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File: 1522277527716.gif (636.65 KB, 682x628, Jill.gif)

No. 540457

>Previously a "pansexual" lolita lifestyler who quit due to LACE drama and ~muh restrictive rules~
>Known lurker
>Is known to change phases very often, looking worse in every new one
>History of ED, mental illness and self harm
>Her weight continues to balloon as she refuses to eat anything but fast food, mc nuggies and peeps tea
>Spends a lot of (her parents) money in every new phase, including $300 lolita dresses and cheap-looking, ill fitting lazy oaf clothes because "muh designer stuff" and "muh aesthetic"
>Tried to formulate a new "Japanese Street Fashion" (while living in Canada) called Party Kei that she never followed her own rules to
>Gained a lot of landwhale and skinwalkers followers who not only copy her mannerisms and buy the exact same clothes and accessories, but also excuse her shitty behaviour. They are the Confetti Club, and have their own thread (most recent thread: >>>/snow/531204)
>Tries to gain sympathy between her fans no matter how, including:
>Having "mental health days uwu" in which, like usual, does absolutely nothing
>Doesn't take showers, instead she takes ~special bath bomb baths~ and lays in her own filth
>Pretends to be "queer", says that she would be "a lesbian if she wasn't dating someone with a dick" and has stated multiple times that she has a preference for men in her streams. When someone confronts her about it, she cries "bisexual!!!" She states she goes through 'phases of being a lesbian.'
>She also claims to be ethically responsible about her clothing and makeup purchases, but continues to buy unnecessary plastic shit from fast fashion websites and other problematic sellers, all while feeling proud because she uses "a tote bag to shop"
>She feels the need to be the best at everything and the biggest fan of things, but half asses every single thing
>Literal hoarder who keeps buying kid's toys, clothes, bags and decor that she doesn't need and only wears/uses once, all because of her "aesthetic"
>Buys expensive makeup palettes to only use one shadow. She also marks them as "work expenses" and showcases broken makeup even when she was sent a replacement
>Has drama in every single relationship she gets in, from leaving a years old relationship to date their best friend to her latest relationship with a girl who used as clickbait for a "what I got for my GF on Christmas" video
>She dumped said girl because Jill said "she was no longer attracted to her" and kept the Christmas presents for herself
>She says she wants to be a fashion designer but does literally nothing for days and days to achieve that dream and hasn't improved her sewing at all, always coming out with badly sewn trainwrecks
>Wants to go to a fashion design college near home because muh mommy issues but said fashion college is nothing but craft playschool for people who don't know how to sew
>Cannot go anywhere without her mommy and treats her as her "bestie"
>Claims that she needs a two bedroom apartment all for herself when she goes to college because she's a ~full time youtuber~
>Quit her job because of colored hair, is a full time youtuber now
>Cries for demonetization and uses copyrighted music on her vids. Doesn't make enough money from YouTube but she still claims she does while using mommy's money
>Goes on and off meds because "she feels better uwu" and mixes them with alcohol
>Has a current obsession with drinking and getting drunk and mentions it in front of her underage fans on stream and twitter, then says "If you're 11 cover your ears"
>Also mentions her dildos while claiming her content is family friendly
>Baby talks in her videos, says shit like rainby baby backy packy big boy and then cusses or mentions adult stuff
>She also copies other youtubers, their mannerisms and video ideas
>Went to Japan only to shop there, while saying it was a fashion designer trip
>Proceeded to eat Western fast food instead of learning from the culture
>Was elected "kawaii leader" in NHK Kawaii's popularity contest because her fans are crazy enough to vote multiple times a day for her
>Went to New York to meet fans. Said fans paid $60 to be breathed on by her queen. Jill got drunk at the event. Fans also stole merch.

Her phases so far:
>Punk kid (influenced by her then current relationship)
>Band groupie
>Theater club
>Pastel goth and general cute clothes
>Semi-decent lolita coords
>Larme Kei
>"Party Kei"
>Pagan "Witch" (muh mahou shoujou aesthetic) -only pretends to play with cristals-
>Hyper feminine and queeeeeeerrr
>Decent into Rainbow Vomit
>"Sharpay Evans" and Sexy Clown
>RuPaul Bioqueen (newest addition)


youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpi2P_y-wXa7q84C-46U6ZA
insta https://www.instagram.com/pixieelocks/
2nd insta: https://www.instagram.com/pixieespam/?hl=en
tumblr http://pixielocks.tumblr.com/
blog pixie-locks.blogspot.ca
Cosplay Page https://m.facebook.com/cosplaypixie/

No. 540471

File: 1522278651467.jpg (118.58 KB, 1024x678, aji.jpg)

Just to let you know, you didn't make the summary any better, it isn't more concise or easier to understand. You just stated more repetitive garbage and I swear to god it's even longer now. You could have taken the time to edit it down, you know, there was still another 100 posts to go on the last thread, i'm sure we could have waited but whatever, the OPs have sucked for the last dozen threads I guess there's no reason to bitch now.

As for her fashion phases, your forgot she was also a self-proclaimed roller derby girl, was into gyaru, himekaji and obsessed over princess themes for the longest time. She described her lolita wardrobe as a "classical sweet" hybrid and so on. No hate tho, she's impossible to keep up with.

Anyways here's a photo of Jill around her roller derby days.

No. 540472

File: 1522278818758.jpg (279.61 KB, 937x871, aji1.jpg)

Ana jill in a replica of sugary carnival, very early lolita days

No. 540479

Not OP but maybe just be happy someone made the thread?
You're not helping either by posting these old irrelevant pictures. Post some relevant shit if you're going to bitch.

No. 540480

File: 1522278958981.jpg (795.37 KB, 1078x1268, Screenshot_20180329-001507.jpg)

No. 540481

File: 1522278983829.jpg (392.2 KB, 1280x1851, aji2.jpg)

The midst of her princess/lolita days, early recovery. Just leaving this here for comparison sake.

No. 540485

Why are you posting old news when there's so much current milk?
These were years ago, they don't really matter anymore.

No. 540491

You complain about the op summary but you keep posting old photos kek
Someone should add the roller derby and gyaru phases though

No. 540502

File: 1522280154609.png (809.25 KB, 619x674, f79b243a0b4fdb9c16ba53819f7ab8…)

What's up with her fanart being so weird

No. 540504

Because if you haven’t noticed, every thread turns into newbies making comments over her style devolution and weight gain, and asking questions about these eras in specific. The point of posting them at the beginning of the thread is so conversation doesn’t focus on this and newfags who refuse to read old threads get the visual timeline they need. I thought that’s why other anons were complaining about the summary, because no one could make sense of it and they weren’t interested in reading through the old threads.

I’m not the one who complained about the old summary in the last thread, nor do I ask questions in every thread about Jill’s past and weight progress.

No. 540509

File: 1522280835361.jpeg (136.69 KB, 750x771, 3B18634D-9062-42EF-BBA0-442EF9…)

Does it piss anyone else off when she does this? A decent portion of the YouTube community has been struggling with demomitization for months and she makes a post kissing YouTube’s ass because she hasn’t had any problems~~~ “uwu thankyou YouTube daddy ❀”
Not like there’s other people suffering at the expense of the system or anything.

No. 540511

Bless you OP, thank you for using my He-man meme! I still can't believe we're 5 threads into this year already..

No. 540513

Most of her fans are autists >>531204
lurk more

No. 540530

Conspiracy theory:
Jill is actually dating her mom and that’s why she can’t hold a public relationship long/she brings her mom everywhere

No. 540558

File: 1522284661060.jpg (64.37 KB, 970x582, 8W10jqV.jpg)


No. 540578

File: 1522285428814.png (971.21 KB, 1442x1080, Untitled81_20180328220103.png)

Turns out they are still friends.

I wouldn't be surprised if they do end up moving in together because rent is expensive in Fredericton and jilly still needs to buy only the best and most expensive supplise for collage.

No. 540579

>>540578 I don't think Wendy is rich though, which might be why they are no longer moving in together?

No. 540587

Wendy isn't as rich as jill but was still able to get brand name stuff using her parents money. So idk.

I don't care if I expose myself at this point and don't like jill and I don't care if she knows that or not.

I live in fredericton the place she's moving too. And I'm going to the craft collage in the fall (for financial reason kek poor fag) I went to her poorly planned j-fashion meet up at aninaritime And I was there when she met wendy. I've also met xia (who is a pretty decent person). I don't like wendy either (she's not as bad of a person as pixie but a huge e-fame whore wannabe)

I hated the meet up so much. Except for the few who were there for j-fashion and not just to see pixie.

No. 540591

>>540587 there's being able to afford brand and then there's paying for a 3 bedroom studio apartment (given jill wants 2 for herself)

No. 540592

Can I please go the rest of my life without seeing this horrifying photo again? Thanks.

No. 540602

I wonder who you were if you were in her video footage of the meet at animaritime…

No. 540604

File: 1522287149742.jpeg (62.07 KB, 574x574, F39D7ECD-D9D6-4748-A53A-DD9A59…)

Hold up, a fucking replica?!? gross

No. 540605

She looked so good there

No. 540608


I wasn't she avoided me because I didn't fit her "aesthetic"
(Based on that it wouldn't be hard to figure out who i am from the photos from the meet. Lol)

No. 540612

Miss yellow skirt?

No. 540615

I'm gonna bet you were the one wearing the guro coord? I could easily bet Jill avoided you because "too spewky uwu" lol

No. 540617

>i hated the meetup so much
Tell us more detail? I'd love some more milk.

No. 540625

File: 1522288831307.png (603.59 KB, 1080x973, 20180328_225841.png)

Looks like our favourite ~bio Queen~ is gonna get her first proper drag experience uwu

No. 540628


How are we supposed to wait 4 months for milk like this

No. 540630


>Me and a few others walked all the way to officer square the original meetup place.

>No one showed up
>walked all the way back to the convention center
>spent 20mins trying to figure out where it was
>some people who where going to go to the meet up got pissed and left
>finally found it
>jills didn't even show up to her own meet up no surprise
>her friend xia started to film so pixie would have content from the meet (she didn't even use any of xias footage)
>pixie comes strolling down with a blanket acting owo so sick (which went away after like 6 minutes)
>pixie avoided people who Werent her fan or fit her aesthetic
>Wendy and her friend annoyed/hogged the shit out of pixxie and they became 'best friends'
>people in j-fashion got photos with sarah (she was nice)

To sum up the meet up xia filmed coords. Pixie ignored everyone but xia and Wendy. We took photos and that's it.

No. 540633

A “studio” apartment literally means no bedrooms, what are you talking about

No. 540634

Thanks anon. Do you mind answering some more questions?

Why did you attend the event / why was it worth 60$ to go?

How horrible did it smell in the space?

How many times did Jill pat her black fans on the head?

No. 540636


I'm sorry annon I should of specified I was talking about the unorganized meet up at aninaritime in the summer. And sorry for late milk.

No. 540638

Wow as if losing wasn't bad enough, now shangie gotta meet Jill

No. 540643

Question, didn't Wendy and Jill know each other before? I'd have to rewatch the con vlogs I guess but there was a point where Wendy is cosplaying and kisses Jill on the cheek so I'd have assumed she knew Wendy before

No. 540650

OT but if you're one of the girls who did the BJD panel, you were both really sweet and nice.

No. 540651

For anyone not familiar with them, "Xia" is Tracey who gets mentioned here, Jill's asian friend.

No. 540658

They didn't know each other before the con. Which amazed me how fast wendy clinged onto jill.

No. 540666

If you say she's a bit of an efame whore it's not too surprising that she'd cling to Jill I suppose.

I'm curious to know who was there more to see or kiss up to Jill instead of being there for the point of the meet being jfashion. Jill loves to make everything about herself so I wonder if that happened too.

No. 540684

She doesnt deserve to stand in the same room as shangela. Ugh

No. 540689

yikes, even when she was skinny her face was damn unfortunate looking. she just looks like a goblin

No. 540692

so odd it could be tru

No. 540697

Sage for incoming comparison/reaching

But the more I think about it, the more Jill begins to remind me of CWC. One of the best comparisons is Chris’ Christmas of 2004 video where he gave his mum at Hamtaro and LEGO set, it reminded me of Jill and how she only brought her Mum/gf things that she liked/could get use of, as opposed to buying them something that they would end up sharing with Jill because of them not really having a need/genuine interest in.

Another thing way that Jill reminds me of CWC is the sense of entitlement as well as being delusional over their talents (Chris with art/Jill with design and sewing, maybe even piano skills). Not to mention enabling parents who want to shelter their child from any criticism that may better them.

And last but not least, their hoarding habits.

No. 540724

Don't forget now that Jill is experimenting with drag, she can relate to CWC's Tomgirl saga

No. 540744

Dont wanna wk, but I blame that on being young and not fully grown into her face. I think even she said once that her eyes and lips were weirdly proportioned at that age. As she's gotten older they've calmed down, and I think she looked best around 18-ish, which is when she had grown into her face and you couldn't see the jowels if she turned her head right

No. 540747

Okay you really can’t compare Chris’ art to Jill’s piano. The whole “child prodigy” thing is tired but she’s actually incredibly talented in that regard.

No. 540769

I realised I made a mistake I meant to say *as oppose to something they could enjoy individually that doesn’t involve Jill

No. 540780

underrated comment

No. 540782

"I just wanna thank YouTube that I haven't been demonitized yet this month!!!!"
That's like thanking a serial killer for not murdering you yet

No. 540790

File: 1522308926164.jpg (167.52 KB, 597x538, whelp.jpg)

lol possible baking videos in the future

No. 540837

I was like 99% sure she met Wendy at the con but convinced myself that couldn't be the case because they were such ~best friends~ immediately and started talking about moving in together so soon. I knew tracey and kenzie were borderline creepy groupie status for years but since they already worshiped the ground Jill walked on before she started youtube, it seems more likely that she would eventually befriend them. It's still sad and weird that Jill didn't consider them actual friends until Colin broke up with her and she was going through an emergency crisis to befriend just about anyone. Also weird that she asked Kenzie to drive 4 hours to PEI instead of just getting off her lazy ass to drive to the city where her friends live.

Then to find out she was so desperate as to pretend she was tight with Wendy when again, it was just a fan from a meet up. It's just so bizarre. I don't think Jill has any conception of what actual friendship is. She's been an e-fame whore for so long, she's started to confuse fans for friends and doesn't know how to socialize outside of romantic relationships that she constructs for her online aesthetic.

On the other hand, I really hope Wendy isn't making her life plans and education choices based off going to the same school as Jill in hopes that they become roommates. Because that's concerning on a whole other level.

No. 540873

File: 1522330158215.jpeg (363.03 KB, 750x1221, 7AB817A4-E352-4211-916C-D7BF3E…)

These just dropped on Lazy Oaf. I’d be willing to bet money that Jillian will have these by the end of next week, they’re pink and clunky and ugly as shit (and retail for almost 200 bucks), perfect for her. Sage for speculation

No. 540884

But anon, they have BLACK on them

No. 540886

Lmao second anon is right. They're a DM collab as well which is a pretty solid punk/goth brand, definitely not kawaii rainby uguuu.

NGL I actually like the shoes, and would hope they're designed by Lazy Oaf but constructed by Dr Martens. They're kinda pricey but not that far off usual DM limited edition collaborations.

If she did get them it'd be interesting to see how quickly she ruins them, given that with correct care a pair of DM's can be kept in excellent condition for like twenty years.

No. 540890

She probably bought it from Peachie so she could be one step closer to wearing her skin.

No. 540895

Didn’t bake because kitchen wasn’t aesthetic

That’s just stupid, normal people would do something because they want and like to do it regardless of how it looks

Also, I hope someone steals her rainbow door mat

No. 540903

It’s also stupid because I know for a fact Louise is really into interior deco and she recently did a house reno in the last few years, so not only is she shitting on her mom’s taste, but also pretty much anyone would be happy to bake in a newly done kitchen, like how many people are stuck doing cooking tutorials in their run down kitchen that was built in the 80’s?

She’s so spoiled and dramatic.

No. 540904

but how could our Jillybean ever bake anything in a kitchen that isn't a complete rainbow vomit eyesore?? :(((
whenever she takes an outfit photo outside she has to shittily recolor the background because apparently she just really can't live with anything that isn't rainby colors, what a weirdo

No. 540907

That's really reaching. There are a lot of entitled people out there besides CWC, and he has a legit mental disorder and is retarded. The only thing they really have in common is that they post a lot of videos of themselves online.

Eh, these look fine. Not really sure what you expect DMs to look like anon.

DM is a pretty normie brand these days lol. Also they outsourced to China so the quality isn't as good anymore.

No. 540909

>the only thing that stopped me was our non-aesthetic kitchen
Bitch, please. Can she stop lying for 10 seconds and admit she can't do basic things? She has never cooked in her life, the peeps tea, pizza, and tendies are all proof of that.

No. 540946

Sage for a bit random question, but why doesn't Jill ever go to kawaii stores in her own country? Lor did a couple videos on some in Toronto, while it is a bit far from Jill, she spends hundreds on hauls for video. Spending some to go to local Jfashion style will probably get her more views. She is the kawaii.i resprestivie for Canada yet she doesn't participate in her own community or support Canadian kawaii artists/small business.

No. 540968

Anon do you really expect that greasy basement dweller to actually leave her rancid smelling, squalid little rainbow troll hole and venture into the big spooky city to patronize non aesthetic peasant brands and businesses? Kek

No. 541085

Anon, it doesn’t matter if it has black, she also bought that purple LO purse with the black straps that match absolutely nothing in her wardrobe

No. 541097

File: 1522356457918.jpg (547.8 KB, 1080x1540, Screenshot_20180329-214653.jpg)

Possibly Jill's new girl?

No. 541099

>>Dare I say this girl is even more homely than Jill the dildo wand queen of yeast infections? Kek

No. 541115

If so, she's desperate for those uwu queer points.

No. 541129

JFC she looks fucking 80 in this pic! And leave it to Jill to pick the most average to homely people to hang out with kek

No. 541140


not trying to be dick here, but that girl looks ugly as fuck and she's probably a jill stan and not her actual friend/crush/gf. i know jill is an uggo but she's too vain to go for someone uglier than her imo. who knows though maybe its a bad pic

No. 541185

File: 1522361702272.jpg (142.51 KB, 1080x856, Screenshot_20180329-231403.jpg)

I was trying to find the new mystery girl on Facebook and saw that Jill and ex mystery girl are still friends on fb

No. 541188

I feel like the speculation of Pixie living by herself was just stemmed from her mom's post about the two bedrooms. 3 bedroom places exist… and nothing has come forward about Wendy pretty much since there was talk about them living together. Idk I feel like this is such a big part of the threads unnecessarily and we should just wait til the actual apartment search.

No. 541193

if they are dating they look pretty much the same ew

No. 541199

If she is dating her, Jill needs to know that it’s ok to be single and that the only reason why she’s single is bc she decided to dump mystery girl bc “lack of attraction” after leading her on.

Just get a bf again Jill, we know that you prefer men you won’t have to use those dildos in your drawer anymore.

No. 541201

Honestly I have always thought Jill's bisexuality just consists of anime girls and possibly Japanese girls like most actually straight weebs.

No. 541204

well it's not hard to pretend to be in to women when you claim to be a bottom, and think bottoms don't have to reciprocate.

And with those nails of hers, I'd certainly hope no woman would want those near her tender bits.

No. 541218

Her ex is a dumb shit then, I used to feel bad that Jill used and dumped her but if she’s gonna be friends with her still, then I’m glad it happened and I hope Jill rubs her new relationship in Alyssa’s face

No. 541224

Friends on fb does not mean = real friends

No. 541225

I feel like Jill is one of those people who forces their ex to remain friends with them because “I’m on good terms with all my exes!!!” Could also be that Alyssa isn’t aware she’s still fb friends with Jill.

if by soft she means fat and by pastel she means colorblind then I could see it.

No. 541229

You can like girls without fingering them.

No. 541232

I'm sorry. I didn't realize I'd to spell out the bloody obvious that I was talking about sexual relationships. Which more often than not is included in a relationship.

No. 541287

This new mystery girl’s name is Maggie Campbell and her instagram is @hyperbol.e

No. 541307

Chill out anon, someone can be FB friends with an ex just to keep up appearances and still not be on good terms otherwise.

No. 541313

Maybe that's why she has dildos.

No. 541316

She kinda looks a little like jill if Jill was a little edgier…

No. 541319

Omg right though?! How can you have lesbian sex when only one person is doing the work. Idk. It's not like straight sex where both people are getting something out of it. Or gay sex… I don't think you can claim to be sexually into someone if you don't want to perform any sexual acts on them. But that's just my opinion.

No. 541338

Your so damn right anon! My best friend is a lesbian and she will not date a girl unless she is sexually attracted to her. WTF would the point be odd dating someone you are not sexually attracted too? SMH damn it Jill you are desperate for attention as always. She's scraping at the bottom of the barrel for gay points. Kek

No. 541341

Is there any real reason to believe they're dating other than that they took a picture together? Because if there isn't, then I'm not buying it.

Also Jill looks terrible here. The combination of her jowls and bun make her head look like a fucking cube kek

No. 541387

Maybe Jill should date a transgirl. That way she'd get her peener and she'd be able to say she's in a lesbo relationship. But I have a feeling Jill doesn't want a girl with a ding dong.

No. 541390

I honestly think she just wants to date a guy who isn't too 'stereotypically' masculine.
As in, for some reason she herself seems to think that all men are muscly, beer drinking, dirty jockey guys and she isn't into that, so she thinks she can't say she's into guys because of that?
I mean even if Colin was NB he was still quite boyish, he looked like a guy, was into nerdy guy stuff and perfectly functioned as a guy, it's not like he was even androgynous at all.

I'm not into typically 'masculine' guys either but I also know that the majority of guys aren't like that so it doesn't change the fact that I'm a straight girl.
So yeah, I think Jill is just into ~soft bois uwu~ and thinks she isn't straight because of that lol.

No. 541391

I reckon she just poorly edited the shit out of her face. The proportions aren't weird. They are downright unnatural

No. 541393


can't unseen Jills unsymmetric eyebrows …

No. 541394

Jill wants people to see her as Gay, but she doesn't want to do Gay shit like eat pussy and finger a girl. "I'm so gay for girls I'm a pillow princess blablabla" Jill needs to stop with this. She's a straight girl who wants her snatch eaten by a girl. It's probably a fetish or some shit.

No. 541398

I think she wants a soft boy who is NB who she can play dress up with and call their relationship queer.

No. 541405

I also think she just likes boys that are interested in/willing to do stereotypically "feminine" things like wear pink or dye their hair pastel colors. She wants a matching "soft pal uwu", rather than an actual partner.

Probably just her friend. But if that's her girlfriend I feel really bad for Alyssa for being a dirty secret and new gal is being paraded all over her instagram already lmao.

No. 541420

Most trans girls don’t want to have sex because of dysphoria though so I think dating someone trans would to much effort for her

No. 541422

File: 1522406019731.png (15.93 KB, 302x182, kawaiigrandpa.png)

lol in response to this

so even her fans agree she looks like a grandpa?

No. 541429

Unless you specifically mean them doing the penetrating that's not really true, but either way Jill wouldn't date anyone that she would have to be considerate with/do anything besides the bare minimum.

No. 541497

Yeah I was meaning penetration as thats clearly what jillybean wants based on the way shes spoken about sex before

No. 541523

File: 1522419689794.jpg (651.83 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20180330-152001.jpg)

It's odd that a pixie fan page would be following maggie? Either the page reads here, or the page is run by someone who knows jill irl?

