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File: 1565002792896.jpg (114.37 KB, 540x440, pr76kwwpxg1xljt9go1_540.jpg)

No. 444147

No. 444149

Breiviks mom sexually abused him and told him from birth that he was evil. If you read about breiviks childhood, it's obvious why he ended up like he did.

No. 444150

My mom also abused me from early childhood and while I do fucked up shit it's self inflicted, I'm not shooting up people

No. 444152

Psychiatrist who evaluated him during his childhood more or less predicted him turning into a monster if he weren't removed from his mother though.

No. 444176

The McElroy brothers are overrated and if I didn't know some of them were married I would 100% think they are ugly gay men.

No. 444187

Thank God someone else said it.

No. 444204

Yes, I hate how everyone praises them. They're just normal dudes who look super friendly, but are actually full of themselves. Daddy's money must be nice.

No. 444243

All men who look at porn are nasty and pathetic. Can’t change my mind, and I won’t change my opinion. I am sick of living in this porn infested, sexually deviant society.

No. 444249

"girls can do anything boys can do" feminism dragged generations of girls down to the gutters with men and is why we have so many irritating male-identified, narc-tier women, especially among "feminist" circles.

No. 444252

I hate girl boss culture, nothing wrong with women owning their own businesses or climbing corporate ladders but the idea of kicking everyone else down and acting ruthless to prove they can be just like the men is stupid and does nothing to help other women.

No. 444253


No. 444254

Agreed. I have a couple of friends who are OBSESSED with them and have forced me to listen to their DnD + regular podcasts. I'll admit that there were a few moments where I laughed but 80% of the time it's just boring or meh. Honestly I always thought they looked like recently divorced, single fathers trying to relive their 'hilarious and rowdy' younger years.

No. 444260

It's honestly a bit pathetic how adult children can't handle any criticism towards their precious video games.
I understand it's an extreme to say that they cause serial killers, but there have been studies that found causality between video games and aggression.
Not that blaming video games in the face of a tragedy isn't a kneejerk reaction, but still.

No. 444262

links? i've only seen studies to the contrary. speaking of which, i've seen studies recently that show that media representation positive or negative, doesn't really affect most people or their self esteem. which is really cool if true since media representations are usually dogshit.

No. 444263

Is there anything specific you don't like about them or just their general personalities? I like them but I've noticed if I listen to them for too long they get on my nerves.

No. 444268

Average people are more physically attractive than celebrities imo
that or the place i live has better looking people

No. 444275

I find serial killers a more fascinating subject than mass killers. Mass killers are too often a product of social isolation and inceldom fostering on the internet and escapism to video games and their autism hits too close to home for me to be interested in them. I actually find them far more heinous and a perversion of the original model of the mass killer aka serial killer. The USA is fucked and culturally ill and is a menace to its people and everyone else

No. 444329

Is this all that unpopular? True crime is a super popular genre and serial killer documentaries are all over the place.

No. 444333

It's absolutely valid to hate people over their political views and people who say otherwise are complete fucking morons. Sorry you don't have moral standards for the people you surround yourself with, but some of us aren't willing to be friends with bigoted troglodytes and I fail to see the problem with that.

No. 444334

I like Sawbones but only bc Sydney makes it interesting.

No. 444335

i mean i don't care if i have disagreements with people on economic issues and shit but i'm not going to respect someone's political standing that is completely caused by sexism or racism. if someone is pro life and their reasoning is misogynistic garbage i'm not going to take it seriously.

No. 444340

File: 1565036565979.png (3.76 MB, 2560x1433, 1554734818009-Screen-Shot-2019…)

I actually really love Contrapoints even though I'm pretty staunchly GC

No. 444342

what do you like about contra? i'm also gc and i disagree with him on almost everything except his videos on fascism.

No. 444359

That's not unpopular. I'd rather be with someone who shares the same ideas as me. Aka not being a racist or sexist piece of shit. It's got to be tiring being hateful all the time for no reason or bc theyre afraid of an imaginary boogeyman with an agenda.

No. 444379

They're utterly exhausting to listen to and how does every single one of them have that lispy, nasally voice that sounds like they all have a deviated septum? I liked monster factory a lot but since they've moved onto other projects they're just less funny and more annoying.

No. 444413

File: 1565046977250.jpeg (54.62 KB, 400x300, 6CD07194-B5EC-4A0F-BA0D-07F73C…)

The sound of cracking knuckles disgusts me. Hearing it makes me want to smash their hands with a hammer. Try cracking your hands now fucker.

No. 444416

File: 1565047669131.gif (Spoiler Image,2.99 MB, 540x400, pennywise.gif)

People who get upset that an actor doesn’t have the same eye color as the character they’re playing (infamous example: Daniel Radcliffe in the Harry Potter films) sound childish and dumb. They always argue that studios should "just give them contacts/cgi the eyes!“ but that seems so stupid? Colored contacts tend to look very fake/unsettling and can effect a person’s acting. Not to mention contacts irritate eyes and are very noticeable on screen (i.e. you can totally see the ring around Pennywise’s eyes in a clip from IT 2). And the cgi method is dumb because not only does it take a lot of time and money, but chances are it’ll still look fake/awful. Not saying it isn’t possible but it’s totally understandable why a filmmaker might dismiss the eye detail, especially when it’s not even important to the plot. I just hate how any time a new adaption comes out there’s always someone who’s like "uwu the actress doesn’t have blue eyes so it’s trash”. Grow up, it doesn’t matter. (sorry for sperg)

No. 444419

Geez, anon. Lmao I laughed at this

No. 444422

You'll be slightly more aggressive immediately after playing them, but then no more if you were engaging in other competitive sport or hobby instead.

No. 444427

That's the popular opinion, sis. Especially on the left where cancel culture is rampant. The unpopular one is saying you'll never change any minds unless they like and trust you first.


No. 444461

I think many people agree that gamers are now a prime target for radicalization into hate groups. Online gaming and things like Twitch still have major issues with misogyny and racism and even homophobia and nobody takes their concerns seriously. Also interesting to note that the US Army has also been targeting gamers for recruitment by setting up esports events and such things.

No. 444470

Thats exactly why Radcliffe didnt wear contacts, actually. I read once that they irritated his eyes way too much to function so they just let it go. Idk if it makes you feel better lol.

I agree though, cgi and/or contact lens cost money, time, mistakes. It really annoys me when cosplayers are bitched about for not matching a characters eye color, like…there are very legitimate reasons for them not to. Especially when lenses are 30-40 dollars a pair and expire in like a year or two.

No. 444596

File: 1565081809500.jpg (609.02 KB, 1491x1200, julian.jpg)

Here's today's bitter pill to swallow:
People who go after "pedo artists" i.e. those who draw ship art of 16 year old fictional characters and chimp out over everything being loli or shota if the character is "child-coded" (i.e. have big eyes or petite build) are just
1.) creating a false sense of security out of fear because it brings them peace of mind to "be able" to point out predators and avoid them even though actual predators are manipulative enough to agree with everything you say and take advantage of your vulnerable side without you even noticing it.
2.) the predators themselves trying to cover their tracks.
3.) virtue signalers who don't give a shit about muh kids but are using pedo claims as a crutch trying to chase out people they don't like/have personal issues with instead of actually teaching the youth how to avoid being taken advantage of or calling out confirmed, dangerous IRL pedoforks because they're too chicken shit to take action.

Pic related and no, not defending Shadman because he's an actual fucking creep but just illustrating the hypocrisy

No. 444643


While I hate lolicon and shotacon, I full acknowledge it is not on the same level as real CP. It really upsets me when people treat fictional characters like real people. It reminds of 2017 tumblr when it suddenly became cool to hate BL, most of the people spouting that misogynistic (and often anti lgbt) shit were fujoshis playing dress up with transgender identity.

No. 444650

Fuck no, you freak.

No. 444705

Toy Story 4 >Toy Story 3

No. 444723

So-called "Gender Critical" radical feminists are mentally ill, histrionic and catty who seem to have an abnormal obsession over trans women instead of actual issues and give the tumblr xe and xirs a run for their money as the most uptight and unhinged group on the planet.
>inb4 some harpy "puts me out to pasture"

No. 444727

Yeah, good to know that the erasure of sex based rights isn't an "actual issue" according to you.

No. 444730

Trans 'women' are just men wanting feminists to worship their scrote. Find a new label instead of trying to ruin radfem, handmaiden.

No. 444733

I've noticed your average person who doesn't like at all or is very uncomfortable with this sort of art, anime or manga will just not consume any of it and will avoid it while not talking about it because they have other things to do and just don't think about it. Or they straight up report this sort of content to mods on social media or other websites,
which is the best thing to do imo. Whenever I see fucked up content on twitter I just silently report it, I deleted tumblr because there was too much of that shit there and reporting was useless.

The people who sperg about "muh underage fictional cartoon/anime/vidya characters" almost always nitpick and are way worse with irl teenagers or women in general or post completely degenerate contents themselves (furry shit or straight up bestiality mostly, sometimes guro, many are deranged transbians, etc.) and they try to cover that up by acting like they're paragons of purity.

No. 444734

Not unpopular. 3 was the worst movie out of all of them and was terrible.

No. 444736

Are you the troon who complained in /meta/ about this site being too transphobic? Is this bait?

I agree that many "radfems" here focus much more on trannies than on more pressing radfem issues but only a tranny or the worst handmaiden would complain about this and use the words "catty", "histronic" and "harpy".

No. 444747

>Calling women catty for having opinions you don't agree with
Not even a radfem but maybe try debunking the actual arguments instead of resorting to namecalling.

I didn't like 4 at all for some reason. I just felt like it was trying too hard with the emotional guilt trip.

No. 444767

I can agree on some of that, but I think people who do it for loli/shota shit are genuine about it. I've gotten to the point where I've just accepted that a lot of weebs are hypocrites.
Its happened too many times where I see people do call outs like this only to reveal that they're some kind of degenerate themselves. It's like fakebois going on about how evil fujoshis are for "fetishizing" gay men but are literally fujoshis themselves doing the exact same thing.It makes it hard to take any of them seriously. I've known people who pull this purity act too but are still are out there liking very clearly sexualized figs of literal kid animu girls or posting questionable fanart "as a joke". One of them even loves and follows that one fucker Oneyplays even though he openly likes, defends, and hangs out with Shad. Like, what.
Also this >>444733

My unpopular opinion (in the weeb community anyway) is that if anime wasn't a thing we'd have a lot less genderspecials/transpeople. Also women identifying as "nonbinary" is damaging to women in general, but I can understand why they do it.

No. 444793

File: 1565101688901.jpg (123.75 KB, 944x853, 1564216614103.jpg)

I used to be with the Momokun threads from thread #1 and I hated her for being such a piece of narcissistic shit so much but the anons in her thread have become more cowish than Momo at this point, especially when proven by their screenshots that reveal them to be bitter clout chasing costhots or people like pic related. She doesn't do anything that milky anymore and just posts shitty photosets, that's boring and stale. I've actually grown sort of fond of her because she's one of the few thots that at least likes anime and games on a surface level at least. We have so many greedy costhots who outright say they don't give a shit about the properties they're profiting off of that I'm actually grateful for Momo's shitty misunderstood character analyses. At least she tries.

No. 444800

File: 1565101880478.jpg (534.52 KB, 975x858, d2mnsvy-cb1c2d82-bc79-4b16-9ec…)

I think the main way anime causes troons was through traps. Traps gave troons an unrealistic idea on how transition works.
It's unrealistic because many traps are designed with features that only appear in females. I heard an interesting theory the only reason traps pass as female is because of anime cliches. On average an adult women in an anime will have bigger eyes than an adult man. So if you watch enough anime 'big eyes' is subconsciously a female cliche. Traps also have big eyes, but they are male. It wouldn't be wrong of you after seeing big eyes to assume 'female' because of the cliche.
Traps are impossible transition goals because they are specificity female coded in design. Traps are given all the traits of women, but a penis is tacked on. Such a transition is impossible for troons because they are not made female coded like traps, they are made male coded.

No. 444802

totally agree. i initially stopped hanging around those threads when anons were trying to make mar mar happen and temp cow. i still check up on it every now and then but its deeply amusing to see sperg posts about the way she spends her japan trips and watching all those anons complain about her treating her figs awful and just any little thing they can grasp. the last thing i read over there were anons getting pissy about her loving breath of the wild.

No. 444812

I love his aesthetic, I find him really funny, and I agree with him on everything except the troon shit.

No. 444951

his aesthetic is literally the worst part of him??? it's outdated and any mediocre film student had the same derivative-ass aesthetic literally 8 years ago anyways. also i could easily live without him playing piano obnoxiously or shoehorning his electric guitar into a video about fascism or whatever. he was mildly funny at best and he's never even funny anymore.

No. 445110

I, as a woman, love anal sex but don't personally orgasm from it alone. It feels nice and the pain is very mild if you do it right. Honestly anybody who insists it's so painful and no woman could possibly enjoy to me sounds like a prude. You don't have to enjoy anal sex yourself to understand other people are different from you and the world doesn't revolve around what you like sexually.

No. 445117

No one:…
>as a woman
First of all sus, smells like tranny. Second of all no one gives a shit what you like anal-chan. People are allowed to find shit holes disgusting. Maybe it’s painful because not everyone has a loose sphincter like you. And not everyone feels the need to endure pain of stretching their asshole for useless moid dicks that are too tiny to satisfy a vagina. God, I like it in the ass myself but Jesus take this shit to reddit, at least you’ll get some male validation there.

No. 445127

The real unpopular Toy Story opinion is that the movies are all not that great. Fuck Toy Story.

No. 445131

>"Smells like a tranny"

I'm not transgender, you.fucking terf shit for brains. Anal is not fucking painful for me because I don't just cram it up there and then fucking whine like a virgin. JFC this post reads like it was written by femcel. This is the unpopular opinions fucking thread because a lot of the women on this site seems to have this opinion that anal is bad (An opinion they are free to fucking have by the way). But I would never fucking go in the gender critical or radfem threads fucking bitching or derailing them even though I vehemently disagree with what they post. Don't fucking like what I say a begnin thread in which I was just saying something without any provoking or validation seeking? Maybe go whinge in the radfem thread for validation instead of starting shit for no fucking reason.

No. 445133

File: 1565158925939.jpg (35.32 KB, 700x509, Where_do_you_think_we_are?.jpg)

>trying to use terf as an insult on lolcow
If you're so triggered by radfems and want to be a handmaiden for men in dresses how about you go to literally any other site on the internet?

No. 445134

I’m sorry, you posted in the unpopular opinions thread and expected people to not discuss your unpopular opinion???

Enjoy your microtears btw

No. 445135


Don't you have some sexless political lesbian relationship to require to?


Femcel sperging is hardly discussion. Enjoy your delusionals of graduer.

No. 445136

Yeah it’s unpopular opinion not free from criticism opinion lol
You have to be at least a lvl 6 cool girl. Got lost on your way to ya inclusive sex work Twitter? How do you not sound like a tranny when you actually conflate women not wanting to take it up the ass as “being prudes”, when the main complaint women have against anal is how much men coerce them into it as a product of porn and the fact that it cause them fucking pain!! Do you tell women with vaginismus that they’re prudes for not being able to relax their pussy enough for cock? But you don’t care about what other women go through, do you? You just wanted to feel superior in true pick me fashion. You sound Especially male with that “it doesn’t hurt if you do it right uwu” bullshit. Begone thot.

No. 445138

Male confirmed kek only trannies and males jump to calling other women political lesbians as first line of defense

No. 445139


>>any woman who disagrees with me must be a tranny

>>implies that because I criticise the way terfs and radfems talk that I don't care about women.

Wow you must be tired with all those mental gymnastics. You deserve a metal.

No. 445140


Imao my nuvarings disgaree, femcel.

No. 445141

I'm straight but I'd rather be in a "sexless political lesbian relationship" than be performing enemas and dilating my asshole for some pornsick cumbrain.

No. 445148

imagine being so retarded you say word vomit

No. 445177

Now that's am opinion I can get behind.

No. 445185

File: 1565170273327.gif (797.82 KB, 320x180, EducatedGrandDrever-max-1mb.gi…)

>"REEEEE fucking terf!!!!" on Lolcow
>unirronically felt the need to write long posts defending anal sex, of all things, on an anonymous site for women
>"M-Muh nuvarings you FEMCEL political LESBIAN"
>again, all this over anal sex
Kek, what the fuck is wrong with you? What kind of embarrassing behavior is this? No wonder anon thinks you're a tranny. Only mangry, testosterone-laden hons and cumbrained libfems who have unresolved issues with aggression and a strange hatred for other women would ever act like this.

No. 445195

No. 445229

At most I put a small plug in my butt but even that is pretty bordering pain for me, and I have to do it slowly. I can't imagine a dick bigger than that going into my butt without pain nor I enjoying the prospect.
I am not a prude, I just don't care for anal pain. Having to train and stretch my asshole for some dicklet who wouldn't be able to get off to my vagina isn't appealing. The majority of men I've been with love my pussy, and the minority of men who've wanted my butt were always strange and had some kind of complex. Wake up.

No. 445267

It does hurt for most women. It's something you have to go very slow with. What gets me is that so many women are willing or coercing into doing something with the potential to be unpleasurable, painful, and dangerous (most men want to jackhammer your ass instead of going at a slow or reasonable pace) but what do most men do in return for women? Congrats on pandering to someone who doesn't even care about your pleasure, I guess.

No. 445324


Yeah I've heard too many friends say they tried it and hated it all cos their bf talked them into it. It can be awesome but only if YOU are the person craving it.

The only men I've had good anal with were both guys who enjoyed receiving too, they knew how to be considerate and ease into it

No. 445383

Yeah imo, if the women wants to do it it's fine, because at least she's not being coerced or talked into it. Most men can't even make normal sex bearable, you can't trust most of them to be cautious with anal. All guys who want to try it should have it done to them first, so then they realize it's not just insert and jackhammer.

No. 445725

Part of the pleasure for most men is that the woman doesn't like it, and that it hurts for her. It's a turn-on for them because they're retarded troglodytes.

No. 445726

Idk if you nerds will yell at me for this, and obviously hate-fuelled political rhetoric is the motivator for recent shootings, but I think video games can and do have a HUGE effect on teenage boys (and people in general) and I think they're motivators for violence and shootings in particular. People are always mocking the influence of video games being like some, "conservative Christian schoolmarm" silliness. Men and boys growing up with their minds steeped in weapons glorifying violence or just violence in general has to have a major effect on them, and I think they're ticking time bombs as a result. There's no reason why violent video games should be made. There's no justification to create and release anything violent (provided it isn't educational) to the public. The liability way outweighs the benefits/enjoyment.

I don't remember which, but there was a documentary I watched where they interviewed these (dumb) young men in the army and they were talking about the shock of the reality of war compared to the video games they played. The bloated bodies lying on the streets, the smell of death, and how the reality is nothing like they thought it would be. The image of war and of the army they'd had in their minds was based around CoD or Battlefield or whatever fps games. They literally said something to the effect of that the game was fun, they were good at it, and it inspired them.

I don't really care what the stupid 40 person surveys say about how video games don't inspire violence in men. People are really, really dumb and can't be trusted with violent media. I think films should be way less violent as well. There's no need for violence in media at all unless it's educational.

No. 445730

video games can definitely have an effect but really, what doesn't? the issue isn't videogames on their own but the parents who don't pay attention to these red flags that their children show. if a kid is unable to separate reality and their videogames, the parent should step in and do something about it.

No. 445739

I agree, that's why I said there's no justification for any violent media (save for educational shit). People "liking it" isn't enough to justify it. And sure, but most parents have no idea who their children are or who they're on the path to become. Plenty of parents are shepherding them down the road of violence and aggression already. Obviously leaving everything up to the parents isn't good enough, and unless they're literal bubble children or stuck in an iron lung, they're still going to be exposed to violent media through other kids. And even if people seem to be able to separate reality from media, it doesn't mean it doesn't still impact them. I think it does. Just normalizing it at all, even if they still can recognize it's wrong, not appropriate, etc, is bad enough. It removes people from the horrors of reality by desensitizing them to it, depicting only part of it, putting it in a light that's almost "fun" because they get to participate in that destruction without ever having to think about the effects of it – just on to the next level, etc. There are films that explore why violence is horrifying, the effects of it, etc, and those can be okay, but most films and shows use violence as a gimmicky sideshow.

No. 445744

This is what Hideo Kojima's entire point was with the Metal Gear Solid game series: anti-nukes and anti-"video games making war look cool." There's one big monologue in MGS4 basically shaming the player for enjoying it and treating war like a game. Good shit, unfortunately the series is way too intensive and strategic for most little men who play Halo or CoD.

Anyways I agree with you, but in a way that I think boys play the wrong games and can't differentiate ANYTHING from reality and fiction, especially video games and porn. The brain capacity just doesnt seem to be there.

No. 445746

I'm a game developer and I fully agree with you. Games first of all cultivate a culture by virtue of their consumer demographic and the amount of dumb violence and poor writing for character motivations make it even worse. Media, even though people want to pretend it's not, is propaganda. It always has been, always will be. Media carries a message, even if your game is dumb shit like Duke Nukem, that is conveying a fucking message. I don't love video games enough to pretend they don't contribute to violence. Fellow developers need to understand the media we create serves as a cultural influencer and does work as a pseudo role model.

Combine a shitty demographic with media that is heartless and you have a perfect storm of psychopathy.

No. 445753

they are completely different but in the sense of the messages they give, this is why kojima and toby fox are my favourite game developers. they don't glorify the violence in their games, they show it how it actually is.

No. 445755

yup, the only communities that don't have senseless male violence are ones that aggressively demonize any type of violence.

we all have stupid lizard brains, and giving into these desires isn't working, no matter what pretty labels we give it or how much we pretend like it doesn't affect us. there is a consequence to the amount of violent media we create, consume, glorify, and normalize.

No. 445764

File: 1565287923540.jpg (56.64 KB, 285x283, 20190808_121132.jpg)

Texas Roadhouse fucking sucks. It's the worst "family" sitdown restaurabt.

There's nothing healthy on their menu. Even the salads are drenched in sauce and bacon. The music is horrible and it's way too loud. The stupid shit they do with the saddle and "yEeEEE hAW" for birthdays is obnoxious and disruptive. I hate when my mayonaisse-ass family acts all put out that I don't want to go there.

The only good thing there is that honey butter that comes with the rolls.

No. 445767

Who the fuck cares about eating healthy if you're going out?

No. 445770

nta, but this kind of fatfuck mentality sucks. going out to eat doesn't mean it needs to be healthy, but that doesn't mean enduring shitty middle America theme restaurants with overly salted and processed food.

No. 445771

Okay, maybe "healthy" isn't the right word. "Food that doesn't make me feel gross" might be better.

I just don't like to eat greasy things, red meat, or TONS of sauce. I like sauce, but good lord, in reasonable amounts please.

No. 445778

i hate how you go in there and get peanut shells stuck to the bottom of your shoes

No. 445783

Their baked chicken and sweet potato are pretty healthy options, you could definitely ask the waiter if they can omit butter and whatever sauces your plate comes with for a more healthier plate. Portion it out and take the rest home to finish for later.

No. 445787

oh god I went there for someones birthday last year and they had nothing I wanted to eat because even the veggies are cooked in butter so I just sat there and drank lemonade the whole time. also the white trash hick cowboy wannabes there are annoying and I don't feel like giving them money for some shitty microwaved potato or whatever

No. 445788

They have the best steak for a big chain place, though. Unless you consider Saltgrass a big chain.

No. 445919

does anyone else feel like the current skin care obsession everyone on the internet has rn is really memey. im talking about how people are constantly shilling those 256347 step korean beauty routines, extremely overpriced expensive products, saying how if you dont do all these things then youll look like an old hag by the age of 25. things like that.

i think those 34654342 step routines are for a specific skin type, and its just unneccesary and a waste of money for most people tbh. then theres also sunscreen obsession, ive heard people say you should wear it even in very cloudy rainy weather, but its just unneccesary in cases like that, especially since most 1st world people spend most of their day inside. a small amount of uv rays isnt going to instantly turn you into a grandma lol.

No. 445924

Yep. Also tired of the same shills trying to push their routine like a bad MLM because they come off as rude and intrusive too. I had an "influencer" approach me in a mall courtyard (not personally, but made it clear she meant me) and told me rather directly that she can help me with my 'problem areas' on my skin. It's just hormonal acne from being pregnant, but whatever.

No. 445926

Yeah, honestly for people with naturally decent skin (less than mild acne and little dry skin) it's super unnecessary. Even for someone like me with nightmare skin I only use 4 or 5 products max lmao. I think for some it's just something looks wise to focus on that seems healthier than makeup.

No. 445953

overall the trend is super annoying and a little ott but im glad at least that its getting some men to take care of themselves a bit more without the fear of being seen as an oh no big gay.

but people on the internet think youre old when you hit 25 so its not surprising that people grasp at it to maintain childlike complexions.

No. 445961

I've heard people say you should wear "indoor sunscreen". I get it if you live in the tropics and your windows don't have curtains but like… Calm down. It seems like a good way to give yourself acne.

No. 445975

But not all 'violent' video games are even realistic. I actually don't like playing games where you kill other humans like war fps's. But I love Destiny and stuff where you just kill aliens or robots, or the action stealth stuff.

Can't let the idiots who can't separate fiction from reality mess it up for everyone. If all video games had no conflict whatsoever they'd be boring shit.

No. 445979

I don't believe in global warming. It's the biggest scam since the bible. When I say this to my siblings they sperg out.

No. 445980

You do know you literally sound like a flat earther right now, right

No. 446003

IA with you. Violent videogames and extreme porn are ruining our society, and we're not crazy conservative prudes for being able to recognize it.

No. 446010

File: 1565346688305.jpg (59.45 KB, 480x360, ok.jpg)

I hate Hozier. I'm tired of this basic ass man being constantly put on my Spotify and twitter timeline. I admit that he has a decent voice and I see why people like him, but damn am I tired of people treating him like the second coming of Jesus.

No. 446021

Supposing it was real, so what? China and India won't ever change how they operate so we're more or less fucked regardless.

No. 446022

I'm concerned lolcow will get swallowed whole by politics instead of being a fun mix of fandom topics, online gossip and anonymous life support

Even more unpopular opinion is that I didn't mind when a couple of guys used the site as long as they assimilated properly and kept their gender incognito

No. 446025

File: 1565350868371.png (206.45 KB, 1233x957, db7.png)

Being willfully ignorant of scientific fact isn't an opinion. It's retardation.

I've literally watched miles of forest in my state burn down because it doesn't get cold enough to kill pine beetles anymore.

No. 446027

The scientific fact is that even if America had a total population, and carbon output of a big fat zero China still wouldn't change, and so those forests would still burn. It isn't healthy to worry about what you can't affect so just enjoy them while they last. Hakuna Matata, ma fam.

No. 446031

I find most singer songwriter men to be super bland lol, I actually think his voice is less shitty than most of them (at least he doesn't sound like a boring whiny high pitched typical indie guy) but his music still mostly bores me

I hate the term soyboy but I quite literally call the lousy singer songwriter music I hate to hear at work soyboy music bc it sucks so much ass and I cannot stand hearing retail radio acoustic guitar crap, over and over and over, it drives me insane

No. 446034

File: 1565352545476.jpg (144.62 KB, 570x558, image.jpg)

Mate China is constantly innovating and finding new sustainable solutions to old problems. Just last week they exported a shitton of electric buses to Chile and are using them themselves, they're building enormous solar farms and working to cut down on their carbon footprint, meanwhile the US is completely monopolised by oil companies like Exxon who knew about climate change since the 80s and did fuck all about it because as long as they could profit from their actions on time, they didn't care. They dug up streetcar rails in the 20s and made you completely dependent on cars and petrol, and your president is a stooge of the same ilk. Just because you have Whole Foods and your local vegan hippies recycle doesn't mean that you're any less to blame for it than the Chinese. If anything, it's the other way around. India is already seeing great impact from climate change, plastic and chemical pollution but most of its population is busy being poor and working in sweatshops your nation's companies outsource to in order to make ends meet.
The tragedy is, both of these sad ass governments are trying to do something about it unlike the US which even ships its rubbish overseas.
Goddamn, every single time someone whines about climate change and points fingers at China and India I can smell it's a yank from here. They all sound the same, like that arrogant twat DiCaprio who flies around the world in a private jet and preaches to poor countries why coal is bad, but thinks that it's okay because he paid some poor Mexicans two peanuts each to plant some trees for him.

No. 446038

sure it isnt healthy but also pretending a problem doesnt exist and assuming itll fix itself also doesnt scream "picture of health"

No. 446053

in my experience, people who say "there's nothing I can do about it" and blame either other countries or large companies are the same ones who have elaborate 12-step skincare routines and a "skincare wardrobe", order all their products from overseas because they're "better", buy new cheap Asian clothes every week only to KonMari them a month later because they got bored and it no longer "sparks joy", have a drawer full of semi-expired makeup they got on a whim and, despite all the shit they shovel into their home, whine on the internet about their depression because they never go outside.

No. 446086

Yeah people who parrot the now-popular "it's the top 100 corporations doing it and therefore I can do whatever I want and should not be told otherwise" shtick are usually lazy selfish assholes who would absolutely live it up destroying the planet without a care if they were one of the CEOs they hate so much.

No. 446087

I'd be happy if there was some sort of law on drawing fetish fan-art. We've been letting freaks like Nemu run unchecked for too long.
It'd be good if, hypothetically, the artist had to personally contact the creator of the original work (or their "team" if they're very famous or busy), with their real name and photo attached, and ask for explicit permission to make whatever degenerate shit they want to create. They should have to give a detailed account of the fan art so they can't mislead the creators, either.
I've been assaulted with too much putrid shit when trying to look up innocent characters, even with safe search and other filters on. Cancelling the practice of kink-shaming and sexual inhibition has only caused problems to be honest.
Seriously, fuck your freedom of expression and anonymity. Some people have been abusing that shit and need to be reined in. Maybe if they're administered just a little bit of awkwardness and embarrassment, they'll chill the fuck out.
If you can't look Lauren Faust directly in the eye and tell her you want to draw her pony characters hyper-inflated and pregnant while wearing shit-filled diapers, it's because you fucking know you're wrong. Take the L, or seek therapy.

