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No. 358751

General Video Game discussion, aside from games that have their own threads.
What are you currently playing, what you are looking forward to, favorite games, favorite consoles, gamer set discussion, reviews, praises, complaints, questions, etc.

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No. 358979

Got Titanfall 2 with PS+ a while back and finally beat it.
Story is cliche and lame but the parkour is so fun, it's too bad they got so much success with Apex Legends that they probably gave up on making another game with a single player campaign.
When the last merc just gets away after slapping the 'APEX' card down, fff.
And I knew something was going to happen to BT because I got minorly spoiled, but then they fake out killing him only to really kill him 10 minutes later… but then the weird helmet beeping in the after credits scene that'll lead to nothing now.

Now It's Doom Eternal next.
And anybody played Control? I have that from PS+ too and I saw a cool screenshot recently so I feel I should play that soon.

No. 359105

Control is great - a fun mash up of x files type inspo with a consistently creepy brutalist aesthetic. If you enjoy it, the story and characters overlap in a lot of other Remedy games, so you've got lots of post game options!

No. 359180

Somebody mentioned Chants of Sennaar last thread, it looked cool and I've been meaning to try out the demo. Immediately mistook the glyph for 'you' as 'river'…
But it's still easy enough to finish the objective just by there only being a few things you can interact with.
I'll play it sometime.

But it reminds me that if it was some old game without achievements I'd just pirate it without thinking. But now if I want the achievements I have to buy it, but also I don't know if I should get it on Steam/PSN/or the Microsoft Store if it's there.

No. 359185

File: 1709182612948.jpg (1.19 MB, 2400x1350, 1e6e0b547a00e768e9c67263fedd6c…)

What was the last game you got truly obsessed with? I'm talking shovelling 150+ hours into it no problem in a matter of weeks level obsessed. I'm not in a good place lately and need something to really take me out of it.
My last one was picrel when it released.

No. 359305

Which of the first two Silent hill is worth playing? I was waiting to play the remake instead but it seems like people are not liking it so I wonder if it would be better to play the original games instead. Also does it have jumpscares? I hate those kek

No. 359311

If you like shooting games and old school SCPs you’ll probably love Control.

No. 359321

File: 1709223082820.jpg (41.3 KB, 650x650, Silent-Hill.jpg)

They're both worth playing in my opinion. They have selectable difficulty levels, so you should be able to get through them even if you aren't used to survival horror.The first game has tank controls but you'll soon get used to them.
There aren't too many deliberate jump scares from what I remember. In both games you have a radio that plays static when monsters are near, so it's rare that they'll catch you completely by surprise.

No. 359322

File: 1709223165846.jpg (143.06 KB, 1600x800, H2x1_NSwitch_OuterWilds_image1…)

Definitely Outer Wilds. I finally got around to playing it and for once the hype is well deserved. I got so into it I ended up dreaming about what I was gonna do next in the game kek. Worth forcing myself to play despite having a bad case of motion sickness with first person games

No. 359345

File: 1709229279524.png (1.09 MB, 640x900, image.png)

i'd really recommend all three as the first game was really fantastic at setting up the whole series in regards to the lore of silent hill and the cult especially which isn't really explored in 2 but just used as a jumping off point. 2 is fantastic as a standalone game, but i feel like you really are missing a lot if you don't know the underlying lore of the town even if it works. I'd 110% recommend the 3rd one if you play the games, it follows up on the story started in 1 and the mc Heather is one of my favourite female characters of all time along with Claudia. it brings the series to a very satisfying conclusion and if you ignore the following games, you could see the ending of the 3rd game being the end of it all.
the first one is really, really old feeling though so if that's a turn-off then maybe watch a "movie the game" of the 1st one then play the others. it's not a bad game at all, it's just rather janky if you're not used to older games. make sure auto-aim is on for 1 and 2 at least, trust me, it's not about skill kek
also get a map or no-spoiler list of the things you need to get the good+ endings, in the first game you can very easily miss a required object for the good ending. no idea on the other games as i didn't play them without a guide after the first one. oh the old days of gaming where you had to read the dev's mind lol

No. 359380

I personally like the first 4 games. They were all made by the same devs and are coherent even if they aren't necessarily a linear story. The first game is great to understand the setting. Though you can play 2 separately, it's much more interesting if you understand some of the lore behind it. 3 is a sequel to 1 and I like how it wraps up. 4 is much different than the others, when it came out some people hated it, but I still like it very much and recommend it. I also suggest getting the different endings for them, though some are tricky to get, follow a guide if you need, what influences the endings can be very subtle and have no indication on the game. Any game after those 4 I wouldn't touch.

No. 359381

Samefag to add, the 4 games are centered around the city and the cult. So at least watching the gameplay for the first game is a must. It's the game that explain it's origin and sets the motion for all others to happen.

No. 359430

I loved this game, it was beautiful and haunting, and after I played it I got super into learning about quantum mechanics. So fun and creepy.

No. 359444

I've bought FF12 for my Switch Lite three months ago (since my old PS2 version of the game decided by 2010 to stop working on me) and I've already put 68 hours into it. There's just the mechanic "right weather to trigger hunts" that's being frustrating right now so I've switched to Ni no Kuni 2, which I bought on sale last week or the week before, and I've already put 48-48 hours into it.

No. 359447

AYRT, can you or another nonna tell me what's so compelling about it?
I've heard about this game several times and I'm definitely interested, but every time it comes with the caveat of "don't read anything about it" so I'm scared to look things up in case I spoil myself. Being able to make an informed purchase would be great, though.

No. 359452

if you want as much information as possible this video might be enough.
I played it last year and I loved it, it really felt like I was on some beautiful, immersive journey through space and ancient civilizations and making strange alien friends. it does have a huge "optimistic nihilism" theme though and a few puzzles so if you hate the sound of that maybe avoid it.

No. 359620

File: 1709358815498.png (461.96 KB, 638x421, Screenshot 2024-03-01 215428.p…)

No. 359626

Everyone always mentions Outer Wilds, nobody mentions Outer Worlds.

VN/Otome/BL thread, god I hate these omni western VN's. Just focus well on one demo instead.

No. 359634

ugly as fuck style

No. 359637

it looks good for westshit but westshit vns are never good. since most are made by reddit millennials with that retarded self aware, self deprecating sense of humor, they all read like they're embarrassed about being vns, which put another way means they ham everything up and read like they expect the players to feel cringe for playing them. and then they always add in troonery on top of that. not even once.

No. 359640

I've been playing all kinds of VNs for years and I'm not beyond playing trashier ones kek. somewhat interested in how it plays out because the origin system reminds me a bit of Dragon Age and I wonder if it will do anything interesting with it and the horror elements. probably not gonna touch it until the full game comes out.
I played both and and Wilds eclipsed World for me.

No. 359648

File: 1709375199274.jpg (74.33 KB, 818x864, 1692890004839.jpg)

Has anyone tried using a voice modifier for games with VC? is that even a thing? i bought an extremely moidish game and i really want to play it but i dread moids hearing my voice

No. 359671

Back in the Destiny 1 days, I (and many other women) would use the ps3’s built in voice changer. It mostly worked for me because I’m an alto. But, if you have a very soft and feminine voice, just pitching your voice down with the default pitch tools won’t sound natural. Look into something like Voicemod if that’s the case for you.

No. 359708

File: 1709403247067.jpg (125.92 KB, 950x534, Wilds-5.jpg)

i couldn't get into this game because the style is so damn ugly to me. this alien species is revolting

No. 359889

Anons, what kind of games are you good at, and what genres do you avoid because you can't play them?
I'm mediocre when it comes to my favourite genres, like RPGs and all that, but I think I'm good at collecting/crafting games, grindy games and dungeon crawlers.
On the other hand, I'm shit at FPS/shooting/aiming games (except for games where you hunt like Horizon Zero Dawn) and puzzle games like Tetris, Puyo Puyo, etc.
I think this is probably because I don't have good reflexes and my brain doesn't react fast, kek. I prefer games where I can set the pace and think things through.

No. 359894

Good at most games I'd say, 'general gamer skill' which sounds so stupid. Bad at MOBA's and I dislike online multiplayer games in general so I've never gotten good at them. Bad at JRPG's in the sense that I don't have patience for them any longer.

No. 359906

I'm horrid at mobas, specifically the 5v5 maps where each player has a specific role. I could never learn to coordinate well or bothered figuring out how each role should divide their time despite how formulaic it all is really. I played smite before a lot but I mostly stuck to assault, arena and 3v3 which I did fine at. I sucked at dota kek
On the other hand, I'm good at anything that is 3rd person and is action combat and requires quick reflexes and learning boss attack patterns. I also enjoy those types of games the most. I revel in the part where you memorize the whole fight for the first time and you don't have to rely on your thinking at all, it's just pure reflexes. Sends an adrenaline rush.
Everything else, it really depends.

No. 359915

NTA lol you barely even interact with them after the tutorial. You spend most of the game alone

No. 359921

I can't parry, so I can't get into action games that are heavy on that like Dark Souls etc.
Also don't like RTS kind of games cause it's just too slow and I'm not great at thinking ahead
Even though I'm only ok at FPS games and can't play on higher difficulties I still find them really fun though.

No. 359963

> what kind of games are you good at
RPGs, fighting games (Tekken, Super smash bros, Soul Calibur etc.), "racing" games (Mario kart etc.), casual puzzle games (We love Katamari, Warioware, Mario Party etc.), platformers (Hollow knight, Tomb raider etc ), retro gaming (like old NES/SNES/PSone/Game Boy color games I grew up on), text based games and visual novels.

>what genres do you avoid because you can't play them

FPSs and most war/shoot IRL opponents third person shooters cuz I can't aim for shit. The only ever exception in all my gaming life was RE4 cuz my youngest sister bought the game and was blocked at the first mission and wouldn't continue playing after I helped her and I wanted to know how the story continued. Any real racing games cuz fuck that shit, same with all the sports simulation games, fucking hate it. MMO, whether it's a MoBA like League of Legends or MMORPG because I grew up on console gaming, we had the internet late and I had enough games on console to entertain myself. The only MMO back then we would do IRL was fighting games, Eye Toy 3 or Wii sports bowling (those who know, know).
Stealth games. Played some MGS as a kid, always sucked at the stealth. I remember even my father gifting my a Splinter cell game, never even moved on from the tutorial.
And finally horror games. I'm too much of a flake to play them, I can only watch people play. I remember having a PS2 demo of Forbidden Siren and I could legit not move from the spot where the character, a little girl, was hiding in a cursed and haunted hospital to get to the elevator because the atmosphere was too goddamn scary.

No. 359964

Puzzle games, card games, horror games, roguelikes, strategy games and 3rd person action games. I'm not good at shooters, just average. I can get by without too much trouble.
Fighting games, online shooters and mobas. I'm dogshit at these 3. I'll never play them. I dont understand fighting games, mobas are the most boring thing on earth to me, and online shooters are just annoying. The only shooter I've enjoyed was TF2 and I sucked ass, had to play pyro or engie all the time.

No. 359983

>What games are you good at
I'm really good at rhythm games, 2d platformers. Ok with bullet hell, MOBAs (unwillingly from being forced to play hours of LoL with friends), RPGs, strategy games like civ

>What games are you bad at

Pretty much all shooters especially PvP. Competitive PvP in general tbh. Splatoon is the exception but it's so different from every other shooter out there. Soulslike games, mainly because memorizing a boss's moveset after countless deaths is not fun for me. Card games like MTG and hearthstone too.

No. 359994

What do nonnies think about the recent layoffs from a bunch of companies over the past few days?