No. 541542

You mean to say that Jillybean likes penile penetration? Is that why she has dildos? Or does she just like sucking on them?

No. 541545

>>541542 Jill would never suck a dick because it wouldn't give her any pleasure. Pillow Princess, remember?

No. 541549

Is she a pillow princess only during lesbo sex tho? She did say she liked a good peen.

No. 541550

No wonder Collin left her. It ain't gonna suck itself jillybean

No. 541566

if you check this girl's IG she dressed pretty 'normal'/grunge-y up until recently, but now suddenly she's full on Lazy Oaf pastel kawaii baby uwu?
I wonder if she became a Jill fangirl and that's why they met up, or maybe she's been spending time with Jill for a while and she influenced her?

No. 541570

>>541566 Jill did post a while ago saying something like'do u ever just meet a cute girl and (lots of heart emojis) it was posted here, but I can't find it. It's possibly about her??

No. 541575

File: 1522422213439.jpg (35.51 KB, 587x273, tweet.JPG)


you mean this tweet, right?


girl looks like an even uglier version of Jill in bottom left pic lmao

No. 541578

>>541575 yes, that's the one. ty anon.

No. 541594


This is a new level of narcissism if Jill is dating someone who looks like an uglier version of her. Like she's attracted to her, and she looks like her, but Jill doesn't want to be the ugly one.

No. 541596

So I looked at Maggie's FB, it looks like Jill and her only recently became friends but unless it's an open relationship, Jill and maggie are a bust. Maggie got into a relationship with Stephen Clarke in 2015 and The only thing I see Jill (on her public settings) comment on is a photo with credits to Stephen park. Just another PEI kid who at first I thought I was going to see her and Jill going way back, but that's not it at all.

No. 541597

>>541596 it lists maggie as single tho??

No. 541599

File: 1522423445691.jpg (120.43 KB, 1080x748, Screenshot_20180330-111852_Ins…)

A friend she'll use for views and likes.

Not uncommon for young people to go through phases now that they have their own money vs parents controlling how they look. I'd say she probably fell into the Lazy Oaf, Dollskill trend and Jill snatched her up to be the "pretty and more well dressed" of them.

No. 541604

oops. guess I didn't lurk hard enough

No. 541669

Wow, she really is dog ugly. She legit looks like a man in a dress on the bottom left.

Can't wait to see how this unfolds

No. 541778

Y’all keep calling her an uglier version of Jill and idgi. Her style is ugly af, I hate tattoos and septum piercings, but I think her face is way prettier than Jill’s. All of her features are in proportion to each other, she doesn’t look like a grandpa, and her smile is cute and endearing. Jill’s face is horrifying to look at even with photoshop. At least I don’t have to live in fear of seeing this girl in my nightmares. Nobody looks good in that style, it has nothing to do with the girl.

Tbh I feel like Jill wrote that about an anime character.

No. 541782

I can't help but think this girl is just as bad and if not worse than Jill to be able to stand hanging out with her, but her facebook looks like a regular person that goes out and does things.

No. 541794

File: 1522434814213.jpg (189.92 KB, 720x998, 2018330_143235636.jpg)

It's not just that fan account

No. 541810

I think the CC has such an unhinged fanbase for Jill that they prowl her following and stalk everyone she associates with.

No. 541816

Not that odd, she posted a pic of them together. A lot of these fan accounts are ran by 13 year olds who just follow everyone their ~idol~ associates with.

She looks average to me though, hate the dye job but I don't see how she's so ugly.

No. 541849

I think she just likes to lie back and be fucked, no effort of her part
Doesn’t matter what/who is doing it

No. 542065

File: 1522454058467.jpeg (681.21 KB, 750x1080, 0A4391C4-271F-4442-ABFC-356776…)

idk man they look pretty similar

No. 542066

File: 1522454103835.jpeg (647.42 KB, 750x1020, 94271CC7-C815-4D9D-B8A6-98EE2A…)

It’s the jowls, mouth, nose (especially), fat face, and colored hair.

No. 542093

Can we just take a minute to talk about the fact that she doesn't have a bedroom door. How can she be comfortable masturbating/having a sex life without having privacy?

No. 542107

she's a disgusting lump of lard, what do you expect

No. 542238

Not WK but as a kid with abusive parents who took away my door, you get used to it. Major TMI but I did it when no one was home, and she has an entire basement to herself now that her brother's moved out
Oh god thanks for pointing out that jill's nose is also completely fucked.

No. 542242

alyssa follows her though, kinda weird

No. 542255

There's probably a door that separates upstairs from the basement, and just her room itself doesn't have a door.

No. 542269

Anon has a point. Even if there was no door to the basement Jill doesn’t leave her basement because she’s ~*self-employed*~ therefore she just has to wait for her parents to leave the house so she can shove her fake peens into herself

No. 542285

This is beyond repulsive anon! Seriously she must wreak like a fish market on a hot day Kek

No. 542292

File: 1522476600579.jpeg (404.54 KB, 635x926, 2EEE5822-E45F-42EE-A14E-71D949…)

K I’m sorry for reposting this again and being such a sperg but it’s extremely weird at how she managed to befriend someone who looked very similar to herself. The only major difference is the nose shape. Done clogging up the thread now I swear.

No. 542299

It's small town east coast Canada. 99% of us are of English/Irish descent, maybe some French in certain parts. There's not been much variation in the genes for a long time. A lot of people around here look very similar to each other.

No. 542303

Oh! Silly me! I totally forgot Jills parents were abusive towards her!

No. 542306

Shut up dude. I was just saying how you could easily do this shit without a door. we all know her parents spoil the fuck out of her and never abuse her.

saged for irrelevant/you being an idiot

No. 542309

Is over spoiling your kids abusive? Because they never learn anything ever? If Jill wasn't such a horrible conceited person, I'd almost feel bad for her for being so stupid and useless, and her parents never pushing her to change…

saged for not wanting people to get into another argument about Jill's parents ACTUALLY being abusive

No. 542327

I honest to God thought this photo was completely Jill until I reread/remembered you were comparing her and the other girl's photo.

No. 542373

The kid isn’t exactly suffering in that situation though, I don’t think it constitutes as abuse

No. 542382

I know, I just wish her parents would actually have her change her ways. Like cut her off or something. It's almost sad how much of a woman child she is…

Saged for no contribution

No. 542455

No. 542458

File: 1522507982640.png (848.6 KB, 1013x863, jill.png)

She looks middle aged in this. I swear her skin's condition keeps declining rapidly.

No. 542471

File: 1522509680362.jpg (30.33 KB, 479x428, jeezz.JPG)


I know the lighting isn't the most flattering one here but the combination of that light, her make up and hair color isn't working for her…

No. 542473

christ. I'm like 13 years older than her, and my forehead only looks like that if I seriously furrow my brows.

Guess moisturizer does work, afterall.

God damn.

No. 542482

How can someone make blowing a lot of money in NYC look so fucking boring?

No. 542485


Grandma Jill trying to mingle with the youths again I see

The woman is aging like milk in the sun
I didn't know you could get crow's feet or a forehead like that so early on and I'm older than Jill too

No. 542490

so she went to nyc and only brought brands that can be purchased on dollskill? culture is wasted on her

No. 542492

How does she not realize how awful she looks?

No. 542499

I don't even know if it's really her skin at this point, I think it's just the super harsh makeup. Her skin looked fairly good with whatever she was using in the pastel days iirc. It looks like she's using some kind of powder on top that settles into and magnifies any imperfections. Bold lips just don't work for her at all, she looks better before putting anything on in the tutorials.

No. 542505

“I would recommend a reservation because it was like a 20 minute wait”
Only 20 on a Sunday morning? I can’t believe she’s complaining about such a short wait. I’m lucky if any local restaurant around me has anything below 45 on a Sunday morning

No. 542507

Please fucking wear moisturizer and sun screen ALWAYS. Her jowls/face is sagging already.

No. 542516

I feel like this might be the case as well. She never used to look this bad, but she's been looking rough as fuck ever since she started buy ~too faced~ foundation and setting powder and I think it's just too heavy and cakey for her shit application skills. She'd likely look way better with just a nice bb cream

No. 542518

Of course it does, hasn't she only recently started to wash her face every day? Now imagine all that heavy foundation plus other products, like glitter glue, sitting on her skin, for days, so many skincare benefits…
Aside from her awful habits, this makeup is super unfortunate. The upper lid is just too heavy and looks muddy, yellow on the lower makes her look sick. Then there's gold glitter under brows, which looks like flaking skin. And that's just eyes, then we have lipstick that maybe matches one of eyeshadows, but still looks ugly paired with everything else.

Jill for someone who wants to be a bio queen really could benefit from watching a makeup tutorial or two.

No. 542521

She complained about a 20 minute wait at a restaurant in New York because they didn't make a reservation. 20 minutes is nothing to wait.

No. 542544

Didn't she just buy that Kat Von D concealer too? Her face is clear, why the fuck does she even need concealer? She seriously needs to focus more on hydrating her skin and not blindly following what YouTube beauty gurus do.

No. 542551

File: 1522517462491.png (684.37 KB, 914x512, be74ba0bb65815b61242eb17009a97…)

>have 3 (4?) Purebred(tm) cats at home because mama vessey is allergic to pleb cats
>jill drags louise to cat cafes in japan and nyc despite all of this

it is genuinely bizarre how the only places she went to are those that have ~aesthetic~ sounding names or colorful interiors. you can get the same ice cream at literally any other place but she had to go somewhere called Big Gay Ice Cream. once again, this entire trip is just a visit to gimmick locations. her mom looks bored the entire time being dragged around to stores that only jill wants to go to, like she cant even look at any clothing for herself because its all ugly alt garbage. ONLY JILL CAN HAVE SOUVENIRS!!!!

also, once again, nothing cultural is done on their trip and all they eat are ~cheezieburgies~, pizza, and mac and cheese (literal toddler palette). amazing

No. 542564

File: 1522518539124.png (1.58 MB, 1398x782, j.png)

the way she always needs to point out how much things cost grates me so much

No. 542569

I don't think so, she's mentioned a few times that the cats just wander into her room so I assume there's no door so that they can get down there.

No. 542588

> her face is clear

wtf are u on

No. 542589

She went to Outback Steakhouse and ate burgers, pizza and tater tots this entire trip. Why does she even bother leaving PEI?

No. 542590

Nayrt but her skin has always been pretty clear despite being a wrinkly mess and packing on the crusty makeup.
She even said it only recently got kinda bad which is why she's FINALLY washing her face. Probably too late at this point though

No. 542595

Aside from an actual semi history location like trash, she didn't do anything really NYC. Like, damn, this bitch is determined to avoid any real culture in the places she visits. Japan was still worse with eating nothin but western fast food. she is the very definition of basic white spoiled bitch.

No. 542596

Lord have mercy. This bitch's wrinkles is always keeping me on my night routine. She is aging so badly…

No. 542600

It seriously amazes me that the Vesseys, at last Jill and Louise, are not addicted to Disney World vacations. So many opportunities to brag about the cost of things nobody gives a shit about. Devoid of culture. Countless opportunities to buy useless overpriced shit. And tendies/burgies/macncheezies at every corner for jillybean

does anyone else ever think about this? or is it just me

No. 542601

I'm not super familiar with the places of PEI, but is there a Disneyland or world near them? They would be the perfect type of spoiled people to brag about going there every few weeks.

No. 542605

They'd have to fly all the way to Florida, but it's not like they couldn't afford it. Tons of rich boring Canadians make yearly/biyearly treks to didney worl

No. 542629

They could definitely afford it, but I think Disney is too normie for JIll. She's never brought up an interest in Disney at all, it's not weeby enough.

No. 542634

Kinda weird since all those UK pretend idols she likes are really into it, you'd think she would've latched onto that by now

No. 542641

File: 1522525633456.png (236.51 KB, 374x335, Screen Shot 2018-03-31 at 21.4…)


No. 542644

interesting how her mum only seems to have "allergic reactions" now and then, nothing about that in japan

No. 542650

i get the feel it's just a minor allergy, which only comes up when exposed to like certain types of cat hair?? which would explain the whole pure-bred thing and why they're so picky about their choice of cats i guess. lol idk how allergies work i just know some cats are hypoallergenic

No. 542652

tbh though i don't know why you would go to a cat cafe if you have cat related allergies, i wouldn't.

No. 542655

no cats are really hypoallergenic, its all bullshit

No. 542659

Not what anon said honey, they said their parents were abusive, not Jill's.
Agreed, her mom is just a pretentious pos.

No. 542661

File: 1522526913505.png (1.93 MB, 1059x1600, 1341A16E-4AC6-498E-A2DD-CCCFF6…)

Agreed. I know we rip on her, and I don't think Jill is the cutest girl I've ever seen, but she's really not unfortunate looking. It's just that her makeup and hair do nothing to enhance her natural features and hide her imperfections, and in fact everything she does the opposite.
We've seen how nice she can look with more toned down makeup and hair. I'm not saying she shouldn't have fun with bold colored makeup or anything like that. But she's just so intent on being the MOST colorful ALL the time that she makes herself uglier than she actually really is.

She needs to stop focusing on piling on the cutest and trendiest products that are making her look worse than she really does. And get bangs, because jesus.

No. 542676

moms do stupid shit to make their kids happy. and knowing the way jill's mom coddles her, it doesn't surprise me that she'd agree– especially since jill said you pay for 30 minute slots. if louise's allergy is mild, she would've known she could handle it for at least that long.

No. 542682

She looks just like the troll dolls behind her.

No. 542684

if Louise was actually allergic to cats she'd be allergic to her ~uwu~ special purebreds, too. there's no such thing as hypoallergenic cat breeds. that's literally just Louise's excuse so she's not instantly demonized for not adopting cats.

Also. ALSO. The only cats that are considered "less likely" to cause allergies? fucking persians and maine coons aren't on that list.

Louise most likely just wanted to leave so she didn't have to be around "icky" stray mongrel cats. The cats in Japanese cat cafes tend to be purebreds which is probably why we didn't hear anything about her being allergic there.

sage for cat sperg and yeah Jill's a selfish bitch, but Louise is just a pure bitch who didn't wanna be around former stray cats

No. 542685

File: 1522528259638.png (228.03 KB, 1080x941, 20180331_172921.png)

No. 542687

sorry/sage for continuing to be autistic about cats but I'm seriously tired of most people on here just believing that Louise is allergic to cats that aren't her "hypoallergenic" purebreds when that's not a thing. I think one of their cats is a Siberian (correct me if I'm wrong), but isn't that one also a male? Siberians are the only breed the Vesseys own that's on the "less likely" to cause allergies list. Regardless, if Louise was so allergic, she would only have cats from this list and get allergies from all the cats that aren't the Siberian


No. 542692

File: 1522528445736.jpg (79.49 KB, 1080x605, Screenshot_20180331-213259.jpg)

Jill being thirsty on Maggie's fb

No. 542697

it seems like every other day she's just complaining about meanies on the internet/youtube money crap/how hard video editing is and how it cuts into her nap time
like no one's forcing you to do this shit, just get a regular job like everyone else if being a ~famous youtube star uwu~ is so exhausting

No. 542739

God I thought Jill went to flying tiger before mood and already filled up her suitcase but clearly her “no room” excuse for not buying fabric was just that. A poor excuse.

No. 542748

It’s sarcasm dumbass
No one cares about anons abusive parents, that was besides the point of Jill’s no-door issue, they could’ve just said they didn’t have a door, honey :*

No. 542751

Her outfits not terrible here but wtf she looks gray

No. 542762

To be fair, everyone also believes that Jill had an ED just because Jill said so
So For all we know Louis really does have allergies to cats but just didn’t take allergy medication or something

No. 542786

my mom's done stuff in the past she's not particularly in to to make me happy/celebrate/whatever… but I'd feel way too bad to go out of my way to choose something I knew she outright hated, would affect her health etc.; it's just outright selfish and entitled.

I'm sure Jill loves her mum, but, she doesn't seem to be at all capable of being considerate to others, putting her needs/wants second or being selfless.

Her parents done fucked up raising this chick.

No. 542805

File: 1522537810684.jpg (142.35 KB, 1080x443, Screenshot_20180401-000946.jpg)

Tindr dates?

No. 542811

Imagine being a bored kid in PEI who gives Jill a shot at being a chill friend because why not and then realizing she can't ever leave her house or befriend anyone or have an intimate relationship without bragging and oversharing online.

Do y'all remember how Alyssa was sad that Jill didn't want to show her face online (naturally anyone would be heartbroken if their significant other hid them away) and yet the very second she even meets a girl with colorful hair/clothing style, she's more than happy to share on insta?

Doesn't this explain exactly why everyone she's ever dated adapted to her styles (Walker was punk, Tristan was Ouji Boy accessory, Colin was alternative/androgynous/nb) and then when she started dating a fat normie girl, she "wasn't attracted" to her and broke up with her immediately after realizing there was only so much clickbait and queerbaiting she could manage on social media without revealing Alyssa's non-aesthetic appearance?

Jill is one coldest-hearted son of a bitch. Absolutely the worst kind of person.

No. 542836

I dont think shed post being like "going on dates with two different people!"

No. 542837

so she's saying she couldnt fit fabric in her luggage after buying 2 pairs of shoes and ANOTHER BAG? what??

No. 542847

she doesn't even bother coming up with good lies anymore because she knows her fans won't question her

No. 542849

I can't believe she was singing the praises of outback steakhouse of all places?? She didn't even like the food at the other place and only seemed into it because it was…dad themed idek? I like how she's so proud of herself for being so practical for getting colorful collanders, but impulsively buys expensive 5-6" platform sneakers because they are shiny and have clouds on them. In white. Good luck with that.

No. 542862

Every time I see the phrase gal pals, I can't help but think of Chris-chan.

No. 542892

I'm waiting patiently for the days when all the chain restaurant shit and fast food grease really start weighing down on her

No. 542937

I thought this was her mom for a split second

No. 542940

Um, is this not happening now?

No. 542941


No. 542986

Ben and Cristine perfectly explain what's so infuriating about youtubers like Jill @6:34.

No. 543006

Cristine's videos don't really appeal to me much, but she as a person seems so fantastic. The fact that she works a regular 9-5 job and does more videos per week than the average YouTuber really does show that YouTube doesn't take THAT much work for how much it can pay off.

No. 543105

No. 543116

That's cause she doesn't want friends, she wants accessories.

No. 543121

she bought 5 in platform shoes and called them “everyday sneakies” LOL. Bitch is gonna have chronic leg pain by the time she’s 30. I feel like she’s going through a trend change. She’s buying stuff with black in it suddenly?? Caring about things that arent pastel rainbow vomit~ it seems too weird and out of character. I got so annoyed when she said “big daddy’s, FIRST OF ALL, SAME” like ??? Umm???
sage for rant

No. 543195

File: 1522587702465.jpg (896.09 KB, 1080x1665, Screenshot_20180401-140118.jpg)

No. 543196

File: 1522588098746.png (459.97 KB, 800x600, WdvfCjK.png)

is this really how far Jill's social life has gone downhill?
doing some extremely basic and boring social outing thing is now worth blogging about? jeez I'm glad this weirdo is finally leaving her basement for a bit though

No. 543231

File: 1522592295612.jpg (714.18 KB, 1080x1604, Screenshot_20180401-151753.jpg)

No. 543233

Has this girl never had an actual friendship? someone posted earlier that she only keeps people around as aesthetic accessories and she just keeps proving their point

No. 543234

Was Wendy her goth friend? Also wtf she is so creepy livetweeting about every single little thing she does with her friends. I’d be pissed if my friend spent all that time on her phone while we were hanging out.

No. 543237

Why would they be? That sounds like she's just meeting friends.

Cristine can see this because she is a grown-ass adult that has an education and a career, I think the problem with Jill's breed of YouTubers are people that have no education beyond highschool or higher ambition and just happened to gain a following online as a teenager. Even among full-time YouTubers, those that aren't completely delusional usually have a degree and had a job that wasn't minimum wage retail.

Jill probably won't get her life together as long as she gets a paycheck for buying stuff and giving gross petnames to household items on The Internet.

No. 543285

File: 1522597307464.jpg (751.23 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20180401-164040.jpg)

The bday party was her nail techs

No. 543289

File: 1522597334844.jpg (340.35 KB, 1080x793, Screenshot_20180401-164107.jpg)

No. 543291

>>543195 I don't know if it's a straight up lie, or misleading wording but that means that gal pal 2 wasn't a new friend at all lol

No. 543293

It's Kenzie who is the goth one. She doesn't mention her much anymore.
Also the thought of Jill at a party mowing down on garlic fingers with a bunch of other stupid looking kids dressed up as mall goths is cracking me up

No. 543298

I have the socks on the right and now I feel sick

No. 543307

Yeah it's real weird for her to refer to her nail tech as a new friend. They've known each other for a while.

No. 543310

Not only is Chelsea not a new friend, it's her old boss who's in her thirties with kids lmao. Do y'all remember the milk that came out of that batshit crazy cow? Holy fuck I forgot how hilarious it was to witness the entire downfall of Papercakes Pretty.

No. 543311

>>543310 she posts alot about getting stoned and Jill favourites them (caps incoming)

No. 543312

File: 1522599612896.jpg (445.04 KB, 1080x1455, Screenshot_20180401-171952.jpg)

No. 543318

File: 1522599801110.jpg (189.77 KB, 1080x743, Screenshot_20180401-172302.jpg)

No. 543349

File: 1522602473198.jpg (89.54 KB, 500x161, lingling.jpg)

I'm going to repost old caps from Jill's 2nd or 3rd thread for those who need an introduction to Chelsea.

Quick recap:
>Wackjob Chelsea operates a boutique called Papercakes Pretty without government funding or bank loans because she has no capital/credit
>Jill works there part time for about 6-8 months
>A staff member gets sick and suddenly the entire business is in jeopardy (which is a sketchy excuse)
>Chelsea starts a Go Fund Me and Jill promotes it to her online following, asks people to donate to save her job
>A journalist or blogger in PEI writes an article about Chelsea allegedly using the donations to fund legal support for her assault case or domestic violence case (which is against policy)
>Locals are concerned that Chelsea is an unfit mother and should have her kids removed because she constantly overshares about domestic issues, drug use etc.
>Chelsea loses her fucking mind and ends up in the mental ward of the local hospital

No. 543351

File: 1522602513447.jpg (251.83 KB, 505x416, lingling1.jpg)

No. 543352

File: 1522602618531.jpg (176.82 KB, 505x267, lingling2.jpg)

This is after she claimed her ex threw their child through a wall and there was a "police investigation" but magically he still had custody of the children?

No. 543354

holy shit
honestly this just further proves how much of a giant piece of trash jill is. she defends the worst possible people because of ~aesthetic~ and basically lies to her fans by minimizing these types of things… i mean, asking for gofundme donations from her fans for an incompetent, drug-abusing, child-neglecting lady?? promoting shitty chinese sweat shop clothes on her channel? defending jstar running around the street calling women cunts?
and why? because they have dyed pink hair or sell ugly tacky clothing kek

like, does she relate to these people on some personal level because shes a lying, manipulative scumbag herself, or does she think that people who dress in alt fashion or whatever deserve some extra level of empathy and understanding? idgi.

No. 543367

Fuck, years ago Chelsea and I were ig mutuals. Wild to see these people collide. Is there milk on her in previous threads? I'd love to delve into it.

