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File: 1571886746682.jpg (21.87 KB, 500x674, fictionalcouples.jpg)

No. 476207

No. 476209

File: 1571886948591.png (202.51 KB, 566x250, Anna_and_Kristoff_kiss.png)

Most fictional couples are poorly written and are created for the sake of pandering. Pic related

No. 476210

Also Disney males are ugly.

No. 476211

It’s literally propaganda for kids

No. 476214

Most couples end up boring because they just pair up whatever male and female they have as a matter of course, no matter how undeveloped one may be. Usually the female character is the least developed thanks to writers hating women. No wonder girls everywhere automatically gravitate to shipping random male characters when they usually get more depth and complexity in their character and relationship dynamics.

No. 476216

I hate how people view another children they knew in childhood with an adult lens as they get older. I always hear stories about people complaining and holding kids super accountable for shit, as if they understood empathy to the same degree as an adult and weren't just juvenile reflections of their parents and surroundings.
Being lightly bullied over dumb shit by kids and acting like those kids were spawns of satan is so fucking dumb. I was bullied my entire childhood for being fat but I wouldn't hold those same people accountable for shit they said when they were fucking kids. I keep seeing random posts about kids bullying 'ethnic' lunches and how it's stupid because people love sushi or tacos now. Like who gives a fuck what kids said about your lunch when you were 8? 95% of kids are going to say 'ew gross' to anything that isn't chicken nuggets and chips. I work with kids, studied child development at uni and also grew up with brothers 10 years my junior so I guess I understand the concept that kids are just assholes better than most people… but it just blows my mind why people expect children to act like adults all the time.

No. 476217

File: 1571887783057.png (154.28 KB, 640x352, HREChibitaliaAnime.png)

It's not just het pairings.Bad same-sex couples in fiction exist as well. Pic related, character on the right has no personality beyond obsessing over the other. Further proving my point that most ships exist for pandering. I especially hate it when a character's personality is based solely on obsessing over another character.

No. 476220

i hate that too. i see it most often in reference to teens though. like, was it just me or uh, do these people not remember what it was like to be a child or a teen? for me it was confusing and like i had no power all of the time. children and teens are literally not even real people. they have no idea what's going on or who they are because they're subject to living in a non-stop pressure cooker of influence and no real power for themselves. that isn't to say they shouldn't face consequences, but they are literally still developing. why do people try to hold them fully accountable when they're half cooked, by definition, and when they have no real escape from whatever life they've been born into. they aren't full fledged adults that aren't under the influence and pressure of others. their entire world is a culmination of their immediate surroundings. they have no reference point a lot of the time, so they aren't necessarily who they will be or could be.

No. 476227

LMAO you just exposed 90% of Hasan Minhaj's stand up

No. 476228

LMAO you just exposed 90% of Hasan Minhaj's stand up

No. 476231

literally who

No. 476234

File: 1571890364293.jpg (73.07 KB, 640x641, gettyimages-1981871a-156028172…)

Does anyone find the worship and admiration of Keanu Reeves a little try-hard and maybe condescending? Don't get me wrong I don't doubt that he's a lovely man but the way people literally fawn over him like he's the nicest man to ever exist with no faults whatsoever really rubs me the wrong way. I know he's always been quite popular but over the past year everyone is just in love with him, but it doesn't feel that genuine - he was trending again because of his John Wick movies and everyone jumped on the bandwagon to cry about how he's the most wonderful human ever even if they're not familiar with him. I can imagine it gives him a massive ego boost because in their eyes he can do no wrong. It's really annoying and embarrassing. People make fun of fanatics who worship celebrities but why does everyone get a pass for sucking Keanu's dick?

No. 476235

Keanu himself seem to hate this well

No. 476237

A woke "progressive" Indian American Muslim,he has a show where he badly explains geopoltics and world history and is basically an apologist for Islamic toerrisim saying thier not "real Muslims"

No. 476241

He's so humble

No. 476242

Yeah for sure, really it's just a reddit tier meme at this point along with the autistic lack of self awareness reddit is full of. He is very likeable and all but I think it would be awkward for him to be put on a pedestal as well as pitied for his hard life.

No. 476249

Yea, I feel like he really might be a good person, but he seems uncomfortable? with the way people worship him

No. 476264

Propaganda how so? At the end of the day, Disney is trying to make money by selling movie tickets and merchandise. I don’t think they’re trying to sell Kristoff and Anna as ultimate couple goals or whatever. I mean, if people think that, then I’m sure that’s great news to them. But I don’t really think Disney is ultimately trying to dictate how people should live their live or whatever. They’re greedy and immoral sure. But not the North Korean government.

No. 476267

A Lot of hysteria about the Alt-Right gaining power just seems like the modern day version of the hysteria back in the 1950's of the damn commies wanting to recruit your children…or in the 1970's when people were worried that the gays wanted to recruit your children…or in the 1980's when Satanists wanted to recruit your children…

No. 476269

I dunno when I was a teenager I realized bullying people is shitty and often defended kids who were bullied

Rip to idiots with no empathy but I'm different I guess

No. 476273

i realized that too, but not everyone is you or me? society is already profoundly fucked up, and so are many parents. it's shown that a lot of bullies come from violent or abusive homes, it's not just a tv trope. most kids and teens don't realize the gravity of certain actions. they literally are going through intense changes while under incredible amounts of pressure from every angle.

No. 476274

The worship of him is kinda weird to me th, because when I was a kid everyone acted like he was a terrible actor.

No. 476277

>fall in love with the second one because he's NICE and HUMBLE!
I fucking hated this movie so much.

My unpopular opinion is that Frozen is an awful movie that people liked only because Disney spent so much on the marketing, every problem it went through in its development hell could be seen on the screen. The female characters were selfish and acted on a whim, didn't learn their lessons, everything sort of fixed itself in the end without anyone having to grow up as a character. And it was supposed to be seen as some peak feminist picture simply because of muh two female protagonists.

The original Snow Queen story was WAY more interesting and feminist than this piece of garbage, it had multiple strong, interesting female characters, the fucking premise is that a boy gets kidnapped and his female friend sets out to save him while meeting different influential women on her way. Why didn't they just use that story like they originally intended? Why did they scratch the original, beautiful concept art and shat out this turd only meant to act as a bunch of boring segues holding together broadway bait songs?

How was this a "bad same-sex couple"? They were meant to represent an over the top parody of a historical relationship between two countries. A satirical couple really can't be used as an example when discussing this. Are you still trying to atone for an embarrassing Hetalia teen past or something?

No. 476286

So true and this doesnt get said enough. I thought I was such a failur anomoly for my relationships not happening/playing out like they do in fiction (I'm dumb okay)

No. 476287

I friggin hate classic rock so much. It's all so shitty and terrible.

No. 476289

File: 1571903558686.jpg (16.69 KB, 480x360, you.jpg)

No. 476293

Who actually expects Disney to make a movie with a feminist story tho? They’re built on handsome prince saves damsel who’s entire personality is that she’s pretty.

No. 476300

File: 1571907814091.png (1.51 MB, 886x1072, Bildschirmfoto 2019-10-24 um 1…)

Over the top makeup looks awful irl and highlighter just makes you look greasy.

No. 476310

Lol, I'm not a man but taste is kinda subjective. It kinda seems like most people who like classic rock are middle aged men though.

No. 476311

Yeah Frozen is so shit, and there's so many disney movies better than that. I don't understand the massive obsession that went on for it, and now it's gonna come back because of the sequel.

No. 476318

As someone with a naturally high hairline, I'm getting real sick of those damn croydon facelift ponytails and updos. Just seeing them makes my edges hurt. People need to take better care of their damn hair.

No. 476324

If they don't stop with these ponytails, in the next few years or decade(s), balding serums for women will face a rise in popularity.

No. 476332

I have a different problem with fictional couples: I don't give a fuck about romantic subplots in canonical media (I remember being pissed about all that teenage romance crap when reading 6th HP book and I still think it's the worst volume) and always prefer to focus on action and proper plot, but I read almost exclusively shipping M/E-rated het fanfics.

I'm a turbo-leftist for my country's standard (ex-Eastern Bloc here), but looking at the state of worldwide left I secretly crave some sort of conservative counter-revolution, only I realize women are getting shafted no matter what.

No. 476335

>crave some sort of conservative counter-revolution

looking at the state of zoomers who have grown disillusioned with millennial leftism and woke poltics,it might already be happening

No. 476338

Not sure about that. Multiple people have been killed by "alt right" types. They're not lone wolves, either, as they were encouraged and cheered on by their communities.

No. 476340

Some people deserve to be ghosted.

No. 476356

he is a terrible actor.

No. 476377

The 2000's were objectively the best decade for music

No. 476394

Fight club and The Matrix were really fun movies with clever concepts and production and i don't hate them per se but i dislike their influence on culture and other movies. Specially hate the teens who idolize Tyler durden or Marla as role models and don´t realize how fucked up that is.


allah willing, i unironically can´t wait.

No. 476413

No. 476419

It kills me that Brave was completely neglected in advertising and nobody cares that it was the better movie in terms of a woman becoming strong, smart and independent as well as growing her family relationships. The soundtrack and atmosphere is so beautiful as well but of course if its not a typical sing-a-long, kids wont have any way to remember it. Everyone lost their minds when Frozen made fun of the "you cant fall in love with the first guy you see" Disney thing but lmfao that's still the plot. Brave was the first to go against the norm with Disney princesses, fuck anyone who ignores it.


No. 476511

File: 1571945524403.jpg (35.08 KB, 640x359, TuoeCW8_d.jpg)

Gaming is the worst hobby. Its ok as a side thing, but if its your bread and butter that's not good thing. Its even worse than being a film buff or someone who watches tv 24/7. Being a film buff leaves room for a lot of analysis. You might say video games can be deep too, but were talking about your average gamer. They only being that up to defend their precious vidya and once they're done defending they go back to basic fps #102. Id be ok with gamers if they talked theory, but they don't. Whats makes it less than tv bingers is that you have to put actice effort into video games while you can play the office in the background. Getting 100% on Dark souls takes more effort than binging 5 tv shows. That effort comes out as autistic dedication to achieving literally nothing which makes it more autistic.

No. 476520

redkatherinee art is boring and it gets old fast, and i also find it funny she like shit like anime been a "redfem" should she be more critical of shows she make fan art of? i hate seen her art and i hate seen peole say she have talent

No. 476524

There was a lot of great pop music at least that's for sure.

No. 476534

Brave is like the only big-budget animated movie ever about the relationship of a daughter and a mother. You NEVER see that sort of setting, I literally can't name another one. It's always either mother and a son, a dad and a daughter or a dad with a son. I'm not even a huge fan of animation yet moved me to tears to see a kids' movie that was simply about a daughter and a mother learning to understand each other. And as you said the atmosphere was beautiful.

It definitely hurts to see people talk so much shit about Brave and straight out dismissing it simply because it wasn't forcefully hyped to high heavens in marketing like other disney/pixar movies. I guess it's also because a lot of people expected it to be some grand adventure with a big bad monster villain or something but I'm perfectly fine with a story about a mother and a daughter. In addition to that I liked how Merida wasn't as conventionally attractive as Disney princesses usually are.

No. 476536

Found the Russian tranny.

This post really reads like an experimental neural network trying to type English.

No. 476544

honestly i get disliking her politics but her art is so beautiful to me. when all the tumblr drama went down so many people who hated her tried make clapbacks and they were all ugly as sin.

even if you think it's stale she's it's obvious she has a lot of mastery over what she does and could switch styles/find work on talent alone? lol

No. 476545

The song wasn't that bad and I feel it would have been more fondly remembered it leafy never covered it or if the music video wasn't so tone deaf.

No. 476548

she was conventional looking, just not another completely bland sameface.

No. 476549

>>476544 true i guess i just dislike her way of doing art i can't really explain it some works she made are fine by me but there is a "something" that make me not like her art, her political beliefs are something i don't care but as you can see by other replays >>476536 one can't say they dislike her without being call a tranny

No. 476555

File: 1571956935209.jpg (47.82 KB, 584x448, 6HyqKA.jpg)

Most gay men are fucking obnoxious

No. 476558

Joker movie is dogshit and the joke is that screenplay who got produced

No. 476559

My unpopular opinion (or what I feel like is unpopular at least online) is that I don't like playing video games. Even just getting to the start screen of a game puts me to sleep, of all leisure activities it's the least appealing to me, although I wish I was interested so I could at least understand references people always make and play with some online friends. I honestly think it's way more fun watching people on Twitch or YouTube play it with funny commentary instead of playing myself. Also, they probably have the #1 worst community, can't think of anywhere more hostile and hateful. The amount of people whose entire lives fall apart over League or WOW or DOTA or whatever addiction is genuinely depressing.

No. 476561

How did you find it bad? Gonna watch it this Saturday

No. 476562

A lot of people don't like video games. Just like a lot of people don't like reading books, and some people dont like watching t.v./movies. I don't like watching movies (there are exceptions) because I just find them hard to sit through.

Everyone is different.

No. 476577

I belive the 2000's had the perfect balance of all types of Music Genre's in terms popularity Rock,Country,Rap,Pop,Metal e.t.c

No. 476629

Nah it's true anon dw

I wouldn't call 2000s music perfect or the best of any decade, but it's certainly the best for the diversity and amount of different genres able to become popular. Late 2010s music is so homogenous and horrible it's depressing

No. 476631

>I wouldn't call 2000s music perfect or the best of any decade, but it's certainly the best for the diversity and amount of different genres able to become popular

that's what I was trying to say, the 2000's were great for Music as a whole in temrs of diversity in different genres

No. 476637

yellow starburst are way better than pink starburst

No. 476638

you're a whore.

No. 476655

Pop music horribly homogenous. There's a really wide variety of music out there though. You just have to look.

No. 476658

Oh yeah lol that's what I meant, pop music has just gotten worse each year in this decade. But there's always so many new and exciting and diverse things happening in indie and alternative scenes, so thank god for that

No. 476682

perfect blue sucked. sloppy with no tension. weakest satoshi film.

No. 476686

illegal immigrants should not receive any kind of healthcare. Don't like it, go back.

No. 476691

No. 476706

In the 2000's Rock,Rap,Pop,Metal were all equally popular and promoted to diffret demographics but now all music is basically that ever gets promoted is Pop and Rap

No. 476709


the only rock and metal that was popular in the 00s was rap metal, pop punk and nu metal and i don't miss them, actual metal is today just as alive but just as niche as it was during the 00s.

No. 476711

Hard agree. I lived my early to late teen/young adult years from 2000 to 2009 and the music back then was really diverse with its genres and tones. We had a whole fucking wide selection of subcultures too. Rap, R&B, Hip hop, Metal, Rock, Pop, Emo, Punk rock, J-pop, J-rock, Techno, Trance, Indie bullshit, etc. Now every popular artist sounds like Billie Eilish, Drake, Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran. Subcultures built around music are long dead. the 2010's has been a boring decade plagued with stupid politics and people having no imagination.

No. 476729

I swear every ten years there's a group of people glorifying the music from a decade before while claiming (pop)music has become so bad. In 10 or 15 years people are going to be like "music from the late 10's/early 20's was so good. They don't make music like Billie Eilish and Ed Sheeran anymore, pop music now has become so bad".

No. 476734

I'm an oldfag me,my mom,my dad and my older siblings all agree the 2000's were the best decade for music in terms available music genres and subcultures

No. 476759

Nu-metal was my gateway to the other subgenres of metal. I don't regret having listened to them, but yeah, a lot of it was shit.
>pop punk
I fucking hate me, no one can ever convince me to listen to that crap again.

No. 476777


i used to listen to some nu metal bands a lot back then (mostly korn, slipknot and system of a down), but don`t want nu metal or rap metal to make a comeback.

Metal is best when is not on the the same spotlight as pop acts as that level of marketing kills whatever it touches after the 15 minutes of high exposure pass.

No. 476781

Pop Punk wasn't that bad,that's my unpopular Opinion

No. 476786

I'm not saying the 2000's had the best music of any particular genre but the 2000's had more accessibility and selection of what were then niche genre's

No. 476789

>had more accessibility and selection of what were then niche genre's

You have broadband internet, spotify, youtube, you can find even the most obscure musicians at one click away. In the 00s you had to pirate that stuff from kazaa with shitty internet or find an obscure store in the middle of a guetto. Theres a lot more variety to listen to now, it just isn`t present at the top of the mainstream so you have to do your own search, rather than waiting for it to be fed to you by MTV or the first page of youtube.

No. 476804

Unless you already have a Interest in those genres you really don't feel motivated to serach for them,back then those genres and those communities were far more accessible and open to the public

No. 476806

I hate it when people whine about music not being good like they're expected to be spoon fed good music automatically. It's always been like this, you're not always gonna find music that you like in the mainstream or radio, you have to dig deep and search and know what you're looking for. It's not hard, there's no excuse, I'm just gonna think you're lazy and being stupid on purpose.

No. 476807

>were far more accessible and open to the public

Completely the opposite, every niches was waaay more niche and you were counting either by word of mouth or luck to find anything that wasnt MTV's top 10.

>t. can`t find a community on google but somehow thinks she would have found it without even the current level of internet being around.

No. 476857

The screenplay is disorganic, dialogues are generic instagram quotes and it's just a pile of shit adding on top of a mental issue. Nothing is felt as necessary to the other.

No. 476869

I think most farmers would agree

No. 476891


at least i agree, they are the grossest of scrotes. I hate that they run a lot of the media and gay characters in shows and movies are always the "too perfect for this" archetype, clean, pristine, cultured and sophisticated, when in reality they are even scummier, double faced and more degenerate than than straight men already are.

Only a fag could have made pink flamingos.

No. 476896

And yet all of that is shitty garage band or FL studio produced shit with flat uncharismatic vocals and rehashed music from it.

Because pre-2000s you WERE spoonfed good music. You just had to turn on mtv, turn on the radio, go the vinyl store, or go to the club if you want to hear dance records. Wasn't that hard.

No. 476898

Shit, those niches were being broadcast on the news and some of them caused little moral panics back in the 2000s. Of course by the 2000s, Americans increasingly gave less of a fuck and gave up all hope on anything but you get my point. But also you know people didn't only communicate via internet back then?? You had to get the fuck out the house.

No. 476900

I'm still convinced the 2000s was a bad decade for music and no reimagining of the decade will convince me otherwise. I don't give a shit. I saw the tearing down of musicianship and untalented fucks being propped up back then as watered down copies of people who did it before 20-40 years before. The only people who would unironically praise that are vapid dummies who think Madonna is the best 80s artist.

wasn't as good as in the 20th century except for some artists, but on average rap saw a downfall into absolute ghetto madness and cynical glorification of violent lifestyles.


Had definitely seen better days, gotten merged with hip hop at this point and a lot of its characteristics were getting washed out. not at its best.


There was some good metal but a lot of it was tryhard edgy shit as well.


Definitely had seen better days and got fused with cringy pop punk elements during this time. Very whiny vocals and lacking in soulfulness and creativity during the 2000s for the most part.


Past its peak. Teeny bop, "bimbo music", and go go was all over the place and an ear sore and embarrassment. Shitty culture.

>Punk rock



Dont care


Also past its prime by the mid 2000s.

That being said, while there was more diversity and better music than lazy 10's it doesn't make it the best. Not by a long shot

No. 476903

>you WERE spoonfed good music. You just had to turn on mtv
>good music
>pick one

No. 476904

MTV certainly had good songs if you wanted to fill in your pop-funk pop-rock pop-rnb void.

No. 476907


i don't have such void, and MTV is the main force behind music transforming to the current state.

No. 476908

Its much better then the 2010's

No. 476910


and way worse than the 90s, 80s and 70s.

No. 476915

I agree with everything else but as an EDMfag, early to mid 2000s was where Trance was at its best

No. 476917

File: 1572019659040.jpg (18.13 KB, 352x550, 89966848-352-k58760.jpg)


Really fucking wish these overused buzzwords would die already, but i know it's not gonna happen. They're just so lazy, like clearly you can write your comment in a more original sophisticated manner but no.

No. 476918

>>476242 exactly, he's just the new bill murray that reddit autists flock to as a new meme man

No. 476925

Rethink your fucking life choices.

No. 476930

People say going alone to concerts is really good or even better than going together, but I've went alone to a concert twice and didn't think it was that enjoyable tbh. I mean I still enioyed the concerts but it's far more fun going with friends.

No. 476963

things are 100% more fun with friends. i can enjoy a movie by myself but something like a convention or a concert i can't see me enjoying without at least one other person to gush with.

No. 476965


As someone who went to a lot of concerts and a few concerts alone because it had its reasons (nobody had time or canceled last minute and found no replacement), I agree on this. It's not only a fun thing but also a practical one, because one can go and save a good spot in front of the stage and the other one can buy drinks, go home after the show and feel a bit safer as a girl (because I had some weirdo experiences when alone) and most importantly: You have somebody to share cool memories with.

I just had one concert when I wished to be alone because the people I went with me turned out to be shit concert pals, that ruined the entire evening for me because one had to complain about literally everything.

No. 476971

Not even if they pay for it?

No. 476998

cosplay will always be improved by makeup.
even the absolutely bare minimum foundation, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick looks sooo much better than just bare faced.

No. 477014

i think that goes for any clothing that you want to look nice. people into fashion or claiming to be, or even people who want to physically look nice need to try in all areas.

No. 477048

Been going to festivals and shows alone for half of my life… Just keep your head down, don't talk to any weird guys, don't drink alcohol, and be confident.

It can be way more fun imo. For an hour, you don't have to worry about anyone or anything else. It's just you and the music.

Sometimes it's fun to go with friends, but if it's someone I really want to see, it's easier to get a good spot in the crowd alone, because (protip) people will feel bad and be nice and let you cut in front of them.

No. 477102

>you have to wear makeup to look clean
It's true but I hate and reject it.

No. 477143

File: 1572053674808.jpg (37.38 KB, 640x480, 1567975124938.jpg)

Twitter is so much more obnoxious than tumblr ever was/is oh my lord. I'm so tired of seeing KNY and Promare everywhere. Sucks because I'd still like to see both but jesus. Fans are so much more obnoxious about their hyper fixations on twitter and it's really grinding me down. Also, I don't know what it is about twitter that brings about all these nasty attitudes, especially with artists.

No. 477145

True and I love that reaction picture you used

No. 477149

They think they're cool teens but they have forgotten that the cool normies that bullied them left twitter in 2k13. Also they were equally obnoxious but I guess twitter is more popular..

No. 477191

Ive hardly used Twitter but I find this believable

No. 477205

Everyone be talking about how much they miss the early 2000s but I honestly miss the early 2010s more. I think like 2009-2014. I have so much nostalgia from that period and get so excited when I hear music from it.

No. 477241

The early 2010's weren't that bad either,It was around 2013-2014 went things started going to shit and 2015 -2016 when the world just turned to shit

No. 477242

You nostalgiafags can an hero, I know for a fact more of you will creep up and replace the cancerous "Oh I was 6 years old in the 90s"fags and the early "Oh I was 10 years old in the early 2000s"fags. I will NOT be here for it and haven't been for it even for eras where my fave artists have been making music around that time.

But I respect your opinion.

No. 477243

but I actually was a teenager/Young adult in the 2000's though

No. 477244

I don't care just appreciate how good technology is now or something.

No. 477245

No I'm always gonna just be Nostalgic for the period of my life when I was truly happy and had friends

No. 477246

You're not touching me, the only thing you are touching is your 2019 smartphone.

No. 477247

nta but lmao this is weird wank

No. 477248

I'm still using my Dell Laptop that my parents got me in 2012

No. 477256

Lol this isn't an unpopular opinion at all. That's why a lot of the hardcore weebs look terrible.
They spend hours making props and styling wigs and then just have a bare face and something looks 'off' about it, but the girl with the aliexpress cosplay looks better because she's at least anime-fied her makeup.
Same goes for those who still wear their glasses with cosplay. Like it doesn't really me personally, but seeing a princess peach cosplayer with normal steel framed glasses is weird. Either get some contacts or if you can't do contacts at least get some pink or cute coloured frames to go with the cosplay.

But yeah not an unpopular opinion by any means.

No. 477265

Don't follow them. I'm the obnoxious asshole who posts about my hyperfixation on Twitter because it's my personal space and I'm not as big on talking about my private life online as I am about fandom stuff. I aim to find likeminded people who like the same franchises. If you don't like it, unfollow/mute people. I've done it multiple times, I don't know why people are so autistic about somehow not being able to remove people from their feed and instead resort to passive aggressive subtweets and other childish copes.

No. 477289

The Harry Potter series are actually a great YA Series that are unfairly hated and judged because of their fanbase

No. 477292

I tried reading the Percy Jackson series recently for god knows what reason and all it did was remind me that Harry Potter really is good for it's genre/demographic.

And I'm not one of the crazy obsessed fans, but it was such a big part of my childhood that I'll always see it as one of the comfiest and most enjoyable pieces of media available. I'm perfectly happy to wear nostalgia goggles for it.

No. 477306

Its comfy and enjoyable and an easy read for kids

No. 477334

came here to post this
both me and my husband were cringing the entire way through. 1st half is just watching a mentally ill guy get abused by society, 2nd half is watching his pathetic revenge spree, killing people who never directly wronged him anyway. im not overstating that it was uncomfortable to watch the whole way through

No. 477352

>killing people who never directly wronged him anyway

Really? Literally the only people he kills are people who harmed him in some way, he doesn't go any kind of "spree" so I'm not sure why you thought that

No. 477354

television man he never met before, coworker who gave him a gun

No. 477355

Not that anon but television man literally harassed him on his show,making fun of him and his condition. The gun guy, got him fired. Jesus did you even payed attention?

No. 477366

Uh yeah you literally proved my point, these were all people who wronged him. He never hurt anybody who didn't do anything to him, such as the little guy who he let free because he liked him. I don't think you got his character or the movie at all tbh

No. 477370

if you think what that character said on his show counts as harrassment you might need a reality check. the only murder he was justified in the entire movie was the dudes on the subway. this movie was just about projecting your victim complex onto everyone else.
ive had too many 2edgy4yous tell me i "must not have gotten it" when the movie was literally the definition of fake deep

No. 477388

File: 1572106461977.jpeg (194.36 KB, 586x666, E60ED74D-F2AB-47DB-B48B-541E5B…)

I’d still fuck social repose even though he looks like Nick Cage’s goth son mixed with a dented bicycle seat

No. 477416

Twitter had been tumblr 2.0 since 2016 at the latest. At least you can blacklist words and mute people very easily but since there's no tagging system if you're looking for something in particular or trying to avoid something in particular it sometimes can't be enough. Twitter is good only if you follow friends and the least obnoxious people you can find, otherwise it's not even worth your time.

No. 477422

>Twitter had been tumblr 2.0 since 2016

Ironically, with the porn ban tumblr has gone back to being semi-habitable… rolf.

No. 477440

lmao mte anon i posted a similar complaint in the art salt thread. Nasty attitudes have turned me off buying from some artists more than once

No. 477451

i hate artists who want to be cool, rather than just having their art be popular. good PR is only hard when you want to personally be popular.

No. 477482

I think Kodi Lee is faking his disability.

No. 477502

had to google to find out who this dude is and wtf he has so many disabilities

No. 477618

To be fair in this case they actually develop like a normal couple when they uh, don't remember each other due to the memory wipe thing. Don't they get engaged later in the web comic anyway?

I haven't read hetalia in over 5 years so most of what I know now is just breadcrumbs.

No. 477619

This, so much this. In general I don't think you should ever take things 8 year olds say super seriously unless they're talking about being abused by their parents, classmates, teacher, etc. Most of the time 8 year olds bullying goes down to 'you eat raisins and raisins are gross' (which actually happened to me funnily enough).

Though I did once have a kid chase me around with a lighter in middle school and I sometimes wonder what he and his friends grew up to be like….

No. 477624

>or in the 1970's when people were worried that the gays wanted to recruit your children
Not like they were wrong

No. 477634

lets take Richard Spenser as an example,I have a theory that he if the radlibs and WaPo stopped talking about him he'd go right back to complete obscurity cause He's not recruiting any meaningful amount of people only going on fringe conspiracy podcasts.

No. 477672

Someone keeps sperging about how much better men used to dress while using cherrypicked screenshots from movies and Americana nuclear family sitcoms. Yeah every single guy dressed like dandies, never mind the ones who actually worked instead of participating in an industry where they are supposed to look good.

No. 477727

File: 1572192479688.gif (1.91 MB, 500x267, 630880a50f2c713aa7164b77f5dcf8…)

It's true in a way, even poorer people tried to dress well back then.

No. 477728

File: 1572192531422.jpg (190.26 KB, 915x915, new-york-chicago.jpg)

No. 477729

File: 1572192629965.jpg (238.54 KB, 1000x1077, faf.Three Men on Stoop.jpg)

No. 477740

File: 1572194351553.png (208.24 KB, 1046x480, ns4.png)

It turned out to be NecessarySpeed4. She never quits.

No. 477742

No. 477756

>keeping track of all the personas on lolcow

No. 477786

Kate Bush is overrated. I look at her the same way I look at hundreds of other ~edgy~ girls in music both in the past and present that are just try hard attention whores with uWu tiny little precious baby personalities in interviews that get treated like they can do no wrong because they have some talent. If social media had been as prevalent back when she was young the way it is now, she'd be absolutely ripped to shreds and just be another problematic edgy girl like Gaga, Billie Eyelash, Emilie Autumn, Melanie Martinez etc. The same goes for a lot of girls back before the internet took off. Bjork, Nina Hagen, Dale Bozzio and such. I feel they just get such a pass and are heralded as more or less unproblematic icons when they literally said and did the same thing a lot of those modern girls have done.

No. 477789

What female musicians do you prefer, anon?

No. 477790

how can kate bush be an attention whore when all she does is hermiting in her house and not doing any live shows

No. 477792

Lay off my wife.

No. 477793

You hate her because she's famous and doesn't get treated badly???

No. 477794

I got triggered when they tried to shit-talk Nina Hagen, lmao. That anon sounds bitter about female artists and misogynistic as all hell.

No. 477806

bootleg merch is fine in an itabag as long as it looks good. same with fan merch: an itabag can look great if the art style is great and the quality of the product is high. it doesn't matter to me it's bag is a mix of bootlegs and official merch, what matters is the attention put into the layout of the bag.

No. 477826

You can't compare the dopamine fried, internet raised, and lack of struggle generation to those older artists who were the legitimate thing and raised with work ethics and their culture and society promoted creativity and innovation. These women aren't built the same but they are being grouped together, why?

This is like saying Prince is the same as the Weeknd cause they both got fuckboi tendencies.

No. 477827

Well that is an unpopular opinion for sure. I love Kate Bush and think her being a private, generally non-attentionwhorey person makes comparing her to all those newer artists kind of weird.
That being said, I get where you're coming from. Musicians in the past, especially "edgy" girls who try to be quirky and different, got a lot less shit for it than they would today. Part of it is definitely the internet, though. If you look at mainstream media someone like Grimes still gets all of that quirky indie darling praise, whereas she's heavily criticized on places like here. Even if people thought the same about musicians like Bjork back then, they just didn't have such a public yet non-mainstream medium to share it.

No. 477830


So the internet ruins everything for the consumer and artist?

No. 477836

I miss when Emilie Autumn was an edgy feminist and not a musical psychofan auntie kek

No. 477837

>Musicians in the past, especially "edgy" girls who try to be quirky and different, got a lot less shit for it than they would today
They've got a lot more shit for it, especially the very first ones.

No. 477959

why does literally every female artist get compared with each other as if they're the same thing just because they share the same sex? you hardly see people do this with male artists

No. 477967

Fanmerch sure, but bootlegs that look good don't exist. They're all extremely cheaply and have obvious pics they found on google. Sounds like you're just poor and convinced yourself that bootlegs can look good.

No. 477979

nta but lmao they're fucking cartoon character keyrings behind plastic, who is going to examine them for quality or care if they don't measure up?

Ita bags are intentionally tacky af it's hardly worth getting elitist over.

No. 478122

Slightly ott, but i never understood the notion of worshipping anyone, let alone someone famous who you will never meet. I saw someone once say people love celebrities more than their family and it struck me how true that is. You're right that certain celebrities are "safe" for worshipping and it almost encouraged - think about David Bowie or Freddy Mercury for example. I'm not saying it's wrong for them or their art to be celebrated, but people take it way too far and almost make them like religious figures. people always wanna make fun of who someone looks up to but turn around and salivate over mass produced celebrities..