No. 359999

File: 1709520356448.jpg (55.67 KB, 640x640, c7b6a93f4e620d60fd4bc4388e2db6…)

anon jsyk you don't need to parry to play soulsborne games (except sekiro.) i have thousands of combined hours in dark souls, bloodborne and elden ring and i have parried maybe like 2 times. join us!

No. 360009

You talking about playing as a mage or something else? I thought parrying was sorta essential to melee in those games. There's other reasons I don't play them though, no difficulty selector, medieval fantasy aesthetic, super minimal storytelling.

Any examples?
That whole thing with Eidos and the Embracer Group is because they were expecting a giant investment from some Saudi's that fell through, but maybe that was a good thing.
I was sorta annoyed with so many companies being bought by Microsoft and Sony buying Bungie, but it's probably good to have a stable money base behind them.

No. 360010

yeah magic and such are all very strong in dark souls/elden ring, so is simply dodging or using a shield to block. they aren't THAT hard, just require a little more brainpower than buttonmashing the first time you play through, so i try to tell anyone interested in them to not listen to elitist dudebros and check them out

No. 360018

File: 1709526719140.png (7.6 MB, 3840x2160, image.png)

Any cardfags here?

No. 360082

Not that anon but, even though magic is a good alternative for those who don't want to bother with melee combat, parrying isn't necessary at all; rolling is enough. You can also go for a sturdy shielding build if you want even more leniency with the combat.
I know the Dark Souls games have a reputation of being super hard, but they really aren't, they just require a little bit of patience

No. 360084

hell yeah, do you play Hearthstone?

No. 360114

I only duel in yugioh

No. 360140

Thank you nonnies!

I'm more familiar with SH 4 because of that retarded circumcision theory some scrote made kek
Personally I liked it

No. 360142

The nonas are gonna kill me but I thing the art style is fine.
I do find it funny that the girl looking character with white hair is a they/them kek. Of course.

No. 360151

File: 1709579451911.jpg (205.62 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Anybody else playing Unicorn Overlord's demo? It's the first strategy JRPG in a while that I think I can really disappear into, and I feel spoiled knowing that SaGa Emerald Beyond (I just trust that I'll always like SaGa releases at this point) is also coming out in April. The plot of UO seems mid but the gameplay loop is already addicting + it's the first Vanillaware title in a genre I really like. Could a girl ask for more?

No. 360152

Also, usual coomershit disclaimer. Yeah, I know what Vanillaware's female designs can be like and have already seen a retarded one in the demo. You gotta pick your battles and I'm gonna give it a pass this time.

No. 360155

I'm bad at 1vs1 games so I thought I was just shit at competitive games, but turns out I actually do really great in teams and I'm even able to carry a bad team by myself lol I'm not sure why

No. 360157

File: 1709581105526.png (159.94 KB, 422x237, The_Coffin_of_Andy_and_Leyley_…)

I have bad taste but I'm liking this edgy little game and looking forward to Chapter 3.

No. 360158

>Also, usual coomershit disclaimer.
Not directed at you nona, but reading your post it just hit me that men spend their entire lives never having to consider if a game is worth it over coomershit that objectifies them. There is just no equivalent, the only games with "sexy" males are like little joke games with body builder characters that look like that as a joke. I don't even know how I would explain it to a male to make him understand, they don't get why it's so draining to see it. Closest thing I can think of is that it would be like telling a leftoid/rightoid to play a really great game, with the only catch being that every character in the game is an outspoken supporter of the opposite political side of them even though it's fully unrelated to the plot. Rightoids can't even handle seeing a person wearing a mask in public, and try getting a leftoid to admit a troon is a man… they just full on rage.

No. 360159

>blackpill political sperging in the video game thread
can you take this back to /ot/

No. 360167

Wouldn't the more obvious equivalent be Yaoi scenes?
If a game was great but had unavoidable gay sex scenes, most men would as uncomfortable with that as women are with busty fanservice characters.

No. 360175

Game's target audience is usually males. They are used to being pandered by default. When they feel threatened they act korean levels of raging fits.

No. 360177

Haven't we already found that to be true even as a rumour like what was in a FF game was rumoured to have a gay sex scene and males went crying.

No. 360188

Yeah they are so used to being the default which is why their trantrums are even bigger when 1 tiny thing doesnt go their way

No. 360194

It was in FF16 and the rumors were wrong, we just see Dion kissing his bf/bodyguard. Tbh I get why the rumor started, the game was banned entirely in some Middle Eastern countries just because of the kiss and game journalist tried to guess why before the game got released.

No. 360196

I started fooling around with RPG Maker XP since it was free a few weeks ago. Anyone have experience using RPG makers? Are they good? I'm not looking to do anything fantastic with it, nor am I looking to depend on it for anything other than hobby. Is XP in particular a good one? Or any comments about that rpg maker or any at all, because I'm new to the idea of utilizing one to create little projects for funsies

No. 360200

The character designs look really uninspired. I'm gonna pass.

No. 360201

You sound amazing. I blood dark souls 1 and 2, but cant for the life of me get through Elden ring. I am up to Malenia. I dont know what I am doing wrong. Maybe I should change my class?

No. 360224

Welp yuzu and citra are officially dead and this will probably lead to other emulators falling

No. 360240

Nintendo has always been more litagious about this kind of stuff so it was only a matter of time. The links are still out there though, and maybe some other devs will take over.
It's not like retroarch and all those older emulators will ever go down. And it's only possible to hack not stand alone emulate PS3 and up so Sony/Microsoft probably don't care as much.

No. 360244

Homebrewed my switch so I’ve been playing games I wouldn’t buy because I’m broke and not a fan of the genre.
World of Horror is so fun! I love it so much even if I’m confused out of my mind, working out the mechanics has kept me engaged if a little frustrated and I’m finally unlocking stuff. The art is fantastic and every time I play I’m excited to find out what’s next or if I’ll find something knew, finally solve a goddam puzzle I’ve been confused about or missing items for. Does anyone know any other games like this? Not even necessarily horror genre.

No. 360245

They’re open source, they’ll probably pop back up. That kind of things like playing whack-a-mole.

No. 360247

>it's only possible to hack not stand alone emulate PS3
Have you ever heard of RPCS3?

Anyways it's always funny to see emulation fanboys seething whenever nintendo does something. Sure they're stingy as fuck and act like assholes when they feel like it, but yuzu had it coming when the TOTK leaks happened.

No. 360248

Actually hadn't heard, but I don't really keep up with this stuff.
Apparently MGS4 is buggy though. Can't think of another PS3 exclusive that would be worth playing.

No. 360252

This was me until I actually played it and realized it wasn't that kind of game. The focus is definitely on the innovative combat. It plays like a beautiful blend of Fire Emblem and Growlanser.

No. 360316

AYRT, yeah it still has a ways to go but I guess that's expected when it's the PS3, that thing was known for being a pain to develop for kek.

No. 360342

>>359620 played the demo months ago and was interested and enjoyed my time. Liked the everytime we touched cover until I found out it was by Dan from the Game Grumps

No. 360527

File: 1709740258516.jpg (106.62 KB, 600x900, tumblr_23b8f63894c2435708bc4d7…)

nonas, what are your favourite obscure/not well known games? i adore the last door, it hits basically every trope i love, plus the pixel art style looks great. i wish there was still hope for a season 3, but oh well.

No. 360532

same nonnie. i like the annoying edgy humor, plus i think the branching paths in ch3 are going to be really interesting.

No. 360577

File: 1709766366843.jpeg (5.58 KB, 259x195, images.jpeg)

Nonnies is it possible to jailbreak/pirate a ps3 super slim?
I wanna play a goddamn game I've been wanting to get since I was young but I can't find it anywhere and my pc can't run the emulator.

I'm afraid of doing something irreparable to my ps3 but I want to play new games kek

No. 360578

Depends on the firmware I think.
Look it up on the emulation wiki or piracy reddit or something.

No. 360579

Hell yeah, I played this game years ago and I'm rather bummed out that there doesn't seem to be a free version available anymore. Have you played any of the Chzo Mythos games? That's the closest series I can think of to The Last Door.

No. 360592

PSXplace should have some resources you can also look up the ps3dev wiki, I think that has sections for jailbreaking. Hope you find what you need, cause I've had a lot of fun with pirated games on my regular slim that's running HEN! And if you ever get an external drive for your system, I recommend irismanager, it lets the console read drives that aren't in FAT32, which has a small file size limit.

No. 360598

Have you been following the dev updates, anon? It looks like Andrew's going to get himself in hot water with the demon, at least in the Burial path. I'm guessing Ashley will need to save his dumb ass.

No. 360626

>Nonnies is it possible to jailbreak/pirate a ps3 super slim?
I last remember doing this for my ex by ordering some kind of usb jailbreaking device online and then following fairly simple instructions. It's been a decade since then though, maybe simpler ways exist now. I don't think this is a process you can fuck up that easily, I jailbroke a few psps and ps3's as a 12 year old and never fucked something up, I believe in you.

No. 360694

They're great, I'm not too familiar with the newer versions but all the classics were made with either XP or 2003, the potential is limitless and it's pretty easy to get the hang of it if you mess around for a bit or see a short tutorial, it's all very intuitive.

No. 360743

Depends on the firmware, however I warn you it's harder and more of a headache than a "fat" older ps3.

No. 360994

Yay I'm glad, I've been messing around with it and will likely mess around more this weekend.
Anyway is anyone excited for the new Stardew Valley update coming out March 19th?

No. 361026

Yaaa could be less coomer in design but the game really is that good that I'm gonna say please give the demo a try if you're a fan of the genre at all. The story is meh overall but certain characters and side stories are enjoyable. Battles are automated but you set up the squads and conditions. I'm just about able to promote my classes and I'm sooo excited

No. 361066

File: 1709983331699.png (92.21 KB, 291x359, 1360.png)

Nonnies, i miss playing fps games and i might try Counter Strike 2 but i have no experience with it and i have a bit of anxiety at the thought of interacting with retards, how was your experience with it?
I just feel like hoppin in because it's free, also i don't know if it was only an EU thing but i hope it doesn't pair me with too many slavic loser moids.

No. 361136

File: 1710006544291.jpg (31.12 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

AYRT, I got the game and have been crazy addicted, it's so fun! I don't mind the story being meh, I find the characters more enjoyable than anticipated and the gameplay loop is just perfect for my brain. And despite the coomery elements to some of the female designs, there's still at least a wide enough variety that I'm seeing plenty of women I can personally get into… I'm in love with picrel and Berenice. What units/builds have you been enjoying?
I really recommend any nonna curious tries the demo! Definitely one of the best demos I've played in years, with how much freedom and content it offers you.

No. 361154

strange to complain about moids when you post a gross moidy picture

No. 361166

Strange to complain about me liking something that seems moidy when i want to play an fps game…
Anyway i gave in and it wasn't that bad, i don't feel forced to interact with anyone but i wish i didn't have to hear those usual slavic moids chimping out

No. 361209

Plenty of women enjoy Love Live totally innocently? I remember when I was younger I didn't even realize I wasn't the target audience until I saw the audience in a live concert recording

No. 361250

you're insufferable

No. 361337

Dungeon Keepers is on sale on steam, playing number 2 at the moment and it's just a bit of simple fun, do recommend.

No. 361354

Play valorant or overwatch instead, they have a larger female playerbase

No. 361536

Rhythm games Osu, DJ Max, any Miku game, Guitar Hero (especially drums) I can pick up super quick
SoulBorne but that's because I just keep trying until something works
Fighting games. I've tried but either special moves is too hard to do or it's too hard to remember
Shooters. It feels like chance rather than skill when you get the drop on someone
Rhythm games where I have to sing. I can't sing. My voice is terrible

No. 361539

just started Palia on switch, seems okay but seems like it may get boring after a while? Also the lack of people on the servers kind of sucks

No. 361576

Rpgs, rpgs that involve strategy or just general strategy (CKII?), platformers; honestly I mostly play rpgs. Fallout games, elder scrolls games, mgs games, etc. Fps? If the shootings parts of those games count as fps then yes, I'm pretty decent. Survival strategy games (Rimworld?), just mainly action games I think
Multiplayer except mmorpg because I just personally don't like most multiplayer. Unless it's team based and without vc.

