smell is actually nauseating.

No. 406845

Yeah, I will never understand people who obsess over the smell of babies. They smell gross even when clean. Maybe that's just a sign that I truly lack any semblance of maternal instinct.

No. 406866

It's probably mostly mothers, aunts etc. with more personal connections to babies who think positively of it, though I guess there are exceptions. Sort of like how people with dogs think dog smell is charming because it reminds them of their beloved pet but tons of people who have never owned a dog say it's gross/stinky.

No. 406918

Discord fucking sucks and group chats suck and so few people agree and Discord as a mode of communication eats so much ass

Group chats suck ass so bad and there's no communication platform for GOOD 1 on 1 convo anymore. Kik? Whatsapp? What the fuck

No. 406932

I fucking hate discord too. I miss the days when AIM was the dominant mode of messaging.

No. 406948

I miss MSN. To me it was and still is the best.

No. 406997

Exaggerated but based in reality yes. Many of them have clearly never been told no in their lives because they have a rich dad who will buy them a place at a good uni and they go around saying how they hustle, work hard, "I earned it with my hard work" etc.
Yep it was an internship, they dress it up real nice and then slowly start to reveal how shit it actually is the more interviews you have.

No. 407002

why don't you like discord? it's made my life so much easier.

No. 407012

Maybe not all mothers. For the first eight months my daughter had this vague powdery smell with hints of breast milk and baby vomit. I didn't think it was gross but I didn't find it pleasurable either.

No. 407130

Anyone who has enough of a life not to spend every waking minute obsessing over trannies must be a tranny themselves. Got it.

The circlejerking on this site can make reddit and /pol/ look tame.

Heard that explanation too many times now. Having no other outlet doesn't completely explain why so many posters here beat the dead horse (cows?) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for half a decade. You can literally revisit the 2014 threads and comfirm for yourself that the discussion points have not evolved at all the past 5 years.

I will bet my savings that the regulars in those threads lead a very vacant life, because I know that was exactly how I spent my free time when I was an almost-NEET

No. 407133

Are you seriously implying that the same people who post to the pink pill/anti-porn/gendercritical/radfem threads are the same people who spend their waking hours in /snow/ picking apart some camwhore's appearance? Because that sounds like grade A projection, just like your claims that ~everyone must be a NEET loser stalking this site 24/7 lmao~.

No. 407139

>Are you seriously implying that the same people who post to the pink pill/anti-porn/gendercritical/radfem threads are the same people who spend their waking hours in /snow/ picking apart some camwhore's appearance?
They could very well be but nope. Even during my no-life phase I wasn't interested those e-nobodies. I was just calling trannies cows.

>Because that sounds like grade A projection

Well, I thought I already made that obvious in the last paragraph of my post. And I'm standing by it.

No. 407144

What is discord even used for? Nobody I know IRL uses it

No. 407145

probably posted before but game of thrones was never good to begin with

No. 407151

9/10 servers I join are garbage and it sucks that Discord is really the only success platform for chat rooms right now. Oh well.

No. 407157


uh. you can DM people on there. 1 on 1 is fine!

No. 407166

File: 1557134817860.gif (345.18 KB, 488x154, 1552071012507.gif)

>join discord for idol anime aimed at children
>men discussing what it's like to have sex with prostitutes
>close tab and erase browser history

No. 407173

discord isn't entirely bad if you manage to find a nice and tightly knit server. the only problem then is possible infighting but as long as everyone knows each other beforehand beforehand or gets to know one another it's not usually that bad, but I'll agree that massive servers are pretty bad, which is why I stick to small ones, there's also a lot of degenerate and weird servers that should be avoided like the plague overall

No. 407197

I think Semenya is definitely more male than female and I don't think even she sees herself as female, for example she says in the video as a kid she would only hang out with boys and that girls were "too soft".
I still feel sorry for her, it's not like she asked to be born like this.

No. 407199

>idol anime aimed at children
jesus i hope it's not aikatsu
things like that makes me don't want to get into any discord servers, it's full of creeps

No. 407201

Semenya has XY chromosones

No. 407202

I've never heard her speaking voice before and whew, even troons invest time and money in affecting a voice that sounds higher in register or at least a shade feminine. I played this in a tab without looking at it and it just sounds like a man's voice.
I think I'm with you on it just being sad, people don't ask to be born intersex and it's all just kinda wild

No. 407206

I absolutely hate discord for killing many comfy IRC channels.

Also, if you care about privacy at all, you should avoid Discord at all costs.

