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File: 1519710400694.png (131.06 KB, 500x425, dumpster-fire-nuggies.png)

No. 515612

previously a punk kid who became a pansexual buddhist lolita lifestyler
>quit because of bullies and LACE drama (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxz0QVfggik [DL][Archived Copy])
>history of self harm, ED and severe anxiety
>has a legitimate shopping problem which she justifies by making an ungodly amount of haul videos
>broke up with 2-year boyfriend to date their best friend (and her other best friend's ex) whom she 'loved all along' and 'makes her believe in love at first sight' (Who broke up with her)
>can't participate in jfashion communities because 'muh rules & restrictions'
>creates her OWN japanese street fashion called Party Kei
>Went to Japan to prove to herself she wanted to study fashion design
>was basically a two week shopping spree
>home again and struggling to keep up with making videos
>quitting her jobs to follow ~dream~ of being a fashion designer in Japan
>still lying about making 'enough money to pay rent' (while asking Louise for $$) and about being supportive to her followers
>interviewed by cbc.ca about internet popularity in her basement room
>"would call herself lesbian if she wasn't dating someone with a dick"
>started streaming on younow for money
>Colin broke up with her, now dating girls only through tinder
>Got a tattoo of her cat after getting told her wand plan was a bad idea and throwing a fit about it
>Full time youtuber now
>Got into a crappy fashion/design school close to mommy
>Currently dating normie girl
>Keeps crying about YouTube demonetization because she can't fund her shopping and sugar addiction
>Says she's pagan/a witch but won't talk about it because apparently people are touchy about religions
>Dumped new girlfriend after several-months-long lesbianism obsession.
> Jill told her girlfriend of two months "I'm not attracted to you. I don't want to lead you on". Used her for clickbait and continued to talk about exes all the time in front of her gf and her family. Now posts depression memes
>Entered a Kawaii Contest to win another trip to Japan, is a finalist
>Got a magical girl tattoo on her thigh and knowingly used copyrighted music in her video.
>Quit two of her medications
>Currently posting a lot about sex & Drinking
>Is going to New York for her bday and is planning a meetup
>Party-Kei facebook group empire collapses
>Makes a cat house using non pet-safe materials
>New York Meet being held by nobody's and on a Monday
>charging $60 a pop to be breathed on by the chosen one, Jillian.
>Posted Valentine's Day lookbook; mom helps film (including ass-shots) instead of stopping this atrocity
>Piss hair has arrived and it's every bit as terrible as you think
>Made an itabag and failed to make it tacky like it's supposed to be
>"Exposing my Past" video is essentially Louise "bragging" about Jill being so smart
>Bought the SugarpillxLTS collab set, whined about broken eyeshadows and got a replacement palette sent to her, still did review with broken palette
>Plans on making a dress for her NYC trip/birthday despite her constant lack of completing other sewing projects she has started/planned
>Has posted publicly twice about shit mental health and needing to take a break, still refuses to take care of herself properly


youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA
insta https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
2nd insta: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/?hl=en
tumblr http://pixielocks.tumblr.com/
blog pixie-locks.blogspot.ca
Cosplay Page https://m.facebook.com/cosplaypixie/

No. 515615

You used the wrong picture anon you fckin asshat

No. 515639

File: 1519713766269.jpeg (254.7 KB, 750x669, 01672ADB-1094-4DAE-9EC1-9B8269…)

Make the thread yourself if you want a specific pic used

No. 515640

people requested one though.

No. 515641

have some courtesy, newfag.

No. 515646

File: 1519714237787.png (14.39 KB, 584x122, gerge.PNG)

ok but this person's not wrong

i dont get why it matters since she looks like trash in all of them, but im sorry i fucked it up for y'all anyway

No. 515647

>calling people newfag
>can't fucking sage
This thread is off to an awful start, the pic is fine.

No. 515656

IMO this pic is better than the one I voted for

No. 515699

This. The one people requested was old as shit, at least this one is somewhat relevant. But honestly who gives a fuck, it's just one thread picture. These fill up pretty fast anyway.

A callout post and the following chimpout would be delicious. How has Jill been transphobic, though?

No. 515708

Oh my god how petty are you guys over a picture(whiteknight)

No. 515727

Jill, please get yourself some of this next time you feel like wasting your adsense dollars on makeup, instead of complaining forever about not having a primer.

also, your makeup is creasing because you're using pressed powder to set. That's not what it's for. You need a loose powder, get yourself some laura mercier.

No. 515729

File: 1519724266817.png (52.9 KB, 321x444, primer.png)

Dropped pic.

It's less expensive than a palette you'll use once.

No. 515740

I don't think there was a reaction to it (it and a few related tweets got maybe a like each?), but then again Jill or her stans lurk here anyway so I'm sure she'd reference it in a stream or video soon now that it's been posted.

But I'm not particularly sure where she's been transphobic? I've seen posts here from months ago where Jill had an opinion about drag hurting the trans community, but I haven't seen anything in recent times that really sticks out. Otherwise, the twitter user's spot on about Jill doing all this problematic shit and her followers turning a blind eye, but when anyone else does it it's suddenly this big issue and they're a terrible person for it.

No. 515746

There has actually been major evidence of Jill being transphobic in her famous quote “I would *~totally~* be a lesbian if I wasn’t dating someone with a dick” which implies the whole gender=genitals thing, which invalidates a lot of trans people (both trans men and trans women) due to genital reconstruction being incredibly expense and difficult, also (I believe) can’t be done until later in the transition. And this is coming from Jillybean who believes “*~Clothes have no gender~*” or “every colour is unisex” you get the idea.

Sage for SJW knowledge sperg

No. 515752

Bless and thank you anon, I fucking forgot entirely about that quote.

No. 515765

obviously saged but what is pressed powder for then?

No. 515775

To set the foundation

No. 515783

It wasn't just that it was the fact as well that she was referring to Colin who she was dating at the time who identifies as non binary and she was completely invalidating that after making a big show of how accepting she is and flaunting having a nb partner like a fashionable accessory

No. 515786

that's hardly 'major evidence' even by sjw standards. just sounds like someone who has no idea what they're on about, so normal Jill.

'non-binary' is not a thing it's just transtrender bullshit, so can't really fault her for that.

No. 515788

Even if you believe that it's still crappy to use someone as an accessory and then make them feel bad by saying stuff like that about them very publicly to your audience when you supposedly love them

No. 515839

I noticed right away >>515452 when I was watching her new video about her casually talking about a lot of stuff thats been happening in the threads as well. Especially with how unicorns were a normie trend for awhile

No. 515849

I'm confused, how has she been transphobic though? Ya can't spill the tea without receipts.

No. 515851

This! And at least put a base down for the eyeshadows. Blend as you go, it's way easier than what's she doing now.

No. 515855

File: 1519744070998.jpg (612.55 KB, 1080x1704, Screenshot_20180227-150405.jpg)

Louise follows Jill on Twitter and interacts with her a lot. I'm surprised she isn't more concerned with her daughter's depression posting

No. 515861

Considering Jill throws around "depressed" every other word, her mom probably thinks it's just the new cool hip way to talk about life. That, or she knows Jill isn't actually depressed and is therefore ignoring it, otherwise we would see her buying Jill more cats.

No. 515879

Savage but true.
When Jill was talking about how horrible her therapist was in the past Louise was just agreeing with her and supporting her in her views, instead of letting her know that maybe it was just one shitty experience and that she should try again.
Seriously, I think it's quite irresponsible that Louise apparently hasn't tried to stop Jill from just randomly quitting her meds or seeking therapy again or something. I know that Jill is an adult, but I think most parents would try to talk with their children about that stuff, no matter the age.

No. 515883

She definitely follows this thread.
In a way, I have some small respect for her in that regard, as instead of calling her jill-stans to come over here and whiteknight (which they'd definitely do, knowing them) or her ignoring it completely, she takes at least a small bit of the criticism here and mentions it/takes it to heart.
She still has numerous problems, but at the very least she has a small amount of self awareness, which is better than half the cows here.

No. 515885

File: 1519748029167.jpeg (88.97 KB, 637x376, 4AF0E2CD-6ACF-418B-8288-6855A8…)

Huh. Remember when we talked about how bloody horrific this cow looked? Well she’s at Jill’s party. When two cows meet

No. 515893

kekekek I can't wait until the party happens.

No. 515925

They have a really weird mother-daughter relationship… its more like a friendship. If my mom followed me on social media and read my posts, I wouldnt be retweeting shit about how depressed I am or how Im a female bottom or whatever the fuck. How is Louise not concerned about the blatant oversharing of info Jill does?

No. 515964

She’s been over sharing since she was like 13 her mom doesn’t give a shit.

No. 515999

File: 1519757694823.png (43.53 KB, 647x269, Screen shot 2018-02-27 at 2.17…)

She wants everyone to believe she's bilingual so bad

No. 516031

Funny how Jill is starting to sniff Jeanette Converse's shorts Kek I've known about JC for years well before I ever knew of Jill, I always thought she and Jill had the same generic hideous aesthetic. Doesn't surprise me that they are know a pair of matching cows.

No. 516077

It's so weird how she tries to flaunt her French skills like it's something exotic and special. I'm not Canadian myself, but I assume that many, if not all, Canadian children would study French to some degree in school considering it's one of the country's official languages.

My pet peeve about Jillian is how she spends all her time telling her audience about her skills instead of actually practicing them. "Oh yeah I speak French and watashi am totally learning Japanese minna!!!!" She could be making good progress on learning Japanese if she actually studied instead of watching anime. Or she could, I don't know, practice her fucking sewing skills? But I suppose bath bombs and makeup hoarding are more important than self-improvement or leading a fulfilling life.

No. 516086

>cat lover, Jeep, lover

Irrelevant but im weeping

No. 516097

Why do I get the feeling that Louise thinks convertibles and jeeps are luxury cars? Kek they are pleb asf. My rich ass uncle drives a Lamborghini and he would never post that he's a lover of "muscle cars" Kek now I know where Jill gets her boastful, delusional attitude from.

No. 516110

I don't think she takes any of the criticism to heart, she just makes up excuses for why she does those things instead of fixing them

No. 516111

File: 1519766596869.jpg (128.06 KB, 997x747, beep beep.jpg)

im sorry louise

No. 516114

I don't know about other provinces, but the province my boyfriend lived in taught french in the primary schools and it was required to take it

No. 516121

I know it's required in all of the Eastern provinces, I grew up in Ontario, and you had to take it up until either grade 9 or 10; after that you could opt out if you wanted to.

I seem to recall someone telling me when I moved to Alberta that it wasn't required, given how far it is from Quebec, but I could be wrong. I'm in BC, now, and I've never heard any of my friends with kids mention French…

Google could solve it, whomever's curious enough.

No. 516127

please leave jill's mom alone

No. 516128

File: 1519768028576.gif (1008.5 KB, 320x240, giphy.gif)

No. 516147

I grew up in New Brunswick canada which is where jills moving to kek. But i had to take french immersion since grade 1. And i speak fluent french. The way jill talks about it (I haven't heard her French so idk) she sounds like she took one class in high school and knows how to say few basic words. Kek. Cant wait for her to come here and try and show of her French skills to a real French speaker.

No. 516150

I'm in Ontario and it's required to take French from grade 4-9 and you can be in French immersion if you like. Knowing French isn't that special, most kids take it for the bilingual degree you can get. Also you can't work any government jobs without knowing French and English.

Moreso we speak Quebec French…. Some teachers will teach you France French but generally you can't really use this French outside of Canada without getting some weird looks.

No. 516176

File: 1519772588466.jpg (121.38 KB, 531x471, 1491087109086.jpg)

i love you anon thank you for bringing this picture into my life

No. 516342

File: 1519782491030.jpg (304.71 KB, 1080x1070, Screenshot_20180228-014750.jpg)

She has hamster cheeks

No. 516347

her hair is the color of honey mustard and i'm offended

No. 516369

this is that nasty shade of yellow people use purple shampoo on to get rid of once they bleach it. I can't believe she dyed it purposely like this

No. 516395

When is she gonna stop with the whole 'wearing glasses cos they're so cute lolz' thing?
They make her look awful.

No. 516428

Honestly what facial expression is she even making ??
Also the yellow hair with the in coming black roots…girl you need help
Small nitpick, but that blue fuzzy scrunchy doesnt even go with the outfit.

No. 516429

she might need them, i think i remember her saying that her vision is awful and close to that of a legally blind person.

No. 516433


That's a nasty trailer trash blonde looking mess.

Forgot to sage.

No. 516446

she wears contacts for her vision and faux glasses with them because she thinks its uwu cute uwu

No. 516453

No the purple shampoo is to get brassiness out. This is straight up yellow, which CAN look good on some people. But not JIll, she somehow doesn't seem to know how to make anything look good.

ALso what is that lopsided pout she is doing with her mouth, it looks like she's trying to get something out of her teeth. That thick ass line of lipstick on the one side makes me want to vom.

Also, chiming in from the prairies to say we were only required to take french until grade 7, but there were immersion schools as well up to grade 12. I also want to add that Jill is almost definitely pretending to be ~multi lingual~. That one time she mentioned accidentally saying Japanese words (I think it was "sou") while talking to friends is such a fake, weeby thing to do. I am close with people who speak three languages fluently and that literally NEVER happens to them. Jill is just a try hard.

sage for long dumb post

No. 516470

Jill fancies herself as a sophisticated, multilingual ~*speshul quirky weeb baby*~ it's truly embarrassing to watch. I speak English, Spanish and German fluently and I don't even cross lingo speak when around others. Kek Jill needs to stop it's just pathetic at this point. As proven by her failed Japanese skills.

No. 516553

Pressed powder is more for mattifying, absorbing oil and preventing shine. Because it's heavier than loose powder, if you use it to set foundation you have a much higher chance of creasing and looking cakey. It's one for setting your t-zone if you're oily, but in areas like the under eyes and smile lines where foundation tends to crease, using a heavier product is just going to make the problem worse.
To combat the creasing, she needs to use a fine loose powder and apply it with a damp beauty blender. This will help the powder meld with her skin instead of sitting on top of it like a mask and creasing up whenever she moves.

She also needs to moisturize her skin before applying foundation, it goes a long way to prevent creasing.

No. 516630


I don't agree actually. I'm fluent in 4 languages and sometimes I'll forget how to say something in one and end up using the word from another language. It does happen.

Jill is a total weeb though and fluent in nothing but English so I can't really forgive her for this kek.

No. 516688

>that lipstick application
oh lord

No. 516799

File: 1519835903299.jpg (109.73 KB, 1080x368, Screenshot_20180228-163758.jpg)

No. 516801

what did she mean by this?

also I just listened to a bit of her last stream and she got fanmail from a viewer who apparently actually started seeking therapy/treatment for her depression because she was inspired by how happy Jill is, pretty ironic lol

No. 516811

Off topic possibly but I used to be friends with jillian. I don't wanna say too much incase I out myself but it's so funny she's this queer icon when she was borderline homophobic when I knew her.

No. 516815

>>516811 can you give us some examples? also how old was she when this happened?

No. 516816

me too anon, but the days of her being a cis het lolita princess with colin are long over.

No. 516818

>>516815 I never knew her in real life but I used to be obsessed with fetsu Chan and so did jill so we started talking, probably like 5 years ago?? She was into Lolita at the time and made videos of her sewing in french.
she just used to say stuff in passing like about girls with dicks so I guess more transphobic than homophobic ??

No. 516822

>>516818 she was awful with colin and his gender identity, so this isn't surprising. 'i'd be a lesbian if i wasn't dating someone with a dick.'

No. 516825

>>516822 she said more but I don't wanna put words in her mouth as I don't remember exactly what was said and in the context but she came across like one of those straight girls that thought all lesbians loved her.
We had alot of mutual friends (some rl ones) and no one that was friends with her back then still speaks to her so that says alot

No. 516838

lmao no one cares you "speak french" jill. everyone knows canada has 2 official languages, french and english. if you actually spoke french fluently you would have no problem just spitting it out.

No. 516848

No. 516854

she addressed buying single eyshadows after we called her out on that wow

No. 516856

>>516848 'mass seduction is a big mood'

No. 516858

I find it so funny that the only PO stuff she cares about are things people bought

No. 516861

her talking about use is the most obnoxious she's ever been HASHTAG TRUE FAN

plus she's moving like she's on musical.ly

No. 516870

The way she screams "small artist". Wow mama Jill supports small harajuku inspired businesses praise her kek

No. 516885

Is it just me or people who wear J-fashion just like Pixie?

>Obsessed with not being "normie"

>Obsessed with buying tons of clothes they can't afford because "only clothes make me happy"
>Materialism is normalized in the community
>Lot of really "depressed" people who don't do anything

It's scary how Pixie is more common than I thought

No. 516893

Except a lot of them actaully coordinate their outfits well.

No. 516896

Yeah, because people outside of Jfashion aren't consumed with material objects and spending money they don't have. At least people in Jfashion have their own styles.

No. 516900

pixie can afford her clothes though , also materialism is rampant all over.

i think you're wrong in any case. jfashion does attract many people who are outwardly like that. a lot of normies are exactly the same, just not as expressive. fuck, lame and onion don't dress weird and they are more jill than jill is.

No. 516921

Anon, I don't know what kind of people you've met, but I can assure there are plenty of people in jfashion who are fully functioning, have reasonable spending habits and can easily support themselves and their hobby. They're just not as vocal nor attention seeking as Jill or rest of snowflakes.
Besides, Jill doesn't do jfashion, she's inspired by it at best.

No. 516941


Be honest kids, a lot of young people were/are drown to jfashion because they have mental issues and see it as a way to stand out and be unique and fill the lonely void in their heart with material possessions, especially the ones who gain followings.

Also calling people normies makes you sound just as ~speshul~ as jill.

No. 516953

smells like projection

No. 516977

lol you're the one comparing an entire group of people who wear japanese fashion with literally everyone else on the planet. it's obvious as fuck you're referring to normies, excuse me, normalfags. you definitely sound like you're super insecure if you think only people in jfashion are like this, or if they aren't the norm.

No. 516982

It irritates the hell out of me that she seems to have started copying Stef Sanjati's mannerisms.

No. 517008

she said in a live a long time ago that she doesn't watch her (anymore) and isn't suscribbed to her so i think if she has new mannerisms it's from someone else (she mentionned jackie aina in a recent video so maybe it's her?)

No. 517021

I thought the same thing actually which is weird bc I asked if she liked her during one of her streams once and she said she found stef really annoying / abrasive / mean or something like that

No. 517033

File: 1519852410981.png (1.05 MB, 990x736, Untitled.png)

No. 517036

I really don't understand how she has so much time to watch so many different anime shows. She always seems to be sleeping or spending hours on social media.

No. 517045

Even if she sleeps 12 hours a day, that leaves 12 hours to do shit, and since anime shows are 22 minutes a day, you can watch almost 3 episodes an hour. It's pretty easy to watch a handful of episodes in a day without it taking up much time.

No. 517056

Is she actually losing hair? It looks so thin! I mean I knew the ends of her hair were fried but this is next level.

No. 517066

she needs to stop wearing her hair in a ponytail with that hairline

No. 517071

The way she speaks reminds me of the old lady with the sponge LMAO

No. 517078


i totally understand the struggle of growing bangs out and not wanting them in your face but there are SO many different and flattering styles she could do that aren't a slicked back ponytail that makes her head look bulbous

No. 517079

Ha! Bulbous is the way to describe it.
How come we didn't get a video on the puke daffodil hair?

No. 517081

a receding hairline to match her forehead lines and jowls

No. 517083

>>517079 i think jill got too much criticism for her last hair vid kek and jillybean can't handle being told that bleaching her entire hair every time is bad

No. 517087

does anyone know why she's so opposed to visiting a hairdresser? I mean she clearly has the money, does she think her own results are actually good?

No. 517091

Maybe cos it fits in with the uwu starving artist does my own hair so crafty uwu vibe?

No. 517095


she should at least go to a salon to get it bleached. like, if she would just get the potentially damaging part done professionally she could still do diy hair vids with fashion colors and it would be better because it wouldn't always look fried as fuck

No. 517125

She probably won't to to a hair dresser cuz social anxiety uwu

No. 517128

shes copying grav3yardgirl and jackie aina. she's been trying to be pastel grav3yardgirl for years though.

No. 517148

I would be very surprised if Jill actually likes Jackie Aina or continues to watch the rest of her channel besides the recent too faced review.

Jill supported Jeffrey Starr well after the racism allegations came to light and she stills stans h3 after the same thing . Both of them have publicly used the n word and she’s obviously fine supporting or defending that. She’s also posted anti-sjw things for years, tries to shade pc culture or “call out” culture. That’s probably what other anons meant by Jill’s casual transphobia too, always making sly comments about the binary that probably rubs her sjw fans the wrong way.

Recently in a stream one of her fans was complaining about racial issues (like uwu why is everyone mean to white people now uwu so intolerant) and Jill agreed that “everyone should just get along” (as in stop calling out white people and bringing attention to white supremacy basically).

And 80% of Jackie’s videos, especially recently, are about exclusion of poc in the makeup industry, or her generally ranting about being a black woman, loving her black man, celebrating black love and beauty etc etc

So I honestly don’t think Jill truly watches her or is a fan because any subject matter that doesn’t directly benefit Jill (like pretending to be a independent queer artist with gay struggles) is too profound, triggering or boring for her (or you can sum it up by saying it’s ~bIg BoY sPoOkY~ aka not to her interest).

I bet you anything Jill can count the amount of black people she’s met on one hand (not including her trips to Montreal or New York) and she’s never mentioned watching other black you tubers, never mentioned listening to any kind of black music etc.

Now before anons come for me, I’m white but I find it interesting how it took Jill almost 4 years posing as a progressive-inclusive-artsy public figure type to finally acknowledge black creators and pander to their audiences. She’s a bad pseudo-sjw.

No. 517161

Didn't she say after the one time she went for her Japan trip that going to a salon was "too expensive?" Jill is the kind of person who avoids spending money on necessities so she can spend it on more frivolous stuff. You know when she lives in her own she's only going to eat instant noodles and frozen tendies, because why spend money on boring FOOD when you could use it to buy more lacy oaf and too faced?

I knew a girl like this. She avoided paying her car insurance and drove illegally so she could use the money for clothes and makeup instead.

No. 517166


You nailed it, that's Jill all over. She couldn't give a shit about anything outside of her very limited range of interests/things that fit her aesthetic.

It's also funny considering that high-profile fashion designers generally keep up to date on social and political issues and research a huge range of topics for their collections, and then there's Jill who never cares to look into anything other than children's anime and new clown shit to buy.

No. 517224

File: 1519864402950.gif (1.94 MB, 480x270, tenor-2.gif)

"Got some betties, some boops, some goofs and gaffs, some romps"

she tries way too hard to emulate other YouTubers. First it was Jeffree, then Drew, and now h3h3. How long until she tries and forces herself into one of their streams?

No. 517243

Why did she say pounds instead of dollars in her favorites video? We have dollars in Canada

No. 517249

That was in reference to something she bought off ebay, and it could have been listed in pounds??? use ur brain

No. 517251

kinda nit picky I guess but it bothers me that she doesn't link her 'featured confetti club members' in the description, it comes off as kinda lazy to me. Not to mention when I go to their instagram a lot of the time she never even likes or comments on the post? Maybe I'm reaching but it just seems strange to me.

No. 517252

jill calling herself a "sister" in such weird wording ???

No. 517254

She also emulates Jenna’s mannerisms all the time. Her personality is based off other Youtubers

No. 517255

I see what you're saying. The point of featuring followers should be to (hopefully) give them a little bump in activity, and if you don't link to their page it kind of defeats the purpose. How many people are gonna go out of their way to look someone up as opposed to clicking a link?? Another purpose of featuring people should be to interact a bit with your audience, but she doesn't follow/like/comment on their shit.

No. 517318


Agreed! It rubbed me the wrong way as soon as I heard her say it and I wondered if anyone was gonna mention it.

No. 517339

jill trying pathetically hard to be ~~on fleek~~

No. 517470

She does this because her hair is always greasy and she doesn’t wash it she she has to put up

No. 517578

The first time she said "Futari wa PreCure" I swear to god it sounded like "Daddy wa PreCure" with her shit ~multilingual japanese~.

No. 517591

it just reminded me of james charles and my brain shut down

No. 517595

she picked up some stuff from noodlerella for a while there too, I noticed actually she hasn't mentioned her "London friends" for a while now, her wanting to go there kind of died and she jumped on Kelly Eden instead

No. 517604

h e y fuck jill am i right lol

No. 517649

File: 1519914232362.png (6.61 MB, 2436x1125, 0E357806-8DC9-407B-AF7C-22471A…)

It’s so awful I wanna die
>I’ve been liking this one band since grade 5
>this other band did a concert and played songs only Hashtag True Fans™️ will get and I am Hashtag True Fan™️

I had to give up on the video after the True Fan™️ shit because I don’t think I could handle her talking about anime.

No. 517752

File: 1519924364117.jpg (101.87 KB, 1080x333, Screenshot_20180301-171147.jpg)

Be prepared for more ~gay obnoxious jill

No. 517763

Yes, start 8 seasons in when the quality is tanking and disregard most of the history of the show and the in jokes and references to itself that it makes. Great plan.

No. 517777

File: 1519925591032.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1608, 20180301_133143.png)

Sage for nitpicking but I cringe at her constant use of this word

No. 517781

Pixielocks is the new ForeverKailyn for me to be honest.
How dependent she is on her mommy, how clueless she is in regards to the world, her make-up and clothing hoarding, her having the taste of an actual child, making a big deal out of every Starbucks and Michael's trip, tweeting about every stupid TV show she watches… Even though Jill constantly tries so hard to stand out and attention whore with her ~quirky fashion~ she's really just a stunted basic white girl, amazing.

