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File: 1647147599781.png (737.29 KB, 679x1039, mregg.png)

No. 1465945

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (MTF) snowflake behavior. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread; don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (not even ironically), etc. This is supposed to be a thread for MTF related milk, not a receptacle for autistic spergouts. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.

Do not respond to anything you suspect to be scrote bait or trannyposting. Report the post and move on.

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No. 1465951

File: 1647148174219.png (1.61 MB, 1162x1276, troon.png)

No. 1465959

He looks like he'd be a fan/friend of shayna clifford

No. 1465963

His face slightly reminds me of Corey Feldman

No. 1465969

File: 1647149303798.jpg (795.66 KB, 2316x3088, dc5ooa8391n81.jpg)

No. 1465970

Why do I browse these gc threads while getting ready for bed omg I’m going to have nightmares tonight

No. 1465971

File: 1647149421094.jpeg (124.14 KB, 828x1347, EA4B148C-BD22-4490-929E-43A6D6…)

so according to these scrotes the silly women who get hysterical~ over the actual misogyny they deal with their whole lives are so much worse than the pornsick freaks who fetishize misogyny without ever having to really experience it

No. 1465972

File: 1647149449556.jpeg (396.08 KB, 1169x1004, 802F0DDD-70BF-4C36-B144-00D738…)

No. 1465973

File: 1647149534474.jpeg (174.93 KB, 798x1110, CF528AEF-A791-4BB1-8790-8F4B1F…)

>beautiful Woman with deep voice = trans

Do men really…?

No. 1465974

File: 1647149585536.jpeg (770.44 KB, 1280x1753, FA81BAFF-B443-4735-8AA9-675C9C…)

My favorite agps are the degenerate ones that are too retarded to hide their fetish and peak people

No. 1465975

File: 1647149632478.jpeg (25.18 KB, 372x372, 28FB70AF-D143-4909-8A66-05B90B…)

No. 1465978

I didn't even notice honter was photoshoped in K E K

No. 1465979

just when i thought social repose couldn't get any worse

No. 1465980

File: 1647150055792.jpeg (170.44 KB, 828x912, 199178AB-1908-46D5-AB6C-C6C242…)

Isn’t it weird how they’re all pedophiles

No. 1465983

this just makes me feel violent

No. 1465984

is this photoshopped? human skulls are not supposed to be shaped like that. He looks like a cg, stylized male villain character

No. 1465985

This one goes out with his real mom like this wearing diapers and everything… I wonder what gender therapist convinced her this was better than her son 41%ing

No. 1465990

unbelievable. I cannot believe they say stuff like this for everyone to see and not only receive no criticism for it, but are then taken as experts on womanhood over actual women, who they then threaten violence to (again, uncriticized). More than anything else, this shows that no one really thinks of them as women, because women are never taken as seriously and without questioning. They receive the same level of unquestioned respect that men do. Because they are men. And everyone knows it.

No. 1465997

File: 1647151431410.png (424.29 KB, 492x614, Screen Shot 2022-03-13 at 1.03…)

No. 1465999

File: 1647151851187.jpeg (145.15 KB, 1440x1140, 9AF0AB3C-BABC-43BF-B35D-CB7784…)

No. 1466003

File: 1647152178856.png (971.97 KB, 844x584, Untitled - Copy.png)


No. 1466020

File: 1647153792413.png (294.69 KB, 751x639, b.png)

No. 1466026

File: 1647154312197.jpg (46.81 KB, 687x400, 1646514008201.jpg)

I'm going into a fucking coma

No. 1466037

File: 1647155011964.png (482.98 KB, 765x593, (@SnowfireTRS) _ Twitter.png)

the troonaucity

No. 1466039

File: 1647155174185.jpg (121.15 KB, 1125x911, FNrxOpvUYAc_dIW.jpg)

Guyz I totally look more like a woman than an actual woman

No. 1466040

puma here i come

No. 1466042

how can troons be this delusional? how?

it's like they have reverse body dysmorphia or something

No. 1466047

File: 1647155581102.jpg (471.04 KB, 1536x2048, FNrryInVUAEUftE.jpg)

his tranny boyriend

No. 1466048

File: 1647155694127.png (945.41 KB, 614x896, cope.png)

We can literally see your stubble and obvious wig dude, c'mon. lmao

so delicate and ~feminine~

No. 1466051

>reverse body dysmorphia
its called being a man

No. 1466053

Can’t see his hairline obviously because he’s wearing a poorly placed wig. Stupid male.

No. 1466054

Bad news anon, Adidas and Puma are owned by the same company. Need to look elsewhere.

No. 1466055

is underarmor safe? I just got some super cute headbands for jogging.

No. 1466058

File: 1647156900642.png (2.85 MB, 1628x1808, oh so female.png)


kek the delusion of these moids

No. 1466060

This is just marketing 101. They try to be inclusive just to sell more and attract consumers. I doubt adidas could care less about troons feelings, they just want their money lol.

No. 1466061

"Like any woman i need compliments to survive" goddamn these troons always prove to me sexist incels

No. 1466062

…Do trannies have the money to get sportswear or the will to even workout?…

No. 1466063

The fact that this mf got the audacity to say JK Rowling looks like a man when he got linebacker shoulders

No. 1466065

File: 1647157286991.jpg (14.66 KB, 400x266, jeff daniels.jpg)

Son, i am disappoint

No. 1466067

He looks like a fucking ogre

No. 1466068

File: 1647157352518.jpg (37.4 KB, 720x307, Screenshot_20220313-083953.jpg)

No. 1466071

Yall better use this as the next thread pic

No. 1466077

Old navy

>new found lesbianism
Ugh what a fucking creep

No. 1466080

Thread maker here. I did not use it because in the past I made a thread with a MTFs moobs in it (even censored it with a black bar!), and farmhands still spoilered it. Wasn't going to take the chance. Next thread maker be my guest.

No. 1466082

Spoilering honters tits will give him euphoria wtf is admin doing

No. 1466086

File: 1647160273790.png (107.25 KB, 2046x920, ciswomenwouldprojecttheirtraum…)

Ah yes, the only reason he wouldn't attend a women's domestic and sexual violence support group is that he's afraid "cis" women would project their trauma onto him. He wouldn't dare think about not attending out of basic respect and common decency, you know:

No. 1466088


No. 1466091

>that type of validation is crucial to my healing

and fuck the women who are just trying to find ONE place where they feel safe enough to talk about what they have been through, right?

No. 1466094

File: 1647162066160.jpg (1.56 MB, 2560x1920, jinkiesAGP.jpg)

This stunning womanly beauty has to be 6'5" at least. So dainty. Also no idea why he's writing fanfic about getting raped by men when he's a transbian, guess AGP pseudobisexuality is real.

No. 1466095

File: 1647162191421.jpeg (953.62 KB, 1242x1006, 58109CDC-2149-4508-94C2-088C5A…)

No. 1466096

Holy shit he's absolutely MASSIVE. And those fucking moobs ewww

No. 1466097

When the fuck will trannies know they don't have impostor syndrome, they ARE impostors.

No. 1466098

File: 1647162560291.jpg (652.38 KB, 810x1774, Screenshot_20220313-045745_Boo…)

Anyone else old enough to remember when this kind of behavior was accurately described as transvestism?:

No. 1466099

File: 1647162706940.jpg (533.76 KB, 1536x2048, 20220313_110905.jpg)

Just lesbian girlfriend things teehee.

No. 1466100

I can’t stop laughing at these faggots. The size of those hands CHRIST! And he thinks that he looks more woman than JK.

No. 1466102

File: 1647163341678.png (30.56 KB, 450x310, kikomiletsgetbritt.png)

Is that you on the left Kikomi?

No. 1466123

File: 1647170399321.png (31.48 KB, 739x567, they make me feel like a perv.…)

literally just glorified transvestites

No. 1466124

I see it.

I remember these two from another thread. They give no fucks about performing their LARP in public too. Definitely pics of the smaller of the two laying down in the baby change area in a public toilet. These are the people I'm meant to welcome into our spaces?

When has JK ever stereotyped transwomen about their looks?

No. 1466136

File: 1647172954346.jpg (100.83 KB, 1200x675, 5d2f0dddd346f.jpg)

i was watching yt videos about the broke arrow killings and i noticed that one of the brothers had a troon haircut. I dont know if this is more recent photo or what, but it wouldn't surprise me if a fellow murderer would suddenly ''feel like a woman''. Only rotten psyhos are trans

No. 1466137

File: 1647172968696.png (42.8 KB, 2046x430, clitoozingeuphoria.png)

yep, kek

No. 1466139

File: 1647173258655.png (30.32 KB, 2046x242, wearingpantiesmakemefeelpowerf…)

No. 1466140

It weirds me out that I literally see women getting banned for saying these things, but then MtFs just admit that everything they said was the truth anyway lmao

No. 1466142

"Euphoria boner" he says as if euphoria doesn't literally means boner/sexual arousal.

The argument of their fetish boners being "doing something right" in terms of that making them a woman falls so flat when no real woman ever gets sexually aroused by dressing up.

But since they don't actually think women are real people, it should at least be obvious that neither "cis" straight men nor gay men get boners from dressing up in fancy male clothes either.

It's a fetish. You are a perv.

No. 1466146

No. 1466155

It's incredible a stance like this is now controversial

No. 1466156

File: 1647175184437.png (171.1 KB, 894x763, 1 (1).png)

….and the pic kek

No. 1466159

File: 1647175662932.jpg (757.61 KB, 1080x1943, 1647175441463.jpg)

I don't know if this was ever discussed in a previous thread but Kristin Chirico also got married to her husband before he trooned out.

Kristin Chirico's insta:https://www.instagram.com/itskristinchirico/


No. 1466161

File: 1647175763232.jpg (530.62 KB, 1080x1698, 1647175441489.jpg)

samefag but this is before the coom consumed his brain

No. 1466165

I watch some videos with “Brie” in it for the lolz. Kristin is coping hard. She constantly has to bring up how hot her “wife” is

No. 1466166

File: 1647176122957.jpeg (222.94 KB, 828x1102, D8CA6C35-7A62-4038-900B-E302A5…)

No. 1466167

i feel sorry for her

No. 1466168

File: 1647176153473.png (152.77 KB, 964x647, 32D57734-9562-437D-9A69-C8A5CA…)

No. 1466171

this is why i 100% believe that men should not be allowed to work with vulnerable groups like the elderly, children or the disabled

No. 1466172

File: 1647176276817.jpeg (256.38 KB, 828x1264, B2F551DA-FA4B-40F6-8673-3A76CD…)

No. 1466173

I wish I could go back in time to tell LGBs to stop making "straight people bad" jokes. They got so triggered by not being cool and hip enough, and this is the result.

No. 1466174

ironicaly enough his last video is about being on hrt for a year

No. 1466175

File: 1647176789939.jpg (57.9 KB, 720x720, Kadence-Pinder-courtesy-Gay-St…)

i'm sorry but KEK the catfish between his angling and filters and the cold hard truth in that mugshot is just hilarious. anyways, burn in hell pedo etc etc.

No. 1466179

File: 1647177377480.png (455.67 KB, 1234x982, sister pay attention to my dic…)

dude you had surgery to flay and turn your dick inside out. maybe not everyone is comfortable will dealing with you when your still obviously processing it yourself. …and you know dick surgery. their called privates for a reason.

can you imagine if these self absorbed vapid creatures had to give birth. bet they would throw a fit just cause the baby is getting attention instead of them.

No. 1466180

>maybe your beauty is so unique that people have to take a second look to admire you

kek so close yet the delusion still shines trough

No. 1466182

File: 1647177448866.png (369.61 KB, 679x1039, nikojord123.png)

New TCG dropped

No. 1466191

I feel so fortunate to not have a brother right now, goddamn. What a nightmare it must be to be related to something like this. I’m going to go tell my sisters I love them.

No. 1466192

File: 1647178607755.jpg (93.95 KB, 600x800, i-will-not-e6wwit.jpg)

>clit oozing liquid

No. 1466194

File: 1647178836253.jpg (311.6 KB, 574x836, 20220313_134040.jpg)

Dude looks like The Deep.

No. 1466196

sister knew he was a underwear stealing coombrain from the get go good for her

No. 1466198

File: 1647179273749.jpeg (511.89 KB, 750x1038, 592B26B3-52B6-420D-8586-4C0C70…)

The gender neutral pronouns and use of ‘this person’ means it 100% must be a troon

No. 1466199

Call. The. Police.

No. 1466203

>mentions of people thinking he was dating her
>”weird relationship”
>me me me me me me me my most difficult moment in life me me me me me me me me
I hope she has him blocked everywhere and that she moves to another country.

No. 1466204

File: 1647179883142.png (12.29 KB, 698x164, Untitled.png)

No. 1466205

The bolt-ons look so jarring with his bony af body.

No. 1466209

File: 1647180341399.jpeg (260.41 KB, 828x1096, D01F63A3-87D9-4216-9F70-6B7AC1…)

That psycho Jared Lee Loughner who believed he had mind control powers, despised any authority, and shot and killed several people in January 2011 was likely an agp.

No. 1466210

Are these the same fucking person??? Damn, goes to show there is no point in any of the "do I pass tee hee" carefully posed pictures

Holy shit wtf. Police, NOW

No. 1466211

Late but maybe he should start by cleaning that repulsively grimy mirror before he snaps his fetish pics

I want to puke

No. 1466212

Keep It Comin' Love!

No. 1466214

Omg I love these, I want to make some as well

No. 1466218

I would 100% ban this person from visiting my family ever again and inform the police. Who invites a minor child to suck their nipple “out of curiosity”?

No. 1466221

Based kid for refusing him. It's also insane that troons think any kid will suck any boob, like come on the kid knows you're not his mom

No. 1466222

File: 1647181928591.jpg (2.82 MB, 4096x2302, GridArt_20220313_102948993.jpg)

>complains about having no female friends and them ghosting him
Doesn't take long when you go to their profiles to see why. The erotic hypno stuff is such a disgusting visual for me I can't imagine any female in their right mind wanting to associate with this garbage human.

No. 1466225

>sure othe people see me as a woman

no they don't kek

No. 1466227

That soulless stare..have fun getting r*aped in prison, asshole!

No. 1466228

File: 1647182280628.jpeg (66.05 KB, 576x1024, 1AAFA1F5-AD2D-49AF-A870-719FD7…)

Laughable photoshop editing

No. 1466231

File: 1647182353551.png (62.56 KB, 2006x478, michelleantonella23-ihatecisge…)

/u/michelleantonella23 needs to be immortalized:

No. 1466232

File: 1647182377984.jpg (556.03 KB, 1080x1920, michelleantonella23-becometheg…)

No. 1466233

File: 1647182379485.jpeg (108.44 KB, 1080x1101, 01D699B9-9C39-40DF-A710-E75DEC…)

“It’s not a fetish!!!1”

No. 1466236

File: 1647182549151.jpeg (152.67 KB, 750x1198, F54C5E8C-6DEF-4FE5-9474-7693D6…)

This elderly man keeps spamming the non binary subreddit with his MySpace angles

No. 1466238

Bet he looks similar to >>1466168 without all the angles, filters, lighting, and other editing. Wack how these men have forced the world to participate with their delusions

No. 1466242

Him referring to himself as a “kid” makes me want to vomit. You know this dude faps to photos of underaged people, probably even a simple google search for “scene girl fashion” or something along those lines.

No. 1466246

What I get from this is he has mommy and sister issues and he thought getting a vagina would fix their relationship

No. 1466247

File: 1647182955738.jpeg (278.26 KB, 828x1493, 01F5FCA9-E83B-4ED6-8611-EE4341…)

No. 1466251

File: 1647183131987.jpeg (193.3 KB, 828x1650, 2FC8CA2F-4BBF-42ED-A666-3FD6B8…)

No. 1466253

>is there anything that would lead to me being clocked on a beach day

Hmmmmm hard one probably natural sunlight and your male body

No. 1466257

If Abby Brown was a 60 year old troon

No. 1466258

lmao anon, look at that hair and outfit, thats obviously just a regular femme gay identifying as genderspecial, not an MTF

No. 1466259

File: 1647183665987.jpeg (192.3 KB, 828x783, D5AC2C5E-7FE2-4D27-AF5D-5ADDB4…)

I would bet my entire next paycheck that this dude does porn

No. 1466260

File: 1647183762420.jpg (519.36 KB, 1439x1741, Screenshot_20220313-105611_Chr…)

You love to see it!

No. 1466262

That incest story is so vile. He wants to make her out to be the weirdo when she is trying to avoid her AGP brother at all costs. Kek, he is coping and seething so hard tweeting this stuff smelling like literal shit in his room instead of dilating. I hope his new infested 2nd asshole kills him.

No. 1466265

Thank you to the nonna who posted those dilation schedules in the previous thread. I shared those with a few handmaiden friends and conversation rapidly became a peaking. It’s weird how some women (including handmaidens) truly open up about how they really feel about the gender cult once they know they’re in a space where it’s safe to criticize that sort of stuff

No. 1466266

File: 1647184258848.jpeg (Spoiler Image,35.58 KB, 271x258, trans icon.jpeg)

Dear Sister! I have a vagina now! The surgeon turned my dick into a vagina. See? I'm a woman now. Let's be sisters like it was supposed to be. Pls respond.

No. 1466268

Even when virginal young women DO want them it's still not good enough, they're not lesbian enough. You give in to their first request and there won't be a last one because they're never satisfied.

How the fuck are they so narcissistic, every time. It's not only that he's throwing a temper tantrum because his sister wasn't tripping over herself nursing him and him being the center of everyone's lives, it's also that this pathetic moid had the need to post these DMs on his public social media.
>they would throw a fit just cause the baby is getting attention instead of them.

No. 1466277

The delusion of this moid to think guilt-trip messages and airing family drama in public will make his sister want to talk to him. I'd block him and go no-contact.

No. 1466278

File: 1647185074746.png (206.09 KB, 557x447, kid was an ugly moid.png)

considering what he looked like as a moid.. kek

but nah they are one of the more passable ones cause they transitioned in their late teens.

*deleted and reposted cause I flagged the wrong post.

No. 1466279

Sure, honey. Rowling is a household name and most people know how she looks. Even if they don’t, she’s obviously female. The only people ever misgendering her are of this guys ilk when they do it on purpose.

No. 1466280

No. They sexually abuse you bc they see you as a male playing dress up or a gay man. When will they fucking learn that what they experience is almost always due to that and never misogyny? Most men who would be rude to them on the street and aren’t chasers are just straight up homophobes.

No. 1466281

Good god does this retard not understand how crazy he sounds? Like as if the sister doesn’t have a life of her own and why should she tend to your mutilated crotch? And how tacky to air this on social media and with her icon on it. What a piece of dogshit. Have fun with your handpuppet stinkditch.

No. 1466284

>referring to their crusty dicks as clits
god jesus please make it stop

Can’t stop him from doing whatever the fuck he wants but I am going to judge him from acting out his fetish in public and posting about it on the internet

No. 1466286

Sad. I find her insufferable but they looked like a normal, albeit nerdy, sort of couple. Pornsickness destroys, folks.

No. 1466287

moids can't handle women not doing constant emotional labour for them

No. 1466288

I don't know about you ladies, but I love fisting. You can't be a woman if you don't love fisting. A vagina isn't a real vagina if it can't take a vigorous fisting- sometimes even two fists! Personally I love when the fists are covered in lemon juice before the fisting. Soul shattering experience, y'all. Like 50 lady orgasms in a row.

No. 1466289

I’m just glad they wrote “who currently identifies as a woman” instead of outright calling him one in the entire thing. They all need to do that if they can’t outright say “man”. Stop making our crime stats go up. Women are not doing these sorts of crimes at nearly the same rate, they are almost always perpetuated by men and the articles need to reflect that.

No. 1466293

>A fucking crow being turned into an adult baby

Their fetishes get weirder and more internet-poisoned every day

No. 1466295

You guys! Stop being so mean. He wants to have a sisterly chat with his sister about his vagina and how great it is! She’s so rude for not asking him about his fetish, I mean vagina. Her not wanting to have a conversations that’s clearly sexual for him is literal violence! Let a man be a girl.

No. 1466296

It's a radfem site, normal news sites most likely refer to him as a woman and he is bloating the female stats

No. 1466297

Oh me too! I also love the BDSM thing where they shove up a bottle brush up my vagina, makes me feel so womanly and dominated hehe!

Yes it is a thing for real

No. 1466299

I swear someone should run some statistics and find out how many pedos/abusers are troons and publish that it would led to so many people pecking

No. 1466301

because trans people are loudly arguing that gender is fluid "currently identifies as" is the most woke way of putting it and they should have no objections. To call this person a woman would suggest that this person couldn't change their mind and be a man again tomorrow which is clearly genderfluidphobic!

No. 1466302

if gender is so fluid why are they taking permanent hormones/surgeries instead of becoming the perfect androgens being and then indicating there gender that day via dressing a certain way. Ooooh that's right its almost like wearing a certain piece of clothing doesn't make you a specific gender.

No. 1466304

The study would mysteriously disappear, like that one European study that accidentally discovered immigrants were responsible for something retarded like 70% of sexual crimes.

No. 1466305

This tracks with his gender. Nothing pisses a moid off more than when a woman set boundaries with him and refuse to cater to him or make him the center of her world. I'm sure there are very good reasons why his sister is keeping her distance but he'll never care or bother to ask her. He'll just berate/guilt trip her, attempt to humiliate her in public, and wonder why it pushes her even further away. I hope she blocks him after this.

No. 1466307

Eww wtf? Are moids typing these comments?

