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No. 1429498

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (MTF) snowflake behavior. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread; don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (not even ironically), etc. This is supposed to be a thread for MTF related milk, not a receptacle for autistic spergouts. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.

Do not respond to anything you suspect to be scrote bait or trannyposting. Report the post and move on.

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No. 1429503

File: 1643404778114.png (786.63 KB, 1440x846, 1643396238370.png)

reposting this from last thread since it just got locked

No. 1429504

File: 1643404789014.jpg (650.15 KB, 2316x3088, a1hy19v1xfe81.jpg)

He just wanted boobs, idc about "gender expression is different from gender identity" i will never call this a "she"

No. 1429507

Splendid thread pic, they just keep getting better and better.

No. 1429508

File: 1643405038611.jpg (798.46 KB, 1109x856, bbSlJbs.jpg)

No. 1429509

File: 1643405097428.jpeg (90.76 KB, 900x900, relief.jpeg)

>written by Alex Paterson
mfw not the doctor

No. 1429518

They talk about how it is well documented in history that when societies are about to collapse they show a weird interest in gender. I'm not educated on the matter, but IF that is rooted in fact (and I'm inclined to believe it is), then there should be 0 issue stating that fact. Hell, we're a dying civilisation and people are… obsessed with trannies

No. 1429522

>when societies are about to collapse they show a weird interest in gender
Anyone got an example?

No. 1429524

File: 1643406709019.jpg (85.09 KB, 1068x598, FKIKf_7XsAgXz4W.jpg)

I will never understand the big deal about being misgendered and/or pronouns. I HAVE to add pronouns to my social medias (sigh) unless I don't want to lose my job due to discrimination and other bullshit like that but goddamn. I have a female name, I am a woman, you can see I am a woman, don't ask my pronouns, assume and be smart.
Sometimes I just tell them I use she/they just to see them crumble when I tell them "correct yourself" when they try to start shit, they just oh so want to be woke. I will only correct myself if I called a woman "sir" due to my tired brain at work, men, tims and zoomers can cry about it and they should work on their problems if a pronoun makes them put a noose on their neck.

No. 1429526

File: 1643406873582.jpg (45.05 KB, 640x487, 6168aac38becd8f89d0855afb8a868…)

why does it make you rage? it's pretty obvious copium. "nooo i love how everyone bullies me, i actually get off on it!!!!"

No. 1429530


Yeah I don’t give a shit if I’m “misgendered”. It always makes me laugh when obviously cis people put pronouns in bio. NO FUCKING WAY YOU GO BY SHE/HER? THOUGHT YOU WERE A HE/THEY

No. 1429538

File: 1643408046011.jpeg (397.9 KB, 1284x1582, B07519F8-C2E8-4662-84D5-FE2F2A…)

Finally! I hope this stays

No. 1429539

They didn't have any problem before with spotify hosting music by rapists and child groomers or other shitty people?

No. 1429540

Based. Let's get one of these for lolcow

No. 1429542

I think there is some example of roman empire or something collapsing because of a tranny

No. 1429543

I'm glad I'm not the only one that's seen this pringles can motherfucker on the female subs. He's just in there to force his sissy fetish on innocent women.

No. 1429545

Absolutely based holy shit

No. 1429546

Huh, I was wondering when it'd get backlash. I discovered the app a year ago.

No. 1429548

File: 1643408912882.png (868.73 KB, 2192x898, troon_crime.png)

No. 1429566

The only thing I can't stand is when people call me "they" because "uwu i don't know your pronouns". As if I am not just a normal looking woman. Which makes me wonder if troons get triggered by being called "they" by wokies who are trying not to trigger them. If you can't outright call trannies male pronouns for whatever reason try calling them they/them instead and passing it off as trying to be respectful kek

No. 1429567

TRAs reeing about this shit almost makes me wanna listen to this beefy incel's podcast

No. 1429572

lol im constantly misgendered online even if i have a female avatar or picked a pronoun role in some server (not bc i care so much as just letting it be known). sometimes i correct someone if they're acting annoying but i rarely care. trannies go postal if you do

No. 1429577

idc about shit like this. i'd instead like to hear calm, rational explanations for why it's bad to enable mental disorders and give hormones to children. fewer crazy conservatards, please.

No. 1429581

I get mildly triggered by being "they'd" because it means I look like some kind of gender creature. Rather just be called sir like the last 25 years of my life.
And when they think you're MTF it's offense not because they think your a man, but because they think you're stupid enough to believe in tranny bullshit. Sigh
>> t. ugly butch

No. 1429593

of fucking course they get triggered, anon.
"Ma'am" or you're gonna get pepper sprayed, despite none of them needing it.

No. 1429601

Imo civilization wont fall because trannies are retarded. Troon acceptance rates are tanking hard everywhere already. The upenn swimmer and matt walsh on dr phil recently directly asking the troons on it what a woman is then them unable to answer is peaking people. This will just end up as a tab in our history books like how we had mental asylums and lobotomies. But leave it to peterson and rogan to push "the fall of civilization" narrative again on their male listeners that already fantasize a post apocalyptic world where women are suffering

Tras are trying to frame the app as racist now kek claiming that the ai cant recognize black womens faces as feminine yet no black woman has had trouble getting verified by it

No. 1429608

some troons and I think contra mentioned this, it got triggered when people ask for its pronouns because that means they don't pass

No. 1429635

File: 1643415432050.jpeg (330.09 KB, 1166x1998, 8B4DF97C-57CE-45F8-9E2C-3B50F0…)

Anyone else think this is the year of normie peaking

No. 1429640

File: 1643415777825.png (949.27 KB, 1242x2208, 1C624862-8736-4B78-9F61-B3F74D…)

No. 1429641

File: 1643415815264.png (16.07 KB, 645x770, 29a.png)

it's genuinely uncanny

No. 1429644

>pringles can motherfucker
Kek I love you, Nonnie

No. 1429660

Maybe it’s me being a former degenerate fujo from ten years ago, but men in dresses while still being masculine is my exact type. If they turn all of them into eggs and pysop them into getting those filthy wounds I’ll be forced to stay volcel. Stop transing the fem men. They’re not immune to misogyny and they’re still scrotes but they’re better than hyper masculine militant monkey brain scrotes imo. Even the dead fem men are getting trampled on. They’re taking Kurt kobain she’s a trans girl now. Soon Prince, Freddy Mercury, and David Bowie will be transbians. Kek I wanna know what Courtney and Francis bean think about this crazy ass bullshit.

No. 1429664

I didn't listen to the podcast, but The Fate of Empires is usually what's cited in these discussions, pdf link:

No. 1429685

inb4 exactly 3 cis women get shut out and they start claiming that this is gonna affect us all

No. 1429690

the roman empire was in collapse for like a thousand fucking years, if we're decaying like them we're doing pretty fucking well. also don't forget these scrotes think that giving women rights is on par with troon bullshit

No. 1429700

Why is the FTM mad? In any other context they’d be crying tears of gender euphoria that an app didn’t recognise them as a woman

No. 1429703

just… no. a woman would never show up to a tv interview in their pajamas, hair a mess, spinning around in a chair in their mom's basement. a woman would not commit serial rape. it just doesn't fucking happen. not our crimes. troons do not even attempt yet they want to rage about no one respecting their pronouns

No. 1429719

There's something really off about that review and I don't think it's actually written by a FTM

No. 1429750

File: 1643424656978.jpg (31.78 KB, 563x561, d33ebca1a6045244962ca5c39f14ca…)

I tried to download Giggle to flex on the trannies but it won't even let me in

No. 1429754

From page 15 about the decline of the Arab empire (dated in the text as A.D. 634-880):

"An increase in the influence of women in public life has often been associated with national decline. The later Romans complained that, although Rome ruled the world, women ruled Rome. In the tenth century, a similar tendency was observable in the Arab Empire, the women demanding admission to the professions hitherto monopolised by men. ‘What,’ wrote the contemporary historian, Ibn Bessam, ‘have the professions of clerk, tax-collector or preacher to do with women? These occupations have always been limited to men alone.’ Many women practised law, while others obtained posts as university professors. There was an agitation for the appointment of female judges, which, however, does not appear to have succeeded.

Soon after this period, government and public order collapsed, and foreign invaders overran the country [Iraq/Abbasid Caliphate]. The resulting increase in confusion and violence made it unsafe for women to move unescorted in the streets, with the result that this feminist movement collapsed."

No. 1429768

>IF that is rooted in fact (and I'm inclined to believe it is)
why? because a roided out scrote that drinks horse piss and a man that thinks lobster behavior informs on human behavior and put himself into a voluntary coma in russia to kick his opiate addiction says so? kek

No. 1429782

send an anonymous email to HR saying forcing you to put your pronouns in your bio is making you uncomfortable because you are a closet tranny and are having to choose between outing yourself and lying.

No. 1429785

>(and I'm inclined to believe it is)

We really need to start teaching critical thinking skills starting in kindergarten.

No. 1429791

The username is Jodi for starters, probably written by a mtf larping
Genius, 4D chess tier. Use their own tactics against them kek I've even seen they/thems saying this exact thing about being 'made uncomfortable at work uwu'

No. 1429796

File: 1643430467412.jpg (250.21 KB, 720x948, 20220128_150717.jpg)

one of the troons who were invited to the dr.phil show got traumatized when they were asked "what is a woman"

No. 1429806

AGPs are like tucutes with extra serial killer rapist autogynephile insticts while HSTS are like truscum (in fact most are truscum because old skool tranny)

No. 1429819

This is a good idea!

No. 1429840

File: 1643440243159.jpeg (556.87 KB, 1284x1161, B7587A40-D0C8-4A94-83FF-1C12CE…)

>I have a feminine face but also have a beard and this evil twansphobic app won’t let me in what gives :(((

No. 1429844

Glubb is a right wing pseudoscience moid and he fails to be able to explain how Greek and Roman societies were degenerate boylovers since their inception and definitely at their peaks.
These guys, especially Jordan Peterson, hate women

No. 1429857

same, it's making me think i look like a tranny kek

No. 1429862

>"Couldn't even read me (I'm trans btw)
Trannies were never allowed. YWNBAW
>"I have manly features like being black, having facial hair, and a deep voice"
>"Imagine what black women feel!"
Some of these have got to be trolls. The supposed tif one reeked of moid too.

No. 1429867

File: 1643445680499.jpeg (333.42 KB, 1536x2048, FJpqBTfVEAA5pMx.jpeg)

No. 1429878

File: 1643446801678.jpeg (295.87 KB, 988x551, E0F4A466-50F8-4E5B-BDCC-8C98B1…)

Anyone else feel like the Lia thing is gonna snowball into something? He has creepy agp rape vibes

No. 1429885

they always stick out their tongues…nasty. what is the reason for that? porn brainrot?
also yet another troon with an anime drawing pic that looks nothing like them

No. 1429887

damn, brows straight up resting on his eyelid.

No. 1429891

File: 1643448281375.jpeg (151.45 KB, 640x528, 0858BEEC-5A57-44C1-8EDF-FA3C47…)

They want us to see them as women but they do not have a shred of empathy for us. No matter what happens, we are secondary to their needs. Almost like they’re just sexist men.

No. 1429895

it doesn't work though, troon i know got in no problem.

No. 1429897

>Friendly reminder, when you misgender a bad person, you are still being a cunt. Misgendering just hurts trans people
i like the fact you can hit them all with an aoe attack with one "sir"

No. 1429902

They pity transgender victims of misgendering more than female victims of rape. They really are indistinguishable from the most vile, sexist men out there. Yet we are supposed to love and accept them? They are fucking evil. All trans women are evil if they expect cis women to accept them.

No. 1429903

I wonder if these deluded troons ever realize that this is a reality check and NOBODY sees them as a woman. If your womanhood can be taken away as soon as you do something that society disapproves of, nobody ever saw you as a woman to begin with. People were just kind to you and indulging your delusion, but they stop doing that for you as soon as they find out you are a rapist sexpest. It's because even progressives don't actually believe in anything they are saying to trannies. It must be truly cathartic for SJW types to finally be justified in shitting on a tranny, all of reddit is enjoying it. Do they know that they could do this all the time?

No. 1429907

>i don't care what she did

we know

No. 1429916

File: 1643451002639.jpg (54.22 KB, 1001x562, Screenshot_20220129-050404_Red…)

I'll take the blogging or cowtipping (?) ban but holy shit, my 8+ year old reddit account that I've never been suspended on got permabanned. picrel is what I believe to be the comment of mine that did it.

No. 1429918

Just telling the truth makes these authoritarian freaks crack down on you and perma ban your other account.
They wouldn't even do that for a race sperger
Literally worse than Hitler tbh

No. 1429929

If you want to look at his posts that got deleted check https://web.archive.org/web/*/https:/old.reddit.com/user/AbolishWork/%2A

No. 1429930

Yup. Dude saying "I'm still a female" is a man trying out the argument "you said female only, but even a real female transman wouldn't be able to get on here!!! I'm a female by the way! tee hee" which is hilarious because most aidens are glossy-eyed little acorn-heads and the only males they could be mistaken for are pimply little boys. T adds some muscle to the jaw, but it's negligible in most cases. They ain't getting no neanderthal brows.

The idea of the app scanning faces bugs me because I wouldn't think AI is good enough (even if it's hideously obvious to the human eye) but if it's working, then lol. My first thought was someone wearing a woman mask to get in, but they could just steal a woman's photo anyway. Nasty.

No. 1429931

Reddit is full of rapists, only a rapist would be offended by this post

No. 1429935

File: 1643453168615.jpg (435.56 KB, 1079x1390, Screenshot_20220129-190026_Red…)

Antiworker mod alt account that is used to dick ride his main account. Typical Fucking predators hiding behind labels to make themselves a victim to society. Piece of shit hope he kills himself soon.

No. 1429939

File: 1643453559793.jpg (29.39 KB, 377x605, 46718896_1948190208819247_7925…)

Men defining themselves as women is a backlash against women's liberation. The goal is to destroy women-only spaces. So no, it isn't the end of civilization, it's men seething.


No. 1429940

File: 1643453601722.png (226.84 KB, 1252x1276, Untitled.png)

Trannies waking up to the fact that normies don't see them as women is just fantastic.

No. 1429941

It's definitely written by a MTF trying, very poorly, to make some kinda point about masculine cis women or something. An Aiden wouldn't be offended to be "correctly" gendered by the app, surely.

No. 1429942

How autistic does one have to be to think trans people are really passing? Like I get that troons are mentally ill but do they really think they're fooling us all like they're little anime traps? These ogres really think that huh?

No. 1429943

>most aidens are glossy-eyed little acorn-heads
lmfao this description is taking me out

No. 1429944

They think they look like pin-ups. On the topic of the male gaze, idk if any of you guys have seen the men writing women sub on reddit, but I see AGPs writing about themselves(ostensibly) in the exact same way. Which is obvious, but I feel the need to point it out anyway. Men can't write women, they can't draw women, they can't even imagine women who don't think about being sexy all the time.

I read a book written in the seventies a week ago that switched between a husband and wife's POV from chapter to chapter. The husband thought about her body and how it looked (along with other women's bodies), and the wife thought about how supportive her husband was. Not once did she think about his looks or experience any attraction to him. When they lay in bed together after sex, she thought about how much she felt like a woman. This author was fairly progressive for the time. I just don't think straight men can conceptualize women as thinking about anything but how hot it is that they embody what straight men desire to consume. So of course AGPs think they "feel like women". That's the only thing they think women "feel".

No. 1429945

>I guess we don't deserve rights if we do bad things

Can't wait until this genius hears about the law, police and jail! That is the consensus, yes, that your rights are removed for doing crimes?
People will definitely peak this year if not already with the amount of sexual deviation and crime clearly associated with transwomen. Nobody ever had an issue with their gender representation, many anons in this thread wax lyrical about how they like and are attracted to femme men, the issue has always been the perversion/creeping/bullying and one-sided approach to rights and fairness present in trans activism, where, surprise surprise cis women are always below the transwoman in their desired pecking order.

No. 1429947

People of transition???? Like POC? i'm going to end it lmao I really hope that catches on. Black people will destroy them.

>if we're a good girl
Even when they're crying, they're jacking off.

No. 1429948

they should be satisfied with people humoring their delusions to be polite providing they aren't rapists. this is the reality they live in and all the postmodern wank won't change it.

No. 1429950

>When they lay in bed together after sex, she thought about how much she felt like a woman

He probably should have asked a woman what she thought about in this scenario because it is not getting your womanhood affirmed via poking. You don't need a penis-shaped reminder that you are a female, it is a state of being which doesn't need enforcing or assuring, since it simply is. Men's concepts of what women are, are really bizarre, straight men's idea of us is already strange, and transwomen add a new level of oddness to it all.
It's beyond sexualisation, it's almost like they view themselves as gods and think we were created for and by them, we are not humans but vessels for their sexual feelings and emotions, our image simply a visual expression of those feelings.

No. 1429952

File: 1643456351028.png (170.57 KB, 594x731, Untitled.png)

Absolutely unbelievable

No. 1429953

>It's why putting a trans woman in a men's prison is wrong, even if that trans woman is a serial killer, or a terrorist
Interesting how they left out the much more likely scenario of the trans woman being a rapist. They're so desperate to bury any evidence, even hypothetical, that a trans woman could be a threat to actual women's safety.

No. 1429958

Sickening, why is an adult man who molested a female child being put in a juvenile female facility? I feel bad for those girls, he needs to be put on a chain like a wild animal. The only good part of shit like this is how much it will peak people and prove you can't assign yourself identities at will. So cruel to the people in that facility to set a scrote on them like this.

No. 1429959

Excuse me but why is a 26 YEAR OLD MAN going to a JUVENILE jail??? What the fuck are the judges thinking these days this is absolute lunacy??

No. 1429961

samefag, A FEMALE JUVENILE FACILITY no less. i am shaking with anger this can't be real

No. 1429964

it's a fuckup by the moronic justice system because he was 17 when he molested a 10 year old, and they mixed up charging him as a 17 year old because that's how old he was when the crime occured with where he should be housed. Apparently 'out of sight and sound' of the children they've locked in with him.

No. 1429968

They could fix their mistake and transfer him to where he belongs but I guess that's too much work?

No. 1429973

they fucked up because they made a law at some point where they can't transfer someone out of juvenile prison to adult once they've been sent there.

No. 1429975

File: 1643459143322.jpeg (742.52 KB, 3464x1949, DA9ED9E5-99F6-4F6C-B1AD-0327F2…)

No. 1429977

This is why I’ll never use correct pronouns for scumfuck tranny males, whatever happens to me I don’t care.

No. 1429979

Yes it's almost as though people only refer to you as a woman as a courtesy. The majority of the public will never view you as a woman lmao.

No. 1429980

Based ex-wife

No. 1429993

File: 1643462278897.png (243.16 KB, 524x688, cringe.png)

It's so funny to me how trannies have chosen this little anime-child as their universal mascott. This drawing is about as far removed from how a troon looks as you can possibly get.

No. 1429995

>Tubbs began identifying as female after being taken into custody.

No. 1429998

ugu my kawaii baby girl bussy

No. 1430007

They oughta get working on changing some specifics in those laws and fast. A 26 year old rapist in a female juvenile jail is not ok under any circumstances

No. 1430027

I’m glad they picked her because she’s insufferable.

No. 1430028

I just noticed he went to my high school. The uniform made me do a double take, but he looks like all the other swim team bros we had. I checked our school’s sports Twitter where they update everyone about college athlete graduates and they haven’t said a word about him.

No. 1430029

What the fuck? That’s so retarded.

No. 1430034

They make such a huge deal about pronouns and shit, but fail to realize or mention how harmful it is to call women "uterus havers". I want to a-log.

No. 1430044

But if they still have a prostate, they’ll still produce some seminal fluid, I think? I don’t want to research this, sage for thinking out loud.

No. 1430045

oops, that was meant for >>1429146

No. 1430053

I’ve seen (non-troon) moids on Twitter claiming to have been accepted despite having facial hair etc. They’re probably lying, but I don’t think this kind of software is particularly great.

No. 1430058

File: 1643471417681.jpg (247.5 KB, 1080x1920, 20220129_094721.jpg)

this looks like that sanpaku eyes meme
>RUN! Do not walk away from these eyes!

No. 1430061

File: 1643472055758.jpg (792.33 KB, 1409x679, Untitled-1.jpg)

A school in California hosted a drag event which aimed to “destigmatize drag” and teach kids how to dress in drag and “build a drag persona”.

If you live in California you should probably get the fuck out of that hellhole. Especially if you plan to have kids.

No. 1430062

Couldn't even manage to put the lashes on correctly

No. 1430065

when men say stuff about women that doesn't really make sense or is real, I just assume they're projecting. A man lying in bed after sex thinking about how manly that made him is less bizarre to me kek

No. 1430066

File: 1643472655851.png (419.5 KB, 738x776, cringe.png)

No. 1430067

lmfaooo fucking ew, look at his gut and "love handles" let alone filter working overtime, etc etc looking like a bri'ish royal mess, luv

No. 1430068

I literally have a flight or fight response seeing thin male lipstick lips and hairlines like that now. Like everything primal in me is screaming to get away

No. 1430069

File: 1643473143709.png (398.5 KB, 724x890, cringe.png)

Just in case anyone can't answer the question of "Why are they always teachers?" It's because they prey on children.

No. 1430076

such an obvious pedo, why are these people allowed be in public?

