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File: 1521361811273.png (1.54 MB, 1108x696, 1520090135245.png)

No. 531526

previously a punk kid who became a pansexual buddhist lolita lifestyler
>quit because of bullies and LACE drama (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxz0QVfggik [DL][Archived Copy])
>history of self harm, ED and severe anxiety
>has a legitimate shopping problem which she justifies by making an ungodly amount of haul videos
>broke up with 2-year boyfriend to date their best friend (and her other best friend's ex) whom she 'loved all along' and 'makes her believe in love at first sight' (Who broke up with her)
>can't participate in jfashion communities because 'muh rules & restrictions'
>creates her OWN japanese street fashion called Party Kei
>Went to Japan to prove to herself she wanted to study fashion design
>was basically a two week shopping spree
>home again and struggling to keep up with making videos
>quitting her jobs to follow ~dream~ of being a fashion designer in Japan
>still lying about making 'enough money to pay rent' (while asking Louise for $$) and about being supportive to her followers
>interviewed by cbc.ca about internet popularity in her basement room
>"would call herself lesbian if she wasn't dating someone with a dick"
>started streaming on younow for money
>Colin broke up with her, now dating girls only through tinder
>Got a tattoo of her cat after getting told her wand plan was a bad idea and throwing a fit about it
>Full time youtuber now
>Got into a crappy fashion/design school close to mommy
>Currently dating normie girl
>Keeps crying about YouTube demonetization because she can't fund her shopping and sugar addiction
>Says she's pagan/a witch but won't talk about it because apparently people are touchy about religions
>Dumped new girlfriend after several-months-long lesbianism obsession.
> Jill told her girlfriend of two months "I'm not attracted to you. I don't want to lead you on". Used her for clickbait and continued to talk about exes all the time in front of her gf and her family. Now posts depression memes
>Entered a Kawaii Contest to win another trip to Japan, is a finalist
>Got a magical girl tattoo on her thigh and knowingly used copyrighted music in her video.
>Quit two of her medications
>Currently posting a lot about sex & Drinking
>Is going to New York for her bday and is planning a meetup
>Party-Kei facebook group empire collapses
>Makes a cat house using non pet-safe materials
>New York Meet being held by nobody's and on a Monday
>charging $60 a pop to be breathed on by the chosen one, Jillian.
>Posted Valentine's Day lookbook; mom helps film (including ass-shots) instead of stopping this atrocity
>Piss hair has arrived and it's every bit as terrible as you think
>Made an itabag and failed to make it tacky like it's supposed to be
>"Exposing my Past" video is essentially Louise "bragging" about Jill being so smart
>Bought the SugarpillxLTS collab set, whined about broken eyeshadows and got a replacement palette sent to her, still did review with broken palette
>Plans on making a dress for her NYC trip/birthday despite her constant lack of completing other sewing projects she has started/planned
>Has posted publicly twice about shit mental health and needing to take a break, still refuses to take care of herself properly
>Wins Kawaii.i's popularity contest
>Keeping the ~sexy~ stint up by flashing her granny knickers in a try on haul
>spent birthday with John but "are totes not together"
>made a self help video with great advice including "going outside" and "buy your very own designer cat"
>has started getting into drag and drag race, might experiment as a ~bio queen~
>Meet up dress is made and is a tacky embodiment of "ANIME MEADOWS"
>needs a 2 bedroom apartment for university according to Louise
>has hit New York and projecting her gayness


youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA
insta https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
2nd insta: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/?hl=en
tumblr http://pixielocks.tumblr.com/
blog pixie-locks.blogspot.ca
Cosplay Page https://m.facebook.com/cosplaypixie/

No. 531537

Bless u for the thread pic OP, grade a train wreck Jill

No. 531538

Well goddamn if that OP pic ain't the definition of class

Also now tempted to make a video/gif detailing the transition of Jill from semi-decent IDGAF sense of style to walking quasi-Lisa-Frank clusterfuck

No. 531539

Please do, this sounds glorious

No. 531541

File: 1521363158551.png (387.55 KB, 385x491, bananaoldlady.png)

It was originally the old lady photo but as I was scrolling through the previous thread for a refresher, I was reminded of granny flasher.

No. 531550

File: 1521364242775.gif (202.1 KB, 400x300, 2007499A-482B-43AA-8A16-1A8408…)

Can we take a moment to appreciate that in just 2 years we’ve had 22 threads about Jill. TWENTY TWO. And in such a short amount of time this jowely, unmotivated, sloppy ass girl has given us such beautiful milk as her LACE video, huge horrible style changes, getting dumped because she’s a shithead, and the lulzy Japan trip. I honestly can’t say I hate her anymore, she has been nothing but a constant stream of fried hair and laughter for me. This post salutes you Jill. Your never ending parade of obvious fuck ups has left this anon with a smile each time a new thread is created. I eagerly await the kawaii.i drama that has yet to unfold and your impeding quarter life crisis.

No. 531555

File: 1521365106237.png (179.71 KB, 636x516, 1481209600674.png)

Same anon, I'm genuinely looking forward to her New York meet up vlog, just thinking about her wearing that badly constructed monstrosity of a dress in public makes me content.
In the past it annoyed me that some lazy slob like Jill would probably never face any real worries or troubles because mommy would take care of everything for her, but no matter how much money or 'fame' Jill has at the end of the day she's still just a badly dressed idiot.

No. 531602

Does anyone have a link to the LACE drama video? Im relatively new to Jill drama and am going through the old threads to catch up, but the link in the OP has been deleted

No. 531668

Jill’s original vid got taken down, and so did the reupload (after a few years), but he parody vid of her is still here. It pretty much sums up what she said in the real video.
It was supposed to be about something made by her friend Kate to spread positivity and happiness about Lolitas or whatever after someone got bullied in the bathroom at the con. Kate wanted to spread the word so Jill (and this other Lolita) made videos.
Jill made a 8-11 min video talking about herself saying that she didn’t care what people were saying about her with quotes like
“I know that people say things about me. I knoooow.”
“I have an 20” waist!”
“I get messages daily saying that I helped people.”
She got put on btb several times for acting like a hilarious snobby girl, and promoting Kate’s stupid LACE thing (which she only talked out for a minute or two).

Before LACE no other Lolitas liked her because she would throw items on video, (copying milkyfawn from Deerstalker pictures-not as a joke) would talking about how much she spent and dropped on her purchases as a 13 year old
made a cordination and Lolita on a budget video (despite horrible past coordination and it being heavily speculated that her mom was buying her everything. Later that year she uploaded a “fashion identity”
video saying that she was going to stop wearing Lolita because everything looked the same, etc.

No. 531691

I'm the OP of the first thread and I honestly can't remember what she did that made me angry enough to make the first thread but I have no regrets. Watching Jill's trainwreck makes me feel so much better about my own life.

No. 531711

Pixielocks is the new Pixie T. PL

No. 531794

It’s funny how y’all talk about how Jill has no life but y’all so busy talking shit about her looks and her lifestyle. It’s comical, pathetic even.
I think after reading all the threads my IQ has dropped below all yours collectively.
Can’t wait for this to be deleted cause y’all can’t take what you dish out.(no1curr)

No. 531797

File: 1521394468267.gif (976.63 KB, 480x360, 8EEAD7E4-08FB-4001-A35C-7CCFFF…)

No. 531799

>Can’t wait for this to be deleted cause y’all can’t take what you dish out.
kek is the confetti club reporting the 22 threads jill has

No. 531804

hello newfriend. unless you're blatantly trolling or spamming a thread, your posts don't get deleted. you just get called out by mods and others for being a whiteknight and derailing or banned if mods deem you dumb enough.

So guys, on a scale of 1 to Japan, how depressed do you think Jills mom is on this trip to NYC?

No. 531812

>>531804 I feel like Japan has set her mum's expectations very low..but Jill will still find a way to continue to lower the bar..

No. 531814

File: 1521395693242.png (1.23 MB, 1052x1060, Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 10.4…)

Louise updated her cover photo on facebook to her pwecious yellow bff visiting the youtube studios in New York. Do you think Jill actually managed to record any footage here, or just wanted a quick photo op for the "full time yootuberrr" status symbol?

No. 531823


Isn't super easy to film there even when you just have a very small number of subscribers? I think it would be possible but I don't see Jill actually making a video because it would be too much work on her already super ~busy~ trip. Or maybe it's part of her upcoming vlog(s) ?

No. 531825

I don't think her skirt will fit her much longer, she's starting to bloat more

No. 531827

Pretty sure you only need a 1,000 subs to book a space to film, so it’s not a huge deal, but the NY one is one of two in North America, so it’s probably just a fun thing for her to get to go and see it irl, don’t really blame her considering it is how she makes her money

No. 531832

There’s a number of people who don’t like Jlll for her irresponsible behavior, shitty habits, and how she treats other people. Deal with it that Mama Pixie isn’t the greatest person in the world like you thought she was.

No. 531851

File: 1521399130995.png (5.18 MB, 2160x1920, 1521237888306.png)

Catching up on the last thread, and wow, Jill's hairdresser missed all of this pink in her bangs.

No. 531860

Not to defend jill but looks like it's just the lights out there

No. 531864

She has to stop rising her eyebrows like that, looks less like a smile and more like shes making faces to someone atm.

No. 531900

Newfag you must have swallowed a tumor for breakfast because no cares about your invalid opinion. Jill is our source of cheap entertainment, get used to it.


No. 531907

There's no comparison, she's pathetic 24/7 and we only spend a few moments here.


No. 531935

File: 1521405098255.jpg (269.49 KB, 1080x926, Screenshot_20180318-202943.jpg)

She's going to be a mess in ~fashion skool

No. 531938

File: 1521405316812.jpg (145.09 KB, 1080x536, Screenshot_20180318-203446.jpg)

Admitting she can't sew????

No. 531968

even if her mom was criticizing the dress, she does know that critique can be helpful.. right
shes definitely not gonna survive fashion school, kek

No. 531984

She often talks about this, and the fact that she’s going to school to learn to sew because she doesn’t know, if you haven’t already picked up on this you need to read past threads

No. 531994

>>531984 but at the same time shes like ~uwu i've won so many cosplay awards~~

No. 531998

But Jill, you don't need to go to school to learn how to sew

No. 532000

Which she admits are all at amateur level because she is an amateur.
Being the best of a group of unskilled people isn’t a huge victory, but Jill does make it pretty clear she doesn’t see herself as someone who is really talented, just still learning

No. 532001

No she obviously doesn’t, and is able to learn basics through the internet and books easily, but she’s seems to do well in classroom environments and wants to have a teacher who can show her more complex things/Get actual feedback that isn’t from people online
School will be good for her don’t be such as ass about it

No. 532003

>>532001 school won't be good for her, because she'll dropout and then will never leave her parent's basement

No. 532006

sure, but you should probably take a local sewing before you go to school for it. Then again, she may not have any in her small town.

No. 532022

File: 1521411337024.png (359.31 KB, 493x768, yUtP83p.png)

Since Jill is getting into drag shit, she should know about this Violet Chachki "lewk" she seems to channel daily.

No. 532031

She has some nearby, I've looked into it and posted about it before.

No. 532037

She wins because she literally begs the judges to be in the novice categories regardless of how many times she wins. She's admitted to this.

Also at least two of her awards, if not more, are based on performance, not skilled construction. And if you've ever seen con masquerades, almost nobody is willing to learn and perform choreography, which Jill does every time. So she almost automatically wins for performance reasons. But the real reason she wins above all, is simply because the two cons she attends are tiny in size AND she's well-acquainted with the judges and staff. Like that one time she won a "participation" award for her sloppy ass Rose Quartz, for literally no reason?? Her cosplay was sub-par and she didn't perform a choreography (because steven universe isn't a mahou shoujo anime uwu) so her participation was entirely forgettable yet she still inexplicably managed to receive an award after the fact (which makes it even more questionable that her award was added post-con).

No. 532042

File: 1521412899349.jpg (497.63 KB, 1080x1044, Screenshot_20180318-224049.jpg)

No. 532043

this is weird, but did she edit out her forehead wrinkles…?

No. 532045

File: 1521413102782.jpg (547.77 KB, 1080x1640, Screenshot_20180318-224354.jpg)

Of course Jill follows this account she's so proud of owning burando~~

No. 532047

File: 1521413182958.jpg (304.49 KB, 1080x1430, Screenshot_20180318-224533.jpg)

Thus account doesn't even take into account customs and shipping

No. 532050

this is both tacky and depressing
imagine spending that much money to look like garbage

No. 532052


She probably runs that account.

No. 532053

She could definitely learn through the internet easily, but she's probably scared of failing and making mistakes. I really doubt she's going to hold up at college and will drop out as soon as she starts making mistakes and they have to critique eachother's work.

No. 532056


This is really fucking absurd to me. What is the point of tallying up what each outfit costs (the reasons we do it here not withstanding)? Her fans must all be poorfags to care about something like this. No judgement about anyone's actual state of finances- but what is the point?

Maybe she runs this herself to impress them. I get having an ootd lookbook or whatever but I'm baffled by the price thing.

I'm triggered and need some Peeps tea and a Lush yeast infection to deal with this.

No. 532062

File: 1521414072005.png (156.65 KB, 347x560, Screen shot 2018-03-18 at 7.23…)

Not about Jill but I can't believe Lazy Oaf has the gall to sell a solid black shirt for this much money.

No. 532072

I thought this was trying to call her out on her expensive taste. Guess not.

No. 532082

This account helps with understanding how retarded she is at managing her money. None of these pieces are worth the amount she spent on them and look tacky, cheap, and like one-time wears.

I agree with the anons suspecting she runs this account. Jill looooooves pricedropping

No. 532091

Anons are you jealous of how much Jill spends anon? Seriously so petty. Sorry if you poorfags can't afford expensive attire. I may not like Jill, but it is her money.

No. 532094

I definitely think that this account is meant to make fun of Jill in an underhanded/sneaky way - doesn’t make sense otherwise why they would tally up prices and stick them onto her pictures. Or maybe it is Jill just bragging, she seems to love showing off how much she spends on shitty brands.

No. 532096

I think it's more the fact that she's terrified to do her own grocery shopping alone but will gladly drive hours and go great lengths to get ugly clothes

No. 532099

Yea but she can buy an actually nice outfit with that money, and all she buys is tacky garbage

No. 532104

insinuating that you're poor if you choose to spend your money on something smart instead of tacky clothes is immature, anon. we don't all have mommy and daddy's money to waste.

No. 532115

Omg she did! She smoothed out her skin it's so obvious fucking kek

No. 532118

thats not how uni works?? you have to be decent at the thing youre going there for, how the fuck did she get accepted?

No. 532120

>>532118 i'm pretty sure mummy's money was enough to get her in

No. 532121

oh my god im crying
shes even got the yellow hair and purple beret kek

No. 532124

She goes on and on about how she needs more money, yet doesn't ever seem to wear an outfit worth less than $200

No. 532135

It's not university. It's a community college. Anyone who applies who graduated high school can go, providing they pay for it.

No. 532166

File: 1521419619675.jpeg (169.93 KB, 750x864, BADD20F8-2C8C-45F4-984F-CED045…)

Thank god these disgusting shoes finally broke. If she can spend up to $500 on a single outfit, she can buy some new fucking shoes.

No. 532169

If I had a fave pair of shoes that weren’t sold anymore I’d wear them till they broke too so whatever?
She’ll be at the party tomorrow and I believe she planned to wear nicer shoes to it anyways. Probably the sparkle boots.
Those things are cute AF tbh

No. 532172

her shoes always look so dirty. I still shudder at a video she made of her clothes and she had dirty, soiled shoes sitting on the carpet in her bedroom. gross.

No. 532173

Rest in pieces
Those things were so god-awful ugly and moreover completely filthy. She needs to stay away from shoes with light-colored/porous soles that just suck up all the red dirt in her province. So many outfits of hers that were already boderline just fell to looking like absolute trash when you looked down and saw those hideous shoes. I wonder if being in NYC will teach her something about how fashionable people actually look clean-cut and put-together.

No. 532176

I’d wear my favorite shoes until they broke to, but Jesus Christ it is not that hard to clean them every now and then. Especially since she is a ~fashun vlogger~

No. 532181

Like I live in a rural area, on what is essentially a ranch, in a dusty desert. I too have pastel pink platform shoes. I simply wipe them clean after each wear and they still look like-new and I’ve had them for a year, and wear them often. But we can’t expect Jill to treat any of her clothes and shoes right, can we?
Sage for blog posting

No. 532188

do you guys hate lazy oaf on principle? just wondering

why not if people will buy it?

what do you wipe them with? are you saying a brush or a cloth?

No. 532197

exactly. I don't wear shoes inside the house because of carpet and I like to keep it clean, but wiping shoes clean is always a must. Jill is dirty, nasty AF and I always imagine her stinking of B.O and she tries to cover it up with fruity perfume. Gag.

No. 532202

YRU shoes are notorious for being cheaply constructed and breaking. NOt to mention, they are fashion shoes, not made for walking around the city for 8 hours to begin with. I hate that she's not willing to sacrifice a minimal amount of ~aesthetic~ and buy a pratical pair of fucking shoes if she's going to be traveling and walking a lot. You can still get good-quality sneakers that are cute.

No. 532206

Samefag but Puma and Nike both make cute pink sneakers that are not only way less hideous than those clown shoes, but are comfortable and meant for walking in and will last years without falling apart. Plus they're also fairly pricy and considered (lower end, but still) "Status symbol" brands.

No. 532207

oh my god, thats a bit sad
most people start college at 16, its a legal requirement in the uk

No. 532212

>>532207 it's not the same as uk college. It's more like going to a shitty uni that only does btecs and the entry requirements are 5 gcses's.

No. 532217

You can get pastel pink Doctor Martens with ribbon laces too, they last forever if you polish them

No. 532237


I have no idea how community colleges work, so forgive me, but in the UK shitty colleges like the ones mentioned are generally for getting basic skills and a basic qualification to allow you to later apply to a decent university? Honestly I don't see any shame in that since Jill isn't skilled enough to get into a decent uni.

Of course, this is all more of a hypothetical since Jill is lazy as fuck and I doubt she has any plans for further education after she graduates from her home ec class.

No. 532240

>>532237 idk if i'm reading your post wrong, but uk colleges are pretty much all the same (as in the alevels you get from them are valued the same) so uk colleges aren't the same US/Canadian colleges. UK unis = US/Candian colleges.

No. 532246


Yeah, I'm from the UK.
What I'm saying is it sounds like the college Jill is set to attend (a community college) is equivalent to a UK college. Most people here go to college so that they can attend a uni later, so I would imagine that Jill has the option to do that if a community college is the Canadian equivalent.

No. 532249

I love this because it's the ugly dress runway look, but Jill will probably love it unironically.

How is she not embarrassed to spent this much money and beg for gifts online at the same time? she's gross

No. 532250

I cant speak for everyone but lazyoaf sells clothes that are extremely basic for an ass ton of money. I understand that they want to give their workers pay for making those but a simple black t shirt is not worth 30 plus shipping.
sage for ot

No. 532251

>>532246 I don't think it is equivalent. I'm pretty sure her community college is just a very shitty uni, so much so that it doesn't require her to do a foundation degree (which is needed for art subjects)

No. 532262


Jesus, that's fucking grim if it's the case.

Crazy how she used to have aspirations to do things like going to Bunka (unrealistic, but still) and now she's quite content with going to a shitty little arts and crafts college where the end-of-year show pieces look like something made for a high school theatre class.

No. 532263

Jill stan take several fucking seats.

That anon is right, you don't need to go to school to learn to sew, she literally wrote she can't sew.
I know absolutely nobody who went to school to learn to sew, they all learned on their own/trial and error/through online/etc. It's a community college that absolutely anyone can go to, wtf does she think she can learn there that she can't on her own? She's just too lazy to do any of the actual research herself and expects it to be handed to her.

" is able to learn basics through the internet and books easily"
Have you seen the most recent shit she has sewn? If she could learn it easily, the very simple patterned dress she made wouldn't looks so awful.

"She seems to do well in classroom environments" ???? Really???? She's a lazy fuck who thinks people who give her constructive criticism are just jealous of her i.e her theatre class phase.

No. 532264

She could have at least done some work to her mom, they both look rough.

I don't think it's fair to say the college is shitty, but her expecting to become some fashion designer though basic coursework is what is sad.

No. 532271


>I don't think it's fair to say the college is shitty

nayrt but

No. 532278

Sewing is for anybody who is willing to learn it, it is not exclusive to just professionally trained individuals. It say this because I know a lot of talented seamstresses and tailors who are self taught and are very talented at their trade. Jill could improve tremendously if she would stop making lame excuses for being so lack luster in her willingness to learn new techniques to her nonexistent repertoire of sewing skills. I graduated from a fashion design school with an BFA in apparel design and even with all my education and rigorous training I still believe anyone can be a great sewer void of a degree. Jill just revels in labeling herself with titles she has yet to have earned. Especially in regards to being a so called fashion designer, she's lazy asf and it shows in her work.

Sage for blog

No. 532282

Ot, but how would one go about learning how to sew on their own? How is Jill learning wrong or how could she learn better?

No. 532285

Really? Not that anon, but there's plenty of resources available. Google, books, videos, etc. You could probably ask your mom or grandmom and they will most likely know how to sew things.

It's the same way anyone else learns – trial and error and some other resource

No. 532286

This bothers me way more than it should, but she can never match her goddamn pinks and it just adds to the meltdown look

No. 532287

File: 1521425978686.png (50.94 KB, 1428x248, Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 11.1…)


Yes, Jill's community college is shitty. It isn't any sort of university at all. She will not receive a degree when she graduates, just a diploma.

Look at the admission requirements. You don't even need a proper high school diploma if you have "equivalent experience."

Reading about this school on Wikipedia says over a third of the students are above 35. This isn't a school people go to out of high school. It's something people do just to put on a resume or to feel like they're "going somewhere" with their arts and crafts.

No. 532294


Honestly I think that Jill seems to expect to take a class on sewing and magically be good at it because she's ~formally trained~, whereas learning how to sew by yourself seems more intimidating and harder work.

Except obviously either way, you need to put a lot of effort in to learn a new skill and expect to be terrible at first. The only reason she's bad at sewing is that she's lazy.
She seems to expect her parents to somehow buy sewing ability for her because she's a spoiled brat.

No. 532306

NYC is filled with clothing stores and shoe shops like every block. This bitch couldn't buy new shoes instead of whining for pity?? Oh boo hoo, she walked around for 8 hours on broken heels.

No one does that.

No. 532312

File: 1521427783655.jpeg (166.03 KB, 640x903, 8A9CD556-33A3-4CEF-9AE1-8B0EC8…)

>goes to New York, one of the biggest fashion cities of the world, not to mention a cultural melting pot and overall a cool experience
>spends time there at Target, CVS, and fast food restaurants

No. 532336

Any decent fashion school will have you prove you can actually sew before accepting you. Her school didn't even make her submit work or a portfolio to get in. There are plenty of ways to learn to sew well enough to get into real fashion school, and she has not done any of them.
Certainly her arts and crafts college will be good for her, then. A school that doesn't have high standards for its 1st year fashion design students certainly fits her type of student.

