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No. 1453221

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (MTF) snowflake behavior. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread; don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (not even ironically), etc. This is supposed to be a thread for MTF related milk, not a receptacle for autistic spergouts. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.

Do not respond to anything you suspect to be scrote bait or trannyposting. Report the post and move on.

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No. 1453262

File: 1645986755986.png (402.37 KB, 998x475, 6258FB51-BC99-4931-8553-911697…)

No. 1453275

Anytime I come in this thread I just go ‘’That’s a man, baby!”

No. 1453279

FFS, Foot Face Surgery

No. 1453281

kek my sides nona
can we please start calling it this?

No. 1453282

File: 1645988595171.jpeg (148.1 KB, 828x860, 75BAEC14-7CF2-49E3-879B-8231E5…)

Speaking of Ollie, Contrapoints close friend and mod runs a sissy Hypno discord called Sapphic Mind Break. He tweeted recently bragging about convincing minors on it to start hormones.

No. 1453288

File: 1645989084798.jpg (93.82 KB, 897x1024, FMkIQ1wXoAUcwTx.jpg)

No. 1453291

File: 1645989267052.jpg (146.13 KB, 1186x800, 1645332612927.jpg)

those chad genes…insane

No. 1453294

File: 1645989466294.png (758.82 KB, 756x1354, Tate on Twitter.png)

have you ladies heard this brainwashing movie about letting tims into the womens washroom?

No. 1453303

Women all rate each other specifically on how womanly the other looks, perfectly normal conversation we have all the time, especially in the toilet

No. 1453312

hate men so much. when will everyone peak not just to trannies, but to all scrote behavior?

No. 1453313

File: 1645991569463.jpeg (471.56 KB, 1397x2343, 1628012754530.jpeg)

Ah yes, these are the trans women that would be in our bathrooms, and not picrel (and he is not even the worst looking one I could find, he's just creepy and psychotic)

No. 1453315

Kek anon you sound like someone’s dad just finding these threads and I love it

No. 1453320

>Look, she has big fake tits and bleach blonde hair! Porn taught me that this is the womanliest of women!
What a dumb fuck

No. 1453321

Stop calling him a chad. He isn't even a good swimmer.

No. 1453332

The more I see companies and big entities push for something or want acceptance for it the more very, very fucking wrong it is. Any time they pull shit like this means you should automatically run for the hills, they don’t mean well at all.

No. 1453333

genuinely what did he mean by this?? do troons not know that regular men have the ability to finger their partners?? what is the thought process behind this??

No. 1453335

Someone in the comments under the video said this already but I think it’s funny how the whole idea is that the women have to fight against each other to protect a man.
Were they just afraid of showing how threatening is it to be in a room with only a man and a handmaiden? Why not leave the three of them discussing and the man defending himself? Him acting uwu “I’m sowwy” is so disgusting because they’re never like that.

No. 1453336

you know, because women paint their nails!! and he didn't paint the two that are meant for fingering!! so much lesbian energy, slay queen okurrrrrrrrr /s

No. 1453340

File: 1645993853961.png (1.06 MB, 1432x1206, cringe.png)

So this isn't an MTF(but still looks like a potential AGP imo)
My question is why would a girl willingly get into a relationship with a "goth cat femboy"

The entire subreddit is fucking cringe btw, 70% needy moids who want a bangmaid mommy gf https://np.reddit.com/r/RoleReversal/comments/t1yu2q/she_put_me_a_dress_for_the_first_time_and_i_could

No. 1453346

>My question is why would a girl willingly get into a relationship with a "goth cat femboy"
I don't know but I have a genderspecial friend (a girl) that forbade her bf gain muscle because "she likes him when he look like a femboy" to the point where he started questioning his gender and identifies as a genderfluid now.
Also got mad at me when we talked about said bf and I told her "being a girl is more than just calling yourself one"
Sorry for blogposting and my bad english.

No. 1453348


bitch that's adele, who drew adele and called it PT fanart to fuck with him kek

No. 1453350

Wtf is wrong with his mouth and jaw?

No. 1453357

File: 1645994643063.jpeg (159.39 KB, 1280x1280, 7A3F3DBE-7DCF-4090-BB7C-198D07…)

It was disturbingly easy to turn him into Jeff the killer

No. 1453363

No. 1453367

File: 1645995088260.png (4.76 MB, 828x1792, A6E96C3F-33B1-43FF-A613-8BED55…)

This hon is legit terrifying

No. 1453368

File: 1645995128459.png (4.68 MB, 828x1792, FAB6CB55-71F8-4D77-B878-FE0821…)

All the handmaidens applauding this

No. 1453370

No. 1453372

Context? What did that woman even steal from him to warrant this fucker to steal her identity? Why do agps always skinwalk specific women? Its like, if they can't have a woman they try to become that woman.

No. 1453373


No. 1453375

for once im thankful for my ugly, unspellable, unfeminine immigrant name, no troon can take it away :^)(:^))

No. 1453376

File: 1645995600775.jpeg (334.15 KB, 640x718, 41354C38-5880-4066-BB6A-74A94E…)

No. 1453379

File: 1645995874658.jpeg (505.96 KB, 640x821, 7FF28451-6C32-4EDE-A0E9-6FEB6F…)

He is absolutely disgusting and deeply threatening

No. 1453383

No. 1453387

sometimes i think that these are paid actors put in place to peak others because of how fucking bizarre they are, but sadly thats not the case this is just how they are irl

No. 1453393

No. 1453395

File: 1645996424225.jpeg (443.7 KB, 640x802, F0F993B5-99A6-47E3-8446-21C5BA…)

I’m not going to post all of them, just the most horrifying. This one is especially rage inducing
>people make an effort these days not to only comment on women’s looks, and that’s great!
>and this might make me a bad feminist
>but I got called smart and funny and capable before I transitioned
>sooo uhuhu…keep em coming!!

No. 1453397

File: 1645996528361.jpg (18.19 KB, 203x290, zdtj.JPG)

No. 1453402

File: 1645996815344.jpg (1.36 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220227-040031_Red…)

When did Woody Allen troon out?

No. 1453406

Never mind, his stand up is on YouTube.

No. 1453411

Kinda looks like Andy dick fruity ass

No. 1453413

Scrotes really treat us like sex dolls huh

No. 1453417

>I was a cis straight white man
>I used to kill it in interviews
>half the time I didn’t even bring my resume!
His comedy is glibly reciting his male privilege with a sleazy fucking smirk on his face. God I hate him so much he is vile.

No. 1453419

Holy shit every joke is just MISOGYNY MISOGYNY MISOGYNY hahahahah and the audience just goes with it

No. 1453426

File: 1645997704343.png (111.51 KB, 828x1792, goon.png)

This thing is so ugly

No. 1453430

Clocked one from his comment alone in this all women gaming group. Clicked his profile (his pic was a pink haired anime pic crew girl and his name was Alice). Pink hair in a cat smile mask with an angry stare and a huge brow bone. He also put a uwu speech bubble in his pictures and his about me is asking for someone to be the Haruka to his Michiru as if he weren’t infinitely more masculine than Haruka.

His comment was on a post hyping up the new Pokémon game, some entitled comment about how he thinks Pokémon games should just stop being made because he got bored of the franchise. Thankfully he was bullied into deleting.

No. 1453431

She probably “stole” his “right” to fuck her, or something. This dude is terrifying

No. 1453433

I had an ex who started off a "nice guy" then when the mask slipped he told me that women were basically made for sex, that were walking fuckholes. When I got upset he tried to use this sexist pseudo science bullshit about how women are evolved to take men seed and natural way of life for women to have one man while one man has multiple women. This dude ended up being closeted and got a bf after I dumped him lol I think all men see us as like, pocket pussies u can talk to even the Homos think this. I mean look at hsts, most of them don't have functioning dicks and have painful butt sex because they think being used as a sex toy by a man is being a woman. It seems most men (gay and straight) think we have no desires of our own and only exist to make men feel good no matter how painful it is for us. Sage for autistic rambling

No. 1453435

File: 1645998344191.jpeg (64.91 KB, 745x419, 24AF975E-7A4B-4733-8764-EE285D…)

Why do all AGPs have sanpaku

No. 1453436

All troons have soulless eyes. TIFs tend to have more sad empty eyes while TIMs look fucking possessed.

No. 1453437

he got toothless witch surgery

No. 1453456

>says cis women have it easier
>then adds that women earn %20 less and can't go out alone without the threat of being raped
>handmaidens laugh

No. 1453458

a rabid mongrel who needs to be put down. the result of all moids being entitled to breed.

No. 1453461

what was the comment so we can keep saying it?

No. 1453466

this is the result of being raised by a pop cultural hugbox designed to affirm your every desire as a moid.

No. 1453470

Role Reversal didn't used to be like that. But it got found by coomers and they ruined it. As they do for everything that they touch.

No. 1453473

What a fucking ape

No. 1453482

Lack of options.

No. 1453484

Hudson Laprade is a freakazoid ugly male and always will be

No. 1453486

He has videos of himself pretransition on the YouTube channel and in this one he admits to being incel

No. 1453488

File: 1646001987175.png (17.34 KB, 597x527, 1633729495056.png)

This one needs to 41% himself asap.

No. 1453499

WOW,used to follow him when he was only a dorky dude making videos on what he was studying in UNI (less than 10k subs) never would've fought it would end up like this.
Why does humanities uni fries the brains of these people??

No. 1453507

sometimes its the lecturers they regurgitate propaganda
when i was at uni i took an optional ethics course and the lecturer in charge said that the increase in estrogen mimicking chemicals found in rivers and drinking water was nothing to worry about, whats the worst thing it would do feminize men, he then implied this was a good thing, there where cheers and claps from some fat girls with bright blue hair who looked just like the trigglypuff meme

the thing is i studied environmental sciences, our fresh water ecology lecturer talked about it the week before and she said it was one of the biggest threats to some freshwater ecosystems and that it also was linked to an increase in breast and ovarian cancers in women as well as testicular and prostate cancers in men
the first lecturer had no idea what he was talking about whilst an expert was legitimately concerned

side note
it would be interseting to know if these chemicals are linked to the increase in troons in any way

No. 1453508

I’ve of two trannies in my life, one was the father of a friend, one was the husband of a girl in a group I was in

With the friend, her father was odd as fuck all her life, threw her out when she was 15/16 and she lived in the YMCA for a while. When she was about 19 and just as she was repairing her relationship with her mother, he trooned out. Threw her younger sister out when she didn’t accept him and then dragged the entire family through his narcissistic rages and manipulation whenever they tried to interact. I haven’t spoken to my friend in years - last time was about 5 years ago and she’d given up and just agreed to call him mum and suffer through his embarrassing antics because she was afraid he’d turn on her mum and suspected he’d been beating her behind closed doors, her younger sister turned to sex work and stopped speaking to her, she herself had moved in with a scrote of a man who was a narcissistic misogynistic bully and she thought she’d never do better.

The one from the Facebook group was a straight woman who was married to a man and had several young children with him. I think the youngest was 18months - 3 years over the time I observed the story. He’d made them get remarried when he trooned out, because he wanted to have a wedding where he too got to wear a wedding dress. There was loads of issues with paperwork and I believe they had to get divorced and remarried so the paperwork would say “wife/wife” and he threw several shit fits that the childrens birth certificates all had him registered as their father. He rinsed the family of all their money going back and forth to private gender clinics because the wait list was far too long for him to wait (UK). His wife was in a private womens group and several times wrote long messages of how he’d flip-flop on his transistion, made her come out as bisexual when she was pretty certain she was straight. She talked of her diminishing attraction to him as she watched him get FFS and breast implants and felt powerless to stop it. She didn’t want to be a lesbian and didn’t like that she was being forced to present that way by her partner. Everytime he flip flopped he confused their small children more, they’d be confused on why their dad had become mum and then just as they’d get used to it become dad again. The older children became distant with both parents and the youngest one struggled to settle well with all the constant conflict.

Sadly the group was full of handmaidens who would tell her that she had to be respectful of his choices because transphobia and all that bollocks and reassured her that it’s okay to be a bisexual woman.

This bullshit isn’t just erasing lesbians (though lesbians get the worst of it) it completely erases all womens sexuality.

No. 1453516

The fact that the ones who troon out while in an established marriage always expect their straight wives to be happy suddenly presenting as a lesbian and still fucking them as before suggests two things:
>absolutely no respect for our sexuality or autonomy
>They don't really believe they're women since if they did, expecting someone to suddenly turn gay just for them/only for them is absurd, the expectation of an unchanged sex life suggests they don't believe anything has actually changed outside of spinny dresses and breast implants.

No. 1453530

Edwin and Mina

No. 1453532

File: 1646005994886.png (983.71 KB, 1080x860, Screenshot_20220227-154855~2.p…)

Unsure how this is a glowup

No. 1453535

File: 1646006393379.png (950.36 KB, 1080x1555, Screenshot_20220227-155711~2.p…)

This is blowing up currently. Who the fuck talks on their phone in the bathroom, and tbh it's what he deserves. Everyone's already uncomfortable enough with these men sharing our space and then he goes ahead and makes a joke about it.

No. 1453545

he probably made a reference to his dick

No. 1453546

glad these gross fetishists are getting some pushback. everyone sees through these pedophiles flimsy disguises. they are so transparent and frankly moronic.

No. 1453551

right? it looks like he broke his moisture barrier misusing an acid peel on already dehydrated as fuck skin.

No. 1453552

Call me jaded but he could have slapped and scratched his own damn face. Doesn’t take much to make it red and still be red for the photo. If our bRaVe UwU tRaNz WoMyN had his phone in his hand why didn’t he photo or video what was happening as they take every other oppertunity to do so?

No of course a woman was an aggressor even though you deliberately enticed it by talking about your dong in the ladies room but you were a brave little soldier and waited all the way until you were at your car to get the perfect victim shots for Twitter to bleat about how hard done by you are.

The scratch marks appear to be going DOWN his face and neck in long strokes. If a random woman scratched you they wouldn’t be so perfectly vertical. A slap wouldn’t create a big red mark on his face and neck. Looks like he’s repeatedly slapped himself and scratched himself if you ask me.

If he was scared why didn’t he talk to the establishment of the public toilet? Ask for CCTV, file a police report?

No. 1453556

this looks like fucking rosacea lmfao and you're telling me an apparently unhinged woman was not only able to rip your mask off but scratch you and she didn't even break the skin? she only slapped and scratched one side of your face?

No. 1453561

I hope this is real, fuck tranny creeps. Mom was based as fuck.

No. 1453564

I wonder if this will turn out like every other trans attack horror story, where they were actually the attacker and the woman defended herself, it was faked for money/sympathy/gayops, or it was only done in self-defense from an attempted attack. Literally the only ones whichever turn out true are the male-on-male attacks against troons where they are attacked for being perceived as gay men or predators against straight men.

No. 1453565

This was my first thought. And I don't believe a woman would randomly attack a man especially when he could harm her daughter

No. 1453573

IF it did happen and the troon didn't do it to himself, then I can't imagine the woman would have taken her chances like that against a grown man in a restroom with her child there unless she was defending herself or the kid

No. 1453583

How do you get a mark like that in one slap across your face and neck unless somebody has a giant ass shaquille O'neal hand? Or he got slapped in the jaw and neck and just stood there after getting slapped the first time? Looks fake as hell

No. 1453585

Also looks like he’s wearing a fetish collar

No. 1453590

File: 1646011123224.png (3.6 MB, 2548x1470, scratch.png)


def looks self inflicted. usually when someone scratches you in a fight you get clear drag marks and pin prickle like blood at the point of contact where it is dragged across.

The scratch marks are so numerous and spread out and only faintly silver with no clear breakage of skin. Suggesting an even and light drag pressure throughout the stroke. >>1453535

No. 1453592

File: 1646011348013.png (7.2 MB, 1242x2208, 61A9948E-363F-46BB-BEDF-B7005E…)

The resemblance is uncanny
(https://youtu.be/7XxDVzUIdtY (cant embed and post pic in same post))

No. 1453593

And during this whole confrontation the dude with his phone in his hand didn’t turn on his camera and start filming? Complete cap. Troons will record themselves screaming at a Taco Bell employee for misgendering them, there’s no way this guy wouldn’t have at least taken a photo of heis attacker from a safe distance. Also shows where his heads at that the worst antagonist he can imagine attacking his poor widdle twans self is a woman defending her daughter from a loud creep in the women’s restroom.

No. 1453595

This is the shit I like to see. Thank you anon. We all know trannies are liars but it's so great when people take the time to debunk their attention seeking stories.

No. 1453596

Same, only if it was in defense.

No. 1453606

This is such a blatant lie, men don't understand female psychology at all. There is no fucking way IN HELL a mother who is afraid for the safety of her kid would harass the person she's afraid of at all, much less run up and start attacking, putting her and her kid in more danger from a giant male creep in the women's room.
exactly what I was going to point out. Everything about this is so fucking fake and you know everyone will just eat it up and no one will be allowed to doubt it. Hell world!

No. 1453607

god I just when to the twitter and the amount of handmaidens backing this creep up makes me wanna vomit. Where are peoples critical thinking skills these days, it's CLEARLY self inflicted. Actual scratch marks in fights look very different to that.

It's clear he has scratched his face all over with a light and even pressure to try and show visible redness on his face. Trying suggest swelling. Which even then it doesn't look like swelling from a slap because there is no puffiness.

My thoughts on it happening is he said something grossly inappropriate in relation to him being a trans in front of this mothers daughter so she tried to rip of his mask and to check if he is obviously a man or not so she might be able to have him removed.

He being the viscous self absorbed asshole he is is decided he should take it to the cops to try and make her life worse and then knowing there was no sign of actual injury he decided to inflict it on him self as "evidence" then parade it on social media for validation and pity in hopes he can bully the cops into actually taking his side.

No. 1453608

File: 1646013154521.jpg (25.36 KB, 739x126, slkdfjlwkejf.JPG)

he's claiming to be getting the tapes from the rest stop and working with police so he can take her to court…. which conveniently he needs some donations for! He's going to take all the donations the gullible handmaidens shovel over to him and then give no verifiable updates past "uwu we went to court and she's toootally in jail now, thanks guys!"

No. 1453609

The way he moves his mouth when he talks looks like he's trying to act like a cartoon character

No. 1453610

File: 1646013410617.jpeg (59.79 KB, 828x303, 95375139-EB6A-4662-9A07-54D06E…)

Trying to ruin an innocent mother’s life AND e begging

No. 1453611

LIKE FUCKING CLOCKWORK. Trannies are way too predictable. They have it too easy.

No. 1453613

File: 1646013605722.jpeg (58.47 KB, 225x853, 3AE52950-CF48-4907-934A-BF70AC…)

The fact that he named himself after a FUCKING KINGDOM HEARTS WAIFU I CAN’T

No. 1453614

>trying to ruin an innocent mother’s life
you're not getting it, there's likely no mother at all and no "working with police" because he's making everything up. Probably someone shot him a dirty look in the bathroom and he was so mad about it he decided to concoct this story to garner the sympathy he feels he deserves. I'm willing to be proven wrong when an arrest document comes out, but I don't think I will be. This smells fake af

No. 1453616

File: 1646014065651.png (42.86 KB, 621x412, seems to happen alot.png)


He made the same claims 20 days ago when he first started his Only fans and was trying to drum up attention so people can buy his cringey nudes in fetish gear.

No. 1453618

He's so fucking huge compared to her.

No. 1453619

correction a alt account to sell his lewd stuff so he can larp as a proper musician or something on this account. didn't last long it got suspended.

No. 1453623

…wasn't he attacked in the bathroom?

No. 1453631

Rest stop? Is he trying to whore himself or something? Why is he at so many rest stops kek

No. 1453640

Damn, that's very suspicious. I already doubted the story but this truly seems to point to it being a lie. Twice in 20 days? There's almost no fucking way. And again, women do not react like that to perceived threats in closed areas. If we did, we'd all be dead by now. We keep our heads down and get out.

No. 1453644

>>1453607 >>1453608 >>1453619

Tbh I don’t know anyone who would rip his mask off. I can imagine lots of women having something to say but not wasting their breath, it was at best a dirty look. The tweet sounded like she had a young daughter with her (if these people even existed) and again I don’t know any woman that would aggressively start on a grown man and willingly risk the safety of her little girl.

He didn’t get the reaction out of her he wanted so he invented it. Just like the one from 20 days ago. This man’s getting an awful lot of slaps in the ladies bathroom.

Oh and of COURSE the Loony Troon has a donation button. Good grief Twitter really is one big circle jerk

No. 1453646

File: 1646016108592.jpg (89.59 KB, 783x713, nice timing.JPG)

here's a better ss of the timing, and an archive in case he realizes his oopsie later

No. 1453651

that outfit could have been cuter if it was more consistent in design

No. 1453657

File: 1646016760127.jpeg (157.71 KB, 828x1025, 082EF461-EAA0-4B73-AEB2-5F71AC…)

When did this shit become normalized? I just realized I graduated hs like a decade ago and this would’ve gotten laughed at

No. 1453660

When degeneracy and perversion was backed by the delusional masses, usually those of extremist left-wing groups.