No. 1430077

Of fucking course that these Peter Pan Syndrome losers aspire to be a whole ass child. They wish for a world where they can be shielded from consequences, face zero accountability, and instead only be showered with cute praise. It's always "girl", never "woman."

No. 1430078

Okay, manditory SRS before he's put away then

No. 1430080

It's probably true. Men think having lots of sex makes them manlier

No. 1430083

I wish srs was mandatory to be able to identify as trans. If you REALLY wanna be a woman you have to get the axe wound. Good luck, hope the doctor doesn't botch it.

No. 1430085

>why are they always teachers
they are? where? this is the first tim teacher I've ever seen

No. 1430087

Ancient Greece was obsessed with masculinity to the point women were not citizens/seen as people and they had a fuck ton of weird rules for sex (male prostitutes couldn't fuck women because if the woman gets pregnant the husband isn't gonna raise it and two men fucking is actually super manly) and diseases were rampant. I also think civilization tends to collapse when there's an imbalance like the Greeks had with their hatred towards women. It's unnatural to hate women and have men run every facet of society. On the opposite side of the spectrum I also think being Uber religious and anti sex can have a similar effect on society where people get so repressed they start doing just as fucked up shit (killing people for holding hands, corrective rape, weird fetishes) like during the crusades and shit and pretty much any super religious country now. Whenever society becomes obsessed with gender shit seems to go downhill

Sage for autism

No. 1430088

You must be new because this is definitely not the first that troon teachers have been posted on here. One was taking ass-shots in the classroom.

No. 1430096

File: 1643476459243.png (114.75 KB, 720x595, Screenshot_20220129-111244~2.p…)

No. 1430102

Both situations you describe are the result of moid patterned neurosis, the fixation on women either being tainted whores or pure maidens.

No. 1430108

freud proven right again. sorry to the freud haters in the thread but he was literally right

No. 1430111

Why is homosexuality so connected to pedophilia?

No. 1430118

It's not, people just care more about male victims. All kinds of men are pedophilic

No. 1430120

I'm not, I must have missed that one but regardless saying they are "always" teachers is a ridiculous exaggeration, most of them are way too autistic and antisocial for a job like that. What they tend to be is in tech or in traditionally male trades

No. 1430122

> they mixed up charging him as a 17 year old because that's how old he was when the crime occured with where he should be housed.

No, the DA, Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón, deliberately decided to charge this guy as juvenile and not an adult. He could have been charged as an adult and gone to adult jail.

Anyway, if you live in LA, a group is trying to get this guy recalled. Sign the petition if you want him gone.

No. 1430123

A lot of predators chose jobs where they get to work with kids. Obviously "ALWAYS" is not meant literally, it's exaggerating to make a point, that hey are often working with kids to groom them. Since you're so offended by this statement I assume you're a teacher and that also explains why you are so dense.

No. 1430124

>I wish srs was mandatory to be able to identify as trans.

It used to be, when it was 99% gay dudes trooning out. But the straight men took over and pushed hard to get that eliminated.

No. 1430131

kek im not a teacher you schizo, or offended, it just bothers me to see factually wrong information? Their career choices actually say a lot about them, TIFs for example actually are often teachers. These things matter because I think these threads exist to discuss trannies and gender identity as a phenomenon, non just epicly dunk on them with whatever meme phrase like twitter user libsoftiktok

No. 1430133

Ah so you're offended because it's a twitter account making fun of libtards, gotcha. We always gotta be FACTUAL about this, I'm sorry that I spread fake news by posting a screenshot that used an exaggeration. I think a lot of anons who saw this probably really thought "ALWAYS teachers? Damn, I did not know that 100% of trannies are teachers!" so thank you for correcting this and helping stop misinformation!

No. 1430136

lmao is that your twitter account or something? There's no way you actually don't understand what I mean. Of course no one takes it literally but it doesn't even make sense as a joke, because there's not a significant population of male troon teachers at all. thats it, that's what I was saying, it has nothing to do with liberals or teachers or being offended

No. 1430143

Idk how to explain this to you in different words for the third time so I give up.

No. 1430144

>factually wrong information
it's an exaggeration, you sound like a schizo freaking out over a random joke on twitter

No. 1430148

>why is homosexuality connected to pedophilia?
It's not. Male homosexuality is, though. Gay men like all men love going for extremely young partners but since there's no female side to reject them, the age gap relationships with barely legal or minors are much more common. And other anon is right, a little boy getting assaulted garners more attention since they think women's biology is to be with a man so a girl getting raped apparently isnt as bad.

No. 1430152

ok I should have said nonsensical instead of factually wrong. if you said "why are they all programmers" that would be an exaggeration that makes sense because many of them are. "why are they all teachers" doesn't because very few of them are teachers. anyway it doesn't even matter so sorry for derailing with my autism

No. 1430162

File: 1643482515329.png (3.04 MB, 1673x2868, vtuber.png)

Some woman on twitter made fun of this transbian's god-awful vtuber model for looking like it was trying to cram in as many fetishes as possible, and a bunch of people are having a meltdown trying to cancel her for transphobia in the replies. Deeply funny stuff.


No. 1430168

Oh my god how far removed from reality do you have to be to make this character

No. 1430169

drag queens and MtFs are not the same thing, this has nothing to do with TIMs.
If you have a reason to hate gay men then go for it nona, but most drag queens do not want to be women/transition.

No. 1430171

Begging someone with art skills to make a realistic troon version of this hentai furry smurf atrocity

No. 1430174

are you implying drag queens are harmless? the drag queen story hour guy is a pedo, and don't forget about the drag 'kid' those weirdos were grooming

No. 1430176

How can they deliberately do something like that?

No. 1430178

By their ideology, saying “people of transition” would be transphobic, because TRAs are always going off about how you don’t have to transition to be trans. >>1430066
If a woman teacher wore shorts as short as those to work, she would be disciplined or fired. But ofcourse they are always accommodating to the trannies because they don’t want to be “transphobic”.

No. 1430179

no, moron, i'm not implying drag queens are harmless. I'm saying they're off topic to the fucking MtF thread. Take it to gay men degenerates #1

No. 1430182

this is the real answer

lot of the children that were victims of the catholic pedophile priests were girls but people don't give a shit because they think boys being molested is worse than girls being molested. they view girls being molested as a natural thing.

also this >>1430148

No. 1430184

File: 1643483846904.jpg (209.36 KB, 945x2048, FJ02z-1VEAI8hw8.jpg)

No. 1430192

File: 1643484406653.png (921.39 KB, 2300x1035, 1629445593653.png)

this pls, there was an artist in the femboy troons thread who did this, hopefully she sees this post or maybe you can try and reach out to her

No. 1430193

File: 1643484406565.png (2.98 MB, 1673x2868, 1643482515329.png)

No. 1430197

anon you did a good deed here on this day

No. 1430199

File: 1643484801035.jpg (65.67 KB, 584x536, yrzryzryzjiryz.JPG)

No. 1430217

I hope all the retarded scrotes in the comments thinking they trumped OP by saying "UHM ackshually this was made by a woman!!!" realize they're making it clear to women that mtfs are still just XY coomer weebs.

No. 1430218

it has way too much hair to be realistic, nonna. where is the receding hairline and alopecia?

No. 1430221

It's not too far out of the ballpark to say that reaching a point where people have to bend to the will of mentally ill retards or face consequences (losing career, jail time, friends, etc) is a pretty big indication that trannies and a failing society go hand in hand. Two ugly old scrotes discussing something that everyone else is already somewhat aware of doesn't immediately make the subject of discussion into a random piece of bullshit, it just means two scrotes mentioned it. Look at the state of the western world rn after the impact gendertards have had and tbh it does look like a big sign of society going down the drain is a fixation on gender. Hell, they're slowly removing womens rights and people are just going along with it, so call it a decline even

No. 1430226

File: 1643486758649.png (64.38 KB, 600x608, men.png)

This is in the replies of the post roasting him. These men are incapable of feeling shame.

No. 1430227

>people of transition
This is the funniest way anyone has ever called someone a troon

No. 1430229

File: 1643487181754.png (137.66 KB, 595x971, ywnbaw.png)

COPEilation of a handful of responses to this post from the dilation nation.

No. 1430230

It's a wig

No. 1430235

File: 1643488017028.png (944.22 KB, 1376x1316, neanderthals want in to fds lo…)

another troon freaking out about fds. why don't they just make their own fucking dating subreddit? are they retarded? everyone knows that the HSTS troons aren't going to bond with women about lying to 'straight' men about having a penis.

No. 1430238

File: 1643488246545.png (2.26 MB, 1888x3328, men mad at women who are more …)

same op. here are the comments to the original post along with a deep dive on their profiles, take note of the troon whose wife was stockholm syndromed into being a "lesbian". fucking BLEAK.
or the troon who claims that FDS is full of women stealing money and all sorts of absurd claims and is happily married to another troid.

tbh it is kind of an achievement for FDS that these smegmoids are their biggest haters. says it all really.

No. 1430240

File: 1643488521859.jpg (659.67 KB, 2208x2944, b37g8j3gvja81.jpg)

same moid who trapped his now "lesbian" wife. disgusting

No. 1430242

his hair and his teeth are the same color, amazing

No. 1430253

>someone who looks fucking more awesome than the writer of the post
it's a fucking drawing
nice compilation nona. an obvious male being uwu so scared of women who are basically trying to avoid shitty men like what's it to you kaylee you're a wahmen now

No. 1430254

looks just like old art cow baylee jae kek

No. 1430256

File: 1643490499960.jpg (Spoiler Image, 187.06 KB, 1200x1200, media_FAD6_cyVEAg-qXY.jpg)

In case anyone was wondering what "Diana's" vtuber model looked like

No. 1430257

funny how all these trannies and tras complain about misandry and "sexism against men". how can it be misandry against them if they're supposedly "women" kek. they know they'll always be seen as men, and still want to cape for fellow moids

No. 1430258

File: 1643490544709.jpeg (116.98 KB, 1441x274, A989725B-28BB-41E3-B442-084D4F…)

Despise them

No. 1430262

Misandry isn't real when women are being raped, murdered, and otherwise tortured by men worldwide. Typical scrote narcissism.

No. 1430263

>you must be the most vanilla person on the planet

No. 1430270

Fucking FREAKS getting so mad and triggered over a cartoon drawing not being up to someone's liking, ugh

No. 1430278

thanks! imo they hate women like the ones from fds just like they hate older women because we are all more likely to call them out.
i wrote a comment suggesting that they make their own sub bc we can't relate to them. i also responded to the one talking about women making themselves pregnant on purpose with trashed condoms that he is such a typical male brained loser with no idea of women's reality.
i deleted them right after tho because i have a fairly niche radfem sub i go on and i would hate for troons to go to my profile and get the sub taken down to spite me and other radfems.
it's amazing that fds has lasted so long when radfem subs regularly get the ban hammer.

No. 1430287

nonnie don't take it personally, my sister is butch and despite being an obvious female she gets "he" all the time. it got so bad that she considered going femme to stop them from calling her that.

i don't have the app but can you contact support and maybe do a quick video w them to prove that you're female?
why are these people so fucking racist kek they wish that black women looked anywhere close to neanderthal ass white men. i'm a straight female but troons have helped me to realize how fucking hideous male bone structure is, particularly for white males. white moids look so closely related to apes with their massive brow ridges among other features, which explains why they've projected onto black people for the longest time, even now with the troonacy insisting black women with hyperfeminine features are somehow masculine. the universal favorite argument tactic for males by FAR is projection.

No. 1430289

Merrit is another degen tranny, not a woman unfortunately. He's been more hush about it over the years since TRAs shredded his ass for takes such as "unwanted sexual touching is just how gay people flirt, you can't get angry." Sadly only saw this shit when I was deep in handmaiden mindset and didn't think to screencap any of it.

No. 1430302

File: 1643493877428.jpeg (447.85 KB, 828x1675, 8F1B103F-956B-490E-B48E-F8662C…)

I’m in and I look objectively terrible right now. I’m reporting on all the discourse in this app because these agps can rot in hell with their scam ass neo ditches. How dare you hideous fucks use black women as your scape goats. I got in just fine so shove the ID politics up your asses. Women deserve our own fucking spaces. Lesbians don’t need to suck dick homophobes.

No. 1430303

You're literally being racist as well tho, lol.

No. 1430304

So he's a tranny and he's still getting called an evil transphobic misgenderer? Lmao nothing is ever going to be good enough for these people.

No. 1430305

just say it offended you because it describes you tranny

No. 1430306

File: 1643494258640.png (Spoiler Image, 499.09 KB, 1000x2000, trann vtuber.png)

No. 1430307

Anon this is incredible

No. 1430308

Finally some accurate man in a dress representation.

No. 1430309

>saying black people look like monkeys is racist!!! You can't say that!!
>white people are such ugly looking apes tho! Eeee so ugly!
Just go back to twitter where you get your ass kissed for these enlightened opinions you racist cunt.

No. 1430310

>Autobot logo
For fuck’s sake, this is fucking disgusting, those sexy giant robots don’t deserve this shit, I’m mad.

No. 1430311

holy shit anon you're amazing. He doesn't deserve such good fanart kek

No. 1430312

I hope some fans of his sees this.

No. 1430314

>their homepage is femalespacesarenecessary.com

Absolutely based, will download the app.

No. 1430315

Because men perpetrate something like 99% of rape and overstate the instances of boys/men being abused. Rape is by far a heterosexual male issue but women are less likely to report and see justice for it.

No. 1430318

Except I'm white myself, but nice try. Telling the truth of the oppressor men of my race that have gaslit non-white people while looking like literal cavemen themselves isn't being racist, troon/tradthot. Maybe try losing your biases and seeing white moids for what they are (unless you are one which I suspect you are).

No. 1430319

This is wrong. People who abuse kids are most often abused themselves and recreating what happened to them. Which is why most CSA is perpetrated by men on boys. It is a continuous cycle. Idk ehy faghags are so desperate to deny this fact to make homosexual males look better.

No. 1430320

>whitey bad
Go. back. To. Twitter.

No. 1430322

>People who abuse kids are most often abused themselves
Doubt. I hate gay men but you can't convince me most rapists have been raped themselves

No. 1430323

how embarrassing kek

No. 1430325

File: 1643495879536.jpeg (1.06 MB, 2859x1910, 0CA42B0A-69E7-4179-83EB-506B10…)

I just searched up what a womb tattoo is, fucking gross. I’m not even surprised that’s it’s highly connected to hentai shit especially of degrading women. Ofc its tranny “lesbian” Vtuber who probably cries about real lesbian women having a genital preference but degrades women to their womb. Sick fuck, also the amount of weeb trannies in the comment dicking their fellow cheese dick retards.

These are some example of womb tattoo designs and their meanings.

No. 1430342


Because the DA doesn't care about women and girls. He has a blanket policy of not charging juvenile's as minors and decided to do it in this case as well, despite the fact that the guy is 26, was 17 when he committed the crime, and if convicted as juvenile would only go to juvenile jail for 2 years.

No. 1430345

>having nothing about trans people is a major red flag.
Saying nothing is transphobia! You have to talk about trannies, you must affirm them.

No. 1430350

I'm a bit frightened as to why they think not speaking about troons means you hate them, I mean someone can't expect themselves to be constantly validated and included in everything right?

No. 1430351

who said white people, anon specified white tims

No. 1430352

Someone post this under the post on twitter please kek!

No. 1430353

This is incredibly disturbing wth

No. 1430354

i would but then farmers would see my power level through my twitter kek

No. 1430355

omg lmfao

No. 1430361

What the fuck is wrong with men

No. 1430362

>this art looks like a man did this
>gets accused of transphobia when it was a man who did this
am confused

No. 1430363

why are these white women always so pissy? i know gencrit is inherently racist wherever you're from but most of us are brown. grow some lips and stop crying(racebait )

No. 1430366

File: 1643498767160.png (36.26 KB, 751x443, Misha on Twitter.png)

lets just ignore articles written on troon retaining their advantages after taking HRT..

No. 1430368

I really don't understand what's so toxic about female dating strategy? Not even a little bit. The times I lurked in there I never anything even a little bit edgy or whatever. They were angry but perfectly reasonable.

Besides, angry women feed my energy, so I guess that's why I like it there lol

No. 1430370

shit like this really makes me want to become a spree shooter

No. 1430376

Sage your shitflinging, anoncita

No. 1430380

Actually admin has cried about the fact that according to user analysis data from Cloudflare, most users are upper middle-class white women. Maybe don't bring up "ugly evil whuitey" When you can't take the heat.

No. 1430381

Girls experience far more CSA than boys do, while men commit far more sexual abuse than women. If it was true that experiencing CSA led to abusing children as an adult, we would see a female majority of child predators, and then (because most women are heterosexual) we'd see a male majority of child victims, leading to a reverse of that cycle, over and over. We do not see this. It is a consistent fact that men still make up, and always have made up, the majority of child predators, while girls are the primary victims. These girls clearly do not go on to become predators at an increased rate. I can't imagine a women believing boys are the victims of CSA at a higher rate than girls, not when I, and pretty much every woman I know, had to grow up with the knowledge that so many of our friends, and often us ourselves, were sexually abused by men. Curious, though, how male pedophiles get caught blatantly lying about having been sexually abused in an attempt to excuse their own behavior. Begone.

No. 1430383

File: 1643500420055.png (6.6 KB, 224x225, images.png)

No. 1430388

1) I'm black and it makes me cringe when non white people like you have to virtue signal their non whiteness and start racial drama that will definitely cause some shitty narratives to occur against all non white people

2) stop your racial shitflinging against white people. white women are the majority of this userbase and the majority of female spaces on the internet so don't shit where you eat

(reposted because forgot to sage)

No. 1430389

Wouldn't that data be pretty old by now? I'm too mentally boomer to know how cloudflare would track socioeconomic status and race and sex and all that by IP address, but either way, I think it's pretty obvious to anyone who's been here a while that we do have a somewhat transient userbase. Lots of new people come and go, even if a few of us oldies stick around.
Either way, I'm not gonna cry just because another woman doesn't like white men with caveman brows. These are the same men who will gladly shit on us for any imagined reason. They don't need our protection.
t. an upper middle-class white woman kek

No. 1430390

it's funny how angry they get about ""misandry""

almost as if they're men

No. 1430391

>South Bay
Oh god ofc it's in the bay area. It's actually hellish here especially for lesbians

No. 1430393

i think white tims are ugly with their caveman brows too but lets face it, anon was targeted white people with insults to their lips instead of just keeping criticism to the tims/the men. race sperging is banned here and we all know nazi spergs are constantly lurking in the shadows waiting to start spamming about how all X group of people are banned because they live for this autism

No. 1430394

samefag meant to say *was targeting

No. 1430395

Men are so dense. Women have every right to have places like FDS and find high quality guys after the centuries of shit they’ve put us through.

No. 1430396

Merritt k is a troon anon

No. 1430398

Lmfao holy shit anon

No. 1430399

aren't tras really big on anarchism? shouldn't this make them happy?

No. 1430400

Can't believe it's a bunch of dudes in la la land pretending to be women fighting each other. I can't fucking take this anymore

No. 1430401

I'm in love with you, anon <3 gorgeous work

No. 1430402

Oh my bad, you're right, I thought everyone was still arguing about this anon >>1430287 , didn't realize we'd already moved on to >>1430363

No. 1430405

Anon your art is so good

No. 1430407

I just realized someone upthread said the same thing lol whoops.

But honestly watching the infighting is sorta entertaining lol

No. 1430408

nonna its obvious that us brownies are not the majority, you can't criticize whites or jews without being attacked, even if you have arguments

No. 1430409

it's so weird to see men compare fds to incels mgtows and redpillers

apparently wanting to be in a relationship with a man who treats you well is the exact same thing as men manipulating women into entering abusive relationships and going on killing sprees

No. 1430413

next thread pic please

No. 1430415

File: 1643502620658.jpg (194.8 KB, 828x1086, FKOZxOpWYAcN27G.jpg)

No. 1430417

Seconded. Excellent work nona.

It's because, to them, women having standards and not putting up with their abuse is literally violence. Both troons and "cis" men think that women not wanting to fuck them, despite being bottom of the barrel, dick cheese-ridden, spergy scrotes is the same as them raping and murdering us for literally just existing as women. They view women who only want to commit to men who can provide for them and treat them as a human being the same way they view incels and insane moids who write entire manifestos stating that there should be government mandated sex slaves.

No. 1430418

why do they always have every degenerate fetish known to man why why why

No. 1430419

>> Grow some lips and stop crying.
I am fucking dying. Lord you guys are hilarious. Half of the reason I come to lol cow is because unfiltered women are funny as hell. We literally need to speak our mind unapologetically for the comedy alone.

No. 1430422

>I know gencrit is inherently racist
You should go to a real non western country like China and try talking about being latinx to them

No. 1430426

Austin Powers?!

No. 1430427

I don't even think it's AGP vs. HSTS anymore, it's just anime porn addict vs. real people porn addict.

No. 1430431

Unfortunately that would encompass almost all men, not just divide up the troon varieties.

No. 1430434


I hope this diaper changing table got sanitized before a vulnerable infant was laid on it. Also, hulking huge person taking photo also tranny? Likely

No. 1430435

File: 1643504510207.png (8.45 MB, 1280x6528, krinkykayleigh.png)

Oh my god it's this guy


No. 1430441

File: 1643505098807.jpg (174.57 KB, 1200x900, Laurel-Hardy--Comedy-duo-Stan-…)

In another time these two would be one of those comedy duos made up of an overweight guy and a short guy

No. 1430446

>Oh, so now the tranny diaperfag is gonna preach to us
Imagine shitting yourself in public and lying on an infants changing table for sexual gratification and thinking you have any authority on who is/isn’t a danger to children.

