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File: 1576424274233.jpg (112.5 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (3).jpg)

No. 494598

No. 494616

The current drama about Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is peak autism.
>TL:DR; People started screaming that KPP is a pedo because 7 years ago she "preyed" on one of her 12-year old male backup dancers when she was 19 herself because she made tweets teasing him for going through puberty and making jokes about him being embarrassed by attention from girls, Twitter retards decided she was basically raping kids left and right, all based on four mistranslated, vague, out of context screenshots with no sources
People going "if it was an older male instead you'd be all over this!" well yeah, it's not my fault men are statistically much more likely to have ulterior motives when dealing with kids than 19-year old girls.
>inb4 disgusting weeb pedo defender
Don't care. Can't make me care. Jeffrey Epstein can have an island full of young girls to abuse and then get murdered before he can name names and twitter barely even talks about it, but petty nontroversies like this gain traction like mad. The kid in question is 19 today, unless he comes out himself telling how KPP used him as a sex slave I'm not having it.

No. 494624

File: 1576432142133.jpeg (324.32 KB, 828x697, ED2DA4A0-F5D0-4438-983F-8D223A…)

You can deny the accusations all you want but there are plenty pedophilic tweets of hers that are still up. It’s inappropriate and arguing that it isn’t just makes you seem like a stan. Regardless if he was raped or not, the comments she made are creepy and she deserves the backlash.

No. 494630

I hate how race is bought into everything these days.

I was reading a pretty innocent piece about losing touch with friends in adulthood and using social media to keep up. Nothing to do with race, right? Except the author had to drop some "truth bomb" that she felt bad about using facebook because it's ok with people sending death threats to "people of color" users. Nevermind facebook does way worse beyond that. Also this white elitist woman probably is stuck in her bubble and doesn't realize that the majority of facebook users these days are probably "people of color" because facebook is used by people all over the world, especially if you consider its ownership of whatsapp too.

I agree. It's really unprofessional and puts people in an uncomfortable position. Idk why there are so many anons who think women can do nothing wrong. It's probably so they won't feel bad about their own creepy thoughts/behavior, because "It's not bad if I'm a guy"

No. 494633

File: 1576433025576.jpg (302.23 KB, 1080x1920, ELzURTPVAAAuDB0.jpg)

Not to mention she actually says Shotacon here and about a totally different young boy

No. 494640

Based Kyary.

No. 494647

all of my yikes

No. 494650

Eeeh I agree with you anon, unless somebody actually comes through with some proof this is such a non issue.

No. 494658

okay pedophile


No. 494667

File: 1576439598733.jpg (168.83 KB, 1800x1350, IMG_20191215_050514.jpg)

Also her phone case that says lolicon on it. This wasn't from 2012 either, 2 years ago.

No. 494678

the sleeping texts seem weird but i'm not surprised kyary would prefer young nonthreatening boys since her parents pushed her into the industry at a young age

No. 494686

I judge people who can't cook. Especially if they're in their late twenties or older.

No. 494691

So she's a basic NLOG bitch. Yawn, go crusade against idk literally any male idolfag instead.
>implying woman's shotacon/lolicon is same as male's

No. 494693

Ok pedo.

What's up with the whataboutism? I'm not going to crusade against Kyary or anyone else. We're just pointing out she's creepy.

No. 494695


where is this an unpopular opinion, let me guess america or some other anglo hell? it really is pathetic when an adult can't cook, nothing cute about ordering takeout and pizza all the time and then complaining when you're broke and fat. same for adults who can't bake even a simple cake or some cookies without those nasty ass bake mixes

No. 494697

This but unironically. People roll their eyes at males creeping on underage girls because they're simply expected to be that way but some mentally stunted small idol girl being edgy causes a fucking landslide of social media outrage and "FEMALE PEDOS ARE JUST AS AWFUL!!!!" screeching as if males weren't responsible for like 99% of the statutory rape statistics with both male and female victims. It's just as tired as it was with the recent Sakimichan controversy.

No. 494700

People who are obsessed with partying at the age of 25 are sad. My roommate is like this and it's really awful. It's clear she never had real friends or social life in high school or even college.

No. 494701

>recent Sakimichan controversy.
What happened?

No. 494702

doesn't she sexualise every popular anime girl of the week-regardless of their canon age? it's probably that

No. 494705

She drew an aged up version of a teenage character as an adult in a sexual pose/clothing and vendettafags started screaming pedo.

No. 494707

She did draw sexualized art of boys that looked about 10-12 some time ago. I do hope she got shit for that, pandering to pedos isn't cool.

No. 494712

Seriously, twitter loves to screech “if the genders were reversed!!!” like it’s some kind of gotcha. The gender inverse is 95% more likely to end in abuse, dumbfuck.

No. 494713

So true. I feel sorry for people who missed out on having a fun highschool life because they were too busy studying and now they're trying to catch up on their mid 20's.

No. 494714

>Looked about 10-12
lmfao, okay then anon. The only piece I can think about that would be even remotely similar was the Felix&Astolfo trap art from last summer and they were petite crossdressing twinks both canonly aged over 18, not children.

No. 494720

File: 1576448500936.jpg (Spoiler Image,104.05 KB, 533x431, tumblr_px0cj4m1o91qjtxoeo1_540…)

These don't look like 18 yo men though, do they.

No. 494722

This is the great crime?? Kek artfags make the worst vendettas. Just say yall hate women.

No. 494723

>I feel sorry for people who missed out on having a fun highschool life because they were too busy studying and now they're trying to catch up on their mid 20's.
I hate how my roommate acts like hot shit after she's playing catch up lol. Makes me want to give her a reality check.

No. 494731


so fucking what? if you really think mid-to-late-20s is too old to party you sound underage as fuck. what other retarded views you have? that your parents don't fuck lol?

No. 494733

ok boomer

No. 494735


that's a big word for a 14-year-old, honey, where did you learn it?

No. 494742

I'm not underage. You sound like you are immature and behind in life, probably because you are desperately trying to catch up.

No. 494746

Yeah that really is an unpopular opinion. Can't relate at all.

No. 494748

You're fighting this battle in multiple threads now. This has been going on for weeks. Go take a shower, you stinky Disney NEET.

No. 494755

File: 1576455642118.png (42.48 KB, 488x355, 1573140194403 (1).png)

Gamers are their biggest foes in the "are games deep" debate
>Most of them follow the blue curtains meme
>Standards so low they advertise anything that isn't the usual crap fest as peak kino
>Their "deepest" games are always never deep, but 'ha ha that is totally me' wankfests
>Hate walking simulators
>Pic related is "peak" analysis
Most of them don't care about art, but care about getting back at the kid who bullied them.

No. 494759

Fucking Christ, no one's gonna watch a 9 hour video. I wouldn't even wanna do it in segments. It's just way too much and no doubt 1/8th of the video is actual content.

No. 494765

I don't get what there is to catch up on. I am someone who barely had any social life in secondary school myself, but I can't see the appeal to wanting to drink alcohol or put myself in a position where i am not intact mentally. How can people like being intoxicated? To me it sounds horrifying to barely know where i am, not be in total control of myself.

No. 494772

it feels good and there's a difference to being drunk and to being so drunk you don't know where you are. some of you sound homeschooled

No. 494774

High schoolers dont party and drink all the time like in TV shows and movies. This is what you do when you reach your 20s. Wtf.

No. 494778

I mean, not everyone is an idiot who drinks themself into pissing their pants. But you aren’t missing out for not getting shitfaced every weekend. Intoxication makes people feel like they’re having a good time, like they’re building rapport with others.
Positive experiences made me get over my lonely loser complex and now I just don’t feel the need to keep partying. People who STAY going to dirty house parties and bars/clubs are definitely coping though. Kicking back with small group of friends is different.

No. 494786

Sounds like you didn't have a social life in high school

>Positive experiences made me get over my lonely loser complex and now I just don’t feel the need to keep partying. People who STAY going to dirty house parties and bars/clubs are definitely coping though. Kicking back with small group of friends is different.
This is why people who party in their twenties are losers.

No. 494787

>being tired of the cringy literal shut-in who keeps coming here to rant and samefag about her average roommate means you had no social life in HS
Projection, much? Just go start a Tumblr blog already. Everyone here is tired.

No. 494788

People who partied excessively in HS have no right to be upset about having shitty skin and aging poorly in their 20s. That's what too much alcoholism and late nights do, especially in your youth. What do they expect?

No. 494790

Sounds like I hit a nerve kek

No. 494791

How? I used to go to parties in HS, they were okay, not exactly some iconic time like movies say.
I'm just tired of your embarrassing posts and your obviious inferiority complex. Just kick her out, or move out yourself.

No. 494792

Stop infighting and move on.

No. 494794

This, I'm confused as hell why anons think you should stop drinking at 25. Like, it's literally the best time? You have money and probably your own place, it's legal, it's socially acceptable. All the drinking I did in highschool was cringy as shit, we were such tryhards and thought we were so cool. Drinking as an adult at least gives you some self awareness and isn't an act of teen rebellion.

I stopped drinking in my early 20s, I miss it and wish it was something I did semi regularly. But my friendship group is lot smaller now and they don't drink much either, and my stomach is just too weak to tolerate what I used to.(Move on)

No. 494817

>people who part in their 20s are losers

Lmao why are you so salty that you care if people in their 20s still go out to bars or to each other's houses and drink and have a good time? Obviously getting shit faced drunk to the point where you wake up naked and don't know where you are is pathetic at any age but some people have self control. Also not everyone had your perfect social life in HS. You sound like a salty granny.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 494841

I bet you had really good grades

No. 494846

Milkshakes are fucking disgusting. The consistency makes me want to vomit.

No. 494859

lol the milk itself makes you want to vomit. or shit yourself. milk is a useless ingredient that most adults are allergic to but convinced themselves they aren't. that's the real unpopular opinion.

No. 494873

NTA but sucks for you to be lactose intolerant. Keep shiddin and fartin while I can enjoy my fluffy dairy filled cornbread.

No. 494884

I fucking love milk so much I'd be crushed if I became allergic. I don't get any gastrointestinal symptoms after consuming it so I guess I'm safe for now.

No. 495029

ayrt, yeah that's true, I can drink milk though if it's mixed with coffee. its that thick liquid consistency that disgusts me, I hate frappes too.

No. 495043

Lactose-free milk exists. We live in the future!

No. 495101

Having rare features (blue eyes, blonde hair, dimples etc) does not make someone more attractive.

No. 495102

This is maybe unpopular on 4chan lol

No. 495140

Yes, yes it does. It's the reason those characteristics became part of certain populations' phenotype, the fact that they were sexually selected for, being seen as preferable and attractive in mates, especially women.

No. 495146

Silly. Plenty of ugly people have rare features like those stated

No. 495148

Yes anon, plenty of ugly people do. But the features themselves are attractive. They can't make someone attractive, but they can make them more attractive. Ugly is still ugly.

No. 495158

Plenty of people I've seen whose blue eyes are turn off. They just too drastic.

No. 495159

Personal preferences are a thing anon, but the general public and the populations among which those traits spread disagree with you. Doesn't mean that you are wrong, you like what you like, but we were talkinga bout what most peeple like.

No. 495212

why are todays parents such dependent weirdos with their children. i blame the nuclear family/stay at home parent concept for this tbh. for example ive seen so many posts on reddit where parents want to cut off their childrens grandparents for giving the children nicknames and other dumb petty shit. i also had a good laugh at some anti vaxxers from my country who had their children temporarily taken away from them by the government to get vaccinated, and they were bitching and crying about how they should be the only ones able to make decisions regarding their children. wtf.

No. 495224

>anti vaxxers from my country who had their children temporarily taken away from them by the government to get vaccinated, and they were bitching and crying about how they should be the only ones able to make decisions regarding their children. wtf.

Well they're right, the government shouldn't be allowed to take your kids away from you for not getting vaccines. They can't do that in America, and I'm glad I don't live in your shit hole country that I'm sure doesn't have free speech either.


No. 495229

i wish you were capable of understanding how embarrassing you are

No. 495230

I feel sad everytime I see an american brag about muh freedom online.

No. 495232

>>495224 anti vaxxers are the most retarded people who seemingly wanna get even more retarded by some ultra measles.

No. 495235

Actually you can get your child taken away from you if you're mentally unstable and neglectful, and under certain circumstances not vaccinating your child can fall under that category. No one's gonna click that link, retard, except other anti-vaxxers. Kek.

No. 495238

No. 495244

reminder the whole "vaccines cause autism" thing comes from one British scientist who gave autistic kids unnecessary invasive surgeries with faked data and when he got caught he got all his qualifications revoked and his work unpublished so he simply went to America and tried the same scam and of course it worked this time since, you know… Americans no science too good

No. 495253

Seriously. We've had a sudden influx of /pol/tards, trad-chans, that one Tumblr person who keeps spamming their blog, self-described scrotes, trannies posting images of dead/injured women, and now anti-vaxxers. What's going on? Do the holidays just make people loopier?

No. 495261

Liberals trying to push this neopolygamy shit like it's progressive are literally retarded. It's no different than those religious groups in Utah with men sharing 24 women between each other and are abusive to them and their children grow up confused and feeling trapped. And it makes me seethe when they try to say this shit falls under the LGBT community.

No. 495307

>do holidays make people loopier?
No, but things like schools, institutions, and jobs that usually keep these people occupied recess for the holiday so they suddenly don't have anything to do but shitpost all day.

No. 495339

so then yes…

No. 495356

so then no, because a holiday isn't forcing people to act stupid, you're just seeing more stupid people with free time.

No. 495378

File: 1576618668508.jpg (250.17 KB, 1116x1273, tumblr_pg5muasNsP1qdj0lro1_128…)

I actually really like Big Mouth. I think it's pretty funny most of the time and it depicts puberty and sexuality in a well rounded way, instead of just focusing on the boys.

From a character design standpoint though it's still the ugliest fucking thing.

No. 495384

pen15 is way better than big mouth, the jokes are subtle and way cringier

No. 495385

you not getting your children vaccinated poses a serious risk not only to getting other children sick but could even spell death for those with weakened immune systems. You should not have the right to participate in society if you refuse to vaccinate your kids.

No. 495387

>getting other children sick
Why are you worried about other vaccinated kids getting sick if they're vaccinated?

Did you watch the video that was linked btw? It's only 10 minutes.

>You should not have the right to participate in society if you refuse to vaccinate your kids.

Good thing I don't live in a dystopian dictatorship.

No. 495389

Some kids with weak immune systems cant get vaccinated retard. And there's already city's in America banning unvacinated kids from public lmao.

No. 495392

>Some kids with weak immune systems cant get vaccinated retard
I don't think you were originally only only talking about this small group, but anyway, why can't they?

Would they get a high fever, brain swelling, or seizures? Then get brain damage resulting in a condition that is now commonly diagnosed as autism?

No. 495395

NTA-But the point is some individuals are immune compromised which prevents them from being vaccinated. Some kids and adults cannot receive vaccines which is verified by a doctor, because they wouldn't be able to fight off the inoculation strain. Ergo the idea is a herd immunity where individuals who can be vaccinated are, and so anyone capable of picking up a contagious disease and passing it off to the at-risk individuals is lowered.

If you throw unvaccinated Brayden into the mix, the system doesn't work. His parents will allow him to travel internationally and/or mingle with sick people, so when he comes back he infects those compromised individuals who wouldn't have been ill if not for Brayden's shit.

This is why airports are so fucking nasty. Rednecks and other people who think they're stateless carrying back shit like measles. You wanna participate in civil societies, yet you don't wanna play by the rules which protect everyone.

No. 495399

Did you know you can't sue vaccine manufacturers? Since the 80s they are exempt from lawsuits.

You have to go through the US vaccine court, which has paid out billions, including for vaccine reactions causing high fevers, brain swelling, and seizures resulting in brain damage.

When you leave the doctor's office with your vaccinated kid, there is absolutely no warranty or liability if anything happens. If your kid starts having a bad reaction, with high fever, brain swelling, or seizures, you are completely on your own.

If you call the doctor, they will deny any fault of them or the vaccine. Your child's case will not be written down in some national record, it will not be included in any statistic.

Enjoy your retarded kid for the rest of your life.

No. 495407

I'm not about to stan for big pharma, but if your only problem is access to the courts to tort compensation in case of injuries (from the very small percent of people to whom this happens) then I'm for it. But Jayden, Ayden, and Braxton still get the stick unless they have a documented medical reason.

No. 495419

>other vaccinated kids
There are babies and toddlers that aren’t old enough to be vaccinated and become suspectible to getting sick from the unvaccinated. The elderly or people who have poor immune systems are also at risk.

People like yourself that fall for Robert Kennedy’s kool-aid are the worst.

No. 495422

>There are babies and toddlers that aren’t old enough to be vaccinated
Babies get Hep B vaccine minutes after birth, whether the mother has Hep B or not.

All 22 recommended vaccines are harmless, there's no such thing as too young to get vaccines.

No. 495424

File: 1576624993804.jpg (178.17 KB, 610x611, the-weak-must-fear-the-strong-…)

> The elderly or people who have poor immune systems are also at risk.
If they can't survive a cold then its not my or my children's problem. Go roll around in one of those hamster bubbles if you're so concerned. The weak should fear the strong.

No. 495425

Demi rose looks ridiculous and out of proportion. It looks so unnatural, especially when she walks. I don't understand how someone can find that attractive

No. 495427

>you can't survive a cold

You're really gonna pull this survival of the fittest garbage while claiming your kid is going to develop autism or die from receiving a weakened strain of said cold disease? How does your foot taste now that it's in your mouth?

No. 495428

I love Big Mouth. I love the loud, gross, obnoxiousness of it. Its target demographic isn't actual tweens, snowflakes need to shut it. Missy v. the girls during the slut walk thing is one of my fave moments. Also how repulsive they make the character Jay who's a bi/genderspecial poly degenerate, it feels like a roast of leftist men.

No. 495429

>the weak should fear the strong
say the americans who are somehow allergic/intolerant to literally everything in existence. In other countries, they just let allergic children die, but everyone still understands the importance of vaccines lol

No. 495445

Nta but what the actual fuck does this have to do with America? The post you're replying to didn't even mention being American.

No. 495451

>why can't they?
Because their immune systems are so compromised they can't handle any level of infection in their system, these are kids that might die from touching cat poop or whatever anyone else can shrug off.
Like how some people can't take general anaesthesia because they're allergic to the chemicals used or sometimes the technician just fucks up and kills the patient, but that doesn't mean no one should take a general anaesthetic ever again and we just go back to giving them whisky before surgery.
>Would they get a high fever, brain swelling, or seizures?
They would just die from organ failure, like when AIDS kills you. Their brain would ironically be the only thing not failing because of the blood brain barrier, so literally worse but still unconnected to the dumb point you're trying to contrive.
>Then get brain damage resulting in a condition that is now commonly diagnosed as autism?
No since none of the other far more common forms of brain damage young children get result in autism since it's a developmental disorder you're born with.

No. 495454

Maisie Williams is the ugliest actress I've ever seen,she would be the daughter of Steve Buscemi instead,they should have hired India Eisley to play Arya Stark instead

No. 495455

Being anti-vaxx is a yankee disease

No. 495458

Is that a stereotype that other countries actually have about the US? I knew we were known for being picky eaters but not for being allergic.

No. 495461

Literally why does it even matter if she's ugly? Not every female character is there for the purpose of getting your dick hard.

No. 495462

>No since none of the other far more common forms of brain damage young children get result in autism
Except they do, and post-birth brain damage causing mental retardation is a huge source of autism diagnosis.

There is no physical test for autism.

The diagnostic process for autism is not scientific whatsoever. Mentally retarded kids who suffered brain damage after birth are diagnosed with autism, and so are kids with nothing wrong with them at all.

No. 495464

ill fuck alex jones i dont even care

No. 495465

ahahahaha shit me too bitch!

No. 495467

File: 1576631118499.jpg (153.52 KB, 1080x1350, 60459163_117378812809429_12706…)

This. What would being pretty actually contribute to her acting skills? Kit Harington, John Bradley and Conleth Hill certainly got in without looks, lmao.

No. 495469

Nice try but the original guy who made the bullshit claim about vaccines causing autism was British, and if you look up the most antivaxx countries they're actually in Europe. https://www.marketwatch.com/amp/story/guid/7CBDE226-92A3-11E9-9D89-429213C87F49

No. 495472

real? you a homie anon

No. 495496

She looks way better here. Wtf

Also Kit Harrington is overrated in terms of looks but he’s still conventionally good looking I’d say.

No. 495498

Lol you just assumed I was a man?
News flash,it's not unusual to call weird looking female actresses ugly

No. 495499

Young Alex Jones
Or the modern Alex Jones?

No. 495518

How is "mAiSiE wIlLiAmS iS uGlY" an unpopular opinion exactly? How often have you seen her shilled as beautiful?
You sound like a scrote complaining that Amy Schumer or Melissa McCarthy are unattractive when none of their roles involve being an attractive woman.

No. 495519

Young Alex was legit but I’d still fuck him as he is today

No. 495522

Asking the REAL questions!

No. 495528

>uniornic retarded American

holy fucking shit

No. 495587

People who come up with the "we're animals" excuse to justify their immorality and lack of common sense should be treated like animals.

No. 495589

you talk like a scrote, an uneducated neet scrote on 4chan

No. 495599

Aight but I’m just sitting here wanting Alex idc

No. 495620

they don't mean literally you idiot.

No. 495763

I absolutely believe that people can stop having certain kinks and fetishes by will alone (maybe some need some extra help). I'll never understand why people say "it can't be helped!" with pedos, rapists or animal fuckers. it's not that hard to not be sexually aroused by something, just think with your brain and not your genitals.

No. 495764

Whenever someone (usually a male) says "pedophiles can't be helped. They're just victims" I feel like he's a pedo himself and is just coping. Most males are pedophiles. The only thing stopping them from offending is the law.

No. 495766

If you count liking 11-13 year olds as pedo, almost all males are pedos.

This is such an obviously blatant fact that people as a whole choose to suppress and not acknowledge.

No. 495841

scrotes normally like 14-20 year olds akshually.

No. 495890

Any other anons remember coming home from middle school and being catcalled and creeped up on by grown ass men?
I remember as soon as I turned 18, a family friend started talking to me all of a sudden and calling me beautiful and all that. I’ve known him since I was like 12 through church. And he didn’t care, he’s like 38 with kids, as if.
Men should be shamed for age gaps or pursuing much younger women, imo. Instead of praising them like they praised Hugh Hefner and rockstars , men aren’t aware that those guys AT LEAST have $$$ no girl chases old wiener, deliberately.

No. 495908

Warrior cat fans are more crazy cat lady than crazy cat ladies. who still cares about this GoT furry book?

No. 495976

It's because the filters are hiding her huge nose

No. 496037

Thanks for posting this anon, I love watching people go on about shit like this.

No. 496070

I think I last heard of warrior cats over 10 years ago, I'll say this they're definitely dedicated to a book series that I read in third grade.

No. 496157

Probably super unpopular, but I think sometimes (like maybe 10% of the time) people exaggerate how much trannies don't pass. It makes me think: Have you never been around unattractive people? Some trans people, men or women, could pass as mediocre or ugly normal people. It feels like people are looking for reasons to "clock" them, but sometimes it's too much.

No. 496163

Nah, I agree with this. I don't know if my ability to clock them is just low or if farmers just overestimate how easy it with some of the better ones.

No. 496170

I think that you just get better at clocking them when you see them a lot.

No. 496178

it makes me insecure because i don’t have a small waist, anons would try to “clock” me as being trans when im just a fridge shaped woman

No. 496187

I think clocking them based on a single facial feature is bad, but the second they open their mouths I can clock them immediately. Bone structure is also a good tell.

No. 496197

A lot of farmers are overconfident as fuck. I do think a lot of ugly/manly women would get called trans here based on a photo.

However, I do think in real life it's easier to tell. But no one's right 100% of the time.

No. 496229

Vibes never lie though.

No. 496554

I am so tired of seeing Trump in my feed, I literally don’t give af.

No. 496557

TBH the type of troons that pass to me the most are the ones who are extremely obese since there's a stage of fat at around 450lbs where it's hard to judge sexual characteristics or even gait and voice.

No. 496635

File: 1576855414951.jpeg (728.94 KB, 1940x2910, 67DB5367-C315-4BAC-90F9-C48AEE…)

Nta but her nose is nowhere near huge, get the fuck off Instagram and go talk to real life women for a change.

No. 496802

Myers-Briggs personality types are a load of horse shit.

No. 496812


I used to "study" that shit for years and the conclusion I came to was
that someone took Jung's (self-professed) extremely basic attempt to quantify "personality" or The Current Self (which doesn't exist because there is no permanent state of the self) and decided to turn it into a business consultation multi-million dollar scam. No fucking way there's only 16 personality types. Christ.

No. 496816

To continue, because I'm beverage'd, if the founder of attempting to quantify personality says that it isn't possible to capture an entire personality into bullet points, it isn't. And anyone who thinks that nuture vs nature can't be compiled into four letters is a dipshit.

No. 496817

*Can be.

I'm so sorry, everyone.

No. 496821

thank you. the problem I've always had with it is that the dichotomies seem made up/like someone pulled them out of their ass one day. I've heard they're based on outdated ideas in psychology that were never tested.

No. 496823

Pretty much, it's all based on external factors like: "Misanthropic loner that doesn't go outside? introvert!" "Can't not snot coke in the middle of a crowded club? Extrovert!" "Cry a lot? Feeler!" "Robot? Thinker!" It has absolutely nothing to due with how a person actually absorbs internet and external factors and reacts to them (like to should to come extent, which it never will because personality doesn't work like that) and everything to do with how well you match up on a quiz.

No. 496824

Oh my god there's no way to save what I just typed, I hope you can understand me at at least a little. Sorry anon.

No. 496837

lol, I think I get it.

No. 496975

File: 1576944683807.jpg (110.25 KB, 500x374, 1447004246022.jpg)

I don't like shows with multiple seasons. There's too much leeway for the seasons to become boring, stagnant, and poorly written. I've watched cool shows with intriguing premises that would have benefit much more from a couple concise, planned seasons. As opposed to a hodge podge of drivel seasons from producers who want to milk their cash cow by audience pandering, flanderizing, and adding in unnecessary filler. Not to mention the final season which tends to be rushed and is ultimately unsatisfying from trying to tie loose ends spanning from several previous year's worth of content.
I just don't like them.

No. 496977

Its okay anon. You can say Sherlock.

No. 497023

Remind me of supernatural. The first 5 seasons were great and it should've stoppped there. It's so obvious they run out of ideas but wanted to keep milking it.

No. 497056

File: 1576964426000.png (536.33 KB, 1304x1616, mmnevjs2iji21.png)

Citing webster's dictionary in your youtube analysis should be frowned upon. If you believe websters dictionary is the best way to summarize a film editing technique, philosophical movement, or analysis method you know very little about said word. If you actually knew more in depth about the word you'd know how limiting a definition is without context or how the definition was made for casuals to understand not for actual discussion. Even if you knew about the word, but still chose the first result that came up when you googled that shows laziness.
This might seem odd, but I've seen more than 5 different analysis channels literally use googles dictionary as a source

No. 497061

Speaking of Sherlock, Elementary is far superior. It's not perfect, the murders are usually predictable, but the over arching plots are really fun and I like the way the characters and relationships are written. (also pls don't spoil, I haven't finished it yet)

No. 497068

Sounds good, I might watch it.

Personally, as I watched Sherlock all I could think was that Monk is the superior spergy detective genius and it had storylines that were simultaneously more clever and less convoluted.

No. 497113

Another good show you could watch is House.

No. 497345

I don't really like expensive handbags, or luxury brands in the same vein as Balenciaga or Gucci.
I like gothic clothing and weeb shit.

No. 497362

Neither. I like to look a little bit unique, at least in the sense that things I wear aren't immediately recognizable as a certain brand.

I also think it's a waste of money so there's that.