No. 407210

I haven't really followed the case but why is she a woman if she has xy (or is it xxy) chromosome? She has internal testes and no overaies or womb from what I've read.

No. 407217

I know she is XY, but so does the person in the video attached and calling her not a woman would be reaching.
Obviously Semenya has a different intersex condition, likely alpha-5-reductase deficiency, unlike the woman in video who has complete androgen insensitivity syndrome. People with alpha-5-reductase deficiency are closer to male than female even though they are intially raised as girls due to their external genitalia looking female.

See video attached, some people with XY chromosomes appear entirely female externally and do not have any virilization due to a complete insensitivy to androgens.
However this is not the case with Semenya who is very virilized and was already virilized (like other boys) before puberty except for her external genitalia.

No. 407218

Hold the fuck up is that Overly Obsessive Girlfriend

No. 407231

Nah she ain't

No. 407273

Never met an intelligent person who lost their shit like a baby just because they saw, read, or heard spoilers.
The outrage over spoilers is ridiculous.

No. 407426

Spoliers honestly make me more intrigued. I spoil so much shit for myself. One of the reasons I finished a book series I had put down was because I overheard someone taking about some interesting shit that happened to my favorite character.

No. 407504

i have quite a few threads here hidden cuz i have no interest in looking at or posting in them, not sure what kind of opinion that'd be considered

No. 407509

I dont give a fuck about plastics consumption. In sick of the comments on whatever post online referring to how evil plastic is or how something is automatically bad because it uses plastic.

No. 407512

Wtf? This isn't even an opinion. You're using a feature of the site for its intended purpose.

No. 407514

But that's not true, plastic isn't inherently bad. Plastic mixing bowls and tupperware are great, for example. Silicone is awesome for a lot of things, from cooking tools to collapsible cups.

People are bitching about plastic because single use plastics are everywhere and are polluting our oceans. Single use plastic is the most shit tier quality kind of plastic and companies use it because it's cheap. That shit ends up in oceans and your own water supply and then you drink it.

No. 407549

This. Tbh I don't get why people are clinging so hard to single use plastic. A lot of it is pointless anyway. Why does anybody need a bunch of bananas in plastic? Or any fruit or veg for that matter? It isn't sterile when it goes in, so most people wash it anyway.

A supermarket near me switched to paper bags for the fresh produce and people were mad about it.

No. 407554

Wtf, paper bags are very durable. Plastic bags used to stretch like gum when I put several heavier bell peppers inside, now my supermarket switched to biodegradable bags and paper and the paper bags reign supreme. Only old people and ageing boomers still insist on plastic "because of snow and rain". Biodegradable bags are kinda crappy but when my grandma was little they used to bring produce nets to the farmer's market and pack veggies in that, so… why aren't old people doing that now when they used to do it before?

No. 407558

A lot of them said that sometimes the fruit got smushed and made the bag soggy but they shouldnt be buying fruit in the first place if they're not bothered enough about it to stop it geting squashed. Plus I assume they throw out the squashed food so does it matter if the bag is soggy?

I think the people that get mad about it just don't like change or any small inconvenience.

Same with the ones that hate the maccy's paper straws. If you don't like them, take the top off the cup and drink it like that or bring your own reusable straw? It ain't hard

No. 407562

That’s what I don’t get about all the oldies that throw a fit over this shit, their parents would have raised them to be very frugal which would pass on habits like reusable bags and containers, I guess it’s just really easy to get spoilt on convenience and much harder to let it go

No. 407570

It's because retarded boomers don't give a fuck because they made the world a dumping ground and will leave the world before they own us to anything.

I hope they all suffer in their shitty retirement homes.

No. 407591

Because they still have the same mentality that they are special and everyone should be catering to them.

No. 407604

Some years ago a friend of mine, who was then a teen edgelord, decided to go around throwing spoilers for a popular movie that had just come out. The shitstorm that came against him was massive: grown adults doxxing him, sending him threats, throwing tantrums and calling him a child (kek), one guy even said something like "I wanted to see this movie because I used to watch it with my father and now you've spoiled it and I'm sad"… my friend was just a teen who wanted to troll, and the movie in question was shit anyway. It really made me think, though. Being annoyed at spoilers? Fine. Being an adult and losing your shit over spoilers? You're pathetic and a literal baby.

No. 407776

Full-time breastfeeding is one of the most selfless things you can do as a mother.

No. 407790

People over the age of 55 should not be allowed in politics.