No. 478126

are you for real?

No. 478129

agree, the poorfags itt are making me sad, don't buy something if you can't afford the real deal

No. 478132

> You're right that certain celebrities are "safe" for worshipping and it almost encouraged - think about David Bowie or Freddy Mercury
Didn't Bowie do some pretty controversial stuff? Like said he was gay, then back pedalled and said he was bi then claimed he was purely hetero.

He also expressed support for facism and the far right for attention and said Hitler was the first rock star lmao.

No. 478136


Bowie was all sorts of crazy, he was jacked on cocaine and did weird shit like spending months eating nothing but raw hot peppers and drinking milk because he thought it would give him magic powers or something like that when he was deep in his occult phase in the 70s and 80s. He also thought he was being chased by demons that came out of his pool and that witches were stealing his nail clippings.

No. 478139

also bowie slept with underage fans

No. 478140

Freddie Mercury did a lot of crazy stuff but Queen’s bandmembers (mainly Brian May) try to keep their image up.

No. 478142


Yep, the biopic on him was heavily saturated and whitewashed to sell to the masses, very little of it was accurate at all. It really sucks how much they left out or changed. Brian absolutely controls that aspect of the band, stereotyping them as much as possible. I hope this stupid music biopic trend ends before it starts up again, they are very rarely good

No. 478143

Maybe this would be more suited for the celeb thread, but what stuff about him isn't said that much nowadays? I've only seen one or two interviews with him and all I noticed was that he liked a sorta drag queen way of talking "we're just four old ladies"

No. 478180

I don't agree about bootlegs because I don't support them in general as it's taking away the artist's work and profiting off of it, but fan merch is imo completely fine with itabags. I don't know what sort of an autistic pissbaby you have to be to think that fan merch is "cheating", official merch of characters outside of the most popular ones can be ridiculously scarce or nonexistent.

No. 478199

File: 1572292705501.jpg (56.22 KB, 968x681, body-posi-panda4side.jpg)

why the fuck is bodyposipanda celebrated for obviously replacing anorexia with binge eating? she still sick you fucking morons(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 478202

I don't think eating disorders can ever really be "cured", just managed.
She's probably the type to go full autismo and overdo things when she starts monitoring her intake, so to avoid that, she just binges whenever.
Since she's not a deathfat, and the life expectancy for being somewhat overweight is probably significantly longer than if you're severely underweight, this is accepted. Not good, by any means, but better.

No. 478206

She is not even that fat…she looks like she is 20pounds overweight and that is not serious.
Some of you sound like ana-chans

No. 478210

People who actively hate any animal are deficient in some way.
Fear is one thing (I'm personally scared of some animals), and so is annoyance toward obnoxious pet owners, but actual hatred is another.
Those baby monkey haters from YouTube, and people who go on about how all dogs are retarded and should be killed ("killing pitbulls is good!!" memers are a big one) come to mind.
If you see any species and think "Destroy" or feel a sudden rage, you might actually have a less evolved, caveman-tier brain.

No. 478213

>20 lbs overweight isn't fat

No. 478220

I actually like Neesounds album. the calming noises and interesting composition keep on making me come back to the post nightcore scene

No. 478225

you're falling for the fat propoganda. 20 lbs overweight is a lot.

No. 478301

File: 1572314441142.jpg (49.43 KB, 600x741, evil goddess saber.jpg)

It's pretty easy to tell what's bootleg and what isn't, bootlegs use the lowest quality printing with often retraced art. On top of that, itabags are basically portable shrines so it defeats the purpose of the hobby to buy bootlegs, it's literally the same as buying one a bootleg anime figure.
Right? If you can't afford it, don't get involved in the hobby it really is that simple.

No. 478318

Being a victim of revenge porn (and targeted online smear campaigns that include leaked nudes) ruins your life more than being accused of sexual harassment.
It's also just not worth it to send nudes in this day and age.

No. 478333

It never has been, since the man you're sending them to is going to still jerk off to porn either way

No. 478335

to be fair 20 pounds overweight on a pear shape or hourglass looks fine most of the time and barely fat

No. 478337

File: 1572327744879.jpg (24.13 KB, 474x711, 47b2678a6bc714e1e92f280b6907fd…)

I don't get the obsession with this girl. She's really nothing special and her music is just decent at best, but people wanna hype her up as some underrated pop queen. Her fan base is embarrassing, filled with screeching gays and middle aged men who pretend to love pop because it makes them different, but they only really like her work and don't bother to search out other much better pop music. But say one bad thing about her and it's all "uwu you just don't like pop you're sexist you don't like having fun" and a bunch of annoying twitter jargon.

No. 478342

I really wonder what kind of people must be sociopathic enough to post revenge porn… or evil?? Evil? I just…

No. 478348

My unpopular opinion is that nudes don't even matter. Unless you're doing cringe things on camera like wearing diapers or being a 'baby girl', nobody in real life will really care.

If I found out someone I knew had a video of themselves masturbating on camera for someone online, I'd just be like 'alright'. There's a plethora of women out there with those videos up, it's not like it's a super rare thing or you're an abomination for doing it.

No. 478355

Surely revenge porn is a lot less of a thing now that it's illegal? Like, unless you were sending the same pictures to multiple people it's dead easy to figure out who leaked them and report them to the police. And even if you did send them to a lot of people, it probably still wouldn't be that difficult to figure out with some detective work.

No. 478356

Is that Carly Rae Jepson? I havent heard about her in years. Not since "call me maybe". Not sure what this obsession youre talking about is.

No. 478359

File: 1572336737692.png (347.5 KB, 603x900, 38428934.png)

Really trashy and spammy twitch chat makes me laugh a lot, i don't know why. Something about the hectic chat is just insanely funny to me. Bonus points if it has asciis because the streamer is too retarded to moderate their chat

No. 478366

File: 1572337700712.jpg (49.52 KB, 960x640, t7odowf3bgl31.jpg)

Yes it is. She might not be completely well known but in lots of online music communities she's praised like some goddess when really it's just your run of the mill pop. Middle aged guys are especially in love with her for some creepy reason

No. 478368

File: 1572338053254.png (82.5 KB, 540x282, bb2c9ca2011df22d9d33ebd5d7c092…)

Unfortunately, employers and the general population don't share that opinion.
Just saying it's no big deal is one thing, having that attached to your name and being branded a "slut" or accused for creating porn for content that was meant to be private is another.

It's not as well-enforced as it should be.

No. 478396

>normal side of attractiveness
>epithanic fold

wonder why

No. 478399


for some reason beta men are extremely drawn to these types of female artists and public figures, and even cam girls. if you look they all tend to have this same phenotype. it's like something about this particular look signifies "ok for betas to like and find approachable" compared to other phenotypes of women. I don't find this woman unattractive by any means but the fact her phenotype has been sullied by spergs and obsessive nerds on the internet turns me off. Does anyone else notice it?

No. 478400

go back to stormfront

No. 478401

i dont know what else term to use, maybe just "type" or "look".

No. 478402

Could be pale brunettes being the approachable but not actually less attractive antithesis of blonde and tanned Staceys?

No. 478404

Because she looks more cute rather than being straight up sexualized? Tbh I'd rather more people find the cute type attractive as opposed to super sexed up blondes with leather skin and plastic bodies.

No. 478405

Jesus that's so true, I know several weirdos who usually only listen to metal but somehow are also into her.

She's pale, darkhaired, short and more cute than sexy, so she fits that mold there neckbeards who usually only drool after japanese girls (or animu waifus) also like her.

No. 478406


No it's not that and besides blondes haven't been in since the 2000s. She looks like a very particular kind of girl and its not just because shes brunette. there's also cute girls who are very sexy and beautiful

No. 478407

File: 1572348787556.jpg (179.01 KB, 768x1024, af9.jpg)

Tanned blonde Stacie's are only seen as attractive in Western countries in the 2000s, even then when 2010s hit people started worshipping different hair and skin combos. It's really rare nowadays to find a guy who specifically prefers tan skin and blonde hair, and coming from an aesthetic point, contrast between hair and skin is also seen as sexy and striking

Maybe it has something to do with the fact people are still living in the thought of the 2000s that all men want tan tall blonde big tittied cheerleaders, so liking exactly that seems "basic" and going for a short, pale, brunette, small breasted petite nerdy girls seems uwu different and more approachable, truth is if a girl has a nice face, nice figure and presents herself well she will gather an army of fan boys in no time whether it be Chad's, nerds, or creeps, even if her phenotype isn't seen as attractive

No. 478408

Sadly they don't realize this is just as basic as blonde Staceys. Seeing women like this shilled everywhere during my internet days was really a pain to see

No. 478411

I think there's a partial irony to it. No one really seems to take her music too seriously, but they like that it's bubbly and feel-good. There aren't a lot of truly "naive", sincere popular musicians coming out these days, and she fills that niche.
She's also very "unproblematic" and squeaky clean, so people are more prone to defend her. Plus, she's at a weird point of fame where she's known, but not oversaturated to the point where she's everywhere and people are annoyed (unlike Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, etc). That puts listeners at a spot where they can enjoy her pop music without giving up their "indie cred", or losing their status as a "serious music enjoyer".

Part of the reason so many internet guys like her is probably because she's pretty, but not hyper-sexualized, so that helps. She's probably the only North American singer whose PR image/fandom I'd compare to a J-pop or K-pop singer's, now that I think about it. Non-sexualized, feminine and girly with a mild hint of "waifufag" bait.
I'm not into her music at all, but I don't see anything wrong with this, personally. Nothing wrong with some straightforward, sugary pop tunes without selling sex (or edginess). What's there to complain about?

No. 478414

I mean what exactly isn't basic though? I guess it's just the same mindset as all the 2000s Emos who swore they were different and marginalized even though every other kid was emo

No. 478438

All I know is that I don't like girls like that, you can't trust them. They're the type to act sweet and sort of helpless and some guys will fall for it but you know exactly that even if you're trying to be nice to them they will stab you in the back after a while.
There's always a mousy uwu cute I'm-not-like-the-others girl in each class who complains aboit being a loner but does shit like draw busty anime girls that makes other women despise her and neckbeards flock towards her lol

Unpopular opinion, but the most intimidating stacies are surprisingly often the kindest. When you're truly beautiful and popular you have no reason to be bitter and act fake. They're usually at peace with themselves and their lifes. They also don't take shit from men because they know that they can pick the very best.

No. 478440

Why put these kinds of people on a pedestal? These people often have no empathy because they've never had to deal with anything difficult in their lives. Or you just put yourself in a position to suck up.

No. 478446

>When you're truly beautiful and popular you have no reason to be bitter and act fake
lmao not true

No. 478448

Well, that's how it was in my experience. I'm a fugly loser and the girls who were nice to me and helped me out the most in uni were usually above average. Maybe they know that people think of them as assholes just because they were born looking good and therefore try to make up for that by being extra friendly?
But whenever I tried to reach out to some girl like the one above, they were always only like whatever or downright unfriendly instead of being glad that they don't have to sit alone etc. Same when others tried to do so.
If you're not reacting to people being nice to you, then so be it, but don't act as if it's because stacies or regular normies all act as if they're above you.

No. 478456

You're being bitter and fake anon. Who are you to judge women simply for having a certain skin and hair color? Also, are you saying pale brunettes can't be popular or beautiful? Are you still in high school?

No. 478461

Ikr? Some of the bitchiest people I've met in uni were the most beautiful. One was a full on narc who would mock and bully people and felt entitled to everything cause she was so pretty. I don't think meanness is exclusive to ugly people…

No. 478480

I never mentioned hair and skin, I'm a pale brunette myself. The difference is that I don't act a certain way for male attention.

No. 478482

>I don't act a certain way for male attention.
What makes you so sure Carly Rae Jepsen or the girl in >>478407 is?
IIRC, the latter didn't even do anything to make random guys notice her. Some creeps just stumbled on her social media and started reposting her photos everywhere.

No. 478484

Now that's what I call autism. Just judging people like that by look, you are toxic af.
Mean people can be ugly but also good-looking. Get over it.

No. 478488

Just look at the retarded way she poses. And now don't tell me that this is totally normal cause it's not, she clearly tries hard to be seen as uwu cute.
For Jepsen it might be not her own fault I guess, maybe she got assigned this image to cater to neckbeards.
Anyway I was mainly talking about similar girls whom I encountered in school and uni, who all fit that look or type one way or another.

No. 478491

Women can't put their hands on their faces in photos, or do certain poses in general, or else it must be specifically for male attention? Come on, anon, you're sounding like an incel.

No. 478500

Only weebs would think that her pose is normal

No. 478503

So, what's your point? That female weebs only exist for male attention or something?

No. 478505

are you really trying to argue that popstars aren't marketed sexually?

No. 478506

Elizabeth Bathory was a victim of a political conspiracy right after her husband died. Her closest maids were burned as witches, the only known evidence is anecdotal because peasants could be pressured into testifying and there's lots of political motivation involved. It also clashes with her document led interactions with women and help she offered them.

No. 478507

*documented, not document led

No. 478522

I'm obviously referring to the girl in >>478407, not Carly Rae Jepsen. I can't remember her name, but she's not even a public figure. Just one of many normal girls that incels latched onto. Keep up.

No. 478523


extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, you may say the evidence against her was anecdotal but you still have no grounds as there is no evidence of the opposite being true so still all remains the realm of speculation. Same with people claiming similar things about gilles de ray and every other known historic murderer or tyrant.

No. 478526

That's why it's just my opinion, regardless, it's an interesting period of history to look into.

No. 478552

File: 1572381013593.jpg (168.32 KB, 800x450, kirby.jpg)

I dont like watching horror movies that much lol, some of them are quite interesting if they were stand alone movies but most of them were sooo manufactured to the point where i cant feel anything while i watch them. Now, when i want to consume any horror-related piece of media, i tend to read them on weird forums or personal encounters from people, thats when its the scariest.

No. 478566

The songs 4Kids used for the English version of Tokyo Mew Mew were actually enjoyable and catchy.
"Mew mew style, mew mew grace, mew mew power in your face" will always be iconic.

No. 478569

Female weebs tend to be the most pickme women around
What about female weebs or that pose is interesting or cool? What about it is interesting or cool to women? It's a pose that minimizes her and makes her look uwu cute and soft and only really appeals to neckbeard males because it's child-like.

Women singers and public figures who are 100x more beautiful and popular with men and women exist and don't have this problem. These girls know they're on the average side and not particularly stunning so they play up childishness instead of maturity and individuality to fit a niche with extremely sexist and pedophiliac-tendencies men. No idea about Carly, though.

No. 478572

I used to record part of that intro and W.i.t.c.h's intro with my shitty old phone and use them as a ringtone when I was a kid. I also had a major crush on the wolf girl

No. 478576

Some women and girls just like cute things, and feeling/looking cute. There doesn't have to be some ulterior motive and final goal of attaining popularity to everything.

No. 478579

You can be cute and look cute without acting like a retarded child that needs to wear a helmet to its short bus.. Weird this bullshit only appeared after anime got exported to the West

No. 478584

Not everybody has to do things the exact way you'd like them, anon. You find it retarded, others think it's fun. Just chill out.
>Weird this bullshit only appeared after anime got exported to the West
Well, they're called weebs for a reason.

No. 478589

Yet the "people" it appeals to the most are the most sexist, racist, and pedophiliac scrotes around bar short of actual murderers and rapists so I'm free to be triggered by it. Even many weeb women themselves don't like this and prefer the ones who make high quality cosplay (even though I find it cringe af but it's better than a girl who is obviously only getting validated by male attention and doesnt have a female fanbase) and other appealing stuff.

No. 478599

The girl we're discussing smushed her cheeks together in a single photo, and never did anything to try and amass attention from scrotes. She's not even cosplaying.

No. 478601

You do know there was a whole ass discussion about weeb people right?

No. 478603

Jesus anon, that discussion ended already and you bring it again? Why it hurts you so much? Are you jealous or something?

No. 478609

1976 was the best year for music imo. Unlike other anons I don't have nostalgia bias– I wasn't born yet.

All periods have bad stuff- 76 had Disco Duck for instance– but 76 was good not only because the music was diverse, but all genres were doing well. Former Motown artists were branching off into funk, disco, soul, and R&B. Metal and punk were beginning to form. Rock and it's subgenres were at their peak- arena rock, blues rock, southern rock, and glam rock were going strong. Country still had its blues roots. The 70s favored lush production, sometimes with brass and cello (I love rock songs with cello). The transition from AM to FM meant that a lot of old hippie DJs were deciding what was on the radio instead of big companies.

Also, '76 was when Bohemian Rhapsody came out. I rest my case.

No. 478622

The LGBT community always does more harm than good

No. 478649

Also Bowie's Station to Station. So, yes.

No. 478650

*to themselves

If they kept it to just LGB it would be great, but they had to let the troons come in and ruin everything.

No. 478670

>puts hands on face
>Omg this pickme bitch is just DYING to get harassed and stalked by weebs, how unbearable!
Jealousy is hell of a drug

No. 478676

>expresses opinion people may or may disagree with
>farmer replies hours later using hyperbolic language and emotionally charged thinking

You need a bullet in your dumbass head.

No. 478678

>talks about scrotes and pedophile pandering
>yes u r jealous AND YOU WANT THEM TO GET RAPED!!!

omg i don't find every woman attractive in the world and dislike weeb culture!! im jealous and crazy!!! and i want women to get raped because im not attracted!!!

The irony is that this is more misogynistic than anything I said, tuh.

No. 478680


1976 was a really, really good year indeed. In 1978-1979 there was sooo many disco classics coming out in this year too. though in '76 Bootsy Collins rubberband album came out and has some of my all time favorite cuts

No. 478728

We're talking about >>478407 specifically, though. Not some amalgamation of every girl you don't like.
It really is some scrote shit to see a single photo of a random girl you don't know, and project all this weird shit onto her.
Your replies to other people where you randomly bring up rape and say they "need a bullet in their head" make you sound incredibly fucked up, too. I thought this kind of madness was an incel's domain, but I guess there's always an exception. Christ.

No. 478831

What's even funnier is the Anon went to the annoying thread and bitch about how we're all handmaidens and scrots who call jealousy at "wants her to support every woman's appearance" and started cursing everyone out and name calling, then claimed they were called samefag before they even started samefagging, admitted to being in lolcow fights for the past few years too and denied they said anything about that at all

No. 478842


Okay girl, since you triggered cacs are assuming I'm other people's post and using it to drag an argument down for no reason I'll redirect you to what I said


Which is why I was confused when anons came at me like this and said I wanted girls to be harassed and stalked >>478670

Note I didn't say anything about pale brunettes and theorizing about them or going to uni and seeing them trying to get male attention. Now if ya'll still wanna gaslight me and screech about irrelevant shit then you're purposely being dense and manipulative.(infighting)

No. 478843

The 2nd one is not me, oops.

No. 478845

the kibbe body type thing is dumb

No. 478848

I just saw her post calling you "absolutely retarded bitch" and an "emotional creature" that she deleted, just to make another two posts where she resorts to racebaiting. She claims to not be the pale brunette poster, but then she assumes everyone who disagrees with her is a certain skin color (I'm not, lmao), and clearly has a huge racial vendetta overall (and a hobby-related one, considering the anti-weeb sperg) .
She is legitimately unhinged, and I hope she gets help. Some real cows lurking.

No. 478856

Why? I found it somewhat helpful

No. 478862

File: 1572459501172.jpg (57.98 KB, 503x608, classic faces.jpg)

I think the concept of Kibbe is excellent but the execution is good but needs much to be desired especially in this modern time. There needs to be more cross variances (because no one is ever one type) and faces and bodies no longer need to be linked together. Perhaps, a face could be classified as S-G and a body as T-R which in turn could create a new category all together but I'm not sure how that could work. I wish there were an advanced male Kibbe type too.

No. 479186

File: 1572563296787.jpg (38.13 KB, 400x300, 5048c77069bedde311000003-750.j…)


No. 479319

Radfems,troons, and MRA's are all superficially different but they're all idiots and their insufferability is generally equal in all regards

No. 479352

Take it to pink pill, autist.

No. 479379

imo, all melon tastes the same and its just sweet tasting trash

even watermelon isn't that good

you might think one of those less common varieties would taste interesting, like the canary melon–but nope

No. 479384

IMO it over complicates things and doesn't take in different sorts of fashion, not to mention many girls are delusional about their body type and either over or under estimating what they have. Just find what flatters your body and skin tone, you don't need to take tons of hour long quizzes, do tons of research and in dept discussions to figure out what "type" you are or what looks good on you

No. 479393

i think it's kind of pointless for those kinds of people because they won't flatter themselves anyway.

No. 479395

Most people don't try to flatter themselves in general unless they're going to an event

No. 479396

well yea, but i feel like the thread on /g/ is pretty indicative of the delusion people have.

No. 479414

Hard to swallow pills: The "Left can't meme" meme is accurate and "leftists" have a bad reputation because of their inherent classism of assuming everyone has an access to and knowledge of complicated social issues and questions. Their elitism combined with their absolute lack of charisma is why so many people gravitate to the other extreme of the spectrum. Thanks for creating all the misogynistic incels and race war instigators you stupid fucks.

No. 479417

True. Too bad I can't be misogynistic incel or a race war instigator because I happened to be both the groups the other side hates, and the left side pretends to champion for but fucks over anyway. Haha fuck politics.

No. 479460

A lot of shows aren't that deep. Most analysis are just "the author is dead" mixed with trying to cope with how something you like is perceived as "childish". A lot of people also confuse relatable with deep. I could make a show full of "I have depression" memes and people would call it the deepest thing ever. I thibk its because most people lack knowledge on media analysis so the only way they rste a show is by how it makes them feel

No. 479475

>the only they rste a show is by how it makes them feel

thats how art is meant to be processed, its designed to ellicit emotional responses and thats how sucess in art is measured. If you want more depth and infodumps read a textbook on the subject.

>but the dialectics i learned in gender studies reeee

I really dislike the "analysis" culture, its just the evolution of the AVGN early youtube, now everyone is an armchair expert on art and media because they watched a 2deep4 neet whine about cartoons. Critics have always been missing the point and are usually sad people who don't even like to experience art, just autistically categorize elements i.

No. 479521

This is most evident with children,I really don't know any kids that seriously watch any major or minor Left tube channels however plenty of my younger cousins and nephews and nieces watch conservative channels like Steven Crowder,Gavin McInnes,PJW e.t.c many of these kids have liberal parents and come from minority backgrounds

No. 479542

I will never vote for any main leftist party in UK the again after mp Naz Shah liked and retweeted that girls who had been raped and trafficked in Rotherham should ‘shut up for the sake of diversity’ and wasn’t even fired. Yet Sarah Champion who spoke up faced disciplinary action.It sucks,and I’m not some right wing troll I was almost targeted by one of these gangs, which the Labour Party have not only gone to great lengths to cover up but are quite openly telling me (and many others) to shut up for the sake of diversity. It is disgusting, which is why they’ll never have my vote unless they do a complete rehaul.

No. 479722

The TERFs on this site are more annoying than the trans people they make fun of.

No. 479727

File: 1572720340345.jpg (196.27 KB, 1214x911, YJWdEqN-rAZIW-1xBjaFFjkuaEum4_…)

No. 479737


cool meme bro, i'm a radical communist now Lol

No. 479745

>le centrist cant have strong convictions meme
>le centrists are always agnostic or atheist, no excepts :^) meme


No. 479755

These people are worse than right-wingers or far lefties they’re fence sitting nancies who think they’re intellectuals

No. 479765

They have ruined OT.

No. 479787

File: 1572732913519.png (60.9 KB, 676x560, 7D5E112F-6B0D-48C7-BA7C-A7AA49…)

Back to tumblr ye troon

No. 479796

imagine not caring about the truth and only gravitating towards whoever sounds confident in the moment. normie centrists literally don't matter fam, they'll follow whatevers popular, it just so happens to be republicans at the moment.

also recently its been turning around, now there's more lefty tubers that aren't cringy "essjaydubleyous", they dont necessarily appeal to kids like crowder, shapiro, etc do but they're gaining popularity. for example sam seder ""rekt"" charlie kirk in a debate at politicon last year, and makes constant jabs at crowder for running from debating him.

No. 479797

Makes my lips itch and honestly tastes like nail polish remover.

No. 479802

TERFs and SWERFs are stupid cunts who deserve the rope.
I don't even care if I get called trans for this (and no I am not using the t-slur just because we're on Lolcow you freaks). No excuse for such reactionary puritan bullshit. How do they call themselves feminists?
They should have testosterone injected into their systems so they understand dysphoria!!(weak bait)

No. 479803

okay tranny(taking b8)

No. 479806

tinfoil but this post was created by gender crits to fuel their tranny cringe agenda

No. 479818

there are detrans radfems anon, and trans ones, and ones with dysphoria(taking b8)

No. 479820

Oooooooor trannys could stop nailing rats to women’s shelters because they’re men who cry when they don’t get access to women’s spaces to fuel their agp.(taking b8)

No. 479823

File: 1572739611835.png (597.89 KB, 626x582, shutup.png)

oh look, the hourly anti-radfem sperg out. what a gift.

No. 479824

Go back to the men in wigs fandom on tungblr, I heard they love that type of opinion there.

No. 479827

I care about women, not men who get off on performing western femininity.

Trans women are men. They have no place in feminism, gynocologists, women’s shelters, women’s sports, women’s intellectual spaces, or women’s toilets. It never has been and never will be feminisms problem if men rape other men.

It’s a fetish. Normal people having gross fetishes doesn’t make agp any less legitimate.

No. 479829

you would fit in better at crystal cafe. men with femininity envy are hysterical lmao

No. 479833

Maybe but at least we don't physically assault people because they disagree with us, which is a lot more than can be said for troons, who love beating the shit out of helpless women for having an opinion.

No. 479836

I'm not saying this because I'm mas at you, but you unironically have that smug 'just stating the truth sweetie. eat it or beat it terf' tone I've only seen from troons

No. 479852

Nah men can fix their own problems without involving women or our bathrooms.
Pop science misinterpreting the data on sexed brains doesn’t prove anything except that people gobble up whatever affirms their feels.

Nothing can or will ever change the fact that women are XX chromosome humans. Surgery, performing men’s idealised version of femininity, libfem handmaidens bending to men’s whims because he put on mascara, and a few online hugboxes don’t make TIMs women. You can throw around all the insults and threats you like, just like a typical dude does, but you’ll never be right about this.
Transing people is as bad as lobotomies were.

No. 479861

>crotch fruit
oof now theres the vagina envy, why is it troons say genitals dont matter but are the first to use gendered insults against us?

and feminism is all about advocating for women, last i checked trans women had xy chromosomes and an intact dick and balls so…

No. 479893

I think it's so disrespectful to leak an artist's album out before its release date. I just found out FKA Twig's upcoming album got leaked and it's literally gonna come out in a few days, like are people that goddamn desperate that they can't wait just a bit longer? It reeks of entitlement and ADHD impatience, and honestly I might even say that everyone who willingly goes to listen to the leaked version should be ashamed of themselves

No. 479895

Who cares about some dumb singer tho
I love her bops but I don't care about her or anyone else since I don't stan anyone I just stan their music if my ears tolerate them
Also thnx for telling me, I am excited as fuck now.

No. 479896

Well I'm not specifically talking about FKA Twigs, I'm talking about any musician who gets their stuff leaked. I just used her as an example. It's just so rude how people can't do the bare minimum of waiting a few days for the official release.

No. 479898

ok fine I'll wait for you. when will her album get officially released? i won't even google it just in case i will accidentally click on it out of temption.

No. 479908

No. 479914

That's what I thought at first, but then I realized that most of the userbase here seems to have gendercrit views anyway so it wouldnt make much sense. I do think its more of a troll looking for a reaction more so than an actual TRA though.

No. 479916

gendercrit anons have gone completely off their rockers since the gc thread got locked. it probably was one of them samefagging.

No. 479935


lol you tried

No. 479944

New year's resolutions are fucking stupid and pointless. Literally no one gives a shit about new years resolutions when the year is no longer "new" (usually around March). Like seriously has anyone ever in July been like "oh yeah I'm still staying true to my new years resolution"? Nope.

If you're gonna make a positive change in your life why wait for the new year to start anyway? Everyone makes a huge deal about them when the year is new but then gets amnesia shortly after and goes back to their old habits.

No. 479959

nobody's beating the shit out of you here for having an opinion nor are you a helpless woman here you're just an anonymous person shitposting about trannies on an imageboard. get a grip on reality lady

No. 479962

I literally said this and had my posts deleted, was accused of being a GC sperg samefagging and got banned. Somehow while also being told to dilate and called trans by literally everyone else loool.
They say we have a "tr*nny janny" but it so glaringly obvious the entire administration of this shit site is delusional TERFs with victim complex. Probably altright men too(you are a gc sperg samefagging)

No. 479965

this is a hot new tinfoil i haven't heard about yet. it's absolutely retarded just like the "mods are trannies" tinfoil, tell me more.

No. 479982

>not being a black/white overemotional sperg is fence sitting
ah, this meme again

No. 479986

No. 479990

Are you completely stupid? What else can you call it when they pretend to not want radfems but give them everything they want because mUh FrEe sPeEcH …
Theyre probably samefagging in their own meta thread pretending to be mad about the merge or whatever it was so the mods can always remind us of that one single time they pwned the radfems. but does it even matter when blatant transphobia is still allowed?
It changed nothing at all. I fucking wish there was an actual open trans women on the mod team, maybe then this place would be less of a shithole and TERFs would get axed. This isn't a woman friendly place and if it was it'd be against ALL misogyny. Right now it's flooded with SWERFs and TERFs so it's probably just the loser men from 8chan catfishiing and larping as the girlfriends they wish existed, and some dumbass femcels thinking theyve found their people.(sweet bait gcfag. repost it again)

No. 480164

I do not use they/them pronouns. I think it’s improper English and one of the stupidest fucking trends to ever appear. Even worse than everyone being bisexual on MySpace. You’re not a they. You’re a man or woman. For fucks sake. You’re 28.

No. 480171

But what if we are the queen of UK and the Commonweath.
It's proper English to respect our pronouns.
Would you still disrespect them? To our face?

No. 480188

Yes you common tard

No. 480206

This isn't as unpopular as tumblr/twitter would make you think. Even in my super liberal city, most people will admit they think it's dumb, but don't want to risk being seen as a bigot.

No. 480413

women MUAs are better than the men who do the same job.

No. 480456

If you're against the trans movement then own up to that instead of weakly disguising it as a boner for ye olde english.
Language constantly evolves, there is so much that we say today that wouldn't pass in the 50's and sticking to all the old rules makes you sound just as socially impaired as a person who can't speak properly at all.

No. 480464

Hard agree.

No. 480471

No. 480476

Agree x 1,000. I'm sick of gay men getting a pass and people going 'yesss . slaaay. you do makeup better than me and i'm a girl! ugh'

makes me sick

No. 480501

I would hope so, any other position would be betraying your class since I'm assuming you're prolly dirt poor.

No. 480503

Dirt poor under capitalism is better than being middle class under communism.

No. 480506

I kinda miss the time when youtubers didn't have such polished well produced videos. A lot of the comedy videos especially feel so sterile and plastic because of its super high quality. There's something genuine and homely about the slightly grainy camera look from the 2000s where people just filmed whatever they wanted and put it online just for fun

No. 480522


I miss the old YouTube in general. I hate how blatantly commercial it’s become. I miss all the old niche filmmakers and the quirky people, the assholes, even the evil idiots and trolls and the creeps. I feel stupid for whining about it but it was great.

People didn’t try as hard, nobody cared about being famous, there was so much fun stuff on there that’s gone or just buried underneath a mountain of crap. The algorithm has also messed up how you find videos, so it’s harder to go to that weird side of YouTube since it doesn’t lead you on a trail but tries to force you to watch retarded trending shit. I wish they hadn’t tried to make it so kid friendly because now it’s pure autism.

No. 480523

It went downhill when they did away with star ratings.

No. 480524

Dirt poor in capitalism still have access to more resources than most of the aparatik in communism.

