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No. 1446688

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (MTF) snowflake behavior. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread; don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (not even ironically), etc. This is supposed to be a thread for MTF related milk, not a receptacle for autistic spergouts. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.

Do not respond to anything you suspect to be scrote bait or trannyposting. Report the post and move on.

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No. 1446690

File: 1645239891048.jpg (27.38 KB, 693x366, cwpcaq0ls2i81.jpg)

No. 1446694

File: 1645240423153.png (69.65 KB, 1389x857, control.png)

another one for the "not a fetish" peaking folder

No. 1446695

File: 1645240744651.jpg (394.65 KB, 1283x1826, 95nv1q9veei81.jpg)

what is this world coming to

No. 1446696

i don't understand the anti-doctor stance a lot of TRAs have. It's usually your parents who beat you for touching a doll, not doctors.

No. 1446709

File: 1645242396204.jpg (480.86 KB, 2560x1562, amholedownvote.jpg)

I was reading about the twitter downvote feature and found an article on USA Today which linked to a tweet by Kevin Gibes, fucking KEK. We all knlw the only people who would get targeted are evil terves and anyone who uses the word "woman" if this was to be widely implemented.

No. 1446721

File: 1645243334631.jpg (76 KB, 796x1275, oczs1gpewgi81.jpg)

No. 1446723

since wherever that pic is from blanked out the user, https://twitter.com/SapphicSealKisr

No. 1446726

Holy fuck, dead on. The eyes only a male can have. Warmth and kindness of a woman, where?

Cannot believe women lost their jobs because of this, while there is still a pandemic. They’re words. Women get called the nastiest shit on the street if we don’t respond to catcalls even if we have headphones in, even trans people will try to claim cunt and they will never understand the prejudice, objectification, and hatred that goes with it. They’ll say anything to anyone and threaten the safety of women, but get people straight fired for naming the baby’s SEX? What happened to the term “assigned girl/boy at birth”, that would be the birth that they are assigned what would be a healthy part of their body that doctors should Check on. It determines a fucking lot what chromosomes they have. It’s the most “Karen” thing ever I get nurses fired over this, and during a pandemic. They need those jobs and their patients really need them to keep them. Fuck this.

The bottom part of this says a female patient was to get a Pap smear from a female nurse, and that was provided as a trans person. The girl is a child, and if she requests a woman she has the right to receive that. Most women never go to male gynecologists, and we have every right not to.

No. 1446728

they make up a huge chunk of the cesspool that is twitter

No. 1446735

this game was already fucked because george "rapey rape" martin was involved

No. 1446736

his neo pussy has no way of cleaning itself. he probably cries himself to sleep at night because he wants to menstruate so badly.

No. 1446738

File: 1645245220752.jpg (129.19 KB, 718x724, Untitled.jpg)

do they really, tho?

No. 1446751

File: 1645247427828.jpg (181.26 KB, 2160x1215, Elden_Ring_Screenshot_CG (8).j…)

he only did worldbuilding nona. and besides the rapey rape I can't complain about he writes women. but literally her lore will only be in item drops anyway… yeah i'm being autistic about this my bad. Marika is a terf tho and so is whoever the fuck this is

No. 1446752

Non binary = i wanna feel special
Seriously what's the point of announcing you're nonbinary when it has nothing to do with anything and still dresses like a conventional man.

No. 1446753

File: 1645247805229.png (864.87 KB, 738x1164, 1645233844095.png)

Reposting J.K Rowling's latest tranny controversy.

No. 1446757

i dont know how women can even have the courage to create anything anymore when this happens.
>Hey i love the world you created so much that wouldn't exist without you but I'm going to pretend this isn't entirely from your brain, the same brain that hates tranny pervs like me!

No. 1446760

File: 1645248885163.jpeg (414.37 KB, 1536x2048, 91B9C074-9A6A-4D32-97C9-051B7D…)

This is iammery_007 on Twitter, some onlyfans troon, but I’m wondering if anyone has a before picture of him? I’m curious to see just how many surgical procedures he had and how drastic the difference is.

No. 1446763

The fact that account is still up and running and none of the tweets have been taken down makes me sick

No. 1446764

Just groomers discussing masturbation with a minor, nothing to see here.

No. 1446766

The intense jealousy is so palpable. This man is a danger and should be kept away from all women.

No. 1446780

File: 1645251119363.jpeg (1.37 MB, 3095x2345, 69147A3F-6F9A-4A03-B7B8-D834B7…)

they clearly have no real interaction or relationships with actual women because only a man would delude themselves into thinking this is reality. everyday of my life i see the most beautiful girls, both irl and online, and the people that make me laugh the most are my female friends. best part is they don’t act like huge perverts all the time too, whereas the trans monstrosities on Twitter etc just make me cringe and recoil in horror

No. 1446783

The editing in this pic is outrageous I bet he looks horrid in person

No. 1446790

I'm sorry but this post is so autistic and pathetic, you have to be joking. Is this bait? This reads forced. You didn't watch Naruto growing up? Sailor Moon? Wtf did you watch? Go watch some Attack on Titan, not everything anime is made for coomers.
That's not a nigel. The whole point of nigels are they are anomalies. They don't act on the same level as the average scrote. They put in effort and can be trained well. Rare, though, which is why so many anons get assblasted for mentioning their nigels because half the time they aren't even nigels - just scrotes doing bare minimum sometimes. Bare minimum isn't good enough and should be ridiculed for being so pathetic.

No. 1446796

>she is veritably hotter & funnier than you

wrong. I am always funnier than the men I encounter.

No. 1446802

Your bf is a fucking cunt.

No. 1446808

Lol the phone looks so tiny in his enormous man hands

No. 1446814

Think about it, nonnie.
If he could not tell apart the invoice for the supplier from last year's accounts at work, he would surely get fired… But somehow, he can pay attention at work. 'Women just have better attention to detail' is a lazy man cope. Don't even get me started on 'men are visual creatures'

No. 1446815

Nah babe your bf just sounds like an asshole.
(you can do better babe)

No. 1446830

File: 1645258833636.png (347.85 KB, 599x355, Screenshot.png)

From #462 in men's swimming to the #1 female swimmer in the US, guess women didn't train hard enough

No. 1446862

File: 1645263673952.jpg (96.46 KB, 640x853, zds5bwaseri81.jpg)

the face is just nightmare fuel

No. 1446865

File: 1645264381932.png (130.99 KB, 1570x870, t.png)


No. 1446866

File: 1645264426971.jpg (262.17 KB, 1080x1413, Screenshot_20220219-045004_Twi…)

he's a lolicon pedomoid yet hilariously complains on his twitter timeline about "reee nazis" lol

No. 1446867

File: 1645264594421.png (373.55 KB, 608x531, Screenshot.png)

4 Trans Draq Queen, seriously what's the difference between them and regular drag queens

No. 1446868

they're fucking sick.

No. 1446870

love how no one is questioning how all of a sudden you have 4 trans drag queens in ONE season of drag race. hmm it's almost like gays are being conditioned into trooning out the more this literally materially harmful conservative propaganda that pathologizes perfectly normal human behavior becomes normalized

No. 1446871

Grooming out in the open.. and it's completely accepted by the moderation team

No. 1446872

>wrong side of history
What is it with troons and this line? They say it all the time.

No. 1446883

they desperately want to pretend they're doing something just and are fighting for a righteous cause rather than trying to give them the "right" to let fetishistic men get chubs in our changing areas. plus they know this type of phrasing works on women or those in particular who tend to be concerned with the feelings of others and seek to not cause people to feel ostracized

No. 1446885

troons who aren't crypto or active Nazis are party line neoliberals

No. 1446886

they're also lazy fucks who think that because gays/black people did it, they can sit masturbating in their sister's underwear and magically get everyone to accept them.

No. 1446888

Send this to any woman in your life who has not been peaked on trannies yet.

No. 1446913

It’s hilarious how they look no different from the normal drag queens (men in wigs and make up).

No. 1446916

Reeee you have to watch my Japanese CP cartoons!!!!

No. 1446918

nta but relax, you sound like a boomer. are you lost in terms of where you're posting? a very large initial audience for this site is women who enjoy anime, manga, cosplay and nostalgia. maybe utilize Google in the future, since it's free.

No. 1446924

you sound male and retarded, the only people I've heard saying anime is for men, are other men. I don't watch it either by they way but I know plenty of women who do

No. 1446931

They know they are controversial now but they think transgenderism is like the Civil Rights Movement of their generation so they say people are only against them because society is backwards but one day they will be vindicated. Hence their persistent belief that they are on the "right side of history". No matter how insane and terrible they behave right now, they believe that in the future they will be seen as heroes.

No. 1446936

it's the same way how MRAs and incels and MGTOW think they're the oppressed population. it's a male thing, not a troon thing

No. 1446937

>You didn't watch Naruto growing up? Sailor Moon? Wtf did you watch?
Yeah I watched Sailor Moon, AS A CHILD. Not as an adult. Being obsessed with media made for children as an adult is an autism trait.

No. 1446978

You know there’s different points between not watching something at all and being obsessed with it. People can also just casually watch a show for brief escapism or because they enjoy the story or aesthetic.

No. 1446992

>secy fish fishtales

No. 1446995

File: 1645283365986.jpeg (207.69 KB, 828x830, D2939259-7F72-493D-9562-7470FB…)

troons have zero shame. sometimes it’s tempting to feign a disabled black trans femme neurodivergent panromantic demigirl in need of $10,000k for “other” expanses or surgery or whatever

No. 1446997

Literally how do these people always get so much money. Theres literal children dying of cancer right now who has gofundmes up, why are people donating to troons for absolutely no fucking reason. Sorry but this shit makes my blood boil, how they have no shame. Get a fucking job!
Imagine getting rent money from strangers for no other reason than existing with the word queer in front of it

No. 1447011

They look no different in drag but compared to cis drag queens, they always look developmentally deformed and suffering from an eating disorder. Proving again that make up is mandatory to their existence.

No. 1447019


it’s funny because even w all the exaggerated hair and makeup it’s still so obvious all four of these people are men and it would be even more obvious if they were next to women. it fr feels like I’m watching a minstrel show whenever I watch men perform drag.

No. 1447041

I wonder if rupaul is seething deep down at how troon-infested his show has become

No. 1447043

File: 1645288141723.png (Spoiler Image,287.39 KB, 583x455, yZ8KVPV.png)

>artist gets outed as a groomer/transphobe/etc a while ago
>troons out after getting cancelled
>steals from his family
>moves in with his e-bf to live out some coomer fantasy of larping as pregnant women
Like fucking clockwork. picrel is the freak in question

No. 1447049

is this a fake belly?? what am i looking at

No. 1447054

where does this happen except in twitter sex pest imaginary fantasies

No. 1447063

File: 1645290476174.jpg (641.23 KB, 1080x4603, Screenshot_20220219-090403.jpg)

Stolen from the other farms. Troons never have a problem crowdfunding their surgeries and meds, most of which are covered by insurance. But nobody wants to help actual women feel normal again after surviving cancer and losing a part of their bodies. Sick.

No. 1447083

I'm sure he is. He once compared trannies competing in drag competitions while on HRT to doping in the Olympics kek. Trannies have been attacking RuPaul for years. I'm sure he secretly hates them.

No. 1447115

how did we go from 'men obsessing over lesbians are perverts' to 'men obsessing over lesbians are lesbians'?

No. 1447124

File: 1645298070516.jpg (284.12 KB, 720x868, 20220219_141215.jpg)

this is so fucked up. Literally a cult.

No. 1447134

Gay men used to treat Madonna like that, that's it. That's the 1 example

No. 1447140

they're literally soft genociding themselves by getting castrated kek

No. 1447142

how do we stop women like this from valuing male approval over solidarity with their fellow women

No. 1447145

Even just the looks on their faces are creepy. The women are either looking adoringly up at him or have their eyes closed with a blissful look on their faces while he looks smug and somewhat contemptuous. This is what incels imagine happens to ‘Chads’.

No. 1447149

By peaking the women in our lives. I've peaked most of my female friends and relatives by showing them things I've gotten off of this thread or on Twitter. Even my handmaiden friends are seeing behind the curtain now. Being gentle and appealing to them personally works better than blasting radfem talking points at strangers imo. I recognize the need for that too though, but this is something everybody can do if you have enough tact.

No. 1447156

this, I used to be a handmaiden but I've always maintained that as the trans community keeps getting more and more ridiculous it's THEM that are peaking others. Tbh terfs have really little to do with peaking people, it's troons themselves doing it. I'm sure a lot of us have that one or two trans person in our lives that seems pretty normal and keep to themselves that we don't take issue with but the vast majority are causing mass peak.

No. 1447159

i definitely peaked from being in over my head involved with tra bullshit. it’s like a switch went off and suddenly everything made way too much sense and it’s insane that you can’t be more loud about it without risking potential career suicide. It makes me happy JK never backed down. Tbh looking up her tweets to see what she said that was so evil and thinking people were overreacting was the start of my peak and discovering these threads a few years ago has given me material that has helped me to peak other women I am close with irl. Saged for blog posting but a good friend of mine who was also calling herself nb just peaked and it’s been nice having friends irl to discuss this stuff with

No. 1447165

I can never get over how the biggest own they can come up with for bio women is to compare us to them

No. 1447167

I have a close online friend who seems to be pretty close to peaking given how we always complain together about how trans people (mostly TiFs, though) project into characters from one of our favorite video game series and headcanon them as trans, drawing them with trans flag pins or patches even. We also call fujo ftms as just fujos due to being biologically female regardless of whether they’re in the cult or not.
She didn’t call me out for using the word “tranny” either in the one time I actually said it, too. I wonder what to do next, if I even have to do anything since I’ve already explained her a bit about detrans recently.

No. 1447176

My buddy and I have good conversations about trans shit every once in a while. We both acknowledge giving hormones and surgery to kids is fucked, and that TIMs don’t share the same experiences as women. It’s cool to have someone on the more normie side of things understand pretty easily why I’m so fed up with trans activism

No. 1447196

File: 1645304932829.png (1.33 MB, 902x928, here we go again.png)


No. 1447197

File: 1645305053350.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1170x1930, 7E52A0AE-1F72-4F1F-908B-4C4B70…)

kek the fans were saying jasmine looks like gigi goode and now he ended up trooning too
well jasmine in his coming out post looks manlier than he is on the show, probably because of the natural makeup. these idiots don’t understand that they need that heavy drag queen makeup to look remotely female

No. 1447199

>he only did worldbuilding
yeah, and miyazaki was great at that. what possessed him to collab with one of the most overblown fantasy writers who loves writing underage rape is beyond me

No. 1447205

File: 1645305547543.jpg (75.58 KB, 703x680, 1645305437895.jpg)

No. 1447208

Fucking based

No. 1447212

>seriously what's the difference between them and regular drag queens
Simple, regular drags are honest about being just faggots in wigs.

>Being obsessed with media made for children as an adult is an autism trait
Yeah, because sane people be triggered at a random person in internet talking about something you don't like. There's nothing in what anon posted that suggests she's OBSESSED with anime, you’re just delusional. Take your meds and save your sperging on "problematic media" for Twitter.

No. 1447215

This pic is funny because sonic fans overlap with nintendo and mario fans a lot kek

No. 1447237

oh thank christ, my country is finally doing SOMETHING right!

No. 1447282

Before Madonna it was Judy Garland: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friend_of_Dorothy

kek, TruPaul


No. 1447294

File: 1645312940188.png (103.19 KB, 1006x582, bs1.PNG)

found this stupid shit "debunking" terf ideology. googled "how is terf ideology flawed (i was curious as to what they had to say)" and well. lmao (1/3)

No. 1447295

File: 1645312963704.png (124.59 KB, 992x546, bs2.PNG)


No. 1447298

File: 1645313099788.png (98.85 KB, 1025x483, bs3.PNG)

(3/3) i messed up and went through it backwards, oops. anyway it's funny how they desperately try to split women up from another e.g. implying black and white women don't face the same form of misogyny.

No. 1447300

Gay men idolize female pop stars. This is how you can tell who are the real gay men on Twitter because all the TIFs stan male celebrities and like slash fanfiction.

No. 1447302

completely ot but it's still friends of Dorothy. long live queen Judy. she would hate trannies.

No. 1447303

This. You have to be gentle with normies because a lot of them don't even know how deep female oppression goes and believe libfem lies like "patriarchy hurts everyone".

No. 1447304

File: 1645313670046.jpeg (271.14 KB, 828x1493, 13485098-69B5-4887-9EDF-60A924…)

Any anons in LA? This fucking troon is running for Congress. These people are infiltrating city politics and influencing law. This one serves as the Silverlake (of course) Councilwoman and is an advocate for the adult rapist Gascon freed. For fucks sake VOTE NO. Their name is literally MAEBE A. GIRL, how is this not mocking women?

No. 1447308

I hate this shit how do they get away with this

No. 1447309

Is California the most troon infested state in the US?

No. 1447310

try going to Portland sometime

No. 1447312

I don't know. I'm not American but I regularly see anons here complaining about California.

No. 1447313

CA is less white than the PNW so there are automatically less AGPs. All the crazy troon laws are mostly PNW so far

No. 1447315

Notice how it says “centering the voices of trans women” and not just listening. These MRAs have no shame in forcing us to center feminism around men KEK.

No. 1447322

Who is he running against? He certainly will have white liberal voters to back him but I’m not sure how the Hispanic population will react.
It is only a matter of time before he’s charged as a sex offender. He reminds me of those drag queens or troons that were outed as sex offenders after they read books to kids.

No. 1447339

File: 1645315413105.png (343.93 KB, 1080x1888, Screenshot_20220219-155650.png)

This dude came out as trans and posted this

No. 1447423

Portland is definitely worse. Seattle probably is as well. These cities also have really cancerous political trans culture relative to LA's, which is very glam and HSTS-focused.
>>1447313 is totally correct.
Another thing is that there's just way more people living in California than in Washington or Oregon, so you're more likely to hear Californians complain about their (still high) troon population.

No. 1447431

Can someone explain to me what is transmisogyny?? How can i be misogynyst to a dude?? I doesnt make sense. Troons rlly like to create the most retarded terms, i swear.

No. 1447435

File: 1645322388611.jpg (356.99 KB, 1536x2048, FL2XKeqWUAc52oy.jpg)

Who keeps calling these trannies hot lmao? Only other trannies.

No. 1447440

File: 1645322876945.jpeg (125.58 KB, 862x847, mS6cxbQ.jpeg)

No. 1447441

File: 1645322971725.jpg (209.7 KB, 1242x1435, r0ysxlf4nmi81.jpg)

No. 1447443

i'm pretty confused on it myself but i imagine you must view it from their side to understand. trans women are women as they like to say, so i imagine it's misogyny on the basis of them being a trans woman vs. a cis woman (inb4 someone quotes me with
i think the term is retarded too, i am just working from their angle).
so them, i am guessing, if a trans woman is murdered by a bigot for being a tim then that is transmisogyny, even if in reality the bigot probably did it because they view the tranny as a mentally ill moid.

No. 1447446

More context plz? Interested in seeing what the tranny did.

No. 1447447

tide turning?

No. 1447448

it means prejudice against trans women. in reality it's usually a synonym for homophobia, because normies usually see them as gay men

No. 1447453

One of my friends asked if I'd ever date a trans or non-binary person. I replied that "they'd have to be born male" – there's more to it than that but I was trying to not go full mask off – and she actually got mad at me! Like what the fuck did you expect me to say?

No. 1447458

sorry nonna but you fucked up, if you're friends with a panderer and want it to stay that way you have to give a indirect answer or just lie, unfortunately. You can't ever mention birth gender shit etc or they'll just get spergy

No. 1447498

File: 1645329487765.jpg (214.67 KB, 1200x1200, Depressed-beautiful-girl-cry.j…)

>-Centring the voices of trans women and transfeminine people
>-Taking on the labour on trans women’s issues
Honestly nonas, sometimes I sit and wonder how the hell this is real life. When did inclusivity come to mean centering one group over another? Or taking on their fucking labor?
>Recognising that the ‘sex binary’ is a colonial fiction created to oppress trans, queer, and gender-non-conforming people (esp. of indigenous genders), and people of colour as a whole, as well as women
Oh yeah, Troon 101: you can't be an ally to women of color or lesbians if you're not an ally to trans women, too.

Troons are like cable packages from olden times… you're forced to subscribe to their bullshit even if you fucking hate it in order to access the stuff you actually want.

No. 1447510

File: 1645330568948.jpg (56.65 KB, 680x661, FLuMg94WUAY7cwk.jpg)

what does this mean

No. 1447538

File: 1645332433139.png (428.62 KB, 607x662, ohok.png)

curious what's gonna come of this. I read "Trans" by Helen Joyce, and in the intro she said sports is going to be what turns public opinion against troons. When I read that, I wasn't sure I believed her, but I've been really surprised how many men have reacted poorly to Thomas.
My theory:
Women say "trans women are men, and so they're dangerous" and men get butthurt for being called dangerous and don't help.
Women say "Men are stronger than women, so they shouldn't be in women's sports" and men feel complimented and strong so they do help.
They really struggle with empathy, huh.

No. 1447540

File: 1645332612927.jpg (146.13 KB, 1186x800, FL_ahaYVcAEmGCt.jpg)

oh my god he's getting bigger

No. 1447545

File: 1645333019645.png (34.36 KB, 740x533, yike.png)

No. 1447548

No. 1447549

File: 1645333167125.jpg (57.98 KB, 680x680, FL1i6vbXEAEasYw.jpg)

lfmao the other pictures in the ad are just as funny.

No. 1447554

Liana needs to stop focusing on the ebil terves and go on a diet.

No. 1447565

Nail on the head, anon. When discussing tranny shit with moids I always drop in the "look how big your hands are next to mine! You could crush me!" thing and compare, then they get in their egos about it and will agree. You can't talk to men normally and expect them to empathize, you have to manipuate their stupid fucking egos.

No. 1447571

easy a man = TIM

No. 1447580

File: 1645335324371.png (774.14 KB, 688x917, my-meiker-1645335004702585.png)

kinda OT but do you girls ever make troons in their actual form on dress up games? I like making them on picrew personally bc picrew shares the newest creations and I like to imagine trannies get dysphoria from the balding hairline, facial hair, and exaggerated male features with all of the trans shit
picrel is a handmaiden/transbian "queer" couple

No. 1447586

no, I don't. that's kind of psychotic but you do you nona

No. 1447588

"Especially indigenous genders" can they please shut the fuck up and stop bringing up native/mesoamerican 2spirits, muxes, and shit. Appropriating terms meant for GNC people like us brown people are too retarded to know what a man or woman is and had to make up our own fun little gender role system like what the fuck. The G and Ts are some of the most racist ppl I've met but they stay bringing up brown and black people to guilt others into buying their agenda

No. 1447594

I feel like a good portion if not most of trannies' outlandish tales of sexual harassment is shit they did to women.

No. 1447611

File: 1645337632291.jpeg (72.2 KB, 365x925, D5C53C43-AE6E-45FE-BE81-CAAD5F…)

man i literally larping as klara from pokémon, absolutely foul.

No. 1447646


No. 1447659


My brain worms think this unironically slaps tbh I'll give it that

No. 1447681

File: 1645341972578.jpeg (384.59 KB, 623x967, 603F49C9-C5DC-43E5-B4E8-20DB64…)

No. 1447685

File: 1645342149563.jpeg (361.58 KB, 640x966, 2B9A91C1-C462-43DA-B692-D7F269…)

Another comment of his. HRT makes you shrink inches in height apparently. From 5’9 to 5’4.

No. 1447690

File: 1645343106675.jpeg (358.69 KB, 640x893, 8026D76A-6EF3-4925-BD92-AE913E…)

Cis girls get all the transphobia. Everyone thinks all trans girls are cis.

No. 1447691

Absolute masterpiece… I also love the cover by some tehm on tumblr, from honsaplenty's blog. Wishing for the alternate universe where this is the catalyst for a more enjoyable form of 'hyperpop'

No. 1447695

>like every scrote hates on older women he deems unfuckable and says they look more like trannies/men instead of himself.
Why do scrotes never try to change their way of thinking? No women would ever say older women look trans or like men, it's something a tranny would say because he assumes anyone he doesn't wanna fuck is a man while anyone he does is a woman, so that even after mutilating his body to become a caricature of women he can still protect his fragile heterosexuality.

No. 1447707

File: 1645345225555.jpeg (299.8 KB, 828x1109, 9FD4895A-32BC-4ED4-BB0C-EF93E2…)

Congratulations Lia!

No. 1447708

>Yale’s Iszac Henig is a transgender man who hasn’t started hormone replacement therapy yet, so he can continue to compete on the women’s team. He won the 50-yard freestyle in 21.93 seconds on Thursday, breaking the Blodgett Pool record. He came in second to Thomas in the 100-yard freestyle at 47.82 — which was also faster than the previous Ivy League record.

>It’s an undoubtedly historic moment for elite trans athletes.

No. 1447719

File: 1645346725296.png (104.31 KB, 479x347, asdadqq.png)

lmao what the fuck is estrogen doing to big tom. He looks like a squeezed tube of cookie dough

No. 1447721

File: 1645346875015.jpg (496.43 KB, 649x731, Screenshot_20200829-110721.jpg)

No. 1447734

I bet Iszac won't start hrt until she graduates because there's no way she'd stand a chance against bio men

No. 1447742

am i the only one who don't believe that iszac isn't on hormones

No. 1447747

No. 1447783

isn't the singer for this song a batshit weirdo

No. 1447784

She switches from transmed to radfem to TRA to lesbian to trans man to bigender to fujo to bisexual at the drop of a hat.

No. 1447786

bpd is one hell of a drug

No. 1447791

she has a massive inferiority complex towards men and said her bisexuality was just her admiring men and wishing she could be a man. so apparently she's actually a lesbian in denial? but she also said she despises men? she also said she descends from a matrilineal line of portuguese pagan witches.

No. 1447792

She called herself a lesbian radfem, got herself into a relationship with a TIF and the two engaged in multiple roleplays where they pretended to be gay men having degenerate sex.