No. 1466308

Anon… it's sarcasm

No. 1466309

File: 1647187471687.jpeg (190.7 KB, 828x1424, 665BE691-31E4-4857-A476-419B18…)

Can’t even enjoy TikTok without some gross agp infiltrating the algorithm. At least they’re fun to laugh at

No. 1466311

kek true

No. 1466312

>1.8 million likes

wish god would take me

No. 1466315

#JKDoesntSpeakForMe is trending on twitter and the tweets are killing me especially because its LGB people defending those ugly fuckers and calling them women.
Even though they want to be girls so bad like this is so transphobic you guys they are girls not women boohoo

No. 1466317

File: 1647188087923.jpg (74.7 KB, 525x660, gjdgyjd.JPG)


Yeah? You sure James? Or are those people just afraid to open their mouths in fear of cancellation

No. 1466320

No. 1466324

GC groups have looked at how many troons go to jail for sex related crimes in the UK and the US, posted the results to twitter and everything (about 50% of troons in jail are in jail for various types of sexual assault) but the media doesn't care.

No. 1466325

This is the first time in my life I've been annoyed that I don't have a twitter cause I can't ask James:

1) How many people do you know in real life - 200-300?
2) How many letters, emails, dms, etc do you think JKR, world famous author and world famous for speaking up for sex based rights, gets on the average day?

No. 1466326

from a purely medical standpoint how is this legal if it not only is completely unethical medically speaking, also has suicide as a "side effect" and has a complication rate of 40% when most surgeries don't even reach 15%

No. 1466331

File: 1647190099439.jpg (184.04 KB, 1080x1117, Tumblr_l_103377844254.jpg)


No. 1466333

Damn. That just highlights how ugly and masculine he is

No. 1466335

Is this supposed to be a point in Hunty's favor?

No. 1466336

File: 1647190980482.webm (5.23 MB, 720x1280, 3034734-cfd5f83e0c47589dd7dae7…)

No. 1466337

guess we found who he is trying to skin walk

No. 1466338

File: 1647191027226.webm (964.48 KB, 576x1024, 3034728-81bf4f92ded61704cd5657…)

No. 1466343

kek what is wrong with his voice

No. 1466345

Jesus his eyebrows were even bigger

No. 1466346

4 years and still havent learned to wash his greasy hair

No. 1466349

no estrogen or ffs can ever save his manly face

No. 1466351

why can't he find one that caters to specifically trannies?

No. 1466354

Well he is just a dainty wamen you see!!

No. 1466355

Did he say the Trump presidency? Hard to tell with that nasal voice. Sounds like he's talking through his nose. That being said, wtf does Trump have to do with anything? Lol rent free

No. 1466356

He's probably lurking curly girl subs and doing it badly and overloaded his limp hair with product and not washing it properly, inb4 he's gonna malepost there with a sob story about never being able to experience long hair growing up and get 10k updoots

No. 1466359

I thought Keith Flint died???

No. 1466360

I heard the same omg

No. 1466361

I'll never get over the voice kek

No. 1466366

He either did something to her or she is just so disgusted by what he did to himself she doesn't ever want to talk to him again.

No. 1466369

File: 1647193516125.png (22.91 KB, 748x247, (@Fanny_Traggot) _ Twitter.png)

fistula incoming

No. 1466372

The mythical Black AGP.

100% this guy was wearing his sister’s panties. If you weren’t close to her she’s not gonna be close to you now. He’s so delusional that he thinks that now that he’s larping as a woman that will change anything.

No. 1466382

File: 1647193831266.jpg (183.31 KB, 720x790, 20220313_124930.jpg)

Now they are asuming that one of the characters is trans bc she's a tomboy. Once again proving that j.k Rowling is right.

No. 1466383

File: 1647193864509.jpg (123.95 KB, 1292x735, bryanna-nasck.jpg)

this is bryanna nasck, a "transwoman" youtuber. he was non-binary before coming out as fully trans. one thing i never got is: if nonbinary means that you don't have to label yourself as one gender (because you're so progressive uwu), then why tf would you come out a second time as a woman?

No. 1466385

Troubles in paradise I see.

No. 1466388

this is unbelievably hypocritical
Jk reponds to someones tweet thanking her
she says many have said the same thing to her
some scrote says you dont speak for all lgbt people
scrote then proceeds to speak for 'all' lgbt people

No. 1466389

File: 1647193964102.png (435.45 KB, 748x510, #JKDoesntSpeakForMe.png)

No matter how much troons cry and piss about Rowling she's always going to have an audience she's too strong to get cancelled by the twitter mob.

No. 1466392

>the agp smirk

No. 1466394

You're fast anon, I just came here to post this

No. 1466395

Lol it's Hunter Shitter

No. 1466400

Kristen encouraging her cum brained husband to transition is one of the biggest falls from grace i have ever seen. she should be so embarrassed of herself for being such a fucking failure as a woman.

No. 1466402

Quit the opposite, even. I never gave a shit about Harry Potter, because I aged out of it before it ended, but JKR is now one of the most inspirational people to me. In 10 years when everyone claims they agreed with her I'm going to call them out on their bullshit.

No. 1466403

Am I crazy or is Hon’s skin extremely dry and damaged? It didn’t use to look that aged

No. 1466406

Of all the troons we see posted throughout these threads this one creeps me out the most….I swear to god we'll find out he's been doing some seriously dark depraved shit. Calling it now! That fucking creepy voice…

No. 1466407

Same anon. He's into CP or something for sure

No. 1466408

Every fucking time. Why can’t we just have gnc characters??

No. 1466409

why is this guy claiming to be afab

No. 1466411

You can just tell he molested her

omg kek, based af. Image could not be more accurate

>implying in 10 years bio women won't be wearing red and being used as wombs

lol I kid….but no I'm terrified

No. 1466414

Because that's how rapist men infiltrate women's spaces now and can't be held accountable because if someone has a problem with it, they're the one who's problematic

No. 1466418

No. 1466420

The autism is off the charts, holy shit

No. 1466421

this thing is a sleep paralysis demon

No. 1466422

these threads move incredibly fast now, hope that means troonism is finally causing some mass peaking.

No. 1466423

File: 1647196183702.jpg (448.8 KB, 1080x1287, Screenshot_20220313-142851_Twi…)

No. 1466427

>communist symbol in name
unrelated, but why do so many troons romanticize Stalin and the USSR? it's actually pretty weird, since Stalin didn't like gays that much…

No. 1466428

>ignores evidence posted on twitter or any social media site

No. 1466429

Okay, but ONLINE you guys take up 98% of female/lesbian spaces that are popular. So no, maybe irl they aren't being pressured. Dating sites, Twitter, reddit etc. Yes they are. Because troons live online.

No. 1466430

File: 1647196445542.jpeg (49.36 KB, 611x477, vomitrocious.jpeg)

Jesus christ…the bad attempt at a 'cutesy girly voice' mixed with the creepy ass face and weird hand gestures. Genuinely sickening

No. 1466433

File: 1647196564537.jpg (20.62 KB, 400x349, tumblr_147d33a34100432af94b7fa…)

Literally. It's really scary tbh that this is just about one of the only places women can come together and express how they really feel about this stuff. But people stuck in the libfem cult mindset would think of course we should be run off the internet for being phobic!! When we literally just don't want it to be any easier for men to rape us than it already was. This on top of the new 'inclusive language' that reduces women to 'menstruators' or 'wombs' while also taking away reproductive rights reaaaalllyyy gets me worried

No. 1466435

Because the young generation right now is fucking retarded. I'm half kidding because I know not all of gen z buys into this gender nonsense but I just can't help but see how the main people who keep trooning GNC characters tend to be people under the age of 25. I really wish that the creators of these characters would just state that these characters are not trans or some other gender woo terms even though it should be fucking common sense.

No. 1466436

they're all champagne socialists whose only thought process is "capitalism bad, socialism good." they do not understand how socialism, much less communism/maoism/marxism works besides them getting free shit for sitting on their ass

No. 1466437

I know lesbians are lying about men pressuring them because the numbers and narratives do not line up. First of all, no man wants to fuck a TERF and the ones that do are .1% of .1%. Second, there aren't that many men, let alone male lesbians.

Men and straight women who do wanna date men have a hard time cause men are hard to find. So pardon me if I don't believe that somehow every lesbian has had a man pressure her for anything.

No. 1466438

I'm the same. I only read the first HP book and the first 4 movies before I fell off the map and lost interest in the series but JK Rowling inspires me as well. I'm impressed and grateful with how resilient she has been ever since she came out in support of women's rights and spaces and I hope she continues to keep it up and not bow over due to the public slandering she's been receiving in the last year. It sucks but we really do need women like her out there and she's rich enough to not be affected by cancel culture so that helps her all the more.

No. 1466441

File: 1647197254097.jpg (2.27 MB, 4096x3072, Cope.jpg)

Troon thinks that vaginal discharge smells like dick cheese because of the "skin cells" . He must be confusing a real vagina with a rot pocket neovag. What a retard

No. 1466442

This >>1466429 But even then, these men consider any lesbian who doesn't want to fuck or date them "Terfs" even if they don't identify as Feminists so I mean…

No. 1466443

And as much as they want to gaslight us, lesbians ARE being pressured by transwomen IRL. It's just that lesbians saw the writing on the wall and have secluded themselves to underground meetings because their once male free spaces are now full of gross old white men in shitty dresses.

No. 1466444

>"No trans woman wants to fuck a terf"
>Implying you can clock a terf like you can with trannies
The cope of them believing it's only "ugly masculine middle aged british women" who could possibly be terfs lol not every woman who can't stand them is going to disclose that publicly. The women I know who tolerate them to their face are pretty conventionally attractive

Not to mention the gross terf domination fetishes half of these freaks have. What's with men and thinking being genuinely revolted by the sight of them = still wanting to fuck them?

No. 1466446

He says that like pheromones aren't real, which that alone distinguishes the scent of both genders

No. 1466452

Hmm what about all those porn videos and fantasies by troons breeding terfs into submission?

No. 1466458

>infiltrates woman centered dating apps

No. 1466462

GOD this movie is fucking ugly. Y'know what, I wouldn't be surprised if Pixar was secretly turning troony by making all the women just as fucking ugly as the men.

No. 1466463


this is the most depraved male coomerbrain fucking term for sex that I've ever seen. I hate seeing it everywhere it literally makes me sick to my stomach

No. 1466467

File: 1647198658988.jpg (307.42 KB, 1920x1440, FNqMQDtXwAQf3q9.jpg)

I always love that the woke people claim theyre all about peace and love, when this is their immediate reaction to anyone they dont 100% agree with

No. 1466468

AKA they're too lazy to get a job and when shit hits the fan they run to GoFundMe and cry "TRANS CHILD ABOUT TO BE KICKED OUT OF APARTMENT (squatter's rights!!!) PLEASE HELP"

No. 1466472

File: 1647199117728.jpg (89 KB, 720x922, Screenshot_20220313-201446.jpg)

Damn JK is on fire. Has anyone checked her twitter? Please do. She's also trending because the gender cultists are obsessed over our Queen.

No. 1466479

File: 1647200054287.jpeg (443.67 KB, 2048x1220, 394D7FA2-644F-47D3-B180-6F48D1…)

Aha I think we were on her Twitter or the jk Rowling tag at the same time. I just put this together. Tbf what can a woman do? Both left and right wing do hate women. I don’t think the right is making children sterile though.

No. 1466480

>no trans woman wants to fuck a terf
I love when they prove they're males like this. Only males can freely voice their opinions without fear of being assaulted, you will never know who's a terf, and all the women around you secretly hate you

No. 1466481

File: 1647200622161.jpg (451.48 KB, 640x1223, Untitled-3.jpg)

Saw this guy on r/MTFSelfie and his face reminded me of the doctor from Voyager, lol

No. 1466483

it's weird how these totes communist trannies never question why hyper capitalist companies would support their larp like this kek

No. 1466488

File: 1647201483531.png (112.25 KB, 1185x780, lmao.png)


IMO, the right is not salvageable. But I think we have the slim hope of kicking the democratic party in the ass come the end of the year. They already had a little nudge after the Loudon school bathroom rape. People who usually vote democrat did not vote at all.

Democrats aren't stupid. They're easily influenced, though. They are well aware that this genderism is unpopular among center left democrats. What they didn't realize, however, is HOW unpopular these gender policies are. Especially among their black and latino voter base.

Everyone was willing to "be kind" to troons, because they supported the rest of the democrat's ideals. But that scale is rapidly tipping and people are jumping right off. They have no idea how many people have already jumped, because people are being silenced or are scared of saying anything. But people vote with their hearts- if they feel like democrats aren't representing them, they may not vote republican but they WILL just not vote at all. That's all republicans need.

Women feel like they're not being heard. They won't vote for republicans, but they may choose to just stay home. Democrats can't even stop republicans from fucking with abortion, so what does it matter? You can only dangle the abortion carrot in front of women for so long before they notice it's covered in tranny cum. What's the point of having abortion if your daughters are getting raped at school?

No. 1466490

File: 1647201792301.png (514.33 KB, 900x506, thecrossovernoonewants.png)

someone tell these kids clothes doesn't = gender

No. 1466491

File: 1647201821952.jpg (112.45 KB, 1448x586, tumblr_b36f8e5af652cc0c35e62ff…)

I hope what you described will happen, because the rest of the West monkeys you. We have left vs right thing in Finland now, and we don't even have true right wing parties!

>You can only dangle the abortion carrot in front of women for so long before they notice it's covered in tranny cum.

Kek, well said nonna

No. 1466493

>Hates women for supposedly having it easier
Definitely an incel

No. 1466494

It's a uniparty. Both sides of the same wooden nickel. Neither of them give two shits about women, at the end of the day. It also doesn't help that on top of the corruption, isolation from normal people, etc. they're all FUCKING OLD.

No. 1466498

Not to political sperg but they don’t know anything about socialism economics or theory, they’re consumer coomer NEETs and ironically the most biomed industry Marxian alienated subjects ever.

No. 1466503

File: 1647202521086.png (377.84 KB, 731x791, Women's Voices on Twitter.png)

No. 1466505

File: 1647202900219.png (536.35 KB, 679x1039, sabinafemboy.png)

i don't know how they even pretend it's not a fetish

No. 1466507

likewise no one wants to fuck trannies. I wish I could write this as a reply but it'll get deleted right after.

No. 1466510

Damn the new TransPeak TCG is off the hook!

No. 1466511

Holy shit look at the other videos too. He is literally insane, wtf.

The last one was fucking AWFUL. And all the comments are praising him?? "A heritage of slavery would be a step forward for us! Think about that the next time you call a trans woman a man!"

No. 1466514

Looks like Tony Dalton got AIDs and trooned out. Lalo sweety, I'm so sorry

No. 1466515

I'm afraid this one will get the y-chromosomoids erect too and only simp the loonies more lol

No. 1466516

File: 1647203263774.png (1.04 MB, 984x1104, moid.png)

How is it that trans women are women if they think and act like just like coomer moids

No. 1466517

File: 1647203372562.png (1.59 MB, 1080x1080, tumblr_d2a13701dbf8c4c45d45e8a…)

Jesus fucking christ

No. 1466518

>”No one tried to talk me out of it!”
If anyone had tried, I promise you, they would’ve lost everything. The transgender mob won’t allow dissent.

No. 1466519

File: 1647203431256.png (212.73 KB, 398x750, kisspng-gordon-ramsay-chef-thu…)

Also WTF is he coocking? Sliced sausages (too much of a meta joke) white rice and… ? There's a oven tray there for some reason. Crates of milk? I love cooking, love the challenge of having few ingredientes and doing something creative but I'm absolutely lost with these ingredients and set up. BTW where are the vegetables? I only see cans and process crap there.

No. 1466520

If a woman looked like this she'd be called a witch lmao. He needs his nose and teeth done asap.

No. 1466521

Even that can't change those psychotic moid eyes

No. 1466522

File: 1647203681185.jpeg (246.62 KB, 1194x768, CDF10F79-6723-4F59-8CF4-2A9D73…)

3 days until Lia doesn’t throw because they’re a narc and wins gold at the international womens swimming championships! Go get ‘em, tiger!

No. 1466523

Hot dogs and rice, classic troon dish. Didn't the tranch have similar dinners?

No. 1466529

the cartons are vegetable broth. and the roux.. looks like cheese or something so im guessing hes making rice-a-roni?

No. 1466530

File: 1647204146374.jpg (69.38 KB, 386x386, word-soup.jpg)

I have no idea what to do, even if I try to do some Asian dish I will never add so much sausage? You also need Soysause wich I don't see around, also garlic is replaced with ginger in Asian cooking, this why I'm baffled it looks like this person grew up on bland and highly process foods, removed from traditional family environment.

No. 1466531

I didn't know Vig Mignonga transitioned!

No. 1466536

File: 1647204866462.jpg (13.7 KB, 426x357, e44fca55a6fb861266d2674f7bed40…)

Allright, but who in the bloody hell adds huge slices of sausages to their rice-o-roni, no wonder he got rid of his own sausage BECAUSE HE DOENS'T KNOW WHAT TO WITH IT.

No. 1466537

Here's some stuff you didn't want to know.
"Breeding" kink isn't about sex. it's about impregnating women. With troons it's about raping and impregnating terfs. With normal moids, its all women not just terfs, and it's about rape and impregnation or stupid coomer fantasy where the woman is just desperate to be knocked up.

No. 1466545

File: 1647205364163.png (553.91 KB, 593x889, twewtetwewtetwe.png)

This woman got milkshake thrown at her at a parade for end violence against women by a troon, which is so ironic its almost painful. The troon is now mocking her on his page, getting zero legal actions taken against him. What a world

No. 1466556

https://twitter.com/erydactyl_ here's the acc if anyone wants to check it out its pathetic

No. 1466559

It's Vic Mangina now kek.

No. 1466565

the way he talks, it's like an mtf parody

No. 1466568

Same, I would immediately write off any man (troon or not) who used this term as a pornsick weirdo. Women too actually, but you very rarely hear a woman using it.

No. 1466572

>you want that long dick
Aren’t fat guys notorious for having small ducks because the base is covered in fat.

No. 1466574

File: 1647207210499.jpg (567.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220313-173144_Boo…)

No. 1466580

My pet theory is that men who are prone to fat have small dicks because they’re somehow more oestrogenic. You’d have to be insanely obese to lose more than an inch or so of length to pubic fat.

No. 1466581

An actual sane troon who admits he doesn't pass all the time irl, isn't a real female and never will be, and accepts that in a reasonable and positive way
>29% upvotes

No. 1466584

It's actually fascinating how many psycho men have AGP tendencies. You could find close to any male serial or spree killer and if you dig deep enough they'll eventually show signs like stealing their mother's/sister's underwear and dressing in female lingerie or putting on a full drag outfit.

They have a fantasy of a socialism giving them HRT, surgeries and other tools to turn them into a perfect anime catgirl waifu free of charge while they do nothing but coom on twitter all day long. Most of them know that they would be sent to work the fields or do something productive to their community but since they live in a capitalist system they must act like the other extreme must be the exact opposite. Ironically enough transgenderism is the most bourgeoise late stage capitalism shit there is and any society operating under the hammer and sickle would not sacrifice their resources to provide them with horse piss pills with their food rations.

No. 1466585

You KNOW he put the rolling pin there to reinforce the "I'm a woman in the kitchen teehee" fantasy.

No. 1466587

Absolutely disgusting, running a daycare while 150 child sex abuse images are on their phone
>I had my dick turned into a vagina and you haven't messaged once
A sentence that needs no explanation, why is your sister compelled to cheerlead for your neovag? Nobody wants to discuss their siblings genitals.

No. 1466592

File: 1647208801493.jpg (365.07 KB, 810x1548, Screenshot_20220313-175436_Boo…)

Every now and then you strike gold kek:

No. 1466603

File: 1647209941840.jpg (170.11 KB, 1080x684, Screenshot_20220313-181705_Boo…)

I was thinking of doing a thread summary/recap, but they're just too many highlights.

No. 1466606

he has to be trolling cause what the fuck

No. 1466607

File: 1647210114417.jpeg (285.27 KB, 750x999, 0A99985F-F0E2-4F03-9D85-15E87D…)

this one identifies as a deer and a trans woman, uses ‘it’ and doe/for self pronouns, spends an inordinate amount of time defending beating up women and exposing children to ppl wearing bdsm gear


No. 1466609

File: 1647210165200.jpeg (271.56 KB, 750x801, B4592735-E7F5-40D6-BA18-387081…)

No. 1466610

I'm a woman and ans a professional baker and idk if I even own a rolling pin lol

No. 1466611


No. 1466629

he's making gumbo. rice, anduille sausage, roux, stock, the pot probably has peppers and onion in it. no spices in sight and a blonde ass roux. depressing.

No. 1466634

>mooned a few people coming out of the ladies room
>Wish I could say it was the first time!
Disgusting predatory behavior. No way was this an accident. In my entire life as a female this has happened to me once and it was at home. Probably because as women we are conditioned to be acutely aware of every part of our bodies at all moments, especially in public settings.

No. 1466638

File: 1647211263189.jpg (146.36 KB, 1080x801, Screenshot_20220313_233937.jpg)

>he immediately associates romantic rejection with high school girls
mmh I wonder why

No. 1466639

File: 1647211421136.jpg (15.55 KB, 410x125, tje5r6yje.JPG)

[passive aggressive smiley]

No. 1466643

Requesting this as the next peaktrans tcg card

No. 1466652

It looks so strange when his speech has all that intonation but his face stays completely frozen with that AGP smirk and wide eyed empty stare. It's like he's trying to copy the mommy vlogger speech, but it's only a surface level imitation with no genuine emotion behind it so his body language and facial expressions don't match with the speech patterns. Looks very stiff and unnatural, and gives off very autistic vibes.

No. 1466654

the fact that these moids always jump to the defense of other moids while throwing women under the bus… how is this not a glaring red flag to handmaidens

No. 1466659

Handmaidens, especially handaidens, hate other women so it's probably a white flag to them.