No. 480557

File: 1572947332556.gif (28.08 KB, 69x60, fgfg.gif)

Tt Follows and Get out are the two worst movies of the decade. Neither has a single redeemable quality, they are simply shit, nothing positive to say about them, i legit think normies are retarded for giving it such high reviews.

No. 480569

See I've always loved Kate Bush's music, but what struck me as off was when I was watching some interview about the Babushka song.

First off, she chose "babusha" because she liked the sound of the word, without thinking about the meaning at all. I think that's dumbass shit.

Secondly, when describing the premise (wife poses as another woman and sends letters to her husband in an attempt to seduce, husband falls for her and goes to meet the "other woman"), Kate puts it entirely on the wife as her fault that her husband did that. Like, no. Yes the wife did a shitty and retarded thing but it's on the husband to choose to go out with the intention to cheat, you know?

Idk that interview changed my view of her and I respected her less for it. This is a dumb segue so I'm saging.

No. 480570

I haven't seen Get Out yet but I loved It Follows and I don't think I'm a normie nor retarded…

No. 480596

File: 1572962506652.jpg (71.68 KB, 585x390, HaloFront.jpg)

People who are obsessed with weed are pathetic. They act like it has no bad side effects and you can't get addicted to it because it's "natural". They don't care about the people with health problems who might benefit from it, they just care about having an excuse to be a lazy shithead and smoke it all day until their brains are fried.

And yeah, I just learnt that there's legit a "Church of Weed". People really need to find stronger meanings in their lives if they have to resort to this

No. 480600

Those smokers just suck and need to find some more hobbies. Sadly they speak way louder than those with sense enough to see the downsides.

I like smoking sometimes just the same as drinking, but I'm very against daily smoking unless you have medical reasons - which most don't. It's not exactly hard to understand it's best for your brain to be unaffected by substances most of the time.

No. 480615

File: 1572970543953.jpeg (118.62 KB, 626x1024, 67E1439E-4972-4913-ACD6-AF296E…)

100% of the first world needs to stop making psych meds free and we need to stop coddling mentally ill people. I am sick and tired of YouTubers who have burnouts from making videos, I'm sick and tired of celebrities who never suffered who complain about depresshun, because it's inconsiderate to those who are really suffering.

Pic related; first worlders comparing depression caused by low vitamin d with a chopped off hand

No. 480616


hardly an unpopular opinion, you sound like every other clueless boomer out there

No. 480619

Coddling mentally ill people is bad and making them believe it will help them is worse. Taking medication for small things is bad too. Remind me why a 13 year old zoomer should take antidepressants? Because she went through such hardships?

Mental illness was always there, but it seems to be now an epidemic and because of the biggest bullshit reasons. All thirdies are laughing at us and literally ask us why we are depressed. We're depressed because of the weather, because of having to stick to a youtube upload schedule, because of having to take selfies, because of having to wake up at 8 am, because of living in the first world.

Autismbux is a good concept because some people legitimately have been ruined but 95% of the people who get autismbux are literally psycho pieces of shits and then they wonder why they can't get a job. Yeah plenty are victims too of course but I am not against autismbux for this reason. But I mean it when I say that we should stop coddling the mentally ill.

And most people who encourage the mentally ill to be coddled are boomers too except they have acne, pink hair and obesity. Are you now gonna say I am misogynistic when I'm a literal radfem who encourages women to be stronger and more firm?

t. lives near the municipal and for some reason every time an autist doesn't get a "raise" they'll break a window

No. 480620

Yikes, because all depression or mental health issues are just low vitamin d. No trauma or chemical imbalances involved at all depending on the person.

It's not like there's any indications that the modern world (whether first world or increasingly the developing as well) is high-paced but also a safer environment that paradoxically the lizard part of our brain does not seem well equipped for which causes rumination, stress and snowballs on from there.

No, we just feel too sorry for ourselves. That must be the only thing.

No. 480622


No. 480623

>All thirdies are laughing at us and literally ask us why we are depressed.
Okay, so what? Why get so pressed over this? You could just laugh back you know? Let them make fun all they want, we both know that they'd want to live like us in a heartbeat if given the chance.

>they have acne, pink hair and obesity. Are you now gonna say I am misogynistic when I'm a literal radfem who encourages women to be stronger and more firm?

I hate to say it but that sounds like…
You do know that menz are much more prone to autism etc, right?

No. 480624

I think that with increased awareness and a reduction in the stigma associated with mental illness there are definitely people who have embraced mental illness as an excuse. I think those people do still have something wrong with them, but more in the narcissism sphere than depression or what have you.

But with increased understanding of psychology we can diagnose people who before would just be your tortured artists or dysfunctional people and do some good with medication instead of just letting them go on a downward spiral and take other people down with them. It's actually shittiness of the brain and receptors that causes things which is more in line with the comic comparison - part of your body is malfunctioning and fucked up, to the point that people kill themselves rather than deal with living in their head.

You're kind of an asshole lol but you're not entirely wrong. There does have to be a desire on the sufferer's part and an effort to get help to really make a difference. But I mean, you have to be some sort of sick beyond trying to get pity points if you're actively sabotaging your own life and can't even fucking bathe or whatever. It's a shit issue. I dated someone who developed schizophrenia and it was obvious he was very sick but there was no desire on his part to seek help and you can't shove pills down someone's throat.

In any case it is very frustrating when people milk it. Because very few people are gonna be that asshole and call them out for manipulating their fans/friends.

Probably bait but hey unpopular opinion thread and that's definitely an unpopular opinion.

No. 480653

Adding what the other anon said Mental Health culture isn't 'bad' and 'coddling', but more misguided. The mainstream movement focuses only on chemical anxiety/depression with trauma being mentioned only with PTSD/eating disorders. The movement also does very little to de stigmatize stuff like NPD, BPD, or other personality disorders and it also actively hates them them, 'brave survive of a narcissistic abuser'. What happens with people who do the 'it's all brain chemicals don't tell me to improve reee' most likely have a separate personality disorder, but they relate the 'anxiety/depression', NPD is a defense mechanism caused by extreme shame and some one with BPD would have extreme lows and fear of abandonment both of these imitate chemical depression/anxiety, so they diagnosed and went with the label of 'depression/anxiety'. They end up getting the wrong treatment from random people online, which is just affirmative 'you did a good job anon!' and 'it's OK you're depressed', which just makes their mental illness worse. Even people without a personality disorder show some unhealthy coping mechanism when it comes to their anxiety, they could mess up and 'split' like a BPD, but they just get the shit advice of 'it's just brain chemicals bro'. Most boomer 'just pick up your boot straps' advice also doesn't work because it doesn't address the trauma or under lying issue. When you're surrounded by stuff like this it's hard not to see how the lazy type was made.

Also a lot of abuse forums take out nuance. I can see how if you're parent hit you and ruined you're life you would be mad, but most people have stuff like 'my parents were emotionally neglectful ,veritably abusive, or had some major flaws'. Group 2 treats their parents how group 1 does, 'my parents hated me from the day I was born' 'I see the venom in their eyes'. I'm defending abusive parents or excusing them, but those many flaws are often not meant to specifically attack you out of feeling joy from you're pain. A big chunk of parents on the lighter end of abusive or neglectful parents are abusive because they grew up with their own mentally ill parents and simply see what their doing as normal or 'logical' in a messed up way. I'm not saying you have no right to be mad, but I see a lot of abuse forums saying 'my mom was born evil' and 'you should cut them off imminently!'

No. 480655

> I'm defending abusive parents or excusing them,
I meant I'm not

No. 480718

idk why people can't just erase the words "fg" and "ngger" out of their vocabulary, or any harsh slur really. it's not an sjw reasoning, it's just like…why be a dick? i mean, is it to be edgy because you know there'll be a reaction? i just don't really understand the appeal of using those words regardless of gender or sexuality (like poc using ngger or lgbt people using fg)

No. 480723

idk why it deleted the asterisks i put in but whatever

No. 480724

tbh I think those words are really ugly sounding and people who use them tend to be awful in general anyway.

No. 480728

I really dont get how this is an unpopular opinion, I hardly ever see those words used on a daily basis. I do see people use bitch, slut, whore and cunt on a regular basis though.

No. 480742

File: 1572998688364.jpg (110.5 KB, 750x1334, ok.jpg)

It depends were you lurk. On the more conservative sides of reddit, or some dank meme site the ideas of 'I can say the n-word because free speech', 'white people can say nigga if they're singing in a rap', and 'fag is just a word' are big arguments. You can also see the idea be somewhat accepted among sheltered suburban kids.

No. 480748

Fag is a great word and can be ascribed to anyone. It's already a noun in at least two instances afaik.

Nigger is clunky, too edgy, and the worst categories of humans use it.

No. 480777

I still wouldn't call it an unpopular opinion though just because in certain circles it's not.

No. 480796

Soup is not food. It’s a bathtub of meaty liquid sometimes featuring vegetables. If you can drink it through a straw, it’s not a food. I hate soup and this is the only hill I want to die on.

No. 480801

OP is a faggot
If only people are this up in arms about "bitch" "thot" or "cunt"

No. 480806

I am against all you stand for. I want a hot bowl of meaty soup through a straw as my final meal.

No. 480808

What about noodle soups? Or really thick soups? Or soups with a tonne of stuff in them like chowder? Couldn't suck any of them through a straw. Even if you don't consider broth food because it's a liquid, the overall meal is food.

No. 480811


NTA but if a soup is really thick isn't that a stew?

No. 480814

By thick I just meant something like pumpkin soup, but honestly this is the most I've ever thought about soup so I'm no expert anyway. I googled it and
>What's the difference between soup and stew? In theory, a soup is a combination of vegetables, meat or fish cooked in liquid. A stew is any dish that's prepared by stewing – that is, the food is barely covered with liquid and simmered for a long time in a covered pot

No. 480815

The only thing most men care about is sex but they're also really bad at getting it. They don't understand that texting a girl you just met for sex doesn't work, they don't understand that tapping into a woman's emotions works, pretending to give a fuck works etc. All they care about is sex yet they're too dumb to even do the bare minimum of pretending to give a fuck…getting sex is actually easy they're just too stupid to get it and they think begging for nudes 3 minutes into the conversation and giving one word replies works then they blame women. It's not that women are hard to get, you're just stupid with no game. There have been numerous times when I have been so vulnerable and depressed that a guy could have easily manipulated me into having sex by just pretending to care and they blew it lol

No. 480817

Wait, you wanted those guys to take advatange of you ?

No. 480818

No, I'm just saying they're bad at getting what they want. It's not that sex is hard to get, they just gmhave no game. They cant understand that sending a random cock pic is less likely to work then pretending to give a fuck.most guys who are "Chad's" you can see a difference in how they act with women

No. 480859

>They don't understand that texting a girl you just met for sex doesn't work

but it does though? Sure, not for every girl, but there's also plenty of girls who are just looking for quick sex.

No. 480866

Slam poetry sucks, There's no nuance, no meter and no wit. All I see is a delusional Idiots screaming and ranting into microphones about dumb shit

No. 480868

If all they want is sex, and any girl will do, then yeah, of course they're not going to exert any effort into anyone in particular. Instead they're gonna spam as many girls as possible knowing that at least one will take them up on it.

No. 480891

I feel the same way about incels, it's well acknowledged that most of them could get laid if they just took a shower and researched socializing.
It's good they fail because it would be horrible to find out the person you like is actually a misogynist volcel in disguise, but it still frustrates me how they can spend so much time complaining about something they can easily fix. They talk so much about how women are easily manipulated idiots and that normies are dumb sheep but if they were so much smarter then they would be able to take advantage of that. It's like if a group of illiterate people poured all of their energy into starting an anti-reading society, because they feel angry at books for excluding them, instead of just learning the alphabet.

No. 480896

You and everyone else with this opinion are fat hypocrites about it, though. Aside from actual racist people, most people use it because they most likely constantly hear it in rap songs, but with the wrong people they can lose their job over it too and if not that they will get killed and it is very very very problematic, annoying, stupid and also scary, ngl. I don't get why nobody speaks against this. As for the word fag, I don't know. It's not a bad thing to banter about gayness in my opinion. It's just a sexual orientation, and gays banter each other about it too. But yeah slurs are cringe in general, I agree.

No. 480912

>All thirdies are laughing at us and literally ask us why we are depressed
Why do you care what some starving people think of you exactly? You're probably never going to meet said people so why does it matter? For someone who's bitching about mentally ill people you seem awfully insecure yourself.

No. 480916

I think most of the people who use those words freely are either sheltered, narccisitic, or too naive to realize the weight those words have.

No. 480918

>it too and if not that they will get killed

No. 480926

Yeah I can't stand slam either. I can't even comment on whether there is nuance and wit in slam or not because it sounds so unpleasant to me I just shuts it off.

No. 480928

File: 1573066412833.jpeg (89.42 KB, 640x258, B7662D81-FA0B-4A97-B21D-6B7F57…)

Society’s sudden “awareness” of mental health feels so forced and pandering
pic related “even Billie Eilish get duhpressed tew”

No. 480936

Honestly I hate most of the "mental health awareness" that has been going around lately, it's mostly just youtubers/influencers talking about their self diagnosed depression and anxiety. It really does nothing for most of the people who really struggle with mental health on a daily basis. In fact I think it spreads more misconceptions about mental health if anything.

No. 480938

everyone is all for mental health advocation until they come across someone who displays unconventional symptoms and suddenly they're outta there.

no one actually lifts a finger until someone goes through with it, and then it's all 'oh no if only we saw the signs!' you did see the signs, you just didn't do anything.

No. 480954

you sound like bpd

No. 480963

I actually like when I have “bad” shits and soft watery poop so I eat a lot of fiber just for that effect any anons here relate?
I might even go vegan to get softer shits

No. 480968

File: 1573074995150.png (449.99 KB, 422x523, AHHHHHH.PNG)

>I made a giant life choice because I like how it feels when I shit

No. 480972

nta but holy shit the bpd obssession is so fucking annoying. STFU

No. 481000

This. To farmers, everyone they disagree with have BPD even if they show no signs of having BPD at all, I wonder how much of a spoilt baby you have to be to diagnose strangers on the internet with serious mental illnesses simply because you disagree with them

No. 481006

BPD is weirdly demonised on this site, it’s like farmers take all of the stigma surrounding it at face value

No. 481020

File: 1573083293119.jpg (45.54 KB, 463x494, b915b6c6b66cd136d2a2ea1861ca47…)

I don't get why some people are super anal about singers not writing their own lyrics or multiple teams writing the lyrics for their songs, as long as they're still the ones singing it and it sounds nice it really shouldn't matter.

No. 481022

Just watched the video, it's literally just the most generic 'DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP' and her on a swing for some reason? She's a cute girl but I don't know why they think this her walking around in aesthetics is going to help anything.

A big part of actually struggling with mental health is that it's generally pretty fucking embarrassing and you don't want a big signal on your face about how you have depression or anxiety or whatever.

No. 481023

People who think singers need to write their own songs are so short sighted. What about all the talented writers and producers who don't have the voice/personality/looks to perform their own songs or be a celebrity? Should they just never write for anyone else to ensure only ~real artists~ get famous?

Division of labour amongst a group of collaborators is a totally legit way to create art. There's no reason the face of the music should be obligated to do everything themselves, even if it's impressive when they do.

No. 481026

I just watched this interview, and you're right. It actually annoys me a bit looking through the comments where people agree and say she's so "deep" for this.
If the man truly loved his wife, he'd respond to the letter from "Babooshka" with something like "You're just like my wife once was. Please stay this way, you'll make someone very happy someday", and maybe try to figure out how to fix things with the woman he married.
The way the song is set up, it just means that if someone else actually showed up that had those personality traits, he really would cheat.

No. 481031

File: 1573084766355.jpg (69.7 KB, 463x494, 1573083293119.jpg)

I like how easily the tables can be turned on that pic.

No. 481035

Is this what LSA thinks is deep? That garbage on the left? Puhlease.
All of her songs after destiny's child are shit but her fans are worse. She can squeal like a pig real good, tho.

And you both should be ashamed and you know why.

No. 481038

I can't believe people re hyping this straight to DVD garbage. Is this what happens when you combine the nostalgia of Dr. Seus and 2d animation? Tom and jerry meets willy wonky

No. 481041

Who said anything about "deep"? I'm just making fun of the picture insinuating having a chorus makes a song meaningless.
Who gets this bent out of shape about pop music, anyway? What did Beyonce or Katy Perry or Meghan Trainor or any of these others ever do to you? Chill out, kek.

No. 481115

File: 1573098291512.jpg (84.62 KB, 800x893, U8Pnan7.jpg)


No. 481129

Myspace and MSN were the peak of my social life tbh they were just so fun to mess around on with friends

No. 481130

File: 1573100969668.jpg (146.87 KB, 1280x720, cat bat.jpg)

This looks like the most generic kids show of all time that people would be shitting on if it wasn't cutesy Dr. Seus.

Speaking of which, live action grinch and cat in the hat are horrible and obviously the only good versions of the books are the shorts from the 60s, but my god they're such good so bad it's good shitpost movies and I love them because of that and I roll my eyes so hard at the people who think they ruined the books forever.

No. 481133

Weird that Dr. Seuss nostalgia would be that strong. Anyway the man had an affair which drove his wife to suicide and in response he went and started marriage planning for him and his mistress and was remarried the next year.

No. 481134

Not that surprised honestly, people should learn that their 'childhood heroes' can do shitty things and deal with it like a normal person, Dr. Seuss nostalgia is insane though with people in their 30s bitching about how they ruined Seuss even now.

No. 481135

>Dr. Seuss nostalgia is insane though with people in their 30s
I think you mean people in their 50s and 60s

No. 481136

>people should learn that their 'childhood heroes' can do shitty things and deal with it like a normal person
NTA but what are you talking about? I don't even know what people you're referring, are there masses of ex fans mourning the loss of their fav or something?

Regardless, 'normal people' couldn't care less if a (male) celebrity treats people like garbage and will defend them to the death reeing about separating the art from the artist.
People should hold celebrities accountable for the shitty things they do instead, if they lose public good will it's well deserved and we don't owe them our support so who cares.

No. 481138

Honestly, I think it's most likely all three.
I thought I was being pretty clear? I'm talking about people who ignore everything bad that someone who they looked up to as a kid did. Sadly a lot of the time celebrities get away with doing shitty stuff and have tons of people defending them because 'THEY DID A THING I LIKE'

No. 481139

Oh right, I misunderstood. I thought you were implying normal people wouldn't get upset about it and fans shouldn't either.

No. 481146

She also seems to have been sick with cancer and ill herself.

Of course people are going to have strong nostalgia for harmless kids books.

No. 481285

i know this has probably been discussed here already, but that witcher tv show thats going to come out soon bothers me so much, and ive never even played the games before. the character designs are shit, the main character looks like a badly aging legolas if legolas had been addicted to crack and heroin since the age of 9, and the designs for the other characters are just boring and forgettable. at least the designs in the game seem to be more interesting.

also, not to race bait but isnt the story meant to be based on polish folklore? yet literally not one of the main cast are polish or even have any polish heritage.

No. 481289

I don't know anything about the witcher but with regards to being Polish, I dont understand the current preoccupation that actors must authentically be what they are portraying, it's called acting for a reason

No. 481290

The story and books are from like 1995 or something, so yea it's not really innovative or anything, but the story, imo, is good. Lots of great female characters which is why I personally like it. Also never played the games but read the books.

Also yes, the author is Polish but the world itself isn't reeeally medieval Poland.

No. 481295

People place way too much importance on tv shows and catching up with what the biggest latest show is. I'm not saying you can't be excited about shows but these days thanks to Netflix and streaming it's seen as such a big deal. There are many things you could do other than just binge something for 6 hours straight, something other than just consume and consume more.

No. 481301

I completely agree. And they've seriously messed up yennefer not just in looks but also as a character.

You can't say anything against because you're a racist and a bigot if you do. The gloomy mediavel setting albeit a fantasy one was so good and I doubt they'll be able to achieve it. It's just a bootleg games of thrones now.

No. 481303

I get it, I get really anxious like is the end of the world if I'm not catched up on the series of the month and i literally die if i get spoiled.

I would love to stop feeling like that but i get i'm just scared of what everyone else thinks of me.

No. 481304

It's fantasy based on Slavic folklore.

No. 481335

File: 1573163531930.jpg (88.74 KB, 750x1334, 85pvzig9ct031.jpg)

It lost me when I heard about pic related, the production staff deciding the villains should be dressed like literal dickheads. Maybe PP threads can get into it, but to me it's beyond cringe.

No. 481342

Yeah basically every fan of the series agrees with you and is only getting a shred of hope now because Henry Cavill did a decent job of delivering lines as Geralt in the most recent trailer where he says some of Geralt's iconic lines. But the show has some obvious glaring issues like ones you mentioned and others like Yennefer being some college age girl when she's supposed to be the older, more mature, sort of the boss in the relationship, plus an important player in world politics and part of a community of immortals who intentionally choose to look around age 35 in order to look wise enough and be taken seriously despite retaining their youth. I'm just sperging now though lol.

No. 481344

Additionally, apparently Cavill has been fucking Ciri's actress since she was 16 (now 18) and now I won't be able to watch that show without feeling grossed out anyway.

No. 481369

No, it's not really based on Slavic of Polish folklore. Some the Witcher short stories are based on it, other are based on Grimm's tales or even Arabian folklore. Novels heavily use arthurian mythos.

When compared to our world, the Witcher novels setting is like entire Europe and then some. Geralt is from Central Europe, Ciri is Portugese/Mediterrean (her family is blonde because they have elfish genes), her father is Southern European and rules over advanced empire based on ancient Roman Empire. Ciri's grandmother was in relationship with british (or nordic) lord. Elves are speaking modified welsh. I don't remember too much, but there's probably a character or place based on every country in Europe +some north Africa and Arab countries. And monsters are based on any folklore writer researched.

No. 481378

File: 1573170806254.jpg (110.65 KB, 799x872, 71183718_744267952701709_90262…)

That depends who you're talking about. Having somebody like Henry Cavill as the main character makes sense. He is a good actor who looks the part and is a big enough name to interest people who might not watch it otherwise. Casting an Indian woman for Yen, and a black woman for Fringilla, is just obvious box ticking. If you're going to set your standards that low then where do you stop?

If it doesn't matter that the actress doesn't look like the character then what about their costume? Maybe they can just walk around in jeans and branded clothing while using their mobile phones.
The costume designer who put that forward should have been fired on the spot. With their budget there is no excuse for being put to shame by cosplayers.

No. 481628

the "dog hate thread" is the stupidest shit ever, Dogs are animals they were hunters, of course they instinct is to fucking kill something smaller than them same with cat o but i forget, cats are so cute and misunderstood, shut up, you hate for an animal is disgusting the fact that a anon say shit like

>I hate to say because I'm vegan but I absolutely would not give a shit if I saw someone shoot a Pittbull. I hate these ugly fuvkers with a vengeance. I'm sick of seeing everbody defend them on twatter and plebbit, it actually makes me hate them even more.

No. 481635

Really bums me out that Hollywood has this obsession with casting redheads as boring black/brown women.

And yeah, I drop shows for diversity pandering these days. Witcher was one of the most egregious. Glad we still have the books though.

No. 481636

Nilfgaard always seemed more like the Holy Roman Empire to me.

No. 481640

Agree. Even before I knew about Cavill being a creep I didn't like it. I dont think he even looks good as Geralt, he looks kind of ridiculous. Geralt had a narrow face and a slim build, Cavill has a wide/square face and a broad bulky build. The wig just looks stupid on him.

No. 481656

I like cats but to act like they’re totally innocent and harmless is hilarious. My cats have scratched the hell out of me before. Sure, it didn’t do lasting damage but it still fucking hurt and the scars took forever to got away. I get some dog owners can be annoying and it’s totally fine not to like dogs but a lot of the posters in that thread seem really sociopathic with their hate.

No. 481700

I think my favorite part of that thread is when some posters decide to post "cute cat pictures!" after one insisted the thread wasn't about loving cats vs. hating dogs, lol.

No. 481701

It's certainly based on German-speaking lands.

No. 481703

In my country we still have a lot of malls and huge shopping places, and i'm afraid that one day they will disappear because of online shopping. I like to see what i'm buying, plus i genuinely love to walk among the isles slowly while not thinking about anything, choosing what to buy, looking at stuff. It literally reduces my anxiety.

No. 481705

not an unpopular opinion, many people miss malls and most importantly miss the socalzing one could do at malls

No. 481720

I've never really understood while janitorial work is depicted as the bottom of the bottom when there's a lot worse jobs out there. Out of all the menial jobs one could pick from, janitorial work is one of the more diverse in terms of things you do. taking out trash one minute, vacuuming the next, cleaning bathrooms, waterblasting, etc. You drive around different sites and you can mess around a lot. You're getting a decent amount of movement in and you're not straining one part of your body too much.

Factory work, office pencil pushers, cashiers, etc. I find a lot of that work as being much more menial than janitorial work.

I picked up janitorial work as a second job in order to pay for my study at the start of the year, but tbh, I don't think I'll ever drop it as a secondary form of income because it's that cathartic and enjoyable. I just hate that there's a sort of stigma against it.

No. 481721

File: 1573278726887.jpg (8.88 KB, 310x310, prod_1188097_1_310x310.jpg)

Imari from Avon smells better and lasts longer than chanel

No. 481728

I also hate the stigma around janitorial work. But some janitors, depending on where/what they're cleaning have to clean up vomit and actual human shit among other disgusting things. Like, at a grocery store that my brothers friend used to work at people would literally smear shit across the bathroom stall walls. I guess may be that's why people think of it as being "low" which is sad because honestlt anyone who cleans that is a hero.

I didn't even work as a janitor specifically but had to do a lot of cleaning and changing trash at my previous job (gas station attendant) and trust me I've seen some shit. I always hated the way that peoplee would star at me when I was cleaning the contents of a ripped trash bag off the ground.

No. 481732

I was a caregiver and tbh cleaning up gross messes never bothered me much. With gloves and a mask theres no risk of anything and with caregiving there are very few tasks that really "end" except clean up so it feels nice to finish something. I honestly might look into janitorial work.

No. 481737

I was never a janitor, but I was a housekeeper at a 5-star hotel and a home cleaner later on.
Both were paid very well but I got sick of being treated like scum or a braindead idiot by customers and random people who asked me what I do. People even told me "you're a smart girl, why do you do these shitty jobs, you can do better than that".

There was absolutely nothing wrong with my work aside from people being turds about it and I eventually got sick of having to explain myself to others or just be silent about the work I do. Now I work in IT and I get paid to do fuck all but sit at the office and talk shit with my colleagues, but people respect me so much when I tell them I'm a developer for a large multinational company.

No. 481745

Janitorial work requires a bit of knowledge. Like how to clean the area effectively, how good to clean the area, and when to clean the area so you can not waste time on your shift. It's no different than how a security officer does their job, but now you're adding in the part of using your arms to clean shit. I feel more important being a janitor and security officer compared to a cashier, mostly because these positions usually pay more and I don't have to be face to face with someone unless needed to. No one would ever pity a cashier and ask them the same question "Why do you do these shitty jobs?" I honestly think it's intimidation.
Nothing is wrong or shitty with having a blue collar job. I don't get why more people apply to these types of positions because do many pay well. I see so many people just talk about how much they hate working retail and getting paid shit and I'm over here behind a computer screen yelling "Apply to a warehouse! Be a custodian! Be a security officer! They're always hiring somewhere!"

No. 481779

I naturally wake up with my body's circadian rhythm, it happens to be around pre-dawn or dawn.

tired of people who just can't respect that? no, it's not awful waking up so early, that's just how my body functions. if anything, I'm sorry for you since it seems your rhythm is incompatible with 9-5 work hours. I actually feel lucky for waking so early, nothing is going on so I have less distractions, I've been able to be so productive in the wee morning hours, way moreso than staying up super late. Plus, going into work at 9am feels like going into work at noon for non-morning people.

being a morning person is awesome, and I legitimately feel bad for the people who aren't allowed to freshly wake up with their internal rhythm, who have to wake up "early" and act like crabby assholes "before their cup of coffee!!"

No. 481785

>I legitimately feel bad for the people who aren't allowed to freshly wake up with their internal rhythm
You deserve your morning superpower. Why aren't the rest of the morning people like you, instead of cracking bitchy jokes about how a case of the Monday's shouldn't last all week.

No. 481799

probably just because I actively work on it. I get really irritated sometimes from bitchy non morning people who take their tiredness as an excuse to act like assholes, who constantly complain about waking up early (but also staying up super late), and the annoying muh coffee meme culture that comes from it. it goes both ways, but now I can see it's just the system of strict "business" hours messing up people's lives. imo as long as you work your 40 hours, does it really matter to be there for 9-5? I'm sure non morning people would happily work 10-6 or 11-7 if allowed.

No. 481971

Using white eyeliner on your waterline to make your eyes appear bigger just makes you look deranged IRL.

No. 481993

Women who get offended by "manspreading" honestly baffle me, was this really as Inssue because I never once noticed this

No. 481994

I hate coffee culture too. It's so performative and tired, I don't even believe it's genuine. I drink quite a lot of coffee because it tastes good but it neither wakes me up nor delays tiredness. It does, however, offset hunger so I bet if they had a proper breakfast they wouldn't need their coffee so desperately.

I am also a morning person but my preferred work hours start early, you can get the work day over and done with first thing and there's nothing like getting home by 3.30pm and having plenty of time left in the day to run errands and chill. It's like being in school again.

No. 481997

same. are there really people that are so responsive to coffee? it's not effective at all in terms of waking me up. i'd have to drink multiple cups of espresso in order to feel anything at all, and even then, it's not like it makes me awake, it just makes me slightly less tired. i feel like people are definitely lying when they have half a cup of drip coffee and act like they can't live without it/like it's so effective.

No. 482001

There are, I avoid coffee because it makes my heart and mind race. The only reason I sometimes drink coffee is if I'm constipated and really need to take a good dump.

No. 482034

Kinda jelly tbh. My sleep schedule gets fucked if I don't actively put conscious effort into keeping it normal. It's always been easier for me to stay up at night and sleep during the day, and it has made school and work so much harder for me. The only things it has been useful for are driving and night outs.

No. 482041

People who like corporate entertainment and mainstream social media are sheep. No exceptions.

No. 482052

a strong cup of coffee triggers an anxiety attack for me

No. 482054

I've had men inappropriately touch me on the bus via manspreading, and just on general. not sure if manspreading is a real "problem", but the movement has shamed some men into being more aware of how they take up space and how creepy they are about personal space in general.

anyone who gets something like a tattoo of their favorite show or brand or whatever, I unironically view as sheeple.

No. 482152

I know that hating nicki is popular but i think she is okay.
People wanted to replace her with cardi b and were hoping she would become irrelevant in 2018.
But look at her now she is thriving again, collabing with successful artists again and 16 million views in 2 days is pretty solid.

No. 482163

Even people who wear branded clothing I view as sheep. You're just doing their advertising for them, for free.

No. 482165

Yea hating nicki isn’t “popular” because mfs just decided to and wanted to replace her. It’s because she’s a pedo-forgiving/ignoring cunt

No. 482167

Her husband had sexual intercourse with a 16 year old WHEN HE WAS 16 TOO.
She also collaborated with 69 before she and everyone else knew about his allegations.
You are just basing your hate of her from fake news, if you really dont like her say her music sucks but dont use fake debunked info.

No. 482168

didn't she retire

No. 482172

she didnt,she is still making music

No. 482177

Lol sure but I was talking about her brother

No. 482179

Have no problem w her music or her until she protected and advocated for her 40 year old brother that raped someone very young. I don’t remember the age but it was like 8-12

No. 482185

>Petty was written up 18 times for disciplinary infractions while serving time for a manslaughter conviction from 2006 to 2013 in New York. Among some of his violations include five violations for disobeying a direct order and two violent conduct violations in 2010 for threats and fighting.
>In 2009, he was hit with nine separate violations and had to do four months in solitary confinement as punishment. He also received a violation for creating a disturbance just one day after entering the prison.
>Apparently whenever Petty was cited for bad behavior, he would mostly lose his recreation, phone and commissary privileges.
>Nicki's boyfriend was convicted of first degree rape of a 16-year-old back in 1995. Petty served almost four years for that crime and then in 2006 was sentenced to prison for a manslaughter conviction.
All of this is fake news…? Minaj's fans are quick to scream racism but if this was really just all made up, then why aren't they suing for defamation? Instead she only posts vague "y'all jelly haters" insta stories..

