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No. 411933

No. 411943

I like the idea of adopting a child or teen, but I've never met someone who was adopted that didn't have scores of mental and behavioural issues.

No. 411948

There are some normal adopted people anon, but they are admittedly rare. My brother and I are both adopted and turned out relatively normal (granted I browse this site but still) but basically every other adopted person I've met either through support groups or otherwise has been a mess. All of them have been 25 and under though so they could still straighten themselves out.

No. 411989

I saw an anon mention something similar, but I feel like making huge Hollywood movies about serial killers is a bad idea. It really makes it seem like they’re glamorizing them. I wouldn’t be surprised if these kinds of movies help develop or fuel the crushes that nutcases have on these terrible people.
Plus there are thousands of docs that contain REAL info and footage of them, so making a movie about it is so pointless.

No. 411991

File: 1558250201766.jpeg (113.36 KB, 622x960, 1816478-wonder_woman__2006_3rd…)

Just quickly referencing back to last thread and how men won't want muscular women in marvel movies and such: it really is so weird because all of the original comic women were super built. Like, they also had big boobs and small waists, but they were absolutely built. I know she's DC but that's not the point. I think DC took on a more progressive image of their female superheroes, and honestly, they looked better.

No. 411995

File: 1558250974995.jpg (176.61 KB, 940x637, radio_20170527_arts_coralmallo…)


its a tricky subject to tackle. Making a movie with a completely unlikable protagonist with no redeeming qualities is just alienating the audience, it would be called gore porn, edgy porno and trown in the trash even thought thats exactly what the subject matter is like and most serial killers are not evil geniuses but insuferable morons, ofter with low IQ. It must really be a really tough position to be in for the screenplay writers and directors, having to create a compelling character and a story the audience can feel empathy for while not loosing the moral focus completely.

I recently saw Lords of chaos, i had read the book, the movie was very true to the book , and really did present the characters as the dumb kids they were but they still made Hyeronimous as a pretty boy and more sensible than he actually was, dude was way grosser irl, he was way more unatractive and kept stashes of pedo porn and snuff in his home, but the movie needed to keep it glam enough to not loose all empathy for him and still play his death as sad.

>all of the original comic women were super built.

Originally Wonder Woman was no much more than fanservice, like super bdsm lesbian innuendo stuff and she wasn´t very muscular, just looked kinda like betty page. She is ripped strong girl now after many decades of updates.

No. 412000

that's built considering its age. most female characters were not built anything like that at the time. she looks stocky but muscular.

No. 412002

File: 1558252668515.jpg (11.68 KB, 232x502, 3e724cf873c48bbab3c73d7544461f…)


>she looks stocky but muscular.

They just made her plump because it was sexy. and plump was the standard for sexy girls at that time. She actually looks just like Bettie Page. Nothing at all similar to the more recent version which is actually athletic and ripped. OG wonder woman was just a juicy thick girl with a ton of bondage innuendo.

No. 412004

anon, there's nothing similar between this and >>411995 build. ww looks way, way more muscular under the softness than any popular blonde bombshells. the woman she's tying up is muscular too, considering the time and considering women didn't lift at the time at all

No. 412006

File: 1558253740043.jpg (15.66 KB, 286x400, Bettie_Page_Klaw_21.jpg)


Looks very similar to me. Thats not a girl who lifts, just a sexy plump girl from a time when plump was still in fashion.

No. 412019

Penis is pretty cash money.

No. 412030

OP is a faggot

No. 412037

I have an extreme dislike of Watamote so I can agree. It’s a dumb meme anime that dumb weeb faggots like because “le cute socially awkward anime girl who gets horny over giant titties like I do! So relatable!”

No. 412041

Hard disagree. I love it because it portrays retarded edgy weeb girls so well, and the depiction of avpd/social anxiety is spot on.

I used to be a lot like Tomoko, gross misogyny and hate toward popular normies included. I never was into porn tho.

I think the manga makes a great job of making Tomoko a both sympathetic protagonist without letting her off the hook for her toxic worldview. She's pathetic, but also really could use some psychological help. It's a tragedy that teens like her rarely get it.

It's also fun to cringe at what a retard you used to be and how much you've changed (even if you are still a lonely, visual novel playing weeb at heart).

No. 412047

I think man hating is just as cringe inducing as woman hating. (It's one thing to be resentful and distrustful of men because you suffered trauma.)

No. 412054

Literally the only corner of the internet where this could even remotely be considered an unpopular opinion

No. 412056

File: 1558276293724.jpg (135.54 KB, 603x779, 2d5740339950cb62f3b0713d309532…)

Even capeshit can have good artists.

No. 412057

File: 1558276329812.jpg (112.47 KB, 524x800, cda27f36b0639e3d22b6f748ad2e3c…)

No. 412058

Which is why I'm posting this here and not on Reddit or Facebook, it's unpopular here.

No. 412059

Don't the cartoons of superheroes usually portrait muscular women?

No. 412060

which batman is this from?

No. 412062

It's not that I relate to it or anything, it's just the only anime I've ever really laughed at. I guess I like cringe humor. And Tomoko is unpopular, so its picrelated to the thread.

No. 412067

I agree with this, it's cringe (that's the point) but I enjoyed it because it was basically a mirror image of what I was during late middle school-early high school. I was shocked to learn it was written by a man because there was so much insight into what horny, edgy, misguided, young weeb girls like my past self are like. Either the gender gap in experience isn't as big as I thought or he got tips from the artist lol.

No. 412105

Andrea Dworkin was an Idiot and radfems should stop treating her word like the word of God

No. 412129

I sort of hate Gone girl for popularizing the cool girl trope

Right now, I'm convinced this wasn't even a trope until Gone Girl came out and Rosamund Pike made that speech about being a "cool girl" for the sake of her relationship with Nick. Ever since then, it seems like any time a fictional woman claims to or is shown to have a genuine interest in things that are typically seen as masculine (cars, beer, cigars, action movies etc.), describes themselves as "mellow" and as result doesn't seem to have any insecurities or issues with jealousy when dating, or just generally different from what someone expects a typical woman to be she's labeled a "cool girl", and people think it's all just an act.

No. 412160

I don't give a shit about the abortion hysteria and how people wanna cry their eyes out and pout cause they cant abort their child after reckless sex. Most abortion cases arent from rape or incest like idiots keep parroting but from people too dumb to take contraceptives

Still, i think in cases of life threatening pregancy, rape, and incest leniency should be granted.

The only mistake is not harshly punishing male rapists, pedos, or men too deadbeat to raise their own kids.

If you punish women, punish men too just as much or more but dont solely focus on women.

This is my only issue. If it were up to me id have abortion outlawed in most cases and men who commit sex crimes or knock up multiple women have their actions outlawed and condemned with same ferocity too.

Once they do that everyone'll get mad and maybe this piece of shit country can finally end once and for all

No. 412161

>and as result doesn't seem to have any insecurities or issues with jealousy when dating,
throwing in these backhanded snarks is what makes people call you a cool girl and not just a girl who likes different things. nothing about liking beer and cars makes you immune from insecurity or jealousy, and suggesting that is such a cool girl thing to say.

No. 412162

Funny, testosterone increases psychosis, callousness, and unstable behavior in general. Women are mellow, not men who are violent and recklessly wicked.

No. 412163

Why do women like to shame each other so much for having different traits and create all these needlessly neurotic differentiations in personality types? Is it because men taught you?

Why can guys be whatever they want but for girls its oh you're a pick me, a cool girl, a thot, ect.

No. 412168

Part of being a "cool girl" is looking down on other women. You can be whatever you want, but don't make snide comments about your fellow women.

No. 412176

i don't understand people like you. if you think women who get abortions are such selfish stupid whores who have reckless sex and are too dumb to use protection why do you want them to carry a pregnancy to term and become a mother? do you think life is a movie where a woman magically falls in love with her newborn and lives happily ever after?

you should be grateful those women are having abortions.

No. 412177

Don't hate Gone Girl, hate yourself for being the idiot who went into the MAN HATE thread to talk about how much you wish you could find a bf who loves war (literally fucking everywhere) and how special and unique you are for having an interest in it.

No. 412180

I sort of get what you're trying to say. People were accusing Jennifer Lawrence of panding to men and "trying to be a cool girl" just because she was loud and liked to talk about food. Women can't do anything without being accused of pandering to men but no one examines the interests of men like that.

No. 412186

You truly are dumb as shit basing your opinion on this on nonsensical, medieval sexist stereotyping of women as immoral despite that not lining up whatsoever with contraceptive use in unwanted pregnancies or the major issue of lack of sex education, plus that you think strictly enforcing fatherhood is a good idea when our court systems already fail to rescue women from domestic abuse. Putting that much extra burden on teenage girls and women to legally prove that they were raped and abused when it's already extremely difficult to do so and adding the fact that they will be seen even more as lying/exaggerating if they are aiming to get an abortion is also illogical and evidences a lack of understanding of the court system which inherently takes longer than the time period in which an ethical abortion may be performed.
Outlawing abortion is also shown to not even stop abortion. Women will get abortions using any methods necessary and extensive black market systems of abortion services will pop up and grow with rapidity until almost all women who want one can quietly get one through the black market, again leaving only the most vulnerable (isolated, teenagers) in the worst situations to be forced to be pregnant and give birth. This is seen already in other nations that have outlawed abortion. Women will continue getting them. Focus on things that actually stop abortion if you want like more widespread comprehensive sex education and birth control availability.

No. 412187

Cause they are. You're using coded language to try to make me seem a certain way but i see what youre doing. High promisciousity in both sexes are bad and have real life risks other than moralfagging, my point was not dawww theyre gonna be good parents you idiot it was im not giving my sympathy and crying for them when it could be easily prevented. I didnt make the law im providing commentary for it.

Secondly what i dont get is why you people either hate the fuck out of women or absolve them from any responsibility and baby them. Mental illness.

No. 412189

You didnt read my post and you accused me of being a misogynist (lmao) because i don't personally give a fuck if you raw dog and get pregnant and get imprisoned for it.

Im not gonna change my mind especially seeing as youre not even close to where im coming from good i hope you whine and bitch and moan about it more cause i hate your kind and im happy you finally feel like shit in a country thats been trashing my kind for centuries. Boo hoo you cant get abortions wahh

No. 412191

>Makes statement in agreement that women are "selfish stupid whores who have reckless sex and are too dumb to use protection": "they are"
>Ignores entire line of logistic points and information about abortion causes, legal issues, black market abortions, and effective pregnancy reduction methos
>Hurr u dident even read I'm not misogynistic, omg why are u bawwing lel cry more xD

If you're just going to project without making any actual points other than showboating your edge and groupthink then STFU.

No. 412194

You were explaining it like my op didnt already outline similar views such as those points you made but oh no you get triggered because how dare i not clammer for unborn babies being killed for libbuuurshuoon, right?

Listen you shitty cunt ibs drooling simpleton, i said i agree and then specifically stated but men are to be condemned too, unlike your dumb deluded ass im against any negative trait i perceive of a group equally so im just as a misogynist as i am a misandrist by your definition. Also youre on fucking lolcow so you have no right to talk about 'edgelord'

No. 412196

And the nerve of you to talk about groupthink when every sex positive feminist like you says the same exact shit you say bitch please your views are just as generic

No. 412197

but why do you see abortion as a bad thing. it's a good thing and you should be grateful it exists. how is abortion absolving women of responsibility when they are making the responsible choice of not giving birth to an unwanted child.

>implying every abortion happens as the result of someone having a lot of casual sex with different partners

No. 412199

Your green text proves you didnt read my wall of text congratulations jumping to a reactive statement dear

No. 412201

>unborn babies

babies aren't "being killed" in abortion. they're fetuses, they don't feel anything, they don't think anything. stop using this coded misogynistic language and stop trying to appeal to the radfems here by pandering to sex negative talk.

No. 412203

Nope they're baaaabies and have feeelings and you morons who think abortion is something instrinct to women can go fuck themselves. The only thing misogynist is acting like women cant be punished for anything and conflating something as wasteful as abortion to my innare female rights is personallt offensive to me

No. 412204

Condoms can break/leak without you noticing, pills can fail.

No. 412205

i think seeing women as incubators and acting like we all need to be punished with childbirth, labor, and motherhood is pretty misogynistic but what to i know.

No. 412206

Innate, personally

No. 412207

>my innate female right

if you don't want an abortion don't get one. its pretty fucking simple.


what is more wasteful than giving birth to an unwanted child who is going to take up space and food that nobody can spare.

No. 412209

I think seeing criticising anything a woman does and conflating it to misogyny is ironic in itself, you know like those people who think criticising the black community is racism. But ummm yeah lets see how good your little movement is gonna go further with this mindset as shit is gonna hit the fan more lol

No. 412210

I wont. But i also wont cry if you cant get one

Plenty of things are more wasteful, theres a long list of things i can think of.

No. 412211

your problem is that you see abortion and not carrying out a pregnancy isn't "responsible". i think abortion very responsible and a very good thing. theres nothing to criticize.

>i also wont cry if you cant get one

well thats very SELFISH of you. i thought being selfish was a bad thing.

No. 412212

How is that plump? She has visible abdominal muscles bf is at least under 28 . Having curves isnt automatically being plump kek its normal unless youre comparing them to male body standards

No. 412214

I never said that i just said i dont personally care about your whining and hair pulling. I think its good suburban white women are freaking out about this and are finally gonna feel the heat

Yes as long as something is done or is a thing it can be criticized but you cant understand this. Weird

No. 412216

So according to you
>abortion happens because women and men are irresponsible whores
>its good suburban white moms who are most upset by this

because as we all know, suburban white women are very liberal and engage in all kinds of reckless unprotected sex

No. 412222

They do though lol lmaooo most white girls engage in sexually dangerous behaviors for the sake of 'feminism'
Also youre still cutting out bits and pieces of what i said but mayoids are liars and dishonest like this so im not surprised

No. 412224

oh so you're just a scrote then, my bad for thinking you are capable of reason and intelligent conversation.

> most white girls engage in sexually dangerous behaviors for the sake of 'feminism'

this is what scrotes actually believe

No. 412226

that's because gillian flynn is a huge misogynist who grew up in kansas with like 5 brothers. ALL her books feature women who are unforgivable evil psychopath villains, but men are always portrayed as nuanced and human.
she's pushing a really misogynist agenda similar to the fathers rights movement, mgtow and incels. i do enjoy her books though and i have read them all. i hope she releases something new soon.

No. 412230

No i hate white American people unironically

No. 412241

It is a dumb trope since in reality if you want male attention acting like them is the exact opposite way to get it. They sometimes even find it off-putting, hence men going on about "fake gamer girls" and giving you the 20 questions interrogation if you mention liking anything they happen to like. And if you join in on bitching about other women they'll think you're "catty and too much drama" even if they were just doing it themselves.

No. 412243

This, abortion is great since it's essentially a legal genocide on people who'd grow up to be scumbags from having shit parents. You probably have half the chance of being mugged since half the would-be muggers were simply never born.

No. 412244

Just for that i hope you get qn abortion then go to prison where you get shanked there. Btfo

No. 412251

Anon isn’t wrong, crime rate has drastically dropped since the 90’s because a huge amount of women were allowed the freedom to not have children (majority of which would be born into piss poor circumstances) sometime in the 70’s so all those kids that would’ve grown up to become criminals just.. don’t exist.

No. 412253

…if you’re nonwhite and a woman then statistically you’re the one who is most affected by the abortion ban?? Not suburban white women who have reasonable wealth and husbands to fall back into

No. 412263

No. 412268

Thankfully I'm not American so I can yeetus a fetus legally (and for free.)

No. 412273

I personally don't think there's anything wrong with abortion itself, but that aside, the archaic threats to ban birth control in southern Bible Belt states is fucking absurd and that's why most people oppose it.

banning birth control is a bad idea precisely because it does much more than just prevent pregnancy, a lot of women who take birth control do it to regulate their hormones and prevent themselves from having painful periods, not just to prevent pregnancy. it's barbaric that the state wants to yank the pill and other forms of birth control besides condoms that actually HELP women, not just because they have sex. I get that it's a bunch of uninformed religious shitheads and misogynistic old men who don't know shit about birth control besides whatever they learned from their equally ignorant religtard parents, but I find it all the more pathetic than just banning abortion that they're threatening to yank the pill too. The pill has a lot more functions than just preventing pregnancy and not only sexually active people use it. I know multiple women who use it that aren't sexually active, they have crippling period pain and bad periods, and it's not their fault that their body's hormones are like that- their easiest resolution is the pill. only ignorant evangelist shitheads with no knowledge of what else it's used for besides preventing pregnancy and no knowledge of the female body and how the pill is used to help women with inconsistent hormones would give a fuck about women using the pill

No. 412285

I’d say that they know exactly what they’re doing, taking away women’s birth control that isn’t reliant on men’s willingness to participate (like condoms) and help with menstruation is an easy way to take away the little power we have fought for. It makes it significantly more difficult to participate in the workforce if your menstrual cycle isn’t being kept within reasonable pain levels and most importantly if your family planning is entirely reliant on the party with little to no effort in conception.

They know exactly what they’re doing and they’re doing it because they hate women. If these men didn’t hate women this would’ve never even crossed their minds because of how inhumane it is.

No. 412309

republican evangelical men hating women isn't really surprising because they've been trying to get abortion in the very least yanked since it was legalized in the south, and sadly, self hating women who were fed evangelical bs as children and never outgrew or educated themselves on the benefits of contraception to women will unfortunately rally alongside them. of course a bunch of old fossils are the ones making all these decisions, old fossils who can't and never will be able to get pregnant. they're always the biggest hypocrites too, like that instance where a staunchly republican anti abortionist politician was found out to be a cheating piece of shit who forced his mistress to have an abortion.

men like that, who're unfortunately abundant in the southern us, are ignorant trash who don't want to educate themselves on the situation. the situation which doesn't fucking affect them or their bodies- so why are they allowed to make these decisions? because trash like them are elected in the first place by equally trashy people including self hating women. all I know is that I, a woman living in the south who won't put up with this autonomy being taken away me and my fellow women who use birth control for regulatory reasons, won't stand for it. I've already seen the number of abortion clinics in the state I live in reduced to almost none and I thought that's where they'd stop? stupid pieces of shit aren't going to stop I guess, they don't care about seeing us as people at all

I heard states can sue to try and assure it doesn't pass and a lot of people assume it won't, but we live in an ass backwards time period with an openly chauvinistic and hateful president encouraging shit like this… it's a very valid fear nonetheless

No. 412329

It's Gotham by Gaslight. One of Batman's best AU type stories. I definitely recommend reading it. It's very victorian steampunk

No. 412331

Fun fact but the "parasite stage" of the cells generally lasts up to 18 years or more, in some cases

No. 412337

Interested in opinions on this: paper abortions, yay or nay?

Tbh I’m not sure how I feel about men being able to completely opt out of child support as the two scenarios are not comparable (and pregnancy in itself is unequal) and it will ultimately negatively impact the child (as is showcased by deadbeat dads)

No. 412338

Yes, but only if both are legal at once (so both parties can opt out from baby if they choose).

No. 412431

Any woman who doesn't support separatism is a traitor. Yes there are practical problems, like men controlling everything and you not being able to get over your sexuality. But if you wouldn't push a magical button to create a functioning female-only society you're pretty much evil.

No. 412436

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone use this word online without spewing something retarded

No. 412437

I'm 99% sure this is a scrote shitting out a weak bait.

No. 412492

Game of Thrones has always been bad

No. 412506

its disturbing that apparently lots of women,seem to be able to relate and agree with the cool girl monologue.
It's disturbing on a philosophical level and a literary level. If I was the author, I would be pretty irritated that people were taking my work this way.
This character is a villain with a dark and complex interior life, and her thought processes are not meant to be rational. She doesn't empathize with men or women - she sees others as manipulating and self-serving like herself.

Optional lit major paragraph: It's impressive when an author can compel readers to sympathize with a sociopath. In the monologue, she managed to weave in some threads that resonate as true for a lot of people, even though the general outlook is deeply flawed. People find themselves inadvertently relating. That takes skill! It's what makes reading so magical (to me.)

No. 412509

Personally I fucking love evil bitch stories and personally I wish there’d be more man-raping female serial murderers. Let these assholes feel fear sometimes.

No. 412528

this is quite petty and stupid but i think audiobooks are trashy. if you can't concentrate on reading a book then you will not be able to fully understand any of it anyway, and the experience will just be pointless. it's just a background noise for most people to use because they are restless and have a short attention span.

it also really annoys me when people said they've read a book and they've only listened to it as an audiobook. i know right away that they don't know anything about what they are talking about.

also i really hate when people call themselves or their interests, quirks etc autistic. it's supposedly degrading but they lowkey just want to be perceived as smart and special.

No. 412529

I mean, plenty of people like audiobooks so they have something to listen to while doing mundane tasks or genuinely prefer the narrated experience, how someone enjoys literature is such a weird thing to gatekeep anon. Also it’s not as though narrators skip over portions of the book? It is literally just a tangible version of the voice in your head

No. 412531

Samefag but no one actually thinks autists are smart, and when your mum says you’re special that’s not a good thing.

No. 412535


I listen to audiobooks because i work on other things all day that require my full attention so i don´t often get to read and only read. Too bad you don´t get it but is better to experience the audiobook than no audiobook at all.

No. 412537

f you're interested you can read Tampa by Alissa Nutting
It's told from the perspective of a female pedophile who sexualizes and lusts after young boys,throughout the book she describes in great detail how much she loves the bodies of boys aged 11-14 and how they have a beauty that men can never have and then has graphic sex with them
It caused some controversy as many bookstores declined to offer the novel for sale saying it's too controversial and that its sexualizing children but the thing they didn't understand was that like with Gone Girl it was being told from the perspective of a horrible person who has sex with underage boys and the views of the character do not reflect the authors views

also a bit of warning after reading the book I found my self not being to look at a male child normally cause in the book the way Celeste(the narrator and MC)describes young boys is told from a female pedophile perspective and it's not the same way a male pedophile would sexualizes a young boy
like both would lust after a young boy but the male and the female pedophile would have widely different of what makes the boy attractive to them
so I found my self unable to interact with male children because well I'd never seen the female pedophile perspective and it just kinda made me have bad thoughts regarding male children for a while

No. 412540

i don't really have a problem with people using them as background noise as you describe (it just annoys me) but if they say they've read a book and have formed opinions on it then they better have actually read it. that's just my opinion. if a book critic would critique a book after only having listened to it as an audiobook i would not take them seriously at all.
i don't agree, i think most people associate autism with excelling in certain areas. doesn't mean it's actually true but it's a stereotype.
i kind of get it, i just don't believe you will fully grasp any story or meaning of whatever book you're listening to.

No. 412542

Most people associate autism with people that have no idea how to socialise or what is socially acceptable and need to be catered towards (and that association isn’t wrong)

No. 412544

What about blind people?
I know this isn't the main audience for audio books in current year, just wondering what your thoughts are on that.

No. 412545

apex lel. thankfully that was in text and not audio, maybe anon will fully grasp the meaning.

No. 412551

File: 1558366867412.png (4.02 MB, 2436x1125, F08E860E-2236-4DB6-8226-F21FB2…)

Sharp objects is the biggest masterpiece by Gillian Flynn it’s honestly haunting how a small town mindset kills generations of women and those who are dumb enough to stay

No. 412554

File: 1558367520579.jpg (92.66 KB, 1024x952, 5b9ed58316abd4c461bbc7a1111e4c…)

obviously i understand why they would do it, and they can't even be disturbed by any visual experience meanwhile.
yes, obviously those associations also exist. it doesn't make the nerd/intelligent stereotype less real.

No. 412574

Funny, I thought the cool girl monologue was one of the most empowering things to me, a gender-nonconforming woman. I absolutely recognize my own previous mindset from it and I feel it should be important for women to be made aware of trying to be the Cool Girl of male wish fulfillment. If you think it's referencing to ALL women with masculine interests then you better work on that insecurity my dude. The monologue in general is meant to call MEN out, not women.

No. 412578

Hard disagree. Dark Places is the best Gillian Flynn novel. Sharp Objects was really… Lackluster to me but I'm glad you liked it Anon!

No. 412579

They fear other men, but won't admit it.

No. 412583

Anon, that was clearly made by an autist.

No. 412586

I remember hearing about this when it first came out, totally forgot about it.
ntayrt but I may actually give this a read since I have a thirst for media including unforgivably awful women.
I'll put it on the list for the summer with Any Man recommended to me by an anon in the anti-porn thread.

No. 412588


I can't learn things by auditory means at all, they have to be written or hands-on. You might be similar and being this way makes it hard to understand that other people may be auditory learners and are able to retain the info they hear.

There are 100% people who do play audiobooks all day without really listening at all just to feel faux-productive, though. Like those who listen while driving, the brain can't process scenery in front of it while trying to process scenery being explained to them through audio. It doesn't work and you either tune the book out or you crash, lol.

No. 412589

I don't recommended Any man cause its really really pretentious and it drags on and on for trying to explain simple uncomplicated actions in a severally poetic way and absolutely nothing from character motivation to over all meaning makes any sense
like its trying to be deep and make some type of statement but its just too pretentious and overly vague for its good

No. 412596

Also the villain maude is so over the top
the book tries to present her as this almost cosmic figure. A ghost. A Monster but we all know its ridiculous and It's hard to take anything seriously and Listen I don't deny men can be raped by women but I'm pretty sure the men that get raped by women are young boys and mentally and or physically disabled men >>412589

No. 412599

That's sad, I was hoping for something more American Psycho-esque in the way it would present the perpetrator.

>present her as a cosmic figure
That sounds goofy and absolutely not what I'm into lol.
I'll just give Tampa a go, then.

No. 412605

It is very goffy but its actually taking its self seriously
also Milo Yiannopoulos is in the book and he gets raped by maude

No. 412610

Most autists are better off never having a love life, and yes, even autistic women. They're easily manipulated and abused, it's like expecting a 12yo to to date adults.

No. 412616

Why did you enjoy dark places more?

No. 412618

>Milo Yiannopoulos is in the book and he gets raped by maude
At this point I'm not sure if you're trying to turn me off of reading it or not lmao.
This is turning into "absurd enough to be amusing" territory.

No. 412619

hard agree

No. 412621

Was gonna say basically this
I always figured the only people who liked it were trannies who saw it as themselves as a young anime girl.

No. 412622

>prochoicers are sexpozzies
You should clarified that you're retarded from the start.

No. 412629


Most autists score pretty shit on IQ tests and have learning dissabilities, they seem to be average at best , sub par at most but sometimes they can be good for repetitive taks that a normal person would find to pointless and/or tedious

No. 412633

Its not actually Milo Yiannopoulos its a Milo Yiannopoulos stand in thats Milo in all but name
also a 10 year gets raped by maude and that destroys his mental psyche so when he gets older he ends raping and kiling a woman because he wanted to get revenge on women
I hated part so much because the myth that child male rape victims end up becoming rapists themselves is horribly offensive

No. 412637

listen its not a good book at all, its not even so bad that its good
its just pretentious drivel
Tampa is a better book but Its a book that I feel women should read with caution cause it can lead to some fantasies about teenage boys that you really shouldn't be having when you're an adult woman and its not just me its numerous other women that I know that have read the book

No. 412650

i just got to put this out here. me and my friends were having a intense discussion about a dress up game maker that we used to all like when we were young weebs. how she used to legit fight with kids over deviantart over dif things. her self centeredness. like 3 dif failed visual novels and i just got a PSA.

for any content creator on the internet: dont make content or any sort of media is aimed to kids if you don't know how to deal with kids on the internet. don't do it if you are gonna push ur patreon and lower ur quality of content just so u can get patreon money. dont broadcast ur nsfw content when ur following is mainly kids. just. please.

No. 412653

That's gross. The boy is 14 in the book. 14 is a literal fetus and boys look 11 when 14. Gross.

No. 412672

Parents shouldn’t post pics of their kids publicly online and kids shouldn’t be allowed on the internet until they’re 18

No. 412687

I want to read it just to feel hatred towards pedos

I doubt anything would make me attracted to a crotch goblin

No. 412689

Honestly both those books sound horrible, I've personally had the misfortune running into a "female pedo" before and it makes me physically sick to my stomach. So do pedo men obviously but female pedos think they can get away with being gross more often and they typically do because of double standards, their abuses are considered less heinous. It's just as heinous, I don't want anyone to be abused by anyone.

No. 412696

Nah it's much more heinous for men to do it. Still really gross though and these very descriptive "gritty" books about things like this always end up being some pedo Mary Sue bullshit that's trying to be woke but is just an excuse to write gross shit, honestly.

No. 412697

This is unpopular? If I have kids, I'm not posting photos publicly. I wouldn't be as harsh on Internet access but I would definitely talk to them about it and monitor them up to a certain age. Even if the latter point is seen as too far, I feel like keeping your kids offline or off too many screens until a certain age is probably wise and should be common sense.

No. 412723

HELL YES it's unpopular. I use to get passive aggressive comments from my acquaintances with kids over not posting them all over my facebook.

No. 412727

File: 1558399059114.jpg (47.13 KB, 818x475, 1487023314292.jpg)

I'm the anon you replied to and yes it is absolutely unpopular. From what I've seen it's very much encouraged to post your children online, especially on places like FB. It's interesting to see how times have changed. Back then you were told to NEVER share your real name, talk to strangers, etc.. but now everybody posts every single little thing about their lives, especially kids. It's so unnecessary and the reason why a lot of lolcows come to be.

