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People who make fun of kids for playing games like Fortnite and Minecraft are assholes
their both fun non-offensive games that kids can enjoy but assholes try to bully children for enjoying it

No. 426451

True. Especially you’re a grown man in ya mid 20s streaming yourself harassing said kids.

No. 426455

I think women who've only used pads for their whole life are likely to be afraid of touching their own vagina. Hear me out. Yes, inserting a tampon can hurt in the beginning if you don't know your body, but eventually you figure it out. Why would you give up and prefer to use a diaper? Disclaimer: I don't think anyone is terrible for using pads or whatever else. Also I use a menstrual cup and love it.

No. 426457

I agree to an extent. However, I am close with my vagina and cups are so uncomfortable, as are tampons. I really dislike worrying about the fact that I have a mildly visible mattress between my legs when I use pads, but the cups are huge and so tough to get out because they stay suctioned when I try to pull out. It's pretty painful.

No. 426458

I don't mind inserting tampons, but pulling them out feels so gross. Pads are also gross, but at least they're relatively comfortable.

I haven't had a period for years though, I'm using birth control to avoid them entirely.

No. 426460


I have an IUD and using a cup is not recommended because depending on the suction strenght and how low my uterus is at that period, it can actually remove the IUD (I saw it happen with other people before) and that doesn't sound fun at all.

I am not afraid at all of touching my vagina, but tampons are messy, even more wasteful than pads because they hold in so little, and are mildly uncomfortable. There are a lot of pad options as well if you feel like "wearing a diaper", there are smaller ones, at least in my country. I actually prefer the bigger ones, cause I feel safer and they last longer, and they are not visible through jeans or anythig.

No. 426462

Fair. It sounds like you have difficulty with breaking the cup's seal. Folding it in should make it release. Also whenever a tampon or cup hurt me, pushing them in farther works every time.

No. 426468

lol you just reminded me I so don't miss tampon vs pad flame wars.

No. 426473

yeah just search trolling kids on minecraft/fornite
thousands of videos of 20-30 year old men acting like jackasses to young boys and girls and bringing them on the verge of tears
the kids I have met on fortnite have been some of the most polite people I have met in online gaming

No. 426489

File: 1561533731604.gif (252.79 KB, 500x378, giphy.gif)

Shelley Duvall's performance >>>>>>>>Jack Nickholson's performance in The Shinning.

No. 426503

File: 1561540698431.gif (1.55 MB, 500x250, tumblr_n7e0ydYiJY1qcra4yo1_500…)

No. 426506


She is incredible. I didn't really like the movie, but she saved it for me. Reading what she went through while shooting is heartbreaking though.
Also reading all of the reviews calling her stupid, ugly or overdramatic. Absolutely disgusting. Her performance is one of the most memorable I've ever seen in horror movies, she deserves every bit of respect for that role.

No. 426528

File: 1561547978811.gif (1.21 MB, 498x262, tenor.gif)

>I have an IUD and using a cup is not recommended because depending on the suction strenght and how low my uterus is at that period, it can actually remove the IUD (I saw it happen with other people before) and that doesn't sound fun at all.

Holy mother o god. I didn't even think of that. I paid $1200 for this thing and have 7 years left. Not to mention the white light of pain I experienced when they put it in. The thought of it coming out is terrifying.
My mentrual cup suctions too, I never thought about its effect on my iud (duh). Thank you a million times over anon.

No. 426533

I got rid of my cup when I got my IUD but was wondering if I was just being too paranoid, now I feel like I made the right choice. Thanks anons.

No. 426538

I thought in a female-only forum I'd find tolerance for pads. Even here they're degraded as something gross? They're comfortable, they make many odorless options now, and you change them multiple times a day anyway.

No. 426541

It's okay to prefer pads, anon.

I personally don't like them because I don't like having to sit in the bloody pad. But I can understand why people have reservations about tampons and cups.

No. 426542

i think its because tampons are peddled as the "big girl" thing, especially by tampon companies.

i prefer pads, tampons arent exactly more hygienic than pads anyway, and at least youll never run the risk of getting tss if youre unable to change your pad for a few hours for whatever reason. i also find tampons uncomfortable at best and downright painful at worst.

No. 426543

Idk why people give a single fuck about how other people handle their period, I hate tampons because they dry my vagina out.

No. 426544

It's okay anon. I hate pads for personal reasons but I don't give a shit about what other women prefer.

No. 426545

The risk of TSS with tampons is super exaggerated because of a few high-profile incidents in the seventies were tampon companies were telling people they coukd leave them in for a few days. It hardly ever happens anymore when the tampons are used as directed.

Cups hurt when I try to wear them, and especially when I take them off.

Welcome to the unpopular opinion thread. It exists so we can discuss these preferential/subjective things.

No. 426547

I just don't like how I'll always get blood all over my fingers putting in a tampon. I use ultra thin pads that are really absorbent and they're a lot more comfortable for me.

No. 426550

Wow what kind of birth control do you use for that? I didn't know this was possible, I heard that hormonal IUDs MIIIGHT stop them but I'm not seeing anyone so I don't know if that's worth the investment… I spent some time on testosterone HRT when I was a TIF and I really didn't miss periods.

No. 426551

Nta. You just take the placebo every month or something. I've never used that sort of bc myself so I can't personally speak to it. It is safe, just ask your doctor first. We don't NEED to menstruate.

No. 426561

I love pineapple on pizza so much, it tastes delicious. I like to make a pineapple, olive and cheese pizza at home with a mission wrap for the base. I don't know why it sends people into a sperg fit when they be eating ass.

No. 426567

NTA but I'm on my second arm implant. I haven't had a period since 2014. Just some breakthrough bleeding as the first one began to wear out in 2017.
But mind that some people react differently. Some reviews state that a few women have gotten bleeding that lasts for months and doesn't seem to go away until they got th3 implant removed.

Been super convenient in my case though. I just like it because I literally don't have to fuss or think about it for a few years.

No. 426570

Men in dresses look so ugly. I'm not even bigoted, they just look so much worse than normal.

No. 426572

Suicide Squad Joker and Harley were good. They’re goofy and fun and edgy try-hards, like how the characters were originally written. Too bad they didn’t get a proper chance to shine. So tired of spergs demanding everything Joker to be grimdark and “twisted” like y so serious?? We’re all clowns down here.

No. 426577

Yeah I feel guilty because I do believe strongly that gender roles should be abolished and that anybody can do whatever they want, but god, pretty much all men look tragic in traditionally feminine clothing, even the twinkier ones. It just isn't flattering at all.

No. 426578

this is actually a fact. it looks incredibly stupid and tryhard on them. men have weird bodies anyways, that's why they only look good when they're near skelly

No. 426581

I agree. Male body shapes just don't well with dresses and skirts in my opinion. Plus muscular, hairy legs… Just no. lol
It can look good on some more alternative guys, idk, like the character Klaus in the TV show The Umbrella Academy.

No. 426585

File: 1561561695730.jpg (56.48 KB, 600x900, 8fa88719407f139e2edf815765a7db…)

They look good in kilts though.
Traditional dresslike garments look good but not clothes cut for women's bodies.

No. 426586

No that looks stupid because male legs should be hidden from the world at all times. Men shouldn't even have legs.

No. 426587

Is this your ideal man anon?

No. 426588

Male legs are sexy.

No. 426592

No, he's missing his arms and has legs, they're just deformed. I like arms. Men should just hover a few feet above the ground with no legs.

No. 426595

ikr i never cared about male legs until i met my crush. i know this might sound weird but he's slightly buff and his legs look so manly and i find it really hot.

No. 426605

Men who show off their slim or muscular legs excite me a lot. More shorts and kilts please

No. 426614

People that hate on Starbucks when their favorite coffee joints also make burnt ass coffee need to stop. At least at Starbucks the coffee is consistently pretty bad and the cafe setting is relaxing. By all means go sit at a Tim Hortons with a hobo and sip equally scorched beans for a couple bucks less lmao.

No. 426632

Thick quads and calves are amazing and if you disagree you're lez. Chicken legs should be hidden though.

No. 426685

For the betterment of the world the Internet needs to "shut off" for a couple months or maybe even a year or two
like something happens and the whole internet is made unusable for the population of the world from anywhere from 3 months to 2 years

No. 426687

I think there should be some time limit or curfew on the net and mostly useful sites like mail and news would be available.

No. 426703

File: 1561582050163.jpg (38.98 KB, 640x341, look_at_him_go.jpg)

This one's for you anon.

No. 426704

File: 1561582138743.jpg (285.43 KB, 1296x729, skipped_legday.jpg)

or if you like them fit

No. 426707

I don't have internet or cell phone service at my new job and having 8 hours with half of the time free to do whatever I want. Having that lack of connectivity makes me feel a bit more productive. I'm picking up things I've put down for months.

No. 426711

Bitch I work on IT, I'd lose my fucking job

No. 426718

File: 1561584257404.jpg (180.2 KB, 900x1351, Versatta_Cargo_Kilt_Listing_Ph…)

If the dress was made for women's bodies then of course it looks bad on them. Kilts can look great though, if the guy has any sense of style and knows how to dress for his body type.

No. 426861

Haruki Murakami is overrated. I started by reading his short stories and really enjoyed them, but his books are the worst. Sometimes they have interesting premises, but it’s always inevitably bogged down by his lengthy descriptions of pubic hair. I’d rather he used those 50 pages to develop his female leads beyond cool liberated girl or depressed strange girl, but it’s so flat when he tries and so tinted by his sexual frustration(?). I read 1Q84 and felt disgusted because there was the plot about revenge against domestic abusers and the cult’s pedophilia, but then that lengthy air chrysalis sex scene? Am I an idiot who’s missing some symbolism or what?

No. 426872

Totally agree, though I've only read a couple of his books. The way he portrays women pisses me off and he's an americaboo. Maybe some things get lost in translation but I'm really not sure.

No. 426874

Nah, I just want to be comfy, take 2 seconds to put it in my undies and be done with it. Not having to worry about dying from TSS and it becoming a health problem if I can’t change it after 4 hours for some reason is also a huge plus. Also idk what clothes y’all are wearing that a pad is noticeable under, and once you figure out the right placement it doesn’t feel like a diaper.

I’ve worn tampons to go swimming and it sucks on days that aren’t heavy, it fucking hurts pulling out a non-soggy tampon. Also the chance of it getting stuck up inside your vagina is too damn high I don’t want to go through fishing one out ever again lmao

Every time women talk about IUDs I’m internally screaming. My unpopular opinion is that no dick is worth that shit !

No. 426875

File: 1561637152548.jpg (374.58 KB, 1164x873, Business-Wayfair-Walkout-11520…)

The white collar employees at Wayfair are protesting because the government is buying beds ($200k) for their border detention centers through their company. The employees want the company to donate the profits.
That's all good whatever.

But, what about the exploited labor used to make the products sold on your website? Is that issue not cool enough? Fucking bullshit.

No. 426876

People are too fucking stupid to think critically about anything. This reminds me of “cruelty free” makeup enthusiasts who get outraged over people not buying cruelty free when there’s no such thing as cruelty free mass produced makeup anyway

No. 426979

People that are complaining about wet diaper pads are just nasty bitches that didn't change their pads often enough tbh

No. 427017

It's so rare it shouldn't even be cited as a reason. I've been using tampons for 5 years and didn't die of TSS yet. Just don't leave it on for a whole day.

No. 427029

>I been smoking 30 years and I haven’t died once!

The chance is higher than pads so it counts. Anyway, what about the other arguments??

No. 427056

Probably not unpopular here since there are a lot of radfems, but saying that having a hoe or slutty phase doesn't correlate with more rape or violation of boundaries/consent and is the same as victim blaming for wearing revealing clothes is dishonest. The more sex partners you have, the more likely you are to end up with a scumbag if you don't know how to spot them (and sometimes they are very good at hiding,) just because you're dealing with more people the chances go up. It's not the same as someone assuming you're easy and should be raped because of your clothes, you're giving consent to do some number of sexual acts. But people think they can take it from you even if you change your mind mid-date or hookup, or they do things that hurt or harm you or you don't want to do. The more people you deal with who expect things from you, the more likely it is that you can get coerced or stuck in a situation where someone doesn't listen to you say no.
I would strongly suggest against anyone using casual sex as a bandaid because it's probably even worse than using a (non-abusive) relationship for the same since your boundaries are eroded and you could act irresponsibly due to your mental state, either to your physical or emotional safety. Adding more people to a situation almost always seems to complicate things and add more potential for danger if you don't if know you can fully trust them. Outside of here, I never see it talked about, only the virtues of hoeing around and how it's so great.
I think pushing it as a cure all or one size fits all is also bullshit and feeds into a desire for women to be sexually available to men and sexually desirable rather than letting women be actually sexually free. I never had a hoe phase and never plan on it, I don't see it as liberating especiallybecause I don't want to.* I'm not less enlightened or too uptight just because I don't want to have sex with a lot of people, just like someone isn't more enlightened for having threesomes with strangers.

No. 427059

I mean ehh on the victim blaming thing but there seems to be a lot of straight supposed radfems who trick themselves into thinking casual sex is empowering, or that they could ever “use” a guy for casual sex. Straight radfems are really annoying to me actually, and I say that as a het myself

No. 427060

Idk if you're exaggerating for humor with changing every four hours, but almost no one does that unless they're bleeding a ton. The recommendation is something like 8 hours max, but I'm pretty sure it takes several hours more for the risk of TSS to go up. Heavy and overnight pads are uncomfortable and feel like diapers, plus it feels like I leak even with wings if I move too much, idk what type you usually wear. And what kind of tampons did you try? I use non-applicator and they're way more comfortable to remove and wear. I won't try to convince you to use tampons, I personally combine and exchange them as needed. Extra thin mini pads when I'm really really light and spotting, tampons for light flow and heavy in daytime, pads for overnight. You can take the benefits of both.
Pretty sure that Rely and other tampons from the 70s/80s that used "super absorbent" materials caused the fear because they did cause a lot of TSS. Nowadays you have to be going way over the limit to get TSS, most of the time. There are also cotton tampons that are way less likely to cause it, since TSS is caused by incubating staph from the synthetic fibers.

No. 427061

I pretty much agree, anon. I’ve a friend who like, prude-shames me (is there a better term lol?) about how “no offense, but you’ve been targeted by men a lot less than I have” and honestly it’s like, of course you’ve been targeted, you flirt with literally everyone, always talk about how you want to become a sex worker to literal strangers, get blackout drunk at every function you’re invited too, and casually fuck every male who’s ever befriended you. But somehow the woke sex positivity culture means any criticism of anyone’s behavior is victim blaming, basically telling girls that they don’t need to take any responsibility for their actions or try to stay safe cause of the “be yourself don’t let a man influence any decision of yours babeee” libfem attitude

No. 427066

OP's pic made me think of a very unpopular opinion I've had for quite some time. Pizza is gross.

Now, all pizza is not gross, but the standard American pie is absolutely rotten. I have hated it since I was a child. I didn't know I could like pizza until I had it in Europe, which was basically the equivalent of a "flatbread" here.

I don't like the classic American Marinara sauce which is put on anything "commercially" Italian, and then the salty low grade greasy cheese on top of tasteless bread. Nasty.

The shame you get for saying you don't like pizza is ridiculous, so I don't say it publicly anymore. Too bad it's at nearly every large work function or get-together.

No. 427072

File: 1561668731320.png (23.12 KB, 711x182, grahhhhh.PNG)

The 'I was a smart kid in elementary/highs school/easy mode, but turns out I was just average and that fucked up my work ethic' meme is annoying. Yes I get you where handed a bad card, but grow the fuck up and stop blaming your problem on some stupid thing that happened 5 years ago. I know grown adults who still use that as an excuse and ughhhh.

Same goes for all reddit based 'sad content' it's OK to be sad sometimes, but people go overboard. They refuse to go to therapy, to get self help books, to try and socialize and they spend 24/7 on reddit bitching on 2meirl4meirl about how they're friendless.

No. 427076

I had a hoe phase. I think the empowerment thing is more along the line of “woman shouldn’t be shamed for having multiple consenting partners and victim blamed for having boundaries violated”. It ends there.
The “using men for sex” rhetoric is a cope. Men literally can not feel used and devalued when you’re sucking their dick. Even less so if they’re paying you.

No. 427078

You're not alone. I think it's disgusting. I loved it as a kid, but now that I'm eating better and at the lowest weight I've ever been in my life, I would rather eat anything else I have the choice between pizza and whatever is available. It's very bland, and every time I eat it (or melted cheese in general) my face gets oily and gross within an hour of consuming it.

No. 427088

that effect, I'm starting to realize, is just privilege lol. kids whose parents give a fuck and teach them things at home are generally called 'smart' and given praise like that, because they're being compared to kids whose parents don't do shit and think school should teach them everything.

a lot of suburban parents become less involved in their kids development to 'encourage independence' or whatever. so the kids who weren't encouraged to work on their own drop off and realize they lack 'work ethic' but think the previous praise was their own effort. but it was really the effort of their mommy who drilled them on their multiplication tables before other kids.

they don't get real help, because they're not actually that intelligent, and probably deep down know this.

No. 427092

idk if I mentioned in my first post but people have tried to convince me to hoe out when I don't want to and I don't appreciate it because it's like no one is listening to me. I'm pretty sure some of it say it because they think it'll make me fuck them and no, it won't, sorry. Women shouldn't be blamed for rape and assault but we have to recognize as well that many men are opportunist assholes with shitty conceptions of consent and that your decisions are not made in a vacuum. Hoeing around can be "rebellion" against people forcing you to be chaste and allow you to have the sex life you want, but it can also be a manner in which men objectify women or control them for their sexual use.
>I had a hoe phase. I think the empowerment thing is more along the line of “woman shouldn’t be shamed for having multiple consenting partners and victim blamed for having boundaries violated”. It ends there.
This is right/true, and you're correct that most of the time it ends there, but I've seen people try to treat it as that you're abnormal if you don't do it or are "missing out" while ignoring a lot of the issues with it. Unbridled sex positivity has burnt out even many libfems because of how it doesn't acknowledge problems in the system and culture or harms them by not being critical. I didn't have a hoe phase per se but used to flirt a lot and was poly briefly. I'm actually happier now and realize that a lot of what I did then was trying to make men like me, it's sad. Even back then I think in my heart I knew I did it for validation and liked the attention, because I had a deep fear that people would leave once I became unavailable sexually or romantically. The reality is that it's more likely for you to have your boundaries violated if you have a hoe phase, and that knowing how to deal with people esp men who don't listen is really important and cannot be ignored in favor of only all the fun stuff, but that it's not ok that it happened to you. Growing assertiveness I suppose and knowing when to get out and how. It's harder when it happens because you can freeze or it takes time to sink in, but I hope that some people can have that.
One of my friends hoes around and got assaulted and I'm really angry, I would never blame her for that happening to her, but I did tell her she needs to stop sleeping around because she's in a vulnerable mental state/undiagnosed autistic and I think scummy men are trying to take advantage of her because they can tell she would make a good target.
>Men literally can not feel used and devalued when you’re sucking their dick.

No. 427099

I agree with you. I think a lot of women don't realize how inherently dangerous it is. Like you said, the more you put yourself in risky situations the more likely you are to be hurt. A lot of sleazy men will feel entitled to whatever they want from you if they think you're slutty and easy.

>Men literally can not feel used and devalued when you’re sucking their dick. Even less so if they’re paying you.
I always thought this shit was dumb.
The man you sucked off, let jackhammer you, and then proceeded to roll over and leave absolutely got more pleasure out of that encounter than you did. Let's not pretend otherwise.

No. 427121

Now that I think about it how come Sbux almost never has hobos etc compares to other joints?

No. 427126

I am radfem, but saying terf is a slur is laughable.

No. 427129

But I exactly fit into that category of "genius kid, average adult" and as a kid, my parents NEVER helped me do homework, they didnt even know I had homework, hell, when homework wasnt graded I wasnt doing it. I literally studied for the first time at 16.

No. 427130

Twitter would #CANCEL me for this:

Social justice being popular/trendy/in right now is actually depressing if you think about it.

We'll eventually stigmatize mental illness again but with an educated view that mentally ill people can be assholes. People will start to realise its used as a shield for their actions.

People say the internet was better back then, coincidentally this was mainly when the educated, savvy or wealthy had access.

No. 427131

>straight supposed radfems who trick themselves into thinking casual sex is empowering
…where exactly? I've never seen a radfem think sex positivity is anything but bullshit, it's one of the topics that people draw people to radical feminism in the first place. If you've seen that, it's obviously a very tiny minority and hardly worth annoying you over.

No. 427136

When I was a kid I hated pizza because of the general gross appearance of the meat and cheese (seriously it looks like a festering burn). Plus on some cheap pizzas the aroma smells like literal farts from cheap pepperoni. School pizza was literally the worst in the US. Dry cardboard for the base, and usually not enough sauce which wasn't tasty nor cheese. Not to mention the grease puddles people used to sop up with napkins on the top.
One kid in my first grade class used to fill a quarter of his tray with ranch dressing and SOAK the shitty pizza in it. To this day the images of ranch dressing dripping down his chin as he chewed with his mouth open haunts me occasionally.

Pizza is so god damn bland. I eat it but I'd rather be having anything else. The best pizza imo is garlic and spinach but good luck convincing anyone that it's good because
>ewwwwww plant matter on my cheesey carbs!

No. 427146

Fun fact about Starbucks - my brain comes up with weird questions to google, so-
they use filtered tap water in their drinks. If you're paying $5+ for a drink it should be spring water, surely, but no. It is highly filtered with special machines but is still tap.

No. 427148


I used tampons from my second period when I was twelve until I was maybe 20-21. Absolutely hated pads for no particular reason. Then I moved abroad to a country that has at most like 1 type of tampon in stores and made the switch and havent looked back in 4 years. Pads are way more easier in the long run. Tampons leak after a while if you have a heavier flow than expected and used the wrong size. In the odd occasion I do wear a tampon, i always put a pad on just in case, and the pad always ends up saving me on heavier days.

If anything, the real period argument is non applicator tampons > ones with applicators

No. 427149

Same goes for any children’s entertainment. The amount of grown ass adults on YouTube with careers dedicated to shitting on childrens shows for not catering to their wants and tastes is annoying af. Kids like fart and poop humor. Kids think overreacting and exaggerated actions are funny. These directors cater to that audience. Get over it.

No. 427151

It's usually liberal feminists who think we should be able to get our tits out in public with no repercussions, and can suddenly withdraw consent halfway through the act again without consequence. Radfems are usually quite reasonable with their expectations on these topics, and don't think we can just reset the male mind with the power of whimsy alone.

No. 427153

Eurofag, I had no idea US pizza was so horrifying. You have my sympathies.

No. 427154

I’m curious what radfems you people are hanging around so I can go there. I’m in multiple radfem communities and a good portion of the ones under 40 think that casual sex can be ok and defend straight women’s ‘right to dick’ so vehemently it’s obnoxious.

No. 427156

nta, but i've seen some radfems talking about how women should be sleeping with more men and staying single because it pisses men off and uproots the power dynamic of marriage.

No. 427157

>can suddenly withdraw consent halfway through the act again without consequence.
Uhh, what's wrong with that? Should women be punished for withdrawing consent?

No. 427159

"Casual sex can be ok" is a stance you find intolerable, anon? I'm a man-hating radfem and despise sex-pozzie bullshit with my entire heart but even I think that women who want casual sex should go ahead and have it.
They're better off than women in shitty relationships with ugly, dumbass boyfriends.

No. 427160

This anon is lucid. I swear we have a tradthot infestation masquerading as radfags

No. 427162

Yeah I can imagine many scenarios where consent would be withdrawn. I'm sure anon realizes this now though, maybe didn't think right away.

No. 427164

You can but you can't expect it to go well. Libfems expect all men to be at the level of holy saint where you can be chowing down on the dick and then just say "ah, I changed my mind" and wander away without at the least, a tantrum, at the worst, a rape and murder

No. 427165

Tbh lot's of these supposed radfems sound like former tradfags and conservatives fresh from 4chan.

No. 427170

But there are a lot of legitimate reasons why someone would want to withdraw consent. Is the solution to teach women to grin and bear sex they've already consented to - to avoid a mantrum or rape?

No. 427176

If someone starts hurting or humiliating me halfway into the act I'm pretty sure withdrawing consent would be very in line with what radfems should or I would assume think. Sadly, going on that radfem line of thinking, you can also expect a lot of men to be trash and flip their shit, when the reasonable reaction would be concern and apology. Sure, getting a little butthurt could be acceptable or normal depending on the situation, people aren't perfect and can be sensitive, but letting that envelop your response to a human being who let you into some of their most intimate areas is fucking immature and narcissistic bullshit that we should shame men for, not enable. Recognizing that possibility of danger or fighting is reasonable, telling women they can't withdraw consent is draconian and no better than a tradfag.

No. 427178

So in order to not get raped as result of rescinding consent, you should not take back consent in the first place and just smile and take that dick? Bitch, that’s rape.
And we ALL should expect men to fucking cope with their unresolved sexual urges in a fashion that doesn’t involve hurting someone, you know, like how all of us non-rapists do.

No. 427190

>If someone starts hurting or humiliating me halfway into the act I'm pretty sure withdrawing consent would be very in line with what radfems should or I would assume think.
This is what most would think, I doubt that anon truly understands radical feminism at all. It's oddly reminiscent of traditional female socialization to imply women should be so passive and unassuming to the point that we shouldn't withdraw consent because of the "consequences." By that logic we should never sexually reject men at all because we know a lot have a tendency to take that poorly. Yeah let's just never be assertive enough to communicate our desires and let men do whatever they want to us, they might throw a fit, amirite?

No. 427191

nta more like we shouldn't even try [fucking around with them in the first place], which is what anon was probably getting at, but you guys are in the mood to twist words idk

No. 427201

I worded that stupidly but I hoped you would know what I meant. I’m extremely man hating radfem and I think that casual sex is just giving them what they want. Maybe better than being in full relationships with them, but it’s certainly not going to drive men to not be shit, and casual sex has a lot of risks that are less severe in a committed relationship as well.

I’m in favor of the sex strike hah

No. 427204

Casual sex is boring as fuck and plays into their bullshit. Sorry but women who claim to love casual sex are almost always lying. It's so boring and you have to fucking play-act with them the entire time. The only reason why men in committed relationships are slightly more useful during sex is bc they have some expectation to learn how to please your body, specifically. Fucking them casually is the same as 'choosing' to have a kid with them. It's giving them exactly what they want while harming us, and men don't even play a valuable role during sex. It makes no sense to approve of it. Men are the cigarettes of sex. They have 0 positive impact while still supplying us with like, countless deleterious side-effects, and they're totally unnecessary, especially in a casual situation. It's l-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y all negatives. Women should just be encouraged to get a Hitachi and flirt with men at most.

No. 427207

I mean, I agree with almost everything you just wrote.
But, how do I phrase this… Most women will ultimately see relationships as the only alternative to casual sex. Relationships are more harmful to women's success and wellbeing, and more beneficial to gross men.
I disagree with your assertion that men in committed relationships will learn to please their girlfriends/wives, it often doesn't play out that way. Look at all the dissatisfied women with pornsick/selfish men at home.

I think the bottom line is that with casual sex you have deal with disgusting, lousy fucks, but in a relationship you deal with a disgusting, lousy fuck who you also have to clean up after all day while he watches porn in the next room.
I'm not saying casual sex is good, I'm saying that it's the lesser of two evils and anything that drives women away from the wife/mother role can't be all bad.

No. 427208

I agree anon. I'm tired of being told that my wants and needs are "playing" into a man's wants as if I'm a bimbo baggins who doesn't know what I'm doing.
Maybe I just want some dick. Maybe I like the thrill and excitement of a hot new romance who I don't have to commit to and clean up after and cook for.
Shit I've been invited to their fancy houses and had these men cook me dinner and tote me around in their cars. If they were just after my vagina then I didn't feel like matters were uneven because I legitimately had fun for the evening.

Know what I got out of my last term relationship? Diddly squat. And it didn't matter how much I sacrificed and slaved away for the ungrateful little prick. He never cooked me dinner, took me places, or made sure I had a good time after work. Towards the end of the relationship we didn't even fuck and I was resentful of him.
And for what, just to pretend like he wasn't using me because I could say we were in a relationship? Big whoop, wish I could get those years back.

No. 427210

>Most women will ultimately see relationships as the only alternative to casual sex. Relationships are more harmful to women's success and wellbeing, and more beneficial to gross men.
The women having casual sex are just as susceptible to getting into relationships and ultimately it seems as if relationships are actually their goal. They always end up dating the guys they're fucking, or end up in a relationship anyways. I don't necessarily agree that fucking men casually isn't similarly or more harmful than a relationship. The majority of women that I see that are into casual sex are just as wrapped up in these flings and relationships with men they sleep around with, honestly. Maybe they're not living with them, but rarely are these women not actually impacted by the turds they're sleeping with.

>Look at all the dissatisfied women with pornsick/selfish men at home.

Ehhh, I think men in relationships put a little more effort forward than the fuckall effort skanky men put in. They still put in practically 0 effort, especially in proportion to the amount that women sacrifice in relationships, but I think it's still measurably more. Not to mention the danger, the risk to your health, just being so, so intimate with an absolute stranger, I mean, it's a terrible idea.

> I'm saying that it's the lesser of two evils and anything that drives women away from the wife/mother role can't be all bad.

I can't even tell you how many women I've seen who have casual sex end up getting pregnant and keeping the kid. And again, eventually the "I love casual sex" thing dies out and then they're ultra desperate to settle down and have a kid with any useless fuck they find, because "I've done the casual thing and I grew up". I think it's an extreme that ultimately fools them into "appreciating" all of the shitty things they should be avoiding men over, actually.

No. 427211

Ok but like don’t claim to be centering women and putting them above men if you aren’t willing to make a change in your life. Regardless of how you feel about it, giving men sex is giving them the only thing they ultimately care about

No. 427214

You got it Anon, I am original "not without consequences" Anon and that's exactly what I meant. It's more relevant in the context of hookups; do ya really want to test the waters with a new guy who you can't anticipate the reaction of?
I think withdrawing consent is a lot safer and more viable in a relationship, it just seems like a risky strategy when dealing with unknowns. And of course an unknown is the guy who is more likely to push your boundaries.
I think boundaries can and should be established in a relationship - I was replying to a thing about radfem opinions on hookups/sleeping around so that's what I was thinking about as I wrote the reply.

No. 427215

>Ehhh, I think men in relationships put a little more effort forward than the fuckall effort skanky men put in.
I still think you're being too generous.

I get that casual sex with men is dangerous for women, but so is being in a relationship, statistically. No man is more likely to beat you/rape you/kill you than your partner.

You're arguing from the standpoint of wanting women to GTOW and believe me, I understand and agree. I'm genuinely in favor of voluntary extinction, that's how strong my disgust is for men as a life-form.
But most women aren't at that point, so encouraging women to forget about being a good little wifey and just take what they want from men is a compromise.

No. 427217

>I'm saying that it's the lesser of two evils
Maybe true from the women's position. But if you look at it from the man's position, casual sex is better for him because he gets 90% of what he wants with zero effort, sacrifice or commitment. He doesn't get a mother or a maid, but he gets sex, an ego boost, bragging rights, and the impression that he's got one over you.

I think it's a matter of whether or not you're willing to cut off your own nose to spite your face. I'll definitely give up sex if it means I don't give some entitled loser access to my body, even if I want it. Not every woman is going to feel the same. I wish sexbots existed so we could get the d without a male brain involved.

