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No. 657790

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22 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her 32 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig, and her creepy controlling mother.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/654132
The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean (currently deactivated as of 2/14/19)
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history:

New Milk:
> Colin from Slaves posted on here about his experiences with Jonny. His posts start at >>>/pt/637869
> Cannot keep story straight on rehab, has stopped posting about it
> Posted an Instagram story with needles visible in the background
> Continues to make stories on Instagram where track marks can be seen on her arms
> Several animals that have been MIA were posted on Instagram after being mentioned on here. This includes several snakes, Ella, Mushu, Star, and Kronos
> Valentino (Sinaloan Milksnake) was allegedly returned to the breeder after regurgitating his food and developing a respiratory infection
> TND and Jonny have moved into a curvy house with an atrium, which she claims she is intending to make into an enrichment space for the lizards
> Atrium has been shown several times with absolutely filthy water which the animals have been swimming in
> Have posted multiple photos/captions indicating that Star is extremely stressed in the new house, but both are too ignorant to the signs of stress in cats to recognize it
> Released a video on April 13th (2 months after she said she would return to youtube), slurring words in some clips, and showed alcohol in the kitchen and bedroom of the new house
> Cheese’s necropsy results were inconclusive (obviously)
> Claims she is totally sober from drugs but alcohol doesn’t count and her rehab coaches are completely fine with her using alcohol
> Bindi’s enclosure shown in the new house as only a bit of substrate and a couple of simple hides, no enrichment. She has said that Bindi doesn’t need enrichment because “she doesn’t do anything anyway”

> Recent Known additions to the horde of animals: Tarantula, frog

> Recent Known Deaths: Moon crab (Ursula),
> Recent Known “Rehomed”: Satanic Leaf geckos, all fishtanks not including the 150 gal, other moon crab (Triton)

Videos which sum up the drug addiction situation:

Old Milk:
> Claims to be attending an outpatient rehab program, where they receive Vitriol injections
> Jonny was kicked from the Slaves for incessant drug use http://archive.is/JO9vO
> Taylor admitted to using heroin, this was corroborated by texts from Jonny http://archive.is/4GnJG http://archive.is/6sYGI
> Accused former friend Breezexotics of sexual harassment http://archive.is/HiCCr
> Has deleted Twitter once again
> Friends have gone on damage control, trying to save their own reputations
> Snakes are morbidly obese
> Versatile Reptiles, Breezexotics, and whatever (video anon) are verified with Tripcodes
> Still never made an apology video for slandering South Texas Dragons
> Mushu has been shown without much gill feathering left recently shown much more clearly with facial scarring, even less feathering and stressed posturing stated that she will be updating mushu’s condition in a video, we will see if that happens
> Attempted to purchase two new crocodile skinks on the down low before a smaller pettuber ratted on the cover-up of the deaths introduced the new skinks
> More enclosures being shown with completely empty water dishes more empty and scummy water dishes shown in the new house as well
> Has been bouncing deactivations on her twitter and instagram during the controversy around Cheese and her herion use

Unconfirmed Milk:
> Electrical malfunction story was fabricated. Croc Skinks died of dehydration due to her not giving them enough water during a heatwave. Pacman frog died of malnutrition due to only being fed mice.
> Gucci escaped from their enclosure and was missing for 2 months. Taylor bought Parada as a replacement. Gucci was found in Gus’ enclosure after eating him. Taylor claimed Gus died of old age.
> Had a mite infestation, Bindi (Blue Tongue Skink) had been shown infested with mites
> Mantis Shrimp died after only a few days instead of a few months as claimed
> Leopard Gecko is kept in a dark tub
> Valentino was not returned to the breeder and is dead
> Her and Jonny were evicted

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 657801

amazing thread pic anon!

No. 657811

speaking of the rats: it's interesting to me that taylor has never shown her rats free range area. makes me wonder if she ever actually takes them out, even if its just on the bed.

No. 657817

So far we have only seen Goose out on the bed with the cats only a few feet away. Given that we know the cats swipe at animals through cages, it is likely they exhibit this same behaviour to the rats so it would be far too difficult for Taylor & Jonny to set up a specific area for them to free roam. Not to mention they probably just can't be arsed giving the rats the time they need. Which is tragic, because rats are soooo social, active & intelligent. They really need at least an hour of enriched interaction out of their cage every single day, which would be so incredibly hard to provide with the number of animals Taylor has. Considering her hedgehog(s) & monitor need the same kind of interaction, having to juggle those 3 species PLUS their cats… next to impossible for these two, they just aren't dedicated or responsible enough.

No. 657822

Thanks for making a new thread but can the summaries be updated? A lot happened last thread and almost none of it is in the new milk section.

No. 657824

come on anon, you know full well she throws food at them once a day and maybe takes them out a few times a week for a pic or video. Those rats are on their own.

No. 657829

Idk why it bothered me so much that he called the cat “a lazy bitch.” I guess because it speaks volumes of who he truly is as a person. If Taylor gave an ounce of a fuck about her image, she would make him delete that IG story post. At least pretend that you care about all her animals for fucks sake. What a fucking loser couple they are but keep gassing them that they’re ~goals~

No. 657830

I really appreciate other thread anon making the threads recently, but I've noticed that as well. I always take ages to make new threads because gathering up all the info from the last thread and deciding what is milk worthy is such a pain.

No. 657862

File: 1556824926935.webm (3.84 MB, 479x852, 5.1.2019_72857_PM.webm)

taylors instagram story, i first thought it was from jonnys cause… why is she opening up about her feelings in this random story about her fat cat? lmao

No. 657863

Anyone wanna decipher what she's saying?

No. 657876

She isn't recording that, her voice is too distant. I have to wonder why Jonny is on her Snapchat.

No. 657884


Don't forget, he 'checks' her phone quite often.

No. 657890

he probably thinks he owns everything she has. her phone, her wallet, her money, and her home. I would feel sorry for her, and probably everyone else would, but everyone already knows why we don't anymore

No. 657892

Torn between thinking it’s not actually her, and the tv / she’s watching herself on YouTube. But I did catch “some people find me annoying”

No. 657895

I dont think that sounds like her, might be tv?

No. 657919

They're watching the second season of On My Block, lol. It's not Taylor but I thought it was at first.

No. 657986

Yes, total nitpick, but the first thing I noticed was that it still said she’s a ‘family friendly pet mom’ when she’s since updated her Twitter bio to just ‘animal mom’ lol details!

No. 658005

File: 1556850534840.png (6.13 MB, 1242x2208, 92C1A9D4-9C3C-4836-B395-A75AE7…)

Wtf is all over the mirror…dude just doesn’t give a shit!

No. 658006

most likely just toothpaste spray. nothing tinfoil worthy, not everything is potential milk

No. 658007


sorry, but what does 'swipe up' do?
im really not into my phone so…

No. 658009

If you swipe up on Instagram stories to opens whatever link they add to the story. in this case he linked his twitch stream.

Also, in the following story (were he is on stream) his pupils are pinned out. it's hard to get a screenshot because he's moving his phone all over but he's in a dark room with a light behind him and yet his pupils are tiny. no wonder he's shit at vidya, he's high while playing

No. 658011

poppin pimples. Ewww, they prove more everyday they're slobs.

No. 658019


definitely not. stop tinfoiling. that's just toothpaste spray or random bathroom splashes..

No. 658021

You don't need to police everything everyone says.

No. 658029

No matter. Most NORMAL people would wipe/clean it and most certainly before filming a selfie in said mirror. Just goes to show what filthy slobs they are.

No. 658053

File: 1556892662485.png (4.93 MB, 1125x2436, E5A5D680-C260-4769-A4CB-F762E9…)

Not to WK, his pupils aren't pinned, we've seen them MUCH smaller in less light before

No. 658059

File: 1556898395373.png (64.81 KB, 582x586, twitter1.png)

More people appear to be waking up…

No. 658076

As other anons have said before, she didn't share it, she was exposed. She only came out and admitted to it when she was caught red-handed. She had every intention of sweeping it under the rug and denying she ever had a problem.

The fact that she talks about inevitable relapse and weeping off it using other drugs shows she's not serious about staying sober. Waking up a 3 in the afternoon and saying you still have time to take care of your 50+ animals is naive and stupid. They're suffering under her care due to improper care, negligence and laziness.

The fact that she spends her free time shopping for new animals, surfing Instagram and twitter shows she could care less about the animals under her care. She's in way over her head and tries to frame it like she's the victim, is such an immature attitude that isn't suited to taking care of living beings. With the amount of resources she has at her disposal she could make truly exceptional enclosures but she spends it on more crap that will just sit in her closet or on the floor of the bathroom.

She's selfish, manipulative, a liar, a narcissist, lazy, naive, dirty, unhygienic, drug-addicted asshole.

No. 658077

File: 1556908931297.jpg (1021.49 KB, 1080x2083, 20190503_114143.jpg)

she doesn't even go anywhere…

how are the rats, taylor?

No. 658078


I'm gonna go out on a limb & say that this new shopping-addiction of hers is a way to keep herself from buying new pets.

No. 658080

Those shoes are such a waste of money. They're hideous

No. 658081

Seems to me that Jonny is changing her for the worst.

Let's just hope they don't get married and have kids or be extremely stupid and have kids because "We LoVE EaCh OtHeR So MuCH and ThiS iS WhAt HaPPeNs WhEn You LoVe SoMeOnE" then again I can see Jonny bailing again

No. 658084

File: 1556911501594.jpg (859.94 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190503-152434_Ins…)

They are running errands.

No. 658085

Woah watch out we got an edge lord over here. If you need clothing and tats to PROVE your tough, cool, rugged your really not. It just reeks of try hard.

>"Guyz im not insecure or anything, here's some $9999 shoes and tats I got #queen"

She acts like she's being different by getting tats and dressing rebelliously. It's literally the most mainstream and conformist look ever. She's just a poser who's in it for the look and attention.

No. 658088


"errands" aka cider runs, shit food, drugs

shit you'd think they'd at least keep it alittle tidy.

Nice ass grab, gotta let those internet trolls know who she belongs to. seems like a great role model…

No. 658092

Ugh did she not shower before deciding to go out? Look at how greasy her hair is.

No. 658094


HOLY fuck look at that greasy hair! has she just not showered for the last week?

No. 658098

This pic is giving me such anxiety. They look like trailer trash, and I come from a family of trailer trash. The rooms in the pic look so cluttered.

THEY DON'T HAVE KIDS OR 9-5P JOBS, CLEAN YOUR SHIT UP! I wish she'd understand this is such a poor reflection on her animal care capabilities.

No. 658099

Trailer queen, maybe.

He shit talks about not dating the maid, but at least the maid is cleaning and keeping herself looking professional. Taylor straight up looks like she's homeless here.

No. 658102

Crazy how Jonny actually looks like he’s gaining weight and not a junkie anymore, but Taylor still looks like she hasn’t been off the H

No. 658103

Trust me they look even more haggard in person…. just saw them at HopDoddy……yaaaaaaa trust me that was the “best angle” for their entire look

No. 658113

Drugfag here, junkies actually can gain A LOT of weight on dope, you get super bad sugar cravings so I wouldn't be surprised if they were both still on it tbh

No. 658122

File: 1556918992375.png (413.62 KB, 350x618, 5-3-2019.png)

Still no word on the rat cage, but check out this fuck-ton of makeup!

No. 658128

oops lol my rats have been walking on bare bars for almost a month!

No. 658132

He’s dressed for 65F and she’s dressed for 80F…lol

No. 658133

File: 1556921097862.png (69.56 KB, 596x484, tndcredit.png)


Taylor is allowed to "Reshare" instead of retweeting a fan, but no one can steal from her!!!

No. 658134

File: 1556921228013.png (51.88 KB, 592x340, tndcredit1.png)

No. 658135

What the fuck lmfao she's insane

No. 658139

I just want to slap her. Bitch trying so hard to get Kylie’s attention. Is Kylie going to buy those rats a new cage?

No. 658144

The irony is Kylie was used as a marketing prop for other people to get rich off of. Her whole brand is a marketing scam designed to capitalize on people's insecurity. Most models, herself included don't use her brand.

No1 curs what make up your using if your face and lips are bloated. Makeup alone won't make you attractive. She's a total butterface at this point.

No. 658149

Kinda obvious how long she has been mentally gone and drugged out considering nobody gives a fuck about vapor wave shit and kylie cosmetics anymore hahahaha

No. 658150

omg anon next time pls snap some secret pics à la Kiki in Walmart

No. 658154

that's what happens when you're drugged out 90% of the time. At this point idk why they still complain about how their life is shit and depressing when all they do is do nothing at all productive.

No. 658155

does she even care about her animals anymore or did she place em in a room and locked the door to be forgotten?

No. 658159

Tryin' to hide his beer gut most like. He does realize he lives in texas right? He looks like a dresscoded teen.

No. 658160

I'm sure if it was the other way around and Taylor was the one who put on weight he would call her all kinds of horrible names and threaten to leave her

No. 658161

File: 1556927478190.png (46.86 KB, 588x534, twit62.png)

How many animals does she have to kill to get her fans to stop disregarding her neglect as "little mistakes"?

No. 658162

That's easily a couple hundred $ worth of make up. Probably paid mall prices too, good lord she can't manage money.

5k new monitor cage, 5k new gaming pc, 5k a month rent, 1.5k desk, 1k PER WEEK maid, but 20k inpatient is too expensive. Rats can go fuck themselves too, cage is too expensive. LOL.

No. 658169

Most of them are just naive kids who probably don't know any better. Some of them are probably willingly ignorant though, it's really sad even at their "best angles" they look truly terrible. Anyone who's been around drug addicts or been around toxic people know this isn't going to end well.

She's in her own little world right now. There's no point in trying to talk her out of it. The only thing that might cause her to change is a traumatic event.

She seriously thinks that she's going to be able to have thanksgiving with Jonny and her family and have the perfect Disney relationship. Jonny obviously couldn't give 2 shits about her expect for easy sex and money. He's already proven a terrible father, not really sure what she wants to accomplish at this point.

No. 658191

File: 1556933622830.png (248.41 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190503-213313.png)

which illness is that, Taylor?

No. 658192

File: 1556933832049.png (11.02 KB, 402x424, 7ab.png)


Taylor, you have ONE job…

No. 658196

File: 1556934911698.png (527.3 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190503-214516.png)

Jonny also said "you don't need drugs and alcohol to have a good time" then posted this shot of Taylor "sleeping" with a beer bottle on his side of the bed. tay posted 30 minutes later a story of how scary the windows are when there's lightning

No. 658200


>"you don't need drugs and alcohol to have a good time"

A bit late for that message eh, Jonny?

No. 658207

her own little world that consists of junk food, that's obviously not gluten-free, that goes straight to her face and hair. They're looking more and more like the stereotypical trailer trash you see in movies.

Geez. if she had a drug-jonny-free brain, she could've used that money for college and I'm betting she would look younger, happier, and glowing but I guess that "rock star experience" is better.

No. 658216

How do barometric pressure changes affect EDS or Coelic in particular? No don't even answer.

No. 658218

Spends hundreds on makeup, can’t spend $5 on a can of dry shampoo for her nasty hair

No. 658221

they do affect EDS, just as barometric pressure affects most joint and pain conditions. Not sure how it stops her from filming but she's otherwise never mentioned or been affected by it, but just because she lies about it happening to her doesn't mean it happens to no one.

No. 658222

If she was so impacted by her chronic illnesses don’t you think she would pretty much feel forced to eat something healthier than French fries? That alone pretty much proves she’s not really interested in “getting better” whether it’s due to substances or not

No. 658227

my bad, I thought it was temperature control rather than barometric pressure.

No. 658229

The only time her "illness" makes her feel sick is when she HAS to upload a video. If she was taking care of herself like taking a shower and eating non-gluten food then it'll be a step closer to having less issues with her illness.

No. 658230

aka "I'm hungover and hungry af so I can't function right now. ill upload when I'm broke"

No. 658271

File: 1556988809840.png (265.03 KB, 1080x1483, Screenshot_20190504-195236.png)

idk what the context is but he posted this to discord

No. 658272

Maybe trying to pay rent? His latest ig story is him complaining about how much he hates chase bank

No. 658273

How can he post that screenshot as if it were a brag, when the landlord is calling him out on always paying late and unable to remember an account number.

No. 658274

They were probably delinquent on their rent. 1st of the month probably showed up, they were still asleep at 3pm and landlord probably lost their shit.

If Taylor's mom is involved they're probably using her credit to rent. She probably Co-signed with them for their house because they're credit is non existent or too fresh.

Now they're probably scrambling to pay the rent and the management company is having trouble with the bank. Landlord is an idiot for renting to these buffoons.

They like to pretend they're independent but mommy has to send the reminders to pay up.

No. 658275

Not really a good idea to be mouthy to your landlord either.

>It be like that sometimes!

No, just no. You pay your fucking rent the first of the month. It isn't hard.

No. 658278

I can't remember, when did they move in? February or March? either way, they haven't been living there long, they should be much more careful about showing their landlord they're good tenants. not immediately making excuses for paying rent late and showing how irresponsible they are.

No. 658285

They moved in mid-March. Really pathetic that they can't pay rent on time.

No. 658286

Right? It be like that when people be irresponsible tenants. “I am the senior citizen!” is pretty boss, I hope this lady beats him with her cane.

No. 658288

Going on shopping sprees left and right but fucking up on rent. Because who needs a roof over their head when you're a junkie in "nice" shoes.

No. 658289

Taylor: Buys hundreds of dollars worth of trash clothing and makeup.
Also Taylor: Lets her rats suffer for months and can’t pay her rent on time.
Priorities - what an adult!

No. 658292

Why would Taylor's mom need an invoice for them to pay rent? Even if she is a cosigner that would have happened when they signed the lease. Not after they have lived there months.

No. 658294


lmao I knew they weren't going to get along with the community & it's higher-ups.

No. 658299

Yeah that part is confusing. I thought maybe it was about the AC, but the landlord mentioning get it to them on time makes it seem like it’s about rent.

No. 658300

he is a moron, taylor needs to take the phone away from him and stop him from posting makes him look really stupid

No. 658306

Most of that is done online these days, if Taylor's mom got sent an invoice shes almost certainly involved with the lease somehow. "the people" in johnny's post is most likely the management company.

>I checked in the morning they (management company) had not posted it. I hope from now on you would take care of it on time (the rent) without giving the account number (online system for paying rent).

The landlord is upset because they didn't pay the rent online, that why she's upset in his post.

They fucked up big, even stupider they posted it online. Why'd he even post it? No sure why they'd be missing payments either, probably a lack of organization.

No. 658307

>Why'd he even post it
To brag to his discord.

No. 658311

I feel like he's trying to flex like, "I do what I want and fuck the landlord trying to tell me what to do." Like when a kid brags about getting mouthy to their parents about telling them to do their chores.

You picked a real winner, Taylor. He's got the mind of a 12 year old. Girl, you're looking trashy as fuck not paying rent on time.

No. 658316


That's what I think, especially after his "We're just a couple of kids trying to figure out life!" post on IG a while ago.

No. 658329

Mama Dean probably set up some repair at the house and that's the invoice he's claiming on waiting for that caused him to not pay rent.

No. 658331

I wanna know how her mom is involved in this. Does she really believe her daughter is off heroin? Is she just playing along with Jonny to keep Taylor in her life? Why is she responsible for the invoices? Does she not see where Taylor's life is heading? So many questions.

Something's really funky with their money situation. No way they should be having trouble paying rent. All these purchases and stuff send out a bunch of red flags. still nothing for the animals.

No. 658333

>32 year old man
>a kid

The fact they've been living on them for less than 3 months and already being late on rent is laughable. But she had to have the atrium even if it was above her budget.

No. 658374

They both just seem terrible at managing money. Both of them have serious impulse control issues, Taylor is essentially a new adult who was apparently never taught about responsibility, and Johnny's spent his entire adult life living an unstable, practically transient lifestyle (and still glorifies it despite being a grown ass man). If they're struggling now, when Taylor is generating a decent amount of income, then they're both going to be absolutely screwed when Taylor's laziness and negligence drive fans away. She's going to hit rock bottom hard and fast.

No. 658384

Well I mean clothes/shoes/gaming computer you can put on a credit card. I wouldn't be surprised if Taylor has a lot of CC debt since she doesn't seem to know anything about budgeting.

Rent has to come from your bank account directly usually.

Although it still doesn't explain the whole Mama Dean involvement. And she is definitely an enabler. Taylor has surrounded herself with enablers. Tyler still acts like nothing ever happened and everything is totally fine.

No. 658456

Anon above mentioned that mama dean probably paid for a repair, that would be the reason that the landlord needs an invoice, so that they can reimburse her

No. 658458

Could it be possible momma dean still has some of Taylor’s money? Her husband is a lawyer after all and Taylor does seem to be rather irresponsible….

No. 658479

Papa Dean isn't a lawyer, he works in Insurance I believe. His son, Mama Dean's step son, is the lawyer.

No. 658484


What repair? there's no evidence of Jen ever paying for a repair. We don't know if Taylor got the A/C fixed and why would it go to mama dean? That doesn't make alot of sense.

More likely they just forgot to pay rent, and Jen has co-signed or is involved somehow. The Landlord isn't asking for an invoice, jonny is using it as an excuse.

Seems unlikely.

No. 658485

LMAO did he put his landlord in as

Prema Donna

No. 658501

The landlord is an idiot for renting that house to those two.. then again.. they're probably desperate since no one wants that ugly house.

Seems like "forgetting the account number" is their excuse for not paying on time. These two LOVE excuses and use them on everything that isn't ugly shoes

No. 658502

I think it’s her first name. It’s a name in India.

No. 658537

This is kind of amazing, are we going to hear about the rent every month? Last month's >>651014

No. 658540

i set my rent to pay automatically. is that not a thing in the us? because i find it very weird that they don't, they have no reason not to

No. 658541

Might not be an option for them, especially if they're renting from an individual rather than a property company.

No. 658542


My rent, utilities and Internet are all set to direct debit from my bank account. In my country companies will offer you a decent discount for setting this up so that it's paid on time. It's weird that they don't seem to be able to do their bills properly when it's so easy nowadays since it can all be done online. There really is no excuse for not paying your bills on time when you're making money like Taylor is.

No. 658543


My rent, utilities and Internet are all set to direct debit from my bank account. In my country companies will offer you a decent discount for setting this up so that it's paid on time. It's weird that they don't seem to be able to do their bills properly when it's so easy nowadays since it can all be done online. There really is no excuse for not paying your bills on time when you're making money like Taylor is.

No. 658544

You talking about a boy who tried to post an ad on ig story looking for a person who can hack a website and a girl who can’t even think about giving her rats a better cage layout. I don’t think they even know the word, “invest” or “enrichment” means

No. 658547

So when do you think we'll get another video? Considering she said she had nothing filmed and it usually takes her a couple of weeks to edit her videos it looks like it won't be for a while.

No. 658548

File: 1557059759978.jpg (373.36 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190505-083519_Ins…)

No. 658550

it be like that sometimes!

No. 658553

What an idiot, her rats wouldn't destroy everything if they weren't bored as fuck. Should also just get them some enriching wooden toys instead of the dozens of soft hides she has for them.

No. 658554

rats destroy everything my dude they love to tear shit up whether it’s hammocks or chews. my boys dont touch their toys and just rip up their beds lol

No. 658555

They like to destroy shit, but not excessively enough that you'd need to get them new toys constantly, especially if you only have 3 rats. I have 6 girls that like to tear up their stuff too, but their beds etc still survive for a few weeks because they focus on their wooden accessories and enrichment toys.

No. 658563

Got the cover for cage floors tho?

No. 658566

No, it’s definitely a thing in the US, eco/paperless automatic billing. The only reasons not to would be ignorance to this feature, not wanting to “give up control of the money aka cash”, not having the money (yikes). I can maybe see if it’s rented from an individual where auto pay isn’t as seamless and/or the landlord placed a caveat they must pay via cashier’s check/money order because that’s basically cash and they don’t look credible on paper. Still ridiculous, esp if utilities or other varied monthly fees aren’t a factor and it’s a set monthly fee. They should be prepared, even if there isn’t a resident pay online portal.

No. 658583

When they're broke again

No. 658586


She has had a video break over 1mil views in over a year. For someone with 1.6mil subscribers that's not good. Her most recent videos will probably cap 400k range at best. Not bad but not great. Its also misleading because she only uploads once a week (sometimes) and people will watch it if that's all they got.

She's coasting off her old videos when she pulled in million+ views. Her video views have consistently come down since jonny entered the fold. People are getting bored with the Pettube FAD. Other pettubers are even worse, they best stick to their day jobs.

Projections arn't good for TND. She'll probably always have a group of devoted stans but she already peaked a year ago. Subscribers don't really mean much it's more about the number of views. That and the videos about her heroin addiction will turn alot of would be subs away.

No. 658597

File: 1557082961566.jpg (229.7 KB, 1242x872, bN0Ecwz.jpg)

Because Jonny totally respects women. He’s totally not a rapist. Nope. He totally didn’t post your nudes and tell everyone to check out your “amazing body” or anything. Oh that’s right. You supposedly told him to do it.

No. 658598

File: 1557083148012.jpg (167.09 KB, 1231x543, pCQe0cT.jpg)

No. 658599

File: 1557083609886.png (13.06 KB, 572x128, twit64.png)


Breaking up with that garbage pile of a human would also help young girls "so they never have to feel they way we did"

No. 658601

File: 1557084540797.png (18.7 KB, 586x202, twit65.png)


Oh, there it is, the real reason she tweeted this; Attention.