No. 361701

i feel like a kid on christmas day every time a new devlog gets posted. i really have no fucking clue what'll happen next, but i can't wait to see what's up with the police, will they get caught or not? plus i think they'll be going after julia next, especially in burial.

No. 361811

File: 1710190171281.jpg (254.15 KB, 1524x1899, lost-judgement.jpg)

I just bought this game on super sale and I am loving it so far. Why are the yakuza type games so much fun?

No. 361902

I consider myself good at puzzle games and shooters. I have a knack for min/maxing resource games and ending up in places earlier then I should in rpgs because I tend to play ranged/stealth and sneak everywhere.
I suck at platformers even though I love them. I’m so terrible, I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I can’t gauge jumps to save my life. No matter how much time I spend on them I never seem to get better! It’s maddening, I could barely get through mario odyssey and I still haven’t completed it.

No. 361930

File: 1710224508423.jpg (152.59 KB, 1240x698, 1c6ea7cb9f61578d8dd7bafb1f5e7a…)

This game has been like crack to me since it debuted Friday. Highly recommend to any nonnas who like strategy shit.
Story isn't worth much but honestly most JRPG attempts to seriously engage with political intrigue and war piss me off with how poorly thought out they are so I don't mind that it doesn't even try here. All of the support conversations between units are very cute, though.
And it goes without saying that the graphics are beautiful since it's a Vanillaware title.

No. 362217

File: 1710309497355.jpg (86.69 KB, 736x414, e18def4daf882e8266e1b012391bc5…)

Anyone into text based games? I really could use some (free/wip) recs or just talk about them with normal women. I am tired of always having to talk about it with the queerios in the overmoderated tranny heaven forums, but this shit just isn't that popular.

No. 362291

Which are your favorites nona?

No. 362294

File: 1710338374146.jpg (137.46 KB, 755x1000, zelda.jpg)

started playing these on the switch recently. it's fun to revisit old games through their online catalogue but i wish they'd add more n64 titles

No. 362338

I played a lot of games in choicescript but I have been recently trying some twine games. Unfortunately I don't know many twine authors besides the choiceofgames forum refugees I think it was thanks to the nft drama people left. Since then, some have came back quietly, which is funny as hell, they have no principles but I guess I am expecting too much from handmaidens and gaydens.
So since I played lots of choicescript Imma talk about them:
I started with Choice of Robots and Hollywood Visionary (this last one is free but you gotta wait like 2 hours before playing the next chapter unless you pay for it).
I really like Hollywood Visionary. The romance in it is quite shallow, I was not expecting any romance at all but since it was there, I just wish it was less generic. Seriously, I'd rather romance our funny friend there (forgot his name) because he's got more personality. There isn't much reaction when it comes to your character being gay either but I suppose this has to do with the author trying to sanitize things because he was a cog writer and it's kinda mandatory so these games tend to avoid "problematic" content even when it could serve the story, I mean, it's 1950 and you can be a commie, there is a whole chapter about it and you can even end up being blacklisted, but I am supposed to believe people respect my pronouns even kek
I do wish there were more games like this though.

Played Heroes Rise which I think the first one was for free at some point, dunno if it still is. I love super hero games and this one was the first I played, but the railroading made me not buy the others, I noticed the choices don't matter much because I did initially like this game so I obviously played it again. Don't recommend unless it's free so you know what to not do if you ever want to write a game kek
Also played Psy High because powers but it's not a rec unless you really have the patience for school kids drama, it was kinda fun though but I wouldn't play it again. Don't remember if this one was free, maybe not. Def don't rec if you have to pay for it, not worth the money.

Paid games that I liked:
I liked Rent-a-Vice despite some railroading, this one is not free and I am sad there aren't more scifi games like this also where your character is not a blushing retard in their 20s. I, Cyborg was really fun too, def recommend of you're into that kind of stuff.
Heroes of Myth. Don't care about the romance so can't comment on it. Been a while since I read it but I remember having lots of fun being a loser wizard faking a prophecy.

Not a favorite but from cog there is also choice of the vampire and it's still free I think, the story was quite short I am guessing because I didn't engage in romance, so I didn't like it much. Only played it once though, felt the writing was dull and it had too many choices that did not reflect in the narrative (maybe I missed them or they are just not there?) The author is the retarded power tripping moderator of cog so maybe that explains it, he's got a stick up his ass seriously, this guy (Jason Stevan-Hill) bans people for no reason and if you go to chooseyourstory(dot)com you get a bunch of cog drama archived. There was also this author who accused a published cog author of plagiarism and Jason shut down all discussion and refused to engage with the accusations which makes me think she is probably right, I didn't play either game but I really hate Jason and seen him being completely unreasonable many times. Fucker also moderates the reddit sub, which many prople complained as they go there to speak their mind since cog is overmoderated

Now for hosted games (paid)
Zombie exodus, it gets rec a lot and I played a bit but didn't like it enough to go past the demo. I do like all the choices and how some are reflected in the narrative, but I guess the player character felt like an unperson if that makes sense, like, had no personality of their own and this is probably the first thing that throws me out of the game.

Unnatural, I don't remember much but I guess it's like Psy High grown up, never played the sequel. I don't think it's bad but I remember stopping playing it because it felt like a chore. I think it has to do with the other characters, I remember them annoying the hell out of me kek I think it might also have something to do with me being fed up of playing young whimpy characters/school settings after Rent-a-Vice and Parenting Simulator

Parenting Simulator
Apparently the author said this story was not very popular, and I guess you can see why when hg and cog have lots of games on school settings. But I like it, look, I just like having kids in games for some reason, there are a lot of games where you are the kid or the student, and I'd love to play one where I am the one teaching them the ropes, but there aren't many games like that. Would be fun to be an old hero training their successor.. I am still waiting for that game, one day someone will write it and I hope it won't have to be me.

Speaking of heroes, there is Community College Hero and Unsupervised (wip so it's free for now). I know I said I was fed up of school settings and teenagers but what can I do? They wear capes! Unsupervised is really fun and I can be unhinged Superboy. If superdad ever comes back from that suicide mission he will be so disappointed and I live and breath for that. Unsupervised is written by a man but he's got another game I like (Highlands, Deep Waters) and I have no complaints. To me it's obvious this guy watched/read the same cartoons/comics I did, Unsupervised does feel like Young Justice at some points. All good in my book.

Community College Hero series has a few games and I like it well enough to keep playing, like it checks all the boxes Heroes Rise didn't, but something about the writing felt dull, like, I dunno, it could be better and the romance sucks but you can play without romancing anyone because there is a plot so that's good. I don't remember if that one was finished, the author kinda disappeared from the forums, guess he is taking a break.

Fallen Hero is another cape game but the writer is a woman and is leagues better than most authors that also write superhero games but she is an enby retard that is almost 50 years old and used to identify as a lesbian, so that really makes me sad. She was cancelled some time ago on tumblr for not getting involved in discord drama, something to do with american politics, she is not even american kek now wish she'd drop the trannyism but she gets lots of messages thanking her for the story that it helped them to figure out they're trans, shit is really depressing, the game has troon shit but you can pretty much avoid it as long as you don't make your mc trans. I made my mc trans by accident once, I think selecting some choice that felt like I was just going to be gnc or "I don't care what people think of me" made me non binary or questioning, I dunno, I totally got it wrong but in my defense I stopped drinking the troon juice years ago and can't recognize that shit anymore Fallen Hero is very popular and 2 books are already released, book 3 is a wip in early stages and you're a hero turned villain.
Since the author is a handmaiden tif, I have more criticism, and this is in regards to her gay male character that can get in a romance with a female as long as she doesn't identify as a woman. I remember people raging at the "homophobes" in the forum/tumblr aka the straight women that asked the author to make said gay character bi. I don't even know where to start with this mess, gaydens calling straight readers homophobes because they wanted to romance a gay character is a fucking game book. It's better if I just go back to the games… so

Highlands, Deep Waters
You're investigating a muder but something worse is going on. Obviosly lovecraftian type of story. I like that I can be a cop and the overall creepy atmosphere. There isn't much romance there either, and it really doesn't matter, it is better without it.

Speaking of cops, my biggest disappointment with hosted games: Wayhaven Chronicles. Basically Twillight but you're a cop. When I bought it I thought it was going to be a story of a muggle detective in contact with supernatural shit, but nah, it's just romance with some weak plot, I'm not trying to trash the game, it's just that I bought something based on the marketing blurb and it was a lie. Probably not the author's fault, but man, imagine buying a muggle cop story with chances of muder mystery and then finding out Edward… I mean, Adam and Nate want to bang me. They're Ava and Natalie in my game cus I played a guy attracted to women but still… I just wanted to shoot vampires and I fired my gun once in the entire game. Heard later that the author hates guns…. why the fuck am I a cop then??? Couldn't I be a intrepid reporter? That'd be fun too. Also since it's a cash cow series, you bet you only hold hands in the first book, don't remember if I can actually kiss the characters, wasn't really invested in the romance aspects, I sure ain't wasting my money on vampires ever again. There are currently 3 books released if I remember correctly, more to come.

Special mention of my favorite dead wip:
From Ashes We Rise, you could be Jason Todd, that's all you need to know. Because it's dead. The author was last seen in 2019 and this is a wip started in 2015, I don't think she is ever coming back even though I pray everyday I am wrong.

No. 362342

Are these any good? I got into the Zelda franchise really late through the Switch emulators so I still need to finish the other available games first.

No. 362444

File: 1710384423727.jpg (Spoiler Image,27.1 KB, 496x619, 1000007646.jpg)

Stellar blade looks like those shitty mods for skyrim or fallout. Picrel is what I see when scrotes spam videos and images of that game.

No. 362494

I just wish the guy was wearing something similarly tight and shiny, but that would never happen.
But who cares, it's just so obviously Korean junk and PS5 exclusive on top of that.

No. 362508

I like games with sexy protagonists, but I can’t get over how ugly and nonsensical the design of her clothes are.

No. 362514

Wait, that's an actual vanilla screenshot? kek if you didn't tell me I would've 100% believed it was modded Skyrim, definitely something you'd see on Nexus after turning off NSFW filter.

No. 362515

You're right about it looking like a shitty skyrim mod, the background looks copy-paste from Skyrim and the girls look like when you mod the npcs too much so they stick out weird. And even if we took this as a stupid porn mod, the outfits don't even look sexy. It looks like an outfit made by an autistic moid who thinks more skin = better so you get panty designs that don't flatter a woman's pubic area and whatever the fuck is around her jaw. If you told me his was a screenshot of a mod from nexus I'd believe you. If you asked a straight female artist to draw sexy fantasy armour you'd get something better I'd bet.
Also I hate that moids are acting like this game succeeding will be "proof" of what gamers want from big studios as if porn games don't already exist with demographics and numbers we can see. Not to mention they're usually the most pirated and this is a ps5 exclusive anyways so it's not really going to show anything new vs the countless other porn titles that do ok there. And the retards who meme themselves into buying it are probably better off just rebuying the newest edition skyrim and modding it anyways. This straight up looks bad and I doubt it's going to actually be a blip on the gamer radar after the initial release. It's not going to be replacing Baldur's Gate for what the studios see gamers wanting unless they realize they can scam coomers for microtransactions easier. But then expect porn games more coming out like EA sports titles and Gacha games

No. 362518

Girls… the one in the screenshot IS modded skyrim kek. 9damao is a chinese modding site.