No. 427218

How am I "giving" a man anything if I benefit from it likewise?
I'm not a lesbian. I have attraction and sexual urges to the opposite sex that shoving a silicone rod into my kooter won't satisfy.

>don’t claim to be centering women and putting them above men if you aren’t willing to make a change in your life

What the fuck does this mean in relation to what I wrote?

No. 427220

Lol, having sex with women is not simply "shoving a silicone rod into your kooter."
If you think that's all it is surely a strap on isn't that different from an (ew) penis.

I feel a bit sorry for you, it must suck to hate men and still feel the need to have sex with them.

No. 427222

>having sex with women is not simply "shoving a silicone rod into your kooter."
If I'm not attracted to women and you want me to stop having sex with men because you view my vagina as an object to give away, that's pretty much my only option to get a phallus in me. Granted you don't want me nun celibate.
It has nothing to do with what I think being a lesbian is. I only said I'm not one and being sexless isn't an option for me.

>you hate men

I don't know if you're conspiring that I'm the same anon who I agreed with, but I don't have a seething hatred for men. The point was about casual sex being a boon for women who don't want to be trapped in relationships. Not everything sex related benefits a guy.

No. 427225

That anon that replied to you isn’t me. Anyways, it doesn’t matter what you’re getting from their POV, and you’re never getting as much out of it as they are either way. You can forgo sex, sex is NOT a need. That’s incel rhetoric. I have very high sex drive but choose not to have sex wth men. If you aren’t willing to do that then you just can’t claim to be centering women, it’s that simple.

No. 427227

>you want me to stop having sex with men because you view my vagina as an object to give away

You sound very offended at the concept of an anon on an imageboard thinking you are a disposable hole - which isn't even what's happening, she's telling you you aren't one, but I digress

You know who thinks you are a disposable hole? Those rando guys you are having sex with.
If you are offended at the concept of someone thinking you are disposable, why keep seeking that exact experience irl? If you are cool with it then keep going. It just sounds like you aren't so cool with these concepts, based on your replies ITT.

No. 427229

>you want me to stop having sex with men because you view my vagina as an object to give away, that's pretty much my only option to get a phallus in me.
It's not that we think your vagina is an object to give away, it's that men do. Idk how you think it doesn't matter that men are getting what they want in their dealings with you. Most men prioritize 'muh novelty' anyways, so the "maid and cook" aspect in lieu of getting laid with a new woman every so often is actually not their main priority. Most men admit they'd rather pay someone to complete these tasks but still have their 'sexual freedom'. You're not getting anything over on men, and I honestly feel like your stance on casual sex is a cope, ngl. Sorry you got memed into staying with a birdbrain that prefers to twiddle his own cock than be an actual companion (I've been there) but I really think you're overblowing how valuable their dicks are during sex, and imo, it's weird to think it's super fab to drive in some shitstain's BMW for a night and go to his fancy house and see… what, all of the things you don't actually have? Like, that's depressing as fuck to me.

No. 427230

>If you aren’t willing to do that then you just can’t claim to be centering women, it’s that simple.
That has nothing to do with other women. If you don't see the benefits of having casual sex that's okay, but stop acting like it's some big feminist activism. It has no affect anyone's life but your own.

No. 427232

If even a portion of women stop giving men the time of day it will drive change real fast. If you haven’t noticed, sex posi isn’t working

No. 427237

But it's not happening so which women's lives are you affecting by not having sex with men? Or is that just an excuse to feel self-righteous?

No. 427239

It is happening tho, and the more women who adopt it, the more will advocate for it and speak about it freely between friends.

No. 427241

It could be happening, but did you see all the straight radfems crying about the mere mention of the sex strike? A movement is made up of individuals. You stop doing it, other women see they don’t have to put up with men’s shit or get brave enough to stop doing. But noooo, straight radfems have to cry about the very idea of not having a dick around. This is why straight radfems are so fucking annoying and why we never get anything done anymore

No. 427245

It's easy to be in favor of a sex strike that doesn't fundamentally affect your sexuality yet call anyone who'd actually be affected by it "whiners."

And anyway, that's implying withholding sex has any power over men who already subjugate us in non sexual ways as it stands.

No. 427252

You can't force other women to agree with your position. Let it go. What's annoying is being so obsessively fixated with what they do in their personal lives.
>or get brave enough to stop doing.
Celibacy is not an act of bravery lol. Saying this as someone who has personally chosen to be celibate. You sound like you need a crutch in lieu of doing real activism.
>wow, I turned a guy down for sex and saved ten women in Nepal from freezing to death in menstrual huts!
It doesn't work that way.

No. 427268

I'm pretty sure a lot of us who've been critiquing that anon are straight, save for like, one anon who appears to be a lesbian. And "what are 2 separate issues that are handled differently?". You sound like an MRA trying to gotcha with "what are you doing about Islamic acid attacks????" talking points.

No. 427272

Can you quote the anon you're trying to argue with instead of linking my posts that've said nothing to the effect of what you're going on about in the second half of your post.
>what are you doing about Islamic acid attacks????
Like what the fuck is this shit? Those aren't my posts and I'm not the anon making that point. There are at minimum two others disagreeing with you.

Sex strikes are stupid and won't solve anything even if it were realistic. And no, pointing out that it's not realistic doesn't make a woman a gender traitor.

No. 427274

Sorry, was on mobile and it was the anon below you for the second half. Sex strikes have been shown to work, historically. You're actually very wrong about that. A simple google would've shown you that, anon.

No. 427277

I’m that anon you replied to and I’m hetero and voluntarily celibate as stated upthread lmao

I do “real” activism in real life too, but nice try anon

There have been sex strikes in history already and they were extremely effective

No. 427281

The 2000s was a terribly trashy and awkward time for music, fashion, entertainment, blah, blah, everything else. I dont get how so many people can criticize the 10s but idolize the 00s like that shit wasnt a cringefest

Like literally the only good things about the 2000s was shit from the 90s and the fact we had no social media except MySpace, and more people went outside. But this was an even more vain time than what it is now imo, even though I think attention seeking has reached new heights.

I found the 2000s really sexist and demeaning when it came to beauty standards especially seeing as bimbo and porny women became the standard despite the 70s 80s 90s beauty standards being extremely influenced by femininism in a good way. Its like the 2000s were a sadly cynical response of the progression women made in the late 20th century. I also feel this way about the racial beauty standards during that time since we were so hyper focused on blondes after racial diversity in music and modelling and natural hair being a big deal in the 60s and 70s.

Honestly, I have my criticism for this era but I think its a vast improvement from the tastelessness and crassness of the 00s, especially since more people are self reflective and critical of the shit shoved down our throats now. The main problem is things are more corporate directed than ever now and everything feels robotic and automatic. It fucking sucks honestly

tl;dr i know but we

No. 427282

I never noticed beauty standards being particularly bimbofied and porny back then because I was so busy wanting to look like a scene queen, but were they really worse than current instathot standards…? Now, not only are big fake tits a necessity, but a big fake ass and a gym fit body. And don't forget a face full of fillers, covered in contouring makeup. The fame and moneymaking opportunities instagram provides has created such crazy competition that beauty standards have reached new extremes.

No. 427285

in the 2000s you had to have super straight thin hair and be so thin your hip bones jutted out, not fit and not trim but many celebrities with obvious Eds were popular and seen as normal during this time. I have vivid memories of every woman with slight shape or curves w/e being called unironically fat back then.
It was legitimately retarded.

I think the pressure to be as thin as possible and also having big breasts is just as difficult as being a gym rat body with big boobs and ass, tho I recognize than in the 2010s more diverse body types and looks are considered beautiful now especially since we are far more forgiving of straight up out of shape women, lol.

but honestly tbh you have a point about beauty standards being extreme now even though they were very extreme and contrived back then too.

I think in the 2000s men were expected to look sexier than their 2010s counterparts even tho this was the time the grossly hypermasculine douchebro and thug aesthetic became the thing and carried over to now.

No. 427287

They weren't, that anon has blinders on or something. Now plastic surgery and photoshopping are practically expected of everyone. Before you could be skinny and have a flat butt, have a normal butt, whatever. You could be a normal size without needing to be a curvy goddess. Now all women feel pressured to look like insta thots. It's still just as stigmatized to be chubby or fat if you don't have boobs or ass. Being a silly bimbo was never actually valued beyond some of their styling. Look at how Anna Nicole Smith, Britney, and Paris were mocked. And I personally think their aesthetic could be cute without being necessarily sexy all of the time, it was just pinkified rich girl shit, not necessarily stripper garbage like it is today. Sexiness is played up waaaay more now. There's more racial acceptance, acceptance of diversity, but I think it truly was a bit more wholesome back then, and it wasn't just nostalgia goggles.

No. 427288

black and latino communities always valued ass and curves and ass and curves being popular now is just black influence on msm
You couldnt be ten pounds overweight or have a too wide frame or too big thighs or ass in the 00s without being bashed for it like you cant be skinny with a flat ass and no tits now we igi but you are focusing too much on one side to try to prove some point. They both were and are toxic in their own way

Also you say I have blinders but you have nostalgia goggles for Anna, Nicole, and Paris who were considered very trashy and porny for that time, actually their popularity is the reason why the sex worker look is so widely accepted and replicated these days lmao

Idk about wholesome but the smaller prelevance of SM and internet made people a little more in their own world but I also said this…

No. 427289

Daily reminder that this is an international site, not everybody is american. The 2000s or the 2010s might have been awful for you, but nice for somebody from another country, and vice versa.

No. 427290

File: 1561710114517.jpg (62.89 KB, 460x620, destinys-child1-1257522299-vie…)

Samefag but remember how a very fit and toned Beyonce was called fat back in those days for having a slightly wider build and bigger thighs than what was commonly accepted as the IT girl standard then?

It wasnt until the mid 2010s until people accepted these body types again.

No. 427291

Hmmm of course it is but this is the unpopular opinion thread and an imageboard site so its just thoughts. Its not that deep but I feel like anons are already taking some personal affrontery to it

No. 427292


*some anons

No. 427299

File: 1561711200052.png (8.17 MB, 2074x2210, paris.png)

I'm from the US and I don't recall her ever being called fat. She was 'bootylicious' and she was sold as such. J Lo was a similar size and she came up because of her size and shape and was an enormous star because of it. Idk what you guys are talking about, personally.

Honestly, Paris wasn't that bad. I made a collage of her outfits from 2001-2004 or so. Her trashiest outfits (circled) were basically all from one short timespan: 2001, when she just recently turned 21, iirc. They really weren't that bad for the majority of her time as a star. Like I said, it was mostly just pinkified rich 'prep' girl shit. I think it's being remembered as much worse than it was. 90% of the time she was in some pink strapless dress or pink juicy couture tracksuits.

No. 427300

A lot of black women remember that in those days and how it affected the view of their bodies too so idk

Also for Paris, its the opposite imo, shes being remembered as more wholesome than she was. People didnt like her then because we thought she was famous just to be famous and found her the archetype of the dumb blonde.

No. 427302

File: 1561711712406.jpg (50.85 KB, 417x438, alice_lg.jpg)

>In any type of relationship not only intimate ones.
If someone was once treating you terribly for a period of time and after a while they come back trying to get back to you do not let them in again, I was foolish enough to let many have second chances but people do not change… maybe it would be all rainbows at first but then issues from the past will rise and they will mistreat you again, people who used you once will always view you as a tool, people who bullied you once will always view you as a fool, people who wronged you for they entirety of your relationship will do it again, just save yourself the time and misery and say no.
But, in case you left because they were fine but something actually happened (unlike others who say they didn't know better) and now they're back to normal you can give them a chance, imo there's a difference.
And for the ones who come broken after they made your life a living hell, say no as I said and enjoy their suffering.

No. 427311

File: 1561713408338.png (1.36 MB, 1256x688, britney.png)

I mean, I don't know what to tell you but that if Beyonce and JLo were so "fat" to the general populace, that time wouldn't have been their heyday, but it was. Britney was never stick thin but wasn't called fat by like, anyone. Britney would never be famous today because she has always been muscular and athletic (but really beautiful). No one EVER said shit about her figure back then. She was literally the most physically desired pop star and everyone wanted to look like her or have her. I made another collage, but this time of Britney from 2000 to 2003. She would absolutely be shit on for having a "fridge body" or some shit now. No one said anything negative about her figure. Hillary Duff was incredibly famous, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, etc, and none of them were stick thin. And as far as what black girls and black women were told, honestly, losing weight and being thin is more achievable and healthy (even though I don't think being stick thin was an expectation for the average girl, considering the literal most admired pop star in the world wasn't thin at all and was pretty muscular for a woman) compared to looking like a blow up doll with huge lips, huge ass, huge tits, etc. How are ass injections and silicone ass injections being normalized any more healthy than having like, an 18 bmi?

I don't think anyone thinks Paris was wholesome? Everyone knows she got famous from the sex tape and she was mocked for being dumb back then, as was Jessica Simpson, Anna Nicole, etc. I mean, they were ribbed on for not seeming intelligent.

No. 427319

This kind of figure, or Britney's is way more achievable for a caucasian woman than any of the looks which are popular today. They also were not insanely sexualized in everything they did, as is also the standard now. Ironic how the "blonde bimbos" of the noughties look wholesome now compared to the literal blow up dolls of the 2010-2020

It's impossible to meet the current beauty standards for anyone without surgery and photoshop. Whereas all you really needed to do to meet the pre-2010 beauty standard was to be slim and fit.

The result is teenagers are growing up editing their pictures to crazy extremes, getting botox and lip injections before they're 20, and plastering themselves in layers and layers of makeup. The beauty industry is laughing. The previous "beauty standards" are now considered basic Stacey's with fridge bodies. Never mind that that's what most women er, actually look like. But we'll pretend fetishizing other races makes everything ok even though those beauty standards are still unachievable for any race without surgery and shoop.

(I'm agreeing with you here in case that was not clear, it's something I've been thinking about this week)

No. 427344

I mean yeah, this does make sense in retrospect in some regards, but do keep in mind that I'm also speaking on the perspective I and at the time, since seeing things in hindsight can be counter intuitive at times and muddle perspective on things

I disagree that the 00s body was achieveable for bw on average, many of them have wide hips and naturally curvy bodies and the ruler shape being in at that time they were at odds with it. Plus many of the celebrities promoted at this time were thinner than the ones who came before

Also, tbh the it girls of the 00s wouldnt be considered ideal before the mid nineties too hoestly

No. 427347

Good luck convincing all women to agree up in and do this.

No. 427349

The concept of that new beatles movie is so unbelievable. No way in hell would some rando get popular for singing the same songs as the beatles, that's not how it fucking works.

And the movie seems like it's trying to ride off bohemian rhapsody's popular. Same thing with that bruce springsteen movie and rocketman.

No. 427353

I think that's the main issue; during the 2000s being skinny/skinny-fat was the standard and quite comfortable for white (and asian) girls, while black/brown girls had a harder time. Now it's the other way around, they are naturally curvy and therefore fit the new ideal better, while that look is nearly impossible to achieve for white women.

No. 427355

People are still calling Beyonce fat today. It's absolute cope.

Anon, Britney literally put out a song where she sang "I'm Mrs. "She's too big, now she's too thin". You want a piece of me?". All these celebrities of normal size were called fat.

The early 2000s were a pretty awful time when it came to body-shaming, honestly. It wasn't even about being "healthy thin" (which Beyonce, Britney and a lot of these other celebrities were), people would pick apart women if they weren't rail thin. If a celebrity's stomach stuck out even slightly, she'd be on the tabloids the next morning with an arrow pointing to her stomach, a red circle around her thighs and a headline like "GAINING WEIGHT, UNLOVED AND DRUG-ADDICTED".

They basically primed the next generation for all the weird HAES bullshit today, and I think it's a good punishment for all the anafagging, but I wish pop culture would find a nice middle ground.

No. 427360

How is that any different to today? Celebrities are still being called fat or too skinny. I don't recall anyone being picked apart the way you claim. And Britney put that song out waaay past 2000-2003. That song was written after she had her breakdown and gained weight.

No. 427362

If you dont recall you got your nostalgia googles on for it

No. 427364

TRUE. They need to just let kids be kids. Sure, there may be some kids that are insufferable (which is very few from my own experience). Regardless, they just want to play or even try to hone their skills.

No. 427365

What >>427362 said, honestly. It was everywhere, and far more egregious. Now, media and public figures actually get slammed for body shaming, and if you don't spend your whole life looking at IG hoe pages, there's a wider variety of body types to appreciate.

No. 427374

That's absolutely not true. Appart from a couple celebrities who made their carreer out of sex, very few "in" girls have huge fake tits nowadays. That was more of a 90's thing.
Also the whole "contour thicc queen" is a specific standard about one type of women that's being pushed but it's not the sole archetype expected from women. In my college there is not one single instathot and all the more popular/pretty girls are white, slim, natural make up, fresh faced etc…

Honestly, when people talk about instathot being the "only thing acceptable" now just make it seem like you never go outside and base your worldview on instagram.

Britney wasnt being called fat at the slave4u and oops era but when she gained a little bit of weight, everyone was calling her fat, what are you talking about?

Everyone here thinks that Kim K is universally considered as the only acceptable type of beauty today but that's not true. Media push it because of her family's power but I don't know a single person (woman or man) IRL who actually finds Kim K attractive.

No. 427377

>Britney wasnt being called fat at the slave4u and oops era but when she gained a little bit of weight, everyone was calling her fat, what are you talking about?
Yes, and I posted her during her oops era and she would be called shapeless and fridge bodied/fat now if she had been the same size as she was in oops, now. She wouldn't be popular with her oops body in 2019 because she has an athletic and muscular figure. She was called fat much later on, not 2000-2003. Idk what you guys are talking about because women who are average or fat now without a huge ass are mocked still. The only difference is that now women can't be skinny without an ass, or fat without an ass. How is that an improvement?

No. 427382

File: 1561726302475.jpg (945.73 KB, 2000x2499, sonny-cher.jpg)

Honestly this nailed skinny and fit wayy better. The 00s figure was too ruler shaped for me

No. 427389

But they can! The fact that some nerds off 4chan disliked Captain Marvel for not having an ass doesnt change the success of Captain Marvel. Cara Delvigne had a huge moment of fame, as many other models without a huge ass. Many men aren't obssessed with fat booties. Hell, Taylor Swift might be called figure-less by a few people but she still has a huge audience that salivates at her sight, just as Kim K and Cardi B are still called ridiculous and fat in many many circles.

I agree that slim/fit is the best look and is generally more achievable. But if you naturally have a big ass or big tits, even skinny, you wont be able to turn your body into an assless titless skinny body and the 2000s truly fashioned a flat ass.

Women will always be torn about their looks and I'm not saying that today's beauty standards are better than the 2000s but thinking that you have to have a huge ass today to be considered beautiful is delusional and only goes to show what kind of social circle you have (or you don't have and just base your worldview on instagram).

No. 427399

2010s beauty standards are wayyyy easier as a non-white person. I can see how 2000s seem better for white people though.

No. 427400

people idolize the 00's because of nostalgia is the simple answer.
I dislike the 2010's bc most people are invertebrate social retards plugged 24/7 to the internet, because of creepy shit like Deepnudes and trannies in girls' lockers.
what's better now i guess is progress on social and environmental matters even though corporate put its grubby hands on that.
damn, I miss Geocities, receiving snail mail and the blissful absence of beauty gurus. also people not thinking you hate them if you are not glued to your cellphone to answer their calls. sure, the 2000s were tacky and trashy but those were simpler times.

No. 427405

I remember back in the 00s I used to envy my folks who were growing up in the 70s and 80s simply for the better pop culture and beauty standards
Its like the 2000s was a wild punk rebel of the 20th century in every bad way

No. 427406

Brace ya straps for 20s, its gonna get worse

No. 427416

We're going to be looking back on the 10s thinking these were the good years in the future lol

No. 427423

nah I can see people missing the early 2010's but the late 2010s have just been really awful and toxic(especially online)
I have hope for the 2020s

No. 427428

god i fucking wonder what the 2020s are going to be like. just wondering what the trends will be. probably some wack shit like always

No. 427432

No one was hoping to get ALL women to do it dipshit

No. 427442

god, i hope you are right, anon, I can't wait for the 10's to be over.
for the 2020's I want a global movement towards environmental consciousness and stepping away from technology to enrich your inner world with quality media and learning how to enjoy the outdoors, but I know what I'd get is thots faking being vegan and trashing national parks to post to their insta, companies banking on the green washing or very best case scenario, if the end of the world really is near, doomsday preparation which means people learning how to do stuff with their own hands.

No. 427443

extremely divided as people who reach peak degen revert back to irl communities & individual connections (over social media style mass comm) and degens get worse and more retarded.

HG Wells future seems increasingly possible. just instead of mole people we get literal basement trolls with those "texting neck" bone spurs and mutilated transbodies.

No. 427444

HG Wells' The Time Machine*

No. 427446

>if the end of the world really is near, doomsday preparation which means people learning how to do stuff with their own hands.
well come over to the Prepping thread


No. 427451

File: 1561739460436.png (19.25 MB, 3840x2160, IFB_Antifa_Manchester.png)

I believe Iraqi and Syrian civil war foreign volunteers will be playing a role in global politics
I feel their will a new wave of far left wing militant groups that will initially be made up of Syrian and Iraqi civil war veterans

No. 427510

File: 1561749257294.jpg (12.28 KB, 260x267, 1392025_f260.jpg)

Men should be always shaving their legs.

No. 427542

I unironicly, 100% support the PKK.

No. 427567

Agreed. Leg hair on men is straight up disgusting. Some have the curly sort that makes them look like cave men. Just no.

No. 427582

to ride on this, i also wished more guys would trim their pubes a little at least. nothing like a guy wanting oral but its a straight up thicket down below.

No. 427628

well lets of people unironically supported the Mujaheddin during the Soviet Afghan war but from the Mujaheddin came Al-Qaeda ,the Taliban and other Islamic terrorist groups

No. 427632

She'll catch up with reality and acknowledge them as terrorists when her government tells her they're bad, but only after they've fulfilled their purpose.

No. 427811

What are you talking about? My goverment doesnt support the PKK, they never have. They even consider them a terrorist organization.


Meanwhile, they're the only people successfully combatting ISIS in the region and fighting for secular liberation from radical islamist.

No. 427895

I'm not against the PKK,what I'm saying is that splinter groups will eventually form from the leftist foreign volunteers that fought (and are fighting) in the Syrian and Iraqi civil wars and these groups will eventually become their own organizations that will play a big part of global politics in the 2020s - 2030s

No. 427897

Oh I kind of agree with that. I remember some people even saying the US was founding the YPJ in hope of "balkanizing" (hate that word) the region.

No. 427898

I like the colour brown

No. 427906

Since when is that unpopular.

No. 427963

do you guys like yellow ? I've always liked it and feel like it was once very unpopular, but recently it's been rising in popularity I think. I'm happy that yellow stuff is more available now.

No. 427965

Yellow is my favorite color!

No. 427966

I love yellow. I trick myself into feeling happy by having everything in my home a nice warm yellow color.

No. 427967

I knew it !! I hope in the future yellow is the new pink.

No. 427969

taylor nicole dean’s thread is full of bitter cunts who are so fucking blinded by their feefees that they literally refuse to acknowledge ANY even slightly positive sign of progress. it’s getting to be genuinely fucking pathetic watching people trying to perform mental gymnastics to “prove” that she’s somehow worse than jonny motherfucking craig, an actual rapist. jfc. this place makes me so fucking confused sometimes

No. 427971

You have to remember the hella active posters in cow threads are obsessive internet hags who would love the attention the cows are getting. Enjoying milk and mockery is pretty normal but people that are way too into it are more than a little bit off.

No. 427979

Why do threads about cows where most of the milk has dried up stay open but actually interesting threads about Russian sisters with a fetish for eunnchs get locked

No. 427985

yup, i've seen lots of stuff on the internet but the eunuch duo is one totally new flavor of lolcow, much more interesting than some cult favorites on here tbh.

No. 427986

You couldn't be more right. I only like this imageboard because it's the only place I can comfortably exist as a woman on the internet but I hate this obsession with nitpicking other people. Like, I enjoy a good mockery and laughing at others but not this way.

No. 427989

NTA but I remember an anon saying they'd stay in OT because it's a different atmosphere than the rest of the site and I agree. I know the cows are unstable, I just don't get invested in shitting on them for a long period of time or at all.

No. 427993

File: 1561839933461.jpg (134.98 KB, 848x942, 1561732887574.jpg)

we have dozens of threads about cows whose only problems are that they trace art and can't take criticism,thats nothing special
while Deva and elvo are 2 biological sisters that make unhistorical art of young boys who were horribly mutilated and raped and romanticize it
the even edit Wikipedia pages and insert their fetishes in

No. 427995

I don't get why that got locked either. Ive never heard about any of this stuff before and it was really interesting to read about. People keep saying that the new moderation team is fantastic but like they're human and I feel like they're making really odd choices and mistakes. Like they ban people for things that normally you don't get banned for (I haven't been but the red text I've seen lately is weird) and then there's zero control on anons instigating arguments/derailing with infighting.
Anons are nitpicking other anons, that's how bad this summer has gotten. But apparently most people don't feel like this so idk.

No. 428009

what's also interesting about this is that the art is pretty good but the talent is wasted on a fetish.

No. 428014

Honestly the funniest part about these two is the fact that they're sisters who not only have the same weird ass fetish but also make art together about it. Like what the hell kind of family is this, me and my sister can't even agree on who's the hottest actor on a TV show, I can't imagine having a joint deviantart account with her dedicated to a mutual obscure fetish. These girls need Jesus.

No. 428016

Makes me feel like they may have been raised around this idea, maybe their parents had the same false ideas.

No. 428018

They're probably in denial and pretend it's not a fetish.


No. 428019

>I can't imagine having a joint deviantart account with her dedicated to a mutual obscure fetish

Yeahhh. How the fuck did that start out, who has a relationship like that with a sibling?

No. 428023

Yeah, it's super weird. Me and my sister are close but… not like that.
Also I was looking through their deviantart and ew one of them had drawn a couple of comics implying sexual relations between Thor/Loki/Baldr, all brothers. Like come on man… don't make this shit even weirder than it already is

No. 428027

Don't want to tinfoil but there's proof they're two different people, right?

No. 428039

Thread request for these two, it's a fun topic and I dunno why it was locked twice. It's not dried milk either since these artists are very active online.

No. 428040

Wait where's the thread? I'm interested in these two already.

No. 428046

I'm neither of those anons, but


No. 428052

i believe Li Ziqi's videos are propanganda.

No. 428054

Bushes are cute and shaving/waxing is extremely slutty. Being completely bare is what porn stars and prostitutes do. Trimming is fine though.

No. 428058

Agree. Adult naked female bodies just look weird without that little dark triangle of hair.

No. 428066

It comes off as age play to me, the only reason it got so damn popular is because of a director who made all of his porn actresses be completely bare for the schoolgirl shoots and then it caught on. Can’t tell me choosing to look prepubescent isn’t pedophilic/age play in nature

>inb4 I do it because I prefer it

Social pressure + norms is one hell of a drug, interesting how an over abundance of women who allegedly prefer the bare look all popped up after it got so popular in pornography.

No. 428083

I never bought the whole ageplay thing. Just that no hair = more "groomed" appearance. I mean, can we really argue that guys shaving their face implies we want them to look like pre-pubescent femboys? It's just a societal thing that imples everyone is too good for body hair. Shaving makes people not animals, apparently.

I just hate that it makes women so insanely insecure to have pubic hair. At least, I wish guys were held to the same standard so couples can laugh it off or something. "Oh, you think shaving is stupid too? Let's stop this is silly" But it's just this one-sided thing that makes almost every women deathly afraid of even having a little bit of hair.

Bushes are cute and sexy on women.

No. 428116

I sweat a lot if I leave my pubes on.

No. 428122

Pubes are the eyebrows of the vagina, they need to be neat and tidy but without them you look weird and bald and alien.

Who gives a fuck how 'slutty' it looks though? You sound like a 50 year old christian lady clutching her pearls. Being a slut has it's problems but looking slutty is fucking nothing.

No. 428129

yea i have to keep them tidy or im itchy as fuck.

No. 428133

who cares if people shave or don't shave. i don't have an opinion on other people's pubes lol. do what you want, other people's opinions don't matter. if someone doesn't like your choice, then don't fuck them.
i'm really not the kind of person that has enough time on my hands to give a shit about pubic hair that isn't mine.

No. 428137

>tfw shave and have only had sex in a committed relatioship
is this a cope by ungroomed tinder whores?

No. 428142

File: 1561871653080.jpg (212.37 KB, 1800x1578, 1511177704653.jpg)

you are in the UNPOPULAR OPINION THREAD, you absolute genius, which is why people are sharing their opinions about trivial things. your mama was right when she told you you would amount to something, I nominate you for a Nobel prize.

No. 428151

>Bushes are cute and shaving/waxing is extremely slutty. Being completely bare is what porn stars and prostitutes do. Trimming is fine though.
>Shaving and waxing is not just slutty but EXTREMELY slutty

Umm, what? It's literally just hair on your body and how you choose to groom it, porn stars and prostitutes also work out, wear makeup, get haircuts, wear skirts, etc, that doesn't make it "Extremely slutty", being a sex worker makes them slutty, most of the time you can't tell the difference between a SW or average woman unless they're being edtrme obvious about it and are wearing the right attire, most women shave and wax their pubes, get over it

No. 428152

You should stop watching porn and get out more.

No. 428156

People care because it’s a porn-induced beauty standard that adds yet another painful, pointless ritual to the ever-growing list of things women have to do and men don’t.
Furthermore, every time someone tries to point out the creepy implications of the bald vagina trend, women REEEE about how they do it for themselves and have never been influenced by men’s expectations in their lives.

Sorry your ugly pornsick boyfriends can only get it up for baby vaginas. Find strength.

No. 428159

I think anons here spend so much time calling people newfags because they forget to sage or wk they forget to call those who argue with others in a thread intended for its usage and accuse others of samefagging for having the similar opinion is also newfaggot behavior

No. 428160

Again it's just hair, insulting women who do shave their pubes and claiming it's the sluttiest thing ever is just as bad and claiming women with pubes are all icky fat unclean feminazis

Also, men don't groom their pubes? Have you ever heard of manscaping? Most men shave their pubes. It's not that serious dude. I don't understand why no one here thinks a middle ground exists, it's always one side or the other

No. 428162

why did you have to choose such an appetizing OP picture i'm trying to anachan my way out of obesity

No. 428164

Same, anon. To the point of chaffing if I don't use baby powder. Shaving takes care of the damp sweat problem. I hate the way it looks, though, I think I look better with hair.

No. 428173

Those eunuchs just look like women… I don't get it.

No. 428175

Wouldn’t just trimming it short help deal with the sweat problem? And I feel like I look weird too without any pubes, another anon said it well when she called them the eyebrows of the vagina lmao

Does anyone else get blood caught in them though? Every period I have to shave off the little bit at the very top between the lips otherwise it gets really badly irritated because of the blood getting caught

No. 428242

Can't you just wash it out? Get some babywipes?

No. 428244

i wash after every time i go to the toilet anyway, so its not really a problem for me. toilet paper will never get rid of all of the blood.