No. 543380

File: 1522605445378.jpg (259.53 KB, 1080x949, Screenshot_20180401-185451.jpg)

Her Facebook is open. Incoming spam happening

No. 543382

File: 1522605455982.jpg (336.82 KB, 1080x1044, Screenshot_20180401-185339.jpg)

No. 543383

File: 1522605465971.jpg (132.94 KB, 1078x564, Screenshot_20180401-185159.jpg)

No. 543386

File: 1522605479365.jpg (271.34 KB, 1080x917, Screenshot_20180401-184626.jpg)

No. 543387

File: 1522605502256.jpg (51.59 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1522604780504.jpg)

This was left as a comment on the post.

No. 543389

File: 1522605513592.jpg (52.91 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1522604774921.jpg)

No. 543390

File: 1522605530241.jpg (287.37 KB, 1080x938, Screenshot_20180401-183632.jpg)

No. 543394

Christ what a toxic, nonsensical bitch. Everything is everyone else's fault. "Look At yourselves" is my favourite trope these people come out with. It's always everyone else.

No. 543441

….can we get back to pixie

No. 543452

>that bottom left pic
No really, this is tranny right?

No. 543608

File: 1522620582929.jpeg (489.85 KB, 586x919, 3E5A0CB7-DD66-4003-B286-794AE9…)

Here you can really gage what kind of people were at this meet

No. 543612

File: 1522620744971.jpg (22.93 KB, 221x224, 245725_155589.jpg)

man her face looks so weird here

No. 543637

very ot but something i just learned..peeps are gluten free, fat free, and only 28 calories per peep, there’s no way peeps tea can be whats making jill so fat

No. 543640

File: 1522622310368.jpeg (2.57 MB, 4032x3024, 8DBD7B49-8AC8-4EC5-841B-080732…)

No. 543645

File: 1522622744919.png (198.68 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180401-154528.png)

No. 543650

Sitting on one's ass all day can make people pretty fat. At least when she worked at Claire's she had to be on her feet a couple hours a day.

No. 543651

Doesn't she drink curtled milk in her tea and load it up with sugar and sprinkles? There was something about that in a past thread. About the type of tea she uses makes her milk go bad.
What makes her fat could be all the fast food and never exercising.

No. 543669

File: 1522624793007.jpg (302.09 KB, 1080x1494, Screenshot_20180402-001926.jpg)

No. 543674

>I warned you about those peeps, bro

No. 543676

Since we keep bringing up her shit diet I'm currently compiling photos of the stuff she eats and shares on social media. I'll post the collage soon but so far she's had like, 3 burgers in NYC alone as her meals.

No. 543677

Jillian please stop pretending to care Easter is a religious holiday

No. 543678

Except plenty of people celebrate it secularly


No. 543693

tbh, I think going to america to eat burgers and pizza is fine bc those are kind of our national foods but tbh, jill should have gone to a little mom and pop diner to get the full experience. chain places just don't have the same charm as a greasy ass diner.

No. 543694

Well it's kinda offensive if you celebrate Easter because you like eating peeps though. Jill doesn't care about Easter or why Christians celebrate it. She likes the ~aesthetic~. Thats why she posted a photoshopped picture to insta gram. Because it fits her aesthetic. Which is gross.

No. 543699

literally who cares

No. 543700

Literally no one cares. Atheists celebrate easter. Pagans celebrate easter. Christians slapped easter down on a traditionally pagan holiday. Nothing is sacred. Go be an autistic christian elsewhere. Of all the things Jill does, this isn't worth sperging about.

No. 543705

File: 1522627078452.png (8.24 MB, 3272x2040, Untitled.png)

Here's all the food she posted or shared in her NYC/Jp/other vlogs or on twitter/IG. As yall can see, she literally inhales sugar drinks and the only non frozen/non greasy food she ate here was the sausage and eggs breakfast and cheese sticks. I wonder if she ever drinks plain water.

No. 543708

Why is there sperging from Pagans who complain about Jill appropriating tarot cards and "witchcraft" when none of that shit works either?

No. 543710

It was a pagan festival first lmao no one cares

No. 543713

File: 1522627332370.png (21.12 KB, 236x378, askarsjvnjvgff.png)

Except it does work if you have the right powers, I know a lot of salty bitches here don't like to hear that but it's true. Most people can't harness it which is the beauty of it though, so rejoice in basic cunts failing. Have a sexy picture for your troubles.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 543715

Easter has been widely accepted as a commercial holiday for a while (chocolate bunnies, eggs, peeps, etc.) so no it’s not gross to post aesthetic things about it because it’s a shell (no pun intended) of a religious holiday if you aren’t a devout Christian- td;lr no one curr
Pizza & burgers may be “an American staple” but the thing is that Jill is from Canada and has constant access to these foods no matter where she is, so the fact that she is exposed to a place with diverse foods and just retreats to burgies and mac & cheezies shows how she has the pallet of a child and isn’t willing to go out of her comfort zone (despite being in one of the most uniquely diverse cities in the world)

No. 543716

Anon, you have made my night
I'm sobbing

No. 543717

sod off, its literally just about chocolate now

No. 543719

Saged for sperging but it pisses me off to no end that Jill didn’t have one Japanese meal in Tokyo (I maybe remember a conveyer sushi place, but those places suck). Jill, they have so much deep fried fatty foods, it would be right up your alley! Takoyaki isn’t that scary!

No. 543722

yeah, especially since she blamed it on her past ED but then didn't have any problem going to Japanese dessert places and eating American fatty food lol

No. 543724

but anons, Jill has a soooper severe ed which means she can ONLY eat fried garbage!! How dare you suggest she eat something nutritional, she's practically a skelly!!

No. 543731

the amount of autists in Jill threads is incredible

No. 543739

Eostre will never be christian. Keep stealing European tradition and demeaning it into capitalism shekels though.(derailing)

No. 543760

Even Eostre would see Jill as over the top pastel peeps vom

No. 543763

Jill needs to stop caring bc she’s a pagan. She eats peeps every day anyway.

No. 543765

…Easter is Christian most people see it’s orgin as a religious holiday but turn it into Easter eggs, chocolate and candy. We can have both. Unless if you’re pagan.

No. 543772

How is she not nauseous all the time after all this constant grease?

No. 543777

Easter was stolen just like every other jesus fucking holiday, your bitch boy isnt special

"Well, it turns out Easter actually began as a pagan festival celebrating spring in the Northern Hemisphere, long before the advent of Christianity.
"Since pre-historic times, people have celebrated the equinoxes and the solstices as sacred times," University of Sydney Professor Carole Cusack said.
Following the advent of Christianity, the Easter period became associated with the resurrection of Christ."

sage for OT obviously(derailing)

No. 543794

Jc nobody cares about eastar anymore it's just a pastel bunny holiday now stfu and focus on the real milk omg.

No. 543819

Nobody cares about you, pagan. I don’t think most people even know about your “holidays”.(derailing)

No. 543832

File: 1522634848181.jpg (5.74 KB, 190x223, IMG_4216.JPG)

look at the gross ass brown stain on her pant leg oh my god

No. 543835

She didn’t care to edit this out????

No. 543847

Why is Jill so fucking grotty and disgusting? From only now just washing her face after years of applying make up for just about everyday to eating nothing but Mac and cheese to chicken nug nugs everyday. She’s already aging like the milk that she provides kek

No. 543851

This really just looks like an unfortunate shadow…

Milk must be dry

No. 543856

I'm nauseous just looking at the picture

No. 543905

File: 1522641214076.png (863.6 KB, 1080x1920, Untitled82_20180402005125.png)

She commented on one of my friends post? I never thought her to be the kind to be into kigurumi because it would be "owo to creepy and sexual" for her or something like that. ??

No. 543923

Why do pagans get so defensive about anything that has to do with Christians? This is a Jill thread and didn't Jill claim to be pagan? Who honestly cares if you're pagan. Most people know what Easter is, not Eastra. If you're pagan celebrate your Eastra and stop your bitching. If you're not pagan you're not supposed to celebrate pagan rituals anyways. So who cares if people celebrate Easter and not your Eastra. Call me autistic all you want. Y'all are making a mountain out of a mole hill because you're triggered that Christians celebrate Easter. Also stop acting like pagans are oppressed. Paganism died off because people started realizing how fucking stupid it really is.(derailing)

No. 543935

That's not what everyone is saying you dumbass. They're saying who gives a fuck about someone "appropriating" a holiday that is and of itself fundamentally appropriated. Who cares if someone is "Disrespectful" towards Christian traditions when Christians stole the holiday in the first place.

Also no one here is pagan and you're an idiot for even entertaining the idea that there are let alone them being butthurt, there are just a lot of people who have a better idea of the scale of history and these traditions. You sound like the most butthurt, culturally ignorant American Christian.(derailing)

No. 543942

Sage for tinfoiling but am I the only one that thought Jill might've had botox before going to NYC? She had her hair done and her party photos were just weird.
Bless this post, underrated compared to that holiday derailing >.>

No. 543954

File: 1522645604784.jpg (44.69 KB, 540x300, pixielocks.jpg)

outtake from jill's easter shoot

No. 543973

Good post.
Our holiday isn’t like their’s and if you’re not pagan then you shouldn’t care if it’s “stolen” if our’s has a different meaning than their’s does.
I doubt it she’s always taking about her “baby face” and getting “id at bars”. She doesn’t realize how old and aged she looks.

No. 544002

I wouldn’t be surprised if Jill was smoking weed everyday and that’s why she’s so lazy and eats a lot of crap
Or even doing other drugs and that’s what’s making her haggard

No. 544004

File: 1522653864487.jpeg (635.75 KB, 750x756, 9C62F9A1-39CA-477B-8E0D-6754AE…)

Jillian WISHES that she could do something like this.

No. 544007

Well she loves those live magical girl shows with the kigu heads soooo

No. 544021

isn't she prescribed xanax? and she really likes to drink. doing either in excess (and we know how Jill is with everything) and/or combining those two things will age someone fairly harshly.

but tbh I think her never taking off her makeup or washing her face until like a month ago has more to do with it than anything. she's probably never worn sunscreen in her life. and she wipes her makeup off really vigorously, at least in one video she did - assuming she always does that her appearance doesn't surprise me

No. 544028

She's on ativan, not xanax.

No. 544044

File: 1522658624850.jpeg (84.07 KB, 1180x664, ADB28707-13DF-45A7-A8AD-28D32A…)

I just came across this really impressive work by a fashion student in Jill’s home country, and am just gobsmacked that she believes she can have any sort of success as an international designer with her work ethic and choice of education. She is beyond delusional and I cannot wait for her to actually start school, because her rants when she finds out how the real apparel business works will be Grade-A milk. Sage for apparel construction nerd talk, here’s the article for other design nerds - http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/vancouver-fashion-student-creates-new-garment-every-day-for-30-days-1.4580636

No. 544057

How old are some of you? I would guess 15 or 55, given how much you guys wring your hands over completely normal alcohol intake - and isn’t she like 20? At least 19? Plenty of people that age binge drink and party hard every weekend. In comparison to her average peers, Jill’s lifestyle is almost childlike.

No. 544058

We've been over this a million times. It isn't her alcohol consumption alone. It's her drinking habits mixed with the fact that she's on multiple medications where you shouldn't drink.

No. 544090

A couple alcopops and her baby dose of Ativan (that she probably doesn’t take daily because benzos don’t work that way) are hardly ~ problematic worrisome behaviors ~ this thread must be chock full of sheltered weeb teens.

No. 544100

Have you ever mixed alcohol and benzos? Even a drink or two can get you seriously messed up and it's very easy to black out. I've done it myself and seen it happen to other people. Ativan and alcohol perform a similar function in brain and potentiate each other, making a person taking both feel much stronger effects of both the medication and the alcohol. Fatigue and sleeping too much is also a side effect of Ativan/other benzos.

It's ridiculous to me that she has access to anxiety medication that strong when she has the most coddled and sheltered life possible and refuses to see a therapist.

No. 544110

She's also on seroquel (which you shouldn't drink on) and prozac (which amplifies the effects of alcohol). She shouldn't be drinking.

I know most people don't take benzos daily, but the fact that in her NYC vlog, she mentioned having to take ativan because of being stressed out by getting stuck on a train, I have a feeling she takes it at the drop of a hat.

No. 544135

Another problem is that Jill gets wasted by herself in her basement fairly frequently. She's not a social drinker at all.

No. 544159

File: 1522676940447.jpg (834.23 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20180402-144739.jpg)

Possible tin foil but Jill liked a lot of single quiet posts whilst not doing one herself. She normally loves jumping on the queer train, so I'm thinking she's not single?

No. 544165

She could also be avoiding the word queer right now because she's been called out lately about her sexuality.

No. 544167

I don't think Jill knows about the sexual aspect. Jokes on her because besides the paid character actors its just men getting off in anime women costumes.

No. 544181

That looks like a shadow, not a stain.

I don't think it's that, she seems pretty insecure about anything queer beyond "uwu smooch girls!!"

No. 544196

no actually it's not. they don't have to be purebred however it just has to do with the hair length.

No. 544198

I always found that weird. My short haired cat sheds a helluva lot more than my long haired cat could ever dream to.

Will eternally piss me off anyone who breeds and/or buys ragdoll cats. The breeders deliberately breed half crippled animals for fun and profit. But they're an expensive novelty, so of course Louise and Jillian would want them.

No. 544202

seriously! also afaik the allergy is to dander which gets released more from shorthaired breads.

No. 544205

I don't think it's that. Louise takes photos of shelter cats so they have a better chance of finding homes. I expect her allergies are mild, and if she started off with a lower allergen type then maybe her tolerance for better. At the end of the day though she then kept buying different pure Breds of different types and colours so there's a clear desire for a certain type of cat there regardless.

No. 544206

Truth. Although a funny thing is my severely allergic cousin who also has asthma was unaffected by hairless ones. You'd think that would be constant release.

Sage for cats

No. 544212

Did she remove her #thicc tm thighs with photoshop?

No. 544225

File: 1522683889495.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 28.21 KB, 250x209, 8D8590A3-C5E8-405B-9625-246E34…)

No. 544230

lol her arms basically look as big as her thighs in that picture

No. 544234

I don't think Jill's drinking habits are healthy but do you think that getting drunk by yourself is seriously an issue? Jesus Christ. Everyone in this thread is so sheltered.

No. 544237

I think the effect of it depends on the kind of meds + the dose you are on? Never had any problems with drinking while on meds, but I agree that it's not ideal.

No. 544238

No, Jill's drinking habits are not ideal. But you guys have no experience with what real alcoholism looks like. Some of you guys are so sheltered you are barely above Jill. Weird.

No. 544239

>>544238 no one is saying Jill is an alcoholic wtf anon

No. 544241

Plenty of people have implied it in these threads. Lurk more.

No. 544244

No, they haven't. They've talked about her bad drinking habits which she def has and how she seems to brag about them to her very young viewers which is irresponsible.

You need to stop thinking that getting drunk alone in your basement regularly while on meds is a normal thing.

No. 544246

File: 1522685964010.jpg (811.94 KB, 1080x1683, Screenshot_20180402-171818.jpg)

No. 544259

hwelp. I was a raging alcoholic for about 14 years. Regularly drinking alone to the point you get drunk is universally considered a bad sign.

I've lost multiple friends solely from drinking on their meds. Passing out sitting upright can cause your head to slump forward in to a position you cut your own oxygen off.

Is she an alcoholic? Not likely. But she's off to a bloody bad start.

Yeah, a lot of young people like to drink. Jill makes herself a public figure, and has hordes of underaged and mentally ill fans. Whether she likes it or not, she's an example to them, and she's a ruddy fucking bad example, at that.

No. 544268

This looks bootleg. Where did she get it? Kinokuniya?

No. 544274

She also seems like she has an addictive personality. And drinking regularly and being stupid and drinking while she's on meds could indicate an early drinking problem. Addiction doesn't necessarily mean you're drunk all the time. It could mean when you do drink you get super drunk. Or you drink even if your doctor advises you not to because of the meds your on. My brother is a severe alcoholic. Part of it is that he still drinks even though he's on anti anxiety/depression meds and he's on meds for seizures. She's only 20, alcoholism escalates.

No. 544284

And dont forget what she eats off camera is just microwaved rice lmao
10/10 diet

No. 544285

The paint job sucks, if it’s official they need to be fired

No. 544286

Do we have any sort of evidence that she mixes alcohol and meds or even drinks excessively when alone? Has she mentioned the number of drinks she had or anything like that? At least I really doubt she takes larger than the prescribed dose of ativan with alcohol because she doesn't really show any signs of that kind of use.

If she just takes the prescribed amount of meds the same day she is drinking then what is the big deal? Not probably the smartest thing to do but very common and it doesn't influence the effects of alcohol too much.

No. 544288

I swear SO MANY people who are depressed, have anxiety and/or other mental issues and take medication for it, have such bad habits otherwise there is no way the medication is going to help them.. your medication isn't going to magically cure your depression, anxiety or other mental issue when you also drink alcohol heavily, eat nothing but bad foods, is super lazy and isolated and otherwise just do nothing at all to try to improve your health.
I wish more people could see that those types of medication is supposed to be a booster to help you get out of the worst stages, it's not a magic pill you take and everything goes away on its own out of nowhere…

Sage for off topic

No. 544294

So actual uwu self care would help Jill?

No. 544295

It isn't bootleg it is just a cheap, tiny plastic figure. Can't expect a perfect paintjob on that.

No. 544302

If by self care you mean regular exercise and a healthy balanced diet and not pinku bathiebombs then yes, it would.

Every time people talk about her drinking habits it sounds like she's just getting hammered every night by herself and washing down handfuls of benzos with alcohol, most of her posts about drinking seem to be when she's with friends/other people though? Jill definitely has some unhealthy tendencies but it just seems like reaching at this point.

No. 544309

And people seem to want to refuse to acknowledge that you don't have to be eating benzos by the handful for drinking on them to be dangerous. Because taking the couple you're prescribed, and then drinking, effectively doubles the prescribed dose into potentially dangerous levels.

THAT is why you're not supposed to drink on meds. Because the dose you're prescribed will not be dangerous, but alcohol will significantly intensify that dose.

And that is what myself and other anons keep fucking saying, and what continuously goes over the heads of the anons who are determined to not understand why said behaviour is not only problematic to her own health, but potentially to her idiot followers health as well.

No. 544329

Maybe you’ve bought knock offs before but the paint on the hair isn’t even covering the whole outlined hair parts, the brown paint on the jacket is painted over the collar of the shirt. Only bootlegs have that botched work

No. 544333

Alcohol counteracts the effects of antidepressants. You'll feel fine in the short term, but the long term alcohol causes anxiety and depression. Which is one of the many reasons you shouldn't drink while on those meds. She talks about her mental health and how she needs to take "sick days" cuz she's depressed. Stop drinking Jill. And actually take care of yourself. I refuse to drink because I'm on antidepressants. She needs a wakeup call.

No. 544341


c'mon Jill, we don't care about another haul, where is the meet up vlog? I want to see the cringey weebs and the even more awkward meeting with this Sebastian dude.

No. 544345

yeah, I wonder why she's taking so long to work on that
hope it doesn't end up like that birthday party vlog she never posted

No. 544349

File: 1522692899022.png (66.48 KB, 625x626, 8C1FCF84-5DA4-45E9-926E-C278BE…)

Interesting how this thread has been derailed so many times. First with Easter and now alcohol… I know the milk is dry but can we get back to Jill? Also, topkek >>543954

No. 544358

Thank you, I literally explained >>544100 why benzos and alcohol are a dangerous combo, but it's like no one wants to wrap their head around the idea that she is on medication that can be addictive by itself and is adding alcohol to the mix. She casually mentions the medication she takes and whenever she drinks. It's so irresponsible.

Like didn't she at one point say she has a glass of wine or two with her mom every night? You don't need to drink excessively to be setting yourself up for problems while drinking on benzos. They are not your average antidepressants or anti anxiety medication. Ativan is chemically similar to rohypnol, aka roofies.

It is kind of a big deal to drink on that kind of medication on a regular basis. It's not pearl clutching or making a big deal out of normal young person drinking.

No. 544451


Fuck yeah, Hatchetface!

Sage but am excited

No. 544453

File: 1522700666498.jpeg (452.44 KB, 750x987, D4D89FA8-7186-4ECC-8A18-55FF56…)

New post, piling onto the shit peep obsession

No. 544472

Lazy Oaf stole a design from an independent artist, knowing Jill she won't actually care about this and will continue to support them.

No. 544473

File: 1522701683938.jpg (64.09 KB, 540x960, 29793429_422812401476813_13967…)

Dropped my pic

No. 544474

File: 1522701709007.jpg (79.26 KB, 750x776, 29595017_10211059248547081_352…)

No. 544478

Wow that's really gross. I hope someone brings this to Jill's attention, I'd love to see her make excuses for Lazy Oaf.

No. 544492

Have you never seen a prize figure? The paint jobs are never really good considering they're mass produced as gatchapon and crane machine prizes. theyre worth like 10-20 bucks which is super cheap.
This one looks like a gatchapon figure. Not bootleg. Safe for figure sperging.

No. 544534

Shit, I was just about to come here to say this! Someone should tag Jill in it since she likes to buy so much of their product. I wanna see her flounder without her special brand since she's incapable of actually making her own shit, she'll just keep supporting them without addressing this.

No. 544547

Jill said in a stream once that she’s hungover every Saturday. Considering she has to post about how amazing it is that she hung out with 2 people in one week and ate pizza, I doubt she’s going out with friends every weekend. It’s also not uncommon for her to post about being drunk mid-week.

No. 544548

File: 1522707434665.png (16.5 KB, 425x105, loaf.png)

She's commented on the post discussing this in the Lazy Oaf Facebook page, as if she's ever actually cared about any of her former "favourite stores uwu" stealing from independent designers.

No. 544550

>The tackiest candy brand for the tackiest girl

No. 544561

This is especially funny because she owns that bear coat. I wonder if she'll act like she's going to stop wearing her lazy oaf clothes she spent all that money on.

No. 544566

Not to mention where New Year’s Eve one that she had filmed as well and mentioned editing on not only twitter but also another vlog I believe

No. 544587

I hate to be that guy, but neither of these are really anything new, they're both derivative of 80s plush toys and Kewpie faces. Neither of them invented this, it's like the rainbow skater skirt girl all over again.

No. 544589

File: 1522710286726.jpg (8.56 KB, 236x314, 37b08ad722a1c13a81d7c70900eaab…)


I'm not a lazy oaf fan, but this whole schtick, from both designers, is just a rip of cheapie midcentury carnival-prize style stuffed animals. It's hard for her to claim that she invented the face.

No. 544594


Jinx anon, I should have checked the bottom before posting

No. 544603

why is she calling the sanrio boys her husbands they're like 16/17 high schoolers

No. 544639

While I agree that the concepts aren't anything new, there's a difference between that and blatantly ripping off that artist's specific face. There's no alteration to it at all, it's just the same face. Not even a color change. Unless you can show me an 80's toy with that exact face I'll agree but for now it looks like Lazy Oaf just ripped that artist's specific design. They even admitted it.

No. 544645

File: 1522712746648.jpg (507.57 KB, 1080x1626, Screenshot_20180402-193911_Ins…)

No. 544649

There are tons of articles about how both Lazy Oaf an dollskill steal from artists. Jill is such an ignorant piece of shit. One day she's supporting Jefree, the next she isn't. Now she's all over Lazy oaf, even though there is a lot of evidence from them stealing from smaller artists and never crediting them.