No. 1453662

His parents bought a car from their neighbor (the mayor) and the tranny wanted to buy it the same price his parents bought it but they refused to sell it to him, his mother sold the car to one of her students named sunny and he thought he had the right to steal her name??? What a fucking loser

No. 1453684

Hi pol moid

No. 1453685

There's a cruel irony to this dude wanting to be seen as a woman. Being a swimmer from a very young age will give you hench shoulders. He's never going to get close to passing, if for nothing else for that.

No. 1453689

TBH my one experience of this was the trans woman leaving in tears and her (cis) friends having a go at the women who complained about her being in the womens toilets and the security staff but i live in a very liberal city.

No. 1453690

It's true

No. 1453695

I also love the chapter of Kapital where Marx and Engels tell everyone to worship trannies. Retard

No. 1453698

Most anti trans conservatives are also in favor of not allowing abortion because it’s radical leftism fuck off moid

No. 1453703

Looks like he had a bad day with a skin condition and thought "How can I monetize this and get positive attention?" lol

No. 1453704

Damn. he wasn't actually terrible looking.
Now he looks like Johnathon Yaniv!

No. 1453707

File: 1646019968234.jpeg (112.98 KB, 750x427, 8DEE4313-1A5D-450B-A590-043A00…)

Some troon on the reply of a tumblr post about how lesbians get fetishized, one look at his blog and you can tell it’s an agp freak

No. 1453710

I still remember her rendition of Cry me a river, so talented! She really was the blueprint.

No. 1453713

that chin

No. 1453715

Thank you for saying this, I always thought the same kek. She sings well, wonder what she's up to nowadays

No. 1453717

Wait, what?

> parents buy car he wanted

> parents make decision to sell car to random girl

how fucking psychotic

No. 1453727

If you are still friends with the second one on fb, send her a message about transwidows.com and transwidowsvoices.org saying something noncommital like, "This may be a pov you havent seen before."

No. 1453730

You've reminded me of a koth blog on tumblr that occasionally makes samey posts saying transphobes aren't welcome and x character hates you. With comments reiterating it by saying said character would never ever tolerate hate speech. What show did they think they were watching?

No. 1453742

I’m not a moid, nona, you shouldn’t throw that around simply because you disagree with someone in this thread.

No. 1453743

Agreed, yes. Not trying to be a /pol/ or whatever it is, I don’t even go there, I’m just stating my opinion based on having to live through this shit lmfao.

No. 1453750

>Look at my hands!
>Hulking shovel hands
At least he's drawing attention to things that make him more obviously a man?

No. 1453767

Because they recognized you as (a very freakish) male

No. 1453770

Good for you. Nobody cares about your conservatard anti-woman political opinions tho. ""Lmfao""

No. 1453771

Why is he wearing a night gown outside?

No. 1453777

ummm what about all the women that don't have vaginas? this doesn't seem very inclusive of him to do, is he gonna finger their back hole?

No. 1453778

Post this under the tweet lmao

No. 1453779

Ok, to be fair, Hank is extremely obsessed with politeness. Koth would portray a troon negatively but Hank would be nice to them.

No. 1453781

I would rather walk five miles through mountain wilderness wearing nothing but a suit made of t bone steaks than be in a room with him for five minutes.

No. 1453785

you would be safer

No. 1453788

Good, let him. At this point I am blackpilled on handmaidens and chasers, let them waste their hard-earned money on the scams of delusional freaks. They will literally learn nothing from it even if it's proven to be the 10000th fake hate crime this year

No. 1453803

someone already did but it got buried

No. 1453810

File: 1646028462101.png (Spoiler Image,2.2 MB, 1080x1544, Screenshot 7.png)

I have always found it oddly hilarious how many sissy fetishits always desire for women to be the one's to feminize them
like they can't even be bothered to learn this shit themselves, they want a woman to do it for them, its peak male entitlement

No. 1453826

Ugh I could never pinpoint why I thought r/rolereversal was so gross but I just started thinking that maybe role reversal is just a softer, more socially acceptable form of sissification to them

No. 1453838

What kind of apotechary sells porn mags??

This reminds me of that one HORRIFYING porn comic about dick "girls", Banana Cupcake or something like that. I read it all years ago I think kek

No. 1453840

It just looks like eczema

No. 1453862

File: 1646040406009.png (Spoiler Image,25.05 KB, 500x387, call.png)

he answered the call

No. 1453866

The bit that makes me suspicious is that this woman apparently attacked a TIM (grown man) in an enclosed space with her child present. Sage for blog but I’m fairly comfortable with challenging men, and I’d still never do it with my kid present unless I absolutely had to.

No. 1453870

File: 1646042989549.png (1.36 MB, 1180x1308, Screen Shot 2022-02-28 at 13.4…)

I will give it to him for being creative when he lies

No. 1453871

Sure Jan. He totally fooled her for a duration of a year.. No one would just assume you have a husband and kids either.

No. 1453873

>gay pride earrings
>tthis means that the eyebrow lady is a terf calling him the man he is
fucking kek

No. 1453876

File: 1646044235767.png (3.43 MB, 1720x1438, bathroom lewds collage.png)

okay so I was bored and read thru this guys twitter.

He has a HUGE history of gross lewd behavior in public bathrooms. His twitter is FULL of him posting lewds from his work bathrooms and stuff.

Maybe he should reflect on his indecent behavior in public bathrooms before he starts crying about terfs being uncomfortable having him in woman's restrooms…

No. 1453877

Yeah I'd assume most trannies are gay if I was a normie so yeah I'd ask about a husband. It's not the brag he thinks it is

No. 1453878

if a woman looked like this and tried to do onlyfans she would be mocked relentlessly

No. 1453879

imagine walking into a public bathroom with your child and being presented with that

No. 1453882

File: 1646046442597.png (244.66 KB, 599x619, new work lewd bathroom.png)

and his old job seemed to be super supportive of his tranny bullshit since he started hormones after he started working there. They changed his name and even had a fucking photo op with the major?!

Ofc his new job he gets his own office and all that jazz. Seems like a pretty okay place. And he has started to slip into his lewds in work bathrooms instead of working bullshit again in the new place.

And the disrespect… having the company logos in the pics as well, seriously. Last job he was practically advertising the place with the amount of J.P.LICKS stuff on display. And the new place he is wearing his company lanyard with the "American Tower Corporation" company logo on it.

And he went from working in an icecream parlor to a a HR role in one of the largest global Real Estate Investment Trusts in the country. Tell me he didn't get that job with "diversity hiring". I mourn for the woman that work with him having to share the bathroom with that creep and not even being able to report his creepy bathroom lewd taking behavior to HR. Cause he is HR now. Why god why.
The moid is coom brained with the amount of disrespectful behavior on display.

No. 1453883

File: 1646046478887.jpg (504.97 KB, 810x1560, Screenshot_20220228-060215_Boo…)

Fountain of youth, lmao

No. 1453884

File: 1646046523661.jpg (420.4 KB, 810x1618, Screenshot_20220228-060637_Chr…)

So stunning, so brave!

No. 1453886

if it was real he wouldn't just show one side of his face. forgot to scratch the rest?
someone probably just made a remark because he was taking ass pics >>1453876 in a public restroom, threw a tantrum then made up a story for twitter clout to recompense

No. 1453888

Someone pls post the original tiktok I’m interested to see it. Couldn’t find it on his account. Or maybe he deleted it because of backlash? Also kek I bet his parents fucking hate him.

No. 1453890

Thanks for assuming I’m conservative, too! I’ve been on this thread or threads for a year now, never seen someone with their panties so caught in a wad over something I said. Get better soon, I’ll continue posting my thoughts and opinions as I had here, whether it hurts your feeling or not, nona. You seem to care, if you’re so hurt over it. Back to troon discussion for me.

No. 1453891

my god

No. 1453892

>anti woman

No. 1453893

He thought it was cute.

No. 1453896

>tHiS nEvEr HaPpEnS
>troons post receipts online constantly

No. 1453897


She’s been working on his eyebrows for a solid year and still has barely made a dent. Must be like cutting down an old-growth forest. Semper fi, brave brow lady.

No. 1453900

I try to be merciful and understanding to my fellow human beings but this just ain’t it, i’m sorry, any positive feelings I had for these people has flown right out the window. So people just see nothing wrong with this at all? Should we work on a documentary about troons with all the shit we have here? I can’t take it anymore.

No. 1453902

Yes absolutely. There is so much content and people need to see it.

No. 1453903

It was there last night, but it's gone now. From what I can see he's deleted A LOT.

No. 1453908

Checked his twitter. The replies were full of other troons, and nothing but troons. They’re encouraging him to file a lawsuit.

No. 1453911

Huh, so if the men don't mind, what's the problem? Stay there. The women clearly do mind.

>you live in every hetero man's fantasy
…and that's the problem

No. 1453913

im pretty sure being a lesbian is not every hetro-moids fantasy

No. 1453914

I often think about making a YouTube video/doc with all the things we discuss here, just screenshots and videos one after another. No commentary because I’m not confident enough lol but also because the content troons post/make is bad enough, and all anyone would need to do is sit down and watch it and then they would see just how much of a shitshow it all actually is.
The (fake?) TRA tumblr that was discussed in a previous thread is proof just how effective tranny content is, you don't even need to add anything to it, it’s already deranged and awful and tarnishes their entire image.

No. 1453915

the world isn't so black and white bpdfag

No. 1453918


No. 1453921

No one wants to live in a man’s sexual fantasy. What’s there to not get about it. I hate them.

No. 1453922


Anyone else watch this full? God, the fucking joke about "I don't care if you have DDs, if you have cargo shorts I see you as a man hehe", in a crowd full of Pride attendants (?). Fuck the butch lesbians ig

No. 1453926

How are these people super popular in extremely “woke” communities but nobody calls out the hulking white man for cultural appropriation for using a Japanese name?

If a woman did that 100% guaranteed she’d be dragged and cancelled. Even the woke libfems give troons male privilege.

No. 1453927

File: 1646058671431.jpeg (52.25 KB, 623x612, 451EC4EA-96D2-4BED-A531-65CEEB…)

Apparently some twitter tranny who has been sending letter to Lammy and Rammy from Um Jammer Lammy through their official emails which leave in-character responses to the letters people send to them has confirmed that Lammy’s trans.

While I generally don’t try to fret too much on characters being trans in modern media even if it annoys me, seeing such a beloved character from the 90s be all of a sudden confirmed trans over just the wokepeople in the community think she’s trans due to having horns and being tall makes me feel very angry and disheartened.

I hate this clown world

Also here have the original tweet, btw: https://twitter.com/LeaTheWhiteLion/status/1498173661164945408?cxt=HHwWgICq2brAysopAAAA

No. 1453931

He's deleted this tweets kek

No. 1453933

please do and please clickbait the shit out of it so they think they’re watching clicking on something pro-trans/anti-terf. as we know they never seek out opposing views so it’s the only way it would work

No. 1453935

who contacted his workplace? kek

No. 1453936

Of course he is.

No. 1453939

actual chumps lol

No. 1453944

Did somebody contact his work place? Post receipts if so

No. 1453951

I’ve also thought about this in the past. I’m not arsed about my voice but I worry that people will work out who I am and yknow, I’ll get murdered by some hairy 6ft tranny wearing my knickers in my sleep

I bet he’ll get let off with a slapped wrist

No. 1453953


Sorry I’m new but it’s not deleted just really old

No. 1453957

Please do this anon

No. 1453962

sage for being a dumbass but wasn't gender dysphoria removed from the DSM? How can all these trannies claim 'muh dysphoria' and recieve free FFS and GRS when its not even recognised anymore? You can't claim something that doesnt exist?

No. 1453963

Yeah, call it something innocuous like “gals being pals” or “stunning and brave” or “goals” so it can never be deleted and it will just show all the highlights that made nonnies peak and rage. All of the worst of the mtf threads, from screen caps to tiktoks to public recordings.

No. 1453969

Is this actually official in some way or just some weird "headcanon" crap?

No. 1453974

So this guy sent mails to a corporate address asking to a fictional character whether it’s a tranny or not, and got the obvious response that a corporate address would give, which is whatever the client implies.
I could send a mail right now asking “Lammy” if she’s latina and I’m pretty sure that I will get whatever response I want.

No. 1453977

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this is fake. There's no way anyone is maintaining an official email account for a 2 decade old piece of media.

No. 1453993

File: 1646067075778.png (44.28 KB, 605x295, g54556.png)

Fun new twist on this old chestnut

No. 1453994

File: 1646067094367.jpeg (108.05 KB, 1920x871, CAA6D703-3A85-4092-9BC3-FDD34F…)

The emails apparently come from an old official website called milkcan.com from 1999, pic related. But even some people visiting the site through the Wayback Machine say they have trouble finding them, so I’ll just tell you that the email for Lammy is lammydar0ckstar@aol.com
The answer being purely corporate makes a lot of sense, actually. I’ve seen other responses people, including the tranny I first mentioned, and the answers she gave were always pretty much ‘yes’.
The tranny even asked what was her anniversary with the girl she’s dating canonically, and she said it was a few days after the day he wrote that email.
This theory makes quite a lot of sense. After all, the tranny who’s posted all of their pictures said he learnt about the emails through a fellow troon friend of his, on DMs, and since AOL deactivates mail accounts after 90 days of inactivity, there’s an actual chance that friend that first told him about the emails actually took over the accounts.
But in reality, I think the only way we’d be able to learn the truth is if we hacked into that account.

No. 1453999

a man-made gash is not a vagina, lily

No. 1454002

~theoretically~ if SOMEONE emailed the guy in charge of media relations and employee development an hour ago… how long do you think it will take to reply???

No. 1454003

So now the trannies want to be dehumanized like "cis" women too. What the absolute fuck? They made up this "bodies with vaginas/uteruses" language specifically to mean "cis" women and now that's not good enough either? Fucking kek at these absolute retards. I can't. This is too much.

No. 1454018

this ones voice makes my skin crawl. it's so massively disgusting, its a wet vocal fry that is so obviously sexual. especially in his post surgery video where he's like "and, ummm….the hot male nuuuurse totally hit on meeee?"
someone take his kids away.

No. 1454026

just don't use that shitty electro beat no royalty music zoomers always put over montages or how-to videos. that shit is fucking embarassing.

No. 1454042

Precisely. I'm sure the grizzly bears, timberwolves, and bobcats won't rape me or attempt to steal my skin as a womansuit.

No. 1454050

he has kids? Why have all these troons impregnated someone?

No. 1454052

he has a son and keeps referring to himself as a ""mother""

No. 1454053

File: 1646073211332.jpg (418.63 KB, 720x1215, 20220228_133052.jpg)

the amount of retards and handmaidens on the qt's.

No. 1454055

Oh shit my bad I remember now I read it further upthread. Ffs is it possible to peak more than once?

>>1454053 No sign of intelligent life anywhere

No. 1454058

File: 1646073600784.jpg (357.65 KB, 720x1080, 20220228_133845.jpg)

imagine going to the public bathroom with your child and seeing this:

No. 1454060

File: 1646073856888.jpeg (204.03 KB, 1625x1084, buffalobill-e1630602359128.jpe…)

they all have that buffalo bill look in their eyes

every single one of them

No. 1454069

I guess in a few months it will be forbidden to make any sort of difference between male and female, we won’t be even able to use “type A” or “type B” bodies, what now? Oh right, they want women to be “non-males” because male is of course the center of the universe.

No. 1454070

Looks like an allergic reaction. People are mostly feeling bad for the man who was using his phone (most likely a smartphone with a very good camera) in a public restroom for women, according to the replies.

No. 1454082

File: 1646075782732.webm (6.48 MB, 656x1232, Yo9CpdEkIsJSdVLR.webm)

He's infinitely more creepy in the flesh. I feel sorry for everyone who's forced to interact with him.

No. 1454085

File: 1646075941088.jpeg (580.2 KB, 1157x1155, 0ACB5A4E-4206-4DCC-B4AF-E37C04…)

I know Euphoria is pretty shitty but I was watching it and this tranny popped up in the background for like a second and I clocked that shit so quick lmao.

No. 1454087

Regardless of how much surgery these people get you can always tell on their voice. Its either full on man, very forced nasally valleygirl voice or creepy little girl imitation
This dude is the latter

I mean, you could also just tell with your eyes, but you get my point

No. 1454089

The voice and how often his says "like" and sighs makes him seem developmentally challenged.

No. 1454090

So what will be left when someone needs to say something about a natal female's reproductive system? "uwu girly parts"?

No. 1454092

He sounds legitimately retarded. Brain damaged.

No. 1454095

File: 1646077040400.png (71.35 KB, 320x238, 1356664235968.png)

I was convinced Erin was one of the better looking trannys - this video broke that illusion COMPLETELY. Literally looks almost the same as >>1453532

No. 1454096

and remember that that's what he thinks women sound like

No. 1454098

I always find it ironic how attractive Ted Levine is.

No. 1454105

looks like tim roth hamming it up for another award
i miss tim roth

No. 1454106

You guys are goofy sometimes. I would just think oh a nerdy and socially awkward person in the bathroom and not worry about it. The anime convention must be in town. But it wouldn’t make me feel unsafe for my daughter. Like these types of people seem to vehemently avoid strangers and children unless you’re also in costume(sage)

No. 1454107

File: 1646078060796.jpg (16.12 KB, 400x225, harpoon that white dick.jpg)

can't think of a moby dick joke, maybe someone else can

No. 1454108

When he put the bottle down you could hear his voice starting to crack into what it actually sounds like. Also I feel so bad for his kids

No. 1454110

i can't imagine being a mother and not being even the slightest bit unnerved by a man in a collar and a red wig in the bathroom with my daughter

No. 1454112

This is already the case. They now consider “afab” and “amab” problematic (even though they’re the ones who appropriated that term in the first place) because it allows people to distinguish between males and females.

Nothing. That’s the point.

No. 1454122

lmfao the fucking Shmorky voice. He is doing his best anime girl impression, I'm gonna vomit. I don't think I could stop from laughing my ass off if some grown ass man started talking to me like a smurf.

No. 1454152

For real, is he retarded? Because it sure looks like it

No. 1454154

gtfo troon

No. 1454161

Troon, you don't have a daughter. And let's be honest, if you did, you'd be the one molesting her already.

No. 1454166


>nerdy and socially awkward person

Draws furry porn and thinks he is an anime girl

No. 1454181

Mac Demarco lookin

No. 1454182

File: 1646083014977.jpeg (234.06 KB, 1170x1323, 43A8721A-99F3-46DD-BE1A-3FF9B1…)

No. 1454183

Based workplace.

No. 1454185

LMAO you didn't get fired for taking a selfie you got fired for inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace, glad he got caught

No. 1454193

"Taking a selfie" nah, not just taking a selfie, taking lewd photos of yourself in your work bathroom in your work uniform and then uploading it publicly. What the fuck did you expect?

No. 1454206

For once cowtippers are based

No. 1454209

Does this guy ever stop lying? It wasn't just "selfies" it was him pulling his pants down and regularly snapping pics of his ass in the company bathroom during work hours with the company logo showing and posting it online for thousands to see.
You know he'll turn this into "trans discrimination" when in reality anyone who did this sort of shit would get fired for unprofessional behavior.

No. 1454215


If it was an actual woman, just IMAGINE the dogpiling and insults she would get. She would be a fucking whore on company time boohoooo, but when it's a tranny it's eMpOwErInG

No. 1454218


No. 1454219

KEK based cowtippers. I'm glad he's unemployed, I hope he'll never be able to afford his facial feminization surgeries lmao.

No. 1454278

Now that's the good fucking shit

No. 1454288

File: 1646087495111.png (43.86 KB, 932x427, BB6BCB76-0C98-46DE-A8C5-3084D1…)

Sage because this is from page #9 of these threads.

11 trans women assaulted in prisons in 2020.
Comparatively, 11 women are murdered a day in Mexico.

But tell me again how they’re all dying and need to be protected.

No. 1454290

>towards the advocacy for the feminine
That’s painfully retarded. A person can be as feminine or masculine as they please, but being a woman is completely unchangeable. Masculine women suffer under patriarchy too dumbshit.

No. 1454297

They just show how male they are with the way they think about women.

No. 1454298

Does it say in mens prisons? Because they count misgendering as an offense against a troon in Cali.

No. 1454304

I don’t believe anything he says. The first scenario was fake and so is this one.

No. 1454336

all the replies are troons/handmaidens pretending it was just casual selfies or maybe they’re completely oblivious to what kinds of photos he was actually taking, either way it’s insufferable. someone with a burner account reply with this picture >>1453876 please, because he’s really trying to feign innocence

No. 1454346

lmao there are some real characters in this one. They did a good job of selecting a paragon of each category of troon.
Love how the murder hon stomps furiously stage left when "dating is difficult for me" gets asked.

No. 1454348

File: 1646093462555.jpg (113.99 KB, 828x455, f416cd9a855074170a54059749c73a…)

God I wanna a-log, a bunch of men sitting around talking about how feminists should do what they say and focus on male problems instead of our own, many of which they are the direct cause of!!!
>advocacy for the feminine
FUCKKKKK the audacity of these fucking scrotes

No. 1454351

File: 1646093838932.png (20.03 KB, 1213x637, B1EAC168-6EB3-4FD5-9629-19A6A0…)

Breaking news on the “Lammy is trans” email case: It’s not even canon in the slightest.
A fan who refused to believe that it was real and decided to contact one of the creators in order to know who was behind the email account.
He discovered that Rodney doesn’t know who in the world manages the account right now, which means that it was nothing but a fan projecting their headcanon.

