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File: 1648731715378.png (319.3 KB, 644x680, euphoric.png)

No. 1488022

This thread concerns itself with male-to-female (MTF) snowflake behavior. This entails individual events, trends, and characters that do not deserve their own thread. Rules of /snow/ apply on this thread; don't blog about your tranny ex, don't derail with essays on feminist theory, don't post /pol/faggotry (even ironically)– This is for MTF related milk, not a receptacle for autistic spergouts. Calling others handmaidens or scrotes is infighting. GC discussion is limited to this thread and Fakeboi General– do not take your autism outside the containment zones.

Do not respond to anything you suspect to be scrote bait or trannyposting. Report the post and move on. Posts consisting of a single carefully posed selfie of a random troon is not milk and should be ignored and assumed as a self post. Dont give them the attention they crave. Lets focus on the crazy, there more than enough to go around.

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No. 1488025

good thread pic but please stop making threads so early, we always end up with two active ones as the same time

No. 1488037

File: 1648734847443.jpg (49.69 KB, 960x484, zero49up9pq81.jpg)

No. 1488041

File: 1648735187294.jpg (138.35 KB, 1675x322, VeO39ge.jpg)

Ever since some anti-trans fundie dipshit was invited to a debate at the law school, a bunch of TRAs/troons have been flooding my school's subreddit over the last several days. Pic dump incoming

No. 1488043

File: 1648735344340.jpg (588.89 KB, 2388x1203, nWL3Pbc.jpg)

No. 1488045

File: 1648735486486.jpg (675.4 KB, 1675x1038, v2Hiztn.jpg)

No. 1488047

File: 1648735553095.jpg (651.41 KB, 2191x1059, gG1cCuP.jpg)

Last one

No. 1488054

Damn I didn't know I could an hero them by simply looking. Too bad it's difficult to look when they're so hideous.

No. 1488121

File: 1648741600564.png (443.81 KB, 1080x1109, Screenshot_20220331-103834~2.p…)

This poor transwoman is clearly very oppressed. I mean, how would you feel if you had people briefly glancing at you as you walk through crowds of students every day? We should be more considerate of the insurmountable struggles this person has to face. Sure, this stunning and brave person could just put earbuds in and look around at scenery instead of overanalyzing every single social interaction, like a normal person. But it's so unfair to put expectations of normalcy onto such an exceptional individual

No. 1488150

Breaking news: moid thinks breasts are made purely out of fat

No. 1488156

If no one cares, why can't they just go to the gents room then?

No. 1488189

what fatphobia? most moid troons i see is are fat unwashed messes kek

No. 1488194

File: 1648748612330.jpeg (110.3 KB, 828x788, D1000E83-6F5F-402B-918E-B11F0C…)

34 year old tranny admits he is a pedo attracted to kids (map means minor attracted person aka pedo)
on his page he drew a loli version of himself
this troon is disgusting and the fact he's on twitter where he can easily interact with minors is concerning

No. 1488196

File: 1648748902021.jpg (334.79 KB, 747x927, f6Iwe1T.jpg)

You could be walking near the arts quad and all of a sudden you see this hulking person wearing a sweater and skirt walking in your direction. They’re not super common, but not rare either.

Related but the TRAs are planning a protest near the law school, even after the law school prohibited undergrads from attending and the LGBT organization within the law school itself told them not to protest

No. 1488197

File: 1648748946951.jpg (232.23 KB, 1080x1634, 20220331_194802.jpg)

male trans activists having a normal one

No. 1488199

Could someone please explain to me wtf he's trying to say here?

No. 1488202

"They're amazing people, and I happen to be one myself"
Kek this really tells you everything you need to know. And the last sentence cracks me up too. Muh academic studies. Sure, Jan.

No. 1488204

why does your country charge so much for a degree that's considered worthless in the rest of the world

No. 1488205

He really thinks equality means treating everyone as if they're the same person kek. Next he's gonna say it's sexist for gynecologists to exist

No. 1488207

the existence of women's locker rooms is discriminatory to men

No. 1488208

troons should be allowed to swing their dicks around in women's locker rooms and spas, otherwise it's discrimination

No. 1488209

Most Americans are not going to the schools listed in the ss, which are known for being notoriously expensive. State schools are a whole lot cheaper, not including scholarships and aid

No. 1488210

Kek, Cornell is also famous for having a lot of suicides

No. 1488219

I really wish new threads included highlights from the previous one. MTF General is obviously one of the most popular threads on lc, so could we at least take the time to make it a little more cohesive instead of just shitting a new one out before the old one is even locked?

No. 1488224

File: 1648750959748.jpg (6.19 MB, 4096x6140, Peak_Form_Hapsburg.jpg)


No. 1488228

File: 1648751082533.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1370x1107, 4CBD0851-0A3B-4088-85C1-58CCC6…)

Trans visibility day is such a fitting name. It’s fucking funny because they’re all visibilly trans and clockable

No. 1488229

File: 1648751267921.png (764.82 KB, 640x690, vfrpi11qxwq61.png)

he kind of looks like a sims 3 werewolf

No. 1488230

File: 1648751351562.jpg (497.87 KB, 1026x901, Screenshot_2022-03-31-11-28-54…)

No. 1488232

This made me kek. All the sims 3 werewolf needs is dangerhair and shitty makeup and he's a good 90% of troons.

No. 1488233

always the thinly veiled threats of violence

No. 1488236

File: 1648751554209.jpg (313.66 KB, 2146x1258, e39.jpg)

>This is the face of a girl who isn't going to put up with your bullshit.

No. 1488237

File: 1648751583276.png (297.32 KB, 270x826, simtroon.PNG)

Oh my god, I'm playing lilsimsies (a handmaiden sims youtuber) save on TS4, this is the second MTF tranny sim I come across, I already deleted one. Quite twansphobic to make them immidiately clockable like this, isn't it? She should totally be cancelled!

No. 1488238

File: 1648751591421.png (285.35 KB, 354x994, 52DC5F02-DF7B-43F2-8067-2775BD…)

Troon specific holidays:
>Transgender day of action
>Transgender day of visibility
>Transgender day of remembrance
>Transgender awareness week

holidays troons have virtually taken over:
>LGBT Spirit week
>Lesbian visibility day
>Stonewall anniversary
>LGBT pride month
>International Women’s day

Working on it:
>Black history month
>Indigenous people’s day
>Mother’s day

What did I miss?

No. 1488240

As men, they always see rights as a "+alpha," so to speak. They experience basic human rights as a given, and any additional rights that require vocalization/labelling just afford them greater quality of life. When they hear "sex based rights," then, they assume them to be additional benefits to a standard baseline of humanity created just for women. They fail to realize that when we speak of "sex based rights," we aren't taking about stepping up from a baseline but rather asserting our right to exist at that baseline. We are asking for a protection of rights denied to us due to our sex. Sex based rights are not creating exceptions for women; they are highlighting that mean already receive exceptional access to rights that should be available to all.

No. 1488242

File: 1648751885669.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1358x1189, 74632441-D03C-4E8E-B4B1-5A8AE2…)

A quick scroll through the top twitter results for ‘trans day of visibility‘ and shit is full of furries, anime girls and beastiality with tran flags slapped on. On international womens day they wanted to make it about themselves but on their day they unleash the full degenerate autism.

No. 1488245

Thank god that in reality all those "beans" are not loved and valid and that's how it should be.

No. 1488246

File: 1648752059979.jpg (60.84 KB, 1200x638, charles-spain.jpg)

damn what's wrong with his fucking face

No. 1488248

File: 1648752225483.jpg (237.77 KB, 1080x1805, Screenshot_20220331-144234_Tik…)

Wearing a bottle of estradiol like it's a badge of honor… Grim.

No. 1488251

Hopefully it will cause the troons earlobe to rip

No. 1488253

File: 1648752360451.jpg (86.14 KB, 1080x1151, Screenshot_20220331-111822_Boo…)

They know their audience.

No. 1488255

File: 1648752430178.jpg (Spoiler Image,171.82 KB, 828x1498, 20220331_164220.jpg)

Happy AGP Day!

No. 1488256

God I hope the normies left on twitter browse those tags. Truly the best cure for trannyism is letting them speak for themselves

This is frighteningly dystopian, jesus christ.

No. 1488259

File: 1648752551464.jpg (255.88 KB, 1080x1775, Screenshot_20220331-144243_Tik…)

No. 1488260

File: 1648752599575.jpeg (494.97 KB, 1284x2269, 163E7002-99CE-421F-84CE-0334D1…)

>"terfs like jk rowling are transphobic perverts!"
Tranny autism strikes again. Why are they so obsessed with Rowling?

No. 1488261

File: 1648752636506.jpg (34.01 KB, 524x470, its more than a horn hun.jpg)

it must be nice tho to not be grounded in reality

No. 1488262

Why did he turn his eyebrows into an anime line, it's creepy as hell

No. 1488265

The Twilight poster in the background somehow makes this photo even worse.

No. 1488269

I was so disappointed to find out Ro was a troon. Lots of ppl in the comments of his vids calling him she. He's actually pretty funny imo (even though I'm the one who posted about him ripping off his delivery from Chris Fleming, right down to imitating certain voices he does…and I still think that) Why can't he just wear his ugly eyeshadow and muumuus without thinking that makes him a woman or nonbinary or whatever?

No. 1488270

Yah I've noticed there's little in-between. They're either greasy unkempt blobs or rail thin skeletons (also greasy)

No. 1488276

File: 1648753751342.png (2.56 MB, 1064x1418, Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 3.12…)

it's the most horrible time of the year

No. 1488277

File: 1648753770532.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1170x1455, 2437FD33-D5E9-477D-A6EE-99568E…)

brave and stunning

No. 1488279

this guy would look like danzing crossed with ray winstone if he wasn't a troon, and both those guys were attractive to straight women when they were younger. this has to be completely about "getting" lesbians, right? with AGPs? a decent amount of them were doing ok/not failed men before the trooning

No. 1488280

Wtf are those Eskimo boots?

No. 1488282

File: 1648753957943.png (941.78 KB, 1016x750, i don't wanna look like a weir…)

No. 1488287

>flannel underneath sundress
>patterened pants underneath dress
>giant fucking eskimo boots
>fashion as hecc

No. 1488289

underbite correction HAS to be cheaper than a sex change and hormones, come on. try that first before deciding that being male is the reason your life sucks

No. 1488290

>90-lb, curveless, head-to-toe covered, zero makeup, pants-wearing female is infinitely more feminine

No. 1488291

I feel like I'm going insane seeing people actually point to stuff like the whole Lia Thomas thing and go "I sure don't know if they're stronger or not!"
When it is pointed out that yes of course men are, they suddenly go "well it's only 3 people so who cares??"
It's so obvious yet the discussions surrounding it are banned at so many places you'd think the world has gone mad.
Like I feel like I'm in the emperor's new clothes and everyone is acting like they're not naked

No. 1488292

i know this is a free speech zone but kek don't say that word. it's close to the n-word if you're native, sorry i sperg!!(retard)

No. 1488293

I can't believe I found a Hasburg descendent in this thread just like that.

No. 1488297

remaining normies on twitter are sports fans hence why random players names trend all the time.

No. 1488298

whenever we happen use slurs here we don’t actually mean it. we aren’t /pol/tards newfag.

No. 1488302

post troons or go back to twitter

No. 1488303

Fuck off back to Canada.

No. 1488306

Translation: you making laws to protect a group of people at a higher rate of harm leading to equity for all makes me unable to rape and assault women indiscriminately with my moid strength therefore it’s discrimination to men to make laws that protect women.

No. 1488307

Or in simpler terms. Telling men no is a hate crime because my snowflake little boy feelings.

No. 1488308

File: 1648756005524.jpeg (73.46 KB, 1080x1080, 19CFBB35-4227-4966-BADC-B5C492…)

This was supposed to be a lesbian dating app.
Also isn’t including transmen terfy kek

No. 1488318

Not allowed to avoid scrotes on a lesbian dating app.
This is actually disgusting rapey 1984 shit.

No. 1488320

I think this app is made by a troon bc i dont believe that an actual lesbian wants a dick.

No. 1488322

File: 1648757037326.png (52.04 KB, 1080x544, horny on HRT.png)

No. 1488323

What the FUCK is this outfit

No. 1488324

File: 1648757332311.jpeg (65.97 KB, 500x500, A7789F08-D0FF-4BC5-A153-D37D93…)

No. 1488328

File: 1648757697003.png (286.21 KB, 1474x776, Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 1.54…)

new lore just dropped
>that is a very common symptom of a body operating on testosterone that is meant for estrogen

No. 1488331

Damn Keith from try guys trooned out?

No. 1488333

Ah ok, so it’s not that he’s bipolar or something, it’s that he’s totally just lacking his estwogen

No. 1488334

File: 1648758138095.png (1.29 MB, 814x1353, old gregg.png)

No. 1488335

ADHD? Internet addiction? No it's the troon gene

No. 1488336

>eva fan
Every. Single. Time.


No. 1488337

is there a word like "schadenfreude" but meaning I love these stories about trans people embarrassing themselves?

No. 1488339

File: 1648758467826.jpg (205.69 KB, 978x450, herewego.jpg)

No. 1488340

File: 1648758500267.png (1.01 MB, 1105x1269, Screenshot 2022-03-31.png)

Your average agp

No. 1488344

I just pretty lightly told my friend group of 4+ years (all women) that I’m gender critical after they asked why I didn’t participate in a walkathon raising money for “”trans rights”” with them and they said they’re not gonna be my friend anymore and that I’m a bad person. It’s amazing how cult like this is. Cut out anyone who doesn’t give all their money and handmaiden insane pervert trannies. Is there a support group for this shit(blogposting)

No. 1488348

You dodged one hell of a bullet, anon. Come vent in the lolcow discord

No. 1488350

Time to make a new, secret app for lesbians.

No. 1488352

>TERF control
Holy shit when the pendulum swings the other way it’s gonna swing HARD. Nothing this stifling ever pans out

No. 1488353

File: 1648759360146.jpg (368.31 KB, 1624x2048, FPL8ic4XIAIi48g.jpg_large.jpg)

Democrats are really doing everything in their power to make sure they never get elected/re-elected. They HAVE to know how unpopular this is with the general public. US anons, get ready for a whole lot more republican leaders and a republican president in 2024

No. 1488354

Maybe people should actually start using Giggle for once. It’s not a dating app but it’s a social networking app for women only. It’s hardly active now because it’s been criticised so much for its “TERF” community. It uses facial recognition to verify you and they ban troons.

No. 1488356

File: 1648759768034.png (326.4 KB, 640x390, 1648723526110.png)

Diaper pedo king just can't help himself can he?
I'm baffled that they went from
>let's help abused women get more rights
>let's abuse women AND support pedophiles

No. 1488359

>…they only want the end result. Which for JKR means trans people being seen as their birth gender
Which they already are. Do they honestly think anyone looks at a 6'4" gigatroon in thigh highs acting like his impression of an anime girl and thinks, "ah yes, clearly this is a real woman"? KEK

No. 1488361

File: 1648759863229.jpg (91.96 KB, 720x470, 20220331_154940.jpg)

They are digging their own grave. They forgot that most lesbians are terfs and they are not atracted to dicks.

No. 1488363

Like everything in America, the left fails to establish a critique of this from the perspective of womens rights and instead the right wing gets to absorb TERF talking points and get elected again. Fuck this third world country

No. 1488364

They’re making the inevitable backlash so much more intense than if they just didn’t say anything. Digging their own grave.

No. 1488366

Kek. In the end the app will be infested with troons who only get pity attention from other troons while the minority of lesbians simply ignore them, they wouldn't even engage with them in a hateful way because they wouldn't match with them in the first place. Troonies are delulu.

No. 1488371

Sage for whiny Blogpost but it fucking sucks that it’s my birthday while these troons gloat about being alive and trans I hope they all choke soon(blogpost)

No. 1488372

Idk if nitpick but this moidlet has a recessed maxilla/madibula so mouthbreather incel face, from mouthbreathing aka not breathing right. Imagine being so much of a failure you don't know how to breath so your facial bones develop in the wrong way and leave you looking like you're constantly threatening someone. Wow. The surgery for this is also very expensive and invasive, I doubt he'd be able to get it.

No. 1488373

don’t worry, the 41% is still going up at a steady rate. happy birthday nonna!

No. 1488374

Looks pedophilic

No. 1488375

In the end, the only good I can see coming from this is hopefully a lot of women will go full terf on main. I doubt they'll find much solidarity from other leftists though. I don't know what it'll take for handmaidens to wake the fuck up. Especially because you know the right is not gonna nominate someone as easily hateable as Trump again. They'll pick someone who seems way more reasonable in comparison and will be that much harder to vote out. With the ways things are already going in right wing states, they'll definitely be coming for abortion rights and try to overturn Roe v Wade. Dark times for women ahead

No. 1488379

Giggle social allows for lesbian dating. Giggle is still really empty but the hate it gets in the press means it is growing steadily. I hope to see more female only apps like it.

No. 1488380

I really admire the creator for standing her ground. I hope more apps like that come about too.

No. 1488382

Unfortunately this doesn't only happen in America. The left keeps ruining itself with this kind of shit almost everywhere.

No. 1488384

>the right is not gonna nominate someone as hateable as Trump ever again
nonna he’s their 2024 nomination. do you live in a bubble

No. 1488385

File: 1648761244990.png (1.23 MB, 1030x2048, Screenshot_20220331-171233.png)

Refreshing to see the top comments on the fag from the last thread's latest TikTok… Maybe ppl really are waking up

No. 1488386

Assuming he doesn't die or it becomes too difficult to hide his senility and mental detioration

No. 1488389

I hate to say this but Trump is way for lucid than Biden. His mental capacity has not deteriorated, it was never really there in the first place.

No. 1488391

Ancient scrotes like Trump and Biden should'nt be allowed to run for president in the first place.

No. 1488392

>troon wants people to look at him
Higher education is a fucking joke.

No. 1488393

File: 1648761776822.jpg (752.01 KB, 810x2355, Screenshot_20220331-171031_Boo…)

"Male failing" has to be the most retarded delusion troons have come up with:

No. 1488396

>They'll pick someone who seems way more reasonable in comparison and will be that much harder to vote out
They don't have anyone like that in their ranks right now. I really fucking wish we had a third independent party.

No. 1488397

File: 1648762062662.png (533 KB, 984x567, 1646392586185.png)

This dude looks fucking PSYCHOTIC. Like there is something truly off putting about him

Kantsii kattoo nopee

That fucking sucks anon. I hope your ban is not long. There's the official discord link on the site header & /g/ has a friend thread that has a couple terfy woman only servers you can come to and vent. I know it suck, it happened to me too. After almost 10 fucking years.

No. 1488398

Seems to be other moids complaining about it. Women on TikTok fight harder for toons than most men do.

No. 1488399

>I know it suck, it happened to me too. After almost 10 fucking years.
NTA but it astounds me how willing women are to throw other women, and even themselves, under the bus for the approval of worthless men who hate them. Handmaidens really are just left-wing tradwives.

No. 1488401

File: 1648762486663.jpg (72.05 KB, 636x800, IMG_20220331_214236.jpg)

The radfems and gendercrits posting to #AGPDoV are going to end up peaking so many people I swear. I was already peaked, seen this, and it fucking doubled. I'm so confident that handmaidens lurking the tag for something to bitch about are going to end up either peaked or having a seed of doubt planted in their mind

No. 1488402


No. 1488403

I can't wait for the day they realize no one sees them as women, we just assume they want to be treated like one based on their clothes obviously

No. 1488404

File: 1648762665547.png (1.49 MB, 800x800, 7959CA7D-B4D3-49FC-BBC5-9AD1B2…)

Was scrolling through tumblr and saw this for TDOV. They have no self-awareness do they? I can’t believe they look at something like this and find it completely normal rather than fetishy and stupid.

No. 1488405

what if people like focused on getting their elite education instead of making wearing women's clothes their number one priority? this person's spot could have gone to someone from a modest background with a thousand times more grit. i loathe these men.

No. 1488406

The TRAs will just damage control by saying AGP is a transphobic myth created by radical feminists to demonize poor innocent tranzwimmin. They will quote Julia Serrano and say “cis women can be AGP too” which is the most common argument TRAs make against AGP.

No. 1488408

File: 1648762963276.jpeg (217.6 KB, 828x1159, C66A0E60-92B4-436A-9D61-D3D0DA…)

Want to help stop troons stealing peoples money but don’t know how? Easy! Simply fill out this nonprofit charity fraud form with the organization/Venmo/donation information of your choice and send it to the IRS so they get audited. Almost all of these businesses funnel their money into a slush fund for themselves, which is a federal offense! The bureaucrats at the IRS are typically conservatives who love to make peoples lives hell! Do your part!


No. 1488410

it's so crazy how twitter has become a platform for politicians, journalists, and erotic role players. why doe they keep a section of the userbase that even tumblr was ashamed of?

No. 1488411

does the SPLC actually do anything to alleviate poverty or do they just find new groups of people to criminalize with the "hate group" label?

No. 1488412

File: 1648763266975.jpg (157.01 KB, 1056x1476, FPM4hTgXIAALrH1.jpg)

A dating app supposed to be for women's very mature response to people calling them out for saying women shouldnt have preferences

No. 1488414

because america is not a country, it's a business.