No. 1430450

It’s the irony of it that always gets me with these weirdos

No. 1430451

>the trans flag phone case
yeah dude we can tell

No. 1430458

nice try troon

No. 1430460

stunning competence in punctuation you've got there. brave, even.

No. 1430462

File: 1643506789802.png (58.71 KB, 360x127, F0D77478-2430-4F1F-A26D-722AA9…)


No. 1430473

File: 1643507538780.png (287.11 KB, 720x1256, nonce.png)


This man had a kiwifarms thread made about him when he still identified as a gay dude. The thread was made because of picrel.

No. 1430476

File: 1643507763236.png (102.14 KB, 731x622, 1593599419507.png)

(btw those are two separate tumblr posts I just accidently merged them together)

I'm glad his family at least know he's a nonce

No. 1430481

Literally go die in the pits of hell where Lucifer will give you all the horrors you deserve. Satan is the only person who finds enjoyment in your existence. As a clinically depressed straight bio woman, kill your self. You fuckers are an abomination. Sage for all reasons. You could always get a free dick chop by coming in my general vicinity. I’m a generous cis queen.

No. 1430483

They come in every thread to white knight men who are gay. They think just because gay men aren't full on raping us (plenty of them grope us tho) that we should be ok with them disrespecting us. They literally cannot compute that gay men are men because of yaoi brain rot. We can discuss pedo trannies here but if you call a pedo troon who groomed a boy gay they come out in droves defending the honor of gay men like they're getting paid to. Literally spewing crackhead shit how only straight men rape little boys and gay men literally are so harmless u evil homophobes uwu. I think there's HSTS on here too tbh

No. 1430484

Didn't they do a study or some shit that pedos will lie about being CSA victims to get the court to pity them or whatever? I feel like most rapists rape because they're shitty people

No. 1430487

Samefag I hate the word folk. What the fuck are trannies trying to accomplish by using this word? You are degenerate double butt hole having man whores. You are not relatable. Fuck off. Gay men, in their infinite shallow wisdom, don’t want you. Lesbians will not be forced to bang you. Black women have no pity for your disgusting manly asses. Intersex women either. I hope you choke on chaser dicks and die. Or maybe the SRS surgery will fuck you up for us. 41% fuck face.

No. 1430489


You know what's weird is when I was a TRA in highschool I was actually optimistic that since men were identifying as women our issues would get taken seriously. Then like a couple years later I saw some video of this burly buffalo bill looking dude yelling "wHaT aBoUt tRaNsWoMen" when the speaker was talking about how expensive tampons and shit are or something like that.

Anybody else feel a similar way at first? Like I felt like trannies could be like ambassadors for women or something because men tend to listen to other men

No. 1430495


No. 1430496

Just try and keep it focused on gay men that are also troons + cows, rather than general homosperging. There's other threads for that

No. 1430498

chill out nona, I have not seen anyone on this thread say you can't call a gay troon grooming boys gay, that straight men are the ones raping little boys, or that gay men are harmless. all anyone disagrees with are annoying rants from people who think gay men are any more dangerous to women than the average man. if you wanna make fun of some gay troons, post them. we're already laughing at a gay pedo here >>1430473 and you're free to join us when you're done seething.

No. 1430499

>Double butt hole having man whores
Valuable insight

No. 1430501

File: 1643511135388.jpeg (301.64 KB, 828x1291, 9977B842-46E2-45E4-A41C-26ED3F…)

Harrowing account of a nonnie getting beat up by a heavily armed troon compound called Tenacious Unicorn Ranch (excuse the link to Kw for the other screenshots)


No. 1430502

File: 1643511258965.png (121.47 KB, 627x438, 47DC4648-B46E-46A3-9C32-012ABA…)

And then the compound cult Leader bragging about it.

No. 1430505

Also, they regularly kill their alpacas by neglect including letting them freeze to death :)(:))

No. 1430507

File: 1643512192453.png (1.51 MB, 1951x10017, tranbeard (2).png)

No. 1430508

Ur reading comprehension is ass. In the old threads the faghags would derail Everytime gay pedos got brought up. Go back to Twitter fujo

No. 1430511

I got so passed when I saw this when it happened. Just imaging a troons THANKING a ugly big ass man for "protecting" them from ONE woman with a sign.
I also believe they were armed too.

No. 1430512

these women wouldn't even spit on you if you were on fire, stop being such a tremendous bootlicker, have some dignity

No. 1430513

File: 1643512650212.png (262.13 KB, 319x466, m'lesbians.png)

also I can't make this accompanying image not shit because I suck at photo-editing, but everything in thread is rebranded euphoric neckbeardism

"Just to be clear, I'm not a 'sexist'. I'm just a teenage catgirl who greatly values her intelligence and scientific fact over any silly biology book written 10 years ago. This being said, I am open to any and all criticism.

In this moment, I am euphoric. Not because of any phony god's blessing. But because, I am enlightened by my gender.'"

No. 1430522

File: 1643513799290.gif (3.46 MB, 420x286, 62536FD6-477E-42CE-B9CB-BBBFAD…)

I was horrified reading this and thinking about men making themselves impotent for the sake of their meme identity, until I realised that also means they’re basically removing themselves from the gene pool. God bless and long may it continue.

No. 1430523

Not a fujo and I don’t have a Twitter lol if your complaints are with old threads and not the current one, why keep bringing it up? Save your sperg out for the next time the “faghags” do any of the shit you’re complaining about. You’ll look way less schizo when you’re actually replying to whoever you actually have a problem with.

No. 1430540

Once again proving what most gender critical women and TERFs say: it was trannies themselves that caused women to peak.

No. 1430547

i honestly can't believe men write shit like this and do't realize they're being absolutely fucking insane perverts

No. 1430551

File: 1643519692825.png (110.91 KB, 1322x484, quellefuckingsurprise.png)

Apparently the thread's OP is a trans woman who's "suffered a false rape accusation"

No. 1430560

Based as hell nona

No. 1430562

oh no they're getting a taste of their own medicine!

No. 1430563

this inspired me to make a kikomi bio transgirl v tuber

No. 1430567

Show us nonnie!!

No. 1430574

Yes. I foolishly thought the kind of men who wanted to be women wouldn't hate women somehow even more that regular dudes. How naive of me.

Exactly. As long as it's funny and actually posting examples of mtfs and not just yelling about her personal opinions on gays, I don't care.

fuckin lmao. This is what I've been saying. They sound so much like the classic neckbeards. You don't have to wonder where they all went.

No. 1430581

File: 1643526535218.jpg (46 KB, 679x600, FJ6H3YmXsAIub5y.jpg)

the replies in that troon complaining about the horny vtuber troon thread are so funny. Imagine posting this meme without a hint of irony.

No. 1430595

hm very curious

how could this be

No. 1430608

File: 1643532332652.jpeg (186.55 KB, 828x594, 9AC5328D-B2B1-4391-8AE7-6E91E3…)

I was similar in HS, I thought that since so many women I knew were so devoted to the trans movement that they would return the favour and make women’s lib a priority.
What led to my peaking was the tranny who interrupted Rose McGowan’s book tour to yell at her for alleged transphobia and demanded she detail everything she’s ever done for trans rights be outed as a groomer and rapist. The fact that everyone turned on McGowan the second some rando man yelled at her about troon shit and she didn’t prostrate herself and beg for forgiveness was already weird to me, but seeing no one give a shit or apologise to her when their new trans girlboss icon was exposed as a pedo really changed my mindset.

No. 1430609

File: 1643532537644.jpeg (161.12 KB, 1080x1460, 6E7100DE-B7E0-4397-8C12-AA6095…)

Samefag, I just googled this fuckers name and now that his 15 minutes as a stunning and brave activist is up he’s selling sissy porn on reddit. At least now he’s being honest kek.

No. 1430613

File: 1643533530339.jpeg (582.35 KB, 1284x1785, 69B2C53A-FC08-45B9-ADE1-50A49B…)

>gets called out for defending a rapist because it’s a TiM
>”you guys are dogpiling me and now I am having a mental breakdown and want to die! Hope you’re happy!!
>commenter quickly tries to back pedal so TiM doesn’t kill themselves over an internet argument
>TiM: I’m sorry I love you

These people are legitimately deranged.

No. 1430628

>all anyone disagrees with are annoying rants from people who think gay men are any more dangerous to women than the average man.
Literally nobody ever claimed that in any of these threads. It's entirely the opposite, every time a HSTS troon is called out or a gay pedophile is pointed out the faghags (and lurking HSTS) start sperging about how "AT LEAST THEY DONT RAPE WOMEN!!!! YOU HOMOPHOBES!!"

No. 1430631

File: 1643539900611.jpg (424.19 KB, 1080x2075, Screenshot_20220130-202430_Red…)

The subreddit r/trueoffmychest is a real shitshow. We already discussed it but they have a fucking shitposting thread for trannies due to excess post about them and of cause the whiny trannies in question had to throw a sook to minimise it. The degenerate ones are everywhere on reddit trying to silence people crying about transphobia. It's hilarious seeing the normies slowly peaking due to the actions of these scrotes themselves. The post doesn't directly say it but these normies don't consider trannies as women kek. I hate that these women tip toe about it. Just say it.

No. 1430632

Hope he does kill himself. Rape apologist.

No. 1430634

Curious, we were literally just talking about a trio of gay pedo troons and none of these infamous faghags have said any of that. Take your meds schizo chan. The shadownonnies aren't real, they can't hurt you.

No. 1430637

Try reading any of the old threads, newfag.

No. 1430641

File: 1643541339891.jpg (70.36 KB, 760x675, cyzp314uhia41.jpg)

I don't care about faggots but who exactly has been pissing in you tradthots' cereal lately? did your favorite based and redpilled micro e-celeb have a scandal or something? can you go cope with it somewhere else instead of fighting everyone in the tranny thread?

No. 1430643

>trannime reaction image
Go play in traffic

No. 1430646

You keep calling people "tradthots" for not liking "moids but gay". Could you be even more of an obvious HSTS troon than you tried?

No. 1430651

see this is exactly what I mean. I hate anime too yet I don't get this triggered over pixels on a kite making forum. I don't say this often but touching grass might do you some good
I'm not that anon and I couldn't care less, I'm talking about how you autist keep shitting up the thread antagonizing anyone who slightly disagrees with you

No. 1430654

They really want EVERY space meant for women. FDS has nothing to do with LGBT or tranny shit, but they want to insert their limp incel dicks into it. God I fucking hate troons.

No. 1430656

Based. Lmfaooooo

No. 1430659

Omfg I'm one of anons who mentioned faghags shitting up the threads earlier. Just shut the fuck up dude we moved on from that already. Go back to Twitter with your handmaiden bullshit we're just here to laugh at retarded trannies (both gay and straight). Although judging by that anime reaction pic I'm gonna assume you're a gay moid in drag lol go dilate you'll never be a woman

No. 1430660

tHeY jUsT wAnT tO PeE

No. 1430663

We are well aware how invested this thread is with HSTS troons who come here for validation of being "one of the good ones" and "blending in with the girls" while they have fun shitting on AGP hons that they see as inferior to them, the good trannies. You're not subtle and sometimes you have to be reminded that you don't belong here, are unwelcome and can take your shitty anime pics and gay-pedophile-defense and fuck back off to your grooming discord. Get bent.

No. 1430665

>fox ears on top of head
>headphones like humans would use them

No. 1430666

>enormous feet

No. 1430667

File: 1643543957267.jpg (164.15 KB, 886x960, trooncel.jpg)

No. 1430668

>physically healthy teen
>strong morals

>Walking sideshow
>Dick cut off and destined to join 41% club in the near future

No. 1430669

File: 1643544415838.jpg (43.62 KB, 750x422, gia-gunn-rupaul-trans-comments…)


Can all the HSTS please fuck off or if you're gonna laugh at your troon brethren with us, at least have the courtesy to TRY to blend in. Saying how you don't mind gay men transitioning or being in our spaces, white knighting male homosexual pedophiles, calling other anons homophobes for laughing at misogynistic fags in drag like you stupid scrotes really couldn't make this shit any more obvious you do this shit in every fucking thread.

Pretending you're one of the girls while looking like this fool behind a computer screen hahaha

I almost feel bad for you delusional retards.

No. 1430671

stop sperging jfc

No. 1430672

File: 1643544939985.png (649.92 KB, 736x906, lilith.png)

Talking about pick-me HSTS who browse this site reminded me Lilith Lovett exists and the first thing I saw on his twitter immediately shows that trannies know NOTHING about what it's like to live as a woman and still sympathize exclusively with men. Imagine how much harassment women would have to deal with if we acted like this towards men? Men are literally incapable of accepting a compliment without thinking it's a come-on and you want to fuck them. Any woman knows how dangerous it is to make strange men compliments out of nowhere.

Cue for HSTS pickme to swoop in and boast about how much better THEY would treat men while never having to be afraid of being treated like a woman in return. Men would just be disgusted if a freak like Lilith complimented them, they'd never react the same way they would to a real woman. Hell troons think being sexually harassed and catcalled is validating so they probably think women should just embrace it.

No. 1430674

You're a delusional schizo. You think people are defending gay men because we say they're just as bad as straight men, like wtf? Get help

No. 1430676

>Alt right pipeline
>"Strong morals"
No, all that is being described is literally the incel pipeline. Terminally ignored boys to nazi men to "transwomen". First they hate women and fantasize about a "trad" society where they get free wife slaves with no competition, then once they realize spamming their Nazi shit isn't working, they just "become the gf".

It's all fueled by the anxiety of the failedmale. They're scrounging for sex and women because they are addicts deprived of their fix. Their only solution now is to become what they desire most, because incel affirmative action (patriarchy) is no longer here to save them from having non-wet dicks.
It says a lot about how males think that this phenomenon is so common, i think.

No. 1430677

I hate that they named it "euphoria boners" as if that even remotely normal. Like as if women get actively wet every time they put on a nice dress. It's so fucking creepy that they've normalized this among each other

No. 1430678

So males actually think we should feel good getting talked down to and objectified by nasty, old, perverted scrotes? No empathy. God I hate men.

No. 1430680

Try reading any of the old threads before you come into this argument that you have no fucking clue about. The same retarded people come into this thread every fucking week to defend HSTS by saying "AT LEAST THEY ARE NOT RAPING WOMEN! STRAIGHT MEN ARE SO MUCH WORSE!" which is completely off-topic and derailment. HSTS don't deserve a fucking trophy for not raping women and are still disgusting trannies and we WILL STILL CALL THEM OUT. Nobody ever has a fucking melt-down when we make fun of AGP's, it's always the gays who get this level of protection from faghags and fellow HSTS in this thread. And if you can't be bothered to read back the threads to see this happen over and over again maybe just sit down and be quiet.

No. 1430681

Between the HSTS troons "well-actually"-ing and calling women schizos for noticing their posting patterns, and the tradtards who think incel alt-right bullshit counts as "strong morals", this thread is becoming a circus lol

No. 1430682

I would talk shit on Lovett every day if it meant you would calm down and stop whining. I hate Lovett, you hate Lovett, we can make this work, all you have to do is stick to screenshots of whatever degenerate thing he’s said last instead of crying that someone on a previous thread disagreed with you.
I’ll even get started.
Lovett is a delusional tranny but even he has to look in the mirror and realize he’s even uglier than the failed imitation of a woman he tries to photoshop himself in to. He will never understand what it’s like to experience harassment as a woman because every time he steps outside, all anyone sees is a pathetically ugly old scrote. I still laugh every time I remember the last time photos of his real face were posted, because he somehow manages to look like even more of a gross old man than you already know he is.

No. 1430684

File: 1643546532685.jpg (54.23 KB, 634x680, troonperv.jpg)

Perv delusion level: Max

No. 1430688

"Pervert". But it's not a fetish.


No. 1430696

Try moving on. No one gives a shit about the old thread except you gay hating schizos. Straight men are pedophiles too and I won't pretend otherwise

No. 1430699

Maybe their new tactic is to admit that it's a fetish because they're so far gone in their coomerism that they think everyone else is as perverted as them.

No. 1430700

I wasn't one of the people you were sperging at lol
>It's giving obsession
Gay troon/drag stan twitter lingo? It's like you have a kink for actual women telling you to fuck off. In fact, that makes sense. AGP/HSTS forever ugly brothers that won't leave women the fuck alone

No. 1430702

Nonnies don't hate me but he's right. Most men are perverts and only a few months of the wrong kind of porn addiction away from trooning out themselves.
The only thing keeping males from accepting trannies is how much they hate femininity and see it (and women in general) as below them. They hate troons for besmirching masculinity in males by lowering men to the status of women, that's it. Oh also the fact that they'll larp as feminine sex objects but aren't even attractive. You'll notice moids don't seem to take much of an issue with troons that "pass".

Males are all misogynists with no empathy. Their hatred of troons is motivated by misogyny, ironically enough. They're too retarded to understand it though.

No. 1430703

File: 1643548328888.png (8.5 KB, 1251x93, nsjk2.png)

Lol he deleted. I post this not to give moids attention, but so that other actual farmers will learn to notice this type of bullshit lmao

No. 1430705

Is that guy’s bag knuckles from sonic?

No. 1430706

"Everyone" includes women too. We aren't like agp moids.
Also while clearly a lot of men are perverted many of them don't want troon pervs to shower with their kids and wives etc.

No. 1430709

Obviously women can be peaked and understand the troon issue but dealing with males is a huge obstacle, politically and socially.
I was gonna mention that as well. They only kinda care about women if they think "their" women are under direct troon threat. They'll never stand up for us in any meaningful way. If they did, the troon issue wouldn't even be a problem in the first place.

No. 1430710

my god just ignore it and stop derailing

No. 1430712

The vital point here is representation. Crime stats published by UK govt through both criminal convictions and the CSEW (a self-reporting survey) show that boys aged 0-10 are more likely to be abused than girls of the same age group. Between 10-14 they’re about equal, then from age 14 onwards girls (and then women) are more likely to be victims of sexual abuse.

The same data sources find that 20% of adult victims of sex crimes are male - so either straight women commit far more sex crimes than most assume or, despite gay men comprising <1% of the population, they disproportionately commit a lot of sex crime.

Straight men do commit the most in sheer numbers, but that’s predictable. It’s the ones they don’t commit that prove there is a problem in other social groups too. It’s either the gays or the girls, and the CSA data suggests it’s the gays - although that’ll probably be taken over by UWU trans women very soon.

No. 1430714

shut up and shoot yourself in the head already you're so fucking annoying

No. 1430717

No one asked you to pretend otherwise, we just ask you stop bringing up straight men in the TRANNY THREAD to DEFLECT from gay moids and their predatory behavior towards children. There is a manhate thread in /2X/ if you want to take it there, but I know you won't, because the entire reason you bring up "straight men are worse!!!" is to deflect and whiteknight for gay moids like the pathetic handmaiden you are. Now get lost and stay lost.

No. 1430718

File: 1643551318609.jpg (164.02 KB, 856x640, 1640279376908.jpg)

You will never be welcome here.

No. 1430721

Read the thread and stop spouting nonsense you massive retard, this is where the argument starged >>1430111 So you can bring up gay men in the tranny thread but oh no how dare we say straight men are evil too and that sexuality is irrelevant because this is a tranny thread

No. 1430722

>if you don't like my rants about homosexuality in the tranny thread you're a moid

No. 1430723

Keep posting the same strawman arguments over and over and lying about what's actually being said, you will never be a woman.

No. 1430724

>REEEEEEEEEE talking about HSTS in the tranny thread is off-topic! You're only allowed to talk about ugly AGP hons!! It makes me so mad when you make fun of gay men!

No. 1430725

File: 1643551916374.png (17.87 KB, 625x626, 8ecd972e17d09a404e2dee392ebb11…)

No. 1430726

File: 1643551980967.jpg (83.24 KB, 640x855, hj4g3gvjdxd81.jpg)

stop fighting and look at this picture of a beautiful young woman

No. 1430729

i want to come here to laught at ugly trannies. and what do i see? you being FUCKING ANNOYING. you being a damn schizo over the gays all the time, schreeching and screaming and being annoying over this idiotic bullshit.

commit suicide or post trannies you fucking retard(sage your retarded meltdowns)

No. 1430731


No. 1430733

File: 1643552636939.jpg (387.84 KB, 1080x1341, Screenshot_20220130-152144_rif…)

ignore the HSTS hater it's probably an AGP. YWNBAW

No. 1430735

NTA but Jesus. Shut up and quit derailing. Either post some trannies yourself or just stop fucking posting

No. 1430737

and when you are posting this complaining about me derailing what do you think you are doing if not just derailing with complaining about derailing etc

you're being the same as me

No. 1430740

File: 1643552759524.jpg (200.68 KB, 1080x1348, 5521c25af2354a864f062013b5f6c2…)

>Go back to making fun of hons please!!! I am feeling so dysphoric!!

No. 1430741

take your meds

No. 1430745

ohh that projection… are you cranky because HSTS get more upvotes than you in transpassing?