>I would definitely talk to them about it and monitor them up

That's definitely a great start, and I wish more parents could do this. There are just too many fucking degenerates and predators on the internet looking for victims to groom.

No. 412741

think about it like this
If you read erotica where a female character is having Anal sex and describes in great detail how much she is enjoying it and you've never had anal sex you'd wanna try it similarity if you read a book where a woman is having sex with a teenage boy and describes in great detail how great it is to have sex with 14 year old boys you'd wanna try try it your self even though you know its wrong

No. 412743


anon, no…… wtf.

No. 412746

File: 1558409534131.gif (1.3 MB, 320x213, 1476378620218.gif)

>mfw reading this reasoning

This is worrying

No. 412748

Thats why I think women should read this book with caution because it really fucks with your mind

No. 412749

Anon you sound like you’re coping hard with…some feelings lol. If a person isn’t a pedo then a fucking book isn’t gonna make one suddenly hot for pubescent boys.

No. 412750

This isn't just me as I have known other women who started having sexual thoughts about teenage boys after reading the book

No. 412752

I'm >>412697 and I'm both…surprised and unsurprised, somehow? Normies seem to be way looser with their kids online, whereas people like us who've probably seen the worst of the Internet are more concerned. Seeing how easy it is to find someone's stuff from lolcows has definitely made me think that publicly posting your kids like that is a horrible idea.
I got off alright all things considered, but I knew there was bad shit out on the internet and protected myself from running into it in the first place. Didn't even talk to people online if I didn't know them until I was in my late teens, other than on kids' sites/games, and I didn't really make any friends there because I was cautious. My parents gave me free reign, but they knew that I was a goody two-shoes and I'd gotten the talks about safety from them and in school, didn't even have my own computer until 8th grade and used shared computers even after that for other stuff. Most kids aren't like how I was, though.
I've stopped using a lot of social media at this point, most of the places where I actually share my personal life are anonymous or pseudonymous, or in private like DMs. I don't like how things have gone.

No. 412753

I'm >>412697 and I'm both…surprised and unsurprised, somehow? Normies seem to be way looser with their kids online, whereas people like us who've probably seen the worst of the Internet are more concerned. Seeing how easy it is to find someone's stuff from lolcows has definitely made me think that publicly posting your kids like that is a horrible idea.
I got off alright all things considered, but I knew there was bad shit out on the internet and protected myself from running into it in the first place. Didn't even talk to people online if I didn't know them until I was in my late teens, other than on kids' sites/games, and I didn't really make any friends there because I was cautious. My parents gave me free reign, but they knew that I was a goody two-shoes and I'd gotten the talks about safety from them and in school, didn't even have my own computer until 8th grade and used shared computers even after that for other stuff. Most kids aren't like how I was, though.
I've stopped using a lot of social media at this point, most of the places where I actually share my personal life are anonymous or pseudonymous, or in private like DMs. I don't like how things have gone.

No. 412754

File: 1558411504414.jpg (183.24 KB, 931x642, alissanutting.jpg)

I read this book a couple years ago. I don't know about all that, but I do remember something. In the book, the teacher is described as being blond-haired and blue-eyed.
This is what the author looked like at the time of its publication.

No. 412756

Fucking KEK. No, it isn't even remotely the same, Jesus christ.

No. 412757

File: 1558412138066.jpg (782.52 KB, 1500x2131, debra-lefave-4.jpg)

The book was inspired by Debra Lafave, who also has blue eyes and blonde hair. It would be kind of narcissistic if the main character was her self-insert considering the book goes out of it's way to keep on mentioning how beautiful the main character is.
I think that most people will not have sexual thoughts about teenage boys after reading the book, the way things are described grossed me out personally. Something like anime is much more likely to turn someone into a pedophile imo because of how idealized and clean the age is depicted.

No. 412761

File: 1558414910937.png (812.62 KB, 1117x3383, tmp.png)

i remember this. this is about as far as I got in lol
>“When you play football, do you prefer offense?”

No. 412768

How are you anons reading this and feeling anything other than disgust. Reminds me of all the weirdos that read Lolita and sympathise with Humbert because she’s ‘bratty’ for not being happy when kidnapped.
What the actual fuck.

No. 412770

This is fucking terrible, fan-fiction tier quality. And wtf is "thin flesh" on a child? The hallmark of youth is fatty skin. Thin flesh is literally only a product of age or like, topical steroids.

No. 412774

There was also a part when she fantasized about her husband dying and teenage boys emerging from his body, coated in slime that smelled like industrial-grade carpet.
I really do wonder sometimes.

No. 412818

kids who play outside and do lots of sports actually do have kinda thin skin

No. 412819

This should be the next book we read in the Lolcow bookclub kek

No. 412821

File: 1558429430859.jpeg (103.77 KB, 673x701, 1DC265FA-B971-4CEB-84E9-0EFFA3…)

I’m the anon you are responding to

I’m a victim of CSA and i honestly want to understand wtf is in their head like when you read Stephen kings IT and get to see the other side of the monster

I and anyone with some semblance of a soul wouldn’t think of fucking a child just because a book told them how “good” it feels

Shove your “erotica” down your ass it’s a scary horror story that shows that humans are shit

No. 412826

I have nothing but sympathy for boys that have been raped by men the same way I have sympathy for girls that have been raped by men but I'm not gonna lie Its kinda hard to take boys who have had consensual PIV sex with grown women seriously

No. 412827

In my counseling group there was this guy who had been abused by both

He starved himself and became anorexic because he hated himself so much

Pedos need to be killed

No. 412839

Boys CANT have consensual sex with women you utter misandrist moron, they’re minors. No minor can consent.

No. 412841

what are you talking about ? How can a 14 yo "consent" to an adult (thats most likely in a position of power like in the book)

No. 412842

I'm not a misandrist and have sympathy for boys and men that have been raped and abused by other men but I don't consider men/boys being forced to have PIV sex with a woman as "proper" rape
Its abuse and a shitty thing to do but it shouldn't be treated the same as a man raping a boy or girl

No. 412843

No. 412844

being forcefully penetrated without consent is what I consider to be rape and listen its unbelievably shitty for a woman to have sex with a child or disabled man but rape is just too strong a word for it

No. 412848

>rape is just too strong a word for it
Defining rape by how 'strong' it is is stupid and dangerous for victims. Disregarding your bad and wrong opinions about the rape of male children, plenty of women are raped without the penetration being forceful. Financial and emotional coercion, women who are worn down enough by regular abuse to just accept it, etc.

No. 412849

what about just penetrated without consent

No. 412850

That's rape anon

No. 412852

yes that is rape thats what I'm, trying to say but being "made to penetrate" shouldn't count as rape

No. 412854

Seriously go off yourself

No. 412876

nta but you sound male

No. 412888

every comment that mentions men but doesn't shit on them isn't by a male, retard.

people like >>412852 are just stupid.

you can acknowledge that men deal with bad things without implying that women need to do anything about it.

some of you nutters seem to equate the lack of men on the site with hating men.

No. 412897

>haha only men would care about the rape of young boys

Sorry, ‘consensual sex’

No. 412908

I don't hate men,hell I frequently get called a handmaiden on here and believe boys and men that have been raped by other men deserve nothing but the utmost sympathy but a man or boy being "forced to penetrate" shouldn't count as rape

No. 412909

I don't hate men,hell I frequently get called a handmaiden on here and believe boys and men that have been raped by other men deserve nothing but the utmost sympathy but a man or boy being "forced to penetrate" shouldn't count as rape

No. 412913

Luckily for these victims your sense of morality (or rather lack of) isn’t the norm

No. 412919

fuck off, confucius08

No. 412921

It doesn't make sense to get mad when you're envious of someone. Unless they actually snatched what they have from you, what even is there to be angry at?
When I'm envious of what someone else has, I don't get mad at them. I just find it hard to watch them without feeling sad and anxious, so I turn away. Or, I try to find out how they did it, so I can maybe do the same. If I find out that their method is something I can't (or won't) do, I just think "Guess I'm stuck, this really sucks. Oh well". Not once do I get irritated at the luckier person, and I can't understand those who do. They have nothing to do with me.

No. 412925

I don't think this is unpopular at all. And if it is, I agree with you completely.

Jealousy has always labeled as a bad quality to have. It is unproductive and selfish. It is natural to have a pang of jealousy sometimes but the difference is most people do not ruminate on it.

No. 412926

I couldn't agree more. Being mad at someone because you envy them is so useless and irrational. The most obnoxious is when people are mad at someone they envy who objectovely has it worse than them. For example, people who envy someone for having more money when that person has gone through far greater hardships like dead parents or being raped or some shit. I had a "friend" who had contention for everyone she knew with more money than her when she hasn't gone through anything hard in her life besides her parents divorcing, but these people she saw as "having it better" were raised by neglectful heroin addicts, raped, went through their boyfriend dying, and all sorts of horrible things. But I guess having a little more money than her trumps those things in her mind. Envy is gross.

No. 412932

This is written like this awful creepypasta I stumbled into years ago. Does the pedo get karmatically shitted upon by one of her victims in the end? That is the only proper ending.


No. 412940

>14 is a literal fetus
loool what the hell

No. 412948

A bit offtopic, but can someone share the ebook? I've wanted to read this for some time but cannot find it anywhere and I am not sure if I want to give the author my money.

No. 412958

I got it on #bookz on IRC. Here's the .epub: https://files.catbox.moe/hh2t4b.epub
For future reference, I encourage all anons to use #bookz for any literature they want to read, but can't or would rather not buy.
There are tutorials on how to access it, and it only takes a few minutes to get used to. It's incredibly easy, and honestly a godsend.

No. 412959

Oh shit, is that the male version of NecessarySpeed4? The plot thickens.

No. 412963

What's funny is that NecessarySpeed4 literally is the one who brought him here, I believe. She posts a lot on here and her posts are very identifiable. She could literally be him.

No. 412966

African Americans come from Africa America change my mind

No. 412970

It's likely the same person. Best post of theirs must be the one about wanting to fuck and pimp out a retarded man.

No. 412994

File: 1558468876639.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 65.48 KB, 640x838, 1E19FE4E-50B0-4C1D-A327-B4606D…)


Finished skimming the book

> the first few chapters are a description of the body of the main character

> her back story is that she’s obsessed with youth and has literally nothing else to say about herself except that she’s a gold digger

This was written by a man and they payed the woman to say she did bc holy shit what a dumpster fire of a fan fiction.com failure

No one but a scrot would actually fap to this shit and it’s hilarious you thought anyone would actually be tempted

The description of anyone but the main character are ghastly even tough the focus should technically be on the kid

10/10 worst larping I’ve read since twilight the book it didn’t even work as something an actual pedo would write bc the writer is too busy describing boobs lmao

No. 412999

File: 1558469934728.jpg (301.42 KB, 1892x510, necessarysperg.jpg)

Yeah, I've also been thinking they're the same person. The typing style (with the anarchic spacing and punctuation) and overall tone of their posts are way too similar, plus their habit of copypasting their posts everywhere. Confucius08 is probably a male fantasy of NecessarySpeed4 or something like that.

No. 413004

Once a medium starts being produced by the fans it's the beginning of the end for said medium. The medium starts inbreeding with itself. This leads to old things that happened in the medium (quirks due to low budget/technology/editing style) to become set in stone tropes. This holds back the medium from growing and experimenting.

It's OK to be a fan of the medium you're in, but if you're just going to spit out the same tropes and cliches without analyzing them you're bringing down the medium.

No. 413009

You could already tell from the screenshot
the character can't stop talking about her own body.

No. 413016

Too bad, I'd like a window into the mind of a crazy woman like that, not a male fantasy of it.

No. 413019

Holy fuck, I would LOVE this to be a thing. Amazing. Wish we could make this dream come true!
Thank you so much! I have heard about #IRC but never tried using it and dunno how it works. You encouraged me to look into it tonight, as I can't get some books at vk… Is there any good guide if you want to go on #bookz?

No. 413021

You could just not take that one anons paranoid theory as gospel. If the story is told from the view point of a crazy person it would make sense that it comes across as a little off. Unless of course you're attracted to 14 year olds and know how it should be portrayed.

No. 413023

No. 413031

I think giving your child a safe boring name is kinder to them, it's like they have an absolutely bland canvas to work with and can be whoever they want. I say that because I know a girl named Vanille and people always assume she's going to be wild and crazy before even meeting her, she doesn't seem to like it very much.

No. 413039

I don't think that's an unpopular opinion, most people feel bad for kids with weird names. My rule is that anything they'll have to constantly spell out for people is probably going to be a pain in their ass eventually.

I kinda like Vanille though tbh. It's weird enough I'd never name a kid that, but it's a nice sounding combination of letters with a pleasant association.

No. 413082

Honestly the best way to go is with a name that is still very obviously a name (although I am a huge fan of literal female names like Mercy) but isn’t particularly popular currently so that they still have something that sets them apart

One of the biggest things I worried about while naming my kids was that they’d be the third Jacob or what have you in their class and they’d end up being known as Jacob S

No. 413098

Honestly all the hate that women with "childlike" features get from some people is really stupid. "Really? She looks like a child. That says something about you." Like, okay? Sorry if you started fucking crusting at 19. How is that any of my fault? I understand if there's any sort of confusion, but some people really do go out of their ways to make it seem that men and/or women that are into women who look young like me are pedophiles in disguise.

I'm scared that some day some crazy cashier will take my real ID from me by mistake, though this part isn't really an opinon.

No. 413122

nice humblebrag

No. 413124

I feel this as someone primarily interested in small, cute people. She meant no harm as I know she's just concerned for me and children, but the other day my mother sincerely asked if I was into underage boys because I like small men. No, of course not. They're just small adults lmao.

I'm sure it feels bad for neotenous people to hear, too, especially from the type of people they're attracted to. I know I've seen anons here vent about being petite and babyfaced, in fear that only lolicons will like them.

She probably could have gone without implying that people with more mature features are uggo, but being told that only pedos will date you by these same people is worthy of some frustration I'd say.

No. 413138

It sucks. Especially if you're small busted have a rectangle body
type with barely any curves, a lot of people often say you look like a kid and the "pedophiles only like you." Can't ever pull off looking sexy. The only solace I've had with this is never getting hit on by shallow or lustful guys.

No. 413140

I think it comes from a place of jealousy, especially on lolcow since it's populated by a ton of ex ana chans and weeaboos. I find their obsession creepier and more annoying than any humblebrag, and don't get it tbh I prefer looking like a grown ass woman than a child. (They are right when they point out that most women who brag about looking ~ literally like a 12 yrs old UwU~ are lying or delusional 99% of the time.

No. 413161

File: 1558511434175.jpg (16.3 KB, 288x559, Snapchat-1041956418.jpg)

As someone who is pro-choice, I see the arguments people make for the pro-life position online to be more sound and nuanced than the one's people make for the pro-choice position. I find it distasteful that the pro-choice people to be so seething with anger and hatred in comment's section, and for refusing to understand that pro-life people are coming from different premises than pro-choice individuals.

I know the standards for internet discussion and conversation is already extremely low. But like, people genuinely do think that life begins at conception. I get the feeling a lot of pro-choice people think it's all an elaborate cover that pro-life individuals put up in order to cover for ulterior motives, such as wanting to take away women's rights for the sake of it.

No. 413172

I get you, I have similar feelings of empathy towards evangelical people. I know it's annoying that they're always trying to convert people and as a rule they spread a bunch of hate, but at the same time some of them genuinely believe that if they don't "save" a person then that person is condemned to hell for eternity. That's got to feel pretty heavy.

No. 413173

Also Pro-Choice and yeah abortion is kinda of a ethical conundrum as well as a woman's rights issue.
It's not like everyone who is pro choice is staunchly so or misogynistic, there is some nuance here.

No. 413176

What kind of disturbs me is the way so many pro-choice people seem to revel in abortion. They talk about aborting a fetus like some kind of funny joke and treat abortions like some fun party, instead of the last resort emergency they're supposed to be.

No. 413177

I think it started as a way to make the idea of abortion less dramatic, and help women feel less guilty about it, but they take it so far it make them sound like absolute sociopath.

No. 413181

Ngl, and I'm definitely the minority, but tbh I don't see anything especially emotional about abortions and I honestly do not understand the emotional hullabaloo. It's invasive and painful and the stigma is awful, but outside of that, I think the way the public sees it is super melodramatic. The fetus knows no different. None of us know remember or know what it was like to be… not born. It's not a big deal. Late term I can understand as more emotional, but even so, the fetus hasn't been born and isn't conscious.

No. 413186

Fun fact: There was a study or poll or something once that showed that most women are actually traumatized rather by the stigma and pro-lifers aggressively making them feel bad about getting an abortion than by the abortion itself.

No. 413187

Fun fact: There was a study or poll or something once that showed that most women are actually traumatized rather by the stigma and pro-lifers aggressively making them feel bad about getting an abortion than by the abortion itself.

No. 413190

Like who?
This is some shit an incel would say by cherrypicking some photos on the internet where someone makes a joke about abortion and goes, "This is what roasties believe! We should have never given them rights!11"

I used to empathize with religious people and their stance on abortion until I interacted with them more and saw how hypocritical they were. There are probably millions of issues they could focus on to improve the lives of people that already exist, but no. Let's harras women that probably aren't happy about going through abortion. And this is coming from someone that's asexual and will hopefully never get pregnant.

The thing about prochoice is that anyone can choose to abort or not abort. There are lots of circumstances which may be in favor of abortion, like rape, mother's health is at risk, financial situation, etc., so instead of putting a bunch of conditionals why not give everyone a choice. If someone believes that even a fetus is human, then they won't abort but why force that conviction onto others?

I just wish everyone cared about the social environment and the current situation in the world as much as they did with something that's not even participating in it.

No. 413196

female separatism accomplishes basically nothing and the radfems who call for separatism would never survive a week outside urban areas

No. 413198

This is supposed to be a creepypasta? It reads like a mommyfag sex story and incel power fantasy combined. Jesus.

No. 413204

File: 1558521246236.jpeg (84.79 KB, 640x786, DB3B475D-DDBF-4252-8F67-CB8AFC…)

Stick n’ poke tattoos are nothing but a shitty meme at this point. I go to an art school where it seems everyone and their dog has at least one stick n’ poke these days and I’m baffled. Pretty much anyone can make them, so 95% of those things have no artistic merit whatsoever and only exist to signal how ~tRanSgResSiVE uwu~ you are, which for some reason means they have to look like they were forcibly done in a Russian prison. Those tattoos are just so damn ugly, yet people act like they are breaking new ground by getting shitty scribbles embedded in their skin forever. Don’t get me wrong, tattoos are fucking great, but if you are getting one, think long and hard about what it means to you and then get it professionally done for your own health, if nothing else. Don’t let some rando give you a tiny scratch job of Bart Simpson that’s supposed to represent your impotent rage against capitalism or something. It will age like milk in less than a year but go on, get like fifteen of those in highly visible places, I’m sure everyone will be impressed by your ~AeStHEtic~ and subversive personality.
And don’t even get me started on hacks that make stick n’ pokes. I’m taking a class with one and he’s the most pretentious fag on this green earth, but gets treated like some kind of underground guru for jabbing people with a needle in his unsanitary kitchen. Like, fuck off Caleb, your parents are paying out of their asses for you to be here and you can’t even draw lmao.

Yes, I’m aware that being ugly and unprofessional is sort of the point of stick n’ pokes and that they are nothing new, referencing old school style, being rooted in DIY punk scene and all, but all that cultural significance doesn’t mean a thing anymore when it became a fashion meme for rich art school kids, giving each other purposefully hideous tattoos for tumblr aesthetic with some weak ideology slapped on. And yes, I’m aware people can put whatever they want on their skin, but fuck that. Nothing stopping me from judging their stupid reasons for doing it.

No. 413213

No. 413214

In other words, Caleb from your art class is doing a roaring trade in bad stick 'n poke tattoos and is laughing all the way to the bank

No. 413215

was exemplifying that as sounding like a cringier abridged version of the lousy pedoshit story anons were recommending earlier.

I don't endorse either of these wretched "stories" as being good. the excerpt just reminded me of that mess

No. 413218

lmao yeah, probably but then maybe he should shut his mouth about capitalism destroying the art world. The whole thing is so damn superficial while pretending to be anything but is what I’m trying to say.

No. 413221

File: 1558523381254.jpeg (448.76 KB, 1240x1648, 020773DF-D3E5-44CD-820D-A3E743…)

I hate what “art” has become due to tumblr and twitter - heck, the so-called art-community as such.

Especially when it comes to digital art, I’m so incredibly sick of seeing the same exact art style in every single picture. Every single Instagram/Twitter/tumblr digital artists work looks essentially the same. Pic related as an example of what I mean.
It’s all the same anime-disney-crossover style. Even when I’m looking for realistic drawings I more and more often stumble upon what looks like it’s been taken out of a Disney movie than an actual picture. When I talk about realistic digital art I think of something like Elena Sai, Irakli Nadar, J. Won Han not something like https://www.deviantart.com/raichiyo33. Yet somehow all those ‘pls pay me for my art’ Twitter people seem to think the latter is realistic.
Or maybe my understanding of ‘realistic’ is wrong. I don’t know. But still all the pictures look the same to me in some way.

I’m probably just hella bitter but I miss variety. Nowadays everyone who can draw a semi-decent picture on their 20$ tablet thinks they’re an artist and deserve to live off their fanart and it annoys me to no end.

No. 413222

>Or maybe my understanding of ‘realistic’ is wrong. I don’t know.
Have you considered that you might not be living in the same reality as others?

No. 413225

Are you an artist yourself? I just don't understand why you seem so pissed at people who are just having fun drawing what they like. There are a lot of artists on the internet that don't have that style. It's like complaining that MUSIC TODAY SUX!!! because you only listen to what's more popular.

No. 413226

File: 1558524506589.jpg (100.17 KB, 630x361, 77yyi.jpg)

Socialist realism is better then every other then artistic style

No. 413228

This is why artfags have a containment thread.

No. 413229

>Elena Sai, Irakli Nadar, J. Won Han

So… pretty girl faces? Because they are so rare and unique lmao.

No. 413231

Yeah, social media pro-abortion people always want to ree about how it isn't about the babies and all about controlling women's choices. But to the average pro-life person it is entirely about the baby.

Also huge agreement with >>413176 because that shit should be disturbing no matter what your stance is on abortion. Why do teen vogue and the like need to have "fun abortion gift" articles? It isn't a party.

No. 413237

File: 1558526483817.jpeg (394.47 KB, 1920x1920, EA18E21D-F182-4A7C-B7EB-390BBC…)

Since you bring up music:
So you think that anyone who‘s taught themselves to play comptine d'autre ete, una mattina, river flows in you or fur Elise on their bedroom keyboard and who can play only that is in the same way a professional musician as someone as Einaudi himself or anyone similar and therefore should be paid for it equally?
Cause that’s exactly what’s happening and what I‘m criticizing. There‘s a bunch of people drawing the same kind of stuff over and over again and who feel so entitled to make a living off of it. Funny enough it’s almost always some sort of MOGAI-Snowflake as well.

You don’t see any difference in terms of realism besides
>muuhh just pretty girl faces

No. 413240

Never mind the fact that pro lifers don’t give a single shit what happens to all the babies once they’re born - if they did there would be more services in place to benefit these forcibly birthed children.

No. 413271

it's this. we were taught 'don't feel badly about it, a first trimester abortion is fine because the development isn't there' not FUCK YEAH GOT SCRAPED which i swear to god i've seen on facebook and looks deranged.

No. 413276

That's not an entirely true or accurate representation of reality. Many churches set up donations for women who want to carry to term and then give the child up for adoption. In fact, churches were the ones who most often ran girl's homes and adoption agencies. No one does anything for people after they're born? Medicaid and Medicare don't exist? We don't have cradle to grave care here and it's by no means a perfect system, but churches, much as you may not like this, pick up that slack, especially depending on the part of the country you live in. You may not be religious, but don't lie to bolster your case.

No. 413279

Because I should really trust the church with kids when they have the tendency to diddle them and cover their asses

No. 413304

Thank you, kind anon! Setting it up right now.

Can you get comics/graphic novels on bookz or is there another channel for that?

No. 413315

im so tired of the media gloryfying serial killers.

most of them werent "uwu complex, abused misunderstood poor widdle men" they were violent psychopaths who murdered people, usually because they had some disgusting fetish they needed to satisfy.

No. 413336

agreed. nothing against the artists but I'm sick of how saturated this "online style" is. they have the same sense of humor too.

funny enough i thought of at least 5 artists when i saw your pic before reading your post

No. 413338

Wow, raising money for a woman to have to hand over her baby to someone else. How merciful and heroic.

No. 413347

you might be looking for the term 'hyper realism'.

No. 413358

Same, it's like coldblooded sociopaths get more sympathy than their victims.

No. 413377

Women should be able to revel in abortion the way some women revel in birth. For every sad story of the tragic shameful abortion there’s a woman grateful that abortion helped her save money, save her body, save her job and career, save her education. Women shouldn’t feel bad for being happy about their abortions. Don’t cancer patients celebrate being in remission and being done with chemo? Doesn’t mean they love chemo, just means they’re grateful it exists because it helped them. That’s how abortion helps women.

>unironically believing in the church
>listing Medicaid and Medicare as options to help unwanted pregnancies even though most pro-life politicians are against health care and public assistance programs

No. 413389

I agree. The debate isn't about women and children anymore, it's just another football to get kicked around by the left and right sides of the argument. I lean more towards being conservative but I'm pro-choice. The decision needs to be made by the woman herself, it's not for others to judge when they aren't in the same situation. It's a very complicated ethical issue and it disappoints me that most pro-choice people just seem to use it as another virtue signalling opportunity and not treat it with the reverence it deserves. I should be agreeing with these people, not feeling disgusted by them.

>revel in abortion
>revel - VERB
>Enjoy oneself in a lively and noisy way, especially with drinking and dancing.
>(revel in) Get great pleasure from (a situation or experience)

No. 413396

this is truly an unpopular opinion that most will find pretentious but idgaf.

if you get paid for your art you're not making art, you're just making a product. sadly this is unavoidable in capitalism which is why real art is nonexistent/very rare, and art as a concept is lost forever

No. 413399

What makes real art then? Creations that do nothing but satisfy the creator's need to create (not for ego or cash)? If someone paints/draws in their free time and keeps it to themselves but it's all super ugly, is it art?

No. 413400

So essentially every artist in history was not an artist. All the great statues commissioned for nobility, all the great paintings commissioned for the church and wealthy merchant families, those are just products and not examples of art.

No. 413405

If you get paid to write a book is it not a book anymore?

No. 413408

This seems like a cope from one of those people who make such hideous, unsaleable art that it looks like it requires an exorcism. Money has nothing to do with the validity of anything, something can be good or terrible and still be music, or art, or whatever medium a human wishes to create or express themselves in. Arguably the fact something is saleable generally means it is appealing and good and liked by a large number of people.

separate to this I think it's possible to create very technically skilled art which just isn't appealing. Actually the vast majority of art falls under this category. Art has to have charisma of some sort to sell, and that is rare in art as it is in people. But art is art whether it's appealing, or not, has charisma, or not, is crap and bad, or good, and so on and so forth. There are no rules to art and becoming a product certainly isn't a mark of inferiority. It's the difference between art and appealing art.

No. 413410

That's the dumbest thing I ever read in this thread. You know most famous and good painters in history painted for others in exchange for money, right?

No. 413412

i think art is subjective, but if it's made to be sold it's just a product.
yeah, that's my opinion. did you and >>413400 go into the unpopular opinion thread expecting to just agree with everyone?
it's a book but not art imo
what's appealing to a person is different for everyone so i don't really see the point of anything you're saying

No. 413423

>art as a concept is gone forever

About to blow your mind anon - art had begun as a trade, just like blacksmithing, and was only ever done when commissioned.

No. 413437

There's a difference between unpopular and stupid. How does the fact someone paid for the art makes it not art? Hardly you'll find works that were made just for the sake of it, specially in the works of the great artists.

No. 413471

I think the "milkshaking" thing is funny. It fits in well with the way the "alt right" tried to meme milk into some sort of white power symbol.

No. 413473

It is pretty funny and well deserved. I just worry about them milkshaking 'TERFs'.

No. 413474

Yeah, hopefully the trans cult doesn't decide to get in on things and insist they're "smashing fascism" by doing it to random women who don't agree with them.

No. 413492

Actual trannies and transcultists don't even need to get involved. Watch some woke bro ally do it. All the extremist cloutwhores love to perform over this tranny shit

No. 413504

Despite being trans-exclusionary, I agree with some things ContraPoints says outside of transgender topics, especially when he differentiated the collective aesthetic of beauty from the individual aesthetic of style.

No. 413510

I dont believe this. you lot are trying to push an agenda as much as the pro lifers tbh

No. 413511

More common if they're white too!

No. 413513

Yeah, an agenda of women’s bodily autonomy and freedom of choice.The horror.

No. 413545

art begun when humans started to form languages and also when they figured out how to use tools to make carvings and music.
because when you do something for money it becomes a product which is valued only by its selling abilities and made with that in mind instead of things like self expression. that's my opinion, you don't have to agree. don't shit your pants over it

No. 413549

Contra's videos on the alt right are for the most part very informative

No. 413591

i mean… You're not 100% wrong but you're also not completely right.

I think it's an interesting question. Do you feel the same way if someone made the art for themself or for the sole purpose of creating art but it ended up being bought ?

I truly reccomand you the book "White Cube" by Brian O'Dorhety, it explores how modernism brought ultra-mercantilism in the art world and how in white cube type art galleries the spectator becomes a reified eye. A great read, I think you'll like it.