No. 1488415

File: 1648763454546.png (658.38 KB, 720x1140, 31-o.png)

Oh yeah, well a 70's shoujo manga called it already

No. 1488421

Is that the vegan rap guy?

No. 1488422

See how amazing your app is when it's 95% men. Then, idiots.

No. 1488424

I guess they know it's mostly troons on there so it doesn't matter if the lesbians leave. I feel so bad for my lesbian sisters.

No. 1488429


Her app pandering to troons is really the same as bars offering free drinks to women because it attracts paying men. Men are willing to pay a whole lot of money just for a chance to approach a woman. In this sense troons are the paying customer for Her app while lesbians are the product being offered.

What's going to happen is that women will do what women always do when there are in an environment that is no longer enjoyable - silently slip away without making a fuss or telling anyone the reason why. And then the troons will stop paying because the women are gone. And then Her will die and the cycle will begin again somewhere else.

No. 1488433

>Men are willing to pay a whole lot of money just for a chance to approach a woman
Shit like this is why I have to explain to this all-male discord I hang out in that this is why e-thots and OnlyFans exists. They all rage and sputter about women selling feet pics and used bathwater and shit, but completely ignore the fact that men are willing to shell out money for it. I think this is why men don't like to own up to the fact that they share a gender with troons; they don't want to accept that these idiots are THEIR problem, not ours. (I also don't condone selling bathwater or feet pics)

No. 1488434

This is the worst thing about troons, that they feed on women like some kind of deeply unsexy, predatory vampires.

No. 1488435

File: 1648764826536.jpeg (137.55 KB, 750x606, DBA3E3C7-6669-4466-A44A-02ABD6…)

This came up in my YouTube reccomended. I’ve been watching lots of travel videos recently. The algorithm just shoves trannies on you

No. 1488438

Do they have a troon social media manager?

No. 1488439

they can do this absolutely suicidal policy and still win, because they are appeasing the only people who matter, the corporate donors. prizker, rothblatt, stryker, they all need to be dragged into the light and named and shamed. money in politics needs to be closely monitored. cancel culture needs to shift it's focus to billionaires.

No. 1488442

File: 1648765433574.png (232.27 KB, 649x590, poorbusinessstrat.png)

I wouldn't be surprised. I can't wait to see this app go up in flames

No. 1488444

They type like an HSTS gay man, so yeah

No. 1488447

File: 1648765677605.png (72.59 KB, 1080x738, euphoria question.png)


No. 1488448

There's nowhere else I can post this as all the GC women I know are also radfems but it's happening in porn too. 'Lesbian amateur' on pornhub would have been exclusively bio women a year ago and the search is now full of trannies, like 2/3 videos per page. Might lead to backlash among male porn consumers hopefully

No. 1488449

he looks pretty good though. I dont know if they have good plastic surgeons or its them looking androgynous but alot of thai hsts pass well.

No. 1488451

thank you nonnie

No. 1488452

File: 1648765880269.jpeg (35.08 KB, 267x320, AE983D87-0DAE-4406-88B0-DCB225…)

Ariana Grande is always giving me new reasons to dislike her.

No. 1488455

It’s always so jarring to see company social media be so vitriolic. Regardless of what they were even talking about, I wouldn’t want to dl the app anyway when they feel like it’s okay to attack people this way.

No. 1488457

are you kidding? the gigantic collarbones and atrocious bolt-ons look good to you?

No. 1488458

she's like 80 percent plastic so nearly a troon herself.

No. 1488459

I’m Thai and Thailand has some of the best and cheapest plastic surgery in the world for gender reassignment because our culture is extremely heteronormative. There’s lots of pressure on gay people to transition. I think HSTS in general look better than straight people who troon out but Thai TIMs can only fool farangs. They still look like moids compared to Thai women.

No. 1488461

i'm boosting giggle, writing a 5 star review, and reporting transphobic reviews rn

No. 1488463

She's know to be two-faced, so I wouldn't put it past her to do it so that people can applaud how great and inclusive she is. I remember back when she got caught licking those donuts and complaining about burgers.

No. 1488464

File: 1648766238038.jpg (39.37 KB, 306x536, FPMYYFgX0Ac4lwo.jpg)

More male entitlement

No. 1488465

File: 1648766279556.jpeg (426.24 KB, 1170x994, CAA2FFE3-AC2A-4845-87C9-F68B89…)

Just wanted to say I feel you nonna, I can't talk to anyone about issues of porn since I would admit I watch it sometimes

More HER shit

No. 1488466

File: 1648766297366.png (794.78 KB, 1080x1674, Zeernebooch42.png)

let's be real, the only people calling you a slut are your fellow troons during a validation circlejerk.

No. 1488467

File: 1648766313091.png (161.28 KB, 498x1152, file.png)

Here's the official White House statement on it. Reading this is insane. Hard to believe that the highest seat of government is promoting the idea of trans kids and legitimizing vague, undefinable bullshit like "nonbinary" and "gender-expansive." Of course, there's even a section on "honoring the identities" of violent males by letting them into women's prisons.
>improving access to gender-affirming care and access to facility placements that align with an inmate’s gender identity.


And then there's the "gender-affirming care" pamphlet created by the Department of Health. The glossary of "common terms" looks like it was written by Riley J. Penis, and of course it shills puberty blockers as 100% safe and reversible. Incredulously, hormone therapy is listed as "partially reversible."


No. 1488470

"One decent one" lmao, so he get's to decide which reaction is good enough or what? Troon or not, all moids are the same.

No. 1488473

>Evangelion fan
every time, holy shit. i've never seen a series that attracts so many troons, TIMs and TIFs alike

No. 1488474

Gross but…the title is "lady boy" correct me if I'm wrong but aren't Thai troons actually oppressed? It's just gross shit and I'm sure this troon is a sex worker. He doesn't look bad just like a tim. The huge fake looking tits, big ass shoulders and you know when he stands up he looks even worse.
I've always heard Thai troons don't normally live a nice life and aren't like the ones we see in this thread mostly. Sexworkers, poor, and actually selling their bodies to get by, not to coom or twitter woke reasons. Plus don't they have to transition to not die or something? They arent doing it for the coom, this one MAY be, I'm not familiar with this person nor do I care to be.

No. 1488476

File: 1648766640256.jpeg (120.84 KB, 729x639, 750749ED-1EAF-40C1-8938-8CDA41…)

absolute dogshit take

No. 1488477

I think it’s because they think it completely validates self pity and feeling victimhood. It’s the ultimate poor me wah wah anime

No. 1488478

A scrote I know complained that pornhub apparently slides in troon porn with normal porn. I also saw a scrote on LSA complain that when you search "ebony" troon porn sometimes comes up. I'm not surprised they are doing this now tbh. They want to get scrotes hooked so why not add troon shit to speed it up.
"It's in the lesbian section so watching these two dudes with tits fuck eachother up the ass can't be gay right?"

No. 1488479

File: 1648766889131.jpg (Spoiler Image,103.4 KB, 1080x1438, img_1_1648766715322.jpg)

I used to know this person. He's an ugly guy and an uglier TiM.

No. 1488480

Because it’s got a pathetic male protagonist, male gaze sexualization of all the female characters, incestuous themes, pedo themes, and is fake deep.

No. 1488481

I've stopped watching porn years ago, but I applaud this development. Girldick should be mandatory for pornsick scrotes.

No. 1488483

File: 1648767407244.png (21.93 KB, 562x190, o87rt68o0.PNG)

Actually an interesting angle from the other farms. They say lesbians are genital fetishists. Ok, let's say they are. What about it then? As we know, kinkshaming is the worst crime ever right after twansphobia.

No. 1488485

I'm sure the investors are gonna be SO happy about this.

No. 1488486

File: 1648767537062.jpg (243.48 KB, 720x866, 20220331_175800.jpg)

Sorry to all the amerifags

No. 1488487

That take does not come from kiwifarms.

No. 1488489

And to think people used to be able to give rational counterarguments and be good at debating. Now it's just dissolved into "It's also just the right thing to do."

No. 1488492

It's okay, we're all waiting for the day he croaks. Or the revolution.

No. 1488493

It's all so performative, this nauseating fawning over troons. Geriatric ol' Biden probably struggles to understand the concept of trannies - he's certainly not aware of the fetishist creeps all over twitter and reddit.

No. 1488495

He's a pedophile, of COURSE he does. He wants access to womens' bathrooms, too.

No. 1488497

It has ship teasing, mental illness, and fetish fuel.

No. 1488499

Yea, strict gender roles put pressure on gay men to troon out but then nobody is willing to hire them so a lot of them work in prostitution. Their best case scenario is finding some rich white man to be their sugar daddy.

No. 1488504

File: 1648768683294.jpeg (488.68 KB, 1920x1204, B367FEA2-1CA6-4DEA-BAE4-581D55…)

delusion vs reality

No. 1488508

So a perverted rapist male stands in solidarity with other perverted rapist males…
In other news, the sun rose today.

No. 1488510

They’re not gonna do shit

No. 1488513


DeSantis wants Disney out of his state lol(learn2embed)

No. 1488514

it's actually exactly the other way around. trannies benefit from women who get botox, plastic surgery and wear drag queen makeup because it makes their clownery not as obvious. PS makes women look like trannies. of course you can still clock men and always will, but it's getting easier for them to pass the more women wear their faces like trannies.

No. 1488522

Why do they have twin size beds? It's so weird to me when grown adults have twin size beds.

No. 1488525

spending their money on graphics cards to play their lolicon simulators at the highest resolution instead of something for practical day to day use

No. 1488526

File: 1648769742490.jpg (72.82 KB, 702x1053, FPNcYMDXoAM8bEE.jpg)

woof. What's wrong with phallus tube's new nose. Jesus Christ it looks like a prosthetic.

No. 1488528

they still live with their parents so their rooms aren't big enough for a double unfortunately

No. 1488531

cancel student debt, you rain-soaked log!

No. 1488532

they live in their childhood bedrooms still

No. 1488533

excuse my misandry, but that describes the majority of men, which is a strange coincidence.

No. 1488534

Learn to integrate newfag
Also kek Fox News

No. 1488536

I just downloaded her to find more lesbian/bi friends but its PACKED with tims and she/theys, to the point that I had a pile of 8 friend requests in a few hours ALL from "pre-everything silly trans girl-bians". There is actual cishet men on it too, who im assuming are also here thinking lesbian pussy is tight?? you cant even report them, its fucking stupid. I uninstalled immediately.

No. 1488539

Pretend you’re Muslim, in Islam intersex genders basically boil down to penis? Male. Vagina? Female. Really can’t tell? Well, what does it seem they are more? Being islamaphobic is of course, one of the worst woke crimes.

No. 1488541

I read a while ago that the majority of dating sites fail because they're unable to pull in as many women as men so it just becomes a massive online sausage party.

There is nothing funnier to me than the idea of a bunch of troons trying to suss out which one of them is a real lesbian. I've seen troons online explaining gently to each other that they are so deep into their fetish and so autistic that they're unable to clock people, which is why they think they pass. lmao. Hope they're not too transphobic when they discover they've been fooled (insert hilarious russian comic)

No. 1488542

I can’t WAIT for people catfishing gullible lonely autismos

No. 1488543

Your ass won't fit men's clothes? Damn, you must be fat lol. I'm wearing my boyfriend's jeans as I type this.

mother of god. seeing shit like this makes me actually fear scrotes. what is wrong with their fucking brains?

No. 1488545

Ideally they would be content with dating each other. Some of them are pretty faceblind so it might work.

No. 1488547

looks freakishly like Contra, literally made me gasp. this freak is trying to buffalo bill himself into his previous chaser obsession

No. 1488553

File: 1648771771275.jpg (62.04 KB, 680x680, FOrudfuagAQ53Kz.jpg)

troons have taught me a lot about how men think (i.e. as though they are retarded)

No. 1488554

Women don't do that shit.

No. 1488556

Oh damn that would be a nice hobby, catfishing trannies to "meet up" and leave them hanging. Men post "cringe tinder thot" profiles and conversation screenshots all the time on image boards, we should do the same to them

No. 1488559

Another anon already said it but he looks like he's skin walking contra

No. 1488560

Men really think women masturbate in public restrooms, no doubt because of porn consumption. Imagine letting yourself become this retarded.

No. 1488562

File: 1648772579375.png (2.44 MB, 1627x1633, 7.png)

Based TERF Island.

No. 1488563

Not to take a troons side, but some women do. I hate the attitude here that a Real Woman has a specific personality/hobbies/etc, and not just the only thing that matters which is our biology. Of course the amount of women who masturbate on public bathrooms is probably so tiny it's actually smaller than the amount of troons that do so, but still.

No. 1488565

Are you saying this because it's actually you who masturbates in public toilets?

No. 1488566

Fuuuuck I wish. Canada banned it for gays and troons, I send my envy.

No. 1488567

there are dozens of us!

No. 1488569

Nah, I don't or know anyone who does, but surely there are some poor pornsick females that do

No. 1488570

So you're just assuming that some women masturbate in public toilets. How many do you think falls under "some"? Like two? Two really mentally deranged retarded women juicing it on the mall toilet because their tard wrangler went to get a big mac, sure.

No. 1488574

I don't know. But believing women are incabable of having weird fetishes or doing gross stuff is some tranny-tier "magical female essence, muh female brain" tier shit

No. 1488575

There are just some things that women really rarely rarely ever do and I think masturbating in a public toilet is one of them.

No. 1488576

>gay conversion therapy: literal torture designed to break someone down until they deny a central part of themselves
>trans conversion therapy: you don't need to chop your tits off because you don't like pink

No. 1488578

It has more to do with socialization than some female essence. Women are socialized to be considerate towards other and we know that masturbating in public bathrooms would make other women uncomfortable. So we don't do that.

No. 1488579

NTA but I've been wanting to join the discord, but I'm a total n00b and afraid of being outed. Is creating a burner account and not clicking links enough to stay safe?

No. 1488580

File: 1648774213228.png (2.35 MB, 1080x1208, Screenshot_20220331-204637.png)

TransDOV brought some real nonsense forward. Foremost was this insta account, they have some really unhinged posts.

No. 1488581

File: 1648774254075.png (823.41 KB, 1080x1241, Screenshot_20220331-204813.png)

No. 1488588

He's said "we see/hear you" idk how many times now. It's all just fake performative bs to keep their votes. Same with canceling student debt. But reality still is that the liberals on the left are too retarded to see how much of a bloodbath midterms will be for them if they keep centering troops and pedophiles while ignoring women. They hilariously lost Virginia in the what would have been an easy win because a scrote raped girls in a bathroom then cried that he was a troon. Yet the left ignored that. The right is no better at all either

No. 1488590

I'll take "words that don't exist" for 1000, Alex.

No. 1488591

november's violence against women remembrance

No. 1488595


Ah yes, because the condition known as being female is characterized by a set of "behaviors."

No. 1488597

Supporting troons is just a way that liberal men can fuck over women and stop pretending to be a brave male feminist. Don't mistake Republicans for allies. They are the most fucked up women hating faggots I've ever met. They believe a woman should be a good christian woman, have their babies while being a virgin and making dinner as they fuck an underage teen boy. I swear some of tradthots that come in here laughing about democrats losing as if it's not completely fucking us over. As an anon said, conservatives still terf talking points while treating women like bang maids.

No. 1488598

File: 1648776462263.jpg (36.01 KB, 635x640, babs.jpg)

Yeah, Barbara Kruger you ain't, faggot. God the left really has not a drop of creativity left in their veins.

No. 1488601

File: 1648776722182.jpeg (118.61 KB, 828x1196, 97178A1D-3E3D-4CEF-A0D7-DE0A16…)

Disgusting. It’s always been this way. Not “trans women are women”, but “Trans women are MORE women than women”.

No. 1488606

If their target audience is queer people, why not just rebrand as "QUEER App"? I wouldn't have nearly as much issue with them if they weren't taking women good and just turning it into "everything that isn't straight man." And besides, shouldn't the Aiden FtM users feel uncomfortable using an app named HER?

No. 1488608

File: 1648777701280.png (168.88 KB, 623x435, biotrans.png)

I got confused and thought this was a bio-trans t-shirt kek

No. 1488623

It’s incredible how the governments are discussing these things now. I remember back when “TERF” was only ever flung around on terminally online spaces and “gender critical” was just a radfem hashtag on tumblr. I did start to worry in 2010 when some trans activists started to call random women “transphobic” whenever they talked about their periods but I thought it was just a vocal minority since most of the userbase was still saying stuff like “my ovaries exploded” when they saw hot fictional men. Tumblr was full of annoying libfems who would always go on about prostitution being empowering but at least they didn’t deny that sex was real.

No. 1488627


Simsie is one of the most cringe handmaidens I’ve seen, and that’s saying a lot, but I had no idea she had TIMs in her save, although it doesn’t surprise me. Can you imagine if her husband trooned out? She’s married to a fellow gamer, so he’s halfway there lmao.

No. 1488628

Kinda surreal to see the term “gender critical” being used in mainstream media like BBC, Fox News, CNN, etc.

No. 1488633

File: 1648779623027.jpg (675.36 KB, 3840x2160, S9Mj5u9.jpg)

Ex janny here. Posting here because /2X/ is dead. I have a large collection of manifesto-chan's post history with IP censored out. She only posted man hate, nothing identifying. Should I post?

No. 1488634

Janice Raymond predicted that trans shit would devour women’s rights all the way back in the 1970s but even she was surprised by how fast it all happened from the 2010s to now, as well as how insane the activists are. I really do blame Tumblr for that acceleration in trans activism.

No. 1488635

No. 1488638

I can't help but wonder if HER was a sleeper agent all along. Just sloooowly bring in the lesbians to the app and then corral them all there before unleashing troons onto them, and calling them transphobic if they don't accept it.

No. 1488645

How is this discrimination? People can choose not to date anyone for ANY fucking reason.

No. 1488649

Please do, I've always wanted a collection of her wisdom

No. 1488650

File: 1648780698866.jpg (38.91 KB, 500x375, 1264724183846.jpg)

No. 1488655

mom should have gotten an abortion

No. 1488656

Looks like a Russian town drunk who's fallen on hard times and has to pay for that vodka SOMEHOW

No. 1488660

Can't wait for this ghoul to get voted out.

No. 1488672

The only based politician nowadays. Not even the female politicians stand up for women or kids.

No. 1488676

im no democrat stan but if you genuinely think desantis is based you need to take your meds

No. 1488678

kek for a second i thought it was made to be a diss at tw

No. 1488679

Lmao this and I fucking hate dems

No. 1488681

File: 1648782898511.jpg (178.63 KB, 828x1163, FPOhE4fVsBIvfxP.jpg)

No. 1488682

happy birthday!

No. 1488694

No such thing as a based American politician, let alone a Republican. You know DeSantis opposes abortion, right? He also thinks climate change is some leftist conspiracy and is a huge Israel shill.

No. 1488699

>almost 3k likes

i hate it here

No. 1488700

No, it’s based. We should encourage death-by-eating

No. 1488710

What fatphobia? Heterosexual men are the fattest group of men though. Like, when compared to gay and bi men, straight men came out as the most overweight.

No. 1488715

you just know this gender bullshit is about erasing women and big pharma generating endless money when they put a 11yo female on blockers. she will never pass the 150cm mark, and by adulthood, she would never ever pass, not even as a manlet. its evil how these "gender affiriming" doctors won't recognize the existence of sex even when doing such "treatments". that kid would pass better by having her normal puberty and then being put on hormones, unlike males

No. 1488722

Oh my god I love manifesto chan

No. 1488724

I doubt it. A lot of incels are decent looking guys. It's their brains and personalities that are broken. Women likely sense something is "off" and avoid them long before they troon out.

No. 1488726

No. Inappropriate.

No. 1488727

Fuck yeah feels like old timey feminists passing around dangerous writings and banned books

No. 1488728

uhh, w-what the fuck is this image, anon? other than my sleep paralysis demon?

No. 1488729

hence the rise in these alpha podcasts too. men are panicking at the fact that we can sniff them out. now they’re left with three options. whine about it on redpill forums until they hang themselves, go watch alpha podcasts and then look like a complete sociopath to everyone they know, or troon out and eventually hang themselves bc they’re a monster.

No. 1488731

True. Elliot Roger was okay looking, some people would even think he's good looking, and he had money too. He just never tried and had a shit personality and saw women as lesser, so he never got anywhere. Incels are delusional men who want to risk the least for the greatest reward.

No. 1488744

File: 1648789215227.png (1.67 MB, 1124x1246, markipliertumblrmakeup.png)

looks like when markiplier put on makeup and people said he was bullying transwomen

No. 1488750

File: 1648790294114.jpg (271 KB, 1436x1080, 1612034603354.jpg)

Anyone else reading the replies to HER's twitter account? They're 24k gold.

No. 1488761

File: 1648790852946.jpg (241.43 KB, 1080x1139, Screenshot_20220401-011334_Boo…)

They're so manipulative. I'd love to see the post body that got removed.

No. 1488764


Alright seeing as there is interest I'll triple check that everything is censored and post it tomorrow in this thread.