No. 446090

Im so tired of camgirls and "sex workers", im not a radfem but god these bitches ignore women that are out in the street being raped for some bucks meanwhile theyre rubbing theit pussy for the fourth time in the day and smoking a blunt every time they have an oportunity.

No. 446098

these girls are always the ones the screech the loudest about how empowering sex work is, ignoring the fact that theyre only able to say that because they arent the ones at risk of being trafficked, raped and murdered.

No. 446103

yep, fuck them. i realize it does have its risks since men are insane, but it reminds me of the same shit white middle class trannies who live in suburban america do, where they pretend they have the same murder statistics as black trans prostitutes in developing countries. camgirls are usually nowhere near poor even when they're getting started because most of them are middle class white women who just want extra spending money, like yeah you deserve to be safe but your situation is nowhere near comparable to actual prostitutes having to degrade themselves just to be able to afford food. you're not oppressed for making degenerate porn for incels to fap to.

also most camgirls have no humanity to them, they'll fetishize abuse, rape, bestiality, underage girls, and incest as long as it makes scrots want to give them money. they don't see any problem with it because they've found a way to monetize their need for male approval, even if it comes at the expense of other women

No. 446119

If your boyfriend wants to do anal with you, he is gay. Why does he want to fuck your anus? You don’t have a prostate. He’s not doing it to make you feel good. He is gay.

No. 446123

Lol, anon. I feel like this would shatter the self esteem of many men.

No. 446129

They're so fucking dumb they can't see the difference between posting nudes or fapping on camera from the safety of your home vs. engaging in sexual acts with men (often in abusive heavily dehumanizing ways) to survive. It's easy to think of sex work as "empowering" when you don't have to actually touch anybody or be brutalized.

>it reminds me of the same shit white middle class trannies who live in suburban america do, where they pretend they have the same murder statistics as black trans prostitutes in developing countries.

This is such an accurate comparisson. I'm GC, but I genuinely feel for black impoverished trannies because the bulk of them from my observations/experience just want to be able to exist safely and don't make the same insane demands as their privelaged white middle+ class counterparts.

No. 446130

For some guys it's the ~taboo~ element of it, a domination thing, and it makes them feel like their dick is bigger.

That being said, the only guy who actively wanted to do anal with me ended up being gay.

No. 446140

What if I want to perform anal on a guy? Am I gay too? Are we both gay?

No. 446147

The first time I ever fantasized about pegging I instantly turned into a gay man. idk about you.

No. 446148


Every guy I've had anal with has been bi

No. 446192

I find most of the glitterforever17 hate annoying and more bandwagoney, most YouTubers post weird shit all the time and get little to no hate for it but she makes some weird pregnant Barbie chapstick video and everyone loses their damn minds as if she just committed that ungodliest crime possible

No. 446231

If your bf wants to do anal then he may be gay/bi and or he most likely is Porn Sick,My Husband who has never watched never once wanted to have Anal sex with me even when I offered(muh Husband)

No. 446232

Men's assholes are disgusting

No. 446235

sorry your man won't clean his butt.

No. 446282

finally, anons with sense. I hate how criticizing baby bitch tier "sex work" is "antifeminist and sex-negative"

No. 446307

my anal obsessed ex also turned out to be a tranny chaser so i think you're up to something. anal has no place in straight sex. a man who's into that could literally watch gay porn and get off to it too.
>"are lesbians using toys actually straight too?? is pegging gay too??"
it's not the same thing at all. a straight couple doing it involves a real dick. dildos and shit are just penetrative objects

No. 446309

>a guy wanting to give anal to a woman is gay
>a man wanting a woman to fuck him in the ass is not gay
This is a take I haven't read before, usually they're lumped together or just pegging is gay.

No. 446311

if it involves both a real dick and a real butt then it's gay. men have prostates so it's understandable a straight scrot might want to be pegged. women don't have prostates. that guy is probably a closeted fag. but i also think most incels are closeted gays too.

No. 446313

Most if not all men have disgusting butts. Don't delude yourself.

No. 446320

>but i also think most incels are closeted gays too.
You really are the queen of next level takes.(o.0)

No. 446324

incels constantly go on about how much they hate women's bodies, vaginas and it comes off as extremely gay to me.

No. 446337

i hate it when edgelord e-girl (i hate that term, but i guess that's the most accurate thing to call it) style crosses over with cute things. especially with how much that "subculture" glorifies mental illness and unhealthy behavior. sanrio characters don't have bpd, kinkster bullshit doesn't belong in jfashion, and nobody wants to see a picture of your sliced up arm in front of a pile of stuffed animals, seek some goddamn help and stop ruining innocent interests for other people.
this, don't forget their obsession with "chad".

No. 446340

No. 446516

how about this, a man who wants to fuck someone in the ass and a man who wants to get pegged are both gay.

No. 446527

the ass fucking part isn't want makes someone gay tho.

No. 446541

Nta and this is a silly discussion but by similar logic you would be implying lesbians who like penetration by dildos and strapons etc are actually straight.

No. 446772

File: 1565512985025.png (146.54 KB, 254x252, 1488771438177.png)

Probably gonna get a lot of heat for this one but here goes.

Some of the stuff posted here really screams "unchecked mental illness" and you anons(you know who you are) have no business giving people advice on this site when you can barely function like a normal person yourself.
I know you're meant to take everything here with a grain of salt as it is an anonymous imageboard but some of you really need to go outside and seek professional help or at least see things as they are rather than spending all day in echochambers ranting about how x cow's stretchmarks are hilarious, I feel a lot of your struggles and bitterness are just byproducts of your own shitty personality issues rather than any outside influence you claim it to be, it's not your narc parents, your twofaced friend, or your shitty boyfriend/ex, maybe you're the problem and you need to fix yourself before giving naive anons advice.

No. 446773

Uuuu look at me, I am so superior to other anons whose post history I don't know.

Why do the worst tards always post Kakyoin.

No. 446774

This is a good post. People need to take responsibility instead of feeding into the idea that everything is everyone else's fault and they're simply blank canvases being 100% controlled by other people.

No. 446775

File: 1565514340268.png (206.11 KB, 582x328, tenor.png)

You're not wrong, but I assume you're new here.

People say mean things when they're anonymous. Welcome to the internet.

No. 446776

File: 1565514894751.gif (578.86 KB, 500x386, 1490814675481.gif)

If this didn't apply to you it wouldn't have upset you anon, I'm not calling out everyone here but there's clearly a few loonies who need to get their heads checked or spend a day outside of their mum's attic, also kakyoin is best boy how dare you.

It honestly makes me question the age of posters here, I thought this place was 18+

Been on on imageboards since 2011 and came here a year ago my opinion is purely based on the stuff I've read here since I prefer lurking honestly.
I don't think I'm better than anyone here and I don't really get offended by the stuff anons post, lord knows I've seen and heard worse things.

No. 446778

Kakyoin is best boy but he attracts the worst fans.

I know assuming that I'm responding because I'm upset makes you feel better, but I'm tired of youthful narcissism and hypocrisy, you have a need for some moral high ground without being aware thousands of people before you have said and thought the same. Your post serves no purpose aside getting reactions and making yourself feel better, you are quick to assume anons aren't introspective (on male image boards? Definitely. Statistically women internalize way more.) while not thinking about the way your own post makes you come across and your reasoning for it.

tl;dr stop begging for replies and thinking your shit don't stink, people tear cows, men and trannies apart on this board for fun

No. 446781

Where did I imply that my shit didn't stink? let's not kid ourselves here, we've all got our own fucked up reasons for being on imageboards, I just don't feel the need to sperg out and tell anons to make life altering decisions while I'm sat here having difficulties deciding what sauce to put on my sub.

Tl;dr sperg anons need not apply when it comes to people asking for genuine advice, there's plenty of naive anons here who will listen to said advice

No. 446789

Nah,>>446772 is right, if you're totally mentally unstable then you should stfu and don't give "advice" to anons, is that simple.

Also, everyone has an opinion and sometimes people share theirs for reasons, not because they want "some moral high ground" or something is just simple analysis, the fact you got so salty about it implies you are one of those mental anons.

No. 446797

No, you make a good point.
There’s a lot of posts I’ve seen on here that are very concerning and it would be best for anons to seek actual outside help. You can’t really hide on this website forever, and if you do it’ll probably make you crazier. Lots of cows and flakes are pretty dry these days anyway.

No. 446799

>you are mentally unstable
How? Projecting much?
Also you don't even know that I don't give advice on this board, I'm in the unpopular opinion thread and saw an obvious newfag and outsider.

No. 446812

>It honestly makes me question the age of posters here, I thought this place was 18+
From what I've observed the people aged 18 to 24 are the most insufferable, immature cunts with stunted thought patterns.

Honestly the people here can go to a cow's thread to laugh at stretch marks and tit veins, nitpick whatever they do and overall be the most unstable bitches they could be, then come to these threads to act like the shit they do isn't their fault. These motherfuckers are up here screeching about Venus despite knowing her horrible, abusive past yet go off trying to justify THEIR actions with past abuse? If you deem the cow to be mature enough to take some goddamn responsibility then you clowns might do so as well.

No. 446816

Anon, I don't fully disagree with you, but I don't get it. How do you know the anons bitching about Venus or nitpicking stupid shit like stretch marks are the exact same ones who later come here to complain about their lives? Are you a farmhand on anon or something?

No. 446826

nta but I dont think she was linking specifical posts together. The thing is, when you see some extreme nitpicky comments, it is pretty clear the farmer posting that has some issues. I'm not gonna pretend I'm better than other people, that I have never nitpicked a cow's appearance or that I'm not a mess myself but when you see some posts in /snow/ it really makes you wonder about the poster's wellbeing.

No. 446874

>These motherfuckers are up here screeching about Venus despite knowing her horrible, abusive past yet go off trying to justify THEIR actions with past abuse?

Let me know when you see a farmer using their past abuse as a reason to justify that they shouldn't have to work and strangers should just give them free money to use towards drinking and hobbies when they feel so manically inclined.

I doubt there's an example. Why did you go with this dumb hyperbole when you were onto something with the stretch mark nitpicking? You could have drawn a comparison about how anons are insecure about their looks, and yet they go to the Moo thread to pick on her cellulite and puffy eyes, I mean you brought up stetchmarked titties.
You almost had it but you fucked it up with Venus whiteknighting. Ugh.

No. 446884

I dunno about you but lolcow had the opposite effect than expected on my perception of my looks, as a teen I was nearly an ana-chan and felt like less of a girl for not wearing make up, but more female only spaces boosted the shit out of my confidence.

Yeah, people tear everyone down on this site for the tiniest details but it also opens your eyes to how much effort and money goes into the perfected image of beauty and how there are insane cows with terrible life decisions that still have people donating to them and orbiting them.

No. 446892

It's not whiteknighting you dumbass, it's pointing out that unstable farmers are pointing the finger at her to take responsibility as a legal adult but then turning around and going to /ot/ to cry about how the world has fucked them over and they shouldn't be held responsible for anything they do at 20+. Reading comprehension is a thing.

No. 446946

I don't know who Braco is but the moderate spam is the only thing that has ever made me smile on lolcow

No. 446952

There's a major difference between farmers claiming shitty and abusive relationships set them back in life for reasons, as opposed to Venus using those reasons to promote why she's too good for work and therefore deserves money unconditionally.
We call out entitled ass farmers all the time so, yes, your poor choice of example came off as whiteknight. Which it still is.
My reading comprehension is on point and I see through your bullshit. Are you the one complaining on meta that Venus's thread is no longer on autosage? Haha.

No. 446958

I'm bored of them now but when they first appeared on every thread on /ot/ I was annoyed to see it initially but by the time I scrolled to the bottom of the page I was laughing

No. 446959

lolcow prevented me from becoming a fakeboi based on the threads here alone. i love it

No. 446962

I'm glad to hear that, anon.

No. 446986

Yes, this Braco anon made my day, I giggle everytime when I see pics of this guy.

No. 446990

Can I ask what the initial draw for you was for becoming a fakeboi? You're not the first anon to say lolcow stopped you from going that route so I'm curious what draws people to it in the first place.

No. 447013

Probably the classic self hating or homo fetish.

No. 447062

Goddamn anon me too, i was so close to actually transition until i heard of this forum, i thought this website would make me hate my body and myself but actually it made the total opposite, i still don't understand how that happened but i feel 10x better than before about being a gay gnc woman and my internalized misogyny/homofobia is almost banished. This place is sometimes shitty, but im actually very grateful for the things i learned and the women i knew here.

No. 447234


Diff anon but I took testosterone for 10 months before stopping. I had been going to therapy after the worst year where I lost both of my parents months apart and then my husband just walked out without a word..

6 sessions into therapy I came out with this unexpected talk of feeling male. I believe I was trying to escape reality and start life again as a new person

No. 447256

File: 1565619344808.jpg (271.19 KB, 1200x1200, pepe.jpg)

I've been always terribly terrified of the idea of having a wedding, I was planning on not having a wedding at all and just have it as paperwork, but lately I saw this post on instagram where the bride was wearing a suit and it clicked! the idea of having a wedding isn't that bad anymore and I want to be wearing a suit in my wedding.

No. 447296

butch lesbian that was told i was transphobic for not embracing my masculinity as a sign i was 'trans' so i played online as a male and it suited my irl aesthetic. hormones/t clit, all of that really grosses me out and myself and my fianceè are glad that i avoided that route entirely

No. 447305

Based. I want to get a well-tailored suit to match with my partner to wear to special occasions. I wore a simple dress for my wedding (like, just a little white dress) but I've always wanted to have a cool suit.

No. 447314

Is your partner male or female ?

No. 447323

He is a male, I'm a cis straight woman with a boyish style.>>447314

No. 447366

File: 1565637434502.png (127.2 KB, 277x346, cschd6b7zc911.png)

I don't care for weddings myself; I'd rather elope. Money, in my opinion, is best spent elsewhere. But, if I do have a wedding, or at least and elopement ceremony, I've always wanted to wear a green, earthy/flowery kind of dress. Never liked white wedding dresses. I'd also love a suit/dress like Garnets in Steven Universe. I don't care how tacky some may find it; fell in love with it when I saw it.

No. 447368

I did an elopement package at a bed and breakfast. It came with the person who did the ceremony, witnesses, and a night in the best suite. It was a nice enough place that my wedding dress didn't stand out, definitely a step-up from a courthouse wedding. I'd suggest looking into them if you want to go the elopement route. It was pretty cheap and the easiest thing in the world. All we did was show up lol.

No. 447373

This sounds very sweet anon, thank you for the tip! Didn't know you could do that, but it sounds perfect.

cough cough I got cheated on tho so it's gonna be a long time before this becomes a consideration again, lol.

No. 447423

How about this, a man who is attracted to men is gay. A woman who is attracted to woman is gay.

No. 447465

That sounds so perfect!
I’m trying to talk my bf into eloping because I don’t like parties and would rather we save money for a house, this idea might just be the one that works!

Bet your wedding looked great, just a few people in a garden, all about the wedding itself and not pleasing guests. Top shelf taste anon.

No. 447526


revolutionary, anon

No. 447575

Non-amerifags who act superior to americans are annoying AF. They have no problem listing off every bad point about the country and their people but lose their shit if you ever throw it back at them. At least have the balls to laugh at jokes thrown at your country again if you feel like making the same dumb redneck ‘americans are loud and racist’ joke for the hundredth time.

I’m on exchange now and there are people from my country who stay in little groups and shit on americans because “omg so loud and obnoxious and ‘bothering’ the locals and only care about yourself” when they are just as loud and make cliques. Also they would lose their shit if the american made a similar comment to them and cry about racism or nationalism or something like that lol

No. 447601

File: 1565677464298.gif (1.58 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

People who bitch about immigrants speaking their own language need to sit down and mind their own damn business. I'm particularly talking about the U.S., Canada, and the UK here. My baby-boomer mom was whining the other day about some government documents being in English and Spanish, as if that's some sort of infringement on her rights. The fuck?

English is the third most difficult language to learn in the world, behind only Mandarin Chinese and Japanese. It takes years to become fluent in a language, and a lot of immigrants are coming from countries where they didn't have access to the necessary resources for studying English. Furthermore, language changes. I doubt the anglo-saxons were pleased when the Normans came in and mixed a bunch of French into Old English, but that's just life. Or hell, white Americans kicked indigenous tribes off their land, but their descendants now have the gall to bitch when people come here peacefully and all they're doing is speaking Spanish?

Mexico is one of our biggest trade partners and our next-door neighbor, and many parts of the U.S. used to be part of Mexico. Why the fuck isn't Spanish required in our schools? If Japanese schools require English, American schools should require Spanish. Also, remember how I said English is one of the hardest languages to learn? Well Spanish is one of the easiest because of how phonetic it is and how consistent its rules are. Is it that unreasonable to expect people to learn a language that's easy and is literally a part of U.S. history? Half the shit in my state is named after Spanish words.

No. 447613

I say as long as they try to learn English and make an effort, thats all that matters. I dont care what you speak with your kids out in public or at home, but there are a lot of cases where you’ve got minors handling everything for their parents because they can’t have a conversation in English alone with teachers/doctors/etc. Its like those loser ESL teachers in Asia who need to bring their wives or coworkers along because they cant fill out a document at the doctors office or bank. If you want to move to a country, at least try to learn the language. No excuses, especially when English language media is so readily available for free and dirt cheap.

No. 447615

> English is the third most difficult language to learn in the world

The fuck? No it's not dude.

No. 447616

Why is that your business, though? If people can't speak enough English to do basic tasks, that's their own damn problem.

But yeah, people who move somewhere with a different language with zero intention of learning the bare minimum are idiots with no forsight. The only exception to that is people who have to move with no notice, like asylum seekers, who often don't stick around anyway.

No. 447619

> Its like those loser ESL teachers in Asia who need to bring their wives or coworkers along because they cant fill out a document at the doctors office or bank.
I really don't think they're equivalent. Young white people move to Asia thinking foreign countries should revolve around and cater to them, they love getting attention for being white and feel that's enough to get by.

Older people coming to western countries aren't in the same position of feeling superior and entitled. They don't get any special treatment for their race, quite the opposite, but are likely held back by their age (the older someone gets, the harder languages are to learn), poverty, lack of education, etc. Inability to communicate can be tough and isolating but at that age it can just be too hard for them.

No. 447620

I was thinking about the same thing a few days ago. I'm not American, I'm French but I'm not white. When I shit talk the USA for cases of racism or police brutality in the news some of my friends will do the same but if I complain about similar cases in my own country when the people targeted are often part of my ethnic group or black, people freeze and say shit like "if you're not happy about it you can just leave" or "i-it's worse in the USA I swear, you really shouldn't complain" and some only started changing their minds with the gilets jaunes because now white people are getting severely injured too and POCs are mostly avoiding protests to avoid disproportionate police brutality. Many are in denial of their own countries wrong-doing, others aren't even aware because we everywhere we go we mostly see news and memes about the US and maybe Canada, and we also see Americans shit talking the USA too.

No. 447625

i totally disagree about the last bit. older foreigners have the same kind of access to english as their children when coming here and they choose not to learn because most of them tend to be more racist/entitled than their kids. young white people tend to be better in foreign countries too (other than weebs of course) and older white people are the "expat" retards who build up shitty expat neighborhoods and still act like it's America or Britain.

No. 447626

Say what you want about Americans, but we whole-heartedly acknowledge how fucked up our country is. A lot of European countries seem to think their shit doesn't stink just because they're not as bad as we are.

No. 447629

Yeah pretty much, but as I said good luck convincing Europeans.

No. 447634

women should not be able to do/partake in something gross/annoying/shitty (porn/fetishes/behavior etc) simply because men also do it. and it's not an attack on women specifically when other women speak out against it, either. the goal is always going to be getting rid of all of it but it's easier to start where you can actually have some effect. i would rather work towards a world where everyone is equally barred from things rather than the opposite.

No. 447638

File: 1565687526030.jpg (69.83 KB, 683x683, Brigitte-Bardot-laughing-Photo…)

>I'm French
>but I'm not white

No. 447647

File: 1565687995719.jpg (23.52 KB, 275x212, 1558315292672.jpg)


i agree, i think the concept of freedom and liberty has been corrupted and co opted to enable an validate lot of perverted, toxic behaviors and a very obnoxious self serving onanist attitudes.

Younger people find it easier to fall for that, their political affiliations cling to being pandered to with validation for their particular brand of vice, i feel like so much of tumblr is "please enable my very unhealthy habits , compulsions and worldview" and i get it to some extent, i believe in individual freedoms that should be respected but freedom doesn't override other concepts like self restraint, moderation, common sense, mental health, etc and standards of society as a whole should not be thrown out the window just because the some bipolar poly furry diaper fetish bdsm enthusiast feels oppressed when people tell him maybe he or she should turn it down a notch and maybe go see a fucking shrink. Its sad but what happens is the opposite, a whole industry sprouts to cater to this wackos and pretend its normal and healthy and wholesome fun for the whole family and its a strength to have this diversity because $$$$$.

No. 447649

Not really? I know full well I live in a shithole but a lot of you don't even seem to realise when you're being condescending and nasty, and people are allowed to react to that. Also not everyone has to like your country in the first place, nobody likes mine and I'm still alive and healthy. You don't see many Israelis whining when people say mean things about their government.

Americans bombed my country in the 90s and still treat us, and many others like us, like we're club-wielding savages that need to be "taught democracy" just because we're ex-commies even though we weren't even USSR and life here was similar to the West. For the most part you can't even convince them that this is the case because they will just screech "you've just been brainwashed by propaganda" as if the same doesn't apply to them.
I don't even hate people in the US because most of them still treat us nicer than, say, Germans or Swedes, but I am allowed to fight back when someone is being a racist piece of shit online or offline. If you don't want people insulting you, don't be a dumbass. Simple as.

No. 447652

american martyrism is hilarious though

first you act all high and mighty and spam everywhere that you're the best of everything, centre of everything and greatest of everything making everything about you.

and when people get annoyed with that you start crying

also i'm from a country whichs's national sport is basically hating our country before you even start whining more

No. 447658

File: 1565689287833.jpg (79.87 KB, 640x1280, black_magic.jpg)

>"if you're not happy about it you can just leave"
Lmao they can keep saying that and see where it gets them.

Certain people used to say this exact phrase to me when I complained in high school. Then more and more college students started leaving because the country was incredibly corrupt and public services are shit, and after graduating many honest people can't find work because you needed to belong to a certain political party to get a job, and their diplomas were worthless abroad. I left too, because I also wasn't happy about it.

Now my country's population is mostly old, the youth that stayed either couldn't afford to leave or didn't want to because they just wanted to do drugs, fuck and have a baby at some point, all the good doctors have left and hospitals are filled with undereducated, underpaid charlatans, and the government keeps stealing money from taxpayers and public projects and telling them that all is okay and we're doing great because nobody is left to oppose them anymore. Now they're crying and calling us selfish because too many people are leaving to escape the shitshow that is the current government so soon there'll be nobody left to bully into being their paypig anymore.

No. 447659

File: 1565689512316.jpg (90.11 KB, 1024x668, amerimut4.jpg)


My dear americans: Cry more.

Sincerely, non-amerifags(Bait)

No. 447662

exactly. some things should remain shameful, and you know that's fine. some things are shameful. and treating them as such doesn't mean everyone hates you. people need to stop treating everything as an integral part of their identity. getting off to scat isn't an identity. validation culture is a plague.

No. 447669

anon pls I was trying to forget that this crazy animal fucker still exists.

In my specific context I've been told to just leave or "go back where you're from!!1!one" which refers to either a country I've never been to or a country where I have relatives but it's been a while since I visited them, and I don't speak the language in both countries and the standards of living are way lower than in France. There's corruption too of course. If I went to these places I'd feel like a foreigner. Some people are so retarded they don't realize they're saying this shit to people born and raised here with the French nationality.

>Now they're crying and calling us selfish because too many people are leaving to escape the shitshow that is the current government so soon there'll be nobody left to bully into being their paypig anymore.

Typical, I'm not surprised at all.

No. 447673


>some things should remain shameful

Or at the very least private and in its own context, its seriously frustrating that even this is too much to ask .

Maybe the world is becoming autistic induced by modern lifestyles, i think about this possibility more and more seriously.

No. 447674

Don't worry amerifat, I'm Finnish and I hate both America AND every west European, Arab and Scandinavian country, you're all shitholes with colonialist roots and chronic fart huffing equally. And you're all just as loud and rude.

No. 447676

completely unrelated but do you understand hungarian and estonian, how similar are they to finnish?

No. 447697

>I'm Finnish and I hate both America AND every west European, Arab and Scandinavian country, you're all shitholes
I guess you only like glorious Nippon and Kpopland…? Or are you one of those white women who want to move to Africa and marry a Masai? kek

No. 447701

NTA but I would want to marry a man that could at least grow some body hair

No. 447705

>anyone who thinks westerners are idiots is a yellow fever weeb
I like my own country lmao but at least asians aren't rude, entitled fuckers like most anglomutts and arabs

hungarian is way off and can't be understoof by other finno-ugric speakers, estonian can sometimes be understood to some extent but mostly the vocabulary is so different that it's hard.

No. 447711

>if you don't like X that can only mean you like the other shitty extreme
Wow is this what a two-party system does to your brain?

No. 447750

>arent all rude, entitled fuckers
>literally describes 99% of mainland Chinese population

No. 447753

>>447674 eks koulut oo jo alkanu, nyymi?

No. 447785

File: 1565714530235.jpg (75.03 KB, 720x960, kassipojad.jpg)

I can understand Estonian well enough to survive, but not enough to hold a conversation. We have a lot of words that are exactly the same but have completely different meanings. Norwegians and Swedes understand each other way better.

No. 447812

Americans are not one person, like LC isn't a hivemind. Some people react poorly to criticism, some people don't even understand the big picture of history so they can't grasp the US' role in global politics beyond like "we saved the world in WW2". I don't think many people would react positively if you wanted to lump their entire country into one specific person you wanna imagine them as and then shit on that.

However I do agree people need to chill the fuck out and learn to take criticism. Especially if your culture is being exported to the entire world and you're trying to play world leader. There's a lot that comes with it, it's not just economic power. Most Americans are too sheltered and indoctrinated by the state koolaid to understand why criticism is a good thing. It's no different than other militaristic states, they worship the concept of the country too much. The US is an extremely idealistic country and those ideals tend to cut really close to the heart of one's identity.

Anyway, shitting on any given country as part of discourse is extremely fruitless imo bc you're not changing someone's mind by telling them their country sucks. Their country is their life experience. It's a part of them.

Making hyperbolic statements about the US and then shocked pikachu-ing at the reaction is rather silly.

No. 447844

>I like my own country
That's no surprise, finns are amongst the most nationalistic in the entire world, they hate literally everybody but themselves.
If some murican said "I hate europeans, africans, asians, etc they're all shitholes" then everybody would rightfully call them a racist, but for some reason you guys always get away with that and not just on lolcow, everywhere.

No. 447877

Did you seriously just "Not all Americans!" this person? The absolute state of Hamburgerstanians.

No. 447885

File: 1565725912552.jpg (969.42 KB, 1500x1000, philadelphia-craigslist.jpg)

After reading all this, I don't think hating America is an unpopular opinion.

No. 447892

>the absolute state of/rage of [insert insult for americans]
Also, one does not need to be of a certain nationality to defend people of some racist sperg.

No. 447931

File: 1565733176037.jpg (661.58 KB, 2134x3200, Chloe-Grace-Moretz-neighbors-2…)

I think CGM is beautiful and I think her body looks fine

No. 447934

i think she's average but doesnt deserve the hate she gets for her body type

No. 447940

I mean it might help that finland hasn't invaded several countries or colonized them but instead has been somewhat an underdog in the history so the pride for the nation comes from a different place. Liker instead of feeling superior for ruling over everyone they can feel superior for surviving such rulers.

No. 447948

Most of the people alive today have never invaded or colonized anybody, yet they should feel guilt for the past of the country they happen to be born in, while people who live in countries with a "clean" past can feel proud or even act like they're superior to "shitholes"?
Doesn't sit right with me. I didn't chose this, I never did anything wrong, so I won't allow anybody to call me or my fellow countrymen names.

No. 447952

I don't know, people from countries with a history of colonialism or Nazi shit tend to be the first to use the "but you're all criminals/child murderers/shapeshifting lizards trying to steal my cum" virtue signalling card in my situation.
Even though the same thing applies for me and my family, we are where we are because of difficulties in the past and not because we want anyone dead, people will still go "yeah but it doesn't matter you live there which means you support your government" as if all people can just pick and choose where to live.

If someone's a dick to me I'll be a dick to them. And trust me when I say that I hear other people's opinions about why I suck because of my nationality a lot. Too many of them are from the US, UK/Ireland and Germany, I never hear these opinions from the Polish or Ukrainians.

No. 447954

While the Finns have historically not heavily engaged with overseas colonialism with as much enthusiasm as, say, the French or Dutch or British did, their history is still not sparkling and hardly squeaky clean of ethnic or sociopolitical difficulties and persecution: successive Finnish governments have adopted a number of policies that curtailed the rights and freedoms (especially in relation to ancestral lands and land rights) of the Sámi (Lapps), and there's been very little political representation of them as a group until the last 2 decades, sometimes to the point of it being used as an example of "environmental racism". I'm not saying that this is worse than what France did to Rwanda by any stretch, but that it proves that every nation state ever conceived on this earth has its own checkered history when it comes to ethnicity/nationality and colonialist mindsets. In-group out-group behavior always exists.

I will say right now, however, that the Finnish attitude towards getting drunk on your own and not having to expend any effort on idle small talk is admittedly very appealing.

No. 447955

If you hate entire countries just because of what some people say about "your situation" (whatever that is), then you really aren't any better.

>And trust me when I say that I hear other people's opinions about why I suck because of my nationality a lot.

Again, then why do you so the same thing??

No. 447967


How many months did it take you to find one decent picture of her cave troll body anon?

No. 447968

File: 1565737761375.jpg (208.3 KB, 910x1024, istockphoto-1153133855-1024x10…)

Can anyone honestly say what would make them like America? Or look at them more favorably? Most of us have very little control in foreign policy.