No. 1447795

the way the TIM is drawn is cracking me up

No. 1447796

File: 1645362771301.jpg (166.52 KB, 843x762, Screenshot_2022-02-20-14-04-38…)

Based 4chan post

No. 1447797

File: 1645362845102.jpeg (723.3 KB, 3131x1875, A1121F0F-46B0-4F02-BB6F-285BBA…)

omg he’s just like Marilyn Monroe because all of his online troon friends lick his ass and say he’s such a pretty woman even though he has to get surgery and shave all the bones in his face down but it still won’t make him look any less like a mentally ill man :c wow just like Marilyn…

No. 1447800

File: 1645363093772.jpg (428.45 KB, 1080x1820, Screenshot_2022-02-20-14-16-30…)

Ok which one of you is this

No. 1447848

File: 1645371070340.jpg (137.92 KB, 1052x969, Troons.jpg)

When are troons going to realize they are the new money making goldmine for doctors right now? And plastic surgery is a choice, if breast cancer patients can't get free reconstructed surgery then troons definitely shouldn't either.

No. 1447849

He should consider probably some of them are just being nice so he doesn’t bash their skulls in. Also god why does every man on earth who is into women thinks women are lusting over their dicks. Literally it’s all they can think about. They think about penises more than straight women and gay men combined.

Is that his nipple on the left? That one must be male-presenting. We aren’t allowed to see the female one.

No. 1447872

she also had top surgery. I don't think shes on them now, but I find it hard to believe shes never been on T if she got top surgery.

No. 1447894

Hero complexes. Protecting a woman from another moid is the ultimate show of competition and sexual selection. You win favor with the woman while defeating another male. Plus sports are always going to have normie men jumping in with opinions. Normie men are not kind to troons at all. It's only very liberal men that stand up for trannies and even those type of guys would outright scream that they wouldn't date a trans woman. If anything, women are good at taking advantage of the male ego for survival so I hope this at helps males in power stop caping for trans rights that put women in danger.

No. 1447903

I know a troon who said he had marilyn Monroe syndrome and constantly compare himself to her saying how people only like him for his looks and not the real him, that people put expectations on him to look beautiful just like marilyn

Sage for OT but fags in wigs comparing themselves to a sex symbol that had a hard childhood will never not be funny to me

No. 1447916

Is this male just now noticing older and ugly women get treated poorly? Of course he thinks they're being misgendered so he can inflate his own ego.

No. 1448001

>>1447797 gosh he looks like after a face transplant.

No. 1448017

Did he just assume that person's gender

No. 1448047

File: 1645392719597.png (4.25 MB, 1924x1443, 53B78983-EEB2-417A-8FBC-6D5FDB…)

Scrote LARPing as a female lesbian. He works in a school, with children. (1/3)

No. 1448048

File: 1645392817641.jpeg (461.75 KB, 1170x860, 13C8B7D9-FB33-4BD2-AD84-106CAA…)

Trying to indoctrinate his students. Homosexuality should be normalized more and included in education but why are you telling children they are going to grow up to be gay and trans?

No. 1448050

File: 1645392920143.jpeg (Spoiler Image,183.78 KB, 750x748, 73E0E95D-1CF6-4E42-999D-E98091…)

Does Petrona Xemi Tapepechul ever get posted about on the farms?

He’s an MtF, indigenous, El Salvadorian, two spirit man larping as a woman and never taken a “girl pill” in his life. Always e-begging for money for various causes (either to help himself or his “community” where I can’t help but fully believe he’s pocketing any cash he’s being given).
He knocked up his FtM “husband” and they’ve had a gender fluid baby together that they thankfully haven’t posted any identifying information of. (Her Instagram is fromtheblood - also I appreciate that she’s FtM/ non binary but as these two come as a package I’ll post about her too). She’s apparently native too, documented her pregnancy on Instagram and tried to talk about how important it is that trans people are accepted into “birthing spaces”.

I’m not sure they post enough to make their own thread but it’s a horror show to behold as they bought a baby into this whole situation. Petrona documented himself drinking lactation teas, using a breast pump - pic related - and they were filmed for a tv show where he had their baby latched onto his nipple but obviously unable to feed as there’s no milk (I’ll see if I can find a clip of it, but I might have to post it from Ben shapiros commentary on the whole shit show).

Petrona Xemi Tapepechul
Instagram: @xeminesiwayul
Twitter: @XemiNeSiwayul

No. 1448053

File: 1645393041566.jpeg (677.52 KB, 1170x1473, 2D06C386-45BD-450B-9255-8F6D67…)

And here he is openly fetishizing the word "girl" like every AGP faggot does. Why are we supposed to act like any of this is normal? (3/3)

No. 1448054

I couldn’t watch it all but for those who want to see the horror for themselves.

No. 1448057

He’s not indigenous, he’s a mestizo lmao

No. 1448059

Oh I know lol, I was just using all the words he assigns to himself to get his woke points up

No. 1448060

File: 1645394012567.jpeg (133.94 KB, 827x930, 86F3163F-62FE-4B7D-B8C4-4B9B32…)

scrote moment

No. 1448062

Holy crap it's these people. My fucking eyes

No. 1448064

File: 1645394178875.jpeg (328.44 KB, 1370x2048, 56D19C43-EA38-4BD9-ACF3-F8CB17…)

Here’s a recent pic of chris chan’s newest transition update (funded by Null’s pocket btw kek)

No. 1448066

Male narcissism undercutting the future of a child yet again. Excellent idea to withhold a child's birth certificate and other papers in the US. It's only needed for about every single thing a child needs to have. Education, vaccinations, insurance, etc. Just a Social Security number won't cut it. Anyone can fake either so the States usually require both to be present and scanned for their system so it's accessible at all times. The sheer retardation of it all. Setting that innocent child up for a life of unnecessary hardship and trouble integrating into the working world or secondary education when the time comes. Even if the child does get it later, the amount of time and opportunity lost by even age 11 would be really detrimental. Please God don't let this poor soul be homeschooled by the parents or another troon. It's bad enough this kid is going to starve because his father brought him into his revolting fetish.

No. 1448067

>fat Peter Steele (Patrick Steel) can't hurt you

No. 1448068

You leave pete steele out of this

No. 1448069

No. 1448070

>She’s apparently native too
Must be an Anglo American thing. When you’re that white-passing nobody is going to consider you indigenous in Latin America.

No. 1448072

disgusting sub for disgusting perverts wtf

No. 1448075

Men are so delusional that I honestly think they should all just be rounded up and dropped in the middle of the ocean with nothing to help them stay afloat. Like if they honestly believe this, they are a danger to every woman around them.

No. 1448077

File: 1645394847565.png (53.83 KB, 710x639, Amy Correctrix.png)

same regurgitated shit on twitter over and over again.

No. 1448078

how can you consider that as "indigenous"? the FTM has the typical ugly britoid face, white skin, brown and curly hair. gold rule to ever try to larp as native is to have natural black and straight hair, with brown or reddish skin. the moid can be mestizo or native, since he looks closer to a amerindian than most north american self proclaimed natives

No. 1448080

What does this even mean? Doesn't egg refer to a trans person that hasn't transitioned yet?

No. 1448087

I was just using the words that they use to describe themselves. She definatly gives British/ Germanic vibes.

I’m honestly more disturbed that she got pregnant (doesn’t that send their dysphoria into overdrive? Surely she was still getting her period? Wouldn’t she wanna be sterilised or on birth control to stop any and all of that if shes so desperate for a dick, also, if she wants to be male and he wants to be female I’m not sure why they’re having straight sex? Doesn’t that also give them dysphoria? It’s like they only experience dysphoria when it suits them).

How did she just give birth and then sit and watch a man try and breastfeed her baby? At no point did she think to herself “hang on a minuet this is really wierd”. If a cisgendered father did that he’d be prosecuted but the presence of the dress makes it all okay?

All this nonsense is just pure degeneracy. He just wanted to be a pervert and their child was a sick pawn in that game, at no point has anyone considered that this is a living breathing human being it’s just all about the parents fee fees getting hurt.

No. 1448088

this tweet got deleted but its too bad the account didn't

No. 1448089

its a term they use to indoctrinate people
an egg is a person who 'doesnt realise they are trans yet'
they then define 'egg traits' to trick people into thinking they are trans if they show any these traits as kids or teenagers
such as not being good at sports, not being popular, being shy, liking books, not being butch and manly
any trait is used even being too masculine is a sign of compensation for 'trans feelings'

No. 1448090

Why would anyone WANT to transition after seeing that? It seems like it's just fuel for radfem talking points that females cannot escape males subjugating us even when we say we're men too.
Sure it's kinda blackpilled to realize that you are the second-class citizens of the world but tbh I would never want to be a rape ape naturally because the level of ignorance and general sexual depravity is insane. Even smart moids are rape apes by nature and will sexually harass you in the workplace or see porn and have a compulsive urge to fuck any semi-attractive woman. If you really think any woman other than sad, young fujos and closeted butches, especially radfems of all women, want to be FTMs then you're delusional.
I wish there were some women who were as violent as men or at least we had a few more bad apples who could take out some rapists or misogynists. Diana Hunter of Bus Drivers is a a great example of women who fought back when police wouldn't protect us. I believe she was never caught, which is important bc nowadays you might be put in a cell with a troon.

No. 1448093

i did not know this was a porn category and i wish i still didn’t, this is fucked. to me it’s absolutely no different from scrotes who fetishize Eugenia Cooney, literally getting off to abusing mentally ill women who hate themselves.

No. 1448097

ftms and mtfs dont want to be actual men or women they want to be their idea of a man or a woman, a man can never understand life as a woman or vice versa
most mtfs just want to have the brain of a man in the body of a woman so they can live their coomer fantasies

>I wish there were some women who were as violent as men

there was that 19 year old who met some middle aged scrote on tinder then stabbed him, she was caught aftewards but she obviously wanted to be a serial killer and target men on dating apps

No. 1448106

Can someone explain what this means and what he's doing?

No. 1448108

Tbh in the US there are loads of white people with tribal membership because some great great grandma of theirs was Native but they are completely white now (they are literally 1/32 native or less in some cases) and have no connection to the culture at all.

No. 1448115

Never heard any El Salvadoran use the term “two-spirit”. He definitely grew up in the US. He also claims to be Nahua-Pipil but he’s so light skinned lol.

No. 1448116

File: 1645398000956.jpg (313.75 KB, 717x881, 20220220_175315.jpg)

Assuming her tit chop was areola sparing, imo she's white. First nations don't have pink nipples. It's either a LARP or she has some land grifter way back in her ancestry. She says she's Blackfoot,shitloads of white people claim to have Blackfoot or other siouxan tribes in their ancestry.

No. 1448120

Is it common in the US to claim to be Native American?

No. 1448121

Is there a way to confirm all of this to where we could expose these people and get them canceled for exploiting indigenous NA tribes for profit?

No. 1448122

>visible self harm scars on arms
wow she looks so mentally stable! clearly a good person to raise a child.

No. 1448123

yeah, in the 80s and 90s hollywoods go to native consultant that they used to ensure the portrail of natives was not racist turned out to be some white guy without a drop of native blood, thats why most portrails from the 80s and 90s are rediculous and why some natives still distrust and dislike hollywood to this day

it happens a lot its not suprising i mean look how many americans claim to be irish despite most white americans being descended from germans, they probably do it as they think it makes them seem interesting or special

No. 1448125

Yes it's like a white American tradition lmao. In the US, actually having indigenous ancestry is very rare and most people have family mythologies about being part Cherokee to make them feel special and have some blood connection to the land they colonized. I find it funny how many white US Americans will claim to be part native while in Latin America everyone wants to be whiter and many mestizos even delude themselves into thinking they are pure Europeans.

The thing is, Xemi does have indigenous ancestry which shows in his features. That's enough in the US to get you considered indigenous. More of a mixed bag in LatAm though because the majority of the populations there are already mestizo/mixed to some degree. This is especially the case in El Salvador where it's like 90% mestizo.

No. 1448128

Yes it's incredibly common for white Americans to claim to be part native. It's nothing new, I recall normie white adults saying they had native blood when I was a child. Often it's not a lie they created themselves, it's one they've heard from their grandparent who heard it from their grandparent, etc.

No. 1448130

I think he means he means he exposes people to ftms getting brutally fucked by men in their vaginas. But I dont understand why as shattering eggs implies he wants people to realise they are trans but as >>1448090 said why would anyone want to transition after seeing that as surely that is not what a ftm wants at all. Hes probably just some pervert who gets off on shocking people.

No. 1448136

It's fairly common for TRAs to say radfems are repressed FTMs because they hate being women. I saw him talking about sissification in the replies which is a kink that views femininity as something degrading so in his mind radfems are repressed FTMs with a secret sissification kink and showing them this porn will 'crack their egg'. I've reworded this like 3 times and I still don't think I'm making sense because it's like 10 layers deep into the mind of a coomer tranny lmfao.

No. 1448137

>look how many americans claim to be irish despite most white americans being descended from germans

English ancestry would be the most common ancestry in the USA but you can't even really differentiate English ancestry from other British isles populations like the Irish. They're all really genetically similar.
Most English Americans now identify as simply "American", "white American", or they pick another more recent European ethnic group in their ancestry like Italian.

No. 1448141

>I still don't think I'm making sense because it's like 10 layers deep into the mind of a coomer tranny lmfao
lol you made sense and made it understandable

No. 1448143

It's usually some family mythology that gets passed down to them over the generations and it's nearly always fake. They're called "pretendians". Claiming Native American ancestry and appropriating indigenous cultures first started occurring among the white American populations as a way to differentiate themselves from Europeans and to help bolster an independent identity. It was also used by many white Americans as a cover up for a more common and "shameful" ancestry in their lineage - African ancestry.

No. 1448145

Honestly indigenous heritage in North America is such a convoluted subject that it wouldn't really go anywhere. You criticize a white passing "native" and they bring up how bad blood quantum is, how many northern tribes had lighter skin (so dirty blonde hair and freckles are suddenly native phenotypes too) and a laundry list of various tribal marital traditions that supports their case. Anything to not be seen as white when it's not them getting kidnapped by truckers with no police investigation, it's not their community members disappearing on a "starlight tour" and it's probably not their great grandparents that got beat and molested in residential schools

No. 1448146

Pure grooming. Disgusting.

No. 1448156

File: 1645401049005.jpeg (231.09 KB, 828x1057, 10C8B10D-F23A-4435-BE40-DB4AF5…)

saw this on twitter and it made me laugh so i wanted to post here

No. 1448166

So he's sending rape porn to women he disagrees with?
Absolute scrote behavior.

No. 1448173

THEY ARE SOOOO FUCKINGGGGG CLOOOOSSSEEEE TO GETTING IT i bet in the next 5 years we will start seeing the tides turn. hopefully. maybe i'm lowballing it, but i swear i can feel it.

No. 1448174

what are they close to getting? that gender is bullshit?

No. 1448197

I don't get trannies. They will say gender is fake so non-binary people can wear girl clothes but that doesn't make them female but then go on about how its the most important aspect of their identity.

No. 1448200

File: 1645404298743.jpeg (256.42 KB, 744x1633, B6B6B6C4-ADE5-4E32-AE2F-CEFE37…)

> iT’s LiFe SaViNg SuRgErY!!!!!!!
I feel so bad for Norwegians having to foot the bill for some fetishist’s unnecessary purely sexual plastic surgery.
Most women ik who had their boobs done did it because they were insecure about being flat chested or for their moid’s enjoyment—not because they wanted to go running down the stairs like BOING BOING with their huge mommy milkers for fun. Who the fuck gets excited about their boobs jiggling? Any time that happens to me I’m annoyed and self conscious. The only “woman” who thinks your breasts flopping around is fun are boob fetishists who see breasts through obvious male-brain and perception.

No. 1448205

Women have to pay for reductions from their own pocket meanwhile trannies get fetish surgeries for free..

No. 1448213

The difference betwen him and the woman beside him is huge, and those women are already tall.

No. 1448221

File: 1645405771526.jpg (517.98 KB, 1446x756, PSX_20220221_002226.jpg)

How he sees himself vs how others see him.


No. 1448223

That, and also when you construct an identity that is so helplessly dependant upon external "affirmation" (misgendering is violence!) then you have a major problem on your hands when it comes to your actual subjective relation to your identity.

In any other context, depending so heavily on what other people think of you is considered destructive to the psyche. For some reason MH professionals have a blind spot for trans identity issues and also using the suicide bait tactic.. which again, in any other context is considered manipulative and dangerous for the society at large

No. 1448226

Imagine just being able to exist in your body without the need for performance.

No. 1448227

Looks like they posted a "Ex-trans people of reddit who have detransitioned, why" question on ask-reddit and there's some very GC answers in the thread.


No. 1448236

where'd you find this person, anon? despite the unconventional body, how are we sure they're stealthing as a man?

No. 1448243

File: 1645407255037.jpg (20.29 KB, 456x580, Diana-Hunteress-001.jpg)

I'm so glad you mentioned Diana. I'll take an OT ban but more women, especially radfems, need to know about her

No. 1448245

Oh man, this is hilarious

No. 1448252

I feel so bad for that fucking child.

No. 1448261

There's definitely a lot of German ancestry in the US but most white Americans are descended from the English. The English are like the "default white American" and they've interbred with pretty much every other ethnic group in the country. English Americans lack an ethnic awareness yet the Anglo American culture is the mainstream American culture.

No. 1448266

File: 1645409193973.jpeg (304.19 KB, 1645x1330, DD076EE9-4626-46E4-A0CD-BD2C64…)

There’s no way this isn’t a HSTS right? I’ve seen some creepy actual females of course on these dumb predator catching things (dumb because they’re so ham fisted and virtue signally most of the time) but the last like, 4 videos I’ve seen with female in the title are obvious troons?? And if anyone dares say that they’re blasted in the comments with

No. 1448268

Embed the vid from YouTube

No. 1448270

yeah its pretty weird actually. the english are the majority ethnic group of the usa but they seem invisible. the apple pie, baseball, and even star-spangled banner's melody are all of english origin.

i always thought these types of videos were staged?

No. 1448278

tifs all look so skanky and gross.

No. 1448292

Maybe this sounds mean but "white passing" Natives are practically white and have significantly different lived experiences from visibly Native people. They need to stop acting like they are oppressed on the basis of their race when nobody can even tell they are non-white in the first place.

I bet this tranny doesn't even have tribal recognition tbh. Trannies have no problem pretending to be the opposite sex so why would they be averse to racefaking.

No. 1448296

File: 1645411572872.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1170x2010, 54111738-A984-43AE-A79B-797B37…)

But you are a man…

No. 1448301

Yes kek most of his female predator videos are troons from what I can see

No. 1448302

No. 1448303

File: 1645412370338.png (819.77 KB, 960x971, 1mm9mqrh72581.png)

Male friend is trooning out. We've known each other for 5 years and met over discord. We've been hanging out since we were 17. I used to be really pro transgender but after finding these threads I am no longer a handmaiden. I'm worried. His profile says She/her now and he screams at me if I slip up going as far as to meet up with me at a cafe only to ambush me about getting his pronouns wrong ONE TIME in a discord call. He's always asking me about how he'll look after he starts estrogen and even tried to force me into going on a "girls trip" to Victoria's secret so we can try on bras and giggle and explore the mall like a fucking cartoon or something. Ridiculous.I can't stand her anymore but I also keep thinking "It's not too late he's still there". I don't think I can overlook it. The grossest thing so far is the "lol I just busted the fattest nut after trying on my new panties I have so much euphoria rn" it was SO WEIRD. I don't know, I'm upset and I think maybe my best friendship ever is coming to an end. I should've seen it coming he started following the animation community on Twitter and only watches yuri anime nowadays.

No. 1448308

idk if this has been brought up before but racefaking should be considered more legitimate than being trans imo. Still ridiculous but not as far fetched as changing your sex because you could have a litany reasons eg. being raised in a certain culture/language. And raising your white kid to speak an indigenous lang isn’t child abuse like raising ur male son to be a woman is

No. 1448313

race biologically isn't even a thing and ethnicity is also a social construct. throughout history ethnicities have been destroyed, people have changed ethnicities, or made new ones all the time. it's just that in the usa, race plays a very central role in society and politics so racefaking is seen as worse than transgenderism.

No. 1448314

as American as apple pie

No. 1448316

I’m sorry you’re losing your friend Nona, but I really think you should stay away from him at least physically for your safety. Has he done any skinwalky stuff like copying your style? Either way the immediate aggression when you’ve been friendly and accomodating is a big sign he may harm you. I had some friends Troon out that ended up doing very creepy things to me

No. 1448317

Which ironically comes from England.

No. 1448323

Welcome anon! First you need to block him and mentally accept that your friendship is over. He is past redemption; I always find it so offensive that males with female friends and close female relatives see us as retarded caricatures of women. Doesn't it make you offended that he's been your friend for 5 years and THIS is what he thinks a woman is?
This male has made it clear that you are just a supporting character to do stereotypical teenage girl activities from movies made by old white men to 'affirm' him. If you try to correct him he will accuse you of being insensitive to his female puberty and whine that he never got a girlhood like you as a cis woman. Also you complained about having to affirm his looks but you will have to do that constantly. He will only be happy if you put yourself down like "Your makeup is so much better than mine" or "You're more of a woman than I am!"
Since you guys can meet up I assume he must live close to you? I worry for your safety. Maybe try to break up as friends over something else so he doesn't find out you became a TERF. Don't let him know that you're questioning how sexist this ideology is. Trust me when I say that breaking up or purposefully cutting contact with trans people because they are trans is totally normal. They literally do not shut up about being trans and it is exhausting. They will try to indoctrinate you into the cult whenever you do hang out with them.
Good luck anon and let us know how it goes.

No. 1448325

There's a lot of appropriating of identities like claiming to be gay or Jewish these days but Native American appropriation is a really old one that's been around for centuries. I knew this "gender critical" blogger who said she realized she wasn't actually bisexual but was pressured into identifying as not straight but social media. She still insisted she was part Native American though because her family told her so even though they are New York Italians.

No. 1448327

Don’t you guys just ever get tired of repeating yourselves again and again(weak bait)

No. 1448328

don't trannies ever get tired of embarrassing themselves over and over again

No. 1448335

File: 1645414633461.jpeg (33.86 KB, 386x586, E692AA91-5892-41DD-B0D6-208388…)

being correct and honest is never tiring.
don’t you get tired of living a lie? when are you going to get over it? don’t you get tired of people lying to you just so you don’t rope yourself?

No. 1448337

Yes! Omg he keeps trying to match my outfits and has been copying a lot of things like my laugh. He admitted he thought I laughed like "Such a girl" and has been trying to mimic it,at first as a joke but now genuinely. He's obsessed with the concept of "twinning" It's so annoying and cringe. That's really alarming,I didn't think of it as skin walking I thought he was just being overly clingy.

No. 1448338

File: 1645414856670.jpeg (219.94 KB, 1382x593, E8BFA2B2-E57F-48E2-AB09-AB208F…)

like fucking clockwork kek

No. 1448340

File: 1645415007202.jpeg (17.56 KB, 488x326, 123.jpeg)

don't reply to the bait nonas

No. 1448341

MtF use them to hide the adam's apple. So people subconsciously associate them with big ugly necks now.

No. 1448342

File: 1645415254072.png (285.82 KB, 850x400, r.png)

No. 1448343

File: 1645415335514.png (194.09 KB, 743x607, CRBTVKY.png)

and it's locked lmao.

No. 1448346

Thanks for the advice,anon maybe I should just drop him now. We haven't talked in like a week because he yelled at me and made me cry so our group of friends is split right now. I'm really upset with him and I think I will keep ignoring him,I refuse to put up with verbal abuse just because I didn't lay down and take abuse from him. I noticed the affirmation thing too because her other friends keep saying things like "Omfg ur so pretty and hot now,slay queen,youre so much prettier that me!" Which has made him so over confident. You should see how he dresses. It's like a 5 year old on acid. But he posts boldly on Instagram and captions stuff like "Bad bitch". Also he's a "lesbian" now so he's just been super hypersexual. He admitted to me half ashamed that since he's started transitioning he had a dream about me and jerked off but he's not attracted to me and he's just so ashamed of himself and confused because being trans is so confusing. I just tried to pretend I didn't mind but I minded. I know if I stop hanging out and break it off I will 100% be called as transphobic and I really don't want that because everyone will turn on me. So right now I'm just saying I don't want to talk because I'm "emotionally exhausted" there's a lot more to all of it but I'm not here to blog my life I just really needed to vent.

No. 1448353

Girl run tf away now and be safe. You’ll be in my thoughts. Please tell me he doesn’t know where u live

No. 1448363

I would distance yourself anon, don’t let on that you don’t agree with his transgender ideology - especially if he knows where you live. That echo chamber is dangerous.
You sound pretty young so I’m assuming your regular life is somewhat busy with work and school. If he tries to come back I’d politely accept his apology and then just resume not speaking to him. If your friends question you about it I’d just say I’m busy with XYZ and abc in my life and I unfortunately just don’t have the time to message everyone back and hang out the way I used to.

Your friends will continue to fluff his ego and call him a Queen. Your young and will find new friends in no time. A lot of women behind closed doors are questioning and uncomfortable of trans people but are publically supportive out of kindness, empathy and social stigma.

No. 1448365

File: 1645418993870.jpeg (282.39 KB, 750x1226, 14225EFE-7C3A-49DA-847D-929634…)

Gosh the worst part of the Native American larping couple is that there’s no family involved. Just these two lunatics alone raising a child.

No. 1448368

File: 1645419740403.png (103.38 KB, 850x722, Karyotype-of-the-proband-The-Y…)


No. 1448369

i hate how bisexuals are lumped into the "ok with trannies" group

No. 1448370

Yeah my genital preference is
>not an amhole
>not a frankendick

If bis like men and women it doesn’t mean they like castrated men, tf

No. 1448373

>Single White Female-ing you.
Run anon. He's trying to mimic you. It's pretty common for them to try and mimic women they want to fuck as they perceive women as sex objects. Literrally famous troons like Contra say they are a woman because they have a hole to fuck and are an ornament (can't remember what video he said that). Keep in mind, non-HSTS (though still aren't women) ones often have a history of sexism, even Hontra used to be blatantly MRA and sent porn to feminists as a 'fuck you feminazi ree' move. This is how they see us, purely things that exist to be used by men. You have to protect yourself and do what's best for you. I hope things work out.