No. 1488765

>women having spaces where they feel safe from men is discrimination against meeee


No. 1488766

File: 1648791443188.jpg (1.1 MB, 810x4259, Screenshot_20220401-013543_Chr…)

top kek

No. 1488770

God love 'em, they're the Marine Corps. of women on twitter

No. 1488780

Creating a shitload of superfluous holidays is just another example of trannies being enormous narcissists. They have no personalities outside of their "gender identities."

No. 1488781

>super soft smol tiddy sapphic femme
troons really can't help but tell you exactly what they are not

No. 1488784

he has honterapoints's post-ffs nose now kek. the skinwalking process is almost complete! he just needs to shed a ton of weight and dye his hair blonde to drive hontraapoints of the fucking wall.

No. 1488785

The HER Twitter page is beyond gold! Every single post they’re just getting ripped into.
Who thought forcing people to fuck someone else could end so badly Kek.

Off topic slightly; has anyone found that video of the troon freaking out over the female work calling the troon sir and getting him banned from the store?

No. 1488788

File: 1648794620506.jpeg (100.65 KB, 600x532, 67975A7F-0ACE-4900-A25E-95C477…)

That poor woman. Trying to help the parents know what’s going on with their children’s health and this is how she’s repaid. I hate this damn world sometimes

No. 1488789

KF is on it, but they are not sure if it is a troll or not. The Reddit poster also said the video poster privated it

No. 1488790

What page is this? Can you spare some sauce

No. 1488799

This guys entire political strategy is “oh well at least I’m not quite as deranged as THAT guy who is openly racist and a crook and also with any luck I’ll be fucking dead soon and someone without a dementia-shrunken brain will take over”.

No. 1488803

Yes pls

No. 1488823


Thank you for the recommendation, nonnie. This has truly made my night to see so many people, especially on twitter of all places, shutting down these manipulative men and their ideas that they have a right to lesbians' time and spaces.

No. 1488836

I have no idea if this link is going to work but it’s just their Twitter page for HER.

I haven’t seen a single post on favour of their twitter page. Did they recently get sold to some male or something? The last posts are incredibly rapey and now they’re blocking women left, right and centre.

As for the video, I think he’s just screaming for attention. No tranny videos have been uploaded to YouTube recently and definitely none that have 30k views like he claims. If their were, the video would be somewhere but there’s not even a single mention of the incident

No. 1488839

File: 1648802058686.jpeg (90.55 KB, 750x886, 9F03D0D2-A218-4295-868D-36E3D8…)

Best find in the replies so far, kek

No. 1488840

moids being absolutely retarded and thinking a 5'2 butch is a man because of short hair and no makeup should be concerning, not validating.

No. 1488857

If online discourse has taught me anything, terminally online moids know exactly what "per capita" means. Are they playing dumb?

No. 1488863

watching this, never heard the term "urinary leash" before but holy shit it's accurate. so fucking unfair.

No. 1488864

This is perfect. I just want to see their down fall.

Trannys scream the loudest but they make up fuck all of the economy. Most businesses will end up backing away from lunacy

No. 1488866

File: 1648809055018.png (2.1 MB, 1080x2520, misogyny.png)

how the fuck can anyone look at this shit and be like "yeah, that's definitely compatible with feminism"

No. 1488872

They think shit like this is cute when they’re ruining womens lives and everything we’ve worked for.

No. 1488888

bacteria can be philes or phobes… this damn degeneracy is at the dna level.

No. 1488889

i think the comic is satire, nonnies.

No. 1488898

How is this always a question? Like, how is it not immediately obvious to these people that it’s just a fetish? Being a woman, feeling like a woman (whatever that means,) has never once turned me on. If anything, it’s only ever made me sad because of the way we’re treated. My mom loves true crime, so growing up, I quickly came to understand how men truly feel about us from the sheer amount of horrific rapes and murders perpetuated against us. It’s almost surprising that hardly any women are out here killing men. Aileen Wuornos’ righteous fury was the only correct answer.

No. 1488899

It isn't satire. This meme pops up frequently enough on the trans meme subs. It's always popular and filled with TIMs circlejerking each other on the validating "ewphoria" and "trans-inclusive radical misogyny" they've experienced.

No. 1488901

File: 1648814750993.png (344.27 KB, 1053x1799, trnaspopquiz.png)

It's weird how TRAs have to believe obvious contradistinctions at the same time to justify all the weird trans stuff, and none of them ever question it.

"Pink isn't for girls! But if you like pink but were born male that is a legit sign you ARE a girl."

"Trans peoples gender can't ever change! But gender is totally fluid and can change sometimes."

"Having a dick doesn't make me male! But I must chop it off to be more female because females don't have dicks."

"Dysphoria is the worst condition on earth and makes trans people kill themselves! But dysphoria is in no way a mental illness and expecting trans people to try to cure it is transphobic."

No. 1488902

Nta, Ive seen this shared unironically far more than ten times in the last two years by troons

No. 1488904

>If TERFs really cared about women they'd focus on what's important: forcing lesbians to fuck me!!!

No. 1488905

File: 1648815190159.jpeg (784.53 KB, 1152x1567, 018F9E0D-F763-4981-90AC-AADEA3…)

aka. when “the boys” all watch too much porn and go on Reddit too much over the lockdown

No. 1488911

File: 1648815663596.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1510, skirt goes spinny.png)

the uwu-ification of transvestitic fetishism

No. 1488913

File: 1648815840865.jpg (787.34 KB, 810x3740, Screenshot_20220401-074443_Red…)

Hottest post on trans reddit right now: mommydom, spankings, headpats, "good girl" praise.

No. 1488914

God I hate them so much

No. 1488922

This is just an incel pretending to be a woman.

No. 1488924

File: 1648817530541.jpg (43.95 KB, 540x233, 20220401_084705.jpg)

No. 1488926

File: 1648817699657.jpg (44.92 KB, 679x852, 61LQFBxdK6S._AC_UX679_.jpg)

yeah this is getting out of hand. A few days ago I went to a cosplay convention for the first time in years and I was shocked at how many guys I saw walking around wearing picrel, and not the "hue hue funny manly man with a bear wearing a maid dress" but the scrawny, femboy/agp type of guys. On the other hand, maybe they were always there but I've only started noticing it now since I've peaked.

No. 1488930

absolutely haram

No. 1488932

This made me want to vomit what the FUCK. They’re really just out here basically admitting that children give them boners with absolutely zero shame. Clown fucking world.

No. 1488941

File: 1648819490771.jpeg (399.28 KB, 640x904, 5558C230-1C16-4551-A83D-17F501…)

this guy is 6’3”…

No. 1488945

This is something that confuses me personally. Trannies are all consoomers, all they ever talk about aside from spinny skirts and euphoria is media and pop culture (especially anime) and yet basically none of them have a job or any money.

No. 1488948

I wonder what fakebois think when their sub is insufferably dominated by male incel (gr/c)oomers like every other subreddit

No. 1488953

File: 1648821010705.jpeg (146.92 KB, 825x1234, 77B0088F-F0AD-4B12-B81E-943732…)


No. 1488954

File: 1648821064047.jpg (98.93 KB, 2007x391, hotwoman.jpg)

this thing saying that woman cannot get laid

No. 1488955

haha he is using a beauty filter and still looks like a troll who lives under a bridge

No. 1488960

This has to be a troll.

No. 1488961

Each time I check these tranny threads I'm wondering why normies are nodding their heads playing along with this lunacy. Like goddamn. It's like we're living in a bad SNL sketch from the 90's. How can a person look at this and think "yeah, that's normal".

No. 1488970

neither of these women have faces, he just presents their bodies

No. 1488972

File: 1648823206644.png (386.5 KB, 1237x1243, Screenshot 2022-04-01 .png)

This proves more than anything that trannies are men. Women's biggest issue with dating apps has to do with fake profiles and vetting men so we don't get stalked, raped and killed.

If these troons are so uNsAfE and TERFs are dangerous why is their biggest "hurdle" women ignoring them? Saying "No, thanks. I don't want to date you"?

No. 1488974

I can't wait for whoever runs the twitter account to end up being fired (or, ideally, shot).

No. 1488975

File: 1648823402293.jpeg (137.28 KB, 1440x1440, FPMRUYEXIA0y41S.jpeg)

"New reporting option- Transphobia"

uh huh.

No. 1488977

What an incredibly male thought process, to think any woman would be upset that some random ugly man said no one wants to have sex with us. They really are just incels thinking trooning out is life on “easy mode”

No. 1488979

every single terf would be overjoyed if these gross men didn't want to have sex with them.
these men think calling a woman undesirable is the worst insult they could ever get, because they think women exist only as sex objects

No. 1488981

File: 1648824141611.png (16.95 KB, 736x100, men.png)

>Uses "people with uteruses" for women
>Uses "men" for men
>Only uses the word woman in the context of a quote

Really sick of this shit. I already emailed them but I doubt it'll make a difference.

No. 1488983

i honestly cannot tell because moids like this exist, so if it's a troll, they are very lifelike

No. 1488986

File: 1648824513380.jpg (23.3 KB, 345x496, gungadinlaugh.jpg)

>birth control pill for men
Yeah it's called a placebo. God men will really fall for any old dumb shit, won't they? A fool and his money are soon parted.

No. 1488990

I hate their “skirt go spinny” stuff esp when they bring up their boners bc when I do think of spinning in a skirt I think of either little girls who are doing it for fun or women just having fun w a dress that does kind of like in a jokey Disney princess way. Just something cute and fun. They have to make every damn thing so sexual and pedophilic.

No. 1488991

It's so stupid how men becoming the default is considered progressive. It's either "people with uteruses" or men. It's either you're attracted to "non-men" or men. I'm waiting for the day an article refers to men as ejaculators or prostrate-havers.

No. 1488992

why would you put your massive forehead on display like that kek

No. 1488996

god how i wish the public would bully them out of their spinny pedo skirt bullshit

No. 1488999

As nice as it would be for men to have to take the pill instead of women, I know nothing will come of it because men don't give a shit. I've read a couple of articles and comments about it and 99% of men complained about mUh SiDe eFFecTs even though women go through the same and nobody truly gives a shit. I also don't trust any moid to take them regularly and diligently because they just don't have the risk of getting pregnant and for most even a condom is too much to ask for.

No. 1489006

It speaks volumes when testing the pill for men had to be stopped because the guinea pigs cried about muh side effects!! that were headache tier when we are getting depression.

No. 1489010

As a society, we need to kinkshame more. A lot of social problems could be resolved with a hefty dose of kinkshaming.

No. 1489015

Lol that the worst problem they face is "preferences" - they really are just mad that they're undateable at the end of the day

No. 1489018

They’re such babies about freaking everything. One ounce of pain or denying them anything sends them into tantrum mode.

No. 1489025

File: 1648827138427.png (488.93 KB, 1988x1098, Screen Shot 2022-04-01 at 8.31…)

troon scrote wearing his mother's underwear, of course

No. 1489029

Not only depression, though I have heard of friends literally becoming suicidal after starting it. Birth control also often causes blood clots (esp if you have any family history) and is linked with increased risk of several cancers (particularly ovarian cancer). That's not to scare any nonnies out of taking it. Do whatever is best for you to prevent pregnancy. It just makes me so angry how little anyone talks about how intense these side effects can be for us

No. 1489030

What bugs me the most is the fact that it's because men insist on PIV so bad. Obviously there are women who enjoy it as well, but there are other ways to have sex where you don't have to worry about your moid getting you pregnant but they just can't go without sticking their dicks everywhere.

No. 1489037

Yeah PIV is the only sex they consider real sex. And they can't even be bothered to wear a condom. It's not like condoms feel great for us either. And I don't really care if it gives them less sensation during sex. Good. Maybe then they can actually last long enough for us to feel something

No. 1489039

The one thing as well is that the side effects aren't fully researched, so anyone doesn't really fully know what it does to your body. You just have to hope that you aren't part of the 0.5% that gets really serious side effects, esp. if you have a doctor who pushes birth control, since they try to put the blame on anything else than the pill for some reason.

No. 1489044

my doctor prescribed a birth control that completely canceled out my epilepsy medication. if my pharmacist didn’t catch it, i don’t know what would’ve happened. they’re fucking negligent with birth control.

No. 1489046

I think that men genuinely think they will die unless they are guaranteed a steady supply of PIV.

No. 1489055

i also emailed them. fuck this. fucking clown world.

No. 1489061

You're doing good.

No. 1489063

Unfortunate this is what I've heard as well. I remember watching a documentary about "The Ladyboys of Thailand" or something like that and they interviewed a group of TIMs and their stories were pretty sad.

Depending on the family, a lot of them usually get kicked out of their home when they're in high school and the ones who are gender nonconforming tend to get rejected for decent jobs and either have to work shit jobs that have low pay rates and they end up living in a small caravan-like communities under bridges and other various places since they can't afford housing or even get denied it because of being gay.

This is why some feel so pressured to troon out because they feel it's the best way to escape poverty and have some semblance of a decent live but usually it doesn't work and that's why a lot of them get into prostitution for hopes of a better life.

It's so fucking depressing and I can't imagine. These are probably the only kinda troons that I did feel genuinely sad for and it all stems down to homophobia in that part of the world.

No. 1489065

HER doesn't even let you block people without reporting them. You can't stop someone from showing up on your feed without having to find a reason to make them go away. Shit app.

No. 1489087

the HER-controversy is really funny because all these troons are delighted to dish out on lesbians in the comments. you can smell their hatred for women. the real women replying are mostly concerned with how the platform changed and that they want to find other lesbians and not be raped by dicks.

No. 1489113

I can't believe these moids sitting there unironically typing "owo" to each other.

No. 1489120

They do this shit in the lesbian subs they've colonized, too. Sometimes most of the comments on a post are just two or three trannies doing bdsm roleplay.

No. 1489137

this is what happens when these perverts try to date a real lesbian. he would have better chances with moids considering most moids will fuck anything

No. 1489142

He wrote this with a hand on his dick.

No. 1489143

Why would it be? It's a tranny posting it and they constantly say misogyny makes them euphoric

No. 1489159

Makes sense, transitioning might as well be a form of conversion therapy for gay, lesbian and bi trans people, no matter how much they deny it.

No. 1489177

File: 1648837645229.jpg (347.84 KB, 680x680, 1467998748873 (1).jpg)

>for us girls that have a larger clitoris than our cissters

No. 1489180

File: 1648837885517.jpg (613.75 KB, 720x1018, px650kseqsn81.jpg)

picrel is him, holy shit. the snapchat filter somehow makes it worse. sleep paralysis demon tier kek

No. 1489181

File: 1648838011425.png (105.58 KB, 290x600, nightmare vison.png)

>Wake up.
>Think this is an April Fool's Joke.
>It's not.
>Our President has sided with AGPs
>Democrats can't define what a woman is nor are they taking steps to protect women.
>Republicans are fighting against groomers, while at the same time restricting women's rights.
May we be cleansed with nuclear fire.

No. 1489183

Meh, republicans are just as guilty when it comes to grooming, so it's looking bleak for us, no matter which side you pick.

No. 1489189

I got some underwear from Victoria secret online not too long ago and I can’t tell you how many reviews were from men. I even posted one in the things u hate thread(men) he was talking about being a “grower” sick

No. 1489191

>being reported by a match
lmfao based

No. 1489194

This shit administration always chooses the wrong thing to do anyways, them saying that isn’t gonna suddenly make these states stop passing these bills against the tranny menace. They’ve got too much support.

No. 1489197

File: 1648838618794.jpg (775.67 KB, 810x1737, Screenshot_20220401-140720_Boo…)

Ask him about his dilation kek

No. 1489203

He looks like fucking Shayna.

No. 1489206

Holy fuck those are some scary fucking forearms. This thing looks like if hair-trigger violence were a person, he looks like he would grapple you at the slightest perceived criticism. Scary, ugly and gross.

No. 1489209

>I would even model them.
Yeah I bet you would, freak.

No. 1489211

File: 1648839429954.jpg (21.23 KB, 564x486, cat15.jpg)

sounds too good to be true but please release the collection!
>She only posted man hate, nothing identifying
kek, queen shit

No. 1489219

If shayna has alcohol syndrome and a beaknose maybe.

No. 1489235

everything they wear looks like it comes from a literal fetish factory or Gymboree. always.

No. 1489241

I'll never understand why they think liking opposite sex underwear means they're trans. It's sexually motivated. If you were a woman inside, you won't fucking start being interested in underwear, how many women even are into panties and bras? Most find them uncomfortable and hate when their bfs give them underwear as a gift. It's such a male interest and fetish.

No. 1489264

yes! also I'm wondering if it's only agp who act like that, from what I've read HSTC who like to wear women clothes as children are not aroused by it and most importantly do not choose to wear underwears. They use it in a more theatrical and flamboyant and childlike way, I think there is nothing wrong with it. I find it so disturbing when some men describe wearing their mother's/sister's underwears as if it's absolutely comon trans behaviour, it's like they are trying to pretend that it's absolutely similar to how some gay men will sometimes not conform to gender expectation as children

No. 1489266

This. I absolutely hate wearing a bra, that shit goes off as soon as I get home. I only wear it so some scrote doesn't look at my nipples at work.

Troons just can't help fetishising every single piece of female existence cos they have no idea what being a woman is actually like.

No. 1489277

>tard wrangler
ANON my sides! Kekekek

No. 1489281

File: 1648843153114.jpg (238.66 KB, 1209x1448, Destiny.jpg)

Destiny tries to get on troons good side by sucking their dick. What a pathetic manlet lmfao.

No. 1489286

is the background photoshopped on or what's going on? why are the tiles so big compared to him lmfao

No. 1489290

If I had a son that turned out this way, people would have to call me Princess Medea.

No. 1489301

Is this story fake? Why did his mom take him to VS after she caught him WEARING HER THONG

No. 1489321

Same. I hate how every uncomfortable thing women are expected to do is bc of scrotes. Needing to wear a bra so they don’t ogle your breasts even more than they already do, shaving so you don’t get ridiculed, wearing makeup so they don’t ridicule you then either, etc. I don’t subscribe to the latter things anymore but still hate that society just thinks that’s what a woman should be.

No. 1489325

DesTINY has always been on the troons side. It's just that he lately has been calling out the hypocrisy of trannies more because he doesn't care about toeing the line. It's pretty hilarious how they are calling him transphobic after he has stood up for their fetish for ages now. This all started because he dared to say maybe troon men shouldn't be able to compete with women.

No. 1489340

File: 1648845792089.jpeg (360.6 KB, 828x1008, EAFD1D62-87F6-4784-A070-0A2AD0…)


No. 1489342

look at his hairline kek

No. 1489362

Hold on isn’t this the Troon from 2 threads ago who was in that jacuzzi with 2 female friends and a third girl outta nowhere wanted to see his cock and he was ashamed about it but also totally found her hot? This guy is a mess

No. 1489364

this is such a salient point anon. it's bizarre that the underwear fetish has been so normalized as part of the "trans experience" that most people don't even think twice whenever it comes up. and not just wearing opposite sex underwear, but stealing a family member's and masturbating with it. this seriously disturbing behavior being met with sympathy by the mainstream is an incredible psy-op on par with KGB propaganda

No. 1489376

i just love how the comments under this tweet all want pornhub to stop calling them trannies. women might want to get their sexual abuse material to get deleted too but that's not why pornhub is bad. pornhub is bad for calling men in dresses "trannies".

No. 1489388

do you want to lick my rotting flesh wound? do you?

No. 1489390

File: 1648847523364.jpeg (90.42 KB, 720x794, 2F57DA12-09F1-465A-A52B-0B8811…)

No. 1489392

And they do not give a fuck about what horrible words women are called, probably since they use those words themselves

No. 1489396

File: 1648847752665.png (28.6 KB, 637x430, lol.png)

No. 1489397

Why he built like that

No. 1489398


No. 1489412

who is manifesto chan sorry for spoonfeed I tried looking it up lol

No. 1489426

Anon who used to post lots of good radfem analysis in these threads.

No. 1489433

File: 1648850080619.png (55.29 KB, 1283x286, Capture.PNG)

samefag. example

No. 1489441

File: 1648851187057.png (584.54 KB, 1320x2424, Manifesto Anon and Other Gems …)

not ex-janny but I have a little compilation from Manifesto-Anon still. Hopefully ex-janny shares the whole saga soon.

No. 1489443

hes so disgusting, he really thinks its a big own to project about his own sexual fantasies on others. ofc hes a self proclaimed lesbian, no sane lesbian woman would want that.

shout out to the woman who was signing the terf anthem, that was beautiful. black women really are the foundation of all change in america.

No. 1489444

File: 1648851514308.jpg (95.52 KB, 1280x720, maxfat.jpg)

If you think it's just the Smithsonian being this retarded, I've got bad news for you, anon.

No. 1489445

The fucking veiny arms, I can't with this shit

No. 1489455

I think Manifesto-chan is misnamed. She should be Freud-chan, or Jung-chan.

No. 1489469

Why name her after males?

No. 1489473

Because it's fun to turn Freud against scrotes?