No. 517784

people who use the term stan are insufferable. even on here, it's a stupid term.

No. 517844

I hate to say it, but Pixielocks is downright a star compared to Kailyn. She hasn't raped anyone for starters, she attended an actual school and whereas her college might suck, it is still some form of education away from her parents.

No. 517876

she's starting with season 8 because it's the only one on canadian netflix and afaik the others aren't available to legally stream anywhere else here.

No. 517981

They’re not available to purchase anywhere?

No. 517989

File: 1519938750219.jpeg (91.29 KB, 540x960, 2C5B134C-C624-4B65-A6E1-5D4B22…)

Someone said something about this in the last thread, but apperently she does filter out specific words from her comments, so it’s impossible for us to see most hate comments

No. 517990

So she no longer thinks drag is transphobic then? Can't wait for all the appropriated gay and black slang and tongue pops we will be hearing

No. 518006

File: 1519939711656.jpg (56.29 KB, 1000x1200, FB_IMG_1519939698917.jpg)

I saw this and thought of Jill kek

No. 518056

Jill is a spun out autist with zero self control kek

No. 518061

I’m fucking dead @ those comments. Kek how can you see them?

No. 518102

yeah how would someone be able to see comments held in review if that’s the point of being in review, is this u jill?

No. 518117

I'm assuming she posted that somewhere else at the time?

No. 518119

Wait I just realised this is a new screencap, was looking at the old video title at the bottom. What the hell Jill

No. 518131

wait is that jill?? wtf?

No. 518133

I'm visibly cringing at work. She had never shown to care or support drag Queens, and now this? She'll join the group of obnoxious underaged drag fans who know nothing about drag or gay culture outside drag race.

And why would you start on season 8, but not season 1? At least season 2?? Dumb cunt

No. 518134

it's a screenshot from an old thread that jill had posted on her twitter. it was originally from jill and someone else posted it to her thread.

No. 518141

This is a new screencap though. The video is her newest one and the time it was posted was a few minutes after 5.03 PEI time, and she also uses Bell. When you scroll through her twitter media it isn't there either.

Try again.

No. 518153

No. 518161

Seems legit, though I wouldn't put it past her to self-post something similar

Wonder what her ex thinks of
>makin vids and breakin hearts
As the bio on facebook

No. 518165

Season 8 is on Canadian Netflix right now and afaik season 1&2 are called the “lost seasons” because they’re pretty difficult to find anywhere to watch.

No. 518168

Jill has no substance besides buying shit other people want and sperging about anime or whatever she's trying to be a hard fan for. Sad that she's getting more videos for being on the trending page, I like to see people who have something interesting to offer and not just mommy's money and a shit aesehtic that normal people give attention to because colors. How far is she going to go with youtube when she keeps relying on the same things?

No. 518235

Jill is the queen of basic bitch, who the fuck is she to call anyone a Normie? She dresses like a retard for attention, because her personality is so fucking boring and lacks substance of any kind that she would never get any attention if her life depended upon it. Kek

No. 518312

File: 1519957303269.jpeg (224.53 KB, 750x819, 9C2D8FE6-77A1-4E7A-B36E-FE4B5C…)

Guess this is you too?

No. 518324

Way to be so obvious anon. Kek seriously this just made you look like a dumbass. Kek

No. 518412

oh god, as if the RPDR fandom wasn't bad enough

No. 518417

This is rich, considering Jillian called drag "transphobic" (obviously not sure what the fuck she's talking about) and now she's watching RPDR because it's "trendy and cool" to like it. What do you want to bet she starts acting like the biggest drag race fan in the world within the next few months? She's seriously pathetic.

No. 518471

This is some bizarre samefagging going on…

No. 518478

had to peace out when she started talking about Annie Clark/St. Vincent because no. She cannot love what I love. No. I will not accept it.

No. 518519

File: 1519977955523.png (596.94 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180302-090516.png)

So Jill just won the kawaii leader contest..

No. 518522

I can’t believe it. I stopped watching her for awhile because she was boring me but this is a ride I want to be on

No. 518527

Oooh boy, I hope this will be another era of glorious milk.
I mean come on, she seems to be too fucking depressed/tired/'overworked' to even regularly post her low effort YT videos right now, she's truly ideal for such a position lol.

No. 518532

I hate that this actually happened but I can't say I'm surprised at this point, considering how big of a mindless zombie mob of followers she has. Now we get to hear her sperg on about being a kawaii leader and a full-time Youtuber and how hard it is.

Now, who's up for taking bets on how quick things will go sour?

No. 518534

It's so hilarious to me that someone who… doesn't even wear J-fashion won. Like when was the last time Jill even purchased anything from Japan? Or wore any of her J-fashion clothing? This whole competition is a joke.

No. 518535

Now this is a ride I want to be part of, I can't wait to see this.

No. 518537

>inb4 she quickly tries to buy & squeeze herself into some more stuff from her ~favie brand uwu~ Candy Stripper

No. 518544

I hate everything.

No. 518549

Watch her ego blow up, up and away. I can only imagine what a shit show Jill will be in Nipon.

No. 518552

Look at the bright side anon, this title means absolutely nothing to anyone in the real (fashion) world.
Sure Jill will brag about it any chance she gets now, but anyone with a brain can see that she clearly has grown out of J-fashion and has no genuine passion for it. I think if Kammie had won she would've actually done something with this since she cares about J-fashion, but for Jill this is just another ego boost. I don't think she actually gives a shit about spreading kawaii culture, she wants to be the person that always stands out the most.
Jill just happens to have a fanbase of 12 year olds that have nothing better to do than vote for their idol every day, of course she'd win in a popularity contest like this.

No. 518554

It's just because she's the last person who deserves a free trip to Japan.

Her first Japan trip was so milky partially because she wasted so much of her and her mom's money simply to go eat burgers and buy clothes halfway across the world.

I know the title doesn't mean shit. I just don't think she deserves the spoils that come with it.

No. 518574

She’ll have to do stuff this time though, other than shopping and eating her chicky tendies

No. 518586

They put up this video of her, it feels super awkward

No. 518588

this is so uncomfortable to watch… she just like doesn't seem grateful at all either??

No. 518589

You'd at least think she'd open with a thank you

No. 518590

Love how this channel was dead and then came back to put Jill in my subscription box. I also love how fair it is that Jill decided to enter a public vote based contest instead of giving someone else a chance, not that I'm surprised.

No. 518592

oh nice, more shit that she will never use again!
videos like this really show how spoiled she is, it would have been nice if someone more grateful would've won, but I guess that's just how life is

No. 518606

We all knew this would happen but still sad for anyone who cares about Jfashion in the west. Styles like fairy kei seem to be declining because western people want to buy Harajuku inspired fast fashion or cheap knock off stuff instead of actually supporting brands or putting effort into the fashion. Now we have someone just like that "representing" and soon to be bragging how Jfashion they are despite wearing Lazy Oaf and crayons all the time. Can't wait for her to get ripped on even more for being basement dwelling rainbow trash with no skills outside of talking like a baby at a camera.

No. 518617

This was the best thing to wake up to this morning, no joke. I honestly feel like this is going to be an entirely new chapter for Jill.

No. 518620

It's honestly pretty weird and fishy to me that she won the contest considering she 1. didn't advertise it as much as a lot of other people and 2. the people who did advertise a lot got A HELL OF A LOT more engagement than her on their content. Soooooo. how did this happen?

No. 518630

Has she actually posted anywhere about her winning? I just looked on her twitter and there's no mention. Even Pastelbat said congratulations to her? Does Jill really care?


No. 518632

So since She won does that mean she gets a free trip to Japan like her idol Kelly eden ?

No. 518633

God she sounds like such an idiot.

No. 518636

Pretty sure it's Japanese judges that have the final word.

a new era of milk that's for sure.. I almost wouldn't be surprised if she decides to further put off college because she'll be ~soo busy~ with travels to japan and the meet ups in New York/UK will blow her ego out of the water.

No. 518642


Yeah I was wondering if it had to be something like that because Jill getting the most votes make zero sense.

Even though she said in the video that she got the most votes haha you wish jillian

No. 518662

File: 1520001849440.png (7.44 KB, 500x70, Capture.PNG)

She posted this in response to the post about it on the facebook group

No. 518664

I have no horse in this race, I don't pick sides. But the amount of salt absolutely pouring out of you guys right now about Jill winning is so fucking hilarious, oh my god.

No. 518684

This is a board dedicated to shit talking people. Most of us actively dislike the people we go out of our way to shit talk. Is this really surprising?

No. 518693

What's really sad is the amount of people taking this so personally. >>518532 "I hate that this actually happened" >>518544 "I hate everything"

The people who are pointing out how funny it is that she doesn't even wear jfashion and just had a legion of twelve year olds spamming votes for her aren't salty. That's the lolcow I know. Not the "wahhhhhhh I can't believe she won I hate this there must have been vote manipulation"

No. 518697

I personally think her winning is a blessing, I really hope there will be another Japan trip lol.
I mean the whole competition and title are meaningless, Jill doesn't even seem that excited for it herself. No one outside of the Jfashion community even knows about it so it's not like she's giving a bad reputation to it.

No. 518698

Literally who gives a fuck. This thread is to shit on her. Not to meet your expectations.

No. 518699

Exactly. The point of lolcow has always been to document, discuss, and laugh. If anyone finds themselves personally affected, upset, or angry, then they need to step away and focus on their lives for a bit.

No. 518702

So two comments that say "I hate" mean people are automatically being salty? I think you're projecting a bit. I think it's just a bit of dramatic wording. I doubt anyone here is genuinely upset that Jill won.

No. 518703

She’ll pull a Kely Eden and force Japanese workers to go out of their way for her comfort. Kek

No. 518709

I wonder if her mom would go with her again? She seems incapable of traveling by herself
Also wondering if she'll suddenly start acting like she cares sooo much uwu about Japanese indie designers again, I hope she buys as much tacky crap as last time lmao

No. 518712

i for one am pleased that she won.

No. 518717

I don't think there's salt literally pouring out of anyone but there are certainly some briney individuals(samefagging)

No. 518723

File: 1520006260018.png (237.02 KB, 871x587, 786503.PNG)

No. 518727


Does that mean that we will see her on this Show? What exactly is she going to do there? Will be her mom allowed to be on her side all the time?

Idk but I'm lowkey excited about that because she seems to be overwhelmed by the easiest tasks so I'm ready for complaining and being totally overdramatic all the time. I hope she has to eat food that she is ~scared~ off lmao

No. 518735

>implying kawaii.i is nothing but a shitty kotaku style site.

No. 518746

It's hilarious that they let someone as lazy and awful as Jill be the winner, her entry pic is so much more low quality than the others

Excited to see what comes next though kek

No. 518749

99% sure she's going to crash, burn, and then make a twitter post/ half-assed youtube video about bringing mental health advocacy to the ~~kawaii~~ world's eyes. Then she'll probably say she needs "only a week" break from the internet for said mental health, which might turn to her regretting her decision publicly and extending her break to 2+ weeks.

I mean if she can't handle making 2 youtube videos a week as her "job" how tf is she going to handle all the PR that comes with having the (albeit really small and insignificant) role in the kawaii international world? She's gonna have to at least actively keep up with Jap fashion and promote it, isn't she?

No. 518750

File: 1520009031524.png (327.35 KB, 631x652, 9743o2.png)

why is she so obsessed with comparing herself to Sharpay Evans now? I've never watched high school musical but isn't she just the typical rich ditzy blonde girl? why would a grown adult aspire to be like such a character from a kids movie lol

No. 518755

That's because someone said she could be like Sharpey in one of these earlier threads

No. 518763

I don't think it's a good thing to be materialistic, fake, and snobby to everyone you meet on top of being a weeb.

No. 518765

I almost wish Jill would go for that glittery glam bitch look Sharpay Evans sported. It would look good on her versus rainbow puke clown. I'm glad Jill won. May she prosper in milky failure for our amusement.

No. 518770

I would love to see that happen, she will probably cry because her mom can't come with her and she will have to follow the schedule of kawaii.i instead of a week full of shopping.

No. 518774


'People here are saying that the final decision didn't come from votes or else she probably wouldn't have won

No. 518785

>show such dedication
Didn't know that haul videos = dedication

No. 518798

File: 1520011907085.jpg (266.96 KB, 1080x842, Screenshot_20180302-173127.jpg)

It's almost as if Japanese people dont want to watch a weeb kek

No. 518799

File: 1520012043271.jpg (380.96 KB, 1080x1358, Screenshot_20180302-173314.jpg)

Kind and humble lol

No. 518801

Kind as an axe wound, humble as a middle finger.

No. 518803

idgi either, Sharpay was actually talented and hard working no way would she be a lazy slob like jill

No. 518839

at least someone said it lol I have zero bias too, imagine if this was the moo thread. Mods would have a field day.

No. 518854

File: 1520016335598.png (443.35 KB, 723x737, wow.png)

I thought the tinfoils about her reading these threads was just a meme but she keeps making this comparison after someone posted >>494381 here and it's so… idk. weirdly specific and not applicable? (she looks nothing like the actress) Spo I find it hard to believe it's just a coincidence.

No. 518868

Didn't know not wanting her already-massive ego to be fed with with a contest win = taking it personally. As others have said, the contest doesn't mean shit, but Jill's not one to be humble about anything and there were other people that could've used this wisely. Aside from that, this will bring in good milk and can't wait to see what bullshit happens when Jill actually has to do something.

But on another note, now that she's won this, is it gonna affect her going to school at all? I feel like if she has to take trips to Japan often, it won't sit well with some of her teachers.

No. 518885

File: 1520019430217.jpg (917.74 KB, 1079x1548, Screenshot_20180302-193656.jpg)

Can she do a day without spending money

No. 518891

hows jill going to survive college whilst maintaining a 'job' on youtube?
if she has to take mental health days now, when she just lays around all day, how in the hell is she going to cope at college. as well as having to do stuff for that kawaii thing that she won.

No. 518893

File: 1520020592700.jpeg (23.5 KB, 750x135, 5C1C19BB-4426-44C0-AD05-90AA3D…)

No. 518907

I really hate how average girls with skinnyfat bodies think that means they're thick.

No. 518967

It's so funny to me that her little minions think they made her win the contest, and somehow put in enough votes to beat all of the other, very good-looking, beautiful people with huge followings.

No. 518969

She’s not thic she’s just fat

No. 518972

What benefit would Kawaii.i have lying about who got the most votes though? If it were someone else they would have just had another person to feature thus more views from their audience.

I think Jills fans are young and really active online. She would reblog stuff about people setting alarms to vote and all that, so they probably wanted mama jill to notice them and had time to just go ham with votings. I follow a lot of the other contestants and Jill seemed the most active about asking people to vote, especially on Twitter

No. 518973

Professional level? No lighting set up because it is too much effort, shaky tripod on her bed, fucked up saturation, can't be bothered filming close-ups properly, can't keep her own schedule, so professional

No. 518974

Kawaii leaders don't actually have to do anything after their role on the show is over, nor do they really get any perks aside from a free, very short trip to Japan. I think the trip is like 3 days and you're filming the whole time so you don't hbe a lot of free time. And yeah, they're going to make her do "cultural" things that she doesn't care about at all and probably eat food that isn't just a plain cheeseburger or tendies.

I think she thinks this is going to catapult her to fame or make her some kind of idol in Japan. Nobody remembers the past leaders at all and they've been running the contest for years. There were four leaders I think last year and nobody gave a shit about any of them except kelly, and that's only because she made a spectacle of herself with the AP fiasco.

No. 518983

It seems like anything that's better than filming with a potato webcam and using Movie Maker transitions is considered great quality, simply because that's the usual standard for most J-fashion videos on Youtube.
Jill really lucked out with getting good equipment from her mom lol.

No. 519003

Can confirm, I participate in multiple j fashion communities and no one gives a shit about this title or competition
It's been a joke for awhile, especially when Kelly Eden won

No. 519019

So now that Jill actually won, she's gonna be visiting Japan right? When is this going down??

No. 519023

Probably not for 6 months or so

No. 519049

File: 1520032734809.png (7.32 KB, 485x95, 34433.png)

This is getting ridiculous she doesn't wear jfashion any more.

No. 519055

I'm actually glad jill won, we get to watch her embarrass herself on japanese tv. But I'm a lil sad we won't get the milk from her going to hyper japan in the uk.

No. 519080

It's up to the judges in the end, not the votes. They could have just chosen her because she's an up-and-comer rather than a big name in the community.

No. 519082

Yeah I feel like none of the other contestants besides Anzu would embarrass themselves, but I was hoping anzu or jill would win so we could see them embarrass themselves on television.

But then again that really furthers stereotypes about dumb western foreigners. Jillian is perfect for perpetuating those stereotypes

No. 519101

How is this Barbie "thicc"? Looks like the normal Barbie shape to me

No. 519132

She won both the judges votes and the prize for winning the most public votes

No. 519135

File: 1520039816945.png (34.96 KB, 591x106, Screen shot 2018-03-02 at 8.38…)

That's probably just a sign that you're still a beginner Jill

No. 519141

They released a few different barbie shapes (tall, short, thin, curvy) and this is in fact a curvy one. She has wider hips and thighs than a normal Barbie, but I agree it just looks completely normal. Not even much thicker arms or a rounder face.

Sage for toy collector chat

No. 519168

Jill straight up confirming she lurks in these threads. I wonder if she posts in them as well? We get it girlfriend, any press in your attention whore eyes is good press.

No. 519263

Our kawaii leader, everyone.

No. 519291

If you're an inexperienced moron like Jill you will have a difficult time handling a sewing machine and any half hazard project attempted. For the love of god would it really damage Jill's massive ego if she would just admit she's a shitty hobby crafter who needs to get herself enrolled into an intermediate level sewing class asap at the bare assed minimum? How the hell does she expect to excel in her arts and crafts school if she can barely be bothered to sew a basic shift dress with set in sleeves? Kek

No. 519422

File: 1520064908230.png (250.61 KB, 583x495, ffft.png)

>gets a NY trip for her birthday
>pissy that she doesn't also get another Japan trip

No. 519424

She's not going because her friends don't want her with them now kek

No. 519426

She said before that she isn't taking the trip because she wanted to be 'responsible' and save money for college, but if she didn't spend 500 bucks a month on make up, clothes and children's toys she could've easily traveled there lol

No. 519443

I thought that post was Jill selfposting the minute I saw it, sage for obvs speculation

No. 519462

Well she's right, she can't be mad. She has the NYC trip and KS event anyway, and I'm sure her friends are gonna really enjoy being there without Jill being her usual suffocating self. Imagine all the Japanese food they'll get to enjoy now!

That's hilarious.

No. 519478

in my city in canada you need both to get a decent career. It's not that special here.

No. 519510

Unrelated, but whenever someone calls Jill a "h3h3 stan" or supporter or whatever they sound so insufferable. Yeah they said the wrong thing once or twice and that makes them racist for today's sjw culture standards, yeah I get it. I hate racist people too. Can't we just enjoy shit in peace too though?

God she doesn't even try to hide her self posts anymore

Wow so speshul with her fast fashion, ugly makeup, shitty aging face, fried hair, great sewing skills, a great role model.
The saddest thing is that she doesn't care. She doesn't even wear jfashion.

I'm saging this.

No. 519515

Confirmed self posting. Why does she do that though? What does she win with this? We will laugh at her more. She's just retarded.

No. 519516

Maybe she thinks we will become her friends or something lmao
Also it's pretty funny how she's constantly pushing this ~I hate dramu & internet bullying uwu~ shit yet she spends her time lurking here and watching YT drama channels

No. 519525

I don't have a problem with h3h3 or their podcasts in general, it's just that Jill admittedly stans shitty people like Tana Mongeau and Jeffrey Starr for the longest time.

Jill is a bad person with poor judgement of character > jill likes bad people with poor judgement of character (not saying the h3 couple are bad people, just speaking generally).

No. 519526

People only bring it up because Jill likes to say she's above bigotry and cares about social justice issues, but she openly watches and supports lots of people who don't have those same values. She's a hypocrite, and that's why it's mentioned. I doubt anyone in here actually gives a shit about h3h3, and you sound way more insufferable defending some random YouTube channel on this thread.

No. 519532

She's an hypocrite then
That's what irks me the most about her and how she's just doing everything (including calling drag race transexist but then watching it) for fame points and to be "in".

No. 519545

wow another haul.

No. 519546

No. 519549

At this point all of Jill's cheap-quality-pastel-with-obnoxious-patterns garments are just blending together for me, I wouldn't have even recognized these clothes as 'new to her wardrobe'.

No. 519553

This is the second or third article about jill in the "pei" section of the CBC website. There was that article about her reaching 50k subs on YT and now this. And I remember Louise trying to get her another interview with cbc when her first dollar store job asked her to change her blue hair so she quit. They were going for the 'workplace discrimination' angle.

And then there was that article about Louise paying $8k for a catio last summer.

All because Louise is friends with these journalists or someone else with executive powers over at CBC PEI.

No. 519554

>every time I wash my hair I have to redye it

please Jill… just go see a professional hairdresser…

No. 519556

Her mannerisms and vocabulary are getting more and more obnoxious and I didn't think that was possible

No. 519557

she really does not suit satin can she stop with these satin dresses

No. 519559


I have soft hate boner for those earrings tbh

No. 519560

every time she says 'lewk' i want to scream
also she said that the shirt is 'a lil bit baggy' but tbh, it looks sorta tight to me (so does the skirt, i can see how uncomfortable she is in this 'lewk'

No. 519561

her looks are all so mediocre

No. 519563

Cows stick with the herd rofl. God Misha is a piece of work.

No. 519566

Nothing says I Love Japan like a bootleg sailor moon top.

No. 519569

That is just sad. If she wasn't dropping on ugly Lazy Oaf clothes and shitty palettes to use one shade she could be having an amazing experience with her friends and boost her channel in the process considering the Japan videos are her most popular. Really sad Jill.

No. 519573

File: 1520090135245.png (1.54 MB, 1108x696, what the fuck.png)

Am I seeing things or can you see her underwear/tights when she is lifting that dress up?

No. 519575

That's just how slow news are in small towns. I don't think there's some kind of mega pulling of strings here, the local news are just trying to fill in their paper. Nothing really exciting happens and any news that portrays the place positively is pounced on and dragged out as much as possible.

No. 519576

she's streaming now. i'm taking notes for as long as I can stand her.

No. 519586

The shirt is way too tight. It's why it's bunching up over her boobs.

No. 519587

lol in her stream she mentioned that she needs more makeup brushes bc she just uses the same three. pretty sure i saw something in the thread a while back about the brushes she uses. lurky jill

No. 519588

Stream highlights so far:

-went off of birth control, but realised she 'wasn't gay' and so went back on
-said she didn't date until she was 15. um what about your abusive girlfriend she had at 13??
-made semi transphobic about wanting to look like a woman
-is going to see a mcr tribute band for her bday. hopes to find her lover in the bar
-lot's of serotonin talk. she's ~still sad.
-obviously isn't a mcr fan?? kept getting names of songs wrong ect, despite claiming to be the 'biggest fan ever' as per
-sharpay has always been her number 1 dream role
-has ordered MORE lazy oaf clothing
-said she was bisexual (i think this is the first time she's admitted that)
-keeps talking about needing better makeup brushes (confirming that she's lurking)
-Admit she has gay phases, but that she's not a lesbian.
-Right now she's ready for anything (meaning a man or women)

No. 519595

What's her sudden obsession with Sharpay immediately after it got mentioned here? I don't think she's doing it to fuck with us but I do think someone she is close to must regular here and 'let it slip' that she's like Sharpay after reading

No. 519599

File: 1520091892192.png (4.24 MB, 1334x750, 4B642E61-4505-4A76-B9EB-614784…)

I’ll admit this outfit wasn’t /that/ bad (besides making her look like a literal rectangle) but oh my god, the yellow accents in the shirt really bring out the patchiness in her hair and the garish color

wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Kate since it’s already confirmed she lurks here

No. 519600

shes saying in the stream how she used to find drag offensive and that she's realised she was wrong
more confirmation of lurking?

No. 519603

She probably is just doing it because drag has been the flavor of the month for a while now. She doesnt want to step on anyone's toes

No. 519605

>-Admit she has gay phases, but that she's not a lesbian.

Ugh, how not shocking

No. 519614

It's kind of funny because drag in itself is not transphobic, but making yourself into a caricature of what you think a "woman" is while constantly throwing around slurs is pretty shitty and that's exactly what RPDR is which is the only drag she has any interest in.

No. 519615

I want to grab her and scream at her that serotonin isn’t the only neurotransmitter that affects your mood and depression but then she’d have to actually learn something and she’s too lazy for that.

Skinny fat my ass, this is full on fat. Just because she isn’t an obese landwhale doesn’t mean she’s not fat.

>implying that she has another friend besides Jon

No. 519626


-Will smoke weed when it's legal. Is scared of illegal weed in case 'it's laced with death.'
-shading her friends for leaving her all alone on her birthday. Only Jon is here for her bday.
-Keep saying she loves scaring people with her aesthetic?
- 'I used to think drag was problematic, but I just didn't understand it.'
-someone trolling the chat about hurting cats an everyone freaked out kek
-is going to a hairdresser before newyork

No. 519628

>is going to a hairdresser before newyork

lmao why does she think that the only time it's worth going to a hairdresser is before an international trip?
also I really hope she's going to an actual one this time and not the same special snowflake she went to last time

No. 519629

The clothes all seem like the cheap knockoffs you find on taobao or Aliexpress. The owner of the store seems problematic in their own ways but I suppose it makes sense that cows would stick together.