In the end it doesn't matter, I don't need a subhuman bf as a reason to hate a pig who's making millions of promoting the degradation and humiliation of herself and other women as "female empowerment" to an entire generation of young girls.
Rap/hip-hop and the "culture" surrounding it is cancer.

No. 482186

Ah I looked it up for a refresher. It was his stepdaughter. She was 10-11. Her brother saw it happen and he was 8. Nickis brother was over 40. Nicki is paying for his defense, bail, everything. She has supported him through it all even with the ubiquitous proof he’s a rapist pedophile piece of shit. She’s a piece of shit in correlation. Fuck blood my brother wanted to rape his stepdaughter I’d tell him to rot, even if it wouldn’t make a dent in my pocket.

No. 482196

Im guessing some of you here have no idea what the word ''unpopular'' means and that this is the unpopular thread. Are you saying i shouldnt have a unpopular opinion on a unpopular opinion thread.

Also Nicki has stayed silent regarding her brothers case and has never even mentioned him.
You sheeps get your info from gossip/entertainment sites with no info, there is NO actual evidence that nicki supports her brother.

No. 482198

>Im guessing some of you here have no idea what the word ''unpopular'' means and that this is the unpopular thread. Are you saying i shouldnt have a unpopular opinion on a unpopular opinion thread.
Fucking newfag, you can post your opinion but people are allowed to call bs on it too
>Also Nicki has stayed silent regarding her brothers case and has never even mentioned him.
Her actions talk for her.

No. 482206

Ayrt. My point is no one wanted to replace her with anyone. She became irrelevant, in part, because of her shit decisions. People saw that she tweeted how much she loved her brother and would support him to the moon or some bs after his actions became known. Those are some public, very telling, words. Spent money on his defense. Tweeted pictures out having fun w him and family after she bailed him out. Very telling actions. Sure she’s still “thriving” (with”successful”artists(who lol?)) but that’s the problem and it’s because of sheep like you. Not >>482185, >>482198 Or I

No. 482230

File: 1573436203383.jpg (18.33 KB, 225x350, Love-Stage-dvd-1-225x350.jpg)

A common defense of Yaoi/mlm I keep on hearing is that m/m slash is a form of escapism, for many straight because m/m slash has equality between the characters and doesn't have a traditional hetrosexual relationship dynamics, except that most straight fangirls are obsessed with the seme/uke dynamic, which throws the equality out of the window. Seme is always manlier, older, dominant and is the "top/man" in bed. Uke is girly, small, submissive and is the "bottom/women" in bed.

I just don't it ?

No. 482237

Seme/uke went out of fashion forever ago, but anyway… no matter what traits they have, they're still both men. It doesn't contradict escapism to have one girly male, he's still male.

I don't get why people can't just let girls be ~heteronormative~ in their gay fantasies anyway. Of course they're going to use het relationships as their frame of reference, that's everything they've ever known or experienced, and it's what their sexuality has developed to revolve around. They aren't going to suddenly have the sexual preferences of a gay man the moment they write a gay couple. Let them live, it's not hurting them or gay men.

No. 482247

File: 1573440297299.jpeg (43.26 KB, 1024x569, woop.jpeg)

It's said best in their own words so I'm going to quote
Part 1
>To self-diagnose impostor syndrome you have to know and accept both requirements of the condition. You have to acknowledge that you feel like an impostor and acknowledge the reality that you do have high ability. However, to acknowledge the reality (that you do have ability) is to destroy your perception (that you don’t have ability). Accepting one premise negates the other.
>Self-diagnosing impostor syndrome seems like a quiet way of self-aggrandizing. It’s a way of trying to humbly say “I’m really good but I’m not going to flaunt it.”
>Clance and Imes describe three types of behaviors as response to feeling like an impostor. Using their words, I’ll label them “diligence and hard work”, “intellectual inauthenticity”, and “charm and perceptiveness to win the approval of superiors”. I find it odd that of the three types of behaviors described as impostor syndrome only the first one is self-diagnosed. In the tweets and blog posts I’ve read I see people write about the hard work they put in not to be discovered as a phony. I never hear any one write about charming someone into believing they’re not an impostor. After all that wouldn’t be very flattering.
Part 2:
>by casting these completely normal feelings of self-doubt as Impostor Syndrome, it makes these feelings seem abnormal and something to be rid of. All that will do is push people towards the opposite side of the spectrum, the Dunning-Kruger effect, where unskilled people think they are hot shit.
>By the time I realized that Impostor Syndrome was probably the thing that had held me back in the past, I didn’t have it anymore
>Minorities are much more likely to experience [imposter syndrome]… it frustrates me that as soon as I wrote about Impostor Syndrome, white men started clamoring to tell me that “Men can have it too!”
You might be bale to self diagnose imposter, but do you really think that's likely?

No. 482252

I’ll be honest, I don’t like mlm of any kind purely because of all the poo pushing, I can’t wrap my head around being obsessed with gay men when they play with stanky ass man bungus

No. 482257

agreed anon. tokyo godfathers will always be the best satoshi kon movie

No. 482283

File: 1573453489545.png (268.11 KB, 631x356, Kiss.png)

It's cuter that way, simple as that. Femininity is appealing to a lot of women, it's the reason why even the seme is usually just at most a guy with a swimmer body or is just as feminine as the uke, especially in more modern works. I'd say it's a big reason why most fujoshis are bisexual girls including myself.
Also love stage is a bit cringy story telling wise, but I love it anyway.
This, people just want a reason to hate on whatever girls do basically.

No. 482284

Good taste.

No. 482289

They do tend to spread their slightly legs more, but that's mostly because they have testicles, and a higher center of gravity.

No. 482293

How do you get inappropriately touched by manspreading? Their knee touches yours? That happens a lot to me with everyone, even women, when there's people around you it's bound to happen.

I don't care about manspreading, it's such a stupid thing to cry about.

No. 482309

It's not the same as a heterosexual relationship dynamic. The bottom is still a male, so it doesn't reflect real life dynamics between a man and a woman inside the reader's mind. You get to see a male character being vulnerable, effeminate and not being in control and that's a rare treat with fiction because it's usually a female character being handed the patronized part. The "b-but isn't the bottom character just a woman???" discourse was created by men salty about women liking this stuff to begin with.

No. 482315

File: 1573465823937.jpg (62.67 KB, 500x569, tumblr_olsza3V7zk1tldqkoo1_500…)

I definitely get your point if we're strictly speaking about yaois like your pic or >>482283 but there are also lots of others, there the roles are reversed so to speak, young/short/feminine top and old/tall/muscular bottom (those also tend to have less rapey plots).
I turned to yaoi as a teen because I was a loser with zero relationship experience. Men simply seemed unapproachable and dangerous (I mean they are lol), so some pretty manga guy who's absolutely in love looks just a lot less scary, like an unrealistic, idolized version of a real guy. To me the sex also seems less real or graphic as in straight mangas/porn. And it does kind of feel more "equal".
Them being a pair of gay men also helps to distance yourself from it, you get to experience romance through them - but without having to compare yourself and measure up to a female protagonist. I absolutely hate romantic books or movies because the female characters are usually horribly written, so passive and only living for the love of their man and many yaois tend to be the same, you have to really search for a while to find good ones. Abe Akane and Michinoku Atami both have pretty semes and manly ukes if anybody's interested.

No. 482319

For me the biggest issue is that it takes up a significant portion of space, they spread more than is needed for their balls. I’ve also noticed men tend to spread more around women than they do with other men, probably because a woman will make herself small whereas a man will spread back.

It’s honestly just rude, keep your limbs within your designated space

No. 482458

Idk if this is even unpopular anymore but people who smoke cigarettes are pathetic degenerates, especially young people who weren't even alive when smoking was socially acceptable

No. 482470

I second this. Women don't always self-insert into the bottom, either (as is often assumed). When I was a fujo I was only into it for the uke because what I'm actually into is small, submissive men. At the time it was the only place I knew where I could find my fix.

No. 482471

when I was a fujo I was only really into bara tbh. For me I think it was really the escapism of being "equal" to the type of men I was into (beefcakes)

for clarity I hate rape/noncon stuff though

No. 482473

i don't think it's unpopular but i definitely don't think it should be either. young people who took up smoking are plain stupid. especially since many older people who started because it's just what was done, hate that they do.

No. 482479

Shrek is unironically an amazing movie. So are the sequels. Except the fourth one.

No. 482486

It made a lot of short jokes for a movie that's about bodily acceptance. Other than that it's perfect. Never have a kid if you're not gonna show them Shrek.

No. 482488

are you poo pushers

No. 482489

apparently the short jokes about Lord Farquaad were meant to be jab at Michael Eisner who is 6'4, who Jeffrey Katzenberg absolutely hated

No. 482497

yes, Jeffrey Katzenberg is a short man himself, 5 feet exactly, so he thought making his former boss, who demeaned him for being short, shorter.

No. 482504

If I ever get pregnant with a boy I’m going to abort it. I refuse to birth or raise a male. Imaging spending all this time creating, nurturing, and loving your child just for outside male socialization/the patriarchy to ruin them and they end up a standard misogynist at best and abuser/rapist at worst. Risk isn’t worth the reward.(>>pink pill)

No. 482509

and this is why women get turned off from feminism and don't identify as feminists

No. 482516

So do you self-insert into one of the baras in some way?
I'd love to peg a male partner, yes.

No. 482517

Feminist ideology doesn’t say “abort male babies”. I want to do it because I, personally, don’t want to birth or raise males. This is the unpopular opinion thread, it’s my opinion.

No. 482521

I mean I hope I never get pregnant in the first place but I feel the same about raising male children. I'd rather just adopt girls if I ever change my mind about having kids..

No. 482522

How is that anon's problem? If her personal choice is enough to turn someone off fighting for women's rights and acknowledging how other women have done so before them, they would have been shitty feminists anyway.

Better feminism be a small group of people who actually prioritize women than a massive group of half assed libfems who just want to defend their nigels.

No. 482523

>I'd love to peg a male partner, yes.

Anal sex no matter whose doing the fucking is a degenerate act, also you're most likely a porn sick cumbrain If you're into that shit

No. 482530

File: 1573529496158.png (62.4 KB, 862x291, Screenshot_2019-11-11 r Gender…)

this is why

No. 482535

The reason is some random redditor's anecdotes? How convincing. My anecdotal evidence is that I have no need for an online presence to care about feminism, and hence never get bullied or gossiped about and have no fucking clue what she is referring to.

People need to stop expecting radical feminism to be fun and easy tbh. It's mostly harsh truths and being forced to confront uncomfortable ideas, giving up things that make your life easier and questioning why you do them. Of course that will turn plenty of people off, but if they aren't willing to examine their choices and consider the possibility that what they want isn't compatible with feminist principles, it wouldn't suit them anyway.

No. 482539

File: 1573530955581.png (85.59 KB, 330x360, Lierre_Keith.png)

this comment wasn't made by some random redditfag, this was made by Lierre Keith a prominent radical feminist and activist, this woman has been involved in activism and radical feminism before you were even born

No. 482550

fucking owned omg.

No. 482556

My bad for not actually reading the name of a redditor, but regardless.. how does it even remotely apply to >>482504?? Don't you think shit like >>482509 is way more like what she's referring to? Anon not wanting to have a baby is not 'another feminist being ripped apart', telling someone their personal choice is the reason feminism fails sure as fuck is.

No. 482557

you're willing to fuck a dude though?

No. 482561

Almost any time that Farquaad was on scene there were gags at his expense, which is bad because it runs counter to other themes. He couldn't help being a midget any more than Fiona and Shrek could help being like onions.

No. 482565

Not always. If a character had a relatable personality I would lean towards that. I'm bi and don't see myself as a "top" or "bottom" so it honestly never mattered the dudes just had to be cute. Although now that I think more about it I think my brain just went: fat buff guy hot 2 fat buff guys extra hot.

Tbh I was into all kinds of weird different stuff as long as it wasn't noncon I was down. Now I don't watch/look at porn but yeah welcome to my 15 year old psyche I'm sorry.

No. 482572

I don't really think this opinion is all that unpopular, people want another Shrek movie after all.

No. 482597

uhh, lierre keith is an idiot. she believes all kinds of crazy shit. people like her literally reach for any reason to abandon an ideology. like one person they came across at a gas station in petaluma in 1989 that believes in X gave them stink eye and now that means they need to abandon their ideology. she's dumb. women aren't radical enough and if that allegedly affects pearl clutching losers anxious to abandon their purportedly solidly held ideology, that isn't their problem. if people are so quick to abandon their political views because someone believes something in a way they don't, or acts a certain way, or whatever, or especially, misrepresents something that is clearly supposed to be something else, they were never going to be genuine advocates or proponents of that thought. she's WAY more anti-troonery than anti-misogyny anyways.

No. 482664

Yeah, I was pornsick in my teen years but am now wonderfully pornfree. Some fetishes just don't leave though haha.
But it's not like any of this is a requirement. As long as my partner is simply passive in bed then I'm fine with never touching his anus.
>fat buff guy hot 2 fat buff guys extra hot
I laffed.
It's interesting to learn about how other fujos enjoyed their yaoi growing up though. At the time it didn't seem to matter, but it really is individual.
Not to make it sound deeper than it is lmao.

No. 482677

maybe I'm a prude of something but I don't understand kinks , like If my bf asked me to finger him or something I would consider breaking up with him and If he asked me for a rimjob I would just leave him on the spot(nobody cares necessaryspeed4)

No. 482681

Well… that sounds like a you problem

No. 482700

The anti-kink spergs on this board are ridiculous. It's one thing to be against sex work and real life porn for completely valid reasons but when you start writing shit like >>482523 unironically you crossed the line to terminal autism. There's a difference between two consenting adults experimenting with a kink in private and a cumbrained man pressuring his girlfriend into giving ass to mouth because he saw it done in porn.

No. 482710

Sex scenes in movies are way hotter and better than porn

No. 482729

I'm a millennial myself, but I do think that the recent trend of 'ok boomer' has revealed a lot of pathetic behavior on the part of millennials. Some of the criticisms are fair, but at least 1/3 do come across as making mountains out of anthills. There's a lot of opportunities to make money out there and the absolute incel-tier defeatism is uncalled for.

And I do think there's a lot of myopia at work here. It's not like all was rosy for boomers at every moment. Stagflation and interest rates of 12% fucked a lot of them over at around a similar age to us, during the early 80s, a lot of boomers were financially crippled from that time. There was rationed petroleum during the OPEC crisis, such a thing would never occur today. Terrorism was much worse, as was violence and crime in general, things have become a lot better in many ways. And what, you're really jealous of a generation that experienced more sexism and gender inequality?

Even if the boomers did have it easier than us, don't we both have it easier than 99% of previous generations? How do you think a PTSD soldier during the silent generation would see us? Or the Greatest Generation who had to struggle through both the great depression and world war II, wouldn't they see us as being entitled in a similar manner?

I don't know, I liked the 'ok boomer' stuff at the start because it was fun to criticize their shitty sense of humor and way of looking at the world. But now it's not fun, you get the vibes of 'oh, this person writing this angry boomer criticism is just a generational version of an incel'. That's the best way of putting it, it's just like incel shit.

No. 482735

File: 1573585752081.gif (103.29 KB, 500x355, hard.gif)

Serial experiment lain and FLCL aren't that hard to understand. You may not get the meaning, but it isn't that hard to keep track the general plot points. I swear to the people who say 'I didn't get a single thing that happened' have had their brains melted from to much 'i'm saying everything about what i'm going to do' anime or simply flunked out of ela because 'the curtains are just blue'

No. 482743

Not to defend boomers or anything but my country's economy crashed in the early 90's due to the USSR collapsing and a lot of families lost their livelihoods, it still affects them today. Alcoholism, massive debt, mental illnesses etc. That's why our millenials, the kids who grew up in those homes, have even bleaker outlook on life and around 20% of them suffer of a diagnosed mental illness. Many more have gone without seeking help. I don't think any generation had it "better" than the one after them, they just don't understand each others' struggles. Boomers had the cold war and the financial crisis, millenials have the refugee crisis, picking up the pieces of the great 2008 recession and most likely losing our access to health care and pension if we even get to keep our jobs after we turn 50.

No. 482766

Having tiger/authoritarian parents is better than having nelgectful ones in the long run

No. 482767

t. Butthurt kinkster

No. 482768

That has a double entendre given the context lmao

Why do you even care about people's opinions on that though? Like you said it happens behind closed doors so just keep your private life private and no one will judge you.

No. 482829

DreamWorks > Disney

Hans Zimmer > John Williams

No. 482832

I don't hate men.

There I said it!

No. 482834

I agree with the myopia part. I just entered a field that's growing quite quickly, decent pay at entry level bc it's tech adjacent, but almost everyone my age (mid 20s) I meet hasn't really heard or thought much about. I kinda blame the rise in university attendance and the short sighted idea that 1 major=1 job basically. like, there are so many nice little niches out there, but you do have to take time to find them.

No. 482837

Good for you? This isn't an unpopular opinion. On lolcow maybe, but not in the real world.

No. 482855

If you can’t speak English (or whatever the most common language of whatever country you’re current residing), then you have no business working in a public service job.

I called an Uber and I was trying to tell him I was on my way. He ignored my calls twice and when I asked him about it, his reply was “No English!”

Like seriously dude? Then what the fuck are you doing at a job that requires you to talk to people on the regular? I’m not against immigrants or people who don’t speak English well or at all but if you don’t speak the language (and don’t make much effort to learn it) and chose a job where you have to interact with people, then you’re just setting yourself up for failure and makes things harder than it has to be.

When I worked at Applebee’s briefly, there was a host that barely spoke English and I had no idea why he was a host to begin with. Should’ve been a busser at least.

No. 482866

agree, porn leaves little to the imagination so is therefore less hotter,

No. 482880

Agree. I used to work retail with this girl who just barely spoke English and dear god it was such a nightmare. Like to the point she hardly understood our managers and would have to ask me what they said and I would have to re-explain it to her multiple times. If a customer asked her something she'd just refer them to me. I always tried to be a straight forward as possible and speak in the most plain English so she could understand me but she still couldn't understand me most of the time. She didn't really return the effort in communicating either and would just quietly mumble most of the time and expect people to magically know what she was saying. And even when I did understand her her word choice was so weird that I usually didn't know what she meant anyway.

She also had really annoying habits like misplacing things, forgetting she did it, asking me where it was and then when I didn't know she would laugh at me. That has nothing to do with the language barrier though, it was just really annoying.

I wouldn't go to a country where I didn't know the language, get a job, not make any effort to learn the language or even communicate. That just seems douchey.

No. 482883

On one hand I get it, the service industry is the easiest work to get as an immigrant (and in general), but also if you're not putting any effort in to learn at least very basic conversational language then please fuck off. The worst part is when they get mad at YOU for not understanding them and start getting really shitty with you.

No. 483079

File: 1573689012651.png (309.25 KB, 610x407, RPckfNy.png)

The idea of chadsplaining, not the way incel currently use it to deflect criticisms though, has some merit. It's not them being in denial or them being 'blue pilled', but simply a misunderstanding. Most people asking/giving help on social skill forums simply have/had anxiety and low confidence with average social skills. For them the best advice simply is 'be confident and talk more'.
The problem comes in when someone who's truly borderline autistic comes onto the forum. Their complaints are interpreted as being another 'low confidence poster' so they get 'just be ur self!' when they're so far gone they need stuff like 'personal boundaries 101'
Another problem is that a lot of 'normies', people good at social skills, have internalized ideas along with meme advice like 'being unique is cool!'.
'be yourself' , but change you're self a bit around bosses, children and crushes
'unique is good'. but most of us are just mainstream stuff with a layer of unique (ex: MCU geek vs. Lolicore fan)
'just be confident', along with basic social skills
This may seem obvious, but the people who take it are socially oblivious and a lot of normies will brush it off as 'you're so cynical'. Another problem is that normies have internalized some ideas to so much they can only really respond with 'just be normal' because they've never seen socializing anything more than breathing.
Socializing is also a skill so 'just talk' can get you somewhere, but a 'socializing 101' book will greatly help. It's like telling an artist to just draw without practicing fundamentals it'll get them somewhere, but books will triple their learning speed till their good enough to learn on their own.

No. 483100

File: 1573698438114.jpg (96.68 KB, 464x648, 1570954354972.jpg)

from what I have seen a large majority of Incels also seem to be jobless NEETs, its literally impossible for them to socialize due to their possession

A 9 to 5 could be the solution to most of their problems

No. 483101

If you actually have autism you need to see a psychologist who specializes in your condition and shouldn't be learning about the world by what retards say online.

No. 483103

I didnt mean autism in the literal way just in the bad at social skills way

No. 483104

If you need 'socializing 101' then you probably are on the spectrum or were undersocialized as a child and should definately see a mental health professional.

No. 483146

File: 1573717222639.jpeg (333.3 KB, 640x631, C6EEF2E8-E455-4F19-B6B6-48EAF8…)

David Dobrik is overrated and not funny and not charming everyone I know irl likes him but I find his videos annoying
Idk if he’s in any drama but I dislike him for his personality in his videos everyone says he’s a really nice guy … still don’t like him fuck this man and his face and voice
Also I’m not sure if girls find him cute, but this man looks like an overgrown child

No. 483152

Hard agree, and also all the men in that pic are bland and kinda ugly

No. 483160

He looks like a male version of Rebecca Sugar.
Nearly none of these male celebrities that get touted as "sexy heartthrobs" ever are.

No. 483168

No way, the other ones are hella cute to me. Different taste I guess.

No. 483175

File: 1573729746380.jpg (658.54 KB, 1683x3000, Steven_sugar.jpg)

no this is the male version of Rebecca Sugar
her younger brother Steven Sugar

No. 483176

File: 1573729972755.jpeg (46.36 KB, 554x554, 09B7B617-C03B-4DBF-94F2-E74E62…)

Wait, her show is based on her brother??

No. 483178

Stevens personality,appearance and even his name were based on her younger brother

No. 483181

Kek I just figured out who this guy was (I'm an oldfag) and I can't believe this goofy looking dude has girls thirsting after him. Men are so lucky women are generally forgiving about appearance and usually prioritize a kindness and humour.

No. 483211

ew, i just realized Steve is based on her irl brother. I dunno why, but that creeps me out.

No. 483212

Those eye wrinkles at 23. yikes

No. 483229

I thought he was Josh Groban for a sec lamo

No. 483265

Him and the vlog squad annoy me, they all seem so talentless. Youtubers are almost always overhyped, I used to like Shane Dawson but I hate him now lmao. I also don’t get the appeal of the Dolan twins.

No. 483361

SAME OMFG FUCK SHANE DAWSON what tf happened to him when I watch his old videos I realize he was never really funny but he did have some charm to him now he’s just shitting these “documentaries” out probably not an unpopular opinion but Shane Dawson’s content has suffered a decline in quality
The vlog squad is the stupidest shit ever I can’t stand when my sister puts on his videos and I hear him and his bros partying and giggling or their staged ass unfunny gags fuck off david dobrick why does everyone like you so much

No. 483430

I used to really like Shane's conspiracy and building giant shit videos a couple years ago but can't even understand it now, especially seeing what he's turned into. He's disgusting and unfunny.

No. 483559

get your man some tretinoin and sunscreen ladies

No. 483563

Dating and sex should be illegal and punishable by death. Men ruined it by acting ungrateful and shitty. I get disgusted when I see couples or just sexual things in general because I know the guy is probably going on 4chan and shitting himself about how much he hates his girlfriend for features she cannot change

>Inb4 femcel

I have a boyfriend and a long dating history and my body count is in the double digits. Unfortunately being with lots of men taught me what they're like and yes I want to die to

No. 483574

How so?

No. 483578

I get it's extreme but this is an unpopular opinions thread and you're a little off if you think there aren't women who have extreme beliefs.

No. 483580

Counterpoint: You've only dated men that were willing to date you - a minute and biased sample. It's not possible to infer from it that all men are trash, or even that most are. Only that any man that's willing to be in your company is extremely likely to be.

No. 483582

Not exactly. I'm actually quite picky with my men. I've dated rich men, poor men, tall men, short men, fat men, skinny men, muscular men, hot men, ugly men, feminine men, manly men, etc

Some are nicer some are less nice. Unfortunately a lot of them are obsessed with tearing apart women's appearances and it always slips out eventually. That's not even to mention men on lawless forums saying extremely disturbing things about their girlfriends and wives. I can't trust them honestly and I just wish women were more picky too.

No. 483609

Men age so fast after the age of 23. It's hard to find one that looks decent after that age…they start getting so fat and getting so much body hair.

No. 483619

Men who don't shave their faces should be shamed as much or more than women who don't shave their bodies.
Beards are fucking gross.

No. 483621

Some guys grow facial hair to cover up a baby face/weak jaw/double chin. They think it's an improvement

No. 483622

No. Because then they just look like big, bald faced babies.

No. 483623

Honestly comparing beard hair to female body hair is a bit of an unfair comparison anyway. Not even leghair is as obtrusive and distracting, and most women don't have pubic hair that could be braided into a foot long hair rope.

Beards are the worst meme.

No. 483626

Here is my unpopular take on this.

Women who bitch about men but claim to be picky are in fact just thots who thirst for douchebags expecting them to behave much like thirsty betas on the internet commenting in their IG albums, but in reality that hot hunky douchebag only needs you to wet his dic and nothing more, manipulating thirsty thots into sex or submission, and when that douche is done, the thot goes to lolcow into manhate thread and posting in unpopulat opinions crap how sex should be illegal and all men are scum, submitting into radical feminism to be fed shit how it's never woman's fault and all bads are created by men, inflating already unstable narcissistic ego of emotionally immature thot.

Gurl, you're either have shitty taste in men, or no one but asshole wants to be with you, what ever it is, it characterises you, and only you.

No. 483628

Incel alert

No. 483629

Dead ass. There's been some hateful things about women posted here recently.

>believing that a man's manipulative, shallow, and opportunistic nature characterizes a woman when she's victimized by that behavior


No. 483634

>sharing unpopular opinion in unpoipular opinion thread

incel! incel!!

At least try to not be so obvious, when someone calls you out.

No. 483636

It is unfair and we get shamed a lot for not being perfectly shaved. Meanwhile these ugly mofos wear rugs on their faces. If they can shame us they better be perfectly smooth.

No. 483638

I haven't been perfectly shaved for about ten years now, no guy has ever made an issue out of it cos I make my feelings on the subject clear

No. 483640

I have yet to see a man to shame woman over body hair. All i have ever seen was girls nitpicking, may be it has nothing to do with men, just consider this for a moment. If anyone ever did this to you, who were they? That's a question that warrants an answer.

No. 483641

Or maybe people are saying you sound like a bitter man because you're genuinely coming off that way and being hostile about it isn't helping your case.

No. 483644

>I have yet to see a man to shame woman over body hair
>it's always nitpicking wahman!

No. 483646

It does happen but it's a matter of not letting people shame you into changing your choices, you kinda need a thick skin to be a hairy legged woman and deal with the rude comments

No. 483649

So you are blaming for women being manipulated, and also blaming them for going after men they're physically attracted to? Some idiots don't seem to understand ugly men are just as manipulative and often even physically and emotionally abusive.

The internet actually helps these women because they show them what signs to look out for and what to avoid doing to not be taken advantage of, but it doesn't change the fact that these men are to blame for that in the first place.

No. 483658

If you're dating a pretty woman, you're going to have to accept that she will be flirted with and have orbiters. There's just no getting around it. It will happen unless you want her to have no social interaction with anyone but you.
The onus falls on her not to cheat, and for you to trust her.

No. 483675


>I don't think any generation had it "better" than the one after them, they just don't understand each others' struggles.

I wish more people realized this instead of going at each other's throats, but alas, people are shit and can't relate to one another, so we constantly go through these never ending cycles of x generation accusing y generation of being entitled, and vice versa.


>There's a lot of opportunities to make money out there and the absolute incel-tier defeatism is uncalled for.

I see so many people in their 20's and early 30's who are giving up on themselves before they have even started because they leave out of university (speaking as an American in the US) with a BA or Master's in blah blah blah, and then get frustrated when people don't hand them a job straight out of a lecture with little experience, or they're not making six figures and living in a beach house near the Pacific Ocean by the time they hit 32.

No. 483690

>I see so many people in their 20's and early 30's who are giving up on themselves

The reason they have basically given up is cause they think that civilization will end in 20-30 years due to climate change

No. 483696

>they think that civilization will end in 20-30 years due to climate change

No, thats completely retarded.

It has more to do with economic stagnation and the thought that there is no seemingly obtainable end goal thats worth the absurd competition levels and warped standards of a globalized job market. A lot is also perception, giving up because you think you will not get anywhere is a self fullfilling prophecy, fearmongering and exploitation of issues for political gain is not helping on how young people perceive reality either.

No. 483703

This. I know that I sound like a pathetic bootlicker but so many of my fellow millenial friends are very entitled due to growing up in such a sheltered environment and having things handed to them, and now they're afraid of entering the workforce because they're not being rewarded for simply existing anymore and need to make compromises instead of getting their dream job with the absolute minimal effort. But the individualism is also the strong point of our generation as many millenials set out to try and experience new stuff and create their own businesses, and also value your own worth and goals in life. It just comes with a flip side when the other half of the generation demands the society to be changing their diapers at 32.

No. Nobody seriously thinks that and if they do, they need to get back on their meds. It's just a convenient excuse for pampered adult children to not do anything to challenge or better themselves and only focus on endless hedonism at the expense of others.

No. 483714

>TLDR; you roasties end up dating assholes because you only want to fuck Chad!
Who else but an incel would share that lukewarm take? It's generic, dumbass incel whining with yasss gurl sis lingo peppered in.

No. 483718

On twitter for the first time in ages lately and I looked at the hashtag for the Pokemon pop-up centre that was open in London. I expected happy pictures of pikachu plushes but I mostly found outrage. People with anxiety disorders who weren't accepted in the 'disability queue' cos they didn't bring proof. People queueing overnight and complaining about anxiety sufferers skipping a 12 hour queue cos 'I have a doctors note' etc. Such outrage from grown adults who are lining up to spend literal hundreds on plush toys for themselves. We're losing all sense of what actual hardship might be.

I love Pokemon, I've spent years missing out on things because of anxiety but.. I still cannot relate to my own generation when we're all trying to outdo each other in terms of 'my mental illness struggle' and we're spending many hours and hundreds of pounds buying toys and still whinging on twittland afterwards. We're a bunch of adult babies

I'm starting to see how genuine struggle helps build character

No. 483769

i legit had (male) strangers point at my hair legs and laugh to my face in the train. I've had male acquintances talk unprompted in detail about how they could never touch a girl who didnt shave her pussy.
I usually date within a sorta artistic/bohemic milieu so I personally never had a man make any comment or even dislike my body hair but all of my normie female friends had experience with their sexual partners berating them over stuble.

No. 483773

Why tf he looks so old at 23?

No. 483794

>I have yet to see a man to shame woman over body hair.
are you blind? just google "my girlfriend doesn't shave" in fact just google "my girlfriend ____" and it's filled with men shitting on any possible trait ever

No. 483795

>Women who bitch about men but claim to be picky are in fact just thots who thirst for douchebags expecting them to behave much like thirsty betas on the internet commenting in their IG albums, but in reality that hot hunky douchebag only needs you to wet his dic and nothing more,
oh hunny you are way off your rocker if you think this is my reality

No. 483799

This is some terminal clown world shit right there, anon. Grown ass fucking adults throwing a temper tantrum because they couldn't use their anxiety crutch to skip the line for a children's toy. I think that 6-year old muscle dystrophy patient in a wheelchair is much more entitled to a spot in the disability queue compared to the 32-year old twitter baby who can't stand a slight moment of discomfort.

No. 483819

there's something so extra slimey about a 30/40 year old chubby hairy dude being collecting and obsessing over childrens toys and video games, neckbeards are literal cancer

No. 483850

File: 1573871918266.png (683.72 KB, 849x589, come on.PNG)

People give shit to 'reviewer with cartoon animal/20 times hotter version of them' avatars, but its a million times better than the alternative

No. 483862

She means an actual man. Mentally ill incel trolls don't count. Any boy that counts will tell you they still like you either way.