No. 1448396

File: 1645426173087.jpg (287.29 KB, 720x997, 20220221_014658.jpg)

of course this was posted by a troon, Also the amount of likes are vomitive. This is what women are supporting

No. 1448398

remember this is all they've got. Women are running laps around men when it comes to education and things that actually matter. This is why they want to be us so bad, even they know deep down women are superior. All they can do is sit on twitter and like their memes and threaten their violence.

No. 1448402

File: 1645427336367.jpeg (105.61 KB, 827x645, 98D580C5-CF25-44C6-8537-8EB805…)

we are six months away from something that won’t happen

No. 1448417

The truth hurts doesn’t it?

No. 1448419

isn't this what they're doing? saying they're "boymoding" if they're not dressed like an anime loli or an inflatable sex doll?

all men do is project

No. 1448422

Where can I find out more? I’mfascinated

No. 1448432

Tfb I just saw a hyperfeminine girl on those snapchat stories say she was both a boy and a girl because some days she presented "masculine"(full makeup, tits out but wearing pants and a flannel lmao)

No. 1448440

This is the dumbest white person in america take I've read. Just cause you don't know your heritage doesn't make it made up. Just use your eyes and you can tell different groups of people specialised to live in different climates and lifestyles look and are different. You americans are just so afraid of being racist that you pretend to be blind.

t. hafu.

No. 1448449

Then you’d know that Japanese people themselves are a combination of different ethnic groups

No. 1448451

"Genital preference" is literally a homophobic and inherently predatory phrase. No one who understands and respects personal boundaries would ever use it, stay away from these predators at all costs.

No. 1448460

>it's just that in the usa, race plays a very central role in society and politics
its not just the usa

No. 1448463

I hate to break this to you because it seems like it must be horrific to lose something so intimate like this, but something you must understand about AGPs is that he wasn't your friend and never was. No one who was actually your friend would ever scream at you, ambush you IRL, try to turn friends against you or use something so ridiculous against you. This is about him leveraging control over you. He is using the trans identity to tyrannize you and he knows it can be used to do so. Also, he IS attracted to you, he is LYING.

He only ever saw you as an object to validate his desires, its no different to any other abusive scrote. A regular scrote will try to coerce you into sex, an AGP does so more passively by telling you about cooming in the panties they stole or talking about jerking off over you to violate your boundaries, copying your essence and treating you like a slave. Many women are blindsided by AGP shit because of political loyalty bullshit (can't attack troons) or they can't see how identical AGPs are to """"""normal"""""" scrotes (it doesn't help that the trad trolls and pickmes even on lolcow love to pretend the latter aren't depraved)

No. 1448466

honestly the best thing you can do is try to politely distance yourself from him and ditch him as a friend
i know it may be scary but remember he may be a danger now
he already crossed a line when he talked about masturbating in panties, which is just a gross and disgusting thing to say to anyone
the fact that he said he masturbated to you is another huge red flag, he may have said he's not attracted to you and that he is confused but i 100% believe he was just trying to guage your reaction and he was just trying to see if you were ok with it he probably hoped you would be flattered and that would then lead to something
he probably already wants to have a 'girly' sleepover with you where you can pillow fight and then make out and 'experiment' as thats what hes seen in films
he is a predator like most scrotes, he just thinks that because hes a woman now hes not threatening but his behaviour is a clear warning

i know this may sound odd but bear with me it deals with scrote logic, do you have a boyfriend or a friend who can pretend to be one, i only ask as scrotes will only stop pursuing a women if they think they 'belong' to another man, thats why no doesnt always work and they keep persisting and its only when you say i have a boyfriend do they back off

No. 1448469

Oh so now your breast size determines if you're a woman or not? Smaller breasts mean you're less of a woman than a hulking ogre with a literal penis and bolt ons?

No. 1448471

>This male has made it clear that you are just a supporting character to do stereotypical teenage girl activities from movies made by old white men to 'affirm' him

Man, troons are dumb as fuck. These freaks literally watch media made predominantly by men and then think that that's what women are. It's so bizarre when you put it like that, nonny.

No. 1448472

men measure manlihood with penis size so of course they would try to do the same with breasts when they pretend to be women

No. 1448473

>a friend who can pretend to be one
You don't even need that. Once there was this really creepy guy who was obsessed with my friend, I wont go in to what he would do as it would be a thing for another thread. But how we got him to leave her alone was by making up a fictional boyfriend that we talked about infront of him, we mentioned it infront of him once and it looked like he deflated, his face dropped and he walked off and even though he was still around he showed zero interest in my friend afterwards.

Also the fact he is trans now, if you say sorry I'm straight I only like men and you're a woman, it will send his mind in a spin.

No. 1448478

>i know this may sound odd but bear with me it deals with scrote logic, do you have a boyfriend or a friend who can pretend to be one, i only ask as scrotes will only stop pursuing a women if they think they 'belong' to another man, thats why no doesnt always work and they keep persisting and its only when you say i have a boyfriend do they back off
nta but seconding this idea, this and ‘grey rocking’ him could be the safest way out. I hate how this is so true. I’ve seen this happen so many times already, including with one friend (who trooned out later btw) who wanted to persistently convince me that we were meant for each other. he only accepted a ‘no’ when I told him I was getting it on with another friend. This behavior is so disrespectful.

No. 1448479

Of courseee. Men are so fucking stupid I can't stand them.

No. 1448480

this all started because gays got recognized as the same level as straights btw

No. 1448483

What does sexual orientation have to do with autogynophilia, which is the mental illness trannies all have.
Any woman who's not chronically online or fishing for male attention won't support this. Truth is, most woke women don't really care as much about trannies as trannies like to pretend.

No. 1448486

Really can't tell what sick burn he's trying to drop here but huge kek, imagine the tears of dysphoria and rage

No. 1448487

they're just mad that women can go to the store without makeup and still be recognizably female

No. 1448488

These threads are mostly entertaining but I still get extremely disgusted at shit like this. How many troon pedophile teachers exist? The creepiness these men exude is beyond scrote level, these troons deserve their own category of male depravity since it's just layers on top of layers of horrifying degeneracy. A scrote pedo would just be a teacher and molest children, this is next level predator stuff.
>Troons out to larp as lesbian
>Works as teacher to get closer to underage girls
>Works as teacher to get his fetish validated by children
>Gets access to female-only spaces
>Tweets openly about pedophilia

No. 1448490

That’s what I was thinking kek, even when I’ve gone out looking my roughest and least put together no one has ever ID’d me as anything besides a woman

No. 1448492

It's for sure something special, being a gnc woman makes them seethe like nothing else. I've stopped spending time around places troons frequent but when I did it was really precious to see the hate in their eyes when I said I wasn't any flavor of genderspecial.
My dyke card hasn't come in yet so I've only been sir'd once but he immediately corrected himself when I turned around. Meanwhile I watched a troon with she/her on his shirt get violently misgendered in real time. Reality is a bitch

No. 1448494

lmao the juxtaposition of his huge male body and the kawaii pose + thigh highs… Do these troons realize how huge their bodies are compared to women? OT but I did when I first cuddled with a guy. I was kind of shocked how gigantic they are. This was a skinny dude too, so imagine seeing this guy irl. Also makes me think the moids claiming to be straight who get "tricked" by troons aren't really tricked, they know it's a man.

No. 1448496

>lmao the juxtaposition of his huge male body and the kawaii pose + thigh highs
for me its the profile picture in >>1448402
look how long the arms are, the shapeless torso that can still be seen beneath the baggy jumper, how scraggly the hair is, the sleeves pulled up to cover the bony man wrists, the fists clenched to hide the long bony fingers and most of all the wild crazed eyes peering out
the picture is like some eldritch horror which would disgust and terrify ordinary men and women
however this troon looked at this picture and thought "i look so cute in this im going to make it my twitter profile pic"

No. 1448501

Can you please tell me what obviously makes a Dagestani so different to Chechen? Can you tell the difference between Xhosha and Shona people? Exactly marks someone as being particularly Jomon instead of Yayoi or Ainu?

No. 1448508

First of all I'm sorry for your loss anon, this is my absolute nightmare scenario and has me keep weeb male acquaintances at an arm's distance at all times. Secondly I hate to break this to you but it's probably too late for him. It's better just to drop him as quietly and nonchalantly as possible to avoid drama.
>he's not attracted to me
Yes he is. And nonnie, if he's gross enough to larp as a little anime girl, have meltdowns over you misgendering him once AND admit to jerking off to you he's not worth your time. At all. Love yourself a bit, this guy has red flags all over him. Join a new discord server and find a new friend group to distract yourself with. Even if this guy wasn't a troon he would still be ungodly dysfunctional and breaking your boundaries and you don't need him in your life, even if you've known him for 5 years. You'll make better friends.

No. 1448510

My view on the topic is that race is unlike sex actually a spectrum, even apart from this, the boundaries of “white”/“Caucasian” and “black” are clearly not sharp. Are the indigenous peoples of West Asia, South Asia, and North Africa “white”/“Caucasian”, or are they black? (Or even “Asian”?) what's the white about a Spaniard or a naturally tanned frencman then compared to a berber from Algeria
often times the difference between "white" and "non white" is often just a name, accent, hair cut, and clothing. Most People from the fertile crescent (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel/Palestine) look the same as most italians or greeks but one group is considered "white" and the other not


No. 1448512

imo that people can be mixed race makes it a fact that it's a spectrum

No. 1448514

Quick, tell me if Turks are considered white.

No. 1448518

Race isn't a clear-cut division like sex is, dumbass. The very existence of Indians proves that.

No. 1448526

you literally claim to be mixed yourself lmaoo

No. 1448527

>Homosexuality should be normalized more and included in education

No. 1448535

File: 1645447215190.png (1.12 MB, 1172x1426, kjhgf.png)

This they/them guy takes hormones "to be a tomboy"

No. 1448536

you'll never stop getting hsts tims then

No. 1448540

HSTS tims didn't become a noticeable thing in western countries until a few years before the tra movement tho lol

No. 1448541

Why do tradthots keep coming to this thread?

No. 1448544

NTA but nona's implication is that if gay male teens don't internalize that being homosexual is fine they are more likely to fall down the failed man rabbit hole when every online LGBT space pushes kids to transition if they don't fit gender stereotypes to a T.

No. 1448547

On what planet is that a tomboy

No. 1448554

one day disliking trannies will qualify as being a tradthot with the way this logic is

No. 1448558

they're troons trying to derail the thread

it's best to ignore them

No. 1448567

cope. homosexuality will always exist, it's not comparable to deluded perverts that want to mutilate their body

No. 1448585

I know this is old milk, but I finally got around to sitting through this crock of shit, nonnies, and it's inadvertantly fucking hilarious.

I especially enjoy around the 31:00 minute mark when he starts quoting Janice Raymond in an over-the-top eeevil witch voice.

No. 1448587

does it ever dawn on you that people around you in your life only tolerate you because they see you as too pathetic to bully?

No. 1448614


I want to reply to an old comment on a different thread so please bare with me if I’ve done it wrong but it’s in reference to some absolute scrote white man larping as a woman, talking over white women and “uplifting” WOC voices.

Yknow, the ones desprate to be in womens spaces, sissy fetishes and pedos are one thing but there’s an extra level of heinous when you larp as a white woman to talk OVER a white woman and “on behalf” of WOC.

I think white mens problem, is that white women got too genuinely close to being in power. Not just some hand maiden here and there playing their part in the old mens club, but actually in power making change. So instead they’ve created a villain and mockery out of them. And in the same breath they silence WOC, speaking on their behalf, assuring them that they know what’s best and of course they’re far more hated and repressed than any born woman. They can’t even breast feed their babies! Yknow the ones they didn’t actually birth themselves. Anyway my point was that if white women honestly and truely got in genuine power, you know black women, latinas, Indian women, Asian women etc would all be less than 2 mins behind them. But instead they’ve got women cheering for their balding heads and tragic outfits calling “yassss qween!”

I mean honestly it’s almost impressive. They’ve managed to not only silence women and make a mockery of us, but also be upheld as hero’s by the very women they’re silencing and mocking.

Anyway here’s the link to the TikTok in question if the reply doesn’t work.


No. 1448624

acceptance of homosexuality is what got us in the situation we're in with troons, anon.

No. 1448628

Don't respond to the /pol/ bait. Just ignore it and move on with your life.

No. 1448632

retard. transgender ideology is a direct result of homophobia. acceptance didn't get us here, male depravity did. people who would rather their son cut off healthy body parts and larp as a woman than be gay. why do you think people in muslim patriarchal countries accept transgender ideology? because it's a direct counter to homosexuality. you can't be gay, become a woman.

No. 1448634

File: 1645462063788.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1907x1639, 888F0794-67B0-4DA6-A9F5-DA6806…)

Femicide, rape and abuse we face for simply being born is not a myth. Now we don’t have the right to feel safe in women only spaces because of these men. The last comment is so fucking ignorant too.

No. 1448638

transgenderism would not exist in the first place if it weren't for heteronormativity (hsts) and male depravity (agp). In many Muslim counties like Saudi Arabia being gay is illegal but being transgender isn't. Why do you think that is? Because mutilating homosexual people into a bad imitation of straight people is more acceptable than just letting them be gay

No. 1448639

This was never a thing in the west tho where trannies are now most accepted. Trannies here got acceptance by piggybacking off the LGB movement and I really don't see how you can deny that they used the momentum of gay and lesbians becoming accepted for themselves.

No. 1448640

> gay women are more marginalized than straight women
Sage for OT and potential hot take but outside of heteronormativity aren't straight women somewhat "marginalized" too in that they're attracted to literal evil? We're brainwashed to want a fairytale with the men who kill and rape us. Ik female separatism blah blah (I'm voluntarily celibate myself) but not all women are going to be able to live without a man, imo it's brainwashed into us at a young age to want a family and to marry a sweet caring man as depicted in media (who also doesn't exist irl).
Obviously this comparison does not include straight men who are LARPing as underage yuri anime characters, kek.

No. 1448641


I don't mind the blogging of anon's situation because it's the perfect example of how troons endanger women. And this place may be one of the few spaces to get actual advice. You're treading on thin ice anon. He's already verbally abusing you and hyperfocusing on you. Chances are he was pretty obsessed with you in the first place. Men use trans as a shield and he's going to use your friend group to pressure you into something sexual. If you don't mind me asking, what did he say that made you cry?

Honestly, best advice you could have. I'm guessing (and hoping) you're not a lesbian since he hasn't inserted himself into your "lifestyle." He can't use your heterosexuality as affirming. If you can fake a boyfriend, by all means. But if you and your friend group are too close and they're all handmaidens then they'll figure it out. Find a male friend, a normie saying this guy doesn't make you fill safe and talked about having sex dreams with you. They'll love to play hero. Men and women often stop hanging out with their friends when entered into a new relationship because of the attention it demands. 1) He'll hate the idea of you having sex with a ma and 2) A fake boyfriend will be a great excuse to "drift" apart.

No. 1448647

Don’t do this to Pete he doesn’t deserve this,also kek

No. 1448648

The worst I can blame the gays for is that they’re not good gatekeepers; 30-40 years ago the fucking pedo movement nearly tried piggybacking on the lgb and might have succeeded if it weren’t for based lesbians being the voice of reason. And look at history repeating itself, once again the based lesbians are Cassandras telling the truth. But because this one has the power of vindictive coomer straight men and social media brainwashing behind it no one is listening.

No. 1448650

Do you really think ALL muslim patriarchal countries accept transgenders? lol wtf, that's only iran at most.

No. 1448655

Transgenderism existed in ancient societies to an extent through how fags dressed up the little boys they were raping as girls and how they became socialized as some weird blend between male and female as sex slaves for elite men in all places around the world. see: Japan, China, Southeast Asia, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, the Levant, ect

No. 1448659

all women are in deep shit no matter what tbh

if we choose to share our lives with men they make us suffer, if we choose to live away from men they make us suffer

men hate us no matter what we do

No. 1448666

Thank fuck they actually removed the thread and banned the user for sexualization of minors. I can't believe they're so open about their depravity and grooming that the subreddit's own mods didn't delete it in the first place. 30 year olds openly talking to a 17 year old about masturbation, what the fuck is wrong with them?

No. 1448667

You guys will just blame the gays for everything without even reading about how trannies came to be

No. 1448671

File: 1645466613354.png (1.94 MB, 1500x1220, Screen Shot 2022-02-21 at 1.02…)

holy balls. all it takes to get access to sleeping 5th grade girls at camp is to pretend you are a they/them.

No. 1448675

Some anons keep going on about that same thing sperging about religion and ancient cultures like who gives a shit
But if you're gonna go on a rant about it atleast be historically accurate

No. 1448682

That's hilarious.

Anyone who is good with photoshop willing to mockup a cover of any HP novel with the title "Harry Potter and Why You'll Never Be A Woman"?

No. 1448683

They-them freaks are they-them pedos. Holly Molly! Golly! Who would have thought?! I am so le shook.

No. 1448688

Regarding their complaints about white women, do these freaks not understand that many white radfems in America actually support feminist causes overseas in third world countries? After the Taliban takeover I now send portions of my paychecks to charities like Women for Afghan Women and RAWA. There are other women who did the same like myself who are not Afghan women but rather women who empathize with the extremes of female subjugation and oppression even we cannot relate directly to the oppression they’re facing ofc. The same goes for FGM and child marriage, other issues that I care about that aren’t top concerns in America atm but are massive problems abroad. I know plenty of white radfems who donate to these causes. No one that I know of ever advertises how much they’ve donated or posts about their donation on social media for woke points in radfem circles. Usually radfems use their radfem social media accs to spread the links to influence others to donate.
I know that TRAs won’t comprehend this though, because troons typically suffer from extreme narcissism. From my observations men/TRAs and many so-called “good” people in general are so self-centered that they can’t comprehend giving a shit about other people without getting something directly out of it like woke points on social media or in this case “look see I’m not a predator” tranny points. Notice how trannies only care about feminist causes that benefit them. When PP is under controversy for abortion, they always bring up the potential restriction of HRT and trans healthcare in trans spaces. They, like typical men, do not give a shit about anyone else unless others’ issues are directly inconveniencing them; hence why they so often hijack causes for positive changes for women and girls and then throw a fit because it will “hurt” trans women. We can’t have shit in Detroit. We know this by now.
It also goes back to their stereotypes of white women being Karen or if younger, Karen-lite, which is the bitchy women that won’t fuck them. That’s disregarding the unattractive women who men just outright ignore. I guess they (white males) expect non-white women, particularly black women (since the Karen character originates from experiences within the black community), to agree with them. To which I say that it is so typical of white men to evoke black women’s intergenerational trauma and experiences oppression to further their own agenda. Nothing like manipulating women into doing all the activism for males, amirite? And as always it is so ironic because I think the most privileged white women are those so out of touch with the actual state of the world that they think trans people are actually being murdered (outside of being prostitutes or tricking idiot men) and that sex work should be completely legalized and normalized because it is so empowering for all the women in it. Only when you learn about the actual issues and reality for the marginalized groups do you see how full of shit TRAs are, constantly co-opting others’ oppression for their own arguments and furthering agendas that are advantageous to them in America (“circumcision is FGM for trans gals!”) but ultimately so harmful for women and girls and other marginalized groups across the globe.
Fuck them and this dumb ass “TERFs are just privileged rich white women” argument. If I ever become a “rich white woman” later on I will be donating the majority of that money to other women and girls, with the female solidarity and the empathy for women of different backgrounds/oppressions—something that troons and all other males will never have.

No. 1448689

there's no way that's not a child predator

also if he's ""non-binary"" why doesn't he sleep with the boys? why does it have to be the girls?

No. 1448697

Not attempting to derail but in minority communities in the states there’s still child marriage we are fighting. It took making a minimum age in all but like three states in the last ten years.

No. 1448699

yeah so male depravity, just like anon already correctly pointed out kek

No. 1448711

Because they/thems think that it somehow makes them “non-men”, therefore it’s fine to lump themselves with women or girls, other “non-men”. It’s just a woke cover. Less commitment than being a “transwoman”, but still enough power to call anyone a “transphobe” and sue. Enbies are sinister and predatory.

No. 1448712

>(since the Karen character originates from experiences within the black community)
Lol you bought the lie. "Karen" is a reddit meme about middle aged white women who argue with retail/service industry employees. It never had anything to do with "racism" or "wocs" redditors and liberal mean just used black people as a meat shield so they can be misogynistic in public w/o getting heat. As per usually.
The meme originates from a reddit post about a man complaining about his "cunt ex-wife karen"

No. 1448716

File: 1645470135530.jpg (Spoiler Image,108.74 KB, 896x896, BrazilianTroon.jpg)

Every time I see a tranny saying WOC are "manly" and comparable to themselves I will just post this pic of the brazilian Big Brother troon. Everyone can spot the moid here.

No. 1448721

ntayrt but the reddit "meme" only caught on after black twitter's consistent usage of nicknames like karen, becky, etc. to describe racially motivated white women. besides, two things can be true at once, and TRAs use "karen" as a misogynistic dogwhistle

No. 1448722

hmmm… im going to take a guess and say the rectangular one with fat beefy arms and a receding hairline

No. 1448728

Gender affirmation ~

No. 1448743

Majority of POC aren’t even pro trans. Where does this delusion even come from?

No. 1448749

Oh right anon, there’s actually a series on Hulu exposing child marriage in America that I forget the name of.
I also read recently about immigrant males fleeing the Middle East who are bringing their families to America, including their child brides. Liberal media seems to recognize that this is a human/female rights issue but can’t really argue it because they tread the line of Islamophobia accusations. Is this the minority community you’re mainly referring to? I’ve also seen this in that docuseries on Hulu in religious communities.

No. 1448756

because black people can't be misogynists?

No. 1448757

File: 1645471634426.jpg (Spoiler Image,57.89 KB, 500x500, 487jhp1c0v941.jpg)

also nta but as the other anon said multiple things can be true at the same time. I'm not America but I've seen karen used on the internet for years, picrel for example was a meme on tumblr way before the reddit karen meme happened

No. 1448760

Well, that was infuriating. Also kek at him saying “us” wrt white women, as if his beta male looking ass would EVER get mistaken for being a woman.

No. 1448764

I feel like so many of these men are only capable of viewing this shit from a first world perspective.

No. 1448776

File: 1645472624948.png (33.98 KB, 1436x388, My Ex left me because I was tr…)

when you're so mentally ill that you need to make a fake account to pose as your "gf"

No. 1448777

Yes….because it comes from a reddit post that was a bit of a meme in like, 2014. way before the usage of the "meme" now. and it had nothing to do with epic PoCs calling out racists. "Karens" means literally anything to whoever you ask. "black people invented the meme to call out raycis white women!" "karen is a meme to make fun of antivaxx harpies", "karen is to make fun of entitled customers" etc. We all know its nothing but a misogynistic meme that people online are gaslighting you over because they dont ever want to stop being misogynistic. and its socially acceptable to be misogynistic if the victim is a white female.

No. 1448778

i was a counselor at a camp that had a largely LGBT base to the point where we needed a ‘gender-free’ cabin (that was almost always completely young TiFs) and even then the 2 counselors that were in charge of them were always female. I can’t imagine your kid going to a normal camp and seeing the only people watching your little girl sleep is two men, not even a non-scrote to keep them in check, I would be pissed.

No. 1448798

You know why. He’s probably stealing their panties and jacking off in them

No. 1448807

girl = guy in real life

No. 1448833

yes, and if there werent races I couldn't be mixed as then I would jist be one race, thus making a mix impossible.

No. 1448837

Turks can be white, mongol or arabic, or a mix.

No. 1448863

races exist but aren't set in stone like sex, since at this point of history, no race can be catalogued as "pure". not even back then, since europe, asia, africa and the middle east are the result of the miscegenation of various tribes. spaniards, scandinavians, irish, pashtuns and some iranians can be classified as white, but none of them are really that similar. not even precolumbian amerindians came from the same ancestor (siberians), since at some point, various amerindian tribes mixed with pacific islanders. the only pure "race" remaining on this earth are the natives of the north sentinel island. unlike race, sex is perfectly observable when we born and set in stone since conception

No. 1448867

I think it's a performative thing, since Ru got in trouble for saying he wouldn't let troons on drag race. But, yes, there's so many HSTSs in the drag world now. A bunch of my fag friends from one of the drag bars are "non-binary" now. Even Nick Diramio, who I used to kind of think was funny. Fucking stupid.
kek it's beautiful nonita.

No. 1448884

Those Sentinelese can’t be “pure” either because then they’d be inbred and what’s interesting about the Andamanese peoples is that they are mostly of Basal East Asian descent and genetically cluster with East Asians. They split from the common ancestor of modern day East Asians tens of thousands of years ago, before becoming isolated on the Andaman Islands. They have epicanthic folds, the craniometrics, and limb proportions of East Asians but have retained the frizzy hair and dark skin of their African ancestors.

No. 1448902

I think it makes the debate a lot clearer when you perceive race as being the physical aspect of ethnicity, rather than a set of defined characteristics. Multiple ethnic groups fall under the racial category of ‘white’ - but all of them originated on the European continent. Same as multiple ethnic groups fall under the racial category of ‘black’ but all originated on the African continent. Race is too broad to categorise effectively true, but ethnic heritage can be scientifically identified.(race sperging)

No. 1448927

Transgenderism is a direct result of incels/failedmales clinging to gender roles to try to make themselves relevant.

It's less that liberating people liberates degenerates, it's that liberating women causes moid power structure to disintegrate and a lot of men can't cope. They want to become hyper masculine Nazi retards, pretend to be women, or delude themselves into thinking freedom=free access to sex.

No. 1448931

Can’t wait to tell all the girls and women in Mexico who live in hiding that they’re not actually in danger of being kidnapped and forced into sex slavery by the cartels and that female suffering is a myth. Oh, the girls in Afghanistan are gonna be so thrilled when I tell them that child marriage isn’t actually that bad and being forced into marriage and motherhood before the age of 14 is actually just an urban legend. And gee wiz, all the women of SE Asia who live in fear of being trafficked into China and turned into a mail order bride and walking incubator for a dirt poor abusive Chinese hick are going to just light up when I tell them some white men in dresses have it way worse them. Can’t wait to go to Russia and let them know that the Nazis going door to door and gangraping their women during their invasion in WWII never actually happened, they’ll be ever so relieved.
Give me a fucking break. Wherever there is conflict and poverty in the world, the females feel it first. Ever cis woman on planet earth lives in the knowledge that if they’re country were to go to shit, they would be the first ones to feel it. How dare these fuckers pretend that our eternal suffering as a sex is minimal compared to them getting dirty looks for going outside in a dress with a semi.