No. 658602

So many comments calling her out on dating a rapist/abuser. Nice

No. 658603


…Aaaand the tweets are gone

No. 658610

File: 1557088154827.jpg (330.88 KB, 1224x1444, 0gn4zZP.jpg)

Any clues who this might be? This person just randomly popped up defending Taylor on the now deleted tweets.

No. 658611

File: 1557088294002.jpg (205.22 KB, 1242x907, YxcOrZ8.jpg)

No. 658613

No idea but I don't doubt what they are saying if they actually talk to her. Jonny did similar shit to his exes. Taylor's family is absolute trash for enabling this if so.

I don't blame her for not leaving if she is physically in danger. But I do blame her for getting involved in the first place where I wouldn't normally blame other abuse victims. She was warned and had so much help to leave in the beginning and she fucked over everyone trying to help her.

I don't think he's threatening to harm her animals to keep her, she obviously doesn't give a shit about them and that wouldn't be enough to keep her to leave. I would totally believe him just threatening to reveal her shit care and animal replacement though, she cares more about her fame and money than anything else.

No. 658614

anybody think this is…taylor?

No. 658615

My first thought. Setting herself up as the soo brave victim uwu yet again. It reads inauthentic

No. 658621

I'm agreeing that she's staying mostly because he could ruin her with what he knows about her terrible care. They could ultimately ruin each other, but she has more to lose, in my opinion.

No. 658633

File: 1557098555887.jpeg (339.15 KB, 1242x887, C06AED10-F302-4C77-AA86-363E46…)


I wonder if this is what the invoice is for.

No. 658638

AFAIK most banks offer a free billpay service where they just print out a check and mail it to someone, or do a wire transfer. I'm renting from a private landlord and that's what I'm doing.

No. 658642


>“A great way to insure your career will take a nosedive is to buy a house.”

Why did she bother with that POS house. The atrium is only good for 1-2 videos. She can't even make it a garden or anything because ITS NOT HER HOUSE. 4k on rent is insane thats 48K a year. That's not including heating/cooling, lawncare, internet ect.

She's seriously a 22y/o child, surrounded by toys and candy. Sleep all day and play all night. She's not interested in bettering herself at all.

No. 658643

It could very well be her, however I don't think she's smart enough to come up with a username like ipsofactoid.

No. 658644

LOL I wonder if she was passively angry at Jonny but can't act out to him so she tweets. Everytime she rants on Twitter.. I just imagine her high out of her mind and can't stop thinking about dumb things

No. 658648


Any girl who says "I found it difficult to make female friends"… you're the problem. In Taylor's case, I can easily see why. She's an attention whore and most likely bosses her friends around or tries to control them to fit whatever fantasy she wants to present. She's artificial. That's why doesn't have many friends.

No. 658661


It's probably her mom.

No. 658664


…Or her dad

No. 658666

Could be Becky trying to defend her wallet.

No. 658668

Taylor just posted to her story saying she’s not upgrading the rats to a critter nation again for a bit because it’s unnecessary. Not text though, she said it on video, so no screenshot.

No. 658669

Eh tbh I think it's more along the lines of her thinking girls are catty and full of drama so she'd rather be "one of the boys". It's still about validation though.

No. 658670


Jesus, can she just… give her rats to someone who actually gives a shit then?

No. 658671

She WAS the drama so they kicked her out. Every girl I've met that ONLY keeps guy friends around has issues. Self-esteem or otherwise.


She fuckin contradicts herself in the second post. Guy just sexualize girls! I only have guy friends! Then she dates a guy who litteraly grabs her ass in photos and post nudes of her online.

Don't expect teenage guys to be your friend, they were only "friends" with you because you were hot (at one point) and wanted to date you or get in your pants. If you were fat and ugly they would've left you alone.

No. 658672


Wasn't she was homeschooled throughout her teenage years?

No. 658673

she was in highschool and was taken out later i believe.

No. 658674

File: 1557118460766.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x2074, 20190505_215309.jpg)

Here are a couple shots of the cage with bonus cat wandering around (she mentions in the video that the cats are never in here when she isn't and that the room is her office and the doors are closed when she's not in there)

No. 658675

File: 1557118554364.jpg (782.71 KB, 1080x2071, 20190505_215259.jpg)

A look inside. I don't know a lot about rat care but is it okay for the ramps not to be covered? The fabric looks thick enough to prevent foot issues but the bare wire on all the ramps worries me.

No. 658676

File: 1557118682738.jpg (524.25 KB, 1080x2082, 20190505_215718.jpg)

And the cat wandering around. Later she's right against the cage but again I don't know much about rats to know if that's stressful for them.

No. 658678

Rat fag here. It's generally not a good idea to have ramps bare because it can cause bumble foot, which is basically very painful blisters on paws. It can also lead to the animal getting a limb caught & seriously injuring themselves

No. 658681

The idea of a foot getting caught or tripping into the bars is what worried me upon seeing them bare. She also mentions in the video that the thick covering will prevent bumble foot so she is aware of that, and yet… leaves the ramps bare? I suppose they aren't sitting on the ramps constantly but still, surely it wouldn't be much more fabric to cover them, too.

No. 658682

I can smell the piss from here, I bet that fabric is already filthy. Seems very small, all that waste in such a small area, especially since it's 3 of them.

It's obvious she doesn't take the time to look after them and doesn't want to deal with the hassle of a new cage.

No. 658683


Yep. Minimal effort. Girl must be running out of money. Late on paying rent, now skimping out on her enclosures…

No. 658684

I bet this was the stuff that just got shipped yesterday, and she FINALLY put it in the cage and is trying to make it look like the shit has been in there for a while now.

No. 658685

Since Jonny is a twitch Star now and always streaming, does that mean Taylor is alone in bed all the time?

No. 658686

File: 1557121136370.png (120.71 KB, 1376x407, Capture _2019-05-05-22-37-13.p…)

I HaVE a LoT oF Bills.

No. 658691

>I have a lot of bills right now
Proceeds to buy expensive clothes, makeup, and toys for her child that will just end up on the floor. Lmao ok Taylor.

No. 658699

uncovered ramps are fine so long as you actually wipe them down regularly. that cage is a fall risk though. everyone thinks norway rats can climb but the fuckers are burrowers. they will break their necks in that thing.

No. 658701

insert flashback to jonny posting taylors nudes again

whatshisname, elijah? she probably confided in him quite a bit when she told him she'd go to LA, and he was anti jonny

No. 658708

Her cage is okay. There are some problems, though. Fleece/fabric needs cleaned regularly because it absorbs urine which will then just sit there in the fabric. This is really unhygienic and can cause ammonia build up which is really bad for rats due to their delicate respiratory system.

You can say rats are burrowers all you like but rats are phenomenal climbers which is why we keep them in large cages in captivity. Tall cages with lots of climbing opportunity is best for them to help build & maintain good muscle tone, and is also good mental exercise for them. Honestly she would be best removing the shelves & ramps entirely and instead hanging some litter trays on the bars as "shelves". Hanging litter trays are much more hygenic because the litter will actually absorb the urine and help keep the cage clean.

Technically upgrading is unneccessary, the cage she has is really popular and actually fantastic for rats given you make proper adjustements.

For the bottom she would be better installing a cement mixing tub or something similar. Put loose substrate in it so they can dig & forage if they so desire. This way she can also scatter feed which is incredible enrichment for rats.

Ramps themselves don't cause bumblefoot. What happens is the ramps get dirty from urine and then if the rats have sore feet from standing on bars for prolonged periods elsewhere in the cage, then urine gets into little micro cuts/scratches, you'll have rats with bumble feet.

UK style rat care is so different from the US. In the US it's all hammocks and blankets and levels and shelves whereas in the UK we really utilize vertical space and we set up our cages in such a way that they are as hygenic as possible without taking any enrichment away from the rats.

What enrichment are blankets providing vs how much enrichment loose substrate could provide?

There is a lot Taylor needs to change here but let's not nit pick ramps when there are much bigger issues with her rat care. Let's also not spread misinformation about this cage being a hazard to neck breaking… that is absolute nonsense.

No. 658710

File: 1557143500746.png (2.14 MB, 1440x2194, Screenshot_2019-05-06-07-48-18…)


She obviously just set it up. The tube next to the cage is a Guinea Dad package, a company that makes fleece liners and bedding. I can't belive it took her this long.

See attached.

No. 658715

I doubt it’s either of them. It’s not written how they normally speak/write.

No. 658716

With the whole fleece thing she could have it if she treated the fleece before and had an actual under layer to catch all the urine.

To me the biggest mistake with the entire cage is the fact that everything is wire (which can obviously be fine for the sides)because it's so hard to work around in terms of substrate which at the moment seems to be the biggest issue.

No. 658721

I’m not a rat expert, so I trust what you’re saying, rat anon. My problem is that Taylor went on about how this cage was just temporary and how she was going to get them a new cage. Then she went on that huge shopping spree, and suddenly she doesn’t find it necessary to upgrade. I doubt she’s as knowledgeable as you, so it seems more like she spent money she could’ve on getting a new cage and then lucked out on not actually needing a new cage. It worked out for her this time, but it won’t always in the future.

No. 658724

uk rat care is notoriously shitty—you also love to breed diseased, aggressive wildlings to domestics to “keep the gene pool fresh”

taylor’s cage is a stinky piss soaked mess and i second needing to get a cement bin and fill it with shavings. that said vertical cages for norway rats are a dumbass idea. black rats or “roof rats” are climbers. norway rats live underground and climb very well but living in a vertical cage with no shelves and a 5 foot drop is asking for a dead rat if it so much as makes a faulty step, wrestles with another rat or has a stroke.

No. 658726

And US rat care is notorious for having poorly bred feeder rats, and overweight and under stimulated rats living on fleece with nothing to do.

A properly set out cage will things to break the rats fall won’t result in injury but regardless, Taylor’s cage is dismal.

No. 658729

“poorly bred feeders” yeah, in our shitty pet shops. most reputable breeders that you buy from are dual purpose.

rats aren’t as sure footed as people seem to think they are but yes, we can at least agree, taylor sucks.

No. 658746

Europe has some of the best bred domestic rats in the world. No one here breeds diseased, aggressive anything to anything else. Unethical breeders do, yes, but they can be found anywhere. Most hobby breeders (and by that I mean breeders actually involved in the fancy) find it incredibly unethical to breed diseased rats or rats with behaviour issues. In fact here, a lot of genetic traits are banned such as hairless & harley is incredibly frowned upon due to the issues associated with these genes. Has that happened in the American rat societies? Nope. You sound so far up your ass. You probably keep your rats in bins with less than 12" of substrate despite ranting about them being burrowers. I'm willing to bet you experience a lot of rusting, kidney issues, skin & coat issues & probably have fatter than average rats that are under-stimulated.

No. 658747

We about to have a revolutionary war in the comments over rat care?

As someone who knows a little about rats, Taylor's enclosure isn't horrible but she has the money to make it better than most owners. Instead she waste money on stupid shit and chose a house with rent she can barely pay.

No. 658752

I'm honestly looking forward to the first of every month now just because they've already shown how irresponsible they are with rent, who wants to bet how long it takes for them to get evicted? I'm gonna go with 6 months

No. 658764

This. Former rat owner. I've seen far better and more enriching rat enclosures from basic rat owners on Tumblr. Taylor's is just adequate in the lowest tier. As someone who is a pet youtuber, she should strive to inspire people to want to do the best for their pets. However, she's mediocre. She's not going to stay on top of cleaning the piss fabrics. She's going to throw stuff away and then they'll have to wait for new stuff. It'll be a money pit. She should rehome any pet she isn't willing to do better than basic with. Save herself money and focus on above average enclosures.

Jenna Marbles feels like a more educational pet youtuber with her recent videos about their new greyhound, and how they're addressing behavioral issues. At least Jenna is using her money to learn from professionals and implement the knowledge.

No. 658767

If the house wasn't in desperate need of tenants, I'd agree 6 months. I've got a hunch the owner is desperate to get it generating revenue, though.

I can't remember if her lease is monthly or a year? If it's a year, I'm sure the owner won't renew the lease if they keep this up. It's too much of a financial hassle to evict unless they're straight up not paying and go months behind.

No. 658770

All this discussion about Taylor's rat care, and I'm just dumbfounded as to how she could possibly give any animal that she owns the proper care. It might be possible to have as many pets as her and to so give them all good care, but it's unlikely. And in her state, being a drughead with the inability to leave an abusive prick, as well as having whatever medical problems she claims to have, it's ridiculous that she thinks she can give proper care to anything.

Having a pet takes time out of your day to play with it and take it out. Most of the animals she has require daily handling. And good god, I cant imagine the time out of the week to clean it all.
I think she needs to size down, especially with their money dithering away. Work on youtube, ad that's apparently their only income. It's insane to have so many animals while showing how much you're incapable of taking care of them

No. 658780

Taylor is pretty dumb about not paying the rent. In Texas, you can be charged late fees by the landlord for being even a day late. Those fees can get real high real quick.

Failure to pay rent is grounds to evict in Texas, and tenants don't have as many rights protecting them as say, someone in California or New York. All the landlord or mgmt. company need to do is hand them a notice to gtfo and then they change the locks, boom! Evicted.

She's playing with fire here but being a dumbo I doubt this will concern her much.

No. 658781

They are gonna get evicted. Talking like that to your landlord, wtf is he even flexing about? These two act like ten year olds, it's truly crazy to me. Who does shit like this? Pay your fucking rent.

No. 658782

Not just rent but basically ALL her bills because, from what we all said on this site, she probably has a ton which she confirmed by her tweet.

She’s basically a single mother that spends way too much money on useless things with alot of pets with the added bonus of having no job, crappy videos, and excuses for not uploading frequently. She’ll be back at her moms when she’s Jonnys age.

No. 658788

elijah daniels. that's a good point anon, i hadnt thought about him.

No. 658802

I also felt those new Twitter account tweets were from tnd. she was my first thought.

Also, I still cannot believe manchild texted the landlord in that tone and talk. LMAO. He is so ignorant, it’s embarrassing.

No. 658803

It's standard to do a year lease, so it's very likely they signed one of those. But we'll see how long they last before they do something that can get them legally kicked out or they just run out of money and break the lease because they can't afford to pay the rent anymore.

No. 658804

File: 1557173232976.jpg (973.82 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20190506-140710.jpg)

Looks like Taylor is getting a dog.

No. 658805

it's gonna be a pit and taylor will be the archetypical stupid pit owner, with jonny flexing over his dumbass murderdog. place your bets.

No. 658806

Who the fuck thinks that you can bring your dog to your dorm? Just how stupid are these people?

No. 658807

oh fuck me… Bleeding heart Taylor. It's a dog, when it comes down to it a human's health and wellbeing is more important then an animal's wellbeing. Dogs like this get killed in shelters all the time, it's naive and irresponsible to take on another animal when you already have 50+. You can't save them all unfortunately. This is so many levels of stupid.

>friendly, curious

This means poorly trained and behaves badly in dogesse. When you own 3 cats thats so much of a danger. unknown dog what could go wrong?

No. 658808

File: 1557173612317.png (1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190506-161207.png)

I think the longer message is just copy pasted from what anon posted above

No. 658809

lol pit mix

No. 658811

Um. That is clearly an example of the beloved 'American Shelter Dog, medium size' hdu, hdu anon.

Taylor will be a terrible dog owner. You cannot ignore a dog the way she does all her other pets. 'Friendly and curious' is going to turn into 'aggressive and neurotic due to neglect' fast.

No. 658813


I don't think she's going to keep it.
Dogs are too demanding for her & often are a testament to how good or bad of an owner you are.

No. 658815


>You cannot ignore a dog the way she does all her other pets.

Same as with a bird. Imagine, the poor thing would be screeching all the time, & pulling it's own feathers out… not good for Miss Instagram-Quality-Photos-Only!

No. 658816

That poor dog, even if she fosters the dog it is not a good place for the dog to be. She has so many other pets and probably won’t be able to give the dog dedicated space, toys, high quality dog food, play time, walks, or take the dog to the dog park. A dog needs way more additional care than the other animals she has, and I don’t think she realizes this. She is in way over her head, even if this is not a permanent situation this is not good for the dog.

No. 658817


I wonder if this will be like when Taylor pretended/said she wanted to not keep the monitor but JC insisted and that was that. Since he makes all the decisions it seems.

No. 658818

If it was just her I would agree with you. But it sounds like Jonny wants to keep the dog, so she'll probably end up keeping it.

No. 658819

Ugh I hope she doesn't keep this dog. She can't handle rats and her monitor, how would she deal with a dog on top of everything else?

She is at least pretending that she knows this.

No. 658822

What the fuck are you going on about in your first statement? She should have left that dog to die? I do agree she shouldn't be the one fostering it but it does seem like shes trying to find it a new home.

No. 658824

and like how they kept Star because Johnny loved her. Chelsea said it was because Star looks exactly like a cat they had together that Johnny abandoned when he left Chelsea. so he pressured Taylor to bring in the third cat. Now he's doing the same thing with a dog. He is so bad for her, and she for him. They enable each other so much it's awful. In animal hoarding and in heroin addiction

No. 658826

They’re going to keep this dog. This story is too stupid to be true.

No. 658828

It's like Taylor and Johnny are desperately trying to be like Jenna and Julien the way they've moved into a house, started streaming, and now gotten a dog straight after Jenna adopted a rescue. Except Jenna Marbles is probably the best pet owner on YouTube and Taylor is one of the worst. It's so sad and desperate.

No. 658830

File: 1557176537958.jpg (168.58 KB, 1209x642, kGzapCK.jpg)

The dog is not even spayed apparently. I don’t understand how thought processes. Why not get the dog spayed now instead of waiting for someone to be interested. That needs to be the first thing she does.

No. 658833

If Taylor keeps this dog, shit will hit the fan for her. She has already abandoned 2 dogs in the past so if she takes this one on she better prepare herself for the HaTe

No. 658835

File: 1557176781399.jpeg (140.94 KB, 1125x909, CA593D0E-7D70-4D5E-834B-0DA888…)

everything she wants in a dog, how convenient

No. 658842

If she does keep the dog, there's gonna be more outrage when she inevitably neglects it. People tend get more up in arms about cute furry animals than reptiles.

No. 658845

An unfixed female and white carpets? This should be funny

No. 658847


At least she's trying to be a voice of reason here while her moronic fans are insisting she keep it b/c "PET QUEEN!!!"

No. 658848

what ever happened to her "service" dog from a while back?

No. 658849

Kids stayed with her parents when she moved into the apartment.
Taylor claimed it was because she was so bonded to the family and the other dog, Kiara, that she just couldn't take her!!!1!!1

It's more likely that the apartment wouldn't allow the dog (maybe a size restriction?) or Taylor wasn't interested in caring for Kida any longer and so left her with her parents.

No. 658850

It does have all the hallmarks of a TND lie. Who moves into a college dorm suddenly, in May? If there were no no-kill shelters near this person, why couldn't they transport the dog to one? There are no-kills and a decent humane society in San Antonio, and obviously someone got the dog there to Taylor's high-kill household.

she's probably just hoping someone else will go through the effort of getting her spayed/dealing with spay recovery and all, so Taylor doesn't have to be bothered to. Or it's just a lie to make her look good and she has no intention of getting the dog spayed.

That's Kida, the dog she just left with her parents because she couldn't/didn't want to move her to her apartment with Jonny. Apparently Kida "bonded so much more with her brother" so Taylor gave her to him as a service dog, but there's no indication that that's true or that Tanner ever wanted her or is using her as a service dog.

What are the odds this dog is another craigslist pet she bought herself and this entire story is just made up?

No. 658852

Right? Geez, he couldn’t make it more obvious his longstanding drug use totally has him stuck in the mentality of 32 going on 13. Just some kids!

No. 658853

taylor has already sperged incessantly about defending pits before, i wouldn't be surprised. i feel like that's exactly the type of thing she'd do; she gets to paint herself as this "rebellious" (for lack of a better word) girl with a dog that nobody likes so she can talk all day about how sweet it is. she would love that kind of attention. she'd milk that shit from the day it walks into that godawful house.

No. 658855

yet again taylor lives in this fantasy where she's some sort of goddamn savior
well of course they do, just look at the australia feral cat situation; billions of wild birds that hold up our environment that are killed by cats every year < 2 million cats destroying our environment. speaking of which, i'm extremely interested in what taylor's opinion on australias decision to cull the ferals.

No. 658868

>lab mix
Well, at least it'll take care of her animal hoarding problem if she keeps it. Shitbulls are notoriously pet-aggressive even with perfect care.

No. 658871

File: 1557181916661.jpg (78.78 KB, 588x960, 42440873_10217213383307774_442…)


Here's a good example on how to utilize a cage like this. Levels and hammocks to break up all the air space. Extremely important for rats if they happen to fall.

The cage size is fine. It just seems… lazy on Taylor's part to not get them a DCN. I've had this style of cage before too, but a DCN is going to last longer and is just much easier to get into and clean. Plus you can take it apart easily for a full scrub down. Cages like this rust so quickly because they weren't designed for rats and their urine is super corrosive. Honestly Taylor just made a dumb decision in getting this cage. DCN is superior in every way.

My main concern is that there is a lot of fleece. The fleece liners should be changed every 2-3 days and hammocks might last a week if your rats aren't messy, but basically that's a lot of laundry that needs to be done and… I don't even think Taylor does her own laundry. Personally I would've gone for a DCN and gotten custom pans for the trays so I could fill it with substrate. Rats love to dig and burrow just as much as they love to climb. This just screams that Taylor really has no idea what she's doing and hasn't done her research. She isn't passionate about creating a great cage for her rats and wants to do the bare minimum. If it weren't for people calling her out, they'd still be in that other cage.

No. 658876

IIRC the apartment complex was pet friendly for both cats and dogs, so it's more likely that she left her dog behind because she knows that a dog requires a lot of attention and exercise.

She can get away with the animals she has now because they're in cages, and cats are relatively independent. A dog is an entirely different level and if she keeps it, her shit pet care will be more obvious.

This dog looks young and based on her description, is still on training basics, so it's going to require a lot of attention and training which neither she nor Jonny can provide. If she decides to keep it for some godforsaken reason, Betsy will be the one walking and training it no doubt.

No. 658879

It's a pit, Tay, Jonny is not going to be able to flex over some faggy dog like a lab, he needs that manly pit power to give him some clout.

Second, ALL DOGS SHOULD BE FIXED. Period. No reason to wait. Get it fixed or give it to someone responsible, you dingbat.

No. 658880

This is so cute. Is the shelving part a type of plastic? Sorry, don't know much about rats, but it looks like fun for them.

No. 658883

Good luck keeping her cats separate from a pit mix in a house that has no freaking doors. Maybe she can lock the cats up in a closet or something and throw them some string for 'enrichment'.

No. 658885

Pits and mixes are the most killed in shelters. She need's to take care of herself even if it means the dog might die in a shelter. Abuse and rescue dogs sometimes come with alot of issues and sometimes it's easier on everyone if they're put to sleep. It's not the dog's fault but if you've ever worked in a shelter that's the reality unfortunately.

Pits also have the worst adoption record due to their reputation, undeserved or otherwise.

No. 658888

I would never trust Jonny around a dog. He seems like exactly the type of asshole to hit a dog for "disobeying" him, i.e. exhibiting normal dog behavior. she needs a better home for so many reasons.

No. 658889

The reality is she may save the dog from imminent death but would be subjecting herself to a HUGE committment and a lot of work which she clearly isn't capable of providing right now. It would be irresponsible considering the risk of relapsing. And ultimately, the dog would suffer too. Not enough exercise, lack of proper socialisation and possible health & behaviour issues that Taylor cannot provide for.

No. 658891

Seconding this. I absolutely would not trust Johnny with a dog and I barely trust him with the cats given that I'm pretty sure we've seen questionable handling of them from him before.

I mean what are they going to do, shut it up in the atrium to use the bathroom/exercise? Neither of them would walk the dog and it'd be hell trying to keep it away from the cats and other animals.

No. 658892

Labs have a shit ton of energy. Especially while they're young. Lab-Pit mix is not a good combo, training will be very difficult and time consuming. Tons of walks and playtime with young dogs as well, probably loud as hell too.

I don't believe the whole college kicked out the dog story. Most likely sombody picked up a stray and it had a bunch of behavior issues so they want it gone. Nobody who is serious about owning a dog, or has a good relationship with their dog just gives it away to strangers. It wasn't even fixed either? come on… the whole surrounded in a walmart being kicked by guys sounds fake as fuck too. That shit is done in garages not in public.

No. 658893

He’s probably left all the other animals alone because they don’t really bother him. I can very easily see him hurting the dog while drunk or drugged out.

No. 658895

File: 1557185280725.png (2.19 MB, 1440x2712, Capture _2019-05-06-16-27-06.p…)

No. 658898

It's not. This one is solid black, and look at her eyes. Taylor's dog has like a grayish ring around the eyes and the pit features are more prominent.

No. 658899

deleted my reply because yeah on second glance that's definitely a different dog.

No. 658901

Kida is a Doberman. She could've taken Jonny out in seconds, especially if he made Taylor uncomfortable.

…Funny how Taylor chose him over her…

No. 658903

Kida was a timid rescue, she probably wouldve been scared of Johnny's bitch ass

No. 658904

It’s really suspicious how these people have to revoke their dog because they can’t have it in a dorm, but the college semesters are ending/over and move in dates aren’t u til August?

No. 658905

it's absolutely a different dog? look at the eye color and the muzzle.

No. 658906


They could be taking Summer classes.

No. 658908

Yeah, it's a load of bullshit. The only dogs allowed in dorm rooms are service dogs, anyhow. This was a shelter dog who's getting rehomed for aggression. I'd love to see the shelter's internal paperwork on this dog.