No. 483863

ok, in that case the the total male population of the planet has dramatically shrank from like 4 billion to maybe 1/10th of that at a generous estimate kek

No. 484003

okay very unpopular opinion time. i have said it before but i am going to say it again. i think this "lainey is just as bad as greg and she isn't a victim" narrative is DISGUSTING. she's absolutely still a victim. she's still being victimized to this day, but she's so stupid, you guys. she has no self awareness. there is essentially no chance someone with this little self awareness, who is still under the thumb of her groomer/predator will not become a predator. she's the perfect hapless, completely spineless cult wife that has so little backbone she'd confidently koolaid suicide herself. it's HIGHLY unlikely someone this stupid and in this situation would not mirror their groomer's behavior. a large portion of children that are sexually abused or groomed do go on to groom or abuse. people need to seriously understand this. it is not a happy reality, but it is what happens. (inb4 someone comes along with their personal anecdote, we know a large portion of groomed children repeat that same learned behavior and go on to offend). it takes a much more intelligent or emotionally aware person to do so, and she's so stunted. i think people hate her more than greg not because she 'groomed' girls (and i don't believe it was genuine grooming. i think she just liked attention from girls but never saw it as sexual at all, though the girls did.), i think it's because she's both not conventionally attractive, and a woman, that people are saying she's just as bad as if not worse than greg. by no measure is she anywhere near as bad as greg. sexual vs non-sexual motivations COMPLETELY change the severity of the crime, imo. she obviously is culpable but it's much less severe being that she really just wanted to use her fangirls for attention and as emotional tissues. she was being a coolgirl to the max, really, and it got her caught up in a much worse situation because she operated under the framework of a legitimate predator.

i was bullied at like 8 by pretty much exclusively boys for my blonde but hairy legs and arms and was bullied all throughout school until i started shaving them. if i let my arm hair grow out men always have to comment. i don't shave my armpits often and i always get comments, even from gays. idk wtf you're talking about. my bf likes my hairy armpits, pubes and legs, but random men are always talking shit about my body hair.

No. 484006


western cartoons right now are a nepotistic mess and everything is self insert drivel.

No. 484020

Cry me a river, Lainey was sexting underage girls and sending them nudes so yeah it was sexual. You just want to protect female predators.

No. 484025

Nah she's a piece of shit. Someone who is so selfish that they would lure in 15-16yo fangirls and exchange sexual pics/messages just for the attention is a seriously fucked up individual. That shows people aren't people to her, they're just pawns for her to use. I get what you're saying anon, but at some point people gotta take a stand for themselves. She is 25 years old. She isn't a little girl anymore, she knows the shit she does is wrong and hurts her 'friends' and still decides to do it. She cried about C being a girl because she knows what a dickhead greg is but stays, because again Lainey at the end of the day only gives a fuck about Lainey. She is absolutely a narc & even if you took her away from greg she would just find another abusive dickhead to treat her and her kids like shit. She's pathetic & cowardly as well as manipulative and abusive and that's why I think she's just as bad as greg.
She used her platform to have sexual relationships with her minor fangirls for her own gratification. Doesn't really matter whether that gratification was sexual or not to me, its fucked up. I don't hate lainey because she's 'not conventionally attractive' or a woman. I hate her because she absolutely uses her victimhood to lure girls in and how selfish she is.

No. 484035

I get where you're coming from but I think Lainey has passed the line of victimhood. Greg actively does not want her present anymore and wants her out of the house, has signed away his rights to his kids and was extremely close to running away with Billie. She doesn't have the fear of what he'll do if she leaves - her staying is actively against his wishes.

I'll give that she has some very fucked ideas of what a relationship is, but branching out into fucking over other women is something I'm pretty sure she knows is wrong. Fucking her husband in the same room as her children is something she DEFINITELY knows is wrong. Her upbringing wasn't some fucked up incest fantasy.

I wonder if they have a Fred and Rose West thing going on. Shared hate for each other turning into egging the other on and venting that aggression and hate onto teenage girls. Minus the murder.

No. 484049

she did it for attention and compliments. she's routinely abused and debased by her husband and father of her children, whom she idolizes. it was not sexual. she could not be more straight. as i said, she was trying to be a cool girl that "was into girls" but really she was only into them insofar as teen girls say their bffs are "so hot, wife me!!". so jokingly and for asspats, basically. obviously it was WAY out of line but i think it has to do with the way she wanted to feel unique by being 'bi' for greg's benefit and fit that role because she's painfully boring otherwise, plus, again, having her fans thirsting after her sexually probably helped her self esteem somewhat.

who is saying she isn't fucked up? of course she's fucked up. she's stuck in an abusive environment because she's too weakwilled and unintelligent to escape. she's a complete moron. she doesn't have the talent, intelligence, free-spirit of any of the other girls. she is literally a bland and empty doormat. she is neither smart enough or strongwilled enough to escape her environment. you guys have to understand when you're going through daily trauma, you quite literally detach from reality to get through each day and take on the behaviors of your abusers because you're trying to cope and make sense of the chaos. i think she's honestly dissociating to some degree, constantly, and doesn't understand the consequences of her actions. that's not to say she shouldn't face punishment, but to claim she's anywhere near greg? no fucking way. using her fangirls as emotional tissues and for attention is nowhere near as bad as travelling to different states to fuck them at 16 or actually abusing them. the comparison is absolutely ludicrous. greg is miles worse. there's no comparison. sexual vs not sexual motivation is a huge difference. sexual motivations are a much more tricky animal to rehabilitate.

>but I think Lainey has passed the line of victimhood
i don't get this. she's still being victimized. she is actively a victim. how can she "pass the line of victimhood" while she's currently being abused? everything she is doing, i am almost convinced, is one super fucked up cope. i have seen it time and time again - until someone who is heavily indoctrinated into abuse and shaped by that abuse leaves that environment for a while, it's VERY difficult for them to see the dysfunction, and the dysfunction of their coping, clearly.

>Fucking her husband in the same room as her children is something she DEFINITELY knows is wrong

i don't think she thinks she has a choice. i really think she thinks she's at greg's mercy. she cowers with her tail between her legs no matter how fucked up the issue is. she's so desperate to keep this loser because she's so fucking dumb that she believes the ride or die mantra. i think she thinks if she sacrifices herself, her happiness, other girls, etc, eventually greg will see that they're 'twin flames'. she's profoundly fucked up, but this is precisely my point. taylor has NO chance of improvement within this household. i truly do not think she knows the gravity of her actions or how harmful they can be because i think she's living in crisis mode 24/7. i really think the distinction needs to be made that her motivations were not sexual and this really does lessen the severity of the crime. i think she's just super fucking stupid and thinks she's untouchable, much like greg. probably as a result of growing up with him. she has spent 24/7, all of her most crucial formative years with a millionaire abuser that has done a number on her self esteem.

No. 484050

File: 1573936005017.png (907.18 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20191116-142707.png)

Unpopular opinion,I am the only one who hates Hazbin hotel and viziepop? bland pilot with obnoxious,unlikeable characters who all look alike,dumb plot, overrated trash, don't get me started on her artstyle, it's too P O I N TY.

No. 484052

There's no question that she's in a fucked up environment and is fucked in the head. However, insanity defenses don't work often for a reason. Is she scared and beaten down? Absolutely. Does it excuse her actions, though?

I agree that Lainey's dumb and might not think she has a way out, but I also think you can be victimized and still be a shitty person. Especially with children involved. There are other domestic abuse cases where mothers will let harm come to their kids and I have the same attitude toward it - it's selfishness and a shitty attitude if you're a parent. Lainey has made the choice that her survival trumps her children's welfare, let alone the welfare of whatever teenage randos she can rope into the situation to keep the heat off of her.

I dunno. I think it comes down to personal views on the matter and I don't think you're incorrect. One thing is a constant though and it's that this whole fucked situation wouldn't exist if Greg wasn't at the head of it, and he's the main villain here.

You should check the artist thead here in /ot/, anon. They've been ripping on Hazbin some.

No. 484054

File: 1573936366806.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.42 KB, 800x435, 03e8d2427a0f301e184df5b13b3b7c…)

All her character look anorexic

No. 484060

She draws like a fifteen-year-old scene furry. All of her characters have a mullet, stripes/spots, or two different eye colors like sparkledogs. It's embarrassing, it's like she thinks it's still 2008.

Also the 3edgy5me overdone premise of everyone being in hell. Jfc it's like Hot Topic the cartoon.

No. 484067

I like Hazbin Hotel, and VivziePop's designs. I know it's not for everyone, but the whole "2008 scene/emo edgelord deviantART puked on everything" vibe is actually endearing to me. It's just so unapologetically tacky that it doesn't make me cringe anymore, and I can't hate it. I just feel like I'm back in that era. I like all the overdone, busy character designs, too.
I definitely find it more pleasing to look at than Clarence or Family Guy.

No. 484072

I don’t think that’s an unpopular opinion on here anon. I liked it tbh. Wasn’t perfect, but it certainly was creative.

No. 484076

It wasn't creative,it was lackluster plus I don't understand the appeal at ALL,edgy jokes≠funny

No. 484114

>edgy jokes≠funny

thats most american media.

No. 484132

Alright, I just picked up a new shift at the local pools.

People treat you like absolute shit. Either they won't talk to you, even for the polite hello, or they'll look at you in a condescending way. The ironic thing is, I've worked at this same building as a contractor years ago, so I know the poor treatment I'm getting is purely due to my job.

I'm going to invest in some headphones and just ignore it. But it took me off guard and upset me a little.

No. 484145

Don't let it upset you anon. You're doing honest work that makes the environment clean and enjoyable for everyone. The poor treatment you receive speaks more about their character than yours, and only ignoramuses trapped in a bubble would be condescending towards janitorial staff anyway.

No. 484186

Prince Naveen would like a word with you.

No. 484220

Why can't we think of her as both?

No. 484221

I don't care why she does abusive things. Only that she does them.

No. 484259

Being a victim isn't an excuse to become an abuser. The end.

>s-she has no self-awareness! she didn't know u guise!!!

Is that why she hid the fact that her and Sarah cuddled/sexted when she was a minor and had sex with her the moment she turned 18? She knew what she was doing was wrong. She might be an emotionally stunted idiot, but she knows the basic concept of right and wrong.

No. 484263

A certain amount of gay men who idolize female public figures are actually just bisexual, but with a usual (not necessarily exclusive) leaning toward men.
Honestly, there are a lot of bisexual men in general who act "fruity" and/or just claim to be gay to avoid the stigma around bisexuality.
I've heard stories of girls having sex with their "gay" male friends once or twice, and their boyfriends accepting the "Um, he's gay, nothing could have happened" excuse.

No. 484271

You're describing a phenomenon that's known to biologists as the 'sneaky fucker' theory. Males of any species, that aren't big or strong, or dominant enough to compete with other males, will sometimes act more feminine to sneak in a fuck instead.

No. 484303

that's what im saying. she CAN be both, but for some reason people keep saying "she's MUCH worse than greg. she's not a victim anymore, she's an abuser". they are not mutually exclusive concepts. they often work in tandem, especially when it comes to stupid women that grew up under the hand of sociopathic men. i don't necessarily think this should definitely grant her penal leniency, i just think the way anons view abuse victims that don't turn out right after growing up being abused and still living under abuse that impedes their ability to be emotionally healthy and not offend, is all wrong. she can be culpable and be an abuser while being abused. but still, sexual vs non sexual motivations are hugely different. one is far worse than the other.

>being abused isn't an excuse to become an abuser
explanations and understanding behavior, that, statistically, we see is fairly common as a result of growing up subjected to abuse =/= excusing abuse. yes, some people do not go on to offend, but some do, and that's a reality people need to recognize. she can still be an abuser and a victim. the fact that her motivation is not sexual is important, though. that isn't to say she shouldn't be punished, just that she's nowhere near as bad as greg. not in any universe, ever.

i don't think she didn't know right vs wrong. i think yes, conceptually she knew it was wrong, obviously. what i mean is that i think she possibly didn't know how meaningful or serious what she did was. like, you can know something is "wrong" but not realize why that is fully until later on. i think she genuinely creates real friendships with children because she's so stunted. that says a lot. not just for the purpose of sexual stuff, but she genuinely seems to relate to teens. i remember joking around about wife-ing my friends when i was 16. most girls do this, joke about how sexy they are, marrying them, etc, i legit think some part of her never realized it's no longer appropriate because you're 21 and they're 15, and i think she wanted to be 'bi' without being bi and this was all part of it. i don't think any of it was genuinely sexually motivated. i really think she has not aged emotionally since leaving new mexico. i think she has regressed markedly. she didn't have sex with sarah. even sarah said both of them were coerced/guilted into them basically having sex with greg at the same time. taylor has negative interest in anyone with a vagina, when will you retards grasp this? it was all performative because she's living 24/7 as a character to please her swamplord husband and/or her audience. though that act has considerably dropped now that she's able to eke by with "i'm a transman. i don't like girls, i'm GAY" for even more woke points than before.

that's incredibly stupid and ignorant of reality. terrible way to look at crime.

No. 484314

She's worse in that having gone through similar herself it should be easier for her to sympathize with others.

No. 484316

Self-proclaimed lesbians who go on about how they'd let Hozier fuck them seem pretty bi to me, yeah.

No. 484319

i get that, but i don't think she really sees herself as a victim as much as she should. she thinks she's the lucky, chosen one and throughout all these trials and tribulations, there will be some redemption for their relationship, and that the highs are worth the lows. 'twin flame' and 'soulmates' and all that. she genuinely buys this shit. she doesn't see her situation as a cautionary tale. she thinks he basically can do no wrong and she really is his biggest fangirl to this day. i don't think she's acutely aware of the fact that anyone else will necessarily be abused in the situation because i think she thinks they're lucky like she was to be gifted YouTuber attention. i really don't think she is aware of how dysfunctional he even is, at all. i don't buy that she hates him, either. she definitely does not hate him.

No. 484322

Something something compulsory heterosexuality something something unobtainable male crushes?
I've heard various excuses.

No. 484328

the internet was a mistake (one i can't live without)

No. 484341

I've seen this a lot too and I don't fucking understand.

No. 484346

Being a victim of abuse in the past is a reason, but it's certainly not an excuse, especially once you're an adult. I'm not sure that would
hold up in court for many reasons, one reason being that abusers could very easily lie about being victims themselves.
Almost everyone can understand basic morals and ethics once they reach adulthood, regardless of past or current abuse.I don't know the situation but it seems that people tend to not see women as capable of being rapists and abusers, which in my opinion is very toxic and dangerou stance. I can't speak for your country but I know in my own female paeodophiles seem to get let off lightly,some even still described as being victims of abusive boyfriends when they're out there diddling little fucking babies.

No. 484349

They don’t want to admit they’re bi

No. 484359

Ew. I'm a lesbian and I feel nothing looking at this guy, just like with any other guy. We can recognize when a man is handsome or charming of course, but unless you're bi, it ends there. Nothing remotely sexual or romantic.

It's bisexuals with a preference for women "identifying" as lesbians.

No. 484433

most men are straight, but not heterosexual. they're only attracted to performative femininity, not the actual female sex. there should be distinctions between sexualities and people who are only attracted to performance.

No. 484442

I think she means her ex fucked a troon, kek.

No. 484444

I know a guy that fucked a post op Troon without realising. He remarked how they had cosmetic surgery in their vagina at 23 and I was like that's weird guy, why would a 23 year old get cosmetic work done. And he was like idk so I asked to see a photo of her and it was a previous man baby! He only had nudes of her she sent uwu and her fake tits and man torso were shocking to me. I was like, guy, that was a man and you fucked a fake vagina.

No. 484445

I get what you mean. I used to be super open minded sexually and as a result guys would be quite honest with me about their sexual tastes, a whole lot of tranny lovers out there who just want a femme performance and a hole

No. 484448

My region reddit board has guys that have been like "I sucked off this girls dick but it's not gay cause tits."

Sir. That. That is. Moobs are real.

No. 484450

It's why 4chan feels the need to debate whether it's gay to fuck 'traps' or not everyday.

No. 484455

That just seems weird to me. This person nudes I saw they're stomach was a man's clearly, they had no hips whatsoever and the fake tits were bolted to the middle of the chest. I wish I had the photo it would be so obvious to anyone that's not a retard, pretty sure there was also an adams apple visible lol.

I've never saw a TIF post surgery, but I've saw plenty of masc ladies that try to emulate a man's style and usually they just end up looking bottom heavy cuz of their hips. Is there surgery for that?

No. 484458

Isn't that just bisexuality?

No. 484469

if you can't get it up unless the woman (or troon) is totally hairless, wearing fishnets and lace and acting like a porn star bimbo imo, you're not really attracted to women/the female sex or even troons. you just have a fetish for the trappings of femininity, and it should be considered different from a healthy sexuality.

men who demand women to impossible standards that go against the natural female body aren't heterosexual men, they're just broken fetishists.

No. 484503

how do you know what nail polish remover tastes like?

No. 484525

The wrong side won wwII. Germany and Britain should have been allies against Stalin, Japan should not have bombed Pearl Harbor and the US should have remained neutral minding its own business. The abomination that is the current state of Israel should no exist.

No. 484538

Hey there /pol/, sup?

No. 484547

I agree but some of the farmers here do the same thing, some farmers here have impossible standards. And yes alot of cows here are ugly but some of them are pretty and it feels weird when farmers shit on them for not looking like perfect barbie's.

No. 484555

>that go against the natural female body

im getting really tired of listening and reading this over and over, it means nothing, like what the fuck is natural even, most women who say this are fat americans who call any non fat women" unnatural and unrealistic", its a pretty blank statement that can mean anything, its just another excuse to be shitty and feel morally superior towards other women for looking different (most likely better) than you.

No. 484563

"you're just jealous" is a weak defense. anon has a point, men claim to be attracted to women yet signs of womanhood (extra weight in the stomach, public hair etc) are considered ugly and unwomanly. people don't want to admit that so much of what they like and are attracted to is dictated by societal factors like advertising, and isn't innate.

No. 484566

> it means nothing, like what the fuck is natural even

Well, hairlessness for one is not the natural state, and should not be viewed as the default female state - why do women and girls have to pretend that they never went through puberty

There are many ‘feminine’ ideals that are just emulations of prepubescents
- hairlessness (including the vulva)
- neotenous facial proportions
- bleached hair (hair darkens with age)
- naivety
- bleached assholes and labia are starting to become more common, and these also darken throughout puberty to signify sexual maturity (not shit stained like people seem to believe in regards to assholes)

And then in sharp contrast there’s also expectations on women to have extreme secondary sex characteristics
- huge tits, but they must also defy gravity
- tiny pinched in waist, with little room for organs and ribs
- huge ass
- round/large thighs, but somehow without cellulite (even though that’s a female secondary sex characteristic)
- high heels, to elongate legs and also make the muscles taut, also makes feet look smaller which is also seen as feminine
- make up, the most popular products that have withstood the test of time emulate arousal - pink/red lips and cheeks, dewy skin

The list goes on about how men expect women to deviate from the natural female body and call it ‘femininity’. Not everything you disagree with boils down to REEE FATTIES THINK THEYRE CURVY QUEENS AND THAT IM SKIN AND BONES. It takes a minimal amount of self-reflection and critical thought to understand what people mean by natural body.

No. 484568

not this shit again.

No. 484572

Rape is not equal for men and women. A man trying to shove a potentially large and painful object into a sensitive area of a woman prone to tearing and trauma is much more emotionally disturbing and frightening than a woman somehow putting her vagina on a man’s penis to “rape” him. It’s just not the same and men will never have the same trauma from something like that compared to a woman who has gone through the same thing. Men can only experience rape if it’s through sodomy, which then would make it similar to a woman’s experience. But usually the men who experience sodomy are having it done to them by another man. Basically I hate people treating a woman’s rape with the same seriousness as a man’s rape, they’re not the same. For example people would think a woman riding a man while he is drunk is just as horrible as a woman being held down and forcefully penetrated by a man. It’s not

No. 484578

While this is not relevant to your post but kind of is, the male body has been weirding me out lately and I don't know why. Just seems so weird that their genitals are just exposed all the time and dicks sit weird imo. Male bodies are strange when you think about it. Dick placement is weird.

No. 484613

Back in the 2010's when YouTubers were blowing up (especially the non-threatening British cuteboys) I saw tons of self-identified lesbians gushing over their chosen exception.

No. 484614

This. A man getting raped by another man would be humiliating, but anyone who thinks men can be raped by women probably has a fetish for it lol

No. 484617

I agree. I admit I don't feel bad when I hear about cases of female on male rape. It's not painful for them and not nearly as humiliating. Maybe if objects or violence is involved it can be awful, but female on male rape cases are rarely ever like that.

No. 484631

Decent people will be disgusted at rape regardless of who the aggressor is. This is bullshit and weird saying men can't be raped. I understand they mean men can't be penetrated like a woman, but rape does not just leave behind physical pains. Being forced into a sexual act is still humiliating. If a woman was to force herself on me and do everything but penetrate me I'd still be disturbed and violated from it. All rapes should be harshly punished. No one is entitled to another person. No one is owed sex.

No. 484636

yes, many people, farmers especially, have broken ideas of what a natural female state looks like. And no, I don't mean bbws.

No. 484638

Most women aren't able to rape through use of direct physical aggression(unless weapons are involved), but then how much of it is of that nature anyway? Most rapes that I know of are far more often about psychological coercion, and women are just as able manipulate, blackmail, threaten, drug, guilt, etc, as anyone. That men are bigger and stronger can even be to their detriment if pushing a woman off results in any bruises she can then use against him.

No. 484639

>have broken ideas of what a natural female state looks like

anything not an overweight sasquatch with no ass and saggy tits is unrealistic and literal fascism to some farmers, so i´d say yeah, pretty broken.

No. 484665

Knowing this site's history of opinion on the female figure, this is very backwards and laughable.
I'd say only within the last couple years has sperging about fatties and T&A finally settled down for more reasonable expectations, and only because farmers got sick of the sperging leaking everywhere.

No. 484719

File: 1574139743799.jpg (37.95 KB, 391x612, 1565140713033.jpg)

….. have you ever even lurked lc before? this is such backwards bullshit. most of this website revolves around nitpicking women's appearances. for an example just visit the "women shilled as attractive" thread. someone said pic related was shaped like a fridge. they also like to take shits on girls like chloe moretz, daisy ridley and other girls with features that are considered traditionally attractive.

please give me ONE example of someone here saying that a girl having anything but an overweight sasquatch with no ass and sagging tits is unrealistic. unless of course you're implying that this girl and girls like chloe moretz are overweight sasquatches with no ass and sagging tits. either way, you sound like an incel.

No. 484727

Not that I don't lurk a lot of the same threads but ya'll are way too harsh on looks. I think a lot of it is jealousy because most if not all celebrity women are gorgeous if not at least above average in looks. Even a lot of instagram thots are beautiful, maybe not good people but certainly attractive.

No. 484731

probably just a femcel obsessed with looksmaxxing. tbh this is the only place where I've seen women who probably have legit body dysmorphia, so the idea that farmers don't on average have a skewed idea of a natural female body is laughable. not to mention our history with anachans.

No. 484791

That is a terrible thing to say. My brother was raped by his wife and you are crazy if you think the physical part is what makes rape terrible. It gave him depression and PTSD, thinking that women rapists and male victims are not valid is disgusting.

No. 484797

>you are crazy if you think the physical part is what makes rape terrible
There are plenty of girls and women who needed surgery or died because of "the physical part", just saying…

No. 484799

Yes obviously rape can include violence, I never suggested otherwise. What I said was that rape is sex without consent and most certainly does not require violence. For the overwhelming majority of victims, the damage is psychological. Also when there is physical trauma, the rapist is also (rightly) charged with battery as well, it's a combination of crimes.

No. 484800

>if you think the physical part is what makes rape terrible
It is. A woman can often not fight back, either because she's not strong enough to throw off someone who is overpowering her or afraid of retaliation. A lot of women stop resisting bc they're afraid of being beaten or murdered. Then you have the actual penetration which causing internal damage like tearing. Without lubrication and also while tensed up, sex is unbearably painful. Just ask anyone with vaginismus

Forced PIV isn't painful for men, and they can easily throw off a woman who is trying to overpower them without hurting them (if they are afraid of assault accusations). Maybe the ONLY thing that would make it scarring is if she forced him to cum inside but even then he doesn't get pregnant and have to deal with the consequences in most cases.

I can agree it can be traumatizing for a male child esp if they don't know what's going on, but a grown ass man? Nah.

No. 484801

yeah ok anon, male victims of rape and women who were coerced, drugged or taken advantage but not violently held down are not traumatized. How people can hold these opinions baffles me. The main issue rape causes to the victim is that their sexual freedom is taken from them, not the physical pain. Also I guess my brother is just lying to everyone and his life has gone to shit for shits and giggles. Rethink your opinions, you do not understand rape.

No. 484804

t. whiteknight cockrag

No. 484813

>I can agree it can be traumatizing for a male child esp if they don't know what's going on, but a grown ass man? Nah.
>The main issue rape causes to the victim is that their sexual freedom is taken from them, not the physical pain.
Both of you are wrong. Of course male rape victims can be or even will likely be traumatized but they at least didn't have to experience the brutal pain and internal damage that female victims additionally face. Plus if no drugs or weapons are used then men do have higher chances of fighting back then women.

No. 484819

It is just NOT the same. Even if there isn't excessive violence, like I said a woman might not be able to fight back out of fear of being maimed or killed… A man can fight back any time unless there's a weapon involved which is VERY rare. A man wouldn't give up on fighting back unless on some level he wanted it to happen. Not to mention he has to get hard for the "rape" to happen in the first place, at the very least he may get some physical pleasure out of it or may be neutral for him at worst, meanwhile for women rape is always painful and extremely uncomfortable.

Even in what you said about sexual freedom a man can just push a woman off of him without fear of physical retaliation.

No. 484820

I'm so tired of hearing how American education sucks and Americans are all stupid. I'm studying abroad in Ireland right now and I can say that my education in the US is way more rigorous and engaging than education here.

First of all, I think the teaching system here is a bit weird. I understand that there are larger class sizes in Ireland because the uni fees are way lower and there will be less support. On the other hand, it seems weird to me that they will give out one exam for a class for the entire semester and call it a day. How can you demonstrate that you learned all of the material from the class in just one test? American universities used to be quite cheap 20 years ago so money can't explain this system.

Secondly, I think that students here don't seem to care about their education at all. People here constantly don't pay attention in class. What is even more annoying is people chatting away in class which I think is super disrespectful. Teachers here constantly are asking students questions and almost always no one answers. Apparently in here and the UK it is considered snotty to answer/ask questions and be engaged in class. I feel that almost nobody here seems passionate about learning anything. I thought I went to a school that was too pre-professional where people only cared about getting a job, but it's even worse here.

Lastly is for my program, economics. In my uni in America, economics is pretty math focused and we solve a lot of math problems for class. Here it's more descriptive and all the exams are essay based as far as I can tell with no need for math at all. While I think it would be great to learn more about the qualitative aspects of economics, I think going through uni with an econ program and barely doing any math is backwards. It's like studying physics without ever touching calculus. I also had an extremely tough time finding classes that would count for my major because my uni didn't think most of them were rigorous enough. I guess that's my uni's problem and my problem, but I didn't realize there would be such a big change. Yet Irish people will insist that their degree is superior to mine because I took fewer economics classes and spent most of my time studying liberal arts.

No. 484822

Likely story.
Why would a woman ever rape a man? Especially a wife?

No. 484823

Im from NI and went to the ulster uni up the North Coast and I completely agree with you. My last year of the undergraduate we had American students and they were just so much sharper, better speakers etc. I think they all felt let down with the standards. I mean I was too but at least I didn't travel 1000 miles away for the shit. Uni work to me seemed easier than stuff at highschool and the testing was never rigorous and I was taking microbio course. I came out with a masters feeling even more thick and am terrified about the interviewing I honestly feel like the years flew by and we didn't learn much.

No. 484827

Haha it's great to see an Irish student who agrees with me. I don't feel let down necessarily, and I doubt your American classmates did either. I'm glad I had the opportunity to take an easier semester, relax, and travel. I don't think any American student goes abroad hoping to get a super rigorous education.

However, I'm just annoyed at how American education is perceived as uniformly bad. Also I think it's annoying to me that Irish students are handed over opportunities hands over fist. Because Ireland is a tax haven, tons of multinational companies such as KPMG want to hire Irish grads. I feel a little bitter to see all these people who don't seem to care get these great jobs, while I'm locked out of them for various reasons. I guess it's a problem in the US because the business majors have really easy classes and still get great jobs. Still it's frustrating to be in an environment where everyone seems to be uniformly apathetic even about jobs/money and ungrateful to boot.

I read that the reason for the difference is that Irish students are more humble than American ones. But I doubt that's it. I think you can ask questions or state your opinion in class without being an asshole about it. Apparently Irish students don't bother to talk with professors out of class too, so I think that just shows they're not interested.

No. 484835

nta but that sounds super misogynistic, I don't even fully agree with her but calling her a cockrag is over the line

No. 484838


I stumbled upon this article and I feel zero sympathy for the author and the women who make up this phenomenon.

>we went upstairs and had a threesome, also because I didn’t want to be rude.

>‘Have you ever had sex, just to be polite?’ I threw out as a question. Yes, came the answer. Yes, yes, yes. With boyfriends. Best friends. Employers. Family friends. Older guys, younger guys, guys you might have fancied under different circumstances.

>‘I’m pretty sure that the majority of my sexual experiences in my teens and 20’s were done out of politeness’ says Maya, 28. ‘You end up in a situation where you’re worried about offending someone if you don’t go ahead

>Women die at the hands of angry men all the time.[…] And sometimes being careful means having sex that you don’t want

How much a fucking doormat and coward can you be?

No. 484849

If I somehow found it impossible to say no to (unwanted) sex I would honestly rather be a hermit or stay away from men altogether, I'd prefer that over spending all of my twenties being like 'Maya' there

No. 484860

Is that an unpopular opinion? It seems like common sense. If a man got drugged and a woman had regular PIV with him while he was incapacitated, I imagine he and any man he told would have no problem with it. There would be no shame. If anything his friends would likely be jealous.
Your step sister sounds pretty based. Although you should probably tell her husband to grow a pair and stop sulking like a child.

No. 484869

There's a reason your opinion belongs in this thread. Rape is rape, it's awful.
>If a man was raped there would be no shame and his friends would be jealous
You're awful.

No. 484881

Alright how about this comprise???

Men getting raped by women isn't as bad as women getting raped by men but we should still have sympathyfor male rape victims

No. 484889

I feel like anal rape has the same affect on men as rape has on women, I've seen raging alcoholics born out of childhood rape like that. PIV rape on a man isn't right but I think the level of trauma would vary from other forms. That being said it's all individual

No. 484905

Correct answer.

No. 484907

Honestly the Barry Crimmins documentary was life changing for me. Not that I have sympathy for shitty men but seeing someone who so obviously was tortured by his trauma that actually fought to fix shit and shut down cp rings and the catholic church. My man. He and Lundy can stay….unless someone #metoo'd Barry Crimmins if so I will kms

No. 484924

um anon Crimmins is dead

No. 484939

you can be posthumously found out to be a rapist. that's what i meant. like it would ruin my good feelings about him.

No. 484943

Seriously, PIV rape of men isn’t comparable to anal rape of men. Just ask any man if he’d rather get raped by a man or by a woman, PIV rape or anal rape. The equivalent of women raped by men isn’t men raped by women, it’s men raped by men.

No. 484952

i disagree with this. everyone is comparing the physical trauma, when a big part rape trauma is the mental trauma of not having control over your own body. it's kind of disgusting me that everyone here is talking about rape in the violent form and as if the physical aspects are the only negative ones. fuck you guys.

No. 484953

Women have way more to lose insofar as the physical consequences. It is what it is.

No. 484958

>A lot of women stop resisting bc they're afraid of being beaten or murdered.
Holy shit I never considered this. Absolutely terrible. There are no words.