No. 532344

What happened in her theatre class phase?

No. 532383

Absolutely Discusting

No. 532399

That a new boyfriend?

No. 532415

File: 1521432234186.png (1.4 MB, 1242x2208, C37A1760-8513-4F7C-8836-A6BD5A…)

No. 532417

File: 1521432253716.png (2.42 MB, 1242x2208, 074C1F96-6C9B-4114-9851-A54940…)

No. 532418

File: 1521432276331.png (3.37 MB, 1242x2208, 6E9706BD-4948-4BD1-8792-889BA7…)

No. 532420

Uhhhh neither? Both those pairs would look terrible with that dress.

No. 532423

Hah, didn't take long for her to end up hating the ~sooper speshul birthday dress~

No. 532424

Wouldn't this be a perfect opportunity to wear those dumb ice cream heels she wore once? Like yeah it'd still look like shit but at least it would have a theme.

No. 532426

I doubt she brought those to NY.

No. 532436

This dress is just as hideous as the one she made for herself, though. Man, how did she bring so many ugly rags with her to NYC? It's genuinely the worst of the worst selections from her wardrobe, and as usual, she's only wearing the things she most recently bought in the last few months

No. 532493

File: 1521435564449.jpeg (235.41 KB, 640x894, 6F7FEF89-65FA-4E78-833E-BD0D21…)

She’s literally going to be wearing the same dress as Jeanette Converse will be wearing, one of the “vendors” to that party…seems appropriate because they’re both middle aged, wrinkly, have the same rainbow vomit fashion, and are failed fashion designers! Twinsies!

No. 532499

after checking her instagram, it seems like she's been building up to the event and wearing that dress to it for a few weeks now… will milk ensue since she's going to be wearing the same dress as the "headliner"?

No. 532556

That's a target. They don't have Target in Canada anymore. Completely understanble why she'd go. Target is amaze as fuck.

No. 532558

Some of these "vendors" are kinda shitty I won't lie.

No. 532559

I know Jeanette Converse she's super sweet. Don't shit on her because of her Jill party vendor connection. She dresses a bit garish but she is a very kind heart and does create crazy attire that may not be everyone's cup of tea but at least she's acutely aware of how to sew a garment. Jill is just a greasy basement dweller who wishes she was Jeanette Converse. Kek

No. 532578

Jill will probably say something like “We’re twins! Hehe!”
But she’ll probably be thinking “How dare she wear MY dress to my event?”

No. 532582

Jowels you pussy ass bitch. You chickened out wearing the garment you made to your meet, and we all fucking called it. Admit you are lazy when it comes to learning how to sew and stop calling yourself a designer.

No. 532583

Is she really that vindictive?? Also that dress is cute AF and idk why y’all are shitting on it like it’s bad. It’s better looking than most western made “kawaii”/Lolita clothing.
Idk but Jill could never make something that cute unless she stole the idea from another designer. cough rainbow skirt cough

No. 532591

30 bucks for a t shirt is reasonable anon. Maybe consider how the companies that produce them for $5 are able to do so.

No. 532593

It looks cheap and the puffy sleeves make it look like a toddler's dress.

No. 532595

I think you're the only person on these threads who like that dress tbh. It's childish and looks cheaply made, I literally doesn't look good on anyone.

No. 532598

I read that in her voice and I laughed so hard

No. 532618

I like the fabric and concept of it being like a little girls party dress, but yeah the sleeves are too much

No. 532620

She could get some of the pastel hi-top Reebok sneakers that are super popular in fairy-kei

No. 532621

File: 1521448873266.png (235.6 KB, 268x555, eek.png)

She's worn worse dresses. I feel like that's just y'all nitpicking but w/e
I can see them being a bit too poofy but overall the print and design is cute.

No. 532625

File: 1521450014784.jpg (34.8 KB, 640x640, TAOFFEN-9-Color-Ladies-Hig-Hee…)

Jill I hope you're lurking, just go out in the morning and buy a pair of patent heels in any color featured on the dress.

No. 532647

To be fair that was a theatre costume and not a fashion statement. She probably didn’t even pick it out? Still a horrible fit

No. 532649

File: 1521453635374.jpeg (127.03 KB, 640x870, 6DED7BD0-638A-4691-83EE-D3CA97…)

She’s still whining about the blue hair thing after 2+ years. Pathetic

No. 532654


No Jillian nooo
Even if her own dress wasn't well-made at least it was unique and hers and I honestly like the general look of it better than the one she's going to wear (those sleeves). I'm so upset lol

In any case she needs to stop thinking those glitter boots go with everything

No. 532659

File: 1521455851785.png (205.51 KB, 316x406, 176.png)

you know Jill, maybe if you had put actual time and effort into your dress you could be proud while wearing it
I bet a bunch of those stupid flowers fell off and that's why she got too embarrassed now lol

No. 532671

It looks exactly like something a sissy would wear and the fabric looks so cheap for the crazy price

No. 532679

Did she sell every lolita thing she owns? Tea party shoes would be an easy and better solution here. Heck, they'd probably make most of her pink nightmare outfits look slightly better but they're not over the top enough for Jill.

Back room? That's house siding.

No. 532692

As someone who knows how much fabric costs and how many hours go into making a basic t-shirt, $30 is way overcharging

No. 532715

ntayrt but lazy oaf doesn't even produce their clothes ethically, it's sweatshop made in china (the brand has no ethical information/transparency policy or agreement)
so costing for fabric and labour should be very low, even considering if they do small runs.

No. 532718

Any farmers going to the meetup?

No. 532719

that's a costume for theatre you idiot

Sure it's good for a child because it's —- childish

They know their customers are dumb enough to buy their overpriced shit, so they are able to sell a solid black shirt. Take Supreme for example; they sold a brick that they put their logo on for $30 now theyre selling for upwards of $1k

No. 532722


this. the made in china lazy oaf knock-offs are so identical to the real thing in looks and quality that it's absurd for how much the clothes cost, given they're probably made in the same way as the replicas.

No. 532725

That’s just not how fashion school works? You need to be able to sew at least at a basic level. Come on Jill, at least try.

No. 532736

what was this costume for/from?

No. 532752

I think shes trying to do that obnoxious, tumblr-y sarcasm. She thinks shes a wonderful seamstress.

No. 532755

Not to be ~that~ person (esp since I've never shopped at LazyOaf) but buying expensive basics in the long run is far more reasonable than buying a $5 fast fashion black tshirt. I have a hand full of Calvin Klein basic tshirts (no logo in sight) that I've used as basics for outfits for ~3 years now, no visible wear or tear and the black isn't faded. Same goes for $20 jeans vs $60-80 jeans. That being said, Jill spends a copious amount of money on statement and trendy pieces, which is like the worst way to spend money on fashion. It's why we see so many outfit repeats from her, she doesn't have anything that is very versatile.

No. 532756


No. 532768

lazy oaf isn't better quality than fast fashion though. most 'brands' aren't really especially for shit like tshirts, what are you smoking?

No. 532770

File: 1521473869501.jpg (372.24 KB, 1071x931, Screenshot_20180319-153703.jpg)

Her idea of clean…

No. 532771

File: 1521473886499.jpeg (120.83 KB, 1024x1024, DYncJoiWkAAmh3g.jpeg)

No. 532773

how does she blame this on red dirt? These are grey

No. 532776


Fuck, Jill love yourself. This looks like something that was fished by somebody out of a trashcan wtf


w h e r e?

No. 532780

>frayed ribbon

No. 532782

With all the options of shoes available she chooses to humiliate herself like a scrounge.

No. 532787

You can buy baby pink shoe polish! It makes baby pink shoes look brand new
Plus the Doc Martens was polish that covers scuffs completely
There’s literally not excuse for them to look this bad

No. 532789

OT but is it doc bartend that sells the baby pink shoe polish? I knew they have a red one but this is the first I've heard of other colors this is life changing

No. 532814

If she wears that ugly ass confetti dress with those ugly ass sparkly boots I'm gonna scream. Jill, dear, you're in a fashion capital. Do better.

No. 532815

File: 1521478084259.gif (Spoiler Image, 165.08 KB, 512x522, a88e0c2e92d70dbc0b227225f1e44b…)

No. 532817

Why didn’t she just go and buy some new ones for the day wtf

No. 532828

File: 1521479078319.jpg (1.89 MB, 2048x1724, 120180319162552294.jpg)

All their labels say "made in china" even from pieces from 4-5 years ago. If you email them about their ethical policies they will stated they make their clothes in china and "visit twice a year" this means nothing in terms of ethical partnerships as it is a legal requirement. They used to have a little info on their use of Chinese factories on their site, but it has been removed. Companies that have little to no info on transparency are almost certainly unethical.

I have a few things from Lazy Oaf (and probably would still if the piece was cute enough and unlikely to find the type of design anywhere else) but their quality is incredibly average, on par with things I've had from h&m / ASOS-brand.
However, I do agree with what you're saying overall, a $5 t-shirt is going to be more of a waste than a higher-quality usually higher-priced one. Unfortunately a £25 lazy oaf tee is more on-par with a £10 asos tee. Though obviously nothing wrong with any of these options, if clothing is brought sparingly and looked after carefully.

That's Jill's issue she has no investment in high-quality solid-coloured pieces, there is no regard for quality- just solely design and their is no thought about sustainability of her closet, i.e. will I want this in [x] amount of years? Obviously everyone wants some fun pieces but there is clearly no thought in the cohesion of her wardrobe, colourful =/= cohesive outfit/wardrobe, Jill.

No. 532830

yeah honestly, I feel like this is one of the few times where it would have been justified for her to buy a new dress or something. Buying a new outfit for a special event is understandable.

No. 532856

File: 1521481692939.gif (1.98 MB, 289x214, donaldmad.gif)

NYC is a fashion capital you lazy cow. literally just walk around any clothes shop that has your ugly aesthetic buy something new. christ jill is so stupid.

No. 532857

the lady pirates of captain bree school musical

No. 532861

I took this screenshot, thanks for featuring it OP. Jill is going downhill fast.

No. 532871

So who’s going to the party tonight lol

No. 532873

File: 1521483714581.png (668.27 KB, 657x877, jghfh.png)

man she's stumpy

No. 532883

I feel like without the sleeves this dress would be passable, the print is actually kind of cute. The sleeves take it from cute party dress to napoleon dynamite though :(

No. 532887

neither of those shoes match jfc.
that dress makes her look frumpy and even more fat than she is already getting

No. 532888

dude nothing pisses me off about her more than this. they definitely have the means to spend a little extra on food. if they're in times square and no doubt they're visiting fashion district, go somewhere other than ruby tuesdays? there's so many places to eat, why are you shovelling shit into your droopy jowls that you can get in pei? there's a little korea town right off of herald square but you want American fast food? how ~magical~girl~special~kawaii~ of you
it just shows how sheltered, self absorbed, and uninterstsed in culture other than what she shoves her hammy self into she really is. if she wasn't doing anything at Dylan's candy bar, i doubt she'd give a shit. can't wait to see when she price drops what she gets at Dylan's. will bet she spends more than 100$ on sugary bullshit just to mention it
sage because nyc-er rant.

No. 532900

I actually don't mean to sound shitty but y'all really need to stop comparing US or UK schools to Canada. Neither of those systems are relevant to Jill. I'm sorry but it's pretty annoying to have anons constantly assume it's all the same, like to the point that one anon actually tried to lie about knowing Jill and claimed to be from pei but hilariously gave themselves away because they assumed Canadian high schools were the same as the US (happened in an early thread).

Quick clarifications:
>Universities are not the same thing as colleges at all, they are legally different
>Community colleges are government-owned unlike regular private colleges
>Universities are the ONLY institutions that can grant real degrees i.e bachelor's, masters/graduate etc (there are no diploma mills in Canada, so universities are competitive)
>Private colleges give 1 year certificates or 2-3 year professional diplomas that prepare students for the workplace (they typically accept anyone who can pay their tuition fees)
>Community colleges focus on 1 or 2 year vocational trades, while some programs can be academic (pre-university programs or combined programs with an actual university) depending on government funding. You can also finish high school equivalencies here.

Now, fashion programs are available at the university level (Bachelor of Design or Fine Arts) and they're available at private colleges with 2-3 year programs, some are actually quite renowned and I've known at least one student that went on to the Master's program at Central Saint Martins after completing a 3-year diploma at a private college in Canada.

As for Jill's school, the New Brunswick government actually considers it to be a vocational school (it teaches basic crafts for those who struggle with employment and academia), so it's somewhat below a regular community college (such as Holland College that Colin and Louise graduated from). From highest to lowest education: University > College > Community College > Vocational schools. Meaning that, out of all options in the entire country, Jill chose the lowest of the low, when in fact she could have been accepted to university, that's what so frustrating with her laziness and why everyone who understands this shits on her terrible choices.

No. 532904

This is informative, thanks

Yeah I agree. Still not worth what she paid for it. I'm really wondering who else is buying this dress.

Ohhh that makes sense, thanks

No. 532946

File: 1521490346919.jpg (2.57 MB, 2600x1875, fashionshow.jpg)


Also let's do not forget about how below average the final fashion of Jills school is. I think she fits perfectly into it tbh.

No. 532974

To be fair all of those projects are still more effort then Jill's ever given.

No. 532975


I get what you're saying, and I did literally use the word "equivalent" which obviously isn't right because they're completely different education systems, but my question was basically just "is this the only education it's possible for Jill to get or is she likely to head to another place for further education after graduating".

I get what you mean about Jill going with the shittiest education possible but I find it very hard to believe that she could've been accepted into university. In theory she could've learned how to sew and design to get into one, but as it stands right now I doubt any university would be willing to accept her.

No. 532977

>tumblr: the fashion show

No. 532980


I love that the top left shitty craft store flower dress still looks better than Jill's shitty craft store flower dress.

No. 532990

This honestly sounds the same as the U.K. system

No. 533001

File: 1521493794770.jpg (546.67 KB, 1080x1513, Screenshot_20180319-210904.jpg)

When fans feel the need to FaceTune your skin kek

No. 533002

File: 1521493815132.jpg (683.76 KB, 1072x1490, Screenshot_20180319-210842.jpg)

No. 533004


her yellow hair really makes her look washed out and sickly pale wow

No. 533007

File: 1521494553061.png (4.47 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2359.PNG)

I follow a Insta account who happened to go to the event, damn does she look rough under these lights

No. 533011

You guys cared enough to reply.

No. 533016

TBF, it depends on the light positions (and where it's shining on her), angles, and time of day.

No. 533017

the most offensive parts are those disgusting sleeves on her sissy ageplay dress and that grimey scrunchie
still sad she didn't wear her handmade dress lol

No. 533028

The lighting makes the crevice of her arm look really weird

No. 533038

She most definitely would have been accepted. Whether or not she would be accepted to Ryerson University (top fashion school in Canada) is one thing, because the strength of her portfolio and final grades would be up against every other high school student in the country that applied and it's a first-choice university. So perhaps not Ryerson.

But there's no question that she would be accepted to the maritime universities in the provinces around where she lives. They have much lower requirement standards, both for portfolios and grade 12 marks. Universities in Nova Scotia regularly accept students with ~70% averages in some programs and I've known people who've been accepted to NSCAD university (fine arts school with fashion/textiles program) based on portfolio potential alone and their academic shortcomings didn't matter at all.

In general, if you've passed all regular high school requirements in Canada, you'll find a university that will accept you somewhere. Definitely not a top 10 or first choice uni if you suck, but you'll find one nonetheless.

For example, here are the admission requirements for UPEI where Jill's dad works. She's definitely eligible.

>Successful completion of Grade 12 examinations in a University Preparatory Program with an overall average of at least 70%


No. 533045

it's probably some shit school like AI (art institute of x) or something, they take literally anyone with $$ and are basically a joke.

No. 533048

Kek my friend went to AI of Portland she got her BFA the crazy thing is she's pretty talented at sewing and works for Zac Posen. Can't shit on AI too much but it's no Parsons.kek


No. 533055

File: 1521497807624.jpg (335.23 KB, 665x1090, Screenshot_20180319-221538.jpg)

Louise at the event. I actually think her outfit is really cute?

No. 533057

File: 1521497906583.png (1.85 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180319-221730.png)

She went with the glitter boots in the end

No. 533058

But her hair looks better, I think. She really should go for a more light blonde, it suits her so much more than the ugly yellow.

No. 533059

wow her mom looks way cuter than her

No. 533064

yeah she should go for a cool toned hair colors rather than warm ones. Cool tones look good with pale skin, while warm tones look better with darker skin tones. That's why her hair makes her look old.

No. 533066


I know it was just an expample, but I think an anon in a previous thread pointed out that UPEI doesn't have a purely fashion program.

No. 533067

You realise that tones have nothing to do with whether your pale or tan, but with the undertone of your skin right? People with yellow undertones (and yes there are pale people with yellow undertones..) look better with warm toned hair whereas people with pink undertones look better with cool toned hair. Hence why Jill looks so bad with her current hair colour. She's super pink.

No. 533068

File: 1521498784028.jpg (57.39 KB, 400x268, 1564850_orig.jpg)

>When you're going for Tweety Bird but you end up looking like her owner

No. 533071

sage for ot, but skintone is more than just dark vs light, there are undertones to consider too. jill has a really warm skintone so she really needs to be doing more cool colors so they won't pull the pink and leave her face washed out. she also is wearing the wrong foundation shade as well.

No. 533080

File: 1521499240118.png (93.24 KB, 640x551, IMG_9433.PNG)

agreed, this pic is from a couple years ago but she's had light blonde hair before and she looks really cute with it even if the bleach job isn't perfect imo. the highlighter yellow is going to be a bitch to remove if she ever wants to go for a light hair color again tho

No. 533082

I actually applied for Ryerson's fashion program and was waitlisted, and sadly I didn't get in but the portfolio was hard as fuck. It is one part sewing and four parts just creativity; if you don't have an eye for color and interesting design then you won't make it and I think that's where Jill fails because even if she becomes good at sewing her actual choice of putting an outfit together is lacking.

Not to mention the fashion program is extremely elite, they have their own section of Ryerson all to themselves and you need keycards to enter and everything. I feel like Jill would crumble under the scrutiny just like she did in theatre

No. 533084

>>533080 Jill looks so much better with dark eyebrows aswell

No. 533086

File: 1521499631350.jpg (497.52 KB, 1080x1213, Screenshot_20180319-224634.jpg)

The piss brows are awful

No. 533087

File: 1521499729831.jpeg (680.34 KB, 750x1201, 2112AECA-5693-43C7-83BF-EBCA11…)

Apperently the designer behind 6% Dokidoki is there?

No. 533089


like if you're going to be too lazy to bleach your eyebrows lighter and are just going to pack pastels on top so it looks muddy and gross just shave them off and draw them back in your desired color

No. 533094

…that's not him lmao.

No. 533095

Holy shit, wtf

Jill's ego is going to be through the roof over this, I wonder if it's because he heard she was a kawaii leader winner?

I honestly don't understand how this event blew up with all these vendors and the hype around it. Is NYC's jfash community really that thirsty and desperate right now? It's hard for me to understand how jill got so popular outside atlantic canada comms, like since when is she so well-liked in the American/international communities? I feel like I missed something.

No. 533097

File: 1521500342096.jpg (297.37 KB, 1080x1214, Screenshot_20180319-225140.jpg)

These are an example of the vendors anon it's not a big deal

No. 533101

god, why do these people have so much confidence to sell their shitty deco.

No. 533105

File: 1521500658683.jpeg (217.02 KB, 750x1092, 9613DC1C-FA2D-42EA-AEA9-F48A9F…)

He was in New York for another events it seems, probably stopped by because he was still in the city?
(Also Kera magazine was there, so I’m assuming he was contacted by them about it?)

No. 533116

jfc, they look like they're melting..

Thanks, anon. I'm sure he's super amused by the amount of fat americans who think they can pull off japanese fashion.

No. 533121

File: 1521501144537.jpeg (634.37 KB, 750x1023, 7A24C0AD-B80F-4F61-8137-57A4AD…)

This is the Kera corrispondent with him, so I think he is there with them

No. 533125

Poor Sebastian looks like he wants to die.

No. 533131

Still doesn't answer why even Kera would give a fuck about her.

No. 533157

File: 1521503387493.jpg (587.45 KB, 1076x1273, Screenshot_20180319-234912.jpg)

She's so frumpy

No. 533164

Everyone standing by her in these photos look just as bad if not worse than her…. gave me a small epiphany of how they could idolize her, but I still don't fully understand it…

No. 533177


6% Dokidoki is overpriced neon rainbow vomit just as much as the other brands Jill likes. Being Japanese doesn't make him any less tacky than Jill is.

No. 533203

God, she just…looks so bad. Always weird to see how people actually look vs how they portray themselves online. Sad how young girls with less money and probably more insecurity idolize such a tacky basic bitch mommys girl.

No. 533209

File: 1521505597934.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180320-002556.png)

No. 533210

File: 1521505643907.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180320-002703.png)

Nomination for next thread pic

No. 533214


>tfw jill has gotten just as fat as her autistic followers

No. 533216

File: 1521505741104.png (655.21 KB, 846x853, 1521505643907.png)

No. 533217

anybody know how many people showed up to meet jill? i'm curious to know

No. 533218

Looks like she has crud on her face or something how gross

No. 533220

It looks like she has one sad lonely tear rolling down her cheek lmao

No. 533228

this reminds me of that one terrifying image that used to go around a lot. hopefully someone knows wtf I'm referencing.

No. 533236

File: 1521506967422.jpg (267.49 KB, 782x960, 18-03-19-21-48-46-691_deco.jpg)

No. 533257

File: 1521508185426.jpg (611.22 KB, 1080x1292, Screenshot_20180320-010916.jpg)

No. 533265

File: 1521508499011.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180320-011244.png)

Can you imagine turning up to probably the biggest moment in your 'career' looking like this? You're trying to sell yourself as a cute fashion designer whilst looking like THIS?! if Jill was smart about the event, she could have made some useful connections ect but no she's a fucking mess that has been ourdressed by her retarded fan base

No. 533277

File: 1521509227266.png (1.9 MB, 1080x1080, PicsArt_03-19-06.19.54.png)

Just beautiful

No. 533278

This is fucking gold. Imagine paying $40+ to attend this shitfest and meet a nobody.

No. 533293

She is really nailing the zombie female fantasy dwarf look.

No. 533302

top kek i wonder if shes having a breakdown because doki doki guy is there and she looks a mess

No. 533304

wait wasn't she supposed to wear the flower meadow dress?

No. 533311

File: 1521510687366.png (153.5 KB, 512x327, lmao.png)

No. 533312

Scroll up, anon. It was mentioned already that she decided not to wear that mess and go with that Chrissy sparkles or whatever dress instead.

No. 533315

Oh wow, she's definitely drunk.

No. 533319

They didn't card her at Dylan's candy bar because she looks old af

No. 533320

Not sure since drinking age is 21 and she's 20? Hope she is because holy hell is that cringy and her mom is filming or taking pics at the beginning. What a shit show.