No. 497374

I never got the hype over luxury handbags either. They look basic as shit and I can't imagine paying more than maybe 200 for a quality handbag. It's always seemed like such a waste to put down a car's worth of money on one.

No. 497404

Buying designer preloved is the way to go compared to buying new anyway, you can get great quality vintage bags that are more classic and durable than the ugly trend shit some of the big brands turn out these days. Spending $150 on a vintage Prada piece >>> paying $2k for the Gucci Marmont or some fugly fannypack.

No. 497552

Calling people "daddy" can absolutely be hot. I hate ddlg shit and I'd be repulsed if someone wanted me to act like a baby during sex but if you have a thing for older men who are also richer and more successful than your broke ass, calling them daddy is really really sexy to me.

No. 497559

Calling someone you'd want as a father to your kids "daddy" is the only way for that to ever be sexy in any way

No. 497561

How the fuck can people have so poor critical spirit and enjoy horseshit and finding the heart to defend it. I'm not saying one should not enjoy mediocre shows, but at least recognize it. This "no criticism" culture is uneducating people on understanding when a show/etc etc is actually good or not. Or maybe is just me being angry at people who's legitimately not capable of analysis.
Jesus fucking christ, I'm so tired at everyone saying how good something is where its flaws are so obvious it seems like the author is doing it on purpose or being too lazy because people will enjoy the thing anyways.

No. 497568

I know how you feel. I make pretty good money, enough to afford designer shit, but I would never feel comfortable actually wearing luxury/designer brand anything. I would feel too much like I'm trying to show off my wealth and I think that's a little gross. Plus I'd rather invest my money or spend it on useful gadgets, games, craft supplies, etc.

No. 497570

Oh no thats gross actually. I can see myself calling a rich, hot older man daddy but not someone I'd actually want to have kids with.

No. 497571

Imo it's okay to peak in late college. It shouldn't be anyone elses choice at who gets to spend what years partying. Not everyone is meant to get a dead end job and settle down fresh out of college and not everyone is meant to goof off in high school. Just allowing people to find what's for them is the best option because it lessens people who do things they aren't meant to do out of pressure

No. 497596

Kill the police>>Fuck the police

No. 497602

Ageism is just a concept pushed by and shilled by salty boomers that can't handle getting old. I was locked in a mental ward a few weeks ago and complained that I was being fed a diet that had excessive carbohydrates, while at the same time being deprived of the ability to buy my own food. There was one small serving of meat, one small serving of vegetables and all the bread and cereal you wanted. After four days I started to feel sick on the diet, as I tend to eat a healthy, balanced diet in the outside world. When I brought up the fact that a hospital diet is tailored for older folk and not someone with a fast metabolism, one of the older nurses shot me down for being 'ageist'. I wasn't even criticizing old people, I was literally just stating a fact that their nutritional requirements are different.

Ageism is not even a problem even if it exists. Everyone lucky enough to grow old has already experienced being young, the stick just ends up on the other foot. It's the most fair form of discrimination there is. It's not ageism to start getting old people off the road, some men's egos are so powerful they'll keep driving even when they put everyone else at risk.

And the most annoying part is, the ones most sensitive about old age discrimination were so the 'ok boomer' type people of their generation. It's the same form of selfishness on both ends. The cranky old guy complaining about 'kids these days' was the alcoholic lumpenprole in his youth.

No. 497607

you sure sound like you were locked in a mental ward.

No. 497610

>Everyone lucky enough to grow old has already experienced being young
You should have sympathy for those who didn't experience being young because their youth was absolute shit who only got to "live" for real in their later years.
>fair form of discrimination
There's no such thing.

No. 497617

How the hell did eating some bread and cereal make you sick unless you're an anachan.

No. 497632

Ageism is a huge problem and I don’t see how your stay in a mental ward somehow proves this. Older people are having a hard time finding employment, which they need because retirement and social security isn’t what it used to be. Elder abuse is very real, you only get access to good elder care facilities if you’re wealthy. And all of these goes double if you’re an older woman or if you aren’t white.

No. 497634

Every woman over 30 would like to have a word with you.

No. 497648

fugg does it already start with 30?

No. 497654

she's probably an anachan, only an anachan would brag about her "fast metabolism" and also complain about foods that said metabolism should be fine with handling.

No. 497677

According to males, yes.

No. 497685

Ageism is a very real thing, especially for older women that are invisible to the world and left in nursing homes to rot by their own children. Boomers suck for their politics and refusal to accept change and not for being literally old.

No. 497707

I think they were referring to changing metabolism? But the whole op post doesn’t make sense in terms of ageism, carbohydrates like bread and cereal are just cheaper. They last longer than fruits veggies and meats and make you fuller quicker so of course a hospital would want to go the most economically sound route when it comes to food

No. 497732

I fucking hate the Toss a coin to your witcher song. They have succeeded in making Jaskier fucking annoying. Can't believe people find this cringe catchy

No. 497741

Rocky Horror Picture Show is the most overrated movie of all time. It's not even good-bad. It's just bad-bad. (Tim Curry is the only somewhat OK thing about it). People have told me "it's supposed to be campy." Bitch it's not campy, it's crappy. A 12 year old could have written the score. HOW did it get so popular??

And don't get me started on the fans. The people who are obsessed with RHPS are all annoying, drama-ridden crazies who were looking for friends but ended up in a stupid, stupid cult. I like crossdressing and other fun things, but this movie is the worst thing I've ever seen and if I could destroy any movie or fandom forever, it would be RHPS.

No. 497843

I hate the entire tv series, and I hate having Toss a coin stuck in my head

No. 497846

Out if curiosity, have you read the books? I noticed that people unfamiliar with the books love the TV series, but longtime fans hate it (I find it shitty but fun to watch tbh, though I hate how all plot points and even quotes are completely butchered to the point that they don't make sense anymore).

No. 497852

Depends on the brand, I've always found gucci repulsive but some stuff by chanel can be really pretty.
I agree though since I vastly prefer gothic clothes or yami kawaii weeb clothes.

No. 497887

Nta, and I know it's retarded gatekeeping, but I hate how popular it's becoming, mostly because I don't want to see retarded tinfoiling, is x character actually trans/autistic and similar shit

No. 497891

hating on kpop/its fans was fun for a while when it wasn't as widely known but now that straight men are jumping on the wagon to hate it it's become OTT. they ruin everything

No. 497900

Oh god same. Dunking on psychotic fans and music that sounds like dogshit was fun the scrotes started realizing that they could get away with insulting women if they targeted kpop. Also its that sickening mixture of blind lust and hatred for female idols.

No. 497904

ugh same. And the fact that they hardly ever ridicule the male fans speaks volumes

No. 497911

TBH I didn't know it had male fans at all.

No. 497926

you never thought some of the girl groups may have male fans?

No. 497932

anon, they have hoardes of male fans. very, very creepy male fans that are way more noxious in practice, really, than whining 14 year old girls.

No. 497934

I don't know how unpopular this opinion is on here but I didn't want to post it in the movie thread:

I love reylo and I'm so glad it happened and I don't give a shit about everything else in that movie, I'm happy.

No. 497935

Star Wars spoilers btw

No. 497953

hard same sis

No. 497954

Agreed, you are definitely not alone in that opinion. Honestly, the people who actively hate it are kinda snowflakes.

No. 497962

I feel you anon, cereal and bread are stupid for a healthy body. Most people are sugar based robots nowadays and their brains are too far gone to understand. Never go back to a psych ward if you can. pay-chiatry is a scam. The boomers are so afraid of death they have started injecting the blood of the youth into themselves so I mean what should we expect really.

No. 497976

Haven't seen the movie yet but that makes me really happy to hear since I love reylo, I don't even like star wars as a franchise but reylo is really adorable.

No. 497980

shouldn't you spoiler this shit?

No. 497981

Is it really a spoiler if I'm just saying that I love reylo?

No. 497982

So glad twilight isn't stigmatized anymore. Most of the people who overly stigmatize things like twilight, boy bands, emo music, etc are either jealous men, pickmes, or ex edgelords who want to prove how much they grew out of their edgy phase

No. 497984

>psychiatry is a scam
>only boomers fear death
>bread and cereals? pft not like our ancestors haven't been eating that for millennia these gluco-worshippers
You suck lmao.

No. 497985

Are you bringing this up because of the kpop discussion a few post up?

No. 497986

that seems like the OP just samefagging cause everyone called her out.

No. 497987


No. 497989

Having a wishlist for christmas/birthdays if you're over 18 is completely ridiculous. Also if you complain about getting something you didn't ask for you are a fucking bitch.

No. 497990

I don't see the problem with it being an amazon wishlist or something.

No. 497993

File: 1577221469345.jpeg (61.66 KB, 480x479, 0BA82F19-D5BA-49C2-B86B-6F80B6…)

Most Christmas music is annoying.

No. 497997

True, especially Mariah Carey's big hit. I know her constant vocal shifts or whatever is her trademark but I find it really annoying.

No. 497999

I despise pretty much all Christmas music with a burning passion unless you count Waltz of the Flowers from the Nutcracker or "Favorite Things" from the Sound of Music which has nothing to do with Christmas but got appropriated as a Christmas song for some reason.

The worst ones are modern remakes of old Christmas songs. They're always terrible.

No. 498006

Agreed on all counts. I was listening to Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies yesterday and just thinking the Nucracker music is too good to be Christmas music, which otherwise sucks.

No. 498012

Same, personally for me if it's christmas music with lyrics I generally hate it.

No. 498026

The best holiday music is just animal crossing winter ost compilations. Everything else makes me irritated (ex retail)

No. 498027

The only valid christmas song is this.

No. 498030

>ex retail
Holy fuck, I worked retail for one Christmas season and I had blocked out the traumatizing nonstop annoying music until I read that and the repressed memories all came rushing back right now.
The place I worked at played that fucking Colbie Caillat "Santa in the Sand" song on repeat that December. I'm pretty sure being waterboarded for eight hours would be more pleasurable than ever listening to that shitty song even one more time in my life. Fuck I hate Christmas music so much.

No. 498069

Maybe in private, but for sure not in public. They'd care way too much about called faggots for it.

No. 498081

A Christmas Story is an awful, terrible, overrated shitty movie and sucks ass. Fuck that movie. It's beyond me why anyone finds it funny.

No. 498096

It seemed so crude to me, even as a kid, despite being a ~family~ movie. National Lampoons Christmas vacation is another one I don’t like, why do holiday movies suck so much?

No. 498176

what planet do you live on. men openly love the girl groups and it's not embarrassing for them to post their sex fantasies about them, or rating the women's appearances, and otherwise being typical male fans of female performers.

No. 498177

This is one of the least unpopular opinions ever posted in this thread. Everyone including the cast of the film were rooting for Reylo. I don’t hate the ship itself but you guys have such an intense persecution complex that it makes me hate the ship by proxy. Same with Daenerys from Game of Thrones.

No. 498206

lmao, I can see you weren't on tumblr before the last jedi was released. But to be honest the press has always loved it and the general public doesn't really give a shit so I can't really blame you.

No. 498251

Well I want in where she's from where men are shamed for being otaku again

No. 498308

I never even watched that one but even the preview is migraine inducing. Boomer humor I guess.

No. 498785

Attack of the Clones was a good movie.

No. 498809

boomer humor = kill my wife please

No. 498832

Accurate summation of boomer humor.

No. 498845

I have literally no idea why everyone's so pissed about the new star wars, it seemed fine to me and the only real problem is that like all star wars movies it was way too long.

No. 498846

National Lampoon was gross, the scene with the cat was especially disgusting and I didn't find anything about it funny.

No. 498850

I'm scared to know what "the cat scene" is. It sounds horrible.

I watched it and I thought it was pretty good. I thought it redeemed the last one which was terrible.

No. 498851

>"the cat scene" is. It sounds horrible.
their cat gets electrocuted by the christmas lights and dies and the redneck uncle makes a joke about it and we're supposed to find it oh so hilarious, I genuinely don't get why people find this shit funny.

No. 498852

I grew up in a hick town and have met one too many animal abusing freaks for a lifetime

No. 498853

Guess that's the audience who finds that movie funny then.

No. 498870

Sounds hilarious. Nothing funnier than torturing innocent little animals amirite.

No. 498993

A lot of 'ugh this music is trash' is "if you judge a fish on it's ability to climb it will think it's stupid" level critique. Gucci gang, yeah I'm defending that song, was never meant to be lyrical genius you analyze, but meant to be played in the background during party's or clubs. I'm not saying music can't be objectively bad, or gucci gang is good, but a lot of "ugh this song is trash" is people wondering why music meant to be poppy and upbeat club bangers has shallow and repetitive content.

No. 498997

And then that music plays EVERYWHERE and you can't escape it. It burrows into your brain like a parasite. The shallow lyrics clang around in your noggin, making you wish for the sweet release of death

No. 499003


She looks way better here bc the negative aspects of her looks center around her awful brows and browbone area. I've always said she needed better styling and she'd look much better, as the bottom half of her face is small and cute

No. 499004

white guy with acoustic guitar music and airy whiny high pitched voiced soyboy music are utter garbage and having to hear that shit at work makes me want to gouge my ears out. there's men w higher voices who can make soft music not sound intolerable but all of this wailing baby shit like "someone you loved" that appeals to 50 year old soccer moms is literally pig swill and I can't see how anyone could like this type of music unironically

No. 499006

Idk, I can dance to just about any stupid lil jon song from the early 00's but mumble rap is pure zzzzz

No. 499019

there's a lot of upbeat club bangers song from the pre-2010s/2000s era that sounds good and still has good music. idk why, but the 2000s seemed to have put a standard that dance music HAS to be shit.

No. 499058

Chocolate sucks.

No. 499061

I admit those songs are tiresome at times but there still a hundred times more better then rap music that gets marketed everywhere

No. 499062

Women will always have it harder, men at least get to be babied by women and tolerated by other men, but women are usually hated by both genders. People get a way bigger kick out of bringing you down for no reason as a girl and you have hardly anyone to turn to.

No. 499064

I'll keep hating women because I was hated by women since forever, I'm contributing to it I guess but at least I have a reason.

No. 499067

Why not help end the cycle though? Unless you're a masochist..

No. 499080

Anime men look at the same to me,they are robotic, uncharismatic and effeminate
Pointy chins,long neck,huge bug eyes,weird unfunny facial expressions,I still don't understand why anyone finds them sexy
Heck even cartoon/video game men have more sex appeal lol

No. 499085

i agree. as a kid i used to thirst after anime characters but now i realize how weird looking they are

No. 499109

people who like effeminate men like them, nothing to "get".

No. 499113

nta but i like effeminate men and anime men are boring as fuck to me. all the same face shapes and variety of expression/looks/archetype like robot factory made clones. same with anime girls. its like liking a really vapid pop star

No. 499121

That's not it, plenty of people like manly/muscular anime characters.

Our brains are just good at filling in blanks and can easily see a generically attractive human in an anime/cartoon character's face, the features can be half drawn and unnatural because they suggest good looks rather than really show them in detail. Maybe it takes some getting used to but like, the bare minimum of imagination is enough…

No. 499129

there need to be more masculine anime men tbh, at least there'd be more variety than guys who look like outright women

No. 499131

Wow it's almost like what people find attractive is subjective or something!

Some people like femme-y guys. Some people like hairy dadbod guys. Some like beefcake jock types. It's all subjective, so it's a waste of time to argue about it.

No. 499137

File: 1577603692218.jpg (66.85 KB, 503x451, Raydan_Lykel.jpg)

agreed. i love effeminate guys but they are sexless and bizarre to me. like kpop guys. just so fake and weird. i can't see them as sexual beings (probably for good reason). i play otome stuff just to dream of the concept of a sweet guy, even if i'm not attracted to the characters physically or anything. there are some romantic choose your own adventure type games that aren't anime-y and the guys look a little more normal (like pic related). i'm still not capable of ever being attracted to them but this art style is just more lively and less dead

No. 499145

how come when people say they don't like anime shit, it's always some person aggressively using the "what people find attractive is subjective" argument yet i see this not used for anything else regarding attractive debates. i dont get why ppl are so defensive about anime. it's so weird

No. 499160

File: 1577615849833.png (102.23 KB, 720x657, Screenshot_2019-12-29-01-32-10…)

>how come when people say they don't like anime shit, it's always some person aggressively using the "what people find attractive is subjective" argument yet i see this not used for anything else regarding attractive debates

You must live under a rock then because that's used in almost every debate about looks and attractiveness. Seriously look at any argument about what body type is better or hair color or eye color and eventually "attractiveness is subjective" will get mentioned. Because it's true.

Also, the reason people say that about anime is because there's millions of places on the internet where people say they like anime specifically because the anime characters look superior to real people and they state it like it's an indisputable fact.

No. 499250

speaking of myanimelist that alex guy is a fucking faggot in the community and everyone hates him and the way he types

No. 499299

I cringe whenever people post these autistic ass Star Wars rants.
>I legitimately cried for three hours when I saw someone badmouthing muh Rey on Twitter!!! H-How dare you hate my Hollywood Brand Monetized Feminist icon!!
Do you even realize how retarded this sounds? I hate men just as much as any other person but this is too pathetic for words and to some point sounds extremely insincere and melodramatic.

No. 499307

this particular example is made even more retarded by the new movie.

No. 499311

File: 1577663616707.jpg (164.49 KB, 1018x431, screenshot1.jpg)

lol, I wasn't aware of that. there are a million other examples though, like on reddit. I know this one is from a misogynistic neckbeard but there are lots of examples from girls saying this stuff as well.

No. 499334

What is this retard talking about "getting" an anime girl? They're drawings. This creature is either 12 years old or has severe autism. I wish for more misery coming his way.

No. 499373

tbh us humans in general male or female are inferior to anime girls.
t. ace lesbian

No. 499430

How do you know you're lesbian ("lesbian") if you're asexual?

No. 499465

luckily this problem will sort itself out as it wont be able to reproduce with drawings lmao

No. 499524

How though?
They all look the same,sound the same,all act the same too,no nuance or diversity whatsoever
I hope you're joking

No. 499531

only people who believe this shit have autism and can't connect with human people or culture or society in general. I notice everyone who always says this always looks like they have something wrong with them physically and mentally, so theyre projecting.

No. 499539

File: 1577744698519.png (1.44 MB, 1024x1078, 1568759000456.png)

Not liking people doesn't mean i have a mental problem, i don't feel lonely neither. Fuck normies.

No. 499541

you sound really gross

No. 499545

imagine being into fictional or 'art' and you are attracted to the most derivative, bland, and unoriginal shit. meaning you dont actually appreciate what you do but just use it as a coping mechanism and escapism for your shitty mind, so yeah it's pathetic and mentally ill.

also lmao @ you thinking only normies hate animetards like you. makes me fucking sick. stop appropriating us weirdos with your shitty anime culture.

No. 499550

I had nothing to do with the post above mine, i was ranting about other thing.

No. 499552

Lol that's not an unpopular opinion, but wow how did I manage to rustle your jimmies just over innocent shitposting? How is being a lesbian gross anyways.

No. 499554

Just ignore, le based and pinkpilled autists forgot their containment thread.

No. 499560

At least anime bf won’t cheat on you or beat you lol from amount of shitty irl boyfriend stories here, 3DPD indeed.

No. 499561

Oh god, how dare women dislike men? Oh my god.. it's the worst thing..

No. 499563

this is kinda sad

No. 499565

>implying it's only that
Such a shallow way to look at it, tbqhwy.

No. 499567

File: 1577748947752.png (52.73 KB, 901x153, kek.PNG)

This may be the saddest and most delusional reddit post I've ever seen.

Nta but Touché

No. 499569

Imagine being this insecure that someone prefers 2d over humans lol. Who cares how mentally ill they are or if it's meming or not. Besides I don't think the ones who call them mentally ill are any less mentally ill. Anime has an aesthetic to be fair even if it's not actually sexual at all for me, but anti anime spergers need to really remind themselves where they are (hint: image board). This reminds me of the weebs hating on other weebs because they don't follow their shitty etiquette exactly.

No. 499573

You have the right to be viewed as suspicious if you have a problem with "pinkpillers".

No. 499574

>calling out my weirdness is le insecurity!
who is "insecure" about who unwashed ass, autistic animefags prefer? we just don't like your energy nor your attitude.

>image board

congratulations, not every non normie or someone who wants anonymity likes anime shit.

No. 499575

lmao stay crying anifag

No. 499581

2D is cool but over humans? Anon that's too much.

No. 499642

"Hey guys look at these degenerates who prefer drawings over people lol"

>Ur all insecure anti anime spergs RRRRRREEEEEEEEEEE!!!!1!1!11

Yeah, that doesn't sound like projection at all.

No. 499643

if she's referring to male humans, she's right

No. 499644

They collect body pillows, ejaculate on stupid overpriced anime figures,watch the nastiest Japanese animated shit available online (pedophilia,rape,torture etc)Thinks bug eyed small mouthed pointy chinned girls who look all the same are better than real women111!!
Yep we are anti anime spergs lol
If you think we are mentally ill as them,congrats,you have a low-IQ!!!
Fuck anime

No. 499666

Idk it's one thing to have a "husbando" or "waifu" as a joke, but people who legitimately buy into that stuff are unhealthy and desperately need therapy. Being an introvert is one thing, but it's not healthy to intentionally isolate yourself from other human beings like that.


Also this video isn't mine. It's by JT Sexkik on Youtube. A bunch of retarded copyright bots took it down, so I can't embed it. It's also too big for me to upload directly.

No. 499670

it's considerably less gross to prefer drawn "guys" to males, but to say women are inferior to fucking drawings? i'm not a lesbian nor offended, but i think not. i can think of so many women who are so admirable, sweet, and pretty. why a lesbian would prefer a drawing, a person's creation with nothing in common with them, is so beyond me

as a stand in for men, i can see, but there's such a large pool of great women, i just dont get it

No. 499681

100% this, I'm happier with my 2D fictional anime bfs than with 3DPD, at least I don't clog the vent thread crying about my shitty abusive nigel lmao

No. 499683

You're probably clogging it with your autism and whinging about no friends instead.

No. 499684

I love how the people reeing at you are basically proving your point. Makes me wonder if they're srotes salty about women not wanting them because I have a hard time believing any woman would be so personally offended due to another woman liking anime men better than 3DPD.

No. 499687

Yeah fuck all those stupid thots venting their frustrations on the internet, they should be ashamed of themselves. They should be like you, someone commits herself to drawings of imaginary guys. A truly superior being.

No. 499693

File: 1577779280410.png (132.5 KB, 554x439, 9BDAE89C-047E-4090-8418-EF0E13…)

>imagine capping this hard for men over perfect husbandos
Reminder that fictional men contribute to 0% of crime stats, now go polish your coomer bf cock with your asshole before he slides into my DM’s between his posts about you on reddit. There, feel superior to ‘le weeb femcels’ yet?

No. 499701

I'm going to fucking save this post because it made me laugh harder than anything on this website in a long while. God bless you anon, your words shall ring true for eons to come

No. 499703

they're really not though. it wasn't so much what that person said that annoyed me, it was more the tone. they said that if you call someone mentally ill then you're automatically mentally ill yourself, which is basically saying "lol no u". they're also saying if you think pretending to be married to a cartoon is funny or pathetic or sad then you're insecure. like lmao sure keep telling yourself that.

and for the record I don't give a shit if someone decides to pretend a cartoon is their wife instead of shacking up with a real person. in fact, it's probably better if they do that because people (or guys at least) who do that usually have nothing good to offer society and shouldn't reproduce. what I hate though is that weebs who choose to have waifus/husbandos always blame everything and everyone else. it's women's fault for not being perfect submissive waifus with perfect bodies, society's fault for not treating them like kings. instead of admitting their preference for cartoons instead of people is about them and their preferences. like how that person automatically jumped to the conclusion of "you disapprove of me? well you're OBVIOUSLY insecure, there's no other answer!"

I would imagine it's different with women who choose to have husbandos though instead of real men because they have probably been abused, unlike men who just want the perfect submissive virginal waifu who is also really good in bed and has no autonomy and doesn't age.

No. 499706

Extremely so since I'm not a NEET frying my brain with anime shit that turns you into a fetishist, BDD, tranny and/or pedo.

No. 499718

>fetishist, BDD, tranny and/or pedo
Non-retards can’t relate. Also same thing can be said about muh western media. How about don’t consume sexist/male-pandering garbage lol

No. 499720

>How about don’t consume sexist/male-pandering garbage lol
That's what we're saying. Don't consume anime.

No. 499726

File: 1577790919970.jpg (83.68 KB, 933x934, 33d9d3873dec6cd04e9bd1e4e7bd69…)

I like anime. Since I don't enjoy k-pop at all, it's one of the few bastions where I don't have to look at ugly men all the time.
I've seen some people express political opinions crying about how feminists have made women ugly and fat in all media, but it's actually projection.
Those people won't say a word about how fucking hideous male protagonists are in 95% of western media. I'm just expected to appreciate some 30-50 year old ogre with scraggly facial hair, bad skin, with maybe a beer gut or a disgusting roided body? No, fuck off with this post-wall scrote psyop. It's been going on for generations, and it will never make old and/or gross men handsome.
A lot of content in the genre can be toxic to the mind, but so can literally everything in western media. As long as you're not overly impressionable, and also don't consume brain rot BS, it's fine.
tl;dr: Cute anime boys > ugly real life ones, always

No. 499729

I've noticed that shows/movies where all the men are handsome get unfairly slated.

The recent Charmed reboot has handsome men for every male character, and randomly the Assault on Precinct 13 2005 remake actually reminded me of an anime, since it's just handsome men shooting each other, and it's filmed wonderfully.

Some irl recs for you Anon.

No. 499733

lol true. the last popular western media i can think of off the top of my head where the protagonists were actually good looking was the early seasons (1-5) of supernatural. but thats not really true anymore either since all the main actors are approaching or are already in their 40s.

No. 499735

File: 1577796691846.jpg (138.47 KB, 1024x1280, 1575051551931.jpg)

>I've noticed that shows/movies where all the men are handsome get unfairly slated.
also handsome/beautiful men get shit on and mocked constantly by frumpy old men all the time and its not a recent trend, see the irrational hate grown men showed to people like justin bieber and boybands like one direction, or any other musician/actor who was/is popular with teen girls and young women over the last decade. I remember that when the pirates of the caribbean films were out a disturbingly large number of scrots i knew were screeching their heads off about women finding orlando bloom attractive because he was too """feminine""" lol. ive even seen some going as far as saying that teenage girls who are attracted to these more well groomed attractive young men as opposed to fugly hairy beer bellied dadbod fuckers are some sort of pedophiles.

No. 499736

who's that in pic?

No. 499738

google image search is your friend

No. 499741

Riverdale started off decent and the lead guys were all gorgeous. Then the writing became terrible but the hate KJ Apa gets online from guys is insane. And there's so much hate about how much his top comes off lol. Men's chests aren't even suppose to be seen as an issue in society, men just feel gross when an extremely good looking male is presented for the female gaze. Whereas women are bombarded dally with male gaze images of women and we can't say shit. It's actually hilarious how fragile mens egos are.

No. 499744

Chloe Grace Moretz.

No. 499746


No. 499748

And what's funny is most men can reach physiques like KJ with long term proper excercise and diet but simply choose not to.

No. 499752

> ive even seen some going as far as saying that teenage girls who are attracted to these more well groomed attractive young men as opposed to fugly hairy beer bellied dadbod fuckers are some sort of pedophiles.
I hate this narrative so much. I've been attracted to cute/beautiful men since childhood and now faux wokes are pushing the narrative that it's ~pedophilia~. I'm sorry I don't like hairy lumberjacks because I associate them with boorish, violent men, Karen, but that doesn't make me a kiddy diddler.

Anime is literally the only place I can go to if I want to see men catered to my tastes. IRL I'm usually only attracted to women and men are often hideously repulsive physically, but the very well groomed feminine boys are my goddamn thing. I can find some male actors charismatic and talented but physically attractive? Not a chance in hell.