No. 1489476

Looks like a fucking sideshow circus freak that would walk around outside the tent with this sign

No. 1489485

I had extreme paranoia to the point where I thought I was dying, unexplainable pain, and I was suicidal. I barely made it through a month and by then stopped it. I’m on a different birth control now that doesn’t have any mental side affects, but when I told my gyno that the pill made me suicidal, she just shrugged it off. Only reason I’m taking BC right now is because of my endometriosis diagnosis. Why can’t they look into a cure for that instead of damn “birth control for men” that they won’t even take? Hell world.

No. 1489506

Nah fuck that. Women already have their attempts to create their own philosophical and academics canon destroyed time after time. We shouldn't even acknowledge male academics, especially perverts like Freud. Freud-chan and Jung-chan sound like insults to me. They're both fucking crackpots. Manifesto-chan 4 life.

No. 1489511

She draws hard on Freud so you'll have to live with her being associated with him.

No. 1489519

Yeah actually, I think it is.

No. 1489523

This is what happens when womanhood becomes a prescription to fix autistic men

No. 1489541

Omg this is the same troon from a few threads ago that said he wanted to be a stripper on Reddit, and in the same reddit post claimed that a woman in a public spa sexually harassed him by asking to see his cock, but if she'd have just "been polite about it" he'd have "given it to right there in the hot tub".

No. 1489548

Who would you nominate as a nickname, then?

No. 1489552

nta but manifesto-chan is a fine name and it’s accurate

No. 1489553

File: 1648862293028.jpeg (405.72 KB, 1280x1700, tumblr_48166a5ede6d261de590377…)


No. 1489555

Seriously. Stop trying to force another name when this one is apt and organic and cute.

No. 1489561

I've been watching a lot of Cops episodes and thus far I've seen about 5-6 episodes (in 5 seasons) where guys wear women's clothing/underwear or are stealing it from stores. One episode had cops discovering that some meth dealer also had a drawer full of women's clothes and a wig, and high heels. The guy's answer was something like "I'm building a plastic museum."

No. 1489566

File: 1648863048826.png (91.63 KB, 1396x992, 4.png)

No. 1489572

File: 1648863514081.jpg (Spoiler Image,269.66 KB, 1280x1700, tumblr_344991a41b293c74b5fef07…)

If I had to see it…

No. 1489573

Convinced that these doctors are just performing assisted suicides with more steps.

No. 1489580

are those cum stains on his mirror…

No. 1489581

File: 1648863863737.png (16.1 KB, 778x196, huh.png)

omg I'm sorry this is so OT but I was having a brainfart and couldn't remember what the -nigger for eskimos was so I googled it and idk it just was an interesting suggestion
soz i doubt anybody cares(then don’t post it)

No. 1489586

Ah yes real problems women have like having to pry it open for 6 hours a day so it doesn't heal shut

No. 1489587

so do troons have to dilate every day for the rest of their lives or just the first couple months or what

No. 1489589

It's injun, now shut up and stop derailing.

No. 1489591

rest of their lives if they don't do it for like a month or two it closes and tries to heal
they chose this kek

No. 1489594

File: 1648864339450.jpg (201.58 KB, 540x720, 20220401_213251.jpg)

He is 6'3"

No. 1489595

File: 1648864444720.jpg (320.31 KB, 1024x923, QF2OUgu.jpg)


Posted from a sketchy gaming cafe as it rains.

Some of these are formatted badly so I apologise, graphic design is not my passion. The images are labelled with the general content of the posts. This is by no means a complete collection, more can be found in the left thot threads, troon threads and similar. If I messed up the censoring please let me know and I will delete.

Lastly thank you manifesto chan, you changed my life, I hope you are free of moids wherever you are.

No. 1489597

based, hopefully she is living in terven eden now

No. 1489608

Wow this is good shit. Thank you for compiling, archivist nonnie!

No. 1489611

Yeah but she twists Freud, who proposed women have penis envy. In actuality, Freud was projecting as all men do. I doubt she's even really implicitly citing Freud but just observing what is obvious in male behavior.

No. 1489614

A few posts back someone posted a dilation schedule and it's every day for the rest of their lives. 2 or 3 times a day during the first six months or so after surgery.

No. 1489617

wash your axe wound and then it won't burn so much tranny

No. 1489619

Imagine it dissolves in the water
This is such a depressing blackpill but I can't help but see that it's the truth

No. 1489621

Man, If I ever get around to writing that matriarchy fic and I'm going to use manifesto anon's teachings for the basis of the matriarchy.

No. 1489626

File: 1648866463513.png (254.15 KB, 758x1040, keffals on Twitter.png)

Imagine being so terminally online you buy likes with real money so you can "own" someone on twitter.

No. 1489628

File: 1648866821370.jpeg (167.51 KB, 828x828, 3BC99A3F-32E6-41A5-B931-401EB9…)

Lol this is so pathetic and desperate

No. 1489630

Twitter is literally a funhouse mirror hall in a cracked out amusement park.

No. 1489631

The Twitter trannies are a cohesive unit who plan these things out. He was posting on his "secret" twitter that he was building up his engagement so he could ratio JK Rowling. It's not organic engagement at all and I'm not sure how he can feel even remotely good about it, but he's a greasy moid who chopped off his dick while his father was dying of cancer, so I can't say I'm surprised.

No. 1489632

What website is this? Is this troon seriously googling its name just to see if someone writes about its pathetic existence?

No. 1489633

umm am I the only one who can't handle my shirt rubbing on my nipples okay, if you couldn'tve figured it out and actually need to wear something (especially if I'm anxious) ?
I thought that was at least a little normal

No. 1489634

File: 1648867006618.jpg (1.43 MB, 2592x1944, IMG_20220326_163951573_BURST00…)

get a load of these face tats

No. 1489635

The only time he takes his greasy hands off his keyboard is to touch himself. Repulsive specimen, his mother should have aborted him.

No. 1489636

File: 1648867079496.png (44.04 KB, 745x524, nora resurrected on Twitter.pn…)

Pregnant children shouldn't even be used you fucking freaks. Christ

No. 1489637

File: 1648867110305.jpg (2.04 MB, 2592x1944, IMG_20220324_053908003.jpg)

No. 1489638

File: 1648867137047.jpeg (224.64 KB, 1280x853, 6C130ACD-7EC4-4150-B9CB-1CA64C…)

In a shocking turn of events I hear the tranny team lost to the girls team they competed against. I wonder if they threw the match to make their humiliation orgasms extra intense at the cat girl translesbian orgy later that night

No. 1489639

Honest to god can't wait for the the backlash to make this unacceptable (or regret idc) and him trying and hide it like the "die cis scum" girl

No. 1489640

>fucking flower eyebrows

No. 1489641

I was in a mental health discord but it's gone a bit too far with the handmaidenry now, was always pick me central but now there's a super toxic moid mod and the place is overrun with bearded "she/hers"

No. 1489642

File: 1648867259240.png (217.47 KB, 244x343, ogre.png)

this guy looks like an honest to god ogre.

No. 1489646

the seahawks lanyard sends me

No. 1489647

I think they may have legitimately lost because the women they were playing against all looked to be in their early twenties and be in shape. Meanwhile this group has a few that look rather um…worse for wear.

No. 1489648

One down, millions to go!

No. 1489652

>Meanwhile this group has a few that look rather um…worse for wear.

I believe the phrase you may be looking for is hit the wall

No. 1489655

Now I'm gonna imagine that's what Manifesto-chan actually looks like.

No. 1489658

File: 1648867952677.png (1.79 MB, 942x1250, Captura de Pantalla 2022-04-01…)

This picture is what shows up when you look up AGP in the dictionary.

No. 1489659

Keep your eyes peeled for his eventual mugshot.

No. 1489664

god manifesto-chan is so fucking based. i wish she would actually write and publish radical feminist theory or something

No. 1489665

>the toes hanging out of the shoe

No. 1489670

File: 1648868341895.jpeg (31.51 KB, 490x370, 29FF246D-66F9-445D-AC50-C069F9…)

>nora reed

No. 1489673

it’s tranny the clown

No. 1489686

File: 1648869406689.jpeg (881.84 KB, 1170x1575, AE28B648-7D5B-4431-B7B1-CF19EC…)

Is the sandwich supposed to symbolize his neovagina? Ironic because even subway’s expired processed meats are more fresh and natural than that axe wound will ever be.

No. 1489691

Does anyone else get constant Instagram stories of trannies and Aidens begging you to give them money for “life saving affirmative surgery”? Like you’re definitely gonna kill yourself if you chop your tits off at 19 LMAO

No. 1489693

Gonna be honest this is the first time I have EVER seen a tranny grateful to people for tolerating him it’s almost always sour grapes

No. 1489695

The world's male to female sex ratio will be fucked if this becomes widespread

No. 1489697

Yes. It’s all over tumblr, in fucking RP communities because they’re filled with countless Aidens too. Seriously, you assume everyone with a he/him in their profile is a fucking TIF begging you to donate to get their tits lopped off.

No. 1489699

Depends on the shirt sometimes, and sometimes I do like the added support. But I also just love not having to wear a bra at all. They’re your boobs, nona, your mileage may vary. Do what feels best for you.

No. 1489701

Ugh I get what you mean but I hate this phrase just bc moids use it against women so much.

No. 1489712

The subway sandwich "my brother in christ" is a tumblr meme.
He's saying that cis people are the reason he's so daring and brave, because they are the ones "oppressing" him.

No. 1489714

What does this mean “I’m going to ratio her”? Sorry I’m retarded

No. 1489718

To get more likes than the person ypu're replying to.

No. 1489723

File: 1648872438041.png (102.45 KB, 1739x473, 0.png)

Straight man from Iran wants asylum in Canada because he's worried about being executed for being a lesbian.

No. 1489751

File: 1648874390796.png (269.22 KB, 551x627, Screen Shot 2022-04-01 at 11.3…)

worst tranny on twitter imo. disgusting male brain

No. 1489761

File: 1648875301637.jpg (623.73 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220402-001537_Boo…)

He got a fish pocket kek.

No. 1489769

As if the thought of someone eating this guy's ass out wasn't bad enough, now they get to have fish thrown into that disgusting flavor. I would rather shoot myself.

No. 1489772

This should be considered animal abuse. Fish don't deserve this.

No. 1489778

File: 1648878357864.jpeg (164.1 KB, 1080x860, 121D5898-BF27-4235-8D03-CE5F8D…)

Average vaush fan

No. 1489783

File: 1648878710822.jpg (80.76 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I think about this quote a lot with all of this bullshit

No. 1489784

File: 1648878914138.png (4.8 MB, 2066x2838, 9F721FBD-5060-434E-93D1-DE11AB…)

Why are they obsessed with sleepovers

No. 1489786

Kissing? Wtf. Neither me or my friends would do that when having sleepovers. Literally all we'd do is eat junk food, do random shit on the Internet and watch things together. I swear they're all fucking pedos.

No. 1489795

File: 1648879532066.jpg (112.26 KB, 500x1041, aasdgg8c46q81.jpg)

because picrel, this is what he posted. he thinks anime sleepovers are like real sleepovers or something. i assume in anime the girls kiss or something, idk im not a weeb

No. 1489796

I'm assuming the name is supposed to be like TR UK but all is see is TRUCK and it's making me lol

No. 1489797

Nothing "genuine" about this. Sure, sometimes we'd do each other's hair/makeup or talk about boys. But that would only be a small portion of the whole night and wouldn't even happen every time. Also…levitate game? Lmao we didn't even call it that. It's light as a feather, stiff as a board (assuming that's what he's referring to). And we only did it once after watching The Craft before the mysticism wore off. This was all as young children or preteens btw, not as teenagers, and certainly not as adults. And none of my sleepovers ever turned into porny lesbian make out sessions. This is such a creepy and distinctly male way to imagine how teenage girls behave.

No. 1489799

I desperately want manifesto-chan to write an advice book for women. Absolutely based.

No. 1489800

came out a little disappointing. much of this is just FDS and quasi-conservative, a little too reliant on evo-psych presuppositions in actuality but yeah obvious course of action is 0 involvement unless you benefit dramatically while also putting in 0 or near 0 effort.

No. 1489802

eeeewwwwww. it sounds like he learned what "sleepovers" are from porn.
sleepovers are for kids. sometimes had sleepovers as a teen, but literally it was just watching movies and talking.
that pic of those trannies kissing makes me want to a-log, disgusting.

No. 1489808

El Goblino

No. 1489813

File: 1648882157542.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1242x1977, A8F848B6-F6EF-4DED-A8DC-2D7128…)

No. 1489814

Idk she sounds as retarded as some of the troons on here, embarrassing honestly

No. 1489816

File: 1648883543615.jpg (276.71 KB, 2000x1200, cropped-Stretchy-dough-close-u…)

his thighs and moobs

No. 1489820

i wish we could liberate muslim women from this part of the world and not these useless moids.

No. 1489829

Real women are boxer briefs pilled

No. 1489830

Thank you!

No. 1489834

File: 1648886578580.jpeg (234.99 KB, 1536x2048, 904266BE-D3E8-42DF-8379-7EBAA4…)

he posts these boring long ass text posts just to be edgy, it’s incredibly try hard and cringe. he’s not as funny or as witty as he thinks. he’s so clearly just a faggot irl, it doesn’t help that he looks like the most terminally online creep ever (pic related), goddamn. i browse 4chan but reading his tweets; this kid has based his entire existence on that website, it’s pathetic.

there are a plethora of godawful troons on Twitter but i agree, he’s definitely one of the most insufferable ones

No. 1489835

File: 1648886812003.jpg (561.04 KB, 810x2012, Screenshot_20220402-040146_Boo…)

>I had about (what felt like hours) 3-5 minute feminine orgasm during a bath bomb.

No. 1489839

It's amazing to see how puberty blockers are advertised as this selective drug that only affects the 'secondary sex characteristics' of puberty. When in reality it is so much more, it's your body's way of developing towards adulthood, a fine balance of hormone regulation, bone growth, brain development and much more…

I've also seen a lot of people (healthcare professionals included) saying that puberty blockers are harmless and totally reversible tee hee!!

Truly seems like a fetish the more you look at it, as they seem to be only concerned to be as much as a blank slate possible to only transform themselves into a crude caricature of performative femininity.

No. 1489841

>can't use pp because it's too small
>can't use intestine because hemorrhoids
kek dude just give up. this is a sign

No. 1489842

File: 1648888645782.jpeg (559.5 KB, 1170x1736, 5861EEA4-B507-476A-843C-71A522…)

Absolutely not

No. 1489848

They live in a porn/Hollywood teen movie fantasy world. Absolutely demented. They have female orgasms and female teenage sleepovers and are sooo bad at math now teehee and can't open jars and once a month they just gotta have chocolate! But somehow our definition of a woman is bigoted and not their demented amalgamation of stereotypes and offensive caricatures.

No. 1489849

> Talk about boys
> Kissing eachother
Guess they know they are men then kek

No. 1489852

>fish skin
ah sweet man made horrors beyond my comprehension
i hate them anons i really do. how do we make things like this more visible to normie liberals? like the type who think all trans women are mentally ill turbo gay men who wouldn't hurt a fly

No. 1489854

This is so depressing, how to men literally know THIS little about how women’s bodies work. There is no hope.

No. 1489855

It literally does always feel like a woman equivalent of blackface. Idk how any woman can see this and be okay with it. It’s the most demeaning and insulting shit I’ve ever seen, esp when women are dealing w things like the horrors of abortion rights on top of it.

No. 1489856

Its weird they get their idea of sleepovers from still images of anime and 80s-2000s fake hollywood teen girl movies. Sleepovers i went to seem the same as a guys would be: watch movie, play games on console or boardgame, truth or dare, talk about people at school, hobbies, eat snacks, if teens then some driving around or sneaking alcohol, swimming, crash on whatever the host has.
Now college "sleep overs" are just going out to dance and get drunk, possibly hook up, dd or uber takes drunk asses home to crash wherever.

No. 1489857

This is good but sadly, I don't think this is an exhaustive post history. On another note, I hope she doesn't feel freaked out over the fangirling lol.

No. 1489865

I want to pick up the torch, manifesto chan you inspire me.

No. 1489872

File: 1648897897158.png (1.07 MB, 971x2160, 1648897080600~3.png)

Love using "dog whistles" and playing dumb if one of these freaks ever says anything about it. I'm sure me saying this only feeds into their paranoia, but it'll probably peak normies who actually use them completely innocently and don't know why some troon is screaming at them for it. Also my phone tries to autocorrect transwoman into 2 words, but I always manually change it back lol. This handmaiden is nonbinary with a trans "wife" and 4 children - one of which is also nonbinary, which I'm sure is totally just a coincidence. She also considers "same sex attraction", "parental rights", "woman is not a feeling", and "woman is not a costume" to be terf dog whistles.

No. 1489876

File: 1648898672881.jpg (636.83 KB, 810x2911, Screenshot_20220402-072025_Boo…)

Mask off moment: TIMs essentially admitting they think TIFs are "trash." Proving once again they're incapable of empathy:

No. 1489884

Troonies are based for the first time ever and admit that men are inferior and uglier and that no one would want to be like them. Kek.

No. 1489885

This just in, women don’t have body hair naturally at all and if we do we must hate it. Why are they stupid? I’m so tired. Ofc only men are hairy.

No. 1489889

File: 1648903721949.png (135.62 KB, 498x383, biologi.png)


No. 1489891


idk what's the hype about manifestochan. you could find more substance in the fds handbook.

if you're really looking for a life change then i recommend a blog called trustyourperceptions on wordpress. the author touches on moid genetics and goes much, much deeper than just "it's about sex for them". there is also a neat write up on lydia cacho. trust posts her articles in series so scroll all the way down to 2012 and read up. i guarantee you won't touch a moid with a stick after reading through it all.

No. 1489894

you should read joan riviere, anon. or irigaray. or kristeva. so sad and bitter that people always default to males. riviere is probably most relevant to manifesto-chans work… riviere-chan? kek. i hope she really is in the field.
sorry for ot

No. 1489912

File: 1648906082826.jpg (597.25 KB, 1080x1469, Screenshot_20220403-002435_Twi…)

why is this dude so obsessed with work bathroom selfies???
literally first job after the last shit show and he posts this.

No. 1489914

yeah, i get that. at least for me, i like manifesto-chan not because her takes are insanely groundbreaking, but because the anger and derision behind her words feel therapeutic somehow.

i like to imagine men reading it and feeling shitty. the appeals to evolutionary biology that moids use as a way to justifiably subjugate women (we are naturally weak, naturally nurturing, naturally empathetic, outside of societal rearing) gets turned on them.

her analysis paints them as ego driven, sex-starved beasts whose primary functions are to self gratify - both their literal sad dicks and their sad male egos that are coddled by male dominated society - until they peter out and die. it paints them as sad, self-unaware oppressors that lack the potential for growth because they have all their debased proclivities indulged (male entitlement)

No. 1489918

without blogposting too much, any other anons here disabled and feel like that played a part into you peaking? I remember lamenting once that disabilities don’t get as much attention on social media, like how there’s constant trans day of visibility or a week of awareness or whatever and was somehow labeled as a transphobe

No. 1489929

File: 1648907226821.jpeg (462.35 KB, 1242x1845, 2CF61103-2B9B-4455-BFFE-DE40B6…)

Comments here Infuriate me even if it’s towards a male. They really don’t understand anything. They targeted his wife, reported her to cinema festivals to get her entries removed, targeted her address. No wonder she left lmao. It’s funny to me how it’s a man saying all this but it’s his wife who gets harassed. What the fuck is up with that?

> Officers have turned up at his home twice. Family members have been attacked by trolls. His wife of 18 years, Helen, with whom he created the hugely popular comedy series Motherland, was threatened and her address released online. They separated during lockdown.

Trolls? Okay man. I’m sure the author of this could’ve just said TRA’s.

No. 1489941

Not personally but I have an immediate family member who is. Part of what peaked me was seeing gofundmes for troon surgery getting funded instantly for like 50k while actual sick people can't get those kinds of donations

No. 1489949

imagine wearing that much makeup to a sleepover kek

No. 1489952

like another anon has said, not personally. my mom was deaf and had limited use of her joints since she was a kid and she was always a TERF because as you've said, TRAs take and take and take.

No. 1489966

kek im convinced these doctors are terfs

No. 1489969

Feel you so hard, nona. Without blogposting, it’s disheartening to see hundreds and hundreds of Kickstarters for “life saving surgery” and it turns out to be some tranny asking for his dick and balls chopped off or FFS while I’m drowning in medical debt.

No. 1489997

The most oppressed minority ever with full gofundmes indeed.

No. 1490002

This is extra weird because I feel like sleepovers are mainly a younger girl thing? Like nobody was having ~slumber parties~ once we hit high school.
So they're not even fetishizing teenage girls, they're fetishizing preteen or younger girls.

No. 1490009


it fucking pisses me off to see troons get free affirmative care but I can't get physical therapy. I was peaked long before but I am moreso now

No. 1490014

Yep, I'm exactly the same. The ones that piss me off the most are the ones starting GFM for laser hair removal. Talk about a fucking luxury. Also one of the things that peaked me was seeing how many trannies claim to be disabled on Twitter when in reality they are self diagnosed munchies.

No. 1490015

Who the fuck is funding the never ending tranny affirmation surgeries? Wasn’t there one that raised like $3 million in go fund me’s??? Who is giving them cash? Is big pharma just funnelling them money because they make so much money off them with their delusions? Wtf.