No. 658909

No. 658910

Taylor is an actual pathological liar. Everything she says is so ott and r/thathappened, it's weird. I'd love to see her attempt to tell the truth. I don't think she can.

No. 658913

It sounds kinda weird but, if you compare their nipples, it's not the same dog.

The dog with taylor has nipples that are from a dog that's nursed a litter, the one in the craigslist post has regular nipples.

No. 658914

Yeah not the same dog.

Don't wanna start the whole pitbull argument but they're just aggressive/territorial dogs. 3 years? You don't know what kinda of shit that dog went through before her, it will fuck up her cats if she's not careful.

Seriously beaten by a group of men? How did the original owner's get her then? School is ending next week, why would this be a dorm issue? where is all their vet shit? If they were taking care of her for a while they would've taken her in. Still not spayed too, very suspicious. Looks like a dog that just had puppies, taken in off the street.

Her insta story with her cat is awful. YOU NEVER introduce a large animal like that. Cat is super defensive and scared, the hunching is a dead give away. Dog def has some trauma signs based on her story too, very submissive posturing.

Can't wait till johnny shoes get torn to shreds. It's inevitable with untrained younger dogs.

No. 658916


Yeah you are right! U never thought of checking the nips. I guess I was wrong. Thank you for your insight

No. 658918

>This was a shelter dog who's getting rehomed for aggression.
Baseless assumption. There is more than enough drama coming from these two people, you really don't have to artificially dramatize it, which is what you're doing.

The dog actually seems really sweet and tame from those photos and the video

>If she does keep the dog, there's gonna be more outrage when she inevitably neglects it. People tend get more up in arms about cute furry animals than reptiles.
Can confirm, am one of those many people. First time posting in any of Taylor's threads. Suddenly, I'm invested.

No. 658922

They're already fucking up. Dogs find out real quick what is and isn't acceptable, she setting herself up for tons of behavior issues. No way she's going to take the time to train it.

Won't sit when called. Sprawled across couch. On the bed. She's giving the dog free reign over her. Most people don't raise dogs well, the dog is here to stay and will be spoiled rotten.

No. 658924

File: 1557188999208.png (18.63 KB, 306x302, ig9.png)

I have to say, good on Taylor for actually standing her ground & not caving-in to pressure from her fans & Jonny

No. 658925

File: 1557189524643.jpeg (178.12 KB, 750x1090, BD98E3A5-C9DD-44F4-87A9-34D2D4…)

Did anyone notice these marks on her arm?

No. 658926

Don't count the chickens before they're hatched. I'd give her kudos once the dog is gone.

No. 658927

Omg Taylor no. Get out of there girl it's not worth it even if your secrets get revealed.

No. 658928

dog/cat bites, or self harm scars? Not really sure it's heroin but im not a drug sperg. I feel like they'd be more bruising.

No. 658929


Not my cage, but someone I know. The shelves are wire with corflute (corrugated plastic) on top that are covered in fleece. Super easy to use because you can cut it to size. This is why I really do not get Taylor's excuses for why her rats are walking on bare bars. Corflute is cheap, you can cut it to size and then if you want, can cover it with fleece. Just having the corflute is super easy because they can be wiped down daily and saves a lot of laundry.

Taylor doesn't even try and that's what makes me so disappointed in that she has rats. They are amazing critters and I love doing everything I can to make them happy and give them an enriching cage. I have a quad DCN in a country where they don't even sell them. Taylor has some shitty, offbrand bird cage while making thousands a month. It just shows she really doesn't give a shit about her rats.


Doesn't look like self-harm, sorta looks like she's been resting her write on something and it's marked her. If it is self-harm… yikes. That's a cry for attention.

No. 658930

weird autistic nitpicks going on here, not only can we not ever confirm until this ""friend"" comes forward or taylor does something to release the info, this bit of blab on her IG post means essentially nothing beyond someone gave her a dog and now she has one for random reasons

additionally what a weird lack of research, have you all never attended college? or bothered looking up what the fuck you are talking about?

there are dorm times for may-july and then another dormming time for the year (2019-2020) so people can move in now or are going to move in now

No. 658932


Yeah it's weirdly nitpicky. The friend sounds dumb as hell, thinking they can have a dog in a dorm. If they're moving in, why not leave the dog at home? With parents? Siblings? Any family or close friends that'll board her while owner is at college? Instead just pawns it off to Taylor to rehome. Maybe it's because nothing Taylor says is ever 100% truth but her story is just over the top and sketchy.

No. 658933

Former cutter here those cuts are fresh. They are just healed and raw . she seems like she is screaming out for help.

No. 658935

I believe when she came out with her 'story' she admitted to self-harming so seeing this isn't much of a surprise. Although it's unfortunate nonetheless.

No. 658936

former cutter as well. she definitely knows theyre visible enough for people to ask questions.

No. 658938

Former cutter and this just looks like dirt to me? They're brown, superficial marks, like the dog dragged its claws around her wrist while she held a toy. This is dumb

No. 658941

Current dog owner here, and this looks nothing like dog claw marks.

No. 658944

I live in TX and am currently in college? All of my friends who are attending colleges in the San Marcos and San Antonio area are coming home right now for summer? Yes they do hav stones in-between semesters where you can stay at a dorm, but that means they would have already… had a dorm? Meaning that they would’ve already known they can’t have a dog. I think we are allowed to be suspicious of how she obtained this dog because she’s gotten many animals with very sketchy backgrounds

No. 658945

to me they look like they were not incredibly deep cuts, they dont look like claw marks imo.

No. 658946

Agreed, May is not a standard move in time for dorms. This story is super sketchy and should be questioned.

No. 658948

Even if he isn't violent towards the dog, he seems like the kind of asshole who'd encourage aggressive or violent behavior from the dog because it's fun or makes the dog seem 'badass'. At best neither he nor Taylor are remotely prepared to provide the extensive training and safeguards necessary to keep an animal that is genetically predisposed towards aggressive and destructive behavior.
>Can't wait till johnny shoes get torn to shreds. It's inevitable with untrained younger dogs.
Hopefully it only tears him to shreds and not the cats…
>The photo seems to be deleted from that post.
That sounds pretty suspect.

No. 658949

File: 1557194921604.jpg (36.13 KB, 704x430, housing.JPG)

pic related, uni housing portal promotes literal may time dorming
the point is that there is move-in times in may for colleges despite your weird need to say its super unusual, if it was it wouldnt be so freely offered

it depends on college and location obviously, but it wasnt disclosed and she can lie about whatever college her "friend" who gave her the dog goes to. the only explanation i can imagine working is her friend is going to a college out of state and thats why they are just giving the dog away, but obviously no one just "gives away" a dog

i agree its sketchy enough to be questioned but its not going to go anywhere, it dead ends at "wow may time dorming and giving a dog away like that is pretty weird!" i dont get why you want to uselessly argue over fucking housing instead of pointing something more interesting out, like >>658932 or >>658908

No. 658953

Same. I hope she rehomes the dog, but I'm not giving her credit for "trying" until she actually proves the dog isn't staying. She was "contacting rescues" (or sanctuaries or whatever) about Kronos after finding out she bought the wrong species and going on about how he was wild caught too. I'm sure she'll end up keeping this dog because, "I met with a lot of people but I'm really the ONLY one who knows how to care correctly for this dog!"

No. 658954

File: 1557196027755.jpeg (207.45 KB, 750x867, AA1F3DEA-EE6B-451B-ADDD-702EF6…)

So, you took a dog you knew nothing about and didn’t want to ask about it because reasons, lol rightyo

No. 658977

can't she just cover the costs for someone to foster this dog and get her spayed, vax etc. seriously you don't need to host the dog yourself to help it, just sponsor it and promote it on social media.

No. 658980

Super sketch… Yet she knows it was a Harvey dog cornerned at a walmart. Harvey was almost 2 years ago what happened in between then? The puppies must have been recent, something really doesn't add up.

No. 659000

Why can't she just take it to a no kill shelter? Her savior complex is insane. She literally took a dog from a couple random people with no questions asked and is trying to hawk it on Instagram. Just do the normal thing and contact the humane society, my god. Everything is a drama with her.

No. 659010


Taylor won't because wants the attention for rehoming a traumatized hurricane dog, that's why. She's such an attention whore.

No. 659014

File: 1557209426105.png (2.28 MB, 1242x2688, 9FE0ACB4-A6A3-400E-BF6D-5D79C4…)

their perfect 4K a month house

No. 659015

mold? or just water damage fron leak. Not a good sign in any event.

No. 659017

Why is he sharing shit like this? It's making them look so bad, fuck he's such a dumb cunt.

No. 659027

leaks on ceiling and spillages on carpet. how classy.

No. 659028

tinfoil but my i swear to fuck she’s going to keep the dog because she JusT feLL iN LoVe and sees the potential novelty in having the dog mingle with her other animals. $5 says jonny ends up abusing her or the dog if she keeps it because it’ll inevitably have an accident on the carpet because she doesn’t have an actual yard.

No. 659034


I doubt it, Taylor doesn't have a great track record with dogs. Plus she'd go for some pure bred that she can flaunt like she's done with all her animals. She started with common snakes and immediately moved to unusual/expensive morphs. Same with the cats. Got a basic moggy, then went and purchased the ragdoll. Same with the lizards/geckos too.

No. 659037

another cutter chiming in to say this doesnt look like cuts and if this is self harm then its just surface scratches. fresh cutting scars are more raised and… discolored? than that. theyre not just brown lines.
also just gonna remind everyone that taylor loves the attention she gets from having people speculate over her self harm, like when she posted a video with cat scratches and didnt answer any of the comments asking if shes ok etc even though she obviously saw them. if this is self harm after all then that sucks for her and even if she does it for attention she needs some serious help, but thats nothing new lol

No. 659039

File: 1557220188413.jpeg (178.78 KB, 1242x1200, A50A2829-CB0C-4BA8-AB04-0E9CD9…)

Can we talk about how disgusting her house is though? This dog is going to end up getting into something it shouldn’t and eating the trash they leave lying around. If I knew a dog was coming to stay I’d at least pick bits of plastic up off the floor jeez.

No. 659043

Current self harmer. Those are self harm marks, but they are very superficial and have healed over. They are in the stage before they begin to fade & scar, after the scabs heal. Usually this type of cutting doesn't indicate suicidal tendencies but rather is used as a coping mechanism. (Or a cry for help). Don't want to immediately say she is just attention seeking bc considering what she is expericing rn she could genuinely be struggling with her mental health.

No. 659045

do we have to

No. 659075

I can totally see the cats or the dog eating something they shouldn’t have. With such filth in her house, it can go bad quickly. A simple string can kill your animal if it eats it whole.

I am paranoid and if i ever leave the house I always make sure there is nothing the cats/dogs can get to that would harm them.

How can she live inside such a mess and be at peace ? And what dumb excuse can she come up with if one her cat ever swallows junk and dies from clogged/ruptured bowels ? I don’t get how it did not already happen…

No. 659077

What’s the aerosol can just laying around. Probably not anything safe around pets! And those animals will trash those blinds in no time! Pigs are cleaner!!

No. 659079

The story about the dog and search for a family really seem like a ruse, to me. She's setting up what she thinks is a plausible scenario for her acquiring a dog with minimal criticism. She probably pulled this dog in off the streets like she did with the kittens, decided to keep it (or Jonny did), but doesn't want to catch flak…so she comes up with this scenario where she is just a benevolent middle-man, but no adopter comes along, and then it is "best for the dog" to stay with her, because it's already settled, and actually going SO well with all the other animals! Video coming soon! (Video coming never)

No. 659081

…so they moved into a college dorm at the end of the school year and brought a dog…when obviously there will be a list of things you cannot bring before move in yet still brought a pet…like you have to literally read everything you can and cannot bring

No. 659082

File: 1557238410169.png (108.75 KB, 1377x333, Capture _2019-05-07-07-09-17.p…)

Her mom said dont put me in shit(emoji)

No. 659083


Everyone knows that you can't have pets (minus service dogs) in dorm rooms; however, Tay, who was homeschooled by the world's biggest idiot and is known to bring her animals places she shouln't, probably doesn't. The story is bullshit.

No. 659090

File: 1557241413768.jpg (473.65 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190507-100238_Chr…)

She's going kind of psycho on Twitter in general.

No. 659091

File: 1557241437629.jpg (597.87 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190507-100218_Chr…)

No. 659093

Most people lie about why they get rid of pets. They'll say something just to get rid of them. I'm moving, can't care for her anymore, I'm allergic now, my place won't let them stay, ect. Often the REAL reason is the pet didn't meet their expectations in someway, too much energy, too needy, destructive, smells.

People might've told Taylor a made up story. Often times there's another reason people get rid of animals.

No. 659094


That is Jen's twitter on a normal day lmao

No. 659101

Man, I really don’t know what to do with this dog, so I’m going to take it to the heroin addict with 70 other pets to find it a home.

Nice friends.

No. 659116

She did claim to be struggling with self harming. I think it was in one oh those long posts about her heroin addiction.

No. 659125

These are lyrics from They Might Be Giants songs, dudes.

No. 659133

Which is sad because that's the sort of reputation with self-harm is often focused on attention whoring.

She seems to be setting up the story for a break-up with Jonny now which can't go well if people start speculating on Twitter/YouTube.

Why did Taylor get given the dog tho? If it was a friend, she should have already known more about the dog really. The entire thing is stupidly shady even if we keep going 'well, it's unlikely she got the dog elsewhere'

She basically did the same fucking thing with Star and some fish (? may have been something else), I won't be surprised if she keeps the dog. Half of her fanbase is 12/13 or adults with their own pets probably so it seems unlikely someone will take the dog. Much easier to take them to a no-kill shelter (if it's already adopted I'm sure the old shelter would be happy to take them back? Assuming it's a no-kill shelter that is), yet she's parading around going 'POOR DOG I'LL PAY'

Also, idk if US shelters do this but UK shelters normally spay/neuter the animals in their care.

It doesn't seem like it's specified that the dog has previously been in a shelter but seeing as it is a Hurricane survivor I'm very much assuming so because normally there will be plenty of animal shelters collecting around because people are fucking dumb.

No. 659145

Two threads back I mentioned some scars that she had. A few anons ripped me to pieces because they said it was probably from the cats.
However, the recent picture is definitely some relatively new self harm.
This has been going on for quite a while.

No. 659152

File: 1557254363000.png (45.54 KB, 560x514, SOBER.png)

No. 659154

She didn’t pull the dog off the streets because in her ig post she added pictures of it that were taken by the owner.

No. 659158

can you post the picture youre talking about?

No. 659163


Her best friend's friend = Betsy's friend

Is it just me, or does Betsy seem to enable Taylor when it comes to buying/taking in & keeping more pets?

According to Taylor, Betsy wanted her to buy & foster a monitor lizard for her, & on her Google sponsored video, Taylor said that Betsy 'convinced' her to keep Goose.

No. 659183

File: 1557258446880.jpg (497.33 KB, 1232x1824, CA7lXB9.jpg)

This girl on Twitter asked Taylor of all people for advice on taming her Savannah monitor. Taylor said she would either make a video or reply with tips. She then proceeded to tell the girl she has an easier monitor to tame. Two of Taylor’s petfest cronies actually contradicted her!

No. 659184

File: 1557258672008.jpg (220.87 KB, 1231x1016, 5Bugegw.jpg)

No. 659185

File: 1557258760663.jpg (206.88 KB, 1242x792, eBNialU.jpg)

No. 659186

File: 1557258881266.jpg (481.31 KB, 1242x1950, gXOW79Y.jpg)

No. 659187

File: 1557259077004.jpg (469.03 KB, 1242x1832, vKLEKYq.jpg)

I’m living for this last girl outright telling the girl to watch another channel instead of Taylor and that salty Taylor at the end.

Sorry for spam. Just this thread made me so happy. Hopefully those two will contradict Taylor’s bad advice more in the future.

No. 659190

is that an actual animal species or does she still not know what kronos is lmfao

No. 659191

oh my god i was just going to point this out thats hilarious. i get maybe confusing other monitors names but your own?? how high are you taytay

No. 659192

Why does she talk out her ass about stuff she knows nothing about? She desperately wants to be a steve irwin but she doesn't know shit.

No. 659194


This is good.
No more "Queen of Pettube"-pass for her.

It's nice to see the other Pettubers stepping in & preventing misinformation from spreading further & causing more harm to animals.

No. 659196

It's about time. I'm glad someone is finally correcting her, she has no authority to give advice on animals she's never cared for.

No. 659204

Agreed. Emilee Rose and her no longer follow each other on social media, either. Not sure about Emma. Seems like the entire petfest cult jumped ship. Hopefully they'll continue to call her out, they kinda owe it to the world after licking her ass for so long and letting her get away with so much garbage animal care.

No. 659205

They know Kronos will be dead in a year, glad they are calling it now.
Also i like how they are insinuating Kronos is tame because he is letargic and not because Taylor is a " super good pet mum"

No. 659206

No, Betsey would not be at fault here regarding enabling. Taylor has control over her own decisions regarding the pets she decides to obtain. Of course others can say things in passing and offer advice, but it’s up to Taylor when she decides to obtain a new animal. She is in control. It is her life. Why would someone else be to blame for enabling her to acquire a dog to foster when it was Taylor who ultimately made the decision to foster the dog?

No. 659207

watching taylor backpedal here is fucking glorious.

No. 659209

File: 1557266560863.jpeg (997.11 KB, 1125x1473, DECCE556-84D8-4BFA-ACDA-FA3393…)

One thing I don’t understand is why she won’t get the dog spayed herself as opposed to offering money for whoever adopts the dog to get the dog spayed. It makes no sense. Does she not want to care for the dog after surgery? It’s irresponsible to not get the dog spayed at this point. What if the dog accidentally ran out and got pregnant again? Does she not think of these things?

No. 659210

Yeah, this story sure does have a lot of moving parts!

No. 659211

I love how anons don't think to google it to see if it's crazy or if it's a song.

No. 659212

She’s not at peace whatsoever and her living state is just a slice of the shit

No. 659214

this is the funniest thing i've seen all day, taylor getting her shit pushed in by other pettubers is *chef's kiss

No. 659217

'Lab' mix, 'roughthroat' monitor, who cares, amirite?

No. 659225

She mentioned in an IG comment that she didn't feel she had the time or resources to care for the dog post-surgery and was worried her stitches would open during recovery if Taylor didn't have constant eyes on her or something.

No. 659226

They're obviously song lyrics, the point was the vague threats in between the emo lyrics

No. 659234

File: 1557271575251.jpg (553.88 KB, 1077x1723, Screenshot_20190507-192554_Sam…)

No. 659236

Is she trying to make herself seem more badass or something by saying I HAVE A HARD TO TAME MONITOR LOOK AT ME

No. 659242

Do you not know what enabling is? Taylor is ultimately the one making her own decisions, yes, but the people she surrounds herself with clearly dont see issues with what shes doing (like acquiring animals she shouldn't) and end up enabling her stupid ass tendencies.

No. 659243

Regardless Taylor is still in charge of who she's surrounded with. She isn't forced to do anything, if she wanted to change she'd get rid of those enablers. She knows betsy enables her that's why she keeps paying for her to stick around.

No. 659244

Why would betsy want Taylor to clean up her act if she's getting paid 1k a week to pick up their clothes.

No. 659249

so it’s confirmed she wouldn’t want to care for a dog after surgery… why would she even agree to foster this dog if she can’t even ensure that the dogs needs were being met? It’s irresponsible to not spay that dog considering it recently had a litter. There are so many dangers to not spaying a dog. A real foster would be able to take care of the dogs medical needs, not whatever the fuck she is doing.

Rough neck monitor =\= rough throat monitor… a rough throat monitor (like she so eloquently tweeted about) does not exist.

No. 659250

Either Jonny and tay tay are super quick to trash a place…or Betsy isn’t that shit hot of a “maid”!

No. 659251

Because that would require her to actually take care of an animal. She sleeps like 12 hours a day, with the other 12 probably getting drunk/high, so there's not a lot of room for her to do it. At least she's been honest about not being able to take care of the dog and that's why she's looking for someone to adopt it.

No. 659253

What's this supposed to prove? Her calling her monitor a rough throat monitor is wrong, because they don't exist!

No. 659259

i can't imagine johnny would let her wear anything other than long sleeves if she had been cutting herself, unless he was trying to humiliate her or something. he has to know about it, she doesn't have sleeves on.

No. 659260

The photo of the dog and the top of Nemo’s head alarms me. How does she know how these animals are going to react to each other? There are going to be more territorial issues and who knows if this dog has a high prey drive. Idk. I’m concerned about the cats.

No. 659272

File: 1557280241351.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190507-195010.png)

The top part blurred by her username says "The internet can be"

No. 659274

inb4 she get into "dog rescue" and rehoming

No. 659282

probably a fan who just wanted to meet TND. Hurdur wasn't planning on a dog but it was Taylor's for a day lol.

No. 659285

let me guess, jonny drove all this decision-making then actually having a dog in the house didn't suit him or make him happy. you know, the barking, the walking, the going to the toilet. anyway thank fuck the dog will get settled somewhere else asap, unless this person is also a total flake who can't care for it.

No. 659287

File: 1557285400010.jpeg (387.26 KB, 942x566, taylor.jpeg)

not the same anon but the conversation unfolds from here >>632782 and here's the pic in question
there's definitely one cat scratch but it's up for debate what the rest are - could go either way.

No. 659289

the higher one could very well be a cat scratch but the other ones in the actual arm seem more like self harm mostly because of how they're placed one after the other. just my 2 cents.

No. 659290

File: 1557285747634.png (66.79 KB, 534x542, sexy.png)

…The fuck?

No. 659291

samefag to add my personal take is these particular ones are cat scratches, it's the kind of scratching back claws will do. she grabbed Star off the streets and has no idea of cat behaviour so I can totally see that happening.

No. 659292

Thank you for pulling that up for me!
That is exactly what I was referencing.

No. 659293

>>659291 the one closest to her wrist looks fresh and like it could be a cat scratch, but the lines down her arm? I've worked with a lot of rescue cats and gotten lots of little scratches, but never all in a row at the same angle down my arm. Those look intentional.

No. 659296

The parallel scratches are too far apart and irregularly-spaced to be from a cat, unless that cat had big ass paws with regular-sized claws attached. And clean across the wrist like that? Those weren't made by a cat.

No. 659298

I hate blogging so will only say I got a bundle of similar scratches from a rescue cat one time. That doesn't dictate what these are of course. She has posted about self-harming, herself, so it stands to reason she will have some marks somewhere on her.

No. 659299

Former self harmer. It’s easy to blame the cat. I’ve self harmed, and had cuts that look very similar to this.
They are too intention, lines spread apart, but still going the same direction.

No. 659302

Idk feel like it’s too spaced to be. But it’s such a either way type of thing because every that harms can do it in a different way

No. 659307

I've been scratched and cut by everything from iguanas to rabbits to cats and dogs. Those are far too perfect and even to be anything other then self harm. In which case it's an obvious cry out and whether its attention seeking or not she needs to get some real help, not this sleeping all day wasting away bullshit

No. 659309

Sleeping all day and wasting away is a side effect of depression. Yes she needs real help tho

No. 659310


Pretty sure it's a misspelling of Prima Donna, the landlord is a dude (and angry most of the time, if we look at some of the cowtippers in previous posts).

Why are they trying to play with fire? This gated community will have clauses and other fun little contract games that allow them to nuke people from orbit for things like not making rent payments. They need to smarten the fuck up unless they want to be homeless soon.

Snake Discovery just posted a video with a breeder from Zilla, he outright says that Savannah monitors are pretty aggressive when compared to other monitors' temperaments.

No. 659312

I remember this picture. The fresh cut is definitely a scratch, but I hadn't noticed the others.

I'm leaning toward self-harm. The cuts are too straight and clean for them to be scratches, especially in this picture >>658925

No. 659313

There is another one (I believe) that I can try and pull up.
I genuinely believe she is silently screaming for help. Maybe it’s all coincidence, but I do think a part of her (whether subconsciously or not) showed the track marks on purpose. It happened far too many times. I know it’s hard to not show your hands, but I think it’s a little more calculated.
Now with the seemingly newish self harm that’s popped up, the failed attempt at escaping to LA with Elijah who was vocal on his distaste for Johnny (which was idiotic IMO)
and this mysterious account that’s popped up, the mention of hiding in the bathroom to avoid Johnny, and contextualizing every thing we know about his past behavior with ex girlfriends..
I do believe Taylor is in the line of fire.
Did she discredit the victims of Johnny? Yes.
Does she continue to publicly kiss his ass? Also yes.
So I don’t see her as a victim necessarily. She willingly put herself in that position. But I really think she’s probably hating herself for it all.
She has responsibility to take for her actions. She’s paying the price for it now, and will continue to do so for as long as she is with that piece of junk. She really could clean up her act, downsize on pets, downsize on the boyfriend, and focus her energy on accurate education for pets, and for her platform.
She still holds some potential. But every single day that ticks by, she loses just a little bit more.
I don’t know if she’ll ever get the balls to leave him. But I do think she’s crying for help.

No. 659319

Who is this Elijah guy and what’s the story on her trying to escape to LA with him? I may have skipped some comments but I’ve tried going as far back as thread 1 and don’t remember reading that name. Could ya fill me in?

As for the cuts on her hand, I also have to agree and say those are cut marks because they are too perfect going the same direction. She could be showing them on purpose to later leave him. That twitter account is also suspect, but again, all playing in her favor for her to ultimately leave him. Let’s hope so.