No. 362519

File: 1710421377413.jpg (52.62 KB, 391x784, 1000007803.jpg)

Kek no nonnas, that picture was a modded skyrim sc. It's just whenever I see posts about Stellar Blade it really gives me nexus mods vibe. The small face weird face with giant boobs and tacky overdesigned clothing with weird openings and transparencies, I should have worded my post better. This is what the game actually looks like. Of course, the graphics are more polished than a modded skyrim, but I still feel it's just a horny mod over whatever gameplay stellar blade is copying from.

No. 362527

Does anyone have switch recommendations along the lines of stardew valley and graveyard keeper? Or just chill cozy games in general?

No. 362528

File: 1710425672117.gif (247.09 KB, 400x320, zelda.gif)

i think they're fun. there's different locations you can explore once you gather items and cute characters to interact with. the storyline is simple and none of the missions are particularly difficult though some of the boss levels have given me trouble kek so they're a good choice if you're looking for something relaxing to play.

No. 362529

If you have the nintendo online thing you can play Harvest Moon snes. It's pretty cozy for being such an old game.

No. 362561

File: 1710437634609.webm (820.49 KB, 2000x682, webm_page_bg_english.webm)

the background for the Steam Spring Sale is kinda cute i wish i didn't associate pink hair and cat accessories with troons

No. 362567

This is hideously ugly. I hate all the designs for this stupid game. And I hate all the braindead coomer scrotes drooling over this Korean garbage.

No. 362636

Has anyone ever played Starbound? I was one of the early backers for the game when it was first announced on Kickstarter. I hate the way the game was forgotten about after launch because of the drastic change from the beta versions to release versions, but I've always longed to find a group of people to play through the storyline with. The 2D minecraft-in-space theme is something I really like. I was just curious if other anons here play it cuz nobody I talk to ever knows what it is kek

No. 362645

I've played Starbound, I think it's fun, I wish it wasn't abandoned I think if it had active updates it'd be great fun

No. 362648

I have but fell off of it quickly. I remember things feeling rather loose and repetitive with the questing and different planets, which is odd because I've played Terraria and enjoyed that. I think it might be still worth it with friends and mods.

No. 362653

>Repetitive without friends
I agree but I think this about all sandbox games. Part of the appeal of them for me is creating like lived in worlds with groups of friends, like for example whenever me and my friends start a Minecraft server we always make a bunch of lore and stuff to make things more entertaining. The one time we played Starbound together it was really fun colonizing the whole solar system and creating little colonies everywhere with unique histories kek.
I wish it wasn't abandoned too! I've seen that there are a lot of really popular mods that expand the game like Frackin' Universe, but I wish that ChuckleFish did more work on the game before deciding to abandon it.

No. 362669

nah, I get it, sounds fun! it was actually my 100+ hour terraria friend I played starbound with, who quit it sooner than me. I've played minecraft and terraria alone before so I wasn't really expecting for it to bore me so quickly. I kind of wish I was more outgoing and could voice chat and find friends easier to play with.

No. 362688

I used to when I had a computer, wasted so many hours on that game, it was so fun, my favorite race was the glitch because they talk funny and I like robots, my character was called Squire which I think fits the race. Wish I could play again.

No. 362713

Kek I am a turbo autist when it comes to worldbuilding, a few years ago me and my friends started a medieval roleplay server and we even drew a few maps for it and everything so deep was the lore of that server. I could never get into terraria, I think because I bought the game soo late that it was already like way too updated for me as a newb to gitgud at. Way too overwhelming for me.
I hope you get a computer soon nona. I used to play the novakid race because I like the wild west theme and I thought they had the funnest armour plus I liked the train-themed spaceship

No. 362939

I liked Donor, Fallen Hero, Golden Rose. Though Golden Rose did test my endurance. Might later check out their Vampire: The Masquerade games because i like the setting.

No. 362947

Oh man I completely forgot about The Golden Rose in my long ass rant, played the demo during wip stages and I loved it. I know people complained about the purple prose but I really liked it, wish I could write like that. Also The Passenger and I, The Forgotten One are other games I forgot about that I also played during wip stages and liked, they're on my list. Heard good things about VtM but I couldn't finish the demo, I just can't get into vampires for some reason.
So, romanced anyone in Fallen Hero? I did Herald in the second game even though I broke his leg during that fight in book 1 book 3 gotta be fun, I am probably very fucked. I expected consequences of my actions but I wasn't expecting banging my nemesis kek

No. 362998

I'm liking Control so far, the aesthetic is totally to my taste.
But why do so many games have to have minor rougelike elements, and crafting, random sidequests with random rewards.

No. 363024

Those were probably popular elements in games during its development. I often spent time clearing out areas in Control just so I could enjoy the architecture and ambiance. Eventually you learn what areas you can just run through and the ones you can’t, that starts cutting down on time. How far into it are you?

No. 363065

Maybe try the Friends of Mineral Town remake and Rune Factory?

No. 363076

File: 1710612313297.jpg (215.7 KB, 638x938, mario forever.jpg)

I really enjoy replaying (mostly flash) games from my childhood/teenage years, every few weeks when I have a free Saturday I spend the afternoon and evening playing them. Today is one such day! I'll start with picrel, has anyone else here played it? And if so, which was your favorite world? Mine is World 3 because of the great music, the night scenery and the falling stars in level 3.

No. 363129

The Passenger was good too. I wish there were more creepy/horror stuff.
>So, romanced anyone in Fallen Hero?
Yea, Ortega. I am really interested in a trainwreck that is their relationship.
I bet he'll forgive you kek

No. 363132

Just got to the research sector and met the security lady.
I guess the random mods/quests aren't too bad, but I don't like the random timed quests that pop up. It really breaks the flow, even though I don't think it really matters if you fail the timer just makes you feel pressured to back track.

No. 363175

i read a handful a few years ago but haven't read much since. but i loved Tally Ho, its a comedy story about being a butler and getting into silly and dumb situations. some people don't like the humor but its really my type (and i wanted my boss to be my husbando). i also liked A Study in Steampunk, it was a short Johnlock inspired detective cog that i ended up loving. there is also a philosophical story called Creatures Such As We; an emotional story about loneliness. i can't sell these well because i'm autistic but i hope someone reads one of them

and speaking of trannies, i tried to play a cog called 'Heart of the House' and it had this cringy scene where you're forced to get undressed by an enby servant and the story purposely doesn't tell you its sex. jarring when the story was normal until then..

No. 363178

Backtracking for timed events isn’t worth it imo, only do it if you need to. I hope you enjoy the game, thinking about it is making me want to play it again. Some of the side quests are really fun and give you some really cool stuff, at first I kind of ignored them but regretted it when I started going back for them… some of them were probably more trouble then they were worth though.

No. 363209

I heard of Study in Steampunk, always get recommended but I haven't tried yet, sounds interesting. Now, Creature Such As We is free I think, so I might try soon. Tally Ho is not my cup of tea, it's very popular though. There is Jolly Good by the same author, not really a sequel but it takes place in the same universe if I am not mistaken.

Enby characters always sound to me like they're meant to be women. Only a few times where I thought the enby character was meant to be a guy and that is when the author provide art of said character, throne of ashes by 13leagues comes to mind, that enby guy even gets misgendered by his dad I think kek, and then he asks my pronouns double kek shame cus that story could be good, some paths sound interesting. I think it's funny how this author wants to be accomodating of the delicate tranny crowd (lets be honest, they're all tifs. That story could've come straight out of a YA novel) all while writing "problematic" content I always avoid the enby characters if I can, it's so awkward, especially when the author uses them as mouthpiece plus very annoying to read the singular they, gets really confusing after some time but you can't really say it in the cog forum without getting dogpiled. Unfortunately enby characters are everywhere now if the author wants to be "inclusive". Rip characters turned xir/them I shall never bother to get to know.

Well, the fallen hero author said she used to write horror. Maybe when she is done with fallen hero we get some nice horror by her? Would be nice, or honestly any other established author. I just lost hope on new authors, most horror wips in the forum get abandoned or focus way too much on romance and the plot feels secondary. The genre simply isn't that popular so I guess they have to sprinkle some romance to attract readers but it keeps getting in the way instead of complementing the narrative.
There is also the problem of them sounding pretty similar too, my guess is that these new authors are very young and get inspired by the exact same media that happens to be popular at the moment.

No. 363257

I played Bravely Default yesterday for several hours, kept the 3ds charged and removed the charger for the night. I'm charging it again this morning because it's not fully charged yet and it's not charging at all. I'm worried, I hope my 3DS isn't dead yet. I'm panicking because I have no other charger to try and see if the problem just comes from this and it's a Sunday so it's not like I can just buy a new one right now. If it's from the 3ds I hope it can be repaired because I have too many games I want to replay and some of them are online only so I'm not sure I can download them again after April.

No. 363261

It sounds like it might be a problem with your battery? replacements are pretty cheap, you might want to pick one up and see if that helps. and make sure you back up all your save data on an sd card in case it's a bigger problem than that.

No. 363264

I have to check what's on my sd card and what's on my console because I don't remember anymore. I bought a bigger sd card at some point because of Atlus not release physical copies of their games in Europe but I don't remember how and what I transfered in the bigger sd card. The battery isn't swelling, but I actually had a nightmare like two days ago about that for some reason kek I'm cursed or I can predict the future because it's one hell of a coincidence. My usual retro game stores might sell more 3DS and know who can repair them so if I try to charge mine with another charger and it's still not working I'll ask them what to do, the owners and employees are super nice because I'm a regular costumer. I know they also sell universal chargers with a USB port for different consoles so, I'll get one just in case as well. I really, really hope the issue doesn't come from the port.

No. 363270

NTA but buy only original chargers, not the universal ones. Back when the 3DS XL came out I had no idea they didn't come with chargers and I got a DS/3DS one and it stoped working after awhile, plus they're a bit more potent than original chargers and will kill the battery faster.

No. 363275

My little sister has an original one, not just the universal one I bought for hers (and her 3ds can't be charged anymore because of the port), I'll borrow it and report back.

No. 363277

Update, the issue came from the charger, which stopped working in the middle of the night I guess. I'm so relieved holy shit.

No. 363593

File: 1710779913091.jpg (386.13 KB, 1079x561, 1000019348.jpg)

I'm 140 hours in Baldur's Gate and barely gotten into act 2 because I keep trying different classes and builds, making new characters to RP as, and romance companions. The mods available are really really good as well and it makes character customisation so much more amazing. Every time I'm starting a new playthrough it's genuinely a new experience with different events happening, I absolutely adore this game and the freedom it gives you, and the enormous amount of detail devs put in.

No. 363609

File: 1710785017263.jpeg (76.6 KB, 1080x607, lord-chadquaad-v0-wrq4ega3runc…)

Who else is excited for Dragon's Dogma 2? I've already downloaded the character creator

No. 363617

It's coming out already? Haven't keep up with it but I so want to play. Unfortunately I only have a ps4, gotta wait till I get a new computer.

No. 363655

Black Desert is only 99 cents, is it worth it past the Korean coomer shit? Reviews say its a major P2W and grindfest but worth it in the end. Beginning gameplay looks alright but everything is so bright. I've wanted it for the character creation, but DD2's free creator just came out and it looks leagues better.

No. 363661

File: 1710795628937.jpg (77.73 KB, 350x567, ccwe_package100k_2.jpg)

I've been seeing so much stuff (not on lolcow) about certain games being "stressful" and it's a complete mindfuck to me. Getting into a car accident, moving, work deadlines, THAT'S stressful. Playing a shooter isn't. Like, please start treating yourselves like adults.
Really I'm just upset my friends won't play schmups with me. Just got pick related and it's really fun. I put 5 hours into it in a day.