No. 1490018

What “lesbian” wants a lazy man lying around her house in dirty programmer socks while she works to support him? One of the great things about being a lesbian is NOT having to deal with that shit.

No. 1490019

Seeing troons fetishizing Madoka makes me want to a-log. They're middle-school girls with severe trauma, not your cutesy fantasy objects!!!

>teehee men are scawwy and gwoss, girls are soft and pretty, boys have cooties

No. 1490025

They’re men nonna, they hit the wall when they were born

No. 1490027

File: 1648912007162.jpg (127.15 KB, 706x401, TransElder.jpg)

No. 1490031

Yeah keep those kids prepubescent as long as possible. Surely this sentence sounds completely unhinged to an average person.

No. 1490035

I think one of the things about it that disturbs and disgusts me the most is seeing things like women who need funding to deal with the types cancer that only effect the female body while men are getting thousands for cosmetic procedures to be a mockery of the female experience. It’s sickening.

No. 1490037

Right, he just wants a woman to play the traditional domestic role like any other straight man. Bonkers.

No. 1490044

It's so aggravating to see all these men (even normal men) pushing for women to be the breadwinners so they can sit around do not even 10% of what the average SAH wife/mother does. They never want to say anything about childcare either because they know they couldn't/wouldn't do it. Scrotes really are bottom of the barrel that they cant even fulfill their basic functions.

No. 1490046

File: 1648913173077.jpg (108.59 KB, 720x791, 20220402_122302.jpg)

Dumbass troon from my country complaining that on the census page women and trans women are separated categories, and this bozo says "as if trans women were MORE women" always the same shit

No. 1490050

it says "as if cis women are more women" not trans

No. 1490064

Rich troons give cash to poor troons.

No. 1490068

File: 1648915000018.jpg (521.87 KB, 1080x1512, downvotes equal oppression.jpg)

Following lesbian subs sucks if you're looking for actual lesbian discussion and content, but great if you want to laugh at trannies.

No. 1490073

Cry more faggot

No. 1490075

One of the dumbest things about this whole mess is that a lot of us would defend trannies right to look atrocious in public if it weren't for their misogyny and stupid insistence that they are anything other than men. It is nothing inherently bad about being an ugly gender nonconforming man, you just don't belong in female spaces.

No. 1490079

If HRT made this ballsack look 10 years younger I must look like a freaking newborn

No. 1490083

> i don't like you so you don't get to be a lesbian
It's like hearing a 5 year old argue with someone in his neighbourhood friends group. 'You are stoopid and I don't like you so you don't get to play with us! Go away!' It's as if those men were so babied they never grew up and see everything in the world as a game. That's what being a lesbian and woman is to him - a game. A play pretend game.

No. 1490084

Is that a scrote or a handmaiden?

No. 1490085

Kek those terfs are doing the lord's work
If you told you me this was your grandpa's head I'd believe you

No. 1490090

File: 1648916321257.jpg (159.88 KB, 1080x478, Just41percentalready.jpg)

Comment from this post. "It's time for extreme violence". Okay. I guess it's not against the rules for men to call for "extreme violence" against women in a fucking lesbian sub.

No. 1490091

File: 1648916380474.jpg (421.82 KB, 720x961, eqfwmbsu9pq81.jpg)

a fierce and brave transbian

No. 1490092

I see.(learn2sage)

No. 1490093

File: 1648916767808.png (69.58 KB, 588x428, 1648136529789.png)

but, he's ageing like a woman

No. 1490096

File: 1648916961268.jpeg (21.39 KB, 250x334, 3091973-6127d979e87216a9a70087…)

Here's that pic from the front. Looks like an elderly white man in his 60's.

No. 1490097

He is 32 (I think) looks like he's in his late 40s. Very graceful aging.

No. 1490098

I want to know what drugs he's taking to think that having deep forehead wrinkles and thinning hair makes you look young

No. 1490103

it's because he doesnt see past the whatever girly accessory he puts on himself. delusion and autism levels exceeding pixyteri.

No. 1490104

No fucking way, 32?! I always assumed he was like 45ish

No. 1490107

Dan is looking a bit more his age these days but he's more than a decade older than Kevin and doesn't look it. He's always been surprising people with how old he actually is, so he's a weird example to use as not aging gracefully lol

No. 1490109

Telling when they say it’s “time for extreme violence” against “queer people”, which they don’t include lesbians to be a part of apparently (not trying to start anything by using that word since I know people use it or not for various reasons but you still would think they would include homosexuals. Pretty sure all they mean is the T).

No. 1490111

File: 1648917660466.gif (1.09 MB, 200x270, 1648336105736.gif)

Nasty shit on front page

No. 1490113

File: 1648917688219.jpg (42.38 KB, 520x520, 1648335530552.jpg)

No. 1490114


Dan also has all of his hair and actually works so he's more sleepy in the face a lot of times. These lazy troons are delusional

No. 1490116

Speaking of GG (slightly OT I know), I’m legitimately still surprised Arin hasn’t trooned out. I feel like people have been predicting it for years but still nothing- I do wonder if there’s still a chance though.

No. 1490119

I never got that vibe from him personally. I don't really know why people were so insistant that would happen. He's just a bit of a fag is all lol

No. 1490120

>not just a gamer, but makes money off of being a gamer
>has cross dressed
>stereotypical "I'm always the girl when I play vidya!"
>stereotypical annoying as fuck and hypocritical
>etc etc

No. 1490121

File: 1648918215417.png (2.02 MB, 1468x1582, bulge.png)

The "insecure trans lesbian" in question

No. 1490124


Nah, I don't see it in him to Troon. We're the same gen, he has a very idgaf attitude, he's secure enough in his sexuality to make jokes about it all the time but. He has never shown any real public acts of degeneracy.

Now the one I expect to Troon would be ProJared.

No. 1490125

>against queer and especially trans folks
bisexual women and lesbians are the most at-risk groups in the entire LGBT community. bisexual women face the highest rates of domestic violence regardless of their partners' sex. bisexual women and lesbians are the least represented of the entire LGBT community. bisexual women and lesbians face the highest rates of substance abuse and mental illness in the entire LGBT community. lesbians face the highest rates of corrective rape in the entire LGBT community. these tranny retards need to speak to real ~kweer women~ once in their fucking lives if they really want to know how hard it is for us

No. 1490126

I'll remember this every time troons say vaginas smell like fish

No. 1490127

they don't care because for them those are not problems but part of the fun

No. 1490128

Oh yeah I read it wrong lmfao still fucking annoying

No. 1490129

He made money off of Animation and created Game Grumps as a fuck you to some dude.
He likes cute girls without being a pedo, literally fawns over his wife.

As annoying as he can be, he's a stable, working, nerd..really end of an Era.

No. 1490131


No. 1490132

"ignore the bulge" please please please please look at my penis

No. 1490133

I thought gay/bi men and trannies took the cake for substance abuse tho

No. 1490140

i double checked bc you made a good point and though it depends on the substance, gay men and troons do have the highest general rate, you're right. a lot of websites are quite unclear about the exact rates in each part of the community, but lesbians and bisexual women typically experience around the same rates of addiction/substance abuse/etc. LB women also seem to struggle more with things like alcohol than drugs, especially hard drugs (amphetamines, heroin, etc). also the only thing i could really find for troons even when just looking up addiction rates is that they definitely have higher rates of suicide attempts and self harm, kek

No. 1490141

32??? how do you look like this when you're 32???

No. 1490143

File: 1648920057237.png (142.55 KB, 1375x591, troon comebacks.png)

trannies are so fembrained and just like real women!

No. 1490146

>there's a trans lesbian who's insecure posting pictures, which is exactly what this sub is for
That's all it's about for transbians. Their AGP brains want to post their ugly selfies in every sub possible. No, this lesbian sub can't possibly be for actual discussion, it was made for sharing dick pics and demanding validation.
Exactly what I was thinking. He acts like the head of the community and that he makes the rules or something. He needs to fuck off and make his own "lesbian" community and leave everyone alone.
Ha. I hardly see violence against AGPs. Being "misgendered" and told to use the correct bathroom isn't violence.

No. 1490152

File: 1648920426529.png (407.25 KB, 1079x1491, Screenshot_20220402-132457.png)

All the comments giving him asspats are getting downvoted. Based.

No. 1490157

the silent majority

No. 1490159

File: 1648920853623.jpg (32.33 KB, 673x364, SNquQMG.jpg)

>women with a phallus
there's no such thing.

i don't know why this post made me mad. i guess it's the entitlement to tell a lesbian that there's supposedly a difference between a dick on a man and a dick on a "trans woman" (aka a man).

No. 1490171

i still don't get the mental gymnastics of homosexuals somehow being compatible with transgenderism. like…how? a woman - who is of female sex - being with a so-called transwoman - who is of male sex. how do they even compute such setting as homosexuality

No. 1490176

The mother of the kid who started SuperStraight was also doxxed and threatened. She had nothing to do with it aside from being her sons closest female relative.

This reminds me of that university(?) that declared it hateful to avoid socialising with troons. Simply being civil and minding your own business isn’t good enough, you have to actively coddle them at all times. Having your school or employer pull this shit is horrible but it also helps to peak normies super fast.

I can’t believe he’s 32. He looks significantly older than most men I know who are in their forties. He looks the same age as my FIL who’s almost 60. No way he’s only in his early thirties. Is he a substance abuser (besides estrogen)? Even normal men don’t look that bad at 32 and that’s saying something.

No. 1490179

my desire to create a reddit account just to cowtip is insane right now. people are so worried about being called transphobic that they just sink away and enjoy their smaller corner getting smaller and smaller. one day it will be nothing. women only spaces are getting few and fewer.

No. 1490180

I don’t know. It makes no sense with the studies that have shown that lesbians are more attached to TiFs typically bc many of them are just butch in denial. Also anecdotally that’s the case too. And so many straight women end up staying w their AGP husbands unless they miraculously see the light. It’s almost like people just prefer genitals they like, almost like sex exists and is the very thing the word homosexuality is based on.

No. 1490181

File: 1648922157164.jpg (73.17 KB, 1080x409, Screenshot_20220402-134948_Red…)


No. 1490186

Can’t wait until he strips off again and the terfs contact his boss. He won’t be able to resist because he’s a disgusting coomer.

No. 1490192

ayrt. I thought the same after i opened the folder. It just got more pathetic as i scrolled through it. I don't like the idea that there's a way to win with moids and its womens fault for not tapping into it. Really oversimplified, lukewarm takes

No. 1490199

File: 1648922948205.jpeg (443.76 KB, 1920x1466, FCE5B5B0-7937-4D6B-8F06-B78AEE…)

I love being able to clock troons from a post alone.

No. 1490200

Exactly. Let me translate from moid to English:

“Submissive” = lazy & selfish, wants a woman to pleasure him while he lies back and does nothing for her (i.e. a straight man)
“Lesbian” = a straight man
“Housewife” = wants a woman to pay the bills AND do the housework while he stays home and plays CoD, because he’s too lazy to wash his ass let alone clean a whole house (i.e. a straight man)

No. 1490203

They're living in clown world, puberty blockers makes you retarded - literally. You're choosing to get developmentally delayed. I don't understand how doctors can lie about it, no one with any kind of medical training should be idiotic enough to think that we have found the "fountain of youth" and can magically stop kids from aging. Are they doing it for money, or for a fear of getting cancelled? Or because they truly hate trans people and want to hurt them?

No. 1490209

already posted >>1489566

No. 1490216

File: 1648924139273.jpg (728.4 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20220402-202811_Chr…)

I think he's trying to flash them… Here he has outline of his dick visible. What an asshole.

No. 1490217

This guy definitely got a boner from putting on women's clothing and then decided to take it further and show his dick off to the one group of women he knows absolutely are not intetested–lesbians. Male sexuality is so predatory.

No. 1490218

>>1490216 Didn't you know, flashing a bulge on purpose is no different than a woman wearing yoga pants. We're trying to draw attention to our bodies.

No. 1490220

so much bait today

No. 1490223

He definitely did it on purpose. He shouldn't be in that community to begin with but if he is going to post his disgusting scrote outfit he could have at least tucked his disgusting growth for 5 minutes.

No. 1490224

These faggots infect every woman's sub that I enjoy. Fuck men and fuck trannies

No. 1490230

definitely, there's photos where you can see his whole shaft and balls. that's not "just a bulge", that's a whole cock outline. at least he's been getting downvotes, but the trannies that are defending him are disgusting. he could've tucked or hid it if he wanted to, but he didn't because he's got an exhibition fetish. if this coomer somehow manages to walk around on his campus looking like that, gross.

No. 1490235

nah elliot's problem was that he was obsessed with white women specifically. most white women won't date asians, even if they're only half. if he were open to any other races, especially fellow asian women, he probably wouldn't have been an incel

No. 1490238

He looks like Hasanabi if he trooned

No. 1490241

He's so fucking hard and autistic, i hate it

No. 1490254

I'm not sure if this is AGP or troon related but a lot of modern troons of the autistic loner type seem to have a Peter Pan syndrome where they want to live as a child forever. They want a mommy bangmaid to take care of them, they wear diapers, they're obsessed with anime little girls. What up with that?

No. 1490256

we can't have a single space online without retarded moids infesting it.

No. 1490263

File: 1648926085300.png (1.15 MB, 1334x750, D8023187-E599-459E-900C-9E847A…)

Cognitive moment, I called it “kickstarter” by accident. I mean, look at this shit, “survival fund”? Oh fuck off. You are a man who’s asking for unnecessary cosmetic surgery and cross-sex hormones, not someone with cancer, an autoimmune disease or a heart problem.

No. 1490274

isn't "debbie" the scamming moid that had a criminal record for being violent towards women? it was threads ago

No. 1490281

$140k and it's not even halfway funded? Jesus christ. These entitled men really think theyre so special that they should never have to work again

No. 1490289

True but considering troonism is a fetish only, all those things just make me think he's gay or bi in reality. And Suzy strikes me as a closet terf lol

No. 1490292

File: 1648926987824.jpeg (206.71 KB, 1280x853, CF43C791-9C63-415B-9FA2-A6A47C…)

Anyway, here are some pictures from this match.

I think most women with AGP husbands stay out of fear or because they’re stuck. Even if they used to have a great sex life, AGP and pornsickness will inevitably ruin it even if he doesn’t get the chop.

No. 1490293

File: 1648927115678.jpeg (234.46 KB, 1280x854, 51079C19-BAAC-4DDF-8FC2-722EAD…)

No. 1490296

File: 1648927208171.jpeg (242.7 KB, 1279x853, 9C60B873-A0E5-42DB-B324-708F9B…)

No. 1490299

File: 1648927301662.jpeg (266.28 KB, 1280x853, 5DB5ECAC-A627-4881-BBFF-5A95B0…)

No. 1490301

File: 1648927415601.jpeg (537.1 KB, 1365x2047, DD44B6D9-DE73-44FA-B98D-456F0C…)

No. 1490308

File: 1648927620882.png (60.87 KB, 1014x319, lyingtroon.png)

>Following lesbian subs sucks if you're looking for actual lesbian discussion and content,

r/Actuallylesbian has some good discussion. It's the only lesbian sub left on reddit that is still primarily populated by lesbians. but it's still going to lose the battle and get taken over by troons and bis and queers.


No. 1490313

>bisexual women face the highest rates of domestic violence regardless of their partners' sex.

bisexual women face violence when they are relationships with men. They have a higher rate of violence then lesbians because they get into more relationships with men than lesbians do, as they are bisexual.

No. 1490315

File: 1648927887433.jpeg (198.83 KB, 1280x853, 8B83859C-B534-438C-9DAD-310B7A…)

I’ll stop spamming now.

It’s always bizarre to see AGPs out in the open like this. Apparently the opposing team was pandering to them but I wonder how the audience felt about this match.

No. 1490322

These kinds of reviews should be removed by the company imo. Putting this sexual degenerate shit in a review is just wrong bc no one is consenting to seeing it.

No. 1490323

Looks like someone’s dad getting mad about a football match on tv

No. 1490324

Listen, you really need to stop thinking that troons and their handmaidens are rational. They aren't. They are chasing the fetish/validation/approval and will come up with any bs logic to get what they want.

In this case, they define homosexuality - as same gender attraction, i.e. a lesbian is anyone who says they are a woman who is exclusively attracted to anyone else who says they are a women.

Is it complete nonsense and homophobia? Yes.
Do they actually believe it deep down? No.
Do they say it anyway in desperate justification for their fetish? Yes.

No. 1490354


No. 1490355

glinner is correct with his "these aren't lesbians" article but i have to say that since he's a man known for having a big mouth that gets him in trouble, it's really funny that his face looks like he got decked with right hooks in bar fights so many times that it froze that way

No. 1490356

not disabled but it pisses me off that troons and genderspecials are invading/stealing disability spaces. to them it's just another moneymaker to tack onto their gofundme profile

No. 1490358

weapons-grade copalt

No. 1490392

File: 1648932518522.jpg (272.57 KB, 720x1143, 20220402_154738.jpg)

Sick and twisted

No. 1490411

fail males, mommy issues and pedophilia. Or ofc all of the above.

No. 1490414

idk how to verbalize this correctly, i don't believe in a god, but this seems like such a mockery of nature. Like some ultimate proof humans are too far gone.

No. 1490440

File: 1648934184499.jpeg (141.08 KB, 750x904, 3AFE130E-A19F-4D5D-B9BF-365E79…)

Failure to launch syndrome. It’s not a well known condition but I think it applies to all troons as well as many young men.

No. 1490451


Right ? it's almost like scrotes are obsessed with taking revenge against nature and bending it to their will in order to cope with being disposable males

No. 1490452

fuck trannies and troonies who take hrt and claim it to be some magical thing that makes them become a woman and feminime. my mum is going through the menopause and has tried various different forms and tablets and stuff because it has affected her mental health deeply i hate to see men in womens clothing talking about it.

sorry for autistic sperg

No. 1490456

File: 1648934894572.png (65.48 KB, 1190x226, Screenshot 2022-04-02 at 22.27…)

estherk_k is based and brave for posting what she does on twitter. i literally agree with everything she says but replies to her tweets put me in a bad mood though

No. 1490467


I used to interact with the person on the right when I was a handmaiden. They were one of the most misogynstic people I've ever met in my life. If you were a "cis woman", you had to walk around on tip toes around them or you'd get called every name in the book and then some.

No. 1490470

File: 1648935836906.jpeg (127.75 KB, 1242x708, E2DE619F-16FC-4D63-B6BA-D70B72…)

No. 1490474

File: 1648935904649.jpeg (242.47 KB, 1170x611, A1B4D184-B3B9-43FE-8994-6C7611…)

not to derail/racebait but she’s such a pickme for white moids kek

No. 1490476

maybe, but it is true what they're talking about

No. 1490478

Threadpic potential

No. 1490479

She's the British Candace Owens

No. 1490481

How? I’m not from the west so I don’t know what they’re talking about.

No. 1490494

When have white people been underrepresented in the UK??? I'm confused.

No. 1490507

I think they mean because now on tv adverts there is a lot more black/poc actors and gay couples etc. which is not a bad thing, but i think events like blm have had an effect in making it more noticeable and more forced? Like these big companies are trying to seem as PC and diverse as possible. Almost in a condescending way.

No. 1490514

But it said we have went from underrepresentation to misrepresentation. Which implies that they were underrepresented before and currently being misrepresented. I don't get how more non-white people is a slight to white people. It's not like they've been entirely replaced right? Also the purpose of advertising is to peddle a product not represent anyone.(not tryna fight you here anon)

No. 1490515

File: 1648938442930.jpg (270.54 KB, 1241x1935, zp7bO4Z.jpg)

I love seeing women openly dissent against these troons

No. 1490516

Yeah I guess, but idk as that is just what I got from the exchange, I didn't see the other tweets so I am probably wrong.

No. 1490543

how did he get a new job already? through his polycule?

No. 1490552

File: 1648939795499.png (302.8 KB, 808x635, 885205D7-EB7B-47D0-B043-697D8A…)

So fucking scary. Like Jesus man

No. 1490556

>private subreddits
is this actually a thing? idk why you wouldnt just go to like saidit or ovarit if you really need your upvotes fix

No. 1490559

Private subreddits exist. Idk if there are any terf private subreddits. It's probably a troon urban myth.

No. 1490569

Troons are generally very afraid of secret underground networks of plotting and scheming TERFs.

No. 1490573

it's not nature. nature and evolution has always been on their side, at the basis of humanity lies rape. their y chromosome is deteriorating, becoming even more broken and sperm gets weaker due to modern day moid's lifestyle so they are subconsciously searching for ways of survival.

No. 1490627

what the fuck is this monica hughes joanna russ warhammer collaboration we're living in

No. 1490631

File: 1648942197284.jpg (1.05 MB, 1205x2210, YoDSGTm.jpg)

I’m always amazed with what TRAs come up with.

No. 1490646

i thought maybe she meant something like "making the majority of actors in commercials POC doesn't solve the problems we face irl"

No. 1490651

that skirt's shorter than where his balls hang to

No. 1490666

they're afraid of TERFs doing exactly what they do.