No. 659320

He's Christine Sydelko's (or whatever her last name is) ex best friend. Basically just an attention whore and drug user that tried to get Taylor to stay with him in LA to detox around February. He just spoke out about how he doesn't like Jonny and Taylor never ended up going so he's irrelevant

No. 659321

Honestly I would love to see Elijah in maybe a snow thread. I followed him for a while and he seems like such an edgy man child so it really is funny he has issues with Johnny considering how they're the same washed up piece of trash minus rape and abuse. Not sure if he would qualify or anyone else would care though.

No. 659322

The general scoop is that Elijah wanted Taylor to temporarily move to L.A. and live in his house so he could help her get sober because apparently he had done it before with someone else despite not being remotely qualified to do so but whatever.

He made a series of posts on Twitter not only talking about this, but also voiced dislike for Jonny. And then he just stopped talking about any of this altogether, I’m guessing because Jonny gave Taylor shit or something.

No. 659335


Does anyone else think she just pulled this stunt to show that she actually rehomes her animals? It's been talked about at length that all her "rehomed" pets are presumed dead, as she never follows up about how they're doing or shows the process. And now she suddenly gets a dog, finds them a new owner and wants to keep everyone updated? Smells fishy.

No. 659336

Tinfoiling but I wonder how long they’ve actually had this dog. Something about this college dorm story and the Harvey/Walmart/Taylor-the-hero story is just too suspect…

Maybe this is one of the new animals they illuded to previously. Didn’t they make comments about getting a dog when they had space? Maybe they tried it, it didn’t work, now they are rehoming with the least possible backlash.

No. 659340

Just a few threads back when Jonny got fired / Taylor started taking selfies at the clinic. Here's a selection:

I brought him up in this thread, wondering if he was ipsofactoid. But probably not.

No. 659345

Wasn't there a photo of a friend's dog in the atrium last thread? Was it the same one?

No. 659347


Yes, in the thread prior. No.

No. 659351

File: 1557319056824.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190508-063729.png)

No. 659358

Funny how she's posting so much about rehoming a dog she's had for 2 days when her actual animals get a "I rehomed them 2 months ago lol" and are never discussed again.

No. 659361


Taylor acting as if she saved this dog herself from the hurricane and the men abusing her lmao

Girl has legit known this dog for a hot minute and thinks she's the shit because she found it a forever home uwu

No. 659369

Then why couldn't the owners just put her into a rescue? Why did it have to go to Taylor? All these animals just magically end up in Taylor's care all the time…
How is it a good idea to bring an unfamiliar dog into a house full of animals? If she's not even spayed I doubt she is even trained.

Whoever this "friend" is, they're obviously shitty and just wanted to get rid of the dog.

Not necessarily Taylor's fault but I wouldn't be surprised if she sprinkled in some extra lies because she's Taylor.

No. 659380

I wouldn’t put it past her to be using this dog as a “see what a good person I am?” move. Just like how she’ll randomly pick one person out of the 400 asking her to reblog and donate to their gofundme for their animal surgeries. I really think she should either donate to those anonymously or stop doing it all together. For one, every time she donates to one, 80 more people start tagging her begging for donations to theirs, and they end up ignored. 2, I get that shit happens, but it feels like more and more people are crowdfunding their animal emergencies instead of having a plan in place for these emergencies. Taylor donating to them just feels like it encourages people to keep doing it and hoping their favorite pet Youtuber will donate.

No. 659385


You guys realize she handles that monitor with monster sized claws? That my guess as to where the scratches came from.

No. 659386

Because her monitor only manages to scratch one part of her entire arm, makes perfect sense. Not to mention there's no doubt she barely handles him.

Honestly she probably wants us to feel sympathy or is using it as this cry for help so she can capitalise on how bad she feels and how her boyfriend is such a dick.

No. 659387

you doods always take everything so DEEP. lol

Shes been handling that monitor and letting him crawl all over her a lot.

No. 659389

Where's the proof that she's "been handling him a lot?" I never see her handle him without bite gloves. Her having done one video with him isn't proof.

No. 659394

Yeah might be a marketing image thing. Heroin addict looks bad, this is her trying to change her image back to animal lover. Smart enough to fool the stans, but it won't fool those who see through her bullshite.

Her track record is so bad and this just an attempt to win back favor with her stans. Everybody loves dogs so it makes a ton of sense from an image perspective to "rescue" them. Especially since they were a "Harvey/abuse" dog, she's doing it for the image. Ton's of dogs like this are put down on a daily basis, but nobody gives a fuck. She just likes the story and drama. It'd be better if she used this to promote no kill shelters then waste time on 1 animal, when she has 50 OTHERS SHES NEGLECTING!

No. 659396

File: 1557337072736.jpg (363.88 KB, 1078x1155, IMG_20190508_103728.jpg)

Hasn't he been commenting on her posts?

No. 659397

the fact that they all seem to be on her left arm is telling tbh. she's right handed, so anything self inflicted would pretty much have to be on her left arm. this plus the fact that they're so perfectly horizontal confirms it enough for me, though i am sure a few of those could be cat scratches

No. 659398

Taylor is right handed, wouldn't the majority of the handling be with her right arm? How come it seems that these cuts are only showing up on her left arm then?

No. 659400

Commenting on a public post and not getting a reply is not speaking to someone. I'm guessing since doing that livestream johnny has banned taylor from speaking to tyler because he's a ~hater~ now. I find him really annoying but it was still sad to see how much he clearly cared about taylor. He's probably one of the few pettube people that actually genuinely cared about her and would be a good influence on her recovery.

No. 659402

"Dood" I own large tegus and have dealt with small and large monitors. Those do not look like scratches from a monitor, they're much too uniform. Oh, and Taylor herself said they're from self harm in the comments. So back off "dood".

No. 659403

File: 1557339516702.jpg (118.91 KB, 1242x981, Ve74GTP.jpg)

This is her “omg my house is so hot” post btw. Curious that she deleted the tweets.

No. 659404

Crap, she must have deleted the comment and her response. But she 100% said they're "past" self harm wounds. Didn't specify if that means long ago and healed, or recent but still in the past.

No. 659405

File: 1557339633452.jpg (307.22 KB, 1242x1674, RUyKN8R.jpg)

No. 659408

Cutter anon here. Those look like self harm marks to me. They are very shallow though, deeper ones to the fat would leave darker and possibly keloid scars. Or you would think so with her EDS. But maybe we should stop focusing on that now seen as it's not really new milk. I wanna know what's gonna happen with this dog. Hopefully she'll rehome it, but I wouldn't put it past her to say that everyone she met with was 'unsuitable' or she's just grown 'so attatched'.(no1 curr)

No. 659413


>Commenting on a public post and not getting a reply is not speaking to someone.

Well there you go!

No. 659415

File: 1557343715827.jpeg (269.02 KB, 1242x1937, 07196193-DB40-4146-B307-3489F7…)

He sounds like such an entitled crybaby. “Boohoo, no one will work with me because I’ve proven to be a junkie who lets every band I’ve ever been in down. I am angry!!” I know he’s been talking to other bands lately, and I bet he’s only doing this to find new people to use.

No. 659416

Tyler is following in Taylor's lying footsteps I guess. When questioned tell easily disproven lies.

No. 659417


Wanted to add that this is probably as far as any interaction between them goes as of now; just a quick tweet-and-run.

No. 659418

>Cutter anon here. Those look like self harm marks to me. They are very shallow though, deeper ones to the fat would leave darker and possibly keloid scars
No one cares, stop bloggposting. You mean hypertrophic scars, keloid scars are a genetic trait, you either get them or you don't.

No. 659419


Maybe if you didn't lie, use, & abuse people so much, then you would be better accepted.
No one wants to play your games anymore, Jonny. Not even Taylor. She's been waiting for you to die since the two of you got together. We can see it in her eyes, hear it in her voice. You've sucked the life out of yet another vulnerable girl for money.

No. 659424

No one wants the "old" Jonny back. not that he ever left to begin with. This just sound like him getting ready to give up on recovery and blame everyone else.

No. 659425

There's a saying that goes something like "If everyone around you is being an ass, it's because of you."
No one is saying no to you because they're two faced jerks, they're saying no because they don't want to be involved with a shit human being.

No. 659428

Nobody would want to pollute their brand with his image regardless of how well he sings. Just raises so many risks in an already risky business, he's better off trying to start his own band than leeching off someone else's.

Bet he can't do anything except sing, doesn't know any instruments or how to record shit either. Just another lazy singer. He should spend his time learning that rather than dicking around on twitch with people half his age.

No. 659429

yeah thats honestly something very worrying for him to say…

No. 659435


Agreed. I'm hoping 'old jonny' just gets his ass arrested & thrown in jail asap

No. 659438

Old johnny = high out of his fucking mind.

His time with Taylor has made him lazy and uncreative. At least when he was using he was putting out music now he's just a bum and he knows it. Music is a druggie industry, he would've fit in if he had some self control and didn't fuck over his bandmates.

No. 659439

File: 1557350923695.png (24.68 KB, 812x172, dog.png)

looks like the dog's gone already. pic related

>cutter here
guys, please hide your powerlevel. you can discuss a topic without announcing your "credentials" and personal details.

No. 659440

Hey anon, are you in a really different time zone? I'm just a little concerned that they're meeting someone to give them the dog at 5 in the morning.

No. 659441

agreed that the "cutter here" posts could've stopped after the 3rd one or something but imo it's fine to say you have personal experience with something, there's also a bunch of heroinfags in here that talk about their opinions on taylors drug use. as long as it's not blogposting who cares

anyway, i'm actually surprised that she let the dog go. i don't really get why she even took her in, it must have just been stressful for the dog and the cats, but great for her that she suppressed her hoarding and actually found a home for her.

No. 659442

I'm EST & in Jonny's Discord and for me it shows yesterday 9:59 PM

No. 659445

Good for Taylor for actually rehoming the dog.

I wish she was as forthcoming about "rehoming" her other animals, but it's a miniscule step in improving her animal care. Maybe she'll be a little more aware before getting any new purchases.

No. 659452

So I saw comments on TND’s post where her possible cut marks are shown, and she has now disabled her comment section on the insta post.

No. 659456

File: 1557357196006.png (2.87 MB, 750x1334, 5004148D-1495-46E5-9E32-A8E43A…)

Real funny JC.(emoji)

No. 659457

now let's see if she actually addresses anything lmfao

No. 659461

what does she mean "it came down to who could meet the soonest??" It should have come down to who could be the best home for the dog. Thank god she actually rehomed the dog, but Taylor does not seem qualified to find a dog a good home. If she was willing to foster/cover costs of the dog the best thing for her to do would have been to partner with a local shelter and offer to sponsor and keep the dog until they could adopt her out properly. She still could have advertised the dog on her social media, but the shelter would have been able to properly vet the dog and screen applicants.
But then again letting a shelter screen her as a dog foster and find out how many animals she neglects probably wouldn't have gone well for her, so I guess she had to do things the stupid way.

No. 659464

File: 1557362052526.png (336.29 KB, 750x1334, DB2A82A3-BB1F-49B7-AEF0-61F448…)

No. 659467

When I adopted a rescue from a foster they required a fee, my vets #, groomer #, plus set up appointments for both of them, 3 references and proof that I own my house. And a prior meeting a week before I brought her home. That is the responsible way to rehome a pet. She could have made an entire video about it. I’m scared for that doggie.

No. 659468

File: 1557363111988.png (289.06 KB, 524x512, tndstan8.png)

Holy shit these stans…

No. 659469


Yes because junkies are such greeeeat role models.

In all seriousness, any parent concerned about their child using drugs would actually enroll them in REHAB. You know… those facilities with medical professionals and councilors trained and skilled in helping addicts recover? Taylor hardly fits the bill with her hoarding, manipulative, lying still using but pretending to be sober record.

No. 659470

Wow, they ~really~ checked those people out… only half an hour from Jonny saying they're leaving and he's already back and dog-less. Great background checking!

No. 659471

File: 1557363891267.png (17.46 KB, 542x152, twitter4.png)


I love how after all of these people gave this girl advice, the only person she genuinely thanks & gives an update to is Taylor.

No. 659472

I used to do adoptions at a shelter, and yep that's all good stuff to do! Some shelters just do basic background checks and such, but the likelihood of an animal actually staying in a home forever goes way up if people adopting out do the interviews and such necessary to ensure they're finding a good owner.

So many people want to adopt dogs but don't want to keep them when they're not perfectly behaved, or if they get old and expensive/hard to care for. Plus people getting pets for dogfighting or other abusive scenarios are everywhere, and they prefer unfixed pets which is another reason Taylor should have gotten that dog spayed herself. They also send people good at pretending to be a ~normal family person~ to get the dog so they look less suspicious. If she didn't do a background check Taylor has no idea who she really just gave that dog to.

No. 659473

>on this episode of "Taylor is an irresponsible dumbass who doesn't know shit about the animals she takes in and it ends up costing them their lives"

No. 659475

Stuff like this makes me feel happy. FINALLY contradicting Taylor and her dumb ways. These stans are basically asking pet questions from a person who could care less about her own pets and is high 24/7.

No. 659477

it should have stopped after the first. lots of people here would have personal experience, but it's the height of self-importance to step forward and label yourself as an expert cutter when you could just say 'they look fresh' etc. everyone else can contain the cringe so these anons can start doing it too. mostly with the iv info the expertise has been needed due to misinformed anons and there has been very little announcement of background.

No. 659485

File: 1557374678268.png (2.25 MB, 750x1334, 5271A7B3-E3C5-47DC-85D2-6985AA…)

Jonny is def not sober, his pupils are way too small for that dim of light.

No. 659486

He also looks like he’s been picking at his face.

No. 659488

File: 1557375146560.png (509.6 KB, 750x1334, B21E16A9-D2C9-4113-B460-D8DF38…)

And he has been “sober”? Maybe for like a day or two?

No. 659490


more like 'i opened a p.o box so send me free shit'.

No. 659497

I'll never understand the desire to send well off YouTubers free shit. Art and other handmade stuff, sure, but things you're spending money on? Fuck that.

I want to send cat shit.

No. 659499

Is that their real address? kek

No. 659500

Well it's not a PO box at least

No. 659501

File: 1557383621413.png (2.23 MB, 1679x954, gfhf.PNG)

it's a fedex office

No. 659520

He makes it sound like sending gifts might help keep him sober… maybe

No. 659523

his poor grammar annoys me.
too should be to.
paitent should be patient.
Iphones but can't even use spell check.

No. 659524

I thought he meant like the old singing Jonny. Hence the "comeback" hashtag.

No. 659530

You sure he's not just so high he thinks it's July?

No. 659539

You have to have a lot of hubris and vanity to open a PO box just so people can send you free shit
Friendly reminder to all potential cowtippers never to send anything that contains DNA of you and your animals in the mail. The safest way to send shit to a target's house is to put then on mailing lists for Scientology recruitment, JW and Mormon visits, spammy businesses like hair loss product companies, etc. Not saying anyone should do that but I don't want any farmers out there getting arrested
>Music is a druggie industry, he would've fit in if he had some self control and didn't fuck over his bandmates.
Yeah, it's really a testament to how shitty he is that he got blacklisted from an industry full of addicts and sex pests.

No. 659549

Does he even have a highschool degree?

No. 659558

No. 659573


Please tell me this is a joke.

Where is this info from? One of the exes?

No. 659574

File: 1557423347271.jpeg (2.56 MB, 1234x1997, 646A708F-03D7-46EC-B9AA-7675AB…)

Hopefully that 1 bedroom/1 bathroom he’s got marked is for him, and Taylor is finally kicking him out. Also, does he do anything but shop or ask for free things

No. 659575

Lmao I really hope so. The bookmark next to it is for rentals too.

No. 659577

or now that he's off the hook for paying rent, he's paying for a small place to meet up with girls he cheats with.

obviously tinfoil, but I don't think he's getting dumped any time soon, and it could be used for other reasons.

No. 659578

i can't imagine jonny actually cleans out his bookmarks, theres a good chance thats from previous househunting and he just never took it off

No. 659579

I was thinking that, but why would they have been searching fora 1 bed 1 bath instead of something bigger like what they have now.

No. 659580

No. 659584

I don't think he'd want to live there tbh

No. 659585

Yeah this is a weird thing to bookmark. Jonny required to do work to live somewhere? And they'd only have that bedroom so no place for the hoard. Why would he bookmark this?

No. 659586

Didn't Taylor go on some horse ride with a friend ages ago? That's near a ranch so perhaps it's connected to that?

No. 659602

File: 1557434326338.png (36.45 KB, 572x338, rehoming.png)

This is why people doubt that she rehomed her Satanics.

No. 659603

Exactly this.
She just keeps telling on herself when she thought she'd be doing good by rehoming a dog. LOL.
TND really does not think things thru before posting anything, does she?

No. 659616

Why would she rent a house though? Wouldn’t you look for an AirBnb?

No. 659618

Lol taylors sick and miserable and broke you know money problems stress people especially drug addicts. He just posted a video talking about getting out of his problems and going to a movie. Maybe throwing a tantrum because he couldn't keep the dog? His face looks so sunk in and his cheap ass veneers look like dentures in his mouth. Got them too fucking white. Ugh but yeah trouble in druggie Paradise is upon us.

No. 659639

File: 1557448546442.webm (2.78 MB, 101x180, jonny.webm)

got you fam. jonny is serving 50yo man panhandling in the parking lot.

No. 659660

File: 1557452789200.png (97.2 KB, 586x360, Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 9.45…)


caught this right before she deleted it. it was only up for 5 mins

No. 659662


oops. that was meant to be its own post, not a reply to the other anon. sorry for the doublepost.

No. 659665

File: 1557453018744.jpeg (342.32 KB, 1417x1872, 149E23CB-00A3-4D53-BA23-B2B1E0…)

Hey Taylor remember this

No. 659667

"I- I had to do drugs!! The internet said I was when I wasn't so I became a dope head!" Fuck off Taylor

No. 659668

he seriously sounds and looks like a methed out 50yo carnie from the county fair lmao

No. 659671

File: 1557454320292.png (40.79 KB, 620x352, taydrugs1.png)

No. 659675

File: 1557454532819.png (53.91 KB, 584x336, taydrugs2.png)

No. 659676

File: 1557454704335.png (39.67 KB, 598x334, taydrugs3.png)

No. 659678

File: 1557454950350.png (118.11 KB, 542x896, tnddrugz1.png)

No. 659679

what youtubers is she even talking about

No. 659680


>"People online think it was cute"

Welcome to your boyfriend's fanbase, Taylor.

No. 659682


…Aaaand once again, she's absolving herself of any responsibility for her actions.

No. 659683

Is she shading Elijah lol

No. 659684

uhhh is she not aware how much her boyfriend jokes about drug use on his social media? She literally cannot go a single damn day without lying or contradicting herself.

No. 659685

File: 1557456344961.png (50.58 KB, 520x432, taydrinks.png)

No. 659687


Basically all it boils down to is
"It's society's fault I drink & do drugs!"

No. 659689

File: 1557456603437.jpeg (560.93 KB, 750x1334, 066795F1-BA2E-48D1-8F1D-515A99…)

The girls were definitelty pregnant if she only spayed them instead of just neuturing the one boy

No. 659692

funny how we talked about elijah here in recent days and dredged that shit back up and now she's shading him or 'youtubers just like him', huh.

No. 659699

File: 1557459800435.jpg (38.92 KB, 576x1024, D6K9-rbWsAAOxKj.jpg)


Sure thing, Jonny

No. 659708

I feel like she specifically said that she got goose neutered though? Does anyone remember this or was it just thread tinfoil?

No. 659710

I don’t remember if it was the boy or girls but she claimed she had someone fixed in her first video about the rats.
It was proven false because none of them were shaved to show that fact (this was while still living in the apartment)

No. 659711

She kept talking about getting him neutered in the future when they were fresh, but I don't know if she ever actually made the switch from future-tense "going to get him neutered" to past tense "had him neutered". Plus, as soon as we saw him again it became pretty clear that he hadn't been.

No. 659712

He has yet to be (if ever) neutered. She has never said he was/is/will be (even though him vs spaying two mice is way easier to just do him), despite our urgings. We're pretty sure she breeds them for feeders for her hoard.

No. 659713

File: 1557463694628.png (202.05 KB, 1314x1033, Capture _2019-05-09-21-47-15.p…)

Sooooo I thought eating pasta and gluten is bad with people that have eds?

No. 659714

gluten isn't bad for anyone with eds or any illness that isn't specifically a gluten sensitivity. She has said she has celiac, and that's debatable, but since gluten free pasta exists this is hardly milk.

No. 659720

I havent been able to find it yet but Ipsofactoid has definitely been mentioned in previous threads. I think someone she knows IRL. We shouldn't let that tweet go forgotten.

No. 659721

definitely interested to see if you can turn them up

No. 659722

Oh sure Jonny, attack Billie and accuse her of taking drugs, the 16 year old girl who's life is so incredibly better than yours at such a young age because you fucked up your life and now you're salty and jealous. You're a disgrace.

No. 659724

My boyfriend and I don't agree on EVERYTHING but the way these two constantly contradict each other on Twitter is kind of insane… like do they ever discuss their values or is it just "here babe, hit this"

No. 659727


gluten free pasta exists dude

No. 659728

bet this creep wants to fuck her

No. 659729


she's such a fucking hypocrite
"don't say things to such a young audience" is she fucking stupid, what about all those drug jokes and drug references she makes.

No. 659731

100% agree. This is the second post he’s made throwing shade at Billie Eilish. He’s clearly jealous of her success

No. 659732

>Taylor's not feeling well! so I decided to take myself to a movie
>I've got a lot on my mind, a lot on my plate right now
>Sometimes it just helps to take yourself out of the situation, get yourself out of your head, go do something, take yourself out of the problem

sounds like he's calling Taylor the problem he's had to "take himself out" to get away from. He sounds happy when he says "Taylor's not feeling well" like it's either not true or he doesn't give a shit that she's sick

>she didn't even know how to cut a line of coke
who's making drugs look normal/cool?

No. 659740

Wtf Taylor, it's a HUGE leap from marijuana to cocaine to fucking heroin. I know weed is hugely demonized in the USA but come ON.

No. 659741

File: 1557481993282.png (148.58 KB, 1080x931, Screenshot_20190510-035043~2.p…)

She supposedly takes them out every day for an hour.

No. 659742

I like how she just ignored that the question was whether they have access to proper enrichment daily, not do they leave their cage at all. Somehow makes me think even more that not only do they not have proper enrichment outside their cage but they also don't get out nearly as much as they should.

No. 659759

“Oh I saw it on the internet” you’re not 8 Taylor. You’re a fucking adult. If you get influenced to do bad things you see on the internet, get off and go watch paw patrol. Since you have the mind of an elementary school kid. making yourself seem dumb isn’t an excuse when you’re in your 20s.

No. 659763

Like EVERY picture of them is INSIDE the cage. She better head to the bathroom she’s SO FULL OF SHIT!! There is no way they are out an hour or more a day!

No. 659766

Remember when she literally tried to name that snake Morphine… but the internet romanticizes drugs/drug use. Didn't she also say use of pain killers since she was young "led into" her heroin abuse?

No. 659769

ugh the thing is these are valid criticisms but they're suddenly not so valid when you consider who it's coming from.

No. 659770

File: 1557498472256.png (20.69 KB, 612x619, ipso.PNG)

Ipsofactoid's account was only made this month though Also, what's with their account now being private + that bio? Has anyone here been keeping an eye on it and saw if there was anything to warrant what happened or?

No. 659778

File: 1557500731393.png (292.11 KB, 750x1334, 11E907E2-2745-4E56-8A6B-081D22…)

No. 659779

File: 1557500755184.png (300.93 KB, 750x1334, CB8B497D-9634-47B0-AAD0-2DA19B…)

No. 659780

File: 1557500778170.png (295.08 KB, 750x1334, 1D3FD732-29EE-4132-AC5F-32DAB2…)

No. 659781

File: 1557500800095.png (302.95 KB, 750x1334, 6A736078-8F42-4092-8EED-6E7C96…)

No. 659782

File: 1557500822480.png (289.77 KB, 750x1334, 7B6D3260-DD79-4158-8CFF-A7D63E…)

No. 659784

they sound like a real sap.
hey we're here for you when she eventually burns you, ipso.

No. 659786

Not only is he clearly jealous of Billie but he’s probably attracted to her. I mean she’s in the age range that appeals to him and she has that dark look he likes so much.

No. 659796

Literally drugged her before?? Doesn’t sound surprising coming from JC… I truly hope she gets out. And soon. Or else she may not make it if she’s as fragile as she claims to be

No. 659797

His ig story was so cringe. What a loser.

No. 659804

That iso person is her mom.

No. 659805

Interesting. Definitely someone very near to her, if it’s not herself.

No. 659806

Why is no one following the twitter account though?

No. 659807


No one is following @ipsofactiod, nor are they following anyone, so how do you know this?

No. 659808

Lol because her mom always says we dont know the whole story. Sounds like her mom. If you dont remember her mom and her getting into it online I would suggest looking that up and reading.

No. 659809

Her mothers grammar is way too horrible to make cohesive tweets like this though.

No. 659810


Her fans have said that too though?

No. 659811

Exactly. This definitely isn’t her mom

No. 659816

Sounds nothing like her mom, sounds more like Taylor but not exactly.

No. 659818

File: 1557511593444.png (244.63 KB, 1080x1753, Screenshot_20190510-140227~2.p…)

gosh this kind of thing just illustrates how truly little she knows wrt professional animal care at all. she thought the simplest way to keep her rats from breeding was by performing a much more invasive surgery on two of her rats rather than a more superficial surgery on the male, with a faster recovery time. I feel like it's animal anatomy 101 to understand the uterus is harder to take out than the testicles

No. 659825


By the time she gets around to having him neutered his life will be half over.