It's been the same complaints for decades. While we aren't perfect, perhaps some of the anger written here is based on stereotypes.

No. 447973

I love burgers so I love america too.

No. 447976

It's so unfair that Japan never gets any of that you are evil! shit.
Instead they're praised for being proud of their country, of their culture and even for keeping foreigners out.

When foreigners come to my country they criticise how we are and want to change us, when foreigners go to Japan they watch billions of "10 things not to do in Japan"-videos beforehand and try their best to please them, to not offend them, to fit in as much as possible.
Because people in my country are not very talkative we're arrogant pricks, but if the japanese don't talk much then it's us who are the problem, we are loud obnoxious disrespectful foreigners, they could never do wrong.
Don't like our food? It obviously means all our cuisine is shit.
Don't like japanese food? You're a western fatty who only eats burgers!
And so on.

No. 447977

File: 1565738114939.jpg (108.87 KB, 634x891, 3FFD332100000578-4479016-image…)

why so bitter? her body isn't bad, she isn't fat like most americans and her butt and boobs aren't completely flat or anything, they just don't stick out 4 foot like most plastic surgeried IG thots, her shoulders are big but it's only because of muscle, you really need to go out more if you think a woman with slightly muscular arms and big shoulder while having a flat stomach is the worse possible body type and never deserving of any sort of compliments

No. 447982

I just bribe their favor with food.
Never met a foreigner who wouldn't open up to some delicious barbecue or other americana cuisine, despite what they might say about amerifats. We've got some damn good food and plenty of it.

No. 447988

A different président, more eco-conscious infrastructure and practices, being less patronising towards people of other cultures, being more educated and not thinking you're the centre of the world. I'm not even going off stereotypes but I do live in a touristy place and most Americans that come here really don't know how to behave unless they're Mormon missionaries for whatever bizarre reason.

No. 447990

Voting for healthcare and gun control, leash and muzzle your Kardashians and Jenner’s, stop being absurdly patriotic and leaving “Merica is the greatest” all over the place.

Really everyone knows that you’re individual people and not all like the stereotypical redneck or boot, but it’s fun to laugh at the exceptional people who treat flags, 1700’s government, and a misunderstanding of the phrase “pull oneself up by one’s bootstraps” like it’s so good everyone should be envious. It’s basically Chris and sonichu but on a global scale.

No. 447993

Here's the thing. Americans aren't "from" their country, it's on stolen land. They're rabidly and overly proud of something built on slavery and genocide to begin with. Then the food. Their cuisine isn't theirs it's a mishmash of shit from all over. Southern food specifically has a twist from the African slaves that cooked it, Northern food is bland Euro shit, TexMex is watered down Mexican food etc etc. It's all the way fucked up to be overly nationalistic and proud of something that doesn't have the same thousands of years cultural significance of other places. Same thing goes for Australia, South Africa, and other colonized genocidal bullshit nation. Unless you're Native American you're a squatter that built an empire of fuckery on the backs of slaves with the blood of the peoples native to that land.

No. 447996

" It’s basically Chris and sonichu but on a global scale."

I have never loved an anon more than I do in this perfect moment.

No. 447998

I wasn't even talking about America, did you reply to the wrong person?

No. 447999

Where are you from?

No. 448005

Imagine being uppity because your ice bog hovel of a country never did anything of any historical significance prior to WW2. Imagine pretending to give a shit about places that were such backwards shitholes that they were considered backwards shitholes even 300 years ago when pretty much everywhere was a shithole. Imagine doing that just so you could shit on the nations that did stamp their names all over the history books.

Nations that went out and claimed new land for themselves have nothing to be sorry for. That was just what happened back then. They didn't have to share their technology, or build schools and hospitals. They could have just wiped out the natives and taken the land for themselves. If it weren't for colonialism those nations that got colonized would still be living in mud huts and eating where they shit. Despite the trillions wasted on these parasitic shitholes, many of them still do live like that. Nature should be allowed to take its course with them.

No. 448009

It's because 1) most people don't know the full scope of Japan's history and 2) Japan isn't obnoxious with its patriotism. In the west, they're just seen as benevolent, humble, occasionally quirky bearers of anime and technology that keep to themselves.
For example, how many weebs know of the Ainu people and their parallels to the Native American people's struggle? Seriously, Google it. If everyone was educated on this issue, Japan's international reputation would probably not be as high.
Meanwhile, America boasts about itself daily and gets involved in everyone else's shit. Of course that will make the rest of the world want to put them in their place and actually learn learn about them, including the worst parts of their culture and history (and this isn't even speaking of the evil they've done in countless other countries).
The USA really brings most of the shit flung at it on itself.

No. 448010

File: 1565740276116.jpeg (55.03 KB, 500x333, C6832B16-7DC6-44E2-BB44-887CFF…)

No. 448012

Not that anon, but this is the most pathetic, uneducated shit I've ever read, 0/10.
I feel bad for the people from your country that aren't this dumb, your type are what spoils their reputation.

No. 448013

Yes actually, I meant to reply to >>447968

No. 448017

I'm an ex-pat

No. 448020

Its not wrong just because it isn't currently acceptable to say. Enjoy your anonymous good person points though.

No. 448021

Just saw this >>447998 and realized you're probably not American. My bad. If you're Euro, depending on the country, only like 50-60% of that would probably really apply.

No. 448025

The reason it's not acceptable to say is because it's categorically wrong, and could only come from the mouth (or fingers) of an internet-addicted sperg who never really learned world history, the stipulations of colonialism, or even bothered to research how the systems they complain about even work or who they really benefit.
Enjoy your anonymous edgelord points, though.

No. 448026

The upstanding results of America’s education system. Jingoism for history lol.

No. 448030

What lands weren't fighting off invaders 500 years ago? If colonialism made their lives so much worse then perhaps those shitholes should have fought a little harder then lmao.

No. 448031

>Japan isn't obnoxious with its patriotism
Anon, they're far more patriotic than most euro countries…
There really is no reason why they should be excempt from criticism, they'd deserve just as much hate as other countries.

No. 448032

File: 1565741780516.jpg (31.06 KB, 552x414, IILqRf9.jpg)

No. 448035

They're not really involving themselves with other countries' affairs and shoving themselves down throats the way many other countries do, though. They largely keep to themselves, so their dirty laundry goes ignored and the world isn't agitated at them.
I agree that they'd "deserve" it, rightfully, I'm just explaining why they don't get it. Even Japanese tourists aren't exactly known for being rowdy.
European countries that actually don't have a history of excessive, damaging involvement with the rest of the world and interference seem to just get the collateral damage of their neighboring countries' actions, which is unfortunate.

No. 448038

>They largely keep to themselves, so their dirty laundry goes ignored and the world isn't agitated at them.
Maybe true outside of Asia, Korea loses their shit at them on a constant basis.

No. 448044

nta but this is like people that say "well if your kid was so traumatized by getting bullied maybe she should have fought harder than the bully" or "if the wife finds it so bad to be beaten by the husband maybe she should just hit the gym herself". Don't be obtuse.

No. 448078

File: 1565747559275.jpg (5.61 KB, 225x225, vnaob6zk9jw21.jpg)

you post this like every week trying to bait people. stop.

No. 448080

Except people are fucking people the same gender as them so, turns out heterosexuality isn't the only one. Oh no!

No. 448090

lol sounds like my shithole southern state

they bitch about people coming in with money, jobs and education because they aren't white so they leave. The kids who do become something leave the state to go to a more liberal one. They keep crying of a brain drain but our republican legislature cuts public school funding EVERY YEAR.

No. 448092

Their weak bait here >>448005 didn’t get enough bites. Stupid place to use trans isn’t real tho.

No. 448093

You benefit from them by being in a comfy home with generational wealth of some sort.

No. 448094

>hit dog will holler

No. 448096

So I should live in the street because my ancestors came over 100 years after the country was colonised and fucked up the aboriginal people?

Lmao at the idea of my adopted Romani ass having generational wealth tho.

No. 448097

Then it should be no problem for the demographic change happening in America right? If it happens then you all just weren't strong enough to stop it. Maybe you all should have fought a little harder then lmao

No. 448100

Did you not get enough hugs as a child or something? Why are you so bitter and edgy?

No. 448101

Not bitter or edgy, just not sure what the point of the comment was.

Yeah, my country’s culture is built on how we basically holocausted the aboriginal people and still tells them to be grateful they’re alive at all. Aside from voting for parties that give a shit about them, what’s to be done?

Are people meant to feel guilty for living somewhere an atrocity happened? That’s basically the whole world.

No. 448103

Lainey is cute as a fakeboi.

No. 448104

>Not bitter or edgy
All your other posts say otherwise. You were literally trying to defend it and showing off how little you know about anything at all.
>Aside from voting for parties that give a shit about them, what’s to be done?
Start by cutting down on the autism whenever someone even dares to say "Hmm, this bad thing that happened in history is bad, and we should probably work to fix its aftereffects in the present day so we can all live well".

No. 448106

I’m a different anon..not jingoism-chan.
All I said was am I meant to give up having a home or just feel super bad all the time about an atrocity I acknowledge but did not take part in.


No. 448107

Same, I actually think Lainey isn't really ugly at all.

No. 448109

No one actually said to do either of those things, why did you immediately jump to that conclusion?

No. 448112

It's just a Hollywood and NEET thing to have been taught to overanalyze women's bodies.I don't even think her upper body is as broad as people make it out to be, a lot of hate towards her is chain reaction too. If everyone in Hollywood went on about how toned and slim she was and how feminine and soft her face is I can guarantee you wouldn't see much of the "troll fridge body" memes.

No. 448114

It was pointing out how silly it is to use “you have a roof over your head” as an argument against just about anything.

Giving up a home or feeling guilty about being better off than others is useless. Voting for better political parties and pointing out how the disparities of wealth still effect colonised people today might be useful, but not ~yOu HaVe StUfF~

No. 448141

>fought harder
what is "not having the same access to advanced weaponry", what is "the spread of disease"? what is "being outnumbered by comparative superpowers"?

No. 448147

File: 1565757073914.jpg (134.34 KB, 910x822, 1564727105351.jpg)

>what is "not having the same access to advanced weaponry", what is "the spread of disease"? what is "being outnumbered by comparative superpowers"?

Sounds to me like being backwards and inferior to the societies you are facing would lead to all these things being factors in your defeat.

Japanese and Finnish people put Russia to shame even when they were at a disadvantage, they simply got gud and told them to btfo, if your entire civilization is incapable of modernizing by themsleves and accomplishing this and they live in huts oppressed by corrupt and ignorant local warlords then at least imperialism offers the advantage of better life conditions, sanitation, laws, roads, commerce and technology.

No. 448151

>>448147 is a perfect example to answer >>447968 about why people don’t like America.

Imagine trying to win an argument with someone who’s got narcissism and Down’s syndrome. That’s what it’s like when these people start talking.

No. 448169

>j-just git gud duh xD
>c-colonialism and imperialism totally improve lives!!! ignore the rape, theft, deliberate breakdown of languages/cultures and genocide tee-hee uwu
Not sure if this is just the failure of the American education system (like others have stated), or the result of purposely embedding oneself in an environment that actively encourages ignorance, stupidity and chauvinism with a veneer of smugness used to cloak heavy personal inadequacies. Probably both. I just don't know why such people try to get into politics and history when they're clearly too incompetent to learn. Is repeating falsehoods just a way for dumb people to LARP that they're intelligent? I know they can shield themselves from actual facts by shouting buzzwords like "triggered" or "cuck" and repeating themselves if anyone even bothers to engage with them, but at some point, they must cringe a bit at their behavior, right? I just don't get their existence.

No. 448174

>c-colonialism and imperialism totally improve lives!!! ignore the rape, theft, deliberate breakdown of languages/cultures and genocide tee-hee uwu

How was life in Africa and the American continent before Europeans arrived? what were they doing to each other on a daily basis?

Imagine believing in ethnonationalism because muh imperialism is bad.


Not amerifat lol.

No. 448175

I mean, it’s coming from the same education system that tells kids flags have magic powers if you chant to them, that puritans taught the natives about Jesus and in gratitude the natives taught them about corn, then everyone had a dinner party, and that getting CTE from playing footballing highschool is the greatest thing a young boy can achieve.

Of course they’re spouting retarded shit. They’ve been told it from birth.

No. 448176

Bet you think everyone was living in huts, raping their daughters, and sacrificing babies to the sun gods.

No. 448181


when they were not busy doing it to other tribes, pretty much the entire economy of pre hispanic america was based on slavery.

>ignore the rape, theft, deliberate breakdown of languages/cultures

i wonder how you feel about the wave of third world inmigrants in the Europe and the US.

No. 448187

File: 1565760643377.jpeg (7.22 KB, 225x225, images (3).jpeg)

That's definitely exactly what they think. Never mind that a simple Google search on African kingdoms and empires before colonialism (and the same goes for pretty much all other places that have been colonized) may have cured their stupidity. No, they'd rather repeat the same retarded platitudes.
That's what I don't understand about these people. There's really no excuse to be this dumb, and yet, here they are. They're proud of it, too.

>i wonder how you feel about the wave of third world inmigrants in the Europe and the US.
See >>448097. Don't cry to us about your own when you have literally no empathy for anyone else. Like you said, it's your fault for not getting good.

No. 448188

I don’t feel about it because I’m not American or European.

American culture should be broken down tbh.

No. 448191

Lol, they’ll say it’s faked or that the African nations only got culture from white people. The entire world was mud huts and loincloths until Columbus apparently.

No. 448192

File: 1565760947175.jpg (2.07 KB, 125x125, 1565042332693s.jpg)

>Imperialism bad
>African kingdoms and empires before colonialism GOOD

No. 448193

File: 1565761130268.jpg (14.96 KB, 458x299, 9882696_slap_jpeg639913511434b…)

>No argument? No problem. I'll just post a reaction image and some greentext
>Heh…who needs book-smarts when you have memes?

No. 448194

Don't be a dumbfuck, obviously these were brutal and nasty kingdoms and empires just like every feudal or slave-based kingdom/empire. Imperialism still plundered and squandered the wealth of Africa and continues to do so.

No. 448196


This is literally what you just did.

You obviously like imperialism,>>448187
not only that, you use them as a standard for advance civilization and culture, but only when your favorite pocs do it. Not when they loose, then imperialism is bad.

Your double standards are as clear as day. You like empires and even defend ethno nationalism of but you get to pick and choose which people's are valid and which ones are meanie meanies.

No. 448200

It was not a battle between empires because it was a more developed economy undercutting and destroying a less developed economy.

It is like justifying the Opium War, turning hundreds of millions of people into dissolute drug addicts, and the looting and ransacking that occurred. All okay because it was a mean empire vs a mean empire, or okay because the British had a higher standard of living than the Chinese peasants. Even if the effect and intention were only to destroy the society so it could be permanently subjugated.

Imperialism destroys the social structures and supplants it with one purely favourable to the needs of the capitalist empires. It stole that wealth to fill museums and to melt down into raw materials for trade. It destroyed the foundation on which higher social development is achieved. Imperialism is STILL doing this because it is profitable and it's easy for the French to export stuff to them if they haven't got any industry, markets or currencies of their own.

Read about how many progressive, socialist African leaders like Sankara who just wanted to develop separate currencies and basic industries have been assassinated, for a start.

No. 448205

>the sami meme created by self-hating woke Finns to work some forced angle that we were actually evil colonizers
You do realize that the people committing the racial eugenics towards the sami were Swedish overlords and it barely happened in Finland to begin with? And that sami have been given multiple rights at their native lands but they just fight against each other because western samis from Norway (northern samis, the ones bitching in the media and which you call Lapps) came to Finland in the late 1800s, drove the native Finnish samis (inaris) away from their lands and started demanding rights over them? And that the native Finnish samis are like 300 in numbers so maybe that's why there isn't much representation? Finland has been independent for only 100 years and even after separating from Russia the country was still under a major Russian/Swedish rule for decades, but a lot of shit they've done has been pinned on Finns. I mean I'm all for preserving the inaribros but the Norwegian samis can fuck off with their whining lmao

My unpopular opinion is that people need to stop rewriting history and spreading bullshit without fact checking

No. 448207

You asked what Africa and America were like before colonialism, and now that you know your faulty "savages who were made civilized" narrative isn't going to work here since we're not mouth-breathers, you're deferring to "But they did bad stuff to each other too, guys!! Why aren't you mad at THEM?? This is ethnonationalism!! This is imperialism!! Same thing!!" whining.
Of course bad shit happened, but who do you know that is still suffering today chiefly only as a direct result of those events, not the past and continued poison of colonialism and imperialism? You probably can't even name or identify 6 distinct groups from either continent off the top off your head, let alone describe historical events between them and the weight of their aftereffects for comparison.
For just one example, do you really expect to convince everyone that Native American people would've been driven to near-nonexistence and made to live in reservations the same way they are now if Columbus and co hadn't decided to fuck them over and bring disease?
The biggest gag of all is that you're still demanding we care about your "wave of third world immigrants" on top of all this (which would actually be contradicting your own claims). Truly pathetic.

No. 448208

Not to mention Lumumba, Ruben Um Nyobe, Mondlane, and Mboya and Cabral also were more than likely assassinated directly on behalf of colonialist interest.

No. 448221

Even if people don’t create a society that’s basically English monarchy, people weren’t better off for imperialism.

Australian aboriginals seemed perfectly happy to wander around, maintain the Bush, have a fuckin corroboree, and go four tribes over to meet your wife. It wasn’t western society but it seemed alright.

Certainly better than eugenics, then being pushed to a reservation in the Alice and being told to stfu and sniff some more petrol.

No. 448222

shaving or wanting women to shave isn't """infantilization" or some shit. women have less body hair than men in general, so less body hair is seen as "feminine" and more is "masculine" that's all. get over it.

No. 448223

Pfft. Men who expect women to remove their pubic hair to be attractive are absolutely infantilising her and admitting they can only get off to prepubescent looking bodies. Nasty business.

No. 448229

Nah, learn history.
>“The campaign against body hair on women originates in Darwin’s 1871 book Descent of Man, explains Herzig. Men of science obsessed over racial differences in hair type and growth (among other aspects of physical appearance), and as the press popularized these findings, the broader American public latched on. Darwin’s evolutionary theory transformed body hair into a question of competitive selection—so much so that hairiness was deeply pathologized. “Rooted in traditions of comparative racial anatomy, evolutionary thought solidified hair’s associations with ‘primitive’ ancestry and an atavistic return to earlier, ‘less developed’ forms,” Herzig writes. Post-Descent, hairiness became an issue of fitness.

>An important distinction in this evolutionary framework was that men were supposed to be hairy, and women were not. Scientists surmised that a clear distinction between the masculine and the feminine indicated “higher anthropological development” in a race. So, hairiness in women became indicative of deviance, and researchers set out to prove it. Herzig tells the story of an 1893 study of 271 cases of insanity in white women, which found that insane women had excessive facial hair more frequently than the sane. Their hairs were also “thicker and stiffer,” more closely resembling those of the “inferior races.” Havelock Ellis, the scholar of human sexuality, claimed that this type of hair growth in women was “linked to criminal violence, strong sexual instincts … [and] exceptional ‘animal vigor.’”

>By the early 1900s, unwanted hair was a significant source of discomfort for American women. They desired smooth, sanitized, white skin. They wanted to be feminine. “In a remarkably short time, body hair became disgusting to middle-class American women, its removal a way to separate oneself from cruder people, lower class and immigrant,” writes Herzig.”

Source: https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2017/02/the-casualties-of-womens-war-on-body-hair/514983/

No. 448230

depends, I'm a lesbian and eating out a freshly shaved vagina is nicer because pubes don't get in your mouth, but men definitely have been wanting women to have as child-like of a vagina as possible lately

No. 448232

>and now that you know your faulty "savages who were made civilized" narrative isn't going to work

Except no one said that but you. Obviusly they were busy enslaving and killing each other and had their own asshole kingdoms built by slaves. But you act all moreal because yhey got fucked by a superior culture playing by the same rules of the empire game and in the long run that means modernization, laws and better commerce than what they had with their shitty local ethnic warlords .

The only case i can think off of a more advanced civilization getting the btfo treatment in a way that was historically harmful was the mongol conquest of China and middle east. An objectively shitty and backwards culture dominating a more advance one instead of the other way around, that was more tragic than British colonizing Zulus who were killing each other in their shitty mud hut empire anyways.

No. 448233


Have yall noticed America has been the founding of every autistic sex or race based stereotype we have today?

>Ooga booga muh sexual dimorphism in womens and mens means women have to be as childish and infantile as possible because apparently kids are the peak of femininity and body hair is LIKE THOSE PRIMITIVE RACES

>dont forget the other hilariously autistic stereotypes involving blacks, natives, asians, that can all be traced back to the US

Truly the worlds cancer.

No. 448234

The thing is, Brits werent even good at the traditions and religions they were trying to uphold so how are they good for anything? Africans make better Christians than West Europeans do, lmao. Id also rather be an ignorant so called savage living in a mudhut than stressing about whether my boyfriend wants to fuck traps and choke me during anal sex while I buy my tenth product of the day to reduce my aging wrinkles and get breast implants to make my boobs look rounder because scrotes keep calling me flat chested.

No. 448235

nah, race science bs started in the U.K. and was popularized by facists later on in Germany.

No. 448236

“Superior culture”

Cause britbongs and amerifats are doing so well for themselves. Having gas lamps and boats didn’t make the average fucker smart. The inventions of a couple of smart people aren’t the entire country’s achievement.

The average American person today is no smarter than Habubu in his mudhut with his spear and monkey was back then.

No. 448238

File: 1565768744097.jpg (130.82 KB, 518x561, 149747050812.jpg)

>and continues to do so.

>Independant African ruled by African

>most countries are socialists
>most align with China and Russia now that the URSS is gone
>Mostly muslim and arabic influence in the region
>Stil is da evol europeans fault the africans enjoy killing and enslaving other africans so much

No. 448239

I remember much of the extremely racialistic derived shit coming from the US for sure. I used to spend hours reading these books just to s ee where this dumb shit came from.

No. 448240

>mostly muslim and arabic influence in the region

How are you gonna try to play a gotcha but pretend the entirety of Africa is Muslim? You arent even close to Africa you fucking retarded, confused ignorant Amerifuck.

No. 448241

not to mention most people can trace their ancestors to serfs and peasants no matter what supposedly superior culture they come from, some fat idiot that's accomplished nothing in a trailer park tracing their ancestors to le superior western Europe is still just a fat idiot in a trailer park at the end of the day.

No. 448243

Also I like how you got extremely passionate and very superior acting as soon as Africans got mentioned but you defend Chinese and Asians so I know youre a fucking retarded shit stain Americunt.

No. 448244

Yet another retarded post that you wouldn't have made if you had rubbed two brain cells together to Google "lasting effects of colonialism".

No. 448245

Trailer trash cant comprehend just how backwards and stupid they are. It’s like how fish don’t know they’re wet. They probably think they’re normal and everyone else is fucked up, not their mighty 16000 lbs of white pride in their catpiss scented double wide.

No. 448246


Some civilizations and cultures are superior to others and have a much larger list of achievements to show for it.

Historical loosers will forever be salty about it.

No. 448247

American civilization, which you ARE, and not European like you are larping as, has nothing to show for at all.

No. 448248

So basically anon, you’re saying you’ve achieved so little personally that you’re falling back to pride in something you didn’t contribute to at all? The society into which you were born is the only positive thing going on for you?

No. 448251

It's amazing, isn't it? In one breath, they'll get mad and throw tantrums about being held responsible for atrocities that their ancestors committed because they weren't there, but they'll puff up their chest and proudly take responsibility for all the good stuff as if they were the ones behind them.
The cognitive dissonance is wild.

No. 448252

If they stop replying it’s because they got whiplash from switching sides of their own argument so fast.

No. 448255

>Except no one said that but you.
This is just an outright lie. Now >>448005 is me? The shit you're saying in this exact post is me? Like, at first, I wanted to ask if you were mentally sound, but I don't even really want any answer you could cook up. I'm pretty convinced you just have a habit of automatically saying "no u" when backed into a corner, even when it doesn't apply, because your brain's been so badly rotted from reading nothing but imageboards.
>ignores points made (by multiple people, at that) to repeat self again
>"m-muh mud huts!! reee savages! we improved…!!"
Just like I expected. You're not even ignorant because someone failed you, you are ignorant by choice. Your entire world view would fall apart if you actually took the time to research the effects of colonialism, how its system worked and the results (or even listen to anyone besides other mental indigents). At the very least, non-retarded anons can read all that's been said so they can avoid catching your brain fungus.
This so-called "superior culture" was trash that wreaked havoc and razed countless lives, and its participants somehow still can't stay away because they'd be nowhere without America's land and Africa's resources.

No. 448259

>Id also rather be an ignorant so called savage living in a mudhut than stressing about whether my boyfriend wants to fuck traps and choke me during anal sex while I buy my tenth product of the day to reduce my aging wrinkles and get breast implants to make my boobs look rounder because scrotes keep calling me flat chested.
No you wouldn't.
This is why people call liberal feminism a joke, you romanticize shitty things just to get back at others. People in Africa aren't just living in huts, they're suffering. They'd gladly accept those stupid "problems" you listed over starving, illness, fgm, forced marriage, rape and death.
Be grateful to your parents, god, whoever that you live in one of those "evil colonizer"-countries…

No. 448260

I think there's nothing wrong with women-only gyms, buses, concerts, etc.
If men would stop sexually harassing women, there wouldn't be a market for this. As long as they do, more women will want them, and more will appear. Why shouldn't women try to protect themselves, especially when victim-blaming is rampant in society?

No. 448262

Yes I would. Problem? Thing is, not every African is living in a fucking mud hut, and I know you ignorant shit faced cunts think just because people arent living in le advanced block city buildings in every unit theyre not worthy of humanity or being viewed as possible like the same way empathyless scrotes do with everyone who isnt them all the time. Fucking secondly, we all know by Africans you mean blacks, yet there are blacks with hundred years of history scattered throughout the New World, but let NPD BPD cunts tell it, only whites are first world westerners and this statement gets 100x more offensive if youre talking about the Americas only.

Im nowhere a liberal feminist either, btw. Not only you missed my point but you were attacking an imaginary opponent. Congratulations.

No. 448263

Nobody is saying life in huts is sweet. The point being made was that merica-sama was dumb as shit and pretended history didn’t real because of much ~white superiority saving all the savage heathens~ And taking pride in the acheivements of others cause all they’ve achieved is weak bait and missing the point.

No. 448264

nayrt but I don't think that's a libfem point of view, it sounds like a radfem doing a hyperbole about living in mud huts. Libfems are sexposi retards who would probably be like "wow it's so liberating to let my bf choke me while he does anal I'm an empowered freaky bitch" or some shit. I could be wrong tho.

No. 448268


I've never feel guilty for anything my ancestors did lol.

No. 448271

A full hour later, and this was the only response you could muster? It really must be the whiplash.

No. 448275

How can you go around claiming that "we" are "ignorant shitfaced cunts" while being dumb enough to believe that you'd be better off in a hut than living whatever nice little life you live right now? Your boyfriend problems are irrelevant, claiming that they are "worse" makes you an ignorant cunt who doesn't even know what real suffering and a really shit life truly is.

People furiously typing on their computers, complaining about others being privileged while also shitting on "white trash" americans are a joke. You're not victims, you're already much better off than many others - even "colonizers".
I really don't understand why making fun of poor lower class americans is so accepted. Of course they're uneducated like lower class people in almost every country, that's part of being lower class, not having access to good education. But that doesn't change that they're still simply poor people, you have no right to make them out to be some evil monsters who literally invaded your country, raped you, stole from you, etc.

No. 448278

They’ll just cling to the one stupid comment about preferring to live in a hut and ignore everything else. Couldn’t get any dumber if they tried

No. 448279

Japan is xenophobic and sexist as hell and never properly apologised for Nanking. They still have war criminal's names in shrines. Their laws on CP are also extremely lax iirc.

There are things about Japan that are cool, but we need to stop glorifying it and cowtowing to Japan's bullshit.

Most Americans fucking hate the president. He's only the president because both candidates sucked so hard over half of the citizens didn't vote. Our government is corrupt and run by special interest money, which citizens also hve very little control over.

A lot of people I know who live here fucking hate the United States, myself included. Again, the wealthy gun lobby has bribed our politicians into preventing any gun control measures from reaching a vote. Same goes with insurance companies in healthcare. We have a systemic issue with money in politics that would tale decades to sort out, if ever.

Also, how the fuck are the Kardashians at all a state or public issue? Are you suggesting that someone assassinate them or something? They're just morons on TV, who the fuck cares.

No. 448280

>>I really don't understand why making fun of poor lower class americans is so accepted

Because other places poor and ignorant don’t make it a point of pride and loudly brag about how stupid they are.
Throwing a jingoist tantrum won’t make anyone suddenly think America isn’t full of tards if you act like a tard.

No. 448281

Exactly, being lower class and ignorant while you still have access to the internet is extremely shameful. Theres nothing wrong with what I said.

No. 448282

Also this.

Lower class americans still have more money and access to higher knowledge based on the internet alone compared to other lower class people yet they make a point to be pride of it and extremely vain about it

No. 448284

Murica good cause japan bad!

The kardashians line is a joke about the mass amounts of garbage media unceasingly shat out and eaten up

No. 448286

I'm not American, believe it or not, there's more people here than just the two of us.

My point was that you too have access to internet etc but you act as if you're the poorest of the poor. Many white people are so poor that they can't afford that, yet you still make all of them out to be the evil ones, which is not fair.

No. 448287

I literally just said I fucking hate the United States.

My point wasn't that Japan sucks, it was that people need to stop acting like it's a perfect utopia when it has flaws just like any other place.

Good grief, this thread has turned into a trashfire. The whole fucking world sucks to varying degrees because humans are dumb and selfish. Let's just accept it and move on, and also stop saying racist crap about "mutts" and people "living in huts".

No. 448289


>Some civilizations and cultures are superior to others and have a much larger list of achievements to show for it.

>Historical loosers will forever be salty about it.