No. 428251

The wiping just irritates it further, it’s the only spot that seems to be an issue - when I shower the skin feels very dry and rash like in that spot and tends to sting, so washing doesn’t help either

Maybe I have an abnormal amount of hair in that spot or something, but only shaving at the beginning of my period seems to help

No. 428291

Yeah I usually just trim for the comfort, though sometimes I want a nice smooth vagina bc it feels so nice to the touch. I leave a little landing strip bc completely bare doesn't look great to me either.

Also I'm pretty sure hair removal all over has existed in the middle east before porn. lol.

No. 428322

Yea in the middle east. It wasnt a universal thing that was expected from nearly all sexually active women.

Also, if you think middle eastern men back then didnt have any pedophilic tendencies, you're just dumb.

No. 428335

The new Instagram body trend is just as unachievable and dangerous as the Anorexia trend. At least being Skelly is achievable for free, there's no way you can have a Instagram body without money for plastic surgery.

No. 428339

How about none of them is better no matter how much money is involved? Getting a mental illness trying to achieve a look isn't better just because it's free.

No. 428353

File: 1561910846493.jpg (176.19 KB, 700x700, 23-krysten-ritter-breaking-bad…)

I kinda want normies to get meme'd into the pale skin/dark hair combo niche that exists on indie women and tumblr and stuff. It feels like a natural progression from "goth gf" trend but we all know society wont ever dive into full goth, but like a soft nu-goth (kinda like Jane from Breaking Bad?) Their skin would be so much healthier, lip fillers would be irrelevant, and weight wouldnt be such a big factor because nobody's wearing Niké crop tops. It'd be cool if jewelry got popular again as well, I feel like it hasnt been since big chunky statement pieces from the early 2010s.

No. 428358

ot but damn her art sucked.

No. 428362

File: 1561912046960.jpg (23.03 KB, 250x371, tumblr_oeftpq9mLp1ro2c2ro1_250…)

As someone who has naturally dark skin I don't want pale skin to become a trend again. But as ana chan as this sounds I do want skinniness to becomes a trend among black girls eventually.

No. 428363

Star Wars isn't great.Even the original trilogy which seems to be loved by everyone.I had watched it when I was very young after the prequels came out and then I kept seeing people saying how it was trash and the original three were superior.I watched the first 3 again when the new movies started coming out and all I thought was "is this REALLY what people rave about?".I found the movies pretty forgetable and not as amazing as people make them to be.I get that the movies were something new then,looked good(they look good even now) and probably revolutionised the genre but the plot wasn't anything great like people make it to be

No. 428366

What I was saying is the assertion that porn is the source of people wanting to be hairless isn't correct…

No. 428370

star wars is so overrated. i hate how it's considered cute and quirky for a girl to be into it nowadays, i had a few friends for a while trying to get me into it… it was totally just a phase for them too. what a lame franchise lol.

No. 428371

Dark skin with the same dark edgy clothes & style would be really cool tbh. Just make body type and skin color irrelevant like it should've been all along.

No. 428379

I think that would be better than what we have now, healthier than the tans of the 2000s and the heavy makeup and PS of the 2010's. Although I could never reach it myself because I'm not fully white rip.

What I'd really prefer is romanticization of the natural look with classy yet comfy clothes. No pressure to fit certain proportions or skin colour, and weight is fine as long as it's within a healthy range.
That's too idealistic though.

No. 428408

My people. I've always hated the shit, even as a kid (when I assume most people get into it.) It really annoys me that if I voice my opinion on it now, I'm brushed off as being just a contrarian/ I'm trying to be "nOt LiKe OtHEr gRiLLS." The funniest thing is how much my boyfriend LOVES Star Wars and movies in general, but won't watch anything else post-90s (or post-00s) because it looks shitty. He watched The Shining recently and said it was lame and not nearly on the level that other people say it is. LOL

No. 428414

Boring. People are already making memes about girls with this style and dissing it anyway. This shit is embarrassing after 18.

No. 428444

maybe thats just me but i stopped shaving my legs around a month ago and nobody ever gave a fuck about it
i guess this opinion is unpopular since i shave my armpits cause i feel like i sweat even more with hair there, but who gives a fuck about legs.

No. 428447

I hate how modern society is obsessed with legalizing marijuana. I hate weed culture in general and the people who smoke it. It smells like skunk and the people who smoke it excessively smell like shit and make public transportation completely unbearable with their stench. And they’re usually unhygienic so combined with the fresh killed skunk smell and their body odour I’m gagging for fresh air in a tightly enclosed space.

Yes. I live in a place where it’s legal. There’s a weed shop around every corner and people smoke it in public disregarding the rules of its consumption. I usually see someone high in public doing weird shit too.

Stoners are funny. This one guy kept walking around in circles on the subway, like gripping the poles and handles, while singing loudly to himself. Quite a public disturbance that received a lot of stink eyes from people.

It’s so sad to see so many young people smoke it because that shit can permanently mess up your brain.

No. 428453

Unpopular opinion: I love the smell of certain strains of marijuana.
Some if it is rather stale smelling and musky though.

No. 428458

yea but everyone acts like its some sort of miracle drug with no side effects whatsoever. not to mention that even smoking a small amount makes people act like absolute retards, people can smoke an entire pack of cigarettes and not act like retards or drink a pretty decent amount of alcohol before getting to that level. and then theres all the idiots who act all paranoid after smoking it and can be legitimately dangerous. lets not even get into the fact that it can permanently damage your brain. it literally smells worse than cigarette smoke somehow. people can bitch about alcohol all they want but it will never make someone smell like they havent showered in an entire week by itself.

im glad its illegal where i live, and since most people in my country seem to feel the same it will be illegal for the forseeable future kek. drug users are an active drain on and a danger to society, and all belong in prison tbh.

No. 428483

Omg I’m so fucking sick of it too. Everyone keeps trying to push it on me and it’s their most important political issue and they won’t shut the fuck up about it like it’s some sort of shoe in for a personality.

I don’t believe that “it’s not at all harmful uwu” bullshit they act like god damn crack heads

No. 428488

That Kibbe type shit is really retarded and I'm disappointed in you all for buying into it

No. 428503

File: 1561928570411.jpg (70.66 KB, 550x744, caf56256255ecc6ac0fdeefc3773c9…)

Thinness was a thing for black women before in the past except their bodies were always more athletic build and curvier than others; nothing like the skinny fat and curveless body many current skinny girls propped by ana chans and people with Eds like

Being skelly is having your muscles ate up and becoming fragile and curveless so why?

No. 428505

Absolutely boring, Facial features and bone structure as well as bodily fitness matters more than coloring. The woman in this pic has a blah body and face

No. 428507

It worked for me sis, stay mad

No. 428510

I like some parts of the universe but the movies themselves are boring as fuck and Star Wars fans are retarded

No. 428512

I mean I agree, that style is embarassing, it's basically Mall Goth, but I think you're missing the point with her not being overtly beautiful. Beauty Standards shouldn't be absolutely gorgeous ott beautiful women, especially considering you can't change your facial features.

No. 428519

Same, anon, except I let my pits get hairy too. Noone gives a fuck or if they do they know they would be in the wrong for making a fuss.

No. 428553

File: 1561934494354.jpg (213.85 KB, 1079x795, Screenshot_20190630-173929_Chr…)

No. 428615

I agree! My ex was so dependent on weed (not addicted because ~you can't be addicted to weed~) to the point where he was taking a huge dab hit every hour basically and was never sober. At the time we broke up he could not remember anything ever. I hate how people act like you cant be addicted to weed and that stoner stereotypes are untrue.

No. 428620

Okay true

No. 428621

they mean literally addicted, anon. you can have a psychological addiction, obviously, but you can get one for anything.

No. 428622

Oh god yes we're gonna talk about this. My boyfriend has been smoking weed for 5 years since he was 17, and I can just tell it fucked up his brain. Like you said he can't remember shit ever, he's completely desensitized so he can't enjoy the little things in life anymore. I've always asked him to stop but he "just wasn't ready yet" so after years of misery I just stopped trying. Now that his father is offering him a reasonable amount of money to limit his use to just the weekends, he's willing to reconsider. "But not now cuz it's summer and I worked very hard this year and I deserve it! Do you think I don't deserve fun?" It makes me fucking sick. People can say about weed whatever the hell they want but everyone who has seen it's bad side knows that drug is addicting as hell and stoners are gross elitist entitled bitches.

No. 428623

I love toking especially since it helps my shite bipolar brain become functional and have really good self reflection that lasts with me after im sober

I find it really enjoyable but ceased to have became addicted to it and go weeks and months without it easily

I have more of an addiction to things like caffeines and energy drinks; basically stims

No. 428626

I obviously know this, hence my sarcasm. Why does it matter if it's psychological or chemical if it's ruining your life? Potheads use "you can't get addicted" as an excuse to smoke 24/7.

No. 428741

Weed culture is fucking bullshit. Period. A lot of my friends used to smoke weed when we were younger and they all became so fucking annoying, even constantly trying to push the stuff on me when I sternly told them multiple times that I'm not interested. All they could talk about was weed and what they were doing when high like it was the most hilarious thing ever. No, you laughing at stupid stoner shit isn't funny. I also hate when they try to pull the "alcohol is worse" gotcha when my stance on alcohol is about the same, I hate it when people continuously get too drunk and act like buffoons.

And yes, you can totally tell when someone is addicted to weed. First of all they can't shut up about how much they smoke weed. Secondly they become sluggish and non-self aware. Just because people you meet don't immediately yell "I KNOW YOU'RE DOING POT" out loud doesn't mean they "can't tell".

No. 428744

File: 1561971765140.jpg (266.32 KB, 1200x1829, 6778558366_5a8218fec1_o.jpg)

NTA but I was a teenager in the early 00's and you constantly had celebrities being rail thin and super fit and showing it off. The fashion back then was basically very very low cut jeans which you could only pull off if you had a flat, trimmed stomach. EVERY celebrity woman was showing off their midriff and I mean fucking EVERYONE. The "trashy $5 slut" (pic related) style was really in back then and of course every teenage girl wanted to emulate it. Whenever I look back on shit people wore in the early 00's I'm just baffled at how that was ever acceptable.

It's not THAT different from what it is now because eating disorders and body dysmorphia still exist within young women but I feel like you definitely see a lot more variety and healthier bodies and more tasteful clothes than in the early 00's. I feel like it's more about hitting the gym and being classy than starving yourself to look like a drug addicted prostitute.

No. 428801

I mean you also can't get a literal physical addiction to class A cocain but you never hear cokeheads saying "the addiction is purely psychological!"

No. 428804

I'm so fucking tired of women pushing the idea that being skinny/under a BMI of 19 as the only way to truly look good. I know that instagram models nowadays are more of the super fit/big butt type but I still see this mentality a lot on this website. Being a "curvy goddess" when you're obese doesn't look good at all but I wish people were more accepting of other bodies at healthy weight ranges.

No. 428808

Gawd this was such a tacky era
You never have people who were older than 16 during this time idolizing it

No. 428809

I noticed apple shaped and low muscle tone women push this the most

No. 428817

Ok, but Christina took it to another level and basically no one was out here doing this, to this extreme, but her. She did it because she got 0 attention in comparison to Britney (despite her having more technical skill), so they pushed her to the extreme. Everyone was pretty shocked when she did the whole Dirrty thing. Practically no one was as trashy as her during this era, tbh. Semi related but kind of on topic, but does anyone else think her voice is terrible? It's very nasal and her oversinging ruins literally everything and I can't listen to her. I admit that I was a Britney fangirl but I unironically would still prefer to listen to Britney's worst songs with her flat as fuck fake baby voice than Christina's deafening 9 minute vocal runs and weird oversinging. Why does she always feel the need to prove that she has good range? Like, we get it.

No. 428827

To be fair it wasn't just whale tails and chunky highlights. Artists like Avril Lavigne, Alanis Morrisette (a bit earlier), Evanescence etc were popular back then and subcultures were accessible for many without being super watered down like now. It was also a more prosperous time before the financial crisis. I can see why people remember it fondly.

No. 428829

Some of her songs really work with it, and the whole 50s pinup thing she had going for a while was okay with her singing style, even though I was never a big fan of that. After that she just started compensating.

No. 428832

Idk anon, I hear you, but she has been doing this shit for like, 20 years straight, not just after the pin-up era. I would straight up walk out of this concert if I had to listen to this. This is terrible and thoroughly unenjoyable. It bears no resemblance to the song anymore. This is like, a South Park parody or something. Why hasn't anyone told her to stop?

No. 428857

I don't feel bad for women who get screwed over by hidinginmyroom. They already see his content and they already know he's toxic and they still want to fuck him.

No. 428858

That's bc those two types look like shitty blobs when they have too much fat on them. You need to be hourglass or pear to look good in higher bmi.

No. 428861

i'm sorry but alcohol def can make people smell like total shit, the old alcohol smell is fucking terrible.

No. 428862

anyone who talks about mall goths in this time and age are even more embarrassing leave that shit back to the early 2000s where it belongs who gives a damn

No. 428863

Not sure how unpopular, but Americans using the word “stuffie” (stuffed animal) is cringy as hell

No. 428900

I have never seen that word before but I cringed reading it all the same. wtf just say stuffed animal or plush

No. 428901

Don't see how it's cringy tbh, it's just a word. Maybe it sounds uneducated but I wouldn't call it cringy. It's like saying pop instead of soda.

No. 428909

It’s a term that British children use, but I’ve seen DDLG creeps use it too, and it seems to be spreading to some weird ass American women lately.

No. 429065

I watched A star is born and it was so unbelievably boring I had to turn it off after an hour.

No. 429071

Worst ending ever and bradley cooper's character was probably the whiniest bitch i've ever seen. I also can't stand men that turn on their wives to defend their daddy's honor or whatever over the smallest perceived slight. Like, go marry your dad then, weirdo

No. 429079

Acne actually looks good on a lot of guys and make their faces interesting

No. 429083

Plushie is word. How is stuffie much farther from it.

No. 429087

/ot/ only anons are the worst on the entire site

No. 429146

fucking this.

No. 429149

not baiting, just interested in this pow, do you think this about women too or only guys?

No. 429160

Why do amerifats not believe in curves in relative to ones body? They'll look at a girl who has 32-25-38 measurements and say she looks like a box but look at a girl with 42-38-43 measurements and say she's a curvy goddess despite the smaller woman having more ratio, why?

No. 429162

Agree, I think facial acne is aesthetic.
I know from experience it's horrible to have though (hurts) so I understand wanting to get rid of it…scars are just as qt tho.
>tfw no pockmarked bf or gf
Not her obviously but I find it nice on everyone.

No. 429163

It's an obvious cope to feel better about how fat they are.

No. 429175

No. 429182

File: 1562037311937.jpg (162.75 KB, 700x933, 2000s-fashion-259511-152814025…)

Meh, the thing I liked about the 2000s is that you didn't have to look perfect and things were more laid back, your makeup didn't have to be perfect, you didn't have to have ridiculous cartoon lips or huge almond eyes or a perfect jaw and tiny nose, you didn't have to have an exaggerated figure to be attractive, you didn't have to have your outfit perfect and rooms looked more comfy

Nowadays if your shoes don't match your outfit you'll be the laughing stock of Twitter and Instagram, just being fairly slim and not being flat was the standard so you could've worn things like body hugging dresses and crop tops without worrying about if you look curvy enough, people actually liked having fun and socializing without getting marked as slutty or trashy and people actually made an effort to be fun to hang around, unlike now where everyone strives to be uwu quiet and mysterious

It was okay to be human back then

No. 429193

This curvy skinny body type is the cutest, patiently waiting for this to come back into style.

No. 429210

The site banners are gross and unfunny unless you're one of the ultra-salty bitches in pt or snow. I seriously dont want to see the sexual pixyteri banners or shayna banners any more, even tho Shayna is a flake I follow. Literally none of the edits, collages, or photoshops that farmers make are funny.

No. 429217

Did we live in the same timeline back then girl? Most people I knew got absolutely destroyed for not conforming to trends. Giant fake titties were all the rage back then. Just go watch that "Stupid spoiled whore playset" episode of South Park and there's a pretty accurate description of what the early 00's were for a teenage girl.

However I agree that people were much more social, fun and outgoing back then. And everything wasn't slathered with cheap populist politics all over it.

No. 429226

i made that stupid kanadajin3 white Japanese one years ago when i was wasted and it still makes me cringe seeing it now lmfao

No. 429228

LOL the 2000s was absolutely harsh as fuck and extremely woman hating compared to the previous decades

I explicitly remember people who were adults orteens during the 70s 80s and 90s lamenting on how the new generation of girls had such a tight and bad standard then. The 2010s is more lax body wise because women more fat than ever can be seen as mainstream sexy

lmao this
these people are just making up shit

No. 429232

Samefag but that pic is another reason why I hate the 2000s, black artists become replaced by lighter straight weaved counterparts; by then natural hair and Afrocentric features forebears fought so hard to make acceptable was seen as unfashionable and ugly because of the 2000s autistic obsession with straight hair and other aestheics naturally void from black women

Black girls no longer wore their natural hair since they either permed it or covered it with weaves and dark skin women didnt make it to the mainstream much anymore as the music got watered down by shit hop and degenerate brainless shit hop culture being forced down our throats

No. 429241

File: 1562056551174.gif (973.61 KB, 500x346, giphy.gif)

I like the rebuilds of Evangelion slightly more than NGE, and I hate that anyone who dares have that opinion is treated like a retarded leper.

I still think the End of Evangelion is better than the rebuilds. When I say "NGE", I'm referring to just the show, not the movie. The movie is obviously awesome and superior.

I think people who hate the rebuilds have nostalgia blinders on. The original series had some really cringey filler in it, lest we forget. It was also really inconsistent tonally (which I understand to be part of the charm, but it gave me wiplash personally). It was a good anime, certainly, but it wasn't perfect.

This isn't to say that the rebuilds aren't flawed, either- they definitely have issues. I agree that they dropped the ball with Asuka's character by getting rid of her stuff with her mom and the dolls. However, I really like what the rebuilds did with Kaworu. The stuff with him felt more built-up, less out-of-nowhere.

Idk. I understand people preferring the original, but the active hatred of the rebuilds strikes me as being really melodramatic, especially when people feel the need to ostracise people who do like them. God forbid someone like a fucking Japanese cartoon you don't like!

No. 429250

Actually the 2000s was better than 2010s in many aspects but not beauty standards tbh

No. 429255

I don’t love the rebuilds more, but I do love them. So many people have given me crap for it. I was such a huge fan of the series in the early 2000’s (and loved the Angelic Days AU manga too) that I was SO EXCITED to have some new NGE stuff.

No. 429256

File: 1562063150582.jpeg (336.15 KB, 640x628, E89921D7-4B9C-4A5D-A81B-F8D41D…)

I guess both but I'm straight so I don't really think about womens faces the same way. Their faces also tend to be more round which I don't like.

No. 429275

I think you have your nostalgia goggles on, my friend.

No. 429284

File: 1562071698756.gif (1.37 MB, 540x290, tumblr_p9okuyERCy1vh1euho1_540…)

I calling the police on you right now for saying the end of evangelion is better than neon genesis evangelion /s

Also here's my unpopular opinion, I like shinji and I can't stand asuka and rei for the life of me. I've tried to force myself to like them but i cannot. And I don't think my disliking them takes away my enjoyment of the series.

No. 429297

I was absolutely floored at what a shill movie for Gaga this was. She was horrible in every scene and didn't carry a single emotion convincingly. Her singing wzsn't even spectacular, like I felt reality shifting as I watched this piece of shit bc in what universe was that a passable performance???

No. 429303

Grown ass adults trying to recreate the early 2000s fashion typically worn by preteens is fucking dumb. Your childhood is done, get over it.

Probably because you were like 8~10 years old at this time so of course bimbo rules didnt apply to you.

No. 429306

I guess it's because I've been around people all my life with acne and also having had some myself, and I agree.
When I meet someone new with acne I'm not thinking of their acne in a stereotypical sense like "Ah, how gross lack of hygiene ewwww!"
It just becomes part of how I see and identify them. It doesn't offend me.

No. 429320

Tea and coffee is vile. I've tried many different types, but they're all gross.

No. 429330

I really like Rebuilds. The original anime was too filler-ish for me.

I don't get Asuka and Rei worship too. For me Shinji was always the only really relatable character that seemed human in the entire series. Well, maybe also Ritsuko. And rebuilds rescued Kaworu from being one-dimensional too.

I really hate rebuilds for tacking on Mari tho. Absolutely worthless.

No. 429360

Evangelion Rebuild anons, Is it Worth watching if Asuka is my most fav character of the series? I have watched only first 2 movies, my bf thought of rewatching rebuild + watching the latest movie(s), but idk. Anon above >>429241
said that they ditched Asuka's previous storyline part which I actually really, really liked the most. Basically one of the main reasons she is my fav, not counting Shinji and Misato.

No. 429379

>I really hate rebuilds for tacking on Mari tho. Absolutely worthless.
This, she's one of the main reasons why I don't like them.

But I don't really like eva in general tbh even though it was one of the very first anime I watched

No. 429400

The anons in the drunk thread joking about someone being ugly are probably just as flawed themselves, and seem dumb for resorting to joke about someone's face.
It's not worth starting an argument in the thread where anons are meant to post drunk but I just thought we had established that nitpicking someone's face just because you don't like them is stupid.

No. 429405

>I just thought we had established that nitpicking someone's face just because you don't like them is stupid.
What the fuck? Is this your first day on lolcow? You sound like a clueless radfem from plebbit

No. 429439

I agree. I like them too, and they're not completely inhuman but it's defenitely noticable how most of the female characters in eva are badly written and have no depth in comparison to Shinji. He's the MC but still.
A girl I used to know who is almost 30 and obese did this. Absolutely hideous. I cringe it even when teenagers do it.

No. 429440

Can someone give an example of this? I rarely even seen people doing early 2000s fashion. I mostly see people doing like, Delia's 1997

No. 429448

i honestly think that's the intent anyway. people who like asuka and rei are the types who want to fix girls anyway.

No. 429462

nta but you sound like one of those pters desperately trying to relive her ana glory days lmao

No. 429464

I'm 28 and do this because I don't give a shit, I like the style. Fuck off pissy bitch and keep being a bore.

No. 429466

And fyi, everyone thinks I look amazing! Uglies and those with shit self esteem keep being bitter that you can't experiment with styles.

No. 429478

Are you talking about the later posts? Because I was the anon talking about the chick with no lips. I’ll admit I’m flawed and I usually don’t attack people’s other appearance but the person was being a cunt for no reason and I’m a sassy drunk so….

I do agree that people here can go overboard though.

No. 429479

File: 1562106959245.png (250.99 KB, 494x533, 72ADCE20-0BEE-45B5-A2CF-7003F8…)

>I'm 28 and do this because I don't give a shit
>And fyi, everyone thinks I look amazing! Uglies and those with shit self esteem keep being bitter
is this bait

No. 429493

yyEEss queen slay those hATERsS!

No. 429506

File: 1562112631147.gif (1.94 MB, 540x409, giphy (1).gif)

Same! I like Shinji, too. I think he's a realistic character, and all the memes about what a little bitch he is feeling unfair. He's reacting to his situation like most fourteen-year-olds would. Asuka is somewhat interesting (if annoying), but Rei is just a plot device. I feel like Misato is a little one-note, too, but I still like her.

I think the neckbeards who originally made Eva popular in the states placed too much importance of the "waifu-bait" characters, and their self-insertion of Shinji caused them to hate him when he acted like a damaged kid instead of a Gary-stu.

I'm the anon who originally brought up Evangelion. I say, give it a try but go in with low expectations as far as Asuka goes. She's not even in 3.33 much.

To anons in this thread who like Eva, give Gunbuster a watch if you haven't already, it's fantastic.

No. 429519

I like the female characters in Eva, but you guys are right that they don't get developed much. At least not as much as Shinji. This affects all of them to some degree, but I think Rei (and to a lesser extent Ritsuko, but she's not a main character anyway) gets the worst of it. Anno said himself that her character development was finished after episode 6.

It would've been cool if her story ended in her getting to affirm her identity (since she wasn't entirely human or Lilith), especially in a way that didn't directly involve Gendou or Shinji.

Sorry for the rant. I love Gunbuster too, Noriko is a fun character.

No. 429525

rei gets plenty of development for what her character is, especially with EoE. she even has a lot of changes in NGE too. but then she's not really a person so it makes sense it's so little. the one who got the least was asuka, she was a cunt and stayed a cunt and then vaguely thought she changed but got worse.

No. 429528

Anons are right that there was less pressure in the 90s and 2000s for celebrities to look perfect, but thats because the internet wasn't a thing. A fashion faux pas at an award show might get you laughed at on VH1 for one night, and in a couple magazines but thats it. Now? A fashion faux pas will trend on twitter, get made into a meme, inspire fifty trending hashtags and buzzfeed articles. The scope of the public eye has increased. Celebrities went to movie premieres in the 90s looking like shit because they weren't huge deals, but now they are.

Also, cameras have gotten better. When you have HD cameras in everyone's pocket these days theres more pressure to never be caught looking bad.

The 90s/00s did have their own strict body standards, but anon here >>429217 referencing South Park as an example of this is wrong. Giant fake breasts were not all the rage for your mainstream beauty queens. Back then it was being skinny and getting a nose job for most celebs.

No. 429552

File: 1562127294863.jpg (73.98 KB, 570x639, 6988a31cfdc3f29556690a0d439eab…)

Are we forgetting about this era
The twenties to mid nineties was known for celebs dressing up and being stylish as hell especially entertainers

They just got lazier and tackier then; and also the fashions of 2010s is just plain bad

No. 429553

File: 1562127373817.jpg (143.79 KB, 900x1408, 2000-janet-jackson-style-galle…)

Actually im including the whole of 90s and early 2000s because you know

No. 429557

File: 1562128564572.jpeg (453.75 KB, 1398x2048, 1A2D2DF6-F5B5-446E-A571-85BE07…)

You need to look at what celebrities were wearing in their day to day lives, not in magazines or special events. And Prince is an anomaly, the dude was huge into fashion.

Check out @NightOpening on twitter for a good look at fashion from the late 80s to early 2000s. There were well dressed people back then just like there are well dressed people now but it’s not something unique to the 90s.

No. 429559

File: 1562128781772.jpeg (614.17 KB, 1936x1936, 10461F75-033B-4F66-8150-C1029F…)

here’s an example, drew barrymore at the 1992 premiere of reserviour dogs to her now at the Santa Clarita diet season 3 premiere in 2019. nobody is wearing just jean shorts to red carpets anymore.

No. 429561

File: 1562129012550.jpeg (488.15 KB, 1936x1936, 2FA2BAE5-BC07-4D9B-8544-05A319…)

J.lo at the ‘97 men in Black movie premiere vs her at the 2018 premiere of second act. everything is much more glam and over the top. of course she’s also a lot richer and can get couture instead of buying off rack, but overall it’s still more glamorous and dolled up.

No. 429562

Anon, take your nostalgia goggles off. The 70s, 80s, and 90s has plenty of tacky fashion.

No. 429565


I really want this music biopic trend to die. They're all completely shit and cliche and do little justice to the musicians. They're already planning some for Amy Whinehouse, Aretha Franklin, Boy George etc etc it's such a money grab and so unnecessary, why not just make a good documentary? It's gonna be the same thing as the capes hit trend, an exhausted over saturated market that people will still go to see no matter how lazy and hollywood they are

No. 429566

They been doing that shit since the early to mid 2000s. Remember Walk the Line and Ray? I’m surprised the trend is going strong.

No. 429569

So she had a nose job?

No. 429572

For white people maybe. Black stars during that time always looked amazing with amazing music

No. 429573

We have to keep in mind musicians and actors are two different entities in Hollywood. Singers and entertainers are always more glammed up but my point was not much are today except Rihanna and few more. It's weird how it seemed to have reversed too

No. 429604

How is this not racebaiting?? lol

No. 429677

I think legitimate criticism of somebody's actions or beliefs can come from emotionally healthy people, but the nitpicking of somebody's looks only comes from people that are extremely insecure and anybody that devotes a significant amount of time to it should go to therapy.

No. 429681

Because when I talk about the good ol Seventies and Eighties music im talking about black music because that is what i am familiar with and grew up on

How is that a problem

No. 429693

Somebody said 70s, 80s and 90s fashion was tacky and you say only white people, black people always looked amazing.

No. 429695

Do you believe in reverse racism?

No. 429719

Americans who feel the need to be edgy and insult American holidays (July 4th, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, etc.) are annoying. Every year there's a surge of people posting stuff like "uwu just a reminder that America did [insert shitty thing here] therefore this day is invalid" and it's obvious they think they're such an intellectual for not conforming to society. No shit Sherlock, we all took 10th grade history and know the government is a shitshow, your "Fuck America!!" post aren't impressing anyone. Most people aren't even really celebrating the holiday, they just enjoy having an excuse to relax, eat food and spend time with their family. Someone thinking they're such a rebel for not participating in a holiday is the epitome of fake tumblr "activism".

No. 429727

I agree wholeheartedly. Personally I don’t truly celebrate holidays, just for personal reasons, but I don’t parade around saying “fuck this day for x reason”.. Let people have their fun! If I’m invited to celebrate and I’m able to join, I will and I have fun. There’s no need to be so ~edgy~ about it

No. 429728

anime fans aren't any better than kpop fans

No. 429729

A personal lolcow of mine always writes shit like this on Canada day.
>Reminder that the British committed genocide on native populations and that we’re ALL settlers on turtle island!

No. 429731

Yeah, it also reeks of boring suburban white teen desperately trying to be cool. Like you can just imagine the person sitting in the corner of the room in a huff furiously on their phone while their normie boomer family has fun and celebrates together.
>sweetie do you want some cake? why don't you put down your phone and go talk to your cousins?
>FUCK you Patricia this holiday is a sham and the government sucks, I hate you for dragging me here

No. 429733

who said they were? themselves?

No. 429739

Kind of agree although I'm a Canuck and a Native woman no less (although I'm sure other Natives may disagree). Obviously acknowledging the past is important but there's nothing wrong with celebrating where the nation is now and how it can evolve in the future. Also fireworks pretty.
Personally I don't celebrate Thanksgiving though, but I think for many it's like Christmas in that it's an abstract tradition rather than a specific celebration of events.

Yeah, the thing is none of those involved are alive so saying that does nothing. And it's too late. The countries are here, deal.
Generational trauma is a thing and the past is important when addressing why we have the issues we have in current year (child abuse, alcoholism, MMIW, etc.) but otherwise nothing is accomplished by people dwelling on it. But by all means if she wants to volunteer on a reserve and help implement systems for people to get educated, get clean, and get out, then she can.
I understand that you know all this by the way but was just using it as a jumping off point.

No. 429755

>(although I'm sure other Natives may disagree).
How so?

No. 429768

I know of people even in my own family who would prefer being bitter about white people over making healthy change in their communities. I understand where it comes from but I also just don't feel the same, you know?
I should have added in a "some" there though, many are also reasonable and working with the country and the current state of affairs to try and make improvements.

No. 429791

It sounds like you have a good attitude toward progress. It's impossible to fix these grave transgressions of the past that created a generations long ripple effect. It's impossible not to feel slighted and starting off 5 steps behind everyone else because of things that initiated hundreds of years ago. And it's only in recent times being acknowledged more publicly. I understand suicide and substance abuse are problem. Sorry anon and I hope you will be able to keep the attitude you have because if you ruminate, it will only be worse. Best to use the negative as a force.