No. 1448937

>ethnic heritage can be scientifically identified
No it can't. Jewish people are an ethnic group stemming from multiple different source populations that can be quite genetically disparate (look at Indian, Chinese, Ethiopian Jews).

>Multiple ethnic groups fall under the racial category of ‘white’ - but all of them originated on the European continent.

Modern Europeans themselves aren't even majorly descended from the original human inhabitants of Europe but from later Middle Eastern migrants during the Neolithic. That's why the distinction between modern Europeans and Middle Easterners is one big blur.(race sperging )

No. 1448944

You guys have been race-sperging for the past 3 threads and it’s fucking boring can we please just post and discuss ugly trannies

No. 1448949

arent modern europeans indo-europeans from the caucasus hence caucasian

No. 1448952

File: 1645486907261.jpeg (30.94 KB, 639x480, 83C3DB43-4846-4DCD-BECA-C33B0D…)

Yes they can. (Not me first result on google)

No. 1448955

I hate that “Sage” doesnt work despite all iphones auto correcting it

No. 1448958

everyone dies alone and is red on the inside. we all equally have the same amount of value. none. except trannies, they have less than no value.

No. 1448962

no, that was from one german guy who thought caucasians were beautiful and the best race so he thought the "highest race" must have originated from caucasia. europeans are actually a mix of indigenous european hunter gatherer, ancient north eurasians, and middle eastern farmers.

ancestry dna only goes a few generations back and looks for the populations most genetically similar to an individual. your results can change depending on their database and they are also biased towards larger populations. if you compare population genetics then you would see europeans cluster with west asians and north africans.

No. 1448967

File: 1645487831313.jpeg (915.08 KB, 3433x2303, 30A0A995-4B54-4FE1-8178-403F7E…)

haha holy shit no wonder these dudes are so miserable

No. 1448978

Proof? Because it just sounds like you’re backtracking.

No. 1448980

proof for what? that ancestry dna testing has limitations or the genetic history of europeans? i didn't "backtrack" anything.

No. 1448982

What backtracking, retard? Stop trying to rope that other anon in a lengthy genetics debate

No. 1448986

can we get back on topic

the first troon i saw up close was at uni and the image has been burned into my mind
he had long greasy black hair with a very receded hairline and bald spot, unshaven and spotty face, reeking of bo
he had white trainers with bright yellow legwarmers, tights that unfortunatly were not opaque that had a lot of hairs sticking out
on top of this he wore a tight longsleeved black tshirt with some cartoon on the front and to top it off a bright pink tutu

why do troon dress themselves like five year olds on a sugar rush dressing themselves for the first time
and why do they put in zero effort, like how hard is it to shave your face and legs and to take a shower

No. 1448988

Anon said that ethnic heritage cannot be scientifically determined, citing Jewish diversity.

Yet when I post a DNA heritage test that shows the Exact Jewish subcategory anon backtracks and says that it's irrelevant because it only goes back a few generations.(stop with the race sperging )

No. 1448990

File: 1645488484062.png (292.8 KB, 636x603, 74B0792D-25D0-4B4B-9BCA-5FEA3A…)

You have no idea what you're talking about. That anon is right, lmao. Anyway can we plz stop the race sperg?

No. 1448999

I saw all your DNA charts, here's what they said
>>75% human
>>25% lawn clippings

No. 1449004

The first troon I saw was in Sephora around 2010. He thumbed through everything unabashedly and put lipstick testers straight from his fingers onto his mouth

No. 1449008

had this problem too kinda annoying might be worth bringing up on meta since phones do auto capitalize

No. 1449010

pls end the race spergery

No. 1449012

Proto-Indo-Europeans originated from the Pontic–Caspian steppe. Not going to get into all the genetics here since this is starting to seriously derail the thread.

Sorry nona.

No. 1449020

The first troon I ever saw was this big white guy who looked liked he was in his 40s-50s. He towered over everyone else. His outfit was a black suit jacket, black pencil skirt, fishnet stockings, a short blond wig, and black high heels that made him look even taller. He had a deep voice and the makeup on his face was applied more sloppily than a drugged out prostitute.

No. 1449025

>gets misgendered in my dreams

because you know you are a male who is an imposter and will always be

No. 1449033

thought this was arabic because of the font choice at first also I'm blind

No. 1449044

not the first troon as i saw but when i was like 18 i went to a hayley kiyoko concert and it was full of nice young lesbians except for this hulking 6’5 troon in fucking 2013 jeffrey campbell lita platforms and a gigantic sun hat indoors, at night, and decided to stand directly in front of me and my friends the entire concert. literal no self awareness

No. 1449050

Kek do you all think trannies have an identity crisis where they realize that these individual surgeries won't do shit because secondary sex characteristics are super deep (like compare male leg fat distribution to female fat distribution). These things 'add' up subconsciously to the average person which is why a BBL and facial feminization surgery doesn't fix getting misgendered but makes it more obvious they're trying to pass.
Get it through your heads troons, people feel bad for you. You are not women and you know you don't even want to be treated like actual women.

No. 1449066

I can't remember the first troon that I saw but I will say that I've noticed so many more of them now to where it's actually concerning. The actual percentages of LGBT in high schools is now something like >40% which does not seem legitimate at all. And the amount of grown men who have transitioned since covid! Whew.
I'm glad that now it's a little bit easier to know which men are unhinged and should be avoided. Buuuut at times it's just terrifying because they'll be in some context where I have no way of avoiding them and knowing how much they obsess over "cis girls" I get ridden with anxiety wondering if they're going to obsess over my looks and then try to kill me to actually skinwalk me. It's not like I have a panic attack but it is a thought in the back of my mind which is why I try to be apathetic to them so they'll leave me alone. Maybe other women ITT who have the unfortunate 'knack' for attracting socially awkward moids (fml) can relate to these fears. Trooning out and porn are tied so closely together, I'd guess that makes formerly nerdy men even more risky and more likely to rape/attack women and girls than before.
I also worry about being attacked because some of them are massive to where I'd have no chance. There was a ginormous (like a legit HULKING 6'7) troid employee at a random shop in my local area who looks like the "It's Ma'am" scrote mixed with a WWE wrestler. I swore to never go there again after that; the entire time I was just thinking if this guy followed me back to my car and assaulted me I'd be dead with no chance of survival except for weapons. Me aside, I feel like no woman could fight this man and it is a depressing thought that moids are now able to threaten and attack us using their innate physical strength, within feminist circles. When I say that he was enormous, I mean it. He was like that picture of NikkieTutorials but more jacked with his biceps on display.

No. 1449068

the first troon I saw was also at uni and he was pacing in circles around the very small common area of this class building, loudly talking to himself and practicing his japanese, & verbally berating himself when he messed up. Whenever he got too frustrated he'd walk into the women's bathroom for like 30 seconds and then come back and start pacing and muttering again. He had badly dyed pink hair and rainbow thigh highs. I was trying to study for an exam at the time and was so pissed off at him for fucking up my concentration.

No. 1449070

samefag but also it was unsettling because there was lots of other people packed into the common area at the time but everyone just kept their eyes down and was silent even though he was being super disruptive. I think it's because he was acting so unhinged that no one wanted to cause him to flip out and potentially go postal.

No. 1449078

fair enough, anon

No. 1449088

i feel like ive been in that exact position before, it’s usually moids with autism that think they’re being cute/quirky and are hoping someone will come up to them and reassure them like teh anime girls when really they’re just being scary and psychotic

No. 1449095

nice dad bod

No. 1449097

File: 1645499843676.png (258.29 KB, 755x667, Doom Pill Pagliacci on Twitter…)

Yes this troon knows better than the nurse who went through years of schooling to treat your ungrateful arse.

No. 1449099

File: 1645499882689.jpg (185.3 KB, 1079x1894, FMKVG67WQAIQmkZ.jpg)

No. 1449100

File: 1645499974603.jpg (185.84 KB, 1079x1535, FMKVG68WQAMHprA.jpg)

No. 1449113

File: 1645500960525.png (34.52 KB, 759x531, kill the rapists.png)

this troon needs to be hanged

No. 1449115

File: 1645501035183.jpg (75.8 KB, 737x900, FL-WiXrXsAYsWt0.jpg)

No. 1449116

File: 1645501159247.png (470.52 KB, 746x1036, Mandy Stadtmiller on Twitter.p…)

No. 1449120

>A California transgender woman who was convicted of molesting a young girl but got off with a slap-on-the-wrist sentence of just two years in a juvenile facility openly laughed at her generous plea deal and was heard mocking her victim in newly revealed jailhouse phone calls. The 26-year-old defendant, who now goes by the name Hannah Tubbs, boasted to her father in November that she will not have to register as a sex offender, and that 'nothing' will be done to punish her for violently assaulting a 10-year-old
>Tubbs also reportedly made crude and disparaging comments about the child she had abused, jokingly talking about her sexual attraction for the 10-year-old.
>On another call cited by Fox, Tubbs talks about her status as a transgender woman, and reminds her father to use female pronouns in court. 'So now they're going to put me with other trannies that have seen their cases like mine or with one tranny like me that has a case like mine,' Tubbs says. 'So when you come to court, make sure you address me as her.'

No. 1449124

File: 1645502308841.jpg (66.53 KB, 720x895, FL9TKxpXIAIBlqV.jpg)

No. 1449127

File: 1645502376132.jpg (99.51 KB, 1492x718, FMCg0akXIAIQQeO.jpg)

No. 1449128


No. 1449130

why are women with autism generally nerdy but sweet and some men with autism are sadistic perverts who get off on making women uncomfortable, the xy chromosome is a fucking disease

No. 1449136

first tranny i ever saw irl up close was in a goodwill. Short jean skirt, pink tights, cheapie black stiletto's, blond wing, pink cami with a bright blue bra. went right into the bathroom after i got done using it. bf sent me panic'd texts i didnt see at the time. my ass warmth was def still on the toilet seat. this was in 2015. every time i think about it i want to vomit.

No. 1449141

i sell vintage plates/decor on ebay as a side hobby so I’m in thrift stores all of the time, and there’s always so many trannies. During my idealistic libfem phase i told myself it was because they were more likely to be poor or need cheap options to experiment with a new wardrobe but now I’m pretty sure most of them just coom over the clothes and imagine the women (or children) who wore them

No. 1449143

File: 1645505160057.png (285.48 KB, 1040x1054, theguy.png)

I got that feeling, yeah. It's like he was expecting one of us randos to come up to him and be like "oh no uwu are you havin a heckin sad time? Don't worry! language learning is hard! Hey, do you want to hang out with me and my buddies later?" when in reality it went down like picrel

No. 1449144

I hate this and I feel bad for anyone having to do a bra fitting on these horny freaks

No. 1449153

The first tranny I saw and had to interact with was at a restaurant. I was out with my boyfriend and the thing was our waiter. It was 6 ft. with huge bolt ons, wearing a crop top and tight pink shorts. I was uncomfortable but was nice because I didnt want him doing anything to my food. The most fucked up part was my boyfriend didn't even clock him. It really disturbed me and ruined my night. I couldn't believe he couldn't tell, I asked him if he was joking and he kept saying no. Thats when I realized he was brain dead retarded.The waiter was so clearly male but because it had long hair and fake boobs he didnt notice.

No. 1449157


Lol nice pic nona. Sorry for your experience though. My personal first tranny experience was bc of a guy from college. I knew him through a club on campus and one day he confessed to me that he enjoyed crossdressing and thought he might be a woman. He asked me if he could come over and show me some of his girl clothes, and this being the early 2000s and me being naive as fuck, I said sure. When he got there he knocked on my apartment door and the idea started making me so uncomfortable that I just hid in my room and never answered kek. I think it’s telling though that even though the big TRA stuff hadn’t started and trannies were still not a huge thing like now, I still felt too freaked out to let him into my place where I lived alone. It’s like women naturally just know.
Also, I did hear about the guy a couple years back and he has become a full-fledged tranny now w the dickchop and everything. Apparently the surgery really traumatized him.

No. 1449162

kek this should be the next threadpic

No. 1449166

He probably thought someone (preferably a cute girl) would come up to him and speak to him in japanese just like his animes
Also great troon art anon

No. 1449171

File: 1645510906611.jpg (19.6 KB, 357x343, CronCdIVYAAvPqQ.jpg)

first irl one i saw was at a doctors office a few years ago, looking absolutely chris-chanesque.
picrel, it was one of those third trimester tier bloated old men with the classic scraggly tranny hair wearing a miniskirt and a too small tshirt.
had a laugh with my mum about it, but the sad thing was that there was a woman with him.

No. 1449173

I work in a goodwill and it’s the first place I saw the first (of many) troons. The ones that haunt me are the ones that buy diapers and children clothing. This one time one kept fishing for compliments as I was ringing him up. He would say things like “is this dress too tight? I don’t know it feels right what do you think? Does this look good? Is this too small for me?” And I ignored most of what he said but I replied with a monotone “no” and got him to leave. Every single tranny that I’ve seen shop here has terrible sense of style, the nastiest hair and body oder and all look like fucking ogres. I love raising my voice higher when speaking to them and I hope they cry in the dressing room when nothing fits

No. 1449185

First Tranny I saw was in a Starbucks. I was only about 13 and it confused the fuck out of me. He was dressed like a prostitute in a red dress and heels, he was really old, he had lipstick and a scraggly wig on. That’s all I remember.

No. 1449192

File: 1645513046400.jpg (67.52 KB, 720x540, WallBreakingOut.jpg)

No. 1449198


why isn't he wearing underwear… no one needs to see the outline of your foreskin sir

No. 1449199

took me a moment to get this anon, congratulations on being hilarious

No. 1449202

First troon I saw was on stilts and his ass was in my face, I think I was like 12. He was basically just in underwear. How could I have known that a parade would randomly go through that street and I'd be stuck behind a monstrosity on stilts? People made me feel crazy for years that I'm not a big fan of them. Was one of the few times we went outside of the biblebelt too, I thought this is just what lgbt is, which really made it difficult for me to accept myself.

No. 1449204

File: 1645514705445.jpg (67.76 KB, 607x594, troonmoment.jpg)

Thanks for the support and advice. For all of the anons wondering if he know where I live, He does but I really don't think he'd ever do anything to me. He's such a feeble man. I mean he's 6'2 but built like a toothpick. SO the thing he said to make me cry was a week or so after the cafe ambush. I was hanging out with him and a friend. She's a huge hand maiden. Like she'll post "Where can I find a tall trans lesbian gf" and post that pic where that tall lady is picking up that short lady. just to put it in perspective. So we were hanging out just sitting around waiting on doordash and she's like "So i know this is a weird time" And then she brings up a bunch of hefty drama, drama i wasnt even aware of. So pretty much he'd been talking all this shit about me behind my back to this girl because she starts unloading all of this apparent baggage he has with me and he's just sitting there pushing his fingers together and looking to the side with his lips puckered. Literally, I'm not even exaggerating, he was trying to mimic a soft uwu anime girl acting like he didnt see this coming. I just said "Oh,I didn't know you felt that way" just wanting to apologize and tip-toe away from this. and he goes and brings up my past struggles with abuse as an example of how he feels? I dont remember word for word but it was a big no-no I will try my best to give you an example of the conversation.
Me: Didnt know you felt that way,im sorry

Troon friend: Well to be honest I made it pretty clear.

handmaiden:You really need to be more sensitive towards her now. you cant say things like "dude" in regards to her (raising her voice a little)

I apologize again but he had never directly told me I couldnt say dude.

Troon friend: You know what it's like to be verbally abused and then you turned around and did it to me and I'm not even sure if you ever even cared about me now.

At this point I start crying because he just directly compared me to my abuser and that was a situation where i was relying on him for emotional support and I guess he told this girl about that really private matter so I'm angry and heartbroken.

handmaiden: I know this is hard but you need to stop crying because you have to think about how Bee feels she should be the one crying.

troon friend sits there and sighs and then pulls the classic "I cant do this right now" and walks out, I'm like "what is this madness" I just wanna go home but i drove there with them.

They come back in berate and guilt me some more and then I left, got a lyft and waited at the playground. Troon friend calls me like 5 times on discord I dont bother. Some of the friends are on my side because of him sharing my private info some of them are on his side because they think i'm using my cisness to get around the consequences of being insensitive to my "new trans sister". One friend in the middle is saying we have to shake hands and make up because girls have to stick together. fuck that. I'm pissed right now, let me be pissed. I'm scared to stop being friends cause I know I'll be called transphobic by Bee and they'll eat it up. Im just lying low I just say Im emotionally exhausted.
TBH Ever since he's trooned out my group of friends has become an insufferable hugbox and our conversations always come back to sex,hentai,and communism now. It was nothing like this before. one instance of trooning out changed everything. I think the one other guy in the group is preparing to troon too. Has been posting a lot of femboy memes,watches too much yuri,is growing his hair out and painted his nails blue. Currently trying to find a new group of friends to quietly slide into. Dont be like me,pick up on the signs before its too late.

No. 1449207

Stop trying to advertise your twitter on here, Anna.

No. 1449212

First troon seen IRL was a guy from uni (I studied a IT so go fucking figure), horsefaced ginger male market failure. He had such awful long lanky hair with the Skrillix haircut. Since then, 2 noticeably greasy fat men with black hair on the news with obviously female names. One had fucking facial hair. Then one in the childrens toy aisle which was obviously an unwashed autist with a mask on an short skirt. Another in a DVD store which dressed in a way too short tartan skirt. Last one was on the train and literally looked like an autist nerd boy with ratty hair with dandruff in it. Literally none have been kempt yet.

No. 1449215

File: 1645515321035.jpeg (881.44 KB, 1170x1710, B0ACFFFC-8172-4CBD-86D6-CA911B…)

I'm crying

No. 1449216

I will happily pay for these people to sterilize themselves, yes

No. 1449223

God this sucks nonna, I’m so sorry they did that to you. I say take the friends that are on your side and run a fucking mile. A good place to find female friends would be a women’s social sports league or something similar.
If it’s any consolation, I think the mask is slipping for a lot of people and I can’t think of a single well-adjusted I know who would willingly hang out with a troon. They’re such a nasty combination of fragile and volatile (and usually have a manipulative streak like your former friend) that most people with any confidence and self-respect start removing them from their lives ASAP.
Let this be the moment you grow above and beyond the limits of these people. If you’ve ever wanted to Stacy out or find some solid normie friends now is the time. And stay the fuck away from Bee and his handmaiden.

No. 1449232

kek i had a similar first troon sighting, back in seventh grade some troon held a presentation for my class, probably was like 6'2 dressed in high heels and drag queen makeup, looking back who tf let that man into a middle school full of kids

No. 1449244

you two got me. Thank you nonnies.

No. 1449248

Sorry if this is too bloggy I am a literal sperg myself, but due to social groupings I've been in contact with a lot of autist men. They're usually either pro-trans because they are desperate to fit in anywhere, and can't understand the consequences for other people who are unlike them (women). They think if they "fail" to be a man they could be a woman.
OR they are so socially "unaware" that they give 0 fucks about coddling anyone else's feelings and will loudly question troons because it's illogical (a lot of spergs like science, and transness doesn't add up). This group is a lot less likely to be terminally online because they just don't care for the social interactions/validation you get online.
On the surface you'd think the second group would be the unhinged one but instead they are always very clear with what they think so that makes them less dangerous.

No. 1449262

File: 1645524765539.jpg (100.75 KB, 1200x800, PT-Game.jpg)


One could hope that a sandwich isn't full of shit or in an advanced state of decay.

No. 1449282

this is terrifying

imagine walking through the door and seeing this creature standing there watching you

No. 1449283

File: 1645528640821.jpg (421.81 KB, 2048x1536, 1048698_349380111857797_568253…)

It baffles me how ugly old moids think they are hot girls. Picrel is some stunning Finnish maidens embellishing our nature with their presence.

No. 1449284

Its either greasy dad in a wig or extreme surgery bimbo, and theres no in between. But both are equally easy to clock.

No. 1449287

apart from pride the first time i saw a tim irl was at a soup kitchen i was volunteering at at 18. He was probably the typical foreign trans prostitute everyone in my country pictures when they think about trans people. Honestly he was very graceful and polite and I just felt bad for him. This summer I saw a huge lia thomas looking one with cat ears. did not feel bad for him

No. 1449288

Idk why, but I genuinely didn't expect to see older Finnish men trooning around in public like this

No. 1449290

>ugly old moids think they are hot girls.
“How can anyone love someone who is less than a full person, unless love itself is domination per se?”
― Andrea Dworkin, Intercourse

Men "love" beautiful feminine women but hate them if they are masculine. They don't find women beautiful. They find femininity beautiful. That's why they find themselves beautiful if they perform their favorite flavor of femininity. It has nothing to do with beauty and love but everything with conformity and control. They can't control the women in their life or their homosexuality so they define what femininity, women and heterosexual relationships are.

No. 1449294

Some Jouni would beat the fuck out of them in the drunken snack bar queue and that at least brings me comfort, I've also found car shows like these to be very much full of 50s enthusiasts/rightoids, so this is indeed kinda strange to see.

No. 1449295

File: 1645531753192.png (1.02 MB, 1424x1080, C2D8AC1F-6BF9-4CA3-AF65-DD248B…)

That is fucked up. What was the presentation about, out of interest?
When I saw the tranny at Starbucks he reminded me of the tranny from Christina’s video for Beautiful. Really old with a massive, hulking manly nose and caked on makeup. The wig was much worse than this one.

No. 1449299

Me neither. I thought we only had a ftm and nonbinary female infestation here. Gotta burn this whole place down soon.

No. 1449301

i know this is wierd but after something similar happened with a group of friends after a night out
it seems most men clock them straight away but some others notice but just dont process it
they take one glance and their brain immediately says 'wow that is one ugly woman' and then they take no further notice, they have already made up their mind and are not going to dedicate any thought process to it
when discussed two of the guys there said they thought it was just some tarted up old hag
to them there was little difference between a troon and some fat old woman dressing like a pornstar with botched plastic surgery
tbh they probably took one look thought 'i dont want to fuck that' and moved on
its like they process the world differently, they tend not to notice little things, like everything is based on snap quick judgements and they dont bother to look any deeper

No. 1449311

File: 1645534460634.jpeg (87.53 KB, 958x312, ABC063CF-926C-4137-969F-A5ACA0…)

kim petras is pretending like the onslaught of criticism he’s gotten for making a record called ”slut pop” with an alleged abuser dr. luke is bc he’s trans. fun reminder: of Kesha accusing dr. luke of rape, kim said he’d ”never work with someone he believed to be an abuser of women”

No. 1449313

I think radical feminists should be legally allowed to kill trannies.

No. 1449314

Why does Finland have so many trannies? Is it American influence, religion, or something else?

No. 1449315

this eunuch is like 30 and progressively getting disabled and bloated from cutting his dick off. He should just retire and stfu.

No. 1449317

File: 1645534941198.png (1.39 MB, 1079x607, FL8KFjmXEAAhoyS.png)

Lia Thomas was probably discussed in older threads but that shit really ends me

No. 1449318

first troon i recall encountering was back in 2008. i had a part time job at a clothing store, running the female dressing rooms. an old guy with long hair in a mini skirt and a suit top would come in regularly and try on women's clothes. he'd come out of the cabin and ask me how a dress or jeans look on him and how his ass looks in it, waiting for me to validate him. it was an obvious power play for fetish reasons and it still disgusts me to this day

No. 1449320

His name is William

No. 1449321

women are expendable to them. they don't give a shit about us.

No. 1449322

where i'm from finnish men are known to be macho so maybe it's a case of feeling like a "failed man" if you're not masculine enough?

No. 1449325

logan paul looking motherfucker kek

No. 1449326

The songs all sound like Dr. Luke's rejects, even ignoring the context they're just not good.

No. 1449327

Finland's still a pretty typical "men don't complain or show feelings" country while still being pretty open in general. Emotionally stunted men become mentally ill = trooning out.

But I am 100% sure this wouldn't have happened/as fast without American influence

No. 1449328

lmao but seriously I hate this argument so much. I've said this before but putting your dick into something doesn't mean you're having sex with it, just as if I were to put a pen or a hairbrush handle inside my vagina (both of which I have done in the past!) I wouldn't be having sex with it. I didn't have sex with the fucking hairbrush handle cause it was attractive to me, I was just using it to masturbate! I still have standards when it comes to who I want to have sex with. using an inanimate object to masturbate with ≠ having sex with or being attracted to. men will masturbate with all manner of inanimate objects but when it comes to choosing someone to have sex with they want bio women.

No. 1449331

I know this convo passed days ago but I just gotta say, the fact that this scrote associates the word girls with cutesy bubbly warm fuzzies but the term woman with stiff unappealing rigid aesthetics is a big red pedo flag, I really hope a parent at that school finds his twitter and is able to make some sort of formal complaint.

No. 1449332

File: 1645536917481.png (45.56 KB, 952x331, slutpop.png)

samefag, this is page 1 of the google search for 'slut pop' btw.

No. 1449333

Is this on Giggle? Wtf

No. 1449336

> I didn't have sex with the fucking hairbrush handle cause it was attractive to me, I was just using it to masturbate!
I’m sorry but this sounds like how a moid thinks women masturbate. Who tf masturbates this way lmao

No. 1449337

good news is he's helped me peak several people! i don't even have to try, i just show them this and they come to their own terfy conclusions all on their own

No. 1449347

i'd expect nothing less from rym, the site that tags SOPHIE and 100 gecs' music with "female vocals".

No. 1449350

>the feminism test
top kek. the real feminism test should be: define "woman"

No. 1449355

i've met a couple women who do when they're too embarrassed to buy a sex toy or something. maybe before they have their own place. personally i think penetration is kind of dreadful anyway but some women are also too sensitive for clitoral stimulation so idk. definitely not just a moid thing, though they probably think we're all doing it because we're so sad over not having their dicks or something, lmao. that being said please don't masturbate with shit you can't sterilize!