This basic reality sure makes some people shriek. Keep being salty about it Lol

>inb4 a hundred more posts about burguers and rednecks and more projections and ad hominems

I'm not burguer, i am not and never will feel guilty about my european heritage and i actually feel very good and very proud about it but keep coping, you might convince me to move to a mud hut and get my sexual organs mutilated if only you throw more generic tumblr style emotional tantrums at me.

No. 448290

Who is acting like they are poorer than people in 3rd world conditions? What point are you even trying to make?

No. 448292

nta but the anon didnt say that. Also, I think the whole Japan vs America debate thing is stupid anyways because while USA is a cancer, it also helped Japan a lot after the war, which is why Japan has a lot of porn sickness and other cancerous shit similar to it as the US does. Also a lot of Americans obsess over and revere Japan and East Asia while hating on anything thats not it and West Europe

No. 448293

Mate, the Persian empire achieved more than America did. You gonna move to Iran?

No. 448296

Again, saying all Americans are white like you liars do. YOU are the racist, unfair one.

No. 448297

Ntayrt but it's pretty sad that you think you're superior to other people just because of the shit your government has done completely independent of you before you were even born. You're literally bragging abou something that you acquired through random chance. It's almost as though you have to fall back on nationalism because you haven't accomplished anything of note yourself.

Also, are you Finland-sperg? I feel like you're Finland-sperg.

No. 448298

Epic, now what does this have to do with anything other than you wanna conflate Americanness to whiteness so you can feel better about your paper thin identity?

No. 448299

File: 1565775376866.jpg (63.64 KB, 308x339, main-qimg-e3fedaeb32527be3b194…)

>persian empire

Were are they know? your comment makes zero sense.

No. 448300

Where did I claim that all americans are white..??

No. 448302

Did you feel it when the point rushed over your head?

No. 448303

Yet I bet you have no qualms conflating the religious Dynasties of china to post communist china

Get rid of your Middle Eastern hate. Persians and Europeans share more in common than you do with fucking far Easterners.

No. 448304

I literally only said poor americans, then you said wahh stop buillying whites. People like you dont even notice you do it lol

No. 448306

File: 1565775518390.gif (630.06 KB, 410x304, 54357c1c557cdfb1e3f31c7ed6db56…)

The absolute state of this thread

No. 448308

>being lower class and ignorant while you still have access to the internet is extremely shameful.
Not American, but you're the ignorant one who should be ashamed
The internet gives us fantastic opportunities but knowing how to make use of that is a skill in itself. What route are you expecting people to follow to 'better' themselves? Even if someone breaks out of their shitty life to complete some code academy courses so they can be like the people who think badly of them, that's not going to instantly lead to work or upward mobility. The system works by keeping the unfortunate where they are, blaming them for being born into that system is rediculous, blame your counties lack of steady public infrastructure and education

No. 448309

All cause one little idiot couldn’t handle a bit of anti-Americanism. Gotta love that they make themselves look worse than any of the comments made about them.

No. 448310

During this whole argument many anons shat on both white americans and europeans, and therefore to include both of them I wrote white people. Only writing americans would have been wrong, seeing as you guys clearly differentiate between white and "poc" americans.

No. 448311

Yeah, it was pretty obvious they were referring to so called "white trash" proud of their heritage.

No. 448313

I'm kinda glad it's taking all the salty anons away from the vent thread which is what usually turns into argument central. Thanks for the scrot-containment I guess: we all know testosterone-addled brain-dribblers can't resist a good opportunity to be an argumentative cunt.

No. 448314

I myself same as other anons as well already told you that not all of us are americans - but that doesn't mean that we can't defend them against unjust hate. What you do is not harmless fun and joking, you clearly have a raging hate boner.

No. 448315

Disliking a country with shit policies is a personal attack?

There’s multiple anons here and I think you got about four people confused for just one.

It’s not like it’s a big deal even if one of us did have a hate boner for a country. Anons are asking like they themselves are America and are being viciously booooolied.

No. 448316

No, it started because of a post I made yesterday about people who complain when immigrants speak their own languages. Then a couple anons gradually got all insane and jingoistic for some reason.

No. 448317

>women can't be argumentative cunts
Well, I guess that counts as an unpopular opinion.

No. 448318

It's 6am Eastern time. Have you all been arguing about America all night? Stay pressed I guess.

How about the erasure of AAs in Los Angeles by Mexican gangs? These are real problems here. The past is the past.

No. 448320

You can chew gum and walk at the same time.
Yes, if you are low class and poor and choosing to be ignorant and expressing your rude and evil views everywhere pridefully then yes you should be ashamed. I dont care about muh economic mobility argument or care to argue about how lower class people should force themselves to pull themselves up by their boot straps because thats not my view and thats not my point.

The hilarious part is that many white americans online saying bs online are from middle class, lower middle class, upper class homes. So this white trash argument is a copout imo(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 448321

Barely anybody mentioned politics, you only always talked about stupid poor white fatties.
>some fat idiot that's accomplished nothing in a trailer park tracing their ancestors to le superior western Europe is still just a fat idiot in a trailer park at the end of the day.
>Trailer trash cant comprehend just how backwards and stupid they are. It’s like how fish don’t know they’re wet. They probably think they’re normal and everyone else is fucked up, not their mighty 16000 lbs of white pride in their catpiss scented double wide.
But yes, "we're not attacking people, only the country"…

No. 448323

>You can walk and chew gum at the same time.
…but you can't argue on the internet and sleep at the same time, ffs.

No. 448324

Theres a lot of black americans who act just like white americans with their shit retarded pride in the US garbage, because black americans are just as american as a white one, especially a white one whose immigrants grandparents came here in the last mid century, so this means in everything else as well. Not every anon is the same.
yes because attacking racist white people means youre attacking all white people.. lol

No. 448325


ados know how to focus on the past, future, and present

No. 448326


ados know how to focus on the past, future, and present

No. 448328

File: 1565776935545.jpeg (19.9 KB, 471x312, 74337926-3344-40E2-80AD-7B5970…)

Talking about a massive group of people is a personal attack on all Americans. Why? Are you all like that?

Taking the piss out of the stereotype that’s loudest isn’t rampant bigoted hatred, or something people need to be defended from.

No. 448330

The point is, that multiple anons spending hours with shittalking about how ghetto and violent poor black americans are wouldn't run.
But you or others make doing the same thing about whites out to be a-okay because afterall they're all privileged colonizers.
At the end of the day lower class people of every race are all poor and therefore uneducated and uneducated people say or do stupid things - but this still doesn't make them evil.

No. 448332

Nobody called them evil, just dumb.

>>that multiple anons spending hours with shittalking about how ghetto and violent poor black americans are wouldn't run.

Uhhh, yeah it does.

“Stop being racist to the people who posted about superior white colonists” is a fucking dumb argument. Stay upset someone called a supremacist a fatty.

No. 448333

File: 1565777618529.jpg (32.23 KB, 300x269, laughinggirls[1].jpg)

>OOGA BOOGA! Me thinks wypipo bad! Crawl out cave, steal land, steal technology, destroy our space programs, and culture. Me wish me still live like Ngubu Empire times. WE WUZ KWEENZ! - Posted from my iPhone 11.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 448334

I've always wondered why people suck Japan's dick so much too. Like another reply said, most Westerners and weebs are ignorant of Japan's history. People never stfu about Nazi Germany but Japanese war crimes go largely unnoticed outside of Asia. Although, if you go to any historical video detailing this, plenty of comments will say Japan deserved to be nuked.

No. 448335

File: 1565777753195.png (24.1 KB, 300x250, eTLrA3Add3-2.png)

I love it when you people show your true side each and every time. Keep proving our point right.

No. 448336

Anyway, unpopular opinion, but I like the US, I've already wanted to go there since I was a little child.

No. 448337

Doesn’t think colonialism happened because of racial superiority=lol niglet we was kangz.

Someone tell my pasty Romani ass it’s actually Somalian.

No. 448338

Yes, you are evil and darkened inside and out if you post what colonialanon chan unironically for hours on end. You cant be trusted as a human being at that point and shouldnt be treated as such either.

No. 448343

Colonialism happened throughout history. Everybody did it. Some places got good at it and managed to expand beyond fighting their neighbors. You're just complaining about those who were best at it because their success has made it possible for you to complain. I expect you have a busy day of self flagellation to make up for the actions of Vlad Tepes, so I'll let you get on with.

No. 448348

Wow epic, you fight with the world now except your neighbors?? Truly awesome.

No. 448349

instead of, not except

No. 448356

>Anyway, unpopular opinion, but I like the US, I've already wanted to go there since I was a little child.
Anything or place you want to see in particular?

No. 448357

File: 1565780240484.jpeg (30.35 KB, 739x415, 6B13046D-64FC-48DC-B31C-C3CAA2…)

Wow how little have you done to be clinging this hard to “my ancestors were better at subjugating people than yours” like it’s a badge of honour?

Nobody is saying only Europe and America colonised you autist. You’re freaking the fuck out because a couple of people say colonialism is a generally shitty thing.

No. 448363

So you're American and you stayed up all night arguing against America?
Have a good day at work on no sleep I guess? You should consider your health before petty internet arguments.

No. 448380

File: 1565782770013.gif (15.45 KB, 256x224, 1565088920052.gif)


I sure appreciate all this Persian electricity and the persian internet i am using to write on my persian computer using the persian language.

Truly these are great persian times we live in.(constant racebait)

No. 448383

New Orleans

No. 448384

You mean electricity invented by a Serbian man who was exploited by an American opportunist who took credit for his achievements?
Delicious post, just like great-grandma used to make!

No. 448390

File: 1565784175455.jpg (74.64 KB, 640x800, NOTMC_16416_c0807a61-881a-481c…)

I haven't been there yet myself but very much want to. Especially those cemeteries they have there. It seems to be an amazing, historical city. I hope you see it some day.

ntayrt but no one "invented" electricity.

No. 448393

Since this thread is heated anyways I just want to admit this board has an extreme obsession with transwomen

No. 448394

I'm GC but I lowkey agree. We spend a lot of time talking about how x and y transwomen don't pass which I find repetitive and uninteresting compared to other GC topics.

No. 448395

Invented in the sense that he invented an efficient way to harness and distribute it that is still used to this day, but thanks for making me type up this whole ass extra sentence just for you.

No. 448397

>American education

No. 448403

NTA, but if you know how to shitpost on Lolcow, you know how to Google shit before talking.

No. 448407

I love you and agree with you but you're wasting your breath trying to explain this shit to people that don't understand history.

No. 448426

NTA, but I still think it's good because it lets other, lurking anons learn, and it also shuts down the growth of /pol/tard bullshit. I believe the reason this ideology festered on 4chan is because many users, especially young ones, typically are mentally vulnerable and also not very knowledgeable, making them easy prey for weirdos to push any fringe beliefs that stroke their egos and tell them they're the best (even if it's for shitty reasons, or just completely inaccurate).
Now that 8chan's dead, this cancer is going to need to be run off even more than before. If we give them an inch and let them feel even a little welcome, they'll take a mile and try to turn this place into their refugee bunker.

No. 448469

True, I have seen this happen to a lot of young men where before they really know anything about the world they get indoctrinated into an extremist view of it from their little internet opinion bubble, then if they go to college they screech at anything they learn there as "leftist conspiracy" and refuse to listen even when it clearly makes far more sense and is much more well-founded in historical facts than whatever meme beliefs they've thoughtlessly and eagerly absorbed as a form of unnecessary self-absolution and aggrandizement.
It's definitely good to see anons taking the time to counter /pol/tard type crap with well-informed, factual responses especially in the wake of 8chan's dissolution causing all their little spiders to scramble out like babies from a mother's back.

No. 448477

I'm not American and English isn't my first language, sorry you're dense

No. 448482

that's literally what i said retard.

No. 448492

No, you tried to argue that having no body hair is in itself more "feminine", when that's actually not true at all.
There's nothing non-feminine about having body hair, it's just that racist, retarded scrotes made up shit about women being crazy savages for not being bald everywhere but the head. Somehow, though, they managed to convince everyone that having body hair doesn't make men crazy and "inferior", just women. Dumb as fuck.

No. 448497

i didn't, i used quotes. fuck off and read my post. women do have less body hair, we don't get prominent beards or chest hair, even in cultures that have a ton of hair they have considerably less.

No. 448502

Using quotes doesn't change shit. You tried to argue from a BS "It's nature tho" viewpoint and said we should "get over it" based on that, when that's not even the case.
Having a completely bald body is not natural for women just because we grow less body hair on average. By your logic, since we also put on weight more easily than men, it'd be sensible for men to demand we become obese or some other stupid bullshit, and those of us who see that it's dumb need to "get over it".

No. 448517

Every single woman I have seen naked naturally has more hair on her pubic area than any man I have ever seen naked.

No. 448545

But women are expected to have longer hair on ours heads. Do you think the hair below our necks is magically different? It isn't. Men actually have naturally longer eyelashes and their head hair grows faster than ours too.

I think you know this argument is bullshit, anon.

No. 448598

whenever someone posts online unanonymously, or anonymously in response to something in the style of "as a victim of x", that they were ever sexually abused i automatically don't believe them. even in contexts where the poster is credible. i just can't believe them or take them seriously. doesn't matter if they are male or female.

No. 448605

>using quotes doesn't mean anything
Are you clinically retarded? You just wanted to continue your anti-amerifag bait through an unrelated comment.

No. 448618

So if exaggerating an inate female trait (less body hair) is natural for women to do, then why are we also expected to have long eyelashes, a trait more typical for men? Why were there some cultures (like ancient Egypt) where men also shaved their bodies?

No. 448619

Except nothing I said or quoted about this body hair issue was "anti-Amerifag" in the least.
With this and the other holes anons have pointed out in your shitty, room temperature IQ take of an unpopular opinion, you must be the clinical retard here.

No. 448624

Were you sexually abused, anon?

No. 448627

You can thank male-dominated society for indoctrinating you with doubt towards sexual abuse victims.

No. 448642

you even admit the poster is credible but don't believe them because they said they were a victim?

you're either incredibly brainwashed or a piece of shit human

No. 448651

I dunno if this is really an unpopular opinion or not but I think it’s insane that people pay 1000 dollars for smartphones.
It’s crazy that the price range is so high but it’s normal cuz almost everyone has one. And then they get rid of their 1000 dollar phone and get the “new” one when it comes out. Maybe I’m exaggerating but I’m amazed that some people spend that money because it’s popular and they can barely afford necessities.
Anyway, I also think about all of last years phones that get thrown out for new stuff that’s pretty much the same thing. It’s all wasteful. A waste of money and a waste of resources

No. 448660

Agree 100%, its fucking insane that people pay that much, it is purely a status symbol at that point because after a certain price bracket smartphones don't get any better and I would say they get even worse. Worse battery life and no headphone jack. My coworker had an 800$ phone and it didnt really do anything that my 130$ phone couldn't do.

No. 448675

My $270 motorola is basically the same as the $1000 samsung I broke (which would cost $400 to fix), can't believe I wasted all that money on no real difference.

That said I use my phone constantly so if there weren't cheaper options I wouldn't mind spending $1000, I get my money's worth.

No. 448712

I buy the flagship device 2-3 gens behind the current gen and it's always a fraction of the price with not much difference for me. Plus they're usually well-constructed in comparison to the cheaper current gen options. I don't play mobile games and only use a handful of utility aps.

No. 448740

I actually agree. It seems like fucking EVERYONE is a "CSA victim" at this point and use it everywhere to shut up anyone questioning whatever shitty take they just let out. The way they utilize their "status" and mention it in every discussion makes me very suspicious of its authenticity. Someone two years older than you calling you cute when you were 14 doesn't make you a CSA victim.

No. 448750

I honestly only have a $700 phone because I use it all the fucking time and emulate games on it, so I want to have a good processor and at least handle the screen being on a majority of the time. However, there's people who just use their phone to play YouTube videos and Netflix and decide to buy the same phone as me, even though the screen is a tiny bit smaller than a few models offered for less and I just shake my head. I honestly just don't understand the price of iPhones, it's so uncustomizable and the fact they now have limited ports, ridiculous price. If I wanted to switch over to an Apple phone for old times sake, I'd be more content with the iPhone that came out in 2012 compared to the newer model. I even think the battery life was better.

No. 448767

when i said credible i meant believable, i didn't mean showing some sort of
proof of the incident(s), which no one ever does anyway.
yeah that's similar to my experience. i think it has become the new trend, just like in 2012 when everyone was cutting themselves and the last couple of years when everyone have become trans. young people always find some way to get attention.

also you can go through a potentially traumatizing experience without getting PTSD, which is an actual disorder that needs to be treated to go away. and all of these kids claim they have PTSD. from what? some older guy hitting you up on gaiaonline? ridiculous. get a life outside of this toxic internet culture before you become the next soren.

No. 448787


Well, i have to say i understand what you mean. I've noticed it too.

I have a psicologist friend, she would tell me it was incredibly common for patients to fake abuse because it was a good scapegoat and a lot of people just want to play the victim for attention, irl support groups always feature someone who is just lying or exaggerating and do it shamelessly so no reason to believe in the internet is not that much more common. Especially with me too hype and stuff where people instantly believe the victim no matter what.

Its a very delicate issue, diagnostics are hard, everything now is like a landmine field, a lot of people who truly need help are going untreated because they can't open ip but a lot of attention seeking liars are getting an scot free card to be narc assholes and blame it all on pass abuse that didn't happen like they say. Even worse, its being used as a weapon to ruin people's lives and reputations and this is the same shit that happened during religious and political times of persecution, people jump in a bandwagon and suddenly everyone is possesed by satan and everyone's neighbor is an insurgent, etc.

I cannot stomach reddit and how everyone is an uwu victim shitting on their families, friends, coworkers, etc for instant validation.

Having a bad day? your mother told you off when you screamed at her? go on the internet, make a long story of how she beat you, raped you and emotionally abused you, thats a healthy way to sublimate , instantly feel better when strangers kiss your ass and never admit you are wrong.

No. 448797


This reminds me of the reddit board 'raised by narcissists' I feel like half of the posters are just black sheeps of their family from acting entitled. They spend their days bitching about Mom smacking them when they were 8 years old.

I come from a time when getting a few smacks was a pretty acceptable punishment so it's not automatic confirmation that both your parents are narcs, as they insist

The bitterness is unreal and takes from any genuine stories told on there

No. 448820

File: 1565875460630.png (73.57 KB, 671x533, Screenshot_2019-08-14-16-04-22…)

>raised by narcissists
I've been wanting to share this screenshot for a while. It kind shows how that sub is just a giant pity party that wont get you any real help (Also most of the comments were saying dump the therapist).
You're right about that sub being full of overdramatic people. Half the sub was gaslit on how their childhood wasn't abuse most of their life so the people there try to make up for it by affirming every rando who goes into the sub and asks of their parents are narcissists. This ends up with a bunch of teens and actual narcs thinking they were abused. Even if they where abused its a common fact on that sub people can develop fleas, picking up some of their psrents bad traits while growing up, and no one ever tries to call people out for that.

No. 448832

this is actually sad. if these people (who are undoubtedly mostly teenagers or young adults) follow advice like "no contact" it might damage their close relationships for life. i think these kind of subreddits are a bad influence if they are not strictly moderated like for example r/legaladvice (at least it seems to be). they should endorse problem solving not crazy bpd behaviour.

No. 448835

>>448820 oh my god, yes anon. Went there after hearing about my dad's diagnosis and felt like i could finally say i was raised by a narc and the whole sub was full of ppl whining. Some of them seem like smart ppl but most are just whiny ass babies wanting to be told they're perfect and their shit don't smell.

No. 448862


There's a theme of people on that board giving out about therapists too, any therapist that hits them with a harsh reality is also a narc…

They shop around therapists til they find one that will accept their version of reality and not question it, it's sad

No. 448864

>goes to subreddit dedicated to people bitching about particular problems
>is surprised by the number of people bitching about particular problems
…well what did you expect? One myopic post about someone's interaction with a person isn't really enough to determine the invalidity of something anyway, that's kind of the point of online support forums. It's up to the posters to get actual help irl.

No. 448868


It's pretty well known that rbn has a 'safe space' vibe to it so you can't point out to people when they are describing really mundane disagreements with their parents. Now you have a mix of genuine stories of horrible abuse next to teens having very normal arguments but then calling their mother a narcissist.

It's just a shame but then it's bound to happen as it's not a board for questioning things. There are people looking for support after childhood sexual abuse and those threads sit right next to teen angst threads basically

No. 448870


The worst is when people declare a dozen or so members of their family as all being narcissists… like it happens all the time on there

No. 448873

I usually believe most of the sexual abuse stories on here only because I want to believe in the women of this community. Call me naive or something but I'd rather believe the stories on here than on any other online space because everytime I read a post about sexual abuse I just project myself in the shoes of the anon that made the post and think they're like me and that they felt comfortable opening up on this image board.

It's crazy how many people lie about being abused in their childhood or how many people blow what happened to them out of proportion. It's sad because those that are the real victims lose credibility because of those that are lying and people become skeptical.

No. 448874

Does something have to be "horrible" abuse for it to be abuse?
Just because a person posts something mundane doesn't necessarily mean they've only ever posted mundane things.
Lots of families are shitty. You are looking at a subreddit where people are directed to post about their shitty families.

I don't see how someone posting about their "lesser" situations invalidates someone who went through childhood sexual abuse.

No. 448875

No contact is the last step, you try everything else before that, go to family therapy if you can or even just a crisis nurse. If your family member is refusing there is not much you can do, I find it disturbing that people judge others for going no contact. That person has mulled it over and over in their head no doubt, if you do not know the history never shame someone who has gone no contact. I'm sure lots of people fake abuse but I would never accuse someone of that without proof, as an abuse survivor myself with no contact I'd be mortified if someone said I faked everything. It's extremely hard to make that decision, I still miss my parents but multiple mental health professionals told me to keep my distance, so I do. I get judged by others sometimes 'it's your mom or it's your dad' dont be that person if you don't know what they went through, just some advice.

No. 448877


It's called raised by narcissists.. I'm not comparing 'abuse' I'm talking about simple disagreements turning into a person labelling someone else as a narc

Or them declaring that out of twenty or so family members they are the only one who is not 'a narc'

No. 448878


They never said it invalidates anyone?

No. 448881

And I'm telling you that you don't know if someone posting a simple disagreement is only posting a one time, teensy weensy scenario or if that's actually one of the many manifestations of their interactions with their narc.
How do you really know?

Farmers itt are literally saying "real" victims lose credibility over stories that she deems are exaggerations or lies. Or how dare "angsty" stories share the same space as child sex abuse stories.
I can read.

No. 448882


I'm no contact with my one surviving parent, I've visited the reddit and seen examples where some stories seem out of place. It's usually because the person will essentially describe 90 percent of the people they've ever met as narcs. It screams that something is up with the person in terms of their own mental health

You can only hope that they take the advice to see a professional

No. 448884


I never said that

No. 448886


You're actually putting words in their mouth

No. 448887

It doesn't even make sense.
Who cuts contact from family who under healthy circumstances provides all sorts of support and resources? Just for fun and random attention from strangers that they literally can't do anything with?
I don't buy that. People who've gone no contact do it for a good reason.

No. 448888

>"There are people looking for support after childhood sexual abuse and those threads sit right next to teen angst threads basically."

>"It's sad because those that are the real victims lose credibility because of those that are lying and people become skeptical."

I don't know who said what at this point but those are direct quotes.

No. 448889

I don't see why Venus Angelic can't be both an abuse victim by her mother and also a shitty person who picked up her mother's abusive habits.
Anons always act like she can only occupy one extreme or another instead of both.

No. 448890


I was talking about people who insist that say their mother is a narc and they'll make a big post to cover all the history, it'll be teenage disagreements. That power struggle that happens when you're raising teenagers that want to stay out late

That's the kind of post I'm saying doesn't scream 'narc' in my opinion. I don't really know where you got whole invalidation thing from

No. 448891

Narc does seem to be popular word to throw around lately, to the point where not getting along with someone equals -Confirmed Narc

Thing is they could be saying the same thing about you

No. 448893


Yep as someone said a few posts ago if you spend enough time with abusive or 'narc' types you can pick up fleas

No. 448894

Do you have an example?

No. 448895

Narcissists tend to adopt language to aid and abet in their abuse ie. Calling their victims who stand up to their shit the narcissists.

It just really depends on who exhibits the bigger amount of empathy. Narcissists never even stop to consider if what they're doing is wrong and are usually dismissive and manipulative.

No. 448896


I had an ex who for three years told me she was sexually abused by a relative as a child, she was diagnosed with bpd and I thought that abuse could've played a part in her developing it

After we broke up I found out she had lied about pretty major things so when she was drunk texting me one night I asked if she had ever lied to me about anything, she said the abuse was made up. I asked why and she told me

'I cry alot for no real reason, I needed an excuse for all my crying'

No. 448897


What do you mean?

No. 448898

Of all these teenage angst posts?

Yep that's bpd right there. Yike.

No. 448900


I used to read reddits dedicated to relationship advice or people talking about break ups and was always aware that for every person describing their ex as hell on earth there was another version of the story out there too

No. 448902


Yeah I never doubted her til we'd split and other lies had already come out. Like she said she cried for hours some nights

I don't have saved threads

No. 448903

File: 1565888702908.jpg (230.76 KB, 1080x1478, Screenshot_20190815_194129.jpg)

There are a lot of extremely toxic support groups or online communities dedicated to abuse survivors, because these communities attract a lot of BPDs that are obsessed with being victims forever and other attention seeking people that aren't even going through abuse or are just going or went through things that are not that bad as they make it out to be. In these communities any real advice will be labeled as "victim blaming", so ultimately their users are not even encouraged to get better or be aware of what they're doing wrong, it just encourages them to live in these communities by circle jerking on how much they were abused. I don't think anyone is denying that these communities truly have people that are actual victims, but ironically those that are not tend to be the most active, as they're using victimhood as a way to cope with their life and recieve attention.
This is an example. A professional has no interest in making someone's life worse or downplaying their abuse, the intention of the professional that told their patient they're having a victim complex was to make the patient self-conscious and to help them better their lives and their mentality. Of course, the patient absolutely refused believing or even considering that they might have a victim complex problem and they went on the subreddit to get positive affirmation about how they are not having a victim complex but the therapist is just crazy and is trying some victim blaming technique on their patient. The advice was to "change therapist" because for us, the people of this community there's no possibility of us being wrong, it's just others that don't understand us, the real victims of abuse. This is not advice, telling someone to just change therapists when their current one told them something that made them feel bad is not advice, that's a therapist's job they must make you face the truth and get a better mentality. Telling someone who's parents might not even be CRAZY ABUSIVE BPD NARCISSISTS to completely cut contact with their parents is also not very great advice.

All of this being said, I still believe these communities do have people that were victims but the truth is a lot of them were not or at least they were not as much as they claim to be. Also, the concept of "abuse" is highly subjective nowadays because technically anything that is not according to your expectations or that slightly hurts you will be considered abuse. This world is not perfect, the people living on this planet are not perfect, parents make mistakes. If your mom can't afford enough food for you as a child she's just poor, if she didn't give you sweets she did it because she thought she was in your best interest, not because she was a crazy abusive narcissist.

No. 448906


Back in my reddit browsing days I would read these threads and list off the amount of things that my parents also did from these threads, but they weren't abusive. They just weren't perfect and they believed in discipline

The word abuse is becoming overused. Some here are offended at the scepticism but having a victim complex is also a thing. Some of these people have bpd and so are highly sensitive

No. 448908


I stopped visiting RBNs when I saw a discussion about how someone had visited five different therapists and they were all narcs too!!

No. 448912

I visited those communities when I first was starting to come to terms with what I had been through and was looking for advice. I quickly realized that those places did not have much real advice. So yeah, I too think people with real issues may briefly visit and vent, but will (hopefully) move on to more helpful things instead of staying and wallowing.

No. 448914

A thread posted today on raised by narcs is a woman saying her 26 year old sister has autism and throws tantrums.

"Is she a Narc??? I'm sick of her, I want a normal sister"

No. 448917

sometimes I feel like I'm overreacting like these RBN people and it makes me really uncomfortable to think about my past as abuse, but people say it was. I get kind of annoyed reading these, but then I think that maybe I'm no worse off and people would get annoyed at me talking about my problems too.

No. 448921


Diff anon but that sister with autism post is an example posted only a couple of hours ago

Display by newest posts and it's titled 'Is my sister a N?'

It's two siblings not getting along at home, one has autism and acts..like she has autism

It only takes minutes to find examples of these threads yourself if you want

No. 448928

Disordered food behaviors aren't minor complaints and are actually tied to childhood trauma and shit parenting. Kind of a bad example tbh.

No. 448930


In a way I understand the need for it to be a safe space if people are nervous sharing, it does mean that constructive feedback isn't really there though

I've seen too many people told to change therapist for the 5th/6th time cos they are not hearing what they want to hear

I regularly see very real posts too though, I chose not to have children because my own childhood was so unhappy that I can't imagine a happy child and worry I'd fail, found other posters saying the same and it meant something to be able to relate

No. 448932


It's hard to tell whether these are just parents not having enough money to eat well or parents keeping junk food to a minimum though

I regularly went hungry as a kid, no narc parents

No. 448935

>If your mom can't afford enough food for you as a child she's just poor
This is called neglect. Being poor isn't really an excuse to not feed a child.
>if she didn't give you sweets she did it because she thought she was in your best interest
Who denies a child sweets unless they have some kind of threatening health condition? Sounds ostracizing and medically unnecessary unless it's a morbidly obese kid or a type 1 diabetic. Sounds like a parent who'd rather ban than have conversations with their child about health and moderation otherwise.

No. 448937


I used to secretly eat tissue as a kid cos money was tight and we'd go hungry, it's not narc behaviour to run out of food towards the end of the week and ration til the next payday

No. 448952

you sound like an entitled fatty. many parents don't want to let their children have sugar.

No. 448963

To not eat sweets? Fucking what? hahaha oh no timmy is going to be ostracized because he didn't pack a sleeve of oreos for lunch.
>medically unnecessary
hahahahaha holy shit

No. 448969

I love how you're in this thread because you think people call their parents narcs too quickly, yet you call people entitled fats who think it's weird for people to ban entire food categories from their kids. And it is weird and ineffective parenting behavior btw.
Be nice to your kids and let them have a piece of candy. Jeez.