No. 484960

Yeah that's the point I was making

No. 484962

>If a man got drugged and a woman had regular PIV with him while he was incapacitated, I imagine he and any man he told would have no problem with it.
I used to be curious about this as well, and my bf told me that in high school he passed out drunk and a girl started trying to unzip his pants and grab for his dick to rape him and his male buddies protected him. He is still greatly disturbed by the situation and grateful that his friends saved him. It really opened my eyes because I was so used to hearing in general about male sexual degeneracy and like guys wanting to fuck their teachers and giving props to the boys who do (in the news). Then again my bf is fucking awesome and not a gross man, otherwise I wouldn't be with him, so take with a grain of salt.

Of course that doesn't even compare to the girl he knew who was asked by 3 of her male friends to come hang out and drink and they drove her to a field and raped her and left her there. So.

No. 484994

This is sorta off topic but I just remembered how in my state back in the 80s or 90s a van full of guys abducted a pregnant 15 year old and raped her. When she took them to court the judge didn't do anything to the guys because she admitted to not fighting back (because she didn't want to hurt her baby) and the judge said that her not fighting back meant it wasn't rape

No. 485002

Jeans are shitty, ugly and uncomfortable and we could move forward as a society if we just admit this and ban them.

No. 485024

File: 1574207917216.png (296.7 KB, 934x694, 4830.png)

nasolabial folds, like pic related, are really cute/pretty imo. maybe it's the high cheekbone combo? either way i've always found them pleasant looking.

No. 485026

does this even count as nasolabial folds? isn't that just her cheeks being pushed up because she's smiling? i doubt they would be visible if she wasn't smiling/talking

No. 485031

File: 1574209767125.jpg (28.57 KB, 480x480, leighton-meester-de-gossip-gir…)

leighton meester has nasolabial folds. i think its cuz her cheeks are round. she didnt really have them when she was younger but its gravity. honestly i think she looks cute with them.

No. 485040

File: 1574212714218.jpg (34.05 KB, 323x782, 62ee01bc7bba1c182271b51b72b582…)

Lol I'm the opposite, I even love wearing all denim outfits. Of course it might take a while to find perfectly fitting ones, but once you have them they're super convenient and versatile imo.
What do you wear instead of jeans?

No. 485043

Kristoff is ugly,but have you seen Eric or Naveen?

No. 485048

What the fuck is this shit you retard

No. 485049

File: 1574216317190.png (2.69 MB, 1028x913, gVEM1q2.png)

its super pathetic when companies who try to use feminism blame the "Patriarchy" when their product fails

No. 485054

hope all movies by kirsten idkhersurname fails since she is so annoying to watch

No. 485067

Cringe. Just let it be what it is, campy pandering movie, just like the old Charlie's Angels were. No one expected it to win awards and have cultural impact, just a fun dumb forgetable watch.

No. 485092

"feminist cinema"

Lmao give me a fucking break. A bunch of overprivileged rich women in a throwaway cliche action movie is apparently feminist now, hollywood is a joke and I hope it burns to the ground soon

No. 485106

People dislike these? I always thought they were really cute

No. 485110

I don't understand why almost all female artists end up being "gay icons". Who says? Why do they have to be responsible for it? Why can't they just make their music without gays screeching about how important they are to their community or some shit

No. 485121

I think it's fine for the man to pay for everything. Not for tradthot reasons but men and women aren't equal socially and trying to pretend they are by splitting all the bills only serves men. What women see as being a stronk independent feminist men see as you paying to suck his dick.

No. 485124

hard agree. women do way more work in relationships anyways. we do way more emotional labor in relationships by far, we're more likely to be cheated on, left when sick, deal with annoying and pervasive pornsickness and progressively weirder fetishes imposed upon us, left because "aging out", etc. there's fucking nothing equal about the endless negatives to being with men, and then paying to be around them when it's harder for us to get a good paying job, and to service their cocks, on top of it? to uphold a reality that does not exist? absolutely not. just another way to benefit men. it's not tradthottery or prostitution, for me it's literally like i do not have the time, money or energy to be around men and i'm not wasting my anything on you when i don't even want to take the risk to be around you. if they really care for us, they would be happy to try to equalize things by making relationships less risky for us.

No. 485130

Hard agree, it also makes it hard for women to have their own music without it being co-opted by gay men. Any thing sung by the female gaze or for women about men or themselves is now a gay song.

No. 485152

Ghosting someone is fine, if you're at all worried he'll harass or attack you if you try to politely let him down. If you're not in an actual, established relationship, it's really not a big deal.
A lot of people are messaging multiple others at once unless they're very, very serious about one (and sometimes, they won't even stop at that point). It's whiny of them to then throw fits just because someone might stop replying or simply block them.

No. 485167

>If you come to lc you must agree with me about how men are shitty and not point out that if everywhere you go smells like shit you are probably the one who has some on her shoe.

No anon, we don't have to do that. If your relationships are not on equal ground then the problem is you and the men you choose to be with. Nothing of what she said is true in my relationship and do you know why that is? Because I can attract and choose to date quality men. I am not going to just agree with some autismo's generalizations to make you feel nice about your failure to attract and pick a quality mate.

No. 485168

……except most of what she said was true and can be backed up by studies.

>stop trying to shoehorn your pinkpill feminism outside of the pinkpill thread

It will never cease to amuse me how people with normie values/outlooks go out of their way to lc, and then whine and moan about seeing pinkpill/feminist/gc in other threads. Like, even though lc isn't overtly gc/pinkpill, this is still a niche website and there is a shit fuck ton of websites you could go to that would be echo chambers for you [[[Reddit]]] but instead you choose to come here and then get triggered when you see opinions you don't like.

Imagine if I went to a bodybuilding forum just to get triggered when I see people talking about dieting.

No. 485170

you're taking things way too personally. she was talking about demonstrably true risks women face in relationships, the 'second shift' and male partners being 5x more likely to leave when you get sick for example. it's a disservice to women to pretend that were equal on an economic level.
also a high-quality mate would provide for you lol

No. 485171

Sorry for the delete + repost. But I literally never said you had to agree with everything being said, that wasn't my point at all. Funny you failed to comprehend what I daid but call other people autistic.

>nothing of what she said is true in my relationship

Okay, good for you then? I'm not starving to death, but that doesnt mean other people in the world aren't.

>If your relationships are not on equal ground then the problem is you and the men you choose to be with

Yeah. All of my female friends didnt have dads growing up, because their dads abandoned them when they were babies. But the problem is also with their moms, right? Their moms must have telepathically known the dads would leave in the future, but chose to have a kid with them anyway. Shame on them.

>Because I can attract and choose to date quality men

Again….. Good for you..? I've had shitty relationships with men who treated me like shit. I guess it's because I'm just not as good as you and can't attract ~~~quality men~~~

No. 485172

i agree strongly with this. some people just don't want to accept it, but it's the truth.
using your own money to pretend things are totally equal when you know in your mind and heart they are not is stupid. if a guy wants to date me, i expect him to be able to pay for outings.

if he can't handle lunch or dinner;s expense, he has no business being in a relationship. those are even more time and money intensive in the long run. women pay through the nose in emotional labor, and god help you if a guy has emotional/mental issues, or other unresolved personal problems he has been keeping quite private. we also do physical labor if you live together and he wants you to be in charge of cleaning and cooking for him and yourself. if things progress to marriage or talk of kids, we even go through maternal labor while he lives life as usual, maybe pulling up a chair or calling an ambulance or getting you food you crave if he feels like. the last one, being a mother, cripples many career prospects and it is also physically, mentally and emotionally taxing. i think the absolute LEAST a man can do is cover as much of the financial side as possible without throwing a tantrum.

honestly, if keeping his money for personal expenses is most important, he has no reason to be in a relationship. it is clearly not a high priority for him. if a man is with someone he doesn't want to financially support, he is just wasting time and having sex.
the only time i can ever go 50/50 is if i get the sense the guy will think "i paid for this, so you must have sex with me or be with me forever", and it is too late to cancel. it`s like a "fuck off, leave me alone" tax.

No. 485173

I am aware of those statistics. What I am saying is not that men are fabulous, it's that yes, plenty of men are shit, but it's up to you to find and attract good ones. Also hard no on a high-quality mate "providing" for you. What is high-quality has degrees of variation for each woman and being "provided" for is not something I am even remotely interested in. I am the one who makes the money in my marriage and my husband is the one who stays with the kids and works on the side a few hours a day and that's how I like it. I could not imagine a higher quality man than him.

>All of my female friends didnt have dads growing up, because their dads abandoned them when they were babies.

Where the hell do you live that this is the norm? I had 1 friend in my whole childhood whose parents were separated, what you are describing seems like a massive social issue. In that case I would say that no, if it's that common it's not their mothers' fault, but again, this seems unreal to me. Is this an American thing?

>Again….. Good for you..? I've had shitty relationships with men who treated me like shit. I guess it's because I'm just not as good as you and can't attract ~~~quality men~~~

I mean, yeah? Unless again things are like you describe above and apparently the overwhelming majority of the men in your country or area of the country were fed lead as babies or sth.

I think it's perfectly fine to demand a man satisfy his traditional gender roles as long as you are ok with satisfying your own traditional gender roles in turn, which you seem to be. I am not interested in this kind of relationship, but I do not consider you to be a hypocrite, that would only be the case if you wanted him to do so without you doing so in turn as well.

No. 485174

t. cuckqueen

No. 485176

How am I a cuckqueen? Having a happy family and a satisfying career makes you a cuckqueen now?

No. 485177

You sound super jealous

No. 485178

This. I wasn't saying "your relationship is terrible, you have to agree with everything posted here or leave".

First of all, when I said the stuff she said was true, I was speaking in generalizations. I never said good relationships don't exist or anything like that.

Secondly, it's fine to disagree. But there are already so few spaces that cater to radfems etc, and tons of spaces that cater to traditional values/libfem values. I just don't get the point of coming here and getting so bothered by it when you could just go to reddit or a bunch of other forums. Like I said, it would be like me digging out a niche website then posting about how much I disagree with everything posted there.

No. 485180

>implying LC is a radfem space
half this site is dedicated to women psychotically hating on, cyber stalking and nitpicking the apperance of other women lmao

No. 485181

for me it's not even about being traditional. i just recognize that most of the time, men make more money than women, so it is senseless for us to pretend finances are equal.
some people pay for their relationships emotionally, others financially. from what i see, 99% of the time, it's women doing the former and latter at the exact same time even when the odds are not in our favor. it isn't fair in my view, so i can't do it.
if a guy wants me in his life and values my love, he won't be cagey about taking on any financial costs that being together would entail. even if it's not easy, he'll work hard to support things, to tangibly demonstrate that he believes in the relationship.

No. 485182

I don't care about how perfect your hubby wubby uwu is or what a good mommy you are for paying him to jerk off to porn and eat tendies.

>traditional gender roles

Hard no. Relationships are by definition more of a risk and overall loss for women. This isn't about being a tradthot, this is about mitigating cost (by only dating men if it's heavily skewed in your favor).

No. 485183

>plenty of men are shit, but it's up to you to find and attract good ones
I have to ask why it's up to me as a woman to "attract a good man" and not up to the men to be better men?

>Where the hell do you live that this is the norm? I had 1 friend in my whole childhood whose parents were separated, what you are describing seems like a massive social issue. In that case I would say that no, if it's that common it's not their mothers' fault, but again, this seems unreal to me. Is this an American thing?

Yeah, it's totally "where I grew up" that's the root of this problem. And since my adulthood I've met/heard of even more women for whom that was the case. For example Stephanie Lange, a makeup artist I used to watch. And she's not American. Men leaving their kids is not an American thing. And I've also heard of it happening a lot historically.

>I mean, yeah? Unless again things are like you describe above and apparently the overwhelming majority of the men in your country or area of the country were fed lead as babies or sth.

Again, thinking it's completely idiosyncratic to where I live and nowhere else. Just because you didn't experience something in your life doesn't mean lots of other people elsewhere haven't experienced it. Revolutionary concept, I know.

I know lc isn't a radfem space, but it is a radfem friendly space, sort of. meaning a lot of websites wouldn't even allow a pinkpill/gc thread at all.

but it has always been weird to me how there are a lot of radfems here yet most of the site is dedicated to bashing and nitpicking women's looks.

No. 485184


if you think it's really like that then what are you doing here if not those exact things? there are some crazies out there but there's hardly any "psychotic hating" going on, that kind of sperging gets you banned pretty easily. sometimes even exposed, see: kiki. the cows on this site are here for a reason (liars, scammers, trashy, toxic, outright criminal people) and anons quickly call out any personal vendetta. this is the most civil imageboard i've ever been on.

No. 485185

>if a guy wants me in his life and values my love, he won't be cagey about taking on any financial costs that being together would entail.

The connection that you make between a man spending money and valuing your love is creepy for me anon. I don't spend money on my husband to prove that I value his love, I do it because I make more. In previous relationships, when the guy had more money, he spent more, but I still spent my share of what I could. When you are building a relationship on unequal ground, it can not be an equal relationship in my experience. A relationship is two people working together, not one person proving they are good enough to the other.

>I don't care about how perfect your hubby wubby uwu is or what a good mommy you are for paying him to jerk off to porn and eat tendies.

Nice projection anon, but my husband takes care of 3 children, the household duties and also takes a few cases now and then (he is a lawyer). I am not his mommy, I am his wife and our relationship is a partnership where we both contribute in different ways.

>Relationships are by definition more of a risk and overall loss for women. This isn't about being a tradthot, this is about mitigating cost (by only dating men if it's heavily skewed in your favor).

If you approach relationships with this mindset, just like the anon I answered to above, you will attract men who think like that. You can not build a healthy equal relationship when you are not looking for one and acting like you are a prize who needs to be won instead of a person looking for their other half.

>I have to ask why it's up to me as a woman to "attract a good man" and not up to the men to be better men?

Because we are all responsible for the road our lives take? Men are what they are, I would love if more of them were better, but this is what we have to work with. Competing for the good ones is what you must do to get the good ones, no one else is going to hand them to you anon.

>Yeah, it's totally "where I grew up" that's the root of this problem. And since my adulthood I've met/heard of even more women for whom that was the case. For example Stephanie Lange, a makeup artist I used to watch. And she's not American. Men leaving their kids is not an American thing. And I've also heard of it happening a lot historically.

Full disclosure, I live in a small town, so it might be different here, but yes, fathers abandoning their children is rare here. I fully admit that if it's a widespread issue then the responsibility is not on the women, but if it's an outlier, like most of the other negatives men can have, then it is up to them to make a correct call when they pick those men. It comes back to your previous question, no one can take responsibility for our own choices in relationships other than ourselves.

No. 485186

>there's hardly any "psychotic hating" going on

>this is the most civil imageboard i've ever been on.

double lol, wtf am I reading.

No. 485189

There can be no 'equal' relationship between a man and a woman because men and women are not equal on a socioeconomic level. This isn't a 'mindset'- it's how things are. It's unfortunate, but there's no point in pretending we are, and trying to be le equal good partner by paying for their shit only serves men.

No. 485190


point me towards psychotic hating please because I never really saw it about from a few quickly banned scrots and kiki posting? you sound new to imageboards, you sure you're not underage or something?

No. 485191

>Men are what they are, I would love if more of them were better, but this is what we have to work with
Boys will be boys, right? There's no point in trying to get them to improve, lets put all of the pressure on women instead.

>Because we are all responsible for the road our lives take

In that case, men should be responsible for not being pieces of shit. You didn't really answer the question.

>You can not build a healthy equal relationship when you are not looking for one

No shit? Here I was looking for a guy who would rape and beat me to death and can't figure out why I can't get a good man. It all makes sense now. Thanks, anon.

Fr though, it's not like men ever act deceptively to get women or anything. My ex acted like a great guy at first then later turned out to be a porn addict. Since I don't have telepathic powers, I didn't know he was faking his entire personality until later on. But that was my fault and not his, of course.

No. 485192

Can we please stop so much about rape?

No. 485194

so true.
we already know society has all but killed men emotionally. when you choose to enter a relationship with one, it's a process of not just being there for him to help his heart, but also helping him open up and compromising with him to be more emotionally in tune. that way, he can not only be healthier on a personal level, he also will be less likely to harm you unintentionally or even intentionally, and he will even be there for you. that is where the "true equality" comes in, when what you do for each other's feelings and minds is balanced.
women take on a huge responsibility on top of many other things, like the physical labor and maternal labor, so there is no good reason men shouldn't cover the money part of things, considering they make more on average than we do.

i feel like you're misunderstanding my words. if you suddenly stopped supporting your husband financially, just because you no longer felt like it, don't you think it would put an unnecessary strain on the relationship?
an unequal ground would be sacrificing emotionally and financially while a man only does a bit of either.
since the world we live in already socializes women and girls to offer far, far more than men emotionally, it is extremely unequal for us to act like the emotional side is not worth enough and start pouring in our already lower amount of money as well.
if you're living in a society where you and your husband or bf have the exact same job, make the exact same amount of money, are on the exact same emotional and mental level, maybe then 50/50 will make sense. bonus points if you never plan to go through childbirth so there will be nothing to disrupt the perfect balance of give/take. but that's not the case in most of the world.

No. 485196

what happened to the post that started all of this? which anon did you originally respond to?

>You can not build a healthy equal relationship when you are not looking for one and acting like you are a prize who needs to be won instead of a person looking for their other half.

there is no equal other half. as nice as some men can be, the way women are depicted in society is inescapably burned into their minds, on some level. i think they can be cognizant of how that's fucked up and try their best to not think this way, but i think on some level, men will always struggle to fully relate to and empathize with us because of the fact that your existence is, in every facet of society, painted out to be one that's, at best, slightly less than human, and that's reinforced everywhere men go. it's why "nice" men still have such a difficult time empathizing with women. i'm under no illusion that many men are capable of tuning out the dehumanization campaign that goes on 24/7 from all sources, from their families, to media, porn, politics, history, science, etc. it's nearly impossible for any mind to not be changed by literal propaganda from every single angle imaginable (propaganda that tells them from birth that they are more deserving, more capable, more everything, mind you), let alone propaganda that seeks to fuse sexuality with class based oppression that squarely benefits them in every respect. why do you think men are so capable of bucking this when this is what's fed to them everywhere? men who attempt to abstain from porn get frustrated with the fact that porn and objectified women are inescapable. you don't think this has an effect on the way they view us, subconsciously, at the least? being inescapably objectified to the point of abuse in plenty of cases? lol.

anyways, men are literally mortal threats to us and 3 women a day in the US die at the hands of the men they are or were intimate with. men they trusted and believed to be good. you're a liar, as you claim to be aware of how terrible men are, but seek to blame women, when we know for a FACT that abusive men specifically hide their true nature in order to trap women, knowing that women are vulnerable, they specifically target women who come from abusive families or poverty, etc. women need to be picky because they're a literal threat to our wellbeing, and at the least, our happiness. if they're not willing to put a good faith gesture forward, like trying to equalize these relationships by "winning" us over in an attempt to show that they see the hurdles we face and that we're taking a MUCH LARGER leap of faith by getting involved with them, and how dangerous it can be for us, then they're pathetic.

No. 485197

>I have to ask why it's up to me as a woman to "attract a good man" and not up to the men to be better men?
There are three sorts of men, right. Fist there are men that are brilliant already. Second there are those that just need lil' support. Thirdly there are those that have no interest in anything besides video game and porn.
The third kind of man won't ever improve for you because they're already completely satisfied with porn.
Then the second kind of man won't ever improve for you since you clearly have no interest in meeting them half way. Instead they'll find a girlfriend that accepts them for their foibles, and work together with her until both of them are brilliant.
Finally the first type, well sis' they have options. More than you can imagine. They've worked to be the best so that they could have the best. They're not gonna settle for just any random woman with a massive entitlement complex.

No. 485198

all three of them will jerk off to porn and will cheat on you after you build them up to their full potential. may as well make it irrelevant by viewing the relationship as a transaction, or by having a 'massive entitlement complex' as you put it kek.

No. 485200

….. again that didn't actually answer the question, but k.

this is the second time that entitlement has been brought up for apparently no reason. originally this was about statistics about how men are abusive, leave their wives when they become sick, leave their families when their kids are babies etc. that's what I meant when I said men being pieces of shit. anon said that it was women's responsibility to find a man who isn't those things, not up to men to not be like that.

so basically for a woman to want a man who isn't abusive, isn't going to abandon you and your baby, abandon you when you get sick and isn't a porn addict etc means she has an entitlement complex, apparently.

true. when you give them the "lil support" they need, they'll get to their potential, decide they deserve better leave you for someone younger, like pretty much every man of power through out history has done to his wife/wives.

No. 485201

beautifully said.
we all know what's going on. men have too much of an advantage over us on all levels but empathy, self-awareness, self-criticism and care. we can't play the dumb games this anon wants us to play.
if we have to perform the following tasks
1) somehow pick out which men are salvageable and which are not
2) be physically attractive enough to not repel them or "embarrass" them in public
3) hold their hand and support them through whatever pathology they hold like a personal coach and therapist. better hope to god you have not been tricked by a complete psychopath
4) be sexually available (if not, it's your fault if they cheat) and at least open-minded to any degenerate porn-induced fantasies they have
5) don't be a nag on them, but also be sure to show concern so they know you do care
6) don't be too jealous or controlling, but also act possessive so that they feel wanted
7) (optional, but stil common) get pregnant, go through the pain of childbirth and raise children who will carry 50% of their DNA
then they can pay the goddamn fucking bills lol. that list isn't even all of what women do, and it doesn't go into detail on the time and money we end up pouring into all of those steps on our own.

No. 485202

You mean all three of them won't have anything to do with you. Same as you wouldn't date a man that thought all women were whores, no man with self respect would ever date a woman that thought all men were fuckbois.

No. 485203

I wonder if male shittiness is evenly distributed or not. There are better quality men (there are no angels obviously) but I wonder if some anons just live in shitholes where there are very fewvguys worth bothering with. I'm pretty negative and still somehow not negative enough to jibe with your post.

idk I just feel uncomfortable having my way entirely paid out by a guy. Money is just too important to not not have your own.

No. 485204

It's not. Shitty people tend to cluster. Birds of a feather, etc.

No. 485205

I don't tell men to their faces that they're fuccobis kek, the same way uwu perfect goodbois hide their porn addictions.

of course you should have your own money, it gives you more bargaining power and independence in general. all I'm saying is that if you absolutely must date a scrot, you should mitigate the loss inherent in the relationship.

No. 485207

yeah, when all of those women who get abused and murdered by their husbands caused it themselves by being shitty people. shame on them.

nta but I've heard way more men perpetuate the idea that all men are fuckbois than women, js

No. 485209

Ignore them, they are uneducated and likely just libfems trying hard to be radfem (I bet they slutshame even women outside of lolcow and whatever space that has been intoxicated by unexperienced young dumbinists). I am starting to realize that there is no better gender at all and that humans are all dangerous psychotic pieces of shits you should never trust, I have only felt less intimidated around women because we're in general meek and weak in position quite literally and not so literally. Give us the strength and we'd be just as bad as men. Anyways, I hope really bad things for the women who think like most men, at least men have the muscles, your pig thinking is moot. Also gg retards itt if you sputter this irl I am sure that you managed to shoo away women from feminism, really great!

No. 485210

but anon, you actually are supposed to have your own money. i'm saying it's dumb to spend it on men when they already earn more, and also when women put more into things than them b/c of socialization. when push comes to shove, they are physically, socially and financially stronger than us. some will be decent, though other men will probably call them pussy-whipped or beta. that's just how it is. others won't be decent. even worse, some of those others will be abusive freaks or murderers.
in fact, by spending money on a boyfriend, you are just losing more of your own.

i'm not a shitty person, though. i go the extra mile to support my partner, look past his flaws and hear him out because i see the potential in him that many other men do not have.
i just also know what goes on in most relationships, and want no part of it unless it's actually fair.
so far, it's worked pretty well. not to be all "my bf is the bestest", but he actually appreciates and respects me, and he is happy to pay. that's more than i can say for many of these 50/50 logic women.
keep blaming women for men being bad, though. i'm sure they will treat you better for your service.

No. 485212

The people complaining about the NPC meme being "dehumanizing" are only doing that because it hits them deep. Grow a fucking spine.

No. 485213

>Give us the strength and we'd be just as bad as men.
lol testosterone and weight-lifting have been available for a while now, and we're still not as barbaric as them.
even transmen aren't as violent as cis men for pete's sake. if we're just as bad as each other, why is it like that?
i do agree with rape being bad for both sexes for obvious reasons, i just think that point you tried to make was dumb

No. 485218

Anon, the whole point of the meme is that it IS dehumanising.

No. 485219

>even transmen
girl…but then again, you lack some knowledge considering you think transmen have the same amount of testosteron as men (it's a LOT less). Furthermore, I doubt the average woman is 180 cm and has the bodybuild of a chimpanzee. And aren't we in more important settings like companies and so on less respected? It's not just testosteron. I didn't just mean literal muscles. We just have enough patience to endure the pain that is being in a lower position than men. And the retarded libbos ruining it for us doesn't really help either. I wish brainmores would speak for us more and more like back in the days, the very reason why we are allowed to educate ourselves etc…

No. 485221

We've got a lot of catching up to do on the rapin' and murderin' front to be "just as bad as men", that anon should look into some crime stats. Or maybe read a history book.

No. 485226

ntayrt but if somebody recognises themself in this lukewarm meme so much that it hurts their feelings, then I got real bad news for them.

No. 485228

Lmfao, what about reading my posts properly?

No. 485234

I didn't see people seeing themselves in it being the cause of the offense, but the fact that some what loony conservatives were surrounded by 'are liberals human?' Memes. It's not hard to see them snapping

No. 485246

the guy manspread super far, then reached down like he was gonna scratch his leg but rubbed mine instead.

another guy man spread super far, rested his hand on his thigh, then put it on my knee

No. 485247

oh and another guy man spread super far and rubbed his leg against mine.

I don't sit next to men on the bus anymore.

No. 485384

People who depend highly on the 'I do harsh truths that most people ignore' their shtick are usually aimed at lowest common denominator. This doesn't apply if their 'it's sad that people ignore this', but more 'ha ha look at those sensitive babies ignoring it! Aren't you better?'. Even if they fall on the latter part they might be good, but I noticed a shtick with these guys.
I find that people who like that type of learning style are beginners to defensive to admit they are beginners. The part were the 'we're not sensitive snowflakes' youtubers come in is they teach he defensive beginners by putting down other artists and bringing their viewers up. You could say 'at least their learning'. The problem with this is people who like 'you're not a snowflake' this improve a bit then start stagnating because they stop seeing 'improving art' as their main ego, but 'I'm better than X'
Becker and Holy are examples of this.

No. 485437

Libraries are underappreciated

No. 485447

snapping bc of one shitty meme ? idk if it's bc English is not my first language, but for me snapping is having a meltdown and over a meme it's beyond ridiculous, if you mean being snappy (irritated) then okay maybe.

No. 485469

Is it weird that when I experience things like this, anon, I think "finally, an excuse to be violent"? They have it coming.

No. 485476

no, I don't think it's weird. I wish I was more violent or at least made a scene. I was underage and depressed all of those times though so I only made myself small and tired to ignore those things.

No. 485616

Stuff like this is stupid and it all falls into how dumb it is to use youtube as your only source of income via ads.

No. 485710

What even is the point of having ads on kids videos anyway? Kids aren't gonna buy stuff and a lot of times the parents won't be watching it with them so its not like they'll see the ads.

No. 485714

There's nothing wrong with donating to the Salvation Army

No. 485724

I guess because they want the kids to go beg their parent for the product or to see the movie/tv show, but that doesn’t really work when it’s a platform that has all ages like YouTube. Kids more just tune out ads now due to seeing them so often and having them promoted in the YouTube videos themselves.

No. 486001

Women shouldn't have to chase men in the dating scene. It's not actually 'progressive' that women are now expected to push for dates and carry conversations, or else we're assumed to not be interested.
All it's doing is taking even more emotional labor off men because the truth is that they're lazy, fear rejection, and want the instant gratification that a woman is pursuing them.
Fuck that. Plenty of women know what they want, why do they have to pick up the slack for men who can't make up their minds?

No. 486004

Men typically want pussy a whole lot more than women want dick so I'm a big believer in men needing to put in effort and pay for some dates

No. 486012

I don’t care how “progressive” a man is, depending on where you live and culture, most guys say they want women to approach them, but they really don’t. They want super conventionally attractive women to ask them out, you actually debase yourself when you’re a regular chick and ask them out. They immediately see you as desperate.

No. 486019

this is probably a popular opinion on this board, but i'm kinda venting tbh.

identifying as non-binary is one of the most ~privileged~ things you can do.

they're always girls with varying levels of dysfunction that feel a little different than the others, so they must not be women. and most if not all seem to live in super progressive areas where everyone validates their bullshit, so they face no actual hardships for their ~gender identity~ aside from an old parent not understanding it.

and you can't even say this without being painted as a transphobe, even if you said nothing about actual trans people, and even if you used to be an nb cuck yourself. the only people who have ~valid~ opinions are the ones who kiss ass and jerk each other off.

No. 486022

>They want super conventionally attractive women to ask them out, you actually debase yourself when you’re a regular chick and ask them out. They immediately see you as desperate.

This too. I found this out in a really unfortunate way.
Friends encouraged me to talk to this guy who was in my league. He was insecure about his weight, as was I, but he had prospects so I overlooked his flaw as I assumed he did the same for me. I made some advances after he showed interest in me, sent me nudes, and had sex with me. Turned out he was going to my friends behind my back saying how I made him uncomfortable and painted a picture of me as some desperate chick. He stopped putting in effort to talk to me and I didn't know why, so I went to my friends out of frustration and they told me.
They believed his story up until I showed them screencaps and receipts that we'd been together.
While it was okay for him to be overweight, I wasn't pretty enough in his eyes and wouldn't have given him that social status boost that a more attractive woman would have. So he wrote me off even though I was nice and treated him well.

Even if you're ugly or fat, don't give it to men. Make them work for you. They won't appreciate you unless you're their 10/10. Even if you're their dream girl, once they've had you a lot of them start to believe that's their baseline of who they can get. They even start to think they can do better. Lol.

No. 486023

Dead ass every time a man says he wants someone who "can hold a conversation", it just means he wants someone to act impressed at his garbage hot takes or whatever kurzgesagt video he saw that day. They act like they want someone on their 300 iq level but really they want a dumb bitch who feels like she has to prove her intellect to them.

No. 486025

This makes me so angry for you. What a faggot. I'm sorry this happened to you anon! You sound really smart and level-headed.

No. 486030

I miss when youtube didnt even have ads and was just a free for all platform. it's gone so downhill

No. 486033

Charlies angels has never been and never will be a feminist movie. A buncha barely dressed women using their 'feminine wiles' to seduce men and get shit done. okay? Did anyone think this would do well? men only liked the 70s series because of the hot women.

This is ghostbusters reboot 2.0

No. 486035

Agree so much anons. Women cant ever have their own space or do their own thing without men trying to get in. Gay men piss me off because they always latch onto what women do and make it their 'own thing.' like drag.. it's degrading tbh

No. 486042

True. I've pursued 5 men in my adult life (strangers even, it was cold approach) and none of them reciprocated well at all. It was either rejection after a date or "uh haha what about fwb?"

But recently a guy pursued me and it seems to actually be working out for once. What's hilarious is his face is more conventionally attractive than any of the guys I chased in the past lol.
Men really do like the chase, I guess? It just sucks because so do I, tbh.

I'm so sorry this happened to you, anon. What a piece of shit.

No. 486067

I actually find her cadence quite funny and like her attitude. The way she acted/sounds/is like was actually pretty common for women in fandoms during the 2000s/early 2010s before everything got ran over by scrotes.. I can't be the only one who noticed it.

No. 486077

Yeah, I too have a fondness for Holly since she makes me nostalgic for those 2000's-2010's fujo days.
She's a fucking mess though lmao.

No. 486243

I legit don't get (strong) Y2K nostalgia at all and thought the pop culture and youth culture of that time was extremely trashy and promoting very negative things. I didn't even see it as good for the politics and social side because it felt like everything was regressing and getting "stupidifed".