No. 413592

Why dont you believe it? Ive had an abortion myself and it was very mundane for me, it didnt scar me in any way, I truly dont care about it. My former best friend had an abortion and she was 100% fine with it untill her family found out and started to make her feel guilty about it.

No. 413603

Brave. Incredible story anon thank you for sharing.

No. 413609

>because when you do something for money it becomes a product which is valued only by its selling abilities and made with that in mind instead of things like self expression
You know you can make art for money and express yourself at the same time? Artists who get paid don't suddenly become robots with levers to draw or sculpt or write whatever you want. Please don't ever commission an artist with that attitude..It is actually impossible to create just for money. Money is an incentive to dedicate time to a task so you can eat and pay bills. Without incentive to dedicate that time, most people will not be able to do refined work as they have to do other work in that time.

All the great books, paintings and sculptures were paid for because they had to be or the artist would have starved to death before the job was completed. Art takes time and artists need money to sustain their life force. The idea that only art that was not made for money is valid, is therefore pure idiocy. The conclusion/end result to your comment is only an art piece that the artist died while making is "valid" since getting money for food is apparently immoral in your eyes.

No. 413632

>You know you can make art for money and express yourself at the same time?
i simply disagree. you make some good points, such as everyone needs money to survive. but that in itself makes art a profession and nothing more. as i said in my original post, this is a necessity in capitalist society. which is why real art only can exist in a society where you're not alienated from your craft by being forced to sell out.
>The conclusion/end result to your comment is only an art piece that the artist died while making is "valid" since getting money for food is apparently immoral in your eyes.
no, i don't think real art can exist at all under the circumstances you described. also i never said anything about morality, you're reading too much into my posts.
>Please don't ever commission an artist with that attitude
i definitely won't be asking for your generic tearzah-esque tumblr "art" on your patreon any time soon, don't worry about it anon.

thanks for the rec, i'll check it out.
i don't think there's a possibility to create art without aiming to sell it (even subconsciously) rn unless you are self-supporting somehow and live far off in someplace isolated from society, maybe

No. 413633

>shitty tumblr art isn't art
But what if a person creates shitty tumblr-tier "art" but for no one but themselves? They work a day job and make it for their own benefit and tastes, never letting it see the light of day.
Asking for myself because I know my creations are garbage by all standards and I don't consider myself an artist, but wondering if it would fit your subjective vision lmao.

No. 413644

The world is a very disgusting cruel place, and this is not necessarily an unpopular opinion but I just feel I should say it. Like it seems to have been always a shitty place so nostalgiafags need not to interrupt this statement. I hate everyone and everything (in a literal sense) except for puppies and flowers. Should I go to a psychologist?

No. 413654

No. 413657

Maybe. They might try to refer you to a psychiatrist and get you put on meds, hopefully not though. You might want to look into CBT. The world is definitely a cruel place filled with many horrible things but there are also many things that are good besides only puppies and flowers, and there are many other people like you all over the world who may not be perfect but are thoughtful and caring and wish the world could be better too. A bumblebee just knocked against my window gently while I typed this, that's another nice thing.

No. 413658

What about architecture? Is it not art even though literally no one built something just for ~self expression~, every building, monument is commissioned for a purpose.

No. 413660

then you probably do it to improve your skill and become a tumblr artist
not art just like you said. what's your point?

No. 413661

Kissing doesn’t fucking feel like anything. I only like the idea of kissing and the things leading up to it, like the excitement of being intimate with a cutie patooie. Please don’t try to kiss me for more than several seconds at a time wtf, put that mouth where I have actual nerve endings instead.

No. 413671

This all still just sounds like a cope from someone who makes such unappealing art that your own grandma wouldn't buy it, but ok

No. 413705

Well prostitutes usually don't let customers kiss them and neither do guys or girls let them kiss each other if they're not actually dating long term. Maybe you'll enjoy it more if you're in a loving relationship?

No. 413709

lmao what the fuck, real life isn't pretty woman and in what reality do people not kiss outside of a long term relationship. Are you underage?

No. 413710

nta but i dont like kissing outside of long term relationships

No. 413715

Hahaha, people like you. Oh my…just because that dude fucked your anus doesn't mean he will let you kiss him when you fucked 4 other guys. And neither will I don't know Becky let some autist she pity fucked kiss her just because he is eating her out. Get it now?

No. 413721

Ugh, can't delete my post anymore so a double post, but I meant "usually" and I forgot to put it in the outside long term relationships example. But still, not everyone who just wanna hit and smash want to kiss, you know? In fact a lot of people don't. I assumed the anon I was replying to (you?) just never was in a happy relationship, knowing it's not for all people an erotical zone, but still if you love a guy you just please him and vice versa meanwhile if you just want to cum you don't give a shit about the other person. Maybe it's weird what I said but this is what I've seen.

No. 413732

No, I literally do not get a word you said, ESL chan.

No. 413733

NTA but I don't understand this exchange. What are you even trying to say?

No. 413734

Honestly, I have no interest to be understood by you, except by my love. Do you have that someone? You can't even enjoy kissing him (or her?)

No. 413735

Yes I hastily typed it, and I can't delete it anymore so hence why I wrote this as well >>413721

No. 413737

I think it is a smoothbrain incel saying something trademark retarded.

No. 413740

I'm really thinking it's an incel, what else could explain such a bizarro reaction
>I don't like kissing
>Didn't you know that prostitutes don't kiss customers and people don't kiss outside long term relationships!
>Yes they do
>Ok SLUT who gets fucked in the ass

Really psychotic reaction to nothing and a fundamental misunderstanding of the conversation

No. 413741

File: 1558650392842.png (209.21 KB, 540x381, cfa87535-f21c-4e50-8e49-99ba89…)

No. 413742

Thanks for translating. This is some peak autism.

No. 413743

>Didn't you know that prostitutes don't kiss customers
I said usually to be exact and I forgot to mention that in the long term relationship as well. I did not mean to call her a slut either, I explained I hastily typed it. I even mentioned in this >>413721 post I assumed she wasn't in a happy relationship. It isn't that weird to say you don't kiss someone you don't love. But it's funny to see you guys mad getting over nothing, lol.

No. 413752

File: 1558651687083.png (74.92 KB, 348x301, 1503163587103.png)

unpopular opinion, it took me a while to realize this but a lot of the anons here are just as mentally unstable as the cows they spend their day gossiping about, the amount of shit-flinging and autistic screeching that happens here over the most petty shit is astounding to say the least, a lot of you anons need therapy or at least to drop the computer and go outside for a bit.

I mean this in the nicest way possible

No. 413757

kek I sort of agree but it depends on the thread or cow, most cosplay and weeb farmers are usually jealous at the minimum or autistic to a significant degree
Anachan and munchie threads probably have the craziest anons, sometimes maybe pinkpill has some crazy bitches too but it's toned down
I think most people will be fine if they don't take e drama so seriously

No. 413761

I totally agree anon. Image board users seem to take their culture way too seriously kek. So many anons let petty shit get to them and it only fuels the crazy fire when you spend a massive amount of your emotional energy on people who won't change and don't know you. I personally had to stop reading the sh0e thread because I realized she made me genuinely angry and how dumb it was being pissed off at some youtuber.

No. 413762

Are you excluding yourself though?

No. 413769

To be very quite honest, and not to be rude or anything…as someone who lurks a thread usually when they are "fire" (james charles drama for example, which sadly wasn't as lit on here as I thought it'd be even though LC is a lot less weebish now?) as I have nothing to contribute other than posts (ahem bumps, like most posts in a thread) but you two do realize any norman who is into gossip would think a website like LC would be taking it too far and to be frank obsessive? In short, it's sorta hypocritical to say the whole muh taking e-drama seriously when it is likely you two participate a lot in these threads as well. I don't disagree with the "op" even if she sounds very hypocritical as well btw.

No. 413786

It's imageboard culture at it's finest. Nothing to do with lolcow specifically. I'd be surprised to find an imageboard without crazy people.

No. 413798

We just have the class and self-restraint to do it on anon. Imagine showing your petty, bitchy, vicious, vindictive side on your Instagram like the lolcows do, craving their validation of any facet of their "real personality" from their stans, trying to defend themselves against comments from detractors, showing their humanity with their name and face inescapably attached. Like a fool. Like an utter clown.

No. 413803

Like unless a subboard of an imageboard is not included you're wrong though I think it should be included as subboards always have their very own culture etc…BUT on basic bitch imageboard that is 4chan there are some normal and pure-ish subboards and there is even 1 completely normal and pure subboard (which I won't mention to keep it pure, everyone, including myself here, pls stay away from it). I've heard and have seen that this is the case with entire imageboards as well? Crystal kay or whatever it's called seems pure too even if it is shit? But yeah with my experience of lurking there are imageboards that can fall many levels of mental illness, and I'd say this entire imageboard, even if it's objectively a cringy one (staff nowadays are semi-awesome though) could be classified as inbetween moderately and mildly mentally ill on a scale from mild and turbo. Not so bad but also not so mentally ill as that turbo-cringe imageboard "cow" on 8chan and every poster on there honestly needs to…eh well I think its posters and their hobby's will infuriate everyone who takes a glance at it.
Yeah…about this whole anons are immune if they unleash their mental illness anonymously…
When I was 16 or so which is less than a decade ago I knew this fatty-chan who was really cringy who would make fun of pixyteri. She was no better but because she joined the "can't get bullied if I join 'm" she was liked and all, and even posted her pictures on ceegurl. Her entire deviantart page was full of shitty obsessive pixyteri shoops. And on youtube and on the social media websites there are some farmers and 4chinner-type girls spilling their autism as well.
And I like to think one's internet activity is a reflection of their true self as well. Which is why I eye roll when someone calls the other strange.

No. 413804

Time fucking flies by so fucking hard. Well I was obviously 12-14 or so. Either way doesn't matter, you get the gist and I really am not interested to remember these things about nobodies.

No. 413805

There is no such thing as a "beauty mark", they're moles, and they're ugly.

No. 413822


yes, "beauty" mark is a cope

No. 413882

File: 1558671212549.jpg (39.93 KB, 1023x576, fb9ed29d189b345c6705830d01758a…)

the ones that are flat moles or slightly raised look pretty. cindy crawford's however, is gross.

No. 413884

File: 1558671335333.jpg (12.79 KB, 320x240, moledotthing.jpg)

I think the ones that are just little brown dots look pretty. I'm thinking like Natalie Portman.

No. 413904

File: 1558681371646.jpg (27.9 KB, 700x350, inqgu9xp7qzwxp.jpg)

Here's a hot take: I would only ever consider dating blonde or red headed guys. Not attracted to dudes without this trait.

No, I'm not racist.

No. 413906

I don't think anyone cares.

No. 413907

File: 1558681803280.jpg (47.2 KB, 540x383, gross.jpg)

I kind of like the new emo/goth/grunge iteration that's been going around, but I absolutely hate chessboard/checker patterned clothing. It just looks so tacky, and it's played out.
I can't wait until this hideous pattern is phased out.

No. 413918

I literally cannot find blonde haired men attractive really

No. 413923

File: 1558685002281.jpg (161.82 KB, 778x1000, gaul.jpg)


basic patterns never go out of style

No. 413925

This sucks so much, my whole body and face are littered with moles and I obviously can't get them all removed.
I never wear swimwear, tshirts and shorts or short skirts, my skin is never exposed to any sun, yet I get more every year.

No. 413928

They say if you've got a lot of moles your telomeres are longer and age more slowly than those without, so that's one good thing

No. 413930

I think moles can be cute, Idk why anon had to be so mean about it.

No. 413933

source of that pic

No. 413936

The Adventures of Astérix

No. 413982

>never wear swimwear because of moles
That's so extreme, are moles uncommon where you live? I'm a britfag so most people I know are covered in either them or freckles, I naively never imagined they could even be seen as a flaw elsewhere until I saw it mentioned in an anime.
It's just a part of your body as much as redness is part of redheads and darker body hair is with others, you need to get you some moley friends so you can feel more normal about it.

No. 413987

I have a big mole on my face and pretty much everywhere else, this anon is giving anxiety. Am I supposed to wear a burka all year round? Wtf?

No. 414057

Yeah but anon said she's littered with them.
It's one thing to have a mole or two but moles are a lot different than freckles. Unless anon is confusing the two.

No. 414081

This mole shit is retarded. No one gives a flying fuck about moles, freckles etc.
You guys sound like koreaboos/weaboos with fucked up asian standards. Just because idols laser off their moles it doesn't mean you have to.

No. 414084

File: 1558724850090.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.01 KB, 216x223, Crop_Moles-and-Growths.jpg)

What are you on about. I don't give a flying fuck about anime/asian culture outside of what I am forcibly subjected to here and elsewhere but having numerous noticeable moles has always been "ugly" in the west. Face freckles have gone in and out of fashion for years but they are not at all comparable to raised growths on the skin, i.e., moles. It's unfortunate but it's a reality.

Pic related makes most people uncomfortable.

No. 414087

>most people find them ugly
>also claim it's an unpopular opinion

I'm personally not bothered by them, although I imagine if a person is covered in them they're under constant risk of scratching them open. That would frighten me.

No. 414090

The first poster said beauty marks were ugly, which is an unpopular opinion. The person I responded to said no one cares about moles and asserted that it was an eastern beauty standard to find them ugly.

No. 414092

Moles are only gross if they are raised. On most people I don't even notice them.

No. 414106

They're not uncommon, I just have a lot more than others. And I didn't mean that I don't wear short stuff because of them, I just mentioned this to show that the reason I have them is because of extremely unfortunate genetics and not because I'm too much in the sun.

No. 414107

Gonna get thrashed for this but I think that IVF is morally reprehensible, and it’s irritating that it’s taboo to criticise it.

>it’s existence takes away opportunities for orphaned/desperate children to be adopted.

>you can adopt for free or get paid to foster
>it just feels like eugenics for rich people to ensure their property is passed down to their bloodline
>waste of the already strapped NHS cash and taxpayer money
>infertility is not an illness or a tragedy, it’s a blessing
>it costs £1000s and it infuriates me that rich people have THAT much money to spend on something so trivial when they could literally change a child’s life by adopting
>how anyone can think their genes are superior enough to want to spend thousands on ensuring their baby is theirs is absolutely absurd as well as arrogant
>I can’t relate to women who are all “aww well I want it to be mine” if the only reason u want a kid is cos you want it to be a mini-you then you’re having kids for the wrong reasons
>I feel like IVF is just a massive, pointless vanity procedure more than anything else
>bourgeoisie nonsense

The woman who wrote the article below brought her daughter to a creche I worked at. The little girl was 5 and covered absolutely head to toe in bruises, said she didn’t know how she got the bruises, kept saying weird and disturbing things that a girl her age shouldn’t even know about. Something was amiss and to me, it clearly had the literal shit beaten out of her.

Managers ignored me, so I called SS and of course Mum send a spergy email, demanding to know why a lowly proletariat servant girl like dared question a bourgeoisie LSE graduate of her status. To me these aren’t the actions of an innocent woman, and if she was she would have just laughed it off and let it go, like any normal person. She used her psychotic expenditure of £20,000 on IVF as her defence in the email. Dipshits like this do not deserve this kind of wealth, it’s so unfair. That kind of money would literally change my life.

I was being paid illegally low wages at the creche and the manager was bipolar and insane so I wasn’t upset about being fired. I’m not trying to martyr myself but I’d rather be fired from my shitty job than potentially let a child suffer like that. Everyone told me to directly contact SS.


No. 414111

OT and a derailment but those are skin tags, not moles. Skin tags are pretty gross but you can get them removed with barely any hassle.

No. 414121

Dude I have no horse in this race because I dont have any moles (unless you count the birth mark on my ass) but literally no one cares about moles. I even think the flat small ones can be cute.

They can also be dangerous but this is the first time in my life I ever heard someone insist they're objectively ugly and the pic you spoilered (lmao) doesnt make me uncompfterable at all.

No. 414122

I can somewhat understand where you're coming from but yeah:
>infertility is not an illness or a tragedy, it’s a blessing
Goes too far for me. For a lot of people loss of fertility can be traumatic and causes self esteem issues or makes them feel like less of a woman. Infertility literally can be caused by illness… I am sorry anon for what you experienced, but please have some empathy for infertile women who don't see it as a blessing.

No. 414126

To be fair you're probably a bit off your nut if you insist on having your own biological children by any method at 51. Well done on reporting her though, most people wouldn't bother and just having that on record could help loads in the future.

No. 414132

File: 1558733187529.jpg (196.36 KB, 1500x1500, 81c8G1RdJZL._SL1500_.jpg)

Swiss rolls are the worst dessert I've ever had. This stuff is just sweet bread with weird artificial chocolate. You can eat stuff twice as good instead of this cheap slock.

No. 414133

I wish it at least tasted like bread, I remember having some for the first time as a kid and being so instantly disappointed. Why do people eat this crap?

No. 414141

File: 1558735141954.jpg (32.17 KB, 345x517, 98af9cce19b1d9df546388113bb14a…)

I'm not from the states but from what i've heard all little debbie stuff is pretty bad? Proper swiss roll is pretty delicious.

No. 414142

I have the same opinion with most Little Debbie snacks and with Twinkies, too. For some reason, they all really gross me out. When I was a kid, they tasted good though. Especially those cosmic brownie things. Nowadays, a Twinkie makes me gag.

No. 414148

All pre-packaged cake treats are trash, I have no idea how anyone actually enjoys them. I would sooner eat stuff "made" in a Walmart "bakery".

No. 414149

i cant stand 3d animation. theres just something about those stupid fucking annoying ass open mouthed facial expressions and uncanny valley movements that make me so irrationally angry.

even the modern animations that are considered good.

No. 414150

Adopted children almost always come with problems. Mental, physical, emotional, most of them come from terrible homes or are placed in terrible homes which cause them to behave poorly. There's also a real absence of parental bonding in adopted children, one that could only be experienced by those children and their non-biological parents, and is hard for others to grasp.
It sounds like your dislike of IVF comes from political reasons, but I really think it's just a pointless procedure. Most IVF procedures are done by older women and if you're over 37 you really shouldn't raise any young children, biological or adopted IMO. It's your own fault you wasted your 20's and early 30's not having kids. Deal with it.

Agreed 100%. I think traditional 2D animation looks superior in every way. What's weird is a lot of 3D amateur animations from smaller artists can actually be quite nice, but Disney's new shit is God-awful.

No. 414155

Wtf, so you think kids should just… never get adopted, stay in homes until they're 18? And that women over 37 shouldn't adopt for what reason exactly? Even though they could adopt an older child who is in line with their age?

You make no sense unless your main objective is to ensure children stay orphaned and women get punished for not breeding young. You sound like a scrote.

No. 414157

Lol, fuck off.
>those kids have emotional problems, gotta get a fresh one that has my eyes!
Fuck people like you, honestly. Unless you have the altruism that inspires you to want to adopt a child, you shouldn't have one through any means, let alone waste it on IVF. Having your own biological children isn't a necessity. Kids need help and if helping children isn't your number 1 priority at the end of the day, you sure as hell shouldn't be a parent. IVF is selfishness, a waste of resources, and it's disgusting. Pure narcissism.

No. 414165

>It's your own fault you wasted your 20's and early 30's not having kids
Begone penis packer.

No. 414176

How is she 'jealous'? Why the fuck should the NHS pay for IVF? She's absolutely right. It's a costly ELECTIVE procedure for spoiled assholes. Cosmetic ass fat surgery should be covered if so, too.

No. 414195

>Cosmetic ass fat surgery should be covered if so, too.

And on that note, cosmetic surgeries to make people feel better should absolutely be covered considering tranny dick cutting surgeries and hormones are now covered, and we all know those surgeries don't exactly rid them of their body image issues anyway.
We live in a world where men can get free boob jobs but actual women cannot, even if they're cancer victims in some cases.

No. 414201

No you fucking idiot. I was giving them a reason why many people don't want to adopt children.

No. 414214

And what do you mean by
> if you're over 37 you really shouldn't raise any young children, biological or adopted IMO

No. 414218

NTA not sure why she picked 37 exactly but older women should looking after older children, by the time you hit your 40s you’ll be severely lacking the energy needed to chase down a toddler, you’ll be dead long before they’re ready to not have their parents around and if not dead then a burden around the time they are starting their own families because they’ll have to care for you. How are either of those fair to young children? All the older women I’ve ever been around also tend to helicopter their kids and not give them enough space as well as passing on less modern/contemporary mindsets because they grew up in a radically different time

People are extremely selfish when it comes to children and their needs, no one wants to think about their choices potentially harming their hypothetical (or real) kids. I don’t see what the issue is in adopting an older child I’d you yourself are an older woman

Inb4 some retard has piss poor reading comprehension and thinks I’m attacking them personally, obviously I’m speaking about a collective ‘you’.

No. 414232

Unless you’re unfit as fuck you’re not slowing down that much at 40 lmao.

No. 414238

>pointing out fact that orphaned children who spent early years in shitty situations and state homes have tremendously heightened risk of mental illness and personality disorders
>So u r saying FUCK THE ORPHANS??
Nta but um yeah your average jack and Jill should NOT adopt older orphans. Like I know orphanages can’t beg adopters enough to take older kids like some expiring meat, it’s very sad.
But I mean these people have no fucking clue how to raise deeply traumatized children. Even genuinely good people who read parenting books and shit, has nothing to do with the age of the parents btw. It’s not uncommon that parents end up resentful/abusive of problematic children who failed to bond. The fucked child just grows up to be more fucked. Most people should just stick to adopting shiny new babies who are more malleable.

No. 414244

You’re delusional if you think the average 40 year old has as much energy as say a 20 something or even 30 year old

No. 414254

Not as much but you're still supposed to be fit and energetic at 40. Not my fault you're some amerifat who will die at 45 but in my country, 40 yos are healthy and energetic. What 40 yos lack in energey, 20yos lack in maturity and stability.

No. 414257

agree, i know a lot of fit and very active 50 y/o's even

No. 414259

>by the time you hit your 40s you’ll be severely lacking the energy needed to chase down a toddler, you’ll be dead long before they’re ready to not have their parents around and if not dead then a burden around the time they are starting their own families
Where do you live, how old are you and how many children do you have already, anon?
Most of us have high chances of being alive til way over 80, so even if we happen to get children in our 40s, they will still have their mommy when they're already 40 themselves. I don't plan to die at 50 or 60 lol. And I also won't need my young adult kid to take care of me when I'm in my 60s.
Are you around older people at all? Don't you see how different everybody is aging nowadays? There's such a huge difference between old people from a couple decades ago and old people now, so just imagine for how long we will still be super fit and healthy.
Also, raising a child is sooo much more than just chasing a toddler around. I'm not saying all, but many young people definitely are still not ready to take over the emotional part of childrearing. Having children at a high age is not the healthiest, but neither is having them when you're very young. And not just teens also young women in their eallier 20s are a lot more prone to getting depression as a result of pregnany, birth and taking care of a child than their more mature counterparts.
And don't forget the aspect of financial security as well.

No. 414263

File: 1558779967802.jpg (64.55 KB, 980x653, y3-1532526141.jpg)

I enjoy fashion, but I don't understand the hype around sneakers, and I don't think I ever will. They're typically either merely inoffensive to any existing outfit, or just tacky and ugly.
I've thought "Oh, these are kind of cute" upon seeing some pairs, but I wouldn't be caught dead paying $100+ for any pair of sneakers. I'd even prefer those chunky, black gothic platform boots.

This will never spark joy in me, and neither will any plain white ones, or ugly-ass multicolored ones. They just don't do it for me at all.

No. 414267

My Grandmother is 75, fitter than both me and my Mother (who is 45), and is constantly running around after her 12 young grandkids including babies. She literally works as a nanny for my Aunty as well.

No. 414269

Your one personal experience is not the baseline for most older people

No. 414270

Yes but you're saying all over 40s are unfit which is ridiculous and untrue unless they're literally obese.

Maybe in Amerikkka everyone is dying of obesity at 40, but that's not normal for most countries.

No. 414271

Vaccinations should be mandatory and administered regardless of parent's wishes.

No. 414272

I didn’t at any point say they’re unfit, but it’s disingenuous to say that someone in their 40s or above is as physically capable as your average 20-30s year old

I’m also not American, but screeching about haha Americans isn’t a good rebuttal. You guys are also all conveniently ignoring any of the other points I’ve brought up

Sure you might not die at 60 but from there onwards people’s health declines extremely rapidly and those problems will inevitably become a burden to children, why put it on them younger than necessary - this was all specifically about older women (though for men it would be the same) adopting young children, though tbh I have the same sentiment about older women selfishly having IVF. But sure, I’m just an Amerifat for being critical of these issues

No. 414275

Not unpopular, at least on this site. I thought tons of schools made it a requirement? Or at least in the US they are, or were…
I just think we should vaccinate our children as required for attending education, after that let them be.
I really don't understand getting a flu shot when it isn't required. The average person can drink enough water and eat moderately healthy so your immune system will thank you if you ever catch anything. I swear I only get sick once a year and even then it's just me having annoying phlegm for 3 to 5 days and a mildly sore throat. I haven't taken medicine for my colds in over 5 years either.

No. 414276

20 year olds should be having babies but 40 year olds shouldn't? Are you trolling

No. 414278

That alone should have resulted in a ban already, it's the number 1 stereotypical incel sentence.
>reee roasties spend their youth getting dicked by chad, riding the "cock carousel", and now when they're old and used, meaning 30, they want to settle down. Not with me, dumb whores!

No. 414279

But don't you know anon? Being in peak physical condition to literally run around chasing toddlers is the number 1 priority, not the financial security, emotional stability, patience and wisdom, etc that come with age. And obviously that only applies to women the moment they hit an arbitrary 30+ age.

No. 414282

I also didn’t say that. This isn’t worth arguing over when you guys just put words in my mouth, all I brought up were possible issues to consider. But go off anons

No. 414293

I think I hate people who are anti-abortion with a rape/incest exception more that I hate people who only want a life of the mother exception. They're all horrible, but the latter is logically consistent, while the former basically outs themselves as not truly thinking abortion is murder, but wanting to punish women for having consensual sex by forcing them to continue the pregnancy. How the woman got pregnant doesn't change whether or not it's murder. A raped woman is no less a murderer for having an abortion than a porn star who got pregnant from a six man creampie gangbang.

Not to mention, the rape exception idea is awful because there's no "good" way to enforce it. Georgia mandates you file a police report, but it's fucking Rape Victim 101 that many are scared shitless to report it and don't want to endure the trauma of involving police/going to trial. Not to mention the flip side, where there's probably going to be a small number of women who call rape on an innocent man to get an abortion. So, not only is this stance logically inconsistent, but it's simply impractical.

No. 414298

Pretty sure they only give that concession because it's more politically palatable than being logically consistent. Whole thing's bullshit anyway since the bible doesn't mention when you get your soul but actually insists upon inducing miscarriages aka abortion for pregnancies from affairs.

No. 414303

Typically I bring up how miscarriage then must be handled like involuntary manslaughter. They go a bit quiet after that. They've jailed women in other countries for miscarriages too, particularly if they felt the woman did something to make her 'responsible' for the miscarriage.
Either fetal personhood is real and applicable to all pregnancies starting at the time of conception, or it isn't.

Those people are just trying to find the most agreeable moral highground to fencesit on.

No. 414304

But men of status can't fathom living without affairs and mistresses uwu. State of Henry the VIII

No. 414458

>it just feels like eugenics for rich people to ensure their property is passed down to their bloodline
>it costs £1000s and it infuriates me that rich people have THAT much money
>how anyone can think their genes are superior enough to want to spend thousands on ensuring their baby is theirs is absolutely absurd as well as arrogant
>a lowly proletariat servant
Imagine being so jealous that it turns you into a commie. Hopefully she wont adopt, or pass her genes on.

No. 414463

What happened to the little girl? Is she okay?

No. 414474

This. I've read a of threads about kids who live with adopted children, or whose parents went on to adopt children after their biological kids grew up. Many of these adults live in absolute denial about the adopted kids mental health and try to cram them into the "normal" bubble as hard as possible.

Besides, kids are like messes, you don't mind your own, but cleaning up after someone else's…that is crass but you are taking an emotional responsibility and unless the adoption works perfectly from a young age (rarely), the system ensures a normal life is hard-mode run for these kids. Not only am I cleaning up after someone else ("hurr I can't abort my baby so I'll make it someone ELSE's problem"), I then have to tolerate the effects of the state and their well-meaning but ill-executed care.

If kids are not being adopted, they should have a communal place that provides food, shelter, education and health services. As much as I don't like "the government", this is a mental health service that should be available and accesible. The state would generate more money if the people all were curbed to at least have a shot at holding down a steady job, regardless of circumstances.

I do not get sneaker culture, but I think that's because it's a West Coast thing.

No. 414478

File: 1558813910431.png (81.29 KB, 275x194, 1558650392842.png)

No. 414479

I have absolutely no idea. I reported it anonymously, which means they weren't able to update me, but were somehow still able to get me fired from work, lmao.

No. 414491

>We live in a world where men can get free boob jobs but actual women cannot, even if they're cancer victims in some cases.
Truly? I'm American so don't know NHS that well. Men can get fake tits covered and women cannot?
What if I FEEL like a large breasted woman, not the small breasted one I am on the outside?

No. 414515

im pretty sure there was at least one woman who got a boob job on the nhs, but the media were contantly writing about what an awful selfish person she was (i mean she probably was lol), the only thing i could find with a quick google search was some daily fail articles:


i cant imagine people writing about some tranny who gets boob jobs and other bullshit surgeries on the nhs in the same way though.