It's neglect, not necessarily narc behavior. Narc behavior would be denying or restricting your food or not prioritizing the purchase of your food.
>mfw I'm being yelled at for thinking kids should have sweets but this anon literally consumed non food

Quit being an asshole.

No. 448974

lol quit saying retarded things, and I'll quit laughing.

No. 448977

File: 1565900253882.jpeg (175.67 KB, 840x550, 619A869D-FB1F-426C-A655-4C46F3…)

i didn't post anything about rbn, you just sound ridiculous anon. fucking kek. sweets aren't food and they're also completely unnecessary.

No. 448981

Never said sweets are necessary but they are a food? You sound like a muppet.
Please let your kids have cake on their birthday.
Please let your kids go trick or treating with their friends.
Please don't call other kid's parents and chew them out for letting little Billy have a soda.

It's been proven that bizarre restrictions on kids cause them to rebel and become fat adults. Just don't.

No. 448989

the relationship can be unhealthy, toxic, hard to deal with etc without the parent being a narcissist or even abusive.

this post a 100%. I was diagnosed with BPD at 17 (i know…) by a shrink who otherwise did a lot of…very unprofessional shit and closed myself into that diagnosis, joined a bunch of "bpd support groups" where everyone was always telling me how valid I was and it just gave me excuses to be a shitty person. Getting out of these "support" groups and quitting drugs were the two best things that I ever did for my mental health, my well being as well as the well-being of other people around me.

No. 449003

>when i said credible i meant believable
point still stands
> i didn't mean showing some sort of proof of the incident(s), which no one ever does anyway.
ah yes only because clearly no one ever actually gets abused and only lies about it, right?
the reason why no one shows proof often is because a lot of proof to that would often expose personal information, or the victim was a child at the time and didn't know what was happening therefore doesn't have proof when they're old enough to know what happened to them and that it was wrong, why should we scream liar in their face because of that?

No. 449007

>why should we scream liar in their face because of that?
obviously you shouldn't do that, stop exaggerating so hard. you can't expect everyone to believe and pity you.

No. 449011

I never said pity, it's toxic to claim someone is lying simply because of how they worded one thing, what's even more toxic is wrongfully accusing victims of lying. Obviously you can't make everyone pity or believe but when you're gonna be an asshole about it or try to believe someone was lying over something that doesn't even make SENSE as to a reason to believe they lied, I don't see why I can't say anything about it

If you think someone was lying without any good reason to do so, you're a piece of shit, plain and simple, it's not about "getting everyone to believe and pity"

No. 449017

>it's toxic to claim someone is lying simply because of how they worded one thing, what's even more toxic is wrongfully accusing victims of lying
never did any of that. i just don't personally believe them and if you have a problem with that it's just your personal issues about you needing everyone to pity and validate your claims without any convincing reason to.
>you think someone was lying without any good reason
you simply can't reason in that way. there is as little reason to believe someone's stories without question. and when someone make accusations about another person the burden of proof is on the accuser.
however, i don't expect everyone to share my view. hence posting in this thread lmao. try to calm down.

No. 449026


I'm pretty sure that poster has been putting words in peoples mouths here all day

Either that or the triggereds are out in force today

No. 449027

Maybe multiple people disagree with you and you're not that good at articulating yourself.

No. 449028


I wasn't even posting ?

No. 449029

I don't believe you.

See what I did there?

No. 449030


Yeah, and you having an opinion is fine with me

No. 449032

>putting words in peoples mouths
This is the second time I've seen you complain about this. Take some introspective ownership for what you poorly say.
Hard agree.

No. 449036


lol I posted it once so..

No. 449037

I like this venus way better than the venus who pretended to like her husband but not husband boyfriend but actually husband.

She seems like she's not made for youtube and should prob get a real job and chill and she could be pretty cool.

Everyone has baggage and their own issues. Remove her way to attention seek to millions of people and I think you would have just a human being.

No. 449039

I feel like a weirdly high number of posters on here have bpd, it gets mentioned a whole lot more than you'd even see on a mental health board. Plenty mention having it across all sorts of various threads

Why does lolcow have quite so many bpd posters?

No. 449041

She doesn't wanna work though. Without youtube she'd just be an entitled leech demanding that a man sugar her while asking her friends for donations for being a sad uwu

No. 449042

I think a lot of mentally ill people are attracted to image boards in general. For women BPD is a quite common diagnosis and because they are under anonimity people are more likely to show their true nature and open up about what bothers them.

No. 449043

it started out as a site entirely for women obsessed with stalking and mocking cosplayers which should be in the official definition of BPD

No. 449048

How could people with instability, no grip on their anger, and who struggle with empathy gravitate to gossip websites?
What a mystery, tee hee.

No. 449049

I have something similar. My manipulative ex broke down to me a couple of years into our relationship about how his bipolar was first triggered by the suicide of his best friend. He couldn't bear to talk about it so I never pressed him for details, although years later he mentioned writing a paper in school about how much he missed her that he said the teacher was moved by. It's been years since I had any contact with him but I only recently realised how it was probably just another one of his crazy ways to make me feel bad for him, none of his friends or family or anyone ever mentioned any girl from his school killing herself. I can't decide if it's more likely it was a huge lie for attention, or just he was dumb enough to fall for the "catfish that fakes suicide" thing that used to always happen in those days. I'll never know or confront him about it and it eats me up.

This would be a funnier site banner than most of what we have

No. 449063

The ultimate power poly couple is Doormatt + Plainey + Greg + Ariana. Tell me I’m wrong. It’d be a milkfest.

No. 449066

File: 1565923002474.png (134.24 KB, 500x522, america-fuck-yeah-33336254.png)

>Who denies a child sweets unless they have some kind of threatening health condition?

No. 449068

>still mad

No. 449102

>fatties hitting full throttle on their scootypuff

No. 449110

Her post was rational. Denying a kid occasional sweets just makes it seem more enticing. How many kids did you know growing up that snarfed sweets when given the opportunity because they were denied anything at home or on special occasions? It's okay if a kid has ice cream once in a while, it's okay if they have candy at the movies. You don't have to be crazy about denying it and teaching moderation and to enjoy something as an occasional treat is a great strategy for helping them develop healthy eating patterns at a young age. You are overreacting.

No. 449113

I think excusing your bad behavior due to mental illness should be acceptable. Especially in cases for people with tourettes and dissociative disorders. Although I do now people will try to take advantage and some already do, so these illnesses should require doctors notes or something official that should be carried by the person at all times just in case. Is this already a thing? I don't know much lmao.

No. 449117

Ntayrt but I would argue that obesity counts as a threatening health condition.

Sweets are like anything else- too much is a bad thing, but it's fine in reasonable amounts.

When I was little, we always had soda, chips, and cookies in the house. Instead of getting fat, though, I just burned out and got bored of junk. Having access to it all the time destroyed the novelty, and I eventually developed a taste for somewhat weird things my mom never kept around, like spanikopita or eel.

The only junk I still like today is baked BBQ Lay's. Everything else is just boring, even the spicy stuff.

No. 449120

Sorry for the double post but I'm pretty sure this is why Momokun got fat. Her athlete father was so meticulous with diet that Moo never learned how to consume treats sparingly. So now that dad isn't around to force her to not eat junk, Moo indulges every day. She's a great example of how controlling kids too much makes them go nuts when they have freedom.

A piece of candy once a day might actually teach the kid that candy is just another kind of food, and not a holy grail that needs to be eaten as much as possible whenever it's available.

No. 449163

i feel like you can say the exact same thing about alcohol, yet no sane and responsible parent gives alcohol to their kid to teach them to drink in moderation

No. 449166

Are.. are you really comparing getting an ice cream cone on a hot day with your child to giving them an illegal intoxicating alcoholic drink?

No. 449178


or heroin.. I've heard that's very more-ish though

Sorry just have to laugh at the weird contrarian posts on here the last day or so

No. 449183


Isn't there scepticism around some dissociative disorders even among professionals. Around DID in particular and people who report having several personalities

I remember looking into all the reported cases of DID after the Sybil case/book became popular and it's interesting. Don't know what to think of it really.

No. 449189

Actually, I have Russian friends who grew up that way. There are a lot of Russian foods that use alcoholic drinks in the recipe, and they also have this thing that is basically extremely low-proof beer that kids occasionally drink.

Not defending it as a parenting choice. Just thought I'd share.

No. 449196


Yeah some countries do allow kids of a certain age upwards to have a small drink with special dinners or family gatherings. I've seen statistics before claiming this correlates with lower rates of binge drinking in teens and young adults in those countries

No. 449284

The JY thread should be just as nitpicky and active as the Kiki and similar threads. Its gross that we have an actual male horrorcow predator (that isnt Onision, who's dry atm) but we're choosing to be anal about other girls instead.

inb4 do it yourself - I probably will post any missing screenshots there when I'm on my desktop if nobody else does.

Its just sad. Men deserve way more shit thrown at them. I also wish that we could talk like this in the actual threads without getting bitched out.

No. 449380

I think it's more proof that men being horrorcows we tend to not beat around the bush and get to the point. I see the nitpicking as just filler speak, not directly to the woman cow, but just us notifying ourselves we're aware of what's going on with said cow, even though it is anonymously.

No. 449628

Super muscular people come across as disordered to me. It's no different than being obsessed with being skelly or eating too much imo. You're spending a fuckton of time obsessing over muscle mass and appearance while appealing to weird shit like "well i can punch a bear or crush your skull el em ay oh".

Fitness is cool and self care is good but obsessions are pretty transparent.

No. 449694

Ehh, we don't need to increase nitpicking for men for the sake of ~equality~, there just needs to be less nitpicking of women. Nitpicking happens due to a lack of milk/sheer jealousy over a pretty girl/perceived competition (eg costhots, weebs and camgirls hating on girls more successful than them in their respective areas). JY is actual scum and nobody is jealous of him, he's not lacking in milk, none of us are trying to be hideous trannies. He's also so objectively disgusting looking it would be redundant to point out nasolabial folds or whatever.

No. 449766

File: 1566092181847.gif (2.01 MB, 268x191, tumblr_owqkcaO1hM1wrraimo5_400…)

I agree. The people obsessed with how their muscles look aren't even necessarily healthy or strong, anyway. Bodybuilders do it purely for appearance. Actual strongmen still have some fat. You'll never see some super cut gymbro doing the shit a real strongman does. And considering how they dehydrate and other super unhealthy habits, sometimes including sketchy drugs, just to look a certain way, it's definitely disordered.

No. 449886

Why does this always happen?
>I think we need to have the right to nitpick men equally.
>NO!!! NO NITPICKING OF MEN!! We just need to nitpick women less!
>I think we need to have the right to sexualize men just as we sexualize women.
>NO!!! DON'T TOUCH THE POOR MEN!! We just need to stop the sexualization of women!
>I want to be able to be sexual and coarse just like men!
>NO!!! W-we just need to tell men not to be like that!
None of the things above is never going to happen. There's no way people are going to stop being so relentlessly cruel on women. My unpopular opinion is that I'm sick and tired of always having to be "better than men", I want to be just as bad as they are. Fuck men's feelings.

No. 449919

I think Lucy Liu is really pretty, even though everyone on LC seems to disagree.

No. 449923

ummmmmmm… ok… i don't care about men's feelings. i think in general fostering really critical mentalities about appearance or normalizing the objectification of people is harmful in general to even the people who are doing the objectifying or nitpicking. it's not a good thing and by saying "we should just _____ men as much" you'll never get rid of the ______ of women, because men will just forever use the fact that they're also being _______'d (which they don't necessarily even care about because men are not self aware) as leverage to continue to _____ women. it goes for anything. for objectification, for nitpicking, for rape, for literally any offense. it makes 0 sense to try to "level the playing field" by being shitty, because men don't care about actually making improvements. they would happily sit in grime and shit and muck and use women's behavior to continue to victimize us as long as it gets them off or whatever. men do not seek to improve the world. they're dumb spergs that will reach until their cervical spines are literally severed in trying to "eVoLuTiOnAriLy" justify whatever terrible offense humans commit as being sane or rational or sensible and forever unchanging. it goes for fucking everything. like, literally any human vice will be forever justified in the male mind as being "natural" and therefore fixed and must be "good" in some """evolutionary""" way, even if it's like, literally fake and untrue. meeting their degeneracy and awfulness means there's no chance of ever improving.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 449925

File: 1566126266527.jpg (512.37 KB, 2370x1606, legolas-and-gimli.jpg)

I ship Legolas and Gimli, partly because I love how much saying it upsets scrot nerds.

No. 449929

I shamelessly shipped them as a tween when I watched the movies.

No. 450009

She is pretty, she always got dressed in the coolest outfits on Elementary too.

No. 450015

I can't muster up the will to hate Chrish-chan. I just feel sorry for him

No. 450029

He's one of the few people in jail I've actually contemplated writing letters to. Him and Dylan anyway.

No. 450033

I'm surprised LC thinks she's unattractive, I always found her incredibly pretty and she caught my eye ever since I first watched Kill Bill years ago in my early teens

No. 450046

He murdered people and then laughed about in court. And you want to fucking write letters to him because he mother abused him? Are you literally retarded anon?

No. 450064

yes anon is retarded.

No. 450070

Hybristophiles are, indeed, retarded. Some people just need to be needed.

No. 450077

what breivik and dylan rat have in common is telling me something about you and i'm sure it isn't hybristophilia.

No. 450079

Murderers are not and can't be smart. You see people painting off Ted Bundy or dictators who caused the deaths of hundreds as "geniuses" and it's fucking cringy. Killing someone is the most primal, out of control thing a human can do, there are a million solutions to whatever motive they had that isn't murder and they chose to kill. They are not thinking.

No. 450080

People want them to be intelligent for some reason.

Kinda similar to that, the majority of people with autism have average to below average IQ and are not exceptional savants. I don't like that this mental handicap is being pushed as ~the next step in the human evolution~ because it's extremely not that.

No. 450091

People say they want boys over girls because they're afraid of pregnancy, but that makes absolutely no sense because a) a boy can knock up multiple girls at once and b) with a girl you have so much more influence over whether or not she's on birth control. Also, girls are much more mindful of pregnancy than boys are since they're the ones going through it. When you say "I prefer boys cuz pregnancy" you're either and idiot or implying you wouldn't force your son to man up and take responsibility over his kid. Which is also stupid since the girl's parents will no doubt get the law involved and force him to pay child support anyway.

No. 450096

People thought he was smart for getting away with it for so long… but that was in the 70s.. hardly impressive when police hadn't much to work with back then

No. 450101

I can't fathom how anyone who knows even the basics of his case could see him as intelligent. First of all, like you said, the resources at the time for catching murderers was abysmal. They didn't even have the database for helping police catch serial killers back then because there had been so few known cases of them. Also, the way Bundy got caught was purely due to his own idiocy. He hunted at a local lake with tons of witnesses and used his real name and car to pick up two of the girls. The entire reason he was named as a suspect was because police announced they were looking for a guy named Ted who drove a tan Beetle and sure enough several people reported Bundy.

No. 450109

Yeah moving around worked for him as police departments couldn't or in some cases just wouldn't communicate with each other. He messed up plenty of times and had some close calls. People also paint him as charming when he seems really false and sly in any footage I've seen. All very superficial

No. 450116

People really think like that? Holy shit. A girl would be so much easier, cultivating an open and understanding environment and making sure she’s on birth control sounds much more ideal than hoping your son actually uses condoms every time and correctly (still having an open understanding environment).

No. 450118

My biggest fear would be raising a child to adulthood and then them killing or raping someone ..having a male child increases the risk of that

No. 450127

Yeah, if I had a boy I would be terrified of him ending up a rapist or mass shooter.

No. 450142

I feel bad for Dylan Klebold's mom, she seems like a decent person. For twenty years she's agonized over the fact that she raised a monster, and that the media often blamed her for what happened. He was on medication and in therapy iirc, so it's clear she knew there was a problem and was trying to help.

Eric's parents are psychos, though. They've been absolutely quiet about the whole ordeal. Says a lot imo.

Male children are a huge gamble these days, especially if you're white. The odds of ending up with a son who is violent, a sexual predator, a misogynist, entitled, a pornsick, or a racist seem so high. It seems like most of these shooters come from loving, middle-class families.

No. 450163

Yeah, I really feel for Dylan's mom too. It's so sad how even if you're a decent parent, people will still blame you for anything horrible your kid does as if they're not an autonomous being or could possibly be under the influence of someone else more than you (like how Dylan was with Eric).

No. 450171

Fat women are gross.

In my experience, most are miserable and difficult. They're so unhappy with themselves and project it onto everyone else. They have terrible personalities. Often they're stupid, too.

There's the fat acceptance movement, which if it had stuck with just not insulting or targeting fat people when they're out in public would be fine. But women made it all about embracing their unhealthy and ugly lives as if laziness and indulgence should be celebrated and powerful.

When I worked customer service and a fat or obese lady needed help, I gave my regular good service. Somehow they always had a way to find a problem and get indignant. Rather than trying to make it right like I would for everyone else I would calculate a passive aggressive way to give her shitty service.

I don't feel the same way about fat men at all. I don't find them attractive but I don't judge them like I do women. Fat men are usually insecure and ashamed so I try to give them extra conversation or service.

Sorry to fat anons. I know there's exceptions and even the fat acceptance warriors are hard to come by, but is there some reason that if you're obese and 30+ you have to be a stupid cunt to everyone?

No. 450173

File: 1566160323222.jpg (146.85 KB, 620x352, kuwtk-then-and-now-ftr.jpg)

I love the Kardashians/Jenners (minus Caitlyn) and find them inspirational

No. 450174

>They're so unhappy with themselves and project it onto everyone else
this is so true, however i think fat men are also like this

No. 450175

>cutting fat men slack
Lmao, they're the most disgusting freaks, don't be fooled. Not as many people shame them, because only women's appearances are considered okay to attack them over.
Fat men are abhorrent.

No. 450177

I hope you can find some better inspiration for your own sake

Exactly fat men look grosser than fat women because men in general don't know how to take care of themselves.

No. 450180


>big family

>powerful networking and influence

woke tbh

No. 450194

>self made

No. 450217

An entire tribe of fools
None can keep a functional happy relationship going
Gib Kylie gofundme money to be billionaire plz
Can’t dress themselves without a team of stylists helping
Scripted drama instead of family dinner

Inspiring anon.

No. 450218

I can't even begin to imagine how much food an obese man must consume. A short woman can gain weight eating under 2000 calories, an average man burns more than that just existing. They have naturally lower bf, build large amounts of muscle more easily, and have more opportunities for active jobs. Dieting is easy mode for them, it takes next level gluttony and laziness for them to get fat.

No. 450222

Watching shit like my 600lb life or supersize vs superskinny showed some of them eating over 4000 calories per day. Some get up to around 10000 calories some days.

No. 450235

Yes, anon, they were self-made. Not really Kylie and Kendall, but the older three and undebatably Kris.

No. 450242

>implying a few shitty relationships somehow overshadows being a multimillionaire
>implying it matters that they can't style themselves when they can just buy stylists and whatever clothes they want

Top kek.

No. 450246

Pointing out that they’re helpless without their mamas money and being inspired by insipid, surgically botched, developmentally retarded women is sad.

No. 450254

none of them were self made. Kris married a millionaire, then another millionaire, both financed her crap. Kim has always benefited from being born into a rich family. the two girls made money through that DASH store and the show. the Kardashians only got that TV deal because of Kim's sex tape. none of them are self made, holy shit

No. 450261

File: 1566172604390.gif (1.75 MB, 498x276, tenor (3).gif)

Loved watching their reality show back then, they had some funny fights and I found them generally likeable.

No. 450263

>the Kardashians only got that TV deal because of Kim's sex tape.
I get everything else you said, but how does getting a show because of a sex tape you made make you less self-made? She made the sex tape, after all, and successfully leveraged it.

No. 450265

Her sex tape got her the reality show because of the status she was born into.
She wasn't just some ordinary girl who got catapulted into fame by getting naked. She was hanging out with Paris Hilton, ffs.
They can't even make their own fashion designs or outfits (a ton of the shit they sold as "originals" were 1:1 copies of things made by random black designers they found on IG, a bunch of their outfits are literally just shit Rihanna has worn), let alone their own success, lmao.

No. 450268

rich ALREADY FAMOUS people and their rich kids that come from multimillion dollar backgrounds that ultimately decide "OK" when a studio comes to them because her rich girl connections made her Paris Hilton's best friend and assistant and a famous sex tape and public interest in her having 2 famous dads, rich girl friends and connects, and her appearance, made her appealing is not being "self made". everything landed in her lap because she was a rich, pretty girl with a famous and rich family.

No. 450269

I feel like it’d be hilarious and fitting for Onision and Lainey to be demoted down to /snow/.

No. 450274

Scrolling through the front page I seriously thought that was Gackt in the sunglasses lmao

No. 450284

The first 4 seasons were funny at times but it's trash now.

No. 450291

I feel like pretty much all the cows on /pt/ should be demoted because they just aren't that milky. Even the most prolific ones like Mariah are just nitpicking now. No one does lulzy shit nonstop like they used to because they all know there's consequences now

Gone are the days of PT and CWC, I guess.

No. 450293

it was something in vein with what i wrote in a vent thread and got called a disgusting human being for it but it just made me laugh.
Being unwell to the point of cancer or other bad illness things doesn't cancel out you being a shitty human. You're still a pile of garbage you're just sick now. I have no sympathy and see it as a form of karma.

No. 450310

thread quality is awful overall, no matter the board. its used to be fun, you could make a joke. now its just people screeching that their nitpicks are relevant because they feel their powerlevel is new and exciting, cowtipping for a screenshot, and a bunch of retarded woke shit like this is twitter. i go to other places to have fun but i have a nostalgic love for this place. its like seeing an old friend from highschool 10 years later addicted to crack and homeless.

No. 450407

Luna has been milkless for ages. However Pheobe Tickner should get into /pt/

No. 450410

Which threads are your favorites from the golden days?

No. 450486

Kek anon, they actually look similar

No. 450495

File: 1566230346689.jpg (8.33 KB, 225x225, macncheese.jpg)

I love the box mac and cheese, more than gourmet mac and cheese

No. 450513

agree, fatvegfemme is absolute /pt/ material she is the breakout lolcow superstar of the year

No. 450533

Tbh, I don't even feel like a lot of the old cows are that bad. Pheobe, on the other hand, is very punchable. She is just very loud and obnoxious, very self-righteous about all her stupidity too.

No. 450547

I feel that anything other than PIV sex with Foreplay is abnormal between a heterosexual couple.

No. 450551

I like box better because they actually add generous salt.
When most people make mac n cheese they just add melted soft cheese and call it a day without realizing all they've done is add milk fats and solids to plain macaroni. It always tastes so bland in comparison. People should just add the salt instead of worrying about cutting corners to make an already unhealthy dish a little less bad for you haha.

No. 450579

what do you mean by "anything else" ? Because a lot of things could or could not fit into your definition of foreplay. Not disagreeing, just wondering

No. 450599

I'm not big on kids either and think they can be really annoying, but the edgy "FUCK THESE CROTCHSPAWNS REEEEEEEE KIDS SHOULD FUCKING DIE I HATE THEM" sperging makes me cringe physically.

No. 450804

I mean technically fingering a guys ass can be foreplay, pissing on your partner could be foreplay,

I assume you're talking about oral

No. 450921

the blue box is my guilty pleasure. every time id go to a get together and someone would bring their homemade mac and cheese and rave that everyone loves it, it was near saltless but they sure loved to brag that it had 5 types of cheese. like sure, go all out on the cheese, but goddamn put a little salt in that bitch it all gluey and dense with no taste.

No. 450995

File: 1566319192610.jpeg (260.14 KB, 1500x1500, B241DF6E-9A55-484F-9CDD-8195E7…)

The shells + cheese sauce (not the powdered stuff) will beat out gourmet mac and cheese any day. No competition.

No. 451009

haha, that is a UO!

i still remember the first time i had shells with sauce, i thought it was the actual nastiest thing ever.

keep on keeping on with your shell sauce love, anon, it takes all kinds to make the world go round

No. 451013

File: 1566321345686.jpeg (63.93 KB, 600x600, 71d44b4ef16fe92146128f37e0b47a…)

i'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it's a long known fact that the only delicious box mac and cheese (powder or sauce) are shells and white cheddar powder. my condolences to you both.

No. 451099

wow, i can't even get with this one. some crazy shit up in this thread
srsly tho, this is so wholesome and cozy, ty to all anons involved in the great mac and cheese uo battle

No. 451130

God I miss Velveeta. I moved abroad and they don't sell it in my country due to some of the ingredients being unpasteurized. My parents occasionally smuggle me some, though.

No. 451158

emet selch did nothing wrong

No. 451160

Fiction has always affected reality. We invented fiction to teach concepts to our young without them having to experience things themselves. Stories like red riging good and Hansel and Gretel are perfect examples of cautionary tales and fiction that affects reality. Lies are fiction that affect reality. Anyone trying to tell you otherwise wants to keep you weak and susceptible.

No. 451167

File: 1566345752530.jpg (198.51 KB, 744x1500, matrician .jpg)

Out of the way macfags, best box posting here.

No. 451172

Okay, shayna…kek

No. 451177

that other anon can stuff it, you are anon of culture

No. 451215

Someone's been watching Jordan Peterson

No. 451216

I swear the SpongeBob shapes make it tastier

No. 451229

The pores in it are perfect for sucking up extra cheese.

No. 451231

He's a fucking sponge

No. 451251

File: 1566366683387.jpeg (2.15 MB, 2400x2400, 93791D00-C8E7-4C1C-8B71-B21FD5…)

when my fav is the spirals
I swear the texture of these makes the cheese sauce taste better, but I also agree with spongebob anons, shaped and more textured pasta just tastes better to me

my top 3 would probably be spirals/rotini mac, followed by shells, followed by shapes

No. 451317


My mother was a very lean and beautiful woman in her 20s, she diet a lot and exercised, sadly she suffered from congenital disease and after 30 her health started taking a toll. When she died at 40 she was very big, she had a disease that affected her muscles and could not be very active, she was afraid of even getting up sometimes because she might have an episode and would be lying incapacitated, yet she worked and took care of me during the long years that she was struggling with that illnes. During my entire school years on top of dealing with all the hardship and grief of that situation i had to deal with kids incesantly making fun of her and making fun of me because fat people are fair game, its never going to be not PC to be cruel to fat people.

No. 451319

I'm not from the US but I went a few years ago and wanted to try this stuff since Americans are always banging on about it. I really don't get it. It just tasted like salt and chemicals, tasted nothing like cheese. If I was really desperate for a quick meal, yeah I'd eat it but I don't understand why it's considered a comfort food.

Homemade mac and cheese that has a creamy sauce and perfectly cooked pasta tastes infinitely better.

No. 451324


A lot of americans may not even know what real cheese tastes like lol. Even a lot of their chocolates don't really contain cacao, its like a plastic chocolate-like substance with a shit ton of sugar.

No. 451325

When I tried American chocolate I couldn't believe how bad it is. It tastes like chalk.

No. 451400


Nobody eats boxed mac n cheese expecting to be some real cheese and authentic pasta experience lmfao

No. 451405

>>451325 I cringe everytime I remember trying american chocolate for the first time, my dumbass thought it had gone bad because of the chalky, like you said, but somehow greasy and fatty taste. The woman who gave it to me looked fucking mortified.

No. 451470

It tastes like vomit. Actually one of the worst things I have eaten in my life and I've ate some horrible things.

No. 451477

>>451470 doesn't american chocolate contain _something scientific bs_ that makes it taste like rotten meat to the people that aren't already used to it?

No. 451540

Yeah, Hershey's chocolate has butyric acid in it, which I think is the same chemical that gives vomit its smell and taste.

No. 451559

Are you anons serious about the chocolate being bad or are you being dramatic? Should I try imported chocolate? My world is being flipped upside-down. I didn't tag anyone because I'm lazy I'm so sorry.

No. 451566

American here and I've tried European chocolate in Europe (Switzerland) it really is a lot better depending on where you go. Russian chocolate is trash, but German/Swiss chocolate is heavenly. Hersheys just tastes and feels like wax to me.

No. 451575

we're not being dramatic anon, there is a huge difference.

i personally think american chocolate is okay and will still eat it, but the anons aren't lying when they say it tastes chalky, it really does.

No. 451581

File: 1566401511998.jpg (32.03 KB, 387x483, image0-145.jpg)

i dont know if i should crossplay a male character i really enjoy or should i just cosplay the forced female variant of him that retcons his entire character/backstory in favor of tits

i feel like either way i need to lose weight so i dont look like ass but i fear no one will recognize it anyway

No. 451593

I swear some cheap coffees have this too, and so does Bailey's Irish Creme liquor or whatever. Both separately often taste bile-y and mixing the two is straight up a vomit flavor. Never again.

I love Hershey's tho but ive been eating it since I was a kid.

No. 451595

I feel like I must be an outlier by preferring the taste of Cadbury over brands with high cocoa content

No. 451601

Doing the male version sounds more tasteful especially if the female variant's costume makes no sense with his story. Plus it sounds like doing a male variant that covers more of your body will be more comfortable anyway, and in addition if he's an obscure character, going for the most basic version gives you a better chance of someone recognizing you.

No. 451605

File: 1566403458810.png (511.55 KB, 864x712, D0CE5518-22AB-4B72-8212-CA45F5…)

German chocolate wins for plain chocolate but north america does get creative with the different pairings and flavors. My unpopular opinion!? Reeses sucks. Andes mint chocolates are where its at.

Amerifag chiming in in puke taste

I’ve always hated getting those plain hersheys bars in my Halloween bags because they always tasted like puke to me. Every friday my fourth grade teacher would pass out a hersheys kiss to kids who did their homework, and I’d always give it to a friend because “it tastes how diarrhea smells”. literally nobody felt the same way growing up and it drove me crazy

No. 451608

Just the fact that european chocolate get's sold in the US, while american chocolate is unavailable in Europe is an indicator of what's good and what not…

No. 451618

the "our glorius queen PT" sperging gives me second-hand embarrassment, always has.