No. 363670

I'm suspicious of it. It looks really cool but I remember the first game having really bizarre balancing. I would always fluctuate from doing chip damage to killing everything on screen effortlessly.

No. 363692

File: 1710804715781.png (265.02 KB, 894x793, 5e2028c6.png)

Me! I liked the first one a lot even if the npcs were a bit annoying and when it was announced i was quite hyped but i didn't keep up with the development, i have to finish some other games first so i hope to hear good things once it's out!

I'm finally playing the RE4 remake, i'm at the last character but… remake Krauser looks really cute to me….also i don't remember the original too much, i think there was something like that but the wolf interactions were cute here

No. 363713

Haven't tried DD2 character creator but I did sink in over a hundred hours in black desert. I would definitely say that it's worth 99 cents just for the character creator alone. The whole game is indeed very very grindy, it's more of a resource manager and merchant/economist simulator than a mmorpg. I did however find the voice acting decent and main story endearing. Fighting monsters feels really good, it has the best combat I've seen in an mmo since Tera. You do have coomers running around but to be honest there's plenty of normal people playing as well. It's not the type of game you'd take too seriously, especially if you wish to play an mmoRPG and fully immerse yourself. The visuals are absolutely stunning and environmental ambience is very polished as well, I definitely say it's well worth the pricetag.

No. 363755

Also there is a filter option in game that allows you to desaturate the colours or make the environment less bright

No. 363837

Character creator already gave me a warning, I don't think my computer is able to play this.

No. 364032

kek anon there are degrees of stress. If certain games weren't mentally taxing to some degree, they wouldn't be rewarding to win.

No. 364074

NTA I know I'm late but that wasn't blackpill in any sense she just said it sucks female gamers have to care about stuff male gamers don't wtf

No. 364133

I don't really care that much about fantasy games but I messed with the character creator a bit because I just love character creators.

No. 364166

File: 1710921831790.jpg (16.57 KB, 881x175, IMG_20240320_030313_912.jpg)

So apparently it looks like Dragon's Dogma 2 is gonna have adaptive difficulty instead of difficulty selection like the first game. Annoying as hell considering I used to play hard mode to earn the big bags of gold.

No. 364177

Character creator is so much better than the first game, I was disappointed because some people really hyped up DD's character creator to me and then I couldn't get pretty characters at all.

Apparently character creator has all settings on Ultra? Sounds stupid, not sure if true. It crashes for me from lack of VRAM after an hour too.

No. 364178

>i'm at the last character
Do you mean at the last boss? Your post is a bit confusing, nonnie. The wolf parts are pretty similar, the differences are very subtle. Hope you're enjoying the game.

No. 364200

Nonna, have you played Guwange? It's an old CAVE title where you play in a horror/youkai themed old Japan. Now that's a stressful shmup.
Or Dangun Feveron if you want something less stressful and more memey.

No. 364203

Sorry sorry you're right, i wrote that when i was so sleepy.
I've finished it and i liked it a lot! Tbh Ada looks kinda hot too but anyway it was fun, i didn't remember that there were insect enemies and they creeped me out so much because i have a phobia and i kinda have one for eyes too so the last boss really loved me kek.
The scene were Ashley hugs leon was cute too and i've come to accept that the merchant is british at the last chapters.

Next game i'll play will be the Dead Space remake!
I was waiting for it for so long but it seems to be a bit buggy at least when it comes to loading the models and stuff, i hope i'll find a way to fix it or that it gets better, it's not unplayable but it's a bit troublesome and i'm glad Isaac wears a helmet because i hate his face, he's not cute like Krauser at all.

No. 364224

No I've been working my way through their catalog. So far I've done:
>Dodonpachi Resurrection
>ESPgaluda 2
>Akai Katana
>Deathsmiles 1+2
I'm running out of ones I can get for my consoles (Switch+PS4). Like I think maybe there's only Dodonpachi DaiOuJou. It's a shame. I really want to try ESPgaluda 1, Mushimesama Futari, and the final Dodonpachi game.

No. 364234

Why is there a sex toy in the OP image

No. 364238

that's a playstation motion controller, not a hitachi kek

No. 364239

File: 1710957128961.jpg (27.27 KB, 998x1000, 418R2kV7qPL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

You don't remember based PS Move?

No. 364331

File: 1710986415168.jpg (54.19 KB, 564x976, 4cd041ef92b51ad96322576ebaebfd…)

I ended up playing Lobotomy Corporation (SCP management game/visual novel) and liking it a lot!! I moved onto Limbus Company, the free gacha spinoff and I love it still but god, I can't get over how comically convoluted the combat is kek.

also I can't wait for Dragon's Dogma 2 to come out, I bet it'd feel like a respite. the ending of the first one still annoys me though.

No. 364337

No. That thing is a crime against god

No. 364350

Somehow I knew somebody would make that mistake when I chose that picture…

If you really love these kinds of games why don't you figure out arcade emulation? No computer?

No. 364355

Aren't those the games from the company that fired a female artist for being an alleged (unconfirmed) feminist on her personal time just because coomers ran a hate campaign against her

No. 364375

yeah. if you really want to talk about it we can take it to the sexism in gaming thread, that whole situation was awful. I personally pirated LB, will pirate Ruina, and won't spend anything on LC.

No. 364379

Are discussions about app games ok to bring up here? or strictly pc/console?

No. 364385

I think? but I'm pretty sure there's a dedicated mobage thread too.

No. 364403

I am completely reliant on my work laptop. I have a personal but it is ~12 years old and chugs shit whenever I turn it on. I try to love a low waste lifestyle so I'm not particularly keen on buying a computer when the only reason I need a new one is to emulate old arcade games.

No. 364415

I wish people would stop making fanart of this game after what happened. Basically all korean fanartists deleted their accounts and haven't looked back but suddenly the english-speaking side is fine with it again and the japanese one continued without knowing I guess. If they play it they should at least keep it to themselves and not provide free advertisement to an openly misogynist studio. The game is good but not that good

No. 364427

Did you get far into the game? I seriously can't get to finishing it because the Abnormalities just get so convoluted to a point it's hard to keep track of and it becomes overwhelming

No. 364432

There's a text version on Let's Play Archive if you just want to see the story

No. 364435

Is the snufkin game on switch good?

No. 364437

I hope you’re pirating it at least if you’re going to play a game from a company that resents its female employees

No. 364439

I want to know this too before spending my money.

No. 364463

Agreed. Even if you pirate it, giving it free advertisement without even mentioming the studio's misogyny is counterintuitive.
I'm not shocked that the West got over it so quickly, though. They love to just say "Korean gender politics are more complicated than we can understand" and then just smoothbrain their way through taking any accountability for their consumerism. When what they're finding "complicated" is the reality of a first-world culture in which the irreprehensible nature of men is still so transparently visible instead of being veiled under pseudo-leftist nonsense.

No. 364501

What I usually see is people who say they don't support the studio's actions but still post their dumb memes or fanart publically. Makes me think they don't care that much about the reality of the situation. It doesn't actually affect them after all, they just want their entertainment. They should at least private their accounts if they don't support project moon but they want the clout that comes with posting of course

No. 364633

File: 1711117367436.png (1.8 MB, 1351x2048, Screenshot_20240322-102300.png)

When are people going to snap out of their "Capcom redemption arc" phase? They never stopped being scummy money grubbers and are getting worse as time goes on. I guess they can make another couple of good RE games and everything will be fucking forgiven for another five years. Gonna "break glass in case of emergency" and flop out the Code Veronica remake. Seriously, fuck this dev.

No. 364659

File: 1711124553330.jpg (199.06 KB, 1280x720, 1000011431.jpg)

Has anyone here played Homebody? What did you think the story was? Was it all in her head?

No. 364781

I told myself after BG3 ok no more buying AA games taking advantage of their player base and DD2 was there to prove yeah it's totally possible to ignore these assholes.

The additional oh you can't make a new character without manually deleting your current save (going through files) is ridiculous.

No. 365486

File: 1711367354260.jpeg (115.94 KB, 873x491, i-got-called-gay-by-one-of-my-…)

>No new game option
>No difficulty selection
>Made the health gauge mechanic way more punishing than the first game
>Dragonsplague mechanic which can wipe out entire towns of NPCs
>Have to use a wakestone to revive npcs
>Overall enemy difficulty seems much harder
Disappointed honestly. I should have waited for a sale to buy it.

No. 365577

File: 1711408143775.jpg (142.52 KB, 1125x1395, 86112dwjhwa21.jpg)

Samefag here but I wanted to add more shit I'm so pissed about this game
>Fewer spells in sorcerer vocation
>Character can't fully heal due to heal gauge change
>Required to sleep at your house or inn to fully heal
>Dragonsplague mechanic can initiate when sleeping at inn
>Dragonsplague can wipe entire cities of NPCs including important quest givers
>If enough NPCs die you get locked into a specific ending
>Multiple endings like first game, still no "good" ending
>Fewer enemy types
>Romance system is still odd
>Can visit a brothel with an awkward fade to black scene
>Many missable side quests, similar to first game
My overall opinion is negative

No. 365686

File: 1711458771655.jpg (338.97 KB, 1178x952, 1710767632343.jpg)

Nonas what are your top 3 RPGs and why? Need some good recommendations ASAP

No. 365687

What kind of Rpgs do you prefer? Do you like Jrpgs, western Rpgs, or both? Story heavy or light on story?

No. 365695

Both, but I lean towards jrpgs and all stories are good but heavy stories are more interesting

No. 365696

Just so I don't recommend a bunch of RPGs you've already played, what games/series are you already familiar with?

No. 365733

No New game or difficult setting is some bullshit. Why does every game want to be dark souls now?

No. 365734

File: 1711477436199.png (1.75 MB, 680x1450, __estelle_bright_and_joshua_br…)

Romancing SaGa 2 (but a new SaGa game is coming out late April that is supposed to be a good entry point to the series), Moon Remix, and Trails in the Sky are my top 3 favorites.
Storywise, the Trails series is THE story-heavy JRPG series, so I'd recommend that the most for you. Your mileage may vary with later arcs, but the general consensus with other Trails nonnas on this site seems to be that the Skies games are one of the rare JRPGs that provide a fulfilling experience with a female lead.

No. 365761

File: 1711485205246.png (2.48 MB, 975x1497, d2.png)

Tales of Destiny and Tales of Destiny 2 if you like shoujo and don't mind having an English script open alongside them. If not Tales of Symphonia is always a safe bet.

No. 365785

File: 1711492328252.jpg (95.92 KB, 1000x563, ezgif-6-1aa9d6aa5d.jpg)

Anybody else play Slay the Princess? Bought it over the weekend. I thought it was more pure horror but it's kinda weak. It had some neat ideas but I thought it didn't explore them enough. I think it says a lot when you have to look up a guide to figure out what was going on.
Art work is pretty neat though. My favourite route was Nightmare.

No. 365786

Sorry self reply but I thought Stanley Parable did the whole loop thing better

No. 365787

The only bad thing about Sky is that the series kept on going after 3rd ended.

No. 365809

Any VR players? Walkabout Minigolf is currently working on a Wallace & Gromit themed map.
Can't wait to see how the clay animation will translate to a game that is known for the poly look. They've already done collabs for Myst and Labyrinth, and both maps are a joy to play.

No. 365817

You speak the truth.

No. 365858

Is that fun if you aren't into/good at golf? I got a Quest 3 w AirLink and I'm kinda running out of stuff to do with it.