No. 429837

Exactly, it's an issue that isn't quite straightforward. People who dwell on the past are just as off base when it comes to progress as people who pretend it doesn't matter and we just need to suddenly be healthy.
I'll admit being "urban" (I only lived on a reserve for my first 5 years) has definitely made it easier for me to be healthy and view things this way though. Probably why I still have sympathy for people who are stuck (not the ones who become abusers though, fuck em) since I know it's harder to consider these things when life is hell.
And thank you for the kind reply, anon.

No. 429849

Yeah, that shit is annoying. It all stinks of babbys first attempt at activism.

And yeah, basically it's fun to just reblog funny fourth of July shit. I criticize my country all the fucking time, but it's fun for just one day, to post dumb gifs and forget how bad things are.

No. 429918

… Is your personal lolcow Masuma Khan?

No. 429975

But its true though? Black music didnt collectively hit the fan until after Biggie and Tupac died
That Destinys Child shit was awful and tacky

No. 430009

File: 1562219514353.png (586.7 KB, 600x922, cap.png)

I understand being upset about Columbus day, but Thanksgiving and Independence Day have transcended their original meaning, I think.

Thanksgiving is just about eating food and being thankful. Independence Day is just about fireworks and 'Murrica. And Captain America.

No. 430026

I'm beginning to hate tattoos.

When I was under 18 I wanted to be heavily tatted so bad, but never got them when I became an adult because I was overweight. I just turned 25 and now that everyone is so heavily tattooed, I'm realizing I don't even like the look of tattoos, especially color tattoos. Most of the time they're just unpleasant to look at. Especially neck, chest and face tattoos that imo actually retract from people's attractiveness. Maybe I'm just getting old.

I have also been watching a lot of tattoo content on youtube and pretty much all of the tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts are extremely snobbish people which is kind of ironic imo.

No. 430034

Some can look cool if they have a suitable alt style, but most look bad. Either way the idea of permanently changing your skin and actively choosing to mark it is scary. Clear, unblemished skin with no marks or damage is the ideal look to me, and that logic applies to sun damage, stretch marks etc. But compared to those, at least tattoos are totally avoidable.

No. 430039

Yeah and that's another reason I don't really want to get tattooed anymore, because I just like the look of bare skin and it's getting rarer and rarer these days (at least in the US where I live, in some countries tattoos are very much frowned upon) and actually the only time I really like tattoos is when they're markings like runes or script and don't take up a ton of space.

No. 430050

I hate pop culture tattoos, especially Disney and Looney Toons. I've seen so many Tinkerbells, Tazmanian Devils, and Jack Skellingtons. Tasteless, you literally just carved a piece of commercialism into your body. Cartoon characters in particular just scream "trailer park" to me.

I think tattoos should be personal and meaningful, like a quote, a name of a passed loved one, a piece of your own art, etc.

Oh yeah, and those infinity tattoos with names in them are basic and tacky as hell. Those tattoos immediately remind me of Kailyn lmao

No. 430056

"hang the dj" is not a good black mirror episode

No. 430066

I really liked that episode. My least favourite episode is probably the national anthem but I'm really disappointed with the new season. It didn't feel like black mirror anymore and they all discussed themes and the consequences of technologies that are already known to everyone; they could've been from the first season tbh. It seemed like a total downgrade.
Idk how to describe it but it felt too "hollywood".

No. 430069

neither is any black mirror episode or other netflix production

No. 430074

>Do you believe in reverse racism?
nta but what is this? Is the reverse of racisim love?

No. 430111

File: 1562242174800.jpg (93.77 KB, 605x600, tattoo-aging-before-after-27-5…)

So many of my peers are tattooed (I'm 28) and I find them just uglier and uglier the more I see them. Especially because people don't go for the neat, minimalistic and classy small tattoos at all, they get a huge fucking arm-length picture of three wolves howling at the moon surrounded with roses and a shitty song lyric with clashing colors that will fade in two years. Disgusting. Why the fuck do people choose to do this to their bodies?

No. 430116

All tattoos are absolutely trashy, they ruin everybody, always!

No. 430123

The new season was trash. Not because the episodes were more positive but it didn't feel like Black Mirror at all. It just had tech in it but no critic, no gritty tone.

No. 430137

Reverse racism was originally a term used to refer to minorities being racist towards white people. Ex: 'white people have no culture', 'look at that cracker', etc

The word existed to point how liberals gave a double standard for minorities, but the word has also gained a reputation for being used by the 'white people are the real minorities!' crowd.

It's like the mens right movement. It was originally trying to fix their own problems, but it soon gained a toxic following. Some good people exist in the movement, but their are also a lot of bad people

No. 430146

I hate the way tattoos age. There are some tattoos I find very pretty when they're fresh but they do that ugly greenish fuzzy shit one way or another. I'd never get one and ruin my skin.

No. 430163

What disturbs me about "fade" is that it's the ink from the tattoo being broken down and flushed out of the body. Meaning the ink passes through kidneys, liver, and the lymphatic system. Tattoo ink is found in the lymph nodes of dead tattooed people but it isn't yet known if it causes problems. But we do know many inks for tattooing contain carcinogens.
I just don't know why people would want to roll those dice.

No. 430167


Not all tattoos age well but your image is definitely photoshopped. Color/ink doesn't just completely disappear that's just not how it works. If it did people wouldn't need laser tattoo removal. If you want to bitch about ugly tattoos at least find a real picture.

No. 430300

all these stupid street "artists" in nyc and la and pretty much every other major city should be shot. complete wastes of oxygen

No. 430598

lolicon and shotacon are not any worse than any other kind of porn
a lot of the time people like it because they have memories of being sexual as a kid (women into loli and men into shota)
digibro was totally right when he said that lolicon doesn't actually depict children and that's not the appeal. I know lolicons who are grossed out by the CG CP shit and have talked to pedophiles who have confided in me and told me that lolicon is boring and uninteresting to them.

No. 430600

>have talked to pedophiles who have confided in me

No. 430607

must be one of those confused, groomed minors who get wrapped up in pedo comms and end up defending pedo shit themselves.

No. 430616

>loli and shota aren't like real cp and i'd know because i'm a pedo

No. 430621


No. 430625

Why are you the confidante of pedophiles you sick bitch?

Get help.

No. 430636

No. Not healthy. Absolutely no.

No. 430643

You need to get off the internet and into therapy badly.

No. 430658

File: 1562355440638.png (175.83 KB, 1586x670, pedo.png)

>I know lolicons who are grossed out by the CG CP shit and have talked to pedophiles who have confided in me and told me that lolicon is boring and uninteresting to them
pedophiles never lie, guys

No. 430662

You're such an idiot.

No. 430713

are u one of yaoimasters orbiters or something? yikes

No. 430799

This isn't even an unpopular opinion, I've seen exponentially more people defend loli porn than criticize it. If you even mildly criticize or express disapproval of loli porn to most male weebs they will go from 0 to 1000 defensive.

No. 430948

i've never watched leon and probably never will because it seems like a boring movie that only gets shilled because of tumblr, just like the virgin suicides. also i think the matilda girl is really ugly, uugu loli shit aside

No. 430957

Yes it is, you freak.

No. 430981


No. 430983

It is an unpopular opinion, freak.

No. 430984

you sound slow

No. 430985

You sound freak.

No. 431006

I have a few tattoos and I agree that artists can be so snobbish, they'll talk about other customers to you and make fun of them so it makes me nervous about what tattoos I choose or if I'm friendly enough for them lol. Those "tattoo artist reacts" videos are just gross too.

I'm a bit sad that some people out there think my tattoo'd skin is gross or trashy but that's completely fine, its not like Im gonna get anything purposefully offensive or edgy.

No. 431009

Wow got em, esl.

No. 431029

I'm not attracted to women but I love seeing them with a bunch of (nice) tattoos, just looks really cool to me.

No. 431034

"Leon" was okay as a film, but I can't unsee how they framed Natalie Portman while she was a minor and it is disgusting to me now. You're fine skipping it, its only contemporary value is as pedo fap fodder basically.

"The Virgin Suicides" I have not yet seen, though.

No. 431046

I've never liked tattoos. I don't really mind them on other people I guess but I would never get one.

No. 431049

Leon to me is a portrayal of how abuse, neglect and erotic transference affect and occur in young girls. Matilda had no idea of love outside of what she saw on TV: romantic and sexual. And like fucking Leon dealt with this well by rejecting her without making her feel unlovable, teaching her to unlearn helplessness, how you must not let experience with violence make you unkind and then he dies and she must grow up
Too bad all the men and ddlgfags completely received the opposite message and like anon said the visual objectification of the child was gross and unnecessary
>tfw no gun slinging daddy/loli gf
Calling Natalie Portman ugly is stupid

No. 431055

i like tattoos and love supporting artists who do really good work. I love them on myself and other people. If you dont like it, that's fine too.

No. 431056

the miley cyrus episode had no much potential, but what a shit ending. it's like there were zero consequences at all

No. 431058


It is literally just the directors pedofile fantasy inspired by his relationship with a 15 year old he met when she was 13.

No. 431059

Good points anon. I honestly love that movie for the way Leon reacted to Matilda's advances. He did the right thing and the ending still makes me cry. Leon deserved better.

No. 431060

The director is a pedo and it was a shitty, boring movie.

Nta, but she is ugly. Not cute at all when she was a kid.

No. 431066

You're ugly inside and probably outside, I hope one day you stop being such a cunt

No. 431070

lmao what happened to you anon

No. 431076

quiet down, pedo

No. 431092

"Fun" fact from imdb:
>In the original script, Mathilda (aged 13 or 14) and Léon became lovers. Luc Besson reportedly altered the script to remove this aspect of the story (possibly due to pressure from Natalie Portman's parents).


No. 431189

File: 1562461036898.jpg (58.79 KB, 430x767, 1545409054957.jpg)

was reading the Belle Delphine thread and suddenly couldn't point and laugh anymore. Call me a bleeding heart wightknight cuck but I empathise with a lot of cows and flakes on some level, sometimes. Belle seems kinda unhinged and she's really young to be doing all this. It's more alarming to me than anything despite all the cringey or bad behaviour she displays.
Then you get self-posting anons like this with a holier-than-thou attitude who need to go to the person and rub it in (and I even get that, too, somehow)
Obviously, I'm not gonna bring this into the thread and derail the fun. And I do enjoy pointing and laughing, don't get me wrong, so I'm not gonna try to hold anyone to a selective, subjective, inconsistent moral standard of myself. But ever so often, it's just no fun anymore to point and laugh and a lot of threads just become sad.

No. 431191

People who self-identify as 'coffee snobs' should be lined up and shot. Goddamn, they're so annoying. They base their entire personalities off of what kind of coffee they drink and judge others harshly for having 'no taste' when in reality drinking coffee is one of the most tasteless things you could do. Drinking coffee once a day or more basically just means you're a degenerate caffeine-addicted junkie.
>hurr I only drink organic civet coffee. it costs $17,000 per pound and only grows in the most remote regions of Thailand
>DAE hate hate HATE Kuerig? gibe upboats plox! :)
>Ah-ah-ah, not until I've had my COFFEE!

No. 431192

The anons in that thread ruin it for me. Seem like a lot of bitter weebs mad that their pedo bfs are jerking it to her. They’ll reee wk for if you call them out for wishing rape upon a woman. Like who gives a shit that she’s scamming dumb ass men except for the dumb ass men themselves?

No. 431193

she's making almost two million dollars a year from patreon bucks. all she has to do if spend a few more years pretending to be anime girl so she can scam pathetic men. if she saves and invests smartly, she'll never have to worry about money again.

No. 431194

And beer/wine snobs or music snobs or any kind of retarded fedora tier elitism for that matter

No. 431198

maybe this is naive but I even empathise with the pathetic men on some level. obviously, everyone has agency but right now I feel some pity even for potentially shitty/dangerous people who I would probably hate in person.
also, not sure if Bell is smart enough to make her money last but I didn't read on much and don't know

No. 431209

Agreed and I also hate people who are addicted to it and need it to function. I drink a lot of instant coffee because it's low calorie and filling, but I feel no different with or without it. Judging by coworkers I think many of those addicts actually skip breakfast and it's not a lack of coffee making them tired. Either way it's pathetic.

No. 431229

As an extreme coffee addict (6+ a day). Agreed, my sister in particular makes me angry in this regard because I struggle so much to have coffee with her. She won't go anywhere except for maybe 4 of the most expensive coffee shops in town, and sneered down on me for suggesting Mcdonalds coffee (Which is actually pretty good for what it is)

True addicts don't really care where they get it from because they go through so much coffee they're for the most part sick of/dead to the taste of it. And they're so used to the taste of instant coffee out of necessity that they don't care about average tasting coffee. The whole "I can't function without coffee!!" crowd aren't really addicts in my experience.

No. 431232

File: 1562478592087.png (339.82 KB, 606x604, to0hcpd8ko831.png)

Kinda related. I don't really feel pity for incels in the west, because well, they have the opportunity to dig themselves out of their misery. But reading on the situation in China and India makes me sympathize with men in those countries, it's not just a matter of improving yourself over there, or not being a useless piece of shit, it's a statistical inevitability that millions of men will die alone. That must be something heavy to deal with.

No. 431234

I've seen anons here say they've just played themselves, but this choice wasn't made by the current young men.
tbh I'd be pretty upset if not only was my dad a shit but he also insured that I will probably never find love. So I agree, I feel bad for the ones who aren't committing horrible rapes or anything. It's sad.

No. 431235

well I don't know If this might make you feel better but many Young Chinese men who work abroad as part of China's expansion into Africa marrying are African Women at a staggering rate


No. 431238

Can't wait.

No. 431241

I don't really. It's a consequence of their sexist culture that prioritized males over females. They're privileged to be alive compared to their counterparts who were abandoned and aborted en masse.

No. 431242

>it's a statistical inevitability that millions of men will die alone.
Honestly they deserve it, why do you think the gender imbalance exists? Because they hold women in such high regard? Or because they're so horrifically misogynistic they favour male children over female and caused their own problems? Those men as individuals aren't to blame but I'm not going to spare any concern for men in general. Fuck em.

No. 431244

Imagine unironically believing in collective sin. So these individual people who did nothing wrong deserve to suffer because they share certain characteristics of the people who caused the problem?

I can understand 'I don't feel anything for them because men are generally shitty and that makes me struggle to empathize'. Because yeah, I understand how that can come about. But you all actually use some sociopathic levels of victim blaming to cover your own lack of empathy.

No. 431245

If you think for a second those men aren't as misogynistic as their society and the generations before them who are directly responsible… fucking lol. And we all know loneliness only makes men hate women more, somehow I doubt they are championing women's rights enough to make me feel bad for them.

You act like dying alone (aka not marrying/having kids) is the worst fate ever. They wouldn't have to be alone, for one - they could have friends, extended family, work in the community with children, so who gives a fuck if they don't get the traditional nuclear family? I don't care about the minor inconvenience for these men not to have a wife when those men still benefit from their position of power in society, and that power is what caused the problem in the first place.

No. 431246


Don't they go to Russia also? But I agree with the previous comments, it's really hard for me to feel bad for them for not having women to marry when they are seen as the desirable sex and would probably prefer having only sons too if they got married. If they are so desperate then maybe it's time to speak out about this and bring some awareness to the actual reasons for this gender imbalance. They're men, at least people are more likely to listen to them.

No. 431248

No one said they are specifically responsible, but they still got the longer end of the stick compared to the millions of girls who were considered unworthy because they weren't born with a dick between their legs.

In high school I had a teacher who married a Chinese man and they adopted 2 abandoned girls from China. They were really intelligent, sweet girls and it's sad to think they might not have ever been given a chance. Why doesn't the media ever report it from this perspective?

No. 431255

at least they're ALIVE, unlike their sisters

No. 431258

It’s what they deserve. There wouldn’t be an imbalance if they didn’t kill all the baby girls and rape all women and girls to death. I get fucking schadenfreude when I remember how often Indian men neck themselves or nap on the train tracks.

No. 431266

How are the younger men responsible for what the older generation did? Why are they responsible for living when their sisters didn't?

No. 431267

>No one said they are specifically responsible, but they still got the longer end of the stick compared to the millions of girls who were considered unworthy because they weren't born with a dick between their legs.

They were killed as infants or as embryos, it's no different from selective abortion. Those "sisters" were just as alive as any aborted fetus is.

No. 431268

Exactly. And some of them gotta be bi/gay, gay marriage should be India and China's future.

No. 431272

Swirl on China
I feel bad for them as individuals, yes.
However, they have likely learned misogyny from their elders and hundreds of years of it. All China and India can do is learn to value their girls. India at least, still isn't. Fucking rapist pigs everywhere.

No. 431292

I have no idea why you're defending this going on in a large scale when we know what the negative effects are. The bottom line is that to even be where they are at when the alternative was being aborted, abandoned and left to die, or being sick and disabled in an orphanage is privileged. Why should I feel bad for these men because their society valued them over women? That sounds fortunate considering what could have happened to them had they not been male.

No. 431326

File: 1562513321393.jpg (209.2 KB, 901x1200, DhSYgT4VAAAk7a1.jpg)

Keemstar seems to be a better father then 90% of Youtube personalities

No. 431339

Why are you empathizing so hard with the horndog rapist men of India, young or old? Go visit the country sometime and see for yourself.

No. 431370

Indian accents are the worst sounding. Not so much the women's accents, but the men just sound so goofy. I tired dating an Indian man, and while there were multiple reasons why it didn't work out, his accent was a major one. It was just such a huge turn off.

No. 431372

Kek are there really anons crying over the fact that some men won’t have access to fuckmaids to abuse?

No. 431374

If these men’s fathers were still so misogynistic to the point of aborting his sister after beating his mother, do you think he’ll somehow grow up respecting women or something? Because bobs and vagene and currycel/ricecel culture are such good testaments to why these men deserve sympathy for not having a woman to abuse.

No. 431375

File: 1562525011372.gif (391.6 KB, 500x374, IMG_1366.GIF)

As if their life ends if they can't get a slave…uh…I mean wife.

No. 431389

Currycels are infinitely worse than western incels, period. Indian men in general are trash, sorry. Sage because this probably isn't even an unpopular opinion, I'm pretty sure the only people who disagree are currycels themselves. Pooinlooaboos don't exist so idk who else would be wking them.

No. 431393

Indian men are the least desirable in world preference rankings right? Definitely not unpopular to find them unappealing in many ways.

No. 431401

you’re a fucking brainlet.

>hurr durr they’re all brainwashed by society

>but i’m not because i live HERE where everyone is RATIONAL
>wait what do you mean my part of the world is also misogynistic?
>wait how come i’m allowed to break status quo and claim i’m not like those several billion people?
>wym they’re allowed to have minds of their own too and not everyone follows every doctrine of their inborn society?

mind fucking blown wow(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 431407

there are so many indian men who work at my office and they smell so bad that we have to keep all of the windows open lmfao. but if you tell them to wear fucking deodorant its ~racist~
sometimes the smell is so strong that when I leave my clothes reek of BO and curry

No. 431422

I don't feel that bad because men are always saying how they don't want to settle down with women because we age poorly and they get tired of us and want younger partners as they get older. and how they're going to replace us with AI sex robots who are superior to us in every way. if that's the case, then men in those countries shouldn't even be sad.

No. 431427

This. Isn't China one of the world powers in technology? Let them have sex robots instead of being plagued with us disgusting "roasties" who will inevitably hit "the wall" anyway. They should be glad in their mostly-male society where they don't have to deal with us females and our oppressive matriarchal ways.
Hell, wasn't there some delusional comic about how men would progress to Mars or something if it weren't for women? Let's see that MGTOW fantasy put into action, lmao.

No. 431435

File: 1562540054889.png (2.53 MB, 809x6010, download.png)

This is a problem in femicide in those countries, its bascially their own fault. I read the article this was about and rather than being concerned about the treatment of women over there (because of the shortage of women many are kidnapped and sold into slavery) the tone is very much "I wont have a woman to be my emotional crutch and slave". Also as an anon who can talk about india, their caste system is really fucked.

There was a BBC documentary about people with disabilities trying to "find love" in india. One guy who had disabilities (I think they were both mental and some physical) found a girl who he liked and she liked him. When he found out she was from a lower caste he looked down on her and said it was unacceptable to be with her. The film maker was astonished and asked why caste should matter, and the guy said that she was below him.

That, coupled with the rising MGTOW movement in India where men claiming that women getting basic human rights is an affront to their own rights, these people do not deserve women.

No. 431437

India is legit the worst place on Earth for women. It is not brought up enough what women go through there. the caste system. the arrange marriages and child grooming. it's beyond sickening. the fact that most american companies outsource to india for tech and a lot of indians live in america right now says a lot. It needs to be brought to light how toxic and anti women their culture is. I listen to some pod casts about women who escaped that culture speaking up and saying people need to expose it and stop thinking it's racist to put a stop to disgusting anti-human things and pretend they are okay cuz 'muh traditions.'

No. 431440

File: 1562540734028.jpg (72.19 KB, 670x654, 05sampat-pal-devi1.jpg)

As someone who was raised in a mainly hindu indian community in the Uk, I can unfortunately confirm those problems exist in the community here too.
They are called the Gulabi gang anon and I stan!

No. 431443

i think you can ascribe a lot of the asian incel whining to porn sickness. in a population with high sex ratio you would see women becoming naturally more valued (at least in terms of their gendered role as homemaker) but these guys are also being fed with images of women being degraded and discarded at the leisure of men. the conflict makes the indignation 100x more amplified.

No. 431451

There's something uniquely fucked up about Indian culture where they have the same archaic abusive gender roles and keeping boys and girls apart as children thing they do in Islamic cultures but also have a big mommas boy culture where mothers are expected to do everything for their sons well into adulthood, so not only do they have no idea how to interact with women their own age but they also feel entitled to being babbied by them. Then inject a nice big dose of western porn and it's bobs and vagine time.

No. 431453

The /r/braincels demographic survey shows that indians and asians are very over represented in their population. That goes to show the level of entitlement they have over women.

No. 431478

File: 1562552593613.jpg (116.13 KB, 663x1024, GULABIGANG_1024x1024.jpg)


real gulabi gang hours

No. 431488

Chinese neocolonialism. they're also kidnapping ethnic minority women to marry off to han Chinese men and children, to raise as han Chinese to supplement their populations, among other things.

there's nothing good about the Chinese gender imbalance.

No. 431491

Unpopular Onion but I do feel the Chinese are the best option Africa has

they are the only one's that can bring order and stability to Africa

No. 431502

they won't though. their only objective is to make china stronger. why tf would anyone want more of that in the world…

No. 431534

I guess but the chinese are just colonizing Africa again, only more descretly than europeans did in the 1600s-1800s.

No. 431536

They're already teaching mandarin in some schools…

No. 431539

Is there any kind of gender imbalance that's good??

I've heard that Africans actually find it quite insulting that some westeners dare call their current relationship with China neocolonism. And I agree with them. Based on what I've read, China's treats her own citizens like crap. But foreign policy wise, they're not even bad in the grand scheme of things.

I still want that fucktard Xi gone though. Imagine losing to Trump.

No. 431549

i'm going to sound like an absolute sjw but most straight men are so extremely unfunny. their jokes are so over-done. i never laughed to most of the dumb jokes straight boys would make in class, the incels on reddit are unfunny and make the same jokes over and over, most male youtubers as well.

No. 431550

I'm African, and in my experience, many people do agree that it's essentially neocolonialism, but they don't care. They're so jaded about the corruption of their leaders that they're glad to be getting something out of foreigners taking advantage of them. They even joke that they'll be speaking Chinese soon enough. It's a nihilistic front, and like you said, it's not as bad as it could be.
Out of the west's brand of pure evil that's been enacted for hundreds of years (and is still ongoing, if you look at what the US did in Libya, understand how they sparked off slavery, and take into account how much they didn't want Gaddhafi to unite Africa and turn it into an independent part of the world), the poison in their own political spheres (leaders unapologetically placing their own ethnic group above others, sheer greed, extremist killings, complete apathy born from classism, etc) and China's opportunism, they'd rather go with the last one. At least the Chinese are actually giving back to them. It's a "Pick your poison" kind of deal.
From what I've seen, what actually pisses a lot of people off is when western media outlets tut and go on about colonialism or exploitation, because a lot of the time, it smacks of jealousy. Low-key "The Chinese are getting in on our turf! We should be the ones exploiting Africa, as we always have!" thoughts, not true concern.
I personally think the Chinese need to be kept on a very short leash, exploited for whatever they have to offer and then discarded, because they don't actually respect the countries they're coming to do business with.
I'm already reading stories about Chinese people coming to African countries, making "Chinese only" establishments, disrespecting the locals, refusing to teach them in what are presented as mutually educative spaces, and generally making asses of themselves. IMO, if they're anti-black and racist, they shouldn't leave their country. They should stay home, continue being broke, eat plastic and scramble for money while doing factory work among their own kind. Too bad everyone will probably ignore this behavior until it's too late and they've made the place their own by owning a shitton of corporations where they'll only promote other Chinese people, and creating a populace of mixed kids that we'll have to accept as valid.

No. 431551

Not to go all "not all men" on you, because I agree, but in general I think that's because most people aren't funny, gender/sexuality/race be damned. I've only met a handful of people in my life who I found to be all around witty and clever.
Most people are just fucking morons, let's be real.

No. 431553

Do you regularly find women funny? Genuine question.

No. 431554

Appreciate the insight anon. But it's a bit ironic that you condemn the Chinese for being racist, then say shit like "They should stay home, continue being broke, eat plastic and scramble for money while doing factory work among their own kind".

No. 431555

i tend to laugh more at women and gay men's jokes. the class clown type of straight men are just trying too hard.

No. 431556

>But it's a bit ironic that you condemn the Chinese for being racist, then say shit like "They should stay home, continue being broke, eat plastic and scramble for money while doing factory work among their own kind".
It's just mirroring, honestly. At least I'm not going to China to rely on their resources and populace to support me, only to spit in their faces. If they can dish it out, they can definitely take it.

No. 431589

Bringing up a child in this day and age is detrimental to society.

No. 431615

File: 1562593341082.jpg (Spoiler Image, 16.26 KB, 234x344, elsa-jean.jpg)

Im sick of women hating on pornstars and their vaginas because they are setting "unrealistic standards for women"
Whys it so unrealistic nowadays for women to be under 65kg.
How hard is it for them to understand just because a men jerks it to porn doesnt mean its all hes attracted to?

No. 431616

Its unrealistic to be under 65kg and have the ass and boobs of a woman around 75kg

No. 431618

i do agree that porn is setting unrealistic standards for women like straight men expecting anal out of nowhere, the woman being loud while the man is dead silent, no focus on women's pleasure, women acting childlike and innocent in asian porn, etc. it's understandable that some particular body types are more popular though.

No. 431621

ok but don't post porn pics
it's gross

No. 431624

this image is so gross
She looks dead on the inside

No. 431628

The pornographic industry is gross and treats women very badly. Go defend that shit somewhere else. The problem is defending women to be under 65kg AND with giant ass, tits and the perfect innie pink vagina.

No. 431629

File: 1562595504507.png (313.63 KB, 952x1344, cumbrains.png)

>Whys it so unrealistic nowadays for women to be under 65kg.
It's not just about being "under 65kg", lmao, holy shit. Are you like 12? Even porn stars have to get plastic surgery on their tits, vaginas, asses and pretty much customize their entire bodies just to fit the "aesthetic". Google "vaginoplasty", "vaginal rejuvenation" or "anal bleaching" sometime instead of saving porn pics from 4chan, anon.
It's unrealistic, plain and simple. Porn itself is just unrealistic as fuck and portrays a fucked up image of sex that's often either abusive to women or outright retarded.
I do disagree with hating on porn stars themselves for it, though. There will always be women with little to no options for money other than to sell themselves. It's the exploitative companies and industries that should be held responsible.
>How hard is it for them to understand just because a men jerks it to porn doesnt mean its all hes attracted to?
Because men see all sorts of stupid bullshit in porn and start getting triggered when real life isn't the same. See: Men demanding sex acts seen most commonly in porn (anal, facials, etc) as if it's normal, shaved pussies (this wasn't a thing in the 70s, proof that men can be memed into sexualizing anything), bleached assholes, vaginas that literally only look one way in shape/size/color or else the girl must actually be a "slut" or some horrible mutant, that a woman isn't a virgin if she doesn't bleed during sex (when the truth is, you can't "break" a hymen, it never leaves the body, and you're actually not supposed to bleed during sex at all. Men have just been bad at sex, retarded about human biology and wholly uncaring about women's pain for generations), unironically thinking a woman has to be screaming with her eyes rolled back and/or squirting while crying otherwise she's not really enjoying it, etc etc.
Cumbrains are like dumb animals, or super impressionable children. They need more of a "high" every time with porn, and the things they watch become progressively more divorced from real life. Almost inevitably, they lose touch with reality and start expecting ridiculous things. It's not our fault they're retarded.

No. 431630

P.S. This post was brought to you by an XY.

No. 431631

ot but i'm a virgin and i thought almost everyone bleeds and feels horrid pain the first time until i made some more research online. i still feel kinda scared because of everything i heard growing up. so if it bleeds the first time it's probably because you are doing something wrong?

No. 431632

It's normal for a little bleeding to happen if you have never masturbated before and broken your hymen (that's how I broke mine lmao) but it shouldn't be super painful and unpleasant to have sex.

No. 431633

Seriously,when people talk about the unrealistic expectations that porn sets they're not talking about women's bodies (or at the very least not JUST their attractiveness) they're talking about the expectations they set regarding sex and relationships as a whole. Porn presents an idealized world for horny men and horny men only where women are:
>always dtf, even if they reisist or say no initially
>have no concerns regarding their safety or sexual health (ie surprise anal with no lube, going back and forth from vaginal to anal without cleaning up)
>only exist to please the male's fantasy, and only orgasm if that's part of what the male wants to see
>love to be degraded, used and abused
Porn has become progressively more violent and degrading, almost entirely towards women and feminine males, especially non-white women. The landscape surrounding porn is toxic and anyone who defends it is clearly just trying to balance their guilt regarding their own consumption.

No. 431634

If you bleed the first time, there most likely isn't enough lubricant, and/or the sex is just way too rough all at once.

No. 431636

Seriously? Smaller women can have small waists and big boobs too.
This idea that smaller women can't have curves is straight up fat girl delusion.

No. 431639

You will know if it’s right if it slides in really easy with no problem. If you feel resistance when he’s pushing it in, even if it doesn’t hurt yet or it feels a bit dry then you aren’t ready yet and need to play around a bit more.

No. 431640

Minecraft is great for kids. Fortnite is not. Any game with voice chat and online interactions with adults/older teens is not appropriate for kids. So many parents let their kids play the game because it's innocent looking not knowing that they're hearing all sorts of fucked up shit from other players

No. 431641

But most women aren’t like that. Or are you too retarded to tell fake boobs from real ones?

No. 431642

Smaller women can have big breasts but there's a big difference between what you see IRL and what you see in porn.

No. 431645

Don't respond to bait

Must be tough going through life having people invalidate that your bodytype exists even though it's everywhere in the media. Someone said something an image-board. Please survive.

No. 431646

>trying to turn a discussion about pornography being bullshit into some 2011-tier skinny vs fat debate about "muh curves"
Could you take this nonsense back to Reddit or wherever it is you hail from? This shit is so elementary.
In case you haven't realized, thin women with curves still don't look like porn stars. That's why porn stars so often have to get plastic surgery, regardless of their measurements before.

No. 431647

It's entirely the parents being irresponsible and not taking the time the understand the games/youtubers they allow their kids to be exposed to. The internet is extremely dangerous especially to an individual with considerable brain plasticity who is open to any sort of bad idea. Parents are slacking in this department routinely. It's not the 90s where the only risk is the kid seeing someone get punched. It's so fucking different and complicated now.