No. 544654

I guess bc she knows they aren’t real living humans. Back to tumblr

No. 544662

dollskill has had a trash reputation for years, Jill's fashion """ethics""" (ie. pretending to be wary of fast fashion for five minutes) are a mess

No. 544706

File: 1522715914727.png (1.54 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180402-193136.png)

So it looks like someone brought up the whole lazy oaf theft on Jill's new post and how ethical they are got brought up. Another girl questioned if they're actually ethical, and this looks like it was Jill's response. Looks like the whole thread is deleted now though kek guess jillybean can't handle someone questioning her precious brand.

No. 544716

File: 1522716255894.jpg (373.7 KB, 1440x2339, Screenshot_20180402-194218.jpg)

This is what showed up when I clicked on the actual comment. Going to the pic through her actual instagram page shows none of the comments either kek

No. 544723

File: 1522716501792.jpg (24.6 KB, 570x378, YBqnXGR.jpg)

I'm sorry, but… how the fuck does this qualify as 'stolen art'? Literally all the soviet stuffed animal toys I ever had looked exactly like that.

No. 544727

your icon is showing anon

No. 544733

That's a bit of a reach. Same style of face/expression, but it's clear this brand stole this one designer's specific take on it down to the color. Unless someone can find that exact face created elsewhere, this chick has a good case to claim art theft.

No. 544747

>isn't she prescribed xanax? and she really likes to drink. doing either in excess (and we know how Jill is with everything) and/or combining those two things will age someone fairly harshly.
OT but is this true?

No. 544752


She's obviously getting inspiration from her new bestie Kelly Eden who calls everything "husbando".

No. 544763

No. 544768

14 peeps plush toys.

originally counted 13, but theres a blue one the cat is sleeping on. who the fuck needs this many. i could understand two or three but 14??? what the fuck girl get a grip.

No. 544769

Literally JUST derailed all about this, scroll up.

No. 544771

What point are you making? That there are other stuffed animals with the same expression? I think if Lazy Oaf is at the point where they're acknowledging that they used this creator's photo as an inspiration, it's extremely obvious what's going on here.

No. 544775

File: 1522720478489.jpg (37.76 KB, 640x480, s-l640.jpg)

OK but the creator obviously took inspo from a design which already existed. so how can she be mad at LO for doing the same thing.

No. 544777

the point is that the face is not the """original creator's design""" she based it off of a pre-existing thing in the public domain and it's literally not hers.

No. 544778

also how tf do we know they did that? there are no caps, this person is probably just butthurt no one cares about her shit.

No. 544799


Holy crap! This actually seems like a Deja Vu of Momokunt Red Riding Hood™ and MyOppa design.

I think what concerns me more on this topic is that Jill doesn't really care to search more about fast fashion industry and that she is going to try to "survive" on this type of line.

No. 544814

File: 1522723446852.jpg (232.49 KB, 1439x761, Screenshot_20180402-203748.jpg)

Jill's comment on lazy oaf's insta. Of course she's "Anxiously waiting" so she can buy from them again without a guilty conscience.

No. 544816

she comes off like such an autist here, more than usual

No. 544824

The Artist even admitted that they weren't sure and it was sketchy because they based off something else.
The fact Jill was so butthurt about it makes me want to question how she's going to try to be a designer herself even more. If this girl keeps hopping on bandwagons to look without having her own values in check, how is she ever going to design something original without other people calling her a hypocrite and saying she's copying designs for using her mass produced flowers or some shit. It's not original, they may have started a TREND by putting those eyeballs on clothes. But it's not a copyrightable illustration. It's the color like an anon said that is really the indicator that they didn't modify the inspirations design enough to be different. So for Gemma to say that it's a complete stretch is a poor excuse at best.

No. 544845

LOL comments on the artists page. Way to avoid the question, jillybean! Aka "I'll still shop there but I'll pretend it's second hand uwu" she just can not keep herself from buying this expensive shit lmao

No. 544846

File: 1522725496264.jpg (713.5 KB, 1425x2270, Screenshot_20180402-221402.jpg)

Dropped pic

No. 544847

The biggest annoyance to me about this stuff is that Lazy Oaf could clearly just pay her. When they found the design and liked the colour+combo, why not reach out to her for a collab or offer to compensate her for the design? Even if what she did wasn't 100% original, LO still wanted EXACTLY what she did, so why not just throw a few bucks her way?

"Ethical" my ass.

No. 544852

Why does she always have to be the ~*biggest, hugest, most gargantuan speshul collector*~ of fucking literally every thing? This bitch is so insecure and attention seeking it's just sad. Can't she just say I collect LO pieces…end of story. I find it absurd how basic bitches like Jill boast about collecting overpriced cheap,shittily made in China clothes like they were some beautiful, high quality designer dud made in Italy. Kek

No. 544899

sage for speculation but does anyone think jill might have undiagnosed ASD?

No. 544908

I’m autistic and I thought she might be like ADHD or some other “cousin” disorder but I’ve been thinking more and more that she’s autistic, especially after that video where her mom listed all her special interests.

It could also explain her difficulty in keeping up hygiene (we know she only takes baths and only sometimes), and why she seems to not be able to control her emotions (as shown by her constant depression tweets)

No. 544927

I honestly just think she's sheltered and spoilt.

No. 544928

me too. it's not always autism so much as it is coddling from parents. they grow up thinking everything should be the way they think it should be because they're special

No. 544944

No, stop it with the armchair diagnoses

Not taking baths is a pretty common symptom of depression. Also it's very trendy to make depression tweets these days.

No. 544956


Also an autist but I don't think so. Her life is a sensory nightmare, she seems to have no aversion to things being loud, grating, bright or obnoxious. And whether or not she is, we know she lurks here, and tbh I just don't want to give her any more ideas. I do not want to see her sperging on twitter about her "autism" the same way she does regarding being ~queer~. I can already hear her talking about her big speshy sensory boys and autismsy self care bubby baths.

No. 544963

Good point, I hadn’t thought of that, both the sensory stuff and the giving her ideas.

No. 544998

I think her Peep obsession is rather quirky and cute. There's nothing wrong with collecting things or being a fan of a product so long as it doesn't become a clusterfuck hoard. Believe it or not, a dozen plushies isn't hoard tier yet (see episodes of Hoarders for that). Getting dupes of the same color items seems unnecessary but I can see why people would do it, kinda makes more of a "I'm crazy and I know it" statement like itabags and waifu/husbando merch shrines. However, for what Jill claims to be she should turn this quirk to a wacky creative outlet like >>544004. I wouldn't wear that type of shit, but there's nothing wrong with liking or creating weird stuff.

[If she plays her cards right after making a decent fashion portfolio after graduating she could pitch a Peep theme alt fashion line to Peeps & Co., or start a vague marshmallow fashion line herself] <Note everything in this bracket is shit that will not happen because she is lazy.

No. 545006

There’s not even a possibility of her coming out of that school with a good enough portfolio to pitch anything fashon-related for any major product. It’s just not that great of a school; even if she did apply herself, she’s not going to learn or get experience in any of the things she would if she was independent and talented enough to enter a real fashion design school or program.

No. 545008

In the video when she's buying them, her mom starts listing all of her phases of hoarding merchandise of a specific thing, only to move on to something else. It's beyond "quirky" at this point. That kind of spending isn't sustainable in the real world and I think it's pretty sad how much her parents enable this.

No. 545012

This. People like Jill really do not understand the fashion world one bit. Jill doesn’t have the humility or work ethic that it takes to get anywhere in that industry. I can’t see her working crazy hours for years, doing menial tasks for little pay and no recognition, to make the bare minimum connections it takes to build your own recognizeable brand that can sustain itself for more than one collection.

No. 545014

And that’s IF you’re talented to begin with. Jill s not. She is not an artist. She is a hobbyist, at best.

No. 545020

I would kill for Jill to be cast on a show like Project Runway just so she could be the “quirky weird one” they eliminate in the first episode to make an example of Special Individuals who think they can do fashion

No. 545027

I'm autistic too so this was basically my train of thought
this makes sense though and I agree, she would make autism her entire identity

No. 545048

Do you think Jill can actually name any big name designers other than maybe Gucci and Chanel? There was a girl in my old school who does fashion design at (Uk) college level and had no idea who Vivienne Westwood was despite loving ‘alternative’ fashion (also a fan of Jill kek)

No. 545059

That reminds me of an old episode of ANTM where the girls had to read a script that mentioned a bunch of designers, and most of them had no idea how to pronounce things like Givenchy or Yves Saint Laurent.

No. 545080

Can we please fucking stop derailing?
I’m honestly not surprised they stole that design. People can argue this all day but facts are: LO diehard dick riders are so annoying, they won’t stop purchasing and neither will ~ethical smol artist jilly~ If people did the right thing that would be awesome but nobody gives a shit. Jillian will continue to collect LO, she’s a sheep. She will pretend to care on the internet but I’m willing to bet that in her upcoming vids she’ll be wearing something from the new collections kk

No. 545086

Honestly this whole incident is a blessing lol.
We all now Jill can't stop buying shit & showing off her newly bought shit, so if LO doesn't give a public apology she'll look like a dickhead if she keeps buying from them.
Maybe she'll keep buying from them but then try to be like "u-uh I bought this on depop uwu", though then she wouldn't be able to keep showing off screenshots of how much money she spent kek.

No. 545091

I’ve bought some lazy oaf pieces off depop and still think it’s better than giving the company money directly but AS IF Jill would actually purchase something USED instead of directly NEW. I’m not gonna be a hypocrite and pretend to care. I don’t consider myself an LO fan like jilly but I do like some older pieces, jilly is gonna buy whatever LO drops cause it’s what cool n hip with the trendy pastel art thots

No. 545122

File: 1522754256397.png (418.1 KB, 1080x935, 20180403_081511.png)

This spoiled bitch seems to think she needs a whole fucking townhouse to herself!!!

No. 545123

lmao holy shit

No. 545125

just quickly looking at some townhouses for rent in that area they're pretty much all $1000+ per month, this is ridiculous

No. 545128

Glad i'm not the only one who thought this. Funny how so many people jump on the "art theft" bandwagon.

No. 545142

Really wish she wouldn't say "praying I can snag it", like her parents wouldn't be the one's filling out the paperwork, dropping the down payment and giving her rent money every month. She's so spoiled it's insane.

No. 545143

Just. Make. Your. Own. Clothes. You claim you want to be a fashion designer and have a hard time coming up with kitschy clothing ideas? There's a back-log called fashion history to gain inspiration from. Jill has all the time and money she needs to hone her sewing skills and create unique pieces for herself. She's insufferable. Also, I highly doubt she cares about the ethics concerning fast fashion.

I know she'd pass it off that she's making a case for others who can't create if someone said this to her, but it's so obvious she's one of those people.

No. 545171

I think she's renting, not buying? This will be interesting if she is renting since she can't paint the walls and anything she nails up will have to be patched when she leaves. Can't wait for the meany landlord drama if that's the case.

No. 545172

everyone's just trying to reach to shit on jill. like there are other reasons she shouldn't be buying LO and some random nobody crying theft is not one of them.

No. 545173

it's not though. both parties just copied the fucking stuffed animal face. neither of them did anything unique, it was based on a pre-existing item that looks a very specific way.

the MO thing was moo directly copying MO's original design that she created from her head. copying a stuffy isn't even close.

No. 545174

i know plenty of 5+ person families that live in townhouses, and she's just a student. i feel so bad for her parents

No. 545183

Yeah…like a townhouse is something you typically move up to after you graduate and might be living that single life or living with a partner or other roommates. She's crazy lol

No. 545188

She's not crazy, she's just incredibly spoiled. >>545125 $1000+ per month rent is something that's incredibly difficult for one single person, even one person working full time and making a bit more than minimum wage, to manage. Even a lot of working couples can't quite manage and need to look for something less expensive.

The shitty part about Jill is that she'll literally never admit that she comes from a place of EXTREMELY EXTRAORDINARY privilege

I wouldn't feel bad for her parents considering they literally enable all of this. It wouldn't be that hard to demand that she get herself a 1 bedroom or have roommates.

No. 545189

File: 1522764175079.png (118.72 KB, 311x303, 59efc0c09e641_Capture_decran_2…)

this bitch..

No. 545192

Depends on the area, in a city that's the case but in smaller college towns I've seen undergrads live in townhouses that ranged from more expensive to cheaper in rent to apartments. Those were still always with at least one roommate; I've gone to some serious art student's homes that got a townhouse with a third or fourth bedroom as a shared studio, but they all paid extra for the convenience. If she is making about $3k a month from YouTube it's doable, but those internet bucks aren't reliable at all and she'll have to curb her spending significantly. Does she just not want to end up with someone who doesn't share her aesthetic and have to compromise? Or is she that paranoid bring ~famous~ still? She could easily use the cutesy stuff as a selling point for similar people especially since she'll have it furnished. Though I could see roommate problems from the long bath habit in a shared bathroom pretty quickly.

No. 545215

How the fuck does Jill even want to keep up her youtube schedule when she goes to college though?
I mean she quit her job(s) and even when she has all the free time in the world she's barely been sticking to her schedule because ~uwu mental health days~ or some shit. Her jobs were just lousy part time ones too, college usually gives you way more of a workload than that (unless her school really is that shitty).
I wouldn't be surprised if she's already planning on quitting college one month in or something because "I don't need education, I'm already a real entrepreneur!! :)"

No. 545218

shes having the same reaction as someone who's trying to win a $5 shirt on eBay
>"Hope I snag this literal house!"

No. 545224

There's something just so gross about her constant bragging, item and price dropping. Its not about being a jealous hater, but she brags about this stuff to her younger audience or same age audience who most definitely dont live this self indulgent lifestyle paid out by their parents. Getting a townhouse on your own for a shitty college WHOSE YEARLY TUITION COSTS LESS THAN MONTHLY RENT is fucking absurd and her parents are morons for letting her do things like this. Shes also probably making all her fans believe this is an ideal lifestyle and that constant overspending is okay.

No. 545228


This, only thing she has to personally do is to change her keycharms to different key lmao.

No. 545231

Anyone remember when Jillybean's car broke down and she didn't even have the money for repairs so her parents had to chime in?
She clearly has nothing in savings and has no idea how to handle money, yet her parents still want to sponsor such a lifestyle for her instead of actually getting her used to living a responsible life now… She's forever going to stay as a giant woman child like this.

No. 545336

I know we aren't really supposed to talk family members, but I do wonder how her brother is doing in life compared to her. I can't remember if he is older or younger.

No. 545337

Sorry for double posting, but also if their parents treat him any differently than Jill.

No. 545346

he's older and as far as im aware has moved out for college

No. 545369

File: 1522782845193.jpg (481.34 KB, 1067x1147, Screenshot_20180403-201241.jpg)

No. 545370

File: 1522782858392.jpg (458.71 KB, 1080x1336, Screenshot_20180403-201256.jpg)

No. 545371

File: 1522782874608.jpeg (55.03 KB, 639x386, DZ3sHflVAAEPLTC.jpeg)

No. 545378

I seriously doubt her youtube money is going towards any living expenses.

As if furnishing and decorating a 2 bedroom apartment wasn't expensive and extravagant enough for community college, she needs an entire house? I've been to art school with a few extremely privileged kids, including the daughter of a fashion designer and the son of a movie and music video director, and even they lived in apartments and had roommates, even in senior year!

It's not even just about saving money, she has no idea how to take care of herself or be alone. Yes, I'm broke and jealous, but I at least know how to be an adult and am not playing house with my parents bankrolling me.

No. 545400

hate to play devils advocate, but i don't really see te big deal here.
She has the money herself, and her parents are well off enough to help her out.
this is literally what every youtuber does – gets a bigger place than they actually need.

my brothers girlfriends parents are buying them a house because she just graduated. If parents got the money, generally they want to do these things for their kids.

No. 545414

does she ever purchase anything without mentioning it online in some form?

No. 545420

It's not like people I went to school with didn't have the means to live on their own or parents who would pay for that. It's not practical to move out for the first time into a house, that's so much upkeep for someone who has never had any real responsibility.

It's also socially isolating to live alone, especially the first time you're moving away from home AND going back to school after being out of school for years. They're setting her up for failure by being unwilling to say no to her ridiculous expectations and wasting a lot of money in the process.

Also like >>545174 pointed out
Your parents having some money doesn't mean you should feel entitled to having as much space as an entire family. She's a small time youtuber, it's not like someone with a million subs getting a house.

No. 545427

Guess it's not as bad as Black Friday when she got two apartments for herself.

No. 545452

I’d agree with you if she was talking about an apartment. However, she’s upgraded to a house, and a house is a LOT to upkeep. Not only that, if she ends up moving out in 2-3 years she’ll have a fuckton to move out. For someone we assume doesn’t do a lot of cleaning, a house is way too much for her.

No. 545469

It just irritates me to no end that this cat is her "support" animal, first cat, subject of her fucking tattoo, etc etc and yet she's taking the other cat with her to college. I can only assume it's because it's more aesthetically pleasing than this one and it's so disgusting to me.

No. 545471

She didn't get two apartments for herself though; there was the one her and her ex-husband lived in, and the bachelor apartment she filmed in or whatever, and now lives in.

That's… actually practical, and not an elaborate, frivolous expense.

No. 545480

She has been replying to big youtubers lately to get their attention. Maybe she's trying to be friends with them and making collabs?

No. 545504

…does anyone else think it's a little weird that she made an anniversary out of him not dying?
I mean I get that last year she was like "oh one year ago there was this big event" but it seems a bit strange to just mention that every year now..?

No. 545509

>>545504 esp when she was the one who nearly killed him kek

No. 545515

File: 1522790932489.jpg (120.57 KB, 1064x541, Screenshot_20180403-222650.jpg)

Her inability to reply to busines messages is hilarious (remember the arctic fox situation?)

No. 545518

File: 1522791088920.jpg (442.74 KB, 1080x1641, Screenshot_20180403-223021.jpg)

From a ~~~20 inch waist!!!! To a large. It's interesting she's admitting this.

No. 545520

What happened with Arctic Fox?

No. 545527

>>545520 they tried to send her products for free/sponsor her and she responded months later and admitted she is awful with emails (despite it being her job)

No. 545546

>it's on the small side
yeah don't worry we can all see that

No. 545577

well she certainly fucking dresses like it

No. 545578

File: 1522792977702.jpg (957.64 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20180403-230208.jpg)

Next impulsive buy?

No. 545580

File: 1522792998373.jpg (883.73 KB, 1080x1687, Screenshot_20180403-230216.jpg)

No. 545584

File: 1522793056917.jpg (615.79 KB, 1080x1380, Screenshot_20180403-230356.jpg)

No. 545586

oh god they are going to get SO TRASHED

No. 545587

Townhouses aren't really houses, they're attached. Your HOA covers outdoor upkeep, so it's basically a condo you walk up to with a little front yard and maybe a deck. If the roof leaks, or the siding needs to be redone, it's up to the housing company to fix it even if you own the inside. So depending on the townhome it's not really that different to an apartment, just that she'll likely have two stories. It's pretty nice if sound bothers you because you don't have upstairs or downstairs neighbors and don't have to go through a building with groceries and what not.

No. 545588

was just about to post this


No. 545589

I checked the measurements on Lazy Oaf and they said that the waist was 71cm/28 inches (rip 20 inch waist kek)

No. 545591

the attack wasn't even at youtubespace it was the headquarters lel

No. 545594

File: 1522793504530.jpg (385.8 KB, 1080x1593, Screenshot_20180403-231013.jpg)

I don't recall her posting about other shootings, but obviously she has to post about this one because she's a ~~famous youtooober

No. 545600

think she said serena only likes her and doesn't particularly like the other cats. So maybe the best choice. I left my cat at home when I went to college because I just knew he'd be happier.

No. 545605

A townhouse isn't any less of a house than a single family home. They might be smaller on average but it's still enough room for a family to live in.

Why does she need two stories? And more space means more indoor upkeep, like cleaning and buying paper products for multiple bathrooms, vacuuming or sweeping multiple rooms, having to buy furniture, curtains, and other furnishings for an entire house. In what universe does a 20 year old going to community college need a house to themselves?

No. 545614

There was a shooting at youtube hq so she posts a pic of her at ….another unrelated youtube space? For "solidarity"? Help me understand

No. 545616

It's Jillian. Unless it can somehow be (made to at least look like it's) connected to her, she just doesn't give a shit.

No. 545627

File: 1522795188604.jpg (181.5 KB, 1080x777, Screenshot_20180403-233833.jpg)

No. 545628

File: 1522795238293.jpg (78.59 KB, 1080x388, Screenshot_20180403-233811.jpg)

Also kek at this comment on the post

No. 545630

Not necessarily, my family rents a town house and I know that the owners of the house are responsible for fixing the roof and we have to upkeep our own yard. I guess its different depending on where it is, we'll have to wait to see what Jill gets.

No. 545639

Pls kill me because I actually think those shoes are cute and I always like to rant on here about how ugly IC is.

>”I know a horrible tragedy happened but let me post a ‘cute’ selfie from a totally different YouTube location and try to make this about me.”

No. 545645

It all really depends, the ones I've lived in were very narrow, my friends and even laughed about one because it was the exact same layout and size as our previous apartment but cut in half and vertical. The stairs might give her some exercise at least lel.
Huh, maybe that was just the case for places geared towards students not other residential ones or just the area.
She's not going to have to deal with any serious upkeep if she's renting, though. She's not foolish enough to buy one there…right?

No. 545661


No. 545666

File: 1522799909717.png (272.94 KB, 933x1540, SmartSelectImage_2018-04-03-17…)

No. 545673

WOW I think this is actually the first time I’ve ever seen a bunch of her fans pick up on her constant tacky self entered ways. I hope this a trend that continues. Judging by how she blocks and dismisses anyone who upsets her even slightly (remember her tattoo design meltdown and recently being told she isn’t representative of queers), I can see this being her ultimate downfall.

No. 545680

Because she has no idea how to interact with anyone who isn't her mother or weeb friends. She is only seeking validation to wear her shitty overpriced, stolen artwork jacket to mcdonalds again.

Wow, her response is literally as expected. Since when was Lazy Oaf ever ethical??

No. 545681

I hope people continue to call her out on shit like this. It's surprising coming from her fans, but it's refreshing.

No. 545687

I'm really glad to see others calling out her. like, why is she even posting a photo of her?! like, she is really such a special retard to not see how this is disrespectful as fuck??

Make a text only post with a pink background.. but why a photo of herself?

No. 545704

I might just be dumb, but I find it even more disrespectful that she posted the description about the YouTube HQ shooting on her spam account. What's wrong Pixie? Caring about other's well being isn't ~aesthetic~ enough for your main?

No. 545706

File: 1522803727990.jpeg (264.54 KB, 735x1172, 59EE58A5-E050-4B5D-B577-82A139…)

No. 545707

File: 1522803883226.jpg (160.04 KB, 1074x708, Screenshot_20180404-020414.jpg)

No. 545708

File: 1522803897598.jpg (205.14 KB, 1080x777, Screenshot_20180404-020355.jpg)

No. 545709

File: 1522803956021.jpg (95.82 KB, 1074x389, Screenshot_20180404-020550.jpg)

No. 545712

Of course she now has to be coddled for being tactless. Just let her learn a lesson for once, please.

No. 545715

File: 1522804435231.jpeg (337.46 KB, 1242x1414, 5CFDEEBE-C565-40AF-A137-AFFA43…)

“I’m just sooo egotistic that I didn’t think about not using a photo of me about a situation that isn’t about me!! Teehee!! My mistake! U w U”

No. 545718

My thought process: She didn't post a picture looking really happy at a Youtube Space with her condolences?