No. 1466662

File: 1647213065485.jpg (201.82 KB, 1080x957, Screenshot_20220313-180716_Red…)

Being catcalled is very girly™!

No. 1466666

File: 1647213580883.jpg (619.43 KB, 1594x2161, kill all moids.jpg)

No. 1466667

first of all definitely a lie because a scrote wouldn't hold up a sign and carry it around. he would yell it at you for maximum intimidation and humiliation

and then this pornsick retard has the gall to add a thumbs up and smiley face because its SoOoO affirming and girlee teehee!!! to be sexually harassed on the street. sorry to PL but i remember being as young as 11 and getting honked at, yelled at, followed around. it was fucking horrifying and embarrassing, one of the worst parts of growing up. and they think its funny, a good thing. god i hate males so much

No. 1466672

File: 1647213728654.jpg (653.13 KB, 1594x2161, kill all moids aryan edition.j…)

Kek sick quints, fitting number too

Alternative version

No. 1466674

the white dude looks terrified.

No. 1466680

File: 1647214013341.png (309.67 KB, 2442x420, Screen Shot 2022-03-13.png)

Just girly things: getting compliments on your axe wound

No. 1466682

marvel is almost as much of a red flag as anime.

No. 1466693

the wolfe barret phenotype

No. 1466710

File: 1647214813039.jpeg (306.06 KB, 828x1404, 2CC228DD-9FC9-4BB4-B5F9-269B37…)

Male Vaush fans need to kill themselves. Unfortunately the he/hims have a way lower suicide rate

No. 1466719

File: 1647215001956.jpeg (228 KB, 828x1191, D40BEE12-2A45-4BE7-9E07-7715F7…)

Why do moids love to psychoanalyze women and call them hysterical? And they’ll do it under the same breath while calling themselves shemales

No. 1466729

Wow what a mature group of people!

No. 1466737

File: 1647215839333.png (278.78 KB, 785x830, retard.png)

They always have to be pro porn/pro prostitution too

No. 1466739

It's prostitution that's supposedly the oldest profession not porn anyway. I bet this guy is unable to have a porn free orgasm.

No. 1466747

File: 1647216356391.png (1.24 MB, 1108x1294, af 02.png)

Says the moids with brains driven purely by the power of the COOOOM and copium how that's based, actually

No. 1466754

File: 1647216578279.png (309.81 KB, 580x516, 9.png)

I hope this fits here, sorry if not nonas. It's listed as a bestseller on Etsy and has over 170 reviews

No. 1466760

File: 1647216666386.png (2.16 MB, 2047x1303, 1647210593714.png)

Yeah wtf

Pic not related

No. 1466761

Right? That’s crossing a line. If he feels comfortable telling her that and then posting for the world to see, think of what he’s probably done to her in private.

No. 1466766

He's shaped like he has a meat tutu
Anyway, skirt and child interest, moids really don't make an effort for not looking like child molesters

No. 1466767

What in the FUCK
Imagine having this happen to you and not being freaked out and scared for your life.

No. 1466768

The autism is palpable

No. 1466770

It’s probably grown men buying them

What an interestingly shaped human being

No. 1466774

Tucking underwear for kids…I’m not a developmental expert or anything but that seems like it’d be physically bad for them. Also kids should be concerned with playing and having happy little lives, not whatever the fuck this is.

No. 1466777

>meat tutu

No. 1466805

Sounds like a pedo in the making to me.

No. 1466806

I didn't even see a single green onion or celery stalk. Bet it's the blandest fucking thing in the world.

No. 1466808

Wow, 2 sets of tits!

No. 1466823

Damn….that's really sad. The guy is a total mess. Did anyone stop to think oh maybe he's just a mentally ill alcoholic grieving over his wife? Are the pharmaceutical companies and surgical doctors just really mostly doing this as a way to rake in cash after all?

Fucking kek

They're brainwashed, they literally think what they're doing is the morally right thing instead of having any ability to use critical thinking skills….or they do know and just performing the song and dance socially out of fear of repercussion. I think more peaking is on the horizon though.

No. 1466832

File: 1647221551656.jpg (207.97 KB, 922x1247, FNwRs4pVsAEC-uq.jpg)

was just going to post this

No. 1466834

I still think he might throw it if the people around him are loading enough pressure onto him. The good news is if they keep trying this trick it can be easily pointed out that their times "mysteriously" drop way below their practice times when in actual competition. Of course the handmaidens would still probably try to claim it's like, nerves about being a heckin opressed trans (s)wimmin or something kek.

No. 1466836

File: 1647221731669.png (92.46 KB, 796x476, 662E5BBB-D469-4367-B4AE-61D685…)


No. 1466837

he's pretending that he didn't do anything to deserve that.

No. 1466839

This person is a pedo for sure, posts photo of children's underwear, talks about how small the child is and mentions their age, why would a size 4 toddler need to tuck or worry about their penis? They should not even be thinking about it, certainly not thinking about other people perceiving it which is the point of tucking. Someone should call CPS on this person.

No. 1466840

I was gonna say. And the reason for that is women had to support themselves when their shit moid husbands died at war or left them. Women were not allowed to be educated and thus had very little job opportunities. funny how it goes back to sexism.

No. 1466842

File: 1647222216595.jpg (159.42 KB, 1440x1252, FNuMt5SXMAU7suA.jpg)

No. 1466843


poor moidy, throwing milkshakes and thus paying to actively piss off people, and then cry :,( So brave

No. 1466844

he's crying wolf, this needs to be posted under his tweet,

No. 1466847

TBH I'm sure the troops will appreciate getting to go to gender dysphoria class as a nice break from committing war crimes

No. 1466848

I don't have a personal twitter, I only use the one from my company and can't jeopardize my position, if someone goes and puts it under his tweet, I'll kiss her with my new coconut lipbalm

No. 1466853

File: 1647223025313.png (61.87 KB, 749x581, Lesbian Death Bed The Bed that…)

>I got proven wrong and now I don't have a proper comeback
trannies are fucking dumb. and men in dresses are funny to look at, we laugh at troons all the time.

No. 1466856

File: 1647223257926.jpeg (1.17 MB, 3464x3464, 274F9BFE-070D-4BB3-87BA-7E9943…)

Just realized something

No. 1466857

File: 1647223285204.jpeg (338.94 KB, 1242x2208, 600AC586-29BB-4A1E-A174-A427FC…)

I think this is our stunning tranny.

No. 1466862

He doesn’t imagine Snape in a dress to make him look funny, he imagines him in his really frivolous grandma’s crazy clothes with a giant silly hat and shit like that which is objectively funny when put on an ultra serious stoic person. Troons really can’t see anything except through their self-centered filter.

No. 1466864

Ot but I showed my mom the weird cooking video this scrote posted and she just polite laughed and said "that's a rough looking man"

No. 1466866

File: 1647224837122.jpeg (1006.27 KB, 1242x1151, B6BB1264-73A3-42BC-80EC-F1A404…)

The Troon that threw milkshake on her is in this image. He was stripped by police then dragged away because he refused to get out of the way of a tram. Look at the women in the back laughing their asses off at him

No. 1466868

File: 1647224934359.jpeg (490.03 KB, 1242x1422, 12778075-030A-4F60-AA1C-1916EC…)

Samefag to add, he wrote an entire article about this and this piece, while glossing it over, had me dead. Based manchester police

No. 1466869

File: 1647224964064.jpg (194.35 KB, 914x1380, Boggart_WB_F3_BoggartAsSnape_S…)

Apparently this was already brought up back in 2020

It's annoying that they take the scene out of context to fit their argument, hmm exactly how right wing media spins stuff out of context too. Both sides are fuckin insufferable now.

Snape in a Neville's grandma's clothes is funny AF tho.

No. 1466870

File: 1647224985972.jpg (245.48 KB, 1242x2208, yourmove.jpg)

Your turn.

No. 1466871

Wow! He looks much, much worse than in his seething photoshops. Braces? Veneers? Invisaline? Nah, get a rot pocket instead.

No. 1466874

in the book, Neville describes his grandmother's outfit as outrageous and old-fashioned. that's why it's funny. Snape is a young, serious man who dresses all in black now suddenly in basically what amounts to an old lady's church clothes. the article saying that the book/movie mocks a character for their "gender expression" is fucking stupid.

No. 1466875

As a kid I listened to the Harry Potter audiobooks read by Tim Curry so frequently I can still hear his voice in detail describing that hat

No. 1466876

literally what i did with biden

No. 1466877

F wait Tim Curry only did the first book it was Jim Dale who narrated the others. Saged for HP derailing

No. 1466880

Holy shit these threads move so fast ily guys

No. 1466882

>You can only dangle the abortion carrot in front of women for so long before they notice it's covered in tranny cum. What's the point of having abortion if your daughters are getting raped at school?
Dangerously based and well said. The Democrats are completely fucking inept on abortion, a lot of women have just given up hope.

No. 1466883


(reply to prev thread)
This sounds like "Danielle" Muscato kek

No. 1466887

I hate how it's just a saying but moids will take it as an absolute truth. I doubt the oldest profession was prostitution, and if it was, they are conflating it with trafficking and rape. As if being a religious leader, a hunter, or a warrior wasn't the first profession. Even pottery probably came first. Builders, certainly.

No. 1466890

I'm not trying to whitenight this weirdo but uhhhh…. why did they have to strip him? You can see the female officer pulling his pants off in this pic. That seems completely unnecessary and weird. Again, he's an idiot, and was no doubt being a major annoyance by blocking a tram, but the police seem to be abusing their power here.
this is fucking hilarious though LMFAOOO they're so out of touch with reality they think some rando police guy cares that they're nonbinary enough to shout out the correction while UNDER ARREST IN A JAIL CELL? i'm going to cry laughing

No. 1466891

This would make a great thread pic

No. 1466893

Left and right are both lead by men, that's why both don't give a shit about womens issues. Difference is the right is transparent, while the left pretends to care. In truth, neither does.

No. 1466897

I think American democrat party was infiltrated by big business/pharma to sell tranny shit as both a money thing and to destory it since democrats generally enforce rules like businesses paying higher tax and producing less waste. The democrats became the popular party once the republicans started courting religious people, leading to a lot of dumb anti-freedom ideas.

No. 1466899

Why the fuck are they pulling off his clothes tho? The pic is funny at first glance but there's something really unsettling about the police stripping someone in public for no apparent reason because you know he's not the only person who's had this done to them.

No. 1466900

File: 1647226818013.jpg (Spoiler Image,408.72 KB, 1080x1389, Screenshot_20220313-194940.jpg)

>My urethra and clitoris are covered in like bumbs and blood clots than won't go, feel sensitive to the touch. Labia minora is basically also stuck in it. The left side is healing after a tear in the skin which is why the bandage. Also pretty sure there's still pieces of bandages under all that bullshit.

>I wouldn't mind my dilatations being so painful if at least it looked right. I can barely fit the #3 dilatator for more than 15 minutes because of the pain. Narcotics don't have much effect on me and I have a lot of Inflammation.

Another satisfied customer kek. I'm at a point where I celebrate whenever troons have SRS complications. Back in the day, surgeons controlled the narrative and troons had no choice but to make a decision based on patient photos and testimonies their surgeons provided them with. Now they can see the true and honest results posted freely on Reddit and they still choose to butcher themselves.


No. 1466903

Probably because he was struggling and kicking his legs

Holy FUCK. I deserve seeing that for clicking on spoilered images with reckless abandon

No. 1466907

in the image he's already immobilized on the stretcher though, why is the cop still pulling his pants off? idk it seems wrong, I think he's right to be upset about that part of the story. He's a fucking retard for everything else, though. He's also claiming one of the women there choked him after he threw the drink at her but the only video of it is super unclear and just looks like a mutual scrabble by the time the camera caught it. I hope no one actually attacked him, it would be super irresponsible to give the troons ammunition like that. All it takes is one instance and suddenly every fake story they can make up about terfs attacking them will be 100% believed even though all the evidence of troons attacking women don't matter and all the terfs are lying, etc, it's not faifr but that's how it is rn

No. 1466908

File: 1647227526921.jpeg (341.93 KB, 1242x2208, AA03C981-C17B-480E-A79F-8F765B…)

No. 1466910

that pic is not unrelated to his current assault.

No. 1466911

>wound hole is literally falling apart
>is this normal guyz?

No. 1466914

Police don't get paid enough to deal with mentally ill men reeing and being deviants in public. This is why it should've never been taken from the DSM-5 just because it gets corrupt doctors big bucks to diagnose unnecessary drugs for kick-back benefits.

No. 1466916

File: 1647228442516.webm (3.14 MB, 612x1278, x3GY2L0xQsbDsl5X.webm)

No. 1466917

True. Male run societies be like "okay, you can control your own body, but you must accept a higher chance of being raped by degen men".

No. 1466918

File: 1647228511949.png (25.31 KB, 1097x274, Tell me your most Girl™ moment…)

No. 1466920

Well, at least he's getting to have the womanly experience of having dried blood stuck in your ass-hair. Enjoy it while it lasts, my friend!

No. 1466934

So they admit transwomen are just men wearing women's clothes, they really need to make up their minds

No. 1466936

genuinely thought this was paul dano

No. 1466937

I think she's carrying him by the pants because she doesn't want to touch his skin. Also is he really on a stretcher? If you look closely the cops legs on the far side go in front of whatever the grey and yellow thing is.

No. 1466939

it drives me crazy that we're supposed to pretend like we don't notice their degeneracy out of "kindness"

it's also proof that they're not seen as women even by their supporters, because actual women would never be offered this much "kindness" by anyone

No. 1466941

File: 1647230691254.jpg (97.56 KB, 828x1186, slrpo37pa8n81.jpg)

Reminder: scrotes, even the gay ones, aren't your friends or allies

No. 1466942

Yeah that isn't a stretcher. It's pretty obviously just a wooden bench in the background.

No. 1466943

File: 1647230743033.png (17.95 KB, 725x185, Untitled.png)

it's not a cult but also any defectors should be shot in the head

No. 1466945

the faghags gonna be here soon to tell you that actually hsts troons are totes kewl and can pee in their bathrooms

No. 1466947

So a gay man is saying if he was "straight" he'd… choose a man? Shocking. lmao

Also enjoy your "custom coochie" >>1466900 hope you like your "beef" raw and still bleeding

No. 1466948

And this disgusting reaction is only because women want their sage spaces back.

No. 1466950

because they where picking him up by his clothes in what I assume was a way to reduce chances of bruising and hurting him. Troon was in a a stationary lying position on his stomach. Police first picked him up by the waist band of his jeggings and they rolled down so more police picked him up from his coat sleeves and such. Coat ended up ripping as well. jeggings rolled down. that photo was taken as they where moving him away from the tracks so they didn't have a chance to set him down and readjust his clothes.

It was a misguided attempt at being gentle cause they didnt want to bruise him buy yanking him up by his arms or something I'm guessing.

No. 1466953

gay men think that they've made their way into the patriarchy and don't need to pretend to be nice to women anymore

No. 1466957

How long until he troons out.

No. 1466958

It's still there in the DMS-5, They just changed the name bc stigma.

No. 1466960

I'm guessing he has not seen any photos or read any self-reported descriptions of the "custom coochie" to make such a bold claim.
Also sounds like a jailhouse gay incel, since when does a gay man have vagina preferences?

No. 1466962

Why are gay men such narcissists. I guess men in general

No. 1466967

I'm sure he'd be willing to suck on a FtM 'custom cock' to backup these claims

No. 1466968

He's described a regular gay man.

No. 1466969

As someone who has interests which unintentionally align with some stereotypical gay man interests (dolls, musicals, hairdressing, etc), this man is gay and has gay interests.
Behavior, appearance, clothing has nothing to do with sex, it is part of who you are, can reflect sexuality but not always, but you don't change gender on the spot because you like Yankee Candles and this all seems like conversion therapy. To insist any male with feminine, unconventional or gay interests must've been a girl all along! is bullshit.

No. 1466971

File: 1647232520999.jpeg (847.56 KB, 1422x1801, 6DE8F36B-3449-4479-A0D2-053762…)

Stole this from ovarit but it’s a work of art really.

No. 1466972

File: 1647232589588.png (2.93 MB, 1528x959, 534534543534453322.png)

No. 1466973

Hey, I got bingo! What's the prize?

No. 1466977

I get what you’re saying about ammo but women should also be allowed to physically defend themselves against men who are harassing them.

No. 1466979

A lifetime of banging your head against the wall and 500000 pics of axe wounds. I’ll have them waiting at the table for you.

No. 1466980

Fuck I didn't even think I was that tired but I totally read "nasck" as "nutsack".

No. 1466982

File: 1647233112272.jpeg (507.48 KB, 629x1099, 66897F1E-30F2-4388-9BCC-36827C…)

Holy fuck this is absolutely disgusting it doesn’t even look like a vagina

No. 1466983

count fistula

No. 1466984

is he wearing a fucking diaper

No. 1466985

It’s unreal because the majority of support that I see gay men get are from women, both straight and lesbian. I was watching a very obviously gay man unbox a mystery makeup box and his makeup was just… slightly below average? He only had eye makeup on and hadn’t shaved but every commenter was a female and yass queening him on. It’s so strange to me. Straight men would not support their gay counterparts to this extreme in all branches of media. Sage for offtopic

No. 1466986

what the fuck, that is so scary. Who reacts like this to people sharing their own stories of hardship? Males in the midst of a fetish/ sexual gratification lose all empathy and become psychotic and violence-craving. Trans ones are not immune to this phenomenon.

No. 1466987

Now that's one hell of a market failure.

No. 1466988

File: 1647233591547.png (620.89 KB, 1184x1304, YWNBAW 10.png)

No. 1466991

autism is one hell of a drug

No. 1466993

either he has never ever seen roast beef or I have never ever seen roast beef

No. 1466994

wow, if he goes any lower res, his chest hair might start passing as a boob crack shadow. Euphoria win!

No. 1466995

File: 1647233875469.jpg (251.33 KB, 1242x2208, touche.jpg)

Waiting for my mods to load, your turn

No. 1466997

I love roast beef. I wish I actually had a supply of roast beef in my pants. Then I could sneak a snack in the bathroom at work

No. 1467000

please anon this is so funny

No. 1467002

Is he trying to be Lady D?

No. 1467004

File: 1647234361080.jpg (113.16 KB, 413x395, 1644285681792.jpg)


No. 1467007

why did i fucking look at this dear god

No. 1467010

>rowling on the same level as troon rapists in women's prisons
>fujoshis/fanfiction on the same level as double mastectomies

No. 1467013

LMAOO I’m not calling him anything else from now on

No. 1467018

Maybe I'm too easily impressed or the bar is set so low at this point but I would mind troons a lot less if they operated with this mindset. The "trans" part is a massive degree of separation. They will not ever be exactly the same us us, but that's ok! You can have pride in your own unique identity, and have your own community full of people who have lived the same experiences as you. Cis women have not and will not live those same experiences, and are not the community turn to if you want to validate the "trans" part of your identity, you must find that within your own. It would be like the way trans communities were pre-Tumblr I guess.

No. 1467020

no i get it

i wouldn't give a shit about troons if they kept to themselves and didn't try to claim they were actual women who should get to access women's spaces and compete in women's sports

No. 1467021

He's giving me strong Cletus/Zeke vibes.

No. 1467022

File: 1647235987384.jpeg (685.71 KB, 1242x1592, 10C52A53-683A-4B6B-BD1E-800FF0…)

Lady T

Unrelated but I just saw this. Jesus Christ. What these freaks do willingly to their body will never ever compare to a woman’s sorrow of being unable to become a biological mother yet having this fucking rotten ass attitude when a women actually does what you wants, to confide in you as woman to woman? No, that’s not enough apparently. How the fuck can you say you want to be treated like one of the girls but never actually have those deep introspective conversations as women is further proof that you are men in wigs and dresses more obsessed with the idea of blood oozing out between your frankenvagina’s than the deeper meaning of it. An icon of femininity and womanhood, being able to become a mother to children.


The thread itself is just pathetic.

No. 1467023

>"I'm so sorry…"
I'll take "fake ass shit that never happened" for 1000, Alex. I'm feeling confident.

No. 1467024

it pisses me off because most of these men were able to have children but then decided to sterilize themselves with hormones and/or surgery

how is knowingly sterilizing yourself comparable to a woman not being able to have a child because of a medical condition?

No. 1467027

Victim mentality, imagine getting your feelings hurt because you want the dysphoria of a period but have never dealt with the physical pain and effects that cause a lot of women to voluntarily stop from getting it. All men are lucky to not have the risk of severe pain each month and I don’t care if it hurts their confused fucked up feelings, go stick ketchup up your ass or something

No. 1467028

Could you imagine being this fragile of a human being? Those “friends” should run far away

No. 1467029

very much on the same page tbh. No one deserves to be treated like shit for just existing.

But their safety shouldn't come at a price of ours. They will never have to deal with the real issues woman have to deal with just because of what gender we were born. Stop with the delusions, accept that they are different and work towards fixing their issues in their own separate spaces.

And maybe try to self police the depravity that seems to be the fucking norm amongst themselves. That would be fucking nice too.

No. 1467036

Yeah I hope OP never has any friends, what a psycho

No. 1467039

File: 1647239577642.jpeg (253.24 KB, 828x1516, 3A517B24-C9F5-407F-B414-7FC9D4…)

please get off my recommended

No. 1467042

Why does his asshole literally look like a maw

No. 1467050

Men get boners from the wind blowing on them, it doesn't mean anything. Fucking fetishitic creeps

No. 1467051

I'm thankful for the troon issue making it perfectly clear that leftist/feminist moids are just as misogynistic as right wing moids.

The only thing leftist men care about as far as women's liberation goes, is the ability of women to be public access sex dispenser.
If women protest for their own interests in any way they quickly turn into every other woman-hating scrote ever.

