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File: 1569224774689.jpeg (150.64 KB, 1242x722, taylor.jpeg)

No. 708352

If you are new, please make sure you read:
https://lolcow.farm/rules before posting

22 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her creepy controlling mother, and her obsession with her new found sobriety.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/700423

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig, who has very recently become Taylor’s ex and has moved in with his dad in NY state, was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He got Taylor into drugs and she became a heroin addict, but stated that she used a variety of drugs.
> She left sober living after rehoming around 12 animals to be “back with her animals” living at her mom's house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:
Requires update of new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history:

New milk:
>Has acquired a new cowfish to replace Cheese >>707579
>Has acknowledged Celia is sick (was pointed out from pics of her tongue before now) >>707170
>Made a video about rehab, acknowledged she was booted for fraternising and banned substances, continues to "advocate" >>707343
>Jonny is moving on >>707011
>Has not mentioned her boy crush Oscar lately >>692859
>Used to abuse gabapentin but thinks she can probably start using it again >>693514
>Summary of her new “feeding all my pets video” >>694063
>Forgot the names of her new crocodile skins >>694207
>Being just as weird “nOt lIKe oTheR gIrls” IRL >>694338
>Wants to criticize people for things she’s done in the past (bringing a snake to an event) >>694729 >> 694890
>Tried meth once >>694833
>Taylor being self-aware and giving decent advice (wrong timing in relationships) >>695267
>Does not have anything to do with Jake (rehab guy) anymore >>695462 >>695472 >>695526
>3 months sober post >>696315
>Mama Dean making weird comments about a 30 day sober soup when Taylor is celebrating 90 days >>697199 >>697215
>Has nightmares about Jonny >>697650
>Has Hap C >>698172
>Her new tattoo/start of sleeve, a “delicate, more humanly medusa” with snakes whose bodies vanish into thin air >>698756 >>699452 >>699499

> Recent Known additions to the hoard of animals: new cowfish >>707579

> Recent Known Deaths:
> Recent Known “Rehomed”: confirmed in addiction video >>694095

Unconfirmed Milk:

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 708359

File: 1569228318475.jpeg (482.01 KB, 1125x1096, 73B2AD36-5D89-4591-BDB5-939ECF…)

Wanted to post this earlier, glad there’s a new thread!

No. 708361

File: 1569228543317.jpg (383.03 KB, 1536x775, Screenshot_20190923-104651.jpg)

Thanks a lot for the new thread anon!

Taylor this is exactly how we feel about you, with how many animals you have killed, and how much you continue to lie and manipulate.

No. 708373

Thing that makes me laugh is, she has a big audience of children so why doesn’t SHE make a video - warning them away from onision and Kai? I know she’s a junkie animal qUeEn UwU!!!! but why not do something good for once instead of saying “I wish someone with a big audience would do something about them!!!” but I guess if she can’t talk about drugs, she doesn’t wanna know.

No. 708416

At this point becoming a dramawhore who gets into it with Onision is one of her only paths to staying relevant. I’d love to see her expose Lainey and Onision and either be a total hypocrite about Greg killing/giving away/neglecting his animals or be totally mute on it.

No. 708417

Hope I'm not banned for minimodding but fucking newfags!
When you see the MAX POST notice, you don't post your stupid saged shit opinions and close the thread before a new one can be made & linked. You fuck up the flow of milk.
It's happened like 3 times in a row for TND and is bad lolcow form.

No. 708418

THANK U! I thought the exact same thing.
Also, who tf is Onision?

I'm still laughing at one anon outing Cheese 2 being put on hold by Taylor, then she comes out to say she was gifted the fish and was on hold for a month or so? when the hold anon saw was just within days?

yet her stans are still too stupid to see through this lie.

No. 708419

File: 1569248929404.jpg (134.93 KB, 607x669, IMG_20190923_072634.jpg)

I shouldn't be, but I'm STILL sometimes surprised by her total hypocrisy.

No. 708441

Why is she still sperging about Onision like a week or 2 later? If she has such a problem with him why can’t SHE just make a video instead of begging Shane Dawson to do it? Jesus, anything to deflect attention from herself.
Vague shit like this is so stupid. “I’m struggling so much with things I haven’t said… but I’ll never say them!” Then how about just shut the fuck up entirely about it lmao. She is such a drama queen and hungry for attention from little stans who don’t even know her. It almost makes me feel sorry for her that she doesn’t feel valid as a human being without asspats from strangers on the internet. Then I remember she brings it on herself and deserves it until she changes otherwise.

No. 708454

File: 1569254501189.png (205.28 KB, 750x1334, CEF36ED4-7D09-4944-BC8D-EEE05E…)

She thinks her clean date is the day she used her last bit of heroin ..I’m no recovery qween but I don’t think it works like that lol

No. 708459

She “thinks about it significantly less”? Are you kidding? Literally all she talks about is heroin, she’s made her entire platform about it, she’s made heroin her identity. She used to tell people to stop spreading drama cause she “onLy caRes about muh aNimaLs!!” So much for that. It’s all about being an edgy, quirky ex-addict now. Even though some of her behavior says otherwise. She still seems high sometimes but maybe not necessarily on H, maybe she’s moved to something less obvious, who knows. It’s gonna be a disaster all over again if she moves out of her moms place. She’s already acquiring animals rapidly without proper research again. Doesn’t matter if they’re in 1 tank! Just goes to show she really hasn’t changed. She’s buying fish super quickly to drown out her loneliness and frustration about her life.

No. 708463

First, what the hell does she mean “went into withdrawals and completed them.” Like it’s some questionnaire. Lmao.

Second, you still aren’t clean, Tay. Using suboxone isn’t being clean. You can say you haven’t used heroin, and that’s great. But, suboxone is just as addictive if not more so and can very much be abused. I know some recovering addicts may disagree with me, and that’s fine. I’m certainly not the gatekeeper of recovery.

But, until you can wake up in the morning and function during the day without needing narcotics, you aren’t “clean”.

No. 708466

You hit the nail on the head, anon. Taylor can't do a video about them because then the video would not be about her - and she wouldn't be guaranteed positive attention, pity and asspats.

No. 708488

File: 1569259302624.jpg (437.48 KB, 1242x1828, vLJz9xR.jpg)

Taylor trying to give advice when she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. No wonder Mushu has ammonia burns and Larry died. No tank is fully cycled in two weeks, and if you’re doing fish in, you need to change water a lot more frequently than once a week and a lot more than 20% of the water. You also don’t need a fucking 60 gallon for two fancies, and if you have a common bodied goldfish, you need at least 40 gallons for the first fish. I can’t stand this girl.

No. 708493

this bitch is about to stunt another cowfish in her overstocked tank and she’s giving advice on goldfish gallon space lol

No. 708499

File: 1569260306253.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1125x1650, D0FD9382-F053-4450-B462-52DCE7…)

Where to begin with this train wreck?
>>accumulated a bunch of new fish, but sleeps all day

How do you get new pets and then manage to sleep all day? Like aren’t you concerned about their well-being in a new environment??? Also where is Mama Dean in all of this? If Taylor “accidentally” slept all day, wouldn’t you just have your mom wake you up, to you know, ensure you don’t sleep all day?

I also love how in the last thread she claims her therapist told her it was a great idea to move out because of her brothers disabilities. Just like her last doctor told her it was okay to drink alcohol while taking subs, even though she now claims she’s an alcoholic.

I also love how she now has to split her dose in half because she didn’t schedule an appointment with her doctor ahead of time. I don’t understand how she tapered to half her dose without going into withdrawals, but that’s special Taylor for you. I’ve worked in a variety of pharmacies and patients who are on maintenance suboxone/subutex therapy who are at the pharmacy an exact month later with a new Rx or a day or two before. It makes sense doctors schedule appointments ahead of time so you don’t run out of these maintenance meds and go into withdrawal but whatever lol. Guess it happens when you sleep all day long and have a zoo of pets to look after.

No. 708507

lol at Taylor thinking she is amazing as everyone else for going to rehab when Taylor made a video about how she never took it seriously and just skipped all her classes.

Isn't Taylor still drinking alcohol when she's not with her mom?

>Petco tests water for free
still giving out Petco tips huh, Taylor?

Also wanted to comment about her therapist wanting her to move out but the thread locked.

In reality, wouldn't her therapist WANT her to stay with her family while she's recovering? Not only will it give her support, she can gain responsibility by helping her mother with Tanner. This responsibility can teach her to better herself, work on her sleep schedule, and even forget about drugs by thinking about, "what would happen to Tanner if I'm gone?"

But of course, our greedy Taylor doesn't care about anyone else and just wants to make up an excuse to leave her parent's house so she can continue hoarding animals. I'll give her a few days until we start seeing signs of her being high with a new man once she moves out.

No. 708511

This is old outdated advice that rarely works. If you don't know to cycle a tank, you shouldn't be getting goldfish. Period.

You don't feed or feed tiny bits during a fish in cycle. Goldfish shit alot, and you change 50% plus for goldfish cause they're messy as all hell.

Water changes do nothing if there is still Axolotl shit breaking down in the tank.

Taylor is just regurgitating advice she doesn't understand. If she knew anything she wouldn't have so many dead pets.

No. 708542

please, she doesn't even sleep all day. she's just a lazy dumbass who loves to fuck off. there's no excuse for her shit care and mama dean better teach herself to care for fish or tell taylor to get rid of the tank. there is zero reason for these new animals to have to suffer because of taylor's idiocy.

No. 708544

>In reality, wouldn't her therapist WANT her to stay with her family while she's recovering? Not only will it give her support, she can gain responsibility by helping her mother with Tanner. This responsibility can teach her to better herself, work on her sleep schedule, and even forget about drugs by thinking about, "what would happen to Tanner if I'm gone?

While yes, it should be beneficial for her to be home because it'd technically give her the structure her life desperately needs, putting her as Tanner's second caregiver isn't exactly the best idea, and it was the environment she grew up in that probably had a big role in how fucked up she turned out. She can't even take care of herself, and is still most likely abusing a substance and keeping the same lifestyle as she did when she was with Jonny. The only change I've seen is that the type of animals she hoards now are more acceptable to her parents. And on top of everything, her parents aren't exactly the most well adjusted individuals out there. The mom sperging on Twitter and the dad contacting Twitter drama accounts behind the curtains. Add an unhinged druggie sister, poor Tanner is right in the middle of all this mess.

I actually think she should move out so he's not near her lmao.

No. 708549

This. The way they talk about Tanner on social media is disgusting. I have my doubts her therapist told her she needs to move because of him. How is she managing to sleep well into the evening on a pretty consistent basis if Tanner is really causing the chaos she claims he is?

No. 708551

I think the only way she can learn is leaving her parents and then losing her money due to all her spending and irresponsible choices or OD. The only reason why i disagree with her leaving her parents is that she'll obviously find another Jonny/Jake and go back to her heroin since she talks about it frequently like she misses it so much.

For Steve-o, it took everyone in his life to force him to stop and he's finally talking about it after 10 years. Taylor didn't give a shit about her recovery, talking about it since she came back as though she's been sober for years, and everyone in her life is enabling her. I have no doubts that she'll relapse as soon as she finds a new house.

No. 708553

File: 1569273223587.jpg (120.64 KB, 750x986, tanner lol.jpg)

dropped a pic. expectations vs. reality amirite?

does 'just found' in this context actually mean she's 'realized' that holding the two snakes that way was stressful for them and therefore she won't do it any longer? i think that's what she's getting at, but her ability to use language to convey meaning is particularly strangled.

No. 708556

wtf pic is this??

No. 708564

This is Mama Dean level of weird-vague-missed humor where no one understands what the fuck youre on about

No. 708569

File: 1569277911014.jpg (416.45 KB, 1536x908, Screenshot_20190924-000911.jpg)

Taylor pointing out onision has dead and soulless eyes, top kek. Bitch look in the mirror, or at any of your own selfies and videos, you'll see dead and soulless eyes. She's such a fucking twat.

No. 708576


why the fuck is she acting like some armchair psychologist? "not a fan of cancel culture but it's ok for him!"

No. 708583


EXACTLY! she has not even seen her bottom let alone reached it prior to rehab. the only thing she is consistent about is romanticizing drugs and spreading false information on what addiction is actually like and what to be in recovery really means. part of me wishes everyone would report her videos, pictures etc. because they are beyond triggering for anyone trying to get/stay clean. even half the fucking things she posts in her replys to her dumb stans about wasted she loves to get or how much white china so loved to shoot every hour on the hour can send anyone in early recovery espcially right into a train of thought leading to relapse.

No. 708586

She 100% read everything she knows about onionson from this site at that shit is fucking hilarious to me.

No. 708588

File: 1569282781073.jpg (603.47 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190923-165215.jpg)

Every time she posts there is some drama surrounding it

No. 708590

>who tf is Onision?
What would abuse of suboxone look like?
Her sleeping habits seem extremely inconsistent, which is no surprise; it's hard for even somebody with a sense of self-motivation to structure their life when they've been out of work for so long. A lazy bum like Taylor absolutely needs an enforced structure to function on a basic level, i.e. a real job.

No. 708600

Suboxone abuse looks exactly like being high on H or any opiates. Suboxone abuse would just be a person taking more than they need to just stay out of withdrawals and to actually get high. It would be like someone who isn’t addicted to opiates taking a suboxone, it would make the person high. People also abuse it by shooting it or snorting it, therefore causing all of it to release at once in your system opposed to it gradually releasing like taking one does.

Idk what subs she gets obviously, but some are supported to “impossible” to shoot or snort because of a time release plastic coating they put in the middle of the pill. But, Pharma tried that with actual oxicodone and junkies know you just have to cook it in the oven and it will melt to costing and turns it to a liquid to shoot. So, you get the same opiate high you would get off any regular opiates. You and your doctor are supposed to work your dosage down to where you gradually need less and less until you don’t need them at all. But literally all the patient has to do to get enough to get high is tell the doctor your dosage isn’t working and they will up it until you tell them you feel comfortable and aren’t feeling withdraws.

That’s why addicts tend to stay on them forever because the doctor gives the addict(a person proven to have no control and to abuse drugs) the leeway to decide how much you need/want.

No. 708601

My tinfoil is that she is actually a farmer and takes part in this shit, which would be hilarious because she hates this site and with the emzotic stuff. She lurks her own thread so I wouldn't be surprised if she lurked others and even comments on them too. Is the onision drama even trending that much on twitter? She won't shut up about him and she seems to know enough about him to even tweet these kind of things, which who else would know or care "his eyes are dead" besides farmers.

No. 708605

i would love it if admins could out her. you know she makes some golden fucking comments all over this place.

No. 708613

Who is the newfag if you dont know who onision is?

Also who cares if it gets locked before a new link is posted. Just search general.

No. 708632

Blames it on technical issues and her “last-minute/unscheduled rehab video”… because she just HAD to upload that vid to her other channel kek

No. 708656

People need to learn how to use the Catalog, yes. But they also need to learn not to shit up the end of a thread with requests for a new one. It uses up space for actual milk. These same users then go to thread requests demanding a new thread and to be spoonfed the link for same. If the thread wasn't shit up at the end, it could have been added.

No. 708666


abusing your subs is super easy and will the same effects outwardly as being high on h (bupe that is in the subs is an opiate agonist, so basically does exactly what an opiate would do to you but the naloxone accompanied with it in subs blocks your brain from feeling the effects of being high) so small pupils, slurred speech, nodding off, poor memory etc. people have even started resorting to shooting up their subs, (yes even the strips that dissolve under your tongue, which is what she is on) because they believe that somehow you can by pass the naloxone part and they will get high off the bupe. which is ignorant, because a) you still get the naloxone in your system and b) shooting up subs will make your veins become hard like rocks. (I've seen it and it happens fast). and i hope she knows by missing sub dr appt can and will get you kicked out of the program which means no more subs at all. and a good sub doctor will drug test you each month when you need a refill and even do random counts thru out the month to be sure people are taking them as prescribed. but obviously there are drs. out there that don't give af just in for the money and don't do those things.. but i guess if you see 30 world renowned drs you would hope they took those precautions with their patients. IMO she either sells or trades her subs on the street for pills/h. because anyone with a tolerance to opioids will not get high AT ALL from subs and they also don't show the signs of being high (like why she said her pupils were so small in the last video or whatever) when they take them.

i say this from what i have learned from my personal experience in the last 12 years off my life battling my opiate addiction by myself and with doctors.

sorry for the long ass post (new here, read the rules and still learning)

No. 708677

why tf have you posted a picture under the name of “tanner” am I missing something? what kinda mess is this

No. 708685

File: 1569296100894.png (3.25 MB, 750x1334, 79EB88D3-5DF5-47AD-A22E-164BA5…)

Her hair looks like it’s turning gray.

No. 708688


It's definitely dry shampoo residue since you know she can't be bothered to wash her hair.

No. 708690

File: 1569296350027.jpeg (284.01 KB, 750x1087, 457F9CDE-4483-4902-9AE3-C89E1C…)

Holy fuck I’m sorry but is she seriously STILL getting her lips filled?? What made her look at this picture and think it looked normal? Her wig/extensions/whatever it is doesn’t look bad but her lips… holy shit. It’s the focal point of her face and it’s sad her lips looked totally fine and pretty before she did anything to them. Went for the insta-baddie look and ended up fucking up her face for life. I’m not one to hate on appearance but her lips look absolutely awful.

No. 708695

what the fuck is wrong with her mouth. it looks like she has a third, middle lip. or like she's got her tongue peekig out. those hardened fillers in her top lip seem to be migrating or something idk

No. 708696


How can she ever accuse the onion of having dead soulless eyes and then post a photo like this. Unless the other tinfoil anon is right and she is lurking and trying to be funny.

However, those lips. Oh my gosh. What has she done to herself? I doubt that she can ever go back from what she has done to the poor things. She isn’t even 25 and she looks like she’s 40 in this photo just because of those lips.

How can she keep doing this to herself? The terrible hair (grey? Really?), the sausage links, the dead eyes, shitty makeup, clothing style she can’t pull off, and that terrible tattoo. The whole package screams “stay away I have mental issues”.

I’ll never understand how her thirst for attention could have caused her to go down this path. It’s like she looks at two options and picks the worst one possible consistently.

No. 708697

Agreed with >>708688 - it's definitely dry shampoo. Taylor just doesn't understand proper grooming and didn't brush out the dry shampoo. While I want to give her credit for trying to tame her greasy hair, a freakin shower would probably benefit her. even with extreme depression, I can never understand how people can go a day, much less multiple days without bathing. Especially when it has been in the 80s-high 90s in San Antonio.

No. 708698

I’m sorry but she looks like Steven Tyler.

No. 708699

File: 1569298061727.png (2.48 MB, 1242x2208, A003A20C-1E3C-482C-92FD-A586BF…)

Foundation wouldn’t show up as grey. Dry shampoo would. Why would she like about such a stupid thing?

No. 708700

So we can do a full face makeup fashion show but “still have editing to do” and can’t work on her video? Is she just that lazy or just really dumb?

No. 708701

Anon, filler are hyaluronic based. That means: if she drinks properly, her lips will swell more.
The only way to tell if she gets more is in about 5-6 months when they’re supposed to metabolize.

It could be hair powder she’s using to try and disguise her hair loss. Or her setting powder for makeup could do that.

No. 708709

Honestly, just going by off her recent trends of posting a shit ton of photos then uploading a video, I think it’s safe to say she filmed her whole “new” video tonight. The same video she’s been “editing” for a week and keeps falling asleep over.

No. 708710

I thought it was foundation at first but would be more likely to agree that it's dry shampoo or at least a bit of some sort of product that said, I actually think it's her scallp! I never thought her hair would thin that far back but when you see her from the side it has thinned that far back and it gives the same effect that men get when they are balding. So I really think it's just her blindingly white scalp reflecting her bright lights

No. 708713

same fag but I have only noticed this as of lately and she has been wearing foundation for yrs so something has to have changed. my first suspicion being her scalp and then the product maybe even purposely getting product in her hair so she can say it's just foundation instead of …oh it's my scalp. That is major tinfoil of course (the alleged adding product). It is however, very clear that she now has significant balding

No. 708716


I love how even other cows can recognize that onion is a subhuman.


I can get behind this tinfoil. I think she lurks at the very least. It'd be hilarious if she got outed and it ended up being a Dasha 2.0 situation. TND weirdly reminds me of her already.

No. 708720

Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Samefag/Taylor/Taylorstan.

No. 708728


If she keeps it up like many of us think she does, they will out her. Just give it time.

No. 708734

KEK at the fact she tries to hard to look like an insta-baddie but she’s in her childhood room 24/7. Where you going after waking up at 4pm-8pm? Can’t go clubbing or to bars if you’re sober and in recovery, right Taylor?

No. 708739

I find it rich that there's a sign behind her that says dont procrastinate

No. 708750

Of course she lurks! And she most definitely posts. Can’t wait til she gets outed like Emtoxic did.

No. 708751

samefag / not a newfag. Legit did not know who this person was. Why would I know?

No. 708755

Taylor has been injecting suboxone and had sex with multiple guys in rehab, before and after Jake. She was constantly drinking every night with him and still continues to drink. She’s also currently depressed/suicidal and has been since at least rehab, but that’s nothing new. Just a fun little thing to tack onto her “healthier than ever” shtick.

Sage for lack of concrete proof. I can only say my source wants to be anonymous, as he doesn’t want to be mobbed by her fans

No. 708762

Screenshots or gtfo

No. 708766

File: 1569310762112.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 69.19 KB, 640x1137, 63E2F86C-56D5-4165-BAD2-C2E063…)

No. 708767

File: 1569310811503.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 75.81 KB, 640x1137, FA0DC374-8E6A-4F22-9E64-CF5518…)


No. 708769


Why are these spoilered?

No. 708770

I mean, it’s pretty obvious who your “source” is but okay.

No. 708777

Isn't anon cowtipping?

No. 708784

screenshots were asked for and provided. who got tipped? no one is talking to taylor or her family.

No. 708786

was she responsible for other people relapsing because she's a toxic idiot who couldn't stfu about her precious china white?

No. 708787

Taylor is the type of girl to play suicidal to manipulate someone.

She's gross and pathetic playing this sober kween while she's far from it. Rotten twat.

No. 708789

I feel like Jake lurks these threads and posts tbh.

"I don't want him to be mobbed by fans" yeah, but he's saying the EXACT same shit he's been saying to Taylor through his twitter.

He's also a lying ex-junkie criminal who said he wanted someone to fuck Taylor up.

I don't feel bad for him either, "She fucked the first guy she met" and then you decided, "Hey, let me try to fuck her too" like it's the same thing with Taylor, she gets with Jonny after knowing his history. Why should I feel bad, that you saw something that you didn't like about a person and got with them anyway?

They are both two pieces of shit, if you ask me.

No. 708791

Some Dr.s can even check exactly how much active ingredient is in a pee test so if she is abusing it they could very easily find out that way assuming the dr has been keeping track. And while they look at everyone's results as an individual shooting 1 up would make her results look of the charts. Which as you said anon, leads on to believe that her dr. isn't testing her as often as she claims and her dr hasn't caught her yet or b that her dgaf about anything but money

No. 708806

File: 1569323258652.jpg (186.6 KB, 1536x541, Screenshot_20190924-115955.jpg)

She's so fucking delusional.

No. 708807

Contacting people they know is cowtipping.

Wtf is up with all the newfags here all of a sudden?

No. 708810

We know she's a liar but this is a Weird thing to accuse someone of lying about. Like… wbo cares?

No. 708824

He contacted me first, not the other way around. I didn’t seek him out, and he offered information. He also doesn’t apparently read up on lolcow, but that’s just a guess from what he’s been saying

No. 708825

>screenshots or gtfo
>provides screenshots
>cowtipping newfag

No. 708826

>all the newfags all of a sudden
my theory on that is that every time Taylor talks about this site and her "hater threads", more fans + waning fans + former fans + drama followers know about the site… and the more Taylor makes herself look dumb or continues to blather on about china white etc for the 9999th time, the more people end up reading here.

most new readers quickly realize these threads are not filled with unhinged stalker haters like Taylor claims, but instead (for the most part) simply document Taylor's actions, or offer criticism on her behavior or pet care when deserved… thus more people start following and contributing here…

No. 708840

File: 1569332921409.jpg (315.36 KB, 1231x1733, PbHch33.jpg)

I think all that heroin destroyed what little brain she had. A person on Twitter asked her about the time she had a cat on the bed while her rat was also in the bed.

No. 708841

File: 1569333059109.jpg (353.79 KB, 1242x1743, G2GHhZD.jpg)

Part of her reply is cut off, but she claims she always talks about when she did things wrong with animals and then goes on to say this bottom thing, and what?

No. 708849

File: 1569334242047.png (2.74 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20190924-090631.png)

Since anonyme disnt post two of the other pics on Insta I'll post the interesting aspects. I thought she looked high off her ass/blank/zzz just trying super hard to make a cute uwu face but too high to and noticed some bruising in certain areas. Grrl youre not fooling anyone we see your tracks

No. 708850

File: 1569334427472.png (3.01 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20190924-090648.png)

Lol you think people are blind just because your stans would believe you and apologize for it and feel so sad for you if you told them the sky's orange. Good glad she needs some real actual consequences becausebyesterday on twitter she was basically bragging that she made it through it without any kel. Mam dean needs to stop enabling this ungrateful child

No. 708857

Are you blind? Because I seriously don’t see anything

No. 708868

Her tiny wrist veins have been touched just by the way they bruised. the first one is conventionally more damning in her ditch. It was not like that before and there is a vein there.

No. 708876

i can't believe you guys would believe photographic evidence you see with your own eyes and not the things i say

No. 708899

"I control what is true and what's not, even though they were right about my heroin addiction and animal deaths the entire time."

She's such a manipulative fuck, trying to brush it off with "lol", "I don't talk about lies", bitch we have definitive proof.

She lied about her seahorse deaths, she lied about the ragdoll kitten, she lied about drug abuse, she lied about rehoming animals, she lied about being in a relationship, she lied about completing rehab, she lied about getting a $$$ snake for free.

That just scratches the surface and whats been proven, It doesn't take a rocket scientist to connect the dots.

No. 708948

File: 1569345134249.jpg (289.09 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190924-101158.jpg)

And then everyone clapped

No. 708950


sometimes i just don't know how her stans don't see all the bullshitting

No. 708959

Because her stans are all children with very little life experience.

No. 708963

I could see one sleazy dude saying it in a rehab setting, but multiple people? Really? She looks nothing alike.

In real life one guy probably likened her to Scarlet to get into her pants and said something like 'Dont you guys reckon she looks like Scarlett?'
and some other random said 'ummm I guess she kinda does.'

Therefore 2 people equals 'multiple'.

No. 708964

She looks more like Channon Rose than Scarlet.

No. 708965

Isn't it funny that she clearly gets all of her info from here, and yet when it comes to her actions we don't know anything?

Yikes. thought this was blaire white from the thumb.

No. 708969

And the most recent to add - the cow fish on hold by none other than TAYLOR with photo proof by an anon, and she then posts about saying she was gifted surprise fish, one being a cow fish.

Can’t make this shit up!!!

No. 708970

Almost fell out of my chair with this one. I can totally imagine that happening. As always, she exaggerates everything.