No. 533322

Considering it would be super illegal for her to drink underaged in a public space i hope she isn’t

No. 533326

Maybe someone spiked her drink

No. 533330

It looks like water to me, again why would one of her fans want to spike her drink? That could get them in legal trouble especially since Jill’s Mom is right there
She’s not drunk she’s just acting stupid

No. 533332

File: 1521511397006.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180320-020249.png)

No. 533335

Itsa joke anon. She has weird af fans anyways. It wouldn't surprise me if someone would/want to do that if they're creepy and obsessed with her

No. 533339

Everyone has the same fucking cheap Forever21 pastel rainbow shirt.

No. 533342

Where are you guys finding this stuff to screenshot kek
I was just about to point that out. It's not downright ugly but I wish I could say I was surprised that all the cunt-fetti club members seem to have / be wearing it

No. 533352

What am I looking at. What is that trash and how is it relating to Kera?

No. 533353

OT, but if you're still in this thread check out Angelus leather paint. You'll need to get their sealant along with it, but you can pick which gloss level and mix the paint. They have pretty much every color you could want.

No. 533356

Nope, Toshi is buddies with him. She brought him specifically to meet Pixie. Sebastian is nice but he’s a businessman, he’s there to make connections and push product (unfortunately he probably didn’t realize the low tier weebs attending rather than actual jfash influencers)

No. 533359

File: 1521512382056.png (2.26 MB, 1080x1064, Screenshot_20180319-191638~2.p…)

She's looking fatter than her fatty fans

No. 533364

File: 1521512646475.jpeg (111.02 KB, 750x645, 7FF79BB3-4D1F-412C-B323-5A52D3…)

No. 533365

KERA is now anyone who can write in Japanese posting to an online blog since they stopped the magazine! It’s too bad but since the qualifications are so low just about anyone can become a KERA correspondent.

No. 533367

File: 1521512703265.jpeg (42.38 KB, 314x427, 1C8DA190-251E-4BD8-BD66-5DEE40…)

She got a gift that’s why she was making that face.

No. 533371

File: 1521512762047.jpeg (81.71 KB, 370x527, F467D792-D457-4343-8E52-054532…)

Louise looks so irritated.
Tagged pics on insta

No. 533372

I can't wait to see more from this cringefest.

No. 533374

At least she has alcohol. haha

No. 533376

Can't wait for a photo of Toshi to surface

No. 533381

jesus christ why do they all use that shiny shitty prom dress fabric

i cant get over how this dress looks like its worth 5 dollars max. its just so ugly, unflattering, and kiddie-like

No. 533388

File: 1521513751276.jpeg (76.91 KB, 750x534, AFBE1C79-ECF5-4866-AA6E-C1F396…)

Kawaii linebacker strikes again.

No. 533391

Tbh I think this was planned in advance as part of her winning Kawaii Intl

No. 533392

File: 1521514087892.jpeg (181.21 KB, 750x1334, 602121D3-85A9-491A-81A7-2CB696…)

Reminds me of that James Charles meme lmao

No. 533395

oh wow she's fucking waaasssted!! Probably to deal with her anxiety but holy shit this is embarrassing. And it's shameful people are paying so much to see her and she's using that chance to get smashed. I don't have a problem with her drinking at all, but this is like the one time she should have stayed sober dear lord

No. 533396

At least one girl looks sort of cute.

No. 533405

File: 1521514466246.jpg (64.03 KB, 1332x739, theclown.JPG)

No. 533406

sorry for the shit edit and the bad crop.

No. 533410

Louise always looks pissed in public. I've seen her at cons with Jill and I wasn't the only anon to share that she stared us down pretty bad (us meaning other girls dressed in jfashion or cosplay). It does seem like she hates or judges weebs that aren't her daughter, or else why would she stare and make eye contact, but maybe she just really has terrible permanent bitch face? Who knows.

No. 533415

Why in the hell is she wearing those red strawberry earrings with that outfit it literally doesn't go with anything??

idk anon the way she stopped her dance to chug it back through the straw is definitely a drunk girl move. Maybe since her mom is there she's able to drink? Is that a thing?

She definitely caked on the powder and foundation today, you could even see it in earlier pics. But hey at least she tried for once! Too bad it's the wrong shade though kek

No. 533417

No that is not a thing, Jill can not legally drink in the United States, expically not in a business that is registered to serve alcohol. It doesn’t matter if her mummy said it’s okay

No. 533421

I could see Louise being really suspicious of others in the jfash community, seeing as she’s seen the harrassment from people online towards Jill and seems to idolize Jill based on her comments from the video they did togther

No. 533442

File: 1521516065457.png (140.41 KB, 1660x390, Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 11.2…)


not in New York unless you're on your own property

No. 533447

She said she wanted to look like an ice cream girl or whatever so why not fucking play with that. Make ur hair look like little ice cream scoops and put a cherry on the top or something. Do something ice cream themed with your makeup…. like as a fashion student you’d think she’d be creative

No. 533448

I'm not about to watch the vids but I wonder if Louise helped her pregame at all, because that's a pretty common thing out here

No. 533453

She's obviously not creative, not at all. She copies others and uses her "mental health" as a valid excuse to not improve, get fatter, lazier and not do better with her looks. Anything remotely creative she has done is obviously a rehash of other styles and things better executed, like her horrid bday dress.

Jill, we know you lurk, so as an advise: look up creativity techniques and exercises. They help. Get books. Read. Don't just watch anime and TV shows. Reading helps you with creativity. And get some color theory book or something because you fucking suck at color combination.


No. 533455

she wasn’t drinking alcohol. the glasses of water were different from the ones used for drinks. she literally did not leave that spot she was in the entire event since there was a line that kept growing of people who wanted to meet her so i doubt anyone would go get her alcohol. it was pretty hot and by the end of the night everyone was only drinking water lol. she was just having fun.

No. 533457

File: 1521517377188.jpg (114.77 KB, 1175x1392, 1521517332313.jpg)

No. 533458

The girl on the right is way cuter. Kek

Does anybody else find creepy that her mom is following her around at her supposedly big and special party made up for her? Aside of being a cameraman, Jill is an adult responsible of her own life and as a """"celebrity"""" this is like an achievement or something for and having your mom way too close to you like a babysitter just looks creepy, possessive and it seems like her mom just wants to live through her. It just doesn't look professional that your mom follows you around when you're doing this kind of stuff and meeting Sebastian Matsuda and all

saved for especulation

No. 533459

That's the glass they served water in. But I'm surprised her mom didn't buy her one of the sugary candy drinks they had.

Anyway, the Kawaii Society advertised an open bar, and said open bar ran out of free drinks before the party even began. Apparently there was a pre-party that exhausted the amount of free drinks that the person running the party paid for. Super tacky. Since I mainly went out of curiosity and to try the Dylan's drink/food offerings, that was a bummer. But I guess the ticket price would've been worth it for Pixie's fans to meet her.

Throughout the party there was a neverending line of people waiting to meet Pixie. It honestly seemed shady considering she mentioned not being paid to appear at the party, yet it looked like a full on meet and greet almost the whole night.

The DJ was fun enough, but there came a point when this teenage? girl who advertised herself as "New York's J-Pop Idol" (lol) took the mic to sing and dance to anime songs. And then a girl with a ukelele sang and played while some dude held the mic for her. Ukelele girl's voice was decent but it was not really the place for that kind of performance. Sage for blogspot.

No. 533462

You are reaching. Jill's mom is overly protective and Jill is immature. That's it.

No. 533463

He was probably fucking embarrassed of her and her fat autist fans

No. 533466

So which one of you is mahoudolly on ig kek

No. 533470

What are people usually paid for meet & greets?

No. 533472

>Anyway, the Kawaii Society advertised an open bar, and said open bar ran out of free drinks before the party even began. Apparently there was a pre-party that exhausted the amount of free drinks that the person running the party paid for.
Shit, that's really bad. Weren't those tickets like $40? They even advertised the price of the ticket to include the open bar. From their FB page: "Tickets include food and desserts from the buffet and an open bar (IDs will be checked)!" I feel like people who came after the pre-party should ask for some of their money back because they didn't get what they paid for.

No. 533475

>implying some ceo dude of a jp brand is too starstruck to talk to jill

Jesus fucking christ these people need a slap of reality to the face

No. 533476

Any vids/pics?

No. 533477

Really annoyed at the constant Jill white knights tbh. They’re so desperate to defend their trashy queen. Also why do they all type the same?

Can we FINALLY start calling her fat? Because if anyone still thinks she’s “skinny fat,” they’re delusional.

No. 533480

not defending her just telling the truth, anon. if she was drunk you’d be able to tell. dancing like a weirdo is just a weeb thing.

No. 533483

or you're a whiteknight since you refuse to fucking sage when you aren't providing actual milk since you're obv new around these parts. jill stan please leave

No. 533485

File: 1521519998827.jpg (48.75 KB, 390x478, hmmm.jpg)

>"so whatever?"
>"cute AF tbh"

No. 533493

File: 1521520425057.png (5.68 KB, 501x121, yikeso.png)

Someone I follow on facebook posted this. This whole party seems like a mess.

No. 533498

File: 1521520944845.jpg (362.31 KB, 1405x2000, V31HkAPIXVQfAkxrWqF46aP4qWNwBt…)

these are just like her dress

No. 533499

HAHAHAHAHAHHA FUCK I thought I was the only one who noticed the ~kawaii pastel wanna be unif lazyoaf~ forever 21 shirt

No. 533500

Now this is embarrassing.

No. 533501

this is… fucking rough. I didn’t expect it to be this bad.

No. 533504

I attended the event she was drinking, they didn't card anyone at the event. I was also surprised about that since a lot of her fans are very young. Everyone got really wasted.

No. 533506

he was prolly just trying to lurk.

No. 533507

File: 1521521637473.png (3.11 MB, 750x1334, 3CDB9D15-47C2-4AF4-B839-007748…)

Rough as FUCK.

No. 533508

File: 1521521734774.png (4.67 MB, 750x1334, 37874E1F-529E-40D2-A115-046395…)

this fan’s forehead scared me

No. 533510

I've been debating whether or not to say that they shouldn't have even done alcoholic drinks in the first place, but if >>533504 and >>533493 is right, then this is a fucking shitshow of an event.

No. 533511

Everyone was wearing the same Forever 21 rainbow shirt and the same purple overalls from Hot Topic.

No. 533516

It's her jowls. They pull down the corners of her mouth and make her look annoyed.

No. 533533

no one got wasted at the actual party since there was no open bar. broke 22 year olds might pay $11 for one drink with candy in it but they aren’t going to buy more than one which is what you would need to get drunk

No. 533536

There was tho? There might not have been drinks but shots were being handed out the entire time and those were free

No. 533546

Dear fucking lord this has to be photoshopped I can not mentally process any other explanation

No. 533575

So they just choose to ignore mirrors and go out like this anyway

No. 533576

Did she did she shave off the front of her hair to get a widow's peak?? Absolute nightmare fuel, is she in the confetti club?

No. 533582

Yeah I got these screenshots off the confetti club ig page. Honestly I had a good fucking laugh at some of her fan’s expense.

No. 533583

All the candid photos of Jill highlight the fact she is insane. Like you wouldn't entrust your pets or child with her. She seems mildly delusional. Just look at the blank staring eyes.
How to overcome confidence issues: Don't, just lose your mind instead

No. 533584

i think it's supposed to be a shaved mohawk, look at the sideburns yikessss

No. 533614

File: 1521536027041.png (1.11 MB, 1050x852, Biancuuuuuuuuuh.png)

not sure what happened??? I found her instagram and she has a normal, even short forehead but it looks like the panorama effect was going on and stretched it out somehow? god only knows
Also: https://www.instagram.com/p/BghwsqEDlxI/
skip to fourth panel for video of a seemingly drunk Jill embarrassing herself at the end of the night.

No. 533618

File: 1521536876889.png (545.52 KB, 431x539, fghjkjkpl.PNG)

>tfw your fan wears some forever 21 shit and puts her hair in a bun
>and she still looks better than your fatass in tacky design clothes and shoes

i wonder if when jill gets fans that aren't obese uglies if she feels intimidated. i would, if i was wearing that ugly shit and had piss colored hair instead of blonde.

No. 533625

I've met Jill multiple times and I don't think she's drunk here.

No. 533631

that dress literally looks like the poster dress for men who post on tumblr as sissy fetishists. it's fucking rancid.

No. 533635

Please link the IG or show a pic, they are confetti club peeps (…) so you can post 'em here or the CC thread.

I need assurances nobody is really going around like that

No. 533643

No. 533649

Now I get why she surrounds herself with landwhales, anybody who is normal sized makes it more obvious how big she is

No. 533654

I fully agree anon, I don't get how anyone can defend that dress. It's probably one of the worst garments I've seen in my entire life.
Just imagine being a professor at a fashion school and one of your students shows up wearing that… thing. How is someone supposed to design clothes for other people when they can't even dress themselves at all?

No. 533665

Ditto this just seems like normal Jill?

No. 533674

"anyways… here's wonderwall"

No. 533677


how lucky is jill to get a guest appearance from both sebastian masuda AND pennywise the clown?

No. 533679

File: 1521548561861.jpg (31.49 KB, 461x528, 1521548461647.jpg)

Thought she was trying to look like Diva from Fifth Element

No. 533692

File: 1521549785467.png (1.23 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180320-124130.png)

No. 533694

File: 1521549809334.jpg (901.34 KB, 1080x1162, Screenshot_20180320-124209.jpg)

When her fans make her look skinny kek

No. 533695

So not only did Jill wear the same dress as janette (after she had been posting weeks about wearing the donut dress) but they're shoes are always really similar kek…so much for being uwu original

No. 533696

File: 1521550111124.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180320-124635.png)

I forgot the pic oops

No. 533699

File: 1521550190520.jpg (511.64 KB, 1080x1035, Screenshot_20180320-124921.jpg)

Jill looks drunk here

No. 533700

File: 1521550348491.jpg (514.89 KB, 1075x1614, Screenshot_20180320-125038.jpg)

No. 533714

That fan, even if bigger and with the weird ass shirt styling, looks way better, cleaner and cuter than Jill lol (at least she looks sane)

Glad to see someone cute and not just landwhales

For Christ sake this cannot be real oh God who shaves their head like that and then decides to go out, that's humiliating

No. 533718

I knew it was only a matter of time till Jill met Jeanette they are equally unattractive and share the same vomit inducing aesthetic. Truly amazing. I think Jill truly lost her fucking mind after Colin dumped her like the turd she is. It's also comical how Louise is always lurking in the background leering at other fat weebs at her goofy ass daughter's tacky event. I am convinced she believes Jill is somehow superior to other weebs. It's comical in the sense that all Jill does is plagiarize from others aesthetically and tries to pawn it off as her own.
How she's not even remotely embarrassed by how idiotically Jill dresses in public is beyond my understanding.


No. 533721

how tf is this 'twinning'? i guess i twin with people all the time considering i wear mostly black.

No. 533723

She’s not drunk kek, it’s illegal and would be stupid to post it online
She’s just a child

No. 533727

File: 1521552765818.gif (168.8 KB, 390x290, giphy.gif)

Wew after seeing all these pictures I can understand why Jill is depressed all the time.

Imagine realizing that the only people who look up to you are chubby tweens who all dress in the same ugly pastel Forever21 crap because they don't have an original bone in their body despite ~luving alt fashion so much uwu~.
The few cute looking girls at that party all looked way more toned down/normal than Jill because literally no one can look good in her weird garish color vomit fashion.
What an achievement.

No. 533732

Don't forget anon Jill is a kawaii fashion icon! Her fans are so deeply unattractive it makes her look good.

No. 533733

someone already confirmed they didn't card at the event and she had booze. also, jill drinks all the time at home since it's legal here for 20 year olds.

No. 533735

I can't even recall the last time she wore anything 'kawaii'/from a Japanese brand.
I wonder if she'll pretend to care about J-fashion again on her kawaii.i trip?

No. 533738

the gross tumblr-type kawaii.i staffer who chose her knows she doesn't wear anything japanese. kawaii.i is a joke anyways and mostly just exists to gawk at westerners, it's not popular in japan with japanese fashionistas. and tbh most of this stuff kind of stopped being cool ever since fruits died.

No. 533742

all of Jill's fashion purchases have gotten so boring…
it's either Lazy Oaf shit or H&M, at least her Jfahsion missteps were hilarious

No. 533784

i agree. there's also no real drama with anything cause she's created this hugbox community where there's no real rhyme or reason to how you dress.

No. 533795

File: 1521558985907.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180320-151531.png)

No. 533797

File: 1521559004094.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180320-151556.png)

No. 533798

File: 1521559115159.jpg (424.53 KB, 1080x758, Screenshot_20180320-151726.jpg)

Louise lurking kek imagine being 20 and needing your mum to be always within arms length distance

No. 533800

that girls leg in the back looks so extra

No. 533809

honestly i don't understand why some anons act like it's impossible or unlikely that she'd be able to get a drink. i know she's underage in the state of ny but underage people succeed in going out to bars all the time? it's really not that uncommon.
also doubt that the bar would card her considering she's the main guest of the event

No. 533813

Kek this girl dated someone I know and from what I saw she has a punk style and shaves the sides of her head.How she thought this was a good photo to post is hilarious. Heard she is a rude person too.

No. 533836

File: 1521561178168.png (1.2 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180320-155222.png)

I hope everyone isn't sick of terrible Jill photos

No. 533838

File: 1521561205129.jpg (431.54 KB, 1080x860, Screenshot_20180320-155208.jpg)

Fans were taking photos with Louise…

No. 533840

File: 1521561326001.png (1.64 MB, 1080x1663, 20180320_125445.png)

Wft is this?

No. 533841

File: 1521561352560.jpg (566.13 KB, 1080x1211, Screenshot_20180320-155522.jpg)

When does collide

No. 533842

did she just spent the whole evening pulling stupid expressions?

No. 533844

No. 533852

Looks like Jill found her bio mom. Damn Jeanette is even uglier than Jill. Kek

No. 533854

I think you're looking at an optical illusion. Kek

No. 533856

That thing looks like it reeks of B.O. and fucking Jill is rubbing her self on that

No. 533857

is that a man

No. 533864

Damn Jill actually looks good next to that mess

No. 533866

Is that a man wearing the entire Amazon rainforest?

No. 533883

File: 1521564290797.jpeg (69.74 KB, 750x723, 2682F79A-AB18-4E4F-A015-E18210…)

Another POV of her weird drunk lip singing.

No. 533886

File: 1521564314309.jpeg (62.85 KB, 292x561, 7C6196AD-A250-4C99-AEC3-49A4F0…)

No. 533890

haha it's another person's arm. that's funny though.

No. 533900

I think way too much of a deal gets made about Jill living at home but I think it is ridiculous that she would bring her mom to an event like this. I think my mom is pretty fun for a mom, but I would never take her out to something like this with me.

No. 533904

Looks like shaved sides and a Mohawk, but with her head shape it doesn't work. Also the fashion is basically pastel 50s/cutesy which makes it look like a nuts widows peak like other Anon said. Don't shave your hair at home kids

She seems happy/unaware in the pixieverse so that's good I guess

No. 533910

Holy shit, I only noticed now that girl is wearing a bra outside of her dress. She's def wearing that in public too, the cringe, it's killing me.

No. 533971

its actually a swimsuit top, but horrible fashion choice regardless

No. 533991


In what universe do those shoes match that dress? Wit her choices you'd think she's actually some form of colorblind.

No. 534005

God her gross as shoes are finally done for if she actually cared about her expensive shoes she'd spray them with a protectant and clean them once in a while they probably still have the dirt from japan wedged into them

No. 534013

This whole thing is so weirdly surreal. Surely there are "influencers" (is that what you call types like Jill?) that are much better dressed and more earnest than her. I'm shocked anyone would even go out of their way to want to meet her irl. She's so astoundingly underwhelming.

No. 534071

Natural hair, minimal colours in the outfit, and the smile isn't forced.

No. 534079

Bright pink dress with bright yellow accents, piss yellow hair, wearing those fuck ugly sparkle boots that are no where near the same shade of the dress, strawberry earrings that could be potentially cute with this if she went full 'party kei' and tried to be a birthday cake or some shit, and a blue fur scrunchy that matches absolutely nothing in this look and is cheap forever 21 trash. THIS is what you where to a party honouring you as a 'kawaii' leader? Get your shit together. Saged for blog posting.

No. 534086

The colour scheme of the dress itself is bright, but the cut of it is what's really pissing me off. It seriously reminds me of that dress Melanie Martinez wore once to a concert that came from a confirmed ABDL/Sissy shop.

No. 534110

Jill has shit taste nothing shocking there. Kek now if only she'd take the time to actually learn to sew a dress from scratch that didn't look like complete shit.


No. 534120

File: 1521581079099.jpg (668.08 KB, 1078x1676, Screenshot_20180320-212303.jpg)

Jill has been interacting with this account a lot on Twitter..possible new love interest or she actually has an irl friend that isn't jon

No. 534121

File: 1521581104546.jpeg (204.48 KB, 1024x1024, DYbY-37VAAEP8X0.jpeg)

This is what he looks like

No. 534124

That's the guy in >>533840

No. 534126

File: 1521581273174.jpg (196.41 KB, 1080x755, Screenshot_20180320-212543.jpg)

I can't be arsed to put all of the screen shots together but here's some

No. 534127

File: 1521581327825.jpg (117.65 KB, 1080x405, Screenshot_20180320-212823.jpg)

No. 534128

File: 1521581395034.jpg (101.38 KB, 1080x359, Screenshot_20180320-212931.jpg)

No. 534129

Sorry for not putting it all in one, but the tone of the tweets is definitely more personal than when she interacts with fans (which she doesn't really do anyway.) She's also been single for a long time in her eyes?? Sage for speculation

No. 534132

File: 1521581720452.png (1.03 MB, 640x1136, 1521566959382.png)

No. 534138

They’re just friends since Cree-P is gay as the day is long. He also lives in the states so he’s just like many of pixies other internet friends that she is overly affectionate to

No. 534167

Is that her gut hanging out too??

No. 534170


She is starting to talk like Suzy. And why is she swearing so much if so many of her fans are probably underaged? kek

No. 534172

Who is paying for her to go to the UK for a meet up? her mom?

No. 534174

not that it looks any better, but it looks like Jeanette put more thought into her outfit

No. 534187

>>534172 obviously, Louise pays for everything

No. 534188

Yeah that's what I was thinking that too, at least it looks like she made an attempt at picking somewhat matching shit? (even though it looks awful no doubt)
I think Jill's scrunchie is just woven into her hair by now and the strawberries seem completely random, so weird

No. 534235

Hmmm this. Her mom could have even bought drinks for her and just gave them to Jill. My mom used to do this for me sometimes when we were out somewhere like a wedding or something.

I doubt jill was plastered or anything but idk it just seems likely she would have had a drink or two either at the pre-party or the party itself.
(although the pre-party seems smarter because it was less public)

No. 534238

nah. pretty sure it's her arm.

No. 534270

I’m cringing so fucking hard it’s crippling me

No. 534342

Ha, someone trying to make back the money they wasted on this event.