No. 1467057

Why do males cape for racial and transgender issues before anything related to actual biological women? I swear intersectional politics just gave leftist men language to express their misogyny without getting in trouble.

Is it just as simple as male solidarity? The only group of people in the world that doesn't include men are biological women.

No. 1467069

all males benefit from the subjugation of women

they have a lot more to lose from women gaining rights than they do from any other group doing so because if women gain rights they might not want to spend their lives doing emotional, domestic and sexual labor for males anymore

that's a scary thought for all males, regardless of their politics

No. 1467071

Yes. Men don't have empathy for women as an oppressed group at all. Very common to see men who are genuinely against racism being incapable to extend the same thought processes to sexism. Example: many moids will be a-OK with religion-based/culture-based sexism but ask them if they'd be ok with it if there was a religious justification to racism and watch them incoherently babble that it's not the same.

No. 1467072

Because most men see women as walking fleshlights and not people. Leftist men care about activism that pertains to biological men so you'll see them say twaw but never tmam. The only time they care about women's rights is if it's the right become a prostitute or onlyfans whore because men get the benefit of sexual gratification.

No. 1467079

Or, to put it a slightly-different way, if you point out a religion that's so blatantly sexist like Islam, and they agree fervently. But if you then point out the exact same shit in Judaism and Christianity, they sperg.

No. 1467081

the men who cape for these people are not actually leftists. it's incompatible with leftism

No. 1467082

Men see women as a resource due to their reproductive capability and tradition of domestic labour. Men do not see other men as a resource. Their is no country that is 90% women the way there are for different races. I'm always thinking of women first because no one else save women will, and women don't compose 90% of most governments in any equal, let alone majority way.

No. 1467084

They're leftists as in leftism is popular and they want to be liked to be more socially successful, but do not actually hold the beliefs, same with right moids who have mostly right moid friends that ree about traditionalism but do not live traditionally because it doesn't accept pornsickness, having no job, and general hedonism. Not that being a tradfag is good, but they could atleast embody their morals.

No. 1467086

No. 1467088

Because racism can affect men, not misogyny. Your mistake was thinking theres a certain political stance that gives men empathy toward women

No. 1467089

where is leftism popular? like in these circles specifically of trannery? yes. in general? no not really.

No. 1467092

Not pro-women leftism, but anti-racism and hating anti-semites, etc. And yes, leftism like this is popular in most first world countries.

No. 1467095

If leftism wasn't popular their would be no such thing as being cancelled. Instead it would be like it is in more right-leaning countries, like getting fired for being seen as a 'degenerate', no matter how actually degen it is, like in korea or japan women idols being cancelled for having romantic relationships for being seen as not pure.

No. 1467111

I'm remembering this poll taken about progressive issues and feminism was the least popular by a long shot. I think men just hate women's freedom because it disadvantages them the most. Almost all civilizations are built on the foundation of women's oppression, however it's expressed. Men have little empathy for women. It' not a wonder to me why men mutate actual women's liberation with intersectional libfeminism whenever they get the chance to weigh in. It's just their way of eroding our rights covertly and without criticism. To men, feminism is about women having the "freedom" to be sexually exploited, and having their spaces invaded by men.

No. 1467112

hating anti-semites is not a left wing position

No. 1467114

They do! KF (even though 90% of the users can eat shit) threads move so fast now too. More and more people are done with trannies. The girls are peaking!!

No. 1467117

Cope, it definitely is. Not all rightists are anti-semite, but it's accepted or expressed by right leaning fags more often. Look at fagfarms where they ree about jews ruining the world.

No. 1467118

have you ever heard of the Republican party

No. 1467121

File: 1647247102551.jpg (1.17 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220314-043246_Red…)

It's the background that seals this for me kek.
Love this summary. Thanks anon.

No. 1467122

Republican voters are more often anti-semite then democrats. I vote right leaning at the moment, but it's obvious. Look at the recent Loui Theroux documentary where they interviewed Feuntes and shit. Cope harder. Obviously a lurker got triggered. Why not denying the racism?

No. 1467124

when you say "leftism", you're being hyperbolic. anyways, coca cola supporting troons isn't leftism or something. and centrist political parties supporting troons who are also raking in cash from the pathologizing of perfectly healthy peoples is also not leftism
why would you vote right leaning?

No. 1467125

Current left is pushing for troons in my country. I have to balance reproductive freedom of control over my own body and the threat of rape, men in womens prisons, erasure of single sex spaces, sex based protections, etc. It's not a leftist belief, that was never said, but it is being pushed by the left. 'Hyperbolic' kek. This isn't some internet debate tard.

No. 1467126

NAYRT but my country is currently run by a party called “far right” by leftists. They legalised gay marriage, allow abortion up to full-term in certain cases, created ‘equality’ laws, have legalised no-fault divorce, have extensive welfare policies, and pay for ‘gender reassignment’ on our nationalised healthcare service. Sage for polisperg, but left/right dichotomy is meaningless in liberal-democratic countries and idk why so many are still married to the idea that The Ebil Right are woman’s biggest problem when that’s clearly not the case.

No. 1467128

Shut the fuck up moid

No. 1467132

File: 1647249727275.jpg (228.27 KB, 1080x955, IMG_20220314_112010.jpg)

Are men really that stupid and coombraind or is this a troll. How can you not tell the fuckig difference.

No. 1467133

>political comment makes you a moid
Solid point anon, as ofc only men think about politics

No. 1467135

File: 1647249875799.png (49.69 KB, 702x512, Untitled.png)

This is pretty disturbing. Imagine your husband secretly grooming your child into being a miserable freak.
The comments are pretty bad as well: https://www.reddit.com/r/TransLater/comments/tdj06s/sad_and_frustrated_i_hurt_for_me_i_hurt_for_my/

"My approach in the same situation was to take baby steps, one at a time. My first step was to start wearing panties. She viewed it more as a kink and even bought me a few sexy pair. Six months later I bought a lacy night gown. After a year or so, I started throwing out my older male underwear. After two years, I no longer owned male underwear.

Small baby steps allow the wife to slowly accept the person you are becoming."

No. 1467136

a lot of men only see gender expression (which is the reason why they ask lesbians who date butches why they don't "just go for a real man")

so to them, if someone has long hair and makeup that = them being a woman

No. 1467137

"I'm used to vaginas"
No you're not, moids even smell differently due to rotting testosterone, if you're used to vaginas you would be able to even feel that's not a woman. Men are so stupid. Got luck getting your Dick wet and hearing that monster moan, I guess.

No. 1467143

little boys dont deserve anything good so im not even mad kek more and more moids should castrate themselves

No. 1467144

This is fucking terrifying. They HATE detrans people so much for simply realizing they were wrong and working through trauma to heal and love their own bodies. These are people who were IN the trans community as their friends and allies, but the second they choose to heal they get kicked out with threats of violence and murder. Many detrans people still advocate FOR trans rights and just say that they themselves were mistaken, but that's not even enough for trans people. You need to blindly support everything they say and do, or die.

Not a single detrans person I've seen hasn't had a severe mental illness and/or trauma such sexual abuse that led to them transitioning in the first place. Trans people are so filled with hate, jealously and self-loathing… that it actually makes them dangerous.

No. 1467145

the cock would be a bigger clue.

No. 1467146

File: 1647251152050.jpeg (913.58 KB, 3341x2107, 4F64FC6E-1F89-4DBE-AE4E-C0A985…)

kek at "tell me I'm a girl in the comments" they are so pathetic they rely on strangers false validation because for the FIRST time women and young girls can see on screen a movie openly talk about periods and parts of womanhood and to these troons it’s just another reminder of what they are not and never will be. women really can't have anything for ourselves. also note how it’s once again “girl” and never “woman”, absolutely disgusting.

No. 1467147

File: 1647251557660.jpeg (85.39 KB, 600x794, F407AA04-0750-4480-9707-12E5A9…)


No. 1467148

It says “allow abortion UP TO FULL-TERM in some cases”. Abortions are legal and paid for by our nationalised healthcare service also. Americans have been a disaster for political discourse, none of you are capable of thinking outside the Republican-Democrat pairing

No. 1467149

File: 1647252253680.png (181.7 KB, 354x246, emily.png)

The UK is even famous for drag comedy, see for example Little Britain's Emily Howard "I'm a lady"-skit. Troons can not argue in good faith that this is transphobic unless they think all drag is transphobic, and most of them can't risk that since transvestites have always been a large part of trans people, and most trans and enby women looove drag.

No. 1467150

The difference is that drag is almost exclusively performed by LGBTQ performers, and drag comedy is usually done by straight ~yt~ men. Matt Lucas from Little Britain is gay and I’m pretty sure he apologised for that skit in picrel

No. 1467153

File: 1647253775716.png (748.96 KB, 1112x1224, reddit.png)

Lmao redditors calling a troon transphobic for saying he loves transwomen but hates cis women.

No. 1467154

Samefag, his twitter is twitter.com/governmentrape, this tweet was posted in a past mtf thread

No. 1467156

He had to beg for forgiveness for that right? Sad, since those skits are very accurate even today lol

No. 1467157

"oozing liquid"??? It's literally just pre-cum, dude. Why do they have to make everything sound so fucking disgusting for no fucking reason?

No. 1467158

so they have no problem with a moid wanting to violently punish women for existing???

No. 1467159

According to a quick google search he apologised, and then went back to doing it again lmao based if that's true

The same show makes fun of fat people, gay people, disabled people, mentally disabled people, men with small dicks etc they literally take the piss out of everyone and at no point did I ever feel it actually attacked those groups of people, despite me belonging to some of those groups. I'm not even one to think mean humour is funny, but I still think this show is funny.

Even if it wasn't funny, I stand by the right of comedy to make light of serious topics. Comedy is something you choose to consume, it's not for everyone. Just like watching horror movies where people violently torture others to death isn't for everyone either.

No. 1467160

File: 1647255350970.png (20.09 KB, 2066x224, pissingonjkrsgrave.png)

I can barely keep pace with their screeching on trans reddit anymore, let alone keep up with their other socials and keep pace with this and the KF tranny sideshow thread. It's gotta a good sign. Although I do miss being able to keep up.

No. 1467175

File: 1647256780963.jpeg (346.62 KB, 1242x2208, 5322C699-92A8-4B0A-ACE6-10D819…)

I won’t give up, nonnie.

No. 1467181

This is why the biggest chad move is to talk about your period whenever it’s relevant, I don’t care anymore about what anyone could think of my biological reality, if my belly hurts because of my period I will talk about it because it’s the truth, and everyone else should do the same.

No. 1467183

men including troons being uncomfortable when women talk about their women specific issues, that's their problem not ours

the same troons will openly talk about their euphoria fetish boner in public

No. 1467184

Lmao at this video

No. 1467186

File: 1647258646675.jpeg (104.59 KB, 828x696, 0BA3CA8E-AAC4-4E3F-B7DE-93CBC3…)

Crept on this tranny’s posts and am not surprised to find this shit

No. 1467187

File: 1647258677592.jpeg (213.49 KB, 828x1394, C17F6B24-CF58-4CC1-BC31-C41E8E…)

No. 1467188

File: 1647258810176.jpeg (316.35 KB, 828x1447, 88512FEC-CE1B-408D-8257-48CAB0…)

Here he is in r/teenagers discussing william Thomas having an unfair advantage with a fifteen year old who has more common sense than he ever will. I wonder how old this troon is

No. 1467192

This should be the next thread pic, amazing.

No. 1467193

In abusive people, there's this thing called an "extinction burst." I'm hoping this is the same thing. White men in dresses are realizing that the game is up and women are clued into what a farce this all is.

Right now they're desperately trying to preserve this- just like a cult. Unlike cults, they can't send people to kill escapees, so they're trying to discredit them and make detransitioners kill themselves by taking away their support network. But detransitioners are growing in number, and more importantly? They're speaking out.

The TRAs are desperately trying to discredit critics- that's why they're trying to make JKR out to be antisemitic, anti-asian. They NEED to discredit her with something unrelated to troonism, that's how their tactics work. Make the target racist, then quietly attach "and transphobic!" They figured this out because libfems are bleeding hearts and the whole purity spiral thing they do.

But JKR is getting support from women that AREN'T libfems. The troons have a tight leash on libfems but these other shitty women AREN'T libfems. They're not collapsing into a pile of apologies. And they're growing in number. And many of them aren't white.

Meanwhile, their degenerate retards are prancing around, spewing actual misogyny. Libfems are retarded, but even they won't let a "white cis man" tell women to shut up withou a second thought. Even that cracks a doubt in the "be kind" 5 inch thick skull of libfem women.

This is my prediction:

The white troons who didn't get SRS are going to start quietly detransitioning. I expect to see a lot of troon twitter accounts just quietly… disappear. These white troons will jump right back over to the right as their "cis" man selves, except even more vicious. They hate women first and foremost after all. MRAs and incelcore are going to come back hard and fast after this and people will be so burnt out from the "left" troons they won't even realize these are the exact same people.

Depending on the sex, troons who got SRS have two paths. Males will kill themselves. There IS a slight chance of many of them overcompensating, finding religion, and jumping over to the right, vagene pocket and all. They'll blame "liberal women" for supporting their delusions and become more blatantly misogynistic. The right will excuse this behavior because these men are so "tragic" even though they did this to themselves. Think "turning the friggin' frogs gay" except "the left is turning men into fags!"

Female troons will mostly detransition. They'll make support groups like they currently do and have their own little community of similarly scarred people. Many of them won't recover because they won't get help for what caused them to transition in the first place. A handful of female troons will stay "men" and shriek about trans rights but will slowly and surely be ignored more than they already are.

And democrat politicians will just pretend this never happened. AOC will one day just stop talking about trannies and go back to saying "women." They'll just stop talking about trannies all at once, and let these retarded bills get booted out by the groups against them. Instead, they'll hyper focus on how racist and misogynistic the right is, to threaten the coloreds and women back to the left. See a lot of abortion panic happening in the next 5 years.

No. 1467194

I felt bad for kristin at first because I actually liked her on buzzfeed years ago when i used to watch her fashion videos on repeat as motivation to lose weight but after watching more of her recent videos and seeing what an insufferable self victimizing sjw stereotype she's become (i know she was on buzzfeed but I swear she wasn't like this before. or maybe she just didn't show it) I see that they are made for each other

No. 1467196

>listening to some true crime stuff
>they're talking about a female killer
>see the photo
>it's a dude who started being a woman in jail

fucking hell

No. 1467198

How does Kristin not die from embarrassment every day. Openly supporting her disgusting AGP husband who wants to live his kink 24/7

No. 1467202

kek did you see this? the level of delusion & cope in this video is just killing me. skip to 6:45

No. 1467203

You know what’s funny? They do all of this shit to make their boys look like girls, and they think that giving them hormones and chopping their body parts will make them look like other girls and then grow up as women.
But boys are clearly different from girls, it’s not that difficult to notice, even if you put a wig on a boy and a dress, he will have the face of a boy.
This whole thing is just so worthless, they do all of these things, mentally scarring their children just got a fetish.

No. 1467205

File: 1647261741130.gif (1012.51 KB, 400x225, 1585861352012.gif)

>people thought we were dating instead of siblings
>she avoided me to avoid misunderstandings and rumors
>which makes my sister the weirdo, not me
>by the way, I'm pissed that my sister isn't obsessed with my genitals! I wish she's think and talk to me about my penis all the time
>reminder that she's the weirdo, not me! I'm a victim pls feel bad for me uwu

No. 1467209

File: 1647262326823.png (53.23 KB, 597x567, crazyyyyyyyyy.png)

go take your antipsychotics, bro

No. 1467210

I don't believe this for a second.

No. 1467213

that bpd-liner on those three

No. 1467214

sage for off-topic but I forgot Snape was supposed to be young since Alan Rickman as Snape is just so iconic.

No. 1467215

This makes it sound like he created rumors that they were dating and I bet he did

No. 1467216

Heyyy very rude, I have BPD and can't do makeup at all! #notallbpds!!

No. 1467217

Sage for a bit of blogpost, but I'm actually disabled and being babied makes me feel so weird, but at least I qualify for some financial aid and wtf??
To think about moids wanting to actively take my place and using it for points is disgusting, I love my abled female friends and I wish them the best, thinking that they don't think less of me would be a shocker to him.
Also autistic and plural my ass, the guy is just bipolar.

No. 1467219

i'm sure all the girls who are killed at birth or have their genitals mutilated will be happy to know they have no fucking idea what oppression is

only hatsune with his made-up mental illnesses knows true opression

No. 1467220

White gays are beyond annoying, they love inserting themselves in women's business because they like cock, and now they have the audacity to think they can talk about female genitals like it's any of their business or like they're experts in the topic kek. I know a guy irl just like that who would post similar shit, I blocked him on social media.

No. 1467229

Didn't she say in a video that one of the first things her husband said to her was that the was a chubby chaser and that's what attracted him?

He already had no filter and she already had no self respect. The fact he decided to larp 24/7 as his fetish and she just accepts it isn't so surprising.

No. 1467231

Also, white gays love to talk about them in terms like "bitches" "whore" and such, almost as they're like infinitely envious of us who can, apparently, because that's what we are in their eyes, gross

No. 1467234

what are other good images like this for peaking people?

No. 1467235

Oldest profession is probably being a trader. Or maybe a farmer. Oldest profession being prostitution is some shit made up by misogynists.

No. 1467236

File: 1647264892483.jpg (84.65 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Nonita, your post reminded me of my seething when I saw this scene where the brave transwoman Laverne Cox explains women's anatomy to the silly wimminz

No. 1467238

You would NEVER hear a male leftist say to a black man criticizing women to "go back to the cotton fields", or anything similar to any other minority. Why are men SO QUICK to unleash their misogyny as soon as women dare to defend themselves as a group?

You'll also never see a leftist man use transphobia to insult a tranny in defense of women. If they see trannies insulting or harassing women they'll never call him an ogre in a dress. No, they'll shame the women he's insulting in case they might get too terfy.

Males, no matter their political affiliation, are misogynists. They can't see us as people, let alone people worthy of defending.

No. 1467239

File: 1647265005822.jpg (103.76 KB, 680x340, 1646939430520.jpg)

I posted this one on my very public art account for maximum reach, kek

No. 1467240

100% this, do these fuckers think mens first thought was actually paying women in pre-money times rather than just straight up raping them

No. 1467241

Never buying adidas again. I'm sticking with filas

No. 1467247

I wish i didnt know this existed.

No. 1467248

I remember when the KF megathread was called "Trannies of Reddit" or something like that, it was a bit buried compared to other threads and they were way more lenient about troon shit, how times have changed.

No. 1467254


Wtf is this. Men are stone cold committed to hating women and rock solid in their solidarity with other men over it.

And women see a misogynist troon, being carried by cops and assume it was the cops fault this fool's clothes was coming off. Instead of like maybe this idiot was struggling, because he's clearly fucked in the head, and that's why his clothes came off. And why do you think the cops were carrying this tranny in the first place. Because he wasn't cooperative, so he was probably struggling.

Like where in the world do cops strip people in public? Cops are horrible but public stripping of people is not the kind of horrible behavior they engage in.

I swear to god, women falling all over themselves give the benefit of the doubt to even tranny moids who was assaulting women is fucking depressing. Goddamn.

Anyway, according to the twitter of one of the women who got hit with a milkshake, this degen wasn't prosecuted, just given some kind of bullshit warning.

No. 1467255

You just know the men who so desperately want a period for their perverted fantasies are the same ones who gave their female middle school peers the most shit for having them.

No. 1467258

I can't believe this trash was ever popular at some point. Fuck all my former tumblr friends for even recommending me this abomination. Even if this fag were a gynecologist I wouldn't listen to him, I know he's a fictional character but just the thought of it makes me puke.

No. 1467259

Derailing a sec but wasn’t it her that said the thing about how you’re being fatphobic if someone offers you a piece of cake at work and you decline? I never liked her but that was the icing on the cake, so to speak.

No. 1467261

wasn't that virgie tovar? or is this a common thing to say?

No. 1467263

You may be terfs and whores but id cum on your faces(tranny)

No. 1467264

did we post your selfie from /r/transpassing or something, moid?

No. 1467265

OP is so right though (the woman quoted). The instant you’re born as a female people just start taking and taking and taking little pieces of you away, the older you get the worse it gets. You can have a good childhood but there will be men already viewing you through a perverted sexual lens like vultures waiting. You’ll be required to provide emotional labor to everyone around you, aid your aging parents because your male relatives won’t, forced to pick and prod and be made to feel uncomfortable in your body until you finally just say no more. That’s the reality of societal womanhood.

No. 1467266

Oh my bad I think you’re right. I got them confused.

No. 1467268

Don’t give them attention. Just report.

No. 1467273

I know what you’re saying, but many women in these threads have outright admitted they have an issue with showing people, men especially, instant empathy, bc it’s so ingrained. Sometimes it’s about self-preservation bc they fear what men will do if they don’t, sometimes they really just want to find good in someone because seeing people treated a certain way tugs at their heartstrings or whatever. I think the cops being involved adds another layer. Don’t get mad at the women who do this and have said they’re trying to unlearn the behavior that’s been socialized into them their entire lives though. I think your anger is obviously justifiable but I also think a thread where women who’ve already been burnt so badly by men isn’t really the place to take it out on them. And honestly, wrt the cops stripping the guy accidentally or not, I’m sure there are some shitty power hungry ones who would do it intentionally. Troon or not, that’s kind of fucked bc if they’ll do it to a man they’ll do it to you too.

No. 1467275

Tell us where the evil lolcow posted ur face, moid

No. 1467276

It’s tempting to engage with these psychos nonnie, and you’re probably correct, but it’s best to just ignore and report xx

No. 1467277

Don't reply and just report. He's looking for attention above all else. Giving him exactly what he wants won't discourage anything.

No. 1467278

Mmmm, good point. Deleted.