No. 519632

They have a party kei line but Jill made up party kei and doesn't have shit to show for it. Too funny. The pink top with the blue skirt was actually cute for me but still looks bad on her.

This. How does she get 50K plus views? She'd beyond annoying.

>Right now she's ready for anything (meaning a man or women)
Meaning she wants anyone who will enable her, give her attention and willing to be used for youtube views.

>Keep saying she loves scaring people with her aesthetic?
They're scared because you're so cringy, Jill.

No. 519637


No. 519639

she often does

No. 519640

The clothes are cheap. Ota-q draws a design and has it printed on the clothes, but then she has to sell it for more than it's worth to get a profit. There's lots of stores like that, the example I can give you off the top of my head is Miss Octopie.

No. 519641

a girl sent her a package and said she had a crush on pixie + now shes getting called "goth gf", could this be the next alyssa?

No. 519642

File: 1520094297182.jpg (17.38 KB, 331x59, louise.jpg)

I don't understand how louise is okay watching her daughter talking about not caring if she is getting dick or pussy just as long as she is getting some

No. 519645

File: 1520094536641.jpg (39.26 KB, 760x506, lena-dunham-sneakers.jpg)

is it just me or is she looking more and more like lena dunham

No. 519646

Kera International is just freelance J-Fashion weebs who can write in Japanese. They aren't actually sending a real reporter.

No. 519650

Ugh I'm so sick of these stores popping up with artscow shit. Their quality is terrible for the price. 0/10 would not buy

No. 519651

- ate on camera (despite constantly saying she couldn't bc ~muh anorexia kek)
-'my nose is one thing that i'm not self conscious about.' (but you should be)
-was top of her french class
-she's 'going to japan to be famous.' (half joking)

No. 519667

She legitimately looks 40 years old in half these outfits. She only really looked her age in the one with the pink hoodie and white printed skirt, before she put on the ugly windbreaker.

No. 519668

File: 1520097382179.png (298.28 KB, 960x535, 5IsWUWt.png)

yeah Jill really looks like the typical 'weird aunt' character in this vid lol

No. 519674


some anon like three threads ago pointed out that jill dresses super edgy but only listens to the most basic pop music ever. and jill has been talking about st vincent ever since nonstop! because uwu indie artist. its so fucking annoying she brings her up every stream, picture, video, when you can just tell she just listened to one of her albums for the first time ever. ITS GOOD YEAH, WE'VE BEEN KNEW, JILL. so goddamn annoying and predictable from her.

muh im the bigges mcr fan ever (2 mainstream so now she never mentions them) –→ muh im the biggest muse fan ever –→ muh im the bigges joy division fan i wear their tshirt on every photoshoot -→ muh im the biggest st vincent fan ever uwu —→ whatever dumb thing she'll be obsessed for 2 weeks and drop as she always does

No. 519676

Kek, can't believe stream anon didn't mention that she thinks clashing colors means two colors are almost the same, but not quite (as in different shades of pink). No wonder all her clothes clash because she doesn't know what it means. Idiot.

No. 519682

Jill knows nothing about color theory, design, material, clothing quality, good fit, sewing or any of the economics behind the fashion industry, it's an actual joke that she still acts like sewing is ~so important uwu~ to her and that she will ever become an actual fashion designer.

No. 519706

I'm surprised that she doesn't listen to weeb music or kpop tbh

No. 519726

I just about keeled over because not only does Jill not have the faintest idea of what is actually involved in fashion design, she acts like she's some authority on sewing and fashion with an established brand and following. She's never so much as taken the time to follow through making a mock up of one of her unoriginal, mediocre designs. Who even calls themselves a fashion designer with no portfolio to display their skills or ideas? Kek

Sage trigger

No. 519754

It figures a dumb bitch who has been caught writing shit about Japanese street fashion styles would pick another tacky white girl who doesn't wear jfashion, it was meant to be.

No. 519803

I need deets on this. Is there a thread anywhere?
Super saging

No. 519834

File: 1520110568472.png (94.15 KB, 750x654, IMG_4632.PNG)

It's basic artscow shit.

No. 519835

>>519834 'cow' how fitting kek

No. 519838

That is Sooo shitty I can't even.

No. 519842

It's so messy to see her endorse this kind of basic ass 'brand' that takes designs from sailor moon, puts it in a random pattern and then print it out on basic clothes. It's one thing to have a design that's based on something, but still unique art (basically fanart), but this stuff she's endorsing is just a blatant rip-off. That plus her happily endorsing chinese brands that steal designs and sell them for cheap. How is she so ignorant/dumb?

No. 519843

>went off of birth control, but realised she 'wasn't gay' and so went back on

this is actual full retard, who taught her that birth control had anything to do with orientation or that straight girls remain permanently on the pill/lesbians don't due to their sexuality…

>-said she didn't date until she was 15. um what about your abusive girlfriend she had at 13??

???? not only did she date that 'sketchy' older girlfriend of hers (apparently), but also she had a two year relationship with her punk boyfriend Walker before dating Tristan when she was 15

why the lie tho?

No. 519846

How is this bad? I'm not sure that I get it unless they are claiming they personally make the items. You are paying for the design which you can't make the item yourself without and a small production is going to head to an independent company.

No. 519859

File: 1520113727106.jpeg (622.32 KB, 1920x2560, 4A8DFC5F-7E1F-4288-82A0-152C48…)

OT but can we just appreciate the complete degeneration of Jill’s hair in the past year? The shit she does now is how most girls wear their hair to sleep and she thinks she’s a fashion influencer

No. 519860

i think the art's legit, with the brand owner actually drawing the different wands and patterns…what i find crappy is the branding itself, using the awkward stock photo models and an obvious supplier is so tacky.

that said, jill's style in general could really benefit from purchasing from small artists/indie creators that fit her aesthetic and bringing them to prominence/reviewing them honestly. but she won't do that, bc all she cares about is overly expensive brand name crap

No. 519862

It's bad because it looks cheap and poorly made and it's ass ugly
Damn anon stage for shit taste

No. 519863

First of all the store uses cheap clothing and doesn't try to hide it by using actual product photos, instead just using the stock photos. The owner also pushes the brand constantly online and acts like they are above everyone simply because they slap drawings on cheap clothing and can sell them.

No. 519867


I agree. Courtney likes to act like they’re better than everyone else, but they’re far from it

No. 519869

File: 1520114650924.jpg (467.47 KB, 1080x1438, Screenshot_20180303-220344.jpg)

Jill: watches a few episodes of drag race

No. 519871

Jill needs to try and stop being a “sexy clown”.
Pls tell me that she didn’t flash us on purpose..she knew that the dress is see-through and even she edits her vids, so??????
Sexy clown???

No. 519872

File: 1520114965405.jpeg (304.72 KB, 449x628, 961C7653-02CF-4F37-993A-223AEE…)

No. 519874

God I didn't realize how bad the clothing looks when printed

No. 519875

>>519872 next thread pic

No. 519883

I think bottom left would work well on its own.

No. 519886

Jill's idea of sexy is really creepy

No. 519892

File: 1520117189475.png (1.08 MB, 1340x474, oh well.png)


ngl, I think she looks really cute on bottom right. Like, her dropping the glasses is already a huge improvement for her, considering them do not balance her face out, they make her nose look bigger and her, more granny-ish. Jill, if you wanna look cute with glasses, pick a smaller one. Could even be those cat eyed glasses in pastel pink to fit her aesthetic.

Anyway, I think that she would look really cute with this "rockabilly pastel" look, idk? I don't even know if that is a thing.

Oh, look, when I googled it, Jill showed up! lel

Anyway. Vintage dresses tend to look really cute on curvier women. Like, imo, Jill is looking kinda curvy on the bottom right pic, it's all about know how to dress for your shape.

She could keep the colorful hair like the first pics on my attatched image while dressing all pastel, like the pics on the right. And then she would be sexy, as she wants.

Well, I can dream.

No. 519896

if the shirt was tucked in and she had a cute thin belt it would really improve it imo, shed look less boxy. its the start of a cute outfit tho, for once

No. 519985

This would be so cute if the shirt fit her right.

No. 520001

she listens to kyary pamyu pamyu, she said it on stream

No. 520003

File: 1520124980342.png (813.21 KB, 1080x1055, 20180303_205608.png)

No. 520004

Because people will actually be seeing that mess in real life unlike her small town

No. 520009

File: 1520126061281.jpg (101.67 KB, 1080x720, DW1JaozX0AEzaZf.jpg)

it doesn't even matter at this point, her hair is so fried and broken that short of getting an actual pixie cut (kek) nothing will make it look decent. within a week it will be back to her gross, oil-slick top bun because it's too greasy and damaged to wear normally.

No. 520014

I swear I think Jill is banging Johnny Boy…ewwww Kek she's definitely not just hanging out with him for friendly reasons.

No. 520021

…am I the only one that finds it weird that she's saying her huge pink fluffy coat that she "thinks is from h&m" was sent to her po box??
That honestly sounds like a lie go get around the criticism of not supporting (Western) fast fashion, but it seems so sloppy. I know her fans would probably send her some shit like that but, coats like that aren't exactly cheap to ship, and they just happened to get her size. Sure, Jill.

No. 520022

This guy is her only friend, she went back on birth control suddenly and he is over at her house lying in bed with her… we all know what is happening here.

No. 520031

File: 1520128665757.gif (911.08 KB, 500x275, D96A87C1-0FC5-463B-AA92-697C47…)

No. 520035

when she turns to the side while wearing the first dress, it makes her look like she has a huge stomach. Maybe its because its sticking out over her boobs or something, but that is NOT a good 'lewk' and not a flattering material

No. 520045

I know I’m retreading old ground but it baffles me how or why anyone would want to fuck Jill. She seems like the most unpleasant person to have sex with, especially since most anons wouldn’t be wrong in dubbing her a pillow queen. And it’s not even like she has any qualities to compensate for her bedroom performance

No. 520047

I'd die laughing if she got knocked up before starting college. Kek

Sage for rant

No. 520048

She won’t. That’s why she’s back on birth control again.

No. 520050

I have this ghastly image of Jill dirty talking Jon, in her retard vernacular and probably cock ridding the poor fag into the dildo wand wall. Kek

No. 520051

I was wondering that too because she's had that h&m coat for awhile

No. 520065


Never forget her reblogging that post about not needing to get your partner off because you're a "bottom" lmao

No. 520066

honestly tho, good on her for finding someone who likes her despite her shit personality, lazy, greasy-haired self.
Too bad for her fans that really wanted her to be full on lez.

No. 520068

Anon it's so obvi that she's totally hetero, there is a better chance of her getting herpes than her being bisexual.

No. 520086

File: 1520131311378.jpeg (352.27 KB, 1242x1441, C52023DA-6344-4231-B750-EC77FE…)

No. 520091


peeps vodka sounds disgusting enough to blow peeps tea out of the water

No. 520116

File: 1520132142930.png (223.92 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180303-185532.png)

No. 520121

low key conspiracy theory:
she never had an eating disorder, her teeth are just shitty cos she doesn't brush them and all the peeps.

No. 520134

That's not her bedroom, though. Is it his? If his room looks like that he is NOT straight.

No. 520139

so she's completely selfish and self-centred in bed, too, to the surprise of no one.
Alyssa dodged a bullet.

No. 520141

She definitely had an ED. She used to be quite thin, and while she wasn't skelly like most ana-chans we see here it's obvious that that's not her natural body type. I do believe she had an eating disorder to be as small as she used to be.

No. 520148

File: 1520133858505.jpg (126.15 KB, 580x580, m_5a68fbc4caab44a0075f1812.jpg)

I remember in her recent closet tour video she shows a pink, sparkly sweater and said she got it at a thrift store. I have the same sweater, it's from H&M made in 2016. Of course she lies about shopping at H&M.

No. 520150

Jill shopping at a thrift store? LOL
That's a joke in itself, with the amount of money she drops on LO, there's no way she'd go thrift shopping.
She should just admit that she buys from them

No. 520154

File: 1520134181180.png (736.83 KB, 1366x768, totallythrifted.png)

I doubt she thrifts either, she probably pretends to to seem "quirky"

No. 520156

File: 1520134220387.jpg (189.92 KB, 450x450, 1379282186319.jpg)


jill was known to photoshop the shit out of the pics though. she wasn't skelly and that "unnatural" figure she had was likely the product of her mother photoshopping her pics to make her seem smaller.

she might really have an ED but i don't think we'll ever know for sure. just like she could (DOUBT) be a real lesbian but we can't know. or how she might actually have been abused by her ex gf. but we literally won't ever know because jill lies and exaggerates about even the smallest things in her life. ie: changing her sexuality every other week, attention whoring her mental illnesses, her ever changing "style", her pretending to be unaware of people she copies her "style" from etc etc. you never know whats real thing with jill and whats just a trendy phase for her.

not trying to fight with you thought, just bringing this up itt for those unaware of her past cow behaviour. i'm sure most people do believe she had an ED, i'm skeptical though.

No. 520158

idk we've seen her wear that sweater for ages, and even before she started hating on fast fashion she said it was thrifted. People donate H&M clothes too, ya know. Not trying to wk, but this is a little tinfoily. Hers always seemed to be a paler, dirty looking pink too. Not that shade of purple.

No. 520160

iirc she used to be really into thrifting back in her lolita days, so it's not that far-fetched. wouldn't put it past her to lie about her fast fashion items though

No. 520164

It's not my picture, but it's definitely the same sweater. I know people donate H&M clothes but especially since she had it a long time I really doubt she thrifted it especially since I saw one on the clearance rack still in May last year.

No. 520166

she said the only reason she didnt go on the japan trip with her friends is because they invited her "last minute" when in reality they invited her back in november apparently… honestly i just think shes not comfortable to go anywhere without her mom (especially since shes bringing her mom on the kawaii.i trip) … college is gonna be a huge wake up call for her.

No. 520169

Excuse you anon, she thrifted that dirty looking purple sweater 2 years ago

She keeps buying clothes that she never wears for more than a few weeks. It's kind of ridiculous, it would be justifiable if her entire wardrobe was thrifted but she drops 80-100 dollars on a t-shirt and wears it a few times at most.

No. 520171

OT but I'm surprised she has multiple friends that aren't John

No. 520176

Of course she has to take her mum to Japan. "I was gonna go on my own but then I remembered I luurve my mum uwu"
How is Jill gonna live away from home if she can't even spend three minutes away from her mother?

No. 520177

I can’t seem to find anything about the Alyssa situation anywhere. Could someone recap how that went down?

No. 520196

I think it might be a spare room at her place. The pillowcase is one she owns. Her room is down in the basement, so it wouldn't surprise me if there's another bedroom down there. So if Jon is staying the night, maybe they set up a fort in there.

No. 520272

>'my nose is one thing that i'm not self conscious about.'

lol it's her worst facial feature second only to her jowls

No. 520275

but anon! that could actually end up being FLATTERING and aesthetically pleasing!!! Jill's goal is obvs to look like a walking rainbow trash bag

No. 520324

File: 1520155741397.jpg (249.41 KB, 706x1007, Screenshot_20180304-092513.jpg)

This shit is so annoying. Chrissa doesn't handmake her stuff she gets it from factories in china, I've seen her speak about it. So of course jilly has to come defend her pal cuz she got free shit and since she's obsessed with annika Victoria and she only ~shops ethically~ now. Fucking retard

No. 520325

It's really sad how much Jill puts getting money/free shit before being honest and genuine.
Just like with the Zaful shit, she didn't even care that they are actual scammers and acted like the quality was great even though some of the stuff looked like it was made of tissue paper and ripped/broke a couple days after she got it.

No. 520340

personally i see a lot of fast fashion stuff at thrift stores so its not impossible to have bought it there, although im pretty sure you’re right and she didnt. this is jill we’re talking about kek

No. 520371

No? She wasn't? She was a notorious brandwhore. Are you thinking of someone else? I can't think of a single lolita coord she's EVER done that included thrifted pieces. She almost exclusively wore Angelic Pretty and BTSSB, besides her shoes from bodyline or Dream V and that old Anna House dress that she kept around forever since it was her first dress.

There really aren't that many thrift stores in PEI. There's a value village, mission something and another large uncurated family used clothing store. Her friends who live in Halifax have given her some cute stuff and her fans also send her thrifted items to her PO box, but I seriously doubt Jillian regularly goes to that terrible value village and finds anything that can be added to her wardrobe. All her nice thrifted things were sent to her as gifts.

She doesn't have any irl friends that aren't john. The "friends" she speaks of are girls that idolize her that she met at local cons and meetups. She only started calling them "friends" when Colin dumped her ass and she was desperate for company. That's when she invited Kenzie to drive 4 fucking hours to visit her house for the first time.

Before that Kenzie was just this chick she saw at conventions and took pictures with in fairy kei at a harajuku walk. Stacey openly calls herself jill's biggest fan and even begged her to start a blog together years ago (right before she made the pixielocks blogspot). Wendy has been ass-kissing hard since she met Jill as well. That's her three "friends" that she only recently adopted when she realized the theatre and lbgtq community both hate her. Colin was both a theatre and queer kid so that was probably the final nail in the coffin for her socially.

No. 520373

>cant find it anywhere
You're a lazy liar, it was only four threads ago. It's better to read the milk that Alyssa's sister generously provided for us >>>/snow/445432

No. 520374

she's got like two or three videos of stuff she's thrifted though (given 50% of it was tacky knick knacks but w/e) and would go on about how ~cute and kitschy~ she thought thrifting was.

No. 520375

her thrifting videos are mish mashes of stuff she over-paid for in Japan, has been given to her (I think?) and has gotten over several years. Seriously. watch them again. It's all the same stuff, basically.

No. 520407

It wouldn’t surprise me if they had planned to make a fort so Jill brought some supplies to jon’s House

No. 520418

How does she not have a perpetual migraine in that angry pink disaster of a room. It's like living in a fresh wound.

No. 520440

At least Louise can finally see some interesting cultural things in Japan. I can't imagine being 20 and so dependant on my parents though. Jill should really try to get out of her comfort zone and start challenging herself more.

No. 520443

I thought the main reason she went with Louise was because she was paying for their room and board? And wasn’t she planning to go with her boyfriend at one point?

No. 520468

Jill could EASILY pay for that herself. Last time she blew $3000 on random shit. She's just hung up on her mama.

No. 520693


She also used to photoshop her photos too much, who knows how thin she actually was.

No. 520695

I think she does have a perpetual migraine from it. She is always complaining about feeling crappy and like she needs to take a nap.

No. 520876

File: 1520220883211.jpg (459.79 KB, 1063x1339, Screenshot_20180304-233324.jpg)

Does she even know what reincarnation means. Kek she's so stupid. It's hard to beileve she speaks French when she doesnt even understand english

No. 521031

Who’s excited for the incoming milk of Jill’s birthday meet up?

No. 521045

was watching NHK channel, and on a show called kawaii international I just saw her become the kawaii leader in canada.
that was all i seen and just wondered if anyone heard about this?? saged just in case

No. 521049

It was posted to the thread the second it was announced. Read the thread before you post and if you cbf to do that just press CTL + F And type in “Kawaii International”

No. 521060

File: 1520243739069.jpg (609.73 KB, 1079x1707, Screenshot_20180305-095434.jpg)

She's rly trying to be a sjw

No. 521069

Yknow I could care less but still the same time…isn't the point of drag gay men dressing up as women? Just as drag Kings are often gay women dressing as men? And if you are into that style of makeup as a cis woman does that really count as drag? It honestly feels like it's white women who watch RPDR and want to be totes queer and appropriative too uwu
Saging my somewhat ignorance

No. 521093

While I think >>519869 is understandable, there is a strong idea that modern American drag culture has historically been a safe space for gay men and trans people, especially poc, as a reaction to being expected to be super macho.

Some people think including cis female drag queens is an attack on that culture, in the same vein as straight people being seen as slowly "inavding" gay clubs and treating them like a human zoo/a place to hide from creepy dudes. Which is understandable, but dismissive of queer women, transwomen and women in general who experience sexism and who want to express that and confront stereotypes and expectations through drag.

TL;DR It's complicated, being a few episodes in to tv friendly RPDR (in a later season that doesn't throw around slurs like confetti like the earlier ones) is maybe not the best time to become a Twitter warrior over a thing you have no real knowledge of. Especially when you are probably straight.

No. 521096

A self proclaimed “lay Buddhist” not understanding what reincarnation means? Get out of town.

No. 521097

I kinda agree with >>521093
Drag is an outlet for gay men to express themselves. You could ask 10 queens their reasons for doing drag and you ours get 10 different reasons. Rupaul talks about doing Genderfuck - being provocative and pushing the boundaries of what is expected of men. Whereas some other queens talk abut their drag persona as a separate entity that they perform as. Some do it because they enjoy dressing like an exaggerated female stereotype.

Jill is just bandwagoning her flavour of the month cause without doing any actual research (as usual). It’s her typical “I am an Ally of this thing because it’s cool!” bullshit without understanding the actual root of the issue.

No. 521107

She always say that she got her pure breed cats because her mom is allergic. But she has a vlog in a pure breed cat festival, so I think theyre just obsessed with that.

I asked her a few months ago on younow if she would upcycle clothing from thrift stores and she answered she would never thrift EVER.

No. 521116

jill hasnt been buddhist for quite a long time shes uwu witchy!! tehe now

No. 521117

No. 521119

Probably because she sucks it at. And it's too much work to find pieces that aren't too "normie" for her clown look. Thrifting is one of the biggest and cheapest things you can do if you're anti fast fashion so it's really funny that she never does it but wants to pretend she cares about that issue. If she had an ounce of intelligence she'd upcycle things to her aesethic because nobody else in the west is doing that with pastel or Jfashion styles. But that means regularly leaving the house, actually sewing and trying to improve your skill.

No. 521146

holy shit this video slayed me
I was only able to skip through it because it got too painful after a few seconds, I can't believe how cringey all of her fans are

it's just like when a thot cosplayer has a lot of followers, all of her fans are just greasy neckbeards so you can't even be jealous of their popularity because it's just too depressing
Jill may have a bunch of subscribers and win stupid contests and stuff but then you realize that the only people who admire her are… like this lol

No. 521168

She’s backing the wrong horse if she thinks supporting these deluded idiots makes her part of the social justice in-crowd. I didn’t realize bioqueens felt like they were so oppressed like this which is cringeworthy by itself, but it’s so telling that transmisogynistic jillybean would attach herself to the imagined oppression of straight women wearing too much makeup rather than learning about any genuine issue that gay/trans people face.

Do you guys think she’d start doing drag? I thought this was going to go further into insulting gay best friend/her saying “werk” too much territory, not that she’d immediately glom onto the hot mess that is the bioqueen/faux-queen community.

No. 521175

Yeah, I knew someone who started the watch RPDR, became obcesssed with one of the people on there because “That’s me!!!”, started wearing lots of pink and doing over the top gaudy “drag” makeup still dressed as a girl talking about how ~gay~ and ~queer~ she was. Hopefully this doesn’t happen to Jill, I don’t consider “drag makeup” on girls “drag” if they’re still dressed like girls.

No. 521181

I don’t understand the “girls can wearing drag” argument. What’s stopping you dressing up gaudy and lip syncing? Just don’t call it drag.

No. 521186

Tell to obnoxious, poser and attention seeking cow like Stella Rose St. Claire who claims to be a female drag queen but she's just your run of the mill snowflake with a shitty unoriginal clothes line. She'd be good friends with Jill, especially since they love to act like they are oppressed and do things for the sole purpose of e Fame. What desperate morons. Seriously I don't understand how Tumblerinas like Jill even function when everything about them is completely fake, redundant and predictable asf.

Sage for rant and massive sperg

No. 521195

your source for this is… ?

No. 521196

I went to the same highschool as her, and they released the play they were doing just recently.

No. 521199

sorry, i was an idiot and put my email in the post. But ya, so she's stan-ing after sharpay due to the fact that her previous high school is doing it. She commented on the post about it being performed and everything. She's envious of her not being able to get the role.

No. 521201

if you want i can provide screens.

No. 521207

File: 1520264748082.png (270.19 KB, 1390x480, Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 11.4…)

No. 521212

I think I saw something about her school doing HSM3 too. And we all know about how upset she was when didn't get the lead in marry Poppins and then proceeded to claim that all the other theater kids were jealous bitches that bullied her out.

Yeah they literally drove almost 5 hours to see a purebred cat show lol louise likes purebreeds the same way she likes cars. She simply would never allow an adopted domestic cat inside her home. Apparently they both volunteer at the shelter on a regular basis according to Jill. First of all, I don't think it's true or else we'd hear Jill at least casually mention going to the shelter on twitter or in vlogs sometimes. And if louise actually cared enough to volunteer at the shelters, they would definitely consider adoption and she clearly couldn't be that "allergic".

Also there's a difference between someone like myself who's "allergic" meaning I get the sniffles when I meet a new cat for the first time but with my own cats I just need to groom them and keep their litter boxes cleaned daily to subdue my allergies. On the other hand, there's my mother, who's ordered by her doctor to stay away from cats and dogs, or else she'll have regular asthma attacks if she lives with them.

If louise can live with four long haired cats (who are not hypoallergenic as they try to claim) then it's clear allergies are not an issue. She clearly just looks up exotic breeds like, oh, siberian forests cats that are known to have fur under their paws to survive the harsh winters in Russia. She then made a reservation with a breeder in Ottawa which meant poor Quinny had to fly 2+ hours alone to his new home in PEI. Adopting from their local shelter would just be so much simpler.