No. 1454356

The blonde one said I’m attracted to straight men then goes off how wether you’re attracted to penis or vagina why do we hVe to have labels lmfao

No. 1454361

Love this. Masculine women are totally safe from misogyny. Actually, it just occurred to me that since so many of these goons used to be neckbeard gamergaters who sperged about how stupid and nonsensical feminism was with arguments that basically boiled down to "you just want stupid girls to get what they want instead of me!!!" it makes sense that they've transplanted their retarded ideas about feminism over to their new identities.
I used to think they were being intentionally destructive by reorienting feminism's goals to be about empowerment vs material concerns eg. rape, autonomy, pay disparity, murder rates, child marriage, mutilation, trafficking etc.
But I actually think they're just autistically ignoring the issues and using CHECKMATE FEMINISTS talking points the way they did before they were troons

"oh yeah? well sluts won't even LOOK at me because they hate nice guys who collect hentai statues and never bathe…females will never know my pain…"
Has become: "oh yeah? well I got assaulted by the cis with my own dirty fingernails for showing my bepis to a child… terfs are literally murdering me…."

No. 1454367

>I got fired for a selfie
Does he ever get tired of lying? Your pants were down in those "selfies" you fuckin creep

No. 1454372

Well, that's the least surprising thing I've ever heard. Don't believe anything trannies say

No. 1454380

File: 1646096719901.jpg (13.83 KB, 588x124, 45nAVdT.jpg)

picrel, they're all wearing damn wigs or have receding hairlines, wth.
Tim voices are so insufferable. They all have horrible posture too, I guess to make themselves look smaller? or too much hunching as an incel.
Also that one with the greasy hair has nothing underneath that shirt. You can see his nipples. Totes not a fetish though!

No. 1454386

Someone should do a psych write up about the 2016 Maga/Gamergate/incel to 2020 dirtbag left tranny pipeline, it’s all related

No. 1454389

File: 1646097552918.jpeg (210.94 KB, 826x947, A14B248D-0A13-4AFA-B92C-DFDFF6…)

Euphoria is so brave and stunning

No. 1454399

File: 1646099428802.png (64.91 KB, 1080x278, Screenshot_20220228-174837~2.p…)

Hudson Laprade is delusional enough to think he's not a straight male

No. 1454400

File: 1646099520240.jpg (21.16 KB, 400x400, MnnnKbnE_400x400.jpg)

>Actual Lesbian

No. 1454405

wow, I know it's redundant to say but I feel really bad for real lesbians

No. 1454406

File: 1646100278866.jpg (229.27 KB, 720x1140, 20220228_210212.jpg)

Sometimes im glad of living in a third world country where the troons are the one who gets bullied

No. 1454407

lmao at him talking slowly because he's trying to sound like a woman.

No. 1454409

File: 1646100489277.png (37.42 KB, 658x374, gender neutral language.png)

apparently trannies are mad that they aren't included when people say "vagina havers". they pushed for people to drop the word "woman" since it wasn't inclusive enough, and now it's problematic to use the terminology they pushed on us? what do they even want us to say?

No. 1454411

This was for a theatre act on the show of a character name Ethan who dressed up as the women in the pic as comedy so not a tranny. But lol it’s funny that this cis guy looks like the majority of mtf

No. 1454413

his teeth look like shards of glass and he has no gums. meth?

No. 1454414

you love to see it.

No. 1454416

genuine question but does it physically hurt troons to talk in such a high falsetto at all times? all i know is that my throat hurts just hearing these fuckers talk sometimes, it sounds so forced. like imagine having to pitch shift your voice every time you spoke, how fucking exhausting and embarrassing

No. 1454417

This is the worst thing I've ever seen. He's so Gross

No. 1454419

he looks like a serial killer

No. 1454422

File: 1646101836191.png (413.44 KB, 526x636, Erin, Trail Mom on Twitter (2)…)

No. 1454423

Dear god can you imagine being this thing's ex and having to listen to that joke of a voice when you're handing off your kids

No. 1454429

one thing that makes me laugh about troon reddit is that they've taken over all the lesbian subs except for lesbianfashionadvice. their posts are either getting downvoted to hell, OR they're all so fucking retarded in terms of style that they don't even LOOK for sincere fashion subs.

No. 1454430

this guy is the buffalo billiest of them all. his crazed eyes and shrieking maw are transcendentally psychotic.

No. 1454431

excuse you nonnnie, i rail lots of meth and look better than this troon. don't compare fine upstanding junkies to these pieces of crap.

No. 1454432

i think it actually does the opposite. falsetto is a low effort way to mimic high notes, they're not actually reaching a higher register.

No. 1454433

File: 1646102258024.png (30.49 KB, 754x320, Julia Serano on Twitter.png)

Tranny writing about how he never had male privilege is absolutely funny. No self awareness at all.

No. 1454435

He's like Buffalo Bill meets Carrothead

No. 1454437

They want us to say nothing. Women existing is a transphobic hate crime.

No. 1454439

>I’m going to post an essay on Twitter dot com that will end the “meme” (read: 60 years of radical feminist theory) that I - a man - have male privilege
>No irony found here #justgirlythings

No. 1454443

File: 1646102755950.png (570.32 KB, 748x726, Quote Tweets Twitter.png)

No. 1454444

File: 1646102788540.png (177.86 KB, 753x920, reduxx.png)

prison troons need to die a horrible death

No. 1454451

You can literally see his fucking dick. How is this shown on TV?
Not lesbian, YWNBAW

No. 1454455

Bravo to the based person that got them fired. Now which one of nonnies replied with those pics because people are turning on him now kek

No. 1454456

Even if he did decide to fix his piano teeth, he'd still look like a man. He is so mentally ill, it's scary. I feel bad for his ex with the kid, and the kid. The poor child is probably being forced to spend what little time with him he does spend. I hope this man is paying for his son's therapy, at least, and that the mom is a lesbian now.

No. 1454457

Males have a lack of waist proportion/shape, combined with the literal bulging penis out of the frilly pink underwear

No. 1454468

I've never seen women wear that type of satin frilly underwear, it seems like something only troons would wear.

No. 1454469

double post but the troon has to be always half naked so we have to look at his disgusting body.

No. 1454472

File: 1646105895286.png (20.08 KB, 1071x213, I love women so much I turned …)

Not creepy at all..

No. 1454481

Too bad this guy couldn’t just remain as a man and still have women role models he admires the actions and words of. But it was never about that.

No. 1454489

Anyone know what this anon is talking about? Also this style is so wikihow jfc

No. 1454491


he deleted his twitter so alas the show is over. I didn't get to screen cap yet cause I was to busy reading the shitshow and didn't think.

but basically people started posting the collage of old work nudes and the guy in question defended himself as it was from his LAST work place.
So I replied to one of those with a tummy time bra and tummy bathroom pic he posted last month and asked if that's considered non sexual since he is technically flashing his tits and showing his mid drift in the current place of work with company lanyard on display.

And his Twitter account got deleted legit a second or two after…

Im tempted to post the old screen shots I have on my home comp from when I was looking at his Twitter yesterday. Cause I didn't even get into the milk on his questionable relationship with a "girl who this she is a boy who this she is a girl" that's 10 years his junior. I forgot to screen grab that stuff ;_;

No. 1454493

File: 1646108942268.jpg (971.12 KB, 810x3328, Screenshot_20220228-232141_Boo…)

Troons getting triggered by Buffalo Bill and Mr. Garrison never gets old kek

No. 1454495

Thomas Harris went easy on trannies with silence of the lambs. It was stated multiple times iirc that Bill was not transexual, just a fucked up freak clinging to the idea because he had no personality of his own (iirc). Clarice even indirectly defends trannies by saying they're usually very passive and non-violent. Just goes to show how troons really are based on how they see themselves in Buffalo Bill kek. These freaks must have not seen the movie or read the book if they're going to cry oppression over it.

No. 1454497

File: 1646109740947.jpg (147.35 KB, 1080x850, Screenshot_20220301-140419_Twi…)

I'm so mad that I didn't screenshot but it wasn't anything new from what we've been saying. People were calling him a sick perv and questioning his "bathroom harassment" stories. He got pretty pissed and starting calling some women a cunt. Fucking annoyed that I didnt screenshot. Crazy how quick allies are to jump ship and call mtf men when they end up being creeps. Really shows that they also don't consider them women and feeding into trannies delusions is conditional. It was also funny how all his supporters went silent after he got exposed, it's always the same thing. Trans "women" never hold eachother accountable just like men, because they are all scrotes that go quiet and when they speak up it's when they want to cry about misgendering.

Here's a screenshot of his last tweet.

No. 1454498

agreed, he actually scares the shit out of me and I feel really sorry for any lesbians (or anyone, really) who live in a 100 mile radius of him. wouldn't be surprised if he's on multiple watch-lists, he has murder in his eyes.

No. 1454502

File: 1646110170993.jpg (479.59 KB, 1057x1582, Screenshot_20220301-144624_Twi…)

Account is back up.

No. 1454504

I'm surprised they aren't dilating over Dressed To Kill yet, but then again troon tastes are so basic they've probably never even heard of it

No. 1454506

File: 1646110865381.jpg (26.38 KB, 819x430, Dressed-to-Kill.jpg)

dropped pic

No. 1454507

>Crazy how quick allies are to jump ship and call mtf men
It wasn't allies doing that, though. It seems the posts made it to radfem twitter and trad/religious twitter and those were the people dragging him. Which I'm sure he'll only use as more proof he's a victim when he remakes his account.

No. 1454508

What line is he referring to? Havent seen the movie in years.

No. 1454509

Unless he's talking about the old workplace pics and not the newer ones, how did his work get tipped off if he no longer worked there?

Not to mention this retard has some special kind of cognitive dissonance to not comprehend why having public nudes with his previous workplaces in clear display is a huge redflag for any current workplace, even if he hadn't posted ones in the current ones bathroom. What a fucking dumb sperg freaking out, for once I am so pleased with you anons who cowtipped. Absolutely blessed

No. 1454510

Wait, so he got assaulted at his old job too? So in the past ~3 months, he's been assaulted in public three separate times? Hmm.

No. 1454511

Nta and I might be mistaken but I… I honestly thought they meant the "would you fuck me? I'd fuck me" creepy line or some shit.. which is even more telling and wtf if so

No. 1454513

I still can't get in. please post screen caps if anything else interesting goes down.

I really wanna know if they start posting the current work place photo of him lifting his shirt up to so off the moobs and tummy picks up.

also the video he posted at the new work being creepy and saying something about "blah blah blah … don't you wanna be a good girl?" in a sexually suggestive way in his office.

those are the only two posts that can be considered sexual he posted from the new place. He HAD been trying to clean up his act since it was a fancier job than working at an ice cream palor. I think the main problem his work would have had was all the nudes and only fans posts being posted alongside his regular time wasting bathroom selfies he couldn't stop himself from doing.

his problem was his day to day was so degen and creepy even him trying to clean up his act wasn't enough.

No. 1454515

every time this guy has a bad day he invents another "assault" to post about on twitter so people can pour sympathy on him. There's got to be something deeply wrong for him to have such a massive and constant need for public pity.

No. 1454516

Imagine openly telling all your followers that you just met and took photos with the Mayor while posting softporn shamelessly. What a complete degenerate pervet. Imagine if a women did that.

No. 1454518

there are some women that do that but they are not normal. their the kinda of woman whole fall into the trap of making porn their identity and can't back down anymore so they go full throttle with it. Not many can hold down full time jobs for long once they do.

Mental illness in itself I'm afraid.

saged for off topic.

No. 1454520

lmfao this is completely accurate ime. i work in a really nerdy male-dominated industry and i have legitimately lost count of the asshole woman-hating dudes i know who have become uwu commie catgirls. what remains completely unchanged is their burning hatred of women as dumb sluts who play life on easy mode and their complete detachment from literally any classically feminist concerns. all of their apartments are filthy, they have no concept of sex as anything but a thing they are constantly owed, they know shit about care work. one of them is an actual date rapist (though he doesn't know we girls warned each other of that back in the day, i'll bet).

i'm insulated from a lot of conventionally female concerns – i don't have kids, i'm not married, and i make enough money to keep myself from having to be dependent on a man. i'm a big weird spergy woman in a weird nerdy field. i'm sure the trans women i work with think we're practically sisters (i don't have to wonder, really–they've told me). but they know nothing about my life. they don't know what it's like to deal with boyfriends who never learn to wash a dish, to deal w/ harassment in our work place, to deal w/ caring for aging parents, to think of sex as something to endure and perform, let alone fear, let alone fear b/c of pregnancy. they think my life is easy because i have tits i grew myself. they have no idea i don't eat lunch on site to avoid a creepy coworker who leaves them alone. they have no idea what they don't know. they're smug nerdy boys who're sure they've got every fucking thing figured out, and it's always that women are bitches for not giving them every single fucking thing they want.

No. 1454526

that's because if you wear that on your vulva you are likely to get a yeast infection.

No. 1454529

kek the resemblance to jules is unbelivable

No. 1454531

garrison is one of the most complex and well-written characters ever developed though. without him the trump seasons of the show would have been complete trash.

No. 1454532

File: 1646112979377.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1666, Screenshot_20220228-213329~2.p…)

He_Kairi's supporters are also disgusting freaks, to no one's disbelief

No. 1454534

That voice he puts on is so fake and awful, do they really think we sound like that? I bet when no one is around, when he’s talking to himself it’s his usual gross man voice lmao. He acts so strange too, something is seriously off about him. I get serial killer vibes whenever I see his videos.

No. 1454535

Serano will debunk TIMs having male privilege just like he "debunked" AGP, kek.

No. 1454536

i just watched the silence of the lambs tonight and that is definitely the line he's referring to. they tell on themselves all the time.

No. 1454538

this man has been posted

No. 1454544

>listen here you fucking cunt
hahahaha he is SO mad. Stupid moid, why would this new workplace want to hire a flasher who demands access to the women's bathrooms? Suicide baiting incoming

No. 1454546


god forbid someone not be thinking of trans women during every hour of every day

No. 1454551

I wouldn't be surprised tbh. He has already posted 3 separate suicide bait posts since last year.

One even had photos of at the hospital wear he made cutesy comments about the grippy socks.

his last suicide bait post seemed to be connected to him and the "girl who thinks she is a guy who thinks she is a girl" 10 years his senior easing things off with him since he kept saying he was poly/single and fucking about with the trannie in his upcoming trannie band. (who are also in their early twenties, this guy is 32 in the middle of a divorce btw for context)

No. 1454553

Yup. Bill was rejected for surgery multiple times after failing the psych eval. It's been a while since I've read the book but I seem to recall his own mother being very smothering and feminising him?

No. 1454555

> stands up and applauds

well said nonnie

No. 1454558

that's literally several different threads on this very website anon.

No. 1454573

Only calling them ugly, not that they aren't a woman/womanly enough.

No. 1454582

Based manager. He made some bs story and he got exposed for being a creepy tranny bathroom dweller. He should be registered as a sex offender.

No. 1454585

Imagine being his ex and you have to co-parent your child with this creep who has made motherhood his whole fetish. Goddamn. Sending thoughts and prayers to that poor woman.

No. 1454590

EW, why is the dress so short??? it looks like a bathing suit cover up, they always dress like women they want to fuck. also i hate to see what homie looked like before FFS bc he looks like Robert down the road right now.

No. 1454591


lmaooo because theyre talking about reproduction or at least the human experience of having an actual vagina, lily. the only thing your gash reproduces is hair balls, smegma and regret, for you and anyone who gets near it.

No. 1454592

Please for the love of god POST CAPS!!!!!!

No. 1454593

This is what happens when you don’t bother to post caps.

No. 1454605

no i don’t think this was the case unless i am misremembering. he was obsessed with watching videos/porn of a woman he believed to be his mother (although the narrative doubts this) and the woman was a bit plus sized which fed into his obsession with coveting female bodies and building a skin suit out of larger women

No. 1454606

he didn't delete just went private

No. 1454618

just wanted to say i had to screenshot your post so i can keep it forever. incredibly well put, thank you.

No. 1454636

He made it that short.. it’s rubber banded. So he’s the fucking degenerate who wanted you to see his dick on purpose.

No. 1454643

i know cow-tipping is bad and we're here for the show, but i also really like the idea of a secret girl patrol sneakily taking down troons, and doing so simply by showing relevant people the troons own words and actions

No. 1454644

I second this

No. 1454666

>he was on death row
in…. California? you sure?

No. 1454668

File: 1646138779544.jpg (67.26 KB, 1080x449, Screenshot_20220301-234317_Sam…)


ding ding ding

sucide threat served up. nonnie you must be a prophet!

No. 1454672

@Womenreadwomen on twitter was like this, they showed quotes from 'inspiring "female" writers' that were just troons being misogynist

No. 1454675

File: 1646139984144.jpeg (224.36 KB, 479x964, 92564FF5-3B33-43FE-8142-6B1765…)

yeah i’m sure that was what they fired you over. definitely wasn’t the lewd photos featuring the company logo or anything

No. 1454676

>listen here you fucking cunt
I love when they just let their seething incel rage spill out for everyone to see. Nobody needs to call him a man for someone to notice when he is advertising to everyone that he is one constantly with pornsick behavior and the misogynistic rage only a narc male can display

No. 1454680

Liarrrr. Someone should tweet the person asking the real photos of why he got fired.

No. 1454681

File: 1646141815871.jpg (163.36 KB, 1209x810, IMG_20220301_132106.jpg)

I went down a rabbit hole and stumbled on something called the Trans Muslimah Alliance. This is the tamest picture I could find. It's centred around men feminising themselves into what they perceive as womanhood (so, by their standards, a living sex toy) and then taking it a step further by being a hijabi housewife

No. 1454684

sounds milky. post the not tame stuff nonnie should be good.

No. 1454685

Why only post the tamest picture? I wanna see the weird shit nona please share the love.

No. 1454698

File: 1646144094323.png (898.72 KB, 638x1715, tumblr_28537b85ba80303421c9a89…)

No. 1454700

File: 1646144366866.jpeg (131.96 KB, 828x1792, 935A0B71-2754-438C-919E-67385D…)

I grabbed a cap from one of the tagged

No. 1454701

File: 1646144443298.jpeg (88.99 KB, 1098x732, c54bb58c-d0ec-11e8-81a4-d952f5…)

I found this after typing 'trans muslim woman' into Google. What a sight to behold.

No. 1454703

File: 1646144545788.jpg (33.04 KB, 306x423, lucy vallender.jpg)

Theres also 'Lucy' Vallender in the UK who used to be in the TA but trooned out to be a good muslim wife

No. 1454706

Ensnared in the web of his own lies

No. 1454707

File: 1646144843898.jpeg (1.38 MB, 2984x2934, DD4E3A98-BD53-412D-ADEC-9083BA…)

“My MASSIVE tits! I’m just like Dolly Parton! I can FEEL them growing! I should be allowed to work my starbucks shift naked because of my tits!”

excuse me sir they are called MAN BOOBS you have MOOBS you have two pathetic lumps of fat that absolutely no one but your gross tranny friends want to see, you are a man you will always be a man and your make up looks like shit

No. 1454710

Even if those were actual boobs and not overweight male chest fat they're so small kek they're barely there

No. 1454712

>i barely like seeing myself naked
>has an onlyfans account


No. 1454719

File: 1646146171630.png (55.05 KB, 598x417, especially .png)

especially cis women are especially killing troons for not passing (especially)

No. 1454720

This man can’t even keep up with his own lies. It’s enough lying about being attacked by a mother and posting blatant self-harm injuries. What a clown lmao, the only people who want to believe him are the ones trying to push for access to woman’s spaces and literally retarded handmaidens.

No. 1454723

has anyone read his essay already?

No. 1454726

men are the ones killing them but somehow it's women who are the problem. when "cis" handmaidens are literally their biggest supporters among normies

No. 1454727

Trannies get off to the idea that they're being killed just like women are being killed just for being women and they especially love to blame it on actual women despite the fact that most troons being killed are non-white prostitutes in foreign countries. It's always a woman's fault that they can't get their facial bones shaved down, or they can't get double D implants, or because men don't want to fuck them, or because lesbians aren't attracted to their disgusting limp dicks, etc. etc. Always a woman's fault! It's not even depressing seeing people support this shit, it's just pathetic at this point. He is right though, I do love seeing trannies "struggle to feel safe and beautiful", as he puts it lol.

No. 1454729

>you created this system
oh yeah? women created the patriarchy? women are also having a bunch of cosmetic surgeries for fun?

No. 1454735

>>Look, she has big fake tits and bleach blonde hair! Porn taught me that this is the womanliest of women!
That's the part that gets me the most. I mean, I understand why there's a discussion about this issue.

But having a normal, relatively average woman say that she is less womanly than a transwoman with a ton of surgery and make-up done to the point she looks like the most stereotypical trashy porn actress ever… there's something extremely fucked-up about it, on multiple levels.

What does tha tsay to the average woman who might see this? Women don't already have enough body image issues and pressure to alter their appearance already? Just sad.

No. 1454739

File: 1646149018205.jpeg (121.55 KB, 828x679, 6C24C3ED-73C5-4D2C-AE87-9EA810…)

Twitter troons have decided the villain of Euphoria, a hulking violent abusive man, is a trans woman.