No. 414521

My mom had me at 37 and raised me just fine. She has a more vibrant social life in her 60s than I do in my 20s, goes to aerobic classes and does cycling. Not all people are fat middle-aged women sitting at home, watching Real Housewives and eating bonbons to be tired and sick by the time they're 40.

No. 414535

i think the anons getting mad at women having children past 37 are being unreasonable. are you just going to ignore that elderly women did a large bulk of child rearing in the past generations, and that they still do in many parts of the world. if elderly grandmas can cope so can a 37 year old woman lol.

i think people think this way because nowadays mothers are supposed to be always chasing their children around, they are pretty literally expected to be not more than an inch away from their children at all times. this is not normal.

unpopular opinion, but parents shouldnt be expected to play with their children and chase them around all day. its better for the childs development and the parents sanity for the kid to play by themselves or play and interact with other children normally instead of having mummy and daddy constantly breathing down their neck.

No. 414558

The kidz bop version of 'lucid dreams' is better than the original.

No. 414588

literally nobody expects that but ok

my mom was 37 when she had me and she’s said before she wished she had my sister and i just a couple years earlier so it would be a little easier. she developed cancer in her 50s so i think her line of thought was sort of like, if i had adult kids by the time i’m xyz age, they can help me through this hell. and we did, even though we weren’t quite real grown ups yet. sage for blog bc nobody cares

No. 414657

Everyone mocked Kiki's Japanese boyfriend for being ugly, but I never saw it. I don't think asian men are attractive and I thought he was cute. Not ugly at all. Why was he ragged on so hard?

No. 414714

Lucid dreams by st. beauty is superior to lucid dreams by juice wrld

No. 414746

File: 1558886580737.jpg (215.58 KB, 1200x1186, 1481981777481.jpg)

Instagram "influencers" do more harm to body positivity than any magazine or modeling agency ever did, the amount of shopping and angle manipulation done on these "instagram models'" pictures are far worse than anything to come out of a fashion magazine especially considering the majority of them have had plastic surgery to make their ass or tits bigger on top of the photoshop as well yet for some reason nobody seems to call this out and only focus on big brands instead

No. 414769

I agree 100%, anon. It's also more damaging because due to the nature of IG these people give off an impression of just being ~an ordinary girl~, which makes people feel worse for not looking like them. With fashion magazine models, they're presented to be the hottest of the hot, so it's less damaging to your self image.

No. 414771

I don't get the point of following "influencers" at all especially if doing so makes you feel worse about yourself.

No. 414778

Absolutely. While looking at models around 10 years ago I always thought that they're simply peak, like, a mere commoner can't reach that. But instagram models or youtube beauty gurus are so easily accessable, you think they look absolutely perfect, but when you find out that they're just "normal" uni students, maybe younger than yourself, supposedly born with a perfect body etc and you just wonder why you don't look like that, why you're such a failure.

No. 414784

I don't like people who can't stay single for at least a few weeks and jump from a relationship to a relationship.
It's like they don't have enough personality to function on their own.
Or maybe I'm just being unfair.

No. 414791

Nah I agree with you anon. It’s weird they can’t handle just… being by themselves. On top of so many failed relationships I’d say there’s definitely something wrong there.

No. 414793


I'm sorry that your Mom got cancer, anon.

No. 414794


No. 414814

That's a 100% accurate fact, not an unpopular opinion. Shout out to dumbasses like Kylie Jenner who thinks we can't notice she had plastic surgery all over her face.

No. 414866

Jesus, this. I absolutely fucking loathe 3D animation. In 20+ years I haven't learned to appreciate it and no matter how good the technology becomes, it will always feel uncanny and ugly to me. I think a lot of people share the sentiment but studios stick to 3D due to the cheap price and recyclable models so that's where we're stuck at.

No. 414874

agree so fucking hard and like… Weeks is generous because while I don't think you have to be single for months I think that some people's inability to be single for months just speaks about their caracter. Nothing to do with slut-shaming either…just like learn to be on your own and not depend on other people's validation.

No. 414877

Representation in the media helps people with their self esteen. Seeing people whom look like you who are pretty,handsome, smart etc will help your self esteem and only seeing images of people who look like you shown in negative lights will effect your self esteem in bad ways.

No. 415048

I am very munch in favor of representation in the media but not for this reason.
I think that good written representation helps other people empathise with it. Like if white kids watch movies with black kids or litle boys watching good movies with a girl protagonist, it helps them learn to empathise with them. And learning empathy doesnt end when you're a kid.

No. 415067

Agreed and it's sad that this is seen as an unpopular opinion and only met with "hurr those esjaydoubleyous" by alt right incels on twitter.
I grew up with no actual role models to look up to besides my parents and it wasn't enough, children should have more role models to represent them they can look up to

No. 415092

It is also easier to relate to people who look like you. I think it's far easier, for example, for children to absorb life lessons from media if they feel as though they relate to the characters. It's hard to take a role-model when you realistically know that you could never be like this person.

No. 415100

Honestly, kids don’t care. They’re significantly better at empathising than their adult counterparts. Representation is more important in terms of becoming knowledgeable about of other cultures, and also so that they know they’re not alone in their life experiences (but this is more so once they’re adolescents)

No. 415107

I don't believe medication cures depression and I believe in fact that it is a pathetic excuse to avoid fixing your problems by more difficult but effective means. "Oh, sorry for saying you should die, I wasn't on my medication".
Kys if you do that and think it is a legit excuse (I am medicated :^))

And also people with SAD are fags. Who the hell gets suicidal because of the weather?(emoji)

No. 415108

Vanilla is the new kinky

No. 415111

honestly. it feels like everyone is some kind of bdsmfag in disguise nowadays.

No. 415113

SAD means social anxiety disorder bitch do you mean seasonal depression?

No. 415115


Y'all just spend too much time online. Vanilla is still very much the norm.

No. 415116

>And also people with SAD are fags. Who the hell gets suicidal because of the weather?

I think we need a "retarded opinion thread".

No. 415118

Vitamin D deficiency is a thing and responsible for most seasonal depression. It's not rocket science. Sunlight = vitamin D, no sun = no vitamin D, no vitamin D = sad.

No. 415121

t. Fag
You fags always need to find something to distract yourselves from your real problems.
This is a good start, but vitamin D occurs in foods and sun is bad for skin. I fully know vitamin defiencies cause depression, and it makes complete sense to me. But have you ever read or seen videos of people with SAD? They seem to complain more about the weather itself than the vitamin defiency. I assume people who got diagnosed with SAD have done bloodwork?

No. 415123

I mean, most people are morons and big pharma stands to profit. Why do basic bloodwork when you can just stick somebody on happy pills and make way more money off of psychiatrist visits than vitamin D supplements. Also, this goes without saying but the majority of people eat like shit. Some people with depression literally eat nothing good for them and wonder why they are always sad.

No. 415146

Maybe not retarded opinion, but the "Who the hell gets suicidal because of the weather" claim needs more thought lol. People get SAD because they're stuck at home during the winter. I don't think a lot of us want to go out when it's blistering cold and you need to layer up.
I live in the northern Midwest part of the US and it's honestly a chore when it snows. Even driving somewhere is hard especially since most cars aren't built for however much snow we get, combined with all the salt that gets thrown on the road, which rusts up our cars over time. OK I'm just complaining at this point lmao.
But I do agree medication cannot cure depression, therapy is effective, combined with eating healthy, exercising regularly, and having people around to communicate with.
SAD is also used for Seasonal Affective Disorder.

No. 415162

I hate that now the requisite for being a cow is being mean or a scammer. In the past it was just a stupid/weird person to laugh at. We miss out on so many hilarious idiots because people would rather whine that some weeb plagiarized art or something else petty and they will cry that anything else is dry milk or some shit.

No. 415171

You realize that people with SAD who get more prone to suicidal feelings most likely also have depression rest of the year right? The vitamin D deficiency and associating weather with melancholy just push them into the red.
Who doesn’t know that meds do not cure mental illnesses, only alleviate symptoms?? You’re just surrounded by shitty narcs and frankly sound like one of them.

No. 415174

Idk…back in the days the bar was literally being ugly, annoying or dressing badly

No. 415179

>And also people with SAD are fags. Who the hell gets suicidal because of the weather?

What a dumb-ass take lmao, that's not how SAD works.

Also everyone knows meds don't "cure" you, that's why you're supposed keep taking them.

No. 415245

Venus angelic will be doing porn, escorting or gravure by the end of 2019. Most of the weebs online end up in sex work when they get over in Japan.

No. 415255

its quite sad imo, a lot of them dont seem to be mentally sound. i know that a lot of what venus does is probably for attention, but she seems to be unstable in general.

No. 415328

I mean, I kinda get this. But then I also think that if you're ever looking up at someone you're selling yourself short. Like, why aim to be an inferior copy of anybody else when you can forge your own path instead?

No. 415332

yeah but its kind of hard to have the confidence to do anything if youre only being shown/told that you cant

No. 415343

jobs forcing you to take those preliminary personality test quizzes and rejecting you automatically even if you give decent answers are is fucking retarded. if you're not even going to look at someone's resume who gave perfectly acceptable answers you're honestly a pos esp if it's actually a human being checking it and not a bot. I dont understand why they use them except to weed out the worst baddies who obviously give shitty answers, but they're like looking for a very specific set of answers which is retarded for a workplace because without a variety of personalities then the workplace will be monotonous and shitty. in the long run I don't think you can derive enough about someone from a personality test alone and auto reject them based off that unless they gave blatantly bad answers. it sucks because I'm a leader and I've gotten rejected on these things because they tell u to "be honest" and my being honest and exaggerating slightly to make myself look a little better and a little more authoritarian still gets me nowhere, I'm sorry shitty jobs but you shouldn't force me to take a personality quiz if you're going to pay me less than 10 dollars an hour cuz that's entry wage, be happy that you have an applicant at all u ungrateful cretins

No. 415349

this is one of those things that doesn't matter to me at all but it seems it does to most people and most people who claim it doesn't usually only say that because they're so used to seeing themselves represented that they don't notice and when they aren't are the first to say "wait how can I relate to this if it's got a woman on the cover?"

No. 415358

i hate the slang "tea"

No. 415360

>sun is bad for skin

well, yes and no. if getting no sun at all was healthy then people who live in places with no sun at all would be pretty healthy, but they aren't, they still need special lamps to give them decent amounts of UV. so constant darkness and gloomy weather can still effect your mood and its not cured by just getting vitamin D from food.


>Frode Sand, who lives above the Arctic Circle in northern Norway in a small village called Bleik, said it’s not just the darkness that contributes to the difficulty. “Bad weather, huge amounts of snow, cold temperatures, lack of vitamin D – it all plays a role in making it difficult,” he said. “But people adapt. Those who don't, won't and those who really struggle with these conditions choose to move south if possible.”

No. 415365

You can't cross an ocean. You can't touch a cloud. You can't walk on the moon. You can't have a vote.

The world was made by people that were always explicitly told what they can't do but decided to it anyway.

No. 415369

Most of the population still haven't tried to do all of those things, though, lmao.

No. 415385

Which fits right in with all of my unpopular opinions: Most people are irrelevant except for their ability to take up space and oxygen so ignore them and do what you want. Selfishness is a virtue. Altruism is a sin.

No. 415393


Me too, especially on lolcow. It's milk ffs, we are farmers after all.

No. 415396

Calm down Ayn Rand.

No. 415408

Gatekeeping is a good thing in almost all cases.

No. 415434

I think my empathy for men as a group is becoming lower and lower. For example, I'm not disgusted or angered by people trivializing the stabber girl as a yandere trope. The whole situation does seem like something out of fiction (and the incidentally aesthetic photo of her on the phone with a cigarette doesn't help), it's just what people do on the internet when it comes to attractive criminals, and the guy didn't die or anything.
I heard he was a host that she got overly attached to. Hosts are typically pieces of shit that prey on women and girls' loneliness, so if this is true, it's likely that he knowingly pretended to love her so she'd throw more money at him, and didn't take her obsessive, progressively more unhinged behavior as seriously as he should've. He ended up getting more than what he bargained for.
Unless he was only doing that job to take care of a vulnerable family member or something, may he take this as a lesson about toying with girl's feelings. You really don't know who's unstable in these streets.

No. 415438

Same. Men don’t even empathize with other men unless it validates their talking points for hating women. In this case, she’s cute and tickles their boner they’d rather fetishize her first.

No. 415452

Host clubs are disgusting and meant to gain huge amounts of money by having these guys play-act a sort of boyfriend role to lonely and desperate women who are in poor enough mental condition to believe it. I’m not sure how common this part is anymore but in the past it was a serious issue that these clubs were bait to create huge debt for women so then gangs would step in, kidnap them and force them to “work off their debt” as enslaved prostitutes but never letting them actually pay it off.


No. 415461

Doing something restrictive like keto (and similar diets) is stupid as fuck if you don't have a medical necessity for it. I'm tired of seeing people saying how miserable they feel and how much they crave X normal, natural thing to be consumed every day while shouting how great the diet is.
Processed sugars are bad. Most people in most countries have a carb based diet and aren't morbidly obese.
You don't have to cut it out like it's fucking heroin to be healthy. Even processed shit can be consumed in moderation without it turning into an "addiction".

No. 415463

Subreddits like trashy, awful everything, and random cringe subreddits reek of insecurity and lack of empathy. Its also creepy how a lot of the photos are creepshots

No. 415464

Agree. Plus people conveniently ignore the fact that it's actually saturated fat and not sugar that causes insulin resistance. Sure, refined sugars are horrible for you as well exacerbate insulin resistance, but the actual trigger is high levels of saturated fats in the diet. This is why people who eat high carb diets can get away with it. The problem comes when people mindlessly eat high carb/high fat.


No. 415474

And this combination comes mostly from food you acquire on fast food joints too.
Talking about how healthy something is (ex: keto is much healthier than the standard american diet!) when comparing it to something completely shit tier doesn't make any good.
In my country it's common to mix potatoes, rice, beans and lots of starchy veggies on the same dish. People only started to get truly obese recently as fast food got cheaper and more accessible so clearly carbs alone aren't the devil nor addictive as some people claim. To compare feeding yourself some potatoes to doing drugs because they both release feel-good hormones and make you want more is asinine.

No. 415498

>You don't have to cut it out like it's fucking heroin to be healthy. Even processed shit can be consumed in moderation without it turning into an "addiction".
the one person doing keto I know admitted that he has zero self control with that stuff and does keto because it kinda is like heroin for him.

No. 415510

I didn't know about this, holy shit. Now I feel even less bad for that guy. Horrific.

No. 415515

File: 1559059339635.jpg (149.14 KB, 600x370, Gunnerkrigg-evolution.jpg)

Gunnerkrigg court is overated as hell. I picked up the first volume from library and I liked how it started, but near the end I got kind of board. The art always changes, but never evolves above deviant art a weeb. The characters I just dont care for. I guess its not for me? How could something so mediocre become so big?

No. 415524

People who think keto is healthy are delusional. I knew a guy who was always on keto, never kept bread in the house and criticized me for indulging in potato chips but then would fry up and then eat an entire package of bacon because “it’s totally keto abd healthy!”

No. 415527

That's not really true, that study is outdated now (even though it is still contentious)
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26615402 "A high-fat, high-saturated fat diet decreases insulin sensitivity without changing intra-abdominal fat"

honestly in my opinion this kind of research is going to go back and forth like this for a long time, they really do not know the answers yet

but what I can say for sure is that lowering your weight lowers all cause mortality and if keto is the only way you can do it then it's a plus. if you're already a healthy weight and don't have any issues then I don't see any reason to try any kind of diet

No. 415529

I agree. As a child I just ate tons of bread, noodles or potatoes and was stick skinny. The reason I gained weight is definitely also because I stopped being so picky and started eating more meat, cheese, sauces, etc., anything with fat.
My father always preaches that sugar is the devil and that fat isnt even that bad, yet has been unsuccessful in losing weight despite trying for over a decade already.

I also don't understand why people aren't more vary about that whole keto flu thing. If you're feeling horrible because of what you eat (or don't eat) then maybe that isn't a positive sign?

I also think it's unrealistic. If you cut out carbs, then what is left to eat? Do you always have enough fresh vegetables at home? Can you afford to constantly buy meat? Have the time to always prepare/cook?

No. 415534

>CONCLUSIONS: A diet very high in fat and saturated fat adversely affects insulin sensitivity and thereby might contribute to the development of type 2 diabetes.

I don't understand. The article you linked claims the opposite of what you just said? Unless I'm retarded and misreading something?

No. 415545

If you go from eating a full plate of meat, potatoes, vegetables, and a slice of cake at every meal to just the meat and vegetables, you're going to lose weight. Ketoers just misassociate simple CICO with their diet. I think it helps a lot of people control their bad habits because it's so restrictive, but it only works if you had a complete shit diet to begin with. You can obtain the same results by replacing refined carbs with whole carbs and cutting out added sugars completely.

No. 415548

oh you're right anon. my reading comprehension is terrible

No. 415581

You probably were stick skinny because despite eating those things you probably just ate less calories than you do now. You can lose weight eating anything as long as it's under your tdee. The kind of food you eat really doesnt matter much if the goal is to lose weight.

No. 415602

>saturated fat not sugar causes insulin resistance
wtf that's not how biology works. Even the article you linked doesn't say that. It says that consumption of saturated fat can exacerbate insulin resistance not cause it.
>in humans saturated fat significantly worsen insulin-resistance

The way in which the body converts fat and carbohydrate into energy are very different. Carbohydrate is converted into glucose through glycolysis. Fat is converted into ketone bodies through ketosis. Insulin is involved in both processes. Insulin is a hormone that regulates metabolism.

In glycolysis carbs are converted to glucose which is released into the blood stream. The pancreas responds to this by producing insulin. Insulin induces glycogenesis. This is where glucose is taken from the blood stream into muscle and organ tissue to be converted into glycogen for use as fuel. This lowers blood glucose concentrations. If more carbohydrate is eaten than can be converted to glycogen, lipogenesis happens where excess glucose is stored as fat.

In ketosis fat is converted to ketone bodies. Ketogenesis happens when the liver has depleted it's stores of glycogen and blood insulin levels are low. Ketone bodies are released into the blood stream where they are taken up by cell mitochondria to be used as energy. As with glycolysis, lipogenesis will occur if there is an excess of energy.

Insulin resistance is caused by repeated exposure to high levels of insulin, which is caused by high blood sugar, which is caused by high carbohydrate consumption. The exact mechanism by which this happens isn't understood and there are many contributing factors such as NAFLD. Insulin resistance is not caused by ketosis because ketosis relies on low levels of insulin. Low carbohydrate diets are known to reverse type 2 diabetes because it breaks the cycle of high insulin levels. Fat in absence of carbs doesn't cause insulin resistance because fat alone does not trigger glycolysis.

No. 416644

How? Half the time it's used by misogynistic neckbeards who refuse to believe women are capable of liking things.

No. 416646

idk if this is an unpopular opinion lol, but ive been reading through the old cows thread and also reading some of the older threads on the site, and i feel like older cows and also the threads were definitely so much more entertaining than the current ones. the best ones were either the cows who actually came to lolcow to sperg, and its also a shame that tumblr went down the shitter since there were so many milky cows on there. i think theres just been something over the last year or two where the quality of the cows has dropped and im not sure why.

i also think theres been a drastic change in the userbase, when i first came here during the saga where venus escaped from margo, i remember there were more of anti sjw types, however now there are several threads about more radical feminist topics. idk if this has anything to do with the cows though.

No. 416885

Able-bodied people who use drive-thrus are pathetic and anyone who joins a long drive-thru line and blocks traffic is a piece of lazy shit, I walk in and out with my food and see the same morons still there, idling in their sweaty cars while I go home and eat my fat burger

No. 416909

Cows are better at locking down their social media and lying low these days. Now that the internet is rife with callout culture and people digging through your entire feed for dirt on you is commonplace, a lot of the most degenerate cows know they need to sanitize their image at least somewhat. Couple that with more advanced and widespread mental health support than ever, any potential cows either get better or wise up enough to fuck off.

The glory days of cows like CWC and PT are long gone…

No. 416918

>i remember there were more of anti sjw types, however now there are several threads about more radical feminist topics
I would consider everyone here (including radfems) pretty anti SJW though - anti trannies, anti liberal feminism, critical of non white/gay men, not accepting of body posi bs or special snowflake sexualities like demisexual etc. This place isn't exactly politically correct and definitely does not follow the standard tumblr archetype, even if it has really gotten into feminism.

No. 416922

i mean reading through the older threads, there were definitely a lot of posts that would now be called out for being handmaideny if that makes any sense.

the positive is that there seem to be drastically fewer racebaiters, some of the older threads would just devolve into endless race baiting.

No. 416925


yea because you can either be a sjw either a mysoginist!

No. 416926

Lolcow was full of males back then.

No. 416927

It's fair to say that the offtopic boards have different culture and even userbase than the gossip boards.

No. 416955

males love race baiting because it's something they feel they can "joke" about that isn't women

No. 417003

>body posi bs
Sad that this gets looped next to tranny acceptance but I will say that body positivity isn't really bullshit.
I'm really proud of lolcow as a site and how board culture has matured. Like the criteria of what constitutes a lolcow-for instance-has evolved from just wanting to screech about some rando's weight or natural looks to being more about the lulzy and asinine behaviors that cows do.
Since it's always been a site that has discussed women more than men, it's nice to see the looks picking coming secondary for once. Demonstrating that there are legitimately worse things to be than ugly or fat, or that at least a horrid personality and shitty actions lessen someone's merit of respect as it should.

As a rule, I think as long as a woman tries then it's not really right to be disrespectful about her looks off the bat.
That's all body positivity was meant to be about, although who knows how Tumblr feminism has bastardized it so that you feel it's as worse as pretending a man is a biological woman.

I didn't like old lolcow nor staminarose. If my memory serves, posters were a lot more obnoxious and incorrigible. It used to be that I would have to give up on trying to read a thread for days until sperging about a cow's looks subsided to talk about anything else.
Also, speaking as a woman who isn't exactly a 10/10: I frankly don't like reading that bullshit all the time.

No. 417018

This. The site really got cleaned up during all the admin rotations.
Sometimes I forget, but then if I end up in a 2+ year old LC thread and see the harsh contrast in quality posts between then and now, I'm kind of shocked.

No. 417023

I hate infantile language in English. It works so well in many others languages, like Polish and the like, but whenever I hear someone say something along the lines of doggo or adulting it makes me cringe to the point that bunghole physically recoils.

No. 417027

I have accidentally found a thread where people were testing lolcow emoji codes. Shocking to see that emojis apparently were part of lolcow culture 3 years ago

No. 417034

Maybe body posi is the wrong word, HAES specifically is what doesn't really fly here. Being happy with your body is one thing, being delusional about your health and eating habits is another.

No. 417036

They are definitely cringy but would those modern meme tier words really count as english diminuitives? Like, 'doggy' is the real word, not 'doggo'. Adulting is just turning adulthood into a gerund and sounds silly enough to be ironic.

No. 417038

Women are equal to men and should be allowed to play in sports together.

No. 417045

Biology would disagree with you there buddy, that’s like saying we’re equal in terms of procreation - we just have different physiology and that’s a fact we can’t change

No. 417047

It’s why I said infantile rather than diminutive, it sounds like something a little child would say rather than just cutesy and it sounds awful coming from anyone but very young kids

No. 417048

It’s why I said infantile rather than diminutive, it sounds like something a little child would say rather than just cutesy and it sounds awful coming from anyone but very young kids

No. 417080

Ace don’t belong in LGB, you’re not even remotely homosexual why the fuck are you trying to insert yourselves into the LGB community?

No. 417084

Because asexual people face societal pressure to change who they are and need a supportive community based around freedom for sexual preference just like LGB people do?

No. 417095

Your opinion is literally wrong. Men would be at a significant advantage since they're physically superior to women.

>inb4 incel

Libtards who deny biology fuck off, I bet you support troons too.

No. 417100

NTA but should furries also be part of LGB too then? Or DDLG freaks?

It's about same-sex attraction. Anything else is irrelevant.

No. 417101

File: 1559483211386.gif (965.55 KB, 490x270, 20B3CBA3-1D7E-492D-9AF0-D33BEF…)

At most they'd be laughed at but I bet if they get out of that phase they'd too.
You're such a genius.

No. 417103

File: 1559483364467.gif (2.56 MB, 190x200, AVGN laugh.gif)

>w-we're oppressed too guise owo pwease wet us into your hugbox, being ace is scawwy! we need a supportive community uwu
Ace people face less ~societal pressure~ than people who wear sunglasses indoors and league players lmfao

No. 417105

Lgbtq+ is a freakshow anyways, all these weirdos can join it. Normal gays wouldn't care as they don't associate themselves with the community in the first place, they just like boipucci or peach and that's all. Since you care you're likely cringe too.

No. 417108

Yes, let’s not care who forces their way into what’s supposed to be an exclusive community that benefits those that face oppression due to their same-sex attraction.

No. 417124

Farmers and the men they hate are more alike than farmers would like to admit.
I was reading the /anti-anime/ thread and it's ridiculous how some farmers are so keen on downplaying the looks of obvious conventionally attractive women. No, that @yuyuyunochan psycho isn't ugly. Same goes for many other famous attractive women who get shit on here.
It's like I'm seeing "elbows too pointy" arguments. Maybe there's a hint of racism here since most of the women mentioned are asian, but I'd rather not get into that.

No. 417128

With how insane standards are in east Asia people saying she looks ugly isnt far fetched. If you're used to seeing idols and gravure models the yuyu girl wouldnt be considered attractive. In Japan/Korea she would most likely be considered ugly or below average.

No. 417132

This, farmers are so autistic about asian women. The girl is average at worst.

No. 417133

I'm not gonna pretend I'm an expert in beauty standards in East Asia, but I highly doubt she'd be considered unattractive.
Imagine if it was some random neckbeard saying she was unattractive. Everyone would be calling him a dumbass.

No. 417134

Holy fucking shit, are you me? I literally wanted to post something like this but dropped it because I didn't want to get banned ("people" take this website so seriously).
Let's add that the nevada psycho had a lot of female fans too, they probably were finding nevada a cute kira. uuhwuuuu (no emoticon don't report)
Btw you are correct that they are one and the same.

No. 417135

People only make a big deal about us saying ugly or average Asian women arent that great because they're percieved as competition to white women. If a white person called a gorgeous black woman ugly, people wouldnt claim theyre doing it because theyre jealous.

No. 417137

asexual people and bisexuals who are in straight relationships/who are mostly into the other sex are not oppressed.

No. 417138

lmao why are you so pressed over some anons saying that the plain looking psycho bitch is plain looking. there are so many better examples of farmers sperging about an attractive woman being ugly.

No. 417139

Not just Asians, women who are better looking than them in general. See exhibit A >>417128. But it won't make them insecure they're putting the bar regarding beauty standards high as fuck except the slight sane ones (because to get insecure thanks to a bunch of shitters is still insane tbh) since they are in this neverending delusional circle jerk. No cow on here is ugly except the unhygienic and/or obese weirdos.

No. 417140

I'm just using the psycho because she's the most recent example. If you go into other threads you also see more "elbows too pointy" posts, like some anons who claim 1/3 of Twice is ugly and shouldn't be idols.

No. 417141

I dont think they're doing it because they are jealous. Since these are awful people, theyre going to over exaggerate how ugly the guy is because they dont like them. I personally dont think onion is a bad looking man but his ugliness is exaggerated because people hate him.

No. 417142

*how ugly the girl is

No. 417143

They are, because they have special snowflake syndrome and carry the consequences of it. If psychiatrists would treat the personality disorder because that's what it's based on, only then many sexual identities can be cured.

No. 417145

I don't know, maybe they don't see black women as big competition, but many still don't like seeing them get the spotlight, especially older white women who grew up with the idea that they're the only attractive women.
They do it with women who aren't awful too.

No. 417146

How dare people think a murderer have unattractive features.
I don't think she's pretty either.

OP >>417124 I get your point, but get mad over a better example. Shitty people deserve to be shat on. On this website there are cows ripped apart for their otherwise average looks and they've never done anything near as bad as killing somebody.

No. 417147

Man, your first reply is so passive agressive.

No. 417148

He died? Sad.

No. 417150

Why is it passive aggressive? Go on facebook and you'll see tons of boomer white women shitting on any non-white woman who gets a bit of shine.
So all criminals are automatically bad looking? Like I said before, I only used her because she's the most recent example, there are lots of cases like this.

No. 417151

I agree with anons who say that when attractive people do awful things that it lowers their perceived beauty.
That's a good thing and it challenges the halo effect. Because it means even if you're conventionally ugly that if you do good you can be perceived as beautiful.
Without that, ugly people stay ugly and beautiful people can commit atrocities while still being considered beautiful.
I spit on that.

No. 417152

Women don't care about races specifically, stop being so insecure.

No. 417154

>So all criminals are automatically bad looking?
You got it.
And I think if more people adopted this attitude we'd have less glamorizing criminal lifestyles in media, and less misguided people creaming themselves over their hybristophilic obsession with serial killers.
Only good things can come of it.

No. 417156

>Women don't care about races specifically, stop being so insecure.
Yeah I'll have to disagree.

No. 417159

From what I'm seeing if farmers dont like a cow and that cow has beef with another public figure, farmers will praise how gorgeous etc the other person is just because they have beef with the person they dont like.