No. 521214

wow, what a loser. Shame she's not still there anymore. She wouldn't get the part and it be hilarious. She'd be the fat girl who likes to dance.

No. 521215

just saying now, i know for a fact no one "bullied her out". if anything she tried to bully the main lead. I heard a rumor that she was spreading saying that the girl who played mary had been talking shit behind her back. However, I'm not much into the theatre arts so I can't confirm these. However, wouldn't doubt them at all.

No. 521217

people who go to breeders make me sick. even more so when they try to come up with excuse after bullshit excuse.

christ, she's pathetic. is she unaware of community theatre? or is she just aware enough to know she'd never get anything other than a background part outside of high school?

No. 521218

When she was still with a guy before her previous boyfriend I think they did like… ONE community theatre performance together. Also, I don't see a huge problem with people going to breeders as long as they make an attempt to support local shelters. The only volunteering Jillain and her mother do for the Humane Society here is taking photos with the animals at christmas. I myself volunteered there while in HS and I never saw her there once… unless she just within the last 2-3 years started doing it?

No. 521223

She definitely could have continued theater. She met Tristan and Colin through theater, even did a play with Tristan. And Colin's ex-girlfriend Gillian (the one who was friends with Jill) continued at their local college which offers a professional theater program.

She's just jealous that the entire community socially rejected her. During a time when she wore full lolita and actual jfashion coords to school every day and demanded all the lead roles.

Remember this is the girl that brags about being a "piano child prodigy", "top student in art class", "top student in french class", "i speak japanese", "i'm a fashion designer". You can only imagine how annoying she was towards everyone else. I suspect they had good reason to mock her.

No. 521226

From what I recall no one really mocked her… I think the only time where he got an immense amount of hate was during one of her Drama Classes (wasn't in this class, just heard about what happened) and someone from her Grease Production didn't like her attitude and entitlement during it and created immense amounts of drama surrounding this. I don't think anyone deserves that, and I felt sorry for her when I heard about it, but she did the same thing during Mary Poppins from what I hear so idk??

No. 521234

The mocking was mostly online, on facebook from what I remember. You're right, it was during the grease production, and i'm not from your school so I really don't know most of the details. But iirc there was quite a few kids posting indirect or passive aggressive posts about her, some of them might have actually been more direct, and it got to the point that Tristan and her mom were openly telling them to lay off Jill. She had a minor breakdown over it especially because some of them were mocking her youtube channel which was brand new at the time, and some were commenting directly on the channel or her pixielocks page.

In any case, i'm like 99% sure that's what Louise and Jill were talking about in the recent video. But even then she stayed throughout the mary poppins musical, so maybe that's when she was "bullied out" idk.

No. 521235

See, that's what I thought as well, but I recall her saying several times during Mary Poppins that she felt that Grease was more "family-like" and she enjoyed the process more. Yet I don't recall any rumor of bullying towards her besides what I said previously.

No. 521242

Was she the best at everything at y’all’s school? Like is she actually fluent in French? Is she a piano prodigy? Do you know anything about her so-called “abusive” relationships, the two she had before Tristian?

Also, I believe you, but other anons probably won’t because they like to scare milk away. Do you have like a yearbook with a picture of Jill in it for proof? Or something else that could help give you credit?

No. 521250

I wasn't actually in her grade… but no from what I remember she wasn't great at everything. I actually enjoyed her company in Juniour High, but I didn't hear of anything with the abusive relationships or anything of that nature. She went out with another friend of mine during Grade 8 or 9 he was actually really nice, and still to this day is a cool dude, from what I understand they're still friends. However, other than him I'm pretty sure he was her first boyfriend, she didn't have anyone before that. I wouldn't say she's fluent (because our french education system here sucks balls), but she spoke a lot to me about wanting to drop out of french, and how much she hated it. When she got to highschool and I was still in junior high she basically just dropped me as a friend. We weren't close, but we knew each other well enough. And had actually went to the extent of not responding to me just asking how it was going in HS. I don't actually know if I got the year book during her time there… I purchased it my last year due to the fact that I'm broke and couldn't purchase it every year. But, I'm honestly not fake. I live on PEI, and I've known Jillian since Grade 7. She actually used to be super sweet and genuine, and when I was alone she hung out with me during one of the first days because I didn't have any friends yet. After going to HS she changed completely.

No. 521252

sure sounds like the Jill we know and love today.

No. 521253

If you guys would like proof tho I'll go and see if I can dig up my yearbook. It won't be a year she's in, but I was the year after so I'm sure the book will be proof enough? if not then I honestly don't know what to tell you guys because like I said I wasn't close with her at all during highschool, and I didn't get a phone until I was like in Grade 10, and by then I didn't really know her anymore ot take "selfies" with her or anything.Sorry.

No. 521254

please, we need more photos

No. 521255

Okay, I'll see what I can do when I get home! sorry atm I'm at university.

No. 521259

Her "first boyfriend" in grade 8 or 9 was Walker right? He's been mentioned in this thread before so don't worry.

At one point Jillian did claim he was oppressive towards her and forced her to adopt his interests, taste in music etc (hence her "punk" phase) and then she moved on to her jfashion/lolita lifestyle after the breakup set her free I guess.

But she also defended him when his roommate accused him of animal abuse. Her and Louise publicly said they couldn't believe it because he was such a sweet boyfriend (?) which contradicted her claim of his forceful or abusive nature.

No. 521261

Yes, Walker. I didn't know if he was mentioned yet so I didn't want to say his name if it wasn't already exposed. Also, she was in the punk phase since Grade 8 right before they were dating she was into it. He didn't force her into anything. Maybe heightened that? But by the end of Grade 9 she was going into the lolita stuff, this when we started drifting. Walker is super sweet tho, he didn't do anything to her.

No. 521263

If you care about keeping your information private, just remember that Jill and her friends lurk these threads, so be careful about exposing yourself if you spill too much.

No. 521264

Thanks for the warning, I heard about the drama in her previous fan group, yikes. Too many of her fans focus on here, not healthy.

No. 521275

Jill needs to get over her past and grow the hell up. It's annoying how she's so hung up on her bullshit past, like that's the only thing that defines her pathetic existence. Move out of the basement of your parents, wash your greasy ass hair, stop dressing like a retarded adolescent womanchild and live your life as the grown ass woman you are Jill!


No. 521279

File: 1520271664553.jpeg (268.85 KB, 750x531, 8B3521C7-3E22-4EB8-BABA-B03E24…)

Louise is going with her again

No. 521286

Jill's inability to do anything by herself is astounding. I hope college makes her grow up a little.

No. 521287

She already said her mom is the photographer for the meet-up.

No. 521289

Her mum talks about her like an online emo boyfriend on deviantart

No. 521293

Is it that weird for a 20 year old female to travel with her mom? Jillian is generally over attached to her mom but I don't think that is a big deal

No. 521294

Do you know about her lesbian relationship when she was around 13? That one was also allegedly abusive.

Okay to be fair going to another country by yourself is pretty scary and I’d want someone to go with me if I were in her shoes. Plus, as women, we should know the dangers of traveling alone especially in a big city. Though I agree her attachment to her mom is actually pretty creepy.

No. 521312

maybe I'm biased because I wish my mom and I were this close, but its actually really sweet how she calls her daughter her best friend, Jillian if you do actually lurk here you better fucking appreciate your mom

No. 521335

File: 1520276454019.png (607.79 KB, 638x684, Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 3.00…)

Hey, so I did hear about the relationship at 13. Don't think it's true… at all. The only one I can think of is this one girl that I'm friends with they used to be really close in like Grade 8. She was how I met Jillian… however I don't think they were abusive? Or even in a relationship? What do I know. Anyway yall, here's my proof.

No. 521337

>those roots
every time

No. 521345

>>521335 thankyou anon for all of your milk!! We really appreciate it!!

No. 521346

>>521335 does Jillian boast her wealth like she does online? She constantly has to let everyone know how much money spends and how she's wearing x brand.

No. 521349

File: 1520277257951.jpeg (115.49 KB, 1125x406, B70D97EB-CA88-44C2-BDEB-C05E7E…)

Yearbook pictures are always awful, but she could have at least bothered doing something with her hair.

The whole lesbian relationship was only two months long I think. She wrote about it some in her deviantart journals, but she never actually alluded to any abuse. Pic related is what she wrote about this girl, I had taken the screenshot a few weeks ago but never posted it because I wasn’t sure if it was milky.

No. 521350

Hmm, from when I last saw her at times she will mention, "oh I got this" or "i got this", but to be honest it's not a constant affair unless you ask her about it. She did hang out with people who were all about fashion… It is heightened slightly more online than irl, but this is PEI and she wears a lot of abstract clothing brands that most of us Islanders have never heard of. We wouldn't share an appreciation for it, so ya it's not as frequent.

No. 521354

>>521350 are you able to shed some light on her dumping all of her friends (or them dumping her?) she only seems to have one friend left, Jon? Has she always been a loner or?

No. 521357

Yes, of course! After her first year at high school and the whole Grease fiasco, a lot of her friends ditched her. Or at least drifted from her. Not all of them of course, but I mean people make big choices in highs chool about their friend groups, I don't know if it was any fault of her own. Throughout what I remember in her second and final year is that she tended to preoccupy herself in the art room or in a hallway doing art. Lately, however, which is probably what you're referring to, I know a lot of her friends moved away to go pursue either art school or another school of secondary education.

No. 521359

>>521357 How does her current online personality contrast how she is in real life? She talks like a baby, constantly goes on about her sooper severe ~depression and is just generally really ott

No. 521361

It's pretty similar. However, I feel like a lot of people do nit-pick some things she does and everyone has their faults, I know Jillian has her struggles much like everyone. She just happens to deal with it differently. Mind you, I'm not here to shit on her, but I want everyone to have a realistic perspective about her.

No. 521363

>>521361 have you read much of the threads? There's a basic summary at the top. She's a pretty shitty person, even if we do nitpick. How did you find lolcow and why did you feel the need to post?

No. 521366

You guys wanted the real answers, I'm willing to give them. I've seen them, they're pretty toxic. And I agree a majority of the stuff is terrible. I found lolcow from the whole fandom issue, it was being posted on her profile… so I wanted to investigate out of being bored. I'm not shaming you guys or anything, I just thought you might want to know the real answers instead of speculation.

No. 521368

>>521366 We really appreciate you taking the effort you've made giving us milk. These threads started pretty much as soon as she started posting on youtube, were you still friends at this point? She's known about them for a long time aswell.

No. 521371

No, we had stopped being friends by the time she had turned 15, so a little bit after she started posting (I think.) So by the time she started branching out to youtube instead of just dwelling on tumblr was after my time.

No. 521373

>>521371 was she a loyal good friend? She pretty much is only friends with people that idolise her now.

No. 521376

I wasn't like her bestfriend or anything, but during her punk phase she had a LOT of friends, and I enjoyed having her as one. I wouldn't know if she was loyal though, I don't think our friendship reached that extent. She has been friends with Jon for a while now though, so perhaps her loyalty is subjective? Or atleast is now.

No. 521380

>>521376 did you know Jon well? Jill seems to only want him around whilst she's single.

No. 521389

I know Jon pretty well actually. Still friends with him now. He's actually a super sweet guy, and at times I feel like she takes his loyalty for granted. However, pretty sure she uses him as a dependant when she's hitting her all-time lows. Which, to be honest, as a friend is not expected, but I wouldn't be surprised that this happens. Jon is a really sweet guy though.

No. 521390

No, if you do it occasionnally. Yes, if your only company is your mother, 24/7.

No. 521393

>>521389 Is Jon gay?

No. 521396

From what I know, no he is not. He's had, numerous girlfriends.

No. 521398

>>521396 we have a theory that jill and jon are friends with benefits. She can't stand to be alone and they only seem to hang out when she's single

No. 521400

Definitely no. I mean, it's a nice theory, but I've seen the way how they behave with one another and I know how each of them is in a romantic setting. They're strictly platonic. If they were FWB it'd be an honest shocker. Jon isn't a sleeping around kind of guy, he's very loyal and if he were to even think of that idea I'd suspect he'd have to be official with her first.

No. 521404

File: 1520280611997.png (305.27 KB, 704x528, nwTJxUW.png)

You've just added fire to the flames my friend.

I have a quick question about her interests, when did she go weeb? Was it in her punk phase? I remember seeing a shot of an anime poster in her room and some cosplay but was she as obnoxious as she is with it now? The tattoo was a huge leap.

Also has anyone nicknamed the rainbow Jillmobile that is her car?

No. 521406

>>521400 I don't understand why Jon would hang around Jill. She clearly uses him to fill a void, whilst being a shitty person that only wants to be friends when it suits her. What's in it for him?

No. 521407

Her weeb phase started in like Grade 8 along with her punk phase. I'm not quite sure what originally got her into it, but that's all I know. It started with anime/manga and escalated from there. She was never this into it then as she was now. I think her interest in cosplay started in Grade 9, not actually sure why, but we were all pretty impressed with it originally. When it wasn't so intense. Also, no from what I know…no, one has ever named it that. I work downtown, and I've never heard that.

No. 521410

>has anyone nicknamed the rainbow Jillmobile that is her car?
lol anons are so extra with the questions when islanders are providing milk

nayrt but many people stay loyal to their middle school friends simply because of how long they've had a bond together, you tend to cling to those people because it's rare to still have friends from preteen or early teen years.

No. 521411

I'm not quite sure why Jon gets along with Jillian so well. Apparently, they used to dislike each other, at least that's what I was told by him. This was after the Grease situation (I think), but then they got along again in Grade 11 or the end of 10. I honestly think people just don't give Jon more credit. He's a really great friend, and I'd hang out with him more if he wanted, but I guess they just have some weird connection that I don't understand.

No. 521414

>>521411 we aren't saying Jon isn't a good person or anything, just that Jill uses him as a doormat. Jon himself isn't milky.

No. 521421

we had her go over the top when the car was "keyed" so it's shown that people don't give a shit.

Also thanks for coming along. While these threads tend to focus on her outward appearance and weight, it's interesting to hear about her outside of the internet.

Final questions though so to put the ED deniers to bed, did you know Jill when she was going through the worst of it? Also is she as quiet as other islanders have said she is irl nowadays or has youtube given her a confidence boost?

No. 521424

If you want to reply to someone particular, just click the post number on their post and it’ll be added to your reply.

Are you afraid of what Jill will think of you associating yourself with us? Even if you’re not here to shit talk her, she really hates these drama boards.

When did she stop regularly showering? Does anyone ever talk about how nasty her hair looks?

No. 521425


I'm suggesting you mean when she "left the lolita community" (if not that point please let me know), No I wasn't around then, she had ditched me just before. Hmm, I also think it depends on what situation she's in. If she's with friends she tends to be very loud, but like I said all during HS she was pretty private, quiet, and kept to herself. Because of this everyone thought she thought that she was better than us. That's why she didn't have a lot of friends during then, she came off as unapproachable.


Also thanks for the tip, I had no idea how. I'm not really that afraid of if Jillian finds out. However, this Island praises her quite heavily, and their backlash is what I fear most, which I hope I don't get. She used to describe her hair as straw-like in HS because of all the damage thatit had undergone. It's much healthier then it was.

No. 521429

>>521425 are you fb friends with her still?

No. 521431


I unadded her a bit ago, but I have a friend who still has her added so I'm able to get any deets if it's extreme.

No. 521433

>>521431 We have people who are friends with her. I just was curious about what you thought about constant ~woe is me~ posting

No. 521434


I think it's a bit ridiculous. Mental illness is one thing, but money is never an object or real obstacle for her. I think she goes on about it too frequently to get attention, this is really the one thing that irritates me the most about her. She's the one who craves the attention the most yet receives plenty of it.

No. 521435

>>521431 also, i'm curious about how she did theatre with her cut wrists? (bit morbid, i know)

No. 521440


She actually from what I know has no cut wrists, but instead cut thighs. It wasn't a huge issue as it was HS production.

No. 521442

>>521440 that's so weird, a her da was filled with posts like 'i don't cut my wrists for attention. I do it for anything but attention.' but then proceeded to write about it a lot.

No. 521443


I mean, I might be misinformed, but I've never seen her cut wrists unless the cuts are really tiny. I only know about the thighs.

No. 521445

why cant she take a friend though?
the first time i went abroad was with my gf when i was 18, its not a big deal

No. 521446

>>521445 anon, she has no friends kek

No. 521452

there are small scars on her left arm, much lighter and more superficial than her leg, she showed them in her recent two-faced video

No. 521454

Picture??? I couldn’t see them.

No. 521456

good point kek

with japan the second coming surely louise is going to have to pay to go again? like shes been before so its not like shell get lost???

No. 521467

File: 1520284205040.png (3.22 MB, 2560x1600, Screen Shot 2018-03-05 at 21.0…)

here, theres only one really visible but its def a sh scar

No. 521493

Yeah she's definitely confirmed that it was self harm scar. She brought attention to it a while back.

I think this anon >>521421 was asking about her "severe" eating disorder phase which supposedly happened before lolita and her relationship with Tristan. She's talked about her parents or her therapists forcing her to stay in a mental institution for ED because she wouldn't eat for days. I believe she said this was during end of elementary or beginning of middle school. She also said her abusive lesbian relationship (possibly with your friend?) was a major cause for her mental downfall and subsequent self harm/eating disorder. She explains all of this in a video she titled "self harm" not too long ago just before her last tattoo.

She's also claimed that middle school was the darkest and hardest times of her life and included traumatizing experiences like her first gf, first bf, and when she saw muse live?? apparently something to do with her middle school friends staying in a hotel room and something traumatic happened. Sorry if this is all vague, she mainly just alluded to it.

No. 521502

>>521493 on her da she posted about going to the emergency department because of her self harm as well (she alluded to stitches but was being vague)

No. 521545

File: 1520288698607.jpeg (205.38 KB, 750x528, 584DC484-EBB6-4EC9-A3BD-355D14…)

She was hospitalized in May of 2012, from the sound of it for her ED (Just due to the limiting of time online, not sure if they would do that for self harm)

No. 521550

>>521545 does anyone find it odd that she was hospitalised for such a short time for her ed? like it wasn't for medical stabilisation, as she would be in general. UK fag here, but generally ed admission to psych are for a long period?

No. 521562

I have a hard time understanding why you would make a social media post about that. I was hospitalized in high school a few years earlier, so it wasn't as much of a thing, but no one but my closest friends knew and I can't imagine wanting to put that out there? Not trying to invalidate her experience, but ???

No. 521570

It seems as though she was just really active online when she was young (probably had a lot of online friends through tumblr), I can’t find any other posts on her Facebook related to self harm/ed so it seems like she just wanted to let people know she wouldn’t be able to contact them without explaining exactly why.

No. 521571

I feel like its part of her attention seeking tendencies, I was a huge attention whore in highschool and I pulled the same shit

No. 521577

It sounds about right if her ED was caught early and was not very severe. She was definitely in a psych ward based on the fact that they took her phone, they do that st psych hospitals here in the US as well. If she was checked in voluntarily and not a suicide risk, she was probably in an open ward which meant she could have free time with supervision.

No. 521584

File: 1520291960160.jpeg (82.28 KB, 750x343, 2E6648B3-DE94-4A9E-8784-8FEF3B…)

It seems like just before this she had her blood tested, may have been the reason she was hospitalized, also might account for why she’s scared to get it tested now

No. 521604

Tbf the anon posting the milk isn’t even sure it was for an eating disorder. Even early on, getting treated for an eating disorder should take more time than that. It was probs just a psych ward stint and she needed an excuse for gaining weight so she said she was ana

No. 521625

Found her abusive gfs deviant art, idk if its been posted before
she was definitely dating jill in 2011; jill was 13 and she was 14/15
looked though the journals and it seems they had a really regular breakup then stayed friends after??

No. 521629

This video killed me jfc

No. 521647

File: 1520297079876.jpeg (542.85 KB, 1920x2400, 04194026-12DA-4D7A-BD9F-A45E15…)

Based on this, if they were in a relationship it seems as though they were keeping it a secret (first post, age 15 when Jill would be 13, and says she is single). Looks like either Jill was avoiding contact (trying to use a deviant art journal to get her to contact her), or they were just into DA? I think that must have been the point where some shit went down though because of her commenting that her parents don’t trust her/won’t let her hang out with people. Fourth post seems like a sort of apoligy, then fifth is admitting she wasn’t a healthy part of the relationship.
She later lists Jill as an ex in an future post, and does bring her up in a sort of passive way (doesn’t sound like they were really hanging out but somewhat still friends, she didn’t have negative feelings toward her it seems)
Who knows how it went down. It’s possible Jill didn’t want to lose friends and just got along for the sake of now alienating herself, or that she didnt realize it was an unhealthy relationship until she didn’t have a healthy relationship. We’ll never really know

No. 521662

they were dating, theres stuff there literally saying they were
and they still hung out for months after breaking up and called each other best friends

No. 521664

File: 1520299403759.png (298.58 KB, 1580x477, Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 01.1…)

jill doesn't sound great in this relationship either
as an abuse survivor it fucks me off to see people label nothing as abusive

No. 521739


oh my god thank you for adressing this. i never believed that for a second. a few threads back some sperg anon(s?) were saying she was abused by her first gf and that she was "totally" a lesbian but that the experience hurt her too much to date women for a very long time.

its good to know that all of that were nothing but sperg fantasies. thank you for clearing this up. i hope it never gets brought up again. jill has only dated women twice in her lifetime, and both have been totally meaningless short relationship that she milks for attention and nothing else, pls stop believing when she claims to be a lesbian every six months.

to curious anons, heres the fanfic

No. 521743

File: 1520305828817.jpeg (538.61 KB, 1242x1957, 187885BF-2F64-4C15-A500-FDFC3D…)

No. 521757


was posted feb 13, 2014 wish i could say thats about jill but i highly highly doubt it. she didnt seem to have tumblr when they dated either so nothing really worth looking for

No. 521775

>hoping for at least 20 more years of adventures!
It's probably just worded weirdly but it sounds kind of dark saying at least only 20

No. 521818

It's 20 because Jill turned 20, and also because her mom is probably in her 40s at this point, so maybe she means 20 years from now, while she will still be alive, she probably won't be able to travel and stuff? Or maybe she's wording it like that because she had cancer and these first 20 years weren't even guaranteed?

No. 521830

I can't believe it but I miss the rainbow hair. at least I could tolerate looking at it without wanting to vomit.

No. 521846

She has a LOT of posts at that time on DeviantArt saying SORRY, like a ridiculous amount. :0 I don't think it was a nice relationship either.

No. 521848

This sounds like regular teenage bullshit to me. Every teenager is melodramatic, especailly if they're into the ~emo~ scene like Jill was then.

No. 521849


i'm really grateful for all the milk in that it allowed us to see where jill's current attitude stems from but judging very young teenagers with not yet fully developed brains for an online "relationship" 7 years ago seems like low hanging fruit to me. children with hormone-addled brains will of course act silly. oh well, at least the "girlfriend" seems to have grown into a sane person (or at least someone who can appear sane online).

No. 521863

I don't think anyone would judge her for the relationship if Jill didn't push the whole "my abusive ex lesbian girlfriend :'(" so much.
It seems like Jill just didn't enjoy being with a girl/that particular girl much and it seems like it was like any other wishy-washy teenage relationship; which is fine if you don't claim that your ex was abusive.
As another anon mentioned I was also verbally and physically abused in a past relationship and it was such a damaging experience for me, it just irks me when someone like Jill says her ex was abusive just because their relationship was a little rocky.
(Though that seems to be a recurring pattern with her, her talk about how she "forgot" that she had depression until Colin left her was just as painful.)

No. 521869

This is pure speculation, but based on the fact that her girlfriend also seemed depressed, maybe she would leverage that kind of thing over her? It's pretty common for depressed teenagers to do the whole "if you leave me, I'll kill myself" thing, and that really can mess with people, especially other young depressed kids.

No. 521879

File: 1520327509756.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, C0F486E5-585B-4D14-87AD-A5C0A2…)

Who is Meka? Could this be the confetti club member who keeps sending Jill fan mail, the one who admitted she had a crush on her? I haven’t seen her name mentioned yet in these threads yet, but I could be wrong.

Saged if I missed something and this is old news.

No. 521912

original deviant art link anon here, I've literally gone through everything

there were a couple of messages where pixie was subtly threatening more self harm because of said gf, seems like they were both dramatic and edgy which made the relationship unhealthy

if someone was that awful and abusive while you were dating you wouldn't continue to be best friends for months after the breakup
abusers try to keep you any way possible and jill seemed perfectly happy to stay

No. 521926

cringeeeee at that video, that was hard to watch

No. 521936

File: 1520339472757.png (90.97 KB, 654x402, Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 8.30…)

Hey guys, it's me again. So I did a bit of digging for you and found Uma's FB. Her and I have never met, but I do know of her. Both Jillian and Louise have commented on her past photos.

No. 521937

File: 1520339485396.png (92.33 KB, 676x478, Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 8.29…)

No. 521940

Also to answer all of your guys' questions about the ED thing, I had no actual clue. I mean, I was her friend, but she hadn't said much of it she just said she was going to the hospital for a while. IT might also be because I was a year younger, so I never saw her everyday either. When she was in her punk phase she was very skinny, but when moving into the lolita phase she wasn't as skinny so I'm guessing that when it happened.

No. 521944

File: 1520340157500.jpg (120.08 KB, 1067x399, Screenshot_20180306-124244.jpg)

No. 521946

Also, I'm pretty sure this is what started the drama from the Grease play which caused her to be picked on quite a bit. She was the main attraction for the local paper's video on the play, a lot of the main leads were pissed.