No. 708971

I believe it

No. 708975

File: 1569351087543.png (10.55 MB, 1242x2688, 8DA7415B-0C57-46E0-8257-250EA8…)

Something looks off, and it’s not just the lips. Don’t think she has money to get more work done but it sure looks like that. (It also does look like she got more fillers tho)

No. 708976

Kek bold of you to assume anyone said anything about ScarJo at all to her, let alone her looking like her.

No. 708977

File: 1569351217361.jpeg (235.56 KB, 1064x1242, F63C1770-8B98-4637-8286-EDB5B6…)

Is be just me or does her inner wrist look red / freshly puffy-messed with?

No. 708983

she's got major Tuna vibes, those shark eyes, she's clearly not sober

No. 708985

No not sober at all..her eyes are glazed over and slightly bloodshot and her pupils are tiny af ..my guess is she’s probably doing perc30s or gabapentine..which is a pain/nerve pill that will work even over her subs and they are not nearly as strong as H..so that’s my guess ..she is very triggering to addicts and after I watched her Addict video on YouTube I had a heroin dream and that hasn’t happened in years(showing how triggering she is to former addicts not blogging) but I totally believe she is just substituting addictions and she needs to stay home .

No. 708986

I can cut Taylor some slack for kicking jonny out but right now she's sooo beyond pathetic.

Living with her parents, can't wash her hair, sleeps till the evening, having heroin dreams, sober? LMAO.

No. 708988

Yeah but more people are just murking up the thread with dumb nitpicks and no real milk. Im so done with reading about her ugly ass lips for the 100th time.

No. 709002

Can someone break down what her new video is about?

No. 709003

okay glad I wasn't the only one feeling like she looked off. I wonder if she got a surge of money and spent it on fillers? Because yeah she looks like she got work done

and yes she looks high af and her hands look puffy

No. 709014

File: 1569360180241.jpeg (675.22 KB, 2170x1765, 78B3F53D-6247-4EC8-B1BE-10CE31…)

No. 709017

I think she’s just wearing heavier contour than usual. She also didn’t blend it well at all

No. 709020

1 Minute into her new video, and she's already mentioned her heroin addiction. oof. she really cant stop can she.

No. 709023

SJ is manufactured hype, she's above average for sure but nothing special.

The only thing they have in common is that losers will wank to both of them.

No. 709024

File: 1569361459098.png (3.51 MB, 1242x2688, A71181FD-DE1F-4A2F-A830-478168…)

liar liar lips on fire

No. 709026

taylor talks so much about being an advocate for recovery but never even acknowledged that september is national recovery month

No. 709028

Any anons that actually watch her new YT video, can you confirm or deny that she films her “friend” actually handing over the fish to her on camera (doubt it, but curious since she’s running with this lie).

No. 709029

in the vid description she put this. And lol she one week after I spent hundreds and hundreds on a bunch of fish…yeah okay so you manipulated him to be in your video…and lmao normal people would call this "the nice guy at the fish store" or "my aquaintance" or "one of my enablers".

Also lmao she bought a camera where you have to buy lenses (If it's the one I looked up) and she already has a dslr that she never uses. The video doesn't look any better than her other ones and I doubt it will get any better. She's such a dumbass I highly doubt she know's how to use it much less choose lenses. yikes

this video also gives me major rehearsed/practiced vibes. So cringy and I'm embarassed for her that she thinks people other than her 12 yr old stans will buy this bs.

No. 709030

File: 1569361988610.png (8.05 KB, 711x68, wut.PNG)

omg i forgot to attach pic but yeah he's in the vid but the wheelchair vid was clearly something she asked him to make and I'm guessing she found a manipulative way to ask about this too and then acted like he got them but not blatantly in front of him if that makes sense. You know like asked him to come help set them up and then acted like she was SO surprised and he may have thought she was just excited but really she was pretending he was an actual friend, YIKES

this was in her description

No. 709031

Oh don’t worry, Anon. Taylor saw your post and she will make a tweet about “omg I forgot September is National recovery month!!! Yay me!”

No. 709033

some things from the vid I'll mention (I'm sure someone else will provide much better cliffs) is she said (well a text slide read) it was 4:30am which is why she was delirious.

she hasn't gotten new fish in years but also says she got new fish a few weeks ago (also her last vid)

She has a new camera that she well an extra 500 more than the Cannon (the one she broke)

No. 709034

File: 1569362134603.jpeg (4.5 MB, 4032x3024, 610919BC-0D0D-4CD1-862E-B9347C…)

5 mins into her new vid and she’s already said her friend got her the fish, saved her the fish and was surprising her with fish about 10 times already..overexplaining much? Yep she’s def lying bout it..also she’s got a lot of lil scabs and spots on her skin for someone who just lays in bed all day hmmmmm

No. 709035

She sounds all jacked up in the video, pupils are small, must've took her meds.

> I've been getting new tattoos finally

you've had 3 in the past 6 months

No. 709037

I can’t stand that most pet stores care more about money than the well being of animals they’re selling. It’s disgusting that stores sell animals to her. As if they don’t know who tf she is. Also fuck them for not coming forward and calling her out if she truly is lying about how she’s acquiring all these animals. I’m so glad that one breeder denied selling her that snake and she still had the audacity to photoshop it to look like the poor heroin addict. All she’ll ever amount to is some heroin gutter slut dick hopping cunt.

No. 709042

to add on to that, the guy talking in the vid clearly says they had him for a couple weeks (the cowfish) but didnt taylor say they had him on hold for her for a month (or months?) vs the anon that was at the shop saw her name on the tank with "on hold" or the cowfish and the coworker told her it has been on hold for 4 days approx??

No. 709043

So she never shows the angler fish and a lot of those little fish she claims are hiding. She showed food and there was no live food for the angler. Tinfoil but I wonder if he ate the fish she claims are "hiding" and if she asked this guy if he would trade a cowfish for the angler? I mean it's not like she had to go to another room to show the fish we were already looking in the damn tank

No. 709046

probably a dumb nitpick but holy shit her contour is tragic in her new video. it looks so dirty and muddy

No. 709053

Genuinely lookin like Blaire White lmao

No. 709055

File: 1569364728878.png (235.7 KB, 1080x1199, Screenshot_20190925-003557.png)

Tnd frustrates me a lot but I just can't STAND emzotics almighty fake attitude. At least she seems to take better care of her animals than Taylor…
I bet it annoys Taylor that em wrote something about "growing on both sides" kek

No. 709057

File: 1569365116276.jpg (375.91 KB, 1242x1852, IMG_20190925_004441.jpg)

No. 709060

File: 1569365657502.jpg (549.58 KB, 1536x960, Screenshot_20190925-004446.jpg)

No. 709061

She was just claiming last week that this was the hardest month ever because all her friends are relapsing and one died…

No. 709064

Wasn't she also planning to relapse like what.. 2x this month until "magically" something stopped her? Or maybe that was the month before? I can't keep up with this bitch

No. 709071

What video consistency? You’d have to be actually consistent to have a drop in consistency. And yes, you are the one who can’t shut up about heroin.

No. 709088

L M F A O I can’t with this moronic cunt. She’s the one who talks about heroin NON-STOP. it’s not like her stans are constantly asking her to open up about it. What does she really expect people to think when she spergs out about heroin on twitter when no one even asks her about the gory details?
I’ve never watched more than a minute of her videos because I can’t stand her voice and mannerisms. I’ve never commented on it because it’s nit picky, but glad she admits other people think she sounds like a fucking moron when she talks.
Keyword: “easiest” month of my entire sobriety lmao yet claims 3 months sobriety. Her lies are painful to listen to. It’s obvious she uses this adjective to deflect the fact that it’s not her easiest month of sobriety and she is actually in fact struggling to stay afloat.

No. 709092

File: 1569368131098.jpeg (534.88 KB, 1125x1546, AB389907-B5F2-4615-AB6A-7E00C1…)

No. 709097

Kek this is pnp saying the lead singer of “some band” stopped a show to tell her she looks like Angelina Jolie all over again. Except because it’s TayTay she has to include heroin/rehab. #thattotallyhappened

No. 709104

So much for loving "soo much" her Red Goby but never mentioned again lol I bet he die and she will just pretend like she never fawn over him and was about to make him Cheese 2

No. 709118

Tbh I don't find it really surprising that she'd get another cow fish eventually. It was the only animal that people associated her with, besides having a bunch of snakes. Her hoard isn't as interesting or "quirky", so she had to find an exact replacement for what got her famous.

No. 709123

I just love that she said a friend got it for her because they are wild-caught. So anyone who has an issue with that, she can blame it on it being a gift. LIKE ALL HER FUCKIN' ANIMAL SKIN PURSES!

For someone who's all for the ethical treatment of animals, she sure as hell has 0 issues supporting the unethical treatment of them. Fuck you, Taylor. I stopped supporting you when I realized Cheese was wild caught.

No. 709177

Owning wild-caught animals is so shady and hypocritical in itself, but it's only the tip of the iceberg imo. Cowfish need impossibly giant aquariums, but of course Taylor stunted poor Cheese so that he died slowly and painfully. Her already overstocked tank is far, far too small to house a cowfish in - never mind the fact that she throws them in with incompatible tankmates! This dumb bitch really kept Cheese in a 30 gallon cube initially, where he was constantly stung by Zazu the lionfish, and everyone seems to forget about it. Lack of a varied diet was probably another factor in his demise, judging by the evidence we have. Iirc, Cheese was always sick and she never knew how to medicate him properly (e.g. given cause of death).

Abusing an animal (which was out of her caring capabilities and experience level in the first place) for attention is clearly more important than being a responsible pet parent to Taytay. It's infuriating to think that her brand and measly "success" was built on the mistreatment of her mascot pet. Taylor literally profited off his suffering, while somehow maintaining the facade that she actually knows or gives a shit about animals. She even had the audacity to get a tattoo of the fish she inevitably murdered, instead of upgrading him with that money. Don't even get me started on the crass funeral and shitstorm of lies.

Considering Cheese's premature death, I can't fathom how she's deluded enough to believe she's qualified to get another cowfish. All while in the throes of addiction too for fuck's sake. Even a total idiot like Taytay can see that she wasn't providing what those basic google care sheets she relies on so much suggest. Lying about gifts doesn't excuse the fact that she's the damn fish grim reaper, and not an experienced aquarist by any means lmao. If she wants to prove she really loves animals she needs to show some growth, self restraint, and stop fucking hoarding wild-caught/designer pets.

No. 709182

why did he contact you though? Are you a tea page then? Because otherwise that wouldn’t make sense unless he’s just dming random ass people. You gotta take what he says with a pinch of salt unless he has solid proof. He’s a bitter grown ass baby lashing out because she dropped him like a hot cake.

No. 709184

Not to mention she's going to cause the "Dory craze" for Cowfish. Idiot stans are going to want their own Cheese. Once I realized Cheese was wild caught, I immediately worried about what kind of backlash her "fame" would cause on their population. It's disgusting and I wish someone would call her out on getting another wild-caught fish.

No. 709200

Speaking of wild caught fish,The Dark Hobby is finally on torrents.

Could an anon download it and post Taylor's interview?



No. 709203

He’s been reaching out to random people for a while. He tweeted at someone just because they had Mama Dean’s profile picture even though it wasn’t her.
I don’t know how convinced I am that it’s actually Jonny, but.

No. 709206

okay this is a bit of an elaborate tinfoil but I was actually thinking about how if this is a baby cowfish she has then wouldn't she have had to be on a waitlist for them to catch it? Maybe instead of sending it to her house (when she bought some in the mail) maybe she went and bought more at the fish store instead and got put on a wait list and maybe they had the baby fish sent to the fish store and she had them check on it. Then in that time she made the other video and in it she puts in her "special requests" section that she want's them to bring cheese back to life. And poof a week later she is fake surprised over a cowfish. I feel like she's been wanting to prove that she isn't dumb af and that she can be manipulative because we call her that regularly (dumb af) but this would just prove that she's lazy af because she couldn't commit all the way to making that "wish" in video one. That is what makes her a successful youtuber by luck and not skill because if she had skill it would have all been planned and she would've tied in the email into an actual story. Since she's fake af anyway why not make it actually entertaining lol. Now she just exposed what a messy bitch she really is imo

No. 709208

She says in the video that the new fish has some signs of possible ich, but that she's gonna wait until it breaks out before she puts it in quarantine…

No. 709230

The stupidity…I have no words…

No. 709231

Her tank is probably harbouring some nasty bacteria considering she’s had outbreaks in the past. I hope this fish makes it okay

No. 709238


this bitch out here making a video in a sport's bra like luanne from king of the hill

keep rocking that white trash loser wardrobe taytay

No. 709242

So true! it looks like she drew a line in photoshop and decided that was her cleavage becuase it doesn't make sense and even bigg boobed ladies don't have a line like that

No. 709263

I can’t get over the Minecraft? Necklace kek. I noticed in the last few videos her weird congested deviated septum noises were gone, and I had to shut this one off because they were so frequent.

No. 709272

Why she insist in using those bad cheap pornstar thumbnail faces ?

No. 709273

File: 1569411585430.jpg (1.58 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20190925_073517187.j…)

I'm convinced they're gonna blow, She's aware you can be addicted to more than drugs right?

No. 709277

She should have stopped at pic 4

No. 709278

It looks like her lips are tearing apart in the middle. She can't even close her mouth properly.
She had nice lips, I don't get why she ruined them with fillers.

No. 709279

File: 1569412450188.png (2.37 MB, 1242x2688, C6AC606F-3150-4CC4-9B16-7ADEB9…)

No. 709284

File: 1569412859806.png (846.48 KB, 1242x2688, F48D312D-2447-430F-8A3D-CF406B…)

Stay a safe distance from everyone?? Suuure. Also stay a safe distance from alcohol? Lol

No. 709285

File: 1569413056521.png (3.75 MB, 1242x2688, FFE15451-3102-46F5-838C-850D4C…)

No. 709286

File: 1569413205454.jpeg (869.11 KB, 1536x2048, DDCAD788-3479-4965-B2BE-2B4033…)

Finally a decent looking home

No. 709287

File: 1569413349118.jpeg (42.77 KB, 399x399, 7E01D1F1-0299-4D21-834D-54A47F…)

since her name is also on the thread, thought I’d post her twitter profile pic bc of how stupid she looks

No. 709288

File: 1569413380934.png (3 MB, 1242x2688, 72F77AA1-5582-4BDC-81F5-D38DF0…)

Also, check out her hashtags. Addiction?

No. 709291

File: 1569413499595.png (3.21 MB, 1242x2688, 8D5821D1-1530-4507-B8EE-87B8E0…)

No. 709299

File: 1569414754514.png (1.1 MB, 1242x2688, E4D6A612-5DD2-47B9-828B-869DDF…)

No. 709300

File: 1569414875327.png (954.82 KB, 1242x2688, FDDDD448-AF4A-4943-960E-4DE33E…)

Because 19 years is a lot? So who are you, Taylor? Also no regrets?! Yikes.

Ps, you are still in rock bottom.

No. 709301

This, I can honestly believe. Remember in the video collar she did where they made her look like Cheese? She was having so much fun and laughing until Jonny showed up asking her for ice he could’ve gotten himself.

No. 709311

The first part of my ig @ has taylors name in it, and while he was high he was reaching out to anyone he thought might be her. He ended up putting a bunch of us including Taylor and her alt into a group chat. Then he apologized to at least me for his behavior once he sobered up a little and offered information. He felt/feels hurt and “betrayed” because she blasted their business on twitter for all of her stans to see. I’m not taking every single little thing as gospel, but it’s certainly better than nitpicking about dry shampoo residue in Tay’s baby hairs

No. 709313

we're talking about jake right? not jonny?

No. 709316

File: 1569416778218.png (4 MB, 1125x2436, 94B0F0FD-E900-4CC1-8605-D264C6…)

No. 709318

File: 1569416822545.png (3.57 MB, 1125x2436, EACCA141-F7E9-455F-8606-A0B975…)

No. 709335

She's still changing to please him and It's pathetic. She doesn't have the mental capacity to think for herself.

All the tattoos she got were to try to impress him. She wanted to shoot heroin to impress him. She changed her wardrobe to impress him. Got with jake to impress him. Got a "fk u" tattoo to impress him. Lies about 100 days sober to impress him.

Everything she's doing is to get back at Jonny. He doesn't care and it's tearing her apart.

No. 709342

Yeah. The irony is that Jonny cares about as much about Taylor as Taylor does about her own damn animals. Their worth is just as accessories and as ways of making money.

No. 709346

so she still hasn't neutered Goose despite talking about it for like six months? I can't with her, bitch thought two spays was safer than one neuter… but guys she's a professional animal educator!!

I know her excuse was "I thought only girls could get cancer" and when she was told that testicular cancer is ALSO A THING she said she'd make an appointment for him ASAP.

Plus her excuse that the "social issues" her vet was talking about was Goose being too rough with the girls. Which, get this, could be solved by… neutering him, dipshit

No. 709350

Taylor had such nice lips naturally, I dont understand why she is doing this to herself

No. 709351


If only she could use the phone.

No. 709362

Honestly even her natural lips were cute, she would have been fine leaving them alone. Or getting them SLIGHTLY filled by a well known professional, but damn she really went way too far. It sucks because this is something she’ll never be able to have like they were again. Even letting them fully dissolve will make them saggy and look probably even worse. She fucked them up for life but she needs to stop getting them overly filled!

No. 709371

What's interesting about her latest upload is she "randomly" finds a needle of some sort and two thumb tacks on her bed and acts surprised.

My tinfoil is that she included this casually to dismiss any pinpoint marks on her arm or any in the future.

"Oh guys no see! Thumbtacks! I just don't know how they end up in my bed they must have pricked me while I was sleeping"

No. 709375

Those rats have had 0 socialization since rehab. She can't take them out because the cats are constantly locked in that tiny room.

No. 709379

File: 1569425287857.png (3.23 MB, 1242x2688, 359CCAF7-FB6A-42C8-9982-A93840…)

No. 709381

File: 1569425379935.jpeg (749.67 KB, 1536x2048, 5B1EC692-1390-41D9-8407-5A460C…)

No. 709382

File: 1569425411842.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 703.72 KB, 1536x2048, 42F68F68-B0CC-4BF9-8ED2-5C85D8…)

somewhat nsfw?

No. 709384

I wonder if her brother or mom took these pictures for her whilst she sits in the goddamn living room. She's grotesque.

No. 709386


I see camwhorin' on the horizon sooner than we expected!

No. 709388

Aren’t those masks meant to hide pacifiers at raves? That’s great gear for an addict in recovery. What a twat.

No. 709391

She is such a wanna be. Good grief.

I’m from a smaller city, but no one would ever dress up like that to go “dancing.” Can any anons who live in bigger cities like SA confirm there are dance clubs where girls dress like this to go dancing? Idk just seems like something you would wear to a rave, not a dance club.

No. 709392

She’s obviously just taken these on self timer

No. 709395

I would honestly rather see her as a rave rat than whatever she is trying to do while living at her parents house… like I don’t even know what this outfit is… what was she thinking

No. 709398

Lazytown really has changed

No. 709402

don't disrespect queen Stephanie like that!

forreal though, she looks full on retarded. what is she thinking, whomst told her this looked good? WHOMST?

No. 709403

lel wowee. Time for the xannax and psychedelic addiction saga to begin

No. 709405

I’d say let the rolling/thizz face begin, but oh wait she tried ecstasy and she “didn’t feel anything”

No. 709408

Clearly meant to show her fetish side. Jonny obviously passed on the DDLG virus. She also talked about in the past talking to guys when she was underage online. This girl into some weird shit. Wouldn’t be surprised if she had a fetlife account.

No. 709417

I thought the same! Like why is she trying to look like a slutty Stephanie?

I don’t think she even understands anything about raver culture. She just put together and outfit that she thought was edgy and would get lots of attention.

No. 709422

Idk dude I don’t think she even has a “fetish side”, I feel like she’s trying to just expose her body more and more for the views and attention. Also probably trying to make Jonny jealous still. (She’s clearly not over him, STILL talking about him to this day). But this is just a fail on her part, it looks terrible like she’s a wannabe camgirl lmao. Jonny’s new girl is looking way cuter than this, so Taylor please stop fishing for attention from Jonny lol

No. 709437

File: 1569432464813.jpeg (194.38 KB, 888x1593, 1CF6DDF5-56A4-438D-9ACE-5DB16B…)

Is her rising Leo? That would explain a lot(no1curr about ur horoscope bullshit)

No. 709440

File: 1569432654034.jpg (311.92 KB, 1080x1549, Screenshot_20190925_192929.jpg)


theyre just meant to keep dust out of your face! /s

No. 709442

I'm actually surprised she didn't pull the "I'm a fragile, sick and dying munchie UwU" card and say it was to protect from germs or some shit

No. 709444

Who the fuck cares? At least sage your bullshit.

No. 709445

Astrologyfag, there was a screenshot a few threads ago where she gave her exact time of birth. I think someone did her chart then, but I didn't bother to look.

No. 709446

Why should I sage if it’s considered some sort of milk? Dumbass.

No. 709447

no she's just a narcissist

No. 709449

NTA but her birth chart is not milk you retard.

No. 709450

Even if astrology was real that's not milk you dumbass. People like you are so fucking annoying.

No. 709452

Yep, her rising is Leo, moon is Libra. I'm the one that ran the chart in the first place a few threads back.

No. 709455

Video breakdown: I got a baby cowfish

>>claims this is the best day of her life

>>wearing the same outfit from photo shoot day / tweet about video being late, pretty sure she just filmed it that day like people suspected
>>showing off a tiny nail and two thumbtacks she “literally just found in the bed” when she sat down to film
>>says she refilmed the video with her hair extensions, joking that she’s being fake
>>just seems super manic in this video, almost hyper
>>literally after I wrote that, vid cuts to “its 4:30 am I’m delirious”……….. kay.
>>”the best day of 2019 happened to me yesterday… well no I guess the best day of 2019 was getting off of heroin and getting sober…” wow that took 1 minute 15 seconds to mention
>>claims her friend owns the aquarium store
>>looks up other words for “basically” bc she “says it too much” (I swear to god this is all over the place)
>>told her friend she hasn’t “added much life to my fish tank in nearly three years” (uhh, what about your shopping spree?)
>>claim: sold angelfish, cheese died; everything else alive
>>claims dude pulled a bunch of fish aside and placed in a special area of store (tinfoil he prob told her he did this and she bought the cowfish when he told her he had one)
>>says she didn’t know he was doing this like 3x in a row
>>random segue: talking about/showing off her sleeve
>>talking about new camera and spending an extra $500 on it vs her old camera cost
>>another mention she didn’t know her friend was setting aside fish for her
>>friend surprised her with fish to celebrate being over 100 days sober
>>dude brought a BUNCH of fish for this new tank, lots of bags floating in it
>>showing off other fish; fairy wrasse, gongorian(?), mushroom, sponge, gold rabbit(?), jackknife, hawkfish, a large gobi
>>tiny piece of a starfish on the glass (wtf?)
>>feeding seaweed
>>feeding some other shit
>>lots and lots of baby talk at the fish, mostly cowfish
>>might make this cowfish a “girl”
>>misses cheese
>>this fish may die bc it’s so young
>>discusses moving out as recommended by therapist
>>considering moving angler and smaller fish into a second tank bc they are hiding so much
>>spends a minute telling ppl to subscribe even tho she is teehee so weird uwu
>>ends w/ weird footage of her posing for thumbnail

No. 709456

File: 1569434814407.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1125x2064, 03BFE2F6-7B40-496F-9AA2-AF687E…)

here’s the instagram caption if anyone cares

No. 709457

File: 1569435052121.jpeg (243.16 KB, 1242x1321, 33B7B90C-4627-4098-BC3E-89D479…)

Taylor “I swear I’m totally bisexual” Dean.

No. 709460

File: 1569435606943.jpeg (157.58 KB, 750x965, 3D711F71-5651-4BDD-80F6-4DA72C…)

So someone posts her chart and all of a sudden she wants to talk about astrology

No. 709462

File: 1569435890087.png (1.11 MB, 1242x2688, D9C64DEF-FDCB-4FCD-BA20-BB7339…)

Still talking about jc lol
Also, fuck off.

No. 709466

File: 1569436704772.png (7.4 MB, 1242x2688, D0E9699F-D537-4B94-AA85-7A1F6A…)

No. 709467

File: 1569436732024.png (6.69 MB, 1242x2688, A2FA7854-A9CC-4CED-BBC0-CCED62…)

still from a vid she posted lol

No. 709468

File: 1569436802456.png (7.16 MB, 1242x2688, 1A1EA3C7-6EB4-401F-8155-24C0A7…)

No. 709469

So she’s blaming her own choices with astrology bullshit? Lol “im an aries and i dated aries so maybe thats why” isn’t jenna’s bf an aries and hes the opposite of jonny?

Turning more and more into a camgirl thats EdGy lol wow

No. 709470

Dafuq. where do you dance with that outfit? A stripclub? A bordell?

How high is she? Why would she post these.
Jen, come get your daughter.

No. 709473

This legit makes me think of middle school kids imagining IMVU (now VR chat) style clubs.

Has she aged mentally at all in the last 10 years? How do you end up addicted to heroin (etc) but not know what the average person wears when going out irl

No. 709474

Taylor is turning into Shayna but Taylor pays more to look tacky & Cheap. Shay just IS Tacky and Cheap.

Maybe I'm tacky as fuck too but I wouldn't mind the outfit if she got rid of the wig and face thing, also if wasn't obvious that this isn't Taylor's style.

I don't care what she wears, if she wants to walk around like that good on her, her animals, her lies and her bad drug advice/advocating is my issues with her.

She also does TOO much. She doesn't know how to dress. The wig is overkill, the face thing is overkill. I feel like she buys whatever the models have on and think it'd look good on her.

No. 709475

Thanks for the vid breakdown..random thought but wouldn’t a good therapist say not to move out of your parents house till your mind is stable and you don’t act like a child trying to get attention from anyone who will look at you and you don’t want to relapse constantly..I think she’s lying about her therapist saying that for sure..she will not do well on her own and will cringe to any idiot that wants to fuck her and her animal care will go down significantly (not like it’s good at her parents) but at least they won’t let her buy more animals, my tinfoil is that she wants to move out because she can buy more animals and hoard them again and she can do whatever she wants (aka drugs, alcohol, more tattoos and dress slutty). She needs to get her license before she moves out first and get stable..if she wanted to be clean for real she would consider all this first but ya know it’s Taylor so good luck with that

No. 709476

She does look like a randomized sim with cc.

No. 709477

It’s actually funny because in all these disgusting pictures with her mask, her eyes look dead af just like the pictures she posted when she was doing heroin.

She will never look the way she did pre-heroin and she’s pathetic for trying. Reap what you sow, bitch. You think it’s a joke doing heroin and now you’re busted af and look years older than your age. I feel ZERO sympathy for this greasy whore.

No. 709478

File: 1569439271144.jpeg (792.25 KB, 1125x2004, 8B475E50-1492-4393-B03B-45FF30…)

lol family drama. Also I just watched the video and she’s moving so awkwardly I had second hand embarrassment watching.