No. 407808

I agree. So many things would be fixed if this was a global standard.
Trust crusty, evil old men to want to hold on to power even on their death beds, though.

No. 407871

Absolutely true, especially old white dudes. They are so ignorant and become so arrogant with old age instead of wise, using it as some sort of badge of honor. They're too stuck in their ways.

No. 407885


I agree. We got that sort of cut off in competitive sports. Why not politics? It's essentially competitive sports of the mind except it affects fucking everyone around them.

No. 407919

Roughly 92% of the men posted in the cute boys thread are ugly. Maybe I'm just not attracted to white men. The only ones I've ever found cute turned out to be mutts.

No. 407980

i dont think white men are ugly necessarily but i am really attracted to mixed dudes for some reason

No. 408163

i think sex dolls are fucking creepy, but have no real issue with them. imo i think that any man who actively wants a sex doll, shouldn't be allowed to have a real woman anyways, so it's almost win win. child sex dolls however should be fucking illegal and on the same level as CP in that anyone who possesses one should be arrested because they're obviously a pedo and would otherwise be going after real children (and will likely want to when their doll doesn't satisfy them)

No. 408168

I think sex dolls are just a safer version of real prostitution and an upgraded fleshlight/onahole,. Aka wow it's fucking nothing, paying for sex has been happening forever and sex dolls will change literally nothing about how society or relationships function. It's crazy how incels cling to sex dolls as their last hope for something that will finally BTFO all roasties and make us regret not fucking ugly losers on demand. If all they wanted was something to cum in, they've had other options all along - options that they never took, because what they really want is the validation of an actual woman's attraction and acceptance. Women find sex dolls creepy because it's literal objectification, not because they worry all men will retreat from society in favour of masturbating in one.

No. 408169

Sorry actually I'm talking about sex bots in that post, my brain conflated dolls and robots. But it's all the same shit anyway, is my point.

No. 408183

>not because they worry all men will retreat from society in favour of masturbating in one.

I'd be totally fine with this happening tho, cause at least they wouldn't be bothering us. It'd be even better if the sex robots start killing dudes like in ghost in the shell

No. 408209

>giving pedos a way to take out their desires in a safe way without harming children will make them go after children
Imagine being this dumb

No. 408214

Pedos already have lolicon, written content, therapy, 3DCG, onaholes (and other sex toys), online LARPing, normalized dd/lg and other ageplay bullshittery flooding the mainstream, legal porn where the girls are purposely made or chosen to look younger, the exploitative business of child modelling on an international scale, hookers that will LARP as children for them, and their imaginations.
If all that's not enough for them, and they need a child-sized doll, it's already obvious that they can't be given "safe outlets uwu" without the urge just growing more.
What's next? Defending and rallying for child prostitution because "The kids get paid so they can eat and go to school. Pedos need an outlet too, people!"?

No. 408238

Exactly, all these "outlets" are proven to exacerbate or even outright cause pedophilia and other forms of psychopathic sexual degeneracy, raise rates of domestic and child abuse, etc. Adding realdolls to it won't help.

No. 408258

well right, objectification or not, i am in favor of them. many women who find them creepy are also in the camp that wants to ban them and sex robots.

lol… riiiiiiight. this doesn't work on anything else, so obviously it will for poor widdle pedos!

No. 408326

It annoys me that everything has a patreon these days.
>Drawing for my own pleasure? Plz donate to my patreon
>Drawing some comics? Plz donate to my patreon
>I'm a cosplayer!! Plz donate to my patreon
>I made a tutorial for something obvious. Plz donate!!!
I remember a time where people just did what they want and didn't expect to be paid for their hobbies. It feels like this generation just needs to have something in return for every little sneeze they make.

No. 408329

i don't think it's bad if the person is actually good at making the content they're putting out, because at least in that case their work has quality that would maybe warrant donations… but for a lot of people who have patreons, that isn't it at all.

No. 408395

Art anons are the worst anons. Stop acting like you’re above all the shitty drama of this site, you’re literally in a thread dedicated to shitting on artists and venting.

No. 408405

I sort of like how careful my male co-workers have to be after #MeToo blew up. I love how they have to watch every word and action because now they know that if they do something they will be publicly shamed and can lose their job.

No. 408407

I fucking hate people who play video games. I had an ex boyfriend who would straight up leave my place and go home if one of his friends texted him to hop on fortnite, I see my friend and her boyfriend waste hundreds of dollars buying video games they never play/never finish, and at social situations they sit around playing fucking pokemon on their DS's like they're not at a social function. I cannot stand adults who play video games at all, I understand like casually playing games every once in a while but letting it get in the way of your social interaction as an adult is actually childish.