No. 451623

Thank you. Hershey's chocolate is fucking disgusting. I remember it showing up one day at a supermarket when I was a kid and being super excited about the the ~*american chocolate*~ because American things are/were considered cool, luxurious and exotic, only for it to taste like vomit. Why.
I don't know how so many Americans enjoy it.

No. 451627

File: 1566405546761.jpg (172.22 KB, 1024x768, elrey.jpg)


If you can find them, El Rey and Savoy are really good chocolate brands. The darker El Rey versions specially.

If there's one single positive thing i can say about Venezuela is that the chocolate is really good. The cacao is very high quality, (cacao and coffee used to be the #1 exports before oil )

No. 451628

File: 1566405656187.jpg (48.26 KB, 500x623, 87f3770ea00031246aeb4a0d374b6d…)

This may not even be an unpopular opinion, but I think dreadlocks look absolutely atrocious on anyone who's not black, especially if that person has blond or red hair. Like, it just looks disgusting, I will never see the appeal.

No. 451630

they look disgusting in general. like dried turds. also there's no reason for anyone to wear them. they were done as a necessity before and you literally can't wash your hair with them.

No. 451633

This is an incredibly popular opinion, but SJWs keep spewing the narrative that non-black people with dreads are somehow praised told they look amazing when in reality everybody besides a very very veryyyyy small minority of subcultures looks down on white people will dreads and regard them as druggies/hippies/fucking disgusting. If anything, black people get the least shit for braids and dreads because it looks more natural because we’ve always had the connection of black hair = braids/dreads/etc

No. 451637

Tbh I don't even like dreads on black people, I just don't think it looks quite as disgusting as it does with blonde or red hair. Never seen someone who isnt black or white with dreads come to think of it.

No. 451638

black people can dye their hair, anon. you're being racist at this point so you might as well stop.

No. 451639

It's not racist to dislike a hairstyle.

No. 451640

No shit, they can? I had no idea.

No. 451646

You have to understand the majority of fat people are fat simply due to lifestyle choices. Nobody is interested in shitting on someone if they know that person legitimately has a condition they couldn't help. I mean there are the anachans but they're just as retarded as the "fat due to mcdonalds" folks.

No. 451665


So do promicuous Aids victims, soldiers and thugs that get killed, drug addicts and many mentally ill individuals. Right know is perfectly cool to validate and protect all sorts of bullshit from any criticism but fat people for wathever reason are fair game to be as cruel as you want.

Its one thing not to endorse behaviour that makes you fat, the obese positivity crap is retarded but another thing is to go out of your way to target and bully fat people. Its not even about the condition, is about fucking with people that are fat, nothing a fat person does will be excempt from criticism even when it has shit to do with their body image.

No. 451666

some asian people love dreads lol

No. 451728

People are more or less the same wherever you go.

No. 451742

Blind people are weird, look weird, and have annoying personalities.

I agree.

No. 451745

Abrahamic religious people are inherently narcissistic and unless extremely empathetic or self-sacrificing, are otherwise nasty and mean.

No. 451747

People who are “unique” and dislike “basic” shit are some of the most annoying fuckers on the planet earth. Especially college people who do this. Oh boo hoo, the Greek system encourages group think? It’s almost like it’s a community system, and communities of like-minded people usually develop a group culture.

Stfu and stop basing your interests on what’s edgy.

No. 451748

can we add the girls who are "not like other girls" to that

I know this girl who panders to misogynistic dickbags by liking gross scrote shit and for some reason they fall for her farce, it's honestly disgusting to see

have some dignity geez

No. 451749

Incels deserve no sympathy and it's no one's fault but themselves' that they are like this. It's like a mental disorder but they are completely aware of themselves, therefore they don't deserve sympathy.

No. 451770

ty, yes.

No. 451829

Agree, especially grown women who are always there to be that token girl in a group/website of guys who says “‘As a woman’ I think this is okay so it’s fine!” whenever the men act misogynistic.

No. 451832

File: 1566432676530.jpg (229.96 KB, 1500x1500, 81isSEVQxpL._SL1500_.jpg)

How do people eat that tasteless kraft mess? This is where it's at people, best boxed mac and cheese you can get

No. 451838

I like buffalo sauce on my pancakes

that's about it lol

No. 451847

White cheddar is better, but Annie's in general is great.

No. 451853

>the one annie's product that isn't bunny shaped
why bother

What brand? I like to hoard buffalo sauce from McDonald's and cook with it.

No. 451855

File: 1566436699261.jpg (57.52 KB, 488x488, GUEST_b33aa5ca-c62a-42b7-bcdd-…)

Adding to the boxed mac n cheese discourse, but I remember when I was a kid (like mid 2000s?) there was a kraft deluxe box that was white cheddar with spiral pasta. For an entire summer I ONLY ate that shit. It was incredible. They seemed to quickly discontinue it after that, which was sad, but probably saved me from having a heart attack at age 16 or something. I can't even find a picture of the box anymore…I just remember it kind of looked like this, but with white cheddar spiral pasta instead.

Agree, white cheddar Annie's is dope.

No. 451864

My favorite Mac and cheese recipe is just boiling elbow in a mix of milk and water and then only using aldi cheese dip

No. 451962

What feminists think female millionaires are actively oppressed?

No. 451965

Millions of dollars doesn’t somehow negate the fact that she is still a target of male violence, anon

No. 451976

I hate how introverted culture has become a badge of pride on the internet. Apparently only introverts have hobbies or are good at school. I also hate how it's become an excuse to not be able to do things, such as be able to listen to other people, make friends, or hold a job. I could go on and on. Everything about introvert culture sucks.

No. 451978

I hate how the fucking k-pop autism has consumed so many threads. K-pop is literally sponsored by the Korean government and exists to make dumb foreigners view Korea more favorably. It's literal propaganda and the performers are being abused. Why are people such sheep jfc

No. 451995

That anon is right. Who's to say a woman with money isn't affected by gender roles, beauty standards and misogyny? Or hasn't been assaulted or abused on the basis of sex? Most women have been, statistically, and money doesn't allow you to magically escape the patriarchy.

Only tumblrinas are interested in establishing a hierarchy of privilege so only the kweerest poc poor disabled trans fictionkin around can compete in the oppression olympics.

No. 451999

not oppressed, you're really shallow if you think money fixes everything and that people with money have absolutely zero problems ever

isn't it funny how blacks can defend black billionaires when they face harassment because of their race, no one says a thing
people can defend billionaire immigrants from harassment because of their immigration status, no one says a thing
people defend billionaire asians if they face harassment because of their race, no one says a thing
but suddenly all these kooky rules apply before feminists can defend women or address issues women face? why is there such a stigma against people pointing out issues women face but it's A-OK for people to point out issues literally any other group of people face?

women face problems unique to women, men face problems unique to men, blacks face problems unique to blacks, jewish people face problems unique to jews, etc etc
as long as if there's sexist people in the world, people will face sexism, let people talk about it godammit

No. 452003

no ones saying they're oppressed, they're saying they face issues because they're a woman
anyway, I've never seen a feminist mope about how "Poor -female millionaire- is being oppressed!!", I have seen feminists speak about how rich women have been harassed, assaulted or violated. I don't see why feminists can't point out issues that particular women have faced. I will again point out literally any other group of people can point out issues certain billionaires face whether it be because of their race, religion, sexuality, etc. No one says shit. Someone points out some issues a few female billionaire in particular have faced and everyone loses their damn minds

however I would like to see a feminist claiming female millionaires as a group are oppressed if that's what you meant, but it's probably just another case of feminist boogieman paranoia strawmans where you probably just saw a feminist discuss times celebrities were assaulted or harassed and now you think the feminists are out there rioting for wealthy women to have rights

No. 452005

Ok… but feminism is not about ranking people's lives from easiest to hardest? It's about misogyny under the patriarchy and the liberation of women, class is interlinked and worth discussing but that doesn't mean feminists lose credibility by being upper middle class, or that their experiences as women are not relevant if they have money, or that they are free of patriarchal influence.

No. 452028

People who follow current, mainstream pop and music culture can be so fucking dense sometimes. They can be quick to scream payola!! about something they dont like but applaud previous records being broken set forth by streaming, even though billboard and the music industry conspiciously stretched how sales units and music consumption works just so streaming can be a force in the industry, even though its online based and can easily be manipulated by bots sent by corporations which is conspiratoral as fuck in itself, even though radio and BB has been owned by 6 corporations only since the mid 90s which makes artists achieving records FAR more easier than it should be and harder for artists who arent super backed or supported by their label. But people want to just call you a hater when you point these very real facts out. I dont know, something about this is fucking off and doesnt sit right with me but faggots get so triggered when you say maybe the numbers are inflated and being manipulated. I dont believe Drake is more popular than the Beatles or Michael Jackson, and I dont believe Lil Nas X has the most popular song in the nation of all time. It just doesnt feel right.

No. 452031

I live abroad so I stock up on frank's redhot lol
but my favorite thing ever is just getting like pancakes and hashbrowns at denny's and asking for some on the side, I'm not sure what they use there though (likely franks lol)

No. 452061

File: 1566476431105.jpg (153.97 KB, 640x863, 156610715461.jpg)


My hearth goes to all the struggling billionaires of this world. Everyday i do activism so they can live in an even safer bubble.

No. 452070

I hate reggaeton, i hate trap and rap and anything related. I hate how you get shoved that shit down your throat, every time i open deezer its all over the default page, they even put bad bunny songs in my player as defaults. Like i`m gonna listen to that garbage just because the app insists.

Sorry music industry , just because i live in Latam doesn't mean i like your bullshit.


I hate how the ad campaigns consist on brigading the shit out of every single online space to shill their manufactured viral phenomenons too, now everywhere is some shit about billie eillish, she is just a proxy, the new flavor of britney spears, i wish at least they would not push it so hard on everyone even those who don't and will never give a fuck.

No. 452154

I feel like 90% of reggaeton songs have the same backing dembow hook. You know the one.

Do they not realize that there are other intruments you can sample from Jamaican music?

Also, question for Latam anons: what the hell is the deal with accordians?

No. 452180

But the original post wasn't about bullying fat people at all? She was talking about how they're ugly and rude as shit to her in her own experience. Anecdotal but it's not a problem to go off anecdotes in an opinion thread. People are allowed to talk shit about fat people in an anon imageboard and it's not bullying to do so. I feel like you added some commentary that twisted the original topic here.

No. 452193


>Do they not realize that there are other intruments you can sample from Jamaican music?

The do know and that's exactly why the music industry loves reggaeton so much, because is dirt cheap to produce and takes zero effort compared to other genres that require composition, several music instruments , much more recording and production time and actual skill. These urban genres are a godsend for them, they can put these albums out by the dozens and the bar is very low , always appealing to lowest common denominator, is not even good lirically and the singers can't even sing and is misogynistic as hell.

>what the hell is the deal with accordians?

my guess is they come from transculturization, folk music getting mixed up with european instruments, but you have to ask Colombians and Mexicans for more info on why they have such a high tolerance for them. I personally can't stand vallenato and rancheras.

No. 452206

>the Mariachi shit
German folk music!

No. 452208

I just wanna know wHY the music industry of today is too fucking lazy to put any original composition into anything now. How fucking greedy and pathetic can you be?

No. 452306

i remember going to a german restaurant and hearing the accordions and for a second i thought they were playing spanish music. then i heard the guy singing german. it's crazy how similar the folk music is.

No. 452335

It's not okay to kill cats for being "invasive", or to kill pitbulls for being "potentially dangerous".
I hope that all humans who do this or defend it are exclusively reincarnated as the animals they killed or saw nothing wrong with the deaths of.

No. 452375

Is this a troll post? You don't care about the victims of the cats or pitbulls. You should be reincarnated into one of their victims lol

No. 452387

>victims of the cats
whatever did she mean by this?

No. 452397

Cats kill fuck tons of birds and rodents. Why is one cat life worth more than hundreds of bird lives?

No. 452399

>>452397 poopoo peepee no one gives a fuck about your birbs, fuck off.

No. 452401


Cats provide a very valuable service killing vermin that are known to spread disease, ruin crops and be generally unpleasant since time immemorial. Why you think a hundreds of rats are better than a cat is the real question.

No. 452406

Holly, is that you? Kek
Cats do a lot more stuff than kill birds lol, it's basically a stereotype at this point

No. 452408

cats are shitty animals.
KEK cat people.

No. 452409

I like guinea pigs

No. 452412

FUCK andes mints are so good. top tier taste anon

to contribute to the chocolate debate: growing up i ate hersey's but after i cleaned up my eating i was offered a snack size hersey bar (the tiny squares) and it was awful.
i like american chocolate when its mixed with something (milky ways or kit kats). snickers are garbage tier

No. 452423

I like Reeses and klondike bars and I'm a europoor

No. 452426

It's not a "stereotype" it's statistical fucking data. Cats decimate the ecosystem in areas they're allowed to roam free in.

No. 452427

Victims of cats who are kept indoors by humans, or pitbulls who aren't trained (read: abused) and deliberately bred by humans specifically to be violent and aggressive?
Notice how all your problems with these animals are the fault of humans, yet you still want to blame and kill them, talk about how awful they are, etc, lmao.
Enjoy your next cycle. May it stop when you come to your senses and grow a lick of empathy.

No. 452430


Its almost like the areas cat are left to roam free are heavily urbanized human habitats were wildlife is being fucked in a million other ways regardless.

But sure, its the cats decimate the vibrant ecosystem of condos , suburbs and office buildings that surround them.

No. 452433

Seriously, stray cats in urban areas killing birds should be the least concerning thing, especially dealing with the overbearing exhaust fumes and druggies pissing everywhere. Let's focus on the birds, who can gladly fly away from a cat who can't fly.

No. 452438

yeah, my lazy, castrated cat who can't even climb a tree but loves lying on the soil is like totally decimating local ant and old, lame bird populations in our vibrant cul-de-sac biome or something kek

No. 452443

File: 1566510608150.png (2.9 KB, 291x82, this.PNG)

No. 452455

wtf do people actually eat those

No. 452464

facial hair is repulsive. why does every guy in their 20s want to look like an elderly charles darwin. idc if its shallow, i refuse to date a man with that disgusting shit on his face. literally every man on earth looks better without that scouring brush on his face. there are no exceptions.

also, i read this probably bullshit article that if a male can grow a "good" beard then he is more likely to go bald later in life, another reason to not date them kek

No. 452470

>The web contains protein and lipids. Spiders eat them for energy and as a supply of protein. So I would think their nutritional value per kilogram is comparable to meat. … However, the webs are not dense enough to make a good source of nutrition for human beings

Sounds interesting enough, I suppose one could try to make an interesting texture with it, maybe mixing with cotton candy or as a topping for a dessert?

No. 452476


Junkies in prison will smoke them, or so i've heard.

No. 452507

Australian chiming in and cats are part of the reason our native fauna are endangered. Cats, rabbits, and foxes have damaged our wildlife as much as cars. What retard thinks it’s because sparrows are precious widdle babies?they decimate small mammal populations, they don’t just eat barn rats for you.

No. 452532

File: 1566522911779.jpg (9.81 KB, 600x315, AbUWe1d.jpg)

>as much as cars.

No. 452533

I'm also Australian and when I adopted my cats I had to sign a contract stating that I wouldn't let them outdoors for this reason.

No. 452538

You can't reason with cat retards. I love cats but humans that obsess over them are all fucking insane apparently. Can't face reality and supervise their fucking pets so it must be the facts that are wrong… Yikes.

No. 452664

most cat people argue for keeping them inside.

No. 452780

Jojo's has become The Office of anime.

No. 452787

this hurt me

No. 452800

Which one is the It's Always Sunny anime? lol

No. 452811

It's funny but Regis would be great romance option in Witcher

No. 452822

For real. I feel like I can't watch or read anything without someone awkwardly hamfisting in a Jojo reference, no matter how irrelevant is is to the topic at hand.

No. 452841

nooo I'd rather him romance me than geralt.

also geralt and yen are too good together. 10/10 would also retire and read books in the shade on a fairytale vineyard while my partner takes occasional contracts and sexes me on a unicorn.

No. 452941

the devs actually put a bunch of gay sub text in his questline, like one part is named after a french story about homosexuals and the "we should use a safeword" line kek. however i'm very happy they didn't go too far just to pander to fujos and sjws

No. 453022

I don't get this notion of old people hating the way young people live today like with their phones and language and behaviour. Like it's only made out to be that old people are wrong and just complaining but I've seen plenty of young people hate this current generation and i'm sick of legitimate criticisms being thrown aside as just "old grumpy grandparents being nostalgic".

No. 453048

I honestly hate people who get heavily tattooed or modded and then whine about discrimination or people making comments. it's almost the epitome of a first world problem. like you deliberately spent hundreds/thousands of dollars to do that to yourself for no real reason other than aesthetics, no one forced you, you had to know that there would probably be consequences. and I'm not talking about actual harassment or violence, I'm more talking about questions like "does that hurt?" "how much did that cost?"" why did you do that to yourself?" etc. I have actually seen a lot of tattooed youtubers (cough morgan joyce cough) whine about this shit and how their life's dream is just to go out in public and not getting comments. like, dumbass, you did that to yourself.

and for the record I don't care what people do with their bodies or their appearance, it's just when they bitch about the attention it gets them that pisses me off.

No. 453049

Same, lol. Shit is annoying.

No. 453051

all the imageboards are infested with bigots and should be shut down.

No. 453052

what are you doing on lolcow dot farm then?
Any bigots get trashed here anyway, unless you are triggered by women speaking the truth about the trans madness

No. 453053

>if you don't like lolcow then why are you even here?
If I could only have nice people, like myself, visit imageboards, then I would choose that instead of shutting them down completely. That's impossible; into the trash they go.

No. 453054

Honestly I have how face to face contact is dying out, I see people ‘hanging out’ but both of them are on their phones or even have headphones on - talk to one another, you turbo autists!

No. 453057

I'm one of those old people, I don't hate younger people I just can't relate very well not even to people my own age sometimes. I also wish people would just talk to people more in public, we need more face to face communication.

No. 453074

saying "sexuality is a spectrum" or "everyone's a little bit gay" is counterproductive for gay rights. there's only heterosexuality, bisexuality and homosexuality, if you're one of them you are strictly one of them. humans aren't secretly some majority bisexual species. if you are attracted to transgenders knowing they are trans you are probably bisexual. attraction is sex based. it's really not that complicated.

No. 453107

This. People became emotionally and socially retarded. We lack of normal face to face communication. No matter how much we gonna talk online with people, it just can't replace normal interaction. Also, there is a lot hate and black-white thinking on internet, it doesn't help with our already retarded social communication.

No. 453113

i'm in my early twenties but honestly i don't really feel myself connecting much with people my age. and i don't mean that in a "i was born in the wrong generation!" way but i just feel like i can't relate with whatever goes trendy. i can't be bothered to keep updated with whatever dumb shit the youth do

No. 453129

I find it hard to connect with my peers because no one wants to INTERACT. I’d be at uni and try to start up some small talk and they’d look at me like I’m some sort of seagull swooping in for their chips, I have come to genuinely hate the ‘introvert’ and ‘social anxiety’ culture perpetuated by the internet, I refuse to believe that an entire generation is somehow made up of introverts with crippling anxiety. What went so wrong that so many millennials and zoomers are socially stunted to the point of aversion?

No. 453131

I've found that thinking of sexuality as a spectrum made it harder for me to even label what I am. I experience attraction to men, women, trans and go through phases of being more attracted to one than the other and phases where I go off sex. Now you have people talking about sexuality often shifting and changing throughout a persons lifetime.. I get what they're describing but all these new terms and the idea that even asexuality is a spectrum…

I could technically be pan or bi or graysexual all depending on whatever word I feel like using that day, which makes labels seem useless in a way

No. 453140

Anon, if you like both penis and vagina then you’re bi, doesn’t matter which you prefer on a certain day because the fact remains that you’re attracted to both sexes. And changes in libido doesn’t magically change your sexuality either

No. 453165

It should be socially accepted and even encouraged that people who can't deal with life or thrive to suicide.
Call it social Darwinism or whatever, but I think that just keeping them alive suffering and feeling guilty for wanting to dies way more cruel and bad for society in general.

No. 453187

Yeah, people still act like hating fats is an unpopular opinion. A couple years ago, I was at the gym, and I saw a very fat woman in the locker room get made fun of by a 4-5 year old boy while his own mother sat beside him and ignored it. She's at the fucking gym, she's trying to improve herself, even if you hate fatties, who's the asshole in this situation? If I wasn't a spineless coward I would have confronted it, but here we are.

No. 453191

smartphones have ruined social interaction and i blame their existence for me not being able to make friends

No. 453192

That only reinforces whatever negative thinking patterns and beliefs lead them to being suicidal in the first place. I used to have very severe depression and suicidal thoughts daily. Things improved when I started taking CBT stuff seriously and reframing my mind to think positively. Now I'm glad I didn't succeed in killing myself and I never dwell in negativity and despair even if I have trouble getting my life on track.

>I think that just keeping them alive suffering and feeling guilty for wanting to dies way more cruel

Definitely an unpopular opinion lmao. At least I have trouble understanding why you would think encouraging people to off themselves for feeling hopeless is the more humane approach than just therapy. It sounds like bullying tbh.

No. 453196

i used to be very pro-rehabilitation but i've recently been thinking this too. i mean yeah, it's a good thing for the average suicidal person to get help but then you have people like the druggie incel mod who hates everyone, defends drunk rape, pedophilia and necrophilia, tells other incels to lie to their therapists, doesn't do anything to improve himself or contribute anything to society. is it really a loss for himself or the world if he died? is trying to fix someone like this really not a waste of time? why do we have to pity someone who shows no effort to be a decent human?

No. 453198

That dude is a sociopath, not just your run-of-the-mill depressed person. Though I know there will always be some people who are too set in their ways to better themselves, it isn't the least bit compassionate to encourage the average person with suicidal thoughts to go through with it.

No. 453199

this kinda made me not want to kill myself anymore bc of people like you

No. 453200

Do it anon, I live and try to be better out of pure spite everyday.

No. 453201

Why though? There are millions of people that live their whole lives feeling unhappy. I know medicated people that die after decades of therapy and are still miserable.
Acting like everyone thats depressed or has other issues can be functional and happy if they just go to thetapy, pop some pills and try harder is disingenuous and surviver bias.
I think lots of people could find peace if they had the permissiom to kill themselves, though most still woudnt because the survival drive is biologicaly hard to override.

No. 453202

Jokes on you, I also want to kill myself but can't. Why would you think that Im not suicidal if Im pro suicide?

No. 453207

File: 1566667228642.jpg (19.91 KB, 307x299, 44003296.jpg)

While liposuction and photoshop are the main players in pulling off Momo's latest Hooters photoset, it's the best she's done in awhile and one that I could see people who are into BBWs/thicc women would actually want. It may not be what farmers approve of, but it's something her fanbase would definitely buy.
The sperging, barring her usual dumb poses, just seems hateful for the sake of being hateful and wishing she'd fail.

No. 453211

i agree though, they really are not bad at all. some farmers have very little chill

No. 453216

he raped an unconscious girl retardcel

No. 453217

lmao hi knajjd. don't you have some evul fakecels to ban or something?

No. 453218

>Acting like everyone thats depressed or has other issues can be functional and happy if they just go to thetapy, pop some pills and try harder is disingenuous and surviver bias.
No shit there are people who are too stubborn to get better and obviously I never said that it was as easy as flipping a switch. It does take awhile to undo years of ulhealthy habits that lead to mental health issues but it is worth struggling through. Medication hasn't even been found to reliabily
help the severely depressed, because as much as it is a biological phenomena it's still first and foremost a psychological issue.

My asshole family was stupid as hell about mental health but one thing I'm thankful for is that they never enabled my victim mentality or made me believe that I was unable to ever make positive changes in my life. You wonder why people on places like /r9k/ seem to fester in their mental illness with no chance of ever getting better, it's because they have convinced themselves that the issue is outside of their control and they have an entire community of people just as sick as they are reinforcing their dumb beliefs and negative mindset.

No. 453220

Ntayrt but
>My asshole family was stupid as hell about mental health
it sounds like you carried some of their stupidity with you into adulthood. Sometimes people legitimately cannot get better with medication and "positive thinking" and if they weally, weally believe in themselves.

Not that I agree that we should encourage people to kill themselves either, but saying that curing mentally ill people is as easy as them accepting positivity is just…naively hilarious anon.
Some people are wired differently.

No. 453226

>saying that curing mentally ill people is as easy as them accepting positivity is just…naively hilarious anon.
For the second fucking time I never said it was "easy." You have issues with reading comprehension or something? I know it works because I lived it, moron. One of my worst symptoms was anhedonia. I felt emotionally paralyzed and incapable of feeling any pleasure or positive emotions for years. Imagine how nice it was when I was finally able to enjoy simple pleasures again like reading a book.

No. 453227

it was so much better years ago but now it's blown up and i kinda wanna distance myself from it and anime in general. ugh

No. 453230

If multiple people are interpreting your point a certain way, it's pretty egotistic of you to assume it's other peoples' reading comprehension and not in the way you're coming off and phrasing your argument.

Not everyone is you, another point your asshole family failed to teach you evidently. Try working in the mental health field and come back to us in five years about how all people need is positive thinking. You're real funny.

No. 453231

>it's pretty egotistic of you to assume it's other peoples' reading comprehension and not in the way you're coming off and phrasing your argument.
I VERBATIM said it wasn't easy. How about you actually respond to what is being said instead of strawmanning?

No. 453232

because you're a fucking creep, ahmet. go shove your drugs up your midget ass.

No. 453233

> I know it works because I lived it, moron

pack it up psychs around the world, this anon has the key to happiness. but really though, this is the same attitude freshly sober people have and they are way too overzealous to spread the good news and tell other addicts how to fix themselves because they are living proof their method works. or like someone who discovers religion for the first time then proceeds to shove doctrine at people because they saw the light and you can too!

No. 453235

I don't care if you said positive thinking isn't easy, our point is that it's a relatively easy theoretical solution to a problem that's way more complex than what you're making it out to be.

You can stop whining about reading comprehension now.

No. 453239

>too stuborn to get better
>because I lived it
Your survival bias is really showing anon. You are not the standard measure of the world

No. 453243

I see nothing wrong with eating human meat (aside from the brain, and that's only for medical reasons) as long as all parties are voluntary.

No. 453257

You mean like someone selling their limbs to be eaten? Or like a fetish pro-bono thing?

No. 453259


Basically if person A wants to eat human meat and person B, for whatever reason, decides to sell a limb or commit suicide for that cause, I don't see why it should be illegal. I don't really care if a fetishist dies or if someone wants to eat humans, as long as it's voluntary.

Tbh I'd try a toe or something if offered to me by a willing participant. Just to say I did.

No. 453262

Yeah but is it kosher

No. 453285

Like this guy? I think it's a slippery slope situation.
>Armin Meiwes (German: [ˈmaɪvəs]; born 1 December 1961) is a German former computer repair technician who achieved international notoriety for killing and eating a voluntary victim whom he had found via the Internet. After Meiwes and the victim jointly attempted to eat the victim's severed penis, Meiwes killed his victim and proceeded to eat a large amount of his flesh.

No. 453286

Abortion is murder

No. 453288


There might be an issue with mentally ill/suicidal people being taken advantage of for profit..? Financial incentive to sell human meat ?

No. 453289

Hunting is murder

No. 453290

Breathing is murder

No. 453295

is the birth of a completely unwanted child any better?

No. 453296

Murder is murder

No. 453297

Don’t engage w tradthot-chan anon

No. 453300


Better than getting killed ? Yes.

unless you wanna argue that orphans would be better of dying ?

No. 453301

If you monetise it, it sets poor people up to be eaten tho. Like paid surrogacy or paid organ donation.

No. 453303

Okay, then I 100% support the murder of unborn children if their carrier so wishes it. Sick of 'murder' being treated like a gotcha, I STILL don't give a fuck.

No. 453305

I'm glad you are alive to share your opinion, unaborted-chan

No. 453306

I agree. The bodily rights of a sentient pain feeling human should obviously trump that of the being lacking sentience and ability to feel pain that's dependent on their physical/emotional sacrifice to develop. If this is enabling "murder" then so be it. I'd way rather a million fetuses be aborted than one woman die seeking the procedure unsafely because she didn't have legal access to it.

No. 453308


Good point, but what about people being murdered in their sleep/while unconscious.

Also: does that mean you are in favour of a time limit for abortions (20 weeks ?)

Not trying to turn this into an abortion debate thread -.. but would anyone be interested to discuss this further ?

No. 453309

you realize sleeping doesn’t make you spontaneously lose your sentience and ability to feel pain, right

No. 453311


Being knocked unconscious does

No. 453312

This isn't a slippery slope, stop trying to make it one. There are people who are born, and people who are unborn. The only discussion here is the unborn, no need to clarify on any other hypothetical situation let alone one as stupid as murdering sleeping people… like, they will wake up? They are not completely dependent on the body of another human being to exist? They have nothing in common with a fetus? I could imagine people in comas being a comparable situation but euthanasia is a whole other argument. And I also support euthanasia, so…

No. 453313

I wish I could be aborted (insert sad emoji)

No. 453315


I don't see it as a slippery slope argument,I think it's unlogical to justify the killing of a human being with their inability to be sentient during the time of the killing, when the same thing holds true for people who are unconscious and therefore just as unaware.
Also: the unborn does "wake up" as well after enough development.

No. 453316

You do not need to extend the logic applied to fetuses to humans who have already been born in a vaguely, just barely, almost similar situation, that is literally making it a slippery slope argument and so intellectually dishonest it's tiring. It will never be the same because a living human, once born, will NEVER be solely reliant on parasitical relationship with one, specific individual's body to exist.

No. 453317


True. I'll amend my original statement then. No money should be involved. If they're just creeps like the German dude and his "victim", then whatever.

I just really don't see the big stigma. If I was going to die of something, I'd volunteer to let someone eat me if they wanted to.

No. 453320

Babies born to women who can't take care of them often grow up to be criminals. Many countries see a drop in crime in the 20 years following the legalization of abortion.