Scrolls up

Yes, yes she did

No. 545719

File: 1522804571983.jpg (150.19 KB, 1056x657, Screenshot_20180404-021542.jpg)

No. 545756

How dare she post a picture of herself posing after a fucking shooting. She is disgusting and so out of touch

No. 545778

A bit late but why is she looking at (and assumedly applying for) housing four months in advance? Is that normal for students? From my experience of renting they usually want you to move in ASAP; is she going to pay rent for the next few months to ensure it’s hers or ??

No. 545780

Since no one really recapped the YouTube shooting: 3 people shot and injured. 1 woman dead (the suspected shooter). Motives unknown.

Sadly im not surprised that Jill is so apathetic. Also in America, gun violence and gun law reform is a major, heated topic right now (not at all trying to derail). I dont know how gun laws are in Canada but Jill still handled the situation horribly.

>>545704 Gun violence isnt uwu kawaii and may be too triggering for her special snowflake followers on her main account.

No. 545790

It's very normal for students, at least if you want to live close to campus. If you don't apply in advance then it'll fill up. Most of the apartments I looked into recommended reserving a space 6-7 months in advanced. And you don't pay for the off months. You put down your deposit and start paying on the month you tell the management you're moving in on.

No. 545851

Well this pissed me the hell off. She's ~devastated and praying uwu~ but can't be bothered to click a news article to see where the shooting actually was? To post a message of condolences without her posing at again, a completely different and irrelevant location?
I'm an SF local and some of my friends were terrified and on lockdown in their workplaces today. Go fuck yourself for this pathetic attempt at capitalizing on a shooting Jillian.

>my love for Youtube!!!uwu
jesus Fuck it's a corporate space with real people working at it not some cutesy fandom, what's with this fucking freak.

No. 545903


I'm definitely not a big IC fan or fond of pastels but I feel you, anon. Maybe I just have shit taste but they're pretty fucking cute.

Not practical at all though. Imagine how badly caked in gross red PEI dirt they'd be if Jill bought them.

No. 545913

I know, right? It's genuinely more enraging than her being so stupid and out of touch to post such a picture. Why do so many people run to the defenses of someone who was clearly wrong and posted something undeniably disrespectful? I guess her fans are also just as self-centered and are such social media attention whores that they don't understand the value of avoiding subjects or showing proper condolences for such tragedies. Like, people died, but these dumbasses are over here defending Jill's feefees because she got called out for a stupid post.

No. 545942

Did she delete the entire post bc I don’t see anything on either of her igs

No. 545950


Yeah, she took it down after the backlash. >>545707

No. 545989

>You put down your deposit and start paying on the month you tell the management you're moving in on.

It's not quite that. It's that it's already being rented until you move in. Landlords don't let their properties sit empty if they can avoid it. So most student-rented places have leases that run September to September so that new students can move in for the new semester, but new students apply way earlier in the year for those spots.

No. 546020

Ot but I genuinely like this picture more than anything she has posted before.

No. 546058

Her thinking is so skewed. Youtube as a platform wasn't attacked, it was real people in a corporate working space. This has nothing to do with "how much Youtube means to me" or loving Youtube. She wouldn't care about the shooting if it wasn't related to a site she uses.

No. 546059

It's everything wrong with this generation who is growing up on the internet. No mistakes can be made because a swarm of white knight or hand maidens will come in and tell you that you did nothing wrong. She is already coddled by her mom, but now her fanbase. Bitch will die in the real world if she ever has to leave her basement.

What she did was genuinely gross; taking a story about a shooting and making it about herself, but now she'll never learn that.

No. 546061

Exactly. She's trying to come off as sympathetic, but she could care less and it really shows. She's an idiot who is jumping on the 'i use youtube, so i care about these people' band wagon.

No. 546105

those shoes are adorable and i absolutely hate it

No. 546212

File: 1522864302789.jpeg (172.39 KB, 750x348, 7EF07DCA-5189-442E-B591-403BF9…)

She’s at home all day doing nothing it shouldn’t be this hard to keep up on your schedule. She’s only “doing vlogs whenever I feel like it teehee” and she didn’t stream last Saturday. If she’s a full time youtuber now then she should be more up to date with this since putting up vids and interacting with fans is all she has.

Wasn’t the meetup a week or two ago? Ik that she was going to go to New York anyway, but wouldn’t she open with the New York meetup vlog-it’s the only thing that involved her fans, and is way more interesting then seeing her buy things and eat food.

No. 546217

She's so fucking lazy and bland as hell.

No. 546230

I wonder if she ever thinks about how she's practically unhirable and has put herself in a position where her only means of making money are dependent on the generosity of her naive fans.

No. 546239

In both posts, she put YouTube and her "love for YouTube" before the actual victims, I think that says a lot. Just don't say anything if you don't really care, especially if you can't even get the location right.

No. 546247

god I feel like she must've heard the news somewhere but didn't pay any attention and then her whole thought process was just "omg something happened at youtube… a youtube space..? I was at a youtube space recently, I could have gotten killed!! :("
she's unbearable

No. 546303

Soooo…. Is it too soon to say that Jill has NPD?

No. 546311


Yes. Being a spoiled, obnoxious little shit does not a personality disorder make. Let's please not start this armchair psychology discussion again.

No. 546329

File: 1522872343338.jpg (302.95 KB, 1080x1517, Screenshot_20180404-210401.jpg)

Someone asked about the YouTube situation on the group and these were Jill's responses

No. 546330

File: 1522872362403.jpg (292.3 KB, 1080x1053, Screenshot_20180404-210433.jpg)

No. 546332

File: 1522872377811.jpg (290.44 KB, 1080x1393, Screenshot_20180404-210450.jpg)

No. 546367

aaaand she still doesn't get it.

No. 546391

She's trying so hard to seem apologetic and like she learned a lesson and understands, all while still trying to explain it away. Saying she was coming from a good place guys and "people THINK" it's "self promotey" rather than "it IS self promotey" and it's still all just about HER and HER CONNECTION to YouTube, because did you know she is a full time youtuber and visited them in their other location?? Who cares about the victims what about precious YOUTUBE you guys??? How will it survive??

No. 546418

You'd think that by now, she would learn to stop posting these pretend-condolences for people since she gets called out every.single.time for getting info wrong. but nope. Her persistence to keep trying to be the center of attention is impressive in a bad way

No. 546437

I think this shows how little she actually cares? She saw it happen to Shane Dawson and instead of recognising it as an insensitive thing to do she did the same thing. She's only apologising to save her ass from more criticism

No. 546551

File: 1522883356634.jpg (169.33 KB, 1080x877, Screenshot_20180405-000848.jpg)

Could you imagine

No. 546552

It would be mostly shots of her neck fupa

No. 546568

And when Shane did it, it was tacky af too. I love how the message of why people were so offended by her disrespect went right over her head. She's going to die if she ever leaves her mom's basement.

No. 546970

File: 1522935742868.jpg (70.98 KB, 640x1280, FB_IMG_1522935699170.jpg)

Now Jill can go back to sucking lo's dick

No. 546977

i'm actually mad at them the cunt they 'copied' just took the design from the dolls, they didn't need to give her anything.

No. 547009

File: 1522938707605.jpg (232.37 KB, 1080x1048, Screenshot_20180405-153050.jpg)

No. 547023

They very clearly took the exact style and colour combo from her. They admitted they saw her image beforehand. If they had just done the face, that'd be fine. It is obviously a reference to toys. But the exact look, colours, etc steps into the realm of art theft.

No. 547032

it doesn't actually but whatever. also bright pink and lilac purple aren't the same colors. lo is only saying this cause they don't want backlash

No. 547042


Is it really necessary to yet again bring this shit up? If you think it's art theft, that's fine. If you don't, that's also fine. The only thing that's really relevant to this thread is that Jill clearly thinks it's art theft and whether or not she'll accept Lazy Oaf's apology so she feels ok with buying from them again (she definitely fuckin will)

No. 547067

The original piece is bright pink and so are the purse and jacket. The overalls are a different colour, yes.

The eyeshadow is the same colour and the nose is the same shape, clearly meant to be the same animal.

But whatever.

No. 547075

> clearly meant to be the same animal.

yes anon the same animal they both copied. it was posted up thread. neither of them thought up the design. it's as reaching as if the design was a flower. you can't copyright something if you base it directly off of something in the public domain unless you make it distinctly your own, which neither of them did. LO copied the face which oddly directly copied from the stuffed animal.

both of these have the same face and different shadow color, so no oddly did not create the design and her design is not distinctive enough from the original to count as her own.

No. 547076

>the nose is the same shape

actually LO's nose is round and closer to the stuffed animal but okay. i get hating jill but this reaching is pathetic.

No. 547081

Can you not see that the green one is a dog and the other two are bears? They have entirely different face shapes. What are you on?

Besides the overalls, the LO nose is triangular, like the other art. The green dog has a very wide nose. The two bears do have similar noses to the newer designs, that's true, which makes sense because the LO bag is marketed as a bear bag.

No. 547085

>the other two are bears?

bitch where? LO's is a bear but oddly's is just a face on fur.

No. 547086

can we stfu about this? i showed my co-worker who worked in copyright for 6 years and he said that it's not theft so stop going offtopic.

No. 547098

The other two stuffed animals, bitch.

>Can we shut up about this? But also let me get the last word.

No. 547103


Agreed but you would start a witch hunt if you disagreed with all the crazies siding with the girl who put two eyes and a mouth on pink fur and called it a "design"

No. 547120

that's true, even though it's fucking ridiculous. i guess if anyone copies my 'designs' i can cry theft!

No. 547121

File: 1522949689188.jpg (29.38 KB, 463x142, 2464585323.JPG)

from the LO sales group

No. 547123

translation: i like LO too much and need to buy it to feed my conspicuous consumption.

No. 547124

>I don't believe in boycotting brands based on a few mess ups

This bitch refuses to say certain names in videos because she doesn't like the company, but she keeps buying so kek

No. 547128

Jill will celebrate the LO apology with another impulsive online purchasing of some ugly ass clothes from them.

No. 547161

File: 1522951973797.jpg (654.5 KB, 1080x1470, Screenshot_20180405-191217.jpg)

New selfie

No. 547170

>>547121 I find it shitty af that she thinks they stole a design, but as a self proclaimed designer herself she doesn't really give a fuck.

No. 547189

She is really avoiding taking an actual stance on this isn't she?? She's so wishy washy it's pathetic.

No. 547193

Her hair looks so fried here. She should just go back to her natural color. The rainbow vomit clothes would look better if she had her natural color.

No. 547205

Our girl looking rough af

No. 547211

I don't see why she doesn't do something like rainbow ombre on the ends if she can't keep up with the roots. It would still be ~unique~ and trendy but look clean.

No. 547227

how can someone buy so much fashion shit and yet basically always wear the same 3 outfits?
for the past few months it's always been:
-shitty pastel lazy oaf piece
-gross fur earrings + tacky kids earrings
-either some bow in her bun or a bow headband or some shit

No. 547291

Pushing up those jowls with her finger I see

No. 547306

So… she was uploading today. What has she done since last saturday? She didnt even livestreamed… she recorded a haul on monday and thats it. She was about to edit the day before posting and she saw it was a lot to edit and left it for the next day, saying she would upload today. She hasnt done anything in the whole weeek, so irresponsible! And today shes not addressing the topic as she has done before, hoping everybody forgets about it.

No. 547322

I have a feeling that she only wears the over sized lazy oaf pieces because she can't fit her other clothes.

No. 547343

More like "I make a lot of shitty oopsies and I just made one within the last 24 hours, I also had this same problem with a skirt. I'm probably not one to condemn."

Even if she did condemn them it's a double edged sword. Hypocrisy doesn't look good on anyone no matter who wears it. It's better to side step it than step directly in the path of all that blowback. Jill can barely handle herself with all the praise and pressure for videos as is.

No. 547360

File: 1522961898719.jpg (46.44 KB, 1080x240, Screenshot_20180405-215451.jpg)

Someone posted the lazy oaf apology in the confetti club and this was Jill's response. It's so obvious she doesn't actually care about the supposed theft, but only about the fact she can now continue to buy from them without harm to her reputation

No. 547374

…sooo no new vlog today?
was she too hung over again or did she have to take a ~mental health day uwu~ because she was too upset about LO and internet bullies calling her out on being an insensitive bitch?

No. 547418

She said she finished editing the haul. Maybe because there's a Lazy Oaf item in there she didn't want to put it up. I feel like she already mostly told us what she got anyway though.

No. 547424

well in this post she said she'd be uploading the meet up vlog today >>546212 but she probably got lazy and didn't finish it after all

No. 547472

She did buy at least a Lazy Oaf bag from American Two Shot (posted about it on Twitter I think) so this might have to do with it? Or that she wants to edit it now to defend them

No. 547777

File: 1522987957471.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180406-051143.png)

Jill is in Maggie's Insta story

No. 547810

File: 1522990933479.jpeg (377.94 KB, 2048x2048, 60D1004E-27EC-48F2-B241-F389D5…)

Yeah, they were out shopping all day today. So no vlog.

No. 547817

If anyone wants to take screenshots, make sure you do it through a third party app so you don’t get found out and blocked.

No. 547827

How long will this friendship last?

No. 547872

this just echos that one pic of her and collin yikes

No. 547887

That and it reminds me of how shitty she was to her last ex by never showing photos of her or them together because of her precious aesthetic. If you can't be used as an accessory, you're useless to Jill.

No. 547907

Maggie looks like the Hunchback of the Notre Dame holy fuck

No. 547908

how does she never get cold? her friend has a winter coat on, plus atlantic canada is nowhere near warm enough right now for how jill is dressed. shivering just looking at her tbqh.

No. 547953

OT but what the fuck are they eating?

No. 547960

Chicken balls and fried rice, a classic Canadian "Chinese" staple. Generally the sauce comes on top already, like on Maggie's plate, but Jillybean has asked for hers to be put on the side so she can dip her glorified nuggies into it.

No. 548000

Youtube keeps recommending me Jill's older videos and I thought it was really funny her past dreams predicted her fake paganism and party kei LOL

No. 548002

File: 1523026291202.png (21.22 KB, 581x178, gg.png)

wait so is her NY haul one of those sit down videos? I thought she was done with that
>still hasn't finished editing that vlog
>just spends the day lazing around with her new ~gal pal~ instead of working on it
I'm glad she's so dedicated to her job

No. 548005

Maybe instead of filming new videos which she plans on putting up after her vlogs, she could have spent that time editing the vlog? Then her vlog would be up, and she'd be recording/editing her vids she wants to upload later.

No. 548008

Imagine having to actually pay your bills and following an upload schedule to make sure you make end's meet by the end of the month.

This is why her youtube hobby isn't a real job, why she should never have quit retail, and why living with her parents for years after high school is toxic for her development.

No. 548011

File: 1523027264140.jpg (215.79 KB, 1080x1060, 20180406_120632.jpg)

How the fuck did she only upload 7 vids in March and still get over 11,000 new subscribers!

No. 548013

File: 1523027331493.jpg (193.09 KB, 1080x822, Screenshot_20180406-160714.jpg)

Her fans are delusional

No. 548016

File: 1523027432965.jpg (182.87 KB, 1080x710, 20180406_120916.jpg)

Mama Vessey totally enabling and excusing her lazy slacker daughter ~that's almost two a week uwu~

No. 548017

JFC her fans are the most delusional, idiotic, brainwashed cunts that I've ever seen. My eyes hurt from rolling them so much

No. 548022


>for years after high school

What, you mean 2 years? If that were true there'd be a ton of Jills everywhere.
Unless you mean living at home with your parents without any real job, education or routine, which I agree fucks with your mental health pretty horribly.

No. 548024

I described everything I meant in the original post. What even is your question? You already know we’re talking about jill. Why are people always derailing by taking criticisms of Jill out of context.

No. 548051

i mean it is 2 a week which is on average with most youtubers and i just looked and theyre almost all over 10 min, not to wk or anything ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but compared to people like glam and gore or simplykenna who put out very short, often spread out videos its not horrible.

No. 548144


Jesus Christ why are you getting so mad at a reply on an image board you sperg, I was asking you to clarify what you meant because it sounds like exactly the kind of nitpicking that shits up this thread in the first place. There's plenty of stupid shit Jill has pulled without having to split hairs.

No. 548236

File: 1523040121519.jpeg (163.04 KB, 750x744, 4F26B81A-B2F2-493F-AF4C-BB463F…)

No. 548252

The countdown begins to how quickly these new shoes will be destroyed by mud

No. 548254

>"I don't like the actions of this company but I have no self control so I'll keep throwing money at them"

the worst part is that Jill wants to become a professional fashion designer, she could literally just create her own LO-esque clothing
it would be great practice and her fans cream themselves every time she sews anything so it could even help with her YT channel (plus she would be ~so inspirational uwu~ for not supporting LO anymore)
but nope, even though she will start school in a few months she still makes absolutely no effort to create anything

No. 548261

literally, Jill, or anyone actually could easily make, as you say 'LO-esque clothing' SO easily. just thrift a jacket and stick some edgy phrase on the back, done. their designs are so uninspired. I don't see why Jill is so attached to the company.

No. 548262


No. 548266


because she's a lazy oaf

No. 548267

I don't think Jill has any creativity in her. She doesn't think like an artist and she's just way too lazy. Her pompom outfit was a basic cutesy idea, her last outfit was inspired by "green anime fields" which seems random. And she executed it in the most half ass way with terrible fabric.

And she seems like someone who follows the trends instead of going her own way. Despite trying so hard to be special and different she just latches onto the latest Lazy Oaf and thinks she's a crazy fashion influencer because most people on her island don't dress like her. She'd rather spend money and lowkey follow trends instead of thinking for herself and learn how to do anything on her own.

No. 548276

It's her full time job though? Does she deserve pats on the back for doing the bare minimum and rarely sticking to the schedule that she created?

Shooting and editing sit-down videos should be fast and easy for her at this point. Especially when she is doing the filming and the formula is "look at this thing I bought!" There's no reason that her haul videos should be overwhelming, unless she's talking way too much about every item. Some basic planning and notes ahead of time could solve that problem.

Getting footage from two whole different cameras shouldn't be a massive undertaking. If she had a smart or professional approach to shooting, she would be more selective about what she records and she could delete or trim clips as she goes so as not to get completely overwhelmed by footage.

It's also a good idea to plan what shots you'd like to get or know the kind of story you want to tell or mood you want to create. Her vlogs are boring because they have no real purpose or focus, and they turn into a bunch of shots of her chin and nostrils with some of whatever she's seeing thrown in. Sage for videography sperg.

No. 548302

No. 548308

This made me laugh way more than it should have

No. 548320


the madman is actually going to date that ugly 2012 jill for lgbt points. all so that we forget that she used, got tons of views of, and then dumped her ex gf. remember jill lurks here and even on twitter she got called out for this, she's desperateee holy shit

No. 548369

File: 1523051338209.jpg (519.67 KB, 1080x1010, Screenshot_20180406-224804.jpg)

alternative view of the peeps couch. What a waste of money.

No. 548371

The saturated cool colours of the Peeps look so bad against the warm pastel couch.

No. 548383

It's just a shitty couch with shitty pillows. Your autism is showing.

No. 548387


It clashes badly, but I guess Jills whole style now is just clashing colors

No. 548441

To make it even tackier she keeps the pricetags on each peep, good lort

No. 548450

Watch Jill get a tattoo of a fucking peep down the road. Kek or maybe even the lazy of eyes logo.
All her tattoos are shitty and poorly executed. I never will understand the allure of tattoos the make people come across uneducated and unoriginal…wait Jill is both of those.

No. 548452

>>548450 …only you didn't sage

No. 548469

Does she keep them on as a collector's thing? Does she think CVS peeps pillows are going to be all the rage in 2040?

No. 548505

File: 1523064925541.png (1.63 MB, 640x1136, BC51A76E-755B-4A29-8930-A7813E…)

Jill is out clubbing with Maggie and some of her friends. It’s on Maggie’s insta story and her live story too.

No. 548512

BunnyHop is a group that puts on bar crawls. It's usually just full of just-turned-19 kids who need to be babysat as they go bar to bar. The type who scream in the streets at randoms and who are "omg soooo drunk" after one drink. I honestly didn't think this would be Jill's scene.

No. 548515

Everyone keeps saying Maggie looks worse than Jill. I think Jill is just better at editing her photos/knowing her angles because Maggie looks a lot nicer than her here. Jill looks like shit. Sidenote, Jill's makeup was a lot better when she used eyeliner so I don't know why she thinks she looks better without.

No. 548555

File: 1523069781884.jpeg (100.11 KB, 750x992, 3DD858AD-8307-4DC3-A7BE-4D9467…)

Jill was live on insta for a minute she’s with Maggie I’m assuming that it was just an accident?

No. 548557

has this been posted here yet? because it reminds me a lot of jill

No. 548558

I saw it, it was a quick drunk livestream with Maggie and she basically just said something along the lines of getting garlic fingers/tasting garlic fingers/being tasted by garlic fingers

No. 548561

Kitten Kay Sera is nothing new. I used to live near where she lives in L.A. she's way better than Jill.

No. 548594

lmao u r so wise
she is still just eating breaded chicken and rice even outside the home

Of all her hair transformations I've seen, this is my fave (but its mostly just that I want to try a subtle half/half hair)

>>548276 True, sometimes people don't end up vlogging the most exciting parts of the day, just the inbetween parts when they remember theyre supposed to be vlogging. Usually they end up combining the bits into another vlog tho instead of uploading a 4 minute vlog of chain restaurants and being tired in their hotel room ….

No. 548632

It annoys me so fucking hard that she’s wears her hair up 24/7. What’s the fucking point of going to get ur hair done by a professional if the only way u ever “style” it is in a bun or ponytail???? FUCK DUDE. Jill if you’re reading this, fucking do your hair, you look like a cow licked you it’s so ugly

No. 548647

here's Maggie's full story of the night out. https://streamable.com/6cmzc
there's no audio because I can't be fucked

No. 548655

god so this girl is just as much of a social recluse as Jill then? guess it's good that they both feel the need to document every moment of every social outing they go on

No. 548665

Maggie's live stream of them "clubbing" with bunny hop: https://streamable.com/uhov9
this one has audio but is shite quality because it's under a black light. drunkielocks incoming, at least she isn't alone this time though

No. 548700


They definitely seem like they're dating, or at least banging

No. 548737

Didn’t we uncover that Maggie has a long term boyfriend though?

Also I don’t know that many girls that end up fucking simply cause they drink and hang out together. That being said, Jill is definitely desperate and this is the longest she’s ever been single, she’s always mentioning it frustratedly. So I wouldn’t put it past her to put the moves on Maggie, and from there I guess it depends how much Maggie also wants efame and lgbt brownie points.

No. 548740

But an anon replied to that post saying that Maggie’s profile lists her as single. Jill maybe honest in saying that Maggie is ‘just a friend’ but we all know Jill is just saying that to remind herself that she’s dating someone else. But knowing Jill she’ll probably go through some moral complex of “is it wrong to be with someone in a relationship, even though they are in a relationship and I’m not?” And knowing her dumbass fans they’d try to justify it kek.