No. 709483

This. She's 100% going to relapse if she moves out. Correct me if i'm wrong, but afaik Taylor never lived on her own.
She'll get bored, starts drinking and inviting random guys over and soon enough she's back on heroin.

No. 709484

Or god forbid, pregnant. She obviously doesn’t take precautions hence the hep c saga so it’s bound to happen with all the hoeing around she’s been doing.

No. 709485

She's always getting a new apartment "soon".

I doubt she can afford it. She admitted she paid NO bills while using and allegedly owes almost 200k to the IRS.

If she's actually using again or injecting subs her parents need to get their shit together and kick her out.

No. 709486

I have a feeling she was evicted from the atrium house because they never paid rent, no one is going to rent to her with her shit credit from not paying bills AND getting evicted.

No. 709488

File: 1569440501754.jpeg (280.64 KB, 1125x1723, 9CA09E2F-36C1-4C85-9997-CC2158…)

Since when does she rave??? She’s so damn delusional.

NEWSFLASH Taylor, no one likes you because you’re fake and whiny. That’s why you don’t have friends and will forever turn to cyberspace for validation of your shitty life. Stop trying to act like your life is so interesting. It’s embarrassing already.

No. 709489

not the astrologyfag that posted her chart, but since it's up, her chart being the way it is explains a lot lmao. the aries sun and leo rising are why she's so fucking argumentative, impulsive, and attention seeking, and her libra moon is why she is incapable of having her own personal sense of style/interests. she just absorbds hobbies like hErOiN from her trashy boyfriends and skinwalks ethots.

No. 709490

Astrologyfags get out reeeeeeeeeee
at least sage your delusional ramblings no1currr

No. 709491

jfc this is lingerie not a dress to go dancing in??
it looks like sexy pajamas not what you would wear to go clubbing hoe

No. 709492

Please! The astrology talk makes us sound crazy

No. 709493

It looks like just straight up lingerie, bedroom only attire. I’ve never been to a rave but….really?

No. 709494

I mean I’ve seen this type of outfit worn to raves, but she just doesn’t look good in it. If you’re going to wear something like this, at least know how to style it and don’t buy a cheap $20 wig

Also nitpick, but holy shit I can’t believe how pale she is. It’s sickly.

No. 709496

So before it was for dancing at the gay clubs but now it’s for a rave. Lurk harder, Tay.

No. 709497

didnt she say she had had the male neutered way back when too?

No. 709498


I've seen prostitutes dress like that on OBT. OBT is a road known for prostitutes (That's in Orlando, fl)

No. 709499

What is with this one anon and all of the comparisons to Jenna marbles?? There's been a handful over the past few threads and it's like, who cares? She's not a cow, Taylor has never worked with her, so idgaf about what Jenna marbles does in comparison to Tay lol.

No. 709504


The cheaper the wig the better. More $ to spend on drugs. She looks to be blacklight compliant. Hey! She can bead up her NA tag necklace!

Srsly tho, so much secondhand embarrassment, and it keeps getting deeper. Whew. I just had a flashback to her crouched behind the house with her bits hanging out. Really puts the leaked nudes into perspective.


MVP anon!

No. 709508

Why the fuck does she think “pepto bismol themed prostitute” is acceptable fashion? This is legit one of the worst outfits she’s ever concocted, nearing Tuna levels of heroin clothing.

No. 709512

Only because you brought it up but it's hard to believe Taylor isn't from Florida, sometimes. She would fit right in.

No. 709516

By dancing she probably meant being a stripper because ffs this is trashy.

No. 709518

Reminds me of those hilarious cheap slutty Halloween costume sets you can buy.

"Sexy Lingerie Rave Girl"

This is painfully awkward and obvious. The mask to hide her fucked up lips and the wig hides her dirty thinning hair.

No. 709528

File: 1569448172131.png (197.57 KB, 1421x979, Capture _2019-09-25-14-47-53.p…)

Mamma dean doesn't sound pleased with her daughters hep c vaginal juices on her furniture.

No. 709529

File: 1569448208889.png (719.23 KB, 1437x1442, Capture _2019-09-25-14-47-35.p…)


No. 709532

Hopefully this means she's finally taking out the trash

No. 709534

doubt it. she's all talk which is why her daughter is the way she is.
where's papa dean in all of this?

No. 709545

Papa dean sounds like a whipped loser who lets his narc wife walk over him.

Her moving out is probably a point of contention in the dean household. Taylor probably wants to move out but can't rent because shit credit, no car, no job and drug addiction. She's making money again but can't find a place that will let her take all her shit, so shes stuck. Taylor's only options are, downsize and leave, kiss mama dean's ass and hope she cosigns, or stay at home and save money.

She probably hates being trapped at home.

Taylor must type "prostitute outfits" into google and use that as her basis for fashion sense.

No. 709548

File: 1569451956596.jpg (642.89 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190925-155141.jpg)

"he showed signs that indicate he was sick that I ignored so it must have been old age even though he wasn't old at all"

No. 709551

lol isn't gus the one that got eaten by one of her snakes?

No. 709554

No. 709561

These are signs of a RI or mites in mice, both of which Taylor loves to ignore.

No. 709569

File: 1569455525404.png (716.54 KB, 1437x1474, Capture _2019-09-25-19-51-09.p…)

Idk. Mama D is fugging gross. That's your DAUGHTER.

No. 709573

Actually, I think mama dean is low key shitting on Taylor here. Isn't mama dean super christian?

I can't imagine she's particularly thrilled with Taylor rn.

No. 709578

My bet is Taylor and her mom probably fight constantly..I’m sure mama d is pissed that Taylor sleeps all day ..doesn’t get her animals out/ play with them very much and probably puts the responsibility onto her most of the time to feed them. And when Taylor is awake she’s dressing like a 2 bit hooker and taking stupid ass pictures everywhere or probably sperging about her heroin diaries in front of her lil bro(hence what he said bout heroin a thread or two back) so mama dean has every right to bitch at Taylor and want her out of the house IMO. She must be a horrible example for Tanner and doesn’t help with literally anything so she’s dead fucking weight everyway you look at it.

No. 709579

My thought exactly while I was watching the video of her in this outfit… she was trying to hard to be sexy and it just came off as complete CRINGE. The secondhand embarrassment I feel for her almost hurts.

No. 709581

File: 1569457125300.jpeg (338.37 KB, 640x677, 07DAB27C-9FCA-488F-AB58-D37FC0…)

No. 709583

No daughter of mine would be caught dead walking out of my house wearing that, because I’d kill her!

No. 709585

I think 2 was the best

No. 709587

Yeah I feel the same, she's totally throwing shade at her daughter over her slut outfit on twitter. Lol

No. 709589

File: 1569457458733.png (144.52 KB, 1377x593, Capture _2019-09-25-17-23-43.p…)

Lmao yep its shade. I would too haha

No. 709595

The video was major cringe and her movements were a little jerk-y/shaky? Very awkward

No. 709596

This is pretty much word for word what she said last time and still never did it

No. 709598

Mama dean’s photos always look like that pedofile couple with mental illness who just got caught

No. 709600

Hello clarice

No. 709602

BULLSHIT. No chance it was the 1st time in the year she's had them. My un-neutered males constantly did it to one another until they were neutered. I've had rats for years, never was it "just once" after a year. It was literally every damn day until the neutering.

No. 709608

Why not grow a pair and if you can’t tell your daughter to her face, then at least direct tweet shit to her and not this indirect bullshit. Jen, are u scared of her or something?

I would have disowned her by now. Wanna act all grown up, then gtfo and good luck!

No. 709610

Taylor said awhile back she was gonna do it but in her heroin daze she probably forgot.

No. 709626

File: 1569462700672.png (89.69 KB, 800x428, 1564554405088.png)


She is such a fucking liar. Like…such a liar.

Her tweets age so well.

No. 709628

thank you anon you're the real mvp

No. 709631

File: 1569462820196.png (352.89 KB, 750x1334, 1564552292328.png)


and her other convo mentioning a mounting incident end of July as well.

No. 709633

Anyone notice she's been commenting on a lot of anti Onision videos lately? I've seen quite a few now.

No. 709635

i havent seen any but i did see that she's been sperging about him on twitter. which is honeslty hilarious considering she always says that people in lolcow have no life but she's obsessed with onision. hmmmmmm.

No. 709648

The fucking irony of her saying this after she went out of her way to excuse and deny Jonny's well-documented track record of abuse towards women …I'm speechless lmao. Taylor knew full well the man was a violent misogynist, and yet she chose to be with him and belittle the hell out his victims. At least she's rid of him now, but she can never take away the fact that she supported (and continues to be infatuated with) a literal rapist who verbally/emotionally/mentally tortured his gfs. The most hypocritical virtue signaling ever, am I right? Taylor always wants to come off as woke so badly, but again she's just a poser who invalidated survivors of assault.

No. 709651

She’s been saying she’s getting him neutered for months now lol

No. 709655

She won't neuter him until she gets annoyed by everyone online bugging her about it. She never does anything positive unless people bug her about it and once she does it, she plays it off as if she's the one who thought about it in the first place.

I bet their home isn't a happy home when there's a shitty mother and a daughter that'll soon be a druggy cam girl running the place.

LOL trying to hard to be the shit. aren't you in recovery, Taylor? Rave is all about the drugs

No. 709659

File: 1569466403770.png (77.58 KB, 1440x900, Screen Shot 2019-09-25 at 10.5…)


lol Mama D has taken down twitter again! Let's see how long she lasts

No. 709661

Tbh I'd rather see her being a camgirl than her getting more animals. At least she'd be more honest about the fact that she just wants all the attention for herself.

No. 709663

AYRT, thanks for letting us know what he said. I saw him trying to tweet someone with mama deans picture on Twitter so this makes sense. He seems to not know how to use social media at all. I get he’s hurt - it must be shit watching someone put all your business out there (the bad parts) and painting a narrative that might not be 100% true. I don’t agree with how he’s handled this at all but I get he’s hurt.

No. 709664

I've been to plenty of outdoor concerts, some on a windy Texas beach, and just no. She should've stayed in school because this isn't even a halfway good try. For a pathological liar she sure is terrible at bullshitting. It's pretty obvious she couldn't care less about recovery. At least she's being honest about having nonexistent self-esteem, as if we couldn't already tell that from this try-hard attention whore photo set.
Ditto. For someone who calls herself a spoonie and posts doodles about it, you'd expect that kind of god awful ploy.

No. 709665

I agree 100% because then she wouldn’t be broadcasting her heroin endeavors, scandalous outfits, and misinformation to a bunch of children. Camgirling would be her best environment.

No. 709668

I too wish she'd spare the suffering animals and start to pay off her debt. But as we all know, she clings to them because she needs something to make herself seem special and edgy compared to the other camgirls. I guess good for her for knowing nobody would give a shit about her boring ass if she didn't have a gimmick. It seems to be the only self awareness she has whatsoever.

No. 709672

Seriously wtf is with you anons, do you really want to see her naked that bad? This camgirl tinfoil is getting ridiculous, nothing points to her going into sexwork.

No. 709673

no one wants to see her naked, calm down. It’s just none of us would be surprised if she went down the camming route.

No. 709675

she so obviously wants to go for it but for some reason feels like she needs to hide her attention whoring behind her animals. she should just go ahead and do it.

No. 709676

I doubt Taylor will give up her cushy YT "career", she's probably making decent money again. She takes pictures half naked and posts them for all to see already.

How is she gonna move out? is the real question. Taylor is trapped by her family, I doubt they'll let her go and she's too lazy and has too many animals to move herself.

No. 709677

"nothing points to her going into sexwork"

Um, did you not see that photo of her bits hanging out, censored by hearts??? Yeah, it's only a matter of time until she offers her exclusive patreon supporters the uncensored version.

No. 709680

Something is def up in the Dean house today since Taylor posted those half naked pics ..mama dean started to sperg then stopped herself then deleted her twitter..it’s a matter of time before mama d comes back to twitter and has an epic meltdown about how Taylor isn’t sober and how she’s a bad influence to Tanner and how she loves her but she still needs help or something along those lines I’m tinfoiling it now. I give it 2 days tops ..they just can’t live in the same house together cuz they are too much alike and have to have the full attention, they are at each others necks right now guarantee it!

No. 709683

She is not allowed to live at home if she does drugs. Her mom kicked her out when she started dating Jonny. I bet she got kicked out because of relapse and/or not wanting to keep consistent upload schedules.

No. 709692

Omg thank you anon… someone please reply to her saying it’s the first time she’s ever seen him try to mount them with this pic lmao

No. 709694


You realise this is a gossip site, not some dumpsterfire for you to spread complete bullshit about magic and stars, right? Stop spreading that dumb shit here, this thread is about Taylor.
And learn to SAGE.

No. 709697

They should just make a reality show cuz they're a mess; inside and out.

No. 709698

Right if I didn’t know better I would pay to see this shit show unfold cuz it would make for some good tv! Taylor will forever be my fav cow and ironically enough I found this website from her (probably) heroin ramblings on twitter about how people bully her on this website when really this website just shows receipts for all her lies and contradictions and she can’t stand it cuz she feels bested.

No. 709699

I think taylor's a good Cow but she's REALLY repetitive, sometimes I'll read a tweet posted here and think it's something old someone reposted and I start to make a post telling them to "Lurk more"

But Then I'm like, "oh, no, Taylor's just talking/explaining/lying about the SAME EXACT thing she talked about 2 days ago, nevermind carry on"

If it's not drugs, it's jonny, if it's not jonny it's drugs, if it's not Jonny ad drugs it's the same bad animal advice or lies.

No. 709700

Well yeah she doesn't actually do anything. The milkiest things we've had are from her sperging on Twitter and that's it.

She has no hobbies, friends, goals, life at all. All she has is pets she ignores and drugs.

Imagine having this pathetic of a life at 22.

No. 709701

Most 22 year olds are finishing college, starting a career, or moving out on their own for the first time.

Meanwhile Taylor sleeps all day while mommy takes care of her animals and makes all her appointments for her. Then she wakes up and yells at her mom like a petulant 13 year old brat and runs off to take nudes for her child fans. What a fucking loser

No. 709709

Yeah because we have a huge leeeeesbian crush on her./s

We've already seen her body and it's nothing special. We just think it'd be better if she was more honest with herself and maybe go down that route instead of buying animals as props and being a shitty influence on young people. She's already posting wannabe camgirl pics on Twitter and she'd be actually more successful because even if she has the personality of a rock, she'd still make some income. Launch a Patreon like Trisha Paytas where adults get to see her dirty bits and that's it.

No. 709724

what the fuck is this dumpster fire?

No. 709725

File: 1569497632464.png (3.73 MB, 1242x2688, 32247077-AA0C-457F-8598-4F0AD1…)

No. 709726

File: 1569497678546.jpeg (1022.21 KB, 2048x1536, 88F0D40D-7159-4144-9CDF-EE6DBE…)

No. 709727

File: 1569497704029.jpeg (851.13 KB, 1536x2048, 441C33C5-3D83-4291-AB87-CB8E77…)

No. 709729

its 6am for her now, so she probably took these around 4 or 5? what a loser

No. 709730

imagine your adult daughter walking around your house at night taking thot pics for twitter

No. 709732

God I clicked on this from the homepage and thought this was PNP lmaooo

No. 709733

File: 1569499826909.png (519.87 KB, 1242x2688, 08B10C37-E748-43D2-A831-A73E52…)

No. 709735

Imagine paying good money for this outfit so you could show a bunch of total strangers on an image board how much you don't care.

No. 709739

File: 1569501390493.png (1.14 MB, 1242x2688, 7C9B012A-E78A-442C-AB1E-079249…)

now she’s telling people that she never no such thing. That memory loss. Heroin is a helluva drug.

No. 709741

ah but she has all the time to give all her animals the proper time of the day. sure.

No. 709743

Reptiles need to be handled regularly in order to remain handleable. They will bite her even more next time she's waving them around for selfies.

Still refuses to understand that if she just re-homed all her animals she would get rid of all the "haters". Then she would only have her drugs and pretty outfits to worry about. Wonder what animal will get mysteriously sick next?

No. 709745

To be fair, we only have Bree’s word to go on for the Gus story and the maggots thing. I don’t think these stories are impossible, but I wouldn’t wave them around as absolute truths either.

No. 709746


No need for rumors, reality is enough.

>Cooked skinks alive

>Snakes stuffed in tubs, fed till obesity
>Killed a kitten
>Hedgehogs die young
>Didn't know what monitor she had
>Killed channel mascot because lazy to clean tank
>Seahorses die
>Mushu scarred and ammonia burned
>Pacman frog died and replacement died
>Rat kept on barewire for months

Heroin addict the whole time, coincidence?

No. 709747

its ironic af how she dressed up as a cow loll. she is trying so hard its sad, im pretty sure she has histrionic personality disorder.

No. 709748

Don't forget the bearded dragons tail was left to rot for months before she got a "second opinion" and he had to have half of his tail amputated.

No. 709749

What is this outfit… she seriously looks like a cowboy hooker. Perfect for the Texas street corner.

No. 709750

No irony. She did that on purpose to garner even more attention

No. 709751

The whole snakes in tubs thing is really bothering me. I’m definitely not a snake person at all but I feel this is abusive. Why have snakes if you’re not going to keep them in pretty tanks, set up for their natural environment? Are they getting proper light or humidity? I don’t even know if that is something they need but I just feel they are missing out on something while being trapped in small tubs. Also it would be interesting to watch why you have set them up according to their natural environment and it could lead to a halfway decent career after youtube tanks. But I guess fishnet clothing, masks, dick and drugs are the priorities though.

No. 709753

yeah it hink it might have been on purpose lol. she needs to get a grip on reality. youtube will not exist forever for her, her pets are going to keep dying and getting sick.

No. 709754

File: 1569505970247.png (982.81 KB, 1439x1794, Capture _2019-09-26-09-52-16.p…)


No. 709755

damn she is already back hahaah

No. 709756

Pretty sure tubs are NOT recommended for many of these reasons. Breeders use them because it's economical, not ideal, snake are very hardy and can withstand decades of neglect.

Taylor doesn't have the space for all her animals and she's too lazy to set up proper displays. She's gonna have an even tougher time when she moves out, alot of shit to haul.

A'storms a brewin'

Mama dean must've just woke up and seen the cow pics. It'd be best if mama dean rehomed 90% of Tay's animals. You can't have a good relationship with that many pets, it's just too much for one person to handle.

No. 709761

File: 1569506892630.png (976.09 KB, 1413x1848, Capture _2019-09-26-07-07-40.p…)

I'm blocked van anyone find the taylor tweet this goes to?

No. 709763

It's just the tweet anon posted earlier of Taylor saying how there are rumors of her dangling her snakes over her balcony.

No. 709764

File: 1569507622693.png (327.08 KB, 694x509, Screenshot (1309).png)

you learn nothing, taylor.

No. 709765

File: 1569507857404.png (517.27 KB, 1440x2789, Screenshot_20190926-102249.png)

I think mama dean may be struggling with Tanner this time around, not Tay.

No. 709767

this is so dumb though. jen is just as much of a stupid narc as taylor is lol.
and honestly however much she whines, vagueposts and shades taylor on twitter she will never actually do anything about her behavior because then thatd mean that she will stop getting attention too

No. 709772

Nice streetwalker aesthetic Taylor. Lol I wonder how long until she starts being an escort?

No. 709773

Honestly? This is tacky as fuck (The wig needs to go) but at least she's somewhat matching, I don't think this is that bad honestly.

I'm still having flashbacks to those to those tight garter belts.

The sad thing is she's getting dressed in these clothes to go nowhere.

I understand if she had somewhere to be but she doesn't.

No. 709774

I don't think they have any sense of self-awareness when it comes to their behavior.

They just do it out of instinct and laziness imo. Taylor subconsciously doesn't want to get better, She gets a high from the attention no different than heroin. She'd rather attention whore on twitter than better her living situation.

Her lifestyle is shitty, now she's trapped at mommy's house with her hoard.

No. 709775

its not bad, its just stupid to wear such an outfit to sit in her room and do nothing all night. its probably just to try to get jonny's attention tbh. since he got himself a new girl and doesnt give a shit about her. she is doing everything she can to be noticed by him rn, its obvious.

No. 709776

File: 1569511263878.png (5.43 MB, 1242x2688, 59C27518-2088-49B6-97A3-CB5C0E…)

Bet she filmed with this on lol.

No. 709777

It's Shayna shit. I wouldn't even care if she wore some tacky shit to go somewhere but she's just in her house, taking pictures and probably immediately taking the clothes off.

No. 709778

File: 1569511310752.png (528.04 KB, 1242x2688, 3D4B60B8-8BD1-4218-A9F6-E99BE4…)

No. 709779

Why didn't she at least put some make up on? That wig looks SO FUCKING cheap. Why is she so tacky? The money she spends of cheap-looking clothes, she could've already gotten her hair shaved to start over and gotten an nice lace front.

No. 709780

But you aren't confident. Wearing clothes in your house for selfies and then begging for nice comments online is the opposite of that.

I'm sure Taylor has said herself she's not confident. Wear whatever you want, I don't care but stop lying about it.

No. 709783

If you feel confident looking like this at 3am in your mom's living room because you have no friends you definitely need a lot of therapy

No. 709786

exactly, true confidence would mean going out and doing somefuckingthing in her thotwear and having fun (which would be healthy and good!) and instead she just sadbb insomnias her life away for the faceless digital masses.

No. 709796

That's exactly why she can't ignore comments like these and runs desperately to children on the internet to give her asspats. She knows she's pathetic

No. 709812

File: 1569515616220.jpeg (219.76 KB, 750x982, E03990C0-5411-4643-A881-2C39E4…)

i caught this reply she left but it seems like she deleted it cos i can’t find the og comment. managed to snag this ss before it disappeared.

a month and a half ago was what? two months in her sobriety?

No. 709813

Lol someone's butthurt

The soulless eyes are back, FFS get your shit together Taylor, your "fans" will abandon you once you reach 25. Hurry up, the clock is ticking.

No. 709823

30 day sober soup LMAO. Probably the closest we'll get to her admitting relapse.

I'm willing to bet she has heroin and needles stashed somewhere in her room right now.

This staying up the whole night and sleeping all day isn't natural, she's pale as hell too, does she ever go outside? She needs to take a break from the internet and fix her life.

No. 709824

She planned a relapse lol.
She will never get better til Jen kicks her out and she struggles on her own.

No. 709827

Yea you don't "plan" a relapse, super sketchy. She's obviously not done with drugs, mama dean needs to take away her Toys while she's living with them.

As much as i'd like to see Jen kick Taylor out, Taylor would probably just use it as an excuse to shoot up.

>"My family kicked me out boo hoo, waahh injects"

Taylor needs to rehome more animals, who TF is gonna rent to someone with 3 cats and 20+ reptiles and a giant ass saltwater tank. It's gonna come down to her own well-being or her animals.

She needs a proper diet too, sugary foods cause mood swings and depression.

No. 709829

File: 1569517468914.png (4.69 MB, 1242x2688, 44079D80-DFC9-4718-89AE-5487A4…)

No. 709833

What sober friends? What friends?
10 minutes away huh lol
Sure Jan.
Planned relapse sounds about right. 30 day soup lol

No. 709836

> there's a place to get heroin 10 minutes from my house
> trust me I've been

kek she's so pathetic. using "passionate" to describe her recovery legit made me laugh out loud

No. 709837

File: 1569517745661.png (9.62 MB, 1242x2688, 70EE7F9B-B2E1-40CC-A3B7-575A19…)

No. 709843

Those are pajamas Taylor

No. 709845

Why the fuck can’t this bitch stop screencapping and leaving people’s usernames in her bullshit so that her stans can run to that platform to attack that person. Like you seriously needed to bitch about something that happened on Instagram to Twitter this badly? The least you can do is scratch out the username. Jfc. I hope to god she doesn’t cause someone to be so triggered by her stupid stans that they self harm, but I guess that’s what it would take to make her stop doing this shit.

No. 709848

what hair? There's like none left

No. 709851

did she end up burning her eyebrows off like she did her skinks, where the fuck did they go?

also she forgot to warp her body with facetune, bitch is lookin wide and boxy

No. 709861

File: 1569519871389.png (1.72 MB, 1052x709, JCC.PNG)

Lmao did she steal jonny's glasses? He doesn't give a fuck about you Taylor, just let it go.

She's so not over him leaving.

No. 709865

This is hilarious. I work in nightlife, in “regular” clubs - everyone is on drugs, coke and mdma, mostly. It’s awful. Scene turns out so many people of all ages constantly. Taylor needs to just accept she doesn’t know as much as she thinks she does. She has so little life experience. I’m getting tired of her and bored of her. It’s the same lies, and ignorance. She lies SO MUCH.

No. 709866

His new gf is plastering inspo quotes and hater quotes and videos with jc all the time. I feel like Jonny would take Taylor back but only for the money aspect and he’s be far worse to her. Tinfoil but JC has to sell herion, or other drugs to get some kind of money - Taylor is gonna have to swallow the hard pill he fully used her like everyone else.

No. 709867

> Taylor needs to just accept she doesn’t know as much as she thinks she does

she knows exactly what people do in clubs, she wants to go back to being a junkie lmfao

No. 709874

File: 1569520754931.gif (547.76 KB, 288x216, bb.gif)

No, just stop Taylor, your not fooling anyone. Take a step back and get in the shower you look like bubbles.

Do something productive today for once.

No. 709877

>But but but, its coke anon! I was sober from HEROIN! It's a completely different thing and doesn't count!

The fear of missing out is real in this girl, bitch don't you know social media is all fake? Just like reality T.V and professional wrestling.

No. 709880

LMAO she DOESNT have a diet. She literally doesnt eat. She eats popcorn and gluten-free pretzels. She will never be healthy as long as she eats like crap. Im pretty sure that she doesnt eat to stay slim too which is fucking stupid. Taylor gotta stop sleeping all day and eat a real meal lmao.

No. 709884


Exactly. That’s why this look is so jarring. The color washes her face out so bad and I think doing up her makeup would help it not look so… bizarre. Oh, and the crooked-ass wig is hilarious.

No. 709886

Tubs are a controversial subject in the reptile hobby. An example of how to do it right is Snake Discovery on YT. Unlike Taylor’s, theirs have much more space, enrichment (like plants and logs etc), variations of substrate depending on the animal’s requirements, and they have a quarantine section—again unlike Taylor. It can be done right and is not at all mean or bad for the snake, but it can also be done terribly wrong with bins that are too small and super bare.

No. 709891

How do you know what she eats?

No. 709896

she literally always posts about how much she eats like shit. gtfo.

No. 709914

Mochi for breakfast, 10+ whataburger cups in old apart, sugary ciders, fries in bed, pizza parties at rehab.

She eats like crap and she gained abunch'a weight because the heroin was keeping it off her. Sugary foods fuck with your mood and hormones, if she's actually suicidal she should stop putting that crap in her body. It'd also stop her face from getting chubby and oily.

If she can't be bothered to take care of herself how TF are we supposed to expect she's looking after her animals? She has a shitton of pets and there's no way they are on any kind of consistent food and cleaning schedule.

No. 709916

I don't follow her on social media anymore, she's insufferable; ta.
And I'm in total agreement with her not being able to take care of animals because she can't even manage her own basic life. It's such a low, low bar and Taylor keeps just crawling under it.