No. 1454741

My body dysmorphia has been cured by those pictures.

No. 1454742

>dreams of being fucked by your father??
fucking what

No. 1454743

>hating body hair and the sight of dicks???
That is literally just straight male behavior.

No. 1454746

meanwhile MPs voted against adding Misogyny to the list of hate crimes in UK. But its our fault they cant get breast implants and axe wounds for free

No. 1454748

Shittt I wish you got caps, he's private now

No. 1454750

I was about to say. What a convenient excuse to be allowed to not fuck men.
"Peen makes me dysphoric!!"
If a woman said that, even a transman, she'd be called a terf.

(I'd reverse it and say "if she said 'vulvas make me dysphoric'" but as much as a few unwashed, autistic, asexual, roided-up gimp girls are yelling about theoretical gay men not theoretically fucking them, it's incomparable with the pressure women are under to service dick, troon or otherwise.)

No. 1454752

File: 1646150850891.png (1.48 MB, 887x1920, tumblr_4dd3b6b8cab18cecab16d95…)

unlike vulvas, spinny skirts and horrific surgeries are very much exclusive to humans! checkmate!

No. 1454753

what even is his point???

No. 1454758

Glad they’re calling one of their own for once. Better than 99.9% of their takes that’s for sure.

No. 1454759

these people sometimes feel like a psyop with how openly retarded they are. but they’re just… like that. mind boggling.
this is good peaking material though. there’s layers to this one lol

No. 1454765

I agree! It's not cowtipping if it benefits the greater good by keeping these creeps out of society

No. 1454766

File: 1646153161689.jpg (167.34 KB, 1198x673, One-fourth of exhibitionists c…)

Currently hitting /all. How am I supposed to convince people that being a lesbian or bisexual isn't a paraphilia when we are associated with uwu sexuaw offendews?

No. 1454767

over 700 upvotes for a man in a sailor moon costume showing off his bulge

how do people not see it for what it is?

No. 1454770

It's HBO. They can show anything short of an actual murder and get away with it.

Stand firm and call these freaks what they truly are. Sexual fetishists who see women as decorations.

No. 1454771

As we all know, reddit is infested with disgusting hulking troon's, braindead TRAs and chasers. So, they like the freakshow

No. 1454773

what is wrong with these motherfuckers. why wasn't he content to be a cute looking nerd-metalhead with green hair? why pretend to be female? he looks fine, could look EXACTLY like that and still be a normal man.

No. 1454774

cooking oil

No. 1454775

Do tims confuse having a massive rib cage with having big tits? Or does the brain rot actually make them see their flabby moobs as anime tiddies

No. 1454776

>bodies with vaginas
We aren’t even human anymore to them. Just a body.

No. 1454780

File: 1646154057497.jpg (629.15 KB, 2048x2068, Tumblr_l_109043175310821.jpg)

AssignedMale on Tumblr is a TIM wannabe comic artist who is so retarded that his hideous artwork almost seems to favor the ideology of the TERFS he so dearly wants to 'own'

No. 1454783

File: 1646154179779.jpg (535.47 KB, 2048x2051, Tumblr_l_109175920448055.jpg)

Samefag, I have no idea how this shit breaks 100 notes, let alone 1k. Is it me, or do all the troons who don't attempt to draw anime style get their artistic inspiration from Seth MacFarlane?

No. 1454784

757 upvotes for a "SKIRT GO SPINNY" stereotypical tranny post. They're so easy to make fun of it's ridiculous.

No. 1454785

i'm shocked, SHOCKED, that this one's bed is made (ie has actual sheets on it and tucked under the edges), clothes are folded in a closet, walls are painted, and appears to live above ground with a window. huge anomaly.

No. 1454786

psh my cat got 14,000 upvotes just for falling alseep. troons btfo

No. 1454787

Send your compliments to his mother

No. 1454789

It looks like a guest room tbh. Very non-descript decor, no personal effects.

No. 1454790

i once got 12k writing about vaginas kek

i hope i made some troons seethe

No. 1454791

I'm ngl, he drew the terf kinda cute. I would shit talk troons and uplift women with her. I'd also bully trans 7 year olds, or whatever EBIL TERF thing she's up to.

No. 1454792

Ah. My favorite balding old man inserting his words into the mouth of a pretend child.

What this freak doesn't seem to understand is that going troon causes irreversible damage to children's bodies. Another thing they don't understand - - It's not their children. These freaks see our children as their toys to use as they see fit and this is the only way they can get more playthings.

No. 1454794

So the narrator is a child and not a loli-fied self insert of the author? Even grosser than before

No. 1454799

It is a self insert, he's a pedo that portrays himself a child

No. 1454800

It’s almost as if womanhood is innately based in biological reality that is beyond mans control.

No. 1454801

Why do they think the fact that humans are animals is offensive? We're mammals, cope

No. 1454802

Judging from where the sink is, this moid is at least 6'2. How the fuck would a mom slap and scratch this huge troid? His "injuries" looked like a bacterial rash probably from not washing his face.

No. 1454803

men has always wanted to conquer nature

portraying nature as something feminine that must be tamed by men goes back all the way to francis bacon in the 17th century

scrotes never change

No. 1454805

Probably cause she's black and gets to hear a lot of insults about blacks being animals.

No. 1454807

Mother Nature spits upon them all.

No. 1454815

File: 1646157886551.jpg (Spoiler Image,976.88 KB, 1506x1080, PhotoCollage_1646158503915.jpg)

Spoiler for penis, I scribbled over the penis in red to censor it tho

I didn't really want to post the not so tame stuff because there's just penises and buttholes flying all over the place and I feel weird posting porn. It's an… interesting rabbit hole

No. 1454816

the y chromosome is a birth defect

No. 1454817

Can trannies please leave Sailor Uranus alone.

No. 1454818

File: 1646158099292.jpg (94.16 KB, 600x900, IMG_20220301_132319.jpg)

There's a lot of heavy AGP shit going on with hijabi larpers. Why aren't the LGBT crowd calling this racist? They're using a religion as fetish, you'd think the gendertards would be on that like a light

No. 1454819

Sailor Uranus was my favorite as a kid. She’s not a troon bc she has short hair and wears masculine clothing sheesh

No. 1454820

they ignore it just like they ignore all the other things agps do

they ignore anything that does not fit into their worldview

No. 1454823

File: 1646158547002.jpg (509.82 KB, 1080x1080, PhotoCollage_1646159345656.jpg)

There's one guy I found while going through the Trans Muslimah Alliance rabbit hole that just straight up photoshops his face on to random hijabi women

No. 1454825

File: 1646158633671.jpg (Spoiler Image,120.71 KB, 888x651, IMG_20220301_182509.jpg)

Spoiler for blowjob, I'm too lazy to scribble over it this time

No. 1454827

Isn’t this the guy who traced a stock photo of a toddler to use for his diaper furry pedophile fanart?

No. 1454840

>asshole nerds who think women have life on easy mod cuz boobies
If these men spent one week as a prepubescent/middle school girl, their minds would collapse. If they were viewed and treated like women are, they'd be begging to get put out of their misery.

No. 1454844

Hmmm I'm not so sure though, these are the same libtards who blab about how empowering 'sex work' and the like is, so they would probably just say the same things about muslim women being used for a fetish.

No. 1454846

Yep that's correct! Female animals are closer to womanhood than you'll ever be. Gigakek with the fact that scientifically speaking, human males have more in common with male primates than they do with human females.

No. 1454848

File: 1646161190540.jpg (49.14 KB, 752x656, weneedaspy.JPG)


anyway do we have any brave soldiers with very convincing twitter accounts to infiltrate what is undoubtedly the most glorious meltdown happening behind his (picrel) privated profile?

No. 1454852

Yes, they are right. California doesn't execute inmates but it still has death row and inmates there that were sentenced to death before they stopped. They're only getting round to re-sentencing death row inmates now. Scott Peterson just got his changed to life. This tranny probably took advantage of the situation to get put in a womans prison after getting re-sentenced.

No. 1454857

File: 1646161677887.png (106.22 KB, 603x800, 1028348345534.PNG)

I managed to get in, Here is his latest post from him

No. 1454859

post everything queen I'm ready to kek

No. 1454862

Lol the cope, he can’t even keep up with his own lies. If he “passes” and “nobody on the street can tell” he’s trans, then how’d those two evil violent women know to attack him in the bathroom? The first incident especially.

No. 1454863

remember to block out mutuals when you post caps or he will find out who you are

No. 1454865

>I pass
>I just got assaulted in the bathroom for the 88282th time pls give money

No. 1454871

I get that libfems are retarded but a natal male emphasizing extreme Sharia law gender roles as the ideal partnership in such fetishistic and sexual ways cannot possibly be defended by liberals. At most, liberals would just judge you for caring and say that they prefer to turn a blind eye and "let people live their life" if they want to LARP as "modest" "shy" "weak" Muslim women who worship "strong" "strict" "dominant" Muslim men.

No. 1454872

> I just want to be treated like a woman
Apparently not, because no woman would ever get hired knowingly with naked pictures and an OnlyFans account. If a woman wanted to have a legit job she would have to delete the OF. Even when I worked in fast food as a teen, we weren't even allowed to dye their hair fun colors. What makes you think a company would want to employ someone who will be harassed by coworkers and customers because they show their asshole for $5 online?

No. 1454874

lmao your follow list. doing god’s work

No. 1454875

I hope the imaginary strawman mother comes back to slap and slightly scratch him again.

No. 1454891

a lot of trad incels on websites like 4chan or Twitter will call women who do onlyfans sluts who need to be punished in one breath and call themselves or their friends hot femboy cat girls who love hentai in the other. Men are mentally ill and simply don’t care when they’re being hypocritical.

No. 1454898

men really think all women are sneaky bitter harlots who's lives are all around being mean girls towards them

No. 1454911

File: 1646169001308.jpeg (181.82 KB, 1284x1203, 1646165905940.jpeg)

Kek, troons want to be evacuated with the women and children, but the Ukrainian army is snatching them up at the borders and drafting them into the army. Lmao, good luck at the frontlines boys.

No. 1454912


No. 1454918

Be still my beating heart

No. 1454919

File: 1646170270738.jpg (50.89 KB, 800x450, agree.jpg)

oh you can't identify out of sex based discrimination? shocking! if only someone had realized this before!

No. 1454920

Is it really discrimination though? Like, someone has to fight the russians.

No. 1454921


No. 1454922

File: 1646170587557.jpg (95.69 KB, 571x890, 2022-03-01_22-35-51.jpg)

Trannies are the most important.

No. 1454924

what are men for if not to die in wars?

No. 1454927

No. 1454928

>MPs voted against adding Misogyny to the list of hate crimes in UK
wow… this really hammers it home for me personally

No. 1454929

I mean discrimination in the literal sense of being treated differently, I agree it's necessary

No. 1454930

holy shit i looked and couldn't find it, what the actual fuck

No. 1454932

The time in the screenshot is probably different, I'm European.

No. 1454935

Behold, the glowdown

No. 1454936

apparently packing on weight and putting on a nightgown is a glowup now

No. 1454939

You are all fucked up, imagine gloating about poor men trying to escape with their lives from a warzone and being enslaved to serve as cannon fodder. Them being mentally ill makes this even worse, not somehow acceptable. You are legit sick.

No. 1454940

i have never felt sorry for a man in my entire life

you'll have to try harder than that

No. 1454941

>Them being mentally ill makes this even worse
does it, though?

No. 1454942

Did you just wander in here from twitter?

No. 1454944

I feel bad for regular men, but never for trannies.

No. 1454945

i hope they beat him up.

No. 1454946

two of those posts are mine and I was not "gloating" in the slightest but ok retard

No. 1454947

I am sorry for your psychological problems of not feeling empathy because of a person's genitals

It really does. Mentally ill people will suffer massively in a war situation, even more than neurotypicals

I dont use twitter

No. 1454949

You sure sounded like it.

No. 1454951

>poor men
So you agree Trannies are actually mentally ill men? shocker! and Yes Trannies don't deserve human rights

No. 1454952

learn how to read >>1454919 >>1454929

No. 1454954

Yeah, of course they are. Also yes they do wtf

No. 1454956

imagine moralfagging on lolcow of all places

No. 1454957

Your first reply sure sounds like gloating and the second while yes, is not gloating, is you agreeing with the most heinous sex based discrimination, this is not a good alternative.

No. 1454958

I ll moralfag whereever I like

No. 1454959

you're in the wrong place you fucking idiot
go save the trannies in ukraine

No. 1454961

this mentally ill cowardly bastard whines that HE should be the special man who gets to flee away while the other common men deserve to be cannon fodder because he likes to wear cheap wigs.

No. 1454962

not to mention that actual women are also staying and fighting

No. 1454963

>you cant call me out unless you go be a hero

This is a legit criticism with which I agree, unlike the rest of fucked up comments here, although him being very mentally ill probably means he should indeed not be drafted.

No. 1454964

Only if they want to, the men are forced. It is not comparable.

No. 1454965

scrote begone

No. 1454967

I guess you really have no argument if you are resorting to hi moiding me so quickly. Check the dictionary to find the difference between mandatory and voluntary and then come back to me.

No. 1454972


No. 1454979

I understand English is hard, that's ok. These are big words after all.

No. 1454983

Tell me how its like being a total pick me for men who see you inferior to them no matter how much you pander and defend them

No. 1454985

Men gloat all the time about how they can overpower any woman and how woman could never measure to them. They expect women to birth children, care for them, spend their lives being 'lesser' and subservient to men (no career, dependent on their money) and they tend to say 'women should do that because men are providers and protectors'. So let them fulfill their gender role that they fight very hard to preserve.

No. 1454986

Lmao I dont even particularly like men. That doesnt mean I think they should suffer sexist discrimination especially of such magnitude. There is such a thing as degree.

No. 1454987

Nona those men would love to rape you, what do you gain from defending them

No. 1454988

>doesn't like men
>continues to defend and pander to them

please read this >>1454985
Men always say how women in other conutries deserve the bad treatment they get from men, so yeah it goes both ways, men deserve the worse specially the tims

No. 1454990

It's not sexist discriminations, it's common sense. Man start war, man end war. Men are physically stronger and bigger and are also expendable by the nature of their sperm, and since the beginning of civilization have been enlisted by other men to train in the army and die for some other man's cause.

No. 1454992

boohoo men are being told they have to do that thing they like to bring up all the time, you know the protect part of "provide and protect".

woman are doing their gender role driven bullshit for the country by caring and protecting the next generations by leaving for safety with their children my dude.

What do you think would happen if they conscripted females? They would set up a nice day care for the entire country's youth so mummy can go to war?

saged for going off topic

No. 1454997

Why the hell are you saying that? Ukrainians are not Taliban.

I am pretty sure Ukrainian women had all the political rights that Ukrainian men had. Some men's stupidity means that I should condemn all these young boys and men to death?

I am not pandeeing when I think that they shoyldnt be used as cannon fodder because they have a dick

This is such a fucked up comment. How is it the Ukrainian men's fault that Putin is insane? Also that biological determinism is literally what /pol/ uses to form their vile opinions, I dislike it and actively hate it.

No. 1454998

Plenty of women stay and fight, so they can fight just fine. The ones leaving are not all mothers, most are single young women or old babushkas.

No. 1455000

man you are really willing to die on this man pandering hill huh pickme-chan?

No. 1455002

You still havent told me how I am pandering. I am really not.

No. 1455005


nonna what do you think would happen if they drafted all females into war? the birth rate of most countries is abysmal as it is and killing off women in war is a sure fire way to fuck your countries future. not all women give birth and it should be a choice but it's just the reality of humankind that women are more valuable to a society as they literally give life to new people lmao. if men wanna fight their stupid wars let them do so.

No. 1455006

why can't words like cunt be considered sexist slurs that are grounds for termination like racist and homophobic language?

No. 1455007

Read the fucking room. This is a tranny thread, no one gives a shit about ukranian men

No. 1455008

pray tell how they plan to keep their country going against the Russian army? just send out imaginary fighters instead? it's not some senseless fight in some unknown land for them, it's their God damn homeland.

you telling them to just give up?

Conscription in wars are normal for most countries and expecially if your trying to stop your country being wiped off the map.

Trust me I see plenty of men running off with their families during the train packed videos being published. Im sure the scrotes that are to cowardly to defend their country are getting out of it some way or another.

saged for off topic

No. 1455010

wow you really are dense, you are basically saying how trannies deserve to leave the country because they are mentally ill, also admitting that trannies will never be real women ever

No. 1455012

This sounds inhumane anon. Why should my little brother be drafted because of his sex? You saying he is less valuable is just gut wrenching. He is valuable, just as valuable as any woman, he is a full human being like me. It would not be his war, it would be rthe government's war!

No. 1455013

Everyone has told you valid arguments.
Who should fight the wars then? Women? Where will their children go? What about the strength difference and men being able to easily overpower and rape them?
Sorry but there's no other way.

No. 1455015

File: 1646174397093.jpeg (471.45 KB, 828x656, AFE92DD8-BFA5-498C-B50B-F9319E…)

> Even when I worked in fast food as a teen, we weren't even allowed to dye their hair fun colors
I mean… that really depends on the job? I’ve had several jobs including and above fast food grade & have had plenty of fun/unnatural colors. Some jobs don’t care if you’re actually friendly/hardworking/well kept. That being said, I don’t get why they’d hire a neon haired degenerate troon who could be nothing (and proved to be nothing) but a liability to the company. Picrel is Ukrainian troons right now.

No. 1455016

Is your brother a tranny? Go sperg elsewhere

No. 1455017

Maybe she was able to tell because of the fact that he was talking about being trans on a phonecall in a public bathroom… On top of the obvious physical reasons kek

No. 1455018

It's all "women can have penises/men can have vaginas, lesbians can like dick too, genital preferences are transphobic, genitals don't equal gender" until a man wearing shitty nail polish wants to declare how much he'd like to fingerbang lesbians

No. 1455020

Both sexes should fight! Why do you assume all women have children? Also if they have children they can stay with their father instead. Also modern war has no overpowering, it is literally long distance killing.
Yes? I agree with both these statements

Women here literally say they deserve it because of their sex, so apparently they do, just in a wrong way.

I am saying conscript both sexes

No. 1455021

my first reply was about the tranny argument about sex based discrimination, it was not a statement on ukraine in particular you melodramatic retard

No. 1455022

Baby, you're on an anonymous imageboard for females specifically in a thread of chicks who hate men. You're not wrong, but go elsewhere with this because you're just going to piss yourself off

No. 1455025

>conscript both sexes
So everyone dies in the war instead of just men. That's a great solution.

No. 1455026

File: 1646174759063.gif (1.35 MB, 275x205, 7C4381AB-885F-4DBC-B42B-AE4549…)

>waaaaa muh little brother!!

No. 1455027

This conversation shifted because of what the other anons said.

Ok sorry I can be emotional some times. But my point still stands about the second one.

No. 1455028

I'm sure you will change Ukraine's government's mind by sperging in a tranny thread on an imageboard

No. 1455029

he is of the sex that controls most of the worlds governments that choose to wage such pointless wars. the draft is dumb but if scrotes are gonna wage war they know it's men that are best for the draft because a countries future is meaningless if all the women are dead. women are more valuable than men for the future of humanity, full stop. which desert island has a better future: an island with 100 men and 10 women or an island with 100 women and 10 men. do the math. scrotes wage wars, let them die in them.

conscripting both sexes is retarded based on above logic. you're going to fuck your population if women are the ones to die in war. literally look at what is happening to china via their one child policy.

No. 1455031

He does not have some common responsibility because he shares the same genitals as the psychopaths we elect that is insane. And we vote for them too, not just the men. Also we dont live in a deseted island wth. And we dont live in a polygamous society. We live in societies were we get pregnant by pairing with one man. The best chances for repopulation are if about the same men amd women survive.

I do not have delusions of grandeour


Not everyone. Probably equal amount of men and women going by chances.

Thank you for the sympathy anon, have a blessed day.

No. 1455033

File: 1646175246705.jpg (239.95 KB, 909x1920, tumblr_80e434cdd4344125111bbb2…)

Less sperging more trannies

When I used tumblr, I loved following tags like feminism and radical feminism, and getting moids like this occasionally posting in them their coomer pics

No. 1455034

File: 1646175296874.jpeg (130.35 KB, 719x1200, 2EC414F9-7DF7-4AF8-9C7B-CE74A4…)

No. 1455036

Is that a troon or a woman with hormonal issues?

No. 1455037

this is a woman on T

No. 1455038

File: 1646175763004.png (134.45 KB, 720x694, Screenshot_20220301-230111~2.p…)

>Like I should just have to worry about misogynistic pigs leaving hateful messages and treating me like shit.

No. 1455041

>Probably equal amount of men and women going by chances.

women would be lot more likely to die in wars because we are physically weaker

we are also more likely to get raped and we will then have to live with that for the rest of our lives if we get pregnant

what happens in war is not purely by chance

No. 1455042

File: 1646175977799.jpeg (392.22 KB, 1242x1569, 49D97ED5-5000-4133-A995-766C54…)

troons see a dude turn into an eldritch abomination and say "wow, they're just like me!", they think anything to do with some form of “transformation” is an allegory for their creepy fetish, they truly believe the world revolves around them.
why do they insist on tainting everything and anything good in this world, wasn’t new vegas enough??