>I didn't know that!

The refrain of a pet expert.

No. 659830

At least she’s finally saying it. When this all began, her motto was, “I know what I’m doing! I’ve researched for 13 years!”

No. 659850

File: 1557523430341.jpeg (431.82 KB, 1216x1531, B374A2AC-DF6C-4282-929C-23AF33…)

Was looking through her ig photos the other day and saw this big ass bruise on her arm. Tinfoiling perhaps but that doesn’t really look like an ‘oops I bumped my arm’ bruise….

No. 659854

This was discussed in depth last thread.

No. 659855

How can she think invasive surgery that cuts out parts of the inner organs of a rat is simpler than a ball snip?! She doesn't even consult with her vet, just runs in there and says what she wants.

No. 659857

So true. They're completely valid, but she's so up her own ass and thinks that somehow she isn't a hypocrite, and she's actually better than the people she's calling out.

Man, people can "change" and "grow" and she might think that making drug use into a "cute and quirky" thing is wrong now, but that doesn't mean that you're better. Taylor made the same jokes and thought using drugs was the "in thing". You're still part of the problem. You re a drug user and need to remove yourself from your own ass.

No. 659860

I'm crying. What a fucking idiot. How could she think that having TWO female rats spayed, with again, and invasive surgery, is more SIMPLE than having a single male rat neutered? What a world she must live in

No. 659862

Wasn't there a discussion here about how spaying the female rats would be smarter because male rats can still impregnate females for a while after being neutered? I'm not a rat person so I don't know specifics, but I remember reading something like that here

No. 659863


No. 659864

File: 1557525745376.jpeg (307.03 KB, 1242x1614, EB5E2A71-803E-4B7B-AB61-837FFF…)

Anyone else catch her rant? I wasn’t able to screen shot all. She also tweeted that she will continue blocking but she wish she wouldn’t have to - instead wishes she could explain to each and every one, but she can’t. So she blocks because it’s TrIgGeRiNg.

No. 659867


No. 659869

Not sure about that, but I haven't refreshed my twitter tab so I have lots that she's deleted. One sec

No. 659870

File: 1557525997525.jpeg (115.47 KB, 750x609, 4B9B5A04-E232-4723-9C94-A6FD0E…)

No. 659871

LOL Taylor of all people harping on about LeT pEoPle GroW. The only personal growtht this bitch has accomplished is plumping up her lips like the cushions of a ratty vinyl couch.

No. 659873

File: 1557526115084.jpeg (357.05 KB, 1242x1320, B9979D88-3E76-4512-8DCB-F5F0D6…)

I was able to screenshot this. Clicked on a notification but said it was deleted. Surprise surprise.

Hi, Taylor.
When will you leave your loser BF?

No. 659874

File: 1557526122455.png (72.97 KB, 678x497, tnddeleted.png)

Here's 2 deleted tweets

No. 659876

File: 1557526178384.jpg (192.33 KB, 1217x915, ZODMcuo.jpg)

She’s losing her shit.

No. 659877

File: 1557526220530.png (399.38 KB, 451x598, ig6.png)


>"I hate when people make light of drug addiction!"

No. 659879

File: 1557526260643.png (44.03 KB, 970x251, tnddeleted2.png)

Another one

No. 659880

File: 1557526306710.png (160.21 KB, 678x416, Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 6.09…)

I missed some, and she deleted another that read 'ima stop posting. I'm having a bad day because i had to go to a meeting to prove my animals weren't dangerous to my community so i didn't get kicked out bc people who dislike me keep calling my neighborhood leasing office. It never stops. I'm legit debating moving again'. Is taylor finally learning she can't move on with her life while Jonny is still in the picture? Haven't been on the thread in awhile, but jennifer has been posting LOADS of song lyrics that suggest Taylor isn't any better, since we know she likes to indirect Taylor with memes and quotes.

No. 659881


>"I'm trying to worry about my own growth and my own health before I worry about him"

Dump. Him.

No. 659882

Damn, even Phoebe handled being called out for hypocrisy more gracefully. Sad!

No. 659883

File: 1557526396711.png (83.06 KB, 795x727, tndbreakdown.png)

At least she can admit this…

No. 659884


lmfao there has been countless of screenshots of her joking about being high and abusing drugs

No. 659885

Taylor, since it is clear you are on here: You will never be able to grow as long as that thing you call a BF is around you. He drains you And has brought you down A LOT. Sad to see. How can you even sleep with him? Ew.

No. 659887

This would explain Jonny leaving her and going to the movies and trying to make it seem like she is the problem with everything he said on his cringe ig story.

No. 659888

File: 1557526653847.png (44.75 KB, 596x415, twitter11.PNG)

again with the good ol "everyone was joking about it so i thought i should too"

No. 659889

not to mention this >>659877
was a few weeks ago

No. 659890

File: 1557526968131.jpeg (75.34 KB, 750x560, 47316307-62A0-4782-BBBC-7F41C8…)

Probably not about Taylor, yay or nay?

No. 659892

File: 1557527034383.png (554.2 KB, 1304x946, Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 6.23…)

No. 659893


If this tweet is about Taylor; what exactly did he expect when he decided to date a girl 10 years younger than him?

No. 659894


>legit debating moving again


No. 659895


I guess the atrium wasn't really worth it…

No. 659896

tinfoil but if they end up moving, i bet it won't be because of people harassing her about animal welfare. Landlord is probably sick of her and johnnys shit already

No. 659899

This is rich coming from someone who desperately tried to get Tana freaking Mongeau to notice her and bragged about being at the same party as her >>>/snow/620859

No. 659900

File: 1557529522737.png (1.24 MB, 1440x2712, Capture _2019-05-10-16-00-45.p…)

Lmao did this set her off?

No. 659901

File: 1557529547708.png (576.01 KB, 1440x2712, Capture _2019-05-10-16-00-55.p…)

No. 659902

File: 1557529571138.png (793.7 KB, 1440x2712, Capture _2019-05-10-16-01-30.p…)

No. 659903

File: 1557529639807.png (795.46 KB, 1440x2712, Capture _2019-05-10-16-01-40.p…)

I think this is what set her off. Sorry for the multi post but man she snapped

No. 659904

Taylor's whole thing is clambering up that martyr's cross any which way her pasty skinnyfat ass can. She does not care about DV, she does not care about other women, she does not care about drugs or personal growth or animals.

All homegirl wants is ass pats for being so uwu brave and clever uwu. Which we know she isn't. We'll talk once you kick Jonny and drugs, Tay-Tay.

No. 659905

Yeah I find it unlikely anyone really gives a shit about her animals when she is no longer in an apartment.

Her last line of defence is almost always connected to her animals and how she is the victim in one way or another.

No. 659906

File: 1557530468823.png (1.39 MB, 1393x2197, Capture _2019-05-10-16-19-43.p…)

Mama bout to spill the beans?

No. 659907

File: 1557530595791.jpeg (178.7 KB, 1242x639, 7E7B0B4E-171F-4DC6-89E8-A91974…)

No. 659908

File: 1557530630459.png (54.43 KB, 528x520, letmegrow.png)

No. 659909

Battled, past tense? My god she's so stupid.

No. 659913

LMAO does she think moving again will solve her problems? Some wack job will track her down sooner or later. SA isn't really that big of a town either.

She's going off the chain. The fact that she feels the need to defend herself so hard just confirms that she's lying.

No. 659914


…Sooo you're dumping the manlet???

No. 659917

File: 1557531833309.png (410.99 KB, 1440x2880, dumbbitch.png)

Okay, rewrite history, that wasn't her dumbass excuse at all. She justified it by saying "people think snakes cause pain and morphine is a painkiller."

No. 659919

File: 1557531916488.png (1.82 MB, 1242x2208, verbatim.png)

No. 659925


Why do I feel like perhaps some members of the community had some concerns seeing her move all these animal enclosures in? Some people can get really iffy about snakes too when they are misinformed. Not to mention the monitor. She's acting as if it's ALL THE HATERS that are causing her these problems when I can easily see some people being concerned about some of the animals she owns if they caught wind of it. Like if your animals aren't dangerous, then go to the meeting and prove it? It's not hard, Tay. It's called being an adult. You want all these animals and you want to rent a house in a gated community? You go by THEIR rules, honey.

No. 659927


Exactly, like, she moved into a neighborhood that is filled with snooty rich families, of course they're going to judge her!

No. 659928

Agreed esp. Places that have HOA's they do not play when exotic animals are involved plus that can be found out by reading the community hoa for that community.they they are usually online. Also some HOA's will not people run businesses through their houses. I know that my parents upscale home they can't. Maybe thats why she is having to have a meeting with HOA.

No. 659930

Yup, and having two junkies moving in is a guaran-damn-teed way to get the neighbours tutting. Trash is as trash does, and they are so obviously trashy, people are rightly worried about their animals getting loose and probably dealers and other narcs wandering into their nice shiny neighbourhood, lol.

No. 659931

But didn't she continue to joke about shit AFTER everyone told her how fucking stupid and inappropriate it would be to name her snake Morphine? Maybe I'm wrong, but… she didn't learn then and she hasn't learned now, she's just pissy and deflecting. Because nothing is EVER Taylor's fault. It's not her fault she made jokes, other people were doing it too! It's not her fault she started using heroin, the internet made her! It's not her fault she's a fucking wreck all the time!!! It's lolcow's fault that she can't get her life together!

No. 659932

Has it ever occurred to her that maybe it isn't the haterz?

She's living in a luxury gated community, and I don't think they'll take well to two junkies with a bunch of animals suddenly moving in, especially if they have a HOA.

So I mean you have rich people suddenly seeing someone moving in with a fucking zoo, and most of it are reptiles, so what does she expect really?

And also judging by the message Jonny posted on discord with their landlord, they don't seem to be getting along. Maybe she's realized this is way out of her league and instead of admitting she just doesn't fit in she has to blame it on the people who won't let her grow and be happy.

No. 659936

From the community's HOA page (idk if I can link it or not so I'll just copy/paste)

> Only dogs, cats or other common household pets are allowed. No wild creatures in the Felis or Canus genus or farm animals including Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs of any kind shall ever be raised, kept, bred, or harbored in any subdivision.

> Unless otherwise limited by the terms and provisions of the restrictions applicable to your Subdivision, a maximum of three (3) dogs and/or cats is allowed.

> Pursuant to the City of San Antonio policy, pets shall not be kept, bred, or used for any commercial purpose. All dogs and cats must be spayed or neutered by six (6) months of age.

> No pet shall be allowed to become a nuisance or create any unreasonable disturbance.

No. 659939


Oh, so by "They were very laid-back with everything!" Taylor actually meant "I'm just gonna sneak my hoard in when they're not looking & hope for the best…"

No. 659940

She is following the rules, then. Obviously the HOA never anticipated exotic animal owners to want to move in with them.

I don't doubt some of her neighbors are upset, but they would have called about it back when she actually moved in, not when she's already been there for a month or so and she barely goes outside anyway. I'm thinking this was mostly farmers in the end.

No. 659948

File: 1557536254157.png (29.33 KB, 310x594, story2.png)

>"Get rid of all the takers in your life."

Dump him Taylor

No. 659949


curious what everyone speculates this to be about… I would love if she was leaving jonny. But it might be something different like getting her finances in order or holding herself more accountable for her pet care. Or god forbid, she actually does an inpatient program.

Or something stupid like shes going to be streaming too.

No. 659953

She’s definitely implying that she should stop trying to please the ~sad haturrrrs~ who just don’t understand her and want to bring her down.

No. 659955

File: 1557537401231.png (264.68 KB, 1373x1331, Capture _2019-05-10-17-06-18.p…)

If her mom speaks up it may save Taylor or maybe let her hit rock bottom to go look for help. We all knew johnny boy used her till she was dry. Taylor hates to be hated but dates the most problematic dude there is.

No. 659957

>snakes are deadly- like morphine is.
morphine isn't even deadly though. what a stupid excuse.
It could be that people online were notifying the HOA; it's one of the most plausible reasons that they'd know about pets that are kept indoors. Though people in upper-middle class developments tend to be nosy and have a stick up their ass so it could go either way. Or be a mixture of both.
Oh wow, they moved in without checking to see if the HOA even allowed exotic pets? Even if the rules are unreasonable, you have to be a fucking idiot to move into a development without making sure that you can follow whatever dumbass rules the HOA has.
It does sound like she's getting fed up with Johnny. However, whether she actually does anything about it remains to be seen.

No. 659959

I'm, no she isn't?
Even if you consider the first point as not explicitly banning animals that aren't cats or dogs, she uses her animals for commercial purposes by using them for her videos.
She also had more than three cats. So…

No. 659960

File: 1557537700620.png (57.12 KB, 568x612, mamadean1.png)

No. 659961

She might not be following the rules. Where did you get that she is following the rules? Almost every single condo board for condos I've tried to rent has had rules like "only cats or dogs or other small common household pets" and to them, that has always meant no reptiles. When I read this, I assume they mean cats, dogs, maybe a hamster or guinea pig. To me, the HOA rules mean you CANT move in your 30+ reptiles and three cats. I might be misinterpreting the rules though.

No. 659962

When has she had more than three cats? Nemo, star, and ghost. That's three

No. 659964

I mean she has more than the three cats. She has 16 snakes, an axolotl, three rats, a monitor….

No. 659966

File: 1557539162688.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190510-214451.png)

he's looking pretty strung out, and has tons of new little wounds on his face like he's been picking a lot

No. 659970

You know they have loud ass fights, too. These types of neighborhoods have people who tell on neighbors for having too long of grass in the yard. I'm sure their neighbors are all over it.

No. 659971

Also check out his super swollen fingers. That’s usually a pretty good sign.

No. 659972

Let's not forget a big ass fishtank. HOA would probably take it up will the owner for allowing to rent to her. HOA's don't like it when junkies and rapists start heading into their Upper-middle class neighborhoods.

This is probably the kronos cage. Nothing really milky imo. She's not gonna leave johnny imo, she's too scared he'll retaliate or hunt her down later.

He's got puffy hand's (eyes too) because of his hepatitis and probably a host of other issues. Drugs rob your body of nutrients and cause inflammation. Probably aged himself decades internally because of his drug use.

No. 659973

she knows how Jonny treats all of his exes because she's been contacted by some of them, and she knows what she'll get when she leaves, or he leaves for someone he thinks is better. he'll harass her for the rest of his life. I still think that would be better than being around him in your ear 24/7 being a shithead. because we know he is.

No. 659987

I think it was just that the male should be neutered but kept separate until he couldn't impregnate the females, but neutering is always safer than spaying especially in such small animals, so she should have gone with neutering/temporarily separating the male.

>>659925 this, yeah! Idk what San Antonio is like, but I'm looking for housing in SoCal right now and when landlords can afford to be picky about not letting you have animals, or at least more than 2 cats/small dogs, they definitely will be picky. Who knows if Taylor actually told them how many animals she was moving with or told them, on top of her 3 cats and general hoard, she'd decide to foster a dog so soon after moving in there?

No. 659989

I mean he posted the whole house and so did you Taylor. And the rental. The sign for the community wasn't even necessary.

So ends the "dumbass" scandal.

No. 659992

Anon be real, she's talking about stuff like sponsorships or taking up streaming or w/e. It's about money, that's what she's going to 'show everyone'.

No. 660028


What a childish excuse. Even 10 year olds know this logic is shit, thanks to famous examples like jumping off a bridge if your friends do it, would you be racist if your friends were, etc.

She's using the logic of a five year old. She's either a fucking moron, or a complete and utter narcissist surpassing her horrific mother…or both. Likely both.


Dating+living with+fucking a rapist means you have 0 issues with rapists, bitch. It's the ultimate condonement of him and his disgusting actions.

No. 660029

File: 1557549898724.png (1.3 MB, 1440x2712, Capture _2019-05-10-21-44-31.p…)

Fucking disgusting do you want him going down on y'all???!!! I feel hella violated

No. 660030

why can't he keep his weirdly small tongue in his mouth?

No. 660032

>just a couple of kids!

this what a loser in his 30's looks like

No. 660033

nu-male smile. it makes up for lack of personality supposedly

No. 660034

File: 1557550807789.png (3.43 MB, 750x1334, 53AB7734-40F9-43E8-B4AA-E9DCC5…)

Still high as we speak, and not just the weedy kind of high.

So he’s been: high on H all day, went to see endgame a third time to avoid Taylor and her being “sick” when we’ve already seen she is just having a “bad day”, Jonny is done with the “high school drama BS” and isn’t afraid to say he’ll treat Taylor like a “bitch” if she acts like one.
Plus Taylor just went on a Twitter rant publicly noting that JC is a dumbass and she doesn’t agree with him.

Let’s hope this is the beginning of the end of the TND + JC chronicles

No. 660044

Did he actually say this or it's speculation based on tweets?

No. 660046

He’s still streaming and it’s so cringe to watch him. And his denture slur is even worse

No. 660049

File: 1557553355773.png (974.55 KB, 750x1334, 596D67A6-2011-4C16-82A5-BCD95F…)

Look who posted the the quote on TND’s IG story

No. 660055

File: 1557554116780.jpg (12.86 KB, 225x211, 1531869829059.jpg)

mama dean gives off some serious crazy tammy vibes
>imagine watching his bloated face contorting into an expression of dumb lust as he catches a glimpse of your lingerie-turned-streetwear
>imagine being filled with disgust and dread as you see him ambling aggressively towards you but are experienced enough to know that he won't take no for an answer
>imagine tensing with dread as his tremoring hepatitis hands squeeze your rigid body and battle to take off your lingerie-turned-streetwear while he mumbles one-liners ripped straight from a mid-00's alt porn flick
>imagine feeling his doughy water-weight press you into whatever surface you happen to be on as he half-heartedly tries to find the right place to insert his disease-ridden carrot, thus prolonging your suffering
>imagine having to lie back and mitigate your disgust by remembering that he was once a minor figure in a niche music scene as he spends an hour trying to thrust through the haze of whatever substance he happens to be on
>imagine him running his swollen fingers across your body as he finally comes to climax with a grunt that he somehow manages to mumble
>imagine him heaving his body off of yours with great effort and feeling relief that your ordeal is over, though you are now covered in the sickly-sweet musk of somebody whose organs are shutting down
>imagine him nestling against you and giving you the only modicum of true affection that you receive from him, and while you are repulsed you are also soothed by the only positive attention you receive from a person that you know beyond some comments online
>imagine feeling a mixture of relief and disappointment as he becomes satisfied with two minutes of cuddling, utters an edgy phrase that went out of vogue ten years ago, gets up to take a piss, and retreats to the desktop set-up that you paid thousands of dollars for only to ignore you for the rest of the day

No. 660062

Taylor being the person he's referring to as a bitch here >>659890 is total speculation. I doubt he'd be so blunt, he's never openly criticized her like that before. She pays his bills after all… When she remembers to.

No. 660066

File: 1557557456348.png (99.74 KB, 500x281, e8e0b4ed-91cf-44ad-bc5a-dc3cbc…)

No. 660068

well, if she is getting harassed where she lives, I would wanna move too, tbh

No. 660072

File: 1557559957028.jpg (108.8 KB, 625x936, 3aca55ccc3fc2457c391691c6e219e…)

No. 660073

How do you fuck up your living arrangements that quickly?

If she does move again it will be a colossol waste of money. What's she gonna tell her stans? Bet that 20k for inpatient is looking pretty cheap in hindsight.

No. 660075

I'm imagining her telling the owner that she had a few animals. People calling in told the owner about her channel and the owner looked her up and GASPED at the number she really has.

No. 660076

Why….I'm reading this before bed now your words are going to haunt me.nooo. taylor isn't strong enough for the shit show hes about to give her.

No. 660078

but it's a sObEr friday night, right????
whoever believes he is sober is as stupid as he is.

No. 660083

This is the most haunting, poetic thing I've ever read. You are incredibly talented anon and I never want to read anything you write again

No. 660111

I think you're giving too much credit with the 2 minutes of affection after. You know that boy immediately rolls over after he's done and checks his phone. Then gets up to piss and wipe off before returning to his computer. Maybe quickly says something he thinks is slick on his way out. "You the best,Tay."

No. 660113

Dude if she bails out of her lease this early she’ll have to buy out the rest of her lease term. Unless she’s month to month, which in that case she’s dumber than I thought.

Should’ve just bought a reasonably priced house without the Willy Wonka-esque floorplan.

No. 660115

I would honestly rather get my vagina caught in a bear trap.

No. 660124

File: 1557595786889.jpeg (307.99 KB, 1101x1205, 7E5BDAD6-1EF1-416C-B764-EB8CC2…)

He really thinks he is funny

No. 660126

What an absolute jerk. I don't know why Betsy would put up with that. Break free, Betsy.

No. 660128

yeah no, it's because you don't pay the rent on time! no one is bothering the 'community', you slack on the rent you dumbass!

the truth never passes this girl's lips, she wouldn't know it if it slapped her in the face. with jonny or without, she's a failure.

No. 660129

File: 1557597026740.png (1.98 MB, 750x1334, 64F8ACCF-C190-4F68-A84A-614DA4…)

Looks like Betsy and TND are pretty close, she seems to be the only one who can probably get TND away from JC. I wish no ill intent on Betsy or Taylor, but JC can go die k thnx

No. 660131

So your daughter is trash, a pathological liar, hoards animals that she has zero feelings for other than them making her $$$, and a junkie munch? Good to know, Jen.

No. 660132


Why would he care if he got invited considering last time she invited them to a show he spent the entire time complaining? That's probably why she didn't invite them this time.

No. 660133

Honestly, why would she? She gets 1k a week to pick up their clothes and take out their garbage. No sense in helping her get better, she'd work herself out of a job.

No. 660135

I'd be snapping back, "you need to pay me more to deal with you outside of me cleaning up after your lazy ass, and that's too expensive for you. Jkjkjk"

No. 660136

I bet if she applied some pressure she could get paid double she makes now.

They've got nobody else to look after their shit, and don't trust anyone not to report them for drugs.

No. 660150

I really hope Betsy is saving screenshots of her conversations with Taylor to share after shit hits the fan with Jonny. you know their inevitable breakup is going to be glorious milk from both sides

No. 660158

she couldn't have been following the rules, she already has three cats so she hit her limit before taking in that dog for a little while. + the dog was over 6 months old and wasn't fixed

No. 660160

She had the dog for less than 24 hours. Not that big of a deal in my opinion. Definitely not "milky". Now, if she had kept the dog, or let it stay for weeks on end, that would be different.

No. 660165

Is it proven that it was only 24 hours? Or did she only post about having it and then it left?

No. 660166

File: 1557608211808.jpeg (55.38 KB, 750x265, B3F13CC0-8102-4AD3-BFD5-676E18…)


No. 660167

File: 1557608298922.jpeg (276.22 KB, 750x632, 48835017-B04B-4D1A-9161-F08D28…)

He’s such a mess.
Aren’t high schoolers your thing, JC?
Or is that all fake too?

No. 660168

File: 1557608655905.png (575.17 KB, 750x1334, C655EBCF-80A5-4083-82B8-41CDDD…)

TND’s most recent likes.
She is DEF fed up with JC and his dumbass

No. 660170


She was 'fed up' with him around this same time last year, but went back to him immediately.
I don't think this time will be any different, but we shall see…

No. 660171

File: 1557609061025.png (61.53 KB, 476x550, tndupdate1.png)

No. 660174

I mean she probably is fed up with him, but these likes are definitely about the recent bills signed in Georgia about abortion that are completely insane and have nothing to do with JC

No. 660178

how about that "all my animals" video you promised back in what, November?

No. 660183

She can talk about all those animals she "rehomed."

No. 660184


The lack of self-awareness is fucking hysterial, man.

No. 660185

"My dumbass boyfriend" lmfaooo after all the "OMG WE LOVE EACH OTHER SOOO MUCH~ nobody understand us!~~" bullshit.. this is what she really thinks of him lmao. She tries to act like she has this great life and boyfriend when in reality her life and relationship is shit.

No. 660187

Thinking about moving again? But I thought she was "renting to own" according to her?? Hmmm sounds like a lie and she is just strictly renting. If it's that easy to move again, there's no way she's trying to buy this overly expensive house.

Seems like the honeymoon stage of them coming into this new house is gone. The atrium content has become repetitive and boring already, the house gets way too hot because of all the windows, and she is still the same old Taylor with the same awful abusive boyfriend.

It's clear she really wanted this house to be a "fresh start" where she thought she could come back and fake that she's better and hoped she could just sweep everything under the rug and continue lying without consequence.

But damn she's really going off lately. Her true emotions about her situation are coming out. She's miserable and everyone has been saying this since day 1, but no she has to prove the "haterz" wrong.
Looks like your "haterz" have been the ones who were right, hmmm?
You're not going to get better or be any happier until he's out of your life Taylor. Seriously. Just listen for once in your life, please

No. 660189

Has Taylor ever posted a picture of her full ball python sheds like she has her other snakes?