No. 1467279

love that these threads are moving faster but ew @ the increase of scrotes paying us a visit

No. 1467280

calls himself a heterosexual man but will have sex with a dick. why can't he admit he is gay or bi. guys will truly fuck anything if they pretend it's a woman - their pillows, pies, fleshlights

No. 1467285

ahhahaahahahhaaha drop and give me 20 pronouns real

No. 1467287


No. 1467298

What was the response?

No. 1467300

File: 1647270536567.png (629.68 KB, 637x849, kawaii anime girl uguuu.png)

Was the deleted comment just the standard rape and death threaths? Maybe a bit of that "terf breeding" fetish sprinkled in?

No. 1467302

These threads always makes me question my experiences with "cis" moids. Any way you slice it, they say the same things but in different ways. My last bf was a coomer addicted to porn. I had no idea but a huge red flag that I should've picked up on was the fact that he couldn't stop talking about femininity and he brought it up everytime I did anything. Comments on my "soft" body and long hair, nails and feet. Like to the point where it was creepy. But one thing that "disgusted' him to no end was periods and ovulation, like he got mad at the fact that I had them and that I was experiencing mood swings, cravings, that I was taking care of myself and that I wanted some support. I took it as him being a regular misogynist. Looking back, he sounds exactly like these coping troons and there was always an air of jealousy. My new bf is not like this at all. Whenever I get my period he is there for me and he never makes weird comments about my body or how "feminine" i am. He actually likes me as a person.

No. 1467305

Yes exactly that! you've got their AI down to a science nonny

No. 1467309

File: 1647271240929.png (4.94 MB, 1170x2532, 85FB1803-033E-4021-A004-C4D932…)

I am shocked, truly. How surprising

No. 1467310

File: 1647271329528.jpg (30.49 KB, 540x539, 1503158128296312836-img1.jpg)

Sorry if it was already posted, but the more time he spends on Twitter, the bigger a brainlet he becomes.

No. 1467311

File: 1647271407160.jpg (38.51 KB, 438x585, metatroon.JPG)

The one where he called another old fart a fossil was funny lol

No. 1467312

Fuck this faggot, he admitted to liking to being molested as a kid. Pederast mother fucker

No. 1467313


Yup, this was her most popular vid. Features her boyfriend pre-transition where she talks about how he fetishizes fat women.

No. 1467314

File: 1647271538168.jpg (790.63 KB, 1930x1079, tiny troon.jpg)

Dude looks like he's about to burst into Tiptoe Through the Tulips kek

No. 1467315

Girls, how do I peak a friend? She wasn't really interesed in this type of stuff, but since she left her boyfriend, she became lgbtpilled, defined herself as nonbinary, getting a binder and then never using it because "I'm not ashamed of my body!!" while refusing her female identity, she just retweeted a twitter troon post that said "Radfems only see women as a walking vaginas since they don't consider transwomen women."
She's really confused, and I mean REALLY and since she had many problems, I don't want her to go into bad territories only for coping. I wish she coped in taking the fempill.

No. 1467316

When did he say that?

No. 1467317

why do they always pose as they shat themselves, smh
At least try to be graceful, moidette

No. 1467320

File: 1647272160817.png (1.04 MB, 2160x1014, image (1).png)

No. 1467322

File: 1647272292111.webm (1018.42 KB, 360x640, kikomi.webm)

Found a new board for you nonnies

No. 1467324

I'd like to know too, because that's fucking disgusting but also unsurprising.
There was a time I would have felt some pity for his pathetic situation. That's dead and gone now. You get what you fucking deserve.

No. 1467326

>Posting a full sized chessboard

No. 1467330

File: 1647272597890.jpg (29.74 KB, 503x503, FAWCAMtXEAIaxhu.jpg)

too real for this early in the morning nonnie

No. 1467331

This should be printed and put up in every hospital, by I also stand by the doctors, to ruin their lives and also ruining them financially for it, they're heroes.

No. 1467333

I feel like I dodged a bullet by never watching this shit.

No. 1467335

File: 1647273144128.jpg (430.57 KB, 1080x1203, 41%inc.jpg)

Sure is magical huh

No. 1467336

should just have gotten a haircut and lost some weight

No. 1467339

Looks like that dude who got ps to look korean

No. 1467340

I think the TIMs will definitely thin out but troonism has been documented back to the 1800s and definitely isnt going away. It’ll just become less popular

No. 1467342

I hate it so much when these men claim to get gender dysphoria from women mentioning their periods, and even when they talk about them being upset over not being able to have children. They collectively forget that they COULD have had children but forced themselves to be sterile, for them to not experience pregnancy is normal and how male 'science' works but when it's that way for a woman it means she has some disease or what not, for her to be in such a position isn't normal. It's always about men's feelings, even when this doesn't affect them. It's frustrating because am I supposed to validate you and be happy my body isn't functioning as it's meant to? How is that fair to me?

No. 1467346

good one, fanny_traggot, you owned the terves

No. 1467349

I love how he is like "trans is so magical!" while his twitter name is literally "im depressed af" lol

No. 1467350

No, the deleted post was my post where I was engaging in argument with the scrote about troons all being violent rapists. The scrote's original posts are still available but the deleted one was my own chimp out.

No. 1467359

File: 1647275135064.png (989.04 KB, 1108x1308, george takei.png)

Here are a couple articles I found! One is on the Howard Stern Show website itself and the other compares George Takei's views to Milo yiannopoulos. Isn't it kinda funny that molestation, pedophiles, trannies, gay shit and furries all overlap? Like if it was a venn diagram, it would be one big circle.

No. 1467363

File: 1647275296774.jpg (372.81 KB, 720x1235, 20220314_112751.jpg)

No. 1467364

File: 1647275316988.png (235.46 KB, 536x295, lol.png)

im sorry but when she finished asking her question and the camera flips to an offended looking tranny i lost my shit. This is great comedy.

No. 1467365


Sage for very OT but you mentioned Milo Yianoppolous. I found out he now identifies as a "reformed sodomite" and created a conversation therapy center for gay men.

No. 1467366

99% of anti-semites are republican

No. 1467368

holy shit, that's news to me. i don't follow milo so i'll look into that. weird shit

No. 1467369

File: 1647275502828.jpg (130.56 KB, 540x752, tumblr_0697c3c298cc73ac4193360…)

Just passing by to post this. No one here is surprised I know

No. 1467374

Sage for non-contribution, but do any of you nonitas have a link to the study about how paraphilias overlap with transgenderism? I'm in the middle of peaking someone and it would be really useful.

No. 1467380

Something about him getting a neovag before anything else is hilarious to me.

No. 1467381


No. 1467382

I swear all those flags are made by pedos. I know the Gay bear flag was invented by convicted pedofile

No. 1467387

what percentage is he at now? Is he 35%? how close to the 41%?

No. 1467389

File: 1647276622745.jpg (338.22 KB, 720x940, 20220314_114953.jpg)

Why they all do the same shitty eyeliner??

No. 1467390

Didn't know this stupid grandpa was a doctor. Oh wait, no he isn't.

No. 1467393

Alright, let's see this fucking faggot argue that breast implants and facial surgeries should be covered by insurance companies and taxpayers for normal people just like it is for troons. Oh wait, he'd only cape for those willing to get their dicks shitty. Not surprised.

No. 1467398

File: 1647277226850.jpeg (949.29 KB, 1170x1722, 253207B5-752B-4EF4-9EAC-D03A14…)

He looks actually retarded kek
Also, unrelated, but Jamie Lee Curtis' son is a furry troon? Sorry if this has been discussed before

No. 1467399

File: 1647277230207.jpg (44.12 KB, 1000x750, MV5BMjUwODY2MWYtNzZmYi00NTcyLT…)

This is so….like ugh it is like a Portlandia sketch but sincere….
LUL you ain't wrong. Tiny Tim was a femme guy in the 50s which was hell, had a teenage male lover while in his 30s, he was a giant perverted degenerate and he knew it…attracted primarily to virginal female youths and coped by being ultra religious…but only fit in with the flower children bohemian types…all checks out eh

No. 1467403

Same, kek, at least make the tranny go without makeup or minimal makeup instead of the whole drag race look. Isn’t he sick? How could anyone feeling sick enough to go to the hospital dress up that much? It looks more like a skit for SNL rather than something to create awareness for a group of people that are supposedly getting murdered left and right every second.
They could’ve even pretended that he was at the hospital because he tried to kill himself after his rot pocket popped some stitches while dilating for the 5th time of the day, it would’ve been more realistic.

No. 1467407

File: 1647277805917.jpg (51.82 KB, 612x408, cow-legs-hooves-closeup-big-ad…)

the shoes make him look like he's got hooves. way to live up to your title, cow!

No. 1467408

Even by that definition, he isn’t a woman lol

No. 1467409

anon, that's the late 60s or possibly even the early 70s. nobody looked like that in the 50s

No. 1467411

I'm saying that's when he started to present that way. You're correct about the pictures timeframe

No. 1467412

File: 1647278204352.jpg (210.85 KB, 630x774, if only you knew how bad thing…)

I'm not sure you really needed to see this…

No. 1467413

… why does he look exactly like kristin's husband

No. 1467414

I think it’s kind of telling how a lot of gay men “found out” they were gay after being molested as children, I wonder if there are any studies looking into that phenomenon

No. 1467416

I'm betting her son is going to be exposed for grooming teenagers in a year or two.

No. 1467417

meant to reply to >>1467359

No. 1467421

Begone, Scrote. Rape and perversion is a male problem, not a same-sex attraction one. It’s not women on the headlines busted on pedophile rings or doing degenerate shit on fursuit. It’s not women who are invading men’s sports to satisfy their validation fetish. Take responsibility about your defective Y chromosome.

No. 1467424

It’s literally only applied to male gays in both those posts what are you on? I don’t think lesbianism comes from csa at all (because women don’t molest children only men do), but there’s a pattern between male gays that can’t be denied.

No. 1467425

NTA but how did you get "scrote" from these posts?

No. 1467428

I'm honestly starting to believe that way. I've had a lot of gay friends through the years who aren't predators, but many admitted to being molested. I think it makes men more perverted and degenerate, while when it happens to women, we become gay to attempt to repel men or troon out to opt out on being a women (ellen page for example). Violent misogyny is to blame.
I feel like we can blame the ancient Greeks or whoever inspired them, for the hatred of women. They practiced pederasty and it was normal for adult men to be in romantic relationships with young boys. Two adult men together was perverted and unbalanced for the dynamics that were allowed back then. No wonder gays support transwomen, they absolutely fucking hate real women. Aristotle didn't even believe women were fully human.
>“Altercatio Ganimedis et Helene” or the debate of Helene and Ganymede, in which Ganymede said, “the slippery thighs of a boy is far more superior to the stink and gaping looseness of the female cave”

No. 1467431

File: 1647279352064.jpg (347.2 KB, 1080x1010, Screenshot_20220314-133116_Twi…)

This profile makes me so beyond thankful for my body. The only thing that stops me from feeling bad for him is knowing how deep his sexual degeneracy and misogyny runs

No. 1467432

Quit it with your black and white thinking, you lack reading comprehension.
>>1467425 >>1467424
these anons get it.

No. 1467434

Because males have caveman brows and almost always have hooded eyes. Hooded eyes require special eyeliner techniques that moids are too stupid to learn

No. 1467438

Because moids process everything through their dicks first and foremost. Anything tied to a strong emotion or trauma usually becomes a fetish for them.

No. 1467439

>”The Jews are mindful of holy wedlock, / and they do not engage in impious intercourse with male children, / as do Phoenicians, Egyptians and Romans, / spacious Greece and many nations of other, / Persians and Galatians and all Asia, transgressing. / the holy law of immortal God, which they transgressed . /”
Based ancient Jews. And you’re entirely right in your statements anon, that’s how pederasty managed to stay in ancient greece and spread to other cultures, because it created a cycle where the boys who were sexually abused passed the abuse onto other boys once they were men and so on and so on, literally proving that molestation leads to a cycle that creates (male, so i don’t get called a scrote) homosexuality. I’m sure it’s not the same for most same sex attracted men but it’s clear it’s a good chunk of them.
>There is an abundance of data suggesting that male homosexuals and paedophiles report having experienced more sexual abuse (however defined) in childhood (CSA) than do heterosexual controls.

No. 1467440

It’s probably a joke

No. 1467441


No. 1467443

You know these "based ancient Jews" also say it's ok to rape female toddlers.

No. 1467445

Off topic but I have sunken hollow eyes and never bothered with eyeliner. What techniques are you referring to?

No. 1467446

Yeah, nothing quite as based as the ancient Jews and their metzitzah b'peh

No. 1467448

NTA but look up “batwing eyeliner” I have hooded eyes and it’s the only technique that works for me. Sage for makeup talk.

No. 1467463

Must be black magic then kek

No. 1467466

Some will say that since women call themselves and each others "bitches", "sluts", "hoes", etc. either to reclaim slurs typically used against us, to make sarcastic jokes or to make self-depreciative jokes, and since gay men are in touch with their feminine side or some shit, gay men can also use these words for themselves and against us. It's pure bullshit imo but hey, what do I know. Azealia was right when she said that if men can call her all sort of sexist slurs she should be allowed to call them faggots whenever she wants, I support her for that.

That mentality is also why they think they should be allowed to tell us to stfu when we say we don't want gorilla looking men in our restrooms, changing rooms, shelters, etc. It's not JUST because they relate to troons because they're LGBT, it's also because they think they're a group close enough to women to tell us what to do.

No. 1467468

Tbh as someone with sunken hooded eyes I don’t care if it makes me less “feminine” to not wear makeup. I think I still look cute without it.

No. 1467470

File: 1647281861759.png (97.56 KB, 802x541, AA0LRvv.png)

lmao, it's uncanny.

No. 1467472

File: 1647281918867.jpg (462.32 KB, 828x885, IMG_4539.jpg)


No. 1467474

>Based ancient Jews.
Given how their shitty Abrahamic religion influenced the western world to become extremely sexist in specific ways for several centuries until now, no they're not based. They're the reason why we have to deal with crazy Muslims who honor kill their daughters for showing their ankle and pedophile Catholics who are literally protected by the pope himself now.

No. 1467476

I would like to quote the mom in >>1466864

No. 1467479

exactly, what's the point of neovaginas, if not used for being cumbags? Nothing else, since they cannot replicate a vagina. God I love seeing them coping and then being victim of chasers, that's the closest they will ever feel as a woman: sex objects and weird fetishes

No. 1467481

It's worse. They consider marriage an exchange of sex for resources. They create a society where women are only allowed to rely on men and then blame women for it lmao. Truely psychopathic. And now that we can support ourselves we're ruined western whores and they buy brides from foreign countries who are forced into the old dynamic. It's the oldest profession because it's all they see us as good for.

No. 1467482

the way he talks and moves actually makes me feel nauseous. i cant tell if its the autism or because hes trying so hard and over thinking?? it really makes me uncomfortable.

No. 1467483

File: 1647282810402.jpg (355.1 KB, 1080x2022, Screenshot_20220314-112951_Twi…)

This is a reply to that thread. The fact that they don't see how insane this is is mind boggling. They willingly did this to themselves

No. 1467485

mental illness, perversion, degeneracy

No. 1467488

He sounds like Virgil Texas

No. 1467489

Cackling imagining their rancid wound snapping a dilator in half. Fucking freak shows. Thank god these people are unable to procreate.

No. 1467493

File: 1647283466589.jpg (248.25 KB, 720x1291, hermionethehandmaiden.jpg)

I can't believe I used to be a big fan of hers. Like, JK hasn't said anything mean about her afaik ? Real feminism is about uplifting your fellow FEMALES Emma, not scrotes in dresses. Also right after starring in Return to Hogwarts, this is just so fucking low.

No. 1467495

>what’s the fucking point??
Good question. Maybe you should have asked that before you permanently mutilated yourself, doomed to live a life devoid of sexual satisfaction but filled with pain and regret

No. 1467497

she's always been a talentless and ugly. there's a reason she doesn't get work even with all her childhood fame. she's THAT bad at acting. she sounds asthmatic for all her line readings

No. 1467498

Not surprising at all. She's just one of those privileged feminists.

No. 1467499

remember when she was in the panama papers?

this terf remembers

No. 1467501

she high-key ruined little women

No. 1467502

They can stay the fuck away. Make your own damn groups.

Sage for the blogpost but I used to be in a womens only childfree Facebook group, it was for women who were childfree both through choice and circumstances. It was a very supportive space.

My ex boyfriend was abusive, I went through DV and ended up pregnant due to his assaulting of me. I had a termination and in the group documented the termination, what happened when I sought the medication, the effects it had on my body and how I felt afterwards. It ended up helping a lot of women who went through terminations - especially those who sought the medication online and didn’t know what to expect when they took it.

In my final post I detailed how I had left my ex and how I was overall feeling about the termination now a few months had passed. There was a reply in the thread from someone called something like Trudy or Tracy, with the profile picture of a bald man. They left a comment saying that if I didn’t want to get pregnant than I shouldn’t have sex or I should be on birth control.

I reported it to the moderators as this person was clearly a man who’d slipped into the group and I was upset because the reasons around why I had a termination is not open for discussion (and I will always believe women should have access to abortion without having to give a reason for it). However the mods ignored mine and several other womens reports and the man remained in the group commenting on womens posts. A lot of women in this group were struggling with various aspects of womens issues and didn’t want it broadcast to the world or commented on the way this creep was commenting.

I then realised this wasn’t an anomaly, there were several men in this group, another woman made a post asking the moderators to please remove the men from the group as this was a womens only childfree space and we were discussion female sensitive issues. Finally the moderators revealed that the group was inclusive of trans women (and upto this point I had no issue with trans women) so the men were allowed to stay as they identified as women.

Cue absolute pandemonium. Many women straight up left the group but I stuck around to watch as it became a place for men to post selfies in bad wigs and terrible makeup and the women to absolutely fall over themselves praising these creeps. They commented heavily on posts from women who talked about upset and pain around fertility issues and it became very clear that many of these men were specifically there to inject themselves into a woman’s space. The completely took over the group.

I deleted all my posts and my account so I couldn’t be tracked by any of those people. It turned a quiet, supportive group of women of largely lesbian and bisexual women talking about their struggles and being supportive and became a fetish club.

Sorry I don’t have screenshots it happened in the summer of 2020

No. 1467505

I like to think of that as meta casting. Worst, most boring character gets the worst, completely bland actress. I literally forgot she was in that movie until you mentioned it kek

No. 1467508

File: 1647284474788.jpg (54.74 KB, 600x600, historia_de_la_brujeria_en_la_…)

Calling women witches is the same thing as women in medieval times who were named witches just bc they had opinions, knowledges and they didnt let men to rule them. The story is just repeating itself.

No. 1467511

Someone get this z lister off the stage lmao

No. 1467514

Literally Emma Watson was one of the reasons I avoided feminism growing up. Liberal feminism is so unappealing.

No. 1467516

i think she was trying to say she's there for troon witches as well. who knows with woke jokes.

No. 1467519

File: 1647284936607.jpg (327.63 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20220314_200815.jpg)

ok, but I have a more appropriate game

No. 1467525

Please redpill me on the panama papers, anon! I would love to read. This thread is on fire today.

No. 1467526

File: 1647285333922.png (569.26 KB, 881x1049, 5454251.png)

What a moron, glad to see how hard he's getting roasted in the QRTs
>hurrrr it's women's fault if they're oppressed they should just do something about it instead of complaining

No. 1467527

File: 1647285351513.jpg (79.01 KB, 640x1270, kek.jpg)

No. 1467530

Do you know what google is?

No. 1467533

tax evasion

No. 1467535

nonna I am sorry. Your story…I have experienced the very same scenario.

I did not however turn to spaces on the internet, because of this very phenomenon. This is what I can not stand about our spaces being invaded as a means for them to feel validation when as biological women we're already the most marginalized group and it gets worse if you're also POC, gay, disabled, etc. To have these safe spaces taken away is just…devastating.
I want all people to be free to present in the way that makes them feel most fulfilled, but absolutely not at the expense of our safety.
When we passed the line of 'trans women are valid' to 'trans women are exactly the same as biological women' is when things got out of hand. I have trans friends, I've dated trans people…but I'm not okay with this. It's gone too far. There are trans people that know this has gotten out of hand too, for what it's worth.

No. 1467537

imagine saying things like this and then claiming not to be a moid

at least learn the bare minimum about women throughout history if you're going to pretend to be one

No. 1467538

My theory is since a lot of them are in their mid 20s to mid 30s, they are trying to skinwalk their crush from high school.

No. 1467539

I am already guessing the world is DILATE

No. 1467546

File: 1647286181214.jpg (462.15 KB, 1930x1930, belle-doll-fail-emma-watson-fl…)

Emma Watson along with Manlet Radcliffe and ugly ginger who played Ron are all desparate, talentless bunch with no career prospects and now have to suck tranny chode in hopes of being given a crumb of fame. JK Rowling is the best thing that happened in their pathetic lives.

No. 1467547

yes and i understand that google filters out a lot of information and certain narratives are paid to reach the front page. i want to hear what this particular anon thinks, not google. thanks

No. 1467556

Emma Watson feels like the kind of person who could peak one day, but it would be impossible for her to go public with it without getting lynched if she did

No. 1467559

Kek why did everyone complain about this doll? It looks exactly like her

No. 1467560

Fuck this moid, jesus christ.

No. 1467563

She's already peaked. She knows trannies aren't women. She knows this TRAism is a lost clause. Look at her stammer "I-'M hERE FOR ALl wiTCHES, B-BY thE WAy." Just enough of a nod towards troons but "subtle" enough to be denied. Christ, she looks like she's at gun point saying that lmao

No. 1467565

>ugly ginger who played Ron
I've read that he was actually smart with his money, saved it and started a business with his family so he only acts in movies occasionally and it's not his primary source of income. And he was a much better actor than Radcliff and Watson in the movies imo.