No. 408410

Years ago it was still pretty common for people to have a donation link or amazon wish list on their websites.
Personally I find Patreon to be kind of annoying because they are locking their content behind money, especially if it's something like a mediocre webtoon done by a beginner. I have no problem with something like ko-fi or a paypal link though, I like making donations to people who make content that I enjoy. People "back then" would have done the same thing that people do now. It's only back then there wasn't such an easy way to ask for money.

No. 408412

same with pet anons in the tnd thread.

No. 408456

File: 1557427941829.jpg (274.9 KB, 864x1152, how_privileged_are_you.jpg)

why do some people act like being asian is like being white and that asians are as privileged as white people are

No. 408458

I don't see the privilege in being bi too. At best it should be "0" too.

No. 408470

File: 1557429776936.jpg (40.64 KB, 299x322, 1557421741604.jpg)

I can agree, especially after recent events
I also wish they'd put on deodorant and invest in a therapist

No. 408475

Why is being Jewish +25 lol I think a troll definitely made this

No. 408477

Statistically bisexual people are more oppressed than any other sexuality. Highest rates of rape, domestic abuse and violence, drug abuse, suicidal ideation, and self-harming amongst all the orientations.

No. 408498

this is just a dumb ass chart made by some troll lmao why do people take shit like this so seriously

No. 408517

You have a weird idea of what constitutes 'oppression'… what legal and social discrimination do bisexuals face that is worse than a gay person, or certain races, or women? They can live their whole lives as a straight person and experience no discrimination at all. The issues you listed are not oppression in themselves.

No. 408545

Sweetner >>>>> Thank u next

No. 408558

Why do some people act like burgerland is the political climate of the entire world and have trouble understanding that things like privilege are relative

I’d love to hear someone try to tell either a Pol or Irishman that they have not been oppressed because their skin is white, even though not that long ago neither were actually considered white.

No. 408573

using an example of American oppression of white people fucks up your point lol.

No. 408585

Holly is a home-wrecking piece of shit but she isn’t ugly like a lot of people online are screeching. She isn’t a supermodel by any means but just looks average.

No. 408587

The Irish weren't only (or even primarily) oppressed by Americans, read a book.

No. 408592

Agreed and that can go for a lot of cows on here imo. Some farmers are just way too hard on looks.

No. 408595

I think a lot of what can be viewed as ugliness comes from anons seeing cows as much more unattractive when they think about their personalities. There are ugly cows but many of them who aren't ugly get called as such and nitpicked at because their personalities are ugly, and the idea of physical attractiveness often wanes when someone has ugly mannerisms

No. 408596

The worst to me are all the men online who use her looks as their main point in criticizing her. They describe her as if she’s some sort of grotesque ogre compared to Heidi who also comes off as just normal-looking and not drop-dead gorgeous. I’m pretty sure were it not for all her professionally shot cosplay pics, most of them wouldn’t make that comparison. It goes to show how warped a lot of online men’s standards are if they think Holly looks like a goblin.

No. 408597

File: 1557472938075.jpg (Spoiler Image, 16.22 KB, 316x297, protomagicalguy.jpg)

She looks like if protomagicalguy was granted a wish to become a real girl imo

No. 408603

What you're saying makes sense and it's not the first time I've heard that theory, but it's way too charitable towards the bitter bitches who nitpick. I'm pretty sure they're just so convinced that the absolute worst thing a woman can be is ugly/fat/old looking, so they impulsively search for any tiny flaw they can point out to ensure she's being put down sufficiently. Just insulting their personality isn't enough to convey their dislike, because they consider looks to be much more important than personality. And it really pisses them off if someone they dislike happens to be attractive.

Also this place attracts certain types who are particularly vain and jealous when it comes to their competition or girls who are more popular online… anachans, wannabe ecelebs, weebs, camgirls, etc.

No. 408605

It's pretty easy to forget how 99% of women actually look like when you never get out of your mom's basement and your only point of reference are photoshop pics out of the internet.

No. 408606

File: 1557475886460.jpg (56.67 KB, 634x612, 13319094-7013009-image-m-17_15…)

Gotta admit though, this pic made me recoil when I read about the whole thing. They both sure have… strong features.

No. 408610

File: 1557479211567.jpg (41.21 KB, 500x357, e7d88de03e3054d15be740069bce2a…)

Poor Ross…..