No. 660202

File: 1557615704112.png (479.91 KB, 592x598, cheese.png)

Cheese Update

No. 660204

File: 1557615923351.png (90.17 KB, 588x696, cheese1.png)

No. 660215

File: 1557618635475.jpeg (426.29 KB, 1125x1441, 55B1773C-FFA9-49A2-AFA7-75E21F…)

If she’s renting how is she going to replace the turf with real grass? Landlords don’t tend to like unnecessary work or tenants doing stuff themselves

No. 660216

File: 1557618712189.png (1.99 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190511-175104.png)

She's posting a LOT about saving money… Guess not working for 4 months, setting up the Manlet, moving, and the irresponsible spending have caught up with you huh Tay

No. 660217

File: 1557618736215.jpeg (616.95 KB, 1125x1574, 589CF3E9-2625-4C6A-ADE5-648B60…)

Cheese/150g tank Instagram update pt 1

No. 660218

File: 1557618788927.jpeg (517.03 KB, 1125x1249, BB2CFE23-1395-43AD-AF08-C46D4D…)

pt 2

No. 660225


Lmao of course she "rehomed" some of her saltwater fish too. Jesus Christ, how many animals has she killed in the last few months?

No. 660230

Lmao what about zazu the lion fish and the mantis shrimp?

No. 660233


"It's a fish dude. Fish pass all the time."

No. 660278

They weren't in the 150.

No. 660279

she needs to dial the fake grieving back a notch or ten, we been knowing you fucked around with his dead body, dummy.

No. 660284

no one should be "proud" of "battling ich" twice. If she took proper care of her fish, bought from good stores and quarantined, etc, she'd never have ich in her main tank at all.

No. 660311


Sheesh, I feel bad for all her other animals that aren't "dear friends" and just end up forgotten. Zazu certainly didn't get this kind of send off.

No. 660312

Fishtuber here.
Ich happens. Ich isnt a big deal and is treatable. And salt tanks are more susceptible even if you go to a good fish store because most of saltwater it's taken out of the Wild there is going to be some ich and contamination. She is a s* pet keeper and Aquariust and kills many of her fish from her lack of knowledge. And most the time you don't have a holding tank for saltwater smaller tanks do not stay cool enough for saltwater Plus harder to regulate. I see it all the time in my hobby people get a small saltwater tank and they can never keep it regulated. I think her Predator Tank was overstocked and too small.

No. 660314

The fact she bought a wild caught fish pisses me off. Poor Cheese was fucking happy in the wild and you supported his species being snatched up, Taylor. Her whole, "he lived longer than most in captivity" comment can go fuck itself.

I'm disgusted by anyone who supports wild caught fish practices. She encouraged it with using Cheese as her mascot. I don't even want to think of all them the poor cowfish who've died because she spiked an interest in them.

No. 660322

I looked hard but I couldn't find the comment where she said "He's just a fish" during the drama when Cheese did die. If anyone has that tweet, it fits perfectly with her post.

No. 660323


I believe she made this comment about Zazu, not Cheese.

No. 660356

Funny how a fish that got her more views and money is the one in a special box with constant posts yet Zazu, a fish she got as a present from a family member, was just “just a fish” and obviously flushed down the toilet. Her pets are just accesories for her and if they don’t give her money then she’ll forget them forever. She might defend herself and say She’s a good pet mom but every neglectful mother believes theyre doing the right thing

No. 660361

OP image from this thread >>603048 etc etc. It was all over, it's not some lost lore.

No. 660363

The certificate says Cheese was cremated February 4th, 2019.

Also, the vets office she apparently uses has no exotics experience whatsoever.

No. 660365

He died in November, how damn long did she dither about getting this done.

No. 660366


Holy shit, really? I recently got my cat cremated and his ashes were sent back to my vets WITHIN A WEEK. No wonder the results were "inconclusive" if she shoved him back into the freezer for months.

No. 660399

this bitch, wow. the results were inconclusive because she touched his body constantly and fucked with it by giving him a stupid 'viking funeral' that she laughed all the way through. that body was well on the way to decomposing by the time the vet saw it. they never necropsied anything.

she was almost surely high and treated the whole thing from beginning to end like the joke it was for her. trash.

No. 660404

File: 1557673632333.png (1.54 MB, 828x1792, 9B3E2CCB-5278-4B24-81C6-896B22…)

She’s revolting. Wow.

No. 660405

…it's obviously a joke

No. 660406

sounds pretty serious to me…

No. 660419

it’s so clearly a joke, anon

No. 660421

>I'm so proud of how many have stayed flawlessly alive through the years

kek what the fuck does that even mean

No. 660422

anon please, look at what the picture is of.

No. 660425

Meaning she's killed alot of fish in the past probably.

Can't see why she'd want to upgrade to 300. A 150 is pretty kickass. I don't think she realizies how much time and money large fishtanks take to maintain. Not discounting the fact that a new tank is 5k plus if she wants something custom made and delivered. Thats not taking into account equipment, lights, water change stuff, food, medication, corals, hardscape. I could easily see 20k on a new set up.

But inpatient still too expensive lol.

No. 660433

Forgive me if I'm wrong but doesn't she have a naso tang? Isn't a 150 tiny for that kind of fish?

No. 660436

We already know they’re close? Anyway, why would she give that up? Betsy gets paid a shit load for not doing her “job” properly because wherever Taylor lives, it always looks like a shit hole.

No. 660446

you can’t be serious? it’s obvious it’s a joke

No. 660458

>But inpatient still too expensive lol'

LOL yeah, this bitch and her priorities… "I don't think she realizies how much time and money X takes" is pretty much Taylor's MO at this juncture. You know, this bitch who keeps whining about how much everything costs after she's taken off months from doing her job - which isn't exactly taxing, mind.

No. 660470

Longtime Saltwater fishkeeper, and I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Most responsible aquarists have a quarantine even for saltwater. Yes, it takes a while to set up, and it's harder to maintain salinity on smaller tanks, but it's safer in the long run for your fish if you have one, it doesn't have much to do with "staying cool enough." You should never just dump fish into a tank, especially with such a sensitive system as saltwater.

No. 660496

Do you have aspergers or something?

No. 660505


Ummmmmmm nah. Keeping a saltwater tank with no fish. Takes so much time and effort. It is easier to treat in the tank you are keeping them in. And honestly do you really think that Taylor has time to take care of more tanks..? She is zonked out on drugs. She shouldn't even have animals or fish. But to vilify ich in the fish Community is just dumb. And shows lack of knowledge of the fish community.

No. 660511

I agree with the other anon. It's pretty common to still have a quarantine tank for saltwater. Pretty much all the regular customers at my aquatic store have one. And I know workers at other aquarium stores all have quarantine tanks for their set ups at home, even though they're the ones receiving/maintaining tanks at their store.

Ich is common and happens to the best of tanks, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take preventative measures anyways..

No. 660514

She took Jonnys name out of her ig bio

No. 660515

On Twitter too

No. 660519

Whether it's hard or not, it's responsible and certainly not worth the potential for losing your fish. We're not just talking ich, we're talking fungii and other bacterial infections. You might not have one, and other "fishtubers" might not, but it's irresponsible of her to not have a quarantine tank.

No. 660520

File: 1557695059851.png (691.69 KB, 750x1334, 795AFBBF-4BA8-4D54-ABAE-C15BEE…)

No. 660521

She does that once in a while when she gets really mad at him. In the end, it means nothing unless she kicks his ass out of the house.

No. 660522

please tell me she's finally kicking him out of her life

No. 660531

File: 1557695928063.png (39.14 KB, 596x302, hatersssss.png)

No. 660533

File: 1557696060615.png (34.67 KB, 574x306, hatersssss1.png)


A golden response!

No. 660535

If they are truly holding themselves to that things she said where they'd separate if they couldn't stay sober, kudos (like 1 kudo).

But we know Poorly Tattoed Tickboy would probably last less than 1 day without his walking ATM and he'll be gross and lovebomb her.

No. 660538


When an abuser tries to love-bomb & manipulate you, telling you to "Remember the good times" Do the opposite; remember how much they made you feel like shit, remember how many times they've broken promises to you. Remind yourself that you don't want to put yourself through this shit anymore.

No. 660541

Taylor's got her demons but she really needs to kick that whiny ass little bitch boy to the curb, he's done nothing but suck up her money and treat her like utter shit, only making Taylor fall down further.

If she leaves him, honestly I'd be proud of her, it will be a huge step in bettering her life not having to bow down to his disgusting man child demands.

Jonny is far from what a real man should be, he's the epitome of a weak little bitch.
Leave him Taylor, you KNOW you are better off without him.

No. 660548

I'd be proud of her too. All other issues aside, if she leaves him I definitely see her life improving. She would probably feel empowered as fuck too, and could use that boost to clean up the rest of her life.

When you follow gossip about someone like TND for a while it is hard to not develop a soft spot for. It is very clear that she is not a bad person, but her views on the world are warped and she doesn't understand that lying is only easy in the moment and will later haunt you.
She needs to start learning from her life experiences.

No. 660558

Fingers crossed they are splitting up. Would be a welcome turn of events to see her crawl out of this pit and really redeem and better herself.

Jonny can stay on the curb with all the other trash.

No. 660559

File: 1557701032752.png (42.63 KB, 588x270, hamstercare.png)

Why don't you leave this idea for the people that actually own hamsters, Taylor?

No. 660564

File: 1557702156241.png (577.81 KB, 1439x760, Capture _2019-05-12-18-48-48.p…)

This was her comment on Dr. Phil's post. "Hired on a whim from a pet store with no prior animal experience…" It's almost like she forgets she worked at fucking Petco less than 4 years ago and was in that same situation. Not to mention mammals, like reptiles, go more by length, width, and height measurements than Gallons. They need an absolute minimum of about 620 inches of floor space, meaning they'd need a 40 Breeder as opposed to a 40 long to even hit that. Stop treating hamsters like fish and let the people that know what they're doing talk about it. Besides, a lot of people at the pet store do try to inform people, you can't blame people just trying to get a paycheck for the actions of the company.

No. 660566


>"Please upgrade your care and demonstrate it being done online so people know these cages are not acceptable…"

You go first, Taylor.

No. 660567


Shes most def projecting. She is fucking unreal. How can she talk about rodent care but she is not taking care of her damn rats

No. 660578

File: 1557703289884.jpg (683.54 KB, 1073x1900, Screenshot_20190512-181949_Ins…)

i usually just read here but i didnt see anyone post about how she removed manlet from her bio on instagram

No. 660579


He'll probably be back up there by tomorrow.

No. 660583

read harder then. this was posted here: >>660514
and >>660515

No. 660589

File: 1557704784411.png (378.28 KB, 1438x1408, Capture _2019-05-12-19-41-26.p…)

He's been retweeting her stuff all day though, so it seems unlikely that they're done.

No. 660594

She’s such a dumbass…those are his grandkids!!!

No. 660597

Probably trying to get back in her good graces..

No. 660598


Yes Taylor, criticize the celebrity's pet care (for an animal you don't own) on youtube to get those needed views!!

No. 660599

He's never removed her from his bio in the past when she's removed him, so he probably thinks she'll put him back on hers eventually.

No. 660605


That's because he's a possessive little choad boy.

Don't put him back in your bio Taylor, you aren't his bitch.

No. 660606


Not anon but who can see the milk between all those fishfags.

No. 660608

Didnt Taylor keep her mouse gus in like a tiny crittertrail like cage ? He never had proper care, her rats hardly have proper care, she doesnt even own a hamster. What gives her the right to call out small pet care of any kind?

No. 660611


She could end this fucking cycle today.
This man ruined not only her career, but her life.
Her health is forever compromised, more so than it was before she got with him. Her behavior took a turn for the worse after being influenced by him.

She must realize by now that he's taken so much from her…

No. 660614

File: 1557708395600.png (71.39 KB, 578x528, tndchrissy.png)

tbh, Taylor would have been no help during the Chrissy Teigan debacle

No. 660615

File: 1557708463567.png (49.47 KB, 578x458, morphe.png)

Aaand now she's trying to discredit someone else…

No. 660617

File: 1557708638360.png (45.72 KB, 584x392, code1.png)

No. 660625

File: 1557709597566.png (154.26 KB, 576x500, code2.png)

No. 660627

File: 1557709750445.jpg (52.62 KB, 1100x546, D6ZhbUoWsAAZwRw.jpg)


1st pic in her tweet

No. 660628

File: 1557709790473.jpg (249.49 KB, 1118x1200, D6ZhbUkXsAEU3Tt.jpg)


2nd pic in her tweet

No. 660632

Whoa, my mind is blown. She did NOT! I'm reading it with my own eyes, but refusing to believe she could be this lacking in self awareness. Holy fucking shit!

No. 660635


Considering this girl can't look after ANY of her small mammals, this is fucking rich. Her mouse care for starters was shit. Gus was in one of those shitty plastic cages his entire life instead of having a nice big cage with plenty of floor space so he can burrow.

Her rat care is shit. Her cage is full of fleece that will get stinky in no time at all, she should really use aspen or kiln-dried pine shavings at the bottom in a pan so rats can again, BURROW. They LOVE climbing but they also love digging!

I'm not well versed in hedgehog care so I can't comment on it much, but her hedgie enclosures always look like shit so I don't really have to say anything else.

She's the last person to be giving advice on rodents or small mammals.

No. 660637


Except Taylor has returned and rehomed numerous animals. She took a fish back to the store and exchanged it for Cheese because it ate one of her other fish. She's rehomed HEAPS of her fish which is essentially the same as returning them back to the store because I believe she said she gave her satanics back to the place she got them from (we know they're dead, but those are her claims). Oh and remember when she went to get Goose's "sisters" posted them on her social media, then immediately deleted it and went back and exchanged them for his "real sisters"? Like bitch, you're the LAST person to be talking about people returning animals or exchanging them. It's her monthly routine at this point.

No. 660642


TLDR; Taylor is actively spreading rumors that a particular person is scamming people.

No. 660646

Not to mention Nayeon is an actual animal advocate who has been doing tons of works creating sponsorship deals to fund rescues, frequently fosters and is a responsible pet owner. She’s everything Taylor is not.

No. 660648


Oh, so that's why Taylor is out to discredit her…

…Anybody want a free Macbook?

No. 660649

File: 1557712720233.png (14.62 KB, 572x146, receiptsewat2.png)



No. 660650

File: 1557713135113.png (65.58 KB, 528x614, tndaccusation3.png)

God, her stans are fucking dumb. Apparently notepad screenshots are "Receipts stacked thick!"

No. 660651

It's kinda funny they're making light of the Tati/James Charles drama (which she tweeted about) when she's dating a rapist piece of shit herself.

No. 660652

File: 1557713287079.jpg (333.83 KB, 1069x1211, IMG_20190512_210645.jpg)

They are cruelty free so her ENTIRE tweet is wrong. Hope someone finally goes after her for slander.

No. 660653

File: 1557713317911.jpeg (50.85 KB, 750x639, D6aV_w4WkAMOL0r.jpeg)

No. 660654

File: 1557713346634.png (35.63 KB, 534x288, tndaccusation2.png)


So according to Taylor "It doesn't say it ISN'T a scam, so it must be!"

Also lmao at the stan underneath
>"she can post what she wants"
So she can write libel whenever she wants??? Cool.

No. 660655

I kinda doubt she knows who Nayeon is but it is funny that she went for her considering Nayeon has similar health conditions and states this keeps her from having more animals

No. 660656

Taylor whines when people request evidence she actually rehomed her animals.

But everyone else needs to bend to whims for evidence. Fuck off. She spends all her money on LV bags and shitty makeup and doesn't donate shit to help animals.

No. 660657

FFS she and her fucked up family should be ON Dr Phil….not giving him advice!

No. 660658

File: 1557713523491.png (56.78 KB, 528x470, tndaccusation4.png)


Once again screencaps of a notepad rant don't count as 'evidence' either

No. 660659

File: 1557713800452.png (21.57 KB, 470x248, tndmorphe.png)

No. 660660

File: 1557713892435.png (46.46 KB, 460x442, tndaccusation6.png)

No. 660661

Taylor targeting someone with multiple years of well documented use of social media to support foster programs and shelters by stating “well I don’t have proof it’s not a scam” omfg

No. 660662

File: 1557714066151.png (49.1 KB, 394x612, 7.png)

No. 660664

Why promote that code anyway if its badger blabla >>660628 She's ready to start some shit today, Jonny must have pissed her off real good!

No. 660665

It's ethically sourced from natural strands that fell from the badger.

No. 660666

File: 1557714693054.png (142.62 KB, 434x616, tndaccusation7.png)

No. 660667

>the old i'm the victim switcharoo

No. 660668

If she truly tried to do her research then wow did she fail because you can google that Nayeon used to work with No Kill LA before moving out of California

No. 660669

You missed the point totally. Taylor posted this message >>660625 about both the brand >>660628 and the code. Therefore, Taylor backpedalling and digging deeper by saying "I wanted to promote the code to get people to shop this brand but it's just too scammy…" is fucking ridiculous - if the brand is cruel why promote any code in the first place? I can't believe I have to explain this point.

No. 660670

File: 1557715019096.jpg (182.51 KB, 674x1200, D6adp7OXoAII_Pc.jpg)

No. 660672

File: 1557715067141.png (58.67 KB, 450x576, tndaccusation8.png)

No. 660673

File: 1557715072400.jpg (192.76 KB, 766x1200, D6adp7JXkAE0PwM.jpg)

2 of 3

No. 660674

File: 1557715136929.jpg (180.31 KB, 1200x898, D6adp7MWAAEt7rW.jpg)

3 of 3

>so much research!
Just ask the girl what she does and how?

No. 660675

File: 1557715250960.png (39.39 KB, 578x315, someonesbankaccount.png)


>"All I wanted to say was morphe is not directly collaborating with a no kill shelter. That's all I wanted to say."

No it wasn't, you insinuated that The person that provided the code was pocketing the money & therefore, scamming people. That is libel. No more no less.

No. 660676

File: 1557715419481.jpg (298.44 KB, 1310x1466, taylor.jpg)

>pops off at multiple people, starts drama over nothing
"your intentions are pure"!

Nah, she's big mad with Jonny and she's taking it out on the internet and anyone doing a better job in life than her.

No. 660679

File: 1557715512186.png (25.92 KB, 438x252, dumbstans2.png)

How Taylor stans behave when Taylor is proven wrong, call them a bully & declare yourself the winner!

No. 660680

File: 1557715607115.png (56.01 KB, 440x556, dumbstan1.png)


Oh good lord her stans are insufferable

No. 660682

Taylor says she did tons of research and only saw the texts from the rescue… But that was only retweeted after Taylor went off on the code. The tweet was originally back from March and I can't believe Taylor dug that deep through that Twitter account without finding anything else liking Nayeon to rescues.. She jumped the gun and now she's playing victim again. She's also still holding onto morphe using cruel fur.

No. 660684

File: 1557715967938.png (58.33 KB, 574x482, tndrama1.png)


This person pretty much said what I was going to. She really hasn't learned from the whole 'South Texas Dragons' debacle

No. 660694

File: 1557716773955.png (62.67 KB, 516x604, goodtndfan.png)

At the end of the day, it shouldn't be about Taylor's feelings, it should be about the animals.

This fan gets it.

No. 660695

File: 1557716839117.png (192 KB, 750x1334, 77D54953-3698-47CB-95AA-52C7C0…)

No. 660696

>15 minutes
Andy Warhol didn't die for this

No. 660698


lonely about… jonny?

No. 660699

Translation: I'm big mad and the world can have it because I'm too scared to come for Jonny over whatever this is.

No. 660700

there's an instagram comment where she states that her leopard bush fish is being kept at a pet store and that it isn't permanent. she's planning on putting it in the pond of her atrium. guessing that she killed it.

No. 660701

Taylor, Talk to Betsy, call your mum, talk to any close friend.

You are lonely as fuck, because you let Jonny isolate you from everybody. Stop letting that fucking brain dead asshole control you and kick him out!! You are better than this shit Taylor.

No. 660702



She's so typically a narcissist it's really truly hilarious.

No. 660703

I love how all this drama is unfolding on twitter and she’s claiming she’s “pacing back and forth around the house” and her man child is just playing his video games according to his IG story. ~GOALS~

No. 660705

File: 1557718404908.png (70.28 KB, 530x592, goodtndfan1.png)

No. 660710

… well, maybe that person will actually get through to her, asskissing being the only frequency TND is prone to hearing with her head that far up her own ass.

No. 660711

Sidebar: If she was actually pacing back and forth and crying and hysterical, that'd be grounds for a welfare check by the popos. Because that sounds like she's slipping into an episode of some sort, what with the junkie habits and the multiple day drama and out of control behavior…

No. 660712

Take a screenshot of something like that anon

No. 660714


I'm just glad this person didn't fall for the guilt-trip she was trying to send their way with the "I'm lonely & just trying to connect uwu" comment

No. 660717

God, she's fucking annoying.

No. 660722

File: 1557720173944.png (27.27 KB, 522x228, tndwhining.png)

Fuck me, she's STILL whining about it

>"There’s no real exact proof but apparently she’s shown enough that people believe her "

Wow Taylor, it's just like you after you lie about shit.

No. 660723

File: 1557720113729.png (27.27 KB, 522x228, tndwhining.png)

Fuck me, she's STILL whining about it

>"There’s no real exact proof but apparently she’s shown enough that people believe her "

Wow Taylor, it's just like you after you lie about shit.

No. 660725

pacing and crying is not cause for the police anon, what are you on. what do you think police are for.

No. 660726

"so I apologized"

Bitch where. Taylor's apologies are like her tears, a whole lotta boohooing and high dramatics but nothing actually comes out.

No. 660727

she 'acts' as a 'middle man' like with drugs, but 'apparently' she does pass it on. way to show you still want to hate on this girl taylor.

No. 660733

File: 1557721357435.png (21.52 KB, 532x212, stanattack.png)

…Aaand her stans are coming for Nayeon

No. 660736

Taylor could fix this with a short twitter video. But no.

No. 660738

This is why you don't have female friends, Taylor. You're ripping down a fellow female Pet YouTuberd with vicious rumors you can't back up.

Stay in your own damn lane and get your hot mess life together. Instead you rather try to distract yourself from it with stirring up shit.

You're in no shape to use your platform "for good " if all you do is witch hunts.

No. 660744

File: 1557722564439.png (51.83 KB, 526x454, tndrama2.png)

No. 660746


this is like the 4th time she's gone thru this cycle of witch hunting, back tracking and saying she's just going to use her platform for animals!

No. 660747

You guys made me go after Dr Phil's hamsters and then after this girl trying to to good in the world. You guys!

No. 660752

LMFAO Taylor is so fucking narcissistic, the DARVOing is insane. Is that all she does these days?

and talk about being fucking jealous of other women who work with animals. She shits on this poor Morphe code girl because "I didn't do my research." Okay, then don't open your fucking mouth unless you have something concrete, you stupid cunt.

Taylor is just jealous that SHE didn't think of this code idea first, honestly, and now that she isn't getting attention, so she can't have that! Gotta flame other women because narcissism! <3

No. 660766

My god, with all this JC/Tati drama I bet she has realized no one is paying attention to her so she has to create her own drama to seem somewhat relevant.

No. 660772

Taylor's unsub party is gonna come sometime, she can't insure herself against it with this shit.

No. 660778

>drama is interesting
>I want to stay out of it all

Fuck you taylor

No. 660781

File: 1557729303412.jpeg (710.69 KB, 1935x1290, 070095D1-4ABF-4A1C-A946-032C31…)

she posted a long ass caption on Instagram about it too

No. 660784

File: 1557729552307.png (530.64 KB, 720x1344, Screenshot_20190513-163751~2.p…)

No. 660785

That’s her new Instagram profile pic

No. 660787

File: 1557729746077.png (600.25 KB, 720x1349, Screenshot_20190513-164128~2.p…)


No. 660788

Those are some pretty tiny pupils there Taylor… but it’s just a bright light I’m sure!

No. 660789

File: 1557730105566.png (603.42 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20190513-164429.png)

Anyone notice how fucked up Jonny's face has become lately? Stop picking at your skin, your gonna be a moon face with all those crators.

Taylor's face is painfully Photoshopped to hide what ever she's got underneath too. Both their Pupils have been tiny for days in almost every video and picture of them, Taylor's increasingly dramatic, Jonny hardly sleeps.

They're on drugs 100%

No. 660790

tinfoil here but Jonny streamed a few hours ago and at one point, the sound of a dropped silverware hit the desk. Idk if he was eating on stream but maybe it’s the druggie spoon ????

No. 660791

If you compare the two of them from these photos, their Pupils are pretty much the same. And they're both in completely different lighting so that's not what's causing it.

No. 660793

More of those apple ciders from last thread. Jesus, get it together Taylor

No. 660797

"I got called out so now I will drown out all the criticism by showing my body! Drown out all the meanies in my mentions with shallow praise for my appearance!"

No. 660801

File: 1557735306259.png (332.32 KB, 1536x2048, 182EB202-97D5-414C-A4B7-A5B558…)

From the same thread on Twitter

No. 660802


Ew. Ew. He looks even more like an infected, gangrenous thumb than usual. Ugly on the inside, rotten on the outside.

No. 660816

That ring is an angagement ring. It’s not something I can see Taylor picking out on her own bc it’s not really her style so why else would she wear it?

No. 660817

It kind of looks like the one he gave Chelsea but idk it was/is pretty generic.

No. 660818

File: 1557744391724.png (172.1 KB, 584x951, 809d4ed321321c6cc398cc190b2b80…)

No. 660822

lmao yes they are dr phil fans, does she really believe that?

I can't find it now but we talked about this ring in the past and taylor commented publicly on it then too, she does insist it's not engagement.

No. 660828


I doubt it, you know Taylor and JC would be blasting their engagement and love bombing all over social media the second they get engaged. Knowing how trashy these two are, they'd be tweeting during the fucking proposal too.

No. 660829

File: 1557752393573.png (106.51 KB, 1080x654, Screenshot_20190513-065909~2.p…)

… so why is it OK for you to make a whole video about improper hamster care?