No. 1455047

Anon, bombs and bullets dont care about you being weaker. The rock will die just as easily as Elen Page. Easier in fact because he is a bigger target. Also you can only be raped if captured, which happena ro males too, along with horrible torture and murder. This is not a reason to not be treated equally… Our suffering is nof more worthy than our brothers'.

No. 1455051

fucking based. i envy STEMladies, being a shape-rotator is not lucrative at all. female liberation is truly tied the accumulation of capital.

No. 1455052

NTA but if you don't think women are more likely to be captured with the intent of rape I'm gonna have to assume you're terminally retarded or a moid (same thing)

No. 1455053

>you can only be raped if captured

women would get raped both by their ""brothers"" and enemy soldiers you retard

No. 1455054

yes but if the country is risking large population lose its important to think in reproduction terms not the ideal pairing off. more females means larger first gen replacement rate. Meaning you can rebuild faster.

No. 1455055

Anon, I am not saying some barbaric enemy will not rape captured women. I am saying that the same enemy will also torture captured men.

No. 1455056

imagine being the child having to work through life with these genes.

No. 1455058


men being more expandable is a fact

the survival of women is much more important for the survival of the species

No. 1455059

Exactly this. Look at all of the rape and sexual assault that goes on within the US military. And look at women being kicked out or even killed for speaking out.

The woman will be raped AND tortured. By enemies and their own team. Don't play stupid.

No. 1455060

Crimes do happen during wartime by your own side too yes, but that is not common outside of the american army which is a shitfest. Also if that happens significamtly we can separate men and women like they do in Israel

This literally does not happen. Look at both after ww1 England and after ww2 soviet union. Massive losses in men, the surplus women did not get pregnant by some married guy, they remained single and childless. Europeans are not Arabs to just form harems.

No. 1455061

okay but this unironically? trannies can be the new underclass and absorb male rage and sexual aggression. scrotes can abuse these types of males and leave women alone!

No. 1455062

they look like a dark souls npc

No. 1455063

I am not playing stupid, I am saying that torture also happena to men and the fact that we might suffer too is not reason enough to exclude us from our responsibilities as citizens. Jews seem to have women in the army without such an issue, sounds like the problem lies with the scum od society that join the american army

No. 1455064

>not common outside of the american army

there has been plenty of reports of widespread sexual assault in other militaries too (like in the british army)

i'm sorry that the reality of what men are like hurts your sensibilities

No. 1455065

File: 1646177021345.jpg (824.38 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220301-182305_rif…)

that transpassing subreddit is hilarious

No. 1455066

the generation after the world wars was literally called the "baby boom" they obviously reproduced…

where the hell are you getting your facts from. fucking delusional

No. 1455067

i feel sorry for this person because they seem like a masochistic hsts that will endure any pain or suffering that allows them to be in a relationship with a man. there are a lot of problems with this culture that are not compatible with liberalism, feminism, or any socialist values. and i feel that way about all orthodox abrahamic faiths in america as well and i don't think it's racist or islamophobic to point that out.

No. 1455068

Imagine coming to the MTF thread to cape for men in the army invading a country. Not even drafted.
Truly, kek.

No. 1455069

Nowhere near in significant numbers. Some criminals exist in the army just as they exist in general society.

No. 1455070

File: 1646177142776.jpg (224.31 KB, 1440x1440, 3de025c9da50a6ad769629c84b6169…)

kek nonnie this literally happened

No. 1455071

when did iconic mean the molly soda tumblr look from 12 years ago?

No. 1455072




Listen, I know you’re doing this because you don’t want to believe your brothers/relatives/fathers are like this. But I’m telling you that females have always had less rights than males in these places. We are not saying men should die for being being men, we are saying that it seems ironic and revolting that they’d give female “equal” rights only when it benefits them. They never gave a fuck about these women when they raped them, brutalized them, had them in arranged marriages. You know 92-96% of victims of child marriages are little girls, right?

Im sorry to say but your small minuscule of male relatives still doesn’t make up the fact that females are always going to have less rights in these kinds of countries. I understand that you have a kind heart, but you are deliberately ignoring the bigger picture here. Which is that females still have less rights, they’re still automatically affected in their childhoods. Yes, war sucks, and it’s horrible for these men, but what? Do you realize that most women will watch their own brothers and sons get indoctrinated by these men? Who do you think rapes, brutalizes other men? You can say it’s womens faults for voting, but you need to realize that even a lot of right winged/left winged women are indoctrinated because they can’t take themselves out that tribe. You think a naive girl in an othodox family who tells her her value equates to her virginity, that she must be in submission, would have the capability to go against her family? Then she wouldn’t have a home. It’s like you dont want to realize that even now, even in western days, we’re still below men. Its as if historic dichotomies are still used against us. It’s as if theres still arranged marriages that are stagnant in today’s world, as if we’re still dehumanized.

Im sorry, but you really need to look at reality here. We always had less chances. You’re expecting us to play this role and to still be brutalized. The fact that you told us earlier that us getting raped and brutalized in wars, and still told us we had to fight “equally” with our “male comrades” is telling. Please tell me how men raping women in wars helps at all. If you’re a female, I’m trying to be as kind as possible. But you are letting your emotions control you. You’re not realizing the bigger picture.

No. 1455073

literally two thirds of women in the brittish army have been discriminated against because of their sex

what the fuck are you on about

No. 1455075

Are you a Jew?

No. 1455076

Why tf does he draw himself as a child?? And oh no how dare the evil terfie not be feminine waaaahhh

No. 1455077

nobody kills you dude. if it's not classified as a mental illness why should it be covered as healthcare?

No. 1455078

They boomed as married couples, learn to read whatever it is you are reading. Married couples, equal numbers of men and women boomed. The surplus women became the inspiration for the "cat lady" characters, at least in the UK.

I am literally caping for the conscripts in both armies that have been drafted. I dont care about mercenaries. They can die dor all I care.

No. 1455079

>Reee you guys hate men.

No. 1455080

File: 1646177409584.png (453.65 KB, 552x768, wsergr.png)

The fucking names this dude chose to use for himself..

No. 1455081

Discriminated is not rape, are you fucking serious? Ofc old scrotes on their way out think the army is a man job and attitudes like the ones in this thread fuel such opinions.

No but I am good friends with one that has served

No. 1455083

I dont know, saying they deserve to be used as meatshields is pretty damn dehumanizing and hateful.

No. 1455084

File: 1646177535801.png (1.9 MB, 1512x903, trannytuber.png)

Kept getting recommended videos for this channel discussing older anime and then was met with a voice that was almost female but definitely not. So distinctly off and nasally. It was an immediate red flag but no where on their description, about section, twitter, twitch, nothing mentions being a tranny. But it's so easy to clock him just from voice, nevermind his ugly mug. I can not imagine how they somehow could believe they "stealth pass" and no one can tell. Also most of his videos are about hentai and lewd content, even though not all of the titles seem like it, grossly misjudged clicking on any of his nasty videos.


No. 1455085

You can be sad, but you're reeing at anons for not believing the same as you.

No. 1455087

But why don’t they ever just replace the women who get beat up, raped and murdered? They never offer to live their fetish life with “strong” muslim “men”, they should do that, give the woman a ticket to a better country without sharia laws, and stay there to live their fetish getting beat up and berated by some ugly ass man. That would redeem trannies to me.

No. 1455089

Go get drafted moid.

No. 1455090

go conscript in the ukrainian army then you woman-hating retard

i'm sure they'll be happy to have you

you're quick to volonteer other women to get raped by men on both sides but something tells me you wouldn't volunteer yourself in the same way

No. 1455091

nta it's not that they inherently deserve it but it's necessary in war

No. 1455092

Yes we are so evil for dehumanizing poor innocent men. It's not as though they have been dehumanizing and raping us since the beginning of history. Men unironically believe we are inferior. Cape for them on a different thread.

No. 1455097

This posted already?

No. 1455099

Surely it's either a moid baiting or a new fag/tradthot seething that woman aren't fulfilling their nurturing duty of being a doormat and empathetic for the men who abuse them?

No. 1455101

not to mention that ukraine has a high rate of domestic violence which they didn't even criminilize until 2019

the men responsible for that are the men we're supposed to believe wouldn't rape their "sisters" on the battlefield

No. 1455102

Fanny Traggot would be a hilarious drag name

No. 1455104

Well their beliefs are fucked up and hateful

I dont live in Israel

You are a legit man hater if you think I am a woman hater. I suppose when you are uses to privilege equality feels like oppression.

I really dont think it is. I think we still do it because it is such a central part of the male gender role.

You dont even know these men! What are you talking about beggining of history? Many of these boys are barely 18

No. 1455105

Women get raped and killed everyday and you guys are worried about a couple of women saying men deserve bad things on the internet. You have to be a moid

No. 1455106

I-what? Ofc I care about women's suffering. That doesnt mean I will not call out psychopathic behaviour. These are not mutually exclusive.

No. 1455108

Kek, saying war is not black and white and then saying anons not giving a shit about army men is black and white. When will you ever learn pickme-chan.

No. 1455109

But did you get picked?

No. 1455110

>you are a legit man hater
>I- what?
Please just go back from whence you came

No. 1455111

Moid, please stop.

No. 1455112

>typing things on the internet is psychopathic
tranny mindset

No. 1455113

I am not sure what you are trying to say anon. Also I did say I only care about conscripts, not the proffessionals.

No. 1455114

NTA But you do sound like psychopaths sometimes, kek. I accept this imageboard as a lesser evil and a good counter-balance to all the misogynistic hatred though.

No. 1455115

Go reee about muh feminazis somewhere else please.

No. 1455116

Sergei isn't going to fuck you.

No. 1455118

Sorry you cant live in a world shere women have different opinions from you

So you are telling me the freaks in /pol/ and /r9k/ are not psycopaths because they just write things online?

No. 1455119

I wouldnt dirty the word feminism for you, dont worry.

No. 1455120

Oh no, women are so evil for having opinions

No. 1455121

Do you know where you are?

No. 1455122

you can have your opinions

and we can point out that your opinions are retarded

No. 1455123

If they aren't hurting people then no they aren't psychopaths, words have meanings

No. 1455124

>I suppose when you are uses to privilege equality feels like oppression.

what privilege is it that women have, scrote?

No. 1455125

I don't think it's psychopathic at all for women who have been subjected to misogyny, hatred, and sexual assault their entire lives to let off steam online at the expense of their aggressors. The average man thinks more hateful things about women than the "extremists" (myself included) on this site say about men. You'd be hard pressed to find a heterosexual man who would not rape a woman if he knew he could get away with it.

No. 1455126

Damn I agree with some of your points and was even arguing about this in the euro thread with someone but you are being extremely cringe

No. 1455127

Considering these opinions, yeah kinda

Lolcow farm

You dont though, you call me a moid or use nature based arguments that arent even true because we dont live in polygamous societies.

No. 1455128

redditors and old men just want a socially acceptable way to leer at underage bodies, male or female. it's pedophilia all the way down.

No. 1455129

File: 1646178679112.png (690.08 KB, 1080x1008, 5E1D1269-EAB2-4019-A4C6-399D92…)


When are you going to respond to my post? >>1455072 This one. You are so adamant onto deliberately ignoring the bigger picture and why its ironic to suddenly care about equality, yet you’re saying nothing with how we were recently treated. You’re saying nothing with domestic abuse rates in urkraine, and how it had a huge increase in 2018-2019.

Official statistics on domestic violence, however unreliable and incomplete, show a spike of registered cases in the last three years. In 2018, there was a 76% increase in reported cases in Donetsk region and a 158% increase in Luhansk region, compared to the average of the previous three years."


The fact that you can still say these things, take my post into matter just tells me you genuinely want to ignore that you still said females dont go through oppression, that females dont have less rights. (Which you said in your own words on one of the earlier posts.)

Nobody wants men dead solely for being men. Its just telling that all of a sudden they care about “equality” when it benefits them. (But you said we’re using “privelege”, which is again, telling that you dont actually think female have less rights in these countries.) You want females to fight your wars, yet these men have done nothing for domestic violence and arranged marriages. You want us to fight your wars? Then you better stop using us as incubators. You have to work on other factors first. But you won’t, because then you’d have to admit that females have less rights in these countries.

No. 1455130

Take this energy to pol.

No. 1455131

>You dont though, you call me a moid or use nature based arguments that arent even true because we dont live in polygamous societies.

i've called you and your opinions retarded several times

No. 1455132

kek nonna, same. i'm watching this shitshow and it's going for way too long. and on a mtf thread no less. this is a bit embarassing

No. 1455134

It's probably a baiting moid, muh I wouldn't dirty the word feminism for you is so performative, like they think it helps them blend in.

No. 1455135

>Nobody wants men dead solely for being men
This is how you can tell it's a moid. Only moids think women disliking how men treat us is as bad as men killing women

No. 1455136

We are literally talking about the privilege of not getting drafted, cant you read? Also you are clearly arguing in bad faith considering the hi moiding so fu too.

Anon where the hell do you live to have formed such opinions on men? Pakistan?

Sorry I know I am cringe. Glad that someone agrees with me though, thanks anon. You give me hope.

No. 1455137

Plus, there's a reason they're starting shit in the MTF thread. Probably a tttt/.

No. 1455138

Do you cape this hard for muslim moids who die in the middle east?

No. 1455140

considering the autism radiating from their posts? absolutely

No. 1455142

The only people who use this word are hyper privileged NEETs whining about adhd and autism who want to watch anime all day

No. 1455143

how do these moids not realize they don’t actually get rid of their penis, they still have one, it’s just facing the other way. just because its been mangled into an amhole doesn’t mean it’s a VaGiNa, its a backwards penis. i hate that they even think they can use the word vagina to describe what they have, because they will never know what it’s like to actually have a vagina

No. 1455144

Men created the draft. They can stop it at anytime, most governments are composed of men. Republicans voted not to add women to the draft. They chose it.

No. 1455145

who have their 25 mental illnesses in their twitter bios

No. 1455146

They think it helps them blend in.

No. 1455147

>Enslaved to serve as cannon fodder.
>Implying no one joins the army of their free will.

No. 1455148

Sorry anon I missed it, I dont know how. I am so so sorry readi g what you sent. This is truly terrible and soul crushing. I thought Ukraine was a modern country, I didnt expect things to be like this.
I was thinking about the west, it was my mistake to extend it. Also I never said we sont fo through oppression I know we do. I said we dont face legal oppression like men do related to the draft. But I see that Ukraine is not really how I thought.

No, they are racista and misogynists

Ok fair enough

Sorry, I cant sleep

I just thought it sounded cool..

I literally never compared men's misogyny to dislike. I said that thinking that they should be conscripted because of their sex is fucked up.

No. 1455149

Glad I’m not the only anon who actually Fucking hates autistic men, entitled manchildren whining about food textures on Twitter

No. 1455150

Men should be kept in farms like the animals they are.

No. 1455151

Anon thinks not caring about men dying is the same as being happy they are dead.

No. 1455152

the upvotes aren't reflective of reality, it's all manipulated by people who have a vested interest in promoting this. it's like 15 dollars to throw 1.4k likes at literally anything on reddit. (downvotes as well if you ever feel so inclined). it's reflective of politics, who ever spends the most is just brute-forcing anything. on reddit and other social media platforms you can influence the sites culture and opinions with really not that much money. the "master tranny programmer with a botnet army" is an illusion meant to intimidate and discourage non-tech people from challenging them. in reality, it's a discord of basement dwellers like bardfinn and the anti-work reddit mod pooling their SSI checks on stormlikes and other mercenary-like farms and "penetration-testing" firms in other countries. it's like as low as $1,000 to get a third party company to ddos sites like this one or kiwifarms for a whole month. the 30k a year starbucks troons can budget for something like that if they felt strongly enough about it. the point is that gender critical rhetoric is self-evident to most critical thinking and thoughtful people that they can be swayed with factual discourse and pictorial evidence alone, no thumb on the scale or political spending needed.

No. 1455153

i’ve never seen a woman sincerely advocate for a male only draft. i have seen men sincerely advocate that women should not be allowed in the military. yet they bitch about the draft. funny how that works.

No. 1455154

autistic men were fine when all they did was take pictures of trains

then they found the internet and now they're all diaper fetishists

No. 1455156

I did say I only care for conscripts

I know most men are retarded, espexially rhe old men in power. I care about the ones who are not and who will be hurt by it, the young men and boys who didnt choose it.

I do have aspergers and adhd but I am not a tranny.

No, Muslims are bad people, they constantly commit crimes here.

No. 1455158

guess what other group constantly commit crimes? men

there is not a single country on earth where a majority of all crimes are commited by women

No. 1455160

I know. How is that relevant?

No. 1455163

It's relevant because it means women are allowed to hate men for whatever reason! Especially for just being male ♥

No. 1455165

Hi, bai-bai anon here. Do I want people to die in this war? Absolutely fucking not. But, the idea that literal men think they can escape the treatment of other men (being enlisted for war in times of trouble, etc) by identifying as a woman, after all the shit their community has done, will never not be justice served. No matter how hard they try, they will never be recognized as the females they trample over and consider themselves as for convenience. You, just like the other men, are required to stay and fight and no ‘pronouns’ or hatchet wound will save you from that.

No. 1455166

you said muslims are bad people because they constantly commit crimes

ergo men are also bad people

No. 1455167

Everyone is allowed to hate whoever they like. Who forbade you to do so? I called you psychopath because you are, you are still allowed to be one.(less autism more trannies)

No. 1455168

isn't shaving facial and body hair haram???

No. 1455170

>I have decided it, their for it is true and I'm right.
Moid detected.

No. 1455171

So women hating men is the same as men harming people (what a psychopath actually is). Thanks for outing yourself as a moid

No. 1455172

I feel bad for men in general as I have shown in this thread, but I feel extra bad for trannies because they are very mentally ill and clearly not fit to serve. I would say the same for a depressed or schizophrenic man.

There is an issue of degree. Our prisons are filled with them even though they are 5% of the population. Native males are overwhelmingly law abbiding, why would I hate them as criminals?

No. 1455175

where do you live?

No. 1455176

>says sth psychopathic
>is called a psychopath
>hey moids

When the hell did I say it is the same thing?? Also no psychopathy does not require the psychopath to actually cause harm.

No. 1455177


No. 1455179

shut the fuck up "EMPATH" go suck a dick somewhere else.

No. 1455180

I hope that kairi moid is still seething and sperging. Nonas who can view his twitter, is he doing anything of the sort?

No. 1455181

are you serious? greek men are scumbags

No. 1455182

Samefag. Fucked up the sage, sorry.

No. 1455183

he would know

No. 1455186

they're 2nd only to italian men as the sleaziest men of europe

No. 1455187

>they're not the taliban
nonna eastern european countries are pretty damn close

No. 1455188

What? We have one of the lowest crime rates in the world in the native population. I am safe any hour of the day and night. Men and women help me on the street or anywhere when I need sth. I like living here.

Now who is talking like a moid

No. 1455191

you're an autist anon

they pity you

No. 1455192

>I am safe any hour of the day and night. Men and women help me on the street or anywhere when I need sth.
Must be nice to be a moid

No. 1455194

Oh come on… you're just encouraging autistchan's spergs at this point!

No. 1455195

Sorry your country is so shit you cant even imagine it

Aspergers is not autism!

No. 1455196

you got me

No. 1455197

wait wait wait…. greek? now that rings a bell. how do I link replies from another board

this u?

the relentless replying and typing style are similar. now i'm convinced, it's a moid, and we all fell for it. he was caping for the entirely different side on the eurofag thread. it's over nonnas, we can go home.

No. 1455198

but i have a b-b-brother! anons are almost as bad as boymoms. cool that your blood moids treat you like a person.

No. 1455199

Aspergers may as well be autism.

No. 1455200

samefag i accidentally linked them in the opposite order, the last one is the first

No. 1455201

the grafted in elden ring are a much more accurate trans allegory.

No. 1455202

No no it is very different. I am just on the spectrum

Everyone I know treats me like a person!

Wth no. I didnt even know we had a eurothread. That anon sounds unhinged and insane. She reminds me of the anons in this thread with her psychopathic takes.

No. 1455203

His twitter is public now if you're wondering

No. 1455205

File: 1646181156665.png (731.16 KB, 1024x768, uglytroon.png)

it's hard to tell if they're joking or delusional, he looks a prehistoric downie

No. 1455206

what do you stand to gain by wasting time trying to convince us except your own self-satisfaction. go ukraine sperg in the thread for it. literally no one cares and i hope your male relatives are maimed and you have to take care of them for the rest of your life.

No. 1455207

He looks like he stinks hardcore.

No. 1455209

if i've learnt one thing from this thread it's that troons have no self-awareness

No. 1455211

You are a terrible person for even saying that, think how terrible it is.

No. 1455213

>Anon is a terrible person for not agreeing with you.

No. 1455215

Reason #40598383 to not have a son permeates the thread.

No. 1455216

It takes two sides to derail a thread.

No. 1455218

File: 1646181533036.png (72.69 KB, 738x728, troonery.png)

that last comment… barf.

No. 1455219

I was mostly referring to the curses about my family.(sowwie)

No. 1455221

>even some cis women get aroused by seeing themselves in a mirror.