I guess this is what happens when you marry a tumblrina snowflake.

No. 408611

Almost every Twitter post about Georgia abortion law has people (usually with furry avis) screeching about how they (OP of the post) shouldn't say "women" but "people with uterus" like I WANT TO SCREAM!!!!!! I'm not even from the US but it's pissing me off so much, and it actually makes me feel… sad, strongly sad. We can't talk about womens issues using "women" word, that's just madness. And every reply in this manner has hundreds if no thousands likes.
I just. I don't know. Are we erasuring women now…? I feel so bad, I'm not sure why it's affecting me so much but it does

No. 408620


Please join us in the GC thread where your opinion is popular!

No. 408624

Why would she even fuck Nigel Thornberry over there when Ross looks a million times better

No. 408633

I still don't understand how any woman would fuck Jared. Holly is average but she's still too attractive for him, dude's a literal goblin.
Is it fame? Charisma?

No. 408641

For Holly probably validation since she looks like a female shrek

No. 408648

But Fiona is hot so it can't be that.

No. 408658

I don't care as much when I find out a woman has murder fantasies or gross fetishes, because unlike men, there's a pretty good chance she knows it's bad and won't mentally twist herself into a pretzel trying to find reasons that it should be seen as acceptable or normal. Meanwhile, scrotes all over the world are obsessed with trying to force the world to accept their disgusting proclivities, whether it's through violent pornography becoming mainstream, fetishization of mentally ill women (eg BPD obsession and "daddy issues = great sex xdd"), victim-blaming, "MAP activism", etc.
Like…even all the dd/lg chicks who won't shut up about their "daddies" are largely just male-aligned, mentally damaged women who were either groomed IRL or online (or both) being egged on by attention from the same type of men I mentioned before.
The only exception to this I can think of is early 2000s fujoshi culture, but they got shamed to hell and back, so the fujoshi of the mid 2000s have largely calmed down and keep their shit to themselves and their own spaces.

No. 408659

If she could bag Ross who's pretty cute I don't know why she would stoop down low enough to fuck Jared, a literal sewer rat, for validation. She's not exactly pretty but definitely could've found a better looking loser to homewreck with

No. 408662

I think what happened is that these two losers were getting off on all the attention they were getting from fans. Jared is clearly ugly af but had enough clout for attention starved teen girls to lick around for validation. We have all known girls that like the clearly ugly dude in a band because probability and he's probably more likely to go with me because he's ugly af compared to the others etc. Deluded thinking that then boosts up these ugly cunts egos and they actually mistake attention for being attractive and celebrated on looks.

It can happen to girls too that hang out with the social rejects and start getting attention for being in constant close proximity from orbiters and not realising convenience and her availability plays into people pursuing her.

Essentially two attention seeking cunts seek attention off each other for validation while still craving more and more which is why the naked mole rat has been soliciting nudes from minors.

Its all ego strokes.

No. 408708

Listen I'm not racist and I'll date a attractive and nice man regardless of his skin color,but I'm kinda wary of black men because of personal experiences.
See I am harassed all the time by black dudes, who make all sorts of lewd remarks to me, only to usually walk away, calling me names
like this recent encounter,I was at a bus stop in the scorching heat(to go get groceries), where a fat black man shuffled up next to me, and then began to mumble-blurt out some sexual fantasy or another. When i finally understood that the lewd mental scenario was involving me, my stomach did a full 540' twist, and i had a bad case of heartburn for the rest of the day. I repeatedly turned him down, and as expected, he turned surly and spouted that i was just scared of black cock, as he shuffled along to elsewhere.
On one hand Its just kinda cringy but also I fear for my life as well in these situations

No. 408719

Love how fujoshis got shamed but stupid men don't get shamed for being complete perverts. Very interesting

No. 408724

Yeah we got it already, there was no need to copypaste your post from the nurse thread.

No. 408741

specifically for being white?

No. 408813

It's a pathetic thing to cling to life once you've lost your independence. Once you're a burden to your loved ones, you should end your life. I can't talk about this unpopular opinion at all because it's so offense, and I understand the pain of losing a loved one. But I know, for my own sake, when I'm 75 and shitting the bed everyday, unable to move, I won't make a philipino nurse wipe my ass and have my family be inconvenienced by my existence.

In saying that, I'd do anything to keep my own Dad alive in old age, even if he had to move in with me. But I just owe that much to him.