No. 1430748

these threads usd to be so fucking hilarious but every time you get inzlux of some "newly peaked" frothing from the mouth radfem types these threads turn into shit

yeah yeah all this new theory and misandry and all that must be a cool new toy for you but we've already seen it thank you nothing wrong with all that but it gets fucking old real fucking fast when you keep sperging about it

No. 1430751

>Go back to Twitter
NTA, but: Says the one who is whining "reeee stop being racist, you mean" over a random comment about white scrotes. Holy shit, tradthots really cannot speak badly of handmaidens when they are such equally retarded pick-mes and easily offended. Like, go cook for your ugly nigel instead of white knighting them on fucking lolcow, lmao. (Or you are just a butthurted moid, whatever)

>You have to talk about trannies, you must affirm them
That's one of the reasons why I peaked. You can’t just have a "live and let live" attitude, "use the correct pronouns" or some shit, you must suck their dick (both figuratively and literally) to prove that you are indeed ~a good trans ally and totally not a TERF ~.

Seconding. Based Giggle for finding a way to avoid these scrotes, we should do the same.

No. 1430752

Damn, you really showed me that you are not a butthurt HSTS by posting this. I truly believe you are a real woman now.

No. 1430753

It's always funny when they try to write fic about predatory women and it reads so bizarrely because the baddie cis lesbian always behaves like a man. He's trying to create a "I'm one of the harassed women now" narrative and it just reveals how he'll never be a real woman and can't fathom how we think and behave

No. 1430755

men either think women are just like them (down to being degenerates) or that women are the filler characters of the world

there's no in-between

No. 1430756

>pringles can motherfucker

this is the kind of hilarious shit we could see here but nooooo no gotta sperg about homos and faghags and hi scroteing all day long

No. 1430757

File: 1643553736787.png (320.46 KB, 418x792, tp.png)

Seriously, the autism is priceless
Anyway, since somebody mentioned transpassing, here are some highly upvoted HSTS ladies

No. 1430760

I was looking for something that's easy to watch, won't burden my brain, is entertaining and has a ton of episodes. Suddenly I thought of The Vampire Diaries. Missed the whole craze with that show somehow. It started in 2009. I play the first episode and within the first 5-ish minutes, a character comments on someone's ugly dress and says "She looks a hot…can I still say tranny mess?"

No. 1430770

In his own words "That's a man baby" KEK(sage your shit)

No. 1430779

it's real, since r/incels closed and inceloids in general got excluded from all spaces, the troonsbians increased exponentially. these are men who figured out how to opress and demolish women while having other handmaidens protecting them

No. 1430784

File: 1643558867645.png (440.24 KB, 640x480, eobx6fh237t41.png)

I just came across this AGP on Reddit and his post history is interesting…
5 years ago he expressed interest in crossdressing but worried about his Christian shame holding him back.
3 years ago he started hormones.
2 years ago his wife stopped being a handmaid and left his ass.
2 weeks ago he got the dick chop.
Today he's regretting everything and wondering if he made a huge mistake.

That's what happens when you let the coom control your life. Too bad he already reproduced so his retarded genes will go on to plague a new generation.


No. 1430789

Shit like this is so funny. I just love to see them suffering.

No. 1430792

He says he feels he wasn't "properly assessed". Everything was rushed and just felt like box checking apparently.

I don't see how that's a problem. I thought anyone at any age should be able to immediately access hormones and be approved for surgeries. A serious psychological evaluation over a longer period of time isn't necessary I heard. It's just wasting their precious time. How can this be? So shocked uwu.

No. 1430794

>I mean someone can't expect themselves to be constantly validated and included in everything right?

Are you new to the troon wars? Cause that's exactly what the expect.

No. 1430796

imagine being such a pervert that you would throw away your healthy body and life with your loving wife to live out your crossdressing fetish

i'm so happy i'm not male

No. 1430802

same here. Or rather, I havev some issues with how FDS run, but is based around avoiding shitty and/or abusive males. Since a lot moids pretend to be decent people for years, until pregnancy, until marriage, etc., their guiding premise is "drop any dude who even looks like he might be trash and get your shit together so you stop falling for the ones who are clearly trash from jump."

I'd take the criticism of FDS way more seriously, if any of the critics had an alternate strategy for avoiding shitty moids who pretend to be decent and helping women get their heads right so they never date the obviously shitty ones in the first place.

No. 1430807

Whether anyone likes the place or not, the fact remains it's one of the only truly female subreddits that exist now. They take great care of it in that sense. As soon as they so much sniff a hint of a male, he's out. Therein lies the crux of the issue. That's why it's "ToXiC".

No. 1430814

Real telling that the comic's gender swapped version of a male agressor is a big tiddy mommy gf

No. 1430852

OT, but this comic misses the mark so hard. Ignoring the fact that the women in the first three panels have their clothes vacuum packed to their bodies, in the green panel it comes across like the woman doesn't know anything about computers and is genuinely impressed he knows how to fix one. It really should have been a bunch of gross ugly men giving the 'compliments', but I guess the artist was worried it would come across as homophobic.

No. 1430872

the lie is that there is a good strategy other than being single

No. 1430873

File: 1643567636075.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 637.75 KB, 1899x3072, E9B826A2-1950-4CE7-A8DD-DCC5FB…)

Pretty sure someone posted his horrific SRS results in a thread recently, spoiler love the comments. I love when they do this to themselves.

No. 1430875

1) it's been five days. let the swelling go down and we'll see how natural that shit looks.
2) ground beef? they can't even get their misogyny right.

No. 1430880

Isn't five fucking years enough time to make up your mind anyway? kek

No. 1430881

Anything to avoid taking responsibility for their actions

No. 1430882

it's like one long giant asscrack

No. 1430890

>very natural
There are tire marks
>ground beef

No. 1430894

File: 1643570245035.jpeg (209.78 KB, 1242x791, 2AF317A1-0613-4654-8663-1876CF…)

No. 1430895

They are their own worst enemies. I can’t believe a moid would do that let alone post it on the internet. Actually, no. I can. After this thread I believe men are capable of lows I wasn’t even aware of.

The comic is so male it hurts. Because getting these kind of comments from greasy old men (and young ones too) while at work is sooooooo validating and not terrifying at all. I’ve started calling security every time a dumbass customer does shit like this to me at work. They kick them out every time, I love to see it.

No. 1430914

File: 1643573207520.jpeg (44.17 KB, 452x678, images (2).jpeg)

These things look more like a spider's face than a vagina

No. 1430916

File: 1643573246838.jpeg (455.58 KB, 1500x1863, C5150B87-C32A-47F7-94E5-AF9B76…)

No. 1430917

File: 1643573265582.jpeg (505.81 KB, 1500x1863, F403156C-6849-45CB-8EF3-F9EE71…)

No. 1430931

File: 1643574819910.png (4.76 MB, 828x1792, 50CF1ECB-B1B1-41AD-874D-81A390…)

No. 1430937

File: 1643575303786.png (2.11 MB, 1447x1691, dykesgonewild.png)

r/dykesgonewild in a nutshell.

No. 1430939

the comments on this video

>Makeup is fun for me. Clothes are an adventure! Posture is a joy! Hormones have saved my life. I pass mostly until I open my mouth: my voice changed when I was 13 to sound like David Hayter's Solid Snake, and never budged.

>This is awesome, with enough practice you can be taught to give birth… Oh wait..

No. 1430943

>HOo boy this… this is going to take a LOT of time and vodka to get good at. Yes, I turned voice training into a drinking game, every time I stop the video or training because of dysphoria, take a shot. (It gets easier after a couple of shots since I give less of a crap bc I'm drunk… but still… damn this is hard training).

Tonight's Vodka shot tally: 3 (so far)

No. 1430944

My favorite type of TWAW tumblr posts are when those pornsick scrotes out themselves in tumblr funnyman speak and it gets like 20,000 notes.

No. 1430951

File: 1643576574650.png (594.4 KB, 557x676, 1633027626074.png)

>HSTS are the good trannies!!!

No. 1430958

Sophie helped Charlie xcx release vroom vroom. Unforgivable kek

No. 1430961

delusional, gay men can't stay and love just one partner, and worse if said partner is a tranny. the only cases where men stay with each other is when they're basically the same person, personality and looks wise, or is a masculine man with a effeminate one, with age gap. i've never seen a moid proud of his tranny, like how they are with trophy women.

No. 1430970

Even in young gay/old gay relationships usually they break up once the young gay is no longer a cute twink. I have also never met a gay couple that was monogamous. They all sleep around on the side or go to gay sex parties together (which often take place at truck stops and in public bathrooms).

I see many HSTS whine that their boyfriends don't treat them like women, but treat them like they would a male partner instead. Don't do romantic gestures, don't treat them gentle, etc. Truth is that a tranny/chaser relationship will NEVER be like a straight cis relationship ever.

No. 1430974

look fellas just because your Y chromo ensures you peak at 19 doesn’t mean women do too. cry more

No. 1430975

HSTS cannot accept most men, even gay or bi men, are closet mommyfags

No. 1430976

I adore that we make them so angry. I wouldn’t put it past a hsts to murder a woman out of jealousy. Then go free because of muh dysphoria. That’s why you are no better than the buffalo bill AGPs. Not to mention the hsts who pimp out bio women in multiple countries. Luring them into sex trafficking by pretending to be an oppressed ally. I wouldn’t trust one of you pathetic skanks in my bathroom or anywhere near me.

No. 1430977

am I supposed to feel angered or threatened by their seething? it's hilarious

No. 1430981

Gay man shocked being a woman does not mean being the most pretty. Even so, she is still prettier than any hsts because she is an actual woman and not artificial looking as hsts & agp will always be.

No. 1430984

> remember to enjoy your new fuck wound
Just like me!

No. 1430985

Hope he cries himself to sleep at night. I’m sure he does.

No. 1431001

File: 1643581299860.jpg (710.47 KB, 678x1024, grave.jpg)

In 8 years he will look like this to avoid his body rejecting his anime sissy dreams lol

No. 1431030

How can a man on 4chan not be aware of the mommyfags

No. 1431043

the taxpayer paid for this shit

No. 1431048

Why are men so obsessed with people unaffected by testosterone, even in gay communities? Could the effects of testosterone be the problem idk idk

No. 1431049

File: 1643586620226.jpg (179.22 KB, 900x1200, FJowKADWUAQK2Ep.jpg)

it's probably another troon

No. 1431058

File: 1643587278291.jpeg (277.93 KB, 1208x1218, 03BB49FC-DADB-4EEF-8A12-6FD99A…)

Jonathan is really upset that for the last 9 months in the UK, actual children aren’t taking life changing drugs to pretend to be something they never can be :c

No. 1431060

File: 1643587619173.png (50.94 KB, 1930x410, I (5'11 F) was behind a girl (…)

here's the look in question https://imgur.com/Lr9rRci

No. 1431065

Covid restrictions only just let up in the UK and most doctors appointments for anything non-urgent have been done online. Any doctor sgoing spare have been in hospitals on ICU wards dealing with covid cases. But heaven forbid teenagers haven’t been given the time of day to get pumped full of hormones.

No. 1431067

kek. All the troons on /mu/ are crying right now.

No. 1431071

File: 1643588127861.png (Spoiler Image, 1.42 MB, 1111x1771, monopolyman.png)

think i'll pass

No. 1431072

Well, this man is in his 50s so he's used to masculine faced men with long hair not being trannies.

No. 1431079

There’s a semi recent Swedish study that around 80% of mtfs and ftms kill themselves in the ten years following their chop surgery and or FFS. The 41% of troons who kill themselves aren’t ones sadly deprived of their healthcare as it’s framed, quite the opposite, those people mostly stay in their weird cocoon or detransition.

No. 1431080

Are there any actual studies of kids and teenagers committing suicide because they have gender dysphoria? TRAs always say that "without HRT they will die!" but it seems more of a threat and them projecting on kids than what the reality actually is
I can see it happening because of depression, body dysmorphia, or being bullied for being homosexual and gnc, but gender dysphoria seems very specific. I would think this sort of thing is even rarer in kids under 13.

Wish I didn't open ew

No. 1431098

File: 1643590663463.png (559.36 KB, 588x613, hdti.png)

it's crazy how ugly this guy looked larping as a girl when he's alright-looking as a dude.
A lot of this shit's gotta just be gen z's inability to feel anything without being celebrated by an audience imo. Not hating on the kids, but I see tweets from time to time in the vein of "How do you get the motivation to do anything when no one's watching?" without the smallest hint of irony, and I feel genuine despair. Getting internet attention gives a powerful dopamine reward, especially to a young brain.

If trans content got banned from the internet, I think most of gen z would detrans, along with anyone else who's jumped onboard because of internet addiction.

No. 1431101

File: 1643591063849.jpg (498.09 KB, 2220x1549, 22-01-31-01-02-30-233_deco.jpg)

What a very male thing to say

No. 1431103

The girls are looking down

No. 1431104

This is honestly just telling on yourself lmfao. Sorry no woman has been enthusiastic about having sex with you. Sounds like a you problem

No. 1431108

My question is why the fuck do they use "folx" when "folk" isn't even gendered? It bothers me so much kek

No. 1431113

File: 1643592796716.png (283.52 KB, 755x677, kikomi twitter.png)

Have you guys looked into the bio trans community on twitter? If you look into Kikomi's crew on Twitter they are spot-on with the trolling and actually get trans people suspended from twitter for being "phobic".

No. 1431114

File: 1643592887673.jpg (111.14 KB, 634x788, 27223472-0-image-a-2_158695677…)

looks like long haired tobey maguire lmao.

No. 1431116

i hate this man so fucking much

No. 1431119

File: 1643593223927.png (2.63 MB, 1477x999, VRoidKikomiBase.png)

here's the first iteration of v-tuber kikomi. i can figure out a secure way to drop the files if anyone would like to make their own kikomi-sona.

No. 1431121

Heckin VALID and totally not Autogynephilia

No. 1431127

Losing his family wasn't enough, it's only now that this retard lost his own penis that he's like "Hmm, maybe I made a mistake." I'm glad that this moid will be dickless forever.

No. 1431128

nice to see a fellow ex-westlake chap in this thread, haha
i had friends that were on swim team with him while we were in school and they said that he was just the worst. like worse than the football bros

No. 1431131

oh my goodness she's so adorable and such a valid little pixie

No. 1431139

Homeschool your kids, anons.

No. 1431146

File: 1643595669337.jpeg (488.74 KB, 1284x1044, CBB5BAB8-9EEF-46D4-81CF-A9245C…)

Kek true nona. Reminds me of this post.

No. 1431150

she's great nona

No. 1431152

>dysphoria can kill
I know they always say this but is this even true? I thought most troons 41% after they get bottom surgery

No. 1431155

I've seen some gendies say it's stupid tbh I bet they'll be blaming it on terfs any day now like they blamed womxn on terfs

No. 1431156

File: 1643597336349.png (857.81 KB, 1121x2150, Polish Activist Tries to Save …)

lol @ this whole article

No. 1431157

File: 1643597423796.jpg (Spoiler Image, 424.66 KB, 980x1852, 2017 vs 2020.jpg)

Anyone remember Trans Girl Next Door? It's an autobio webcomic by an HSTS that was fairly popular around the mid-2010s. It caught some flack for playing into sexist stereotypes, but the creator didn't take himself too seriously and seemed to have one foot in reality so it sort of had a reputation as 'that one trans comic not made by an insane person' (this is back when trutrans vs. trender was the dominant narrative).

Anyway, I suddenly remembered him because of all the HSTS sperging upthread and decided to see what he was up to these days. For the past several years, he's exclusively been drawing comics about his struggles with masturbation addiction in this really raw schizophrenic artstyle. I'm so creeped out what the fuck

No. 1431160

>sex based nature of factory farming
Omfg these people are just the best freaking out over non-issues aren’t they

No. 1431167

File: 1643598663131.jpg (418.58 KB, 1280x1704, tumblr_48526d36e0e40c707dbfdba…)

You know I use to think he could kinda pass but this is giving pure man

No. 1431169

Folx and yall piss me off so much. Maybe they’re trying to be relatable or non threatening. And them FORCING latinos to use latinx. It’s insane to change multiple languages because your feelings are hurt. And then lie and pretend you’re so progressive while being pretty fucking racist asking other cultures to change their entire language to accommodate you. Beto o'rourke lost because he tried to be too progressive with Latinos and they looked at him like an insane libtard.

No. 1431170

Brianna Wu, is that you?

No. 1431171

File: 1643599187140.jpg (72.97 KB, 1000x1080, faceless-man-in-underwear-male…)

Seethe and dilate this is what you look like beside your delusions

No. 1431177

File: 1643599375942.png (414.02 KB, 718x1123, Sall Grover on Twitter.png)

speaking of language..

No. 1431178

How do they know the baby is male?

No. 1431180

This is why jk is doing the lords work. Pregnant people. Penis havers. 1984 level fascist insanity.

No. 1431182

No. 1431184

who's the artist?

No. 1431186

Yeah it might be a trans woman

No. 1431188

the more time i spend looking at this the more uncanny valley it becomes

No. 1431191

File: 1643601135837.jpg (147.94 KB, 1325x787, Manmade horrors beyond my cmpr…)

Sexist gay men call women fishy. Meanwhile, TiMs.

No. 1431193

File: 1643601280584.jpg (222.82 KB, 1280x1129, tumblr_af3228b935406eaac5cc45f…)

Holy shit you weren't kidding. All his nofap comics are so deranged. Also, how can you even have a masturbation/porn addiction? I know moids are constantly saying thats a thing but like, come on. Maybe get a job or something if you need something to do besides jerking off lol

No. 1431204

File: 1643602157111.jpeg (408.25 KB, 1538x2048, 42E9DF41-615D-4F9F-9EAE-618A9F…)

every time i see troon selfies like this i am 100% convinced that they're staring at their own moobs in the screen

No. 1431206

sus followers list

No. 1431207

Y'all is perfectly acceptable for people from the South, I use it all the time. Which pisses me off all the more at how these dumbasses use it. And you know they only use it because black people do. If y'all was restricted to rural whites, they wouldn't touch it.

No. 1431209

Huh, same high school as the dude who created the Silk Road. Funny.

No. 1431215

Blaire White is claimed to be unclockable yet her fridge body and bad fashion no woman would actually wear

Is that really moobs? Looks like silicone implants

Male troons have weirder fetishes than generic moids, this one even fapped to other's fapping. I'll be disgusted when someone finds my fetishes sexy.

No. 1431217


Dozens and dozens of societies where women weren’t gaining rights have also collapsed, but he only decides to use these two as data points. Almost like he’s less interested in history and more interested in getting a boner thinking about uppity women getting put in their place.

No. 1431228

Why stop there? Why not just call us sentient incubators, or flesh farms, or birth-experiencing individuals?
When I’m pregnant I’m going to have everyone refer to me as a Divine Vessel of Mankind’s Greatest Blessing, and if that makes anyone uncomfortable or takes too long to say then they’re disregarding my identity and oppressing me.
“People pregnant with”. Give me a fucking break.

No. 1431229

File: 1643605276405.jpg (309.64 KB, 1280x820, ew.jpg)

Checked out of curiosity and why am I not fucking surprised

No. 1431235

kek someone make this a banner

No. 1431236

is he saying he felt more comfortable scratching his balls in front of women

No. 1431237

the dissonance of they/theming mothers but still saying "male"

No. 1431238

File: 1643606245446.jpeg (45.66 KB, 640x640, DF15E7AB-9146-4097-977C-C7E669…)

Kek I love it when trannies seethe about cis women. They think they fit other men’s fantasies but don’t realize they’re always and forever will be a delusional man with a botched body.

No. 1431242

File: 1643607268232.jpeg (481.82 KB, 2130x1601, F5CE559F-C783-4747-B983-CDF14E…)

No. 1431247

something tells me this "female-only" group is still all-male

No. 1431252

No. 1431256

File: 1643609457683.jpg (138.29 KB, 693x418, Untitled.jpg)

thread full of cope, the only logical faggot saying dont cut off your dick on impulse is called a chaser

No. 1431258

no Minnie you’ve just been looking at creepier TIMs for too long

No. 1431260

>I also don't feel I was properly assessed as both my sessions for letters were so rushed and felt like tick box checking.

This is the same moid from reddit. Think he got his trannyism from online? I guess most do.

No. 1431264

Is aging normally a bad thing now? Why do trannies always want to look like young teen girls instead of women?

No. 1431267

Exactly this

No. 1431274

>your body will react as if a vibrator inside your vagina has been turned on
for me that would just be mildly annoying kek how do they think we use vibrators

No. 1431282

you know why

No. 1431286

Exactly what I was going to say. Scrotes get so blinded by their urge to coom that they trash their whole life to live out a misogynistic fetish. Case in point, they only realize it after they castrate themselves & wake up from their coom-induced haze. These fucks make a pornographic mockery of "being a woman" and then want us to feel bad for them? Uh, no. You deserved this. Now suffer.

No. 1431290

god this is so CRINGE.

No. 1431296

Rome collapsed because the empire was too large to be managed effectively, for one. Even an excellent leader would struggle with maintaining it, and the emperors of late Rome were notoriously shitty due to a combination of inbreeding, lead poisoning, and overall megalomania.

Trannies are indicative of larger systemic issues with gender, but I don't think they precipitate the collapse of civilizations, ffs. Also, re-evaluating gender stereotypes does not always lead to tranny shit, and to imply that doing it coincides with the fall of civilizations is peak male retardation.