Sage for speculation

No. 548756

lmao there's nobody in the club? idk but if i came in the club and it was that empty i'd just leave. looks like a 7th grade basement party

No. 548800

File: 1523113610553.jpg (192.38 KB, 1080x696, Screenshot_20180407-160602.jpg)


No. 548802

ah yes, working hard by going out with her friend; shopping and getting wasted
~please dunt overwork urself mama pixie!!! uwu~

No. 548810

I agree but can you guys stop saying fucking kek? I see it so much on here, it rubs me off y’all are nothing but trying a bit too hard to be funny lmao(learn to integrate)

No. 548812

This looks really bad, even for jill. She could at least remove the tags, put a complimenting blanket down, and stack then in a cuter way.

No. 548823

It's just 1 or 2 anons who say it and it's really easy to track them based on their posting style.(newfaggotry)

No. 548826

>>548810 it's like saying lmao after something that isn't funny; it started as a joke but now it's automatic.

No. 548844

learn to sage, kek

No. 548846

does she not stream anymore at all now?

No. 548848

File: 1523117517122.jpeg (287.38 KB, 750x746, F66C8171-70A0-4118-98C2-3E697C…)

She likes shit like this on Twitter. Hey Jill, maybe you shouldn’t have quit your real jobs for a career you’re too lazy/ uncreative to maintain.

No. 548875

Samefag, I get that burnout is a real thing for artists, but the content Jill makes solely relies on her ability to buy tacky shit/ make crafts/ talk to her autistic viewers, and she isn’t even keeping up with the latter. The most “creative” thing she does is edit, which is obligatory for making videos. It’s much easier to sympathize with someone who puts care and reasesrch into their work whereas Jill seems to be giving less of a shit about the people and platform that give her money and the e-fame that she craves. It really pisses me off when she pretends like she’s burnt out and pretends to be someone who puts out actual content and deserves to take a break instead of just being a lazy fuck. Saged for sperging

No. 548884

File: 1523121946490.jpg (288.22 KB, 1080x1975, 20180407_142447.jpg)

Maggie's fb profile lists her as single but nothing stating her orientation

No. 548932

File: 1523124918590.png (209.92 KB, 600x390, d2d.png)

OK, so let me just quickly clear this up:

Jill's struggle in life right now is that she just came back from a 1 week long vacation in NYC that was entirely paid for by her mom.
For the past 2 weeks she has just been needing a break after that stressful vacation, so she's been incapable of filming and editing a video in which she shows of all the frivolous things she bought in NYC, and another one which documents a meet-up where about a 100 fans paid money just to be in her presence.

I can really, truly imagine just how drained and unmotivated Jill must be feeling right now.
I mean being paid to buy things and show them off on the internet? Being expected to upload about 8 videos a month and doing absolutely nothing the rest of the time? Anyone would be overwhelmed with that.
When will Jill finally create that Patreon so I can donate to her for struggling with this incredible workload?

No. 548951

Hey, go easy on her. I'm sure she's working very hard to get over her hangover after a well deserved night out after over a week of not uploading a video or streaming. She has a whole, spooky 50 minutes of footage to go through for her event video! Can you even imagine being self employed AND having a sense of personal responsibility? I'm burnt out just thinking about that.

No. 549053

ofc Jill sees no bad in copying other's designs since she's done so herself

No. 549058

ot but jill's mom looks like Hillary

No. 549132

File: 1523139066477.jpg (356.19 KB, 564x982, Screenshot_20180407-230922.jpg)

All of these pics were taken from a fan page. Just more of Jill for her night out with maggie.

No. 549133

File: 1523139080766.jpg (283.89 KB, 558x1040, Screenshot_20180407-230942.jpg)

No. 549134

File: 1523139094100.jpg (240.87 KB, 582x943, Screenshot_20180407-231004.jpg)

No. 549135

File: 1523139110302.jpg (245.25 KB, 640x949, Screenshot_20180407-231015.jpg)

No. 549140

File: 1523139274351.jpg (280.92 KB, 565x1005, Screenshot_20180407-231357.jpg)

No. 549141

File: 1523139280965.png (83 KB, 585x269, Screen shot 2018-04-07 at 6.41…)

If Jill's not gonna keep a schedule she should at least stop making promises that she can't keep

No. 549157

Fan pages that steal story pics from her friends so they can repost. Drunk pizza eating ones. Yeah, totally not creepy.

No. 549161

those shoes are the first good purchase shes done in ages does anyone know where to get them? replica or otherwise?

No. 549162

>>549161 they're yru

No. 549163

thank you anon

No. 549166

Maggie clearly wants this or else she wouldn’t publicly post her hang outs with Jill. It’s not like she’s unaware of the amount of followers or how bizarre and obsessive her fans are. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s incorporated as confetti club mom 2.0 if they continue this friendship or progress into a relationship.

No. 549169

File: 1523141841545.jpg (188.55 KB, 720x1041, 201847_185438358.jpg)

The fan page literally says pixie updates which is creepy

No. 549173

How do they both look so bad? I can't imagine being drunk enough to want to share these. But I also don't understand wanting to go to the club and drink with a bunch of kids in cringey matching tshirts in the first place.

No. 549194

I don't get this. Fanpages take screencaps, it's normal. Confetticlub is her fanpage so they will post updates about her? How is that creepy? It's what fans of every social media person do. I've seen people take stills and @ the person with the still, or take a photo of their tv screen showing the video, or take clips of themselves happy or crying in response to what _internet_celeb_ did. Make edits from snap chat screencaps. Etc.

It's weird behavior in general but not in the sphere of fandom.

No. 549327

Jill wearing gray and black?!
Heading into a new phase maybe

Also, LOML
How long have they known each other for her to be saying ‘love of my life’

No. 549340

this shirt is part of the bunny hop gimmick— if you look in the videos you can see everyone is wearing the same one. if only Jill learned how to wear muted colors

No. 549414

yeah i was just gonna say, as weird as it is that her boring fucking life manages to warrant any fans at all, this isn't much more than your standard fandom behavior. also tbh how is what they're doing any creepier than all the nitpicking people do on lc?

No. 549449

Nah, that's just a bunny hop shirt. Surprised that she would actually wear it though.

No. 549487

damn i was actually thinking that wearing neutrals for once actually looked good on her (maybe just in contrast to her usual shit), like bright hair works best with a subdued outfit as opposed to All Kawaii Rainbow Everything but of course she isn't wearing it as an intended outfit idk why i would have thought otherwise

No. 549508

but the real question is will Maggie come here to spill the tea after the inevitable fall out

No. 549512

I wonder if she'll appear in a video soon?? It really is quite telling how set Jill was on not showing MG at all, and yet this friend she's known for a week is already known to all of her fans.

No. 549539

>stop saying kek lmao
Top kek

The hair color is irredeemable but she should do neutrals more often. Although it's kinda ironic that she whined so hard about the black items in her WC Luckybag but now that she has a reason to she's perfectly fine wearing black fishnets.

No. 549616


Has she tried adding ribbon to the sleeves of that bunny hop shirt? It's sad that's the closest she's gotten lately to making her own clothes. She didn't even wear the birthday dress.

No. 549617

She probably just glued the ribbons on.

No. 549618

No. 549619


No. 549620

Fucking finally

No. 549622

The dress looks so much worse in this omg

No. 549627


I actually thought she seemed pretty cute and actually really grateful at the end of the video. She did seem quite drunk at some points of the vid tho

No. 549632

Fuck. Was All that screaming necessary?
Get given a present and squawk into the person face!?

No. 549640

her screaming at that ita bag killed my ears, watch out for that.

No. 549641

those epileptic captions are killing my eyes jfc

No. 549642

The girl dressed in larme with the my melody bag who gave Jill the pretty heart necklace has such a cohesive look, why on earth does she look up to Jill?

No. 549644

If this was the best footage what the hell did she cut out?
This was just obnoxious screaming/her describing stuff like a toddler/shitty audio/weird drunk(?) moments

No. 549646

Kek at Louise in the background "She bought a frying pan for some reason"

No. 549653

Nice self post. That coord was shit and she was strange and self deprecating the whole interaction.

No. 549658

Her voiceover sounds so much like Lor in this.

No. 549660

Where are all the vendors? All I see is the one in the distance. Rotflmfao did they all bail? Feels bad for the ones who were there though. I saw on twitter one of them didn’t even make half of her money back and said no one was really buying.

No. 549666

File: 1523198430825.png (858.85 KB, 1282x720, Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 11.3…)

Of course the Vesseys would show off this one gift.

No. 549686

That girl was really irritating and bizarre, just goes to show the type of people who are fans of Jill… but to be fair every personal interaction in the video was super awkward

No. 549687

No. 549691

thanks! it was honestly a pretty shit last minute coord. i’m not going to explain why i like her here obvisouly since i’m in the wrong place lel

yeah i’m an awkward fuck sorry. i’m surprised i didn’t make a bigger fool out of myself tbh but i had fun.

i work at pandora so the employee discount makes things practically free. that’s why i didn’t want her to be like “you’re so nice!” because i only paid a quarter of the price. but i’m happy she liked it!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 549697

This is bait, it has to be

No. 549698

the fact that you spent any money on a youtuber who honestly probably doesn't even remember who you are is laughable.

No. 549699

Why the fuck would you out yourself here? Jill's fans are the most idiotic people s2g. Fix your teeth and your life and get the fuck out

No. 549702

Oof…you’re so..

No. 549703

>out yourself
i’m a nobody online it’s not that serious

No. 549707

They always out themselves on the confettifag thread and it’s obnoxious as fuck. No wonder there’s so much derailing ITT, the confettifags are here shitting it up.

Oh how naive, I guess you haven’t seen the other thread where every time a confettifag self-posts they get their Facebook exposed. And if you’re in any of the confetti communities, you’re gonna get booted once someone out you here.

No. 549709

No. 549716


No. 549722

What is it about Jill that attracts such obnoxious white knights?

No. 549724

more like obnoxious white knights with the ~*i was just pretending to be retarted*~ mentality. was there anyone who actually did go? apparently some of the vip bags got stolen kek

No. 549734

>my mom and I had some brekky
CHRIST ALMIGHTY JILL give me a bit more than ten seconds to get acclimated to your speech patterns before you drop that bomb on me please

No. 549735

The girl who was like “Welcome to New York. Are you walking fast yet?!” gave me such a voat shitlady vibe. I loved it

No. 549739

I was disappointed with the lack of milk in this vlog… I feel like it had the same content as >>534833 and >>534426 (fan videos of the meetup) with some extra clips. We can all harp on how autistic the fans are but that doesn't take away from how disappointing this was. Maybe Jill will start making all of her videos this boring and devoid of personality so everyone loses interest.

No. 549743

inb4 she uses muh depression as an excuse for her shit vlogs

No. 549744

All I got from it was a "lol so quirky us New Yorkers hate being slow!!!"

No. 549745

File: 1523208134163.png (1.1 MB, 1152x720, Screen Shot .png)

Samefag but I think part of it is that the entire meetup isn't grounded in reality. It makes it feel like all of these people are normal because everyone there is a uwu ~pastel cutie~ . I wish there were more shots like this in the vlog where it's just people in New York reacting to Jill and her mom.

No. 549746

File: 1523208149663.jpeg (20.37 KB, 178x317, 64DB1612-23A6-4B3C-AF3F-8BDAA4…)

No. 549747

File: 1523208156963.gif (4.09 MB, 706x434, wao.gif)

tl;dw for everyone:
>'baby brekkie' talk right off the bat
>autistic screeching every 10 seconds
>extremely awkward fan interactions and loud venue, jill overreacting to everything
>a ton of fans actually traveled out of state to come to this
>jill only showcases fans who gave her gifts in the video
>weebs singing and dancing to jpop
>fans staring and giggling at jill from afar as she gets drunk

overall really boring, just snippets of jill accepting gifts from fans and lots of screaming. she barely left any video in of other ""famous"" people who attended like her fellow vloggers or the tokidoki guy

she sounded like she ran off to cry after talking to jill

No. 549750

File: 1523208288973.jpeg (28.79 KB, 352x350, 3C093CCC-7E8A-4755-AEF0-5AC398…)

She was definitely drunk, after they sang happy birthday to her and started doing that random dancing she was acting so weird.

No. 549754

>voat shitlady

No. 549756

Seeing her next to people actually dressed for weather is so cringey and jarring, you can just tell how uncomfortable she be physically, and all for the sake of showing off ugly Lazy Oaf clothes.

No. 549770

The fucking scream talking is so unpleasant to listen to jesus christ

No. 549774

I honestly dont think youre well if you have to insist how awful you are after every compliment like that, its not right
Legit please speak to someone, living with that mentality isnt healthy

No. 549775

tbh brekkie is something that a lot of people say, at least in the uk

No. 549787

lose weight

No. 549789

File: 1523211146265.png (2.89 MB, 2231x1229, preciousmoments.png)

a collage full of questions

No. 549792

It's so weird that Jill used to have a punk phase when she was younger, she looks like the 'grown up' version of that girl in class who always liked horses too much and only used scented stationary .

No. 549800

>that puckered hem
Every aspect of this dress is awful, Chrissa Sparkles charging that much for it is practically criminal. Is she employing grade schoolers?

No. 549817


"suppy" is waai worse

No. 549819

File: 1523213743136.jpg (478.95 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20180408-194911.jpg)

A nobody online, but I'm still going to doxx you. Why do confetti club members keep doing this to themselves.

No. 549828

What's the point of this? Who cares? iamverybadass over here for going through all of Jill's followers to find this rando fan from a video to "doxx". Move it to the confetti club board, it's probably a troll posting here in the first place.

No. 549843

She prob just "doxxed" herself for more attention, it's so transparent.

No. 549847

She also obviously self posted earlier when she tried to be an “anon” complimenting her “perfectly cohesive” larme outfit. It was such a sad plea for attention so we could all praise her for being more style savvy than Jill.

No. 549855

Doxxing? Fucking kek, she posted for attention and you fell for it face first.

No. 549858

File: 1523217530090.png (339.21 KB, 479x599, 765827.png)

lol are all of Jill's 'fans' just secretly lurking and posting here? how strange

also got this from Jon's IG, I guess they all went out drinking together

No. 549878

and then you wonder why you have a new thread almost every week. you get so sidetracked and derail the whole thread for shit like this. it’s almost like i’m on pull

No. 549890

Oh my god, this is spot on

No. 549901

yeah i mean we used a decent amount of the last thread posting about a call out video that never happened. not sure what it is about Jill specifically that makes people sperg/ derail so much (probably the lack of actual milk)

No. 549909

What is with the green woman?

No. 549955

File: 1523222240285.png (331.88 KB, 302x419, 5.PNG)

This poor woman questioning what went wrong to be accompanying her child to such an event. Though I must say her coord is on point.

No. 549977

File: 1523223890584.jpeg (123.92 KB, 750x288, B71908E9-A88E-42E3-88FD-68AA85…)

in Jill’s twitter thread for the new vlog. good luck “apple” Jill only shows the gifts that are ❀~expensie uwu~❀ kek

No. 549992

damn how pathetic is that
Kek also I bet its probable jill could have showcased all the gift givers, cause more than likely there weren't that many.

Why are all her fans so self deprecating?
"Upload me in your video too, I gave you a gift gimme a shout-out"

No. 550038

voting for this to be the next thread pic

No. 550045

ngl that sweater is adorable, she's hands down the best dressed there

No. 550054

start of the vlog you can hear the annoyance in louise's voice when she says jill is looking for peeps ha

No. 550110

Sage bc someone already answered, but UK unis often open up accommodation applications from January in the year that you'll be studying; my friend in the year below had his halls sorted in February, a whole 8 months before he even starts there.

No. 550117

oh my fucking god, it really does look awful in live video vs edited photos. She looks like a fat toddler and it's so creepy. Also, her mom is weird af with her commentary.

No. 550126

File: 1523234187298.jpg (70.37 KB, 1133x484, attentionwhore-dollfie.jpg)

Holy crap, i just realized that Toshi Salvino (aka dollfille) is there. She really has to attend every kawaii type meeting in nyc, doesn't she?

No. 550127

Daniel is so annoying jfc what a try hard

No. 550183

This has nothing to do with Canada. It's not university housing. It's a townhouse rental that Jill will lease for 12 months at a time. She has about 3 months to plan the move to another province and get settled so it's normal that she's beginning inquiries and talking to landlords now.

No. 550212

File: 1523242693806.png (632.5 KB, 620x590, lisafrank.png)

I cant tell if this guy is a fan or someones parent but its cute he's wearing a Lisa Frank sweater for the occasion

but also
>dont u know mama pixie HATES lisa frank please leave the party

No. 550220

File: 1523243256488.png (1.3 MB, 1649x782, nips.png)


No. 550244

you're being creepy

No. 550303

OMG Toshi sounds like she's mentally retarded and from the San Fernando Valley. Kek Jill and her are kindred spirits.

No. 550526

File: 1523270660116.png (2.7 MB, 1636x1198, Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 6.40…)

sage for ot but the green lady goes by @heirofglee and seems to be centered towards alternative/outlandish makeup rather than party kei and probably just went to the event to get attention & followers just like toshi

No. 550541

He looks very uncomfortable
So pretty much only landwhales and skinwalkers are the pixie fans

No. 550555

Didn't she have some huge sperg out on PULL awhile ago?

No. 550618

File: 1523283957169.jpg (156.39 KB, 1080x570, Screenshot_20180409-152321.jpg)

Jill is so lazy she can't even respond to emails promptly..this is the 3rd admission of her shitty work ethic

No. 550623

>needing validation and ""softness"" for not checking your email when it's one of the only responsibilities you have in your entire life

No. 550626

File: 1523285650987.jpg (454.34 KB, 1080x978, Screenshot_20180409-155116.jpg)

Alyssa posting a possible dig at Jill?

No. 550629

that's kind of a reach

No. 550648

Not the anon you’re replying to, but how is that a reach? Jill is a straight girl who gets drunk a lot. Alyssa was in the closet before she started going out with Jill, and I doubt Alyssa has been in too many relationships since.
>nb4 some triggered Jill wk says “but she’s not straight and she’s not a drunk!!!”

No. 550660

nayrt however i agree that it's kind of a reach. alyssa is probably over jill by now, they didn't even go out that long idk

No. 550664


Idk if it's worth speculating over but it does say in the post that it's an older poem. There's no proof it's about Jill but I wouldn't call it a reach either.

No. 550671

People are different, I've spent years getting over relationships that lasted less than a month if they ended abruptly and were built on falsehoods from the beginning. Not saying it is wise or something but people can be pretty salty for quite long and how Jill treated her and the whole relationship with her during and after it was pretty shitty imo.

No. 550673

Alyssa also came out for this relationship, which is a scary thing to do. She essentially risked everything (like the relationship with her family/friends)for someone to treat her like shit. I wouldn't blame her for still being hung up on the relationship tbh

No. 550678


Samefag but after checking the post it also says:
>She hasn't asked me to stay the night in three years.
So I'd imagine it's probably about someone else or completely fabricated

No. 550809

Read the post above yours.

No. 550816

File: 1523300942898.jpg (126.1 KB, 1080x598, Screenshot_20180409-200833.jpg)

Here we go

No. 550825

I fucking hate these kind of polls, she always does them.
No real opinions, just forced validation.
I bet she still feels hurt when people pick "ok" though.

No. 550829

I don't think she post a video today because she posted a video yesterday. Even if she finished editing she should save it for her next scheduled posting day so she can keep with her twice a week schedule. Maybe she can even start building a backlog since it would put her ahead of schedule.

No. 550854

I was hesitant to relate until I saw the "I convince myself tonight is the night she kisses me sober"
This is definitely about Jill

No. 550861


Alyssa seems sweet, but boy is her poetry awful.

No. 550872

File: 1523303139785.jpg (841.98 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20180409-204516.jpg)

No. 550882

see >>548002
Idk why she needs validation for something she already said she was doing.

No. 550911

File: 1523304886513.png (1.41 MB, 936x1422, 876543354565544.png)

Looks like her favorite over-priced makeup store is going to be opening soon in the town she is moving to. I think she got a VIP membership or something by dumping hundreds in the Halifax store?

No. 550933

she was VIB rouge which is sephora’s highest rank. you have to spend at least $1000 in the calendar year to get to that level.

No. 551060

No. 551068

Talking about Sanrio Danshi, totes loves it, such a fan, forgets a characters name, claims its because they don't use his name in the show….they do though, says a character gets no development when they had a whole episode dedicated to that and appear in other episodes, does she not actually watch the shows she claims to love or is she just an idiot? Also, shows off a mood shirt that is just visibly filthy and she already damaged both of the pairs of shoes which she ofc has to remind us cost $140 each

No. 551083

She's seriously Rouge? How can she be so terrible at makeup and have a shit skincare routine and spend 1k alone in one makeup store in just a year? I know it isn't difficult to spend that much at Sephora but she still applies makeup like a 13 year old and I doubt she buys skincare there.

No. 551095

She mentions Lazy Oaf in the title but doesn’t show any? Didn’t she get a bag or something?

No. 551102

>"I meant to grab a medium but grabbed an extra large shirt on accident!! I can wear it as a long loose dress though"
Sure, Jill. Was "just an accident" and not that your rolls would be bursting out of a medium

No. 551125

Maybe because of the ~*controversy*~ she edited it out.
Like the past anons were speculating about her putting off posting because of Lazy Oaf stuff

That or its filthy and she doesn't want to show it, but girl was brave enough to flash that yellow, stained mood shirt.

No. 551131

bigger Sephoras sell bath stuff, so if she's taking baths with bubbles or other stuff in them every day that would add up, especially if she's using higher end shampoo

No. 551145

She buys all her bath stuff from lush

No. 551169

Her face is so fucking doughy looking

No. 551182


Spends 130/140 on shoes she could DIY herself. They are already missing gems.

No. 551189

She also called them "neutrals". Those shoes are so ugly

No. 551202

Just all the mention of how her first place for college is going to have a coffee table covered in magazines and a dining table with fucking table cloth weights pisses me off
She’s so fucking entitled, ungrateful and wasteful, it’s sickening

No. 551203

She called them her "neutrals" because she is trying to sound unique. Like "oh lol my clothes are sooo outrageous and unique these shoes are NORMAL for me….did i mention how unique i am"

No. 551219

Like >>551131 said, it's not actually that hard to be Rouge if you buy all your soap/skin care stuff there along with your makeup. But since this is Jill it could be mindless consumerism too.

No. 551222

She just started washing her face recently, so… probably just mindless consumerism.

No. 551231

She has never once bought any hair care, body care or skin care at Sephora lol. Unless you count too faced’s terrible peach spray as “skin care”… which it isn’t.

All her purchases are palettes, mascara/eyeliner and lip products. 90% is Too Faced. She recently bought actual complexion products for the first time, like a foundation and pressed power, again it was Too Faced though.

No. 551233

File: 1523325485656.png (1.55 MB, 1582x830, Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 9.56…)

classic jill not cleaning the shit off of the bottom of her expensive shoes

No. 551242

Damn it I hope Jill gets at least gets some basic instruction on how to correctly apply her makeup! I love Sephora like another anon but I shudder at the thought of Jill potentially getting hired at Sephora. I bet we will get more hauls from her ~*VIB douche status*~. Kek


No. 551316

I seriously doubt she could make it past the interview stage with her lack of makeup skills and Too Faced tunnel vision. I also don't think she would be willing to work for someone else, especially at a place where you have to wear black.