No. 408819

Who said you're gonna be 75 shitting the bed? My grandma's that age and still walking and moving with relatively no problems

No. 408827

Sorry, I should've used the conditional tense 'if'. The ideal is to live independent deep into old age, and then pass away one day silently and painlessly. Like an apple that falls from the tree when it's ripe, rather than rotting and withering on the branch.

No. 408831

My great grandma is 106 and has no problems aside from cataracts. No shitting the bed at all.

No. 408892

File: 1557591466401.jpg (91.16 KB, 750x750, 12004741_939867782740915_12139…)

Salad (that isn't drowned in dressing) is really fucking good. I don't know why people hate it so much and act like they're so cool for not liking it…
I love how crunchy and fresh it is.

what is her secret

No. 408896

Yeah, my grandpa was waterskiing at 72, and my grandma still rides roller coasters.

No. 408908

Most people who say they hate salads seem to think that a salad is just some bland lettuce thrown into a bowl. They've never had an actually good, filling salad.

No. 408915

i dont think gender should be taken into account and that everyone should just go by singular they/them pronouns unless they specifically ask otherwise

the more i think about it, the more pointless it seems. sex is a spectrum biologically speaking, and the whole feminine/masculine social thing is made up anyway imo.

i dont get why people are so invested in it. The far right and the far left are equally bad about it. (well, one is worse i think, but ill save that for a another unpopular opinion post)

if youre not a doctor, what do you care about someones sex organs?

No. 408918

This is so unpopular for lolcow I suspect you may be baiting.

No. 408927

>sex is a spectrum biologically speaking

Gr8 b8 m8

No. 408929

not even

i think people should just stop caring cause at worst its just transtrenders seeking validation for not wanting to be 100% feminine or masculine all the time, or tumblr clout

that or its people being weirdly obsessive over other peoples bodies/identities and feeling personally attacked when you dont act out your assigned gender roles to a t or something.

the only time i think your gender should ever be questioned by anyone is if its your doctor, or if youve got a specific craving for dick/vagina and arent trying to waste time.

No. 408930

>wanting to rob women of the right to talk about ourselves as a collective/identity and our struggles related directly to our biology this badly
Great, time to tell Malala and every girl/woman who's been a victim of FGM or other directly sex-linked forms of oppression that they need to chill, they would've been fine if they'd just realize sex is a "spectrum" and/or chosen to identify as something else.

No. 408931

>hurr durr intersex people dont exsist

No. 408934

Intersex people are a rarity, and typically don't want to be seen as their own special magic category that breaks gender or whatever.
I'm really tired of certain people using their existence as a weapon in these TRA-tier arguments, lmao.

No. 408935

Because TIMs are fucking shit up for real women. That’s why we care.

No. 408936

thats not what that post was about

its about gender in relation to the trans population. i specifically said
>everyone should just go by singular they/them pronouns unless they specifically ask otherwise

yeah, people can still talk about being women and identify as it and whatever. i just think people obsessing over what other people choose to identify as how they present themselves in relation to their gender

hope sperging made you feel better though

No. 408939

It's really a case by case scenario, some old people become really sick in their 60s or 70s or they were sick or disabled before that so they're way more dependent than some 90s who were almost always healthy their entire lives.

No. 408940

What you're suggesting is functionally worthless because it doesn't actually erase any of the issues relating to sex and gender.
It's basically you saying "Let's just censor a degree of descriptive language except in special cases and call it a day". All it can do is result in confusion in daily life.
The only way she/her or he/him pronouns cause problems in themselves is basically when someone who's objectively not a woman, but a man (or vice-versa), but wants to be called one for emotional reasons, is pissy because other people aren't calling him/her what they want to be called. The "IT'S MA'AM" video is a pretty good example.
Otherwise, pronouns have basically been the least of anyone's concerns. To be honest, the moment you divorce pronouns from objective sexual reality and make them into some "My gender identity is…" thing is when all sense flies out the window.
I really hope you're like 16, I don't think you thought this through at all.

No. 408974

The issues of intersex people have nothing to do with trannies born with healthy, normal bodies, anon.

No. 408991

>if youre not a doctor, what do you care about someones sex organs?

what is sexual orientation?

also feminine and masculine are based on stereotypes, but there are real differences between men and women, think of how men and women act differently during parenthood. sex is important and pronouns for the most part should apply biological sex.

No. 409002

File: 1557617875796.jpg (42.21 KB, 500x620, 7eaf59c7f2847c334cb7d952fc7bd6…)

People who don't care/don't try to be on time to things, or even worse are intentionally and repeatedly late, are the fucking worst. It's completely forgivable to occasionally be late but always showing up 15 minutes late is so rude and disrespectful.