No. 1449356

>you're misogynistic if you hate music made by a man who rapes women

kill me

No. 1449357

thankfully it wasnt troon related, he just held a presentation on different dialects and accents in the english language for us, the troon i saw also really reminds me of that one for sure lol

No. 1449365

Ah, ok. Didn’t mean to shame real women. Penetration to masturbate is foreign to me. But I did hump pillows when I was young so who am I to judge women fucking hairbrushes

No. 1449375

The first troon I saw was back in 2006 in Hong Kong. It was a massive white man wearing 50s style red polka dot dress and high heels complete with long blonde wig and full face of drag makeup even though that wasn’t a thing back then. He looked positively uncanny valley especially next to the locals. And when he saw how everyone was staring at him uncomfortably, he smirked to himself in this really creepy way that caused visceral reaction in me. Little naive me thought maybe he was feeling awkward and trying to fake confidence because everyone was looking at him like a freak that he was. Little did I know that what I’ve experienced was the AGP smirk and he was most likely gloating to himself about how all these women were jealous of him and all the men want to fuck him lmao

No. 1449377

This was common when I was in high school because girls didn't have access to sex toys. Horrible idea though.

No. 1449378

he's still a man even if you call him by his legally recognized name

No. 1449380

These sorts of pics never fail to make me laugh. Looks like a bunch of blokes forced to crossdress as a punishment.

No. 1449384

File: 1645542403887.png (240.94 KB, 1184x1218, Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 19.0…)

Has Dakooters been talked about on here? I got some of his videos recommended to me and though I couldn't recognise that it was a man due to the voice, it only took two more videos to know that he was trans. While I don't think he's as 'problematic' as other troons mentioned in this thread, there's nothing I hate more than men who make all the girldick videos, especially when their voices are passing. it's so degrading.

youtube: dakooters
twitter: https://twitter.com/dkooters
twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/dkooter

No. 1449386

I hate how they always have drawing of young girls and then the most dirty text to go along with it. I feel like even for a lot of the Gay troons, there's some fetish involved.

No. 1449389

the motive for transitioning is always sexual

for agps it's to become the woman they desire and for hsts it's to attract the men they desire (heterosexual men)

No. 1449395

men need curfews

No. 1449401

File: 1645543310072.jpeg (327.7 KB, 960x907, D55B45C4-3233-469A-8834-3BB416…)

A lot of people in the comments are calling him out.

No. 1449410


No. 1449420

Imagine how much safer it would be if men weren’t allowed out at night.

No. 1449434

Moids use sandwiches to masturbate because they can't find an available woman-hole. Men will literally fuck almost anything. It's not the same.

No. 1449450

File: 1645548590587.jpeg (140.9 KB, 810x1638, A017109B-F787-4C96-AC18-0D585A…)

presented without comment

No. 1449460

Some Jouni would beat the fuck out of them in the drunken snack bar queue and that at least brings me comfort, I've also found car shows like these to be very much full of 50s enthusiasts/rightoids, so this is indeed kinda strange to see.

No. 1449468

What is the reason for moids to meet like this? They all they know they're trans for sexual reasons but do they admit it openly to each other or is it just quietly understood and not talked about? Do they all validate each other by thinking "surely I'm not THAT manly and ugly, I pass as a real woman unlike THESE guys" and it makes them feel better????

No. 1449479

IIRC, he got "called out" for misgendering a predator in the past so I think he's extra cautious now.

No. 1449493

File: 1645553116655.jpeg (274.91 KB, 2048x1042, FD7WoLKX0AA4WNT.jpeg)

Reminds me of this pic

No. 1449495

File: 1645553184072.jpg (421.52 KB, 810x1751, Screenshot_20211123-121609_Chr…)

No. 1449500

i feel like the one in the blue dress and glasses is almost passable as a regular nerdy girl, however i doubt i would feel the same way if there was a single actual woman in the photo to compare him to. The one with the bob and hooker outfit is hilarious as well, they really think all women dress like prostitutes for fun.

No. 1449501

File: 1645553739386.png (2.06 MB, 2110x1296, Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 10.1…)

this is one truly ugly mother fucker lmao those man arms…

No. 1449504

i would call the police

No. 1449506

have never heard of a moid using a sandwich before
i just asumed the troon in >>1449215 was making a misogynistic vagina reference
the old 'vagina = roast beef sandwich' one and also the 'vaginas are ugly' one too
i thought he was subtly saying "cis men fuck ugly roast beef vaginas but wont fuck me" out of the jealousy troons have for women

did anyone else think that or am i reading too much into it

No. 1449508

there's a viral video of a moid fucking a mcchicken

No. 1449511

this is information i was not aware of
i have even less respect for moids now

No. 1449517

A couple videos of scrotes fucking hot pockets went viral too. They will stick their dicks anywhere.

No. 1449519

No. 1449522

This plus liberal idiots enabling troons by handmaidening aroung thinking this is gay rights vol. 2.

No. 1449523

is it at all possible to find a decent moid or should i just give up hope

No. 1449531

Maybe there are some men not addicted to pornography amongst the Amish.

No. 1449535

You don't think thats what is going to happen? West is already shilling and shoehorning them and their "rights".

No. 1449539

"I'm sad that no one sends me unsolicited dick pics"
–no woman ever

No. 1449541

Wait, if they are mtf trans, how are they drag?

No. 1449543

they should be pros, their whole life is a drag routine

seriously though it makes no sense, maybe they just saw mostly gay men having fun and decided they had to take it over

No. 1449545

i think i have encountered the one in gray dress in the wild

No. 1449547

I agree with you, except all our spaces are being advertised to trans women and these freaks are being welcomed. I used to love playing roller derby but roller derby now panders to these lunatics (I think it’s particularly popular for them as it’s always been a woman’s full contact sport, so it has that extra edge of stepping on us unlike womens football teams).

I’m so sick of them being allowed in all our spaces, and if you made actual womens only sports teams you’d be ostracised for being transphobic, your team all outed as terfs and no one to play against.

Fucking bleak.

No. 1449554

He looks "passable" because his outfit is the one that looks least like a moids dream hooker. If trannies actually dressed in normal women's attire they could pass as disfigured or intersex women sometimes but their pornified version of women's clothing gives them away.

No. 1449555

i was thinking about joining roller derby and this is making me heavily reconsider. i’m 4’10 and about 100 pounds and I was already intimidated by full contact with real women, much less a giant troid who’s elbow is flush with my face

No. 1449558

Retarded take. All four of them are HSTS i.e. gay men. Three out of the four didn't even come out as trans until after the show was filmed. They're hardly "taking over drag" by participating in it for years and THEN deciding they're a tranny. Gay males don't care about us, nona, you can stop caping for them. Especially drag queens who laugh at us for being female.

No. 1449562

Samefag but to answer this question, they are MTF and also drag queens because they think their mockery of femininity is the same as womanhood. TRAs keep pushing that womanhood is nothing but a feeling, so it isn't surprising that narcissistic gay men who spend half their free time dressed like hookers and making jokes about vaginas and female anatomy would decide that they were actually women all along.

No. 1449566

>Three out of the four didn't even come out as trans until after the show was filmed
oh i was not aware i presume troons were just invading spaces where they werent welcome as that seems to be their favourite hobby
>Gay males don't care about us, nona, you can stop caping for them
i don't a scote is a scrote

No. 1449573

Oh no this troon has the same tattoo in the exact same area as my sister's boyfriend (not implying they are the same person and also I will not say which tattoo but it's quite hard to ignore) what a wild coincidence this freaks me out

No. 1449574

When I used to play it was only girls who played, lots of really interesting women, women who worked in science, a couple of non traditional mums and a big lesbian community.

I stopped playing around the time they pase the decision to allow MtF trans people in, I know another anon on the last thread said that in California they advertise now to women gays and they’s so I’m guessing in some places they full on let the men play too. I looked up some of my old teammates profiles and most arnt playing anymore.

I remember when the ruling was made the guy I was dating at the time was like
“I don’t think that’s a good idea, it’s a womens sport that was designed by and for women, if you open it up like that it’ll never get taken seriously”. I wrote him off because at the time I was still adamantly pro trans.

But now I see what he meant. It’s made a total mockery out of what could of and should of been an amazing sport. Instead of working on our sport and having a true womens sage space it’s now a pander party.

I’m sure there are still teams where they exclusively only have women but I don’t think they’re allowed to “discriminate” against trans people. So you’ll at some point either end up with one on your team or one on the opposing team.

A few threads back someone posted one of those fucking wierd fetishists who transitions and tried to “breastfeed” their baby who also played roller derby. You just know that creep joined to perv on women and lesbians. That’s what they’ll be joining for, not the comradeship, not to be around other girls and make friends, but to fucking perv in the changing rooms and have an excuse to smack a cis woman down and then be praised and seal clapped for it.

No. 1449575

>I think white mens problem, is that white women got too genuinely close to being in power. Not just some hand maiden here and there playing their part in the old mens club, but actually in power making change. So instead they’ve created a villain and mockery out of them. And in the same breath they silence WOC, speaking on their behalf, assuring them that they know what’s best and of course they’re far more hated and repressed than any born woman.
You are correct, they outright say this. The far right shits resent white women for not being "trad" enough, for following feminism (which they often call Jewish), and this sort often crosses color boundaries. Men are always mad when women of their own race side with other women or achieve power. They want us to stay their slaves. And yeah, I knw its a troon pretending to be woke, and not a rightoid, but really, whats the fucking difference? They all resent women for daring to get uppity.

No. 1449576

The main thing that makes blue dress not pass is the fucking visible bra, women aren't that incompetent at dressing themselves

No. 1449580

yeah unfortunately troons are taking over the sport. It's really sad because roller derby was such a cool unique activity for women, I used to go watch it all the time as a kid and it was comforting to see grown women playing hard and having fun. Before, the woman-on-woman roughhousing where they're on equal footing was exciting to see who would win (and refreshing to me as a young girl seeing women be allowed to behave that way). But now troons have come in and use the rough nature of the sport to throw their massive male frame around and hurt the actual women players, which is instead just horrifying to watch. It's heartbreaking to lose this sport.

No. 1449581

I feel really upset because I'm finally at a place in my life where I am ready to play women's sports… It sounded like a dream come true but now trannies are ruining it for me.
Are there any other female only sports that are untouched?

No. 1449583

File: 1645561642729.jpeg (443.73 KB, 1300x1678, 5C1D3D12-6A65-449B-9C0D-2DC58F…)

> two fugly failed moids in a polycule get catcalled by some old blind Slavic man and offered a cigarette
> OP accepts the cigarette and posts “UWU how affirming, I pass!”
literally what woman would ever accept a cigarette from a random moid catcaller
> comments affirm the delusion
> pics attached are from earlier posts of the two frankenscrote troids in context

sorry if the collage sucks, I’m shit at making these on my phone kek

No. 1449584

unfortunately even if there is by some miracle some hidden untouched women's sport, sooner or later the troons will find it. It's not a matter of "if" but "when".

No. 1449586

> “we have never, ever gotten misgendered by anyone”
who’s going to tell him that societal norms don’t exactly endorse calling out the visibly mentally ill and willfully disfigured? haven’t they ever seen how people treat a burn victim? (no offense to burn victims btw)

No. 1449595

Nah this has to be a joke. I don't believe it.

No. 1449598

File: 1645563127521.png (1.36 MB, 750x1334, D236F041-E5A9-45BB-8687-04B772…)

It was so much fun, and so empowering to be able to play like that with other women! The woman who taught our fresh meat class was amazing and really changed my life at the time. I just can’t imagine what a tranny is getting from those sessions except
“Me big. Me smash puny girl”.

And the way the girls could skate and skate together was almost artistic, how quickly they could go from being light and graceful to powerfully taking a hit from another girl. But we can’t have that because we have to let fucking “Willow”, “Alice” and “Emily” charge in like a pack of ogres with their five o’clock show, clubbing the girls out of the way with their stumpy frames and affirm that they don’t have to be feminine girls.

The thing is even if they hadn’t let the troons in years ago they’d have been bullied into it anyway by now. I remember some of the girls being, privately, upset about it at the time.

If they want to play why can’t they just set up trans only leagues? I know the answer is because they don’t want trans only leagues they want to be up in our buisness and taking over our space, perving on us and using us for their exhibitionist fetish material.

Roller derby could of and should of been one of the places where actual women could push back.

Also in trying to find the post of the creepy MTF that breastfed their baby and playing roller derby wrote, I’ve discovered that groups made exclusively for women who struggle to breastfeed their babies have been opened up to include trans women. So they also get to just come right on in, with their infants and subject us all to their pedofilic wet dreams by shoving their moobs into the infants mouth whilst also exhibiting their disgusting mauled body’s and demanding we treat them as cisgendered women. Nowhere is sacred and safe for us anymore. Anything we’ve ever had and fought for is up for grabs by men who literally fetishise every aspect of our being then shout over us because they’re more oppressed.

No. 1449603

It would be undeniable to see this in sports where the capabilities of male and female anatomy are extremely obvious. I watched the Olympics recently, learned a bit about skating, and what I’ve learned is that female skating rewards “quad” jumps for the sake of appearing to be 4 rotations, no matter how technically wrong they are. The extremely slender physique that female figure skaters have does not make actual quad jumps with height possible. In fact the “quad” machines in female figure skating are underfed Russian teenage girls who are overworked and burn out in one to two years with a career ending injury (usually the back, because they pre-rotate their jumps which is a lot of twisting/pressure on the back). Male skaters, on the other hand, are welcome to have muscle which in my understanding is essential to their effortless triple and many quad jumps. Recently there is Nathan Chen who is a technical skill monster, basically unbeatable even for more the artistic skaters.
So how long until some male figure skater troons out? The best giveaway will be obvious difference in skaters’ physique and of course the ability to do actual quads that are not reliant upon being prepubescent and using incorrect technique (like the entire foot). It will be like night and day—imagine giant Will Thomas walking on water compared to his competitors. Imo it will be that obvious. And even moreso when like Laurel (I forget his real name) Hubbard is 40 compared to 20 year old competition, because women are considered old by early 20s in figure skating, esp in Russia since they get injured and retire due to their horrid coaches. Imagine some old, washed up moid dominating against 15 year old Russian girls who aren’t taller than 5’2 with toothpicks for limbs. No one will be able to look at that and not see how evident the anatomical differences are between male and female athletes.

No. 1449605

people need to open their eyes to the fact that it's a fetish

when trannys partake in any activity exclusively for women they're doing so because it gets them off

if people would acknowledge this uncomfortable truth we wouldn't have to deal with all this

No. 1449614

former figure skating fag here, i honestly feel like this will be one of the last sports to allow troons just because of how misogynistic and appearance based it is. While technical skill is applauded looking graceful and poised is a huge part of judging, similar to ballet. Tonya Harding for example, who was in all regards a thin feminine woman with just a bit of extra muscle from growing up working class was attacked and called a ‘linebacker’. This is an issue for women in the sport obviously but i’m hoping it has the upside of keeping hulking troons out.

No. 1449615


Oh man, you brought up a deep-buried memory with that screenshot. I remember seeing that music video on AOL when I was 10, and I just felt so gross for reasons I couldn't articulate. I remember liking the song but being afraid to listen to it (no YouTube then, no iTunes either) because I thought if my Mom saw the video she would think it was porn. I was a late-developing kid, but even at 10 I recognized there was something sexual and distorted going on with the man in a dress, no matter how "beautiful" it was presented.

No. 1449617

Figure skating is one of the best examples of male vs female sporting abilities imo. A triple and a quad are essentially the same jump aside from the rotations. So if women are mostly doing triples and men are mostly doing quads, you know it's not a difference in skill or technique because it takes the same skill and technique to do either - it's the sheer difference in power. It's not like other sports when you can just claim men are more skilled and women simply need to improve.

But troons would never fly in skating imo, it's too sexist and too enamoured with tiny, feminine female athletes. They don't even like muscular women let alone moids.

No. 1449628

File: 1645565519909.jpeg (Spoiler Image,466.15 KB, 1125x1044, DCF7729A-41B1-47D0-80B7-3D8EEB…)

the hundreds of women thirst tweeting over hunters stiff moobs so insane

No. 1449629

Insular communities are trash, never to be trusted, and are always rife with abuse of all types.

The Amish abuse most of their kids. Wait, let me do that over. Amish men rape most of their daughters and other female relatives and some of their male relatives.

Plus, the rape of women and girls is usually an open secret within the community, they (Amish men and women) never call the cops, if the cops find out anyway, the Amish support the rapist and not the victim, e.g. they will all stand on the rapist's side at court and no one will be on the victim's side, they slut shame and victim blame the girl, and they preach 'forgiveness' and force the victim to forgive the rapist or face excommunication.

If they think a woman/girl will still be trouble after all that, then they send her off to an unlicensed Amish 'mental health' facility, where she will be kept drugged up, possibly for years.

No. 1449631

you can see the actual outline of the implants

he would benefit from gaining some weight if he actually wants to pass

No. 1449632

He’s literally malnourished

No. 1449633

I think your all right about the figure skating thing but the part that bothers me is that it isn’t an easily accessible sport for most people anyway. Like everyday women need access to a womens sport that isn’t overrun by men.

And I’m not gonna lie the fetishists being allowed in breastfeeding spaces has upset me so much, like for crying out loud we’ve fought for so long to make men understand that there’s nothing at all sexual about being able to feed our babies and talk about how complicated it can be, and these absolute disgusting, fetishistic, pedos can muscle their way into our spaces and expose everyone and innocent infants to their sexual desires. Like it’s not enough to have for centuries stood on women, pushed us down, bullied us, sexualised us, raped us and enslaved us. But now they’ve got to do some kind of IRL minstrel show where they dress up as us and subject us to their sick sexual deviance and steal anything left that is inherently ours, even down to how we nurture our babies. What’s next? Making womb donation a standardised part of organ donation? Or would they just full on have us in breeding farms instead? Steal our babies so they can have them latch onto their nipples and parade around in our clothes living a lifetime of indulging in their pedofilic fantasies and sissy fetishes?

I’ve been a fence sitter for a while but reading these threads the past few days has made me realise what degenerates these sick men are. I shared it with a friend and full on peaked her too. From other conversations I think there are a lot of women with a lot of doubt who are afraid to say anything, the others are still well meaning and assume the best of people.

No. 1449634

Those balloon tits are disturbing. The way he carries himself makes it obvious they are not natural (also because he's an XY), think of someone with short hair putting on a long wig for the first time. They kind of move awkwardly because they're not used to long hair.

No. 1449636

File: 1645566138920.jpg (Spoiler Image,189.62 KB, 828x1402, 1645564711559.jpg)

Gender chart looks like fucking Unowns

No. 1449639

File: 1645566544523.gif (9.72 MB, 540x320, Boxymalebody.gif)

Speaking of Hunter, look at this gif where he's clearly got the body of a male. Jfc who thought it'd be a good idea to put him in a tight fitting skirt. It emphasizes his man hips kek.

No. 1449645

File: 1645567348093.jpg (Spoiler Image,36.15 KB, 1280x536, pale-lady.jpg)

Jfc anon unspoilering this scared me

No. 1449650

Did he just get those?? Lmao I was always under the impression he was gonna detrans

No. 1449660

>the huge legs
Even when he tries to cover up the majority of his body and bends in the weirdest ways, you can just notice how much of a man he is. He should just shave his legs, shoulders and arms or something, adding some tits won’t make his huge ribcage look feminine, also, he would benefit from removing a few ribs if possible, he has the money for that anyways.

No. 1449670

Assuming you're a fellow finnanon, do you know the hello kitty obsessed tranny who was famous on ask.fm? What happened to him?

No. 1449672

File: 1645569712337.jpeg (583.8 KB, 828x1114, 41D7F168-7175-4D87-B925-39021A…)

Spotted: Momo-faced troon posting a selfie in the New Zealand general subreddit, seeking surgery recommendations that the 15-year-olds and slum dwellers who frequent it would never be able to give, and describing his transition goals as buffalo-bill level autophilia. I’m glad for this thread every time I encounter an agp in the wild because not too long ago I would have written some handmaiden comment and “you go girl”ing this ill man (1/3)

No. 1449673

File: 1645569751752.jpeg (426.6 KB, 828x1174, 5D171DE5-CC19-43DB-85D2-1B1E53…)

No. 1449674

File: 1645569815579.jpeg (352.09 KB, 828x1177, BD02AEC3-9C5C-4644-B9FA-EF82C1…)

“You don’t understand I NEED this specific surgery otherwise I’m not going to look like the idealised fuckdoll version of myself reeee”
Troons really are the final stage of incels kek (3/3)

No. 1449679

File: 1645569976839.png (Spoiler Image,714.03 KB, 1240x1586, same energy.png)

Who wore it better?

No. 1449683

>even the knees look male
btfo scanditwink

No. 1449686

File: 1645570610467.png (541.58 KB, 959x755, cis women reeeee.png)

mask-off misogyny from another ugly man who can't do makeup

No. 1449687

even if I pretend he looks like a woman, he's not a attractive looking woman the way folks pretend he is. He doesn't even look like a "butch"woman. Just a man with implants.He's not an attractive woman to me, just a nice looking man. He never passes even when I hear his voice, he looks like a dude.

No. 1449705

File: 1645571813598.jpg (192.55 KB, 820x2048, FL_9bjkVkAYIogu.jpg)

this troon posts the same edited picture every single time as a "gotcha"

No. 1449725

It still cracks me up that people call Zendaya "manly" due to her height and strong bone structure, yet fawn over this troon. She looks like a dainty fairy princess next to this literal hulking Chad.

No. 1449749

Wish you guys included the link so we could see the comments I cant find this post

No. 1449770

No. 1449779

It’s literally insane to me that they allow these men in roller derby of all activities. Someone is going to get killed by them.

No. 1449787

Men are so fucking evil.

No. 1449790

>25 years old
(x) doubt

No. 1449795

Well, now I know what it looks like when you slap on some implants on an anorexic man

No. 1449797

I fucking love you

No. 1449798

Please keep men out of female spaces. Why do we have to pretend that these dudes are women just because of their feelings, how long is this shit going to go on? When will people see how much of a fetish this is? Why can we breastfeed our babies without being the subject of sexual motivation? Why are these men allowed in these spaces, and why are they so painfully and blatantly anti-science? If a regular ass dude named Bob was letting his kids suckle on his man tits he’d be thrown into jail or get a charge so fast, so, why is it alright for some deranged lunatic who cut his dick off and calls himself Emily allowed to do it, no questions asked? The more this goes on, the more hope I lose in humanity and sincerely wish for the globe to be nuked so maybe we can restart over again. Absolute decimation of the US is looking wonderful right now (or the parts that cheer this on), if it means global influence of this shit comes to a halt. It’s genuinely starting to make me feel nasty for being a woman.

No. 1449799


No. 1449806

File: 1645579440092.jpg (383.47 KB, 984x1954, insanity.jpg)

absolutely bonkers comments. This guy claims mothers with children are always telling him how nice he looks. And peep that terminal level handmaiden's comment at the end there, which someone awarded.

No. 1449807

i believe it, moids age like shit.

No. 1449817

this is such fucking cope. i'm both large and ugly and no fucking way do women like me get "misgendered". called fat and gross by moids, sure, but no one thinks we're men.

No. 1449818

i think she was on t then stopped

No. 1449843

Back in my day "American influence" was just hamburgers, Hollywood, and getting your government overthrown by their military.

I never would have expected trannies to be a part of the package.

No. 1449846

RYM is full of pretentious moids with shit taste

No. 1449848

File: 1645582186402.png (1.17 MB, 1684x744, Screenshot 2022-02-23 at 02.07…)

Sorry to necro a previous thread but I was late to the party over at #43 and anon posted the twitter picrel alluding that this delusional male may have been joking. It immediately reminded me of a reddit post I saw of these female college dorm students who were living with a man pretending to be a woman, and they went into his room to find that he had been hoarding their used tampons and soaking them in water to drink it. Apologies for the archived version, the original post has been deleted on Reddit (big surprise).

No. 1449860

Is there any hope for handmaidens? I want to peak them but I sometimes wonder if it's a waste of time since they feel like it's the life purpose to kiss troon ass.

Not to mention some of the biggest and loudest pro-troon people are female. The troons would have never become such a menace and devoured feminist movements if it weren't for their female enablers who make excuses for everything they do while attacking all other women over nothing.

No. 1449865

this is making me lose my mind. you can see every tip and fold of his erect penis, how is this sexual deviancy viewed as brave by any living human being that isn’t stone-cold retarded?

No. 1449876

File: 1645583681640.png (1.68 MB, 1440x1290, Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 6.34…)

the buffalo bill vibes are off the fucking charts god damn

No. 1449888

One of the worst parts is, we used to have a fair few hijabi girls in our leauge and I met a few from others. They can’t - and won’t, play with troons. Trannies are stealing sports from them too, one of the few places that was safe for Muslim girls to also interact with other girls. They won’t be able to partake in breast feeding support groups if the MTF fetishists are in there aswell. Their dickshoving into everything that women hold sacred is pushing women out of their own space.

Jesus Christ I threw up in my own mouth. What the actual fuck. I never knew of period fetishes until I came across the deeper side of trannyism. How do people not see that this is a fucking fetish! One seriously dangerous to actual women!!!

Seriously what on gods Green earth is with them shoving their tragic knobs into everything. It makes me sick. I know so many women who don’t wear short/ revealing clothing because of either being sexualised or having parts of their body that will upset random people (such as scarring) so they keep that shit locked away. But these degenerates can shove their cock in everyone’s face, particularly those (children) who are at the eye height to see it in all its sad perverted glory. If a woman with a stoma bag wore a crop top people would be absolutely repulsed and she’d be ripped to shreds but we all have to endure this uwu brave “woman”. It’s sick!

No. 1449894

tbf this isn't a troon, he calls himself a "boy" even though he said he's almost 50, wearing my little pony tshirts… there's something deeply wrong with him

No. 1449904

File: 1645585670184.jpeg (1.43 MB, 3056x3464, D667D2A7-4C4F-4BC7-B931-1C6BB8…)

this is funny as i just came across a post about one of the other boys in the show doing drag or something (i don’t watch it so not sure) and there are comments comparing him to hunter,

even with his gross bolt-ons he’s just another dude.

No. 1449905

kek peep the blur around its butt and left side

No. 1449906

yeah i know about him and have seen him in real life some times. i don't know what happened, last time i saw him was when he was with some other agp lolita troons at pride years ago.