But you know, people feel it's their right to just spawn a child and not do the full homework.

No. 431650

100% agree, and more than just the parents, we haven't learned to adapt to children being so online as a society. We treat the internet like it's an adult space. You wouldn't wave your dick around in a public park, and yet people do it on social media with kids on their friends lists/followers/etc, or at least a click away, and then defend it by saying the parents need to step it up or something. Parents need to do more parenting wrt the internet, AND people in general need to act with some more grace in public (which includes online at this point).

The stakes are so much higher than they were for us in the 90's or even early 2000's. I've already seen a few genuinely internet damaged teens and learning they were 14/15 and already this fucked up instead of your garden variety creepy adult online was immensely more disturbing.

No. 431662

File: 1562599252390.jpg (71.98 KB, 320x480, 14_preview.jpg)

My point was that most pornstars are average. Alot of popular pornstars
dont have perfect innie vaginas or are short with huge tits. Theres alot of different categorizes from flat chested tiny teens to busty bbw milfs.
Pornstars aren't all perfect victorias secret models.(male)

No. 431665

Somehow porn turned into the race Olympics good job.

No. 431671

File: 1562600035628.png (173.86 KB, 591x294, capture-delusion-blog-08-15.pn…)

>most porn stars are average
Don't respond to it, guys.

No. 431673

Well its true, they are average women untill they get a bunch of surgery.
My point is that porn is inclusive of pretty much everybody type.

No. 431691

why would you gatekeep about being a coffee addict

No. 431698

This is a straight site, go away.

No. 431713

coffee addiction isn't real for a lot of people. most aren't physiologically addicted and the majority of people are just dehydrated in general. theyre just psychologically addicted in the majority of cases. coffee is so ridiculously weak, especially the way most people drink coffee

No. 431714

I agree with this. I personally can't stand coffee. It's just bitter tripe that makes me anxious and shaky.

No. 431716

I hear American coffee is really weak. What's the point in drinking it then?

No. 431738

american coffee isn't strong, no. i think it's just a thing to pass the time and like a hobby or something to them, just something to do during the workday. american coffee makes me feel no different so i drink mugfuls of italian/cuban espresso meant for demitasses and people claim its "so strong" and even it isn't strong, it's just bitter and unpalatable, that's the only "strong" thing about it. it kind of works to push me through the day but that's it, it's no stronger than that. people act like it's literally adderall tier. coffee just isn't the super potent energizer that people claim it is and so when people say "coffee addicts are pathetic" it's pretty laughable imo. it's like actually looking down on ppl that drink tea too often. there's no addiction or any need to suppress their alleged addictions bc their addiction isn't real 90% of the time. i think the whole coffee thing in all forms is basically placebo.

No. 431753

>creating a populace of mixed kids that we'll have to accept as valid.
Damn, Anon.

No. 431908

I'm just over the whole dudebro stoners that make up 50% of male comedians. I was watching one on youtube, I can't remember his name, he was some disgusting fat guy doing his skit shirtless… Bert Kreisner! That was his name. Anyway, the entire bit just came off as a long winded brag. His entire story was devoid of comedy, it was just about how criminals accepted him in their group for no reason, how he got away with committing crimes for no reason, how much alcohol he managed to put away, etc. It's literally no different than the sort of thing a drunk 19 year old at a party will retell at the top of his voice in order to impress women, and the same sort of story I heard a disgusting baby-boomer telling to a poor lady working at a coffee shop. It's like everyone in these stories, all their friends they hang out with, are the same sort of low functioning sociopath with zero impulse control.

Every guy into comedy goes on and on about how terrible and samey women comedians are, but will shovel down dudebro stoner braggart #3532 like he's so original and thought provoking. No, casually going on about how you messed up a threesome because you had to take a hit from a bong doesn't impress me.

No. 431910

Most male comedians ive seen just whine about their wives/girlfriends doing really stereotypically female things. Like getting mad at him for forgetting something really insignificant. It gets really old and isn't funny.

No. 431918

They're also the same guys who assume you're offended if you don't laugh at their jokes. As if they couldn't possibly NOT be funny. Everyone knows that guy in their friend group and the most obnoxious ones go on to be these lame comedians.

Idk his name but that redhead comedian who sexually harassed women creeps me out the most, I watched his netflix performance and as soon as he described his child daughter's butt as her "perfect little ass," I was done with the whole lot. Some men say pedo sexual shit in plain daylight and get away with it 100000% because tehe jokes

No. 431926

dear god, I feel sick just reading that. I hope that guy gets his kids taken away ASAP. Was it Louis CK? He's the only redhead comedian I can think of.

No. 431927

ntayrt but that sounds like it was Luis ck

No. 431931

File: 1562638623309.jpg (36.54 KB, 500x366, napoleon.jpg)

>he described his child daughter's butt as her "perfect little ass,"

Threads become pink-pill threads on their own.

No. 431983

You can justify your own racism however you like, but hypocrisy is still hypocrisy.



No. 431999

No dumbfuck, even as I when I was a curvy athletic build young woman under 65kg my titties and ass didnt have the same girth and size as it did at 75kg. I never had a E cup at 60kg because it shrunk to a D cup by then. You are a confused idiot

No. 432001

This is about stupid as fuck, I guess a native american who was getting colonized by europeans could be racist to europeans too lol

No. 432012

It's unavoidable.

No. 432016

>Um, ok those people are flagrantly racist to you, but you're the real hypocrite for throwing it back in their faces! If you ever defend yourself, you are actually just as bad as the aggressor! Yikes!!
Cringe, I'm glad I don't think this way and actually have a spine. Have a good one on that high horse, anon.

No. 432020

File: 1562666800552.jpg (31.42 KB, 700x500, 1558152158736.jpg)

Go Fund Me campaigns are scams imho. A friend of mine made one for a surgery she played up as "life threatening" and once her goal was met she didn't provide proof or any sort of information that the funds went to what they say they were advertised for. GFM doesn't require it to be provided so I seen a bunch of people we personally know donate and share her GFM because she might die!!!
Behind the scenes, it turns out the GFM funded a breast augmentation and lift… And that's it. Calling her out on it had her block me on social media, and a call that essentially was a veiled threat if I keep talking about it.

I wish GFM would keep a tighter check on these campaigns if not shut down altogether.

No. 432021

I'd honestly be cool with it if it was a result of love and understanding between groups, it just bothers me that it's happening mostly out of opportunism. They're trying to make money, solidify themselves in the continent and remedy the self-destructive consequences of curtailing their own female population all at once.
The thought that entire generations may be born for such selfish reasons is just messed up to me.

No. 432059

She should've said she were trans trying to get a top surgery. Not only is that covered by most major insurance, trans plastic surgery gets a boatload of support from people whereas cis women are just expected to eat the cost to fix their body dysmorphia.

No. 432208

File: 1562699607204.gif (66.44 KB, 1000x750, 8f25223bcdaabb8fc16907b13026bd…)

All Indian men sound like Apu.

No. 432229

Indian woman accent is nice.

No. 432238

Not really

No. 432263

I think it is

No. 432298

>same girth and size as it did at 75kg
Fat girl boobs. You must be very proud. Keep eating that pizza so you don't lose them.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 432306

File: 1562716532241.jpg (126.65 KB, 700x793, begpacker-13-5d1c6ade9c0b0__70…)

For context, I live in a major tourist destination

Everyone riffs on Chinese tourists with their eccentric behavior. But I've never been bothered by Chinese tourists, they're eccentric but wholesome. I don't mind them taking photos of everything, they're really enjoying themselves and I can appreciate that. American tourists are another group that have an unfair reputation, but I feel like this just came from 'woke' people during the bush era that confused American foreign policy with the american public. American tourists here are without fail super polite and respectful.

The worst tourists come from Germany or Scandinavia, most especially Germany though. They're always so banal and boring, and try to disguise their banality with a false, bohemian appearance. Yet they fly to my town on the opposite side of the world and sit inside the library on the computer for most of the day, so much for 'experiencing the world' kek. No other group will have the audacity to say how much things are better in their home country, only Western Europeans are that arrogant.

And when you see begpackers online, again, it's almost always germans. What the fuck is wrong with that country?

No. 432342

Knit and crochet is a fucking meme tier craft and easy as shit

No. 432347

File: 1562722237630.jpeg (15.07 KB, 540x293, getoveryourself.jpeg)

>No other group will have the audacity to say how much things are better in their home country, only Western Europeans are that arrogant.
Europeans do be like that sometimes, huh

No. 432363

You know, I'm glad the continent has a below replacement birthrate and they're all being quickly replaced. Hopefully in twenty years the next batch of 'German' tourists will have more manners kek.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 432369

one time I had to share seats on a train with a german tourist lady who smelled like fish. disgusting.

No. 432371

>The worst tourists come from Germany or Scandinavia
Lol as a Scandinavian I find this very believable. Sorry.

No. 432387

Hey it's not your fault. Tourists all tend to be at least a little obnoxious, even if they're not smug West Europeans.

No. 432392

>The worst tourists come from Germany or Scandinavia, most especially Germany though. They're always so banal and boring, and try to disguise their banality with a false, bohemian appearance.
People hate chinese tourists and throw them out and ban them left and right because they do things like let their kids shit on streets, bath in fountains, yell around in churches, yell at innocent staff, are greedy at buffets, don't dress and behave appropriately at sacred places, and so on, but germans being boring and supposedly not going sightseeing is somehow worse?

Yeah, all germans are stinky. (And nazis, amirite?) How old are you, 10?

>I'm glad they're all getting quickly replaced.
Wtf? Yikes. How do you think writing something like this is even remotely okay? Disgusting racist.

My best friend (a german girl!) got molested by chinese tourists, because they believe that a 15yo wearing a traditional dress gives them the right to take pictures without asking (which you find so wholesome) and posing by grabbing her chest. Same thing happened at a local brewery there female employees wore traditional dresses to greet chinese business partners.

What is wrong with you?

No. 432400

lmao you're the german sperg who had a fit about people criticizing the prostitution there, aren't you?

No. 432403

Well put anon

No. 432404

File: 1562737939579.png (1.02 MB, 1146x1124, 1562492616679.png)

You're going to love new 'german' tourists, they're no longer boring, they do fun little things like gangrape.

No. 432408

Chinese tourists aren’t that bad imo. As a waitress, they tend to be pretty good tippers. I’m sure some of them are obnoxious but aside from speaking kinda loudly, I don’t mind them.

There are a lot more obnoxious tourists to wait on imo.

No. 432410

Its not arrogance, Scandinavia is better than the rest of the world.

No. 432411

they're probably not from mainland…

No. 432413

Word, anon. Chinese tourists can be ridiculously disrespectful and even here (Finland) they've known to trespass on private properties, litter all over them and peek into peoples' houses while they're inside (sometimes even using cottages for housing if nobody's home!) and overall treating ~the pure northern landscape~ as their own playground and forcefully taking photos of blonde kids without their consent. No other tourist group does this shit.

Related to the discussion above I can't stand it when Finland is being confused as being a part of Scandinavia. It's part of the Northern Europe but definitely not Scandinavia which consists of Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The cultural, genetic, ethnic, lingual and even geographical differences are pretty vast. This peeves me because I 100% agree that Scandinavians are smug assholes and I'd rather die than be grouped in with them. Certain demographics here are desperate to be considered Scandinavian because of muh colonization based inferiority complex and they love to spread this idea around.

No. 432423

Would you consider Finns and Finnish culture to be more closely related to Slavs?

No. 432425

Depends on where you live. Eastern Finns are definitely more inspired by Slavic and Russian culture. The genetic and cultural divide between the western (born from germanic&scandinavian immigrants) and the eastern population (the original asian&uralic finns) in the country is noticeable and well known to anthropologists.

No. 432504

File: 1562765451196.jpg (111.37 KB, 660x897, VO0819_COVER_without_coverline…)

Maybe I am being naive but I think this blackfishing phenomenon is not so horrible.

Having black features (hair, lips, butt, etc) is getting so hyped up, to the point that celebs are making so much effort to get that look. We have had decades and decades of black women trying to look white and now the tables have turned. Little by little, "being black" is getting a cool and desirable status.

I think it is a bit silly when people get all reeee because what do you want bitch? be marginalized? your culture to continue to be considered trashy, shitty and not something to be admired? Idk.

Of course I think it is cringe when people do it but I think the fact that is happening symbolizes that black people are gaining enough power that their culture is getting mainstream.

No. 432511

I hate backpacker culture so much. Young people just wanting to travel for cheap? Nothing wrong with that. But then you have these kids who literally ID as "backpackers", who have rich parents and spend all their money on drugs and always travel only to EA, SEA and latin america. And when they run out of funds, they beg or sell postcards, taking taht money away from the actual poor people of that country. It's a new form of colonialism imho. I'm from Belgium and know so much of these fuckers, I hate all of them. All of them smell of weed and sweat and can only talk about what they did when they travelled but they didnt even do anything.

No. 432512

True but people only seem to like those features on white women. Like, people like white women pretending to be black women more than they like black women. As far as celebrities go at least.

No. 432514

I’m an SEAfag and I hate begpackers so fucking much. They’re EVERYWHERE and I fucking hate the fact that they’re expecting to get by and be treated nicely just because they’re whities and from the west

No. 432518

This. It's like if people shat on white women for having blond hair or blue eyes, but whenever a black or Asian woman bleached her hair or wore contacts (or had either of those traits naturally through some genetic thing), they'd be like "Yasss queeeeen".
The appreciation isn't extended to the people who are actually born with the traits, just the ones who go out of their way to pay $$$ to get. It's like some passive-aggressive tsundere shit.

No. 432519

As opposed to?

No. 432521

I hate this too. They can ask for daddy's and mommy's money anytime but like to pretend they're just some poor backpacker trying to get by.

No. 432523

why are you guys so shamelessly racist? like what possesses you to do it? i know it's not just the white girls anymore.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 432524

German people in general are superficially one of the rudest group of people that I’ve experienced. Sorry Krauts.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 432526

God, same. No social graces whatsoever. Total sperglords.

No. 432527

Indian women are pretty awful to be around as well, it isn't just the men.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 432528

Worst foreigners I've ever met were either Belgian, South Korean or Arab.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 432530

>arab germans
>having manners

No. 432544

File: 1562772734896.jpg (Spoiler Image, 19.25 KB, 480x317, 1552164491988.jpg)

Nsfw art of youtubers/real people is fucking creepy.The people who like it are always fucking autists.
When you get people thirsting over Projared and wanting porn drawn of him you know there's a fucking problem.

No. 432547

i find real person nsfw art and fiction too cringy to be hot. it's just really awkward. people need to stop shipping real humans unless they are already a couple, like i could understand doing it if mark and jack were actually dating. in many cases it just ruins real people's friendships.

No. 432551

I hate them because, forgive my tumblrism, but it takes a kind of male privilege to be able to backpack and hitchhike around several countries and not get raped & killed. Its something I literally cant do as a woman alone and I'm bitter that they dont realize not everyone can live their free hiplie lifestyle that comfortably to "find myself."

No. 432552

File: 1562774234655.jpg (98.62 KB, 712x760, 1542167521671.jpg)

Sometimes I think of Emily Youcis and feel sad.
Imagine living life traumatized from CSA, hypersexual, self-loathing and completely fucked up. The few things keeping you alive are animation, creativity and friends, but you end up getting taken advantage of, abandoned and scorned repeatedly. Your mental health gets worse. You end up latching onto white supremacy groups for a sense of belonging, go full handmaiden/tradthot and try to "repent" for your past behavior by shitting on your own gender, saying women all want to be raped and that they shouldn't have rights. You swallow all sorts of nonsensical, biased information because not only does it give you a false sense of empowerment, it puts you in a "team" and shows you an enemy to fight against.
The /pol/tard brainwashing gets so bad, you go too far with the bullshittery and get fired from your actual paying job. You blame "The Jews" for trying to destroy you not just in this instance, but all your life. After that, you just kind of wander around aimlessly in this same shitty community. You do end up traveling to South Korea for a brief while, but you're mostly still lonely, still keep in contact with the /pol/ cult, and the best thing you can think to publicly say about the country is that most of the people there are of the same race.
You don't animate or create anymore. You barely express yourself unless it's to act as a political sycophant, and even then, you can't say certain things or fully be yourself half the time, since you might get too blatant with the agenda and get whatever propagandist you're being featured with banned. The people you ally yourself with call you a dumb whore left and right (but that's probably nothing new).
Your one salvation ends up being a marriage to some guy who probably sees you as "used, damaged goods" and never truly lets you forget it.
Finally, you're relegated to the occasional post on Gab, where at best, you might like someone's repost of an animation you made years ago, and share some shitty scribble you made at 10 years old. No more creativity, not much personality, just fitting yourself into a shitty tradwife mold formed by delusion.
I just feel like she had a lot of talent and personality, despite all the pain and bad decisions. She essentially threw it all away for this retarded alt-right tradthot meme. If she ever has kids, I wonder what she'll do if her husband abuses them the same way her dad abused her as a kid. The shit she's said honestly makes me worry a bit that she'd turn a blind eye, or even be an enabler, because it's "the white man's right to impregnate his own daughter and continue our race" or some BS. Just a lost soul in every way.

No. 432553

NTA, I think speculating on the sex lives of real people is creepy regardless of whether the pairing is a real couple IRL or not.

While I agree that men tend to be blind to female problems, there are definitely women who identify as backpackers who act like they're unrape-able due to survivor's bias. They haven't specifically been murdered yet so the stats are wrong, and women are blowing things out of proportion. Pickmes, really.

No. 432555

i meant as in if they were an actual couple it would be okay for people to be like "jack and mark are so cute together!! septiplier moments!!" and stuff. i agree that it's creepy to become too obsessed with a real couple and try to dig up their sex life.

No. 432559

Is it 'racebait and don't get banned'-day…? Can I also just say "I hate [insert country]."?
People who hate on entire nationalities are dumb af.

No. 432690

All the minecraft memes are getting real fucking obnoxious. The only one i ever really liked was the corgi one.

No. 432698

I absolutely value education and I really don't want to sound like a bumfuck hick because I say this as a person who's lived with their nose in a book, but I think reading fiction is overrated. Being "bookish" is lauded as this amazing thing, but the more I know about any author, the more I don't care what comes out of their head. So many authors are cows in their own right, and reading lately has just felt like a waste of time. I didn't mind when Marie Kondo said that owning too many books is cluttery. I don't mind when someone says they haven't read ASOIAF or any other pop fantasy. I don't mind when someone doesn't have a bookshelf, especially if they have other hobbies. I feel weird having this opinion though.

No. 432732


No. 432746

There's something so performative and pretentious about a lot of readers. Logically, you'd think a cheap, portable, convenient kindle would be a dream come true for avid readers but so many of them are elitists who think actually holding and displaying books is more important. How convenient that physical books are better at advertising the fact that you read and what you're reading.

I honestly think it's a god tier way to spend time and better yourself in the process, but those sort of readers know that very well and want everyone to see they are doing it.

No. 432752

the original and the daft punk ver were better than minecraft ver imo

No. 432782

That nigga who drop the phone meme funny too w the minecraft shit in the back

No. 432786

It kills my actual soul that these fugly backpacking dude bros are bedding girls left and right in my SEA hellhole purely by virtue of being a foreigner. No matter what twitter says, asians absolutely fetishize whiteness as much as they fetishize us lol everyone is trying to have hapa babies for clout. Clown world…

No. 432815

Ow that hurts. Who do you think you are fooling with that response

No. 432835

People should really start treating reading fiction like the hobby it actually is. idg why some people think they're intellectuals when outside of that hobby they're average at best, I think school gave them this weird idea.

No. 432838

The Blair Witch Project was just a gimmicky piece of shit. I know that a lot of people find it boring and disappointing too, but overall there is still the same narrative being pushed that it's like one the scariest movies of all time. Everything people say to explain why is just absolute horseshit. It's not a subtle, slow build for the audience to fill in the blanks, because it gives the imagination nothing to work with in the first place. Yeah, they could be stalked by the witch, it could also be a fucking deer outside their tent. They're 3 kids lost in the woods, we're expected to think something supernatural is going on but the story would work just as well if they're hallucinating out of their minds.

To be fair, I'm not even a horror fan at all. I found it interesting when I was a kid even if I've never felt scared by a movie, but the older I get the more I realize the genre is comprised of 90% shit. 5% being at least entertaining shit while the rest is decent to good films. I think A Quiet Place is one of the only horror movies I've seen that is both entertaining AND well made.

No. 432841

I tried really hard to "believe" and be scared when it was first out, and it really is not frightening at all. I say this as an easily scared wimp.

No. 432845

I'm into the worst of creepy/horror films and Blair Witch was nearly unwatchable because the lead woman was the most annoying piece of garbage I have ever seen in a movie. Like, she is beyond the common horror trope of frustrating victim. She's unbearable and I wanted her to die or shut up.

But hey the big reason why that movie is revered is because it was one of the first mainstream "found footage" movies, not because its amazing. A lot of people who recommend it are those who dont really watch found footage movies, so its just unique to them. There are a lot of better and worse ones.

No. 432853

I mean are you talking about stupid YA novels or actual good books in general? I mostly read theory but come on, you can't pretend that of all the huge ammount of fiction that was written, its all a waste of time to read it? Dostoievski incuded? Céline ? Proust ?

No. 432864

>Underage zoomer detected
The Blair Witch Project wasn't revered for being a masterpiece of cinema, it was for the phenomenon it created when it came out which was completely unique and impressive back then.

No. 432865

That movie was shit and it was so anticlimactic like, at the end I was just like is this fucking it?
Kinda related but I'm tired of men deciding what movie is brilliant, iconic, etc. Almost all the "cult films" or high rated movies are just man-movies that all include themes of violence, sexist + racist language, helpless women and they're all male Mary Sue protagonists who couldn't be further away from reality.

No. 432867

Many horror fans will still disagree with that and call it an actually great and frightening film, which it is neither because nothing even remotely supernatural occurs throughout the entire the duration of the movie unless you think a pile of sticks is scary.

>The Blair Witch Project wasn't revered for being a masterpiece of cinema, it was for the phenomenon it created when it came out which was completely unique and impressive back then.

That's basically admitting to the fact that the film was purely a gimmick, but okay.

No. 432877

This , this, this, so much

No. 432887

belle delphine doesn't owe the incels on patreon anything. she doesn't have to do porn or post nudes just because some men are willing to pay money.

No. 432912

Maybe not unpopular here but forcing characters into gay ships, being trans,etc.. is annoying. Sure shipping shit has been around forever but I feel people are a lot more aggressive about it now. Especially gay ships.
I know it's inevitable but even when characters have the slightest interactions people flood comments with how gay they are or how they're LGBT heroes.
Sometimes I feel people just do it to justify their horny content but who knows. Just gets exhausting real fast.

No. 432951

I think gold jewelry/accessories only look good on dark-skinned people.

No. 432953

I don't think that's an unpopular opinion at all. Most pale people have cool undertones and therefore need silver, while for dark people it's mostly the opposite.

No. 432957

It's kinda inspired by me going shopping today.
I live in a country where I see maybe 3-4 black people in a year and that's in one of the largest cities. Today I went shopping to the mall and most jewelry all around was gold. I honestly struggled finding anything silver at all.
All the people over 30 are fucking covered in gold rings and chains too. It's a trashy tradition around here, to show that you "can afford it", but there's plenty of pretty expensive not-gold metals. There's rose gold too and it looks much better than yellow gold.

Also for some reason most bags in cheapo shops I frequent have gold hardware too which annoys me to no end since I can't find a good bag with silver hardware and I've been looking for a couple of years now. I know I can buy online, but I like to see things for myself and try them out.

No. 432984

I think pale people look better in darker metals, like antique golds and silvers. The light metals just get kinda lost in their paleness imo, but I'm a fan of contrast. I prefer seeing silver on darker skin, for instance.

I feel you on how hard it is to find silver hardware on bags! I'm really picky about bag styles too…

No. 432993

YouTubers who do literally nothing but sit in front of a camera and state their opinions are pretty boring.
Add some spice. Screencaps. Clips of other things. Maybe do something theatrical, like a little sketch with some non-lazy humor and/or interesting points on whatever you're talking about. Make things at least somewhat fun or interesting.
This is my main issue with YTers that end up clogging my recommendations like Ready To Glare or Strange Aeons. Even Hontra makes polished, interesting content. They could stand to follow his example at least a bit.

No. 433278

I think LDRs where you met online are worth it in the long run if one of the parts involved is able to move in closer/together after meeting a few times and making sure you hit it off. My best partners I met online and talked for months before we met IRL. It allows a much wider variety of people to meet and choose from than just settling for some local because it's what near you. I live in a shitty town and the men here are even shittier.
If you think you're "missing out" because you have to wait some time then it's not for you. Back then I met a great guy and the wait was 100% worth it at the time.

No. 433305

Women's football isn't that engaging or fun to watch

No. 433307

not an unpopular opinion m8

No. 433309

This, but with all football, and sports in general. Congrats to those who train hard and do well, but shit's not interesting.

No. 433312

Male sport is pointless to watch too.

No. 433313

Most sports are fun to play but boring to watch.

No. 433316

Agreed, if the couple is mature and has money and solid plans for their career and future. I moved overseas to be with my now husband and it would've never worked if we both hadn't been post-grads with good savings.

No. 433322

Yeah. People are too quick to shit on this kind of relationship and I agree that when you're 18 and unemployed it's pretty much impossible unless you're willing to wait a few years to make things happen. But between two adults who are willing to move and have money? Sounds good to me.

No. 433337

File: 1562948206520.jpg (461.34 KB, 994x544, pixielocksbodymods.jpg)

Pic related; most people who get nerd and fandom-related body modifications are going to regret it extremely.

No. 433340

Why? I'm curious, or do you generally think that about body mods?

No. 433343

Nayrt, but I have plenty of tattoos and wanted to get a tattoo of my favourite musical artist at the time. Before I got it, he was outed as a serial rapist.
Creators can be assholes and forever carrying that shit on yourself is kinda not pleasant. Look at the way people are currently turning on Harry Potter. And how many people have HP tattoos?
The fandoms can become extremely toxic too and associating with that shit and advertising your association can also be really unpleasant.
Also interests change. With a pretty picture not related to anything particular you can still enjoy the art and the artist, but with a fandom tattoo it's forever tied to the thing you might not like anymore.

No. 433345

What I liked ten years ago I still like today, but nowhere near still as much. Maturities change. This anon >>433343 also brings up a good point about how values can change in the blink of an eye.

No. 433347

I honestly haven't considerate the first two points, thanks!

No. 433370

File: 1562954536079.png (397.23 KB, 1036x1176, South_Asia_Ethncity.png)

define Indian

No. 433377

My retarded ass got tatted the first week of turning 18 references of some cringy YA novels. The author turns out to be a cow as well lol

No. 433385

There's always coverups/laser, anon! Esp if it's just text. Sure, you wasted money, but that's experience.

No. 433398

I tattooed the name of a song by Alice in Chains when I was 15 and I don't regret the tattoo itself but having to explain it because it "looks depressing". It's on my forearm though so a lot of people aren't even aware I have it. lmao

No. 433425

I have the same opinion. The only sports I enjoy watching on TV are the really cool looking ones like ice skating or gymnastics.

No. 433431

Also got a tattoo shortly after turning 18. It's on my lower back, so I can keep it covered the vast majority of the time and usually forget it's even there. It's a shitty "chibi" style owl I drew myself with a bleeding heart and it looks fucking terrible. :^) I don't even have any other tattoos that could hide it in plain sight and if I got a coverup, it would have to be huge. Can we raise the legal age for getting a tattoo to like… 25 or something? Ha

No. 433678

The double standards when it comes to beauty standards and trends on white girls vs poc girls are insane.
Check out this woman's channel, she goes from pasty to extremely dark within days - and not just koreans but also viewers from other countries praise her for it.
What white instagramers or Ariana Grande do is by far not as extreme, yet they're frequently labeled racist.
Asian is the new caucasian in terms of privilege. Anime and kpop taking over the world made people blind to anything faulty that comes from asian countries or culture. It allows them to get away with nearly everything, people will always shield them or find excuses for them.

No. 433679

Some Asians can be that dark naturally tho lol

No. 433680

>Extremely dark
Are we watching the same video? She used makeup that applied to her natural skin color to give it a tanned look.
She really wasn't pasty. Do you know how makeup works?
OK but seriously I didn't get the baby hairs style thing, it didn't really fit her face. Other than that I think a lot of Asian beauty products focus too much on lightening the skin, that's why it looks too extreme compared to her doing that tanned look. Like in the first look when she does the base it's literally like 3 shades lighter.

No. 433681

So can white people, specifically Italians/white Mediterraneans, I even knew a French/Italian girl who could pass for mulatto naturally

No. 433684

Yes, some asians are pale and some are dark, but she's somehow allowed to embody both in one person.

>Are we watching the same video? She used makeup that applied to her natural skin color to give it a tanned look.
>Do you know how makeup works?
Do you have eyes? Are you her fan? Can't you see how off this looks? Just compare her hands and her face, this is brownfacing.

No. 433685

those dark italians are literally mixed. "pure" north italians are pale as fuck.

No. 433686

>They aren't Italian they're just Italian
>Missing the part where I said french as well
There's also dark skinned sweds too and greeks/Mediterraneans in general, are you telling me all dark skinned Mediterraneans and Europeans are actually mixed race and not white?

You're acknowledging white people can be naturally dark but also play mental gymnastics, why does it blow your mind every race has a variety of skin colors and features?

No. 433687

Italians from what planet? They can get a tan and ruin their skin in the process but that's it, unless you're talking about mixed Italians like >>433685 said.

No. 433689

it's because most of the people who talk about brownface and blackface don't really know or care what asians are doing in their home countries. the ones that do pay attention are weaboos or kboos who worship whatever they do, so you can't expect them to complain.
i've seen arab MUAs do this sort of thing, too. nothing really happens because arabs are literally irrelevant except when we're talking about dubai porta-potties or terrorism, so no one knows or cares. it doesn't mean they're privileged.
the UK and USA basically made white people as a whole globally known by force of politics, war, history and aggressive self-promotion, so of course they'll face more scrutiny.
don't worry, anon. you too can claim minority status and call them privileged. it's just too early right now. you'll have to wait for the next episode of colonialism and warmongering: asian edition.

No. 433690

File: 1563015775595.jpg (68.86 KB, 313x235, 20190713_060034.jpg)

But I wonder which countries are on the Mediterranean sea…? There's definitely some mixing that's been happening for quite a while.

No. 433691

>admits that specific dark-skinned meds are mixed, not pure white
>thinks someone who's part white/part non-white counts as an example of white people in general having dark skin, not just a mixed person who's brown-toned
>dark skinned swedes
now this is just a lie, unless by "dark" you mean "spicy mustard" or "damp beige napkin" colored.
we're talking about dark dark here, anon. white people are pale, and they come in different shades of pale. there's nothing wrong with that, the same way everyone with blue eyes comes from the same white ancestor, making them either mixed or just white, or they have waardenburg's syndrome. just accept it and live.

No. 433692

Where exactly did I "admit" dark skinned Mediterraneans arent white and where is your proof all dark skinned Mediterraneans are just mixed? I know Mediterraneans who both their parents are pure Mediterraneans and have dark skin

No. 433693

Why does it matter which nationality can or can't be dark, fact is, this youtuber is not dark naturally, she has the skin tone of an average non-bleached korean, but get's away with transforming herself into somebody who looks blasian, which is not okay.