No. 499756

Why don't you try watching asian dramas?

No. 499759

I don't like anime but I feel you…

My mom is so guilty of this. When I was 13 I loved Orlando Bloom and she still goes on about how girly he looks. She prefers somebody like George Clooney who the media hails as some kind of sex god, but who actually has been looking old af since he was around 40.
I kind of think that it's some sort of defense mechanism: when the man you're married to weighs twice as much as you, looks a decade older and is hairy af, of course you gotta tell yourself that this is normal or "manly". And the chances that your daughter ends up with somebody like this as well is also high, so try to not get her hopes up too high.

>I've even seen some going as far as saying that teenage girls who are attracted to these more well groomed attractive young men as opposed to fugly hairy beer bellied dadbod fuckers are some sort of pedophiles.

Sometimes I feel like a creep for being attracted to somebody like e.g. Timothee Chalamet, simply because he still looks so young and cute. I'm not older than him, but nevertheless it's so ingrained in our brains the we should want guys older than us - even tho guys our own age also usually look more haggard than us. Makes zero sense, women take better care of themselves, women also live on average 6 years longer and nowadays nearly all women work too, so why is it still so odd when a women has a partner who's not older than her?
But I also noticed that girls and women contribute to that problem as well: they will always say that male celebrities look so much younger than their age even tho that's a lie. Young teen girls say Tom Holland looks like 13, to make themselves believe that they have a chance at dating somebody like him - meaning women his own age are "too old". Young women praise creeps like Jared Leto for still looking sooo young and hot - getting the hopes of all middle aged men up, and women over 40 will say shit like [insert female celebrity] is not good enough for [insert way older and fuglier male celebrity].

Anyway, in the end cute guys are so rare (at least in my daily life), one can only dream.

No. 499803

rip me I think at least Jared is still good looking

No. 499818

Not enough muscles.

No. 499827

that poster above is clearly a transbian

No. 499866

Yooo I just don’t find dogs cute

No. 499872

i really hope so. i hate seeing lesbians or women in general that retarded.

No. 500138

Introverts vastly outnumber extroverts.

No. 500143

this is not even an opinion, just wrong

No. 500150

No. 500151

File: 1577932878726.jpg (29.26 KB, 660x373, 636658653327629122-GettyImages…)

Washing your hands after peeing is unnecessary. Now, if you took a shit or if you're on your period then you definitely need to wash your hands with soap and water but if you just pissed then it's really not the end of the world. I use enough toilet paper so that I don't get piss on my hands. I flush the toilet with my foot. I open the door with my elbow or I'll use the bottom of my shirt as a barrier so it's not like I get anything on my hands. Sometimes I'll rinse with water if I feel like it.

I used to have severe OCD/contamination phobia and I would wash my hands so much that they were always cracked, dry, and bleeding. My hands aren't like that anymore but soap still dries out my hands so I try to limit how often I wash my hands as a weird way to cope, to sort of tell my brain "everything has germs, deal with it, you'll be fine."

No. 500157

washing your hands in the bathroom is to both protect you from other people's germs but also to protect others from yours. maybe at your own home it's fine, but in public no way, everything you touch in public is dirty.

No. 500158

You touch other shit and people all day long, washing your hands after a pee makes sense because a sink is there in a convenient spot. Its not because of the pee itself. Dummy.

No. 500160

calling someone they is fine to refer to a singular person but it's not a gender or something like that. it's fine if used when someone isn't sure the other person knows the person in question's gender. "did you see someone in a red hoodie, which way did they go?". that's fine, it's not making them genderspecial.

No. 500166

Disagree. First of all, there's a shit load of different definitions and it depends on what definition you use. Second of all, I've literally never met a single person who identified as an extrovert and every single time I visit lolcow or Reddit or anywhere else I always see a bunch of "I'm an introvert" posts. I realize that if someone is an extrovert they're probably not going to be posting on the internet as much, and just because there are more self identified introverts doesn't mean more introverts period. That being said, most people are wrapped up in their phones constantly western culture basically revolves around consuming media rather than interacting with people, and only one person I've ever met even qualified as an extrovert, yet I've met tonnes of people via work etc who called themselves introverts. I really get the feeling that people don't like hearing people say being an introvert is common because they want to believe being an introvert makes them special or unique. Anyway if you're so confident that it's a wrong opinion then please at least link some studies or something.

No. 500170

I'm >>500150. I was agreeing with you.

No. 500172

Oops. My bad lol.

No. 500173

I assume it's just because extroverts are too busy having social lives and aren't insecure enough to read up on concepts like introversion/extroversion to the point that they identify with it. Whereas introverts (or people who are just shy, quiet, asocial, socially inept etc) are very likely to go online looking for answers as to why they don't fit in. Introversion is a convenient one even if it doesn't technically apply to some people who claim it.

No. 500180

Don't know what's more annoying, random roommate vent posts or posts surrounding it insisting it always neetlita

No. 500181

What are you talking about? This is the first time I've heard of this

No. 500186

if ur bisexual in an opposite sex relationship it's a straight relationship

nasty dirty i will kick ur ass
i genuinely don't understand the grammar argument when it comes to this but im retard so idk

No. 500187

what's funny is the neetlita trying to defend herself to the death under every post she makes so we can easily tell when it's her.

No. 500200

It’s Noen Eubanks. Famous TikTok e-boy.

No. 500211

>if ur bisexual in an opposite sex relationship it's a straight relationship

this isn't an unpopular opinion, and it doesn't effect what your sexuality is, just like a lesbian who's never been in a relationship is still a lesbian or a straight woman, gay man, you get the picture.

No. 500216

I think it’s a descriptor as this point lol I love it. Spergs hate being compared to other spergs.

No. 500217

You'd think so, but bis still get very upset when you mention they have straight privilege. Uwu it's not a straight relation because I'm not straight :(

No. 500226

You’re just stating facts though.

No. 500262

Whatever bisexuals you're talking to must be naive. A heterosexual relationship is still a heterosexual relationship. It is straight privilege because society sees it as such. Bisexuality just means someone is attracted to both sexes and may be in a heterosexual or homosexual relationship, depending on who they date. Of course, there's people who think bisexuality means you're a horn dog who will date anybody and have threesomes and cheat on your partner, but what you're stating is nowhere in the same vein and actual facts.

No. 500288

Is this really that unpopular? I feel like unless it's a really dirty public toilet most people don't wash their hands after going to the restroom.

No. 500302

What posts are you talking about? If you think it's her just report and move on. Not everyone who vaguely vents about their roommate is her. Not everyone you disagree with is her. That's just logic, regardless of if you think it is her or not.

IG but you got to remember a lot of the people accusing others of being neetlita are often sperges and obsessive themselves, as if constant "it's her!!" Posts didn't give that away already. Lolcow is no stranger to stuff like that which is why I take neetlita rants with a grain of salt

No. 500379

Because we're conditioned to think that we wash our hands purely because gross pee and poop.

No. 500398

I think technically you're supposed to say "which way did he or she go" but I use singular they all the time. Still think they/them pronouns are ridiculous, though.

No. 500417

>but bis still get very upset
oh yeah i forgot that bisexual people were one single entity

No. 500442

District 9 was the last good sci-fi movie,prove me wrong
When I was 10 I saw it on TV and thought it was ahead of it's time

No. 500444

she also had a meltdown over parties and that post looks like a sequel to it. might not be her but it's too convenient.

No. 500464

Maybe it is maybe it isn't.unless it's a 100% give away all you accomplish by crying wolf over neetlita is just baiting and annoying everyone, not to mention it just will turn into another anti Loli or Russian neet meme of anons accusing random posts of being a specific Anon. Its just extremely annoying and only causes more infighting imo, whether or not it's neetlita

No. 500495

it's really not that big of a deal, anon.

No. 500500

Neither is Lolita bitch but I'm am JS

No. 500504

Hi neetlita

No. 500548

The Martian, Her, I am Mother, and Ex Machina were all fairly enjoyable. Though maybe your standards are just higher than mine.

No. 500549

Anyone who dresses in Lolita is painfully cringey and at least a little autistic. I see many girls try to justify it, claiming that they're normal, functioning human beings, but they're almost always just fat/ugly/socially inept weebs who use J-fashion as a form of escapism.

No. 500554

I loved The Martian, the book is great too.

No. 500557

Oh you meant anyone white

No. 500559

NTA, but no, and also, stop racebaiting.

No. 500570

The Witcher season 1 just isn’t that good as a show on its own. People are just biased. I liked the games too but if I went into it completely new, i would have hated it. All that time skipping and side quests still couldn’t make me give a shit about any of the characters, all the feely love stories wasted because of that. I barely cared about Yennifer only because her titties had a lot of screen time.

No. 500594

I didn’t play the game, and stopped watching the series after the 1st episode. Characters felt like walking tropes.

No. 500597

File: 1578026691857.gif (430.83 KB, 500x333, giphy.gif)

I'm a lolita and you kinda have a point honestly, I stopped trying to pretend I was a functioning human being years ago though and just like to look cute every once and a while to cheer myself up in general though if you care what other people think of what you're wearing and try and justify your weird outfits to other people you're doing it wrong.

No. 500599

You share the opinion of every other normie who thinks any one who isn't a uniqlo clone is crazy. I cannot claim to be mentally sound, but trying to fit in with normies is exhausting and i want no part in it. I just want to be surrounded by beauty and wear beautiful things because it makes me happy, rather than making myself depressed by concerning myself with the opinions of a bunch of irrelevant nobodies who hate me no matter what.

No. 500600

All sex workers are lolcows.

No. 500621

You're not funny or clever by using the overrated boomer joke. It's childish and stupid and a lazy attempt to get a usually non existent argument across. Be original and learn to stray away from trendy words to argue better

No. 500675

Dear anons, how do I build a comfy lolita wardrobe? ATM I'm a socially retarded ugly piece of shit that soon will no longer be fat and I want to fulfill my dream of living in beautiful lolita clothes. Any budget stores? What pieces should I buy?
I finally start to feel like I deserve nice things.

No. 500681

Lurk /cgl/ and you'll figure it out

No. 500683

First thing you need to know about lolitas is, that the one thing they hate the most are "fatties" hogging dresses they don't fit into.

I started lolita (after years of reading cgl) but stopped because I realized just how ridiculous the entire "fashion" and everybody participating in it is. It's not as sweet or cute as you think it is. Most lolitas range from neet to downright psycho, every community is entirely toxic, the dresses way too expensive for their quality and - no matter what anybody tells you - also uncomfortable and very impractical. Don't let old streetshots of cute japanese girls fool you, everybody shits on everyone while looking horrible themselves and if you think you can wear cheap/fake ("budget store") pieces, you're over anyway.
But if you still want to live your life paying loads just to look like a clown and get stared at by everybody (while either sweating like hell or freezing your ass off), then go to https://egl.circlly.com/ there you can buy 2nd hand pieces from other lolitas.

No. 500687

Don't get me wrong I'm a fat fucking weeb but I have my limits, it's weird when weebs take Japan culture so seriously even though we'll never be truly a part of it. Kinda like a westerner criticizing a random 3rd world country's culture, which annoys me equally actually. Like with the kyary thing and jpop or kpop or whatever it's called critics etc… Why do western neetlitas complain how lolita was ruined by the Chinese, like what? And then that n-word that keeps popping up in korean songs. Stay in your lane, your opinion doesn't count lol.

No. 500689

This post sounds bitter as all hell, kek.

No. 500690

You do sound autistic.

No. 500691

tbf if you aren't gonna get "ugly and fat" anymore I'd advice you to just wear normal clothes, you're gonna get really bullied hard if you wear it in public.

No. 500695

i think autists deserve happiness

No. 500698

It has nothing to do with normies imo, NTA, but I LOVE lolita fashion, but if you're not leeching off parents that are rich (how can you even get rich if no company would hire you because of the way you dress? Prostitution would be one of them but…), why spend money on dresses that would either get you bullied heavily in public alone or just be very impractical in general? (those big ass dresses would get torn in the real world in no time). Act like a angelic pwetty princess or whatever but princesses have money miss neet.
t. owns lolita dresses so my mannequins can wear them since it suits no actual 3d scum human adult normally but i never wore them in public or more than twice at home

No. 500710

Ok, you are not a lolita at all, you are a dumb normie. It's not hard to be a lolita and get a job. Just don't wear lolita to work. Also, if you are afraid of what people say about you because of the way you choice to look, you don't belong in lolita fashion at all and shouldn't bother attempting. The whole point of the fashion is that you don't give a fuck about anything. Clearly you are scared about what everyone thinks about you and want to project your insecurities on everyone else because your insecure. Your life is fucking sad.

No. 500718

>Ok, you are not a lolita at all, you are a dumb normie.
>you don't belong in lolita fashion at all and shouldn't bother attempting.
>you want to project your insecurities on everyone else because your insecure. Your life is fucking sad.

Do you see this, anon?
That farmer just made one post, giving you her honest opinion about lolita and immediately one of them starts getting triggered, sees "her" fashion threatened by somebody less deserving of it as her and retorts to gatekeeping and insults. Do you really want to be part of this "community"? Please don't do this to yourself, that money and time could be spend in so much more fun ways, don't waste it on ridiculously overpriced frilly abominations and the harpies who like to wear them. Maybe it might be fun to you at first (searching for the pieces you like and such) but after a while you'll regret it.
If you like cute stuff you could decorate your apartment in that way or turn to korean or less extreme j-fashion. There's a middle ground between being a "normie" with no personality and willingly turning yourself into an outcast of society because you're obsessed with being special.

No. 500721

you mean i will get bullied despite being thin? tbh i would not like to wear lolita 24/7 (lazy at home, can't wear it at work) just from time to time.
I exaggerated being ugly, though who the fuck knows how lolcow would rate me. I'm probably average tbh.

I've been in love with lolita forever and I am super impressed with local lifestyle lolita who makes it work for her and seems to live her best aesthetic life. She's not a stunner when it comes to face, but her passion is amazing.

No. 500723

This is such a stupid take. If anon cares about getting looks and what people think, then yes, she should not wear lolita. Save your money and your self-esteem. It's not about wanting to be special (granted alternative fashions do attract special snowflakes obviously), people are allowed to like things you hate, just like you are allowed to think everyone should ideally sacrifice their own interests and happiness to fit in.

No. 500728

>never wore them in public or more than twice at home
Why even bother? Isn’t lolita about unapologetic loud outfits? You’re just a novelty collector.

No. 500734

>(those big ass dresses would get torn in the real world in no time)
What do you do all day? I don't wear Lolita all the time, but I've never had a dress "torn" or destroyed, lmao. Maybe stained, at worst.

No. 500737

I think you should wear it. Unless you live in a ghetto kind of place, even the "bullying" will probably just be stares and comments. I don't know why some anon ITT is exaggerating so much about how it's ~*never worth it*~ and trying to dissuade anyone from trying it out.
It's not that deep, it's just clothes. You don't even need to be part of any particular "community" to enjoy the fashion.
Do what makes you happy, anon. It's easier than you think.
Some Bodyline dresses and buying secondhand are good, if you're not looking to spend too much money and just want a comfy time. I'm not hugely into Lolita (I like all sorts of alt-fashion), so those are my mainstays.

No. 500745

> willingly turning yourself into an outcast of society because you're obsessed with being special.

Where do you guys live? It’s 2020, alt fashion is basically mainstream. Hot Topic is more successful than it ever was. E-girl fashion is what all the teens want to wear now. I don’t even live in a big town but I wear Lolita and I’m not “outcast from society” or “bullied” for it anymore. Normies probably still think I’m a weirdo, but they usually keep their thoughts to themselves now out of politeness. It’s not like normies never get made fun of for their clothes- how many people do you see made fun of for wearing leggings in public? Or other clothes that aren’t “trendy”.

The word isn’t split into “prep” and “goth” anymore, tattoos, piercings and colored hair aren’t considered weird anymore. Life’s too short to not wear the clothes you want to wear.

No. 500779

This new trend of trashy North American mukbangers sucking on crab legs dipped in a salad bowl full of butter with grease dripping down their face is fucking disgusting. At least the original mukbangers from Korea eat a variety of foods and dont just sit deep throating an aquarium full of seafood and drinking butter.

No. 500784

every single person who regularly posts in the anachan threads is wannarexic. so much blog posting about ~muh REAL ED treatment~ amongst the constant nitpicking and projection. what a bunch of faggots lmao

No. 500788

>my Koreans are more wholesome binge eaters!!!!

No they're not, Koreaboo. And the fact that you're blind to their own special brand of grease and gochujang sauce dripping down their chins while they chew with their anus mouths open is laughably delulu on your part.

No. 500794

All mukbang videos are disgusting abominations. I don’t understand how anyone could ever want to watch someone else stuff their face with any type of food.

No. 500802

No. 500822

Either fetish or wish fulfillment. Pathetic either way.

No. 500825

You don't get it anons, eating on camera if you're not asian is cultural appropriation!

I always watch these compilations of mukbangers being gross and the level of delusion of these people… They're even finding ways to praise koreans eating animals who are still alive, as if making those disgusting slurping sounds while ripping a squirming squids leg off is somehow more elegant because the mukbangers name is Kim instead of Smith. They don't even care about the type of food anyway because Zach Choi is probably the most popular mukbanger and he's also only eating western stuff like pizza, wings and loads of cheese. But yeah, nowadays being korean (or east asian) always guarantees endless clicks for nothing.

"Original" mukbang was just eating and talking normally so that people who are lonely can watch this while they're eating by themselves (and being left alone is more common in countries like Korea, so it stems from there) but nobody does that anymore.

No. 500827

Why does anyone feel remotely bad for pewdiepie and marzia getting robbed in the art salt thread?

Number one, a crime could not have happened to a more perfectly entitled manbaby. He's rich because he screams into a mic while playing videogames (while being racist and sexist). Let's not pretend he got his money because he helped solve world hunger, or even lifted a finger in hard labor to have actually earned it. Easy come, easy go.

Secondly, they will be fine. Unlike the rest of non-rich peasants living in desperate society, they can bounce back with ease. Meanwhile other people who have their cars broken into, houses robbed, or wallets mugged in the street often need months if not years to return to normal because of the setback. Perhaps Pewds will take away the lesson of not flaunting their gaudy wealth all over Instagram and social media handles as it makes them a target. I know lower middle class people who don't dare post the inside of their houses and valuables all over the internet for the exact reason that it would make their homes targets.

No. 500829

I think you're just lucky, anon.
I live in the UK and things are very much still like that here.

No. 500830

File: 1578083476996.gif (3.15 MB, 480x269, L9320A12125O638I1232W.gif)

No. 500836

jesus christ, no one is mad that pewdiepie and his wife got robbed. i posted the comic, it was only posted because the dude who made the comics is a vapid cunt who is constantly rude and bitchy to anyone who responds to him. i said that multiple times as did other anons.

No. 500841

Infertile women are the absolute worst people I've ever come in contact with. They shit on women with normal functioning bodies who can actually get pregnant within a normal period and refer to them as 'freaks of nature' or 'unicorns' and are such fragile little snowflakes that can't handle other people talk about their children or pregnancies. If its taking you multiple years to have a child, then you are the abnormality. Its not fucking normal for your body to keep rejecting pregnancies consistently. And then when science makes it possible they want all of the asspats for their ~miracle babies~ that they 'deserved more'.

If you want an example head on over to trollingforababy on reddit (yeah, reddit, i know) and see grown ass women snark and whine because their sister in law dare get pregnant before them and have the audacity to have morning sickness right in front of her. She was obviously rubbing it in! Then dumbass comments with their stupid upvote system telling them that the SIL was omg so disrespectful and how they should cut off said TOXIC family immediately. And then downvote into oblivion any comment that disagrees. If it took you 2 or 3 months, you 'didnt even fucking TRY" despite most people actively tracking their cycles and shit that annoying to do day in and day out.

Funny enough, that subreddit is just a circlejerk sub for the original trying for a baby sub (which isn't an infertility sub, but has been taken over by infertile-mertiles and their trigger warnings for stupid shit like "living child' and 'current pregnancy') Funnily enough, your post will be banned and deleted if you ever offer any advice on how to actually get pregnant if you are in fact, currently pregnant and state that. But don't worry. The people who have been trying for years and years are FeRtIlItY eXpErTs and will give you all sorts of shitty advice.

No. 500842

File: 1578086006469.jpg (360.13 KB, 1080x1315, 20200103_231217.jpg)

I think cody fern is hot but i also am 101% sure he will balloon up in less than 10 years, he has that build and vibe.

No. 500844

There were definitely farmers responding to the subject matter itself, not the fact that the artist is a little bitch.

No. 500847


No. 500848

First time I've looked at this sub and all the top posts are harmless self deprecating jokes about not being pregnant, as you'd expect from a circle jerk sub. Did you see one bitchy post from an upset and maybe irrational infertile woman coping the best she can with other women in a similar situation and get offended? That's stupid af.

I've never seen any of the shit you're talking about in the rest of your post either. Other the other hand, smug pregnant women basking in attention and people in general having zero concern for infertile/childless women (constantly asking rude, invasive questions and pestering them, telling them they're not real women until they're mothers etc) are the norm, so…

No. 500849

>Being this underage
Edgy "kill the rich" zoomers will look at this in 10 years and cringe at themselves.

No. 500850

>mention nothing about killing rich people
>mention consequences for flaunting wealth online
>"b-baka zoomers!"
Ooooookay then.

No. 500853

They would hate me, I got pregnant my first time trying

No. 500855

All fashion from late 90's up until early to mid 2000's will always look like trash. I cannot wait until people trash that era like we trash 80's fashion.

No. 500857

File: 1578087093326.jpg (68.44 KB, 1023x682, 1577602599930.jpg)

im tired of the constant derailing from clearly alt right anons in every fucking thread (at least here on /ot/)
and i feel like the containment thread for pink pill/gender critical isn't working, they literally try to derail threads like tinfoil and 2020's prediction/speculation i was excited to read that one but it quickly became a sperg echo chamber for they trans conspiracy paranoia

its really tiring im not interested in being part of that, thats why they have a thread and i really don't get the need for bringing those discussions to every fucking corner of this board

No. 500858

I got pregnant when I didn't even want to, and even after taking plan b. And then I had the audacity to abort.

I don't even browse subs like that. Watching women claw at each other over fertility rubs me the wrong way.

No. 500865

File: 1578087638383.jpg (27.17 KB, 350x250, war.jpg)


Total agree. It comes off as whiny and insecure. Sick of it.

No. 500872

leave pink pill out of it, anon. it's literal plebbit gender critical migrants that are right leaning, or just gc spergs that are the biggest problem, imo.

No. 500875

sorry, i phrased it that way because it seems that both threads have merged so i assumed they have the same alignment

No. 500879

noooo, that's why the threads were filled with so much infighting before the new board was created. pinkpillers are gc, but gcers are often not pinkpillers.

No. 500881

don't apologize, pp are just as bad, there's a reason they're all in one thread.

No. 500882

idk how you figure. being aware of how literally statistically disappointing and dangerous men are isn't really as out-of-this-world as disgruntled wannabe tradthots.

No. 500889

both just as annoying and whiny when people don't agree with them.

No. 500892

NTA but statistics aren’t something you ‘agree’ with

No. 500899

this is exactly what i am talking about.

No. 500900

Wow you sure owned her, great comeback.

No. 500903

Nta but how is simply saying "statistics aren't something you 'agree' with" being whiny and annoying? Statistics can either be acknowledged or not. Ignoring them is not 'disagreeing'. Presuming the methodology isn't terrifically flawed, it isn't something you can agree or disagree with. It's just something that 'is'. It's like disagreeing that humans are vertebrates. It just 'is'. We just are. If you choose to not acknowledge statistics because it causes internal conflict, that's something entirely different. Choosing to not acknowledge information because it conflicts with your lifestyle or beliefs isn't the same as disagreeing/agreeing.

No. 500904

we should kill the rich tho

No. 500920

Is kill the rich mentality even a zoomer thing? They seem to be into get rich quick schemes almost as much as MLM suckers.

No. 500924

>calling pp/gc alt right
Why are you even here you fucking normie

No. 500935

Not defending her but the alt-right does have some "gc" views, obviously not the way we do

No. 500938


how's it any different than what "we" think?

No. 500947

For them it comes in the same package as racism, women who belong in the kitchen, stuff like that. But I'm derailing now.

No. 500955

Radfems and the nationalists/populists align on several issues, including troons and porn.

No. 500958

Their "gc view" is literally just hating trannies and gays, good ol' homphobia. Alt right/tradfags don't hate trannies because they think transgenderism promotes strict gender roles and is oppressive of women. Same with their view of porn, they're against it because it's a sin, turns women in harlots and men into homos. Not because porn rots male brains and abuses women. People can hate things for entirely different reasons; why is this so hard for you handmaidens.

No. 500963

Dont bother anon, thats your brain on two party system. If youre not a communist asian fetishist who sucks girl cock then you must be an alt-right white nationalist nazi.

No. 500966

you are literally proving my point. i am not talking about the content i am just talking about your attitudes, which are literally the same. i didn't say i cared or disagreed (or asked) about the statistics. i just pointed out that you and the GC people are the same when people don't like you because you try to act like it's the equivalent of disagreeing with some kind of objective facts. whether what your saying is true your shit attitudes and namecalling is too offputting for me to want to engage.

No. 500978

>whether what your saying is true your shit attitudes and namecalling is too offputting for me to want to engage
I never name-called you. I was asking you a question. Again, how is it having a shitty attitude to explain that statistics can't be disagreed or agreed with (assuming they're not inherently flawed)? They can simply be acknowledged or ignored. You don't appear to have any substantive answers to your hyperbolic claims when they're pressed. I can't speak for other anons, but at the least, you can refrain from pretty pitifully trying to villainize 2 cut and dry posts: >>500903 >>500892 that were pretty much absent of attitude entirely. You seem like someone that gets irrationally annoyed when someone even tries to explain things to you, or just tries to neutrally ask you about your reasoning.

I don't see how the attitudes or the whining is the same. GC tradthots make nothing but appeals to emotion and tradition, with no regard to how what they promote actually tends to turn out. All anon said was "statistics aren't something you 'agree' with", something that's applicable across multiple fields and is literally just a basic truism. I fail to see how that's an annoying thing to say or how it's comparable to someone insisting they're right because of tradition and optimism. If you want to complain about people calling people 'handmaidens', sure, but you chose literally 2 of the least emotionally charged posts possible as proof of your claims.

No. 500984

This is autistic, stop. It's funny that you thing GC anons are tradthots when most of them are angry about men invading female spaces but okay.

No. 500988

anddd the gc/pp/rf discourse is one of the trashiest things about this site and that's why I avoid it like the plague
full stop

No. 500989

there are literal entire threads dedicated to outlining the wrinkles on a camgirl's vag, or nitpicking camgirl bodies all over the site, but that's the trashiest thing. sure.

No. 500992


No. 500993

Deadass. I wish the people'd just go to PULL. But I guess they think lc is a place where they can be edgy and misogynistic under the guise of muh cows without getting any of their SJW views challenged.

No. 500994

>GC tradthots
Yeah uh those can fuck off back to reddit too

No. 500995

This entire discussion stemmed from another anon complaining about waves of right wing posters, who she attributed to gc right wingers, and pink pillers.

No. 500997

then go on literally any other website with liberal/mainstream values and thoughts?

No. 500998

Semi-related to the discussion, but complaining about tradthots and pickmes and handmaidens is actually cringy because it just boils down to considering how men view women.

No. 500999

this site doesn't have a specific set of values and thoughts. this is what pisses me off about PP/GC people. all of you think everyone on the site is a manhater or a radfem or a tranny hater. you expressing your opinions on the site doesn't make that the opinion of the site.