No. 1455222

I have never known a single fucking woman that has ever gotten aroused at the sight of herself in the mirror. I have never been aroused by looking in the mirror, either. These retards have never talked to a single woman and it shows.

No. 1455223

No one cares about you. This is an anonymous imageboard. I know you're an autist but stop treating this like it's twitter

No. 1455226

spergmoid doesn't have any empathy for muslim moids because they bad, then why we should have empathy for eastern european moids, when both groups are very similar? it's because they're white and more "civilized"? moids are moids regardless of race, they feel superior to women regardless of culture or skin color because of people like you, who believes we should be nurturing them for just existing.

No. 1455227

First of all I am not autistic. Secondly, what she said was still terrible.

No. 1455228

right? when in actuality it's so appallingly arrogant.

No. 1455230

File: 1646182102843.png (89.71 KB, 500x501, 1617912653768.png)

probably a leftypol tranny from the reddit spacing, line by line counterpoints, and arrogant "charitability." leftist moids aren't our comrades and offer nothing to women. the only thing that has ever empowered women has been money.

No. 1455231

sorry to break it to you, but Aspergers >>1455156 is classified on the autism spectrum. So technically you are.

No. 1455232

My psychologist said it is its own thing though and that I shouldnt think that I am autistic.

No. 1455233

Stop replying to tard anon and go back to trannyposting

No. 1455234

you are hijacking a thread to get anons to center you and your feelings. fuck off

No. 1455236

Dont call me retarded please, thanks

No I am talking with anons about things they posted. I didnt come here to talk about my feelings in general.

No. 1455237

All we feel is insecurity and pick ourselves apart.

No. 1455240


Imagine trying to be moralistic on a board full of strangers. Don’t like the content here? Get out, begone. Much like the troons we make fun of here, you’re turning out to be a real attention hog. We don’t want you here.

No. 1455241

stop fucking responding to it holy fuck

No. 1455242

Fine, I am sleepy anyway.

No. 1455243

Hey, it looks like it worked though, but we’ll see. Let’s get back on topic.

No. 1455245

File: 1646183519869.png (274.46 KB, 588x604, tortured artist.png)

no he is playing the strong-victim/tortured-artist role inspired by their plight atm. posting vids of them playing guitar and deleting all the old posts in relation to the shit fest so he doesn't have to see people calling him a creep or calling him out for lying.

He even deleted his "i got assaulted uwu" self harm post.

I'm thinking of posting some old screen caps and my assumptions on the guy. cause he fits the cringey stereotypes so hard I wanna call him out on it a it.

picrel he starts of with "i'm so bad at guitar" bullshit. dude has played multiple bands before his covid opps I'm a tranny episode. He knows he can play and the false modesty thing is something he regularly does to the people around him to undermined them. Cause he did it to the gender confused girl 10 years younger than him he was semi-grooming earlier this year.

No. 1455246

God I’m so fucking excited to see useless moids like you die in war very very very soon. We should make sites and subreddits fetishizing it where we can laugh how you all have to fight in wars that women got no say in, what do you think, ladies?
> cannon fodder
Turns out the rape apes do have a useful purpose after all!(relax)

No. 1455248

NTA but being edgy to own the aspie is not as cool as you think. I don't care for soldiers either, but you are just cringe.

No. 1455249

File: 1646183744668.jpg (308.22 KB, 1080x1844, Screenshot_20220302-021500_Twi…)

>I pass, no one can tell I'm trans
>literally has faggot next to a trans flag tattooed on his arm

No. 1455250

they're incoherent

No. 1455254

Wouldn't a lesbian get dyke and not fag?

No. 1455256

Pls post the caps + your assumptions nona! also he was grooming someone? Typical, smh.

No. 1455257

File: 1646184426644.jpg (Spoiler Image,164.2 KB, 720x1084, 20220301_192445.jpg)

That feel when you play trannies at their own games and suddenly they dont like it (the one replying "are you serious?" Is the tranny)

No. 1455261

Reminds me of the seething when trannies get set up on blind dates with a 'lesbian' and find it's another tranny.

No. 1455262

File: 1646184939534.jpeg (259.42 KB, 828x829, 8EA0683C-DC2C-436D-862A-74A405…)

The last few of these LA Dyke Days have been entirely AGPs. It’s so sad to see less women every year at them

No. 1455263

>reeeeeeeee how will I fetishize lesbians if it includes men too

No. 1455264

We call everyone retarded here, fucking retard kek now stop sperging literally

No. 1455265

>Of all genders.
Sigh. That even explicitly includes men who don't pretend to be women.

No. 1455266

Leslie Feinberg is the cause of this shit.

No. 1455275

File: 1646185704354.png (506.28 KB, 590x716, timeline.png)

Okay I will start with the basics that I gathered for context.

Sterotype wise a 32 divorcee miod. Seems like he was a bi-sexual man who repressed a lot of stuff and was part of the alt scene and had the classic scrawny long hair metal head vibe.

Was married but luckily no kids, started flirting with the idea of fucking it all over and transitioning so he can live out his delusions as a woman cause the idea of settling down and being married and playing the straight guy role wasn't what he felt was right.

literally started fucking about behind his wife's back online tranny chasing in the last year of their marriage most likely by the looks of it.

No. 1455277

Eh I'd believe he sucks at guitar. To me though his post reads more as bragging about technical and compositional skill rather than being self-effacing.
>Why do I force myself to do these very difficult things in my songs? Give me attention and admiration!

No. 1455278

File: 1646186165226.png (173.53 KB, 652x1338, ok.png)

all these words just to say absolutely nothing that proves trannies belong in feminist discussions. why are moids like this?

No. 1455279

his videos are actually pretty good. not to defend a troon but he seems like the average non violent nerd boy. everytime he calls himself a lesbian or mentions his poor handmaiden wife i die a little inside though

No. 1455281

>cosplaying as a married man
That poor fucking wife

No. 1455284

I'm already getting advertisements for women's history month that feature TIMS. I hate this.

agree, have seen too many emo fags that troon out or become "nonbinaries".

No. 1455288

I wish he were right about nobody hiring him before a woman but we know that's not how this works

No. 1455306

mansplaining feminism

No. 1455309

Idk, I’ve seen loads more of trannies than actual women working in male-dominated industries

No. 1455311

As someone who lost a position in a Women in Tech initiative to a troon last minute, this is absolutely not the case. Companies get their “diversity hire” but they still see them as men. Jokes on them because troons aren’t emotionally stable enough to be a part of the workforce.

No. 1455316

File: 1646190973372.png (Spoiler Image,1.43 MB, 1630x1262, nsfw sexuality collage.png)

His issues with his sexuality seem to be the main reason, and really seem like a super unhealthy cope to me.

And its really just playing out like a midlife crisis with extra steps at this point.
married> cheats thru degen behavior> divorce> starts fucking anything a decade younger than him if they let him.

His transition so far seems mostly fueled by his repressed sexual urges so far. Hence why he has faggot tattooed on his arm, talks about being dominated and roughed up and while being called faggot usually by other tran girls since we has worked his way into the Boston trans scene (whom most are also nearly a decade younger than him), and if he considers fucking a cis person (or you know someone not easy to manipulate and mentally damaged as him) they have to "look like an elf or they can beat him up".

That being said its still bi-sexual at best because he still very much wants to stick his dick in things and gets off on dominating others.

Oct/November last year he started online grooming a 22 gender confused girl TIF who had shown interest in him. Getting her involved in the tranny circle he is part of and encouraging her to start an only fans to fund a flight out to visit him. She unfortunately ticks a lot of the stereotypes involved with that herself, but generally when I find mentally unstable 32 year olds grooming 22 mental unstable people into shit I tend to think worse of the older person in the relationship honestly. It got to the point she considered herself a "girl who thinks she is a guy who thinks she is a girl" and started larping as a tranny herself to fit in with the tranny circle she got involved in that he is relate to.

He started a rather unhinged relationship with her, where they considered each other "partners" but he still considered himself single/poly because he was still open to the other younger trannys in his areas advances if possible. Seems to of cooled off in the last few weeks most likely due to his commitment issues and the rather debasing way their sex life played out on occasion. That and his issues of using her as an emotional crutch for his own mental health issues and victim complex.

No. 1455319

I didn't read all of the posts in the image and I haven't finished reading your post, I just have to say that that is an incredibly ugly penis. And to think that not only is it ugly but it's probably shrunk in size and limp as hell because of the hormones.

No. 1455328

File: 1646192509640.png (348.57 KB, 1488x400, 0.png)

Yes, yes we can.

No. 1455329

Sorry you had to go through that anon. I hope the workplace is hating dealing with a slew of HR cases that narcissistic trannies inevitably bring, always. When he raises hell over something like pronouns or bathrooms they will definitely regret that hire, I promise.

No. 1455337

He looks like a Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark illustration.

No. 1455341

and even without appearances, there's still that obvious male socialization. we can tell they're men simply through their twitter texts and reddit story larps.

No. 1455342

Lol at the crooked dick he gave himself from yanking it to porn too much

No. 1455343


No. 1455354

File: 1646194974393.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.39 MB, 2404x4096, FAd2JHpUUAMP1rX.jpg)

gwyndolin's my husband i mean that

No. 1455373


I just realized I know this person from my formative years (10+ years ago). Anon hit the nail on the head. You could tell he wasn’t straight and was in a band back then.

Im not shocked to hear he groomed someone. The degenerate onlyfans caught me off guard. What a world we live in

No. 1455377

Only if I can have my boy NK in the back

No. 1455386

he has extreme gay face. somehow looks more masculine after transition. what's up with trooning out that dims the light in someone's eyes?

No. 1455387

tbf I think I need to back track a bit with the grooming thing. He wouldn't be the main perpetrator but more along the lines of someone who also got caught up in it and joined in.

cross referencing the other trans people in the group starting their only fans around the same time suggests a weird pyramid scheme kinda thing going on. Haven't figured out who started it and hence profits off it the most. But there is a more sociable tran-character who runs the discord they are in who had the 22 year old TIF orbiting them before this Kairi guy latched on and convinced them to partner up with.

They are also in a fetish poly/group? of sorts into pet play that was started by the more sociable trans and that is what the paw marks in the twitter names allude to.

The kairi guy has been orbiting the more sociable one named riley(previously lily I believe going back in twitter posts) and they where the person that encourage him to get the faggot tattoo it seems.

So yah going of discord mods being groomers stereotype and literally numerous members in their group starting only fans at similar times suggests there is another troon who is profiting off this degen bullshit.

No. 1455388

female patterned body fat hanging off a male frame makes these people look like old men, it's so uncanny and gross.

No. 1455390

why do they always have Peyronie's disease? a side effect of cross sex hormones?

No. 1455391

Hormones might have shrunk it, but it is still a sad, cockeyed excuse of a dick.

No. 1455392

File: 1646199788798.png (135.18 KB, 1128x738, transdiydrpowers.png)

samefagging. pic related from trans diy. seems like there's a possibility of a link anecdotally. i wonder if they meant bowers? someone should scrape reddit and archive all posts mentioning the big name doctors involved in SRS.

No. 1455393

“I still get aroused at the thought of having my gonads removed” absolute insanity, and yet we should applaud this? i hate this retarded world so much

No. 1455394

AYRT all of this just shows how gross he is. I didn’t recognize him initially because he changed his name from Ashley. I recall I stopped talking to him because he gave me a creepy vibe.

No. 1455395

File: 1646200074334.jpeg (327.66 KB, 755x1986, 018E746B-87D7-4500-A029-4A5E35…)

Actual content of the tiktok is irrelevant; cap included just for context of my reaction to the comment which made me legit GAG

No. 1455397

>So let me get this straight: Ukraine is being invaded by Russia, more people than ever are dying of covid, wildfires are near-constant, and yet your main concern is requiring teachers to call boys "she"?!

Funny how that whole argument works.

No. 1455399

File: 1646200616270.jpeg (754.22 KB, 2893x1137, F532048B-41CB-4CF0-B1C0-8C3686…)

what the fuck is wrong with men

No. 1455401

men are eldritch horrors

No. 1455405

I guarantee you your little brother would never defend you like this is any male space.
there's something endlessly funny to me about how badly they want to capture a little glimmer of being a woman, yet the hardeer they try the less they pass. Some of these men in this thread could probably pass as fat, older, plain/ugly women, mainly because society won't look too closely at them, but they insist on being Jessica Rabbit bombshells or children. They refuse to learn about what clothes/makeup/hair would suit them best, because their male socialization tells them they already know it all. I think a lot of them refuse to believe a woman could know more than him on any subject, so refuse to take advice in the way women do from each other because they liken any help as criticism. Needing constant validation is one of the most male traits there is, and men have been coddled so long they just can't deal with being told how to do something. They think they're "better" women because they know they're male.

I think it's the fact they come at "being a woman" in the most male way possible that makes me laugh. hurr i got long hair and i put socks in my bra this means i'mm a pretty woman now hurrrr. lmao

No. 1455425

30 seconds in and I'm wondering where his upper lip is. look at how he is dressed compared to the woman, these fools never learned how to dress

No. 1455426

Never saw a helmullet before, kek.

No. 1455431

File: 1646207047495.webm (1.64 MB, 534x534, ok.webm)

No. 1455432

Egalitarian indoctrination had really made people forget how sex roles are used to uphold patriarchal systems. Males will always be sent to war because XYs are expendable. In nature, they are expendable. It's how they are designed. This is how their system functions. It is not discrimination or oppression to use men for war, it's their end of the deal. they created it to be this way. Women are commodified as a reproductive chattel and men are commodified as literal war fodder, but only some of the time. Otherwise they get to live freely at the expense of women.

What's worse now, is that reproduction and domestic labor/servitude has remained relatively unchanged for women. It's still expected of women. When is the last time men have had to put their lives on the line to defend what's "theirs"? Most men will live their entire lives without threat of violence, yet still be awarded a woman to be his domestic support slave.

This whole system is male bullshit btw and even if men were constantly in battle, it's still their doing and they're still forcing women to be pawns in their system. The fact that now they cry oppression and discrimination is actually fucking irritating. They whine even at the small pittance they're rarely ever asked to pay. Males are so worthless. Even oppressing women is literally too much to ask of them.

No. 1455439

Surely a higher percentage of cat ladies than degenerate old scrotes is the best thing a society could hope for? If more women die in war, your losing the objectively better members of your population, whether they reproduce or not.

No. 1455440

The state is not forcing us to be tradwives anon, but it is forcing these men to become cannon fodder. I dont know how you justify this in your mind.

No. 1455441

that fake boob nip slip? does he walk around like that?

No. 1455442

Sure, but it is still a negative for the population boost. Best solution is for the same number of men and women to survive in order to form families.

No. 1455443

Don't worry anon, it's just some tranny reeing about the men not being allowed to leave Ukraine thing and the poor poor russian invaders.

No. 1455444

What went so wrong in your life that you don't think what's being done to ukrainian men is not majorly fucked up?

No. 1455449

Men make our lives a misery and there should be less of them. Women’s rights always progress after a good war that wiped a good proportion of the men out. This is the only thing society asks of them yet we still have dick starved handmaidens like you reeing about it. Why don’t you go sign up to die alongside them? Try not to get raped and ostracised by your army “brothers” KEK.

No. 1455450

We're talking about Russian men retard, literally invaders.

No. 1455451

They deserve it, just like every other group of men since the beginning of time. Target are worthless, expendable brutes and more of them should be dying every day. We make life too safe for them and now there are too many.

No. 1455452

Autism anom was talking about drafted men in general.

No. 1455453

Is the greek tard back again? She woke up from her nap just to come back and to try and change our minds and how we should be nicer to men? Her psychologist was lying about the aspergers it seems. She's incredibly autistic.

No. 1455456

You literally sound unhinged.

No. 1455457

Autism anon originally got set off in the eurofag thread because someone said they didn't care about russian men who chose to join the army and coming from misogynistic cultures going to war and that war is started and can be stopped by men. The eternal seethe then began including the typical not all men-ing and seething that all soldiers (must be 18+ to join the army in russia) are just scawed little boys and we should feel bad that they are going to die when they invade another country where they are obviously unwelcome.

No. 1455458

Kek, yes.

No. 1455460

Aspergers is a subset of autism isn't it?

No. 1455462

Really must be, it's been exactly 8 hours since she last posted.

No. 1455467

They're the same thing now

No. 1455469

No it isnt.

No. 1455472

File: 1646210815215.jpeg (154.38 KB, 700x475, 6E07B24F-36E0-4CF1-8485-B83F3E…)

>you literally sound unhinged
I am

No. 1455474

>Because Asperger's syndrome is now diagnosed as a form of autism spectrum disorder.

No. 1455475


No. 1455476

Putin is a literal tyrant anon. Are you saying Ukranian or Russian men could somehow have stopped him because they share genitals?

No. 1455477

Good post. That said, please let's not start this shit again. For anyone interested, here is a very informative book with more info on rape in war and in general: https://www.academia.edu/5832605/Against_our_will_men_women_and_rape_blackatk

No. 1455478

Sounds made up

Well, I appreciate the honesty.

No. 1455479

File: 1646211233202.png (106.19 KB, 499x281, 1646210048291.png)

No. 1455482

Putin is one man, enough men choose to do what he says. Say everyone in the army just decided fuck it, I'm not going, it wouldn't happen.

No. 1455483

Inb4 oh no they would be sent to the gulag, no, who would send them to the gulag if everyone was against Putin?

No. 1455487

No, I am not autistic

I dont think you understand how armies work. Disobedience means you get court martialed and probably executed, especially during war time. These guys are literally offered no real alternative.

No. 1455488

"The state" aka the government is one arm of the patriarchal establishment. How often does it conscript males for literal, life threatening battle? And how often are women propagandized to be subservient to men? Hint it's all the time, it's especially bad in eastern Europe.

Btw men have to be conscripted because they're selfish hedonists who, like i said, whine and complain about mistreatment over every small thing. It's harder to propagandize men to die in a war than it is to propagandize women to have no self esteem and pledge herself to an XY parasite.

No. 1455489

I don't think you understand how image boards work. Please make a twitter account to go scream into the void about the nasty woman not feeling bad for abusive men.

No. 1455490

It's def a tranny.

No. 1455491

I absolutely agree with your first paragraph. I absolutely abhor your second. Men are not hedonists for not wanting to be enslaved and murdered, wtf is wrong with you?

I have been on imageboards for years and I hate twitter.

No. 1455495

File: 1646212335841.png (397.59 KB, 583x530, mark on butt from lewd twitch …)

okay so with the NSFW work bathroom creeper pics collage from his old job that he got -assaulted- at. Which I can not yet confirm because all his old posts have been wiped from December and back.

From what I can gather he was running a semi lewd tranny twitch stream at the time and was using his twitter as a NSFW account for validation/sexual gratification/and to pander to his twitch audience presumably.

In one of the pics you can see the CUTE marker mark on his arse from the twitch stream the night before.

I had managed to screen cap this one because I wanted to reference it back to this but never got around to it.

But all traces of his old twitch are gone now I'm afraid.

No. 1455496

you're purposely missing the point

No. 1455497

you again? go away sperg

No. 1455499

They support the patriarchy to benefit them but refuse to uphold their end of the bargain. "Sent to die", honestly, it's an exaggeration. More wives are murdered by men, most often their husbands, and yet we rarely if ever tell women this truth. It's all about true love and family. Instead of telling men they're at risk of death, why not say they are just loving their nation??

If men need to wage war to keep their patriarchy going that's their fault. All the men crying how they don't want to go to war are the same who watch abuse porn, harass women, and expect a woman to sacrifice her life in service of him.

Your issue is that you don't think men are hypocritical, and self serving. They only care about suffering when it applies to them.

No. 1455502

How am I missing the point? I am not antagonizing you, I legit find the position you present reprehensible.

Not sure why you use sperg as an insult

No. 1455503

Imagine being the ex wife of this fucker and seeing him do this shit

No. 1455504

i'm calling you a sperg because you are a sperg

No. 1455505

Middle eastern moids literally flee from their countries if they are in any sort of danger or are.called to defend their nation, while the taliban (other men) strip away all rights for women and turn 12yo girls into sex slaves. They are self serving cowards and you should never listen to them crying about how being forced to fight for their own shit is oppression.

These are the poor men you're defending. These hypocritical, evil, whining bastards.

No. 1455506

It’s never been necessary to have the same amount of men and women for monogamous reproduction. There’s always more unmarried men left over than women and a lot of fighting aged men these days would be terrible partners/parents anyway. Lesbians have more rights and freedoms than after the previous wars, so they’ll be raising new families too (unlike gay men who can only adopt). The only men in the ‘keep them around to breed’ argument are straight, non-degenerate, non-trannies in their 20’s and aren’t male young people are more common than females in general so it’s a population that’ll quickly regenerate itself. Basically, there are enough men hanging around that women don’t need to be drafted and most of them will come back anyway.

No. 1455507

Anon, the state does not force us to marry men but it forces men to serve in the army. Also I am not saying that many men are not hypocritical or outright assholes. i am saying we dont know who the men drafted are. They could be these men or men that love their gfs and are good and moral. Fhat is my problem.

No. 1455510

Anon, I am talking abou Europe here. And the Ukrainian men I saw trying to cross the borders came with their families, not alone like the Afghans.
There is nothing wrong with being a sperg

No. 1455511

The average man isn’t a good person so it doesn’t matter. “Guys that love their gf” are also misogynists that contribute to the net negative effect of men in society.