No. 1449912

Rateyourmusic is one of the most weirdly troon infested websites ever, it's impossible to find actual women who use it kek

No. 1449914

File: 1645586982585.jpg (354.9 KB, 1536x2048, FMNgNBTX0AcFcN_.jpg)

>gets a axe wound
>still looks like a man

No. 1449915

File: 1645587007419.jpg (132.41 KB, 1620x1293, FMCgwYBWQAIoB9K.jpg)

No. 1449917

>And the amount of grown men who have transitioned since covid! Whew
I see a troon every time I go out for a full day of shopping at the mall/shops, and I don't even live in a metropolitan city. The last one I saw tried to assist me at Ulta.

No. 1449918

is he wearing this after his surgery? he's gonna regret those overalls giving him a fuckin crotch wedgie all day

No. 1449919

How are other women not terrified of this!!!? It actually scares me to my core.

And even if we try to make a new safe space and not include them, what’s the best one of these psychos would bomb it, terrorise it or stage a fucking shoot out and murder us for not including the fetishising sissies

No. 1449922

File: 1645588295090.jpg (176.9 KB, 810x1572, 20220222_215058.jpg)


No. 1449924

File: 1645588455102.jpg (275.83 KB, 1080x1911, 20220222_215347.jpg)

the comments are filled with cope

No. 1449926

Is it such crazy straight people behavior to understand biological reality, really they don’t even have to say skeletons because you can tell a male from a female at this exact moment

No. 1449927

They fill their bodies with hormones to the point of having heart and liver failure and they don't even know what those hormones do or don't do. A small part of me feels almost sorry for them.

No. 1449939

Why does he always look like he's smelling a rank fart? Lol I guess now its bc of his totally female neo wound

No. 1449940

That is absolutely not true at all, kek. Where are they getting this shit? Do they just hope that they can speak their crackpot dreams into existence? HRT will not un-male your pelvis or skull (which are the two main things biological anthropologists use to identify the sex of skeletal remains)

No. 1449941

it doesn’t. how would it? and if it does, how would puberty blockers not be horrific and illegal to give to children?

No. 1449942

File: 1645590903335.jpg (148.3 KB, 1200x900, momo.jpg)

No. 1449943

isn't this the moid that made porn about terfs lmao

No. 1449951

Yes, Mr Heartless made some embarrassing BDSM video about punishing terfs or something. It's a fetish.

No. 1449954

File: 1645591390052.jpg (53.3 KB, 960x491, jyF25myAFy3Sb1QiZSDiNr4eU3ojmJ…)

that last comment's not wrong

No. 1449958

File: 1645592229408.jpg (52.36 KB, 447x448, 502475-wikimedia.jpg)

This fucker's face gives me DreamWorks villain vibes.

No. 1449962

This^ kinda looks more like him >>1449914

No. 1449970

jfc he doesn’t even resemble hunter in the slightest besides being thin and male. this should be as offensive as saying Chadwick Bozeman looks like Donald glover because they’re black

No. 1449983

Kek there's a reason the stylist covered most of his face in hair

No. 1450000

Lmao copium is going to be an endangered resource. Male and female babies have different skeletons. Male babies are bigger on average. The second you were born, your fate was sealed.

No. 1450017

I've said this before and I'll say it again: what a waste of a good twink

No. 1450053

Lmao do they really think troons care about women and SA? Good opportunity to peak, nevertheless.

No. 1450056

The Y chromosome will die out in like 4 million years so. Ive always wanted to explore nature in the summer when its pitch black out by myself.

No. 1450061

Yeah its werid how they try to madculinize Zendaya when she just looks effortlessly female and tomboy since her legs are like 1/2 the size of this anorexic estrogenized moids legs. Someone mentioned this earlier but troons think women = man with FFS + bolt ons and will ignore the fact that moids bodies are built very different. The only way for Hunter to pass is to become fat and hide his 80's glamour rock man body in a muumuu.

No. 1450073

That is an extremely manly chin, Chadly even. Man that shiteating grin is revolting.

No. 1450074

File: 1645610443822.jpg (227.31 KB, 697x807, Screenshot_20220223-103936_Twi…)

Ummmm why is this accurate? There has never been a dick/scrote transplant ever but they tried and failed at shoving a uterus inside a moid in like 1920. Despite the fact that there are more male troons that castrate themselves.

No. 1450075

Literally an entire THIRD of his face is chin/jaw, absolute madness that he thinks his crimson chin looking ass could even remotely pass

No. 1450085

nonnas I'm at work and I can't stop laughing at how he poses the exact same way in every picture. That fucking jaw and his amhole wedgie. My fucking sides. I'm dyingggg

No. 1450089

Is that story real? She claims they took pictures of the incident but those pictures can not be found online it seems. To be honest, after all the shit in these threads this story could very well be true but I'm still curious

No. 1450097

I would like to give a special shout-out to the GIFs of males getting caught putting their ugly dicks in car exhaust pipes.

Yes! He's obsessed with taking photos of himself. EVERY photo is the same. Same pose. Same facial expression. He's like crimson chin frozen in time. His ugly clothes are the only thing that changes. Of course they have to change since he considers himself a fashion expert. I remembered he asked before if people would like him to give advice on outfits.
I still can't believe he has a son. Feel terrible for the kid.

All the talk about troons ruining roller derby made me remember that Ellen Page was in a roller derby movie. She probably feels great about her troon "sisters" knocking out real women.

No. 1450107

File: 1645619970998.png (143.23 KB, 900x662, tr.png)

Enjoy my autism I drew all the trannies I have seen in my city multiple times while I wait for my rice to cook.
Choose your fighter
>someone's creepy grandpa who stares at the young girls
>6"2 peter griffin who follows female workers in the supermarket
>laura les bootleg with shitty fried hair who thinks hiding everything will make him look less male

No. 1450117

File: 1645621099877.jpeg (883.65 KB, 845x1200, 92C44E72-C825-41D3-8E3F-3EFD47…)

Unfortunately, it only gets worse when he tries to mix things up

No. 1450142

File: 1645625963959.jpg (3.12 MB, 4096x3276, Polish_20220223_151742461.jpg)

Found this troon on tinder. My settings are set to only see males… Is he transphobic to himself and set himself as male?
He's tragic anyway.

No. 1450146

File: 1645626498641.jpeg (407.59 KB, 1174x1914, F8A3D6D3-231C-4660-A675-FFC3C4…)

nonnas i hope you’ve got your boy names ready !!! lmfao

god they’re so insufferable.

No. 1450149

if they think rowling is a true and honest man(tm) on the inside why aren't they calling her a he? kek

No. 1450155

Some like to point out that her male pen name (Robert Gailbraith) and not going by her first name because she was told to to get published back in the day are somehow hypocritical to her sticking up for women’s rights

No. 1450170

God. They fucking wish we'd troon out, too. I've never seen this street go both ways. Once you peak, you don't vome back from it.

No. 1450172


I always think I’d have been confused too, but not for the reasons they think.

I also hate when they claim ancient goddesses names, especially as so many of them were great and fierce protectors of women and children, as If Freya or Artimis wouldn’t absolutely destroy them for the way they’ve fetishised and stamped on women and children. I genuinely feel so sorry for any woman who was born with a beautiful pagan name that these creeps have stolen.

I remember years ago there was this controversy about Zsuzsanna Budapest because when she founded Dianic Wicca she refused to let MtFs in and some people got butt hurt about it crying that whole “what makes a woman” bullshit. I even was on that side and completely wrote it off but I so see where she was comming from now and why she stood firm in refusing to let them into those spaces.

Honestly if there’s an afterlife, if the gods are real, I wanna have a front row seat to watch these creeps explain themselves to Medusa or The Morrigan. Fuck me there really is a reason why there were so many dark goddesses ruling over underworlds and the afterlife.

No. 1450173

is…is he wearing blackface? looks like a white or at least white passing moid with really shittily tanned skin and/or with too dark concealer….two birds with one stone I guess, would love to see handmaidens try to explain why transracialism is bad but transgenderism is valid

No. 1450175

>everyone criticizing us is secretly trans!!!!!!
They do know that didn't work out with homophobia, right? They gays in the 80s said everyone who gay bashed was just a closeted gay, something that most certainly never came to fruition

No. 1450176

File: 1645630570270.jpg (480.89 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220223-163151_Tik…)

No. 1450185

I have a dildo now lmao but I used to use a hairbrush handle cause it was convinient, I was horny and too young to buy anything else.

No. 1450187

who wears sparkly silver stripper dress for a wedding?? an actual woman would be trashed by everyone if she did that

this for real

No. 1450199

He looks like a villain from a childrens cartoon lol

No. 1450202

lmao haven't heard the "HRT tilts your pelvis" bullshit in a few years, thought they had given up on that obvious lie.
All of them are pitiable, but none of them deserve your empathy. They want to be lied to because they want to believe the lies, so let them wallow in the misery of their own making.

No. 1450204

>installs uterus in troon
>troon dies after
i see this as an absolute win
no but it’s creepy and gross

No. 1450205

So you agree? Trans people are insufferable

No. 1450208


No. 1450215

File: 1645636607983.jpeg (300.62 KB, 828x1472, E9E2026F-C96B-4CC2-ABA2-2F9F93…)

this page is a goldmine. for being so “secure in your identity that you’re willing to get surgery and take hormones” you sure are obsessed with the opinions of cis people

No. 1450217

File: 1645636659879.jpeg (682.12 KB, 2731x1846, DC9B2A87-8A26-4662-ACB7-FF0AAA…)

very feminine!

No. 1450219

Man I hate these people. I think my intense disdain is highly justified.

No. 1450220

this is exactly how i act whenever someone brings up trannyism or pronouns

i do it because i know it drives them mad

No. 1450221

>i'll gladly exchange the constant fear of being assaulted with periods

could they make it any more obvious that they're scrotes

No. 1450225


>i'll gladly exchange the constant fear of being assaulted with periods

They’re so fucking deluded

No. 1450239


I literally can't unsee it now. I know there's many variations of black but none of his facial features say black and the shade looks too…. singular shade and not like regular skin.

No. 1450240


do they not realise that we deal with this shit too? just cause they choose to tape their dicks to their asshole and go out doesn’t mean shit, it doesn’t make them brave they’re still boys pretending to be girls and it’s actually derranged behaviour

No. 1450242

Hi sorry for blogposting but I'm kinda trying to peak my girlfriend. She rejects all my points just because "she doesn't like them". She doesn't see anything wrong with the Lia Thomas situation or the fact that some prisoners are outing just to get into women's prisons. What other arguments should I use? I'm scared to show her this thread directly, she would probably take troons' side and be mad that we're making fun of their appearances there.
I myself peaked easily tbh, so I don't know how to work with my "stubborn" gf.

No. 1450244

it's concerning that your girlfriend doesn't care about men raping women in women's prisons

if she doesn't care about that idk what would convince her

No. 1450246

File: 1645639235449.png (398.1 KB, 438x438, ef3rff.png)

REEEEE how dare you say female thats a bad word!!!! WHAT ABOUT ME
they really do be complaining about everything

No. 1450247

If she doesn't care that literal predators are invading women's spaces to rape them, then she sounds like a lost cause. What would she be like if you got attacked by one of these troons?

No. 1450252

go to the last thread and show her >>1446211
i saw it and the i realised we will never be safe

No. 1450253

imagine how real women would be treated if they did photoshoots with their boobs out

No. 1450255

he could be middle eastern i knew a jordanian with very similar features
but there is something about it, like a paleness behind it, almost like the skin has been stained with iodine or something

No. 1450256

File: 1645639965185.jpg (Spoiler Image,368.37 KB, 900x2059, beauty of finland.jpg)

It's autism and Finnish liberals and leftists wanting to be harbingers of equality and political correctness because Finnish people are very concerned about how other countries see us. Also our middle class doesn't have that many social problems so girls want to larp being oppressed and the men are autistic incels obsessed with image board culture, porn and anime. Troons, fakeboys and enbies are a huge problem in all of Northern Europe though, we all love to mimic American shit. We even had BLM protests here and Finnish troons put english pronouns in their bios because in Finland our pronouns are not gendered. Finnish handmaidens are ruthless with their superiority complexes and they let the trannies do anything.

Picrel is some more pure maidens, spoiler because one is in a leotard

No. 1450269

>our middle class doesn't have that many social problems

i do believe that having it too good is part of the problem

young people need something to rebel against, but nowadays very little is taboo so they're becoming more and more degenerate in their attempts to be "counterculture"

No. 1450271

magnifique, nonna!

No. 1450272

that neck…or lack of…kek looks like a fucking bull dog

No. 1450275

The creation of the teenagers, the subsequent creation of 'youth culture' as a thing, and it's co-optation by capitalists, was a huge mistake.

No. 1450285

ik a lot of farmers dislike her (for being a grifter(?), pandering to moids) but anna slatz is fairly good at sharing a lot of relevant and peakworthy troon content and i like her twitter for that reason. it would be easy to scan her twitter and get some stories to peak someone imo.
that being said i could not even imagine having a daughter in this day and age. no matter how you raise a girl she's going to be surrounded by young porn-addicted boys who will sexually harass her and make her feel uncomfortable with her changing body.
my younger sister knows an aiden who got a masectomy at 14 because of muh gender dysphoria. i myself had an ED when i was younger after being sexually harassed by boys my age and the majority of that ED stemmed from wanting to be as shapeless as possible so the sexual harassment would stop. i've talked to a lot of radfems who have very similar stories, so this seems to be a somewhat common experience and yet we are called transphobic for even bringing up how sexualization on top of female puberty is universally traumatic for women and how offering a 'get out of womanhood' option to young girls might be harmful and lead to regret. looking back now i think i dealt with even more harassment as a young girl than i do now in my early 20s which is pretty alarming (again, this is something other radfems concur).

No. 1450292

I legitimately believe it is impossible to hit peak trans and then go the other way. The only person I've ever seen do this is Amy Dyess who is a liar anyways and was not even an actual radical feminist or GC before she apparently became a TRA and started claiming she escaped our "cult".

No. 1450301

File: 1645643144743.jpg (581 KB, 1080x1812, 20220223_130003.jpg)

Help this brave and stunning transwommyn become a drain to society in another country

No. 1450310

>i do believe that having it too good is part of the problem
And some white girls and women think that they are evil oppressors so they want to be part of the cool enby club. Funny how women have actually quite complex reasons for being enbies or fakeboys, while with men it's always a dick based decision

No. 1450333

I took clips from the first two threads and copied some of the nonnies good comments - no screen shots, to my friends and peaked a fair few of them.

I brushed a lot of stuff aside for a while. That video of the trans man breastfeeding… molesting the new born baby was what got the ball rolling

No. 1450348

moids don't understand female socialization #6493. for some reason they don't feel dysphoric for wanting to act like a feral animal just because a woman tried to be nice and comforting to them

No. 1450364

but the exact opposite is constantly happening

No. 1450385

Honestly the situation with troons in women's prisons and how often they’re sex offenders would help her peak, plus how people reacted and called female innates speaking out against it “terfs” for not wanting to be raped. Plus the creator of “shinigami eyes”, common tool to spot “transphobes” online, is a rapist/pedo.

No. 1450388

Honestly the situation with troons in women's prisons and how often they’re sex offenders would help her peak, plus how people reacted and called female innates speaking out against it “terfs” for not wanting to be raped. Plus the creator of “shinigami eyes”, common tool to spot “transphobes” online, is a rapist/pedo.

No. 1450394

Do normies and troons really think he passes? Andrej Pejic circa 2012 looked for female than him and Andrej was a whole ass man back then(still is post-trooning but he didnt have any work done). Hunter just looks like a twinky blonde pretty boy with bolted on boobs. its really jarring and uncanny valley.

No. 1450398

Good lord this looks exactly like that infamous Marilyn Manson's Mechanical animals album cover.

I'm legitimately curious what's your girlfriend's reasoning for not finding anything wrong with Lia Thomas because I would imagine that peaking even the die-hard handmaidens. But to answer your question, make it clear to her that you don't have to be for/against something to acknowledge the problematic parts, if you're just trying to violently push her over the peak it's not going to work. It has to happen on its own. My girlfriend hates me talking about TERF shit but it's only because she doesn't want to lose all our libfem friends and become a social pariah, I would imagine that's the reason a lot of women don't want to accept TERF talking points. They're too scared of being ostracized because TRAs have successfully bullied everyone into submission by threatening to ruin their lives over the smallest questioning remark. It's scary to people who have no other safety net to fall on.

No. 1450402

File: 1645647878229.jpeg (245.56 KB, 1242x741, BA9D105F-8E19-4A1D-ABC0-44A269…)

No. 1450409

It’s so stupid. Yeah you never hear about women being assaulted. Or raped. Or murdered. Never happened. Only happens to trannies and not even all of them. Just the TiMs. Men are retarded.

No. 1450414

How much do you guys bet the “found family” is an AGP polycule

No. 1450422

This – I'm betting we read the same article. OP, I can't get the link rn b/c my laptop sucks, but Cosmopolitan did a big article on this within the last year or so. Really awful, but definitely worth looking up.

No. 1450429

that's one reason why i hate when leftists throw around terms like "community justice"

like it's not just going to result in women being forced into reconciling with the men who abuse them by their own community

No. 1450436

Totally agree. And no one wants to face the fact that men assault/harass/etc women because they like it, and that if you give men an inch wrt to being "nice" they'll take a mile. Case in point, everything on this thread. I used to think letting mtfs into roller derby was nbd because I assumed men wouldn't be, well, men, because I was young. Now look!

Have you heard of that similar (to the Amish thing) case in Bolivia, involving a Mennonite community? Can't remember the names, but it inspired the book Women Talking. Absolutely horrible shit.

No. 1450437

File: 1645650072208.jpg (42.56 KB, 500x499, tumblr_3df148eb545bd2cba7aae23…)

>didn't read the post before opening image
>see the finnish flag

I thought we were a bit more pure of the AGP menace

No. 1450441

No. 1450474

There’s a TIF in the new Sims 4 pack. It’s the guy with the very subtle trans flag shirt. It’s so annoying how they keep pushing trans shit in the game.

No. 1450495

File: 1645655936374.jpg (164.87 KB, 760x760, tes_skyrim_cicero_by_zvilka-d7…)

With that face and the demented things going on inside this person mind, its a perfect fit for an IRL Cicero from Skyrim.

No. 1450497

Can't wait to see the simblrfags reee about people changing his gender in the gender options. Alternatively, I also can't wait for the simsecretfags to rile up the simblrfags by changing his gender in the gender options. Also, I can't find any pics? Is it a TIF or a TIM? Because if it's the former, you probably should have posted this in the fakeboi thread. Either way, EA knows it's running out of ideas to rope people in so it's pandering to the fetish crowd.

No. 1450501

I wish EA would just fix the fucking game rather than pandering.

I don’t understand why they’ve always refused to add disabilities but they’ll pander to gender nonsense. Wtf.

No. 1450506

EA sims 4 sperg incoming: I heard they have more game designers than actual engineers working on the game, which is why it's so pathetically lacking. Also the code is apparently a nightmare because it's really old and it was originally a mobile game. EA is the reason this game is such shit. My tinfoil is that the game designers are appeasing the troons because that's a HUGE consoomer demographic that will pour all of their money into being validated. It is so sad to see. I am dreading seeing what shit they'll pull for the sims 5
Tl;dr, troons are cash cows and EA is money hungry and doesn't really care about the integrity of their games.

No. 1450510

Thank god Sims 4 is now so incredibly bugged and broken that nobody will get to enjoy that, kek.

No. 1450518

this is literally every aiden

No. 1450523

File: 1645658311776.jpg (37.71 KB, 720x405, FMSgQiqXwAEtuDx.jpg)

kek did someone come across his tinder?

No. 1450525

File: 1645658413600.jpg (330.18 KB, 846x1358, cicerin.jpg)

you chose far too flattering a picture of cicero imo, but i still found the comparison apt.

No. 1450527

Thoughts on texas rn?

No. 1450529

File: 1645658548354.png (43.34 KB, 760x596, Greg Abbott on Twitter.png)

So this bill going around troon twitter is making them scared about children getting outed by their parents. Shouldn't parents know what's going on with their child? It's not the schools business?

No. 1450532

One based decision out of a thousand is pretty cool I guess. But we are just as infested with troonery as anywhere else in the US. At least they're finally drawing the line at kids.

No. 1450536

File: 1645659174766.jpg (81.43 KB, 828x779, FMSxgnkXMAMbEHc.jpg)

wld move to texas if all troons disappeared.

No. 1450537

kek, amazing edit

No. 1450540


Got a story for yall today

My friend from university lives in a subsidized dorm, her previous roommate moved back home so they got her another one. The school admin asked if she was okay to have a trans female roommate, she thought it would be okay. Since she only comes back to sleep really, she builds a room divider with a curtain and says fine. So her new roomie is an obese, balding, smelly TIM named, you guessed it, Kathryn. Hes really awkward (autistic) but thankfully, he just minds his own business and cant hold a conversation.

Flash forward two months, he gets a "girlfriend" another TIM ofc named Andrea. He dresses like a raver and isn't a student. One day my friend comes back to the dorm, there is a do not disturb sign on the door. She goes and studies until midnight and comes back to crash when the sign is gone. The room smells like dirty colon, Andrea and Katheryn are sleeping on the floor. My friend is grossed out but needs to sleep.

She wakes up in the middle of the night because she feels someone touching her. She finds Andrea spooning her, with his dick between her legs ETC. She screams. Andrea says he thought she was his obese GF. Kathryn wakes up, finds out whats happened, starts crying and hitting Andrea for CHEATING on him.

My friend goes to campus security, saying she was assaulted by her roommates partner. They do nothing, there is no real evidence, Andrea is not a student and Katheryn calls her a liar saying she transphobic and just wants her out. She takes plan B incase, and ends up getting a yeast infection from it. Kathryn tries to be my friends new bestie so she says quite, but he keeps bringing his "GF" around. My friend ends up dropping out of university at the end of the semester because she cant sleep in a dorm with others due to fear and cant afford to get her own place. Shes taking time off still, but hopefully she can go back in the fall.

No. 1450543

ah yes of course a gaping wound that doesnt clean itself and has to be prevented from sealing itself, sculpted by a second rate surgeon who wasnt talented engough to do faces, where the real money probably is, is more attractive than something perfectly natural that evolved over millions of years
they are so delusional, ask any lesbian or straight man and we all know what they would pick 100% of the time

No. 1450545

Lol this cope

No. 1450547

thats horrifying
its so unbelievable campus security did nothing
im so sorry your friend had to go through that

No. 1450548

File: 1645659965896.jpg (242.21 KB, 1080x1910, FMBQFDEXwAA14Bh.jpg)

It's a huge cope and everyone knows it, even the troons, nona. It's a huge gaping wound that the surgeon has to make look "real". I'm sure you've seen plenty of examples of those in mtf surgeries subreddit.

No. 1450556

unfortunately, they probably will. the midwest is a shithole

No. 1450563

File: 1645660802867.png (309.75 KB, 748x1106, elyssa on Twitter.png)

The trannies are fighting each other.

No. 1450565

>If you don't want to fuck me, you're hate-criming me!
Classic male logic. And they say they have female brains.

No. 1450566

File: 1645661119902.jpeg (151.38 KB, 828x1014, 49C7801C-EB6D-4108-B1F7-7CC2CE…)

Texas is heading the right path.
Incoming Troonicide

No. 1450568

>if you have a genital preference but won’t date a trans person with those genitals, then you’re transphobic
Does this mean I'm finally allowed to be attracted to fakebois as a lesbian? They're trans people who fit my genital preference.

No. 1450571

File: 1645661840044.jpg (218.8 KB, 1035x823, august 2021.jpg)


There's no bill.

Two things happened recently:

The first is that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has directed the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (which handles CPS) to investigate doctors and parents that involve themselves in minors getting trans-related healthcare procedures. The commissioner of DFPS had declared back in August 2021 (See picrel) that the DFPS considers genital reassignment surgeries child abuse, so it appears that this new development mostly serves to include hormones and puberty blockers on the list of investigable offenses.
Abbott's letter to DFPS here: https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/21272649-abbott-letter-to-masters
(Also linked in potato quality by >>1450566)

The second thing is that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton released an opinion piece where he says that genital surgery is child abuse under the "broad" definition of child abuse used in Texas law. This doesn't have any real legislative power. It's largely a virtue-signal to help him get reelected, since his position is up for grabs in 2022. He's also been losing support steadily for a variety of reasons, the most prominent of which are that he supported Trump's efforts to challenge the 2020 election, and that he was accused of bribery, improper influence, and abuse of office by seven of his top aides, whom he then retaliated against, firing them, forcing them to resign, or putting them on leave. Though he would argue this if he were representing Texas in a related lawsuit, he would've argued these points regardless of whether or not he had put out this statement. This one really is nothing but a ploy to help him get reelected.
Opinion piece here: https://texasattorneygeneral.gov/sites/default/files/global/KP-0401.pdf

No. 1450573

I’m sorry anon, I think he means you have to be attracted to his neowound.

No. 1450574

I've seen it happen with a couple detransitioners, it can happen but it's definitely rare and you can usually tell they had no understanding of gc/radfem views.

No. 1450576

I run around it pretty damn leftist circles and the peaking has already started happening, at least behind closed doors it’s very loud. It’s like other nonnas have said, at this point it’s more about not wanting to induce troon rage than actually buying into their bullshit, there has been many troon rights demos fizzling out because the cows running them failed to get people to care, let’s say, over covid. No one gives a fuck about them, unless they are one those wannabe queer straight girls or men, this is just based on my helsinkian experience.

No. 1450580

File: 1645663173862.png (189.46 KB, 1206x658, Screen Shot 2022-02-23 at 4.38…)

lol guess that screenshot has been making the rounds. what a stupid and flat out delusional thing to say. glad she's getting shit for it.

No. 1450589

I'd love to see how a person reacts to a troon telling them this.
Like imagine a guy being catfished on a dating site and thinking a photoshopped troon is a woman-

>> Hey I'm trans btw

>>Oh really? I had no idea… well I hope you have a nice day, I'm not into transwomen.
>>So your transphobic?"
>>How? No
>>How? Mind if I ask your sexual orietation?
>>I'm straight
>>Okay, so you like women correct?"
>>Yes but only biological women
>>thats transphobic, the reason you were attracted to me is because i'm a woman, the reason you don't want to talk to me anymore is because i'm a Trans Woman.
>>Yes, but it's not transphobic, I'm just not into trans women
>>because we are trans, meaning you don't view us as women even if you are attracted to us. You would'nt stop talking to a Cis woman you were attracted too, but you stop talking to a transwoman you are attracted too. Gentials preferences is not a excuse either, I have a neo-vagina. So if you like vagina, I have one. Even if I didn't, I'm still a woman. You have no excuses, just say you are transphobic and go.