No. 709931

Here we go! Camwhore phase activate!
I'm sure she'll do reasonably well.

No. 709934

Sorry Tay, you can't sit with us.

No. 709936

>perfectly normal
sure jan.jpg

No. 709942

why can't she straighten the wig before taking the pic?

why can't she wash her hair?

No. 709943

File: 1569529973532.png (608.14 KB, 1242x2688, 29BD783B-4FAB-401B-9FB6-0E08FA…)

No. 709947

She thinks "lower income" people spend multiple thousands of dollars on clothes in one shopping trip?

No. 709957

Where to begin with this stupidity?!?

First, the type of shopping a lower income person does when they get paid is buying groceries, gas, bills, and then maybe a new work shirt if they really need it.

The amount she has admitted to spending on heroin alone proves she is far from “lower income”. Why does she have such a desire for people to think she’s poor? Same as her desire for everyone to view her as a heroin addict. She thinks being seen as poor, drug addicted white trash somehow makes her cool. I don’t even think she wants to be seen that way just for the sympathy points. I think it’s more of those sheltered middle class white girls who lead such boring lives that they have to lie about having a bad childhood because they have nothing that makes them stand out.

No. 709959

File: 1569530556908.png (503.66 KB, 1242x2688, 6B4BFE7C-5644-48A0-B761-B06308…)

Shut the fuck up, Taylor

No. 709963

Also, paying drug dealers isn’t “donating money”, Taylor. Lower income people don’t have the luxury to even donate money either. I really shouldn’t be shocked something so dumb came out of her mouth but somehow I still am.

No. 709964

File: 1569530767977.jpeg (584.17 KB, 1242x1629, 1329EE62-B930-4474-A782-11D3F9…)

No. 709967

Taylor is so detached from reality, anything below 60k is "lower income".

She isn't impoverished, she probably doesn't even pay rent, ofc she's got money to spend.

There are people out there busting their asses at shit jobs barely paying rent, she's got it beyond easy.

No. 709969

>Publicly posts how much money she spends

"It's none of your business how much money I spend!!!"


No. 709970

File: 1569531105290.png (1014.71 KB, 1429x2059, Capture _2019-09-26-16-51-22.p…)

Big ol oof.

No. 709975

Taylor doesn't even NEED more clothes, shes got a fuckton of clothes she doesn't even wear. There's absolutely no reason for her to have that many clothes given her living situation, You'd think she'd be saving to move out.

She had enough money to pay someone $800 dollars a week for a year, thats 40k right there. 40k on jonny's teeth, thosands on gaming rigs, funkos, 7k bracelets, handbags.

Fucking Asshole don't pull the "im poor guiz!"

No. 709979

File: 1569531906663.png (851.86 KB, 1242x2688, D437D2B4-64DF-43EC-9D00-76E297…)

You spend on shit clothes but can’t upgrade the bare necessities for your animals? Please rehome Mushu

No. 709980

To be honest, she probably does need new clothes. She doesn’t shower for weeks so her clothes probably stink after a few pictures.

No. 709982

File: 1569531999045.png (73.23 KB, 1078x498, aaa.PNG)

No. 709983

File: 1569532049286.png (72.48 KB, 1086x498, aaaa.PNG)

No. 709986

She is so fucking exhausting. Even seasoned addicts who have been addicted for 20 years don't say or even think this shit because it doesn't fucking happen. But as usual, she was worse than them. Taylor, you can talk about stuff without tying it back to heroin. We all get it by now.

No. 709987

Taylor just trying to flex how much money she has.

Honestly, I'm glad she's a heroin addict, they don't tend to live that long.

No. 709988

I personally don't care how much she spends on clothes, my issue is that they seem to be tacky and she spent a lot of money on clubbing/revealing clothes that she'll only wear once or for an picture or not at all.

But whatever. I'm not buying all her clothes were covered in blood, just say, "I wanted an new wardrobe" and stop causing attention to the people talking shit.

No. 709990

File: 1569532488261.png (51.63 KB, 594x449, weird flex but ok.PNG)

spending $700 every month for 6 months is saving money? she's delusional

No. 709991

File: 1569532856161.png (3.43 KB, 488x170, tnd$.PNG)

TBF if she's making anything close to what social blade says it's insignificant.

All the money in the world isn't going to buy her reputation back. Enjoy your heroin dreams Taylor, you won't be able to feel that good ever again.

No. 709993

yeah true. the thing is that what's pissing most people off is her mentioning her income being the same as someone with lower income here >>709943

No. 709997

File: 1569533359634.png (38.62 KB, 1011x254, died.PNG)

whenever ur feeling sad, remember I killed a baby kitten before it could turn 1.

No. 710000

There's no fucking way she is sober if girl can't even BATHE.
Remember when she started wearing wigs last time??

No. 710002

There is a bruise right under her tree tattoo…
Digging for veins taylor??
Its not a 1.5 month old bruise either.

No. 710010


Couldn't even turn 1 Month old at that. I'll never understand what drove her- a person who has NEVER owned cats, to think she could successfully bottle feed 2 kittens.
But, then again, probably the same person who keeps three cats in one bedroom every day and night.

No. 710017

I wonder why the cats roam around free the house? Is anyone allergic? Maybe her parents don't want them so are shoving them with Taylor. idk

No. 710023

File: 1569536101217.png (243.05 KB, 1080x1275, Screenshot_20190926-161237~2.p…)

By some miracle I found the whole comment.

No. 710024

It's probably her large dog- whatever breed name she got intense about standing by. Large dogs, especially hunting dogs that are sight/scent chase and attack cats.

No. 710025

Shit forgot to sage but I guess this is kind of milky

No. 710028

NO-ONE goes to clubs and raves sober. I have never met a person who wants to go to a club sober as hell unless your 22 year old self is trying to go into a club for 18 year olds that plays children music. Lmao quit lying,Taylor.

No. 710029

So by her own admittance, her “15% addict” is bullshit.
Because her saying after 90 days your brain is healed but your still an addict can be taken two ways.
1) Even people outside her “15%” will still be addicts after 90 days even though their brain is healed (even though she’s previously stated that anyone not in the 15% can go through detox and be perfectly fine for the rest of their lives)
2) is proving that no one person is born addicted - although some have a slight predisposition - so addiction to addictive substances truly lies within the alteration of the brain/brain chemistry

No. 710032

Still screeching about ruined veins. She’s such a wannabe. Tuna and Lurch still have veins and they are way deeper into it than Tay will ever be. Her veins don’t even appear to be darkened. Plus addicts will also go to their neck, toes, legs, groin if needed bad enough. She’s probably lying about ~almost relapsing for clout or still using, just imo.
She talks in circles so much it hurts my brain. She has zero clue what she is spewing and constantly contradicts herself.

No. 710035

Hell Marvin Gaye shot into his eyes.

Taylor reminds me of that one girl that gets drunk off Zima and gets "so baked" when hanging around people smoking joints.

No. 710039

Damn can you imagine being that desperate? Shooting in your eyes is severe desperation. And here we have a baby addict, living with her family, with money coming in, spending stupid amounts of money on junk, basically in the same place she was in before heroin, claiming that ALL of her veins are ruined and giving children false information about addiction.
I just wish she could live a real junkie life for a day or two just to see how stupid she looks.

No. 710046

So where’s the confident, attractive woman? Looks like death warmed over without makeup and that wig looks just plopped on…it’s not even on straight!

No. 710064

The same thing that has driven her to do all the stupid shit she's done ever since she got popular: She thinks she's the exception of every single rule out there and that she's a savior.

In her eyes:

>Was the exception to JC's abuse and his savior

>Was the exception in the sober houses because she's so goddamn special.
>Was and keeps trying to be the exception when it comes to animals she has zero experience about. Because it's Taylor! So of course she'll magically end up successfully taking proper care of all those animals that were bought after a 5 minute google search.
>She's the exception to all those famous youtubers! Like, $700 in clothes? She's toootally not like those gross youtubers who flash their wealth.

I remember the picture where she was holding the two cats in a car, and just by that alone I could tell she doesn't know shit about animals. No wonder one of them died.


Could be plenty of reasons. Cats are territorial and Star iirc is feral, and it could cause issues with the dogs. Or it could be because of Tanner, maybe having too many animals roaming around could cause him to have a meltdown. Or it could be that her mom has already too much on her plate by taking care of all the fish and reptiles Taylor has, to on top of everything be taking care of three cats, because I'm sure as shit that Taylor isn't taking care of those animals. Her sleeping schedule is inverted. She sleeps all day and is awake all night, so Mama Dean is probably doing everything herself.

No. 710128


Laundry exists. Why would she need new clothes? Just wash the blood outta them.

No. 710135

'keep seening'
good lord what a tard. she's dumber than tanner.

No. 710145


god she is so fucking uneducated especially when it comes to addiction. after 90 days shit is not just magically a breeze. and it takes up to a FULL TWO YEARAS for your brain to completely heal and that means no alcohol or other substances used at all. and they encourage a meeting EVERY DAY for your first 90 days on top of IOP after residential treatment. and after 90 days sober living will still require at least 5 meetings a week. not just a weekly meeting. i can not stress enough how anyone is early recovery especially need to stay far away from her advice and her content in general. no one working an actual recovery program would post any of the shit she does. i know addicts in active addiction who talk about heroin less than she does. smh.

No. 710166


leave the kid out of it, asshole

No. 710175

I’m not even surprised. She probably deleted it because she realised she’d basically confirmed the “30 day soup” story. that bitch is back on drugs.

No. 710178

I just want to know how she’s doing all of this therapy/IOP if she sleeps all damn day?

No. 710182

Oh god no, she would absolutely suck as a camgirl. She’d have to find a personality first and then find things to talk about that aren’t about heroin or how she’s a victim uwu!!
Imagine if she did actually go on a camsite, would her mum then follow suit? Like she did with the YouTube channel? because we know mama dean can’t stand not having the “spotlight” too

No. 710184

Next to the dog food bowl, really?
So not working on the rats' social issues then huh

No. 710185

She doesn't. She maybe makes it to one a week, or every other week if she does go. She's a pathological liar who stretches the truth. I'm sure it's why there's issues going on at home.

I honestly believe her brother is having issues because of her. I'm sure he makes her uncomfortable now, and I'm sure Taylor fights with her mom. I'm sure he's picking up on it all, and that's why his mental health has been difficult.

I wish her stans would put 2 and 2 together, but it's easier to believe stupid lies than realize she's a shit person.

No. 710188

I meant to say I'm sure Taylor makes him uncomfortable with her drug use and other bullshit.

No. 710210

why is she suddenly slipping AAVE usage into all her tweets?

No. 710212

lol calm down

No. 710213

It's all apart of her new shtick. She's leeching onto any aesthetic/culture/lifestyle she can to find her new ~funky fresh look~

No. 710215

not the same anon but lol fuck off, being a kid makes him banned as a thread subject. and he's a disabled kid, doubly shitty.

No. 710216

I reckon she wants Oscar's attention back with this new clubber girl persona she's cultivating.

No. 710219

What’s AAVE? And I shot dope but never had blood on any of my clothes good god that’s another lie..she acts like when you shoot up you pour blood like someone stabs a main artery ..wtf no ..just cuz she must have either been bad at doing it or never wipe the couple drips off that come out. She’s just a fucking lazy bitch that never did laundry and prolly has food stains on her clothes if anything lmao

No. 710220

His birthday was yesterday and there was no Twitter interaction.
I think it is safe to say he wasn't into dating a cow with rabid fans in his DMs and an awkward mother in his @'s.

I agree with other anons, this is for any attention, but if JC notices, all the better!!

No. 710228

I think one of the reasons why she looks dead inside whenever she takes these types of selfies is that she doesn’t know how to model, even if a person had a gun to her head. Didn’t Tyra Banks even expressed that modeling is also done with the eyes yet Taylor just stares into the camera thinking she’s a legit Victoria secret model that doesn’t need to smile. She looks prettier before because she was happy inside and out; she would smile more frequently in photos which made her look prettier. Now, her lips and teeth is fucked beyond belief so she’s stuck with a blank staring face. Crazy how a pretty person can start looking uglier and uglier just by their personality and idiotic choices.

No. 710235

>What’s AAVE?

It stands for African American Vernacular English. For example:

>people be telling me

>idk why people are so pressed

I think that might've been something that stuck after dating JC, since he loved to play though gangsta on the internet a lot.

No. 710237

Aww ok thanks for the info..and yeah just another stupid habit Taylor picked up from ol Johnny boy, that and the Heroin habit kek

No. 710238

Yes he's ghosted her but she's still on about all this clubbing shit with all he skanky clothes she already bought to model selfies for him. Not something Jonny gives a shit about. But I agree she's sending out broadly desperate signals, Jonny finding a new girl would be prodding her since she's not in control of his attention anymore.

No. 710241

Maybe she's trying to compete with his stripper baby mama, hence all those awful outfits

No. 710242

Now that makes sense, and that its clubber shit is because she originally bought them in her Oscar phase.

No. 710243

File: 1569567156248.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, 58A3D945-ADF7-46E6-AAAE-50B0E3…)

Speaking of ol Jonny boy who’s he throwing shade at now? Bout time for Taylor’s round of cheap shots on the Jonny marry go round of abuse and hate since he’s settled in with a new chick to leech off of. I’m smelling a Taylor diss..I bet he learned some new ways to lie about things though from his time with her so that’s another plus for ol dirtbag jc.

No. 710244

It’s pretty sad when these two options are the ones she’s choosing from ..she’s really moving on to bigger and better things since she left Jonny..the sock stuffing half naked Twitter dj with a psycho stripper baby momma or trying to make her ex bf that has a heroin addiction and looks like a thumb jealous..the options are astounding, it’s a tough pick?!!! She might just throw us all for a loop and go with the new raver guy that drips acid into his left eye in the club bathroom..I think we’ve got a winner folks!!!!!

No. 710247

lol sometimes reading these comments makes me wonder which one mama dean may be bc I’m sure she vents on here lmao

No. 710248

Can we stop acting like Taylor would need some amazing personality to just show her body for horny dudes who want to see her naked?

Unlike Shayna if Taylor decided to cam she's someone with a lot of followers on youtube/twitter & people would just watch and tip her because they know her.

She could literally sit there naked and talk about heroin for hours and Stans would eat that shit up because it's Taylor. Her just getting a onlyfans would go fine for her.

She doesn't need some glowing personality to be a camgirl.

No. 710251

I'm pretty sure some of them must come from her. They sound kinda defensive.

No. 710256

For real, I've seen plenty of girls on Chaturbate with the personality of a brick and making good money regardless, and sometimes they aren't even naked and still getting tips.

Like this idea that Taylor must have a beaming personality for sex work is ridiculous. There's always going to be someone willing to jack it off for her lmao. She could literally pick up any of her trashy outfits and pose and tease for the camera and that's it. The exact same shit she does on Twitter but she gets paid.

No. 710258

if anything it'll be easier for her to be a successful sex worker, She already has an audience.

No. 710263

AYRT. sure no personality might work for a little while but I’ve seen girls dragged for being boring af. I guess it just depends who comes in the chat. I can just see her making it a real shit show as she normally does with everything else. It would be interesting to see what she would actually do though, I really just think she’d be awkward as fuck and be like momokun - except she’s thinner and better looking.

No. 710418

I think stripper bby Mama was competing with tay cuz stripper baby mama is making YouTube videos now

No. 710442


she has also had sex, which puts her above momo

No. 710493

File: 1569611286288.png (516.24 KB, 1242x2688, 76B0432A-1CBA-4FA0-9480-189B7C…)

Who says they love each other after just weeks of dating tho? Lol

No. 710496


You spent ALL this time with this dude supposedly and yet didn't know he was using? Ok, Tay.

No. 710499

Okay here's the thing Taylor, You know that when you talk about him on social media that pisses this psycho off more right?

Stop talking about him. He's not right in the head. Also, no one cares, what can we do about it? He's not some fucking social media influencers. He's just an asshole, calling him out will get your stans mad, but there's nothing they can do.

Just leave him alone before he does something crazy.

No. 710507

Omg STFU about Jake already you fucking twit. >insert I know him better than you all think and I’m in love tweets here<
A lot of people fucking told you so about this deadbeat, but you’re a filthy whore that expects us to have pity for you because YOU MADE THE CHOICE TO LET HIM STICK HIS CARROT IN YOU.
she’s insufferable already. Shut up and move on. She really has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING going for her when she continuously talks about heroin, Jake and Jonny. How about you focus your social media, time and energy on your zoo since it treats you better than any man ever will. For fucks sake.(alogging)

No. 710515

File: 1569612936504.png (634.02 KB, 1125x2436, E36145D0-9B68-4F5C-90C7-D5416F…)

No. 710518

File: 1569613246779.png (368.8 KB, 1440x900, Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 3.38…)

Major aluminum here but is she starting this shit because he posted starting over on his twitter yesterday? Strange that he goes dark during a psychotic episode, she doesn't mention him for a week, he comes back and tweets this with no interaction to her, and then she wakes up and starts going tits up about him again. Maybe she's mad he's not focusing on her again and she's trying to stir shit up?

No. 710522

File: 1569613836547.jpeg (153.54 KB, 750x1055, 99B00661-8AC0-4A74-8F7F-6757F7…)

You’re running out of pity stories Taylor, we already heard this one.

No. 710523

File: 1569613916401.jpg (652.74 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190927-125124.jpg)

She's keeping quiet so Jonny doesn't reveal what a piece of shit she is.

No. 710525

What she does conveniently forget is that she was warned about him, let him continue to do these things while staying with him because he could get you drugs, and that you went to multiple men exactly like him the moment you split. You don’t get to make the same choices over and over and continue to play victim. You touch your hand on a hot stove and people will feel sorry for you the first time. It’s when you continue touching the stove that people lose interest.

No. 710526

File: 1569615043133.png (1.5 MB, 1408x1086, Capture _2019-09-27-13-06-20.p…)

Pettuber here.
I love how everyone calls her out. It's subtle but this makes 4 or 5 big players speaking out on her in their own way.

No. 710530

So it sounds like he probably reached out to apologize and explain that he acted that way because he wasn’t sober and that he didn’t love her and really just loved his baby mama. She can’t stand the fact that he wasn’t actually desperately in love with her and really using her for a good time.

>some men really be hating not having the last word.

What do you call this? You making sure that you actually have the last word by posting it online to all your followers.

No. 710534

>Okay here's the thing Taylor, You know that when you talk about him on social media that pisses this psycho off more right?

She does, just like she knows whenever she talks about Jonny. Any kind of attention is good as long as she has eyes on her.

No. 710538

File: 1569616672027.png (702.48 KB, 1242x2688, ADC5E968-564C-43F5-9170-FD18C1…)

No. 710541

File: 1569616918934.jpeg (286.99 KB, 1242x2208, 2F8DBC5F-5817-4CE3-87B2-7D5C96…)

But guys!! I don’t brag about my income!!! I’m the same as you!!

No. 710543

sounds like she's bragging

five mintues from now on Taylor's twitter

Taylor- "lol I'm not bragging, god, I just said-"

Or she's going to use an alt and make a mean accusation just to answer it.

No. 710545

I’m late to seeing this but what the hell?!
First, I still don’t know why she keeps on with this fantasy that she has blown all her veins forever. A drug addict will always find a vein, or they will just do the drugs a different way. No drug addict would just decide they suddenly don’t have the urge to use because they couldn’t find a vein.

Second, why is talking like she’s been sober for 10 years? She really thinks she’s the messiah of recovery.

No. 710549

Only 2 80 inch TVs? Man, the struggles of being low income.

No. 710554

Wtf is she going to do with TWO 80 inch televisions in an apartment? Lol don’t forget about your tank, the rats cage and all your other tubs/housing environments for all your other animals. She tries so hard to act like she’s somebody special.

Also notice how she always tries to distract her audience with fantasies about the future? For example, she keeps going on about WHEN she’ll get an apartment and all her stuff in storage. That’s always a huge red flag to me because she never takes anything day by day. Clearly she’s struggling and tries to distract herself with delusions of what the future can bring.
Honestly, who’s going to rent to her? I imagine she left her apartment and house a pigsty and from the texts Jonny posted, they weren’t paying rent and I imagine that was also the case at the apartment (I think Chelsea claimed they got evicted from the apartment).
Keep fooling yourself Taylor. Keep on this road and you’re going to be a miserable junkie again soon.

No. 710561

TND's use of ebonics is so fucking gross. Here's this skinnyfat little rich white girl who's never done a hard day's work in her life spouting of language she doesn't understand and has no respect for. Cringy and shitty all at once.

Taylor, take several seats and stop speaking like you're from the block, ok? OK.

No. 710562

Doesn't landlords look through your background and your previous landlord if you want to buy a house or rent a big place?

No. 710563

Yup. She was most likely evicted from her last place and her previous apartment was full of holes and needles. No one is renting to her.

No. 710566

Also her credit is fucked since she admits she didn't pay any bills. She lives in a fantasy land.

No. 710569

Only thing she can get from it is another pitty party that she can rant about and try to get her stans to annoy the hell out of the landlord.

No. 710570

I have a sneaking suspicion that what's causing tension in the family is Taylor asking her parents to get the apartment in their name for her. That, or they put their name down for the other places she rented and they're pissed she put that shit on them. Explains why Jen was dealing with the Atrium house landlord.

I've rented some nice places and needed a credit score of at least 650. I highly doubt Taylor has a credit score that high based on her age, her issues with taxes and all her debts she wasn't paying.

No way she's getting a nice apartment without her parents.

No. 710571

File: 1569619877546.jpg (528 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190927-143100.jpg)

No. 710573

I wonder if she'll still romanticize drugs once she starts having to apply for things she needs in life and get rejected due to her history.

No. 710575

100k wow…

No. 710576

She's acting like She's jeffree star buying a man, which is sad, because Taylor didn't have to be the way she is.

No. 710578

Oh, I am very sure she's going to be building up a saga of, "How hard it is to get back on your feet as a recovering addict" that's about how the system is against addicts etc.

What kills me is I agree that the odds are stacked up against addicts, BUT, not people like Taylor. She has a warm roof over her head, food on the table and a family to support her doing absolutely nothing job wise outside of YT.

A lot of addicts turn to drugs because they have nothing, and when they recover, they still have nothing and no one to help them.

Taylor is a spoiled brat who wants to be able to do whatever the fucks she wants, and hoard a bunch more animals without her mom over her head. She has absolutely no life threatening need to get her own place like a lot of addicts do.

No. 710579

File: 1569620411436.jpg (481.56 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190811-001108.jpg)

Old relevant milk

No. 710591

Someone will ALWAYS take care of Taylor, she's got money, not fat or ugly (kinda) and white. Her family will if it isn't another druggie.

Sponsors are gonna nope the fuck out, her money can't buy back her reputation. Could've easily been worth a couple mil by now if not for smack.

No. 710595

Ah yes such low income. Her "low income" comment has seriously pissed me off. She wants to be oppressed and pitied so fucking bad but shes just delusional and straight up disrespectful to people who are ACTUALLY struggling. Taylor shut the fuck up and take some time for self reflection you disgusting bitch.

No. 710604

It’s like she’s just dying to talk about JC, but doesn’t want to be the one to bring him up. Why even mention the part about his funko pops? The person replied barely about him, but she responded just about him.

On one level, I get it. I’ve been there. But, this isn’t “healing” or moving on. Social media isn’t your therapist. The problem is a real therapist wouldn’t kiss her ass and let her play victim. They would force her to look at the shitty things she also did in the relationship or in life. I’m in no way defending JC here, but she wants to portray it like she was some sweet innocent angel until he came and ruined her. Maybe at first she was, but once she became an addict there’s no doubt that she did some real scummy shit in that relationship as well.

No. 710608

File: 1569623467536.jpg (135.51 KB, 1536x480, Screenshot_20190928-003057.jpg)

No. 710610

File: 1569623527086.jpg (194.41 KB, 1536x508, Screenshot_20190928-003158.jpg)

No. 710615

Doubtful, she can't even keep her room clean, how's she gonna get a home and move all her shit in under a month?

Tinfoil, but the second she moves out it's straight back drugs, might not be heroin but drugs. She clearly hasn't changed any habits or unhealthy lifestyle choices.

No. 710622

This tweet is gonna come back to haunt her lmao

No. 710624

File: 1569625918218.jpeg (483.02 KB, 1242x1519, 23174E14-55FD-4C39-84F7-D36488…)

I love her lies

No. 710628

File: 1569626193344.png (1.39 MB, 1305x683, by the book.PNG)

All I can think of is that kids cake commercial.

No. 710630

>>710628 sage because this adds nothing to the convo. That isnt a commercial its from a kids show called lazy town. The song is called cooking by the book.

No. 710636

Nice one, trying to shield her pathological behavior by turning it into a "feminist" issue. There is self-confidence and there is histrionics.
Even if her attention-whoring was just self-confidence, it would be a problem- if you're living a shitty, meaningless life and are content with yourself then you will have no motivation to change.
That's fucking ridiculous. The average person making low six figs doesn't do a fraction of clothes shopping that Taylor does unless they have a spending habit. She has no conception of what the life of the average American looks like. Though given that she probably doesn't have many living expenses now that she's mooching off of Mama Dean, I guess she can get away with it.
If you're buying then they don't really give a shit as long as you can pay cash or are approved for the mortgage (and mortgage companies usually don't give a shit as long as your credit is good).

If you're renting an expensive/high-end place and/or going through a property management company then they will look for references. Some independent landlords, especially slumlords or landlords in places where renters are usually college students, don't give a shit. She could probably find a place to rent, but her options are going to be heavily restricted.

No. 710650

File: 1569628215007.jpg (868.91 KB, 1536x1864, Screenshot_20190928-014857.jpg)

No. 710664

File: 1569630080415.jpg (280.42 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190813-225333.jpg)

You should add this one

No. 710665

File: 1569630111729.jpeg (299.91 KB, 750x856, 94EB44DE-83BE-4BFA-8727-B6DB89…)

Why does she address her own daughter like they aren’t related? The way she says “ my son” instead of your brother. It’s so weird. Their relationship is so unhealthy.

No. 710667

File: 1569630401342.jpeg (360.71 KB, 1242x1351, 859352B9-893A-4B8E-BAE4-09FD98…)

Taylor Humble I spend $700 Like Poor People Spend $50 Dean

No. 710668

“some men be hating”

she’s so cringy omg. she’s definitely committing to this hoodspeak thing. stop it girl, that is NOT your style

No. 710671

she'll adopt another old junkie guy the moment she moves out guaranteed.

No. 710676

Yea she's seemed to pickup FLEAS behaviors from her narc mother and jonny.

The full body tattoo coverage, drugs, weird fashion, AA vernacular, bumming off others, lying/excuse making, reckless spending, jerk to everyone who doesn't worship her "talent".

Not that she wasn't bad before but she's a girl version of Jonny at this point. Still not convinced she won't OD soon.

No. 710682

I wonder if she made Jonny sign a worthless NDA like Onision did with everyone?

Jake is trash and yet I'm sure he's not lying.

No. 710699

Unlikely imo, Taylor won't spill on jonny cause he knows she was smacked out and her animals suffered. He was injecting her so he knows how little she actually did.