No. 501001

Lmao yall literally accuse anyone who aren't a tranny-worshipper, porn addict, kinky uwu twitter sex worker as being a radfem/manhater. Believe it or not, a lot of women here don't identify or even post in PP/GC, we are just tired of the garbage shilled in liberal media that actively harm us. Prime example being kpop thread where a 30 something man is dating a 23yo and SOMEONE had to come in to defend their old man fetish.

No. 501004

wow it's almost like you can disagree with extremist anons in both groups.

No. 501009

lmao women cant judge women for their actions without being compared to men

No. 501013

they actively choose to throw other women under the bus for male attention and approval so I am in all my right to criticise how they act

No. 501020

File: 1578117632345.jpg (53.2 KB, 1024x768, IMG_20200103_070611.jpg)

I dont hate trans folk, not even MTF which I constantly see getting shit on, I dont even care about special pronouns, as long as the person is nice I'll call then whatever. I've had adfew non bianary friends and all of them have been sweethearts and nothing but patient with me when I didnt use a right pronoun or something.
I dont understand why so many people go out of their ways to shit on people who are different than them, just like be a good person yo, we can all be friends!

No. 501022

File: 1578117833512.png (35.2 KB, 275x223, 1533402534062.png)

Anon you are a fucking legend and I'd take a bullet for you.

No. 501025

anon is right, silly terfs! we should all love each other despite our differences! because terfs totally hate trans people because they dont conform to social norms! not because of their mock of womanhood and women issues!

No. 501030

Yep, love each other and don't forget to suck girldick while you're at it! Who cares about a straight male driven movement that actively erodes women's and gay rights as long as tumblrina enbies are nice to that anon?

No. 501038

File: 1578120955906.jpeg (426.08 KB, 1242x911, 1576303877802.jpeg)

Never said that was the only reason. just never seen someone unironically be the way y'all describe unless they are 4chins and that's just scum to start with.
What do you even mean mocking womanhood? I'm so confused by this every time I hear it, please help me understand instead of attacking me for just saying i dont think we need to yeet the trans folk into the sun.
You're not gonna change anyone's mind being sarcastic dickheads, so if you really care then explain to me why I should dislike them.

No. 501039

arguing with femcels on this site is a lost cause. they don't want to listen unless you're just as bitter as they are.

No. 501041

File: 1578121356841.jpeg (22.94 KB, 500x313, EK5GFv2XUAA0Ewv.jpeg)

Thank you. I know its stupid but I just keep genuinely looking for a answer as to why I should.It's a lost cause, but I still do care about their opinions because I wanna know how to better myself if need be. Super cheesy for a image board but I still love you guys.

No. 501042

If you truly wanted to see GC perspectives then I'd say go into any of the GC threads but I know you won't sooo
Then just leave oh my god

No. 501043

File: 1578121840941.jpg (90.29 KB, 771x733, 1573762079793.jpg)

Damn, you got me, I'll just leave a entire website over a fairly contained group of people being angry and bitchy all the time! I've seen your GC threads multiple times, and you just circle jerk for a while with no real proof or reason why. So sorry for wanting to understand your opinion Anon! Please dont circle jerk about me with your other bitter friends!

No. 501045

>caps upon caps of trannies being disgusting fetishists
>no proof uwu~
Are you lost? This site is built on being angry and bitchy. It's one of the only places on the internet where women can fucking have say and be angry. You should leave because the rest of internet is catered to you, so why come here to bitch about us.

No. 501048

File: 1578122664213.jpg (16.24 KB, 250x250, 1578122328641.jpg)

ah, just like clockwork. anyone who dislikes male fetishists or anyone narcissistic enough to demand everyone suspend reality for their benefit is a "femcel", k sis. most women irl don't like them. literally every accusation of femcel shit is delusional hyperbole

No. 501050

File: 1578122796359.jpeg (149.29 KB, 1242x1201, 1577578811957.jpeg)

You wouldn't get sarcastic replies if you showed any effort to learn or understand beyond your own experiences. If you didn't care at all that would be one thing, but if you're gonna show up with your kumbaya lets be friends nonsense wtf else would you expect from people with actual informed opinions from reading, for example, the huge list of resources on the pink pill thread? We're usually eager to help people along the road to peak transing but condescending, ignorant shit like
>just like be a good person yo, we can all be friends!
is not going to encourage that at all and doesn't exactly reflect your apparent interest in 'bettering yourself'

But, sure I'll have a go at explaining the situation since you're so convinced we are just circle jerking for no reason. The main problem is the majority of trannies, straight white male autogynephiles. They are created by overexposure to porn and anime (an observed and studied phenomenon), their primary focus is coercing lesbians into fucking them by framing a sexual orientation as transphobia. They often commit sex crimes against women (https://www.reddit.com/r/thisneverhappens/), promote invading women's spaces such as bathrooms and changerooms as well as actively hindering women's ability to self organize and gather without men present, and destroy legal protections for women by changing the definition of female. Here are some examples of men doing their best to silence women who question them, often violently - https://terfisaslur.com/.

Then you have the homophobes who encourage gender non conforming children to transition early, thereby ruining their bodies and sterilizing them for life, because transitioning is used for conversion therapy. The big pharmaceutical companies and surgeons who push for it because they can sell harmful drugs and surgeries. The athletes who can't compete with men and cheat by competing with women instead, Iran's entire female soccer team is MTF (being gay is still illegal there btw). Women with internalized misogyny who are trying to escape their bodies and how they're sexualized. You'll find that most of us have sympathy for HSTS (homosexual transsexuals) and FTM because their reasoning is nowhere near as malicious as the straight men who dominate the movement, and is more a result of misogyny/homophobia directed at them than an expression of it.

No. 501052

File: 1578123188002.png (55.16 KB, 1165x488, sneak.PNG)

not to mention that their pushing for removing WOMEN as a minority class based on sex means men, who have experienced male privilege, will reap benefits, welfare, scholarships, specifically designed to equalize sex specific marginalization. not progressive at all whatsoever. you're sacrificing women and girls for men. this isn't the first time it has happened, has happened loads of times already.


No. 501054

It's pointless, as you saw, twitterfags are just gonna dismiss you with "trans folx may be hurting women BUUUT TERFs are bitchy and haz attitude!! So I will continue to not listen and feel righteous about it~".

No. 501056

It's worth a try, most women who peak trans were supportive of trannies beforehand. But it's hard to get across the reality of the situation in one post… it's clear as anything to us because we've had so much exposure to the shit TRAs say and do but all these (usually well intentioned) supporters don't know anything beyond the sympathetic lies they're fed about murder rates etc. If they don't take it upon themselves to read and learn more it won't change anything.

No. 501060

>only women who agree with me can have a say and be angry!!

No. 501061

File: 1578125039469.gif (1.75 MB, 300x190, tenor (1).gif)

This is an imageboard. People here are sarcastic assholes by default.

I used to be a TRA. The anons here provided the information that ultimately peaked me. How polite they were was completely irrelevant.

It's okay to be different. It's okay to wear dresses and carry a purse if you have a penis. What's not okay is experimental, non-FDA-approved drugs being given to "dysphoric" (usually just non-gender conforming) children. What's not okay is male sex offenders being put in women's prisons because they "identify as women." What's not okay is the fact that TRAs think lesbians, even rape survivor lesbians, are evil if they don't like penis. What's not okay is that vaginoplasties have a high rate of complication and studies are conflicted as to whether or not they help at all, much less reduce suicide rates.

Here's a question for you, anon: tell me what a woman is without using gender stereotypes. Us evil TERFs say it's a person born with female primary sex traits, like a uterus or vagina. If it's not that, what is it? A person who "presents" female, i.e. adheres to harmful gender stereotypes? A person who just uses "she" pronouns? Plenty of non-binary people do that, and they say they're not women. Is it just a feeling? Is that why women have been raped and enslaved for millennia? Because they feel like it? No.

Women have always been subjugated because of their ability to bear children– i.e., creating people. Men want to control that and commodify it. That's why anti-abortion laws exist. That's why FGM is practiced. It's all for the sake of controlling the people who create people. If they control us, they control the future generations of humankind. That shit has nothing to do with penis-havers in dresses.

No. 501063

How about fuck off back to Reddit. As if being a brainwashed tranny worshipper is an unpopular opinion kek.

Everyone on this site is full of hate; we hate trannies and scrotes, you hate your fellow women, let’s leave it at that. How about go bacc to snow to bitch about some girls nasolabial folds if you don’t like the posts upon posts of articles and evidence feat. Tranny rage and Male debauchery.

No. 501066

i personally think the enBY label is bullshit but I genuinely believe in the existence of dysphoria and that there are legitimate trannies and have a few tranny friends who are good human beings so ofc I'm turned off by terf/femcel bullshit. the good thing is that now it has its own containment board / thread so now all I have to do is avoid it until it leaks into the rest of ot as per usual, because it can't stay in its containment thread, putting all the bitter bitches together really made them angrier tho. oh noes im sorry i don't irrationally post about how i hate men and trannies because i have better things to do with my life, hell im not even invested in politics much anymore but god forbid people who aren't harming anyone have rights and a decent amount of trannies and men aren't harmful imo

No. 501067

File: 1578126343748.jpg (16.27 KB, 500x490, 6f8b20dc4899457108f351e50c1ed7…)

The anons on this site who constantly argue about what groups are or aren't misogynistic/should or shouldn't be accepted in female spaces are confusing, considering this ~female-friendly internet space~ has held some of the most misogynist, moralistic shit-slinging from women towards women that I've ever seen on the internet. The sheer amount of women attacked here for their physical appearance, body shape, personality traits, clothing and beauty choices, hobbies, or careers (to name a few) by anons who are "totally supportive of women! female spaces are important!" competes at basically an equal level to any site I've seen made by men specifically with the intent to insult and demean women as people.

Y'all who are constantly discussing who's more sexist or more misogynist than you while parroting the exact same misogynist rhetoric and beliefs need to get a sense of self awareness and stop attacking other women as a way to deal with your internalized misogyny.

No. 501069

Samefag to clarify. My post refers especially to the "i'm pro-woman, but any woman who disagrees with me must actually be a handmaiden or a scrote in disguise because it's definitely never me or my viewpoint which is wrong!" mentality that's rampant in the GC/PP sections of this site. That bullshit limits any productive discussion between women here and further shows the lack of self-awareness anybody who claims to be feminist and does that has.

No. 501070

Oh yes, because the anons posting in gc or pp are definitely the same people who post in pt

No. 501072

Obviously not all of them, but likely a good portion of them, just because I've seen gender critical discussion come up in threads there and because I found this site through /w/ but read the other boards as frequently.

No. 501078

>I found this site through /w/

You being a newfag explains so much lmfao

First off, >>501070 sums it up pretty nicely, but just to expand on that:

People come here to gossip about trashy people because it's fun. Cows are usually awful people, so there's no shame in nitpicking their appearances. We obviously don't hold ALL women to those standards, or even all cows. We're just looking for shit to belittle cows for because it's entertaining to rip on shitty people.

Take Shayna for instance. She has really bad overwaxing. I saw an anon post somewhere on /g/ saying that it made her feel self-conscious about her own overwaxing, but then like three different anons jumped in to say that 1) criticisms of cows are not meant to apply to all people and 2) overwaxing is only an issue for Shay because she sells her appearance, (like most of this cows in /w/, hint hint.)

Check out one of the artcow threads sometime. Anons actually get chided for trying to trash Holly Brown's appearance in her thread, because Holly isn't selling her appearance like Shay, she's selling her art, so the criticism is focused on her art.

Finally, conversation in cow threads is obviously more casual than conversation in GC. The people in GC are obviously talking about their seriously held beliefs, whereas people in cow threads are just taking the piss out of someone for fun

No. 501079

Be honest with yourself, there are so many derailed threads started by gc so obviously people browse pt/snow too

No. 501088

File: 1578131234644.jpeg (14.86 KB, 300x168, C02830B8-71F5-4CE3-A9AD-133C58…)

You’re pathetic anon lmao. Get a fucking grip.

No. 501091

Hot milk is not just for babies and it tastes/smells like heaven, f u

No. 501093

I like hot milk in oatmeal, but not by itself.

Also I prefer to use milk to make hot chocolate instead of water.

No. 501096

It's so good with sugar mixed in.

No. 501098

water in hot chocolate sounds gross, if you're gonna watch the calories just skip that all together. Give me full fat milk, simple hot chocolate powder, and mini marshmallows plz

No. 501102

The SCUM Manifesto has no value at all, it does speak to the media's priorities that this manifesto is considered a "feminist work" worthy of consideration, If she hadn't shot Andy Warhol, her manifesto wouldn't be studied at all…Solanas was an Idiot and I don't see why she would have any special insight. It's just as soon as you do something infamous (shooting people), any manifesto you write is immediately endowed with the notion that whoever wrote it was crazy with a special knowledge we could learn from. Fuck Solanas, fuck Kasinski, fuck Rodger, and fuck anyone else who writes a manifesto.

No. 501104

File: 1578135012967.jpeg (330.63 KB, 520x1050, EB6887DC-1533-441B-AB1F-265310…)

You obviously know nothing because Andy Warhol was heavily invested in SCUM and produced many of valeries plays. Most pp people here aren’t really interested in her or think that she should be taken seriously. She’s extremely mentally ill.

There’s an influx of scrotes on this site atm trying to sperg about feminism as if anyone fucking cares what they think, and I suspect that you’re one as as soon as the topic changed to warm milk, you bought up yet another thing to argue about. I accept that I could be wrong though, wouldn’t be the first time I’m being a paranoid autist . This fuckery (pic related) happened only a day ago

No. 501120

Was with you until you brought up Kaczynski. "Industrial Society and Its Future" is genius. It completely changed the way that I see the modern world.

No. 501126

>There’s an influx of scrotes on this site atm trying to sperg about feminism as if anyone fucking cares what they think, and I suspect that you’re one as as soon as the topic changed to warm milk, you bought up yet another thing to argue about.
I don't know if you're right, but this is so funny to think about.
>"Hmm, the females have stopped arguing, and have begun to talk about….warm milk? With sugar? Nah, can't allow that kind of peace to fly on any imageboard. Here's my chance to break out the big guns. Ahem RADICAL FEMINI-"

No. 501127

How is somebody a newfag because of how they found this site? /w/'s been up for a few years now, it's not brand new anymore. Probably 90% of the people who ever came here got here after searching somebody's name and finding the thread(s) for them. That's far more likely than finding this site while looking for a random off-topic discussion board, especially picking /ot/ out of all of the other random imageboards to browse.

As far as the rest, I get that people who do shitty things deserve criticism, though it seems like what you said about Shayna kind of proves my point. Someone became insecure about themselves because of a derogatory remark made about a woman's appearance, and even though other people assured her, they/you justified making that comment about a different woman because she "sells" her appearance. All I can take from your post is that it's fine to insult and demean women if they like their physical appearance enough to show it off or earn a living showing it off (or that it's fine if doing it is fun, AKA makes you feel better about yourself.) Considering how often misogyny is brought up here, I can't really see how those type of remarks "aren't misogynist" when they're towards women from other women, since it's clear that they're misogynist if they're directed towards women from men.

No. 501132

It's also a bit odd to call other people newfags with that unnecessary Reddit spacing you're using.

No. 501136

it's not a newnewfag but it's certainly not an oldfag

No. 501137

Milk girl is me, I just had the compulsion to make hot milk recently because the smell of it is so nostalgic and remembered how delicious it is. It takes on a different smell when hot, try simmering it on your stovetop.

No. 501151

File: 1578145498480.jpg (17.83 KB, 475x317, hot-milk-1024x683-475x317.jpg)

Damn anon, that's true. Your post triggered my memories like crazy. I'm lactose intolerant but I'm feeling a huge urge of having warm milk now.
I loved the smell and how it would form this very tin layer of cream above it as it cooled a bit.

No. 501161

I would probably call that paranoid thinking if I hadn’t been using this site for a few years now, witnessing all kinds of pathetic behaviour from trannies and scrotes predominantly

No. 501183

> We obviously don't hold ALL women to those standards, or even all cows. We're just looking for shit to belittle cows for because it's entertaining to rip on shitty people.

But that’s hypocrisy, and it’s obvious anons do hold all women to those standards- almost every user here has BDD and Ana tendencies, just look at how many users talk about their weight struggles or admit to being former anas all the time. The nitpicking in her thread was so bad the OP even says “no nitpicking” but without fail it still happens in every post.

“Misogyny is okay when it happens to women I don’t like” is the same excuse men use all the time. If you want to insult cows based on appearance then fine but don’t try to use “woke” reasons to justify it.

No. 501184

Well the thing is that they don't hate the rich for being rich, they hate the rich for being wealthier than they are. That's why they're always shilling their ko-fi and patreon for whatever shitty thing they put together and always chasing that fever dream of being a rich social media influencer or musician or whatever. If you gave one of these "kill the rich"-poster 50 million dollars and told them to go nuts with it, I can guarantee you they'd never "distribute the wealth" like they demand the current rich people to.

It's not like I don't dislike ultra-rich celebrities flaunting their money and buying unnecessary frivolous things just because they have the funds, but I also despise people who try to frame their blatant envy into some sort of a noble social commentary.

No. 501203

Exactly. I love how that anon is like "it's not a misogynist thing that I make fun of her, I just love disrespecting and belittling women who I think deserve it because they're confident enough with their body to show it off" and then trying to play it off as if that's totally not rooted in misogyny in any way. A huge portion of the time, these anons do it to deal with their own insecurities and internalized misogyny.

If someone says shitty things or does shitty behaviors, that's worthy of criticism. A woman being confident with her body and deciding to share it (especially to make a living) isn't a "shitty behavior" and there's no justifiable reason to attack a woman for that unless they're admitting that they gladly swallow up the same misogynistic, patriarchal beliefs that sexist men spew.

No. 501205

the nastiest posts about women are made by rp men.

No. 501209

I'd rather have "internalized misogyny" than respect mentally ill prostitutes.

No. 501211

>they hate the rich for being wealthier than they are
Because they're wealthier than any human being on this planet deserves! You're the type of person who seriously believes that if someone's paid $2000 per minute of their life, that they're actually doing some kind of work that merits that obscene amount of pay. Hint: They aren't. Meanwhile their underlings don't even hit a smidgen of millionaire's pay, yet they're putting in quadruple the amount of work for minimum wage.
That ought to sicken you, if you had a brain.

>if you gave people 50 million dollars, they'd never "redistribute the wealth"

You're a projecting poorfag. It would be hard to come up with shit to spend one million dollars on, no less the rest of the 49 million. Guaranteed after most average people pay off their debts, buy a house within their means, a mode of transport, and invest the rest that they would not have spent more than a couple million, tops.
The only people who think they could spend all 50 million are children and irresponsible braggarts who would have frivilously spent regardless if they were given $1k or $100 million.

No. 501212

whatever makes you feel better but that anon is right, the nitpicking in some threads is beyond pettiness. Also, define "mentally ill prostitutes". Who's a mentally ill prostitute, literally any woman who cams to cash on retarded beta dudes who'll throw money at her to make a living easier instead of prostituting themselves irl with all the danger that implies or overworking themselves to pay their rent? Because in that case you sound like you may be a little bit jelly.

No. 501214

thank you anon, these are the same types of people who think there is nothing wrong with the fact that many Americans cannot afford healthcare because we didn't "earn" that insulin or cancer treatment.

No. 501216

Those are a small group of libfems, but tbh I hate libfems in general. They are the type to be obsessed with men to the point where they neglect their family, friends and even children - if they have them.

No. 501219

i hate how everyone ITT diminishes any point directed at them but will magnify their own points and then sperg about "muh objectivity" when someone does the same.

No. 501221

this is exactly right. anons need to stop hiding behind only using /ot/ because even if that was true, we have still have nitpick threads here.

No. 501245

Do anons think you have to unconditionally love for every single woman to be a feminist or something? I lurk snow and I know nitpicking is chided. When someone calls Shayna fat it’s in the context of her being an sedentary alcoholic. Women can hate specific women and still want those women to have rights. Black and white thinking is mental illness. Like I hate fucking handmaidens but I still hate the scrotes who inevitably abuse you more, even the worst of you who’ll defend them til death.

No. 501259

most nitpick threads on ot are old

No. 501293

This isn’t a “libfem” thing. You can’t just shove every hateful trait onto a group you dislike. Every woman I know who is “obsessed with men” to the point of abandoning their children would never consider themselves feminists.

No. 501294

you shouldn’t pretend to be the ultimate radfem advocating for the liberation of women if you’re not only participating in misogyny but defending it. Nobody in the Shayna threads are concerned about her being a “sedentary alcoholic”, they just want to mock her looks and weight. I went into that thread recently and anons were posting her old photos and bemoaning how attractive she used to be even though lolcow mad fun of her looks just as much Barack in her “attractive days”.

No. 501353

>Do anons think you have to unconditionally love for every single woman to be a feminist or something?
Literally no one thinks this.

No. 501370

>When someone calls Shayna fat it’s in the context of her being an sedentary alcoholic. Women can hate specific women and still want those women to have rights.
Honestly this. I don't really approve of nitpicking of looks, but when it's a direct consequence from bad and destructive life habits I think it's appropriate. Addressing how Momokun ruined her body with vanity operations such as a handful of lipo rounds that made her look literally like Donkey Kong is related to her being lazy and deceitful, eating garbage, making fun of other women's appearances herself and the way how she's desperate to achieve an unrealistic fetish body type to please porn-addicted men. But even then I still don't approve of the disgusting comments cumbrains leave on her pictures and believe she shouldn't have to deal with that, and I also sympathize with her daddy issues because her father seems to be a misogynistic asshole.

Sure her thread is now filled with spergs who can't shut up about how droopy her tits are or how fat she's become but back during her peak time it would've been ludicrous to claim that people were hating on her just because of muh misogyny.

No. 501398

There's a difference between not respecting someone and stalking their internet activity daily to rant about how they're a stupid nasty bitch because she put on a fake eyelash wonky this morning or whatever demented shit you'd find in a school shooters manifesto.

Reading about the dumb drama e-celebs incur every now and again is a laugh but half this website is clearly addicted to hating on absolute nobodies to the extent you need to make shit up for new thigns to hate on.

No. 501399

Everyone who is salty on this board about Neetlita is a pickme who needs to be gassed(literally neetlita)

No. 501401

how can you be salty about such a hilarious sperg?

No. 501405

Here's an unpopular opinion: pewdiepie earned all his money fair and square because it really is an extremely rare talent to be able to entertain tens of millions of people every single day for a decade straight and everyone who hates on him and his content would fail trying it even once which is why they're not also self-made millionares.

No. 501406

Neetlita's the one shitting on women for not wearing makeup though.

No. 501407

I agree, apparently he also has a degree and survived adpolcalypse by playing it smart and not depending on youtube

No. 501408

If your "art" mostly consists of portraits or bodies you should just not bother sharing it at all. I understand it can be good for practice but it's so fucking boring to look at.

No. 501409

File: 1578235658952.jpg (178.12 KB, 499x500, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_…)

I disagree that the problem is in the subject matter, I think the problem is in the feeling conveyed by the image, like you can have a very interesting painting like this and it is technically a portrait. But you can also have a basic pretty sameface girl in quirky fashion which doesn't convey any feeling or have originality, which I guess is what you:re talking about and I agree with you about that. In my honest opinion such things are just illustrations but not art

No. 501410

neetlita is our new resident cow in /ot/.

No. 501419

Who the fuck is neetlita

No. 501422

fucking knew it could only be neetlita kek

No. 501423

So sad I missed the lolcow awards because I would've voted NEETlita to be the poster of the year. She's just a gift that keeps on giving.

No. 501426

I know you do this to cope, but please anon, wash your hands when inside the bathroom. It's to protect yourself and everyone else.
You don't have to hear it, it's common sense. Think of all the shit you touch inside your house and when you go outside where you have limited control. People will be sick, carrying something/ not wipe their ass. The least you can do is wash your hands in certain spaces, not JUST because of pee/poop but to protect you from what you potentially brought inside the bathroom and what you might potentially bring out, even if you "didn't touch anything".
I also loved that it happened in Japan so alt-right spergs can't use it as propaganda kek
sounds like they need a tread, reminds me of the r/childfree sub but they're polar opposites lol
>If they control us, they control the future generations of humankind. That shit has nothing to do with penis-havers in dresses.
Holy shit anon, that is a really deep take, I love it.

No. 501434

You can enjoy ASMR without it being some weird sexual thing.
A lot of the stuff you see really is just bizarre softcore porn, but sometimes, I just want to fall asleep listening to a vacuum cleaner.

No. 501437

File: 1578240798800.png (112.2 KB, 275x240, 1531544713768.png)

getting fingered is a horrible sensation

No. 501444

Men hate women who wear makeup actually. You can wear makeup for yourself or other women

No. 501449

Honestly yes, too much fingernail no matter how short they are and too rigid and jabbing.

No. 501464

Don't fuck with cats is horrifying and should have never been made

No. 501466

Men love it when women wear "natural" makeup. Men are retarded about it. They just want you wearing enough that your attractiveness increases without wearing too much that they can tell you're wearing some. It's just part of the mental gymnastics they play.

No. 501469

File: 1578247694871.jpg (89.08 KB, 960x960, z6w2zwgqr6a21.jpg)

You reminded me of this picture.

No. 501484

I remember when the dipshit the movie is about was planning to kill his roommate he actually went around viral marketing the snuff video he was going to make on a board I lurked to try and build up hype for it asking if people had seen "this crazy new gore video" he hadn't even made yet. It is, or at least was, gratifying how he wanted to be famous so bad but almost no one had ever heard of him… until this documentary.

No. 501491

I hope WWIII actually comes soon and humanity wipes itself out very quickly after, probably via nuclear winter. I hope we all die and the earth can finally start to heal itself after we're gone. humanity is the worst thing to happen to the world in the past ~5 billion years.

No. 501499

How is this an unpopular opinion? The fact that it's cringy doesn't make it unpopular

No. 501504

anti trans radfems are actually good for this website because it discourages mtf to come here and roleplay as anime girls like on crystal cafe

No. 501505

My advice is to use vegetable soap bars or "pure" soap with no animal fats. It's much less drying. Or mix water with liquid handsoap at low concentration. I can use both of these options without too much drying and I wash my hands a lot of times each day and had a OCD handwashing phase as a kid.

No. 501506

I love the radfems on here.

No. 501508


It's weird you can tell the gender of someone by how they post, males are always ready to assume idiocy or other bad traits in others while making themselves look like fools or spouting nonsense at the same time. This person thinks sinks are in bathrooms for convenience and not to wash piss and poop away, great stuff. I hope you don't prepare food for anyone.

No. 501509

The earth wont heal dumbass. There are plastics, toxic dumb sites kept stable only by human monitoring, untreated toxins all over, and every other chemical released into the air. Once nuclear winter comes it wont become some snow white fairy tale in a few years. It'll be some asbestos coated hell world. As the other anon said you're opinion isn't unpopular either. it's the basic bitch edge lord 'fuck humaaaans'

No. 501512

ive been saying this for a while. this website wouldve long turned into crystal cafe 2.0 if it wasnt for the anti-troon politics

No. 501513

When I see someone who's been in an (cis) opposite sex relationship or marriage for five years+ posting about how gay/queer they are everywhere… Always the most average normie person with an average normie job doing it too

>mfw I want to be special

No. 501521

how? they just call people who don't like them a tranny or handmaidens anyway. and the GC threads brought trannies here to defend themselves. and besides there are clearly a lot on the site already.

No. 501528

very rarely do trannies wander in to defend themselves.

No. 501530


>very rarely do trannies wander in to defend themselves.

I hope that’s a joke, because that’s literally a full time job for the average tranny. That and gofuckme scamming.

No. 501532

I literally never see trannies coming here in hordes to defend themselves. The only people who might do so are the tumblrettes in cow threads who insist on using someone's speshul pronouns to be ~respectful uwu~ or try to claim someone being ~twansphobic uwu~ as milk but they fuck off immediately when people laugh at them because their psyche can't handle opposing views from outside of their hugbox.