No. 1455513

Anon, reducing people in the way you are describing legit makes my stomach shiver. Even the men that are degenarates are still people. They shouldnt be treated in that way because they will regenerate eventually, that is looking at people like numbers instead of human beings.

No. 1455514

Middle Eastern moids are absolutely lower than shit and good for nothing.

No. 1455515

I should cry for men, who uphold and benefit the patriarchy, when they are seldomly asked to go to boot camp and press a button to drone strike a random field because there might be some uwu softboys in the mix?

Sorry, your arguments are pedantic, annoying, and disruptive to any meaningful discussion. If I wanted "not all" and whataboutism I'd browse reddit.

No. 1455516

>I'm literally crying right now.

No. 1455518

What a pathetic post. Just kill yourself.

No. 1455519

You are disgusting for humanizing creatures that don't deserve your pity. You and people like you prolong suffering because you care more about coddling perpetrators over their victims. You are absolutely vile. If more men were punished, hell, even just IGNORED instead of pitied, less innocent people would suffer needlessly.

No. 1455520

Now anon we'll ree we are mean for laughing at her pathetic 'reee, what about the men' posting. Should really just make a twitter.

No. 1455521

Kek, this is an imageboard. 8 hours exactly. Really did just go to bed, not recover from their retardation.

No. 1455522

You literally just hate men anon, you are not arguing in good faith

You are calling out my arguments when you are enaging in the generalization of billion of people. You should be able to see the irony.

Is it so weird to have emotions?

I am just honest, not pathetic.

No. 1455523

File: 1646214077279.png (614.12 KB, 1130x1358, donate i'm poor.png)

so anyway that old job at the ice cream parlor ended around thanksgiving time, so end of November presumably.

The validation from the twitch steaming and what not fueled his lewd behavior cause it evolved into running an only fans account around October 13th. And I've looked into the other people that have started Only fans account in his group starting times and his pre-dates it. So it is quite possible he is the troon that has groomed the rest of them into thinking only fans is a great idea. So I guess my "32 old pervert tranny grooming the early 20's TIMs and TIF" senses was correct.

So when he stopped working at the job he was assaulted at he set him self up a lovely go fund me and managed to milk a bit of money out of it. And he had so much trouble getting unemployment apparently because he wasn't listed as terminated at his old work place when he left, so its quite possible he walked out on the job imo.

And as for the assault thing as I can recall I vaguely remember him mentioning something about being assaulted outside of a place in his older posts but I skimmed it at the time so I can't remember if it was work place related or just another "hate-crime" he tends to bring up on and off. And its gone now so I can't say for sure.

No. 1455524

File: 1646214206193.gif (3.18 MB, 498x275, 7197D64C-626E-42B2-B520-FEF3B7…)

>yOuRe mAkInG mY sToMaCh ShIvEr

No. 1455525

Most men who go to war, who are actually on the front lines, rape the native women and visit prostitutes. Governments literally have to pay for prostitutes otherwise these moids would rape even more unrelated innocent women and children.

I do not feel bad for conscripted moids. They want us to cry if they are ever hurt but if they ever get the upper hand they'll start raping.

No. 1455526

What perpetrators? None of us have any clue about who these men even are. You are calling them perpetrators simply because they are men, how does your mind even work?

I will never go to twitter

I dont care if it is an imageboard, i call out robots on their misogyny on their imageboard too.(derailing)

No. 1455527

>you literally just hate men anon

No. 1455528

>Feel bad for the sex who causes a surge in search results for Ukrainian women across porn sites in hope of finding russian soldier rape videos.
>Not arguing in good faith.
>For not agreeing with me.

No. 1455529

I hope most of them die out, and then we can control the remaining males the way they deserve and make them an underclass of workers

No. 1455530

File: 1646214358819.png (46.31 KB, 597x413, evil ex.png)

thought you might enjoy this then. she made sure to rub it in how much of a dirt bag moid he is at court it looks like.

No. 1455532

File: 1646214408089.png (456.84 KB, 500x500, MuhGoodBoys.png)

As if there is anything wrong with that. Arrogant anon rees we do not agree with her kek.

No. 1455533

File: 1646214415640.jpeg (1.33 MB, 2137x3273, 9A719B27-9C46-4A2C-8D6D-A72704…)

everyone point and laugh at the man who thinks he and troons alike look like women because real women are too considerate and kind to misgender them irl even though anyone paying enough attention would be suspicious

No. 1455534

File: 1646214479109.png (504.85 KB, 1042x1042, transparent.png)

i'm no artist but i did my best

based on several true stories

No. 1455535

The frustrating thing about explaining socialization to men, is that, as the saying goes, one can't see the doors that are open.

My brother and I are a year apart in age. Our parents considered themselves very progressive. We were raised with feminist ideals in mind. Guess which two of the four of us washed the dishes.
My brother and I are adults now. He hates misogynist men and has no loyalty to men in general. He doesn't conform to gender roles. When he and his girlfriend come to visit me, or I them, guess which two of the three of us wash the dishes.

I love him, but he, like all men, was raised to take advantage of women's labor, and he is blind to it. If I asked him to do chores, it's likely that he would, but never without being asked if there was a woman around to do it for him.
There are millions of things that girls are trained to do–cooking, cleaning, showing compassion, giving comfort/encouragement, remembering preferences, mediating conflict, arranging dates, nursing the sick, child rearing, etc–and there are millions of things boys are trained to do, including devaluing and ignoring the work of the women they love. We are aware of what they do. They can't see what we do.

I'm really concerned that girls are now being taught they're not allowed to acknowledge this.

No. 1455536

>you're the same person you were before

why does this give me "i used to be a predator but now i'm trans so you shouldn't be allowed to point it out reeee" vibes

No. 1455537

You are not arguing in good faith because you already hate men. So you just dont care about them. Some disgusting men on porn sites are not representative of billions.

I cant help with that, sorry that your experiences with them were terrible, but this is not sth that justifies your generalizations and hate. I understand that you need to vent, but dont do it in relation to damn conscripts!

No. 1455538

Men are so open and honest about the overwhelming amount of them being rapemonkeys but you're crying over the "not all" softboys like they're dome sacred golden eggs who can't have a hair on their head harmed.

No. 1455539

Just don't wash the dishes then anon kek
Tell your moid relatives to do it, you're an adult

No. 1455540

Seething across the image board doesn't change peoples minds that you're wrong. This isn't an argument, it's literally fact.

No. 1455541


She should come here to look at how much people love him uwu

No. 1455542

There are more men jerking off to teen girls being raped on camera than there are cute softboys who buy their wives flowers and write poetry.

No. 1455543

I hope all your male relatives die

No. 1455544

Kek, an example of anons not being allowed to acknowledge it is in this thread right now. Very apt.

No. 1455545

File: 1646214761576.gif (82.38 KB, 319x240, tumblr_ogvb7thAu01uajvwdo1_400…)

where are the jannies when they're needed..

No. 1455547

blogging but i still remember the first time i found myself in the kitchen during a family gathering preparing meals and doing the dishes with the other women

meanwhile all the men (including my father and brother) were sitting in the living room watching television

i went from being a kid who played on the floor to being a woman doing "woman's work" in an instant

No. 1455548

Pick-mes are cancer. Literally going out to bat for men who, if they ever go to war, will rape women, all while saying "uhmmm sorry it sounds like you were abused by a man so like lol shut up that's your problem???"

Only humanizing moids. Us stupid irrational women don't deserve shitm

No. 1455549

Anon it's hard to believe you're female. Post your hand with today's date kek

No. 1455550

I hope that you will one day be freed of your hatred and be able to be happy

No way that is true, you just choose to believe it because it justifies your worldview.

I cant have a conversation then? I am not really seething, I am more dissappointed and saddened.

I care about good men and hate bad men. My stance is much better that everyone else in this thread who just blidnly hate every man.

No. 1455551

Why are there billions of men on disgusting porn sites then? Including child porn. Why don’t you go look at your ~ widdle bwovverrs ~ internet history and I guarantee you will see “painal with slutty older sister” and the girl will look just like you. Men are disgusting and deserve to die.

No. 1455552

File: 1646215197005.jpeg (65.5 KB, 665x599, 1F1987B8-8881-4853-9445-190098…)

>no way that’s true
Open your fucking eyes retard.

No. 1455553

File: 1646215216663.png (1.74 MB, 906x1702, dont let them hit you its not …)

on the predator note…

I was iffy about posting the 22 year old TIF he was grooming because she is pretty cringe and I feel a bit bad for her. He roughed her up quite a bit in the name of a lewd time and its super uncomfy. Loved bombed her hard as well but just recently it she seems like she has cut ties thou. Even removed the paw prints from her twitter hand that signified her being part of that pet play bdsm tranny group.

So maybe she smartened up about how it was unhinged as fuck to be passed around and roughed up by the trannies.

But in these photos you can see when they started driving up to meet each other and hang out and she started getting covered in giant bruises and started wearing a fucking collar.

No. 1455555

he definitely abused his ex-wife and is now angry that she's calling him a male

No. 1455556

>No way that's true
Do you like, never listen to men? Do you just assume all men are good people and women are irrational for ever questioning that?

No. 1455557

File: 1646215500772.jpg (860.12 KB, 2048x2051, woosh.jpg)

he's SO close to getting it

No. 1455558

File: 1646215669721.png (106.95 KB, 604x530, fetish related.png)

And a lot of the more dom related lewd posts he has made that I posted over here >>1455316 where in relation to her. Well they like to be called "it" which just speaks highly of her mental state.

And it seems jumping into the tranny deep end has made him a lot more open about his fetishes in general.

Admitting to partaking in consensual non consent and stating his favorite fetish ins BBLG dynamic or what ever its called where he gets to play the mommy/care giver and the people he fucks are role play as children I'm assuming. And all the wonderful tie ins with pedo bullshit that role play has.

Which makes sense a bit since all the targets of his affection have been people nearly a decade younger that him since the divorce.

No. 1455560

That picture of him creeping behind her with the dolls creepy asf he looks like an inbred albino chimpanzee that's been segregated for beating the other chimps to death. Not to mention taking pictures of your injured sleeping
child gf & posting it online as it a "cute vulnerable" moment ychromes die

No. 1455561

File: 1646215988465.jpg (417.51 KB, 4624x2604, IMG_20220302_120643.jpg)

Just so that you will stop calling me moid

Wth anon, I said that her personal experiences are clouding her judgement. I never dehumanized her, although she is dehumanizing all men.

I am not retarded.

No I know many men are bad people. I dont agree with the fact that because some of them are bad then men in general deserve the injustice of male only conscription.(no one cares)

No. 1455562

As I said, he would clean if I asked him to, but not if I didn't. We shouldn't have to tell men to clean up after themselves. Men are socialized to take women's work for granted.

I remember that too. I've heard variations of that story from women all over the world.

No. 1455563

what you don't understand is that your judgement of other's is worthless. no one cares. your opinion doesn't matter. go to reddit or any other site on the broader internet if you want to be hugboxed.

No. 1455564

"thousands of women are abused, raped, trafficked and murdered every day"
>b-but trans women are being denied access to baffrooms guise :^((
"millions of people have lost their jobs due to the pandemic"
>b-but trans women are affected way worse in the workforce :^(
"Ukraine is being invaded and black people are being disproportionally discriminated"
>b-but twans womyn cant leave:^((

it's always about them, every time any issue comes up they are most affected and deserving of attention. moid behavior all the way down.

No. 1455565

are you a 5 year old? why are your hands like that

No. 1455567

no one cares. "b-b-b-but you're being bad!!! that's not allowed!!!" fuck off you sperg.

No. 1455570

Looks like hands of an obese man

No. 1455571


No. 1455572

File: 1646216513217.png (418.27 KB, 592x513, questionable twitch stream.png)

oh I found another of his twitch stream reference screen caps. I just capped this cause i thought it was funny creepy he looked tbh

No. 1455573

what are those, baby eyebrows? they really emphasize his huge, masculine skull.

No. 1455574

Fat is why it is like that kek.

No. 1455575

If I wanted to be hugboxed I would not be here

There nothing wrong with my hands, they are normal

Yes you are being bad. I never said it is not allowed.

It is not about what she likes but about what she dislikes or in this case hates. It is like asking /pol/ about their opinion on black people, you wont get a thoufhtful anser but just hate.(newfag)

No. 1455576

Greece taking big L's kek.

No. 1455578

I am not fat, I am normal weight

No. 1455579

File: 1646216757436.jpg (39.03 KB, 498x441, e05.jpg)

No. 1455580

You wouldn't be caping for men if you knew the shit they say about ugly fatties like you. Kek. Defend them as much as you like, they'll still make fun of your fatass behind your back.

No. 1455581

>There nothing wrong with my hands, they are normal
Since when is obesity normalized? Are you american?

No. 1455582

How old are you?
I haven't been keeping up with the conversation, but I just want to let you know that in case you don't know, the culture on image boards is purposefully mean spirited for fun. If you start feeling hurt, please take a break and try to remind yourself that no one knows who you are, and so no one was attacking you personally.

Unfortunately, the world is not a good place for women. Men do unspeakable things to us. The majority of the worst crimes are committed by men, and the majority of men consume violent pornography.
I know it's hard to hear people say that men are monsters when some of the people you love are men, but try to think of it this way: If someone says "all men are bad", and the men you love are good, then they're not the ones being discussed.

No. 1455583

I am not ugly or fat! And the men in my life love and appreciate me.

I am 19. I know how people on imageboards are and I guess I spend too much time trying to talk, ADHD makes me hyperfocus.
I know many men are terrible human beings who should be jailed for life, my issue is with so many anons here justifying male only conscription on that basis. The men I love will be included in that! They will have to pay for what other men according to the anons here even though they are nothing like these men.(ban-evading sperg)

No. 1455585

you just came here to act self-righteous. nothing you are doing right now in this thread matters. no ones mind is changed because the opinions expressed in this thread is a culmination of a lifetime of dealing with male bullshit, a male-focused society's bullshit. it was already agony to get here, to break the chains of female socialization. and now you are trying everything you can think of to force people back into how -you- view male and female relations and how the world works so that you can go back to feeling comfortable. it's not enough that 95% of the world values men the way you do, you must have 100%. your autistic need to dominate others and control how they feel and think is not only unwanted, but very male. that is why you are being accused of being one, or a tranny. no one is shamed or guilted by the things you say. we are all laughing at you, and how you have the self-awareness, low emotional intelligence, and the rigidity of a male. i'd feel sorry for you if i actually thought you were female and not some sperg troll.

No. 1455586

so? when did you get diagnosed?

No. 1455588

greece has been taking nothing but L's since 2009 kek

No. 1455600

Ew you have fat hands

No. 1455604

File: 1646221604280.png (357.84 KB, 1672x1216, angry autistic moid who does n…)

okay and I'm about done. It was funny reading thru his twitter. thank you for the recommendation nonnies.

To wrap up.

He also checks the autistic angry sperg stereotype, and honestly has many cases of not passing as good as he thinks he does he mentions. So there is a bit of a disconnect there, but when isn't there with troons honestly?

Also he really likes mentioning knifes.

I hope it was milky nonnies and you enjoyed it as much as I did.

No. 1455605

Wow this is wild. Why does she talk like she’s a mtf? I went to check out her account and a lot of her tweets are about her dick or how she used to a be boy etc, what on earth is the reason behind that?

No. 1455607

File: 1646222238969.jpg (35.32 KB, 720x620, 1639131804096.jpg)

based nonny

No. 1455608

Why the fuck do these remind me of a certain ukranian boy who got banned on lolcow and who has a sister? He is still banned on lolcow as of now and seems to thrive on some other
tranny hating platform. Something is eerily similar, is he an oddity?

No. 1455610

Samefag here
I have records of his name from a deleted thread

No. 1455616

I know hence why I said it's kinda cringe. But I'm clocking her has a female.

She seems pretty determined to not stick to a real label as such. Which is why she prefers being called "it" most of the time I guess.

And the larping as a mtf started when she started orbiting riley I believe or when kairi started sliding into those dm's regularly after she simped for him too.

Further back in her post history she started off just alluding to she is male and drinking beer in the shower is "gender reaffirming". It really seems like a wanna be edgy and special mental illness at the most than proper trans shit since she cant stick to her identity shit properly.

No. 1455621

Who exactly?

No. 1455624

Y⬛⬛⬛ L⬛⬛⬛⬛, fled to Kiwifarms, with presence prior to 2022 expunged. Shame he can't be made a cow here. Sage for reply

No. 1455627

cont. samefag
He seriously needs to be a cow ever since complainbragging about being banned from lolcow and how much he "left ukraine for good" (hint: He still expresses the need to miss the country, currently in some western country not russia) from time to time. Don't ask me for his instagram records, I deleted it long ago.

No. 1455628

literally who

No. 1455630

I love you, nonnie, don’t pay attention to the other nonnie, marry me instead.

No. 1455631

See personal lolcow #3

No. 1455635

Lol why didn’t he just keep his “deadname” if his name is actually Ashley? I’ll never understand that logic lol.

No. 1455638

wait so does he is larping as his own sister? wtf, why

No. 1455639

It is very unlikely that is his larp. We spit on moids here all the time including our brothers

No. 1455645

Pardon, his old trans name was Ashley. I knew him when he was a man and had his deadname.

Can confirm that he hangs out with people younger than him though. He was hanging out with high schoolers when he was 4 years older back in the day. It seems his behavior hasn’t changed much since then.

His Instagram is the same handle as his twitter and also entertaining.

No. 1455651


Ashley is still his current official name tbf. He changed his online name shortly before he got his new job, me thinks to try and create some plausible deniability possibley? or just make it harder his to find his twitter out right since he was originally going by his current legal name.
dumb fuck posted his name change documents as well.

His dead name does start with the same letter which is cute.

No. 1455656

File: 1646229144195.jpeg (906.8 KB, 1089x1252, 4AED8BC4-BA93-4199-87D0-88C338…)

No. 1455660

File: 1646229596196.jpg (275.34 KB, 1080x1397, Screenshot_20220303-005638_Ins…)

if you guys care enough to squint you can read his dead name in its full glory here.

No. 1455665

What disgusting bullshit.
I’m >>1455506 and >>1455511 not >>1455527 who did nothing wrong.
I wasn’t arguing in bad faith. The absolute hilarity of a teenaged handmaiden with a cognitive disability accusing me of having impaired judgement. Which of my life experiences are you aware of? Everything I said was totally reasonable. When will misogynists like you stop with the “bad experience” dismissal. You know nothing about me and it seems you hate women more than you like men.

Common sense would tell you that someone treating you well doesn’t automatically make them a good person. You want to paint us as narrow minded etc when you’re doing the exact same thing and can’t even look at the people around you objectively. You don’t know what a ‘good man’ even is.

If in your own words, modern warfare is just long distance killing, the people at elevated risk are female soldiers and civilians. Male conscripted soldiers are worse people than women, so why would you play Russian roulette with everybody? You are biased in favour of your brother and would sacrifice good people in his place so you actually cannot claim any higher moral standing. The draft was created by men and the military is worse for women, so it’s literally you who is arguing in bad faith under the guise of being a caring big sister.

Another anon said it and it’s true your precious brother wouldn’t go online to argue with other men in your favour over anything, ask him. I’m also not dehumanising anyone. You brought up populations and I pointed out that humanity doesn’t need that many adult men.

No. 1455668

norway anon?

No. 1455670

File: 1646230466586.jpeg (320.87 KB, 1046x1910, EzlUq0BUYAAA4uy.jpeg)

i have no words

No. 1455672

File: 1646230664663.png (5.49 MB, 2048x1536, miod.png)

I personally like this one the best

No. 1455673

he had three names or its just my poor vision? an english one, a spanish one and a idiom-neutral one? the final boss of chicanos

No. 1455675

This was a choice

No. 1455677

File: 1646231081779.jpeg (467.1 KB, 1209x2208, 19E4E144-758B-4CB7-95D0-73DDB7…)

More accurate version.

No. 1455678

one first name, two middle names and a last name that matches up with the go fund me posted earlier. >>1455523

I can't make out the second name tbh.

But from what I can see it says Andrew __can't read__ Victor Carrera

No. 1455681

Holy forehead wrinkles. Is he undead or something? He's shrivelled

No. 1455683


No. 1455699

My friend sent this to me once and said it was relatable. I'm scared.

No. 1455700

File: 1646233112105.jpg (44.34 KB, 710x517, 1507100180577.jpg)

Or maybe the mad doctors mutilating innocent people and CHILDREN in the Research Hall is a better troon allegory than the bs he's spouting in that tweet.

No. 1455728

No. 1455730

I can't stop thinking about this, what the fuck does he MEAN? "Animals have pussies therefore terves evil unga bunga" How is this a gotcha?

No. 1455735

Omg why are these guys ALWAYS married before they troon? At least this one doesn't have kids

No. 1455743

File: 1646236735426.jpg (113.16 KB, 413x395, 1644569171839.jpg)

>he looks like an inbred albino chimpanzee that's been segregated for beating the other chimps to death

No. 1455756

this exact ask is part of "the mental load" that women undergo in their relationships with men (romantic, familial, whatever). it's like telling women to take on a managerial role in addition to whatever physical labor they're doing - moids won't be asked once and suddenly devise their own housework schedule. feminists have spoken about this aspect of women's labor before, and men weaponize their supposed "incompetence" (inability to 'remember' when dishes need to be done) to exhaust or annoy women into just doing the work themselves

No. 1455765

She's not his mom. Why do we have to ask moids to act like adults

No. 1455767

Yeah, don't ask, tell. Of course nobody is going to do work if someone else volunteers.(derailing)

No. 1455771

and yet women take care of everything without being told

No. 1455774

Be my guest if you want to do all the chores, nobody is stopping you.