No. 1431299

File: 1643615982635.gif (437.17 KB, 500x363, 4BF0E1FA-79DB-4F15-9281-403266…)

Sage for sperg but I would love to set up a subreddit dedicated to documenting troon freakouts and peaking normies but framing it all positively so no one can say we’re being transphobic. Gamestop hon is a stunning sister standing up for herself in the face of cruel misgendering. The trannies who shut down a woman’s shelter in Vancouver are brave fighters in the war against TERFery. Lia Thomas getting boners in the women’s locker room is a beautiful expression of gender euphoria and her teammates are just transphobic.
If I was more of a NEET with less to lose I would do it myself, but I will 100% be there on my alt cheering you on and providing freakout videos where I can. Just be sure to call it something super tongue-in-cheek like TransQueens or TransWinning

No. 1431309

Try to convince men clits aren't inside the vag challenge.

it would be gone in a heartbeat, but that would be hilarious. The issue as I now see it is the mods. Reddit threatens to shut down subs if they get too big but won't allow reddit to appoint its own (almost all troon) mods. So nothing can be good once it's popular.

Now on twitter, you might have a chance. The humans assessing the content that gets reported hardly speak English. As long as you keep it clean, they've got nothing on you. I've had an absolute blast getting troons in twitter trouble by reporting their ironically twansphobic posts. I search their tweets for (selfie he thinks is passing and irresistibly sexy) captioned: "haha what a tranny" and report for hate speech.
I only ever do it when I see one being overtly, blatantly misogynist, (which ironically, is almost impossible to report successfully.) I know I'm a goblin, but I have to vent my rage somehow. Plus, even if they weren't woman-hating pricks, they've demanded a system that disallows content based on the use of naughty words and hurt feelings with no nuance or sense of humor. Maybe I'm autistic enough that my feelings were really hurt by the t slur! How can you tell? Are you gatekeeping my trans pain?

No. 1431311

is this flo?

No. 1431327

I'm just thinking how prevalent age-gap relationships are in the gay male community. Especially, with the whole 'Daddy/Son' thing, which is gross af.

No. 1431335

Long read.

Basically “There are fundamental methodology issues with both UK studies that report that almost half of transgender young people attempt suicide. This data is poor quality and should not be relied upon by parents when considering how best to support their children. The misuse of suicide figures is ethically questionable.”

“ This raises the question of whether trans youth are especially vulnerable to suicidal ideation, or troubled and vulnerable young people are more susceptible to the belief that they are transgender (and believe that this is the reason for their distress and that transition will solve all their problems).”

No. 1431346

I loved the show queer as folk before I got it together and realized how predatory the premise is. 30 year old gay scrote has a fling with a runaway 17 year old gay virgin. His friends keep telling him not to play with the boys feelings, but narcissistic scrote doesn’t care. I don’t hate gay men at all, plenty of straight men do the same thing to young girls. It’s just sad.

No. 1431354

File: 1643626924434.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 618.54 KB, 1045x776, 7B7937CE-897E-4E11-9AC8-9F5820…)

from the new euphoria episode, peep that man body. the bolt ons make how male his body is stand out even more.

No. 1431355

holy shit that is rough kek
this is supposed to be the best a troon can be? I can't believe he let them keep that shot in.

No. 1431358

File: 1643627592831.jpg (290.82 KB, 717x1076, 732191936367218193736373727199…)

He looks like a biological mistake. Do troons realize what a affront they are to narure? I know he contiplates 41% each time he showers and has to undress. He's just a man with 2 plastic silicone bags shoved into his man chest and a limp dick. They they try so hard to make him feminine and girl-like with all the 12 year old girl outfits, but its having the opposite effect. What a freak.

No. 1431362

Kek castration cured his dysphoria (perversion). These surgeons are doing lords work.

No. 1431364

That bra band is struggling for its life.

No. 1431365


No. 1431367

He looks uncannily like Sophie there, who was very much not passing.

No. 1431369

>tfw there will never be a pelvis-feminization surgery UwU
That shoulder to waist ratio is truly tragic. Like a linebacker, he has a truly masculine V shape.

No. 1431373

File: 1643629509150.png (143.64 KB, 1182x944, Untitled.png)

Thankfully the actual scientists studying this field still know that it's women who get pregnant… for now.

No. 1431374

They call themselves out every damn time lol, we don't even need to say anything at this point, just let them talk and people will see how they're literally unable to keep quiet about being disgusting creepy pervs

No. 1431378

There's something deeply wrong with the male sex drive

No. 1431379

File: 1643630416372.jpeg (225.86 KB, 1080x1080, 1643605475837.jpeg)

i don't want to keep bringing it back to this dude (Sorry) but i just saw this picture and it's crazy how much better he looks as a guy. also can't help but notice how zendaya is dressed like a dude and has a mask on and still is so clearly the only women in this picture.

No. 1431380

It was the
>newly founded
that especially gives it away, aka
>there are now so many porn addicted men pretending to be women that we needed to create a group to accommodate them all

No. 1431382

File: 1643631572640.jpg (50.82 KB, 644x800, 9925AAF3-DB24-4CF7-A70B-B86544…)

I don't know where to put this but I was in the Jazz Jennings thread on kiwifarms. They were talking about this angry TIF who gets mad that straight men dont want to date TIMs. She's friends with Jazz's annoying brother Sanders. Anyway she dated a TIM and wow. Wow. The Troon is twice her size.

No. 1431383

File: 1643631623692.jpg (56.66 KB, 544x800, 1333CDF8-490B-4BF8-B42A-A6254D…)

No. 1431384

File: 1643631706848.jpg (82.53 KB, 546x800, 86A9B45E-DBEE-4FCC-82B5-D5C6B6…)

No. 1431386

>>1431384 It's head is 2x the size of the little one

No. 1431388

this is unironically the funniest thing i've ever seen wtf

No. 1431389

I'm fully ignorant on Euphoria, but how come showing woman boobs for clout is (rightfully so) sexist but when a man dresses up as a woman is artistic? Plus aren't these fucking highschoolers? Twitterfags be getting mad at anime for sexualizing minors and then gloryfy euphoria, the fuck.

No. 1431391

SA,it looks like a father and daughter cross dressing for Halloween. It gives
>>Thanks for the chicken nuggies dad

No. 1431405

"biological sex is not real" kek

No. 1431419

He is so hot. Literally the only blonde moid i find attractive. Shame about everything else kek

No. 1431438

File: 1643637345347.jpg (20.16 KB, 320x318, 200295800481_7286.jpg)

Found this pic of you, anon.

No. 1431440

how old is this picture and where it is from? why is zendaya dressed like a dude?

No. 1431442

KEK have some common sense nonnie, the bio trans crew all has trans flags in their names and pronouns in the bio, that's how you larp as a fake troon and get them banned while playing an obvious character.
twitter never has taken seriously my report of incels saying death to women but interestingly enough i can get someone banned really easily if they "misgender" me and say i'm not trans kek

No. 1431443

File: 1643637704971.jpeg (36.77 KB, 828x444, 03C19D4F-18CB-45AA-8A8A-A4AAB2…)

Also this ugly ass shower scene emphasising his alternate reality Scandinavian yandere dev face with the unsightly scythe nose.

No. 1431447

We get it, Euphoria troon is uggo and does not pass. Can zoomers please go back to their Euphoria-fan-tumblr to blog about this? We literally do not need to see 1000 pics of this troon EVERY SINGLE DAY.

No. 1431449

NTA but it was taken while they were filming season 2 of Euphoria so probably 2020/2021? It’s for a weird scene in the latest episode where they reenact iconic romance scenes from movies, in that picture they’re the dudes from brokeback mountain.

No. 1431457

File: 1643638779407.jpg (289.62 KB, 1786x1014, 1234567890.jpg)

For all the scandi anons with a vpn, I just saw this documentary about a man that came out as trans later in life. He has a network of older trans women that go drinking in Copenhagen. They all talk about the reason for wanting to be women is that they are jealous of the positive attention women get. Also says he's opting to forego hormones because it will affect his sex-drive. It's just bleak, they all seem to live double lives where they act male enough when needed, for their careers or something, but whenever they are looking for sex or looking to emotionally connect with their children - they are women.

No. 1431459

No. 1431463

Eeew, his underwear is showing. AGP meetup?

No. 1431469

Agreed, anon is definitely of the male condition to conflate incel ideology to strong morals. Just wtf. He looks like a child in the original picture.
Just report them. Report all of the anons who derail about gay moids as well as the ones who sound like parasitic Y chromoids. Report anyone who is being hostile and infighting like >>1430643.
Don't let the thread go to shit, gyns.

No. 1431472

Yes, it seems like they are well aware no one but other trans people and their established families would like to have lasting relationships with them and this makes them miserable, but the positive attention and sexual aspects of going out as women are just too good..

No. 1431474

File: 1643640288804.png (594.87 KB, 1888x2276, locker room talk.png)

>I'm uncomfortable with locker room talk about raping women so therefore I am a woman~
Rapey misogynists are absolutely evil and should die but there is something so distinctly pathetic about males who know that "locker room talk" and then do nothing about it. Men are not males because they engage in locker room talk. You are not a woman simply because it makes you uncomfortable. You are a piece of trash who opted out of your opportunity to educate other men to respect women and instead decided to stomp into women's spaces and make us feel directly unsafe.
So tl;dr: not condoning rape or sexual harassment means you're a true & honest woman! Men are so fucking useless, ALL of them.
> Also peep the comments that claim women are just as bad too, KEK.
I really couldn't imagine girls talking about how cool it would be to rape a man without pickmes with pitchforks running to whoever to report them. Women do not talk like this but even if they did, other women would "put them in line" because we respect men even more than we respect ourselves.

No. 1431476

Oh my god, that man has such narrow hips. Love how how he just sits with his nuts out like that , real lady like.

No. 1431477

Same OP, not to mention he's complaining about men having a "prey outlook towards US". Yeah fucking right Timmy, take off the dress and enjoy that sweet male privilege you buffoon.

No. 1431481

This is hilarious. They completely fucking hate themselves and are in a desperate bid to escape it, but they never will. This proves men know that they’re rotten.

No. 1431484

Lol omfg I had no idea Noah is so small and dainty and feminine

No. 1431493

I was so distracted by his Party City wig and his huge gorilla mitt hands that I didn't even realize he was sitting there with his balls airing out.

No. 1431494

>>always objectifying us


No. 1431495

File: 1643644695358.jpg (151.53 KB, 720x1114, Screenshot_20220131-105137_Chr…)

Yeah and as all TIFs she capes for TIMs while TIMS barely do the same for TIFs.

No. 1431496

File: 1643644716420.jpg (164.49 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_20220131-105242_Chr…)

No. 1431517

File: 1643646276001.jpg (367.64 KB, 2048x1076, kneesocks.jpg)

Sorry I just can't get over how frumpy this one sitting in the background in one scene looks. The main guy is doing a book reading at an elderly care facility, and for some reason this creature is there too.

No. 1431518

This is so sad. Stop twink genocide!!!

No. 1431520


No. 1431526

I mean, they all still think women get legit pleasure from PiV bc men do. Men are just selfish and vile creatures who can’t think outside their own dick.

Don’t say that anon. He’d probably take it the wrong way and get “gender euphoria” bc he thinks he has massive tits or something. Just another way men know nothing about how women and things women use work.

No. 1431529

That one troon saying that women are worse because they get "more graphic". This guy thinks women telling their friends about a consensual sexual experience she had is worse than men talking about how they want to rape women. Fuck off.

No. 1431533

My favorite thing about trannies is how they reeee'd about everyone calling Chris Chan a he. How they were ranting about how you "~can't take away his transness~ even if he did something bad." Yet the troons constantly say shit like this. Constantly denoting predators as ~not really twans~ Basically, only the trans community can decide who is "truetrans" and they cherry pick based on which ones are making them look bad.

No. 1431554

This is the most annoying lie I see passed around everywhere "People have to go through rigorous detailed assessments, they don't just hand hormones to you!!!"

Do they not realize they hand them out like candy these days if you live in a liberal area.

No. 1431555

it's giving young evan peters. too bad he's a paraphilic tranny

No. 1431564

that is very funny because the reddit tranny janny fiasco proved most troons DON'T agree with that sentiment and Doreen was heckin valid even though he made no effort to present as a woman.

No. 1431586

cope, kek

No. 1431588

But how would one know they’re just pretending to be trans if self-id is all it takes to be trans? This is not the gotcha moment Noah thinks it is.

No. 1431589

>positive attention women get
Where? Being catcalled by construction crews and hit on by scary men at gas stations? So positive.

No. 1431590

Pretty much, yeah. They were complaining how unfair it is that no one ever calls them beautiful/cute or pays attention to them as men, and one was groaning at what it was like seeing women getting ready to go out(his wife perhaps, can't recall) - absolute torture.

No. 1431607

File: 1643656598281.jpg (456.84 KB, 1080x1599, Screenshot_20220131-201440_Duc…)

Estrogen shrinks bones appearantly

How does anybody believe this shit

No. 1431613

they’re anti science or anti reality

No. 1431622

Ironic that this dude's name is Beard when he has such a smooth, low T face.

Vanessa is a cringy pickme, but she somehow manages to look based because literally every dork who makes videos A-Logging her are worse.

No. 1431644

This retards posture worsened and he thinks he shrunk massive kek

No. 1431671

File: 1643662413244.png (37.53 KB, 920x365, bone atrophy.png)

I thought maybe it could be osteoporosis, but that's caused by oestrogen deficiency
rather than excess oestrogen. I did find picrel on a trans healthcare website, which made me kek. Basically saying straight up that trans women don't go outside or exercise.


No. 1431684

File: 1643663482183.jpeg (155.14 KB, 1241x1173, BCE5E704-08B8-4579-A03E-3C4CA0…)

Ummm sweetie, Latinx is a terf psyop. Same as folx and womxn

No. 1431696

It's either osteoporosis or the fact that hid joints are fucking up, your ligaments and shit get fucked when hormones get fucked with.

No. 1431698

>"no one said it was"
They truly have no shame

No. 1431701

Speaking of “y’all”, I decided to watch Benjamin Boyce’s videos on the Evergreen college fiasco recently and it physically pained me to hear so many (mainly white) liberal northwestern students without a lick of any variation of a southern accent lecture people while using “y’all” at any given opportunity.

No. 1431716

Latefag but GODDAMN at the size of those sasquatch feet. KEK

No. 1431721

Kek, anon. You're right! Nasty piss yellow teeth the same shade as his burnt hair and crazy eyes checking out his own moobs, no doubt thinking how hot he is.

No. 1431745

Vanessa has some good takes occasionally, but yeah when she spams instagram with screenshots of her own replies to angry troons is kinda cringe

No. 1431769

Didn’t know this retard was back on youtube

No. 1431804

i think Vanessa has good intentions but she comes accross as the unironic autist that she is

No. 1431808

im screaming they truly blame all the embarrassing this they've done on terfs?? this, "terfbangs" ad so on

No. 1431821

File: 1643672428813.png (330.75 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220131-173505.png)

I stopped checking these threads because of infighting so idk if this has been posted but some tranny on Twitter is claiming Angus Cloud (fez) from euphoria raped him. He got caught making multiple accounts saying the same thing lol

No. 1431822

File: 1643672553437.png (189.2 KB, 720x696, Screenshot_20220131-173513~2.p…)

The troon in question

No. 1431828

File: 1643672861473.png (725.88 KB, 720x1399, Screenshot_20220131-174658~2.p…)

No. 1431840

Vanessa says like she’s fighting in a “war” (kek) and acts like shes doing gods work by fighting with tifs and attacking their appearance. She’s the epitome of a “radfem” nlog.

No. 1431841

No. 1431848

So is self ID valid or not? If it's not then the tenuous logic of troonacy completely falls apart. Don't you dare misgender those brave bathroom rapists just because they're not good optics! Kek

No. 1431849

her calling him a fat fuck is pretty based lol

No. 1431853

anachan scrote thinks being skinny is the same as being passable. many such cases. sad!

No. 1431854

Does he have Marfan's? Cause that's one long motherfucker

No. 1431861

it's cis men pretending to be women

No. 1431863

File: 1643677696999.jpg (37.91 KB, 646x360, harv.gif-0.jpg)

Jazz body is shaped so weird. His head is the same but his body just looks like a circle he looks so uncomfortable. I really hate his family,especially his mom and annoying brother. Sander is so fake. He keeps going on "dates" with black TIms he's clearly not attracted to. Thing is if Sanders was serious about dating troons he'd date one without a dick. Clearly he doesn't like penis, but because he wants to shame straight men into fucking dick havers he does this fake storyline. It's always black Troons too, so he can be extra woke. The Troon he was "dating" told him he's a "size queen". Basically saying that the reason was because him having a bigger dick makes him have "Dysphoria". Nah, you just a gay bottom who likes big dick. Sanders looked so uncomfortable. It's very clear it's a storyline and Sanders really wants attention. The other twin doesn't act like that.I think he wants his own show but he's a fucking dead eyed cow. Then they brought TS Madison who is a tranny porn star with a horrible fake ass. It's also weird that Ts would be on this show. He used to do a show with a rapper where he would constantly imply men were gay and a lot of the time he'd be talking about hearing it from other troons. So he thought/thinks it's gay. That goes against everything I Am Jazz/Sanders stand for

No. 1431865

I’ve known two mtfs irl who try to cope and say they’re better than Man and Woman because “they’re both” and try to phrase it as this religious esoteric transcendent thing. It’s deeply embarrassing and I will say, ftms don’t pull that autistic shit.

No. 1431867

>FTM don’t pull that autistic shit
yes they do kek

No. 1431870

File: 1643677978657.png (28.25 KB, 741x283, Montana.png)

No. 1431871

Ftms pull equally cringe shit but I have yet to see the religious cult leader Chris Chan angle.

No. 1431877

Well, is definitely not one of those reasons.

No. 1431882

LOL you did good nonita. i love it

No. 1431895

narcissism is the default mode for men

No. 1431899

File: 1643680563163.png (13.04 KB, 1076x134, I am a man.png)

why do these people sound so crazy when they write this out. if they truly believed this they wouldn't be forcing normal people to lie to their faces lol

No. 1431900

File: 1643680642580.png (568.71 KB, 1024x578, 23485742395743.png)

they think they're Griffith or Ryo/Satan from Devilman Crybaby and don't understand the critique inherent in either of those characters.

No. 1431915

File: 1643683634732.png (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 1996x1366, Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 6.46…)

NSFL one of the worst SRS disasters I've ever seen.

No. 1431918

File: 1643683815088.png (466.62 KB, 2008x1404, Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 6.47…)

a lot of copium in the comments too kek
>"keep the big clit!! lots of cis women have big clits!!"

No. 1431920

It’s also because they always talk about how trans people in ancient cultures were like sacred beings or something. Idk

No. 1431926

File: 1643684335154.jpg (271.5 KB, 1080x1233, Screenshot_20220131-195728_Fac…)

They know they're men. They just keep telling on themselves.

No. 1431927

it looks like the surgeon just blended his penis and balls, blindfolded himself and just threw it

No. 1431931

>the troon still looks like a man
is this a self own?

No. 1431938

File: 1643685811617.jpg (156.13 KB, 1200x898, CmKd4QwUoAE6WIY.jpg)

Reminds me of this iconic Assigned Male strip

No. 1431942

omfg it looks like someone shrink-wrapped a regular penis until it was flat and then ironed it onto his crotch

No. 1431946

File: 1643686350059.jpg (101.02 KB, 640x853, rg4u5yyhm2e81.jpg)

No. 1431947

Like someone dropped a sausage in the supermarket and it’s been stepped on all day

No. 1431949

I hate the author of “assigned” male so much that I hope he stubs his toes at least 3 times a day for the rest of his life.

No. 1431950

I hope no one ever forgets he got outed as a diaperfur

No. 1431951

looks like a micro penis.

No. 1431953

File: 1643686838112.jpg (17.33 KB, 308x174, b4.JPG)

They shaved off too much of his jaw and now his face appears uncannily large. Tragic, he was a pretty cute dude in his before pics

No. 1431954

how are they always diaperfags/furries?!

No. 1431957

Always freaked me out that all the characters in Assigned Male were children. What well adjusted adult wants to read little kids discussing clits and peeing?
don’t bother answering we all know

No. 1431958

He needed the jaw to balance out the very wide- set eyes. Dude straight up looks like an alien now

No. 1431961

is this a funny edit or was this an actual comic strip written by a grown man?

No. 1431963

>is it a serious medical condition
let’s hope inshallah

No. 1431966

Jesus christ and this is after 2 revisions

No. 1431968

It's real. Seems to be gone from the archive but there's still some google results

No. 1431970

File: 1643688714796.png (201.22 KB, 470x470, template-leonardo-dicaprio-lau…)

monumental kek, that is straight up just a deflated dick. these surgeons that botch srs are my heroes

No. 1431971

File: 1643688887657.jpeg (112.82 KB, 827x993, DF45AABF-8C64-45EA-B4C6-FF1AAD…)

I hate these fucking people so much.

No. 1431972

I fucking miss r/neovaginadisasters with their Dr. Nick from The Simpsons profile picture because all of these "sex reassignment surgery" results really are Hollywood Upstairs Medical College tier. Hi everybody!

No. 1431973

right, bc women pee out of our clits!

No. 1431974

File: 1643689263677.jpg (429.71 KB, 1280x1293, tumblr_3f142fec4f08b7a15b00b8f…)

How are all these diaper shitting child sexual abuse fetishists so lacking in self awareness?