I didn't even think this was an unpopular opinion until I saw a meme on instagram about how girls think being late is a personality trait and the comments were basically all people defending being constantly late to everything. These idiots literally think that being late makes them ~quirky and special~

No. 409004

my parents were like this when i was growing up and i honestly don't even know to this day whether it was intentional or they just gave that little of a fuck about being on time. i was late for school all the time, sports practices/games, recitals, etc. as an adult it physically hurts me to be late for anything because of it and i'm usually showing up absurdly early for things.

No. 409006

On time is late.

I also find most of the people sharing this meme on FB are students or part-time min wage workers. Other people catch on and having a reputation for being late seeps into other aspects of your performance, be it school, job, or otherwise.

No. 409007

This drives me fucking insane. My husband's family is always late to EVERYTHING and it makes me crazy, but they see nothing wrong with it. My husband also drags his feet and takes so long to get ready to leave and if it wasn't for me basically shoving him out the door he would never be on time for anything. Meanwhile I'm anywhere I need to be at least 15 minutes early, if not more. I find it so incredibly rude to be consistently late to literally every single thing in your life.

No. 409053

i feel the same way about people who turn early as well. theyre not as bad but still anooying as fuck lmao

No. 409065

…you're annoyed by people who arrive to things on time? what?

No. 409069

They said early. Can you not read? And I feel the same way, my partners parents always arrive early and it’s annoying as fuck because we’re then expected to be ready to go as soon as they are even we had scheduled to meet 30+ minutes later than they arrive

Why is it so hard to just be ON time

No. 409130

I don't think Howl and Sophie should have ended up together. I've always seen them as partners but when the movie started trying to make them a thing it felt forced. Although they had a good relationship i don't think it should have gone beyond there, they didn't had so much chemistry or similarities i guess. I think its because of Sophie's attitude, she doesn't seem to be the kind of person that would like to be with someone like Howl, like, she didn't hate him but i wouldn't say she was very into it, that's why her (sudden) love for him felt so weird. This is a very unpopular opinion since everyone i know who likes ghibli ships them.

No. 409142

sorry to be that pleb but in the book it makes much more sense, the character interactions and how they change are shown a lot better, and i guess they wanted to keep the ending the same. i completely agree that in the film it seems forced, they seem more like friends. for what it's worth i feel the same the ending of from up on poppy hill

No. 409147

James Charles is shitty but going after a 17 year old as a 19 year old doesn't make him a pedo. He is predatory, but not pedo.

No. 409150

Because life happens and people aren't machines

No. 409182

Tati is a snake-oil peddler who knew James Charles was a predator/creep and didn't do shit until he went against her snake-oil brand [well, him and his 16 million subscriber audience whom she desperately wanted to buy her snake-oil capsules] probably because the other snake-oil brand paid him more, and is now acting like a selfless hero instead of the frustrated capitalist buttbaby she is. Most, if not everyone, is falling for this shit simply due to the fact that she's pretty, white and has a soft passive aggressive voice. Sales of her snake-oil capsules will probably go up after this. People will not admit this because it forces them to confront too many harsh truths about their own attitudes, so it's easier to pretend the Disney princess saved us all from the evil rapist fag instead. If you're about to reply to this comment with some typical "no u" or other angry bullshit, you are most DEFINITELY one of these people. Go choke on a biotin capsule, morons.

No. 409183

I agree - I think a big part of it is people thinking "oh she thought of him as her child, he was manipulating her to use her maternal instincts after she took him in" which is completely false. If she really cared she would have put a stop to it when he harassed the guests at her party, or one of the other countless times he acted inappropriate. Now that money's involved suddenly he's gone too far.

No. 409184


Thank you, smarter/more eloquent anon, for putting my feelings into words. That's genuinely it. The whole "mommy" thing is so fake and gross.

No. 409187

It's bizarre and I've seen it a huge amount since she made her video, but she's an enabler like the rest of them

No. 409222

People who go on about “YoUtUBE is NothInG bUt WhItE pPl~~~” while they turn a blind eye at acual black creators who worked hard within their niche community to build a solid fan base but because they are not a 24/7 woke police who makes every other video about ~problematic~ shit they couldn’t give less of a shit.