She said she sent him emails and he's being a douche, She probably agreed to keep paying for his teeth and let him keep his gaming toys if he stayed quiet.

Jonny is only stay quiet because he's getting something out of it, and he probably thinks he might be able to get back with Taylor later.

No. 710705

File: 1569636744103.jpeg (231.55 KB, 996x2047, EFaxYwZWkAE93c3.jpeg)

Don't think this tweet has been posted yet.

No. 710718

this is really the hill she wants to die on, huh.

No. 710719

lol, trying to be the victim "stop being horrible"

If $700 isn't alot to you, your not lower income dumbass. You might want to take taxes into account too moron.

Taylor will not stay rich the way she spends, a depression is coming, expect more YT pay cuts.

No. 710722


it's because it's performative, anon

they're both on stage in front of their audience(s)

No. 710743

I’m so sick of hearing idiotic bitch sperg out about Dolls Kill already. When she first got out of rehab, people brought to her attention how they steal designs and degrade women. She was like “oh wow, I’m going to have to further look into this.This sucks because I like their clothes uwu.” Then she went on her second shopping spree with this brand and was adamant that she was not going to stop shopping this brand because there wasn’t substantial evidence to back up accusations against this company. Now she’s on about how they’re going to lose her $700/month business. It’s fucking exhausting. Just say you don’t give a flying fuck about this company stealing designs and degrading women because you love their hideous outfits and move on. TBH She’s just pissed because she spends all this money on their clothes and posts tacky selfies in them and they don’t extend PR merch to her.

No. 710747

This comment makes me laugh, she’s legit saying “I thought that if dollskill saw MY comment about not wanting to shop with them anymore, that they’d change their ways instantly and BEG for me to come back uwu!!!!” She’s so fucking full of herself, newsflash Taylor - they don’t give a shite.

How many more times is she gonna try to drag dollskill? People have told her repeatedly that they’re a shit brand and every damn time she acts like it’s new information to her.

No. 710751

Taylor is probably the dumbest cow on here, it's hard to believe how stupid she is sometimes. She makes literally the worst, irrational decisions multiple times in a row and then acts surprised when it backfires.

Honestly, it's incredible, how can you be this stupid? She's literally the botched bimbo stereotype. If she had two brain cells to rub together she'd look at her life and realize what a trash-fire it is. There's only so much stupid I can take! Every day I think she can't get any stupider but she does! I think she legit lost a chromosome shooting up. You can fake this level of retard.

No. 710780

What an awful awful awful cunt.. sometimes I start to feel bad for her and then… shit like this. Ffs this car crash I can’t look away from is just ridiculous

No. 710806

File: 1569657755660.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1125x1771, B5A01849-AB43-482D-A64E-AC497E…)

No. 710807

which means she is filming the video right now because she never takes her snakes out unless it's for a video, and will be late tomorrow because "bad wifi".

No. 710817

I was going to the say the same. Unless she says this video is from days ago lmao but we all know that’s not true.

No. 710819

File: 1569662304379.png (1.08 MB, 1242x2688, 58F8E8FC-26FA-44AE-9B96-2C4B86…)

No. 710824


Yes we did.

No. 710829

>pics of girls bodies to get off to when I'm right there

kek. bitch you shower once every 6 weeks. going down on you would be like diving in a septic tank

No. 710842

Idk, Jonny seems pretty happy with his new girlfriend. Makes me wonder when will he start to demonize Taylor as an evil ex.

No. 710846

File: 1569673950383.png (2.45 MB, 1242x2688, 7D33D19A-1384-4DA6-B3FE-61DD05…)

Looking older than 22 in this video as well

No. 710849

omg, this pic literally fucking scared me.

No. 710852

File: 1569675209374.png (1.42 MB, 874x1980, Capture _2019-09-28-08-49-06.p…)

Been keeping tabs on Mama D and so far she has deleted and reactivated her twitter 4 times in the last 24 hours, posted that Tanner is in the hospital for some "TLC", changed her twitter bio 3 times to sad/angry emo shit and alluded to being an idiot on lolcow.

What a ride. Also, no wonder TayTay was up and posting pics of her tank mid-day. Gotta take advantage of the empty house during daylight hours to slink around and snap pics of the animals your mom cares for.

No. 710853

I hope tanner is okay. Sucks a severely disabled kid has to live with crazy narc mama dean and that thing called Taylor

No. 710855

File: 1569675812943.png (750.88 KB, 889x1661, Capture _2019-09-28-08-55-53.p…)

Also posting this because it is too nutty not to share. Her and Taylor's dynamic just fascinates me. They are both so dramatic and egotistic…and just fucking weird.

No. 710864

Lana Del Rey needs to lay off the meth and lip injections

No. 710865

She looks like Marilyn Manson. And no, Taylor, not in a cute or quirky or heroin chic way. In a "has her skin been turned to wax and then slightly melted off her face?" way

You can't change my mind that Tanner is having these issues because he's so stressed out from having to live with Taylor again. It's difficult to live with PWS just doing your normal routine, so having his erratic, drug-addicted sister move in with 25+ extra animals will throw a big wrench into his life. plus like an anon mentioned yesterday, the fights between her and Mama Dean won't go unnoticed by Tanner. Poor kid is stuck between a passive-aggressive rock and a lying, self-sabotaging hard place.

No. 710870

he's severely overweight and the comforter is filthy. taylor, luna and shayna are kissing cousins, guess it's the drugs that make you such a mess.

No. 710871


this plus massive clothes haul of stripper - excuse me, clubbing gear. she's already selling nudes, mark my words.

No. 710874

I'm having asthma problems just looking at this picture. This is beyond disgusting, is that shit or dirt on the bed? Wtf is that cum stain?!

3 cats, dusty litter, A ton of light and heaters, humid bacteria everywhere. That's not healthy to live in, her animals are legit killing her slowly.

She's shortening her snakes lifespan by feeding so much, the obesity is gonna take it's toll on them eventually.

She looks like a crazy cat lady

No. 710876

File: 1569682525692.png (468.68 KB, 1316x543, Bmovie.PNG)

Why TF is she watching the Bee movie, why would you waste your life watching that crap? Watching garbage movies in her room alone, the signs of a winner right here.

I think she just locks herself in her room all day so she doesn't have to deal with her family. She doesn't want to deal with reality cause she's a pathetic loser IRL.

No. 710878


She's doing it because it was a meme years ago and she wants to seem young and trendy for her fans. As usual it just shows how cringe and behind on the times she is.

No. 710879

Blatancy? Blatantly. Maybe get off Twitter and read a book, Mama. You can see where Taylor gets that galaxy brain from.

No. 710880

You are reaching so hard. Lets critizice what's worth pointing out and stop whining about TND enjoying a bad movie. I love watching trash sometimes.

But yeah, I think it's pretty obvious how lonely and sad her life actually is.

No. 710881

Does heroin use affect hair growth? The balding spots almost look like trich, but maybe drug use makes your hair fall. Sad.

No. 710883

Trash is okay if you don't have pressing shit that needs to be dealt with, she's living in literal filth her priorities are fucked lol.

Somehow I still doubt her animals are a priority in her life.

Heavy drug use can, it should regrow healthier after a year or so.

No. 710893

She also fried the fuck out of her hair and now she doesn't take care of it at all.

Despite her being sooo rich and "$700 being her $50" she was using box bleach at home the entire time she was blonde so, it's not surprising she fried the roots and it fell out in clumps.

She has like 10 strands of hair left and is so delusional she thinks she can fix it and looks like Scarlett Johansson

No. 710904

File: 1569688590965.jpg (551.58 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190928-093540.jpg)

Justifying her tiny ass enclosures where she can't even move

No. 710932

that blanket looks so fucking disgusting. funny how she spends all this money on clothes and animals but can't keep her room clean, let along the bed she sleeps in. like how fucking lazy can you be to not even clean your bed sheets and just sleep in them like that. fucking gross.

No. 710941

i'm sure the snake would be thrilled to have an enclosure with some enrichment. why would that be overwhelming?

No. 710948

It's lazy because it's obese and it has nowhere to move.

What Taylor is doing is cruel, a snake wasn't born to be stuffed inside a box without light or stimulation. I can only how horrible a life that must be.

If your going to keep animals in captivity you have a responsibly to make sure they are living a fulfilling life. Such little respect for nature it's disgusting.

No. 710953

Have we seen Ducks current enclosure? It's one of the snakes she always waves around for selfies so I have lost track…

Some snakes actually do prefer enclosures like plastic bins because they provide good humidity for the snake and nervous snakes feel very safe inside them. However, it is very important that it's big enough so the snake can stretch out, and have enough stuff for enrichments, and proper hides, and a VERY clean environment.

No. 710959

I believe she shows it in her feeding all my pets video after her return. She is in a small tub with literally no space to move.

No. 710981

Wouldn't be surprised if she didn't pay electricity bills and got her power turned off, which made the whole incident with her cooked skins instead of whatever was her original excuse

No. 711042

Not to mention that she fucked with her hair several times in a short period of time, and it wasn't only the bleach, it was also extensions.

To add to it, her scalp is extremely oily, which also contributes to hair fallout, because the sebum buildup weakens the follicles. She has alopecia, which can be reversed IF she actually drags herself to a dermatologist instead of a shitty tattoo artist and washes her hair every day (because you're not going to be stripping any natural oils with the amount of sebum your hair and scalp have, believe me) with shampoo containing Biotin for volume.

But it's Taylor so let's buy a shitty quality "low income" wig to flex it on Twitter.

No. 711055

viviscal, swearrrrrdd by it!!! she would never be able to simply take two tablets a day for six months tho. Maybe they could make a special formula for her!!!

No. 711064

this is so potato quality so it's tough to say, but. the shading around the hairline almost looks as though she's been using not just dry shampoo but also the spray in color that thickens and darkens the scalp so hair loss is less noticeable.

why is she talking about selling nudes with young fans? 'it depends on the relationship' wait, what? is she actually telling this fan that selling nudes to guys is ever a good idea?

No. 711067

She's really starting to look like Blaire White dumb ass.

And I dislike both equally so it makes sense.

No. 711159

God she looks doped out of her mind!!!! Also she needs to pick up a bronzer brush and blend that fuxking contour damnnnn she just slaps it in a straight line on her cheek and calls it a day! It’s nitpicky but literally like the 7th time she posted a pic with her makeup like that..side note but wonder if she getting her dope from the friendly heroin dealer that lives down the street? Kek

No. 711192

Between the two of them, I think Blair is actually prettier and that's.. unfortunate for Taylor.

No. 711196

She looks like the other mother from Coraline

No. 711198

Nah Taylor looks wayy better then Blair, Taylor just needs better styling imo, I don't even think she's bad looking. Blair looks like one of those Who's from the grinch

No. 711201

At least Blaire has a grasp of basic hygiene. cough

No. 711202


Both are big idiots if you ask me their looks/smells are the last thing I care about.

No. 711214

File: 1569714293402.png (626.38 KB, 750x1334, BFE4C480-D39B-4142-B370-005079…)

Jen took #recovery out of her bio..coincidence I think not ..(evidence based tinfoil) but I think Taylor relapsed and the 30 day sober soup was correct from day 1..also I’ve noticed Taylor doesn’t talk and brag about recovery/addiction like she used to ..so I think there’s more than enough reasons to believe she’s using drugs again including >>710846 this pic lmao

No. 711224


There's blood on her sheets next to her leg in this pic. Maybe trying to find a vein tinfoil?

No. 711225

looks like spaghetti sauce

No. 711260

So Jake admits on twitter that he was high off of meth and other substances and Taylor recently claims she’s done meth. Coincidence? This confirms for me that she may have stayed away from heroin while at the extended stay, but she was definitely trying other drugs to seem cool in front of her bro dick. Guarantee they were doing meth. I believe even some anons tinfoiled she was on meth because of her crazy sperging on twitter.
Also tinfoil, but maybe Taylor did relapse, hence the constant fighting with her mom and her poor brother reacting to being in the midst of it. I can’t imagine why Jen would continue to allow Taylor to stay under her roof if she was using. It’s not productive to Tanner’s well being and Taylor is so messy that it’d be a needle stick injury waiting to happen.

No. 711279

Her fans are so Naive in trusting that she will TOTALLY tell them if she relapses considering for an entire year, she lied to everyone and went on rants about how she's sober and tried passing it off as rumours, she lied when she made her first piss poor attempt to get sober and it lasted no more than a week.

It's come from her own mouth, junkies are liars, like Johnny right? So how can anyone trust that she's telling the truth now?

The thing is, she won't admit it when she inevitably relapses even when the proof smacks everyone in the face.

No. 711292

Blatancy is a word anon

No. 711293

I need a drink after reading this but I'd better not. I may end up addicted to drugs after 3-4 sips

No. 711297

Yeah there’s no chance in hell she would ever admit to it unless she had no choice - like last time. Taylor knows her fans are dumb or children or both so they’re easy to manipulate for her. Like you said, she’s stated that drug addicts lie, so why does she expect us to take everything she’s saying as a fact?

I really wouldn’t be surprised if it came out that she had relapsed with jake or even that she’s taking something now. I really can’t see how she’s going to therapy or looking after her animals when she sleeps all fucking day. Her parents are enablers, they need to give her a good kick up the ass with a reality check.

I honestly feel for Tanner, stuck in the house with those three crazy assholes along with PWS must be incredibly stressful. I really hope that when he’s old enough he thinks about other options (homes with help etc) and gets on out of there.

No. 711306

Also, I don’t think she ever wants to admit she relapsed because of Jonny. I think she’s really trying to stick it to him that she’s still sober and doing so much better without him. Especially seeing as he’s supposedly moved on to another girl.

No. 711309

I agree with this.

I also think she won't ever admit it until she can spin the story in a way that gets her pity points. If she does ever admit to relapsing with Jake, I'm sure she'll blame him.

No. 711315


It's always somebody else's fault regardless of the situation.

Relapse? Jonnys fault, Jakes fault, Brees Fault.

I got the wrong breed of animal? Sellers fault.

Dragon with a bad tail? Sellers fault.

Geckos got fried in their enclosure? Electricity's fault.

Kicked out of Rehab? Other patients fault.

Banned from the Clinic? Anxiety's fault.

Nothing is ever Taylor's fault.
Taylor, if everything around you goes terribly wrong, maybe, just maybe! You're the problem.

No. 711330

File: 1569734958365.jpg (577.43 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190928-222856.jpg)

Wonder who this is about

No. 711336

Any specific point where SD calls her out? They make their videos weeks in advance, so it's more likely to be coincidence.

"Pecan" Nobody calls you Pecan, pig. Grow up and mother your kids instead of acting like you're a 12 year old online.

No. 711337

File: 1569735371515.jpg (558.28 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190928-222834.jpg)

No. 711366

No. 711367

File: 1569738331856.png (896.57 KB, 1242x2688, 083D575E-539D-46BA-96ED-208B24…)

Insert eye roll here

No. 711368

File: 1569738367418.png (512.9 KB, 1242x2688, 3AEE3D1F-FCCC-4467-A102-857CEC…)

No. 711371

File: 1569738502702.png (883.09 KB, 1242x2688, 2E1B74FC-3825-401E-9B73-AAAE3A…)

A follow up

No. 711378

With your attitude Taylor? I don't think anyone wants to be your friend. lol

No. 711379

Starting to believe most of her stans are just pretending to be nice to her as well. The comments are just too dumb to be real.

No. 711383

It looks like the blanket is a duvet without any bed clothes on it. Like she took them off to clean them (or more likely her mother did it for her) and was too lazy to put them back on.you can see the pillow in the back with the pillowcase half put on. That's so nasty and unhygienic, especially if she puts all of her animals out on it.

No. 711384

File: 1569742119828.jpg (436.91 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20190929-082319_Ins…)

Sorry to double post, I forgot to attach ty he picture

No. 711391

File: 1569746258542.jpg (503.62 KB, 1080x1832, 20190929_183710.jpg)

Posted and deleted within minutes.

No. 711397

File: 1569748654999.jpg (172.93 KB, 1536x343, Screenshot_20190929-111701.jpg)

No. 711399

File: 1569749033836.jpg (739.71 KB, 1536x1639, Screenshot_20190929-112349.jpg)

No. 711403

File: 1569750050375.jpg (877.37 KB, 1536x1812, Screenshot_20190929-114039.jpg)

No. 711405

File: 1569750630671.png (536.85 KB, 1242x2688, F6A176A0-9001-41BF-B0F6-83A9DF…)

Drugs are so amazing guys

No. 711411

File: 1569751595176.jpeg (309.8 KB, 1242x2208, 35DBB4BA-F23E-4D9B-9258-25FEB8…)

Not super milky but still weird. Why take the time to create a trailer for your vid tomorrow—especially when the trailer pretty much shows everything?

No. 711418

I can just imagine that person not giving a shit about what Taylor is tweeting about in response to her. She can’t keep her mouth (thoughts) shut especially when theyre taking the attention away from her

No. 711419

She must be so fucking bored out of her mind in that room of hers to be posting random things that doesn’t make any sense

No. 711420

Yeah she goes on a lot of long winded rants to people who @ed her and they often have nothing to do with what the person said and are all about her. It's the prime example of her narc personality. People like her are boring and exhausting/not worth talking to. That and how she talks in circles and is never wrong.

No. 711421

how can she boast about her 'sobriety' when she simultaniously speaks about wanting to abuse her meds? That doesn't seem very recovered and thriving to me

No. 711423

File: 1569758873139.png (3.74 MB, 1242x2688, 8FC0A81D-2140-4A8B-B54D-BC8970…)

Desperate for attention

No. 711425

File: 1569759460214.jpg (2.26 MB, 1920x2317, inCollage_20190929_141702017.j…)

No. 711428

Ok, I don’t follow this thread much so I didn’t realize she said she went on suboxone after 30 days of being sober. All of her withdrawal symptoms were done at that point. That’s the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard. Most doctors require you to have opiates in your system to give you suboxone or methadone. That drug test you the day you go and that’s also how they try to determine your dosage. If you went in with nothing in your system, they usually kick you out because they think your just drug seeking for yourself or to sell them. It seems like she found a doctor that knows their clients are there to sell them or abuse them.

Suboxone is really to keep your body out of withdrawals, it really only helps with urges in the sense that it is opiates, so you don’t need other opiates. Now, it does have opiates reactors in it so that if you use you can(not always like she says, there are ways around it) get extremely sick if you use heroin or other opiates with it. Waiting until your completely out of withdrawals to get on because you wanted to use is so stupid. It’s just a way to legally get high.

I only comment on the thread when I’m scrolling and see her make stupid ass comments about addiction or suboxone. Obviously I know it well, and I agree that if I was her fan and hadn’t been sober over 3 years, I’d use in a heartbeat because of her tweets. She really has the worst information/advice about addiction.

No. 711434


i remember reading in previous parts of thread about TND that she had to be clean from opiates to get suboxoone otherwise she would get sick.

No. 711440

Wow it's almost like having Jonny gone with a girl who's way prettier than her is actually making her jealous and bitter!
Mix that with being freshly targeted by an absolute fuckwit and the obvious rejection from Oscar..

This girl is just embarrassing herself now. She acts happy to be single, but she's clearly not!

She still loves jonny and it's crystal clear she's bitter that he's not on his knees begging for her like she says he used to.

No. 711443

Some people gets post acute withdrawal that can last for years and suboxone is a safer method than just letting the patient go and potentially overdose when it becomes too much. I don’t have so much of a problem with TND taking subs as I do with the fact that she is definitely doing too little therapy with it. She’s just going to doc, getting a prescription and not putting in the work to change the behaviors for when the time comes to get off of them.

No. 711444

File: 1569765051539.jpg (603.9 KB, 1080x1749, 20190929_235009.jpg)

No. 711445

File: 1569765086993.jpg (621.58 KB, 1080x1797, 20190929_235019.jpg)

No. 711448


You aren't allowed to talk about him negatively though Taylor because he has the Addiction Disease which means nothing he does is his fault! It's the diseases fault!

Remember that kid you told to not be angry at his junkie father despite all the hurt he caused?
Well you can't be mad at jonny because it's not his fault remember? He must be forgiven, did you know that there's groups you can join that help others cope with the behaviours of addicted loved ones? Perhaps you should go to one, it will help you understand.

You should practice what you preach Taylor. This is the kind of message you're putting out there, but you're doing a shit job of actually following through with the bullshit that dribbles from your Monkey Ass lips.

No. 711454

God she wants so badly to be as much of a victim as his other exes and I just doubt she is. I highly doubt he was as bad to her as he was to the others. I don't think he ever hit or anything because she would have said by now since she can't keep her mouth shut about anything. I still believe she likes him and is now only about to spill things because he has a new girlfriend. All of her attempts to find a guy have failed and now she won't shut up about Jonny now.
I know Jonny likes to make his exes into "that crazy ex girlfriend" but I'm going to be inclined to believe him once he starts that with Taylor.
She STILL is going with the narrative that ~he shot her up~ trying to make it seem like he did it against her will like he wanted to with the other girl and that isn't even true. She told him to shoot her up. Like, fuck.. can't even believe any of the tea she's going to spill about him because she is such a liar and has such a victim complex.
How fucking awful do you have to be to make Jonny Craig look like the better person??
I hope the other exes don't let her be a part of this thing they have going on. I hope they don't lend her support, I hope they won't include her so she can get her panties wet about being a victim.

No. 711455

Jonny doesn't look like the better person though. He's still a rapist piece of dirt. He was quiet at first because he knew he could'nt trash her as he did his exes because he'd get backlash from her stans.

And now he just has an new victim so he doesn't really care. He's not a better person.

No. 711470

that's vivitrol a different med. What she really should have gotten on . It makes it so you can't get high (but you can od if you try) and there is no opiate in it. Normally people who can't make it the 2 weeks clean necessary go on subs otherwise vivitrol is recommended since it's a monthly shot or 6mo arm implant. There is a suboxone shot now but lbr most people get on subs because they like the idea of still getting a bit of ~dr condoned drug~. Its best use is to make detox easier/milder because otherwise exactly what she's saying is the exact issue it causes.

No. 711481

Could you also highlight “I planned a relapse…” part? I think that loosely confirms a relapse

No. 711505

File: 1569775000906.png (736.82 KB, 1242x2688, C7824C2E-5833-4841-9C3D-EF01FB…)

Aka It’s helping me afford drugs and tacky clothing

No. 711535


Yeah you don’t need to be through withdrawals to get subs - that’s what they are best for. Long term suboxone maintenance is really putting a band aid over the bigger problem - plus they are literal hell to get off of. Taylor is doing nothing to help keep her sobriety except maybe taking subs. Although not to blog but I’ve skipped a sub dose in the morning and gotten high later no problem - so it’s no guarantee.

No. 711536

Taylor being on subs and not vivitrol is more confirmation she relapsed while in sober living (at least)

No. 711538

File: 1569778646902.jpg (447.31 KB, 1080x1708, Screenshot_20190929-133715_Twi…)

No. 711539

So which is it then? She has lots of money or she needs revenue to help her afford shit? She can’t decide which narrative to stick with.

No. 711541

They are fucking hell to go off of and it’s very long term withdrawal. I’m at a year last week after being on them for 11 years. I still feel crappy some days. I think it’s great for the short term because you can function, get a job, school if you choose, a place to live and then go off of them. It should just be for stabilization of your life and long term maintenance is a very bad idea. You eventually have to go through it and man if I knew them what I know now… It’s not as bad as a cold turkey quit but that only lasts a week or so, not a year.
Jeez Jen, shouldn’t you have been driving? You’re just as reckless as her train wreck daughter. No wonder where Tay got it.
She’s a poor little rich girl without responsibility. Most people her age are working hard for their money, are independent, have their license or finishing college. And here we have TND spending $700 on stripper clothes like most people spend $50 on food and then claiming poverty. Reminds me of Tuna.(no1curr)

No. 711576

Spill the tea Jen, stop teasing.

No. 711585

I thought the same thing. She could just be taking naltrexone every day - - it blocks opiates from the receptors and reduces cravings. There was no reason for her to start suboxone. And she's going to get a serious wake up call when she tries to get off them. Although heroin def helps to ease sub withdrawal, so there's always that option!

No. 711587

File: 1569783803152.png (3.43 MB, 1242x2688, 37C26BC5-A30E-4DB5-BE7F-E36A3F…)

No. 711598

File: 1569786365927.png (7.73 MB, 2688x1242, 4ECD2991-0E6F-4F4A-87CA-740E15…)

So about half way through the video
She cleans a hide and uses a towel that looks like its covered in shit
And then she says that its the towel she showers with????
I new she was fucking gross but what the absolute fuck
The photos blurry but you can still see the patches of actual white compared to the rest of it

No. 711599

File: 1569786394076.png (2.32 MB, 1242x2688, FB4CE102-CBD2-4029-B4C2-BC0655…)

No. 711601

File: 1569786424259.png (2.45 MB, 1242x2688, 04A12D72-5ADD-43FF-9051-534707…)

+ the original tweet

No. 711602

File: 1569786431217.jpg (157.02 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190929-154656_Gal…)

Just showing off her nasty ass bed

No. 711607

Kek. She heard someone say that once in rehab and thought it was so clever, that she has made that joke on Twitter at least 3 times.

No. 711611

Video Summary: Duck’s First Cage Upgrade


>>open with clips of Duck; bedspread is dirty and stained (yellow mustard(?), light brown spots, general dirt)
>>talking about not being able to find a good title
>>ducks cage is in the closet; admits her current enclosure is “cramped”
>>calls Duck fat; says it’s because of the species but that she has to watch her diet and defends that she’s at the right weight
>>disclaimer: new camera might be out of focus etc bc she’s learning


>>shows brush of her cleaning solution and how disgusting it is (why the fuck wouldn’t you rinse it after using it to clean??)
>>freaked out about spider web in enclosure; flops a rag around to get it but not kill it bc “we do not support animal abuse on this channel” (kek)
>>tank is pretty filthy so looks like it wasn’t a new purchase but a used find; not sure if her cleaner can properly sanitize it (a bleach/water solution is typically recommended)
>>weird angle of just her hands and rambling about it
>>”I am sober ladies and gentlemen”
>>clip of Ghost
>>”I feel like I act a little TOO weird sometimes, and it’s like, IS SHE ACTUALLY SOBER, but you know what? I have a necklace with my sobriety date on it [shows to camera] aaaand this is illegal to own unless you’re sober, sooo hehhh”
>>substrate added
>>she mixes forest floor with DRY eco earth (in my understanding, eco earth is supposed to hold humidity and should be wet/damp, otherwise the stuff is super dry and dusty; other snakeanons, feel free to correct me… concern would be dusty substrate isn’t good for snakes as it can cause irritation and RI)
>>discusses heat mat placement
>>adds hide; cleaning it and other stuff with same towel she bathes with
>>shows Duck’s current bin; ”it’s obviously way too small“ and she’s (Taylor) just “uncomfortable with it”
>>Ghost being silly/playful on cat tree
>>talking again about how short tail pythons are prone to obesity
>>Ghost jumps into enclosure
>>Nemo attempts to jump into enclosure
>>shows lots of plastic boxes in garage, says most of it is animal supplies; is looking for more things to add to enclosure
>>climbing through boxes etc
>>”decontaminates” driftwood she finds by rinsing it in the sink; says she’s only aware of one way to decontaminate which is boiling it and so justifies her half ass job by saying they were in an “air-sealed” container so it’s fine (tip: you can bake wood at a low temp or do a lengthy bleach and water soak process in the tub… which she would know if she actually—fuck it, nevermind)
>>showing off inside; water bowl has crusty ring at the top (possibility hard water deposits?“
>>oh damn she actually washes it… but it still looks like shit (vinegar, hello?)
>>Nemo tried to get in again
>>adds moss, mists it slightly
>>says Duck used to be “very aggressive” (snakes are DEFENSIVE, but sure let’s add to the stereotype that snakes are scary and mean)
>>says Duck has never bitten her but has made many attempts in the past
>>puts Duck inside; snake hanging 1/3 out
>>weird “quirky talk” that she does making fun of Duck being so slow and a “tube of flesh”
>>adds lock but doesn’t know where key went


>>bought a new water bowl (she says she bought it but it looks identical to the one at the bottom of the bin she grabbed driftwood from??)
>>got a heater (so she added the snake before adding the heat… eyeroll.exe)


>>mentions it’s been a hectic week so she filmed something she would’ve been doing anyway (tank upgrade)
>>jokes that she has a Galaxy Brain (didn’t she get that from here???)
>>plug for second channel
>>”a lot of YouTubers have names for their fans… idk what to call you”
>>reminder to watch her last vid about the cowfish and, surprise surprise, her heroin video

No. 711626

Anyone mind posting a screenshot of her tub from before?