What would you prefer, a bean-sized fetus dying, or sentient adults dying at the hands of a criminal?

No. 453327


The dependence of the unborn still does not explain why killing it out of convenience is justifiable. You are faced with two human rights that are in conflict with each other (right to life vs. right to not be pregnant).
Cases like that are very common and solved by upholding the more fundamental right. The more fundamental right always belongs to the party that risks to be most negatively affected. In the case of the mother she will have to deal with fatigue,less mobility and pain (in severe cases psychological pain) temporarily.

The unborn however faces death and an extinguised future that lasts forever.

Therefore it is hard to deny that the right to life is more fundamental than the right not to be pregnant.

No. 453329

Liberal feminists are massive racists and entitled as fuck.

No. 453330


I don't think anyone should get to decide before you are born whether you’re going to be a criminal and abort you for crimes you haven't even commited.

No. 453333

Nobody has a "right" to life. It doesn't apply to children murdered in Syria, starving African orphans or children of Mexican immigrants who were already born, so it doesn't apply to some Bible-thumping auntie's unborn kid either. Everyone clearly looks after their own interests first, trying to claim moral superiority just makes you sound dumb. I'm not going to ruin my life because someone else thinks abortion is wrong.

No. 453338


I don't think you actually believe that (it sounds like children dying bothers you) - but if that is your premise then I guess our moral systems differ too much to reach a consensus. Still, good talk.

No. 453351

Hard agree.
A few years ago I realized I was basically their token brown friend they could parade around and would only want to talk to me about racism.

No. 453353

>In the case of the mother she will have to deal with fatigue,less mobility and pain (in severe cases psychological pain) temporarily.
Here's the problem with this line of argument: the effects of childbearing last after you're finished being pregnant. Doctors specifically ask if you've been pregnant because it's a medical condition. The reason why the right not to be pregnant is a big deal isn't just about temporary hardship or the lifetime burden of a child, it's about the damage it does to the body. Your pelvic floor, spine, all kinds of stuff. Some women who have preexisting psychological issues can have actual psychotic breaks postpartum.
I think abortion sucks and I wish it didn't have to exist, mostly for late term, because the thought of having to destroy that potential is sad, but it has to because of how awful unwanted pregnancy is. I can't have a baby right now. People need to just use birth control if they're in a consensual sexual relationship, and abort if things go wrong with the birth control or if you get raped, etc.

No. 453359

>Also: does that mean you are in favour of a time limit for abortions (20 weeks ?)
Absolutely, with the exception of severe health problems.

>Good point, but what about people being murdered in their sleep/while unconscious.

It is very different because those are fully formed people with emotions and sentience who aren't dependent on the sacrifice of another human's bodily autonomy to continue development.

I personally find abortion very sad and think it shouldn't be taken lightly as a decision, however I feel that the outcome of its illegalization is far worse than having it accessible. It punishes desperate women in such a brutal way by forcing them to give birth or potentially maim/kill themselves by seeking back alley procedures, makes rape victims carry their rapists babies, and basically turns every woman into a potential forced incubator.

No. 453363

Anon, you are severely downplaying the risks and complications that can often result from pregnancy, sometimes life threatening. It isn't simply "pain and fatigue", pregnancy can be life threatening and render you disabled. Diabetes, serious heart problems, and other really real problems can result or be worsened by fully carrying a baby to term. And if you're raped, the results of being forced to have your rapist's baby sure as fuck aren't "temporary".

>Therefore it is hard to deny that the right to life is more fundamental than the right not to be pregnant.

What about the woman's right to life? Denying women the right to an abortion literally kills them, is that really worth forcing them to develop fetuses? Not only do they die from illegal abortions, but "life of the mother exceptions" have been proven to lead to maternal death because if they're not 100% sure, they usually won't allow the abortion. Many women have died this way.

No. 453382


A lot to unpack here. I get your point and what you are saying is factually correct. But you are also generalizing the changes a woman's body goes through in pregnancy by classifiying them all as "damages".

First of all, the maternal mortality rate during childbirth decreases with every pregnancy a woman carries to term - meaning that a woman is less likely to die during her 3rd labour than her first one.

But that is only true to a certain point, when it comes to the 7th, 8th or 9th child a lot of woman's bodies reach their limit and can be permanently damaged.

Now even if what you are saying is completely true: Childbirth/Pregnancy is still significantly less life threatening/damaging than death. (Duh)

So my point still stands - pregnancy is less harmful to the mother than abortion is to the unborn.

No. 453385

So, since you're so in favor to sacrificing women's bodily autonomy during pregnancy because it's less of a sacrifice to you, then how about we throw out bodily autonomy when it comes to organ transplants as well? The logic you're using here could easily be applied to this situation as well.

>Childbirth/Pregnancy is still significantly less life threatening/damaging than death. (Duh)

The physical effects to the forced donor aren't nearly as bad as inevitable death, after all. (Duh)

>So my point still stands - pregnancy is less harmful to the mother than abortion is to the unborn.

Being forced to donate organs is less harmful to the donor than death is to the person who needs a transplant.

>Therefore it is hard to deny that the right to life is more fundamental than the right not to be pregnant.

Therefore it is hard to deny that the right to life is more fundamental than the right to not be forced to donate your organs.

No. 453386


I am in favor of abortion when it comes to situations where the life of the mother is at stake.

And obviously you are correct when saying that pregnancy can be very hard on women and leave behind permanent damages.

I was trying to say that the undesirable condition of the woman (pregnancy) is only temporary while the child's condition (death) is permanent. Therefore it stands to reason that the unborn's condition is more serious. Diabetes and heart problems suck - but you can't tell me that they are more damaging to the mothers health than abortion is to the child's health.

In much easier terms: It seems reasonable to assume that being pregnant isn't as bad as being dead.

No. 453388

It's a fetus. I care more about the person who already exists, feels pain, emotions, and has to sacrifice themselves to incubate the clump of cells with no ability to perceive what is happening. I care more about people who are here than potential people. At the end of the day, we're just not going to see eye to eye because of that fundamental difference in world view.

No. 453390


Your analogy is almost correct, but it contains a fallacy: In your analogy the organ transplant has not yet taken place- but when it comes to a pregnancy the unborn child is already using the mother's organs.

So your analogy would be more correct like this: Can an organ donor kill somebody in order to take back his kidney after the transplantation surgery ?

No. 453394

But if the transplant doesn't happen, the person needing it will still die. It's absolutely a perfect analogy because it boils down to your right to bodily autonomy vs. someone dying as a result of it. People die waiting on organ transplant lists, thus people are dying over other's right not to have their organs harvested. Your analogy of hunting someone down to get the organ back would be more accurate to compare to killing the child after it is already born.

No. 453397


Fetus means "little one" and describes a developmental stage in a human's life (just like baby,toddler, child, etc)

And the fetus, like the mother, exists. It might not feel pain or emotions but there are many already born people who are like that as well. The fetus can be compared to someone lying in a 9-month long coma after which he/she will awake and be able to feel pain/show emotions.

And why does the right to live need to be bound to the ability to feel pain ?

Calling it a clump of cells just functions to dehumanize it - you are basically a (big) clump of cells.

No. 453405

File: 1566698489010.jpeg (17.43 KB, 424x269, ff349df0ecf692548d9d3374201a6d…)

We don't need any more unwanted children on this planet. Our environment cannot sustain it. Not to mention often times the would-be mother is poor/irresponsible and thus the tax payers or relatives need to care for the unwanted child.

No. 453406


If no transplant has taken place then by your analogy, no pregnancy has taken place either.

The donor killing the other person to get his kidney back is not equivalent to the mother killing her born child, since the born child does not use her organs (anymore). The child has his own organs.

No. 453407

I think coke with high fructose corn syrup tastes better than the coke made with real sugar. same goes for pepsi.

No. 453410

So… you're vegan, right?

No. 453411

It's a clump of cells that is coded to become a human being, but obviously we are more than just a bigger clump. It's similar to how we don't think of acorns being the same thing as trees.

No. 453414

What potential does an unwanted child have that millions of other wanted children born every year do not?

No. 453415

But the acorn is still oak, just like the tree is oak.

The fetus is human just like an adult is a human.
I guess your analogy would be correct if I had claimed that the fetus is an adult, but that wasn't my claim at all obv.

No. 453417

>> 453414

I don't think that unborn children have more or less potential than wanted ones. I was talking about unborn in general - New people bring new potential.

No. 453418

Can we stop the abortion derailing? Clearly it's not going to go anywhere productive and it's shitting up the thread.

No. 453421


Sure, sorry for the spam - I had suggested an own thread but wasn't sure…

No. 453423

I just don't see why some people are so hell bent on wanting to force women to nurture a fetus into a fully developed person when they now have the option not to undergo that process. The planet is completed littered with billions of said fully developed persons. Many of whom are starving to death already. Our massive population is the reason our protective ozone is disappearing, ice caps melting, etc.

No. 453424

It's men that are afraid they might've been aborted so they want to erase the possibility

No. 453427

Just go to the radical feminist thread for abortion talk. Isn't there and the gender crit ones the places for political discussions?

No. 453435

damn this place is taking a turn for the worse, it must be the politics and news making everyone on edge

No. 453436

File: 1566705413048.png (224.23 KB, 782x585, 88e7fqv8j5i11.png)

A lighter unpopular opinion I guess: A lot of "commentary channels" on youtube aren't much better than the content they critique, and sometimes they just come across as weirdly bitter and jealous of other successful youtubers.

I'm not trying to dismiss them as "haters", but I've noticed many of them say the same thing in their videos: "ugh why does this shitty content/youtuber get so many views? how are these people millionaires while actually good content creators (like myself) are barely getting paid?!". Like they're genuinely angry about how 'unfair' the internet is and feel entitled to some type of recognition. But in reality a lot of commentary youtubers aren't even that talented, their whole channel is just them ranting/insulting bad content (videos, movies, music, etc.)–basically glorified reaction channels. They love to pretend that they aren't as money hungry as other internet celebs but also love to beg for likes/subscribers, do sponsorships, and won't hesitate to sell merch and do tours/meet and greets. They just try to justify it by saying they're deserving of this because their content is "good" or they're a decent person so they deserve it. Some might be funny/entertaining but it just seems hypocritical to attack a creator when most commentary channels don't even create their own original content, and most would probably also be really shitty at it if they tried to. There's a reason why so many people are trying to be commentary channels–it's literally the easiest content to make, all you have to do is state your opinion on something and/or rant about how bad something is. As long as you have a bearable personality you're bound to get some views, so it's weird that they act like they're the god-tier of youtube. We get it: the Paul brothers are shit, TikTok is cringe, kids have bad taste in youtubers, please find something new to say.

Tl;dr: I hate the sense of superiority commentary channels have even though their content isn't that great.

No. 453440

The “dump him” comment to almost any anon asking for relationship advice is annoying as fuck. Clearly some people should leave their boyfriends due to abuse or flat out not being compatible but fuck what happened to working through those little hiccups in literally any relationship?

No. 453447

tbh I indulge in these channels occasionally, some of them are good for trashy vapid entertainment, but what I really hate is how they make bank off of shitty youtubers' content by proxy yet have the nerve to turn around and whine about youtube cutting off their ad revenue as if what they do is comparable to creators that actually make good content

No. 453452

ive been thinking the same thing for awhile, commentary channels are not only boring but they require no skill but the ability to overreact. there’s no moral high ground to it but most dudes with reaction/commentary channels think they’re making high art.

No. 453459

anytime anyone believes they are better than a lolcow while indulging in said peoples delusions and attempting to monetize off of it, they immediately become cows themselves.

if you have to prove how much better you are than someone, you automatically lose

No. 453494

File: 1566723151331.jpg (40.36 KB, 540x411, tumblr_pofechuez91vn5xqj_540.j…)

>it just seems hypocritical to attack a creator when most commentary channels don't even create their own original content
Kurtis Connor does that all the time but because he showcases his entry level feminism and self depreciates his own cringe content whenever he can, his fans act like he's a pure angel that can't do any wrong. Like many youtubers he started off against lazy reaction channels but changed once he realized where the money was.

No. 453501

You are entirely correct. The “commentary” community’s evolution from trash like Ricegum & Leafyishere who were universally hated to people like Cody Ko & Danny Gonzalez. I find those two in particular so incredibly cringe and annoying. Especially Cody Ko since he got his start making cringe as fuck vine vids.

Commentary channels complaining about copyright and YouTube changing their terms and service are annoying as FUCK. If you were CEO of YouTube would you want to encourage videos that might discourage a new cash cow from making videos on your own platform? Susan is just securing her bag. If you wanna bitch about it leave make your own platform or evolve your content and stop being a little bitch

No. 453510

I agree and usually they hardly ever add anything to the conversation. I wanted to like that ready to glare chick but her videos are so bland and pointless and she comes off a bit reightous and judgy.

No. 453523

This guy's face annoys me so much.

Btw, I saw he went on tour with Danny Gonzales and Drew Gooden. What do they even do on tour?

No. 453595

This is the majority opinion in the Western world, not unpopular at all.

No. 453606

This. Keemstar and Kavos are among the biggest lolcows on the entire internet IMO. I hate them more than anyone posted on this site.

No. 453678

People need to stop having kids they can't afford and if that makes me ~classist~ so be it.

No. 453683

Ugh anon I wanted to like Ready to Glare and Strange Aeons but they're boring as fuck. And I actually like commentary channels so it sucks that the big female ones are so lame.

No. 453684

My Unpopular Opinion is that Keemstar is a better father and Husband then 90% of Youtubers

No. 453686

I honestly classify it as abuse. Don't get me wrong, there are people in the working class who do make enough to afford raising a child and they know how to spend wisely, but there's also people who are known to spend on frivolous shit, no matter what class they are, you just know they don't actually care about their child. They just want one for sympathy points and to fix a broken relationship.
My boyfriend's sister is a great example of someone who had a child and she knew she wouldn't be stable enough to raise her. She ended up losing custody of her daughter because she was in and out of rehab and drowning in bills because she and her baby daddy bought a house ~for the status~ and they didn't know how to take upkeep the house.

No. 453705

But maybe the fetus has bad vibes. Only good vibes in my uterus!

No. 453706

God this lmao
All my most controversial opinions are to do with having kids

Know you have a terrible disease or mental health that's likely to be passed to the kids? Dont have kids you selfish prick. Purposely having kids is some top tier narcissism in my book

No. 453708

A lot of people in my hometown have had kids by accident and kept them because "it's what you're supposed to do", not because they wanted them and sometimes it depresses me how they treat said children vs how people who actually really wanted kids treat theirs. I see young girls (21-22) walking with their toddler and completely ignoring them when the kids want attention from their mums, or just giving them to their parents to raise while they go and party. Most of them don't have jobs and just assume their parents will help them financially as well. The kids are always starved for their parents' attention, and that's if the dad sticks around.

But it's God's will uwu! It's just God testing them to see how much they can take! Never mind that the child can't breathe without heavy medical appliances they can't afford, can't move or go to school and will never become anything useful, it's still a gift from God!

No. 453713

I couldn't agree more, anon. Severe mental health issues run in my family and I'm not going to risk cursing some innocent child with them just so that my kid looks like me. Sometimes the best thing you can do for your hypothetical child is not having them in the first place.

No. 453718

Same. I liked her after seeing a couple videos like the one she did about Kat Von Trash's husband, but after binging her she just comes off as so pretentious and holier-than-thou even though she mostly just parrots the obvious. Also, she's way too alt-right sympathetic and says Blaire White is one of her favorite YouTubers, which alone makes her garbage.

If you wanna discuss it further, this is probably the best place for it: >>406909

No. 453720

I'm surprised Pyrocynical is STILL going. I thought he crashed and burned.

No. 453721

so many people in my hick town are starting to have 3-5 kids and they all have marriage problems kek. One girl was was a christfag and refused to abort her child with a serious syndrome, calling her physician a "heartless doctor"

No. 453722

seriously. almost all other commentary channels are flopping. leafy is dead. i like nfkrz but his videos aren't doing big numbers. pyro on the other hand still gets millions of views on every video, idk why. he's essentially doing the same thing over and over.

No. 453723

File: 1566758051656.jpg (183.95 KB, 1440x1080, 155409-full[1].jpg)

Why yes, I do think men who date women shorter than them by 15cm or more, are closeted pedophiles. How could you tell?

No. 453724

knajjd are you back? /s

No. 453748

I want to raise my future kids as a single mother. I think it would be the healthiest choice. I am open to having sex with men or dating men but I really don't want to live with a man for years and be parents together.

No. 453761

I can understand your reasoning but kids having men in and out of your/their lives is definitely something you'd need to navigate carefully.

No. 453766

makes me think of charlie kelly and his hoe momma ngl

its a decent thought, but single parent stress is fucking awful. no alone time, little sleep, high stress. constant demands for attention. better hope you haave reliable baby sitters or enough money for daycare.

No. 453773

15 cm more than me is literally 1m78 so an average sized guy dating an average sized woman (im literally in the average) is a pedo? Is this bait?

No. 453786

Having to ask whether this is bait proves that you not only resemble a child in physical aspects, but in mental ones as well…

No. 453799

As someone who comes from a very poor family, I wholeheartedly agree. I never had anything, I have to struggle for the most basic things, and my family is broken too because lack of money also does that. Many times I just wish I wasn't born. Then I have to hear wealthier people yell at me for having this "heartless" opinion, lmao.

No. 453830

That james baxter steven universe scene looks clunky. I don't hate it, but the sudden switch from SU animation to james animation looks so clunky. The sudden switch in styles just looks so ugly to me

No. 453831

File: 1566779590266.png (2.8 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1566779318800.png)

BNHA is just a Naruto bootleg.

No. 453833

Had the same thought, his animation was very graceful compared to the other scenes in that episode, everything else looked choppy so of course it wouldn’t fit right in.

No. 453835


This >>453786 is a baiter anon, don't worry. You're fine.

No. 453838

File: 1566781330687.png (739.35 KB, 588x727, TRUX.PNG)

I honestly don't have an issue with most bicyclists, but this is fucking retarded. Have these people ever seen a semi-truck before? Or a school bus? The grill on those things go up to your head. I doubt these trucks you see every once in a while, they're more rare compared to school buses and semis, are going to actually hurt you.

No. 453849

all shounen is the same.

No. 453852

File: 1566784457623.png (134.44 KB, 600x601, fishing pole.png)

>Implying Naruto isn't itself a ripoff of HxH
>Implying all shounen animes aren't derivative
>Implying Naruto doesn't suck

Everyone knows shounen animes are just the same tropes with new coats of paint, anon. This is the stalest hot take on Earth.

No. 453853

James Baxter is overrated. He'll probably turn out to be a sexual predator like every other Hollywood hotshot.

No. 453857

Shounen Jump series in particular are always going to be derivative and have obvious influence from one another. Jump is a brand, it's in their/the business's best interest to have their readers find similar enjoyment in many series. Plus it's such a small, insular genre that it'd be hard to define a series as battle shounen without sharing tropes and cliches across the board.

The only one I really like is HxH personally but I can't begrudge Naruto ripping it off, or another series ripping Naruto off.

No. 453864

File: 1566787122024.jpg (108.48 KB, 871x1080, 7a528ecd85a82dc4376acff8e896f8…)

I think that's because HxH deviated from the norm in its later arcs. Granted, the first few arcs were your run-of-the-mill shounen tropes, but as the story progresses it goes in some pretty bizarre directions that I honestly liked.

Also, BNHA has way more in common with HXH than it does with Naruto. In addition to having similar powers, Izuku even looks like Gon, which spawned memes like pic related.

No. 453889

BNHA's whole thing is it takes well established shounen tropes and does them better than Naruto or most other shounen ever did

No. 453893

What's it like being fourteen, anon?

No. 453926

iirc in some countries cannibalism itself isn't illegal, it's almost everything around it that's illegal, things like desecration of a human corpse, or injuring someone against or with their permission because there are chances the person isn't actually able to consent because wanting to be amputated or severely injured, let alone eaten is just so fucked up, etc.

No. 453933

File: 1566806205206.jpg (9.62 KB, 175x165, 1407655694076.jpg)

Yeah, the good thing about HxH is that you never really know what to expect, Togashi has the freedom to do what he wants and he gets ambitious with it. No editor would let a less established mangaka take ten years to write the ant arc or even attempt the current arc.

No. 453946

>An acorn is still an oak
But an acorn isn't a tree, dumbass. They the same species, but they're not the same thing. A squirrel eating a hundred nuts is not the same as some chopping down a whole forest, even though the same number of the same species are "dying".

I'm not even talking about abortion. I'm just saying that this metaphor doesn't hold up.

No. 453954

I would happily gamble that Momokun's threads are 99% fueled by women being mad about a big girl making a good living off people finding her attractive. Some of them bitter because they think they're more attractive than her, but know they couldn't earn as much as her from their own appearance. Some of them bitter because she flaunts the things that make feel insecure about themselves. You could copy and paste those threads onto /r9k/ and the incels wouldn't suspect a thing.

No. 453957

I agree tbh. I’d rather donate my body to be eaten by some whacko than hand over thousands (or leave loved ones to hand over thousands) for a box and some makeup.

Embalming is stupid. Feed the plants or feed the crazy, just don’t pollute with your corpse.

No. 453959

there is nothing wrong with aborting a fetus. its a barely, if at all, sentient undeveloped organism, its literally a bundle of basic reflexes and instincts, it has no idea whats going on. a fully sentient grown person and their wellbeing is much more important.

No. 453962

I feel like the only straight woman that actually enjoys being around other women, especially other attractive women. Feminists that deny the extreme jealousy between women are absolutely bullshitting because I notice tension between women all the fucking time. I hate when women comment on other peoples relationships because they don't like the race paring or age difference (between adults ofc) or the fact that a woman is from another country. Be fucking nice to each other.

No. 453963

Straight women hate other women, and judge other womens looks far more harshly than woman leaning bi women and lesbian women, its so fucking weird.

Also, yeah I agree with you I enjoy other womens company but they gotta be pinkpilled because a lot of women lowkey accept mens shitty behavior.

No. 453965

I'm pretty pink pilled but I don't agree with a lot of radfems

No. 453969

A lot of people think like you do, and it sucks because then when a woman has any kind of critical or mildly disapproving opinion of another woman she gets deemed a jealous bitch when if a guy had that opinion about another guy no one would care.
Used to work with 2 guys who hated each other's guts and were always complaining about each other, no one said anything but i know if it was 2 women people would be saying things like "this is why women can't work together" "men have better comradery" etc. Women supposedly hate each other yet the vast majority of murders are men murdering other men.

No. 453976

I know plenty of men who bitch and gossip about people they really shouldn't be concerned about..but of course men don't gossip either..

No. 453977

Judging by the disgusting shit I saw lesbians on lc write, no, they're not any better.

No. 453988

You don't get to tell me who I can and cannot be nice to. If a woman is a piece of shit I am not going to hold back because you don't think it's feminist. I'll treat them the same I treat men I don't like, I don't owe it to anyone to be nice.

No. 453991

She literally groped, scammed, and bullied people, but go off I guess.

No. 453996

I’ve only ever encountered this with insecure younger women that still base their value off of whether or not men want to fuck them, it seems to get lax with age

Of course there’s always the odd cougar out and about that feels extreme competitiveness

No. 453997

This sounds like teens/early twenties shite that some women go through, not something you get too often beyond that age range really

No. 453998

Samefag but I hate this concept that women are the jealous sex - it’s men who have to compete with another to get a shot at blowing their load, what exactly is there for us to be jealous of when we have the higher sexual value

No. 454003

>"women are the jealous sex"
>tfw thousands of straight men are the ones gathering together to write essays about how butthurt they are because women like "chads"

No. 454023

Today I went to pick up my youngest sister from my old highschool and saw the men's bathroom that the teachers have to use. It's an old bathroom and when the doors open it opens directly on the urinals so you can see everyone who's standing there peeing, it's pretty undignifying. I remembered with my friends when we would see the teachers peeing we would be so cruel about, like act so disgusted, mime vomiting, scream, cover our eyes and say horrible things, all when they were just trying to pee and probably didn't like it any more than we did. I realised that I think some typical incels (is this just a catch all term for right wing men on the internet now?) have a point when they point out the disdain women have for unattractive men. I mean on the one hand I was fawning over my boyfriend who it's true I was LITERALLY letting him do and say whatever he wanted, but on the other hand really being so fucking malicious towards my maths teacher just because he was old and fat and forced by the shitty school to pee next to the doorway. I just feel so bad about it in hindsight and I feel bad for the boys who used to be the freaks in the eyes of all the girls and a lot who probably still are.

No. 454027

Everyone hates ugly people, that’s just a fact of life. It’s not a female specific issue. People just don’t like anything that’s ugly, from objects to living things

No. 454028

File: 1566825583318.jpeg (194.74 KB, 1900x1900, 657DB4E1-DF12-4C26-A963-09746F…)

The makeup looks on Euphoria are so fucking overrated especially Maddy’s looks. Tinfoil hat, but there’s no way the instagrammers & beauty gurus creating looks inspired by the show arent sponsored by HBO/euphoria.

No. 454029

At least you were only a teenager and you're not an adult judging everybody so harshly. Any middle aged man working with kids is going to have a thick skin anyway

No. 454032

i mean yeah, but people are ten times as cruel to ugly women so…
it is nice however of you to realise you were a mean child and that you've grown since then.

No. 454053

Wtf that bathroom layout sucks so bad. Literally something to sue the school over.

No. 454060

about the age difference, sometimes it comes from genuine concern. My best friend is 21 and when she started dating some 45 yo who is close friend with many of our uni professors, you better believe I told her how toxic it was and encourraged her to break up with him. Yet I love her, am in no way jealous of her and generally like being around women.

No. 454064

I feel disgusted when I see a pretty young girl dating an ugly, middle-aged or elderly man.
I know the inherent power imbalance and predation is the more important factor, but aside from that, it's just gross from the most shallow, aesthetic standpoint. Everything about it is ugly. At least older women can still be beautiful. The same is not true for 99.9% of men, by any means.
I wish society would just hurry up and desexualize old men, instead of pushing this "hot age gap sugar daddy uwu put me in a movie" meme. There's nothing hot about a decrepit, balding old fuck with a beer belly and a tiny, barely-functioning pecker. Fuck off.

No. 454065

21 and 45.. an age gap that is longer than she's been alive

The general rule is to half your age then add seven years, she doesn't even come close to that

No. 454070

>especially other attractive women
you're gay, mate.

No. 454071

File: 1566834198844.png (469.6 KB, 537x524, 3344.PNG)

How do you feel about Handsome young men dating older women(begone necessaryspeed4)

No. 454078

That's far more acceptable for me, since older women can still be good-looking (and they're also not usually as predatory as men).

No. 454081

Older women usually take much better care of themselves than older men, so this rarely looks as weird. You see fat, balding, sweaty old men lumbering around expecting 20 year old models to fall all over them, but whenever I see an older woman dating a younger man she's usually still fit, takes care of her skin, and dresses well.

No. 454087

File: 1566835377484.jpg (127.28 KB, 958x559, henry-rollins-.jpg)

You are right If majority of older men that go after younger women took care of themselves physically like Henry Rollins then I don't think anyone would be compiling

No. 454098

henry rollins is so fucking attractive

No. 454103

File: 1566837730659.jpg (26.11 KB, 480x660, fbb6f439c2d0e7fbaa96014c78ed5a…)

Also the vast Majority of men can physically reach the same psychical build as Henry Rollins without steroids or a super strenuous complicated Gym routine

No. 454105

I'm not averse to older men but i don't know who that is and I don't find him attractive

No. 454109

He is still too old imo. I dont know why I dont like men over 25 much.

No. 454113

how old are you anon? unless you're way over 25 many people prefer others in their age group

No. 454116

he activates my almonds so fucking hard

No. 454128

probably because you're young and it's natural (and socially acceptable) to be attracted to someone in their "prime" when you are in your prime too

No. 454142

The thing about semis and buses, is that they have separate licenses. Anyone can drive a truck (as long as it doesn't go over a certain weight limit). Class C drivers should not be moving the road in a truck twice the size of the average vehicle without separate requirements. People who own these personality compensators can't drive worth a fucking damn. Any time I see an accident on the freeway, at least one of these assholes is involved.

No. 454150

>They have separate licenses
I was definitely aware of that. I used to work with truckers and let me tell you, a lot of these people are retarded as fuck. It doesn't take long for someone to obtain a CDL. I've know plenty of guys who were too afraid to back their semi into a dock, which is a big part of their job. And with buses, lots of companies don't take the hiring process seriously, basically saying "Hey, if you want free babysitting, get a CDL and drive kids to school!"

No. 454156

I don't know where you live, but here in California, semis are horrible drivers, since most haven't been on the road more than a year. My particular area hosts the schools where college flunkies go to learn how to truck drive. Traffic on the freeway is always hell.

Bus drivers, specifically school drivers, are really good at their job here, and it is taken very seriously. When school bus drivers are frequently late dropping off their students more than 15 minutes, they're fired. They're expected to keep the bus clean and act professional at all times; there's been lots of fired bus drivers when I was in high school. Most bus drivers that kept their jobs, had been doing it over 20 years. They're all trained in CPR and medical emergencies (allergy, convulsions, etc), and hijacking/gun safety, (which I know is common knowledge about bus drivers, but it just shows you the hiring process is a little better). That driver is responsible for the student's safety. Bus drivers are rarely a problem here.

No. 454183

this is such an american thing i feel. why the fuck do you need cars that big?

No. 454196

Most people with lifted trucks drive on rough terrain most normal trucks would have difficulty driving over, although there are some dumbasses who just like the way they look. They do come with risks such as decreased horsepower & issues with breaking & handling.
The roads in burgerland are considered 3rd world roads and when you live in a rural area, the city doesn't take care of shit. There's potholes everywhere. They try to get by patching it up with rocks, but it only lasts a month or so.