No. 1467574

File: 1647287116540.jpg (148.8 KB, 1080x704, Screenshot_20220314_204516.jpg)

CORRECT! Congratulations!!

No. 1467585

Next thread pic! I demand you make it so!!!!

No. 1467587

File: 1647287512734.jpg (103.78 KB, 598x845, moid discussing moids.jpg)

"My wife is less feminine so I'm gonna fuck a man" - moid logic.

Here's a link to the clip if you want to give it a listen.

No. 1467588

i wouldn't be surprised if there are bisexual or gay moids in-denial who do mental gymnastics like this

they should just admit they wanted to be dicked down all along

No. 1467595

He once retweeted a computer animated short that someone from my college made for their thesis. It was about two boys falling in love with each other. Not men, boys. Yeah. Let that sink in for a sec.

No. 1467599

There is nothing more feminine than a woman who has given birth, dumb scrotes. I think he is envious.

No. 1467602

File: 1647288085724.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1242x1212, 68181CB3-EACA-4CBF-8B44-93FAFA…)

No. 1467603

"women are no longer feminine after giving birth and becoming mothers, unlike trans women who can't be unfeminized by such gross unfeminine things such as giving birth, and what is the point of a woman if they're not sexy for their man 24/7"

Pure misogyny.

No. 1467605

File: 1647288228274.gif (831.89 KB, 400x225, 1F5269F6-BCC6-4538-9B31-86A7FA…)

No. 1467608

Closeted scrotes cheating on their wives is nothing to brag about, you hulking transvestite.

No. 1467609

Gross. Not that any woman has an obligation towards “looking sexy for their man”, but this statement is homophobic too, assuming lesbians have to cater to male gaze as well.

No. 1467610

>Faggot marries a poor woman
>Ends up getting fucked in the ass by a man
>Says it's because his wife isn't feminine anymore.
Moid moment

No. 1467611

Look like Marilyn Manson trying to do Lady Gaga makeup in a Party City wig.

No. 1467617

She ruined Beauty and the Beast because casting thought Emma would be perfect for Belle because “their personalities are sooooo similar!!1!1!1!” Girl what personality? What singing voice did she have?

No. 1467620

Aw c'mon if you're gonna post him, post the pic of him cosplaying as that one goat thing from Undertale

No. 1467621

kek nonny I love you

No. 1467624

Bring up things like "isn't it fucked up TRA vandalized a rape center for women, and the rest of the trans community fully condoned it because they don't care about the already traumatized rape victims (who obviously have nothing to do with running the center) at all"

Point out how gross it is that when reddit defended their literal pedophile troon mod, all trans people were on the pedos side instead of objecting to it in any way (i think he's still a mod there to this day?)just because they were trans.

And over all use examples of trans individuals (plenty of material right here) because you can always fall back to "well not ALL trans people… but THIS one is clearly bad right?" show them all the rape threats and how they hate women.

If someone is really in/support the trans community in good faith they should want to exclude gross people like pedos and fetishists, once they realize that IS the trans community, and how even the "good" ones are still literally protecting the pedos because they see no problem with it… they'll peak. That's how it happened to most of us.

No. 1467625

wtf is 'jazz jenning hypnosis?" do I even want to know?

No. 1467629

nah, she's completely brainwashed. she just remembered that libfems and troons like to larp as witches on twitter and had to cover

No. 1467630

And stone women. And practice genital mutilation. And make sure Jewish women don't have freedom. But other than THAT…

No. 1467632

In one episode, "Jazz"/Jaron undergoes hypnosis to get in touch with his "past life" and ultimately comes to the conclusion that he was a "gay man who was ostracized from his family for being gay". He was so close to figuring it all out, kek.

No. 1467636

Holy shit Elliot Page

No. 1467637

It's the first time I hear his voice, he sounds like a clown who inhaled helium to make the kids in the audience laugh at the circus. No wonder he felt inadequate as a male.

No. 1467643

That was the best fucking episode, it was so revealing! Y'know if you watch that show long enough, you'll spot moments when Jazz occasionally goes dead-eyed and says something REALLY fucking out-of-character, like "I never fix problems until it's too late to solve them." Or if you see him talking about tranny shit in the later seasons, he looks SO dead-eyed about it all. He couldn't give a shit but he's in it too deep.

No. 1467648

File: 1647289985338.jpg (118.47 KB, 972x896, InCollage_20220314_132617042.j…)

Do they not realize how stupid they sound when they say shit like this

No. 1467650

You also have to keep in mind that he's on a double-digit amount of medications, and every time he puts on another pound of fat he has to up his estrogen intake due to it being fat-soluble or whatever. Dude's a zombie.

No. 1467664

Radcliffe is getting ready to replace Hugh Jackson as Wolverine I thought?

No. 1467672

and they say we are the genital obsessed ones….

No. 1467678

Ah yes, the overwhelming femininity of a man who looks like an NFL linebacker bursting out of his ill-fitting bodycon dress. Roderick is delusional.

No. 1467682

Troon-fuckers aren't gay, they're bisexual paraphiliacs. Smarter ones know to play the "wow you're so feminine, more feminine than real women, your dick has nothing to do with why I want to fuck you haha" card to avoid letting the troon they're pursuing know they're being sought after because they're a troon, not because he sees them as true and honest women.

No. 1467689

I've never heard of this account nor do I interact with any terfy stuff publicly but I'm blocked by this account somehow lmfao

No. 1467694

She was. Idk what the other Nonas are on about.

No. 1467695

File: 1647292632642.png (10.63 KB, 667x113, 10x.PNG)

being trans really is the new being gay. i think that's part of why there are so many ""genders"" people take seriously these days – they don't want to fully commit to trooning out so they make up shit

No. 1467696

Emma watson is such a pick-me. Same with fatty "rebel" wilson.

No. 1467702

lol this is probably why straight women become less attracted to a man once she finds out he's bi.

No. 1467703

Saw that on my fyp too, she deleted the video so I think she did partially realize the retardation or at least didn’t want to get any flak

No. 1467705

Stop being a dumbass. All males are degenerates. Therefor, gay males abuse just like straight ones. And you don't hear from the straight kids who were abused, by gay and straight males, and stayed straight because why would they talk about it. Gay males who were abused as children clearly have some shit to work through, which is probably why they talk about it more.

No. 1467706

Whore-Madonna complex

No. 1467708

File: 1647293416063.png (18.3 KB, 578x238, 8295829 0585 9035.png)

Franny got a poopoo vag

No. 1467712

What does this even mean?

No. 1467713

Fistulas are extremely common in SRS and basically unfixable. Good luck kek

No. 1467714

I was just reading about an early AIDS activist who got AIDS when she was 16 from a grown bisexual man in the Studio 54 days. Women are honestly justified in being wary of men who also hook up with other men. I remember that porn actress getting dogpiled on Twitter for saying as much, and she committed suicide some time later.

No. 1467718

Why do women even reproduce? Just to suffer?
You waste your life playing wife to a man who hates you, never gives you an orgasm, and will cheat on you with an ugly tranny. You have his children, and the male children hate you and have a higher chance of murdering you. And then they won't even take care of you when you're old and brittle. Meanwhile your female children are constantly under threat of being sexually abused by every man around you.

No. 1467723


Reminds me of something I read once "Prostitution is the history of men selling women to other men." High class prostitutes who could leverage their status for a limited amount of freedom were the rarity. Most prostitutes were were controlled by men.

No. 1467725

I think males just rape children regardless of their sexual preference. Honestly just being pedophilic is endemic to males in general (male children are raped much more than male adults, so it's not a "gay" problem it's a male problem). Men (regardless of their heterosexuality) don't have any serious compunctions over molesting male children.

However when they do molest males, the males will sexualize their trauma and become gay into adulthood. That doesn't necessarily mean gay men become pedophiles any more than straight men (they're all pedos).

Think of it like this, an opportunistic straight man rapes a male child because a male child is vulnerable and sufficiently feminine passing to arouse him. That man would never want to have sex with an adult man but he will rape a male child. This child grows up to be gay because his first sexual experience was with a grown adult man, which imprints on him.

Honestly male sexuality is just really degenerate and can't easily be grouped into hetero/homosexuality. Virtually all men are just opportunistic and fixated on dominating and objectifying their sexual targets.

No. 1467731

Male rape victims don't become gay. They all process trauma differently and while some sexualize it as a coping mechanism, others rape the children around themselves well into adulthood and some end up becoming rapists themselves while others commit suicide or stay celibate. Regardless, it fucks up with the child's sexual orientation.

No. 1467734

Cohabitation with moids is a meme. It's what they gaslit us into thinking. We don't need a male parasite or to be dependent on a male to have a child. Atp going to a sperm bank/adopting and living with other women is a way better option. This is more of a "traditional family structure" than the bullshit nuclear family moid bs they push to make their worthless asses relevant.

No. 1467737

"Male rape victims don't become gay actuallt they either become gay or rape little boys (not gay???)"

Ok anon.

No. 1467740

I think I hear your mom calling, anon, she says it's time for reading lessons

No. 1467742

Many of the ones who become rapists…are gay. What were you trying to say, anon?

No. 1467746

IIRC there was a study that showed something like 40% of convicted male paedos had abused boys. That’s obviously disproportionately high compared to the general prevalence of gay men in society. UK govt stats also shows that boys aged 0-10 are more likely to be sexually abused than girls so, unless straight women are actually far more paedophilic than assumed, these two things in conjunction would suggest that being gay is a strongly relevant factor to males that sexually abuse children.

No. 1467748

Most men who molest boys aren't gay, just like how most men who rape other men aren't gay.

No. 1467749

>males who have sexual intercourse with males aren’t gay
Okay anon, what’s your criteria for being gay?

No. 1467752

Would you say a woman who gets raped by another woman is automatically a lesbian?

No. 1467753

File: 1647295316526.jpeg (223.46 KB, 828x1095, EDD61586-A11B-4E53-BC76-DFE53C…)

It’s so crazy to go to the older posts on mtf subreddits and check the accounts. They’ve all either deleted their accounts since (detrans) or haven’t posted in YEARS (41%)

No. 1467755

I didn’t claim the VICTIMS of sexual abuse were gay, but the perps who choose to rape someone of the same sex most definitely are gay/bisexual.

No. 1467758

No. 1467760

When you argue that most men who molest boys aren't gay, or that male on male rapists aren't gay, it's not the defense of gay men you probably think it is. It just speaks on male sexuality as a whole
Most men are at least slightly bisexual, which is why "prison gay" even exists and is so common. Men who experience particularly heightened homosexual attraction, or are extremely in your face and forward about being "gay" are very likely to be hypersexual in general (which is why you see so many furries and different kinds of "kinksters" who also happen to be gay)
If you've ever met a man who's not strictly "vanilla" and/or with a muted sex drive, there's a very, very high chance he's explored some sort of homosexual tendency, like it or not. True "straight" men, especially in the porn era we now live in, are pretty rare. Women are the "favorite", traditional sexual object, but far from the only one
I'm getting tired of the "Rape isn't about attraction, but about power", because it just seems like an attempt by "sex positive" people to obfuscate the sexual degeneracy of males. Yes, it's about power, but it's a cope to claim that attraction is out of the equation. The fucked up thing, the thing we don't want to acknowledge, is that men's attraction skews and stretches to encompass anything from so-called "unattractive" women to children to animals to dead bodies to McChickens.

No. 1467761

98% of male perps are self-identified heterosexuals whose consensual sexual relationships are with women. Moids aren't like women, they don't have to actually be sexually attracted to someone to rape them, they just do it for power. This is why virtually all female rapists are "delusional rapists"(have imagined some sort of relationship with their victim and believe their assault is 'romantic') and why female 'sadistic rapists'(rape to inflict suffering on the victim) are next to nonexistent.

No. 1467762

Prisons are sex-segregated (for now) but real life is not. Why would an individual with the choice to pursue abusing either sex exclusively choose one they weren’t attracted to? Besides, many men who go to prison simply choose celibacy rather than actively fuck another man (being the victim of rape is a different matter).

No. 1467766

Tbh I don’t know how you could separate genuine attraction from a need for power in the type of man who abuses a child. Sexual desire can easily become entirely about possession, and abuse is clearly exactly that. My entire point is that a man who chooses to exact that on a same-sex individual must not be repulsed by the idea of engaging in same-sex intercourse; repulsed is how a truly heterosexual man would feel.

No. 1467769

They don't even rape for power they are just low-empathy, selfish coomchimps and will stick their dick in a wet hole regardless of whether or not it protests.
They don't stick their dicks in chicken sandwiches "for power" over the fucking chicken patty.

No. 1467770

i have a friend who is a die hard ira supporter
quotes communist and socialist points and slogans
he is the biggest anti-semite i know like literally in public goes off on how much he hates 'the jews who control the finance world'
i have had to time and again say 'you cant say that in public'

sage for off topic

No. 1467771

"Self-identified" heterosexuality means about as much as "gender identity" when it comes to real life behaviors/attractions. Those are bisexuals who prefer women, but will fuck men as a replacement. If they were truly heterosexual, they'd rather go celibate than have relations with other men. It's literally that simple. People need to stop playing dumb just because they want to be PC

No. 1467772

File: 1647296046263.jpg (20.95 KB, 300x300, big thimkl.jpg)

Male sexuality, especially with paraphilias like pedos and trannies, is opportunistic. Look at the mtf tranny "lesbians" who fuck other mtf "lesbians" (=have gay male sex) - they are not homosexuals, but the paraphilias are so strong they overpower their natural sexuality. And a man is very much more likely to get close to a male than female child, and when that happens the sex of the child does not matter.

Also, idk if it was here or the other farms, but someone had a theory, that being a gay male child obviously has an othering effect. Many young gay boys look for guidance in older gay men, and perhaps later realize the setting was abusive.

Also, more men are definitely bisexual than they claim are. There are MANY "straight men" that get aroused by watching shemales, or thinking about sucking cock. Being in image boards inhabited by coomer males for most of my life at this point, I have witnessed those fantasies time and time again.

Also just thought about the traditions in some quite primitive cultures practised to this day. I can't fucking remember the name of the tribe/place, but it is common becoming of age ritual for young boys to swallow cum of older males???

I'm not saying your hypothesis is totally wrong, but the issue is not as black and white as just "homosexuality is caused by gay pedos". Plus it just reeks of /pol/ and KF moids just looking for excuses to burn the degenerate faggots!!1

No. 1467773

>Why would an individual with the choice to pursue abusing either sex exclusively choose one they weren’t attracted to?
Humiliation. By raping him, they're bringing him "down" to the status of a woman, in their minds. They prey upon people who are(or who they believe to be) weaker than they are. The men who rape other men or incontinent grannies or drooling vegetables aren't doing it as an expression of sexual desire, they just like the feeling of power they get from exerting their will over someone weaker than they are.

I can see that you're very attached to your own little headcanons on this subect, but they simply don't jive with what research tells us. This is no defense of men, by the way- they're fucked up cretins, every last one of them(or maybe just the vast, vast majority if we're being generous).

No. 1467779

It definitely has to do with a power dynamic. People can be born gay and can also be groomed into it, like George Takei, the person who sparked this whole debate.
Still, I'll argue that ancient greek ideals are to blame. See: Pederasty and Aristotle's politics/theory on slavery:
>Aristotle seems to see these as all sharing in a master-slave dynamic, where the master, husband, and parent hold the master role, and the slave, wife, and child hold the slave role with respect to each relationship

No. 1467781

Eh but men like humiliating women even more, I don't think a straight pedophile would pick a male victim solely for an extra ego boost when female children are enough of one. It's most likely about access, if they're around boys more often than girls then they're more likely to rape boys. Catholic priests for example, mostly they weren't gay but they'd be around boys, who they knew were less likely to speak up. Male sexuality is opportunistic above anything else.

No. 1467782

>Also just thought about the traditions in some quite primitive cultures practised to this day. I can't fucking remember the name of the tribe/place, but it is common becoming of age ritual for young boys to swallow cum of older males???
This is a thing in a lot of cultures. The Ancient Greeks and their pederasty shit is probably the most popular example. The truth that modern society is ignoring is that men will fuck anything, and they will culturally find any excuse or justification for it

Anon, you'll be telling us soon that every single tribe that practices man/boy sexual behaviors is "just about honor and masculinity". Freud was once a respected researcher too
At a certain point, you'll need to accept what is evident in this world. It's a nasty business. "Just liking the feeling of power" means normal abuse and exploitation. When it crosses over into sexuality….It's sexual. I can't believe I have to type this

No. 1467783

the thing is moid perverts see this shit and dont know its a troon and point to shit like this to show how perverted women are

No. 1467784

A "truly heterosexual" man probably isn't repulsed by the idea of raping a pre-pubescent boy but is repulsed by the idea of raping an adult man. Males in general are attracted to pedo/feminine markers. Most "heterosexual" men would rather fuck a little boy in a dress than an adult female butch. "Heterosexual" men think "traps aren't gay" and say little anime boys are sexier than 3dpd adult women.

Why? Because men see womanhood as femininity and closeness to adolescence. Men literally see gender more than the see sex. And of course they do, they're the ones who constructed femininity/masculinity in the first place. Femininity is a product of the male psyche; his sexuality. Although traditionally he has FORCED biological women to fit this role, there's really no inherent connection.

So yes this is why straight men will fuck male children, because a male child is a close enough analog to his construct of what a woman is. His sex object.

No. 1467786

Shit here we go again

No. 1467787

There was a study on this, but it’s because “little boys” are the closest to little girls and more “safer”. It’s because little boys are less likely to report it. If they had the chance to pick a sex and go scott free, they’d pick girls/women. It’s why 92% of child marriage victims are girls.

No. 1467788

File: 1647296564034.jpg (8.16 KB, 220x293, greece.jpg)

Also on this
>Pederasty and Pedagogy in Archaic Greece by William Armstrong Percy III
I learned about ancient greek philosophy from a brown woman from Nepal, who made a huge effort to talk about feminism and its importance. I'm glad I didn't learn philosophy from some moid. I feel like everything wrong with society, like these fucking troons, can be blamed on misogyny

No. 1467792

It’s true though, nona. In most cases it’s the manifestation of sexual abuse trauma or parental neglect. ‘Born this way’ is largely a myth.

No. 1467794

Uh, tranny lesbians who fuck other tranny lesbians are bisexual/homosexual males anon. That’s literally what they are. Even if they didn’t start off that way, it’s generally accepted that the biological effects of HRT + socially conditioning themselves with tranny porn is enough to actually change their sexuality towards SSA.

No. 1467795

Anon, do you know what heterosexuality is? You're literally describing bisexual men with fetishes for femininity, and calling them straight just because they may ""identify"" as straight (just like they may ""identify"" as catgirls) lmao
>Most "heterosexual" men would rather fuck a little boy in a dress than an adult female butch
This is just loony, but idk, maybe that's the point 99% of American coomer moids are at. It's just not "heterosexuality" or "true heterosexuality"

No. 1467797

File: 1647296719337.jpeg (28.17 KB, 419x655, roblox dora headass.jpeg)

Roblox dora looking ass kek

No. 1467798

Sex and marriage are very different. The cultures where child marriage (and homosexual child abuse, ironically) is common are also very gendered and homophobic.

No. 1467801

>"Just liking the feeling of power" means normal abuse and exploitation. When it crosses over into sexuality….It's sexual. I can't believe I have to type this
Do you think that raping someone, specifically penetrating them, isn't the ultimate expression of a desire to dominate and exploit said person?

No. 1467802

You spend way too much time online anon, it’s skewing your perception of what normal adult (aged 25+) men are like.

No. 1467804

I legit think Kristen only likes that dude because he still sounds like a man

No. 1467805

I think actual heterosexuality in males is quite rare. What they are is gynephilic and pedophilic. Most self described heterosexual men are just gyne/pedophiles. This is why I put heterosexual in quotations.

No. 1467806


No. 1467808

File: 1647296923916.jpg (50.7 KB, 768x607, george takei1.jpg)

I didn't know that, but just more proof that George Takei is a tranny loving pederast.

No. 1467813

File: 1647297086712.jpg (103.43 KB, 1200x680, Blueberries.jpg)

Was he trying to make the eyes look like blueberries?

No. 1467814

Here’s a study of how prone it is for moids to be attracted to kids.

Most men prefer femininity, even if it’s in males. The sad thing is, is that they would pick a man over their own women, if said so woman is not in submission to men. It’s not just the “average” male, its men from all cultures throughout history. Greeks, egyptians, etc.

Little boys are the closest to little girls. If they could get away with it scott free, they’d pick the girls, hence in cases where they are likely to get away with it (arranged marriages), most of the victims are females.

Men are deranged no matter what sexuality, because at the end of the day, they’d fuck anything they have power over.

As long as it benefits them.

No. 1467818

Even cultures where child marriage wasn't widely practiced had astounding amounts of CSA. Even if Eurpoeans married mostly in their late teens-early 20's, there were still child prostitutes moids would rape for fun.

No. 1467819

No,this is how moids are. Virtually all moids are pedophiles, incidental or opportunistic pedos, I'll at least concede that. And about gender; we are literally in the tranny thread. You know troons/tras think women are feminine stereotypes. You know anti-tra males are only upset because other males are portraying feminine stereotypes. Men find it difficult to separate gender from sex because they operate on gender first. You'd be hard pressed to find an actual GNC man who isn't just a coomer. They don't get it.