No. 365868

File: 1711545302923.png (498.92 KB, 823x856, ApplicationFrameHost_2mVzSa1F6…)

I'd say so. Personally, I don't find real golf entertaining at all but have over 100 hours in walkabout. The game is designed in a way that allows you to pick it up relatively quickly. It's not too flashy, but the maps will keep you entertained. Some have gimmicks, but most of them are simple but charming minigolf maps.
Although I will say, it's more fun with friends/in a lobby. Playing solo and improving can be fun, but sharing strats and witnessing cool shots is what keeps me coming back. There's also the feature of everyone being able to play the DLC maps, as long as 1 person in the lobby has it. So if you ever pick it up and want to play with someone, feel free to ask here and I'll set up a lobby if I catch the post in time.

No. 365966

Not yet, but was interested in it. The price seems kind of steep for <10 hrs game time. I'm assuming you thought it wasn't worth the current price?

No. 365980

Anyone buy Princess Peach showtime yet? I prefer to ask nonnies about video games instead of trusting reviews because I don't trust review sites and their capitalist excess.

No. 366003

souls-like games are like herpes in the game industry

No. 366009

It is the absolute worst trend. I wanted to pick up Lies of P because the trailers looked so beautiful, but when I heard it was also a souls-like game with no difficult setting, I didn't even bother. They are literally alienating a lot of people because 'MUH DARK SOULS. GET GOOD' bullshit mentality. Just add a fucking difficult setting. You dont have to play on easy if you don't want to. I usually play most games on normal/standard, but there's nothing wrong with anyone who plays on easy mode.

No. 366021

It's so annoying cause I don't have the time to "git gud." I just wanna be able to pick up a game anytime. I usually lose my skill/knowledge of the game over the period of time I can't play so I've kinda stopped playing games on higher difficulties unless I know I have the time to beat it. And same, I also wanted to play Lies of P when I saw the teasers and screenshots, but when I heard it was like dark souls, my interest immediately fizzled out.

No. 366048

Honestly if there's a 'git gud' game that I really wanna try I just use cheat engines nowadays. Like it's a single player game so who's gonna know.

No. 366186

But I like souls games and don't think they're hard at all. But I also don't give a shit about Lies of Piss. I'd rather play Bloodborne for the nth time than waste time on some bootleg version of it.

No. 366220

Yeah that's the point, we don't need a hundred shitty dark souls clones

No. 366491

File: 1711779570256.jpg (224.71 KB, 720x1095, 4bb4fb666a472c171ecaa7cb0618ac…)

I'm pretty late but I am finally playing god of war on ps4 (came with the ps4 when I bought it) and I am absolutely loving it. My mom played the old ps2 gow games but I was never interested cus the protag is a violent bald buff man and I have no interest in greek and norse mythology so I couldn't see the appeal but I like he's got a kid in this one, so now we started playing it together (mostly me but she is there helping me to solve the puzzles and explore cus I miss so much stuff lol) and it's so fun. I love that kid, even when he goes "wish mom was here" when I am taking too long solving a puzzle. Thank God he dropped the "I am a God" bullshit, it was driving me crazy… and I realized I suck in a fight when I am all alone or he does whatever he wants, all my great combos and finishing moves happen after he goes zapping the enemies, so alone the fight lasts three times longer and I almost die trying to remember how to do certain moves, most of the time I have no idea what I just did and how kek. The story is quite easy to understand (for someone that knows nothing about gow) and a bit predictable though that is not really negative, I like it when I can go "I knew it" just by taking the details of the story. Since I am invested in the story now I might give the old games a try some day, but I'll definitely play the sequel once I finish this.

No. 366563

File: 1711818320995.jpg (13.4 KB, 640x340, 1596802288_scrutinized-1517862…)

How do I counter that fucker, seriously? Yes I'm paying very close attention to sound cues, I check the cams when I hear them and I find nothing. I still end up having him randomly killing me when I leave my computer. This coupled with perma death is driving me insane. Did anyone here beat normal mode? Just how??

No. 366567

It's known to be the hardest WTG for a reason, best thing to do is look up guides and pray, it's really unforgiving, until not that long ago only one dude had completed the hardest mode.

No. 366571

There are a lot people who want to play souls like games, but feel blocked out because of how the fandom is with their obnoxious 'get gud' mentality. Not everyone wants to play on a harder difficulty if they want to casually go through a game. Also, good for you? Some people have a hard time adjusting to souls like games. At this point, it's not even an accomplishment to beat one since there are like 11 games just like it now.

No. 366572

I want to play Lies of P, but I suck at souls games. Let me like what I like.

No. 366590

But get gud is literally how you play souls likes, if you can't do it, you can't, you have to get good. I see more people whining about how it's not fair that a game genre that revolves around being hard and needing practice isn't easier for them, like asking for platformers to have less jumping because you have shit depth perception and can't gauge jump distance.
Basically since Elden Ring came out and yknow what, Elden Ring proved that get gud worked. When people had the chance of missing out on this fantastic game because of a skill issue, they practiced and got good. Sorry if this is an overreaction I'm just so tired of the please everything needs to be casual for me please, like play hades or something.

No. 366594

File: 1711833096319.jpg (36.16 KB, 376x605, a27e6LO_700b.jpg)

the thing about fromsoft games is that they make the games fair. save for a few notoriously dumb bosses, hidetaka miyazaki did not make his games with the sole purpose of fostering an elitist group of nerds to shout "git gud" at each other. his design philosophy is that a game should be challenging not to prove how good someone is at it so they can brag, but to make the player feel accomplished for overcoming extreme difficulties. in that, he succeeds wonderfully. it's not his fault losers spew the "git gud" thing. games that try to copy the "soulslike" formula never get it right, though. they aren't concerned with balancing difficulty and respite, but instead, they ARE made for those elitist losers who have to cling to video game accomplishments to feel good about their lack of other achievements. miyazaki cares a lot about player experience. he wants people to have fun. soulslike wannabes just want to boast a "hard" game for people to chatter about.

No. 366638

File: 1711843801953.png (270.62 KB, 300x361, maul.png)

I'm playing Dragon's Dogma 2 slowly, i'm still at the start but i think that i will end up changing my Arisen into a guy, i always struggle in games where you have to create your character and almost always replay them as the opposite gender but i wanted to isekai myself even if i'm apparently too short for that world.
I played the original offline so i'm experiencing that online Pawn stuff for the first time and i don't love seeing the same kind of skimpy and make-up filled Pawns around, i think that i will turn my Pawn into a guy too because there are also a lot of child-like ones like mine (sorry, i find them cute but not if i played a moid? kek).

When i was doing one of the main quests in the city gaol i was weirded out when my arisen flashed her chest scar on the old man?? lmao i know it wasn't shown but still, just odd , i hope to find a cute raider to romance, i miss how much i hated Julien and his retarded accent, so far no one took his place.

No. 366646

IDK about DG2 but I never played as a female or used female pawns when I played the first games. Some of the female-specific stuff was just uncomfortable, like ogres targeting female units aggressively.

No. 366648

I genuinely had a good time with Dark souls 1, 2 and Bloodborne. I think that Elden Ring has a harder learning curb and I felt that when i first got through the beginning of the game. It forces you to play more aggressive, and I'm not super into that. Some of the bosses can be punishing, where I really just want to play a game casually. I hate what the souls fandom has become. Similar to >>366590
and their reddit-like views.
I think the first few games are actually a masterpiece, and it felt good to get through, but I couldnt finish Elden Ring, and I'm okay with that. Now when it comes to the shitty souls clone games, I hate them the most because they really don't know how to balance the system.

No. 366693

File: 1711874853091.jpg (81.03 KB, 864x865, tumblr_29d857285f3b743909a07f0…)

>Ogres only go after females
Tbf the elder orgres in BBI reverse that by only targeting males
But yeah DD1 definitely had a lot of weird vaguely sexist shit in regards to women. Like all the major female characters seem like weeb waifu stereotypes.
Mercedes the proud dark skinned warrior woman tomboy who gets humbled.
Madeline is slutty big boobed con-woman and you constantly bail her out of trouble.
The princess literally looks and acts like a child and the scene where her old man husband (twice her size ofc) strangled her on the bed is akin to rape scene. And you have to save her like a damsel.
Selene is the classic "she only looks 14, she's actually 200 years old you guys" combined with mystical goth girl stereotypes. And surprise surprise you save her.
Quina is the sweet girl next door who is so pure she literally becomes a nun which I always thought was stupid. Ironically the most proactive female character in the game after the nunnification.
Ophis the bandit queen is wearing a skirt with a boob armor corset. Compare that to male bandit leader with his cool armor and helmet.
The prostitutes in the city seemed to be programmed with the presumption that you're playing as a male arisen with a female pawn and ask you why you're playing with a doll instead of them.
And lets not forget the 'sill lingerie' that can only be worn by female characters.

No. 366844

File: 1711937436355.png (363.83 KB, 640x440, 9y7d8k69jrv71.png)

that's so gay

No. 366888

File: 1711948506286.png (2.91 MB, 1162x1286, hmm.png)

this new specimen is from dragons dogma 2 but apparently both sexes can wear which is a step up at least

No. 366899

File: 1711952610604.mp4 (9.75 MB, 960x720, VID_20240401_021723_815.mp4)

Just git gud

No. 366901

You're right nonnie. Not only that but a ton of bosses in fromsoft games are perfectly cheeseable in hilarious ways and if you really find something too hard you'll find a way around it to make it easy.

I guess you didn't manage to watch the second half of the video but this is memeing on DS2 mostly. DS2 is known for having horrible hitboxes and slower combat with shorter iframes but in this video it's shown as the game with better hitboxes while ds1 and ds3 are shown as the ones with shitty hitboxes.

No. 366911

File: 1711957435593.png (1.14 MB, 860x669, image.png)

Yes I did get the joke in the video kek. But let's be real, ds1 has a lot of hitbox issues. It can be quite frustrating
Actually funnily enough I had the most fun with DS2's bosses and hated 3's the most. DS1 is in the middle somewhere but overall thought the enemy and level design was the best. DS2 is supposedly better in the original form but only played scholar of the first sin (though I'm glad for story reasons), nearly gave up in the forest area because the ganks were just stupid but glad I didn't cause I had the most fun with it. I stopped taking it too seriously and stayed for the plot and an altered good time. I had a cheat engine turn off the petrification so I used every summon which was a lot of fun and gave some sweet story moments. They mostly ended up hilariously eating shit at the start of every boss fight so I'd be stuck with a boss with much higher health but I don't remember any bosses feeling unfair or miserable. Aside from the swamp area where I needed a guide, the middle of the game felt long but satisfying to go through. I also cheated about halfway through to double wield the blue flame which was fun as shit and looked pretty cool.
Also got to fight side by side with my waifu so weirdly enough despite knowing ds1 is the better game, I think I'm probably coming back to ds2 first and have more love for it overall in regards to story and characters I really cared for.

No. 366915

File: 1711958404470.jpg (114.4 KB, 802x409, tumblr_bb32eca5ed8da550ae7046a…)

Does any nonna here know what happens in the Estelle/Joshua cameo on Cold Steel?? I'm deathly curious about it but I would never touch that dumpsterfire.
I remember being so disappointed after trying out the first Cold Steel game because the millitary academy setting was actually genuinely so interesting to me and I was expecting Alisa to at least be a secondary protagonist similar to Joshua but… Yeah anyway thanks God that FE Three Houses made a cool millitary academy game.

No. 366919

This kind of rules tbh, I wish I could wear something like this irl

No. 366969

I'm in the middle of the 5th chapter in Bravely Default anf redoing the boss fights against the asterisk holders is getting annoying anf repetitive. Only the dialogs changes a little compared to before and for some battles I'm only getting job points and no exp. Should I skip them in the next chapters or would I get more plot relevant cutscenes if I do these boss fights over and over again? I'll probably just get the last jobs and skip everything until the last boss fight.