No. 660830

Ooh! Ooh! I know! It’s because someone with a TV show was somewhat involved!

No. 660836

File: 1557757832774.png (1.17 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190513-093018.png)

Fresh trackmarks?

No. 660843

I dont see track marks just the suspected self harm scars

No. 660850

It's because she thinks she knows something about hamsters because she worked at a store that has them. Petco doesn't sell rabbits or have any training based on it. I'm sure it's partially for the views associated with someone actually famous, but I'm sure she's convinced herself she knows about Hamsters because she's sold a few a couple of times.

No. 660857

what a fucking massive waste of oxygen. taylor needs to stay in her lane and clean up the shit on her own floor before she goes around fucking with other people who actually do some good for animals and don't just use them. she is a malicious bitch.

No. 660864


She really really should leave the Dr.Phil video to someone like MunchiesPlace or Pickles.

She has countless fans suggesting video-ideas to her all the time. Maybe she should look to them instead?

No. 660866

File: 1557766399142.png (264.11 KB, 639x1480, JC-Billie.png)

Looks like she FINALLY addressed the shit Jonny said about Billie Eilish…

No. 660867

she looks like a wax figure. her eyes always look like she's terrified and screaming for help too. and so much alcohol in the back! she didn't even try to hide it! wtf is going on with her

No. 660868

God her Twitter addiction is bc she is so lonely & isolated. This is sad. Please get some friends Taylor. Please get a hobby that requires you to leave that house every once in awhile. It is not healthy to stay cooped up like that. Take accountability for your actions, apologize, and patch things up with other pettube creators. Something.(unironically samefagging)

No. 660871


Aside from ruining her career and her life, Jonny is just one big PR-nightmare for her. Whenever she doesn't fuck something up, he always does/says something that makes her look bad.

No. 660873

good lord she's insufferable

No. 660874

let's hope at least her heroin is "pure" bc nothing else about her is

No. 660889

damn, I used to think she was super pretty but now? um….not so much

No. 660891

Lol a shit ton of cider. Good lord, no amount of filters can save what she's done to her lips. Wtf is with that outfit too? Seriously she's walking around in lingerie but its only to enhance the "animal education" she must get off on this shit.

She's hiding her gut too. Probably a few too many "gulten free" whataburgers.

No. 660900

Seriously? Those 2 are at the bottom of the hamster care channels.

No. 660909


Literally ANY hamster channel should cover it instead of Taylor.

No. 660914

She's looking like Blaire White kek

No. 660921

I'm sorry but I don't believe this one bit. Convenient how she specifically mentions it's over DMs, that way she can say anything is happening and people can't fact check it
more scars. they look pretty similar to SH scars that are a month or two old, but they could easily be much older. some of the lines look like they have raises where the actual cut would be (not the inflamed bit of skin surrounding it), which makes me think they're not too old. they're too convenient for scratches, they're all in a clump, the same length, they're straight and they're also on her nondominant arm

No. 660923

File: 1557780588872.jpg (73.29 KB, 749x804, D6eX_UGXoAA3k36.jpg)

Oh Taylor…

No. 660930

"Nice to know you support a sexual abuser"
tnd: "I don't support James"
everyone: "We weren't talking about James…"

No. 660932


"You mean James Charles right? I'm just gonna assume you mean James Charles & no one else…"

No. 660937

conveniently covering both of her antecubitals in her new IG profile picture. Coincidence? I feel like it's just a matter of time before this explodes. I don't think either of them is sober. And it's impossible to maintain a life of any sort on that shit.

No. 660939

File: 1557783636583.jpg (539.17 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190513-163953_Twi…)

In the context of the tweet I believe they were talking abt James. But still goes to show how hypocritical she is lol

No. 660940

"I dont want any part of the drama"

Didnt she just make a comment about him doing a 10 million subscriber giveaway? Basically involving herself

No. 660941

she only wants drama when she can be the one on the attacking side with everyone agreeing with her.

what she fails to realize is, you can only sort of get away with that when you're calling out legit problematic people with factual evidence to back yourself up. Also, you yourself can't be problematic, lol. She's an idiot trying to get heat off herself so she's not the main issue.

Taylor, I'm a part of 3 different higd reptile Discords. No one in any of them like you. All of them have daily discussions on why you're not a good representation of the community, and no one should use you for reference.

No. 660942

she only wants drama when she can be the one on the attacking side with everyone agreeing with her.

what she fails to realize is, you can only sort of get away with that when you're calling out legit problematic people with factual evidence to back yourself up. Also, you yourself can't be problematic, lol. She's an idiot trying to get heat off herself so she's not the main issue.

Taylor, I'm a part of 3 different higd reptile Discords. No one in any of them like you. All of them have daily discussions on why you're not a good representation of the community, and no one should use you for reference.

No. 660943

she only wants drama when she can be the one on the attacking side with everyone agreeing with her.

what she fails to realize is, you can only sort of get away with that when you're calling out legit problematic people with factual evidence to back yourself up. Also, you yourself can't be problematic, lol. She's an idiot trying to get heat off herself so she's not the main issue.

Taylor, I'm a part of 3 different higd reptile Discords. No one in any of them like you. All of them have daily discussions on why you're not a good representation of the community, and no one should use you for reference.

No. 660950

File: 1557792826728.png (704.83 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190513-211116.png)


No. 660951

What is the need to describe himself as sober? It's like hes trying to convince himself as much as he is trying to convince everyone else

No. 660955


someone come get their fat granddad, he's embarrassing himself again

No. 660967

File: 1557797167687.jpg (Spoiler Image, 75.23 KB, 711x516, luna.jpg)

For the sake of knowing what you're looking for, here are track marks. Warning, pic is of Luna and contains bad tits and general grottiness.
Fresh injection sites are a little different-looking to this again, but look for a reddish puncture wound over a vein in that instance.
As mentioned already these marks look like sh.

No. 660968

He is at such pains to point it out, like I think he is sober some of the time and has to point it out in those moments.

No. 660974

File: 1557800693056.png (25.8 KB, 590x248, wholesome.png)


No. 660975

Because drugs are the only thing that truly define him, and have defined him for over a decade.

No. 660984

Funny how Jonny has to reiterate his false sobriety as he becomes increasingly fucked up looking, pinpoint eyes, Swiss cheese face with all those holes, fat hands, dumb behaviour.

No. 660988

I love how she admits to being desperately lonely and he's begging people to hang out with him.

Not a healthy relationship or life at all. I'm shocked she doesn't have a Discord to keep her company, but that requires maintenance and work to establish.

Part of me thinks their "sober" only because now they're bored and lonely being shut-ins together.

No. 660990

It's weird to think that she's so young. She has the thousand-yard stare of a woman who's spent years tied up while life takes a steaming dump on her chest. It's like her spirit has departed from her body; drugs and buying new animals for the hoard are probably the only two things that make her feel anything beyond loneliness, irritation, and despair

No. 660993

File: 1557807473978.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x1551, D1F72631-0385-418E-99AE-419771…)

No. 660999

But she's the one clearly obsessed with him.

No. 661001

That was sarcasm you moron.

No. 661002


Do restraining orders extend to pets?

No. 661015

She sure does talk alot when she’s high out of her mind and then either delete it or forgets about it when she gets sober.

The drugs and your manlet is just going to pull you lower ever day you stay. The more drugs you take, Taylor, the more dependent you’ll be to Jonny. I wont be surprise if he tries to pimp you out on twitch for views

No. 661019


I doubt he would. He seems to want to keep twitch separate from her. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s grooming new shiny victims on there now that he’s destroyed so much of Taylor. She is ‘so lonely’ and even took his name out of everything. He’s still on twitch every night. Whatever is going on between them seems even more toxic than usual.

No. 661030

He does that shit to get a rise out of her and it works. Guys like him like to show that they still control and own their exes. She'd probably be better off just ignoring him. He'd eventually get bored if he couldn't get he response he desires and stop bothering her.

No. 661059

god this is actual manipulation. he does this out of pure spite.

No. 661063

Seriously, Taylor is openly showing more and more how unhappy she is with him. Calling him a dumbass, telling people she doesn’t like the things he says, and to me the biggest one being admitting just how horribly lonely she is.

Taylor, you’re lonely because you are being isolated from everyone you know. You pushed everyone out of your life for him. You clearly regret that now, and want to be your own person and get out of the house with other human beings besides him.
So you just drink and take drugs to drown your sadness. But it never lasts… it will just make you more dependent on him.

He has been out of her bio for a couple days now. I hope she is slowly but surely mentally preparing herself to boot his ass to the curb. He is clearly a trash human being, rapist and toxic piece of shit for a significant other. He used to at least try to pretend and show the world how “in love~” they are, but now he doesn’t even bother with the love bombing anymore.
She supposedly paces the house sobbing and crying, meanwhile her bf is just…m sitting there playing video games? GOALZ am I right?

She has fucked up her reputation a LOT but her stans have shown that if she were to leave him and get her act together, she could make somewhat of a redemption for herself.

No. 661099


Agree. Chelsea should ignore him 100%. We know that he is piece of shit. She has spilled the tea and we are grateful for that but it is time to move on and let that manchild rot in his own misery.

No. 661101

So Taylor is vegan all of a sudden? Sure, jan.

No. 661105

Not to mention someone said they saw a Louis Vuitton bag in one of her videos

No. 661114

File: 1557860327881.jpeg (124.92 KB, 750x1114, 1EC8918C-44E4-43FC-96ED-08FDA7…)


No. 661115


Relationship red-flags are SO funny lmao

No. 661118


In b4 the expected "lol it's just a joke dude" tweet. Because what could be funnier than abusive, violent manchildren who start by punching holes in walls/doors? It's even more fun when they move to punching the wall right beside you! And super fun when they start hitting YOU, but it's okay, they are still just such a good person underneath it all and your love can totes heal them!

No. 661119

File: 1557861376061.png (91.64 KB, 380x366, Door.png)

No. 661122

Not trying to be rude but what is this from? Is that his gaming room or something?

No. 661123

File: 1557863518052.jpg (205.33 KB, 1080x2088, 20190514_125110.jpg)

She just posted this story lol

No. 661124


Yes her mom is batshit crazeballs, but ANYTHING would treat her better than the situation she is in now.

No. 661125

girl get out asap

No. 661126


Lock the cages, take the cats into your car & DRIVE TO THEM TAYLOR!

No. 661127

Yeah good luck moving all of your animals back into your parents house. Plus three cats. I hope she rehomes most of her animals, maybe finds a home for the three cats, and moves back in with her parents WITHOUT Jonny.

No. 661128


Fucking FINALLY. She needs to get the fuck away from the bloated junkie gopher holding her and her life hostage.

No. 661129


She could bring the cats in the car with her, drive to her parents house, & briefly put them in a room away from the dogs. She can sort their living arrangements later, what matters is getting tf out of there!

No. 661133

File: 1557864450317.jpeg (123.39 KB, 1125x667, B5BAFB6F-7FBE-4D08-861C-ED6B6D…)


jonny tweeted this about 5 minutes before her instagram story. i wonder what has hurt his feelings today?

she’s back to posting about ordering ‘gluten free’ junk food, so i wouldn’t take any of this too seriously

No. 661134


Maybe if you weren't showing off a pic of just you with your exe's cats (the one ex that has a restraining order against him I might add), there wouldn't be "bullshit online about you"?… Just a hunch

No. 661135

a punched in door, moody taylor wanting to leave, jonny depress tweeting. im ready for the milk

when she inevitably tries to leave, i really do hope she returns all the shit she bought him and/or trashes whatever else she cant, dudes evil and doesnt need shit

No. 661138

Take Nemo & LEAVE!

If Jonny's smart, he won't hurt your pets, because if he did, all you'd have to do is call the cops on his ass!

No. 661142

"but damn it's all true. "

wouldn't upset you if it weren't true. You're a toxic-trash human being who belongs in prison.

No. 661143


Someone tweet him and ask whether selling some laptops might cheer him up(dont suggest cowtipping even as a joke)

No. 661144

nothing on his discord yet. I was hoping there'd be some milk there

No. 661160

OMG…. the fracken flower necklace!!! “rooths” …… sounds legit…. dead

No. 661173

Jonny is 100% stupid, selfish, and a disgusting person who's never tried to truly improve himself. Maybe he's tried to work on his public image, sure. but the dude has no personal reflection on himself.

just to derail in general:

I know there are people who want to see Taylor crumble and suffer, but I really believe a lot of us on this thread would just love to see her leave Jonny. Taylor was young when she started her hobby/channel and it's ridiculous to assume anyone, in any profession, is perfect. She would be farther than she is had she never got in with him.

For everyone ripping on her for renting property for the cost she's paying… you would be tearing her apart for purchasing a home, with or without Jonny.

I'm not wanting to tell people to be soft here, obvy. She's hidden and covered a lot… but anything and everything she does is going to be criticized to the core and she knows that. Would you post yourself in those conditions?

No. 661175


I like to think most of us are here out of concern for the animals in her care. I've been vocal about her shit care but I would love to see her leave Johnny and clean herself up because it would mean a better life for her animals.

She comes so close so often just going by her twitter but she's not strong enough to make that final break unfortunately.

No. 661177


tbh, the first BIG step in the right direction for her is to leave Jonny.

No. 661179

Pretty sure most people in the thread are addicted to the drama by now, but they do want her pets to be taken care of more than Taylor herself.

No. 661187


I am rooting for her still

Would be very happy to see her life make a 180

No. 661190

Yea, I still want to see her do well. For her own sake and for the sake of her pets… and also because pretty much everyone deserves better than Jonny boy. Taylor getting free of him and making a healthy, triumphant comeback would spite the rotten motherfucker like nothing else.

I still believe she has potential if she applies herself, gets clean and gets her head out of her ass.

No. 661191

She will never learn to quit lying now tho, unfortunately. I will never ever believe another word out of her mouth. She’s lost all credibility

No. 661192

Would love to see her move back home. At the end of her time filming at home she had a packed garage they were using for storage. Maybe her parents can help her make that a space for herself.

No. 661195

living with her narc mom isn’t going to help her

No. 661197


It is a damn sight better option than staying where Jonny can get to her.

No. 661200

I also stand for Taylor when it comes to Jonny, she might be a bit of a nutcase but honestly she's in such a sad situation being with that rotten hearted, self centred narcissistic bitch boy who loves chunks of plastic, drugs and Instagram thots more than anything else.

He's done Taylor so dirty by using her for money, she would be so much better off rebuilding herself alone with the help of family and friends which clearly she craves right now after being isolated by that absuive piece of shit.

I always thought Taylor would wind up with a younger, attractive country boy who rides horses, quiet, humble, shares common interests and actually treats her like a decent human. Your personality alters depending on who you spend time around, Taylor's got issues but around Jonny they manifest 10 fold, imagine how much better she'd be if she were surrounded by decent people, Jonny and Taylor have nothing in common.

Work on yourself Taylor, you will and do deserve better than him.
Think of all the many many better guys out there and just know that no matter what, Jonny will be miserable no matter where he ends up because he will abuse the next girl too, and every girl after. They never stop their shitty games no matter how many times you forgive them, try to help them, it's not your responsibility to fix him too, he's broken you Enough hun stop giving into his whinging and shitty behaviour.

No. 661210

Sometimes I wonder if she always goes back because she knows he has dirt on her.

No. 661212

Whatever it is, it would have to be worse than what this forum speculates. I think a majority of those who have heard of her do believe the rumors. It's just her 8-14 year old stans who don't. Jonny is going to need a lot to hold it over her head.

No. 661215

Plus, he has already posted a nude of her, but the bits are covered by her thong and hand. I guarantee he has actual, full nudes of her, and he would probably release them in a heartbeat if she left him.

Besides that yeah, he must have tons of dirt on her if she's continuing to stay with this abusive shithead.

With her being open about how unhappy and lonely she is, and Jonny's tweet and her IG story from earlier, hopefully she's making a plan to get out. Why else would she post shit like this online, but then stay with him behind the scenes? He probably just treats her worse when she speaks up about how unhappy she is because he knows it's primarily because of their relationship. But Jonny's always been the one so keen on making it seem like he doesn't care, hence his dumbass childish "miss me with that high school bullshit!" remarks all the time. Clearly he does care, because it's slowly but surely coming out that she's miserable with him and wants to get away. You poor little "goals" relationship isn't what you wanted to pretend it is.

No. 661218

Proof that she lied about rehoming animals that she actually killed due to neglect could prove fatal to her youtube career. It would need to be actual proof though, accusatory statements from Johnny wouldn't do much on their own.

No. 661221


Would people believe him though?
His own reputation isn't exactly squeaky-clean either…

No. 661224

If he had photos of the dead animals, they might. Idk if he's smart enough for that.

No. 661225

He would definitely need some pictures or screenshots that clearly prove her guilty. Other anon above has a good point about the nudes also, that's not career ruining but definitely not something you want in the public eye.

No. 661226

maybe not discuss this here, where we clearly know they both regularly lurk ? lets not give him any ideas

No. 661227

I would definitely not.

Pretty sure he would say anything to throw shade if she dumped him. So I wouldn't take much of it seriously.

And really, if she just moves on with her life and shows us all that she has changed by being the person she has wanted to be with her animals, then I dont think she should even make any explanation videos or apology videos.

We will notice it when she is better cause it will reflect in her animal care.

No. 661228

What do you mean, give him ideas on releasing dirt on her? If he has actual proof she's killed more animals from neglect, and lied about rehoming animals, etc, are you saying we don't deserve to know?

Either way, we're just speculating what he may or may not have against her. There are a hundred possible reasons why she's still with this disgusting human being. It's her choice but she's clearly not happy while making it.

No. 661231

with everything i've seen about the guy i would just think that he had killed it just to take a picture to shame tnd with, so i'd be suspect even with pic proof

No. 661233

File: 1557879255284.png (1.82 MB, 1536x2048, F7BEA6FA-11BB-44DA-99DB-70AA86…)

No. 661235

File: 1557879285823.png (2.64 MB, 1536x2048, 042553E3-D33B-47FC-A241-9E9C55…)

No. 661236

File: 1557879354475.png (12.4 KB, 606x112, Capture.PNG)

something's going down

No. 661237

>or until the day they finally break us

yikes dude

No. 661239

I wonder if she's trying to break up with him and that's why he's love bombing her on his insta story and bailing on the stream… can't let the money bag just kick him out.

No. 661240

pretty sure that's manipulation, taylor. dont buy into it.

No. 661241


Sounds like he's not gonna go down without dragging her with him.

No. 661242

She seems semi-serious about curbing him. This seems like his attempt to work his way back in. Shit's about to go down, I think were seeing the beginning of the end.

No. 661244

plus blaming other people for her trying to break up with him… she can decide for herself she doesnt want to put up with your shit anymore, jonny

No. 661246

"some days these people don't let up?" wat.

this is the most supportive this forum has been of her in a long ass time.

the past few comments have almost been a string of encouraging support towards taylor.

he is panicking.

No. 661248



"If I go down, so does she. She doesn't have a choice."

No. 661250

thats exactly why he thinks we're evil. becuase we think AND know he's a piece of shit. hes probably trying to convince taylor we're the ones manipulating her lmao

No. 661251

He’s been pushing this hive mind for awhile now hasn’t he

No. 661252


Don’t let this disgusting POS reel you back in. You have the power to leave him and turn your life around. He deserves nothing and sweet words can’t change that.

No. 661253


He finally got off the computer because he just found out Taylor started growing a backbone, can't have that!

No. 661255


Just play along like you've been doing Taylor, & dump his ass.

This is YOUR house. The animals are YOUR property. He doesn't have shit on you. Even if he did, no one would believe him.

No. 661256

We see exactly what kinda person he is because he displays it all on social media, and we are not clouded by his manipulative ways

We also see that Taylor is not a piece of shit or anything that warrants the mental abuse he no doubt puts her through. She is just fucking naive and needs to stop lying cause it only leads to more lies and it's time to learn that lesson once and for all.

Pretty sure that her animals will be cared for properly once she gets out of the depression she has been in, so I'm nowhere near as worried about that.

No. 661258


We've been fooled before. I hope she's strong enough honestly she deserves and can be better. I just hope she finds that strength before it costs possibly more lives including her own.

No. 661263

Can't really forgive her for some things but dumping him would improve her life tremendously. I think most of us her support her 100% in dumping jonny.

The manlet is a certified rotten. There's still hope for Taylor, she's got a long way to go afterwards though.

No. 661264

That "WE are sick" doesn't sit well with me. Seems unnecessary since he's the one who streams.

Sorry for the major tinfoil, but what if she is trying to leave and he doesn't let her and is threatening her or something. I hope she's safe at least…

No. 661266


And of course he's projecting his troubles onto her as well with all this "We/Us" bullshit.

Taylor isn't the one trying to taunt/trigger his ex. That's his own damn fault.

No. 661267

Exactly. He knows Taylor is catching on so he's taking his insecurity to the public to further manipulate her. Even though i will, among others, not forget how she let this affect her animal's lives, she will still be immensely supported if she leaves. Taylor is the only thing keeping him afloat rn, if she outed his abuse and left for good there's nothing he could do to hurt her career any further.

No. 661268

I assume that the "we are sick" means that (if they WERE clean) they've relapsed. With all the drama recently and Taylor going off on twitter, they've most likely turned back to heroin to numb it all. Which is unfortunate, given that it means she will just get stuck with him again for even longer.

No. 661269

I guarantee she would never have gotten this low if she didn't get with him.

No. 661270

She's young, if she dumps his sorry ass and gets clean she might be able to bounce back to being a pet youtuber that actually manages to take decent care of her animals. There is definitely hope for her yet.

No. 661271

He's been a bum for so long. He doesn't even have a band now, his non-existent twitch career will never support him. She doesn't want to be his mother, and he's probably always whiny, mopey and pissy.

Wouldn't be surprised if he pulled the classic, "i'll kill myself", "I'll relapse", "I'll Kill your animals", "I won't leave", "This is MY HOUSE".

Classic manipulative cycle. Tommorow he'll probably be "im sorry, it wont happen again" Im guessing her and jonny are relapsing, hence the sickness.

She's obviously thinking about it. Removing from the bio seems pretty telling.

No. 661272

it's from their apartment when they moved out. it could be from furniture or from jonny, no-one knows.

No. 661274


Alas, the cycle continues…

No. 661276

How long do we even think they were clean before? She sounded clearly high out of her mind during one of the clips in her first video back.

No. 661277


Yeah, that "WE are sick" definitely means they're high now.

No. 661278

they're junkies still, that's why they're 'sick'. if arguing got he better of them they haven't sorted out getting their shit, or they used more in the last week or w/e.

look guys– taylor posts manipulative stuff to her audience and you need to not buy into that manipulation. yes she does need to leave him. if she's serious she will do it, and we'll hear about it when she's somewhere else. any posts about 'maybe I —' aren't anything more than a narc playing with the emotions of their audience for another attention hit, sadly.

also the door thing is from the apartment thy vacated and there's no way to know it was jonny or just clumsy moving. either way they're sloppy people.

No. 661280

File: 1557881726769.jpg (90.59 KB, 1024x765, D6kawXXW4AADXg-.jpg)


This is a classic Jonny-move.
He's said the same sappy, manipulative shit about Chelsea as well.

No. 661281

File: 1557881766717.png (41.58 KB, 599x483, jc.PNG)

…..interesting response

No. 661282


"Don't be silly! I'm not leaving my meal ticket! Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta go make sure those shackles I put on her are nice n' tight!"

No. 661283

Did he already delete that post? I don't see it

No. 661285


It's an old post, so yes, it's been long since deleted.

No. 661286

Totally thought that was about

No. 661287

she doesn't have that kind of relationship because she has a trash personality, sorry. like attracts like. she doesn't have friends because she's a catty manipulative bitch. i find it interesting that all this poor taylor talk comes on the heels of her acting like an ass on twitter and sending her stans after people because she's a drama whore. lol fuck her, jmo.

No. 661289


Looks like she's unconscious in this pic. Her hand looks limp.

Wouldn't be surprised if he used this as a photo-op to try to convince us that she's 'given up' on leaving him & is staying…

No. 661290


…Also wouldn't be surprised if he took her phone & popped his name back into her profiles while she's asleep.

No. 661291

she doesn't look unconscious. there is plenty of real drama without making it up.

it's about Chelsea, it's old, but it's a great example of how he just spiels out the same manipulative shit over and over with no real change to who he actually is.

No. 661293

Bet she'll wake up tommorow and say "its fine it'll get better" like shes done a hundred times before. It'll never change unless she really wants it.

The whole house thing was a hail Mary for their relationship, Like when couples try to have kids to stay together.

The cycle is just repeating with jonny. He just gets bored of being clean so he relapses.

No. 661296

Timeline was more like this imo

>sheltered, rebellious teen life with emotional issues.

>naive animal petuber with good and bad qualities.
>jonny attention
>Gets trashy to impress jonny
>jonny introduces her to heroin
>Gets trashier, lazier, tats, more animals

Not saying she didn't have some bad qualities before but jonny made her much worse and inauthentic IMO. It's obvious she isn't happy with herself, hopefully she'll change.

No. 661297

For the sake of her animals I do hope she leaves him and betters herself, but this. Why does she expect all corners of the internet to be patting her ass when she’s on H, dating a rapist, and has animals dying. Ffs this is #MeToo #Cancelled culture we live in, how she still has her career is beyond me. She needs to save it while she still can. Dump the manlet, get sober, take care of animals better, and we would literally have nothing to talk about. Or just tweet out “I’m fine!! We’re fine!! The animals are fine! I’m getting healthier everyday life is great uwu” and be a cow forever, Tay, your call.