No. 521947

File: 1520340541890.jpg (138.75 KB, 1080x658, Screenshot_20180306-124516.jpg)

Gay pixie woe is me posting is back

No. 521948

Here's the other video clip. But, from my knowledge this is what caused some of the anger, the rest I don't know how as I hadn't attended yet.

No. 521950

>>521948 she has bare arms. I bet she paraded her scars.

No. 521951

>>521948 Colin and jon are both in this

No. 521952

Yes, pretty sure this and their Drama class was how they became close.

No. 521953

File: 1520341041089.jpg (160.24 KB, 1032x451, Screenshot_20180306-125723.jpg)


No. 521954

Sage for OT/blogposting;
I can see why she’d get picked on. I did drama/theatre in high school she seemed like the kind of actor who didn’t have a lead role so they would “upstage” and make themselves the center of attention no matter what. It ticks everyone off lol.

Now I know next to nothing about grease so her character could be a main but I’m not sure!

No. 521956


She wasn't quite a main, but she was Frenchie which was a STRONG supporting character. A lot of the other leads didn't like her due to that I presume, like I said I wasn't in this year.

No. 521957

File: 1520341285591.jpg (41.5 KB, 523x523, PO-xIa0T.jpg)

guess they're all too busy having fun in Japan without Jill huh

No. 521958

Also, if you guys would like a hint on who the main culprit was for her "tormenting" in HS take a peek at her Birthday Bash photos from 2014.

No. 521967

2014….if I recall correctly that's when she held a tea party in her basement right?

I haven't been fb friends with jill in years but I do remember those pictures.

No. 521973

I wonder what Uma and Walker both think of jill casually using their relationships for pity points and offhand mentioning their ~abusive power dynamics~ on social media and in videos with her huge follower count.

That being said, they're both adults now and are likely better adjusted than Jill so it's best they ignore it and continue on with their lives.

What do you think of Jill's recent "relationship" fiasco? You can read about it in this thread >>>/snow/445432 her poor ex-girlfriend's sister actually came on the board to clarify the details, she was so pissed with Jill's mistreatment of her sister.

To be fair, it was clearly just a rebound after Colin, but that's preciously what was so cruel about it. Jill used her for gay brownie points, clickbait videos and pictures, without ever showing her face and then later claiming she "wasn't attracted to her". Just awful, awful stuff honestly.

Just curious if this surprised you at all, though i'm assuming you don't know Alyssa. Do you think Jill went after this girl (who never had a relationship before but was bicurious) simply because she was rejected from her queer friend group? For example, she used to really like that other alyssa girl who later became Emery/Emerson but then suddenly stopped hanging out with that entire friend group. Is that the reason she resorted to tinder to find a "lesbian relationship" with a normie girl she barely knew and quickly dumped?

No. 521981

>if someone was that awful and abusive while you were dating you wouldn't continue to be best friends for months after the breakup

…that happens often, though, because of a lot of internalized BS after the fact and usually an inability to see the abuser as bad even after the break-up. a lot of the times, the gravity of the abuse might not sink in until way after the fact

not saying this is the case with jill and the old gf, just saying a blanket statement like that is kind of ignorant.


No. 521987

what is this context
and kek at the thought of anyone ever calling jill a dyke

No. 521989

Wow Jill does seem to have way more stage presence and is a lot more into than anyone else. And Frankie isn't a lead but is one of the main supporting characters. But like really this is all teenage high school drama/stale milk, but I do find it interesting for some weird reason haha.

No. 521992

>hello yes as someone who makes up shit for a living suck my metaphorical penis.

I was wondering that about Uma and Walker too. I would be pissed, especially if her followers were coming after me. I’d also come on this board to clear my name hint hint

No. 521993

Are her friends posting about Japan? Must suck to have them rub it in on her birthday

No. 521994

>>521993 she was invited tho

No. 522008

Imagine fucking up multiple relationships/friendships and still expecting everyone to treat you like you've done absolutely no wrong. Karma's a bitch, eh Jill?

No. 522019

Look at drag artists like Creme Fatale, gottmik, Tayla Macdonald and Rosie Faux. You can't tell me that's not drag.

No. 522024

>>522019 don't derail

No. 522034

She isn't trying to be SJW, she is sucking up to that Emily girl who is a female drag queen, is it any coincidence that Emily comes second in the kawaii i contest and then all of a sudden Jill retracts what she said about drag, is watching drag race (which Emily is a huge fan of and is actually acquainted with a number of former contestants) and is retweeting support for female drag queens

No. 522035

I've been abused
and I was referring to her situation only + how dramatic their breakup was, if it was abuse she would have left, not kept coming back

No. 522043

File: 1520350949083.png (868.57 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180306-154155.png)

This is her amino, with her other social media

Sage because cc talk

No. 522049

Fuck I'm not that much of an 'anon' oops

No. 522060

You actually have no clue about how abuse works, do you?

No. 522061

Uma is too. I’m pretty sure that Tristan was also in Grease but I didn’t see him.

No. 522070

Yeah after getting a lot of screen time with both of the videos in a cast of 20-30 people i’d be upset.

No. 522076

One from the Mary poppins muscial

No. 522079

Right, okay time to start answering!

Yes Tristan, Jon, and Colin were all in this play with her.


And yes, I actually did hear about the fiasco, however I did not hear about Jillian mistreating her or about the sister's posts so I'll give my thoughts before responding on that. This girl seemed to be a rebound to me. The funny thing is Alyssa is actually a friend of one of my close pals and he showed clear hesitation when we spoke about it. From what I heard Jillian was just very controlling and always wanted to be cutesy about everything. I actually have tinder installed, before I got a boyfriend, and this was just recently after I got it so the settings werent situated yet, so it said I liked both sexes and I found her on there. She got tinder the moment she came out that her and Colin broke up, so the fact that it happened so quick shows it was a rebound. Also the thing with Emery (I also went to school with them), and they were always a drifter. Their original friends before they moved here were in Moncton or w/e and so when they went back to university/college they were back with their friends. So the friend group was essentially temporary from what i understand.

No. 522080

Let me make it clear that she wasn't as big in MP as in Grease. >>522076
Most of the cast told me they were hesitant around her becaue she seemed to dislike most of them.

No. 522105

Lmao posting about an overseas trip you're on - that your friend has already been on and will be on again in the near future - isn't rubbing it in jfc. If jill feels bad it would only be because she's a jealous and bad friend.

No. 522108

File: 1520357602107.jpg (871.6 KB, 1075x1674, Screenshot_20180306-173311.jpg)

Sexy clown outfit

No. 522110

File: 1520357724478.jpg (107.73 KB, 1080x491, Screenshot_20180306-173505.jpg)

I think we're probs getting a dolls kill haul

No. 522118


Her idea of looking 'sexy' makes me so uncomfortable. I wonder if she's going to go full Kiki Kannibal with the shitty bondage gear and mesh tops with fluffy earrings but in pink instead of white?

No. 522121

that harness top looks so cheap
lmao at all those loose strings

No. 522167

I wasn't taking Jill's side, just remarking that in her mind it would seem that they were rubbing it in. Are they posting any pics online? Wonder what kind of trip they are having without her and if it is cultural at all unlike Jill's trip.

No. 522173

Diff anon but also was in an actual abusive relationship, when you’ve actually had enough you walk the fuck away from the person and never look back.

No. 522177

You'd think she'd at least wear high quality wanna be raver/s&m style clothes and not this cheap crap. Watch her start dressing like a club kid! Michael Alig watch out!
Kek if she's wants be ~*younique*~
try listening to Bjork and mimic her fantastically wild ensembles! At the least


No. 522178

File: 1520363193113.jpg (19.93 KB, 804x117, pix.JPG)

Jill commented on Venus Angelics newest video about being scared of getting fat

No. 522188

Such an expert in surviving anorexia! I have an ed that I have been dealing with for years, it's a fucking nightmare and Jill needs to stop acting like she was such a victim of this damned disease VA is a bit dramatic but justified in her opinions. Jill just loves to mention her so called ed for points, what a cow.

No. 522194

Where does she mention her ED in this? This is literally just a supportive comment

No. 522201

Okay but myself and countless others have had people who've abused us threaten awful things, including murder. Sometimes it's not so easy for people, especially when you and your family are being threatened and you don't have anywhere else to go at the time. Don't discount those experiences. Just because people didn't leave for a long time doesn't mean they aren't strong people.

No. 522203

Anon is just projecting.

No. 522204

File: 1520364308948.jpeg (660.34 KB, 2400x1920, B8874160-7019-4188-899F-BB2B52…)

None of them have posted to insta about the trip, but Tracy has had a few Facebook posts (Jill hasn’t interacted with any of them), and Tracy got posted to the Spank insta. Looks like all of the girls going are who she hung out with on New Years? So she probably is feeling sad about missing out now

No. 522206

File: 1520364402922.png (4.45 MB, 750x1334, B4A87B4B-BD1C-4849-91EA-86358B…)

I know we compare Jill to Kammie a lot but I wanted to bring attention to another bright dresser. Kate Hannah doesn’t try to disguise her fashion as “kawaii” or “jfashion” because it’s not, she actually gets her hair dyed professionally, and she wears a lot of the same brands as Jill (lazy oaf, dolls kill etc.). She also is a fashion designer and her designs do leave a lot to be desired but at least she’s going out and making things instead of sitting on her ass and whining about ~muh serotonin~

No. 522207


I was in a 2 year long abusive relationship and even after I worked up the guts to finally end it with him, he and I still talked for 5ish months because I was so codependent and he had torn me down so much I clung to him in a weird way I can't even fully understand.

Not proud of it, but not everyone handles trauma the same way. Just because someone else didn't go no contact right after an abusive relationship ended doesn't mean they weren't in an abusive relationship.

No. 522211

Ok yall are kinda derailing because let's be real for a second

Do you actually think Jill was "abused" by these people? whether it was uma or walker, it seems clear she was being a melodramatic teenager, she's still dramatic about her breakups and exes even as an adult and clearly can't handle intimate relationships very well as she's so controlling.

No one has done anything to her. She just shit talks her exes. We've heard her use that tone even about Tristan and Colin despite them being absolute saints as boyfriends. She's just bitter about every relationship.

No. 522213


Sage, but best part of this video is around the 2:20 mark when they start to sing 'Beauty School Dropout' to her. The song is basically about an angel who tells her she is terrible at beauty school so see needs to drop out and go back to high school.
I think we know this will be her in a year, just "fashion" school, and it will be farmers telling her to quit.

No. 522242

I think you’re both strong, that’s not the message I was trying to convey at all

Yes but we’re talking about Jill’s relationship
If she was actually being abused by Uma, she wouldn’t stick around in the way she did - she was still being like “aw we are such besties!!! I love your hair so cute uwu!!” and actively seeking Uma after being told (by Uma) to give her time + leave her alone, not to mention Jill started dating again like a month later

The point was that the abusive gf story sounds like bs

No. 522256


Well, def not feeling sorry for her. I bet all of them saved money for this trip and we all know that Jill could have gone too if she would use her money more wisely aka not buying every crap that she doesn't need while ~saving up for college~.

On the other side I don't think that Jill would be somebody that I would like to have on my side during a trip? I mean judging by her last Japan visit it would be such a drag for everybody if you are with one person that is a super picky eater and just there for the ~aesthetics~ and not actually seeing cool stuff and visit places that are not clothing stores. So I guess they will def have more fun without her tbh.

No. 522261

Tracey only eats KFC so Jill wouldn't be the only picky eater.

No. 522275

Does anyone know what Uma is supposed to have done that was so abusive/awful to Jill? I had a day off after dental work so I spent some time reading Uma's journals and it looks like Jill left her to start dating Walker. I'd have assumed from Jill's hinting that Uma is the one who would have broken things off and broken her heart, but it seems like the opposite. Lots of angsty 'why won't you love me' style journals from Uma with, bizarrely, Jill commenting trying to commiserate even though she broke up with her? I know they were dumb teenagers but the situation is so bizarre.

From what's posted online (obviously a lot might have gone on IRL we don't know about) I can imagine Jill's definition of 'abusive' is this girl posting a lot of angsty public journals and generally being kind of manipulatively heartbroken like every fucking teenager ever/everyone after their first serious heartbreak.

sage for speculation

No. 522284

File: 1520371425426.png (171.9 KB, 933x702, Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 21.2…)

No. 522292

Wow this really seems to confirm that Jill just made up the 'abuse' shit, gross.
Uma just seemed to be heartbroken after Jill left her for Walker and maybe said some desperate things but as other anons have mentioned pretty much any teenager does. I feel like maybe she asked Jill for a suggestive picture or something before and Jill felt uncomfortable so to her it was sexually abusive, she's constantly going on about how triggering the anime 'Citrus' is for her currently because of this ~awful past relationship uwu~.

No. 522306

File: 1520372473636.png (129.51 KB, 942x629, Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 21.3…)

Not going to SS it all, but there's a lot of journals Uma posted soon after the breakup with Jill commented basically wanting her to be happy and over it so they can hang out as normal - this journal was about a halloween party Uma had decided she was going to go to despite the breakup.
I know they were young, but it seems real emotionally dense/insensitive to expect someone whose heart you've just broken to be happy and friends with you IMMEDIATELY AFTER shit has gone down. I feel like Jill has always been awful at relationships and treating people like things/accessories.

No. 522319

File: 1520373070676.jpg (578.77 KB, 1248x2220, 1520373032753617328268.jpg)

Jillian sliding onto Venus' latest video explaining her hospitalization

No. 522329

I just saw that and found it weirdly condescending. Not once in the entire video does Venus ever say she has body dysmorphia so its kind of rude of jillian to so casually label it that. "so brave of you to talk about the mental illness I'm assuming you have uwu"

No. 522388

File: 1520376551088.jpeg (81.74 KB, 750x422, 793FCE57-48A4-4BE5-B96D-783714…)

No. 522399

Jill could easily afford to go on the trip with her friends but didn’t go because her mom wouldn’t have been going.

No. 522402

File: 1520377540893.jpeg (425.03 KB, 567x809, DF30E12B-3297-4A38-824B-388030…)

Why is Jill so lazy and gross? I can understand wanting to take a small break after filming for 20 minutes, but she’s acting like she just spent several gruelling hours doing something Actually productive and is entitled to a break

No. 522404

didn't she not like venus?

No. 522407

yeah, I remember her being upset about Venus "queer baiting" because of her one video title lol

No. 522408

Jill's comments there seem weirdly manipulative, imagine being that manipulative at only 13. I can't imagine typing/thinking like that when you're just a kid wtf

All the overly cutesy pastel vomit types are most definitely sociopaths in disguise

No. 522430

File: 1520378923323.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1537, 20180306_182508.png)

She posted on ig about photoshopping her hair yellow and now wants to keep preaching about mental health for more views.

No. 522433

She is seriously the worst person to give any advice on this matter…
>>522402 I mean this pretty much just shows that at this point she's a NEET shut-in loser living in her mom's basement, it's nothing to be proud of.

No. 522439

I’m already angry and I haven’t even seen the video yet. And the worst part about this video is that her stupid snowflake followers are gonna praise her for it.

No. 522445

She's so fucking manipulative. I guarantee this is exactly how she broke up with Walker, Tristan and Alyssa too. I mean, with Alyssa we literally already had confirmation. She left Uma for Walker and then Tristan for Colin. She's fucking gross. I know this happened when she was 13 but she continues to do this "falling out of love" act at her convenience like with Alyssa recently.

Anons here say they feel bad for Jill because she "genuinely loved" Colin but I call bullshit. The reason she was so shook over that break up and still isn't over it is because she wasn't given the time to leave at her convenience when she found someone new. But she was definitely hinting at moving on with her "I'm confused" fb posts and saying she would be a lesbian if she wasn't dating someone with a dick. She was definitely going to leave him sooner rather than later but he took the initiative and she couldn't handle it.

No. 522464

Is she gendering her bra?!

No. 522488

Methods to cope with mental illness? She can’t even do it herself
What’s she gonna tell them? Eat peeps, watch anime, don’t do anything productive and sleep all day to cope? She’s so fucking stupid

Also she probably left Alyssa to pursue Jon

No. 522533

File: 1520382748853.png (18.91 KB, 725x133, slug.png)

she copes by eating too much, sleeping all the time, and living in her mom's basement… idk about the rest of the internet but I don't exactly look at her and think "wow, she's got it all, how can I be like that?!" kek

No. 522535

I wouldn't call her a sociopath for being like this at 13, I was pretty much the exact same way at that age and so were a lot of other kids I knew at that age. It's immaturity more than anything, they're still learning how to handle complex social situations but they're too selfish to do it gracefully.

That being said, the fact that she still acts like this is the most telling thing. It's one thing to be shitty at relationships at 13, But another thing entirely to continue it into adulthood without thinking that anything is wrong. She's an overgrown teenager who doesn't want to grow up. That's what I personally can't stand about her.

No. 522676

File: 1520389627230.jpeg (171.64 KB, 640x339, 65233F9C-D72D-48FE-8CF9-ED4F55…)

Still pushing the ~*Super Gay*~ shtick even after claiming that she’s a) Bi and b) primarily attracted to men

No. 522685


>Guys you know how when you're gay and you see a girl and you're gay you find her attractive because you're both girls and you're gay???

No. 522873

My point still stands. You weren’t actually finished so you kept talking to them. When you’re 100% over it you cut that person out of your life. It took me almost 2 years, some people take 12. But at the end of the day, once you’re over an abusive person you cut ties and don’t reach out/don’t respond. Jill still does because these people never hurt her bad enough to warrant things like restraining orders, etc. She was just an emo teen being extra about her relationship woes because that’s what teens do.

No. 522892

Jill's an inexperienced dummy who dwells in the basement of her parents troll hole house don't give her that much credit. She has zero real life experience and no understanding of domestic abuse in relationships.

No. 522939

File: 1520411092221.jpeg (565.72 KB, 640x877, 926BF402-A7D2-4D93-A9B0-303CFD…)

I can’t believe no one has posted her diabetus peeps birthday cake

No. 522985

File: 1520417868028.jpg (324.51 KB, 1080x1481, Screenshot_20180307-101608.jpg)

No. 522986

File: 1520417987432.jpg (227.52 KB, 1080x829, Screenshot_20180307-101944.jpg)


No. 522987

File: 1520418019985.jpg (492.46 KB, 1078x1314, Screenshot_20180307-101921.jpg)

So edgy n ~queer

No. 522988

File: 1520418085485.jpg (523.15 KB, 1080x1348, Screenshot_20180307-102127.jpg)

No. 522989

File: 1520418177648.jpg (124.19 KB, 1080x368, Screenshot_20180307-102234.jpg)

She's so lonely and yet she doesn't make the effort to leave the basement

No. 522990

hmmm. can't say i've ever felt whatever these ~hyperfemme~ hyroglyphics are supposed to convey about a strange woman I just met, unless it means slightly charmed and vaguely attracted. Guess I'm just not as gay as Jill.

No. 522991

People like venus way more than they like her now and venus has really suffered in some awful ways and you know Jill can't let anyone be "more" than her in any way

To me it just feels like she is piggybacking off of Venus's last video here, she didn't mention this ahead of time and just magically decides to do this again after Venus did hers, it's pretty disgusting, why is everything a competition with her

No. 523028

so is Jill's new thing 'sexy alcoholic clown' now? wtf
her whole ~teheh I'm so depressed I have to use alcohol to cope but I'll randomly go off my meds because I'm ok uwu~ shit is really pissing me off
like sure go ahead if you want to be an irresponsible idiot but at least don't preach about it to your impressionable young teenage fans

No. 523060

Just end this thread now. This is all the proof we need on Jill's arrested development.

No. 523070

It's the same stuff she did when Kate was talking about LACE. She finds a big thing to latch onto and piggybacks off it for extra views.

No. 523178

No. 523202

It's a little sad to know that she's making money from telling people to wash their face and drink water, but I guess if that's what her fans want…

No. 523206

>>523178 its disgusting that she has only just learned to wash her face

No. 523212

I wish that she always spoke in this soft, serious tone she’s much more tolerable to watch.

No. 523217

File: 1520447026474.png (159.92 KB, 231x309, Untitled.png)

that fupa kek

No. 523226

>>523178 it triggers me that she knows meds help her but she'll let herself run out and not do anything about it

No. 523236

yeah like you know what a good self care tip is? taking your meds like you’re supposed to so you feel like a human.

No. 523242

File: 1520448111754.jpg (453.25 KB, 500x206, 0acsXKp.jpg)

No. 523251

File: 1520448592497.jpg (911.88 KB, 1080x1512, Screenshot_20180307-184912.jpg)

More unnecessary purchases

No. 523260

It was aa good video

No. 523261

it's so gross and weird how she acts like taking care of your skin / literally just washing your face is something only people who care about skincare do and not like… literally just basic hygiene

No. 523275


Her tips:
>Wash your face
>Drink water
>Go on a walk or just open a window
>Be creative. Draw, sing, sew, play piano, whatever you love
>Connect with friends and family
>Hold your pets close/If you don't have a pet get one
>Get comfy clothes that make you feel good about yourself and not lazy/guilty
>If you can clean your room
>Remember to take your meds
>Take a good bath with music or show tune. Relax and ground yourself, detach from the world for like 45 minutes a day
>Rant interval about people criticizing the drink water and take a lush bath approach to self care. Says everyone does self care differently and it pisses her off that people don't think something as simple as opening a window helps
>Find media that you can relate too in a healthy way. Don't watch sad things, only things that make you happy

No. 523280

I especially hate the 'get a pet if you dont have one' if you're super depressed to the point where you can't take care of yourself, taking care of an animal is a terrible idea.

No. 523281

I mean some of those tips are useful for lifting your mood a bit, but I feel like with anxiety or depression, medication and therapy are the best answers. I know I don't speak for everyone when I say that. Opening a window can be nice, but it's not going to help you overcome a mental illness. She really is the last person who should be giving advice on this kind of thing.

No. 523294

I agree. When I first started suffering from depression as a young teenager neither my parents nor I really knew what to do so we just tried to do all of those things that lift your mood for a little while, but in the long run it didn't change my condition at all and only actual therapy was able to help me.
I mean yeah I guess it's nice that Jill is trying to be all supportive and stuff but I think this video can only help people who don't have depression and only get sad/anxious once in a while.

No. 523298

Those socks that are way too tights, that awkward pose to attempt looking less fat, that fucked up expression… this is a mess omg

No. 523300

Also that style of shorts are not meant to be so tight… you can see her underwear line in the FRONT dear lord

samefag sorry but this is so bad

No. 523317

These are all simple things everyone recommends on Tumblr. What about trying to eat real food instead of meatballs, peeps, and coffee? What about actually going to the doctor for mental and physical health, which Jill skips because she's afraid of blood tests or talking about her feelings to a professional instead of tweeting it. She really wants to jump on the feel good mental health bandwagon but doesn't take her own seriously.

No. 523323

Also a lot of controlling/improving mental health is being active in trying to change your behavior and challenge unproductive coping methods, which she’ll never do. Rest is good for someone who is extremely anxious and a workaholic, but terrible for someone who lacks the motivation to get out of bed regularly. She doesn’t get that, probably because she only went to two therapy sessions then got huffy and left.

No. 523337

It also shows how far she is from reality. Doesn’t she realise how expensive pets are?

No. 523352

These tips aren't bad but they're only for a specific kind of person. The kind of person like her who is a shut-in.

No. 523356

I think the "drink water", "connect with friends and family" and "remember meds" are the only actually helpful ones, and the others would only help if you are only feeling a little down. Of course it will feel nice to have fresh sheets on your bed or to have cute comfy clothes, but that feeling really goes away after 10 seconds. I wish she would have mentioned trying to eat healthily and well, going to a doctor to get help, or even taking some vitamin D. A bathbomb is not going to make you not want to commit a suicide ffs

No. 523384

>nb4 someone thinks those sausage squeezing socks actually makes her look cute.

Self-care is just a small part of recovering from depression. Self-care is supposed to keep you from not showering for a week straight, to make sure you get an adequate amount of nutrition, and to not be wallowing in your own filth. Jill does all of these things and doesn’t make an effort to not do them so idk why the hell she thinks she’s an authoritative figure on all things mental-health.

Something I noticed she left out (based off of anon’s summary, I don’t think I can stomach to watch the actual video) is exercising. She mentioned going for a walk but that’s really more for fresh air. Exercising does make a difference imo, it’s not the cure for depression but it makes you feel like you accomplished something that most normal, non-depressed people are too lazy to do.

No. 523399

>>523178 this video just reinforces that she really isn't that mentally ill. If drinking water cures your depression, its not depression. It's just you feeling a bit low.

No. 523406

oh, come on. I know that when I have to call in to work because I've been crying for two days straight and only get out of bed to go to the bathroom or make sure my cats are taken care of, the first thing that comes to mind is putting on some cute track pants, opening my window and having a big ole' glass of water to make it all better.

No. 523410

Don't forget listening to the Smiths, but only their happy songs uwu

No. 523413


I'm surprised she didn't say st Vincent to remind everyone she's her biggest fan again kek

No. 523433

>>Find media that you can relate too in a healthy way. Don't watch sad things, only things that make you happy

Imo this is the piece of advice that shows how little she challenges herself.

It's not good to wallow, you shouldn't lock yourself in a room and listen to nothing but radiohead when you feel sad, but equally when you're depressed or anxious one of the most important things is to learn how to react to ~triggering~ things normally. You need to be able to hear or watch something sad without that spiralling you into further depression. Negative emotions aren't bad, they're a normal part of life that you need to learn to work through, not ignore and avoid. Bad things will happen in your life, that's one of the only certainties. When you find it harder to deal with those things you need to expose yourself to them in order to learn how to cope.