No. 711631

File: 1569789361748.png (8.93 MB, 2208x1242, F1CF0654-1E1E-4BF2-A2FB-8FE636…)

No. 711633

File: 1569789440476.jpeg (122.71 KB, 1239x707, F96A65C3-DF1A-4723-89D5-1F9561…)

This angle gives you an idea of the size also

No. 711634

Damn that substrate is dry. That's how you get a URI.

No. 711637

In the new tank she added mulch and more dry eco earth, and didn’t mist it at all. That’s not how you’re supposed to use it for exactly what you said. URI risk.

No. 711654

Wtf is the point of fake plants in there

No. 711657

Simulate natural habitat?

No. 711659

"enrichment" it just makes it obvious how the tub is too small for the snake though. I will defend rack systems, but not ones like this.

No. 711660

Yeah, I'm not a snakekeeper but I just don't get racks, especially when used like this. She's just chucking her animals in bins like assorted crayons in a daycare or something. Why have so many if you don't wan to even look at them or put them in nice habitats?

No. 711663

is this about eight inches deep? i'm not great at judging scale.

No. 711664

Spill or fuck off, Jen. You know we're the only people on the planet who'd actually listen to what you have to say, it's not like your husband or your daughter do.

No. 711675

Yep, she's trying on some new contouring and it's looking oddly misshapen and lopsided on her. Also ages her terribly.

No. 711677

It's bad makeup anon, the lighting is pretty shitty too, way too dark.

She sounds kinda pissed/fake like she wants to gtfo of her living situation. She sounds bored like she was forced to do this video by her mom or something. Really plugging the second channel lately too.

I think she's pushing for more income from YT, her views are starting to going down again, demonetization with YT is getting worse and she's running out of new ideas.

No. 711686

She doesn't breed her snakes, what is the purpose of the rack?

If you're doing to collect thousand dollar snakes, why not chuck in the extra few hundred to get their proper sized enclosure?

She should be catering to each snakes natural habitat but they all look literally the same.

What pisses me off the most about her dumb rack system, is that she's putting ARBOREAL SNAKES in a RACK?! WHY?

What is the point of spending thousands on tonnes of snakes, only to shove them in tiny tubs with horrible enrichment, fake plants that do nothing but take up space, horrible substrate, barely any room to move or climb.
It's no wonder her snakes are so fat, they don't have anywhere to go or climb, she rarely takes them out unless it's to stress them out for photo time.

Now she's letting them crawl all over feral bedding.
Using your own personal towel to clean? That's fucking gross!

Towels, paper towels, disposable cleaning sponges, it doesn't cost much to use separate cleaning items.

She's so fucking lazy and half assed it's depressing to watch.

No. 711688

she just doxxed herself by posting this, if you go to the link, it shows the phone number associated with the account… nice work taylor

No. 711690

File: 1569796452846.jpg (117.78 KB, 720x394, Screenshot_20190929-153315_Twi…)

except the fish and iirc her frog

No. 711691

Did she SERIOUSLY suggest a bleach/water solution to clean one of her animal enclosures?? Is she trying to fucking kill them? What the fuck. If ANYTHING use a water/vinegar solution. I can’t believe this chick.

No. 711692

Taylor, people think it is a new snake because ONLY NOW is Duck getting a proper cage. People assume you wouldn't let your designer animals live in tubs, since you're YT famous as a pet-parent.

No. 711702

what about all the fish? do they not count as pets? are they not real animals? jfc taylor at least pretend you care about your aquatic 'friends'

No. 711704

Taylor doesn't consider an animal as a "new purchase" if she has somewhere to put it. All her new fish went into the 150, so they "don't count".

Remember anon, they're just fish!

No. 711708

Like she didn't got Cheese No.2 a week ago

No. 711710

>>aaaand this is illegal to own unless you’re sober
Lol, Wtf ever you dumb bitch! Did she seriously say that? Like NA/AA test you and report to the government. And her stans are retarded if they believe that. Holy shit sometimes I wish I could actually meet her by accident.

No. 711711

She did (I’m the anon that did the summary) but she was saying it in that weird, joking/pretend-awkward way she does when she’s trying to be funny. She wasn’t making a serious statement.

No. 711714

She obviously still have feelings for Jonny if she can't shut up about him. Jealous that he has a new girl while Taylor is struggling to even get noticed in her underwear.

Aka $700 is my $50 and I want to keep it that way k thx

Her towel is also her cage cleaner. That's beyond nasty. She must have a bad stench.

Just still to your addiction videos since you just love to talk about it, Taylor. Oh wait.. no one cares so you're stuck making animal videos that you obviously don't like doing.

No. 711717

File: 1569803272447.jpg (553.31 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190929-172743.jpg)

No. 711720

File: 1569803759050.jpg (81.65 KB, 490x735, Chyna_wrestler_.jpg)


taylor out here lookin like middle-aged diseased drug-user wrestler Chyna

No. 711724

She just now upgraded that poor overweight snake to something bigger than a shoe box? What a neglectful bitch. Her first priorities were online shopping spree for clothes she doesn't need and getting selfies in an ultra revealing outfit for a rave she will never go to.

Just let that sink in… also the fact she could toss out that awful snack rack and get proper enclosures with the hundreds she drops buying clothes.

No. 711725

File: 1569804328163.jpeg (34.71 KB, 207x275, support.jpeg)


Are you forgetting this?

Stop injecting smack and maby your memory will improve! LMAO!

No. 711726

Damn I knew she looked familiar to someone and I just couldn't place it. Spot on, anon!

No. 711731

lips not fucked up enough and too much hair.

Taylor won't make it to this old, she'll do everyone a favor and OD.(a-log)

No. 711737

Taylor in 5 years kek..but anyways someone commented on her new video (well maybe she won’t kill her animals now that she’s sober) and she went on a sperg about it in the comments. there’s even more to the comment she left but it’s not milky and just her repeating herself and rambling more (part 1/2)

No. 711738

File: 1569806258207.png (427.32 KB, 750x1334, 64DBDD3A-772D-44A5-917D-50AEB4…)

(1/2) accidentally hit post instead of pic kek here is the comment though

No. 711739

File: 1569806324277.png (409.71 KB, 750x1334, 6F087668-C733-4E79-AECE-FC2D22…)

2/2 ..there’s more but it ain’t interesting ..and funny how she said she won’t respond to hate but always does lol

No. 711741

File: 1569806472393.png (355.74 KB, 750x1334, 0579EC4F-7CAD-495C-AF11-1AC6C2…)

Also here’s her excuse for why her comforter is dirty lmao a few people commented on her new video about how dirty it was ..washing it every 3 days hahaha maybe one of her boldest lies

No. 711745

"healthy animals"

Bitch, your hedgehog had/has fucking MANGE and your snake had/has mouth issues. And that's just shit you admit to.

Any proof they recovered yet?

No. 711749

File: 1569806757283.png (390.34 KB, 750x1334, 6F89C8AC-658E-410E-AA10-635EDA…)

Her landlord knew she was the YouTube qWeEn of SNekS that’s why they allowed only HER to have almost 50 animals in her tiny ass apartment cuz she's SpEciAL of course. Lmao but if they don’t let you then bribe them like she did bahahaha well whic is it? They let you cuz they knew you or you lied to them and payed them off?

No. 711751

I tried to sage this, hopefully i did it right. I never post on these threads, just lurk to see the train wreck of this girl's constant lies, but I'm really tired of seeing people here who even admit they know nothing about snakes but INSIST that all her snakes are obese, especially her ball pythons and Duck.

Duck is actually very visibly UNDEWEIGHT in this video. Her spine is very prominent/defined when she is being put into the new enclosure. I was surprised when i saw it in the video which led me to post about it here. These types of snakes SHOULD be girthy, that is how pythons are! All of her ball pythons are normal weight as well. Maui is pretty massive for a male BP but some snakes just end up bigger. Because so many of you don't know jack shit about snakes you don't realize, for most of her snakes they only need to be fed once a week to 10 days and to get them obese like all of you bitch about, she'd have to be power feeding them multiple times a week and let's be real, she's too lazy for that. If anything, Duck hasn't been being fed regularly for months now for the spine to be sticking out that much. Pythons are NOT colubrids. Colubrids, the skinny snakes that are usually more active and quick are the ones I think most of you associate with snakes and how they should look. Their heads and bodies are similar in thickness. Pythons are supposed to be very thick and chunky. Trust me, look up what obese pythons look like and you'll see how retarded you all sound sperging about her obese snakes..this girl does way more bullshit that constitutes bitching than the size of her snakes. And no, racks are not cruel and in fact are more comfortable for snakes when properly sized. Snake Discovery is a perfect example of proper snake husbandry, if you want to compare to see Taylor's half ass errors. Also, snakes can go weeks upon months without food and be fine/have no change in mass. That is just how snakes are, especially pythons which don't use much energy. So stop freaking out when she talks about a snake missing a couple of meals.

No. 711752

Omg, thank you, lol. That’s how much she lies though and I could totally see her trying to pass that off to her stans.

No. 711753

“Bribe them with your YouTube”
Is she totally tone deaf

No. 711754

iirc she also acquired a snake while AT her sober house…

No. 711763

File: 1569809452603.jpg (49.19 KB, 688x976, FB_IMG_1569809362742.jpg)

I seen this and it reminded me of Taylor.

No. 711767

File: 1569810949970.jpg (212.73 KB, 1718x2048, 1548261738128.jpg)

I've seen her ball pythons with rolls. they are obese. pic related to this discussion

No. 711770

Duck is obese. Green tree pythons are pythons aren't they? Reticulated pythons at a healthy shape are much more lean and square than a healthy rounder ball python. A healthy short tail python has a triangular distinct spine. But no ribs showing and good muscle tone.

No. 711772

>almost positive I was sober
why the fuck you lyin etc

No. 711779

Cows collied
Since she made those tweets about Onision, Repzion and others are kissing Taylor's ass
Like she did something besides reading Onision thread after hers lol

No. 711783

What the actual fuck? She USES that towel for herself too? Damn Taylor, I know you’re a dirty tramp but jfc really? That’s just so nasty, I bet she doesn’t even wash it after using it to clean the cages. Dirty ass bitch.

No. 711787

It’s extremely obvious, to anyone with a brain, that she’s craving JCs attention. It really wouldn’t surprise me that she’s actually disappointed that he hasn’t tried to come out swinging because she LOVES any and every opportunity to make herself the victim. I do want the milk from JC but it is funny to see her trying to “poke the bear.” She knows exactly what she’s doing.

There’s absolutely no way she’s “enjoying being alone.” She needs attention at all times. She really must be so draining.

No. 711790

he's so manipulative I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't ever say anything just to spite her or in yrs if shit hits the fan with her and her channel gets deader/more deluded (the stans not sure that is possible though they're already completely delusional)

No. 711799

File: 1569816658526.jpg (1.63 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20190930_000542774.j…)

While Taylor has rolled herself up in her dirty blanket to sleep after a busy 6 hour day clapping back at haters and memeing about herion usage, Mama D has been teetering on the edge over on her side of the house.

The tension in that house must be off the charts.

No. 711805

Just going to throw it out there to clear up some information. In her latest video after she says the towel she was using for the cage was the same towel she used on herself, she states that she will "make a note" that the towel is "no longer safe". I figured that should be cleared up so people don't keep assuming she goes back and forth using that towel when there is no proof.

I mean she has horrible hygiene but damn, it probably isn't that bad. Don't make it more than it should be.

No. 711814


> I had one heat malfunction and I am almost positive it happened during a sober period

How does she not know whether she was sober or not when that happened? It looks like she can't remember what made up timeline she told people.

No. 711820


Yeah ok, hi Taylor xxxx(hi cow)

No. 711822

The towel is still covered in crazy gross stains that were there before she used it to clean the hide

No. 711823

Does her husband not help out with a damn thing? Like I get it, he has a full time job and I’m sure he works OT to keep the family afloat but Jennifer and Taylor make it sound like he’s literally never around.

No. 711843

>i am almost positive it was during a sober period

bullshit, you were nodding for like 48 hours straight.

No. 711858


It's not as if she regularly showers so I doubt she uses that towel much.

No. 711867

I also wanted to comment and say that she could have been joking as she does tend to be sarcastic. Yes. she doesnt shower, but I dont think she'd use the same towel after using it for her animals. Id say some anons are reaching with that.

No. 711868

Also, her new cages are in her closet now? she also has a cat litter in her closet???
her room is so messy.

No. 711873

File: 1569833934023.png (625.49 KB, 1249x738, Screenshot (1338).png)

Im tOtAlLy sObEr guys

No. 711875

she’s used this ‘if you have 100000 pets of COURSE a bunch of them are going to get sick and die before their natural lifespan!’ argument before and it makes me so mad… yeah it is a fact of life that sometimes your pets will get sick but if you don’t have a ton of them you have more time and energy to give all of them good quality care and idk, notice symptoms before they get bad because you don’t keep them crammed away ‘out of sight and out of mind’ all the time? She really thinks it’s fine to do the bare minimum for them.

also lol, why can’t she even bring herself to lie and say “I definitely was sober when a bunch of my pets died from the heat malfunction,” nothing says you definitely weren’t sober like not being able to remember whether you were or not

No. 711878

Her defense is bullshit. Snake Discovery has as many pets, if not more, and hasn't had any deaths. Guess that's the difference between an educated professional and a drug abusing idiot.

I wish her stans would give actual educational channels the same love. But Emily educates and isn't hanging her tits out.

No. 711880

like a melted candle

No. 711881

I'm dying because she looks like those typical mid 30s women who try to get you into their pyramid scheme FB group.

No. 711890

The difference between snake discovery and Taylor, is SD caters to her snakes natural habitat per rack, they are appropriately sized and she's also a breeder!
For the snakes that are larger, arboreal, or do better in a proper enclosure, she does just that. She knows what her snakes needs are individually.

Taylor just shoves every kind of snake into a rack whether it's appropriate or not and gives all of them the same enrichment regardless of what their enrichment needs are.
Including her arboreal snakes that need to climb.

She buys them for the hobby and what they look like, yet doesn't display them.

And no, not all pythons are meant to be "thick" and "chunky" with tiny heads and fat bodies down to the tail, that's an extremely ignorant generalization of pythons.

No. 711895

Why can't she brush those greasy bangs to the side. She had them in the video before the cage upgrade as well. It just looks so disgusting.

No. 711925


missing meals? pretty sure most of the fuss has been for her overfeeding and giving too large of a rodent…

No. 711927


Exactly what I was trying to say. People are trying to make milk where there isn't any. Yes there were stains on it before from where she grabbed it but you never know what that's from.


Now an anon want's to claim I'm Taylor? News flash: Just because someone's post wasn't dragging and talking shit, doesn't mean it's the cow.

No. 711930

taylor doesnt look sober at all in her new video. she keeps making jokes about sobriety as well during the video. what a piece of trash

No. 711932

Even some of the semi-arboreal snakes (corns for one) have really shitty enclosures. I mean, they may not use all the climbing space provided but giving them a few decoration peaces to add 'levels' is… not it.

No. 711933

This is off topic but Mushu looks more like a tiger Salamander that tried to morph but ultimately couldn't for what ever reason, the shortened, unfluffy gills and golden spots that appeared throughout (not to be confused with ammonia burns).
I could be wrong but I've seen stunted tiger salamanders before and they resemble Mushu quite a bit.
It's not the worst thing, sometimes they just don't morph for what ever reason but Taylor's prone to being an idiot when identifying species and wondering why certain animals don't look quite right or don't thrive in specific care she gives them.

Not 100% on this thought because they are so closely related to axolotls. Axolotls can also very rarely, morph into land dwelling salamanders.
It looks like Mushu has tried and failed to do this due to the poor conditions.

They are one pet so often kept in horrible conditions because they're sold off like hermit crabs to kids.

No. 711937


she treated his illness with iodine and she didn't know it can trigger this metamorphosis. people in previous topics said mushu looks like starting to morph into adult.

No. 711938

She used iodine on an axolotl? This fucking bitch

>This should never be attempted at home, as iodine is extremely toxic and you will almost certainly kill your axolotl. That’s besides the fact that you’d be dooming them to a short and unhappy life even if they survived the transformation.

No. 711940

here is video with proof and what kind of illness (neglect) mushu suffered


No. 711942

I never realized she called what Mushu had columnaris… Columnaris is actually a gram negative bacterial infection, but it looks very similar to the fungus saprolegnia. She doesn't even know about one of the most common aquatic illnesses. She's such an idiot and you could tell she only knows what Petco taught her.

No. 711944

File: 1569859491626.jpg (802.65 KB, 2280x1080, Tayisadumbass.jpg)

This was painful to watch, not only because of poor Mushu but just… Taylor herself is just so cringe.

After watching this video and going back to look at photos, I'm almost certain that Mushu is indeed a partially morphed Tiger Salamander larvae and not an Axolotl.
Mushu has shortened gills, yellow colouration appearing, slight thinning of the body and looking generally smaller than an average axolotl.

May or may not be Taylor's fault, sometimes they just decide not to completely morph, but wrong care can contribute to the stunting of their morph process.

Here's a picture of a Tiger Salamander (not mushu) halfway through morphing into an air breathing, land living salamander.
As you can see, gold spots are showing, gills are shortening, body is slightly slimming and legs appear slightly longer than that of an Axolotl which is another feature I noticed on Mushu.

No. 711945

File: 1569859942038.jpg (450.97 KB, 2896x2896, 20191001_021121.jpg)

For comparison.
Mushu is the Top Two photos.
Bottom is the morphing salamander.

No. 711946

File: 1569860219037.jpg (46.48 KB, 480x639, images.jpeg-10.jpg)

Healthy dark coloured axolotl.
Mushu is not this.

Cant really fault her on this one though, they're hard to tell apart for people who don't know the difference.

No. 711947

How does Mushu's 'old' (pre-iodine) photos compare to this?

No. 711949

No. 711951

Duck is a short tailed python. You need to be able to see their spine. They are almost always overweight in captivity. Hers is actually on the okay side of things. Short tailed pythons are MUCH different than ball pythons and other pythons when it comes to weight.

No. 711953

File: 1569862273471.png (512.84 KB, 750x1334, 4b28f2f09f4b36bbc23b0b3cc32a01…)

Here's one of the first pics she posted I think

No. 711955

File: 1569862336981.jpg (573.55 KB, 1080x1575, 20191001_025031.jpg)


This is Mushu 2016, pre iodine treatment.

No. 711956

Bleach/water solutions are the standard. Vinegar isn't strong enough to kill stuff that may potentially be on decorations or the enclosure. Vinegar can be used to get rid of water staining from hard water, but is not a proper decontaminate.

No. 711957

Definitely a baby salamander.
Gills don't shorten that much with axolotls, they stay roughly the same and if anything, become more frilly/bigger, whereas a salamander during morph will slowly loose their gills before they're non-existent and can breathe above water.

No. 711960

Her ball pythons are 100% overweight. Duck is not underweight, duck is a fine weight for a stp. Learn more about snakes weight before defending her animals weight.

No. 711961

Mushu's tail also shows sign of an attempted morph, axolotls have a more prominent tail that's visable along the body, mushus is almost flat to their back and shallow.

No. 711962

I just noticed this but.. are axolotls suppose to have nostrils? Because that close up of Mushu, she has nostrils.

No. 711964

Some axolotls don't have nostrils at all, others have small ones if they are slightly morphed.
Mushus are very prominent which is another sign of an attempted morph, axolotls nostrils are usually not as large/open looking.

No. 711965

File: 1569863540720.png (255.96 KB, 596x383, likereally.png)

This is so gross. Way to dehumanize your mentally disabled kid.

But confirmed that Mama Dean is the one cleaning and taking care of all the animals for Taylor. A live in maid after Betsy washed her hands of Taylor.

No. 711966

File: 1569863568837.jpg (313.12 KB, 1536x2048, really.jpg)

the list

No. 711971

…Please tell me mama Dean doesn't actually clean Taylor's room for her. I can understand her cleaning Tanner's room, but there's no excuse for her to clean her 22 year old daughter's room.

No. 711972

Lmao wow what a way to expose your daughter! She doesn't even clean her own room nevermind her animals tanks. Wow…. Just wow.

No. 711973

What the actual fuck? So Momma dean is actually taking care of everything apart from the snakes? Including picking up after her son AND TAYLOR?!

I think this is why she was complaining the other day about asking for help and not getting any, she must have told taylor to start doing the animals herself or at least clean up after herself.

No wonder she's so worn out and going nutty, because she's got more on her plate than she needs.

Taylor is such an ungrateful little bitch, take care of your own fucking animals you lazy piece of shit, help out around the house a little bit, make it easier on your mother and Tanner. Momma dean is a nut, but she shouldn't have to clean up after Taylor's animals when she has a high needs son.

Might be a poor taste in humour, but I don't think she's trying to dehumanize her kids or make it sound evil. Just a poor tasted boomer/mum joke.

No. 711975

How can you actually sit there and watch your mother slave around the house like this, picking up after your mess and your animals, and not feel super guilty and want to get up and help? I could not sit on my ass all day and watch my mother do that without offering help.
That's so disrespectful, no wonder tensions are rising in that household.
Even if you don't quite get along with your parents, you should always help out when you can it's basic respect when living under their roof.

No. 711976

File: 1569864320106.png (965.97 KB, 1242x2208, 6E32CD69-BAEF-4DD2-965B-EDF038…)

I think it’s funny how she posts stuff like this while Taylor is most likely sleeping (lazy fuck). Once she wakes up in another 8-10 hours the damage will already be done.

No. 711979

This should be TAYLOR'S to do list, not "everyone's".
I thought she was perfectly capable of taking care of all of her animals? She's super sober and healthy after all… Right?

No. 711982

I think it's obvious taylor doesn't do these chores, she sleeps her days away and creeps around the house all night while her family sleeps, dressed like a tacky, Russian hooker.

No. 711983

Clean 'cat stuff' we all know that's just the litter boxes. If Taylor isn't cleaning her pet stuff like she says she isn't, and the cats are locked up in that single room then her litter boxes must be atrocious- and that ammonia is not good for her sensitive reptiles.

No. 711985

It's a big rule of thumb that you should have a litter box per cat, and an extra one per every three cats. So… where is she fitting four litter boxes in that tiny room?

No. 711986

That's astonishing. Taylor has no real job and no obligations outside the house, why the fuck would anyone else but her need to clean after her pets? If anything it should be her job to do a rotating cleaning schedule of the house outside of her own room too, what with her mum busy with her brother.

Just… fuck. When I think I couldn't respect this spoiled little bitch any less.

No. 711987

What kind of mother still cleaners their daughters room when they are in their 20s this blows my mind. I mean, this woman needs to grow a spin and stand up for herself and tell Taylor to grow up. No wonder Taylor is such a fuck up.

No. 711988

But you'll be moving out on your own in October, Tay??? Yah, no. Can't even take care of your animals when your mom is taking care of you.

Can't wash your own damn hair.
Can't clean up after yourself
Mom cleans most of your pet cages

Bitch, look at your atrium house pics with trash everywhere. You really going to go back to living like that???

No. 711992

Taylor's up at 1 pm from a nightmare, let's see how long it takes her to get mad at Mama Dean for outing her.

No. 711993

File: 1569868582417.jpg (444.64 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190930-113611.jpg)

No. 711994

UGH NOPE. She just does not learn and does not get it. I hope whoever she rehomed her animals to will grey rock her hard. The entitlement… wahhhh sadface I could not take care of the animals I hoarded, I hope people feel bad for ME and give them back, wahhhh

No. 711997

I really hope the person who had been taking care of my tarantula decides to just give it back to a person who admitted to hoarding animals and not taking care of them. Because who cares that I’ll be ripping a pet from the environment they’ve become accustomed to, again? And if they don’t let me have the animal I gave them, I’ll blast them on social media.

No. 711999

Calling it now; she's just setting the stage to buy new ones. Get that pitty going on, so she can blame the new owner for her new purchase.

You don't need any new pets. Your fucking mom is taking care of what you have. WASH YOUR DAMN HAIR.

I wish someone would post her mom's chore pic and be like, "you're already overwhelmed, why get any more."

No. 712003

File: 1569870319346.jpeg (442.82 KB, 1242x1835, BF01964D-E3CB-451D-B2D6-AC3E9A…)

Bitch eats, sleeps, and dreams heroin.

No. 712005

Her brother was in a hospital recently and her mom is having a burnout, somehow she had to make it all about her again.

No. 712006

File: 1569870552923.png (5.72 MB, 1125x2436, 3E8DE41F-EC18-4BD1-8C65-293E49…)

Not very milky but she took all of her petty captions off the JC pictures. They were literally there a day ago. He must’ve either seen or she wasn’t getting the attention she wanted from them anymore and realized she’s a fucking child.

No. 712009

that is milky especially since jakes captions are still there. tinfoil: Oh god she is moving back with jonny in october.

No. 712011

>I'll do the animals

sounds like confirmation she does 90% of the care while taytay spergs'n'sleeps

No. 712013

I don't think you qualify as an adult when your mommy cleans your room and makes phone calls for you

No. 712014

File: 1569871388613.jpg (543.97 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190930-122204.jpg)

Forgot image

No. 712018

i dont get why she even still has pictures of them together in her IG. every sane person would take them down especially if he was as abusive as she claims. it's bizarre.

No. 712020

Everyone I know who's been in abusive relationships as much as she hypes it up literally PURGE all of their abusers items. They don't 1. Keep photos of them up as a couple for everyone to see, 2. Wear their clothing frequently, or 3. brag about keeping their personal items still

No. 712021

Jonny's abusive to other women, it's not crazy to think he was abusive to Taylor. The way she's handling it is attention hungry but there's no doubt an abusive man and/was abusive to her.