I know most men wouldn't even continue to talk to the troon, but it's so crazy. Imagine irl if someone did this to someone. They got turned down, were given a reason, and then started screeching at you how it's transphobic and you are a bad person.
All because you don't want to share your body and time, with someone you CLEARLY aren't attracted to. In the FTM thread, I saw a FTM whining that her boyfriend doesn't like vaginas at all. Only does anal with her and she felt a way about it. Whats funny is MTF will literally fuck men who want nothing to do with their dicks, JUST to larp straight and get off. They are fine with that, they are getting off too, so I legit think some troons don't give a shit if men/woman truly feel they are women. As long as they can get off and pretend, then it's okay.
Meanwhile FTM's as women, realize, "hold up, i'm not getting shit out of this, hold up this dude is saying he's gay and only fucking me in the ass, and he dislikes my vagina…I don't like this. What do I get out of this? Is he only with me to get off? Does he truly think i'm a man? He won't even touch my "Man Clit""

No. 1450599

> oh no, the consequences of my own actions are hurting my child sexual abuser feelings

No. 1450611

What terf would ever call a vulva “beef curtains”? Projection.

No. 1450623

sorry to burst nonna’s bubbles but the disclosure to parents part of it applies to gay and lesbian students as well. i for one don’t want young gay kids to get the shit beat out of them by their parents just to spite some troons. another reason that the LGB being grouped in with trannies was a mistake, we get all of the consequences

No. 1450624

>neovaginas are more aesthetically attractive than vaginas because surgery
>hurr terfs are the same people who would shame a woman for having beef curtains
Who's gonna tell her women are having their labia surgically altered because it's more aesthetically attractive. Make it make sense

No. 1450633

File: 1645666670580.png (530.46 KB, 751x940, POOPSCRUFFIN4U on Twitter.png)

>looked her handle up on reddit
>she's a unfunny, unoriginal comedian

No. 1450656

Kek, you can tell that by the twitter handle alone. Is it a woman or a troon?

No. 1450663

she's a queer woman

No. 1450667

File: 1645669049942.png (154.76 KB, 1081x1038, Here is how I would design it,…)

why don't troons get that we don't want to see or be beside anyone's penis in the fucking washroom. What's with their obsession with everyone seeing their dicks?

No. 1450669

Wow how self-hating do you have to be to be obsessed with delusional male's pus infested crotch holes and advertising that on her own twitter kek

No. 1450679

If they really want to just pee, why not use the stalls and that’s it? Adding urinals to the fucking women’s bathroom is absolutely retarded and nasty and if anyone ever considers it, then maybe they should add tampons’ and pads’ dispensers to the male’s bathrooms, and that’s not invasive, like going into the bathroom and looking at some ugly ass moid with his dick out “trying to pee”.

No. 1450682

This is their vision for a unisex washroom anon. So literally sharing the bathroom with troons and non troons

No. 1450684

File: 1645670685532.png (49.94 KB, 791x526, dumb shit.png)

you have to enjoy the arm flesh penis or the pus filled axe wound transphobe!

No. 1450733

sometimes i wish i could undo my peaking. it feels like the entire world is huffing paint and its hard to hold my tongue especially when the topic of children and sports comes along. this shit is just hopeless and just wish i had irl friends to talk to this about ugh

No. 1450734

To make new friends anon, since BasedK Rowling has been unpersoned, just mention Harry Potter and see how your potential new friend reacts. Use that as a litmus test for who to befriend.

No. 1450742

That’s what I’ve been doing. Works pretty well but there’s a lot of crossover between Harry Potter and mlm moms haha

No. 1450746

File: 1645676120010.png (Spoiler Image,606.01 KB, 1998x1036, 131 days post op with dr Keira…)


and of course all the comments are telling him it looks just like a real one!

No. 1450749

Criminally underrated edit, applause for u nona put this in the MOMA

No. 1450762

File: 1645677959157.jpeg (284.63 KB, 1242x1639, 0B4C5707-42C2-45BD-B267-4B28EF…)

If it makes you feel any better I’m feeling the exact same way and I’m sure there are plenty more feeling like this too. I’m desperate for someone irl to complain about this nonsense with as well, but its tricky finding someone without accidentally pissing off handmaidens or whoever. At least the number of GC people continues to increase, and now when I see trannys acting up on Twitter I also see normal-brained people rebuking them (pic related).

No. 1450763

Is top right Frederik? kekk

No. 1450764

this >>1450762 was supposed to be for >>1450733 , sorry my bad!

No. 1450765

fuck it. piss off the handmaidens. alot more people are getting sick of this bs. go ahead and start loudly complaining. shout it with your powerful lungs. learn self-defense.

No. 1450770

no vulva looks like this. only something like an fgm where the entirety of the labia minora, clit, and everything in between are forcibly removed.

No. 1450772

Agreed. We all need to be like that blessed woman from the Wi Spa incident.

No. 1450773

Wow poopscruffin4u, thank you for educating me with your self-hate and misogyny. Thank you for your wise words and I wish you all the best in your ongoing search for employment.

No. 1450795

It literally is just a hole. Everything about it looks like it’s wrong, it’s so unnatural looking it’s like uncanny valley but something beyond that, something weirder and more horrifying. It looks like a mistake, and the idea that there is a man out there walking around with this thing in between his legs and asking other men if it looks cis… this world deserves an asteroid.

No. 1450799

It literally just looks like someone cut off his penis then glued everything shut

For a bunch of pornsick coomers they weirdly have to idea what vaginas look like

No. 1450802

no one has a female brain. It's not a thing that exists except in the minds of misogynistic males.

No. 1450804

File: 1645682403740.jpeg (111.55 KB, 1280x719, 1E2BEE1A-5278-4706-A911-EFB5B8…)

No. 1450806

File: 1645682486956.jpg (153.2 KB, 1080x1552, Screenshot_20220223-214734_Rel…)


Yo I just looked through this guy's post history and he's a fucking trainwreck. He posted an extremely gory photo of what is most likely self harm and called it a "vagina". I decided to post this screenshot of some really weird comments instead of the image itself because its pretty fuckin gruesome

No. 1450815

As a woman with broad shoulders, a large rib cage, and small boobs, comments like this upset me. Not because you're wrong, anon–his ribcage marks him as undeniably male–but because I fear that the features that I already dislike about myself might actually be making me look like a troon. I would honestly self-kill if anyone said Hunter "passed" better than me just because he's malnourished with implants. And I bet if he applied for rib removal he would get it covered by insurance and applauded for it because ~gender affirmation~.

No. 1450817

The fact that you’re a woman makes you a woman. Your voice, your woman sized hands, your neck with a lack of Adam’s apple, and your skull shape are all clear indicators, and men can’t imitate that no matter how much they try.

No. 1450822

amazing, nona

No. 1450825

File: 1645684604313.jpeg (Spoiler Image,143.17 KB, 1024x678, CE56ABED-7AED-49E7-A7CD-6BFC9D…)

Very disturbing neo vagina. This is absolutely disgusting

Tw: gore, wound

No. 1450826

File: 1645684652303.jpeg (146.94 KB, 588x1024, C531E1F3-3193-4B72-9615-9B8BA7…)

No. 1450858

I went hunting for it and well, I'm sure the farmers have seen worse
Remember coldnessinmyheart nonas?

No. 1450860

File: 1645688243096.jpeg (351.06 KB, 1242x1002, 818B4893-1A2A-4850-82C2-3EED5C…)

Not only is he a severe self harmer but he’s got anger issues and was being pursued by police (1/2)

No. 1450862

File: 1645688365151.jpeg (435.08 KB, 1242x980, 2DE0A3A9-B0B9-4E3A-B39F-4D7010…)

No. 1450864

Strategically designed so that they can ogle at women and girls washing hands and using the mirrors with their dicks out in their hands at the urinals. They’re filth.

No. 1450865

Trannys are fucking up the svu subreddit talking about the "transphobic episodes in the past. They are literally like "yikes elliot is transphobic". Like can they stop. I don't care about trans rights and I'm tired of having to think about it when I look up shit that's completely unrelated. Straight up any place online that doesn't allow racism, sexism, or homophobia boosts troons. Sorry to go off but they need to stop spamming subreddits that have nothing to do with them with trans shit.

No. 1450872

Ayrt and holy fuck, thank you for doing what I was too indifferent to do. Just another reason for me to carry a box cutter in my handbag and watch my back every time I leave the house. New Zealand men seem to be either soy failsons or violent misogynists, and it seems like troons are the best of both worlds. Can’t believe our libshit government are more concerned with stamping out meanie terfs when headcases like these are now free to change the sex on their birth certificate.

No. 1450875

File: 1645690976665.png (616.18 KB, 593x594, what the fuckkk.png)

"Some people" ??? No one just randomly comes at you with a hammer here. This guy is 100% either a crackhead who couldn't pay up or an errand boy for the gangs and mouthed off at the wrong guy. And according to the law he has as much a claim to womanhood as I do.

No. 1450878

that's entirely the reason the scrote surgeon designed it that way, its his perfect fuckhole

No. 1450883

standing in line and waiting ages to get to pee is peak women experience, why would we want to take such a validating experience from them?

No. 1450886

nonnies, sorry for blogging but i have a male friend who thinks he "could be trans" because he likes to sometimes play female characters in games(yes he is that dumb but we are friends). i would like to gently peak him before it's too late, he already has a troon friend so i don't want to alarm him with too much transphobia. any ideas?

No. 1450889

>>1450886 i'd just show him some screenshots of troons being creepy from here and be like: you don't want to be asociated with this type of people do you? becaue it's 99% these people.

No. 1450890

Stop being friends. Playing female characters is one thing, but thinking that’s a sign you might be female? Lost cause. Both he and his tranny friend should face the wall.

No. 1450894

File: 1645694297706.png (7.61 MB, 3072x3072, BanjoKazooieRender.png)

It's the moid logic that playing a woman is so demeaning you must be a woman if you tolerate it for me, in related news I'm a bear now

No. 1450895

I've seen moids say they play women so they can look at their ass. They see women as objects.

No. 1450906

There is definitely something fucky about men who chose to play women characters when a male character option is available. They are either troons or in danger of trooning out.

No. 1450912

File: 1645698234425.jpg (496.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211212-231655_Boo…)

The whole "choosing female characters or avatars, still cis tho" autismo never ceases to amaze me.

No. 1450913

If I’d rather play mariokart with Yoshi than princess peach, does that make me a male lizard? No, I just think he’s a qt. it doesn’t matter either way because i fucking suck at the game.

No. 1450914

Its hopeless, nonny. The other troon is grooming him into it with promising to rule over all female friends, loli manga, cum covered thigh highs and extremist politics. Troons reproduce via osmosis with defective scrotes

No. 1450943

Im pretty leftist and have lots of leftie friends. Im in the UK.

I think the biggest issue is that being anti trans/GC about anything is considered a conservative standpoint. Questioning anything immedietly gets you slapped as an intolerant Tory, not even a TERF, just a Tory.

I think a lot of people are well meaning but misguided. Everything shown in media is very positive about about living as your authentic self (which lots of people relate to as an LGB point, people who are attracted to the same sex should be able to live a life of freedom). trannies use a lot of the talking points that LGB people used to be seen as equals in society. I think because there’s been a lot with BLM aswell, the trannies have hopped on that bandwagon and stolen a lot of their talking points and so people are equating them as one and the same. Also I think a lot of lefties do believe that it really is a mental health issue and part of dysphoria, which in my opinion means we need to up the bar for transition instead of lowering it. But it’s not gay rights 2.0. Too many people want a cause to fight for and they pick this without truely understanding it.

A friend of mine works in the school system and she said that behind closed doors all the women she works with are against the trans rhetoric that’s been pushed (particularly by the stonewall charity which have been instructing legislation since the 80s). Recently there’s been decisions to start peeling away their influence especially on trans issues, but the problem is that there’s already been an entire generation of kids (because this shits been happening for at least ten years) that have had this stuff shoved in their face. She said we’d basically screwed up an entire generation because we never stopped to think “this is too much, this is too far”.

Also I know a lot of leftie women that were abused by men, so they’re often far more supportive of trans people because they largely see MtFs and there’s no amount of makeup, dresses or stamping your feet that will ever erase that they are men, and that women are being polite to you because they don’t wanna get slapped about.

The problem is that despite women already being hurt by these monsters, it’s going to take several serious incidents to actually peak some people. Like some crazy trans pedofilic ring before they’ll see.

I also think what will happen, is that women will stop accessing “safe” spaces for women and slink away to make private ones away from the internet and away from places advertised, they’re not being transphobic they’re just politely meeting up with their friends.

No. 1450950

it's weird how "authentic self" now means "do NOT accept yourself as you are and go pay millions to surgically alter your body, change the way you dress and speak to hopefully change the opinions of strangers into thinking you were born a different way than you really were"

No. 1450955

File: 1645706447191.png (63.48 KB, 738x510, lol.png)

asktransgender isn't too happy about this one

No. 1450960

File: 1645707353651.jpg (411.81 KB, 720x1179, 20220224_075259.jpg)

why do troons always have to come out with the "im trans" card to beg for money?? is something that i see everywhere

No. 1450965


No. 1450969

Jesus christ they're so fucking obsessed with the damn bathroom! I used to think '….errrr….yeah just use the toilet' but they make SUCH a big fuss about it it's why I started to tip and think they were upto something. Why are you so obsessed with public toilets? A place where you spend a maximum, MAXIMUM of ten minuets.

I had a really hard time reading this on my phone so I'm gonna transcribe it for any anons who need the horror in their lives.

>Oh my god here we go

>1. Be sure to lubricate first, use a fragrance free one and be sure to dilate 1hr prior since you'll be very tight at 4 months.

>2. Do not, and I repeat, do not let him go down or he will clock you. I've had plenty of stealth sex and I can assure you men want to go down. Also no fingering, say you had an irritation or something.
>3. Depth, I don't know your depth but usually men can right away sense something is odd like a wall at the end. If this is your case, tell him you have a diaphragm.
>4. Position, since you haven't had sex you probably don't know your best position yet. From behind is usually the best but if your comfortable with him looking close at you go missionary.
>5. Most important, take command. Since its your first time you probably don't know but men are really pushy. He will want to touch you there, he will want to finger you, and rest assured he will bang the ??? out of you, so take command. Control the whole thing and NEVER let him go cray. Keep a pepper spray in your bag every time.
>6. if things go downhill never disclose who you are, NEVER. If he notices something is wrong tell him you had surgery to fix some kind of problem down here.

But you know, neovagina's are better than real vaginas, even the gynecologist can't tell. It's unclockable. No smell, no funny taste, no wierd feeling. More lies and bullshit at 8.

No. 1450973

I think this has a lot to do with the 'us and them', 'if youre not with us you're against us' mindset that has infected uk society.

I used to be a handmaiden as I thought troon rights, women's rights and all the others were so interlinked and that you couldn’t support one without the other. I toed the party line and I didn’t question it. That's the way many people see it, you can't question it, it is the same fight and if you question it you're a bigot.

Sorry for the blogpost below but it is relevant

I was peaked by a male friend, when we were all having a group discussion at uni, when rights came up he said he was for equal rights for women but not for troons. Peoples eyes widened, mouths opened people were shocked, people said how dare he oppose the downtrodden and the oppressed. He was called a fascist and nazi as if he had just revealed a swastika tattoo and said he thought hitler was great. The conversation ended there were people too distraught and angry at him.

I asked him later at his house when we were alone why did he feel this way and he told me than when he was a vulnerable young teenager going through a very rough patch he had been indoctrinated by troon propaganda. It had convinced him that his life was miserable because he was actually a girl trapped in a boy's body and that all problems would disappear once he had transitioned, he was fully accepting of this, it made sense to him, he was very prepared to take hormones and even down the line have his dick lopped off. He got caught up in the rhetoric, would rage if anyone said one word against troons. Then one day he said it was like the veil was lifted he looked around and what did he see, fat balding men in dresses, sex perverts acting like spoilt children. He realised any sane person would rather live as a man than as a freak, and he realised he'd rather live as a man and that he was male and nothing could ever change that.

I was shocked as you honestly couldn’t tell he had ever thought himself as trans. He was angry at troons, he felt they had taken advantage of a vulnerable teenager. He felt so lucky not to have done any reversible damage to his body, but he felt the whole thing had ruined his teenage years as he spent them wallowing in self pity rather than enjoying life. He then showed me posts like >>1449848, and he said that’s what they really are like, that’s how they posted in their little communities, any one who opposed them was the devil, cis women are just jealous etc.

I realised he was right, I never viewed them the same way, together he and I managed to peak the rest of our friends aside from the die hard 'revolutionaries'.

Sorry again for the long post but I think people are changing their minds now, troons are losing support.

No. 1450977

>Jesus christ they're so fucking obsessed with the damn bathroom!
it gets worse, i dont have it saved but i saw a twitter post screenshot where one said 'we need glory holes in the girls bathrooms'
and so many troons responded saying 'omg yes this'
and they seemed convinced this was ok

No. 1450978

i would be waiting with garden shears at the ready

No. 1450982

Nona, jag önskar att vi kunde prata utanför lolcow

No. 1450986

I think women have a female brain that is superior to the male brain. Just look at how retarded men are compared to women, how they are devoid of logic and only operates based on their basal needs. I will not accept having the same brain as empty headed moids. Ofc only a female body can have a female brain, troons have a male brain and it shows.

No. 1450988

File: 1645710705232.png (447.66 KB, 1464x648, meanttopopabonerindeed.png)

They claim it's a non-sexual, non-fetishistic boner caused by happiness, but refuse to reflect over the fact that they didn't "pop" these supposed happiness boners until the happiness was caused by dressing in women's clothing.

No. 1450996

i wish i was able to delude myself this easily

i would be so much happier

No. 1450997

>>1450973 I don't think I'll ever forget >>1449848

I think a lot of people will read that and think its so far fetched it must be made up. But honestly, I believe it. Firstly because nothing is out of the realms of possibility, I remember when they first started filming NCIS and they wanted to base the crimes off real crimes, but ended up having to change the stories because people wouldn't believe that it had really happened and they'd be accused of making stuff up.

But also because these freaks have infiltrated women's pagan circles. I used to be super into the red tent movement and years ago loved the book but haven't read it in forever. So for those uninitiated let me explain and sage for this but I promise I have a point and I think it gives some context, a lot of pagan and wiccan circles started out very feminist, really into the divine feminine and the goddess. Because a woman's menstrual cycle is roughly the length of the lunar cycle and many goddesses are represented by the moon it was thought to be very powerful. Your period was seen as the sacrifice women made to create and bring forth new life. Women started making red tent circles where the women would gather together when they got their period (because women who are close sync up) where they could rest, have food, sing and dance, chatter with the other girls etc. They had celebrations around the phases of a womans life, a party for a girls 'first moon' to welcome her to womanhood and invite her to sit with the women and not the children now, a celebration when she became a mother - not for the baby but for her entering a new phase (and children were only admitted when they were breastfeeding/ completely reliant on mum), and a celebration for becomming a grandmother and being able to guide the younger women. They never had an equivalent for men and you always had guys getting in a huff that there was no celebrations for them.

Some women get a bit… odd… I've heard of women who collect some of their blood and pour it on the earth as an offering (but Ive never known anyone do this, they normally choose wine or tomato juice or something, just the occasional odd story online) and I've heard of menstrual blood itself being considered powerful enough to lure a man to you, so cook for them whilst your on your period and again, some people took it too far and said you could put some of your blood in the food you were cooking to make them lust after you (though again anyone I knew considered this more assault than anything).

As I said yesterday, even back then when there were far far less troons there were calls to allow them into these places. Prominent figures like Zsuzsana Budepest refused point blank to let them in (the space is only for women born women, you can have PCOS, you can decide not to have babies, you can have a hystorectomy, you can be a lesbian, whatever, you just have to of been born a woman) never rude, never loud, always gracious without ever really giving a reason why, and it was considered by many to bigoted with a lot of the same stupid comments you hear now 'you can't define what makes a woman' 'they were born women just in the wrong body'.

Now I get why they wern't allowed in, and funnily enough these circles were infact always ran by the much older women and grandmothers. Because they knew these absolute degenerates were fetishists and wanted a place where they could perv on young women. Christ alive can you imagine bringing 10, 11, 12 year old girls to a space supposedly safe for her as shes entering womanhood and first getting her period with a balding man in a my little pony dress leering at her from the corner. Demanding they teach him how to breastfeed a baby. Rifling through their bins to fish out tampons and pads and declare that he too, has his period.

I now can't help but wonder if half the bonkers stuff I occasionally read came from a creepy MtF obsessed with periods writing their fantasies, desperate to drink them and god only knows what else. I can see where the degenerates would have got the idea that if they stole tampons and consumed them the fucking essence of womanhood would magically turn them into a woman. Thats why they are fucking rife in pagan groups. Thats why theyre pushing their way into breastfeeding groups and demanding to be around women and young girls. Anything women create to be safe and wholesome for them to gather together theres some crossdressing pervert mouth breathing on the perimeter desperate to get in for his own form of sexual gratification.

No. 1450999

>unattainable low body-fat percentage even for underweight women
>perfectly round breasts who will never be "deformed" by a child hunger
>5 feet 10 inches tall, the standard height for female high fashion model
>will never know the fear of child-bearing
Young women adoring him isn't a surprise or a mystery.

No. 1451008

File: 1645713263802.jpg (46.19 KB, 454x458, FEmQb0EXEAcJbr_.jpg)

Sorry, gotta rant quickly because this is weird. I have a small indie design business, and I've amassed a modest following on twitter. From the very beginning, my rule was 'play dumb about politics' I've noticed that men get away with more shit than women online because women feel the need to prove we're not retarded whereas men just talk like children. Basically, I act as if I haven't heard of anything, and no one asks me to pledge loyalty to the troon empire. UNTIL today. Woke up to the most doleful DM. To paraphrase:
>Hi, I'm a big fan. Could I ask a little about your politics?
So I explained that I'm a private person, and I don't like getting personal on the internet with strangers.
She then went on to say that she knew I wasn't twansphobic or anything, but then she requested (albeit indirectly) that were I ever to acquire any ~problematic~ views that I keep them to myself. She'd bought a bunch of stuff from my store, she didn't want to have wasted money on something she couldn't wear without upsetting (enraging) her troon housemates. And I mean, that's sort of understandable because I'd prefer not to deal with drama either, but she essentially admitted it's all about optics. Which means that JKR's crime was not what she said, it's how many people she made look bad. Bunch of girls with golden snitch tattoos probably had to gnaw their limbs off lmao.

No. 1451013

Even if the dudes were gentle flower-children of the goddess, the hell is the point of them being a part of a female fertility ritual? I know it's cringe, but I grew up with such traumatic associations with 'becoming a woman' that I can't help but think women need more rituals/traditions about being female. When I was a kid, I would have really liked a chance to hang out with a bunch of cool women and feel welcomed into womanhood instead of resentful of it. Most of my early memories of bleeding are things like boys laughing at PMS jokes in class while I was secretly trying not to pass out from the pain. Neato.


No. 1451024


Honestly its so sad because it was such a beautiful notion. I remember all the special things I read mum's doing for their daughters for their 'first moon'. Lots of them talked about their sadness at having to learn it on their own (no youtube or internet, just tragic cosmo articles) so they took the opportunity to invite their daughters to ask them anything they needed. They'd either have a little party with just the grown women in their life, or find some special way to mark the occasion - taking her for dinner and coffee etc. A lot of them made their daughters boxes with pads etc and little gifts. All with the intention of welcoming her to womanhood, inviting her to sit with the older women and be a part of it. And to grow up strong and confident, not afraid and ashamed, struggling alone.

But can you even imagine that with MtF's in the mix? Stamping their feet, wobbling their balding head, red faced, spinny skirt flying everytime they make another demand
'Where's MY first moon party?!'
'I'm a woman too!'
'I'm on my period!'
storming in the room holding up a tampon thats just been dipped in strawberry jam 'SEE!'
cooercing the young girls to show them their pads so they can check everythings right, better let him despose of it too, don't worry about why hes shoving it in his pocket instead of the bin. Demanding the women around them give them pads and tampons and endless praise for being a bRaVe TrAnS wOmAn who needs vAlIdAtIoN and euphoric feelings of being on their period and accepted into womens spaces.

No. 1451035

File: 1645716458413.jpeg (326.33 KB, 750x1076, 81A7B916-8FD0-4C6E-B29C-08FD79…)

Would hate to bring the current news into this thread, but it seems like communist troons are defending Russia like it’s their fucking life source. Can’t imagine being so delusional and insensitive to what’s currently going on I really hope this peaks people in leftist circles

No. 1451039

File: 1645716564892.jpeg (66.62 KB, 750x258, 3FEA9BE9-E53E-4513-A67F-DD1F32…)

No. 1451041

and they probably call themselves anti-imperialists kek

i guess imperialism is only bad when the us is doing it

No. 1451045

i used to have this dude added on facebook years ago. he was completely unhinged and constantly posting suicide bait. he also messaged me thinking i was a fellow mtf (i'm just a somewhat gnc female who doesn't wear makeup). honestly surprised he's still alive but it's somewhat reassuring to see that he's mutilated himself to this extent.

No. 1451051

Kek, if she cared about that shit, wouldn’t she check before spending money? I wouldn’t worry about it.

No. 1451055

>keeps the dick
>adds ugly neovag

Totally feeling oh-so-"dysphoric" about having a dick, totally not a fetish. Dude got himself castrated for nothing, this is what porn addiction does to a mf.

No. 1451057

kek why are communist troons always shitting on ukraine so hard as if russia is some poor little communist country being opressed by big bad ukraine

No. 1451063

i think there is a push to normalise troons teaching girls about periods
i dont know if any one else watched designated survivior but when netflix took over they really made it political
one of the new charaters introduced out of nowhere was the presidents troon sister in law
theres an episode where the presidents daughter gets her first period and the president asks the troon to speak to her sying 'she really could do with help from a woman'
and then there is a scene with the troon telling the little girl all about periods

No. 1451067

they always defend north korea and china too
they often say the uyghurs deserve ethnic cleansing
which is funny as china just banned gender non conforming characters from all media

No. 1451071

Or "You have to invite me to your First Moon party 'cause I'm a REAL WOMAN and excluding me would be transphobic, but you also can't talk about menstruation in any way 'cause that triggers me!"