No. 417162

Well that's an assumption. How do you know the white girl insulting a black woman isnt jealous and the white girl insulting an Asian girl just genuinely doesnt like how she looks? You buy into the Asian girl vs white girl stuff so you assume if we say an Asian girl is bland looking then we are jealous.

No. 417163

I assume there's a bit of jealously in both cases, but the intensity is different.

No. 417165

File: 1559490155229.png (635.32 KB, 900x645, tumblr_pawct0iJPN1w63jm5o1_128…)

Asuka was always a terrible character and the new movies just made her worse.

No. 417166

File: 1559490444238.jpg (514.76 KB, 1178x2000, neon-genesis-evangelion_973712…)

Hard agree.

But also eva is a tryhard edgefest for ~muh deep philosophical subtext~ incels and the only good female character in it is picrelated.

No. 417167

I think onion looks better than the average guy in his age group because hes not fat and he puts some effort into his looks. O obviously hes ok looking since managed to find so many women over the years to put up with his awful behaviour but his awful personality is why people make him out to be worse looking than he is.

No. 417170

Well, this is Lolcow. Most of our cows/flakes are women, and nitpicking to hell and back is very common. I still remember the sperging and wars started over how Lainey, Billie and Belle Delphine are totally ugly, haggard creatures and how anyone who disagrees must be a WK, even though the truth is they're all conventionally attractive women with questionable personalities.

I agree there's a sort of racial aspect to it when Asian women are brought into the mix (especially Korean and Japanese), but honestly, what do you expect? This site has a lot of white weebs or former weebs with BPD, EDs, body dysmorphia, etc who are only just now learning not to hate themselves for not being born as 2.5D nipponese girls or K-pop stars. Of course they don't want to hear about how this or that random Asian chick is pretty or cute, lmao. It brings back memories of all the gross neckbeards who like to tack on shit about how white women are oh so ugly, fat, mannish and old or whatever. Whether they recognize it or not, they've internalized those things, and they're trying to push against it however possible, even if it means getting mad about other women. I'm not saying it's healthy by any means, but it is what it is.

As for the boomer women on Facebook…That's just what bitter, suburban wine moms and/or former trophy wives do. They don't even like each other, talk less of younger women getting any sort of media spotlight. Doubly so if they can't project themselves onto them when they're too different-looking. Some of them (even a few farmers) don't even like that Prince Harry married Meghan Markle because they find it way too difficult to self-insert onto a biracial woman.

It used to annoy me seeing it here, but I know better than to take it at face value. It's just how they work through their shit. You just have to roll with it, and maybe laugh when it gets a little too ridiculous. Lastly, it's definitely not the same as men's brand of shitty behavior. All of this is literally only happening because of men directly tying women's worth to our looks for hundreds of years. It'll take a long time to undo that, if it ever happens.

No. 417171

Fuck yes. She is my favorite as well.
There isn't anything so deep about Eva, really. It's definitely not a bad show and I did enjoy it well enough. People exaggerate how meaningful it is imo and are too captivated by the imagery to realize it's merely a smokescreen of visual allegory. I do enjoy that kind of art personally but to put it on a pedestal for being particularly deep is a mistake.

No. 417175

I agree but also disagree since I love Rei the most, and I enjoy all the Eva characters. Ritsuko is my second fave tho

No. 417181

lame male tier taste

No. 417182

I highly doubt I like Rei for the same reasons scrots do. I highly identify with her.

No. 417185

>You buy into the Asian girl vs white girl stuff so you assume if we say an Asian girl is bland looking then we are jealous.
If somebody calls a white or a black girl ugly, nobody bats an eye.
If you say that you don't find X white or black girl that unattractive, then you're a whiteknight.
But if you say an asian woman is only average (read: not ugly), then you're immediately white, bitter, jealous, old, fat,…

I wish we'd stop with the all asian women (minus extremely plasic kpop idols) are attractive (and superior) meme. There are plemty of asian anons who posted that X asian girl wouldn't be considered special according to their standards, so why keep insisting that they are? Supposedly majority of farmers are white, so why do so many go out of their way to kiss asians asses?
You're accusing others of being bitter weebs, but it seems very much like you're the ones who still haven't gotten over your teenage obsession with anything asian / yellow fever.(race sperg)

No. 417189

It's only certain weeb parts of the internet (like this dump) where people think asian anybody is good looking. Everyone irl can see they aren't very good looking. One hot japanese celeb dude doesn't equal what the average chinese tourist looks like at all.

No. 417191

wasnt there that userbase survey from ages ago that said that asian farmers marginally outnumber white farmers on here? unless people were lying about being asian. spoiler because this probably sounds racebaity, but i think it makes complete sense. the majority of weeaboos/koreaboos ive met irl have been asian or half asian, so it makes sense to me that the majority userbase on a website dedicated to making fun of weebs and their like would be asian but idk i might be wrong

No. 417194

Stop pitting white women against asian women, and for that matter act like jealousy is only ever one way when plenty of asian women have internalized self-hate for lacking caucasian characteristics.

No. 417198

i'm like this, but with asuka and misato. shit on my taste in anime all you want, irdc, but i really understand what asuka and misato experience in NGE. the rebuilds are utter shit though.

No. 417212

That's …not true. All my of my normie gay friends still go to Pride and identify as being part of LGBT despite all those tumblr flakes wanting to join.

Adopting a specific attitude doesnt change if a person is attractive or not. If some objectively beautiful woman commited a crime tomorrow it wouldnt instantly turn her into an uggo.

No. 417220

>Adopting a specific attitude doesnt change if a person is attractive or not.
Says you.

No. 417223

My post isn't pitting any women against each other. I outright said it's because of men enforcing the concept of women's worth being tied to their looks. I also never contradicted anything you said about Asian women feeling self-hatred, but the OP was talking specifically about Lolcow and how arguments flare up over other women's looks.
Fucking hell, get some reading comprehension, or learn to actually read before you reply.

No. 417237

>Adopting a specific attitude doesnt change if a person is attractive or not
right? i really don't understand where all the anons that say otherwise is coming from. good for them i guess but sometimes it seems so delusional lol. would be nice if ones looks would directly be affected by their actions but alas.

No. 417245

No, that wasn't legit. Most farmers are white girls.

No. 417249

>I outright said it's because of men enforcing the concept of women's worth being tied to their looks.
What you outright said was that women get mad at other women for the things they internalize whether they realize it or not. That places nothing on men.

Next, you outright said this site has a lot of white weebs or former weebs with BPD, EDs, body dysmorphia, etc who are only just now learning not to hate themselves for not being born as 2.5D nipponese girls or K-pop stars. And so they don't want to hear about pretty or cute asian women because they're so jealous about what neckbeards have had to say about themselves as white women.

Tacking "because of men" at the end of your narrative doesn't change how you're painting every white poster here who doesn't like how a 'conventional' asian woman looks as a weeby, mentally ill basketcase with a complex.

>I also never contradicted anything you said about Asian women feeling self-hatred

Your post was a rant about what white people respond on this site. Proven further by the separate sperg you threw in about Markle because white posters can't "self-insert onto a biracial woman."
No duh you can say you didn't post anything to "contradict" asians having self-hatred because your paragraphs were spent tirading about whites.

You weighted race heavily in your post and now you're crying reading comprehension when no one's wrong in observing that you're baiting some shit here.

No. 417251

>That places nothing on men.
Where do you think the things they internalized came from? Who said those things? Hint: I mentioned who exactly in the same sentence you're referring to where internalization is mentioned.

>Tacking "because of men" at the end of your narrative doesn't change how you're painting every white poster here who doesn't like how a 'conventional' asian woman looks as a weeby, mentally ill basketcase with a complex.

I didn't do that at all, because I never said that it was all white posters (if it was all white posters, this place would just be PULL - the fact that you'd claim it's a comment about all white posters just reflects how you feel about the userbase on LC).
If you think that it targets the entire race, it's probably because you relate in some way, or have some weird reservation about all white women, and honestly? That's not my problem. I said what I said, and it wasn't wrong. Anyone who's not lying to themselves knows it's true. Sites like LSA have a lot of black women who get annoyed at white women because disgusting men have filled them with low self-esteem by shitting on black women and uplifting white ones. Lolcow has a lot of white women who get annoyed at Asian women for the same reason. Asiafinest has a lot of Asian women who get annoyed at white women for the same reason. The list goes on. It's not a race thing, it's a woman thing, and we're talking about Lolcow in this instance. Men are trash across all cultures, and they feed on women seeing each other as competition. Also, if a single sentence about MM is a "sperg", then your whole post must be a full-on mental breakdown.

Pointing this out will never be incorrect. Stop misrepresenting it and insisting everything is "racebait" and a "tirade against whites" (or blacks, or Asians, since you probably will feel the urge to when you read this post). It's just true.

No. 417256

>Where do you think the things they internalized came from?
From a variety of influences.
No, white girls are not completely driven by the opinions from the bottom rung of males in society.
Even if it were the case, what someone else said isn't responsible for the actions.
Meaning at the core of it, you're still calling these white posters jealous weebs who have deep insecurities that they take out on others at a rate that's more frequent or more noticeable than any other race of posters on this website.
There's nothing else to take away from what you've written.

And might I add: This is your response to an OP complaining about posters in the anti-weeb thread (of whom we don't even know if they are white or not) saying that they didn't think the stabchan was attractive.

>I didn't do that at all

>I never said all white posters
Yeah you didn't say all you just said a lot. Still implying there's some kind of noticeable majority, when you have no way to prove that.

>If you think that it targets the entire race, it's probably because you relate in some way, or have some weird reservation about all white women.

I'm not the one holding an argument that paints the users here in a very broad brush.

If this is the hill you're gonna die on anon then that's your business. You've already declared yourself as the winner and truth teller of the "women thing(ban evasion)

No. 417258

>From a variety of influences.
Cool thought, but that was a rhetorical question, and was in regard to my own words, not yours. I'm talking about men, and I have been from the start. The fact that you'd try to attack me while completely ignoring my point makes me not want to take anything you say seriously, honestly.
I'm not going to bother with the rest of your post, because it's obvious you tried to find something to complain about, failed, and now you're waffling and arguing with a shadow. Have a good one.

No. 417261

As I've said, you've already declares yourself the winner of the internet argument.
Take care anon, and don't let the white boolies get you down.

No. 417266

It can change your perception on that person's attractivness but not the general fact over if they're attractive or not. If a beautiful woman comitted an atrocity and 99% of the population changed their perception on wether she's beautiful or not, it wouldnt change the fact that someone unaware of her crimes would still find her attractive. It wouldnt changer her facial symetry, her healthy body, etc…
Like I get where you're coming from and it's a very ethical opinion to hold but it's just not true.

No. 417292

No One:

White Cosplayers: Actually, this is a little awkward to say, but Hi! I'm bi. Yeah, um. So there's that. I don't feel like I deserve to say it? A little bi visibility goes a long way, so thanks!

No. 417294

How is this an opinion?

No. 417297

>implying all cosplayers don’t do this
get over yourself fatima they’re all fucking weird

No. 417304

John Wick sucks.

No. 417324

Here we go kek

No. 417326

I LOVED the first one but the third one was so bad holy shit. Just non stop obnoxiously long fights. The first was only good because John was still mysterious and 'surprise bad guys, this seemingly normal guy is actually a badass' is one of my favourite action tropes.

No. 417327

I like them but admit they're like watching someone else play a video game which is an acquired taste.

No. 417331

I guess this isn´t an opinion but I don´t get the people here who complain that guys are constantly bothering them. I really don´t understand complaints about sexual harassment in general. I guess I must be ugly.

No. 417332

I don't get harassed either but it's not hard to imagine it could be annoying/frightening.

No. 417333

Or you just live around nicer guys?

No. 417334

It's one of the worst feelings. I'm not sure if it has to do with your actual appearance but people aren't making shit up when they say it sucks to be harassed.

No. 417338

It doesn't mean you're ugly necessarily. It's a common myth people spread around that only attractive people are sexually harassed.

It's really more about circumstance (ie. If you are alone, if you are in a setting where the perp will encounter the least resistance in harassing you) and the general culture of men in your vicinity (ie. you're probably more likely to get harassed at a college bar full of entitled ass men or a ghetto hood where women aren't respected as much).

No. 417344

Infj personality type doesn't actually exist and is unironically a total meme.

No. 417345

Not really sure why people are insisting that it's not because of my looks. The most recent party at the end of the semester, I had to try with four guys before I could find one who would hook up with me.

Why would I live around nicer guys? I don´t really think there´s anything particularly nice about my city. I used to live in the suburbs and I don´t think anything happens there because American suburbs are so isolating.

Also I´ve been around the world and I´ve never noticed a difference. I´ve been on most continents and never noticed a difference in most places.

Also on dating apps I´ve never gotten any weird messages. It just doesn´t seem like guys are interested in me.

I feel like I´m alone a lot.

No. 417348

All of MBTI is a meme. It's horoscopes for nerds.

No. 417349

I've heard it called neckbeard astrology, and it's stuck with me.

No. 417351

As >>417337 hinted at, catcalling at least is seen as more acceptable among some subcultures than others. Like I'm not trying to victim blame, and of course it could happen anywhere, but it's far more likely to happen in say trailer parks and favelas than in ski towns and nice suburbs.

No. 417355

>Not really sure why people are insisting that it's not because of my looks.
Because I'm sure anons here have loads of anecdotal evidence, not to mention pictures of victims you could google, of women who aren't lookers who've been sexually harassed.

Maybe you've just been lucky.
Don't crave this kind of negativity anon. Sexual harassment doesn't validate that you're attractive, it just means a male views you as an expendable hole that he can use then discard. It's not appealing at the core.

No. 417357

>Sexual harassment doesn't validate that you're attractive, it just means a male views you as an expendable hole that he can use then discard. It's not appealing at the core.
If anything it does the opposite. When trashy, low quality men are responding to you aggressively your brain can say it's because you're a trashy, low quality person yourself.

No. 417359

This. These are not flattering things to have happen to you. Men's sexual attraction is worthless and says nothing about your own attractiveness. These are people who will literally fuck pool noodles, bowls of gelatin and holes in trees.
If it happens to you, it's because they don't see you as a valid person, but some kind of means to an end.

No. 417364

>Men's sexual attraction is worthless and says nothing about your own attractiveness.
So whose opinion matters? It´s not like women are lining around the block to say I´m attractive either. I´m sure if my picture was ever posted here I´d have users lining up to call me ugly lol.

I never said I wanted to be harassed. But I do think it´s one of the signs that I´m not attractive.

I also am not sure why people assume I mean being harassed. I said I don´t get being "bothered." That includes harassment but it also can include other forms of interaction. Unless you´re one of the women who think that all interaction from men is harassment and that all women should want to be invisible to men. Which might be good for you, but personally I don´t see it that way.

No. 417365

>It ‘ s
>I ‘ d
>I ‘ m
>don ‘ t

Never before have I felt such a strong urge to bully someone

No. 417368

>So whose opinion matters?
How about yours? Is that too much to ask?

There's four kinds of people you'll ever meet in life. Those that like you for bad reasons, that dislike you for bad reasons, that dislike you for good reasons, that like you for good reason.
Those that judge you superficially for physical attractiveness, whether positively or otherwise, are judging you for bad reasons. To live a happy fulfilling life you really shouldn't concern yourself with what they think at all.

No. 417369

Ace people are not lgbt but that bisexual part is not correct at all. I have a bisexual friend in a M/F relationship who still got beat and kicked out of his house. To homophobes, he's still attracted to his own sex at the end of the day.

No. 417370

Your own.

No. 417376

You sound kind of desperate for male attention, anon. Honestly you reek of self-esteem issues and being told you're ugly as a child or something traumatic. Also, any plain girl is going to be called ugly here, this is the place that got discourse on nasolabial folds and boob veins, ffs.
Anyway, i could even say that it's not your looks (any plain girl can look decent with proper grooming, unless you're literally deformed) but if you're so worried you're not getting any even when you're all dolled up (i'm assuming you do the basic steps of enhancing your looks like basic hygiene, makeup, flattering clothes, non-fried/oily hair, etc), maybe it's time to think about your behavior instead? Look up body language, change your mannerisms, etc.

No. 417379

Ok why don´t you.

That makes sense. But people who consider themselves attractive despite nitpicing are considered narcs here.

So is male harassment/attention based on looks or nah? Theoretically couldn;t someone choose to get less attention by wearing less makeup or changing their posture?

No. 417383

Or nah.
Guys that like harassing people, they'll harass almost anyone they see as an easy target since it's the power exchange they get off on/that gives them status among their pack.

Intentionally taking steps to appear more homely might cause them to slightly alter the manner of their harassment, but it won't ever lead to them to cutting it out entirely.

No. 417384

Honestly they could, but it’s not simple math. A girl who turns heads is certainly more likely to attract male attention than an average girl but if she acts hostile or what men could consider overconfident (the bar can be really low because they’re sometimes very pathetic) she’s less likely to be approached, in contrast with an average but approachable girl, which is why some average/plain looking quirky gamurr animefag ethots have more male attention and clout than some drop dead gorgeous women.
All in all, sleazy men who really harass (aka. insist after the “no”, stalk girls, catcall, are just plain uncomfortable to be around etc etc) will look for girls who they think won’t react or resist much to their advances. And Anon, i beg of you to have some standards.

No. 417387

I don't feel bad for men who get robbed by strippers or prostitutes.

No. 417388

Is this an unpopular opinion?

No. 417389

Feel like a dickhead for saying this but tbh I have a lot of trouble sympathising with them either, they were there to exploit another

No. 417390

>But people who consider themselves attractive despite nitpicing are considered narcs here
If you know that you're physical beautiful as an honest appraisal there's nothing wrong with that. That's better than stuck with an asshole because you think you can't do better. It's only if you remark on it as a way of belittling others that you're a narc. Looking down on others for not having a great face is exactly is exactly as disgusting as looking down on others for having a different race. Judge people on characteristics that they can help instead. By that I mean people starting with yourself.

No. 417391

Yes, DEFINITELY irl, but surprisingly, I've posted about the Cardi B thing and like 4 anons responded to me like, desperately clamoring to powder the balls of all uwu poor baby men that were victimized by her. Literally who the fuck cares. Not only do I not care, but they absolutely deserve to be taken for a ride.

No. 417392

Men harass women because they want to feel powerful, not because they're attracted to them. If they actually wanted a positive response they wouldn't be obnoxious. In fact being attractive probably means you get harassed less since they're more likely to read you as confident and not easy to make uncomfortable. If you had poor posture you'd probably get harassed more since they'd read you as a vulnerable person who'd put up with their bullshit.

No. 417394

I personally just recognize Cardi B as a shitty, horrible person (and a bad role model) and am basically okay with whatever might lead to her downfall as a celebrity.
If anyone else was doing those things, I wouldn't really care. I feel like others who come down on her for this feel the same way (handmaidens and misogynists aside), they just don't say it.

No. 417395

So changing my looks/posture would get me more attention/harassment but not the other way around? How does that work?

So the reason I don't ever get approached is because I'm too attractive. Ok lol.

>Looking down on others for not having a great face is exactly is exactly as disgusting as looking down on others for having a different race.
You are on the wrong site for telling people this lol

How do you know what kind of posture I have? I actually have bad posture lol

No. 417396

Most people that complain about Cardi B are misogynists and handmaidens tho.

No. 417397


No. 417399

Jesus Christ anon, you’re really annoying

No. 417400

You're not really coming up with any valid arguments

No. 417404

I wasn’t trying to argue anything, I’m merely stating a fact - you’re annoying, all of your posts have been annoying, ^ this one being no exception

No. 417405

The implication of my statement was that changing your looks would have zero effect on how much you're harassed. A lioness doesn't give a shit if a gazelle is hot or not when she only wants to eat. A harasser doesn't give a shit if a woman is hot or not when he only wants to humiliate.
Hope you get it now because I won't explain it again.

No. 417408

Cool. Now you're saying you're not "trying to argue anything" but you're still arguing.

So what's the magical reason I don't get harassed then?

No. 417410

We told you. It's either luck of the draw, or the deck stacked in your favor because you live around less assholes…
Or you don't go outside at all.

No. 417412

what makes you think that this one doesn't and the others do?

No. 417419

I already told you why that doesn't make sense. I said that I live in a city, but it's not one with a unique reputation towards women. I've been to different cities and countries too. I've even gone to music festivals by myself. I guess I'm just ~magically lucky~ then.

No. 417420

NTA but what do you want us to say?
We already explained how even ugly girls get sexually harassed.
That the situation and types of guys you're around can make a difference.

If the stars don't align for you to be sexually harassed then…yay? How would being disrespectfully approached by men make you feel pretty???

No. 417422

nta but are you seriously trying to discredit literally almost every women who has been harassed in public because you haven't or trying to trap people into saying you're the ugliest bitch alive on the planet or something? go get some self esteem in either case, jfc, you are so painful. you are almost more infuriating than that nonnie in the make-up thread.

No. 417425

>this level of self-pity and low self-worth
So, where are all the anons who call anyone who's even slightly critical of men "femcels" when actual, femcel-tier posts like this pop up?
It's not a compliment, dummy. Not being harassed doesn't mean you're ugly. You can look like fucking Mama June or Rasputia and still get harassed. Count yourself lucky you don't know that feeling, because it fucking sucks.

No. 417429


Oh my god, stop. Other anon was right - this is getting really annoying. I don't know why you don't get harrassed. Maybe you're morbidly obese, maybe you blend in the crowds so well they don't notice you, maybe you live in a fancy suburb where that shit doesnt happen much. In which country do you even live?

I live in North-Western Europe and get harrassed all the time here but whenever I go to my homecountry it NEVER happens. Who knows why! Maybe you are incredibly ugly BUT ugly women still get harrassed all the time and some pretty women don't.
Hell for all I know you're walking with music in your ears so loud that you don't hear when they're talking obscenities at you in the street.

No. 417432

>Maybe you're morbidly obese
Fuck that, I've seen huge women like 300+ pounds get sexually harassed by men, either in jest or out of seriousness. And what with all the mukbang and feeder fetishists these days it makes sense.

Anon really needs to understand that harassment and disrespect have nothing to do with how someone looks.

No. 417433

So defensive. Who says I`m trying to discredit anyone? Sorry I`m annoying you.

Ok I guess I´m an ungrateful femcel lol. Sorry I can´t be an attractive girl who gets a ton of guys like you.

>Maybe you're morbidly obese
I`m not morbidly obese. But you´re contradicting your own narrative that looks have nothing to do with being harassed.

>maybe you live in a fancy suburb where that shit doesnt happen much

Can you read? I already said I live in a city.

>In which country do you even live?

I live in the US, but I´ve been around the world.

>Hell for all I know you're walking with music in your ears so loud that you don't hear when they're talking obscenities at you in the street.

Weirdly enough I´m one of the people who never wears headphones in public. You´re grasping at straws.

What does? Magic?

No. 417434

Also if you´re saying fetish videos cause people to harass women, you are saying that attractiveness is indeed a component of harassment.

I don`t know why anons are so fixated on me being harassed, when I originally said "bothered." All harassment is bothering, but not all bothering is harassment.

No. 417439

doubt you're from US solely on that weird apostrophe usage. also propose an alternative theory: it is a troon.

yeah, i see how not being approached by Jehovah witness could cause an upset of such dimensions, yeah /s

No. 417441

Men usually harass women they think they can get away with harassing, and whose reaction they're interested in seeing. Maybe you just come off as someone who would fight them over it or cause a scene, or someone too confident/not interested enough to react in the way they want. I'm guessing you're probably sheltered and don't go out at night (when more men are drunk in public) either. Be thankful you don't have weirdos following around and making gross and annoying comments about you though.

No. 417442

My observation on harassment:
I lived in a large Midwest City and would be harassed all the time. Now I live in a large East coast city and I am never harassed. Still harassed when I go home though.

Different cultures.

No. 417443

>you are saying that attractiveness is indeed a component of harassment
Fetishists get off on people performing the fetish, not because they think the person doing it is necessarily attractive.

I'm starting to think this is a maleposter wanting to have a "gotcha" moment by tricking everyone into thinking men only harass the prettiest women. It actually sounds like something a predator would say to condition to his victims and gaslight them.
Gives me the creeps.

No. 417454

I'm a tranny. That's a new one.

No. 417459

Lol. So >>417443 was right then.

No. 417460

>I'm guessing you're probably sheltered and don't go out at night
What do you mean go out at night? On the contrary, I would say that I´m pretty adventurous. I´m going to a large (>30,000 people) music festival by myself next month. Not sure how I would prove that to you.

Hmm maybe. Like I said, I`ve been around the world. I´ll be living in a new city this summer and studying abroad next semester so maybe things will be different. I don´t see any reason for things to be different.

>Fetishists get off on people performing the fetish, not because they think the person doing it is necessarily attractive.
This is semantics. Fetishists find who they´re watching sexually attractive in some fashion.

>I'm starting to think this is a maleposter wanting to have a "gotcha" moment by tricking everyone into thinking men only harass the prettiest women. It actually sounds like something a predator would say to condition to his victims and gaslight them.

>Gives me the creeps.
Sorry to break it to you but you´re wrong.

Also if you`re ¨conditioned¨ by what you read in an imageboard, you´re wrong.

The hoops farmers jump through to disprove someone they don´t agree with, saying I´m lying about being male or American.

Nah I'm not a guy, but I guess any proof that wouldn't dox myself would have people say it´s fake. I´ll just save myself the doxing.

No. 417462

So apparently I`m
>femcel (I`m single but I´m not sure how else I fit the definition unless it means not Becky/Stacy)
>not American
>not ugly
>morbidly obese headphone wearer

No. 417464

File: 1559565194094.png (83.84 KB, 419x238, press x to.png)

>The layout of some European PC keyboards, combined with problematic keyboard-driver semantics, causes some users to use an acute accent or a grave accent instead of an apostrophe when typing in English (e.g. typing John`s or John´s instead of John's).

No. 417467

File: 1559566350660.png (142.18 KB, 949x707, Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 7.52…)

Feel free to believe whatever you want

No. 417468

Now that I think about it, there was some sperg in the ProJared thread who anons theorized to be a friend of Holly WKing her. She also used "`". Could be the same person causing trouble again.

No. 417469

Uh no, I'm not a WK of Holly. I´m someone trying to do her Spanish homework who is too lazy to switch between keyboards. I´m really astounded about the hoops people will jump through to prove their point.

No. 417470

Holy fucking shit, just shut up already you annoying retard. Why is this a hill you’re willing to die on? Listen mate, rub together those two brain cells of yours and understand that no one knows why you don’t get harassed, and quite frankly none of us care. You have been so utterly aggravating this entire time. Maybe no men harass you on the street because they don’t want to give you the chance to be so irritating.

No. 417471

Showering in the night and in the morning is stupid and a waste of water. All you did was lay in bed, why do you need to shower again?

No. 417474

Ok, I guess if other girls acted differently and more like me then they wouldn't be harassed. Nice. :¬)

I think it`s funny people have used their magical detective skills to prove that I'm European. And now I'm Holly's WK.

Not really sure why I would lie about being American. It's not like women just get harassed in Europe and don't get harassed in America.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 417478

shut up and fix your stomach issues

No. 417479

I love when a cow comes here and thinks the world revolves around them on an, uh, anonymous imageboard.

No. 417481

I was just thinking this week that test is horoscopes for people who think they're smart. I've got three different results just by very slightly varying my answers. Something that vague shouldn't be worn as a badge.

No. 417483

I think the issue that the other anons have with your line of thinking is you think not being harassed is a sign you are not attractive like being harassed is a reward or signifier of attractiveness. It makes you feel anxious and unsafe, anon. It happens because they see you as dumb and vulnerable. It's not a compliment, please don't think it is one.

No. 417488

Calm down


What is it then?

No. 417499

I was harassed a lot when I was a child (around the ages 11 to 15) by men on the street. I haven't been harassed once since then. Was it because I was a really attractive child? No, it was because men saw that I was vulnerable. It did not give me a confidence boost or make me feel validation that I was "attractive", it made me afraid to walk to school alone.

I'd love to hear how you explain that though.

No. 417512

I won't even be surprised if that anon tries to softly justify pedophilia all to defend this conviction that she must be the ugliest, most undesirable woman on the planet and being harassed actually means you're attractive.

No. 417523

Oh so you're a femcel here to bitch about how ugly you are, trying to get us to confirm that you are ugly. Aight sis you ugly.

No. 417535

The anon complaining about not being sexually harassed is clearly a male. Ignore him!

No. 417585

i swear to god Jesus freaks need to stop trying to say you all accept homosexuality. a majority of religions do NOT.
don't even try to excuse it with "well it actually means THIS"
studying religion is a personal choice, not homosexuality. you can stop following a religion at any time.
it's just crazy how people will continue to follow a religion that condemns homosexuality and be like WELL THIS RELIGIOUS PERSON LOVES YOU GUYS like please fucking take off the mask.
then there's people who are gay and still following a religion. like who convinced you following a religion that has sections dedicated to condemning homosexuality was still okay, you just changed the narrative. it's straight up denial.
i'm seeing so many twitter threads trying to say NO UWU CHRISTIANS ARE GOOD ACTUALLY IT'S THE HOMOPHOBES WHO ARE WRONG like okay great you go to a very liberal church or don't go at all, because that's a fucking privilege.
you're literally trying to speak on behalf of a whole group of people who don't agree with you. stop sugarcoating it so you don't feel bad.

No. 417597

Just curious, what do you consider "following a religion" ?
I'm an atheist and I'm generally very critical of religion but imo it really depends on how much you "follow" religion.