Look at The Black Nerd or The Grace Report. They are just examples of how to work your interests into your audience, but theres a world out there of black creators talking about whatever hobby interests them, and of course they aren’t going to be on the front page of whatever because youtube advertises shit that they know will be clickbaity cash grabs, not mundane stuff like tv show reviews or things like a paranormal podcast.

No. 409233

I hate how much American media brings up serial killers and crime, it practically glorified them. I’m sick of so many shows/movies/documentaries being about these disgusting people.

No. 409234


No. 409252

it's funny, when halo first launched people weren't afraid to call her out for selling overpriced snake-oil.

now there's people proudly tweeting that they'll buy halo in support of tati in these trying times. you can't say anything about her now without being bombarded. talk about a great ad.

yeah they're all so exploitative. it's like there's no consideration for the victims or their families/friends who lived through it.

No. 409260

what did james charles do? isn't he like super gay and 14?

No. 409306

the anon who keeps sperging about fictional ''underage'' anime kids needs to be banned. like who gives a shit? keep that energy for real abused children

No. 409313

Is she still at it? She's been sperging all over the website for the past month or so. Either she's been banned multiple times at this point or the mods just don't give a fuck.

No. 409335

Ace people are annoying as fuck
They’re just as bad as pronoun fags

No. 409342

i wanted to make a comment that was like in agreement and like a structured sentence but all i can say is: yeah. you are right.

No. 409385

Something about her isn't quite right and I can't put my finger on it. A lot of people are banging on about how she's such a good person, but idk. She doesn't seem genuine to me. I will still continue to enjoy the drama her video has unleashed though.

Tati Westbrook claimed he's predatory towards straight men and obsessed with cracking their sexuality. Big if true but I don't disbelieve it. Some of the behavior I've seen from him on social media adds up.

No. 409387

Women who go on about how they’re mums on Mothers Day because they have ‘fur babies’ are the equivalent of kids that blow out candles at someone else’s birthday

No. 409404

I don't agree. I'd never do that because it's weird as fuck, but really, the role plenty of children fill for mothers is not too dissimilar from the role of a pet, so the only difference is the fact that it's a million times harder to be a real parent.

No. 409432

I hate nitty, gritty, "realistic", teenage dramas that potray this type of lifestyle to be extravagant. And don't even get me started on everyone screaming about Zendaya playing a lesbian when the character she falls in love with is a TIM.

This show will flop.

No. 409435

I hate all these shows because it's like, the trauma that actually affects kids isn't the shit that takes a backseat to their relationships. Like, that's not how life works. Relationships are always the focus of these 'gritty, realistic' HBO shows. There's nothing realistic about relationships being the central and primary focus of people who have traumatic or tough lives in most other respects.

No. 409436

I think cosplay is a really weird and stupid hobby and I avidly avoid anyone who takes it seriously. It's also really fucking cringey and uncomfortable when anyone past like 22 cosplays underage characters. Cosplay as fucking adults.

If you do it once in a while, like whatever, but devoting your whole life to it is just too much for me to want to associate with. I really don't see it as that much less weird than furries.

No. 409438

That really is an unpopular opinion here. I agree, but I'm a lot more hardline on the cosplay thing because it's like… why do you want that much attention at a con? Why do you want attention drawn to yourself? It's weird if you're not a child to have that mentality at all, tbh. I know people are going to rag on me, but it's just really a lot that's "Me, me me!" about it.

No. 409440

You’re a pet owner not a mother, the day isn’t about you in the slightest

No. 409441

I didn't say I was a mother. Can you read? Plenty of mothers have children because they think of children as pets. Children are rarely respected by their parents and I see it all around.

No. 409443

With the way you worded it sounded like you were, and none of what you said changes the fact that the day isn’t about pet owners and that them going on about how they’re mothers as well is just like kids that have a fit at someone else’s birthday because they’re not the ones being celebrated

No. 409444

It's not really any more attention seeking than posting anything else you've accomplished online. Some people draw, so they make fanart, others like to sew so they make cosplay. Also, it's to signal to other fans that you're into the same thing to make friends (not that anyone really uses it that way anymore). That being said, it's the kind if thing that attracts a lot of narcissists and dramawhores.

No. 409448

It's a lot more attention seeking than posting art… Come on. There's good reason why a lot of cosplayers have NPD.

No. 409452

I hate when people see something attention-grabbing, and then start to unironically think getting attention is the whole goal rather than a side effect.
Some people just like autistic things, or have tastes that aren't considered conventional, and they don't pay enough mind to social standing among "outsiders" to even attempt to hide it. Not everyone is an attention-oriented normie who would only ever stand out from a cr