No. 433694

>where exactly did i admit
>>They aren't Italian they're just Italian
right there. as for proof, see what >>433690 or just read a history book.
the point is, white people don't naturally get as dark as the "after" look in >>433678. mixed people sure can, but that's it. be happy with what god gave you.

No. 433698

>Making a joke about how Italians are Italian is somehow saying dark italians aren't white
Okay then

>see what >>433690 or just read a history book.

But y'all get asshurt if Mediterraneans say they aren't white and claim they're trying to be special snowflakes, but when Mediterraneans say they are white but have dark skin you get hurt too, pick one

>white people don't naturally get as dark

Whatever you say anon, no white person on the face of the planet has dark skin naturally
Becareful not to hang around people who play sports or work outdoor jobs either anon you might get offended at all the dark skinned fully white people being unhappy apparently

No. 433700

lol who is "y'all"? when did i get asshurt about meds saying they're not white? i don't care about any of that. you sound slightly delusional.
all in all, the main point still stands. white people's "dark" is angry sunburn red, fake-tan oompa loompa orange, or lightly toasted keebler, not dark as in actually brown like >>433684 and every other race is actually prone to. one day, you'll make peace with this and your skin.

No. 433701

Personally, I don't consider southern Italians, Greeks, or Turks to be "white" the way that Brits (for example) are, but they obviously don't face any scrutiny for their ethnicities.

No. 433703

Okay, you mean to tell me, if a dark skinned Mediterranean claims they aren't white, they won't face any backlash over it?

Also and what is it with you and trying to claim I'm not happy with my skin, you don't know me, or my race, or my relationship with my skin

You may not, but say if you're filling out a survey and they ask what race are you, most of them list Mediterranean as white or Caucasian

No. 433704

IMO they're pretty much white on a social level nowadays, but when we're discussing genetics and phenotype like in this thread, it's kind of a different story.
in the US, sicilians literally weren't even documented as white in the census at first. for a while, they were categorized as "black" because fully white people just don't get as dark as they do. i don't know why anon is trying to argue about survey forms when even history disagrees with them.

No. 433705

if they're as dark as you're insisting, chances are they'll get away with it, or at least with proclaiming themselves mixed. in the latter case, that's literally what they are, too. not sure what your porblem is.
>Also and what is it with you and trying to claim I'm not happy with my skin, you don't know me, or my race, or my relationship with my skin
i'm saying it because why else would you be trying so hard to make us believe white people can totally have dark brown skin? like…what's wrong with pale skin? it just looks like you have some sort of complex.

No. 433706


No. 433708

I agree with you but why is it only autists who care about asian culture? Its not really like that for those who consume black american culture

No. 433709

Are we taking globally or just in America? Because whilst they count as white now in America historically they didn't. Historically the Irish also weren't white so, whatever.
I don't even care about this argument though, I agree that the Korean YouTuber is blackfishing but instead of calling for her death I just think it's a bit embarrassing to see as a westerner but doubt that people in her country feel the same way.

No. 433712

It's always pathetic when men complain about girls on IG being influencers, but have nothing to say about males who get paid to scream while playing video games or make shitty commentary videos all day.

No. 433721

File: 1563020784338.jpg (11.76 KB, 236x331, a41fdfd63bd5b65dc53b2e945c1f4a…)

>i'm saying it because why else would you be trying so hard to make us believe white people can totally have dark brown skin? like…what's wrong with pale skin? it just looks like you have some sort of complex.

ok anon, you got me, the only reason why I would ever point out some white people can have naturally dark skin from what I've seen is because I'm nothing but a big insecure bitch who's painting myself somehow even though you've never seen me

but whatever you're trying to get out of claiming whites can't have naturally dark skin and anyone who says otherwise must be insecure I guess

No. 433725

yup, that's how it's looking. glad we had this talk, hope everything's cleared up.

No. 433728

At this stage, I genuinely wish all Trump supporters would just die. Society would greatly benefit from it.

No. 433733

>>what's wrong with pale skin? it just looks like you have some sort of complex

that projection

White people can be dark skinned, its not news.
Its just that you retarded americans think so coloured, that
Dark skin = POC

No. 433735

well, for one, i'm not american. assuming i am seems like a case of actual projection on your end, lmao.
and sorry, but you can not deny reality. we've been over this. meds are mixed race, and 100% white "dark" is not and never has been comparable to everyone else "dark".

No. 433739

You are denying reality and projecting, i am literally a paper white scandinavian goth, i have no desire for dark skin and i wear sunscreen every day of my life.
I'm simply pointing out the fact that white People can be super dark because skin regardless of race starts rapidly producing melanin to protect itself, which makes it darker. Basic skin science.
And no meds are not mixed, only americans see it this way, because again, dark = poc.
And why does it matter that white people cant be pitch black? I dont think anyone was claiming this.

No. 433742

""Pure"" North Italians are mixed with Germans, kek. Center and most of the South is where "pure" Italians are.

No. 433744

tl;dr, not even going to bother for such a simple issue that you've clearly taken personal for strange reasons.
life is life. take it up with genetics, anon, or at least stop trying to force everyone to pretend with you lol

No. 433747

Because you implied that people pointing out that dark caucasians exist makes them want to be black, which i clearly dont since im goth i obviously dont desire black skin, i desire the complete opposite actually, so yes you are projecting and attacking people for pointing out basic skin science.
Btw, not all white people look like Hitlers wet dream, just thought you should know.
I'm just >>433733 >>433739 , so there are several anons disagreeing with you.

No. 433749

nope, that's just what you read into it in your weird, possibly insecure mindspace.
if you're goth, why do you care? why are you so pressed to convince people about hypothetically having dark skin?
you're the only one attacking people and projecting for pointing out basic skin science.
the other anon dipped out and didn't bother responding to everyone who proved her wrong (see >>433690 >>433687 >>433693 >>433701, none of which are me), so now it's basically just you sperging out over like…nothing, gg.
again, read a history book, learn about melanin levels in skin and how race plays into it on average, and stop screeching at random people.

No. 433752

File: 1563026900665.gif (18.45 KB, 527x286, map_of_skin_color_distribution…)

honestly, this was all it took to settle things for everybody and end this discussion
>inb4 "no! i swear my grandma's fifth cousin's cat who was 100% totally pure caucasian was the exact same skin color as a mexican!"

No. 433753

You just seemed delusional accusing everyone of being unhappy with their "genetics" for pointing out that some white people have dark skin, mostly from the sun, why that is so rage inducing to you and makes people want to be black i dont know but i enjoy that kind of drama, since im on Lolcow for that kind of content.

Exactly, warmer places = darker people. Even the darkest black people get tanner from the sun.

No. 433754

>I'm goth
Are you retarded no one cares kek

No. 433755

Kinda relevant when that anon was saying that i wanted to be black lol

No. 433756

it seems like you're the only in a rage from all this, tbh. all anyone has done is point out the truth, and you and the other anon got super triggered by it and ignored all rationality, history and science.
only you've been thinking about wanting to be black or even mentioned black people, too. you honestly seem obsessed.
good on you for not yelling about >>433752 and claiming it's a fake image created by a cabal of crypto-americans who think you totally want to be black, at least lmao

No. 433757

wat. where did i say that? please quote me, anon, this should be hilarious.

No. 433759


Some were not directed at me but i assume its the same angry black anon

>> take it up with genetics, anon

>>like…what's wrong with pale skin? it just looks like you have some sort of complex.

>>one day, you'll make peace with this and your skin.

No. 433761

uh…who said i was black? what does anything in those posts even have to do with being black, or black people in general?
two of them literally say to accept pale skin, but for some reason that's made you flip out. are you okay, mentally? the apparent projection seems to be getting thicker and thicker here, i'm not sure what's going on with you

No. 433762

No you're literally retarded goth isn't a skin color

No. 433763

Dont you know in retard land everyone who isnt white is black lol

No. 433764

Their implying i have an issue with being a white ghost because i pointed out reality.
Google goth anon, you cant be serious. lol.

No. 433765

Thats literally what you are claiming yourself though…

No. 433766

but what you said isn't reality, as exemplified by the chart in >>433752. even then, what's all this about being black? do you just automatically assume anyone who might not be white on the internet is black? because to date, i've only seen americans think that way, lmao

No. 433767

im not that anon dumbass quit assuming like you are assuming people are black american

No. 433768

NTA, but no one has claimed that but you. are you legitimately autistic?

No. 433769

Anyone calling themselves goth in 2019 is

No. 433770

"I'm Italian and Greek"
"So white"
"No, mixed"
"Mixed two completely different races"
"No some crazy SJW on lolcow told me I was mixed race, I'm Greek mixed with greek and anyone who says otherwise is insecure"

No. 433771

you really are autistic, holy shit. imagine being this enraged.

No. 433775

I don't think you know what that word means anon
Learn it, use it correctly, or at least explain instead of overexaggerating others reactions as your only defense

No. 433778

>"White people are typically paler on average"
>"WTF no they're not, look at this Mediterranean person with Moor ancestry!!"
>"Moors aren't white, meaning this person is mixed"
>"So are you saying Italians and Greeks aren't Italian or Greek?! Fucking SJW you must be american and also black btw I LOVE being a white goth how dare you"

No. 433784

>>"White people are typically paler on average"
If you said that nobody would care, however that's not what you said, an anon pointed out some white people can have naturally dark skin and you flipped your shit
>"WTF no they're not, look at this Mediterranean person with Moor ancestry!!"
Literally not a single soul disagreed white people aren't paler on average what are you on about
>"Moors aren't white, meaning this person is mixed"
Mixed usually refers to if the person is two completely different races, black and white, Latino and black, Asian and black, etc. I'm Mediterranean and I've never in my life heard anyone refer to me as a mixed race, Mediterraneans are technically Caucasians therefore white, prove me wrong
>So are you saying Italians and Greeks aren't Italian or Greek?! Fucking SJW you must be american and also black btw I LOVE being a white goth how dare you"
I'm not the same anon who said they're goth, I'm not the anon who claimed you're American or black either, multiple people can disagree with you especially when you start claiming insane things like Mediterraneans aren't white but mixed race and claim anyone who says otherwise is insecure, just to backpedal and claim the only thing you've said is whites are paler on average

No. 433786

That's the most autistic argument I've ever seen in my life.

No. 433788

Then stay out of it or actually explain and use facts instead of screaming "autism" at everyone who disagrees with insane statements

No. 433791

Some anons are literally retarded they think nationality and race are the same thing I'm fucking cackling

No. 433793

Are you that same self hating Greek who chimped out and posted the anti maghrebian memes once someone said Meds are more attractive than North Europeans lol

No. 433794

nobody said mediterraneans aren't white, holy shit. just that the ones pointed out as "dark" (dark meaning the same color as >>433678 >>433684) are typically mixed, which they are. you seriously must lack reading comprehension to not understand this.
>Literally not a single soul disagreed white people aren't paler on average what are you on about
read the thread to see the tantrum thrown over anybody insinuating that dark brown is not a color that white people naturally turn.
also, "biracial" is what actually means two races, not "mixed". "mixed" just means having ancestry from more than one racial group. do you seriously think people classified as "moor" are white?
i'd like to believe you're a brand new anon and that "i'm goth and you're all BLACK"-anon isn't insane enough to samefag repeatedly, but the fact that you're still jumping at uninvolved people, misrepresenting the information shown and making claims that just aren't true makes me doubt it. then again, it is summer.

No. 433795

NTA, but they are staying out of it. why are you sperging out at everybody?

No. 433798

Tf happenin in this thread? It's like a chatroom

No. 433799

why did you just link to a post about blue lagoon?

No. 433803

making comments and baiting arguers isn't "staying out of it"
>nobody said mediterraneans aren't white
>sorry, but you can not deny reality. we've been over this. meds are mixed race, and 100% white "dark" is not and never has been comparable to everyone else "dark".
>meds are mixed race
you don't know what you're talking about and either are backpedaling or not paying attention therefore anything you've said is invalid
>read the thread to see the tantrum thrown over anybody insinuating that dark brown is not a color that white people naturally turn.
okay, I've read the thread, all that happened was an anon said she knows whites who are naturally >>433684 color, which isn't dark brown, and also believable that whites can have a similar shade
this is where an anon said Italians and Mediterraneans can be dark and where all shit went down
>"biracial" is what actually means two races, not "mixed". "mixed" just means having ancestry from more than one racial group.
that would mean literally all Americans are mixed, mixed is typically used as biracial or terms similar to it, as in most recent parents or grandparents being of different races, not way the fuck down the line
>do you seriously think people classified as "moor" are white?
I'd like if you not put words in my mouth, I haven't said anything about moor people, clearly moors aren't considered white but middle eastern, since European Mediterraneans are considered white by not only themselves but almost everyone except for you, if someone is 80% Italian and 3% moor it would silly to consider them mixed race and get this insanely butthurt over people saying they're white
>i'd like to believe you're a brand new anon and that "i'm goth and you're all BLACK"-anon isn't insane enough to same-fag repeatedly, but the fact that you're still jumping at uninvolved people
I "jumped" and an "uninvolved" person because it's just silly to me to stand by voluntarily and make open comments about an argument you claim to not want to have anything to do with, if I saw people arguing I wouldn't get up and start making comments about everyone being autistic , I would just back out
>misrepresenting the information shown and making claims that just aren't true makes me doubt it. then again, it is summer.
unlike you, I've given quotes, I didn't put words in people mouth, I even showed you word by word where information was misrepresented (claiming meds are mixed just to backpedal and say it didn't happen, even quoted where each thing was said, unlike you who are just making claims and not sticking by them or proving them)
I'm not greek, don't know why you anons think any anon with even slightly the same attribute as another must be all the same

No. 433809

>what is context
"meds" as in the dark italians mentioned in >>433685. you really must be the anon who freaked out over n. european women before to be this crazy.
>that would mean literally all Americans are mixed,
yes. the retarded 56% meme exists for a reason. americans are a multiracial group of people.
>if someone is 80% Italian and 3% moor it would silly to consider them mixed race and get this insanely butthurt over people saying they're white
who's butthurt besides you? they get the dark skin from the "3%", meaning it's asinine to argue that dark skin is a white trait. that's literally all anyone has stated.
>I "jumped" and an "uninvolved" person because it's just silly to me to stand by voluntarily and make open comments about an argument you claim to not want to have anything to do with, if I saw people arguing I wouldn't get up and start making comments about everyone being autistic , I would just back out
you're definitely a summer poster. anons always see arguments and say "wtf is happening? this is autistic". that is board culture lmao
>unlike you, I've given quotes, I didn't put words in people mouth, I even showed you word by word where information was misrepresented (claiming meds are mixed just to backpedal and say it didn't happen, even quoted where each thing was said, unlike you who are just making claims and not sticking by them or proving them)
"quotes" from quora? while ignoring the skin color map, the world map itself, and insisting everyone who disagrees with you must be american, the same person and also black? you're insane lmao

No. 433812

>making comments and baiting arguers isn't "staying out of it"
how were they "baiting arguers"? all they said was that the argument is stupid, ffs.

No. 433818

>"meds" as in the dark italians mentioned in >>433685
another anon pointed out pale italians are usually mixed with german and pure italians are in central italy
>you really must be the anon who freaked out over n. european women before to be this crazy.
I prefer you not gas light and accuse me of being whatever the fuck anon you're talking about now, calm down, no one is out to get you
>yes. the retarded 56% meme exists for a reason. americans are a multiracial group of people
damned if you do damned if you don't I see
if we claim we're the race that most of our % takes up, it's memed, mocked "wahh you're moor thats why your skin is dark right"
if we claim we're the races our %s are mixed of it's memed too, literally what do you want
>who's butthurt besides you? they get the dark skin from the "3%"
>claiming something is silly is being butthurt
again, learn the word, use it correctly
you can acknowledge the dark skin is from the 3% but don't be butthurt when people point out white people can have dark skin because of that, and you or whoever was butthurt considered they started sperging, name calling, claiming anyone who disagrees must be insecure, accusing all anons who disagreed of same fagging, etc
>meaning it's asinine to argue that dark skin is a white trait. that's literally all anyone has stated.
no one claimed it was a white trait, people claimed it was a trait white people can have which started a shit storm
so we agree white people can have dark skin, correct? great, argument over, go see a shrink please for the sake of everyone around you
>you're definitely a summer poster. anons always see arguments and say "wtf is happening? this is autistic". that is board culture lmao
my point still stands, if you dont want to be involved just fuck off
also is summer poster supposed to be an insult? I'd personally be insulted if I came here enough and had no life
>"quotes" from quora? while ignoring the skin color map
quora explains more in detail, as well as several wikis that agree that link and a plethora of even more sources
assuming you know how to use wikipedia that is
>while ignoring the skin color map, the world map itself
I didn't ignore it, the map graphed the average color of the observation group, the map didn't prove nor disprove either of our arguments unless you can somehow get more details into the study groups and look into all of the colors of the Mediterraneans that gave the average color, chances are a lot of the Mediterraneans grouped in the study were also dark because guess what all races have a variety of skin colors
>insisting everyone who disagrees with you must be american
again that wasn't me
>the same person and also black? you're insane lmao
that wasn't me either, I'd say you sound insane yourself using quotes you've actually said but I'd rather not go into a game of "noyou"
>how were they "baiting arguers"? all they said was that the argument is stupid, ffs.
going out your way to make your opinion known on an argument is baiting arguers, no one, at least intelligent people at least, don't but into an argument and start calling everyone autistic an expect no reaction from anyone

No. 433820

File: 1563033454245.jpg (26.97 KB, 359x347, 1561503082969.jpg)

>gas light
>on lolcow
that's it, you're beyond discussing anything logically with, i'm out.
feel free to continue being offended and making wild, crazy extrapolations all to avoid that you were wrong about something on an anonymous site.
summer can't end soon enough, i miss anons not being retarded and/or samefagging while accusing others of doing the same

No. 433828

File: 1563034481643.jpg (461.3 KB, 3000x3000, IMG_0823.jpg)

>cries about someone else being offended
>gives up, refuses to acknowledge proven facts, common grounds, or anything else I said because I said you gaslighted after claiming I was insane, autistic, crazy, etc instead of using actual arguments
>crazy extrapolations all to avoid that you were wrong about something on an anonymous site.
interesting, I was the one who proved you wrong, linked you quotes where you yourself contradicted and backpedaled, which you would have read if you didn't flip out because I said you gaslighted after you gaslighted
I'd happy to have a debate with you if you want to be mentally stable, pay attention, not contradict, gaslight or project, but you clearly aren't capable of doing that
>samefagging while accusing others of doing the same
you claimed I was another anon which I had to repeat on several occasions that I wasn't

it's clear you're not paying attention and only reading what you want, therefore there's no point in arguing with you no matter how many legit sources I link, no matter if I put the evidence in front of your face of you doing wrong, hopefully you can open your mind and find peace with yourself one day instead of being this obsessed with an imageboard and any anon that disagrees with you and points out your faults

No. 433830

File: 1563034581111.gif (825.48 KB, 498x278, stfu.gif)

Enough(t. main instigator)

No. 434002

As an SU fan even I think the art style is ugly.

No. 434121

Weebs are just as much degenerates as furries and bronies.

This might not even be an unpopular opinion on this website but my ex bf was a MAJOR weeb but was highly judgmental of curries.

No. 434137

i think a few of the characters look good, especially in recent seasons, but otherwise yea the others are drawn in a pretty ugly style

No. 434152

The pilot looked really nice. I don't know what happened between that and syndication, but clearly someone fucked up.

I pretty much only watched the show for Lapis. Idc about any of the other characters.

No. 434235

pearl in the more recent seasons, garnet, lapis, blue diamond, pink diamond and white diamond look ok

the others are really fugly

No. 434735

File: 1563187296262.jpg (55.77 KB, 360x450, oscar-wilde-medium.jpg)

I dislike Oscar Wilde and judging by his writing he seems like an ass. I'd be lying if I said I had read most of his works but I read Dorian Gray and I hated that book so much. I'm afraid to say this anywhere because people seem to love him so much.

No. 434738

File: 1563187620699.jpg (203.79 KB, 1000x1385, oscarwilde.jpg)

Ha! I tried to watch the movie about his life with Stephen Fry but I couldn't stand his pompeous face. Jude Law deserved a better movie bf.

No. 434747

You're not alone. I don't like him or his books. It's just that shitty books by shitty male authors are forced on us the second we start going to school and now many young people, especially girls, feel like they're stupid if they don't like these classics because everyone praises them.

Fuck Shakespeare too, while we're at it. Give young people something fresh, relatable and relevant to read ffs.

No. 434769

I hate Stephen Fry.

No. 434770

I know this was probably a typo but for a second I thought you meant your bf was racist towards Indians.

No. 434773

Lol no, I meant furries. Autocorrect.

No. 434779

No. 434787

Oh man I forgot how tasty Jude Law used to be….

No. 434789

Me too. Typical arrogant smug atheist type who thinks he's way smarter than he really is.

No. 435207

bi people DO get the privilege of appearing straight in a m/f relationship. when i was with a guy, no one would look twice at me when we were holding hands in public

im constantly stared down when im with my fiancée. They make faces at us. Weve had our car egged. my gf has been sexually harassed. We havent experienced violence, but its a constant fear in our backwards town.

like ik bi people do experience some aggression about their sexuality, but i dont think theyll be judged at a glance the way people in same sex relationships. And i get the frustration of being labelled as gay or straight depending on who youre with but like???? thats exactly what you settle into when homophobes see you in public unless you were wearing a bi flag or something

No. 435208

I don't think any logical bi person would argue with that, is that really an unpopular opinion?

Being too straight for the lgbt+ community or not being taken seriously is annoying as hell, but it's a small price for the privilege of being able to pass as straight in dangerous situations

No. 435247

agree 100%. really you can't complain about any of the "classic" authors without people breaking down into a puddle of piss and crying that you're too stupid to understand it. so much of it sucks. just drop the charade, people!

No. 435264


Nobody with a brain is going so say there isn’t privileges.

I will point out a counter argument that just cause you’re in a straight relationship doesn’t mean you won’t get harassed/violently attacked. I’m a black bi female. There isn’t a of black people my community growing up so I dated outside my race majority of the time. I definitely didn’t feel safe when one of my ex’s (he was a white male) aunt and her friends chased me down and attacked me on my walk home. This was all because she didn’t want him to fall in love with me and have half black children in the family.

No. 435319

But that has absolutely nothing to do with you being bi?

I’m also bi and the only problem we truly have is that both the straight and LGB community find us disgusting or will outright erase our sexuality by insisting that we only want cock (both bi men and women, after all cock is clearly superior and no one in their right mind would prefer vagina /s)
Also lesbians seem to have a ferocious and deep harboured hatred for us for whatever reasons they desperately cling onto to justify it

No. 435327

no matter what, bisexuals will always be sjws whether they say they are or not. they all have that persecution complex BQT love throwing around.

No. 435328

There's actual homophobia going on in the world. Meanwhile, you seriously find it this important to reee about bisexuals. How are we the SJWs here, lmao?

No. 435333

i mean, obviously not all of us are but i kinda agree. i'm tired of cringing at the online bisexual community. so many sjws i know are bisexual/pansexual and making it a political statement of inclusiveness like "i'm so woke, i would date anyone regardless of gender!! i don't care what genitals you have!!". the word biphobia also makes my eyes roll because it's only ever used to bitch at gay/straight people who don't want to date bi people and it makes us look like whiny troons. don't even get me started on bi people in straight relationships claiming to be oppressed lmao. i wish the snowflakes weren't the loudest

No. 435334

All lgbtq…xyz are obnoxious sjw, you lesbians aren't any better or less annoying than bisexuals.

No. 435344

Its true, sorry you'll get ree'd at for saying it here.

No. 435355

nah, at least us lesbians can pick a side. Gay men usually hate women and bisexuals are usually straight women who end up with men in the end. lesbians are probably the most ignored in the group, unless they are fake lesbians from porn who happen to be hyper femme, for men's desires of course.

No. 435356

I find shakespeare to be a trash writer, so i'm really glad I'm not alone in this. The 'classics' we were forced to read in school were all written by sexist men to begin with and i hate how highly praised they are.

No. 435358

File: 1563299765274.jpeg (21.16 KB, 474x355, az.jpeg)

I hate the whole SJW argument that all non-white characters need to have fat fucking noses and/or huge lips, or else they have "white features", or "they're just white with darker skin".
That take is so backward and "I can't think of anything to complain about today to meet my #woke quota, so let's just start making shit up"-style American that it pisses me off. When "PoC" say it, it just smacks of "I see white people in every plain image of a person. I'm literally obsessed with them, therefore, you must be too. Every character is literally just white unless you make them a caricature, so stop drawing white people, you racist!".
When white people say it, it smacks of "I'm coddled and narcissistic enough to see myself in everything, I'm the default in art, and that's on you to deal with. If a character has plain, non-caricatured features, that's just, like, literally me. Sorry, I don't make the rules. Sometimes, I feel guilty about this, so please change your art and add stereotypes so I can suspend my disbelief, thx".
Most art styles that get criticized for "looking white" look pretty fucking ambiguous IMO, because they're not realistic in the least. They're 100% simplified human faces. White people definitely don't own the bland features typically seen in many cartoons and anime. The argument is always "But small noses and big eyes though!", but even then, there are plenty of black, brown and Asian people that have small noses and big eyes, so what are you really trying to say?
IMO, there's just no reason to add dumb, vaguely (unintentionally) offensive markers just to "racialize" a character for the sake of audiences who are ignorant or troubled enough see white people as the default in everything. That's their problem to deal with, not the artist's.
If I didn't know any better, I'd think some of these weirdos are really just trying to trick people into regressing to drawing pic related just so they can come full circle and start complaining about cartoons being racist caricatures in the modern era.

No. 435365

I have literally seen so much anime art by the woke crowd that looks like anti Japanese propaganda from the WWII era

No. 435369

>lumping B with QT
>Bi women are literally the same as Bi men!!!
Jesus Christ. It’s like every single faction of sexuality hates us. Not gay enough, not straight enough, not inclusive enough, not oppressed enough. I have seen blatant bi’s on here calling themselves lesbians to be in the cool kid club kek I bet there are a good number of yall too. Don’t come at me with how shitty bi men are, no shit, they’re men!
Purely mad because le ebil Bi girl only likes Chad dicks, lesbians CAN in fact be femcels, that’s the damn tea.

No. 435378

File: 1563301400897.gif (1.26 MB, 500x220, 6QHi.gif)

there's a couple of problems at work in this situation:
1)most people in the SJW art crowd don't know how to draw, period. They're also refuse criticism and art school because it's "elitist/ableist/something-ist/etc."
2)because they cannot draw correctly, they stick to very limiting and simplistic styles of drawing like anime which force you to either be satisfied with only changing a person's skin color or adding in very caricatured features that come off as racist.

Where I disagree with you is that it isn't hard to depict people of color if you know how to draw. You can put bigger lips and noses on black people, for example, without turning it into a minstrel show. A good example of this Disney's design of Tiana and her family. They're clearly black people with typical black features and aren't offensive.

No. 435380

dont bother. the biphobia discussion on lolcow comes up all the time. just say you hate us and move on, jeez.

No. 435399

OT But i really liked that movie and love Tiana as a character. She's hard working and smart and deserves more love.

No. 435400

>actual and not controllable sexual orientation is always political
>liking cocks and vagoo makes you an SJW, automatically
I can see why this opinion is unpopular!

No. 435417

File: 1563304357356.jpeg (77.55 KB, 900x900, boondocks.jpeg)

I think my issue is the quiet insistence that any given artist's style is meant to be read as "white" by default, based only on the viewer's own perception. Most of the time, they won't even take into account whether the artist themselves comes from a non-white culture, and if they might just be projecting their own ideas onto something that's very subjective. It always feels very self-centered and Eurocentric.
Also, a lot of the time, it seems like "PoC features" only really work through comparison, unless the art itself is explicitly meant to be very realistic. You have to have already seen the "normal" faces as "white", to an extent, and that strikes me as far more "racist" than what many of the people complaining about these things accuse artists of.
For example, would the audience still read the features of Tiana and her family as "black" if they had been the default style used for all the female Disney characters from the start? Probably not. I can't see people asking "Why do all these white characters look like black people with pale skin??" in that scenario, but for some reason, the other way around is very common.
I didn't have a problem seeing the main kid characters in, say, The Boondocks as black, and they don't have any specific "PoC features" besides their skintones and hair. They pretty much have the same face as the white and biracial characters around the same age, but I've never seen or heard anyone else complain that they "look white but with dark skin". It makes me feel like the entire complaint is just false outrage. If someone does see them that way, it's probably more of an issue in how they personally read into the art, not some sort of white supremacist agenda on the artist's part.

No. 435418

I hate when people give their children "little kid names" as their actual names, not just nicknames.
It feels weird as fuck meeting a grown woman named "Sally" or a grown man named "Timmy".

No. 435420

File: 1563304744097.png (138.96 KB, 831x377, DDF10967-304C-493A-B1C4-16F0EC…)

youre talking about two different extremes when it comes to depicting stylized poc in art.

Tumblr caricatures fail in that they tend to exaggerate poc features in a way that reduces them to stereotypes, yes, but honestly, making a character “ambiguous”, and in this case it kinda sounds like you mean with features befitting of a more western/eurocentric standard with tanned skin washed over it, just sounds sort of lazy and sort of pointless if the character is meant to be a poc

Yeah, some poc have little noses and big eyes, but a lot of us dont. Off the top of my head, some pretty good stylized poc that come to mind are characters from moana, craig of the creek, into the spiderverse, the boondocks, idk theres a lot more but thats right off the top of my head.

but anyway the point is, it is indeed possible to make a character blatantly representative of a poc with ethnic features without resorting to either of those extremes, i think most artists are just too lazy, unpracticed or their art style is hella limited and likely suffers same-face syndrome anyway

No. 435430

idk I agree with your post but I also seen a lot of black caribbeans, black africans, african americans, with large eyes and small noses. Our noses when small are usually button sized instead of a very prominent bridge European styled nose, even in east africans. I think people have tunnel vision with black people, despite us having very diverse features in general

No. 435431

I meant to be clear East Africans also do not have very prominent bridge and extremely long european noses

No. 435446

>making a character “ambiguous”, and in this case it kinda sounds like you mean with features befitting of a more western/eurocentric standard with tanned skin washed over it, just sounds sort of lazy and sort of pointless if the character is meant to be a poc
I kind of touched on this in >>435417. It seems like way too many art styles are erroneously framed as being "Eurocentric" by people who themselves come from a Eurocentric background. Sameface is a problem for many artists, yeah, but when people try to inject a racial conundrum into things, it kind of falls apart for the reasons I mentioned before. It only works if you have a certain mindset that doesn't really hold to reality, and actually seems quite damaging in the long run. I feel like it shouldn't be encouraged by preserving the notion that plain "normal" faces are white, and they can only be non-white if there's some sort of exaggerated "otherness".
Also, like >>435430 said, I feel like people have way too narrow a view of "non-white" features.

I think Into The Spiderverse "works" in this regard because it's actually somewhat realistic in style. The same isn't really true for The Boondocks or CoTC. I mentioned The Boondocks before (it actually kind of sucked at differentiating ethnic features, with only a handful of exceptions in the cast. Huey, Riley, Jazmin, and Cindy MacPhearson with her other white friends all looked the same facially, and it was in an anime-style, so generic sameface was kind of obligatory), and I wouldn't have any trouble seeing the characters in CoTC as black if they had the same skintones and hair, but with generic lines for noses and no lip lines instead of what they have now.