No. 1451077

File: 1645720632950.jpg (185.22 KB, 839x662, 1641840897758.jpg)

they really do be thinking like this unironically

No. 1451081

see however much id hate it, part of me does want the reveloution to take place
so that when im put against the wall i can at least die with a smug smile on my face as some armchair philosopher troon cries next to me saying there has been some kind of mistake and they were meant to be incharge

No. 1451082

it just makes me fucking sick. Yeah let trannie crossdressers with a fucking period fetish talk to young girls about their vaginal health whilst sticking frozen tomato soup up their arse. The rates in which these girls are abused will shoot up and recorded as women committing the crimes

Throw me off the damn planet

No. 1451091

Do they realise that Putin's government has been implementing anti-LGBT laws for years? If they tried to troon out in Russia, they would end up in a mental asylum.

No. 1451092


Off-topic but did ya'll kill cicerio in your playthroughs or lie and spare him?

No. 1451095

killed him for what he did to the farming couple among other reasons

No. 1451097

I doubt too many women get euphoria from clothes unless they're trying on a wedding dress or clothes for some other very important occasion. Troons just put on the ugliest dress they find from goodwill and start cumming at the thought of wearing, gasp, women's clothing!

No. 1451101

File: 1645722455661.jpg (268.51 KB, 1280x859, MhwrqFYzAQg.jpg)

absolutely disgusting

No. 1451102

File: 1645722500448.png (536.89 KB, 720x1332, Screenshot_20220224-110443~3.p…)

HSTS always look like teenage boys in makeup lol idk why women insult themselves and let these scrotes compare themselves to us

No. 1451116

Now I really want to read the thread about vaginas to make me feel good about myself and what my body can do that troons never will.

I know not everyone would be for this, but hear me out. I’m OKAY with having a large unisex restroom IF there are only stalls that cover ground to ceiling. I’m still afraid though men would take advantage of it, but in an ideal world I wouldn’t care that much. Why must the male sex destroy everything in its path?

No. 1451120

as someone who has used a unisex bathroom
scrotes urinate everywhere, on toilet seats, behind toilets, on the floor, in sinks
i even saw that they had been urinating up the wall like they were trying to see how high they could hit

No. 1451121

Omfg I haven't had anybody to really talk about with this since most of my bruja/pagan friends are all TWAW but it was so fucking bizarre to see my former gay best friend turned TIM join some dianic coven or some shit. Dude was constantly posting about his divine feminine energy and how he has periods too so he can totes be in an all female coven. And to see our friends cosign that shit was sad and gross as fuck because I know they do like naked rituals and shit and his gay ass just wants to feel validated as a real spiritual shaman woman idk he thinks he Lana del Rey or some shit

No. 1451123

Is alogging still banned in a situation like this? Lord give me strength..

No. 1451127

I think he knew you were a GNC woman, he probably just wanted to neg you because troons are retarded and think we can't handle being misgendered like they can't .

No. 1451129

Right? I don’t think they get that. Both China AND Russia do not tolerate troonery, and they shouldn’t so, kudos to them I guess, at least they’re doing something right on that front.

No. 1451136

File: 1645723973728.png (686.04 KB, 720x1018, Screenshot_20220216-195519~2.p…)

No. 1451160

I remember when playing fighting games and such I constantly played as guys just because they're were hot and I wanted to look at them lol You're just doing the same thing, stupid agp scrotes

No. 1451162

They’re communists but they never want to move to Cuba, Russia, China or any other country like that, they never want to enjoy a true and honest communist life with their comrades, they never drop their social media or phones to work for a good communist cause.
They’re so afraid of the real world and the real communist that if they were given the opportunity to go fight for Russia in Ukraine, they would pretend to be as disabled as possible just to avoid fighting when there’s people out there without a leg or an arm or with an actual disability who are willing to do anything for their leader and their commune.
I just hope the real communism spreads everywhere, I don’t even care if that shit ruins me even more than how it has ruined my life, I just want to see all of the wannabe communists, like that disgusting man, living their dreams.

No. 1451192

Sage for irrelevant but does anyone remember that terminally autistic troon that ran a webcomic about two lesbians with z-cup tits? He uploaded videos of cosplaying them by shoving pillows up his shirt

No. 1451222

isn't that what all axe wounds look like lmao?

No. 1451223

You have to type sage in the email field anon, not just say it

No. 1451241

Jennifer A. Jay?

No. 1451242

File: 1645734243095.jpeg (277.58 KB, 828x947, E7F2C383-CCD9-4CBC-A97A-211944…)

Based on other tweets I’m almost certain this guys either a troll or legitimately disable (they’re account was also only made this month) but if any of you were wanting to alog and had a Twitter account they’ve done the hardest pet for you and made a poll

No. 1451243

File: 1645734269096.png (1.44 MB, 1079x1071, 660153809315708090517379820593…)

No. 1451250

I went and looked it up, I can only find the original debate from around 2012, I think a lot of dianic covens likely just caved and let them in. They just such a boner over being in womens space and seeing women nude.

The only thing theyre getting from women's rituals is being a fetishist in our space. I bet they're off home furiously masturbating with their girl dick.

I think the only spaces left that don't allow them are lesbian specific, but they're normally super rad fem and advertise themselves as womyn only. I think lesbians 100% should have their own spaces (and I don't blame them for asking us not to come in them) but it means that vulnerable straight and bi women that don't want to interact with these creeps have nowhere to go.

Also several of the rituals dianic wiccans practice are specifically around healing from things that have happened to them, rape and abuse etc (apparently there was even a study conducted on them and how it had helped women in these situations start to heal from their traumas) a big component of that is that the women are exclusively only around other women where they can be free to talk and explore things away from judgement.

But letting them in allows them to fulfill their bullshit two-spirit fantasies. Funny how all those third genders are always men larping as women, arn't half of them to do with prostitution anyway? They love being the all powerful man with the spirit of the all powerful feminine. Fuck off degenerate creeps.

No. 1451253

Straight from the narc male playbook
>says some outrageous unfunny shit
>fuck you guys why aren’t you laughing I’m funny
>I’m under attack I’m such a victim
>okay fine then I’m gonna kill myself since you all clearly hate me so much

No. 1451263

your friend sounds like he has a good head on his shoulder, this is a refreshing story amongst the millions of retarded moids. obviously i’ve heard dozens of stories from former TiFs (including myself) who are now rightfully gc but i’m glad to hear some men are realizing it as well without becoming violently alt-right like so many troons

No. 1451269

i dont know if thats a joke or real really

No. 1451270

File: 1645736191199.jpeg (154.86 KB, 934x927, DB2346CA-10C0-479B-9FA1-14DC7D…)

Found this image in the quote tweets of petras “cmon terf twitter” post lol

No. 1451271

It’s very emperors new clothes, isn’t it? You can see it all and no one else can. It makes you feel alone.

He probably thinks it looks perfect and pornified.

No. 1451284

It’s a joke.

No. 1451285

God, I wish I didn’t. Thanks for the reminder nona.

Kind of sounds like he may just naturally be a deranged psychopathic asshole.

I make almost every character I play male just so if I play online men won’t be annoying. Am I just really a man?

No. 1451286

File: 1645736937053.jpg (142.82 KB, 1080x1775, FB_IMG_1645736829972.jpg)

I just felt like sharing my favorite cryptid troon.

No. 1451289

Idk but at least they’re doing commissions instead of just directly demanding money. More of them should offer a service like that instead of the pity card.

No. 1451291

File: 1645737102629.jpg (148.84 KB, 1080x1227, FB_IMG_1645737019621.jpg)

No. 1451292

File: 1645737128106.jpg (1 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220224-161122_Fac…)

No. 1451300

You can't look like a murderous punk hobo and also be beautiful

No. 1451301

So your friend dropped out of college because of trauma from getting sexually assaulted. The only person in this story who is punished is your friend, for the crime of being a victim. This is beyond fucked, it's the kind of story that could make headlines if she was willing to go public with it, but I understand not wanting to face the wrath of the troon brigade.

No. 1451303

File: 1645737719774.gif (641.79 KB, 240x180, daffy.gif)

Why do all trannies itt or otherwise seriously look like they took a shotgun-blast to the face like Daffy duck?

No. 1451305

same, im a stereotypically feminine “cis” woman and i always played as a man growing up so i could date/marry the girl characters, totally means im a man

No. 1451309

Any queer person who supports Russia is either a self-loathing twitter commie or a genuine retard because Russia has been known for years to be one of the most dangerous places to be LGBT in the world. Imagine getting so caught up trying to piss off your conservative parents with your ussr shitposting that you eventually become a Putin supporter. The kids are not alright.

No. 1451313

i genuinely believe that the commie troontards are retarded and have an all-or-nothing mentality. most theoretical commies/socialists draw a huge distinction between the idea of a perfectly balanced socialist society and the shitshow that current communist countries are, but these people just want to be edgy and as ‘out there’ as possible, they don’t actually believe in any socialist ideas they just want attention hence the huge ugly hammer and sickle tattoos and cutting their dicks off.

No. 1451328

Anyone calling themselves queer is a retard to begin with

No. 1451343

Anon I used to work for campus security and saw SA get swept under the rug (before my time), the only way to get them to take it seriously is to go to the town/city police and make a report, and get the report number from the report she made with the campus police. The city/town police will hound them to do the investigation because they dont want to do it, and the campus police will have to report their actions to the city police.
I understand she's taking time, but this kind of thing can go a long way if she wants it to.

No. 1451390

This isn't real btw but I don't understand how women can look at this and feel they're represented by these ugly troons.

No. 1451416

I've known plenty of dudes who play female characters, it's pretty normal. My ex used to say if he's going to be running around everywhere with the camera fixed on his character's ass it might as well be female.

No. 1451418

Every man says that and it's just as lame as assuming all men who play female characters are secretly trans lol. Stupid scrote shit

No. 1451421

> I remember all the special things I read mum's doing for their daughters for their 'first moon'. Lots of them talked about their sadness at having to learn it on their own (no youtube or internet

This is very much a sidenote, but my grandma (who is 96) used to tell a story that when she first got pregnant, she still had no idea where children came from. Even as her belly got bigger she said she was just told to trust in God and everything will be fine.. and she just accepted that. My other grandma said when she got her first period, she thought she was dying. She had no idea what was happening. It's easy to forget how far we've come since those days.

No. 1451430

File: 1645752294035.png (106.38 KB, 1160x924, copenseethe.png)

wahhhhh pay attention to me!!!!!

No. 1451432

Sorry trannies, russia invading ukraine actually is vastly more important than you lol

No. 1451435


No. 1451437

Nope, we want them to lol.

No. 1451438

please tell me they got shat on by people.

No. 1451444

File: 1645753482874.jpg (93.62 KB, 585x856, Untitled.jpg)

No. 1451453

So Petras doesnt even really care about terfs or their views he's just playing this shit up so the alphabet soup gang buys his shitty music

No. 1451457

File: 1645755151386.png (69.51 KB, 720x533, tumblr-png.png)

people are dying and cities are being destroyed but muh hormones

No. 1451458


Russia is going sicko mode and America just bombed Somalia but please oh please remember the Texas bill!

Millions of lives are lost and in danger, the world as a whole is kinda on its toes on what’s gonna happen next but guys…….the trans kids!!!

No. 1451482

Hey nonna, I know this is a few days late, so you might not see it, but I am so happy you're going to ditch these people. I also definitely second someone's advice upthread to pretend to have a bf. My closest male friend in HS trooned out and started skinwalking me, and I wish I had just ditched him instead of trying to be empathetic. No matter how kind you are to an AGP, they're still an incel at heart. Only instead of calling you a roastie they'll call you a terf bitch.

Russia isn't even communist. They're just retards that think anyone America doesn't like is a good guy.

No. 1451491

Nope don't give a shit. Just like how troons didn't give a shit when Texas essentially banned most abortions. Oh, wait, they did because it was called "women's rights" and they demanded it be changed to "uterus havers rights." Sorry, kids, you need to wait until you're 18 to mutilate and destroy your health for a fetish or self-hatred.

No. 1451501

$100 says the partners are all balding men too

No. 1451502

File: 1645760013396.png (102.36 KB, 586x655, Clymers based therapist.png)

Clymer dropped his therapist when they told him he was imagining transphobia kek. Troons are actively sabotaging their own mental health on a constant basis. If they aren't being ~validated~ then it's phobia!!
(He posted this a while ago, but I didn't see it in the previous MTF threads.)

No. 1451503

several of the rituals dianic wiccans practice are specifically around healing from things that have happened to them, rape and abuse etc (apparently there was even a study conducted on them and how it had helped women in these situations start to heal from their traumas
Sage for OT but this explains why he made this big deal about opening his throat chakra and telling everybody on social media his brother molested him and that he is healing with his ancestors through divine blah blah blah and then he posted like "artsy" naked pics of him at some ritual? None of the girls in his coven were in it just his weird gay ass larping as a spiritual hoe god this makes me wanna puke. Men truly can't empathize with us. Even the ones that only hung out with girls growing up are jealous of us and look down on us. I don't doubt he was molested but I would fucking hate to be in his coven, tryna heal from my trauma with like-minded women and some fuckface scrote starts making it this weird competition of who's more traumatized and doing some fucking sexy photoshoot at a ritual kek. I don't follow him or talk to him anymore because he's so fucking insufferable and obsessed with his idea of the divine feminine and how he's more woman than actual women because hes super in touch with the divine feminine like dude calls himself a goddess and shit

No. 1451509

File: 1645761229419.png (2.39 MB, 1144x1372, 1645651136215.png)

No. 1451524

oh my god how does he look worse

No. 1451526


Not just there, look at the other side of his body and in between his arms and his chest. So much obvious photoshopping.

No. 1451529

Oh jesus this one gave me a start. Last known photo of the perpetrator, thought to be on the run type vibes

No. 1451531

>If they tried to troon out in Russia, they would end up in a mental asylum.
Russia is based.

No. 1451533

Russia isn't communist. Like at all. It doesn't even call itself such.

No. 1451540

The troons defending Russia are obviously insane.

But I do get a little joy out of US Americans shitting their pants over Russia invading Ukraine over "false information" when they invaded my country for total bullshit reasons too.

No. 1451543

same lmao, man looks like he came straight out of a creepypasta

No. 1451547

maybe they want the ussr to come back

No. 1451548

Is it true that he trooned out because of Hontra?

No. 1451550

Russia and US are like the same thing except one is rich. There's a reason the KKK, crazy Republicans, and even Tucker Carlson love Russia.

No. 1451551

File: 1645765572922.png (278.07 KB, 1000x600, 1645648379446.png)

Still looks like hot mess. Why did he mess with his nose it was totally fine? Looks like he got cheek implants and chine scrape

No. 1451552

File: 1645765620891.jpg (1.15 MB, 1440x1632, Screenshot_20220224-235844_Boo…)

Just showed up in my reddit feed, kek.

No. 1451553

Oh and he learned how to clean his eyebrows + botox

No. 1451554

The handmaidens need to stop.

No. 1451555

>a mother
>with a child
>not immediately running away from him

No. 1451562

His face looks like a rubber mask.

No. 1451565

Thank you, nonny. Sometimes I just get really down on myself. But comments like yours remind me that being a woman itself is a beautiful thing that no man can co-opt. (Honestly troons wouldn't even know how to sympathize and raise up other women due to their chronic narcissism)

No. 1451568

How is this thing getting away with wearing tights or leggings with no underwear flashing his dick to everyone who passes by? I am shocked an owner hasn't kicked it out of their store or a customer saying something to it? He's been posted a few times on this thread and he is the most vile and sick "woman" I've seen this far. A literal fucking pervert flashing himself to the public. This trans shit starting to make me irrationally angry. It's gone too far.

No. 1451570

i remember 7 years ago it was pretty common to see american reports about how ukraine has a neo-nazi problem but now all the news stories from america say that putin's claims of nazism in ukraine are ridiculous. oh come on now lol.

he looks like some wax sculpture. not even a real person.

No. 1451572

Of all the TikTok/IG MTFs, this one annoys me the most. His smug face, the strategic angles, the constant bragging about his wound sex with soyboy boyfriend…. it's all so fetishistic. It's an insult to women who have worked so hard to detach definitions of feminity from just being "sex toy for man". Though tbf that's more of a social media problem that just a troon problem.

No. 1451574

By TiF logic, yes, you're a perfectly valid gay man. Congratulations on your newly discovered manhood, Nona!

No. 1451579

can the commie tard russia apologists stop baiting in this thread? the thread is gonna get auto saged because of you freaks

No. 1451585

I would place my bets on this never actually happening and being some twisted fantasy of his. I mean a guy going around in that has clearly got a thing for voyeurism and flashing.

No. 1451586

Ukraine literally does have loads of neo-Nazis, retard. It's not a justification for Russia's invasion of Ukraine but the total omission of the Ukrainian neo-Nazis in current American journalism is pretty obvious. They know that bringing attention to Ukrainian neo-Nazis would destroy the public perception of Ukraine.

It's like how hard the mainstream media will always try to paint trannies as perfect angels even when they rape children while radical feminists or anyone who stands up against them are portrayed as evil wenches.

No. 1451588

>Ukraine literally does have loads of neo-Nazis, retard.
And Russia has them too. So what bitch ? The "heckin Nazerinos" are not Putin's problem. Innocent people are being killed for his retarded empire boner

No. 1451590

File: 1645768785362.png (927.77 KB, 2048x1325, chrome_screenshot_164576872398…)

No. 1451596

File: 1645769486917.jpeg (90.45 KB, 640x777, 5344F0F3-D10F-4612-BA77-5CFA42…)

ukraine’s president is literally jewish retard. russia is much more anti-semitic than ukraine and has a vastly higher percentage of hate crimes you can’t act like russia is getting rid of ukrainian nazis when the russians are the nazis in question. sage for derailing but shut up and stop believing everything you read on communist twitter(derailing)

No. 1451598

File: 1645769733450.png (1.23 MB, 1302x2048, chrome_screenshot_164576962492…)

No. 1451603

calm down you fucking spergs, she >>1451586 literally said
>It's not a justification for Russia's invasion of Ukraine
in her post. Do you also get mad at people for pissing on the poor?

No. 1451604

Who's children is he planning on eating?

No. 1451605

this guy is gross but i have to give him some credit for dressing like (a poor imitation of) an adult woman instead of a seven year old girl. refreshing to see in this thread

No. 1451607

When did I ever say Ukraine having a neo-Nazi problem was justification for Russia invading it? I said that the media is highly manipulative and people have the right to question what they see and how this can extend into how they cover topics on transgenderism.

No. 1451610

i’m mad from being on twitter all day and misinterpreted what you said, sorry for sperging out at you anon

No. 1451611

go take your meds

No. 1451614

Its a bad situation, she's at home now and doing okay taking time. She doesn't want to public at all, she didn't even tell her family. She told them she came home because she felt isolated because of covid. I don't blame her, having to deal with a sexual assault and then people who will defend a troon sounds like an nightmare.

No. 1451621

File: 1645771605840.jpeg (183.9 KB, 750x855, 5BE2764B-E463-4E1B-BC5A-478EE3…)

is this medically possible? can hrt really make a post-pubescent adult lose height?

No. 1451623

kek I thought the same thing

No. 1451627

File: 1645772142206.jpeg (175.53 KB, 634x951, 6797D77B-E684-4DA2-892F-0EDE59…)

The age gap between Amy Schneider and his fiancée (42 and 25) creeps me out

No. 1451630

Moids will be moids even when they're trying to convince the world they're not moids

No. 1451633

probably just doesn't now everyones hight deflates during the day

No. 1451635

File: 1645773114373.gif (85.84 KB, 220x123, disgusted-heather-dubrow.gif)

>a college girl
>a mother
How can anyone believe a man that says these things publicly about women and that dresses publicly like this is not a danger to women and girls?

No. 1451636

I love you anon

No. 1451637

reminds me of that bit in oitnb where laverne cocks teaches the dumb cissy prisoners about le science and anatomy of the vulva. i feel like this is almost a trope at this point, tranny character knows more about the female body/women than the ignorant female characters

No. 1451645

Kek, she wants that Jeopardy money. I hope she 'helps' him along.

No. 1451646

He mansplained womens anatomy to actual women in the show? Kek.

No. 1451648

File: 1645774435214.jpeg (705.8 KB, 1280x688, 5FD78C38-04E5-43E3-8928-3B9119…)

He’s so full of shit. Nobody ever said that to him. He looks like the lizard man from monsters inc

No. 1451652

>Shower door facing the toilet door

They're a bit obvious with this one huh

No. 1451653

Yeah and they also have a scene where he tells his son to date ugly girls as a practice before moving on to the hot ones.
His son basically asks him 'You really want men to act like this to women even though you yourself identify as one?'
He replies something's like 'God help me, I want'. Wtf does that even mean?
And he's painted as a sympathetic character that basically gets the best ending out of them all.

No. 1451656

His gf looks like a real woman (I now refuse to use the word cis, it doesn’t exist. There is only real or imitation)

No. 1451657

File: 1645776025217.jpg (47.8 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1645387406247.jpg)

I want to share the troon I met in the female bathroom many years ago. This 2 m unshaven beast stood his ass right next to mine when washing hands.

No. 1451658

File: 1645776055228.jpg (23.83 KB, 720x720, FB_IMG_1645387366352.jpg)

No. 1451659

therapists are under a huge amount of pressure to validate troons. But they have a responsibility to help people question harmful delusions and delusions of persecution are the most common (and easily recognizable).
offtopic, but my pops seems perfectly sane most of the time but suffers from some really bad delusions when he's stressed. Working with his therapist, my family all learned a really good way to help him unpack it. He would be completely screwed if we weren't allowed to question him. it's not just dangerous for everyone else, it's dangerous for the person with the delusions.

Holy shit. He went from tragic cross-dresser to a washed up coked up New Romantic singer getting sued over unpaid child support

No. 1451665


No. 1451667

Probably bone density loss from the estrogen. There's gonna be an osteoporosis epidemic in the next decade. Especially of kids who were put on Lupron. I've heard doctors talking about kids on blockers who can't turn their heads properly, walking they have rickets. It's not ideal.

No. 1451668


No. 1451672

Why do the ones on the younger side always dress like it's 2013 or 2004.

No. 1451673

He has to be stuffing, right??

No. 1451674

My first thought that saying "a college girl" proved how hilariously made up it was. As if you'd ever tell a story like "a college boy walked up to me in a park and asked for the time." How do you know someone's in college if you're not near a college?
But now that you highlighted the two characters in his daydream, it's painfully obvious he's naming porn search terms. They just think in that language, huh.

Glad I never wasted my time with that piece of shit show when everyone was raving about it.

No. 1451675

Yeah, it's mental. Lupron is a last resort cancer drug. Even when the troon money train stops, they will still be eternal patients now that they have damaged their bodies. It's tragic.

No. 1451676

Agreed, I thought it was made up when he said mother. I thought, he could only know she is a mother if she has a kid. If she had a kid, he would mention the child unless this was a fantasy larp where he was listing off wholesome women.

No. 1451678

I think young girls/women need to learn that voyeurism is a real sexual fetish and they don't have to accept being forced to partake in any of it. I think a lot of them don't understand that it's literally giving these men sexual pleasure just to be in the same toilet or changing room as women. The thought of going to the men's restroom just for your own sexual pleasure of hearing men pee literally doesn't occur to women because it's just gross to us.
Same with non-explicit flashing like this purple guy. Just because his dick is technically covered doesn't mean he doesn't take immense sexual pleasure in knowing women and little girls can see his bulging dick.

No. 1451679

Based nonnie. That is 100% exactly what he is doing.

No. 1451681

File: 1645778136121.jpg (103.57 KB, 640x631, 3hpumsxv2uj51.jpg)

See, you KNOW that was intentional because men are well acquainted with bathroom proximity rules (irt urinals) and it's a much bigger deal for them. Best case scenario, he assumed women are cuddly and like being close in ~intimate~ situations. More likely, he was enjoying invading personal space without risking a punch in the teeth. I hate it.

Well there's a y2k fashion revival going on with zoomers apparently. Troons model their 'fashion sense' on whatever women they're fixated on. This happens because men tend to see women as collectable, desirable objects, sexual or otherwise. (Waifus are an interesting example of this.) If older millennial dudes are dressing like it's the early 2000s, it's usually (hopefully) because they're fixated on crushes from their childhoods. If zoomers are doing it, it's probably modeled after girl peers they're currently fixated on. Regardless, every troon is modeling their look on someone he admires in an unflatteringly obsessive sense.
Picrel, I've long suspected philosophytroon wants to wear lisa eldridge's skin.

No. 1451689

this; makes me think of my great aunt going from 5'1" to 4'6" over the course of 20 years

No. 1451690

oh that makes sense
i dont want an answer i just want to comment. wtf is wrong with his junk it looks swollen with disease.

No. 1451692

wtf I love armenians now(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1451694

Always dressed like a little girl would dress, all pink and purple while purposely wearing skin-tight pants to flash his dick at the same time. This is a disgusting fetish and he's pushing it onto mothers and children passing by.

No. 1451699

Honestly shocked to hear Lupron here, that’s the drug my vet gave my pet bird to stop her laying eggs, kek. No idea it could be used on humans

No. 1451702

someone should just kick his disgusting crotch already.

No. 1451709

Imagine wasting your 20's on an ugly disgusting middle aged tranny. Couldn't be me. She's going to regret it. Is he rich or something? I would rather commit unalive than lay next to this knock-kneed fat scrote.

No. 1451711

Men like this are why I could never live in any major city. I'm just not at peace with the idea that I could walk out of my house and run into one of these freaks. What do you even say? It's basically flashing, he's technically clothed but you can see his entire dick.
I don't understand the women who date hons

No. 1451712

File: 1645782673213.jpeg (315.7 KB, 1242x1318, 17F17139-8A92-47F8-B8D8-FC0D38…)

lmao even the scrotes know he still doesn’t pass even after all of his efforts

No. 1451713

File: 1645782724567.jpeg (98.64 KB, 818x425, 27D726F8-9B0A-4A74-9BEB-A3ADD0…)

Clinically insane