Honestly I think this is the main cause of why Jill is so intolerable, at least for me. She is so, so sheltered and immature yet she likes to look worldly and wise. She can't deal with "negativity" to the extent that it's actually preventing her from growing up, and her family enables her so she never has to.

No. 523454

She doesn't have to pay for the pets or care for them herself, it's easy for her to say this as she isn't actually responsible for them, I worry about her wanting to take one to college with her because I just don't believe she is capable of looking after another life when she can't look after herself, can she cook or clean or wash her own clothes? I suspect her mum does it and having all that lumped on her at once on top of caring for an animal……

No. 523465

While animals can definitely be an amazing benefit for depression and anxiety, I just can't condone adopting a cat or dog or what have you solely because you expect it to make you feel better.

I mean, not only do I love my cats dearly and do the absolute best I can by them, and the knowledge that they depend on me to go out to ensure I don't run out of food or litter or treats, to keep toys about and play with them, cuddle and love on them and so on… even just the knowledge that they depend on me keeping my shit together for their sake is the only motivation I have some days.

But if some dumb, selfish shit up and brings a living being home in lieu of actually legitimately dealing with whatever their issue is? Well, you hear so often about how animals wind up neglected, underfed, unsocialized etc., and I can all too easily see that happening to one of these little twits who treat Jill's word as some sort of gospel.

Service and farm animals aside, I find it repugnant at best when people get pets as 'things' and/or ornaments as the main motivator.

Do it the right way, and take some proper steps before bringing home something that requires a commitment of time, emotion, money and resources for up to a decade or more.

/rant fueled blogging. The way too many people see and treat animals makes me far too angry and sad.

No. 523492

Omg the comments on the video make me cringe
They’re acting like she’s their savior for her googled information

No. 523507

Oh my god literally, I’m going to uni this year and would love to bring one of my cats but like I’m not gonna be able to feed her and care for her so like??? No??? What utter shit and entitled advice

No. 523515


Stop self-posting. It's embarrassing.

No. 523519

What does that even mean!?
And when will Jill stop pretending to be bi.

No. 523520

She has never had this delima..

No. 523531

Lmao someone like that has better things to do than self post. She's trying to give an example of someone who does "rainbie kawaiii" stuf that isn't disgusting like jill.

Jill could be into absalutly anything and still be just as disgusting. Stop thinking it has somthing to do with j-fashion

No. 523542

File: 1520463372166.png (132.4 KB, 1080x839, 20180307_185321.png)

Awwww poor bby so misunderstood, lol

No. 523545

Tbf mental illness isnt based on situation though

No. 523547

there are loads of "im selfdiagnosed and valid uwu <333333 !!!11!" comments as well im gonna vomit

No. 523591

You can't like joke now unless you relate? The nitpicking in pixie threads can be unreal sometimes.

No. 523601

File: 1520467110886.jpeg (315.2 KB, 1860x1125, F555509A-8D60-4D2E-BD6B-FE74EC…)

I found some cringey comments and made a collage for you all!

Btw depression doesn’t go away just because you don’t have time for it lol, that’s the kind of shit old people say to dismiss mental illness.

No. 523602

>how do you stay so skinny?
top fucking kek

No. 523612

>>"im 14 and have BPD"
Literally no.

No. 523613

but google said getting pissed at mom means i have a personality disorder!!!!!!1!!!! its not like doctors go through years of training to diagnose or anything kek

No. 523616

Someone somewhere must have said something about her video haha

It’s not but Jill literally has everything she needs to get her mental illness in a better state. Imagine those struggling with depression and anxiety and couldn’t afford to pay for their meds anymore even though they want to take them? Then there is Jill who chooses not to take her meds, get any help and lay around all day — not Everyone has the luxury to wake up Whenever and laze around. A lot of people have bills, school and work that they have to think of, Jill doesn’t.

No. 523620

No, but she definitely has the resources to get professional help and chooses not to. And acts like she has it all figured out when in reality she is sleeping and taking baths all day.

Circumstances can also bring on or worsen mental health issues. If her issues aren't cause by difficulties in life, then she obviously needs professional help to sort out whatever is going on with her.

Drinking water and washing her face isn't real treatment. It's so irresponsible to be a role model and act like it's ok to just practice uwu self-care instead of seeking real treatment for your issues, especially if you are barely able to function and do your job.

How is she going to survive college? Routine and structure can definitely help with depression, but moving away from home when she can't be apart from her mom is a huge change in and of itself.

I seriously doubt she can do the actual adult bare minimum self-care you need to survive. Cooking, buying groceries, sticking to a budget, maintaining an apartment, and taking care of a pet while also balancing school all seem way beyond her capacity when she has so few responsibilities that she struggles to fulfill right now.

No. 523669

File: 1520473695773.jpg (99.89 KB, 1920x1080, sad.jpg)

>let me brag about my life constantly but also don't you dare forget i'm sad!! i've got mental illness so don't stop feeling bad for me!!!
lol shut up jill

No. 523675

File: 1520474003161.jpg (37.83 KB, 459x265, 1514503773702.jpg)

maybe…things would be better…if you took your fucking meds? have you thought of this yet, jill?

No. 523679

let's be real though, medication doesn't solve the void of being an unfulfilled and vapid individual, it won't prevent her quarter life crisis and eventual mid-life existential problems, she can certainly start by taking meds if needed but she needs to learn to appreciate and love herself beyond being a poser, braggart and people-pleaser.

No. 523680

What hell does that girl think is fat if she's calling jill skinny?

jill is honestly lucky she attracted so many delusional fans to follow her.

No. 523681

I guess she was too busy talking about her pimples and forgot to mention that therapy is important..actual professional help. The thing that she herself has been avoiding because the process isn't funzies

No. 523692

I take issue with Jill's stance on therapy because she has both the money and her father's insurance to pay for any therapist of her choice. Apparently PEI does have terrible mental health services but she regularly drives to Halifax for shopping sprees so she could easily have monthly/bi-monthly or even quarterly therapy sessions with a therapist of her own choosing.

Tons of people across Canada have barely any access to mental health services if they're from low income families without insurance because publicly-funded mental health care is practically non-existent in most provinces and have unbelievably long wait-lists. But she has the luxury to shop around for some of the best practices offered on the east coast but of course she pretends yet again that she's somehow oppressed into being mentally ill.

This is why her entire depression/anxiety shtick is nonsense. I can literally understand being so anxious you can't even face people in your life, but when I was incapable of leaving the house most days and started quitting my jobs and putting off my education, that's when I begged my family to help me afford a few therapy sessions. My dad couldn't even pay upfront so the therapist agreed to a trade (he did some free advertising work for them). Sorry to get all bloggy, but besides the fact that Jill did have an emo phase with the cutting or bulimia, I think she has taken full advantage of her middle school melodrama to identify with issues she has no clue about at this stage in her life. And that is why she needs to start seeing professionals again, they need to assess her current mental stability and whether she should still be taking the same meds at all since dosage is often updated after a few years depending on weight change and other factors.

No. 523742

Sage but the girl playing Sandy in this has a fantastic singing voice, no wonder she got the lead. Jill can't sing for shit.

No. 523823

She's so entitled, irrelevant and clueless asf. The last person I ever had the displeasure of knowing like this was my spoiled asf rich ass only child ex boyfriend who claimed he had severe depression and never got diagnosed by a doctor and much like Jill his parents fussed over him so much so that I believe they were his real issue. He would get so bitchy when I would tell him to get a proper diagnosis of his bs depression. No wonder I dislike Jill, even more know than previously.

Sage for blog

No. 523893

File: 1520507391829.jpg (81.92 KB, 1080x259, Screenshot_20180308-110930.jpg)

She's always gotta be the ~biggest fan of something

No. 523941

well, while it doesn't fill the void, it certainly didn't help that she went off her meds because she thought she was doing "ok". now she's stuck with the reprecussions of going cold turkey and hating herself. while meds are not for everyone, she should've contacted whoever prescribed her those meds and found a way to wean herself off of them safely.

No. 523942

imo her reason for not taking them was incredibly stupid too
"I'm feeling happy now uwu", like of course, that's what the meds are for?? you can't just think that 'oh I'm totally fine now and it's not because of the meds at all', like if Jill had that little faith in the meds in the first place why even take them?
this stuff just makes me really angry

No. 523949


Unfortunately it’s also very common. Even otherwise intelligent people make the same mistake, so it doesn’t surprise me Jill would.

No. 523951

>'oh I'm totally fine now and it's not because of the meds at all', like if Jill had that little faith in the meds in the first place why even take them?

Exactly. She talks about her meds as if she'd been prescribed placebo sugar pills all these years.

No. 523953

Even if it's only monthly, monthly sessions do help. But she's not going to because no one is going to push her into doing it.

This is stupidly common like >>523949 said. It's a stupid cycle where you think you're "ok" then you stop, hit a low and start again. She's lucky to have that safety net of her parents to catch her when that low might hit.

No. 523981

That ticked me off too. It's called being a normal teenager with crazy mood swings.

No. 524034

yeah like BPD is such a serious condition has ruins your fucking life, not just getting angsty

No. 524058

And just because you know how to use google doesn't mean you can read a few symptoms and then self diagnose.

Everything she listed is NORMAL ADULT FEELINGS jfc. It doesn't mean it's clinical anxiety, depression, or real mental health issues. Not something to label yourself with for pity points.

No. 524063

It's so funny how certain people will go on and on about how mental illnesses are actually physical and just like any other illnesses, but they will still self diagnose. You wouldn't self diagnose cancer or diabetes, so why self diagnose anxiety or depression? Shit

No. 524066

I was misdiagnosed at 14 with borderline personality and bipolar.

It wasn't until I was almost 30 I was given a proper diagnosis. PTSD. Anxiety. Depression. Night terrors etc.

Imagine my surprise that unlike 15+ years ago, my new meds are actually helping. Have been recommended for various sleep study programs, counselling etc. I'm still a wreck sometimes, but, most of the time, I'm functional.

These idiots are turning mental health in to a fucking joke.

No. 524072

I was just browsing Kelly Eden’s latest thread and saw something interesting
It’s nothing too milky, just speculation that a WK had a very similar writing tone to Jillian. Which fuels speculation that she does lurk on here.

No. 524129

Damn, I'm sorry anon. Those are such serious mental illnesses to be diagnosed with so young and that come with a ton of stigma and judgement. I hope you are having more good days than bad now.

No. 524137


you're really not clinically supposed to diagnose any personality disorders in patients under the age of 18, because when you are young, your personality is still in flux. if you see that one may be manifesting in a child under 18, you can begin to treat those symptoms, but not the disorder itself. I'm sorry you were misdiagnosed, that was incredibly irresponsible of that mental health professional.

No. 524138

File: 1520536978573.jpeg (155.81 KB, 750x323, EF8660E2-AC25-43DF-8663-51FA2F…)

Who’s ready to see Jill detained at the border?

No. 524146

In her slumber party sesh videos she says that she met her then girlfriend due to their love for Muse and they met for the first time in the hotel in New York when she webt to see them live.

Also, some user here said that she didnt know the 'cool' groups she has been mentioning lately, but she talks about them in her second slumber party sesh video.

No. 524160

File: 1520538218515.jpg (168.79 KB, 1080x456, Screenshot_20180308-194332.jpg)

No. 524162

Oh boy. Wonder what the vid's gonna be about this time. Another Ikea shopping trip??

No. 524181

I love that she just used the anti-semitic parentheses without realising.

No. 524202

How is that antisemitism wtf

No. 524214

Google is your friend.

No. 524238

File: 1520542114201.png (507.73 KB, 1125x2436, B0BA1CB2-96D3-4F86-87B1-4F3B1B…)

Jill confirmed alt-right neo nazi

No. 524240

Sage for OT, but I’m sure she’s using it in a way like they were used in AOL chats where you “cyber-hug” a user with three parentheses.

Or she’s dense and thinks it’s a new quirky way to tweet.

No. 524247

who actually cares. it's a signal to others but doing it innocently doesn't make you alt-right

No. 524252

Her ends are so bleached that they wont hold on to the yellow.

Her designer diaries video might be about her birthday outfit she has been working on for weeks but couldve taken her 3 days, as she said.

No. 524264

I think clothes from Walmart are more qualified to be considered designer than any of the hideous crap Jill has shittily constructed. Kek Such a huge ego for such a lack of talent.

No. 524273

ran across this video where an actual hair dresser reviews Jillian dying her hair mint

if I was Jill I'd be mortified because compared to the other two girls he reviews her hair looks like shit but I'm sure she'll just be like "omg another youtuber noticed me!!!"

No. 524277

>>524273 she's going to be all over how gay he is tho

No. 524286


I love to check on Brad from time to time and back when Jill posted her Hair Diy video I lowkey hoped that he will come across it lmao

No. 524295


Ngl I've been excited to see this year's trainwreck birthday dress for weeks now. At least she's using a pattern this time I guess, but I'm sure she'll manage to fuck it up.

No. 524300

File: 1520544991948.jpg (514.06 KB, 1080x1634, Screenshot_20180308-213609.jpg)

Does pixie even have any goals in life beyond being a uwu famous fashion designer ~~

No. 524301


thanks, anons. much appreciated.

No. 524357

slightly OT but the last girl he reviewed i went to school with and she's been bleaching/dying her hair unnatural colours for fifteen years… compare it to the states of Jills which she has not been doing for half as long. girl treats her like shit and it shows. she needs to dye it to a colour similar to her own and give it some tlc and some time off the bleaching or she's gonna go bald.

No. 524385

from the age of about 13 to about my mid-20's, I bleached, dyed, and rebleached my hair. Up to every other week. I didn't care for it, other than conditioning the hell out of it after a bleach job, and routinely shaving it all off and starting again.

Maybe that was my saving grace from being a scarecrow?

She should try it. Or, take care of her shit before it falls out.

No. 524389

They’re funny about diagnosing anyone under 25 in UK now, like I’m 19 and have finally been diagnosed lmao

No. 524397

In Canada, they diagnosis elementary school students lol. My brother was diagnosed at the age of 5. Why else would so many American and Canadian children be taking prescription psychiatric medication?


No. 524399

even almost 20 years ago when I was (mis)diagnosed, they weren't supposed to assign such disorders to anyone under 18. Nor were they supposed to prescribe high dosages of antidepressants, because of the high risk of suicidal ideation.

They do and did it anyways. Cuz handing out potentially lethal pills lines their pockets. What do they care?

Not all psychiatrists. But too many.

No. 524402

Wow,this just really shows how big Jillian has become.

No. 524404

I always find it funny how Jill always refs Philip as part of her research/inspiration on doing Youtube full-time, when even Phil's strongly recommended having a job to fall back on when first starting out. Is she still having trouble keeping her videos monetized?

No. 524412

P sure the anon you replied to was talking about BPD/personality disorders but enough derailing I guess

No. 524476

File: 1520559062261.png (64.32 KB, 200x200, 7c9.png)

the comments are fucking killing me. someone mentions how fat shes gotten and the jill police show up and threaten to find the person. person doubles down and then confetti club say they're inciting a riot.

No. 524486

File: 1520560064873.png (813.98 KB, 1080x1263, 20180308_214711.png)

Apparently he was too nice cause she seems way to chill about this

No. 524494

I was just going to post the video! I love Brad's videos, and he was pretty nice about Jillian's hair (other then her roots, which he didn't like)

No. 524517

lol irl at the part where she apologizes to her mom about ruining the towel and brad was like "wait, how old is she..?"

i know he's too nice for it to be shade. but its such an honest reaction to this womanchild.

No. 524540

Who's the dude who isn't part of the band just creeping around Jill?

No. 524678

lol the fat comment has been removed now
It's incredible how triggered everyone got about that

No. 524692

I love how they're all "UwU body positivity" but they can't accept people can be fat. Being called fat isn't a negative, people who are fat know they're fat. It's not a slur.

No. 524694

yeah, right? I mean Jill always goes on about how she loves her ~thick thighs~ and ~booty~ and whatever the hell, but as soon as you point out that she gained weight you're the devil lol

No. 524696

I can see why Jills "quirky" attitude may seem cute when you watch one video, but it becomes so repetitive.

What happened to the anon that made videos?

No. 524733

i mean specifically with bpd

No. 524736

File: 1520599611024.jpg (122.48 KB, 1080x401, Screenshot_20180309-124641.jpg)

No. 524747

This is so cringy.. If I didn't know her I would've thought this was ironic.

No. 524749

Jill is a true cringelord.

No. 524754

>Can't stop telling everyone how gay she is
>Has had two 1-month long relationships with women in her entire life, both went disastrously

No. 524755

Samefag, but she is basically the epitome of the attention seeking bisexual teenager who will only ever have relationships with men. Basically a terrible representation of a gay woman

No. 524759

Does Lady Gaga know this

No. 524761

Bi girls aren’t gay, Jill should just say that she most likely prefers men.

No. 524763

People use "gay" as an umbrella term.

No. 524776

it's weird because she already has, if you look at transcripts even from this thread >>519588
she's stated things like
>went off of birth control, but realised she 'wasn't gay' and so went back on [birth control]
>Admit she has gay phases, but that she's not a lesbian.

and her obnoxious shit about preferring penises (surprised her more sjw fans aren't upset about that since she's always saying anyone with a penis is a man/a straight relationship so by extension implying mtf aren't really women/gay)

but of course she can't ever stick to one identity because she doesn't have one, just just morphs into whatever she thinks will get her the most attention. so now she's a queer lil rainbaby again.

No. 524780

She’s the kind of person go say she’s “so gay” for dating a trans guy tbh

No. 524822

Piggylocks is indeed a fatty Chan.

No. 524826

learn to sage

No. 524862

Oh put a sock in it — there are so many unsaged posts and this is the one you want to single out?

I’d say Piggylocks suits her, but that’s an insult to pigs.

No. 524914

I mean that would be an accurate description of a same sex relationship lmao

No. 524942

are you pixie though

No. 524963

He was throwing lowkey shade left and right. His face every time she started slapping on the colour was a face of contained horror. The only part he complimented was the bangs.

No. 525013

Sure, if you only see people as walking genitals.
Which I guess she does…
>"would call herself lesbian if she wasn't dating someone with a dick"

No. 525018

Was this during her ED? She looks cute and normal here.

No. 525038

File: 1520632594925.png (108.43 KB, 640x855, IMG_9134.PNG)


sage for old milk, but she's already done this. parading her relationship w/ colin as super queer bc he was "genderqueer", pic related

a bunch of people in the comments of the pic called her out on using that caption while in an obviously het relationship

No. 525074

I know this is kind of gross to say but I think Jill and Colin were a very cute couple. Makes me sad they're not together anymore I wish Jill would change. I know she's a selfish person but she definitely cared about him. She's just too stupid and immature to realize the reason he broke up with her was because of her shitty mistreatment.

No. 525076

I'm more inclined to agree with other anons who've said they thought the only reason she's so hung up on losing him is because he broke up with her, and not the other way around.

Partners, pets and friends are accessories to her. Maybe one day she will grow up and actually realize that her being immature, selfish, shallow isn't a good look.

No. 525157

sage for OT and no milk;
claire's is "going bankrupt" whatever will our jillybean do now

No. 525173

File: 1520642085315.jpg (658 KB, 1079x1702, Screenshot_20180310-003422.jpg)

Her new hair. She's looking more frumpy than usual kek

No. 525178

File: 1520642335941.jpg (571.4 KB, 1080x1697, Screenshot_20180310-003711.jpg)

This person included pixie in her international women's day post..I'm speechless how does jillybean contribute to society in any way? How does is basement dweller who is selfish inspirational?

No. 525179

File: 1520642350327.jpg (659.94 KB, 1080x1712, Screenshot_20180310-003725.jpg)

No. 525183

File: 1520642469253.jpg (528.29 KB, 1072x1831, Screenshot_20180310-004103.jpg)

She has updated her Insta bio.

No. 525185

File: 1520642561108.jpg (219.67 KB, 1070x826, Screenshot_20180310-004239.jpg)

No. 525188

File: 1520642746644.jpg (230.1 KB, 1080x754, Screenshot_20180310-004455.jpg)

I'm so sick of her playing the abuse narrative.

No. 525193

File: 1520643486749.jpeg (79.55 KB, 450x735, FF165C5D-A6D4-432A-8DBE-9A008E…)

It's a nice dye job thankfully, but man yellow does not suit her skintone at all. She'd look so much cuter with a natural hair color, and doing unnatural colors at the bottom, but obviously that's not ~quirky kawaii~ enough for her.

No. 525212

her choice in horrid facial expressions really bring out how haggard and wrinkly she is for a 20 year old.

No. 525218

thanks for making me check out what the last girl looks like. Jill, if you want to do rainbow hair, THIS is the way to do it! It looks amazing. All the colours are blended to compliment each other and she is rocking it.

after jills horrendous bangs i never thought rainbow hair could look this good

No. 525222

i mean, i guess considering what she's going for it's a success? the roots look so much better, i'm glad for that alone.
she's probably going for yellow because it's cartoony. honestly this colour cant look good on anyone. lemon drop, more like piss drop

No. 525235

The hair looks good and healthy surprisingly. Healthier than usual, anyway. However, her face is horrifying without all the Facetune and photoshop.

My mom had the texture of her hair ruined from a bad bleach job. I can imagine Jill’s hair feels awful from her repeated bad bleach jobs. I wonder what the hairdresser used to keep her hair from looking so crispy.

No. 525238

Whats wrong with her face??
She looks ROUGH jfc

No. 525284


No. 525319

She looks like an evil oldschool Disney character. Like that boy who turns into a donkey from Pinocchio. Good god that face will give me nightmares.

No. 525365

This video really shows how far she's fallen tbh. Used to have friends, a social life, hobbies, was more normal… tragic.

No. 525378

File: 1520664162249.jpeg (184.99 KB, 750x952, 3E413EE5-CE75-41A6-A7ED-59A1B0…)

Looks like jillybean is getting overwhelmed about moving away from her mum.

No. 525381

File: 1520664318609.jpeg (209.22 KB, 750x966, 92463DE8-F6A6-4911-9089-9575FE…)

Here’s a fan giving her “advice” to not move out. Can’t wait for the official announcement that she wants to just “take a another “gap year” because she’s so overwhelmed being a kawaii leader” or some other bullshit

No. 525392

I'm kekking over this shit. I'm can't believe a 20 year old grown adult is afraid to do just that be an adult and take care of her own life. For the love of god I moved out of my parents house at 17 to go to university. There's what normal people do Jill! Fuck what a maladjusted trainwreck she is.

No. 525394

>>525381 kek omg I still can't beileve I have to go to the same shitty collage as her (for financial reasons. Sorry not everyone's rich like you jill) but ugh I hate how attached she is to her mother like grow up you should not have been living off her this long. It's probably not just the whole I love my mommy thing it's probably because jills never bothered to actually learn how to be stable on her own.

No. 525411

louise needs to like distance herself from jill more and push to make a life outside the family home
it’s not healthy to be “bff love ya cute mum” when you’re trying to leave, the only reason im finding moving away easy is the fact that i have a life outside my mum so i dont like need her anymore?

tbh i think louise is just as irresponsible as jill sometimes for allowing/encouraging this
she should say like you can choose not to go to college but if you dont youve got to get a job and pay rent, its so frustrating to see her live at home for free at 20

No. 525412

So I haven’t been paying too much attention to the shitty college details but I’m assuming Jill would be living in an apartment if she even gets her ass to go correct?
All I can think of is Jill trying to deal living in a dorm like could you even imagine the milk

No. 525418

Her shit college doesn't have dorms because it isn't a proper university. So yes, apartment

No. 525451


That’s a really big ass problem. I know it’s normal to be afraid if you always lived with your parents and then you have to leave all alone in an apartment, but maybe the best decision will be rent an apartment with other people? Where I live, it’s really common for Uni students to live together in an apartment even if they don’t know each other (everyone has their own room but you share bathroom and kitchen). Also friends do this kind of stuff, but yes she doesn’t have friends so…

No. 525457

inb4 her mom moves there with her.

No. 525459

when I was her age I was champing at the bit to move out. I cannot imagine being so spoiled and attached that I'd still want to live at home as a 20 year old.

No. 525461

>>525188 this is clearly showing that pixie favourited this tweet.

No. 525463

What happened to her plan to live with Wendy?

No. 525464

>my suffocating cave of loneliness
holy shit in my entire life I've never heard anyone talk about moving out like this, she clearly has some kind of issues
also isn't she going to live with her friend? it's clearly not just generally about being alone but just about not being with her mommy anymore

No. 525467


Don't people generally make friends when they go to college? Does she not count on that at all?

No. 525468

I think she's just incapable of having meaningful friendships, in the past she often said that the only people she even spent time with were her mom and Tristan/Colin
so unless she finds some new boy toy at college she probably doesn't care about meeting people there lol

No. 525502

File: 1520689967223.jpg (203.48 KB, 1080x635, Screenshot_20180310-135227.jpg)

She's a mess

No. 525503

Damn, we thought she looked bad here, but compared to what she's wearing now this is actually a good look.
It looks better than before, but I wish she'd just choose a flattering and cute colour. The brown brows are definitely an improvement though.
I usually talk about how weird and codependent Jill is with her mum, but this is actually pretty cute.
Moving out would be really good for Jill though - it would force her to be independent and I think it could be really good for her (unless she goes all neckbeard nest on her new place which I can see happening bc of her hoarding and laziness). Sorry to blog post, but I moved out when I was 17 and it was a great experience; you'd've had to pay 20 year old me to go back to living at home with my parents. >>525459 I had friends who still lived at home by choice (vs financial reasons/familial obligations) and I never understood it! I'm going to assume these are the type of people who need their parents to make important phone calls for them still.