No. 435463

I agree with you on Timmy, but Sally isn't an unusual name for a grown woman. I immediately think of Sally Jessy Raphael.

No. 435470

>let's fight a stereotype with other stereotypes.

No. 435476

I've felt the same way since I met my family friend's kid, who has a name that sounds like a dog's. If you think of something like Sammy, it's kind of like that. They could've just given her the actual full form of the name, and then she could've gone by any related nickname later. But she's permanently stuck with the one she has now.

All of those diminutive-type names remind me of dogs honestly.

No. 435550

I fucking hate sour cream, it is absolutely vile and disgusting. The smell alone is gag worthy and the taste/consistency is straight up vomit inducing.

I can't understand how anyone would not be repulsed by it let alone like it. It's always associated with Mexican food for some reason but then I found out that it's not even used in authentic Mexican food and is more of an American thing apparently.

No. 435553

It's good as an ingredient in something bigger, like some cakes or sauces or soups. It's a bit like drinking straight heavy cream… you prob wouldn't like that either.

No. 435554

Some babies are ugly.

No. 435563

All babies are ugly.

No. 435564

All newborns are fugly and there's evolutionary research behind this. Peak 'cute' neoteny happens around ~6months and older, meaning that we evolved to see newborns as ugly and useless until they become older and have a better chance of survival. Makes sense considering disease and scarce resources led to newborns being abandoned or killed early on. Of course adults wouldn't connect well with a liability that could up and die suddenly. It is an evolutionary cope. And despite having modern medicine and a social welfare net to take care of the premature and disease-addled, I still think they're ugly. Kek.

No. 435573

I completely agree. It's terrible. I wish it wasn't super popular on snack foods too. Ruining my salty snacks.

No. 435630

Some hardcore, punk and metal music is genuinely comforting.

No. 435631

Its a fact though lol

No. 435632

Yes but all African Americans are descended from Bantu west Africans(necessarysperg4)

No. 435642

No, not only Bantu but WE and I can tell by that statement you are some Somalianon

I included East Africans because they too are black and included in Africa, and people use them as a parameter of so called Caucasian features in black people but even they have approximation to black features and never a European face for instance.

No. 435643



My point is you can make small or gracile features on an African descent person without it resembling a European face

No. 435646

That's not unpopular. Obviously people who aren't into those things aren't going to understand it. Some of the softest, most melodic songs I've heard were doom metal.

No. 435762

so is that blacks have wide bulbous noses.

No. 435882

Women really can't pass \Special forces or combat Infantry standards and theirs nothing wrong with that but I have known some feminists who despite completely hating the Military always make excuses and believe the standards should be changed

No. 435894

Some of the stuff posted on the Bad/Hideous Art Thread is actually pretty good.

Inb4 gets accused of having my art posted there

No. 435901

File: 1563391744044.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 36.54 KB, 413x594, image-11.jpeg)

and whites have big-ass hook noses, but no one likes to acknowledge that, hmm
obviously not all of them do, just like not all black people have the noses you describe, but somehow you're retarded enough to think your own sweeping generalizations make sense

No. 435910

this man is not white

No. 435912

A lot of Tumblr artists are very sheltered kids who haven't seen many people from other cultures. They can't necessarily help that depending on where they live, but it's best to have a good mental library and references when drawing.

Sameface syndrome is already something a lot of young artists struggle with, so when you add drawing races and ethnicities you're not familiar with into the mix it gets worse. That's how you wind up with artists who just draw the same black person every time. In reality, Nigerians look different to Egyptians look different to Afro-Caribbeans the same way Italians look different to Swedes look different to Russians.

No. 435919

he literally is, anon. do you think scarlett johanssen isn't white, too?

No. 435922

he really isn't.

No. 435931

Isnt Adrian Brody part Jewish?

No. 435932

shoegaze is very comforting music

No. 435934

ashkenazi jews are white in ancestry

No. 435938

ashkenazi jews are mixed but mostly semitic aka not white

No. 435939

Finally. I love classics and they're the bulk of what I normally read but The Picture of Dorian Gray was the only one I read so far that was actually painful to get through. It has some witty moments but other than that I don't understand why this is one of the most beloved classics. I even read it twice since the first time I was quite young and I thought maybe I just missed something that everyone else got but nope still didn't see it.

No. 435948

File: 1563395329130.jpeg (44.67 KB, 474x711, sem.jpeg)

>aka not white
uh, okay
for context, brody is a similar mix to she is, but he's also polish

No. 435958

go back to /pol/ lmao

No. 435969

>ashkenazis are white in ancestry
Not completely. They're a mix of European and Jewish.

Also Scarlett Johansson is half Scandinavian and I wouldn't be surprised if she was part Sami, like a lot of Scandinavians (especially swedes).

And I just wanna add that there has been so much rape and sex slavery in human history that no one is "fully" anything. We're all mixes of different populations if you go back far enough and when it comes down to it no one can actually define race.

No. 435984

Jewish is not an ethnicity anon. There are white, arab, black, etc, jews.

No. 436025

Yes it is. Jewish can mean someone who practices Judaism, but it can also mean a ethnic Jews i.e. Isrealites. They are a Semitic people.

No. 436031

seriously what's with the uptake in tradthot anons lately, first I see some anon using triple parantheses and now this, pls stop

No. 436113

When I see yanks posting replies like this I can't help but think what they think is white. Someone from a Folgers commercial with perfect straight white teeth, blue eyes and blonde hair? The moment someone has brown eyes or dark hair or one drop of native american blood he's not considered white lmfao. "White" people i.e. caucasoids have a wide variety of features they can have depending on their ethnicity but americans have a fetish for this elusive "white" race which essentially means "an amerimutt with irish/german ancestry" and try their best to shoehorn this belief worldwide.

No. 436135

It reminds me of this scummy french dude who said I wasnt white because back then my country wasnt in the EU and because slavs werent always considered white but like… i'm from a slavic country, I have dark blond hair and pale skin as so does everyone in my family…

No. 436173

the whole "Jews are not considered white" nonsense seriously hearkens back to the days when other races that are currently considered white weren't considered conditionally white either. like how the Irish/Greeks/Italians weren't considered "white" in America and were subject to social prejudice and faced hatred from eugenics ""research"" as "less intelligent" groups, Jews were subject to this too. yes you can be ethnically Jewish but I can guarantee that you're considered conditionally white by modern standards of conditional whiteness, the only people who object the ashkenazi jews being conditionally white are fucking antisemetic /pol/fags, insofar as I've seen. you don't have to be "aryan looking" to be "white", you don't even have to be porcelain skinned to be "white". "Whiteness" is so fucking minor to begin with, because there's "white" people in countries that aren't majority "white", there's white Latin Americans/white Spaniards, what even is "whiteness"? I just don't really want to get into the fucked up and storied history of conditional whiteness and why I'm tired of seeing an uptake in racebait anons but god I hate /pol/fags so much

No. 436338

White means native Europeans (Jews are originally from Middle East) - really that simple.
But Americans seem to have a problem with understanding this, for some reason.

No. 436346

Yes, this is exactly what they think. It's hilarious because they have a term for Irish people with dark hair ("Black Irish") despite the fact that it's the most common hair colour in the country (and Europe as a whole), they think having dark hair is such a rarity that it warrants its own term. But god forbid anyone shatter their image of Europe being full of blonde, blue-eyed people and Ireland being full of gingers. How do people who have never been to Europe and never will think that they have the authority to tell Europeans what they should identify as? Especially since Americans are heavily mixed descendants of European settlers, so by their logic NOBODY in the US is white either.

All this rage-sperging makes me wonder if some incel /pol/tard is stirring shit, I find it difficult to believe rational women would have this belief or even care.

No. 436354

I've seen so many French men who could honestly pass for Arabs so he's really got no room to complain

No. 436359

Do you know what native means?

No. 436360

Most people when talking about race as in colours the only classification of being white is looking white. Scarlet Johansson is white for example. The very fact that white skin is a phenotype means to be white yoy just have to have that phenotype. Race is bullshit for that reason and doesn't make sense when discussing ethnicity.

No. 436365

Wtf I'm from Ireland and literally never heard of anyone refer to a fucking brunette as Black Irish. Isn't Black Irish a term used to discuss a mixed race baby? I heard it brought up when Kris Humphries and Kim K were together, his family were descendants of endentured slaves and slavery.

Irish people have always been white. Just because they suffered discrimination and prejudice does not make them not native white or whatever weird shit is being said

No. 436366

I've heard it used for people like Colin Farrell, not mere brunettes. Sort of a Spaniard look.

No. 436370

Wtf, for having dark hair. Literally my parents have dark brown hair, my dad had black before going grey/white and he's white af he's literally got a sun allergy lol. Off the top of my head I can think of far more red heads and dark brunettes I would see out and about than natural blondes. Does Farrell really look that exoitic

No. 436424

Nickelback's music isn't even that bad. I think their music is shit but it's really not that much worse from any other pop-rock band. I think most of the people who join in on hating them are just saying it because everyone else is saying it and they want to fit in.

No. 436427

i disagree. buttrock in general sucks but chad sounds the most like a butt. like them and creed and staind.

No. 436437

nta but I genuinely like "right here" by Staind lmao
Are they hated like nickelback too?

No. 436438

and 3 Doors Down. Thanks to a lady boss I had to listen to the Here Without You Baby song every night last week. I fucking hate it now

No. 436441

i don't think so. tbh i genuinely like some "buttrock" myself. i think nickleback just wore out their welcome honestly.

No. 436460

hahaha I've never heard the term "buttrock" before but I love it

No. 436467

Me neither! Would Black Stone Cherry count as buttrock? I was looking for a term that describes arena rock that is kinda generic and american-y lol

No. 436495

File: 1563510409404.jpg (49.99 KB, 852x480, 1.jpg)

I love my pug and I will cherish and protect him forever

No. 436509

I think a lot of the worlds problem would be improved on if people started having less kids. Like I’d be all for a law that limited it to 1-2 kids in an entire lifetime. Parts of our planet is becoming inhabitable = more people fleeing to other countries = more conflicts within the country due to immigration like housing, jobs, crimes, it’s a vicious cycle, not to mention all the environmental shit that’s going on.

TLDR~ humans are fucking parasites and there shouldn’t be more of us.

No. 436515

>Like I’d be all for a law that limited it to 1-2 kids in an entire lifetime.
Haven't we learned anything from the gender disparity in China? That isn't a very effective law.

No. 436516

that's uuuh, not why…

No. 436520

There have been a lot of benefits from the one-child policy. A lasting problem stems from sex-selective abortion.
Anyway, education of girls and women is the best way to reduce birthrate, without imposing limits on number of children by law. Lots of European countries are approaching a birthrate of 1 all on their own.

No. 436524

Yeah, I guess literal femicide is worth it then huh.

No. 436525

it wouldn't matter if it was 1 or 10 child policy, that's not why that's happening, it was happening when families could have unlimited children.

No. 436530

I thought i was the only one who think a lot of French guys look Arab and I still dont know why they do

No. 436536

>I thought i was the only one who think a lot of French guys look Arab and I still dont know why they do

France has a lot of Mediterranean Admixture thanks to the Roman Invasion of Gaul and near 400 years rule over the Area(necessaryspeed4)

No. 436545

Just educate women. It decreases unwanted pregnancies and probably give girls the tools to not procreate with douchebags.

No. 436546

French and Arabic are spoken in North Africa. Immigration is not a modern thing, humans have been migrating and fucking around this globe for 100s of 1000s of years.

No. 436558

Yeah that's why you haven't heard it, it's literally only used by Americans who think it's some kind of rarity among a sea of gingers. Yeah, I agree Irish people have always been white but they weren't considered white by Brits/Americans until quite recently in order to justify discrimination. That's why this debate is so fucking stupid because people's idea of what "white" is changes to suit themselves. Americans are literally the only people that would consider an Italian "non-white".

No. 436559

It amuses me that this sperg gets banned at least once a day and keeps on posting. That persistance is something else.

No. 436560

The only people out there having more than 1 or 2 kids are religious extremists which makes me even more depressed for the future because they're spreading their misogynistic cults even more.

No. 436561

Why do some of you feel the need to racebait and debate who is white? Take it to /pol/.

No. 436562

unpopular amongst people around me: guys look hideous in crop tops. i don't understand the hype around it. i don't want to see some random guy's happy trail.

No. 436564

>Americans are literally the only people that would consider an Italian "non-white".
What are you talking about? Italians are definitely considered white here. What a couple of idiots say online aren’t a representation of an entire group of people.

No. 436565

I'm from Ulster so I have British and Irish ancestry and the British 100% thought of us as white but just not deserving of equal rights because of idealogy not skin colour.

No. 436568

read your own history anon. it was literally part of america's census that italians weren't white. they had to pick "black" on forms lmao
do history classes in america just leave out everything that might make them look bad or retarded?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 436574

Not her and I wasn't following the conversation all that much but:
>do history classes in america just leave out everything that might make them look bad or retarded?

That's the case in many countries. I've been told by Japanese people that they weren't taught all that much about what Japan did in WW2 except maybe Pearl Harbor and definitely the nuclear bombs. In France depending on which teachers you'll have they'll almost all say that the genocide against Jewish people during WW2 was terrible but in the same breath they'll say that the resistance in France was way bigger than it actually was, they'll downplay the impact of the Vichy government. They'll say that the war that resulted from Algeria wanting independence after ore than a century of colonialism shouldn't have happened because even if France murdered and tortured people en masse, raped women, stole resources all over Africa, at least they gave everyone new roads and hospitals so Algerians and Africans in general should be grateful (said roads, schools and hospitals were put in place for the French and maybe the super mega rich Algerians but they'll never admit it). If the topic comes up some of them will try to justify Haiti being forced to pay France billions of francs and then euros because France lost a bunch of slaves after Haiti's independence.

I think only in Germany they'll admit they clearly fucked up at some point with no ambiguity in history classes, so Germans are only patriotic because of soccer.

No. 436576

File: 1563533856246.jpg (695.11 KB, 1482x864, scan00012.jpg)

>I'm from Ulster
Yeah it shows, you need a history lesson.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 436592

I feel like most people don't even know that a large part of France was actually with Germany. Of course the level of denial is not as high as in Japan, but nevertheless…
Same with Spain and Italy, they love to forget or hide that they weren't exactly victims either.
And when I visited a camp in Austria the guide unironically tried to convince us that Austria was invaded - when every idiot can simply look up the pictures of hundred thousands of people cheering and welcoming Hitler.
The only other group other than Germans who admit their war crimes are Russians, but many say that those were justififed or they feel pride for how strong their army was.
Not even talking about the UK and the US because they are a lost case, no sense of guilt, not one tiny apology whatsoever…

No. 436631

Less people would care about the latest arson attack in Japan if the target wasn't an anime studio. Weebs are weeping and virtue signaling.

No. 436633

But when Italians call themselves PoC everyone gets hurt hmm

No. 436636

Nah. I think people would feel the exact same way if it was like, Pixar or something that got lit on fire.

No. 436637

I know that this board has an infestation of psychotic anti-weebs who think anime is hitler but jesus christ anon, this attack is literally the worst peace time mass murder that has happened in Japan. 33 dead and over 30 more injured, some of them in critical condition and probably disabled for life or fighting for survival. Even the Tokyo subway sarine attacks didn't get a body count like this. Kyoani was well respected for treating their animators right and losing this amount of talent just because of some nutjob having a meltdown is horrible whether you're an anime fan or not. Please fuck off with your retarded underage edge.

No. 436639

How about if it were a regular office with no animation that neither weebs nor autists would have special interest in?

It's not edgy or anti-weeb to observe how people virtue signal excessively when their personal likes are involved as opposed to when they're not. Stay mad.

No. 436641

People will virtue signal about anything, whether they like it or not, anon. Do you remember how many cows suddenly pretended they loved old churches when that shit happened with notre dame?

No. 436645

>whether they like it or not
This is where we disagree.
>Do you remember how many cows suddenly pretended they loved old churches when that shit happened with notre dame?
I don't think this is an equal comparison, but cows would claim to love Paris and the architecture. Whether or not that was actually true at least that virtue signaling wasn't nearly as bad because they weren't doing it on the backs of dead bodies.

No. 436653

I`m more sad about the lives and work lost in the KyoAni fire than I was about Notre Dame. I get that the church meant a lot to people, but I couldn`t relate. I only empathized with them.
People were actually killed in this fire. It was the biggest mass murder in Japan since the second world war and it`s just so fucked that mainly women employees lost their lives. Also I have some nostalgia and personal sentiment attached to the works they created.
I know that this opinion would piss a lot of people off but it`s how I feel and I don`t think I`m the only one.

No. 436655

I’m talking about now, you fucking idiot. I’m well aware that Italians weren’t considered white in the 19th century but in modern American culture, they are. Learn to read.

No. 436663

I'm not really a fan of BTS but I don't think they're that bad, at least musically… it's their fandom that's fucking cringe, I totally agree with the fandom being called ratmies with how fucking annoying they are

this is probably the really unpopular opinion on site… /m/ really hates RM's looks but in a way I think he's kind of cute, don't kill me

No. 436667

i dislike some of the members themselves but i wouldn't really care about the group if their fans weren't so braindead and all over the internet. their live performances aren't that bad except vocals.

No. 436668

>I know that this opinion would piss a lot of people off
Only because of the attempt to drum a comparison between a cathedral fire that killed no one to an office fire that killed a deal of people. When really they're both tragedies within their own rights.
I don't think anyone would agree that loss of life is less important than the loss of a monument.

No. 436681

Depends on context, I can see foreigners who live in Japan and some weebs care about it if it were in a regular office because it's just so unusual. And also because it raises a lot of questions about safety in some buildings in Japan, although it was established that the criminal was so prepared he blocked all the exits, even the half-assed emergency exits.

No. 436686

How in the fuck did no one notice him doing these things and report it?

No. 436695

Random, but does the average office building in Japan have hired security? Maybe they don't bother due to a lack of crime?

No. 436698

There was security. He was planning this for a long time, and specifically waited for a day where they'd be absent or down for one reason or the other.

No. 436703

I really hope this dude gets the death penalty for pre-meditated mass murder by arson. Dying by fire is really the worst way to go and most of them were women too.

No. 436709

He was armed, I think he had 5 big knives with him and he was either pouring gasoline on people escaping or trying to stab them so I can imagine everyone panicking and not knowing what to do until it was too late. And that's only for the people on the 1st floor, I'm not even sure there was a fire alarm so anyone above would have been caught by surprise.

I think there was a meeting of some sort because that's the reason why the NHK reported all of this so fast. There was supposed to be an interview and since there was supposed to be more outsiders they lowered security so anyone could enter the building without a pass or a card iirc. Not sure if that's 100% accurate though, and since the suspect is a greasy 40something neet I wonder how he knew the meeting would happen that day specifically.

I'm sure he'll get it. People who have done crimes with less victims easily get the death penalty in Japan so he's fucked.

No. 436712

I hope they make him rot in prison for a few decades first, like they did with shoko asahara.

No. 436716

Seriously, people only cared about Japan becuase of anime and waifu shit. If it was Mongolia or something there would be silence and no one would give a fuck.

No. 436719

Oh he'll get the death penalty, murder alone gets you into death row in Japan but a mass murder is a surefire way to the noose.

This anon >>436698 already explained the reason but an animation studio usually has to worry about footage being stolen, not a lunatic going on a spree killing. Especially because guns are really hard to get in Japan and everyone who owns a license to carry is strictly moderated. You would never in a million years expect an arson. Gasoline is especially destructive because when it vaporizes it starts exploding, a completely different sort of fire than say, faulty wiring. The people upstairs had no chance of survival. You can have a 20/20 hindsight and ask why they didn't have an emergency staircase outside but the building still passed fire code laws last year. It's just a tragic thing and there's nobody else to blame than the perpetrator who started the fire.

I honestly hope people like you end up in a situation like this and only get first world edgelords saying "oh who gives a fuck, if it happened in rural Angola nobody would care, they're all biased virtue signalers!!!111".

No. 436724

>if it happened in rural Angola nobody would care

Well you wouldn't. Stop pretending all life is sacred when you only care about specific lives like those who took on a role that brought you entertainment.
The fact that you'd wish anon to die in a fire because they upset you with criticism proves you're a hollow virtue signaler.

No. 436753

The Riot Grrl movement killed Punk and Kathleen Hanna is the epitome of useless class illiterate white liberal feminism

No. 436764

kathleen hanna is the least punk person to ever attempt to be punk, she looks like she's trying too hard to be quirky

No. 436765

Why do you think so? I don't agree or disagree, I want to read more on the topic as a few years back I was interested in the history of the movement. I really liked all the feminist zines that were published back then. Would love to read something like this, need to check if any are being published in my country (obviously not riot grrl ones, just feminist).
Your point of view seems interesting.

No. 436789

>Artists tells men to stop groping women and being violent assholes
Are you a scrote trying to bait?

No. 436799

>There were a hundreds ways she could've went about it in a respectful way,
What's punk about that? Why does she owe respect to a bunch of men that, according to you, are groping women? Be gone.

No. 436815

Reading this made me think about how humans weren't absolutely annihilated by evolution because in addition to this you carry a fetus for 9 months, usually just one, push it out and the baby takes around 2 years until it's even able to walk properly. How the hell didn't rats or rabbits evolve into the dominating species on the earth?

No. 436819

Most of the old punks I know would say it was jocks, racists, and poseurs who ruined punk. Earlier than fucking 1990-whatever. People have been calling it a dead movement since the early 80s. I dislike her politics now but in the early 90s what she was doing was more interesting than it is now with the stupid song about Clinton and the watered down feminism.
How do you feel about punk women from earlier with feminist leanings in their work like Alice Bag?
>The punks had male privilege and Kathleen and a lot of other Bikkini kill members came from collage backgrounds something these guys would never have in their lives and Riot grrrl has always been a middle-class white women thing
80s hardcore, a movement that would chronologically not be too far from when Riot Grrl started, was a ton of unhappy middle class young men, and the early punk movement was not all working class either. The common portrayal of many fans and musicians is actually of middle-class, angry white men who were sick of the world their parents lived in. There are several white male punk musicians who not only went to college, but got graduate degrees, and were not involved in Riot Grrl. Depends on exact time and place but undeniable that there was/is a perception of punk as middle class rebellion.
Maybe "she" is. Does she actually know anyone who was around then? Because I do and I've seen what happens when shithead men trample people in a moshpit or pick fights in the middle of a crowd. Slam dancing is considered part of the shows, but it makes it really hard to stand in the front and watch if you're female, especially if you're small. So telling the men to fuck off and behave themselves so women could experience rock music and a concert that was meant to be for/about them makes perfect sense.
The way women got treated by numbskull men in the scene was a fucking embarrassment and part of the reason why there are fewer female musicians, they would get sexually harassed hard. You would get sexually harassed for being female at a show if you fell into the wrong group of people, and you would get sexually harassed for being a female punk by non-punks.
Exactly, who the fuck cares about being respectful in a movement exactly about not giving a shit if you offend the "establishment" and doubling down if you do offend them? I hate to start the "not punk/is punk" argument but, to me, it's about stripped down, loud music, DIY, self-expression and authenticity, and questioning authority, which could take many forms.

No. 436854

Lol, women don't owe violent, sexist men respect or kindness. In fact it sounds like she was too nice. She should have told them to gtfo of the venue if they had a problem with being called out on their shit. Funny how you insult her for being libfem but you're over here caping for men who grope women.

No. 436873

is this necessaryspeed4

No. 436903

This, anime fans are disgusting

No. 436927

Thank you! I'm a huge music lover, but i hate assholes who fuck it up for everyone, especially women who are usually smaller and not there to mosh or slam dance, but to enjoy the music. I always let shorter women in front of me because i know that feeling of just wanting to see a god damn show without some asshole slamming into them.

No. 436931

Is that a pic of your dog? If it is, where did you get that bedding? I love it! If not that is still a really cute pic. I love it when they act like little humans.

No. 437069

The Cats movie doesn't look terrifying at all, why are people such pissbabies.

No. 437074

File: 1563638463801.jpeg (42.64 KB, 720x379, 3F4AE566-70B7-4829-9702-4084BB…)

IM actually really looking forward to it, it’s the only chance I’ll ever have to see a broadway show most likely

Maybe I’m biased since I did ballet as a kid and saw people in weirdass costumes like this all the time, but the uncanny ness really doesn’t bother me

No. 437076

>There are several white male punk musicians who not only went to college, but got graduate degrees, and were not involved in Riot Grrl.
Does anyone remember when milo went to college? Kek

For real tho, kathleen Hanna is really cringe now and I think a lot of her early stuff is try hard— her spoken word on Kill Rock Stars about her brother raping her and her telling a boyfriend seems really not her story to tell cause iirc her dad was violent but she was never molested as a child by any relatives? My main problem with her is how hard she tries to encompass EVERY struggle instead of seeming more genuine by talking about her own life and problems she faced as a woman. She’s a cool musician tho, Bikini Kill is tight and some of Le Tigre’s stuff is fun.

No. 437083

semi relate unpopular opinion but cats (the musical) suuuuuuuuuuucks so hard. it's terrible. almost all musicals are terrible outside of disney movies.

No. 437085

what bothers me about it is that the cats are intentionally framed to be sexy and alluring and that's creepy as fuck

No. 437091

No doubt it's gonna create some furries and also add to furry degenrate fantasies. I can already see all the memes and jokes that are gonna be made about it, just like Zootopia

No. 437094

Agreed, it looks crazy and trippy in a good way. I can't wait to watch it.

No. 437149

Midsommar was overhyped. I don't really know what I expected when I went in but the actual film really didn't live up to my expectations of being this creepy-ish disturbing horror-ish film. I left the cinema confused but for what seems like all the wrong reasons - literally felt like I wasted 2 hours of my life.

There's aspects I liked after some further reflection but I honestly think the marketing was misleading.

No. 437157

I didn't pay much attention to the marketing before, so I couldn't really be disappointed, but the story was quite straightforward. It also seemed to have more laughs than scary moments. It was more gross than scary and since I hate gore I just looked away in those moments.
I did like the idiot cultural relativist anthropologists and typical grad student drama, that got the biggest kek from me.

No. 437161

Belle Delphine deserves better than how people treat her. She's actually quite funny and everyone would see her as a meme god if she was a white male youtuber or something. People who hate her are mostly misogynistic incels or flop camgirls sperging.

No. 437166

I'm neither and while I don't hate her and dont wish her ill I do believe she's a cow and a bad person. Women who intentionally sexualise themselves in a child-like manner and pander to pedophiles are bad people, period.

No. 437167

I don't completely blame her because I think she has been manipulated by that creepy dude around her to make money.

No. 437168

She deserves much more hate for all that disgusting pedo pandering she does.
No need to defend her, she'd hate you too anon, she only lives for the attention of neckbeard paypigs.
>flop camgirls sperging
Please, I don't know whom I find more pathetic: camgirls, their orbiters or people who unironically wk her because they think deep down she's a good and intelligent person who's just ~trolling for the lulz~.

No. 437171

No she doesn't. She isn't funny and she deserves all the shit she gets, all camwhores do.

No. 437178

File: 1563658451859.jpg (153.72 KB, 768x820, 156350021297.jpg)


i don´t like her or what she is doing but she is not doing anything illegal and truly is nothing different of what any other dumb celebrity does, they all get rich just for existing and being pretty basically, so it really comes down to my endorsed celebrities > your endorsed celebrities.

I´m also not very into the whole bandwagon of censuring her social media pages, next thing you know every popular girl online is considered an e-thot and getting harassed and mass reported even when they are not camwhores nor doing porn.

No. 437180

I can't relate to the rampant love or hate for Belle Delphine.
I think the shit that goes on with her is interesting, but I don't get how anyone can muster up the energy to WK her and pretend that she's an icon or genius, or actually get mad about her and pretend that she's literally Satan.
The pedo-pandering and ahegao shit has been done long before her, and it will continue even after she stops. Catfishing for money was scummy, but honestly, not the end of the world. At the end of the day, she's not doing anything unique, genius or even egregiously bad. She's just the most successful at "e-thottery", because men will throw money at literally anything that adequately allows them to simultaneously vent their misogynistic rage and sexual insanity.
She's just as generic, opportunistic and vapid as any other "e-girl". What even is there to say about her?
The men who obsess over her one way or the other are bigger cows IMO.

No. 437182

She's (unintentionally?) funny for all of the rage she generates from stupid orbiters and her weird antics like the pornhub videos or pouring eggs. I strongly dislike her pedo-pandering, it actually pisses me off seeing some of it, and think that camwhores can embolden sexists by making them think they can buy a woman's time, interest, etc, which is probably an unpopular opinion in many places but not here. But honestly I like her in a weird way, she's a scamming pedo-pandering fuck but it's entertaining to watch her trigger these stupid fucks. If she's smart, she'll stow away her money so she never has to work again, since she may not be able to without doing porn.

No. 437183

>all camwhores do
Why's that?

No. 437204

File: 1563662601957.jpg (505.18 KB, 3264x1836, kids these days.jpg)

>deserves better than how people treat her
Getting money for posting heavily shooped photos online and being relatively cozy in her penis echo chamber that capes for anything bad she gets caught doing?
Her life isn't horrible just because she's criticized here, whiteknight.
>she's actually quite funny
She's actually quite not.
>everyone would see her as a meme god if she were male
No female camgirl is gonna make it. Male audiences aren't watching her cause she's super funny and interesting. Males watch her because she caters to their pedobait fantasies and makes their dicks twitch.
>flop camgirls sperging
All camgirls are future flops with a countdown. Tick tock, tick tock, Belle.

No. 437221

Because anon is probably an incel or uggo who can't handle women making money off of sex appeal.

I kinda agree with you, but I also think her pedo pandering is totally disgusting. However, that doesn't seem to be why most people dislike her and the majority of the hate she gets is rooted in misogyny and slut shaming.

No. 437226

>the majority of the hate she gets is rooted in misogyny and slut shaming
Even if this were the truth, why is it only suddenly an issue because it's Belle?
Where were you anons stanning for Shayna?
Literally any other camgirl on this site who got anything remotely shamey and mean thrown at them?

No. 437227

I don't participate in camwhore shaming at all and always found that a disgusting element in our board culture that I wish would go away. If the camwhore is a cow for legitimate reasons, we should focus on that and not the fact she's a sex worker. Hell, even the pedo pandering shit I don't really hate anyone for since it's almost always the manifestation of dealing with CSA or extreme daddy issues in a horrifically unhealthy way.

No. 437230

That shit looks wack. Reminds me of that one shitty die antwoord video too lmfao

No. 437235

>If the camwhore is a cow for legitimate reasons
Belle's a cow for legitimate reasons, don't worry.

No. 437262

>She's actually quite funny
All of her "comedy" is just lol so quirkyy and rAnDoM xDDD-tier shit or tossing around some flavor-of-the-month memes with no context. People would make fun of her for being a cringy autist if she wasn't pretty, but since she's hot, lipsyncing to a meme song is suddenly comedy gold. I really don't care at all if she wants to show her ass online, that's not why I dislike her, but her gimmick is insufferable.

No. 437306

Her ahegao face is one of the most obnoxious gimmicks I have ever seen. She's cute but I can't even slightly like her when she makes those stupid fucking faces.

You say that she is really funny, what do you mean by this? I haven't seen her do anything funny yet. She does cute annoying things to impress men, there's no real charm there.