No. 1431975

Im so sick of this fucker

No. 1431976

what is this even supposed to mean? Did the imaginary feminist in his head comment on him going outside with his bra visible? Imagine having to make up problems for sympathy and this is still the best you can manage.

No. 1431978

Shelly needs to stop watching anime in his mom's basement and talk to a real-life woman

No. 1431982

Serious talk, when is there gonna be a real backlash against shit like >>1431974 ? I can definitely sense some troon critical energy brewing in culture right now but when is an actual pedo gonna get confronted or faced with consequences?

No. 1431988

File: 1643690888854.jpg (138.3 KB, 1242x1326, 20220131_224601.jpg)

Just found out about this fun account.

No. 1431992

wow, this is definitely one of the worst examples. did the doctor even try kek. and that obvious cockhead as "clit". I'm speechless.

No. 1431993

Just found out there's a subreddit for "nonbinary truscum" https://www.reddit.com/r/truNB/

No. 1431995

Troon needs to work on his grammar first and foremost.

No. 1431997

File: 1643691499525.jpeg (76.25 KB, 680x690, FKXq4ZdVEAA8UeP.jpeg)

I'm surprised its not banned yet.

No. 1432003

ayy lmao

No. 1432005

glad to see brittany venti doing well

No. 1432015

"vaginal cream helps too" what the fuck is he using monistat for funsies

No. 1432025

Degeneracy breeds more degeneracy. Furries are no longer just dog molesters hiding themselves until the next dog-molester-convention. Now they’re mtf dog molesters who pretend they have multiple personalities, all of whom use nappies and are aroused by incontinence.

Dirt attracts dirt, subhumans attract subhumans, sexually dysfunctional freaks attract sexually dysfunctional freaks.

No. 1432036

Lmfaooo those massive hands

No. 1432052

File: 1643704337067.jpg (703.15 KB, 2447x1545, 8978788900.jpg)


No. 1432054

File: 1643704534328.jpg (756.67 KB, 1536x2048, 83569265_989975448040924_51125…)

written by this person

No. 1432061

File: 1643706058409.png (774.7 KB, 982x581, auer.PNG)

He wrote a whole "zine" (= scanned pieces of dirty, probably coomstained paper) full of scribbles about his "girldick". Also kicked down the tv at a trans clinic waiting room like a real ma'am when he was denied treatment.

No. 1432063

It's so creepy how obsessed they are with the concept of losing control. Hypnosis, incontinence, birth, rape, and now sentient water? Lmao what the fuck

No. 1432064

File: 1643706511344.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.79 KB, 640x480, 8cs6u4btk6f81.jpg)

i come bearing gifts


No. 1432067

Oh my lord nonnie you shouldn’t have. This makes me feel so good about my own breasts. If anything maybe the trannies are here to peak all women into really destroying patriarchy. They make me feel fucking invincible and like male approval is truly worthless. Sage for blog but the irony of it all is hilarious.

No. 1432068

Late but fucking cackling. Thank you based artist nona.

No. 1432069

>3rd revision
I know his surgeons are tired, kek. Imagine working on an autistic and demanding tranny's dead ballsack tissue trying to make it into a labia.


No. 1432070

>This makes me feel so good about my own breasts
kek had the same exact thought. troons cure my body dysmorphia

No. 1432078

Actual FAS

No. 1432082

he's actually pretty hot, damn.

No. 1432086

jfc it's melted

No. 1432087

Birth of Penis kek.

No. 1432100

Did the exact opposite to me since my tits are saggy triangles kind of like that… Can't get them fixed for free but if I was a tranny I'd get that and then some free of charge..

No. 1432111

Same, anon. Lovely that troons get all these free surgeries for their larp but fuck the women who's bodies cause them mental anguish.

No. 1432114

>This Vile FEMALE Predator Tries To Meet A 13 Year Old…

No. 1432115

i'm so tired


No. 1432140

I thought he was holding a huge dead rat(sage)

No. 1432145

No. 1432150

File: 1643726889453.png (1.28 MB, 1200x1200, untitled(2).png)

Made a quick edit. Hope it makes sense or whatever

No. 1432153

sage for off topic in the mtf thread, but you might be interested to check out "andy" thanfiction, an ftm who started a cult where she convinced others she was literally lotr characters/actors and used tactics like sleep deprivation. no current milk but a great rabbit hole

No. 1432163

I think the all caps FEMALE might be a joke? I think that channel got called out for le transphobia in the past but I am not sure.

No. 1432176

holy shit i'm lost in such a clickhole rn. how do you know they're a ftm for sure though? is their birth name actually amy player? the profile pic on the twitter account they use looks like a man and they're a confirmed rapist so i assumed legit moid kek

No. 1432185

Troons made me start not despising my period anymore bc knowing they’ll never have one pleases me now.

No. 1432205


This is very very obscure, but it reminds me of this Calvin and Hobbes-esque webcomic I used to read that was made by editing assigned male strips. In it the assigned male kid was portrayed as dysphoric and GNC but otherwise a well-written normal smart kid. The plot was that the kid's father gave him a copy of The Art of War to help him learn to cope better with interpersonal conflict, and he tried to apply the techniques to his daily life. The main theme was how to stand up for your beliefs without alienating people. Very funny and humane, but I think it's fully lost to time after the assigned male shitposting subreddit got banhammered.

No. 1432207

Yours could reach your knees and they'd still be woman's breast and not like moobs. I am not even trying to be nice, I am just stating facts, yours are nothing like moobs, even structurally.

No. 1432213

They are a trans woman, not sex: female. This needs to be called out, this is getting out of hand. They are not XX which is what Female is and any people defending a pedo's pronouns are just next-level stupid.

No. 1432217

File: 1643735843280.jpg (192.73 KB, 2048x632, E-er-HKWQAIU7rP.jpg)

saw this on PostingTransLs on twitter lol
I actually believe him that his family are a bunch of assholes because he sounds like the kind of entitled, raging prick who's raised to believe he's superior to everyone for being a dude

guy looks like the spawn of Elliot 'ET' Page and Stephen King

No. 1432220

File: 1643736312042.png (507.83 KB, 547x827, E9gP9rMXMAU3-mY.png)

No. 1432232

File: 1643737022936.png (594.35 KB, 652x700, E8HntYCXoAMnvzp.png)

No. 1432237

File: 1643737750621.jpg (91.33 KB, 733x1024, E4CKDI4UcAIcEJD.jpg)

No. 1432241

And if they were down to my knees I still probably wouldn't get a free surgery to fix them. Troons have privileges but they love to pretend that they don't. Hoping that each and every troon gets botched when they go get unnecessary surgeries for coom and vanity reasons.

No. 1432242

Oh my god I think I know this troon from tumblr many many years ago. The same curly green hair, glasses, eyeliner… Now just hell of a lot older, fatter and uglier.

No. 1432319

>trans look younger than we are

That’s real cute. They think dressing like highschoolers makes them look younger instead of like creepy balding men who obviously fetishize teen girls that they all are

Case in point: leather jacket and Tank Girl haircut on Larry From Accounting there. He thinks he looks good and that’s fucking hilarious!

No. 1432342

File: 1643745700370.png (1.3 MB, 748x998, stacy.png)

>put your shoulders back

It's almost like women don't need to worry about disguising their 8ft wide shoulder span

No. 1432344

>the critique inherent in either of those characters
can you develop ?

No. 1432346

it's classified an addiction once it starts interfering with your life, like losing your job and friends/relationships due to it.

No. 1432381

pls tell me that's an iphone mini. i'm scared.

No. 1432382

Im sorry what

No. 1432425

>I mean, they all still think women get legit pleasure from PiV bc men do

off topic for sure but PIV is meant to at least feel somewhat pleasing for women though isn't it? I find it just okay but I put it down to my medication since anti-depressants can dull down the sensations of sexual pleasure? Is it actually common that PIV is pretty lousy for women?

No. 1432426

Aren't stomach cramps from the uterus contracting? I get mild cramps on the last day of my period and I always thought it was my uterus contracting in order to shed the last of the lining. What is this idiot on about? You have no uterus, how can you have period cramps!

No. 1432431

her birth name is 100% amy player, confirmed by family/friends/court docs. she's been a missing person previously and was described as female with female pictures. i'll stop derailing now but she is batshit and awful.

No. 1432438

File: 1643754997500.gif (1.71 MB, 500x281, 33177494da57a79b3cdaf0674adfa7…)

I can't tell if they really are this deluded or if they're desperately trying to convince themselves of something they know is simply not true.

Right, they really have no fucking clue about female anatomy, like most scrotes. But you'd think one writing comic strips about the topic would have a better idea.

No. 1432440

Idk I think it feels very good and enjoy penetration in general. Only time it sucks is if you’re not warmed up or ready.

No. 1432446

The wounds men get have them ready to be fucked at a second's notice because of the dilation.. Grim. So is that why they think women are just fuckholes, because that's what they become once they chop their dick off?

No. 1432447

File: 1643756001536.png (1.57 MB, 1080x1875, Screenshot_20220201-175047~2.p…)

No. 1432451

File: 1643756332582.webm (2.95 MB, 434x756, 2849003-5b2953d5f8a946bcc3a72b…)

I've been getting into the kiwifarms I am Jazz thread and I saw this clip, The troons body looks disgusting. It's deformed. He thinks being a woman means looking like a lumpy sex doll. How can he even wipe his ass? I know he does porn but god.

No. 1432452

I really like it and it feels good but could never get off from it without my clit involved. I assume a lot of women don't care for it bc most of us will never orgasm without the addition of clit stimulation?

No. 1432456

They think women are fuckholes because they are men. Their frankenginas are wounds and not natural sex organs, so they struggle with penetration a lot worse than a woman with the worst vaginismus in the world. Most of them take it up the chuff like the fags they are.

No. 1432478

File: 1643758110745.jpeg (144.85 KB, 827x845, C7643AC0-628A-457C-ABF2-EDE3E5…)

Isn’t it so amazing how troons can never find a woman to go along with their delusion and just end up in a sexless relationship with a different troon

No. 1432483

File: 1643758499377.gif (4.34 MB, 455x262, allworkandnoplaymakesjackadull…)

No. 1432485

No. 1432489

TS Madison sure has a body type

No. 1432501

there is a thread on kiwi farms for neo vagina disasters.

No. 1432502

File: 1643760603509.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 831.25 KB, 828x1106, 2C048C7D-F5D5-4452-8E64-CE807F…)

No. 1432505

File: 1643760743488.jpeg (61.43 KB, 576x447, 3DEC64D8-4DB6-4514-AD0A-AF8623…)

the resemblance is uncanny

No. 1432506

that's a lot of copium

No. 1432508

Are they deleting comments? Not one comment calling out this crazy person.

No. 1432509

thanks helen hester for this xenofeminist malaise.

No. 1432517

it's what they deserve

No. 1432522

Yeah so? Men have always been able to produce milk.

No. 1432526

File: 1643762463213.png (27.93 KB, 1105x228, To all my pre-HRT lesbians, yo…)

you still have the same thoughts about women except now you dress as your fetishes outside.

No. 1432528

Isn't the milk women produce in pregnancy much different than what men produce though? Why are they acting like it's the same thing?

No. 1432534

File: 1643763665807.jpg (871.68 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20220202_015200_com…)

look at this this she/her specimen that popped up on my feed kek

No. 1432535

Because it gets in the middle of their fetish.

No. 1432543

File: 1643765049194.png (95.8 KB, 593x521, Witchrun.png)

lmao i was thinking of this

No. 1432551

Kek the pink haired moid and the one in the middle literally look like they’ve been face swapped.

No. 1432553

doesn't even matter. even if men could provide quality milk to babies, they would never be able to provide the quantities that women are. women, even non-pregnant ones, have double the amount of prolactin, the hormone that makes you lactate.

No. 1432555

I see 3 watches and 2 of them seem to be smart watches
Dumb tranny doesn't know how real people live

No. 1432558

File: 1643766311587.png (565.17 KB, 1080x1409, Screenshot_20220126-171336~2.p…)

No. 1432563

File: 1643766659166.jpeg (124.22 KB, 828x804, 8FB0598B-ADFF-4AB0-AB08-B38BE9…)

Stacey is one of the worst

No. 1432570

File: 1643767121684.jpeg (225.64 KB, 828x929, 7620C028-1398-4CE6-B8A8-88B8FD…)

>Ok, she did this
How do media people get away with blatant doublespeak

No. 1432574

not to defend the tranny cheater but winning by 38 seconds and breaking a record by 38 seconds are different. He won a race by 38 seconds, and broke other records unrelated to that race

No. 1432582

Why did this remind of those Chris Farley death photos

No. 1432587

if I ever took a photo of myself where I literally had no neck I would simply not post that on the internet kek

No. 1432590

the cognitive dissonance is astounding lol how do scrotes not see they are still objectifying women? AGP is a helluva mental illness jfc

No. 1432594

Ayrt, I do find pleasure in it, esp after getting off psych meds, but I need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. I think that isn’t so uncommon for a lot of women, but many men don’t give much of a shit and just want their nut. Whether or not the woman does is like, whatever in their mind.

No. 1432595

It’s different for women. It has colostrum which is full of nutrients the baby needs.

No. 1432604

kek These trannies must be actively fucking with people to see how far they can push this shit.

No. 1432605

File: 1643772541000.jpeg (17.47 KB, 425x283, ab8.jpeg)

Nona please

No. 1432607

Ntayrt but I'm pretty sure that anon meant that most women can't get off on penetration alone, not that PIV sex is bad

No. 1432609

File: 1643773152854.png (236.42 KB, 1562x1381, liathomas.png)

Troons mad that Tranny Thomas might be ineligible under new swimming rules (for 6 months anyway).

No. 1432611

it needs to be for forever

No. 1432614

Gonna break a little with other anons and say that "just okay" is really normal, and was def my experience on and off meds. It can be good with clit stimulation, but that's not guaranteed for any woman (especially done well), so I'd say it's not unfair to call the broad experience of PIV for most women "meh" to "pretty lousy." Not to say it can't ever be good, but I just want to assure you that not being its biggest fan is really normal because you sound a bit unsure. Talking about this was actually a huge milestone of second wave feminism, look up The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm.

No. 1432617

No. 1432673

ugh what the fuck is all over that wall?

No. 1432713

I thought he was topless with no nipples at first glance

No. 1432725

Literally Peter Griffin

No. 1432726

>says this but gets the wound surgery anyways

No. 1432729

File: 1643785500563.jpg (Spoiler Image, 738.6 KB, 1920x2560, 20190724-174435-scaled.jpg)

not safe for your eyes
please have eyebleach ready

No. 1432733

my curiosity will kill me one day

No. 1432740

File: 1643786746877.png (8.58 KB, 1084x89, So girls can be good in comput…)

I can't roll my eyes any harder.

No. 1432746

Curiosity killed the nonnie

No. 1432750

warning this is gorey

also what is even circled, what is that supposed to distinguish

No. 1432752

He isn’t? Wtf am I looking at

No. 1432763

i wish female youtubers wouldn’t hire troons as their co-writers/editors . i’m sick of hearing their grating voice delivering parts of the script

No. 1432775

I literally just browsed all the way to this thread to complain about contrapoints doing this in his videos & you beat me to it.

He has gotten very good at producing them (even if I don't agree with half the things he says) but then he has other troons with their awful "vocal training" deep fried voices read the quotes.

No. 1432776

Naturally, I had to see it full size to try and see what the circle was indicating, but I can't make sense of that The Thing flesh.

No. 1432781

Just watched the new Sarah Z video, I take it?

No. 1432783

Why even post this here? What's the point? It's like spamming gore.

No. 1432786

Where do you find this stuff? Is it on Reddit?

No. 1432790

yes, i need to stop hatewatching her. i don’t know what i expected.

No. 1432791

The way they apply lipstick always gives me a good chuckle

No. 1432812

File: 1643800330711.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1222x2224, 0A00FFD6-E30F-47F9-95BA-693C8A…)

Normies peaking on tiktok.

No. 1432820

Finally some good news from tiktok.

No. 1432829

File: 1643802364449.jpg (41.16 KB, 313x450, qlfkgk.jpg)

Sage for autism but I stumbled on this pic and it reminded me of TIMs

No. 1432870

this was the most frustrating part about being pregnant. that and when i told my mom group my baby name, i got dragged bc it wasn’t gender neutral.

No. 1432880

Currently pregnant and honestly have not seen that much about "pregnant people" in actual literature, but it is used in every single article you can find online and by all PC youtubers because they get bullied into using it. I watched a girls vlogs and she referred to "pregnant women" until one day she started using "pregnant people" and I know some idiots in the comments or DMs told her "UHMMM YOU ARE BEING OFFENSIVE TO TRANS PEOPLE!". makes you want to vomit.

No. 1432890

I watch these predator catching videos and while like 99% of the predators are male, I've seen more trannies get caught than women. The women are with their moid husbands helping. Troons are like 1% of the population but they still follow moid sex crimes.


No. 1432893

He looks like he used to be a moid feminist but has raped women. No wonder he's obsessed with female reproductive system.

No. 1432902

File: 1643815558266.gif (521.3 KB, 430x239, 1641030749198.gif)

A horror to make the Cenobites proud.

No. 1432904

i stopped listening to a female-only podcast because they started having too many transwomen guests and i couldnt stand the voices in my ears. tbh the voices piss me off more than anything, they think we really fucking sound like that.

No. 1432931

apparently this is just like the real thing and you're a bigoted "genital fetishist" for refusing to touch these rot pockets

No. 1432938

File: 1643819269950.png (1.13 MB, 1236x1344, Screen Shot 2022-02-02 at 11.1…)

at the end of a long thread about:
>my sister was always kinda mean and "maybe a sociopath" (no details given of course)
>after my transition, she used they/them pronouns instead of female pronouns for me, and refused to acknowledge that I'M now the eldest sister, so i cut her off.

conclusion: blaming "basically any" MTF death on the women who were uwu mean to the twans gurl. the absolute derangement.

No. 1432943

it’s just like it feels like it’s the last thing we have to ourselves and they’ve been trying to take that too. i know it’s catering more to tifs, but even breastfeeding is dysphoric to tims and you can’t mention it online.

No. 1432945

if only it were true and the terrible cruelty of us evil 'AFABs' (note how even 'trans men' are lumped in here, because trannies don't see them as anything other than woman-lite) actually murdered all of these disgusting moids as they like to pretend!

No. 1432950

Good point about his choice to blame all 'AFABs.' And funny that he doesn't even blame women who are cruel to trans women - no, all we have to be is "quietly derisive." So in other words, if we're not constantly yas kweening them or fucking them as they demand ("we just earnestly want u as a friend") then we're LiTeRaLlY KiLliNg tHeM

No. 1432951

Not wanting to be devil's advocate, but I see no contradiction. The truscum community has never been homogenous except for the belief that it is "necessary to have dysphoria to be trans", and I can see people with dysphoria identifying as NBs. In fact, when I almost got sucked into the cult I was thinking more about what I hated to be (i.e. woman/female) instead of “identifying” with something else and I always felt that the concepts of "gender euphoria" and "transition goals" are alien to me. Also, there's a very small minority of NBs who try to differentiate themselves from trannies and emphasize the difference between "transsexual" and "transgender", so i can see these kind of enbies being transmed allies.

No. 1432954

"Like a compass needle that points north, a man's accusing finger always finds a woman. Always."

No. 1432957

A simple “they” can make a tranny kill themselves? This is excellent news.

No. 1432972

Anything can make a tranny kill himself.

No. 1432975

No. 1432976

Men and troons can acknowledge that they get breast cancer too but they can't use breastfeeding for some reason ?

No. 1432979

Ask for a tranners pronouns and then watch them shut down.

A nonna suggested looking for srs disasters in the farms so I went looking.

No. 1432997

Nothing is more malebrained than blaming all your problems on women.

No. 1432999

Trannies are even in infertility subreddits for women who have real conditions like PCOS, they think being born male makes them the same as an infertile woman. They really have to invade every single space that we have for ourselves.

No. 1433012

Do you have any screenshots. I would love to see this interaction. I have a folder for peaking normies.

No. 1433013

File: 1643826021241.png (1.39 MB, 970x2106, Untitled.png)

I'm getting some "and then everyone clapped" vibes from this, but still telling how much they hate each other.

No. 1433016

They're so fucking entitled. Does he ever consider the reason for the 'quiet derision'? Does he ever consider how he makes his sister feel? No, never. It's all about him all the fucking time, and that's why everyone secretly hates them. Of everything about us they immitate, why is it never self sacrifice? Why is it never putting others needs before their own? I don't know if a scrote is even capable, despite every culture on the planet being completely saturated with tales of heros sacrificing for the greater good, they never seem to learn. All it takes is peer pressure for girls to do it, why can't males? We don't even need to be baited with glory and sex, how pathetic. Then they transition hoping to get out of all that icky male responsibility, completely oblivious to the invisible sacrifices females are trained to perform from birth.

No. 1433017

This is how they end up writing fanfic about the meanie TERFs doing this and worse to them. Because it's literally what they'd do to each other, given the chance

No. 1433022

File: 1643827674941.png (438.44 KB, 1406x1232, moidchan.png)

how do tranny moids cope with existence?

No. 1433035

lmao underrated post

No. 1433045

My pet theory on the legends of yore is it was only undertaken as a sacrifice/quest in exchange for money/treasures/status/ass/ego or just revenge. Most scrotes throughout history have only given a fuck about "the greater good" when it gives them some too. Tldr; scrote cares about himself always.