No. 501533

Literally just the other day a tranny was posting pictures of mutilated dead women to GC/PP and telling us to “learn our place” and that’s not the first time it’s happened either. They even found their way on to XX

No. 501538

>implying it wasn't one of your basic baiting scrotes who have been raiding this forum for years but instead a tranny lured in by radfems and GCs
You must be new.

Lolcow has always been a "girlchan" and we've gotten men here posting gore and misogynistic takes for years, especially after null was butthurt over not receiving ownership and redirecting everyone banned from KF to Lolcow.

No. 501543

Either it was a tranny or a scrote larping as a tranny, lots of mew age misogyny, rape threats and terfs thrown in. I’ve seen scrotes do it sure, but trannies definitely do it a lot too and I’ve seen it a lot. And I’ve been on pp and gc threads for far too long.

No. 501552

There are several LARPers camping out in /meta/ trying to get admin to nuke 2X rn but ok. They are still SO bothered by a board that is hidden, made out of admin's desire to lower hostility at the behest of non-PP/GC users, and yet they actually accused her of pandering to certain politics (what is irony). Not unlike the troon agenda, first they want a containment thread, then they want banishment to another board, now they want to total suppression; it's never enough until women are silenced.

No. 501558

>Lolcow has always been a "girlchan"

how to spot a newfag in 5 seconds.

we had a male mod, openly male. he was shit, but the point isn't that men are or aren't shit, it's that you're wrong.

No. 501561

you mean a male admin? yes, and? he only took it up because it was an opportunistic thing for him. he didn't care about the site itself, he wasn't part of the community. the site has been primarily populated by women and has kept men out for many years now, to curb shitting up the site. he was nixed because he kept trying to get with female users or farmhands.

No. 501564

just ignore and report

No. 501565

1. Ian (or the "male admin") wasn't a mod, he was the admin. He didn't create Lolcow but took it off the original admin's hands to woo shoeonhead by giving her a honeypot to gather IPs who would post shit about her.
2. Even during Ian's time all mods were female and decided pretty much on everything regarding LC's operation. Maleposters were banned during that time to keep them from "male here"ing all the time. Ian had no interest in getting involved with the community.
3. The angry scrote baitposters started surfacing after null didn't acquire lolcow for himself and in a fit of rage started redirecting people to Lolcow and advertised it as a "female wizardchan" on his forums, practically egging all the incels to come bully the dumb cootie-filled girls.

I fucking swear this has to be explained at least once a month to someone pretending to be an oldfag after hearing the term "male admin" in some post two months ago.

No. 501567

File: 1578263969240.png (13.95 KB, 1223x138, delusional.PNG)

yes, i agree with your post, but you're not following what anon is really saying. she's saying rf/gc/whatever does not draw in more trannies, and she's right. there are few that come in to defend themselves. men (tranny or otherwise) lurk and try to shit up the site and always did. having rf or gc threads doesn't attract them any more than it did in the past, without the threads. i'd say there has been a decrease, if anything. there used to be a lot more brigading. also kek @ pic related in /meta/ literally copying your post but claiming the opposite. they're so sus.

No. 501595

I know I'm late to this, but I'm just finding out about Youtube COPPA and all that shit and I'm actually really glad it's happening and Youtube is going to be killed. I'm so sick of influencer and social media culture and this might not be the end of it, but it feels like the start. Fingers crossed!

No. 501600

Holy shit, good point.

sage for little contribution.

No. 501619

thank god there is a rational person here

No. 501666

key words: start to heal. no one said anything about it taking only a few years, that was you. Earth's been around for 5 billion years. Giving just 2% of that, so one hundred million years from now, yes, Earth should be able to start to recover.

No. 502089

that movie "the forgotten" was a decent movie and I thought the plot twist was alright. I don't get why all of these movie channels act like it was the worst movie ever made. I guess I have no taste.

No. 502094

Didn't Kiki end up posting gore on here too? But yeah you're right these raids are common and not because women are talking about trannys and pink pill ideology. It's been a thing for trolls to do on so many boards.

No. 502098

File: 1578446864484.jpg (537.72 KB, 800x1075, CaptainAmericaRobLiefeld.jpg)

Rob liefields art can look really wonky at points, but calling him a 'bad artist' is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. It would still take a few years to get to Rob's worst. I feel when people say 'x artist is bad' they imagine it takes no effort to draw their art, but it does take effort to get there. I'm not say Rob is amazing, but the way people criticize him they act like he has no talent when in fact he can draw semi decently. Same with some of those same face insta artists. They are trash, but it it would still take you 3 months to draw like the bottom barrel and a year to the cream of the crop.
In fact most bad artist aren't bad, but have something wrong with their art normies can understand. Pic related will catch more flack because it's obvious, but a portrait with every fetaures at slightly different angles wont because normies wont get it

No. 502101

Men are more expendable in war then women, you only need a fraction of the male population to repopulate your country population if all your soldiers perish. The same can not be said about women. That's why women are never gonna be drafted in a major war

No. 502111

I wouldn't say this is really an unpopular opinion, it's something that is constantly being said in the scientific community and by famous figures like JBP.

No. 502120

Acrylic / any fake nails are ugly as fuck. Not just on myself but they look hideous and gross to me on all people, doesn't matter the shape or size (who even gets short ones tho). They aren't even classy they are so ugly

No. 502128

I agree and speaking of unpopular opinions, this might not be one but I think short painted nails are much prettier than long fake nails.

No. 502467

Agree. Another thing I don't understand is that porn stars and trashy instathots always have long fake nails. It's like fake nails and sexy women go hand in hand. Short nails = not sexy.

But when you think about it, long nails aren't sexy at all. They're clumsy as hell. How are you supposed to finger a woman or give a man a hand job without stabbing someones intimate areas? What's sexy about that? It just seems incredibly clumsy.
IT WOULD BE "SEXIER" TO HAVE NO NAILS as nobody would get distracted by the thought of being impaled by a talon during sex, and no nails gives the impression nothing is off limits, these hands are ready.

Buuuuut society is never going to tell us we don't need these extra things because capitalism.

No. 502472

This has been so for thousands of years! Men go to war so woman can make sure to give birth and repopulate society so it can survive. Somewhere it turned into the weak female stereotype

No. 502481

I don't mind long nails but I find the presence of fake nails in porn bizarre considering men almost universally hate them. It's like, fake nails are such a specifically female thing that they can't resist using them to emphasize femininity regardless of how attractive they are considered.

No. 502489

I think it has to do with men having some sort of bimbo fetish. Women in porn just look very artificial and that's their "thing" that attracts men.

No. 502508

I read like two chapters of the book that the Netflix show YOU was based off of lol and it’s absolute drivel. the show was ok but kinda stupid but I’m amazed they took that dumpster fire of a book and made it into something entertaining

No. 502588

I really wish the posters on lc would come to terms accepting that all women get attacked from all sides so pitting ourselves against each other isn't gonne help.
So tired of seeing the big boob vs. small boob, tall vs. short, skinny v. fat debates about who had it the worst and who was the most victimized of all.
I'd bet my bank account women from every single demographic have been shat on. No one is "safe" or has it better. Sorry not sorry. It's a cruel world, but you can help out yourself and other women by choosing not to continue the narrative that we are only as worthy as we look.

No. 502592

File: 1578595070826.gif (868.67 KB, 400x300, 819184A5-E13E-4F92-B9F5-EE909A…)

Preach it sis

No. 502595

Pretty sure that a lot of the recent infighting related to the subjects you mentioned were intentional

No. 502602

What do you mean anon, like bait?
I dunno, I've seen it here for years and I don't think most trolls are that dedicated. Imo there's always a sliver of truth you can glean about a person even with what they shitpost about.

No. 502603

don't listen to tinfoils, anon.

No. 502615

it's really not that much of a tinfoil. anons post often in the confession thread that they purposely infight about body image and stuff for fun. sure, some of it is probably just genuine autism, but some people are just bored and want to watch the board burn.

No. 502686

I'm no modern art white knight, but a lot of 'modern art' criticism boils down to "why does this scribble get 1 million dollars while my obviously hard worked on anime scribble gets 10 retweets?". Modern are has a lot of flaws, but a lot of the crtisers are literally jealous artfags. Also you're delusional on a whole nother level if you can't understand why you're dime a dozen digital art piece has no worth compared to a white canvas that heavily influenced or was the reason for an entire movement. The whole "MODERN ART IS TAX EVASION" is also over exaggerated and used in bad faith because most of the people who state it would care less if it was for some chips they liked

No. 502712

File: 1578623463302.jpg (3.04 MB, 4608x3456, sam_0081.jpg)

explain this

No. 502720

you mean contemporary art? no, much of it is truly shit.

No. 502741

Diff anon but I’ll bite.

Abstract expressionism was meant as a expression of what art could be completely divorcing from serve the need of people to communicate or record history. Hence any the lack of any representation, just plains of color, splatters ect. It’s most significant function is that it marks the beginning of when art was completely freed from serving a functional purpose to society.

It has gained value both for the mythical status it has gained in terms of it’s origin of the iconoclast of the painter alone in his studio, creating human history, and because most abstract expressionists had tragic, unhappy lives.

No, it did not age well. Yes, most people agreed it is aesthetically unattractive (I would go as far as say ugly).

No. 502764

File: 1578644699610.jpg (65.27 KB, 735x600, modern-art-i-could-do-that-plu…)

nta but this is pretty and I would probably just make my own version and display that in my home instead of a cringey deviantart pic or whatever. Isn't expensive art just a matter of laundering or whatever? Like a way to exchange money for drugs or trafficked humans in a socially acceptable way? i have to clarify "not all art" obviously before some mongrel replies with it.

No. 502778


Low/no effort works shilled as "high art" are pretty much just vectors for the impossibly rich to shuffle money around. That's not to say there isn't abstract/conceptual/experimental art that has value purely outside an artificially inflated price tag, but this ain't it.

No. 502828

I only see art like this as a decent piece of home decor to tie a room together. I would prefer this over a generic picture of the Eiffel tower.

No. 502948

spenny is better than kenny. obviously the show is nothing without kenny, but people REALLY hate spenny for some reason

No. 502956

thanks for the heads up on the books anon. I'm really into the show and i feel like a disgusting degenerate brainlet for being into joe.
he's a classic bpd case but fuck i want him so badly. maybe because the actor portraying him is really hot?

No. 502961

ymmv, I fucking loved the book and want to reread it. It's a wild ride from start to finish.
Never found Joe attractive. Can't believe the actor can be considered hot.

I would say read 5 pages of the You novel and see if you enjoy it. I would skip the sequel tho as it's exhausting and unnecessary kek.

No. 503112

People who think Black Mirror is good seem easily entertained, and easily distracted by anything that has minor shock value.

No. 503239

File: 1578785793530.jpg (55.34 KB, 960x640, some ladies.jpg)

I hope this doesn't sound like a dog hate thing cause I actually do like (some)dogs, but dog claws creep me the fuck out and I wish they retracted in like cat claws. I hate the sound of dog claws on floors and they look so dirty. This is probably why my favorite dogs are fluffy cause you can't see their claws. I also wish bunny claws retracted.

No. 503240

Isn't that most consumer/media junkies? I think Americans' got it the worst with these amounts of people tho

No. 503253

I hate anime and I hate cats so much,ugly troublesome creatures
Anime is just so…generic
Everyone sounds alike and looks alike,everyone is robotic and expressionless,no nuance whatsoever
Female characters seem to be oversexualised even if they are underage too.

No. 503262

you didn't enjoy the first seasons?

No. 503269

I’m offended anon. It’s totally d33p you just don’t get it.

No. 503276

…they don't retract? What the fuck, i don't really like dogs so i never knew. How odd.

No. 503321

They're blunt and rounded, not like cat claws. You also need to trim them if the dog doesn't walk much otherwise they grow too long.

No. 503323

File: 1578809379688.jpg (43.16 KB, 640x640, 57dc4dbbcd0e0e3f0b7804d41d2e59…)

My unpopular lolcow opinion is that I think trans people are real and have a right to exist, and my unpopular real life opinion is that I also think there definitely are predatory men who have co opted the trans label (and many other minority labels) in order to shield themselves from criticism.

No. 503324

Thats not an unpopular opinion. Its literally illegal to use the wrong pronouns for someone in North America. And you can get doxxed online for saying anti trans shit. But I assume that you are the same anon bringing this stuff every few days to cause fights

No. 503325

That's why I said unpopular 'lolcow' opinion. The second part was the shit I can't put on Twitter even though Jessica Yaniv is a pedo.

No. 503326

Even on lolcow its not unpopular. Theres a lot of anons shitting on rad fems rn

No. 503328

Nobody is saying trans people aren't real and transwomen don't cease to exist if someones call them sir. Lmao this is why trannies and their supporters are such a joke.
>tfw someone called me "he" the other day and I literally evaporated into the atmosphere.

No. 503332

Do you read any threads here anon.

No. 503334

Do you? many people were trying to get rid of gc threads and 2X

Inb4 someone says go back to your thread

No. 503338

Only in Canada. America is way less tolerant of tranny shit in comparison to Canada.

No. 503340

so? i rather die than get cucked

No. 503341

I don't get their logic, I'm sick of political crap all over the Internet but isn't it good that they have their containment board? I'd rather know they are in their happy bubble and not shitting every thread.

No. 503348

jessica yaniv isn't even a real tranny tbh it's just a predatory man pretending to be a tranny for pity points, pathetic creep

No. 503351

I don't think it's bad that technology today isn't made to last, after all technology advances so quickly and gets so many new features that people will want and they'll buy a new gadget even before their current one breaks because they get bored with it. So it doesn't make sense to use expensive materials because they will be discarded anyway
Also I think putting plastic flowers and lanterns on graves is the worst thing ever. Dead people don't care about what you put on their grave and you're only polluting the earth for no reason at all but if you don't decorate your family's graves you're disrespectful. So many things we do that don't make sense just because it's part of our culture, I wish we could stop it all

No. 503355

Yeah they’re real, a real plague. Why can’t they just exist peacefully and not try to fucking me blackmail me into sucking their feelings’ dick.

No. 503362

Not trying to go all terve on you but how would you define "trans people are real and have a right to exist"? I definitely accept that some people believe they're meant to be the opposite gender and they shouldn't be gassed for it, but in the same sense that I accept that some underweight people believe they're obese landwhales who could use a few dozen rounds of lipo and starvation. What I don't believe is that they'd actually have a "boy brain in a girl's body" or vice versa because that is a biological impossibility, and I don't believe that mutilating an otherwise healthy body with surgeries and hormones is the right course of treatment. Just like I don't believe that starving and pumping the last ounces of fat from an underweight person's body is the correct way to ease their psychosis. Especially when there's so much evidence on transgenderism being heavily linked to sexual trauma, internalized homophobia, internalized misogyny, autism, personality disorders, OCD, eating disorders, depression and other factors.

No. 503384

Not many, just a very loud minority. Look at the poll results.

No. 503409

File: 1578853829296.jpg (109.73 KB, 1620x1080, xVgLtlb28TJE7h_lVH_tr2gkVsW_xV…)

We need to have a "post your own art thread"
To critique each other's art and telling each other valuable tips and advice to improve,leave the sperging to the artist salt thread instead

No. 503410

i want this thread

No. 503425

take a look at the redlines thread to see how that would go lol. anons here are too vicious, the amount of actual help anyone got would be overwhelmed by unnecessarily harsh critique or redlines/paintovers that aren't really improvements. plus if you post your art anywhere at all, it can tie you back to this site, which is your decision of a risk to take. personally i dont think id trust sadist chan the image board to give solid critique so much as one-upping scathing insults.

No. 503439

>the amount of actual help anyone got would be overwhelmed by unnecessarily harsh critique or redlines/paintovers that aren't really improvements.

imageboards sound too mean for you, anon wtf are you doing here?

No. 503450

But why would you want your artwork tied to lolcow

There used to be an artfag discord, but even there nobody posted their artwork save for a select few

No. 503456

Regardless of someone's moral compass, the concept of a "Real tranny" doesn't exist. When people refer to "real" or "Actual" trans people what they mean is the ideal mentally ill man or woman who actually passes after trillions of surgeries or minds their own business.
That, does not make ANY tranny's delusions real. It just makes them tolerable lol

No. 503457

let's go back to the art discord, I used to post on there and try to help…

No. 503463

Not only is there no such thing as a real tranny, the main goal of the TRA movement is to ensure self ID is infallible and can be neither questioned nor disputed without legal repercussions. When someone like Yaniv makes them look bad they will still pull a no true scotsman, but their usual stance completely contradicts that.

No. 503470

Just use /ic/ it's too easy to be traced back to you here

No. 503535

I honestly believe Euthanasia should be legal regardless of the situation as long as the person is completely sure they want to die and can, idk, somehow prove they have been set on it for more than 2 years or something. It sucks to admit it but some of us just really don't want to be here anymore, no matter how many psychiatrists we visit or how many people tell you it's worth to live feeling miserable 24/7 because hey, at least you're breathing. I feel like at this point it’s selfish to force people to live without taking their feelings into account. I’ve suffered from depression for a very long time and at this point I’m honestly really tired, would love to have a way to go without going through all the pain and shit because wanting to cease existing does not equal wanting to suffer. I know, shocking.

tldr; just let people decide when they want to die, frankly speaking it's a win/win situation, they get what they want and it's one less person contributing to the world's downfall

No. 503545

I actually wouldn’t mind reviving it. I was the original anon that started it up in the first place, would any other anons be interested in it again? But this time without all the art salt nitpicking, because honestly that got tiring really quickly once it wasn’t on anon

Just a genuine art space to share tips and art with each other, and since it’d be based on lolcow it should be, in theory, majority female so there won’t be retarded hentai and furries just clogging all the channels

No. 503569

Celebrities should stay the fuck off youtube and similar sites.
It's bad enough how regular influencers can trick you via lightening, filters, ps, but seeing actual topmodels flaunting and bragging about their inhumanly good looks… I don't care how "nice" they act, how "humble" you think they are, we all know their true intentions.

My baby sister is struggling really badly with eating lately and my parents always ask me beforehand whether they can allow her to sign up or to download certain apps such as tiktok, so that she won't be influenced badly or exposed to creeps etc, but it's not like I could tell her to no longer watch youtube. I never click on any videos of these bitches and yet I constantly get their videos recommended. It's no mircale that young girls seeing this feel absolutely shit about themselves.

I'm usually not a person who's super pc/woke whatever, but that just disgusts me. Girls get confronted with images and content like this every single day, no matter where they go it's literally everywhere, meanwhile boys can just grow up comfortably (just look at the millions of fat/ugly/greasy breadtubers, "comedians", reaction channels, and so on, nobody gives a fuck about how they look, simply because they're males…)

No. 503583

lolcow.farm is just a safespace for trannies that are too sensitive to post on kiwifarms

No. 503589

Feels more like the other way around, seeing how politically correct kf feels these days

No. 503592

Nikki Glaser is a good comedian

No. 503598

People keep saying that ending celibacy vows in the Catholic church will reduce the amount of child sexual abuse and pedophilia among the male priests. They think this will help pedophile priests because they'll be able to fuck adults.

This won't work. Pedophiles who'd go after children want nothing to do with a sexual dynamic with another adult. The problem isn't lack of sex. The actual problem is men being in control over little boys and girls in an organized institution that perpetuates a cycle of shame, secrecy, and "forgiveness" for the aggressor.

No. 503602

100% THIS.

No. 503613

This video is sort of disturbing but I can't exactly point out why. Maybe because they're making such a huge deal about food and the constant forced giggling how heehee funny it is that I'm like eating all this GARBAGE!!! when they're having fairly normal food and working out with a professional personal trainer for hours a day. Or maybe because it's trying to be this totally authentic improvised vlog when it's so obviously a professionally shot, scripted, edited high quality production. OR it might be how the other one acts like she eats ~soooo many fatty foods~ when in reality they only eat a few mouthfuls and ditch the rest.

Honestly the blonde one seemed terrified of food. That was probably what made the most uncomfortable.

No. 503616

Kek, people love trannies on kiwifarms, unless your a scrote trying to imply that any women on an image board is a troon.

No. 503623

Lol. Doesn't matter what they eat in a day, they'd look like that regardless. I hate when people with elite genetics try to scam others.

No. 503629

Why do these Reddit storytime videos almost always seem sexist? They always try to bait men into bragging about Stacy, ragging on ugly girls, talk about how men are victims, ask women baity questions they'll never ask men…why?

No. 503631

>Honestly the blonde one seemed terrified of food.
I saw somebody else trying to point that out as well, but of course you're not allowed to voice criticism…

True. For example, Adriana Lima gained a lot of weight, is nearly 40 and still looks like a goddess.
I always watch those Vogue get ready with me videos and usually the most gorgeous celebrites have shit skin care routines, while less fortunate ones put in tons of effort and still end up with pimples and wrinkles.

No. 503636

This isn't true lmfao. Sure, genetics play a role, but you can't maintain a toned body like that on too much food/and or shitty food. They have to eat well and excersise to maintain what they have.

No. 503641

This. KF is filled with chasers and trannies who love to blogpost about how they're true and honest troons and not FAKE ones like Yaniv or Chris-chan.

Genetics play a small role with metabolism and fat distribution but not to the point that they could actually eat five deep fried burger meals a day and still look like that. These models are just lying through their teeth, the videos never show them finishing a whole plate or even one third of what's in front of them. They literally just take a few bites and stop there.

One of those Victoria's secret models in the video had a video showcasing what she eats in a day and it was literally like 1200-1300 kcal at BEST and mostly consisting of fruits and seeds. That's healthy eating, but she's like 6 feet tall and works out each day with high intensity. One of my big pet peeves is these people acting like they eat SO much food when they're borderline starving themselves to look inhumanely skinny and fit on the catwalk. They should make it clear that they're only doing this diet because of their job, and it's not meant for people who aren't being professionally monitored by expert dieticians and personal trainers.

No. 503644

>meanwhile boys can just grow up comfortably (just look at the millions of fat/ugly/greasy breadtubers, "comedians", reaction channels, and so on, nobody gives a fuck about how they look, simply because they're males…)
Unpopular opinion here on LC but it's not that simple. Plenty of males end up roiding and doing dumb shit because of looks.

No. 503646

I’ve seen a bunch of these kinds of videos where the model in question clearly eats a highly restrictive diet of around 1200 calories, only things like salads and salmon, the sort of thing that especially combined with exercise would eventually starve people and drive them completely insane from the rigidity, lack of calories, lack of variety etc. But hundreds of delusional people in the comments are always saying “she eats so much more than I thought! She shows you don’t have to starve to look good! You can eat in ABUNDANCE and be a model!” It always struck me as so messed up and laughable in a sick way how wrong and deluded these responses are and how they play into the heavy pressure for girls and women to put all of their mental and physical effort every day into attempting to live up to these body ideals. Because it’s “actually so easy!”

No. 503651

Roids are much more extreme than diets. That stuff fucks up your body for life, you literally stop producing certain hormones and need to take medication until you die.

No. 503652

ok but what do you reckon is the avg % of men our age that have tried roids vs the avg % of women our age that have gone on a diet at least once? this is same as male rape statistics, ofc shit does happen but the incidence in women is overwhelming in comparison.

actually, even further more, what is the avg age a woman/girl will first go on a retarded ass diet vs the first time those same few males try roids? i think i first had the though that i was fat way back in kindergarten, am sure as shit no 5 year old boys i chillaxed with in the sand pit had a singular second's worth of "dam, must got to gym and get some protein powder, lasses only like ripped lads smh" thoughts

No. 503656

I honestly wish men had harsher standards pushed on them by women. the amount of ugly ass men cheating on gorgeous women is insane, or how entitled ugly men act in general towards women's bodies

No. 503658

kek, have you ever heard about anorexia or nutrient deficiencies lmao, that shit can also fuck you up for life. even if you don't end up dying, there are so many women that never escape the mind set.
>inb4 b-but men can develop anorexia too!!1

ideally, women would be allowed to be "ugly" aka how we are in our native state as actual primates that we are but revenge also sounds sweet, ngl.

No. 503659

This debate just makes me wonder why people from the 70s looked so thin effortlessly but these models got to do all this shit just to keep their skinny bodies. What's really going on lol

No. 503660

Anon I wish I could like or upvote your post, this is so painfully true.
I don't know any woman who at least at one point in her life didn't feel shit about her body or even took drastic measures against it. Men don't even realize how carefree they are allowed to grow up, they're so naive. The only thing boys need to go through is their voice changing and then later at 16 maybe shaving their facial hair. Meanwhile some girls start puberty before the age of 10 and immediately get confronted with so many social pressure on their body and appearance.
Some pefume add with a hot guy on it or David Beckham modeling underwear doesn't change the fact that 99% of the other men presented to you are considered to be worthy regardless of their looks, meanwhile girls only get sexy rolemodels to look up to. So naturally they feel pressured to be like the as well, no matter how unrealistic that is.
Guys going to the gym barely even started being a trend before men started pushing "dad bods" on us, so that they can continue getting away with looking fat and hairy - like they did since the beginning of times…

No. 503661

What people? The models in fashion catalogues? Gee I wonder.

No. 503662

>shit zoomers say

No. 503664

nta but this is soooo true…men can be however they want, and most of them don't even know and will never know how it feels to have each part of your body and face be compared against constantly changing, unachievable standards.
They will never face that pressure, never.
Just compare a women's magazine to a men's…

No. 503665

Honestly negging men into realizing they need to appreciate what they have would solve most of women's insecurities

No. 503670

And when you get a gorgeous man who actually appeals to women, he's immediately branded as gay and effeminate for looking after himself. This "B-but men suffer too!" bullshit needs to go.

No. 503675

File: 1578937496625.jpg (289.95 KB, 716x1075, onesheet.jpg)

Am I the only one that's not getting all the hype over this film?

Don't get me wrong, it's definitely a good movie; but I don't think it lives up to the praise it's receiving. I also find it weird that there doesn't seem to be any mixed opinions of it.

No. 503676

Why would you deduct from my statement that I'm talking about models compared to other models when I said "people,"and then models? look at your family's scrapbooks or pictures of normal ordinary people from the 70s and you'll see what im talking about
lmao no one on this imageboard is older than Gen X. also boomer and silent gen parents/grandparents say this shit all the tme…

No. 503677

File: 1578937892024.png (112.08 KB, 500x610, mikalawalker-yall-want-a-thick…)

Fast food and all the additives being added to our food nowadays, especially the unnecessary amount of sugar and sodium, overpopulation forcing people to move to suburb and rural areas where they have to drive everywhere, stress caused by economy, fast food being cheap and readily available and healthy food being somewhat expense and a lot of jobs make it hard to meal prep, on top of that Americans being coddled and given excuses for being fat along with thicc culture lying to young women and encouraging them to be obese. That's just America though

No. 503678

I really enjoyed the movie and i feel like the buzz around it is justified but there have been (imo) way better korean movies that deserved the same hype.
Some tinfoiling here but i feel like the whole criticism about lack of diversity in movie awards and the rise of kpop might have given the movie some kinda "advantage".

No. 503679

It was good movie, but it doesn't deserve so many Oscar nominations. + I'm sure they will only win one for Best Foreign Language Film, other nominations are simply for people to shut up.

No. 503681

>no one here is older than Gen X

kiki kannibal and Raven would like to have a word w/ u

No. 503683

>muh diversity
Here you have the answer. Everything korean gets asskissed lately.
And i'm not american but I still don't think that america should be obligated to give any awards to foreigners. Other countries have their own award shows too, so you should also be allowed to keep your own.

No. 503684

as a bitch from the eastern bloc, yeah, i guess the whole reduced food ability did make people thin, huh. if you want a serious answer then prolly lack of cheap hi-fat/sugar processed food wrt 1st world. pretty sure all everyone was eating back then across the globe were like tinned peas and mashed potatoes.

but on the flip side, the beauty standards were on the floor in comparison to what we have to face now. all the hot ladies of back then would be barely mediocre nowadays. and they were helped out so much with the low photo quality too. like how jarring was it to see zac efron play ted bundy lmao. would name some other examples but frankly idk much about anglo culture circa 70s.