No. 1467820

When a human wants to control something, they dominate it, but they don't fuck it unless they feel an attraction to it. You're not going to get a boner or get wet unless it either turns you on, or you're physically being stimulated against your will. Scrotal sexuality is just deformed, simple as
If you fantasize about physically penetrating or raping anything or anyone that you control or exploit (like employees, service workers, pets, automated systems), you can't pretend that there's not a sexual attraction there and it's only about power

No. 1467822

>I can't fucking remember the name of the tribe/place, but it is common becoming of age ritual for young boys to swallow cum of older males???
It's a tribe in Africa, I saw an anon mention it a while back. I was watching a Michael Palin documentary where he was traveling through Africa. He visited a tribe called the Dogon, and they described their human creation story as "One day a man wanted to sleep with a woman, but he couldn't because her vagina was a termite mound. So he cut off the clitoris and the termites couldn't come out anymore." They also believe the clit to be "male" and the foreskin to be "female", so OBVIOUSLY ya gotta cut them off. Needless to say, all the men in the tribe seemed pretty casual and happy; the women (who were doing all the cooking and chores) didn't.

No. 1467823

exactly. all about the power dynamic and the hatred of women/femininity. I bet Aristotle would have thought that mtf troons are more "rational" than an actual women. they thought women were subhumans, just like troons and men still think to this day

No. 1467825

Did you time travel here from 1960?

The vast majority of gay kids haven't been abused. like, scientists have actually done studies on this. It's hilarious you lot are sitting around here acting like you know shit, instead of actually looking at the studies that have been done.

No. 1467828

File: 1647297463261.jpg (49 KB, 1118x629, brycerealbros.jpg)

Post the studies, everyone else is supplying sources

No. 1467829

I'm not saying that men aren't deranged, anon, that I definitely agree with (and that study comes as no surprise). I'm saying that wanting to fuck other males under any circumstances isn't heterosexual behavior, it's bisexual or gay (and I do believe there are many more bisexual men than society would like to admit). Maybe >>1467805 is right and that heterosexuality is rare

No. 1467830

No. 1467832

That's the problem with the circles being critical of trannies, they are filled with 1950s trad larpers. And then wokies can pretend radfems are the same.

No. 1467834

Why is everyone derailing about gays

No. 1467840

Ok, then can you tell me why girls values are higher than mens sexually in prostitution? Why most victims of prostitution are females?

The buyers and johns are able to get away with it scott free since it’s private consumption. I don’t know what you’re trying to imply here. That little boys go through more than little girls? Why would the buyers pick boys in the market (though they have less value), unless they’re dirt fucking poor?

Men rape men for power. They’d legitimately fuck anything, as long as it benefits them. Why do you think zoophiles take pleasure in what they do?

I dont know how this is being debated about. It’s like you guys forget that man specifically seek the most viable youngest option they have. Its like you didn’t see the age attraction graph of what age men find attractive. (12-15 was the highest for them), and as if half the male population wouldn’t date a young female due to said so female being vulnerable. Why do you think these men in dating apps always go for the youngest options? There was multiple studies on this, and almost all the age range groups for men chose 21, which is the youngest. If they can get away with it scott free, they’d do it. Only thing holding them back is the law. Why do you think theres men talking about “adopting Ukrainian women refugees”, and why there’s a surge in this, where some flat out admit that these women would depend on them and do anything for shelter? They have no morals. Come on.

No. 1467841

>When a human wants to control something
We're talking about men here.
>but they don't fuck it unless they feel an attraction to it. You're not going to get a boner or get wet unless it either turns you on, or you're physically being stimulated against your will.
You're projecting female sexual behavior onto moids. They absolutely can sexually function with people they aren't attracted to, as an expression of aggression.
>The evidence suggests that rape is a pseudosexual act, motivated primarily by aggression, and not by a desire for sexual gratification.

No. 1467845

You made the original claim. Once again, do you have any proof that homosexuality is caused by molestation? We're all waiting.
Just look upthread to see praise of "based ancient Hebrews", kek. Trads want to rape children as much as troons, they just use different justications for their disgusting desires. Try looking through trad social media; the very same men who Deus Vult post about drag queen story hour and troons grooming kids will turn right around and say they miss the days where men could purchase a 13 y.o. girl from her father and keep her as a bangmaid-incubator for the rest of her life.

No. 1467847

>You're projecting female sexual behavior onto moids.
this is the problem with these tradthots. They think men are just poor misunderstood humans who are actually just like us

No. 1467848

That point is excellent nonna.

No. 1467850

>You're projecting female sexual behavior onto moids. They absolutely can sexually function with people they aren't attracted to, as an expression of aggression.
"I got a boner when that guy touched me because I just hated him so much, not because I wanted to fuck him or anything". Say this anywhere, even when you LARP as a male. You will get laughed at and called a repressed faggot, mostly by other men. It makes about as much sense as "gender euphoria" boners that "totally aren't sexual, just an expression of excitement!!". This kind of psuedo-truth bullshit that demands you ignore what's right in front of you is exactly where the troon lunacy stems from, stop falling for it
The study you linked isn't based on any kind of "hard science" or analysis of these men's brains/sexual wiring, but on Bandura's sociological theory. Sociology is basically a series of copes for the society we live in, and it always follows a specific agenda and status quo. Once again, we fall back to "Freud was also a respected researcher". If you are a man and you assfuck another man, you can never call yourself straight. Hiding behind "I didn't r-really want to fuck that child/dog/woman, I just wanted power" is exactly what it sounds like: an excuse. Once again, sexuality is sexual

No. 1467851

They're interested in man on man stuff so much that they want to be a man to live out their fantasies

No. 1467855

omg i love Derrick Jensen

No. 1467860

File: 1647298461844.jpg (9.53 KB, 300x168, fuckoff.jpg)

>You made the original claim
My claim was:
>Isn't it kinda funny that molestation, pedophiles, trannies, gay shit and furries all overlap? Like if it was a venn diagram, it would be one big circle.
I didn't say that all homosexual people were molested. You're the one derailing the thread with straw man arguments. Don't be mad at me, be mad at troon loving George Takei and his pederast lifestyle

No. 1467862

I've been calling men sexually deformed animals and freaks, how am I a "tradthot"? You're just so obsessed with defending the cult of "sex = good, gay men innocent" that you'll pretend to not see what's there. Wake the fuck up, most of the male population are retarded bisexual apes. Bisexual women can figure out how not to rape, and so can lesbians, even when either group have "weird" fetishes, but for men, it's an uphill battle. They rape each other, they rape corpses, they rape animals and kids. Why? And they'll still lie in our face and insist they're straight, and dumbasses like you will agree with it and the "It's totally just about power, I got a "power euphoria" boner". When we swallow that, it's not actually that hard to swallow even bigger lies (like the one that they're women on the inside because they say so)

No. 1467867

File: 1647298730130.png (181.49 KB, 983x563, 5EC9F150-90B2-4CB4-9E8E-6C1A0E…)

Nonnie, Im one of the anons from above who posted the prostitution rates and how men would fuck anything, I hate fags since they’re men, however, I think it’s the fact that some posters on here (not you specifically, though I did have one imply something about child marriage and say sex was worse, which makes me think that poster is a tradthot, because I’m not sure if she’s trying to imply little boys somehow go through worse treatment and get affected more than girls) are “not my nigel” when posting it. It’s the fact that they won’t admit that men would literally fuck anything. They wouldn’t tell other men, but they’d fuck hot pockets if they had to. Men would put up a front and deny it, but its why “teen” and why men are so attracted to young females.

I dont think these people are defending fags, it’s more so the fact denying that moids wouldn’t fuck anything.

No. 1467869

You thing calling homosexuals basically fucked up perverts in a forum that has quite a few of us should just fly?

No. 1467872

NTA but you're ignoring that this website is women-only. Homosexual men do not count as women. Just because they call themselves "the girlzzzzz" on Twitter doesn't mean they count(infighting)

No. 1467874

They used to be, hundreds of thousands of years ago.

No. 1467875

How are they bisexual if they will fuck animals and inanimate objects too? You're the one coping

No. 1467878

Of course not, I meant homosexual women retard

No. 1467882

File: 1647298969713.jpeg (378.23 KB, 1536x2048, 4E9D0F3D-EEA9-4BAB-99D8-12F574…)

Why do troons think it’s remotely socially acceptable to go out like this

No. 1467883

Because animals still have sexual organs that are male or female. Is a man fucking a male dog straight to you because it's a dog? What logic is that? I'm calling men sexually deranged, and you're mad and insisting it's "just about power" and they're "still valid as straight". That is the ultimate cope, go tf to sleep

No. 1467886

I like the style tbh

No. 1467888

>Men who have sex with male dogs are gay
What the fuck? IT'S A DOG

No. 1467891

File: 1647299152769.jpeg (88.97 KB, 750x748, 92785FF2-EC75-473A-BFE1-42E6A5…)

Ya nonny, I think it’s just a misunderstanding. I love you. A lot of nonnas on here are used to handmaidens “not my nigel”ing. (That one poster who said there’s more male victims than females when it comes to rape due to homos), so I think a lot of them probably mistake some posters for the others. I hope the girls can stop infighting and realize that there’s probably a moid/tradthot in here (the one I talked about) isnt the other posters. I remember we had a handmaiden wanting women to go to war and feeling bad about poor male victims in war, despite women still having less rights than men.

Peace and love, nonny.

No. 1467892

I think I was misunderstood then, because I've been arguing just that. Men will fuck anything. I just disagree with validating their insistence that they're heterosexual and they're not "really" attracted to what they've shown over and over again that they are attracted to. That, to me, seems like a straight woman in denial's cope. True heterosexuality in males seems incredibly rare at this point

No. 1467895

Nonnie please invest in some proper cgl pieces and stop ordering agp regala off shein

No. 1467896

So I take it that no amount of studies will sway this headcanon of yours?
>Sociology is basically a series of copes for the society we live in, and it always follows a specific agenda and status quo.
As opposed to your own personal beliefs on the subject, which are based in…?
>nce again, we fall back to "Freud was also a respected researcher". If you are a man and you assfuck another man, you can never call yourself straight. Hiding behind "I didn't r-really want to fuck that child/dog/woman, I just wanted power" is exactly what it sounds like: an excuse. Once again, sexuality is sexual
Once again, rape is primarily an expression of aggression. Men rape animals, incontinent elderly people, children, retards- people/creatures weaker than they are.

No. 1467897

>Same sex totally doesn't count if it's a different species, right guys?
Literally degenerate coping scrote logic, I knew we were infiltrated by moids but holy fuck

No. 1467899

You sound like a sensitive man/troon with hurt feelings. NOT ALL MEN
I also said:
>I'm honestly starting to believe that way. I've had a lot of gay friends through the years who aren't predators, but many admitted to being molested. I think it makes men more perverted and degenerate, while when it happens to women, we become gay to attempt to repel men or troon out to opt out on being a women (ellen page for example). Violent misogyny is to blame.
Maybe you are a sick, perverted freak with how offended you are. I'm done replying to you.
>>1467882 Same reason Shayna Clifford does it, pedo pandering

No. 1467900

>You're just so obsessed with defending the cult of "sex = good, gay men innocent" that you'll pretend to not see what's there. Wake the fuck up
Literally no one is saying this. Are you arguing against people you made up in your head? Do you need medical attention?

No. 1467901

Anon, it's ok, men can be degenerates without being gay

No. 1467904

Yeah, it's a "headcanon", just like "Babies come out of vaginas (and not an FtM's phantom penises that totally just looks like a vagina)" is also a TERF headcanon, "Women are biologically female" is just an opinion, and "Sex is a spectrum" is the truth and not tranny cope. You're free to cope with your own headcanons about valid power-euphoria boners, anon. It'll just be funny how people look back on these insane times. Condolences if you're being this way because you accidentally dated a bisexual scrote once or something, godspeed

No. 1467905

I don't like lolita or even dress like that pic myself, I just like cute shit man

No. 1467908

Same-sex attraction is gay, sorry to break it to you

No. 1467911

The dysgenically bred tradthot you replied to is using every ounce of gray matter in her <90 IQ brain to try and fit in here with us radfems, be patient with her

No. 1467912

>I remember we had a handmaiden wanting women to go to war and feeling bad about poor male victims in war, despite women still having less rights than men.
Greekanon? Damn, I remember. You're right anon, seems I've mistaken some posters for others as well

No. 1467916

File: 1647299785693.jpg (195.68 KB, 1080x1187, trans narc.jpg)

Fuck whatever yall are on about, I'm fascinated with this subset of trans twitter that is pro-narcissistic personality disorder.

No. 1467917

If you think human sexuality includes attraction to animals then there's something wrong with you

No. 1467921

So, did anyone call homosexual women fucked up perverts, or do you think the two are interchangeable? I'm sick of lesbians being lumped in with gay men, it's disgusting and ridiculous

You're calling everyone a tradthot because you want radfems to cape for gay men. It's not working, and it never will. There is no "us" in homosexual if you were born with a cock, castrate yourself now, there is no cure for Y chromosoid disorder

No. 1467922

No. 1467926

Do you know what "same sex" means? Honest question

No. 1467927

……I. What.

No. 1467929

You could can just say you have no argument instead of having such an embarrassing breakdown, anon. Also, please spend less time on the 'chans and more time interacting with actual people- the hysteria and overuse of "cope" make it abundantly clear that you're severely lacking in this front.

No. 1467930

Fucking kek, "NPD_queens". Troons really are their own worst representation

No. 1467933

>Founded in 1976, the Ethics and Public Policy Center is Washington, D.C.’s premier institute working to apply the riches of the Judeo-Christian tradition to contemporary questions of law, culture, and politics, in pursuit of America’s continued civic and cultural renewal.

No. 1467934

Projection and more coping after trying to deny reality and failing. It's getting sad, but what's next? "Not my Nigel"?

No. 1467936

File: 1647300162959.png (153.39 KB, 420x343, whatisronaldreading.png)

this tweet makes as much sense as the derailed arguments in this thread kek

No. 1467937

Yes and it obviously doesn't apply to animals unless you're too autistic to understand the obvious

No. 1467939

>UK govt stats also shows that boys aged 0-10 are more likely to be sexually abused than girls so
you really gotta give a source on that because that sounds like bullshit. only stats i have seen where male kids are abused more than female kids were some stats about deaf children abused in hospital environment and even then it was like 53% of deaf boys vs 50% of deaf girls or something (disabled people are seriously highly abused)

No. 1467940

Two males of different species are still two males, did you learn biology from a cereal box?

No. 1467942

>You're calling everyone a tradthot because you want radfems to cape for gay men. It's not working, and it never will. There is no "us" in homosexual if you were born with a cock, castrate yourself now, there is no cure for Y chromosoid disorder
No, I called you a tradthot because you clearly are one and doing a piss-poor job of hiding it. Absolutely no one here is caping for gay men, you're just upset that no one approves of your homophobia- which, surprise surprise, affects lesbian and bisexual women.

No. 1467943

I'm just not a zoophile

No. 1467945

File: 1647300402432.jpeg (97.24 KB, 750x795, 27C2F05A-8124-4F8B-8644-50E66F…)

Ladies.. lets not fight please. The nonnie from earlier already clarified what she meant.. She is not the same as handmaidens. Lets make fun of troons. The only bad poster was the one saying there was male victims than female victims, that’s not our nonny.

Anyway, Im gonna post screenshots of a personal cow of mine who was a troon (who’s catfishing as an asian women, I found their pics on chinese markets to sell cosplays) who attacked me and had his and a bunch of his friends attacked my 14 year old russian radfem friend despite him being 23+. 1/?

No. 1467947

Anon, I'm not the one looking at studies and screeching "cope" because I don't agree with their conclusions, kek

No. 1467948

Gay zoophiles exist, I'm sorry if this is news to you. Google it. In fact, a lot of documented zoosadists/animal abusers are literally self-identified gay men

No. 1467949

Me, the lesbian tradthot who's homophobic because she doesn't cape for scrotes. Thanks for opening my eyes anon, I'm gonna go build a cottage or something

No. 1467950

>Don't worry babe, I'm stone cold heterosexual. I only rape female dogs.

No. 1467951

and they're specifically called zoophiles because homosexuality by itself doesn't involve animals

No. 1467952

More projection? I hoped you'd be more creative than that, kek. Anyway, as I said before, you're free to cope and headcanon that straight gay men are a real thing and that men's sexuality isn't twisted. Just don't expect people with an ounce of critical thinking to fall for it. I hope you can recover. If it helps to say I'm "screeching" for calmly explaining something that simple, then that's alright

No. 1467957

And a man who specifically only fucks males of any species is what?

No. 1467960

File: 1647300739594.jpeg (144.88 KB, 750x909, 1EC21038-3054-4CEA-B05A-CEF5B1…)


No. 1467961

File: 1647300757816.jpg (160.62 KB, 700x394, fetchimage.jpg)

>cis women, disgusting

No. 1467962

Kek why are you so invested in zoophiles being gay? They're fucked up freaks, who cares

No. 1467964

File: 1647300797514.jpeg (174.85 KB, 750x888, 9728C619-9A79-4377-925A-9F729E…)

I cant find their account now, though I think he deleted it bc I was calling him out for catfishing as a model named Hedy and attacking underaged girls.

No. 1467965

This has to be the creepiest thing on this thread. Even the most gender-nonconforming little kids aren't going to know what "tucking" is or request garments to hide their genitalia unless an adult influences them in that direction.

No. 1467966

You do realize fucked up freaks can be gay men as well, right? Why is this so enraging for you? Unless you're…

No. 1467967

Anyone else tinfoiling that a tranny is derailing the thread with these bizarre nonsense arguments, like oh, now we're equating homosexuality with beastiality? uhhh

No. 1467968

I'm a normal person who isn't attracted to animals and doesn't get why someone would think sexuality involves animals unless you're a zoophile

No. 1467969

are you a gold star lesbian

No. 1467970

No, you're clearly not a normal person to be malding this hard over people just pointing out that gay men can be extremely disgusting, and zoophiles just like straight men can be. Seek help or something

No. 1467971

I eagerly await proof of these apparently unassailable truths you believe in. If I could easily find studies in favor of my "cope headcanon" surely you should be able to find some in defense of your own beliefs? Once you take a beta blocker or two, of course. Chop chop!

No. 1467972

YES, I literally just posted about that in the tinfoil thread!
Thanks anon. schizos here are ruining the true meaning of this thread. MTFs are sick perverted, woman hating freaks.

No. 1467973

File: 1647300983682.jpg (27.95 KB, 564x564, afta3.jpg)

Shit nonna, big think (sounds sarcastic, did not mean it to)

No. 1467974

It starts by calming down

No. 1467975

Would bet anything this is a lost KF moid doing his best man-hating lesbian act and failing hard, kek

No. 1467978

me too nona, no idea why anyone is still engaging with this scrote tbh

No. 1467980

can someone explain why disabled people get sexually abused so much like are men just more sexually attracted to disabled people than normal people then if sexual abuse wasn't a lot about opportunity too(derailing)

No. 1467981

them being a polilezzie is an option too i have noticed they are often deranged like this

No. 1467984

It's not for no reason the saying "a hole's a hole" is a thing

No. 1467985

Easier to get away. People take disabled people less seriously, and a lot of disabled people wouldn’t realize whats going on or wouldn’t have the capability to speak up.

No. 1467986

It's just like how a couple anons have a random freakout whenever anyone complains about HSTS trannies. They typically start trying to "reverse uno" saying people who think gay troons are also gross/bad must be AGP trannies, tradthots, etc. I think this thread is just infected with self-hating "one of the good transes" who watch Blaire White or something, tradthots and fakebois/handmaidens, and they start weird infights whenever the transphobia goes "too far" or we veer too close to actual man hate (hence the broader defense of men's sexual behaviors in general, saying women should fight in the military with scrotes, saying more little boys are abused/raped than girls, etc etc)
I get now that it's hopeless trying to talk to them, but christ they're annoying

No. 1467987

it's about domination and vulnerability. it's why scrotes are pedos too, they go for the weak in society.

No. 1467988

Why are you friends with a 14 year old?

No. 1467993

It's real too, I wanted to believe it was fake but here's a link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1134426492/underwear-for-transgender-kids-organic
Definitely feels like a gaggle of transbians came here in a flock to derail the fuck out of the thread because someone pointed out that troons, gay men, and furries typically fall under the same umbrella. I'm waiting for gore and other shit to start flooding the board

No. 1467994

she could be a teen herself and even if she wasn't this moral faggotry over people having younger friends is getting retarded like sorry if you got diddled people can have normal relationships with people of different ages

No. 1468002

There are a lot of men with fetishes for disabled men/women, and also a lot of pedophiles. Men will always rape the objects of their desire when given a "good enough" opportunity, and disabled people are extremely vulnerable. A lot of "disabled porn" is made under duress/threat of non-care, and the same goes for people (especially women) with Downs syndrome and other issues. Everywhere you look, men's sexuality is just fucked up

No. 1468008

>like sorry if you got diddled people can have normal relationships with people of different ages
Not them, but you sound kind of creepy with this shit

No. 1468013

another surgery to fix his wound hole lmao

No. 1468014

There’s a difference between having younger friends and being friends with a 14 year old. This is a website for adults. Even an 18 year old shouldn’t really have much in common with a 14 year old enough to casually call them a friend. It’s weird.

No. 1468015

File: 1647302172816.png (76.3 KB, 758x803, Jordan Tierney on Twitter.png)

No. 1468016

ALWAYS with the fucking "black women are just the same as actual men" bullshit

No. 1468018

File: 1647302373091.jpeg (1.05 MB, 3221x2318, 06F24CF1-1CEC-4519-BC6D-382644…)

the balls of this man to say these things when he looks like THAT. i swear delusion must be a product of the hormones. i hate how they pretend to not know the real reason so many of us have to stay anonymous, and even when we do we still have them coming after us with sexual harassment (evident recently in this thread).

No. 1468020

I really wished they just said they hated women and terfs instead of doing this fake fucking psychoanalysis smug moid “I get it” shit

No. 1468022

Ehh NTA but teens having mentorship type friendships with people a few years older than them who are good and safe role models is a good thing. When I was 18 I was on sports teams with and did extracurriculars with some girls who were 14 and we formed friendships of sorts. The moral faggotry here is ridiculous. Should older teen girls just ignore the younger teen girls in their lives? You sound batshit. Also not everybody who uses this site is over 18 and it's silly to assume otherwise.