After the “no one knows what i go through i can’t hold it back anymore boys suck” twitter storm and throwing Chelsea under the bus, I agree. This is 100% their cycle like you said, and the nature of abusive relationships in a nutshell.

No. 661298


Not making up drama. It just looks like she's asleep. Her hand looks limp.

No. 661299

this is an old pic tho

No. 661302

to me it's pretty clear that all the insane online behavior is an effect of her mental state, and not really a reflection of her personality.

it's hard to display your true personality when you are in a really fucked up relationship, doing heavy drugs, and trying desperately to pretend everything is fine.

kinda hate that i'm whiteknighting, but I feel like if she wins this battle, and dumps his ass, all the other things will drastically improve, and the war will be over.

it'll be a little boring with no milk, but we will move on to new pastures.

No. 661303

she just looks like she's laying there to me

No. 661304

her arm looks bruised and beat up here. there are parts that look raised, just like a bruise or abrasion would look

No. 661305

waaaaays off anon.

at least people here keep her honest, even if we are hardasses. She's got some deep underlying issues that make her unsuitable to taking care of so many pets. She's got to seriously downsize if she's ever gonna get better. All the animals are just a coping mechanism to deal with her empty life rn.

No. 661306


I agree.

This is the kid of cow I want to set free.

No. 661307

jonny is an important first start but its just a start

No. 661308

File: 1557884951602.png (134.46 KB, 720x713, Screenshot_20190515-114342~2.p…)

Taylor, do you recognise this cycle? If you do, you need to escape it.
Other common things is using Pets, or Family as leverage and threats.

Honestly, Taylor's more popular currently than Jonny is, if she leaves and he tries to defame her, how many people are going to believe a decade long heroin addict with a history of abuse and rape toward women? Plus I'm sure Taylor has tonnes of receipts of him being a downright cunt to her in messages and other things. People will forget Jonny, Taylor could easily make a redemption and throw it back in his face.

You can do it Taylor, your momma's crazy but she clearly loves you, go to her, get Betsy's help, make a plan and go.

No. 661311

File: 1557887047418.png (286.36 KB, 588x344, sleepcats.png)


Looks like she was asleep

No. 661313

File: 1557887389754.jpg (163.95 KB, 1200x900, D6kvSHkXkAA4rtl.jpg)

No. 661314

File: 1557887482398.jpg (204.96 KB, 1200x1131, D6kvSHrXoAAQsNB.jpg)

No. 661316

and yet he is not there

No. 661317

i mean the picture that jonny posted could very well be old

No. 661318

File: 1557887656593.png (25.76 KB, 593x282, jonnydiscord.PNG)

Because he's playing video games…

No. 661319

Please let this be the beginning to the end. Taylor needs to move on home. Get herself sober, and then proceed.

No. 661321

She needs to boot Jonny the fuck out, rehome most of her animals, move back into her mom's house and get ACTUALLY clean and get her act together. She needs not only help for her addiction, she needs serious mental help. The constant lying, the attention seeking on the internet, relying on others to validate her looks and feelings - that's not normal. She needs to get a real support system to help her lonliness. She's has some serious issues and she needs long-term help to be a better person.

No. 661324

if she wants to move home she has to break the lease which means she has to pay the rest of the year in full. does she even have that kind of money?

No. 661326

I also hope this is the beginning of the end. Jonny is clearly trying hard to manipulate and reel her back in after noticing all the things we're discussing about how unhappy she is. Funny how an anon just pointed out yesterday how he hasn't love bombed in a while, and suddenly he's doing it today.
He knows how unhappy he is, and the manipulation will only get worse. I'm also sure he will threaten suicide, harm on her animals or even her. But she has to remain strong until she can fully get him out.

Taylor, you've made mistakes but please prove us wrong. I don't want to believe you're stupid enough to keep him around anymore. For your sake and your animal's sakes, GET HIM OUT OF YOUR LIFE

No. 661327

File: 1557889353178.png (58.64 KB, 584x486, drama1.png)


>"I just don’t want to be involved in the drama."

Meanwhile, the next fuckin day…

No. 661335

Why in the fuck does she involve herself in drama that literally has NOTHING to do with her?

It’s bad enough she falsely calls out people because she’s “sticking up for thuh animulz!!”, but now interjecting herself into the beauty community drama?
Holy hell girl stop being a hypocrite and get a damn life. Don’t say one day you don’t want to be involved in drama one day, then the very next day stick your nose into it again. Jesus
Then again, I guess she can’t really get a life with her Manlet controlling her 24/7. Ever notice how she’s always going on about how much she wishes she had girl friends, and how lonely she is and wants to make new friends? Yeah… if you kick Jonny out Taylor, you can be your own person again. You can get the help you need and form a real support system of friends and people who care about you.
But if you keep being a drama chasing dumbass, nobody is going to like you for a gross attitude like this. Please for the love of god just listen to the people trying to help you stop getting into trouble.

No. 661338

File: 1557890943480.png (50.85 KB, 592x474, drama2.png)


This is getting eerily similar to her own situation…

No. 661344

I’m guessing that’s why she’s involving herself and talking about it. It’s eventually going to become the victim mentality topic of “poor me, I started doing heroin at 19 but just let me grow people!!”

Stop making it about yourself ffs Taylor. Stop focusing on other people’s problems. Focus on your own shitty, toxic relationship with Jonny, huh?

I’m assuming she does this to try to forget her own life by getting consumed in other’s. She wants to forget how miserable she is with Jonny.

No. 661345

File: 1557891324979.jpeg (146.15 KB, 750x656, 57376030-828D-4C24-BF3F-404A7B…)

There it is. Making the current drama that has nothing to do with her about herself.

No. 661346


You CAN change Taylor. There's just someone that's not only holding you back, but keeping you down…

No. 661347

Ya most people that try to fix other peoples problems mimic what they want done to themselves. She tried to fix jonny because deep down she wants someone to fix her.

She wants some whiteknight to come in and magically fix her problems. In reality that rarely happens, you gotta fix yourself or find a therapist, a REAL therapist that will help you find solutions. lotta shitty ones that will just take your money and not say it like it is.

No. 661350

well anon there are a few sides to this obviously, yeah probably in normal circumstances we wouldn't be going off about her rent prices. i think when we bring these things up though its pretty regularly in context to "oh if she can pay this much a month she can buy a new cage for her rats" or "she can upgrade the care for these pets." it isn't all about just ripping taylor a new one

but also, part of her problem at this point IS her posting herself in these conditions. she shouldnt be taking ratty pictures in the bathrooms of rehab, jonny shouldnt be posting about how hes late on paying rent, they shouldnt be taking pictures all over their neighborhood/house aside from animal relevant things. shes an animal youtuber. she doesnt need to be personal if she actually wants privacy. that's not our faults, and i dont think saying
>anything and everything she does is going to be criticized to the core and she knows that. Would you post yourself in those conditions?
is some sort of legitimate defense or food for thought statement. she doesn't need to post "everything." she just needs to post whats relevant to why people follow her; her animals. she puts herself up for the criticism otherwise

No. 661354

File: 1557892928347.jpg (97.14 KB, 500x889, jc3.jpg)

No. 661357


lol most of the replies to this tweet are negative

No. 661360

File: 1557894212456.jpeg (261.73 KB, 1337x1231, CA69BA50-2A3F-4058-8FE8-C0D9B5…)

No. 661362

Major life changes?? Hope it's leaving Johnny

No. 661364

She definitely is relating her situation to James and is feeling hopeless that she can never be forgiven. Her problem is she doesn't understand to be forgiven people need to put the work in to prove they are actively trying to change and then be that change. That's when sympathy and forgiveness is given. The other thing is I actually think she fails to see her situations is (I'd argue) more easy to come back from as she has been in an abusive relationship. James is more like Jonny in that's he tried to use his power to maniulpulate others and took advantage of their kindness. Taylor is not innocent like Tati, but she does have the mentality of wanting to help someone that Tati had towards James for so long.

The thing about Taylor is she is still young and hasn't learned about boundaries and that actions speak louder than words. Wanting to see the best in people is a lively trait, but maturity gives insight that its trait you need to give boundaries to for the sake of yourself an others. She keeps going back to Jonny for this reason, listening to his words, seeing small changes that never last but she sees as proof and sticking with him. He hasn't shown any meaningful long term change, and he hasn't shown to care about her beyond the idea of her and what she can give him. I bet if she said "I'm moving back with my mom to work on myself for the betterment of me and as a result us. We can stay together as partners but not live together and I won't pay for x, y and z anymore until I'm healed and then a bit longer to be certain" he would not respond well. He would not let that happen. If he cared he would let it happen, but I don't think he'd let that happen.

I wouldn't be surprised if this is a pattern in Taylor life, and probably why she finds it so hard to have meaningful friends as she wants to see the best in them but they end up only using her when it's convinient. Not saying she is innocent or perfect. She really needs to look inward and make changes in how she treats other also as well as getting some self respect. Only then can she form meaningful connections with people.

The thing is, she has made some dumb choices and has acted not great for a whole now. Likely the result of her upbringing and personality. Still, she made those choices and needs to fully own up to them and consider why she made them beyond empty phrases like 'I have an addictive personality!'

She is still young and, if she truly wants, she still can truly change. But change is hard and dirty. It isn't pretty and involves accepting and owning up to your past mistakes and really working to be the change you want to see. I'd have so much respect for her if she left Jonny, worked on herself privately for a bit and then came out with a video admitting her mistakes, explaining how abuse (emotional and/or physical) impacted her even worse, apologising to those she belittled, exploring the addiction stuff, explaining what's gone on with her animals and then spring boarding in how she wants to change, the steps she taken and steps she plans to take. If Jonny releases dirt. Fine. She can note how that's a typical action of an abuser, however in reality it's dirt she knows she needs to admit to in order to change and wants to address, apologise for what she did. Jonny releases nudes? Not sure on the laws there, but maybe sue. Make a discussion how she didn't consent for those nudes to be released and how he is a shit person for doing so, however when she was in her relationship she wanted to have a healthy sexuality and wasn't ashamed of her body. But the releasing of those nudes goes to show what a twisted man he is and how he tried to hold power and manipulate her sexuality too.

I've really gone off on one here. But that's the sort of video she could produce to be a true role model. But she has to mean it and actually take those actions. I'd have respect for her if she did that. But she needs to mature and tkae the path towards betterment if that's ever to be a reality. Right now she is at the cross roads and I worry she wants to take the path into 'maturing' into being a shittier person just to excuse her past actions while putting up a false face that no one connects to.

No. 661365

That's incorrect; she has been known to be a miserable, bullying cunt since she first became popular, even if you omit what her peers from school said about her.
She has always been a lying narcissist who manipulates media as much as possible to make herself look like an angel.


OT but Tati isn't innocent, from enabling and ignoring James until it came at her, and hawking her fucking pseudoscientific "pills."

No. 661368

I don’t think she understands cancel culture, most cases it’s just a bunch of butt hurts dragging up issues that are years old and the person who did it has learnt from that mistake.
Herself and James however? Committed all this shit in recent years/months and despite saying “sorry” have not learnt from their mistakes and if anything are just pouring fuel into a already huge fire wondering “why is it getting bigger instead of going out?”

No. 661370

>>>/pt/661365 yes OT which is why I didn't go into details about the level of innocence. But compared to Taylors' recent actions (drugs, animals neglect, luaghting at victims), I definitely I'd say Tati is more innocent (treating innocence as a grey topic rather than bwlc and white). Any again the enabling is the parrallel I'm trying to draw. The difference was Tati decided to put a stop to it, maybe she should have done it sooner, but she had a boundary and said enough enough. Taylor on the other hand has made excuses for Jonny over and over when much more serious stuff has been happening with him (drugs, rape, abuse etc). She needs to draw a line. Even if until now she has let it slide (which is bad) so she can change and maybe give him the push to change (though I doubt he will).

No. 661371

File: 1557896082058.png (16.21 KB, 568x122, drama4.png)


No. 661372

"please don't ever hold an unsub party for me guys!! I need the money"
she's really transparent, stop falling for her shit.

No. 661373


The only party anyone will hold for her will be a celebration for if/when she breaks up with the literal monster that is her boyfriend.

No. 661374

she keeps bringing up this kind of drama and i saw someone tweeting at her that the attention should be brought to e-celebs like lia marie johnson instead and tbh? she cries so much about mental health visibility and she could very well be using her twitter for that. but no, she's still choosing to talk about fucking beauty guru drama.
mental health is only important if it's about her.

No. 661375

I hope she does, and who knows, she might. She likely will eventually, Jonny can't sustain any relationship over time. But no-one should take these 'hint' posts seriously. She makes them for casual hits of attention. A breakup will look different to this.

She sees herself in James and knows her YT career can go bad too, so she feels sorry for herself already.

My bet on 'major changes' is it'll involve something materialistic, it always does with her.

No. 661376


Jenna marbles didn't cook Marbles or the iggies alive, nod out for 12-22 hours, then try to replace them under the radar. Or give them strange "viking funerals" while laughing.

Hell they went above and beyond what Ad needed and I learned more about hamsters than I thought. Then, as opposed to buying/getting another, they kept their pack as is until they were ready for Bunny. Something reasonable and responsible pet owners normally consider.

Sorry for derail.

No. 661379

File: 1557898255575.png (187.3 KB, 1440x1431, Screenshot_20190515-003036~2.p…)

No. 661380

So I guess the self harm theories are true then?

No. 661381


I'm guessing this must be the 'major changes' she was talking about.

No. 661383

Please sneak in "Jonny repellent" somewhere in that sleeve gurl.

That's your biggest mistake.

No. 661384

Maybe she should cover up that ironic "by myself" tattoo she clearly hasn't listened to yet?

No. 661385

Its really sweet to see people being so supportive and even being directly talkin to her like "Taylor if you see this leave him you got this" and while yes she deserves support if shes in a bad situation that she needs to leave. We probably dont know the half of whats going on there. But after reading the recent posts on this thread about her calling him a dumbass, going off bout what he said about billie eilish and saying she doesn't agree with the shit he posts. I gotta say.. UM YOU POST WAY MORE BULLSHIT THAN HIM.. smh. Bet he's not worried his fans will think badly of him over her drama. They comment on his posts attacking her too. So why does she get to be pissy about his online image, when hers is worse LMAO this is why theres this thread about her. Atleast jonny has talent and something to be well known for outside of being an internet personality. Did she not like scroll thru his Twitter before dating him? His Twitter you literally have to click a agreement that acknowledging that his profile is flagged for offensive content and you're agreeing to seeing it. Yet 2 yrs later she now gonna get mad bout what he posts.

No. 661388

ew, you like him?

No. 661389

She is honestly exhausting to follow. If it can’t get people cooing over her, it’s not something she wants to talk about. How can this be someone’s entire personality? I blame Jen.

No. 661390

Nah just atleast he got famous for something other than straigh up internet fame. Is following is there for his music not his personality. How shes gonna judge what he posts when he's always been notorious for his raunchy postings but her entire following is based off her posts (and vids which are still internet posts)which have gone down hill and quite frankly have been downright bizarre and concerning lately.

No. 661392

Jonny: accuses another singer of drug abuse
Taylor: I'm gonna tell you how wrong that is…soon as I finish making accusations, of stealing charity money, against another pettuber.

No. 661393


Oh gee wonder why is it she "put up" with someone she considered her protegé. Total mystery.

It wasn't a mistake, Taylor. James got told several times to knock it off and didn't, pretty much like you've been told SEVERAL times to change your attitude and stop defending your rapist boyfriend yet you don't. You can only go so far with the "I'm So YoUnG" excuse until it gets tiresome.

No. 661423

File: 1557925497256.png (259.35 KB, 1080x1093, Screenshot_20190515-070431~2.p…)

No. 661429

So is that why she threw up on herself in the car when she was supposed to be meeting fans in her lingerie turned street wear?

No. 661433

or why she said "meet me at my hotel" but then had to take an Uber to meet her fans there since (even though she was "sick" all day, she wasn't in bed,) she was at her friend "boyfriend's friend's house" several miles away. too sick to make an appearance for your fans who have paid to see you, but not too sick to travel to a stranger's house right before you hold a make-up unauthorized meet&greet? did getting to that stranger's house have anything to do with getting some drugs to cure yourself of dope sickness?

No. 661446

she's talking about shooting heroin

No. 661448

>can't wait to cover up any evidence that might show i'm still shooting up with ugly half-assed and sloppy tattoos that were rushed!

No. 661452

Taylor is no longer in JC’s bio on Twitter. Still there on Instagram.

No. 661464

File: 1557934259961.jpeg (138.2 KB, 750x792, 6FE074B4-7BC0-43B8-BE02-FBE95F…)

I think and hope she is actually trying to get him out.

No. 661467

so in texas, a tar state, our beloved pure princess taylor only ever shot the purest of the pure because that dirty icky tar was just too yucky for her? never smoked it? not even once?

just sayin', this bitch wouldn't know the truth if it punched her in the face.

No. 661468

Hopefully by “major life changes” you mean getting Jonny out of your life.
Because in that case, there would be almost no backlash for her leaving him? She got nothing but support from people when she first “broke up” with him on Twitter, and everyone here would be supportive of her leaving him.
This would be a huge step in the right direction. She has a long way to go but it’s the first thing that needs to be done in order for her to get better.

No. 661469

you're right everyone would cheer her if she actually did leave him once and for all. I'm surprised other anons honestly think she's leaving him this time. we've seen it before. I'll believe it when it happens and STICKS.

The reason people would be upset with her after the break up would be if Jonny has some serious dirt on her wrt her animal care. I'm not sure if he has the brainpower to screenshot, organize, and distribute any receipts in a meaningful context though.

No. 661482

>I'm surprised other anons honestly think she's leaving him this time. we've seen it before. I'll believe it when it happens and STICKS.

It takes multiple gos to leave an abusive relationship. That's statistics and facts. Very, very few people make a clean break the first time and have it stick.

No. 661486

that's what I'm saying. people out here like "omg good for her for leaving him" when it's like, we've already seen her publicly denounce him once on Twitter, and God knows how many times she's screamed at him to get out behind closed doors. People thinking she's really taking steps to leave him just because she took his name out of her Twitter bio seem to be naive about abusive relationships. he's already lovebombing her. we haven't seen anything that shows this isn't just the cycle repeating itself.

No. 661490

He did delete her name from his twitter bio, but it could be that they’re just trying out being less public about their relationship. Something is clearly going on, but it’s still early.

No. 661492

he's done it before. again, none of this is new. he's very experienced in manipulating women to stay with him for years.

No. 661500

I don't think he has ever taken her name out of his bio?

No. 661501

I’m not gonna lie, I don’t think I could ever fully support her knowing what she’s done to those poor animals.

Sure I want her to leave that POS, but I would never just go “ok I forgive and support her - it wasn’t you that did that, you had an abusive boyfriend and were on drugs” like no, she did that shit. Yes she wasn’t in her right mind but I just can’t forgive that shit no way. I pray she gets out of there alive but, I mainly pray that those poor animals get out of there alive.

No. 661504

iirc he had her username surrounded by heart emojis, took it down, then a few hours later replaced it but this time surrounded by moneybag emojis. firmly stating what he thinks of her

No. 661506

I hope she is leaving him, and I hope she gets him out of her house. She shouldn’t have to go back to her mom’s house. She’s the one with the money. Don’t let him squat in the house. I doubt he would ever leave, and would just make Taylor keep paying rent. Kick him out and just let your mom and Tanner stay with you for a bit.

Has anyone seen Twisty or know if she mentioned him?

No. 661507

Does she know that it’s extremely difficult to cover a tattoo that is almost all black?? She’ll need to get it lasered off first.

No. 661509

Maybe that’s why she keeps ranting off and on in Twitter and telling people she’s lonely. Her man is on the PC 24/7 and he’s probably just going to her for sex and drugs. Gross.

No. 661513

If he even wants sex, i’ve heard heroin lowers your sex drive

No. 661514

me either. she treats people and animals like accessories and doesn't care about either. people tripping all over themselves to be all 'yass kween we will love and forgive you if you dump jonny' sound silly to me. let's not forget some other pertinent things about taylor: she is a munchie, she hoards animals, she kills her pets through neglect, she lies constantly, she cannot make or keep friends, she makes fun of abuse survivors. if there's anything i left out someone add it to the list but yeah. she's not going to magically become a decent human if she ditches him. there's some fundamental shit wrong with her that isn't going to change. taylor is a confused, unintelligent mess of a person. thumbs down.

No. 661518

I agree that she has waaay more issues than just Jonny, and she has proved herself to be a shit human being many times. However I do believe that shitiness increased tenfold because of him. If it weren't for him coming into her life I guarantee she wouldn't have hit this bad of a low. Sure she'd still lie and miscare for her animals, but I can't see her getting to this bad of an extent if he wasn't in the picture.

She can never truly redeem herself in my eyes after all she's done, but while I don't necessarily support her, I support her decision to leave Jonny if she has the courage to do it. I think she can never be really forgiven for her past heinous mistakes, but I think she can turn her life around if she actually boots him to the curb and rehomes her animals and starts getting mental help.

No. 661533

>If it weren't for him coming into her life I guarantee she wouldn't have hit this bad of a low
Stop. Unless you're Taylor herself, which I highly doubt, you can't 'guarantee' shit about her personality or what kind of person she is. Not even Jen can.

Why are you so sure that deep down, she's just a lovable girl who was led astray by that evil junkie? Fucking stans, lol.

No. 661534

Lol what? They aren’t saying she’d be an absolute angel without Jonny. I agree with them - she’s a shitty person but Jonny brought out the absolute worst of it. Without Jonny, she’d still be an awful person but she probably wouldn’t have the death toll she has now or hit rock bottom with being the Patron Saint of heroin addiction. You do realize there’s varying tiers of shittiness, right? And that being with an abusive retard tends to magnify whatever shittiness is already there?

No. 661536

File: 1557946426403.jpg (583.6 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190515-135342_Twi…)


No. 661538

Wasnt she just recently told not to keep her rats on bare wire??? She might remove Jonny from her life but he won't take along her lying tendencies, shes always been that way.

No. 661540

my god what a fucking bare-faced lie

No. 661542

ummm bitch please.

You fed live rats to your monitor and just "rescue" the cute baby feeders. How are you any different than Dr. Phil, you just want them as accessorys and because they looked helpless and it satisfied your savior complex to "rescue" them.

He just wanted a pet with a nice temperament, its not like he killed it. Hamsters blow as pets anyway, If they still don't like it they'll probably return it. Better than dead or neglected.

Second, her care is shit. piss rags, bare wire, small cage, no free time.

No. 661543

File: 1557947677126.gif (948.52 KB, 498x249, 97CC4692-E76F-4E4C-8201-9CF0ED…)

whatever, she is useless

No. 661545

Wait when did she feed her monitor live rats??

No. 661546

Seems like anon mixed things up, she just fed a bunch of her snakes live rats instead of making the effort to switch them to f/t.

No. 661554

Yeah lol I'm not really sure what this anon read. Never said that she'd be some lovable angel without Jonny.
I said she's already proved herself a shitty person without Jonny around, but I believe being with Jonny just magnified what she already was. Being against Jonny does not = being for Taylor lmao

No. 661561

And if you’re gonna publicly shame a celebrity…at least know the facts….those are his GRANDCHILDREN!

No. 661577

Aren't feeder mice/rats kept and bred in absolutely horrible conditions even if they're not live? It's kind of hypocritical to get up in arms over some hamsters being given inadequate care when you support an industry that harms small animals en masse just so you can keep alive some barely-sentient reptiles j/s

No. 661578

File: 1557957459806.jpeg (62.41 KB, 750x433, E9709E8F-84BD-4C10-BF81-C40BE3…)

I know these are song lyrics but here we go. Jonny being a manipulative man-baby as always

No. 661588


LMAO GIRL. Nothing, absolutely NOTHING is perfect about your rat care. Saying she learned from the mistakes of her mouse… she realizes they are completely different animals, right? Rats aren't just big mice. Yes there are lots of similarities between the two but in my experience rats require more work especially with daily interaction. Her cage is mediocre. The food she feeds (based off that giant bowl of veges, rat food and mealworms) is NOT suitable for their daily food. She straight up says in that video she doesn't think a balanced and complete lab block isn't enough so she supplements with veges and mealworms. Mealworms are very high in protein and should only be given as a treat. Veges and fruits are fine in moderation and be given daily but not in the amount she was giving.

She has provided absolutely NO proof of a safe and secure play area for them. She has an entire house yet can't section an area off and give her rats enrichment outside of their cage.

Taylor, you're delusional. Your rat care is far from perfect and your mouse care was absolutely horrendous as well. Don't go saying that shit on Twitter so all your fans can follow your example as rats deserve better than the miserable life you're giving them.

No. 661603

File: 1557961629899.jpeg (428.89 KB, 1164x1564, 88CF962B-4470-46A9-927D-091F89…)

Here she’s saying 30 minutes is the minimum time out for rats.

No. 661618

>I got them in a nontraditional way that I don't recommend people doing

that literally describes all of her pets. whether it's "a stranger handed them to me in a pet store", purchased off Craigslist too early for baby animal "adopted at Petco at 5.5 weeks old somehow", wild caught, baited a stray into her tiny cramped apartment, impulse bought at an expo, impulse bought while high, being "gifted" from her boyfriend… all bad examples, and it covers at least 80% of her animals

No. 661636

even if Jonny does have receipts, Taylor could say she left him to get her life together for herself and her animals and whatever Jonny leaked will never happen again. It would definitely appease her stans, and if she actually stuck to it might appease most of us ex-fans on here, too. It would make thing