No. 1433055

File: 1643830440378.jpg (102.93 KB, 826x953, IMG_3095.jpg)

If you live somewhere with a decently sized ~kweer community~ and really want to upset yourself, download Lex. Every single weird kinky post is invariably made by a TIM - picrel is the profile of someone who posted "I want to hurt you"

No. 1433066

But not the men who are actually jumping tims in the streets or murdering their mtf Tinder dates in gay panic? No? Just the women who aren’t moulding their lives around accomodating you? Okay.
This guy sounds fucking painful and his sister is based as fuck.

No. 1433079

File: 1643831583500.jpg (140.25 KB, 795x608, 882q928637281872727272.jpg)

No. 1433080

File: 1643831621949.jpg (Spoiler Image, 22.81 KB, 326x313, 8c468a6d81ddc77d12df7da41ad48c…)

The exceptional ugliness of this moid is truly astonishing.

No. 1433084

Its 2022 and troons still think we get offended by misgendering and that misgendering it not a sign of severe mental illness.

No. 1433091

File: 1643831980505.png (157.73 KB, 1488x1464, stealthrot.png)

found this reddit post by a transbian asking if it's possible to fool sexual partners into thinking their infected wound is legit. we can tell (and smell), you hideous moid.


No. 1433122

Can someone post that meme of a mean girls screenshot where its edited and cady says “trans women are prettier than women” and regina critiques troons/tw? Cant find it, but its a blessed terf meme, ty

No. 1433133

men like this are all one failure away from trooning out themselves

No. 1433135

Men pretending to be women are the only interest he would ever get.

No. 1433179

The way they've deluded themselves into thinking there's no difference between a natal vagina and neovagina is so interesting. It's a complete denial of reality

No. 1433219

This was posted in a previous thread but it's still funny to read, imagine seething and bitching about your family and acquaintances on twitter while they are all living normal lives, not even thinking about this freak tranny anymore. Everyone lives rent free in their minds, what an exhausting pathetic existence.

No. 1433226

File: 1643842106672.png (1.87 MB, 1221x2048, Screenshot_20220202-174757.png)

i love twitter

No. 1433236

The face you see when you're sitting on the toilet in a public restroom and peer through the crack in the door because you saw someone standing outside the stall

No. 1433237

I love how they all post Venmos and Gofundmes for their narc interests and medical bills. This is a grown ass adult begging online for Amiibos

No. 1433245

I think what’s circled is the neo”vagina” opening. it’s often much lower than expected, troons have been known to accidentally have intercourse in their large gaping urethras instead.

No. 1433248

File: 1643843402619.png (2.68 MB, 1416x1697, femme.png)


No. 1433255

How is it that such a huge number of trannies are the most high testosterone chad DNA men?

No. 1433257

i had to stop listening to binchtopia when they had to stop and take time to say "fuck you terfs" for supporting us!!!

No. 1433261

she fucking roasted this melon

No. 1433262

Men will really have longer than average hair and think that is the single qualifier of being a feminine woman. Monkey brain.

No. 1433264

He is unreal obnoxious and has objectively shit taste. He gave Damn a 7/10 but called Ashnikko one of the artists he was most excited to see more of in the new decade. Damn is the first rap album to ever win a Pulitzer and Ashnikko’s five minutes have been over for ten, but one of them dresses like a blue-haired waifu and gets his dick hard, so of course they have the better quality music.
Sage for sperg I just can’t stand this overblown nutsack.

No. 1433265

File: 1643844275883.jpeg (427.13 KB, 1230x1180, 672025E3-0D68-4597-B3CE-991C86…)

Despite hating that website I appreciate that there’s a place I can go to where I can find the most deranged and delusional men wearing bad wigs and awful make up, men who legit think they look like ramona flowers kek. Just endless accounts to stumble upon to remind myself how much i love being a real women even if this world fucking sucks for us.

No. 1433267

File: 1643844575235.png (683.73 KB, 2021x1805, Screenshot_20220202-175417~2.p…)

I can't anymore

No. 1433274

Pretty sure lesbians don't want dick, even if the man is post op. Delusion, come through

No. 1433276

what an absolutely braindead response from melon.

No. 1433286

when your brother/husband is your DUFF

No. 1433307

Self-aware that he's just an ugly pestering moid, and yet wants to bother lesbians anyways. He should neck
Don't forget lipstick! He is so ugly
>nothing that goes into a neovaginal canal feels or smells or tastes any different
Their stink ditches probably taste like shit, literally. There's multiple accounts of wives complaining about the smell of their transbian husband when they're trying to do oral for "validation". No woman is going to be fooled.

No. 1433318

lmao which episode was this in?

No. 1433329

yassification crisis

No. 1433344

I love tranny on tranny crimes

No. 1433360

scrote with stringy hair and a 5 o'clock shadow on his jawless gullet in a disgusting, grimy bathroom
>"I feel so femme in this moment uwu"
lol just lmfao

No. 1433381

looks like the murder hobbit from lotr in midway of transforming into gollum

No. 1433407

File: 1643854164786.jpg (47.74 KB, 450x450, 5198856-buzz_lightyear_promati…)

No. 1433409

If I were them and didn’t tell a partner, I’d be horrified someone would rip it open during the act. Also, calling a vagina a “kitty”. Disgusting moid.

No. 1433412

File: 1643855468636.png (64.57 KB, 729x465, just dump him girl.png)

No. 1433416

Their feigned ignorance is infuriating. They know damn well that SRS isn't comparable to other surgeries.

No. 1433420

File: 1643855975327.png (Spoiler Image, 287.53 KB, 746x745, 1643855808173.png)

Brace yourselves.

No. 1433422

She's on Reddit, she was doomed from the start.

No. 1433423

No. 1433425

Why the fuck would you ever draw your COMIC CHARACTERS WEARING FUCKING MASKS? Holy shit I know this guy has no creativity in his brain but the absolute mental retardation to draw your characters in masks is staggering. They're comics. They don't have to be real.

No. 1433447

File: 1643858124038.jpeg (678.85 KB, 1242x1370, 208660E5-E39F-4D49-BE9F-89C6E9…)

I wonder if “cis” people would get free cosmetic surgery too

No. 1433451

Well since they like to claim that cis and trans are indistinguishable, then they have no right to complain if we took advantage of this. According to their own kind, even doctors have no way of knowing who is cis or trans! Of course, if they did give out free plastic surgery to everyone, trannies would be bitching about the evil cissies increasing their surgery wait times and how that's killing them, revealing that they're the transphobic TERFs who dare to think trannies aren't the same as real women. Checkmate!

No. 1433456

I've clicked on all these spoilers in the thread so far and this one actually offended me

No. 1433464

File: 1643860197403.png (38.92 KB, 748x429, Erin, Trail Mom ( ErinInTheMor…)

some good news for teh terves bad news for this troon

No. 1433465

That's a metoidioplasty on a FTM. You can clearly see that the before is a real vagina.

No. 1433472

that's horrifying, i'll delete and post it in the ftm thread then

No. 1433488

File: 1643862634437.jpg (407.5 KB, 467x598, t3PCF2f.jpg)

>what ffs should i get done, reddit?
the incel to troon pipeline.

No. 1433497

I get that he's trying to make his eyes look bigger, but lmaooo at that godawful eyeliner. Like a kid who can't color in the lines. Even his make-up application is painfully male.

No. 1433506

File: 1643863821696.jpg (171.96 KB, 1124x1483, FDxHn3WVgAQgEsb.jpg)

So this troon got rightfully dragged by some random gay guy for looking like a man on a wig. I just hate how these mfs dont even fucking try, it's always "Oh I'm a woman just because I feel like it", if you're going to wear our skin, at least do it right, retard.

kek at the copium in the comments.

No. 1433510

Is this flexinglesbians? That used to be such a nice subreddit before the troids took it over

No. 1433512

They don't, they just neck themselves.

No. 1433516

it's ironic that he probably looked less masculine before he trooned out

No. 1433530

File: 1643866991470.jpeg (402.89 KB, 1536x2048, 04F89D8C-1A3E-4606-847E-DA19C2…)

No. 1433533

File: 1643867314788.jpg (351.42 KB, 1356x2048, FJl8y-zUUAEFgqU.jpg)

had to look up who this was and lmao

No. 1433534

This is Laganja Estranja, might be worth discussing more in depth in the drag cows thread >>1257470

No. 1433542

File: 1643868469225.jpg (Spoiler Image, 154.96 KB, 1249x937, hmmmm.jpg)

nsfl; a poster said

Feeling Suicidal After SRS

It’s been well over a year since my vaginoplasty and I’ve never recovered. Dealing for months with granulation and bleeding. Discharge never ends. My depth is getting less and less. Nitrate, dilate, douche, cortisol cream. Rinse. Repeat.

I don’t feel like a human being anymore. I feel like an open wound. I try to distract myself with other things in life. But every morning and every night, my first and last thoughts are still focused on the surgery and how I’d like to die because of it.

No more sex life and even the idea of masturbation makes me cry/cringe.

Any tips on overcoming these feelings of inescapable doom?

someone replied with he went through this to get his fuck hole. click at ur own caution


No. 1433546

it looks like someone stitched slices of ham to his crotch

No. 1433547

Of course they conveniently omit the fact that she's 57. Find me a 57 year old tranny that looks even remotely that good.

Also it says a lot about trannies that their first impulse when they look at this famous philanthropist computer scientist is to judge her based on her appearance. No one ever comments on her ex-husband's appearance, go figure. Just goes to show that chopping off your dick won't change your chauvinist socialization.

No. 1433553

File: 1643869650863.jpg (Spoiler Image, 360.59 KB, 1732x1299, 20210417_010858.jpg)

this is the revision he got last year. Never seen a wound hole this saggy

No. 1433555

File: 1643869829369.jpg (138.54 KB, 1384x779, GALLAGHER.jpg)

I just realized this surgery was by the infamous Instagram doctor

No. 1433557

why are there two big holes? is that his urethra?

No. 1433559

Yes, the actual "vaginal" opening is always the lower hole in their taints, as that's the only place in the male anatomy where they have enough space for a larger opening. Literally impossible to recreate female genitals on a male body.

No. 1433574

The delusional vanity is a consequence of AGP. They fetishize women to the point of wanting to be one, so by trooning they feel they've become the object of their own desires. That's why they jerk off in the mirror and boast about how "hot" they are. They genuinely believe themselves to be attractive because their fetish makes them aroused by themselves.

Also if they truly believed they were hotter than cis women, they wouldn't constantly be seething about getting clocked, needing surgery, and getting rejected by cis people.

No. 1433577

Looks like the ass end of a raw chicken carcass

No. 1433580

Can't be worse than "taco"

No. 1433586

File: 1643873164286.png (2.01 MB, 1480x833, kam.png)

>Disturbing details are circulating regarding a trans-identified male who was charged with sexually abusing an 8 year old girl in Boise, Idaho while living with her polyamorous, non-binary family unit.
>In a series of Facebook posts, Celusta declared that in addition to being transgender, he was sexually attracted to children, and decried the oppression of what he portrayed as an innocent sexual identity.
>“I am a pedophile. I have felt attraction to the very young for as long as I’ve been aware of what those kinds of feelings were,” Celusta wrote. “I do not believe there’s anything shameful in my feelings. I don’t want to learn how to hide and repress and pretend I’m ‘cured’. This is part of my sexuality, as real a facet of me as any other.”


No. 1433588


This latest Sam Hyde sketch is going a bit too far

No. 1433594

Why would that comment lead to him believe she's a terf? Nowhere in her comment did she even mention transwomen.

Because that is literally what you are. Looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck. It's a duck.

No. 1433597

because it just means feminazi

No. 1433610

"Female" is a TERF dog whistle. Didn't you know?

No. 1433613

File: 1643882373925.jpg (114.46 KB, 719x474, Screenshot_202Twitter.jpg)

I think this troon has been posted before when the WiSpa thing was going down. He wrote a whole conspiracy article discrediting the women and calling them bigots and the whole thing being fake. Of course when the tranny in question was revealed to be a serial sex offender he shut the fuck up. Apparently, he spends every waking hour of his sad tranny existence reading "TERF hate sites", so im pretty sure he reads lolcow aswell. Hi tranny! You will never be a womam, go 41% you cant stop your fellow troons from being sexual deviants because that is exactly what you are.

No. 1433614

Im starting to think trooning out is a last ditch effort by ugly incels to have sex, any type of sex. This whole tranny shit boils down to ugly men being jealous of women's sexual market value and desirability.

No. 1433620

Let's not use the term "market value" in regards to women ever. We get enough of that bullshit from moids. But yeah it's the whole failed man thing + fetish for most transbians.

No. 1433625

File: 1643884464245.jpg (380.2 KB, 588x952, 52.jpg)

Anon, how could you possibly seriously say that?? You're wrong. ..it's actually up to 52% now and climbing

No. 1433626

good call on the rafman piece as the background nonny

No. 1433627

That is one of the ugliest dresses I've ever seen. Troons have no fashion sense whatsoever.

No. 1433630

>Please ignore the massive gaping wound where my penis used to be and focus on this smaller gaping wound that is concerning me
Life is a black comedy

No. 1433636

i used to be really sensitive to gore but looking at these axe-wounds have cured me

No. 1433640

>Probably by actually being able to give birth to children
>the male dating pool
They never change, women are breeding stock.

If they are made to believe that mutilating themselves is the only way to happiness, 52% of them having suicidal ideation isn't a surprise. Let's not even talk about the fact that passing as the other sex is impossible.

No. 1433652

damn he looks terrible lol his drag looks look better

No. 1433656

File: 1643892618354.png (68.2 KB, 738x591, sausage go boing.png)

i hate how these disgusting men infantilize themselves when talking about their boners

No. 1433661

File: 1643893270308.png (Spoiler Image, 695.83 KB, 864x952, Screenshot_20220203-075930~2.p…)

Bottom is the most goblin looking motherfucker I've ever seen

No. 1433664

so do men get boners when they graduate college? when they get married? when they hold their firstborn? no?

funny how being happy only gives them boners when they're dressing in women's clothing

No. 1433688

Partly ot but I really expected the mtf subreddit to be a lot bigger or more active than the ftm one. Seems like they're about equally popular

No. 1433696

never seen a guy with a boner after a rollercoaster

No. 1433699

File: 1643900118871.png (3.19 MB, 1792x828, AB6FC996-5D2D-4D3D-A07A-F56FC5…)

The new cut video includes a transbian who’s into to kitten play
I want to puke

No. 1433700

It think its because the generic trans subreddits are 75% MtF. They had a thing a while ago to remind users to stop bullying FtMs and sending them creep DMs about wanting their vaginas.

No. 1433705

File: 1643900446307.png (356.94 KB, 900x542, 814AB707-2B14-4E17-934F-7F225B…)

Fred Armisen is at it again

No. 1433708

Why are transbians attracted to lesbians anyway. I intentionally dress in a way that I like but also to attract female attention.

TiMs feel they’re owed lesbian bodies and it makes me physically ill.

No. 1433710

File: 1643901593541.jpg (135.1 KB, 851x638, Chris_Fleming.jpg)

Chris Fleming lookin mf

No. 1433712

File: 1643902127350.png (275.1 KB, 491x567, twaw.png)

(sorry for not embedding but I wanted to post timestamp)


I felt so much love for these women. Especially Rhonda. Fuck these dudes.

No. 1433717

chris doesn't deserve this

No. 1433720

File: 1643902454495.jpeg (162.26 KB, 1131x1271, C0D60A85-3D43-46C7-A3EB-63E2E5…)

>Male Feminist
>Those comments
Also disregarded. I hate the internet thanks anon!

No. 1433727

File: 1643902844990.jpg (325.18 KB, 2312x1080, Screenshot_20220203_163452_com…)

No. 1433728

No. 1433732

I fucking hate men. The “trans man” (aka confused woman) handled herself better than they did, and she had far more cause to be angry. She calmed herself and shows she empathised with them and saw where they where coming from. Those scrotes looked like they wanted to smack them.

No. 1433735

He really thinks women spend every waking hour thinking about trannies like he does.

No. 1433737

kek all the comments are against the women. i agree with them mostly

No. 1433738

Thanks for reminding me about this channel. It says it all when the women choose disagree yet the 'male feminists' choose agree.

No. 1433739

I was actually surprised when she spoke about Rowling and said a lot of the things she’s done are still feminist. The fact that the actual men on there were so gung-ho on trans rights when the women weren’t speaks volumes. I wonder if the question had been “are trans men men” instead of “are trans women women” the answers would have been any different. That entire video just shows men have no idea of the struggles women face.

No. 1433743

so to him submissive = female?

No. 1433745

File: 1643905214903.jpg (600.31 KB, 2312x1080, Screenshot_20220203_171435_com…)

this guy too
>i identify as genderqueer so for me it's very gender affirming to switch and get in the sex swing and be submissive

No. 1433747

The comments under the video are so disappointing, they don't know that there is more women who hate troons than they realize. We're just unable tp speak out because of the mob.

No. 1433752

Honestly, I am pretty neutral about mtfs most of the time. I don't spend time thinking about them nor do I try to cater to them, which of course is tantamount to holocaust encouragement in their eyes. The current field I work in (research in biology) has some ftms / enbies but it has come down more to looks and minor name changes. The only time a mtf has approached me was at a gay event and I just left the conversation within a minute, bored, going to a friend. Mtfs are living in some weird fantasy where women think about them as much as they hate them. But honestly, most of us I imagine has only a passing thought every once in a while for their existence.

No. 1433759

God I need to stop opening spoilers in this thread

No. 1433765

Kek. Underrated comment, nonna.

No. 1433770

why do I torture myself using these videos of retarded americans kek

the troon stumbling over its words trying to go over all the entry level stupid arguments, seemingly on the verge of tears throughout the whole video

No. 1433776

Right lmao female moment. I wonder how the vid would have been if they included an MTF. Would have liked to see it for the drama and milk.

No. 1433785


No. 1433792

Curiosity killed the nonnie

No. 1433795

File: 1643909884191.jpg (99.04 KB, 802x1044, FKoQcTnXIAEKPGk.jpg)

Where are the women celebrating male centered month?

No. 1433796

It’s because some nasty scrotes think lesbians are “more clean” because they assume that they have never touched a dick. Some even think that lesbians are virgins because they only consider piv to be sex.
Another reason is because moids always want what they cannot have. Obviously, lesbians don’t want to have sex with men. Scrotes hate being rejected by women, especially if it is for their maleness. So that’s where the transbian comes in, demanding that lesbians have sex with them because now they identify as “women”. If the lesbian still recognizes him as a man and doesn’t disregard the fact that he still has male genitals (or a crotch wound that looks nothing like a vagina), he will go ape shit, call you a “transphobe”, and try to ostracize you from the lgb(t?) community.
It’s often about control and domination.

No. 1433800

damn the women in that video were based

No. 1433817

The comments threw me, I had to go sit down for a second I was so surprised. Well shit nonnies good luck out there

No. 1433821

Ah, the Dr. Phil troon who can’t say what a woman is. But somehow is talking about women’s studies and women’s history. Because that makes sense.

No. 1433826

Sort by new, there’s so based comments supporting them just have to dig a little

No. 1433846

Rhonda, a well-spoken, reasonable black (don’t stone me I’m ESL eurofag, dunno the accepted term of the month) woman who works with low income families still got blasted and called “ratchet” and “whiny” in the comments. Good to know transexual men stand above people like that in the social justice/feminist food chain now…

No. 1433865

Samefag sorry, by transsexual men I mean men who want to be women.

No. 1433932

But it's transphobic to say "women's studies and women's history"! Some of those "women" were ackshually transmen or kweer! Bigots!

Obviously being sarcastic here, but their stupid tranny ideology can always be turned around back onto them.

No. 1433985

The cheapest most pop conservative man ever owned his ass so hard on national television. I'd go into hiding.

No. 1434009

this video is mind numbing

No. 1434014

autist blog sperg:
I will never understand trans idealogy despite being early 20s and growing up in the lgbtq123xyz+ community.

I used to be ok and thought maybe at one point I was trans or enby because I/liberal friends enjoyed the typical male activities and style of dressing until I asked myself. What the fuck was I doing and what makes THAT male?
Eventually i went down the /TERF/ hole and realized that theres no such thing as a neurotypical trannie and it's all a liberal joke to make us think "we're all women!1! Men and women can think the same!1"

but then eventually I realized shit like this >>1433712 >>1433656 >>1433226 exists and men see women as something they can larp as to escape the inevitable doom of manhood.

I had a trans 'friend' who switched from being male to female so technically he's the first female to win and be in top 10 (genere). He would talk to me about makeup and 'femme' things but I can't see past him just being a mentally ill larper who thinks being a woman is all jokes and fun.
He even talks about how its "so hard being sexually harrassed as a woman" and post stats about sexual assualt, wage gaps, etc. Despite being a male and nowhere near passing. Also did the same shit of asking for money for GFM as if they were dying of cancer for their bottom surgery and hormones treatment. Disgusting. Fund it yourself.

Why do all these men think being a woman is putting on a dress and wearing makeup and liking heels? It's a fucking fetish and NASTY. I can't bring this up with any of my IRLs without being called a terf and getting cancelled. Unfortunately same as anon >>1429524 I have to put my pronouns in my work bio and it makes me feel like less of a woman and I will NEVER consider trannies as their so called "sex".

Also this shit is DISGUSTING as well. This poor dad looks ready to end it. I'd put my kids up for adoption before dealing with a trans child who wants puberty blockers and shit. I always see people say "don't expect a boy or girl because even if your kid is trans you should be happy!1!" ew.