No. 1490675

That’s just the nature of men isn’t it? Intent on colonizing and destroying everything in their paths.

No. 1490678

What about women? What about their bodily autonomy?

No. 1490691

I have noticed this all over Amazon, it's disgusting and so annoying when I just wanna check sizing and if the pictures are accurate but instead I see someone's dad in stilettos and not even fitting the product. Always in gross poses. Nightmares.

Super late here but you clearly are unaware of women like Shayna who has been posted many times masturbating in public in her thread. She and other dumb e-whores are just doing it for male attention because they are pickmes, though, not because they are actually horny or whatever.

No. 1490703

File: 1648944746924.jpeg (565.57 KB, 1170x967, 5F9ED498-82A3-4BE0-9925-46E51F…)

Women can’t have an opinion without getting death threats for it.

No. 1490708

nta but sameee i've been bra shopping on amazon and i've seen a few troons. disgusting.

No. 1490715

i was never like the biggest fan of her before but god i’m in love.

No. 1490720

on the right he looks literally like a cow with lipstick on

No. 1490724

I'm glad JKR is staying strong. No woman deserves this kind of hate and death threats though. this is insane.

No. 1490727

yes, because women literally all over are fighting for their reproductive rights and fair wage, but here we are.

No. 1490728

to me Joanne was always a cow but damn is she based. love her

No. 1490740

went on twitter to hear the “diss track.” oh my god. no wonder JK doesn’t take them seriously. “pronouns looking like Hersheys/prochoice when you nut call me Kirby”

No. 1490747

Why is he in a wig and drag makeup to play footie? Did he just turn up for the wank material and uwu validation?

Why do the womens shirts need the fucking tranny flag on Jesus Christ, someone tell the troons to have a fucking day off and stop infecting everything with their gender conformity flag.

No. 1490751

Trannies seething about her "targeting a twans woman" and sending her fans after him as if they don't all do the same damn thing to any dissenters AKA women is hilarious

No. 1490755

Okay I support her and all, but let's not pretend these threats have any weight to them, and I mean she seems to agree on that

No. 1490759

This is a TIF

No. 1490773

You know how women always get accused of nagging. Men literally invented that because they nag all the time. Nag nag nag. Mummy let me come into the girls toilets, mummy validate that I’m a girl, mummy tell me I’m a pretty princess and change my diaper, mummy why won’t you let me have this, mummy tell the lesbians to touch my weenie, have sex with me, touch my peeper, pay endless attention to me, no not like that, I need everything right now and for free, nag nag nag.

Like they think if they nag enough we’ll just let them have their way, petulant fucking children. Build a bridge lads get over yourself mummy says no.

Omg goodness he is FEELING himself! Look at his fucking stupid face, he thinks he looks like a right sassy little qween! Must’ve forgotten his diaper today, flattest ass I’ve ever seen. Full fucking kek. Moid looks like he stinks.

His lower hand looks suspiciously like it’s heading towards his cock. Also did he paint his nails with tip ex? Also why are his fingers all close together like he’s about to go swimming.

This one’s my favrioute. He definatly thinks he’s the sexy uwu goth girl. He’s gotta be skinwalking the 18 year old girl he fancied at the alternative club night who wouldn’t give him the time of day. Nothings ever gonna fix that mouth breathing slack jaw, looks like he’s guzzled more than his fare share of John smith’s and white lightening. What an ugly moid, top keks all round, shame none of the real ladies kicked him in the face, anything at this point would be an improvement. Imagine living your life looking like a rat from a Pixar movie and believing your hot shit. I wonder who’s bra he nicked for this occasion?

I’ll stop now

No. 1490778

how do you tell that? It's absolutely crazy to me a man can make a violent threat towards a woman and it be played off as having "no weight to it" even in a thread full of women that damn well know the violence stats regarding males. You 100% should assume and act like someone that threatens violence is capable of it, no matter the context.

No. 1490785

They’re 100% gonna sexually abuse the baby. Surrogacy should be literally banned and it should be illegal everywhere to pay for a child to be carried by a woman from any country. Flat out disgusting.

All of this tranny shit is gearing up to say that kids can consent to sex. It’s all gearing up to make pedofilia and the sexual exploitation acceptable.

Handmaidens need to wake the fuck up, because men will abuse them to get what they want.

No. 1490788

It's almost unheard of for a man to give a woman a warning if he is actually going to harm her. Honestly the only time it probably happens is when one is stalking a woman and his behavior escalates and even then (in terms of his mind) they probably aren't even related
basically if a man wants to hurt me, he's going to actually do something. if he's just doing spergrage and threatening to, it's more just to try and scare me
I mean look at how often they throw around death/rape threats

No. 1490790

>Surrogacy should be literally banned and it should be illegal everywhere to pay for a child to be carried by a woman from any country
I hope you mean just for men, nonnie. Like if a woman has cervical cancer or something wrong with her uterus, I feel like she should be allowed to still be a mother

No. 1490801

It’s wrong to treat women as your personal incubators, even if you are a woman yourself, and even if you are a woman with a sob story.

No. 1490805

she could always adopt, surrogacy shouldn’t be legal for anyone, it’s inhumane

No. 1490808

NTA but why do you think renting out vulnerable women's wombs is somehow better when a woman with cancer does it? Reminds me of that thing that was like "if there was a child dying of cancer and his last wish was to say the N word, THEN would it be okay?" like bitch what kek

No. 1490809

This isn’t really the place for this discussion but I take a lot of issue with how surrogacy is largely paying underprivileged women in poorer countries to have children often at great risks to herself if she doesn’t have full access to healthcare, I feel like your treating a human being like a piece of cattle and it sickens me.

There are lots of ways to be a mother and I think that in the western world we’ve still got the idealised vision of the nuclear family and it comes at the cost of taking advantage of a poorer woman in much worse circumstances when you bring surrogacy into the picture.

I especially don’t think moids should be having children anywhere near them as they’ll be breastfeeding and fuck knows what else, how the hell is a man willing to invert his own cock and complain about cleaning his never closing wound capible of caring for a child? But I also think women who can’t have their own children think long and hard about the ways in which she can still be a mother without directly taking advantage of another woman.(derailing)

No. 1490814

Okay I was not ready for this to blow up like this so probably just gonna try to respond once since I'm not prepared to really get into it (and it's also OT)

>to treat women as your personal incubators
You know you don't have to dehumanize them like that, right?

I feel like it should be up to the woman I guess I get what >>1490809 is saying but there's also the option of family or close friends of a parent who may be willing to carry your child(derailing)

No. 1490817

No one deserves to be a mother. Life isn't fair nor accommodating. The nicest people have bad things happen to them because whether or not they 'deserve' it does not factor into the equation. You should not be able to pay to use a woman, at best you could ask like with someone you trust like a sister who might say yes, but there should never be any incentive like money/stability of any kind backing the decision.

No. 1490819

If you're unable to have kids, you are not entitled to pay to use another woman's body to procure the child you feel you are entitled to, no. Hope that clear things up.

>"to treat women as your personal incubators" You know you don't have to dehumanize them like that, right?

The people doing the dehumanizing are the people taking advantage of those women's body parts for their own personal gain, not us for pointing out that that's what's happening, kek.

No. 1490821

This isn't really true. Sorry for blogposting but my ex is going to trial for trying to kill me and the social worker I got sent to told me threatening to kill their partner is a huge red flag for trying to kill them in the future. So no it's not true that threats like this shouldn't be taken seriously or can't lead to actual violence. Not that this guy is necessarily going to try to kill J. K. Rowling though lmao

No. 1490824

Or when people say a child with cancer who's last wish is to pay for a prostitute should be both allowed and not considered paedophilia. The act itself is evil (buying sex, fucking kids), the person doing it does not factor in.

No. 1490827

This is the last time im gonna reply to this because I don’t wanna cop a ban. But there’s a lot of moral and ethical implications, what if your best friend carries your baby, feels the baby grow and develops a bond with them and then doesn’t want to give the baby up when they’re born? Who’s baby is it? Legally? Morally? Ethically? When there’s money involved? This happens when pregnant women are going to give up their own unborn baby for adoption and change their minds. The baby develops a bond with the mother in utero, they recognise her voice, the mothers body produces milk to feed the baby…

I just don’t think it’s a part of life we should mess with.

It’s a barbaric practice whatever way you look at it. And it especially isn’t something that should be done for moids who want to uwu breastfeed and then discard the child when their sexual fetish is fulfilled.

No. 1490831

At least half the women I know have a story of an ex stalking them or trying to kill them. It's so common that it's part of women's normal life. Meanwhile, the reverse is so rare that the women who do it become hugely, internationally infamous. It would be impossible to make every man who ever killed his partner infamous because it happens literally constantly every single day in every single country on earth. When will women wake up that they're sleeping with terrorists?

No. 1490833

>i was sick of sleeping with terrorists so i became the terrorist
any nonnnies who feel like snapping and going wuornos on some agp's, please feel free to use this line

No. 1490836

I guess that's kinda what I was thinking about when I mentioned stalkers but yeah I feel like it's different when there isn't that kind of obsession idk

No. 1490881

Would anyone here be interested in destroying the tranny flags on r/place like 4chan's /b/ is currently doing?

No. 1490906

The whole thing is just Turks and Americans trying to make their flags cover everyone else's art now.

No. 1490909

It's not gonna work, I can see that admins and/or trannies are actively undoing the greifing being done to the trans flag and they have wayyy bigger numbers. Someone would have to create thousands of bot accounts to even make a dent.

No. 1490919

>south korea and japan flags next to each other with love hearts
You can tell this shit is made by expats.

No. 1490926

File: 1648952292668.jpg (173.44 KB, 1241x1868, WKUvlH6.jpg)

>WAAH mods help poor twanswomen

I’ll stop now with the Reddit screenshots now

No. 1490934

has anyone noticed casual transphobia seems to be a bit more common right now? even in the face of bans and harassment campaigns. I see it more and more in the comments of retarded reddit/IG/tiktok posts. from women too. like there is obvs push back from troons and handmaidens but I feel like im seeing more and more negative and dismissive comments on faggy woe is me tranny posts. pass the copium cisters.

No. 1490936

Nobody is "owed" a baby. I don't know how you can still be pro-surrogacy after the whole Russian invasion of Ukraine made a lot of the womb trafficking couples desperate to get their genetic babies out of Ukraine while the surrogate mothers were just left there to die.

No. 1490937

i think we're reaching a point where transhit is Everywhere and Way Too Much so the normies are pushing back either out of ignorance/disgust or exhaustion.

No. 1490941

to add to this, bringing up transhit in a way where it's like being gay will prob be ignored by a normie and they may act happy about it (they view it as an extension of lgb). but whenever trannies do some dumb shit like make tiktoks about having periods obviously a normie isnt gonna just nod their head and accept it.

No. 1490946

XQC is planning on starting a void around the Turkey and tranny flag since they destroyed the Quebec flag last night.

No. 1490950

File: 1648953566680.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1170x2124, EEF76F96-CE6F-4BEF-A1EB-750622…)


No. 1490952

JKR literally can sue his ass for death treat but she doesnt.

No. 1490958

On trannies vs scrotes: "Let them fight"

No. 1490959

Same thing

No. 1490973

Maybe I'm blackpilled idk, but normies seem to only be making fun of ugly trannies. I saw very few normies talking about Hunter Schafer's IG post where he says he only wanted to be a woman so he could be consumed/raped by men, such bizarre misogynist views and he is a celebrity with influence. But they'd rather ignore him bc he's "cute" and focus on some old ugly dude on Twitter who thinks the exact same way.

Really? Normies were defending that Veondre Bratz doll gay tranny who claimed to have his period on Tiktok. Probably because he's gay and not hideous.

No. 1490974

File: 1648956335690.png (421.22 KB, 2066x3840, ciswomenarecunty.png)

>I have become a misogynist.
>Cis women are meaner and cunty.
>Cis women are our biggest enemies
>99% of my problems have been with cis women.

No. 1490978

Jesus there’s so many trans flags on this reddit place thing lmao. Only the most terminally online minority.

No. 1490986

Lmao the way these are all gay moids but Blanchard and his stans are in denial about the obvious connection between HSTS and AGP.

No. 1490987

File: 1648956749756.jpeg (Spoiler Image,816.59 KB, 1284x1802, 82290299-1E2C-41E8-B41B-1EF979…)

Reminds me of this one, posts videos wearing dresses and moving his penis around under them. Also calls himself a lesbian, a matriarch, and a warrior femme (whatever that means).

No. 1490991

He looks like he's trying to emulate anime bangs with those hair tendrils

No. 1490992

According to /b/, the trannies are using bots to maintain their flag and people who target the tranny flag are getting bans anyway

No. 1491015

This isn't real lmao

No. 1491017


No. 1491032

>>1490973 Yep that is exactly that. That is why troons are so obsessed with "passing" because normies only pick apart the ugly autistic rapehons and let the "pretty ones" alone. Being pretty is a free pass to be a degenerate, especially pretty males and troonacy didnt changed that.

No. 1491039

Wtf when did hunter say that? And also 99.9% of tims are ugly

No. 1491065

You guys it gets posted like every single thread. Just go look at past ones.

No. 1491072

File: 1648962117855.png (22.01 KB, 753x332, UnderdoneElm77 on Twitter.png)

No. 1491074

Why do you think it's not? Genuinely asking because I hope it's not real

No. 1491075

File: 1648962778855.png (29.54 KB, 748x392, jenny_tightpants_ on Twitter.p…)

isn't this what troons do all day everyday? I see it on reddit and twitter all the time. And we wouldn't need to argue about it if troons wld stay in their lane?

No. 1491077

File: 1648962932709.jpg (215.28 KB, 1080x1694, FPXw3-lVIAELn5H.jpg)

other trannys don't count lol

No. 1491079

>but normies seem to only be making fun of ugly trannies

Normies, lesbians and men only make fun of ugly trannies (aka AGPs).

Cause 1- Normies/men believe that the impersonation of womanhood done by the "pretty" trannies (aka HSTS) is not only womanhood but that it is actually more womanly than women. Also, men are attracted to gay trannies, the fact they are men impersonating women and have penises only turns men on even more if the HSTSs in case are "passible" for the rest. And normie women have internalized misogyny and pander to men

2- Lesbians only complain about AGPs. They make absolutely no comments on HSTS because they are so dumb they believe gay men are somehow their "allies". Also, they wanna make the tranny problem seem ALL about AGPs so they can once again blame heterosexuality for everything. They are afraid people will realize the obvious: that gay rights were a mistake. Deep down they dont care about womens rights, anyone who knows lesbian radfem are quick to see most them are much more concerned about LGBT issues first and foremost than women's.

No. 1491080

The fantasies of scrotes know no limits. If they hate us that much why do they want to be like us? I'm guessing their mothers shit them out instead of birthing such disgusting creatures.

yeah im alogging idc

Are new or that naive? There's pick me women plotting against other women everywhere but that shit is a whole another level of fantasy. It's no surprise that many gay moids/HSTS hate women and just want to keep their narrative alive.

No. 1491083

It’s gotta be a troll right? Right?

No. 1491084

I checked his profile and unfortunately no it isn't

No. 1491087

Most troons are white men and they got to vote before black people in general.

No. 1491088

I hate how people on Twitter are always saying "go get bitches" and "you get no bitches" like women are just some object to conquer. Especially ironic when they self-describe as feminists and then say it.

No. 1491091

Look at the way he writes the women in his story. nonna 90 percent of troon stories are fake cope stories.

No. 1491093

I just spent the last ten minutes reading that thread and looking into those people's accounts and my hatred for trannies have skyrocketed to valhalla

No. 1491096

>get some bitches
>no bitches?
Their hatred of women drips out of every pore and it's by far the most male thing about them.

No. 1491103

let these worthless freaks fuck each other in the assholes while convincing themselves it's true and honest lesbian sex. it's what retarded, homophobic males deserve.

No. 1491104

File: 1648966415719.jpeg (634.33 KB, 1170x1970, 7B04DCD9-CA00-4D53-A886-52FD27…)

No. 1491105

File: 1648966465136.jpeg (730.05 KB, 1170x1983, E561126F-1B93-4248-B2A8-1302D7…)

No. 1491106

I see women saying it all the time too when they argue so it seems like everyone on Twitter does it. They also talk about fucking each other's mothers and it's so annoying.

No. 1491107

File: 1648966569589.jpeg (761.94 KB, 1170x1984, EE1095BE-C499-44E2-9070-8032A0…)

No. 1491108

On this note, I find pretty much every TRA talking point ironic and hypocritical.
“If you don’t want to date a trans person because of they’re genitals you’re reducing people down to their body parts”
>Proceeds to refer to women as “mentruators”, “birthing bodies”, “uterus owners”, etc
“Women need to stand with us”
>Are constantly talking over us, degrading us, being misogynistic and cruel, and disregarding our opinions.
Entire movement hinges on ”gender is exists and is real”
>Also say “gender is fake” ?? for some reason?
“Trans bodies are the exact same as cis bodies” (see: Lia Thomas)
>Forever concerned with passing
“Trans women are women”
>Invented and enforce the cis/trans divide. Clamouring for trans representation. Violent against women, often for no reason. Never advocate for womens rights outside trans rights.

I could go on, nonnies. Handmaidens need to realize that the TRA movement is built on contradictions and cherry picked arguments. It’s literally just regular misogyny with extra steps.

No. 1491109

People don't even think "bitch" is a slur.

No. 1491111

File: 1648966889082.jpeg (699.74 KB, 1170x1923, 04753CE7-BC14-4D39-A6C8-2DD4C4…)

No. 1491115

When the hell were white people underrepresented in British television.

No. 1491124

File: 1648968806525.png (85.14 KB, 732x743, cell.png)

sounds like a fucking trooncel, his whole post history screams trooncel. i feel that guy who saw his features after seeing him crawl out of the shower looking like a fucking goblin. I dated a troon once and the more time i spent with him the more of a moid he was to me, and he passed (in the face) well. its so unattractive when you notice those little things that a woman would never do or features a woman would never have. totally grossed past woke me out. he got bottom surgey and will probably join club 41 soon, the thought of a rot pocket on that body makes me hurl.

No. 1491129

>some females
Lol. Definitely an incel seething, don't even need to read more. Anyway, I'm glad for this post because it serves to make trannies uncomfortable around actual women. They should 100% be hanging around other men instead of forcing themselves on women with fake victimhood and demands for validation, makeup training, etc. I hope this makes lots of other troons "peak on cis women" and stay the fuck away. Next, I hope they up the ante and start writing some creative tales of getting stabbed and harassed in female locker rooms, bathrooms and prisons so they haul their asses back to men's spaces

No. 1491130

Why do they hate chasers? I don't get it. Why must the man have to pretend to be straight? I mean if the TIM is attracted to men and there's a man who is attracted to the TIM, what does it really matter?

No. 1491132

I think it comes down to not wanting to be seen as just a fetish. I get where they're coming from ig but like I'm sure there's chasers who are capable of actually loving them too

No. 1491133

Chasers destroy the illusion that they are "real women".

No. 1491139

File: 1648971094688.png (32.45 KB, 598x307, rs-.png)

Some of them are so excited for the chance to 100% be their misogynistic selves lol. A second coming out

No. 1491140

men don't. not even the biggest handmaiden says the b word without disgust inside

> I realized that when I wet my hair, I look like a complete, untrasitioned men
woo careful there, your transphobia is showing

No. 1491141

this really does sound fake, like I can't imagine not getting "transphobia" from men at all. Or he has always hated and been jealous of women and is just coping hard
this guy should kill himself

No. 1491142

File: 1648972292870.jpg (242.47 KB, 1080x993, Screenshot_20220403_094925.jpg)

cis women must be sooo jealous
what they don't understands is that women see men who hit on trannies as gay. No we are not jealous that a man is hitting on you and not us because you are both gay

No. 1491143

there's nothing more womanly than mocking women for having postpartum depression, am i right?

No. 1491145

he's saying that he doesn't pass but men are still hitting on him?

No. 1491148

Hilarious, even fellow trannies called the posters incels. >>1491139 this raina dude is also an incel, he's been posting in depression subs and femaledatingstrategy that no man would be content with just having one woman when he probably can't even get one woman to talk to him, kek!

No. 1491151

>you can tell how they perceive you by their lexical choices
so funny that he says this when the "trying to sound more intelligent" tone of the entire post, including incorrect word choices and unnecessary long-windedness, instantly marks him out as a middle-aged man

No. 1491155

Men advocating for violence against women. What else is new?

No. 1491157

Just from the context of the tweet she posted I think "misrepresentation" is more like how AMC made an Anne Boleyn tv mini series with Anne Boelyn being black.

No. 1491161

File: 1648976945143.png (442.4 KB, 752x748, B7944C62-7631-4DBF-A8E8-3F058A…)

And that transitioning is a completely elective procedure!