No. 503686

File: 1578939793725.jpg (41.37 KB, 454x563, sharpe.jpg)

>all the hot ladies of back then would be barely mediocre nowadays.
lol this is not true especially seeing as a woman has to have at least 10 plastic surgery procedures, photoshop, and extremely done up makeup and hairstyles to be considered objectively beautiful by the masses nowadays. back in the day you either had it or you didn't. really demonstrate how 70s stars were less attractive than the ones now?

>like how jarring was it to see zac efron play ted bundy lmao. would name some other examples but frankly idk much about anglo culture circa 70s.

but no one was finding ted bundy the "ideal" back then. he was literally only larped as attractive because most serial killers / psychopaths were regarded as ugly as fuck back then and there's this generic attractiveness okay looking white guy being a serial killer. also fuck ted bundy.

also idk why people keep memeing like people had no standards in the 70s.

No. 503689

File: 1578940017543.jpg (56.34 KB, 576x538, Ronn-and-Peter.jpg)

i hate to spam this thread but here's my unpopular opinion to remain OT: i don't think people had low standards in the 1970s and i cant say other or else im racebaiting, whatever

like do people really think the dark hair guy is uglier than the old guys that are shoved in our face today wtf

No. 503692

I think flaws were more forgivable back then too, no one analyzed your face structure, claimed women who actually have jaws have man jaws, if hair was messy or makeup wasn't spot on or you had a blemish or wrinkle or two. Obsession with aesthetics and porn made people this way

No. 503693

and this is worse in north america (for western countries) imo. I mean not even in Paris did I see the extent of obsessiveness in aesthetics like I would see in a metropolitan U.S city in a trendy beautiful woman keeping her eyebrows perfectly done to this certain angle and style, and her hair/weave perfectly done, and her nails perfectly done, ect. While it was harsh on women in metropolitan France it seems intensely extra in the US. At least you just gotta be fit and have decent symmetry and even skin complexion there with good fashion sense but god damn there's like 10001 beauty standards for American girls (especially the non-white girls).

although I heard Eastern Europe was bad with this too but im not familiar with them.

No. 503701

File: 1578942569420.jpeg (128.16 KB, 1000x1512, 051A6F94-E983-455A-BD68-B112C3…)


I don’t think standards is even the point really. A lot of why that’s available now like photoshop, fillers, different surgeries on credit ect didn’t exist so you were either beautiful or not and if a beautiful woman had a weird nose tip no one cared as much. Our generation is retarded but I know a lot of people fighting back (men and woman) so I have hope. Pic is Raquel Welch 1972.

No. 503705

Eastern Europe is bad but for different reasons. People here are just envious, bitter busybodies in general. You can go out without makeup, that's not the point. You can be goth or a metalhead, that's not the point. When you do though, people will talk shit about you and make fun of you for any reason they find, appearance included, but it isn't reserved for women alone (though women are the easiest target).
>Barefaced? Wow, she looks like she just got out of bed.
>Sparse eyebrows? Wow she's so poor her parents can't even afford an eyebrow pencil (being poor here is seen as something super embarrassing).
>Like black? Ew, she must be a satanist.
>Dating a foreigner? Teehee, looks like no man from here wanted her so she had to go look for one from abroad.
>Guy greeting his sister at the front door? Who is it, must be his mistress.
>Guy has a good job? Rich daddy hired him.
>Getting married? Must be pregnant, she looks a bit chubby.
>Having a kid who looks mostly like you but not like your spouse? It must be the mailman's.
>Walking your dog? Dumb bitch should get married and walk with her child (actually heard this one irl). Etc etc.

American beauty standards are something else though, here women are supposed to look "feminine" but that's quite loosely defined and sometimes results in people looking downright trashy. Of course, I can only speak for my country, but even here American women are seen as plastic and "fake", ironically they have the same perception of us but for different reasons.

No. 503711

I'm Eastern European and I can confirm it's true. Also the people here love to stare without shame, it makes me very self conscious.

No. 503712


These street criticisms and staring is very similar to how it is here in England, so either people are judgemental twats everywhere, or Brits and Eastern Europeans have something in common.

It's crazy to me how Brits get offended by simply seeing another stranger in the street who isn't to their liking.

No. 503713

I'm English and people are nowhere near that bad where I'm from (East Mids)? Where are you from? I genuinely think most people here are too self-interested here to think that much about other people…

No. 503716

Lmao what are you talking about? The standards in europe are super lax (because we all run around looking like shit anyway). And sorry, but especially brits are not exactly known as beauty queens lol
America, russia and (east) asia are a billion times worse when it comes to beauty pressure, you can't compare us to them at all.

No. 503718

I think they mean by "barely mediocre" that "beauties" of even the 90s like Britney Spears are just "normal looking" now, because having good genes is not enough in 2020. You need giant blow up lips, butt and boobs, face fillers to get the right shape, and 20 layers of makeup and photoshop on top of that.

Before the last ten years, people were considered beautiful on light makeup and gene pool alone. It gets crazy when beautiful women (Mykie for example) now get veneers over already-perfect teeth. I saw another one on Youtube yesterday, video related. Every perfect feature needs to be more perfect

So I think they mean that past beauties are comparitively "mediocre" when compared to the robot/sex doll/tranny look of 2020. They are still beautiful but without the "work."

No. 503720

Referring not to beauty standards but simply street criticism. Brits get offended when they see someone who is attractive and make up all the same garbage stories about strangers like Eastern Europe anon described.

I've only ever lived in SE England though, it may be better elsewhere. It's kinda reverse beauty standards here in the sense if you differ by them by 1% you are considered a freak (wrong clothes, too tall, too pretty, wrong accent, wrong living arrangement, too happy, etc)

No. 503727

I've honest to god seen farmers call teeth like those on the left "yellow" and it always makes me shudder to think that someone has such absolutely impossible beauty standards. The ones on the right look like dentures.

No. 503731

File: 1578948528602.jpg (53.1 KB, 500x559, MILENA-Dravic.jpg)

Recently I saw photos of some local celebrity from the 1960s who was considered very beautiful. Then I compared them to photos of "ideal beauties" today and holy shit people don't even realise but their facial features look so exaggerated compared to women from before. Yesterday I saw a crappy movie from 2004 with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Isla Fisher, and they look like sort of plain Jane girls next door compared to the baby thot instamodel look of today even though people thought they were super hot back then. Even in the movie, they were clearly made up but they didn't CGI the shit out of their faces like they did with Emilia Clarke in GoT. There's a very certain uniform look people consider beautiful today and it's creeping me out. I once saw someone say that Saoirse Ronan "looks like a horse" because she doesn't have the huge pouty mouth, thick eyebrows and tiny Barbie nose as is the norm today. Say what you want about beauty standards but at least beauties back then were allowed to have skin and wrinkles.

No. 503732

Lol you fell for the meme. Plastic surgery was used way back when cinema began and photo retouching has existed since photography was invented. Do you link Rita Hayworth was born looking the way she did, or Marilyn Monroe? Even the guys got plastic surgery like Dean Martin. All of this « everyone was just so naturally gorgeous back in the day » use literally all the same techniques that are used today like makeup and good lighting, now we’re just more aware. Even the natural 70s were not natural, just ask Carrie Fischer when she was told to get skinnier or get fired from Star Wars. it’s the blind leading the blind in here

No. 503733

But that wasn't the point… It's widely known that Marilyn Monroe and a bunch of other people had surgery. But people were limited by the lack of technology and blinding, fake looking white teeth were not expected of average people like they are today.

No. 503734

File: 1578949683566.jpg (3.83 MB, 2210x3450, MV5BZDhkMjUyYjItYWVkYi00YTM5LW…)

Haven't seen this one yet, but on a related note I thought pic related, which was also recently released, was terrible. I decided to check it out because I kept seeing 4 and 5 star ratings everywhere online and after it finished I was extremely confused. I thought the whole thing was poorly done and Adam Sandler sucked at his role.

No. 503738

I feel like shit that I have been so conditioned by modern society that I can't look at a picture of a beautiful woman and not immediately nitpick her flaws. I know she's beautiful but I'm so use to people nitpicking that I have done it myself. Why can't beautiful women just be beautiful? Why are we so obsessed with the idea of a perfect human?

I've seen Farmers call blatantly perky boobs saggy, normal looking vaginas roast beef or "open wounds", claiming a woman has a bunch of STDs because of one razor bump, claim curvy women were shaped like a box, claim women who had good amounts of breast fat were flat chested and so on. Nothing is wrong with preferences but there's something wrong when it starts making people delusional about how human bodies are supposed to look

No. 503740

Well duh plastic surgery existed since cinema began and so did some restrictive beauty standards on women, but to say it's like now is a joke and a half.

No. 503741

lol I know a lot of people are delusional about what curves are now. back in the day you could have some nice sized hips and boobs to be considered curvy, now you need a perfectly pinched in waist, round wide set hips with a WHR below .65 to be considered "curvy". everything is becoming more extreme and exaggerated in what counts and its honestly exhausting and obnoxious. i never found the fake/robot trend particularly beautiful, attractive, or even sexually arousing so seeing this shit pushed down my throat is tiresome

No. 503744

the day GC and PP are just straight out banned bc the spergs can’t fucking control themselves is gonna be a really good day. imagine having a whole ass board to yourself and still needing to scream and cry in every thread just because some random subject is trans.

No. 503749

Sorry that nikkie didnt get as many asspats as you wanted.

No. 503750

i don’t care if anyone gets asspats, i care about retards shitting up threads

No. 503754

The lolcow survey results were wild to me. With all the bitching, I thought maybe 70% of the site was against gc and pp. Turns out it's only an entitled 30% who have probably been throwing tantrums constantly.

No. 503755

Stay mad and dialated tranny-kun(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 503757

stop talking about this shit on this thread ffs it's tiring

No. 503758

Am…am I the only one who doesn't believe Nikkietutorials is actually trans? But rather claiming so for woke points, and to explain how her overweight and plastic surgery facial features are making her look more masculine as she ages?
Where's the proof that anyone attempted to blackmail her with anything, it just sounds like a convenient scapegoat that she doesn't have to show receipts for.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad it backfired either way. Faking to be trans is on an equal level of pathetic as having hid it to reveal it only when it may be profitable.(>>>2x)

No. 503761

yes, you’re the only one, just because it comes with “””woke points”””” isn’t going to cancel out the insane amount of abuse her mentions are going to be filled with for the rest of eternity, why would anyone want to do that to themselves especially if they’re famous and already get hate bc they (were) known as “rich famous youtube makeup person”?? people already love to hate that, i can’t see why anyone would want to make it worse

No. 503764

Well good thing it is in unpopular opinions, whew.

No. 503792

>Fat insecure white girl
>Claiming to be trans in order to get away with having unattractive features, which are extremely bashed if you're a cis woman
Oh ffs. I don't know what's stupider her or people believing it. She's 25 right now and this video was made 10 years ago. Is this what 15 yr old transwomen in 2009/2010 look like? Before even giving children plastic surgery or allowing them to go on hormones was legal. I'm actually bewildered that people actually believe her, neverless the fact she is trying to get away with it

Can't blame her though. Transwomen get away with being extremely unattractive and get marked as being the most beautiful where as cis ladies are expected to look like Barbie's

No. 503793

Wouldn’t friends or family come out to say otherwise if she was lying? Would her fiancé keep up with the lie as welll? Most people wouldn’t.

No. 503795

You should consider what it means for some other celebrities if you don't believe she is trans. She's just the first passing transwoman to come out as trans when she didn't need to.

No. 503824

looks like i got my wish kek

No. 503837

I've been seeing morons crying that the cast of parasite should've gotten nominations too, and it's ~xenophobic and racist~ that they didn't. But since when do foreign actors get nominated in the oscars? Every country has their own awards shows, including korea. Plus the acting was average and nothing to write home about anyways

No. 503845

Yes it is, and admin is one of them.

No. 503847

Some actors from foreign language productions do get Academy Award nominations, like as recently as last year with Yalitza Aparicio for Roma.
It's more an exception than the rule. Watch them have fucking BTS present the Parasite best pic nomination in a stupid attempt to lure in viewers.

No. 503850

If we compare Roma with parasite- Roma was much better to me. I was happy to see them win (but of course they didn't get best picture; they still need to make sure not to upset Hollywood lol.) But as other anons have mentioned I don't know why they're the only country that's so vocal about being upset that the Grammies and such focus on American artists when all these shows have been pandering to Koreans more than to any other country. Korea has a bunch of music and movie awards themselves, it's just that they crave that American validation tbh.

No. 503859

So height and body type is determined by how many calories you eat? Come on, they'd be tall and slim either way. They could eat a lot more shit food and maintain what they have, maybe not AS thin but these types of people could never get obese or even very overweight. Also, they're not starving on such little calories. It's just the way they were born. Elite genetics and won the genetic lottery. I could eat exactly what they eat because I have incredible willpower and discipline but it would be SUFFERING. Extreme suffering. They're not suffering because they don't get as hungry. Some people are like that. I know so many fat ass lazy dumbasses use genetics as an excuse as to why they can't lose weight when they're simply eating in a surplus and they're absolute morons but genetics do play a part. You need to work with that you have.

No. 503860

>Wouldn’t friends or family come out to say otherwise if she was lying?
No. If that was the case half the internet's family would expose everyone's lies. Most family either don't know or don't care
>Would her fiancé keep up with the lie as welll? Most people wouldn’t.
Yes. If your only defense is "do you really think people would lie???" Then you got nothing, especially since there's blantant evidence saying otherwise

Which would be fine if she showed literally 0 trace or proof of being trans, in order for her to look like that at age 15 and be trans she would at the very least have to be on hormones, which in 2010 was illegal to put underage children on hormone therapy, by believing it you're just taking the bait and giving her the attention she wants

No. 503862

Star Wars is not sci-fi. It's not even sci-fantasy. It's just fantasy.

No. 503863

This. It's actually proven genetics do influence hunger appetite levels
>tfw have shit ass genes for hunger appetite and get hungry all the time but have good genes for endurance and exercise

What are the fucking odds..

No. 503864

Because it's Reddit.

No. 503867

>shit ass genes for hunger appetite and get hungry all the time but have good genes for endurance and exercise

probably get hungry all the time to balance out the athleticism, muscular body types require a lot more energy

No. 503875

eastern european bitch living in uk for the last 4 years, it is literally day and night. everyone in uk is so fucking slobby vs I felt like I had to put myself together to even pop down to the store back home. here women can walk around in thin leggings, their entire cellulite out and it's fine. like I am not even complaining, I find it very freeing and enjoy not stressing about how my hair looks for half an hour before going out to buy toilet paper you know? on the flip side, whenever I go home i feel like the slobbiest, manliest, fattest bitch alive because the average girl my age is very thin and put together. I am not even fat myself but being surrounded by bugger girls kinda soothes my self esteem and then going home just rips that band aid off kek.

No. 503877

>tfw literally never hungry but get winded easily and have shit endurance and posture
>tfw had a flabby belly since I was 5
Hello darkness my old friend

No. 503880

whereabouts in the uk are you, anon? in my experience brits in big cities like london or edinburgh are relatively fashion-forward and put-together (well, the women are, the men are slobs wherever you go). but once you get into the smaller cities and towns you start seeing less of that and more of the leggings and pyjamas.

nobody in the uk will be caught dead in crocs though. some things are just a step too far.

No. 503889

Scotland but not the big two. tbf I haven't seen crocs no. it's mostly like overly sheer leggings, nikes of some sort, unflattering thot top and insta make up. even at uni like maybe 1 woman out of 10 is like what I'd consider put together by back home standards. maybe like some office ladies into accounting acc dress up but like very few do unless it's a night out but that's a separate topic haha. anyways, it does make me feel less alert about my appearance 24/7 so am no complaining, if men can be slobtacular why can't women like.
also back home it doesn't make much difference whether you're from a city or middle of nowhere, if there is at least one other person present you will be judged out the ass.

No. 503897

>but once you get into the smaller cities and towns you start seeing less of that and more of the leggings and pyjamas
Agreeing with this. I live in a rural farming town and no one cares that much about what people look like. The weather here is so bad most of the time that worrying about hair and make up is pointless because it's going to get wrecked in the wind and rain anyway. Going back to my home town feels surreal because everyone seems to put so much effort into how they look and I just stand there looking like a dishevelled sloane ranger.

No. 503901

OT but i always thought carrie fisher was much older than 19 when doing the star wars trilogy. maybe its all the smoking/cocaine but everyone looked older back then, and honestly i prefer it to whatever babygirl ddlg look is becoming popular right now, because at least back then women looked like grown adults.

No. 503930

I can't get behind societies logic anymore
Young healthy women who look like women are considered boring or unattractive
But kids, men, and everything else that isn't a healthy woman that looks like a woman is attractive. The human race is doomed

No. 503932

File: 1579024413139.jpeg (95.52 KB, 640x379, 710CAE0B-3549-4CB3-A660-D03FD7…)

Probably not an unpopular opinion here, but why do ~kinky~ twitter bitches always shame other women for being vanilla or men for being vanilla? They’re always like “Ok Karen, Sorry I like to be choked uwu” like
A) why should anyone care? If you’re all about ~sexual liberation~ Then it’s your right, along with anyone else’s to not be shamed for their preferences
B)So? Sorry I don’t hate myself enough to let a man spit on me or slap the shit out of me while he humps me. What’s wrong with being a boring vanilla person? Does sex really matter THAT much?

Also I feel like half of these people aren’t even actually kinky, it’s just another trend going along with how normalfag locals are adapting lil peep insta witch goth and surface level weeaboo “sasuke is bae” kawaii aesthetics all of a sudden and thus acting like they like to be spit on and ~hentai is life~
It’s always really fat or gross plain pick mes who have to show just how kinky they are and never stfu about it on social media. They just don’t respect themselves enough and let dudes slap them while being a slampig

No. 503937

They tend to be libfems who screech about kinkshame but then gatekeep kinks. No doubt the women doing it feel inadequate from someplace inside that they feel compelled to sexually overcompensate.
It's pretty transparent imo, I just think it's absurd to fight over who makes the better meathole for a stranger's pleasure.

No. 503939

i know it's becoming more mainstream, but it annoys me when these girls act like hair-pulling and choking isn't kinky. sure, it's not "as kinky" as whips or hot wax may seem, but i was under the impression that pain turning you on is always a kink. this is coming from someone that does occasionally enjoy hair-pulling and choking. we don't need to be telling girls and young women that it's vanilla and boring to "only" be slapped around.

No. 503940

Because to them it's a competition to seem more edgy or unique and interesting, to other people they like it because they genuinely enjoy it

No. 503943

Reminder that people die of strangulation. "Choking" isn't harmless in any way.

No. 503944

i'm aware. did i say something to suggest otherwise?

No. 503951

I was just adding to your point. It's not only kinky it's dangerous.

No. 503960

oh okay lol

yeah, all bdsm-y things are physically damaging but choking is definitely the worst one to normalize. worst case scenario is it ends up being fatal

No. 503962

Choking also kills brain cells. There's no "safe" way to go about it.

No. 503976

I agree but most things we do kill brain cells and most men are porn sick and will stupidly try to imitate porn choking on inexperienced women but also shame women if they are experienced. Obviously no virgin girl is going to fuck like a porn star first time around despite male fantasies leaving men with a Madonna whore complex which does nothing but shit on women's self esteem and make them cry about how there's no model virgin girlfriend who fuck like porn stars and submit to them

No. 503996

File: 1579040379189.png (90.33 KB, 1315x410, 4677757676.PNG)

Somewhat relevant.
>[M]ass-produced entertainment aims, by its very nature, to appeal to vast audiences and therefore both the intellectual stimulation of high art and the basic release of low art.
this could explain the rise of 'Rick and morty is t-t-ttoaly deep

No. 503998

Star Wars is just bad.

I'm jelly, I think I have the opposite. I'm just destined to be skinny fat.

Hormones might have been illegal back then, I don't know, but I am 100% sure puberty blockers weren't. That looks reasonably similar to a boy that has grown out hair and hasn't gone through puberty imo.

No. 504005

The chances of someone taking puberty blockers at that age especially to Christian parents is zero to none, and her voice shows no sign of masculinity and she again has no proof. You'd think for such a rare circumstance she would have mentioned it sooner, hell just look at jazz

No. 504020

Even though conservatives hate 'special snowflakes' their argument 'not all men' or 'see a person not a statistic' is based off the idea. 'Not all men' is deeply rooted, to the point that removing it destroys the argument, in 'I'm different from the other percent of men'. If a stat comes up saying 70% of men are rapist and they state 'not me' or 'not all men' it's no different from bringing up being an introvert during conversations on talking.
Note I'm not using snowflake as sensitive, but as the delusion one is more different and 'special'.(>>>/peepee/)

No. 504021

wrong, no matter how much magic jedi stuff is in star wars, fantasy can't have robots and space ships.

No. 504058

I disagree. fantasy can have technology in it, otherwise harry potter wouldn't be fantasy. also in sci fi technological advances are supposed to take the forefront in the story, in star wars you could replace all of the space ships with boats and it wouldn't really change the story.

No. 504080

I honestly thought she was pretty typical for a Germanic woman, they tend to have harsher/masculine features

No. 504083

It's a space opera, but its popularization changing how people view science fiction has caused academics to basically accept it being called sci-fi and they often call true sci-fi "SF" in order to make the distinction now

No. 504084

IMO she's pretty because she knows how to present herself, she would be nowhere without proper styling

that being said, there are no traces of anything trans relating to her, especially considering if she was trans it would have to be some freak and rare incident of her being one of the first people on puberty blockers, even then that doesn't explain her voice

No. 504097

I'm pretty sure it was mentioned that she was on puberty blockers. She grew up in the country where the child transition model was first invented, so it checks out.

No. 504111

>while less fortunate ones put in tons of effort and still end up with pimples and wrinkles
damn, you didn't have to go after doja cat that hard

No. 504115

Can you link?

No. 504117

File: 1579065308352.gif (593.79 KB, 500x281, mood.gif)

nikki wouldn't pass if she wasn't fat

No. 504127

I think she's lying too.

No. 504140

She has masculine features don't get me wrong but you can still easily spot fat troons, most women don't look 100% feminine, and most troons at the very least have one picture as their biological gender, she has none and again it is very hard to believe that she can be trans this long, under very rare circumstances (being on hormone treatments in 2010 when she was 15) and then only bring it up now that people are fetishising trannies and worshipping them

No. 504143

I 3rd that I felt she's lying. Idk seems so fucking sus

No. 504145

I hate people like this, whether male or female. They do it because they have a chronic lack of sex appeal and zero sense of identity. also they have such a pussy idea of what slapping and choking is, if it where actually done to them they’d cry like a little bitch.

No. 504151

Cats are just superior pets in every way, even though I like them equally to dogs. They’re agile; you don’t have to worry about changing your environment too much cos they can easily get around anywhere.
They’re obsessively clean; don’t smell bad, never seem to fart, I’ve never had issues sharing a bed with a cat
They’re equal parts independent and affectionate; you can let them roam the house and garden more than a rabbit, they show you love like a dog but don’t cry every time you leave the room.
I seriously can’t understand why people go on and on about ~le ebul cats dun care about their owners hurr~ nobody ever says that about shitty little rodents who reek of piss and genuinely fear their owners unless they’re exceptionally good with animals.

No. 504152

Her ex boyfriend is dating a trans person now. I think it's safe to say Nikkie was part of his trans dating fetish.

No. 504155

I nearly throw my whole skincare routine out every time I see a flawless woman scrub her skin with ground coffee and sugar with lemon in one of those videos.
>and now~~ time for a nice TONER splashes face with hydrofluoric acid
life really isn't fucken fair

No. 504159

you nailed it. it's absolutely a trend, part of a particular aesthetic, and just general cool girl-ism. what sucks is that when i try to tell my faggoty dom-leaning cumbrained guy friends that this is bullshit, women don't just inherently like this because there's some feminine desire to be subjugated in the bedroom, that this is the result of pressure and is performative/trendy, they tell me i say that because i'm a robot and i don't let myself give into my naturalistic desires to be choked. then they point to these OBVIOUS cool girls and tell me i'm wrong, because look at this sea of sex and kink 'obsessed' cool girls! guys are so retarded they can't tell for shit what's performative or not.

No. 504161

Cats do fart though, especially when they're kittens. The smell isn't too strong and it doesn't last for more than a few seconds. Cat burps are worse.

No. 504162

She's definitely trans. I'm from the area she grew up in (Brabant in the Netherlands) and know people she's went to elementary school with. I've heard on multiple occasions she was(/is) a boy as a child, years before she came out. I've seen the rumors a few times on Dutch social media too and I'm honestly surprised they didn't find their way to the international community before.

Her body is a dead giveaway too. I believe she doesn't show her full body on camera too much so not everyone might be aware of this but she's 1.89 m and that's unusually huge even for a Dutch woman. Her frame is very broad too.

No. 504163

>never seem to fart

I love my cat but when he farts it is
S T I N K Y. He is 13 though, so maybe that contributes to it. I feed him well. He's just an idiot.

No. 504182

Maybe I’m just desensitised from being around large dogs that people treat like food disposal bins, but I’ve never noticed a cat smell bad or fart unless it’s bad breath or they’re just rly old. They also vom all over the house on a regular basis, so there’s that kek. I’d still choose a cat over anything.

No. 504240

I think The Witcher 3 is a little boring, honestly. It sounds like a dumb thing to complain about (perhaps it is), but it feels too long for me. The story drags out too much and I really don't enjoy the combat.

No. 504259

Parasite is a great film and Americans hate it because they are xenophobic.

No. 504262

I've seen nothing but praise from Americans for the movie.

No. 504275

based re-l poster with the truth.

What I find difficult to understand is that her boyfriend supposedly didn't know, or at least, the way she worded it made it seem like it wasn't something he was aware of the whole time (which I don't buy at all). My guess is she's trying to do him a favor and protect him from criticism from family and friends for being dating a tranny.

No. 504281

File: 1579121481481.jpg (55.79 KB, 521x340, 1492909268815.jpg)

I think 90% of women with Endometriosis milk the fuck out of it for attention. Like all "conditions" in the medical world, I believe some have very severe, chronic pain, but the vast majority milk the fuck out of it. How is it you can attend every con or public appearance you wanted to go to, but work or events you're not quite into you're always in "debilitating pain" and have to stay home? It's like Period 2.0. "Oh I can't go to my course today because my period is bad, so I'm going to lay here and watch Kdramas. Oh? You want to go to dinner? I'm feeling better!"

No. 504284

I know a girl who has endometriosis and she posted about it every day on social media for like 2 years straight “muh invisible illness” when she got diagnosed and now she doesn’t ever say anything about it and she posts long winded shit about her personal life and mental health constantly, so I kinda see where you’re coming from on this.

No. 504285

most women with endo have self or likely diag because to actually get the diag they have to an invasive endoscopy to check for the presence of cysts and uterine tissues.

No. 504286

I feel like in the instagram age this is 90% of anyone with any illness tbh. Everyone self diagnoses or attention whores. Sucks.

No. 504287

I'm sorry, who do you know is doing this? I knew tons of women with Endo or similar conditions who don't do that

No. 504289

I've seen some comments today on the TND threads that are so ville, I don't follow her, but damn…

No. 504305

Cis women tend to overdramatize situations, especially those related to their bodies. I imagine that they are trying to appear as weak and fragile victims who require attention.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 504307

yep. and the women i know with endo are ashamed of talking about it

No. 504341

File: 1579129507147.png (268.48 KB, 351x334, Screenshot_1.png)

>cis women

No. 504343

I don’t have endless but I used to have such painful periods that if I didn’t take like 8 extra strength Tylenol throughout the day I would have involuntary muscle spasms, it also gave me joint pain, depression and brain fog. So it def exists.