//Sorry for long sperg but I've never talked to anyone about this irl thx

No. 1434026

It's even worse in the UK version, where he's 15.

Why are men like this? Socialization?

No. 1434031

The dad looks like he is a second away from running head first into a brick wall. These parents are being fed so much fear that they are permanently damaging their children.

No. 1434033

I am beyond sick of how many men put the blame on women and excuse the fathers. He could stop this at any time but he doesn't care enough.

No. 1434036

File: 1643934982610.jpeg (545.2 KB, 1024x576, 22b9060f422569686fa0ddeb74db19…)

Has Reginald "Regina" Arthurell been posted about here? I searched his name in the past few threads and didn't find anything, apologies if this has been covered…

>Killed his stepfather in 1974 (I am unclear if he went to prison for this at all)

>Killed a naval officer in 1981 in a robbery
>Went to prison for several years
>While out on parole in 1995, he killed his fiancee Venet Mulhall. He brutally bludgeoned her with a piece of wood. She had helped him get parole in the first place.
>In all three of the killings, he blamed alcohol
>Was a crossdresser but "came out" as transgender while in custody for the third murder. There are photos of him dressing in his murdered fiancee's clothing and posing sexually.
>Was released in November 2021 and has reportedly been harassing Mulhall's family via Facebook
>Reginald was once again arrested at the end of January for several incidents of unwanted sexual touching against a younger man.
>Media indiscriminately reporting on him and his crimes as being committed by a woman.


No. 1434039

File: 1643935255382.png (1.31 MB, 1142x1042, t3.png)

No. 1434045

I think he's joking?

No. 1434059

File: 1643936444237.png (1.18 MB, 1145x992, t4.png)

They claim to be a non-binary they/them and are into nerdy comics, so I don't think it's a joke unless I'm just dense.

No. 1434073

looks like the randomized townies in the sims that i drown

No. 1434078

lmao, leftists hate when black people don't conform to their ideology

No. 1434081

Using their own space isn't as uwu gender affirming and euphoria boner-inducing as invading every single other space and flooding it with MTF centered posts

No. 1434094

File: 1643938450653.png (161.38 KB, 1470x260, 000.png)

The extremely feminine urge to ask Reddit for advice on how to shower


No. 1434102

the mom looks like shes the crazy one

No. 1434105

they need bleach to disinfect their wound hole

No. 1434122

It's pretty rich how you can see the TIF look like she's about to cry when none of the women agree with TWAW. I can't get over how misgendering them deals so much critical psychic damage, yet women are somehow able to put up with the fact that we're treated as less than human on the daily.

No. 1434168

the male urge to colonize, dominate, and usurp. saying no to them is a challenge or an affront to their ego.

No. 1434171

am i crazy or does anyone else see the face of an old dog

No. 1434174

this video kind of puts into perspective how people offline see trans people vs how terminally online people do.

It was infuriating watching the women talk about what it means to be a women and the men and TIF talking over them not listening to their experiences. The women were mega based, even saying that they believe Amy whateverhernameis Barret is a feminist for being a woman in a position of power despite not agreeing with her political views. I respect that. Fuck Amy and fuck her pro-life agenda but respect that they see her as a woman in power even though they hate her beliefs.

No. 1434178

File: 1643943250734.png (59.22 KB, 725x652, Capture.PNG)

lesbian erasure is the most comically socially accepted homophobia there is, it's like the LGBT movement is cannibalizing itself with rampant misogyny.

you get to be a lesbian! you get to be a lesbian! and you! and you as well! words mean nothing! abolish gender and language! Suck my girl dick TERFs!

No. 1434179

What happened?

No. 1434181

nta but some gross moid posting gore in the sam hyde thread, anon's trying to bury it

No. 1434192

>“I am a pedophile. I have felt attraction to the very young for as long as I’ve been aware of what those kinds of feelings were,” Celusta wrote. “I do not believe there’s anything shameful in my feelings. I don’t want to learn how to hide and repress and pretend I’m ‘cured’. This is part of my sexuality, as real a facet of me as any other.”
They'll admit this shit then neck themselves when their acceptance rates plummet further

The TWAW is for men advancing cosigned by lib fems. Men are all on board with erasing rvery women's-only spaces and activities there is. You cant find an MRA that's anti trans too. You'll get called a terf by them lol because troons are exceeding in what they wanted for years. Getting rid of women-only gyms, bathrooms, clubs, sports, schools, etc. Everything until women are left to just stay in our homes, never leave or go underground and never have a public presence

No. 1434193

kek youre so right nonnie, my man has a whole basset hound there.

No. 1434195

>non men loving non men
women is a dirty word to these people

No. 1434199

File: 1643946354261.png (2.43 MB, 1143x1721, punkgirl.png)

So many twitter trannies look like nazi untermenschen propaganda.

No. 1434200

Like anon said before, it's just the new word for feminazi. Men adapted when it became unpopular to behave like that, but didn't change their opinion/behaviour, they just gave sexism/misogyny a new coat of paint.

No. 1434201

File: 1643946417256.png (53.1 KB, 795x734, Lia Thomas' UPenn teammate say…)

And not surprising the troons are defending this.

No. 1434206

It's not a coincidence that troons co-opted a womens movement and try to bastardise it to be about focusing on things that aren't biological, as biology is what divides the sexes. No, it has to be something that benefits or full-on prioritises something men can experience aka be about men, it only should exist if it benefits men. Since there are a tone of men in power, they can happily trot this shit along, while only the religious countries don't since they already/are still holding women down, they don't need to adapt a new method to do it. They think womens rights should be about being sexually available and subservient to men, and don't give a shit about things men don't think is fun or sexy, like abortion, etc, the biological shit. Lib men genuinely think being a women is a role the same way as right wing men, they just define the roles differently sort of (right = women must serve men as mothers, left = women must serve men as sex and therapy providers). Neither suddenly respect women.

No. 1434269

File: 1643953427095.jpeg (739.41 KB, 828x1353, 0E72669D-4B6E-4708-8FEC-314BE1…)

The cries for free plastic surgeries always make me kek. As if it wouldn’t end up exactly like Brazil, where everyone who actually utilizes the subsidized plastic surgery knows that they’re going to become some medical student’s guinea pig. Slightly OT but I recommend this article for anyone who wants to get a glimpse into what happens when you try to make something as subjective and petty as “beauty” into a human right https://qz.com/quartzy/1269028/plastic-surgery-in-brazil-the-dark-side-of-the-right-to-beauty/

No. 1434276

File: 1643954551354.jpeg (24.82 KB, 720x283, FKjYHK4X0AYiF4A.jpeg)

Based momma

No. 1434279

File: 1643955336987.jpeg (27.6 KB, 425x283, F1A830E9-656A-41D3-922A-74529B…)

My sides

No. 1434285

>called her ratchet in the comments
That’s literally mask off racism. They would never call the woman in the blue top ratchet.

No. 1434295

File: 1643957949506.jpg (58.88 KB, 720x294, Screenshot_20220204_Twitter.jp…)

Implying women cant sense an ugly white moid tranny from a mile away. Anyone got a picture of this cretura? I know hes ugly.

No. 1434300

Why do they always retort with this? No TERF on earth thinks that women with PCOS aren’t women. Yet they bring it up every fucking time. Women with hormone conditions, intersex conditions, infertility, disability are women. Men are not women, it’s as simple as that.

No. 1434302

me if i had a son and he trooned out

No. 1434303

File: 1643958836920.jpg (799.71 KB, 648x6555, Tummy tuesday.jpg)

No. 1434304

File: 1643959155071.jpg (608.31 KB, 648x4907, Gut tuesday.jpg)

No. 1434305

Theres so much troon degeneracy on Twitter i truly cannot keep up. They are like rats.

No. 1434306

what the fuck is that in the second picture

No. 1434308

If child troons out, send this pic, enough said.

No. 1434309

Coach needs to fucking die. However I don't get why the women swimmers don't just barricade the door, or do a walkout or something?? How can they be this fucking weak-willed and compliant to be comfortable with a strange man in the same changing room as you!?

No. 1434311

i'm not white and i have never in my life been mistaken for a fucking troon

No. 1434312

Iirc their scholarships are tied to participating in the swim team, quitting would entail having their tuitions hike by thousands of dollars

No. 1434313

moids shouldn't be allowed to use the internet

No. 1434317

Nobody gives a fuck about the women. Nobody is advocating for them. They will fight tooth and nail to keep lia on the team because they know he will win. In Scotland they had massive backlash because they hired a rapist footballer and excused it with “everybody deserves a second chance”. They only kicked him off again when they started to lose funding. They made out like they ha some epiphany of righteousness but really they where just shitting in their knickers about losing money and sponsors. That’s what it is all about. They are guaranteed a win with a tranny on the team. They don’t really believe they have a fair advantage.

No. 1434330

File: 1643963702334.jpg (313.53 KB, 517x542, vnv3GEr.jpg)

gotchu nonna. the troon is also white so not sure why he's sperging about "non white women" being excluded. https://www.tiktok.com/@laurakbuzz

ffs, they always insult black women. none of these women listed would get mistaken as a troon. this tweet makes no sense. why would cis lesbians be pushed out of female spaces? do trannies think that all cis lesbians are predators like they are? the projection.

No. 1434332

I don't remember there being much discourse or confusion about whether infertile, GNC, homosexual, black etc. women "count as women" before troons started spouting their dumb as hell "but WHAT is a WOMAN though" bullshit. No one was confused about what "female" means

No. 1434334

File: 1643964332503.jpeg (187.32 KB, 1412x1418, 1423D188-4605-4C45-A6DE-FE182F…)

This is so fucking funny to me lollll sorry all

No. 1434336

>but they'd still be a lesbian, right?
The confirmation bias lol

No. 1434340

>Why do all these men think being a woman is putting on a dress and wearing makeup and liking heels?

Because to them, they think these things are what define women. They can't EVER fathom what it's like to go though female puberty, having to go through your menstrual cycle, keeping up with your birth control, routine visits to your gynecologist to make sure you don't have ovarian cancer or cervical polys and so on.
They just focus on the superficial shit that doesn't mean anything because men can wear dresses and heels too, it's just most of them are too cowardly to do it and own it.

No. 1434342

File: 1643965548320.jpeg (220.16 KB, 828x1172, 3F564989-8AA1-42F9-A0AA-E44010…)

some hideous black tranny who does nothing but e beg all day and complain about real women complaining about makeup. when logical ppl asked him why he & the other trannys can’t just make their own videos he says that he’s not a makeup artist. pls tell me why the fuck real women need to cater to & coddle to these psychotic males 24/7 in every aspect. idek what his argument is, trannys be dumb

No. 1434344

I just love seeing them miserable.

No. 1434346

Thanks nonna.

No. 1434347

yep, thankfully the heavy tranny looking instagram makeup era is finally over! coincidently just before trannies started to feel like they were on the same level as us. but they're not and never will be and the evidence is in how we can completely give up makeup and still obviously be women while they cant! sorry men!

No. 1434348

they're trying to divide women

No. 1434349

They want women to wear drag makeup so they can blend in. Troons can never set a standard or do anything by themselves they have to manipulate women. When will the 5 o'clock shadow be in, troonies? They have been pushing the girldick and girlbuldge psyop for years and it only became a joke to make fun of trannies.

No. 1434350

The world is fucking gay. Higher education that allows this is a joke and I hope it gets razed.

No. 1434352

Biker energy means he'll be fine with taking a full beer can to the face. If someone like him ever showed up anywhere near me I'd hurl every last bottle behind the bar at him.

No. 1434353

File: 1643967006976.jpeg (347.44 KB, 836x1576, EF5B509A-4905-44EF-BAF8-205758…)

i hope these freaks die painfully.

No. 1434354

that "skirt go spinny!!" shit is so fucking annoying

No. 1434356

File: 1643967891175.jpg (67.89 KB, 680x383, FKdA7tkVUAEmoio.jpg)

lmao badbunny said something slightly critical of troons so she has to be schooled by Sophie "The Shemale" From Mars

No. 1434357

File: 1643968013274.jpg (93.1 KB, 720x647, image.jpg)

Lmao why is this belivable. I think Radfem Hitler was a troon. He/she begs for attention from nationalist/catholic moids. He regularly posts pics of himself and moids are qt tweeting him that he is a troon. I thought his account was gone but hes still posting.

No. 1434358

File: 1643968067794.jpg (162.91 KB, 646x1338, Radfem hitler.jpg)

No. 1434360

yes it's black women who made all the money in makeup and certainly not gay white moids. black men who transition just to scold and berate black women are the absolute worst. same goes for kat blaque, just a disgusting combo of internalized sexism, homophobia, and racism.

No. 1434361

body and torso look scrote-like

No. 1434369

File: 1643969195432.jpg (555.24 KB, 1080x1080, Trannyscrote.jpg)

He's totally a valid 36 years old lesbian women!

No. 1434371

Hes tall asf too. Look at the door handle

No. 1434373

>these are the creatures robbing us of our rights
We need to start putting them in camps again.

No. 1434378

File: 1643972199742.png (102.7 KB, 1073x631, t6.png)

No. 1434379

So not even femme means what it used to mean anymore?

No. 1434381

File: 1643972837717.jpg (397.73 KB, 1238x1718, Sarahdoe.jpg)

Another tradwife account that just gives off AGP vibes. 10,300 tweets and joined May of last year. Either its a terminally online tranny or some ugly fat bitch who wants attention from misogynistic moids (I say fat because she uploaded an xray of her neck and its fucked because of her "huge tits")


No. 1434382

Funny enough the natural look has been making a comeback since covid started. The porn star bimbo look is still a thing but I feel like most people are bored of it. Any woman still doing drag looks and getting tumor like implants will look just as silly as the gay boys who will try to do natural looks. Lol these troons and "femme"/NB moids are gonna stand out even more when their handmaidens highlight their natural beauty with softer looks

No. 1434384

File: 1643973006822.jpg (1.49 MB, 1808x3961, handmaiden.jpg)

this someone you know nonnie? or bait? all of her tweets have no interaction

No. 1434385

File: 1643973008716.jpg (51.03 KB, 1021x706, 20220204_115141.jpg)

Found an alleged pic of his face

No. 1434386

I relate to this sperg, and I understand the feeling of alienation you probably have not knowing anyone irl who seems to see this crap for what it is.

In Václav Havel's The Power of the Powerless, an essay criticizing totalitarian regimes, he talks about how you can never know how many supporters a movement that forces its participants to comply with actually has.
>And since all genuine problems and matters of critical importance are hidden beneath a thick crust of lies, it is never quite clear when the proverbial last straw will fall, or what that straw will be. This, too, is why the regime prosecutes, almost as a reflex action preventively, even the most modest attempts to live within the truth.
He talks about a greengrocer who has a sign outside his shop that says "Workers of the world, unite!" but since it's not his choice to hang the sign, the sign represents his servitude rather than his power. Every other shop has the sign in their window, and no one notices it or thinks about what it means.
>the greengrocer declares his loyalty (and he can do no other if his declaration is to be accepted) in the only way the regime is capable of hearing; that is, by accepting the prescribed ritual, by accepting appearances as reality, by accepting the given rules of the game. In doing so, however, he has himself become a player in the game, thus making it possible for the game to go on, for it to exist in the first place.
When he snaps and stops spouting the slogan:
>He will be relieved of his post as manager of the shop and transferred to the warehouse. His pay will be reduced. His hopes for a holiday in Bulgaria will evaporate. His children's access to higher education will be threatened. His superiors will harass him and his fellow workers will wonder about him. Most of those who apply these sanctions, however, will not do so from any authentic inner conviction but simply under pressure from conditions, the same conditions that once pressured the greengrocer to display the official slogans. They will persecute the greengrocer either because it is expected of them, or to demonstrate their loyalty, or simply as part of the general panorama, to which belongs an awareness that this is how situations of this sort are dealt with, that this, in fact, is how things are always done, particularly if one is not to become suspect oneself.

I worried for a long time that the world had gone nuts, but I've talked to so many people about gender shit who are ardent supporters in public and say, in private, what would have them branded terfs. The more people speak out on this (especially influential people, which is why everyone will tell you not to read JKR's essay), the faster this monolith will crumble. I don't suggest anyone go out and make your beliefs known–it's potentially life-ruining in this climate to do so–but remember that most people can see the truth as clearly as you can.

No. 1434388

File: 1643973423077.jpg (68.8 KB, 650x1000, 2ff6b496c071ebc9360a2492b76869…)

I shouldn't have looked that up. Jesus Christ.

No. 1434389

These days I've heard more gay men (and some AGPs) use femme than women. And by gay men I don't mean HSTS I mean like regular degular gay men who wear makeup and are bottoms call themselves femme and have inserted themselves into women's spaces like troons have. I also live in California so maybe the city I'm from is just a liberal shithole idk but I've seen signs for womens events say "gay men, NB's welcome". Gay bottoms have been calling themselves femmes so they can include themselves in convos about misogyny. I think these men are trying to get all the benefits of being a troon without trooning out or actually trying to look like a woman. But still want access to our resources, spaces, and low-key I think some wanna get away with misogyny by claiming to also experience it because they are "femme" lol. I've argued with multiple gay men about this retarded ass shit, they're so confident they can experience misogyny worse than "cis" women (due to them CHOOSING to follow patriarchal beauty standards to mimic us) that is appropriate to identify with us. Let a woman with a strap call herself a top and gay men would lose it

Sage for sperg

It's just frustrating seeing not only AGP rapists but gay moids colonizing our spaces and words

No. 1434392


This hurts. I grew up with a handful of gay and lesbian friends. As scary as the threat of physical violence was for my gay friends, it was my lesbian friends who suffered the most. They weren't scared of getting beaten up, but they were ostracized, pushed into a culture of heavy drugs, and constantly disrespected. A lesbian couple in an older grade at my school got expelled for kissing and making male teachers uncomfortable, even though hetero couples were necking every lunchtime. I remember being terrified when a girl started flirting with me because I'd associated it with that event, and my dumb kid brain thought it was illegal or something. This is in the late 2000s, and I know things are better in a lot of ways, but lesbians are still under attack. I'm scared that they're going to have to hide and end up in shitty situations.

No. 1434393

Why do these troon freaks expect to be accepted in their overtly facist spaces? Retards

No. 1434394

File: 1643974470493.jpg (93.55 KB, 565x800, troonstory.jpg)

Some historical evidence for you bigots to prove yet again that Trans Women have always existed and that you don't need to pass to be a woman! (We still pass so much better than you cissies tho this is just a dime in a dozen example)

No. 1434395

pls god give me the confidence of a troon

No. 1434407

File: 1643978123213.jpeg (852.27 KB, 982x1280, 5BFF79D6-5D14-4E86-9F59-056E40…)

Reddit comments
>s-she’s being forced to make this bill!
>trans athletes aren’t a threat, there was a mtf in the olympics and they placed dead last!
>haha women are going to be screwed over anyway because now the ftms taking testosterone have to play on their teams! (like a 5’ 1” aiden is a bigger threat than a 6’ 180lb scrote lurking in their locker room)

No. 1434413

everyone in sports is doping anyway so idc about ftms

No. 1434415

Based Kristi. She's also really beautiful.

No. 1434417

WTF is this, looks like it was taken on a ghost hunting camera

No. 1434420

retarded. she's a horrible person and she doesn't give a fuck about girls or women. "based" while she tried to push a proposal to ban almost all abortions, okay.

No. 1434421

The issue is that most athletes get started in school, so if you write legislation barring boys from exploiting a natural but unfair advantage over girls, it doesn't make any sense to allow girls to exploit an unnatural and unfair advantage over other girls either.

After that the only reason we don't have a special troon division like the paralympics is because people don't want to pay to get a project like that up and running when it's so politically risky to acknowledge that trans bodies are anatomically distinct from cis bodies and always will be. It's not like people wouldn't watch. I think a lot of people would be fascinated to watch nature triumph over nurture. But I guess the people with that kind of money want no part in the troon games.

No. 1434424

File: 1643980311753.jpg (56.01 KB, 615x416, 0_STRICTLY-EMBARGOED-UNTIL-000…)

Would you believe he's autistic and got married on a train (not even a private one but the regular commuter kind) to another tranny who named themselves after a Final Fantasy waifu?

No. 1434425

what is it about autistic people and trains

No. 1434430

Ah, yes. Not being white, a masculine trait

No. 1434464

File: 1643987576715.jpeg (177.91 KB, 828x780, 8989C093-7DEA-4B33-A319-2EE72C…)

this article is a pile of narcissistic, misogynistic garbage. “please, don’t make fun of your oppressors because it hurts my troon feefees” fuck off

No. 1434465

Ah yes, PCOS that problem that effects ovaries, ovaries that women have. Only women. Such a masculine trait!
This is just an attempt to be like “women is an umbrella term! It can mean many different types of women, like black women, lesbians, women with pcos, trans women!” They want to turn us into a subcategory to further justify their inclusion and silencing of actual women.

No. 1434468

She attributes her body to Icelandic genes or whatever and this pic of her face makes me think she's not a troon, but it's still so eye rollingly insufferable that she has a "radfem" account just to post about how women need to be more trad and have more babies and openly flirt with men and encourage their sexual fantasies of her on twitter while allegedly being in a trad marriage and raising small children.

No. 1434476

Offended by omg misandry…so he is admitting to being a man?

No. 1434488