I seriously only find Y2K good in comparison to 2010s, because the internet was more free and you could do more shit, and communities were better and people RPd without being perverts and less cumbrains in general, oh and Youtube was good, and there were no copyright laws, video games were genuinely better and more experimental then too, cartoons as well, the music could be worse than the 2010s or much better but wasn't on average much better especially for pop, the fashion stunk and the pop culture stunk even more to high heavens, but thats about it really – Entertainment/Internet side was good. I used to see a huge anti feminist wave back then though, and defending of ephebophilia and hebephilia and negative social traits more commonly in the 2000s. Yet at the same time I did find some ppl more intellectual and good thinkers in the 2000s. It's really just a mixed bag.

I know Y2K nostalgia is gonna get heavy during the 2020s but I don't feel its as powerful as 70s/80s/90s nostlagia, lol. the 70s-90s is still being thoroughly sampled and referenced even to this day and I think it's gonna outlive 2000s nostalgia.

No. 486460

>I legit don't get (strong) Y2K nostalgia at all

That's the thing about nostalgia, it never really makes sense. We remember things differently than they actually were. I have more fondness for like the 2007-2013 period of my life (but partly because my best friend got cancer and passed away in 2015).

And when I was actually in that time bracket I wasn't like "wow, this is the best time to be alive! I hope nothing ever changes!" because I wasn't, and actually I probably was pretty miserable. It's just when things are gone we look back and realize we can never get them back and develop a fondness for them.

No. 486523

File: 1574577953991.png (536.52 KB, 720x540, 81zq5ul300a11.png)

Not only will 2000s nostalgia come into full force in the 2020s and has already begun to (much like how this decade was rife with 90s nostalgia, the 00s with 80s nostalgia, the 90s with 70s nostalgia, and so on) but given the 20-year rule of recycling, children born in the 2020s who grow up into the 2030s are likely going to be nostalgic for "2010s things", things that most of us are probably doing/are aware of right now. It's a weird thought, but there's no doubt it'll be normal soon.

There will be children and teenagers in a few decades seeing social-media-based celebrities and icons (Taylor Swift, Kylie Jenner, Drake, Billie Eilish, Instagram/Twitter famous people) the way people born in the past few decades see people like Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, etcetera. It may seem obvious to some that the older stars are "better" but the truth is that during their time, they were the equivalent to what the stars of our time are to us.

Pic relevant, because I found it a while ago and it made me realize I have nostalgia for the early 2010s, a period that most people who lived through (including me) would consider objectively trashy.

No. 486525

I can see people in the future being nostalgic for the early 2010's but I don't think anyone will ever be nostalgic for the late 2010's, its been such a unbearable and annoying half-decade

No. 486527

> It may seem obvious to some that the older stars are "better" but the truth is that during their time, they were the equivalent to what the stars of our time are to us.

Not to be a massive faggot but this is objectively wrong, the older music stars had higher pure sales globally and both domestically (U.S and outside of the U.S) as well as greater pop culture impact and influence on fellow music peers than the stars do today.

Drake is the biggest artist of this decade due to his streaming numbers in his main markets with his pure sales being abysmal outside of it (which is quite unlike stars of even the 2000s') and not even achieving half of the success and global impact as the Y2K and before stars.

Also many IG/twitter famous people are just that and have a hard time moving sell units or getting actual people interested in their shit other than being gossiped about online. Even Kylie's makeup company got sold off because it wasnt as successful as Forbes and the internet projected it to be. For actresses and actors, there are less of them than it used to be and less who make a cultural impact or strong fan following. the best they can do is latch on to a movie (capeshit or Disney) and become a "pop icon" in that vein (which is not the same as becoming The Will Smith or The Tom Cruise, but whatever) and not their names and presences themselves drawing big box office views, only 80s/90s/early 2000s actors and actresses still do this. Our stars have less star power over all AND a lot of people still look at many 2000s stars with negativity when I clearly remember the 2000s and 80s nostalgia lasted the strongest of them all and early-mid 90s nostalgia was more popular than late 90s nostalgia.

No. 486528

I think people are gonna be nostalgic for the late 2010s, lol. Boy will that happen

No. 486531

A lot of people alive during the late end of past decades would probably have said the same thing about theirs. I remember being alive in the late 2000s and people complaining about how everybody was "on the internet too much" and "all the TV shows are garbage reality television, it sucks." Nowadays, you've got young people saying the same thing about current trends, idolizing the trends of the 2000s. I even remember my mother claiming MTV had "gone to shit" when Real World was airing, and that was in the mid 90s. Today's trash is tomorrow's treasure.

No. 486532

File: 1574581967970.jpg (88.82 KB, 500x656, ma2.jpg)

I distinctively remember people saying the 2000s was the worst decade too. Looking back, I say I have to say I wholeheartedly agreed with that feeling. Reality tv shows replaced music on mtv, artists went from being serious to their craft and making masterpieces to bubblegum crap and churned out garbage hits, rap took over rnb and other formats of music, rock died, there were too many people who were famous for being famous, more shit "comedy" movies and television got pumped out filled with shock humor and innuendo.

On the childrens side, CN and Nickelodeon all went through a dark age, fps and shitty boring video games replaced fun platformers and traditional games, a lot of long running video game franchises had a period of non-creativity and rehashing shit, the tension of politics made it grow bigger in our lives, the internet was going to shit as youtube was becoming fucked out and the old internet 2.0 of interesting forum discussions and dedicated userbase died out.

What i also saw in the early 2010s: more normies coming online and shitting the internet up from the interesting and novel space it used to be, a lot of circles online becoming full of trolls, derailers, and assholes, flash animation and sprite comics becoming obsolete, the shitty MRA and redpill wars and a bad ideology on the internet spreading, ect

I dislike this current time too but one thing I like about late 2010s is that people were more self aware that they were in stupid fuckery and how bad it progressed. In the 2000s/early 2010s everybody seemed to just be ok with it and going along and accepting how things got more to shit

This is all just how i feel anyways and sage for sperg

No. 486533

I'm >>486531, didn't want to cram my replies into one large message. Of course the work of older artists has more sales and greater pop culture impact; their work has been around longer. It's sheer due to that. The longer you're around, the more reveled you become, regardless of objective impact. With that logic, if it was currently the 1960s, you could argue that The Beatles would never has as many sales and as much pop culture influence as Elvis, who was popular before them, even though after time The Beatles proceeded past him. Drake (and I'm sure a majority of all artists who gained their career during the 2000s and onward) are obviously going to have more digital-based and streaming-based sales than pure sales, because the modern music climate is largely digital. Could you name any musician who releases both physically and digitally, and has more pure sales than digital sales + streaming sales combined?

I'll agree that current stars (appear to) have less overall star power or influence in the way that stars from past generations did, but again, pop culture changes and the form it presents itself in won't always stay the same. In the late 80s and the 90s, extreme sports were very popular, hence why people like Tony Hawk whose career sprung up around that time are considered celebrities while a skateboarder today of equal skill as him wouldn't be as famous if they didn't have Twitter or Instagram. Kurt Cobain, too, was an icon of his time for being non-conformist and rebellious, but if he were alive now, it wouldn't matter how non-conformist and rebellious he is if he doesn't have an active social media base where people can follow him and keep up with him - that's what pop culture is now, in the (nearing) 2020s.

No. 486534

>rap took over rnb and other formats of music, rock died
even then there was still a lot of variety in music , right now we live in a time of extremely oversaturated rap and all other music genres becoming increasingly more niche

No. 486536

I was comparing the decade-end sales with the other decade-end sales not for all-time. Digital based sales and streaming is different, and Drake is an artist who heavily relies on the latter, while many 2000s and 2010s artists have good streaming (or not), great digital and pure sales. Drakes' digital sales and streaming numbers outside his main markets are still weaker compared to the 2000s and before main artists with how they used to perform outside like, 3 countries. For example, Eminem was controversial and you could love him or hate him but he really made an impact on pop culture and sold like crazy while someone like Drake despite being a top artist of this decade doesn't really have this level of presence even though Americans and Canadians really love him. Even with Britney Spears short run I would say she had more of a stronger impact and made more waves than like, most of the artists of this decade and I'm completely impartial to her. I would say for one of the last early 2010s stars to have good streaming/digital sales and decent to ok physical with strong cultural impact is Rihanna and her numbers show with my "feeling". Adele does really well with streaming and pure and digital sales and I imagine the other reason, other than piracy, that people don't invest and buy in music anyone is because they legitimately think it's shit.

I think we're in a shitty transitional period right now and things feel illusionary if that makes sense. Like nothing is really going to hold. It's nothing new as decades before in the past have felt like this but yeah. Social media and pop culture needs to change and develop more to wherever it's going and get a more solid and convictable footing which is what the 2020s and 2030s is gonna do.

No. 486538

Oh yeah for sure and there were still some actual artists around making classic albums and quality music at the time.

I'm getting so fucking tired of rap, tho. It's not even rap anymore it's some deformed monster called "trap-hop". The sampling and looping rap formed itself on just became a lazy way for the industry to save money. Regression.

No. 486543

Just look at what happened to Metal as an example, name one metal album that was considered successful in the past 15 years. Metallica doesn't count, they're a shit pop band that gets overhyped. People who don't know what metal is think they're the epitome because MTV told them they were.

Shit, I mean Judas Priest got outsold by fucking Enya with one of their recent releases. Metal is dead.

No. 486544

>artists went from being serious to their craft and making masterpieces to bubblegum crap and churned out garbage hits
I've also heard this a lot referring to the 2010s.

>rap took over rnb and other formats of music, rock died

Rap as a genre definitely overpowered and took over the spotlight this decade, compared to how r&b boomed during the 90s and early 2000s. Rock also isn't on the radio this decade nearly as much as it was in the 2000s, with the likes of The White Stripes, The Killers, Green Day, Linkin Park, and Nickelback playing frequently then.

>there were too many people who were famous for being famous

The Kardashians, Instagram models, YouTube makeup gurus, Soundcloud rappers, Vine and TikTok stars, you name it.

>more shit "comedy" movies and television got pumped out filled with shock humor and innuendo

Reminiscent of the 2010s resurgence of nihilistic "dark humor", perceived to be mature even when childish, in shows like Bob's Burgers, Bojack Horseman, Rick and Morty, Big Mouth, etc.

>CN and Nickelodeon all went through a dark age

The cartoons of the 2010s are typically looked down upon for being cheaply digitally animated and having cookie-cutter, almost "recycled" easy-to-replicate art styles (although past decades were just as bad for this, the 80s being the worst culprit.)

>the tension of politics made it grow bigger in our lives

The entire western side of this planet during the 2010s (basically since the 2008 economic recession) and spread to the eastern side of the planet progressively throughout this decade.

>the internet was going to shit as youtube was becoming fucked out and the old internet 2.0 of interesting forum discussions and dedicated userbase died out

Compare the niche-ness (if that's a word) of places like MySpace, LiveJournal, DeviantArt, Blogspot, to the wide-open publicness of places like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, which caters to any and all who want to use it.

Almost every example listed that you've applied to the 2000s as a decade could be applied to the 2010s, even to this specific point in time. I'm certain that a people who were older than I was in the 1990s could have said the same things then.

No. 486547

My hopes for the 2020s is for the people who say "uGh EvErYtHiNg WaS bEtTeR tWeNtY yEaRs AgO" to realize that it wasn't, and that 15 year olds have been saying that about the decades they lived through since far longer than 20 years ago

No. 486559

God, thank you anon. The "2000's weren't that good reee" people must be zoomers who only got a very superficial view on it because it was heaps more peaceful than the shitty 2010's which is basically a revamped version of 2000 but everything is taken up to 100 and beyond with aggressive politics added in.

The 90's was the greatest decade though, it was the final moments of the pre-digital era. As much as I love the internet and the possibilities new technology has opened for us, I still realize that it has also made us develop in a direction that's heading towards the theorized behavioral sink.

No. 486560

>The 90's was the greatest decade though
Have you seen the fashion from the 90s? Shit was god awful, at least the colors nowadays don't make my eyes hurt. Also the internet is the greatest invention ever made, period.

No. 486561

there's honestly no way the music industry can keep going with physical sales getting increasingly small and streaming taking over completely. people complain and wonder why merchandise and ticket sales are so expensive now, well obviously if you're not gonna bother supporting your fave artists properly they'll get money another way.

No. 486562

Some things in life are more valuable than clothing, you vapid zoomer fuck.

No. 486563

I don't take art critique seriously from anyone who isn't a better artist than me. I know you don't necessarily have to be a good artist to give good critique, but I've observed too many people who don't know what they're talking about at all botch it tremendously. Or, even worse, the people who think they're great artists but aren't.

No. 486564

Because we're talking about concert tickets, I never really got concert culture in general. It seems like you can either go to some overpriced 500 dollar ticket show and still get mediocre seats or you can go to a crappy indie show were everyone smells like they haven't bathed in over a month. I get it more with musicals due to how hard it can be to find certain shows online but most music you can easily find everywhere.

No. 486565

Such as? You keep bringing up music but I don't get how music is more valuable than clothing, they both seem like ways to show your personality and interests through things so I don't get how one is 'deep' yet one is 'vapid'.

No. 486566

Fashion is no more vapid than music. Anon is just super pretentious and thinks the things she cares about are objectively more important and meaningful than thinhs she doesn't.

No. 486567

File: 1574591750482.jpg (54.91 KB, 1038x714, usagi.jpg)

Pretty much what I assumed.
I like music (like the majority of the people on the planet) but I really hate how pretentious and holier than thou people can get about it.

No. 486568

>anons >>486544 and >>486559 barely mentioned anything about music

No. 486570

They mentioned music several times, also you still haven't said exactly what you find more valuable in life than clothing.

No. 486606

File: 1574606458902.jpg (22.06 KB, 500x242, 05dbb9553c1a12e984379d7c12e3cc…)

Unpopular opinion:

There's no kids media anymore.
Nobody knows how to do it, nobody has a fucking clue about how childhood should be.
Kids are getting more and more adultized by social media and TV series each day it goes. Adult youtubers think they can make content for kids when they haven't been in contact with one for years. They don't know their needs or what they should learn (empathy, teamwork, learning about the differences between each individual, about equality, etc.). They just throw tasteless jokes at them in hopes they're nasty enough to make them laugh.

Kids media should be wholesome, friendly and, at the same time, help children learn about values or interesting topics.

No. 486612

I like your point of view, but aren't we giving publicity to the shitty creator if we use their ideas? Your work could be linked forever to that creator and it could turn the tables against you.

What would you do to stop that from happening?

(i'm not being sarcastic or something, sorry, i'm genuinely asking)

No. 486615

(deleted this to fix small typo)
I think it's fine to like or even be inspired by good content made by shitty people (for example, Roman Polanski), as long as you steal wherever/whenever you can and try to get away with not giving them credit for as long as possible. In a sense, it's almost the perfect insult. You're literally telling them "You could've been worth praising, had it not been for everything else".
In my eyes, we shouldn't extend the same grace and respect we'd give to decent creators to reprehensible ones, because that just cheapens it.
As long as piracy, plagiarism and loose "inspiration" exist, the "Separate the art from the artist" argument is redundant, apologist BS.

>What would you do to stop that from happening?
I'd just deny their impact (crediting and praising similar artists, and/or earlier artists who obviously were an inspiration to that artist is always a good defense IMO), point out they were not the first to come up with any concept, just the first to get popular to the mainstream with it (unfortunately, since they're such an awful human), and imply that people who link you to them only have a surface-level understanding of whatever theme or genre you're using.
At a certain point, they'll have to begrudgingly agree, especially if you become adept at remixing things into "your own" without sacrificing whatever made the original work good.

No. 486617

Agreed. Almost everything on Cartoon Network especially seems aimed at adults (and considering how many adults still watch). It's like everyone forgot how to make a kids cartoon so instead they just followed their millenial/gen z audience into adulthood and cater to them almost exclusively.

No. 486618

Have to agree. Yesterday I was reminded of a show I used to love as a kid and watched a few clips on Youtube and was blown away by how stuff like that just isn't… done anymore. Kids shows these days all have to pander to adult fandoms on the internet.

No. 486623

Yeah, kids stuff is all just a big mishmash of memes. Or really tryhard wanting to BECOME the meme. It’s embarrassing and sad.

No. 486627

File: 1574610124160.gif (706.92 KB, 480x360, tenor.gif)

Unpopular opinion: "Kids media" historically has been created on the premise that children and teenagers are some kind of less intelligent, less aware "dumber" forms of adults, and modern media aimed at children is treating them more like they're humans who understand complex social topics and less like they're little drooling consumers. I think as media overall has slowly become more of a reflection of how reality is than of wondrous fiction for the mind, adults who buy into this idea of "pure innocent little children who can't understand anything!" have been scared that children are becoming exposed to realistic situations. I mean, there was a point in time where people wouldn't let their kids watch The Simpsons because it was ~too edgy~ for children. The criticism of today's children's cartoons is much the same.

No. 486633


>modern media aimed at children is treating them more like they're humans who understand complex social topics and less like they're little drooling consumers.

Yes, kids are little drooling consumers. They laugh at stupid jokes, they imagine they're fairies and superheroes when they play and dream about becoming famous singers without really understanding what the entertainment market really is, THEY ARE KIDS.

They can learn about social issues, but they have to be explained to them in a good way. You can't expect them to understand what is good and bad if nobody has explicitly talked with them about it.
Adult media like the simpsons is for ADULTS because they deal with topics with a lot of GRAY AREAS. Kids won't get irony or ambiguity until they are a little more mature and they understand what is GOOD, BAD AND QUESTIONABLE.

Kids have the right to live an "innocent and pure" childhood.

No. 486635

I mean, everything you've said kind of supports the point I was making. Children can be and have the right to be pure and innocent, but pure and innocent doesn't equate to an inherent inability to understand common things in the world, and children shouldn't be treated as if they're unintelligent for what they find interesting or funny. That's the problem, people equate "pure and innocent" to "objectively stupid." How do you think it feels to a child that everyone older than them thinks they have a justified reason to treat them like they're dumber?

I think sometimes people forget that they had emotions and thoughts reflective of their experiences and the world around them as a child. They want to treat kids like they can't understand things just because that's how adults treated them when they were a kid, even if they understood at that time that how they were being treated was wrong.

No. 486636

Nice theory, anon. But compare Arthur to the new PPG and it falls apart instantly

No. 486637

"Compare one piece of media from one time period and another piece of media from another time period and it disproves an entire idea, even though I won't explain how, I just don't like one of the pieces of media." …Alright.

Arthur is also still currently being made. The most recent episode came out in October of this year and it's renewed for three seasons. Are you going to dislike that because it's modern, too?

No. 486639


I agree with you on that, but you haven't really answered me: what about the GRAY AREAS some adult topics have?

What I was trying to say with my first post is that kids are presented with these kind of gray topics without being introduced to the basic GOOD and BAD (having prejudices against people or stereotyping them is BAD but being wary of others is GRAY). That teaches them fucked up ways of thinking and antisocial behaviours. Black humour (the simpson) parodies BAD behaviour without criticizing it explicitly because as an adult, you're supossed to know that is BAD already.

No. 486640

Arthur has gotten objectively worse. It went through a period of being complete shit but has improved a bit since then. It’s probably still better than other shows like PPG, though.

The point is that a lot of older cartoons didn’t treat kids like retards and were even clever without relying on gross stuff or cringe memes that are already outdated by the time the episode airs.

No. 486650

File: 1574614761304.png (654.68 KB, 512x466, Capture.PNG)

>a lot of older cartoons didn't treat kids like retards and were even clever without relying on gross stuff or cringe memes that are already outdated by the time the episode airs

I mean this entirely sincerely: Have you ever watched a 1980s or early 1990s cartoon? While it's always been a trend, cartoons of that time were particularly notorious for being heavily reliant on "cool" and "hip" pop culture references, or references to the fashion/music/trends of their time, because the creators of the show needed to get the kids to think their shows were edgy and hip in order to convince them to buy their merchandise. Prior to that, most cartoons and cartoon characters existed as no more than a way for a corporation/brand/product's mascot to become known by children. Even as the forms of pop culture have changed, a huge proportion of media aimed at children existed solely on the (need I say false) idea that kids are stupid and can't understand things, so they can just be fed consumerist garbage. It's this exact phenomenon you're criticizing in the modern cartoons that you see, and you should be criticizing it - only you're not realizing that older cartoons weren't any better than modern cartoons with this, and were likely much worse with this.

No. 486654

the amazing world of gumball is the best children's show i've ever seen. easily far and away the most creative and clever show i've seen for kids and adults. good shows are being made, and in the case of gumball, some are being done much better.

No. 486655

No, I don’t disagree. There’s always been shit cartoons that are meant to sell stuff. But there’s also been cartoons that were just actually decent. I think there’s lot more of them from the 90s than there are today. How many shows like I described can you think of that are recent? I don’t watch it because I think it’s stupid and annoying, but maybe something like Gravity Falls? Idk

Meanwhile I can think of several from the 90s

No. 486657

Amazing world of gumball (besides being pure retardation) is an exact example of what some other anon was talking about. It was pretty clearly for the audience of people who were kids in the 80s and 90s

No. 486660

>I've also heard this a lot referring to the 2010s.

It was true for both the 2000s and 2010s. The music industry since the mid 90's has been one big track to "blah".

>Rap as a genre definitely overpowered and took over the spotlight this decade, compared to how r&b boomed during the 90s and early 2000s. Rock also isn't on the radio this decade nearly as much as it was in the 2000s, with the likes of The White Stripes, The Killers, Green Day, Linkin Park, and Nickelback playing frequently then.

RnB in the 2000s also had a lot of shitty unnecessary rap verses added to it and was taken over by its hip hop cousin by then. If you want to see RnB at its pure form and at its peak lets look to the 60s-70s.

>The Kardashians, Instagram models, YouTube makeup gurus, Soundcloud rappers, Vine and TikTok stars, you name it.

And how did these boring fucks get able to get famous? It was the atmosphere of the 2000s that allowed it through. Any pattern you see emerging from the previous decade, the next decade takes it over.

>Reminiscent of the 2010s resurgence of nihilistic "dark humor", perceived to be mature even when childish, in shows like Bob's Burgers, Bojack Horseman, Rick and Morty, Big Mouth, etc.

Yes and it also sucks.

>The cartoons of the 2010s are typically looked down upon for being cheaply digitally animated and having cookie-cutter, almost "recycled" easy-to-replicate art styles (although past decades were just as bad for this, the 80s being the worst culprit.)

The 2010s cartoons are good either.

>The entire western side of this planet during the 2010s (basically since the 2008 economic recession) and spread to the eastern side of the planet progressively throughout this decade.

Yes and this trend started in the 2000s.

>Compare the niche-ness (if that's a word) of places like MySpace, LiveJournal, DeviantArt, Blogspot, to the wide-open publicness of places like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, which caters to any and all who want to use it.

In the late 2000s all those sites were going to the shitter and dying or being replaced with shitty cumbrain fetishists since that's the only kind of asshole that populates fandoms these days for some reason.

>Almost every example listed that you've applied to the 2000s as a decade could be applied to the 2010s, even to this specific point in time. I'm certain that a people who were older than I was in the 1990s could have said the same things then.

they have similar flaws because they're a connected decade.

>this whole post

Haha, no. You're way off the mark. I fucking hated the 2010s and barely liked the 2000s. 2000s was only "peaceful" insofar you were on the internet and had hobbies with art, video games, and insular communities on the net. 2000s was a fucking war for women and criticized the shit out of women's beauty and pushed them to nearly eating disorder and frying their hair and plastic surgery to attain that shitty beauty standard then. I was very aware of the 2000s so I don't see how people are getting "peaceful" and "wholesome" from that cunty, mean spirited decade.

The 90's was only the greatest decade if you cut out the shitty late part.


I don't know who you're talking about considering I didn't insult anyone with ad hominem attack in my posts about this discussions. Farmers please stop thinking every anon is the same anon. Admins, introduce IDs or IP count at the bottom of the thread because this is getting ridiculous.

No. 486662


No. 486663

>Metal is dead
Just because it's not hitting the big mainstream charts doesn't mean it's dead. I've been a part of the metal scene for over ten years, and it's doing just fine. Then again I live in northern Europe, the situation could be different elsewhere. But from what I've seen, "true" metal fans are incredibly devoted to this genre, and new bands, albums and shows are sprouting up all the time. Just this weekend I went to see an artist who has multiple sold out shows across Europe and US. Metal isn't going anywhere, you just have to put a tiny little bit effort into finding what you're looking for.

No. 486664

>Also the internet is the greatest invention ever made, period.


Only for knowledge and what you could learn on it (which is now getting drowned out or outright censored while the pornz is growing)

The internet allows me to talk to people as confidants and people I wanna spend time with no matter who they actually are in their lives, and this is a negative thing more than not.

No. 486670


If dumb fucks online can get pretentious and holier than thou attitudes about children's media, video games, and anime & cartoons let people get a little pretentious about other things. I have seen wayyy too many people than I'd like to admit acting like this Nintendo game moves them to tears and has super deep writing.

No. 486672

>The 90's was the greatest decade though
>The music industry since the mid 90's has been one big track to "blah"
>The 90's was the only greatest decade if you cut out the shitty late part
>Meanwhile I can think of several from the 90s

What's with the romanticization of the 90s? Is it just because that's the decade that's considered the most "nostalgic" in the public eye right now? It's odd considering most of us using this website would have still been wearing diapers, coloring with crayons and drinking apple juice during that decade. The 90s had just as many good moments and bad moments like any other decade did, be it in pop culture, music, fashion, media, or politics. (I guess I could be talking to a bunch of different people, or the same person, but it's a general statement regardless.)

No. 486675

Decade wars are pointless. It really doesn't matter what you think of the 90s/00s/10s because guaranteed someone will have had a better or worse take on it than you depending on their perspective.

No. 486676

I’m 90s cartoon anon and I’m not even nostalgic or like the 90s. If I could choose I’d pick early 80s, maybe. I was born LATE 90s so I don’t even remember them. It’s just an observation about 90s cartoons vs newer

No. 486681

Anon, if I say the music industry has been bad since the 90s thats not 90s idolization

I'd take the 70s and 80s over the 90s any day.

No. 486699

how is the amazing world of gumball pure retardation? it teaches moral lessons in literally every episode. the protagonist is kind of a shit person that faces consequences for his actions, the mother is the breadwinner, the father is very emotional, the sister is the genius, and on top of that, the stories are generally engaging (save for filler eps, but every show has them). it's pretty progressive and thought provoking for kids. and no, it really is not made for kids from the 80s and 90s. it's referential but not nearly that referential to claim it's "made for" them. most of the references aren't that old. the best thing about the show is the creativity, not its references, which really aren't highlighted nearly as much as you claim.

No. 486711

Being demonetized 70% of the time is akin to being fired and youtube should be seen as a job you can lose and not as a right. Growing up my local fast food restaurant didn't want to out right fire people, severance packages cost too much, so they just cut a workers hours till they got the hint and quit on their own. Being demonetized is kind of like that. They can't say "we don't like your content. Stop", so they say "you have been demonetized because you don't fit with what youtube wants". It makes more sense if you see the youtube guidelines less as rules, but the Company's HR. The people who still make content after being demonetized are no different from the dude who didn't get the hint that a company just fired them.
Also most people demonetized, besides from AI fuckups, had it coming. Their always channels who use too much copyright footage and refuse to listen to anti copyright strike tips. The other type is the highly political youtubers who act like "edgy unmainstream friendly. Fuck advertisers. I'm not for kids. I'm an oppressed rebal" until they get treated like that by youtube and go full "I did nothing wrong. We're all human, but they can't see beyond politics". Imagine pulling that card one you get reported to HR irl. Accept the grave you dug

No. 486737

nta but according to my nieces a lot of kids really like gumball, so i disagree when people say it's pandering to adults. but at the same every single adult i've known who is into it has been some brand of retarded. i see how kids like it but it's annoying as hell and i'm a cartoonfag

No. 486740

>Implying being pretentious ever ok
Shit's annoying.

No. 486743

File: 1574625568504.jpg (39.79 KB, 262x475, MV5BMTc3OTcwOTg1Ml5BMl5BanBnXk…)

>The point is that a lot of older cartoons didn’t treat kids like retards
Which decade are you talking about? Because most older cartoons that aren't like batman the animated series or education shows treat kids like total retards.

No. 486757


not that simple. And not how youtube build its bussiness model and got to be popular in the first place, they are simply pulling everyone who build the site under the rug. Youtube didn´t even allow children to start with, it was 13 year old+ to make an account, now this Coppa mess is happening.


They are not a user created content network like it always was, its pushing away that idea of giving creators a platform and its becoming another tv channel, where youtube and affiliates feed you exactly what they want and throttle everything else. So more Daily Show bs but on web format, the user plays no role except in consuming what they are being fed and the only channels that surface are corporate shills and hired performers for social media ad agencies, not spontaneous independent creators making their own content.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvatTKD8b2A&feature=youtu.be [DL][Archived Copy]

No. 486758

Radfems are still not real feminists and they remind me of those hoejabis but unironically, I can't believe I used to identify as one. I think the only real type of feminist is the woman who strives to be career-wise very successful and then in her environment very decent, so that more and more women housewife/neet less and say less stupid things like complaining about the public toilet and other petty things. Feminism is dead, amen.

No. 486759

Speaking of music, my unpopular opinion is that if your favourite music is from an anime or video game soundtrack, you don't really like music.

No. 486760


i wouldn´t, mainstream 70s and 80s is all disco garbage and pop synth shit i can´t stand and it refuses to die out. I hate 80s retro crap.

you`d probably like music more than someone who "listens for the lyrics".

No. 486761

GC libfem liters aren’t radfem.

>think the only real type of feminist is the woman who strives to be career-wise very successful


>wanting to do well in a capitalist patriarchal construction is the only way to be feminist uwu

No. 486765

based, the only people who hate dance music are those who can't dance.

>refuses to die out

because it was legit good unlike the teen pop crap from the 2000s and whiny pop punk shit.

No. 486766

I don’t like music but no one ever believes me when I say it. It feels like a waste of time and takes over my thoughts. If I’m doing anything else while listenining I end up pausing it without even realizing.

I don’t like how easily it manipulates my emotions or mental state. I “like” metal, but I listen to any music on purpose for 10 mins a year at most.

Whenever I say I don’t listen to music people call me a liar and think I’m weird

No. 486768

If you like anime or video games then you can't talk about music being a waste of time.

I agree with that.

No. 486771

So "you" (radfems) will make yourself and the rest of us like a fool with your antics just because the real feminist woman wants to go for knowledge and success? That's what the OG feminists did, and then cancer 'n aids happened and now yall either some ariana grande bitch or a pink haired neet. Career woman is the answer yall.

No. 486775

Ed Sheeran is hideous

No. 486777

I have a lot of nephews, nieces and other kids aged 2-12 in my family and this might be a big revelation to everyone here but kids don't watch cartoons anymore. They watch Youtube. They watch let's play videos and maybe an occasional Disney movie. Saturday morning TV slots stopped existing because nobody watches actual broadcast TV these days. But you know who watch cartoons? Late teens and adults.

Cartoons are a medium most loved by millenials (and Gen Xrs to some extent) because they grew up during the time when cartoons were EVERYWHERE. This is simply because in the 80's it was made legal for TV shows to be tied into toy lines, so the toy companies started churning out show after show to sell any plastic piece of shit they could throw at the wall. The most iconic TV series from the 80's were made to sell toys, plain and simple. He-Man, Transformers, My Little Pony, Thundercats, Care Bears, all created for means of merchandising. You couldn't have a toy line without a cartoon show attached to it. Before the 80's the only cartoons that existed were the cheap crap Hanna&Barbera pushed out and Looney Tunes from the 40's and despite having a cultural impact they weren't particularly big with children.

So the current era of cartoons, especially the reboot kick we've been on for the past decade, is due to these millenials wanting to recreate what they idolized as kids. They might hold the belief that they're creating cartoons for children but they're obviously just rehashing things they remember from their childhood, only adding whatever they find appealing as adults. Voltron (another reboot of an 80's show) was initially aimed towards young pre-teen boys, but at some point they realized that the people actually watching it were in fact women from 15 and up. The My Little Pony reboot, as we all know, was overtaken by adult men. I guess the pushing of the toy lines in the cartoons we millenials grew up with created this longing for self-insertion as we could play with the figurines and make up whatever story lines we yearned to see in the shows.