No. 366994

I've 100% Pizza Tower, now I feel sad.
It's been SO LONG since I played a game of this kind.

No. 367001

Ironic because as much as Cold Steel was a dumpster fire, I still like it more than 3 Houses because the existing world building made it more compelling than the mess of Fodlan. Like, even if her design was retarded, Alisa grappling with her family's turmoil amidst their involvement in Erebonia's militarization was more interesting than, say, Edelgard's vendetta founded on stubborness and incomplete information. And both characters got watered down with waifu pandering anyways. I think both FE and Trails are similar cases of series losing their substance as they chase profitable trends in modern day (or rather, FE got elevated beyond something it ever was? It never really had the writing chops for serious war stories, the appeal beyond gameplay has always been on the ensemble cast with the player filling in the blanks.)
Estelle and Joshua were alright. As returning characters, I liked them better in the Crossbell arc but it was good to see Joshua get some of the closure you'd expect from an Erebonia arc.

No. 367014

No, I completely agree that FE never had that good of a writing, specially compared to Kiseki but if I'm going to play a semi-harem game I'd rather play something like FE where I can choose the gender of my self insert, romance whoever I want and also play matchmaker. Alisa is cool, I actually like her design, my main problem was that I didn't like Rean and the side cast - and the things I've seen/heard about the later Cold Steel games seems very wanky of his character.
That said, I did dislike the Black Eagles routes due to Edelgard's nonsensical reasoning.
>Estelle and Joshua were alright. As returning characters, I liked them better in the Crossbell arc but it was good to see Joshua get some of the closure you'd expect from an Erebonia arc.
Aw, maybe I'll look up some walkthrough of it on youtube to sate my curiosity

No. 367018

Reasonable opinions, that's totally fair. FE's structure works well for Fire Emblem, especially when the things you listed are what you go to it for. I honestly ended up liking Rean more than expected (more than Lloyd at least) but the sheer length of the Cold Steel arc and Persona-esque social link system were my biggest complaints… Like, I come to Trails for the lore and these games are crazy long. And they seriously thought it was a good idea to lock important details behind optional missables? Trails needs to be itself instead of stealing elements of FE and Persona that don't really work for it.
I'm looking forward to Kuro no Kiseki and hoping it's something of a return to form.
And yeah, I'd recommend that! No need to suffer through this longass arc for scraps.

No. 367020

File: 1712003541491.png (688.64 KB, 640x480, 38-TXhTJFZ.png)

This would be logistically difficult, especially with Falcom's limited resources, but if they split the game up a little like they did in Skies SC with the choice between Schera and Agate as your companion to allow players to choose between playing as a male or female character in some capacity, I'd be so happy.

No. 367022

This is honestly what I appreciated the most from dark souls. Also, i was a hollow half the time, or covered by a big hat.

No. 367137

Ok I just finished god of war and it was amazing. Will be playing it again till I can get ragnarok. I hope freya doesn't come to fight me cus I don't want to have to kill her. She's nuts like her retarded son but that would be bullshit.

No. 367274

Late reply but overall I liked it. I think it's because games are so cheap right now. If this was 2015 I would've loved it. The developer is adding a free update with 40k lines of dialogue so maybe then I'll be cool with it's price.

No. 367276

File: 1712092556080.jpg (13.18 KB, 240x336, ezgif-2-360e15d7ea.jpg)

I'll give it to Dark Souls 2 for the one fanservice outfit they had in the game men wore the exact same thing.
Also gutted Lucatiel of Mirrah never got a ref in future games.

No. 367329

Beat Control, and good thing the version they gave with PS+ included the DLC cause damn that was anticlimactic.
Wonder if I should play the Alan Wake remaster I also got on PS+ first before finishing the connected DLC quest.
Also, didn't know Remedy was a Finnish company this whole time. Maybe I'll try out Max Payne eventually.

No. 367340

File: 1712109012572.png (3.41 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (711).png)

elden ring also let you thot it up as a guy so that was nice

No. 367370

File: 1712117159654.jpg (126.82 KB, 750x557, GC92WmMXYAArDRa.jpg)

i enjoyed wearing this slutty silly set while i did my stupid poison trolling in pvp

No. 367382

Seconding this question because I tried the demo and I really disliked the Cooking Mama Peach part so if there's a Lot like it I would avoid but the game is so cute its tempting

No. 367385


No. 367772

For some reason the only game that made me want to improve and get better was Sekiro. Something about it just made me want to try more than DS1 which made me swear off the rest of Fromsoft games.
I wish the story was a bit longer

No. 368468

what game is this

No. 368473

>miyazaki cares a lot about player experience. he wants people to have fun
>puts poison swamps in all of his games
kek joking aside i agree

No. 368560

is helldivers 2 good or is it just more FOTM shit

No. 368561

scrutinized. it's cheaply made but pretty tense

No. 368572

Poison swaps also the gulag level in ds2 . Ugh not to mention the shrine of Amana can die in a fire.

No. 368581

File: 1712464701589.png (1.3 MB, 1280x720, Elden-Ring-Basilisk-of-the-Rot…)

ngl, i look back on those areas with fondness (blighttown at least because it's pretty easy to get through on subsequent pts but feels like the hardest thing ever at the time), and i was kind of sad that "the poison swamp" in elden ring wasn't that difficult

No. 368626

what upcoming games are you waiting for? i am dying to play this.
the cringe RTS purist from the sexism in videogames is probably seething over it

No. 368638

Why would anyone be seething over this?

No. 368658

I'm not that anon from that thread but as someone who's also into strategy games, this looks like cheap mobile-tier weeb trash with zero depth to it but I hope you have fun with it nonetheless. For me it's Kaiserpunk. It's city building + grand strategy in one.

No. 368659

Nona no offense but this looks like a cheap mobile game from the app store

No. 368689

>Looks like ass
>Happy Touhou allows whatever fan stuff
>Not sure what you mean by sexism here? Does RTS have a sexism problem or Touhou?

No. 368690

I liked it when playing with friends. With randos it gets pretty toxic. Either have a mic or predict whatever the current meta is perfectly.

No. 368713

It's pretty fun

No. 368726

fotm for normies

No. 368801

It's a fangame anons, it's not going to be on the same level as something made by a big company. I think the idea is really cute.

No. 368815

everyone post your three games from recent activity on Steam

No. 368825

Bought a new computer but don't really have money for new games so just Destiny and Warframe like always. At least they load way faster on PC compared to PS4.
And now that I can play Destiny without needing PS+ I should try to play all the games I've redeemed before my current subscription runs out.

No. 368905

for me it's currently balatro, slay the spire and vampire survivors (I have a gambling addiction)

No. 369018

Destiny 2 (I don't know why I keep coming back tbh)
The Hex
Lethal Company

No. 369026

Dolphin (playing phantasy star online), sims 3, and two point hospital. Although that last one is the only game from steam lol.

No. 369027

>phantasy star online
Isn't this an MMO? How does that work? I always wanted to play it as a kid on the Gamecube but mom said the adapter was too expensive and I'd hog the crappy dial-up internet

No. 369035

File: 1712584684460.png (345.44 KB, 300x450, image.png)

Cheating and just including my current games
>Dave the Diver
>Mini Metro/Mini Motorways (for the daily challenges)
Also binging the Nancy Drew series with my sister. Picrel is the one we just finished. 10/10 one of my first emo husbandos is in it and you get to play segments as Bess. One of the most satisfying ones to finish, great atmosphere, cool characters, good amount of puzzles that are organically integrated into the game, and very fun. You may want to use UHS for some hints on some of the endgame puzzles though kek.

No. 369047

File: 1712586937438.jpg (1.08 MB, 1525x2169, Gcpso.jpg)

Episode I and II can be played singleplayer completely offline. Although I do think dolphin has ways of going online but I haven't looked into it.

No. 369052

Don't Starve
Princess Maker 2

No. 369054

Sweet! Thanks nona, I'm gonna look into that now

No. 369061

Guys the only thing I play are JRPGs how do I fix this brain damage

No. 369063

Play CRPGs instead (different kind of brain damage).

No. 369066

I recently downloaded i think maybe all Nancy Drew games kek. Can't decide which i should play first.
NTA I have been playing only cRPG for several years. I hope Nancy Drew will fix my brain damage.

No. 369082

3DS gang rise-up

No. 369083

stardew valley
elden ring
civ 5

No. 369091

It's too late for you… (fellow JRPG separatist)

No. 369105

Today I was reminded that Life is Strange existed, and also how much I hated Chloe. It's the reason I never played Before the Storm because it's just about Chloe and her not-gf that I also didn't like or care for. I don't know if other nonnies here played it and how they felt about her, because I've wondered before if I'm the weird one for disliking her since people talk about how she's actually the best friend ever and if you don't you just don't understand good character writing.
Playing matchmaker was always one of my favorite things in recent FE titles. I still need to play engage but I heard it only gets good later on. But I'm also craving a game again where romancing is secondary to the main game, it always makes me feel more attached to characters compared to otomege.
Is it worth the price getting princess maker 2? The price isn't that high but I'm still unsure on getting it.

No. 369112

Not on steam but Dragon's Dogma 2, Sims 3(pirated because EA is gay) and Project Diva Future Tone.

No. 369114

I’m playing through the ace attorney series while waiting for the elden ring expansion and manor lords.

No. 369115

how long until nintendo takes this down I wonder

No. 369116

I feel the same after I played it in person with a friend, we both thought Chloe was an unlikeable character. Saw E;R's video about it all those years ago and agreed with it and I don't like whatever wave of newer fans would damn me for that or overcorrectively say Chloe is the best just because the most vocal criticism comes from scrotes with edgy humor. It IS a mediocre "game", the attempt to write teens by adult Frenchmen was hilarious as well as creepy, it's like diet David Cage.

No. 369119

>Life is Strange
I played it for the first time last year and didn't finish (got up to episode 3 or 4) because I got busy and I was playing with borrowed time so I'll probably never finish it unless I buy it. But I also didn't like Chloe. I found her annoying and wish the game had ended where you save her dad and she ends up paralyzed. Otherwise, I really liked Kate and Nathan Prescott and remember wishing they had more scenes. I also remember looking into the tumblr community for life is strange and found out that there was apparently supposed to be more than 5 episodes and I really hope that those episodes were meant to flesh out other characters that weren't just Chloe.

>Princess Maker 2

You can try the dos version online for free if you want.

No. 369125

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth
Like a Dragon: Ishin!
Lost Judgment

(to be fair, they were last opened in Feb 2024, Nov 2023 and Sep 2023 respectively, I don't game much but when I game I game)

No. 369183

Can nonas recommend any good racing games similar to the Forza Horizon series? Open world style racing games?

No. 369189

Justice Sucks, Planet Zoo, Rune Factory 4S thought technically I added On The Run from miniclip as a non-steam game too which would replace RF4

No. 369211

Agreed, I think the game had some heart put into it but I would hardly call it the pinnacle of writing (even outside of Chloe) because the game has some massive plotholes/things that don't make sense in general. And like you said, the awful dialogue writing.
I have bad news for you, the entire game builds up to you having to decide between saving the town or letting Chloe live. Never made an easier choice in my life. I forgot her name but the evil short haired bully girl does get a little bit of grace in the last or second to last episode. The rest is just working towards the ending at that point really.
Also thanks, will be trying it for free!

No. 369217

File: 1712652706962.jpg (139.43 KB, 850x1696, __zelkov_fire_emblem_and_1_mor…)

Engage is fun, I'd say the quality is pretty consistent throughoit the game; it's either for you or it's not. I enjoyed it as it honed in on the fun of a diversely lovable cast without being overambitious with the story, and the maps felt much better than 3H (although that's not a high bar) to me. Give it a whirl!