Like if someone believes in God and believes that Jesus was the son of God and sees him as a role model but doesnt like…go to church or live by the bible, are they condoning Christianity and its homophobes ?
If someone is culturally a muslim (doesnt drink or eat pork) and believes in God but doesnt like pray 5 times a day or believe everything in the Quran, is that person condoning all the bad things Islam does?

No. 417609

>it's just crazy how people will continue to follow a religion that condemns homosexuality and be like WELL THIS RELIGIOUS PERSON LOVES YOU GUYS like please fucking take off the mask.
That's literally the best they can do, even though they're religious they still accept and respect you, isn't that nice? What's your problem, would you rather they'd hate you? Lumping all people together and refusing to like them just because of one characteristic is so dumb and childish. You say they can't speak on behalf of others, so what gives you the right to tell billions of people to "just stop following religioh right now"?
Do you know what's privilege? The fact that all of us - yes even you as a uwu poor lesbian - can live so freely, without anybody oppressing us. If you were to live in a country with another culture and religion, I bet you wouldn't dare to shit on them so openly, you would be wishing for those Jesus freaks who say they love you instead lol

No. 417619

I think pronoun badges are pretty useful.
Reading threads here had made me jaded about genderqueer people but the other day I met someone with a pronoun pin and it just made everything easier. I used that pronoun for the rest of the event and nobody mentioned it once. I don't think they would have gotten angry if I had made a mistake, and it took no effort to make this person's day that bit more comfortable. Maybe I'm autistic, but I like anything that helps social situations go smoother.
On the other hand, if you hate people that talk about identity politics and want to avoid them, it serves as a warning to do just that.

I don't want to shit up the thread with a big debate, so if you want to argue with me please just take it to the gc thread.

No. 417620

Today i learned i´m a guy. i guess if i´m a tranny i´m a ftm aone lol. But I tried the male snapchat filter and i would look like a terrible guy

What's your definition of femcel? Maybe I qualify for one because I have to spend a lot more effort to get sex than most girls lol. We can't be all attractive like you.

Well, most anons here say that all guys are pedophiles so it could very well be the case. It's logically consistent.

No. 417629

Think your mind will be blown when you find out there's different dominations for each faith.

No. 417633

It's not enough for LGBT+, they want them to go full sodom and ghonorrea like them and when normal sane people hesitate they scream homophobic.

No. 417638

tbh anon I also agree that harassment must to some degree align with attraction. Although the other factors anons here mentioned (perceived vulnerability and opportunity) also apply. If not then straight men would be sexually harassing weak men more often.

I think anons are being defensive mostly because your original "opinion" came across as either "being sexually harassed is nbd and you should be grateful" or "I've never been annoyingly hit on so it never happens!!" From what I've seen neither of those are even true to your beliefs and you were just posting your experience. Perhaps it would have been better suited for the vent or bullshit thread?

No. 417643

Not sure which post I should bother tagging, but I slightly agree with the femcel. I was an adult virgin into my 30s. I felt ugly and no one wanted me. I was molested as a child and all I could think is that I was attractive as a kid but so repulsive as an adult that no one could even get it up for me. Earlier this year I was raped. It was one of the worst experiences of my life, but in a sad way it made me feel like a real person and a woman instead of an untouchable freak. This guy was disgusting and did not choose me because I'm good looking and it was scary and painful but in a very small way it made me feel like at least someone wanted me even if it was just for convenience. I feel ashamed even admitting this and would never ever tell anyone if it wasn't anonymous. Unpopular opinion thread seems like a good place to get it out.

No. 417647

>I must be ugly.
Or maybe the issue is that you lack empathy coupled with self-loathing? Even if you've never experienced harrassment it should be obvious why a person wouldn't want someone incessantly peatering them and trampling over their boundaries.

No. 417649

I'm GC, but the antitrans sentiment in the GC threads gets pretty fucking disgusting.

No. 417651

I get the impression that a lot of women just don't like trans people and don't really care about GC/RF ideas.

No. 417654

So do you think guys harass girls based on their empathy levels? lol

I never said people should be grateful. People got defensive for no reason

Why are you here in your thirties?

No. 417657

how old are you? What are you doing with your life that makes you end up on lolcow "well past the age of 30"?
What happened to you is really horrible and I'm sorry it conditionned you to feel this horrible way but this is something you should talk about in therapy because that feeling/opinion isnt valid at all, it is deeply disfunctional and exclusively symptomatic of a completely fucked up view of the world and of yourself. Get out of LC, ask admin to ban you so you're not tempted to come back, start going to a therapist with whom you'll be completely honest and who will challenge you and actively work on yourself.

No. 417658

Yeah I feel you it's sometimes too much for me too. I find that there are more moderate ppl on Twitter esp the detransitioners

No. 417659

>in a very small way it made me feel like at least someone wanted me even if it was just for convenience

Who is "you"?
The guy was after the moist hole between your legs and if not you, then someone else's hole he could have slid his dick into granted the opportunity.
The guy didn't want "you" as a thinking, feeling person who maybe if he squinted enough could see convenience or attraction. He would probably agree that you're ugly because the goalpost was about getting his own rocks off, not to make you feel desired or valued in any way.
That is rape.

No. 417660

How is it hard to understand why women complain about sexual harassment? Are you an actual sociopath?

No. 417662

Yeah I'm not proud of my life. Thanks. Not everyone can afford therapy you know. I have gone but it's $40 per session and it made it so I couldn't do other things I enjoy, like buying groceries. There are plenty of people posting here over thirty, image boards don't become boring just because you are over a certain age. I have agoraphobia among other things so this is one way I get to talk to people. I thought what the other person said was silly but if you don't have any attention at all from other people it tends to warp your world view. Thought I'd give my opinion on the subject even if it's not necessarily a healthy way to think.

You're right, I'm just a useless hole. Thanks man. I'm not saying I enjoyed being raped. It just made me feel like I exist, at least one person wanted to touch me even if, like I stated, I was just a convenient target. I'm not condoning rape.

>Why are you here in your thirties?

For the same reason you are, obviously. Initially I came for the Onion thread because he's a cunt and I enjoyed the gossip. I stayed because I like the userbase.

No. 417663

It's pretty genuinely autistic to prefer that people wear badges with their pronouns on them. Like literal instruction sheets on how to interact. However if it made that person happy, great.

No. 417664

i know i'm preaching to the choir, but most trans people, queer people, fat people who say their symptoms aren't bc they're fat, and autistic people on the internet are lying

No. 417668

>I'm just a useless hole. Thanks man.
You know the point is that's how male predators see you as.
I know it makes you feel bad, but it's naive and ultimately harmful for you to colour your rape as anything remotely validating.
You don't need a dick chasing after you to be a worthy person of your own. You can exist without the co-dependency of male validation and women, even many attractive ones, do so every day.

No. 417669

dude, that anon never said you are a useless hole but that that rapist viewed you as one.

Why do you derive all of your self worth from how men view you sexually ? Is there not any other way you can measure up your worth ?

No. 417673

Why do some anons find it so weird that there are women over the age of 30 here? moot added /cgl/ to 4chan in 2006. IIRC alternatives to /cgl/ were made because moot was faggot who banned drama and pixy teri threads. I don't understand why it's an issue if anons from that time are still around.

No. 417675

You clearly live in a place where the weather never feels like you're being baked alive in Satan's oven even at night. Good for you tbh.

No. 417676

File: 1559614413792.jpg (82.62 KB, 600x547, kek.jpg)


No. 417685

This board is chock full of 19 year old girls who firmly believe that once you turn 26 you magically lose your internet connection except for Facebook access, gain 50 pounds and get an "I want to speak to your manager" haircut with 3 kids and a hummer. They'll be in for a surprise once they're 29.

No. 417687

>So do you think guys harass girls based on their empathy levels?
Are you still whining about men not approaching you? You said you don't "understand" it but it should be obvious why harrassment is an issue to anyone matured past the age of 6. If you don't get why women complain about harrassment you lack empathy.

No. 417691

File: 1559619937311.jpg (15.35 KB, 320x245, sant cat.jpg)

is Gomorra you stupid bicth

No. 417692

I mean, straight men at least harass weak men all the time. It just doesn't have the same sexual spin to it. Different ammo for different targets.

If girl:"You know you're gagging for it"
if guy:"KYS, you faggot virgin"

No. 417693

Honestly I think for some of them it'll be a pleasant surprise to realize aging isn't as awful as some make it out to seem

No. 417695

At this point we should just ignore her, she's getting really annoying and honestly it seems like bait.

No. 417696

Yes exactly, this the exact reason why manlets act the way they do. They absolutely get harassed by bigger guys. And arguably it has somewhat of a sexual spin since they harass them for being unattractive, virgins and so on.

No. 417697

i dont get this because honestly i see so many girls who are 18 that look 30 and plenty of 33 year olds that look 21. why do they think you turn into a babushka at 29?

No. 417699

You're not a useless hole. That's just how rapists see you. That's how they see all women. That you managed to move on and start healing from such an event at least shows how strong and beautiful you are for your resilience.

No. 417702

Wonder if that's why they also overcompensate by eventually turning into misogynists themselves.

No. 417703

I have a friend who has passed her 30's but she literally looks like she's around 19-22. People think she's cute and pretty yet once they find out how old she is, their opinion changes immediately. It's just our society imposing the idea that women "age like milk" and are presumed wasted meat after hitting their mid 20's and the reason why the "don't ask a lady her age" meme exists.

No. 417706

Pretty sure she knows that, dude. She just made an additional to reference to how STIs of all kinds are massively over represented within the gay community. Male homosexuals in particular will often wear their peak degeneracy with pride.

No. 417721

I really dislike how people misunderstand the concept of 'sin'. When something is a sin, and Christians point out that it's a sin, it's not to bludgeon the other person. Everyone struggles with sin, even the Christians themselves, it's not a personal attack.

No. 417770

I didn’t grow up learning or practicing Christian theology, just like literally billions of other people on this planet—it’s a bit ridiculous to expect people to understand nuances of other religions, especially when terminology also has secular usage and meanings.

No. 417774

Not unpopular here, but unpopular irl and elsewhere online:
>pansexuality is just bisexuality with an unhealthy dose of virtue-signaling about how they're ok with fucking trans people and enby
>the LGBTQAI+ is bullshit, LGB are actual sexual orientations but they're ignored in their own activism
>transgenderism is just a symptom to various mental disorders and makes the LGB look like fools or unstable assholes, and is inherently sexist and homophobic
>queer doesn't mean anything anymore since straight people call themselves that and it's still a slur in various places
>asexuals don't belong here because sexual orientations are about who you're attracted to, not how much and most of them are straight and in denial about it
>and intersexuality is about physical disorders and deformities so they have legitimate but very different struggles than everyone else
>whoever invented the concept of demisexuality deserves the death penalty
>I don't get why the LGBT movement wants to focus so much on racism because like for intersexuality, it's a completely different problem. You can't hide your ethnicity or race or skin color most of the time but at least you could hide your sexual orientation so the discrimination is different and not coming from the same people. Intersectionality was a mistake

>it's just crazy how people will continue to follow a religion that condemns homosexuality and be like WELL THIS RELIGIOUS PERSON LOVES YOU GUYS like please fucking take off the mask.
>then there's people who are gay and still following a religion.
Like this anon >>417597
said it depends on how much they follow their religion, but it also depends on how they were raised and if they were born into their religion. You can't just straight up go to a non-homophobic Muslim guy and tell him to stop believing in God and stop following Islam because it would be very likely that he still believes in God, was born into it because of his Muslim parents and only follows the religion very loosely, and leaving would mean having a lot of problems with his family and maybe friends.

No. 417775

Everybody sins, but everybody shouldn't. Think of them like bad habits that eventually accumulate to make God a sad panda while also making life worse for everybody else. So Christians always aim to lead by example in avoiding sin. That's all.

No. 417782

I'm pro-choice, but I'll never be on board with the "Babies are basically parasites in the body" argument. What kind of edgelord "alien just learning about humans" bullshit is that?
Stop LARPing. Mentally healthy human beings do not see pregnant women and start thinking "Oh god that poor woman, I just want to take a bat to her abdomen and get rid of that goddamn parasite!!". It's not a disease.
A pregnancy is a work in progress, and sometimes, that work isn't what anybody needed, asked for or wanted. So, it can (and should be) cancelled as deemed necessary by whoever's biological expense it's progressing at. It's that simple, and it's better than raising unwanted children or straining the already horrible adoption system.

I don't get why some people have to tack on hyperbolic bullshit and make pregnancy out to be some dark curse placed on women. It's really not. I know it's not just men who say it, but it honestly smacks of this unconscious need to denigrate one of the things women can do that men can't. Sour grapes in action.

No. 417788

I don't get demisexual
isn't that normal sexuality since most people don't have casual sex?

No. 417794

demisexual is just literally a made up sexuality by mogai tumblr trying to make other boring people feel special and oppressed so that they can hop on the LGBT train and start screeching over their pwoblems. it was never a real thing and it never will be along with “pansexuality“
lgbt stands for lesbian, gay, bi and trans for a reason, it’s a community for those people only and not some special need faggots who want to be cool

No. 417797

That's such an obvious thing that I hate myself for not realizing sooner

We need something like this on a banner

No. 417816

This. Demisexuality is just a meme made by insecure straight girls who want to belong in the LGB club without actually being gay, so they decided that it's somehow special and worthy of its own categorization when you feel sexual desire only when you have a "deep emotional connection" with someone. The same goes for pansexuality, literally every "pansexual" I've ever seen has been a straight person in a straight relationship and a history of exclusively straight relationships. Saying you're bisexual carries a certain amount of stigma and implies you're "half gay", but pansexuality has no set property to it so it's an easy way to bullshit people for woke points.

No. 417825

File: 1559652909532.jpg (106.32 KB, 1365x2048, FB_IMG_1559652566702.jpg)

I'm fucking tired of 4chan and other people making fun of Chole Moretz and her body type. These fucking retards that think women should only have one body type. I find Chloe really pretty and cute. I like the contrast between her baby face and more robust body.

No. 417826

Is this photoshoped? She looks really weird.

No. 417830

Agreed. I used to kind of be like that and laugh at the muscle shoops but damn, the internet and particularly 4chan are filled with dudes who are extremely judgmental over female bodies, even when it's stuff like proportions you can't do anything about. At the same time they complain about women supposedly only wanting a Chad with perfect abs and how that's cruel towards them.

No. 417831

i could throw a rock into america and hit 5 different girls who look exactly like her. i don’t know what part of her is supposed to be weird looking or whatsoever, she looks pretty cute imo

No. 417833

I agree that she's pretty cute normally but she does look weird and not like herself in this picture. I hope she didn't start getting into lip/cheek fillers.

No. 417852

Maybe incels would be less of a thing if men weren't convinced anything below a 9 is beneath them, even when they themselves are literal bridge trolls. I recently witnessed an obese adult virgin complain that an Instagram model his boss was gushing over didn't have a big enough ass (her ass was proportionately huge and probably photoshopped). Men sperg about women being hypergamous, but they're the ones whose hypergamy is so extreme it's actually keeping them from getting laid.

No. 417865

I'm 25 and I've been around since this site started, but I feel too old. It seems like this board is full of 19 year olds who think getting dumped once is the end of the world. It's hard to relate.

You never addressed my point. You claimed that guys aren't harassing me because of my lack of empathy or something.

It's not my fault you guys suck at debating.

No. 417866

Agreed, but I've seen lots of anons here and in /g/ make fun of her body type though.

No. 417871

File: 1559660998556.jpg (101.88 KB, 720x1018, Chloe-Moretz-Bikini-Photos_-in…)

Yea, anons love to shit on anyone who isn't an extreme hourglass/pear or is extremely petite.
I can only image all the "fridge body" comments, as if people can change their anatomy/bone structure.

No. 417882

as a fridge body myself that looks pretty much exactly like that picture except with bigger tits, it really pisses me off that this body type is universally shat on. like you said, no one controls their bone structure.

No. 417890

I have the same bodytype as this and it makes me feel like shit. It doesn’t help that so many anons on here are poisoned by every Instagram girl photoshopping 5 inches off their waist so they think extreme hourglass proportions are normal or possible with weightloss, and we have a lot of anachans here who LARP being smoll 90lb waifs.

It has gotten better over the years, but go back on lolcow a few years ago and see anons on here acting just like TRP members who think women who aren’t bombshell hourglasses are worth nothing and deserve to be single spinsters.

No. 417892

Farmers make fun of every body type and part, calm down.

No. 417893

Yeah, this, lol. If you're skinny, you're anorexic, if you're anything other than skinny, you're a morbidly obese whale. They are gossip boards where people shit on others, really not meant to be taken seriously.

No. 417895

i’d believe you if some anons didn’t get so spergy about it. what’s the point of making fun of a cows bodytype when thathas nothing to do with why they’re a cow?

anons here are way nicer and more forgiving to thin cows anyway. the moment suzy from game grumps started losing weight her thread got inactive except for the occasional bump to discuss if she got lipo. only a handful of cows get made fun of for being skinny and those are in the pro-Ana threads and the cam girl threads which are full of vendetta anyway

No. 417897

My point was, that all body types get constantly shat on, it's notmal, but as soon as somebody mentioned "fridge waist", 10 of you immediately started whining about it lol

No. 417899

I think Kylie Jenner is super beautiful, but she looks like a woman in her mid 30's that's taken good care of herself to me.

No. 417900

it's not just farmers, everyone talks shit about this body type

No. 417901

i've once heard someone say that about bella hadid on twitter which is more accurate for her than it is for kylie imo. i think kylie looks her age, just extremely dolled up.

No. 417903

File: 1559664716000.jpg (38.13 KB, 625x417, Carla-Bruni-s-amuse-de-la-ress…)

Speaking of Bella Hadid, it's actually amazing how she transformed herself into Carla Bruni. I'm not even mad, I only wish I had to money to get my favorite supermodel's face.

No. 417904

File: 1559664780136.jpg (41.73 KB, 636x382, 2F6AD75A00000578-0-image-a-49_…)

This pic was taken shortly after she turned 18(!)…

No. 417905

oh no how dare people vent about an upopular opinion in the thread for unpopular opinions

No. 417906

Well, I wish you had the same enthusiasm when it comes to other bodies anons "criticize", I just never witnessed that.

No. 417907

File: 1559664984251.jpg (57.92 KB, 1080x720, 751[1].jpg)

Take comfort in the fact that none of them would dare talk shit to her face.

No. 417908

File: 1559665325532.jpg (144.4 KB, 1192x1536, A00702_10.jpg)

is that actually her body
has this been photoshopped

No. 417909


this an anonymous imageboard, how do you know if someone does or doesn’t stick up for body shaming? i try to do so when I can but i don’t want to be banned for derailing or white knighting.

anons being so hard on “fridge bodies” and demanding all women have an hourglass shape just feels extra hypocritical when hourglass shapes are the rarest bodytype.

No. 417911

File: 1559666003759.jpg (71.62 KB, 473x717, chloemoretz-lucille (1).jpg)

I'm the anon that posted about Chloe Moretz. This is her without any sort of hideous Photoshop and dressed in clothing that actually fits her body type. This is so sad, there's so many photoshopped pics of her online that people don't even know how she really looks like anymore.

No. 417914

it's just cakey makeup with bad lighting. i haven't seen a new picture of her in a loong time but when i last saw a makeup-free pic of her, she looked her age. her choice in makeup ages her more than anything

No. 417917

File: 1559666629448.jpeg (3.35 KB, 149x144, download.jpeg)

I think it mostly all started with this 4chan post

No. 417918

They do, but in her candids it's pretty clear she doesn't know how to dress herself to look nice.

No. 417930

Scrots are disgusting. They’re just mad the edgelord loli from Kick Ass didn’t grow up to look like a sex doll

No. 417954


kek is that what you thought we were doing?

No. 417957

but its exactly the makeup that makes her look old. If she's wearing make up 99,9% of her waking time and her makeup ages her so bad then its fair to say she looks older than she is.

No. 418033

Mainstream music has been on a downward fall since the late 90's and keeps getting worse and less talented and creative every decade.

The 2000's and 2010's fucking sucked in many aspects and I hope 2020's gains its footing and manages to become better than the mid-late 20th century.

No. 418052

She's looked older than she is ever since she's gotten plastic surgery anons. She wasn't even ugly before, she didn't need it. She'd look a lot more youthful if she just left her face alone

No. 418067

her face looks extremely edited in this photo. did she get lip fillers recently or something?

No. 418071

Bisexuality is a phase or a stepping-stone to homosexuality. I won't ever date a bisexual man, yuck. Who knows how many cocks he sucked or how many dicks he rode. Real men for me only.

No. 418072

I feel like this is bait but I agree

No. 418073

You're probably going to get shit for this but you're right

No. 418076

Straight boys are way better to date than homos.

No. 418077

>taking dick makes you less of a man
Nothing wrong with not wanting to date a bi man but you anons are actually homophobic kek does this logic apply to bi women or?

No. 418078

No. 418079

A self-respecting lesbian should not ever have sex with a bisexual woman. Bisexual women don't deserve to get pleased by them. Let them have shitty awkward sex with fellow pillow sluts.
Opposite, I just hate bisexuals.

No. 418080

Not sure if this thread is being raided by scrotes or most of y'all are actually like this but wow. Sad. As a gay person you should understand how it feels to be judged by your sexuality

No. 418081

What if the bisexual woman is a service top who actually hates being touched? Or is a febfem?
I understand though and have utmost respect for lesbians.

No. 418082

Show me on the doll where the bi touched (or rather didn’t) you anon. Like I get that fags and bi men tend to have the worst fucking personality but hating them for liking dick is literally homophobia.
>All bi women are pillow sluts
Ever considered that maybe you’re just surrounded by selfish lovers? Lmao

No. 418083

>less of a man
Not necessarily but it does make you more of a woman haha

No. 418084

Kinda? Men think bi-women are hot because they think it means up for threesomes.

No. 418085

so youre implying that taking dicks makes you a woman? so all women must get plowed by cocks? and youre a lesbian? well most of you gay bitches are annoying as hell. all the dykes i met are cheating cunts with anger issues. no wonder you keep beating the fuck of each other. im glad gay people are still being killed in most places. keep sucking off straight boys dick because apparently you like being fetisichez. ss

No. 418086

What did she (he) mean by this. ss

No. 418089

I hate when you give an unpopular opinion in threads meant for unpopular opinions people will attack you. What is its purpose then?

No. 418091

Tbh these function more as argument threads.
But it's kind of fun, what would be the point of stating them if not to see the reaction of others?

No. 418092

It’s called Unpopular opinion thread not Free from criticism thread

No. 418094

Alex Jones should be on youtube still. His rants were fun to laugh at, and he was right about gay frogs.

No. 418095

Just because it's for "unpopular opinions" doesn't mean you're exempt from people disagreeing with you if your unpopular opinion is a shitty one…

No. 418096

>not wanting a qt bi bf to talk about boys with and who'll let you fuck his friends with him

No. 418097

Shittiness is subjective especially if it's a thread about unpopular opinions smh
Of course you'll judge a non mainstream opinion as "shitty" LOL

No. 418098

Lmao, I feel the same way anon. He was my favorite cow and I want my content back.

No. 418100

This and fuck everyone who says otherwise

No. 418102

You'll get banned even if you stay nice though for "being repetitive" or some bs excuse. Mods are our fellow shitposters, even admin-sama 1.0 admitted he'd post off admin too.

No. 418104

No wonder people hate lesbians, you're bitter, seething cunts.
I'll side with the bisexuals on this, at least they don't act like men on steroids.

No. 418105

Having swx with the same dude everyday is boring. If I were hotter and there were no stds I'd just fuck different dudes everyday

No. 418107

But what if that guy fucks animals, likes kids, hates women, is a psychopath, a dickhead, ect

No. 418110

Y'all do realize that this anon said this as a reactionary post to the other opinion, right?

Even so bisexual girls are mostly bottoms so it's a no from me.

No. 418111

I wouldnt know about that if I'm just fucking him once

No. 418117

>Mods are our fellow shitposters
So low key, the few times I've caught a ban in ot due to 'derailing,' I'm always suspicious when the other person who I was arguing with mysteriously doesn't also catch the ban for participating in the same derailment. I wonder if mod. Especially if the other anon was the one originally baiting or had made the most replies in comparison to me. Bans truly don't seem evenly balanced sometimes.

No. 418118

This. Bisexual men are gross and should be avoided. Straight men who would fuck troons are even worse. I remember really falling for someone once and he told me he used to beg some trap online to send him a pic of his fake tits and I instantly lost interest in him. Disgusting pig.

No. 418119

Lesbians never cease to amaze me with the amount of hatred they harbour towards bisexual women. You’re both cut from the same cloth.

No. 418120

not all bans get a redtext, it's possible you were both banned

No. 418121

I know bc I'm usually not redtexted when I get a ban, but I know for a fact that they're at least not immediately banned because the same person (annoyingly) will reply hours later to my last post to have the last word. So they must not have, bc ban evasion would be redtexted.

No. 418122

It's because bi women get all the perks of being in LGBT without any of the backlash.

No. 418123

If by perks you mean being hated and dismissed by the LG, then sure. Go ahead and keep eating your own

No. 418125

Nta but you guys aren't hated and dismissed, you just have a severe victim complex. The few gays that do hate and dismiss you have valid reasons to do so.

No. 418127

Why can gay men fuck bisexual men and even brag about it but bisexual women get bitched on by lesbians smh even in the LGBT community women get the short end of the stick it's not fair

No. 418128

This is the grossest, slimiest shit. None of that sounds appealing.

This is the correct opinion. I don't hate bi guys but it's gross, like, on a romantic and sexual level. It's like whorey straight men. They're gross and not ever people I'd want to fuck, but I don't hate them for just being whores. I don't think it's homophobic. I'm not grossed out by them on a human level.

No. 418129

What ‘valid’ reason can there possibly be to be prejudiced against an entire group of people that doesn’t actively oppress/harm you

No. 418130

Lesbians on lc love to pretend they’re so pure and feminist. Conveniently ignoring the fact that huge majority of tops/butches are pieces of cheating misogynistic shit with penis envy and inferiority complex so large even their misandry can’t conceal it.
With how much they bitch about pillow princesses I’m starting to think that it’s the lesbo version of scrots mad that a girl won’t suck their dicks. I’m genuinely having trouble believing that bi women everywhere are just laying there doing nothing despite how much women are socialized to please.
They act so much like men and hold male-like beliefs, pots and goddamn kettles.

No. 418132

Bruh are you 12?

No. 418134

>I’m genuinely having trouble believing that bi women everywhere are just laying there doing nothing despite how much women are socialized to please.

This. Bisexual women feel the same pressures that straight women do in terms of always putting their partners needs first, and yet I’m supposed to believe that they just become starfish when it comes to fucking women? Lesbians that hate bisexuals are just grasping at straws, no one is saying you have to date bisexual women but they shouldn’t reevaluate their hatred towards them - it’s completely unfounded.

No. 418135

Samefag but I meant should* reevaluate

No. 418136

No, what's 12 about it? Women have reason to be discriminating of men. Bi men are hypersexual creeps with laundry lists of paraphilias 9 times out of 10 and are generally worse than a good percentage of straight men.

No. 418141

Hmm this doesn't sound suspiciously like old school homophobic rhetoric at all

No. 418142

It literally doesn't. You've gotta be a straight up retard to think it's comparable.

No. 418143

sage for samefag, I wouldn't be surprised if some bi women who starfish do it because of lack of experience or internalized homophobia

No. 418145

>Bi men (men who have sex with other men) are hypersexual creeps with laundry lists of paraphilias
>Gay men (men who have sex with other men) are hypersexual creeps prone to pedophilia
spot the difference

No. 418146

>sage for samefag

Um anon, why are you pretending you wrote that post lmao

No. 418147

What a stupid reach. They're two different types of people. Just because they both have sex with men doesn't mean they're similar groups of people. People can make observations about trannies that sound "transphobic and conservative" but that aren't, they're just observations (that are mostly accurate). I don't care about bi women, do whatever you want, but bi men are romantically and sexually gross and they literally are the ones that have the most paraphilias and are hypersexual, in general. I didn't say anything about gays because gays don't typically have tons of weird paraphilias. It's bisexual men that typically do, followed by straight men.

No. 418152

Anon where the fuck did you find that intent at all?

No. 418153

File: 1559708964239.jpg (778.51 KB, 2184x1706, InHBPF5JKN0S0djLi_TzSYQAqP9C8m…)

>gays don't typically have tons of weird paraphilias.
Lol. You guys are going to learn one day that men are men.

No. 418155

Totally possible. Women starfish when fucking men too! Which can be due to a hundred different reasons. But these lesbians somehow turn it into a evil bisexuals taking advantage of the “good” gays uwu. How is that not sexist and nice-girl as shit?

No. 418157

Pedophilia is a paraphilia by definition. It ain't that big of a reach.

No. 418158

File: 1559709585641.jpg (16.17 KB, 480x474, 60363843_451810725393570_22535…)

No. 418159

File: 1559709739871.jpg (749.2 KB, 2184x1706, bug catchers debunk.jpg)

oh no you don't

No. 418165

Didn't know the caps were fake, but bugchasing is most definitely real.
It's been studied and observed:
Males are just sexually insane all around. Taking/giving it up the ass does not make them any more normal.
Also, some of them being roleplay is still evidence that it's a paraphilia they have, unless you're going to get into this for the long haul and insist it's homophobic men going so far that they'd seek out obscure gay RP forums, make fake accounts and post fake sexual fantasies all on the off chance that outsiders will find it years later, screencap it all and make gays look bad on the internet.