The level of abuse? We'll never get a straight answer on, however.

No. 712022

He undoubtedly is abusive in multiple upon multiple ways. I just don't know how abusive he actually was vs how much Taylor fed into it with her fantasy.
She did go from saying "he forcibly shot me up with heroin to get me addicted" to admitting she asked him to shoot her up since she couldn't do it.
He certainly did guilt her/coerce her into doing it, but she knew how he was all along.

No. 712023

Funny how every time mama Dean outs her, something drastic happens to her lol for instance, DRAMATIC and VIVID dreams about heroin uwu.

No. 712034

File: 1569875167234.jpeg (960.95 KB, 1110x1905, 5631715D-72E7-4FE1-8B1E-681824…)

Her room looks like a pigsty with all her enclosures. Love how her cat house is right up against her snack racks and blocking her other enclosures. Like how is this crammed environment okay for any of her animals? But by all means Taylor, get more fucking animals that you yourself can’t even take care of.
Is that a Taco Cabana cup behind Nemo’s head?

No. 712035

>What the actual fuck? So Momma dean is actually taking care of everything apart from the snakes? Including picking up after her son AND TAYLOR?!
She's been living as a 24/7 caregiver to a disabled child since Tanner was born; she probably just accepts it as her lot in life at this point. She and Papa Dean may also have gotten into the habit of spoiling her to make up for whatever discord is in the house because of Tanner; it's shitty parenting but not uncommon in these kinds of situations.

This list makes it easy to sympathize with Mama Dean; even if she's under no obligation to enable Taylor's NEET lifestyle (and refusing to do so would be better for everyone), it must really suck to be her.
>Might be a poor taste in humour, but I don't think she's trying to dehumanize her kids or make it sound evil. Just a poor tasted boomer/mum joke.
Agreed, it's probably the result of being bitter and exhausted. People cope with shitty situations using dark humor all the time, it's really not a big deal.

No. 712036

File: 1569875461247.jpeg (584.81 KB, 2048x1559, A7C922CF-5BDE-4169-BE44-E29A4D…)

No. 712038

File: 1569875502718.jpeg (264.17 KB, 946x2048, D84D0A32-CB8D-4DA5-B0C1-CE3CDE…)

No. 712039

this is so sad. the only list mama dean should be making is another rehome list

No. 712052

File: 1569878483515.jpg (493.72 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190930-142016.jpg)

You don't do anything in a day

No. 712057

So basically:
>>(1) A time-lapse video of her sleeping for 16 hours
>>(2) A video of old footage and constant attention-seeking comments about victim hood, drug use specifics and romanticism, peppered with self-deprecating attempts at humor and sarcasm

Truthfully I don’t know which video would be the bigger lie…

No. 712059

>literally shaking having a panic attack trying to calm down
>better snap multiple pics for twitter

No. 712078

File: 1569882585287.png (514.55 KB, 1242x2688, AC07E701-5E5D-40C4-AC0A-0E02B9…)

No. 712080

I can think of a millions ways better to handle this then putting it on blast for sympathy asspats on twitter.

I know she wants people to find Jonny and bother him, but come on Taylor, there's better ways to handle this.

No. 712081

I think the reason why she keeps her photos are because of her. she likes how SHE looks in the pictures.

No. 712083

her room is looking like a hoaders.
so in her closet, you can see the new enclosure she did for duck. (i remember seeing a cat litter on the bottom side of it from her video too)
then the cat tree and then her big custom enclosure. oh, and her snake rack. HOARDER

No. 712084

aka I want Jonny to give me attention by contacting me first!

If you lived together and spending thousands of money for him then I'm sure 2,000$ is easy to return since your $700 is $50. I'm sure you enjoyed that $2000 on drugs.

No. 712085

"if you stalk my account" lol
maybe he does, but she definitely stalks him.
the irony of this bitch.

No. 712086

I mean…. if it went into HER account, she got paid. Not that I doubt at all that she gave him/he took a shit ton of money from her, but that’s what they should do. She obviously gave him access to her PayPal to do this, and I’m sure she had 100% knowledge that he was doing this, so she should pay them back. I also don’t doubt that she was in on his schemes for quick cash so they could get high.

Another thing Tay Tay, I don’t think he’s stalking your account honey. Men like him only come crawling back when they have no one. She’s been trying her best these last few days to bait him out, but it still isn’t going to work. She’s desperate at this point. Either it’s true and she knew about it all along, or it’s bullshit and just needed yet another reason to bring him up.

No. 712087

Isn't her other brother literally a lawyer? Surely she has uniquely unimpeded access to legal assistance and would know to take this shit to court? No? Too logical?

No. 712088

oh come on thats how you guys got all your CHINA WHITE, you shot that money up too dumbass, not just jonny.

No. 712089

File: 1569883246493.png (643.89 KB, 1242x2688, 711A4604-C63A-411B-9EE6-8F24A3…)

poking the bear.

No. 712091

File: 1569883430390.jpg (563.72 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190930-154303.jpg)

Play stupid games win stupid prizes

No. 712092

Exactly! But he’s the bad one. He’s the one that was scamming people for dope money, dope that she was also banging up her veins. But, no way would she know exactly what he was doing when he probably said “hey, I got a way to get some cash to score tonight, give me your pay pal.” How else would he be able to get that money out of the account if she didn’t know about it? If you were sharing the account and your finances then it’s both of your money.

Someone actually in recovery would want to make amends and pay the money back because they know they enabled him to steal the money and it helped fuel their addiction.

No. 712094


omfg this bitch obviously has no idea about the real world… you don't need any credit to get a fucking debit card

No. 712096

You don’t need credit to get a fucking debit card, or to get a PayPal. She was the one making all the money so I’m sure they were just pooling the money together since they lived together and buying drugs together. If she really paid for everything, there’s no way she pulled all the money out and just gave it to him. She got with a fucking bum with no money, so she paid for everything. No way she didn’t hold it over his head all the time that she was the one paying for everything.

God, it must be killing her that he hasn’t responded to her.

No. 712097

Unfortunately it's you that has no idea about the real world in this instance. Your credit CAN be so bad you can't even open a bank account, it has to be like ridiculously terrible though.

Which leads me to believe she lied and said he wouldn't live there… Because who would rent to someone with credit like that and no bank account?

No. 712098


there are plenty of banks that will open an account for you with no credit/bad credit

No. 712099

No. 712100


EXACTLY- Shes sooooo paid, why not just pay off the peasents with the money she made introducing child to the concept of a DOPE FIEND

No. 712101

Bitch, you chose him. You don’t get to complain now and play victim when you knew exactly what was going on the entire time. You chose to stay with him, so you get to live with the consequences of your decisions.

No. 712103

That would require actual effort from Jonny to find one, so…

No. 712104

So.. indirect confirmation that Jonny didn’t actually buy the designer snake bag?

No. 712105

Wait… Wasn't the story that Jonny paid the rent and Taylor paid for everything else? Or am I misremembering ?

No. 712106

No, you can still get a debit or a pre paid card. They CAN deny you, but you can still go to Walmart and get a prepaid debit card. It acts just like a real debit card except you can’t overdraft it. But, you can still get money transfers or deposits straight to the card. They can deny him an actual bank account from a financial institution, but he can 1000% get a debit card. The debit card also has a banking and routing number so you can attach a PayPal to them as well.

No. 712107

Watch her come in after reading this and say that of course he also paid for the gifts he got for her Duhh anon cmon now lol

No. 712108


She left the pictures but removed the captions because she still likes having dated Jonny Craig and probably wants pity points for it. Any sane person would have deleted any and all photots of their abuser, but I guess playing the victim is more important to Tay than recovery.

No. 712110

But, this would also mean that Taylor couldn’t have her control over him. She loved that she made all the money and could pay for him to stay with her. That was her power to keep him.

No. 712112

File: 1569884420748.jpg (556.58 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190930-160004.jpg)

No. 712118

File: 1569884784212.jpg (562.18 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190930-160525.jpg)

"restraining order" confirmed a lie

No. 712119

As if she didn’t fucking know all about his schemes. The MacBook scheme was brought up only a few thousands times while she was with him because he would go psychotic anytime anyone brought it up. Idk why anyone at this point would buy vocal lessons from him because he’s scammed so many people before this way.
Lol at Taylor thinking Jonny Craig can be an adult and pay people back when he’s broke, homeless and a drug addict.
Reap what you sow bitch.

No. 712121

Taylor you aren't going to get closure from this asshole, there's nothing wrong with still loving someone who harmed you (it happens all the time) but it's time you realize he aint fucking sorry.

He's only sorry he can't bury your ass like he did the others.

Just let it go, I know you lurk, abusive assholes like him move on to the next victim, he's not going to fucking change.

He's not sorry. So stop trying to get a sorry or attention from him/or from stans.

No. 712123

This! she's soo deep into her mindset that she's the savior of all things. She just comes off as a bitch that couldn't get a man before Jonny got a girl so now she's going crazy because he "won." Since Taylor keeps boasting about how much money she has, 2 grand shouldn't be a big deal especially since she was associated with the scam. Sounds like to me she just doesn't want to pay it back because she wanted new clothes to buy with it.

No. 712124


No. 712125

Yeah she's still into him and as much as I dislike Taylor I'm not going to fault her for that but she needs to handle shit differently.

It's blatantly obvious what she's doing. She wants an reaction and she wants a sorry so she can either A. go back and try to fix their relationship and Johnny or she thinks it'll help her move on.

But her getting a sorry from an asshole who doesn't mean it isn't going to be good enough for her. We all know he's not sorry.

No. 712131

Yep, so the restraining order never happened. Also.. who the fuck emails their super abusive ex to ask where to send his things? Most people block them from everything, change their phone number and if it's really bad get a restraining order. I have no doubts he was emotionally abusive and very scary at times (punching walls). Clearly it didn't have this huge emotional impact like she wants people to think though. If it did she wouldn't reach out to him or risk talking shit about him online.

No. 712132

Eh Taylor sucks, but being in an abusive relationship does fuck you up pretty bad, it's normal to reach out to your abuser after the fact. It makes no logical sense, but that's an element of an abusive relationship. i don't doubt for one second he was a piece of shit to her, but she uses it in ways his others exs never did, and i only think she keeps quite to protect herself. Also, she knew more than enough from the jump about him.

Also, i feel like this girl has major rage that's been directed inward into depression, she needs to rail against him and spazz out about all his bullshit, shes probably extremely depressed, the way she talks about shit she let him completely control her and walk all over her. A normal person would be FURIOUS. she even said she would sit there while his friends complimented him on "his house" while she was paying for everything. Who lets that happen? Someone with no spine who constantly abandons themselves.

Jonny is a seasoned predator, he goes for particular girls for very specific reasons.

No. 712133

File: 1569887592181.jpeg (74.37 KB, 640x217, F4CE8297-61FF-4901-BA54-220D3D…)

No. 712135


I agree with you, I'm getting kind of sick of the, "if she was an abuse victim she'd behave like this or that"

The bitch could be scared out of her mind but talk a tough game on social media (I doubt she is), Not all abuse victims act the same way either.

The issue I think people are having is with Taylor always trying to one-up victims/drug users and make herself either the ultimate victim or the ultimate bad ass.

Plus SHE KNEW. This isn't some random young adult getting with a guy and knowing nothing, Taylor knew of all his abuse, all the rumors etc. etc.

She chooses to be with him, I feel bad for her but not a lot.

No. 712137

Where did she say about the “his house” and friends part?

No. 712138

Same anon- Also she keeps changing her stories about so much shit.

No. 712139


it's in her replies on her twitter, don't know how to ss or i'd post. sorry!

No. 712141

That doesn't mean he wants to get involved in the train wrecks his half-sister creates. Besides it really sucks being a professional, then having every goddamn person remotely related to you come out of the woodwork looking for free services. If he's smart, he'll stay out of it.

No. 712143


The amount of lying she gets behind and her inability to accept any accountability is so tired. There's a process of realizing- yes, I was the victim of abuse. Yes, the person manipulated me. Yes, I need to grieve for myself. BUT then you move on to - what did I allow to happen, where did I go wrong? What did I have control of? How did I give my power away? What can I change to make sure this never happens again? What could I have done to leave the situation? How did I enable this man in his addiction? She's just stuck on the loop of nothing being her fault and that shows up in so many aspects she shares online…so.. who knows if she'll ever grow up and take responsibility for her part - probably wont do much growth as long as her mother is cleaning her room and supporting her lying about her possible and very probable relapse with meth. Aka enabling aka exactly what she did for JC. Notice a cycle taylor?

No. 712145

She already deleted this lol

No. 712146

File: 1569888736009.png (767.61 KB, 1242x2688, 1EE3C1B2-7B32-43F8-931B-EBAFE3…)

The start of a rant.

No. 712147

add to the fact that her choices of men are all like Jonny.

No. 712148

File: 1569888773642.png (952.17 KB, 1242x2688, EF429626-5D8E-4329-81C9-EF71B2…)

She must be high.

No. 712149

File: 1569888811399.png (984.87 KB, 1242x2688, C42B1192-CED9-4874-8BB6-BAE301…)

No. 712151

File: 1569888990768.png (1.07 MB, 1242x2688, 5EDF38CC-4A87-4B0E-A643-681A01…)

“He continues to just jump to the next girl.”
Says the one who got with Jake while still with JC.
She’s so jealous he has a new gf lol

No. 712152

File: 1569889004016.jpg (71.11 KB, 625x641, flags.jpg)

No. 712158

File: 1569889373134.png (1.43 MB, 1169x2120, Capture _2019-09-30-20-18-48.p…)

LOL liar

No. 712165

i know weve moved past it but if you have really bad credit you cannot get a checking account but you can usually get some sort of cash only card. there are people whos credit is so bad they can't even get those. i don't think shes lying about this in particular cause those cash only cards cant always be used with paypal, and have very limited access as far as using them with apps on your phone and stuff like that.

No. 712169

>I was there morning, day and night
Yup, you were. Right by his side doing drugs with him. You can’t be right by his side as his addiction buddy and then try to be his savior when you’re doing the same as him. But, it’s all his fault she was an addict. All his fault she didn’t get sober sooner. All his fault that even after she left him that she was relapsing and using. Again, if she knew he scamming his fans all the time with singing lessons, why did she let him use her PayPal to scam more fans?

She was his partner, not his victim. Maybe at first, but when she was deep in addiction she was right there because she was using with him and just as addicted as him. There comes a point that you are making a choice to stay, especially when she really had no connections to him. She didn’t need to stay financially, she didn’t have children with him, she could up and leave and her life would be fine. But, if she did she couldn’t be strung out with him like she wanted to be.

>He spoke horribly to me

He doesn’t want to speak to you. He isn’t stalking your page. He got what he wanted from you, he’s done until/unless he’s down on his luck and knows you’ll come running. Why would you even try to contact him? She wants so badly for him to be a real psycho ex that is just desperately in love with her and can’t let her go. She wants him to be Jake for her.

No part of this is recovery. Recovery isn’t about being a victim. It’s about recognizing what has happened to you, and what you did. Accepting it and moving on. She wants him to publicly, or even privately(because you know she would release it or tweet about it immediately) fire back at her so she can play victim and blame him for her impending relapse.

No. 712171

mama d puts up with taylor’s shit because she’s probably pulling in over 20k/mo. its hard to let your daughter flush that kind of money down the drain. maybe they share responsibilities and profit? how much money do the deans really have anyway?

No. 712176

File: 1569891641210.jpg (564.59 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190930-200017_Twi…)

Taylor says she has the power to end his career and yet doesnt lol

No. 712178

So you want to put him on blast simply to keep other women from becoming victims, and yet you won’t do that because… loyalty? Something doesn’t add up.

No. 712181


he's a cockroach scammin junkie - he cant be destroyed. tinfoil but i feel like this is projection, he has shit on her that would ruin HER career.

No. 712182

lol she can destroy his carreer the same way his ex's thought they could expose him and keep taylor from dating him. the people left supporting him at this point have already heard it all and decided to turn a blind eye to support him and nothing taylor could do would change that. at most he might lose some of the supporters she brought him but nothing is going to change at this point. she not the first nor is she the last he needs to just realize in his mind she was just an enabler to him and nothing more. he doesnt have some deep love for her he never expirienced before, he uses people and saw her as an easy target.

No. 712193

Oh, guaranteed. She’s been sperging about Le Onion for 3 weeks and about how he needs to be stopped, yet has first hand knowledge of this evil, evil man and wants to keep it quiet. I also think it’s because the threat and innuendo is bigger than the milk. What she’s insinuating is worse than the reality because the reality is that he has the same dirt on her, or she was right by his side lying for him and enabling him during any of it. Hard to play victim when people see the full picture. She knows to keep it vague enough to make her fans thinks the worse, but not say enough to get him to respond and expose her. She’s literally just baiting him to see if he will flip on her to use it against him. Just like her going out of her way to contact him. She already thinks(hopes) he stalks her twitter, so she’s speaking straight to him right now in her mind.

No. 712214

She's such a jealous, bitter cunt.

Haven't you been doing therapy every week? Shouldn't you know by now that you're not going to get any kind of closure from jonny? Move on, leave him alone, you're not going to get anything out of him.

She was by his side the whole time he was scamming people, she did nothing about it and I doubt she didn't know.

It's almost like she's jealous that jonny is a more hardcore junkie than her, she gets pissed off that he scams, lies, cheats, is nasty and manipulative, but he's a junkie, it's what most junkies are like, and somehow she's the special one that's remained pure and unproblematic in her eyes and gets surprised when people don't want to associate with her or give her animals, even though she doesn't shut the fuck up about how HaRdCoRe her addiction was.

You'd think her experience with junkies, it would click that they can be extremely shitty people but nope. She remains naive.

No. 712226

I almost feel like she has the impression that jonny is an extrememly rare shitty junkie but she he clearly shielded her from the dealers (guessing he was also ripping her off since most junkie couples steal/hide dope from each other lmao). She must not have realized that there are dealers and other junkies who are just as shit AND WORSE traffic people exploit people, beat and kill them, torture and lets not get into the cartels etc…and yes she contributed to that…and that no Taylor it's not just him that is shit. you'd get eaten alive if it was just you using…seeing as you've been chewed up by two addicts you refer to as "crazy/horrible people" ~they weren't like that when we met~ (jonny and jake)

No. 712236

File: 1569894738847.png (178.8 KB, 750x1334, D919045C-2054-4094-A750-242D94…)

But wouldn’t she have violated it first by contacting him first lmao if the “restraining order” or whatever is actually true? She’s so dense

No. 712240

File: 1569895060745.png (160.68 KB, 750x1334, 9B12DAA5-5B26-46FE-A494-571018…)

Sage for no milk but this comment made me laugh nEeDle GodDeSs Taylor Nicole Dean lmao

No. 712241

I feel like she was forced out of the relationship before she hit that point for herself, so even though she hates him in that way all people do in an abusive relationship, it seems like she’s still in that stage where they can see the wrong they did but still have hope they could change for them, and seek their approval as a sign.
It’s honestly pathetic, even more now that he has a new gf and has been silent about her

No. 712247

Well, he's only been silent because he can't dog Taylor out as he has his past victims, plus he's working on his new victim.

No. 712253

Wtf is she going to tell us about Jonny Craig that we already don’t know? He’s a liar, scammer, abuser, drug addict and a rapist. The only thing missing from this list is murderer. He’s a vile and repulsive being.
NEWSFLASH: you’re not the special victim Taylor. He did all the same shit he did to you to the other exes. Like anon said there is nothing that is going to destroy his reputation at this point. His fans are idiots just like Taylor’s. She’s also the only ex that got addicted to heroin. He wanted to shoot heroin, Taylor is a dumbass bimbo with money and easily manipulated. It was the perfect combo for him.

Tbh I think she’s finally realizing what a fucking idiot she is. It’s starting to hit her like a ton of bricks that he never gave a single fuck about her and is on to the next after sucking the life out of her. She doesn’t know how to handle it except by acting out on twitter to get sympathy and try to get his attention.

No. 712254

Yes, she can and he could take that to get it thrown out. If it really exists that is. If you forget that you have a protection order from someone, you don’t need that protection order. That means they aren’t trying to contact you, and clearly she had no fear when she contacted him first. But, yes, part of protection orders are that no contact can come from either party and if the petitioning party contacts first then they can get charged because people abuse protection orders by baiting the respondent to contact them.

Of course you wouldn’t report him for that Taylor, you contacted him first. Even if he did cuss you out, you contacted him. If you really have an order of protection then of course he’s going to cuss your ass out when you contact him. She’s the exact type of person that would try to bait him to get him arrested or just for the drama of it all.

What she really meant to say is “oh, I forgot I told everyone that I had a protection order when I went on a rant about how he replied to the email I sent him first.”

No. 712258

File: 1569895716999.png (451.94 KB, 750x1334, 7C191399-F7C0-472A-9D09-D7F31D…)

Mama Deans take on JC drama and this is like one of the only things I can agree with her on

No. 712261

Hahahaha! The best comment

No. 712264

This is all so pathetic. Walk in the other room and tell her this. Tell her get the hell of twitter about this and to a fucking therapist or NA. You talk to her about this and let her vent it all out. Stop letting her look pathetic on twitter. As much as I don’t like her and think she’s a liar as well, letting him get you riled up to where you can’t stop talking about him to a group of strangers is letting him win.

If you want to come and be your daughters savior, get her some fucking help. You’re just enabling her to stay in this state of victimhood which will lead her relapse(if it hasn’t already happened).

No. 712267

I swear if momma dean keeps exposing her I'm going to have to like her just a little bit.

Taylor's got her blue tongue out, I wonder if taylor just takes her animals out while momma dean cleans their enclosures.

She's so fucking lazy, like the time she couldn't be bothered cleaning her geckos cage so she just brought it the exact same cage… rather than invest in one that won't get covered in shit.

Momma dean needs to grow some mother balls and tell her adult daughter to start getting her shit together. I noticed that taylor still hasn't put a cover on her comforter.

No. 712269

But Anon, taylor has therapy every other day remember? She's the queen of doing therapy and meetings!

No. 712270


Yeah, I agree. Junkies do the worst shit and comparatively, he's not the most evil junkie ever. Actually pretty mild when it comes to what I've seen.

My ex (many years ago, thank God) stole tablets from his own 5 year old daughter. Stole every cent I had. Kicked me off a bed, threw stuff at me. Got my little brother into it and then my little brother died..

Junkies often force their partners into sex work. They also end up killing people for no damn reason (one junkie I knew shot and paralyzed another over a tattoo).

Jonny is a piece of shit, but so are most people when they are deep in addiction.(blogging)

No. 712272

It's not a contest though, yeah he's not the worst, he doesn't have to be the most evil, he's a fucked up person in general.

No. 712278

It's been established many many times here that Taylor and Jonny are well off, privileged junkies.
They don't have to stoop to such low levels because of their status as YouTube queen and Band boy.

No. 712279

I agree completely anon. The fact that Taylor acts like he's the worst person who has ever existed says a lot about how much she has seen in her (short lived) addiction.

No. 712280

Anyone notice how dry ducks enclosure was? She didnt mist it or anything before adding the snake. Ssp's require a constant 60-70% humidity and that tank was bone crusty dry.

No. 712281

tinfoil: she's saying this to prey on the heart strings of her stans to get them to donate to her broke ass

No. 712284

I agree. I didn't mean for it to sound like he was "nice" comparatively to pimps/cartel members/etc. I guess I was trying to convey that he was probably on par to those sorts of people (I don't doubt that she has trauma and that given his history he prob did some fucked up shit to all of them that may never come to light for their own mental states). But the world of addicts has a lot of messed up people and if she thinks jonny and jake are the few and far between she'll be in for quite a surprise. Drugs can make even normally good people turn into monsters and sometimes back to good

No. 712290


Hmm, I thought IOP was everyday?

No. 712293

The point is that she was also a junkie doing junkie shit, but wants to pretend she was a holy junkie and the one true exception. You weren’t replying to me, but I thinks what other anons main issue is. She undoubtedly did some things that non addicts would consider just heinous. But she would like to pretend she didn’t. She also wasn’t to act like she wasn’t right by his side supporting him and enabling him as he was doing it. Especially because she was also a junkie so even if she didn’t do horrible shit, she let him do horrible shit because they were both junkies. She keeps bringing up how “he changed” when he would get high. No shit, that’s what drugs do. So why she’s acting like she didn’t also change when she got high, or when she didn’t have drugs and was looking for drugs.

No. 712297

The instagram announcement for this video has been taken down (the one using this same thumbnail image)

No. 712315

Why does this sounds like she wanted his adresse to see him lol
This sounds like even Jonny is done with her shit.

No. 712323

Yup. And then she lightly mists the moss which isn’t gonna do shit with that dry ass eco earth sucking the moisture out of the air. She probably read that eco earth is a good substrate for high humidity reptiles but didn’t bother to read further to the point if tells your it should be fucking damp.

No. 712325

So you’re telling me that lazy ass Taylor is doing jack shite? Is she too busy getting dressed up in her hideous clothes for a “photoshoot” or wut?
This is absolutely ridiculous. Mama dean you ARE enabling her 100%. Looking after HER animals AND cleaning HER room? Are you fucking serious? For once in your life give her a kick up the ass and refuse to clean up her messes. This is ridiculous,

No. 712326

Not only is it ridiculous it’s hurting her daughter in more ways than one. Taylor NEEDS to be doing this stuff for herself.

No. 712331

I honestly think it’s hilarious that JC has moved on and hasn’t said a word. Taylor is clearly desperate for his attention, anything, so she can act out her favourite role again - the victim and he’s not budging. It sucks because no milk but it’s also funny because this attention starved twat must be furious.

No. 712337

Jonny is definitely done with her bullshit.

Her stans are already attacking jonny about having a new girlfriend months later claiming he moved on fast despite the fact their junkie queen fucked a guy the moment she got to rehab, and targeted another the moment she got out.

Honestly they're both just as stupid and fucked as each other, jonny will never come out and say anything against Taylor because he knows that keeping his mouth shut and ignoring her is whats hurting her the most, it's clear as day in Taylor's desperate attempts at reaching out to him, shes livid he wont give her the time of day and Jonny loves it, he ultimately in his mind has the last laugh because she's making a total fuckwit of herself by going on these pity rants.

The only thing he's really said lately is that she talks shit about him because she gets money off it.

They're both idiots.

No. 712359

File: 1569903446655.png (574.4 KB, 1466x1719, Untitled.png)

No. 712362

Quick thing to tag onto what everyone has been saying about Tay not being over him: on her insta story the other day she dropped a link to her Spotify in which there's only one big playlist she made. On it is a mix of hip hop (post Malone, chase Atlantic), classic emo gurl stuff (Fall Out Boy, Breaking Benjamin, Paramore) Halsey obviously, and most importantly a handful of diff songs from Jonny's various old bands. If she really was that traumatized by her ex, wouldn't she like, remove him from her playlist? This is diff than insta, these are still on her playlist bc she still obviously plays them regularly. I think she plays her experience with him up to keep her name on the list of exes that horrible things happened to. Like other anons said, she was complacent in the choice to join him in being on H.