No. 534407

File: 1521596379958.jpeg (79.24 KB, 466x643, 86B8A14B-8B4D-4AD1-B45F-BEB62D…)

No. 534412

So she WAS drinking.

No. 534415

Yeah, her fan had a drink too (in a cup similar to what Louise had).
What do you think it is?

No. 534420

Looks like vodka cranberry, which can get you drunk really quick.

No. 534426

kek this just showed up in my recommended

No. 534427

man too bad a farmer didnt catch wind of this and bring it up to the store or call it in, getting her party shut down for underage drinking would be hilarious

No. 534441

so the anon who mentioned going wasnt kidding about how they didnt check id's… jfc how illegal and sketchy is this event

No. 534442

Jill looks and sounds utterly wasted in this video right after the part where the girl filming writes "Lol I got very drunk" at 1:30.
No wonder they had to drag Sebastian over to her. He must have been horrified realizing he'd fallen into a pit of obese drunken adolescents who can't coordinate for their lives

No. 534489

>goes to foreign country
>breaks law on second day there
nice going

No. 534499

I was thinkin that old Yukapon could pull off that sprinkle dress jill wore tbh
or really anything jill looks gross in would look better on someone is isn't as ugly and greasy as jill

No. 534544

File: 1521602354425.jpeg (26.95 KB, 252x420, B01ED48A-1F46-4D69-BE37-1E5CE8…)

No. 534547

I mean, everyone gets some pretty hilarious drunkface, but Jill's are another level of… something.

No. 534607

All cows flock together. This girl is a piece of work too.

No. 534618

She was in the middle of laughing but I’m completely convinced that she was drunk here.

No. 534627

File: 1521606030451.jpeg (538.43 KB, 647x943, A3858715-B2F9-457C-B5B4-DCEE1E…)

Expected her to post about having fun with all of her fans last night, but no this is Japan 2.0, she really doesn’t care and is pretty ungrateful.

No. 534628

Watch her make a post after lurking here though


No. 534651

File: 1521608285574.png (1.51 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180320-225628.png)

Are we not going to talk about those claws she apparently has right now. I'm not a nail person but… to be kind, they need work

No. 534672

Why doesn't her nail tech shape her nailbeds ever?

No. 534693

Oh shit was the idol girl the one in the pic above? Cool Julianne or some shit?

No. 534727

It may be cow tipping, but I wish I was in NYC so I could go to the police department to file a report on her ass for underage drinking. That kind of shit pisses me off. Whatever, do it in your own home fine, but bitch you were in public underage getting sloppy intoxicated andshowing her fans once again it’s okay to be on meds and drink. She honestly needs to be put in check, she’s been basking in little white girl privilege for too long. It’s a shame she has a shitty mother who obviously doesn’t discipline her or show her how to act like a decent human being.

No. 534758

like I understand the law is the law and i'm in no way condoning Jill getting drunk and making an ass of herself in public but the anons loosing their shit over underage drinking is fucking dumb. Maybe it's because i'm a eurofag and here you can drink in your teens but don't forget she is 20 years old not 12, she may dress like a toddler but she's a grown adult. murrica's drinking laws are retarded.

>inb4 Jill stan

No. 534787

New thread photo, please.
Also I am actually kinda disappointed at the underage drinking, but I can’t say I’m surprised the whole thing was a shitshow start to finish.

No. 534797

Not to white knight Jill in the slightest but y'all are obviously forgetting the drinking age in Canada is 19 and she's legally been drinking here for over a year now? US is kind of an anomaly for how long y'all make people wait before legally drinking.

No. 534798

I think this should be the new thread photo as she is shown drinking

No. 534799


Are those shoes leather? Shoe polish and cremes are for leather and don't do shit for scuffs on vinyl.


Fluevog has a line of excellent color cremes.

No. 534822

god, i hate jill but i could care less about her drinking. literally everyone in the US starts drinking when they're a teen anyway, our drinking laws are crazy. most of her fans seemed to be 18+ anyway at the meetup so i doubt she was influencing them.

No. 534825

get over it anon, plenty of people drink before 21 and in canada she's legally allowed. this isn't to white knight, this is literally just calling you out on being a prude. let people enjoy things and maybe not bother the police over something stupid when they have more important things to do. also, white girl privilege? i forgot you can only illegally drink when you're white, thanks for reminding me.

No. 534833

Found another blog of the meetup. Just skip to 7:58 (the music is super annoying), and the fan asked Jill what she was drinking she said that it was just cranberry juice and she asked her if she was sure. I don’t believe her.

No. 534834

File: 1521638467059.jpeg (75.23 KB, 696x411, 152365B0-1116-40D9-A5E5-FD8E3E…)

Also she did sell merch at he meetup.

No. 534840

File: 1521639241069.jpg (194.96 KB, 1080x600, Screenshot_20180321-133331.jpg)

No. 534841

File: 1521639256548.jpg (174.79 KB, 1080x562, Screenshot_20180321-133319.jpg)

No. 534850

I agree Jill's mom is a piece of work, but it was Jill's party and if anything, the venue (Dylan's candy shop) would have and should have gotten in trouble for letting minors drink.

It's not like Jill was driving home or anything, so no one was really getting hurt. I agree it's tacky, but she has a lot of karma built up that will catch her in the end anyway.

By the way, I am in nyc and there's a snowstorm happening right now. I wonder if Jill's pissed about that?

No. 534852

She's using tinder in NYC? girl…

No. 534856

according to friends i know who went, they were not carding. a lot of places in new york do not bother to card for events like this. they're probably the best case scenario for underage drinking

No. 534860

lmao anon get that stick out of your ass. it is tacky but wanting to report it to the police is ridiculously petty. and wtf does this have to do with race? i'm not even white, so whatevs. you sound fun at parties.

it's a weird thing lobbied by MADD.

what's wrong with using tinder in nyc

if the business wants to risk breaking the law for extra money, then it's on them. on the other hand, no one is driving in nyc so I really can't see how this is a moral issue at all

No. 534871

many places don't bother period.

No. 534872

Jill’s back home already, they left yesterday

No. 534874

Being drunk and walking in nyc or anywhere for that matter doesn’t sound like a good idea

No. 534878

Does anyone know if she's gonna do a "what I got for my birthday" type video? I'm surprised there hasn't been more mention of crap she got.

No. 534880


Aside from repelling people with her garish style I doubt anyone was going to fuck with her when with her mother

No. 534896

I'm sure there will be. She's just been too ~stressed~ and ~busy~ to do it (although in this case she actually has been busy traveling, I guess).

No. 534914

The problem I have with her drinking is that it was a business event and it's just super unprofessional to get wasted, esp when you're supposed to be making connections ect

No. 534915

kek you sound like more of a cow than jill

No. 534925

I think she'll just survive being drunk under supervision of her MOM.

No. 534940

what the hell is going on with this picture? i feel like im looking at something unnatural
>those fat arms
>her demented face

No. 534950

File: 1521652435125.png (242.86 KB, 1518x1240, Screenshot_2018-03-21-11-11-29…)

Classy CC

No. 534952

File: 1521652588912.png (261.07 KB, 600x400, 01c.png)

holy shit I can't stop laughing
her fans sure are kind and respectful of others

No. 534961

Didn’t they just have a photo and pin in ?

No. 534969

I was looking through the twitter replies and it sounds like there was art or merch from other vendors too, but I can't find any confirmation

No. 534973

They also had other pins and good from other venders I’m pretty sure
>>534833 this girl shows it in the end of her vlog

No. 534998

File: 1521655958469.jpg (326.72 KB, 637x824, 975662297eac18b6209e0749f43b20…)

im getting major Veruca Salt and Willy Wonka vibes from this photo

No. 535012


It was a Meetup with her fans, not a job fair.


No one put a gun to their heads and forced people to drink. Jill is with her mom, and if anyone came to the event by themselves they shouldn't have been drinking anyway. Besides, at most they would have probably been was tipsy, not tripping over yourself drunk.

No. 535014

I can't believe she got drunk around Sebastian Masuda jfc

No. 535016

Sebastian looks so fucking irritated

No. 535018

lol I wonder if she tried speaking to him in broken Japanese

No. 535019

>"A free meeting would be so dangerous. Omg so glad this requires money to get in so nobody calls me a bitch."
>Shit gets stolen

Kek. She's never going anywhere alone. Paranoid of everything from random violence to being called out in person if she leaves the island without mom.

No. 535026

File: 1521658765413.jpg (573.23 KB, 1080x1670, Screenshot_20180321-185754.jpg)

It really bugs me that pixie won't follow accounts like these, but will follow an account that shows off how much she spends on her clothing. At least pretend to care for your fans aka your income

No. 535028

File: 1521659001595.jpg (327.52 KB, 1080x1064, Screenshot_20180321-190144.jpg)

New photo of her hideous bday dress, featuring a bad photo shop job

No. 535029

File: 1521659026314.png (1002.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180321-190205.png)

Nice use of the blur tool jillybean

No. 535033

those boots make her ankles look extra thick

No. 535036

I’m not sure why she’s surpised. A lot of her fans are poor & entitled. Of course they’d steal.

No. 535037

>>535036 gotta make that 40 dollar entry worth it kek

No. 535043


yikes. I work with photoshop everyday and I get that it takes a lot of practice but like….if you can't do it correctly don't do it? Because that's not even a ps fail you have to be super zoomed in to see, it's SUPER obvious and bad and embarrassing.

No. 535051

Only posting twirl pics to hide her wonky hemline I see

No. 535061

Does anyone else think it's a little odd that she's posting more pictures of the dress after not wearing it to her meet up? Especially since she said it was her special dress to wear to that event.
I guess to me it basically feels like admitting "Yeah I know I can make this look decent in photoshopped pictures but it wouldn't have held up in public. uwu"

Just feels like a weirdly disingenuous thing to do for a 'fashion designer' that plans to sell their clothing in the future.

No. 535077

This was posted on Louise's instagram, so I think she would've been the one to shoop it.

No. 535080

>>535077 jill always edits the photos louise takes of herself

No. 535089

File: 1521663712831.jpg (1014.37 KB, 1080x1646, Screenshot_20180321-202033.jpg)

Sage for old milk that might have already been posted…but imagine your mum taking you to your first shift and then doing a photo shoot

No. 535095

File: 1521663909114.png (1.26 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180321-202433.png)

No. 535103

Hm okay

No. 535127

File: 1521666413176.png (3.55 MB, 1334x750, F954DB47-0820-41B8-890A-CBA25C…)

Saged because this isn’t Jill but this still is such a good example of how CC snowflakes look insane in a crowd of normal people

No. 535131

I actually find it endearing what an endless amount of love Louise has for her daughter, but Jill really needs to learn to unlatch. I know she probably does really have some level of real anxiety and is using her mom as a way not to have to confront it, but at some point she's going to have to. Hopefully going away to school will finally turn her at least somewhat into a young adult who can do things by herself.

No. 535169

File: 1521669626593.png (1.39 MB, 750x1334, ADDC261A-97D5-475D-A790-DA603D…)

She deleted it like 2 seconds afterwards lol

No. 535174


I feel like she should be way sterner about fans literally stealing. Maybe not the time to say she loves them. Sure, they're fans, but fans aren't all good people. Fans are strangers. Everyone has fans who are assholes, I see no problem with just acknowledging this.

No. 535203

Who is this masuda fruitcake and was he really there to meet Jill specifically lmao

No. 535207

he founded 6%dokidoki, as well as assisted kyary pamyu pamyu as an art director for a lot of her music videos that got her popular

so he's pretty big in the field that jill is interested in. i doubt he was there to meet jill, probably just gave her the gift bag out of pure fear.

No. 535221

I imagine that he was told about her 'advertising' his brand on YT before, I mean she does have more subscribers than most other 'J-fash' youtubers + with her winning kawaii.i they probably just thought it would be a smart business move to show up there.
The gift was probably something generic from 6%dokidoki and I really can't imagine that he's personally interested in Jill or her awful style.

No. 535222

She never posted this photo, it’s from her moms Instagram from when they did the photoshoot of her in it

No. 535232

Anyone knows what Sebastian gave her as a gift?

No. 535259

After seeing that hell on Earth? Hopefully a restraining order

No. 535272

He’s actually one of the biggest names in jfashion and has had exhibitions all over the world. His brand is almost synonymous with “harajuku” style at this point.

To be fair, I think most weebs would murder their own mother to meet him and have KERA report on winning the kawaii leadership thing.

No. 535287

lol no he's only one of the biggest names in harajuku. shit like bathing ape and other high-end brands are much more well known. and for alt-fashion baby and AP as well. doki doki 6% is not even really that popular anymore. same with kera.

No. 535310

File: 1521677130596.png (280.55 KB, 750x1334, 3ACA9686-06B0-4917-85E5-717BC0…)

No. 535315

No. 535319

>"I am Queer?????"
>said by the same person who claimed they didn't know queer was ever used as a slur/insult to begin with

Besides the glaringly obvious fact that she's never had a queer relationship (sorry 13-year-old Uma and virgin Mystery Girl for being used by Jill).

No. 535321

File: 1521677545119.png (384.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180322-001107.png)


No. 535324

File: 1521677633018.jpg (212.37 KB, 1080x664, Screenshot_20180322-001316.jpg)

She's so defensive

No. 535327

samefagging but is jill actually losing her mind

we've all heard her talk about her preference for males recently

we also know exactly what her ex girlfriends think lol thanks to deviantart and also their family members

No. 535329

>"You may want to ask my past girlfriends about that"
You mean the one girl you dated at 13, and the long distance relationship you had for 2 months, then left because you weren't attracted to your partner?

No. 535330

File: 1521677747084.jpg (154.66 KB, 1080x494, Screenshot_20180322-001430.jpg)

Jill is a mess. So she isn't attracted to men, but she prefers peen to pussy? But nope, she's always totes gay

No. 535331

It wasn't long distance at all. They lived in the same town. But Jill often ignored her based on what her sister had to say.

No. 535332


No. 535333

someone please send this user evidence to back up her case. there is milk to be had here

No. 535335

File: 1521678007920.jpg (132.27 KB, 1080x429, Screenshot_20180322-001916.jpg)

I'm p sure it's a farmer account as they just drag all of the main cows

No. 535336

I was just thinking about how it may be time for us to make a video that exposes all of jill's shit that we've uncovered from the past 22 threads

No. 535337

Quote Jill "I went back on birth control because I realized I wasn't gay"

No. 535340

No. 535342

samefag but @ >>535336 – if we start compiling everything, someone should archive the tumblr videos before we start since I think it'd be very likely for Jill to take them down

No. 535345

I like this. Someone should make videos and call her out. If you search for McKenna on youtube, a lot of videos come up that slam her and criticize her, so McKenna's reputation is pretty ruined now. Have at it!(cowtipping)

No. 535360

If this were to be sorted into sections, what could we include beyond her being "totes kweer"? Obviously shes a massive cow regardless, but a lot of people would probably dismiss it if it were too nitpicky.

No. 535370

where have you been these 22 threads

No. 535386

You could probably organize it into:
>inconsistent/ lazy fashion designer
>treats loved ones/ partners like accessories
>fake "gay icon"
>promotes unhealthy behavior (fuels autistic audiences' unhealthy behavior as seen in cc thread)
if someone really has a bone to pick they could also make it about how she made her own "jfashion" then didn't commit to it, but I feel like that only really matters to a niche group of people

No. 535389

samefag, with the fashion designer thing you could make it less about how she's an objectively bad one, and more about how she advertises how talented she is, setting high expectations, then not following through with her projects and covering it up

No. 535390

someone should accuse her of cultural appropriation and call her out for calling her shitty fashion "J-fashion" when she's not from Japan or doesn't work with japanese brands. Damn. I hate Westerners who call their shitty fashion "J-Fashion" if they aren't in Japan. BRING HER DOWN!!!!

No. 535399

I feel like you'd have to go back and comb through every thread because not even half of it gets added to the thread summaries and honestly the summary has sucked for a long while now.

Obviously the LACE/bullying/Kate-on-lolcow thing is a good place to start since that's the reason for her first thread. Then we have her old deviantart posts/facebook screencaps from back in the day, all the way to mystery girl's sister and Jill's middle school friend from PEI in the last thread. There's a very decent amount of milk but definitely requires digging.

No. 535408

(if this actually goes through can we all agree not to include the bullshit ED tinfoil theory?)

No. 535412

File: 1521681970217.png (794.73 KB, 846x480, whodis.png)

I spotted this conventionally cute chick in the background. Surprising.

Were there any lolitas at the meet, or people wearing ACTUAL j-fash? I don't really see any in the video. Nothing that I particularly recognize.

I feel a bit bad for him, seeing that he was probably filmed without his consent by the girl in >>534833 and others.

(Reposted because I dropped my image.)

No. 535413

we all know she hasn't really had a ~~~queer~~~ relationship besides her past two pathetic attempts. what annoys me most is she just has to drop the term every two seconds. "QUEER THIS! QUEER THAT! HEY LOOK IM QUEER I WANT TO BE SPECIAL!!" i dont even usually get bothered by someone using the word queer but good god jill is really making me hate that word now.

No. 535423

File: 1521682781782.png (140.09 KB, 1453x728, IMG_4141.PNG)


No. 535424

I hope kim noel drags her harder. Jill is a lying piece of shit and 100 percent into men.

No. 535427

She thinks she's so tough but she literally can't leave the basement without her mom glued to her side.

No. 535435

I'm not usually in the "show me your gay papers" camp, but I'm still so grossed out by how she exploited her ex. She made an entire video about her Christmas presents (which is still on her channel) only to dump her right before for not being attracted to her. If your relationship is so new that you don't even know how attracted you are to the other person, maybe don't broadcast it to thousands of people and use it to push an agenda?? Bi erasure is a problem because of people like HER.

No. 535438


oh fuck off, she was trying to get views off the lgbt community the way lainey does. she goes on stream every other day and talks constantly about this shit, and that's where she said she realized she was more attracted to men. like, during two different streams she mentioned it. probably more. but of course she said it in shitty quality streams that only her hardcore fans watch. but in her youtube channel theres no mention of this shit because she doesn't want to lose queer points. fucking liar. she should have deleted those old videos pretending to be gay, but she loves that they make her look good. what a bold face liar.

No. 535439


obviously bisexual people are included in the lgbt community jill, the b's there for a reason, but it's clear to most actual lesbians and bisexual women that you don't have any real interest in women. you're straight and no amount of performative "uwu i love girls so much look how queer i am" posts you make is ever going to change that

No. 535441


weren't you a lesbian uwu about six months ago? and got hatecrimed and shit? then dumped your fake gf and didn't want to talk about it bc you realized you weren't "gay anymore"? and now you're jumping the bisexual goddess train just because it suits your narrative? even though you've never called yourself that before? ok

No. 535445

It's even funnier when remembering that someone on stream said she was bi and Jill went "Fuck you, don't label me. Only I know what I am" and she's bi now.

No. 535446


No. 535453

Okay so I dated a guy like jill He came from an upper middle class family and he was white and conventionally "attractive". After the Orlando shooting at the gay club he told me he was bi. And i asked him if he wanted to sleep with a dude. And he said no. And he didn't want to be in a relationship either. He was one of those guys who wanted to be oppressed so bad. He was also a wanna be witch. People like this are the worst. They want oppression points without actually having to go through the struggles that real lgbtq people go through/gone through. Also OT but I was watching one of her younow streams and someone asked if she would do a mukbang… lol she said she couldn't because of her eating disorder. What? Isn't that the point of recovery is to challenge yourself. Like rewatching her eating her nuggies and drinking peeps tea might help her realize how effing gross that sh** is.
sage for blog post(offtopic)

No. 535460

If one of you are going to make a call out video, please remember not to link to/reference lolcow, or have lolcow.com etc. visible from pictures of screenshots. The last thing we want is a cow tipping parade where all of her white knites come and defend her again. But I think a video is a great idea.
Here are some leads for the “materialism” part of the video:
>in her “Shoes and Bags Collection 2018” video around 11:30 she pulls out a roll of brand new, unused washi tape that she had forgotten about.
>bought the sugarpills LTS palette and claimed it as a business expense (caps in the last one or two threads I believe) then proceeded to use a broken palette in her video even though she got a replacement.
>spends $130+ dollars on a Christmas tree and ornaments in her “decorate my tree with me” and “cute n colorful Christmas haul”
>in her holiday gift guide, buys girlfriend Alyssa presents from Sephora, Starbucks, etc but never gives them to her and breaks up with her. Uses the gifts for herself.
>is ungrateful for most of her lucky pack contents in her WC and 6%DokiDoki unboxings because they’re not her ~aesthetic~
There are tons more but you can get lots of examples from those videos I mentioned. I can make more summaries like this if needed but I don’t want to flood the threads unprovoked.

No. 535478

File: 1521688742880.png (177.65 KB, 1196x941, IMG_4149.PNG)

samefag, this is the closest to "biphobia" i could find so (2/2) i guess

No. 535480

Yeah you sound out of date

Only lolitas care about AP and Baby

Washi tape isn't that expensive. How is forgetting a roll of tape that materialistic?

And people are supposed to be grateful for everything they get in a lucky pack? I've definitely been disappointed before

No. 535503

price dropping is also a big one + the whole selling gifted lolita dresses that she barely wore, and also purchasing two pairs of irregular choice shoes for $200-300 each (w/ customs) and never wearing them ??? Don't buy super high heels if you aren't comfortable wearing them…

No. 535506

File: 1521690823905.png (1.85 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-03-21-23-49-13…)

How's that for materialistic. Goes to New York, the fashion capital, and buys a horde of crappy CVS peeps

No. 535509

just shows how she revels in her unhealthy habits: eating garbage food & having a shopping addiction

No. 535523

Yeah I’m gonna agree with you here, I’ve gotten washi tape for like $1 a roll. I don’t remember all the ones I have because they were so cheap and they come in big assortment packs sometimes

No. 535527

jfc how is even her couch so grimy??? whats with the piling fabric and poo stains on the end

No. 535537

Pilling is likely from her cats, the weird brown stains….I don't even want to know. Perhaps more "PEI red mud!!!!"

No. 535538

File: 1521693851712.jpeg (145.43 KB, 640x698, 82FBC1BB-39AB-4AA0-9709-6FC22F…)

I see your point about the washi tape! I was more thinking about her daily hauls from Michaels and most of the supplies she buys are bc they’re cutesy and then she doesn’t use them (in her room tour, she keeps forgetting that she has tubes of pink paint and keeps buying more, and has like 12+ of them).. I remembered it because of this comment on the video (pic related).
Also on the lucky pack thing, yes you can be disappointed in the items you get, like if they don’t fit or flatter you. But I was mainly pointing out her reasoning for being disappointed. In her 6%Dokidoki unboxing, she is upset at most of the items for being too “pastel” and “Fairy kei” and just generally bitching about how a lucky pack that she has already seen what most of the bag would look like prior to purchasing didn’t fit her aesthetic. Same with the WC lucky pack, she doesn’t like a lot of the items because they don’t fit her “aesthetic”. In fact, she bought the WC lucky pack two times to double her chances of getting a singular, simple, pink hoodie and admitted that it was only reason she bought two. $200 for two chances for a hoodie? Now THAT’S materialistic and what I had in mind. Sorry for not being clear about these things, I made that list on the fly tbh.