No. 1491164

File: 1648977177469.jpeg (92.57 KB, 1468x365, E63641AE-1846-420C-A598-EBE810…)

"The majority of us female athletes, or females in general, really, are not okay with this, and they're not okay with the trajectory of this and how this is going and how it could end up in a few years," Gaines said, referring to the NCAA's unwillingness to change the rules in an effort to protect female competitive sports.
Gaines said she knows several women who feel the same way she does, but they're "scared" to speak out against transgender females participating in women's sports because of today's culture, and "they don't want to risk their future."

they’re gonna give this poor girl death threats

No. 1491174

File: 1648979152292.jpg (1.16 MB, 3237x3472, InCollage_20220403_114339110.j…)

can someone explain this continued delusion? is this about being superior to 'cis' womxn or just another way to show that their goal was to be little girls all along

No. 1491178

File: 1648979443455.jpg (248.48 KB, 1080x875, Screenshot_20220403-114826_Twi…)

ok definitely the second one

No. 1491183

it's affecting even the most low level recreational activities now. teenage girls dropping out completely. Older women having troons ruin their little cycling clubs etc.

No. 1491192

No I do it too, I have home bras for this exact reason. They're wireless maleable and comfy.
The underwire one's I only wear outside though

No. 1491195

File: 1648982578434.jpg (863.95 KB, 810x2234, Screenshot_20220131-065702_Boo…)

>I'm, in fact, a gold star lesbian

No. 1491204

Ayrt. I think you’re right. Thanks.

No. 1491206

Not really disabled, but I grew up having to take daily growth hormone doses for like 7 years as a kid because I was diagnosed with hypopituitary and if not for that I wouldn't have had puberty at all and I would have been way shorter than average and would have had fucked up bones. On top of that my treatment didn't really help me for memory loss issues, constant fatigue and depression caused by hormonal imbalance, and I still look younger than I am, partly due to that health issue despite it being solved now. Knowing that puberty blockers do the exact things I managed to narrowly avoid to patients and they're prescribed to kids like it's nothing fucks me up. I hope the kids being forced to take this because of their woke, kweerios, Munchausen by proxy parents will sue everyone involved in that shitshow.

No. 1491208

File: 1648984634108.png (1.12 MB, 836x622, 1616784444054.png)

Troons fetishize youth the same way middle-aged moids ogle over college coeds and masturbate to teen porn. And yes, they are really that delusionally coombrained to believe that estrogen ages them backwards (and even better than women):

No. 1491209

trypophobic nightmare

No. 1491212

Wait, so estrogen prevents men from ageing yet women hit the wall as soon as we're 30? Kek males are so retarded.

No. 1491214

File: 1648985631221.jpeg (249.05 KB, 1024x1497, 9168C5D6-59C5-4486-8BC8-88815A…)

quick someone get them ladies some pregnancy tests!!

No. 1491216

I love JKR's sarcasm and passive-aggressiveness. She's iconic.

No. 1491218

>I feel like she should be allowed to still be a mother
Fuck no. Being a biological parent isn't a right or a duty, and it's not something you will ever be entitled to, it's just something that either can or can't happen after you had piv sex. If you can't have your own kids because of health issues, then too fucking bad, adopt a kid who already exists and who actually needs to be raised by trustworthy adults or shut the fuck up.

No. 1491219

>nothing about penises means man
apart from the obvious absurdity of this statement, if you were to say 'nothing about penises means woman' you would be called transphobic. do they hear themselves?

No. 1491220

File: 1648986547453.png (443.8 KB, 378x602, beyond the binary.png)

No. 1491221

because thinner, smaller features read as more "feminine". brows are an easy way to alter your face.

No. 1491223

Ironically small brows draw more attention to mannish features of troons so it defeats the purpose. Brows should be proportional because they'll either overwhelm and underwhelm your face if they're not.

No. 1491224

Never truly apologize. Just pretend to be oblivious and say something passive aggressive like "I'm sorry you're upset"

No. 1491226

it's all virtue signalling commercials. they're afraid of being boycotted by the woke. the normies just think it's weird and buy the shit anyway because who cares.

No. 1491227

That's the skin of a 50 year old what the fuck

No. 1491228


PT looks like a weird combo of contrapoints and JKR. Slightly more contra.

No. 1491229

There is also a small hint of gollum in there somewhere.

No. 1491230

If Carolina was sharing a hotel room with the worlds sexiest tranny I hope to fuck she got out of that one alive and wasn’t killed by this freak of nature.

Also I don’t believe any of his fictional stories, I doubt she ever existed.

No. 1491238

File: 1648989121655.jpeg (154.23 KB, 750x747, 24702E06-0D5B-44DF-BB5D-89B247…)

He’s a fucking psycho. The comments were deleted but there’s clips of them in his post history.

Someone should euthanise him. Christ on a bike.

No. 1491240

why did he name himself after a Bulgarian opera singer

No. 1491241

Probably because it's the woman of his choice to skinwalk.

No. 1491242

File: 1648989552420.jpeg (9.13 KB, 288x175, download (3).jpeg)


Any twitter tips for terfs? Never used it much..

No. 1491244

My twitter tip is to avoid it like a plague. It is brain cancer.

No. 1491246

troons are overrepresented in prison for sexual crimes against women and children, they would harm her if they could

No. 1491249

He does sound like an incel, a lot of "hsts" sperg about how nasty women are, we're all backstabbing cunts, and will never be a real friend to a troonzwimmin. All while worshipping female celebs and influencers, never male ones, and mostly seeking out women for friendship, but rarely other troons.

I personally think a lot of "gay" trans are actually straight, and this includes tifs as well. A lot of them admit to fucking the opposite sex before (after too, tbh) not sure what this could even be called, repressed heterosexuality? Lmao

It's funny how long the period meme has lasted, when will they admit that these are just side effects of their "titty skittles".

No. 1491265

idk, why you would join twitter but if you must:
1) Dont use troons old name
2) Dont use the correct sex pronouns
3) Never call them their correct sex (man/woman)

All of this would get you banned or suspended

4) Lurk and follow some gc people to see what they don't do to avoid getting banned so you can not do that too.

No. 1491268

To add to this: nta but I use twitter just to follow artists I like and whenever I see an obnoxious troon I block him or her before we even interact. My block list is super long. I also muted a bunch of words and phrases, I wish I could copy paste that list so everyone here could potentially use it.

No. 1491284

If any of this is real, some of these women do legitimately sound like they could have been trying to stand up for him or protect him. As far as the last one goes, why he wouldn’t respect a friend’s privacy is beyond me. Sounds like a piece of shit either way.

No. 1491304

That “Debbie” person is a known scammer, even other troons were calling out his grifting

No. 1491305

imagine being threatened by a tranny as a woman. if anything I'd lose attraction to a man if he hit on a tranny, I don't like gay guys.
this is the same cope as when mtfs claim they're better women than women. it's delusional wish fulfillment nothing more

No. 1491313

It’s so disgusting, I buy my hosiery on Amazon and there are ALWAYS old white moids using the review section to flash women shopping for pantyhose.

No. 1491314

File: 1648995760581.gif (1.49 MB, 498x280, gumball-richard.gif)

No. 1491316

File: 1648996113702.jpeg (179.96 KB, 1284x651, 2765DDBD-774B-4133-AFE2-919175…)

Kek imagine being so offended by downvotes because your ugly moid is not passing

No. 1491325


My favorite part of that thread is OP refuses to acknowledge people were uncomfortable with the dick print. And if women posted their cameltoes they would get off on it.

No. 1491327

l'm glad some true&honest women and lesbians are standing up for themselves. Trannies keep complaining that terfs can just make their own lesbian sub which is bullshit since these ugly fucks keep screeching unless they are included everywhere. Men gaslighting women what else is new

No. 1491329

Immeasurably based, thank you for posting this.

I'm an ancient old woman in my early 30s and everything she says about male behavior and psychology has been proven true in my experiences.

To all the young zoomer queens who read this, it's not an exaggeration. Men really do hate us.

No. 1491331

File: 1648997794253.jpg (84.69 KB, 1077x765, shein review trans.JPG)


No. 1491332

Yeah unlike moids we're not gonna fuck someone we met online 15 minutes ago because they could be lying about who they are and fucking murder us. There's a reason we're cautious. They don't understand the female experience at all.

No. 1491336

Every time women fuck off and make a new space, they invade. We really need to just absolutely stand up for the original spaces we made.

No. 1491345

>misogynistic piece of shit incel is also a dog hate sperg
Again, huh? He really ticks every box

No. 1491347

NTA but thanks for mentioning trustyourperceptions, nonnie. It was a very interesting read.

No. 1491348

There's no proof estrogen makes someone look younger, if that was the case then the beauty industry would lace all their products with powderized horse piss. There is, however, proof that men who get castrated and have low testosterone age like shit and get diseases like prostate cancer. Trannies are just desperately trying to fit the wrong piece into the wrong hole like a retarded 2 year old and they are too coombrained to let it go so they tweet the same lies every year to cope.

No. 1491350

File: 1648999621033.png (115.72 KB, 1204x506, ratio eunuch.png)

ratio eunuch is desperately trying to get JK's attention kek. Why is he coping this hard? did he stop dilating, is that it?

No. 1491355

kek what is this martyrdom bs

No. 1491356

His hairline is fucked. Learn to use faceapp properly.

No. 1491365

dobbie really wants mistress to give him clothes

No. 1491368

>old miserable hag
Notice how trannies always insult women’s age and call them hags? It’s the misogyny.
She’s way more accomplished than you will ever be, troon.

No. 1491371

they think JK wants to kill trannies but I'm sure she feels bad even for this piece of shit

No. 1491375


Troons keep starting shit. They were accepted into the space but then start attacking women for not wanting NSFW stuff. Way to peak your allies.

No. 1491382

the moid feelings protection force came in and deleted all the comments from women
glad to know men and their cocks always come first even on a lesbian forum

No. 1491388

File: 1649001638780.png (6.47 KB, 1050x50, Cis people leading you astray.…)

Apparently he doesn't pass but men still go for him?

No. 1491391

>has penis

>has axe wound

yeah totally real story

No. 1491403

shit like this makes me always think about that scene in his dark materials where those polar bears made fake daemon human dolls and carried them around

No. 1491408

File: 1649002437949.png (273.26 KB, 748x796, Sc) _ Twitter.png)

Experimenting with your sexuality and taking hormones are two completely different things dumb troon.

No. 1491410

File: 1649002680243.jpeg (271.29 KB, 1080x1750, FBD9B4A7-424A-4A67-8AE6-2D7864…)

Still can't believe handmaidens can't see through this shit or are retarded/degenerate enough themselves to keep caping for troons. "But their dysphoria!!1 Everyone should feel valid!" At least there were some based takes on those comments and that gives me a tiny glimmer of hope. More and more women are peaking and tbh you'd just have to show them the average redditor troon's profile and let that do the trick kek. Or have lesbians take a look at r/actuallesbians and how almost every post is some degenerate tranny/fugly anime shit.

No. 1491415

Ratio Troon 100% uses bots. He's not even actually that interesting or profound (obviously) beyond "I ALWAYS WANTED TO BE A RATIO TRANNY". Also he lives with his mom still, lol.

No. 1491416

reeee how are they infesting literally everything now? The gaming community I'm in was almost entirely free of troons for the longest time (save for a few gaydens) and just recently I noticed a user with "girl gaymer" so immediately
>male detected
and of fucking course, right after that he starts talking about his and his boyfriend's dicks. Reverse searching his pfp linked to his old twitter with his real name and it says he's in school for Nursing and it reminded me of the troon in the previous thread talking purposely injuring a twansphobic patient >>>/snow/1486855
Why do all these freaks want to be nurses now too? Secret pain fetishes? God complex? Is it as simple as them recognizing Nursing is a female dominated space?

No. 1491418

it's definitely a combination of having power over vulnerable people and it being a female-dominated profession

No. 1491419

> that gay rights were a mistake.

other countries legalized gay partnetships and marriages way before usa did, and tranny problem ony started after usa did it. it is an american problem obviously.

No. 1491423

yeah notice how it's only under ratio tweets that get the big numbers. under normal tweets he doesn't get much engagement.

No. 1491425

and it is mostly north american countries, usa and canada who keeps pushing this shit on other parts of the world along with other degenerate shit like porn, pedoshit etc

there is something inherently wrong with north american culture, it is perverted, woman hating, psychosexually obsessed with females and especially female kids. north american culture is fucking OBSESSED with teen girl sexuality and fucking kids, see your movies, music, kiddy beauty pageants etc so lot of your culturally iconic work is all about obsessing over teen girls.

No. 1491426

File: 1649003931354.jpeg (71.72 KB, 520x520, FD323ED1-1987-46D1-8ABB-FA2B95…)

Another self important tranny

>when you are gone you will be remembered as a monster

And you won’t be remembered in any way.

No. 1491429

Anyone 30 or under has been completely brainwashed into it from an impressionable age. Now to 'peak' they have to give up education/employment/getting laid by anyone who isn't a radfem lesbian.

No. 1491436

Every time I see a pedo they're also some form of trans, Jessica Yaniv for example
I wanted to look up the overlap between how many open pedos are also trans but I can't fucking do it, I can't look at pedo shit without vomiting. Praying someone else is strong enough to stomach it and document/report that shit

No. 1491444

File: 1649005344812.jpeg (489.67 KB, 1170x922, 53D98731-E4E5-4847-BE4C-388E36…)

Why can’t troons run a gimmick account without mentioning they have a penis.

No. 1491449

the woman mentioned sexuality tho which is dumb

No. 1491451

>cigarette emoji (fag)
sure this isn't an aiden? they sure love to call themselves fags

No. 1491460

File: 1649006291499.jpeg (827.17 KB, 1170x1724, 4FCB1017-80A9-4C0B-8BEC-9B9301…)

No. 1491466

it's why so many troons are becoming teachers too. disgusting.

trannies don't want to stay in their male-dominated industries anymore. they want to take over mainly woman-dominated professions.

No. 1491476

>Why do all these freaks want to be nurses now too? Secret pain fetishes? God complex? Is it as simple as them recognizing Nursing is a female dominated space?

Unfiltered access to vulnerable women and children. Plus the aged stereotype that nurses are sexy. I’m sure they’ll have a shot fit that scrubs are unisex, unflattering and unsexy

No. 1491478

They can’t help it, because the violation is the whole point. If that sub started applauding dick bulges they’d soon get bored and either move on to posting something even worse, or find a different sub. It’s the same reason they target lesbians in the first place and also hate ‘chasers’: their target needs to not want them for them to truly get off on it.

No. 1491483

sage for somewhat OT/blog but i feel so nauseous as news is coming out about mass rape of girls and women in the war yet the western sphere is more concerned with denying the existence of sex-based violence and pretending this type of stuff is made up by TERFs and that people are targeted for identifying as women, not being born women (along with FGM and trafficking).
simply identify as male to opt out of the horrors of being viewed as cattle and a resource by scrotes !!

No. 1491487

they become teachers so they can groom the next generation of trannies.

No. 1491490

they want to larp as nurses because they saw it in porn - just imagine how many work mirror selfies they will post with their dick out saying how hot and girly they feel

No. 1491495

File: 1649008272612.jpeg (Spoiler Image,141.13 KB, 884x1524, AEB97A61-D9BA-4036-9754-C81D8F…)

open at your own risk

No. 1491499

the reason normal women's ass won't fit in men's clothes is if you're curvy, you get a huge gap in the waistband of any mens or slim pants you put on. i think this troon doesn't understand that "ass too big for men's wear" means ass too big IN COMPARISON TO WAIST. being female doesn't make your butt above a certain size. lots of women wear men's pants cause they're cheaper, just not curvy women

No. 1491500

File: 1649008542041.jpg (Spoiler Image,28.51 KB, 720x570, FB_IMG_1649006814880.jpg)

I was warned, and yet I still clicked it

No. 1491502

Troons become teachers because it’s all they can do. Those who can’t, teach.

No. 1491510

File: 1649009697471.jpeg (294.86 KB, 1024x2048, F36DCD5D-4204-478E-9AD7-24D363…)

Did this faggot seriously spend money on a book just to “diss” JK Rowling?

No. 1491511

how the fuck do you even masturbate in a public restroom if you're a woman with a vagina? not just physically, it seems mentally uncomfortable as shit. you need to either be a T-addled moid or seriously pornbrained, which women rarely are

No. 1491512

File: 1649009743810.png (3.5 MB, 2266x1264, Screen Shot 2022-04-03 at 2.19…)

then how come these two women, BRITISH women no less, look like this at 56 and 36

No. 1491513

his face looks like rubber.
and because access to children.

speaking of, most of the troons that become teachers are for elementary schools. i don't think we've seen trannies teach middle school or high school. is it because officials know that trannies would be harassed at the older levels? i wonder why
kek, sure are owning JK by giving her money. btw this is the troon that has loli and hentai posters in his room.

No. 1491516

He said nothing wrong in regards to the dogs in this video. Unless you enjoy cat maulings.

No. 1491522

Scrotes are sick. Even self id won't save women but is supposed to help and make TIMs' lives even easier. While women are once again killed and raped in Ukraine, troons tried to leave and whine about not being able to.
Scrotes be making FGM phone cases while actual women suffer. Scrotes love our shitty reality.

No. 1491524

Wait, Magdalen was 36? She looked late 20s. Imagine what a sexy couple they'd be.

No. 1491525

File: 1649010235464.png (509.56 KB, 1318x994, affirmation is the drug and i …)

can someone tell me when puberty became something "fun" that people WANT to go through. idk about you guys but when i was in my teens i could not WAIT for them to be over.

No. 1491526

exactly. if you love kids so much there are plenty of living children that would be so happy to have some.

No. 1491527

there, i saved you from readaing the article.

No. 1491528

yah i stopped doing my brows and they're in sort of a grimes state right now, but with the middle/unibrow plucked out, and i look sloppier but somehow younger? like that kind of casual appearance makes you look more delicate because it's less associated with mature women?

No. 1491529

that's stupid too because they could have done it with catherine of aragon instead and claimed she was actually a moorish princess of spain. the anne boleyn thing doesn't accomplish shit for black people

No. 1491534

File: 1649010664775.gif (347.59 KB, 400x226, anabortion.gif)

No. 1491536

File: 1649010725400.png (13.62 KB, 779x122, males.PNG)

did they change it? i only see that first usage of the word "men", everywhere else in the article it's males or "ones with testes"

No. 1491537

kek wrong. my 66 year old mother who suffered from cystic acne in the late 60s has that skin.

No. 1491539

yeah i'd shoot a strange dog that got onto my parents' property. we have sheep and this is montana, don't let your possibly sick animals wander around people(derailing)

No. 1491541

sage for autism but what does marge simpson of dresses mean? i dont get it…

No. 1491544

he watches Simpson porn

No. 1491550

File: 1649011550709.png (195.24 KB, 720x1512, Screenshot_20220403-133007.png)

More blatant misogyny from the trannies on Reddit

No. 1491551

File: 1649011664309.png (175.69 KB, 720x1512, Screenshot_20220403-132909.png)

"women suck"

No. 1491553

The Gardevoir dude is just a misogynist and a straight man with unwavering hatred of real women

No. 1491556

File: 1649011850627.png (260.92 KB, 720x1512, Screenshot_20220403-135007.png)

He just admits to hating women here

No. 1491559

Someone should make this into a motivational quote type of image saying “men are not people. They are a malignant growth around their semen pustules” - Manifestochan

No. 1491564

>i pass
sure you do
>men see my interest and passion; and they will readily accept me as the expert in the field
because you have a scrotum like they do (and they can tell)
>friendships between women are either very shallow, or they tend to not last
when you dont actually know any real women

No. 1491572

File: 1649013512211.png (1.16 MB, 976x1543, kefflas.png)

could be bots, could be this many tras on twitter, who knows

No. 1491575

wait until they learn that most people irl arent terminally online enough to actually give a shit about caping for tranners

No. 1491576

When you have no skills or life that you spend your free time "ratioing" children's books authors on twitter.

No. 1491577

>The genuine teenage girl experience

No. 1491578


If you think thats an american problem than this goes to show you think America is the center of the universe. Trans rights are everywhere, people just arent as loud as americans about that. The same things are going on in Latin American countries, especially Argentina and Brazil. Even China has clinics for tranny children now

No. 1491579

File: 1649014014271.jpeg (158.97 KB, 734x581, 8971392C-6D4A-4612-9B87-D4473D…)

lmfao these faggots are forgetting that before they learned about internet fetish lifestyles they were, at heart, just a gay man. oppressive women forcing me to keep my man penis uwu

No. 1491582

always with the fucking peace signs. what compels troons to do this for every photo? is it anime brain rot?

No. 1491583

second place medalist did a peace sign and, in typical troon fashion, he immediately had to imitate her kek

No. 1491586

I feel bad for burger nonnies who have to deal with this as well but I hate how this shit spilled over to Europe too in recent years. Hearing politicians talk about how "loved and accepted" troons are makes me want to gauge my eyes out.

Holy shit, he knows NOTHING about friendships AT ALL.

>are jealous that you're out-womaning-them
I swear this is their favorite cope. No woman is jealous of a tranny because they are just cosplaying as women. Women don't like trannies because they are predatory and a parody of women.

No. 1491591

>Jealous that you’re out-womaning them

sir, performative femininity does not make you a woman.

No. 1491593

Jkr looks radiant but damn i miss mags so much, hope she's resting well

No. 1491596

Honestly it makes me happy that troons will never know what it's like to interact with women as a woman. Some of the best experiences I've had in life are thank to female strangers.