No. 418166

Bugchasing isn't common. Stop trying to paint it as common. Bi males frequently have dumb paraphilias. I think gay men ARE also hypersexual, but they don't have as many paraphilias. I don't think a lot of bi men are even 'born that way' generally, the way gay men are. I think they're just hypersexual men that are easily turned on by anything, which is why they also tend to have a fuckton of paraphilias.

She's desperate to get offended on behalf of bi males so she's really reaching to put shit in my mouth and try to find a parallel that doesn't exist.

No. 418167

>I think they're just hypersexual men that are easily turned on by anything, which is why they also tend to have a fuckton of paraphilias.
>“recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors generally involving i) non-human objects, ii) the suffering or humiliation of oneself or one’s partner, or iii) children or other non-consenting persons that occur over a period of at least 6 months” (p.566, [6]).
So if that particular paraphilia isn't allowed as an interpretation, what are you talking about? Are you talking about actually harmful paraphilias or dumb shit like high heels and BDSM that are common enough in basically every other group of people?

No. 418168

File: 1559710751756.jpg (60.99 KB, 663x467, pp.jpg)

>It's not common
But somehow, we have all this data on it, while there haven't been measured studies, screencap compilations, entire documentaries, etc about bisexual men as a rule having many dumb paraphilias even close to this extent.
You're not making sense, anon.
It's not even just bugchasing. Look at the current state of pride parades.
inb4 "s-some of them might be trannies" or "th-they might be bi!"
No. It's just men. Stop caping for the ones who exclusively want to fuck each other. It's just a gross gender.
I'm sick of this stupid, one-sided "straight or gay woman/gay male" solidarity meme. They don't even defend us like this.

No. 418171

Where is your proof that more bisexual men are into blueberry vore than gay men are into bugchasing? Do you have anything at all?

No. 418172

>Are you talking about actually harmful paraphilias or dumb shit like high heels and BDSM that are common enough in basically every other group of people?
Kek, other anon just used BDSM as a way to say gays have just as many paraphilias. No, I'm talking about weird shit. Some harmful, some not. They're always into weird shit like blueberry bullshit or vore or whatever.

>But somehow, we have all this data on it, while there haven't been measured studies, screencap compilations, entire documentaries, etc about bisexual men as a rule having many dumb paraphilias even close to this extent.
Where? None of the shit you posted said anything like "30.4% of gay men are interested in bugchasing", like, yes, there's info about people who are bugchasers, but not as a proportion of the gay population. Bugchasing isn't common, get real, anon. Please. I don't gaf about caping for gay men. That's not what I'm doing. I'm giving my observations wrt bisexual men. Being BDSM degenerates is vanilla af now. Gays aren't the ones that are into vore or balloon-fucking. It's bis. Yes, all types of men are sexually fucked up. I'm not saying they're not, it's just that bi men, as a group, tend to most frequently have weird fetishes, imo.

No. 418174

I already said it was my observation. Maybe read my posts? There's no data that says a large percentage of trannies transition because they're disgusting weebs or just disgusting misogynists in general, but we know they are.

No. 418175

>muh pride
the femcel version of posting pictures from slut walks as proof all women are whores

No. 418176

You've been trying to shout down another anon's observation with your own, so I expected actual evidence behind. Guess that was a mistake, lmao.

No. 418177

NTA but I agree that in general men tend to be more sexually degenerate, I was more annoyed about the specific targeting of bisexual men as being gross because they sleep with men, which was what the original post >>418071 was about and was echoed by several replies, along with excuses like "they have more paraphilias than straight men" (well, do they actually have significantly more?) The implication was if you sleep with men you're dirtier than if you don't, and sure maybe men will do more fucked up shit with each other, but to imply they're tainted just for sleeping with other men or thinking about it, regardless of if they're sluts or have paraphilias, is fucked.

No. 418179

If you really think that's the same thing, or that simply noticing men in general are just nasty makes someone a "femcel", you're probably beyond help.

No. 418181

>but to imply they're tainted just for sleeping with other men or thinking about it, regardless of if they're sluts or have paraphilias, is fucked.
I really don't understand why that's fucked up tbh. Like, to me, there's a difference between thinking someone is tainted on a human level, and thinking they're 'tainted' like, sexually and/or romantically. It's like a guy who is into feet. Like, he's fine on a human level, whatever, but thinking of him on a sexual or romantic level weirds you out and makes him someone you'd not really consider dating or sleeping with.

No. 418183

Doesn't homosexuality arguably count as being a paraphilia in itself? I mean, at least that's how it's been regarded historically. What gay men think is that if they're already marginalized as being a little queer they may as well enjoy it by being as queer as possible. It's not like all the other more disgusting men around them will judge them for it.
This is different to straight men in that while they also have gross degenerate side their main concern is in getting girls to like them, and to that end they're incentivized to keep their grossness in check.

No. 418184

I can’t believe we’re arguing about which group of men is more degenerate. Lmao let me assure you that all men are equally hypersexual paraphilia-having creeps. Straight men simply don’t have as much a free pass as bi/gay men to be publicly disgusting.

Are you stupid? Slut walk is protest against sexual violence, the dress code there illustrates the point. While Pride is supposed to be a family-friendly celebration of love and acceptance and shit, not a fetish parade.

No. 418185

Thank you.

No. 418186

>to that end they're incentivized to keep their grossness in check.
I feel like that's becoming less true in this brave new sex-positive, anti kink-shaming world.

No. 418187

No. 418188

Why specifically is him sleeping with or dating men sexually/romantically tainted, but wouldn't make you feel tainted for doing the same?

No. 418190

a lot of gay men don't support getting too freaky at pride never mind what men in general think of acting that way, you've gotten so pinkpilled you looped back around to being redpilled and posting the standard bargain bin homophobic /pol/ takes, muh (fake) infographics and all
it's the same thing of a march saying "you say we're promiscuous? so what if we are? we still don't deserve discrimination" then brainlets post pictures of them and claim "see they are degenerates"

No. 418199

Nobody here is saying they deserve discrimination. But it's clear they're more promiscuous, which we find distasteful. That's all.

No. 418200

>Y-You're just as bad as the redpill /pol/ types!
No, this is bullshit. You seriously have to be delusional to think that way, to the point where I'm questioning if you're not just a gay man yourself trying to fit in on the girl's site.
Unlike /pol/tards, my point isn't that gay men are a special kind of disgusting, my point is men are disgusting, period. There's no point in defending gay men or claiming they're "not that bad" compared to other types of men. That anon was claiming gay men are less gross somehow, and I pointed out things that contradict that claim. Cope.

No. 418202

>While Pride is supposed to be a family-friendly celebration of love and acceptance and shit, not a fetish parade.

That’s what pride may have become but no, pride was never originally family friendly. Leather culture, dungeons, BDSM, all that has roots in gay history before pride parades were ever a thing.

I don’t care about some people in harnesses or leather outfits at pride btw, why worry about the children when they can walk into any mall and see half naked women in lingerie in the window of any Victoria’s Secret. how’s some gay dudes in a collar any worse than that?

No. 418203

When certain radfems talk about how women should not get in any hetrosexual relationship and remains spinsters for the rest of their lives they do end up sounding a bit like Incels

No. 418204

You just called out half this site.

No. 418210

>I didn’t grow up learning or practicing Christian theology, just like literally billions of other people on this planet—it’s a bit ridiculous to expect people to understand nuances of other religions, especially when terminology also has secular usage and meanings.

No one expects you to understand it, but if you're going to have a loud, outspoken and wrong opinion on the subject, you're going to be called out. It's no different for someone who has never read a book on political economy chirping on about how Keynesian economics is wrong, it comes across as cringe.

No. 418225

Still salty about the suggestion of separatism? Don't you have your own kiwifarms thread to post in?

No. 418231

File: 1559724520773.jpg (28.37 KB, 800x450, side-eye-chloe.jpg)

>I don’t care about some people in harnesses or leather outfits at pride btw, why worry about the children when they can walk into any mall and see half naked women in lingerie in the window of any Victoria’s Secret. how’s some gay dudes in a collar any worse than that?
Why is a picture of a young, smiling and beautiful woman who's advertising underwear and bikinis to my mommy just as bad as some creepy af old man dressed in a weird leather "costume" who's crawling on the street while being treated like a dog by another old man?

No. 418252

Incels are involuntarily celibate. Which is different from straight up just avoiding men.

No. 418253


That opinion is mainstream in a bunch if cultures, what are you going on about?

No. 418256

>While Pride is supposed to be a family-friendly celebration of love and acceptance and shit

It litterally isnt. It's supposed to be a protest and the fact that companies have hijacked it into a big party. It was never meant to be family friendly. I do agree that there shouldn't be degenerates walking around in BDSM gear but literally no protest of this sort is meant to be "family friendly".

No. 418257

File: 1559735211612.jpg (43.78 KB, 346x451, téléchargement.jpg)

nta but like yea sure some guy in BDSM gear once a year that you can easily avoid is gonna harm your kids but commercials like pic related that you can't avoid if you go out aren't.

No. 418258

What a sexist ad.

Also it gives the impression that the perfume is vagina-themed. So if you want to smell like fish, this is the fragrance for you.

Interestingly, I've read that sex actually doesn't sell- that sexy models distract from the product itself and result in people being less likely to remember the product. Research has shown that humor is much more effective for brand recognition.

No. 418259

Go to the doctor if you vagina smells like fish.

No. 418261

It was a joke.

No. 418270

Uh yeah once upon a time it may have been an adult protest thing but now it’s on par with a circus parade full of minors and children.

No. 418279

It’s not about “some guy in BDSM gear once a year”
I thought gays want to be destigmatized and normalized and treated like people. With Pride being viewed as exhibition of LGBT to straight normies, the overt sexual shit really sends the message of “we are indeed deviants and loud obnoxious freaks and we demand you accept that”. I’m embarrassed to be involved in LGB community on any level.
>gross ad
For all you know, that ad could been made by a gay man. Remember that gay men hate women too so don’t coddle them so much.

No. 418281

and whose fault is that? Don't bring your kids to Pride.
Just so you know, I'm generally against bringing kids to any political protest.

That ad WAS made by a gay man. I don't coddle them, I don't think they're less worse than straight men, I'm not trying to defend them as men but farmers in this thread (and others) seem to particulary hate them because of their homosexuality. Let's remember the OG anon specified she wouldnt date bisexual men ("tainted by cock" or whatever) but would date straight men which somehow implies straight men are better than gay and bi men.

Look, I'm a radfem too but you guys just made a whole 360 and use your so-called feminism to justify homophobia. Who knew horseshoe theory was actually real!

No. 418283

Agree. TBH it just makes us look bad to hate gay and bi men for being 'ew so degenerate'. At least hate them for a good reason.

No. 418287

Christian oppressesion in muslim majority countires is much worse then Muslim "operssion" in Christian/Secular countires
What Muslims face - Not being allowed to wear a Hijab,Having to be in rooms with women,having their religion ocsinially criticized
What Christians face - Murder,Torture,Rape and Imprisionment

No. 418288

That opinion is unpopular?
I thought it was common knowledge.

No. 418289

Even if kids didn’t attend pride it still shouldn’t be full of fetish gear, it’s held in public spaces so decency laws should apply. Being gay doesn’t exempt someone from the immorality of forcing non consenting third parties to partake in their fetishes (don’t try to convince me that the pups in bondage gear being walked about don’t get off on the knowledge that other people are watching)

No. 418291

it's not homophobic to not want to date uwu oppressed bisexual men. it's like the "if you won't date transwomen then you are transphobic" argument.

No. 418292

It’s homophobic if the only reason you won’t is because they also like men, that’s like saying that it isn’t racist if you refuse to date a certain racial group purely because of their ethnicity

People are welcome to date or not date whomever they please but don’t pretend that it doesn’t stem from prejudice

No. 418294

It's not an equal comparison at all. Sexuality is based on sexual attraction. Bisexual men are still 'cis'-males.

No. 418296

Next thing you'll be saying that straight women are sexist if they don't also date women.

No. 418297

You don't have to date bisexual men if you don't want to but don't pretend that it's based on your sexuality. By definition if you're heterosexual, all it means is that you are attracted people of the opposite sex. A bisexual man is still a man…functioning penis, male secondary sex characteristics etc. Anything beyond that is personal preference and prejudice/bias which is fine but don't say it's because of you being straight.

No. 418298

You’re genuinely fucking retarded. That is not at all comparable, not wanting to date bi men isn’t a sexuality you halfwit.

No. 418299

But dating doesn't mean your overall opinion on these people's human rights. I respect bi men's orientation, their right to get married with the same sex, their personal lives or whatever, I don't see them less of a human or a man (I don't agree with these anons who say taking dick makes them less of a man lmao what). I'd be open to dating bisexual men depending on their personality but as a straight person I'd probably be more compatible with a straight man. I don't understand why bi people like this just don't date each other if they are so tired of evil gay and straight people's bullshit.

No. 418301

>thinking a bait post is an actual representative of lesbians

No. 418302

Ok so is it not homophobic to not want to date bisexual women either? Make up your mind.

No. 418305

yes it's not? romantic or sexual rejection is not oppression. it's really manipulative to throw words like homophobia around just because some people are getting their feefees hurt over rejection. it's making homophobia sound like a joke. do they want people to date them just so they won't feel like a bigot? that's really pathetic

No. 418345

There's nothing wrong with racial dating preferences
There's nothing wrong with preferring not to date people of a certain sexuality
You are under no obligation to date, fuck, or even befriend anyone you don't want to no matter what the reason you don't want to may be
The tumblrtard summerfags need to gtfo and stop infighting over this. This is some cotton ceiling shit.

No. 418347

I agree with you but the anon saying she doesn't date a bisexual man because she's straight is some retard shit. Just call it what it is, personal preference/bias/whogivesafuck. Only dating white guys isn't a sexuality either.

No. 418353

these who whine about dating preferences are just the most insufferable, easily offended, victim complexed people ever and can't see that they wouldn't have such a hard time not getting laid if their personalities weren't so shit. your precious gay and bisexual men wouldn't defend women if you threw acid on them btw.

No. 418381

First of all, I know plenty of gay men who would defend not only me but women as a whole even without any women around. All men are sexist and mysoginistic but there are varying degrees of that in the world and decent people still exist accross the sexes.
Second of all, even if they didnt defend women, I would still defend them. Not on the basis of of them being men but on basis of their homosexuality. I don't defend others because I want them to defend me, I defend them because I think it's the right thing to do, just like I'm a radical feminist not because of myself but because of other women. What makes us a little less shity than men is the fact that we are able to experience empathy and you seem proud to be completely deprived of empathy.

C'mon thats a face equivalency. Idc if you date bisexual men or not, in fact, I advise you against dating men alltogether as a febfem. My point was the way anons worded all that shit and the followig comments on bisexual men being particulary degenerate just for dating both sexes.

No. 418382

(Coming from a non-vegan)…Vegan food isn't even bad. People just are just stubborn and like to bash anything that's plant-based. I had some of the new veggie burgers and they were pretty good.

No. 418384

that's true. It's not the worst. Just a good steak is always better. Omnivore4lyfe.

No. 418385

>isn't even bad
Taste-wise or health-wise?

95% of it is processed shit. Turn over the boxes and read the ingredients.

I agree that there's some absolutely fantastic vegan dishes (especially Indian and middle eastern) but out of all the vegans I am forced to be around about 2 of them cook. The issue is veganism is being marketed now as the healthy and morally-good alternative, so companies are profiting off of stupid peoples laziness. This isn't inherently an issue, but becomes one when mainstream first-world veganism revolves around people with jelly bellies heating up microwavable meals

No. 418386

I sometimes worry that 80-90% of my vegan sister's calories are coming from roast potatoes. That can't be healthy at all.

No. 418387

Taste-wise. I think we can all agree that processed shit, vegan or not is pretty bad for you. I would argue though that most vegan processed meals tend to be lower in calories/satfat/cholesterol than their meat alternatives, so perhaps that is where the health shilling comes from. It'll still kill you but maybe a teeny bit slower.

Can you blame her? Roasted potatoes are good, lol.

No. 418388

So, you'd defend men who shat on and attacked you if they happened to be gay, because of the simple fact that they're gay? Nope, can't relate.
It makes no sense to play noble moral crusader when others are being assholes to you, and there's nothing wrong with wanting reciprocity for sticking your neck out for someone. Women are way too empathic, to the point where we literally surrender ourselves for others, and men just love to take advantage of that. I'm tired of it, and if we're to continue being this way, they need to start treating us better, or society will stay shitty. There is no honor in this.
>I'm a radical feminist not because of myself but because of other women
Radical feminism helps all women (except "women", aka TiMs).

No. 418389

Am I really expected to take fat people seriously? Being fat comes down to: 1.) poor education 2.) poverty 3.) stupid and 4.) poor emotional regulation

Sure, we can be predisposed genetically to carry weight, but there's a difference between being chunky and profanely obese. The latter I just can't accept. It's no different for me from being a drug addict.

Do I value them as a human being? Yeah. Do I want them to live a nice life? Yeah. Do I respect them? No.

No. 418390

I think anon's point is not that she would defend gay men because they are gay as a collective, but because it is morally right. ie. She believes in gay rights?

A few gay men being pricks wouldn't stop me from believing in LGB rights and defending that aspect should it come into question. But of course gay men can be assholes but it isn't because they are gay and shouldn't reflect on the entirety of the gay community. It's because they're men.

No. 418391

Give it a rest with the fucking anonymous virtue signaling already, my christ you are insufferable.

All febfems are cows. They're the true female version of mgtows.

No. 418392

Lmao Anon do you hate poor people too?

No. 418393

It depends on what you mean by respect, anon. All people I feel have a right to live without random harassment. If you want to die by being a deathfat, then fine. The problem is the fat people who try to endorse their lifestyle and sell it to others as being healthy.

No. 418394

I tend not to hate fat people too much because they were usually raised by fat parents and tend not to know better. By the time they are adults the bad habits are ingrained in their lifestyles and it's hard to change because they are usually depressed with themselves at that point. I feel sorry for them.

No. 418403

So you hate people for having poor emotional regulation and being poor? That's very empathetic and loving of you, anon.

No. 418404

what's the feb in febfem?

No. 418405

>this level of moralfaggotry
>on lots-of-love cow dot farm
commies get out go back to leftypol and twitter

No. 418408

idk if you're making a point or genuinely asking, but it's "female exclusive bisexual."

No. 418409

oh i didn't know, thanks. wouldn't that be a lesbian?

No. 418410

I'm assuming this is like a political lesbian? As in…you like men sexually as well but you choose to only seek relationships with women?

No. 418411

nta but no, they're still bisexual they just don't date men for political reasons. like a political lesbian.

No. 418412

Wow literally all those anons prefaced their posts with clarifying that there is nothing wrong with not dating bi men and that they know fags are no better than straight men and aren’t defending them.
Those anons were only pointing out how it is homophobic for to reject non-straights purely on the basis of liking dicks.
Keep sticking your fingers in your ears and going ~lalala muh preference~ tho.
Imagine if someone said I won’t date mixed race because who knows how much black they have in them. Pure aryan for me only (referencing OP post). Nothing wrong with having preferences but the reasoning made it racist/homophobic.

No. 418413

>there is nothing wrong with not dating bi men and fags are no better than straight men
>but if you reject non-straights purely on the basis of liking dicks you're homophobic scum

>there is nothing wrong with not dating transwomen and troons are not the same as cis women

>but if you reject non-cis purely on the basis of being trans you're transphobic scum
Yeah, yeah.

No. 418417

All febfems are are bisexual women who decide to go for women instead of men. I don't know you'd be so mad about that unless you're a butthurt man yourself.

No. 418418

NTA. I mean, not dating trans people is different because they are mentally ill and have botched anatomy and often don't fall within traditional standards for attraction.
A bisexual man could look and act like a normal hetero man but sucked a dick before. It's just a little weird that you'd deny someone entirely because they sucked a dick. Not saying it's homophobic, just maybe something to think about why you think that's bad. Is it bad to be attracted to men and to suck dicks? Shrug.

No. 418420

Not involved here, but I kind of agree. It's pretty obvious the whole "political lesbianism" thing was started by bisexual women. They're literally the only ones who would have "Just date and fuck women lol" as an option.
Not sure why some people are dedicated to painting it as "Crazy straight women hate men SO MUCH they'd rather appropriate lesbian culture!". I think it triggers a lot of men (and male-aligned women) really fucking hard that dick is not an all-powerful force, and some women can just up and abandon their bullshit altogether.

No. 418425

i'll give my honest opinion. i don't care whatever a bisexual man is doing, he can suck all the dick he wants, he can date whoever he wants. there was this guy i used to have a crush on, after finding out that he was bi and hooked up with another guy i know i lost all my attraction to him. it doesn't mean that i don't respect him or see him less than me, i just can't look at him that way. i think it's just out of instinct as a straight person

No. 418427

nta but i guess some people would call me a febfem. i'm bisexual but choose to just date women, mostly because i'm more attracted to women than men and i find women better partners. i don't call myself a lesbian because i'm not one, so it'd be inaccurate. i don't call myself febfem either though, i just say i'm bisexual and leave it at that.

No. 418429

>i think it's just out of instinct as a straight person
Perhaps just as controversial as "monosexual" people not dating the bi brigade…I am bisexual myself but would tend towards not dating a bisexual man.
I'd date a bi woman though, so perhaps it's just my distrust of men rather than "biphobia." I can hardly trust a straight man not to cheat, so why add on billions more as a possibility, you know?

No. 418430

Thank you, exactly. It's not even something I can help. I'm just not into it. And add to that the added disease risk, the fact that they're already men and likely to cheat, but then also with a much larger percentage of the population.

No. 418431

i mean bisexual women tend to be more loyal than bisexual man. literally all bi and gay guys i know have been hooking up with strangers on dating apps or clubs since forever. not shaming, but these people are more likely to not be in an exclusive relationship.

No. 418433

Women in general are more loyal I think. Men are easier to hook up with, so gay and bi men can cheat more easily. Straight and bi women don't cheat nearly as often, despite having access to an even bigger pool of men.

No. 418471

So they were hiding their shit from public in the beginning in order to not appear as degenerates….
Lol of course. Of fucking course.

No. 418473

My dad and mom were literally screaming when I told her about my sister trying to go to pride with her "friends".
I swear people aren't aware of how dangerous lesbians are when it comes to women they want to target to have sex with.

No. 418477

ok this is you just being straight up homophobic now

yes, I'm sure they were screaming bc of the big bad dykes trying to force themselves onto their precious child

cmon ladies, there must be a way you can express disgust at display of bdsm shit at pride parades, which have evolved to be quite a family event, without devolving into "degenerate homos" talk

No. 418479

BDSM and children should never mix. No matter how much you want to push, distort, and gaslight people. It's a sexual fetish. Not a family event. You all have beastiality-freaks and MAPs just edging to come out of their hiding spots right behind you.

No. 418482

You have no business whining about muh homophobia when your op was just straight up dumb and gross, comparing degenerate homos who force the public to partake in their disgusting fetish to models advertising female underwear, lady

No. 418487

How new are you to assume that anon was the OP? Their typing style isn't even the same

No. 418488

How old is your sister ? Is she gay or bisexual? If she is, why are you snitching to your parents what she's doing irw her sexual expression? Unless she's a kid, you have no place doing that. How do you know she wasnt going there in hopes to hook up with a lesbian? Oh but noOoOoo the scary evil dykes are out to get your naive sister!

ntyart but how do you know it was her? There are several people here arguing about this shit. Also I don't think a specific position of yours suddenly shuts you down from defending gay rights.

No. 418496

some disgusting filthy degenerate man parading around in fetish outfits is totes the same as an underwear model guys!!! LMAO the absolute state of the world in 2019.

i know this is a meme on this website by now, but are you a tranny? the only other person ive heard spouting off bullshit like this was a russian tranny on tumblr.

No. 418499

the post you're replying to is the 1st one I've made in this debate. yeah, I agree, BDSM shit and children shouldn't mix and I too would prefer if prides were more of a family event. I'm from a fairly homophobic country and I've heard enough of sodom-gomorrah whinging from the general public whenever there's a pride event so I know LGB acceptance would go down easier (well, very marginally tbqh) if it was a very PG event. but prides are generally not a family event and yeah, your original statement of "gays hiding their disgusting ways until they have become slightly more notmalised" is homophobic.

again, not my post, secondly, well I'm sorry, how else would you want me to refer to you as? girls sounds like I'm either a troon or pushing 60 kek

No. 418502

Once again, being gay isn’t the same as being a tranny you turbo retard
You don’t fuck troons because of your sexuality (and they’re terrible people). Anons in this thread don’t fuck bi’s because they have massive complexes, not because they’re not sexually attracted to bi’s. Know the difference.

No. 418518

lmfao I think I know which russian tranny you're talking about

No. 418547

lmao there were so many.

are we talking about the one who had like 20 cats in an apartment, said his dad was assassinated by the kgb, and he was constantly bitching about his mom and grandma, and he also made all these posts about wanting to commit suicide. i felt really bad for him tbh but he was so milky

No. 418587

Hate to break this to you but women cheat almost exactly as often as men do since it always takes two to tango.

No. 418596

>it takes two to tango
That means absolutely nothing in this context. Are you retarded?

No. 418599

That doesn't even make sense - what you're saying is that everyone who cheats is cheating with someone who is also in a relationship which is not necessarily true. There isn't any decent data available which would support your claim that women and men cheat at a similar rate.

No. 418602

Yep, not only is it not necessarily true, but it's not even generally true, either.

No. 418603

When a man cheats on his wife he's cheating with a woman, so that's a man and a woman cheating.
When a woman cheats on her husband she's cheating with a man, so that's a man and woman cheating.
LGBT persons might mess with the numbers slightly, but they're such a low percentage of the total population that we're left with close to a 1:1 regardless.

No. 418605

Yes, but like >>418599 said, it's not necessarily proportional. Just because you cheat WITH somebody doesn't mean they are also a cheater. A lot of people unknowingly get into affairs with people who have partners.

No. 418606

File: 1559789799858.jpeg (143.65 KB, 1252x1252, dsjNHhck.jpeg)

Do you straight up not know the definition of cheating

If a married man has an affair with a single woman only the man is cheating, you idiot.

No. 418607

I disagree, but w/e.

No. 418609

You're factually incorrect though. Are you ESL?

How can you be a cheater if you don't have anyone to cheat on?

No. 418614

I know a lot of farmers are from America and I don't mean to over-generalize when I say this but it baffles me how Americans are so obsessed with politics and bring politics into literally anything, yet their grasp over actual political ideologies and their understanding on how political ideologies manifest is so fucking poor. Like the American brainlets that become some sort of weaboos but instead of Japan and anime it's Russia and communism.

I follow this person on social media and they say they are a communist and they post a lot of anti-capitalist shit. But their understanding of how communism was applied and how it literally destroyed the lives of millions of people is non-existant and even if you tell them about this they jusy plain out ignore it because they don't have any arguments against the fact that when applied communism works like shit. All they think about is how capitalism and democracy is bad because I'm so poor uwu~~~ I only make 50k per year while Jeff Bezos makes billions this society is so cruel if we were communist we'd all be equal~~~

And it also baffles me how these people are middle-class/middle upper class and honestly they can afford much more than they actually need and they make much more than middle class people from other countries yet they still think they were punished by the American society somehow and that communism would abolish all their suffering when they aren't even suffering, when communism actually creates suffering.

Of course, it's not some homeless person addicted to drugs or alcohol dying in the streets because no one gives a fuck since it's America and they have no money.

Death to burgerland

No. 418615

KEK this is one of the dumbest opinions I've heard on lc. Anon must be working with little more than half a brain.

No. 418617

It's their two party system, most Americans unironically think politics is a binary good guy team v bad guy team issue like a capeshit movie.

No. 418621

Not getting involved with people in relationships is part of a social contract that's implicitly signed by everyone.

No. 418623

That still doesn't make the single person a cheater, as they need someone to cheat ON. They're a homewrecker and a contemptible person, but by definition they aren't cheating.

No. 418624

Ignore her, it might be ESL Europoor anon again

No. 418625

I can see how you would get that vibe because of social media. Communism is almost exclusively looked down upon here in the US though, it's just Tumblr/Twitter liberal slacktivists that scream about being commies uwu that make it seem like it's being actively considered. Communism and socialism are both considered to be bad here, which is why Papaw Bernie lost the 2016 presidental election.

I'll level with you though, a good portion of Americans don't understand politics very well and rely too heavily on the news to make their decision for them (Fox News and CNN mostly)

No. 418627

You might think it's morally wrong, but it isn't cheating. Idk why you can't grasp what cheating even means…

That's also implying that the 3rd person in an extramarital affair is aware that there's cheating involved

No. 418631

File: 1559792768699.png (184.77 KB, 500x804, the-communist-manifesto-karl-m…)

Forms of socialism, like universal healthcare, are gaining traction, but yeah most of the russiaboos are just 2edgy5me dumbasses who thirst over young joseph stalin and want to stick it to their parents. They have completely unrealistic and uneducated views/opinions

No. 418636

most men who cheat usually do it with prostitutes or single women. if both aren't in a relationship it's only the man cheating. no, women don't cheat nearly as often as men.

No. 418641

So women are saints but they cheat with women, wow, I never knew that. The more I learn from feminists! Studies say you're wrong by the bye.

No. 418642

Unpopular Opinion: That isn't a valid excuse.