No. 551354

File: 1523335669044.jpg (194.99 KB, 1388x777, ss (2018-04-09 at 09.42.55).jp…)


>"it seems like yui from Pripara is based on this design…? I hope its not a total rip

I wanted to shoot myself in the face. I like the original artist of the plush, https://www.hanamizz.org for anyone wondering

But jesus christ they did not invent the dreamy sparkle shoujo eye. She is clearly inspired by vintage manga illustrators like Takahashi Macoto

No. 551396

Why does she always look like a special needs grandma? Why does she always do those stupid faces? Why does she always color her fucking eyebrows so horrid? Why is her hair so dirty and unkept? Legit questions. She isn't pretty or special, yet she could do way better and have a nicer hairstyle and a nicer color and take care of herself but she chooses not to. All her choices are ugly and materialistic. Honestly I want her to do better seeing she has some potential aesthetic or whatever but she only keeps dressing uglier.

No. 551403

Just watching a clip of the meetup on Youtube and it really is a clown children's party for adults, where everyone is the clown

I mean it makes people happy but why/how did this ever catch on as a thing?
Like is looking legitimately terrible and like an overgrown 4-year old aspirational?

I like kawaii fashion but this is just mismatching clown shit. idk

No. 551412

Like…people here aren't being unkind or cherry-picking, everyone looks like a clown disaster what is going on?
But they all seem very happy which is good. Just wish they were encouraged into a style which is actually challenging, skilful and can be applied to real life rather than pastel vomit like this

Sage for have been casually browsing the threads without realizing it was really that bad

No. 551470

she fucking starts the video with "i know some people don't like hauls," like lurk harder

No. 551471

i honestly believe some of her outfits (like the one in this new vid) would look cute if she just didn't have the piss hair. natural hair would help her sooo much, but of course it'll never happen.

No. 551474

Can't deal with her mindset of high price = quality. They literally just want to mine money from rich dumbshits like u??

No. 551475

I'm not a huge Jillian hater and never actually comment but anytime I catch one of her haul video is flaring up my old consumerist personnality, if that makes sense.

I was very much like her before, that I NEEDED to buy. It was important to my happiness, I needed to collect every tiny useless trinket and pink cute gadget.
I have no shame and admit for example that I'm kind of jelly of her wand collection.

I also don't think she's malicious when she mentions prices of her stuff, that's something I'd do. I think in my mind I was like "It's useful information. When I see someone has something interesting I want to know how much it is so I can go and buy it eventually". It's hard to explain but it's very tied to the "I need to buy buy buy" mentality.

It's no wonder that she was a lolita too because at this point my dresses and bags are more of a collection than a real wardrobe. I see the same attitude with women who collect Disney trinkets, tsumtsums or mugs. It makes me believe it's all tied to a need to keep a grasp on your childhood because 90% of her stuff is kid's stuff she doesn't even use or play with. Like the trinket she shows briefly, the noisy flamingo heart, what is she even going to do with it ?

It was honestly really hard but freeing to get rid of all of my crap when I had to move out. Accumulating stuff does stress you out and I can't imagine living in a room full of screaming colors. I had to move to a new country and could only bring a suitcase of stuff so I went with one pair of shoes and maybe 4/5 outfits. Man it was freeing.
It would do wonders for her anxiety if she started getting rid of useless crap and reduce her collection to a shelf only.

>Sage because blogspot

No. 551476

When does she expect to have time to entertain guests at her apartment/whatever when she already struggles with her minimum responsibilities? School and adult life are gonna hit this bitch like a train.

No. 551479

So she says she can't read Japanese when she is showing the popteen, what happened to omg so trilingual and when she bought magazines on her holiday in Tokyo and said she read them, also she shows off the Pri Para magazine, talks about her cosplay but then says she is incredibly behind and when she started watching it she said she skipped a whole season. Tinfoil, this stuff - the danshi thing - admitting she skipped a ton of CCS because muh filler, Jill doesn't actually like anime she just wants to buy crap and dress up for attention because muh aesthetic

No. 551482

>>551060 her talking about her shoes not zipping up because of her fat calves omg

No. 551483

Those momiji dolls are clearly meant to be given as gifts… why the fuck else would you need a doll that you put a message inside?

No. 551485

I used to like Jill but have slowly grown to detest her. I think I finally snapped. This latest haul video filled me with rage at the amount of baby talk. Can you just fucking talk like a grown human being with a brain?

No. 551490

She absolutely did not need those cheap headphones. They're cute, but seriously, there are plenty of other pastel rainby baby headphone options of actual quality that she could invest in if she actually gave a fuck.

No. 551492

Goddamn, that featured art. Has anybody ever done art of her that didn't look like sloppy trash? It always seems to me that all of her fanart is done by children.

No. 551493

This I don't understand, the shoes clearly do not fit her and are so bad quality that gems are falling off already. WHY she bought them?

No. 551499

because they were expensive so obviously that meant they were good in her eyes. honestly if she wanted to actually design something she could have added gems to plain white shoes in the same style

No. 551505

With that logic, she could also make ugly, oversized, awkwardly fitting basic clothing that could easily hide her lack of sewing ability instead of buying more Lazy Oaf. But that's never going to happen.

No. 551515

like bitch, learn to thrift and upcycle at least, it's easy, you save money without directly investing in fast fashion, while exercising your diy, textile and design skills just a tiny tiny bit. nope, too much for jill.

No. 551517

like seriously, she could have thrifted some basically new ass white boots, and stuck jewels to them herself and tbh, they'd look the same. those shoes are nasty.

No. 551529

File: 1523362234552.jpeg (503.22 KB, 734x976, 5065038A-E391-4AF9-8FE6-D942BB…)

No. 551543

she will be a gracious host and serve them Canadian delicacies such as fried chicken tendies with peeps tea.

No. 551544

Jill's part is at 18:43
>RinRin Dolls part at the end saying that 'she has a very bright future' kek

No. 551556

Man her shopping behavior is just getting worse with each video.
Like with the shoes that don't even fit her - it's not like she ordered them online, she tried them on in person, noticed that they don't even zip up and still got them?
Or that flamingo heart thing, she won't even remember that she bought that within 2 weeks. That pass case seems impractical as shit too.

I feel like Jill had so much money her entire life that she never had to choose between things. Usually people can't afford all the frivolous things they want so they learn to figure out their own priorities and how to spend their money wisely, but Jill basically just buys everything she desires, so it doesn't matter to her at all if it's actually a good investment.

No. 551565

Right? And the majority of that shit could have easily been purchased online. She really couldn't be fucked to find anything exclusive to NYC other than (arguably) 2 fabrics?

No. 551569


>saying those cloud shoes are a neutral and go with anything


No. 551575

can you imagine those cloud shoes with her pink cherries dress? or her crayon sweater? or her stripey rainbow one? like what??? it hurts my head.

No. 551618

Kek, girl is so stressed about thievery of basic concepts since she got called out on her pleated skirt and LO got called out for a face.

She's gonna tank in fashion school without a backbone.

No. 551622

A bit irrelevant but does anyone else find it incredibly lazy that she ALWAYS uses the same music in every single video?

If YT is your only job… couldn't you be bothered to try to find some royalty free music that actually suits the theme of each video? jfc it's like a nursery from hell

No. 551626

a lot of youtubers do that, but tbh that doesn't make it less irritating. gives me hannah minx flashbacks.

No. 551686

File: 1523377169405.jpg (574.16 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20180410-171831.jpg)

She tries so hard to look sexy and it's repulsive

No. 551697

That…. isn’t trying to look sexy at all wtf is wrong with you

No. 551701

>>551697 watch the video on her insta i'm too retarded to work out how to save it

No. 551706

>>551704 it's a video

No. 551708

Watching her pull her tongue back into her mouth and then press it to her teeth is infuriating.

No. 551729

File: 1523380806276.gif (9.32 MB, 560x560, Jilllllll.gif)


the mess in motion

>and not so small as previously posted

No. 551735

Jesus I do not need two of these looping on my screen

No. 551737

oh god make them stop
she fancies herself so much

No. 551738

File: 1523381475563.png (828.56 KB, 827x788, itsasign.png)

the world is trying to tell her

No. 551742

File: 1523381596421.jpeg (278.25 KB, 750x418, 8EA9FD3D-98D8-46CB-B505-0C8318…)

(SKSKSK had to repost sorry)

NHK Kawaii International vid summary:
>Fashion makes her happy and full time kawaii YouTubed
>Talked about PEI and being the only person who dresses like that there. She gets stared at.
>Showed her elementary school, highschool, Claire’s and Freak.
>Said that she lives far away from all of her friends and that she’s going to cosplay with two of them at a con.
>Tracey and Wendy appears (Wendy is still going to Jill’s college)
>Louise makes a appearance and says that Jillian’s always been ~unique~ especially in PEI going to school in lolita, and punk clothes with her mohawk. Always evolving and changing in her fashion.
>Jill says that she’s going to be doing fashion blogging and fashion designing soon full time. Wants to be supported as the 2018 Kawaii Leader.

No. 551747

She looks like a fucking toddler she's fucking creepy

No. 551748

I feel like if she were rooming with Wendy still, Wendy would have mentioned that.

No. 551759

I just said that they were still going to the same college because there was speculation about it last thread Jill’s getting her own apartment/townhouse that’s her plan.

No. 551761

Tracey shittalks Jill all the time so I wouldn’t be surprised if Wendy does too. I wonder if Wendy just agreed to staying with her thinking it wouldn’t really happen but just to please Jill, and then backed out when she realized Jill was serious? I honestly get the feeling that Wendy doesn’t like Jill that much. She seems much closer with the others in the group than with Jill.

No. 551762

Jill's a fake anime fan. I bet she even forces herself to watch precure, which she probably only likes cause of princess peachie.

No. 551803

If anything I got the opposite impression, like Wendy wants efame and rides Jill's coattails. She did act really clingy with Jill in her animaritime and other con vlogs even though it was pointed out that was her first time meeting her. She might be sick of Jill now and realize her insufferable personality isn't really worth it or that she doesn't like her after she didn't want t go to japan with them because Pixiemom can't come too to wipe her spooky crumbsies off her face and hand her extra cash

No. 551875

File: 1523390461182.png (73.29 KB, 1080x429, IMG_20180410_125928.png)

No. 551896

Major DDLG binkie princess vibes eww

No. 551899

thats so passive aggressive kek

No. 551911


No. 551935

didnt she buy shoes in japan that didnt fit her as well?
what a waste of fucking money, but imagine how pathetic she'll look wearing shoes in public that her fat calves spill out of

No. 551965

Hearing the announcer for the nhk video was triggering it sounds like a commercial for babies. Sage for OT

No. 551976

Absolutely cannot stand those horrendous glitter ankle boots. They go with nothing and still make her look horrible stumpy even when she's posing like an idiot.

No. 552001

You know, she sounded like a somewhat normal human being during the voiceover part of this. None of the baby-talk, weird pauses in sentences, strange cadence, nothing. She should heavily script things from now on because it didn't make my ears bleed.

No. 552004

I fucking hate the way they talk over her footage super quietly too, it’s just annoying

No. 552009

Wasn't she born in like 1997 ?

No. 552024


1998 I think. She also hoards Care Bears and Rainbow Brite stuff on occasion just because it's rainbow.

No. 552026

tbf you can enjoy stuff from an era you weren’t part of

No. 552029

but we all know jill doesn't enjoy it.

No. 552035

Not trying to wk, but are you implying you can't like the 90s aesthetic if you weren't alive for most of it? Because that's absolutely moronic

No. 552036

but anon, its bright pinkie pink and rainby uwu

No. 552054

How did she miss the THIRD floor of Kinokuniya? you legit walk straight back and there are stairs and an escalator there… It's hilarious how stupid she is.

No. 552125

me too. I live in new york and I liked her videos right up until the new york ones, but then something snapped… seeing her walking around, talking in a baby voice and vlogging in manhattan… if I saw that in real life I would be filled with a primal rage

No. 552152

Probably too distracted by muh materialism. Too anxious to find what she can get her hands on & buy, so doesn’t take the time to actually LOOK at her surroundings.

No. 552183

Also isn't she like 5ft tall? Her feet must be fucking WIDE to need a size 8 at her height

No. 552203

I used to be occasional watcher of pixie I found her because I enjoy J-fashion. I really like her tutorials (like her everyday makeup routine) but like many have mentioned in this thread I snapped and stopped watching after her channel became "omg guys look at my shopping addiction lmao" it became little about J-fashion, and more about Jill.. However since Jill lurks here (hi Jill) it be nice to see fairy kei related DIY, sewing DIY, or even her becoming a harajuku beauty guru would be cool.

No. 552206

>harajuku beauty guru

Well unless she lives in Harajuku that won't be happening. Also it's pretty solidly apparent at this point she'll never go back to any established fashion because there are too many rules and restrictions for our supremely creative queen of color

No. 552209

Why does this feel so uncanny valley…

No. 552237


I know it's common knowledge around here that she's 5' but does anyone actually believe that after seeing her in the meetup video? She looks about the same height as most of the girls there and I doubt every single person in attendance was exceptionally short. Did she get measured once when she was like 12 and decide to stick with that height forever so she could be the most uwu kawaii smoll bean

No. 552263

Her feet are smaller than an 8. I have no idea why she thinks that's her shoe size. Her shoes are constantly slipping off the back of her feet, and she mentions this problem a lot.

I've met her, and I'm 5'2, and she's shorter than me.

No. 552265


you can just tell she thinks she's the cutest thing ever, and that the cc autists are probably telling her they're gay for her and shit. so fucking gross. all her pictures look the exact same, seeing those disgusting poses in motion kill me.

its so dumb, the way she's leaning and trying to do cute-sy faces …like we can see any of your youtube videos with how you actually are and see how chubby and ugly you actually are irl. don't bother.

No. 552272

she looks like she got beat up and now her eyes are bruised

No. 552315

I was wondering about how long some of these people have actually been posting in these threads to keep following her for years or if the only reason they keep going is because newfags keep spawning.
I'm no exception, her channel was all fun until you realize more than half her personality is consumerism based. She seemed a little down to earth when it came to her series on how to become a youtuber, like "oh some actual behind the scenes talk about what it's really like" and then her channel got worse. Her personality is more clearly a persona too. Like suddenly we hear nothing about MG with no explanation at at all? The same way her feed was flooded with drag for like two weeks and then nothing? Or her to seem like she forgot she even entered the kawaii.i contest while others were constantly plugging it in their stuff? It's just too much.

>>552237 Pretty sure it's more like a good chunk of her fans are in middle school.

No. 552331

I met her at the meetup in nyc, and I'm very short (shorter than 5') and most of the fans were in the 5' range.
I was very surprised that most of the people were very tiny as well as it is not very common to see so many short people in one area of nyc.
So I wouldn't doubt that she was in the 5 - 5'2 range

No. 552353


being as wide as they are tall doesn't make her fans 'tiny'

No. 552360

Any details/pics of how Jill was acting?

No. 552365

Ahh thanks for the inside info. Maybe those glitter booties gave her some height too.

God yeah, she looks like such a smug twat here, it's so gross. Made worse by the fact that she looks downright repulsive with that hideous hair and makeup. That tongue biting thing she does when smiling never fails to enrage me as well.

No. 552371

>Just wish they were encouraged into a style which is actually challenging, skilful and can be applied to real life
What kind of style is that? And you really think these people can pull off any style?

No. 552376

Tiny means very small, so I meant tiny as in, they were very short. Not that they were very skinny. There were some tall fans yes, but a majority were tiny. (Not skinny.)

Sadly no, I did want to bring my camera but I stupidly forgot it's charger. Nothing really to report, she was meeting people the entire day so she was mostly very smiley and friendly as I doubt she'd act any other way when people were lining up to take a photo with her. (and there was also a bit of young fans/children which I imagine were the children of some of the people who went, young fans.)

Np, and perhaps, my friend is 5' and pixie was only about an inch taller

No. 552396

She seriously reminds me of an old hooker trying to be sexy. Gross

No. 552401

That's creepy how her mother always seems to be vicariously living through Jill. Since when does dressing a certain way even make you remotely unique? Kek the way one dresses is just an outward expression of aesthetics, has absolutely nothing to do with being truly unique. Jill lacks personality being bland as hell. Therefore she dresses like a clown to garner attention. It's really sad. Kek

No. 552446

It's the same for me. I liked her channel until I realized that she never fucking drops her fake ass internet-speak facade and tries to act like a normal person. It got insufferable.

No. 552449

>goes on a japanese fashion program not wearing even a stitch of jfashion

No. 552505

>Video of first fan meetup - 16:11
>Video of all the shit she bought in New York - 20:35

I know I shouldn't be surprised, but good lord. If that doesn't sum up Jill, I don't know what does.

No. 552518

>implying kawaii.i is actually jfashion and not just a fucking mess

No. 552530

Esp considering she said she had to edit down hours of content for each. Her priorities are showing.

No. 552570

No. 552574

>>552570 I still despise Jill, but she's so much more likeable in videos like this. There's less baby talk and less bragging abut money.

No. 552579

Why does she always look so gross and greasy in all vids? I swear Jill must have an aversion to hygiene.

No. 552582

>>552579 this has made me realise that she expects to get an apartment with a bath in for college. Is that even a thing in Canada? it's not in the UK in my experience.

No. 552584

Yes, full bathrooms are common here.

No. 552587

Full bathrooms are super common here - usually its a shower bathtub kind of situation rather than you getting both a stand shower and bathtub though.

No. 552589

god somehow the story was even more awkward than expected lol

No. 552595

every apartment i've had in the uk has had a bath

No. 552596

>Is that even a thing in Canada? it's not in the UK in my experience.

Uni halls don't unless you're mega rich but every flat/appartment I've lived in in the UK has had a full bathroom. Not a very nice bathroom, but with bath. Depends on how old the city is, the older it is the more likely baths with a shower attachment are. Stand alone showers are only really a thing in newbuilds and most flats aren't new they're converted, your experience is pretty unusual tbh.

The level of entitlement Jill has regarding going to uni makes me angry irl not just fun internet recreational outrage.

No. 552597

a lot of it's the roots (which wouldn't be a problem if she just did natural hair and wigs), and it's also the caked-on foundation that she doesn't actually need

No. 552615

She isn't even going to university, she is going to community college, and a shit college at that. If she wanted to go to a REAL fashion design school, OCAD in Toronto, Ontario, is the place to be for that kind of thing, but I doubt she would ever get accepted.

No. 552630

They're the same tier of qualification though right? I use the term uni because over here college and uni are separate tiers of education - You have to get some kind of college level qualification in order to progress to university. You can't go to one instead of the other, there's a strict order. Where as in the US and Canada they seem to refer to different institutions within the same tier of education?

When you say it's not even university is that more of a technical distinction or is community college actually something different and lower? Like, would going to the best community college still be worse than attending the worst university?

No. 552631

You answered your own question anon! Kek Between shotty craftsmanship and terrible aesthetics she'd get laughed at.

No. 552636

No, they aren't the same. She won't be getting a degree. She will have a diploma. It's basically a trade school.

>Like, would going to the best community college still be worse than attending the worst university?

They aren't even comparable because they aren't providing the same quality or tier of education.

For you Brits in here that don't seem to get it: you can go to EITHER college or university in Canada. They aren't sequential. The US uses these terms interchangeably, but Canada does not. At a college (often what the US calls a "community college"), you will only receive a diploma. Some colleges' diplomas aren't even recognised in different parts of the country. Some schools' diplomas are only valid within the province they were given, and these often come from private colleges (i.e. not government-funded). Universities in Canada offer degrees, like bachelors/masters/PhD. These are accepted everywhere, even worldwide. But they don't require you to go to college first. You go here right after high school/secondary school (with the one exception being Quebec, where they have CEGEP, which is basically sixth form).

No. 552641

"I just made a video for this because…"
Because if you didn't, it would just set in stone further how much you take for granted and aren't thankful for.

No. 552676

long time lurker, first time poster. i'm from eastern canada (specifically Halifax, used to spend a lot of time in Charlottetown PEI). i know this girl and people who went to high school with this girl.

i've mostly been following the abby brown/toopoor posts but i just saw this and i'm laughing my ass off.

obviously saged
i'm gonna see if i can find any whole milk and report back

No. 552677

>>552676 ty anon!!

No. 552681

waiting with bated breath

No. 552687

OCAD isn't a fashion school nor is it a college - OCAD turned into a uni like 2011-2012, trust me I'm not doing all these liberals for a fucking diploma… The closest thing they have is Wearable Tech. and that's more of a course based around making art pieces out of textiles or things you can wear on the body. Ryerson is the closest thing to an intense fashion program and it's still a university.

George Brown, Humber and Seneca all offer fashion courses of various kinds of fashion - I only really know that George Brown's diploma teaches you actual sewing and drafting.

Saged for sperg

No. 552697

On one hand I get that it was in fact mostly held for her as a meet and greet thing but GOOD LORD "me me Me me ME Sebastian Masuda cane to see ME at MY MEETUP for ME and the kawaii society didn't want the spotlight to be taken away from ME how thoughtful!! Did I mention this was all about me???"
Girl your 6% lucky pack opening was ass, you couldn't even say his name right in your video and Sebastian looked uncomfortable as hell in every shot of him at the event. He really was probably expecting a decent jfashion meet and not the clusterfuck it was with Jill's doughy ass

No. 552707

short, just say they're short then. just because you write "tiny" doesn't make you any less fat.

No. 552714

It really fucks me off too, she’s so entitled and completely clueless
I don’t know of anyone who gets their own private fucking house for uni, even if they’re really well off
She’s gone from a little clueless to completely insufferable

No. 552720

You can totally go to one or the other? You obviously just won't get a degree in college. But not everyone needs or wants one

No. 552721

Lol this. What are you on about, anon. I've had about 7 flats and only one didn't have a bath

No. 552738

bless you.

No. 552739

same, also just angers me that she won't be living in a dorm during her first year. that's basically how you make friends and stay connected on campus, smh. although idk if her school offers them?

No. 552741

Her school doesn't offer them because her school basically exists as a place for bored housewives to sign up for something to do. Most people who go to a college in Canada just go to the one close to them, and it's more as a way to just do something rather than actually get a quality education.

No. 552758

Sorry anon I don't think you understood what I mean by tier. If you can go to college instead of university then they're the same tier of qualification. I'm not talking about the value of the qualification relative to others, just where it sits in the educational progression timeline. A-levels and BTECs are the closest example we have - same tier, but a-levels are indisputably worth more. You only choose to do BTECs if your subject is vocational or you couldn't get the grades for A-levels.

So basically what it comes down to is that diplomas are intended as substitutes for degrees for people who can't make university grades, (Or afford it or whatever) but they don't carry as much clout and are therefore worth less? It seems like there's no point in attending a college if you could attend a university instead, and Jill is dumb because she has no valid reason not to attend a university and is instead choosing the easy/lazy path?

No. 552761

>>552758 that's what we've all been saying. She's only attending because it's close to mommy and she's too lazy to do he work required for a degree

No. 552774

sometimes i forget that she's 20 years old and has never once lived apart from her mom. fuck.

No. 552779

To be fair thats only 2 years after most people move out, like 1 year redoing exams then a gap year or whatever

No. 552782

Oh, I get what you mean now. Sorry! I was using it to gauge quality rather than the steps you could take in education.

Yes, BTECs are very similar to college in Canada. And yes, the only reason she's going to this school is because she wants to be close to home. It's a complete waste, and it won't give her a proper degree that would actually teach her anything.

Her whole life has been a gap year.

No. 552830

20 is way too fucking old to still be living at home and never actually went to college yet. I was 17 when I started university and 21 when I graduated. I think that is normal for most people. Jill's way too old to be so retarded about what it means to be an adult.