All in all I believe the studios making these shows are fully aware that they're supposed to be compelling to the adults' sense of nostalgia. Whenever I ask what my relatives' kids are into, they start naming games and youtubers. Franchises Minecraft and Fortnite are HUGE within children aged 6 to 12. It's just a new era of playing, instead of taking these plastic figures we had back then they're using virtual environments as their playground. Youtube has a ton of people whose work is accessible and don't require you to rely on broadcasting schedules, the content creators have become nothing short of the current era pop stars. You can watch them anywhere and any time now that tablets and phones exist. The only people who give a shit about the 2019 reboot of the cartoon from 1989 are sad adults who think this new show will satisfy their inner child who they can't let go of.

No. 486778

Well I didn’t include soundtracks bc it was in response to anon who was complaining about people who say they like it based on soundtracks lol

Anyway, I think it’s a waste of time to listen to on its own, and I can’t listen to it while doing other stuff, like I said in my comment

No. 486779

All metal sounds exactly the same

No. 486781

Nina Hagen is based

No. 486782

You must be legit retarded because all the celebs ID as libfem and radfems are anti makeup and sex positivity

Playing by men’s rules isn’t liberation from men, and if you aren’t trying to be liberated from men you literally aren’t a feminist.

No. 486785

The next gen of adults will be pretty introverted, passive, with low self esteem and I'm over it. It doesn't make an interesting youth culture, there's no massive innovation or creativity coming from even my generation (the late Gen Z), and there's no subcultures or passion being exhibiting about anything. Even those early to late Millennial were at least making flash games online and creating some things while my generation is just being passive consumers.

No. 486786

This. Personally I have no problem with kids being more into video games and youtubers than plastic crap because it's usually a lot cheaper as long as you don't let them do lootboxes every 10 minutes and such.

I think most people kind of realized this eventually though since toys R us went bankrupt and TV's slowly dying as well.

No. 486787

she's awful. groundbreaking, whatever, but musically, she's awful and she only has the following she has because people hype terrible music for the sake of social currency.

it's true. even the obscure 'really good', 'hidden gems' metal is terrible and boring. it's all samey despite being different. and people who like metal are more unbearable and annoying than any other fans of any genre. they're always pseudointellectuals and are so annoying. it's just so pathetic to want to enjoy things that are so dark, tbh. they're usually people who have had a "boring" privileged life but want to feel tortured. it's like for the same people who enjoy poverty tourism. venturing out into sad or sick or depressing shit because your life is so predictable and safe.

No. 486789

everything by that anon is bait. they're definitely male.

No. 486790

If the kids aren't being active and extroverted and just attached haplessly as a passive consumer to a screen then what hope is for the future? America's youth is already boring AF and socially awkward/borderline NEET compared to the teens/young adults in other countries I've been to.

No. 486791

Woah, so short haired neets after all?
>You must be legit retarded
Ok, but at least I can read?
Well, do what you want, it's not like the libfemmies and femneeties didn't fucking rape the legacy of actual feminists completely already. And yeah, warn me from becoming as successful and powerful as possible.

No. 486792

>I hate my generation
Seems like fanart is bigger than ever which seems to require a lot more time and effort than most shitty flash games on top of that subcultures still seem to be pretty huge so I really don't see where you're coming from.

No. 486794

How is she musically awful? Also she's still barely talked about in the greater music scene so I don't see how she's a result of hype, lmao.

Show me what you like real quick. I'm not a metalhead at all but I just wanna see your taste in music.

No. 486795

How am I baiting when I say that both libfeminists and radfeminists are pretentitious and retarded as fuck and that they are nothing like the og feminists who did for us a lot? Maybe come with arguments?

No. 486796

Last time I checked watching TV and playing with plastic crap didn't cause a downfall of civilization in the US, let kids be kids and watch stupid youtubers and play stupid games. It's not going to cause a Hikkikomori style epidemic.

No. 486798

I agree. It’s so ridiculously rare to find anyone our age who has an actual hobby. When you ask it’s shit like “gaming” or “watching anime” and they constantly watching Netflix or YouTube.

The closest I come is a couple girls who knit

No. 486799

Fanart is easy to make as it's taking designs other people created who already laid the foundation of for you. Flash games are a little more complicated as they had to have been built by scratch with animations being created, scripts, time and effort put into the backgrounds, sprites themselves, making sure the game works properly, ect.

What massive subcultures my Gen Z has other than video games, cartoons, anime, and hip hop culture?

No. 486801

This. There's nothing more annoying than metalheads who smell like they haven't bathed in over a month who are drunk as fuck screaming about how all other music is samey shit while listening to screaming and yelling over and over again.

No. 486803

I didn't say downfall of civilization, I wasn't being that melodramatic so cut it out. Though, imo, kids shouldn't be plopped under the TV and spoiled with toys either. Kids being stuck to technology is a bad thing as social skills are not being developed and some basic life experience is being stunted.

No. 486804

God, yes, they are fucking boring. It's a sad time when people 30 and over are more exciting and adventurous than people under 30 and in their teens.

No. 486805

Fanart still requires creativity in terms of how you take the design and change it to suite your own style, on top of that webcomics don't seem to be dying. Flash games on the other hand generally just use the same stick figure base or are edgy 'kill the ppg' shit over and over again.

>What massive subcultures my Gen Z has other than video games, cartoons, anime, and hip hop culture?

Whether you like it or not, political subcultures seem to be a pretty huge thing as well as makeup. There's no real way to place 'big' subcultures in due to how the internet has made them into all sorts of different areas, basically everything has a subculture now because it's more possible. Also last time I checked hip hop isn't a huge thing anymore, people are more into that sadboi/e girl type of music on soundcloud.

No. 486806


>What massive subcultures my Gen Z has other than video games, cartoons, anime, and hip hop culture?

Those things are all more like pop culture now, too.

No. 486809

Then don't use a computer to raise your kids? It really is that simple.
Using a computer to raise your kids is the exact same as using a television to raise your kids, the only real difference is I guess you could more easily throw some educational content at them as opposed to having to channel surf for it. It's still pretty easy to find kids running around and playing outside and I still see kids skateboarding almost everyday so clearly the internet hasn't turned us into Lain.

No. 486813

>Fanart still requires creativity in terms of how you take the design and change it to suite your own style

Yes, it requires creativity but it isn't the most creative and usually it's not. There are some fanartists and even hackers who create really good art and mods of the games they are hacking and then there is the many who don't bring anything to the table and just recreate what they saw. I would say as someone who's participated in fandoms since the 2000s it used to be more common for people to be more active and creative with their interest then. Though, there seems to be a revival going on while it was a dead zone for the early-mid 2010s (imo).

>Flash games on the other hand generally just use the same stick figure base or are edgy 'kill the ppg' shit over and over again.

So why is it okay for you to generalize flash games but not for me to generalize fanart? Some flash games are really well made just like some fanart.

>Whether you like it or not, political subcultures seem to be a pretty huge thing as well as makeup

It's mostly Millennials who participate heavily in political subcultures considering most Gen Z are too young to have formed an opinion yet and the older Gen Z are feeling turned off by the overfocus of politics this decade and the late part of the previous decade had. I don't know any relevant political subculture Gen Zs are leading atm since we just became "aware" (our oldest is 21-23). Makeup was popular in the previous decades too except men have taken over it (as they have been doing for this decade).

Exactly, the internet making them homogeneous is making the feeling of a "big subculture" nearly non existent and hard to reach out to these days.

> Also last time I checked hip hop isn't a huge thing anymore, people are more into that sadboi/e girl type of music on soundcloud.

Ehhh, that really depends on your demographic. I'd say my demographic is not more into sadboi/e girl type of music than they are trap and hip hop culture. That particular soundcloud music is just a watered down and bastardized form of rap re-packaged as their "culture".

No. 486815

>Then don't use a computer to raise your kids? It really is that simple.

Okay, and? How many people are gonna follow that advice? Why do people think it's so easy just to say "don't do it" like most people are not gonna do it anyways lol

>Using a computer to raise your kids is the exact same as using a television to raise your kids,

Except the internet has a whole communities in it and other people to talk and communicate to who can change how you view things and influence your world view. Why go outside and have social skills when you can talk to people about literally anything 24/7? Look, I see you're trying to change my words around a little like I'm saying kids being raised on tv is somehow good or even better but I am clearly criticizing both so stop where you're ahead.

Also, children are statistically less active and extroverted than they used to be in the previous generations, it's not a shade or a speculation, it's a fact. Saying this and mentioning it is not making up a lie or even an argument but a real part of society now, so I don't know why you seem to dislike it personally.

No. 486817

*extroverted/less social/less friends/ect whatever

trend is seen clearly in Gen Z kids/teens/young adults than previous generations

No. 486818

>So why is it okay for you to generalize flash games but not for me to generalize fanart?
Because most early 2000s flash games are literally the exact same thing over and over again? Have you been on newgrounds? Most of the best flash games came out after the huge flash wave was over because people actually knew how the use the program at that point and make it look good.
>most Gen Z are too young to have formed an opinion yet and the older Gen Z are feeling turned off by the overfocus of politics this decade and the late part of the previous decade had.
If anything I notice the opposite, younger and younger kids are forming political opinions and attaching themselves onto a side and giving themselves an identity in it this seeming to begin at around 12 to 14. You can make arguments for why or why it isn't a good thing but it's still definitely a subculture either way.
>Makeup was popular in the previous decades too except men have taken over it
Doesn't seem like it's nearly as popular then as it is now, the only store at the mall that is consistently busy at almost all times is sephora after all. On top of that costumey makeup is becoming much more popular than it's ever been outside of extremely obscure interests.
>That particular soundcloud music is just a watered down and bastardized form of rap re-packaged as their "culture".
Still a subculture, Sadboi and E-girl stuff seems to be the current 'sad teen subculture', basically if emo, scene, grunge, goth, etc isn't a subculture than neither are things like sad bois, e-girls and that vaporwave thing.

No. 486825

File: 1574630804680.jpg (42.35 KB, 272x262, 1573949880397.jpg)

>thinking you are oppresed on 2k19 western first word country uwu
>thinking communism will improve things OwO

ok, retard.

No. 486827

I used to go on newgrounds and other websites for years and play flash games for franchises and not just generic ones, yeah there was a lot of turd but if you looked up something like a Pokemon flash game it would have been more quality than the generic ones.
A lot of people who made flash games ended up becoming game hackers, fan game creators, or even official content creators later down the line.

>Still a subculture, Sadboi and E-girl stuff seems to be the current 'sad teen subculture', basically if emo, scene, grunge, goth, etc isn't a subculture than neither are things like sad bois, e-girls and that vaporwave thing.

It's a subculture but it sure is a boring one. It doesn't even have a "look" as much as emo/scene did (and I dislike those) and has elements of hip hop culture and blends in with the other subcultures (as is a huge problem with gen Z subcultures)

So my post is changed and now gen Z doesn't have any subculture but anime/video games/politics/sad boy/e girl/youtube/vaporwave

Very interesting and fun. I don't think it has a significant impact or wave as the y2k and before subcultures so my generation is still leading with the homogeneity and mediocrity department.

No. 486829

>you cant be oppressed because you are getting murdered for being out in the streets

nta but youre retarded

No. 486830

>Why do people think it's so easy just to say "don't do it" like most people are not gonna do it anyways lol
And what do you expect people to do about that exactly? Kids have been pretty much glued to the tv since probably the 70s or 80s and it's not like you never ever see kids going outside anymore so I really don't get why this is as big a deal as you're pretending it is.
>Why go outside and have social skills when you can talk to people about literally anything 24/7?
Probably because it's more interesting to talk about things that you're genuinely interested in over whatever some random people at school are talking about, on top of that what about kids who don't have any friends at school so they have no way to develop their social skills there? They deserve to have friends too anon.

No. 486832

i had no friends at school and would've done better being outside and meeting new people rather than being on the computer all the time, but the people in my area fucking sucked

No. 486835

File: 1574631215134.jpg (1.93 MB, 700x700, Vaporwave-Cute-PC-Pink-Aesthet…)

Pokemon flash games fall into the vaguely same area as fanart though, I'm talking about purely original games that unless they were created by a team were generally shitty stick figure games with guns.
>It's a subculture but it sure is a boring one. It doesn't even have a "look" as much as emo/scene did
That's entirely your opinion though, not subjective fact you said that 2010s/gen Z culture had no subculture and I clearly just pointed one out. Aside from that, I would much rather have vaporwave, e girl and sadboi clothing over the highlighter vomit rawr XD like scene.

No. 486839

yeah saying no subculture was hyperbolic but i meant it was few and not really as passionate as the 2000s ppl did. I really don't like 2000s or 2010s subcultures either. I hated both decades ngl

No. 486842

File: 1574632355356.jpg (368.51 KB, 2048x2048, zser7ym47rm21.jpg)

Your point? The 90s had grunge which was just as boring and dull as any other subculture with the added 'I hate my parents tm' sign put onto it as well as kids who were pretty much carbon copies of the columbine kids pre and post shooting. As for 'not as passionate' clearly you haven't met those sadboi kids who spend all day making soundcloud music and 'aesthetics' whether you find it dumb or not doesn't really matter since it does have people who are passionate about it.

No. 486843

I didn't really care for grunge either. Most of the subcultures and music subcultures I give a shit about were/are black so it doesn't apply to me.

>that image

proves what i was saying about subcultures bleeding into each other thus diluting them down and becoming homogeneous
and what is sad boi culture other than emo mixed with rap/urban and anime/cartoon/internet meme aesthetic in?

where is the massive coverage of it and how is it presence strongly known amongst other people who are not even apart of it or much older? it does not seem to be a strong undercurrent than me.

one subculture gaining traction that still hasn't completely separated itself from the gaming/anime infatuation Gen Z loves with isn't the same as other individual subcultures cultivated by regional culture and localities and heterogeneity. I'd say even YOLO subculture was more pervasive than this.

No. 486844

>both libfeminists and radfeminists are pretentitious and retarded as fuck and that they are nothing like the og feminists who did for us a lot?
I tried to give radfems a chance when they started appearing here because I do agree with them on some points. The problem I encountered is that they're no different from libfems. They all come across as ideologues that have difficulty with empathy. They care more about forcing their opinions on others than actually fighting for women. The aim of any feminist should be protecting and empowering all women, not just those that fall in line with certain view points. Women need feminism more than ever. There are still places in the world where women face daily violence and even in the west women are seeing their previously gained rights and protections being eroded. Both group of feminists are completely impotent and clueless on how to stop it. I'm even sure that they care.

>girls as young as 11 get raped by gangs in Europe

>genital mutilation happening in the Middle East and Africa
>Epstein found to be trafficking teenage girls
>women being forced into marriage
>women's shelters being attacked by TRAs
Feminists: silence

>a man opens his legs too wide on public transport

>a man has the aircon at the wrong temperature
>a man refers to a USB device as a dongle at a tech conference

That's why feminism has become a joke.

No. 486846

Then why did you bring up subcultures to begin with? If you don't care about them and it's been made pretty clear that gen Z subcultures are a frequent thing then why are we still discussing this?
>what is sad boi culture other than emo mixed with rap/urban and anime/cartoon/internet meme aesthetic in?
What is emo culture other than goth mixed with grunge and invader zim/snes games/emily the strange aesthetic thrown in?
You can literally say this for any subculture, because subcultures almost always are a mix of familiar things. It's the reason why most punk clothing was thrifted or vintage.
>still hasn't completely separated itself from the gaming/anime infatuation Gen Z loves
And this is a problem how? Anime while very popular and pretty frequently found at malls still isn't on the same level as mainstream as most pop culture is. At most you just hear about normals discussing things like my hero academia a lot which more falls into the mainstream culture of how popular things like super hero movies are currently, anime isn't just one genre anyway so it's more of a 'subculture within a subculture' same with video games. You wouldn't compare someone who reads actual books to someone who reads YA novels after all.

No. 486852

>You can't care about more than one issue
Last time I checked most feminists on the internet don't live in the middle east so it only makes sense that one would discuss an issue that's more frequent to where they live over one that's more common somewhere else.

No. 486854

Because.. my personal opinion doesn't necessarily reflect on what I observe? I mean, you seem to not get this hence why you think me bringing up emo shit means I like it.

>This is a problem how?

It's the unpopular opinion thread, and I find the over focus on animation and video games in my generation boring. That's all.

No. 486855

Of course it is a mix of familiar things, but if your reference point of subculture is at most 1998 then you will not see why I am saying what I am saying.

No. 486856

Why exactly did you keep bringing up subcultures then? Anime isn't nearly as mainstream as you seem to think it is, it's more mainstream than it's ever been over here in the US but it's still not the most popular thing ever.

No. 486858

Stop letting lolcow and tumblr cloud your view of how feminists work. I see feminists online talking about the shit you claim we don't talk about (Epstein, FGM, forced marraige, etc) WAY more than "trivial" issues like manspreading.

No. 486859

I brought up subcultures because my original post brought it up in reference to my complaints about gen Z in general. Are you Gen Z?

No. 486861

This site has gotten so moralfag lately and the hypocrisy is disgusting. How can you be on a site like this and pretend you're not a horrible person?

No. 486863

>I've never liked this particular thing
>However I'm going to single it out for one generation in particular

No. 486864

How does wanting to vent to other women on a website make someone a terrible person

No. 486865

>why is someone in unpopular opinion thread giving an opinion that is usually a generalization and subjective

i dont even know what youre talking about by 'particular thing', btw

No. 486867

eh, been like this since late 2015 tbh. or maybe 2016?

No. 486870

The new revenge thread is drowning in moralfag tonight

No. 486871


That's how the media and press paint us.
I remember seeing this article about a woman almost getting raped when she was waiting for the bus and being so fucking furious about it.
Then, the following article showed me two vegan "feminist" who kept the chicks away from the roosters because they "raped" them.
I thought I wanted to explode, I pictured this fucking sexist man writing the article just to demonstrate how crazy and delusional feminists are.

Is fucking astonishing how people jump into the "Not All Men" bandwagon without blinking an eye, but I haven't really seen a "Not All Feminists". The hate against feminism is the same as the man-hate you all loathe. Everyone is always complaining about how feminists complain too much and how the movement is shit and "has poor organization". It gets boring. Get a hobby.

No. 486872

Causal sex as a woman isn't worth it

Women ought to care about their sexual health and protection more than men

Giving men a pussy pass means feeding a male's ego and giving him an allowance to act the way he wants

When you don't know what kind of STDs he's carrying and the man could be fucking his relative, an animal, or a child.

Its just not worth it for something that's gonna be shitty sex 80% of the time. How many women can honestly say they cummed and got what they needed out of a hookup or fwb?

No. 486874

File: 1574634611329.jpg (41.96 KB, 598x481, countess.jpg)

Being an SJW is better than being an indifferent type of person that isn't passionate about any causes.

No. 486880

File: 1574634862121.gif (866.31 KB, 498x278, 1561491679775.gif)

>implying most people are just here to "vent" to other women and not mercilessly tear apart influencers like the site is literally designed for

No. 486882

No. 486898

a lot of people on ot rarely visit pt, snow or w. the board culture is clearly very different. a lot of people on snow or pt come from twitter or tumblr or wherever the flakes or cows come from and they find lolcow.

No. 486904

no it's not, sjws and indifferent skeptics are apart of the same coin

No. 486907

no it's not, sjws and indifferent skeptics are apart of the same coin

No. 486908

>"Kids media" historically has been created on the premise that children and teenagers are some kind of less intelligent, less aware "dumber" forms of adults,
Because they are?

No. 486910

NTA but you can't assume everyone here uses the site equally.

I mostly only use /ot/, I'm hardly active on any other board. There are probably people who mostly use /snow/ and not /ot/ etc.

No. 486912

I want to agree, but a lot of sjws aren't even sjws because of their own thought process, they're doing it to earn points and are just hopping on one mindless bandwagon instead of another. They're not actually passionate about it deep down.

No. 486918

women who cum really easily or something, i guess? i don't know why you'd go out of your way for it except for an ego boost. i really don't get the oxytocin thing when i have sex with guys or kiss them or anything either. i don't get it. i feel like it might be a meme or overhyped.

to go a step further, i feel like i've been so pressured by people to accept that dating men is normal and healthy… i really don't think it is. it's awkward and weird because there is no understanding between the two of you. we have empathy for them but they don't have empathy for us because they not only are coming at life from a much better vantage point, but they fundamentally don't respect us in general, and even if they do "respect" you more than the average guy, he's still not seeing you as a veritable human. maybe like a dog or a human-like robot, but that respect and gratitude is never truly there. you can't fully appreciate something you don't respect, and that's the issue i tend to see in most het relationships. even if you're treated "well" you can see there's an undercurrent of disrespect and even subtle, but impactful, dehumanization. the brainwashing men are subjected to about us is just too strong. it's just too weird to be with them romantically or sexually. they're very emotionally unintelligent and generally emotionally handicapped too. it's so much work for effectively no reward.

No. 486927

I think there's absolutely nothing wrong with money influencing the partner you choose. How is a woman caring about money any worse than a man caring about how a woman looks? It's not at all. If a man can prefer blonde women with large breats and have society see it as "their type", then a woman should be able to prefer a man who makes six figures without any stigma too.

Money means a secure future for you and your children. Being hot is just aesthetics and will fade eventually.

No. 486944

this doesn't really get said enough. straight casual sex has no benefits for women. all it does is feed men's egos and give them even more reason to treat women like shit. they're probably not going to text you back anyway so you might as well have never given them the satisfaction in the first place. not to mention it's way easier to contract most STDs from men than from women, and you can never trust a man to actually be clean or honest.

lesbian casual sex is a different story, though.

No. 486946

As a straight woman I agree with you. You have to place value on yourself or no one else will. I've only ever been picky with men and made them be patient. My first serious boyfriend assaulted me due to this and I knew him well. I was only 15 so after that I never wanted to do casual dating or one night stands. It's hard enough vetting the guys you do know. The few flings I've had the sex was awkward and it was clear we were incompatible that continuing sex to a point it felt better/good wasn't worth the cringe I felt when I parted with the dude. Not to mention growing up and being aware of men in my social circle and how they would speak about 'birds' etc. Extremely off putting. I would never give myself a man unless I've checked out his credentials and am happy with them

No. 486954

Honestly? Agreed. Only money can fade as well. Bad investments, recessions, illnesses etc. So the woman that leaves a man for going broke is exactly as shitty as the man that leaves a woman for getting fat. For richer or poor, sickness or health, till death do us part.

No. 486955

How is it different for lesbians?

No. 486960

Yes but the chances of finding a rich man whose sinlge is very little unless you're already a rich person
most people end up dating and marrying people who are the same class as them

No. 486965

This feels like idealization of a same sex lesbian relationships, I have known plenty of lesbian women who have had issues with dating other women

No. 486966

a few reasons, partly because it's usually much less dangerous. there's no chance of getting pregnant and it's harder to get std's.

there is also a level of mutual understanding between two women. I've never had lesbian sex but I used to have a bisexual friend who was very promiscuous with other women and she never had any of the problems that usually come with sleeping around with men. I'm not saying that lesbian relationships are always perfect and that women being promiscuous with other women never have any problems though, or anything like that. I'm just saying it doesn't have a lot of the consequences that having casual sex with men can bring.

sorry for the delete + repost, I just wanted to add that disclaimer.

No. 486976

The movie parasite is extremely overrated and predictable

No. 486980

lesbian propaganda

No. 486981

I never said dating women didn't have issues? that wasn't my point at all.

it's really not. I'm straight so obviously I don't give a shit if women are lesbian or not.

No. 486982

I've never even heard of that movie

No. 486994

I'm surprised that anyone still supports K-POP considering how terrible of an industry it is. Overly mass-produced, singers get in debt, etc. Anyone who likes K-POP must have a double digit IQ.

No. 487000

I don't know a ton about the kpop industry, but I'm tempted to agree. although the western music industry is also extremely corrupt and most of it gets swept under the rug.

No. 487001

Disgusting how people can claim to love an idol and support and worship the industry that trafficked them. No, you’re just using them like a product.

No. 487006

It depends how much money you're going for. Yeah, finding a millionaire is going to be very difficult, but finding someone who makes six figures isn't that hard. I didn't even seek out a well off partner, yet still ended up with one. I live in a mostly low income area too.

No. 487013

I really liked it but I find it weird how literally everyone is going absolutely bananas over it, it just seems like a bandwagon type of thing where some people haven't even watched it or didn't like it but they're afraid of getting attacked so they stick with what the popular opinion is.

It even got to the all time number 1 on Letterboxd, which i find bloody ridiculous tbh

No. 487047

I used to genuinely love K-pop 10 years ago and listened to it all the time, but now I simply can't do it anymore. After the Korean government stepped in to fund the industry to create more profitable idol groups they can sell to foreigners the game was changed forever. I know the idols probably never had an amazing quality of life and sasaengs have existed since forever but looking at oldschool groups like Super Junior they at least had a somewhat authentic feel to them and at least none of the girls of SNSD fainted from exhaustion and starvation right in the middle of a performance as far as a I remember. However I don't know, maybe Koreans were just more talented at hiding their skeletons back then.

I can absolutely see the appeal of K-pop though. It's fun, it's colourful, it's peppy, or it can be cool and edgy depending on the group. The choreographed dances are impressive, the singers are often very attractive (surgically enhanced or not) and they use a lot of different music genres to create catchy songs. Anyone who tries to deny this is just being negative out of principals. They even got the more socially conscious fans covered as they managed to sell BTS as this "new wave authentic K-Pop group" that are known for "criticizing" the Korean society and "standing for LGBT rights" despite never doing anything of the sort and in the end being just another manufactured group next to a thousand others. Koreans are goddamn masters at doing this and I have to give it to them.

Anyway obsessed K-pop stans are the bottom of the barrel, especially those who can't admit to themselves that the industry is fundamentally flawed and built on abusing people. Yes, a lot of countries also abuse their pop stars but you're giving them your money and time of the day, the reason why they're continuing to do it. Yes, Japan this and the US that, I don't care.

No. 487053

OT but I love the Vaporwave aesthetic because I was actually born in the late 80's so I got to live through the time it's glorifying but I fucking hate 19-year old zoomers adopting it for their edgy sadboy scene. It fills me with this autistic frustration because millenials my age have a genuine, weird nostalgic love for this subgenre that brings them a bit of good vibes in the middle of busy adulthood.

No. 487058

Yeah that's pretty autistic

No. 487095

A lot of reddit hate seems unwarranted and unnecessary
Its a basically just a place to host forums, so you have wiedly diffrent subcultures and injokes

No. 487097

The music isn't even good though. Not at all. How can anyone like over-produced garbage just meant to sell? It's boring. And the idols are all plastic and creepy-looking. I know America has the same issues but at least they don't treat their employees like slaves. K-Pop is just dumb and autistic, and anyone who enjoys it is nothing short of a degenerate.

No. 487106

This post was really eloquent. Even though I don't know anything about K-Pop, I just wanted you to know that I enjoyed reading it.

No. 487174

No, it isn't. People do what that Anon does all the time.

No. 487178

Yeah, agreed. Many niche, smaller subreddits are a lot of fun. A lot of the stuff posted on the Reddit hate thread is terrible but to be fair, you can find garbage on any social media site if you look hard enough

It’s definitely improved compared to how it was 5-10 years ago.

No. 487179

I'm sorry, what shows you are talking about? All the shit I see on Cartoon network is baby shit? What's aimed at adults?

Gumball is dead
Adventure time is dead
Regular show is dead

what else is there?
PPG? We bear bears, Teen Titans Go? → literal spongebob for babies tier.

No. 487180

isn't Aurthur funded through PBS? so government funded?

No. 487194

No. 487216


unpopular opinion and trying not to sound like an edgelord but at this point I really don't have sympathy for idols offing themselves because I've grown so tired of hearing this shit

maybe I'm ignorant but why do people enter the idol business knowing it's very problematic anyway and why do people (the fans) keep supporting this industry

No. 487219

File: 1574709756253.png (699.37 KB, 596x748, 20191125_121651.png)

I actually really like Tunas art style. It's very unique and her color choices kinda intrigue me. Shes done a couple of things I really like actually, it's just most of her art is so busy and the lines are fucked. If she took the time to improve I think she could make more money than her current nasty "sw" In all honesty if I wasnt afraid of catching Hep C. from a piss/shit/cum encrusted piece of paper I might buy one from her.
Pic related, this is one of her pieces that actually look pretty nice imo. It was tinfoiled that she was using meth or some other upper to make it so cohesive looking compared to most of her art.

No. 487236

i agree. shes nasty as fuck but if she even began to try her art wouldnt be so bad

No. 487258

Seek therapy for your sociopathy.

No. 487624

File: 1574819605349.jpg (86.84 KB, 1024x576, Who are more likely to form Pa…)

If you like commentary and hate reaction channels you're a dimwit. Cody Ko, Drew Gooden, Danny Gonzales, and Slazo are all slightly better than reaction channels, but still are reaction channels. Instead of asine commentary you get asine jokes. 90% of their jokes are
>Video says something weird
>I repeat wears thing
>Isn't that weird?
>Let me take weird thing to logical conclusion
It can be funny, but as said before it's used as 90 of the jokes. You could say that's most comedy, but even then they fail to make the joke humorous. Ad Libbing jokes and bad acting combine to make their few decent jokes fall flat. Even if a joke lands it's rarely "stand up comedian" level, but "me and my friends can be as funny as this". Reaction and commentary both ajve bad reaction except for the fact one requires charisma. It feel like a para social relationship

No. 487631

Also emplemons insnt some cool memer, but an autist with so little self worth they would spend like a month making a video feeling superior over memes. At least the "No you're a Normie!" Comments are funny

No. 487635

I don't watch either but I'd rather watch one of those low-effort reaction videos that are more humble and can sometimes at least be funny than some lame commentary by some grumpy and self-important dude like h3h3 or idubbz.

No. 487665

The kpop music industry and western music industry are equally toxic and corrupt

No. 487669

I really disagree. the western music industry is incredibly toxic and corrupt, but still not as much as the kpop industry. I don't have firsthand experience with either though, so I don't have anything concrete to back that up with.

No. 487681

I didn't like it and neither did the group of people I watched it with and we were all disappointed when it ended. There were so many things wrong with that movie istg

No. 487799

The controversy of the Netflix NGE line from Kaworu when he says to Shinji he's worthy of his grace instead of saying he loves him was so fucking overblown. There was no "LGBT erasure", it was just a very specific translation - the new subtitles of the new show were all like that, that's why the dialogue was so awkward and obvious. And the line matches the character anyway, as he's supposed to be a god-like figure. Anyone with two working eyes could see the two were attracted to each other, why was I love you line necessary? The way people blew the fuck up over it was embarrassing.

No. 487807

File: 1574864838093.gif (995.11 KB, 500x375, tumblr_m369gbp0fu1qdbbpco1_500…)

I love how the redraw thread is just a giant slapfight. I look at it every time I want to laugh.

No. 487828

I do think the reactions are overblown, but here's what I have to say. The last two episodes are basically Shinji having a mental breakdown. Which is triggered by the fact that he has to murder someone who cares about him. Kaworu said that he loved him, which in Shinji's mind reconfirms that everyone who loves him dies. Like his mother died. Kaworu also turned out to be an Angel and Shinji mentions that he betrayed him like his father. So I personally think what Kaworu did and said brought out Shinji's feelings of being unloved and neglected. But maybe I'm just reading way too much into a 90's mecha anime because episode 24 is my favorite episode.

No. 487912

>why was I love you line necessary?
Because it ties into Shinji's character heavily? Kaworu was the first person who loved him so he basically snapped when he died.

No. 487916

File: 1574891543741.jpg (18.12 KB, 500x340, 1534622092212.jpg)

Episode 24 is almost everyone's favorite.

No. 487949

File: 1574897000738.gif (476.65 KB, 500x375, 229D6697-5461-497F-9ED6-ED9F72…)

Kaworu was the first person who offered Shinji unconditional love and asking for nothing in return. but it’s a somewhat twisted dynamic that teaches him nothing about the realities of human contact. (A lover will never be able to offer the same unconditional and “pure” love of, say, the mother. which he’s seeking most of all.) Connection is a give and take and all of it riddled with pain. In a fucked up way maybe that’s why it had to end like that. to counter Shinji’s indulgence in a fantasy

mine is 22