No. 535543

well said anon. it's not just the one washi tape, it's the fact that we know that it's just a piece in a huge collection of other forgotten/ discarded craft materials…

No. 535548

The modern association of queer as a slur and not one that's reclaimed has just come out in the last 2-3 years from terfs, so this person doesn't even know what they're spouting.

No. 535550

File: 1521695960292.png (528.82 KB, 470x514, wannabequeer.png)

I can't believe this is literally Jill

No. 535555

never forget that fucking video titled GAY FRIENDS BEING GAY that was her and her straight ally friend jon loool

No. 535558

Surprised nobody mentioned her buying $30-100 eyeshadow palettes to just use the one pink shade or not even use it again. Or all the lush bath bombs she goes through in the name of “self care” kek

No. 535568

You forgot the “T”.

No. 535586

File: 1521701886886.jpg (58.67 KB, 350x411, vegeta.jpg)

Yo that is fucked up. What the fuck.

Man I hate that boot shape (right side). It looks bad no matter what you do with it. Makes the legs look stumpy no matter who is wearing them, too. They look like they're not finished or something. I hate those boots. Am I autistic?

No. 535589

Looked up this 6%dokidoki shit. It looks fucking gross.
Kyary is pretty cool, though.

No. 535590

I don't understand, why did the VIP section have drinks if there were no drinks left at the open bar?
What was the preparty?

No. 535593


i'm not a huge fan of the boots and this is def crossing over into nitpicking territory, but they'd probably look better on someone with slimmer calves. the shoes themselves are just tacky and bad quality, but better than usual when it comes to jill's choices

No. 535600

its her arm you can see it in the instagram post

No. 535610

She’s like 5’0 so ankle boots are disgusting on her. I’m about her height as well with a similar body form (my legs are slimmer and toned) and I never ever wear any ankle boots because ur ankles just disappear and make you look stumpy. Some things just
don’t flatter short girls and Jill seems to think she makes an exception. JILL IF YOU’RE LURKING.. INVEST IN LOW TOP SHOES!

No. 535615

I think the fast fashion stuff would be good to bring up too in a video.
She said that she would completely stop buying fast fashion but then went on to buy more shit from WC, H&M etc. and said that she just simply wouldn't name the brands in her posts anymore. (But then made a whole unboxing for the WC luckybags anyway…)
Clearly shows that she just can't stop buying cheap shit and tries to give off this impression of ~caring so much~ to her followers when she really doesn't give a shit.

No. 535617

Also samefag but another topic for the video:
Her doing a sponsored video for Zaful and claiming that she had no idea at all they were a scammer, even though you can easily find out if you take a minute to google them.
Also it looks like a bunch of the clothing she got immediately fell apart but she didn't even try to warn her viewers.

No. 535648

What I took from the washi tape thing was that it made it clear she never uses that bag and it wasn't a one off, there was multiple bags that had random crap in them she had forgotten about, just further proof of her hoarding, like how she has shoes that are just for show and ones that she can't wear because they don't fit her

No. 535672

tbh all this focus on materialism for the video topics is too basic, her fans will be up in arms about how much of a jealous poor hater the person who made the video is. her fake gayness e.g. >>535600 is a lot more interesting and hilarious imo, should be a bigger focus.

No. 535673

Also mention how she never took time to do research into companies to check if they were fast fashion or not and she's been blindly supporting lazy oaf for months when it has strong indicators towards it being fast fashion.

No. 535675

File: 1521722601294.jpg (10.93 KB, 275x275, 1520740355453.jpg)

No. 535684

I some people in vids wearing AP, but more in fairy kei style than lolita.

No. 535688

Agreed. Like you can make a quick mention of how she’s been blown over 10k alone in clothes/merch over the last 3-4 years on YouTube, but anymore than that is honestly far too nitpicky.

No. 535689

Sanefag but more importantly she spends that amount WHILE claiming she’s a poor artist and needs to save her money for College hence multiple unnecessary ads per vid, complaining about demonization, opening a patreon to find her Japan trip than closing it when no one pledged and is now talking about opening another one because YouTube isn’t bringing her in enough money, her merch sales, living on her parents income, parents actually paying for college and travel trips etc etc

No. 535694

The fact that she quit her job to do YouTube full time because it's 'more stable.' She has a tiny amount of followers compared to most full time youtubers. It was reckless af and now Louise is paying for everything (more so than before)

No. 535695

File: 1521725738829.png (1.7 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180322-133515.png)

Her face is so puffy

No. 535696

I think another thing worth mentioning is how she glorifies mixing meds and alcohol and generally showcases a sloppy attitude towards meds/therapy/mental health, basically acting like depression meds are candy that you just stop taking if you're happy enough.
It's one thing to do that stuff in private but most of her fans are impressionable tweens and wanna do everything their idol does.

No. 535700

Is she in Halifax again right after her nyc trip? Or is that somewhere in pei? I can’t quite recognize the background.

No. 535701

I'm honestly still reeling over those pink shoes. Sage for old news. Like when she posted a pic saying waah they broke but I just washed them they were FILTHY
I'm not even that invested in jill I just follow the farms threads but WHAT THE FUCK those shoes were fucking TRASHED

No. 535703

I like here hair here that fugly blue schrunchie didn't compliment it at allllll

No. 535724

That hair is definitely an improvement, but that skirt looks a little too tight. This outfit looks "better" than the one she chose for the Meetup. Maybe she thought dress = fancy but honestly that dress is shitty and fugly and her hair looked gross. She needs to go beyond the bun/single pigtail.

No. 535725

like when she bought all that precure stuff and then went on that fan forum and bragged about it

No. 535726


She would look leaps and bounds better if she would just wear her hair down? Like, I understand she's growing her bangs out but so am I and there are about a billion actually cute ways to do your hair if you invest in some bobby pins or clear elastics that don't involve slicked back buns and ugly scrunchies.

No. 535730

File: 1521729666165.png (1.96 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-03-22-10-39-11…)

She should go back to blonde and wear her hair down. She looked so much cuter than the piss head and "rainby" vomit.

No. 535731

File: 1521729890354.png (2.32 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-03-22-10-42-31…)

She looked so much healthier here. She needs to get the stupid peeps tea and nuggies out of her life.

No. 535732

damn how long ago was this??

No. 535734

Yeah, and the posing's awkward but she still looks nice. And I actually like her bangs here! Probably because they're clean and not as thick. Oh sorry, Thicc Bois uwu

No. 535736

File: 1521730448457.jpeg (585.82 KB, 750x1090, BF82352D-9E97-4D3E-90C5-D8FB7F…)

Hey anon if you’re taking caps, try and show which account is posting it and what is in the description.
Just a photo from New York from her Moms insta

No. 535741

Pixies 7 Deadly Sins (a rough list)

Pride- ironically … She brags about being gay but isn't.

Greed- buys makeup palettes because the packaging is cute. Uses only one or two colors. Really wasteful.

Greed (again)- Flexing on fans about how much she pays on shipping and customs, not to mention the junk itself.

Pride (again)- brags about everything. She's a piano prodigy, best cosplayer in her group, best in theatre if everyone wasn't bitchy, "I know people talk about me. I knooooooow".

Sloth- this ones obvious really.

Pride?(maybe) Lust?- her constant lying about quitting fast fashion and other issues. Pretending she cares about things other than buying shit for herself. If she's going to wear fast fashion she should just do it and move on. But pretending to care about ethics and then doing Jack shit is irritating. She's had fans spell it out for her and show her where to shop but elects to ignore it because she can't keep her wallet in her pants for 2 minutes (maybe this should be lust since she lusts after cheap fashion). She also misled fans with that whole zaful thing because it was free clothes to her so who cares if her fans get ripped off or the clothes come from a sweatshop.

More pride/envy … -using mental health, eating disorders and sexuality as trends to cash in on when she sees other YT channels doing it. Doesn't care that her reckless lifestyle -drink and meds- could seriously affect her underage viewers so long as she gets more attention. I can understand that she might struggle with these issues but her videos are like Logan Pauls video, she seems so fake and it's all for her audience. She doesn't research any of her videos she just rattles off "take a bath it's self care!". The lack of forethought in those incredibly delicate topic related videos is astounding. Could include her other phases like Paganism in here since she hops onto things but invests zero in researching them.

No. 535742


2015, so she was about 17.

No. 535744

That's literally the joke. Read the punchline.

No. 535750

Or what would be an interesting tie in, tallying up roughly how much she spends on crap a month/year then showing her e-begging on her patreon for money and also whining about being demonetized.

No. 535757

Saged for old milk, but I remember her saying in one of her haul videos that she was "Such a talented art bby" in high school and that she legit did art with crayons. But she, and I quote, "Would make it look so beautiful, would make it look like it could have never been done in crayola mother fucking crayons." I dug up her old art tumblr http://artpixiee.tumblr.com/ but all the traditional art seems to be in water colour. Does anyone have any pics of her old crayon art? Because there's no way in hell you can't make crayon look like crayon.

No. 535763


Lust could be the gross connection between her wanting to appear as sexual (e.g. the "sexy clown" phase) but at the same time mixing in her gross baby talk and toddler outfits. OR you can talk about her using people in her relationships and how uncomfortable she is with being single. I think some issue about her relationships can go under lust. You could even tie in the LGBT wannabe ~uwu so queer~ stuff.

Envy could be Jill always having to be the best at everything. She only surrounds herself with landwhales to make herself appear more attractive, she has to be the authority on everything from j-fashion to magical girls, she needs to be the precure SUPERFAN. She didn't want to post videos of her playing the piano out of fear that people wouldnt think shes as good as she says she is. She doesn't want to know there are people who are better than her out there because she's secretly jealous of them and how they are ruining her chances to be number 1. You could put sewing and stuff here too, though I think it would go great under Sloth as well.

If a video or something was actually made, I think the Seven Deadly Sins theme is kind of entertaining. I liked it in the Ricegum Content Cop so it would work here too

No. 535764

She never posted her high school art as far as I know. That art pixie tumblr was when she decided to start sharing her work online for the first time.

Unless she has stuff on deviantart that hasn’t been posted yet. I would kill to see her high school portfolio though, because she makes herself sound like the art teacher’s pet protege but I would bet money it’s way below mediocre because she has no concept of basic anatomy, perspective etc

No. 535767

Gluttony needs to be the fucking peeps tea and nuggies

No. 535769

I’ve never seen a man look more suicidal in my life.

No. 535772

Please someone add that she doesn't take showers and how she needs to be the best at everything (like how she supposedly knows Japanese and is bilingual when drunk).
Also not enjoying the culture when she was in Japan and how after the breakup with Collin she has gone downhill and blaming everything to her depression (Wich is not a good example for fans)

No. 535773

Someone needs to add this idea too

No. 535781

File: 1521736093030.jpg (125.74 KB, 720x717, _20180322_162601.JPG)

Couldn't find anything from her high school days, but I got these 2 which she drew last year. I tried Google and her school website, but found nothing

Also sage for old milk

No. 535782

File: 1521736109133.jpg (109.85 KB, 720x554, _20180322_162617.JPG)

No. 535788

File: 1521737084255.jpg (154.46 KB, 720x722, _20180322_164051.JPG)

She graduated high school in 2016 I believe, so anything 2016 and prior on her tumblr is her skill at art during high school. Here is a painting she did for a project in art class

No. 535789

Jesus christ, don't bend over Jill

No. 535791

Are those all supposed to be her

No. 535792

Well she definitely wasn't taking fine art, because I don't know any course that would accept anything anime like

No. 535794

Jill living her Aryan fantasy

No. 535795

It was canadian high school, anon. They'll accept literally anything it's as much a free credit class as cooking…

No. 535797

File: 1521737366121.jpg (65.61 KB, 720x715, _20180322_164531.JPG)

Rip YZU shoes, they lived a terrible life, heres a picture when they were brand new in their memory
15 November 2016 - 18 March 2018

No. 535801

shes got stuff from Primark too, which is notoriously bad fast fashion. A couple of years ago they let a factory crush a load of children or something like that

No. 535804

this, she talks about being poor all the time like she doesn't know what poor actually means
we've got to bring up the whole "jill needs an entire 2 bed apartment for herself!" thing too because thats fucking ridiculous

No. 535805

Primark gets a free pass, because it's where the UK Fairy-Kei community gets 99% of their stuff.

No. 535807

Can someone please point out how in her Room Tour video from a month before the Japan trip at (36:14) she says she knows enough Japanese to read those kiddy magazines and in the first Japan Vlog (0:43) she says she got to speak Japanese (at the 7-11) for the first time, but then in her What I Got For Christmas (just 8 months after the Japan vlogs) she suddenly needs a Genki textbook for basic sentence structure (10:20) ???

No. 535809

Also her not even being able to spell her own name in Japanese when taking purikura but saying that she understood like 70% of the PreCure movie when she went to watch that lol.

No. 535811

Slightly off topic but I will never forget in one of her Japan vlogs where she showed footage she took in the Japanese pet stores of all the animals being miserable AS FUCK. And then talks about "awww cute! look how cute they are!" Even her own fans were commenting on the video that the animals werent happy…

Unfortunately she edited the controversial part out but Im thankful I got to see it before she did so. It just shows she really doesnt give a shit about animals or morals really. Even though she "love her pure bred cats so so much and volunteers at the local animal shelter uwu~~~"

No. 535812

Jill would clone herself if she could

No. 535813

File: 1521738632172.png (1.73 MB, 1280x1652, tumblr_okb3cb7aBL1v1aqh4o1_128…)

sage for ot but
>hates parties

No. 535816

File: 1521738698151.jpg (43.97 KB, 609x411, 9a5c93f013e39fd70ea35fa02a16f9…)

No. 535820

>Likes: Curry!
>Would only eat plain ass white bread food in Japan instead of going somewhere that has curry

No. 535823

The fact that the only "unusual" things in her bag are brands…classic Jill materialism

No. 535828

I understand it being impossible to always shop ethically but Jill has enough money and internet acess plus a sewing machine to not be doing hauls from these places yet she continues to throw lots of money at them. If she wanted to take a stand against fast fashion she'd cut back and learn how to second hand shop her brand dependency. Nobody expects her to completely stop but you know, don't spend hundreds every week on known fast fashion brands and pretend you're not.

No. 535832

File: 1521739440171.jpeg (415.03 KB, 750x853, 3186DC72-26EA-4501-8D06-CB5805…)

Sage; but curry is one of the few foods she ate in Japan that wasn’t just white bread and sugar. It seems like it really is one of her favorite foods

No. 535852

Yeah but those aren't going to get her views!

No. 535858

I actually think her art is cute lol

Also shoutout to Jill for being halfway to a new thread in only 4 days, yikes

No. 535862

Maybe she was trying to appeal to Kate since she got Pom in a Japanese pet store

No. 535867

File: 1521743234872.png (2.31 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-03-22-14-24-15…)

Sage for being a really old pic, but I didn't even recognize this as her at first. She's barely even making the stupid faces she always makes too. It's crazy to see how far she's fallen down the pit of shit life decisions.

No. 535899

That topknot looks horrible on everyone, lazy and messy always.

No. 535902

She used the excuse that she always wore the top knot because her hair was short on top. Not entirely sure why, because before that she had a mohawk so shouldn't it be longer on top? Probably broke from all the processing lol

No. 535903

> Karen
>Went to university for hairdressing
>single mom

No. 535918

File: 1521749029031.jpg (467.33 KB, 1080x1469, Screenshot_20180322-200257.jpg)

Why would she buy any of this when she lives off of nuggies

No. 535919


it's so bizarre to me that most people who bother with fashion have a cohesive look as adults and can look back on cringey teenage photos of themselves before they learned how to dress right. but in jillian's teenage photos she actually looks better dressed and styled (hair/makeup) than most teens (at least compared to teens back when i was growing up lel) and is greasy, chubby, and cringey with horrible makeup as an adult.

No. 535921

Has she ever cooked a thing before

No. 535922


while i would throw hands for that bunny mug, this girl is really trying to age in reverse with all her plastic dollhouse crap. most of it looks like polly pocket accessories.

No. 535927

What in the world is she going to use the brushes for? Cleaning? Those things are gonna get nasty and stink fast
>mini gardening tools

No. 535930

In her Ikea haul she got a small indoor planter, so they make sense. I'm more confused about where in her hoard she's going to shove those ice creams.

No. 535931


are they wine bottle toppers?

No. 535932


I think those small ice creams are those charms that you can put on each corner of your tablecloth so it won't fall off, or at least when it's outside so it can't fly away.

>Idk how it's called in english

No. 535936

They could be serving utensils? I've seen a lot of novelty salad server sets… Although the shovel ones don't look curved enough to be very good at it.

No. 535937

Gotta get that sugar shaker to sweeten your peep tea

No. 535976

rice with butter and frozen meatballs

No. 535981

File: 1521753636760.png (350.46 KB, 924x537, Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 5.19…)


It's like she's speaking right to you

No. 535997

>getting all of this shit BEFORE moving

I know that apparently the only way she can make herself feel better about living alone is by buying a ton of crap, but I feel like she's just imagining some perfect fantasy vision of her life without even knowing what she'll need.
Like do you know any other freaking college student who buys this much crap for their own 2 bedroom apartment before even moving out? This is ridiculous lol.

No. 536002

>>535997 The thing that is bugging me is moving out costs ALOT, even if you're buying the cheapest stuff. She's probably increasing the price x 3 by only buying ~kawaii stuff. She's then also buying furniture, when she hasn't even found somewhere to live. How can she justify spending so much when she's likely to drop out anyway?

No. 536007

But why does she need those?

No. 536010

Why does a college student need tablecloth weights?

It's not really my business how she spends her money, but what's the point? Does she even have a dining table to put them on at this point? I can think of a million others things she should focus on before tiny junk like that.

No. 536013

Yeah I mean the only time you need them is if you have a balcony, terrace or yard; so I'm not sure if she expects her apartment to have any of those??

No. 536016

Because she's a delusional hoarder. There is no justification. If she thinks something is her aesthetic, she has always bought it, no matter the price. Remember the expensive food xmas ornaments she spent like 30$ each on or something, and broke one of them immediately?

No. 536019

File: 1521755439599.gif (333.38 KB, 420x315, clap.gif)

No. 536030

Okay but why is she wasting our time like this? Edit your New York vlogs first instead of your boring kitchen supplies *HAUL~*

No. 536032

File: 1521756290277.png (73.55 KB, 251x231, 1464885866303.png)

>her fans wanting to turn heavy tablecloth weights into earrings when there's pretty much unlimited options for actual ice cream cone earrings online

why are they like this

No. 536033

>>536030 I think it's going to count as a new york video, since she brought them there. This is Japan all over again. She goes to the biggest fashion capital in the world with a rich history, but all she cares about is fast fashion hauls.

No. 536062

I don't think her art is so bad. I mean, she's just a hobby artist. It's kinda cute. She doesn't claim to be a totes professional who's going to be in the animation industry or something like she does with fashion design. So I think it's fine.

No. 536087

File: 1521759265254.jpeg (285.84 KB, 740x812, 624627ED-D147-4517-99CA-D40E1F…)

She does pretend that she was exceptionally talented at art in high school and repeatedly said that she didn’t want to do an art foundation year and the very reason she chose her current college is because she thought she could skip it. Turns out the college requires her to do it anyways, which is no surprise and she’s an idiot for thinking otherwise. She literally said verbatim: “sorry that I actually know what I’m doing and don’t need a foundation year” when she has no basis of fundamentals. She’s the poster child for the dunning-kruger effect.

There’s a reason for the heavy emphasis on fine arts in fashion design.

No. 536088

Can you imagine her in design school? What a dumpster fire.

I can see her gluing tinsel to the hem of a pink trash bag dress and claiming it's ~*avant garde*~ pixielocks TM original. Kek


No. 536094

Does she even know what size of an apartment she is going to be renting? Sounds really stupid to buy all the things before you even sign the lease or have seen the place.

No. 536128

Also, with how fast she goes thru styles how do we know what she likes isn't going to change again by the time she (supposedly) is supposed to move out?

No. 536143

what bothers me is it all had a theme and then… the white bunny mug.

No. 536145

>>536143 did you really expect more from someone who can't even colour coordinate an outfit?

No. 536149

Jill is not a humble person she's a delusional moron.

No. 536152

you can buy some really cute stuff online for super cheap from china, so thats not even an excuse to spend so much lmao

No. 536155

well i mean mummy says she needs a two bed apartment to herself so im sure shell have plenty of room

No. 536198

I don't get why she's buying so much before even moving out but also like… flying tiger's stuff is super cheap so it's not like she spent an arm and a leg just to have ~kawaii~ homeware

No. 536231

>says she knows what she's doing and doesn't need a foundation year
>guys I'm a beginner! Be-gin-ner dont judge me uwu. I'm goimg to school to learn what I need to do.
Classic Jill.

No. 536254

She's been buying for this apartment she doesn't even have yet for a year and a half at least. That's Jill.

No. 536261

All she does is shop.. How can anyone be this fucking vapid and boring at only 20?

No. 536264

I mean, I think we've established her fans are retards and autists who can't think of simple solutions to anything. I guess they'll enjoy their stretched earlobes.

No. 536366

do they have an online shop? admittedly some of it is cute…

No. 536402

I swear I thought Jill was 28 when I first watched her shitty vids, she looks so blown out and haggard. I am astonished that she's not even remotely embarrassed to be living at home and barely deciding to go to a sub-par crafts school for middle aged people suffering an existential crisis. She's too fucking old to be so immature and ignorant of adult things like finances, domestic dealings IE cooking, grocery shopping and paying bills. SMH can't wait to see her fail in her home economics tier school.

No. 536468

that twitter probably doesn't know shit about queer history. There was an entire movement reclaiming it and radicalizing it. It's why in academia it's called Queer Studies.
But Jill is just as ignorant and is 1000 times more obnoxious, particularly in her ignorant statements that show she has no fucking clue about anything and can't even figure out her shit since she's apparently can't do a google search

No. 536557

I feel like even she knows her hair looks awful like this because whenever she does a lookbook/'photoshoot' she wears her hair down or a wig/clip-ins, but then as soon as she actually goes outside she seems to stop giving a shit about looking good lol

No. 536592

No. 536595


Oh look the fugly blue scrunchie is back what a surprise

No. 536597

God why. Why is she doing a haul video when she already posted pictures of what she got. What's the point. Ugh. And this is part of her designer diaries series. She needs to stop. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FASHION DESIGN JILL!!!! Help this poor girl. I can't even watch it

No. 536600

I think her """logic""" for the designer diaries series is anything that has anything to do with her going to school for fashion design (moving out, shopping for furniture, etc) goes under "designer diaries." It's absolutely retarded, but I think that's what she's going for. She kinda ruined that tho by also including the cardboard cat house video, which arguably has more design elements than a haul of home goods.