No. 525514

Exactly what I was going to say. I've seen some younger 17-18 year olds be nervous about moving to bigger cities alone but first of all, Jill is not moving to a big city. She's moving two hours away from home by car. Louise will probably visit her every fucking weekend. Still unbelievable that she passed up schools in Toronto or Montreal for this exact reason and is still complaining about being "far away" from mom.

When I was 18 I couldn't wait to sign my own lease and finally do my own groceries, even if depression and social anxiety was a factor. She also seems to forget the actual privilege of being able to afford living alone, like 9 times out of 10 people's first living situations are either terrible dorms, several roommates or living with a significant other and struggling to afford even that.

It's amazing that she turned around this exciting opportunity into a self-fulfilled prophecy of ~muh depression & loneliness~ and we're still 6 months away from the move. She could easily plan to find a therapist in her new town, join some community or college clubs, extracurricular stuff, maybe even get a part time job again or do some volunteering. Whatever she needs to do to make her experience positive. To me, her constant complaints about leaving the nest shows that she has no true ambitions and is spoiled to her very core to the point that she's sees nothing for herself in the future beyond her comfortable maritime life.

No. 525531

The dye job looks great. Her face is terrifying though. How is she only 20 years old??

Watch her have it up in a bun in less than a week.

No. 525538

How old is she here? She looks more mature. Not in a bad way.

No. 525540

14, maybe 15 at most, during her ED phase.

No. 525571

she looks healthier here than she does now tbh

it will be in a bun cos she doesnt shower, only bathe. I feel bad for the person who washed her hair there, it has to be nasty and grimey

No. 525586

sage for dumb question, but is it really that weird to live at home when you're 19/20 in america? In my country it seems pretty normal, and i didn't move out until i was 21

No. 525590

Yes, it's a weird North American thing to expect everyone to move out at 18. I think it's stupid, but it is very common here, so Jill lounging around at home is seen as lazy or childish.

No. 525594

File: 1520702388084.png (33.95 KB, 729x230, asdfas.png)

>"help I'm scared of leaving my mom's basement because my mom is my only friend"
>"don't worry, my best friend/roommate is leaving because she gets more views than me on youtube, it'll be fine"


No. 525598

jesus christ jill. buying bananas alone is the exact same as doing it with your moms except you gotta use your money.
don't get me wrong, i was scared when i moved out and i even cried, just bc i feared the unnkown. but i was also excited and looking forward to my independance. its not like phones and skype dont exist. get a grip jill

No. 525615

Well in Canada you are considered an adult at 18, so yes, most Canadians expect someone of that age to adopt most adult responsibilities. Only two generations ago men went into the workforce very young and women married straight out of high school. Even today, many people graduate high school at 17 or even 16, so naturally you’re expected to become a contributing member of society one way or another. Once you pursue post secondary education or get a job you typically do move out of your parents home?? I mean both Jill’s parents and her brother have done all the things I’ve mentioned, she’s the odd one out in her family so that probably speaks for itself.

No. 525659

I use to be extremely shy and a shut in when I was a teenager so I can understand being worried about doing things alone in public. But she goes to Micheals alone and goes alone through the drive through for coffee, but she can't go to a non craft store alone? Maybe don't wear every ott clown thing you own in one outfit and grocery shopping would be no problem. She just wants mommy to be there to hold her hand and take care of her, she's not shy or anxious. A young girl with big dreams should want to move out and become independent so she can focus on her career but Jill isn't that type of girl. She'd rather hang onto her mom, be taken care of, and constantly be given postive feedback for every little thing she does while doing nothing to contribute to her so called dreams. Doubt she'll even make it half a semester with her mommy dependency.

No. 525677

I can't believe a 20 year old woman is this domestically challenged…how embarrassing! How the hell do you not know how to grocery shop being that old? Her mother has mollycoddled her to the point of mental retardation and nearly wipes her ass for her. Can't imagine what a shit show her first big spooky wooky grocery big boy shoppy trippy is going to be like.

No. 525680

Total speculation here, but does anyone else think Louise is manipulative behind the scenes? Jill seems to have a good relationship on the surface with her mom but something has to breed this codependency. She could be (un)intentionally holding her child back. She has to be at least aware of how much she coddles he daughter. People like Jill don't just happen, they're created some how

No. 525683

I agree anon. Louise is ruining Jill and any possiblity she has at growing up.

No. 525690

it's not weird, most young 20s can't move out for financial reasons. especially if you live somewhere where to the cost of living is rly expensive. but…going away to dorm/for school is sooo much different and idk why jill is acting like she'd being kicked to the curb or some shit

No. 525693


shes probably worried about the cashiers judging her on all the shitty peeps she buys

No. 525697

Did the video get taken down? I can't find it on Brad's channel anymore. I wanted to see the cringe, dammit.

No. 525702

I can’t believe that a 20 year old doesn’t want to move off her tiny little island and out of her tiny rural town and get a life. Sage for blog posting but I’m younger than Jill and am only a few credits away from finishing my bachelors degree. I also moved out at 16, got emancipated, and got my own apartment. All because I wanted to get out of my tiny gross rural town and do something with myself. I just don’t get how jillybean can think it’s healthy to be that attached to her mom, so much so that she’s comptemplating not moving out at age 20.

No. 525708

Anon, listen, homosexual people are homoSEXUAL. Not homogenderal, you fucking retard.

No. 525715

>Living alone

Makes me think she's going to rent a whole apartment to herself without subletting, which is a fucking stupid idea. Like seriously fucking retarded. She will have a breakdown within the first three months of uni and drop out if she does this. The single biggest piece of advice I would give her is to get housemates.

No. 525731

Not only do roommates or housemates give you built in social interaction and a way to meet people, they can model somewhat adult behavior. I crashed and burned the first time I attempted college (because I had moved out of state and had no access to mental health care with my insurance lol) but what kept me going as long as I did was the need to keep up appearances somewhat with my housemates. Even the ones that partied and got rowdy still went to class and took care of themselves.

No. 525735

She's not going to use her money. I guarantee when she moves out her rent/groceries/phone/car insurance/etc will all still be paid by mom and dad so she can keep using her youtube money for the ever-important hauls.

No. 525742

Even if you don't make friends with them, just having people living with you is really helpful - you learn to be mindful of others in a way you wont have had to previously, you learn what it's like when someone else isn't mindful of you. Both of these are really important experiences for learning how to both be respectful and stand up for yourself. Jill desperately needs someone in her life who will say no to her and who she can't just run away from or bully into submission with e-fame.

No. 525777

as much as I hate Jill, I can't help but feel like you guys are just salty that she most likely doesn't have to consider having roomies because living alone is actually financially feasible for her thanks to her mommy and daddy's money. If she really has as bad of anxiety as she claims to have, she'll be better off living alone. Sharing a house with relative strangers will only drive her back home sooner.

No. 525780

so the plan to share an appartement with her friend Wendy fell through? good thing for the "friend" lol, I couldn't stand living with Jill

No. 525784

I think Jill is just being dramatic when she says she's going to live alone? I can't imagine why they suddenly wouldn't be living together anymore, unless Wendy won't be going to that school after all.

No. 525794

No, I base it on the fact I both have anxiety/depression and am in a student society at uni that helps struggling people integrate into uni life, but I didn't want to mention it because blog. The biggest factor we have in people dropping out is isolation and loneliness. We have to convince a lot of first years, especially those with mental health issues, that living in a privately rented apartment with a couple of housemates is very different to living in halls and that they should try to stick it out. Even though there are more people in halls, it can be a very isolating experience for introverted people, especially if you have the bad luck of being placed on a floor with only normie party animals. It's more like living alone, hence the comparison.

and to be completely honest, her taking the easy path because of her mental illness will not help her. Being mentally ill does not give you a doctors note for life. She needs to do these things precisely because they are more difficult for her than they are for everyone else. She will never get over her anxiety issues if she doesn't. Living with complete strangers for the first time was awful for my anxiety, but ultimately that exposure therapy (for lack of a better term) has done me far more good than harm in the long run.

No. 525800

I feel like Jill living with other people will open her eyes a bit. She's so out of touch with how the real world works and she won't learn by herself.

No. 525805

i think louise really wanted a little girl to dress up and be bffs with. that coupled with jill being the youngest sibling (who often are coddled more than the eldest) really screwed jill up

No. 525958

File: 1520730214390.jpeg (70.01 KB, 612x636, image.jpeg)

The big reveal!

No. 525960

I see what she was going for, but…

No. 525962

File: 1520730283957.jpeg (80.49 KB, 627x438, image.jpeg)

No. 525964

was she going for "goblin"? if so, she nailed it.

No. 525967

I love the lime vomit color and the glitter pink shoes that don't match, so cute.

No. 525974

Thank you, this hurts my eyes

No. 525976

Can't wait to see what this looks like not under studio lights kek

No. 525981

my mum is pretty manipulative and has fucked up my relationships because of it, she made me 100% reliant on her when I was young and acted like she was god
tbh I can see that happening to make jill the way she is

No. 525982

File: 1520731967073.png (547.3 KB, 1148x945, Tinker-Bell-Free-Download-PNG.…)

The hair color and dress color are really giving me Tinkerbell vibes.

I'm not a seamstress so I cant comment on the construction at all. I'm pretty surprised by the aesthetic of it though, its pretty different from her usual style

No. 525985

I had to go look at trashmouths original comment to see the context and

>trashm0uth_this lowkey gives me moana vibes and i love it 💕💕


No. 525986

Why did she shop her legs? It’s such a shame, her ankle looks off, like at an odd angle?
Like she doesn’t need to shop her photos,embrace your body Jill please

No. 525987

big anime meadows? i think ive seen an anime meadow like once or twice… what about like… idk a real meadow lol why does it always have to be anime

No. 525988

Random pink shoes that don't match, shit put all, ugly fabric, typical Jill diy outfit with bonus of that top half looking like a blob.

No. 526007

Just discovered Pretty Pastel Please on YouTube. She makes more expensive hauls than Jill but is a functioning human.

Sage for irrelevant youtuber

No. 526008


Ugh… I want to be glad she's actually sewing, but this honestly just looks cheap, nor is the design particularly original to make up for that. Jill really just should not aim to become a fashion designer. She's clearly not suited to it in pretty much every possible way.

Anyway, this speculating about Louise strikes me as dumb. We really don't have any reason to assume she's manipulative or anything like that; in fact, it's probably kind of an unfair assumption to make, especially since we've only ever heard and seen that Louise is a nice person. I really don't think it's anything deeper than Jill being the spoiled result of an upper-middle class upbringing. Louise is probably has good intentions but ended up spoiling her daughter and making her kinda codependent. Happens all the time.

No. 526023

In her cure whip video she said she had been sewing for six years, but dang. Looks more to me like she's owned a sewing machine for six years, but that does not look like six years of sewing.

No. 526030

It's an incredibly basic dress that i assume she just hot glued some flowers to, because she's way to lazy to hand sew them. But from a seamstress perspective, her construction is pretty messy. You can tell she didn't clip or press the bodice seams because of how lumpy they look, and the hem is puckered which means she didn't bother to stay stitch it. you can't hem a circle skirt without stay stitching, especially in what looks like cheap stretch satin.

No. 526051

jill, my guy, if you REALLY wanted this to work you could've gone for black heels instead. something that's not so tacky and bright to deflect from the garbage that is this dress.

like honestly, i can see this sorta working…if this wasn't jill.

No. 526064

No. 526065

It can be six years if it's on-and-off sewing and she just hasn't tried to improve her skills, but then again this is Jill we're talking about. The only sewing she really has done and/or improved on was what was necessary for her cosplays, and she still didn't make the skirt for her Cure Whip cosplay right.

I'm surprised the glitter boots are still intact tbh. Glitter shoes aren't well known for holding up well from what I've seen, and Jill has used these in snow several times already, so I'm surprised they aren't as fucked up as the other pink boots she has.

No. 526066

Speaking from my own experience going to art school, I've never seen a case of a first year student isolating themselves by living alone and off campus turn out well. Even the handful that were well off enough to live alone in later years almost always opted to live with one or more classmates just to have someone around with a shared experience.

How someone can consider themselves an up and coming fashion designer while showing off a circle skirt and babby's first princess seam bodice with no sleeves or discernable neckline with pride is beyond me.

I guess it's better than her not sewing at all. But I doubt she'll feel humbled by the experience and want to push herself more.

No. 526096

Her sewing skills are sub-par to say the least. I go hope she takes initiative to at least improve her skills in sewing and tailoring. It's a trade you dedicate the time and energy in learning proper techniques and industry standards for apparel construction. I graduated fashion design school over 9 years ago, I work as an independent pattern maker. Took me time and dedication to learn my trade. I think Jill would actually be successful if she invests her time and energy into her education, ditching her lazy ways. I may not like Jill, but I still hope she pursues fashion design.

No. 526114

learn 2 sage. Also this kinda screams self post kek

No. 526146

File: 1520751574429.png (289.57 KB, 854x480, Screenshot_20180310-225749.png)

No. 526148

It's generally looked down upon to stay at home past 18 in the US. (Enter blogposting) As someone who goes to a community college & is almost 20, I've gotten a lot of responses that are patronizing– "That's a smart decision" and "At least you're going to school". But the social stigma is worth it when kids that go straight into 4-years pay 30k+ for tuition (which is what our society condones) kek. People in this thread probably haven't met anyone who still lives at home and is going to a CC because they generally work full/ part time to pay for school.

No. 526156

This dress is, at most, a 2-hour project. Based on when she posted that she was working on it, it's taken her weeks.

No. 526188

File: 1520756523621.jpg (83.66 KB, 800x1131, 9fbc162d3575045397edcfe225fbd0…)

I have no idea what the concept was meant to be here. What was she going for? She looks like one of those flower walls at a craft store. It would have been a cuter design if the flowers were clustered at the bottom and faded out to the top or something like pic related, but having them spread apart so evenly looks silly. Not to mention the entire thing looks cheap. What a fashion designer though amirite?

As much as I've been hearing this, this sentiment doesn't seem to be true in my area. I'm American and I know plenty of people in their 20's who still live at home. It's starting to become really commonplace for people to wait a while to move out, I think.

No. 526192

File: 1520757032275.png (146.29 KB, 350x350, jilldress.png)

Yeah the first thing I had to think of were those fake squares of grass with flowers on them, but even those look nicer lol
I wish she would've put more smaller flowers & picked higher quality ones, from a distance these ones might as well be candy wrappers she stuck on there
I really do hope she wears this to the NY meet so we can see that mess in high quality

No. 526249


The concept is that she likes grass with flowers. She said it in a vlog (i think the Ikea one) that she wanted to buy a green carpet and add flowers for her new appartment

No. 526258

Where'd her neck go

No. 526260

Soz lol, I'm trying. The sage thing is weird, in my community we use 4chan and came to lolcow bc Jill was mentioned there.

No. 526269

You know sage exists on 4chan too, right?

That's not true in my experience. I think by the time you hit your mid 20s or graduate, people expect you to be moved out though.

No. 526270

That dress is literally the color of vomit, and where's the neckline? This looks like she just added princess seams to a bodice block, slapped on a circle skirt and called it a day.

Actually, I think that's exactly what happened.

No. 526275

The funny thing is a lot of people who are so proud of leaving early come right back after they graduate, but people who leave later seem to stay on their own. Blogpost, but I've generally seen older people genuinely calling it the smart path but other college students being condescending.

To bring it on topic, I don't understand why Jill buys such cheap materials when she's not hurting for money. She also picks difficult stuff for newbies to work with, like cheap slippery satin and that stretchy shiny pink fabric. No wonder it takes her so long if she's wrestling with cheap shit while not having a good foundation on construction.

No. 526281

>People in this thread probably haven't met anyone who still lives at home and is going to a CC because they generally work full/ part time to pay for school.

What are you talking about? Plenty of poorfags follow these threads and that's precisely what's so frustrating about Jill wasting her financial resources when she doesn't need to work and can afford top schools in Canada. No one would care if she went into community college straight out of high school, for example if she wasn't sure of her career path or were truly a frugal person. In fact, half of the island attends their local CC including her HS classmates, Colin, and Louise is even an alumni.

Jill is just lazy, she isn't held back by anything.

>Graduated high school 2+ years ago

>Has never had a full time job
>Every part time job has been the same minimum wage cashier/clerk position
>Has known she wanted to be fashion designer since middle school
>Never taken any sewing classes
>Never prepared any portfolios for actual design/art schools
>Is going to waste 9,750$ on tuition for a sub-par education simply because that school is closest to mommy
>Complained and nitpicked the programs at every renowned fashion school as an excuse not to move out
>Used Colin as a legitimate excuse as to why she hasn't left home yet

She's literally a trustfund kid laying around in her family's money all day making excuses as to why she doesn't have to do anything with her life.

No. 526313

Tbh when I first looked at this I did not think those were flowers. They look like crumpled up candy wrappers and the white poof under the skirt is very 1 ply toilet paper esque.

No. 526338

After finishing uni at 24 I moved back in with my dad, he lived alone in a large house that was close to my work, so I didn't see any point in paying a ridiculous rent to live in a fucking shoebox. We share the costs so it's more like we live together than me living at home with a parent. Not sure why this is so taboo in the west especially considering how expensive it is to live on your own. sage for massive blogpost

No. 526352


i don't understand why everyone here is acting like the fact that jill still lives at home is one of the biggest reasons she's a degen. there are a lot of reasons but imo that's not one of them?

blogpost but i'm starting grad school and still live at home? my family lives really close to a university town, why would i move out and spend a ton of money on rent that i could save to put towards a house or something when i'm done school? just bc people in the west think you have to move out at 17 and kill your parents before you're ~*~truly independent~*~? obviously this isn't exactly the case for jill because she isn't going to school OR working OR paying any bills as far as anyone can tell but god damn

No. 526355

It's not JUST the fact that she lives at home. It's also combined with the fact that she isn't in school, was working part time only, and is now only doing youtube. She's not working, she's just laying around in her parent's basement all day complaining about how depressed she is. Also add in the fact that her parents help her out with money while she spends so much on hauls and yeah, she is a degenerate. For example when her parents gave her $900 for her car so that she would be able to go to an anime convention in another province and spend a bunch of money at lush and sephora.

It's like you guys are purposely missing the point just so you can take it personally and get offended.

No. 526358


i was mostly just referring to all the anons who were making it sound like the biggest reason jill is fucking weird is because she's 20 and lives at home, ie. "moving out at 17 is what NORMAL people do!!!!!!"

you gotta acknowledge the fact that she doesn't contribute to the household/actually work/pay for her own shit half the time/leave her damn basement before it's degen behaviour

No. 526360

Whether or not you like it, moving out is seen as a sign of adulthood in US/Canada. Most 20 year olds don't want to be living at home regardless of how well they get along with their parents. They want some independence and to have the experience of living with roommates or living alone. You don't have to want to personally do this, but people will view it as less mature than living without your parents, simple as that.

No. 526366

eh, i guess it's a matter of opinion. i live in canada, so i know the societal norms, but i don't rly see it as being seen as less mature? i'm also asian tho and so is a large chunk of my social circle and we tend to have more of a family-oriented, communal living situation than most gwailos. that means everyone who is an adult contributes and pays for shit however.

at the end of the day, jill and her living situation are childish because jill is childish and refuses to do adult things like work a regular job and pay bills and go grocery shopping on her own, and half the reason this thread exists is because she's a womanchild. her living situation just adds to it.

No. 526374

>passed up schools in Toronto or Montreal

implying that jill would even be able to get in to a more reputable fashion school kek

No. 526384


If she worked hard I'm sure she could, but I think some part of her knows she's lazy as fuck, which is why she aimed super low for her college applications (also so she could be closer to mummy obviously)

No. 526389

jill and hard work aren't really compatible concepts lmao. just for shits and gigs i looked up the admission requirements for the Ryerson Fashion School in Toronto and the undergraduate program admission process alone would be WAY over jill's head. you need a resume, an essay, and three portfolio pieces in three different categories they have outlined (sewn garment, styled outfit for a fashion magazine, illustration of an original garment, fashion event and a few more). https://www.ryerson.ca/content/dam/admissions/Assets/programs/Fashion_Design_Guidelines.pdf

i don't think they count cosplay contests as fashion events

No. 526394


That's what's so frustrating about Jill. There's literally nothing stopping her from achieving these things except from her own laziness. She could even get free photography for her portfolio since I'm sure her mum would be delighted to help her out.

No. 526407

right? and for students who live in the country, ryerson has the same tuition fees per year as the rinky dink fashion college jill chose. and she would have an actual degree from a very reputable university in the end.

No. 526410

File: 1520793722191.jpg (112.34 KB, 576x151, blagh.jpg)

tbh I don't think Jill even plans on finishing school
sounds like she'll just focus on YT more instead of actually working on college stuff, so I'm sure sometime down the line she'll say that she has to quit college because YT is her true career uwu and she already knows all the stuff they try to teach her college anyway or something lol

No. 526419

I think people were bringing that up mostly to point out how attached Jill is to her mom though? Like most people would be at least a little excited to be moving off of their tiny island and getting some freedom from their family, whereas Jill is having a meltdown over buying her own bananas. And of course it's normal to be a little sad about moving/lonely but Jill is more than that, and has shown in the past to be overly attached to her mom.

No. 526424

Maybe she realised she won't be able to continue her constant hauls while she's in school? And she probably thinks vlogging will be easier than putting together actual videos. While she'll be uploading more I don't think she'll actually be taking on much extra work for this. I can't imagine her doing anything interesting enough to vlog tho.

No. 526452

File: 1520798581789.jpg (596.88 KB, 1080x1586, Screenshot_20180311-200116.jpg)

Why is she scared to go grocery shopping by herself when she's fine going to Michaels everyday and wasting her money??

No. 526464

Sorry for off topic a little but it bugs me she still has Christmas trees in her twitter name in March

No. 526472


Same here

No. 526474

christ, the girl is a hoarder. she keeps buying so much dumb useless crap. she is the living definition of materialism. saged

No. 526484

This is such a sad thing to get excited about. It's time to grow up, Jill.

No. 526509

File: 1520803729095.jpg (364.16 KB, 1080x1541, Screenshot_20180311-212851.jpg)

No. 526513

File: 1520803878195.jpg (136.49 KB, 1076x507, Screenshot_20180311-213051.jpg)

I guess he didn't get around to deleting this comment in her bday outfit kek

No. 526514

christ could she look any dumpier?

No. 526515

File: 1520803999617.gif (962.64 KB, 245x219, 1460775501684.gif)


I really don't know anymore.

No. 526517

File: 1520804037112.jpg (659.12 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180311-213353.jpg)

>>526509 this looks like a Photoshop fail to me? That curve doesn't look natural

No. 526520

This makes me sad
The purple hat doesn’t go with anything in that outfit either? Like there’s no purple in anything else??

No. 526530

definitely looks like a sloppy photoshop job
she typically does all of the post-production on her photos after her mother takes them for her and almost always liquifies to make herself appear slimmer but wow this is fucking sloppy work.

No. 526539

File: 1520805064022.gif (1.94 MB, 159x146, 1513983188790.gif)

so this is her idea of looking 'sexy', huh…

No. 526555

That ~*swexy*~ bra just don’t fit her right at all, it looks so uncomfortable and ill fitting. It looks like it’s barely staying in place

No. 526569

Her right leg looks like it was copy and pasted from another photo entirely.

No. 526576

Jill butchers everything she wears. What is she even going for anymore? Lazy Oaf and cheap clothes from Dollskill. Wow, such a style icon.

No. 526585

Everytime she wears that harness, I'm sorry, "bralette" I throw up in my mouth a little. With her aesthetic, attitude, and way of speaking it screams ageplay and I need eyebleach.

No. 526594

Nope. I’m fat and have weird fat deposits just like that. She might’ve forgotten or didn’t care to smooth it out.

No. 526615

I was just gonna comment the same thing kek. I have a similar bralette from sugar thrillz and they are NOT supposed to look like that ew

No. 526621

Nothing about this makes sense.
Who pairs what looks like a cutesy 'bunny' beret with a plastic bondage bra and schoolgirl plaid skirt? And on top of that, a mesh shirt that is super ill fitting (what's with the really long sleeves?)?.

It looks like a horrid sexy schoolgirl outfit attempt. Plaid skirts are already ugly/juvenile, the one she picked to wear is even worse and makes her look like a potato

No. 526638

File: 1520811283158.jpeg (489.62 KB, 1080x1541, 4DB7D037-E121-40E7-BD51-095868…)

Nb4 my autism but here’s some points of shotty PS craftsmanship

No. 526639

>>526452 her nails omg

No. 526640

Samefag I couldn’t figure out where her torso ends and legs begin

No. 526681

this outfit wouldnt be /that/ bad had she wore the "bralette" under the see through shirt, a solid colored skirt to match the beret…
but still ugly

No. 526785

I honestly can't believe that she said several days ago she'd post on saturday, then said she couldn't and she'd post today instead…and then she hasn't. What is a schedule to this girl

No. 526798


Honestly I'd cut her more slack for sitting at home all day with no education or job because "YouTube is my job!!!" if she actually kept to a consistent schedule like almost everyone with a normie job has to. She treats it like a hobby.

No. 526851

She used a store-bought pattern. Jill cannot pattern draft.