No. 504417

I think the Bernie bro thing is overblown honestly. I think hilary gang tried to blow it up to swing democratic women away from him cause his support of feminism is too airtight for there to be a direct attack

No. 504419

There's nothing feminist about a war hawk capitalist

No. 504420

This. Bernie Bros barely exist at all.

No. 504422

Friendship is vastly overrated if you're married (or have a life partner of equal seriousness). It is unnecessary drama and wasted energy/time on people who you objectively don't need. Especially if you have a dog and/or child as well.

No. 504424

Im very politically active and in all my years I have only ever known 2 bernie bros, and both of them told me they would vote for Warren if Bernie didn't get the nomination

No. 504429

Totally agree. When I was in highschool I had big drama with some close friends and it made me pretty depressed. My mom would always tell me that friendships aren't meant to be forever and when I met someone I wanted to be with I wouldn't care about having lots of friends. I thought she was nuts then but she was completely right. My husband is my best friend and I'd rather spend time with him than anyone else. Whenever I see people my age (late 20s) having meltdowns on social media because their friends left them out of some activity or vaguetweeting about it I just can't relate anymore.

No. 504430

whats's wrong with bernie though? He has the best track record

No. 504431

samefag but also agree, mainly cuz most friendships are vain and not that meaningful I think.

No. 504436

He's an "old white man" anon, some people really are just that stuck into idpol bullshit

No. 504437

Literally nothing, its sad how brainwashed the average person is that would only benefit from his policies. I mean there are anons here actually convinced they're part of the elite..

No. 504439

I've seen the worst whiplash with people who used to be pro Bernie use that excuse of him being an old white man be their main reason why they don't like him anymore. They would seethe at the sight of someone else supporting him. It's so weird because a few months before that they were the ones LOUDLY pushing for people to vote for him.

No. 504453

>never seem to fart
I have two cats and this is objectively wrong, one of them is pretty gassy.

No. 504457

i'm asian and grew up in a poor family but i didn't enjoy parasite at all. i don't understand any praise directed towards the movie and i found it to be extremely predictable and boring.

also, how were you even able to come across parasite hate? i haven't seen a single negative review of the movie, strangely.

No. 504461

TBH you just have shit friends. As an adult friends are useful for taking a break from your regular life with and someone else to rely on in a hard situation or emergency.

No. 504465

what country are you from (as in, nationality)? I was under the impression that it was criticizing the superficiality and inequality of hyper-capitalistic Korean culture, specifically. The same movie wouldn't really have been as effective if it was about, idk, Japanese people. I also grew up poor in a very capitalist country, but my country has been this way for decades. Koreans are expected to be self-reliant in a country that has developed incredibly rapidly, and only recently, and everyone who has any money aside from the occasional celebrity (them too, usually) inherited their money. In the US we at least have the "bootstrap" mentality – in Korea, you're poor because you were born to be.

idk lol I'm rambling and I haven't had a chance to rewatch the film since I saw it in theaters. Plus I'm not korean/asian, I could be way off the mark.

No. 504466

I disagree. I have more friends now that I'm married than I did when I was single. No matter how much you love your SO, you're going to benefit from outside support and being able to talk to others in a similar situation. If you're in a straight relationship it doesn't compare to the company of other women either. Six months ago I found out one of my close friend was being violently abused by her husband. We all got together to help her get away from him and raised enough between us so that she could put a deposit on a flat. I don't want to know what would have happened if she didn't have friends to be there when she needed them.

A criticism I've heard against him is that he's a champagne socialist and a hypocrite. I'm not American so I don't have a strong opinion on him either way.

No. 504472

True friendship doesn't require constant attention or going out every once in a while. As long as you have someone you can vent to every once in a while or knows about personal things regarding your spouse / family / work life, that's good enough to be a friend. I think the only expectations you need from a friend is just someone who can comfort you when they notice you're struggling.

No. 504516

File: 1579186641085.png (123.32 KB, 1380x490, Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 9.55…)

i hate people who willingly keep a pregnancy knowing that their kid is going to either die in utero or live a difficult life full of pain. the hartley hooligan thread was hard for me to ready because it made me that angry.

No. 504525

I have a high school bully on my Facebook and a couple years back she kept a pregnancy when the fetus was suffering from organ deformities. Doctors told her the baby would likely die if it survived to term. She didn't care. When she birthed the baby it suffered and died later that day.

She was on facebook screeching about choice and how it was her choice to have done what she did and how everyone needed to respect it. Same woman who looks down on anyone who had an abortion btw.
I only know this because she couldn't stop sperging on fb when it all went down. Still puts on a big show for pity every year on the anniversary of the baby's death. It's all about her ego.

No. 504565

Champagne socialist sounds like a dumb right wing term and you should feel dumb. Marxist socialists have historically been wealthier because who do you think has acccess to that level of education? Being somewhat wealthy doesn't take away from your politics though, its not like Bernie is a multi-millionaire or billionaire. Owning a small vacation CABIN doesn't put you in league with the types of people who hoard money in offshore accounts to avoid taxation. Even poor Russians had dachas lol.

No. 504569

Bernie isn't super rich or 1%. But his wife was a university president (who happened to run the college into the ground). They live way above the means of a normal American.

>Even poor Russians had dachas lol.

Sure Jan

No. 504583

>Champagne socialist sounds like a right wing term
KEK, it's not, but it really doesn't apply to him. He honestly lives more humble than most other politicians. Politicians are definitely in the upper class and most flaunt their wealth in some way no matter what side they're on. Bernie at least doesn't do that, he tries to relate to the low class majority. The most of him I've seen flexing his wealth is the three houses he owns, but I have no doubts they house other members of his family and he rarely ever steps foot in them. I haven't seen him wear designer shit or do particularly upper class things like other leftist politicians.

No. 504586

I don't know why but I really hate Anna Akana, I find her annoying to the point of being unwatchable. I don't think she's talented either.

No. 504588

How is calling me dumb a measured response to what I posted? Did you even fully read what I said? You asked what was wrong with Bernie so I told you some of what I had heard without expressing my own opinion because and I'm repeating myself here, I'm not American so my opinion on him is completely irrelevant.

No. 504594

Regarding the Russian thing, a lot of my family's friends do actually have dachas where they live during summer and they're definitely not rich lol
Being rich as a politician isn't bad when you actively campaign for the rights of lower classes lmao it's a dumb argument

No. 504609

thank you anon, my house looks like Bernie's vacation home and I can confirm I'm def not rich.

No. 504668

I hate this trend of people booking photoshoots all the time. It just makes your family and big events in your life feel so manufactured, majority of the time they're just done so you can post the photos on social media. What happened to the raw emotion? When I take photos, I take them for me to enjoy and to remember, not the people I barely know from my high school days to look at. Sure, I'll put them on some social media website my family has access to, but it's mainly for the archival purposes. I'll never dress myself or my family in matching outfits, pose out in the woods or cornfields, and make them hold signs with hashtags all over them.

No. 504672

drama is getting really boring. used to have fun reading it but now every time i read an update, I think "okay and?" it just means nothing. its never that groundbreaking. just whatever. can't believe anyome is invested in anything any more.

No. 504761

I feel like it's a combination of the few cows I follow growing out of their old ways and posting less, but also that I've grown out of the threads making fun of people for their looks or bad life situations. It's not actually fun to watch a mentally ill person spiral into ruin.
Maybe now that the internet has more established patterns of use, potential cows are more likely to just follow those paths instead of letting their weird creativity fly like they would have when the internet was a lawless frontier.

No. 504828

Comes with being in the community for so long. Like all things, what was once new and exciting to follow, refresh and comment on it feels like beating a dead horse. Also could be that I'm 31 and realize many of these lolcows are in their early 20s, which is the worst age period for anyone. Most people are not complete psychos like Kiki Kannibal. It's fun when someone is doing something intentionally malicious to another person, but most of the time now it's just one person saying their a victim, misunderstanding or misconstruing someone else's intentions and that person also feels like a victim.

I miss pure rage and spite. Everyone has to be felt sorry for these days. Not my fav.

No. 504870

that's not really true, we're seeing more rage than ever with onision. tbqh wrt sympathy, i dont think there's enough sympathy for taylor. she is a complete loser and a piece of shit, but i think she's severely stockholmed into being a complicit psycho that's borderline skinwalking as greg, on account of her retardation and abuse. a number of cows do have sad stories though and i think it's sensible to be understanding of those ones, assuming they're real. i don't see more sympathy as a bad thing or as a milk suppressant. there's still plenty of milk to go around. nick bates, onision, kiki, all terrible cows and i have no sympathy, and i don't think anyone does for them.

No. 504894

my unpopular opinion is that every new generation has a victim complex against the older previous generation

No. 505119

western fashion is depressing

No. 505131

true. i like watching tv shows from the 70s, and there is often an episode about angry edgy teenage or 20-something boomers screeching at silent/greatest generation people about the cold war and "messing up the planet" lmao

No. 505150

I don’t like The Office

No. 505154

agree. not only do I find it not funny, I feel like life is being sucked out of me when I watch it

No. 505163

not rly an unpopular opinion

No. 505174

nta but I have to disagree with you on that, everyone I've ever met has been obsessed with that show and rewatches it periodically, constantly quotes it and thinks it's the funniest shit of all time. it almost seems like it has a cult following even more so than friends

No. 505176

That's the weird part to me. I don't hate it and I can see why a lot of people would enjoy it. It's undemanding and predictable in a comfy way, the kind of show you watch to try and comfort yourself when you're stuck in bed with the flu, but also precisely NOT the kind of show I'd ever feel passionate and excited about. It's so safe and bland that it's weird to me that it's anyone's favorite show ever, but it is for a lot of people.

No. 505178

I have yet to hear anybody say that they hate the show. Personally, I agree with anon, although my opinion was formed only after watching snippets from the show. I personally find US humour really obnoxious and unbearable most of the times.

No. 505181

I've had to stop watching this YouTuber I thought was pretty funny at first, but she kept inserting clips of The Office and Simpsons into her review videos. Each video, the clips would just increase and be longer, like, what happened? I also know a girl who just goes through The Office phases every year or so, where everything she posts on social media has to reference the office, down to get profile pictures and Facebook cover photo.

No. 505187

sidenote but I hate it when youtubers rely on inserting clips and shit in their videos to be funny instead of actually trying to be funny themselves. it's only funny if you don't over do it, then it just becomes obnoxious

No. 505188

File: 1579399282386.png (866.75 KB, 1328x767, DF65F62C-F822-4791-9A85-61A938…)

Japan has made it become unlikable thanks to the flock of freak foreigners there

No. 505195

I’m almost disturbed at how accurate that chart is. Wow. Never really see the dude vloggers talked about on here.

No. 505198

>Eventually gives up and moves to Thailand
FUCK I laughed hard at that

No. 505249

Contour ages you, looks terrible and gives the impression your face is dirty. Especially nose contour. The only way it looks okay is if it was done by a pro and you have 10 bright af lights shining on your face. Aka you don't see the contour anymore.

No. 505259

Retail Karens are seriously the some of the most easiest people to please. You just side with them the whole time and put the blame their mistake on the corporate people while trying to sound 'relatable'. Our store manager has it down to a science. Its so funny how they all fall for it and still end up coming back Example: "Sorry your coupon isn't scanning. It may have to do with expiration, but I've heard that they'll treat you like royalty if you just email them. Happened to me at store X. I got double the coupons and blahblahblah"

The worst customers are teenagers who leave the dressing rooms trashed and dont put shit back after picking it up. Or groups of high school students who have nothing better to do on fridays nights but to try being 'funny' by moving shit around into different sections. Kids are another story, but our kids section also has a small toy/book area with stuff for sale that parents treat like a play area to send their kids off to while they shop.

No. 505267

At my work (fastfood place selling bougie vegan pitas and falafel, huge chain where I live) we have the teenage Karen, the mac daddy of Karens.

We didn't have that many actual Karens (thought that was mostly an American soccer mom thing), just grumpy grandmas who feel lonely but even then if you're extremely sweet to them they sort of loosen up and feel sorry for you.

The teenage Karens behave like teenagers (messy, sloppy, loud, often coming in groups), do massive bulk orders with lots of special snowflake shit (make mine gluten-free, can you make mine without tabbouleh I don't like it, I don't like this cheese use that cheese I know you don't have), and usually return meals over small things that wouldn't bother normal people (like one girl returned hers because her hummus was touching some sweet potato fries she ordered… go fuck yourself seriously).
Teenage Karens will also yell at you and act like entitled twats despite being half your age, ask to see the manager (who will tell her exactly the same thing and then maybe also tell her to please leave and try another restaurant if she's acting too high and mighty), one girl kept yelling "I want CHICKEN" at me because she thought I was foreign and didn't understand when I told her this is a vegan place and we don't sell chicken, but we do have x and y. Some of them also come to yell at us for being a vegan pita place, lmao.

I can also see that this behavior is encouraged moms who teach their daughters it's empowering to act like an obnoxious bully because it just means you're "confident" and "love yourself", since a lot of these girls share some very telling traits typical of that kind of upbringing.

No. 505271

>if you're extremely sweet to them they sort of loosen up and feel sorry for you

Could you give an example?
I feel like whenever I try to be sweet to Karens they see it as condescending and get even angrier

No. 505277

Fuck that type of teenager. My first 3 weeks at my first job I got one. Group of rich kids buying very specific drinks. They got a free drink because I 'messed up' their drink by not adding an extra ingredient. Even though their order did not include the added fee, so it was correct. Girl proceeded to backlash at me while handing it over. Demanding my name and my manager. Gave her a fake name plus we didn't have the manager in. Glad she never came back because I'm tired of the current kids-teen being total brats. Their parents never said no to demands so they think the whole world operates the same.

No. 505296

Seeing that nigel thread is depressing.
Farmers shit on their friends, their parents, their siblings, everybody, but manage to write paragraph upon paragraph of praise for their boyfriends. If we would be saying just half as many good things about other women or especially about ourselves…

No. 505297

File: 1579442745769.jpeg (1.08 MB, 950x1370, 24A74737-4706-47B2-A2DB-0900BD…)

Girls that say they like dadbods actually just know they can never get a fit guy

No. 505298

what the fuck is this midget looking motherfucker flexing? It's proof that if you're ugly even bodybuilding won't salvage you.

No. 505299

File: 1579443107523.jpg (183.36 KB, 900x900, eeettttttttt.jpg)

Why does he have red queen proportions

No. 505301

That's ugly, too, though. Otter mode is where it's at.

No. 505302

Patrician taste. Lean or death.

No. 505303

Some dadbods are gross, but so are fucking juiceheads who look like this. I can't imagine fucking a dude like this as much as a fatty dadbod.

No. 505304

>I miss pure rage and spite. Everyone has to be felt sorry for these days. Not my fav.
That's exactly the opposite of what I feel. Every cow acts so malicious, getting enraged by their cunty behaviour is just tiring. I truly miss someone like PT, yeah, she acted really silly, but in the end, I always rooted for her to get better.

No. 505313

he looks like he has anchrondroplasia. muscular guys are also incredibly easy to land btw. but yeah dadbod shit is obviously a cope/pickme shit.

otter mode is okay but overrated. true patrician taste is knowing males are only attractive if they get as near to auschwitz tier as possible while still remaining fairly healthy. they're too disproportionate to have muscle or fat. they begin to look very top-heavy and strange if not as skinny as possible.

No. 505317

This anon knows, skellies are the only ones who can be aesthetic.

That said, I have encountered "pear-shaped" guys and they can look hot at an average weight (to me). But only of they are also short, say under 5'5" or so. If they're tall they just look lumbering and weird, but if short it's cute.

Regardless, excessive muscle and excessive fat is gross on men.

No. 505320

Stupid, spoiled, lazy, hypersexual, useless, selfish people will and always should be looked down upon.

No. 505321

File: 1579450892671.jpg (79.74 KB, 763x543, 1560277952985.jpg)

Fit guys are overrated. Not all of them but a lot of them are preening assholes that think they're entitled to sex with women because they lift weights three times a week. I spent five years in a gym dealing with this bullshit.

No. 505324

Bodybuilding is hard work every day, and no one except those cringe meninists maybe is saying they're entitled to sex, fat weirdo. It's just that good looking people should be paired with good looking people.

P.S stop going to a ghetto gym, and certainly consider going to an all female gym..

No. 505328

as anon said >>505324 I don't know of any strongmen, bodybuilders, or powerlifters above the intermediate level who don't like women lifting. As a whole, I've found the competitive lifting community to be incredibly supportive of women who train seriously.

Whether this is due to the fact that these guys are already strong and know that women (unless enhanced) will be unlikely to match their 400lb+ squats and so aren't threatened by them is a possible explanation, but regardless the only time I ever hear "I don't like women who lift and get too big" it's coming from people who are mediocre lifters (if they lift at all)

No. 505331

File: 1579453561752.jpeg (118.93 KB, 933x703, 1570232220979.jpeg)

No. 505342

god I love that image

No. 505350

for some people, eating disorders are incurable. i pretty much have come to terms with the fact that i'm going to have to deal with this for the rest of my life.

No. 505355

just eat retard

No. 505380

What if anon has a binge eating disorder?

No. 505384

I agree with this

No. 505409

That's why I said not all of them. There are a lot of incels that start going to the gym. While some of them do it to improve themselves, they keep their warped attitude towards women. Some of them grow out of it, some don't.

No. 505413

File: 1579476379972.jpeg (2.7 KB, 72x169, images.jpeg)

Lord Farquad lookin ass

No. 505437

Hmm actually diggin this guy in a weird way. His hair and face reminds me of the 70s – too bad most girls find that style cheesy/gay looking these days

No. 505448

even simpler because it's avoiding doing something, not having to actively do it, just dont buy loads of food in the first place

No. 505539

Tattoos are fucking ugly and people always look better before plus they get worse as time moves on, it is a waste of money and a permanent damage to the skin, i just dont get them.

No. 505542

is it girlfriend reviews? because Ive noticed that too

No. 505544

agreed, he looks like a cute sk8r boy/ classic surfer boy but his body is way to muscular to actually pull it off. A more lean muscle build, like a swimmer/runner, would be better with his face.

No. 505549

you are being unnecessarily anatagonistic

No. 505551

U ugly

Sick buuuurn watcha gonna do now

No. 505583

I think depression is way too normalized by some parts of society. I've had depression before, and it sucks. But I also see people who refuse to take care of themselves and wonder why they feel like shit as a result. There's nothing that beats exercise, a proper diet, and getting enough sleep.

No. 505595

>people who refuse to take care of themselves
almost as if… they were… depressed…


>There's nothing that beats exercise, a proper diet, and getting enough sleep.

it's probably going to shock you but some of us can't afford a proper diet and we don't have enough time to exercise and sleep well. thanks for trying though.

No. 505607

So what, do you think you're going to feel better if online people validate you all the time?

I guess there are some people who can't afford to live a healthy lifestyle. But then there are people like Pixielocks who squander the resources they have.

Also a healthy diet isn't as expensive as people make it out to be. Again there are some people who can't afford it. But there are so many people who say that having a healthy diet is too expensive but are happy with blowing tons of money on takeout and alcohol.

No. 505609

Kind of hilarious when people respond with advice that’s proven to have a bigger effect than antidepressants and these people all circlejerk going “thanks I’m cured.” That shitty, sanctimonious, lazy attitude is exactly why they’re “depressed.”

No. 505612

Idk, is it really sanctimonious or lazy if it’s a sarcastic response to something basic they know and have likely heard a hundred times before?

The advice comes across like those ignorant antipsych yoga mums who just say ‘you need sunshine not chemicals’

No. 505613

My mom gave me the same advice when she found me drinking bleach at 12yo. Then she forgot about it

No. 505618

Not when a large majority of the time the response to that advice is excuses as to why they aren’t actively doing any of it…

No. 505622

You can't give a stranger a good advice without knowing their situation so it comes off as disingenuous. And if you want people to take you seriously, stop antagonizing them.

No. 505625

>excuses as to why they aren’t actively doing any of it
well the excuses can be valid so wdym

No. 505626

Don't even engage with those cunts, they lack any sense of empathy. From time to time such posts show up and it's always the same, them circlejerking about 'Why are people depressed? Why won't you just listen to what I tell you, silly thing? Why you so lazy? No surprise you're suicidal lol Sorry-not-sorry for hurting you feefees but these are FACTS' They get off on supposedly being in a better place than strangers on an anonymous board and then proceed to mock and belittle them if they try to defend themselves.

No. 505629

You just expect people to give you pats on the ass and affirm everything you say?

If you guys really hate life so much and can't stand living, then why don't you kill yourselves? It would make it better for yourself and better for everyone else. It's a win-win, clearly.

No. 505633

>if you won't thank me for my gracious advice and perform then JUST DIE ALREADY
I'm not even depressed right now but kek.

No. 505634

that's interesting because i kind of feel the opposite. depression in the US is treated like a mental illness and people who have it act like they're the only one in the room who's ever had it. I think most people have experienced it and it's a normal part of life, like the flu or a broken bone. The only thing that's not normal is if you have severe depression for literal years, but a few months to a year should be considered normal imo.

No. 505636

Nah I just think dealing with suicidal people can be really annoying.

No. 505637

>depression in the US is treated like a mental illness
because it is one. wtf is up with these retards today holy

i hope you're just samefagging bc this is getting sad

No. 505638

and actually let me correct that, i think even having depression for a few years isn't that abnormal, like being depressed all through high school or college. i don't think you should start treating it like some rare mental illness nobody understands until after the 5 year mark

No. 505642

>nah I just think dealing with suicidal people can be really annoying
Oh heavens I am not disagreeing, but just because someone annoys me doesn't mean I think they should die or that it's the right alternative for why they can't get caught up with life right now for whatever reason. Talk some sense, anon.

No. 505644

It's obviously a troll. Stop interacting with them ffs

No. 505645

It's not about suicidal people "deserving" to die. Nobody deserves to die (or live). They're always talking about how life is so terrible and don't like living. If that's the case, why not choose to kill yourself? They're never receptive when you tell them why life is worth living or why they shouldn't kill themselves anyways.

No. 505647

That's why it's a mental illness that needs treatment by professionals. If they were rational they would not be ill. Quite the big brain bait though.

No. 505649

then that would mean that most people either have or had a mental illness. i mean i guess that's true because most people have had a physical illness too.
i don't know why people believe there's an "average" person who has never had depression, never gets anxiety, never been suicidal, never had neurotic thought patterns etc. People like that exist, but they're the exception, not the rule. Just like extremely healthy people who never get sick aren't normal, they're exceptional. Maybe people just don't want to accept that suffering a lot is very common, they want to believe that "most people" don't suffer a lot. Obviously depressed people deserve empathy and treatment but I don't see the problem with it being normalized when it's normal.

No. 505651

Yawn. Stop interacting with the obvious males.

No. 505655

How the fuck is "NEETlita“ a cow? You guys sound like a bunch of jealous spergs(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 505658

She's jealous of a 15 year old though, why would we be jealous of a failure who's so low value she's still comparing herself to teenagers while in her 20s? Begone lita-stan.

No. 505661

When was she jealous of a teenager? Post a link

No. 505670

A lot of times it's a self-esteem issue. They don't try to get better because they don't feel like they deserve it. Depression will override logic.

No. 505673

Why are you trying to have a rational and respectful conversation with someone who said >>505649 and >>505638

No. 505675

lol i'm sorry. i know i was bitchy with my wording but i'm not trying to say that depression isn't a real problem or that it shouldn't be treated. i'm just saying that it's normal. how is it not. where are all these masses of people who have never had it?

No. 505677

>i don't think you should start treating it like some rare mental illness nobody understands until after the 5 year mark
lay off the cocaine

No. 505678

Isn't it really common to be depressed for even a few years during high school, right after high school, after a death, after trauma, during a divorce or other major life change, etc etc etc. Again, that's not me making light of it, I just think it's common.

No. 505681

I know you're a troll but on the offchance you are speaking from experience and have bouts of depression yourself and are trying to rationalize it – no it's not normal. People with normal brain chemistry don't get depressed that easily. Grief and depression are not the same things.

No. 505683

Ok I'm not a troll and I have had depression multiple times for a few years at a time. If it isn't normal then why does every other coworker, every other youtuber, every other celebrity, family member etc seem to have it? The idea of normal brain chemistry kind of seems like a scam to me at this point. It's an ideal to strive for, but not having it doesn't mean you should be pathologized.

No. 505686

Uber Drivers should be able to turn down rides with dogs, even service dogs.

No. 505691

Uber and Lyft should honestly have a pet/service animal warning feature. Some people have allergies and it would suck if the driver had one. Allergic reaction during the job? Could've been avoided if they were able to reject someone with an animal.

No. 505696

I can't get behind the concept of poledancing as an athletic sport. It's just the gamification of female objectification. Most of the moves are still extremely suggestive and geared towards a male gaze. And if it's truly about showing off feats like dexterity and core strengths, then why has the challenge not become more sophisticated beyond women gyrating themselves around a singular pole?
I just don't buy it. I still hate it even without people trying to give it a sport status.

No. 505724

It’s not shallow to not want to date people without a college degree.

Most people with a collage degree would not be a good fit for me. But definitely not most people without one either. Also personally I take learning and intellectual curiosity very seriously. I guess there are some auto didacts but most self proclaimed ones aren’t as informed as they think.

No. 505728

do you live in a country where it's affordable to get a degree?

No. 505729

No i don’t, because i live in the US. But whenever I went on a date with a guy without a college degree i found it hard to find things in common to talk about. If I have 20 guys willing to go on a date with me then why would I not want to narrow things down? I guess if I only wanted to date women then I couldn’t be so picky.

No. 505733

Ah I guess that makes sense. I never finished my degree (dropped out due to money issues) and I'd feel kind of intimidated dating a guy/girl with a degree kek. Partially because I'd feel stupid. I don't think your opinion is unpopular though tbh, in my experience women tend to get looked down on for dating someone below them in "status", education included. My friend's fiancee has a degree whereas he almost didn't finish high school and her family gives her a lot of shit for it.

No. 505766

Can I cut my wrists on your extreme edge to do it?

No. 505850

>why does every other coworker, every other youtuber, every other celebrity, family member etc seem to have it?
>seem to have it?

No. 505866


That's nice but what if they got a useless degree like art history lol.

Id rather date someone with a job and no debt than a college grad with a 50k tissue paper degree and no real plan to pay it off

No. 505874

Sure, if it was the exact same guy and one guy had a "useless" degree with debt and the other guy had no debt, I would date the latter. But why am I forced to date any guy? The vast majority of guys without degrees aren't a good fit. You really seem to completely overlooked why I said I preferred to date someone with a degree.

No. 505888

File: 1579635982144.png (509.22 KB, 713x824, Capture _2020-01-21-14-38-01.p…)

Virgin Artfag vs. Chad Tradesworker

No. 505901

korean movies suck

No. 505913

File: 1579639509458.jpg (129.63 KB, 1065x590, itssotruethough.jpg)

No. 505923

k dramas suck as well, koreaboos are way more annoying than weeaboos imo (but they're both irritating)

No. 505931

Every single one? I've seen a few decent ones. I like their horror movies a lot, but i dont watch a lot of korean movies. i just like horror overall.

No. 505933

Yuri is superior to Yaoi.

No. 505935

Same. I love their horror movies cause the majority of them don't include ghosts and shit to make it scary, it's just humans.
That being said, I don't think all of them are shit either but MOST of them are.
They have like 2-3 good directors, and all of their movies are already popular among movie fans.
I don't watch romance or other genres either….

No. 505937

Shoujo ai > Yuri > shonen ai > yaoi

No. 505948

Hard agree

No. 505958

Woman-made yuri is superior to literally everything. Drop some reccs anons.