No. 369238

File: 1712660602587.png (285.77 KB, 516x443, image.png)

Here are some of my faves:
Danger on Deception Island: A conspiracy involving an orca and a small town on an island with a dark history. Includes one of the best crazy lady characters, good puzzles that aren't too hard, and a really fantastically woven mystery that weaves a few storylines together that you don't know how it all fits until the very end. I come back to it a lot because I love the story so much. A really good flow to solving it too, not much back and forth.
Treasure in a Royal Tower: The best crazy lady Hotchkis is here who also comes back in later games as a phone character occasionally, Marie Antoinette related mystery in a cool castle. An early game but still holds up imo. Like a lot of games, where it ends isn't where it starts so honestly don't remember the premise but it's a story set on humanizing Marie Antoinette on top of the mystery. A few of the games have done this where they take a controversial woman from history and add depth to her. Picrel is based on a grump in the game and the hilariousness of the goodbye lines after pissing people off.
Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon: You're invited on a train by Paris Hilton to try and solve the mystery of it. The owner had a secret mine and one day the train was found abandoned without him and only a dead conductor on board. Your mission is to figure out the location of the mine and what happened before the others who were invited solve it do (including the first instance of the Hardy Boys as characters beyond just guys you can call on the phone). Between deception island for my favourite. The puzzles are quite unique and while the location is interesting (mostly taking place on a train), it's more about the characters and the puzzle chains that are all well done. The plot is more straight forwards but it's cute and wholesome, it's also got a hilarious Paris Hilton stand-in whom I adore. Cause it's a parody written by women it doesn't feel hateful and if anything, she's actually quite smart.
The Final Scene: your friend is kidnapped and being held in an old theatre that's set to get demolished in 3 days, on the last day after a certain point there is actually a demolishion countdown and if you don't complete the game within the time period you and her are in the building when it demolishes (they made a game over sequence where you see the ball flying into the building in front of you before cutting to black supposedly, people claim it only happens if the timer goes off if you're in a particular room). I don't remember the puzzles too much, I think it's less about the puzzles and more finding clues but it's a game that sticks with me for the characters and the cool end sequence. Plus it keeps you on your toes the whole game and teaches you about Houdini cause the theatre is supposed to have been one of his favourites with lots of hidden passages. I might play it again soon I think.
Honourary mentions: Shadow at Water's Edge (set in a Ryokan outside of Tokyo, spooky), Warnings at Waverly Academy (set in an all-girls' school), Alibi in Ashes (play after a few games, set in River Heights and Nancy is the suspect), Danger by Design (France + catacomb exploring), Ghost of Thorton Hall (really great dark mystery imo, kinda spooky too with cool effects).
Honestly if you pick any of the games you're in for a fun time, there are maybe 1-2 duds across the whole series and there's still something to like about them. Ransom of the 7 Ships and Creature on Kapu cave are the ones I'm thinking of but are worth trying after you've done some others. They just don't have a great mystery cause I think both got rushed for some reason. Ransom literally only has one suspect and Kapu Cave has to explain the ending in the end sequence kek.

As for solving them, UHS (Universal Hint Sytem) is your friend. https://www.uhs-hints.com/ It gives you progressively detailed hints for solving the puzzles but also the answer if you're stuck so much better following a walkthrough imo, especially since you might do things in a different order from the walkthrough you are following. You feel more satisfaction at least trying the puzzles using help. The later games sort of integrated this into the checklist, for jr detective difficulty you can click a "hint" button under your objectives. But all games let you call Bess and George and/or Ned and/or the Hardy Boys for hints too so if you're stumped try them. If you have any questions or anything let me know! I've played these games so much cause I found the series back in 06 and been a massive fan ever since

No. 369245

I'm pretty much lost hope on DA4, but I'm somehow still hopeful for the next Mass Effect coming out. Bless Bioware fan women and their hours and hours of very in depth trailer analyses.

No. 369363

I'll probably never forgive Bioware for the trash ending of ME3 but who knows how much turnover in writers etc. has happened since then. Apparently the main writer of Nu Deus Ex is at Bioware now. If they could write a new love interest as cool as Adam my opinion might change though lol.

No. 369413

File: 1712700878453.jpg (70.58 KB, 640x480, terrifying.jpg)

NTA but this is a very solid list. Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon was always my favorite, both because of the setting and having the Hardy Boys show up as actual characters. The shopkeeper in the prospector suit terrified me as a kid, though.
I second everything the other anon wrote, and I think Message in a Haunted Mansion is another must-play. It has a sort of classic haunted house vibe with some mildly spooky stuff that is probably not nearly as terrifying as I found it at the age of 6. The Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake is also a good one, if only because of the 'isolated in the woods' setting. The NPCs are weaker in this one, but it has probably my 2nd favorite setting and atmosphere of the whole series. The Secret of Shadow Ranch is also fun, and I really liked finding the petroglyphs and getting to ride horses.

No. 369445

I'm obsessed with teamfight tactics.

No. 369461

Ghost Dogs at Moon Lake scared me the first time I played it cause I was so scared of dogs haha. I refused to go out at night cause I was scared the dogs would attack again. It really got the atmosphere down for sure. And Shadow Ranch really is top tier for the horses yeah. I can't believe I forgot about it, especially the love story that gets revealed which was beyond adorable.
Message in a Haunted Mansion might be actually one of the most subtly scary ones cause it pulled a lots of little tricks to make you think you're seeing things if you pay attention, every few locations you go the game will run an animation somewhere on the screen to move something. I think it's mostly moving things at the corner of the screen so it's less obvious. Once I saw a pillow move slightly to the left and I thought I was going insane until later noticed a mirror also move and realized the game had been doing this the whole time

No. 369465

File: 1712725328903.jpeg (109.08 KB, 618x374, IMG_1800.jpeg)

NTA but also want to add Blackmoor Manor to the list, scared the shit out of me as a kid

No. 369476

I was SUCH a scaredy-cat as a kid, so the subtle animations in Message in a Haunted Mansion messed me up. I used to play the Nancy Drew games with an older family member, and this family member was used to me getting freaked out by the smallest stuff. During that game, I kept INSISTING there were crazy things going on in the background, like the engraving of a swan on a table leg moving for a split second, and my family member wouldn't believe me kek. I remember very distinctly someone whispering 'I see you' in the big entry hall, but the person I was playing with had poor hearing, and thought I was being paranoid because only I could hear it! I felt like I was going insane the entire time, which made me even more scared.
That's another good one! I still get that "Brigitte with her eyes so bright" song stuck in my head. Blackmoor Manor had some legitimate jumpscares, especially with that Ethel lady.

No. 369478

File: 1712729357756.png (499.13 KB, 577x360, image.png)

The frog dream was so creepy and the various other random events are cool, every time I play I feel I get new sequences. Unfortunately I had to stop recently cause I managed to soft-lock the game somehow haha. I'm gonna leave the game running so I can hopefully trigger an event to happen I need new food but the game isn't giving it to me. I think it's expecting me to do something to advance time instead of just sleeping but I'm out of things to do now lol.
Also Loulou is the best. I love feeding her treats, she'd gain so much weight if I was actually at the manor for a week.

No. 369484

but doesn't mass effects future hinge on the success of DA4? It better be performing well.

but I agree with you, female bioware fan analyst are the best

No. 369485

Oh yeah I bet my ass if DA4 doesn't perform Bioware studios just get killed off. Which is scary because that game is directed by a tranny, so the game will have so much troon pandering. I think the large audiences have already started to get tired of it, and I'm not sure a game like that will perform well.

No. 369490

Double posting, this video just popped on my recommended. She talks about the future of ME and Bioware, interesting stuff. I haven't kept up with development, but apparently there's a ME TV series coming out?? And the release date for the next game is rumored to be around 2029, if it ever happens.

No. 369494

File: 1712732288598.jpg (351.91 KB, 1080x1528, 1000033770.jpg)

No. 369495

I'm not ready for the stupid discourse that will, as always, inevitably emerge when the next Persona drops…

No. 369513

File: 1712735437932.png (205.93 KB, 655x554, vgaergbaer.PNG)

No. 369554

File: 1712754162397.png (777.38 KB, 861x900, image-51.png)

i don't think i'll ever manage to play through ds3 as a man without wearing this set at least once

No. 369561

Paranorma Sight
Danganronpa 3…
Needy Streamer overload

Oh God, I swear I'm not ManlyBadassHero

No. 369598

File: 1712775750941.jpg (119.69 KB, 1024x616, nancy-drew-shadow-at-the-water…)

Thank you for the recs, anons, i wrote it all down. Think i'll start with the Last Train and few spooky ones. Also i really like how these games look.

No. 369603

You guys can play online with Ephinea. I think you just need to make an account, download it, and you're able to play Episodes I and II. Super super fun.

No. 369622

Card Quest
RE4 2005

This post made me reflect on my steam account and now I'm second guessing all my life choices.

No. 369650

Seems like that's a private server for pc? I knew the game was on pc but I didn't think people were still keeping it alive. Someone is hosting a GC server for dolphin so there's that as well. Either way hope nonny has fun with whatever she chooses, I guess I'll just stick to my offline GC version kek.

No. 369659

I hate Chloe and I hate that drug dealer that they try to make you feel for because he likes puppies how the fuck old is he anyway? He's so gross I hate him.

No. 369698

File: 1712818940535.png (1.15 MB, 1280x720, content-warning-2.png)

we're gonna see five million games like this aren't we

No. 369731

I doubt, "youtuber" games have been a thing for like a decade now and this "group of people fuck around" lethal company micro genre doesn't have nearly enough steam to produce five million more rip offs like FNAF did.

No. 369763

Thing about FNAF is those games are easy as fuck to rip-off considering they're low-budget point-and-click games. Hell, Scott pumped out sequels within months of each other.

No. 369797

>Needy Streamer overload
This was so weird I still don't know what to make of it. Art style was super neat though.

No. 369814

NTA but I liked it for the denpa elements, stat raising, and the sheer number and diversity of endings. I also liked how many references it had to other VNs. I thought it got a little too fake-deep and preachy at parts, which prevented me from loving it, but it was a fun experience. I also wasn't wild about the twist near the end, as it felt cliche. I do understand your thinking it was strange, but most of the weirdness was well-executed.
>Needy Streamer overload
Internet Overdose, Rainbow Girl, and the religion ending were easily my favorites, but they apparently added more endings since I finished it, so maybe I should download it again to check them out.
>Danganronpa 3
I never know how to feel about Danganronpa; it's so varied in terms of quality, and I usually spend as much time frustrated by the writing as I do actually enjoying it. This was my favorite entry in the series, but I can see why a lot of people were angry about it.
>Paranorma Sight
Just started this one on Switch, myself. It seems interesting so far, and I really like it aesthetically. I don't have high expectations because someone told me the ending was poor, but I hope it'll be good until then.

No. 369815

Just finished Paranorma sight, really solid VN, enjoyed the story, mystery was well written enough that I guessed some stuff (with logic through clues) but was also surprised by some things. The ending well yeah, the build up is definitely better than the ending on its own but with how the story goes and what the eventual motive for the goodies is, it couldn't really be spectacular.

No. 369816

>Needy Streamer overload
It'll be interesting to see how the anime adapts it. It's got a ton of buzz with steamers, and the song and has two ongoing manga adaptions. It has to happen. I liked that the best ending was you just did nothing and she realised internet fame was toxic af and left

No. 369865

File: 1712901995532.gif (3.25 MB, 615x346, 615p-Bike.gif)

Has anyone played Minami Lane? It seems like a cozy/chill simple game but i wonder for how long i would play it since i prefer other kind of games

No. 369985

1. Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines
2. Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines
3. Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines

No. 370023

QRD? I remember hearing about this in college ages ago.

No. 370024

Very based.

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