No. 1468023

File: 1647302460336.png (32.87 KB, 740x360, LovableGamer69 The Raging Wolf…)

HP game is getting a preview this coming thursday and you can guess what'll be under the hashtag when you search it up

No. 1468027

Pretty crazy that in 2022, fighting against women being raped in prisons and children being mutilated is considered segregation. Can a black person go and shame this white moid lmao

No. 1468029

The petty melodrama of the tweet combined with the avatar of the lantern-chinned, chimp-grimacing brute of a man wearing a hijab is pure poetry.

No. 1468032

She was 14 when it happened. She’s 15 now. Im 18. We’re like 3 years apart. What are you tying to imply? That I indoctrinated her into radfem? She became a terf on her own bc she’s in russia and talked about how hard it is to be a lesbian there. She became a terf and retaliated because a lot of troons were attacking her for not being “educated” enough on lgbt, despite being in a non western country. I became friends with her after seeing her get attacked and harassed by these mobs, and started defending her after learning her situation.(unsaged derail)

No. 1468034

Pedophilia in males is an adaptation meant to mitigate intrasexual competition. It's more like men are attracted to children because males who target adolescents are more likely to pass down (specifically their) genes. It's the same reason they are obsessed with purity and virginity. If a male is the first to access a female untouched by other men he has more reproductive success. You can see this happen in many multiple species. It's not really about "power". It's just a moid instinct that people try to rationalize in some way.

You're humanizing these men way too much by assigning some kind of higher reason for why they are so gross and perverted. They are just coomchimps capable of human speech.

No. 1468035

He's actually wearing a hoodie over a beanie, but now that you mention it, it does look like a hijab kek

No. 1468036

Notice that they deliberately invoke and try to reinforce that, too. Trannies are very happy about the dehumanization of black women because it means they can try to piggyback off of it. It's pretty easy to spin the "They're not human" angle into "They're not women", and that's what they do. Never mind that the entire gynecological field in the US is based on the abuse of black women's bodies and female sexual integrity. That doesn't matter if a white man in a dress can co-opt victimhood for his own wishes. They set up a strawman about black women and don't attack it, just use it as an "in" to say "If you consider this black ""woman"" to be female, why not your fellow white? Just because he was born with a dick? Was "she" not born with dark skin and of a different race? Come on.." basically
They truly try to skinwalk all types of women, and in all sorts of different, underhanded ways. I could go on but I don't want to start a race fight, this just irritates me a lot

No. 1468037

Ah yes, I don't post pics of myself to prove I look better than a moid in a dress because I'm actually an uggo, surely not because I would lose my job and future career chances

No. 1468038

File: 1647303190831.jpg (315.14 KB, 587x517, c0ALkqh.jpg)

i had to see it and now so do you

No. 1468044

>Never mind that the entire gynecological field in the US is based on the abuse of black women's bodies and female sexual integrity


No. 1468050

If conventionally attractive women "came out" as TERFs and started posting their selfies en masse, every single one of them would get rape/murder threats from "victimized" twans girls, chasers and unhinged handmaidens who want virtue signal points by exposing their problematic friends. Most of these men are literal incels, and they do revert to the worst side of that mindset when their identity is contradicted (especially by attractive women). Don't get me wrong, the 41% would be increased to at least 42%, but with that would come more murders and shootings. It's not worth the danger. I'm happy shitting on troons with my friends and family and on the internet

No. 1468057

No. 1468058

Clockable as what? Females?
They never seem to get women don’t have to pass, we just are.

No. 1468060

crocheted like a true retard

No. 1468062


"Clockable" as ugly bitter middle aged terfs who are only so hateful because they're jealous of prettier women and transwomen getting all the attention from men.

Give me a break. This is the same rhetoric that's been spewed at radical feminists by men for years. The only woman who are feminists are ugly spinsters because they're bitter and alone yadda yadda

I wish I could spam them with my selfies because I'm very convenientally attractive (and so are all my terf friends) but not trying to get doxxed.

No. 1468063

File: 1647304378155.jpg (147.41 KB, 1080x1147, 20220314_173048.jpg)

It's almost like the men who voted "no" are onto something about the men and troons who want to normalize it /sus

No. 1468065

File: 1647304469803.jpg (348.15 KB, 1080x1335, Screenshot_20220314-173428_Chr…)


Imageboard newfag

No. 1468067

Not a newfag, just didn't want to derail because the gynecology thing isn't troon-related but anon still asked

No. 1468068

File: 1647304622546.jpeg (2.31 KB, 192x144, download (13).jpeg)


A nonny once said that cis straight men are your Hannibal Lecter to the troon Buffalo Bill. They understand the male degeneracy in a way innocent lib fems don't haha

No. 1468069

The other side of this is that if you're conventionally attractive, they'll argue that you're talking from your privilege, so your viewpoint is invalid and you're just a "mean girl", no matter what. "You don't know what it's like to be ostracized or oppressed, just look at you, you're a bitch who has no problems in life bullying those who struggle and are literally being killed/driven to suicide"
If you're actually not conventionally attractive, it just becomes "You don't pass! Cishon! You're just an ugly/old/fat femcel scared a hot trans Stacy with a designer vagina will steal your man!!". Trannies just pick and choose their defenses, kek

No. 1468079


Truth nonna. But it doesn't matter because perceived attractiveness doesn't affect the truth that we are women born.

No. 1468080

File: 1647305174251.png (273.74 KB, 1074x1537, stupidpolonwomensrights.png)


in case anyone needs some caps on why stupidpol can't build a coalition with leftist women. any discussion of women's rights turns into whataboutism about men's rights, men can't cry, and muh egalitarianism.



No. 1468086

these people are in actuality crypto-libertarians. call them that and watch them shriek.

No. 1468089

Thank you anon…fucking hell, that's horrible. I had no idea, thank you for the sources. I do not trust male gyno's and it's unsurprising a psychotic male was the start of western gynecology.
stfu, I hate when people act so autistic about 'hurrdurr imageboard'

No. 1468090

Any "feminism" that centres men (especially transgender) can only be bourgeois. Women fighting for their rights do not have time to lend space to men's issues, femicide and rape are too present

No. 1468095

File: 1647305913674.jpeg (312.48 KB, 1124x1680, 693AA67B-46E5-40FA-9498-CCA295…)

No. 1468099

thanks for the link to the thread, im taking notes of fun little things i can tell trannies to subtly ruin their day

No. 1468100

jfc dude you're just old and low T bc you don't take care of yourself

No. 1468107

File: 1647306293960.png (49.23 KB, 904x364, thankyounick.png)

No. 1468111

File: 1647306402947.png (50.33 KB, 872x248, km.png)

This is fucked

No. 1468112

lol I'm surprised the ratio on this is semi positive. Is George Takei hated for some other reason I'm not aware of (besides being a TRA)?

No. 1468113

File: 1647306502747.jpg (40.06 KB, 612x556, 1619233882144.jpg)

No. 1468114

File: 1647306565734.png (43.04 KB, 834x447, eggcracked.png)

lmao. Guess 40% of men over 45 are actually just trans

No. 1468116

the only thing poppin' in this picture is that gut

No. 1468122

>this person is going to get a phd

No. 1468124

File: 1647307115682.jpg (Spoiler Image,467.52 KB, 1080x1773, Screenshot_20220314-180547.jpg)

Warning: NSFL
Nonas, please tell me I'm not the only one who cackles with glee at SRS complications. I feel like a bitch sometimes until I remember that they chose to undergo a surgical procedure with an enormously high complication rate… that they willingly butchered their healthy male genitals only to wind up with an AliExpress tier vagene at best.

No. 1468126

He’s, uh…not exactly helping the cause by admitting he “discovered” he was gay by getting molested as a child

No. 1468128

pedophiles have a preferred sex of child, but they're opportunistic and will take what they can get. female children are watched more carefully than males.

No. 1468129

File: 1647307599277.jpg (232.66 KB, 1080x1030, Screenshot_20220314-212549_Twi…)

Troons literally live on Twitter and these numbers prove it

No. 1468130

I always feel a bit of horror and rage mixed with glee. They deserve it for being disgusting delusional fetishists who silence any naysayers then act shocked when extremely common, easily googled complications arise. I'm also very glad that these predators are being castrated and left infertile. But the greedy doctors who inflict needless lifelong suffering on healthy bodies deserve to be sued into oblivion and I'm beyond infuriated that any of them are willing to carry out these hack jobs.

No. 1468132

yah the history is pretty fucked up. look into it if you want more fuel for hating the human race.

its a very real thing.

No. 1468139


part of me thinks about becoming a srs surgeon just so I can have the pleasure of taking their balls and infantilizing them.
I'm technically not too late to start kek

No. 1468140


No. 1468144

i can never feel happy about it. they're still people, and i feel the few that do go on to have srs are dealing with unresolved mental health issues. i wish they could get the treatment they need instead of butchering themselves.

i also pray that every srs "surgeon" that's done this shit gets sued, like another anon said. how the FUCK do you take something like the hippocratic oath then go on to mutilate a person like this? bastards

No. 1468153

I love when men willing castrate themselves so yes it is funnee

No. 1468158

File: 1647308912538.jpeg (352.94 KB, 1799x951, B9F42687-E7DE-47E1-A760-F5ED94…)

and he’s the one clocking people

No. 1468159

Also high-key ruined the live action Beauty & the Beast, she was the only cast member who couldn’t sing for shit. Her performative feminism is about as tiresome as her screen presence.

No. 1468160

Welcome to the mtf thread

No. 1468162

What does this even mean? Women are women. I like how they think clockable just means ugly because they're so delusional they can't understand they'll never be women, even if they were somehow attractive.

No. 1468163

clockable for what?? God I want them to suffer

No. 1468166

I only feel bad for the female ones. They often have reasons for wanting to be men, like having been raped or molested.
But these male creeps? They've destroyed female spaces for their fetish, so it's divine comedy for them to lose the ability to coom. They are directly responsible for women being raped more than women are already raped, and for that their genitals are a small price.

No. 1468167

File: 1647309370587.jpeg (408.13 KB, 828x980, D67332D3-53CC-43A4-9F8C-A0D52C…)

Yay the TRAs are being racist again, shocking.

No. 1468173

File: 1647309958724.jpeg (202.7 KB, 1113x1698, AAEF7B73-4DD0-4F9E-9535-131391…)

The same 4chan incel who crowned this masterpiece

No. 1468177

every troon should get srs so this can happen to them

No. 1468179

File: 1647310552859.png (Spoiler Image,1.11 MB, 733x1033, Days Post OP PIV with Dr. Rami…)

look its brothers

No. 1468180

File: 1647310571078.jpeg (58.95 KB, 828x496, C5A9A964-0A4F-4B8A-920B-0586B4…)

Of course the racist nerd manchildren prefer one of their own

No. 1468181

I firmly believe that top surgery and facial feminization surgery shouldn't exist. You get the whole package all at once to
a) to avoid fetishism derived from boobs and being a disgusting chimera
b) to realize the horror you wanted to became since day 1. You get full blown, while your wound aches, burns and rots, you won't focus on anything else, so you can experience full blown right away.
I think that in this way, there wouldn't be more fetishists and agp

No. 1468183

>"Scottish actor/director/musician, son of a witch 🧙🏻‍♀️ Man at Bus Stop - Socrates - Parsley - Dave the pie loving walk on, fond of a vegan sausage roll"
You're not gonna believe this, but I think he's single.

No. 1468184

>Right wing politics
>Video Games
>Chaser or closet troon

Why do these all attract the same exact type of loser Gen Z moid

No. 1468186

theres no way that any young child is trans without being brainwashed/persuaded by their parents

No. 1468187

File: 1647311040247.png (1.01 MB, 982x1086, tranny.png)

Imagine having a man in a lolita dress and cheap wig be your primary care physician

No. 1468189

File: 1647311239943.jpg (49.66 KB, 670x579, jegj2ue098x51.jpg)

Damn! I keked at this, guess I'm going to hell.

No. 1468191

>>1468160 some gay star trek loving scrotes pretending to be radfems came in here throwing a fit after the george takei discussion
>>1468107 KEK this is gold
>>1468112 for being an open pedo, which I guess is the same as being a TRA
>>1468167 he looks like a typical Scandinavian man

No. 1468193

OT but is she supposed to look bad in the second image? She's hot af

No. 1468194

He could be a very charming androgynous model with a nice figure but nope, guy choosed to be oppressed

No. 1468195

always knew the president of the DSA himself was a closet terf

No. 1468196

someone please take this man’s physicians license away

No. 1468197

He’s complaining about her not having a child’s body anymore. He has an anime avatar and a 4chan name. He’s a pedophile and needs to be chemically castrated

No. 1468199

Ratio in my alt-Nord country is 2:1

No. 1468200

File: 1647311634168.jpg (27.68 KB, 400x400, uglything.jpg)

What even is that? kek

No. 1468201

She looks bomb as fuck. Her body is soft, beautiful and feminine. If she was a troon they'd be worshipping the ground she works on. Reeks of jealousy

No. 1468203

guessing its one of those moid things that are low key pro anna tbh.

their idea of the ideal female body is waif teens, anything outside that is undesirable to them. they act like growing into a normal adult female body is them being lazy and fat.

No. 1468205

He looks like Jesse Pinkman and his dweeby gang friends in Breaking Bad did the fusion dance and became one single moid

No. 1468206

You have to remember a ton of 4channers are gym obsessed and closeted. They think it’s a sign of weakness

No. 1468209

you can be conventionally attractive and psychotic troons will still call you a cishon if you don't look like an anime sex doll

No. 1468210

That was made by a moid who gave himself an eating disorder to larp as a smol anime girl. I have to agree, she does look hot.

of course

No. 1468211

A seething, racist y chromosome. Hate to see it lol

No. 1468212

If legolas was a gay twink

No. 1468214

kek spot on. the moids that I have seen act like that in my broader online social groups ARE 4chan gym bros.

No. 1468215

File: 1647312274742.jpg (220.94 KB, 959x830, Screenshot_20220314-193712.jpg)

Kek Zendaya in an oversized tee and sweats still looks unmistakably female. Hunter looks unmistakably male regardless of his costume. He also looks like he could use a sandwich insert sad emoji here.

No. 1468216

These scrotes love to neg women that they wish they could date

No. 1468217

yeah i just visited to the Twitter thread and they’re calling Zendaya a caveman and a chimpanzee. Fucking Disgusting

No. 1468219

File: 1647312497820.jpeg (368.61 KB, 750x1080, 45D38CC3-B73B-4EB4-BB76-E10F23…)

Four years old. How the fuck can anyone defend a parent deciding their kid is the wrong sex at four years old. What child has a concept of gender beyond girl = pink, boy = blue at age FOUR?

No. 1468224

File: 1647312688952.jpg (72.7 KB, 557x782, prettything.jpg)

This Zendaya?

No. 1468226

I wonder what would happen if a biological woman wore this sort of thing to work. I wonder how she'd be treated and the kinds of comments she'd get, especially with no threat of being perceived as "phobic" breathing down anyone's neck. Really makes me think

No. 1468227

File: 1647312859625.png (8.18 KB, 178x182, current.png)

this is where we are at in aus atm

I'm surprised that there isn't a bigger different yet.

Maybe in a few more hours it will have the woke crowd catching on.

No. 1468228

File: 1647312862903.jpg (281.08 KB, 1200x962, zendaya-2017-met-gala.jpg)

Like, come on

No. 1468229

I would bet the bottom number of tweets would be more if people weren't scared of getting dog-piled, cancelled, or fired from their jobs

No. 1468230

>He also looks like he could use a sandwich insert sad emoji here.
nah, I say let him kill himself for his misogyny fetish. He's admitted his identity is all about looking frail and rapable like wamen are bc that's what gets his dick hard. Let him perish.

No. 1468232

>>1468219 It's fucking insane that these people think that a person that young can comprehend sex, sexuality, and gender. I can barely remember anything from that age besides playing on playgrounds and with toys. This is absolutely grooming and pedophilia. I'd say it's incestuous too since parents are so obsessed with their children's reproductive organs. fuck this gay earth

No. 1468233

File: 1647313132290.jpeg (313.46 KB, 828x1405, CF9B7ECE-6DD7-475B-BDC8-A7F96E…)

These are the people you’re arguing with.

No. 1468234

File: 1647313141782.jpeg (285.93 KB, 1039x1350, B7D16A23-5B3B-4A7D-9846-82F3F5…)

I can’t stop laughing. They fucking wish

No. 1468235

Nothing makes me seethe more than busted troons wearing lolita

No. 1468237

they’re not even TRAs. They’re racist 4chan moids >>1468233

No. 1468240

File: 1647313371247.jpg (10.21 KB, 360x360, aD4Yl9KG_400x400.jpg)

apparently "hitting the wall" is gaining 10 pounds

No. 1468241

I feel exactly like this but the opposite, men make the workplace intolerable if I could work somewhere where it was only women i’d genuinely love going into work, knowing i wouldn’t have to listen to passive aggressive or sexist remarks from some middle aged white balding man with fake looking teeth >>1468234
boobs on a male body are so uncanny and disturbing looking yuck

No. 1468243

File: 1647313561931.jpeg (132.49 KB, 1169x569, A75B3A69-348B-40FD-BCCD-328474…)

No. 1468244

Shockingly, men feel more comfortable voicing their completely wrong opinions


No. 1468245

File: 1647313678121.png (45.74 KB, 512x497, numbers changing.png)

do I not understand twitter? do they change the numbers per a day or something cause someone else posted this screen cap of numbers earlier and it's more than what I have seen.

or is simply people are deleting their posts due to harassment?

No. 1468247

tbf the entire world outside of woke political twitter is on JKR's side whether they know it or not

No. 1468249

>>1468245 -> someone's earlier screen cap.

>>1468227 -> my current screen cap

forgot to link back the related post. sorry.

No. 1468256

Every time I've worked with mostly women we've gotten so much more done, it's not even close, and I don't have to worry about anyone getting creepy.

No. 1468263

they should all go fuck each other in their shit caked assholes and leave women alone then

No. 1468264

From what I can remember from the /thewall subreddit or whatever it was called, the vast majority of wall-hitting incidents were the women in question being photographed at slightly unflattering angles or getting a shorter haircut, kek. Moids are just insane

No. 1468266

at last, something i wrote will have a legacy

No. 1468269

wtf is up with that last guy? accusing infertile women of "poking his biggest insecurity" as if it's not their biggest insecurity too? like literally nothing could ever possibly be NOT about him?

No. 1468274

these men are just closeted faggots kek

No. 1468276

Some weirdly galaxy-brained takes on this thread. Men who rape little boys instead of adult men/women do so because they’re vulnerable and easier to groom & overpower, not because they’re “the feminine ideal.” These are the same moids who rape female children, elderly & disabled people in nursing homes, and smaller weaker men in prison. Predators rape based on opportunity and convenience regardless if they claim “gay” or “straight” in public. If they’re attracted to femininity in particular, it’s mainly due to its association with vulnerability. They would absolutely rape an “adult female butch” who was passed out, incapacitated or otherwise unable to defend herself.

No. 1468277

Based. I laughed.

No. 1468278

iirc mtf vaginoplasties had a severe infection rate of something like 40% and ftm phalloplasties were like 58%. dont quote me exactly but the figures were absolutely insane. your average rate of infection for surgery is like 2-5%

No. 1468285

NTA just piping in to also add that most surgeries only have about a ~15% complication rate on average, so their faux-genitals are incredibly risky, even if you manage to somehow luck out and avoid an infection.

No. 1468288

This is embarrassing. Women, love yourselves.
I am genuinely struggling to get through this one. The part where they were asked if hey are "lesbians" makes me want to die. Fattychan says she's "queer" because she's still mainly attracted to men. So, you're straight. Got it. Smegmoid says he's a lesbian because he's attracted to women. So you're straight. Got it.

Gotta concur with that anon upthread who said they'd go back in time to stop all the stupid "straight people bad" jokes that social media spread like a virus. It did a number on the pathetic woke straights.

No. 1468290

i see they rebooted richard ramirez for gen z

No. 1468291

keep asuka out of this you freaks

No. 1468293

republican party hates jewish people, but performatively capes for israel because they believe it is the literal battleground on which jesus will fight armageddon. they are anti-semites, they just happen to believe that a circle on a map labelled "israel" must exist so that their lotr war can happen

No. 1468294

File: 1647317461403.png (9.67 KB, 239x208, Capture.PNG)

>>trans women totes get their period
>>there are none but i have anecdotal evidence

No. 1468296

They're men, so anything they say is undisputed fact. No need for proof.

No. 1468300

This is so dumb when I was a senior in high school I had a few freshman friends and I still talk to them today. Why ya gotta think like that

No. 1468301

What? The point should be that men can wear skirts if they want, but it doesn’t make them women and doesn’t entitle them to our spaces. Men are at fault here for mostly saying no and it’s just proof they see any man who would wear a skirt as a failed man. The point should be that clothes are just clothes but it doesn’t turn you into the opposite sex to wear a skirt or a suit if you’re female or whatever. Men are the ones causing all the trouble from every angle.

No. 1468302

This reminds me, when I started college there was this overly sexual trans person who would walk around with a harness and stilettos on campus. One time he was talking about the oppression he went through as a trans person and tried to rope me in with the “It’s just like you right? With you being black and all.” I just said “No, not really” and he looked so deflated lmfao

No. 1468303

what the hell though? what if it's like, vanilla cake and i hate that shit? it's fatphobic that i hate that loserbean flavour and know chocolate to be the superior jungle bean dessert?

No. 1468305

how come people who look like them are so confident and yet all of know some very pretty woman who dresses like a game of thrones character because she thinks she's disgusting

No. 1468307

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