No. 526891

Jill is the laziest YouTuber ever seriously. Can't believe this ass clown actually has a following blows my mind. Sloppy bitch barely puts a cheap looking bunch of clothes on her fat, gelatinous body and all of a sudden she thinks she's some edgy fashion maven. Kek

No. 526893

Update on the video

No. 526894

File: 1520833607560.jpeg (379.57 KB, 640x806, 2250951A-68BE-41B8-9568-160819…)

Dropped pic like a retard

No. 526896

She has an unfortunate body type of small boobs + chub, which makes bralettes look really awful.

No. 526902

Designer Diaries is total kek fuel, Don't you have to be an established designer with an actual career and clientele to even claim hold to such a title? Poor deluded Jill… She's a joke and her shitty dress looks like a cheap Dollar Tree dress for 5 year olds who play dress up.

No. 526945

The worst part is that she doesn't even design anything herself, so far her videos were 'shopping at Ikea', 'making this cardboard thing I saw on Facebook' and now 'using this pattern from a craftsstore to make a basic dress'.
In Jill's world anyone who uses coloring books is a designer lol.

No. 527061

Here it is

No. 527065

File: 1520865216977.png (343.91 KB, 512x394, that fucking zip what.png)


I'm no seamstress but what in tarnation is with that zipper

No. 527069

Oh christ that's awful

No. 527074


Interfacing could have stopped so many of the issues and the handmade flowers would have been much nicer.
She wants to be a designer but doesn't want to take the extra steps to make a piece actually impressive.
There is just so much in here that is "how do you want to be a designer but don't know, don't care and don't want to make the effort to find out about?"
School isn't going to make her any more of a designer than she already is if it just comes down to lazyness.

No. 527078

honestly if she put effort forth, this could have been a really cute piece. if she hand sewed the flowers and used an invisible zipper… jesus christ the dress didnt even fit properly

the plastic flowers look hideous. small fabric flowers that were handmade would have made this piece something to be proud of.

No. 527082

>initial sketch has one eyeball bc she is lazy
Well, at least she got something right.

No. 527083

"im my own client so i dont care"
"i was too lazy"


No. 527084

File: 1520866076824.png (203.98 KB, 1610x760, Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 10.4…)

this is common sense, sewing 101 type stuff

No. 527085

My mom has a fabric shop and people use that fabric Jillian used for carnival and Halloween costume. It’s REALLY cheap (like 3/4€ par meter)

No. 527086

I thought the same thing lol I love how she just didn't mention it…why didn't she go with an invisible zipper idgi

No. 527088

She's so fucking lazy. I would never post a video like this. It's honestly so embarrassing. I'm embarrassed for her.

She took so many shortcuts, used the excuse that she's a beginner (but she has won several costume contests in the past and she def didn't deserve them if this is the quality of her work), and that this was just for fun and practice. When things are for fun and practice that's the best time to try out more difficult techniques or work on things you're struggling with.

Jill's either not listening or doesn't have a clue what that person was trying to say to her.

No. 527090

Inb4 called a whiteknight but

Idk if this (or many of her other projects) are worth critising? Jill’s sewing is shit. Absolutely. But she’s a starter so it’s not that weird to be getting such ugly garments from her in these basic shapes (circle skirts, basic t shirts, ect). Jill doesn’t know anything about sewing. Certainly not enough to be able to design a dress and sew it. There is a possibility she might have better sewing projects in mind but can’t execute them due to the fact she doesn’t know how to.

That being said I believe she probably thinks she can sew. If anything that’s what I’d criticize. Not just that the garments are ugly. The delusion. It’s also worth pointing out that most people who go to fashion design school can’t sew. Knowing how to certainly helps but most don’t. How good Jill will be at her “dream job” will depend on her ability to design, not sew. Though she never shows anything purely design. I wonder why.

No. 527096

She most likely didn't use a zipper foot. You get that kind of gaping when you use a regular foot to sew a zipper.
She pisses me off so bad. This project doesn't take how ever many weeks she took, it's 3 days max even for a beginner, especially because shes following a commercial pattern.
Im self taught too and this isn't shit you need to go to school for. It's info that is provided in the manual for the sewing maching or you can find with a quick google search.

No. 527098

She's claimed to sew for six years and won enough costume craftmanship awards to be in the intermediate category. She's not a beginner. She just knows her quality is beginner level and that's why she also keeps entering contests at novice level.

And you do have to be able to sew to be a designer. You don't get to just go straight into design, more often than not you work for a designer before you get to be one which means you have to be able to pattern and sew.

No. 527103

As someone who is self taught and has been doing it as long as Jillian supposedly has - her excuse is kinda crap, if she just watched some tutorials and spent more time on it she'd be doing pretty good… Most people are self taught until they pursue it as a career.

Especially as >>527098 said she claims to have won awards and her cosplay don't look half as bad despite being hella more complicated. This is pure laziness on Jillian's behalf

No. 527105

She really thinks going to her crappy lil college is going to instantly turn her into an expert seamstress / 'designer' lol. She mentions how she made a dress last year for her bday and will now do it every year to see her progress. Like girl, if this is the progress you made in one year while living at home without having to go to work or study, only buying shit and making videos about it. What is you even doing?

No. 527106

>Zipper looks like shit. She should have got a green/invisible/or decorative one if she wanted it to be visible, but I don't think that was intentional.
>She could have got ribbon flower if she wanted them so badly.
>For God's sake say Versace correctly
>Waist is way too big
>The princess seams are badly puckered
>Despite lining she still should have serged
>Holy armhole gape Batman
>"I'm a new bby uwu don't judge me" "I'm used to doing better because I get judged for cosplay"
>Yes, you stretched the hem while you were sewing
>If she had lined the skirt it wouldn't have puckered
>She should have left in her failures if she wants to learn, not just the good parts
>She could have used green suede if she wanted grass texture

No. 527111

File: 1520868204646.png (16.07 KB, 830x124, pixielocks1.png)

snowflake on snowflake hate is always gold

No. 527115

File: 1520868383714.jpg (75.45 KB, 619x619, original_eva-may-1950s-styled-…)

holy shit I'm a sucker for 3D flower dresses and this is just offensive
I mean she used an existing pattern so the only 2 things she had to worry about were finding nice fabric for the dress and finding high quality fake flowers
you can get amazing quality fabric flowers on taobao for quite cheap and it would've made such a huge difference
if she went for something more lavish like pic related and just went full on flowery meadow the concept could've been quite cute, but these sparse few plastic flowers… disgusting

No. 527117

File: 1520868615678.jpg (61.82 KB, 1080x1349, tumblr_oncbmaMgME1qfdplwo1_128…)

Last years outfit she made for reference.

No. 527118

Before this I never have judged Jill for her sewing, I even think some of her cosplays look good. This is just a mess and I'd feel embarrassed putting this up as a "designer" for thousands to see.

No. 527122

File: 1520868991749.jpg (20.41 KB, 640x462, 1479702982134.jpg)

when does jillybean come to NYC again? i am tempted to abandon all my dignity & lurk outside the neon coated tourist trap that is dylan's candy bar just to get a glimpse of this swamp queen #lewk irl. the shade makes it look like she has hepatitis esp. w/ the yellow hair. ugh. i live.

No. 527130


Haven't seen the video but I almost guarantee that flower was placed at the bottom of the zip to hide some shitty craftsmanship

No. 527133

I'm so confused as to how she has all the time in the world yet chooses to do nothing to improve her skills and knowledge. She has zero work ethic. You think she'd get tired of sleepig all day then watching youtube and online shopping, but clearly this life works for her. She's always at micheals buying useless things, how hard is it to buy fabric, a bunch of sewing books, and sew something more than once a year. And she can't use her ignorance as an excuse as to why it looks bad, there is endless information online as well as books she can afford. And how she can claim she doesn't care because it's not cosplay is embarassing. You're going to be wearing it in NY at an event. Clearly doesn't care if everyone can see her looking like a hot mess in a half asses dress because there are no prizes involved. Top kek.

No. 527135

What thread is this person from? I never heard of her. This comment is funny as fuck though

No. 527137

i don't think she has her own thread on here, but she's been mentioned before because she's friends/interacts with other snowflakes. she does have her own PULL thread i believe

No. 527139

This one is such a classic. The cut off tee with pom poms glued on, the puppy surprise "purse". Ah, pure Jill cringe.

No. 527140

She caused a lot of drama on her instagram for doing an Anne Frank cosplay. People got pissed about it and she was very defensive. She is also pretty far up simply_kenna's ass, and now she's taken to shitting on Jill apparently.

No. 527143

jesus jill, maybe sew something more than once a year to 'flex' your creative muscles.
if this was your first project id be more accepting, but it isnt. so now youre just lazy? cheap plastic flowers? really? not even bothering to look into basic sewing shit? sounds more like someone who wants to run a cheap storenvy shop rather than becoming an actual designer.
the more she posts, the more i lose hope in her becoming a functional adult.
sage for useless rant

No. 527154

File: 1520871363340.png (1.26 MB, 1556x786, Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 11.1…)

Dumb thing that's bothering me that only yall would be nitpicky enough to entertain: the s in designer is upside down :(

No. 527162

'You're twenty years old calm down.' What does that even mean jilly bean?

No. 527186


No. 527199

I don't know about her drama, but I have to agree with her comment on Jill's video kek.

Anyone can see that dress isn't well sewn. How on earth do her calves think this remotely looks good?

No. 527209

Did this dumb cunt compare Jillian to people actually fought for human rights? This fucking unoriginal clown looking bitch is an inspirational to WOMEN????????

No. 527214

>Pretty sexy anime girl green dress summer lolita fairy kei rich girl long sleeveless rainbow goth

No. 527219

File: 1520876362071.jpg (105.21 KB, 634x428, 26FF0DBC00000578-3012017-image…)

No. 527222

I don't understand her process for this dress. It has 0 structure and she could've saved herself by using the satin as a lining. I think a fur dress might've been better for her but also it'd be super hot to wear indoors.

The flower tutorial from pinterest would've not only looked less CHEAP (not "handmade" as she put it) but also taught her not to take the cheap way out. These fake flowers and her button fiasco wasted time.

The dress could've been better and if she wasn't trying to go for such a slinky intermediate tier fabric then she could've done a great job. Maybe gingham? Something cotton based would've worked. She likes weird fabric, I'm sure she could've found something cool. There's plenty of tutorials online where she could've fixed the circle skirt hem situation where it wasn't a rippling mess.

No. 527229

>How good Jill will be at her “dream job” will depend on her ability to design, not sew. Though she never shows anything purely design. I wonder why.

She has no concept of design outside of her fantasy of "fashion designer" which, in her mind, consists of sewing solo in a little apartment above her street level independent shop. She's mentioned this as her "dream" many times before, she doesn't even grasp that she would need to hire a team to support her business and what the costs of operating would look like. She imagines that her online sales will be enough to support her career until retirement. Oh yeah, and her other very realistic dream was to be on project runway, which she'll "definitely apply for" after college and will be "very good on the show" because of her online following? I promise you she's said all of these things.

She never plans to work under another designer or for any company period. There are no internship opportunities at her college and no fashion networking in that town yet she doesn't care because she couldn't even see herself needing those opportunities. Do you remember her full time youtube vid announcement? She literally said "I might never have to work for anyone ever again".

No. 527230

File: 1520877210153.jpg (163.78 KB, 1071x716, Screenshot_20180312-175208.jpg)

I find it so funny that she favourited this like she sure as hell doesn't think this way about her own behaviour

No. 527243

Kek omg I can't help but rant rn because of all the ridiculous things I've heard her say over the years about actual fashion schools and yet has the nerve to upload THIS???

Her mother even flew out to Montreal with her to see Lasalle and drove out to Halifax to visit NSCAD, yet Jill found things to criticize about every damn school. I'm convinced it's because those schools focus on technical design and practical experience for the workplace. All of those schools have end-of-year fashion shows that are actually acclaimed and attract the local press, leading to job offers or continuing to Master Degrees at prestigious US/UK schools. They demand workplace or coop experience during their last year. THIS IS TOO MUCH WORK FOR JILL because she doesn't see herself being a true professional, she just wants to make crafts in a fucking basement, which explains all her laziness in every single project.

>jill regularly drives out to Halifax for shopping hauls and conventions

>complains it's too far from home for college
>complains it takes too much time and is too expensive (because it's an actual university)
>complains the design program doesn't teach the kind of design she wants
>complains it's textile-based (wtf)
>complains the jewelry/accessories program is focused on metalsmithing (wtf does she think jewelry is)
>complains about the interdisciplinary foundation year (that she desperately needs)

>vid related: the quality of design in the undergrad fashion show vs Jill standards


No. 527249

File: 1520878235779.jpg (32.38 KB, 533x386, clapclap.JPG)


I know Jill does that because of showing her selfmade crap at special events like her birthday etc BUT I just remembered the thing about her prom (?) dress that she made for this also special event and after that she said that it wasn't well done and therefore she hated it.

Even though I don't see Jill progress a lot in the near future, she will mostly likely have the same feelings towards this mess >>527065 and this >>527117 . I would practice like crazy to make it look decent as possible or at least work with fabric that isn't that hard to work with when you are at Jills level of sewing and you know that you will look back at those photos in a few years and think: Fuck, what a mess.

Idk but just don't get it, it feels and looks like she only sews one piece per year and calls it a day.

No. 527252

File: 1520878424514.jpg (42.27 KB, 595x597, prom.JPG)


samfagging but this is the prom dress I was talking about

No. 527253

She actually said that she hates the birthday outfit she made last year, she basically hated it as soon as she finished it and didn't even end up wearing it on her birthday because of that lol.

No. 527257

Really? She wore that ugly fucking pom pom top all the time

No. 527259

Yeah she mentioned it in a stream a while ago, I think she really disliked the skirt and never wore the full outfit in Japan (no idea how she thinks the shirt was any better).
I think she ended up disliking the prom dress too.

No. 527282

She looks like a special needs child in last years outfit.

No. 527287

File: 1520880815006.jpg (772.44 KB, 1080x1543, Screenshot_20180312-185225.jpg)

No. 527289


Wrong thread?

No. 527296

I don't understand to be honest why Jill doesn't just settle for starting up a small Storenvy or Etsy brand or something. I mean, I know why. That's not speshul or important enough for her. But honestly? She should, because she could actually be fairly successful that way. I mean, she already has a fanbase. Those same people would buy her cheap clothes. Pretty simple. And because people would practically pay for just the fact it's made by her, she could be as lazy as she wants. She should just do that as a side job hobby sort of thing, then do something else as her main work. I'm hoping that MAYBE once reality bites her in the ass and it becomes obvious she won't become a great fashion designer who can make a living off doing that, maybe she'll consider something like that.

No. 527310

She’s too lazy to keep up an Etsy store

No. 527334


how did she say versace incorrectly? i mean her accent isn't perfect but it's ver-sa-chay, not ver-sa-chi like most people mispronounce it

No. 527336

She will not last a day in the fashion industry. I don't think Jill realises that you can't just throw anything on a form and hope it sticks. One of the first things they teach you is to use invisible zips and the excuse 'I'm my own client' won't be a reasonable excuse. Her style of drawing won't be acceptable either. I know so many people including myself who drew in a similar style and it was hammered into us straight away that it will need to change and fast. You would think that six or so years of practice would be enough to show even the smallest bit of improvement, it takes a lot more than simply owning a serger.

No. 527337

>>527289 it's not the wrong thread. This girl came second in the kawaii contest Jill won. I just find it interesting how Jill isn't going aswell.

No. 527339

>>527296 she did have her own store during her Lolita days. It sold very overpriced hot glued accessories. I dont think anyone actually purchased anything tho.

No. 527353

I'd like to thank Jill for giving me a video I can go back to when I feel down about my own work. At least I didn't make this

No. 527355

because invisible zippers take longer and require skill….

No. 527358

ohh no i didnt notice that but now im weeping

No. 527391

There's no way in hell she pinned and iron that… It's definitely a roll hem. That user could be right as well about her needle being too dull. Jill is a moron.

No. 527403

She had both an esty and storenvy during her princess phase that was called 'pixie & cherie'. I think she abandoned them when she got signed to maker studios because of their spreadshirt partnership? Anyways afterwards she had spreadshirt and now redbubble I think.

So she's been making a profit from her youtube audience since day 1. The only difference is that her old stores had crafts and accessories for lolitas whereas now it's just generic merch.

No. 527410

The Facebook page for the store is still up
- https://www.facebook.com/pixieetcherie/

No. 527419

People who have a passion for design make more than one thing a year. She just likes wearing 'pretty' clothes. She'll drop out of college in a matter of weeks.

No. 527426

Her skirt looks like she didn't cut the thread that holds the pleats together.

No. 527441

File: 1520894493165.jpg (77.62 KB, 636x960, 10996049_1430074087289530_8323…)

example of a headpiece she sold on storenvy

No. 527446

File: 1520894690735.png (604.33 KB, 960x888, pixie.png)

why is she charging so much for that headpiece??

No. 527495

No. 527521

File: 1520898688259.jpg (816.39 KB, 2805x4208, KG040x5.jpg)

Good lort, when she starts complaining about how long it would've taken her to handmake flowers to sew on the dress, I was rolling my eyes so hard. It reminded me of Erin from Project Runway - she made intricate little things to sew on her designs on the show and they were given 24-48 hours to create pieces, meanwhile Jill whines about how making basic craft flowers would take too much time. Girl, if you don't want to put in effort to create quality things, you're in the wrong field.

She starts acting like she's going so ~over the top~ by sewing extra things onto her dress, like… many designers do this. Jill, you are not special for adding designs to a dress.

No. 527544

File: 1520900160524.jpg (158.45 KB, 1200x900, JOp2nkb.jpg)

When I see this mess, pic related is all I see… I'm pretty sure I made this reference to The Loved Ones before but it's just too accurate lmao


No. 527573

File: 1520903343179.png (173.21 KB, 750x1334, 65FA07B6-70F7-48BF-B3AD-3683BD…)

Oh boy

No. 527574

Because her retarded wandfucker followers will spend their parental bux on it, and she knows it.

No. 527606

How about you go to actual drag shows and support actual real life drag queens you absolute mong???

No. 527612

I love this dress, bc it even has sleeves like Jill’s sketch. No doubt she didn’t add them because she didn’t know how.

No. 527615

Not really? just use a zipper foot. Jill can't even do that though.

No. 527871

Girl lives on the east coast of Canada where a lot of the population still gets uneasy if they see a person who even appears to be dressed on the fringes of the societal norms

No. 527885

she drives for hours to go to Forever 21, if she cared she would go to an actual drag show

No. 527896

Yeah there's a decently big drag community in halifax and I've even seen some of jill's friends/acquaintances do drag in PEI so idgi

No. 527899

how long before jill does a drag makeup “lewk” video kek

No. 527920

This is Jill we’re talking about here, we know that she doesn’t care about drag. You shouldn’t care if she doesn’t “support” any events because it’s just a trend for her.

No. 527955

hopefully never

you can only have so much milk to laugh at until it becomes depressing

No. 528034

Wait, what the fuck. She didn't show herself making the dress at all. It's just her fat clown face gabbing about why she cut corners while making it.

No. 528037

Yeah, why in the world it says "sew with me" in the thumbnail is beyond me.

No. 528060

File: 1520962441730.jpg (142.1 KB, 1079x435, Screenshot_20180313-173404.jpg)

Brace yourself

No. 528063

File: 1520962550653.jpg (253.84 KB, 1080x1027, Screenshot_20180313-173554.jpg)

No. 528064

File: 1520962579943.jpg (41.14 KB, 604x455, 1497998501366.jpg)

oh no…

No. 528067

File: 1520962715457.jpg (209.71 KB, 1080x763, Screenshot_20180313-173829.jpg)

>>528060 oh god

No. 528069

File: 1520962882635.jpg (237.79 KB, 1080x932, Screenshot_20180313-174008.jpg)

More confirmation of her drinking alone possibly??

No. 528074

File: 1520963165119.jpg (86.26 KB, 396x359, 1493773748874.jpg)

This Jill saga is taking unexpected turns.
Full blown alcoholic 'sexy' clown drag queen when?

Even though the whole '''bio queen''' thing seems oddly fitting for her since she said before she craves attention and just wants to look as obnoxious/clown like as possible, maybe then she'll finally stop pretending that her style is 'kawaii'/J-fash related at all.

No. 528079

Fucking knew this would happen. Classic Jill to take something she knows absolutely nothing about and make it all about her.

No. 528086

I expect 20 year olds to drink a lot (particularly those who are actually in uni/college and going to parties), but getting drunk alone on a Monday is seriously depressing. I hope she's just having some wine with dinner and getting tipsy because of her meds, and not full out binge drinking. Of course, Jill could also be doing that whole "LOOK AT ME! I DRINK! I'M EDGY!" thing most people grow out of in their teens.

No. 528100

Yeah I thought a lot of anons were being too nitpicky/sheltered with Jill's normal teenage drinking but drinking alone on a monday is worrying lmao

No. 528109

Sad that Jill has to brag about drinking to her band of misfit followers. She's gonna age sooo bad.

No. 528122

File: 1520968096177.jpg (410.44 KB, 1074x1512, Screenshot_20180313-190645.jpg)

She's not sticking to her schedule this week what a surprise

No. 528123

>>528086 she said her drink of choice is vodka cranberry. Jill drinking alone is depressing because she constantly tweets about her depression and I get the impression that drinking makes her temporarily happy. That's a slippery slope. It's obviously normal for young adults to drink a lot, or people to have a drink with their meal, but Jill isn't doing that.

No. 528125

How's she going to do drag? She can't even apply her eyeshadow properly, drag requires more effort than she's willing to spend.

No. 528126

Jill reminds me of Kevin Spacey's 'gay' announcement. She's such a massive attention whore and every single thing that minority groups have has to be made about her. She's like the greatest definition/example of what tumblr bloggers complain about when they mention culture appropriation and whatnot at the hands of bored white people kek

No. 528129

so instead of prerecording videos like a proper ~full time youtuber~ would do before her trip she is getting drunk

No. 528220

I’m going to have to start publicallyncallijnhernoutnnfornhow much of a fucking mess that she looks like

No. 528252

File: 1520975917813.jpg (522.99 KB, 1077x1352, Screenshot_20180313-211813.jpg)

Possible nitpick but you can see the mint still in her hair yikes even a professional can't save her

No. 528260

Where? Under the scrunchy? That could possibly be reflective lighting from the mint scrunchy itself.

I'm not really sure though. I haven't seen enough photos of her new hair yet

No. 528331

Poor Jill really is attention desperate and the worst part of its the fact she gets support from her idiotic followers for her shitty behavior. Kek What is her need for so much attention to the point that she publicly embarrasses herself for it? She must have some mental illness to behave like this. She really does remind me of Simply Kenna.

Sage for rant

No. 528354

It's gross but it's a perfect storm. She has so much makeup she barely uses, she needs to get as much attention as possible for being SOOO GAAAAAAY YOU GUYS, she loves gaudy clothing, theater, and throwing her money around. She has no cohesive style or makeup skills or like…brand or message or anything that needs to be expressed through drag. Like being worshipped by tons of young weebs isn't enough attention for her? She has to take on a platform for people who experience real oppression.

No. 528378

lol i hope she does and gets bullied the fuck out. lots of people dont like bio queens, let alone straight queens (which we all know shes straight). she's in for it if she tries.

No. 528508

File: 1520994026312.png (19.92 KB, 477x63, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 7.16…)

No. 528587

Wait…correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Jill see drag as problematic at one point?

No. 528654

Yes, and then she backpedalled because she wanted to watch RPDR.

No. 528736

File: 1521011107590.jpg (37.24 KB, 567x347, DR8NFLPVAAIxsx4.jpg)


>two weeks ago she had never seen rpdr.

>week later she's claiming to be in love with drag queens and shit.
>day later, she's back to her so quirky and gay persona even though she has already admitted she's not a lesbian and leans more towards men partners multiple times.
>as of today, she's already a drag queen wanna be.

she's so predictable it hurts. she can't just watch a show or listen to an album and shut up. she needs to feel like she's the most special and realest fan ever. just like her "budhist phase" or the "lesbian phase", the punk phase, the ita phase the anime girl shtick etc etc etc… this drag queen phase is going to be so god damn cringy and try hard. i'm already barfing. lacey noel teas, she's not going to get anywhere in the drag scene, just going to get laughed at and start her MUA phase or whatever.

No. 528808

How long till Jill starts to throwing drag slang? I thought she was “uwu no tea”

No. 528814

i'm not armchair diagnosing but it's supposedly a big huge BPD thing to always need to be ~THE MOST~ at everything. totally agree with you on everything here

No. 528856

Heck if I wasn't working I'd join you and I'm right near dylans. Odds are I may see her and her mom at some point because I work in a big tourist trap and everyone wants to come in and take pictures.

No. 528857

God every plain basic white girl on the internet is obsessing over rupauls dragrace and suddenly wanna be drag queens now, and gets all offended when "omg people dunt respect meh as a dragqueen" even though drag isn't just putting bad makeup on and going YAAAS QUEEN HONEY SPILL THE TEA SIS WERK at any given moment no matter the context… God we all like dragrace, its not special and it doesn't make you quirky and it doesn't magically make you lgbt.
You're right, Jill loving dragrace is absolutely predictable.

No. 528862

No. 528889

what's the bet she's gonna go full trixie stan simply for the aesthetic

No. 528901

my bet's on she's gonna dislike Trixie because people assume she'll like her and have some dumb reason why she doesn't like her. And stan some relatively unpopular queen because she's a uwu super "support small queens" drag fan

No. 528906

true, lisa frank all over again. but god would it be funny to see her attempt trixie makeup

No. 528912