No. 454197

why the fuck do people keep putting cycle paths onto the pedestrian path. i used to have to walk home and to school on one of these abominations, and there were so many cases where retarded cyclists would bike along the pedestrian "half", and by half i mean barely a person thick while the cycle part was at least 3 times wider, like theyre training for the olympics, crash into people, and then blame the pedestrians for not moving out of the way fast enough. as if moving out of the way of some speeding retard who rings a bell at you half a second before they crash into you is so easy. and these werent even isolated incidents, these happened at least once a day.

i also used to live in a village where they completely abolished pedestrian paths, instead they had 2 cycle paths and a road, it was absolute hell. why the fuck do you need this is a small village where you can walk from one end to the other in under 30 minutes.

go back onto the road where you belong.

No. 454311

Following after this anon >>454197
I think the future of urban transportation is not bikes, nor electrical scooters, it's all about public treadmills.
Free, everyone can ride, centralized electrical consumption, not noisy or dangerous.

No. 454355

File: 1566873232529.jpg (52.91 KB, 581x459, Screenshot_42.jpg)

Tbh i sage all my posts because i am afraid to be screamed at but i don't get why this place is so autistic about it, has to be the only IB this salty about saging, i could not care less.

No. 454388

self righteous anons full of newfag adrenaline love to minimod. the longer you're here the less you care.

No. 454390

I love being around women in general but sorry, women who date much older men are throwing the rest of us under the bus. I wont hold back commenting on creepy age differences, something has to give if we're going to stop the pattern of nasty old men feeling entitled to hot young women. Every woman who panders to them for a temporary advantage in dating is going to suffer when they age, it's for their own good too.

No. 454412

As someone who has dated in my age group and never been able to find maturity (a stable career or college grades, income, sense of self, not getting plastered every weekend) or commitment ("I'm just not ready." "Don't you want to try different partners and find what you like sexually?" "Marriage is dated."), no thank you. I unapologetically like older men. I think women have this image I'll date any random older dude, in the same way teen girls in the locker room are afraid that a lesbian will find them attractive because lesbians find every single woman attractive, right? I still have standards. The average boomer is gross, ill kept, and ill mannered. Single men in their middle age are a red flag, and especially those who pry on young girls, but consider that some of us have an older social group due to our jobs, schooling interests, or hobbies. I tend to be around older guys all day, and have acquaintances. It's not really surprising I may like to date one after working by their side for a few years for the reason we are close and good friends. I've never met a young guy who became my friend before asking me out; it was immediate, they didn't care about my interests, and they pressured for sex. They eventually left when I wouldn't put out. All of my relationships with older men have just been nice, and slow paced. I feel like a human being and not a sex doll (but I have encountered my fair share of shitty older dudes that just want a lay too, though I never had interest in them to begin with). I find my odds of having a satisfying relationship go up when I date out of my arbitrary age range, with a certain level of carefulness.

I guarantee you my opinion is the unpopular one due to the REEEEEs I'm going to get as replies.

No. 454421

Good for you but funny how the same logic never applies to women huh? Guess older men just don't care about our maturity, grades, career, income, sense of self, commitment etc. Almost like they just date younger women because they're hotter and more easily manipulated, and they think they're above dating women their own age. Too bad we all age and won't always make the cut with middle aged men who stay preferring (and getting, thanks to women like you) 20 year olds their entire fucking lives, but if you get what you want when YOU'RE 20 who cares about the consequences amirite.

No. 454432

i hate youtube reviewers. anyone who watches reviews is a braindead sheep to me. i also don't think youtubers should get paid for their "content", only perhaps if they are an educational channel.

No. 454476

>i also don't think youtubers should get paid for their "content"
Fucking this, most of them were never around when making "content" was something done for fun and that old internet users knew that a real job was necessary. Fuck this entitlement that new internet has, they wanna be paid for every little thing they do, hell they wanna be paid for making 20 min vids complaining about ad revenue/adpocalypse. Nobody is entitled to me watching their sponsored junk without adblock on just for the courtesy uwu

No. 454482

Dicks are ugly as hell but pussies are beautiful and fascinating. They look different but amazing no matter what side you are looking at. Men have no idea how good they have

No. 454484

I don't think this is particularly unusual but noticeable age differences get my side eye if only because I've seen disproportionate amounts of abusive relationships among them. Some people just get luckier avoiding that. IME older guys are bossier, I've had better luck dating younger men personally. It's true they tend to have less money though.

No. 454486

dicks look like dead bloated worms

No. 454487

I am so fucking sick of YTers complaining about the algorithm and ad revenue. Like the end user gives a fuck, we're not profiting and I'm still getting spammed with adverts.

And good yt keeps updating the algorithm. I feel like it does recommend me videos I'd be interested in. Not really a fan of being lectured on the monetisation state of YouTube videos.

No. 454490

Did I write this? Because that's how I feel. I hate that so many people can make so much money with the most pointless vapid shit, like opening boxes of things that were sent to them, or reading assumptions about them, or reading stuff off of Reddit etc. Then they have the nerve to upload videos about how hard it is being a youtuber and their audience just doesnt understand (like this cun t right here) and how they want to quit youtube because of how much it hurts their mental health or because theyre not makimg enough money from it, but never actually quit and just keep uploading their shit content, usually making a later in then begging their audience to pay them. Most first worldy shit ever.

I am guilty of watching reviews from time to time though, mostly of products that I'm curious about but don't actually want to shell out the money.

No. 454493

^making a patreon* fucking god damn autocorrect, also sorry for my fat finger typing.

No. 454496

yes i hate it. it's literally free money. if you complain about getting demonetized and shit try getting a real job. my biggest issue are these youtube """critics""" who manufacture opinions to gen z kid who can't read a god damn book or finish a video game or in any way form their own thoughts and ideas.

No. 454509

The men I date, date women their own age, and I'm usually the exception. I think older women are beautiful and intelligent as well, and am open to dating them, but I've yet to meet one who is lesbian or bi. Also, who cares about me, I should date a 20 year old asshole that cheats on me and gives me nothing in return! Am I right? lol

My grandparents were an age gap couple, my grandmother was the older one, but closer to his age (a difference of 5 years). Her husband cheated on her on multiple occasions with women much older, and was a verbally abusive dick bag who died of an alcohol problem. He was my age.

All of my abusive relationships have been with younger males. Porn makes 'em entitled. Older dudes grew up in a generation where they were expected to take care of their women, and it shows. Not to say you aren't right, my parents are also an age gap couple of 10 years and my dad was an abusive, controlling cunt. It really comes down to the individual. I think I'm just better at picking up on abusive behaviors in older men and knowing what to avoid due to being an only child in a household of silenters, boomers, and Xers. I'm shitty at picking it up in my own age group because it presents differently.

No. 454529

There's a bunch of commentary like youtubers from the UK that I hate. They're all early twenties 'lads' that are living in nice apts just from making ten min long vids on whatever is popular each week.

They complain about depression and poor sleeping habits cos 'ooh the tough life of a youtuber' they joke about having no friends when they are a friend group of about 10 guys?? They joke about never going out but their instagrams show them out and it's like stop trying to be relatable guys

Their editing is minimal and they have a teen girl audience that adores them for basically no reason other than them maybe being genuinely depressed and lonely young girls watching

No. 454536

I've dated younger and older and had worse experiences with the older guy, all down to the person really, not the age

I dated a 40 year old when I was 27, he paid the rent but in return I was talked down to in any argument, had to bite my tongue alot, his kid didn't like me and I tried but could do nothing right on the weekends he stayed.. oh and this man was as porn sick as any young guy

He once got in a mood and stormed out of the house, I had no idea what I'd done wrong. Then I received a long email telling me that I either needed to fist his ass to give him a prostate milking or I could get all my things out of his house and go sleep rough.. I had no family and put up with shit like that til one day he told me he's moving in with another woman

No. 454537

just say imalexx

No. 454549

Yeah his friend group basically, he hasn't uploaded much himself since the slazo accusations

No. 454554

people make fun of women being "depressed" but going out with friends and having active social lives (tbh i agree, like dont even talk about your 'depression' publicly if you're able to manage it to this level), but there are definitely guys out there doing the same. this complaint is almost exclusively leveraged against women despite it applying to plenty of men. imallexx is annoying, all of these retarded young guys whose lives just lack a little bit of structure but are raking in the bucks for no fucking reason and have thousands of adoring fans for, again, no reason and are whinging about being sad bois on sm. cry me a river.

No. 454576

First one that comes to mind when you say that is MARKIE (he writes his name in all caps for some reason) he seems like he has extreme ADHD and I can only understand 15% of what he says because of the way he talks and partly his accent. He's honestly just fucking annoying and I want to punch him. He acts super overly dramatic abot everything, made several videos "exposing" gabbie hanna although he's really no better than she is.

No. 454580

i don't hate pewdiepie but he is mainly the reason why adpocalypse happened and it affected thousands of creators' financial status when you think about it.

No. 454582

Then I'm glad he started it. They don't deserve that much money for contributing nothing of value to society.

No. 454587

well you can say the same thing about the entire entertainment industry. anyone with an internet connection can become a youtuber so it's not like an exclusive club. they put on ads or get sponsorships and they get paid for it, companies benefit from it. it's not that bad.

No. 454623

File: 1566926694222.jpg (18.09 KB, 370x278, image591155x.jpg)

steve irwin was a terrible animal educator and was not a decent advocate for animals. he was disrespectful of animals and was very careless. he brought his baby in, mere feet from a crocodile, when feeding a crocodile, and his general treatment of wild animals was horrible. i hate the way everyone remembers him as being respectful and responsible. he was not.

cousteau was right about him:
>Cousteau stated that Irwin would “interfere with nature, jump on animals, grab them, hold them, and have this very, very spectacular, dramatic way of presenting things. Of course, it goes very well on television. It sells, it appeals to a lot people, but I think it’s very misleading. You don’t touch nature, you just look at it.”

his habit of manhandling nature and animals to children and to a generally impressionable audience was very harmful and he was a bad influence. he should be remembered as a reckless and irresponsible fool that didn't truly care about animals. the harm he had the potential to do is immeasurable

No. 454624

I agree, never liked Irwin and always felt bad for the animals he fucked with even as a kid.

No. 454632

People only see him with their nostalgia goggles and are stuck with how they saw him as kids: funny foreign wildlife TV guy. His son seems a lot more gentle when it comes to animals and I like him a lot more. It's the same with Bob Ross and Mr Rogers and the like, I doubt any of them were ever that perfect or pure but god forbid you not worship the ground they walked on.

No. 454643

pewdiepie fucking sucks and has repeatedly referenced shit to pander to his fascist / "white nationalist" fans and also followed alt right / conservative figureheads and his content has gotten fucking boring. no understanding why he gets a free pass and is popular at all anymore when without the pandering to 4chan scrotes he's just an unfunny attempt at a memelord who should've stuck to let's plays

No. 454646

I hate him too, he is unfunny and cringey. All my friends love him and it's so annoying.

No. 454648


I don't care about muh nazi jokes, those are really dumb accusations only sjws cry a river about, that said, i still find the guy to be unfunny cancer and his fans are retards.

No. 454650

>so it's not like an exclusive club.

It wasn't at the beginning, now is a corporate shilling machine and there's very little of the old DIY vibe there. Its tv all over again and only sponsored and advertised content seems to float.

No. 454653

my tinfoil is he probably went through a muh rational anti-sjw centrist phase where he gave the alt-right the benefit of the doubt and that's why he was following people like lauren southern and making the same evul feminazi jokes over and over. but he probably grew out of it after people made the t-series shitstorm out to be a racial/political thing and he got associated with actual white supremacist shootings where dozens of people died.

No. 454660


A lot of his success seems to have come with YT algorythm shilling his stuff hard to younger zoomers. Any kid who played videogames and liked silly memes would have most likely have pewdipie videos on the sidebar every day so i can't blame them, they were being pandered to. Its the adult fans i don't get, and he has plenty.

No. 454663

File: 1566931832435.jpg (32.72 KB, 304x465, 4f7c36450da198203146e82d1053a3…)

Anime is fucking awful, as are video games.

I tried to get into them because I was nostalgic for Pokemon, Tomb Raider, and Sailor Moon (etc.) that I loved when younger. Aside from classics like Cowboy Bebop or a beautifully done indie game like Journey, it's all horrible. Wildly inappropriate fan service, weird inconsistent dialect (seriously, I have no idea what's going on a lot of the time, too many plot holes), over-exaggerated and overused facial expressions/tropes, just pedophilia and disrespect for female characters in general. Plus, unlike old school anime (think Naruto with its own distinctive style), it all looks alike now, especially after 2011. Video games are less like this, but they lack creativity to solve levels now. It's mostly shooting, grinding, or both. Everything "nerdy" just sucks in general now, like Marvel, but that's not an unpopular opinion and I'd say at least the Avengers is mildly entertaining.

No. 454667

>Naruto with its own distinctive
It seems you are just looking at the popular shounen shit and moe stuff without looking for the ones that target the josei demographic, adult females. Sure it's not a lot per season but you can't blame the whole industry for your inability to research properly. Same for games, there a lot of cool indie studios doing interesting games you just need to look for them.

No. 454672

I named popular things to get my point across so people would know what I'm talking about. I've watched anime/read manga geared towards women and most are awful too.

No. 454677


Moeshit being garbage is not an unpopular take though, even for weebs standards moe fans are the lowest trash and that's saying a lot.

No. 454699

I really hate the constant fanservice. It's one thing if it's a "natural" and somewhat casual scene every once in a while but a lot of anime has a ridiculous amount of it. I remember one anime I watched years ago was really cute and heartwarming, but also had a disgusting amount of fanservice where a very young girl was dressing up and had a bunch of old men drooling over her. She was clearly uncomfortable and crying out for them to stop. It's really disgusting, if they are going to add fanservice why does it have to be something so predatory? It just makes me sad

No. 454720

I liked him when I was much younger, immature, and cringier, this was probably about 2012 ish but I outgrew him by 2013 and unsubbed from him, rarely watched his content since and I was surprised to see that he's somehow become worse since then. Somehow I think he should've stuck to autistically screaming at video games.

giving other lets players the benefit of the doubt I used to be a lot more into the ones who wouldn't be as screamy and would actually comment on the game specs so that's probably why even his early content was easy to outgrow because it was painfully redundant compared to everyone else's content, I still don't know why he retains his status as #1 youtuber when his current content is painful to watch. Theyre so bad I can't make it even 5 mins into his recent videos if someone tried to get me to watch them

No. 454821

There is no such thing as an imbalance of power when a celebrity messages you on twitter or instagram for a pic or something stupid like that. Celebrities aren't your boss, teacher or parent and I'm so tired of people nowadays not taking responsibility for their actions. If someone you admire flirts with you on goddamn twitter, it isn't assault when you respond.

This is all about digital shit though. Obviously it'd be different if people were to meet face to face.

No. 454836

a lot of media made by women does suck (@ indie girl cursive voice, specifically) but that's only because they're usually vastly watered down by sexist big wigs who think true womens media wouldn't make money or something or the thing gets ruined from actively pandering to men. like the story behind evanescence's song bring me to life. the original version is actually kinda nice, but pianos are gay or something so they added that shitty numetal garbage to it.

No. 454853

> but pianos are gay or something so they added that shitty numetal garbage to it.

this genuinely made me laugh kek

No. 454878

Anime is stupid as fuck and gives you brain damage. Every person I’ve ever known who watches anime is retarded and rarely has real life skills/hobbies, and worst of all has been rendered so braindead by anime that they can’t tell blatant pedophilia when it pulls down its panties and rubs its ass on their face

Also agree on games being shit now. Last new game I bought was offworld trading company, I don’t bother keeping up with what’s coming out anymore.

No. 454895

I think both anime and video games are large mediums (not genres) and, because of their size, should not be judged on the usual run-off (both are often very generic because many people are in the industry not to make something beautiful, but to get money, first and foremost), but by the amount of gems that can be found (hidden or not), and their potential as a tool for storytelling.
I wouldn't feel comfortable bashing anime or video games in themselves and calling the entire medium(s) good or bad over the content I've seen alone, any more than I'd feel comfortable doing the same for movies, books or television series as a whole when I know that monetary gain is so heavily prioritized above everything. There's also no fucking way I'm going to watch every TV series, movie or read every book from all eras in a bid to decide if everything is good or bad, so I'd rather just classify the mediums as subjective and take the content therein on a case-by-case basis.
The anime and video game industries, however, are another story, and the same goes for the fan cultures. The way they treat those who work in said industries is abhorrent, and I think many companies pander too heavily to their worst fans, because those are the ones who throw the most money at them. This encourages them to keep behaving the way they do once they've been "seen" by the industry, creating a toxic culture of people who think their loathsome activities and dysfunctional personalities are normal or acceptable (at least when it comes to said mediums, if not life outside them).

No. 454909

quentin tarantino sucks

No. 454913

I agree with this, but anime in general seems way more autistic and a shit ton of it is sexist and panders to otaku, and this is coming from someone who has been a fan for a long time. The fans are definitely fucking disgusting and autistic and love joking about "waifus" and ogling over anime girls constantly. It's a pretty backwards fandom, which is why I understand why many people are way of it, and also because a ton of mainstream anime is made to appeal to horny, retarded otaku. I tend to consume majority horror-related media, especially manga, but every other recommendation sexualizes girls or women and it's instantly unreadable. And fans make excuses that they're "just drawings" and it's "normal" in Japanese culture lel.

As for video games, it doesn't seem nearly as difficult to find some decent ones, because there are more indie games that don't just focus on trying to sell to the mainstream or promoting sexism.

No. 454919

I really like the Beatles but goddamn their fans are some of the most bitter and insecure people out there. They're constantly defensive of them when someone dares not to like their music, like they feel even the notion of someone having different tastes is wrong just because it's the Beatles. Also not to mention they think the Beatles invented everything having to with music and they influenced everyone and were the only ones who had any impact (all of that not true at all) and they're always dismissive of other influential artists, like there can only be one. It's so annoying - the Beatles are not and never will be the be-all-end-all to music, and they wanna act otherwise, it's pathetic. There's no need to constantly suck on their dick when everyone knows the Beatles are important to music and have sold millions of sales, calm down, we get it, shut up and listen to more music

No. 455025

In a similar vein I hate the movies Drive and Call Me By Your Name

No. 455079

I feel like after the video I actually really do believe ProJared had nothing to do with anyone underage intentionally and is just a huge ewhore who couldn't keep his dick to himself, and honestly not every ewhore gets cancelled for being one so it's whatever. I still feel bad for Heidi and think his "muh meantal health professional said Heidi would try to kill herself so I had to cheat!!1 was bs" but my opinion on Jared really did shift to something a lot less negative after his clarifications.

No. 455080


Everyone in that affair was an exceptional ewhore. It's also your own fault if you agree to a poly relationship, agree to the nude pic shit, then decide to get pissed when your partner fucks someone else. Everything about it is restarted for all parties involved. Its like a cautionary tale about costthots, gamers, poly shit and any of the silly things tumblr likes.

No. 455089

Freedom of speech is impossible because scrotes will always use it as an excuse to harass people and spread their awful views around.
Just look at how full of incels spinster already is. Thank God lolcow and r/gendercritial have mods.

No. 455091

disagree, guys like that always go for underage girls because girls their own age won't deal with their bullshit.

No. 455097

call me an sjw but i do believe that hate speech leads to violence. you are allowed to talk shit, but a community of racists coming together to constantly shit on a race has resulted in violence multiple times. or what good is incels celebrating random women's murders is doing to anyone? it's not directly and act of violence but someone who hates women and already has violent urges might see these posts and normalize their urges in their head. freedom of speech isn't more important than a human's right to live.

No. 455102

Honestly I was never concerned about that to begin with. It's wrong to solicit underage nudes, obviously, but I'm just more interested in cheating drama and found Heidi the most credible and reliable person involved so I just focused on what she had to say.

There were a lot of anons who were like 'the cheating isn't the big issue here, it's the nudes!' or it seemed like they relied on the inclusion of a pedo scandal to make him the bad guy when, imo, the cheating was already more than enough. I didn't think any other drama was necessary to cancel him.

No. 455107

I still genuinely like Nostalgia Critic and think he's unironically funny. He does a bad video occasionally but generally he's still entertaining. Couldn't give a rat's ass about the #changethechannel campaign because who the fuck even watched those autistic spergs that couldn't contain their jealousy.

No. 455121

i truly don't understand anyone who gives a fuck about ~supporting~ brands/people by buying and shilling their shit, or condemning knock-off brands and those who buy from them. if you do this you don't have enough problems in your life. i expect many here will disagree because a lot of you are from /cgl/. i see a lot of this in the makeup "community" too, but i guess that's because every influencer desperately shill to get PR and deals with brands. on /cgl/ it's just about pure elitism

No. 455126

There has always been and will always be people who are easily led to violence. It's basically written into human DNA. Arresting people for saying stupid shit on the internet (or elsewhere) is not going to stop that. Do you really want to live in a society where there is not only violence but also the government dictates what you can or cannot say? That's straight up dystopian.

No. 455135


Yeah, then it becomes "everything the government doesn't like is a speech criminal or a hate crime" And a bunch of assholes have the power to label and cancel everything they don't find convenient.

Sorry, no. I already lived that shit growing up in commieland, so pass.

No. 455142

i think it really depends on the item, anon. what are you talking about exactly?

No. 455158

People give him a huge pass for using the N word like crazy. i cant stand his ass. he's a shit director who is an edgelord.

No. 455159

diff anon. there are so many games out there. i grew up playing them for 20 years now and at least you can find good games outside the mainsteam that can enjoyed as a female gamer. anime is all male pandering and very, very few exists that arent sexist or shit

No. 455161

File: 1567041496019.jpg (94.65 KB, 970x546, wtf.jpg)

I think Hocus Pocus is a shit movie and i'm sick of it being associated with anyone who likes Halloween, MUST LOVE THAT MOVIE. it sucks and i've seen it both as a kid and adult. never got the appeal and i love both Fall season and Halloween greatly.

also, i hate Bette midler's stupid face.

No. 455170

I don't remember anything about this movie which must mean I thought it unremarkable. I likely agree with you anon, but then again I think a lot of people hype up certain movies just because of their nostalgia goggles.

No. 455173

I don't care about defending the rights of zoophiles, misogynists, racists, pornographers, rapists (and rape apologists), and pedophiles, not even on principle. They are invalid to me. Not everybody deserves unconditional "fair" treatment, and those who should be exempt show themselves with their continued actions and the fucked up things they stand for.
I'll never fall for the "W-well, not all your opinions are exactly politically correct either (re: being gender critical)! They'll come for you next! We're in the same boat!" BS, either. To me, it sounds exactly like when trannies try to insist they're totally the exact same as non-white women or intersex women, and that's probably because both arguments are made mainly by entitled men.

No. 455185

I loved this movie a lot as a kid but now its everywhere and I'm getting sick of it. We need new fun halloween movies that aren't too kiddish or straight up horror.

No. 455192

this movie awakened some Gay t
Thoughts for me, but it's been so long, I don't remember which scene.

No. 455194

I absolutely hate cities. I have lived in one for pretty much all my adult life and I'm finally realizing how horrible it is and how much I hate it. I've also spent most of my adult life with intense anxiety and depression and I'm finally realizing how much city life has sucked out my soul. People in my age group (millenials) think its sooo great because its ~walkable~ TBH walkable isn't an advantage if everytime I go outside smelly gross people ask me for money or cat call me. And there is always trash everywhere and so much traffic and rude people and crime and crowds and just filth everywhere.

When I told my friends I want to move to the suburbs they all scoffed and act like I'm so uncool and unwoke now. I don't understand what is so wrong with wanting to live in a nice place with trees and grass and parking and clean air and wildlife and friendly people.

No. 455222

I mean, I still think Nightmare before Christmas has aged very well. It's childish, but still horror without being too horror. Also, I love the Hotel Transylvania movies.

No. 455240

I still occasionally watch Dougs videos despite them being barely funny to me. He is the only ‘critic’ I can watch, because the ‘tism gets real bad with some if the smaller channels. Doug is obnoxious AF, but way better than some lispy thirty year olds who think their in depth review of some recent kids movie is worth anything. Its probably out of habit that I even keep watching.

No. 455244


lol I'm the opposite of you. I love cities and I'm trying to move to Washington DC permanently because it's an awesome city to me.

Do you live outside of the US? Because most cities here are definitely not walkable unless you're in NYC or something.

Suburbs are boring. People may or may not be friendly but you'll never see your neighbors. Also there's no wildlife in suburbs lmao

No. 455252

I totally agree. Also if Holly was a guy who wanted a poly relationships and then wanted to take things back, no one would have sympathy for her. You should never open up your relationship in the middle and expect things to work out. It never works.

No. 455260

I am in the US and my city is actually walkable, but you definitely can't walk anywhere at night. It has pretty good public transport too but the buses have bedbugs and the subways have literal shit on the seats.

Suburbs are only boring if you're only idea of fun is going out to bars I guess.

No. 455270

This, and it's not only the government either. Anyone has the power to silence someone by calling hate speech because the definition is always left too vague, intentionally. "Inciting violence and prejudice towards a group of people" might be as well "says shit you don't agree with" because people grasp at straws when they want someone out, just one tweet reply along the lines of "I think people like this need to be slapped back to reality" and people report it as a threat of violence. Hell all it takes is a small remark of something you're concerned about to be seen as "hate speech". Muffling someone sounds like a great idea until it comes back to you.

No. 455296

autists (or these 13 yo redditkids) who don't have the capacity to understand complex, nuanced topics need to stop trying to play with the neurotypicals (or adults). there will be a discussion thread somewhere, good flow to the discussion, then one (or more) unironic complete spergout over something inconsequential to the whole debate shows up and details the entire topic. it's embarrassing.

No. 455314

I hate this new obsession with things like movies being "meta" like it makes the content automatically smart or deep or better just because it's meta. It's so annoying and such an overused way of praise

No. 455366

The creators are too busy being edgy anti-safe spacers that they won’t think for a second why you need some ground rules to keep women’s voices from being drowned out and chased away.

They shouldn’t have called it spinster if it wasn’t meant to be a women’s space

No. 455409

File: 1567094527073.jpg (11.3 KB, 236x234, 0941ef4efffd41eaa912eb8b6becb3…)

Am I the only one who thinks Enter The Florpus was absolute shit? I've been a huge Invader Zim fan since I was a kid and obviously had high hopes for this movie, but it just missed the grungy edgyness that the old show used to have. The story and dialogue is incredibally childish and forced, and the overly saturated colors actually hurt my eyes. However I do kinda like the new art style though, except for Dib an Gaz' new character designs.

No. 455431

I actually really liked it, but I do think that has more to do with nostalgia than anything else. It still had a lot of ~*~le random XD~*~ moments a la 2007, but, like you mentioned, it wasn't as gross or dark as it used to be. I also thought Gaz's character felt off, both in design and personality. However, I almost always expect made-for-TV western cartoon movies to be cheesy and feel-good, and that's what it was.

No. 455441

Yeah I guess you're right, it was to be expected. Nice to see that Jhonen got to make more Invader Zim for TV again though. He deserves it!

No. 455442

Gaz was completely OOC. It bothered me the entire time. She's usually apathetic, sometimes even antagonistic to the main plotline. Teaming up with Dib and being a 'hero' of sorts just felt wrong.

No. 455444

It was ok, I agree with >>455431 it was mostly enjoyable for the nostalgia. I'm seeing a lot of young teens who don't remember when emo or scene was popular and there was a big craze over Zim and Gir finding all this stuff really cool now which is kind of funny and cute. And now that the movie introduced them to the series they can go watch Zim harvest his classmates' organs or whatever.

No. 455463

I didn't mind it and I kinda liked the redesigns. I rewatched the show before watching the movie. I think Jhonen said he didn't want it to be a cheap nostalgia cashgrab but he wanted it to retain the original feel of the show and to me it captivated that and kinda felt like one long episode where Zim actually almost succeeds for some reason. Overall I'd say it was good and rewatching the show brought back a lot of memories for me too, both as a kid who'd watch cartoons that my parents didn't want me to watch bc my parents hated most cartoons, esp spongebob which they thought would make me "dumb" and my time rewatching it when I was an emo teen who was obsessed with the shows motifs and saw gir as the hot topic mascot more or less

No. 455472

The dc metro is much cleaner and less crowded than the nyc subway. The city getting pretty gentrified tho so a lot places are way more expensive, but that also means a lot of newer nicer apartments.

No. 455477

I don't think fujoshis that love yaoi and "fetishize" gay relationships are a big deal at all, and to a lesser extent yuri lovers too, though they have a tendency to be creepier.

No. 455495

File: 1567109617205.png (321.66 KB, 466x447, vitiligoGir.PNG)

It's interesting to see this new wave of Zim fanart and watching dumb tumblr kids latch right onto it. Seeing pic related and "zim is trans" arguments make me feel old.

I have to agree on the fujo part. They aren't really a threat to gay men since most fujos are lesbians anyway and tend to keep to their own circles. It's rare that they ever pursue IRL gay men, unlike straight dudes who pursue/threaten lesbians for their own creepy fantasies. I think the ones who are "fetishizing" gay relationships are fakebois. Like, it's one thing to like yaoi but it's another thing entirely to want to get surgery/horomones just to act it out IRL. Not to mention these people are constantly trying to insert themselves into actual gay male communities and throw a tantrum/yell transphobia when they're denied.

No. 455512

I think fujos are harmless for the most part. women dont get anything in media anyway. the whole 'fetishizing gay men' aspect seems dumb when people say it. as if gay men dont do it to themselves. not to mention fictional relationships in stories and anime/manga dont represent gay men anyway..so who's really mad about it?

No. 455527

It's only a big deal when they obsess to the point of becoming misogynist fakebois.

No. 455582

I didn't think it was shit, but the humor was toned down a lot for Netflix and shit, which was disappointing. It seems Jhonen didn't give much of a fuck about showing his edgy humor for this one. Also, Gaz was out of character. She acted way too much like a caring sister. Still, it wasn't too bad, but it could've been much better. I hope they reboot the series but I highly doubt it.

No. 455685

Watch out, the anti-fujo sperg will see this and throw a fit over how reee get your disgusting kink off my face.

Ironically the misogynist fakebois are the ones who complain about ~muh fetishization of gay relationships~ and cause other girls to troon out because they don't want to be the "evil fetishizer women". At this point it's not about larping as a dreamy fictional boy