No. 505991

I would call myself mostly an introvert but I hate other introverted people lmao . The majority of them are some of the most narcissistic, self obsessed egomaniacs you'll ever encounter. I'm extremely wary of people who keep bringing up the subject of how soooo introverted they are and how special that makes them and only talking about themselves being introverts. Sometimes even extroverts are less exhausting

No. 505992

I'm curious, what do you think of Parasite and the crazy unrelenting hype and praise it's gotten from nearly everyone? I think it was really good but i can't help but feel that it's being over exaggerated so people seem cool and cultured for liking a movie in a different language

No. 505993

And don't forget a lot of self proclaimed introverts aren't introverts at all. Like every single youtuber claims to be "an introvert" and have "anxiety" and be "an empath" but they go out in public and act like loud obnoxious assholes who lack self awareness.

I used to know a guy who wasnt that bad, but he did claim to be an introvert and post memes like "whew that was close, almost had to socialize today" but then he'd party and go to events multiple times a week and his pictures were all of him hanging out with people and he had like 400 friends.

No. 505995

Based. Someone should just make a masterlist of yuri written by women. Might be hard though since some scrotes use pen-names.

No. 506011

I guess, the bad side of being introverted is that they don't pay much attention to their surroundings, and it's gross but contradictory. Do people think introvert=shy?

No. 506012

not contradictory*

No. 506028


I think a lot of people conflate introversion with symptoms of social anxiety. I am and have always been an extrovert but I developed really bad social anxiety after extenuating life circumstances. I think it's similar for a lot of people. They don't genuinely enjoy quiet or being alone, but being around people is a stresser.

No. 506038

The opposite is common too. Someone might not necessarily be shy or anxious around others, but socializing still exhausts them.

No. 506074

I watched the movie and I liked it cause I'm tired of the same formulaic Hollywood-type movies but I never thought it would get the Palme d'or or all those oscar nominations tbh.
>people seem cool and cultured for liking a movie in a different language

I was shocked when my friends, who usually don't watch Korean movies at all, all knew about this movie and we're raving about it so I'd say there's definitely some truth in there but it's also just the sudden hype that's making people curious.

I'm sad that the handmaiden didn't get all that attention back in 2016, when I find it to be a far better movie than parasite.

A lot has changed since then, and Hollywood probably feels more pressured to include foreign movies with non-white casts, and generally be more diverse.
That's the feeling I got when a movie like get out got nominated AND won. Now, I don't wanna target these movies by poc only; I find most of the movies that get nominated to just be the product of white male mediocrity (joker, once upon a time…)but I can't help but think that there's some pandering going on.

No. 506098

Showers are better than baths but only when the shower is walk in and glass panelled.

I really hate taking showers with cloth curtains because it gets cold too easily and I always feel like someone's watching me, lol. So uncomfy!

No. 506099

File: 1579708314630.jpg (71.1 KB, 828x822, 20xrqv1yn7941.jpg)

Tumblr is funnier than reddit. Any top tumblr post is superior to any top reddit pun chain

No. 506113

Thigh gaps aren't attractive. I get that some people have them naturally but what I don't get is the people trying to obtain one through ridiculous means. I don't think they add any value to your appearance whatsoever and usually just look weird.

No. 506114

Hard agree. Tumblr just has more weirdos and all round more creative people, whilst reddit is mayonnaise and deep fried memes. Reddit humour is just regurgitating the same bullshit normie jokes over and over again.

No. 506118

No. 506122

It's not actually about the thigh gap. It's about being perceived as thin, which the gap signifies.
There's other checks as well.

No one normal cares about thigh gap.

No. 506145

I'm still hoping Venus manages to get her shit together and live a decent life and i think some of the anons in her thread sound straight up psychotic talking about what a wretched narc prostitute she is.

No. 506156

Same. I've been following her for a long time and just wish she could get the help she needs. I check out her thread occasionally and the anons shitting on her are just unnecessarily cruel. The amount of a-logging Venus attracts baffles me. I wonder how many anons in her thread are underaged and very angry pulltards with bad self-esteem.

No. 506157

I feel the same way, but I know saying it in the thread will get you bitched out for "whiteknighting".
I can't understand the hatred some people have for her at all.

No. 506169

I don't particularly care about the thigh gap, but having too fat thighs isn't really attractive to me either

just makes me think of thighs rubbing each other back and forth and sweating

No. 506180


Thigh gaps just come from having wide hips and being skinny.

I don't personally care about thigh gaps since I prefer slimmer hips over wide hips and think the slim-hipped, perky butt, and athletic body type is really sexy.

No. 506274

File: 1579753004249.jpg (516.44 KB, 1800x1800, ReiMari.full.2582989.jpg)

It's too male view oriented for me most of the time, I get why people would prefer it to yaoi but I vastly prefer Yaoi and het.

Some of the ships are adorable though.

No. 506275

File: 1579753153443.png (31.16 KB, 500x407, mpreg-since-no-one-seems-to-be…)

100% agree with this. Reddit humor is catered towards full grown men with the sense of humor of 8 year olds.

No. 506280

File: 1579755156503.png (177.12 KB, 540x552, SPEED_WEED.png)

Agree! the posts that were the funniest were always from tumblr imo. Especially older tumblr, before everyone was angry and crazy.

No. 506287

Good het>good yaoi>good yuri>bad yuri>bad het>bad yaoi

No. 506292

Reddit is one of the least funny places on the internet. The userbase are cringelord copycats who just repeat jokes they heard elsewhere. Any laugh you get out of it is reposted from some other website, that's literally how it functions as a website.

Tumblr being funny is probably an unpopular opinion on it's own, just because people hate tumblr. Which is not unwarranted but hey, when it's funny it's funny.

No. 506296

Same except switch good yuri and good het for me

No. 506304

weed is bad for you and should not be legalized anywhere. weed should definitely be considered a drug and not ~just an herb~ or whatever

No. 506310

in what way is it bad enough to justify keeping it illegal?

No. 506322

I agree that weed mostly isn't good, but I'd argue that alcohol is worse and how many people do you know that don't drink alcohol?
Weed at least has more benefits than alcohol.

No. 506326

yea ive always loved tumblr humour. its the only one that has actually made me laugh. and even the crazy/angry ppl could be unintentionally hilarious lol.

No. 506334

Most young activists are just bullies

No. 506338

100% agree

It seems like most of them have the mentality of 'shut up, don't dare disagree with my views and actions because it hurts my feelings'

No. 506343

It's never about the actual issues, they just want a sense of control. Narcissists love political activism, especially right now because it's trendy.

No. 506347

unintentional humour is the best

No. 506351

most reddit comments are on par with youtube comments these days.

No. 506356

Selfies are a little cringey and vain.
I get taking a couple pictures if you really like your outfit/hair, but constantly taking selfies seems pointless to me. They're repetitive, boring and good photos taken by others are always superior.

Semi-related, but cosplay also seems quite vain to me. It seems fun to do with other people or at cons etc, but if you're not making it yourself, isn't it just paying for compliments and attention?

No. 506399

okra is good

No. 506416

i take selfies to sort of show how i look to friends who live far away, i generally agree though.

No. 506423

people who call people pickmes, karens, handmaidens and anything else similar to that are cringy as hell. they are literally blaming other women for being ignorant and it's pathetic. they always act so bitter too, like they think if these women didn't exist the world would be some kind of utopia. someone enabling bad behavior doesn't mean they are the root of it, and shaming someone doesn't get them to agree with you…

No. 506425

Nah shame is the best tool. As if generations of women didn't get called prudes, feminazis, and dykes relentlessly by pickmes and handmaidens.

No. 506431

this is the exact kind of retard logic i was talking about. i get being upset, and i'm not talking about some turn the other cheek shit, but insulting someone for believing everything they were taught their entire lives and then telling them to agree with you is idiotic. plus, saying that it's okay because other people did it in the past, again, makes you sound stupid.

No. 506432

They're just labels for stereotypical behavior. If you're not acting like a stereotype you shouldn't be catching those admonishments. If you're finding you or someone you care about is getting called those things a lot…examine your behavior.

Trust me, I hated it when people said I pandered to men when I was acting like a pickme. The truth hurts so bad.

No. 506433

>insulting someone for believing everything they were taught their entire lives and then telling them to agree with you is idiotic.
Nta, but I think this only applies to the "moderate" level handmaidens, whose who say "but my dad/brother/male friends…", "men deal with just as much insecurities/injustice" etc.
But those extreme trad wives "a womens goal should be birthing her man children" "i love anal!" "females lie about rape and are literally more privileged than men" are beyond help. You are not taught this growing up in a 1st world country, they got that from the internet by themselves. So you also shouldn't have to be nice to them if they attack you.

No. 506445

>implying women can't think for themselves
Also why are we immune to brainwashing and they're not?

No. 506462

Nutella isn't good

No. 506469

Agreed, tastes no better than generic chocolate flavored spread. My enjoyment of it was 90% meme. Mascarpone and cocoa powder tho anonnnn.

No. 506471

File: 1579811915633.jpg (52.17 KB, 742x412, D_3Kp4rUwAAh0E4.jpg)

Everyone keeps talking about how Henry Cavill is a pedo for the way he looks at Freya Allan, but I feel like he loves her in a fatherly way. I don't see a predator, I just see someone who cares for her the way his character does.

No. 506474

But anon, it isn't just her. He has a history of dating underage girls before her.

No. 506500

Fattychans in the infinifat thread trying to say it's impossible to not be fat as a poorfag are just making excuses. Someone already pointed out only 5% of Americans work two jobs or more and no doubt they probably doesn't even work 2 jobs and are in denial they don't have any self control.
I'm a poorfag and it's quicker and more cost efficient to buy packaged non-junk foods, rice, and frozen vegetables, compared to one fucking meal at McDs or McDonalds which is usually around $4 each. If you say you're poor and you're out buying fast food for lunch every day because you "don't have enough time to make a meal at home", I hate to break it to you, but that's bullshit. If you can't even put deli ham in between two slices of bread, which literally takes one minute to do, you're just fucking lazy and making yourself "poor" because of it. If you can drive to a fast food place and wait for your food, which usually takes about 7 minutes to get in an out of the parking lot, you can make a fucking sandwich for lunch. You can make 7 different sandwiches if you wanted to and it'll still cost less than the fast food you ordered that'll last you for one meal.
Please, for the love of God, invest in a cheap 3 cup rice cooker.

No. 506504

I just went to that thread and it looked like only one anon saying that. Plus that they didn't even say that it was impossible, just difficult. Difficult because foods all have added sugar which has been proven to make food addictive. Also fast food places and processed food use psychological manipulation to get people to buy their food. Plus that education around nutrition in the US is bad, and there's a lot of lies about nutrition going around so a lot of people know processed foods are bad but they don't understand how bad. Plus that if you don't know how to cook it is much cheaper to just buy something processed instead of spending money on fresh produce and meat that you have to experiment with and just end up ruining anyway.

No. 506506

You all shouldn't be derailing the thread with speculations anyway. "Infinifats" aren't 300+ pounds because they work two jobs but had a little oopsie by ordering too much at McDonald's a couple times a week because of stress.

These are chronically sick people who have caused a problem with their metabolisms. Literal brain chem imbalances from the associations of food with reward, malnutrition, and an aversion to exercise due to the physical pain of trying to move their enormous bodies without injury. And who knows what their gut biome is like. None of them are likely to make permanent changes and keep the weight off without professional intervention.

It's grasping at straws to act like it's a food choice problem and they'd get thin if they would only choose to eat cheaper rice. Btw fat people love rice. Amberlynn Reid loves that stuff and she's 600 pounds.

No. 506521

File: 1579821378272.jpg (196.4 KB, 800x1193, 3455.jpg)

>it's impossible to not be fat as a poorfag are just making excuses
What about food deserts? Low income areas, who often lack cars, live in places were only gas stations, fast food, and other bottom of the barrel food places exist. In order to get to some place that sells produce or anything healthy (in your example the ingredients for a bologna sandwich) is a 1 hour drive (if you have a car), torture if you have to walk, and very time demanding if you can only take a bus that comes in ever X hours. if you live in a situation like that it's a lot easier to go to Mcdonalds

No. 506522

I like rice crackers.

No. 506523

The obesity epidemic is an epidemic for a reason. For fuck sakes. It should be treated as a mental illness on par with anorexia at this point.

No. 506524

god if america just controlled the shit that gets put in its foods, the food desert problem, and lack of walkable areas im sure the obesity rate will reduce itself by 10%. But since America is all about mega capitalism it doesn't give a fuck about the health of its citizens nor tries to.

No. 506527

True but some of them are just narcs who don't care that they're fat because the pleasure of eating is more important to their health. Some of them like Fatgirlflow I feel kinda bad for but others like Tess and Danielle McAllister I just hate.

No. 506529

This. Yes, there's an obesity epidemic in the US - the epidemic didn't happen because Americans randomly decided to eat more and exercise less one day. The epidemic is almost entirely the fault of the way our city infrastructure is designed (many Europeans don't realize that basically all Americans need a car as little to no places here are pedestrianized), our privatized healthcare system, and our government's piss-poor regulation of food production (affected by the low corporation tax.)

Hearing people from the UK, especially, regard the US as being "so fat" is funny, considering they have pedestrianized cities and public healthcare yet have a higher percentage of overweight and obese people making up the population than the US does. In 2017 63.8% of adults in England qualified as overweight or obese, while in 2016 only 39.6% percent of adults in the US qualified as either.

No. 506535

I get this argument, but blogpost my family immigrated to the us from Ukraine and we were lower middle class throughout my childhood. My grandma shopped mainly at c-town (a lower income chain grocery) but she only bought things she recognized as food like fruit juice, carrots, chicken, buckwheat grains ect so we actually ate really healthy, actually one of the things they brought when they immigrated was a set of plates so the portion sizes were normal too. It’s possible to be healthy in a lower income environment without the stranglehold of advertisers constantly trying to sell you soda and fast food and until the government actually holds corporations responsible for this the way they did with tobacco companies instead of giving in to screeching “consumer rights advocates” (lobbyists) nothing will fucking change. It makes so depressed to see people who’s idea of food is so warped they can’t imagine eating something that isnt synthetically altered in some way and perceive normal whole foods as “anorexia”.

No. 506538

There are a lot of problems and I think a big one is that people are just super uneducated about portion sizes or what foods they should be eating.

Also I’ll probably get shit on for this but I work in a food desert-esque area and it’s ALWAYS the people on food stamps that buy tons of garbage. I rarely see anyone try to buy healthy items with their cards, it’s always Monster energy drinks and expensive premade frozen meals. So it makes me feel like they just buy this stuff because they can get it for free - as a teenager I never bought anything like they did because I would have felt like I was wasting my money. It’s crazy seeing so many morbidly obese teenagers and people with type-2 diabetes buying candy and liters of soda

No. 506546

i find him so unattractive. he looks like gaston. hideous.

No. 506551

Yeah it's pretty gross.

No. 506553

Is this unpopular? Those little round rice crackers are one of my favourite things to eat.

No. 506556

Food desert isn't a term in the UK but there are places that are similar. On large council estates there's nothing but housing and maybe a small corner shop that mainly sells junk food with a small selection of fresh food at massively inflated prices. Internet shopping and big out of town retail parks have killed some of our high streets. Many towns no longer have a butchers or a green grocer like they used to.

No. 506559

I thought it was, lol.
I remember people being annoyed "they don't have flavor" or something.

No. 506570

In regards to obese people in the UK, whilst there are a lot of obese people, you see far less death fats zooming around on mobility scooters in the UK than in the US. It doesn't help the British cuisine has a lot of shit like potatoes, gravy, chips ect and many mothers adamantly defend giving their children chicken nugget dinners out of pure laziness.

No. 506580

Are groceries really that expensive in the UK? I lived in Ireland last semester and produce was surprisingly cheap. Even if I got stuff from my local convenience store the prices weren’t so bad. I didn’t live in Dublin though. When I went to Belfast things seemed more expensive but that seemed like an exchange rate thing.

Food deserts are a problem in America. But life sucks if you don’t have a car. I also can’t see how if you’re poor you can constantly afford to eat junk food. I guess some people are addicted and can’t help themselves .

No. 506594

"Karen" refers to women who treat retail/food/service workers in a dehumanizing manner, which is more a problem of entitlement and a lack of empathy than it is an issue of ignorance.

No. 506613

That's what it's meant to be, in reality people use it to shit on any middle aged white woman who dares exist. Half the time the joke is that they aren't hot and young, that's it.

However I disagree with anon about calling women pickmes and handmaids. That is a legitimately behaviour based insult because there's no specific appearance related stereotypes associated with it, just the things they say and do.

No. 506633

then keep calling people that, just don't expect feminazi to disappear anytime soon.

No. 506635

Twitter is full of literal feminazi's, women who call themselves feminists and also have nazi views. It's literal cancer.

No. 506636

This is manipulative as hell. Maybe accept the reality that their actions are harmful.

No. 506637

Oh no, god forbid I be called a feminazi. What's next, spinster? Roastie? Better start adjusting my attitude so it's more appealing to people who hate women.

No. 506644

Feminazi is an oxymoron, only stupid idiots that know nothing about either nazis or feminists use the word “feminazi”.

No. 506648

Never going to happen, people just love shitting on fatties way too much, while pitying anachans.

>you see far less death fats zooming around on mobility scooters in the UK than in the US
Not just in the UK, in entire europe. Most men here have beer guts which means they classify as overweight but they still lead normal lifes and live til old age, meanwhile I've never even seen a mobility scooter and the number of times I've met a person who might be considered deathfat was around 5.

No. 506651

Fats literally just need to eat less. You could eat garbage for every meal your entire life and barely move at all and you wouldn't be fat if you weren't snacking constantly like all fat people do but lie about. Look how many skinny ass NEETs there are that survive only on pizza and tendies while sitting at a PC all day long. It's just beacuse they're not stress-eating perpetually.

No. 506653

Smash is incredibly overrated and such a boring game. I don't mind people who like to play it casually as a fun couch co-op game with friends but the people who are obsessed with it are autistic as fuck. I honestly was happy to see Byleth announced for Smash because the neckbeards chimping out over NOT ANOTHER BLUE HAIRED SWORD ANIME CHARACTER WAHHHH was kinda hilarious. It's like watching a retarded child throw a hissy fit over getting the wrong toy in their happy meal but with grown ass men.

No. 506660

Yeah and skellies literally can just stop taking selfies and use that time to eat the stuff their mommy made for them. Look at how other girls simply eat and don't starve to death, life is so easy, problems solved by the two of us lol

No. 506661

Being overweight is the norm while anorexia is a rare mental condition where your perception of reality is distorted. Eating is also going out of your way to do something so is understandably hard if you're mentally distressed about it. Not eating is the absence of taking action, just don't buy junk food to snack on and you can't be fat.

No. 506662

Eating is not going out of your way to do something, together with sleeping and drinking it's literally in the top 3 of all living being's activites, it's natural and necessary.

No. 506680

>Look how many skinny ass NEETs there are that survive only on pizza and tendies while sitting at a PC all day long.

And when those people develop heart disease and diabetes in their 50s from eating processed food and sitting on their ass all day, then they'll be salty that they're in the same boat as the fats regardless.

No. 506681

Gatekeeping isn't always wrong.

No. 506682

Anachans are also pathetic but at least have to do an action to improve while fatties could just do nothing instead of the activity of eating to improve.
Obviously they'll also have health problems… but not to the extent of fatties, which is why being fat is extra pathetic since you could actually become more healthy by becoming more lazy.

No. 506683

Your body still needs to eat, so no. They have to learn how to make more nutritious food choices while also practicing moderation. Requires work and conscious effort especially when someone isn't used to doing either.
Laziness is how people get unhealthy, don't encourage it for fatties or NEETs.

No. 506684

>yeah just eat less bro!
if you're consistently overweight or obese then it's a mental illness often comorbid with other fucked up problems
I dont know why its so hard to get it through your thick skulls it's a warped up perception of reality and a fucked up response to insulin/hunger hormones + mental illness like any other eating disorder is

No. 506685

A lot of people are overweight/obese despite consistently working out because their hunger hormones are still telling them to overeat, a lot of anachans don't work out or only have energy to do light physical activity while severely restricting and losing muscle mass, while the other one is too fat for it to show a lot. It's a catch 22.

No. 506695

While everyone seems to laugh and enjoy her squeamish content. Am I the only one who just finds Ssoyoung ASMR gross af? It isn't even what she eats. Just the way she goes around eating live creatures and makes a joke about it. If she wasn't Korean and if Korea wasn't a thing right now because of KPOP she would get slammed.

No. 506704

Fat people aren't under the delusion that they are actually underweight and need to gain some so eat more. They're usually accutely aware they are too fat, but come up with excuses as to how it's not them stuffing their face 24/7 at fault. Like muh hormones and muh food desert. When in reality you can just not eat as much and there's no circumstance on earth short of being force fed in prison where this won't make you lose weight.

No. 506709

It's not necessary in excess.

No. 506713

Actually that anon is right and you didnt understand what they meant and replied with something totally different.

Its called binge eating disorder, google it.

Ofc not all fatties have binge eating disorder but quite a few of them do and need help instead of criticism.

No. 506714

>they come up with excuses as to how it's not them stuffing their face 24/7 at fault. Like muh hormones and muh food desert.
Why are people like you always acting like haes on twitter/tumblr represent the entire world? Your average obese person is extremely self conscious if not depressed because of their body.
And people like you are only making it worse. They feel like shit because their life is shit as a result of their body and comments or generalisations like that only serve to make them feel even more awful and then they try to fix that pain by eating even more. You obviously hate fat people, why are thinking and talking so much about them? What does it concern you? Your opinion won't change anything. Discussing and arguing about strangers bodies (unless their cows) is just weird af and a waste of time.
Fatties = bad & lazy is also absolutely not an unpopular opinion on lc (or in general), so this shouldn't get brought up again and again.

No. 506725

i agree. she always acts like she's getting held at gunpoint to eat those things too and screams whenever they start moving or flinching even though the food is already raw and has nerves so of course it's going to move. she probably thinks it's funny but it's just plain annoying.

No. 506727

The reason a lot of fat people fail at losing weight is that normal people are delighted to shit on them, but terrified to tell them the truth. It's not PC, but the only surefire method of weight loss is dramatic (sometimes extreme) caloric restriction for the rest of their lives. Everything else is purely secondary, sometimes even irrelevant.
If you bother asking most people how it's done, they'll just virtue signal with stock "healthy" advice like "Exercise, lift and eat vegetables", even though exercising as a fatty kills your motivation far faster than restriction (and also won't do shit besides give you muscle underneath fat if you don't cut calories), and many fat people will just interpret "Eat vegetables" as "Eat vegetables [along with the other shit you've been eating]", partly because these same "advice givers" have knee-jerk reactions to the act of simply not eating and start screeching about anorexia and starvation mode.
It's fucked up, but basically only anachans running loose will bother being brutally honest.
Also, the hatred for fat women stems primarily from the hatred of ugly women. There's no deep, empathetic, health-conscious reason for it, unless you're talking to a doctor. It's just disgust, and that's it.

No. 506728

How do I balance severe caloric restriction and high intensity exercise? I know it's possible but it seems fucking hard to me to pull off?

No. 506731

Depending on your idea of “severe” calorie restriction I don’t think it would be good to do them simultaneously. It’d be hell for an overweight person, considering they probably have a stretched stomach that holds more food. Combine that with the hunger you get from intense exercise and it probably wouldn’t end well.

No. 506734

Basically what >>506731 said. It'll fucking suck. The only way around it is to essentially put yourself in a mental state where you don't register the pain and exhaustion anymore, but that's a struggle in itself.
IMO, it's far easier to just go with the caloric restriction with more relaxed, low intensity exercise, and only go for high intensity before and after the rare occasions you want to eat more than usual.

No. 506735

Why do you think you need high intensity exercise?

No. 506740

I saw a video of a guy who had lost a lot of weight just by going on a vegan diet but he also didn't exercise at all.

No. 506745

Tiktok has good taste in music, tbh.
It's a shame that the songs then become associated with dumb kids and narcissists.

No. 506748

welp nevermind then lol


honestly ngl, I find it very fun. It's an exhilarating and powerful feeling. I really like the lean and athletic dancer look especially the stuff you see in the 1980s or 1990s and I don't know how to get that body type tbh

No. 506759

Harder rice tastes better than soft, fluffy rice

No. 506767

why even cook rice anon.

No. 506772

File: 1579902018986.jpeg (313.64 KB, 828x1238, B8F6DCE4-32E3-477B-A83C-4461EC…)

Not sure how unpopular this is, but putting yourself in the thumbnail whilst talking about true crime and very serious, upsetting events seems so tacky and vain to me.

I get the actual video itself just being someone talking to the camera and putting evidence up when needed, but the thumbnails just look… meme-ish?
Her videos usually seem well informed but gosh I hate when true crime youtubers do this. I hate when the comments are complimenting the youtuber's appearance too, I just think there's a time and place.
If a video's topic is talking about something very serious like the murder of a child and you decide to comment 'omg you look SO pretty' 'that makeup look is sooo nice' or whatever, you're priorities are wack.

No. 506773

File: 1579902199145.jpeg (506.3 KB, 828x1150, 5B067B74-AD76-4058-9B4C-763FD2…)

Samefag, but another example of this.
Am I overreacting or is this as weird as I think it is?

No. 506774

I agree. Unless they're beauty gurus who talk about true crime while doing their makeup or those Youtubers who don't know how to make custom thumbnails, I rather not bother with channels where you know it's going to just be a person staring into your soul while talking about some poor victim being strangled and murdered. I rather just those channels who don't even bother with uploading themselves and just post a slideshow with a voiceover.

No. 506775

>Unless they're beauty gurus who talk about true crime while doing their makeup

Are you talking about Bailey Sarian?
I really like her videos and I especially love how she doesn't include background music in them.

No. 506777

Holy fuck yes I agree, this has been on my mind everytime I see it on YouTube

It’s especially gross when they have a sponsorship and then talk about murder, profiting off misfortune wtf

No. 506779

Most of the cows on this site aren't very entertaining, they're just mentally ill women ruining their lives while we mock them. I also think that the reasons why most of us do it is because we see ourselves in them in a way and we want to feel better thinking "at least I'm not that bad kek".

No. 506784

>we see a but of ourselves in them
I think it's obvious.
Some cows I genuinely wanted or still want to see get better.
I was always proud of Pixyteri for laying off the internet and losing weight, even if she didn't knock off her other cringe weeb habits entirely. At least she turned out to be a pretty average person who never hurt anyone.

Now we have lolcows doing lewd cosplay sets who are thrice her size as she was back in her lolcow heyday, and I can't help but feel a little…sad for all the ways she got dragged. Just because she was one of the internet's first fat female cosplayers and said some insecure stuff. Sometimes I wonder if she had gotten started today if she'd be praised like the queen we know her as, but for more positive reasons. I was gonna say she'd be today's cosplay body positivity "icon" maybe. Yet then again, she'd probably get labeled as a "smallfat" and discarded in favor of the 300 pounders.

It's crazy to me how timing is everything and can determine if you're seen as good or bad.

No. 506785

This sounds like something Erin would say. Obviously most mentally ill people aren't cows. I do agree there are some duds on here, like Abby Brown and Venus. On the other hands some have what I call the cow factor, it's what makes someone more entertaining than just watching someone who's ill.

No. 506787

i think it's gross and annoying too
i miss cayleigh elise, she didn't do this shit

No. 506788

Yeah, I didn't mean to sound whiteknighty since I'm well aware that most cows/flakes are assholes in addition to being mentally ill, but so am I so I guess that's why I kind of sympathise with them (not cows like margo or greg however).

No. 506795

The difference between being just mentally ill or a cow is the search for online validation. They aren't cows because they're sick, but because they refuse to take stock of their own lives and get offline. Most mentally ill people aren't seeking internet infamy, they're just quietly trying to get along.

No. 506796

I get the impression that most cows who have threads on here have an anti-fanbase who had fun when they produced milk years ago and can't let it go that they're not doing anything interesting anymore so end up reposting their every social media post to try to squeeze something out of it with nitpicking or autismal theorizing.

No. 506804


Its like she knows she's gonna