No. 552835

sorry anon, but in the US community colleges give diplomas. you're talking about college/university vs tech or trade schools that give you a certificate.

No. 552858

That's literally what I said.

>At a college (often what the US calls a "community college"), you will only receive a diploma.

No. 552860

In the US, community colleges give out AAs/ASs after 2 years and regular universities give you BAs/BSs after 4.

Most Americans don't even have bachelor degrees so it's not normal for most people.

No. 552863

sorry, that's what i meant, they give you more than diplomas. you can actually get a degree at c.c

No. 552864

let's stop derailing abt college/uni

No. 552888

Sage your shit. And no that isn’t normal. Most people graduate university and move out in their 20s. Jill is spoiled and sheltered but her living at home is normal.

No. 552959

Agreed, especially the way the economy has been for the last 10 years. I don't think it's necessarily shameful to still live with your parents at 20 or into your 20s. I'm more distrubed by how much she clings to her mommy and has no desire to do things independently.

Unless it was to visit family, there is no way in hell I would have dragged my mom along every time I traveled at her age. I was taking buses and trains out of state at 17. And there's no way my mom would have tolerated me sleeping all day, spending all of my money hoarding useless junk, refusing to get a stable job or save money or do anything around the house for years, and then pay for me to have my own house to go to fake fashion school.

No. 552976

Seriously.. I second this

No. 553032

Simmer down anon, English clearly isn't their first language.

Halls for universities in the UK (i.e. generic student accommodation) usually have a shared bathroom between multiple rooms, or an ensuite per room with a shower. Never have I heard of halls offering baths unless they're for super rich internationals. Outside of student accommodation, most (if not all) homes/flats/apartments have baths and I would say most have the shower-in-the-bathtub kinda gig.

Now after googling apartments/townhouses for rent in Fredricton, it's looking like Jillybean is seriously going to end up spending $1300+ of mummy's money per month on rent just so she can have the ~creative~ space she needs and a BIG tubby wubby boy.

No. 553091

Not necessary especially if you have social anxiety like Jill.

No. 553162


Nayrt, I'm sure that's her excuse but becoming a shut-in because ~muh anxiety~ is just about the most retarded thing you can do, which tbh I imagine has a lot to do with why she's constantly complaining about her depression getting worse.

No. 553181

what a weird thing to be mad about. why would you want to share a stinky 10x10ft room with at least one stranger and a hair trigger smoke alarm if you don't have to?

No. 553208

it's not that dorms are great to live in, it's the privilege she has of choosing an apartment that angers me.

No. 553302

reaching for something to bitch about

No. 553322

lol I’m guessing this is the same anon as >>552830 . Jill has issues because she is emotionally dependent on her mom— sure, this is emphasized by her financial dependence but that also ties into her being coddled. it seems like you’re just pidgeon-holing Jill for not having a path that you’re convinced is normal, or ideal (going from HS straight to a 4 year, having roommates as a freshman). maybe gain more insight before pushing university propaganda onto a board of poorfags that probably can’t affort to go straight to college or go at all. we are making fun of a rich bitch on here so you can connect those dots. sage for irrelevance and sperging. if we keep derailing we can make a thread for this on /ot/

No. 553333

So, they didn't announce him as a guest because they didn't want to steal her thunder and it was totes planned, if that is the case, what is the bit where he was leaving without talking to her or seeking her out and her friend went and called him back, seems more likely they were there in the city for something else, heard it was on and took the opportunity to get some shots of the messy westerners

No. 553335

hi kid, nah i'm not that college at 17 anon, i went to college at 18 and left after 3 years and i'll bitch about whatever i want? lol

No. 553340

the problem i'm latched onto with her not living in a dorm is the fact that her socially anxious ass will likely make no effort to connect w anyone at her school, and her living situation won't force her to. it's a bad situation for a person with her anxiety, isolation problems, and laziness to just be handed a place to live by herself when she's trying to adjust to adult life. i'm also poor as shit so please don't project your money anxieties onto me.

No. 553346

I get this, anon. Sage for blogging; I actually lived in an apartment by myself for my first 2 years of uni, but in my case it's because the dorms at my school were overpriced as fuck and it was much cheaper to just get a shitty bachelor apartment. But the difference between me and Jill is that 1) I did just have a shitty bachelor, not a whole house, and 2) I got involved in school activities and made friends with my classmates right away. That was something I had to choose to do, though, and I'm worried that Jill won't make the same choice unless someone drags her by the ear to do it.

No. 553348

If you have social anxiety you get better by challenging it
Shutting yourself in away from the world is a ridiculous thing to do

No. 553353

Sage goes in the email field.

No. 553359

My bad. I've been lurking for months but never posted before.

No. 553389

Not the same anon. No one is pigeon holing Jill. Simple fact is that most people actually do something with their lives by 20 years old. That's just basic knowledge. No not everyone can afford college, totally aware of that. But Jill can and she's neglected that privilege most poorfags don't have. There's what irks me the most. She has enabler parents who treat her as if she was a child. It's toxic asf for anyone to be that mentally crippled at that age. No one is pushing In propaganda FYI. Jill just fails to mature enough to take any accountability for her self as an adult. I can't imagine any anon here being this immature and enabled. Jill is indeed a rich bitch who is a source of entertainment for all.

No. 553413

college is not doing something with your life, anon.

No. 553448

I'm like kuybey but so are you

No. 553465

What planet are you living in anon? Salty, under achieving bitch much? Yes,going to college is doing something with your life. It's precisely that, it means a person has put forth the effort into bettering their life and are working towards a goal. I can't imagine what your twisted definition of doing something with one's life even is. Then again being a lazy, marginalized poorfag must count for something, right?

Sage for sperge

No. 553467

I guess anon forgot that Jill is already so successful and fulfilled. She's doing so much with her life amirite?

So many of you are derailing about your personal experiences and nitpicking other posts that accuse Jill of being maladjusted/spoiled/out-of-touch when SHE IS. She is fucking ridiculous with her moving into a townhouse that's meant for a family of 4 in that area. She is going to a trade school that's funded by the government which is meant to help lower-class folks receive an education. All of this American/UK sperging is for nothing. If you compare Jill's situation relative to other Canadian families and students, she is absolutely far from the norm and guaranteed it's off-putting to the locals in Fredericton or PEI. The maritimes have a very high-cost of living, yet they're some of the most uneducated and perpetually unemployed provinces. Their economy has 0 prospects, even their health care system is one of the worst in the country (which is why Jill uses that as an excuse to avoid mental health professionals, while cancer patients are being neglected and the obesity rate rises faster than anywhere else).

That's why Louise had to explain and try to justify why Jill needs a huge apartment when a friend of hers offered to rent a room to Jill. The norm is 4 or more students sharing a house. There's no less than 12 universities around the maritimes (not counting all the colleges), so it's normal for the neighborhoods to have streets lined with homes that are shared between students. Bigger homes (like 4-5+ bedrooms) usually have upwards of 8-10 students rooming together.

No. 553472

sorry some of you are so triggered. college is just not a big deal at all and is expected. it's like saying high school is doing something with your life, plus most people who go to school end up in jill's shoes right after.

also it's pathetic that you'd think everyone needs to rent rooms and shit. i got my own apartment during college and the only person i shared with is my fiance.

sorry you guys are so salty and poor that you think college is some sort of achievement.

No. 553476

considering a lot of people don't get to go to college, until a much later date if at all, yes, it certainly can be an achievement.
you sound just as self-involved and shitty as Jill does.

No. 553477

What does being poor and/or in college have anything to do with being considered an achievement? Fuck anon your must stupid as hell.
I'm most definitely no poorfag.
You must be though to project and presume so hard.kek You must be a fat, sweaty entitled basement dweller like Jill.


No. 553480

Anything you work for to reach is an achievement. Getting a degree is an achievement. I went thru uni and grad school and feel like I achieved something thru that - it has nothing to do with being rich or poor and everything to do with having the drive to accomplish it.

No. 553481

Sage your shit dumbass.

No. 553482

Amen anon. I agree.

No. 553483

>sharing with a partner
>apartment, not a townhouse

Do you even live anywhere near the maritimes? Otherwise it's irrelevant. And you're delusional if you think this is about our situations, and not Jill's.

I'm sitting in my two bedroom apartment with my partner and our cats as I type this. Yes, i'm a college student. And yet this has absolutely nothing to do with Jill and her poor life choices. I explained why everything is RELATIVE to others in her area. But you still want to compare living in an apartment with your fiance to Jill living alone in a house. At this point you just want to argue and that's the problem with all the fucking derailing about school/dorms/moving out.

No. 553485

Anon, obviously that anon is out of touch with reality and of low intellect no need to argue with an idiot.

No. 553501

New Brunswick College of design has no on-campus housing, so dorms were never an option, from their site it looks like they help with off-campus roommate finding though. To get back on topic- has Jill ever mentioned what she plans on doing after this program? Some people are late at starting but have an ultimate plan. All I've heard is "go to design school, then become a fashion designer".

No. 553504

she probably genuinely thinks she can do just that. shame all that money can't buy brains.

No. 553514

Today or tomowwor idk Lazy Oaf will drop the collaboration with Vans.
IMO it’s pretty cute, but will jill buy it? It’s pink and black, LOTS OF BLACK. But considering she bought that purple and black LO bag in NY, I think she will buy stuff from this collection even if she hates black only cause is lazy oaf

No. 553525

stop derailing about college, this is ridiculous.

No. 553566


This college debate has been going on for like way too long. Although it’s relevant because it’s about jill’s education or lack thereof, so much of it is not and it’s so not milk so can we stop thx

No. 553575

Isn't it already available on Vans? I was looking for some new kicks yesterday and saw some of it but maybe it was just placeholders til it's for sale.

No. 553582

It's out already. The entire Confetti Club has been buying it.

No. 553587

It's so weird that she's like I don't need fabric but I'll get these shoes I'll never wear because they don't fit my fat cankles and this doll to sit on my shelf, and all these little plastic toys that I'll forget I have in the void of my room, and magazines that me and my guests can't read to sit on my coffee table because apparently I think adulting is making my living room a waiting room, but god forbid I get tools I'll need for the career I want to go into.

No. 553606

I have the feeling that she is going to be a disillusioned hoarder once she is finished with the craft college and finds out that her goals are not possible in this region.

No. 553625

You would think going into a flunky design school that she would stock pile her hoard with fabrics for her future projects, if she was so intent on being a ~*fashun designnurr*~. What a lazy bitch.
Especially when you have access to Mood and every textile imaginable available to you! She's going to crash and burn sooo hard!

Sage design fag

No. 553631

lmfao, the way she says someone had to go back and get him to say hi?? he was leaving??? so he came to her event and didnt even bother to say hello to her before trying to leave lmfao

No. 553635

lol the entire thread has been saying the exact opposite, why are you guys so stupid?

No. 553653

I think this next year will make or break Jill. I will be more worried about Jill when she reaches Charlotte Charm's situation.

There's a lot of rich people out there. No need to be angry.

No. 553675

I doubt you are one of the rich ones anon. Kek

No. 553684

Stop continuing the derailing.

No. 553748

File: 1523569526687.jpg (719.69 KB, 1080x1504, 20180412_184411.jpg)

I can't remember the character this is supposed to be but that gradient is painful

No. 553749

Except I'm a derp and it says the name on the album.

No. 553750

didn't she already do an airbrushed version of this skirt like 5 months ago or something?

No. 553752

File: 1523569945494.jpg (560.12 KB, 1080x1039, 20180412_185129.jpg)

I thought she had too but apparently she's gotten the brilliant idea that sponging fabric paint onto fabric is the way to go instead

No. 553755

This looks like shit. We talked about how bad spray paint skirt #1 looked and in true mama pixie fashion, she's gotten worse.

No. 553756

File: 1523570223339.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x1612, 20180412_185446.jpg)

Found the previous skirt she'd spray painted which looked much nicer than that rainbow sponge vomit

No. 553761

File: 1523570456037.png (1.27 MB, 1083x2000, Render1.png)


Isn't this the character she's doing? Why has she used an entire rainbow for this when the gradient on the skirt is only 3 colours?

No. 553762

OK at this point I'm just starting to believe that Jill has an actual mental deficiency.
How the hell do her cosplays/sewing projects get worse with each year? How did she get that skirt so wrong now when it seemed way more passable before? Did she hit her head or something?

No. 553777

Nah it's the same amount, pink yellow green blue, it's opposite direction on the pic for some reason though(Jill…). I don't know about fabric dyeing, I hope it fades in the wash or something? It doesn't look good atm.

No. 553778

How is she expecting a different result blending with a giant sponge? There are wide sponge brushes, and even those aren't great for fabric painting without a stencil or some sort of masking. And if she's not using a ton of textile medium, that fabric is going to be stiff as hell when it dries. And the colors look nothing like >>553761

How can she mess this up so badly when the internet is a thing??

No. 553779

File: 1523571345544.png (2.73 MB, 750x1334, D7C6D06A-2242-428F-B808-39FD9F…)

Confetti club members now interested in drag? Hmmm

No. 553789

There's a confetti club thread, post there.

No. 553807


Oops lmao sorry, I'm not a pripara fan and on my computer it looked like it was just pink, blue and yellow, but on my phone I see that it actually is rainbow, just a lot paler than Jill's version.

Yeah I'm hoping the paint is meant to fade in the wash or something because it looks pretty terrible right now.

No. 553808

Is she not already?

No. 553814

jill has shit taste.

No. 553820

it's not actually rainbow, it's purpleish pink, blue, green and yellow. like the rest of her outfit, and it doesn't actually transition or fade like rainbow.

No. 553827


I kinda just meant it was the 4 colours Jill painted them when I couldn't differentiate the blue from the green with my monitor settings but alright, it's colourful.

No. 553851

i dont think anyones mentioned this but hopefully jill will find kimberly clark (since shes into drag) and maybe she'll get into the antihauls/anti consumerism and stop buying so much shit

No. 553852

but jill isn't even using the correct colors.

No. 553868


She's using pink, yellow, green, blue. They're way too bright but they're technically the same colours. The difference is that the character's skirt doesn't look like a child's finger painting and Jill's does.

No. 553869

you know what they say, anon: wish in one hand, shit in the other.

No. 553922

File: 1523578048235.jpg (110.75 KB, 905x650, trish.jpg)

Trisha Paytas is coming for Jill's brand.

No. 553949

I'm really sick of these "I spent (more money than you peasants can spend on one order) on (shitty brand)" videos that seem to be super trendy right now. Like a haul but with more bragging. Like this is literally 3 months of rent for me and she's spending it on the most revolting ugly brand on the market for one fucking video.

Saged for poor fag bitching and irrelevancy

No. 554063

Damn Trisha Fatass is even grosser and tackier than Jill. She's beyond retarded and attention seeking. I can't believe it she out cowed Jill. Then again only a fool pays full price.

Sage not poorfag

No. 554111

except she’s “blending” them together which is creating purple and orange which are not in the skirt

No. 554130

When will this glittershit learn to use spoonflower? This looks like on of those shitty neon tie dye shirts.

No. 554143


Oh my god are we really going to argue over colours now

No. 554164

fam if u flip it upside down its the right order…

yeah she seems to have opted to abandon the gathered rectangle for a circle skirt but I feel like shes gonna at least need some gathering to get the fullness. Though I think it was the right idea to abandon the rectangle because that would be aloooot of gathering for an underlayer of a skirt. But wow the color is so different! At first I was like is this just a diff project altogether?

No. 554175

I can't help but wonder if she had help in the past on her cosplays. There are some details that she struggled with on her most recent precure cosplay that are present in older cosplays… it can't just be the finicky satin can it? Mostly scallops, curves and clean edges. It just seems like there was more work done to make the past cosplays look cleaner - ironing and edgestitching, whereas the precure satin one seems like there was hardly effort made to clean up these things.

No. 554259

>fam if u flip it upside down its the right order…
>she seems to have opted to abandon the gathered rectangle for a circle skirt


No. 554443

that pigment is the texture of fucking sidewalk chalk

No. 554445

the color job certainly looks smoother but HOW THE FUCK is she gonna make that skinny rectangle into a skirt shape???

No. 554449

i wish she would just admit that sewing bores her and she's just a cosplayer who occasionally does diy clothes instead of talking about how she's gonna be a huge fashion designer & justifying her shit work by saying she's just a widdle tiny baby starting out at sewing for fucking years on end. like. i have friends who sew cosplays and they don't pretend it's their goddamn calling. i wish she'd stop thinking she has to enjoy everything to the highest extreme and deluding herself about reality.

No. 554452

This. She doesnt like sewing. She picks weird designed characters so she can pretend that shes a °*~designer~*°. I wouldnt even call her a cosplayer. More like soke one that makes one halloween costume a year.

No. 554458

??? Read the post, it's her previous attempt that looks better color-wise.

This. Most cosplayers that are decent at sewing are happy to keep cosplay and sewing as a hobby and aren't going to focus their career around sewing/costuming/design unless they are extremely talented or dedicated to learning their craft. Watching a lot of project runway, having a shopping addiction, and making a few mediocre to awful cosplays and garments does not make you a designer.

No. 554463

You know they return most of, if not all, the stuff they buy right? The idea is to get a large sampling of what a store has to offer to give a better idea of the fit and quality.

No. 554475

That's still a ludicrous amount of money to spend upfront. Some poorfags haven't seen that amount of money in their bank accounts in their lives. I can see why that would make some people salty.

No. 554482

File: 1523631277643.jpg (66.76 KB, 606x228, new.jpg)

guess we know what the next thing Jill will be wasting money on will be

too bad that she won't fit any of the clothing, guess she's stuck buying accessories lol

No. 554522


I wonder if this will motivate her to ditch the fucking marshmallow tea and actually lose weight.

I mean, it won't, but I can dream.

No. 554656

what happened to her tumblr?

No. 554676

wow just checked it and I guess it's a (spam) NSFW account now?
I would say that she deleted it and someone else claimed the url but why does it still have the same title as her old tumblr then?
maybe it got hacked?

No. 554696

File: 1523650640595.jpeg (333.85 KB, 750x1138, 7FF9065F-09C1-4D3B-84BC-11604B…)

No. 554704

File: 1523650942594.jpg (Spoiler Image, 185.2 KB, 900x621, pixielockstumblr.jpg)

huh? weird, pic related is what shows up for me when I type in her URL

No. 554706

samefag but I assume that she deleted her tumblr and someone else took the URL then?
maybe she didn't want there to be recordings of her streams anymore lol

No. 554708

that's wild, i was there a few days ago and it still had her content. she must've left recently.

No. 554712

>>554706 maybe she saw some anons were going to use her streams to create a video?

No. 554716

lol it's really stupid of her to not keep the tumblr address for herself though
just imagine her kiddy fans looking for her tumblr and finding nsfw/porn content instead now

No. 554729

Either she didn’t want us to archive her streams or find old screen caps of her ddlg posts when she was 16.

Has anyone checked her deviantart and other old accounts?

No. 554730

>>554729 her da is still up

No. 554731

>>554729 same fag sorry.https://www.instagram.com/jillianvessey/ is down but nishieeee is up

No. 554732

>>554729 https://pixielocks.deviantart.com/ has had everything removed from it. I think she's probably locked out of her other da

No. 554733

sorry to derail but i had no idea that was a thing??? where do i find those?

No. 554735

>>554733 the caps are in old threads. it's typical tumblr ddlg/bdsm photos like soft artsy porn?

No. 554739

she seems to have taken down her art tumblr too (artpixiee)

No. 554740

damn is she having a breakdown or something?

No. 554743

Either she got tired of people here digging up old stuff and keeping track of her streams, or she wanted to get rid of older accounts to clean up and appear more 'professional' (which doesn't really work out that well if her tumblr account is now just used to spam nudes lol).

No. 554745

Any milk from her tumblr has already been posted in old threads (with caps)

No. 554750

her lookbook is still up

No. 554751

pretty pointless really since if you literally just google 'pixielocks tumblr' in images, her photos that she posted on there still come up.

No. 554755

>>554750 her blog is still up aswell

No. 554758


and one thing that I don't understand is the fact that I recall seeing her photo (sets) with a decent amount of notes, so she could have at least use the tumblr to continue to promote herself and gain more fans, for getting more $$$ for her hauls and shit idk.

No. 554779

So who wants to start bets on how bad her Claire's closing meltdown will be? I'm saying she's gonna make a whole video on it.

No. 554788

It isn't closing in Canada.

No. 554925

This one has been empty for months, if not years

No. 554926

how disappointing

No. 554944

Jill is Trisha Paytas, just without the binge eating disorder, personality disorder, and a lot of money from sex work and youtube. But there's still time for Jill to become a stripper.

No. 555162

Jill's too lazy to learn to pole dance and I think the number of people attracted to the whole sexy clown shtick is low

No. 555199

ah didnt realize they were backwards on the circle skirt, i thought that anon was looking at the rectangle

No. 555203

lol this will not even come close to fitting her.

No. 555218

Holy shit this is awful. Not only are the colours wrong, but this fabric is NOT going to look good. The fucking colours are even crooked, I’m crying. Can’t wait to see this in person lmfao, I am shaking in my boots to see this mess up close. Isn’t she being forced into journeymen this year? Good fucking luck Jill.

No. 555270

File: 1523691751135.jpg (125.69 KB, 1080x426, 20180414_043851.jpg)

Apparently jilly-bean is apartment hunting today. Not sure why shes talking about someone selling an apartment. Isn't she just planning to rent?

No. 555272

File: 1523692002272.jpg (206.1 KB, 1080x545, 20180414_044541.jpg)

She's been working on that monstrosity of a skirt for 6 hours! Kek!

No. 555275

They're literally not in the fucking skirt.

No. 555296

>Sell your apartment

seems like intentional trollin' a la Tana Mongeu's "house tour" of a place she was renting for a few weeks

No. 555304

Can she really only make one thing, that one thing being circle skirts, you would think they would at least have improved yet she still manages to make them crappy

No. 555359

Did she delete her Twitter…? I can't see it.

No. 555360


She didn't buy those colours, she fucked up and created them by blending. Stop being such an autist. We can see that it doesn't look anything like the reference picture.

No. 555361

Wow lol never mind it just wasn't showing up, thought she had a full blown melt down

No. 555389

do we know why jillian doesn't like lisa frank?

No. 555400

She is so obnoxious. Every time she does a bit of work she has to write about it and show off what a ~hard worker she is, but rarely does she deliver a finished product. And if she does, it's rushed and incomplete. She should really shut up for once , finish a project and then show it off.

No. 555405

File: 1523714443473.gif (616.07 KB, 500x336, eyerollgif.gif)

Does she want a medal or what? Most cosplayers who actually make their own shit spend a very long amount of hours even on simple stuff because they want to iron, line, or hem it properly. She is making a shitty circle skirt (wrongly btw) with sponging colors instead of using an easier and better method.

Most cosplayers can spend weeks on a costume, but she's bitching about this? It's legit the easiest part of the outfit. All those individual star details and stocking details are going to make more time, but we all know Jill will go the lazy Ali Express route again…

No. 555413

Just got to watching this now. Didn't she say she had like 4 people filming her meetup for her? And NONE of them got any footage of the only interesting moment? Bullshit. She prob just made an ass of herself and didn't want to include it kek

No. 555433

It might because she’s an awful human being. I live in the same state as her and we call her factory the rainbow gulag because of what a horrible woman she is.
Then again Jill doesn’t care too much about shitty business owners so maybe it’s an aesthetic thing.

No. 555480</