No. 712366


Hmm, all this proves is that his PayPal is not currently connected to Taylors account tho… right?

No. 712371


tinfoil - jonny is pretending to harass taylor as fake fans looking for a refund to extort money out of her cause he is broke as fuck.

No. 712375

yup, that's all it proves. dates relevant to the scam timeframe are needed.

No. 712386

Axolotls that undergo metamorphosis will look like adult tiger salamanders, rather than the inverse.
She burned out a bunch of its melanocytes with the iodine treatments, and damaged some others. Iodine also, more importantly, stimulates metamorphosis in them, and can push them to morph to a degree.
She damaged its gill rami with her treatment and neglect. The rami have been becoming damaged, not just being used for metamorphosis.
Axolotls that are wild caught or closely related to wild ones will partially morph. Only lab and pet axolotls will have complete neoteny.

I personally think this attempt at Mushu being a tiger salamander is kinda irrelevant. It's not milk. There are numerous explanations other than "Mushu is a tiger salamander omg! :O" that explain it.

No. 712389

File: 1569911160082.jpg (1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191001-070820_Ins…)

You shouldn't give any reptiles banana. In the zoo community, no animal really gets banana anymore. Humans have bred bananas to the point where they're ridiculously high in sugar.
It's basically like giving your animal a bag of candy.

You'd think she'd keep herself up to date on modern animal care research using Google scholar.

No. 712392

As a rabbit rescuer, small bits of bananas once a week are all they can have. It’s like giving them a snickers bar and it’s bad for their gut.

Diet is the number one thing in animal care. The wrong diet can cause irreparable harm and issues.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 712394

She was in charge of all the animals even before Taylor moved out with Jonny. That's why most of her animals back then were observational and why her parents forced her to get rid of animals that were too dangerous to handle when she moved back in.

Even if she was a completely sober person, there is absolutely no way she'd be able to take care of all the animals she has on her own. She'd need another person helping her.

No. 712400

Nah, that's too much of a reach. Jonny doesn't have any use for Taylor because he has someone new to leech off of, even if she doesn't have as much money.

And it's a better deal for him too because she isn't an "internet personality" so he doesn't have to worry about being a cunt. Not that he worried about it in the first place, but.

No. 712401

Wanted to say this as a fellow bunny person!

No. 712413

Rabbits really aren't relevant here since Taylor doesn't own any.

No. 712415

I lowkey live for Jen's shady tweets. First the 30 day soup and now this. Now, if only she had the guts to spill the tea since she loves to tweet or better yet, make her daughter adult and kick her out.

No. 712416

"Id like to save anyone from ever having to go through what I did" says the girl that was warned many times by exes and others and yet went in for the experience.

shut up, taylor.

No. 712418

don't forget she also accused many of them them of lying/clout chasing/drama whore etc. at the time too.

No. 712419

And blamed one of them for supposedly putting her more in danger by leaking the texts between each other.

No. 712423

…Whats the actual nutritional point of giving her a banana with the reptilinks?
If she has enough effort to give her a banana I'm sure she has enough effort to give her some actual fresh veg.

No. 712426

File: 1569920654655.jpeg (716.9 KB, 2048x2046, D1B42BBF-517E-4B04-80AD-A0CED8…)

No. 712427

File: 1569920699325.jpeg (689.49 KB, 2048x2046, 1C5D97F2-C55B-4E75-95C7-403241…)

No. 712430


Can she be anymore clichè and unoriginal? Every tumblr and Insta girl pulls the whole "sweet and dark" crap.
So relatable taylor, it's not like the entire internet hasn't seen thousands of girls do the exact same thing.

No. 712432

who wants to bet she walks around the house like this? meaning, not even a pair of shorts or pants over it like a normal person would.

No. 712433


Her face looks really wide in these pics. Also you can tell how hard she's trying to give herself a tiny waist in the second pic and sucking in her stomach. Arch your back any more and you'll give yourself scoliosis, Taylor.

Imagine actually taking "insta baddie" pics at like 4 am in your parents' bathroom. And she thinks she's a role model lmao.

No. 712438

poor shayna
a challenger appears

No. 712442

File: 1569923924106.jpeg (667.2 KB, 1936x1936, 4C702414-13CE-429C-BFBF-8B0FEF…)

both photos look weird to me with that dark stain and then lump on her

No. 712443

not trying to be rude, but people shouldn't give a single fuck about her. she's a stupid, pathological liar who kills her 'pets' through neglect. she's lazy and leeches off her family even though she had money at one point. now she's transforming into a bald insta-thot. there is nothing likable about taylor, even before you add in the fact that she's a junkie.

No. 712448

Her eyes are crossed, she looks like a mong.

No. 712449

maybe a UO but if she got back with Jonny I think it would be hilarious. frankly they deserve each other.

No. 712452


Are you not aware of shadows, anon?

No. 712457

Honestly kinda getting tired of all the comments concerning her appearance? She looks fine, it’s not milk

No. 712460

honestly taylor lol

No. 712464

She really doesn't. She looks like she's using, not taking care of herself, and dressing herself in… I don't even know what.

No. 712470

she looks absolutely disgusting with all the fake hair, shitty makeup, lipfillers and unflattering clothes.

it's not like she can't look good, but she seems to be set on making herself look as bad as possible.

No. 712471

Maybe it is Taylor's dad that doesn't want her kicked out. Jen is being weirdly PA though. I would bet she wants Taylor to leave because she's a massively disruptive and inconsiderate/unappreciative asshole, but at the same time is terrified of her relapsing or getting back into trouble. And this time she won;t be around to rescue her. It's like Taylor is holding the whole family hostage. Really what they all need is family therapy to fix some of the terrible dynamics that are on display, even without our tinfoiling about what those dynamics are. But in any case, I think is is pretty clear that Jen is resentful of Taylor, and it looks like for pretty good reason.

No. 712473

File: 1569932060925.jpeg (510.49 KB, 1242x1704, 0B9E14DD-51E7-40D2-8C78-27BACD…)

No. 712474

File: 1569932163593.jpeg (621.59 KB, 1242x1865, DDA71F27-F2D4-44BB-8FED-BB9504…)

She seems to be very upset.

No. 712476

its true tho, she really is the least of her victims.

No. 712477

Well, I mean she's not wrong.

Maybe there is something about people named "Taylor." A lot of the time all I can think of when I read Taylor Dean's discussions about being Queen Junkie is an echo of Taylor Avaroe shrieking "What about MYYYY SUPPORTTTT???!!!"

No. 712479

Chelsea has every right to vent.
Taylor's acting like she was Jonnys biggest victim. She didn't get raped, she wasn't physical assaulted and he's not even talking shit about her. She very well endured mental abuse and pain but her relationship with Jonny was the least abuse and dangerous.
Taylor blamed Chelsea for "putting her in danger" but still to this day couldn't even apologize to her.

Go off Chelsea, Taylor needs to be put back in her lane.

No. 712484

File: 1569934191315.jpeg (545.32 KB, 1242x1265, 671B2EAB-4DEA-429E-A22F-A5E622…)

I really can’t blame her. Imagine having endured years of Jonny Craig abuse, manipulation, gaslighting, and so much more. Just to watch some pile of retarded shit like Taylor cry online about a year of shooting up with Jonny?
I mean, really.

No. 712486

I don't understand how she can post this and think she looks better/healthier.

that pic of her squatting/kneeling in front of the bathroom mirror in the atrium house, the one she posted and cried about how dead she looked inside behind her eyes because of heroin? she has the exact same look on her face in these new pics, just hidden under a bunch of (mediocrely applied) makeup. she hasn't changed her problem and she still looks like a husk of a person. shiny new outfits don't fix the rot inside, Taylor

No. 712487

Sorry, but this is pretty petty and if she's this attached to the situation and concerned about how some other woman was less abused by her then she still has some problems that she should have sorted out a long time ago. Imagine if this was a woman getting angry at a victim of molestation because the same guy molested her worse. Something about this feels off.

No. 712489


That's really not that great of a comparison. I agree that it's dumb to try to argue over who was abused the worst, but I think that's just the surface of Chelsea's issue with Taylor.

IMO whenever Taylor gets around to stepwork she needs to apologize to Chelsea. I think Chelsea knows that she'll never get that apology, so she's lashing out in frustration.

No. 712490


samefag, but I think Taylor (being incapable of responsibility) doesn't want to own up to victim blaming Chelsea, so instead of apologizing, she made Chelsea out to be the person who destroyed Taylor's will to leave Jonny. Chelsea is Taylor's scapegoat, no wonder Chelsea feels crazy.

No. 712494


its not even her issue. Her issue with taylor is that everyone is kissing her ass for doing exactly what chelsea did back then but SHE got laughed at and called a liar. Her issue is that taylor gave a platform to jonny craig instead of ending his carreer once and for all. Her issue is that Taylor is a narcissist that doesnt take accontability for her actions and plays the victims when she took the decision to shoot up with jonny. Taylor acts like he shot her up by force when it really wasnt the case, she is making herself look like a victim when honestly, taylor is just as much of a monster. Chelsea is ANGRY that an ungrateful bitch like taylor gets so much sympathy.

No. 712497

File: 1569936181896.jpeg (95.97 KB, 1080x629, EFv9W2QVUAIK6Cj.jpeg)

This is a gossip forum, the manifestation of petty. And that's a gross simplification of the situation.

Chelsea tried to warn TND about JC, but they just laughed at her. Now TND and her mom are trying to say THEY will be the ones to make people listen, even though THEY are the ones who silenced previous victims by sending stans to harass them.

Also, TND blaming Chelsea for her abuse is disgusting.

No. 712498

File: 1569936298669.png (19.87 KB, 587x153, aa.PNG)

No. 712500

File: 1569936894099.jpg (244.37 KB, 1070x805, Screenshot_20191001-093447_Twi…)

No. 712501

Chelsea damn girl go off!
You have this anon's support. And I can't wait for the milk when TND finally drags herself from her heroin dreams. It's gonna be either a world class sperg, or "something terrible has happened to me!" to deflect.

No. 712502

Omg this tweet is one of her best. Yes Chelsea! Tell us how you really feel!!

No. 712503

U know what would be a real shocker? If jc would come in and tweet saying Chelsea is right. That would make Tnd look so in the wrong. But we all know he won’t say or do shit regarding this. But if he chimed in on this…. it’s obvious tnd is trying to play victim like the other exes when she isn’t even close. She was warned by one, and yea. We all know the backstory. Can’t wait til tnd wakes up. Lol

No. 712505


I get what she’s saying and she has points, but she shamed Amanda into silence for years. She also wanted to start a YouTube to talk about this, but no one would help her buy a camera. I don’t think she’s mad that the cow is profiting off this. I think she’s mad that she isn’t.

No. 712506

WRONG. i also stated MULTIPLE times that my profits would be put towards an actual women’s shelter. but thank you for once again trying to shame me


No. 712507

also… the story with amanda was beyond explanation. if you actually were around back then you would know the story. you would also know that amanda liz and i came together to end him. if that doesn’t say “HE is the problem” idk what does.

No. 712509


fucking gold, nominated for next thread pic

No. 712510

File: 1569938989532.png (18.04 KB, 595x141, daylightmodeisbetter.PNG)

No. 712511

Chelsea, why don't you just do it anyway? Who cares about profit. It could be very healing.

No. 712514

once i get my website finished, i will be posting actual help and shit. this isn’t about me. it’s about saving others. she doesn’t care about that. she just wants to be famous. i could give two shits about that. i want women to survive or completely avoid abuse if possible. silencing a survivor has only made me want to scream louder. which i will continue to do. but i will NEVER profit off the pain we all endured.

No. 712523

Thank you!!! The "he shot me up" pisses me off to no end because TND ASKED to be shot up. The other girl did not. Im glad she said this.


I also nominatete that tweet and this "shot me up" tweet.

No. 712531

Cheslea is the one Taylor was texting right? The texts she confirmed are real where she CHOSE to try heroin lmao

Looks like her top that's "too small" actually fits when she doesn't want to flash her tits

No. 712538

I cringe so hard at her inventing stories just to show her ass and tits lmao

No. 712539

>he likes to be fucked up and use that as his excuse for being disgusting

muh projection

No. 712544

Bananas are extremely high in phosphorus and are terrible for reptiles, they should only be fed as a rare treat if at all since they have zero nutritional content. Repti links are made from animal protein which bearded dragons do not eat, they need insect protein. Seriously taylor you think bearded dragons eat rabbits in the wild? In b4 twisty developes gout or some kidney disease. He's definitely not going to live a full life with such an improper diet.

No. 712545

lol come on anon, Taylor will never, ever work steps eight or nine, she's a fuc king lost cause

No. 712546

omg this tweet. just…*chef's kiss

No. 712549

At last, she's evolving into her final form as an e-thot. Every time we get a new set of bathroom selfies in her cheap Dollskill 'clubbing wear', my sides go into orbit. I would love to see Taylor do a slow descent into lewds my dudes a la Moo.

No. 712554

Notice however the awkward lack of male admirers. The only ones freaking out about her half-nudes are teenage stangirls.

No. 712556

Ironic she whines about Onion and then posts nudes for her child stans in the same way.

Plus she seems exclusively attracted to pedophiles…

No. 712559

File: 1569946967464.jpeg (146.39 KB, 678x960, E2AD32FF-50EB-4ADB-B1CB-6B8635…)

Thank you. This is the complete wrong diet for beardies. No, not “still acceptable” or “just not as common.” WRONG. It would be like giving your dog bird seed but claiming that since another animal eats it it’s probably fine too.
Beardies need dark leafy greens as a staple, fruits only as a treat (like blueberries), and even carrots aren’t an everyday thing. Lettuce (even romaine) is devoid of any real nutrients and shouldn’t be fed at all. Broccoli is also shit for them. Here’s just ONE easy to find resource with this info on it, which took me less than five minutes to find.

She honestly doesn’t fucking research anything, does she?

No. 712564

Notice how two of the items she’s feeding daily have warnings next to them about only feeding once in a great while because of health risks involved with giving it to them regularly.

No. 712570

THIS. So much this! She wasn’t his victim, she was his partner. It’s only now that she isn’t with him that she wants to play victim. >>712503
TND would love nothing more than for him to publicly “attack” her so she can cry for pity points online and use that to show people that what she’s saying about their relationship is right. She’s been baiting him for awhile now taking about him non stop and how she can “destroy his career”. It kills her that he isn’t obsessed with her, trying to get back with her and he isn’t staking her. She had to contact him first for him to even speak to her, and she still tried to play victim because he wasn’t nice when he replied. She was looking for excuses to contact him so that she could bait him into verbally abusing her or so that he would blow up online about it. He isn’t harassing her like he did with his exes and it kills her. She would do anything to have been physically abused by him so that she could get sympathy and attention from it. She should be thanking God that she got out a lot easier than his other exes, but she’s just jealous that she doesn’t have the story they do.

No. 712571

Meanwhile as an adult bearded dragon he should be eating 80% veggies and 20% protein.

No. 712578

If she doesn't know he's not treating her like his exes because she has a platform then she's a dumb ass.

It's easy to bury and harass his non-verfied, non-youtube channel having exes. He literally CAN'T harass her the same way, if Taylor wasn't considered "Someone" then I'm sure he'd be shit talking her just like she wants.

I'm also postive he's reading what she's saying, but knows that he's fuck if he tries to fight or trash her.

He's not doing her a favor, dude doesn't want to look worst on a major scale.

It's time Taylor moves on, realizes he's not sorry, he's not going to agrue with her and he's going to leave her alone unless she comes crawling back.

No. 712579

I don't understand why she doesn't do a 30 second Google search to feed her pets the right thing so she can at least pretend she knows what she's doing. Same thing with mushu and the iodine, that's literally typing 2 words into Google. Is she that lazy?

No. 712581

Imagine if she put the amount of research into her animals like she does researching onision and his drama.

No. 712598

>Her issue with taylor is that everyone is kissing her ass for doing exactly what chelsea did back then but SHE got laughed at and called a liar.
Despite all of the selfish shit Taylor's done, that's not her fault. She gets support only by virtue of the fact that she has a pre-existing following as an ~e-celeb~. It's understandable that Chelsea would get upset about it, but to have a meltdown on twitter over how she was the bigger victim and fixating on Taylor instead of her abuser comes off as petty and unstable. If Taylor were still droning on years after the fact about how shit Johnny was to her (and chances are she will) then this thread would justifiably shit all over her for it; anons already are whenever she talks about Johnny. Both Chelsea and Taylor need to get their shit together and move on.

No. 712600

We also shouldn't ignore that Taylor is a YouTuber and a verified person on twitter, it's fucked up but in this world, normal people can go through some shit, worst and not be heard, but Taylor has an bigger audience, people are going to listen more.

Personally I don't sare she shit talks, Jonny, because regardless of Taylor being the biggest "victim ever' in her head, it's still outing an dangerous asshole.

I also don't care if she wants to profit off of what happened with Jonny, shit I would too, If I had an audience and some shit happened to me, not only would I put them on blast to raise awareness but if I can get paid for it i'd take that as well.

I see nothing wrong with writing a book, making videos etc. about your experience with shit, especially when it can help someone not fall victim to the same shit/person.

With that being said I understand completely what Chesla is upset about and I'd never try to downplay her feelings. Taylor treated her like shit, so did Jonny.

No. 712612

Yes. Chelsea IS unstable. That's what happens when you are abused and gaslighted over a course of several years. Why would she be stable right now?

No. 712622

so wait. mushu was never an axolotl? i'm confused, sorry.

No. 712623

It’s just tinfoil guessing that he’s actually a tiger salamander.

No. 712626

Chelsea is justifiably upset with Taylor, not because she has support from more people, but because her support stems from Taylor’s lies and exaggeration while she also downplays the others experience and makes them look like villains to the larger audience.
It’s not about being the bigger victim, it’s about Taylor stealing serious experiences from other women, not apologizing for lying/making them out to be evil, and saying things like no one cared until Taylor got hurt.

No. 712653

File: 1569957416910.jpg (542.54 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191001-121636.jpg)

Don't think this was posted yet

No. 712659

>i'm so happy to have this chance to wear my thot outfits and be a professional victim on such a large scale uwu

FTFY taintler

No. 712682

Can’t wait to hear how many months she claims to be sober in the interview and how she was claim to have used 10 times more than she claimed before.

No. 712684

File: 1569960256032.jpeg (785.93 KB, 1242x1845, E2ADB3A2-6D7F-4495-9454-643497…)

No. 712686

That's the weakest cover up to try to avoid all the shit she's been outing and posting about Taylor lmao

No. 712689

my fucking sides. mama dean is such a narc, the amount of delusion she has to consider needing a verified account

No. 712690

The issue is that Taylor was one of the people calling Chelsea a liar and laughing at her, and caused her hoard of fans to do the same. Also the fact that Tay tried to blame Chelsea for anything JC did to her, all the while playing the victim herself. Chelsea didn’t have a fan base to come stand up for her when Taylor had her fans calling her a liar. Taylor never had the experience of going through that abuse and then to have a large social media following thinking you’re the liar or crazy just because his new girl says so. She gave Chelsea that experience, but the moment Tay splits with JC she gets all the pity and sympathy and her fans just forget about Taylor gaslighting them and JC’s exes the entire time that she said it wasn’t true and that he was a great guy.

No. 712691

Taylor's been curiously absent today, after Chelsea's rant. It's already 3 PM. But I wouldn't put it past her to be asleep until 10 pm.

No. 712692

Wouldn’t she go with the “I was hacked” story instead? That same timonandpumba was tweeting, as if a new account was made to believe it was her. Try again.

No. 712707

Sorry for derailing but how many exes of Jonny took heroin?
Was it an individual case with Taylor or did all of his exes try it?

No. 712708

File: 1569962668168.png (701.97 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191001-164331.png)

Oh boy

No. 712710

I didn't read that confusing formatted shit but hopefully, it's her just saying sorry for her part in making C feel like she did.

Maybe I'm having too much faith in Taylor that she'll just say sorry.

No. 712711

File: 1569962879553.png (1.39 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191001-164340.png)

No. 712712

File: 1569962973741.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191001-164345.png)

No. 712714

File: 1569963113010.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191001-164349.png)

No. 712715

Wow, not one apology to Chelsea in that rambling except for “I’m a victim tooo”
Eye rolls.

No. 712716

File: 1569963239269.png (3.71 MB, 1242x2688, BD01AB9F-B60F-44BA-91BD-B91E8A…)

Anon that posted the other two, you forgot this first one.

No. 712717

File: 1569963270035.png (1.44 MB, 1242x2688, 0A0DBF71-16D9-4317-BC54-C4C641…)

Last one

No. 712718

File: 1569963293354.png (636.28 KB, 1242x2688, 15BEBAB4-148F-4684-A6C4-D9D0A7…)

No. 712719

Honestly, why doesn't Chelsea just suck up her pride? I'm getting tired of hearing her do nothing but shit on TND over Jonny stuff. If she wants to expose Jonny, and Taylor is Jonny's newest victim, why don't they just work together to expose them? Instead of being petty arguing back and forth on twitter. Taylor is a mess on her own, but Chelsea's only beef is over Jonny and who has the biggest victim card.
Onision's victims had the right idea when it came to exposing him.

No. 712720

File: 1569963319684.png (616.15 KB, 1242x2688, DBA1957D-B479-4CCF-9903-043BE1…)

No. 712724

To be fair, I can't really feel sorry for people who get with Jonny if they have access to google. I feel bad for victims of abuse but come on?

Anyone who gets with jonny after 2 alleged rape charges and assault rumors, know whats up. He's not John from down the street.

this is public information, so I don't know how to feel about this. I just feel like if you play with fire you get burned.

Taylor knew and the other girls knew. Jonny's a piece of dirt and there's still girls willing to roll around in the dirt with him for some fucking reason.

and nope, no sorry from Taylor.

No. 712727

File: 1569963438066.png (252.39 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191001-165634.png)

Sure, Taylor. The only time ever you'll do this

No. 712728

You know, let’s just pretend for a second that the whole “but Jonny has my phone and tweeted that shit about Chelsea” thing happened. You’d think that the first thing you’d want to do after recovering your freedom is reach out to this woman to say how sorry you are that he did that, and try to clear the air and make that person feel better as best you could. But… of course not. That requires considering other people’s feelings.

No. 712729

Wait, call back to one of the earlier threads- Taylor said she was going to apologize to Chelsea, who promptly tweeted out afterwards that she didn't want an apology. I'll go find it. Chelsea said Taylor never apologized, but why would Taylor want to if it was going to receive a negative response.

No. 712730

She expects us to believe it was Jonny being rude to Chelsea when she literally just tweeted "Fuck Chelsea"? Lol

No. 712732

Where did she say fuck Chelsea?
The fuck You was to the person tweeting about it. The one she replied to if that’s what u mean.

No. 712733

File: 1569963823628.png (653.63 KB, 1242x2688, D4AE1684-1EBA-4E0A-B8B7-116137…)

No. 712734

I see two women who knew the past of Jonny and still decided to fuck with him thinking they'd change him.

I don't know how to feel. Someone had it right, they literally could be exposing Jonny's ass together. Then again, they knowingly got with someone like Jonny.

I feel bad for both but at the same time it's like… yall knew.

Just like Jonny's new girl, she for sure knows but she'll fuck him thinking the same thing, rinse and repeat.

Jonny doesn't have to change because he still gets women being the asshole that he is.

No. 712735

>tHatS whAt vIctImS dO!!!!

0 responsibility for her own actions and honestly saying shit like that IS invalidating to victims of abuse in its own way.

No. 712736

No. 712737

Same anon-

all this to say Taylor's coming off as a dick who just can't say sorry, even if she doesn't mean it, just for PR.

I'm not on either's side, because we all knew what Jonny was about but at the same time, how hard is it to say sorry and THEN say all this other shit?

I'd rather see them roast the fuck out of Jonny so the new girl gets the way and no new girls replace her.

No. 712738

she said fuck you to the person replying not chelsea

No. 712739

File: 1569964135472.jpg (591.98 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191001-140754.jpg)

"Fuck you"

"I'm not mad"

We all know You made those tweets. You're doing the same shit now.

No. 712740

File: 1569964195388.jpeg (77.09 KB, 1440x383, 29F519ED-3D70-4A9E-A679-B988E7…)

Sage for old milk, but Taylor victim shamed her to thousands of people. Even if Chelsea wasn’t upset, why are all of the other ex girlfriends as well?

No. 712743

Chelsea isn't any better than Taylor when it comes to the abuse/victim situation.

- Both have moms fighting their battles out on twitter, being nasty toward's Taylor's haters/fans

- Both trying to one up the other victims by how long/severe they were being abused

- Both can't stop talking/obsessing over someone (Taylor with Jonny, Chelsea with Taylor)

- Both got with a man who is an abuser/rapist fully knowing what happened

- Both aren't doing shit to hold Jonny accountable for what he's doing

- Both thrive off of negative attention they get

They're both cows in their own retrospects.

No. 712744


No. 712745

File: 1569964387370.jpg (49.16 KB, 750x1334, oop.jpg)


No. 712746

That was quick lmao

No. 712747

Hopefully, they can figure this out then, lol. She must've known that Taylor's stans were coming.

We know she lurks so she may spin this into, "lets work together to tear Jonny down"

which i'm here for.

No. 712748

Why does Tay act like she's so saintly? Does anyone else notice that? She cant say ANYTHING negetive about ANYONE - Chelsea,Jake, JC - without this bullshit overlaying "I hope their okay, blah blah blah," nonsense. It seems unnatural to me! Does this girl not ever feel anger? It comes off as BULLSHIT and is so FAKE.

No. 712750

im just so sick of their back and forth. this is EXACTLY what jonny wanted and they're giving into it, i bet he's enjoying the fuck out of it. as other anons said, they should both make peace and work towards exposing jc instead of this stupid blame game.

No. 712751

It's worst because Jonny has a new victim and these two are fighting over what? The choice they both made and how they BOTH discredited his past victims by fucking him in the first place?

No. 712753

I'm so glad I'm not the only one thinking Chelsea's petty for all this. I was going to say something hours ago but she showed up so I didn't want yelled at for "scaring away the milk". Tbh I would just ignore her if I were Taylor. It seems like she's mad Taylor gets attention and she doesn't. If her whole thing is wanting to make sure other girls don't become victims, what kinda bullshit is it that she's saying Taylor's abuse wasn't as bad as hers? That's not gonna make anyone want to reach out or come forward. She's come off as petty and spiteful, and I actually agree with Taylor saying her anger is misdirected, especially after she did the same exact thing- ignoring other victims and getting involved with him thinking she could change him. They both seem to still live and breathe Jonny and they both need to get over it. My sympathy for Chelsea is gone after this.

No. 712754

Should stick to texts so we can read them after lmao

No. 712757

I had little sympathy anyway. They both got with a man with rape allegations, abuse allegations and who was a junkie. Now they are arguing when they both didn't care about the past victims and thought they'd be different.

So really, I don't think Neither believed the rape victims or Abuse victims. They just wanted Jonny and they got Jonny & all that comes with his ugly ass.

No. 712758

File: 1569965514467.jpg (645.68 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191001-143134.jpg)

No. 712763

The problem with this, of course, is that Taylor doesn't know how to tell the truth. Everything she says is suspect.