No. 1491598

File: 1649017093128.png (726.66 KB, 1017x994, egg_irl.png)

No. 1491599

It's very obvious these moids have never had close relationships with any women because what woman regularly sleeps in a bra?

No. 1491600

File: 1649017198798.jpg (793.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220403-155600_Boo…)

Even if these are LARPers, "fake" trans or whatever the fuck else you want to call them, it just goes to show you the incel trash these "honest" trans communities attract. Almost as if they're one and the same kek.

Your average trans timeline is just them going from looking already haggard to even worse.

No. 1491606

Looks like a crackhead you’ll find hanging around a Walmart parking lot at 3 am.

No. 1491607

File: 1649018029593.png (35.88 KB, 573x367, 11D357FC-F159-4CA1-9D3C-340137…)

Troons will look for any reason to scream and cry and be upset. It’s all an attention game to them and you literally can’t win.

Give them a fake compliment to be polite?
>NoOoOoOo, gib me MONEYS for acknowledging that I’m twans!!

Ignore them completely?
>NoOoOoOo, nobody even noticed or affuwmed my genduh!

So tired of men.

No. 1491609

The same argument can be made for ex-gay people; lots of them are (C)SA victims who went full radikweer following the abuse. He’s telling on himself.

No. 1491610

Went from a gross, unwashed scrote to a gross, unwashed ghoul

No. 1491611

He would shit, piss and cum if a woman offered to do his makeup, he gotta stop pretending

No. 1491623

yeah, it is affecting rest of the world too but only AFTER usa started pushing this shit. for example norway legalized registered partnerships to gay people back in 1993 and yet they didn't start pushing hormones to kids , this shit only started happening in america and in other countries because of their influence so saying that gay rights are reason for the tranny bullshit is factually incorrect. it is american bred and imported problem not a gay problem.

No. 1491624

and while trannies have existed elsewhere, it wasn't some taiwanese ladyboys or brazilian gay prostitute trannies who whined about women not sucking their dicks or not being included in women's sports. it was american and canadian trannies who popularized that shit.

No. 1491628

i've seen everyone born after 1995 doing this (sincerely/unironically/not solely to make fun of their fobby relatives) in every picture. i think it's cause the late 90s is the current larp. people are dead seriously doing the peace sign again

No. 1491629

File: 1649019851408.jpg (198.91 KB, 1080x498, Screenshot_2022-04-03-14-04-08…)

No. 1491631

i hope her ghost is pointing and laughing at all the 41% ghosts

No. 1491632

really really fat ones

No. 1491633

so he went from looking suicidal and high, to just looking suicidal.

No. 1491638

Of course his username is named after one of the most pornified pokemon.

No. 1491639

They always think women are being passive-aggressively mean to them bc the women are jealous and not bc the women don’t want them around and just trying to do it in the nicest way so they don’t get threatened with violence. This is why they will never fit in. They can’t comprehend how women actually think or feel at all.

No. 1491640

how is he allowed to post in FDS?

No. 1491641

non trans narcissists think this about themselves too.

No. 1491647

where do ya'll even get these pictures from? kek

No. 1491649

you would think the author of a concept like this would be able to see troons for what they are, but nope, he's a amhole-licker

No. 1491652

I definitely have, I've gone terf on main recently on my socials and havent gotten the ban hammer & actually a lot of discussion with people who are waking up to this troon bullshit

No. 1491654

File: 1649021953839.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x5353, 16C9F5B0-F3B1-463C-85D4-2D98DF…)

No correlation here bud keep moving

No. 1491657

they think that more people will be obligated to follow and promote them because marginalized identity trans flag. they probably aren't even trans or are a "group admin" account where one person pretend to be a group of diverse individuals so they have a pass to post any kind of offensive meme.

No. 1491658

File: 1649022717934.png (90.06 KB, 250x250, C57B94D7-3614-47CD-A2E0-BDA6B4…)

beautiful <3

No. 1491659

don't forget men thinking that war affects them the most, as if dying honorably is worse than a life of sex slavery.

No. 1491660

gone too soon

No. 1491661

File: 1649022864749.jpeg (378.46 KB, 1531x1080, 51C1C4D6-4E11-42AD-913E-9CB39B…)

Do not go onto twitter and look at TERFs trending page. It’s enough to pop a blood vessel with some of them.

No. 1491663

File: 1649022880476.png (Spoiler Image,1.55 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20220403-175007.png)

I looked him up. What the fuck is wrong with his cock? It's super springy, and weirdly long and gangly. Also his balls dangle so far down.

Spoilered because it's nsfl.

No. 1491664

what's up with kids nowadays having extremely creepy/competitive relationships towards their other siblings? narc parents, i assume?

No. 1491666

File: 1649023047284.png (14.32 KB, 1090x215, I have two girlfriends!!.png)

life goals

No. 1491668

>it's okay if you like vulva and not phalli
Literally not even a day ago the Her app bullshit happened.
I'm gonna alog nonnies I am so sorry for lesbians, Trannies are straight up gaslighting rapey fucks who will sit there with a straight face and pretend they give a single fuck about consent just to try and coerce gay women into rape. Because we aren't even human to them, just a thing to conquer and dominate. God I fucking hate this world I hope all of these people mutilate themselves so when this fad is over they can't EVER hide the fact that they sold their health, sexual function, and brain to a cult and nobody touches them ever again.

No. 1491669

Lmao, OP's twitter. "Transmasc dyke" Furry and incest porn.

No. 1491670

That has to be a prosthetic.

No. 1491671

File: 1649023102491.png (14.44 KB, 1070x130, Did anyone else have a massive…)

It's not a fetish I swear

No. 1491673

can't this dude be mass reported for botting?

No. 1491674

You should do nothing about that dude but ignoring him. Everything else will fuel his narc supply.

No. 1491677

Can you retards post ftm shit in the right thread?

No. 1491679

It’s so shitty how self identifying as a male would do literally nothing anyways, because then you should get drafted to war and rape will happen regardless of whether you run away or stay to fight. Moids have such easy lives but they really love to pretend they’re the most miserable in the game.

No. 1491681

What’s hilarious is that he’s not only supporting Rowling, but smoking lessens the effects of the cross-sex hormones he’s taking. Great job troon, you sure showed her!

No. 1491683

File: 1649024040270.jpeg (332.11 KB, 1284x1287, 4FA38017-5C7A-43ED-8D7C-12C9AC…)

No. 1491685

File: 1649024149981.jpeg (187.69 KB, 985x984, ED682CAF-E346-49C1-BF09-FC4C66…)

No. 1491688

File: 1649024291326.png (106.08 KB, 1226x562, manifesto anon.PNG)

To be fair Manifesto-chan is an elusive collective singularity of female hatred of men at this point, not some single anon. I doubt all of those posts (especially the FDS-slanted ones) were written by the Manifesto-chan who wrote picrel, one of the best posts I've ever seen on this site.

No. 1491690


Because most american trannies are AGPs while latino trannies are HSTS and I dont a give a single damn fuck whether they are asking women to suck their dicks or not. Both of them are CANCER. I've dealing with HSTS for a long time and they are all extremely misogynistic men while the AGPs I know dont they care whether you refer to them by female pronouns or not. The tranny problem is much bigger than having agps asking to date you on lesbain apps, which you can simply decline

No. 1491699

i thought this was fucking hunk hogan at first glance jesus christ

No. 1491700

i agree. men shouldn't be allowed to appropriate womanhood no matter what their sexuality is.

No. 1491701

but still it is amwican born problem so stop blaming gay people. YOU DID IT. like i said, norway legalized gay parnerships ages ago, they didn't start the tranny bullshit and have one of the best countries of the world for women to live in.

the woman threatening tranny bullshit is a result of north american porn craziness, pervert culture and misogyny. your sick culture is the reason for this

No. 1491702

Not the anon youre replying to but I agree with you up until "simply decline". Yeah, rejected males are also simply the most violent whether they're in a spinny skirt or not. When the transbians keep getting rejected over and over in spite of all this other wokester encouragement of "evil evil transphobic lesbians yass queen" shit, they will lash out and the people who enable them will probably still cape for them. "That evil transphobic bigot had it coming, she turned down that beautiful true woman! Why shouldn't she have caved that bitchs head in??!"

No. 1491707


Nonna do you know norwegian trannies still get all legal rights of women and invade female spaces? You think its a paradise for women only because kids arent taking HRT? Its always like this, some degeneracy is normalized and then people become ok with it and then focus on a bigger degeneracy, then they become ok with the new degeneracy at some point again and focus on another bigger degeneracy and so on. As long as you have men having access to our hormones, to our spaces, LARPing as women, it isnt ok. And yes, it is a gay problem cause trans rights work on the same premises of gays rights, which are:

1-sexuality is inborn and immutable

2-as long as my sexuality doesnt cause direct harm to your personal life, and as long as the sex is done between consenting adults only, then you it is ok.

No. 1491708

can you at least sage your derailing?

No. 1491710

sorry for the typos

No. 1491712

yeah, after america pushed their idioticy to the world.

you can blame gay people all you want but you as an american will always be more responsible for the tranny menace than random nonamerican gay person

you did this shit

No. 1491713

I'm new here idk how to do this(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1491714

No. 1491715

>women suck; and we're no better indeed
He just admits that he doesn't see himself as a woman.

No. 1491717

none of them do. whenever they think no one else is listening they admit they're men. you can see this on places like 4chan.

No. 1491718

who invented first porn movies? americans
where does the sexy teen girl slumber party shit come from? american pop culture
dress go spinny? american disney cartoons
hell, what inspired the bulgy eyed anime style the agps try to copy? disney cartoons, once again the real satan behind it all is americans
who do all those hsts trannies try to emulate if not some idiot american reality tv women?

oh its a tradtard retard(derailing )

No. 1491719

i went terf on main and suddenly got access to the entire first nations art scene?? i have older respected genius women friending me on fb, no complaints.

No. 1491720


I'm not denying USA is the BIG SATAN, but LGBT rights will lead to tranny acceptance anywhere anyway, cause guess what? These people were also "born this way" and they arent directly affecting your personal life

No. 1491721

i'm pretty sure i'm not doing whatever this person claims i'm doing by virtue of, i don't even know what the fuck they just said.

No. 1491723

trannies are absolutely affecting women's personal lives, you retard.

No. 1491725

Don’t you get tired of saying the same shit over and over again in every mtf thread?

No. 1491726

dicks look so smelly

No. 1491727

these are great fucking costumes. if he was a comedy performer he could be awesome. but no, he has to wear porn-with-characters outfits and insist he's a trans "girl"

No. 1491728

they still sterilize trannies in finland even though they have gay marriage covered so not necessarily true

no because american tradtards wanna weasel out of their own responsibility. american pervert culture is the biggest cause behind tranny menace, deal with it

No. 1491730

also trannies actually have more rights across the world than gays, being a tranny is legal in more countries than being gay is so saying that gay acceptance is the reason for tranny acceptance is not really true because people are more willing to accept troons than homos

No. 1491731

why is that one nonnnie insisting that gays are degenerates. is she angry some lesbian at school is prettier than her because that's all i can think of

No. 1491732

please don't encourage them

No. 1491733

They don't actually sterilize them, I think it's actually them having to be on hormones for a certain amount of time which usually renders them unable to breed but I may be very wrong, it's been a fucking while since I was a handmaiden into this shit. It's weird here though, I've seen full on trannies who have dressed up as women outside for years be denied hormones (based TRE) yet most of the enby bitches I know literally lied about feeling like the opposite gender fully, got on hormones so quickly. Some even got their boobs chopped off after a few years on and off hormones, maybe our doctors here just hate trannies with dicks aka scrotes or men are just too degenerate to work the system.

No. 1491734

weird rightoids tend to browse imageboards

No. 1491736

I also have to add about the health system here, maybe it's just that the women who enter trooning out, have gotten used to doctors not taking them seriously, it's pretty common here to know to make everything sound worse than it is because otherwise no one takes you seriously as a woman vs scrotes just go and get whatever they want. I guess the dudes just go in there saying they get boners in dresses and mostly get denied, based if true.

No. 1491737

File: 1649027482132.jpeg (145.24 KB, 461x1032, C0203C86-CAD5-4618-AC92-FD6C85…)

Tranny calling some radfem a hag and a used condom, gets his own pic back in the replies kek
Imagine thinking women would be jealous of this

No. 1491738

I remember Rashida from Tumblr. He was a huge asshole who thought he should be paid for posting pics of Naomi Campbell on his blog and Instagram kek

No. 1491739

File: 1649027647706.jpg (94.5 KB, 1920x1080, space-invaders.jpg)

Hey nonas. You know what game troons love more than fallout:new vegas? Space Invaders!

Anon I agree. When i was scrolling through I noticed the writing style changed from your pic to FDS tier shit quickly. Also notice how in your pic she calls them "males" and very well punctuated and eloquent but later on it switches to "scrots" with no e and tonnes of self-contradictions and imageboard-speak. I don't know how that would happen though assuming it was all from the same IP address like OP said.

No. 1491741

Trannies already sterilize themselves everywhere lol

And for the other anon who said people are readier to accept trannies than gays:

Thats true for Iran because where I live people would much rather have a gay son than a tranny one

No. 1491745


Nona, I knew them too! It's crazy that they are still exactly the same way. Absolutely no growth over a decade and still as rude and hateful as ever.

No. 1491748

File: 1649028664673.jpeg (776.88 KB, 3169x1902, 4D1B55EF-8C2C-4028-A785-19ED77…)

read through his tweets and this kid is 18 years old, a weeb, fat and ugly as fuck and over 6ft… it’s over for him already.

No. 1491750

Fucking WOOF. It’s tranny bingo all in one picture.

No. 1491751

File: 1649029523789.png (19.79 KB, 741x315, im a girl not a women teehee.p…)

I reported his tweet lel

No. 1491754

Wait so is ratioing literally just making a replay with more likes/retweets than the OP?
Doesn't that just bring more attention to the OP because algorithms and stuff?

No. 1491755

This person jacks off to underage incest of children’s cartoon characters,nothing they say matters

No. 1491764

You should seriously be ashamed of yourself. You did yourself the favor of censoring the IPs but you're still revealing someone's post history when they didn't warrant it. People like you are the reason we're always short staffed.

No. 1491765

File: 1649030885961.jpg (135.46 KB, 828x1271, FPcvLnPXEAA9Wv4.jpg)

No. 1491767

hahahah his moobs

No. 1491770

Thank you. I felt it was wrong too. A mod doing stuff like this when it’s not warranted is a betrayal of their role.

No. 1491771

why don't these giant fat tards become wrestlers instead of troons? you get to wears wigs and crazy outfits, be dramatic, get attention, and look fat and ugly with crazy makeup on, and when you go to work everyone has to play along with your weird annoying character.
take the wrsetlepill, moids

No. 1491773

File: 1649031466222.jpg (481.81 KB, 828x1015, FPNZ-P0XsAk5fR8.jpg)

No. 1491776

I agree with >>1491419 in that it's an American problem and moreover a 100% straight person created one. No one had any kind of a problem with HSTs trans prostitutes, random gay transvestites haunting gay bars or butch lesbians transing because there were so few of them and they never pretended they could change their sex or really harassed anyone outside gay enclaves.
But then this America-lead ideology born from the retarded queer studies department from their universities gifted us with:
- transing as divorced from being a gay person and trying to navigate a hetero world, aka AGPs and "gay" FTMs, which immediately meant that their numbers exploded as straight people are the majority. Note that the AGP/gay FTMs always say that real gay people want nothing to do with them and made fun of them before straight handmaiden started pressuring gay people to have sex with the AGPs freaks. It's straight people harassing gay people here, not the opposite.
- "sex doesn't exist when gender is real" Gay people are the first to insist that their whole sexuality is build around sex being real and immutable and gender not being as important. Tbh straight people would say the same thing, but modern troons don't care to have sex with straights as it's not validating
- SWJ ideology based on the culture war going in their polarized two-party politics and victimhood-as-sanctity identity categories born from the guilt of how black ex-slaves, Natives, etc were treated in American history
- even more clown world identities like non-binary. Again note how those identities propagate like a virus from USA to other countries through Internet and influenceable teens and how they are 100% promoted by straight people wanting to get a bit of that cultural cachet of being not straight without any risk.
- their pharmaceutical industry that worked to normalize this shit to sell more surgery and medicaments because countries with socialized healthcare are less liberal with throwing money around without proof
- women in USA have some batshit fascination towards those butt ugly and offensive female clowns that are drag queens and generally gay men wearing make up like those youtube make-up gurus, which greased the path for trannies. It's properly hilarious to complain about HSTS, who are annoying, certainly, without looking first at Drag Race.

And yes, despite piteous gesturing to the contrary from tradchan, AGPs, as straight males with penises who want to fuck women and are trying to get into female-only spaces are the biggest and only problem, as they are the ones colonizing sports, spaces and positions reserved for females, ruining their wife's lifes etc.

No. 1491789

If it wasn't for the "I'm a girl!!!" shut this guy might've been cool

No. 1491796

calling fds "shit tier" shows you're not getting this and maybe should sit back and lurk more before sharing your opinions

No. 1491798

Yeah felt weird. I know they said they were an ex-janny but it almost felt like they were trying to get back at others or something.

No. 1491799

that's what i said!!

No. 1491800

Honestly I like angry pissed off women as much as the next nonna but the FDS posters are fucking lame

No. 1491801

As if mocking women wasn't enough, he's now mocking women of other ethnicities than his own AND mocking the oppression of them. So cute queen! Please wear a burqa and stay inside like a dutiful wife so we can never see your cottage cheese face again.

No. 1491802

>No one had any kind of a problem with HSTs trans prostitutes, random gay transvestites haunting gay bars

Spoken like someone with the privilege to not have to interact with those 2 groups. You only noticed AGPs because they started to push into your spaces. Your whole post is very boomer. Really sick of being told by older gc'ers who saw one episode of drag race to put up with the gay trannies because they're totally chill.
Gay trannies want to invade your spaces and replace you just as much as the straight ones. Blaire White types already think they do womanhood better and will try to compete with real women. They see it as a gold star to get a man to cheat on a real woman with them. These gay men are NOT your friends.

No. 1491811

no, they should pay us 1K every time we have to placate them and walk on eggshells with insincere yet socially obligatory use of "she"

No. 1491812

FDS is built on the Secret, which is a shitty self help book from the nineties about how you can snare a man while appealing to his masculinity. It's not very feminist to say the least.

No. 1491815

You're not wrong. It's painfully obvious to everyone with a brain that, in the very LEAST, America was a major catalyst to troon shit being an issue everywhere. It's wrong to only blame America but it has to be acknowledged that the social and political retard era is spearheaded by amerimutts, their culture of ignorance, and their narcissism

No. 1491821

Straight woke Americans will rally on the troon agenda way more than your average LGB from (insert any country), because they haven't suffered the consequence of being yoked with a clown show and have the privilege of being given Insta followers for championing whoever's the decided oppressed social group of the micro-era.

No. 1491828

Maybe it's radicaltradwife and other "alt-right radfems".

No. 1491829

Agree, it’s definitely made me wary now about what I post on here.

No. 1491830

File: 1649036305982.png (128.68 KB, 578x680, 565ab69370_668aee1.png)

I love her.

No. 1491833

It's because Americans export it via media. Hollywood make a lot of money and export a lot of stuff, people begin to idolise the depicted adventures/drama/etc, and wish to mimic it. Wish we could just enjoy what's made without having to try and become it.

No. 1491834

Well that, and most people around the world learn English and use American websites so American views become the dominant view in the world and spread rapidly.

No. 1491840

File: 1649037010214.jpg (194.03 KB, 1280x1280, dcb9385989bb80364975f.jpg)

No. 1491844

Didn't even notice that at first

No. 1491846

hope he gets stoned to death~

No. 1491848

Again, why should any woman care that some faggot in make up with bolt-ons think that he's the paragon of femininity? He's clearly the one hurting himself the most in that scenario since a)he always ends up looking ridiculous and delusional (I'm persuaded that this is part of the reason why Drag Race is so popular, people want to look at wrecks), b)if femininity is to be defined by make-up, bolt-on and being fuckable to men then I don't care if anyone is better than me at it and c)straight men aren't into dick or trannies anyway and or if they are, it's a red flag and you should avoid dating them. I'm also veeeeery sad for poor straight men that have to deal with a couple of HSTS (gay men are like only 1,5% of USA population) hitting on them, but I'm sure they are big boys and will be able to protect themselves and have their own spokesman without me batting for them like a pick me. Let's men be sex pests to each other.
Gay men and gay transvestites has existed since a very long time and has always been rather misogynistic, though no worse that straight men, but it's only since AGPs were allowed to proceed unchecked and, granted, since a bunch of straight women became big faghags for some reason, that a couple of mentally ill tranny men tilting at mills became a society wide movement in the US of A and came back to hurt women in general as well as the LG in the LGBT. You though really seems worried that the HSTS are going to steal all your men or that they defaced the sacred beauty of your womanhood by wearing mascara or something.
Also the issue with prostitution is not trannies also doing it but the institution itself.

No. 1491851

They’re just evil really

No. 1491854

File: 1649038031375.jpeg (1.14 MB, 2110x1164, 3803AC50-D658-446B-9AB4-DDA19B…)