No. 1455789

or maybe they could act like adults and clean up after themselves without being told you retard(derailing)

No. 1455794

this is just a fat man's hand what??

No. 1455802

File: 1646240880799.png (2.06 MB, 1080x1533, Screenshot_20220226-231424.png)

The look on his daughters face as she has to be photographed next to her pervert dad in a mini dress.. She knows all her friends at school will see this shit.

No. 1455803

Trannyshit aside, posting your own daughter to reddit is inhumane.

No. 1455805

This probably turned him on tremendously, sadly. He's probably asking himself "Shucks, am I hotter than my daughter?" Why in the fuck did he take this picture, post like this, with the ugly ass hair and lipstick, and think this was okay. His daughter is traumatized.

No. 1455808

File: 1646241328982.jpg (49.19 KB, 400x400, CX2ToUm0_400x400.jpg)

39 years old.

No. 1455810

File: 1646241368883.jpg (124.71 KB, 768x768, 9r75szjtrx681.jpg)

*40 years old. Also. Went from looking like an absolute beta moid to an absolute beta moid with shitty makeup.

No. 1455813

File: 1646241433765.jpeg (361.2 KB, 1170x1116, 0E8F26C7-49B7-4C23-84F9-49BF1A…)

have they never heard of… talk therapy?
mentally ill children should be going to therapy not medically experimented on

No. 1455816

She looks like she's about to cry

No. 1455826

>then kill us for not passing
>especially cis women

how many women have killed trannies? how many men? yet it's 'especially' cis women.

>y'all love seeing the girls struggle to feel safe and beautiful

they are such perpetual victims oh my god

No. 1455828

I'd be so fucking scared if my dad trooned out. I know this sounds horrible but I'd deadass just tell CPS he jacks off in my clothes in front of me or some shit because I can imagine that girls dad has BEEN invading her privacy and tryna break her boundaries. God it's already bad that alot of girls' mothers will try to compete with them but now girls gotta worry about their dads being envious degenerate psychopaths as well.

No. 1455830

but I'd deadass just tell CPS he jacks off in my clothes in front of me or some shit
I hate troons too, but that's just wrong.

No. 1455832

Lol doesn't war make the nEuRotYpIcAlS develop PTSD? War is bad for everybody's mental health retard

No. 1455834

File: 1646242327651.jpg (209.39 KB, 1280x853, uwutroon.jpg)

i have no words for this male creature i just found

No. 1455836

>native population
greeks are all so racist

No. 1455837

File: 1646242605697.png (14.87 KB, 601x124, 43254354534543.PNG)

No. 1455838

wow, how inventive.

No. 1455841

>Southern Euros are racist
Next you'll be telling us the sky is blue anon. Southerners are racist to people from neighbouring villages.

No. 1455843

>dykes of all genders
as a butch this makes me fucking seethe. agps honestly are erasing (sorry to use a wokie word) what we go through for the "crime" of doing nothing with our hair, not wearing makeup, and wearing the world's plainest, covering up clothes. they spend their lives receiving special treatment for the very thing that makes us broke and shunned.

No. 1455846

File: 1646243030179.jpg (558.92 KB, 1598x2048, FMteL9tVcAIGPiC.jpg)

stop responding to the greek sperg and post more hideous trannies please

No. 1455847

What the fuck is going on with his legs.

No. 1455849

File: 1646243167652.png (443.77 KB, 445x593, gm6qyn04vwk81.png)

good thing i just browsed through reddit

No. 1455854

His outfit gives me low-budget porn. Much like Shatna

No. 1455856

this is legit awful. Even a woman dressing and posing like this with her daughter would be pathetic. The fact this is a fully grown male, god damn they are fucking selfish to their cores. Also love the way he shooped the shit out of his face.

No. 1455863

Looks like a bloated corpse. The greasy hair and sweaty red fat face, disgusting.

No. 1455864

File: 1646243820047.png (87.05 KB, 1212x524, Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 12.5…)

No. 1455866

It does feel like we're just being reduced to body parts, moreso than ever, it's completely dehumanising. I booked a cervical smear the other day and it read 'people with cervixes' on the website. Yes, obviously it's for people with cervixes, it's a cervical smear. The word your looking for is women.

How many more posts will they make on Reddit asking this question? A quick google will tell you the classic 'I get so euphoric I pop a boner when I put on a dress, I'm worried this is a just fetish am I not actually trans?' has been asked tens if not hundreds of times.

No. 1455870

Might just be because they're all gigacoomers and they've wanked so hard and so much that they did it to themselves. I looked up the Wikipedia page on this disease and it said "it is likely due to a buildup of plaque inside the penis due to repeated mild sexual trauma or injury during sexual intercourse or physical activity."
> mild sexual trauma or injury during [nonstop wank sessions]
The scrotes who edit Wikipedia don't want to admit they're doing this to themselves lmao.

No. 1455875

For a cervical smear!? “People with cervix’s” disgusting.

It makes me feel so reduced but also like I’m actually heading towards their wierd dystopian wank fodder of a breeding farm. Oh look Alex this one was born with a cervix, once the uwu bRaVe trans women have finished breastfeeding and cooming over it throw it back to the cervix peoples pen to be prepped ready for their breeding.

I hate that they’ve distorted our language so much to reduce us like this, I’m sure that doesn’t happen with mens health.

No. 1455881

Can we talk about how he cut his tshirt? what is that

No. 1455883

File: 1646246043210.png (3.51 MB, 1080x4476, uwuman.png)

I found this review on Amazon, and keked heartily when I clicked the full image and saw this man was shirtless.

No. 1455884

How is medicalisation supposed to lower their chance of suicide by 70% when the 40% statistic isn’t even based on a proper study? Is he pulling these numbers out of his ass or his inverted dickhole?

No. 1455885

They say they are women but never just live like an average real woman does. Most women have shit to do not just sit around looking like bad blow up dolls. Their minds are so pornified it’s crazy.

No. 1455897

He probably talks to her about his neo vagina. Where is her mom?

No. 1455898

Don't let the freaks wear you down nonny, I love you. Just being you unapologetically is the most revolutionary thing you can do. The fact that you are a woman without doing any of that EuPhOrIc "feminine" shit drives them mad. And if any fuckers tries to enforce the fucking roles on you, just play stupid and ask them to elaborate why they ask your pronouns or assume you are anything else but a woman.

t. tfw no butch gf

No. 1455899

Ew, his before pic. What woman would want to carry his children? Jesus

No. 1455907

File: 1646247449324.jpeg (162.6 KB, 828x1408, 51A5E49B-F173-419E-804F-43E0DF…)

God I feel so bad for kids with tranny fathers.

No. 1455910

LMAO huge uhhhh ovaries this girl has, respect

No. 1455911

It’s very sexist. There are all sorts of terms they want to replace woman with, like “uterus havers” or “cervix havers”. You never hear about “testicle havers” or “prostate havers” to refer to men though.
It’s because deep down these trannies know what parts belong to which sex, and calling them “prostate haver” would remind them that they are men.
It’s just plain hating and seething about women so they want to dehumanize them. There would probably be more of a stand against troons if institutions started calling any male services “for prostate havers”.

No. 1455918

We should call them prostate havers

No. 1455920

Pete Davidson trooned out?

No. 1455935

File: 1646249479598.png (488.92 KB, 594x506, 43456454564564.PNG)

Look at this fucking Troglodyte lmao.

No. 1455958

I'm thankful my friends have their heads screwed on. One friend's son, aged 4, insisted on being called Elsa and wearing his sister's Frozen wig and dress non stop for 2 weeks. Gender nothing, playing at being a character he liked that's all.

No. 1455964

This makes me insanely sad. I wish I could just adopt her and give her a normal life. Fuck that guy. Poor girl.

No. 1455967

petition to start calling hsts traggots

No. 1455975

I legitimately can't imagine what it would be like to have my middle-aged dad pose next to me wearing huge sparkly earrings and a comedically skimpy velvet dress striking an overtly sexy pose for a goddamn Christmas photo, even if it was her actual mother doing this it would be inappropriate. Shit like this fucks you up for life. I'm reminded of a mini-documentary I saw about a troon whose teenage daughter cut all ties with him after he became exactly like this and he was offended about it, absolutely zero concern for how traumatizing it is to his daughter to lose her father figure in a way like that.

No. 1456003

i'm sorry but i felt something when i looked at him and it wasn't disgust

No. 1456004

Less than a decade ago this wouldve been a funny meme like "oh haha this fat trucker guy reviews his daughter's toys on amazon" now youve got boomer coomers posting shit like this in complete sincerity and exhibitionistic compulsion

No. 1456011

File: 1646256589676.jpg (218.82 KB, 973x1574, 20220302_152224.jpg)

>now youve got boomer coomers posting shit like this in complete sincerity and exhibitionistic compulsion
Agreed - exhibitionism goes hand-in-hand with a sissy fetish.
>I actually forgot I was wearing them and went out shopping with them on without realizing it.
I zoomed in to laugh at the back hair I could see from the unexpanded image, and noticed a shitty blur tool was used (but only on the roots kek?) so he really put time and effort (relative to moids) into this particular image.

No. 1456013

>I totally forgot I was wearing these cat ears and went out in public wearing them, oopsy woopsy teehee!!!!

No. 1456017

The same sex-based differences that make men better at sport also make them better at active combat. You can’t pick and choose when men are faster, stronger, and have better stamina.

No. 1456020

File: 1646257016595.jpeg (1.16 MB, 960x1369, 1E77FCF2-4B44-4891-925F-DA0B7C…)

I found the second pic on his instagram. God he’s such a narc.

No. 1456021

File: 1646257068430.jpeg (898.5 KB, 960x1333, 57838226-D20C-424E-AB91-9B5E4E…)

He’s got no sex appeal at all. Look at those fucking frog legs.

No. 1456032

100% roadkill

No. 1456033

I don't think incels would attack one of their own like he's saying they would. Troons are such insane liars it's astounding they even got so far but that's male privilege for you.

No. 1456048

File: 1646258892116.jpg (124.56 KB, 828x1472, FLZ_7AWWQAQIDvP.jpg)

He rarely post his picture without snow filters, I can see he's trying too hard beneath that mask. Also he's tall af
(sage bc not milk)

No. 1456050

File: 1646259320118.png (314.11 KB, 601x397, bathroom update.png)

It's a bright new day and our boy is driving about after his night binge on some drug or other. Of course he doesn't believe in keeping his hands on the steering wheel while he films himself driving down the highway.

His personal safety and the safety of others have never been a concern for him I guess.

>tried to get video from rest stop.
>turns out you can't get videos from in the bathroom?! (duh)
>went to police for realsies this time guys.
>they said since I took so long to report and it was just my word against her's and of course my striking evidence I took of my face in the car, the most she can get is a probation.
>which is fine I guess, ~I don't want to ruin her life or anything~.

I hope the cops take one look at the shitty photo he took and calls him out on his bullshit.

No. 1456054

File: 1646259717166.png (1.19 MB, 1300x799, image_2022-03-02_172200.png)

This is hilariously unsexy, Holy shit.

No. 1456055

I kind of agree. But people use the word incel very loosely nowadays so i am assuming his "harassment" was coming from pol types calling him out on his bullshit.

No. 1456058

non tranny incels don't see tranny incels as their own at all

No. 1456060

Men did that in the past somewhat. They'll just abuse us both. Scrotes will always scrote nona.

No. 1456065

Men in my life love me too, and many anons in this thread have men they love. Who cares. You just don't cape for men here. I disagree on a lot of extreme feminism here (aborting male babies for their sex), but the best thing to do is IGNORE IT. Be mindful of where you are. Despite it being hateful it has its place; it allows women to rage and vent. We've been fucked over too long by sheer hatred because of our sex, the reverse commentary by women in a patriarchal society is pure cope. Women know it's a shit deal being a woman in the most liberal of societies and some hateful comments aren't going to change anything. Women aren't psycho moids full of sexual entitlement that we'd go out with these ideas and hurt men. Frankly, it's men forcing men to stay behind and fight. It's their own mess. The argument started because of the sheer entitlement of trans women. There are plenty of mentally ill men, men who need to help their wives and children stay safe while traveling miles alone getting to safety. Being trans isn't more serious than other mental illness that's being ignored. He's not fucking special for giving in to a fetish. Certainly not more special than men who suffer from a variety of disorders who should be there with their families. Women aren't going to benefit when they're solely responsible for several children, suffering blistering cold as a refugee and vulnerable. Troons have less reason to leave than many men. We're especially hateful now because this stems from King Moid, Putin, his megalomania and small dick energy that's exclusive to men. Leave this thread and go find something on /b/. Trans women will get treated exactly like every other mentally ill man.

No. 1456077

Moids need to realize you actually have to wash your bangs alot, much more than the rest of your hair because it always touches your face. His bangs are so greasy its literally just 10 blue sticks. Or just use some dry shampoo, ANYTHING!

No. 1456083

cope seethe 41 etc

No. 1456085

File: 1646261857843.jpg (109.25 KB, 943x641, 20220302_165723.jpg)

that was a quick delete kek

No. 1456086

KEK go back to drawing your pedo porn scrotoid

No. 1456088

I'm sure this is an actual woman which is even worse.

No. 1456089


No. 1456091

Did you selfpost your retarded rant or why the fuck did you find this place to whiteknight your XY ass so fast? Anyway dilate

No. 1456093

KEK what a pathetic retard. He's really trying to convince people of this lie. That's narcs for you.

No. 1456095

Oh wow, this psycho showed up? I've never seen someone lie, cope, and seethe so much in such a short time.

No. 1456100

aw hi!

You should really work on cleaning up your internet presence, most girls that do online sex work can attest to it being unsafe how much shit you put public.

I would advise setting up separate SFW and NSFW twitters and not posting your day to day stuff along side NSFW stuff at the VERY least.

And don't post views from your home windows or work windows if you have such a large online presence, cause they can be doxxed tbh. Hell some people don't even comment on their home city for that reason but that's up to you. Oh and a big tip DON'T POST LEWDS IN YOUR WORK UNIFORM YOU DOOFUS.

Please if you wanna larp as a girl at least try and practice some common sense safety techniques most woman incorporate in their day to day lives.

No. 1456103

File: 1646262812836.png (458.29 KB, 599x484, hgsdf.png)

So what was the name of the alt girl you fell in love with in high school and never got over obsessing about?

>Please if you wanna larp as a girl at least try and practice some common sense safety techniques most woman incorporate in their day to day lives.
He's a man, he doesn't have to think about this shit in a world fully catering to his needs.

No. 1456104

Anon why are you telling him this? He should continue being a freak in public so he can be unemployed indefinitely. Trannies do not deserve jobs if they're that insane and brain damaged from porn.

No. 1456105

lol dilate and stop lying about which picture got you fired >>1453882

No. 1456111

I'm a dimwit, what does CNC stand for in this context?

No. 1456112

File: 1646263102039.png (16.25 KB, 849x562, 1640084193840.png)

I bet someone linked the thread for him. Twansphoobia twiggews them so much, but they cannot help but read what people say about them, the narcissists they are.

If the blue haired coomer scrote is here know this - here we are anonymous, so we can say exactly what we think about you. The people around you smile and nod, but inside they see the exact same things we see. They are just afraid of losing face and their reputation to the mentally ill mob you belong to. Trust me. I know trans people in real life and online, and act like they are my fucking friends. But behind your backs people exchange looks. People cannot handle being around you (except other scrotes when they want their nuts empty), they are tired of walking on egg shells. It's fucking exhausting interacting with people like you.

That is why you cannot keep a job, friends, anything. Only people that accepts you is other mentally ill fetishists. Well, being like a normal functional person who does not take identifying tranny dick pics in their fucking WORKPLACE on COMPANY TIME would help with the job stuff.

No. 1456113

Hey tranoid, if you're still around you looked better as an unwashed nerdy man than you do as a tranny. Please consider getting therapy and stop LARPing as a woman.

No. 1456115

consensual non consent (ie rape roleplay)

No. 1456116

its when they pretend to rape you

No. 1456119

Does anyone know why I INSTANTLY clock a troon? like even on the smallest twitter avatar at the quickest glance my brain says, "THATS A MAN" but like, why? even despite them getting all kinds of surgeries. what's my brain seeing that i can't verbalise!?

No. 1456120

Pattern recognition that has evolved over hundreds of thousands of years. Especially if you're female, for obvious reasons.

No. 1456122

File: 1646263957571.jpg (166.21 KB, 960x951, tumblr_77523c333dc2fa325a9c15a…)

You must have ascended to a higher level of terfie conciousness than ever thought possible! Good job nonny!

But for real, what >>1456120 said. Be careful though - being hyper-vigilant of troonies quickly evolves into some weird toxic tradthot shit where any "non-feminine" aspect of a woman is bad

No. 1456126

It’s okay, nonnie, you can always date a tranny, just remember to duck when he tries to hit you with his bloodied dilator.

No. 1456130

Holding a facemask, so presumbly during the last 2 years. Is he relatively recently "out" then? And already the historionics and abusive behaviour are off the scale.

No. 1456131

Isn't that pic taken out in the common area of the bathroom where someone could walk in at any time?

No. 1456132

The poster is spergy, but that just looks like a small woman's hand. No hair, bit chubby. Nothing to write home about.

No. 1456133

No. 1456140

File: 1646264981960.jpg (30.45 KB, 197x738, double kek.jpg)

I thought the same thing kek

No. 1456143

Nonas… I'm so fucking tired

No. 1456149

>how's a girl look?

MAN looks like Tammy Slaton lost 200lb

No. 1456151

Well we have the Tranch, so why not?

No. 1456152

This is why men make terrible women, especially when they refuse to take advice or just read some fucking internet sites. Most women by adulthood know they can't just wear any outfit made for women in general because our bodies are all different shapes and sizes and different fits and cut flatter different people. This dude doesn't realise spaghetti straps are only making him look far more masculine. Also that "mothers" don't dress like cheap hookers on Christmas.

No. 1456158

oh hell no

No. 1456159

the waves of autism wafting off the profile pic

No. 1456161

facial structure for the most part. head and eye size are huge giveaways for sex. to a lesser extent there's forehead and jaw shape.

No. 1456165

File: 1646268889850.jpg (58.04 KB, 620x465, it's a fetish.jpg)

I know, nonny, I know.

No. 1456174

Even if a man managed to look like a woman, they're too retarded to know how to style themselves or pose like women

No. 1456185

I know this is the thing they always repeat but is that even true? Which trans kids killed themselves because they couldn't transition? Surely there would be news articles about this if it happened as often as they say

No. 1456201

that kid who threw himself in front of a truck and traumatized a poor person for life is the only one I can think of

No. 1456212

Leelah Alcorn was a gay kid raised by Christian parents who sent him to conversion camp and unironically told him it was better to be a woman than a gay man. I feel bad comparing them to AGPs

No. 1456226

i fucking knew the video thing didn't make any sense. what an absolute idiot. he said the video thing in the first place bc his stupid ass tweet trying to get attention blew up and he had to cover his ass. now it's "oh i don't wanna ruin her life!!" then why did you want the video, moron? he probably had a mental breakdown and scratched his own face and wanted someone to feel sorry for him.

No. 1456236

This guy deserves his own thread

No. 1456238

File: 1646273832073.jpg (533.2 KB, 1080x2062, tranny theory.jpg)

No. 1456239

Sage for tinfoil but I don’t think this video exists. If it did the police could get it if they wanted it, after all assault is a crime and one with video and physical evidence would be an easy shut case no?

Loony troony wanted attention, scratched up his own face and made up a story (like he did what? 20 days prior) about being attacked in a bathroom for asspats on Twitter. As soon as anyone calls into question his story he back peddles.

If this story and subsequent video existed, you could guarantee he’d blow it the fuck up on social media. He’d be on the phone to every new station in the world shilling his story, advancing his career and getting those oh so tasty asspats on the internet. He’d end up with a job as some trans advisory somewhere. When the court case came (because there would be one with a story blown so big and wide) you’d have every TRA in the country staging protests and calling for a harsher than normal sentencing. The woman would be doxed, loose her livelihood and maybe even access to her own children, her job opportunities ruined and a lengthy prison sentence.

So I don’t believe one word this opportunist has so say.

No. 1456251

why do all trannies do their eyeliner like this?

No. 1456252

Imagine having not just one set of nasolabial folds, but TWO. The state of moids lmao.

No. 1456253

NTA but yes, I agree. There is definitely no video, and if there was, it would be fake.

No. 1456254

File: 1646275180242.jpg (440.4 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20220302-213615_Tik…)

his whole account is milky material. I wish i could post some of his vids but for some reason i can't

No. 1456261

I think that out of all of these dudes, this one creeps me out the most. He tries so hard, but not quite hard enough to where people are blatantly put-off by him. He has mastered the 'art' of predatory infiltration of women/women's spaces. It's fucking scary and gross.