No. 536601

How can you make a thumbnail that bad

No. 536604

Hey here lighting actually flatters her now also I'm pretty sure I own that blue scrunchie she's wearing all the gd time I got it from Tillys

No. 536606

It's absurd just thinking about the costs for her to live in fredericton, since it's a small town you would assume it's cheap but her school is downtown. Knowing Jill/Louise they would never settle for "ghetto" looking areas (since jill has called both downtown montreal and halifax ghetto and spooky uwu before). So we know Jill is going for a safe, newly renovated, 2 br apartment downtown near her school since she won't settle for commuting. Oh and it needs to be pet friendly because she's bringing Serena, that's usually an extra 20-40$ a month.

So she's looking at a minimum of 1k-1.5k per month in rent alone. Not including electricity/water/heating bills which will be higher for 2 bdrs. Beyond that, she has car payments/gas, phone/internet/cable bills. Plus the cost of furnishing the entire apartment and possibly needing to buy appliances. Not to mention, the cost of living in the maritimes is quite high, so her constant eating out at starbucks and mcdonalds every day plus regular groceries will easily cost over a thousand a month because Jill knows no self-control.

She mentioned a few months ago that her income was around 2-3k per month from youtube iirc. But her monthly bills alone, not including school fees and tuition, is already around 3k. This bitch isn't going to make it.

According to a "costs of living" calculator, the average family of 4 costs around 3k per month in the same city. So Jill is literally costing as much as 4 people all by herself.

No. 536612

i hope jill enjoys getting cancer from the cheap uwu pastel frying pan. if there's one thing you shouldn't cheap out on just bc it's cute it's the thing you cook your food in. that's assuming she'll actually cook anything, tho

No. 536613

It's such a shame that she thinks compulsively buying stuff she doesn't really need/she won't end up using is a form of progress to moving out and being independent. No Jill, most of us college students don't buy THAT much crap when moving in. Also who else bets she won't cook for herself and order takeout most of the time

No. 536618

>2nd ad not even 4 mins into a 15 min video

Stay classy jill

No. 536621

It's kinda weird to do apartment shopping on your vacation. Especially since she's gotta travel on an airplane with all that shit.

Also why does she need two frying pans???

No. 536625

That weird alcohol mention and her talking about making mixed drinks. Drunkielocks confirmed.

No. 536637

But do you really think Jill will pay for ANY of that? Her parents will 100% be supporting her through college, I'm sure of it. Then, IF she makes it out with a degree, she'll have no clue what she's doing with bills or how anything in the real world works financially. She is going to be a giant woman baby forever.

No. 536640

>cooking with bah-bish

No. 536645

i think it's a good thing if parents are able to help their kids through college. slight blog but i had a job and my mom would help me make ends meet because she could afford it and she wanted to help me secure my future.
what's annoying to me is how jill uses her money for completely frivolous, useless things . i would have felt so bad accepting my mother's help knowing i had spent my own money on dumb shit.

No. 536648

Well, yeah, I do agree it's really nice for parents to help. My own helped out a bit as well when I was having trouble. But like you said, I'd feel awful if I was just using my own money on hauls and not contributing at all while my parents paid for all of my bills and whatnot.

No. 536652

14:54 "Clow wand and a fricking SACKura fricking card"
Isn't it Clow Cards?

No. 536653

the title though
>pastel & practical!
practical as in it will break apart in like a month as it's cheap as hell and you'll just buy another

No. 536655

please anon, obviously jilly knows about her all time fav show, especially with how well she pronounces the mc's name.

tho tbh i have seen people call it the clow wand, but it's supposed to just be the sealing wand. i guess jill is atleast as ignorant as other weebs so iuno.

No. 536660

If it's the pink card she showed then they are the Sakura cards while the original ones are Clow Cards!

No. 536672

How is Jill even going to move all of this stuff to her new place? It's going to be way more than 2 cars worth. They're going to have to rent a van. She's such a hoarder.

No. 536674

The image is too small on my computer but if it is a sakura card like she says, the image has the wrong wand

No. 536677

I really think Jill's parents need to make her earn their financial assistance more. Jillybean will basically spend her YT income on all of her frivolous things, is she even paying for college herself?
My parents are very financially secure and they pay all my bills, I probably spend about $2.2k a month (my apt bills alone are about 1700). However, the only reason my parents put me up in such a lux lifestyle is because I got into a very nice college on a full ride and the savings my parents were going to allocate to my education can now be spent more on rewarding me for keeping my GPA up to continue to receive tuition.
Jill's parents will pay tuition and bills for their special little Jillybean to be able to ~keep up with her fashion YouTube uwu~

No. 536683

I wonder if Jill's program has scholarships or anything. Also are there financial aid programs in Canada (just curious as I'm from the US)?

One thing I think, is that is really is wonderful when parents can help their kids early on when they move out. But at the same time, a responsible parent will help them learn how to take care of financial responsibilities and at least help them understand that realm of adulthood. Even if I was a parent and could help my children with EVERYTHING, I think I'd still be more likely to help them minimally so they could become a good and responsibly member of society. I'm saying this as someone who grew up kind of spoiled - I wish my parents had taken more time to teach me about credit and cars and things I had no clue about until I was out of college. It really helps you succeed if you know about those things.

No. 536695

Why does she needs mugs? Surely she has some she could bring. and lunch boxes???

btw, is it just me or are her roots already looking like shit again? god, that yellow is such an ugly color. She should go back to mint. Sure her roots looked bad but at least it's a decent hair color. Hell, literally anything is, yellow is pretty much the only color no one should ever, ever dye their hair. Ideally she should go back to natural but she never will.

No. 536696

Of course, there’s provincial and federal loans, grants, private scholarships etc.

But not for Jill’s craft vocational school. I mean a low income person can always take out a loan for themselves but Jill’s family income is way above the threshold for government assistance and the school is relatively cheap because it’s not a real university or anything. I wouldn’t be surprised if daddy Vessey paid the 3 year tuition in a single cheque since they paid just as much to visit Japan and build their catio. They would have no financial concerns even if Jill was attending an expensive 4 year university.

Exactly my point. It’s insane that Jill’s solo monthly expenses are equivalent to a standard family of four in the same area. And her parents are not only fine with this, but will actually support these awful decisions.

No. 536697

She's too rich to be eligible for any bursaries or benefits. She could get a scholarship, as those are talent based, but I highly doubt that she even has a portfolio, let alone good work

No. 536701

File: 1521825392212.png (1.03 MB, 800x937, ggg.PNG)

jill cant tell them apart anyway, so it doesnt even matter

No. 536705

does Jill ever mention her father - the man who foots the bill for lazy, self-indulgent lifestyle - like, ever?

Never any thank you's to him on social media. No I love you's in her videos. No pictures of him.

aside from the xmas gift video… I can't think of a single mention of him from her. Barely any of her brother, either. I guess her mum's the only one who sufficiently fawns and dotes on her to her liking.

No. 536706

what are you talking about, the vomit mint was her worst color. the green looked so gross and muddy next to the bright rainbow bangs also did you forget her untoned yellow greasy roots? yuck.

her piss yellow hair is at least a solid color now, after going to the salon

No. 536709

tbh most colors look horrid on her due to shitty bleach jobs, poor choice of color, not caring for her hair, or a combo of the three

No. 536712

I remember an anon a while ago said she'd look good with a cotton candy pink. Honestly? If she gave her hair a rest, cut off the fried shit, and went to a professional to get an olaplex treatment and bleach job, I could see it. Especially since she's determined to grow out her hair. Though with her absolute shit clash of a style a neutral would look best. Maybe an ombre from her natural colour? Especially if she kept it clean.

No. 536717

>>the only time you need them is if you have a balcony, terrace or yard; so I'm not sure if she expects her apartment to have any of those??
3:02 "i'm hoping that in the apartment or whatever that i get i will have some sort of balcony"

she does expect to have that

also at 13:07 when Jill was talking about the miniature cart, she couldn't even justify that purchase "do i need this? NO. But i could put soap in it or perhaps….." it was such a long pause, she tried so hard to think of ANYTHING, but couldn't lmao.

No. 536719

Did jill whiten her teeth or is it just this photo? They actually look like a non-peeptea™ stained disaster for once

No. 536720

Her dads popped in in various streams, and she’s brought up then watching shows togther when her mom was gone and in her vlogs as well. I don’t think they’re not close or anything, and now that he brothers been moved out for a few months (and has his own life and hobbies, prob didn’t spend much time with Jill once she started making videos) he probably isn’t in her life a ton. I’m guessing her mom and her have really bonded through her mom doing photography and being a stay at home Mom so they spend a ton of time togther whereas her dad actually leaves the house

No. 536721

She’s been using crest white strips for a while, she made a post at some point about her cat stealing one out of the trash can

No. 536725

File: 1521827516008.jpg (698.63 KB, 1080x1766, Screenshot_20180323-175115.jpg)

No. 536726

is she even trying to like… match her outfits anymore?
it's like a randomized outfit in a video game

No. 536727

Saged for obvious blog post, but I could see that. Maybe with a feathered side bang and some layered curls. I honestly have a list of things Jill could do for improvement.
>Don't let her diet go to shit
>Exercise. Seriously, she could do yoga, her skinnyfat phase would've been so cute if she just toned up a little
>Get a teeth whitening kit and an eyeshadow blending brush
>Stop applying her blush so patchily. (Seriously the placement is fine and is pretty typical in j fashion to place it under the eye. Why does it look so patchy? Her yellow hair highlights the shit out of it.)
>Stop dressing like an actual clown. Honestly pastel colors and light neutrals like creams, beiges, and light greys fit her best.
>I hate this on most girls, but a shy, not psychotic smile really highlighted her best features, especially since her nasolabial folds or whatever are so deep, and it might make her look not so conceited.
>Stop wearing such garish lip colors and maybe settle for a neutral eye
I dunno, I'm a draw fag, I could make it happen.

No. 536729

A balcony or area for herself outside? What kind of rich kid first apartment is she getting? She doesn't even understand the value of a dollar let alone how hard it is for someone like her to survive alone financially. If her parents ever cut her off she'd completely lose it. If she had to get an actual job the only experience she has is part time probably minimum wage jobs, even if she finishes school where is she gonna work with a degree in community college sewing class? Too bad her parents don't teach her how to be loaded like them. She has plenty of time to get an extra job and save a ton of money while they take care of her but would rather buy materialistic things and be fucked later in life.

No. 536730

oh fk why did she had to buy the lazy oaf bear bag?? doesn't she HATE black? it doesn't match whith any piece of clothing she has and she already own a TON of bags
like this outfit is hideous how is this good promo for the store?

No. 536732

This, plus the men in the family aren't "cutey-wooty" enough for Jill's video "aesthethic." However is it a bit strange Jill doesn't have just one 'going to X with dad/hanging out with dad' vid. If he's too tired from work to go places with the family I wonder if he wants a divorce after the kids finish college, because it's probably Louise who enables them, and I doubt she contributes much money from her photography since she's always with Jill. I don't think he's abusive like some cows were ridiculously thinking a few threads ago but he may be somewhat emotionally distant from the girls in the family?

An old fashioned whooping while you had the chance woulda set the women straight, Mr. Vessey (kidding… mostly).

No. 536734

Opps, meant to also link >>536720

No. 536735

File: 1521828156115.jpg (119.47 KB, 577x566, ss (2018-03-23 at 11.02.17).jp…)

is this because its quinn the cat she hates

No. 536738

File: 1521828273637.png (506.24 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180323-110243.png)

Jill is giving me Petunia pig vibes. Kek

No. 536739

Your opinion.

No. 536741

Nah, Louise and Blair are tight. They're high school sweethearts. I've seen him make facebook posts about Louise and Jill. He definitely loves his family and enables Jill just as much. He spoils her rotten and worries about her based on what he's spilled online in the past. I really just think that Dad is closer with his son who attends the same uni he works at, they're both into cars, mechanics and tech stuff, and Jill has considered her mom a best friend since middle school. They bond over photography and fashion which goes hand in hand.

Giles came out alright and independent, Jill just happens to take advantage of her family. She just has a shit personality.

No. 536742

Now you’re just being paranoid.

No. 536744

Yeesh shes looking fat in this photo. That cardigan adds 30lbs to her(nitpicking)

No. 536748

Well, most of the swearing by them (if done at all) is just an attempt to be edgy.

No. 536749

i wonder how much she weighs

No. 536759

Did anyone notice that in Jill's new video, her make up is better and looks as if she has actually tried? Not saying it's goos, but better than usual.

No. 536765

Yeah I noticed this too. I think its because her makeup application was a lot lighter in color and touch than what shes been doing recently. Other times shes heavy handed and applies vivid clown colors

No. 536766

Don’t insult petunia pig like that, she’s a queen

No. 536792

I feel bad for Jill's dad. I always think about the one stream where he came in to give her a rotary cutter or something and she just grabbed it and gushed about it to her viewers. I kept waiting for her to say some form of thank you to him… nope.

No. 536795

Seriously, who is buying mini shopping carts and birthday candles and novelty measuring cups 6 months before leaving for college? Does she know what the word practical means?

Furnishing an apartment can be such an expensive undertaking. Will she want all new furniture to preserve her current room for when she visits home constantly?

As an adult who has worked hard to pay for and furnish my own apartment, it's so frustrating to see someone so lazy and delusional getting to spend endless money to fill her free apartment with rainbow garbage. She is so out of touch with reality.

No. 536823

>not using adblock to begin with so she won't get your money.

I see she's still trying to use the LTS palette from sugarpill and it still looks awful on her.

No. 536826

I decided to watch her Cure Whip cosplay video for a good kek and… she just said she used liquid metal for her prom dress… Ewww, is that why it looked so cheap and gross?
Saged for old milk

No. 536830

i mean, it really depends where you live. i've never had an expensive apartment and yet i've always had some kind of balcony. it's just really common in my city.
rn i'm renting my cheapest apartment to date and i have 2!

No. 536836

why the hell do you not have ublock on your browser? get the ublock origin extension and stop giving this retard money

this crappy school probably costs less total to go to for 2 years than how much she has spent on random shit for her college apt already

speaking of her older brother, its still so creepy how much of an uncanny resemblance he has to the drew guy she fawns over on streams, gross af

No. 536852

If Jill could she would probably bang Drew Monson. Kek


No. 536870

just gonna second what another anon said, but I had a really cheap apartment that had a fairly large balcony. if I'd chosen a bottom floor unit for the same price and same indoor area, I'd have had an even larger patio area. lots of bottom floor tenants in my complex had a decent amount of potted plants.

for the most part, in my area, the only apartments that don't have balconies/patios are the ones that are exclusively for very low income people. like, you have to have an assload of kids and/or be committed to making next to no legal money in order to even qualify for one, and even then there's usually waiting lists that are months long.

No. 536873


i mean, saged but some ""nicer"" (read: overpriced) downtown apartments (at least in halifax, i assume there might be similar in freddie) have some combo of two of heat/electro/water included in the rent. so she might not have as many separate bills as that. but yeah, cost of living in the maritimes is shit.

she will also likely have to pay extra for her laundry though.

No. 536875

>>536873 some lazy oaf pieces are dry clean only

No. 536876


the only way her hair would look good would be if she dyed it all her natural color until she could let it grow out, and actually used haircare masks and products for damaged hair. she should relocate her bathbomb and palette money to actual skin/haircare, she would look way better.

No. 536879


imagine paying to get the fugliest clothing in the world dry cleaned

No. 536884

I still don't understand why she's not getting a roommate especially if she keeps going on about being lonely and having mental health issues. Being alone in a new situation with nearly total freedom is the absolute last thing she should be doing. Honestly the kitchy junk could attract a roommate who likes that kind of stuff and would want a cutesy furnished apartment. I've seen upperclassmen and grad students use modern decor and furniture as a selling point before and to find people with similar tastes.

A lot of supposedly dry clean only stuff can be cold water hand washed depending on the fabric and details which she likely knows from being a lolita- nobody has all of their stuff dry cleaned even if it says so.

No. 536887

Jokes on u guys!!!
she doesn’t wash her clothes.

No. 536916

File: 1521846769935.jpg (759.65 KB, 1078x1367, Screenshot_20180323-231146.jpg)

No. 536917

File: 1521846812648.png (1.89 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180323-231223.png)

It looks like she's blurred her thighs

No. 536919

File: 1521847001048.jpg (322.84 KB, 1080x1292, Screenshot_20180323-231443.jpg)

It's sad that she doesn't realise that she could easily afford Gucci if she didn't constantly buy fast fashion.

No. 536920

File: 1521847142380.jpg (371.96 KB, 1080x1001, Screenshot_20180323-231757.jpg)

In Jill's favourites lol and yet she does nothing to try and fix her mental health kek

No. 536924

next thread pic pls

No. 536939

File: 1521848545914.jpeg (316.83 KB, 750x686, CCB78B29-1039-44E4-9DCD-403AF7…)

In the same vein: dating a girl for appx 6 seconds and we still get this ‘im Totally Bi uwu~’ bullshit

No. 536941

Yep. I'm a lolita and literally handwash all my clothes. She could probably do the same with any lazy oaf pieces she has that need to be dry-cleaned. But I don't really see that happening. I'm with >>536887 in that mommy washes her clothes and really think some of them rarely if ever get washed.

No. 536942

No. 536944

Not to wk her or be a tumblrfag, but you can still be bi regardless of whoever you date.

No. 536949

>>536944 obviously you can, but Jill isn't bi. I don't think any of us are doubting the existence of bi sexuality.

No. 536950

I'm pretty sure everyone here agrees with that, but she says she has a strong preference for men at the very least and uses her Bi-ness (She used to identify as pan and then a lesbian) for ~uwu queer bby points~

No. 536970

Jill just wants her p*y licked. That doesn't make her bi. She even said she was a "bottom". I don't get how someone can be "bi sexual" and only wants to receive…

No. 536972

You can be a pillow princess and bisexual. What matters is your attraction to men and women, which I think she's too far up her own ass to have attraction to anyone but herself.

No. 536976

I'm pretty sure bisexual means you are sexually attracted to both sexes..? No? Doesn't that mean you would want to have sex with both sexes? If anything she's biromantic. A pillow princess is just a label for straight girls who want their clam burgers eaten by other girls. But don't want to give back

No. 536993

A pillow princess means anyone who doesn't want to give back in bed, regardless of who they're attracted to. Essentially a lazy lover.
Sage for stupidity.

No. 536998



No. 537014

Saged for irrelevancy, but this is so Jill's aesthetic. I dare her to do this and get even more bloated.

No. 537024

File: 1521854791516.png (725.45 KB, 1080x1044, 20180324_012608.png)

No. 537025

File: 1521854886416.jpg (418.01 KB, 1080x1044, Screenshot_20180324-012715.jpg)

No. 537028

File: 1521854964603.jpg (400.85 KB, 1080x1032, Screenshot_20180324-012902.jpg)

No. 537030

File: 1521855027563.jpg (202.03 KB, 894x569, Screenshot_20180324-012959.jpg)

No. 537031

Girl on the right is way too cute to be in this picture with Jill.

No. 537032

File: 1521855104515.jpg (256.86 KB, 917x636, Screenshot_20180324-013111.jpg)

No. 537034

File: 1521855168201.jpg (199 KB, 682x628, Screenshot_20180324-013221.jpg)

No. 537036

File: 1521855240749.jpg (190.82 KB, 737x588, Screenshot_20180324-013342.jpg)

No. 537042

next thread pic
this looks racist out of context.

No. 537043

oppa gangnam style

No. 537052

please tell me this is not a photo of her asking to touch her hair like an uncultured racist

she looks like shes made of pure dough here

No. 537058

Please explain in what context that would be ok, unless you also think your curiosity is more important than making someone feel casually dehumanized.

No. 537059


Seconding this for next thread. She looks like the he-man meme or that spiderman boss meme.

And here she looks like a thumb. Man, she got doughy.

No. 537060

Where her chin tho ?

No. 537071

File: 1521858165644.jpeg (561.21 KB, 2048x2048, 5913EA09-02E8-4917-92AF-77BFF8…)

Reposted for chin accuracy.

No. 537072

I'm laughing so hard please make this the next thread pic/a meme

No. 537077

this would be perf

No. 537080

File: 1521859305942.png (708.62 KB, 730x477, c261a75911aa624bfd8f2379a25ed3…)

samefag but

has she ever done any type of chores in her life? a handheld sweeper is so impractical, as if shes actually going to be bending over to sweep her apartment ever in her life, esp. if she plans on getting a large apt. she just wasted her money on yet another pink thing she wont use (i mean, her current floor is covered in her expensive unwashed clothes)

No. 537083

She couldn't even bother with the stain on her couch

No. 537085

…What is that

No. 537089

I spat my drink out, anon. Thank you.

No. 537091

“I’ll get you, my pretty! And your little peeps too uwu~”

No. 537092

So much cringe and embarrassment. What an uncultured swine. She literally met more coloured people in a single night than her entire life. I feel so bad for her fans who actually thought better of her.

No. 537095

She might just be drunk

No. 537096

I remember her saying one time she does the dishes in her house. Thats about all though lmao

No. 537097

not to defend Jill, here, but they're completely practical. I use a little hand whisk to clean up after I've swept properly. A lot easier to get all the dirt that way. imo, anyways.

Although, she doesn't seem to have bought an actual broom, so… maybe she is planning to just use the hand held sweeper.

No. 537104

What about a vacuum? She doesn't know where's she's going to live or what kind of flooring or rugs she's going to have. Collecting a bunch of trinkets is only going to make moving and unpacking even more of a challenge. It's nice to have small, very specifically helpful things but she doesn't seem to be thinking about the bigger picture. She has some fantasy image of adult life and cooking dinner for friends without understanding adult responsibility and cleaning up and taking care of yourself.

No. 537105

File: 1521862684638.png (702.04 KB, 1080x951, Mahou Shoujo Ore trailer.png)

Ah, I see she finally may have seen the light in shamelessly pandering bishounen comedy anime. Though I worry she'll include this in her "Xmonth favies" and call it "pro trans just like me!"

No. 537120

do you honestly think she sweeps?

No. 537125

This is true, you can think of all the uses for this sweeper, but her house will probably be a horrible mess.

I imagine all her wands and decoration is always covered by dust, and I don't even want to think about all the rugs and fabrics she has laying/hanging. I'm getting allergies just by thinking about it.

No. 537143

File: 1521868590803.jpg (9.82 KB, 480x360, h.jpg)

No. 537150

I can't believe anyone paid actual money to see this greasy swine herder. Kek

No. 537160

Super OT. But does anyone think that when she started dabbling in "witchcraft" she got a demonic attachment or something. Whether you believe it or not. There's a belief where demons can affect your mental health and your total appearance if you have an attachment.(derailing)

No. 537168

Anon, you need to stop sipping on the Christian "everything bad is cuz of a demon!!" koolaid. What Jill did was not witchcraft, it was posing colorful trinkets and fucking anime merch together for pictures and then disassembling it off camera. And even if you believe in them, contrary to popular autism, you cannot just summon demons or "evil spirits" or whatever the fuck else with a willy nilly queef to the four directions at 2am. Jill is just a mess of her own making. No self respecting spiritual entity would make it his mission to ruin some lemon-headed islander with a shopping addiction because she put some rocks out in the sun one time.