No. 418643

NTA, but not only do you not even know what cheating is, you completely misunderstood anon's post to somehow mean "Women cheat with women".
Go fix your attitude problem, or at least study English more before posting opinions here so you can actually somewhat justify it, lol.

No. 418644

no one said women are saints, men in general are more unfaithful, stop denying the reality lmao.

No. 418649

This boring derail has become an unexpected source of KEKs.

No. 418662

I just participated in the discussion, I hastily read the previous posts and also wrote my post hastily. So I admit that. But I am sure that even with my flaws in the post, researchers do know what cheating is, hence why I mentioned studies. And regarding my attitude, quite funny because I wasn't the generalizer based on 0 facts except perhaps personal experiences.

No. 418670

I am the same anon as above, and now I read the full conversation I didn't know that OP meant that a hoe cheating on a married man means the hoe is cheating too. That's just a hoe not a dog as far as I know.

No. 418679

File: 1559808594445.gif (758.56 KB, 500x308, tumblr_n12eo4gi2p1sk9l5mo1_500…)

Dakota may have fallen off, but her 2011 Tumblr era was iconic, and no one can deny it.
This gif alone is more popular and successful than anything she's done in the years of 2017-2018. She really threw away some potential when she got lazy with her editing and chose not to take advantage S. Korea and Japan's booming plastic surgery industries to actually look like her initial photos.

No. 418682

Tbh dakota rose haters was and is unironically based on jelly lesbian haters.

No. 418684

yes and her edits were amazing but a large part of her fame came from her oversizing her eyes to shit. no ps couldve replicated that. she would've been a let down either way, but she definitely could've done more to actually look like her edits. it's just embarrassing, and it's too bad because she is a very pretty girl already.

No. 418691

Kind of similar but why the fuck is America so allergic to the idea of social welfare? Investment in public transport, recycling infrastructure, health care and education is such an obvious benefit to everyone and reduces corruption , I don't see why any body would choose low tax over that. It's literally the cornerstone of all the best places, including fictional utopias written by American directors.
I can't understand it for the life of me.

No. 418701

because americans are sold the idea that they’re the ~bestest biggest nation in da whole wide universe~ and everyone wants to be just like them, therefore shit can’t be that bad, because otherwise facing reality would be too much for a lot of people. it’s kind of hilarious on a microcosmic scale when you interact with an american who’s fully drank the fucking koolaid and they’re willing to risk sounding like the most willfully ignorant person on earth, just for the sake of holding up some “truth” that’s been hammered into their heads since childhood. as many of them like to bitch and whine about participation trophies, they’re literally living in a real life version of one.

No. 418704

because conservatives think poor people don't deserve health care or any benefits at all, and that they should pull themselves up by their bootstraps and work hard like THEY did.

No. 418705

I really don't get why she still gets so much hate.
She made fun of lesbians and asians, when she was how old, 13? Her weirdass family not caring about their daughters played a huge role in her putting inappropriate shit on the internet. Normal parents would have supervised their kids, they woudn't have allowed them to post the stuff her and her sister did. Remember when they were at a party with Davie whatever, the bandguy who's a known pedo?

Meanwhile Venus has been away from Maggot for a long time already too, nowadays she lies and shoops more than Kota, yet anons still kiss her ass.
Taylor R is much older than her, copied her, shooped + had ps and now she whiteknights her husband's dirty pedo website and nevertheless anons still like her.
It feels like not even real criminal cows get shat on as much as Kota.

No. 418707

It's a shame that her passion for shooping hasn't extended to her drawing or some other skill. I remember reading that someone broke down her gifs and figured out she spent hundreds of hours on each one. Imagine what she could do with that kind of drive if she was doing something productive.

No. 418713

Probably mostly McCarthyism, but also a history of the state demonizing civil rights leaders as subversive commies throughout the 20th century and further back than that the concepts of exceptionalism, individualism and le Protestant work ethic in the countries history.

No. 418714

>japanese aidoru
>speaks japanese
>actually an aidoru
And even if she wasn't objectively cute and supposedly sucks at japanese:
>speaks horrendously japanese
>japan loves her
You know fully well why 12 year old kids who pretend they knew her since stickam times hate on her.

No. 418719

-Social welfare must be funded by taxation, and taxation is theft
-And being guaranteed it just incentivizes poor and lazy to remain lazy people.
-And money used on inferior government services can no longer be used on superior free market ones
-So it's better to have private charities run off church donations instead

No. 418722

>americans are sold the idea that they’re the ~bestest biggest nation in da whole wide universe~
For real, it sorta is though.
>Free speech
>Gun rights
>Southern Accents

No. 418723

Gee whiz I sure am jealous of those gun rights that cause mass shootings monthly! Oh the privilege of sending your child to school and praying that one of their mentally ill classmates doesn’t come and shoot up the other kids~

No. 418730

File: 1559814404988.jpg (87.99 KB, 640x570, compensating63561.jpg)

That' cool, dude. Each to their own.
In my case though I like it that I can also use guns to protect myself.

No. 418733

>that pic
>"small and weak"
She looks hefty enough.

No. 418734

>-And being guaranteed it just incentivizes poor and lazy to remain lazy people.
Ok have fun going absolutely bankrupt when you get disabled in a car crash and lose your ability to work or get diagnosed with cancer you can't afford to treat. Meanwhile my evil commie socialist nation will give me the treatment for pennies and after a certain limit, for free. At least here people won't need dentures at 30 because they couldn't afford dental care without insurance.

No. 418735

Except that they don’t protect women. American women still get raped and murdered at absurdly high numbers

No. 418736

Normal sized women get raped and mugged, too, anachan.

No. 418741

I have no idea what Venus or Taylor are up to these days but I agree about Dakota, anons constantly bringing up shit she did under her insane sister's and neglectful stage parents' influence when she was 13-14 is just sad. Someone using meitu filters isn't milk and I've always thought Dakota is pretty even in the candid shots ana-chans use to justify calling her ugly and fat. Isn't she still doing modeling gigs in Japan? Why are her a-logs insisting for the 5th year in a row that she's going to fail soon and move back to the states with her tail between her legs?

No. 418746

Most countries have free speech in everything but name. I've never been censored in the country I live in.
The difference is, in America, they'll say you have free speech on paper, but kill you off or wipe everything if you get too close to the truth, let actual fake news made to cause panic/distrust fly free, and there are people arguing that those who declare that anyone who isn't born a certain race should die (and also, ironically, support a regime that blocks and censors free speech from anyone who isn't part of that race or political party) are valid and need to be protected under that same law of free speech, lol.

No. 418751

she's smaller and weaker than men, you absolute sped

No. 418756

Anything that helps the bottom line (aka poor minorities) is a threat to the social hierarchy of America

No. 418768

All the people I know who lived in the USA for at least one year told me that fastfood restaurants are absolute fucking trash compared to what we get over here and that meat tastes really weird no matter how you cook it.

No. 418784

Not into politics but periods alone are why men are superior. (I have the feeling I posted this before)

No. 418790

The ability to carry a child is why women are superior. Men are weak as shit.

No. 418800

I'm still in awe at her editing skills tbh. She looks nothing like that gif, and yet she made it look so real, I would never think it's edited and to those extents. She could've seriously made a career out of those skills - one that's not modeling ofc

No. 418802

File: 1559829040983.jpg (17 KB, 283x424, 61880557_121402925742837_80255…)

>my male coworkers don't randomly turn psychotic 3 days of the month and act passive aggressive for no reason other than their fucked up hormones
>my male coworkers don't complain and whine about their pains/give excuses for why they can't do work while I too am experiencing them in silence
>my male coworkers don't take off their heels and wander around the office barefoot stinking the place up because "their whole body feels bloated"

Nobody's better than anyone, but I much prefer working with the average man than MOST women. MOST women.

No. 418803

File: 1559829168279.gif (808.62 KB, 640x360, 31270A25-BDFF-4404-A152-14647A…)

Unpopular opinion: gif related was not edited with aftereffects but her falsies were lifting/moving her bangs and hair in that gif. Doesn't mean the lights didn't make her prettier on live camera than photos.

No. 418804

Circle lenses made her ugly.

No. 418808

That gif is absolutely edited, but yeah, the bangs are most likely being moved by her lashes

No. 418811

None of this is womens fault tho, it doesn't mean that men are superior, it only proves that women are disadvantaged.
If men had periods they wouldn't silently endure it like you do, anon, they'd be just as or likely even more vocal about it than your female coworkers. Judging women for expressing that they're in pain or don't feel well is not fair.

No. 418814

File: 1559830068506.gif (1.88 MB, 400x298, 1535966764419.gif)

>tfw Dakota drama was 2011/1012 and that's already several years ago

But…I remember the sperging like it happened last week…

No. 418816

File: 1559830230882.jpg (117.24 KB, 800x450, tinfoil.jpg)

To be fair, anons started sperging years ago and haven't stopped since. The tinfoiling in the Kota thread is some next level shit.

No. 418818

Do you work with monkeys? None of my female coworkers do any of this shit. The most they do is work from home when the cramps get bad.

No. 418821

They're on the younger side and feed off of each other. The older women are mostly fine, so I think it's an immaturity thing.

No. 418822

Look at her boob enlarge on the right. It's definitely edited. Still a pretty gif.

No. 418824

I think that’s just her breathing. Tumblr had strict gif size rules back then, making half the image still/not animated was an easy way to get past those limits

No. 418826

You see it in the first gif happening too. I vaguely remember the wordpress/blogspot/tumblr blogs that were made by the expose army (expose what? A 13 year old and some selfies? Very problematic guize) and iirc they were saying the gif was edited and circled the area I just mentioned. I for one am glad she made herself ugly with her shitty style, if she'd lose weight and kept a decent style or worse improved it one of them in her thread on here might skin her alive.

No. 418827

Anon, of course it's edited. That face isn't hers.

No. 418831

Ok but your healthcare is getting paid for with inflated taxes, it isn’t actually free. Also with socialized medicine people are often put on waiting lists for treatment. Idk about you but I’m willing to pay for insurance or some out of pocket money for quick treatment, rather than pay expensive taxes just to be put on a waiting list while more druggies can visit the ER on my dollar.

No. 418833

>Also with socialized medicine people are often put on waiting lists for treatment.
That's true. In Germany you unironically have to wait 2 years to get an eye specialist appointment.
Still better than going broke because of medical bills like in the US tho

No. 418837

Also from America, and they're not inflated, they're just normal rates to actually support their society. And you sound like an absolute dumbass explaining this to people who are actually living it. It's called free at the point of use and I'm 100% positive these anons are aware that their competent tax system is what's paying for it.

>Idk about you but I’m willing to pay for insurance or some out of pocket money for quick treatment, rather than pay expensive taxes just to be put on a waiting list while more druggies can visit the ER on my dollar.

You can still see private drs in most countries. You're paying much more for literally every service because there's no monopsony on healthcare in the US, unlike every single other first world nation. You're massively overpaying because there's no collective bargaining.

Also, kek @ "more druggies on my dollar!!", lmao. Do you have any idea how many druggies have private insurance and compromise your rates? There are tons of functional druggies in America. People can't afford to be taken care of as frequently as they need, which also boosts rates. Your insurance pool is the same shit as everyone pitching in with taxes, it's just a million times more retarded and useless and likely to leave you totally fucked.

No. 418846

>my male coworkers don't complain and whine about their pains/give excuses for why they can't do work while I too am experiencing them in silence

In my experience, men tend to whine much more while women just suck it up. Iirc there was even a study that said that men considered themselves "sick" and asked for sick days in the situationw where women just took medication, sucked it up and went to work.

>my male coworkers don't take off their heels and wander around the office barefoot stinking the place up because "their whole body feels bloated"

Does your workplace require women to wear heels? Many workplaces do. If men were required to wear heels you bet they would be doing the same.

No. 418847

waiting lists obviously exist, yeah, but for shit that isn't urgent, like yearly dentist appointment etc. and if your issue isn't a crisis but you'd still rather have it looked at asap, there's still tons of private clinics to cater to that at a cost (which is still way lower than the bs us healthcare prices but nvm).

like my grandpa had developed cataracts and was put on a waiting list that's like 2 years, with the promise that he'd be moved to the top of it if they developed to the point of needing surgery asap before his queue came. he however wanted them fixed right then and there so he went thru a private clinic, which admittedly cost him like 600€ but happened in a week and a half's time. it's about choices.

No. 418850

1) Are you aware waiting lists are only for things that can wait? If you have an emergency, you will be treated right away.

2) Under socialized healthcare, you can still go and pay a private doctor to treat you and it is even cheaper in most countries than in the States without the quality of doctors going down. My neurologist studied at Yale but practices in my homecountry as a private neurologist. I pay about the equivalent of 80$ for a 3h EEG + consultation and just need to scheudeule the meeting a few days prior.

3)American healthcare prices arent the actual cost of medicines and treatments. Those prices are jacked up. It doenst actually cost a hospital several thousands of dollars to treat you for a minor injury.

4) You still pay money for healthcare though. You still pay an insurance that also is used to cover other people's injuries and illnesses. It's actually more expensive for you this way.

5) I don't know how americans can still say their healthcare system is better when you have actual factual proof that other first world countries do it better.

No. 418851

It's good if you have that option, but private clinics don't exist in all countries.

No. 418853

>I don't know how americans can still say their healthcare system is better
Because any form of welfare system is 'communism' according to American propaganda and Americans are still stuck in cold war level cult mentality about anything remotely left-leaning economically

No. 418854

nta but how does this counter the argument socialized healthcare is bad? Like most first world countries have them (i am even enclined to say "all" but dont have proof) and if america got a healthcare system similar to those in France, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, etc, it would still have private clinics.

yea esp considering this is probably the anon spouting "taxation is theft!"

No. 418867

Yeah I'll grant you that. Most American beef is all grain fed since the American grain industry is so heavily subsidized. Supposedly this gives it better marbling than grass fed, but it obviously changes the taste of it as well since genetically modified grain is not even close to their natural healthy diet.

No. 418869

>Because any form of welfare system is 'communism'
Is it also the reason why they don't have many trains, buses or subways except for New York? I knew a Californian woman who was working in France and who told me she loved using the train in France because it was less stressful than taking the plane but way faster than going on super long road trips with her shitty car and she wish trains were actually a thing in the US.

I know a British guy who went to the US at some point in his life and he told me that he tried to avoid eating beef as much as he could there because of how beef is made, I think it was also about how once the animals are killed the meat is washed and treated with specific products that are illegal to use in Europe or something like that. I don't have the info anymore but this thread is making me curious so I'll look it up.

No. 418872

Very few people are actually autistic and assburger syndrome doesn't exist and is an imaginary crutch and its benefits have become very real.

No. 418877

Yeah, nah. That's a myth.

"Consistent with our previous reviews, current human findings regarding sex differences in experimental pain indicate greater pain sensitivity among females compared with males for most pain modalities, including more recently implemented clinically relevant pain models such as temporal summation of pain and intramuscular injection of algesic substances."


So really kinda exactly what you'd expect when comparing our primary functions. Women would have needed to be more sensitive to pain, poison, cold, etc because otherwise every pregnancy might have ended with a miscarriage. The sooner we notice any discomfort, dirt, or danger the sooner we can adjust to it, for the sake of those inside of us. Meanwhile men kinda needed to evolve greater resilience because the male job is protecting all the females they get pregnant. Those that were sissies, that prioritized their own safety, they might have not have ever been killed off directly, however all of their offspring may have, which is pretty much the same thing.

No. 418879

honestly do you have any examples? bc I'm the cataracts grandpa anon and I'm from legit eastern Europe and that's sorta bottom of the barrier for the civilised world.

No. 418880

Unpopular sperg tier opinion: Everything about that era was cringe and embarrassing and will never not be iconic other than with autistic people

No. 418881

So you'd rather your taxes go to the military industrial complexes instead? Ebic. Makes sense anon

No. 418883

tell that to all the men that love to whinge in workplaces bc of their severe manflu or actual paper cuts kek

biologically you're in the right but men are socialised to be pissbabies and accommodated out the ass so, in my experience, they do whine more often about most trivial shit

No. 418885

Maybe it’s because I’m from the south but why aren’t we arming teachers so they can take out perp on sight. That’s surely more effective than hiding under a fucking desk and waiting for SWAT or death, with the later statistically comes first.

No. 418887

If the men are staying home, I'm not hearing them whine. Every day there's something new to whine or complain about here. The men get in on it too so they aren't blameless, but I don't have men wandering into my office to complain about how girl A shut the door a little loudly and girl B felt personally slighted.

No, they wear flats too. It doesn't matter the type of shoe, they take them off regardless. There's no excuse for walking around barefoot in an office. It's disgusting and they do it because they are immature and childish.

I guess my issue lies more with YOUNG women than with older ones. Again, all of my complaints resolve primarily around the other 5 girls my age in this office. The 30-somethings stick to themselves but sometimes piggyback off of the young ones' behaviors.

The worst things the guys do is leave messes in the pantry area, sneeze loudly and eat all the snacks, but at least they aren't filling the common area literally crying over a cute dog video on Instagram.

No. 418890

I mean I get why people would advocate for this but logistically it seems stupid. Teachers aren't soldiers, most probably don't want to have the responsibility of wielding a fucking gun and aren't trained at all, are we just gonna start putting guns in teachers' desks so some random snot-nosed kid can steal it and shoot themselves in the foot because schools' are never as organized as we'd want them to be.

No. 418891

What's up with this influx of Americans that are, honestly, backward-ass on healthcare and guns?

We've tried the whole 'arming teachers' thing, by the way, and a teacher left her handgun in the restroom and it was found by a 12 yo girl. Fabulous idea to overload people who are already exhausted, financially, mentally, and physically, from working a job that pays fuckall anymore and keeps them up late grading papers, setting up lesson plans, dealing with their own personal lives, etc.

No. 418892

I think women are being socialized to be this fucking retarded cause this doesn't exist like it does in other cultures and I know that for a 200% fact

No. 418893

Manflus are srs bzness tho.
They kill exactly 0 men per decade - or over 150 when you also count the women driven to homicide by their bitching.

No. 418894

>Iirc there was even a study that said that men considered themselves "sick" and asked for sick days in the situationw where women just took medication, sucked it up and went to work.
Eh.. not really the best thing to be bragging about, sis. People that show up sick and get others sick are the worst.

No. 418895

They just sound young and like they have friends in the workplace so you can eavesdrop their conversations and get mad about being bitter. You sound like this old hag I use to work with that would refer to a collective group of women ages 20 - 34 as 'dumb annoying girls' to the male co workers. Yet when they had loud obnoxious chats during busy hours when clients are phoning in it was fine but God forbid anyone comes over to wait on someone for lunch and makes conversation.

No. 418899

>non-urgent shit
tell that to people who need to get their organs checked

No. 418900

I'm 20 you retarded shit-head, my point was that women shes talking about are being socialized are being annoying rather than being their innate nature like OP implied, so it's not about them being women but some flaw in their (highly likely WHITE, ANGLO AMERICAN) culture making them annoying, since those groups of women have an obnoxious pattern of behavior in that.
Also I don't understand why you had to say that comment about male co workers or old hag, lmao, people like you stay trying to pretend you're all for women and then revealing your internalized misogyny each and every time. Retarded fuck.

No. 418901

I don't know much about the US but I've had some really fucked up teachers in high school and I don't even want to imagine kids being forced to spend time this type of unhinged people who carry deadly weapons.

No. 418902

You act 12 for 20. Lmfao

No. 418904

I worked in many different offices from 19 and I can guarantee those girls are probably saying to each other their ailments and OP or whoever the fuck is eavesdropping and getting concerned over fuck all. If it was such an issue why doesn't Ms Mature OP tell them to put their fucking shoes on or complain to HR if it's so obnoxious. My guess is it isn't. Very reminiscent of this old hag I worked with (who very much deserves the title but I shan't share that tale) would report young women constantly for nothing well hamming it up for the lads who could shout about sports or provoke people into debates about politics and religion extremely inappropriate at the work place, but nah let's pick on Becky and the girls for giggling and finding joy in their work day. Ya bitch

No. 418905

I'm 22 and most of these annoying girls are 2-4 years older than me. The workplace is not the place for friends or fun, not all the time, anyway. They've turned it into a continuation of college (most of them are freshly out, I graduated at 20) and have absolutely no bearing on how to act professionally. Young men are more privy to "bro" culture, but they know when to be quiet and are not extremely disruptive. I'm sure it just varies from place to place but I've confided in some other professional women and they feel largely the same, so I don't think it gets any better.

No. 418906

Okay cac

No. 418907

It's not eavesdropping when you are forcibly involved. Why so defensive?

No. 418909

Are there no managers or supervisors that are able to step in and save you from their awful conduct? To think they even dare mention they've got cramps when you're in the vicinity. Don't know how you cope, maybe try and make friends with your colleagues.

No. 418913

Technically, I am their "manager". We are a firm dealing with gov relations and these girls are mostly entry-level policy and relations assistants. Two are receptionists. Obviously, it's fucking uncomfortable to have to tell someone to put their shoes back on. I've brought it up lightly in a joking way but they've just normalized it.

I am friendly with them. I engage and laugh too, but I am still frustrated that things are this way. I am down with having fun when the time calls for it, but lately things have just been out of control here. Again, don't have these problems with the men, but maybe I am just turning a blind eye to their behaviors.

No. 418921

If you're their manager tell them that from now on shoes have to stay on because there have been complaints. Easily solved. You're their manager not their friend. Have you been on management or conversations training at all? One of the best things I've done is managed to separate the friend/manager divide.

No. 418927

>I think women are being socialized to be this fucking retarded cause this doesn't exist like it does in other cultures and I know that for a 200% fact
>highly likely WHITE, ANGLO AMERICAN
Goddamn, those dumb western roasties are at it again… Trad slav or asian girls would never do this, they're still getting raised well…

No. 418928

Same, idk where the meme of women being like this comes from. Maybe it's because I work in a professional setting but no woman I work with would ever do any of this stuff, or even talk about periods, personal stuff, etc. aside from a few that I'm closer with and we might talk privately about that sort of thing… in my experience women hold themselves to a higher standard than men do in the office. I work in politics though so it's still pretty much a boys club and women are the minority. I could go on all day about my own experiences with male versus female coworkers but it doesn't matter because anecdotal evidence is obviously not applicable to the entire population (do lolcow users realize this?).

I get the feeling the anons ITT who are complaining about how their female coworkers are ~so loud and obnoxious~ are really just autists cowering behind their desk with a stick up their ass while everyone else is socializing, to be honest.

OP, if it bothers you so much, why don't you address them directly or talk to HR or your supervisor? Like you said, the workplace isn't for having fun and being friends, so there's no reason to not be firm with them. At least try to slow this exponential growth of BEC you've got going or it'll probably come back to bite you in the ass

No. 418936

You just really sound like you have no friends. Which isnt surprising considering your attitude.

No. 418942

>implying you have to hate western women in general to dislike anglo-american culture
>implying you have to worship slavs and asians to dislike them

lol stop talking to only your kind for once

No. 418948

As some one who dealt with racist and stupid teachers, this is a REALLY bad idea

No. 418954

Maybe schools should stop paying teachers peanuts/hiring just any loser with a half assed degree and full blown issues to be teachers. When parents send kids to school, it’s the school staff’s responsibility to educate them And keep them safe. How the fuck is it not a high risk high return job to train the actual future of a country.

No. 418956

What's a half asses degree?
Most teachers have to be qualified by law.

It doesn't mean they don't have horrible personalities and a lack of common sense that would make a recipe for disaster if we were to arm them.

No. 418957

>How the fuck is it not a high risk high return job to train the actual future of a country.
Lol. Have you ever been to an American public school? These places run on the absolute lowest budget possible. Teachers often have to buy supplies like books, pens, pencils with their own money. Textbooks are torn, drawn in with like sticky shit on them, old. Where the fuck they gonna get the money to arm every teacher with a gun and train them too. I would like it if the US spent more money on education but right now most school districts can't even afford to fix their toilets.

No. 418969

Handmaiden's Tale… Seeing people write emotionally about it is very confusing because I gave it a fair shake and just could not get through it.

The overall concept is alright, but even the book was OTT in a theatrical way and I could not take it seriously. There were times in the show I couldn't help but laugh at some serious scenes because the acting was so bad. I get the message, I get the concepts. It's just very poorly executed.

No. 418981

I ask this every day and to tell you the truth it is the "American" way
>"I got mine fuck you"

It all ties to class, wealthy people on both sides continue to push RACE / CULTURE / GENDER / ETC. for why we shouldn't do common sense alturistic deeds.

No. 418982

File: 1559853711454.png (1.1 MB, 1204x1142, 67949827575.png)

I quit near the end of the second season because it was so boring and repetitive. Only reason I watched as long as I did is bc Max Minghella is qt. The entire plot is basically:
>Men r bad
>She escapes
>She's captured
>Forbidden love
>She escapes
>She's captured
>Someone shows humanity
>No wait they're still evil
>Every man wants to fuck her despite looking the way she does

She's such a dumb bitch the entire time, and once I found out that the actress is a scientologist IRL I stopped watching completely

No. 418983

>Sorry that is getting closer to socialism buddy. We can't help "everyone".
Unironically what some retard would answer back.

No. 418984

"The Question" by Zheani is better than Eminem's entire discography.

No. 418987

>I found out that the actress is a scientologist IRL
Right lol. I got a massive hate boner for her in Mad Men and did a lot of reading. I really wish they had gone with someone else for the role, but not sure it would have made the show any better. The book was left off pretty much unfinished and the writers seem to have the creativity of those sponges you feed hermit crabs with

No. 418994

This isn't a big deal >>418652. But the outrage hype will turn it into one.

No. 419000

It feels like every single person, in about every country on this planet just loooves to shit on teachers.
Minimum half of "parents" should have never been allowed to reproduce.
I live in a supposedly wealthy area and nevertheless the amount of children who get completely neglected is disgustingly high. I can't imagine just how bad it must be in the US or in poorer countries.

It's a teachers job to teach. It's not their job to feed their students, yet somehow those parents who complain about stupid, useless teachers don't even manage to give their children breakfast and lunch money, no, they don't even give them something to drink. I guess teachers shoud also wash their students because somehow parents don't feel like telling their kids to shower and brush their teeth or giving them clean (and fitting) clothes is their job. You have no idea just how often teachers will hand out food or stuff to write on which they paid for with their own money. Some children are donwright touchstarved, because mommy and daddy absolutely couldn't care less.

And now you say that on top of this and already functioning as a human shield when some parents lose control over their violent son they should also have to learn how to kill…? Great.

No. 419003

Thank you. Trips for truth.
>t. daughter of overworked retired teacher who used to go without bc she'd have to pay put of pocket for her own student's supplies and come home stressed out af from student behavior

No. 419005

Sad as hell, tbh. I seriously empathize for teachers who give so much and get little in return. My teachers in high school often bought supplies with their own money…to conduct labs and make little games, anything to make class more interesting. Nobody appreciated it. My classmates had zero respect for my teachers. It's only now that I'm older that I seriously wish I had thanked a lot of them.

No. 419030

I stopped watching The Handmaid's Tale mid season 2 because it was really just Torture Porn at that point. Like yea, ok, we get it. Many countries today have almost the same kind of control over women so it doesnt even seem subversive or anything.
And Elizabeth Moss playing a feminist hero while she's a scientologist?

No. 419048

Truly, I'm overcome by how dumb some of you girls are. I don't like teachers, was treated very poorly by them, but overall they're pretty decent, they do a lot of work and put up with a lot of bullshit, they usually buy their own supplies and even help kids who need supplies, etc. Financially they're totally strapped and overworked, and dealing with kids is not easy. Even if they were better paid, they can't spend their entire life dealing with kids at school, grading papers, and juggling their own personal problems. You expect someone to be a tutor, a nanny, and a security guard for 20-30 kids? Even if well compensated, it's not reasonable. One person can't be three things for 30 kids. You're delusional. Plenty of teachers suck at their jobs and just aren't equipped to handle children, but your recommendation is one weird as fuck non sequitur that solves nothing about the shooting problem.

No. 419132

I don't think it's necessarily an unpopular opinion on here, but I'm so sick of the trend these days of everyone and their grandma having emotional support animals. In fact, I think a lot if not most ESA supporters are selfish.

These people don't give a shit about how their pets affect other people as long as they can take their pet whatever they want. They can bark, pee, whatever and the owners don't give a shit. I think the worse offender is an emotional "support" pitbull that bit a little girl and left her with permanent scars. However, I don't want to be with your emotional support cat either because I have allergies.

No. 419165

Here's my unpopular opinion: I don't feel "jealousy" towards women I deem as unattractive or average, especially since I find women on average far more beautiful than men and I have my own "types" of women I consider more sexier and attractive than others, I also find SEA women on average, more attractive than EA women.

However, I feel a sense of mild.. disappointment that East Asian women with what I consider mildly attractive looks (which to me is average since imo the average woman is mildly attractive in some way or the other) getting fervent defenders calling other women "jealous white roasties!!1" for not finding them attractive. East Asian women are pretty much the only non-white women afforded this level of protection in internet circles, I noticed. Meanwhile Latina, Native, Black, Mixed, ect, literally anything except EA, can be on a objectively higher tier level of attractiveness like Meghan Markle and get sperged by other women for being ugly and average yet they don't really get fervent defenders screeching at them "lol u jealous yt roastie".

The disparity and bias is really annoying and aggravating to me tbh

No. 419168

lmfao i never started watching it for the sole purpose of Elizabeth Moss playing the main character. I've always found her unattractive and annoying for some reason idk

No. 419269

I mean, to be fair, as much as I dislike Elizabeth