No. 437339

hey i get it that as a literal whore, you want to WK Belle but you'll always be viewed just as a sex-object and you memed yourself into submission to men and dopamine addiction that rot your brain to the point you think anyone disliking camgirls is an "incel" or an "uggo.

No. 437342

is it belle or is it incels submitting when she's making millions off of them in a couple of months with no effort? just a thought.

No. 437349

>wahhh mah misogyny and slut shaming
How the fuck did we enter a timeline where whoring out is considered empowering and anti-misogynist? Female sexuality being celebrated and de-tabooed is a good thing, selling it out to the male gaze is not.

The main complaint people have her, 100% of the time, is the pedo pandering she does with EVERYTHING she creates. She became famous because of it. Other anons have mentioned if already but she photoshops her body to be more petite and childlike, she used her braces to have a more childlike feel to her photos, she often wears childlike clothing, she posts photos with "DDLG memes", sold nudes (not her own but claimed to be of hers) when underage and actively encourages her fans who post degenerate pedophilic comments on her pictures. If she didn't do that shit, she would be just a run of the mill e-thot doing ahegao faces.

No. 437378


>How the fuck did we enter a timeline where whoring out is considered empowering and anti-misogynist?

Mmmhh, I feel like it was around 2013 when that kind of thinking got big on tumblr and then the porn industry supported the fuck out of it, because it got ~cool~ and lucrative to be a sex worker.

>Female sexuality being celebrated and de-tabooed is a good thing, selling it out to the male gaze is not.

Absolutely this.

Also like to agree that belle is being hated for her pedo shit. I don't care if somebody decided to do porn for the quick cash, but do it where it should be and do not broadcast it everywhere and specially not with that gimmick that is aimed towards pedos and those "lmao FBI open up!!1" idiots who just "ironically" jack off to loli porn. I'm glad to see that people speak up against it. And it's really, really naive to think to surround yourself with such a concept of pornography and not getting hate and critique for it. Bitch knows what she is doing.

No. 437463

I'm not a fan of Shädman's art or care for it at all but I can't bring myself to think of him as some actually harmful sicko pervert because he keeps to himself so much and his work feels more like a parody than actual porn. His fanbase is insufferable and autistic though, they take him way too seriously. Especially the female and male thots orbiting him and trying to be ~just as edgy~.

No. 437475

Hard agree.

No. 437476

I'm mixed about cam-whores and SW and all that. On one hand I feel like it's definitely the fault of scrots who've built a society around objectifying women and a market with a huge demand for SW…but as a woman I'd seriously consider doing literally anything else for money before perpetuating this stereotype of women as sex objects and putting myself in these objectively vulnerable and dangerous scenarios. I understand that a lot of women feel as though they have no choice but I wish they would consider the role they play in making life for the rest of us terrible. Don't be complicit in handmaiden bs.

No. 437479

I don't think camwhoring is a good thing, but I think hating girls for doing it is pretty gross. It's really not that hard to be against women selling their bodies while also not hating someone for doing it, and having compassion for the circumstances and factors that usually lead people to that point. Also, pretty much all the complaints about Belle I see other than here just center aroubd general camwhore hate, I hardly see the DDLG brought up by other people. Usually it's shit like incels complaining about the evil egirls taking advantage of lonely men willing to pay for their nudes as if they're somehow helpless victims.

I am not a sex worker and you sound very stable.

No. 437483

>I wish they would consider the role they play in making life for the rest of us terrible.
This idea puts a very misplaced responsibility and blame on women. Pretty much everyone on this site is in agreement that it's bullshit how women get blamed for everything men do and I don't see why sex workers are considered the exception. Men objectify the shit out of us no matter what, even when sex workers weren't easily accessable yo most men, they still objectified women like crazy. FFS there are cultures where men see exposed faces as whoreish. The problem is men, don't blame women who are just trying to support themselves.

No. 437484

i'm not pro sex work but i know that it will always be a thing as long as humankind exists no matter what. i don't hate sex workers and i don't care why they got into the industry but i hate the consumers of sex work. if legalizing prostitution is going to help sex workers be safer then by all means i'd support it, but it doesn't guarantee their safety. human trafficking would always be a risk. i wish we never had to even have a conversation about this and men weren't such hormone driven retarded creatures desperate enough to pay a human for sex.

No. 437486

why the fuck would it make people safer? normalizing and legalizing more forms of sexwork just brings more people into it, and they will be treated as poorly as possible within the confines of the law. like retail workers only they have to fuck nasty men.

No. 437487

The average middle class western e-thot living a safe live can definitely take some goddamn responsibility for perpetuating the "sex work is empowering uwu" discourse. They're not 16-year old girls from the Philippines selling themselves to rich old British tourists to feed her family and two hapa babies. They're in a position where they choose to sell all womankind out to men who already disrespect and objectify women.

>I hardly see the DDLG brought up by other people

Where the fuck do you hang around then? She literally gained her infame for doing that lolipandering bullshit.

No. 437488

I don't think it's their fault but I also don't feel like they should shill for the industry…if you have no other options and clearly don't want to be doing this ideally, you shouldn't glorify it and make it seem so glamorous like a lot of them do. A lot of impressionable young girls see these women and think that being fodder for men is attractive work when it's not. It's hard because I don't want to blame women for it but some of them are very dishonest about how great their lives are and I can't pretend like adult women aren't somewhat responsible for their actions, even if influenced by our scrot-ridden society. The ones who are well off enough to stop it probably should. Go to school, develop a skill or something? I empathize but disagree.

No. 437489

it'd be better if there were special laws to protect sex workers from abuse but the industry is so open to manipulation and explotation i don't know how you can avoid it completely. even belle delphine has her own manipulative pimp-like person and is under the treat of incels.

No. 437492

I knew he was a pedophile when I saw the screencaps on KF of him unironically thirsting over the little girl from X-Men in his Discord server, calling her his "waifu", and then the subsequent drawn porn of her.
That's about all I needed to see to figure out what was up, and now it makes me roll my eyes when people fall for his "I'm only ~*ironically*~ drawing this stuff to troll you haha memes lol" bullshit.

No. 437496

he's drawn millie bobby brown, an actual minor. he's also contributed the whole "omg look at this trap!!" shit around the hit or miss girl. he's such a piece of shit.

No. 437497

No one who isn't already retarded knows this. You got to have serious issues and be very mentally ill and disturbed to do porn/sex work. No normal person wants others to watch their most intimate moments or sell themselves to strangers.

No. 437499

File: 1563733162062.png (114.28 KB, 1848x1211, LXzMsyz.png)

Some statistical data and experiences from those who work in SW in places where it's been "legalized" has been posted in the MH thread. >>436670
tl;dr: Legalizing it and putting laws in place to protect the workers hasn't gleamed good results at all. The Nordic model seems to be the only one that works.
I also want to point to pic related (source is Melissa Farley). All of these workers want to leave prostitution, not have it legalized, but all libfems can talk about is how all the problems will go away if it's made legal. I don't get it.

No. 437503

>"He's only pretending to be a pedo!! He's only drawing child porn ironically! It's irony, le epic troll xdd"
Blows my mind how people can really believe something like that…

No. 437514

Don't forget the time he drew Keemstar's daughter performing oral sex, then denied it all later (the image is still in the KiwiFarms thread as proof). He also drew "SFW" but still obviously sexualized images of her, one of which was based on an actual photo of her.
The guy is an out-and-out pedo, and anyone who claims they "don't see it" are either pedos themselves, or actual children (or manchildren) who haven't developed critical thinking skills yet.
I went digging and found the stuff about the girl from the movie. I misremembered some stuff - it was Dafne Keen, aka X-23 from Logan, nothing related to X-Men, and he calls her "my girl" instead of "waifu".
The actual drawing is censored (it was pretty fucked up), but the screencaps where he thirsts over her are here for anyone who was on the fence:
Looking at this post, he's actually drawn real children more times than I thought. Disgusting. Anyone who defends him needs to get the rope.

No. 437736

Yo WHAT THE FUCK. I always knew he was creepy but I'm glad someone archived and collated all this evidence against him. His fans are creepy af too, I hadn't heard about the guy asking MBB to sign the gross fanart of her character, she must have felt so uncomfortable.

No. 437788

Is it just me or is pedophilia becoming more popular and more men are open about it than ever? Maybe its always just been this way and I'm just finding out.

No. 437795

I think because of the Internet people aren't afraid to voice opposition to jailing pedos and shit because it's "cruel" and it's "like being gay!" you can't choose this affliction. Which is bullshit. There cannot be consenting romantic love to gain from a child they don't have the mental capacity and their bodies are far from developed that it can be lethal to engage in sexual discourse with a minor. It's just fucked up on so many levels. Children should be cared for, they are not romantic prospects to consider.

It's honestly fucking disgusting. I think with being able to hide your identity online we get to see these cunts out in the open.

No. 437796

Sorry for to double post but to add. Because there are available online opposition to attraction to minors, you get autists like Onision and evil people in general publicaly having attraction for minors and defending it whilst having support. If you fancy a fucking girl or boy minor you can be attracted to an older counterpart.

Not everyone gets to be with who they find attractive. I can't bed Leonardo Dicaprio but it doesn't mean I resort to manipulation and grooming to gain a partner. I've read a lot of sick shit online about men grooming their wives from young ages to be the perfect spouse. The entitlement is shocking to see. It would appear from online discussions that a hell of a lot more men than I'm comfortable with think women were literally created to cater for their every fucked up want.

No. 437797

File: 1563796529094.png (552.64 KB, 905x1131, 1563788523641.png)


No. 437798

And we know its about women fucking sharing their dudes to fuck other women, men, and children

No. 437799

Not really. Most of the time women have a much easier time finding sex partners. It's usually the man's idea but it's him who gets to sit on the couch eating chips while his wife gets matches on Tinder. But really fuck this. I hate how people are trying to make polygamy something "enlighted" and "superior".

No. 437802

a tweet from a conservative site spinning "this lifestyle should be less stigmatized" into "monogamy is unethical." very cool.

No. 437806

polygamy is garbage and horrible for every person involved. You cant convince me otherwise. it's always men pushing this shit too (look at results like projared and his ex Heidi.)

that shit NEVER works for good reason.

No. 437820

polygamy would work fine with humans if we were completely hormone driven animals incapable of willpower and emotion but we humans are extremely emotion driven, including the scrotes. we get extremely attracted to our mates and children. the same guys who want to fuck other women will lose their shit over any men around their girlfriends. and like 95% of today's male population wouldn't be able to take care of over 4 kids. be realistic.

No. 437827

libfems only sperg about this all day long because most of them are 1st world and rich, they arent going to be the ones who are actually trafficked, raped, murdered and abused when prostitution is legalised. the only model that works is the nordic model.

most of the """sex workers""" who support shit like this are 1st world camwhores who arent in any real danger anyway.

No. 437974

I don't get why everybody feels so sorry for Eugenia Cooney.
She could have the largest support system any person with an ED ever had, millions of people have been begging her to seek help for ages, she's financially secure and spoiled, yet she choose to showcase her anorexia for her underage fans to see - for years.
She'll turn 25 this week, but because she's a tiny cute emo weeb everybody only pities her instead of holding her accountable for being the horrible rolemodel she is.
Her parents are narcs and hurting her, Shane is doing literally everything wrong in front of her, Jaclyn's vdieo is abusive, blah blah… she's everybody's eternal favourite victim.

No. 438030

honestly, anorexics get too much slack from people compared to other mentally ill people. When I was in my worst state, I was manipulative, mean, always thought of myself as more interesting, capable, special than anyone who was even at a normal weight but people only had pitty because I was a poor tiny suffering girl. Now that I look back on it and see how other anorexics are given special treatment, it disgusts me.

No. 438056

She has a "romanticized" mental illness.
Imagine if she had an ED that would make her a deathfat. Lmao.

No. 438069

Sounds to me like her family is abusive, but I also don't doubt she enjoys being the center of attention and maybe has an Ashley Isaacs sort of mentality about the ED.

No. 438085

File: 1563836110254.gif (Spoiler Image, 655.84 KB, 240x180, DemandingMadArcticseal.gif)

she's a 21st century goddess bunny

No. 438097

jesus, what the fuck am I looking at

No. 438125

File: 1563844658997.png (74.59 KB, 240x240, v9_NCHWu_400x400.png)

anything should go within the realm of fiction! those that try to realize what they read in books & see in cartoons have something wrong with them, and have long before they picked up media. it's either that or they're making cartoons and shit their entire world and need to go outside more to see how the REAL WORLD works.

i know everyone loves to use 'jaws' as an example of fiction affecting reality in a major way but understand…people can be very stupid. i remember my science teacher making a little 'fun day' (though at the time i don't recall finding it fun lol) out of teaching us the True Lore Of Sharks when the movie hit peak paranoia.

it's just…impossible to think pedophiles are borne from viewing from loli (actually dug too deep on 8ch & learned that pedos don't even like loli as it's not realistic enough!) or that GoT is reinforcing positive stereotypes about incest or whatever.

also, someone that ships the brothers from dantes inferno (i'm assuming they're brothers anyway since i saw some drama over fan-piece but that's a whole 'nother can of worms) and creates content for that ship while living a normal life, is way superior to someone that participates in brutal porn or whatever.

No. 438145

Also an unpopular opinion but jaclyn glenn is totally a narcissist who was fake crying and trying to get a pity party going in her last vid.

No. 438149

Hard agree with everything. ironically this wouldn't be an unpopular opinion 10 years ago.

The DMC drama was all fake woke newfags because all the possible ships since 2001 were pretty much incestuous anyway.

No. 438154

File: 1563851221954.png (292.84 KB, 1558x686, bc1.png)

>it's just…impossible to think pedophiles are borne from viewing from loli (actually dug too deep on 8ch & learned that pedos don't even like loli as it's not realistic enough!)
Nah. See >>430658
Also, excerpts from Pornland by Gail Dines:
>“Some of the worst stories I hear are from men who have become so desensitized that they have started using harder porn and end up masturbating to images that had previously disgusted them. Many of these men are deeply ashamed and frightened as they don’t know where all this will end. Phil told me, “Sometimes I can’t believe the porn I like. I feel like a freak,” and Anthony sees it as a “slippery slope I never thought I would slide down. I never thought of myself as a guy who would like the really hard-core porn, but that’s what’s happened to me.” Some speak of moving toward more violent images while others have become increasingly interested in bondage and even child porn. Because accessing child porn is illegal, many of the students said that they had not actively gone searching for it but had accidentally come across it while surfing porn sites. This had piqued their interest, although most of the men I spoke to are very disturbed by their sexual interest in these pictures.”

>“Students are not the only group becoming bored by and desensitized to porn images of adult women. In interviews I did with seven incarcerated sex offenders, aged from their late thirties to early sixties, all said that the quality and quantity of their porn use changed drastically after the introduction of the Internet. Prior to the Internet, they would regularly use pornography (of adult women) but after the introduction of the Internet, they began to use it compulsively, some of them even losing their jobs because of it. For this group of men, the regular gonzo pornography became boring, and they moved into more violent, fetishistic pornography, often that which looked like overt torture. When this also started to become boring, most of the men moved into child pornography. Some accidentally came across child porn while surfing porn sites, and others sought it out to masturbate to something other than the usual porn. The average length of time between downloading the first child porn and sexually assaulting a child was one year. Most men told me that before becoming addicted to Internet porn, they had not been sexually interested in children."

>Clarence A. Johnson once enjoyed the adult pornography sites he viewed on the Web.

>But after a while, the thrill was gone.

>So Johnson started clicking on some of the advertisements that popped up on his computer screen above the naked men and women he was staring at.

>He was seeing something new — young teenagers, and even young children, posing in the nude, having sex with each other or being molested by adults. At first, the 49-year-old Batavia man was appalled. But once the shock wore off, Johnson couldn’t get enough. Like thousands of other men throughout the United States, he was hooked.

>“It was a drive, something like a fix,” he said. “I needed more, and if I didn’t get it, I felt empty.”

>“I’ve seen men from many different walks of life,” said David G. Heffler, a Lockport psychotherapist who is appointed by the courts to counsel child pornography offenders.

>The men, Heffler said, usually fall into two categories. One group is the hard-core pedophiles and molesters, who use child pornography to indulge their fantasies.

>A U.S. Postal Service study in the mid-1990s found 35 percent of men who view child pornography also molested children. A more recent study by the federal Bureau of Prisons found 80 percent acknowledged molesting children, even if never charged with the crime.

>The second group Heffler identified are men — such as Johnson — who start looking at adult pornography but then “slide down a slippery slope” toward child pornography.

>“Many men told me they started out looking at adult porn and never intended to look at children,” Heffler said. “But after looking at adult porn for a long time, they get bored. They want to try something different. They start looking at children. Then, they can’t get enough of it.”

Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20071019011521/http://www.buffalonews.com/home/story/185614.html

>Since I was 17 I’m attracted to boys between 7 and 12, and I’m addicted to porn videos, photos and drawings you can see on ill reputed sites online.

>I really know that what I do is very bad, that it’s horrible to all those innocent children but I can’t stay away from those images and videos, or I fantasize about them while I’m near a school or in the street.

>[…] I often want to say “stop”, I erase everything I have on my computer, I go to dating sites, I try to be normal but it never lasts I crack again I re download and spend sometimes the whole night looking at this porn files on my pc, my tablet or even the smartphone.

>I feel terrible everytime I go on those sites, and when I download despite all my anonimity programs I’m never safe. If my family found out it would be horrible! Then my nephew who is 2, what 5 years from now? Will I be able to not do anything to him?


tl;dr: What I mean by showing you all this is to establish that men's choices, when it comes to porn, is based on what gives them a new fix. Normal porn to hardcore porn, hardcore porn to hentai, hentai to lolicon, lolicon to CP.
This is how they end up addicted to things they wouldn't even have touched before, all because of pornography. So, yes, pedophiles can be borne from viewing loli/shota. The anons you saw on 8ch who complained it wasn't realistic enough may have been at the point where 2D just didn't give them as much of a rush as the real thing, so they abandoned it. Doesn't absolve the content itself of anything, especially when there are images directly based off of real children, or that contain nods to actual CP. On top of that, there are still actual pedophiles who are fans of it. I've seen them in the wild, I've been groomed by them, and there's enough of them to establish a connection. If you don't believe me or anyone else's studies based on your own readings of what pedophiles say, I'll counter that with a screencap from a thread of other actual pedophiles discussing shotacon communities (the forum is called BoyChat).
The whole "Fiction doesn't mean anything to reality" idea may be nice, but it doesn't really hold water IRL. People are too easily influenced.

No. 438160

He's a drag queen who had polio

No. 438165

File: 1563852373031.jpg (154.09 KB, 1000x713, 323759dz.jpg)

Pretty much. These are all new fags who didnt give a fuck about the games until DMCV came out. It's really obnoxious, but people have been shipping the brothers since the beginning, esp the third game. Let people like what they like, esp fictional demon boys

No. 438367

nta but could you post this screencap?

No. 438404

Hugging is kinda gross especially when guys admittedly get off on the titty being against their bodies

Also the air kisses other cultures do next to your cheek is also gross, I'd hate for someone to put their face that close to mine

I don't wanna shake peoples hands either because you're all gross. Everything is gross. We should carry swords and knight each other as a sign of greeting and trust. perfect.

No. 438407

Jesus anon, have you been checked for Asperger's?

No. 438419

File: 1563904616542.png (289.72 KB, 1052x798, mp.png)

It's right there in the post, anon. Here's another, from the same thread (sorry it's so tiny).
>It seems to me that these people are mostly just unwilling to face reality about their sexual attractions.
This guy was agreed with by others. Straight from the horse's mouth, not from some anti-shota/loli crusader. The very first cap from >>438154 also outright says "Their galleries are full of stuff that would attract us like a magnet".

No. 438421

Come here and let Aunty Anon kiss your sweet face! Look at you, all grown up! Oochi-koochi-koo!

No. 438474

File: 1563912669337.jpg (139.73 KB, 564x705, 88dfba2ec14e92d2f87b797d24adb2…)


Truthfully anon I kinda feel the same.

Sorry in advance for a blogposting.

Often my siblings hug me just because of how they like to see me squirm (idk we like to do stuff like that) and the only way I can explain it is that I feel physical pain just from a hug, even from the people closest to me.It is very weird feeling as if someone has put my skin on fire. I have been like this ever since I was a kid, my parents are used to this and they aren't the type to stick labels, at most they think that all of this is because I grew up as a tomboy and had a difficult childhood. But truthfully I think that if I went to psychiatrist they might stick me on the spectrum, especially concerning how easy it is to get diagnosed for anything these days. For example, I had a huge scar on hand from biting it when having strong emotions, would spin around in one place for hours and was what people would call a gifted, but socially inept child, thought I almost had no social skills and just a small group of friends, also ed was one of the symptoms as well. I think that in a sense I'm lucky that people around me accept these small weird things as just quirks and not mental illness.

No. 438506

Between the Holly Brown thread and seeing people endlessly whine about money on social media regarding selling their art, I think most artists should just accept that freelancing is, 9 times out of 10, a completely unsustainable income source - barring the exceptionally skilled and quick artists, obviously. Begging and guilting people into donating to your Kofi or whatever isn't a job and I'm honestly so tired of people on social media acting like their followers owe them.

Social media artists need to face up to the fact that most millennials and gen z - the demographics their art is almost exclusively consumed by - just don't have the money to buy art. 80% of people under 30 live paycheck to paycheck. No amount of e-begging and panhandling can change that.

No. 438508

>freelancing is, 9 times out of 10, a completely unsustainable income source - barring the exceptionally skilled and quick artists

Yeah, but then you have that "artist bro" attitudes like "yo, i do like 20 compositions a day and sleep 3 minutes before going back to work, complaining is for pussies" . The irony is that market wise is that fucking overproducing hypercompetitive mentality that lowers prices and allows for clients to trample over artists, is a race for the bottom. The smart thing would be to create the market conditions for artists to have more rights concerning their work and be able to make an actual livable earnings with less grinding.

Not ever gonna happen thought because so many are willing to bite the bite on the sort of corporate mentality that goes against their own interest due to their shitty egos "omg, git gut" "get back to drawing! +Asianface.jpeg"

Then of course the same artist turns 40 yr old posting some "bleak reality check article" about artists not being able to buy a home in like ever or beggin for donations becuase he doesn´t have health insurance. Say what you will about modern art scenesters but those gallery artists understand how to manipulate the market in their favor and value their products and illustrators should learn a thing or ten.

No. 438510

jsyk, you probably meant contemporary art and not modern art. While your statement applies to modern art as well (to an extent), modernism stopped around the 80's.

No. 438516

Agreed, even though regarding kid stuff I think anon >>438154 is sort of right about it being a gateway porn. But I believe that there are two types of loli/shota porn, the first one is the petite youthful characters that aren't really meant to be perceived as kids, and the actual child porn stuff of someone fucking realistic 6 year olds. You know, the kind that actually makes a person uncomfortable.

Regarding that, my unpopular opinion is that girls who like shota are nowhere near as harmful as men who like loli. Girls who like shota often like it for the mommying aspect while men usually get a kick out of breaking and harming a helpless female child. It's supported by the statistics, 96-99% of actual child rapists and molesters are men.

No. 438518

eh i kinda disagree with you on the bit about shota. i feel like girls into shota are more likely to be into it for similar reasons as men are. men aren't known for being easily manipulated and women can't assert dominance over men generally either, so unlike men, young boys are their only prey.

though for loli/shota there's levels. below is my list from creepy to "i'm calling the police)

>liking a certain body type (yuki from haruhi)

>liking a certain personality type that is often accompanied by a certain body type (usually like gremlin type girls, think nico from lovelive)
>liking "1000 year old in 12 year old's body" type characters who are meant to be teenager or older mentally (remilia from touhou)
>>liking "1000 year old in 12 year old's body" type characters who aren't meant to be teenager or older mentally (kanna from dragon maid, she's in elementary school)
>liking children that are canonically young but aren't doing children's activities (chiyo from azumanga daioh)
>liking children that are young and are doing children's activities (kodomo no jikan)

now, this list isn't trying to justify anything, just my personal feelings. i wouldn't really care if someone thought like yuki or nico were cute or something, they're not really children, but when you get down to kids in elementary school you can kys.

No. 438591

meh i would argue it ties back to what anon said
>those that try to realize what they read in books & see in cartoons have something wrong with them, and have long before they picked up media
it's similar to some men blaming alcohol as the reason for raping women despite the fact that plenty of other men and women would never rape no matter how much alcohol they drank

No. 438637

I hate The Office. I dont find it extremely funny and it's actually slow moving and painful/slightly depressing to watch. It seems like literally everyone's favorite show lately.

No. 438642

i am fine being a libfem and pretty much nothing's going to convince me to change my views significantly lmao

No. 438645


Me too anon.

i hate comunists with a passion having to live in a communist distopia myself. Specially pampered first world commies. They can shove that marxist crap up their asses and anyone telling me i am not a real feminist because i don´t endorse that starving piece of shit ideology can fuck off.

No. 438672

Conditioning is the problem IMO.
Content that sexualizes children or violence isn't the same as alcohol. The feelings it creates in a person, especially a man, aren't something that only happens to special cases of fucked up men (unless you mean to say most men are fucked up from the start). It's largely a subconscious, slow grind. Things become normalized in the person's mind from repeated exposure and positive feelings of arousal, whether they want it to or not. It leaks into real life behavior, such as belief in rape myths, victim-blaming, and other facets of what we know as rape culture. It doesn't necessarily mean all these people will go on to rape, but that they become more facilitating of it as a result of the exposure, which is more detrimental to everyone and leaves more innocent people at risk IMO.

Here's a study on victim blaming and the effects of sexual arousal that was posted in >>438537

>In the context of the present study, the sexually aroused observer of the sexually violent scenario may simply deny that anything severe has happened and reject any information that conflicts with this belief. Accordingly, a victim’s claims about sexual violence and the associated suffering are likely to be denied or perceived as exaggerated, which in turn may make negative victim evaluations – such as victim blaming – more likely. In sum, this means that the visceral state of sexual arousal may lead to more favorable perceptions of perpetrators of sexual violence, which in turn may lead to cognitive dissonance within observers.

>A study by Ariely and Löwenstein (2005), for instance, found that sexual arousal may shift moral boundaries by changing people’s judgments of a wide range of sexual activities, including sexually deviant ones. More precisely, the authors were interested in participant’s self-reported level of sexual arousal in response to different sexual activities, including morally questionable ones, such us having intercourse with a 12-year-old girl or an animal. In addition, the authors investigated to which length participants would go to obtain sexual gratification in a hypothetical date scenario (e.g., continue attempting to have sex even if the date resists) and whether participants were willing to engage in unsafe sexual activities (e.g., no birth control). The results indicated, as expected, that sexually aroused participants were more likely to be aroused by a broader range of sexual stimuli, including deviant ones, indicated greater readiness to engage in morally questionable behaviors in order to have sex, and were more willing to perform unsafe sexual activities.

>Furthermore, participants were unable to predict their responses to sexual stimuli in a non-aroused state.

There's also actually no real "I became a different person with inhibited functions and didn't understand the consequences" argument to be had like there would be with alcohol. They know the risks from a logical standpoint, they just hold the visceral feeling of arousal to be more important in that moment:
>Further evidence for this notion comes from a study by Löwenstein, Nagin, and Paternoster (1997), who found that sexual arousal increases the likelihood of people’s willingness to engage in sexually coercive behaviors in order to obtain sexual relief. Moreover, this relationship was not mediated by perceived benefits or costs of such aggression. However, participant’s awareness of costs increased along with their sexual arousal. Thus, although sexually aroused people are more likely to use sexual coercion to obtain sexual relief, they are more aware of the possible consequences of their actions.

These are just about pornography itself and its relation to violent behaviors, sexism and callousness toward sexual violence itself:
>We found that several motivations to view pornography were associated with suppression of willingness to intervene as a bystander, even after controlling for frequency of pornography use. This study joins others in suggesting an association between pornography use and callousness toward sexual violence.
Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26209307

>In studies of male aggressiveness and pornography, social psychologists have found evidence to support the theory that consumption of pornography by males increases their aggressiveness and antisocial attitudes toward women. The research reported here studied the presence of pornography and both sexual and nonsexual violence in the lives of two groups of women: a group of battered women drawn from shelters and counseling groups, and a comparison group of women from a mature university population. It was found that the partners of the battered women read or viewed significantly greater amounts of pornographic materials than did the partners of the comparison group. In addition, 39% of the battered women (in contrast to 3% of the comparison group) responded in the affirmative to the question, "Has your partner ever upset you by trying to get you to do what he'd seen in pornographic pictures, movies, or books?" It was also found that battered women experienced significantly more sexual aggression at the hands of their partners than did the women in the comparison group.

Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/3154165

>A meta-analysis was conducted to determine whether nonexperimental studies revealed an association between men's pornography consumption and their attitudes supporting violence against women. The meta-analysis corrected problems with a previously published meta-analysis and added more recent findings. In contrast to the earlier meta-analysis, the current results showed an overall significant positive association between pornography use and attitudes supporting violence against women in nonexperimental studies. In addition, such attitudes were found to correlate significantly higher with the use of sexually violent pornography than with the use of nonviolent pornography, although the latter relationship was also found to be significant.

Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19862768

>Using a probability-based sample of young Danish adults and a randomized experimental design, this study investigated effects of past pornography consumption, experimental exposure to nonviolent pornography, perceived realism of pornography, and personality (i.e., agreeableness) on sexist attitudes (i.e., attitudes toward women, hostile and benevolent sexism). Further, sexual arousal mediation was assessed. Results showed that, among men, an increased past pornography consumption was significantly associated with less egalitarian attitudes toward women and more hostile sexism. Further, lower agreeableness was found to significantly predict higher sexist attitudes. Significant effects of experimental exposure to pornography were found for hostile sexism among low in agreeableness participants and for benevolent sexism among women.

Source: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/257931662_Pornography_and_Sexist_Attitudes_Among_Heterosexuals

Now just like…think of all of these aftereffects, but in relation to children, not just women. It's kind of horrifying.

No. 438757

When people put together two pictures of the same person and imply that they made themselves look soo different, I have to resist speaking up about how it's just in the angle, lighting, and makeup. Not photoshop, like some insist.
I can still tell it's the same person and I'm just looking at them in different angles, lighting, and makeup. And I notice the complaint crops up specifically when someone takes a more flattering picture of themselves than usual.
Either I'm really fucking savvy or people are disguising their jealousy with the pretense that people are only allowed to take pictures in the same-ish, boring ways.

No. 438772

I fail to see how this is an unpopular opinion being as libfem ideology is pretty much mainstream in the west

No. 438784

usually people like you can't tell photoshop kek.

No. 438792

i live in a non english speaking country, and watching anglo expats rage about local people not speaking english is so funny. anglos will make fun of immigrants to their countries for having an accent/not speaking good enough english, but start screeching when they go to a non english speaking country and they arent immediately catered to.

one of them is this girl who complains that official government forms are printed in the local language and not fucking english, people bitching that their elderly neighbours cant speak english, and also saying shit like everything should be in english because learning the local language is ~too hard~, the worst ones by far are the ones who BRAG about not learning the local language after living here several years (especially british and americans do this) and in the next breath complain that no one can speak english lmao

No. 438793

The Office is fucking stupid. I can’t like ANY of the characters. Definitely not enough to suffer through Michael Scott’s (or most of the male characters’) headassery and watching everyone enable it. Like if I wanted to watch dumb fuck tone deaf retarded men for entertainment I’d just go outside.