No. 537170

Jesus Christ, this is so off-topic and out of left field I can almost see it being true. Possessed by the demon of sloth and bad taste kek

No. 537176

I never mentioned anything about summoning demons. I actually used to be involved in witchcraft to an extent. And from personal experience I was a lot like Jill at the time. (Even looks wise). And assuming I'm a Christian because I mentioned demons is ignorant. People need to stop getting so defensive of things like this. And have a real discusion. Whether you like it or not. Practicing witch craft is a doorway for demonic activity. That doesnt mean summoning.

No. 537184

NTAYRT but hold that thought. We know Jill is a moron on almost-supernatural levels, but she's not that level of stupid that her split-second interest in paganism/witchcraft is gonna get her attached to a demon. She's not going head-first into the kind of shit that would bring about demons, she's trying to play off another Tumblr aesthetic fad in order to be ~a unique and kawaii mahou shoujo~.

No. 537186

Maybe it's a tumblr aesthetic trend kawaii rainbow vomit peeps tea magical gorl demonchan

No. 537190

People are assuming you are a Christian because only a Christian would be this ignorant. Paganism existed prior to Christians inventing "demons". Jill is not a Pagan though so that is irrelevant. Just like this discussion. You should stop now.

No. 537193

File: 1521874689359.jpg (14.28 KB, 240x320, 1513881819930.jpg)

Poor demonchan…

No. 537200

Having different beliefs doesn't make anyone ignorant. Evil spirits aren't just part of Christianity. Though in christianity they are known as demons. (Which is most recognized). Jill is manipulative, has a pretty obvious drinking problem, she's lazy, she's greedy, etc. Whether you are Christian or not. She clearly has some demons (metaphoricaly or actual idk)

No. 537220

File: 1521878656245.gif (636.65 KB, 682x628, 1521855168201.gif)

Good job chat, y'all never fail to inspire.

No. 537222

Holy fucking shit anon, this is more than I could ever ask for.

No. 537226

This gif sums Jill up perfectly tbh, 10/10.

No. 537233

File: 1521881244351.png (220.71 KB, 648x365, peepsjoy.png)

an uncanny resemblance indeed

No. 537243

an uncanny resemblance to a piece of raw chicken in all of these. I’m surprised at how fucking awful she looks outside of her pastel vomit cave.

No. 537252

File: 1521885562896.jpg (112.69 KB, 601x340, you-just-won-the-internet.jpg)

No. 537253


It looks like the pencil has gone through her head.

No. 537277

Plenty of guys who don't give back, it's more about character than sexuality. A guy who wants his dick sucked but doesn't do anything for the woman isn't =gay.

Just selfish. She's not less bi for being a pillow princess. Though I personally doubt she has done anything much with women and it's all for the $views$

No. 537280

Next thread pic, nothing can compare

No. 537284

an unappreciated post

I think her makeup in the latest video was a nice improvement?

No. 537295

NYC vlog is here

No. 537298

I kind of agree. I didn't mind her makeup in her home supply video (probably because she didn't add glitter as highlight to her brow bone like she normally does). I do get sick of her using pink in her crease though, but other than that I thought it was okay. The softer colours suited her a lot more.

No. 537304

File: 1521898269864.jpg (27.47 KB, 517x476, jill.JPG)


>oh no my poor leggie

No. 537307

I dunno. I use these all the time at work after I’ve swept the flor to collect the dust because it’s easier to control than using the huge broom.

No. 537309

Lol calm down I’m black. Jill is probably hardly ever around black people and she probably didn’t know not that it makes it right, but everyone should know that by now. I hope that she’s not touching her hair intentionally. We don’t even have the original context for the pic, but it really does look racist. I didn’t want to say that it looks racist and have one of you ask how. Sage for race sperging.

No. 537312

File: 1521899436251.jpg (99.15 KB, 1259x588, ss (2018-03-24 at 06.50.04).jp…)

genuinely confused how she has such bad wrinkles around her eyes when this bitch is younger than me

No. 537314

A hand sweeper is a pretty sensible thing to own though? It's not a replacement for a vacuum cleaner or broom, but it's easier to use a sweeper for small areas or spot cleaning.

No. 537318

This image is peak "small town white girl".

According to you, men who like to get blowjobs but don't eat a girl out are gay then? At least sage this.

No. 537319

only a minute in and i'm ready to quit after "suppy"

No. 537324

>>537295 possible nitpick but she left her camera in a store in Japan and now she's dropping her phone whilst vlogging bitch doesn't care about her stuff

No. 537325

She forgot to put any images or links in her outro

No. 537326

File: 1521900833295.jpg (178.63 KB, 1080x826, Screenshot_20180324-141227.jpg)

>>537036 this is in her favourites kek

No. 537329

File: 1521901846740.png (506.12 KB, 785x367, wow.png)

18 seconds in and Louise is already looking ready to go back home

No. 537332

WOW she is even more awkward irl. I can only imagine what people passing by thought of her. She really comes across as special needs. Also the way she reacted when she fell was really… weird. I seriously get Little vibes from her all the time now.

No. 537337

She got make up at a store she always shops at, bought string cheese and steak for food, and fell while video taping. So glad she vlogged her exciting trip. Vlogs with nothing interesting in them are such a waste, getting ad money because you have a lot of followers not because your content is worth watching.

No. 537338


oh maaaan she looks awful when she's next to hot girls instead of the usual landwhale fans. like her looks just screams "AVOID ME! I'M VERY ANNOYING" when she's next to normal girls.


the girl looks so uncomfortable lmao you can tell jill started touching her hair without asking how obnoxious. everyone probably cringed when this happened, she's always awkward as fuck with normal people

No. 537341

File: 1521903102654.jpg (37.49 KB, 573x579, 1521903026031.jpg)

"In my mind I still feel like he doesn't know who I am. But like, gestures to the pass case But he MUST have!"

No. 537350

The gift from Sebastian

No. 537356

On her stream someone asked if tger wands are dildos and she said "no my wands on my shelf are not Dildos, all my dildos are in ny draw".

I just cringed so hard. Saged

No. 537357

>>537356 was she being serious? did she end the coment with her usual lol sry if ur 12 uwu

No. 537358

If a guy can't try and pleasure a girl and only wants his Dick sucked he's probably not attracted to her. That's a bit more than just being a lazy lover. The guys I've been with, that's part of how they get turned on is by being able to pleasure their partner. If Jill doesn't want go down on a girl, finger bang, etc. She's probably not attracted to her.

No. 537360

I came here just to post this. She was serious. She didn't even laugh or make a joke, just awkward silence. DISGUSTING.

No. 537366

Other awkward things in the stream:
>chat says five guys is expensive, her response: "IS IT? I didn't find anything expensive!" (in terms of food in nyc)
>"Fuck me with a mozza stick"
>"I would eat garlic dirt"
>Finishes stream to go eat after talking exclusively about fast food for 5 min

>Admitted she couldn't bare to wear her dress in public due to anxiety but claims she's still a good seamstress and it wouldn't fall apart

>Just inexplicable anxiety, nothing to do with bad sewing

>Reads a fan letter from a Japanese high school student, then pauses to brag "I AM GOING TO JAPAN BC I'M A KAWAII LEADER BIH" ????

No. 537367

>>537360 louise watches her streams…like it's normal to own sex toys but it's awkward when you're talking to a mostly underage audience and your mum. The fact that she initialises herself makes it even weirder.

No. 537368

How can anyone tolerate Jill? She's a disgrace. The self absorbedness is so fucken obvious

No. 537370


when they were in the square louise looked so overwhelmed, too bad they just went to sephora instead of somewhere that would actually be exciting for someone who rarely gets off the island

No. 537371

y'know, I always kind of assumed she owned sex toys from her room tour where she made a comment about a drawer she couldn't/wouldn't open.

what a gross fucking thought…

No. 537373


grandma-lookin ass jill is back i see

No. 537374

>endless fast food talk
>weird unnecessary dildo talk (thanks for the family friendly content)
>baby talk
>mummy listening

is she trying to reenact those pretty princess point meme images or something? she just sounds like such an obnoxious woman child

No. 537376

>I'm a fake beauty guru!

She actually considers herself a beauty guru. The baby talk is getting way out of hand.

No. 537386

In the very beginning when she complains about the hotel being so beautiful but having a shower instead of a bath… Wow. She really is filthy. How bad do you guys think she smells on the daily?

No. 537390

She bought KVD lock in concealer, but i thought this dumb hoe was anti Kat Von D for no reason?

No. 537391

>>537390 she said she was controversial and didn't really want to support, but we all know Jill doesn't stick to her own morals

No. 537417

Anon, please seek help.

Nasty. Have you seen her shoes? Has she started removing her makeup before sleeping? This bitch is crusty as fuck and probably smells like farts and bad breath.

No. 537421

>>537417 if she can't even wash her face then i bet her sex toys are revolting kek

No. 537426

I did not need that mental image or smell

No. 537433

File: 1521913708087.jpg (422.1 KB, 700x800, 1311182874084.jpg)

>tfw Jill probably wants all of her sex toys to look as 'kawaii' as possible
>tfw Jill would probably be unable to not show them off, so whenever she gets a new one she'd hit up her mom to show her "the new big boi uwu"

No. 537441

Please make this next thread image.

No. 537444

She doesn't. I assumed she intentionally mispronounced it for that reason.

No. 537465


seconding for the next thread pic (and every other thread ever when needed)

No. 537470

She was anti Kat because she was one of the first people to call out JStar on being a racist bully and Jill was still a big fan of JStar at the time, so she said she hated Kat for stirring drama or something like that (her long defense of JStar was pretty gross)

No. 537487

File: 1521919908218.jpg (95.21 KB, 742x960, Bodice.jpg)

Found her old work log for that doremi costume and honestly, I don't think she made it. I don't think she made any of her costumes until cure whip. Because if she did make it, why could she put a zipper in back then and not now >>527065.

No. 537490

File: 1521920147153.jpg (371.38 KB, 1080x1011, Screenshot_20180324-193500.jpg)

No. 537491

Huh, that is pretty suspect.
Doesn't she have better equipment now too, thus making it easier to do clean work like this?

I guess the only other explanation is that she has really just given up & can't be bothered anymore. I mean that birthday dress was supposed to be a fun project though, just imagine how awful her school work will turn out when she can't just sew whatever she wants and take however long she wants.

No. 537494

Honestly she could have. Like the rest of her, her sewing skills could have just degraded over the years.

No. 537513

File: 1521923076315.jpg (406 KB, 1080x1109, Screenshot_20180324-202345.jpg)

I don't know how accurate this is but

No. 537521

Can confirm it's accurate at least from start to the mail

No. 537556

File: 1521926885219.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.63 KB, 500x419, tumblr_nqkqhw100X1tfw2g9o1_500…)

>this is my kawaii rainby big boy

No. 537566

Jill needs to acknowledge that she has a preference for men.

No. 537578


For what its worth, stretch suiting is very forgiving (like, non-stretch suiting is easy, and with stretch you have some give), whereas satin and the thinner, shinier fabrics she has used in the past few projects are not only finicky/slippery as hell but announce all your mistakes with the shine hah

No. 537590

Top fucking kek, nothing wrong with that but someone who tries to maintain a kawaii family friendly image should really not drop lines like that.

No. 537599

Straight dudes talk about how gross eating pussy is (or vaginas are in general) all of the time, though.

No. 537602

Honestly I feel bad for her that these are the pictures of the event lmao, she's not very photogenic.

>expecting to have a balcony and kitchen table in your first apartment
Reality is going to hurt, Jilly-bean

No. 537603

They’re also gross. At least they don’t run a ~rainbows carebares bright pink kawaii uwu~ channel that caters to children.
Mixing sexual themes while dressing/acting immature just makes Jill seem creepy.

No. 537604

That's unrelated to what anon was replying to though. Point is, being selfish in bed is not proof of anything except that you're selfish, and we already knew that about Jill.

No. 537607


No. 537620

>may not stream every week but monthly instead
why? streaming is like the easiest thing she does, plus doesn't she make a ton of money from it?
maybe she finally realized she doesn't do enough interesting stuff in a week to talk about, kek

No. 537648

File: 1521933937001.jpg (67.91 KB, 640x640, zZPoK4C.jpg)

Saw this on Behind the Bows (lolita secrets) today.

No. 537659

Someone already said they ran out of the allotted free drinks during the pre-party.

No. 537662


No. 537666

Nayrt but no shit. Btb just updated so that’s why anon posted the secret.

No. 537725

Yes, but the secret is dumb. All events that have an "open bar" have an allotted amount of free drinks. Because they decided to add a "pre party" before the actual event, they ran out of drinks. It's not really gossip, just poor planning.

No. 537743

If she’s used to paying Canadian prices then I can see why she’d think American wasn’t expensive. Prices for food can be crazy up here.

No. 537773

holy shit this is reverse inspo. This makes me want to wash my face and lotion up

No. 537792

I don’t think Jill has ever found Canadian food (especially fast food) expensive ever. The way she completely dismissed her fan, it was practically a scoff.

I don’t think she realizes how tacky and impolite it is to imply something is affordable to everyone. The same way she doesn’t know regular price dropping is despicable. That’s why she would defend buying $300+ Lolita dresses and suggest that any teen could afford that with a part time job.

No. 537801

this is what happens when you just start washing your face at age 20

No. 537845

Often behind the bows is just bitching and not actual gossip or secrets. Sage for irrelevant.

No. 537855

Learn to sage(minimodding)

No. 537866

Jillian has the bone structure of a bob's burgers character

No. 537874

File: 1521960250868.png (356.02 KB, 854x480, Screenshot_20180324-234136.png)

No. 537884

I can't unsee this. omg im laughing so hard. I'm sorry Jill…lmfao

No. 537894

File: 1521966922288.jpg (367.87 KB, 1072x1440, IMG_9007.JPG)

Hope this hasn't been posted yet but man sometimes her fan art is too accurate
"Can anyone guess who I just did a quick sketch of? <3"
An old toad? Jaken from Inuyasha?

No. 537896

File: 1521968107255.jpg (111.42 KB, 1079x397, Screenshot_20180325-095434.jpg)

It's only a matter of time before she tries out drag

No. 537901

The concept of bio-queens is so off to me, like what are you doing? It can look cool, but performing hyper-femininity as a cis woman is not subversive and they're not queens.

Not that Jill actually cares about drag outside of RPDR and the usual bandwagoning but y'know

No. 537903

File: 1521969082514.gif (499.03 KB, 480x228, 46BF03E8-B562-49AB-948E-E9B302…)

No. 537907

File: 1521971115780.jpeg (510.44 KB, 2400x2400, EB60BFA3-964F-4897-B6C4-C8399A…)

The resemblance…

No. 537911

File: 1521972634965.jpeg (114.7 KB, 574x387, CA78CB14-79AB-46EB-BEA3-884DD1…)

Sage for digging up old thread stuff

I was reading one of Jill’s earlier threads and I found this. Even though it’s an old comment, it’s still incredible how Jill, after 2~2.5 years still doesn’t know how to sew or design better and anons are still awaiting the day she gets chewed up at spat out by the fashion industry.

No. 537918

It's extra depressing because she has in fact gotten worse at sewing and designing, and within those 2.5 years she has only finished… about 4 sewing projects, none of which were even that elaborate.
It's clear that she's lying about being ~so passionate~ about sewing, because if she actually liked it she would, you know, sew.
At this point she might as well claim that she wants to become a professional chef because her butter rice and McTendies skills are at about the same level as her sewing skills.

No. 537933

why just bio queens though? Why not actually queens?

No. 537937

So many online personalities stream daily, the fact that she can only manage it once a week when she sits at home all day is silly enough.

No. 537940

Honestly, with how paranoid she was about going to New York and getting attacked there I wouldn't be surprised if she was paranoid about being swatted.

No. 537949

because she wants to jump on the bio queen thing and needs a list of people's asses she can kiss before copying their style. Plus i think she realizes that bio queens would be the only ones to actually interact with her

No. 537993

thanks i want to die now

No. 537999

she did tweet she wanted to try it

No. 538000

No. 538002

holy shit even her mom calls her out on her Peeps hauls and knows it's just a stupid phase, awkward

No. 538003

File: 1521991059423.png (14 KB, 638x59, Screen shot 2018-03-25 at 11.4…)

God I hate her

No. 538004

>Drops the f bomb in first 20 seconds.

Someone should report her for saying Fucking Ass so she gets demonetized lol

No. 538007

I like how she dropped the "I'm so happy to be ALIVE" while her mom was judging her on wanting to buy so much peep crap. Confirmed manipulator.

No. 538008

File: 1521991499662.png (195.14 KB, 589x294, Screen shot 2018-03-25 at 11.5…)

>Wah wah wah, we got stuck on the subway and had to rub elbows with poor people longer than expected.

I get being upset that you're stuck on the subway for longer than expected, but she was being excessively overdramatic.

No. 538009

These deep wrinkles under her eyes seem ‘natural’ and I’m not even here to wk. like I also have those wrinkles since forever.
That doesn’t make her makeup any better though, she looks horrid

No. 538010

She used the Ojamajo Doremi opening again??? Is this already set to get demonetized

No. 538011

File: 1521991984981.jpg (36.7 KB, 1439x765, 1521991967270.jpg)

No. 538015

What's really nasty is she films her vlogs at this angle so much. It emphasizes her fat neck and fat face and we just mainly get to look up her nose and at her ugly fat lips with uneven patchy product. Why does she think this is ok. Is she trying to show the angle you will see her the most at as a pillow princess? Vom

No. 538018

File: 1521992080290.jpg (38.27 KB, 1024x424, oJTXbhuh.jpg)

>I bought this thing !!
>subtly shows the price

No. 538022

she did this with the tag on the peep at CVS too. tacky af

No. 538027

honestly this looks pretty poorly made as well. but you know had to pull the 'support small artists' card at least once in ny

No. 538029

File: 1521992714436.png (346.33 KB, 478x324, jill_skin.png)

those eye wrinkles holy shit this is the worst I have ever seen her skin

I really hope she gets her shit together and figures out a proper skin care routine it's not like she can't afford to.

No. 538032

File: 1521992868175.png (1.38 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180325-124201.png)

Kek. Is it just me or is jills mum trying more and more to be just like her daughter??

No. 538033

i don't mind her using the moving/glitchy eyestrain text for simple titles, but when she uses it as closed captions??? what the fuck

No. 538034


to be fair, the ones under the eyes (like the eye bags) are something she probs can't help. I have protruding eyes similar to Jill and I have a very in depth skincare routine that doesn't help them at all. They're just a thing that comes with the eye shape that I've had my whole life.

The crows feet at the corner that she seems to have though are pretty unfortunate and probably a result of her tugging the skin taut to do eye makeup or something.

No. 538036

File: 1521993182940.jpg (30.74 KB, 1024x622, 2FEKxnqh.jpg)

Was going to post this too. She's seriously looking like a grandma

No. 538037

those guys are secretly gay.

No. 538041

No, they aren't.

People are taught that vaginas are icky and gross and all of that shit really early on, and it affects both how guys want to interact with them (seen as either gross to put your face near one or emasculating if you give pleasure and don't receive it) and how girls feel about having one (plenty of women don't let anyone go down on them for fear of being imperfect or "gross" in some way).

Because of this, there are guys that take pride in not going down on women all while expecting women to go down on them. There are even plenty of women who go along with this narrative.

Chalking it up to "they're secretly gay tho!!!" ignores the misogyny in men and misinformation women have about our own damn bodies.(offtopic)

No. 538042

I'm honestly surprised she hasn't been swatted, when her address is already on the internet.

No. 538045

File: 1521994304723.jpg (382.58 KB, 1080x1038, Screenshot_20180325-171047.jpg)


No. 538047

it was a joke, we been knew men are trash

No. 538048

File: 1521994418346.jpg (361.83 KB, 1080x1146, Screenshot_20180325-171317.jpg)

No. 538049

>>538000 her talking about skipping class to go to target…what the fuck that's the lamest thing I've ever heard

No. 538050

I love when she goes to different places and vlogs because even her viewers seem to wise up a little during those times.
I suppose when Jillybean is inside her rainbow cave just talking about kiddie cartoons and clothing people don't quite see how she really is, but then as soon as she leaves the house… lol.

No. 538057

File: 1521995467999.jpg (58.06 KB, 1440x787, 1521995409009.jpg)

No. 538069

her vlogs are the single most boring, pointless things ever. What is the point in them? She films herself buying cheap shit. Eating. Laughing at stupid shit. Asking her mom dumbass questions. And then, like, 10 seconds of something that could potentially be mildly interesting if her fucking face wasn't taking up the whole camera.

At least her fans - or random viewers. I don't know - seem to be slowly wising up if some comments are any indication.

No. 538075

Oof, those nostrils are Margaret-tier.

No. 538082

Why is she so weird about admitting she's cold? why does she refuse to wear warmer clothes? I don't get it

No. 538084

That bothers me so much too. I guess wearing tights is too normie and boring for Jill.

No. 538087

she needs to
>wear sunscreen and sunglasses daily even if she's only outside for a few min… hell even if she's just in front of a sunny window
>drink more ACTUAL WATER NOT PEEPS TEA or maybe start drinking some unsweet green tea
>get an eye cream with some glycolic acid to help lessen those icky wrinkles

Jill: the brand "the saem" makes an adorable polar bear eye stick with a small amount of glycolic acid in the formulation. I know you lurk. It's like $12 on amazon. do yourself a favor and buy it.

also she should seriously look into getting a retinoid for those surface wrinkles, there's still time to save her face. Even 0.1% adapalene gel (AKA Differin) which is available OTC in the US (not sure about canada but she could just order it on amazon I guess or go get a script for it) would make a big impact on her wrinkles.

No. 538089

Why do I get such Miley Cyrus vibes from her? Trying to break out of her child audience and be "sexy" now, ends up looking like a nightmare clown instead.

No. 538090

Kinda looks like margo here in general. Yikes

No. 538097

Honestly Jill is such an inspiration for me when it comes to taking care of myself.
It's not even the wrinkles that shock me the most, but rather just how doughy she looks. I mean she never had the greatest bone structure but I've never seen someone age this badly going from 18 to 20, it's scary.

No. 538109

This, she even bragged about not wearing tights in the Canadian winter. That's not cool.

When has she ever even looked sexy though, She wore cheap taobao lingerie over an ill-fitted T-Shirt in 2016 too. Homegirl's a mess in slight variations.

No. 538110


Imagine just trying to get to work and having this neon clown rub up against you, the smell of rancid peeps and Lush bath bombs on the wind

No. 538123

File: 1522002918604.png (2.47 MB, 1758x1344, Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 2.34…)

No. 538131


Stepdad walks by as I watch Jill and her peeps cart.
Me: Look at all that damn junk from a glofified Shoppers (Canadianfag).
Him: Well I mean look at the size of her, not like she can miss much.

Not even that funny but it was the first he had seen her and his first comment.
Oh, Jill.

No. 538132

I don't think we have peeps where I'm from.
What's the appeal? is it from a cartoon or something or is she literally spending $30 on a single plain looking plushie?

$38?!! that card holder actually looks terrible! some googly eyes were glued to some material.
how is she so stupid with money?

No. 538134


And it's 38 USD, which is like.. 49 CAD. She paid 50 dollars for that piece of shit.

No. 538138

File: 1522004802174.jpg (45.74 KB, 922x619, peepsmain.jpg)

Peeps are just marshmallows shaped like chicks/ rabbits that are covered in dyed sugar. They used to be sold mainly for Easter but now they're a year-round thing. They're not in anything– her obsession is comparable someone purchasing a shit ton of the m&m mascot plushies. Just glorifying a product for the sake of being ~kawaii~ and ~uwu pastel~ (even though peeps are one of the most generic & American things in existence)

No. 538139

God she truly makes me want to keep bettering myself and do skincare

No. 538141

so basically she's an idiot with too much money.
where does she get these obsessions from?

No. 538142

This guy is so gross he doesn’t take care of himself. I can’t imagine the smell on his fake fur clothing. Also he was a main problem with the confitti groups shutting down. He was the ‘outside’ drama starter.

No. 538143

Adding this just so anon knows how fucking bad Peeps are for you in general and why Jill should stop putting them in everything

No. 538146

They also taste like cancer, so there’s that.

The glitter on the outside corners of her eyes is partially what makes her look so terrible. It’s unflattering and makes her skin look crinkly. Those undereye bags are definitely not natural—light wrinkles are normal, but your undereyes should not be looking like you haven’t slept for months.

No. 538161

I’m screaming omfg

No. 538164

File: 1522008049065.jpg (7.68 KB, 259x194, images.jpg)

I misunderstood this as trying to have sex with her, but that's okay I'm disgusted either way.

No. 538169

omg I thought the exact same thing…those glasses do her no favors

No. 538183

Wow, she's cussing so much in that last bit about the cheese. Right next to her mom.

No. 538186

If it's handmade, I can get the price of the wallet. Hopefully the leather is locally sourced or handmade as well.

As for the peeps, the one big plushie was like $15, and she had so much shit in her cart, so she likely spent, what, $50-$100 on Peeps plushies and pillows? It makes much more sense to spend money on local artists and than weird Peeps merch that has no value or use besides looking cute.

No. 538188

File: 1522010693331.jpg (133.34 KB, 477x601, ss (2018-03-25 at 01.41.44).jp…)

somewhat jill related but in the artist alley facebook group I'm in, one of the vendors from the event shared her table and pictures with Jill

No. 538191

File: 1522010701010.jpg (144.13 KB, 720x960, 29513273_10213588062113560_644…)

No. 538192

File: 1522010711364.jpg (84.32 KB, 720x960, 29570474_10213588067393692_694…)

No. 538216

File: 1522013304328.jpg (23.02 KB, 476x268, SkiEdYe.jpg)

No. 538254

She mentioned somewhere in a video that she had to buy an extra suitcase "because so many fans gave her gifts" at the meetup, something along those lines… which is a blatant lie, she just bought so much garbage for herself that she couldn't stuff it into her suitcase. God, what a retard. Imagine going to NYC and all you bring back are peeps plushies from CVS and plastic playtime cookware, all of which could probably be bought somewhere in Canada or online for less.

No. 538271

I've seen half of that Peeps shit at Dollarama or Shoppers with the seasonal items in NS. Maybe not the full selection, but it would be cheaper than paying the exchange rate and using up all her suitcase space until she has to buy/check a separate bag.

No. 538306

File: 1522021772121.jpg (484.67 KB, 1080x1407, Screenshot_20180326-004801.jpg)

Possible reach but pixie liked this perhaps she knows her face is fucked kek

No. 538308

File: 1522021886779.jpg (136.22 KB, 1080x534, Screenshot_20180326-005058.jpg)

She's such a hypocrite

No. 538333

She had to pick out the ugliest one there. Some of the artist pieces were cool but this one looks like a 5 year olds art project.

No. 538346

File: 1522026306343.jpeg (518.05 KB, 750x708, 66AB7928-8910-4B8E-BABB-5757BD…)

Photo from her moms facebook, while I do think she bought too much stupid shit, she was also gave a lot of stupid shit

No. 538372

Not even a humblebrag, just a straight brag. Not even a "thank you" or "Jillian's fans are so sweet", just "Look at all the stuff everyone gave my precious daughter they just love her so much and there's even MORE"
Ugh idk, it just comes off as show-offy, just as much as Jill herself does.

No. 538374

Of course her mom had to humblebrag about it. The deformed grapefruit really doesn't fall far from the tree, does it

No. 538407

The unnecessary 'fuck' and 'fucking' cussing are so uncomfortable to listen to coming from Jill, for some reason. Maybe it's because she's cussing so much around her mom and she's acting like her mom is her schoolbuddy, and also because it's so unnecessary and dramatic. She's just really annoying and immature in general, it's like listening to a 9th grader tell stories. I hope her video is demonetized already.

Genuinely am mindblown by just how much some of Jill's fans are starved for her attention. What do they see in a boring, ungrateful, materialistic rainbow goblin? Does anyone have an explanation for this mini cultural phenomenon? Like, they know Jill can afford all this shit on her own and already has a bunch of it (like the pusheen merch and Lush stuff), W H Y give her more? My only guess is her fans have the same lifestyle as her (well-off parents and no responsibilities)

No. 538408

Love how Jill proclaims herself as this giant gay baby but didn't even give enough of a shit to visit stonewall in NY hmmm

No. 538409


why the fuck was this a designer diaries

No. 538412


I can’t sit through her videos. Did she even hit up the Village?

Sage for not contributing

No. 538415


>Muse tattoo

That band has the worst fan base of any “serious” rock band by far

No. 538419

Because she thinks all she needs to do to call herself a designer is buy loads of shit to take with her to fake design school.

No. 538422

You know she picked this one because it was the pink one.

No. 538429

Wouldn't do much good since they ID at the door. Also did anyone notice the only notable things she did during her trip was the concert and the kawaii society meet up? I barely have seen any cliche tourist things in her blogs so far just target and CVS lol

No. 538433

That's still a big rip off since the pre party was only like an hour long. What is proper planning?

No. 538434

Didn't she say she was supposed to go to Mood? Which seems like it could be an obnoxious video with her commentary, but it would be nice to see a more in depth tour as you usually only get glimpses of it on Project Runway. But she's probably not interested in making quality content and will probably describe fabric she knows nothing about as ~special boys~, spend a lot of money of fabric she won't use, and baby talk through the whole thing.

No. 538443

how many bags did they bring in the first place? getting an extra suitcase doesn't really seem like it would fit a whole lot (this depending on what they brought there ofc)

No. 538444


>New York City

>CVS, not Duane Reade

Fuck right off, Jill

No. 538454

Oh come ON, of all the reprehensible things Jill has done (which are numerous, including discussing her dildo collection in front of her underage fans and the constant sex/booze talk), and all the cringey things she's done/said (suppy, lippie, big boy, kissy noises, petting black people, etc etc)… CUSSING (even, gasp, in front of her very own mommy) is such a non-issue.

Or are you guys meaning to tell me no kid ever hears adults cussing? And that your moms are the uptight kind of people to censor you when all you're doing is using fuck to describe various things, as an adult? Seriously this is just such off the rails retarded criticism that has no place on a gossip site, let alone an anon imageboard gossip site. getting icked out about cussing and advocating for that form of censorship is downright laughable.

Back on topic… why is it that Louise doesn't encourage her daughter to eat healthy or take care of herself? I know we all hate Jill but Louise is more than an enabler at this point. She seems like Jill's bitchy beta friend, whereas she considers Jill to be her alpha. Their dynamic is so weird and a tad bit on the creepy side. And it seems like it's been this way for ages, at least that's the impression I got from the video she did with her mom the other month.

No. 538459

>suppy, lippie, big boy, kissy noises, petting black people, etc etc
Isn't "big boy" pretty common slang these days? I never heard people in my circle use it, as I'm pretty sheltered, but I heard it used a couple of times during my college spring break trip with pretty normal people.

I agree about the cursing criticism. Even though she tries to act otherwise, Jill is 19 and it's very normal for people her age and even younger to curse.

No. 538465

When I was living under my dad's roof, I was still told to follow his rules, despite being an "adult," which included not cursing. Things like "damn" were less bad, but "fucking" was pretty much uncalled for and trashy. Obviously I said whatever outside of his earshot, but you get what I'm saying.

I don't think it's unusual for parents to police their child's language if they are still living at home. Maybe it's "uptight," but it's not terrible to teach your child that "fucking" isn't polite language around your elders. Maybe I'm old and out of touch.

>She seems like Jill's bitchy beta friend, whereas she considers Jill to be her alpha.

LMAO. I almost agree because her mom was trying to tell her not to buy all that Peep crap and she just carried on. Louise almost always has this look of worry or trepidation on her face in these vlogs.

No. 538470

I haven't watched the NYC vlogs yet, but I had a theory regarding Louise's relationship with Jill a few threads back. I apologize for the armchair musings, but I'm willing to bet Louise has always loved Jill to the point of coddling and overprotection since she's her only daughter. If Jill's early teen years were so stressful that she was self-harming and suffering from an ED, then Louise may allow Jill to do what she does now in order to see that her daughter is happy and never feels that she has to resort to self-harm ever again, and it accounts for Jill's overdependence on Louise. It's not too far-fetched, but the dynamic is unhealthy at this point where Jill needs to be establishing her ability to function on her own.

No. 538485

Why are you so personally triggered over an observation on her excessive cussing? Jfc, maybe take a step back from this ~imageboard gossip site~ if you're measuring every individual fault Jill has on a scale. Most people don't drop 'fuck' 5 times in a sentence and have some form of decency to not cuss like a sailor on video when they know young fans are watching. Get over it.

No. 538490

I cuss like a sailor in my daily life, and even I know it's not a huge imposition to watch my tongue when I'm around kids, in a professional setting, blah blah blah.

that Jillian (and her little yes-men) do see it as utterly unreasonable to expect her to be mindful of her audience/setting, is… juvenile, at best. She's supposed to be an adult, refuses to even kind of act like one, but demands to be treated and respected as one.

I think that's one of the things that bothers me most about her. She's the perfect example of a coddled, spoiled little rich girl who expects everything to be handed to her, and everything to suit her at any given moment.

One day, actual reality will smack her right in the face, and she won't have a fucking clue.

Her mother has done her no fucking favours raising her like this.

No. 538494

I'm thoroughly convinced Louise is just as shitty as the daughter she has poorly raised. Festering turd of a pair they are.


No. 538508

Yeah, I agree with this. Even though I would normally be in the camp of “cussing is fine”, Jill is targeting children (hence the lack of issues with monetization/ literal toddlers in her meet up). The fact that she makes the effort to censor herself in every other video, and just happens to slip up on the vlogs for unclear reasons (maybe to be more ~uwu authentic~) comes off as lazy and irresponsible.
However, I do think some anons in this thread are uptight about cussing around Louise. It’s been apparent for a long time that they have a really loose buddy-buddy relationship, and within that context it’s pretty normal that Jill would cuss as much as she would around a normal friend. I think Louise is able to handle that her 20 year old daughter cusses, especially when there’s no parental boundaries.

No. 538512

I saw her in my dream today, wearing one of those 5xl t-shirts with "I have beaten anorexia" on them.(no one cares)

No. 538515

The only reason it bothers me is because Jill was the one who made a point about being family friendly in the first place.
She specifically said that she knew there are a lot of kids or moms with their small children watching her content, so she wanted to make sure it was family friendly for them.
Though that only ever applied to her videos (aka it was clear from the beginning that she just cared about making as much money as possible) because she never had a problem cursing and talking about more mature topics on her stream without ever labeling it as NSFW or adult content.
I personally wouldn't want to start up a stream of a 'family friendly' youtuber that my little daughter likes and hear them immediately talk about their dildos.

Anyway, her not even bothering with censoring her stuff anymore and just telling kids to 'close their ears' seems like a huge fuck you to those people that she pretended to care so much about before, that's why people are annoyed with her.

No. 538519

Oh my god

No. 538521

yikes, she must think that angle is cute if she keep doing it, just stop….

No. 538526

File: 1522055379399.jpeg (92.03 KB, 500x497, 0CCD04D0-2E3D-49BC-ACA9-1EB9D5…)

The good ol day’s right? probably not kek

No. 538529

File: 1522056028315.png (913.61 KB, 1280x720, download.png)

Yeah two things kids aren't know for loving: clowns and sexy

Even though Jill is clearly only one of those things, a previous anon nailed it with the Miley Cyrus comparison as far as audience shocking goes.

Moreover, about Jill's relationship with louise, I'm surprised no one mentioned Jill skipping 10th grade science class to do shopping at Target, and then her talking about it with her mom in the shot and her mom not saying anything.
(pic is @6:22 of NYC blog after jill calls it a beautiful destination to skip class and her mom smiling but then it drops when she comes back onto the frame, she looks horrified imo and then drifts her gaze away from the camera and to the ground

No. 538531

File: 1522056509826.png (166.61 KB, 597x621, 734928.png)

lmao Jill keeps flip-flopping between "dieting is so scary to me because I'm afraid I'll spiral back into my old ED uwu" and "please send me all your fast food recommendations teheh", plus her one-off times of mentioning strength training or having a fitbit or something? it's kind of hilarious

No. 538536

Ain't no damn reason for that PayPal icon to be in the shot, Jill

No. 538545

Lol Jill has a problem with food no matter what. If she "diets" she'll become "anorexic" again. If she doesn't diet, she balloons the fuck up. She should be worried about getting diabetes from all the peeps tea. Also if her ED fears are keeping her from being healthy… She's still letting the ED control her. Challenging the ED is part of recovery.

No. 538580

File: 1522069989172.jpg (798.38 KB, 1200x1200, C-lg8B8XUAcCwiQ.jpg)

Her early ED days were starving for days/purging and generally avoiding calorie-dense foods (well I have to assume that part).

Now she'll talk about fast food for 10+ mins on stream, even said on the last stream she would do a 'garlic finger' mukbang. We already know she eats burgers/fries regularly on all her trips. Back on pei, she gets a starbucks frap every time she leaves her house and eats mcdonalds at least a few times a week as well. She also mentioned her parents do pizza night at home every friday.

According to her last stream, her favorite foods, aside from nuggies are: garlic fingers (atlantic canada garlic pizza basically), mozza sticks, fries (her favs are Pizza Delight fries). And that doesn't even include all the peeps.

So, yeah, generally safe to say her diet is high-fat, high-refined carbs, high sugar. Bitch is probably constipated 24/7. I don't believe for a second that she logs her food at all, because no one who eats 800-1000 calorie meals in one sitting (like the average pizza or burger combo) can bare to see the evidence of that in their food log, at the end of the day she would be hitting 2.5-3k cals and that would cause her to relapse into purging i'm sure.

I actually do hope she isn't going down the route of binge eating disorder. That would seriously compromise her health at this age.

No. 538584

File: 1522070557941.jpeg (85.07 KB, 320x568, screen568x568.jpeg)

Yeah it looks like the whole app is actually about taking pictures of your food, I can't imagine that she'd just constantly take pictures of garlic fingers and Peeps tea without feeling any remorse?
Though according to her tweet I imagine that all of her entries are just ~half eaten apples and water uwu~.

No. 538592

Anon, it's not about cursing. It's about cursing in a YT video, which often leads to demonetization. She should make as little $$$ off YT as possible since it only acts as an enabler for her to be a shitty platform, people are pointing it out might make that happen.

No. 538601

File: 1522074135272.jpg (250.19 KB, 1078x1179, Screenshot_20180326-152135.jpg)

Here we fucking go

No. 538602

File: 1522074150013.jpg (458.25 KB, 1080x1234, Screenshot_20180326-152147.jpg)

No. 538606


The thought is so genuinely funny. She can't do basic every day makeup on herself but she thinks she can jump to level 9000 drag artistry? This delusion is on par with her im-a-lesbian-despite-not-being-a-lesbian shtick.

No. 538608

I don’t know what’s more obnoxious-drag queens acting extra or bioqueens putting on exaggerated eye makeup and watching RPDR saying that they’re interested in drag

No. 538609

Eating a really shitty diet isn't BED though, binging =/= just eating too many calories over the course of your entire day, which is what she appears to do. There's no real evidence that she has binging or B/P episodes, she just eats too much high cal junk food in the course of the week.

No. 538612

Tbh I think she doesn't even realize doing drag required real makeup skill, these twitter bioqueens all seem to think drag makeup can be super shitty just cause it's over the top.

No. 538614


Ofc she can't simply watch and enjoy drag, it must be about herself all the time.

No. 538616

I never said she currently binges/purges. Jill herself said she purged regularly and had bulimia for years. She admitted to relapsing previously too. And we know that she eats many calorie-dense foods nowadays and she also said calorie counts trigger her. I didn't imply she's going through that now, i'm just putting two and two together, and said hopefully she doesn't go down that road for her health's sake.

No. 538625

doesn't this mean that she just downloaded it since iphone apps are snap-to-grid and there isn't one after it? she only just noticed it was below the younow app

yes because jill is well known for telling the truth and not making up excuses as to why she got fat

No. 538640

I remember her saying in a stream like a month ago maybe, that she couldn't do mukbangs because of her eating disorder. So your probably right about the binge eating then purging. I don't think she should be spreading this whole "anorexia recovery" thing when it's kinda obvious she went from one eating disorder to the next. She clearly has an issue with food

No. 538686

How does she think she can do drag if each sewing/cosplay project she does takes at least 4 months for her to finish (and it's always finished sloppily)? Drag is everything: costume, make-up, performance even. As a bio-queen it's expected to do even more because they're already looked down upon (and with good reason). Doing cosplay isn't even that different from drag in terms of skills involved, and we know how low her standards are there. Her whole act being like "uwu i watched drag race one i'm doing drag now i'm so queer" is just embarrassing and disrespectful.

No. 538715

In her NY Vlog where she mentions buying makeup from Sephora and showed she got some KVD Which she claims she doesn’t like, she says “I got it cause I wanted to try out more makeup styles” or something like that so inb4 she drops a drag makeup video

No. 538718

Wow, is this the dawn of another awful phase? Wonder if she'll try and revamp her life entirely to compliment her new drag persona?

No. 538733

File: 1522090230171.jpg (52.27 KB, 960x640, 29570979_551488955230995_32456…)

More photos from the event

No. 538735


Here comes honey boo boo

No. 538737


I was wondering this too, anon. It would be hilarious.
I, for one, welcome Jill's queer femme kawaii drag bioqueen phase with open arms.

No. 538740

Omfg I'm crying

No. 538741

She looks like an autistic Kaiju.

No. 538769

this really isn't terrible for a fairly newbie lolita, especially considering Jill was like 15 or 16 here. I really wish she'd kept up with lolita, but she just had to be this super special unique snowflake and make her own jfashion style. which is so gd ludicrous, a podunk Canadian white girl "creating" a "Japanese" fashion style.

I really think she should get into lolita again, maybe not as her main fashion, but once in a while type of deal. You'd think she'd be all over it, there are so many opportunities to brag about spending ridiculous amounts of money in lolita.

No. 538780

One thing is completely obvious about Jill, she has an obsessive/addictive personality, everything has to be done in extremes with her. Nothing can ever be casual, relaxed and in moderation. She's always had to label herself as something to feed that attention seeking insecure ego of hers. Lord forbid she can just appreciate a certain style of fashion, anime and things of that nature… But no she has to be the ~*biggest fan that EVER lived*~ of
whatever thing she's trending on for the moment. That is definitely the sign of a manic, desperate and insecure individual with no foundation or sense of self. Top that off with a shopping addiction and avarice in the extreme, she's a wreck. I can't say I feel bad for Jill. I feel bad for all her delusional viewers who can't see how wrong everything is with this woman.


No. 538967

File: 1522106184847.jpg (417.52 KB, 1080x1477, Screenshot_20180327-001532.jpg)

No. 538969

File: 1522106203268.jpg (231.51 KB, 1080x727, Screenshot_20180327-001541.jpg)

No. 538971

Photoshopped super hard since she looks rough as fuck in practically every photo from the event yet somehow looks decent in this one?

No. 538972

>>538971 you can clearly see that she's facetuned her own wrinkles, but not her fans kek

No. 538983

Her head looks so big wtf

No. 538987

Is anyone going to point out that we mentioned how Jill was only posting about NYC locations instead of mentioning the meet the night before. Now she’s posting pictures of fans and the nice stuff they did for her. Lurk harder Jill

No. 538988

>>538987 she actually retweeted and commented on loads of meet up photos, my guess is that it took her a while to find an image she was happy in order to post it kek she had to find one where the confetti member looked worse than her

No. 538991

Oh fuck off Jill

No. 538997

I am genuinely looking forward to this. It is going to be spectacularly awful and I am hyped

No. 539002

File: 1522109897777.jpg (186.45 KB, 712x573, Screenshot_20180327-011732.jpg)

Another event pic

No. 539004

File: 1522109974188.jpg (181.63 KB, 581x720, Screenshot_20180327-011910.jpg)

No. 539007

Why’d she change her earrings?

No. 539012

She's got chins for days in those last couple pics

No. 539017

I can't wait for this mess to unfold. Like is she going to have a persona or is she just going to be herself with ugly AF makeup? Part of the fun about drag is becoming another person pretty much. I've never watched rupauls drag race but I've had friends who were into the drag scene and were even performers in Portland. There's a lot of work that goes into it. Jill is too lazy to lol.

No. 539020

A fan gifted her the heart earrings so she changed into them. They light up.

No. 539051

File: 1522114514028.jpg (382.85 KB, 1078x1401, Screenshot_20180327-023415.jpg)

It's almost as if quitting your job when you bearly break 50 k on your videos was a bad idea

No. 539053

File: 1522114544457.jpg (384.43 KB, 1080x1622, Screenshot_20180327-023406.jpg)

When you drunk tweet so much that you have a reputation kek

No. 539055

File: 1522114670160.jpg (312.7 KB, 1080x1170, Screenshot_20180327-023659.jpg)

No wonder she looked better than usual…it was her photos and not her fans

No. 539094

I can't believe this bitch is like 5 years younger than me. She looks SO old and aged.

No. 539102

Bio-Queens are a fucking joke and so is Jill. god damn, she is so predictable though. She knows nothing about drag, the drag community or gay culture in general, but it figures she'd want to stalk some shitty bio queens.

No. 539105

Jill doesn't ever want to admit she's wrong or have to deal with the questions about why she went back on what she said, so I doubt she will ever go back to lolita.

No. 539107

She basically did the same thing in Japan. I've lived in NYC for over 20 years and this dumb bitch has no idea. We have so much as far as cultural food and experiences, but she went the same route as Japan. Some farmer already predicted this shit would happen. She's so uncouth.

No. 539109

Wait, I've been Dylan's before and had no idea they even allowed artists alley or anything non Dylan related to be sold there.. Seems odd.

No. 539113

I know no one else will get this, but i love you anon.

No. 539114

That double chin is really coming in

jowls for weeks

No. 539115

Why does lolita always look so horrible?

Is this shopped?